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TH(KN OAMoritiz UNIIV(WTYr MICHIGAN ANN .VLUM( W WHY THE ' ENSIAN? We believe that more than one person has raised this ques- tion in recent years. After all, a publication which is so obviously Big Business as is the yearbook should be able to justify itself in some way. In inquiring into the philosophy of the college annual the staff has abandoned the the- ory that it should simply be an ornate catalogue and we have set up as our ideal a publication em- bodying all the best ideas in modern book design and magazine makeup. While not deprecating wholly the yearbook ' s sentimental and reference values, we hold that it should also be a thing of beauty as understood at present, a book using all available devices of mod- ern layout to make it as readable and free from dullness as possible, and possessing an articulate voice, praising, criticizing, or satirizing those deserving it. Yes, in the process of change the ' Ensian has gone modern. temporal mores! William W. Knox Ann Arbor, April 1, 1932. FEATURES Women ' s Features ACTIVITIES 77 Organizations Ill Women ' s Activities 137 ATHLETICS .151 Intramural Athletics 199 Women ' s Athletics 209 CLASSES 227 Senior Class 238 Lower Class Officers 333 FRATERNITIES 357 Professional Fraternities 407 Lawyers ' Club 427 Sororities 433 SATIRE 471 THE LEGAL RESEARCH LIBRARY ANCELL HALL THE LIBRARY THE STADIUM access cc cc in - 5 1 r mini? " THE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL MOSHER- JORDAN HALLS THE LAWYERS ' CLUB i - ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION i mmm i - I " THERE ARE SO MANY QUESTIONS UPON WHICH THOSE IN AUTHOR- ITY MUST STAND STEADFAST AND UN- YIELDING THAT EASING A LITTLE HERE AND THERE WHERE POSSIBLE HELPS IM- MEASURABLY IN STUDENT MORALE. " DEAN C. E. EDMONDSON OF THE UNI- VERSITY OF INDIANA, OPEN FORUM, DECEMBER 10, 1931. The President 21 The Regents 22 The Officers 25 The Deans 26 The Faculty Features 32 III! W. HIMIII III! (OCIIIHII! III! IIINIII flE IIINIII m Illl A IIINIII PRESIDENT RUTHVEN President Ruthven, upon his appoint- ment to office in 1929 outlined several major administrative problems the solu- tion of which was necessary if the Uni- versity was to become useful to the State. One of these problems was the corre- lation of the public service activities and extra-mural education of the University. The creation of the department of Uni- versity Relations to evaluate the increas- ing opportunities for service completes the last phase of President Ruthven ' s administrative reorganisation policy. BRUCE MADE VICE-PRESIDENT Dr. James D. Bruce, former director of the department of post-graduate medi- cine and member of the executive com- mittee of the Medical school has been appointed Vice-President in Charge of the Department of University Relations a position which gives the university three vice-presidents. It is to better co- ordinate the various units of the Univer- sity such as the Extension Division, the Broadcasting Service, the Bureau of Alumni Relations, the Postgraduate De- partments and similar units, properly to represent the University to the State, and Page Twenty-One III! W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII III! (OG IIINIII (HE IIINIII 1IIN1II to make more definite the entire field of extra- mural education, that the Department of Univer- sity Relations has been created. The work of this department is expected to meet the increasing demands of residents throughout the State for additional guidance and assistance in education. " More and more each year, " Dr. Ruthven has stated, " society is coming to realize the value of the University. Parents who are outstripped in- tellectually by their children no longer believe that it is too late to become students. This is revealed in the demands made by matured per- sons; and the function of adult education, the fostering of extra mural and intramural activities, in the dissipation of this idea and the retrieving of abilities which secondary schools fail to de- velop. " Because of this trend it has been found neces- sary to bring the services of the University into closer and more coherent relationship with vari- ous professions, welfare organizations, and agencies. President Ruthven has voiced his belief that the University is capable of promoting and fostering all intramural interests and activities which contribute to the making of a great uni- versity and still be continuously useful to the state and country at large by employing its facilities toward the solution of many problems which have an immediate and practical bearing on public welfare. He has declared that " the people have a right to look to the state university in par- ticular not only for leadership in education of youth, but also for the solution of practical problems and the education of adults. If the citizens of the State are coming to appreciate education as a continuing process, we should welcome opportunities to serve them. " In an address before the University Press Club on November 19 President Ruthven dis- cussed in detail the widening scope of the Uni- versity ' s activities and stated that the University as an institution is rapidly becoming the brain of society and as such should never fail in adjust- ing and directing the activities of society through any conception of its sphere of usefulness. " The modern university cannot become in- tellectually exclusive. It serves the whole body and throughout life should guide it, not selfishly, nor for the good of any part at the expense of REGENT JUNIUS E. SEAL REGENT W. L. CLEMENTS REGENT JAMES O. MURFIN Page T wenty-T wo Illl W. iiiMiii mi c iiiHin 1111 con; A IIINIII c IIINIII m tin A HINIII another, but for the purpose of securing and in- suring the welfare of society. " In this address the President took for his thesis " the super-university, " using the term he ex- plained to direct attention to the evolutionary processes now in these institutions. The scope and function of these schools are undergoing re- definition. Commenting on one of the func- tions of the " super-university " , intramural and extramural instruction, Dr. Ruthven said that by offering extension courses to those who cannot afford to attend the University for the pre- scribed periods of time, universities are extend- ing the " practice of the best schools of refusing to admit that brains and the opportunity to de- velop them are restricted to those persons who have adequate means. " Education, he stated, does not end with col- lege, although organized and supervised study may be abandoned with the last examination. " If the university may appropriately supervise study during and even prior to the college period, it is difficult to see why it may not as justifiably take an interest in the welfare of its graduates to the extent of aiding them in continuing their intellectual growth. " Alumni, however, are not the only adults who can and should use the university ' s facilities. " The University as the highest school in our system is the one to which most adults must turn for instruction, and the institution is not doing its full duty to society if it does not recognize the education of adults as at least a legitimate function. The alternative point of view means duplication of effort and waste of facilities. " UNIVERSITY COUNCIL PLAN ADOPTED Further administrative changes went into ef- fect this year with the reorganization of the ad- ministrative committee of the University by the University Council, a move to expedite the transaction of business which formerly had been under the University Senate, a body with a membership of 531, and too large to handle the committee business easily. The University Coun- REGENT ESTHER M. CRAM REGENT RALPH STONE REGENT RICHARD R. SMITH Page T-uienty-Thret III! ? . IIIMIII III! CIHHIII Illl iCwAHINlil C IIINUI Illl A HINIII cil, established by the Regents on May 29, 1931, consists of 57 members including the Presi- dent, 22 other administrative officers ex officio, and 34 members who are elected by the several faculties, the number from each faculty being proportionate to the size of the school or college concerned. These latter serve as representa- tives, not individuals, so that the University has a representative government like a city council. The Senate, however, still retains certain powers of review over the legislative acts of the Uni- versity Council. The Council itself has five standing commit- tees: Program and Policy, Educational Policies, Public Relations, Student Welfare, and Plant and Equipment. These represent the major phases of faculty interest in the University and its concerns. The existing committee of the Senate, nearly thirty, are now directly responsi- ble to the council. They have been distributed among the standing committees, each of which is expected to give attention to general questions of policy arising within its scope though the for- mer committees retain their previous responsi- bilities. It is thought that the new arrangement will be much more business-like and effective. CHANCES PROPOSED In his annual report to the Regents, Presi- dent Ruthven outlined several of the major needs of the University at the present time. The need for dormitories for first year men was termed a " very real one. " Not because suit- able rooms are not available, but because the first year is one during which the student should receive assistance in adjusting himself and in organizing his work, it is highly desirable that these men be housed together. With the system of deferred rushing now in effect the desirability of dormitories for men is even greater than be- fore, the report stated. Among other needs of the University are listed an endowment fund for the salary of a super- REGENT R. PERRY SHORTS WEBSTER H. PEARCE, State Superintendent of Public Instruction CLARENCE S. YOAKUM, V ice-President in Charge of Educational Investigations Page Twenty-Four Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl C IIINIII SSUII A , 1IINIII visor of religious activities, a new observatory, and endowment funds for specific researches. The president ' s plan for the establishment of a director of religious activities is based on the fact that state universities have not as yet discovered a satisfactory method of encouraging religious education or of providing training which will produce religious leaders or informed laymen. Not only are there objections to formal instruc- tion in this field and to required courses, but ex- perience shows that little can be accomplished by these methods. President Ruthven believes it is an experiment worth trying to treat re- ligion in a state university not only as a student activity, but as one which the university recognizes as of sufficient importance to warrant the selection of an able adviser who can by sug- gestion and with an understanding of the spiritual needs of young men and women encourage and help them to obtain through their own efforts a practical working knowledge of the funda- mentals of life. A reorganization need outlined by President Ruthven is for the co-ordination and redirection of efforts to promote the welfare of students. Faculty control of students is now vested in several committees which are responsible to the University Senate through the Committee on Student Affairs, a joint committee of students and faculty, and to the President through the Dean of Students. However the organization being loose and changing is not conductive to a co-operative effort to develop student initiative in self-government. President Ruthven believes that jurisdiction over student affairs should be vested in the University Council and should be stimulative and suggestive as well as wise in its counsels. PATERNALISM, THE YEAR ' S LEADING PROBLEM Moreover, President Ruthven has shown that he has clear understanding of the problems of student government, although the Administra- tion at which he is the head has not shown any DR. JAMES D. BRUCE, Vice-President in Charge of Universit Relations SHIRLEY W. SMITH, Vice-President in Charge of Business Relations IRA M. SMITH, Registrar Page Twenty-Five Illl W -= HIMIII lilt CIHHIII IUI dGiiAlllNIII C IIINIII 3K Illl AlllNIII DEAN JOSEPH A. BURSLEY Men DEAN ALICE C. LLOYD Women DEAN JOHN R. EFFINGER Literature, Science, and the Arts such clear insight or understanding. In a letter to the president of the Student Council com- mending the actions of that body in connection with the fraudulent campus election of March 16, Dr. Ruthven states that the student man- agement of student affairs is based on the same principles that apply to government in general. " It still remains true that the University be- longs to society, that laws and loyalty are neces- sary to maintain a just equilibrium between pro- tection and liberty, and that one cannot have privileges without assuming corresponding re- sponsibilities, " the President said. Ruthven is strong in his condemnation of " Paternalism " which he insists has become a " horrid word. " " Too often, " he says, " it is used as the anti- thesis of license. Actually the worst phase of paternalism is represented by a system which gives groups privileges and makes individuals re- sponsible to a higher power for acts of their group. " But in spite of President Ruthven ' s broad point of view, student governmental bodies at Michigan are governmental in name only. They are bound and gagged by regulations; their ini- tiative and potential ability as important factors in the University are stifled. The Student Coun- cil, to cite an example, is an almost completely sterile body with a jurisdiction confined mainly to minor matters such as the surveillance of dances and inter-class games. The Interfratern- ity Council has a small measure of self-govern- ment handed down to it. The Judiciary Com- mittee of the Interfraternity Council hands rec- ommendations down to the Senate Committee on Student Affairs which has the alternative of passing or rejecting them. Such measures as pass are handed in turn to the Interfraternity Council for approval or rejection. But one vote of a faculty member of the Judiciary Committee can prevent a measure from passing out of the hands of that body. All student organizations including the various honor societies, the Student Council, the Inter- fraternity Council, and the committees in charge of class parties have their financial affairs closely checked by a representative of the Dean ' s office. Of all the " paternal " restrictions, the auto ban is the most obvious and the best known and noth- ing more need to be said about it. Apparently the policy of the Administration, aside from the President, is to regard the student body as a group of morons unable to care for their func- tions and activities, to misinterpret their ideals Page Twenty-Six III! 7 . IIIMIII HII CIHHIII (III A IIINI!I CC IIINIII JUIINIII and motives, in short thoroughly to grind their initiative and independence under the iron heel of bans, restrictions, and regulations. UNIVERSITY BENEFITS BY GIFTS Among the gifts accepted by the Board of Regents during the year was the McMath-Hul- bert Observatory, located at Lake Angelus, near Pontiac, Mich., deeded by hs founders, Francis C. Mc.Math, Robert R. McMath, and Judge Henry S. Hulbert to the University. This in- stitution becomes the second branch of the Uni- versity Observatory, the first of which is the Lamont-Hussey Observatory located at Bloem- fontein, South Africa. The McMath-Hulbert Observatory, although of small size, is equipped with a ten and one-half inch reflecting telescope containing many mechanical refinements and was built for the purpose of obtaining with mov- ing picture cameras records of the movements of celestial bodies. The McMath-Hulbert pro- ject takes moving pictures which can be brought to the classroom and shown to students, giving them in three to five minutes a better idea of such motions than they could secure from tele- scopic observation in many hours. Another particularly significant gift received during the year was that of a building on Maynard Street, adjacent to the old Press Build- ing, given by Dexter M. Ferry, Jr., ' 92- ' 95, which wfll be used as a home for the publica- tions of the University and of the Alumni Press. The building has been extensively remodeled under Mr. Ferry ' s direction and is well suited to handle a printing plant of a size to meet the University ' s requirements. The Law School wfll receive the benefits of the last gift of William W. Cook, ' 80, ' 82 , the founder of the Lawyers Club and the single largest benefactor of the University, an agree- ment having been made with Mrs. Ida O. Cook, the divorced wife of Mr. Cook, who had insti- tuted a suit to obtain a share of the estate. The settlement of the case was in no sense a com- promise and should prove entirely satisfactory to the University. It was to avoid the expense and uncertainty of litigation that the settlement was made and much credit is due to Regent James O. Murfin who handled the case for the Univer- sity. At the time of Mr. Cook ' s death last spring it was estimated that the endowment which was to be administered for the benefit of DEAN HERBERT C. SADLER Engineering DEAN G. CARL HUBER Graduate DEAN HENRY M. BATES Law Page Tvxniy-Seve III! ? . IIIMIII Illl C IIIH1II III! d3CUiA IIINIII (flE IIINIII m III! DEAN CLARE E. GRIFFEN Business Administration DEAN EDWARD H. KRAUS Pharmacy and Summer Session DEAN JAMES B. EDMONSON Education the Law School amounted to practically twelve million dollars, but the value has now decreased at least fifty per cent because of depression. Trustees are to handle the endowment, the Uni- versity using the interest for such purposes as Re- gents will direct, subject to the provisions of Mr. Cook ' s will. In his will Mr. Cook stated that he hoped his gift might cause others to realize that the University could no longer be extended in its main developments by State taxation alone, and that if its standards of scholarship and men- tal discipline, and its service to the State and Nation, are to be maintained and advanced, they should be generous in their financial support, in- sofar as the University is, and should be, the pride of the State of Michigan. PHYSICAL EQUIPMENT IMPROVED One of the first uses of the endowment fund will be to complete the Harry Burns Hutchins Law School building, now being erect- ed at the southwest corner of the Law Quad- rangle and named in honor of the former dean of the law school and president of the University. Material for the exterior of this building, which is rendered in Collegiate Gothic style similar to the other units of the Law Quadrangle, is of seam-faced Massachusetts granite while Indiana limestone is used for the trimming. A conventional arrangement of rooms is planned for the inside with the first two floors being devoted to class rooms, the third floor to administration quarters and offices for individual professors, while the fourth floor will be used by the Michigan Law Review, the Michigan State Bar Association, and the American Judicature Society. Underground connection are being provided to the Legal Research Library on one side and to the Law Club on the other. Inno- vations in class room design and acoustics and the most modern classroom equipment have been incorporated. A public address system and a loudspeaker arrangement in the three principal recitation rooms are an innovation which will usher in a new mode of teaching technique on the Michigan campus and will set a precedent for universities throughout the country. The most complete and up-to-date unit for the treatment of tuberculosis in the country went into operation this year with the completion of the new two-story tuberculosis unit built sur- mounting the surgical wing of the University Hospital. The foundations of the Hospital had been laid in 1919 with a capacity for extra floors. The new unit, for which the Legisla- ture appropriated $250,000 in 1929 now con- stitutes the seventh, eighth, and ninth floors of the Hospital, the seventh and eighth accommo- Page Twenty-Eight Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII dating a total of 98 patients, and is primarily in- tended for the care of cases requiring special ob- servation, corrective treatment, or surgery. The ninth floor with its extensive roof, some of which is open to the sun, has been turned over to the Social Service Department for the use of the education and diversion of children in the hos- pital. Among the novel features of the unit are the heliotherapy room with inclined beds in a circle around a powerful lamp of carbon arcs radiating light of any part of the spectrum, and the X- ray room with an unusual arrangement of green lights to enable workers to see without affecting operation of the X-ray machine. The purpose of providing space for tubercu- losis in a general hospital is to treat tuberculosis in all its forms and complications adequately. The University Hospital has a rare opportunity and offers an unusual service to the State of Michi- gan in that it is necessary to direct attention in some one field to obtain the best results, and this unit is primarily equipped and staffed for adults with tuberculosis of the lungs with a capacity for handling its varying complications. Dr. John B. Barnwell of the department of internal medicine is in charge of this new divis- ion of the Hospital. Its organization is directly under and a part of the University Hospital and the Medical School. A medical staff is main- tained by the Department of Internal Medicine through which are rotated all the instructors and internes. In this way the Hospital is sending out into practise every year men especially trained in the modern phases of the treatment of tubercu- losis. The need for a University Historical Museum has long been recognized and discussed by both alumni and members of the faculty. President Ruthven has said : " I am very much in sympathy with the project. The University has lost quite a little in having no place where specimens of his- torical interest can be preserved and exhibited. Specimens are quite as important as books and records of an institution and are more important than books, in that they convey to the student impressions which are hard to give by descrip- tion. " Recognizing this need, the Michigan Union has made a start this year to prepare a collection of pictures, cuts, manuscripts, books, and other similar articles connected with the early life of the University. The display cases will be placed along the walls of the lobby and the main floor lounge of the Union. It is thought that by plac- ing the collection on the main floor it will make it more accessible to everyone visitors, student members, faculty members, and alumni. The Union has also taken a forward step in establishing a Hall of Fame in the north lounge adjacent to the lobby. A formerly haphazard collection of pictures has been organized into a photographic gallery of men who by virtue of their achievements in the world and by their ser- DEAN SAMUEL T. DANA Forestry DR. FREDRICK G. Now Medicine CHARLES A. SINK. School of Music Page Tvienty-Nine III! W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII (III flE IIINIII m till A V 1IINIII DR. FRANK. E. ROBBINS Assistant to the President DEAN MARCUS L. WARD Dentistry LEWIS M. GRAM Director of Plant Extension (Ed. Note Dean Ward refused to be photographed by the ' Ensian. Hence the above picture.) vice to the University have brought honor and fame to Michigan. A Presidents ' Gallery with pictures of the nine men who have headed the University has also been established. In creating the Bureau of Alumni Relations under the directorship of Wilfred B. Shaw in 1929 the University inaugurated an entirely new experiment in the educational field. The creation of the Bureau expressed the desire of the University to be of service to the alumni in the field of higher education, and to acknowl- edge in a practical form the benefits the Uni- versity has received from the alumni body in the way of advice, loyal support, and increasing fin- ancial assistance. The experiment has proven, especially in the last year, eminently successful. The means utilized by the Bureau of Alumni Relations in the development of the program of service for the alumni particularly in the field of education have been, first, a series of General Bulletins or periodic messages sent out to each of the 70,000 alumni which serve to bring that large body into as close a relationship as possible with the latest developments in the life and thought of the campus. Another important agency utilized by the Bureau is the Alumni Reading Lists prepared by the Library Extension Service covering more than 250 different fields, to be used as a guide to individual graduates in their personal reading projects and as a means of " assistance to alumni who seek to continue the intellectual inspirations of college days. " Other features of the Bureau ' s program: the Alumni University, which is a series of classroom lectures for the alumni given on the campus dur- ing Commencement week; personnel and place- ment service for alumni seeking assistance in se- curing positions; distribution of information to the press regarding educational and scholarly progress of the University; personal guidance in home study through the Bureau and the Exten- sion Division of the University. As a University division the Bureau has no direct relationship with the Alumni Association, an organization maintained and supported by the graduates of the University, but a close co-oper- ation exists between these two agencies. As the result of President Ruthven ' s interest in estab- lishing a more effective educational relationship between the University and the alumni, the Bu- reau of Alumni Relations and the Alumni Asso- ciation have co-operated in the formation of the Alumni Advisory Council to confer with and ad- vise the President on matters of policy. This new organization representing the officers and mem- bers of the Alumni Association represents an im- portant link between the Administration of the University and the great body of alumni. Page Thirty 111! W. IIIMIII 111! (OCHIHIII III! (OCiii x IIINIII C IIINIII One of the frequent objections raised to state universities is they are often political footballs to be passed around for best advantage by various agencies of the state government in as much as their finances are provided for by an annual or periodic appropriations of the state legislature. It is generally agreed that the appropriations for educational institutions of as great im- portance as state universities should be free from the none-too-capable hands of the leg- islative appropriations committee. Fortunate- ly, the appropriations for the University of Michigan have been provided for in the past by an annual mill tax which has remained free from legislative tampering. A proposal to lower the mill tax was defeated by a narrow margin last spring. However, this year the state government has found itself in such a position due to materially decreased tax returns, because of the widespread business de- pression, to cut the appropriations called for in the budgets of all the agencies of the govern- ment. The University being a tax-supported institution falls into the same category as the departments of the state, unfortunately, and has had to face a reduction of $800,000 in its in- come, the legislature having voted to reduce the mill tax limitation from $4,928,852 to $4,182,- 724. It is difficult to say at the present time what effect this serious reduction in the University budget will have, but it will undoubtedly mean the curtailment of many vital activities and ser- vices of the University. The members of the faculty, already niggardly underpaid will prob- ably suffer an uncalled-for salary cut and no doubt many will leave and go where their ser- vices will bring a more lucrative reward. Many pressing needs such as dormitories for first year men will go unfilled for some years to come. The whole program of the University will be checked or at least seriously retarded by this de- crease in revenue. INNER COURT TOWER ON HUTCHINS HALL Page Thirty-On Illl W. IHMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl OE IIINIII m III! A S IIINIII THE ENSIAN BOWS TO . NICHOLAS FALCONE, the general director of the Varsity band since 1927 who is an important figure in explaining the enviable position the Michigan band has assumed in the past few years. Under his leadership the band has gained distinction as a sym- phonic organization as well as a marching unit. Professor Falcone is recognized as a brilliant clarinet instrumentalist and has played with a number of famous European bands T. HAWLEY TAPPING who has attended moie banquets and given more after dinne ' speeches than any other single alumnus. A former newspaper man he is well equipped to be editor of the Michigan Alumnus. As General Secretary of the Alumni Association he is the genuine hub of the alumni wheel. WALTER B. REA, assistant dean of students and former Varsity basketball captain, has perhaps one of the most onerous positions in the University. In addition to his known activities of enforcing the auto ban he is the eagle-eyed comptroller of the ances of every student organization, honor society, and social function. ROY W. SELLARS, Professor of Philosophy, who is a recognized authority in philosophical circles in the United States and Europe and a well known contrib- utor to The Philosophical Review. " Religion Coming of Age " , " Critical Realism " , and " Principle and Problems of Philosophy " are some of his works which are widely read. D. RAPHAEL ISAACS, a former member of ths Harvard faculty, professor of internal medicine and Assistant Director of the Simpson Memorial tute for Medical Research. Working with Dr. Cyrus C. Sturgis he has de- veloped a liver extract cure for perni- cious anemia. The development of this very advantageous method of treatment of a hitherto incurable dis- ease has been scored as a triumph in the medical world. REA SELLARS FALCONE TAPPING ISAACS Page Thirty-Two Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl (flCni A IIINIII (HE IIINIII m Illl A 1IINIII HENRY ARTHUR SANDERS for thirty-five years professor of Latin and Creek has been selected as head of the new Department of Speech and Linguistics. A distinguished philologist and classicist, author of outstanding publications dealing with Biblical manu- scripts and papyri has twice been granted leaves of absence to serve as Director of the School of Classical Studies at the American Academy in Rome. PROF. THOMAS H. REED, director of the Bureau of Government and nationally known authority on municipal government, who as chairman of the Committee on Civic Education which, under the auspices of the National Advisory Council on Radio Education, is di- recting a series of non-partisan lectures on civics, broadcasts over a nation-wide network of the National Broadcasting Company. FELIX W. PAWLOWSKI, Daniel Guggenheim Professor of Aeronautics and a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society who has made many new and important application of aeronautical principles in overcoming wind resistance in highspeed automobiles and in- terurban electric cars. His achievements in technical aeronautics will stand as a signal work in that field DR. L. D. UPSON, visiting lecturer in political sci- ence, the director of the Detroit Bureau of Gov- ernmental Research and author of T!K Practise of Municipal Administration. He has been recently ap- pointed by Governor Brucker director of the State Commission of Inquiry into the County, Township and School Governments in Michigan. In 1924 he directed a governmental survey of Cincinnati. DR. CYRUS C. STURCIS, the head of the Depart- ment of Internal Medicine of the Medical School and Director of the Thomas Henry Simpson Memorial Institute for Medical Research. Work- ing in conjunction with Dr. Raphael Isaacs, Dr. Sturgis has found the long sought-for cure for pernicious anemia in the form of a liver extract serum which will dispense with all diet in the treatment of the disease. SANDERS REED PAWLOWSKI STURGIS UPSON Page Tlarty-Tkret III! W. IIIMIII Illl C IIIHIII III) IIINIII C IIINIII 5; Illl A V 1IIN11I DR. UDO J. WILE,who is a member of the Executive Committee of the Medical School and director of the clinic in dermatology and syphilology at the University Hospital, the largest in the country. For the past two years important research in syphilology has been con- ducted under Dr. Wile ' s direction in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic and several leading medical schools. KENNETH C. McMURRY, who as the chairman of the Department of Geography has directed a complete sur- vey of Isle Royale using a new type of mapping by aerial photography. Professor McMurry within the last year has conducted several economic land surveys for the State Legislature. WILE JESSE SIDDALL REEVES, distinguished head of the Political Science Depart- ment and member of the American Institute of In- ternational Law who has been selected by the Uni- versity Research Club as Henry Russel Lecturer for 1932. In addition he holds the chair of William W. Cook Professor of Ameri- can Institutions for the present year. REEVES McMURRY WILBER R. HUMPHREYS who is assistant dean of the literary college and deservedly one ot the most popular men on the faculty with the student body. His character and ability, his vivid and arresting personality, are well known. Tinged with these qualities are human kind- ness, helpfulness, and understanding which have endeared him to countless students whc have come to him for help and advice. MAJOR BASIL D. EDWARDS, R. 0. T. C. commandant, who deserves considerable approbation for declining to approve a request that the Memorial Program of the Army and Navy Club last Armistice Day be opened to a debate in which certain student " pacifists " wished to take part. Major Edwards ' sense and good taste made the propaganda and controversy which raged seem a little absurd. EDWARDS Page Thirty-four III! W. IIIMIII Illf (flCIIIHIfl Illl flGTp A IIINIII C II1NIII Illl xSUIINill FORSYTHE JOSEPH E. MADDY whose series of lessons on the playing of band instruments have been a very popular feature from the University Broadcasting studies. The request of more than 4,000 pupils of last years course prompted repetition of the lessons which have been made possible this year through a grant from the Car- negie Foundation. DR. WARREN E. FORSYTHE, who is substantially the protector of every student ' s health as Director of the Health Service. His nation wide recognition is attest- ed by the fact that he was formerly President of the American Student Health Association and was invited to teach at the University of California last summer. FRIES MADDY DR. CHARLES C. FRIES who besides being a profes- sor of English is a lexicog- rapher deluxe and would put the famous Dr. Johnson to shame with the unbeliev- ably difficult work he is directing in the preparation of The Early Modem Eng- lish Dictionary under the sponsorship of the General Education Board and Ox- ford University. WATERMAN DR. LEROY WATERMAN, Professor of Semetics, who in co-operation with the University and the Toledo Museum of Art in previous years, and the Cleveland Museum of Art this year di- rected expeditions in Mesopotamia where the ancient cities of Seleucia, Opis and Akshak were excavated. His third volume of " Royal Correspondence of the Assyrian Empire " has recently come off the press. DR. HUGO P. THIEME, head of the French department, who has been the recipient this year of the medal known as the " Prix de Langue Francaise " by the French Institute. Dr. Thieme is the first American ever to win this medal which has been presented annually since 1915 to the person or society who has done the most, in the opinion of the academy, to further the French language. THIEME Page Thirty-Five FCATUDC5 FCATUQCS I t-y if 1 . 5 : " PROBABLY ONE OF THE MOST DESPICABLE EXAMPLES OF YELLOW JOURNALISM OCCURRED IN CONNEC- TION WITH THE SOPHOMORE CABA- RET. ... WE ARE ACCUSTOMED TO THE PERENNIAL CHARGE OF DRUNK- ENNESS, RUM PROBES, STUDENT LI- QUOR AND THE LIKE, AND SEEING IT BLAZONED FORTH ON THE FRONT PAGES OF THE SENSATIONAL PRESS. ... AS A STATE INSTITUTION, THE TAXPAYERS HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW THAT THE STATE OF AFFAIRS HERE HAS BEEN MISREPRESENTED. " THE DAILY, AN EDITORIAL, DECEMBER 9, 1931. General Features 37 Women ' s Features . ..70 Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIH Illl 4E IIINIII m Illl HINIII FOREWO RD There are no pictures of sophomores haz- ing freshmen, nor of seniors in their caps and gowns in this feature section. For that you may turn to all the tomes of other years. Nor will you find pictures of honor society initiations, those pictures having appeared without alteration for the last decade. The pictures grouped in the following pages are representative of life, activities, opinion, and achievements on the campus this past year. To present a true picture of the university is our idea!. Page Thirty-Seven llll ? . IIIMIII HI! CIIIH1I1 Ilil (OOniA IIINIII C IIINIII llll A HIN11I IN THE FALL The spotlight during the week-ends turns on the football games with their adjuncts, the glamorous crowds, the bands, parties in the evenings. Here we see the band start- ing its march to the field, the signal for the spectators to hurry to their seats. Here is always a jam at the gateways and before the game the colorful, excited throngs of people offer entertainment. The stadium is a mighty interesting place for three hours of a Saturday afternoon. MINNESOTA Page Thirty-Eight III! W. IIIMIII III! CIIIHIH HII 05 A MO C IIINIII III! xfc, IIINIII The little cheerleaders dance in front of the massed crowd when the band isn ' t play- ing. All adds to the excitement that cul- minates in a spontaneous cheer as the teams troop onto the field. And people are happy, laughing in spite of the pushing and rushing always a bit thrilled in spite of the John R. Tunis ' who says it is mere pro- fessionalism. Page Thirty-Nine Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl QEiiAlllNIII C INI 3K Illl A 1IINIII Fraternities added decorations for the homecoming game that cannot be appreciatively represented pictorially. There was a house converted into a theater which advertised " Thistlewaite ' s Merry Men from Madison " as a coming attraction. In front of another house stood the Little Brown jug, twenty feet high! When the attraction moves from Ann Arbor to help entertain on another campus, crowds go to the trains. Cheerleaders even mount the cars to whip forth sustained cries of encouragement. Page Forty III! W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII III! CKAHNfl C INI 3 III! UINIII The band is always prominent during foot- ball days. They help the other entertain- ers add color and vivacity to the picture. On this page are the bands of Minnesota, Illinois and Michigan snapped while in the midst of their performances. Page Forty-One III! W. IIIMIII Illl CIHHIII III! fldii A IIINIII flE IIINIII m III! A IIIN11I At the beginning of the century Wideman ' s great Run was the feature of a game with the University of Chicago. The drawing, from an old photograph, offers a striking comparison with the play of Notice, too, Stagg Field compared with the Michi- gan bowl of 1932. A change can even be seen in Fielding Yost who was at that time head coach. YEARS AGO Page Forty- Two (Ill ? -= IIIMII1 till CIIIHIH Ml GAMN C IIINIII IIINIII THE LITTLE BROWN JUG In the middle of September the Little Brown Jug, for 28 years the victor ' s prize in football between Michigan and Minnesota dis- appeared. For weeks a secret search went on for " the most pub- licized gridiron symbol in history " under the direction of Mr. Phil Pack, publicity director for the Athletic Association. The mystery of its whereabouts only deepened. Several prominent local sleuths including Sheriff Jacob B. Andres and Chief of Police O ' Brien were consulted. The news of the trophy ' s disappearance spread to Minnesota where Oscar J. (What-a-man) Munson, the original burglar back in ' 03, only laughed slyly when informed of its disappearance. In the meantime student practical jokers set themselves on the distracted Mr. Pack who had finally reached the point where he was prowling around cider mills, picking up pieces of pottery and putting them down again. Thus the case hune fire until the night of November 19 when a large touring car said to be either a Cadillac or a Chevrolet filled with men in slouch hats and dark goggles pulled up before a gas station on Washtenaw and the Jackson cutoff and rolled a freshly painted jug onto the ground. Mr. Pack declared it to be the one and original Little Brown Jug. Among other things the fresh paint could not be explained. Whether the real jug had been juj- gled for a phony one is anj unsolved enigma. V ICHIQAN Page forty-Three IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl (OGiJi A V IIINIII flE IIINIII m III! A , 1IINIII THE TAXICAB SITUATION Our liberal Michigan Daily earlier this year, as usual championing student rights and liberties, inaugurated a campaign against exorbitant taxicab rates. Students gratefully donated news of over-charging on the part of taxicab operators, and one Barton Kane wrote copiously all over the front page of the paper the horrid details of this vicious practice. At the date of going to press the eventual outcome of the issue is rather obscure, but it appears that the City Council has the matter well in hand. The genial and jovial city editor of The Daily went out on a date one night. Over-charged ten cents on his taxi fare, he bounced into the office full of righteous indignation and wrath. Capitalists were mulcting the poor students of their hard-earned money. Some one should protect the students from this filching. The Daily became the organ for the campaign. So, under the pseudonym of Barton Kane, the campaign was begun. The Editorial director launched a flank attack from page four. The Managing editor, guiding the destinies of the supporter of student rights, saw the matter in the right light. The stage was set. A 72 point banner for the first time this year blazed forth on page one. Students were interviewed, taxi drivers were interviewed, councilmen were interviewed. For a week, The Daily exposed the grafting methods of the insidious trust under the expert leader- ship of Mr. Kane. Strange to say, when one Wilford " Punchy " LaBeau ap- peared at the office, following an attack upon him in the taxi stories, he was unable to find Mr. Kane. Mr. LaBeau weighed nigh onto 2OO and was well set up. Following a week ' s publicity on page one, the City Council became alarmed, drew up an amendment to the taxicab ordinance which satisfied The Daily. But, alas, jealousy sneaked into the ranks. The Student Council, receiver of many kicks as a dead body from The Daily, decided that as representative of the students, it should have its finger in the pie. The amendment, nearly passed, was pigeonholed at the next meeting due to dissent between the president of the student organization and The Daily. Confusion over maximum rates, actual rates, possible rates, mileage and meters hovered over the issue. So the cab companies got together, adopted low rate after a disastrous war, and the students were once more pacified. J5c anywhere in the City I0c each extra Passenger lOc - it h stop under three minutes exlrii three minutes wail Page Forty-Four Illl ? . IIIMIII Illl CIHHIII Illl CM A Mil QE IIINUI m Illl x 1IINIII J31-UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN!-.. lOCMTlTlCATIOM CAKD TV - l k: T c. ' 03 1 5 1 INASMUCH AS: The University, in its in- finite wisdom has indulged its flair for the sensational and developed the much- maligned identification card system, and INASMUCH AS: The student body has re- garded the entire idea as a huge joke, even going so far as to condemn it as foolish and useless, but IN VIEW OF THESE FACTS: That al- though the photograph does not always represent the looking-glass self, it often contributes materially to the fund of gayety and happy amusement in this work- a-day world; and that although as a means of identification in Ann Arbor the card is a dismal failure, it will get the owner into any speakeasy in the Middle West, BE IT RESOLVED THAT: We the under- signed shall forever and eternally here- after sing the praises of the Identification Card as one of the most interesting and illuminating products of the organizing genius of the University of Michigan. THE MICHIGANENSIAN %.. . " voS ? " -I932 J-5 " - o - I - - -. i - 1931 - " M A . " - o ' S -V , " -.. : - ' SSr Forty-Five ? -= IIIMIII III! CIIIHIII 111! CiiAlllNIII OE IIINIII Illl A , 1IINIII INDEPENDENT MEN EX PARTE CAMPUS PRESIDENT OF THE STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASS ' N. WOMEN ATHLETES MICHIGAN ' S ALL-AMERICAN CENTER IS IN THE CENTER OF THIS CROUP J-HOP CH ' M ' N. IOSEPH BURSLEY CARL HUBER DEAN W. MYERS Page Forty-Six Illl im -= IIIMIll Illl CIHHIII nil CAIMHI (HE IIIN1II m Ilil x IIINIII = SENIOR ENGINEERS FEE WEL DRESSED MEN OF PROMINENT FRATERNITY HONOR SOCIETY tWOMEN THE STUDENT COUNCIL HUGH CONKLIN T. HAWLEY TAPPING EVANS HOLBROOK HENRY ANDERSON Page Forty-Si Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl QGwAlNI UE IIINIII m Illl x IIINIII Page Forty-Eight Illl W. IIIMIII nn OIHIH Illl JIGiii A HINIII OE INI 3K Illl A UINIII The pictures on the opposite page offer evidence that all is not dancing and gaiety when the Architects give their annual Ball. The views show various steps in the transformation of a gym- nasium into the fairyland pictured in the upper left hand comer. On this page is the proud chairman of the J-Hop and concerned with the as caricatured by the their j-hop Extra Below is a picture of the grand march of " Michigan ' s premier social event. " Page Forty-Nine till W. IIIMII1 1111 CIIIHIII (III flE IIINIII 3 Illl A1IINIII THE NEW PRESS BUILDING Few, if any, universities have a building for student publications that will in any way com- pare with this building that is being completed at a cost of approximately $150,000.00 for occupation late this spring. This newest fea- ture of Michigan Student Publications is being erected on Maynard Street directly across the street from Betsy Barbour Hall and is con- structed of limestone and brick in Modern American Architecture. On the first floor will be a new and modern press along with several of the latest linotypes and other equip- ment necessary to the printing of a paper. On the second floor will be located, in the main room, all the student offices with the ex- ception of the Michiganensian Editorial staff which will have a separate office directly to the right at the head of the stairs. Three other rooms on the first and second floors will be furnished so as to make excellent rooms in which the various staffs may hold their regular meetings. As to the beauty of the building the only thing that need be said is that it is one of the loveliest structures of its type in the country. Upper left The Editor Inspecting the New Building Scenes in the Press Building Page Fifty nil w. IIIMIU 1 CIIIHIH 111! IIINIII flE I11NIII Illl A IIINIII A CO-ED IN 1875 " Those were the gay days of handkerchief flirtations and no sensible woman student dared show her handkerchief when on the street lest she be suspected horror of horrors of flirting! " That was at the University in 1771, according to Mrs. Caroline Hub- bard Kleinstueck, whose graduation picture is here reproduced, and who entered the University in that year, one of ten women in a class of about two hundred. It was in the fall of that year that James B. Angell, pictured here also, assumed his duties as president of the University, at which time this picture of him was taken. In a letter received from Mrs. Kleinstueck shortly before her death last winter, she says, " The only buildings on the campus at this time were the North and South wings of old U. Hall, the center being constructed later. Most of the lectures were given in the South wing. Also on the campus were the old Medical Building, the old Law Building, containing the general library and a large assembly room in which chape] was held each morning; a few professors ' houses, one of which later became the homeopathic college; the president ' s house and the chemical laboratory. " The homeopathic hospital pictured below was one of four identical build- ings, two of which were on North University Avenue, and two on South University. Mrs. Kleinstueck ' s letter continues, " There was, of course, no Dean of Women at Michigan for many years to come. However, women stu- dents advised each other on conduct. The early comers among the women students, though some of them, like myself, were only in their middle ' teens, were a discreet lot. Although I was extremely fond of dancing and had danced much before going to college, I attended no dance until the spring of my Freshman year. Up to that time I ' went out ' only to lectures and special events sponsored by the University. " " Until my senior year, college dances were held only Friday nights. Since there were no Saturday classes at that time, it was considered safe to indulge in the dissipation of dancing from eight or nine o ' clock until midnight in those days. As I have told you, women of these early classes were a discreet lot. It was not at all fashionable to be a college girl, par- ticularly a co-ed. Few of my class-mates among the women danced at all. " " When, with class of 1877, Judge Cooley ' s daughter and other Ann Arbor girls entered the University, the way was made somewhat easier for girls in college. There were more ' society ' girls in this class, and co-eds were no longer regarded quite so far askance. Up to this time, few Ann Arbor homes had been open to the University women. Sororities did not make their appearance until later. The Palladium fraternities had been organized and one or two of these had particular boarding houses, but fraternity houses had not yet arrived. " This class of ' 75 was the second one in the University which included any women students. Several of the women who graduated with it are still living, most of them in the vicinity of Kalamazoo, where Mrs. Klsinstuecfc herself resided until her death. Well, were those the days or weren ' t they: Page Fifty-One Illl W. IIIMIII Illl C IIIHIII Illl (OCIii A IIINIII C IIINIII m Illl A IIINIII UjfeT S HISTORY OF THE PUBLICATIONS Publications like Rome are not made in a day but are the pro- ducts of growth and change. The " Michiganensian " traces its be- ginning back to 1861 when " The Palladium " , a secret publication edited by the fraternities made its appearance, much to the chagrin of the independents. This publication was not left unchallenged long for within several years, " The Castalian " , an annual, edited by the independents was brought out. Both publications somewhat died out following 1861 because of lack of funds. Later in the ' 60 ' s, the " Chronicle " and the " Argonaut " , both weekly papers, brought out annuals which were somewhat niggardly in content and rather unpopular. In 1891, the " Castalian " was revived in opposi- tion to the two weeklies. Towards the close of the nineteenth century, the " Palladium " and the " Castalian " were merged into one publication which was named " The Michigensian " by President Hutchins. One of the first editions came out in 1899 during the Spanish-American war. -pf-r aUaDium- j Castalian -. - Page Fifty-Two (Ill 7 HIMIII till CIHHIH 1111 flGI7, A IIINIII 1E IIINlll till A IIINIII As the picture of it shows, the publication was a senior project and did not include any underclassmen on its staff. At the beginning of the present century, the " Michiganensian " was put under the Board in Control of Student Publications and undergraduates were added to the staff. Editions, from then on, came out annually and grew in content with the addition of various departments. The world war edition in 1 9 1 9 whose title page is reproduced here, took the form of a War Record and since then, the " Michiganensian " has become a campus annual. The present day Daily is an outgrowth of publications which began in 1861. In that year the " University Independ- ent " began which attempted to promulgate independent princi- ples but being unsuccessful, died in 1862. The " Chronicle " and the " Argonaut " , two separate senior publications were al- ready in existence and languished alongside of " The Yellow and Blue " , a fraternity magazine. In the latter part of the college year ' 89 and ' 90 it came about from a variety of causes that the independents of the University decided upon issuing a news and literary organ of their own. The " Chronicle " and " Argonaut " were both managed and edited by fraternity men OIO Michijanensian War Record Published tnjtli Students rfttu Uniuersitu Michigan rt TI itIMB LIIERAJRY LAW ENGIMEIBIRM, CLASSES. Page Fifty-Three III! W. IIIMIJI Ull CIIIHIII (III (QGIiiA IIINIII flE IIINlll m Illl x HINDI RU33F.LL H. OONWELL, February SI Tht s . Kin ' and their violation of the agreement that there should be an independent editor one semester out of each year aroused the independents. Their decision to edit an exclusively independent paper was greatly influenced by their desire to emulate the class of ' 90 which had revived the old " Castalian " . A caucus of independents was called in June, 1 890 and plans were made for the publication of a paper to be called the " University of Michigan Independent " . It was to be 3. weekly and was to champion the interests of its party as well as furnish its readers with literary and university news. Fear of competition from the " Chronicle " and the " Argonaut " which were published weekly as well as in annual form caused the editors of the planned weekly to meet during the summer of 1890. The editors, Mr. Shoemaker, Mr. Ham- mond and Mr. Butzel decided to bring out a daily, and at the suggestion of Professor Kelsey changed the name of the paper to the " U. of M. Daily " , the title " U. of M. Independent Association " being however, retained for the sake of conciliating the ex- treme partisans in the independent movement. The appearance of the first issue of the " Daily " on Sep- tember 29, 1 890, aroused considerable interest both on campus and outside, but substantial encourage- ment was lacking. It was not backed by the frater- nity men nor the strong independent partisans who wanted an official organ. Many refused to invest the $2.50, the price of a subscription, for fear that the paper would not last the year. Competition also came in the form of an announcement from the " Washtenaw Evening Times " that it would print a varsity daily cheaper than the student " Daily " . The " Daily " was fortunate, however, in scooping the news more than once so that the threat of a local town daily gradually subsided. In that year, the policy that all subscriptions must be paid in advance was laid down. By the end of the third month, the " Daily " had gained a secure foothold. The policy was to furnish all news, to be the organ of the University, to help the prestige of the University abroad, to boom athletics and to reconcile fraternity men. They instituted the plan whereby editors from the professional schools became editors on the " Daily " , and established a system by which the best men could be chosen editors. Much experimenting at Page Fifty-Four Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHHI fill flE IIINHI 1IINIII first lead to the conclusion that the competitive system produced the best results, and a modified form of this system was engrafted upon the constitution at the second annual meeting of the Independent Association. In 1903 the Board of Publications was appointed which had faculty control over the paper which was now known as " The Michigan Daily " . " The Daily " was now no longer a privately owned paper but was under University control. Such was the inception of the " Michiganensian " and the " Daily " . The " Michiganensian began as an ex- pression of fraternity pride and cooperation and was taken up by the Senior class as a means of preserving memories of Senior days. Since then it has broadened its scope to include a pictorial summary of campus life and institutions besides serving as a memory book for Seniors. " The Daily " was begun due to a combination of circumstances rather than to the deliberate intention of any person or party. The combination resulted in a force which did much to broaden and intensify what may be called in distinction from factionalism, the " Uni- versity Spirit " . HRONICLE -. , . - ...... .-. . Mr .... YARSITIDOWNS MINNESOTA, 6 TO Trojans Trip Irish; Yale Defeats Harvard Spectacular Run K - Hoiviff IrlVC GIVE FIRST PRIZE L l FRESHMEN WIN GOVERNOR WILL nnrara; dwf|!BrnH u . uy Hewitt Gives Michigan Victory TO mm cm itl-S! J!! !!! J.S d, PUoe to Alpha ai Sum l Pfllow Firbt faum- Ecp jut Aiwbcr Year. HeOanO i IJMI K Owd i SftOOC Sec. Gt UGHTS FEATURED rSS.?SSi TOO MANY FROSH GLEE CLUBTO SING rijSSxs Y T Sr bCT Al o ZIVS " ST. JOHNS mm .rinc oorcc PIUR Pfge Fifty-Five W_== IIIMIII III! CIHHIII Illl flGiiAlUNIII (HE UINIII 3 III! Xk UINIII THE EXPLORER ' S CLUB The Explorer ' s Club is an internationally famous group of men whose exploration work has been of exceptionally great scientific value. The Club ' s headquarters are in New York, where its renowned members frequently meet and exchange many wierd tales of their experiences in the far corners of the earth. Since 1905 when the club was founded, it has sent its flag on the field no less than thirty-eight times. The last of these expeditions was the fourth University of Michigan Green- land expedition led by William Herbert Hobbs. Among the more familiar names found on the club ' s roster are those of Byrd, Peary, Amundson, Roosevelt, Wilkins, and MacMillian. The narratives of the travels of these modern " Marco Polo ' s " reads like a fairy story. No spot on the globe is a mystery to them. Many of the Michigan men have been added to the Club ' s roster because of work in Greenland with Hobbs. Others, however, have carried the club ' s flag and the glory of Michigan to seldom heard of localities. ABOVE W. H. HOBBS LEFT ROBERT HALL BELOW PRESTON JAMES RIGHT L. ' M. GOULD Page Fifty-Six Illl W. IIIMIII till CIIIHIB Illl CM AMU flE IIINIII m Illl xSUIINIII The University of Michigan leads all other collegiate in- stitutions in the country in representation in the club with its list of thirteen men including only those who are now active on the campus. Eleven of these men are now engaged in teaching while the other two are students on the campus. Those Michigan men who have been taken into the club are Professor William Herbert Hobbs of the Geology department, Dr. Carl Guthe, Director of the Museum of Anthropology, Dr. Carl D. La Rue Assistant Professor of Botany, Lawrence M. Gould Associate Professor of Geology, Dr. Rob ' t B. Hall Professor of Geography, Dr. Melvin R. Gilmore Curator of Ethnology, Dr. Preston E. James Associate Pro- fessor of Geography, Donald M. Matthews Professor of For- estry Management, Ralph L. Belknap Assistant Professor of Geology, Evans S. Schmeling Assistant in Geology, William S. Carlson Assistant in Geology, Lawrence E. Stuart and Max Demorest students. Page Fifty-Seven III! W. IIIMIII Mil CIIIHIH III! CGiiAlONIII flE IIINIII , HINIII MICHIGAN ' S RHODES SCHOLARS Two of the four Rhodes Scholarships awarded an- nually to candidates from the states of Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Kentucky, compris- ing the Fourth District, have been given this year to students of the University of Michigan. In three con- secutive years, the University has sent to England four Rhodes scholars. Samuel Hutchins Beer, of Bucyrus, Ohio, and George Cook Tilley, of Ann Arbor, are the two most recent winners, whose selection has just been an- nounced for receipt of the scholarship which bears an annual stipend of $2,000. Beer is a Senior in the Literary College who has been recognized scholastic- ally through membership in Phi Eta Sigma and Phi Beta Kappa. He is also a former member of The Michigan Daily staff and of the boxing team. Tilley, son of Professor Morris R. Tilley of the English De- partment and a Junior in the Law School, has been one of the most colorful figures on the Campus for several years. While in the Literary College he be- came widely known for his antics as night Editor and Editorial Director of The Daily and for his often radical opinions. His honorary affiliations include Sigma Delta Chi, national journalistic society, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, Sphinx, and Michigamua. In his freshman year, Tilley was President of his class and a member of the track and cross-country teams. The grants are made for two years with the pro- vision that a holder may retain his scholarship for a third year provided he presents a definite, approved plan of study for that additional period. Last year Glenn D. Gosling, of Grand Rapids was named for a Rhodes Scholarship and in 1929 another Michigan student, Allan Seager, of Adrian, a member of the Vars ity swimming team, was chosen. Page Sixty-Two Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl (ODJS A IIINIII flE IIINIII m Illl A M1INIII PATRIOTIC MEMORIAL BUILDING 1931 GEORGE BOOTH TRAVELING FELLOWSHIP IN ARCHITECTURE WON BY L E. MARSHALL Page Sixty-Three III! W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII III! flDnix$UIINIII (HE IIINIII 1IINIII Michigan has on its faculty two of the younger American sculptors who have attained distinction. They are Carleton W. Angell, sculptor of the University museums and Avard T. Fairbanks, Associate Professor of Sculpturing. Mr. Angell, who has his studio in the museum, studied at the Art Institute in Chicago under Charles Mulligan and Lorenzo Taft. After work with Carl Snyder and Carl Rayder in ornamental modeling, Mr. Angell came to Michigan in Page Sixty-Four (Ill W. IIIMIII till CIIIHIII Illl C5ABNW flE IIINIII III! A IIINIII 1922 as an instructor in the School of Architecture and four years later be- came the museum sculptor. His " Greyhound " shown at top exemplifies the modern concept of speed and the " Stature of a Girl " shown at bottom is the " Bath Memorial " erected at Bath, Michigan. Mr. Angell has done busts of Dr. Hutchins, Dr. Ruthven, Dr. Hinsdale, and Dean Cooley. At present, he is doing one of Dean Lloyd. The " fohn Baker Davis Memorial " in the Engineer- ing Arch is also his work. The bronze works shown at top of this page are three of a series of eight panels by Avard Fairbanks which form the doors of the United States National Bank of Portland, Oregon. The ensemble at right is a memorial to the Ninety-first Division A.E.F. and is located at Fort Lewis, Washington. The center figure, " The Crusader " , represents the symbol of that type of fighting man who stands forth in a spiritual cause to the end that right shall prevail. " Nebula " is the name of the figure at bottom and as a symbol of life portrays a spirit becoming an entity in the universe of human consciousness. The following four pages are devoted to outstanding student work in the Architectural school during the past year. Drawings meriting the distinc- tion of appearing in these pages were picked by Dean Emil Lorch. Page Sixty- Fire Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl flEii xSUIINIIII flE INI INI = A CITY HALL BY F. R. JOHNSON 31 ARCH. GRADUATE PROBLEM THE HOME AND LABORATORY OF A SCIENTIST R. E. BLASS Page Sixty-Six Illl ? . IIIMIU Illl CIIIHIll Illl IIINIII flE 1I1NIII m Illl y 1IINHI AN INTERNATIONAL PEACE CROUP P. JERECAN. ARCHITECTURAL GRADUATE PROBLEM A CITY HALL SENIOR DESIGN PROBLEM M. STIRTON. (Lower Left) A C;TY HALL SENIOR DESIGN PROBLEM D. KLIBANOW Lower Right i ' Page Sixty-Seven III! W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHI Illl HGwAHINttl C IIINIII till A IIINIII AN AUTOMOTIVE EXPOSITION BUILDING J. I. LENDRUM, ' 30 ARCH. A SMALL CHAPEL J- R- BAILEY, ' 32 ARCH. MODERN SKYSCRAPER PROBLEM IN STEEL DESIGN E. BECSKY, ' 31 ARCH. Till BfllUILD ILIlBIlt Page Sixty-Eig ' it III! W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIll III! GAINNI flE IIINIII till x IIINIII A FORUM L MARSHALL ' 31 ARCH. A POWER DAM WITH OVERHEAD HIGHWAY E. KAELI ' 32 ARCH. Page Sixty-Nine Illl IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIH Illl (HE IIINUI m till x 1IINIII 1933 JUNIOR GIRLS ' PLAY Page Seventy Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIH Illl flDI IIINIII OE HINIII Illl A , IIINIII " NO MAN ' S LAND Page Secenly-Onf Illl 7 y -= IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl dEiiAlllNIII (HE IIINIII 1IINIII SOPHOMORE CABARET Page Seventy-Two III! 1111. IIIMIII 18 CIIIHIH Illl flCi C II1NIII m Illl xfc IIINIII = FRESHMAN PAGEANT Serenty-TAret till 7 A IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl (ODiii A IIINIII flE I1INIII m till A HINIII WOMEN ' S LEAGUE BUILDING Page Seventy-Four ill! W. IIIMIII till CIIIHIB till CdixSMIINIII C IIINIII HH A 1IINIII WOMEN ' S LEAGUE BUILDING Page Sezenty-Fire ACTIVITIC5 .-; - - H ACTIVITICS " WITH THE IN- CREASING TENDENCY TO- WARDS SPECIALIZATION THERE IS A VERY REAL DANCER THAT WE SHALL BUILD OURSELVES IN- TO WATER-TIGHT, PERHAPS EVEN THOUGHT -TIGHT COMPARTMENTS. ... IT IS EASY TO IGNORE OUR ASSOCIATE ' S ACTIVITY AND FAIL TO APPRECIATE ITS IMPORTANCE. " DEAN S. T. DANA, K INITIATION, DECEMBER 10, 1931. (5 L General Activities 77 Organizations Ill Women ' s Activities . . 137 III! W. IIIMIII llll CIIIHIH Illl flCni A IIINIII UE IIINIII llll x 1IINIII BOARD IN CONTROL OF STUDENT PUBLICATIONS FACULTY MEMBERS PROF. ROBERT C. ANGELL Chairman PROF. EDSON R. SUNDERLAND Business Manager DEAN JOSEPH A. BURSLEY PROF. Louis A. STRAUSS STUDENT MEMBERS JOE P. GATES PAUL F. ICERMAN JOHN D. REINDEL Page Seventy-Seven III! W. IIIMIII III! CIIIHIII Illl (fldliiA IIINIII flE IIINIII III! A HINIII MICHIGANENSIAN WILLIAM W. KNOX Managing Editor AGNES R. GRAHAM Women ' s Editor WILLIAM R. BALBACH Art Editor EDITORIAL STAFF Activities Administration Athletics Features Fraternities Seniors Photography EDWARD W. BOWEN ADELE EWING WILLIAM H. HARRIS ROBERT L. SLOSS ACNES R. GRAHAM KENNETH L. YOURD MARGARET J. KEAL CHARLES R. WORST CAROL E. SAVERY BENJAMIN G. McFATE CLAUDE PITTS LOWER STAFF DONALD E. ADAMS C. WALLACE GRAHAM SAMUEL W. GREENLAND LESTER M. HARRISON JOHN GEORG CYRUS HULING II KENNETH K. LUCE MORTON HELPER LLOYD C. NYMAN BALBACH BENJAMIN ART STAFF PHILLIP AU:TI HELMUS RAEUH: : GROVER LOGAN GORDON SWM T SLOSS LOGAN BOWEN HARRIS WORST YOURD SAVERY EWINC MCFATE Page Seventy-Eight Illl W. IIIMIII Hll C IHHH Illl OGii A IIINIII 4E IIINIII Illl x 1IINHI HARRY S. BENJAMIN Business Manager VIRGINIA M. LADD Women ' s Business Manager Advertising Organization; LABI Head T yfitt LOWER STAFF AUBREY E. BOTD JOHN DEO WILLIAM GIEFEL TAMES S. HEVWOOD JOHN RUBSAM AREND Yvx Bl ' SINESS STAFF JOHN CARSTES? JANET ALLEN DUNCAN SHEPARD RUTH DIETRICH STL-ART BOATRIGHT MARY BARXETT GEORGE SQUIBB VIRGINIA TAYLOR JANE RAYEX TRYOUTS DONALD E. DEO HORACE EDMUND? RICHARD H. GERKENTMEYER ROBERT J. HENOCH JACOB E. NEAHR A. COLTON PARK Louis W. STAUDT CAR ALLEN BOATRIGHT RAY EX BARNETT SHEPARD DIETRICH SQUIBB TAYLOR Page Illl ? . IHMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl (QDIiiA IIINIII C IIINIII m Illl A 1IIN1II WOMENS ' STAFF EDITORIAL JOAN BARNET MARION E. FOLEY CORRINE FRIES MARIAN L. GIDDINGS VIRGINIA HOLDEN CHARLOTTE JOHNSON MARGARET LEWIS BARBARA NELSON VIVA RICHARDSON JANE M. ROBINSON MARGARET SMITH AMELIA STARSKY LOTTA STERN HELEN ZIF.FLE BUSINESS MARGARET ALLEN ETHEL BOND HARRIET BRONDSTETTER BEATRICE BRUCE ELIZABETH LADD GRACE MAYER KATHERINE MACGREGOR ROSAMOND MARTINDALE JOSEPHINE MCCAUSEY POLLY WALKER Lois McGuiRE ETHELYN MILLER MARCELLE MORFORD ELEANOR OWEN BETTY OSGOOD CYNTHIA ROOT MYRA SARASOHN ANNE SORENSON ERNESTINE ULBRICH TRYOUTS LUCILLE BETZ, JANE BRUCKF.R, EMILY CAMPBELL, VIRGINIA CLUFF, MARIA GIBBS, HELENE GRAM, DOROTHY HALL, MARIE METZGER, MARY O ' BRIEN, MARY SABIN, JANE SCHNEIDER, HARRIET SPIESS, BARBARA SUTHERLAND, ELIZABETH TALCOTT, FREDERICKA WALDRON. GRAHAM DEO ADAMS HEYWOOD VYN HULINC LUCE SARASOHN MCCAUSEY HELPER RUBSAM ALLEN WALKER ROOT GIDDINGS MACGREGOR CISSEL Page Eighty illl ? . IHMIII Illl CIIIHID Illl d A V IIINIII C IHNIII m Illl xSUHNIIl THOMAS M. COOLEY II . HARCOURT S. PATTERSON GARGOYLE Managing Editor Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF EDWARD S. McKAY Assistant Editor HOWARD FETTES Exchange Editor HARRY BALTUCK WILLARD BLASER RICHARD BRUEHL MORTON FRANK ROBERT Fuoss TEXAS GOLD ALAN HANDLEY JOHN S. MARSHALL ROBERT MORELAND THEODORE Moscso Jr. THOMAS POWERS TED TAYLOR IRVING GORDON COOLEY PATTERSON BUSINESS STAFF Ross BAIN JEROME BIELFIELD % ILLIAM ELLIOTT ERWIN KONING RICHARD MARTIN CHARLES RUSH WlLBCK BOHNSACK SETMOUR CAPLAN JACK ROWLAND GEORGE LA.MBRECHT WILLIAM MARSHALL LEWIS R. MORGAN JEFFRIES BENJAMIN JOSEPH GIBSON JR. SAMUEL HAZELTON JR. TRYOCTS JOSEPH HORAK JR. DAVID KNIGHT MARTIN NEWCOMER FRED SMOOT GEORGE VANVLECK DAVID ZIMMERMAN- POWERS CAPLAN MORELAND MORGAN ROLLINS FETTES HOWLAND FCOSS FRANK YETZEL BAIN BOHNSACK HAUCHEY BALTUCK BRLEHL Moscoso McKAY COOLEY PATTERSON RISK KONING ELLIOTT BIELFIELD Ptge Eigby-O Illl ? . IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl (ODIiiA IIINIII (HE IIINIII m Illl A S HINIll THE MICHIGAN DAILY RICHARD L. TOBIN . . Managing Editor EDITORIAL STAFF CARL S. FORSYTHE . . . City Editor S. BEACH CONGER JR. . Editorial Director DAVID M. NICHOL . . News Editor SHELDON C. FULLERTON . Sports Editor ROBERT L. PIERCE . Assistant News Editor FRANK B. GILBRETH J. CULLEN KENNEDY FULLF.RTON CONGER NIGHT EDITORS JAMES H. INGLIS ROLAND A. GOODMAN JERRY E. ROSENTHAL NICHOL TOBIN FORSYTHE KARL SEIFFERT GEORGE A. STAUTER LOWER STAFF STANLEY W. ARNHEIM, DONALD F. BLANKERTZ, EDWARD C. CAMPBELL, THOMAS CONNELLAN, ROBERT S. DF.UTSCH, ALBERT L. FRIEDMAN, FRED A. HUBER, BRIAN JONES, HAROLD F. KLCTE, JOHN S. MARSHALL, ROLAND MARTIN, ALBERT H. NEWMAN, E. JEROME PETTIT, JOHN W. PRITCHARD, JOSEPH RENIHAN, CHARLES A. SANFORD, C. HART SCHAAT, BRACKLEY SHAW, PARKER SNYDER, JOHN W. THOMAS, JOHN S. TOWNSEND, G. R. WINTERS. BISHOP ROSENTHAL GILBRETH SEIFFERT THOMAS BROWN STRATEMEIER INGLIS STAUTER TOWNSEND VEDDER BEGLEY FORSYTHE NICHOL CONGER FULLERTON SANFORD GOODMAN ' age Eighty-Two Illl W. IIIMIII HI! CHIHIH lill OS A Ml OE I1IN11I m Illl xMlNIII CHARLES T. KLINE . Business Manager NORRJS P. JOHNSON Assistant Bus. Manager BUSINESS STAFF VERNON BISHOP .... Advertising HARRY " R. BEGLEY Advertising Contracts BVRON C. VEDDER . Advertising Service WILLIAM T. BROWN . . Publications RICHARD STRATEMIER Accounts KLINE JOHNSON LOWER STAFF ORVIL ARONSON, GILBERT E. BURSLEY, ALLEN CLARK, ROBERT FINN, ARTHUR F. KOHN, JAMES LOWE, BERNARD SCHNACKE, GRAFTON W. SHARP, DEAN TURNER, DONALD A. JOHN- SON, DON LVON. tVtSVt 1 - 1 f f t ; t t SHAEP TU XE KEYSE Aioxsos HAVDEX GOOD XEWMAK MEYEK KlLAFT SXVDEE FlSS HvBEJt BOSLET LYOS AXXHEIH Cl_K SCHAAF PMTCHAED MAIIIXS RESIHAS PETTIT BECKEI SHAW JOHKSOX COXNELLAS WIXTEXS Eighty-Three Illl 7 -= IIIMIII till CIIIHIH Illl CUiA $UINIII OE IIINIII Illl A V HINIII MARGARET M. THOMPSON . . Women ' s Editor ANN W. VERNER . . Women ' s Business Manager VERNF.R THOMPSON EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS MIRIAM CARVER, BEATRICE COLLINS, LOUISE CRANDALL, ELSIE FELDMAN, PRUDENCE FOSTER, ALICE GILBERT, FRANCES MANCHESTER, ELIZABETH MANN, MARGARET O ' BRIEN, BEVERLY STARK, ELMA WADSWORTH, JOSEPHINE WOODHAMS. BUSINESS ASSISTANTS DONNA BECKER, MAXINE FISCHGRUND, ANN GALLMEYER, KATHERINE JACKSON, DOROTHY LAY- LIN, VIRGINIA McCoMB, CAROLIN MOSHER, HELEN OLSEN, MAY SEEFRIED, HELEN SPENCER, KATHRYN STORK, CLARE UNGER, MARY ELIZABETH WATTS, HELEN SCHMUDE. CRANDALL STARK FOSTER McCoMB OLSON SCHMUDE MOSHER CARVER FELDMAN COLLINS MANN FISCHCRUND LAYLIN UNGER Page Eighty-Four Illl W. IHMIII HII CIHHIH III) (HE INI 3 IIII AlllNIII THE MICHIGAN TECHNIC DAVID M. HANNAH . . Editor BAZLEY V. JOHNSON, Managing Editor JACK. L. SPENCER . Business Manager FACULTY ADVISORY BOARD PROF. ROBERT D. BRACKETT PROF. JOHN E. EMSWILER PROF. J. RALEIGH NELSON PROF. H. W. MILLER BUSINESS DELTON J. CARR JOHNSON HANNAH HAROLD G. SEAMANS RICHARD L. COGGER VILLIAM J. BIRD SPENCER STAFF Accounts CARL D. FIERO . . Circulation JOHN S. SMART . . Advertising RALPH S. LEWIS, . Asst. Circulation GORDON L. SAUNDERS, Asst. Accounts FRED E. MAGEL . . . Sales EDITORIAL STAFF Publication JOHN E. OHLSON Alumni News FRANCIS PALMS, JR., Articles JOHN J. WHITE ASSISTANTS ROBERT E. BLACK.WELL EDWARD G. GOLDSTONE CLARENCE F. BLANDING VENABLE D. JOHNSON A. T- BROGGINI STANLEY C. KILLIAN EDWARD S. CONGER IRVING G. LANG College Notes Architectural Art ARTHUR H. MESSING WILLIAM H. MOHRHOFF DENNIS G. SHEPHERD RICHARD SNYDER CARLYLE P. SPIESZ O. WILLIAMS DONAL HAMILTON HAINES CARLTON F. WASHBURN Special Business Representative Faculty Editorial Advisor PALMS KILLIAN OHLSON VAKSDAL LEWIS FIERO COGGER MAGEL SAUNDERS SEAMANS HANNAH JOHNSON SPENCER CARR Page Eig ity-Ffve Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl QE HINIII 3 Illl JINIII STUDENT COUNCIL EDWARD J. McCoRMiCK . . . President ALFRED J. PALMER . . . Vice-President C. RICHARD RACINE .... Secretary J. NALL CANDLER .... Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS PROFESSOR NATHAN SINAI PROFESSOR JOHN S. WORLEY SENIORS HARRY S. BENJAMIN HOWARD GOULD J. NALL CANDLER EDWARD J. McCoRMiCK. JOHN H. DENLER JAMES D. NORTH ALFRED J. PALMER MCCORMICK PALMER Louis J. COLOMBO ALISTAIR W. MITCHELL HUGH R. CONK.LIN RICHARD L. TOBIN JOHN A. TOMPKINS JUNIORS RICHARD R. NORRIS C. RICHARD RACINE JOSEPH F. ZIAS EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS President, Michigan Union Managing Editor, Michigan Daily Member Board in Control of Athletics DENLER CONKLIN GOULD TOBIN COLOMBO NORTH BENJAMIN ZIAS NORRIS RACINE CANDLER MCCORMICK PALMER TOMPKINS MITCHELL Page Eighty-Six III! IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIB Itil CCuAHINIII OE I1INIII till A , 11INIII The objects of the Student Council of the University of Michigan are to provide an effective means of com- munication between the undergraduate body and the University authorities; to interpret and maintain Michi- gan traditions and customs; to exercise a general super- vision over student activities, organizations, conduct, and to crystallize and make more effective the sanest of undergraduate opinions and to do the aforesaid all for the good of " Michigan. " A move was made during the past year to make the Council a more permanent body. This was done by providing for the annual election of four Sophomore men to the Council, who serve without a vote until the beginning of their Junior year. It is felt that the inclusion of Sophomore men on the Council will give the body a degree of permanency heretofore impossible. RACINE CANDLER COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN COUNCILMAN PALMER .... Pep Meetings COUNCILMAN ZIAS ..... Fall Games COUNCILMAN DENLER ..... Advisory COUNCILMAN CANDLER .... Frosh Smoker COUNCILMAN DENLER COUNCILMAN NORTH COUNCILMAN CANDLER Frosh Frolic Advisory Program and Polity Vocational Speakers Page Eighty-Seven ? -= IIIMIII III! CIIIHIII (III COilAlBNIH C IIINIII , HINIII ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN OFFICERS DR. G. CARL HUBER, ' 87m . . . President Dean of the Graduate School, University of Michigan. WILLIAM D. McKENZiE, ' 96 . First Vice-President General Counsel, Quaker Oats Co., Chicago, 111. DONALD T. HASTINGS, ' 07e . Second Vice-President President, The Twin-Flex Corp., Detroit, Mich. Louis P. JocELYN, ' 87 .... Secretary Teacher of Mathematics, Ann Arbor High School. DANIEL F. ZIMMERMAN, ' 97- ' 00, 1 ' 00 ' 02 . Treasurer Chairman of Board, State Savings Bank, Ann Arbor, Mich. CONGER RANDALL HUBER TAPPING J. WALTER F. BENNETT, ' 99e LEO A. BURNS, ' 21 MARQUERITE CHAPIN, ' 20 CLYDE W. COLBY, ' lie DIRECTORS Vice-President, Stevens and Wood, Inc., New York Realtor, Ann Arbor, Michigan Society Editor, Detroit Free Press, Detroit, Michigan President, C. W. Colby Co., Cleveland, Ohio DR. LYNN A. FERGUSON, ' 17m . Physician, Ferguson-Droste-Ferguson, Grand Rapids, Michigan CYRUS J. GOODRICH, ' 141 . . . . . . Attorney, Battle Creek, Michigan MRS. HELEN MAJ.COMSON GORE, ' 15 . . . . . Benton Harbor, Michigan President, Union National Bank, Wichita, Kansas Vice-President, General Motors Corf., Detroit, Michigan Junior V ice-President of The Retail Credit Co., Chicago, Illinois Attorney, Evansville, Indiana . Comptroller of Budget and Manager of Publicity Department, General Electric Co., Schenectady, New York WILLIAM C. MULLENDORE, ' 14, " 161 . Vice-President, Southern California Edison Co., Los Angeles, California V ice-President and General Manager Graham-Paige of Michigan, Detroit, Michigan Publisher, Port Huron T imes-Herald, Port Huron, Michigan Attorney, Sioux City, Iowa Judge Advocate General, Third Corps Area, Baltimore, Md. Vice-President, Detroit Steel Products Co., Detroit, Michigan Attornev, Escanaba, Michigan ARTHUR WEADOCK, ' 16- ' 18, 1 ' 19- ' 20 .... Attorney, Saginaw, Michigan EXECUTIVE OFFICERS T. HAWLEY TAPPING, ' 07- ' 09, ' 161 . General Secretarv FRED S. RANDALL, ' 19- ' 21 . . Council Secretary and Assistant to the General Secretary MRS. LUCILE BAILEY CONGER, ' 04 . . . Executive Secretary of Alumnae Council THE MICHIGAN ALUMNUS The Official Publication of the Alumni Association 36 Issues Per Year. T. HAWLEY TAPPING, ' 07- ' 09, 161 Editor ARTHUR J. BERNSTEIN, ' 31 ......... Assistant Editor Associate Editors BESS L. McLouTH, ' 13 FRED S. RANDALL, M9- ' 21 A. ESTHER JOHNSON, ' 28 W. B. HARRISON, ' 99 ORMOND E. HUNT, ' 07e EMORY J. HYDE, ' 041 EMRA H. IRELAND, ' 051 CHESTER H. LANG, ' 15 JAMES M. O ' DEA, ' 09e E. J. OTTAWAY, ' 94 SAM G. PICKUS, ' 181 DENNIS P. QUINLAN, ' 941 MASON P. RUMNEY, ' 07e ARTHUR H. RYALL, ' 021 Page Eighty-Eight Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIH Illl D3A HINIII flE IIINIII Illl x IIINI1I = CONKLIN KUHN BUCKLEY UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN UNION BOARD OF DIRECTORS HUGH R. CONKLIN ALFRED J. PALMER LYMAN A. BULLARD J. WESLEY RICE CLARE F. CARTER MICHAEL J. MAXIAN EDSON R. WHITE EDWARD W. KUHN T. HAWLEY TAPPING EVANS HOLBROOK DR. G. C. HUBER HENRY C. ANDERSON PAUL LEIDY DANIEL F. ZIMMERMAN DR. DEAN W. MEYERS JAMES O. MURFIN JOSEPH A. BURSLEY President Pret. Literary ' ife Pres. Engineering Viet Pres. Medical Vice Pres. Lain Vice Pres. Dental Vice Pres. Combined Recording Secretary Alumni Secretary Financial Secretary Faculty Member Faculty Member Faculty Member Alumni Member Alumni Member Regent Member Dean of Students STANDING COMMITTEES OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Finance Committee Activities Committee EVANS HOLBROOK, Chairman HUGH CONKLIN, Chairman HUGH CONKLIN HENRY ANDERSON JOSEPH BURSLEY PAUL BUCKLEY EDWARD KUHN LYMAN BULLARD CLARE CARTER House CommitUe HUGH CONKLIN, Chairman ALFRED PALMER G. CARL HUBER J. WESLEY RICE CARTER BULLARD WHITE KUHN PALMER MAXIAN RICE BURSLEY HUBER MYERS CONKLIN TAPPING HOLBROOK ANDERSON Page Eighty-Hint Illl IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl (OGiiiA IIINIII C IIINIII m Illl A HINIII HOUSE COMMITTEE JOSEPH F. ZIAS . Chairman SYDNEY EDELMAN, Asst. Chairman MELVIN H. RABE, Asst. Chairman ROBERT BONNEY PHILLIP DALSIMER MERVIN GREEN SAMUEL GREENLAND GABRIEL HARRIS JOSEPH HETTINGER ROBERT MCKENZIE WILLIAM McRov LLOYD NYMAN JOHN S. PENDORF CLIFFORD ROTH ROBERT SALTZSTEIN WILLIAM SENF STEINER VAKSDAL JAMES WINEMAN MODELL ROWLAND GROVE GOULD LANGEN Huss HOLPUCH BLONDER ADAMS FEIN PRYOR McGAVRAN BURGESS ODELL LOWERY GlEPEL SlGALL CRAM STEWART CARPENTER HOAG SKINTA HANDEL KLEIN HUGH R. CONKLIN SYDNEY EDELMAN FRANK B. GILBRETH HOWARD GOULD WILLIAM HANDEL EXECUTIVE COUNCIL JOHN H. Huss JOHN W. LEDERLE MELVIN H. RABE C. RICHARD RACINE EDWARD W. KUHN GEORGE B. SKINTA ALBIN S. TELFORD JOHN S. TOWSEND JOSEPH F. ZIAS RABE EDELMAN RACINE TELFORD HANDEL Huss SKINTA TOWNSEND LEDERLE ZIAS KUHN CONKLIN GILBRETH GOULD Page Ninety (Ill W. IIIMIII Illl C IIIHIII III! IIINIII QE IIINIII ROGERS McCoRMicK JEAX RACIXE SHAW PICK CAMPBELL LEDERLE LCCE ARXOFF SEXF McRov HETTINGER HAUIS PEXDORF DALSIHES GREENLAND SALTZSTEIX MCKEXZIE NYMAN EDELVAN ZIAS RASE VAKSDAL DANCE COMMITTEE GEORGE B. SKI NT A . Chairman WILLIAM HANDEL, Asst. Chairman RALPH BALDWIN- KENNETH CAMPBELL C. WILLIAMS CARPENTER STEWART CRAM WILLIAM GIEFEL ALBERT LOWERY HARRY MCGAVRAX JOHN O ' DELL PAUL PRYOR RICHARD READE RUSSEL STEWART CHARLES BURGESS CHARLES PRYTHRITH LEONARD SIGALL CHARLES HOAG ROBERT MALCOLM PUBLICITY COMMITTEE JOHN S. TowsEND .... Chairman ALBIN S. TELFORD . . Assistant Chairman FRANK B. GILBRETH Assistant Chairman HANS GEHRKE EDWARD HOLDEN WALTER KELLER STANLEY LEVISSOX ROBERT HOWARD GILBERT PATRICK MORTON STEIN- EDWARD STUMP TNDERCLASS COMMITTEE JOHN H. Huss Chairman HOWARD GOULD JEROME BLONDER DONALD ADAMS HUGH GROVE Assistant Chairman WILLIAM LANCEN SOL MODELL JOHN ROWLAND GEORGE FEIN- RECEPTION COMMITTEE JOHN W. LEDERLE . . Chairman C. RICHARD RACINE Assistant Chairman ALEX ARNOFF FREDERICK MOORE KENNETH CAMPBELL HARRY PICK KARL JEAN CHARLES ROGERS KENNETH LUCE CLINTON SANDUSKY EDWARD MCCORMICK FREDERICK SCHAFER CLO FRISINGER ROBERT SHAW STEIN ROTH PATRICK GILBRETH VlXEAK TOWXSEXD SltJMPF TELFOM Page Ninety-One THE WELL AVERY HOPWOOD PLAY, 2ND PRIZE M. L. Bobeng PLAY Play Production activities for this scholastic year have been directed along three lines: in the first place, it has produced plays of classical reputation; secondly, it has given the campus interesting outside productions plays that might not otherwise have come to Ann Arbor; thirdly, it has produced original student plays. In November, Alexandre Dumas ' charm- ing comedy of vie elegant, " A Marriage of Convenience " , was produced in the Labora- tory Theater. Despite the especial interest of the play, for its quaint Desden-like qualities are not exactly what a cynical college audience flock to, the play was a financial as well as an artistic success. Shortly after, production was given to Professor Brumm ' s farce of an aca- demic aesthete, " Scrambled Ego. " The play was given two performances, one before the Michigan Press Club and a selected audience including the Governor and President Ruth- ven, and the other a matinee for the general public. Next followed a sponsoring of three out- side companies. In December came the Ab- bey Theatre Players, who have been making a tour of America this year, bringing a reper- tory of four interesting and famous plays, " The Whiteheaded Boy " , " Juno and the Paycock " , " The Far-Off Hills " , and " John Ferguson. " The company was well received by dinners and teas, and enormous applause. In January Sir Nigel Playfair ' s " Beggar ' s Opera " company from the Lyric Theater in Hammersmith, London, was engaged for three performances of the musical play. If the size of a house is any indication of popu- larity, we may very confidently say this play was well liked, for the two evenings and the matinee were attended by large crowds. Later in January Play Production, co-operating with O. J. Campbell and the English Department brought to the Laboratory Theatre for a one night stand the Detroit Little Theatre ' s production of Maxim Gorki ' s " The Lower Depths. " In this case the especial interest proved a great drawing card, for this play, pictorial of Russian slum life, is rarely done in this country. Another note in co-operation was brought out in Play Production ' s participation in Mimes ' all-campus production, " Robin Hood. " In this connection Play Production ' s work was mainly in the technical phases of the pro- duction. The great success of Mimes ' project, including as it did the School of Music, the dramatics division, and the Michigan Union, has admirably justified this new co-operative departure. The middle of March found a production M. L. Bobeng THE BLUE ANCHOR A MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE THE BEGGAR PRODUCTION Ox HORSEBACK of Shakespeare ' s, " The Taming of the Shrew " on the boards. This offering was the high spot of Play Production ' s season, combining with beautiful and difficult acting, effective technical staging. The unit set, applied so well to Shakespearean plays, was used, and offered an impressive monument against which to dis- play the color of the costumes and the com- edy. The later part of the season, besides see- ing a Mothers ' Day week-end production, saw the presentation of original plays from Profes- sor Rowe ' s playwriting class. Thus the or- ganization carried on its encouragement to the " budding genius " of Michigan play writers. A part of the fortune that Avery Hop- wood left for prizes in creative writing is given each year to the best plays. Last year the first of these prizes was awarded. The plays in the contest, which were staged by Play Production in May, included three one-act plays and one full-length play. The plays presented a wide array of subject matter and treatment. " Swamp Mud " , by Harold Courlander, ' 31, was a negro play, giving a definitely poetic twist to the old " soul ob de black man " theme. It was effectively staged, the action being in silhouette against a yellowish-green cyclorama. " The Gin Joint " , by Hobart Skidmore, ' 32, was writ- ten with cinemagraphic technique, carrying a spot light from one corner to another of a cheap middle class cabaret to focus on the dis- illusionment of weak striving, present in all characters. " The Well " , by Richard Hum- phreys, ' 31, captured the comedia del arte spirit in the writing and in the excellent cast- ing given the play. It was admirably staged with a picture-board setting, catching in this quaint form of stylization the note of the com- edy. " The Blue Anchor " , also by Richard Humphreys, was a full length play, romantic in plot, set in the time of the American Revolution. Judges were present at the performances of these plays Thomas H. Dickinson, Paul Osburn, and Thomas Wood Stevens and first and second places were given to " Swamp Mud " and " The Well, " respectively. One more note needs to be made. Play Production has completed plans for its fourth summer season as a student repertory company in the Lydia -Mendelssohn Theatre. There, during the University Summer Session, it will produce, as before, seven plays during seven consecu- tive weeks, giving admirable ex- perience to student actors and technicians, and entertainment to other students and people of the town. Known as the Michigan Repertory Players, it will have di- rection offered, in addition to that of Valentine B. Windt, by Profes- sor Thomas Wood Stevens of the Little Theatre of St. Louis, and by Alexander Wyckoff of the Manhattan Little Theatre Colony. RUSSELL MCCRACKEN, ' 32 M L. Botx SWAMP MUD AVERY HOPWOOD PLAY, Isr PRIZE PARIS BOUND M. Bobeng A MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE Dejr Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIHHIII Illl (ODIiiA IIINIII flE IIINIII 1IINIII CLASS OF 1932 SENIOR BALL LAWRENCE C. WHITSIT . Chairman KENNETH J. McCALLUM, Asst. Chairman HOWARD GOULD JOHN DENLER STANLEY CHASE RUSSELL AMOS HOWARD BALDOCK. EDWARD McCoRMicK J. CULLEN KENNEDY HERSCHELL BLANKS JANICE GILLETTE EDWIN MURBACH CHARLES KLINE EDWARD WELCH RALPH HARDY HOBART SKIDMORE JOSEPHINE MCCAUSEY WHITSIT Music Favors Decorations Floor Invitations Publicity Tickets AMOS WELCH MCCALLUM BLANKS KLINE GOULD HARDY DENLER SKIDMORE MURBACH KENNEDY CHASE GILLETTE WHITSIT BALDOCK MCCORMICK Page Ninety-Four till W. IIIMIII III! C HIHIH 1111 (OOii A IIINIII flE IIINlll 1IINIII = CLASS OF 1933 J-HOP JROTHY BARNES BAKER HUGH L. BAKER JOHN H. GROVES HAROLD G. SEAMANS KENNETH L. YOURD REHN NELSON ARTHUR K. ROBISON ROBERT BRODIE BEN G. McFATE RAYMOND A. HELT FRANK HASEL ROBERT MILLER PERRY T. WALTERS BERNARD J. O ' CONNELL WILLIAM B. DIBBLE JERRY E. ROSENTHAL KENNETH L. YOURD WALTER S. BELL Chairman V ice-Chairman Secretary " Treasurer Music Favors Decorations Floor Invitations Booths Publicity Tickets NELSON ROSENTHAL ROBISON BRODIE BELL O ' CONNELL HELT MILLER HASEL WALTER; SEAMANS GROVES BAKER YOURD DIBBLE Page Ninety-Five Illl W. IIIMIII 10 flCIIIHII (III OGwAtHNIII 4E II1NIII 1IINIII SOPHOMORE PROM CHARLES BURGESS Chairman COMMITTEE JOHN BODEN JANE CISSEL PHILIP DALSIMER JAMES DOTY GEORGIA GEISMAN MARIAN GIDDINGS WILLIAM GIEFEL WALLACE GRAHAM ALTA PLACE LESTER HARRISON ROBERT HOGG MARTHA LITTLETON WILLIAM McRov HARRY MCGAVRAN ROBERT MORELAND PETER MORGAN BERNARD SCHNACKE BL-RCESS GRAHAM BODEN MORELAND SCHNACKE MCGAVRAN GIDDINGS BURGESS McRov DOTY HOGG HARRISON MORGAN GIEFEL GEISMAN DALSINGER CISSEL Page Ninety-Six III! W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHin 1111 CCw A IIINIII flE IIINIII Illl A illNlil FROSH FROLIC CHARLES WEINFELD Chairman Lois MEYER WEINFELD WILLIAM CUTTING NAN DIEBLE JOHN DONALDSON GEORGE GIBSON MARGARET GRANT AUSTIN HALL SAM HAZELTON EDWARD JAROS LEWIS KEARNS STANLEY MICHAELS ALFRED OTIS RALPH TRACY FREDERICKS WALDRON ENOCH WHITE DAVID ZIMMERMAN CUTTING ZIMMERMAN TRACT HAZELTON MICHAELS GIBSON KEARNS GRANT Ons JAROS WHITE WALDRON WEINFELD DIEBLE DONALDSON HALL Page Ninety-Seven Illl IIH. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl OGwAlllNIII C IIINIII Illl x 1IINIII STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION WILLIAM W. KEARNS MORTON FRANK. HOWARD McCLUSKY President Secretary Faculty Advisor BOARD OF TRUSTEES IRA M. SMITH, Chairman MRS. EDNA ALBER, Office Secretary GEORGE E. CARROTHERS EUGENE S. CLARKSON WILLIAM W. KEARNS FERDINAND M. MENEFEE FRANK E. ROYCE, Treasurer DR. ALEXANDER G. RUTHVEN KEARNS FRANK COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN JULE AYERS DAVID CANNON Discussion Inter-Racial DALLAS DORT JACK LUTHER LYLE PASSMORE International Religious Freshmen DORT MCDONALD L. KEARNS HEWITT MCCLUSKY HAYES CROCKETT JOHNSON MESSNER DECKER DEMOREST NICOLLS SHOUPE PASSMORE FRANK W. KEARNS AYERS CANNON LUTHER Page Ninety-Eight Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII ill! QE IIINIII Illl A HINIII ORATORICAL BOARD NATHAN LEVY JOHN LEDERLE DOROTHY DANIELS President Vice-President Secretary JAMES M. O ' NEILL HENRY MOSER JOSEPH R. HAYDEN PAUL A. LEIDY HENRY V. MILLER FACULTY MEMBERS Chairman, Speaker Committee Business Manager Lecture Committee SOCIETY DELEGATES ISABEL BONICAVE FRANCES JOHNSON VICTOR RABINOWITZ CHARLES ROGERS Athena Zeta Phi Eta . Adelphi Alpha Nu RABINOWITZ MOSER O ' NEILL BONICAVE ROGERS JOHNSON LEDERLE DANIELS MILLER LEVY Page Ninety-Nine = IIIMIII Mil CIIIHIB III! QGiiiAlllNIII C IIINIII 3K Illl A INNIII ENGINEERING COUNCIL WARD K. PARR JAMES S. HEYWOOD CLASS PRESIDENTS Chairman Secretary JACK BEECHLER PAUL RAUFF ALLISON B. EVANS EUGENE ETCHELLS DAVID FITZGIBBONS LAWRENCE DARROW ALISTAIR MITCHELL FRED JOHNSON DAVID CONKLIN Senior Class Representatives Junior Class Representatives GARY MUFFLY WILLIAM ZANDER BAZLEY JOHNSON MARSHALL ANDERSON WILLIAM MIKULAS HUGH HOTCHKISS HOWARD BOYS JAMES ROBERTSON, JR. DAVID HANNAH PARR HEYWOOD . A. I. E. E. A. S. I. E. Transportation Club A. S. M. E. A. I. Ch. E. . A. S. C. E. Aeronautical Society Quarterdeck Society Michigan Technic DARROW CONKLIN THOMPSON ANDERSON MITCHELL EVANS BEECHLER PARR HEYWOOD JOHNSON MUFFLY HOTCHKISS MIKULAS HANNAH ETCHELS RAUFF Page One Hundred Illl ? . IIIMIII Illl (OCIHHIII Illl IIINIII OE INI 3! Illl x t HINIII ENGINEERING HONOR COMMITTEE PAUL A. RAUFF JOHN A. GOETZ Chairman Secretary MEMBERS PAUL A. RAUFF JOHN A. GOETZ EDWIN F. RUSSELL ALLISON B. EVANS FLOYD V. SCHULTZ RICHARD G. FINCH RICHARD WILCOX WALTER M. MERCER CLARKE F. ANDREAE RAUFF GOETZ The Honor Committee is elected by the students of the Engin- eering College to enforce and maintain the honor system in opera- tion in that school. It is composed of two men elected from each class, one to serve one year, the other two years. The officers are the chairman and secretary-, both of whom are members of the Junior class during their term of office. All violations of the honor system and business concerning it come before this committee. MERCER ANDREAE FINCH SCHULTZ RUSSELL GOETZ RAUFF EVANS WILCOX Page One Hundred One Illl ? . IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl (DDIiiA IIINIII (flE II1NIII m IIH A 1IIN1II THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN BAND NICHOLAS D. FALCONE HERBERT G. W ATKINS LT. R. R. COURSEY FRANK O. RILEY REX L. ALLBRIGHT A. STANLEY MCGAUGHAN WALTER WEISS BERNERD HIRSCH CECIL B. ELLIS FULLER D. SEARLES WINCHESTER H. RICHARD RICHARD F. BECKER FREDERICK W. EARNST RAYMOND W. PIERCE Oboe RUSSELL R. RANEY RUSSELL W. TROUTMAN RALPH T. FULGHAM JAMES C. PFOHL MORTON HELPER O. ROBERT SIMONS Director Business Manager Drill Master Drum Major Student Manager Assistant Manager Librarian PERSONNEL Clarinets WILLIAM H. KOEHLER SAMUAL BERNSTEIN ARMAND F. DELZER WELLINGTON B. HUNTLEY W. STODDARD WHITE RALPH H. CUSHING GRANT A. MORSE Flutes and Piccolos W. EUGENE HUNTER HENRY C. ROSE CLIFFORD A. STRAUS FALCONE RILEY JOHN E. KEMPF EDWIN S. RICE FREDERICK K. BROWN CLARENCE H. ROSA Jo BISHOP GARDNER WARREN P. BABCOCK WILBER J. BAILEY Bassoons LAWRENCE M. ASHLEY ROBERT W. MALCOLM CLARENCE A. SCHOEN NED L. REGLEIN JAMES R. McNiTT ROBERT W. MERRITT JOSEPH L. LESSER WILLIAM R. MURRAY Bartitones WILLIAM I. LABAW Cornets MILLARD B. UPHAUS RAYMOND E. RENNEKE RAYMOND T. DOTTS DONALD M. BACHELOR JACK W. BELLAMY HERBERT B. LEGGETT KENNETH P. DAVIS ROGER L. THOMPSON AUGUSTINE J. SAMUELS WILLIAM C. BOYD GORDON LEWIS Herald Trumpets GAUCH E. ROCKWELL ROY A. LOCKMAN PAUL D. SIMPSON JOHN H. LAUN JOE G. DUFFENDACK WENDELL B. FORSYTHE ROBERT T. ALLEN Page One Hundred Two Illl W. IIIMIII till (DC IHHIII III! (ODIii A IliNIII UE 11INII! m till A V 1IIN1II = WATKINS Louis G. SCOVILL GEORGE S. SEYMOUR JOHN F. MILLER RAYMOND J. KOYKKA WALTER J. STANLEY HAROLD E. MCLEAN- EDWARD B. WEINMAN JAMES E. CURTIS HUGH P. GASTON Trombones Basses D. JACK RUSSELL ROBERT E. MELENDY HOWARD H. FOSTER MORRIS M. GREENSTEIN ARTHUR L. RADFORD RICHARD S. WARNER ROBERT L. HARDING MAURICE R. DEMERS NORMAN J. BALD ALLBRIGHT Drums JOHN D. MARTINDALE KEITH C. LANCE Dos J. DRESSELHOUSE M. ALVIN MORTEXSOX ROBERT A. MAY LEONARD W. SEGALL ARCHIBALD L. BEACH EARL T. HUCKLE GAYLE A. CHAFFIN Saxophones FRANKLIN H. LAROWE JAMES H. SEPULL CHAPIN M. LOWELL NED L. NELSON LESTER V. COLWELL CHARLES E. NEWMAN ROY F. OLSON FRANCIS D. TOWNSEND ROBERT C. MAIR French Horns JERRY E. ROSENTHALL JAMES M. CREACAN RONALD E. HINTERMAN FREDERICK F. JONES CHARLES L. EBERT GEORGE J. DANNEFEL HORACE J. EDMUNDS SAM D. SHOEMAKER ARTHUR E. GULLICK Page One Hundred Three till W_== HIMIII Illl CIHHIII 1111 CGwAlllNIII C IIINIII 3K Illl A UINIII UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN GLEE CLUB GAYLE CHAFFIN ELMER OESTRIKE RICHARD JACOBSON TRUMAN STEINKO HAROLD HUNSBERGER NICHOLAS ANIKEEF Preside ni [ ice-President Secretary Recording Secretary- Manager Asst. Manager HUNSBERGER CHAFFIN M EMBERS CLYDE BROWN GEORGE BROWN HAROLD BROWN VERTNER BROWN GERALD CASEWELL HOLLAND CATCHPOLE ALLEN CLENEAY JOSEPH CONLIN DOUGLAS CRAWFORD JOHN DOEGEY RICHARD DUNWELL RICHARD DUNCAN HAMILTON EASTON WILLIAM EDWARDS SAM EWING THOMAS GARLAND WALTER GRAHAM FRANCIS HAZEN LAWRENCE HESS HAROLD HUNSBERGER CARL JEAN FREDRICK JOHNSON CHARLES LAW WILLIAM MAYO HENRY Tenors HARRY MCCAIN DOUGLAS MCLWAIN ROBERT MILLER CLARENCE MOORE ELLIOTT OLDT HARVEY OLSON GILBERT PALMER FRANK PROUTY RAYMOND RENNEKF. CHARLES RUEGNITZ WINCHESTER RICHARD HERBERT ROOSA WHITNEY Rooso LEE RICE TRUMAN STEINKO EDWIN SANDERSON WILLIAM SABOM GEORGE SZEKELY JAMES VANHOOK ROY WRAGBY WARREN WOOD HOWARD WOODRUFF SIDNEY WOOLNER DON WINTERS WEYENBERG NICHOLAS ANIKEEF VEP.NON BALDWIN HIRA BRANCH RICHARD BECKER FRANCIS BENNETT ERWIN BOYNTON NORMAN BOWBEER JOHN BR CKETT DAVID CANNON EDWARD CAMPBELL ELMAN CATALINF. GAYLE CHAFFIN STEWART CRAM WILLIAM DAVIS ALFRED DECKER JOSEPH DF.LUCIA GEORGE DOWNEY RICE FITZPATRICK DONALD Fox MILO GRIGGS ROMINE HAMILTON WILLIAM HORNF.R CHANDLER HAIGHT EUGENE HUNTER GEORGE INNF.S Basses RAY JOHNS RICHARD JACOB ON JACK JACOB HAROLD KLUTF. SAMUEL KNOX BERNARD KONOPKA ELVIN KEETON ALBERT KRAMER JOSEPH LACAVA CHARLES LEMERT JOHN LARUE PHILIP LINCOLN- MILTON MARMER ELMER OESTRIKE PHILIP SHORR GEORGE STAUTER JOHN SlLBERMAN HERMAN SKOOC GARDNER SMITH LEON SNYDER GEORGE STOLLARD LAVF.RNE THOMPSON- THEODORE VANDERVEEN HERBERT VAN-NOUHUYS EDWIN WARNER DOUGLAS WEST Accompanists HAROLD GELMAN JO:EPH CONLIN Page One Hundred Four Illl ? . IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIH Illl flE IIINIII 1IINHI HAZEN AMKEEF OESTRIKE HUNSBERCER CHAFFIN MATTER! STEINKO WATKINS MOORE EPWAJIDS BURSLET Since the beginning of this year, the Glee Club has been under the supervision of a newly organized committee on musical activities. This advisory committee consists of Earl V. Moore, Dean J. A. Bursley, Major B. D. Edwards, and Herbert G. Watkins. Membership in the Glee Club has become larger this year due to Governor ' s Night, the Christmas Concert, and the " all campus " operetta, Robin Hood, which have marked increased activity within campus music circles. The Glee Club has also given entertainments in neighboring cities as in past years. Page One Hundred Five = HIMIII till CIIIHIII Illl Cnv HNIII C IIINIII Ilil A 1IINIII -ARTHUR L. CROJ5 - W J. .MM . CONGER J. CUTTING TNOMrtJ M. C T! JOHN C NfrRMT JOHN C. HOWARP RP W JOHN R LOU 5 fMETH J. M. MIC OL -J JOHN P. RE- NPEL Page One Hundred Six Illl 1111. IIIMIII lill CHIHIil Illl flE II1NIII m Illl xSUINIII J. 11. C I I S I L A. t. COO LtY n. n. a i q U jl J. E t-t-cmt-B Pict 7 Bscum Pivip (tie C. CIISE- J. Eobusy Jouf-s Vunm 2. Dvis EoBtsi L. imtoo B fvus JACK L. Viitii B. VoCBeyj One Hundred Seven Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl C IIINIII Illl A , HINIII HIN WILBUR R. HUMPHREYS ROBERT A. CAMPBELL WALDO M. ABBOT NED TURNER JOHN SCHMEILER BEN McFATE CHUCK RUSH CHUCK DEBAKER . BOB CALLAHAN Louis COLOMBO ROD Cox HAWLEY EGGLESTON BILL ELLIOT FRANK GILBRETH FRANK KENNEDY TED McKAY BOB PETKIE KARL SEIFFERT DUNC SHEPHERD DICK STRATEMEIER ZIT TESSMER IVAN WILLIAMSON KEN YOURD HONORARY HENRY C. CARVER CHARLES B. VIBBERT |OHN A. C. HlLDNER CHARLES R. WAGNER FRANKLIN C. CAPPON ACTIVES Pharaoh Oofa-Woof, Pharaoh ' s trained seal Nectar-Guzz-Ler, Keeper of Hieroglyphics Shek-I-Squeezer, Juggler of the budget Rhe-Lai. Phlete bearer of the baton Sca-Roo-ee, Refrainer from Pharaoh ' s teas Beloooo, the Swineherd Hot-cha, Mouther of profanities Bree-Zee-Nez, Graceful Glider of the Sands Chubee-cheeks, Purveyor of the Crudest Humor Ed-Y-Tur, Terror of the Press Ka-Lee-Gyt, Idol of the Harem Mussem-Fussem, Trainer of the Gliding Seal Hak-kneed, Guardian of the Royal Bucket Byr-Phed, Guzzler of the Mystic Waters Dhi-Psector, Preserver of Pharaoh ' s Physique Two-Byr. Sampler of the Fiery Waters Roumi, Passer of the phlying pigskin Rho-Bust, Demolisher of opposing ends Fymale-Hayter, Keeper of the Pharaoh ' s Flock Page One Hundred Eight Illl IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl OE IIIN1II HINHI TRIANGLE PAUL A WILLIAM A WILLIAMS AgTHUP. SO8I5ON ff 3OU BB Wi; rn ' W Vv v R mmimJL H. u(AMi - vv ,, -v. s ,. - Page One Hundred Nine Illl W. IIIMIIi Illl C IIIHIII Illl (OCIil A II1NIII QE II1NIII Illl x IIINIII Hundred. Ten Illl ? . HIMIII III! dOIHIfl Illl (OnSiiA IIINIII OE IIINIII Illl A , HINIII ADELPHI HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Literary and Forensic Society E. JEROME PETTIT ROBERT N. SAWYER GlLBURT BURSLEV WILLIAM A. DICKERT VICTOR RABINOWITZ Speaker Clerk Treasurer Sergeant at Arms Oratorical Delegate K. BROWN W. BRACKEL GILBERT BURSI.EY K. C. BILLMAN D. W. CANNON A. J. CARR A. S. COHN W. A. DlCKERT S. G. ELLIS E. ECKERT B. GOOD D. L. GALLUP J. E. GLAVIN R. H. HOWARD MEMBERS A. H. HlRSCHKELD M. LEVY N. LEVY L. LEVY E. McCORMICK J. A. MOEKLE H. MAAS ALTURO PLARD I. F. PEARLSTONE E. JEROME PETTIT M. M. RUBY G. E. RICHARDSON V. RABINOWITZ M. F. RECK A. SHAPIRO J. Z. SUDOW W. J. STONE N. SPOKE R. L. SHOOK P. C. SHORR N. SCOTT ROBERT SAWYFR D. TOBEY C. H. TRIST G. T. WILDER H. WOOLNER W. J. WEI PERT A. ZWERDLING BILLMAN SHORR SUDOW MICHAELS CARH HIRSCHFELD CANNON RECK COPLIN WOOLNER L. LEW BRACKF.L McCoRMicK SCOTT HOWARD WEIPERT SHAPIKO ZWERDLING BROWN GALVIN M. LEVY BURSLEY PETTIT RABINOWITZ SAWYER MAAS Page One Hundred Twelve III! W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII 1111 (HE IIINIII 3KIIII UINIII ALPHA EPSILON MU ALPHA CHAPTER Honorary Musical Fraternity VlNCHESTER H. RlCHARD LOUIS SCOVILL JOHN D. MARTINDALE ROMINE G. HAMILTON Director Assistant Director Librarian Usher FACULTY MEMBERS ROBERT A. CAMPBELL HANNS PICK JOSEPH E. MADDY ALEXANDER G. RUTHVEN DAVID E. MATTERN CHARLES SINK EARL V. MOORE OTTO J. STAHL REX L. ALBRIGHT GORDON BALYEAT WILLIAM BELLAMY NORMAN BOWBEER HIRA BRANCH CLYDE BROWN- EARL BURNETT HOLLAND CATCHPOLE GAYLE CHAFFIN JACK CONKLIN EDMOND COOPER HARVEY DEINZER DONALD DRESSELHOUSE CECIL ELLIS RALPH FULGHUM HUGH GASTON LAWRENCE GOODMAN MEMBERS WILLIAM GREINER ROMINE HAMILTON BERNARD HIRSCH GEORGE INNES TOM JONES WILLIAM KEARNS WARREN KETCHAM E. RANSOM KOONTZ PAUL KUNKLE WILLIAM LESLIE PHILLIP LINCOLN STANLEY MCGAUGHN HAROLD MACLEAN- JOHN MARTINDALE ROBERT MAY CLARENCE MOORE DATUS MOORE WALTER MORRIS ELMER OESTRIKE KENNETH OSBORNE JERRY ROSENTHAL WINCHESTER RICHARD FRANK RILEY GILBERT SALTONTTALL Louis SCOVILL CLARENCE SCHOEN FULLER SEARLES PAUL SIMPSON- GARDNER SMITH J. TRUMAN STEINKO STANLEY SHOEMAKER PAUL THEBAUD ELBERT TRAIL RUSSELL TROUTMAN EDWARD WEINMAN ERIC WILD GMFFITH LINCOLN KOEHLEK MOOIE OESTIIKE BECKEK HAKOING JACOBSON SIEINI FULGHUSI NEWMAN SEAKLES MOOIE ALMIGHT SIMPSON MUMAY WOOLNER RILEY HIKSCH DRESSEI. HOUSE CHAPFIN SCHOEN KUNKLE WILD MACLEAN ELLIS INNES STAHL MATTEIX MATINDALE RICHAXD SCOVILL HAMILTON BKANCH SMITH Page One Hundred Thirteen Illl ? -= IIIMIII Illl C IIIHIII Illl (ODUi A IIINIII C IliNlll Illl A II1NIII = ALPHA KAPPA DELTA Honorary Sociological Fraternity EDWARD JANDY COLLERHOE K.RASSOVSKY Lois HEITMAN HELEN SMITH President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer PROF. ROBERT ANGELL NELLIE BALL PHILIP BERNSTEIN CHARLES BROWN ANNA CAMERON PROF. LOWELL CARR FAY LOUISE COATS JOSEPH COHEN MARIAN COMSTOCK PERSIS COPE RUTH DIETRICH DR. JOHN DORSEY MAURICE FLOCK RICHARD FULLER SIDNEY GLAZER HAZEL GREENWALD MEMBERS ELROY GUCKEST KARL GUENTHER Lois HEITMAN PROF. ROY HOLMES EDWARD JANDY DR. BUENAVENTURA JIMINEZ ADALINE JOHNESSE DOROTHY KETHAM ETHLYN KNAPP MARIE KNIES COLLERHOE KRASSOVSKY JACK LEVY MARSHALL LEVY DONALD MARSH PROF. RODERICK MCKENZIE ELMER MITCHELL BYRON NOVITSKY THOMAS PRYOR ANN PURCELL SHER QURAISHI DR. THEOPHILE RAPHAEL MARION REISSENWEBER A. H. ROBERTSON NETTIE STILES HELEN SMITH ABRAHAM STEINBERG MYER TEITELBAUM MILDRED VALENTINE JULIA WILCOX PROF. ARTHUR WOOD JANE YEARND MARIAN YGLESIAS STEINBEKG JIMENEZ BALL BROWN PRYOR HOLMES ROBERTSON BERNSTEIN GREENWALD COATS DIETRICH QURAISHI KRASSOVSKY SMITH JANDY HEITMAN COPE Page One Hundred Fourteen Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIHHIII Illl 1C A Mil QE II1NIII 1IINIII First Semester BYRON C. VEDDER JAMES H. SHELTON JAMES HENDLEY D. ROBERT THOMAS J. CALVIN CALLAGHAN CHARLES A. ROGERS, JR. KAPPA PHI SIGMA ALPHA-NU-CHAPTER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Senior Critic Oratorical Delegate Second Semester D. ROBERT THOMAS JAMES HENDLEY FORD W. SPIKERMAN HUBERT HORNE J. CALVIN CALLAGHAN CHARLES A. ROGERS, JR. DONALD E. ADAMS FRED W. ALBERTSON DONALD F. BLANKERTZ STUART G. BOWREN CHARLES BROWNSON WALTER M. BLRY Loris P. BUTENSCHOEN G. CALVIN CALLACHAN GAYLE X. CHAFFIN JAMES CL-RTS DONALD E. DECO ALBERT F. DONOHUE JAMES B. EAMAN RAY EISERMAN EARL H. FELLHAUER GEORGE F. FISK FRANKLIN C. FORSYTHE KIRBY M. GILLETTE GILBERT W. GROEHN HENRY C. HAJCK HARRY H. HALEY MEMBERS J. E. DONALD HASTIE ARTHUR D. HAWKINS JAMES C. HENDLEY HUBERT B. HORNE JOHN H. Huss H. WEBSTER JOHNSON J. CULLEN KENNEDY ALBERT J. KLICK WILLIAM W. KNOX BERNARD E. KONOPKA JOHN W. LEDERLE KEMMETH M. LLOYD THOMAS W. LOCICERO KENNETH K. LUCE RUSSEL E. McCRACKEN JOSEPH G. MENIHAN RICHARD D. MINNICH RUS;EL H. MOORE WALTER E. MORRISON RALPH E. XEWCOMB FRANK J. O ' BRIEN ALFRED J. PALMER ROYAL PEAKE JAMES A. POBB CHARLES A. ROGERS, JR. CLINTON D. SANDUSKY BERNARD E. SCHNACKE HAROLD E. SEAMANS JAMES H. SHELTON FREDERICK C. SIBLEY HOWARD SIMON FORD W. SPIKERMAN ROLAND J. STANCER WHEATON L. STROM D. ROBERT THOMAS BYRON C. VEDDER FREMONT C. Voss LEO W. WALKER ROBERT S. WARD JOHN E. WILLOUGHBY LAURIER W. WINN JOSEPH E. ZIAS WINN HORNE LUCE HAJEK LEDERLE BLANKERTZ WALKER ADAMS BURY JOHNSON MOORE PEAKE BOWREN MORRISON SEAMANS DEYO BSOWNSOX GROEHN MINNICH WARD EAMAN HALEY CURTS HAWKINS Huss PALMER SFIKERUAN KOXOPKA Voss ROGERS THOMAS SHELTON RCTHVEN VEDDER HENDLEY MENIHAX SLOSSON Page One Hundred Fifteen ill! W. IIIMIII Illl C IIIHIII Illl flGii A IIINIII QE IIINIII (III x INI ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA Honorary Medical Scholastic Society DANIEL W. MYERS WINSTON R. WREGGIT GEORGE HAMMOND President V ice-President Secretary- Treasurer JOHN ALEXANDER ABEL A. APPLEBAUM ALBERT M. BARRETT PAUL S. BARKER MARGARET BELL GEORGE H. BELOTE WILLIAM BROMME JAMES D. BRUCE JOHN C. BUCHER CARL D. CAMP R. BISHOP CANFIELD ORLEN J. CAMERON FREDERICK A. COLLER D. MURRAY COWIE ARTHUR C. CURTIS JOHN CULP EDWIN J. DOTY CHARLES W. EDMUNDS FREDERICK ENGELBACH THOMAS FINDLEY FACULTY MEMBERS RICHARD FREYBURG ALBERT C. FURSTENBERG GRACE V. GORHAM FRED J. HODGES CARL P. HUBER G. CARL HUBER JOHN F. HUBER RAPHAEL ISAACS FRANKLIN D. JOHNSTON NORMAN R. KRETZSCHMAR HOWARD B. LEWIS WARREN P. LOMBARD HAROLD W. LOVELL ROLLO E. McCOTTER A. GIRARD MACLEOD COLIN C. McRAE WALTER G. MADDOCK RUSSELL L. MALCOLM DON MARSHALL JAMES H. MAXWELL NORMAN F. MILLER LEWIS H. NEWBURCH FREDERICK G. Now WALTER R. PARKER MAX M. PEET RUBEN PETERSON HENRY K. RANSOM R. C. ROTHENBERG SHERWOOD R. RUSSELL WILEY SAMS FERDINAND R. SCHEMM GEORGE H. SEHRINC RALPH G. SMITH CYRUS C. STURGIS S. S. STEINBERG HAROLD G. WALLER CARL V. WELLER UDO J. WILE FRANK N. WILSON JOSEPH P. BELSLEY ALBERT T. BERG ALLEN M. BOYDEN JEROME COHN MEMBERS RUSSELL N. DEJONG J. LODEESEN GREVINCK GEORGE HAMMOND EUGENE A. HAND MILTON MENDLOWITZ DANIEL W. MYERS VICTOR E. NELSON KIMI NOJIMA WINSTON R. WREGGIT Page One Hundred Sixteen Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl dlU xfc. IIINIII OE IIINIII m Illl x IIINIII AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS F. S. BUCHAN A. VENNEMA J. G. HOAD L. C. WHITSIT President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer J. H. BENJAMIN M. BEAL F. BUCHAN S. BAILEY D. A. BOYD S. M. CARDONE W. R. CRANE T. D. COLEMAN D. CULVER W. J. DALZELL W. M. DODGE R. DAVIS M. P. ELLIS M. GRIGGS R. ALLBRIGHT MEMBERS D. G. GARRISON D. M. HANNAH J. G. HOAD E. C. HAIGHT W. T. HORNER H. HOTCHKISS R. HAVEN G. W. HOLMES W. A. JOHNSON W. G. KEILLOR W. F. KRISTIANSEN J. P. MAPES D. H. MILLER J. M. MONROE M. B. MONSON R. W. PIERCE C. W. PFARNER E. E. RINCK P. A. RAUFF W. P. SANZENBACHER C. P. STODDARD C. E. SCHNEIDER F. D. SEARLES A. D. TUCKER A. VENNEMA J. C. WHITMER L. WHITSIT H. WORKMAN G. A. YESSIR HANNAH ELLIS SCHXEIDE HOAD BEXJAMIN COLEVAX GARRISOX SAXZEXBACHE MILLER Rcrr BAILEY MOX OE ALLBRICBT HAVES SEAM.ES KEILLOR HAIGHT VEXKEMA WHITSIT CASE BEAL TCCKE COT.TM WORKMAN HOLMES DODGE Rixcc HEE T HOICHKISS BCCHAS DAVIS JOHXSOX Moxsox YESSIE PIE CI Page One Hundred Seventeen III! W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl lilNIII IUNIII UINIII BARRISTERS HONORARY LAW SOCIETY WALTER K. SCHMIDT, JR. RICHARD B. FOSTER HARRY E. MEYER, JR. WILLIAM J. DANSBY FREDERIC E. WOLF Lord Chancellor Vice-Chancellor Chancellor of the Exchequer Master of the Rolls Bailiff FACULTY BARRISTERS DEAN HENRY M. BATES PROFESSOR GROVER C. GRISMORE PROFESSOR HOMER F. CAREY PROFESSOR EVANS HOLBROOK PROFESSOR HOBART R. COFFEY PROFESSOR LAYLIN K. JAMES PROFESSOR JOSEPH H. DRAKE PROFESSOR BURKE SH ARTEL PROFESSOR EDGAR N. DURFEE PROFESSOR EDSON R. SUNDERLAND PROFESSOR EDWIN C. GODDARD PROFESSOR HORACE L. WILGUS ACTIVE BARRISTERS SHERWOOD AKE MARK S. ANDREWS, JR. IRVING T. BABB CLARENCE L. BECKER FRANCIS A. BELL GEORGE S. BRADLEY HUGH E. BROWNFIELD CLARE F. CARTER WILLIAM J. DANSBY M. ROBERT DEO KARL Y. DONECKER ARDEN E. FIRESTONE FREDERIC E. RICHARD B. FOSTER RONALD G. GRAHAM CARL L. HELLER WILLIAM F. KENNEY EARL A. KLOSTER HARRY E. MEYER, JR. LEROY A. MOTE HAROLD V. POTTER DORREN L. RENNER WALTER K. SCHMIDT, JR. CHARLES A. SWABY JOHN P. WILSON WOLF RENNER AKE BELL BRADLEY CARTER SWABY MOTE CLOSTER BABB FIRESTONE BECKER ANDREWS GRAHAM POTTER BROWNFIELD KENNEY WILSON DONECKER HELLER DANSBY SCHMIDT MEYER WOLF FOSTER DEO Page One Hundred Eighteen till W. IIIMIII mi CIIIHW mi E IIINIII saoii A , IIINIII THE ORDER OF THE COIF JOHN LOUDON ABERNATHY GEORGE ELLIS PALMER VILLIAM RIECK ALTHANS JOHN ROBERT BROWN EDWARD OWEN CURRAN DONALD MAINLINE FORD PAUL GERHARDT KAUPER ROBERT JAMES KELLY VARRO HARMON RHODES ARTHUR JOHN SCHUCK ARTHUR J. SILBER GERARD LEONARD VANWESEP ROLAND BEAUREGARD VOIGHT FREDERIC EASTMAN WOLF MORRIS ZWERDLING MICHIGAN LAW REVIEW PUBLISHED BY THE LAW SCHOOL OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN BURKE SHARTEL ....... Editor-in-Chief ASSOCIATE EDITORS HENRY M. BATES HOBART R. COFFEY RALPH W. AIGLER EDSON R. SUNDERLAND JOHN B. WAITE STUDENTS APPOINTED BY THE FACULTY JOHN L. ABERNATHY, of Oklahoma WILLIAM R. ALTHANS, of Michigan CALVIN A. BROWN, of Kansas JOHN R. BROWN, of Nebraska FLORENCE N. CLEMENT, of Michigan EDWARD O. CURRAN, of Michigan ARDEN E. FIRESTONE, of Ohio PAUL FRANSETH, of Michigan DONALD H. FORD, of California F. NORMAN HIGGS, of Michigan THOMAS H. JOLLS, of New York WILLIAM S. KAPLAN, of Illinois PAUL G. KAUPER, of Indiana GUY V. KELLEY, of Ohio ROBERT J. KELLY, of Ohio WILLIAM F. KENNEY, of Missouri ARTHUR C. LEHMAN, of Michigan GEORGE E. PALMER, of Indiana FLOYD M. RETT, of Illinois VARRO H. RHODES, of Nebraska RODEN J. ROGERS, of Michigan ARTHUR J. SCHUCK, of Michigan NORMAN B. SORTOT, of Kansas GERARD L. VANWESEP, of Michigan MAX L. VEECH, of Illinois ROLAND B. VOIGHT, of Texas FREDERIC E. WOLF, of Ohio MORRIS ZWERDLING, of Michigan Page One Hundred Nineteen lill W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl C INI 2 Illl A UINIII COMEDY CLUB Honorary Dramatic Society ROBERT C. MCDONALD MILDRED TODD JOSEPHINE TIMBERLAKE STANLEY T. DONNER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS HARRY ALLEN O. J. CAMPBELL ROY CURTIS ROBERT WETZEL MEMBERS BURNETT BRADLEY CURTIS BEDELL VIVIAN BULLOCK EUGENE CHAPEL DICK COLE WHITNEY DIXON JOHN DENLER HELEN DEWITT STANLEY T. DONNER JAMES DOLL TOM DAVIS GLADYS DIEHL JOHN DOLL HELEN DOOLEY HOWARD FETTES DOROTHY FELSKE RUTH FRANKLIN MARIAN GIDDINGS MABEL GOLD FRANK HARRISON WINIFRED HARTMAN ALAN HANDLAY HELEN HAAPAMAKI RUTH HICKMAN FRANCES JOHNSON KATHRYN KRATZ ROBERT C. MCDONALD RUSSEL McCRACKEN HARRY MCCAIN ROBERTA MINTER WARREN MAYO HILTON MOSER CLARENCE MOORE HERBERT MILLIKIN FRANCES MANCHESTER WILLIAM MULRONEY DAVID NICHOL JACK NESTLE CECILE PORTER MAX PRIBIL MARY PRAY OREN PARKER JEANNE ROBERTS JAMES RAYMOND WILLIAM RHODES HOBART SKIDMORE RUTH STESEL MARTHA ELLEN SCOTT GARDNER T. SMITH MARY SPAULDING RAY SUFFRON MILDRED TODD JOSEPHINE TIMBERLAKE ANN VERNER BOB WELLS MARTHA WHEELER RAYMOND GOLD WHEELER PARKER MCCAIN RODES SMITH JOHNSON HARTMAN STESEL HICKMAN MOSER NESTLE CARPENTER MILLIKIN PRIBIL MOORE DOLL SPAULDING MINTER GIDDINGS MANCHESTER SUFFRON HAAPAMAKI FELSKE HANDLEY DOOLEY BEDELL SCOTT VERNER KRATZ MAYO BUTLER PORTER DIXON MCDONALD TIMBERLAKE DONNER DENLER DIEHL WELLS One Hundred Twenty IHMIII Illl CIHHIll Illl flnir.A IIINlll C IHNIII V IHNIII THE CRAFTSMEN ' S CLUB A. H. CONRAD J. C. BlLLINGSLEY E. P. SAUER E. E. RINCK S. W. BURTON R. A. CAMPBELL E. W. SINK, M. D. President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Advisor Team Captain FACULTY MEMBERS U ' RAY H. CONGDON, Ph. D. MARVIN L. NIEHUS, M. B. A. ROBERT J. ARMSTRONG MACK J. BEISER JOHN C. BILLINGSLEY W. HERBERT BIXBY A. HAROLD BJORNSTAD SAMUEL BLACK ROBERT M. BOARTS STANTON W. BURTON ALEXANDER H. CONRAD MEMBERS JOSEPH C. FRANK HAROLD R. HOALIHAN H. WEBSTER JOHNSON A. RAYMOND KOOKER E. RANSOM KOONTZ WAYNE O. MARTIN JOHN A. MARSHALL WALTER L. MCL,EAN TAMES D. MOORE RUSSEL H. MOORE WILLIAM R. MURRAY JOHN K. OSBORN FLOYD D. OSTRANDER CHESTER PFARNER EARL E. RINCK ELMER P. SAUER EDWARD A. SCHEWE DONALD G. STILLMAN HOOLIH. ' .N FRANK BLACK OSTRAXDER KOOKER CRAWFORD MARTIK J. MOORE KOONTZ PFARNER R. MOORE BJOKNSTAD JOHKSON MVUAY MCLEAN BEISES SACE SINK CONRAD CAMPBELL BILLINGSLEY BURTON BIXBV RINCK Page One Hundred Tvxnty-One Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl IIINIII (HE IIINIII Illl A IIINIII : FORESTRY CLUB GORDON Z. RAYNER JAMES R. SEWARD WILFRED M. JAMES FRANK SUDER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer SHIRLEY W. ALLEN Dow V. BAXTER ROBERT CRAIG, JR. SAMUEL T. DANA NED DEARBORN FACULTY MEMBERS SAMUEL A. GRAHAM EARL C. O ' RoKE ERNST V. JOTTER WILLIAM KYNOCH DONALD M. MATHEWS NORMAN L. MUNSTER WILLETT F. RAMSDELL HOWARD M. WIGHT LEIGH J. YOUNG MEMBERS JOHN A. ALLEN DJALMA G. ALMEIDA JAMES K. ADAMS Luiz C. ARAUJO WESLEY T. AYRE WILLIAM W. BARTON GEORGE D. BAUCH BIRCER BERG MARIO BERNARDINI JOHN C. BILLINCSLEY QUENTIN R. BOERNER ERNST V. BRENDER HOWARD G. BRESSLER CARL BURGTORF RALPH CAIRD .. , EDWARD C. CRAFTS JAMES C. CRISTY PAUL D. DALKE KENNETH P. DAVIS CARLYN C. DELAVAN MALCOLM L. DENISE WILBUR DOUDNA LESLIE H. DOTY ROBERT M. DUNBAR PENNOYER F. ENGLISH ROBERT A. FARRINGTON JOHN E. FRANSON CARL O. FREDRICKSON RALPH M. GRANT COLBURN C. GREEN FRANK C. HASEL DAVID F. HERRNSTEIN VERNON E. HICKS WlLLARD HlLDEBRAND BLAIR HUTCHISON FRANK A. TNESON WILFRED M. JAMES TIFTCRIST S. KAMPMAN NORBERT M. KARMANN GEORGE H. KELKER JOHN O. KIRBY DAVID M. KNIGHT BARTLEY KORENKIEWICZ EUGENE R. KUHNE KOLOMAN LEHOTSKY ROBERT A. LERCHEN WILLIAM H. LONG JR. EUGENE J. MCHENRY JAMES J. MARKS ELDRED R. MARTELL DAVID H. MEDDOUGH JOHN L. MEIER MAX A. MF.LICK WALTER R. MENARD HORACE O. MILLS CHARLES C. MONY GRANT A. MORSE ROBERT C. NEUMANN NEWELL A. NORTON WILLIAM G. PAINE JOSEPH T. PAULL ALBERT V. S. PULLING ARTHUR L. RADFORD GORDON Z. RAYNER ALBERT W. REAVLEY ALBERT E. REIF TIM RICKEY ALBAN ROEMER HUGH RUMLER CLARENCE A. SAMUELSON NORMAN T. STARK NEIL S. SAVAGE DAVID O. SCOTT JAMES R. SEWARD EDWARD W. SMITH RALPH O. SMOOT FLORIAN G. SPODEN CALVIN G. STEWARD CHARLES STODDARD IRVIN S. J. STURGIS FRANK SUDER RUEBEN E. TRIPPENSEE NORMAN C. TUTTLE JOHN J. VAN AKKEREN EDWIN R. WARNER KARL E. WILD BILL H. WILFORD FRANK J. WILKUSKI RALPH R. WILSON KENNETH A. WILSON- RONALD M. WILSON HAROLD F. WISE KENDALL B. WOOD CHARLES H. ZAVITZ BAUCH STODDARD KNIGHT FARRINGTON WISE SPODEN SAMUELSOS KIRBY HUTCHISON WILKUSKI DOUDNA TUTTLE BURGTORF DENISE HILDEBRAND SUDER FREDRICKSON HICKS JAMES ZAVITZ MILLS R. WILSON FRANSON AYRE DAVIS ARAUJO HASEL BRESSLER BOERNER CRAFTS DOTY REAVLEY LERCHEN INESON DUNBAR ADAMS BILLINGSLEY SMOOT ALMEIDA WARNER KARMANN MEIER SEWARD ROEMER SCOTT MARTELL YLATTER LEHOTSKY GRANT KELKER CAIRO MELICK MONY WILFORD TRIPPENSEE ENGLISH WIGHT MUNSTER GRAHAM BERG STURGIS DELAVAN MORTON BAXTER KYNOCH CRAIG YOUNG DANA RAYNER MATTHEWS RAMSDELL JOTTER DEARBORN O ' RoKE Page One Hundred Twenty-Two till W. IHMIII Illl C IIIHW Illl CGISx IIINIII flE IIINIII m Illl xSUIINIII ' DELTA SIGMA RHO National Honorary Forensic Society NATHAN LEVY VICTOR RABINOWITZ DOROTHY DANIELS President Vice-President Secretary - Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS GAIL E. DENSMORE, A. M. EDWIN D. DICKINSON, J..D., Ph. D. Z. CLARK DICKINSON, Ph. D. Louis M. EICH, Ph. D. CLARE E. GRIFFIN, Ph. D. JAMES M. O ' NEILL, A. B. G. SHOREV PETERSON JAMES K. POLLOCK, Ph. D. THOMAS H. REED, LL.B. I. LEO SHARFMAN, LL. B. MEMBERS JARL A. ANDEER LEDDIE A. DEBow DOROTHY DANIELS ALBERT F. DONAHUE PAUL FRANSETH EPHRAIM R. GOMBERG ARTHUR L. GOULSON HELEN HAAPAMAKI LAWRENCE HARTWIG NATHAN LEVY LEO NORVILLE VICTOR RABINOWITZ ARTHUR SCHROEDER LATIMER B. SENIOR HOWARD SIMON Ax DEER HAAPAWAKI SMALL FEANSETH HAITWIG SIMOK RABIKOWITZ O ' XEILL SESIO DOKAHCE LEW DANIELS Page One HunJreJ Tv.tnty-Three Illl IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl (OCiii x IIINIII (HE 1IINIII m Illl A IIINIII LE CERCLE FRANCAIS HELEN HAWXHURST BURNETTE BRADLEY JEAN MAC NAUGHTON SYLVIA GOLDSTEIN CHARLES KOELLA President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisor JOSEPH ALLI BURNETTE BRADLEY PAUL BRAUER BERTHA CARRY EULA DE PRIEST MURIEL EASLEY HEDWIG GEISINGER CONSTANCE GIEFEL DOROTHY GOLDBERG SYLVIA GOLDSTEIN ELIZABETH GRIBBLE CAROL HART HELEN HAWXHURST HARRIET HICKS ROYENA HORNBECK HELEN HUNGERFORD MARJORIE HUNT BARBARA JENKINS JOHANNA KANANEN MEMBERS KENT KENNAN VIRGINIA KIMBALL ELLA KORBY MATHILDA KORVER JOSEPH LA CAVA OLIVE LAGDON CLARA JEAN LEITH G. R. LINCOLN LOUISE LEONARD JEAN MAC NAUGHTON CHARLOTTE MANCHESTER JOHN MANLEY MARGARET MOON ADRIA PARKS LEONARD PARKS PAULINE PICCHIOTTINO OLIVE RANDALL NOEL REICHARD JANE ROBINSON WILLIAM RODGERS FUMI SAISHO MARION SCHMIDT KATHARINE SCHREIBER JEAN SEHLER DOROTHY SHAPLAND GERTRUDE SIMANCEK NEJIL TOONIAN CLAIRE TRUSSELL ALYCE VANDEN BOOGERT DOROTHY WALKER FRANCES WALKER CARLOTTA WEITBRECHT ELIZABETH WHITMAN GUY WHIPPLE DOROTHY WIKEL HENRIETTE WITTIVER SUSANNA WOOD ROSE ZUBER ZUBER GRIBBLE MANCHESTER SHAPLAND KANANEN HART VANDENBOOGERT GOLDBERG LAGDON KORLEY SCHAAF MOON EASLEY REICHARD GULA WOOD WALKER WHITMAN SCHMIDT J. ROBINSON ROGERS LEONARD A. ROBINSON HICKS HAYES SUISHO SEELER TRUSSELL LEITH CARLIN SIMANCEK WHIPPLE MACNAUGHTON KOELLA HAWXHURST O ' NEILL GOLDSTEIN TOONIAN RANDALL ALLI DEPRIEST Page One Hundred Twenty-Four Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl CDIii A IIINIII flE IIINIII HINItl ' 6ALENS Honorary Medical Fraternity CURTIS H. MCDONNELL WILLIAM S. PERHAM CHARLES H. FRANTZ GARRETT E. WINTER President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS DR. JOHN ALEXANDER, Prefect DR. A. M. BARRETT DR. DR. JAMES D. BRUCE DR. DR. CARL D. CAMP DR. DR. R. BISHOP CANFIELD DR. DR. FREDERICK A. COLLERDR. DR. DAVID M. COWIE DR. A. C. FURSTENBURG DR, VERNON L. HART DR, FRED J. HODGES DR. G. CARL HUBER DR. ROLLO E. McCoTTER DR. NORMAN F. MILLER DR. REED M. NESBIT L. H. NEWBURGH MAX M. PEET REUBEN PETERSON CYRUS C. STURGIS HAROLD G. WALLER MARTIN BATTS, JR. JOSEPH P. BELSLEY ALBERT B. CHAPLA WINDSOR S. DAVIES STEPHEN J. DONOVAN DONALD B. DOUGLAS WALTER O. ERXLEBEN CHARLES H. FRANTZ JOHN F. JOHNSON MEMBERS GORDON R. LAMB FRANK. D. LATHROP JOHN A. MACLEAN HERBERT P. MACNEAL WILLIAM B. MARTIN CURTIS H. MCDONNELL ROBERT B. MEYER ALSTON E. MORRISON EDWIN R. MURBACH WILLIAM S. PERHAM Lucius L. POWELL CLARENCE W. REUTER JOHN WESLEY RICE CHARLES S. RIFE JOHN L. ROTTSCHAFER GEORGE W. SLAGLE PERRY T. WALTERS GARRETT E. WINTER HAROLD W. WOUGHTER MORRISON LAMB DOUGLAS RIFE SLAGLE WALTERS JOHNSON POWELL REUTE CHAPLA MARTIN DAVIES BELSLEY MACLEAN MACNEAL PERHAM MEYER MI-REACH WINTER FRANTZ ALEXANDER MCDONNELL DONOVAN WOVGHTER ERXLEBEN- LATHROJ Page One Hundred Twenty-Five Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl OE IIINIII Illl A 1IINIII = MIMES Honorary Dramatic Society WILLIAM TIPPY BEACH CONGER, JR. President Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS DEAN JOSEPH A. BURSLEY PROFESSOR O. J. CAMPBELL PROFESSOR BRUCE DONALDSON DONALD H. HAINES THEODORE HARRISON PROFESSOR EVANS HOLBROOK PROFESSOR HERBERT KENYON PROFESSOR EARL V. MOORE PRESIDENT ALEXANDER G. RUTHVEN PROFESSOR Louis A. STRAUSS HONORARY MEMBERS PAUL BUCKLEY ROBERT A. CAMPBELL HOMER HEATY ROY HOYER WILLIAM E. OSBAND FRANLIN M. RECK DR. FRANK E. ROBBINS E. MORTIMER SHUTER DOROTHY STONE MEMBERS HARRY L. ARNOLD, JR. JOHN W. BUNTING BEACH CONGER, JR. FREDERICK S. DANZIGER WHITNEY DIXON MALCOLM McCoRT ROBERT MONTAGUE CHARLES MOYER JAMES MUIR WILLIAM MULRONEY TOM RODEN RAY SUFFRON ANTHONY SWARTHOUT WILLIAM TIPPY R. DUANE WELLS ERIC WILD DIXON DANZIGER SUFFRON WELLS MONTAGUE TIPPY CONGER ARNOLD MOVER BUNTING MUIR Page One Hundred Tvienty-Six III! W. IIIMIII Illl C IIIHIII Ilil QUTu A IIINIII flE II1NIII m III! xfcs IIINIII PI TAU PI SIGMA DELTA CHAPTER Honorary Signal Corps Fraternity G. C. MlSENER P. A. CLEMENT K. S. JACKSON R. M. ARNOLD A. R. DECKER President Vice-President Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Historian DR. B. F. BAILEY FACULTY MEMBERS MAJOR B. EDWARDS CAPTAIN C. A. POWELL D. C. APPS R. M. ARNOLD B. F. BAILEY, JR. T. A. BENNER H. BAKER E. BERGMAN P. R. BERGMAN O. K. BROWN R. H. BRUNDIGE P. F. CLEMENT E. F. COMSTOCK C. L. DAVIS MEMBERS A. R. DECKER H. W. DOTTS C. V. Doucovrro W. M. DUCKWITZ P. J. FlRRING R. D. GOODRICH K. S. JACKSON K. S. KOON H. M. LAMB B. H. MADDOCK E. O. MARSHALL D. S. MCLWAIN G. C. MlSENER H. E. MOORE F. C. PERSSE G. RUGGE H. G. SEAMENS J. H. SCHEAFER R. SCHMIDT R. C. SCHULTE W. J. SIMONS R. SPERRY H. L. VERBRIDGE P. A. YOUNG PE SSE SHOWN P. BERGMAN DAVIS SIMONS GOODRICH Dorrs COMSTOCK SCHAEFER BMfBMOB SEAMONS BAILEY E. BERGMAN CLEMENT KOON MADDOCK FIRRING MARSHALL RUGGE APPS MOOSE ARNOLD POWELL MISENEI BAILEY EDWARDS YOUNG JACKSON DECK Page One Hundred T wenty-S III! W. IIIMIII till CIIIHIII Illl GiAlllNtil C IIINIII 3 III! AINI PHI EPSILON KAPPA KAPPA CHAPTER Honorary Physical Education Society AUGUSTUS KIE GLER JOHN J. KAGAY . HOWARD S. FERGUSON LAURENCE B. FERRIS . President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS JOHN JOHNSTONE GEORGE A. MAY, M.D. ELMER D. MITCHELL, M.A. JACKSON R. SHARMAN, PhD. JOHN M. SUNDWALD, PhD., M.D. FIELDING H. YOST, LLB. LLD. KENT BOUSHER JOHN BROSOVICH RALPH H. COOMBE LAURENCE B. FERRIS HOWARD S. FERGUSON NYROL HAYES MEMBERS JOHN J. KAGAY AUGUSTUS KIEGLER STANLEY KRACHT HAROLD LINDSAY W. H. MERRILL EDWARD T. O ' DONNELL THOMAS PROUSE GEORGE E. SARKOZY ROBERT P. WOODRUFF RANDOLPH W. WEBSTER JOHN VAN WHY WEBSTER COOMBE BOWSHER SARKOZY BROSOVICH WOODRUFF WALLE FERGUSON FERRIS KAGAY KIEGLER MITCHELL KRACHT JOHNSTONE O ' DONNELL LINDSAY VANWHY EAST YOST MAY SHARMAN Page One Hundred Twenty-Eight Illl ? . IIIMIII Illl C IIIHIII Illl (DGli A HINDI C IIINIII Illl x 1IINIII = PHI ETA SIGMA MICHIGAN -CHAPTER Freshman Scholastic Honorary Fraternity ROBERT E. BLACKWELL EDWARD SAURBORN DONALD E. ADAMS RICHARD F. BECKER President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Senior Advisor JOSEPH A. BURSLEV JOHN R. EFFINGER DONALD E. ADAMS DONALD C. ANDERSON MAURICE E. BATES FREDERICK W. BATTEN JOSEPH A. BENNETT ROBERT E. BLACKWELL CLARENCE F. BLANDING FREDERICK K. BROUN ROBERT C. CARR RALPH R. COOPER JAMES C. CHRISTY CHARLES E. DEBAKER EARL H. FELHAUER LEONARD H. FELLOWS JACOB FOLLMER HERBERT N. GARDNER SAUL B. GUSBERC LESTER M. HARRISON ROBERT R. HARRISON DALE T. HARROUN AUGUSTE C. HERSHEY JOSEPH HOFFMAN FACULTY MEMBERS ALEXANDER G. RUTHVEN HERBERT C. SADLER MEMBERS WARD D. Hourz FREDERICK L. JOHNSON JOHN C. KEYSER MILTON C. KLOETZEL A. FRANCIS KLUTE EUGENE R. KUHNE HENRY J. LANCE FRANKLIN H. LA ROWE HAROLD R. LECATSKI JOHN D. LINDSAY RICHARD L. LISKOW CHAPIN M. LOWELL KENNETH K. LUCE CLAIR M. MARSHALL ROBERT W. MERRITT LEONARD MERVIS SAUL L. NADLER RUSSELL A. PELTON JOHN W. PRITCHARD SPENCER H. ROCK WOOD KENNETH G. ROE CHARLES A. ROGERS, JR. MAURICE ROTHSTEIN EDWARD SAURBORN RUDOLPH SCHAEFFER HAROLD R. SCHMIDT EUGENE C. SCHUM DENNIS G. SHEPHERD JULIUS S. SlLVERMAN STANLEY W. SMITH Louis J. SORKIN GEORGE A. SPANGENBERC ROBERT J. SPIEGEL ELLIS H. STEFFERSEN JOHN TARAS AREND VYN GILBERT JOHN WARD JACOB J. WEISSMAN VIRGIL H. WELLS ELWARD J. WENDROWITZ RICHARD H. WILCOX VIRGIL C. WILLIAMS RICHARD O. ZERBE I f ? .1 r r t WARD SPAXCEXCERC BATES ROTHSTEIX LIXDSAY ZERBE ROE HARRISON JOBXSON HOOTX KLI-TE BLANDIXG SMITH FOU.MEI KXEILEE WILLIAMS ROGEKS LISKOW BENKETT LAXGB SCHAEFER FELLOWS DEBAKE WEXDBOWITZ VYN SMEOAL MARSHALL MEMITT GARDNER LOWELL WILCOX GROSBEIC PELTOK KVHNE COOPER ADAMS BLACKWELI. SAI BORX SCHMIDT CBISTY BROWN Page One Hundred. Tweaty-fii f Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl flE IHNlll Illl x$ IIIN1II QUARTERDECK Senior Honorary Society in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering J. B. ROBERTSON, JR. R. H. ROGERS J. B. Mum G. E. FORSTER Commodore Vice Commodore Purser Steward FACULTY MEMBERS DEAN H. C. SADLER PROFESSOR E. M. BRAGG PROFESSOR H. C. ADAMS PROFESSOR A. F. LINDBLAD L. A. BAIER MEMBERS J. A. ADK.INSON H. B. ANDREWS W. H. BALDWIN J. C. CARPENTER H. L. ENLUND G. E. FORSTER R. B. LADD J. B. Mum C. R. OLSON J. B. ROBERTSON, JR. R. H. ROGERS S. SWAN ENLUND OLSON LADD SWAN BALDWIN ADKINSON MUIR ROGEKS ROBERTSON FORSTER CARPENTER LINDBLAD SADLER BRAGG ADAMS Page One Hundred Thirty Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIH Illl CGwAUINIII C IIINIII V IIINIII WILLIAM J. BIRD O. T. PERKINSON M. W. SCOFIELD W. H. CLARK SCABBARD AND BLADE F COMPANY 4TH REGIMENT Honorary Military Fraternity Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant First Sergeant ASSOCIATE MEMBERS MAJOR BASIL D. EDWARDS CAPTAIN A. B. CUSTIS CAPTAIN R. H. LORD FIRST LIEUT. R. R. COURSEY CAPTAIN C. A. POWELL WALTER C. SADLER PHILIP C. PACK HONORARY MEMBERS DR. ALEXANDER G. RUTHVEN DEAN MORTIMER E. COOLEY COLONEL WALTER C. COLE CLYDE C. DOUGHERTY COLONEL H. W. MILLER DR. F. A. PERRY COLONEL G. B. WALBRIDGE COLONEL ALFRED H. WHITE COLONEL M. R. WORTLEY FIELDING H. YOST ACTIVE MEMBERS R. M. ARNOLD H. I. BAKER J. C. BlLLINGSLEY B. F. BAILEY F. K. BRUNTON O. K. BROWN A. E. BOYD H. CHESEBROUGH C. H. CLAYPOOL P. F. CLEMENT G. ! DANNEFFEL H. D. DAVIDSON C. L. DAVIS C. L. DEAN A. R. DECKER P. H. EASON G. E. FORSTER J. B. GARDNER K. M. GILLETTE J. A. GOETZ R. P. GOODRICH R. D. GORDON J. M. GRUITCH C. HOLCOMB C. R. HOLLY B. W. JOHNSON K. K. KAUFMAN K. KOON R. C. MAIR D. C. McDoucAL, JR. G. C. MlSENER H. E. MOORE M. F. MUELLER R. E. NEWCOMB W. NIELSON R. OSENBURG R. G. OTSTOT H. G. SEAMONS E. C. SPAULDING W. A. SUNDELL H. E. TOWNSEND A. VENNEMA S. WILLIAMS BAILEY BOYD BILLINGSLEY WILLIAMS SUNDELL GOETZ SPAULDING HOLCOMB DAVIDSON DANNEFFEL BRUNTON TOWN-SEND MOOSE OTSTOT CHESEBROUGH XEWCOMB MAIR DAVIS GOODRICH VENNEMA DECKER MISENER DEAN NIELSEN SEAMANS BROWS MUELLER GRUITCH KOON CLEMENT ARNOLD KAUFFMAN FORSTER CLAYPOOL GARDNER OSENBURG COURSEY LORD POWELL CUSTIS EDWARDS BIRD SCOFIELD CLARK HOLLY Page One Hundred Thirty-One Illl W. IIIMIII Illl C IIIHIII Illl IIINIII OE IIINIII m ill! A IIINIII SCALP AND BLADE SOCIETY MICHIGAN CHAPTER JULIUS C. SCHWEIGERT JOHN R. EDGAR ALVIN R. Moss AUGUST G. TROMETER President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS HARVEY BAUSS ROBERT DAVENPORT JOHN R. EDGAR MELVIN HELLERT KENNETH KINNEE DON LEWIS CHAPIN LOWELL WITOLD MALECKI JOSEPH MENIHAN WILLIAM MOSHER ALVIN R. Moss ALFRED MUELLER WALTER MURRAY WALTER PETERSON PAUL RAUFF JULIUS C. SCHWIEGERT CARLYSLE SPIESS EDWARD STEVENS AUGUST G. TROMETER RALPH WURSTER PETERSON BOWEN HAWKINS KINNEE LEWIS POLAND MOSHER MURRAY MALECKI MENIHAN STEPHENS RAUFF LOWELL MUELLER DAVENPORT Moss SCHWEIGERT EDGAR TROMETER BAUSS SPIECZ Page One Hundred Thirty-Two Illl ? . IIIMIII Illl C IHHIH Illl IIINIII flE IIINIII IIHxMlNIII SIGMA RHO TAU ALPHA CHAPTER Architectural and Engineering Speech Society E. C. BRIGGS T. H. ROUGH LEY T. M. COMAR President Vice-President Treasurer B. D. SCHROEDER L. O. WALTON J. J. JlMINEZ Home Secretary Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary FACULTY MEMBERS PROF. HENRY C. ANDERSON PROF. . L. BADGER PROF. O. V. BOSTON PROF. R. D. BRACKET DEAN MORTIMER E. COOLEY PROF. H. H. HIGBIE MR. G. L. JENSEN ASST. DEAN A. H. LOVELL PROF. F. X. MENEFEE PROF. HENRY V. MILLER PROF. A. D. MOORE PROF. R. L. MORRISON DEAN HERBERT C. SADLER ACTIVE MEMBERS D. L. ALLEN D. W. ANDERSON L. V. ANSEL V. F. ARDUSSI F. L. ARNET B. F. BAILEY M. E. BATES J. BEDENIK R. W. BILLHARZ R. E. BLACKWELL S. BRAGG E. C. BRIGGS L. H. BROWN D. W. BUTTON A. L. CAMPBELL T. X. CANDLER E. L. CLINE 1. M. COMAR M. V. DADD W. G. DAOI-ST H. H. DAVIS J. D. DIETIKER j. R. DOTV V. E. ELDRED R. C. ELLSWORTH W. A. ELDROD R. C. FINCH R. L. GlLLILAN J. R. GUEST G. G. GfLBRANDSEN H. F. HAMILL R. M. HARRISON F. M. HIGHLEY L. E. HlLBERT K. HlLDRETH J. G. HOAD C. A. HOAG L. L. HORTON H. S. ISKIYAN J. J. JlMINEZ F. L. JOHNSON E. A. KASMARK S. C. KILLIAN W. F. KUGLER K. KOON D. LARMEE D. M. LAVINE D. W. LYON K. MACK W. S. MCDOWELL J. R. McNiTT E. MENTON R. W. MERRITT A. H. MOSHIER W. R. MLNGER E. R. XELL J. C. NORTON J. D. O ' BRIEN A. B. O ' DONNELL B. E. PORTER W. H. POWERS V. C. PRASCHAN S. H. ROCKWOOD C. O. ROGERS T. H. ROUGHLEY J. R. SCHMIDGALL B. S. SHANNON B. D. SCHROEDER P. S. SMITH E. E. SOMMERS G. L. STREHL L. O. WALTON L. WEINER G. WINTERS C. WISE R. A. WOLF R. A. WL-RSTER L. ZANOFF LAIIIEE McDowELj. KCGLEI BLACKWELL MUNGEB JIMENEZ HILE T FAIECHILD DAVIS FINCH SMITH STKEHL E IOHXSOS ScHiOEDEm WALTON ROCGHLEY KILLIAN HOUON BKAGG BKIGGS COMAJI ROGEHS MILLEI BOSTON COOLEY BBACKETT SADLEE MEXEFEE HIGBIE MOOKE Page One Hundred Thirty-Thret Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl C IIINIII illl x 1IINIII TAU BETA PI MICHIGAN GAMMA CHAPTER Engineering Honor Society MARSHALL ANDERSON JACK S. BEECHLER ALLISON B. EVANS ALLEN L. GOLDSMITH ARTHUR D. MOORE WILLIAM H. YENNI President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Assistant Treasurer STEPHEN S. ATTWOOD GEORGE G. BROWN JOSEPH A. BURSLEY MORTIMER E. COOLEY ARNE W. ANDERSON MARSHALL ANDERSON ROBERT O. BARR JA CK S. BEECHLER EDWIN R. BOYNTON JAMES G. BRYANT HARRY E. CHESEBROUGH ALEXANDER COWIE DAVID S. CULVER WILSON J. DALZELL ALFRED R. DECKER GLENN V. EDMONDSON ALLISON B. EVANS ALLEN L. GOLDSMITH JOHN J. HAMILTON ABE J. HANJE FACULTY MEMBERS JOHN E. EMSWILER HAROLD H. HIGBIE CLARENCE T. JOHNSTON ALFRED H. LOVELL MEMBERS DONALD J. HEBERT HUGH C. HOTCHKISS JOHN H. HUMPHREY GEORGE R. INNES JOEL A. JANNENGA GEORGE H. KNOWLES HOWARD H. KOSTER CHARLES E. KRAUS NORMAN S. MCDONALD RUSSELL F. MARANDE ELGIN O. MARSHALL WILLIAM MIKULAS GARLAND C. MISENER ARTHUR D. MOORE GARY MUFFLY WALTER NIELSEN THOMAS J. MITCHELL HENRY W. MILLER HERBERT C. SADLER MELVILLE B. STOUT WARD K. PARR KINGSLEY C. PECK ARVIN I. PHILIPPART DONALD J. RENWICK R. WARREN ROCKEFELLER EDWIN F. RUSSELL FLOYD V. SCHULTZ THEODORE R. THOREN AUGUST G. TROMETER AME VENNEMA LESLIE VIPOND LAWRENCE C. WHITSIT RONALD G. WILSON ROBERT D. WOODWARD HARVEY M. WORKMAN WILLIAM H. YENNI WILSON BARR PARR DECKER PHILIPPART VENNEMA MARANDE A. ANDERSON WORKMAN CULVER WOODWAKD HEBERT MUFFLY BOYNTON HAMILTON HANJE EDMONSON RENICK MIKULAS SCHULTZ KNOWLES RUSSELL ROCKEFELLER INNES HUMPHREY WHITSIT PECK THOREN KRAUS CHESEBROUGH YENNI NIELSON EVANS MOORE BEECHLER M. ANDERSON GOLDSMITH KOSTER TROMETER MARSHALL HOTCHKISS Page One Hundred Thirty-Four Illl W. IIIMIII III! C IIIHM Illl IIINIII UE HINlll $ IIIN1II SOCIETY OF LES VOYAGEURS RALPH M. GRANT EDWARD CRAFTS FRANK HASEL QUENTIN BOERNER TIFTCRIST KAMPMANN ALBERT REIF Chief V ' ue Chief Keener of the Records Keeper of the Legends Keeper of the Cache Keeper of the Toll Gate Dow V. BAXTER ERWINE C. CASE ROBERT CRAIG SAMUEL T. DANA FACULTY MEMBERS NED DEARBORN SAMUEL A. GRAHAM ERNST V. DONALD K. MATTHEWS NORMAN MUNSTER VJLLET F. RAMSDELL LEIGH J. YOUNG DAVID BAUCH JOHN BILLINGSLEY QUENTIN BOERNER EDWARD CRAFTS CARLYN DELAVEN RALPH GRANT MEMBERS FRANK. HASEL ROBERT HAVEN VERN JOHNSON TIFTCRIST KAMPMANN JOHN KIRBY ALBERT REIF CLARENCE SAMUELSON FLORIAN SPODEN JOHN SPODEN CHARLES STODDARD NORMAN TUTTLE STODDARD J. SrODEX F. SPODES SAUUELSON KIIBY TUTTLE HASEL HAVEN REIF BOERXEI CRAFTS KAMPMAXN BAUCH BAXTEK RAMSOEU. GKAHAM MUKSTE MATTHEWS BIU.IKCSLET Cuuc DELAVAM DEAKBORK GRANT DANA Yocnc Join Page One Hundred Thirty-Five STUDY IN NUDE BY WILLIAM CALEY The " work shown here was on display in the Detroit Art Institute Exhibit of 1932, which included three hundred chosen from more than a thousand entries of professional artists. MARGUERITE DAYTON BY ROBERT HEFFERAN DIVISION OF FINE ARTS Dr. John G. Winter, Director The Division of Fine Arts was created by the Board of Regents in January 1929 and Professor John G. Winter was made director. This depart- ment was made possible by a grant from the Car- negie Corporation. To promote and stimulate creative work in sculpture Mr. Avard T. Fairbanks was secured as Associate Professor of Sculpture. He has studied at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts, the Ecole de la Grande Chammiere and the Ecole Moderne. He is also a Bachelor of Fine Arts of Yale Uni- versity and a Master of Fine Arts of the University of Washington. In 1927 he was awarded a Gug- genheim Fellowship to do creative studies in Europe. Since the beginning of the academic year of 1929 a small, selected group of students has worked under Professor Fairbanks ' direction and has held two exhibitions. The first year Lorado Taft at- tended the exhibition and last year Hermon A. MacNeil was the guest critic. The third annual exhibition was held at the time of the May Fes- tival this year. The fourth floor of University Hall is used by the department and three rooms have been outfitted as studios for the students, who eagerly work over- time without thought of hours or credit. These students are receiving training for professional careers based upon a general university education. ST. FRANCIS BY HELEN BAILEY Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl (flDiii A , IIINIII C IIINII1 m Illl xfcv IIINIII PANHELLENIC BALL COMMITTEE JEAN BENTLEY LEONORE SNYDER VINSELLE BARTLETT JUNE SLOTE ELEANOR ROBSON MARGARET SCHERMACK MARY BARNETT AGNES GRAHAM MARJORIE ELLSWORTH ADELE EWING Chairman Programs Tickets Refreshments Decorations Music Treasurer Publicity Floor Chaperones JEAN BENTLEY THEODORE NAGLEVOORT ELSWORTH BARNETT SNYDER RORSON BARTLETT BENTLEY GRAHAM EWING SLOTE SCHERMACK Page One Hundred Thirty-Eight Illl W. IIIMIII iiii ciiiHin iiii flcni IE IIINIII m iiii A iiiNiii JUNIOR GIRLS ' PLAY COMMITTEE JEAN BOTSFORD JEAN BOTSFORD MARGARET FERRIN CATHERINE HEESON ;N ELLE BARTLETT MARGARET SCHERMACK, EVELYN NEILSON JANE FECHEIMER ELSIE FELDMAN AILEEN CLARK KATHERINE BARNARD VIRGINIA TAYLOR BARBARA BRAUN MARGARET O ' BRIEN HARRIET BRAZIER General Chairman Assistant Chairman Chairman of Programs Chairman of Music MARGARET SMITH, Chairman of Dances Chairman of Costumes Chairman of Publicity Daily Assistant Chairman of Ushers Chairman of Properties Chairman of Make-uf Chairman of Finance Author Director BRAVN BARNARD FECHEIMER FELDMAN HEESEN O ' BRIEN BARTLETT BOTSFORD TAYLOR FERRIN CLARK SMITH NEILSON SCHERMACK Page One Hundred Tkirtj-N ' nu llll IIIMIII llll CIIIHHI llll OE IIINIII llll 1IINIII WOMEN ' S LEAGUE Board of Directors President Vice-President Recording Secretary Business Secretary Treasurer Chairman of Judiciary Council KATHERINE KOCH Lois SANDLER HELEN DE VITT DOROTHY BIRDZELL BARBARA BRAUN SALLIE ENSMINGER Senior Member of Judiciary Council Senior Member of Judiciary Council Junior Member of Judiciary Council Junior Member of Judiciary Council Senior Representative Senior Representative . . . . Junior Representative Junior Representative . . . , Sophomore Representative Sophomore Representative Chairman of Board of Representatives Candy Booth .... Senior Member of Board of Governors Junior Member of Board of Governors Sophomore Member of Board of Governors Undergraduate Campaign Fund Chairman of Junior Girls ' Play President of W. A. A. Library Committee . . Social Committee .... Women ' s Editor of Mic higan Daily Bazaar ..... Point System Committee President of Panhellenic World Fellovjshii KATHERINE KOCH JANE INCH BETTY LOUDON MARY BARNETT MARGARET SCHERMACK EDWINA JENNY . BURNETTE BRADLEY . JEAN BOTSFORD . JANE RAYEN RUTH DUHME MARIAN GIDDINGS GERALDINE GROVER . MAY SEEFRIED Lois SANDLER CATHERINE HEESON . HARRIET JENNINGS EDWINA JENNY JEAN BOTSFORD DOROTHY ELLSWORTH ELIZABETH GERARD ENID BUSH MARGARET THOMPSON KATHERINE FERRIN ELISE ELY JOSEPHINE TIMBERLAKE JOADA DAY THOMPSON BIRDZELL GIDDINGS BUSH JENNINGS GKOVER JENNEY HEESEN BOTSFORD DAY DUHME BRADLEY FERRIN BARNETT INCH SCHERMACK LOUDON SEEFRIED ELY GERHARD TIMBERLAKE SASDLER BRAUN KOCH DF.WITT RAYEN ENSMINGER ELSWORTH Page One Hundred Forty Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHm Illl IIINIII CE II1NII1 1IINIII WOMEN ' S LEAGUE Board of Representatives GERALDINE GROVER ENID BUSH Chairman Secretary GERALDINE GROVER FRAN-CIS ANDERSON MAY ASHLEY HELEN BAILEY HELEN BARNETT LINDA BECKEL DOROTHY BENJAMIN ELIZABETH BENTLEY IRMAN BOBERTZ SARAH BOND PAULINE Bo WE MARY BROWN DOROTHY BUNCE ENID BUSH JANE COHEN MAXINE COKER JANE COLBY MIRIAM CORTWRIGHT JANE CROSBY ACNES DAVIS ELEANOR DWINNEL RUTH EISMANN MIRIAN ELIEZER SALLIE ENSMINGER ROSE EPSTEIN ALICE EVANS ESTHER FRANK JANICE GILLETTE GRETA GLUITAMANN HARRIET GOODE LILLYAN GREENBURN HAZEL GREENWOLD HELEN HELCEMAN ROYENA HORNBECK GERALDINE HUFF VIRGINIA JOHNSTON ISABELLE KANTER ESTHER KIRBY FLORENCE KENNEDY VIRGINIA KOCH EILEEN LOUTZENHISER ELIZABETH LEDY EILEEN LESTER POLLIE LORAINE ELIZABETH LOUDON RUTH MclNTOSH MARIE METZGER SYLVIA MILLER GERTRUDE ODCERS PHYLLIS ORN STEIN- DOROTHY PARKER ALTA PLACE MORACNE PODESTA LUCILLE PRIEST LEAH REISBIG RUTH ROBINSON MARGARET SEYBOLD VIVIAN SIMS BETTY SMITH MERLE STEELE IRENE THOMAS JOSEPHINE TIMBERLAKE ELEANOR WALKINSHAW SYLVIA WALPA EDNA WAUGH MARY ELLEN WEBSTER DORIS ZIMMER HELGEMAX LESTOY BAILEY McDowEU. EYAXE PIEST LCSCOMBE PlCKIOTI.VO GILLETTE STEELE BOEKSIG AXDESOX RtlSllG WACCH Hcrr EHSMINGEK BOXCE METSZES WAI.FA COLT BUSH COETWilGHT GOVE TlMBEJU-AKE DwiXNELL V. LKIXSHAW OUXSTEIX MclXTOSH Page One Hundred Forty-Oiu Ill) ? -= IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII III! (OOISiA IIINIII C NINIII 3K III! x JINIII JUDICIARY COUNCIL SALLIE ENSMINGER airman JANE INCH BETTY LOUDON Senior Members MARY BARNETT MARGARET SCHERMACK Junior Members SCHERMACK BARNETT INCH ENSMINGER LOUDON Page One Hundred Forty-Two Illl ? . IIIMIII III! CIIIHIII fill flGIH A V IIINIII OE II1NIII Ilil x I1IN1II ATHENA LITERARY SOCIETY PATRONS AND PATRONESSES PROFESSOR AND MRS. JAMES M. O ' NEILL MR. AND MRS. FLOYD K. RILEY OFFICERS DOROTHY DANIEL BARBARA SHUCKER DOROTHY PECK. FLORENCE HISCOCK ISOBEL BONICAVE President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Oratorical Delegate GLADYS BAKER ELINOR BLUM ISOBEL BONICAVE NOR MA BROWN LOUISE CRANDALL DOROTHY DANIELS VIRGINIA DENNE GENEVIEVE GRIFFEY MEMBERS CAROL HART FLORENCE HISCOCK MARGARET TONDRO MURIEL LEVY GOLDL LlGHTFOOT MARTHA LITTLETON RUTH MORRISON SYLVIA MILLER LUCILLE OLDHAM DOROTHY PECK MARGARET PHALAN ELEINOR RARIDON PARISH RIKER ANNE RUSSE BARBARA SHUKER MARYAN WATROUS JOHANNA WIESE BAKE Mo isox MILLEX LEVY HAET WATIOCS RUSSE RIEE LITTLETON CEAXDALI. DENXY PHALAS G IFFEY OLOBAM PECK DAMELS HISCOCK JONDUO WEISS RAIXDOII Page One Hundred forty-Tkre Ilil W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Itll (QOHiA IIINIII (flE IIINIII 1IINIII MICHIGAN DAMES Michigan Chapter of the National Association of University Dames OFFICERS MRS. C. H. BEUKEMA .... President MRS. R. P. HARRINGTON . . . Vice-President MRS. A. C. LEHMAN .... Secretary MRS. J. D. LINDSAY . . Corresponding Secretary MRS. H. C. ROSE Treasurer MRS. JAMES D. BRUCE MRS. G. E. CARROTHERS MRS. DwiGHT DUMOND MRS. J. B. EDMONSON ADVISORY BOARD MRS. G. CARL HUBER MRS. PAUL A. LEIDY MRS. F. W. PETERSON MRS. A. G. RUTHVEN MRS. E. W. SINK MRS. I. M. SMITH MRS. A. S. WHITNEY MRS. CLIFFORD WOODY MEMBERS MRS. N. A. ATWOOD MRS. MRS. C. F. BASSETT MRS. MRS. H. M . BEAM MRS. MRS. MRS. M A. J- N. BENSON BENSON MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS., J. H C. . O. BIRD BENZ MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. J. F. T. P. BRADBURY BROOKS MRS. MRS. MRS. W . E. BROWN MRS. MRS. MRS. C. J. D. Z. D. BROWN CAVANAH MRS. MRS. MRS. E. P. CHEATUM MRS. MRS. P. H. CRAMTON MRS. MRS. M . S. GULP MRS. MRS. H. DEBRUINE MRS. L. A. DELP MRS. C. H. ELLIOTT MRS. E. B. ELLIOTT MRS. H. L. FABER MRS. J. W. FERGUSON MRS. R. C. FULLER MRS. D. C. GATES MRS. J. T. GILLESPIE MRS. E. W. GOODSPEED MRS. I. G. GOULDMAN MRS. J. D. GRACE MRS. J. HARALAMBIE MRS. R. L. HUNTINGTON MRS. G. D. HURRILL MRS. A. M. JARMAN MRS. W. L. JENKINS MRS. V. C. JOHNSON MRS. J. B. JOHNSON MRS. G. V. KELLEY MRS. R. J. KELLY MRS. G. R. LINCOLN MRS. C. R. LUBBERS MRS. W. C. Lucus MRS. J. S. MICHENER MRS. J. F. MlDDLETON MRS. W. H. MACCURDY MRS. L. H. McKiNNEY MRS. E. M. PAYNE MRS. A. F. PALMER MRS. W. S. PERHAM MRS. A. V. PULLING PAUL ROYALTY H. F. RANDOLPH E. P. REED A. J. ROTH J. R. SEWARD T. SMITH W. F. STRIEDIECK R. THIELKE W. W. VORWERK R. W. WEBSTER R. B. WITMER L. E. WlNKLEHOUSE F. G. WEIR B. H. WILFORD H. R. WILSON CAVANAH LINDON GRACE CULP LUBBERS PALMER JENKINS WILSON BENSON HUNTINGTON FERGUSON MICHENER GOODSPEED BROWN VORWERK ROYALTY FABER ATWOOD KELLEY KELLY BEAM HURRELL BENZ DELP ROSE HARRINGTON BEUKEMA LEHMAN LINDSAY PULLING Page One Hundred Forty-Four III! 7 . IIIMIII III) CIIIH1H till IIIN1II flE IIIN1II m llll A 111N111 UNIVERSITY GIRLS GLEE CLUB OFFICERS WILLENA KALMBACH BURNETTE BRADLEY ELIZABETH CHANDLER EDNA MACKENZIE EMILY RANDALL LENORE CARD Miss NORA CRANE HUNT Miss MARJORIE McCLUNG President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Business Manager Librarian Director Assistant Director WINIFRED ARTHUR VINSELLE BARTLETTE HELEN BLACK BURNETTE BRADLEY MARGARET BURKE MARGARET BECKETT LEONORE CARO ELIZABETH CHANDLER. OLA COLLINS DOROTHY COM MINGS HELEN DEWITT JEANNE DUBOIS ELIZABETH EACLESFIELD ELIZABETH FAGG MARIE FINKBIENER PRUDENCE FOSTER JANICE GILLETTE HORTENSE GOODING HELEN GREY MARTHA GREENSHIELDS ELIZABETH GRIBBLE DOROTHY ELLEN HEELING MONA HUTCHINGS EDWIN A JENNET MEMBERS FRANCIS JOHNSON WILLENA KALMBACH MARGARET KIMBALL MARION KING VIRGINIA KOCH JANE LAW LOUISE LEONARD LEAH LICHTENWALTER HARRIET LONG LUCILE LOUGH VIOLET LYLE BETTY LYONS EDNA MACKENZIE DOROTHY MAGEE ELEANOR MANN- MARGARET MARTINDALE ROSAMUND MARTINDALE ROSALIE McKiNNEY HELEN MIKEN JEAN MITCHELL VIRGINIA MURPHY DOROTHY NORRIS BEATRICE OLMSTED PHYLLIS ORNSTEIN DOROTHY PECK ELEANOR PHILLIPS ILEEN PLASSEY EMILY RANDALL MARGARET REED CATHERINE RENTSCHLER BARBARA ROSE CYNTHIA ROOT DOROTHY SHAPLAND DOROTHY SPURR RUTH STESEL PHYLLIS SWIFT MARY ELIZABETH TERRY JOSEPHINE TIMBERLAKE DOROTHEA TORBESON ANGEE VANDERVEEN HELEN VANLOON MARION VAUGHN MARGARET WALLACE ERIC WEBER DOROTHEA WILLIAMS PAULINE WILSON ELEANOR YEAGLEY GWENDOLYN ZOLLER ZOLLEI KOCH OLMSTED SHAPLAXD Sruu CHAXDLER Xouis FOSTEK KIXG Lose BECKETT KIMBALL ROSE MuirHr REXTSCHLES FIXKBEIXEI PECK REED WILLIAMS SWIFT DuBois MACKENZIE VAUGHX MIKAX LYIE PLASSEY HCTCHINGS McKiXNEY COLLIKCS FAGG PHILLIPS TEHHY WALLACE LAW COIIUIXGS RANDALL HAAPAUAEE LYOXS GILLETTE WEIEK JEXXEY LEOXAKD MAGEE McCLCSG LlCHTEXWALTE M.AXX KALMBACH HUNT B ADLEY G EY OlXSTEIX MITCHELL LOCGH CAXO Page Oaf HunireJ Forty-Five Illl ? IIIMIII III! CIIIHIII III! (OGI IIINIII OE IIINIII Illl A IIINIII MU PHI EPSILON National Honorary Musical Sorority MRS. JUNIUS E. BEAL MRS. WASSILY BESEKIRSKY MRS. EVERETT BROWN MRS. JAMES BRUCE MRS. PALMER CHRISTIAN MRS. FREDERICK A. COLLER PATRONESSES MRS. HARRY B. EARHART MRS. CLEMENT W. GILL MRS. ARNOLD Goss MRS. F. B. FISHER MRS. JAMES HAMILTON MRS. DAVID MATTERN MRS. CHARLES A. SINK MRS. HUGO P. THIEME MRS. J. J. WALSER MRS. ALFRED WHITE MRS. FIELDING H. YOST Miss MARY E. AUDETTE MRS. MYRTLE BEVAN Miss NELL BROWN MRS. R. K. BROWN Miss ROXY COWIN Miss DOROTHY COZARD Miss WINIFRED DICKENSON MRS. M. FAIRCHILD Miss MERLE GEE MRS. ARTHUR HACKETT MRS. ALBERT HALL Miss VERA JOHNSON MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. PAUL KEMPF MRS. MRS. REUBEN KEMPF Miss MRS. M. D. MACKOY MRS. MRS. GUY MAIER MRS. MRS. NATHAN KONOLD MRS. MRS. HARRY McCLURE MRS. MRS. HOWARD McCLUSKY Miss Miss OLIVE McLouTH Miss MRS. GEORGE MUEHLIG Miss Miss DOROTHY PATON MRS. Miss ALICIA POOLE MRS. MlSS RUTH RlEMENSCHNEIDER MRS. DANA E. SEELEY FRANCES SEELEY A. E. SHANKLIN CARL STUHRBERC CHARLES WAGNER A. A. WALL LAURA WHELAN MILDRED WEBBER EDNA WEIFENBACH PAUL WIERS ARCH WILSON JOHN S. WORLEY MRS. LEE O. CASE MlSS JUVA HlGBEE MEMBERS IN FACULTY Miss EDITH KOON Miss THF.LMA LEWIS MRS. LAURA LITTLEFIELD Miss LOUISE NELSON MILDRED DRINKHAUS GF.NEVIEVE GRIFFEY VIRGINIA HAMISTER LUCILLE HOFFMAN DOROTHY JAMES MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY VERONICA JORDAN ALICE MANDERBACH EDNA McKENZiE SUZANNE McKiNNEY KATHLEEN MURPHY INEZ OWEN RUBY PEINERT GWENDOLYN PIKE EMILY RANDALL ELINOR WORTLEY HELEN VAN LOON MCKENZIE PEINERT HAMISTER MOE PIKE OWEN JORDAN RANDALL DRINKHAUS FUNKHOUSER GRIFFEY McKiNNEY Page One Hundred Forty-Six (Ill W. IIIMI1I Illl CIIIHIB Illl IIINIII OE II1NIII Illl PI LAMBDA THETA Honorary Education Society OFFICERS ESTHER L. BELCHER CAROLYN WHEELER ALICE NlEDERSTADT MURIEL WILKINSON DR. KATHERINE GREENE President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor DR. MARGARET BELL LAURIE CAMPBELL FACULTY MEMBERS CORDELIA HAYES EDITH HOYLE SELMA LINDELL CATHERINE BENNET JEAN ANDERSON BENS MYRTLE BEVAN ELIZABETH COVERT ELIZABETH GARDNER MEMBERS KATHRYN HACKER MARGUERITE HALL ANNE HINSHAW JOSEPHINE KRISER MELVENA LEMMLE MARIAN RIESENNWEBBER CLAIRE SIMMONS THEODOSIA STRATEMEYER MILDRED WALTON WJU.TOS BEKS COVET NlEDEISTADT SntATEMEYES v Kiisu BEIXHEK HIXSHAW GAKDXEX Wiucixsov HtCKFl Page One Hundred. Forty-Seven till W. IIIMIfl Illl CIIIHIII Illl (OGiliA IIINIII (flE IIINIII V HINIII SENIOR SOCIETY OFFICERS HELEN E. MUSSELWHITE ELIZABETH GARDNER ESTHER KIRBY RUTH MclNTosn President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS MAY ASHLEY ANN BALDWIN LEONORE CARO JOSEPHINE FISHER ELIZABETH GARDNER PAULINE GRIBLING ESTHER KIRBY ESTHER LAROWE RUTH MclNTosH THELMA MEYER HELEN MUSSELWHITE PHYLLIS ORNSTEIN BETTY OSGOOD JEAN PERRIN ELEANOR RAIRDON HODIE SUPE GLADYS TIMPSON HELEN TOWNSEND ASHLEY SUPE PERRIN OSGOOD BALDWIN LA Rows FISHER RAIRDON CARO ORNSTEIN MEYER TOWNSEND KIRBY GARDNER MUSSELWHITE MC!NTOSH TIMPSON GRIBLING Page One Hundred Forty-Eight = IIIMIII Illl C IIIHIII 111! (OCIii x IIINIII flE INI till A INNIII WYVERN OFFICERS CATHERINE HEESEN HELEN DEWITT BARBARA BRA UN President Secretary Treasurer PATRONESS MRS. BERYL Fox BACKER MEMBERS JANET ALLEN KATHERINE BARNARD MARY BARNETT VINCELLE BARTLETT JEAN BENTLEY JEAN BOTSFORD BARBARA BRAUN AILEEN CLARK. HELEN DE VITT ELIZABETH EAGLESFIELD ADELE EWING JANE FECHEIMER ELSIE FELDMAN MARGARET FERRIN ELIZABETH GRIBBLE CATHERINE HEESEN MARGARET KEAL ANNA NEBERLY EVELYN NEILSON MARGARET O ' BRIEN JANE RAYEN PARRISH RIKER MARGARET SHERMACK VIRGINIA TAYLOR EACLESFIELD FELDMAN NEBERLY TAYLOR NIELSON RAYEN GRIBBLE EWINC BARNETT RIKER BOTSFORD BARTLETT O ' BRIEN CLARK KEAL ALLEN FECHEIMER BARNARD BRAUN HEESEN DEWITT FERRIN BENTLEY SCHERMACK Page One Hundred Forty-Si;te ATM " THE MAN WHO LOOKS FOR BAD ONLY IN COLLEGE ATHLETICS WILL FIND IT. BUT THERE IS MORE GOOD THAN BAD. IN THE CARNE- GIE BULLETIN THEY WERE LOOK- ING ONLY FOR THE BAD. THEY FOUND IT. " MAJ. JOHN L GRIF- FITHS. FOOTBALL BANQUET, DE- CEMBER 1, 1931. Intercollegiate Athletics 151 Intramural Athletics 199 Women ' s Athletics ..209 illl W. IIIMIII Nil CHIHIH Illl G MI C IIINtll 3SUIII A V IIINItl WILLIAMSON ANT.ELL MITCHELL GRAHAM TOMPKINS ANDERSON AIGLER YOST LEE THE BOARD IN CONTROL OF ATHLETICS THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Board in Control of Athletics is vested by the Board of Regents with the power to direct and control intercollegiate athletics. All questions of policy and administration are deter- mined by it. The board this year consists of President Alexander Grant Ruthven; Ralph V. A i g 1 e r , chairman ; Fielding H. Yost, sec- retary ; John Alexan- der, Henry C. Ander- son, Robert C. Angell, Lewis M. Graham, Alfred O. Lee, Elmer D. Mitchell, James E. Duffy, Thomas S. S. Hammond, Charles B. DuCharme, John Tompkins, and Ivan Williamson. These members are selected as follows: seven representatives of the University Senate, three alumni appointed by the Board of Re- gents, two students se- Tected by the Athletic Association. The presi- dent of the University and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics are ex- officio members. All terms of office are for one year. The officers of the board consist of a chair- man and secretary, the former elected by the board from its members and the latter filled by the Director of Inter- collegiate Athletics. An eligibility com- mittee, composed of representatives of the University Senate, passes on the eligibility of students for compe- tition, while a finance committee, consisting of the chairman of the board and the Athletic Director, has genera ' control of the financial policies of the associa- tion. Other commit- tees are appointed to act when necessary. It is the duty of the board to notify the University Senate of all official acts, and also, at the end of each year to submit to it a writ- ten report of all actions of the board. Page One Hundred Fifty-One Illl W. IIIMIII Illl C IIIHIII Illl (OGIiiA IIINIII (flE IIINIII 1IINIII = MAYNARD D. " DOC " MORRISON Joining an ever growing; roster of Michigan football players who have made the All-American team, Morrison was selected by Grantland Rice for the 1931 team. Of Morrison Rice says: " The two main duties of a center rush are dependable passing in feeding the ball back and defensive ball against a running game in forward passing. Two of the main leaders in this re- spect were Morrison of Michigan and Miller of Pur- due. Morrison had the slight edge in this respect through the entire season ' s play. " Morrison was one of the main factors in Michigan ' s very fine defensive record in the last five games, the best defensive record over this stretch shown by any team in the country against high class opposition. Morrison was also a fine center last year, but his work this sea- son was at its best. " Page One Hundred. Fifty-Two IIIMIII Illl ICIIIHM (III GAMI 1E IIINIII Ilil A HINIII WEBER DOHF.RTY OOSTERBAAN COL-RTRIGHT WE=T BLOTT KEEN JOHN-STONE MANN FISHER CAPPON YOST KIPKE HOYT COACHING STAFF Fielding H. Yost, director; Franklin C. Cap- pon, assistant director and basketball; Harry G. Kipke, football; Ray L. Fisher, baseball; Charles B. Hoyt, track and cross country; Clifford Keen, wrestling; Matthew Mann, swimming; Ed Low- rev, hockey; John Johnstone, fencing and tennis; Wilbur D. West, gymnastics; Thomas C. True- blood, golf. Assistant coaches: Jack L. Blott, Raymond O. Courtright, Benme G. Oosterbaan, J. Kenneth Doherty, Walter B. Weber. Ray- mond V. Roberts, trainer; John Brosovich, assist- ant trainer. VARSITY AANAGERS John Sauchuck, football manager; Harvey Rasmusssen, basketball manager; Harry Benja- min, baseball manager; David R. Louts, track manager; James Shelton, cross country manager; Donald M. Chaffee, hockey manager; Ervin Markus and Robert Clarke, intramural managers; Fielding H. Yost, director. These men have handled the major sports this year. Their duties included caring for equip- ment, taking charge of the teams while on trips, and instructing the tryouts for these positions. BLRT SHELTON RASMU55EN YARRINT.TON SAUCHVCK Ro: HAUSSERMAX BENJAMIN CHAFFEE Page One Hundred Fifty-Three Illl ? . IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl (OGJIiA IUNIII UE IIINIII 1IINIII = FOOTBALL ROM THE WEALTH of Varsity material available at the beginning of the football season, Coach Harry Kipke could produce at first only a listless team which soon met defeat, and then, suddenly was transformed into a fighting machine that ended the season in a three-way tie for the Conference title. Addi- tional honor was gained for Michigan when Grantland Rice named Maynard Morrison as cen- ter on the All American team and gave Bill Hewitt honorable mention at fullback. Football de luxe characterized the games from the spectator ' s point of view as he witnessed the team in action in the Michigan stadium. The administration sprung a big surprise by introducing a new broadcasting system at the very first game. By means of large loudspeakers installed on the roof of the press-box, the ball carrier, the tackier and any and all other interesting bits of informa- tion were dispensed that those who heard might follow the game more easily. In addition, jazz records pepped up the crowd while entering and leaving the bowl. This system, together with the big electric scoreboards and the printed pro- grams, kept the stands well informed as to who did what and where and how, as if anyone cared. Probably due to the depression, all these added attractions failed to draw average crowds. Even reduction of prices of tickets failed to attract many spectators and empty seats were plentiful at most of the games. Only at the opening doubleheader when the University played host to the school chil- dren and at the Ohio contest was the stadium well filled. According to a survey made by the Asso- ciated Press, the decline in gate receipts at Michi- gan was more than ten per cent. At the Chicago game there were only 25,000, but the climax Page One Hundred Fifty-Four Illl W. IIIMIII III! CIIIHIH Illl flDHi A IIINIII IE IHNIII Illl x 1IINIII came at the post-season charity game with Wis- consin. That day the stadium looked pathetically empty when only 8,000 scattered themselves here and there around the great bowl but mostly in the one dollar seats. Pre-season dopesters almost went wrong when they decreed that Michigan, Northwestern and Purdue would share the Big Ten title. The schedules of each of these teams happened to be so arranged that no one of them played either of the other two. Each one was certain of an exceptionally strong team. But Ohio State upset Michigan ' s hopes almost at the outset, by winning 20-7 in Michigan ' s second Conference game. Wisconsin upset the dope even more by beating Purdue rather unexpectedly 21-14. As a result Northwestern looked supreme. But this year again, the oft raised question of post-season games was reintroduced and this answered in the affirma- tive. At the close of the season, teams were to be paired according to their respective ranking. Proceeds were to go to charity and the results were to affect the final standing of the Confer- ence. As the time of drawing approached, much enthusiasm was aroused in anticipation of a Michi- gan-Northwestern battle, but this feeling faded and even turned into sharp criticism when Purdue took on Northwestern and Michigan played Wis- consin. Purdue won 7-0 and Michigan too, by a score of 16-0. And the prophets were right about the final standing. Michigan had such a wealth of material this year that the reserve squad was largely composed of men who were of Varsity calibre but were kept out by superior competition. The ace of Michi- gan ' s stars was Doc Morrison who held down the center position in fine style. Both on offense and EvERHARDUS ROBERTS YOST WlSTERT MORRISON DrBAKER GOLDSMITH SlKKEXuA WlLLIAMSON XEWMAS I-AjEUXESSE CAN TRILL PETOSKEV YOST HEWITT BERNARD AVER HUDSOX WF.STOVER DANIELS SAMUFLS SAUCHUCK TESSMER KOWALI K HOZER KlPKE J. HESTOX DOUGLAS FAY Page One Hundred Fifty-Fife Illl W. IIIMIII III! C IIIHIII Illl ODIF. A IIINIil OE IIINUI 2 Illl x HINDI THE MICHIGAN SQUAD No. NAME 4 Savage, Carl 5 Oehmann, Ward 6 Bremen, George K. 7 Miller, Wallace 8 Hazen, Francis 9 Westover, Louis 10 Ellerby, Harold 1 1 Wistert, Francis 12 Clohset, Fred 13 Hudson, Roy, Capt. 14 Holland, Kirk 1 6 Heston, William 17 Petoskey, Fred 18 Stone, Charles 1 9 Eastman, Harry 20 De Baker, Charles 2 1 Heston, John P. 22 Frisk, Leslie 23 Kutsche, Arthur 24 Tessmer, Estil 26 Damm, Russell 27 Bernard, Charles 28 Cantrill, Cecil 29 Douglass, Leslie 30 Winston, J. Leo 3 1 Everhardus, Herm 32 Daniels, Norman 34 Chapman, Harvey CLASS POSITION HOME No. ' 33 T Flint 35 ' 33 G Washington, D. C. 39 ' 33 HB Detroit 40 ' 33 T Wilmette, 111. 41 ' 32 T Bellingham, Wash. 42 ' 34 HB Bay City 43 ' 34 E Birmingham 45 ' 34 E Chicago, 111. 46 ' 33 T Bay City 48 ' 32 FB Girard, O. 49 ' 32 HB Evanston, 111. 50 ' 32 HB Detroit 51 ' 34 E Saginaw 52 ' 34 E Detroit 54 ' 32 HB Detroit 55 ' 33 HB Muskegon 56 ' 34 HB Detroit 57 ' 33 T Rock Island, 111. 58 ' 33 QB Monroe 60 ' 33 QB Ann Arbor 61 ' 33 T Muskegon 62 ' 34 C Benton Harbor 63 ' 33E T Lexington, Ky. 64 ' 32 G Gary, Ind. 66 ' 33 C Washington, D. C. 68 ' 34 HB Kalamazoo 69 NAME CLASS POSITION HOME Fay, Stanley ' 34 HB Detroit Williamson, Ivan ' 33 E Toledo, O. Meldman, Leonard ' 34 T Detroit Marcovsky, Abe ' 33 G Pittsburgh, Penn. McCrath, L. E. ' 32 T Grand Rapids Schmid, Herbert ' 34 HB Grand Rapids Kowalik, John ' 34 G Chicago, 111. Newman, Harry ' 32 QB Detroit McGuire, Donald ' 34 E South Haven Miller, Robert ' 33 T Highland Park Auer, Howard ' 32E T Bay City Horner, William ' 33E E Jackson Conover, James ' 34E G Ann Arbor Singer, Oscar ' 34 Cox, Roderick ' 33 Hewitt, William ' 32 Morrison, Maynard ' 32 Lajeunesse, Omer ' 32 ' 32 ' 34 E T Detroit 72 Detroit Yost, Fielding H., Jr. ' 32 Cooke, Thomas ' 33 Kelley, Bethel ' 34 Renner, William ' 34 Stinespring, Harry ' 34 Hozer, Stanley ' 32 Samuels, Tom ' 32 Sikkenga, Jay ' 32 Goldsmith, Duval ' 33 G Jackson Hgts., N. Y. FB Birmingham E Bay City C Royal Oak G Iron Mountain E Ann Arbor T Chicago, 111. E Bardstown, Ky. HB Youngstown, O. QB Chicago, 111. E Muskegon T Canton, O. G Muskegon Hgts. T Christiansburg, Va. Page One Hundred Fifty-Six III! W. IIIMIII UII CHIHIII Illl IIINIII flE IIINIII m llll x IIINIII on defense Morrison played an outstanding game all season. A most interesting statement was made by Grantland Rice when he announced his All- American team. Mr. Rice said that Michigan ' s defensive record reflected Morrison ' s defensive ability. Five successive opponents Illinois, Princeton, Indiana, Michigan State and Minne- sota averaged one first down per game against Michigan. Minnesota, alone, scored more yard- age against Northwestern than Minnesota, Illi- nois, Indiana and Princeton combined could score against Michigan. Morrison ' s play was the more noticeable because of the new broadcasting sys- tem. Time and again the announcer would say " Tackle by Morrison " or " Tackle by Morrison and others in the line, " but almost always Mor- rison was in on the play. He played roving cen- ter which was to his advantage but it also added to his responsibility in analyzing each play. HEWITT STARS IN BACKFIELD Captain " Solly " Hudson did some fine play- ing in the various positions in the backfield which he filled. In the last game with Wisconsin, he turned in a fine performance. Bill Hewitt was another big gun in the Michigan lineup. In the earl}- battles, he played a good game at end, but his real contribution was made at fullback. Kipke shifted him to this position for the Illinois team and at once Michigan started winning. His plung- ing, passing and pass receiving, as well as his de- fensive work, furnished plenty of color and dash to the game. The task of giving adequate praise to all the deserving members of the Varsity is most diffi- cult. As was noticed from the beginning of prac- tice, there were several good men striving for every position. Bench warming was no disgrace. Even Norm Daniels, a three sport, three year man couldn ' t hold his post against the brilliant competition of Williamson and Petoskey for the flank positions, although he did see considerable action. Kipke gave the whole squad a chance to show its worth in the opening doubleheader with Cen- tral State Teacher ' s College and Ypsflanti Normal College. Both games ended in Michigan ' s favor; the first 27-0; and the second, 34-0. A capacity crowd composed largely of high school students saw thrills and spills aplenty in this full afternoon of football lasting from 1 :30 to about 6:30 p. M. Several of the Sophomores had a big day. Ted Petoskey furnished one good example. In the first game, all he did was score one touchdown and boot three points after touchdown, and in the second, he could score only another touchdown and boot one more point all of which wasn ' t so bad for his first appearance. Jack Heston also played well and scored a touchdown in both games. Fay and Everhardus looked well in the backfield and made good bids for the regular line- Dftroit Page One Hundred. Fifty-Seven Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl dGiiAlllNIII flE IIINIII Illl x 1IINIII : m m s .t ' r ' . 1. .V . ' . " f -1j up. To be sure, the Sophomores weren ' t the only men to play stellar roles. In fact, it is much easier to list those that had an off day than those who were in the best of form. Only three of the veterans, Daniels, Newman and Auer failed to make favorable impressions but later in the sea- son all three made up for their initial showing. The rest of the team put on a fine exhibition of what they could do and furnished the fans lots of opportunities to see some real action. WOLVERINES LOOK POOR IN CHICAGO GAME The next Saturday brought a different pic- ture. Michigan really looked bad for a Michigan team in the game with Chicago. Maybe the crowd had something to do with it because only 25,000 fans witnessed the encounter. The Chi- cago squad seemed to be the only spirited group Detroit Times photo in the whole stadium. The Wolverines had the material and the form but the only pepper was an occasional individual burst which lasted for a mo- ment and then faded. Michigan scored points enougli to win but they looked bad because they didn ' t score more. The final score was 13-7, but this doesn ' t indicate the scoring possibilities of the game. Chicago, despite their enthusiasm could do little against the excellent Michigan defense and made only one real threat all afternoon. Michigan on the other hand had several oppor- tunities when a score seemed certain only to lack the necessary punch to put the ball over the goal line. The best example occurred just before the first half ended when Captain Hudson was held with only nine inches to go for a touchdown. Little of interest happened until the first quarter was nearly over, and then Michigan got a break. Jack Heston punted to Birney, the Chi- cago safety man, who fumbled the ball which La- Jeunesse recovered for Michigan on the Maroon 30 yard line. Newman, then playing quarter, drapped back to pass after an unsuccessful plunge on the first down. He was immediately beset by several tacklers who forced him to heave the ball while running at top speed. Jack Heston, the in- tended receiver, was also well covered by two Chicago players. All three men went up in the air together after the ball. By some miracle, Jack got his fingers on it and still had it when the mass was unscrambled. That made it first down with 8 yards to go for a touchdown. On the next play, Stanley Fay scored on an end run which was abetted with some fine blocking by Bill Hew- itt. Newman failed to boot the extra point. Michigan scored again in the second quarter when Wistert at tackle broke through to block a punt. Kowalik recovered on Chicago ' s 1 7 yard line. Again Newman shot a long pass on third down, this time to Hudson who went over the goal line Page One Hundred Fifty-Eight III! W. IIIMIII III! CHIHIB III) CM A Mil C IIINIII 1IINIII as he caught the ball. Newman made good on his second attempt for point after touchdown. Newman ' s passing put Michigan in a scoring for a third time just before the quarter ended. He heaved a long one to Everhardus for a gain of 24 yards. Four bucks at the line took the ball to the nine inch line as before mentioned just as the half ended. Chicago came out with a rush in the second half and made their first real threat. After three successive first downs, Wallace dropped back and threw a long pass to Zimmer who went across the goal unscathed. Hamberg added the extra point. OHIO DOWNS MICHIGAN Victor}- deservingly turned her back on Michi- gan in the next game and gave the honors to Ohio State. By a score of 20-7, the Wolverines met their first defeat in almost two years. In an- other week, it w ould have been two years almost to a day. Ohio deserved to win. Ever}- man on their team played a hard, fast and heads up game. Michigan had the power and the talent and experienced players and good coaching but it lacked enthusiasm and generalship. Frequent fumbles and penalities marked the play of both teams but Ohio State made the most of the Michi- gan misplays and lost little by its own. The very first play looked bad for Michigan. Ohio won the toss and elected to kick. Heston causht the ball and ran it back to his 24 yard line where he tried to hurdle an Ohio tackier. In- stead he was stopped dead in mid air and crashed heavily to the ground knocking the ball from his hands and knocking him out temporarily. Michi- gan held her opponents this time but later in the quarter, Heston was hit hard again and again fumbled losing the ball to Ohio on his 31 yard line. Carroll then went in for Ohio and Everhardus replaced Heston. But the damage had been done. On a series of plunges, Ohio carried the ball over the goal line and scored the extra point. Michi- gan had an excellent chance on the next play when Everhardus recovered a fumble on Ohio ' s 1 7 yard line. Fay added seven yards and an offside pen- alty on Ohio made it first down on the five yard line. But the best Michigan could do was lose the ball when Hudson passed over the goal line. Williamson singlehanded made the only score Ear Michigan. He broke through and blocked one of Cramer ' s punts, followed it up and fell on the ball back of the goal for a touchdown. Gold- smith added the extra point. Michigan threat- ened again in the second quarter when a pass from Hewitt to De Baker was good for thirty yards but on the second down he fumbled and Bell recovered for Ohio. A steady march down the field resulted in Ohio ' s third score. Carroll put the ball over for the touchdown. Probably the most spectacular play resulted in Ohio ' s third score. Heston punted Detroit Free Press pliote Page Oaf Hundred Fifty-Kim 1111 ? . IIIMIII Illl ClilHIII Illl QE I1INIII III! A 1IIN1II from behind his own goal line to Cramer who took the ball on a dead run on the Michigan 45 yard line. His interference formed quickly and blocked out man after man as Cramer picked his holes and finally raced over the goal line. The play was a fine exhibition of both Cramer ' s brilliant run- ning and of the excel- lent Ohio teamwork. That ended the scor- ing although the flock of substitutes which Kipke sent in added much enthusiasm. In a series of passes, one from Hewitt to Fay for 29 yards, one from Newman to Hewitt for 20 yards, and another from New- man to Hewitt for 15 yards gave Michigan a first down on Ohio ' s five yard line. Fay failed to gain on an end run and Newman threw the ball away on the second down by passing over the goal line. Both teams had several men who stood out in the fray. Cramer was very flashy. His re- turn of punts was consistently brilliant resulting once in a score after a run of 45 yards. He carried out one of the best deceptions of the year. Ohio lined up in punt formation with Cramer back. The ball was snapped and Cramer faked the punt and then rounded Michigan ' s right end for a gain of 27 yards. Michigan was com- pletely fooled. ILLINI FALL BEFORE WOLVERINE PLUNGES But Michigan was not daunted by the result of the Ohio game. In fact, the team seemed completely revived over the week between the Ohio and the Illinois games. The Illini proved the victim of the Wolverines who had now hit their stride. From the spiritless and losing team of the previous week, the Michigan eleven was now an aggressive powerful machine that crushed Illinois 35-0, the worst defeat ever administered by a Michigan team. One very important rea- son for this reformation was the transfer of Bill Hewitt from the end position to fullback. With Hewitt, Fay and Heston carrying the ball and Tessmer directing the attack, Michigan had a formidable backfield as well as a greatly im- proved line that opened large holes, charged, blocked, and played havoc with the Ilinois line. A startling feature of the contest was the fact that Michigan used only straight foot- ball in scoring all her points while it was Il- linois that was forced to resort to an aerial attack. The Michigan backs made over 250 yards through the Illi- nois line and 1 5 more around the ends, while the Illini total was a negative two yards. They were thrown for losses of 27 yards but Page One Hundred. Sixty (Ill ? . IIIMIII III! CIIIHIII Illl fldii x v IIINIII OE IIINHI till HINIII made up 25 of them by passes. Hewitt was the chief ground gainer and ripped through the line again and again for sub- stantial gains. It was he who was largely re- sponsible for the first two touchdowns although Fay and Heston furnished very able assistance. A penalty for roughness early in the game gave Michigan a first down on their opponents ' 40 yard line. In two plays Hewitt and Fay made it first down on the 27 yard line. In three plays Heston and Hewitt made it first down on the 13 yard line. Plunges by Fay, Heston and Hewitt made it first down on the 3 yard line and then Heston and Fay soon commenced it the rest of the way. Petoskey added the extra point. In the second quarter, Michigan had rushed the ball to the Illinois 1 1 yard line but lost it on downs. Bern- made a bad punt and the ball went out of bounds on his 25 yard line. Eitrht yards by Heston and a smash by Fay made it first down on the 14 vard stripe. On a trick pass, Hewitt tore through center for an- other first down, and from there Heston and Fay again put the ball over in two plunges. Just before the third quarter ended, New- man, then playing quarter, had returned a punt to the Illinois line. Fay made five yards on the first play of the fourth quarter; Heston added two, and Newman made it a first down on the 19 yard marker. Jack Heston took the ball on a run around right end, got loose behind perfect interference and crashed over the goal line. Villiamson made the next touchdown possi- ble when he broke through to block a punt. Kowalik fell on the ball in the end zone for the score and New- man added the extra point. Illinois then opened up with a series of passes, but enjoyed little success. Daniels inter- cepted one and carried the ball 25 yards to the Illinois 13 yard line but once again Michigan the ball on a pass over the goal. When Illinois opened up with passes again, Newman was given the opportunity for a very spectacular run. He intercepted a pass by Horsley and ran 35 yards for the fifth and last touchdown and then succeeded in kicking the extra point. MICHIGAN DEFEATS TIGERS Princeton was the next victim of the Vol- yerine attack. Continuing their form of the Illinois game, the Varsity had little trouble in completely outclassing the Tigers to beat them on their home field, 21-0. Again the Michigan scores resulted not from its widely rumored pass- Psge One Hundred Sixty-One III! ? -= IIIMIII Illl CIHHIII Illl C IIINIII m Illl xSUIINIII = ing attack but from a running attack of straight football. The powerful line joined with a brilliant backfield soundly trounced the eastern eleven. Princeton put a righting team on the field but the Michigan line was too much for them. Their total result from rushing was a net loss of one yard, although their passing attack was a bit more successful and accounted for 42 yards gain. On offense, the line showed equally well and made possible the 218 yards that Michigan rolled up from rushing. La Jeunesse at guard played a fine game until a leg injury forced him out. Morri- son as usual made tackle after tackle and clearly indicated his great ability. Petoskey saw to it that Princeton gained little in attempted runs around his end and several times, broke them up for severe losses. Captain Hudson was back in the lineup and accounted for 60 yards of the Michigan total. Stanley Fay had the biggest day scoring twice and ripping off a total of 100 yards. Bill Hewitt also was a constant threat and made a number of important gains. Fay made the first score on a 40 yard dash down the sidelines. Newman called a fake kick from placement and as the ball came to Fay, he took it and ran for a touchdown crossing the line entirely free. Fay added the second score when in two plunges, he carried the ball over from the 25 yard stripe. As a last resort, late in the fourth quarter, Purnell shot a long pass that was unsuc- cessful and the ball went to Michigan on the Illi- nois 20 yard line. On the first play, Hudson plunged through tackle, struggled along and final- ly fell over the goal for the third touchdown. After hearing about Michigan ' s sensational running attack for two weeks, the stay-at-home fans had a chance to see the Varsity illustrate their power on the Indiana team to win 22-0. The total yardage gained by rushing was a bit less than the previous weeks only 1 74 yards this time but the ability was clearly demonstrated. WILLIAMSON BLOCKS PUNTS The whole Michigan lineup played excellent football but Doc Morrison stood out most of all as he stopped dead the attempts of the Hoosier backs. Williamson managed to continue his habit of blocking punts and his play resulted in the first score. After the ball had been blocked, it rolled back over the goal pursued by both Williamson and Jones but it escaped both by rolling out of the end zone for a safety and two points. Indiana Page One Hundred Sixty-Two illl W. IIIMH N ICIIIHIII Illl IIINIII 3K UH HINDI kicked off from its 20 yard line to Hewitt who brought it all the way back again to the same marker. Fay then took the hall on an end run and kept on going until he had crossed the goal. Petoskey had a certain touchdown when he got clear of every Indiana man on a end around play but he tripped and fell over his own inter- ference and was caught before he could regain his feet again. Newman ' s arm accounted for the other two scores. The first of these was a sen- sational catch of a long pass and a brilliant run by Williamson for a gain of 45 yards and a touch- down. Newman ' s try for the extra point was partially blocked and missed the goal posts. Late in the last quarter, Everhardus ran back a punt to the Indiana 1 5 yard line. Newman ' s first pass was grounded but his second was good for the re- quired distance and settled securely in Hewitt ' s arms for the final score shortly before the game ended. MUD PRODUCES TIE What had promised to be the most exciting game of the season, the contest between Michigan State and the U. of M. developed into a muddy mess when a steady downpour of rain made the gridiron a sea of mud. Even so it was a real battle and the final score 0-0 was the best possible out- come under the conditions. Good football was im- possible and the main object of the game was to prevent fumbles and misplays from being disas- trous. Punting was the main order of the day and both Jack Heston and Abe Eliowitz turned in remarkable performances. Monnett of State gave frequent illustration of the skill which had drawn so much attention in earlier games. One interesting feature of the game was the scarcity of substitutions. Michigan State did not make a single change and Michigan made only three changes in the line for a few minutes before the first half closed. As a special treat for the homecoming crowd, Michigan retained the little brown jug for the third consecutive year by virtue of defeating Min- nesota 6-0. Whether or not it was the original jug that appeared on the field is subject to ques- tion but a jug was there held by a pretty girl so the cameraman could get a good picture. MICHIGAN RETAINS LITTLE BROWN JUG The game was a real struggle from begin- ning to end. The Gophers had a running attack in the persons of Munn, Manders and Somers that was supposed to be even more powerful than that of the Wolverines, and their line outweighed the Michigan forward wall. But weight meant World Wide Photo Page One Hundred Sixty-T irf Illl W IIIMIII Illl C IIIHIII till IIINIII OE IIINIII m III! A . IIINIII little to the Michigan line. From one end post to the other, Minnesota might as well have tried to pierce a stone wall as break through. Doc Morrison was the mainstay but all of the others, Petoske y, Auer, La Jeunesse, Hozer, Samuels and Williamson worked together in a coordinated line play that approached perfection. The for- midable ground gainers of Minnesota found the going too stiff against this wall which was backed up by Morrison and Hewitt. Manders gained only 15 yards while Munn added only one. In contrast, Hewitt alone had a total of 1 03 yards and Heston had 58 to his credit. Bill Hewitt again was the leading factor in the Michigan victory. His greatest play which resulted in the lone score was a spectacular run of 57 yards through the entire Minnesota team. It happened in the first quarter after Fay had returned a punt to his 43 yard line. On the HR H first play, Hewitt went through tackle and by a combination of straight arming, sheer strength, pivoting, and skill man- aged to get away from tackier after tackier. He fell to his knees at least three times but managed to keep going until he had gained an open field and had only Pete Som- ers to elude in the re- maining twenty yards or so that he needed to go. Bill seemed to coil up as he did on his terrific plunges and put all he had in a dash for the goal line. It is doubt- ful if any man could have stopped Hewitt then, and the best Somers could do was make Bill stumble and almost fall. His momentum kept him going and he fell over the line for what proved to be the only score. Petoskey attempted to kick goal but the ball struck the goal post and bounced back into the field. This six point margin didn ' t put the game on ice by any means and both teams fought valiantly to score until the final gun went off. In fact Michigan seemed certain to score when they carried the ball to Minnesota ' s 4 yard line on second down. But the timer ' s gun ending the game stopped this last minute attack. As the finishing touches of an unusual season, Michigan did its share towards earning the Con- ference title by defeating Wisconsin 16-0 in the post season charity game. Meanwhile at Soldiers ' Field in Chicago, Purdue likewise did her share by beating the Northwestern Wildcats in a close game 6-0. These two results produced a three way tie for the Big Ten Honors since Michigan, Northwestern and Purdue each had five wins and one defeat. The Badgers furnished plenty of competition despite the fact that only 12,000 fans thought the game would be worth seeing. After a score- less first quarter, the Wisconsin team started an attack that was halted on Michigan ' s two foot line. Everhardus soon put his team out of diffi- culties when he stood behind his own goal and kicked a beautiful spiral far over the safety man ' s head to the Wisconsin 32 yard line where it went out of bounds. Not until the third quarter did Michigan score and then they did on a long pass good fo r 26 yards from Hewitt to Hudson. Hudson was responsible for the second score when he called for a place kick from the 40 yard line. His boot was perfect, sailing squarely between the goal posts for another three points. Long runs by Hewitt and Everhardus ac- counted for the last score. Hewitt ripped off 19 yards through tackle only to be forced outside on the 16 yard line. Everhardus added 1 5 yards more on an end run and Hewitt went through tackle again to make the nec- essary yard. Everhar- dus kicked the extra point. Thus another year of football ended for Michigan. To summarize the results, Michigan had hit her stride after the Ohio State defeat to come through the rest of the season without a single defeat, ending up in a three way tie for the Conference title. The final sign of a successful year had come when Grantland Rice named Maynard Morrison as center on his Ail- American team and placed Bill Hewitt on his honorable mention list. The large loudspeakers which the University administration placed on the roof of the press box were very useful in dis- pensing information to the crowd, and with the electric scoreboards, installed at each end of the stadium a few years ago, they gave the stadium one of the best sets of equipment in the country. Gate receipts fell off some, but not enough serious- ly to affect the University ' s athletic program. Page One Hundred Sixty-Four mil -= IIIMIII 1111 CHIHIII nil GiAMfl 4E II1NIII III! x 1IINIII " CONFERENCE HONORS (Above right) Norman Daniels, center on Michigan ' s basketball team, who was chosen all-conference center. (Above left) William Hewitt, end and full- back on the Wolverine football team, who was selected all-confer- ence end and also played on the East team in the annual East- West classic. (Left) R. Perry Austin, two-miler, who was awarded the Conference medal for athletic and scholastic achievement. Page One Hundred Sixty-Five mil -= HIMIII 1111 CIIIHIII Illl fiGwAUNIil QE IIINIII IIINIII BASKETBALL EGINNING THE SEASON under its new mentor, Coach Franklin Cappon, Michigan ' s varsity turned its first game of the season into a victory by the rather close margin of 33-27. The Wolverines began the year with a squad of veterans: Captain Daniels, Eveland, Weiss, Williamson, Petrie, Shaw, Garner, and Rickets returning from last year ' s varsity. Alten- hoff was absent the first half of the season. Led by two clever forwards, Althoff and Hanna, the Western State quintet gave the Wolverines a hard battle for their victory. The smaller Western State five lacked the class of the larger Wol- verines, but they showed enough speed and fight to make the game an interesting one. Two of last year ' s veterans, Hank Weiss and Norm Daniels, led the Wolverine attack with nine points apiece. The play was somewhat erratic, despite the high scoring, and it showed that both teams were still in early season form. Michigan led by a scant two points at the end of the first period, but they soon drew away from their opponents in the sec- ond half, a last minute rally putting the teachers again within striking distance of the Wolverine score when the final gun sounded. SPARTANS ARE DELUGED Playing early season basketball in its earliest possible stage, Coach Cappon ' s Wolverines de- feated the Spartans, 27-5, the worst beating that Michigan has ever administered to a Michigan State basketball team. It was the first time Michi- gan has ever held the Spartans below ten points, but the score was no indication of the play. Both teams were ragged, the high Michigan score be- ing mostly due to their ability to find the Spartan basket in spite of a disorganized offense. Although the Green bombarded the Wolverine goal con- tinually, they succeeded in netting only one field goal, three successful free throws bringing their score up to five. Michigan tried vainly to find a working com- bination, using twelve players during the course of the fracas, and the Spartans were close behind with six substitutions. Petrie, substituting for Eve- land, carried off high point honors with nine points. Eveland and Daniels each accounted for five points. Michigan emerged from her holiday season games with one win and one loss. The Wolver- ines gained their victory over Mount Union, 19- 16. Although the score was close, Michigan had THE BALL RIMS THE HOOP IN A FAST PRACTICE GAME One Hundred Sixty-Six III! W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl flDIii A II1NIII CE IIINIII SUINIII little difficulty in earning off the honors, her low score being largely due to erratic playing, also characteristic of the pre-holiday games with West- ern State Teachers and Michigan State. The game with Syracuse was a different story. With Weiss dropped back from his old forward position to the guard berth opposite Williamson, Michigan battled the New Yorkers on even terms until the final minutes of play when a free throw and a goal turned the tide in favor of Syracuse. Weiss showed up well in his new position, carry- ing away high point honors. Eveland and Petrie occupied the forward berths whfle Williamson and Daniels retained their former positions. GOPHERS LOSE OPENER Minnesota ' s early season string of victories came to an abrupt halt when the highly touted Gophers met defeat at the hands of the Wolver- ines in a fast game which opened the Conference season. Coach " Cappy " Cappon ' s rejuvenated varsity played a splendid game to take the Gopher aggregation 25-30. Hank Weiss started the action by sinking three shots in rapid succession in the early part of the game. A Minnesota rally soon overcame this lead, and the score alternated back and forth from then on, reaching a tie four times before the half, which ended 11-10 in Minneso- ta ' s favor. Eveland flashed to the front to take high point honors for Michigan with 10 points while So- chaki led the Minnesota attack with 1 1 points. Williamson and Weiss also made notable contri- butions to the Wolverine score, making 8 and 7 points respectively. Michigan ' s veteran squad journeyed to Madi- son, January 9, to meet Wisconsin in their open- ing conference game. Opening the game with Garner at center, Weiss and Williamson at guards, and Eveland and Petrie at forwards, Michigan played a nip and tuck game up to the half. The second half opened with Wisconsin in the lead, 15-14. Throughout the second half Michigan presented an iron defense to the Wisconsin attack, wrecking the Badger offense, and giving Michi- gan an opportunity to get in the lead. Garner was replaced by Captain Daniels at this point, and ROBERTS CAPPON GARNER RICKETTS OOSTERBAAN RASMUSSEN WEISS ALTTNHOF PETKIE DANIELS WILLIAMSON EVELAND SHAW Page One Hundred Sixty-Seven Illl IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl (ODISA IIINlll QE I1IN1II m Illl A HINDI Michigan soon gained a seven point lead which they held until the closing minutes when a free throw by Poser narrowed it to six. Scoring hon- ors were divided by Garner, Eveland, and Weiss, each being responsible for three baskets. The game ended with Michigan victor by virtue of a 24-18 score. NORTHWESTERN EKES OUT WIN OVER WOLVERINES Michigan journeyed to Evanston on January 16, and made a desperate effort to stop North- western ' s string of one point victories, but was fol- lowed by the same hoodoo that defeated several of North western ' s previous opponents. The game was sharply contested, Michigan leading at the half by one point, and Northwestern reversing it at the end to win the game 21-20. Captain Daniels was shifted from his old position at center to forward where he led the Michigan attack, i sharing scoring honors with Williamson. After beginning the second half with an advantage of one point, the Wolverines were held to a stand- still during most of the second half while the Wildcats rolled up a seven point lead. Michi- gan ' s final rally netted them six points in the last two minutes of play, but it was hardly enough, Northwestern retaining the lead and a victory by a margin of one lone point. This was Michigan ' s first conference defeat, and it put Northwestern out in front in the race for the Conference Cham- pionship. Eight thousand five hundred excited fans watched Captain Norman Daniels lead his team to a 28-16 victory over the strong Illinois aggre- gation which invaded the Field House on Janu- ary 18. Illinois came to Ann Arbor determined to repeat their achievement of a few nights before when they scored a surprising upset over the pow- erful Purdue team. But they had failed to antici- pate meeting Norman Daniels at his best. Cap- tain Daniels led his team from the forward posi- tion, penetrating the Illinois defense at will, and accounting for sixteen of Michigan ' s points. The Wolverines began their drive soon after the tip- off and were never headed, leading the Illini, 16-5 at the half. Big Ed Garner played a con- sistent game at center and Weiss brought the stands to their feet several times with his skill in stealing the ball from the Illinois forwards. Wil- liamson and Eveland both took part in the scoring, accounting for three and two points respectively. The Michigan defense was especially good in this game, but success lay mainly in the driving Wol- verine offense. Michigan met its second defeat of the season in a closely contested game at Minneapolis on January 23. The Gophers scored the first major upset of the Big Ten season by nosing the Wol- Page One Hundred Sixty-Eight Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl flDI IIINIII flE IIINIII . 1IINIII verines out 26-30, in a closely contested game, evening the score for their early season defeat at the hands of Michigan. More than 10,000 ex- cited fans packed the huge Minnesota Field House to witness the Minnesota victory. Michigan got a slow start, but soon caught up with their opponents to battle on even terms until the last few minutes of play when Licht and Cielusak of the Gophers broke the 26-26 tie in favor of Minnesota. Michigan ' s frequent rallies were marked by the unerring accuracy of Eveland and Daniels, who scored eight and nine points respectively for the Wolverines. Garner, Shaw, Weiss, and Williamson all took part in the scoring, keeping the Maize and Blue within easy reach of victory throughout the game, but a last minute rally turned the tide in favor of the Gopher five. WOLVES DEFEAT OHIO Coach Cappon ' s Wolverines retained a place in the top rank of Big Ten competition by defeat- ing the Ohio State Buckeyes in a strong defensive game at Columbus on January 28. Michigan jumped into the lead early in the game and was never seriously threatened with defeat. At the half the score stood 21-14. Williamson and Weiss baffled the Buckeye scorers with a well set defense, and Williamson showed his offensive ability by leading the scoring with four field goals and one free throw. The Buckeyes rallied in the second half but were overcome by the well dis- tributed scoring of the Wolverines, Daniels and Eveland making eight points apiece, and Garner, Petrie, and Weiss rolling up 6, 4, and 3 points respectively. The 38-25 score demonstrated the superiority of the Wolverines in all departments of the game, and the Ohio State loss evened their standing in the Big Ten with that of Michigan. The 6,500 fans who attended the game with Iowa in the Yost Field House on the evening of February 15, saw Michigan roll up one of the largest scores of the season, 40-22. Captain Dan- iels led the scoring from the forward position with five goals from the field and four more from the foul line, netting him a total of 14 points. The expected scoring duel between Daniels and How- ard Moffitt of Iowa did not materialize as Mof- fitt was held to three points by the close guarding of Ivy Williamson, the man who cut short the scoring sprees of several highly touted aces during the season. Daniels ' 14 points sent his 44 point season total soaring to 58. Coach Cappon found that Weiss and William- son functioned as well as ever in the guard posi- tions, and in addition to presenting an iron de- fense, the two rolled up 16 points between them. Eveland turned in a good exhibition, adding 7 points to Michigan ' s score. The game was unusually rough, being marred by 23 fouls, one of which was a technical on Vis- tert. In the closing minutes of play, Coach Cappon sent in an entirely new Michigan team, Ray Altenhof breaking into the guard position which he held last year. Page One HuaJreJ Sixty-Nine till W. IIIMIII illl CHIHIII Illl (flGIii A IIINIII OE IIINIII Illl x 1IINIII WOLVES FALL TO ILLINI Michigan met their third conference defeat in Champaign at the hands of a team of determined Illini, who succeeded in besting the Wolverines 29-23, to score their second upset of the season. The game was similar to the one in which Illinois upset Purdue earlier in the year. The Illinois attack was led by Hudson Hellmich, their rangy center, who led the scoring with a total of 16 points, in addition to being largely responsible for the break-up of most of Michigan ' s drives. Norm Daniels again led the Wolverine scoring, making four field goals during the evening, while Weiss and Eveland each accounted for five points. The Wolverines pressed the Illini hard until the final gun, leading them 11-12 at the half. However, the Illinois quintet succeeded in drawing ahead early in the second half and had increased their lead to six points at the end. Michigan met North- western ' s Wildcats in a hard fought game in the Yost Field House on the night of February 23, only to battle through another overtime game to their second defeat at the hands of Northwest- ern this year. This de- feat definitely ended Michigan ' s hopes for the Conference champion- ship. The game was ex- ceptionally hard-fought throughout, the leader- ship of Elmer Johnson and Saul Farber for Northwestern being equaled by that of Captain Norman Daniels and Ivan Williamson for Michi- gan. The game turned out to be something of a scoring duel between the Northwestern center, Johnson, and Captain Daniels, who made 14 and 13 points respectively. This ran Daniels ' season total to 85, second at this time only to Wooden of Purdue. Most of Daniels ' shots were made from difficult positions as he was closely guarded by Johnson. Joe Reiff, the greatest scoring threat on the Northwestern quintet, met his mas- ter when he encountered Michigan ' s rugged guard, Ivan Williamson. Williamson played a brilliant game to hold him to two points, both made from the foul line. Michigan ' s final opportunity in the overtime period was due to one of the longest shots made in Yost Field House this year. Tt was dropped in by Ray Altenhof, sensation of last year, who became eligible for conference competition at the end of the first semester. Altenhof ' s goal tied the score at 23 all, but the overtime period was fatal to Michigan, Northwestern launching a scoring attack which left the score 30-26 at the final gun. Michigan came back strong from their defeat at the hands of Northwestern the week before to leave the University of Iowa quintet trailing on the short end of a 35-27 score in a fast game played at Iowa City on the evening of February 27. Norm Daniels strengthened his bid for Confer- ence scoring honors by accounting for thirteen of Michigan ' s markers. Eveland and Weiss again proved themselves leaders in the Wolverine of- fense by rolling up 6 and 1 1 points respectively. The Wolverines started the game with a bang, and were never headed, although Iowa drew up to 27-28 in the last four minutes of play. How- ever in those minutes, Eveland and Altenhof lengthened the Wolverine lead to eight points. Coach Cappon made several substitutions in this game; Shaw, Gar- ner, Williamson, Weiss, Altenhof, Eveland, and Daniels all seeing action. The thirteen points rolled up by Norm Dan- iels would have been sufficient to force to a tie the Wisconsi n quintet which invaded Ann Ar- bor on the evening of February 29, but the rest of the Wolverine squad were not idle, and by the end of the second half Michigan had left their opponents on the short end of a 33-13 score. The game was one of the slowest played here since the conference season began due mostly to the fact that the Badgers were seriously handi- capped through ineligibilitv. MICHIGAN WINS LAST GAME A Wolverine victory was the outcome of the game with Ohio State which marked the close of the 1931-32 conference basketball season. The Wolverines came back strong in the second half to leave their opponents trailing 30-27 when the final gun sounded. Playing for the last time as Captain of the Michigan squad, Norm Daniels again led his team in the scoring, with a total of nine points. Alex Shaw, Hank Weiss, and Girard Ricketts also went on the floor in a Michigan uniform for the last time. The Wol- verines were handicapped by the absence of Eve- land, captain elect for next year, who was kept from playing on account of illness. Page One HiinJreJ Serenlv III! ? . IHMIII Mil CIHHIH fill IIINIII 4E IIINII! m III! xSUINIII HERB?T MURRAY WORST LOWREY TEMPLE GlEFEL ROBERTS CHEERLEADERS Michigan ' s cheerleaders, with their boundless pep and activity, did much toward maintaining the Wolverines ' fighting spirit throughout the past athletic season. The squad of eight men, placed strategically around the stadium, gave every Michigan rooter ample opportunity to use his ex- cess energy to good purpose. Entertaining the stands with expert tumbling, rain or shine, they added a vivid splash of color to all the home games last fall. The cheer-lead- ers also made the trip to Princeton and managed to produce almost as much volu me from the Mich- iganders visiting there as the Princetonians them- selves made. The card section, an innova- tion a year ago, had to be dis- continued in the middle of the season because the rooters per- sisted in tossing their cards in the air at the first Michigan touchdown. This was most picturesque, but entirely disas- trous to the card formations. Besides this, numerous minor injuries were sustained by spec- tators who were hit by the fall- ing cards. It is expected, however, that some other similar stunt wfll be worked out for next year. Though football received its full share of at- tention from the cheerleaders, it was by no means the only sport to be enlivened by them. One or more cheerleaders were oresent at basketball games, wrestling meets, pep-sessions, and class meetings, lending their aid to make the occasion lively. The squad last season numbered eight men, including the senior or varsity cheerleader, three junior assistants, and four sopho more alternates. Jack Herbst was varsity cheerleader. At the last basketball game of the season he presented the silver mega- phone, emblematic of leader- ship of the team for the com- ing year, to William Temple. The complete roster of the cheer-leading team was: John Herbst, William V. Park, Wil- liam Temple, William Geifel, Charles R. Worst, Walter Murray, Albert Lowrey, and Thomas Roberts. Page One Hundred " erenty-Ot:e Illl W. IIIMIII Illl C IIIHIII Illl (OGiii A S IIINIII QE HINIII m Illl A IIINIII BASEBALL =AILURE TO MAINTAIN a consis- tent standard played havoc with the title hopes of the strong baseball team which Michigan put in the field last spring. At times, the batting strength was remarkable; the fielding, clean and fast; and the pitching capable of turning back the strongest opponents; but at other times, the opposite was quite true. Consequently the final standing found Michigan in fourth place behind Chicago, Illinois, and Northwestern with a record of five wins to four losses. The season total in- cluding all the games played resulted in thirteen victories, seven defeats, and one tie. Michigan ' s hopes ran high at the opening of the season when only one letterman was lost because of ineligility and a wealth of promising material was available. The veterans, Hudson, Daniels, and Superko returned to their positions in the infield; Captain Tompkins continued in center field; and the experienced Compton and Kiegler formed the nucleus of the hurling staff. Sophomore material from the Frosh team of the preceding year filled the remaining positions in an excellent manner. Behind the plate, " Mike " Diffley did some outstanding work as a receiver, slugger and handler of pitchers. Manuel ap- peared to have the shortstop position cinched when he received a knee injury and was forced to stay on the bench. Kracht ably filled this assignment for the rest of the season. To keep company with Captain Tompkins in the outfield, Braendle and Eastman were usually chosen but Butler and Drabicke also saw action there. McNeil and McKay saw considerable action on the mound with Tompkins sometimes coming in from the field to do relief duty. The pitching staff was Coach Fisher ' s worry in pre-season workouts and remained a problem throughout the season. Some excellent performances were turned in by each member of the staff, but to offset these, their offerings were often knocked all over the lot by opposing batsmen. Verne Compton was the mainstay of the staff but overwork impaired his THREE CAPTAINS REPRESENTING BASKETBALL, FOOTBALL, BASEBALL, AND HOCKEY. Page One Hundred Seventy-Two Illl W. IIIMIII HI! flCIIIHIII Rll OE IIINIII 3K Illl UINIII = efficiency to a large degree. At one time he had to pitch in four consecuti ve Conference games, three of which occurred in the same week. The inconsistency and lack of reserve material in the hurling squad was largely responsible for the final standing. For the second time in the history of Michi- gan athletics, a man was chosen captain of two sports. At the meeting near the close of the season, Roy " Sol " Hudson, captain-elect of the football team, was also elected captain of the 1932 baseball team. Harry Benjamin was chosen man- ager at the same time. It is interesting to note how well the ' 31 squad was supplied with captains. Jack Tomp- kins in center field was captain of both baseball and hockey; Hudson at first base was football captain; and Norm Daniels at second, was bas- ketball captain-elect. TEAM GOES SOUTH On April 13th, the team began the annual Southern trip which scheduled six contests. Of these Michigan won three, lost two and tied one. The University of Kentucky and Miami U. turned the trick on the Wolverines in successive days by scores of 10-5 and 5-3. St. Xavier of Cincinnati went down 1-0 under the three-hit pitching of Compton, while Dayton was snowed under 1 5-3. Vanderbilt produced plenty of trou- ble in their two game series: the first resulted in a 5-4 victory for the Michigan squad and the sec- ond ran ten innings and was called on account of darkness. Opening its Conference season at Ferry Field, the Wolverines pounced on two Iowa hurlers for 16 hits to win easily 12-5. The feature of the contest was the unexpected batting power dis- played by the Varsity. Little respect was shown for the opposing pitchers by the Fishermen as they romped around the bases almost at will. Three newcomers, Diffley, Kracht, and Braendle ac- counted for half of the hits while the veterans, Hudson and Superko, not to be outdone, each gathered three safties apiece. On the mound, Compton held the invaders well under control except in two innings when errors by his team- mates put him in difficulties. SHIIVEI TAVE FE THOSXTESG KlEGLEX McNEAL RICHMOND HOLE McCoHMICK LlXDSAY FlSHE CAU GEKSBACH DANIELS MOODY PKESUEY McKAY KKACHT DIFFLEY DOUGLASS MASCEL HUDSON DRABICKE SVPEKKO COJIPTOX BVILF EASTMAN roiirxiNs BHAENDLE Page One Hundred Seventy-Three Ill] ? . IIIMIII III! CIIIHIH Illl QGwAilM OE IIINIII till xfk 1IINIII In the four games which followed, the Var- sity continued its victorious march defeating West- ern State Normal 4-2; Hosei University of Japan, 12-5; and Colgate twice, 4-2 and 4-1. The game with Hosei was a result of Michigan ' s Ori- ental tour three years ago. It was, however, the first contest hetween the two schools as Hosei was not on the Michigan schedule at that time. The game promised to be a tight contest until the fifth inning when the Japanese pitcher blew up. The fireworks started when Hudson connected for a home run, and then before the side was re- tired, every Michigan man had crossed the plate. Good pitching marked the other games as McKay, McNeil, and Kiegler subdued the opposition. Engaging in the fifth contest of the week, the Michigan nine took their second Conference vic- tory at the expense of Indiana, 4-0. Hoosier misplays were mainly responsible for the victory as Vellar, the Indiana ace, gave only four hits and struck out eleven, while Compton was nicked for seven hits. Vellar had himself to blame for the Michigan scoring spree in the sixth when he made a fielding error and two wild throws. In con- trast, the Wolverine infield performed excellently and scored two double plays, one, Kracht to Hud- son, and the other, Compton to Hudson. ILLINI TRIM WOLVES Illinois dimmed Michigan ' s hopes and contin- ued her way towards the Conference title as she came out on the heavy end of a 1 0-6 score. After stopping the Illini for three innings while his team mates piled up a lead of five runs, Compton suddenly lost his charm and was knocked out of the box, causing all the women to leave. His successors, McKay and McNeil fared little better. The whole contest was a rough and tumble af- fair and was delayed frequently by arguments be- tween the players, officials and coaches. In the Wisconsin game, three days later, the defeated Wolverines took out their spite by the same score that Illinois won by, 10-6. Michigan sluggers showed their stuff in this free hitting contest. Diffley collected a homer, a triple and a single in five times at bat while Braendle also clouted out a round tripper. McNeil started in the box for Michigan but Compton had to relieve him to protect the Michigan lead. At Chicago, the Wolverines were taken into camp for the second time that week, this time by a 4-0 score. " Lefty " Henshaw held the Michi- gan squad to seven widely scattered hits and Page One Hundred Seventy-Four (Ill ? . IIIMIII Illl ClItHffl lill flDIT. A IIINIII flE IIINIII 3SUIII y IIINIII fanned eleven batsmen. Wolverine pitching weakness was plainly demonstrated on this tour, as Fisher was forced to use Compton in every game. For the third time in only two years, a base- ball contest between Ohio State and Michigan resulted in no-decision. This time a driving rain forced the contest to be discontinued at the end of one and a third innings. Kiegler succeeded in administering the sev- enth consecutive defeat to the Iowa squad by a score of 2-0. Although he allowed five hits, Kiegler bore down in the pinches and managed to keep the Hawkeyes from crossing the plate. Daniels and Kracht aided the cause with some brilliant support in the infield. Once again, Mills, the Illinois ace, silenced the Michigan sluggers and gained his second vic- tory of the season over them, 9-0. Hudson knocked out a triple and a double and Daniels, a single, for the only hits off Mills. Hudson was doubled at the plate in the only scoring oppor- tunity. In the opener of a three game series with Michigan State, Coach Fisher sent a parade of pitchers against the Spartans with little success. State won 8-4. The Wolverines had one big inning, the sixth, when they put together two er- rors, a walk, and two hits, one of them a triple by Diffley, to score their four runs. Seven errors by the Ohio squad spelled victory for Michigan to the tune of 7-3. Kiegler held the Buckeyes to five hits and would have scored a shutout had it not been for two errors by Super- ko allowing the three runs to score. In the last Conference game, Indiana took to the offerings of both Compton and Kiegler and pounded out a 9-5 victory. The Wolverines were in the running until Moody dropped an easy pop fly in the ninth inning and then after he had re- covered the ball, threw it into the grandstand al- lowing three runs to score and put the game on ice. Michigan State furnished the opposition for the last games of the season playing for Home- coming at State on Friday and at Ann Arbor on Saturday. In the first game, Griffin held the Wolverines to seven hits which he kept so well scattered that no runs were scored off him. The second game seemed made to order for the homecoming alumni at the annual reunion game at Ferry Field. Michigan nosed out the East Lansing men in a thrilling ninth inning rally and won 3-2. Page One Hundred Seventy-Five Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl (DCiA IIINIII (HE IIINIII HINIII TRACK MICHIGAN WINS DRAKE RELAYS ICHIGAN ' S 1931 spring track season opened with a bang when Coach Hoyt took seventeen thinclads to the Drake Relays in Des Moines on April 24. Seven major records were broken at the meet, Michigan ' s half mile relay team, composed of Campbell, Russell, Noyes and Tolan establishing one of the new marks with the remarkable time of 1 :27. The mile relay was the feature of the meet, narrowing to a duel between Notre Dame and Michigan. Michigan emerged victorious, due largely to Russell ' s magnificent spurt of speed at the close of the race. Eddie Tolan was perhaps the busiest indi- vidual on the track, running six races in the two days of the meet. This may have been the cause of his unexpected defeat in the century by Peyton Glass of the Oklahoma Aggies. That Michigan placed fifteen men in the scoring is remarkable in view of the fact that 2,600 athletes, representing 210 Universities, participated in the meet. Nota- ble in the Michigan line-up were Captain Pottle who tied for second in the pole vault, Cox who gained a third in the hammer, and Egleston, Michigan ' s premier hurdler, who came fourth in the high hurdles. HOYT ' S MEN SECOND AT OHIO A week after the Drake Relays Coach Hoyt took his tracksters to Columbus where they battled for honors in the Ohio Relays. Despite the fact that several events were run in a downpour and that the track was soggy for the entire meet, two unofficial world records and three new Ohio marks were established. Victories in two short relays, the 440 and 880, and a triumph for Tolan in the 100 yard dash were Michigan ' s high points. Tolan ' s time in the century was :9.6, one-tenth of a second slower than his own world record. Tolan might be credited with all three of Michigan ' s victories as he ran the final heat of both relays, starting behind in each. Ohio State carried away first honors with Michigan and Illi- nois trailing with three firsts each. Captain Pottle, Howley Egleston and Rod Cox all placed in their respective events. Michigan met the Minnesota thinclads on Ferry Field on May 9 in the first and last home meet of the season. Coach Hoyt entered thirty- eight men; Tolan, Austin, and Pottle performing before a home crowd for the last time. The meet was a triumph for Michigan, the Wolverine squad carrying nine firsts to six for Minnesota and roll- START OF THF 220-YARD DASH AT FERRY FIELD. Page One Hundred Seventy-Six Illl W. IIIMII! Illl CIIIHIII Illl (DGiii A IIINIII flE IIINIII Illl x , IHNIII ing up a total of 89 1 2 points to 45 1 2 for the Gophers. Rain made running difficult, the track being covered in places with six inches of water. Three of the events, the 440, 880, and two mile, were slams for Michigan while Tolan performed the expected by taking both the century and the 220. Captain Pottle easily won his event over Haas, the Minnesota vaulter. Scheifly, of Min- nesota, scored upsets by taking both hurdle races, but the points here were well distributed as Egles- ton, Haefele, and DeBaker divided the other places. Cox demonstrated his improvement in the hammer by taking first in the event. TOLAN WINS HONORS IN ILLINOIS MEET Supremacy on the track won a victory for the Wolverines over the powerful Illinois aggregation in the 1931 squad ' s second Big Ten meet, held in Urbana on May 16. At one time during the meet the score stood at 47 to 17 in Michigan ' s favor, but when the Illinois field men went into action it became a desperate battle. Michigan ' s lead proved too great an obstacle however, and the final score stood at 70 1 3 for Michigan and 64 2 3 for Illinois. Tolan was high point man, winning both dashes, while Egleston and Haefele amazed the Illinois stands by beating the sensational Sentman in the high sticks. Campbell repeated his previous performances by coming second to Tolan in both sprints. First places for the Wolverines were gained by Austin in the two mile, Russell in the 440, and Turner in the 880. On the field Cap- tain Pottle, Cox, Goldsmith, Dougall, Gafill, Noyes, Klein, and Dibble earned enough points to give Michigan a winning margin. MICHIGAN STARS APPEAR LAST TIME The Big Ten Meet held at Evanston on May 23, was the last appearance in Western Confer- ence competition for several of Michigan ' s track luminaries. Among these were Captain Pottle, veteran pole vaulter; Eddie Tolan, world record holder in the century; and Perry Austin, Confer- ence two mile champion. Wisconsin won the meet due to unusual strength in the weights while Illinois gained revenge over Michigan for her de- feat a week before by nosing the Wolverines out KLEIX HILL HOWELL WEVL JACKSON DRAVELIXG HAEFELE GAFILL HAZEX FECSTEL EGLESTOX DF.BAKER TURXER Cox GLADIXC EKXOVICH BRADEX WOLFE CAMPBELL AU STIN MUELLER NOYES POTTLE HOYT RUSSELL TOLAS MURRAY Page One Hundred Seventy-Seven Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIH III! flE IIINIII for second place by the narrow margin of one point. Michigan scored in every track event ex- cept the two mile run. Lady Luck seemed to have deserted the Wolverines for the first time during the year, unexpected setbacks occurring at every turn. A distinct surprise came in the two mile when Austin failed to place. Glading fell in the quarter while Captain Pottle had a bad day in his event,, gaining only a tie for fifth. Dougall, after tying for third in the javelin, was disquali- fied for stepping over the line. However, Michi- gan ' s mile relay team, composed of Eknovich, DeBaker, Glading, and Russell, performed the feat of the day when they broke the Big Ten rec- ord in that event, running it in 3:18.5 and better- ing the old record by :1.4. Tolan won both dashes, taking the century in the fast time of :9.6. His teammate, Russell, recognized as one of the best 440 men in college competition, won his event in :48.7. Cox, Egleston, and Camp- bell also added points to Michigan ' s score which stood at the end of the day at 38 1 3. Other scores were: Wisconsin, 46; Illinois, 39 5 6; In- diana, 28y 2 ; and Ohio, 27 5 6. TOLAN WINS AT EASTERN Michigan was represented by one man only at the Eastern Intercollegiates in Philadelphia on May 30, but this one man carried away more points than did many a well represented Eastern school. Eddie Tolan ' s victory in the 220-yard dash and his second in the 100-yard dash netted him a total of nine points. The century is still being disputed, but the officials decided that Wy- ckoff of Southern California broke the tape first and their decision stands. Seventy-eight Universities competed for na- tional honors in the National Intercollegiates held in Chicago, June 5 and 6. Michigan was repre- sented by five thinclads. Tolan and Campbell were entered in the dashes, Turner in the 880, and Cox in the Hammer. It was a landmark in the career of Michigan ' s famous sprinter, Eddie Tolan, the meet being his last in intercollegiate circles. He made his final appearance for Michi- gan a brilliant one, capturing the national colle- giate championship in the 220-yard dash, running it in :21.5. Tolan once more came second to Wyckoff in the century. WyckofT ' s time was :9.6. Turner ran fifth in the 880. Michigan emerged from the meet with seventh place and a total of 20 points, Southern California easily car- rying away first honors with the huge total of 771 7 points. Page One Hundred Seventy-Eight till ? . IIIMIII 1)11 CHIHIB Illl E IIINIII m Illl A , HINIII WOLVES OPEN INDOOR SEASON WITH WIN In the 1932 indoor track season the Michi- gan team shows much potential strength as we go to press. In the first meet of the year, Chicago ' s weak track team proved little opposition for the Michigan thinclads, and only in the high and low hurdles did the Maroons furnish any opposition. Renwick and Campbell showed their heels to the Maroons in the 60 yard dash and finished almost even in the time of 6.3. DeBaker and Captain Russell fought it out for honors in the quarter-mile, the latter running the distance in die excellent time of 50.3. Turner and Ekno- vich had things to themselves in the half, running a dead heat, while Wolfe easily won the mile. Howell and Hfll ran away with the two-mile race. In the high jump Mosio and Roberts dropped below their usual marks, but their jumps of 5 ' 10 " was good enough to win. Annexing four first places and a tie for a fifth, the Wolverine tracksters defeated Illinois and Ohio State in a triangular meet at Yost Field House. Michigan accumulated a total of 57J 2 points, Illinois was second with 36 , and Ohio brought up the rear with 30. Michigan ' s crack mile relay team provided the outstanding per- formance of the evening by clicking off the dis- tance in the record-breaking time of 3:22.9. The old field house record was 3:26.1. Russell, De- Baker, Turner, and Eknovich comprised the win- ning quartet. Doc Howell fought off the determined threat of his teammate, Hfll, tc win the two-mile run in slow time. Jusek of Michigan and Russell of Ohio tied for first in the high jump with 6 ' 5 8 " . HOOSIERS NOSE OUT WOLVES IN CONFERENCE In the Big Ten meet held at Chicago, six records went by the boards as Indiana, by the slim margin of 5,6 of a point, nosed out Michi- gan for first place. Minnesota was third, Illinois fourth, and Wisconsin fifth. Iowa scored 8 points, Ohio State 7, Purdue 4 2, Chicago 3, while Northwestern failed to score. Don Renwick, Wolverine sprinting ace, tied the world ' s indoor record for the 60-yard dash by defeating Thompton of Minnesota by a scant four inches in the time of 6.2. Jack Campbell finished third. Michigan ' s weakness in the field events displayed itself when it failed to count in either the high jump or pole vault. Indiana scored a total of 6 5 ' 6 points in these events. One Hundred Seventy-Xiae Illl ? -= IIIMIII Illl CUIHIII Illl C I1INIII (III xfcv 1IINIII CROSS-COUNTRY KOACH HOYT ' S varsity cross coun- try team got off to an auspicious start Ci in their first encounter by defeating the veteran Detroit Y. M. C. A. ag- gregation, 16-46. Bill Howell, Michi- gan ace, was the outstanding individ- ual star, breaking his own course record for the University layout by ten seconds to win in the excellent time of fifteen minutes, twenty-eight and four-tenths seconds. Howe!!, Hill, Wolfe, and Fitzgibbons took the first four places easily, Mc- Manus was sixth, Ostrander eighth, and Braden tenth. In their second meet, the Wolverine harriers were outraced by the State Champion Michigan Normal team, though Howell lowered his own record by nearly twenty seconds to take first place. Steve Farrell, former Michigan track coach, stated that in his opinion Howell gave one of the prettiest exhibitions of sustained running in his record- breaking jaunt that will be seen for some time. Hill, who finished fifth, was the next Michigan man to score. A well-balanced Michigan State squad took the Michigan thinclads in tow in their third meet by a 24-31 score. The whole of the race was run in a chilling drizzle, which slowed the going considerably since the State course runs through a flat woodland for the greater part of its length and the ground was strewn with wet leaves. Cap- tain Clark Chamberlain of the Spartans, inter-col- legiate cross-country champion, was the individual star of the day and defeated Michigan ' s number one man, Howell, by one minute. Wolfe fin- ished fifth, Fitzgihbons eighth, and Ostrander tenth. By bunching men in second, third, fifth and sixth positions, the University of Illinois harriers nosed out the Maize and Blue, 27-30 in the annu- al triangular meet, with Ohio State finishing a poor third. Howell finished first with a good fifty yard lead over Woolsey of Illinois, running a beautiful race. Howell ' s time for the four-mile course was 20:28.8, which was excellent con- sidering the high, cold wind that swept the course. Woolsey and Line of Illinois and Hill of Michi- gan were in a close race for second but Hill was spent before the sprint at the finish and was forced to take fourth. Fitzgibbons and Wolfe were the next two Wolverines to finish, gaining seventh and eighth places respectively. In the dual meet with Wisconsin, the Bad- gers mowed down the Wolverines by the score of 19-36. " Red " Wright stepped out in the last mile to lead Bill Howell to the tape by a hundred yards. The Michigan ace early stepped out away Page One Hundred Eighty Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIH Illl 0G5AIMII 4E INI 3K Illl 4UIINIII from the rest of his team mates and conducted a personal meet of his own with five Wisconsin men pressing him all the way. Wright was able to outsprint the Maize and Blue star to cross the tape first, and six Badgers followed Howell in, leaving eighth and ninth places to Ostrander and Wolfe. The race was run over a fairly level course of better than three and one-half miles, and the Wolverines left Madison unavenged for the defeat administered two years ago. Upsetting all the advance dope for the Con- ference cross-country meet held over the Univer- sity of Iowa ' s four mile course, the Wolverine Harriers took a good third. Doped to finish in fourth place or lower, the Michigan hiU-and-dale men gave Wisconsin a great battle for second place, being barely nosed out by the team that had defeated them badly the previous week. The showing of the Michigan squad was due largely to Ostrander and Hill. Neither was given an outside chance of finishing in the first twenty, but Ostrander ran a great race to finish tenth and Hill finished fifteenth. Howell exhibited his usual high calibre of running to take second, while Captain Wolfe was twenty-third and Fitzgibbons twenty- fifth. The course over which the race was run was rugged and hilly. Due to the dampness, there were many soft spots which slowed the go- ing. Indiana ' s powerful team won the meet, tak- ing three out of the first four places. Wisconsin was second, Michigan third, and Illinois, Purdue, Minnesota, Iowa, Chicago, and Northwestern fin- ished in that order. Roger W. " Bai " Howell was elected by the cross-country squad to captain the harriers in 1932. He holds the record for the University course, and was only defeated in two meets, in which he took seconds. SHELTOS WOLFE HOVT BRA DEN Page One Hundred Eighty-One Illl W. IIIMIII Ull CIIIHII1 Illl (OGiUA IIINIII C IHNIII Illl A , 1IINIII HOCKEY OCKEY has assumed a place in the list of major sports at Michigan in recent years, due somewhat to the fact that Michigan teams have made en- viable records in Big Ten competi- tion. The Wolverines started the present season with a record of two Conference Championships behind them. Their first encoun- ter was with the Haley Athletic Club of Detroit in a fast game played in the Coliseum on the evening of December 3. The game ended in a 3-3 tie, and as both teams were too tired to con- tinue, another game was scheduled to be played later. Keith Grossman and Emmy Reid, veter- ans of last year, and a newcomer, David, formed the front line with McCallum, Chapman, and Captain Tompkins filling out the team. The second practice game of the season was an easy victory for Coach Lowrey ' s pucksters. The Plymouth Hockey Club was the victim of an 8-1 defeat. Two changes in the lineup were made by Coach Lowrey in the Western Ontario game. Frumkes replaced David at Right Wing while McCollum replaced Porte at a defense post. After a victory over Ontario, Michigan ' s puck- sters played a return game with the Haley Ath- letic Club, and then Coach Lowrey began round- ing his team into shape for the first conference game with Minnesota. On January 2, the Wolverines met a 3-0 de- feat at the hands of the aggressive Gophers in a spirited contest played in the new St. Paul Muni- cipal Auditorium. The rushing style of the Goph- ers proved too much for the Wolverines. Michi- gan opened with a fast skating offense led by Grossman and Reid, but their shots were all pushed aside by Goalie Howard Jones, who played an excellent game for the Gophers. Keith Grossman was seriously injured in this game, and his injury threatened to keep him out of the play for the RINGING FAST SKATING STRICTLY PROHIBITED Page One Hun.lreJ Erg iiy-Two Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIH Illl Ciii A IIINIII flE IIINIII Illl A IIINIII season. His speedy recovery was indeed a relief to the team, as Grossman is a player of several years experience, and his loss would have been a serious handicap. On Saturday, February 13, Michigan gained a victor) ' over the White Star Hockey Team from Detroit, 3-2. Captain Tomp- kins held the visitors scoreless throughout the first two periods, but two shots skipped by him in the last period to give the White Star pucksters their score. Michigan scored in each period, Reid as- sisting Grossman and David with their tallies and scoring alone in the third period. Michigan ' s first conference victor) 7 came when Coach Lowrey ' s team triumphed over the Wis- consin aggregation, 7-1. Reid led the scoring with five goals and one assist, and was followed by Grossman with two assists and two goals. The second battle between Wisconsin and Michigan took place in the Coliseum the following night. Michigan was again victorious, winning by a 5-0 score. Captain Tompkins played an excellent game, keeping the net clear of all shots and stop- ping 14 attempted goals. Grossman and Reid again outplayed the Wisconsin defense men to ac- count for most of Michigan ' s scores. Michigan ' s next game took the form of a hard fought victor)- over Marquette. Her lone goal came in the middle of the first period when Cross- man passed to David who pushed the puck into the cage. On February 28, the Wolverines won their second one point victory over Marquette, 4-3. Grossman and Reid again led the scoring with Tompkins playing a stellar game at goalie. With four straight victories behind them the Wolver- ines were now ready to meet the Gophers in the two game series to decide the conference cham- pionship. In the first Minnesota game, the Gophers tied the Michigan pucksters with a 1-1 score. The game was fast and hard fought, running into two overtime periods, both teams making desperate attempts to break the tie. The second game of the series ended in a 1-0 victory for Minnesota. From the beginning Michigan was forced to play a defensive game. The only score of the game was made by Todd who pounded the puck back from the red line into the cage after it had been once stopped by Goalie Tompkins. In all Michi- gan ' s goalie pushed aside 1 7 shots. BUOSOVICH MCCOLLUM WILLIAMS COVENTRY POKTE CHAPMAN ATZ CHAFFEE FRCJIKES DAVID GROSSMAN TOMPKISS LOWKKY REID SINDLES Page One Hundred. Eighty-Three III! W. IIIMIII Illl C IIIHIII Illl (flDiil x IIINIII QE IIINIII m till x HINlli SWIMMING INCE the Wolverine swimmers did not run into any Big Ten competi- tion until February 27, Coach Matt Mann scheduled a series of opening meets to get his National Collegiate championship team into shape to de- fend the conference title which they won last year. The first of these meets was with the Toledo Y. M. C. A. Michigan met some real compe- tition, winning by the close score of 22-20. After their brilliant showing in this meet, the Michigan natators went on a pre-holiday tour of the east during which they met four of the strongest teams in that section. Among the teams encountered by the Wol- verines on the trip were the Cleveland Y. M. C . A., the Pittsburgh Athletic Club, New York Uni- versity, and the New York Athletic Club. The swimmers who made the trip were Captain Rob- ert Miller, Ivan Smith, John Schmeiler, Frank Kennedy, James Cristy, Taylor Drysdale, Rich- ard Degener, Louis Lemak, Don Marcus, and Frank Fenske. After the holidays the Wolverines made sev- eral exhibition trips to the high schools of the state. One of these exhibitions was given in Battle Creek on January 15. On January 23, the De- troit Yacht Club ' s array of stars fell before the prowess of Coach Mann ' s varsity tank team, 45- 3 1 . Twelve Michigan swimmers made the trip to meet the Detroit swimmers. In the meet with the Grand Rapids Y. M. C. A., Johnny Schmeiler rose to new heights by clipping two and one half seconds from the old national intercollegiate record for the 220 free style event, setting a new mark of 2:13.5. His teammates added their points to the score to win the meet, 49-25. Michigan ' s tankmen scored an overwhelming victory over Minnesota in the first Conference meet of the year. Three conference records and one national collegiate mark fell before the Wol- verine swimmers as they slashed through for a 53-22 victory, taking seven out of eight first places. The 300-yard medley relay team low- ered the national mark for the event from 3 :09 to 3 :06.6. Taylor Drysdale broke the conference 50-yard back- stroke record while Johnny Schmeiler also lowered two conference records. Meeting Northwestern in the Patten Pool in Evanston on March 5, Coach Mann ' s swimmers up- set all predictions of a close con- test by overwhelming their 1 strongest competitors by a score of 44-31. After his team had won five first places in eight events, Johnny Schmeiler added Page One Hundred Eighty-Four (Ill ? -= HIMIII III! CHIHII1 Illl 4KSiiAlHNIII 4E UINIII IIINIII = the sixth by lowering the National intercollegiate record, set by Osborne of Yale in the 220-yard free style race, from 2:16 to 2:15.1. Drysdale captured the 150-yard backstroke with a time of 1 :30.3, while Christ) took the 440-yard swim in 5:03.4. Dick Degener added to Michigan hon- ors by taking the springboard event. On March 11, the Michigan natators jour- neyed to Columbus to defend their conference title of last year, and came through with remarka- ble success, placing men in even- event on the program and rolling up 42 points to take the con- ference championship by a wide margin. Michi- gan ' s nearest competitors were the Northwestern swimmers, who emerged in second place with a a total of 29 points while Iowa came third with 13. Three Western Conference records were shattered, one of them being the 100-yard free style, the oldest standing record on the books. Wilcox of Northwestern clipped eight-tenths of a second from the record of 53 seconds flat made by Darnell of Michigan in 1927. Johnny Schmeiler lowered his own Big Ten record in the 220-yard free style event by one-tenth of a sec- ond, swimming the distance in 2:1 7.3. The third record fell before the Michigan medley relay team, composed of Drysdale, Lemak, and Kennedy, their time for the race being 3:10.4. They broke the old 1931 Michigan mark of 3:12.6. Drys- dale once more took the 150-yard backstroke event, while Christy of Michigan carried away first honors in the 440-yard free style. Coming from behind to score smashing vic- tories in the last two races, Michigan took the ninth annual meet of the National Collegiate Ath- letic Association with a total of 34 points. The Wolverines defended their championship against the schools of the country in the Intramural pool. Michigan ' s strongest competitor was the Stanford aggregation which led throughout the meet to be nosed out by Coach Mann ' s natators 34-31. Three National Collegiate records fell during the meet, Michigan carrying off the honors in two of them. Johnny Schmeiler, the outstanding star of the meet with 10 points to his credit, broke the national 220-yard breast stroke record. Michi- gan ' s medley relay team turned in a sensational performance to take the second record. Page Otie Hundred Eigh: -pKt III! ? . IIIMIII m CIIIHIII (III (ODJiiA IIINIII (HE IIINIII m III! A , 11IN11I WRESTLING |ITH the material on hand at the begin- ning of the wrestling season, Coach Keen looked forward to another high- ly successful season. Among the sev- enty-odd candidates that turned out there were several experienced men from former squads besides some very promising sophomore material. However it seemed to be an off year for the Wolverines. There seemed to be no very definite reason for the lean season, but various factors as ineligibility, injuries, and sickness, entered in. Even so, the 1932 squad did win half of their dual meets, had two strong contenders in the Conference meet at Blooming- ton and won the beautiful Charles H. Breenan trophy for their victory in the Michigan A. A. U. meet held at Detroit. In a practice match before the Christmas holi- days, the Varsity easily defeated the Ypsilanti squad 26 2 to 6J 2. Soon after vacation, an inter- national match was scheduled with the University of Toronto. The Canadians were supposed to be the foremost amateur team in the Dominion, but the Wolverines won every match running up a 32-0 score. Anticipating a difficult contest in the next match with Michigan State, Keen worked the squad strenuously to get it in better condition. State, with a team composed of last year ' s veter- ans in every class except one, finally won out in a fierce struggle 14, ' X to 13J 2. This marked the first victory for M. S. C. since Keen had coached the Michigan teams, that is to say in seven years. Northwestern secured their first victory over a Keen-coached Wolverine squad by winning in the first Conference contest 17 to 11. The score serves to indicate how close the match was. In an intersectional meet the Varsity administered a de- cisive defeat to West Virginia, 22 to 6, winning Page One Hundred Eig ity-Six Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl iflE II1NIII Illl x 1IINIII two falls and four times advantages, while drop- ping only two time advantages. In their next meet Michigan crushed Ohio State 24-8. In this match, Captain Dougovito, Landrum and Mosier succeeded in pinning their opponents. A strong Indiana team gave a stinging defeat to the Varsity in the last dual meet by a score of 2Q l 2- 9 l 2- Dougovito defeated Voliva, his strongest Conference rival with a time advantage of 5:08. The feature bout between Cliff Stoddard and Bob Jones was an exciting struggle which went two overtime periods and finally ended in a draw. Reif, the only other point winner, scored on a foul. Michigan ' s hopes were again disappointed at the Conference meet held at Bloomington, Ind. After defeating his worst opponents in his fight for the 165-pound title in the earlier rounds of the tournament, Captain Dougovito, twice Con- ference Champ, lost the decision to Cosneck of Illinois in the final bout. Stoddard in the heavy- weight division, put up a terrific fight but lost the decision after two overtime periods. Wilson of Michigan lost to Belshaw of Indiana in the 155- pound class. The Michigan A. A. U. meet at Detroit gave the Wolverines an opportunity to even their score with the Spartans for the close defeat earlier in the season, and the Michigan squad made use of their chance. The Varsity scored 27 points to 21 for State to win the trophy. Three Wolves, Dougovito, Mosier, and Thomas, won the State title in their respective divisions. Landrum, in the 1 1 8-pound class, succeeded in eliminating Austin of State in a good struggle but he lost himself before reaching the top. KEEK HAKKOD GOVE RHED FINCH SroDEX KLINE DOUGOVITO LANDKUX HELLIWELL MOSBEE BAVSS WILSON STODDARD FIEKO FKEEDMAN ALDIXGER THOMAS HAKLOW WILLIAMS Page One Hundred EigAty-Srcem Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl (OGiiixSUINIII OE IIINIII Illl A 1IINIII FENCING ENCING at Michigan has been rapidly growing in popularity, and although the Varsity fencers this year made any- thing but a good showing, hopes are high that Michigan will, with the de- velopment of the freshman material available, build up a team that will fight its way to the top of the Conference standings next year. Fencing has interested an ever-increasing num- ber of people here, and the meets this year have been well-attended. In the first meet of the year Michigan ' s fenc- ing team won from the Toledo Y. M. C. A. The next night the Wolverine swordsmen re- peated and took the measure of Michigan State by twelve bouts to five. The Michigan men took six bouts out of nine in the foils, three out of four in the sabre, and the epee. Captain Stonex of the Spartans was the star of the evening, scoring all three of the Green ' s victories in the foils and tak- ing one out of two of sabre bouts. Al Little, Michigan sophomore, stopped the State ace in the feature bout of the evening. This was the last bout, and counted the winning points. Lovell, Mayer, Barlow, DeStefano, Winig, and Nahr- gang were the other Michigan swordsmen who took part in the meet. Barlow showed well in the foil matches, win- ning two out of three, his only loss being to the State captain. Lovell duplicated his performance of winning two and losing one to Stonex. Winig crashed through in the epee with two wins in as many bouts in the two meets, while Nahrgang divided his two bouts. In the foils Mayer won all three of his bouts. Captain DeStefano lost his first sabre match to Stonex and won from Wells in the other. Led by the expert foil work of Julian, the University of Chicago fencers defeated Michigan in their next meet by a five to two score before a large crowd at the Intramural building. Mich- igan has claims to a moral victory, however, for the Wolverine regulars won two out of three of their matches. In order to give his reserves ex- perience, Coach Johnstone entered them in com- petition against Chicago ' s best, and the result was a Maroon victory. Due to the conference ruling curtailing the number of men who are allowed to make trips, Chicago was able to bring but one man here for each event. Coach Johnstone sent his three best men against the Maroons and they had the edge in their bouts. In the opening foil bout, Lovell fenced poorly and lost to Julian. Captain DeStefano, in the feature bout of the meet, won from the Chi- cago captain, Vanderhoef, by a five to three count. Winig won the most exciting match of the day from Gilies of Chicago by a three-nothing score. Little exhibited considerable skill in his Bi RPt f 11310 ' 1 with Vanderhoef, even 1 ' though he lost. Julian was the individual star of the day, win- ning easily from Lovell, Bar- low, and Mayer. Page One Hundred Eighty-Eight Illl W. IIIMIII UII CIHHIII Illl OGiii In the triangular meet between Michigan, Chicago, and Northwestern, Michigan defeated Northwestern six to one, and then won first in the foils, second in the sabre, and third in the epee for the entire meet. Lovell, fencing in the foils, won five of his six matches and was called the outstanding foils man by the judges. DeSte- fano won three out of four in the sabre and Winig won one of his four bouts in the epee. Previous to the triangular meet, the Wolves emerged victorious by a 13-4 score over the De- troit Turnverein. The next week the Michigan defeated the Cadillac Athletic Club, also by a 13-4 score. An argument between an A. C. man and a judge provided the spectators with unexpected excitement and resulted in the judge ' s leaving the floor. Reamer of Michigan was the star in the foils class, winning all three of his bouts. Johnstone ' s men won three of the four sabre matches. In the Conference fencing meet held at Chi- cago, Michigan failed to perform as well as was expected and finished last. Illinois, by taking first in the foil, sabre, and epee, won the Conference title with 1 5 points. Chicago was second with six points, Ohio State third with four and a half points, Purdue fourth with four, Northwestern fifth with two, and Michigan sixth with one and one-half. Jerome Winig, and star of the fencing team, was chosen captain for next year. This election was announced early in March, due to the cur- tailing of the last three scheduled meets of the season. With Winig as a foundation, Coach Johnstone hopes to be able to build a strong team for the coming season. Page One Hundred Eighty-Nine Illl W. IIIMIII Ull CIIIHIII Itll (ODIiiA IIINIII flE IIINIII Illl A IIINIII GYMNASTICS 1OING into its season with a number of new men on the squad the Michi- gan Gymnastic team was forced to run up against some of the hardest Con- ference competition in years. Consid- ering the difficulties the team went through a successful year. Coach West was in charge of the gymnasts, and was able to develop some excellent material. In the Conference meet held at Chicago the gymnastics team placed fourth against some very- tough competition. Chicago, the defending cham- pions, surprised the dopesters by defeating a strong Minnesota squad that had been previously slated to win the meet, 1133-1126.30 points. Illinois placed third with a score of 1124.7 points, while Michigan followed with 884.60 points. Ohio State and Iowa followed to place fifth and sixth respectively. Everett Olson of Chicago was the individual champion for the second time. Michi- gan had counted on not getting any more than fourth place, considering the results of the previ- ous dual meets, and did not fail to live up to expectations. Lassila, Ponto, Ellsworth, Parker, Abe and Harry Steinberg were the men who went to Chicago to compete. Lassila competed in the flying rings and the parallel bars, while the Stein- berg brothers entered in the side-horse event. Pon- to did well by scoring points in the tumbling, in spite of the fact that he was placed against hard competition. He also entered in the parallel bar event. In the earlier meets, Coach West ' s squad put up good competition, but were unable to cope with the strong teams against which they met. In one of the earlier meets, Michigan lost to Chicago and Illinois at Chicago. The team that went to this meet was the one which eventually entered in the Conference meet later. Chicago won the meet by a large margin, although Michigan did some excellent work in its events. In this meet, Lassilla caught his ankle in the flying rings event, tearing several ligaments, and almost ruining his chances for further competition. A week later the Varsity gymnasts encountered a strong Minnesota squad, losing 862 to 1004. Harry Steinberg did not come through as expected in the side-horse event, although his brother, Abe, performed creditably. Both Ponto and Lassila encountered some trouble in the parallel bars. Only in the side-horse event did the Varsity score a winning margin of points, the score be- ing 186-183. This is the second loss for the Varsity against Minnesota in two years. In the Page One Hundred Ninety Illl 7 HIMIII nil C IIIHIII Illl QE I1IN1II main feature of the meet, Hill of Minnesota de- feated Ponto in some high class tumbling. This was probably Ponto ' s best exhibition of the year. After losing to a strong aggregation from the Detroit Turnverein, 238-227, Michigan encoun- tered Ohio State in a dual meet. The two teams were evenly matched, but Michigan emerged the victors, 889.2-825.8. Steinberg and Ponto were the outstanding stars of the meet, Ponto showing up well in the tumbling and bars. The Varsity swept two events, scoring wins in all three places in rumbling and parallel bars. Steinberg won the side-horse event. Basing their predictions on these meets, Michi- gan expected to take a fourth in the Conference meet. Doubtless, the Gymnastic team should be strong contenders for Conference honors next year, and well deserve some credit for their show- in? this year. It is unfortunate that more interest in the gymnastic meets is not taken by the Michigan students. The meets are as spectacular and thrill- ing as any of the other sports on the campus. During the Intramural Open House, the gym- nasts put on a very fine exhibition before a large crowd. Evidenced by the enjoyment of the crowd, this comparatively new sport seemed to arouse considerable interest. It is the purpose of Coach West to increase the general interest in gymnastics and gain more support of the student body. The flying rings and the parallel bars events are par- ticularly interesting because of the unusual amount of dexterity required for the performance, while tumbling also requires considerable skill. With added experience they will probably evidence con- siderable talent next year under the capable tute- lage of Coach West, and should no doubt put up a strong fight for conference honors. Page One Hundred Nrnety-Oae III! W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII III! flE IIINIII m llll A IIINIII TENNIS OPPING all hut the strong Ohio State team in the dual competition, and plac- ing two men in the quarter-finals of the Big Ten singles tournament, the 1931 tennis team established itself as a de- cided success. Five veterans, Captain Brace, Hammer, Ryan, Clarke, and John Rein- del were the cream of the material from which Coach John Johnstone built a team which was formidable because of group balance rather than individual brilliance. Two seniors, Sherman and Ranck, and a sophomore, Mills, completed the playing list. In Ed Hammer, 1930 captain, Johnstone had a player whose ability and experience well qualified him for the ranking position. Captain Fred Brace, Colby Ryan, Bob Clarke, and John Reindel, each with three years on Michigan tennis squads, waged constant battle throughout the sea- son for the next four singles posts. Ryan ' s slash- ing, aggressive play, plus marked success in follow- ing a fast, highly-topped service to the net, gave him the call at second position most of the spring. Playing on rain-drenched courts between in- termittent showers, the team lost its opening match to a strong Detroit Tennis Club aggrega- tion on April 25th. The feature match of the afternoon saw Hammer drop the third and decid- ing set to his former teammate, Barton, by a 10-8 score. A week later this time under clear skies the Varsity closed the practise season by overwhelming Michigan State 12-0. Michigan opened her Big Ten schedule on foreign courts, and suffered her only loss of the season to a championship Ohio State team, 5-4. Not until the final doubles match was the win- HAMMER SHERMAN REINDEL BRACE JOHNS TONE SWANSON CLA RKE MILLS RYAN RANCK Page One Hundred Nine! -Tu-o Illl W. IIIMIII Illl OE IIIHIM Illl 0GU x v IIINIII QE II1NIII m Illl A 1IINIII = ning team decided. The Wolves won four out of the six singles, but the Buckeyes took all three doubles and with them the match. Hammer con- tributed the outstanding individual performance of the afternoon when he defeated Dennison, Ohio ' s brilliant sophomore, 6-2, 1-6, 6-3. Ryan turned in an even more decisive victory in his 6-3, 6-4 win over James. Flavins; their second Conference match on the 9th of May, a determined Wolverine team tamed the Northwestern Wildcats 7-2. Five out of the six singles went to Michigan, making the doubles a mere formality. Ryan disposed of Dodge at 6-4, 6-2, but Clarke and Mills were forced to three sets to win. Hammer lost a hard- fought struggle to Captain Bert Refl 6-4, 10-12, 6-37 Back on the courts at Fern ' Field, the Varsity lost no rime in disposing of Indiana 7-0 on May llth. On the following Saturday, Chicago, 1930, champions, were defeated 5-4. The vic- tory was regarded as an unexpected upset, for Chicago boasted both the Big Ten singles and doubles champions in their lineup. With the match deadlocked at four victories for each team, Reindel and Ranck came through in the third set to score the deciding point for Michigan. The next week-end, May llth, the Wolves established themselves in undisputed possession of second place in the Conference by wresting a 5-4 victory ' from Illinois. Again deadlocked at 4-4, Michigan won by virtue of a doubles victory. This time Reindel paired with Brace to defeat Brown and Traynor 4-6, 6-2, 6-2. The final dual match of the season was 7-2 victory over a strong Minnesota team. The Goph- ers ' individual star, Yutzy, triumphed over Ham- mer 6-3, 9-7, and paired with Butzius to win from Hammer and Ryan 6-3, 6-4. Yutzy played sparkling tennis in both matches, being particularly effective in advancing to the net where his sharp, angling placements in the forecourt left his op- ponents helpless. In the Western Conference Tournament held at Columbus, Ohio, Ed Hammer and Colby Ryan were both successful in reaching the quarter-finals of the singles. Hammer was forced to bow to Dennison of Ohio State, but he did so only after three grueling sets. Ryan lost to Reil of North- western in straight sets, but the 7-5, 8-6 score in- dicates the stubborn fight he waged. The third Michigan entry, Clarke, lost in the first round to the defending champion, Scott Rexinger of Chi- cago. Page One Hundred Ninety-Three HIMIII Illl CIHHIII 1111 QE IIINII1 3 till xilUIINIII GOLF PRIL 18 saw the Michigan golfers in LaFayette, Indiana, where the season was officially opened with a tie, Michi- gan 9, Indiana 9. Michigan proved strong in the doubles, Lenfesty and Jolly winning one of the matches and I ivingston and Royston the other. However, Purdue came back strong in the singles, Lenfesty being credited with the only singles victory for Michigan. Jolly almost threw the balance in favor of Michigan when his match with Dinka nar- rowed down to a contest over a disputed hole, which he finally lost. Michigan ' s first match on the new University Golf Course was indeed a successful one, Michi- gan State taking home the short end of a 15-3 score. Lenfesty, Howard, Royston, and Living- ston pared to win all of the doubles matches, and the Wolverines emerged victors in all of the two- somes with the exception of one. Lenfesty took low honors for the day, turning in a 73, one over par. Under conditions entirely unsatisfactory for golf, the Michigan golfers met the Ohio State ag- gregation in Ann Arbor the first of May. The Wolverines demonstrated their determination to make the dedication of Conference play on the new course a hopeful prophecy for the future by defeating the visitors, 13J 2-4J 2. The feature match of the day was between Lenfesty and Kep- ler. Captain Royston took the medal honors with a low 75. On May 9 the Varsity golfers once more demonstrated their ability to play winning golf in rain and mud by conquering the Northwestern Wildcats under conditions similar to those of the match a week before. In the morning Michigan made a clean sweep, finishing with a six point lead. Howard and Lenfesty teamed together in one best ball match, while Captain Royston and Liv- ingston paired to win the other match. Jolly replaced Livingston in the afternoon and lost after a hard match. Royston and Hand won easily however, and their victories coupled with the points won in the morning session gained an easy victory for Michigan, the final score being All rumors concerning the strength of the Detroit City College team were dispelled when the Varsity smothered them 17-1, a near clean Page One Hundred Ninety-Four till ? . IIIMIII 1111 sweep. The matches were played at the Univer- sity course. Howard, Royston, and Livingston were given a vacation, their places being filled temporarily by Jolly, Hand and Sherwood. Despite the change, the team proceeded to score slams in all the matches but one. Detroit scored their single coun- ter against Lenfesty, who weakened on the first nine but rallied to take the match 2-1. For the second time during the season the Wolverines were unable to claim a victor} ' , being forced to another tie by the strong Illinois squad. The varsity slightly bested their opponents in the singles, emerging with a one point lead. Michi- gan lost the two matches played by Lenfesty and Royston, but Howard and Hand evened the score by winning the other two. The teams split again in the doubles, but this time Illinois was fortunate in gaining the extra point. Bad luck seemed to dog Jack Lenfesty ' s tracks throughout the day, and was persistent enough to make him miss a final putt that would have won the match. The ball rimmed the cup, hesitated, and finally came on the green to culminate the 9-9 tie. The first Conference meet to be held on Michigan ' s new course proved to be a thrilling one. When the driving and the putting had ceased the score showed Michigan in second place, the Illinois squad claiming the Conference cham- pionship by virtue of their five point lead over the Maize and Blue. Led by the able Martin, the Illinois squad held their total gross score to 1293. Martin ' s winning score for low honors was 311. He was closely followed by Florio of Ohio State with 314 while Bolstad of Minnesota finished third with 316. At the close of the first day Illinois led Michi- gan by one point. Florio was in the lead with 154, Royston and Martin trailing close behind with 155 and 156 respectively. The following day Royston broke under the pressure of Florio ' s steady playing. Martin, the Illinois captain, played a brilliant game against Florio, and it was not until the sixteenth hole that he was able to close him out, taking a point on the sixteenth and closing with a pair of birdies to win the medal honors. Pushed far behind by an erratic beginning, the Wolverines finally hit their stride, but were unable to overcome the handicap of Royston ' s defeat the previous day. Among the highlights of the meet was a hole-in-one by Larsen of Minnesota. Roys- ton came in for his share of the glory by scoring a difficult eagle three on the long eleventh hole. The low score of the tournament was made by Flcrio who turned in a 74 for eighteen holes. Following the Conference meet Jack Lenfesty of Chicago was elected to captain the 1932 squad. REYNOLDS COUITEIOHT JOLLY HAND LENFESTY ROYSTON How LIVINGSTON TRUEBLOOP Page One Hundred Ninety-Free till 7 -= IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl IIINIII OE IIINIII llll A 1IINIII JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Since the plan of having a Junior Varsity Football team was put into operation a few years ago, there have been several changes in its general purpose. During this fall the " B " squad played not as a second Varsity with a coordinated group, but more as a developing team for the varsity. For this reason the team never played two games in succession with the same players, for there was a constant shifting back and forth of players from the Varsity to the " B " team. Under the coaching of Coach Courtright, several promising players were developed for future Varsity competition, and although the JayVees were handicapped by frequent losses of their best players, there is no doubt that the present system is accomplishing its purpose. Coach Courtright uncovered two very prom- ising players in Meldman and Miller. Both these boys had played previously on the line, but were shifted to the backfield where they displayed un- usual ability in ball-toting. Meldman, a guard, was shifted to fullback position, where he proved to be an excellent line plunger. During the time that he played in that position he gained more ground than any of the other backfield men. The JayVees opened the season against West- ern State, defeating them 19-0. At this game they had the best team on the field that they presented all season, startling the critics by the victory over the strong Teacher ' s aggregation. In the tilt with O. S. U., the " B " team was handicapped by the loss of many of its players, and Coach Courtright was forced to put an en- tirely new set of backs on the field. Due to this fact, the squad dropped the game, 6-0. More- over, there were many injuries suffered in this game, due to the inexperience of some of the play- ers. After scoring an easy victory over Olivet, the JayVees journeyed to Indiana where they battled over a muddy field to a 6-6 tie. Both scores came late in the game, and so the Michigan squad was unable to take any advantage to break the tie. The last game of the season was played at Wisconsin under poor conditions. Late in the game Wisconsin blocked one of Lindsey ' s punts to score six points and a shutout. The Junior Varsity presented a fighting team, but were un- able to take any opportunities that presented them- selves. Meldman got away during the last quar- ter, but mistook a team-mate for a Wisconsin player, and in attempting to dodge, ran into the arms of a tackier. The list of those who received their awards at the end of the season are as follows: Harold Ellerby, Francis Hazen, Wm. Horner, Bethel Kelley, Charles Stone, Ted Chapman, Fred Cloh- set, Russell Damm, Louis McGrath, Wallace Mil- ler, James Conover, Leslie Frish, Abe Marcovsky, Ward Oehman, Carl Savage, Oscar Singer, Thomas Cooke, Harry Shick, Lee Winston, George Bremen, Roderick Cox, Harry Eastman, Robert Hayes, Harold Lindsay, Donald McGuire, Robert Miller, Wm. Renner, Harry Steinspring, Leonard Meldman, Harry Tillotson. Page One Hundred Ninety-Six III! W. IIIMIII III! OC IHHIB Illl IIINIII 1E IIINIII III! A , IIINIII FRESHMAN FOOTBALL FRESHMAN BASKETBALL The freshman receiving numeral awards in Football were: Chester Beard, W. J. Beckwith, rn. Borgman, Fred Bufka, David Conklin, Paul Duxbury, WaUace Frankowski, Gerald Ford, John Goode, G. Hutchinson, Wfllard Hildebradt, Tage, Jacobson, Win. Novak, L. Ottoman, Don Pomeroy, Thomas Steward, J. C. Smith, Edward Smith, Frank Zendzian, Wil- lis Vard, and O. B. Whitmore. The numeral awards to freshmen in bas- ketball were: Jack Teitlebaum, Harold Ander- son, Robert Hill, Oscar Schwartz, Gerald Ford, Don Nichols, Don Black, Alfred Plummer, Gunnard Antell, Dana Seeley, Paul Babcock, Wm. Borgman. These men will bear the burden of next year ' s basketball team, and their help will be counted on to carry the Wolverines on. Page One Hundred Ninety-Sean fill W. IIIMIII HH CIIIHIII 111! flGnAUINIII OE IIINIII till A 1IIN11I FRESHMAN TRACK The following received freshman numerals for outdoor track: N. Alix, A. Blumenfeld, D. Boylan, J. W. Childs, W. Eldred, Wm. Elrod, R. Gillian, K. Grovela, F. Jusek, Cass Kemp, V. Lassilla, E. Lemen, R. Howell, R. McMa- nus, W. McRoy, K. Moissio, H. Nicholson, Kim Northrup, G. Patrick, H. Pick, J. Rea, Don Renwick, J. Salmon, Gene Trybyszewski, N. Windiate, A. Younger. From this group of men were obtained numerous track stars now on Michigan ' s varsity team. FRESHMAN BASEBALL Last spring Coach Bennie Oosterbaan an- nounced the following Freshman numeral win- ners in baseball at the close of the season. Avon Artz, Ronald Baldwin, Donald Bowers, Don- ald Feldstein, Howard Ferguson, Leslie Fish, Charles Menefee, Donald Richards, Harry Til- lotson. It is expected that several of these men will be members of Coach Fisher ' s varsity squad when the nine takes the diamond this spring. Page One Hundred Ninety-Eight III! ? . IIIMIII Ifll CIIIHIII Illl (OOIiiA IIINIII (HE I1INIII Illl A HINlll TAMES MITCHELL RlEKEY JOHNSTONF. WEBSTER EYOND doubt intramural sports arc growing in popularity and importance on the Michigan campus, and in their growth here have led the field among the conference schools. Under Elmer D. Mitchell, the Intramural Depart- ment has developed each year, selecting the most popular sports for students, until at the present time they are offering thirty sports for competi- tion. There are competitive games in which fra- ternity and independent teams compete for honors, and at the same time the students are given the privileges of a first class recreational club with the finest facilities available for individual exercise. In the Intramural Sports Building the follow- ing sports are maintained : swimming, basketball, boxing, wrestling, fencing, handball, squash, in- door baseball, indoor golf, water polo, and tennis. For these sports the building provides two gymnasiums, a swimming pool, handball and squash courts, wrest- ling and boxing rooms, a driving net, and all forms of individual equipment. It also provides locker-room space for 4,000 of the stu- dents and faculty. In order to insure the proper physical condition of the participants in such sports as wrestling, boxing, track and cross-country, the Department requires a course in training and con- ditioning. In all sports requiring strenuous physi- cal exercise, a physical examination is given through the aid of the Health Service and a physi- cian who is on hand during pre-season practice. In all, the Intramural Sports Department per- forms a necessary function, and by reaching ap- proximately eighty per cent of the students, it ac- complishes its purpose most satisfactorily. Assisting Director Mitchell on the Intramural Staff are: A. A. James, John Johnstone, Earl N. Riskey, and Randolph Webster. Aiding this staff of directors in the sports pro- gram is the corps of student managers. Compris- ing this group are: Ervin Markus and Robert Clarke, Senior managers; Morris Cohen, Ray P iserman, Harold Emmons, Leo Goodman, Louis Heideman, and Charles Washer, Junior Mana- gers; Arthur Timpf, Wal- ter Kline, William More- land, Roland Earle, and Jack Campbell, Sophomore managers; Ernst Schaible and Charles Atkins, Fresh- man managers. Sigma Delta Psi, the honorary athletic fraterni- ty, is an important factor in the work of the Intramural Department. Organized in 1912, this fraternity has spread over the country until it is now a strong na- tional organization. The purpose of the fraternity is " to promote physical, men- tal and moral development Page Two Hundred III! W. IIIMIII Illl C IIIHin (III (OGIii A V IIINIIl flE IIINIII HINIII of college students, " and in this field it has done much to promote physical endeavor. The Na- tional President is Dr. Sundwall of the Michigan faculty and the fraternity is developing well under his leadership. Each year a series of tests are given to mem- bers of the student body eligible for competition, in which the participant must equal a given stan- dard. Upon passing these tests the student is eligible for membership in the fraternity. These tests include the " 100 yd. dash, hurdles, shot put, 100 yd. swim, baseball and football throw, mfle run, high jump and good posture. The passing of these tests also counts for individual and frater- nity championships. Last year the individual champion was H. A. Ponto, ' 34; the fraternity championship was won by Sigma Chi. Alpha Kappa Lambda won the intramural championship for the season of 1931 by running up a total of 1419 points. This mark is far ahead of the former point record of 1163 points set by Theta Chi in 1927. The A. K. L. ' s won Speed- ball, Volleyball, and Horseshoes tournaments, and were runners-up in eight other sports. These sports include " C " Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Indoor Track, Handball, Dual Swimming, Water Polo, and Swimming. Harvey Bauss, ' 33E, won the individual championship for 1930-1931. He competed in fifteen events, winning boxing and wrestling, and completing his tests in life-saving, and Sigma Del- ta Psi. The other events in which he competed were: archer} ' , bowling, fencing, foul-throwing, golf, rifle-shooting, tennis, and horseshoes. Wm. Walker of Toledo placed second. CLARKE MARKUS In the all-campus cross country meet, Mc- Millan defeated Howell in the time of 16:10. There were twenty-six men entered in the event. The Independent cross country meet was won by A. Melnicker over the University course. Fol- lowing him were W. Love and Carl Hflty in sec- ond and third places, respectively. In the Independent team tournaments, the Michiganders won the seasonal title for 1930- 1931. In winning the title they placed first in the track and baseball tournaments. The Actuaries placed second, and Fletcher Hall followed closely in third place. CAMPBELL ATKI.VS Tivrr HEIDEMAN GOODMAN- WASHE M. COHEH ElSEHMAX EAKLE EMMOXS HEIDEMAN MOEELAND FKIEXD Page Tim Hundred One III! ? . IIIMIII IIII CIIHUI Illl (ODHJ A IIINIII OE I11NIII till A 11INIII SIGMA DELTA Psi The Shamrocks won the relays and bowling titles. The Chinese Students won the Volleyball tournament, displaying an exceptional brand of play. The Lawyers scored a victory in basketball. Alpha Kappa Lambda defeated Tau Kappa Epsilon in the Intrafraternity Speedball Finals, November 12. In spite of a downpour of rain, both teams were able to run up large scores, the final count being 16-12. This makes the third straight title that the A. K. L. ' s have won in this sport. Commins and Wise of Alpha Kappa Lamb- da scored all their team ' s points, and were the individual stars for their side. Rasmussen of T. K. E. also starred, scoring two touchdowns and two fouls. The A. K. L. ' s relied chiefly on their passing attack to capture the game. PHI SIGMA KAPPA RELAY ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA FRATKRNITY CHAMPIONS In the intrafraternity handball tournament, Phi Beta Delta won the championship for the third straight time, defeating Tau Kappa Epsi- lon. Leo Goodman and Arthur Cohen won the singles for the Phi Betes, maintaining their unde- feated record for their three years of competition. Goodman won his games, 21-19, 21-19 against Lundbnrg of the Tekes. Cohen scored his win by scores of 21-11,21-20. In the doubles, Gold- stein and Blumenfeld defeated Rasmussen and McCormick, 21-12, 21-12. Sigma Pi fraternity carried the honors this year in wrestling by scoring a victory over a number of Page Tii ' o Hundred T vco Ilil ? . IIIMIII till CHIHIII Illl fldii A IIINIII C IIIN1II HINIII other houses. The winner ' s total point score was twelve, one more point than its next two oppo- nents. Delta Sigma Pi and Tau Delta tied for second with eleven points. Delta Alpha Epsilon scored ten points, and Tau Kappa Epsilon, last year ' s champions landed in fifth place with nine points. Williams scored a victory in the 145 pound class, and McRath won in the unlimited class. Both of these wrestlers repeated their last year ' s performances. Mortimer won the title in the 135 pound group. Last year he won in the 125 pound class. Following a series of close preliminary elimi- nation meets, Theta Chi, the runners up for three successive years, met Lambda Chi in the finals of the Intramural Swimming Championship. Al- though they captured only two of the five first SIGMA Pi WRESTLERS TAU KAPPA EPSILON SPEEDBALL TEAM places, the Lambda Chi ' s were able to win the meet, 22-19 by counting up points in the second and third places. Theta Chi scored wins in three events, but were only able to count two second places. Dick Ashton of Lambda Chi was the high point man of the meet by winning the diving and scoring a second in the 25 yard breast stroke, los- ing to Ken Hartwell of Theta Chi, the defending champion in that event. Lambda Chi Alpha also won the 100 yard relay event, its team of Kagay, Robert and Richard Snyder, and Schaubel nosing out Theta Chi in a close race. In this race they established a new intramural record of 48.4.6 of INTRAMURAL SWIMMING POOL Page TV.-O HunJreJ Tftree Illl = IIIMIII Illl CIHHIH nil OGiiAUINIII QE II1NIII 1IINIII INTRAMURAL CUPS a second better than the mark set by Theta Chi previously. Theta Chi won the Intramural Water Polo Championship by beating Alpha Kappa Lambda, 1-0. Playing with the record of three successive titles behind them, Theta Chi was able to score a close victory by means of fine teamwork. The two teams fought until the final minutes of the game with no score being made, but Bob Howell slipped the ball past A. K. L. ' s goalie to win the game. On March 23 the Intramural Department gave its fourth annual Open House before a large crowd. The building was open for four hours in the evening, during which time an excellent and well-planned exhibition of athletic talent was dis- played. Some of the exhibitions included gym- nastics, swimming, badminton, codeball, squash, handball, and tennis. In the swimming exhibition some of the best performers in the country who i ' ( BADMINTON were here for the National Intercollegiates dis- played their talents for a large crowd. In the Handball and Squash events, the Intramural De- partment was able to secure some of the best players in this region, including " Lefty " Dwor- man, four times National Handball champion, Joe Bathey, the state champion, and Chet York, last year ' s State champ. Several campus tournaments were completed during the evening. In the Tennis Champion- ship, Nissen defeated Corey in a hard match. The All-Campus Wrestling and fencing meets were also run off. The greatest interest, however, was shown in the basketball finals of the Independent and Fraternity leagues. The Independent Cham- pionship went to the Physical Education team which defeated the Falcons by a large score. The winners, composed of Shaller, Oldt, Slater, Crombe, and Pendorf, displayed a smooth attack and never were threatened throughout the game. THETA CHI WATERPOLO CHAMPS LAMBDA CHI ALPHA SWIMMERS Page T wo Hundred Four Illl W. IIIMIII HH CIIIHID Itll GAJNH OE HINIII Illl A IIINIII PHI BETA DELTA HANDBALL CHAMPION? Shaller was the individual star of the game. At the Open House, the Chinese Volleyball team easily outclassed the Filipinos in a one-sided match. The scores were 21-2, 21-4, 21-2. This is the third year that the Chinese have won the Volleyball Championship. Throughout the match they displayed unusual adeptness at " spiking " the ball beyond their opponents reach, and overcame a handicap in height by a remarkable ability in jumping at the net. Another successful intrafraternity track meet was run off this year at Yost Field House under the auspices of the Intramural Department. Ten events were run off in order, following which the intrafraternity relays took place. Carrying a well- balanced squad, Alpha Kappa Lambda took first place ahead of a strong Theta Xi team. Al- though A. K. L. took only one first place, it cap- tured enough seconds thirds, and fourths to amass a total of 2154 points. Phi Beta Delta followed Theta Xi closely to take third place, while Sigma A. K. L. HORSESHOE CHAMPIONS Phi Epsflon and Pi Kappa Alpha tied for fourth. At the time of this writing, the finals of the relay championship were still to be run. Phi Sig- ma Kappa and Theta Delta Chi were the out- standing contenders. In the first run, a Phi Sig runner was fouled, and the race was to be run over again. The main feature of the Intramural Open House was the basketball tilt between Alpha Sigma Phi, defending Class " A " champions, and Beta Theta Pi. Both teams had survived a successful elimination series in which the Beta ' s displayed an edge over the Alpha Sigs, winning ten games with- out a loss, while the Alpha Sigs dropped one of their league games. Through this fact the Betas were given the edge over their opponents, al- though they were forced to bow last year. Inci- dentally, Beta Theta Pi ran up the largest score for the year by beating Delta Upsilon 52-6 in one of the preliminary games. CODEBALL SQUASH Page Two Hundred Five III! ? . iiiMii! yii ciiiHiii mi (flnn; A IIINIII OE HINIII m tin NINIII ABOVE MICHIGANDERS INDEPENDENT CHAMPIONS LEFT A. K. L. SPEEDBALL TEAM BELOW Left to Right SIDHU, BAUSS, CLARKE Page T-MO Hundred Six III! W. IIIMIII Bll CIIIHIH llfl Cy HNUI (HE II1NIII Illl x IIINIII ABOVE INTRAMURAL GYMNASIUM RIGHT D. A. E. VOLLEYBALL TEAM BELOW SENIOR ENGINEERS CLASS CHAMPIONS 1 T Hundred SfSS Illl W_ == HIMIII Illl CIIIHin Illl dGnAlDNIII UE I1INIII m till A 1IIN1II Anuncs AvCW Two Hundred Ten till W_== IHMIII till CIIIHIll 111) QGiSAUINIII OE IIINIII 3 llll A UINIII WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS Women ' s athletics at the University of Michi- gan have become highly organized with various clubs and departments to supervise and stimulate interest in most types of athletic activity. The physical education staff is under the able direc- tion of Dr. Margaret Bell. This staff has many duties; among them are the teaching of two years of required gymnasium work, the direction of the purchase of new equipment, and general supervision of individual, team, interclass, and in- tramural competition. The undergraduate members of the Univer- sity obtain their vote in the management of ath- letic affairs through W. A. A. and its executive board. This board consists of twenty members, seven of whom are elected in the all-campus election in April, and the other members are elected by them at a later date. All women on the campus are inactive mem- bers of the Women ' s Athletic Association and they enjoy the use of the equipment and the coaching supplied by the University. They may become active members of the organization upon the fulfillment of certain membership require- ments. Interclass competition is sponsored by W. A. A., and is under the supervision of the managers with the assistance and cooperation of the Phys- ical Education staff. Intramural athletics are under the direction of the Intramural Board, composed of the In- tramural Manager, the Intramural Committee, and the managers of the sports. The Intramural season is divided into four parts. In the fall, hockey is the major sport, while golf, tennis, and archery are the individual activities. The second season consists of basketball as the major sport, with bowling and rifle as minors. In the third season, swimming is the major sport, with fencing and ping-pong for minor sports competi- tion. The last division of the year is composed of baseball as the major event, with golf, arch- ery, and tennis as individual forms of activity. Inter-class and Intramural competition is us- ually separate in organization, but last year a new system was carried out in basketball which made Interclass a development of Intramural. In- tramural basketball began in December and ended the last of the first semester. Certain members of the Physical Education staff, the V. A. A. basketball manager, and the class bas- ketball managers selected those girls who showed the most skill in the Intramural games and invit- ed them to participate in Inter-class competition. This method proved very successful in allowing a larger number of girls to compete in basket- ball and developing better material for the Inter- class teams. The building and outdoor equipment for women ' s athletics are very adequate. Barbour Gymnasium contains several basketball courts, a running track, a small swimming pool, a theater, reception halls, offices, and showers and locker rooms. The Women ' s Field House is equipped with bowling alleys, a rifle range, indoor golf and archery facilities, offices, reception rooms, and lockers and showers. Palmer Field has eighteen fine tennis courts, two hockey fields, several baseball diamonds and a cinder track. Besides the advantages these offer, the women also have the use of the Union swimming pool and the University golf course. The present project of the Women ' s Athletic Association is to build a log cabin. The organi- zation plans to buy property 7 along the Huron River near enough to the campus so that hikers will find it an enjoyable distance, yet far enough from town so that it will enable the use of canoes when desired. Skiing, tobogganing, swimming, hiking and canoeing must be avail- able in the immediate vicinity. Upon this prop- erty, visualized in the minds of all W. A. A. members, the " Log Cabin " is to be built. This will serve as a club centre for sports activity on the nearby river banks and country side through- out the entire year. Page Tu-o Hundred Eleven ill! 7 -= HiMII! lin CIIIHIB Illl (OOiJiA IIINIII flE IIINIII III! A , 1IINIII ROMANI BERRIDCE SEYMOUR CARO CUMMINGS HUNT STEWART PECK FRIES PORTER MARSHALL PERRIN SCHRODER GOSLING ELSWORTH DR. BELL BENTLEY GRAHAM WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE BOARD DOROTHY ELSWORTH JEAN BENTLEY MARJORIE HUNT AGNES GRAHAM President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer HELEN TOWNSEND, Intramural Manager CLARA GRACE PECK . Point Recorder ANNETTE CUMMINGS . Publicity TERESA ROMANI . Hockey Manager JEAN BERRIDGE . . Basketball BETTY GARDNER . . Sfeedball LENORE CARO CORRINE FRIES ELIZABETH COOPER JEAN PORTER JEAN PERRIN LYDIA SEYMOUR GLADYS SCHRODER . GLENDORA GOSLING MARY MARSHALL SUSAN MANCHESTER Dancing Swimming Riding Tennis Golf Archery Bowling Outdoor Rifle A. C. A. C. W. ELSWORTH BENTLEY HUNT GRAHAM Page Two Hundred Twelve 1111 ? . IIIMIII Ull CHIHII! flE ItlNIII m Illl A HINIII DR. BFLI MlSS McCORMICK Miss CAMPBELL WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION STAFF DR. MARGARET BELL, B.S., M.D. LAURIE E. CAMPBELL, B.S. ETHEL A. McCoRMicic, B.S. DR. MABEL RUGEN, M.D. AGNES STOODLEY, A.B., M.S. DR. EMETH SCHUTZ, M.D. DOROTHY BEISE, B.S. HILDA BURR .... MARIE HART VIG, A.B. RUTH HASSINGER, B.S. MARY STEWART, A.B. EMILY WHITE, B.S. MARIE ZETTLER, B.S., A.B. MARY J. DAUM . LOLA Y. WILSON Director of Ph sical Education Assistant Processor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Physician at Health Service Instructor Instructor Instructor Instructor Instructor Instructor Instructor Secretary Assistant Secretary Page Tvoo Hundred Thtrttf illl W. IIIMIII III! CiHHIil Illl HINIII Illl A S HINIII INTERCLASS HOCKEY Hockey, always a favorite sport among Mich- igan women, surpassed itself this year partly due to the fact that we were able to have Miss Hilda Burr, the noted English hockey player for a coach. At the practices that were held before the class competition began, Miss Burr was able to help the players in the finer technique of the game. Miss Burr and Miss Laurie Campbell, who coaches all of the interclass sports, were in charge of the season. They were assisted by Teresa Romani, the W. A. A. Interclass hockey man- ager and the following class managers: Billy Griffiths for the Freshmen, Frances Manchester for the Sophomores, Marian Heald for the Jun- iors, and Gladys Timpson was the Senior mem- manager. Due to the greater emphasis placed on this sport the Physical Education Department bought new hockey equipment, including sticks which were imported from England, shin guards and balls. Instead of the usual jackets each team wore new pinafores made in their class colors. After the interclass games were played two open games were scheduled in which anyone in- terested in hockey might play. At the end of the season the teams met at the field house for their annual hockey spread. Page 7 " u-o Hundred. Fourteen III! W. IIIMIII till CIHHIH 1111 IIINIII flE IIINIII IIII IIINIII INTERCLASS BASKETBALL Basketball is the major sport for the winter season. Two court basketball, a method that was adopted last year, was continued again this year. The two full size courts were ready for use when the basketball season began. Miss Zettler, who coaches the basketball teams was assisted by Jean Berridge, the W. A. A. Interclass manager. These two were assisted by the following class managers: Hilda Kirby for the Freshmen, Ruth Kurtz for the Sopho- mores, Gladys Shroder for the Juniors, and Ella Korby was the Senior Class manager. Miss Zettler and Jean Berridge met with the class managers to choose the class teams from those who had played in the Intramural games. Thirty from each class were invited to come out for Interclass Basketball. Later the class teams were cut down to nine from each class. Practise games were held for two weeks. They were followed by one week of intensive practise. Team work was considerably devel- oped at that time. On March fourth the Round Robin games began, each team meeting the other teams twice. The games were played off in the first two weeks leaving the last week open so that the different teams could challenge each other. Page Two Hundred Fifteen III! W. IIIMIII till C IHHIII (III flGwA lllNIII flE 1IINIII m Illl x$ IIINIII INTERCLASS SPEEDBALL Speedball is the major interclass sport which takes place in the Spring. The game is relative- ly new and so far there has not been much skill developed. It is a very promising sport, how- ever, and has become very popular during the two seasons that it has been played. Practises were begun the first week after Spring vacation and took place every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon for the following three weeks. Three teams were developed out of the number who had come out for the practises. The teams were the Freshmen, Calicoes and Juniors, each one of whom showed promise. At the end of the three weeks practise period, the competitive games began. Each team played the other two teams twice. At the end the Juniors came out victorious having won all of their games. At the end of the season a large banquet was held. This was the most formal banquet of the year as the members of all of the Interclass teams met and the awards for the whole year were given, including the cups, class numerals and other insignia. JUNIOR TEAM Page Two Hundred Sixteen mi ? . IIIMIII Il ll CIIIHIH Itll OGISxSUIINIII C II1NII! V IIINIII INTRAMURAL ATHLETICS Intramural sports have been very successful this year as almost every house on campus had teams for all of the three major sports of hockey, basketball, and baseball. These sports were organized in much the same way as they were last year. In hockey and basketball we did not set aside any rime for practise but started the Round-Robin Tournaments a few weeks after the opening of the season. In this tournament all of the houses played three games regardless of whether they won or lost. Those teams winning two out of three games would then qualify for the straight elimination tournament which followed. A cup was awarded to the winners in each sport. This year the members of Jordan Hall have distinguished themselves by winning the cup in two of these sports. Against strong competition Jordan Hall managed to de- feat all of her opponents in both basketball and baseball. In basketball Jordan ' s forwards showed many new tricks in shooting and passing, while their guards, with an incredible degree of speed and alertness, seemed to anticipate every move of the opposing forwards. In spite of the fact the Jordan Hall is one of the largest groups on campus and that they have many girls of excellent athletic ability, they were not successful in defeating the strong hockey team of Kappa Delta which presented an almost impermeable defense. One that was always ready, not only to stop the advance of their op- ponents, but also to back the drives of their for- wards quickly and efficiently, thus giving their forwards the push necessary to make the winning goals. The Hockey Cup therefore goes very de- servedly to Kappa Delta and next year ' s win- ners will find it hard to equal if not surpass the excellent playing of these three teams. KAPPA DELTA HOCKEY TEAM JORDAN HALL BASEBALL AND BASKETBALL TEAM Page V ' ci-o Hundred Seventeen mi am -= HiMIH Illl CHIHIII Illl (DGHi A V IHNIII flE IHN1II m UII IIINIII VIEWS OF THE UNIVERSITY GOLF COURSE GOLF Although golf has always been popular as a W. A. A. activity, there can be no question that the building of the new University golf course has greatly incresed the interest in the sport. The tournaments of the last several years have been so successful that they were repeated. To vary the program slightly, the tournament was played medal instead of match as in previous years. All those interested were invited to play in the tournament, which was under the man- agement of the W. A. A. golf manager, Jean Perrin. It had been planned to play eighteen holes three times to determine the low scorer. However, due to cold weather, the eighteen holes were not played in each case. Winter, of course put a stop to the playing, but the women are looking forward to spring when they may again enjoy this sport. It is quite likely that the season will bring another tourna- ment, for the previous ones have certainly proved the popularity of this form of competition. ENTRIES IN THE FALL GOLF TOURNAMENT Page Tivo Hundred Eighteen III! W. IHMIII Illl CIIIHIH Illl II1NIII OE II1NII! Illl xfcv IIINIII PEGASUS HORSE SHOW RIDING Although the commencement of school kept everyone busy, many ardent riders found time to engage in this form of recreation. The delight- ful days of Indian Summer proved an added zest to riding enthusiasts. As soon as Pegasus had finished the business of organization for the year the members began to indulge in all sort of de- lightful exploits. The crisp sunny days found them setting out with a picnic supper as their goal; and the clear, cool nights were made me- morable by the pleasure of moonlight rides. An- other high-light in the career of the club is the memory of an amusing and delightful treasure hunt. Winter brought a temporary and involuntary close to a greater part of the activities although there were occasional meetings at some stable. However, the weather cannot prevent plan- ning for the Horse Show to be held in the spring. Full organization has not been com- pleted; but if enthusiasm and skill are what are needed there can be no doubt of its success. SUNDAY RIDING GROUP Page Two Hundred Nineteen (Ill W. IIIMIII III! CHIHIH (III 0015 A HINIII (HE IllNlll m Illl A IIINIII TENNIS Spring not only means finals at Michigan, but also a time to resurrect the tennis racquet and get out of doors for some good vigorous fun. Mich- igan offers excellent opportunities for the devel- opment of skill in almost all of the minor sports of which tennis is one of the most popular. One finds the courts in almost constant use through- out the season. The equipment here is excep- tionally good, and this, in a way, probably ac- counts for the extreme popularity of the sport. The women have sixteen regulation courts for their exclusive use. Four of these are cement, while the other twelve are of hard clay, satisfy- ing people who prefer one type to another. The clay courts are kept in excellent condition and are never allowed to become soft or dusty. Not only do people play for their own private amusement, but the Woman ' s Physical Educa- tion department offers excellent instruction in the playing and technique of the game; classes in tennis are given throughout the fall and spring terms, and at some time during the season there is competition between classes. The advanced classes are in one group while the beginners ' classes are divided into another group. At about this same time there is also scheduled an all-campus elimination tournament. These tournaments are run both in the Spring and Fall. BOWLING Bowling is an individual sport of the highest type. Although it is primarily a game for indi- viduals still it involves the element of competition. Each participant vies with herself in trying to outdo the last score which she has made. Unlike games in which groups of players are required, in this activity one may practise at her own time and pleasure. Therefore bowling is particularly well adopted to meet the requirements of the person having only a limited amount of spare time. This year an intramural and an inter-class tournament were held, which furnished group competition in the sport as well. They were re- ceived with much interest, and many of the be- ginners took part. Bowling instruction was given in classes last year for the first time, but was discontinued this year, and as a result the interest in bowling decreased. There are four fine bowling alleys in the base- ment of Palmer Field House, where adequate coaching may be had for the asking. The alleys are open every afternoon except Saturday and Sunday. On certain evenings dur- ing the week men may also bowl. This is one of the few parts of the athletic equipment at the Field House that men as well as women may enjoy. Page Two Hundred Twenty Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl QG5AWUI CE IIINIII UlNltl ARCHERY An old sport which has just begun to increase in popularity within the last few years is arch- ery. Formerly a sport which was used chiefly for practical purposes, it seemed doomed to die with the advent of the rifle, but now it has been revived for health and pleasure. Michigan has become very enthusiastic about the sport, and there are now many girls on campus who are able to shoot with a high degree of accuracy. Classes are given during the spring and fall terms. Many girls, however, come out to shoot independently of the classes as it affords an excel- lent way to make use of the " leisure time " which educators worry so much about. In this, as in most of the other minor sports, there is an all- campus tournament organized each spring and fall, in which any undergraduate woman enrolled in some school in the University may take part, regardless of whether she has or has not been a member of a class. Usually there are two or three weeks practice before the tournament be- gins, when a girl may receive instruction if she wishes. In the tournament itself every contest- ant shoots three times from a distance of thirty feet, using twenty-four arrows each time. Hav- ing done this she then shoots twenty-four arrows three times from a distance of forty feet an d af- terward from a distance of fifty feet. RIFLE Riflery is one of the few sports for women of the University which lasts throughout the school year. The range opens for practice a few weeks after school opens in the fall and continues to hold the interest of those who desire to shoot, until June. All those interested in this sport are given ample opportunity to develop their skill under the able tutelage of Captain A. B. Custis. Usually, all those women who are trying out for the sport are divided into groups of six, and they continue to practice in these groups all year. Last year a rifle exhibition was held at the Open House sponsored by the Women ' s Ath- letic Association, the students shooting in groups of four. During the second semester the rifle team was picked, and it entered a telegraphic in- tercollegiate competition. These meets were held every week with four or five other colleges, and the results of the meets were wired to the other schools to determine the winners of the meet. This year a telegraphic meet was held in Feb- ruary with eight or ten other colleges. We feel very proud of the results of this year ' s team, for they finished second in this inter-collegiate tele- graphic competition. Page Two Hundred T-uxnty-One lilt W. IIIMIII illl C tllHIII (III IIINIII (HE HINIII Illl x 1IINIII DANCING With the Freshman pageant of 1931, dancing as an expressive art gained a new interest among the women on campus. This year classes started with the added zest of a proven success behind them. The increased enrollment alone was a pleasing reward for the hard work done last year. Unrealized talent and ingenuity were dis- covered in the various groups. The classes were divided according to the amount of previous in- struction. The beginners ' classes are going through the same sort of training as was used last year, while the more advanced groups are outdoing themselves in revealing ability and orig- inality. At the close of the first semester all the rhythms classes came together to compare work done, and get new ideas for the future. The more experienced groups were gratified by the interest which the beginners took, and it is need- less to say that the work of the former spurred them on to greater efforts. It was an added laurel to have several ex- amples of this type of work included in the floor show of the Sophomore Cabaret. Greater in- terest is undeniable when it is cited that at sev- eral times during the year large groups have gone out of town to attend the recitals of some of the leaders in this art. A short time ago the par- ticipants in last year ' s pageant arranged a pro- gram for this year ' s Freshmen, so that they might have more concrete ideas upon which to work. At the present time even greater pro- jects are being planned. Invitations have been sent to the physical education departments of sev- eral near-by schools to meet here in the near fu- ture for the purpose of exhibiting and comparing work. A program of this sort is most unusual, and with it in mind, work in the classes has gained added fervor. All in all, this has been an exciting and praise- worthy year; with such a momentuous start we cannot help but move forward with great strides. In addition to these activities mentioned, there are also several dancing classes organized for the enjoyment of those interested in dancing. These organizations enable their members to develop their own individual skill, and the skill of the entire group. They also strive to interest others in their work. There are tap-dancing classes for both begin- ners and more advanced students under the tute- lage of members of the Women ' s Physical Edu- cation Staff. They are open to all undergrad- uates who are desirous of learning to tap-dance. Orchesis is the club organized for natural dancing enthusiasts. This club meets every week under the direction of Miss White, the dancing instructor of the Physical Education Staff. In the spring of the year this organization usually presents a dance festival in the Lydia Mendel- ssohn Theatre. It has not been decided whether to continue this tradition again this year. Orchesis and the tap-dancing groups enable many of their members to become skilled enough so that they may participate in the Junior Girls Play, the Freshman Pageant, and the Sophomore Cabaret. Page Two Hundred Twentv-Two Illl ? . II1MIII Illl C IIIHI1I Illl DGiil A IIINIII QE IIINlll m Illl x 11INIII SWIMMING This year, swimming as a major sport for the women took on an increased interest with the organization of a swimming club. The club which met for the first time early in the winter is under the managership of Corinne Fries, W.A.A. Swimming Manager. The club is intended primarily for those girls who already have some knowledge of this sport, although the simple requirements for membership bar very few people. The less proficient may have in- struction if they desire it, while those who have mastered the finer points may work toward new and more difficult feats. For those girls who wish to enjoy the sport as a recreation there is ample opportunity to enter into amusing and interesting competitions. Waterpolo, fancy div- ing, and working for speed hold the attention of the more advanced swimmers, while relays of all sorts are provided for the less hardy athletes. The Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the Union Pool continue to draw followers of this particular sport. More advanced swimmers are privileged to work as they will, and the be- ginners are given capable instruction. For either pleasure or further development of one ' s prow- ess, these evenings provide a good time for wo- men who are otherwise too busy to indulge in sports. This spring brings the added interest of inter- collegiate competition via telegraph. The wo- men compete among themselves, and the best records are sent to other schools for comparison. There can be no doubt that this wfll act as an added spur to both interest and skfll. BADMINTON Badminton, a relatively new activity on the Michigan campus, is rapidly gaining prominence due to the increased interest and enthusiasm for the sport. It was first introduced here by Miss Hilda Burr, the English hockey coach, who like manj- English people has not limited her interests to one sport. The game has been popular in England for many years, but has only recently become prominent in America. This year at Michigan, Badminton has become quite popu- lar, due largely to Miss Burr ' s excellent coaching and her own enthusiasm for the sport. A tour- nament was organized by a number of zealous players in order to determine the campus cham- pion. A relatively representative group signed up for the tournament which is now in progress. It is hoped that by next year there wfll be enough skilled Badminton players on the campus to or- ganize an intramural competition. Page Two Hundred. Twenty-Three IIIMIII III! CIIIHIII III! (OG IIINIII QE IIINIII m lilt I1INIII TVJO Hundred. Twenty-Four Illl W. niMiii yii doiHiii HE IIINIII 1111 A IIINIII Page Two Hundred Tiventy-Ff C 1 ; " NO PUPIL IS AN EBBINCHAUS OR A JAMES MEMORIZING THINGS JUST TO SEE HOW HIS MIND WORKS. . . . STILL LESS IS HE A WHITE RAT OR A CHIM- PANZEE STRIVING TO OBTAIN FOOD UNDER TRYING CIRCUMSTANCES TO THE EXCLUSION OF ALL OTHER INTER- ESTS. " PROFESSOR WILLIAM C. TROW, EDUCATION BULLETIN, JAN. 16, 1932. Michigamua 228 Mortarboard 229 Senior Class Officers 230 Senior Class 238 Lower Class Officers . .333 Ilil W. IIIMIII iii! ciiiHm nn OE IHNIII m 1111 HONORAKMAdlftS BATTLf-FINIKR-BARTilMf FRItNDLY-CHKF-COOUY CANOt-BUIlDtR-SADUR Y05T GOPWR-SQUAW-CONKLIN coo-coo-cooter LONG-HOOP-DANILS B16-TIMB6R-HWrTT WALL-YD-JOHN50N TRM6LIN -TAIL-KUN THICK -TOP -KNOX PADDK-PAW-MIIUR tUFFAlO-BACK-MORRBW 5MALLTAIK-PATT6R30M TQTtM-BALL-RAiMUSStN LOO36-GUT-RYAN WHITe-WIN -SAUCHKK CHUCKLt-MUb-SMITH HATCHT-B6AK-TOBIN TWO-CLUB -TOMPKIN5 Page T wo Hundred Tii-enty-Eigh tin w. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIfl Illl CM A Mil C IIINIII 11)1 A 1IINIII Page Tito Hundred Twenty-Nine 1111 ? . IIIMIII 1 CHIHtll Illl C IIINIII 1932 LITERARY NlCHOL TlMBERLAKE DANIALS DENLER OFFICERS DAVID M. NICHOL JOSEPHINE TIMBERLAKE DOROTHY DANIALS JOHN DENLER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMUTES Advisory HARRY BENJAMIN C iairman EDWARD McCoRMiCK EDWARD KUHN KATHERINE KOCH DOROTHY ELSWORTH HOWARD WORDEN Athletics NORMAN DANIELS Chairman ROY HUDSON COLBY RYAN ROBERT MILLER SIDNEY RAIKE HARLEY McNEAL Auditing WAYNE TOLAND Chairman KENNETH HOUCK HELEN KITZMILLER THEODORE MOORE ELLIOT IMMERMAN Canes JAY SIKKENGA Chairman DAVID Louis C. B. SEARS MAYNARD MORRISON HENRY PENDLE DONALD COOK Caps and Gowns RALPH HARDY Chairman CLIFFORD DOMKE ELIZABETH GERHARDT HENRY BERGSTROM ALLAN VANGRIBBON Class Day MELVIN RABE Chairman THOMAS DAVIS GINEVRA GINN WILLIAM PAGE EDWARD MUIR Senior Sing THEODORE KOPKE Chairman MARJORIE ELSWORTH MARVIN KOBACHER JACK BAILEY STANLEY HYMAN Social Committee STANLEY BETZ Chairman EUGENIE CHAPEL MARJORIE ROUGH CECILE PORTER ORVILLE PARKER Invitations HOWARD GOULD Chairman CLAY OLMSTEAD MIRIAM CORTWRIGHT JEAN CUDLIP FREDERICK MERNER JOHN BILLHEIMER Memorial GIL PEET Chairman MARTHA ELLEN SCOTT MARIAN PODESTA JAMES CARTWRIGHT CHARLES SPRAWL Pictures IRVING COLF.MAN Chairman JEAN LEVY WILLIAM HARRIS NORMAN ELF.IZER HENRY WEISS Publicity BEACH CONGER Chairman WILLIAM KNOX MARGARET THOMPSON C. H. BEUKEMA Senior Ball HOWARD GOULD Chairman KENNETH MCCALLUM JANICE GILLETTE CHARLES KLINE EDWARD MCCORMICK CULLEN KENNEDY JOHN DENLER RALPH HARDY HOBART SKIDMORE S enior Banquet ALBERT PALMER Chairman A. J. HAUSERMAN MAURINF. KNOX SARAH BOND WALTER HOLT LEONARD WOLOZ Svoingout RICHARD L. TOBIN Chairman HARCOURT PATTERSON JOHN SAUCHUCK KENNETH MCCALLUM JAY SIKKENGA DON STRAITER JAMES NORTH CARL FORSYTHE DICK GUSTINE ROBERT WILLIAMSON Women ' s MIT.DRED TODD Chairman SALLY ENSMINGER EDWINA JENNY KATHERINE FERRIN BEATRIX EHRLICH Page Two Hundred Thirty Ilil W. IIIMIII till (DC IIIHIII Illl 0[ A IIINIII (QE I1INIII III! A 1IINIII = 1932 ENGINEERING OFFICERS JACK BEECH LER MARSHALL ANDERSON JOHN A. CAMPBELL WILLIAM R. CRANE President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Athletics EUGENE B. ETCHELLS Chairman ROBERT R. BENNETT RONALD G. WILSON ROBERT S. DAVIS ALFRED R. DECKER Finance WALTER NIELSON Chairman GEORGE E. FORSTER GLENN V. EDMONSON ROBERT A. SNYDER WILLIAM H. YENNI J Cane MILLARD J. BELL Chairman DANIEL J. MULL EDWIN F. RUSSELL HENRY WEYENBERG GEORGE W. MEEK Invitations and Announcements DALE L. RICHARDSON Chairman ROBERT O. BARR JOHN J. HAMILTON DOUGLAS CRAWFORD JOHN G. HOAD Cap and Gown ALLISON B. EVANS Chairman MALCOLM D. LAWRIE NORMAN E. KNAPP HUGH G. HOTCHKISS ELGIN O. MARSHALL Memorial HARRY E. CHESEBROUGH Chairman J. NALL CANDLER J. ROBERT JONES JOHN H. REDDING, JR. ROBERT T. GARRISON Class Day Banquet GEORGE R. INNER Chairman ALLEN L. GOLDSMITH DONALD J. HEBERT ARVIN I. PHILIPPART HENRY C. APPELT Picture DAVID S. CULVER Chairman JOHN C. CARPENTER PAUL R. HARTIG JOSEPH P. WHITE ROBERT I. SNYDER Senior Ball LAWRENCE C. WHITSIT Chairman STANLEY E. CHASE HERSHELL E. BLANKS BEECHLER ANDERSON CAMPBELL CRANE Page Two Hundred Thirty-One IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII 1111 QE IIINIII Illl A IIINIII 1932 MEDICINE OFFICERS GEORGE HAMMOND HARRY GREENBAUM JOAN M. GOEBEL WINSTON R. WREGGIT President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Athletic ARNOLD B. COMBS Chairman HYMAN OREN THOMAS A. OWENS Honor RUSSELL DE JONG Chairman JACOB VAN Loo HIRA E. BRANCH Cane BRUCE A. WORK Chairman JEROME H. COHEN ERNEST W. BLANCHARD Invitation LYMAN A. BREWER Chairman MOSES FROHLICH WALTER F. SHEPHERD Cap and Gown LUTHER C. CARPENTER Chairman CHARLES H. FRANTZ SIDNEY M. BERKOWITZ Memorial MEYER NOTKIN Chairman DANIEL W. MYERS MORRIS WEINBLOTT HAMMOND GREENBAUM GOEBEL WREGGIT Executive JOHN H. ROTTSCHAFER Chairman GARRET E. WINTER ALEXANDER CONRAD EDWARD J. McCoRMiCK. WILLIAM R. PURMORT Finance VICTOR E. NELSON Chairman JACOB VAN Loo HIRA E. BRANCH Picture AUGUST H. EHRLER Chairman ALLEN M. BOYDEN K. L. McCLOSKEY Social ELIZABETH STERN Chairman JAMES L. GILLARD MARIE PELECOVICH Page Tivo Hundred Thirty-Two Illl ? . IIIMIII Illl CIHHIII Illl QE IIINIII 3K Illl HINIII OFFICERS HAROLD V. POTTER M. ROBERT DEO MILTON MCCREERY EARL L. MEIXNER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Athletic WILLIAM G. PHELPS Chairman EDWIN B. POORMAN CLARE F. CARTER Cane WILLIAM R. MORRIS Chairman ARDEN E. FIRESTONE WILLIAM E. EDWARDS CHARLES K. CORRELL Caps and Gowns GLENFORD R. MILLER Chairman HENRY FORD, JR. CLARKE W. BALDWIN Executive VARRO H. RHODES Chairman DONALD H. FORD VIRGIL O. BRAUN FREDERIC E. WOLF PAUL G. KAUPER Finance LEE VAN BLARGAN Chairman HARRY E. MEYER, JR. THOMAS H. JOLLS EARL A. KLOSTER MAX L. VEECH JOSEPH E. ARSULOWICZ WILLIAM A. C. ROETHKE 1932 LAW Class ROBERT H. MARTIN Chairman MARK S. ANDREWS, ]R. LEO T. NORVILLE VERLE C. WITH AM Crease Dance WILFRED A. STEINER Chairman KARL Y. KONECKER FLORENCE N. CLEMENT GEORGE S. BRADLEY DORREN L. RENNER OSCAR R. SIMON Crease Paper SHERWOOD AKE Chairman WILLIAM R. ALTHANS HARVEY G. STRAUB Invitations NORMAN B. SORTOR Chairman GEORGE E. PALMER Picture MERRILL HENDERSHOT Chairman OSBORNE A. WlSANSKY OWEN B. LEONARD GERALD E. TILLOTSON Social LAWRENCE CURFMAN, JR. Chairman GERALD L. VAN WESEP IRVING T. BABB JACK HACKETT DONALD F. NASH POTTER DEO McCREERY MEIXNER Page 7 ' vto Hundred Thirty-Three III! ? IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII III! (OCni A IIINIII OE IIINIII 111! A IIINIII 1932 EDUCATION OFFICERS JULIUS J. GOUZA ELIZABETH J. COVERT JOSEPHINE J. KRISER ALICE NEIDERSTADT President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES M Alumnae and Memorial JOSEPHINE K. KRISER Chairman CATHELIA E. POLLOCK. MARGARET EMILY REED Athletic NORMAN JOSEPH DANIELS Chairman MARTIN ROY HUDSON MARTHA BOEHMER MARGARET E. HEALY Caps and Gowns IVALITA GLASCOCK Chairman RUTH ABIGAIL EISMAN ELIZABETH B. GARDNER Finance AMY C. BRUEGGEMAN Chairman MARTHA LOUISE VEAL LEOLA AGNES MARX ERNESTINE D. LOSSING Cane IVAN CLYDE SMITH Chairman HAROLD DAVID LINDSAY FRANCIS CLEMENT HAZEN HOWARD LEROY FABER Invitations BARBARA B. DAVIS Chairman JOADA DAY ARTHUR R. KOOKER PAUL NATHAN YOUNG GOUZA COVERT KRISER NEIDERSTADT Social HARMON WOLFE Chairman SYLVESTER B. CHADMAN DOROTHY LUCILLE FELSKE PAULINE M. RICHARDS Page Two Hundred T iirtv-Four Illl IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII (III IE IIINIII SSUII A , IIINIII 1932 DENTISTRY OFFICERS MALCOLM R. STIRTON JOHN J. WHITE, JR. HANS E. SAHLIN JOHN D. MARTINDALE President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Athletic JACK J. GOODE Chairman JOHN R. DAVIDSON ROBERT M. BRUCE Finance FRANK R. LOVELL Chairman MARTIN L. ISELDYK TOD J. LEAVITT Cane and Pipes ROBERT A. COLBY Chairman CARL S. WOODS CLARE E. WIEDLEA TAMES MILLIARD HICKS Invitations CHESTER PERRY Chairman KENNETH RYAN HARRY M. NORTON ALTON E. GROSS Cap and Gown RAYMOND A. MCCARTHY C hatrman MILTON E. BAILEY Louis H. MEYERS KENNETH E. KIPP Executive GEORGE H. SIERSMA Chairman BERT H. ROBERTS MEREDITH F. COMAR Publicity CARLISLE F. RUCGER Chairman STEPHEN W. KOZELKO WILLIAM F. MOSSNER, JR. Social RUSSELL D. AMOS Chairman MICHAEL J. MAXIAN OLEN H. MCCONNELL FREDERICK W. YOUNG STIRTON WHITE SAHLIN MARTINDALE Page Two Hundred Thirty-Five III! W. IIIMIII Illl C IIIHtll III! IIINIII C IIINIII 111! 1IINIII 1932 ARCHITECTURE OFFICERS RODERICK W. BAKER ANTHONY J. HOCEVAR STANLEY J. YATES OTTO A. WENDT President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Advisory STANLEY B. FLEISCHAKER Chairman WILLIAM R. BALBACH SULHO A. NURMI Finance WILLARD J. WENDT Chairman DALE C. MEHRING CLARENCE A. SCHOEN Auditing EDWARD MOSHER JEWEL Chairman WILLARD H. A. CLARK RICHARD C. BRADFORD Invitation CHARLES G. SWEET Chairman MARGARET L. KEELER BERNARD L. CAMPBELL Cane FREDERICK H. COLVIN Chairman VINCENT J. MILLER ROBERT K. MOSHER Picture SYLVESTER J. STEPNOSKI Chairman DOUGLAS EARL DRAKE WILLIAM E. TSCHUMY BAKER HOCEVAR YATES WENDT Cap and Gown JOHN RUSSELL GRAY Chairman CLARK RUSSEL ACKLEY MIRIAM FINSTERWALD Publicity DAVID W. KLIBANOW Chairman EARL FRED KAELI DONALD SIDNEY GILMAN Social J. RUSSEL BAILEY Chairman MABEL F. MCCUTCHEON GERALD R. W. WATLAND Page T wo Hundred Thirty-Six Illl ? . IIIMIII Illl OC IIIHIII Illl OL xfcv IIINIII QE IIINIII m Illl x 1IIN1II 1932 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION OFFICERS RICHARD S. CLAIRE LAWRENCE C. HOBART FREDERICK. J. ASMUS RUSSEL H. MOORE President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary COMMITTEES Athletic ARTHUR H. SCHLANDERER Chairman GORDON T. HEIM M. WlNTHROP SCOFIELD HENRY G. DYKHOUSE Cane LAWRENCE C. COOPER Chairman HORACE M. READ ORVILLE W. STONE Caps and Gowns ALDEN L. GENTS Chairman WILLIAM E. GREINER JOHANNA M. WEISE Class Picture LEE L. EHRBRIGHT Chairman FREDERICK B. EILBER VELMA F. ANDERSON Finance NORMAN E. DEAN Chairman MERRILL K. REYNOLDS KEITH B. HACKETT RALPH E. NEWCOMB ELBERT E. TRAIL Invitations RAYNALE D. KIRK Chairman EDITH V. EGELAND EDSON R. WHITE Social LAWRENCE N. GOODSPEED Chairman OLIVE CHADWICK ALBERT J. KLICK CLAIRE HOBART ASMUS MOORE Page Tico Hundred Thirty-Seven Illl ? . IIIMII! Illl CIIIHIII III! C IIINIII Illl A 1IINIII John London Abernathy, Jr. J.D. Purcell, Oklahoma Law Club; Council, Law Club. Clark Russel Acklcy B.S. in Arch. Lansing, Michigan James Kenneth Adams B.S. in F. Sterling, Michigan Forestry Club. Robert Edwin Adams A.B. Shepherd, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi. Rose Helene Adler A.B. Detroit, Michigan Mirdad T. Aivazian B.S. in E.E. Teheran, Persia A. I. E. E. Sherwood Ake L.L.B. Canton, Ohio Alpha Tau Omega; Barristers; Law Class Treasurer (1). Albert Howard Alfsen A.B. Toronto, Canada Alpha Chi Rho. Rex Allbright Howell, Michigan Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Varsity Band Mgr. (3) (4); A. S. C. E. Durward Leon Allen Fort Wayne, Indiana Theta Kappa Epsilon. George R. Allen A.B. Rome, New York Sigma Chi. Joseph H. Alii A.B. Korcha, Albania Cosmopolitan Club (1) (2) (3) (4); French Club (1) (2) (3) (4). Ruth Marie Allison B.M Plymouth, Michigan Chi Omega; Freshman Glee Club; Girls Glee Club; Junior Girls Play. Ada Allman B.M. Crown Point, Indiana Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sigma Alpha Iota; Le Cercle Francais (2) (3) ; Bus- iness Staff ' Ensian (2); Girls Glee Club (2) (3); Junior Girls ' Play (3). William Rieck Althans L.L.B. Highland Park, Michigan Law Club, Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Law Review. Ruth E. Alward A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Martha Cook; Sigma Eta Chi. Page Two Hundred Thirty-Eight till W. IIIMIII Illl CIHHIH Ilil d A IIINIII C IIINIII III! A IIINIII Robert Siege) Amber? A.B. Detroit, Michigan Zeta Beta Tau; Gargoyle (1) (2) Russell D. Amos D.D.S. Bad Axe, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. Basil Demosthenes Anagnost B.S. in Chem. Cleveland. Ohio Hellenic Society (2) (3) (4). A. Wilmer Andersen B.S. in E E. Detroit, Michigan Phi Eta Sigma: Tan Beta Pi; Wrestl- ing (3); A. I. E. E. (2J. Frances Gertrude Anderson Clare. Michigan Delta Zeta; Glee Club; Choral I ' nion. James Edward Anderson B.S. in Aero.E. New York, New York Jean Anderson Ann Arbor, Michigan John Gerry Anderson B.S. in M.E. Ann Arbor. Michigan Psi Upsilon ; Triangles. Marshall Anderson B.S. in M.E. Detroit, Michigan Theta Xi: Phi Eta Sigma (1): Tau Beta Pi (3): Pres. (4): Class Vice- Pres. (4); A. S. M. E. Vice-Pres. (4). Paul jerrold Anderson L.L.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Theta Chi. William ). Anderson D.D.S. Bay City, Michigan Psi Omega. Vera M. Andres A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Leone F. Andrews A.B. Michigan Martha Cook. Mark Seeley Andrews. Jr. L.L.B. Colciwater, Michigan Hermitage; Phi Alpha Delta: Bar- risters: Class Sec ' y. (2); Adelphi. Robert Dana Andrews A.B. Muskegon, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi. Luis Ernesto Angles B.S. La Paz, Bolivia Cosmopolitan Club; Sociedad His- panica. Page Two Hundred Thirty-Nint Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl IIINIII C IIINIII 3 Illl A IIINIII Violet Lucile Ansorge A.B. Newaygo, Michigan Delta Delta Delta; ' Ensian (2); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Choral Union (2) (3) (4); Freshman Pageant; Junior Girls ' Play; Sophomore Cabaret. Bertha Elizabeth Anttila Alpha, Michigan Couzens Hall. R.N. Henry C. Appelt B.S. in M.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan A. S. M. E. (3) (4); Class Athletics (2) (3) (4). ffl : Ethel Bickcncll Arehart A.B. in Ed. Otsego, Michigan Black Quill (3); Pres. (4); Daily (3). Harry L. Arnold, Jr. A.B. Honolulu, Hawaii Zeta Psi; Nu Sigma Nu; Mimes. Robert M. Arnold B.S. in E.E. Salem, Ohio Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Scab ' oard and Blade. Ethel W. Arscott B.M. Rogers City, Michigan Alpha Delta Pi; Junior Girls ' Hockev Team (1); Pan Hellenic Delegate (1); Choral Union (1) (2); Freshman Page- ant; Sophomore Cabaret; Junior Girls ' Play. Joseph Edward Arsulowicz L.L.B Grand Rapids, Michigan Board of Directors; Athletic Associa- tion; Alpha Nu; Mgr. Intramural Sports (4). Theodore Owusu Asare Worawora, Gold Coast, West Africa Alpha Phi Alpha. May H. Ashley A.B. Leetonia, Ohio Michiganensian (2); Hockey (1). Frederick John Asmus M.B.A. East Detroit, Michigan Alpha Kappa Psi; Treas. Bus. Ad. Class (4). Alexander George Assaley B.S. in Chem. Grand Rapids, Michigan Arab Students ' Union, Sec ' y. Helen Beatrice Aulph A.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Zeta; Alpha Lambda Delta (2); Women ' s Committee (2). Herschel Eugene Austin Muncie, Indiana John Mott Avent B.S. in M.E., A.E. Staten Island, New York m Irving Thornton Babb L.L.B. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Barristers. Page Two Hundred Forty III! W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Ilil OE IIINIII ill! A 1IINIII Gerald Herr Bicker B.S. in A.E. Simmit. New Jersey Byrne Mennel Badenoch B.S. Evanston. Illinois Sigma Phi; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Bernard Herman Bailey Jackson, Michigan Delta Chi. A.B. James Russell Bailey B.S. in Arch. Southampton, New York Tau Sigma Delta: Architon; Junior Pres.; Soph. Vice-Pros.; Pres., Arch. Soc. (4). John James Bailey B.S. in Ceol. Tulsa, Oklahoma Siema Phi Epsilon: Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Soph. Prom Committee. Milton Earl Bailey D.D.S. Lansing, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Sec ' y. Fresh. Dent. Class. Steele Bailey B.S. in C.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan A, S. C. E., Treas. Frank Harold Baker A.B. Battle Creek, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Class Treas. (1); Pres. Bus. Ad. ' 33. George Melze Baker M.D. naw, Michigan Phi Kappa Psi; Xu Sigma Nu; Mich- igan Opera (3). Roderick William Baker D.D.S. Kalamazoo, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Pres., Senior Class. William R. Balbach B.S.A. in D.D. Grand Rapids, Michigan Tau Sigma Delta; Architons; Mich- iganensian, Art Ed. (3) (4); Arch. Soc., Treas. Howard William Baldock B.S. in Pharm. Canton, Ohio Alpha Tau Omega; Prescott Club; Mich. Daily (1) (2); Treas., (1) (2); Pres., (3); Senior Ball (4). Clarke Wing Baldwin Adrian, Michigan Psi Vpsilon. L.L.B. Isabel Ann Baldwin B.A. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Betsy Barbour; ' Ensian (2); Daily Clarence W. Bareis B.S. in Ch.E. Dexter, Michigan Kenneth E. Barker B.S. in C.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Page Two Hundred Forty-One HlMIII till CHIHIII Illl IIINIII UE IIINIII 111) A HINIII John Walter Barnard B.S. in Psych. Detroit, Michigan Pi Kappa Phi. Dorothy Barnes B.S. in Ed. Uniontown, Pennsylvania Kappa Kappa Gamma. Laura Martha Barnes A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Mosher Hall; Choral Union; Glee Club. Arthur R. Barnett A.B. Homer, Indiana Delta Tau Delta. Merl Angell Barns L.L.B. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Robert Barr B.S. in E.E. Lima, Ohio Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Glider Sec., Aero. Soc. (1); A. I. E. E. (4). Margaret Elizabeth Bartholic A.B. Wyandotte, Michigan Zeta Tau Alpha. Donald Van Hills Bartholomew Vernon, New York Delta Upsilon; Baseball (3). A.B. William Warren Barton B.F. Dalton, Massachusetts Society of Les Voyageurs. Emily J. Bates A.B. Ovid, Michigan Kappa Delta; Wyvern (3); Mortar Board (4), Pres.; Hockey (1); Swim- ming (2); Basketball (1) (2) (3); Chr. Soph. Cabaret (2); Chr. J. G. P. (3); League Corr. Sec ' y. (3) ; Frosh Glee Club; Girls ' Glee Club (2); Pan- Hellenic (3) (4); Chr. Pan-Hell. Ban- quet (4); Freshman Pag. Comm. (1). Arthur Wellington Bcchtcl A.B. Reading, Pennsylvania Choral Union (2) (3) (4). Theodore J. Beck Chicago, Illinois Phi Alpha Delta. LL.B. Clarence L. Becker LL.B. Kenosha, Wisconsin Phi Mu Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta; Barristers. Emiel Becsky M.S. in Arch. Detroit, Michigan Jack Sidney Beechler B.S. in M.E. Jackson, Michigan Phi Eta Sigma (1); Triangles (3); Vulcans (4); Tau Beta Pi (4); A. S. M. E. (4); Eng. Council (4); Junior Class Sec ' y; Senior Class Pres. Robert Bruce Beesley Denver, Colorado Delta Tau Delta. A.B. Page Two Hundred Forty-Two III! ? . IIIMIII OH CIIIHIH Illl OE IIINIII Illl x IIINIII Harold T. Belcher Jackson, Michigan Sigma Phi Epsilon. AB Francis Allison Bell LL B Negaunee, Michigan Alpha Chi Rho; Phi Dclu Phi; Bar- risters. Mildred Lucille Bell A.B. in Ed. Kalamazoo. Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta. Joseph Peter Belsley M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Theta Delta Chi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Theta Lambda L ' psilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Omega Alpha; Victor Vaughan Society; Galens; Pres. Class (2). Arthur L. Benedict, Jr. Muskegon, Michigan B.S. Donald Banks Benedict B.S. in Ch.E. Katonah, New York Theta Xi; A. I. Ch. E. Harry S. Utfea, New York A.B. Alpha Sigma Phi; Michigamua; Frosh Frolic Comm.; Soph. Prom Comm ; Michiganensian (1) (2) (3); Bus. Mgr. (4) ; Mich. Summer Daily, Ass ' t Bus. Mgr. (2); Ass ' t Baseball Mgr. (3); Baseball Mgr. (4); Student Council (3); Secretary (4); Chairman Senior Ad- visory Comm. (4); Bd. in Control of Student Chris. Assoc. (4); ' M ' Man- agers Club. Theodore Addison Benner B.S. in E.E. Fredonia, Pennsylvania Pi Tau Pi Sigma. Harry Birger Benson Flint, Michigan B.S. Harold 0. Benz A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Benjamin Oak Park, Illinois A.B. Theta Delta Chi; Michigan Daily (2); Michiganensian (2). Albert Theodore Berg M.D. New York, New York Alpha Omicron Alpha. Lawrence A. Berg Arm Arbor, Michigan M.D. Eugene Bergsman Port Huron, Mich. LL.B. Henry Arvidson Bergstrom A.B. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Theta Chi; J-Hop (3). Treasurer. Sidney Stephen Berkowitz M.D. New York, New York Phi Delta Epsilon; Victor Vaughan Society; Honor Council (3). Page Two Hundred Forty-Three Illl ? -= IIIMIII till dOIHHI Illl CGn AlllNIII C 1IIN1II (III A , HINIII Leonard Berman A.B. Newark, New Jersey Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi. Thelma Lydia Berner Buffalo, New York Alpha Chi Omega. B.S. Herbert Alfred Bernstein A.B. Detroit, Michigan Philip Bernstein A.B. Cleveland, Ohio Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Kappa Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Stu- dent Director, Hillel Foundation (4). Aaron Beser A.B. Detroit, Michigan Stanley Eugene Betz Monroe, Michigan Phi Gamma Delta. A.B. Cornelius H. Beukema A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Sigma Delta Chi; Kappa Tau Alpha, President. Marie Beyne A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Lambda Delta: Le Cercle Fran- caise (1); Editor, Italian Tournal (1); Secretary, II Circolo (2) (3). Frank B. Bicknell Clare, Michigan Kappa Sigma; Phi Rho Sigma. M.D. Kathleen Natalie Bidwell A.B. Big Rapids, Michigan Martha Cook; Junior Girls ' Play Com- mittee. Warner Henry Biekkola M.B.A. Trout Creek, Michigan Edward Bigg A.B. Latrobe, Pennsylvania Pi Lambda Phi; Adelphi. (1) (2) (3) (4); Interfrat. Council (3); Mich iganensian (1). John Cecil Billingsley B.F. Hot Springs, Arkansas Acacia ; Scabbard Blade ; Les Voyageurs; Craftsmen Club; Michigan Forester, Editor; Treas. Senior Class (4); R. O. T. C. Rifle Team, (2) (3) (4). Dorothy jean Birdzell A.B. Bismarck, North Dakota Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Wyvern (3); Mortar Board (4); Bd. of Directors, W. A. A. (2); Bus. Mgr., Frosh Pageant; Soph- omore Cabaret; Junior Girls ' Play; Treas., Women ' s League; Bd. of Direct- ors, Women ' s League (3) (4). Fred James Black M.D. Detroit, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Chi; Beta Beta Beta. Samuel Black A.B. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Pi Lambda Phi; Craftsmen Club (4); Wrestling (1); Band (1) (2). Page Two Hundred Forty-Four Illl = IIIMIII III! CHIHW Illl G MH 4E 111NIII m Illl A1IINIII Marvin J. Blacss M.D. Detroit, Michigan Pi Phi Omicron; Tbeta Kappa Psi. Ernest William Blanchard M.D. Brown City, Michigan Herschcll E. Blanks B.S. in A E Trenton. Michigan A, S. M. E.; Senior Ball Comm. David F. Blcil B S Belleville, Michigan Milton Block M.D. Newark. New Jersey m Albert Bloom M.D. Detroit, Michigan Phi Lambda Kappa. David Darts Blumenstein LL.B. Apollo, Pennsylvania Pi Lambda Phi; Lawyers ' Club. :- e Alexander Bochnowski LL.B. E. Chicago, Indiana Delta Theta Phi; Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) (4). Hotzell H. Bode A.B. Whitehall, Michigan Delta Phi. Martha Boehmer B.S. in Ed. Cleveland, Ohio Orcbesis; Phys. Ed. Clnb; Fresh. Pageant; Soph. Circus Comm; Junior Ed. Club, Board. Quentin R. Boerner B.F. Port Washington, Wisconsin S. A. E. ; Les Voyageurs. Frieda Boerseg A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Delta Zeta; Pan-Hellenic Rep.; House Organization Comm. ; Junior Girls ' Play. Ethel Mae Bond A B. Farrnington, Michigan Alpha Gamma Delta; ' Ensian (3) (4); Freshman Paeeant; Bd. of Repre- sentatives; Pan-Hellenic (3) (4). Sarah Ernmer Bond A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Omicron PL Marguerite Virginia Boom A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Bt ' r - - IP ! ff, Charles Emit Borberg A.B. Billings. Montana Page Two Hundred. Forty-Five Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIM illl (HE IIINIII IIINIll Norman Newell Bowbeer D.D.S. Wyandotte, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Varsity Glee Club (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8); Choral Union (1) (3); Michigan Union Opera (5) (6). Sarah Margariet Boyd Ithaca, Michigan Couzens Hall. R.N. Allen Marston Boyden M.D. Portland, Oregon Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu; A. O. A.; Phi Beta Kappa. Howard H. Boys B.S. in A.E. Wichita, Kansas Phi Kappa Tau; Eng. Council (4); Mich. Technic (1) (2); Pres. Aero Society (4). Frederick F. Brace A.B. Pontiac, Michigan Chi Psi; Sphinx; Phil Delta Phi; Druids; Sigma Delta Chi; Friars; Ten- nis (2) (3), Captain (4); Secretary, 1934 Law Class. Michiganensian (1) (2); Senior Ed. (3). Richard Charles Bradford B.S. in Arch. Flint, Michigan Arch. Soc. (3) (4); Choral Union (4). Frank John Brading LL.B. Chicago, Illinois Sigma Phi Epsilon. George Seymour Bradley LL.B. Toledo, Ohio Phi Kappa Tau; Barristers (6) Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3), Circ. Mgr (3); Bd. in Control of Student Pubs. (4) (5); J-Hop, Ticket Chr. (3); Vice Chairman (5); Kappa Phi Sigma (1) Crease Dance Comm. (6). Sarah Burnette Bradley B.A. Chicago, Illinois Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sigma Alpha Iota; Sigma Delta Phi; Senior Rep. Women ' s League Board; U. Girls ' Glee Club; Choral Union; Cercle Francais; Comedy Club. Florence Elizabeth Brady Kalamazoo, Michigan Alpha Omicron Pi. A.B. Frank John Brady Detroit, Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi. A.B. Robert John Braidwood Detroit, Michigan Trigon, Architon. A.B. Hira Edmund Branch M.D. Royal Oak, Michigan Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Band (1) (2); Glee Club (3); Chairman Social Commit- tee (3). Virgil O. Braun LL.B. Owosso, Michigan Lawyers ' Club; Law Club Council, Treas. Margaret Mary Bray Saginaw, Michigan Michiganensian (3) (4). A.B. Louise Folk Breakey A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis; Hockey (1); Basketball (1); Baseball (1) Soph. Cab. (2); Jun. Girls ' Play; Pan-Hell. Banq. (3); Pan-Hell. Ball (3). Page Two Hundred Forty-Six (Ill W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHia III! flGiii A INI OE INI 3KIIII A NINIII Joseph F. Brennjn A.B. Detroit, Michigan Douglas Dundjs Bncn A.B. Birmingham, Michigan Chi Psi: Druids; Gargoyle Bos. (1) William W. Briggs A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Hermitage. Forster Cuiry Brill B S in M.E. Detroit, Michigan Delta Alpha Epsikm; S. I. E.; A. S. M. E. Kathryn E. Brinley A.B. Washington, D.C. Betsy Barbonr House; Basketball (2); Tennis (3); Portia (2). Harold Bates Bristol B.S. in E E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi. David Lewis Brockmeier A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Kappa Sigma. Booker Brooks A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Phi Alpha; Track (1) (2) (3). Henry Tracy Brooks B.S. Winnetka. Illinois Delta Upsiloo. Calvin Albert Brown J.D. Salina, Kansas Mich. Law Review. Charles Mackinnon Brown A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda; Hen ' s Ed. Club; 1932 J-Hop Comm. Dorothy Maxine Brown A.B. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta; Junior Girls ' Play: Bd. of Representatives (3); Soph. Circus. Helen Catherine Brown A.B. in Lib.Sc. Alpha Chi Omega. Howard Gilchrest Brown LL.B. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Swimming (3) (4); Lawyers ' Club. John R. Brown Holdrege, Nebraska Lawyers ' Club. Max Frederkk Brown Detroit, Michigan Sigma Chi. A.B. Page TV.-O Hundred Forty-Seven III! ? . IIIMIII nil CIIIHIII Illl QGiiiAlIM flE lilNIII Illl x HINIII Norms J. Brown A.B. Detroit, Michigan Mosher- Jordan ; Athena; Frosh Frolic Comm. ; Soph. Advisory Comm. ; Fresh- man Girls ' Glee Club; Choral Union; Soph. Cabaret; Junior Girls ' Play; Music Committee; Vice-Pres., Hille) Foundation. Wesley Henry Brown St. Joseph, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi. A.B. Hugh Earl Brownfield LL.B. Winfield, Kansas Sigma Delta Kappa; Barristers. Harold Hugo Brueckner M.D. Fort Wayne, Indiana Richard A. Bruehl Detroit, Michigan Gargoyle (2) (3) (4). B.S. Frederic S. Buchan B.S. in C.E. Rochester, New York Triangle Fraternity; Triangles (3); Vulcans (4); A. S. C. E. (3) (4); Soph. Prom Chairman; Vice-Pres. A. S. C. E. (4); Publicity Comm. (3). Morris W. Buckborough M.D. Lansing, Michigan Sigma Nu; Alpha Kappa Kappa. - Edwin F. Buckley B.S. in M.E. Kalamazoo, Michigan A. S. M. E. Jeremiah Paul Buckley B.S. in C.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Kappa; A. S. C. E. (3) (4); Michigan Technic (2) (3). Evelyn L. Bull A.B. in Ed. Morrison, Illinois Mosher Hall. Dan Jayne Bulmer A.B. Aspinwall, Pennsylvania Delta Tau Delta; Nu Sigma Nu; Varsity Cheer Leader (2) (3). Hortense E. Bumpus A.B. Monroe, Michigan Alpha Phi; Michigensian (2); Comedy Club. John Welford Bunting A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Zeta Psi; Daily (Summer) (3); Mimes. Lester George Burkhardt LL.B. Chicago, Illinois lames Henry Burns A.B. Highland Park, Michigan Hermitage. William M. Burt A.B. Detroit, Michigan Theta Delta Chi; Druids; Golf Man- ager; Ass ' t Football Manager. Page Two Hundred Forty-Eight din -= IIIMIII III! flDIIHH Illl CGiiAHINIII flE IIINIII $ HINIII = Thomas Francis Butler. Jr. LL.B. Toledo, Ohio Phi Delta Phi; Vice-Pres.. Junior Law Class (2). Flint, Michigan Martha Cook. AB. Rosalynn Marguerite Caley B.S. in Ed Menominee, Michigan John A. Campbell B.S. in Ch.E. [Detroit, Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi; Secretary Senior Eng. Class. John T. Campbell A.B Owosso, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi; M Club: Track (2) (3) (4). Margaret M. Campbell R.N. Johnstown, Pennsylvania Louise Carolyn Canberg A.B. Grand Rapids. Michigan Eta Sigma Phi: Hockey; Basketball; Baseball. Violet Cay Canberg A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Eta Sigma Phi; Hockey; Basketball; Speedball. James Nail Candler B.S. in M.E. Detroit, Michigan Zeta Psi; Triangles; Student ' s Convo- cation Comm.; Class 7 ice-Pres., (2); Student Council (3) (4); Sigma Rbo Tan. Vivien Isobel Caplin A.B. Cleveland Heights, Ohio Harold C. Chi Phi. LL.B. Akron, Ohio L. Mardell Carder B.M. Pittsburgh, Kansas Delta Gamma: Choral Union (3). Samuel Mark Cardone B.S. in C.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Student Branch A. S. C. E.: R. O. T. C. Rifle Team (1) (2) (3) (4), Capt. (3). William Lloyd Carmichael Owosso, Michigan Sigma Pi. A.B. Janet Vincent Carncross A.B. Appleton, Wise: Delta Gamma; l_ . Orchestra. Leonore Caro B.S. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Martha Cook; Phys. Ed. Club An- nual: Swimming Team; Hockey; Librar- ian ; Glee Club. Page Two Hundred Forty-N ' au III! W. IIIMIII UN CIHHIll Illl QE IIINIII m Illl A 1IINIII Earl Bruce Carpenter Chicago. Illinois A.B. lean Frances Carpenter Washington, D. C. Delta Delta Delta. A.B. Luther Clarendon Carpenter, Jr. M.D. Bay City, Michigan Sigma Phi; Nu Sigma Nu; Victor Vaughan Society. Clare F. Carter LL.B. Bay City, Michigan Theta Chi; Barristers; Class Treasurer (3). Richard Mathews Carter B.S. Louisville, Kentucky Alpha Chi Sigma. Herman Bernard Cass LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Nicholas Benjamin Cawthorne B.S. in E.E. Port Huron, Michigan A. I. E. E. Olive Chadwick M.B.A. Detroit, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta. Donald Morris Chaffee B.S. in C.E. Detroit, Michigan Psi Upsilon; Manager Hockey Team Cayle Adrian Chaffin A.B. Midland, Pennsylvania Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Alpha Nu; President, Glee Club (4); Glee Club, (2) (3) (4); Band (4); Choral Union (2) (3) (4). Bruce Chalmers A.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Kappa Epsilon. Russell W. Chamberlin B.S. in Ch.E. Flint, Michigan Emlee Ann Champagne A.B. Monroe, Michigan Elizabeth Adela Chandler A.B. Flint, Michigan Martha Cook; University Girls ' Glee Club; Choral Union. Eugenie Isabella Chapel A.B. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sigma Delta Phi; Wyvern; Comedy Club; Pan- Hellenic Ball Committee; Soph. Cabaret- University Girls ' Glee Club Emery William Chase B.S. in Aero.E. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda; A. S. M. E. Page Two Hundred Fifty Illl W. niMiii IIH c IIIHIU mi A IIINIII rc IIINIII HINIII Stanley Earl Chase B.S. in M.E. Ann Arbor. Michigan Triangles; Yulcans; Track; Vice- Pres. Class (3). Frank Andrew Chatfield Ph.C Pontiac, Michigan Hermitage: Class Secretary (4). Wilhelmina Annie Cherry A.B. Bay City, Michigan Polonia. Harry E. Chesebrough B.S. in M.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Kappa Delta Rbo: Scabbard and Blade: Tan Beta Pi: A. S. M. E. J Gerald Q. Chesley A.B. Delta Chi. Theron Dyer Childs. Jr. LL.B. Buchanan, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi; Lawyers Club; Council. Lawyers ' Clnb (4). Elizabeth Viola Chynowerth A.B. Calumet, Michigan Helen Xewberry Residence; Sigma Eta Chi (2) (3) (4). Richard Shaw Claire M.B.A. Friendship, New York Delta Sigma Phi: Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi: Pres. Class (4). Catherine Fuhrman Clark Couzens Hall. R.N. Arthur Russell Clarke M.B.A. Sault Ste. Marie. Michigan Delta Phi. Elizabeth Pauline Clarke A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Robert William Clarke A.B. Chicago, Illinois Alpha Kappa Lambda: Tennis (2) (3) (4); Intramnral Senior Manager (4). Watson Clay LL.B. Arm Arbor, Michigan Phi Delta Theta. Florence Nancy Clement |.D. Arm Arbor, Michigan Phi Delta Delta: Michigan Law Re- view: Sec. Class (2). Paul Frederick Clement B.S. in E.E. Adrian, Michigan Scabbard and Blade; Pi Tau Pi Sigma. Caroline Josephine Cliff A.B. in Ed. Washington, D. C. Phi Delta; Chairman, Women ' s Ed. Club: University Girls ' Glee Clnb. Page Two Hundred Fifty-Out Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIHHIII Illl C IIINIII m Illl A HINIII Byron Charles Coats B.S. in M.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Kappa Delta Rho. Edwin Albert Coats M.D. Grand Rapids, Michigan Sigma Chi; Phi Rho Sigma. Fay Louise Coats A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan William H. Coburn A.B. Battle Creek, Michigan Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Page Two Hundred Fifty-Two Jane Marion Cohen A.B. Rochester, New York Alpha Epsilon Phi; Inter-Class Speed- ball (3); Social Comm. (2); Jr. Girls ' Play Comm. (3) ; Board of Representa- tives (4); Hillel Students ' Council (2). Jerome Harry Cohen M.D. Battle Creek, Michigan Meta Ruth Cohen A.B. Newark, New Jersey Jordan Hall. Jerome Cohn M.D. Newark, New Jersey Phi Epsilon Pi. Robert A. Colby D.D.S. Ferndale, Michigan Sigma Pi; Delta Sigma Delta; Track (1) (2); Cross Country (2). I Irving Wilson Coleman A.B. Allentown, Pennsylvania Sigma Alpha Mu; J-Hop Floor Comm. (3). Marshall E. Collins B.S. in C.E. Kalamazoo, Michigan Marine Transport Branch; Junior Vice-Pres., Transport. Club (4). Dorwin N. Colvin D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Phi Gamma Delta; Xi Psi Phi. Frederick Huston Colvin B.S. in Arch. Ann Arbor, Michigan Arch. Society; Class Vice-Pres. (3). Meredith Francis Coniar D.D.S. Hillsdale, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Exec. Comm. Arnold Brefoe Combs M.D. Domino, Kentucky Nu Sigma Nu; Delta Tau Delta. William Alonzo Comptom A.B. Marion, Michigan (Ill W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHHI Illl flE II1NIH Illl MINIII Seymour Beach Conger, Jr. A E Arm Arbor, Michigan Zeta Psi; Druids; Sigma Delta Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Mimes; Daily (1) (2); Night Editor (3); Editorial Director, (4) ; Managers ' M Club Interscholastic (3); Gymnastics (4); Mimes Opera Trip (2); Secretary-Treasurer (4); Fresh- man Cross Country; Freshman Track. Hugh Randolph Conkli. I.S. M.L Battle Creek, Michigan Delta Kappa Epsilon; Triangles; Michigamua: Pre . Midi. Union; Stu- dent Council (4); Comm. on Stud. Af- fairs; Advisory Comm., Junior Class. Thomas Loughray Conlon Detroit, Michigan L.L.B. Daisy E. Conncll Belding, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta. A.B. Alexander Holland Conrad M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Theta Kappa Psi; Honor Council (1), Secretary (3); Craftsmen Club, Pres. (4). Ethel Aspasia Constas A.B. Arm Arbor, Michigan Hellenic Society; Women ' s Bus. Staff Daily (2); Freshman Pageant; Sopho- more Cabaret; Cercle Francais; League Librarian (3). Audra H. Cook A.B. Lorain, Ohio Alpha Gamma Delta; Michiganensian (2), Junior Women ' s Editor (3); Fresh- man Pageant; W. A- A.; Sophomore Cabaret, Finance Comm. u Carolyn M. Cook A.B. Lansing, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Cercle Francais; Sociedad Hispanica; Choral Union; Junior Girls ' Play; League Bazaar Dorothy B. Cook Birmingham, Michigan A.B. Glennrs L Cool St. Johns, Michigan A.B. Thomas Mclnryre Cooky M A.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Phi; Micbigamua; Daily (2) (3); Gargoyle Editor (4). Lawrence C. Cooper M.B.A. Glen Ellyn, Illinois Phi Sigma Kappa; Track (1). Thelma Agnes Cooper A.B. in Ed. Zeta Tan Alpha. Herman Henry Coplon Schenectady, New York Phi Sigma Delta. LL.B. Charles Kendall Correll LL.B. Canton, Ohio Alpha Tan Omega; Class Pres. (5). Miriam Loraine Cortright A.B. Marshall, Michigan Delta Gamma; Junior Girls ' Play; Mimes Revue (3). Page TV.-O Hundred Fifty-TAree 1111 W -= IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII (III (flG IIINIII C HINIII 3K III! A UINIII Raymond Frederick Cousino A.B. Crosse Pointe, Michigan Phi Kappa Psi. Alonzo judson Covel A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Executive Council (3) ; Choral Union. Page Two Hundred Fifty-Four Elizabeth Jane Covert A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Delta Delta; Pi Lambda Theta; Class Vice-Pres. (4) ; Michiganensian (1); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Fresh- man Pageant; Soph. Cabaret; Junior Girls ' Play. Gladys M. Cowan A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Pegasus; Junior Girls ' Play Comm. Edward C. Crafts B.F. Oak Park, Illinois Sigma Phi; Phi Sigma; Les Voyage- urs; Class President (3). Robert Milhollin Grain Centralia, Illinois Sigma Delta Kappa. A.B. Robert Eugene Crandell Battle Creek, Michigan B.M. William Robert Crane B.S. in C.E. Detroit, Michigan A. S. C. E.; A. S. M. E.; Trans- port. Club; Class Treas. (4). Robert Dudley Crawford A.B. Port Clinton, Ohio Phi Kappa Tau; Track; Cross Coun- try. Kenneth Samuel Crawford B.S. in Aero. Mech. Detroit, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi. M. Marguerite Crawford A.B. in Ed. Port Huron, Mich. W. Douglas Crawford B.S. in M.E. Tiffin, Ohio Acacia; Glee Club, (2) (3) (4); Quartet, (4); Glider Club (2); Crafts- men (2) (3) (4). Albert Crippa A.B. Rock Springs, Wyoming Sigma Alpha Epsilon. -3 Maryrose Cronin A.B. in Ed. Portville, New York Alpha Delta Pi; Mosher- Jordan; Play Production. Jeanne Adelyn Cudlip A.B. Iron Mountain, Michigan Kappa Kappa Gamma. William Culbert B.S. in Ch.E. Niagara Falls, New York Alpha Chi Sigma; Treas., A. I. Ch. E. (4). Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIB Illl OE IIINIII 3K Illl 1IINIII David S. Culver B.S. in C.E. Newark, New York Phi Kappa Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; A. S. C. E.: Michiganensian (1) (2); Chairman Senior Picture Comm. Harty Bradner Culver A.B. Warwick, New York Phi Kappa Tau; Mich. Daily Bus. (1) (2). Dorothy Ellen Cummings A.B. Pontiac, Michigan Kappa Delta; U. Girls ' Glee Club. Lawrence E. Curfman, Jr. LL.B. Pittsburgh. Kansas Lawyers ' Club. Edward Owen Curran J.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Kappa Phi; Mich. Law Review. Morgan Arthur Curry A.B. Freeland, Michigan Carroll C. Curtis A.B. Ypsilanti, Michigan James Herbert Curtis A.B. HoweH, Michigan Delta Tau Delta: Kappa Phi Sigma. A Helen Marie Custer A.B. in Ed. Johnstown, Pennsylvania Marjorie Lucille Cuthbertson A.B. Flint, Michigan Delta Zeta. Efhelyn Harriet Cutler A.B. Detroit, Michigan Albert John Cutting A.B. Detroit, Michigan Theta Delta Chi: Sigma Delta Chi; Druids; Gargoyle. Kathryn Mae Dahlke A.B. in Ed. St. Joseph, Michigan Wilson John Dalzell B.S. in C.E. Ionia, Michigan Sigma Chi; Tau Beta Pi. Dorothy Grace! Damerow M.B.A. Grosse Pointe, Michigan Jordan Halt George Danhof D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Psi Omega. Page Two Hundred Fifty-Fi Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIHHHI Illl (OGiiiA IIINIII QE IIINIII Illl A , HINIII Dorothy Daniels A.B. Jackson, Michigan Martha Cook; Delta Sigma Rho, Sec- retary; Class Vice-Pres. (3); Class Vice-Pres. (4); Athena, Vice-Pres. (3); Pres. (4); Oratorical Board, Sec. (4); Varsity Debate (3) (4). Norman Joseph Daniels B.S. in Phys.Ed. Detroit, Michigan Trigon; Sphinx; Michijfamua; Phys. Ed. Club; Football (2) (3) (4); Basketball (2) (3), Captain (4); ' M ' Club; Baseball (2) (3) (4). George j. Danneffe A.B. Watervliet, Michigan Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Band and Symphony Orchestra. Frederick Skinner Danziger A.B. Crosse Pointe Park, Michigan Zeta Psi; Mimes. Page Two Hundred Fifty-Six Michael Joseph Dardas Bay City, Michigan A.B. Sidney L. Davidow A.B. Youngstown, Ohio Phi Delta Epsilon; Intramural Man- ager (2) (3). John Robert Davidson D.D.S. Mancelona, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Athletic Commit- tee (4). Stuart Ellsworth Davidson B.S. in M.E. Pontiac, Michigan Alpha Rho Kappa; Ass ' t. Athletic Mgr. (3). Windsor S. Davies Detroit, Michigan M.D. Sigma Chi; Phi Rho Sigma; Galens; Michigan Daily; Treas. Class (2); Varsity Band. Agnes A. Davis A.B. Indianapolis, Indiana Kappa Alpha Theta. Barbara B. Davis A.B. in Ed. Battle Creek, Michigan Phi Nu; Epsilon Sigma Phi; Class Vice-Pres. (3); Class President (4). Cecil Lackee Davis B.S. in Aero, and Mech. Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; A. S. M. E. James Irwin Davis A.B. Benton Harbor, Michigan Delta Tau Delta. Janet-Anne Davis A.B. Uniontown, Pennsylvania Alpha Epsilon Phi; Junior Girls ' Play Committee. Robert Shean Davis B.S. in C.E. Kalamazoo, Michigan Sigma Phi; Triangles (3); Vulcans (4); A. S. C. E. Marie Isabella Dayton A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Illl ? . iiiMii! uw c iiiHin nil IIINIII OE IIINIII IIINIII Norman Emerson Dean M.B.A. Highland Park, Michigan Alpha Tau Omega. Alfred Robert Decker B.S. in Physics Le Roy, New York Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Tan Beta Pi; A. I. E. E.; Glee Club; Scabbard and Blade. William DeHaan LLB. Zeeland, Michigan Lawyers ' Club; Delta Theta Phi. Marguerite Pauline Dehn Bay City, Michigan R.N. Harvey T. Deinzer M.B.A. Monroe, Michigan Sigma Phi Epsilon. Russell Nelson Dejong M.D. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Chi; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi. Clifford Herbert Dempster D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Psi Omega. John Howard Denier A.B. Detroit, Michigan Trigon; Michigan Daily (2); Treas. Senior Class; Comedy Club, (1) (2) (3) (4); Student Council (3) (4); Senior Ball. Marion Vaughn Denny A.B. Kirkwood, Missouri Sigma Gamma Epsilon. M. Robert Deo LL.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Chi Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Druids; Barristers; Baseball Mgr. (4); Class Vice-Pres. (7). Bertha Rhea Desenberg B.S. in Ed. Buchanan, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Phi; Phy. Ed. Club, (2) (3) (4); Basketball (2) (3) (4); Hockey (2) (4), Capt. (4); W. A. A. (2); Junior Girls ' Play. Dale Donald DeWitt Detroit, Michigan Theta Chi. A.B. Samuel Leroy Dibble A.B. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Zeta; Frosh Frolic Comm.; Soph Prom Committee. Mark Wendell Dick M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Victor Vaughan Society. Ernestine Lillian Dickinson B.S. in Ed. Jackson, Michigan M. Margaret Diefendorf Detroit, Michigan Delta Gamma. A.B. Page Tiuo Hundred Fifty-Seven HIMIII ill! CIHHIll III! (flE IIINIII III! 1IINIII Harvey Clarence Diehl, Jr. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Chi Sigma. B.S. Christian Edwin Dill B.S. in Landscape Design Chesterland, Ohio Samuel H. Dils Monessen, Pennsylvania Phi Kappa Sigma. A.B. Whitney Reginald Dixon A.B. Ironwood, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi; Pres. Comedy Club (4); Mimes (3) (4); Comedy Club (2) (3) (4). John Cretter Dodds B.S. in Aero.E. Detroit, Michigan Beta Theta Pi. Elise Frances Dodge Whitehall, Michigan A.B. Louis William Doll Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. Clifford Howard Domke Milwaukee, Wisconsin Sigma Alpha Epsilon. A.B. Karl Yeager Donecker LL.B. Allentown, Pennsylvania Lawyers ' Club. Stanley T. Donner Norfolk, Chi Phi; Treas. Comedy Club (3) (4). A.B. Nebraska Comedy Club (4); (4); Debating (3) Mark Simon Donovan Buffalo, New York Phi Beta Pi. A.B. Stephen John Donovan M.D. Buffalo, New York Phi Beta Pi; Galens; Victor Vaughan Society; Class Treas. (3). Helen Marie Dooley Detroit, Michigan A.B. I Stuart L. Dougherty A.B. Three Rivers, Michigan Sigma Delta Psi; Track; Senior Social Chairman; Union Dance Com- mittee (2) (3). Carl John Dougovito B.S. in E.E. Cedar River, Michigan Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Wrestling (1) (2) (3) (4), Capt. (4); Three Hair Club. Ivan Downing Alpena, Michigan D.D.S. Page T-wo Hundred Fifty-Eight Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl flE II1NIII m IIH A , 1IINIII Arthur A. Dubinkoff A.B. Rochester, New York Jeanne Dubois B.M. Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Zeta; Glee Club (3) (4); Choral Union; Junior Girls ' Play. W. R. Duff A.B. Canton, Ohio Sigma Chi. Joseph Eugene Duffy A.B. Belvidere, New York Alpha Tau Omega. Robert Mitchell Dunbar B.S. in Forestry Western Springs, Illinois Herbert A. Duncan B.S. Schoolcraft, Michigan Charlotte C. Dunnebacke Lansing, Michigan Betsy Barbour; Kappa Beta Pi. LLB. Wentworth T. Durant Ann Arbor, Michigan Lambda Chi Alpha. LL.B. Henry George Dykhouse M.B.A. Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Phi. Sara Alice Dynes A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Emmett Edward Eagan A.B. Detroit, Michigan Phi Kappa; Lawyers ' Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Baseball (1). Orrin August Eames A.B. Chicago, Illinois Phi Gamma Delta; Football Man- ager (1) (2). Kuttiparampile Eapen Eapen B.S. in Eng. Travancore, India Hindustan Club (1) (4). Muriel Louise Easley A.B. Marquette, Michigan Martha Cook; Le Cercle Francais (1) (2) (3) (4); Cosmopolitan Club (4); Choral Union (2) (3); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Freshman Pageant; Sophomore Cabaret; Penny Carnival. Hilda Margaret Eastcott A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Kappa Delta. Gertrude Kathryn Eckhout Mt. Clemens, Michigan Couzens Hall. R.N. Page T wo Hundred Fifty-Nine nil ? IIIMIII Illl CIIIHHI 1111 C I1INIII HINIII = Sidney D. Edelman A.B. Highland Falls, New York Tau Epsilon Phi; Executive Council, Union (3). Bertram James Edgert A.B. Cleveland, Ohio Phi Sigma Delta; Frosh Frolic Com- mittee. Glenn V. Edmonson B.S. in Eng. Blue Mound, Illinois Kappa Delta Rho; Tau Beta Pi; A. S. M. E. William Emerson Edwards LL.B. Cleveland Heights, Ohio Lawyers ' Club. Thomas Lyle Eggers A.B. Des Moines, Iowa Margaret Angeline Eggert A.B. Saginaw, Michigan Chi Omega; Freshman Glee Club; Choral Union (2) (3); Freshman Page- ant; Junior Girls ' Play. Lee L. Ehrbright Adrian, Michigan M.B.A. August Herman Ehrler M.D. Scott Haven, Pennsylvania Calvin Inez Eichler Crestline, Ohio B.S. lack Eliasohn LL.B. Ludington, Michigan Tau Delta Phi. Norman Eliezer West Baden, Indiana Phi Beta Delta. A.B. Grant Henry Ellis A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Dorothy Winifred Elsworth A.B. Albany, New York Zeta Tau Alpha; Wyvern; Pan-Hel- lenic Ball Comm. (3); Frosh Frolic Comm.; Freshman Pageant; Soph. Cab- aret; W. A. A. Executive Board, Out- door Manager (2); Treas. (3); President (4) ; League Board Directors (4) ; Junior Girls ' Play. Marjory Hamilton Elsworth A.B. Albany, New York Zeta Tau Alpha; Board of Rep. Wom- en ' s League; Rifle Team (3) (4); Class Hockey; Baseball; Speedball; W. A. A. Outdoor Committee (4); Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls ' Play (3); W. A. A. Chair- man; Ice Carnival (3). Elise Catherine Ely A.B. Dover, New Jersey Pi Beta Phi; Chairman, Point System Comm.; Bd. of Directors, Women ' s League. Lawrence Daniel Ely B.S. in Aero.E. Union City, Michigan Aeronautical Society. Page Two Hundred Sixty Illl W. iiiMiii iiii CIIIHIH 1111 (flnn; A IIINIII CE IIINIII IIINIII Francis Norton Emerson MS in ME Detroit. Michigan Phi Kappa Phi. Esther Emery Grand Rapids, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta. A.B. Martha B. English Imlay City, Michigan Conzens Hall. R.N. Sallie Louise Ensminger A.B. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Delta: Theta Sigma Phi; Kappa Tan Alpha; Wyvern: Mortar Board; Frosh Pageant Committee; Sopho- more Cabaret Committee; Junior Girls ' Play; League Board of Directors (3) (4); Judiciary Council (3); Chairman (4); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club (1); University Girls ' Glee Club (3). Walter 0. Erxleben M.D. Wyandorte. Michigan Theta Kappa Psi; Galens: Honor Coun- cil (2) (3). Eugene Bromley Etchells B.S. in E.E. Yale, Michigan Pi Kaopa Alpha; Eng. Council (3) (4); A- I. E. E.; Transportation Club. Charlotte Louise Etzold A.B. in Ed. Bay City, Michigan Mosher- Jordan; Choral Union (4). Alice Grace Evans A.B. Huntington Woods, Michigan Zeta Tau Alpha: Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Junior Girls ' Play. Allison Bickle Evans B.S. in Cfc.E. Erie. Pennsylvania Theta Xi; Phi Eta Sigma; Theta Beta Pi; Triangles; Vulcans; Ass ' t Track Mgr. (3); Varsity Tennis Mgr. (4); Eng. Council (2) (3) (4), Secretary (2); Chairman (4); Honor Committee (3) (4); Secretary (3); Chairman Cap and Gown Committee (4). Eldred E. Evans B.S. Britton, Michigan M.E. George Dorsey Evans B.S. in Trans. Eng. Ann Arbor. Michigan Adelaide Elizabeth Everett A.B. in Ed. Kalamazoo. Michigan Betsy Barbour. William H. Everts Detroit, Michigan Phi Beta Pi; Phi Sigma. M.D. Donald David Ewing A.B. Detroit, Michigan Theta Delta Chi; Michigan Daily (1) (2). Elizabeth R. Ewing A.B. in Ed. ::. -- ' . ' :-: Rosemary Eyanson R.N. Fort Wayne, Indiana Couzens Hall. Page Two Hundred Sixty-One III! ? . IIIMIII Ull CIIIHIII till (ODHiA IIINIII (flE IIINIII m till A , HINIll Howard L. Faber B.S. in Biol. Ann Arbor, Michigan Edward LaVerne Fairchild B.S. in E.E. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Rho Tau; A. I. E. E. Richard Leighton Fairchild A.B. Hastings, Michigan Harold Francis Falls A.B. Detroit, Michigan Student Christian Ass ' n (2) (3); Basketball (1) (2); Track (1). Howard Wesley Fant A.B. Grand Haven, Michigan Alpha Tau Omega. Cray Farr B.S. in M.E. Detroit, Michigan Delta Chi. Ruth Eve Feigenson A.B. Detroit, Michigan Hannah Rose Fein A.B. Detroit, Michigan Hockey (4). Boniface Charles Fell A.B. Niagara Falls, New York Theta Kappa Nu. a a Charles A. Fellows Flint, Michigan Delta Kappa Epsilon. A.B. Kenneth Eugene Fellows M.D. Grand Rapids, Michigan Dorothy Lucille Felske B.S. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Delta: Freshman Pageant; Gen. Com.; Soph. Cabaret, Gen. Comm. ; W. A. A. Board; Comedy Club; Junior Girls ' Play; Pan-Hellenic Ball Comm. Howard S. Ferguson Kearny, New Jersey Louis George Ferrand Grand Rapids, Michigan Theta Kappa Psi. M.D. Katharine Helen Ferrin A.B. Mt. Clemens, Michigan Kappa Kappa Gamma; Wyvern; Daily (1) (2); League Board Rep. (1); Sec ' y., League Bd.; Gen ' I. Chairman, League Mardi Gras; Freshman Pageant Committee; Ass ' t Chrmn., Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play. Irving A. Fields Clarinda, Iowa Phi Kappa Phi. A.B. Page Two Hundred Sixty-Two lill W. IIIMIII nil CHIHIII ill! E IIINIII Illl A , 1IINIII Marie Martha Finkbeiner A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Univer- sity Girls ' Glee Club (3) (4); Choral Union (3) (4). A ( Helen Ann Finnegan A.B. Marquette, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta; Mime All-Campus Kerne. Miriam Finsterwald B.S. in Arch. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Alpha Gamma (2) (3) (4); Architectural Society (1) (2) (3) (4). Pasqual Scaley Fiordclis A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Phi Delta; Men ' s Educational Club (1); Social Science Club (1); Circolo Italia no (1). Arden Edson Firestone LL.B. Akron, Ohio Phi Delta Theta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Barristers; Court of Iniquity. Clayton L. Fisher B.S. in E.E. Fennville, Michigan Josephine M. Fisher B.S. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Senior Socierv; Pres. Women ' s Phy. Ed. Club. Lyman C. Fisher B.S. in M.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Iota Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; A. S. M. E.; Varsity Band (2) (3). Maureen Helen Fitch R.N. Bay City, Michigan Couzens Hall. David William Fitzgibbons B.S. in C.E. Little Falls, New York Phi Kappa; Triangles; Track; Cross Country (2) (3) (4); Eng. Council. Alfred William Fleer B.S. in Ch.E. Detroit, Michigan Beta Sigma Psi. Stanley B. Fleischaker B.S. in Arch. Louisville, Kentucky Phi Eta Sigma; Tan Sigma Delta; Studio Art Club, Vice-Pres. (4); Class Treas. (2); Arch. Society Rep. (4); Chairman, Advisory Comm. (4). Stanley Paul Fleischer Cincinnati, Ohio Pi Lambda Phi. A.B. Palmer Stanley Fletcher B.M. Springfield, Massachusetts Phi Kappa Phi. Greta Flintermann A.B. Detroit, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis. Charles Irwin Fonger B.S. in E.E. Muskegon, Michigan Associate I. R. E. Page T wo Hundred Sixty-Tftrei Illl W. IIIMIII ra ciHHin mi OE IIINIII Donald H. Ford J.D. Hollywood, California Sigma Phi Epsilon; Lawyers ' Club: Michigan Law Review. Henry Ford, Jr. LL.B. Kalamazoo, Michigan Kappa Delta Rho; Alpha Nu. George Erie Forster B.S. in M.E. Toledo, Ohio Triangle; Quarterdeck; Scabbard and Blade. Carl Stanford Forsythe A.B. Jackson, Ohio Theta Delta Chi ; Michigamua; Sphinx; Pres. Sigma Delta Chi (4); Michigan Daily (1) (2) (3) (4); Night Editor (3); City Editor (4); Mich. Opera Pub- licity (2); Sec ' y, The Crusaders. Fred William Foster A.B. Byron, Michigan Wrestling (1). Richard Bailey Foster LL.B. Lansing, Michigan Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi. Joseph Frank A.B. Farrell, Pennsylvania Sigma Alpha Mu; Gargoyle (2) (3). William J. Franke M.D. Fostoria, Ohio Ben Frankel A.B. East Orange, New jersey Tau Epsilon Phi. Paul Franseth LL.B. East Jordan, Michigan Kappa Delta Rho; Delta Sigma Rho; Alpha Nu. Nathan Fred A.B. Lebanon, Ohio Lawyers ' Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Gar- goyle (1) (2) (3). Carl Oscar Fredrickson B.F. in Forestry Wakefield, Michigan Cora Dorothea Freed A.B. Stamford, Connecticut Golf (1) (3) (4); Junior Girls ' Play. Donald H. Freeman A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Ruth Eleanor French A.B. Springfield, New York Helen Newberry; Freshman Pageant. Mary Hannah Frew A.B. Frewsburg, New York Adelia Cheever House. Page Two Hundred Sixty-Four Illl W. IIIMIII III! dllHlB Illl 4E NINIII m Illl A V IIINIII = Margaret F. Friedrich A E Grand Rapids, Michigan Kappa Delta; Women ' s Educational Club. Hubert Howard Frisinger MBA Ann Arbor, Michigan Harold T. Fristoe Ypsilanti, B. S. in Ed. Dorothy B. Frost A.B. Big Rapids. Michigan Martha Cook; Junior Girls ' Play Committee. John Louis Fuess B.M. Waterville, New York Choral Union (1) (2) (3); Wesley Players (3). Sheldon Clark Fiillerton A.B. East Cleveland, Ohio Alpha Tan Omega; Druids: Michigan Daily (1) (2) (3); Sports Editor (4); Ass ' t Intramural Publicity Mgr. (3). Ferdinand Gaensbauer M.D. Saginaw, Michigan Phi Rbo Sigma; Victor Vaughan So- ciety. Henry Thurston Cage A.B. Crosse Pointe, Michigan Delta Phi; Gargoyle (1); Tennis (1) (2) (4). Ruth Ella Gallmeyer A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta: Theta Sigma Phi; Black Quill (3); Alpha Lambda Delta (11; Michigan Daily Editorial Staff (2) O). fi V Elizabeth- Bouguereau Gardner B.S. in Ed. Riverside, Illinois Helen Xewberry: Pi Lambda Theta; Senior Society; Hockey: Speedball (2) (3) (4); Freshman Pageant; W. A. A. Board (4). Robert Thompson Garrison B.S. in C.E. Detroit, Michigan Psi Upsikra; Triangles. Pedro Alejo Garzon B.S. in C.E. Bogota. Colombia Cosmopolitan Club. Joseph P. Gates A.B. Howell, Michigan Chi Phi: Phi Delta Phi; Sphinx: Druids: Michiganensian (2) ?l: Board in Control of Stud. Publications. Hedwig Julia Ceisinger A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Freshman Paueant: Cercle Francais; Deutsches Cirkel: Polonia. Stanley Gelfund Detroit, Michigan LL.B. Floyd E. George A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Page Torn Hundred Sixty-Fi Illl . ? . IIIMIII Illl CHIHIH III! (flniii A IIINIIi QE IIINIII Illl A 11INIII ' Elizabeth Barrett Gerhard A.B. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Kappa Delta; Kappa Tau Alpha; Soph. Prom Comm. ; League Board (4). Myrtle Catherine Cerisch B.S. Detroit, Michigan Delta Zeta; Math. Club; Pan-Hellenic, (2) (3) (4). Robert Edward Gibson A.B. Newberry, Michigan James Leonard Gillard, Jr. M.D. Muskegon, Michigan Delta Upsilon; Nu Sigma Nu. Richard Edward Gillard L.L.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Alpha Delta. Janice P. Gillette A.B. Howell, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Freshman Pageant (1); Jun. Girls ' Play (3); Social Sec ' y of League, (Summer Sess., 3); Fresh- man Glee Club (1); U. Girls ' Glee Club (3) (4); Bd. of Rep. (League) (3) (4). Donald Sidney Gilman B.S. in Arch. New Haven, Connecticut Arch. Society; Class Finance. Ben Glading A.B. Fort Wayne, Indiana Phi Eta Sigma; Druids; M. Track (3). Ivalita Glascock B.S. in Ed. Owosso, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Wyvern; Mortar Board; Frosh. Pageant; Soph. Cabaret; Jr. Girls ' Play; Michiganensian, Wom- en ' s Art Editor (3); Pan-Hellenic Sec ' y (4). John Edmund Glavin, Jr. A.B. South Bend, Indiana Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; In- lander (2) (3), Editor (3); Adelphi. Louis Cluck A.B. Union City, New Jersey William Gnodtke Ph.C. Bridgman, Michigan Pi Kappa Phi. Joan Mary Goebel Marietta, Ohio Chi Omega. M.D. Dorothy Goldberg A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Eta Sigma Phi (3); Cercle Francais (4). Jean Elizabeth Goldenberg A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jun. Girls ' Play Finance Comm. ; Frosh Pageant, Fi- nance Comm.; Soph. Cabaret, Finance Comm. Allen Lavern Goldsmith B.S. in M.E. Kalamazoo, Michigan Tau Beta Pi. Corresponding Sec ' y.; A. S. M. E. Page Two Hundred Sixty-Six (HI W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIH till dlAHINIII C IIINIII III! x$UIINIII = Joseph David Goldsmith M.D. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Alpha Mu; ' M Club; Tennis (3). Sylvia A. Goldstein A B. Asbury Park, New York Mosher Hall; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Lt Cercle Francais (2) (3). Treas. (4). Jack Jay Goode Detroit. Michigan Alpha Omega (Pres.) D.D.S. Margaret Harriet Goode AB. in L.S. Detroit, Michigan Hortense M. Gooding A.B. Norwood, Ohio Pi Beta Phi; Wyvern (3); Michigan Daily (1) (2); Glee Club (1) (2) (3) (4); Freshman Pageant; Soph. Cabaret; Junior Girls ' Play. Lawrence Hayse Goodman M.D. Findlay, Ohio Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Ma; Class Sec ' y. (2). Ralph Dickinson Goodrich, )r. B.S. in E.E. Laramie, Wyoming Phi Gamma Delta; Scabbard and Blade; Pi Tan Pi Sigma: A. I. E, E.: Cosmopolitan Club (2) (3) (4); Chess and Checker Club (3) (4). Dan M. Gordon Detroit, Michigan M.D. William George Gordon A.B. Washington, D. C. Tau Kappa Epsilon; Scabb ard and Blade; Phi Eta Sigma: Wrestling (1) (2). Winifred Gore Scarsdale. New York Collegiate Sorosis. A.B. Herschel Devere Gosnell A.B. in Ed. Menominee, Michigan Samuel Benjamin Goss M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Howard Gould A.B. Canton, Ohio Phi Beta Delta; Adelphi; Exec. Comm. Chairman (3); Intramural Mgr. (1) (2); Sec. Treas.. Interfrat Council (4); Judiciary Committee (4) ; Student Coun- cil (4); Exec. Council, Michigan Union (4); Senior Ball (4); Chairman Invita- (4). D.D.S. James Daniel Grace Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. Julius Jacob Gouza B.S. in Ed. Wakefield, Michigan ,J Agnes Ruth Graham A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Delta Delta; Mortar Board, Wyvern: Michiganensian (2) (3); Wom- en ' s Editor (4); W. A. A., Pub. Mgr. (3); Treas. (4); Frosh pageant; Soph. Cabaret; Junior Girls ' Play; Pan-Hellen- ic Ball Committee (4). Page TV.-O Hundred Sixty-S, Illl W. 1IIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl OE IIINIII 3K Illl Eleanor Eva Graham B.S. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Chi Omega; Zeta Phi Eta. Ronald Grant Graham LL.B. Highland Park, Michigan Delta Theta Phi. Zina Eeda Grand A.B. Detroit, Michigan Deutscher Circle, Ed. Club; Hillel News; Sec ' y of Ed. Comtn., Hillel; Orchesis. m+i John Russell Gray B.S. in Arch. North Rose, New York Alpha Rho Chi; Class Treas. (1); Class Pres. (2). William Houston Cray A.B. Norfolk, Virginia Errol Leroy Green A.B. Detroit, Michigan Mich. Daily (2). Ervin Greenbaum B.S. in C.E. Detroit, Michigan Tau Epsilon Phi; Sigma Rho Tau; Am. Soc. of Mech. Eng. ; Am. Soc. of Civil Eng.; Aero. Soc., Glider Section; Math. Club; Radio Club; Slide Rule Comm. (2); Football (1); Golf (3); Cosmopolitan Club; Mich. Daily (1); Mich. Technic, (1) (2) (3) (4). Harry Greenbaum M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Lillyan M. Creenberg Detroit, Michigan A.B. Morris Merle Greenstein A.B. Bay City, Michigan Eta Sigma Phi; Band (2). Marie Greenwald Whiting, Indiana Helen Newberry. A.B. Aaron E. Crib D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Omega. Pauline Elizabeth Gribling A.B. Detroit, Michigan Betsy Harbour; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Senior Soc.; Frosh Girls ' Glee Club; Frosh Pageant; Soph. Cabaret. William Edward Greiner M.B.A. Toledo, Ohio Alpha Epsilon Mu; Glee Club (2) (3) (4); Union Opera (2); Choral Union (2). Marc R. Criffel B.S. in M.E. Burlington, Iowa Delta Chi. Genevieve Griffey B.M. Lancaster, Ohio Martha Cook; Mu Rho Epsilon; Ath- ena; Comedy Club. Page T wo Hundred Sixty-Eight Illl ? . IIIMIII Illl CIIIHW HII flE I IINIII III! A IIINIII Mary Marcilla Crrffuig A E Shelter Island. Hew York Donna Mae Griffith Yale, Michigan Couzens Hill. R.N. George Thomas Grigs B.S. in Phjr. Lake Orion, Michigan Phi Mo Delta. Ira Leonard Crinnell Detroit, Michigan Trigon. ---. Howard Vincent Groesbeck, jr. Mt. Clemens, Michigan Omega Beta Pi. A.B. Alton E. Gross Cleveland, Ohio Alpha Omega. Geraldine R. Graver A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Delta; League Bd. of Direct- ors (4); Chairman of Bd. of Rep. (4); Timior Girls ' Play (3); Pegasus (4). Chester John Gula A.B. Detroit, Michigan Cerde Francais; Polonia Lit. Circle; Symphony Orch. Tage Guldbrandsen Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. Rossman P. Gustin B S. in E.E. Mt. Vemon, h4ew York Chi Psi; A. L E. E.; Phi Eta Sigma; Summer Daily (2) ; Daily (3). Helen Ann Haapamaki A.B. Negaunee, Michigan Delta Delta Delta; Delta Sigma Rbo; Zeta Phi Eta: U. Girls ' Glee Qob; Junior Girls ' Play; Varsity Debate Team. Howard Frederick Haarer B.S. in Aero.E. Jackson, Michigan Clarence William Haas Gary, Indiana Pi Kappa Alpha. A.B. Lawrence Edwin Hackenberg Lakewood, Ohio Phi Sigma Kappa; Phi Alpha Delta. Jack William Hackert LLB. Niagara Falls, New York Delta Sigma Phi; Lawyers ' Club. V JOB Keith Baynard Hackett ' -.- Detroit, Michigan Kappa Delta Rbo; Beta Gamma Sigma; Class Pres. (3). Page Two Hundred Sixty-Nit till W. IIIMIII 1 CHIHIII III! OGiiiAlllNII! C NINIII Illl 1IINIII Leonard J. S. Hahne Savannah, Georgia Nu Sigma Nu. M.D. I A. Haig B.S. in M.E. Detroit, Michigan Earroll Clarence Haight B.S. in C.E. Sherrill, New York A. S. C. E. Virginia L. Haight A.B. Bellevue, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis. Henry Charles Hajek Cicero, Illinois Kappa Phi Sigma. A.B. Clarence Albert Halm Ph.C. Saginaw, Michigan Phi Delta Chi; Class Treasurer (2). John Jay Hamilton B.S. in E.E. Battle Creek, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi; Tau Beta Pi. Romine C. Hamilton B.M. Fowlerville, Michigan Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Class Pres. (4); Union Opera (2); Glee Club (2) (3) (4). Zora R. Hammial A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Phi; Alpha Gamma Sigma. Edward P. Hammond, Jr. B.S. in M.E. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Delta Kappa Epsilon; Triangle; Class Treas. (1) (2). George Hammond M.D. Lansing, Michigan Sigma Phi; Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Omega Alpha; Victor Vaughan Society; Society for Clinical Discussion; Class Presi- dent (4). Lee Custer Hammond Kalamazoo, Michigan Phi Sigma Kappa. A.B. Eugene Albert Hand M.D. Bay City, Michigan Alpha Delta Phi; Nu Sigma Nu; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi; Golf (3) (4). John Marshall Hanert B.S. in Eng. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Abe J. Hanje B.S. in M.E. Moline, Michigan Kappa Delta Rho; Tau Beta Pi; A. S. M. E. Virginia Mary Hanlon B.S. in Arch. Jackson, Michigan Theta Phi Alpha; Alpha Alpha Gam- ma; Architectural Society; Junior Girls ' Play. Page T wo Hundred Seventy Illl ? . IIIMIII 1111 CHIHIB Illl flGHi A IIINIII (HE I1INIII IIINI1I David M. Hannah Batavia. New York Michigan Technic. Myrtle Haasea A.B. Muskegon. Michigan Martha Cook. Ed. Henry Herbert Harbison A.B. Highland Park, Michigan John Harding A B Babson Park, Florida Alpha Delta Phi; Michiganensian (2) (3); Organizations Manager (3). Ralph Alexander Hardy A.B. Canonsburg, Pennsylvania Phi Kappa Sigma; Summer Daily (3); Class Pres. (2); Frosh Frolic: Chairman. Cap and Gown Comm. (4); Senior Ball; Union (4). Mary Angelia Harriman Washington, D. C. Kappa Delta; Choral Union (4). A.B. Hilda Harris A.B. Utica, New York Alpha Epsilon Phi; Choral Union (3); Soph. Cabaret: Junior Girls ' Play; French dob (4). Thomas Eugene Harris B.S. in M.E. Crosse Pointe, Michigan Delta Tan Delta. Winifred Hartman A.B. Port Huron, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta; Comedy Club; Junior Girls ' Play Committee. Anna Linea Hartz Holly, Michigan Chi Omega; Choral Union (4). Edith Diane Harwrth A.B. Detroit. Michigan Helen Xewbeiry; n4tigan iijn (J) (2); Frosh Pageant; Soph. Cabaret. Richard Dupuis Hasse Detroit, Michigan Delta Tan Delta. A B. James Edward Donald Hastie A.B. Arm Arbor, Michigan Phi Kappa Tau; Kappa Phi Sigma. Jesse Eugene Hatch B.S. in Physics Detroit, Michigan George William Hathaway Port Huron, Michigan A.B. Harry Hauptman Jersey City, New Jersey A.B. Page Tv;o Hundred Seventy-One Illl W. IIIMIII III! CIIIHIII Illl QGiiAM C IIINIII III! x IIINIII = Clen E. Hause Bay City, Michigan Phi Beta Pi. M.D. Maurice Jack Hauser A.B. Flint, Michigan Phi Sigma Delta; Phi Delta Epsilon. Adelbert John Hauserman A.B. Negaunee, Michigan Sigma Phi Epsilon; Ass ' t Mgr. Cross Country (3); Wrestling Mgr. (4); Com- edy Club (4). James Haveman B.S. in Arch. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Alpha Kappa; Architectural So- ciety. Morton Spencer Havemann M.D. Salmon, Idaho Sigma Zeta; Phi Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Medical Honor Council (3) (4); Band (1) (2). Robert C. Haven B.S. in C.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan A. S. C. E. ; Les Voyageurs. Leslie Robert Hawley A.B. Buffalo, New York Helen Catherine Hawxhurst A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Cercle Francais (2) (3) (4); Mummers (3) (4); Presi- dent (4); Junior Girls ' Play; Soph. Cabaret. Margaret Ellen Hayes A.B. Detroit, Michigan Martha Cook; Phi Beta Kappa; W. A. A.; Pegasus; Cercle Francais. Robert V. Hayes Saginaw, Michigan Theta Kappa Nu. A.B. Harley Armand Haynes, Jr. M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Theta Delta Chi; Nu Sigma Nu; Union Opera. Francis Clement Hazen B.S. in Ed. Bellingham, Washington Sigma Delta Psi; Phy. Ed. Club; Track (3) (4); Football (4); Baseball (2); Varsity Glee Club (2) (3) (4). Alice Jeanette Head A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega. Margaret E. Healy B.S. in Ed. New York, New York Alpha Phi; Pan-Hellenic Ball Commit- tee. Donald Joseph Herbert B.S. in C.E. Pittsfield, Massachusetts Tau Beta Pi; A. S. C. E. Bert Mortimer Hcidcman Laurium, Michigan Phi Mu Alpha. A.B. Page Two Hundred Seventy-Two III! W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHUI ilil flE IIINHI fcv 1IINIII Cordon Theodore Heim MBA. East Chicago, Indiana Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Wrestling (2) (3) (4); Aeronautical Society (3) (4); Glider Club (3) (4). Dorothy Clarise Virginia Heinz M.D. Toledo. Ohio Alpha Epsilon Iota. Lois Breitenbach Heitman A.B. Crosse Pointe, Michigan Alpha Kappa Delta; Social Science Club; Junior Girls ' Play Committee. Wilfred Theodore Heitman B.S. in ME Chicago, Illinois ? Carl Luther Heller Detroit, Michigan Sigma Delta Kappa; Barristers. LL.B. Wm. Louis Hellermann LL.B. Bay City, Michigan Donald Louis Hellman D.D.S Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. Helen Eleanor Hellmurh A.B. Waco, Texas Merrill Hendershot Alma, Michigan Lawyers ' Club. LL.B. Everett J. Hennagin B.S. in M.E. Rochester, Michigan Marian Laura Hennes Detroit, Michigan Martha Cook. A.B. Aileen E. Henricson A.B. Muskegon, Michigan Martha Cook. Elizabeth Henz Detroit, Michigan Couzens Hall. R.N. Isabella I. Henath A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega. John Charles Herbst A.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Tau Delta; Druids; Ass ' t Cheer Leader (2) (3); Varsity Cheer Leader (4). Carlton Martin Herman B.S. in Zool. Mamaroneck, New York Phi Lambda Kappa. Page Two Hundred Seventy-Three Illl W. IIIMin Itll C IIIHlll Illl Cii A IIINIII (HE IIINIII 3SUIII A IIINIII Georghenry Howard Hcrr A.B. Cleveland, Ohio Phi Kappa Sigma. Floyd Leon Hcrtlc Rochester, New York B.S. William Walter Hesler B.S. in Eng. Kansas City, Missouri Kappa Sigma. William Martin Heston A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi; Football (2) (3). Raymond Deloss Hetterick B.S. in Pharm. Newark, New York Phi Kappa Sigma ; Phi Eta Sigma. Catherine A. Hewett A.B. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Harriet Marian Hicks A.B. in Ed. Omaha, Nebraska Sigma Kappa. James Milliard Hicks Chatham, Ontario Delta Sigma Delta. Vernon Edmund Hicks B.S. in For. Marengo, Illinois Forestry Club; Bus. Mgr. " Michigan Forester. " F. Norman Higgs J.D. Bay City, Michigan Sigma Delta Kappa; Law Review. Anne Julia Hill A.B. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Daniel Lawrence Hill A.B. Bay City, Michigan Page Two Hundred Seventy-Four 1 - Harold Charles Hill M.D. Oak Grove, Michigan Phi Chi; Chairman, Exec. Committee Rosetta M. Himler A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Martha Cook. Ronald Everett Hinterman B.S. in E.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Varsity Band (2) (3) (4); Union Opera (2). Bernard B. Hirsch B.M. Aberdeen, South Dakota Tau Kappa Epsilon; A. E. M., Band (1) (2) (3). nn ? . IIIMIII IHI CIIIHIII Illl IIINIII OE IIINIII HINIII Royal Vincent Hirst B.S. in Aero. Eng. Decatur, Michigan Florence Marion Hiscock A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Gamma Delta; Athena (1) (2) (3) (4); Pres. (3); Kappa Phi; Frosh Pageant. Virginia Mary Hitchcock A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan John C. Hoad B.S. in C.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Upsilon; S. R. T.; A. S. C. E. Douglas Homer Hoard A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Acacia. Lawrence Chase Hobart M.B.A. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Golf (1) (2); Soph. Prom. Committee. Beulah Rozilla Hobbs A.B. Detroit, Michigan A. J. Hocevar D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Psi Omega; Class Vice-Pres. (4). Mark Cecil Hodder Coldwater, New York Delta Upsilon. Ferris C. Hodge D.D.S. Tecumseh, Michigan Psi Omega. Kenneth Prescott Hodges M.D. Lansing, Michigan Alpha Kappa Kappa; Victor Vaughan Society. Lucille Irene Hoffman B.M. Niles, Ohio Chi Omega; Mu Phi Epsilon; Univer- sity Symphony. Ralph Lockwood Hoffman M.D. Niles, Ohio Phi Beta Pi; Varsity Band (2) (3). Jack David Hogan A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda; Choral Union. William Hogenson Hinsdale, Illinois Phi Delta Theta. A.B. Miles Elwin Hoisington A.B. Imlay City, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi. Page T wo Hundred Seventy-Five Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIH ill! fflwAWNtll C IIINIII Illl x MINIII Richard Eugene Hole A.B. Versailles, Ohio Phi Delta Theta; Phi Eta Sigma. Peter Holkeboer A.B. in Landscape Arch. Ann Arbor, Michigan Kirk Davis Holland, Jr. A.B. Evanston, Illinois Alpha Delta Phi. lohn Marshall Holloway A.B. San Francisco, California Phi Mu Delta. Glenn Wm. Holmes B.S. in C.E. Syracuse, New York A. S. C. E.; Glider Club. Walter A. Holt A.B. Buffalo, Wyoming Phi Gamma Delta; Gargoyle (2) (3). Katherine Knox Holtsclaw A.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Gamma. - jack Hondorp A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Marius C. Hoogesteger A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Henry Nickerson Hooper A.B. Chicago, Illinois Alpha Kappa Psi; Adelphi House of Rep. (1) (2) (3); Cosmopolitan Club (1) (2) (3) (4). David Horwitz D.D.S. Hillside, New jersey Hanako Hoshino A.B. Tokyo, Japan Betsy Barbour House; Phi Kappa Phi. Hugh Cooke Hotchkiss B.S. in C.E. Sylvania, Ohio Pi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; A. S. C. E.; President, A. S. C. E.; Eng. Council (4). Kenneth L. Houck A.B. Detroit, Michigan Theta Xi; Lawyers ' Club; Phi Eta Sigma, Pres. (1); Class Treas. (3); Inter-Frat. Judiciary Council. Helen Lenore Houghtaling A.B. in Ed. Reese, Michigan Board of Rep. (3); Women ' s Ed. Club (3). - r John Cooper Howard A.B. Kalamazoo, Michigan Phi Kappa Psi; Druids; Golf (3). Page T wo Hundred Seventy-Six (Ill HH -= IIIMIII III! CHIHIII III! OAiNHl flE I1INIII III! x 1HNIII Dorothy Arbella Howell A.B. Ann Arbor. Michigan Eta Sigma Phi. George Frederick Hewlett D.D.S. Green Bay, Wisconsin Acacia; Phi Kappa Phi; Omicron Kappa Upsilon: Polar Bear Club. Pns. Paul Raymond Hoy M.D. Detroit, Michigan Theta Kappa Psi. Stanley Hozer A.B. Muskegon, Michigan Football (3) (4). Russel t Huber D.D.S. Dayton, Ohio Delta Sigma Delta. John Hubley Battle Creek, Michigan Tbeta Chi; Swimming (2). Geraldine Irene Huff A.B. Norttiville, Michigan Adelia Cheever House; Board of Rep- resentatives (4). Charlotte Horteose Hughson A.B. Highland Park, Michigan Phi Sigma (2); Manager of Pegasus (3); Deutsche Zirkle (2). Welby Hulme Arm Arbor, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda. A.B. Austin Milton Humber A.B. Detroit, Michigan Phi Sigma Kappa; Ass ' L Mgr., Foot- ball. Marjorte Louise Hunt A.B. Ann Arbor. Michigan Kappa Delta; Library Comm. League (2); W. A. A. (3); Sec ' y W. A. A. (4); Frosh Pageant; J. G. P.; Cercle Francais (4). V J Wilson Westel Hint, Jr. B.S. in C.E. Saginaw, Michigan Choral Union. Ida May Hu otari Detroit, Michigan A.B. Paul E. Hurlbut A.B. Battle Creek, Michigan Stanley Jay Hyman A.B. in Math. Newark. New York Michignensian (!) (2); Kappa Delta Rho. Paul F. Icerman A.B. Muiicie, Indiana Sigma Chi; Gargoyle (2) (3). Adv. Mgr. (3); Board in Control Student Publications (4). Page Two HunJreJ Seventy-Seven Illl ? . IIIMIII Ull CIIIHIII Illl (ODJiiA IIINIII C IIINIII Illl A , IIINIII Elliot A. Imerman A.B. Saginaw, Michigan Tau Epsilon Phi; Union Opera (2). jane Elizabeth Inch B.S. in Ceol. Ypsilanti, Michigan Alpha Phi; Wyvern ; Mortar Board; Asst. Chairman Junior Girls ' Play (3); Judiciary Coun. (4). George Ronald Innes B.S. in M.E. Chicago, Illinois Kappa Delta Rho; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Tau Beta Pi; Var- sity Glee Club (2) (3) (4). Mary Elizabeth Irwin Port Huron, Michigan Pi Beta P hi; Junior Girls ' Play. Ed. Paul Randolph Irwin A.B. Utica, New York Alpha Kappa Lambda; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi. Martin L. Iscldyk D.D.S. Grand Rapids, Michigan Psi Omega. T George Frederick Jackson A.B. Hampton Bays, New York Kappa Delta Rho. Keene S. Jackson B.S. in Eng. Phys. Ann Arbor, Michigan Triangle; Triangles; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Class Sec ' y. (1) (2). Jack MacDonald Jacob B.S. in Arch. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Rho Chi; Studio Club; Varsity Glee Club (4). Richard A. Jacobson A.B. Jackson, Michigan Delta Chi; U. Glee Club (3); Sec ' y. (4); Alpha Epsilon Mu. Louis Jaffe M.D. l w Detroit, Michigan Howard Currie James M.D. Scranton, Pennsylvania Nu Sigma Nu. John A. Jameson Canton, B.S. in E.E. Donald Ellsworth Jarman B.S. in A. Bay City, Michigan A. S. M. E. (4). M.E. Edwina Nellis Jenney A.B. Mt. Clemens, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Fresh. Girls ' Glee Club; Junior Rep. League Board (3); Senior Rep. (4); Chairman of Under- grad. Campaign (4); U. Girls ' Glee Club (3) (4); Frosh Pageant; Soph. Cabaret; Junior Girls ' Play Comm. Bazlcy W. Johnson B.S. in C.E. Jamestown, New York Rensselaer Tech. Soc.; Triangles (3); Scabbard and Blade (2) (3) (4); Alpha Tau Sigma (3) (4) ; Transport. Club (3), Pres. (4); Mich. Technic (2) (3). Managing Ed. (4); Engineering Council (3) (4); Mem. Am. Road Builders As- soc.; Slide Rule Dance -(2) (3), Chair- man (4). Page Two Hundred Seventy-Eight Illl W. IIIMII1 Illl CIHHin Illl 4E IIINIII Illl A , IIINIII CUrence L. Johnson B.S. in Aero E. r . Michigan H. Webster Johnson M.B.A. Muskegon, Michigan Alpha No; Craftsmen Club. Kenneth Holbrook Johnson M.D. Lansing. Michigan Alpha Kappa Kappa. Morris P. Johnson A.B. South Haven, Michigan Sigma Alpha Epslon; Michigamua; Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3); Aw ' t Mgr. Margaret Ann joiner A.B. i Ed. Alma, Michigan Etrefyn A. Jones A.B. Highland Park, Michigan Alpha Gamma Delta; " Ensian (3) (4). John Lloyd Jones A.B. - " -- ' . ' ' : ' i " Kappa Sigma. Morgan V. Jones, Jr. LL.B. Johnstown, Pennsylvania Lawyers Club; Phi Gamma Delta. William Henry Jordan A.B. Ch; Phi: Football; Wrestlil . Cornelius Jouwstra A.B. Rock Valley, Iowa John Justin Kagay B.S. in Ed. Arm Arbor. Michigan Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Epsilon Kap- pa; Sigma Delta Psi. Monte Edward Kahlbaum B.S in E.E. Carieton, Michigan Delta Alpha Epsilon; A. L E. E. Joseph A. Kahn D.D.S. Highland Park, Michigan Alpha Omega. Virginia Patricia Kaiser A.B. Detroit, Michigan Willena Hope Kalmbach A.B. South Lyon, Michigan Kappa Delta; ' Ensian (1) (2): Fea- ture Editor (3); Pres. U. Girls ' Glee Onb (4). Leonard Arnold Kamins A.B. Brooklyn, New York Phi Sigma Delta; Union Dance Comm. (2); Exec. Conn. Michigan Union (3); Ass ' t Chairman Underclass Activities, Union; Glee dub (4). Page Tvx Hundred Seventy-Nine Illl ? . IIIMIII III! CIHHIII Illl QGiiiAlllNIII (HE IIIN1II Illl A 1IINIII : Tiftcrist Steve Kampmann B.F. Sheboygan, Wisconsin Phi Mu Delta; Sigma Delta Psi (2); Football (1); Swimming (1); Class Treas. (3); Society of Les Voyageurs (1) (2) (3) (4). Johanna Kathryn Kananen A.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Delta Delta; Cercle Francais: Frosh Pageant; Soph. Cabaret; Junior Girls ' Play Comm. Page Ttuo Hundred Eighty William Samuel Kaplan J.D. Chicago, Illinois Tau Delta Phi; Lawyers Club; Law Review. William ). Kare D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Psi Omega. Casper Haehnle Kast Jackson, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi. A.B. Paul C. Kauper J.D. Richmond, Indiana Lawyers ' Club; Tau Kappa Alpha; Michigan Law Review. William Warren Kearns A.B. Flint, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda; Pres. S. C. A.; Glee Club; Alpha Epsilon Mu. Margaret Lee Keeler B.S. in Arch. Lakewood, Ohio Kappa Kappa Gamma; Arch. Soc. (3) (4); Soph. Cabaret (2); J. G. P. William Vincent Keillor B.S. Muskegon, Michigan A. S. C. E. Walter A. Keitzer M.D. Logansport, Indiana Phi Beta Pi. C. Vernon Kelley Springfield, Ohio Mich. Law Review. J.D. Marian A. Kelly A.B. in Ed. Owosso, Michigan Alpha Sigma Tau; Eta Sigma Phi; Sec ' y. (4). Robert James Kelly LL.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Lambda Chi Alpha; Case Club; Law Review. Olga E. Kcmeny B.S. Detroit, Michigan Choral Union (4). Dorothy Margaret Kemp A.B. Port Huron, Michigan Martha Cook. Arthur A. Kent D.D.S. West Paris, Maine Sigma Zeta; Psi Omega. Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl CGSAWNIII OE IIINIII Illl A HINIII Benjamin Otto Kcsscl Saginaw, Michigan Delta Kappa Epsilon. A.B. George E. Keys, Jr. Springfield, Illinois Phi Kappa Psi. A B. Augustus Joseph Kiegler B.S. in Ed. Honesdale, Pennsylvania Phi Epsilon Kappa; Phys. Ed. Club; Baseball (2 yrs.). Helen Peters Kiel B.M. Battle Creek, Michigan Leland Martin Kile D.D.S. Flint, Michigan Xi Psi Phi. C. Franklin Killeen Flint, Michigan LLB. Eleanor Copeland Kimball Battle Creek, Michigar Phi Delta Delta. LL.B. Byron Bishop King M.D. Grosse Pointe Village, Michigan Phi Beta Pi; Victor Vaughan Society. Marion May King Oberlin, Ohio I ' . Girls ' Glee Club (4). A.B. 9 Martha Bidwell King A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Phi; Frosh Pageant; Soph. Cab- aret; Jun. Girls ' Play. Harry S. Kinney Birmingham, Michigar, Chi Phi; Ass ' t B. B. Mgr. A.B. Kenneth Edgar Kipp D.D.S. Branson, Michigan Acacia; Delta Sigma Delta; Alpha F.osilon Mu; Varsity Band (1) (2) (3) (4). Esther Elma Kirby A.B. Detroit, Michigan Helen Xewberry; Wyvern (3); Mor- tar Board (4); Senior Society (4); ' En- sian (3); Frosh Pageant (1); Property Chairman (1); Junior Girls ' Play Comm. (3); Pres. of Helen Xewberry (4). Marjorie Ellen Kirk B.M. Grand Rapids, Michigan Mosher- Jordan ; Choral Union. John Daniel Kitch Fort Wayne, Indiana Sigma Nu. A.B. Harold J. Kittsley Cedarburg, Wisconsin LL.B. Page Two Hundred Eighty-One Illl W. IIIMIII Oil CIIIHIII Illl (UOUiA IIINIII flE IIINIII Illl A , HINIII Dorothy Sylvia Klein A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan David Klibanow B.S. in Arch. Chicago, Illinois Charles T. Kline A.B. Chicago, Illinois Theta Delta Chi; Sphinx; Michi- gamua; Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3); Bus. Mgr. (4). Harriet Richardson Kline A.B. Saginaw, Michigan Alpha Phi. Norman E. Knapp B.S. in M.E. Monroe, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda. Theodore Floyd Knapp B.S. in E.E. Zeeland, Michigan Elizabeth Earle Knight Detroit, Michigan Alpha Phi. A.B. George H. Knowles B.S. in Eng. Highland Park, Michigan Phi Kappa Tau; Lawyers ' Club; Tau Beta Pi; A. S. M. E. Maurine Virginia Knox A.B. Richmond, Indiana Kappa Kappa Gamma; Michiganensian (1) (2) (3); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club (1); Finance Comm., Junior Girls ' Play. William Wallace Knox A.B. Erie, Pennsylvania Trigon; Phi Beta Kappa; Michigamua; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Mich- iganensian (1) (2) (3). Managing Editor (4); Alpha Xu; Frosh Chrmn., S. C. A. (3). Marvin S. Kobacker A.B. Toledo, Ohio Zeta Beta Tau; Michigan Daily (1) (2); Circulation Mgr. (3). Edward John Koch Ann Arbor, Michigan M.D. Katherine Dorothy Koch A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Phi; Kappa Tau Alpha; Alpha Lambda Delta, Pres. (1); Wyvern, Pres. (3); Mortar Board (4); Cercle Francais (3); Daily (1); Judiciary Council (3); Pres. Women ' s League (4) ; Baseball (2); Frosh Pageant Finance Comm. (1); Soph. Cab. Fin. Comm. (2) ; Junior Girls ' Play, Chrmn. Programs (3); Women ' s League Delegate to N. S. F. A. (3). Melvin Henry Koenig Fort Wayne, Indiana A.B. Kenneth Koon B.S. in E.E. Ridgeville, Indiana Triangles; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Scab- bard a nd Blade; Vulcans; Sigma Rho Tau; Fencing (2). E. Ransom Koontz LL.B. Magnolia, Ohio Alpha Epsilon Mu; Varsity Glee Club: Craftsman Club. Page Two Hundred Eighty-Two Illl ? . IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl (OOIiJ A IIINIII OE II1NIII Illl A 1IINIII Ella Korby A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Martha Cook; Phi Kappa Phi; Cercle Francais. Howard Henry Koster B.S. in M.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Tau Beta Pi; A. S. M. E.; Varsity Band (3) (4). Stephen William Kozclko D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan " Delta Sigma Delta. Elsie Marie Kramer B.S. Belding, Michigan Couzens Hall: Class Pres. (1); Nurse ' s Student Council (2). Walter M. Kranz B.S. in M.E. Mankato, Minnesota A. S. M. E. Kathryn Lora Kratz A.B. Angola, Indiana Alpha Chi Omega; Michiganensian (3); Glee Club (3); Comedy Club (2) (3) (4); Mummers (2) (3) (4); Junior Girls ' Play. Luther M. Kratz B.S. in E.E. Youngstown, Ohio Charles Edward Kraus B.S. in M.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Kappa Delta Rho; Tau Beta Pi. Cretta E. Krauss A.B. Saginaw, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega. Corrine Elizabeth Krentler A.B. Pleasant Ridge. Michigan Alpha Phi; Pegasus. Josephine Kathryn Kriser A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Theta Phi Alpha; Pi Lambda Theta; Field Hockey; Class Sec. (4); Chrmn. Alumnae Mem. Comm. ; Junior Girls ' Play. Walter F. Kristiansen B.S. in C.E. Escanaba, Michigan A. S. C. E. Bastian Kruidenier M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan John Eben Kuppinger A.B. East Rochester, New York Phi Mu Delta. Pearl S. Kuurila R.N. Greenland, Michigan Couzens Hall. Robert Besson Ladd B.S. in Marine Eng. Lewiston, New York Quarterdeck; Vulcans; Swimming (2) Page Two Hundred Eighty-Three Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIHHIII Illl (flOUiA IHNIII QE IIINIII m Illl A HlNlll Virginia Mary Udd A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis; Michiganensian, Women ' s Bus. Mgr., Mortar Board. Maurice Bernard Landers M.D. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Chi. Dorthea Marie Lane A.B. Chicago, Illinois Gamma Phi Beta. Rudolph Robert Lang B.S. in Ed. Lansing, Michigan Phy Ed. Club; Cheering Squad (2). Walter Marcus Lange A.B. Wyandotte, Michigan Annabelle Louise Larges B.S. in Chem. Detroit, Michigan Martha Cook. Esther Marcia Larowe B.S. in Ed. Maywood, Illinois Mosher-Jprdan ; Women ' s Phy. Ed. Club; Junior Girls ' Play; University Symph. Orchestra (1): Frosh Pageant; Choral Union (4); W. A. A. (1) (2) (3) (4); Hockey (1) (3) (4); Basket- ball, (1) (2) (3) (4). Mildred Ruth Lasser A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan University Girls ' Glee Club (2) (3); Junior Girls ' Play Committee. Daisy V. Lavender Newberry, Michigan Martha Cook. A.B. Malcolm David Lawrie B.S. in M.E. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Delta Upsilon. Phila Alice Lawton A.B. West Middletown, Pennsylvania Tod John Leavitt D.D.S. Lansing, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. Laura C. Lebster Flint, Michigan Phi Sigma Sigma. A.B. Edward Reynolds Lee, Jr. B.S. in M.E. and Aero. Eng. East Orange, New Jersey Theta Nu Epsilon; A. S. M. E.; A. S. T. M. Orville DeBruce Lefferts B.S. in E.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Acacia; Beta Pi Theta. Joseph Legatz A.B. Bay City, Michigan Page Two Hundred Eighty-Four Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl CiAfflNWI QE IIINIII m Illl x II1NIII Frank Evariste Legg. Jr. Arm Arbor. Michigan A.B. Arthur Conrad Lehman LL.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Michigan Law Review. Wai Pook Lei Canton, China " Alpha Lambda; Phi Eta Sigma. Laurence Halbert Leinbach B.S. in Aero and M.E. Detroit, Michigan Acacia; A. S. M. E. Clara Jean Leith A.B. in Ed. r ghton, Michigan Chi Omega; Cercle Francais (3) (4); Michiganensian (2) (3): W. A. A. (1); Junior Girls ' Play; Frosh Pageant: Frosh Girls ' Glee Club; Choral Union (2) (3) (4). Donald Eldridge Leland Plymouth, Massachusetts A.B. Malwina Theresia Lemmle M.D. Albany, New York Mcrsher- Jordan ; Pi Lambda Theta; Alpha Gamma Sigma, Sec, Iota Sigma Pi (2); Triennial Delegate (1931); Pres. (4); Jordan Hall House Council and Advisory Committee (3). John R. Lenfestey. Jr. A.B. Chicago, Illinois Chi Psi; Sphinx; Druids; Michigan- ensian (1) (2) (3); Golf (1) (2) (3); Capt. (4). Arthur Lamley Lennox Blissfield, Michigan B.S. Louise Ahleen Leonard A.B. Saranac Lake, New York Alpha Chi Omega; Cercle Francais (2) (3) (4); Comedy Club (4); Uni- versity Girls ' Glee Club (3) (4); Soph, Cabaret; Junior Girls ' Play. Owen Bern is Leonard Wakarusa, Indiana Lawyers Club. LL.B. Daniel Martin Levine B.S. in M.E. Indus. Eng. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Rho Tan; A. S. I. E.; A. S. M. E. (Pres.); Eng. Council. Jean H. Levy A.B. Highland Park, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Phi; Theta Sigma Phi; Wyvern: Daily (1) (2) (3); Hockey (1) (2); Basketball (3); Speedball (2); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; W. A. A. Board (2 ) ; Publicity Chrmn. Junior Girls " Play; Frosh Pageant; Soph. Caba- ret Comm. Elma Louise Lewis Ashtabula, Ohio Conzens Hall. R.N. Gerald Watson Lewis B.S. in M.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Kappa Delta Rbo; A. S. M. E. Ralph Selden Lewis B.S. in C.E. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Theta Kappa Nu; Mich. Technic; Transportation Club. Page Two Hundred Eighty-Free Illl W. IIIMIII 1 CIIIHIII III! QGwAlUNIII UE IIINIII , HINIII Thorn jscnc Lewis A.B. Detroit, Michigan Martha Cook; Eta Sigma Phi; Choral Union. Ann Elizabeth Lidy A.B. Pottsville, Pennsylvania Martha Cook, Pres. (4); Choral Union. Rudolph William Lignell M.D Grand Rapids, Michigan Theta Kappa Psi. Harold David Lindsay B.S. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Phi Sigma Kappa; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Sigma Delta Xi. Alfred William Lipphart B.S. in Aero.E. Utica, New York Pi Kappa Phi; A. S. M. E.; Trans- portation Club; Aeronautical Society. Clark Whitney Little A.B. Frewsburg, New York Michiganensian (1); Cross-Country (1); Musical Revue (3); Opera (4). James William Little A.B. Pontiac, Michigan Doris Caroline Litzenburger B.S. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Kenneth Merle Lloyd LL.B. Youngstown, Ohio Delta Theta Phi. Johannes David Lodeesen M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Theta Kappa Psi; Phi Kappa Phi; Victor Vaughan Society: Alpha Omega Alpha (3). Allan Verne Loeffler A.B. Detroit, Michigan Dorothy Lucile Lone B.S. Flint, Michigan Delta Zeta. Chester M. Loomis, Jr. A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Margaret Heywood Loomis A.B. Jackson, Michigan Alpha Phi; Eta Sigma Phi (3); All- Campus Revue (3). Ernestine Delee Lossing A.B. in Ed. Flint, Michigan Martha Cook Bldg.; Women ' s Ed. Club; Treas. of Class (3); Kappa Phi; Disarmament Club; International Re- lations Club. Robert Alexander Lothian A.B. Yale, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi. Page Two Hundred Eighty-Six Illl W. IIIMIII Ull ClliHIl! Illl 0Giu A V IIINIII flE IIINIII Illl A UINIII Esther Elizabeth Loucks date, Pennsylvania Sigma Kappa. A.B. Frances Ruth Loucks B.M. Grand Rapids, Michigan Jordan Hall; Cboral Uaioo (3) (4). Elizabeth Mclntyre Loudon AB Delta Delta Delta; Wyvern; Soph. Cabaret Comm.: Junior Girls ' Play Comm.; Hockey; Basketball, Speedball; Judiciary Council (4); Women ' s League Bd. of Directors (2) (4); V. A. A. Exec. Bd. Basketball Manager (3) K. Lucille Lough A.B. East Lansing, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Wyrern; Frosh Girls ' Glee Club; Univ. Girls ' Glee Club; Frosh Pageant; Soph. Cabaret; Junior Girls ' Play Comm. David Robert Louis A.B. 5: I ' .-_:. Delta Kappa Epsilon; Druids; Track Manager (4). Catherine Marie Lovchiik A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Choral Union; Mosher Jordan. Richard William Loveland A.B. ;;-::.. ' . : -- Phi Kappa Pa; Phi Eta Sigma; Golf Frank Brewster Lovdl B S. Chicago, Illinois Phi Eta Sigma; Fencing (1) (2) (3) (4); -M ' Club (3) (4). Frank Roymer Lovdl DOS Detroit. Michigan Phi Sigma Kappa; Ddta Sigma Delta: Sphinx; Druids: Basketball (2), (3), (4). Lawrence Y. Lucey Ottawa, Illinois Chi Phi. A.I. Hilda Elizabeth Lundberg A.B. Calumet, Michigan Adelia Cheever House: Basketfaall (3). Oscar A. Lundin Detroit, Michigan Theta Xi; Football (2) (3). A.B. Frances Eloise Luscombe A.B. Jackson, Michigan Kappa Phi; Theta Sigma Phi; Wom- en ' s League Bd. of Rep. (Catherine Margaret Luz A.I. Port Huron, Michigan Arthur George Lyon, Jr. I :..;--:- ' . ' : Lawyers Club. LL.B. Frederic Newman Lyon A.B. Royal Oak, Michigan Phi Sigma Kappa. Pfge Two Hundred Eighty-Seven III! W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Ilil (IGiiiAlllNIII C IIINIII III! x 1IIN1II Emerson James Lyons B.S. in Ch.E. Utica, New York Alpha Chi Sigma; Michigan Technic (3); A. I. Ch. E. (2) (3); Vice-pres. (4). Richard Hugh Lyons A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Gamma Delta; Nu Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade; Michiganensian (2). Donald MacDonald A.B. Marine City, Michigan Phi Mu Alpha. Edna Alice MacKenzie B.M. Adrian, Michigan Martha Cook; Mu Phi Epsilon; Sec ' y., Treas. Glee Club (2) (3) (4). Page Two Hundred Eighty-Eight Robert Cordon MacKenzie, Jr. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Tau Delta. A.B. Harold Edwin Maclean B.S. in M.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Kappa Delta Rho; Alpha Epsilon Mu; A. S. M. E.; Varsity Band (2) (3) (4). Jean Lucy MacNaughton A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Le Cercle Francais (3) (4); Eta Sigma Phi (3) (4). Herbert P. MacNeal M.D. Forest Hills, New York Theta Kappa Psi; Galens (3) (4); Exec. Committee (2J (3) ; Victor Vaughan Soc. (4). Dorothy E. Magee A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Theta Sigma Phi, Vice Pres. (4); Junior Girls ' Play; Mimes Revue; Women ' s Editor, Summer Daily (3); Michigan Daily (1) (2) (3); Lantern Night Comm. (3); Univ. Girls ' Glee Club (3) (4); Mummers (3) (4); Pegasus (3) (4); Frosh Advisor (4). Donald Whitsey Magoon B.S. in M.E. Findlay, Ohio Kappa Delta Rho; Aeronautical So- ciety (1); A. S. M. E. Kathleen Francis Maguire Detroit, Michigan Zeta Phi Eta. A.B. William Harry Mahey A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Estella L ' Estrange Mahon Port Huron, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta. A.B. Stephanie Marie Majeski Toledo, Ohio Polonia Literary Club. A.B. Dorothy Louise Malcolm A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Basketball; Fresh. Girls ' Glee Club; Frosh Pageant; Soph. Cabaret Comm.; Junior Girls ' Play Comm., League Bazaar Comm. Max Mallon Detroit, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. D.D.S. Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIIi Illl (ODIH x$ IIINIII OE IIINII! 1IINIII Mary Ceraldine Malone A.B. Theta Phi Alpha: Junior Girls ' Play Comm.: Spanish Club. Viola Christine Maaafy Bay City. Michigan A.B. Susan Rosannah Manchester A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Michigan Daily (3); W. A. A. Board. Bryce Julius Manley A.I. Houston, Texas Michigan Daily (1) (2) (3); Boxing. Robert Carleron Mansfield B.S. in M.E. Union, Maine Student Branch, A. S. M. E. Mary Virginia Manuel A.B. Coming. New York Yih-Chow Mar B.S. in Aero.E. Shanghai, China Alpha Russell Francis Marande B.S. m Ch.E. Bay City, Michigan Alpha Chi Sigma; Tan Beta Pi; Sec. A. I. Ch. E. (4). Anna Mark A.B. Highland Park, Michigan Joseph Sherman Markey D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Psi Omega. David Eli Marks A.B. Scottdale, Pennsylvania Kappa Xn. Edward L. Marschner B.S. in Chem. Detroit, Michigan Elgin O. Marshall B.S. in Aero. ' . ' : " :-= ' : : Pi Tan Pi Sigma. Tan Beta Pi; Gli- der Section, Aero. Society. John Smiley Marshall A.B. Cleveland, Ohio Delta Phi; Sphinx; Sigma Delta Chi; Gargoyle (1) (2) (3) (4); Daily (4). John Davis Martindale B.S. in Arch. Eng. Gary, Indiana Alpha Rho Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Ma; Tau Sigma Delta: Architectural Society; Treas. Class (4); Varsity Band (1) (2) (3) (4). Carl Sherman Marty B.S. in M.E. Pottsville. Pennsylvania Alpha Tau Omega; A. S. M. E. (3) (4); Summer Daily (3). Page Tv:o Hundred Eighty-Nit Illl W. IIIMIII III! CIIIHIII Illl (flGIii A IIINIII OE IIINHI Illl A IIINIII Edward Richard Mason B.S. in M.E. Detroit, Michigan Virgil Davis Matthews A.B. Mount Jewett, Pennsylvania Michael John Maxian D.D.S. Binghamton, New York Xi Psi Phi; Baseball (1); Varsity Swimming Squad (2) ; Class Vice-Pres. (3) Athletic Comm.; Chrmn. (4); Vice- Pres. Union (4); Chrmn. Forum Comm. (5). Lester Morton May A.B. Tulsa, Oklahoma Sigma Alpha Mu; Daily (2) (3). Marian Cuthrie May A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta; Choral Union (3) (4). George Mayer Lakewood, Ohio Delta Theta Phi. LL.B. Naomi T. Mayer Cleveland, Ohio R.N. George Hoyt McArthur Mason, Michigan Theta Delta Chi; Track. LL.B. Mary W. McCall A.B. Bradford, Pennsylvania Delta Delta Delta; Theta Sigma Phi; Soph. Cabaret; Junior Girls ' Play; Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3). Kenneth James McCallum A.B. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Phi Epsilon; Daily (1); Chrmn. Frosh Frolic Comm. (1); Chrmn. J-Hop Comm. (3); Druids (4); Senior Ball Committee (4). Helen Elizabeth McCarthy A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Theta Phi Alpha; Frosh Pageant; Soph. Cabaret; Junior Girls ' Play; Hockey (1). Raymond Aloysius McCarthy D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Psi Omega. Vivian McCarty A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Charles W. McColl A.B. Wyandotte, Michigan Pi Kappa Alpha. Olen H. McConnell D.D.S. Coldwater, Michigan Psi Omega. Willard Lloyd McCormick Riga, Michigan M.D. Page T wo Hundred Ninety tui w. IIIMID IU dOIHIH Illl 05 A Will OE IIINIII m Illl x 1IINIII Wilson M. McCormick B S in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Tan Kappa Epsikm: Surma Delta Psi: lien ' s Pbys. Ed. Club. Vice-Pres.; Football (2). Louis Earle McCrjfh A.B. Grand Rapids. Michigan Delta Sicma Pi; Football (3) (4). Milton McCreery LL.B. Toledo. Ohio Delta Alpha Epsilon: Phi Alpha Delta: Adelphi: Secy. Senior Law Class ' 3l- ' 32; Union Exec. Cotra. (3). John F. McCue B.S. in E.E. - , Margaret Mary McDonald A.B. Holly, Michigan Chi Omega; Ensian (3); Choral Union (3) (4); League Bazaar Comm. Norman Sears McDonald B.S. in ME. Muskegon, Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi; Tan Beta PL Curtis Hardin McDonnell M.D. Chi Psi; Xu Sigma Xu; Galens; Pres. of Galens and Victor Vanghan Societies. Elizabeth Margaret McDowell A.B. Bad Axe. Michigan Alpha Gamma Delta; Zeta Phi Eta, Pres. (4); Ensian (1); W. A. A. (1) (4); Oratorical Assoc. Sec ' y. (3). Robert E. McElwain Glee Clnb; Choral Union. A.B. Robert James McCillicuddy M.D. Lansing. Michigan Phi Rho Sigma; Class Pres. (3). Kenneth Bennett McClone Ann Arbor. Michigan Sigma Gamma Epsilon. B.S. Lois McCuire A.B. Petersburg. Virginia Alpha Phi; Ensian (2) (3) (4); All Campus Revue (3). Ruth Adelaide Mclntosh A.B. Detroit. Michigan Betsy Barbonr House; Senior Society. Dorothy M. McKay Onsted, Michigan R.N. Virgil ]. McKendry B.S. in E.E. Bay City. Michigan Am. Inst. Elec. Engineers. Donald Sampson McKenzie B.S. in Ch E. Port Huron, Michigan Page Two Hundred IIIMIII llll CIIIHIII III! C IIINIII Illl A , IIINIII Suzanne Elizabeth McKinncy A.B. Alton, Illinois Pi Beta Phi; Mu Phi Epsilon; Junior Girls ' Play (3). Daniel Walter Mclaughlin A.B. La jolla, California Delta Kappa Epsilon; Sigma Delta Psi; Track (1) (2). James Harold Mclaughlin LL.B. Kalamazoo, Michigan Lawyers ' Club. Roy Wilbur McLean A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Katherine Mannix McMurray B.S. in Phy. Ed. Fitchburg, Massachusetts Alpha Xi Delta; Wyvern; Athena (2) (3); Pegasus (2) (3). Frances Mary McNamara A.B. Sarnia, Ontario Alpha Delta Pi; Theta Sigma Phi: Ensian (2); Aero. Club (3). Harley John McNeal A.B. Lakewood, Ohio Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Druids; Base- ball (1) (2) (3) (4); Frosh Basket- bill; Glee Club (2) (3) (4); Mich. Union Opera (2). Esther Mae McNitt A.B. in Ed. Jackson, Michigan Kappa Phi. Thomas Wesley Meeder B.S. in Aero. Westfield, New York George W. Meek B.S. in M.E. Springfield, Ohio A. S. M. E. (3) (4); Intramural Fencing (3). Ceraldine Megaro A.B. Newark, New Jersey Theta Phi Alpha; French Circle; Soph. Prom Comm. ; Junior Girls Play. Dale Charles Mehring B.S.A. Toledo, Ohio Alpha Sigma Phi; Studio Art Club; Arch. Society; Treas. (1); Sec ' y. (2) (3). Earl Louis Meixner LL.B. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Alpha Chi Rho; Lawyers ' Club; Treas. Senior Law Class. Morris Melnik M.D. Detroit, Michigan Phi Lambda Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi. Carl R. Meloy B.S. Detroit, Michigan Delta Alpha Epsilon; Summer Mich. Daily ' 31; U. Symphony Orchestra. Emmanuel Paul Menatsaganian A.B. Highland Park, Michigan Page Two Hundred Ninety-Two III! W. HIMIII Illl CIIIHIII III) (IGiii A IIINIII OE IIINIII m Illl A 1IINIII Milton Mendlowitz New York, New York Alpha Omicron Alpha. M.D. , Beulah Margaret Menerey A.B. in Ed. San Diego, California Arthur C. Merkle 8.S. in M.E. Grand Rapids, Michiga ) Frederick L. Merner A.B. Cedar Falls, Iowa Sigma Nu; Druids; Ensian (I) (2) Howard Theodore Merritt D.D.S. Ypsilanti. Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. Sina Mervis A.B. Hollidays Cove, West Virginia Lawrence Vincens Messersmith Logansport, Indiana DeJta Alpha EpsUon. A.B. George W. Meyer. ]r. A.B. Edwardsville, Illinois Psi Upsilon: Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Mich. Union Opera " Merry Go Round " ; Cheer Leader (2) (3). Harry E. Meyer, |r. LL.B. Oshkosh, Wisconsin Delta Theta Phi; Barristers. Thelma Marion Meyer A.B. Pontiac, Michigan Jordan Hall: DaUy (1); Sec ' y Hillel News (2) (3); Recording Sec ' y (4); Board of Representatives (2); Frosh Pageant; Soph. Cabaret, Bazaar; Junior Girls ' Play; Hillel Student Coun. Louis H. Meyers D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Omega. Carlyle Michelmon LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Helen Amelia Mikan A.B. Durand, Michigan Zeta Tau Alpha; Choral Union (2) (3) (4); U. Girls ' Glee Club (2) (3) (4); Frosh Glee Club (1). William Mikulas B.S. in Ch.E. Detroit, Michigan Triangle; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi (3) (4); A. I. Ch. E. Pres. (4); Sec ' y. (2); Vice-Pres. (3); Eng. Coun- cil (4). Doris E. A. Millar A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Delta Pi; Hockey (1); Frosh Paceant; Soph. Cabaret; Junior Girls ' Play. Marjorie Wadham Millar A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Delta Pi; Frosh Pageant; Soph. Cabaret, Junior Girls ' Play. Page Ttvo Hundred Ninety-Three W_== IIIMIII ll CIIIHIII Illl flGniAM flE IIINIII Illl A IIINW Cile E. Miller A.B. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Alpha Phi; Theta Sigma Phi (3) (4); Michigan Daily (3). Elias Alexander Miller A.B. New York, New York Sigma Alpha Mu; Adelphi; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Michiganensian Fea- ture Editor (3); Hillel Foundation, Pres. (4); Varsity Glee Club (2); Union Opera (2); Declamation Winner (1). Glenford R. Miller LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Lawyers Club; Chrmn. Cap and Gown Committee. Katherine Albertine Miller Muskegon, Michigan A.B. Paul Harry Miller B.S. in Aero. Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan Robert Miller A.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Phi; Michigamua; Swimming Team (2) (3); Capt. (4). Robert Richard Miller A.B. Petoskey, Michigan Delta Alpha Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Cross Country. Ruth Elms Miller Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta. A.B. Page Tivo Hundred Ninety-Four 1, Vincent Joseph Miller B.S. in Arch. Woodbridge, New Jersey Tau Sigma Delta; Architectural Soc. Wallace B. Miller M.B.A. Wilmette, Illinois Beta Theta Pi; Sphinx; Druids; Football (3) (4). Jean I. Milne A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Martha Cook Bldg.; Sigma Eta Chi. Paul Erwin Minsel LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Sphinx; Druids. Roberta Esterre Minter A.B. Great Falls, Montana Chi Omega; Theta Sigma Phi (3) (4); Michiganensian (2) (3); Mum- mers; Comedy Club; Junior Girls ' Play. Dalmacio Salvador Miranda A.B. Tayug, Pangasinan, P. I. Vice-Pres., Corres. Sec.. Sub-Sec. Treas. Philippine Michigan Club. Harrington Calkins Mitchell Chicago, Illinois B.S. in C.E. Jane Mitchell A.B. in Ed. Charlotte , Michigan Jordan Hall; House Council (3). III! W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHHI fill GAiNill QE II1NIII 3K UN A NINIII John Nicholas Mohr LL.B. Hood River, Oregon Phi Sigma Kappa; Lawyers ' Club; Sec. Lawyers ' Club Council. Memchil Momchiloff B.S. in C.E. Samokov, Bulgaria lames M. Monroe B.S. in C.E. Iron River, Michigan A. S. C. E. Melvin B. Monson B.S. in C.E. Escanaba, Michigan Beta Sigma Psi; A. S. C. E. Robert Smith Montague A.B. Saginaw, Michigan Alpha Delta Phi; Sigma Delta Psi; Mimes (3) (4); Union Opera (2); Campus Revue (3). Almcrenc Montgomery A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Delta Delta; Michiganensian (2) (3). Anthony Mony B.S. in E.E. Battle Creek, Michigan Phi Eta Sigma; Frosh Wrestling. Margaret Elizabeth Moon A.B. Lansing, Michigan Sigma Kappa; Lantern Night Comm. (3); German Club (3) (4); Fren ch Club (4); Junior Girls ' Play. Carl Ernest Moore M.B.A. Jackson, Michigan Clarence William Moore A.B. Jackson, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Mu (3) (4); Case Club (4); Comedy Club (3) (4); Var- sity Band (3); Varsity Glee Club (3) Datus Lynn Moore B.M. Kingsley, Michigan A. E. M. Varsity Band (2) (3) (4); Univ. Symphony (1) (2) (3) (4). Harold Edward Moore B.S. in M.E. Battle Creek, Michigan Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Scabbard and Blade. Jane Moore A.B. Fayetteville, Arkansas Richard H. Moore A.B. Royal Oak, Michigan Theta Kappa Xu. Russel Hart Moore M.B.A. Saginaw, Michigan Acacia. Kappa Phi Sigma; Crafts- men Club (4) (5) (6); Gymnastic Team (1); Class Sec. (4); Union Opera (3); Polar Bear Club. Arthur F. Moratz B.S. in Arch. Eng. Bloomington, Illinois Page Two Hundred Ninety-Five till W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl flGSAHINIH OE IIINIII 3 Illl AHINIII Dorothea Morrill A.B. Valrico, Florida Judson Bcnton Morris Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin Sigma Phi Epsilon. Thomas Christ Morris B.S. in Ch.E. Detroit, Michigan Hellenic Society (2) (3) (4) (5) Vice Pres. ; American Chem. Society; A. I. Ch. E.; A. I. M. E.; Le Cercle Francais (5); Cosmopolitan Club (4) (5); Physics Club (3) (4); Math. Club (4) (5). Walter Ripton Morris A.B. Qoversville, New York Delta Sipma Phi; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Opera (1); Band; Symphony (1) (2). William Roberts Morris LL.B. Shelby, Ohio Beta Theta Pi; Lawyers Club. Maynard Davis Morrison A.B. Royal Oak, Michigan Delta Tau Delta; Sphinx: Michi- gamua; Football (2) (3) (4); ' M ' Club. Ruth Anith Morrison A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Martha Cook; Choral Union (3), (4); Junior Girls ' Play. Robert A. Mortensen A.B. Battle Creek, Michigan Delta Upsilon; Druids. Page Two Hundred Ninety-Six Teodoro Moscoso, )r. B.S. in Pharm. Ponce, Porto Rico Gargoyle. Robert Kcclcr Mosher B.S. in Arch. Bay City, Michigan Sigma Zeta. Alvin Russell Moss A.B. North Tonawanda, New York Tau Kappa Epsilon; Scalp and Blade. William Frederick Mossner, Jr. D.D.S. Cera, Michigan Psi Omega; Dental Society; Class President (1); J-Hop Committee (2). Byron Edwin Most A.B. Mt. Clemens, Michigan j LeRoy Albert Mote LL.B. Elgin, Illinois Lawyers ' Club; Delta Theta Phi; Barristers; Band (2) (3). Thomas Beverly Moule A.B. Detroit, Michigan Phi Sigma Kappa. Margaret Stirling Moyer A.B. Erie, Pennsylvania Kappa Kappa Gamma. III! W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl flEiii A INI (flE IIINIII m Illl x HINDI = Maurice Perry Mayer Detroit, Michigan AB. Wilbur Andrew Muehl.g A B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Beta Pi; Wrestling Squad (2) (3). Max Fricdnch Mueller B.S. in Ch E. Ssginaw, Michigan Pi Kappa Phi; Scabbard and Blaue. Gary Muffly B.S. in E.E. Scarsdaie, New York Phi Mu Delta: Phi Eta Sigma; Tan Beta Pi; Chrmn., A. I. E. E.; En- gineering Council. Edward Douglas Muir A.B. Buenos Aires, Arge - Delta Sigma Pi: Michigan Daily (1); Chrmn. Advisory Comm. (1); Chrmn. Finance Committee (2). John Beartie Muir B.S. in Marine Eng. Naval Arch. Detroit, Michigan Quarterdeck (3 (4). Thomas Spencer Muir A.B. en, Ohio Chi Psi; Michigan Daily ' 1| (2); Accounts Mgr. (3). Daniel J. Mull B.S. in M.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan A. $.. M. E. Marjorie A. Mullen A B. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta; Junicr Girls Play. Mary Helen Munson Adrian, Michigan University Symphony. B.M. Basil L. Murphy Lansing, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. DD.S. Kathleen Cecelia Murphy B.M. Ida Grove, Iowa Mn Phi Epsilon: Sec ' y. Class (2) (4) ; University Symphony ; Choral Union (1) (2) (3) (4). T. Dennis Murray Seattle, Washington LL.B. Thomas William Murray B.S. in M.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Delta Rbo; A. S. M. E. Helen Emmelinc Musselwhite A.B. Manistee, Michigan Betsy Barbour: Senior Society: Kap- pa Tau Alpha: Theta Sigma Phi: Michigan Daily (2) (3): Frosh Pag- eant: Soph. Cabaret; Junior Girls ' Play Committees. Florence Musser A.B. Plattsburg, Missouri Page T-U.-O Hundred Ninety-Seven III! W. IHMIH lin CIIIHIH Itll IIINIII flE I1INII1 m III! A I1INIII Delavan Shields Mussey B.E. in M.E. Chicago, Illinois Chi Psi. Wilbur John Myers A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Kappa Delta Rho; Kappa Tau Alpha; Michigan Daily (3) (4); Mich. Press Club. Dan Wilbur Myers M.D. Detroit, Michigan Phi Chi. Donald F. Nash LL.B. Saginaw, Michigan Lawyers Club. Clayton B. Neff D.D.S. McBrides, Michigan Psi Omega. Helen Elizabeth Neel A.B. Lake Linden, Michigan Sigma Eta Chi. James Alexander Neill B.S. Detroit, Michigan Theta Delta Chi; Intramural, Ass ' t Manager; Studio Art Club. Victor Edwin Nelson M.D. Royal Oak, Michigan Alpha Omega Alpha. Ralph Ernest Newcomb M.B.A. Rochester, New York Kappa Phi Sigma; Scabbard and Blade. David M. Nichol A.B. Plymouth, Michigan Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma Delta Chi; Druids; Kappa Tau Alpha; Daily (1) (2); Night Editor (3); News Editor (4); Class Pres. (4); Treasurer (2); Comedy Club. Clement Herman Nichols B.S. in Ch.E. Maywood, Illinois A. I. Ch. E. George F. Nichols A.B. Chicago, Illinois Delta Tau Delta; Mich. Union Exec. Council (3). Alice Lizette Niederstadt A.B. in Ed. Saginaw, Michigan Jordan Hall; Pi Lambda Theta, Cor- respond. Sec.; Class Treas. (4). Walter Nielsen B.S. in M.E. Baldwin Park, California Tau Beta Pi; Scabbard and Blade. Richard Abraham Nipe B.S. in Ch.E. Muskegon, Michigan A. I. Ch. E. Allen Noble Pontiac, Michigan Alpha Phi Alpha. A.B. Page Two Hundred Ninety-Eight nil w. IIIMIII till CIIIHID Illl d dUMII C IIINIII IIH A , IIINIII Wilfred S. Noltin? M.D. Centralia, Illinois Phi Beta Pi; Freshman Football: Varsity Football. )ames Donald North A.I. Fort Wayne, Indiana Sigma Chi; Student Council (4). Elizabeth M. Norton A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Harry Maynard Norton D.D.S. Durand, Michigan Psi Omega. Meyer Notkin M.D. Paterson, New Jersey Phi T-amFwla Kappa. Maxine M. Nowak Oiicago, Illinois Alpha Phi. A.B. Henry H. Nowidu LL.B. Oiicago, Illinois Lawyers Club. Sulho A. Nurmi B S. in Arch. Jackson, Michigan Sigma Zeta. Carmi J. Del Vandalia, Michigan B.S. Virginia Hull Olds A.I. Cleveland Heights, Ohio Delta Gamma; Junior Girls ' Play; Basketball (3); Women ' s Comm. (2). Elliott E. Oldt B.S. in Ed. Charlotte, Michigan lien ' s Phy. Ed. Onb (3) (4); Choral Union (4). Leslie M. Oldt A.B. in Ed. Charlotte. Michigan Varsity Glee Club (4); Choral Union (4). Carlton Edward Ohlheiser B.S. in E.E. South Wates, New York John Edward Ohlson B.S. in Ch.E. Ancon, Canal Zone Theta Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Tau Sigma; Michigan Technic (2) (3) (4); A. I. Ch. E. Fumi Oi .;.;-= . ' =;;- A.B. Lucille E. Oldham A.I. Detroit. Michigan Martha Cook. Page T?o Hundred Nmfty-fii Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII III! QE II1NIII IIINIII Clay F. Olmstead A.B. Ludington, Michigan Lambda Chi Alpha; Michiganensian (1) (2); Sales Mgr. (3); Soph. Prom; Alpha Nu. Lester Eldon Olmstead D.D.S. Bronson, Michigan Psi Omega. Richard Ellsworth Olsen M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Clifford Rueben Olson B.S. in Naval Arch. Marinette, Wisconsin Quarterdeck. Carl Edward O ' Mara B.S. in Aero. Eng. St. Clair, Michigan Pi Kappa Phi; A. S. M. E. (3), Sec. and Treas. (4); S. A. E.; Aero. So- ciety; Transportation Club. William Daniel O ' Ncil A.B. Buffalo, New York Hyman Oren Paterson, New Jersey Phi Lambda Kappa. M.D. Lester Ornsteen A.B. Haverhill, Massachusetts Zeta Beta Tau; Sigma Delta Chi; Gargoyle (1) (2), Editor (3). Phyllis Estelle Ornstein A.B. Appleton, Wisconsin Freshman Girls ' Glee Club. Bd of Rep. (4); Junior Girls ' Play; Sonh Cabaret; Choral Union (1) (2)- Uni- versity Glee Club (3) (4). I Martha Louise Orr B.S. in Chem. Ann Arbor, Michigan Ruth Alice Osborne Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. fc Elizabeth Florence Osgood A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Michiganensian (3) (4); Junior Girls ' Play Comm. (3) ; Women ' s League Bazaar (3); Mimes Revue (3); Penny Carnival (3); Senior Society (4). Wilfred Ostrofsky A B Buffalo, New York Richard Grant Otstot B.S. in M.E. Niles, Michigan Scabbard and Blade (3). Ruth Ellis Otto Detroit, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta. A.B. Thomas A. Owens Toledo, Ohio Phi Beta Pi. M.D. Page Three Hundred (Ill W. IIIMIII 1111 CIIIHIH III! flE IIINIII m Illl x 1IINIII Edward Matthew Ozanick Detroit. Michigan Track (I). A.B. Anthony Francis Pacdla Campbell, Ohio Alpha Pbi Delta, LLB. William Page A B. Chappaqua. New York Hermitage: Michigan Daily (2) (3): Chnnn. Adv. Comm. (1); Chnnn. Pub. Comm. (2): Soc. Chnnn. (3); Under- class Chmm. (2); Dance Chrmn. (3). Alfred James Palmer Detroit, Michigan A.B. (3). Vice Pres. (4); Frosh Frolic; Soph Prom. Frank Roscoe Palmer A.B. Srurgis, Michigan William Humphrey Palmer B.S. in E.E. East Cleveland, Ohio Pi Kappa Alpha. Orville Edmund Parker A.B. Detroit. Michigan Chi Phi: Football (2) (3): Wresilins (2 (3) (4). William M. Parker B.S. in M.E. Port Huron, Michigan A. S. M. E. George Earl Parsons Ann Arbor, B.S. in Aero. Elva Vade Pascoe A B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Zeta Tau Alpha; Zeta Phi Eta. George Reynolds Patterson Royal Oak, Michigan Delta Tau Delta. A.B. Harcourt S. Patterson A.B. Pontiac, Michigan Theta Chi; Sphinx; Michieamna; Gargoyle (1) (2) (3), Bus. Manager (4). Ruth Hazel Patton B.M. Piedras Nepras Coah, Mexico Kappa Phi: Choral Union (2); Cos- mopolitan Club. William James Pearse Iron wood, Michigan A.B. Dorothy Louise Peck A.B. in Ed. -- ...-..-... -.--- Kappa Delta: Athena (3) (4); Glee Club (4); Choral Union (3) (4): Pegasus (3) (4). Kingsiey Congdon Peck B.S. in Eng. Physics Batavia, New York Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi. Page Three Hundred, One till IIIMHI 1111 CIIIHIII 1111 N1NIII 3K III! y UINIII Judson Peckham A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Theta Delta Chi; Bus. Staff, Michi- ganensian (1) (2). Margaret Meryl Peckham A.M. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Gilbert B. Peer A.B. Ypsilanti, Michigan Pi Kappa Alpha. Marie Pelecouich M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Iota; Women ' s Re- search Club; Cosmopolitan Club. William Henry Pcndell, Jr. A.B. Saginaw, Michigan Chi Phi; Sphinx; Tennis; basketball. Victor E. Pennington A.B. Sparta, Michigan Dorothy Esther Penzien A.B. in Ed. Imlay City, Michigan Mosher Hall. William Sidney Perham M.D. Augusta, Maine Theta Chi; Phi Chi; Galens; Victor Yaughan Historical Soc. Thomas Steele Perkins A.B. Irwin, Pennsylvania Delta Alpha Epsilon. Virginia Anna Perkins A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Jean L. Perrin A.B. Berwyn, Illinois Martha Cook; Kappa Beta Pi; Senior Society; W. A. A. Exec. Bd. (3) (4); Pegasus (3) ; Junior Girls ' Play. Chester Perry D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Chrmn. Invitation Comm. Fannie R. Pcssin A.B. Brooklyn, New York Sec ' y, Round Table Club (3) (4); German Club (3) (4); French Club (4). Robert M. Peters D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. Josephine Catherine Petronovich R.N. Houghton, Michigan Couzens Hall. William Coldie Phelps LL.B Saginaw, Michigan Lawyers Club. Page Three Hundred. Two Illl W. IIIMIII HH C IHHIil III! OGiii A UINIII OE UINIII A IIINII1 Arvin I. Philippart. |r. B S hi E.E. Monroe. Michigan Sima Phi A. I. E. E. Eleanor Doris Phillips I.M. Milford. Michigan Sigma Alpha Iota; Choral Union; University Girls ' Glee Oub and Quar- tette. Pauline Mi A.B. Calumet, Michigan Helen New-berry: Le Cercle Franca (3 (4): Eta Sigma Phi (3) (4). Raymond W. Pierce B S. in C E Canton, Ohio Varsity Band (J) (4). Melvin Herbert Pike M.D. Arm Arbor, Michigan Phi Rbo Sigma; Alpha EpsOon Mu; Phi Sigma. Cenevieve Sylph Pinson A.B. Grosse lie, Michigan Zeta Tau Alpha; Soph. Cabaret; Junior Girls ' Play. Robert Kedzie Plant M.D. East Lansing. Michigan Phi Rbo Sigma; J-Hop Committee. Marvin R. Plesset B S in Med. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Phi Lambda Kappa. William Stephens Pocock A.B. Detroit, Michigan Chi Psi; Sigma Delta Psi: Boxing (4); Swimming (3). Morayne M. Podesta A.I. Detroit. Michigan Theta Phi Alpha: Soph. Cabaret. Cathelia Elizabeth Pollock A.B. in Ed. - " L - : ' . ' : r: Delta Delta Delta: Freshman Glee Club: Frosh Pageant: Junior Girls ' Play |. George Pont B.S. in Aero. Detroit, Michigan Edwin B. Poorman LL.B. Chicago Heights. Illinois Phi Delta Phi. Cecile Ray Porter A.B. Muskegon, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Junior Girls ' Play; Zeta Phi Eta; Comedy dub; Play Pro- duction; League Bazaar. Warren Keifer Porter B.S. in Ch.E. Phi Kappa Tau; A. I. Ch, E. Herman Custave Portman. Jr. B.S. in Aero. Eng. Amherst, Ohio Page Three Hundred Three Illl IflMII! nil CIIIHIII Illl QE IIINIII M IHI A WINIII William Andrew Post M.B.A. Detroit, Michigan Phi Mu Delta. Harold Vinton Potter LL.B. Buffalo, New York Psi Upsilon; Lawyers Club; Delta Sigma Rho (2) (3) (4); Barristers; Court of Iniquity (3); Pres., Senior Class (3). John Donald Pound M.B.A. Indiana, Pennsylvania Alpha Chi Rho. Horace Keith Powers Nashville, Michigan Delta Chi. A.B. Joseph A. Powers LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Mayola Margarite Powers Evanston, Illinois A.B. Ruth Audrey Pray Ypsilanti, Michigan Martha Cook. A.B. Harry Steele Price, Jr. B.S. in C.E. Dayton, Ohio Delta Phi; Gargoyle. Paul Friend Price D.D.S. Morgantown, West Virginia Delta Sigma Delta. Richard Carleton Prickett A.B. Marion, Indiana Phi Gamma Delta; Daily (3); Press Club (4); Socialist Club (4). Lucile Fay Priest A.B. in Ed. Romeo, Michigan Mosher Hall; Zeta Phi Eta (3) (4). Irene S. Prosniak B.M. Flint, Michigan Martha Cook; University Symphony Orchestra; Choral Union. William Racine Purmort, Jr. M.D. Saginaw, Michigan Marion Irene Quarton A.B. Birmingham, Michigan Martha Cook. Shcr Mohamed Quraishi A.B. Highland Park, Michigan Melvin Harold Rabe A.B. Saginaw, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda; Judiciary Comm. of Interfrat. Council; Exec. Council. Michigan Union; Chrmn. Class- day Comm. (4). Page Three Hundred Four III! W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHin III! flGii A IIINIII (flE IIINIII 3K Illl A UINIII Sidney Ralph Raike A.B. Chicago, Illinois Phi Beta Delta; Sigma Alpha Psi; Frosh Frolic Comm. ; Swimming Team (2) (3) (4). Eleanor Brown Rairdon A.I. Toledo. Ohio Helen Xewberry; Michigan Daily (2) (3); Summer Daily. Women ' s Editor (3); Athena (2) (3) (4); Pegasus (3), Sec ' y (4). Emily Chapman Randall B.M. Brunswick, Maine " Delta Delta Delta; Mu Phi Epsilon (3); Pres. (4); Class Vice-Pres. (2); Gift Club (2) (3) (4); Univ. Sym- phony (1) (2) (3) (4); Junior Girls ' Play. Harvey M. Rasmussen A.B. Manistee. Michigan Michigamua; ' M ' Mgr ' s Club; Basket- ball Mgr. ; Athletic Bd. of Directors. Raymond Rasmussen B.S. in Ed. Grand Rapids. Michigan Tau Kappa Epsilon. Anna Mayhew Rarliff A.B. Winchester, Kentucky Alpha Xi Delta; Michiganensian. Lloyd Chancey Raymond A.B. Jackson, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi. W- ! Norman Ross Reamer A.B. Batavia, New York Fencing (4); Chess and Checker Club. Dean N. Reason A.B. Pinckney. Michigan Tbeta Xi. John Henry Redding, Jr. B.S. in C.E. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada Delta Siema Phi; Sigma Delta Psi; Transportation Club; A. S. C. E. Arthur Redfield A.B. Omaha, Nebraska Clyde L. Reed A.B. Battle Creek, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi. Margaret Emily Reed A.B. in Ed. Jackson. Michigan Martha Cook: Glee Club; Choral Union; Junior Girls ' Play. Anne D. Reek A.B. Ludington, Michigan Kappa Delta; A. C. A. C. V. Com- mittee (3); League Bazaar Committee (2). Alton F. Reeves A.B. Atkins, Michigan Ellen Howell Reeves A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis; Junior Girls ' Play. Page Three Hundred, Five 1111 W. IIIMIfl lill CHIHIII (III (ODiii A V IIINIII (BE IIINIII m Illl A IIINIII Charles James Reichenbach M.D. Sandusky, Ohio Theta Kappa Psi. Albert E. Reif B.F. Mi lwaukee, Wisconsin Les Voyageurs; Wrestling; Class Prcs. (4). John Donald Reindcl A.B. Detroit, Michigan Chi Psi; Druids; Sphinx; Sigma Delta Chi; Mich. Daily (1) (2); Night Editor (3); Tennis (2) (3) (4); Bd. in Control of Student Publications. Leah E. Reisbig A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alumnae House; Bd. of Representa- tives. Albert Henry Reisig Monroe, Michigan Phi Beta Pi; Victor Vaughan. M.D. Edwin James Rcnnell M.D. Manistee, Michigan Alpha Kappa Kappa. Dorren Leander Rentier LL.B. Sugarcreek, Ohio Lawyers Club; Barristers; Bd. of Governors, Law Club; Crease Comm. Donald James Renwick B.S. in M.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Kappa Delta Rho; Tau Beta Pi. Floyd Mathew Rett J.D. Peru, Illinois Tau Kappa Epsilon; Lawyers Club. Marian Cecelia Rcxcr R.N. Bay City, Michigan Couzens Hall. Helen C. Reynolds A.B. Toledo, Ohio Adelia Cheever. M. Phyllis Reynolds B.S. in Dec. Design Alpena, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Soph. Cabaret; Junior Girls ' Play Comm. Page Three Hundred Six " V- Merrill Kenneth Reynolds M.B.A. Ann Arbor, Michigan Varro Harmon Rhodes J.D. Auburn, Nebraska Lawyers Club; Phi Delta Phi; Presi- dent. Lawyers Club. John Wesley Rice M.D. Jackson, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Galens; Victor Vaughan. Philip Earl Rice M.D. Phoenix, Arizona Theta Kappa Psi. mi w. iiiMin un cniHin A IIINIII QE IIINIII MINIII Winchester Herbert Richard B.M. Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Epsilon Mu: Class Pres. (2); Orchestra (1) (2) (3) 4); Band Mgr. (1) (2) U) (4); Michigan Union Opera (2); Glee Club Edward Lockwood Richards Grand Rapids. Michigan Alpha Delta Phi. Pauline Marion Richards A.B. in Ed. I : : : : : : . ' . ' : r . Kappa Kappa i a II Arthur Lee Richardson M.D. Detroit. Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Rbo Sigma. Beryl Maxine Richardson Detroit, Michigan Delta Delta Delta. A.B. Dale Leroy Richardson B.S. in M.E. Highland Park, Michigan A. S. M. E. Cayle Elwin Richardson A.B. Detroit, Michigan Adelphi (3) (4); Sigma Delta P : Boxing (1). f ' Ted Rickard A.B. Oak Park, Illinois Phi Kappa Phi. Cirard Parrish Ricketts A.B. Covington, Kentucky Phi Kappa Tau; Football (1); Basketball (1) (2) (3) (4). Frederick Riebel, III A.B. Toledo, Ohio Phi Gamma Delta. Earl E. Rinck B S. in C E. ,.::---;.:--:. : . Triangle: A. S. C E.; Craftsmen Club (3) (4); Glider Club (2) (3). Jennette Ashley Ripley A.B. in Ed. Wayne, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta; Mummers. Bert Holmes Roberts D.D.S. S: .. _. :- ' . ' :- c:- Delta Sigma Phi; Delta Sigma Delta; Cbnnn. l tite ' 11 " 1 " Comm. (2). Millard Smith Roberts A.B. Schoolcraft. Michigan Roy H. Roberts DOS. Maple Rapids, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. Alexander David Robertson Alliance, Ohio Chi Phi. M.D. Page Three Hundred Seven till W. IIIMIII III! CIIIHIII Illl ffliii A IIINIII C IIINIII fcv IIINIII James B. Robertson B.S. in Naval Arch. Palos Park, Illinois Quarterdeck (3) (4). ' Virginia Elizabeth Robertson A.B. Romeo, Michigan Helen Newberry; Sigma Eta Chi. Catherine Bradford Robinson B.S. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Gamma; Junior Girls ' Play; Phys. Ed. Club.; W. A. A. Marion Jean Robinson A.B. Detroit, Michigan Betsy Barbour. Thomas Florenz Robinson D.D.S. Highland Park, Michigan Psi Omega; Omicron Kappa Upsilon; Phi Kappa Phi; Class Treas. (4). Eleanor Ruth Robson A.B. Charleston, West Virginia Gamma Phi Beta. Jose Luis Rodrigues B.S. in M.E. Mayaguez, Porto Rico A. S. M. E. Paul Angus Roesner B.S. in M.E. Detroit, Michigan Acacia; A. S. M. E.; Republican Club. William A. C. Roethke LL.B. Saginaw, Michigan Lawyers Club. Julia Winnifred Rogers A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Eta Sigma Phi. Royden Harrison Rogers B.S. in Naval Arch. Marine Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan Quarterdeck (3), Vice-Commodore (4); Track (1). Warren William Rogers B.S. in Aero. Mcch. Eng. Saginaw, Michigan A. S. M. E. Ralph Arthur Rohrbach LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Phi Epsilon; Lawyers ' Club; N-44. Frank Albert Ronan B.S. in Transp.E. Highland Park, Michigan Phi Kappa Tau; Band (1); Aero. Club (1); Transportation (1). H. Corbyn Rooks B.S. in M.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Alpha Kappa. . Vernon Roosevelt Highland Park, Michigan Page Three Hundred, Eight Ill) W. IIIMIII Illl C IIIHIII III! IIINIII 1E IIINIII Illl A , HINIII Winifred Victoria Root A.B. Brooklyn, New York Pi Bta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta, Treas.; Phi Kappa Phi; II Circolo Italiano (Pres.); Junior Girls ' Play; Dance Comm. ; Pan-Hellenic (Treas.); Soph. Cabaret; Glider Section. Marion Gwendolyn Rose A.B. Port Huron, Michigan Francis Frazier Rosenbaum Kalamazoo, MichigaYi Tau Delta Phi. A.B. Ben Rosenberg Chicago, Illinois Pi Lambda Phi. A.B. Chester Cordon Rosengren LL.B. Fergus Falls, Minnesota Alpha Delta Phi; Phi Delta Phi. Ceorge Arthur Rosin D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Michigan Daily (1). Harold B. Ross A.B. Chicago, Illinois Sigma Chi; Druids; Order of the Blue Key; Ass ' t. Baseball Mgr. (J)- Gymnastics Mgr. (3); Managers ' ' M ; Emil Max Roth M.O. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Chi. John Lawrence Rottschafer M.D. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Alpha Kappa; Galens. Victor Alexander Roudoy B.S. in C.E. Detroit, Michigan Beta Theta Pi. Marjorie Emery Rough A.B. Detroit, Michigan Gir P ls- B play. Phi; MiCh ' DaUy ): JUnior Scth Earl Rowdahaugh LL.B. Syracuse, Indiana Robert Edgar Rowe B.S. in Pharm. Lake Linden, Michigan Phi Mu Delta; Class Treas. (4) Interfrat. Council. ' Elizabeth Rowley Romeo, Michigan Michiganensian. A.B. E. Albert Royer A.B. Northampton, Pennsylvania Phi Kappa Tau. Carlisle Fredrick Rueger D.D.S. Ann Arbor, Michigan Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Delta; Chrmn.. Publicity Comm. (4); Varsity Band (2) (3) (4). Page Three HnitJreJ Nh.c (Ill W. IIIMIII ilil CIIIHill Illl OE I1INIII m Illl x 1IINIII Charles Baker Ruegnitz A.B. Denver, Colorado Choral Union (2) (3) (4); Univer- sity Men ' s Glee Club (3) (4). Myrtle B. Rufus Norway, Michigan A.B. Carroll Dwayne Rumsey A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan v Nevin Harbaugh Rupp M.D. Lancaster, Pennsylvania Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Chi; Drpids. Edwin Fortune Russell B.S. in Ch.E. Rochester, New York Phi Sigma Kappa; Triangles; Michi- gamua; Tau Beta Pi; Eng. Honor So- ciety; Track (2) (3) 4); Class Pres. (3). Joseph F. Ruwitch A.B. Highland Park, Illinois Zeta Beta Tau; Daily (1) (2); Swim- ming (1). Dorothy Ryan B.S. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Edmond Colbert Ryan A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Delta Phi; Sphinx; Michi- gamua; Gargoyle (1) (2); Tennis (2) (3) (4), Capt. (4). Kenneth J. Ryan Flint, Michigan Xi Psi Phi. D.D.S. Edward Joseph Ryan LL.B. Marshall, Michigan Phi Alpha Delta; Michigan Daily (1J; Band (1) (2) (3). Hans Emanuel Sahlin B.S. in Arch. Fruitport, Michigan Class Sec ' y. (4). Helen M. Sailors A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Zeta Phi Eta. Fumiko Saisho Tokyo, Japan Betsy Barbour. A.B. William Edward Sanborn, Jr. D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Swimming (1). Lois Jane Sandier A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta; Bd. of Gover- nors, Women ' s League (3) (4), Vice- Pres. (4) ; Pan-Hellenic Rushing Sec ' y. (4); League Bd. of Directors (3) (4); Soph. Cabaret, Dance Chrmn. Junior Girls ' Play. Charles Anson Sanford . A.B. Canton, Ohio Alpha Tau Omega; Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) (4); Intramural Sports Ed. (4) ; Intramural Comm. (3). Page Three Hundred Ten Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIH III! (DCIii A IIINIII flE HINIII Illl x 1IINIII William Sanzenbacher B.S. in C.E. Toledo, Ohio Beta Sigma Psi; A. S. C. E. Milton Jerome Sapersfein B.S. in Arch. Detroit. Michigan Architectural Society ; Studio Art Club. fcl George Ernest Sarkozy B.S. in Ed. Dearborn, Michigan Phi Epsflon Kappa; Sigma Delta Psi. Kikue Sato Tokio, japan A.B. John Jay Sauchuck A.B. Lakewood, Ohio Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Sphinx: Michi- ; Football Mgr.; Pros. ' XT Mgr ' s Hazel Marion Saul A.B. Park Ridge, Illinois Sigma Kappa; Junior Girls ' Play. Neil S. Savage B.S in For. Detroit, Michigan Elmer Peter Saver M.D. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Alpha Kappa Kappa; Craftsmen Clnb. Alfred Jason Sawyer B.S. hi M.E. Casport. New York A. S. M. E. Mary Adele Schaefer A .B. Saginaw, Michigan Chi Omega. Elizabeth Mae Schaible " ' _ . ' - s. ;. Rose Schick A.B. in Ed. Scranton, Pennsylvania Edna Esther Schiller A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan William Edward Schiller A B. Ctenwillard. Pennsylvania Phi Eta Sigma. Noble Melvin Schmdlcr D.D.S. Detroit. Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. Arthur Henry Schlanderer M.BJL Arm Arbor. Michigan Phi Mu Alpha; Hockey (2) (3) (4). Page Three Hundred Eleven Illl IIIMIII till CIHHIH Ilil (CAIIINIII QE IIINII1 llll x 1IINIII Alice Melanie Schleh A.B. Saline, Michigan Alpha Gamma Delta; Zeta Phi Eta. Walter Karl Schmidt, Jr. LL.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta; Pres. Barristers. Clarence A. Schoen B.S. in D.D. New Albany, Indiana Phi Sigma Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Band (1) (2) (3). Leonard Herman Schoenherr A.B. Ludington, Michigan Phi Beta Pi. Albert Louis Schradzki A.B. Peoria, Illinois Kappa Nu. Henry L. Schram LL.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Lawyers ' Club. Arthur John Schuck Detroit, Michigan Lawyers ' Club; Law Review. I.D. Earl Edmond Schuck A.B. Port Huron, Michigan Gertrude Schuler Lake Odessa, Michigan Couzens Hall. R.N. Floyd V. Schultz B.S. in E.E. Petersburg, Michigan Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Honor Council (4) ; Univ. Symphony Orchestra 1) (2) (3); A. I. E. E. Grace Lucile Schulz A.B. in Ed. Adrian, Michigan Martha Cook; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Carl Herbert Schwartz, Jr. A.B. Fort Wayne, Indiana Tau Kappa Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Political Science Jour- nal Club. M. Winthrop Scofield M.B.A. Jackson, Michigan Alpha Kappa Psi; Scabbard and Blade; Ass ' t Mgr. Baseball (4); Treas. Bus. Ad. (4). 1 9 Martha Ellen Scott A.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Gamma; Zeta Phi Eta; Comedy Club; University Girls ' Glee Club. Louis Guiss Scovill A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Epsilon Mu; A. E. M.; Band (1) (2) (3) (4), Vice-Pres. (3). Walter Sczudlo J.D. Chicago, Illinois Scabbard and Blade; Inlander; Rifle Team (1) (2). Page Three Hundred Twelve Illl W. iiiMiii mi CIIIHIII 1111 IIINIH , niNiu = Fuller Dwight Searles B.S. in Trans. Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan A. E. M.; A. S. C. E.; Band (3) (4). Clayton B. Sears Medina, Ohio Lambda Chi Alpha. A B. Roberta McLaren Seaton R.N. Flint, Michigan Couzens Hall. Henry Sibley Sedgwick B.S. in Ch.E. Chicago, Illinois Zeta Psi: Triangles (3): A. I. Ch. E.; Frosh Football: Soph. Prom Comm.; Mimes Revue (3) (4). Hortcnsc Eda Scibcl A.B. New Albany, Indiana Martha Cook; Black Quill. Paul Wiedenmann Seippel M.B.A. Buffalo, New York Scalp and Blade. Milton Charles Sclzcr A.B. Spring Valley, New York Jack Stilwell Semple B.S. in Arch. Ann Arbor, Michigan Minnie Anna Seng A.B. Muskegon Hts., Michigan Felker House; Kappa Phi; Michigan Daily (4). Clyde Francis Severance B.M. Lansing, Michigan University Symphony Orchestra. Margaret Elizabeth Seybold A.B. Jackson, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta ; Alpha Lambda Delta. Harry Frederick Shaefer, Jr. A.B. Ypsilanti, Michigan Delta Upsilon; Mich. Daily, Bus. Staff (2). Alex John Shaw B.S. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Trigon; Phy. Ed. Club; Basketball (3) (4); Sec.-Treas. Phy. Ed. Club. Everett Raymond Shaw A.B. Detroit, Michigan James Hill Shelton A.B. Washington, D. C. Phi Kappa Tau; Cross Country (1); Cross-Country Mgr. (4) ; Vice-Pres. Alpha Nu (4). Walter Frederick Shephead M.D. Detroit, Michigan Page Three Hundred Thirteen Illl ? IIIMIII I! CHIHIII 1111 (ODiii A V IIINIII C IIINIIl Illl xSUIINIII Walter Clarke Shepley B.S. in ME. Detroit, Michigan Phi Sigma Kappa. Joseph Lumlcy Sherk A.B. Midland, Michigan Sigma Pi. Page Three Hundred Fourteen David Sibley Shetter Lakewood, Ohio Sigma Alpha Epsilon. B.S. Mary Fitzpatrick Shields A.B. Fort Wayne, Indiana Collegiate Sorosis; Junior Girls ' Play. James Kennedy Shierson Adrian, Michigan Alpha Delta Phi. A.B. Myrle Donovan Shilling M.D. Navarre, Ohio Theta Kappa Psi. Albert Morgan Shrader M.D. Waverly, Ohio Theta Kappa Psi. Barbara Dorothea Shuker B.S. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta; Sec ' y., Athena (3), Vice-Pres. (4). Richard Finley Shumar B.S. in E .E. Imlay City, Michigan Ruth Whittaker Sias A.B. Midland, Michigan Adelia Cheever House. Frederick Chase Sibley Ionia, Michigan Chi Phi. A.B. Hobart Skidmore Detroit, Michigan Lillian Siegel Detroit, Michigan Le Cercle Francais. A.B. George H. Siersma D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Xi Psi Phi; Class Pres. (3). lay Harold Sikkenga A.B. Muskegon Heights, Michigan Pi Kappa Alpha; Sphinx, Druids (Pres.) (4); Frosh Frolic; Soph. Prom; Senior Ball Comm. ; Football (2) (3) (4); Class Pres. (3). Albert ]. Silber LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Tau Epsilon Rho; Michigan Law Re- illl W. IIIM1II HU CIIIHIII 111! GAfeWC IIINIII , UINIII Gertrude A.onne Simancek A B in Ed. Detroit. Michigan Le Cerclc Francais; Women ' s Ed. Club. Oscar Robert SMKM LL.B. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Lawyers Club; Pi Lambda Phi; Crease Dance Comm.; Band (3). Paul Dassel Simpson B.M. Evansville, Indiana Alpha Epsilon Mn; Varsity Band: University Symph. Orch.; Choral Union. Vivian Elizabeth Sims Chicago, Illinois A.B. Florence Sisson Detroit. Michigan R.N. Katharine Fletcher Sirton A.B. Somerset, Kentucky Pi Beta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board; Wyvern; Michiganensian Bus. Staff (2) (3); Chiron. Music Committee, Junior Girls Plav. Max Skolnick M.D. Detroit, Michigan Phi Lambda Kappa; Phi Sigma Eta. Robert Pearso South Bend. Indiana Lawyers Club. LLB. Celine Phillips Smith A.B. in Ed. Upper Montdair, New Jersey Rifle Team (3) (4). Edward M. Smith B.S. in M.E. Grand Rapids. Michigan Elizabeth Ann Smith :-::: " Alpha Phi. A.B. Eugene Phelps Smith Pontiac. Michigan Sigma Phi. A.B. Gardner T. Smith A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Sigma Chi; Alpha Epsilon Mu: Glee Club (2) (3) (4); Comedy Club; Choral Union (2) (3). Gayle Smith Toledo, Ohio A.B. Harry Francis Smith LL.B. Arm Arbor, Michigan Pi Kappa Phi; Pi Kappa Delta; Alpha Herbert Smith Brooklyn, New York D.D.S. Page Three Hundred Fifteen Illl W. 1IIMIII Illl CIIIHHI Illl CGJS A IIINIII C IIINIII HtNIII Ivan C. Smith B.S. in Ed. Toledo, Ohio Delta Tau Delta; Michigamua; Sphinx; Sigma Delta Psi; Football (1) (2) (3); Swimming (2) (3) (4); Pres. Phy. Ed. Club. Marjorie Mary Smith A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Martha Cook. Milton F. Smith A.B. Detroit, Michigan Lambda Chi Alpha. N. Doris Smith A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Ralph 0. Smoot B.S. in Forestry Ailingdale, West Virginia Alpha Tau Omega; Class Treas. (4); Forestry Club. Geraldine Cordelia Snelling B.M. Fowler, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Delta Omicron; Choral Union; Music Comm., Junior Girls ' Play. Paul Arthur Snowman B.S. in Ch.E. Lapeer, Michigan Leon Romaine Snyder, Jr. Battle Creek, Michigan Alpha Rho Chi: Architectural Society; Sketch Club; Men ' s Glee Club (3). R. Franklin Snyder D.D.S. Lansing, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. Robert Irving Snyder B.S. in M.E. Detroit, Michigan Lambda Chi Alpha; A. S. M. E. Robert Kemper Snyder Chicago, Illinois Delta Tau Delta. A.B. Abraham Robert Sohn LL.B. Hartford, Connecticut Arthur Solomon Elmira, New York Phi Lambda Kappa. M.D. Charles H. Sommcr, jr. B.S. in Ch.E. St. Louis, Missouri Delta Kappa Epsilon. Orrin LaVerne Soper D.D.S. Flint, Michigan Psi Omega; Secretary, Class (3). Norman B. Sorter |.D. Kansas City, Kansas Alpha Tau Omega; Lawyers Club; Michigan Law Review. Page Three Hundred Sixteen IDi IIIMIII III! CHIHUI IUI flOIi; A HIN1I! 1E IIINIII m llll HINIII Anna Lyle Spain A.B. Detroit. Michigan Pi Beta Phi; Junior Girls ' Play, Fi- nance Comm. jack Lewis Spencer B.S. in M.E. Orchard Park, New York Phi Gamma Delta; Triangles; Vul- cans; Michigan Technic Staff (2) (3); Bus. Mgr. (4); T-Hop Comm. (3); Slide Rule Dance Comm. (2) (3). Frances Louise Sperry Aurora, Illinois Martha Cook. A.B. Ford Wright Spikerman A.B Detroit, Michigan Kappa Tau Alpha; Kappa Phi Sigma. Burdell L. Springer B.S. in Aero. r . Michigan Eugene Willis Springer A B. Pontiac, Michigan Charles R. Sprowl A.B. Lansing. Michigan Alpha Chi Rbo; Michigan Daily (2) (3); Ass ' t Xcws Editor and Night Edi- tor (3); Varsity Band (1). Carl Cusfav Staelin B.S. in M.E. Larchmont, New York Chi Psi: Swimming (1) (2) (3) (4); Cercle Francais. W. Wilhelmina Stanton R.N. Mendon, Micr . Conzens Hall. Kenneth Eugene Stecker B.S. in E.E. Detroit, Michigan U. M. Radio Oub (3), Vice-Pres. (4). Meryle Eilene Steele Muskegon, Mi: A.B. Myrna Kathleen Steele Muskegon, Michigan A.B. Orrie W. Stehouwer D.D.S. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Alpha Kappa. Bernard W. Stein Detroit, Michigan A.B. Helen Catherine Stein Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. Wilfred A. Steiner LL.B. Crosse Pointe. Michigan Lawyers Club; Chairman, Crease Dance Committee. Page Three Hundred. Seventeen nn w. IIIMIIMIII CIIIHIII till (DCiHA IIINIII C IIINIII till A 1IINIII Sylvester Joseph Stcpnoski B.S. in Arch. Fond du Lac. Wisconsin Alpha Rho Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Class Sec. (2); Class Treas. (3). Webster Sterling LL.B. Benton Harbor, Michigan Delta Upsilon; Phi Delta Phi. Elizabeth Bettman Stern Montgomery, Alabama Alpha Epsilon Phi. M.D. Henry Stevens D.D.S. Fremont, Michigan Phi Alpha Kappa. Louis Reginald Stipe Ann Arbor, Michigan Beta Theta Pi. A.B. Dorothy Stirling A.B. Erie, Pennsylvania Kappa Kappa Gamma; Glee Club (3); Choral Union (4) ; Board of Repre- sentatives (3). Malcolm Roderick Stirton B.S. in Arch. Detroit, Michigan Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Sigma Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Arch. Society (1) (2) (3) (4); Studio Club (4); Class Pres. (4). Benjamin Wiley Stockwell M.D. Detroit, Michigan Nu Sigma Nu. Clifford Paul Stoddard B.S. in C.E. Leonard, Michigan Triangle; Triangles; Wrestling (3). Orville William Stone M.B.A. Detroit, Michigan Phi Delta Chi. Donald Edward Strater A.B. Toledo, Ohio Phi Kappa Sigma; Michigan Daily William Chester Stratton B.S. in Arch. Grosse Pointe, Michigan Harvey George Straub LL.B. Toledo, Ohio Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Delta Phi; Football; Baseball. Caylord LaVerne Strehl B.S. in Aero. M.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Sigma Rho Tau; A. S. M. E. Harold Eugene Strieker M.D. Bucyrus, Ohio Tau Kappa Epsilon; Phi Beta Pi. Ivan Charles Stringer A.B. Bay City, Michigan Page Three Hundred Eighteen lill ? . IIIMIII III CIIIH1H Illl C IIINIII m Illl x 1IINNI Donna Marguerite Strough Muskegon. Michigan A.B. Oliver Perry Stufflebeam B S. in Arch. Mannette, Wisconsin Clarence Ray Suffron. Jr. !_; ' . ' . L: Delta ChL A.B. Hyman Saul Sugar Detroit, Michigan Phi Lambda Kappa. A.B. Hadie Supe A.B. Sault Ste Marie. Michigan Betsy Barbour House; Senior Society. Arthur Samuel Superko A.B. in Ed. Nanticoke, Pennsylvania Druids; ' M ' Club; Baseball (2) (3) (4). George Valentine Surf in B.S in M.E. I ::-;::: ' . " : :: Tan Kappa EpsOon; A. S. M. E. (4). Mahlon Robert Sutton Jr. Flint, Michigan Chi Phi. A.B. Sarah Lucile Swain A.B. Martha Cook; Junior Girls ' Play ' . . " . r Sydney Swan B.S. in Naval Arch. Marine Eng. relphia. Pennsylvania Quarterdeck (3) (4). Charles Cordon Sweet B.S. in Arch. -ac. Michigan Architectural Societv; Gargoyle (3); Michiganensian (4); Glee Club (1); Union Opera ( 1 ) . Helenmary Sweet A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Theta Phi Alpha. Lawrence K. Sweet B.S. in M.E. - . Delta Upsflon. Martha Naber Swithart A.B. Soutti Whitley, Indiana Alpha Chi Omega; Le Cercle Fran- rais; League Bazaar Comm. ; Soph, tab- aret: Junior Girls ' Play Comm. Mary Katharine Symns A.B. Emil Seessel Tamm B.S. in E E. Memphis. Tennessee Zeta Beta Tau; A. I. E. E. Page Three Hundred Nineteen till W. IIIMIll ll!l CHIHIU III! (DGIii A V II1N1II QE IIINIH III! A 1IINIII David Rcitlcr Tashjian B.S. in Eng. Physics Kalamazoo, Michigan Alfred Elstob Taylor B.S. in M.E. Oak Park, Illinois Phi Kappa Tau: Phi Eta Sigma; Band (2); A. S. M. E. Florence Eleanor Taylor A.B. Winnetka, Illinois Collegiate Sorosis. Ivan B. Taylor M.D. Jackson, Michigan Dorothy Frances Tefft A.B. McBain, Michigan Pi Beta Phi. Stanley Lloyd Teitelman A.B. Chicago, Illinois Pi Lambda Phi; Mimes Revue (3); Union Dance Committee (2). Mary Elizabeth Terry A.B. Rochester, Minnesota Delta Gamma; Choral Union, Univ. Girls ' Glee Club. ] Jeannette Dellafield Thai A.B. Lakota, North Dakota Alpha Epsilon Phi. Ellen Katherine Theurer A.B. in L.S. Ann Arbor, Michigan Daniel Robert Thomas A.B. Kansas City, Missouri Delta Upsilon; Kappa Phi Sigma. Charlotte Anne Thompson A.B. in L.S. Tampa, Florida Martha Cook. Esther Kirk Thompson Detroit, Michigan A.B. Hubert Thompson LL.B. Carrier Mills, Illinois Margaret Mary Thompson A.B. Detroit, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis; Mortar Board; Wy- vern; Eta Sigma Phi; Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3); Women ' s Editor (4); Frosh Pageant Comm.; Soph. Cabaret Comm.; Junior Girls ' Play; Women ' s League Bazaar Comm. (3); Pan-Hellenic Ball Comm. (3); Bd. of Directors of League (4). Viggo J. Tomsen St. Ignace, Michigan A.B. Interpretive Arts Society; Radio Club. Roger Clifton Thorpe Jackson, Michigan A.B. Sigma Chi; Daily (1) (2); Track (1). Page Three Hundred Twenty Illl W. IIIMIII HII CIIIHIM Illl CGi MII C INI 3K (IN A UINIU Lydia Eliiabeth Til A.B. in Ed. Detroit. Michigan Sigma Eta Chi; Trash Pageant: Soph. Cabaret: Detacher Zirkel, Treas. Josephine Timberlake A.I. Jackson, Michigan Delta Gamma: Zeta Phi Eta: Wyvern: Lrarue Bd. of Reps. (4); Sec. (4): Univ. Girls ' Glee Club (2) (3) (4); Yice-Pres. (3); Comedv Club (3. Sec. (4); Bd. Directors, Women ' s League (4); Pan.Hellenic (3). Pres. (41: Junior Girls ' Play. Gladys Lynn Timpson B.S. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Martha Cook; Senior Society; Hockey (3) (4); Basketball (3) (4); Baseball (3) (4); Phy. Ed. Club. William Bruce Tippy B.S. in E.E. Jackson, Michigan Tbeta Delta Chi: Phi Beta Kappa: Mimes (3) (4). Richard Earl Tisch Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi. A.B. John Wade Titus B S in C E a!amazoo, Michigan Tbeta Kappa Xu. Richard Lardncr Tobin A.B. Niles, Michigan Delta Phi; Sphinx (3); Michigamna (4); Sicma Delta Chi; Student Council 4); Mich. Daily (1) (2), Xight Edi- tor (3); Managing Editor (4); Gar- goyle; Chairman of Swingoot (4 ; Senate Conun. on Student Affairs (4). Florene Helen Todd A B. in Ed. Oneonta. New York Mildred Todd A.B. Wayne Carlton Toland A.B. Grand Rapids. Michigan Delta Sigma Pi; Chnrm. Auditing Comm. (4): Mimes (3); Comedy Club J Austin E. Tomlinson B.S. in E.E. Detroit. Michigan A. I. E. E. John A. Tompkins A.B. in Ed. Royal Oak, Michigan Sigma Chi: Michigamua: (M) Club; Baseball (2) (3) (4); Capt. (3 : Hockey (2 1 (3i: Capt. (4): Board in Control of Athletics; Student Council. Kamil Naooin Tooni A.B. Barrah, Iraq Arab Student Union (3) (4); Cos- mopolitan Club; Pi Kappa Delta. Dorothea May Torbeson B.M. Cadillac, Michigan Alpha Gamma Delta; Junior Girls ' Play: Frosh Pageant; Soph. Cabaret; Choral Union (1) (2 1 (3) (41; Frosh Glee Club; Univ. Girls ' Glee Club (2) (3) (4). Emma Frances Townsend Ann Arbor, Michigan Helen Caroline Townsend B.S. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Hockey (3) (4); Baietball (3 1 (4); Vioe-Pres. Phy. Ed. Club: Intra- mural Mgr. V. A. A.; Junior Girls ' Play. Page Three HunJreJ Twenty-One ? -= HIMIIl Illl CHIHIII III! flGiii A IIINUI C IIINIII m Illl A 1IINIII Horace E. Townsend A.B. Toledo, Ohio Delta Chi; Scabbard and Blade (3) (4). Kenneth Lee Townsend B.S. in E.E. Detroit, Michigan Theta Chi. Robert Duncan Townsend A.B. Toledo, Ohio Chi Phi; Ass ' t Sport Editor, Daily (3); Daily Sports Ed. (2); Intramural Publicity Mgr. (3); Boxing Mgr. (3). Robertson C. Townsend A.B. Algonac, Michigan Theta Chi. Harry Travers A.B. Middletown, New York Baseball (1) (3) (4). August George Trometer B.S. in M.E. Buffalo, New York Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; A. S. M. E.; Treas. Scalp and Blade (3) (4); Boxing (2) (3) (4). Russell William Troutman B.M. Wyandotte, Michigan Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Band (4); Orchestra (2) (3) (4); Union Opera (2). Sylvestre W. Trythall M.D. Owosso, Michigan William Edward Tschumy B.S. in Arch. Fremont, Ohio Alpha Rho Chi. Arthur D. Tucker B.S. in C.E. Wyandotte, Michigan A. S. C. E. Frank ). Turner M.B.A. Caro, Michigan Alpha Kappa Psi. Katherine Leigh Turner A.B. Battle Creek, Michigan Alpha Phi. Leonard Nicholas Twomcy A.B. Monmouth, Illinois James Ellis Tym A.B. Paris, Illinois Mary Helen Tyre A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta; Michiganensian. Alice C. Uhlmann A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega. Page Three Hundred Twenty-Two III! W. IIIMIII IIU 4OIHII Illl (UGTu x UINII! QE 1IIN1II m Illl x HINIII Thurston Eugene Ulrich M.B.A. Cleveland, Ohio Hermitage: Michigan Daily (2); Foot- ball (1); Wrestling (1); Track (1). Clare Elenor Unger A.B. Birmingham. Michigan Mich. Daily Bos. Staff (4); Student Press Club (4). Marion Alberta Uren A.B. in Ed. Calumet, Michigan Kappa Phi. Elizabeth Whitehead Utter Birmingham, Michigan Kappa Alpha Tbeta. A.B. Doris Carolyn Valk A B. in Ed. Muskegon, Michigan Luis Valverde B.S. in Arch. _: -:-: : . ; Kathryn W. Van Aren A.B. Plymouth, Michigan Chi Omega. Lee C. Van Blargan Lima, Ohio Lawyers Club: Pi Kappa Delta. LL.B. Edwin Everett Van deaf M.B A. Ann Arbor, Michigan Theta Kappa Xu; Swimming (1). Alyce Winifred Vanden Boogert A.B. East Grand Rapids. Michigan Martha Cook: Cerde Francais (4): Choral Union (4); Women ' s Ed. Club (4). Lawrence J. Vanderberg B.S. in E.E Kappa Delta Rho; A. I. . . Hope van Landegend A.B. - : ; " : ' . : - g a - Martha Cook; Eta Sigma Phi; Choral Union (J) (4). Jacob Van Loo M.D. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Alpha Kappa. Helen Mary Van Loon B.M. Highland Park, Michigan Delta Gamma: Mu Phi Epsilon: Music Comm. Junior Girls ' Play and Cast; Univ. Girls Glee Club (3) (4); Choral Union (3) (4). Joseph Edwards Van Riper A.B. Champion, Michigan Sigma Zeta; Michigan Daily (2); Band (1). Gerald L. Van Wesep LL.B. Grand Rapids. Michigan Lawyers dnb; Coif, Law Review. Page Three HunJreJ Twenty-Three Illl 7 HIMIII l!!l CIIIHIH HI! C IIINIII till A HINill Herbert Earle Varnum LL.B. Titusville, Pennsylvania Lawyers Club. Herbert Edward Vaughan B.S. in C.E. Ogdensburg, New York Phi Eta Sigma; Pres. Junior Math. Society (4). Marion Westervelt Vaughn A.B. South Bend, Indiana Martha Cook; University Girls ' Glee Club (3) (4). Max L. Veech LL.B. Stronghurst, Illinois Alpha Kappa Lambda; Sigma Delta Kappa; Michigan Law Review (5) (6). Ame Vennema B.S. in C. S. Eng. Menominee, Michigan Triangle; Scabbard and Blade (3); Tau Beta Pi (4); A. S. C. E. Dale George Voelker B.S. in C.E. Jackson, Michigan Fremont Compton Voss Jackson, Michigan Alpha Nu. A.B. Katherine H. Waara A.B. Hancock, Michigan Alpha Omicron Pi; Junior Girls ' Play Committee. Alonzo Crittenden Waite D.D.S. Manistee, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. Frances Caroline Walker A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Eta Sigma Phi; Le Cercle Francais. Page Three Hundred. Twenty-Four ' Eleanor M. Walkinshaw A.B. Battle Creek, Michigan Pi Beta Phi; Mummers (1) (2); Frosh Pageant; Soph. Cabaret; Junior Girls ' Play. Helen F. Walornan A.B. New York, New York Phi Sigma Sigma. Royal Wilson Walters M.D. Battle Creek, Michigan Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa. Willard Wade Ward A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Ernest H. Watson M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Virginia Watson A.B. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Kappa Alpha Theta. till W. UIMIII Illl CIIIH1B 1111 flDS A IIINII1 C IIINIII llll A MINIII Erie Fegan Weber A.B. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Alpha Chi Oman; Delta Omicron (Pre .) Frosh Pageant; Freshman Girls ' Glee 6ub; Univ. Girls ' Glee Club (2) (3) (4); Soph. Cabaret; Junior Girls ' Play Comm. Frances Elizabeth Webb Ravenna, Ohio A.B. Frank K Weber Troy, New York Alpha Sigma Phi. A.B. Karl William Weber M.D. Crosse Pointe, Michigan Theta Kappa Psi; Victor Yaughan Soc. Richard Paul Weeber 6.S. in C.E. Transportation Club; Quadrangle; Club; Deutscher ZirkdL LaVerne Evelyn Weigel A.B. Lakewood, Ohio Delta Zeta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Michiganensian (3); Junior Girls ' Play; Frosh Pageant; Woman ' s Committee (3). Morris Weinblatt M.D. : -;:: I : Hazel Alberta Weisenboan Delta, Ohio Couzens Hall. R.N. Doris Ann Weiss A.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Zeta; Michiganensian (3). Henry Weiss A.B. Cleveland, Ohio Phi Sigma Delta: Basketball (2) (3) (4); J-Hop Committee. Robert Duane Wells Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Zeta Psi; Mimes; Comedy Club. A.B. Edward M. Welch LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Lawyers Club. Samuel Gardner Wellman Columbus, Ohio Phi Sigma Kappa. A.B. Barnaby A. Wendrow Lansing, Lawyers ' Club. A.B. Otto A. Wendt Saginaw, Michigan Xi Psi Phi; Class Treas. (4). D.D.S. f Willard |. Wendt B.S. in Arch. Ann Arbor, Michigan Sigma Phi Epsilon; Alpha Rho Chi: Studio Club: Pres. Arch. Soc. (3); Arch. Soc. Council (4). Page Three Hundred Tvcenty-Frce Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl (OOiii A IIINIII C IIINIII m Illl A 1IINIII Justine Wentworth Bay City, Michigan B.M. mm ft Ruth Wentworth Bay City, Michigan A.B. Marie Elizabeth Westin A.B. Newberry, Michigan Delta Delta Delta; Speedball (2): Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Univ. Girls ' Glee Club; Frosh Pageant; Junior Girls Play; Soph. Circus. Henry Weyenberg B.S. in M.E. Hudsonville, Michigan Phi Alpha Kappa; A. S. M. E. (4); Cane Committee; Choral Union (4). Clarence A. Weymouth, Jr. B.S. in Aero. Eng. Paoli, Pennsylvania Phi Kappa Psi; Druids; Michigan Technic; Football (1). Carolyn R. Wheeler A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta; Pi Lambda Theta, Vice-Pres. (4); Vice-Pres. Women ' s Ed! " lub (3); Junior Girls ' Play. a Edson Rovelle White M.B.A. Scotts, Michigan Alpha Kappa Psi; J-Hop Comm. (4); Vice-Pres. Union (5); Band (3). Joseph Patrick White B.S. in M.E. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Pi Kappa Phi; A. S. M. E. Page Three Hundred Twenty-Six John Jamieson White, Jr. B.S. in Arch. Spokane, Washington Alpha Rho Chi; Alpha Tau Sigma; Architon; Arch. Society, Vice-Pres. (4); Mich. Technic, Art Ed. (2) (3) (4); Michiganensian (2) (3); Track (1) (2); Cross-Country (1) (2); Class Sec. (1); Class Vice-Pres. (4). Marjorie Frances White A.B. Oakfield, New York Mary Frances White A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Delta Delta; Junior Girls ' Play. Miriam Elizabeth White A.B. Detroit, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta. J. Colwit Whitmer B.S. in C.E. Wyoming, Ohio Theta Kappa Xu; A. S. C. E. II Lawrence Cousins Whitsit B.S. in C.E. Highland Park, Michigan Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; A. S. C. E.; Track (1) (2); Cross-Country (1) (2); Chrmn. Senior Ball. Mary Belle Whitten A.B. in L.S. Carthage, Illinois Arvah B. Widmayer R.N. Ypsilanti, Michigan Couzens Hall. Illl W. IIIMIII Illl C IIIHIII Illl (DDHi A HINDI OE HINIII m Illl x 1IINIII = Clare E. Wiedlea D.D.S. Ceresco. Michigan Psi Omega; Omicron Kappa Upsilon. Jerome L B.S. in Ch.E. Chicago. Illinois Phi Sigma Delta; Union Dance Comm. (2). Johanna Mathilda Wiese M.B.A. Ann Arbor. Michigan Athena (4); W. A. A. (4). Ines Edith Wilber M.D. Needles, California Alpha Epsilon Iota; Phi Sigma; Re- search Clnb. Sarah Paine Wilber A.B. Port Huron, Michigan Tbeta Sigma Phi. Charles Earle Wilcox Grand Rapids, Michigan Lambda Chi Alpha. A.B. Paul Harlan Wilcox M.D. Grand Rapids, Michigan Willard Irving Wilcox A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda; Tennis (4). Eric L Wild B.M. Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Phi Mu Alpha: Alpha Epsilon Mu: Class Treas. (2); Class Treas. (4); Mimes: Glee Club (3); Union Opera Band (1) (4 ; Orchestra (1) (2) (J) (4). William J. WOdeni Detroit, Michigan Theta Kappa Nu. A.B. Judith Mary Wilkinson Lakeside. Michigan Alpha Omicron Pi. A.B. Raymond H. Wilks Yale, Michigan Psi Omega. D.D.S. Gerald Lionel Willens A.B. Newton Center, Massachusetts Pi Lambda Phi; Daily (1) (2); Mimes Revue (3); Union Publicity Comm. (2). Donald Hooker Williams B.S. in M.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Delta Rio; A. S. M. E.; Union Opera (1) (2). Howard R. Willi; Arm Arbor, Michigan A.B. Ruth E. Williams Durand, Michigan A.B. Page Three Hundred T-wenty-Secen III! u -= IIIMIII ytl CIHHin Illl dGii AlUNIII UE IIINIII Illl A HINIII Ardath Melva Willis A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Cercle Francais (3) (4); Kappa Phi. Margaret Josephine Willman A.B. in Ed. Owosso, Michigan Mosher-Jordan ; Michiganensian. William Kenneth Wills A.B. Newport News, Virginia Beta Theta Pi ; Druids ; Gargoyle ( 1 ) ; Baseball (1). Joseph George Wilson B.S. in M.E. Mexico City, Mexico Theta Chi; Scabbard and Blade; Pi Tau; Pi Sigma. John P. Wilson, Jr. Chicago, Illinois Phi Delta Phi. LL.B. Marian Elizabeth Wilson R.N. and B.S. Adrian. Michigan Couzens Hall; Class Sec ' y-Treas. (1); Vice-Pres. (2). Roland Edward Wilson B.S. in Arch. Lansing, Michigan Alpha Rho Chi. Ronald Glen Wilson B.S. in M. E. Marine Eng. Bridgman, Michigan Tau Beta Pi; A. S. M. E. Vivian Wilson A.B. Washington, D. C. Leonard Alfred Wineman A.B. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Lambda Chi Alpha. Page Three Hundred Twenty-Eight m II Laurier Norman Winn A.B. Ironwood, Michigan Alpha Kappa Psi; Kappa Phi Sigma. Garrett E. Winter M.D. Holland, Michigan Galens (3) (4) ; Victor Vaughan His- torical Soc. (4) ; Treas. Galens (4). Osborne Arthur Wisansky LL.B. Frackville, Pennsylvania Lawyers ' Club. Charles A. Wise, Jr. B.S. in M.E. Kalamazoo, Michigan Alpha Delta Phi; Triangles; Soph. Prom. Frederick Yager Wiselogle B.S. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi. I Verle C. Witham LL.B. Anamosa, Iowa Lawyers ' Club. Illl W. IIIMIII UII CIIIHIII Illl |E IIINIII , 1IINIII Donald Henry Wolbrink B.S. Alpha Rbo Chi. Frederic Eastman Wolf LL.B. Wauscon, Ohio Delta Thru Phi; Barristers; Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Law Review. Harmon Alvah Wolfe B.S. in Phy.Ed. LaJcewood. Ohio Alpha Sieroa Phi; ' M ' Club: Men ' s Phy. Ed. dub; Track (2) (3) (4); Cross-Conntry (3) (4); Capt. (4). Virginia Cecillc Wolf A.I. Highland Park, Michigan Alpha Epsiloo Phi; Choral Union (2) (3); Soph Cabaret. Leonard Leon Woloi anton. Pennsylvania Pi Lambda Phi. A.B. Lilly C. Wong B.S. in Pharm. Carstairs. Alberta, Canada Adelia Cbeever House. Yu Chok Wong B.S. Canton. China John Bernard Wood A.B. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Merle Garfield Wood - : - Tbeta Kappa Xn; Phi Beta Pi. M.D. Russell Thomas Woodburne Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Upsilon. A.B. Hazel Cenevieve Woodley A.B. Detroit, Michigan Chi Omega: Michiganensian (3); Soph. Cabaret; Junior Girls ' Play. Robert Pope Woodruff B.S. in Ed. Petoskey, Michigan Phi Epsilon Kappa; Phy. Ed. Club. L.I Carl S. Woods Navarre. Ohio Delta Sigma Delta. D.D.S. Louise Stirling Woodward A.B. Battle Creek, Michigan Alpha Phi. Sidney Henry Woolner A.B. Detroit. Michigan Phi Eta Sigma: Choral Union (1) (2i (3) (4); Varsity Glee Club (3) William Randolph Worboys B.S. in E.E. Tower, Michigan Alpha Tan Omega; Triangles; Vnl- cans: Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3); Sum- mer Daily (2); Bus. Manager (3). Page Three Hundred Twenty-Nine Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl (fldii A IIINIII C IIINIII Illl A IIINIII Bruce A. Work Elkhart, Indiana M.D. Josephine Florence Work A.B. Escanaba, Michigan Michiganensian; Michigan Daily; French Club; Lantern Night Comm. Harvey Merton Workman B.S. in C.E. Muskegon, Michigan Pi Kappa Alpha; Tau Beta Pi; A. S. C. E. Douglas Don Woughter A.B. Detroit, Michigan Howard Worden Birmingham, Michigan Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Michigamua: Track (2); J-Hop Committee (3); Pres. Interfraternity Council. Winston Robert Wreggit M.D. Highland Park, Michigan Alpha Omega Alpha: Phi Kappa Phi; Class Pres. (4) ; Vice-Pres. Alpha Omega Alpha (3) (4). George Leonard Wright Carson City, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. D.D.S. Jeannette Wright Detroit, Michigan A.B. Arthur Henry Wrock Detroit, Michigan A.B. Everett Elwood Wynkoop B.S. in Ch.E. Flint, Michigan Edouard Bancroft Yarrington A.B. Gary, Indiana Sigma Chi; Druids; Fencing Mer. (4): Ass ' t Basketball Mgr. (3); ' M ' Mgr ' s Club; Order of Blue Key. H Stanley James Yates Vicksburg, Michigan Xi Psi Phi; Class Sec. (4). D.D.S. Edward C. Yee B.S. in Ch.E. Kwangtung, China William Henry Yenni B.S. in E.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Tau Beta Pi. Cordon Albert Yesser B.S. in C.E. Angola, New York A. S. C. E. ; Transportation Club. Frederick W. Young Detroit, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. D.D.S. Page Three Hundred Thirty Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIH Illl 0Dnix$UINIII IDE IIINIII m Illl A HINIII Leonard Henry Young Irorrwood. Michigan LL.B. Ruby |ane Young Arm Arbor, Michigan Eta Sigma Phi. A.B. Ralph Sanford Zahm A.B. Rockford, Illinois Kappa Sigma. Hector Reichard-Zamora A.B. Aguadilla. Porto Rico William Archibald Zander B.S. in E.E. Ind. Eng. Student Engineering Council; A. I. E. E.: A. S. M. E.; S. I. E. Sigmund August Zawadski A.B. Buffalo. New York Genevieve Marion Zeeb A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Gamma Sigma. Phyllis Myrtle Zeigen A.B. Detroit, Michigan Glee Club. Willard Henry Zentgrebe M.B.A. Detroit, Midvga-i Delta Sigma PL D. Warren Zentz A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Tan Omega. Freda Ziff B.M. Johnstown, Pennsylvania Gwendolyn Thomas Zoller B.M. Ann Arbor, Michigan Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Iota; Junior Girls ' Play, Music Comm. : Pres. Frosh Glee Club; Univ. Girls ' Glee Club (2) (3); Choral Union (2) (3); Athena (1) (3). Louis E. Zoss Youngstown, Ohio Phi Delta Epsilon. A.B. Rose Elisabeth Zuber A.B. in Ed. Battle Creek, Michigan Alpha Gamma Sigma; W. A. A.; Cercle Francais. Richard Carl Zur Muehlen M.B.A. Fort Wayne, Indiana Tan Kappa Epsilon; Glee Club (1); Union Opera (1). Morris Zwerdling J.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Michigan Lav Review (3) ; Pres. Hillel Foundation: Student Exec. Coun- cil cn. Page Three Hundred Thirty-One OA55 OHHffi I Illl IIIMIII III! CIIIHIII Illl (OGJii A IIINIII flE IIINIII Illl IIINIII 1933 LITERARY OFFICERS EDWIN T. TURNER KATHERINE HEESON ENID BUSH BYRON VEDDER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES TURNER HEESON BUSH VEDDER Advisory HARRY BEGLEY Chairman WILLIAM SENF THOMAS FOSTER CARLETON CARVER CHARLES SALISBURY ELEANOR WELCH RUTH STESIL Athletic HAWLEY EGGLESTON Chairman ROBERT PETRIE ERLE KIGHTLINGER NOURD KELLY RODERICK Cox CHARLES ALLEN ALFRED TAPERT Auditing JAMES ST. CLAIRE Chairman ROBERT SAWYER EDWIN HEERINGA GILBERT CHAVENELLE HAROLD HUNSBERGER MARGARET SMITH KATHERINE RENTSCHLER HELEN MCARTHUR Executive ROBERT Fouss Chairman DON AARON EDWARD S. McKAY Louis COLOMBO ERNEST FREEMAN KATHERINE FITZPATRICK RETA P. McOMBER Finance MYRON BLANK Chairman MELVIN BRISDELL SAMUEL ELLIS OWEN TRAYNOR GEORGE FISK JEAN ROSENTHAL HELEN ROSENTHAL HELEN SCHMUDE Publicity FRANK GILBRETH Chairman WILLIAM BROWN Ross BAIN RICHARD STRATEMEIER ROBERT LAW MARY BARNETT RUTH UNSWORTH GEORGIANA MOTT Social CHARLES RUSH Chairman JOHN Huss DUNCAN SHEPARD LELANDER S. NORMAN BARBARA BRAUN CONSTANCE GIEFEL MARTHA WHEELER MARY E. WINDT Woman ' s ERNESTINE ULBRICH Chairman EDNA WAULK BEVERLY STARK ADELE EWING CLAIRE TRUSSELL KATHLEEN LOCKHART MAXINE FISCHGRUND HELEN LOUISE CORWIN J-Hop Committee WILLIAM DIBBLE REHN NELSON BENJAMIN G. McFATE JERRY ROSENTHAL KENNETH L. YOURD Page Three Hundred Thirty-Four III! ? . IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl IIINIII C IIINIII III! x IIINIII 1933 ENGINEERING OFFICERS PAUL A. RAUFF HARVEY C. BAUSS ROBERT E. HAYES EARL C. BRIGGS President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer COMMITTEES Advisory JAMES H. WINDELL Chairman THERON RESSLER M. EUGENE KILROY JERRY M. GRUITCH Jackets DONALD M. PIERCE ROBERT M. HARRISON RAY H. BRUNDIGE ROBERT K. SAWYER Athletic WILLIAM R. MATAKIE Chairman DONALD J. HAEFELE ROBERT H. LAMB JACOB J. B EDENICK J-Hop HUGH L. BAKER Chairman HAROLD C. SEAMANS ARTHUR K. ROBISON Finance ELMER F. MAHLKE Chairman BRUCE H. MADDOCK DE ELTON J. CARR RICHARD F. BECKER Publicity Louis VEENSTRA Chairman JOHN S. APPLE YARD ORVILLE E. BOTTORFF Social RICHARD T. MARTIN THOMAS P. MORAN JOHN M. DUNNEWIND CARLYSLE P. SPIEZE RAUFF BAUSS HAYES BRIGGS Page Three Hundred. T iirty-Fivf III! W. IIIMIII III! CIIIHIII Illl (OGi lllNIII flE IIINIII m Illl A V IIINIII 1933 ARCHITECTURE OFFICERS P. D. MATHEWS S. R. HATCH W. E. BROWN J. E. APPELT President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Advisory WALLACE E. WILSON Chairman PAUL V. THEBAUD C. E. RlEMENSCHNEIDER WALTER J. ROZYCKI PATRICK McKiNNON CHARLES E. ABBOTT Auditing MARTHA E. WHEELER J. DONALD McGuGAN KENNETH R. PLANK MILTON FISCHER C. MASON WHITNEY Athletic WILLIAM H. BUDERUS Chairman ALBERT A. ROUSE GORDON L. TINSMAN R. E. ElSERMAN H. B. NELSON ROBERT D. P ' ROST Finance JOHN R. EDGAR Chairman T. C. ANTHONY G. H. BAUER GEORGE GULBRANDSEN H. W. HARTMAN GROVER H. LOGAN -- MATHEWS HATCH BROWN APPELT Social C. W. BURROUGHS Chairman ELIZABETH J. EBERT PAULA E. FALES ALICE E. MATHEWS ELEANOR A. TEABOLT H. C. SMITH Page Three Hundred Thirty-Six III! ? . IIIMIII Uli CIIIHUI 1111 QE II1NIII III! A 1IINIII OFFICERS ALSTON E. MORRISON EUGENE A. GILLIS SAMUEL R. Zoss JOHN H. LAW President V ice-President Secretary- Treasurer COMMITTEES Athletic JOHN E. WILLIAMS Chairman CHARLES A. SMITH ELMER R. GROSS JACK F. TOLAN JOHN F. JOHNSON Finance ROBERT D. RISK Chairman RAYMOND A. CORBETT ROGER E. HEERING HELEN R. ROBERTS A. BENJAMIN CHAPLA Executive ROBERT K. WHITELEY Chairman CLARENCE SHAW EARLE A. IRVINE FLOYD H. DENSMORE ROBERT B. MEYER EDWIN J. HAMMER Honor CLAIR E. FOLSOME Chairman CLARENCE W. REUTER, yr. HAZEN L. HAUMAN, 2 yr. J-Hop PERRY T. WALTERS 1933 MEDICINE Social EDWARD J. GONCZY Chairman HOWARD C. RUFUS ROBERT J. McCLURE SIDNEY L. ADELSON CHARLES W. WHEELER MORRISON GILLIS Zoss LAW Page Three Hundred T iirty-Seven illl W. IIIMIII III! C IIIHIil Illl fflCiii A IIINIII OE IIINIII m Illl x 1IINIII 1933 DENTISTRY OFFICERS GEORGE W. KILLEY D. CALVIN KELLEY JAMES D. KARALASH NELS P. SORENSEN RAYMOND A. HILT President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer J-Hop Representative COMMITTEES Athletic JOHN C. NOTT Chairman F. EDWARD LOWRY CLEMENT A. ZIPPERSTEIN Executive GEORGE W. KILLEY Chairman D. CALVIN KELLEY FRANK L. WAREHAM OSCAR L. FRANKEL NAT. T. SCHREIB HAROLD H. HOWARD Auditing NELS P. SORENSEN Chairman CHARLES M. SETH EDWIN T. RICE HAMILTON J. GRENNEY MAURICE TAYLOR KILLEY KELLEY KARALASH SORENSON Social CHANDLER HAIGHT Chairman NEIL MCLAUGHLIN JAMES C. HILLIGAN HORACE E. FAUST LEWIS J. LUBIN Page Three Hundred Thirty-Eight Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl flJDIii A IIINIII flE 1IINIII MlNIII 1933 MUSIC OFFICERS ROMINE G. HAMILTON LUCILLE I. HOFFMAN KATHLEEN C. MURPHY ERIC L. WILD President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer It COMMITTEES Advisory GEORGE O. POINAR Chairman ROBERT E. CRANDELL WARREN KETCHUM INEZ OWEN Invitation WINCHESTER RICHARD Chairman FREDA ZIFF RUSSEL TROUTMAN MARJORIE KIRK Auditing RUTH ALLISON Chairman CLYDE F. SEVERANCE DORTHEA TORBESON DATUS MOORE Publicity VALTER WANNAMAKER Chairman ELEANOR PHILLIPS EMILY RANDALL HELEN VAN LOON Finance BERNARD HIRSCH Chairman PAUL SIMPSON STANLEY FLETCHER EDNA MACKENZIE Social GWENDOLYN ZOLLER Chairman JEANNE DuBois GERALDINE SNELLING RAYMOND MORIN HAMILTON HOFFMAN MURPHY WILD Page Three Hundred Thirty-Nine Illl W. IIIMIII Oil C IHHIli Illl (flOi A V IIINIII C IIINIII IIINHI 1934 LITERARY OFFICERS HERMAN EVERHARDUS ISABEL BONICAVE JEAN VOORHIES JAMES WINEMAN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES EVERHARDUS BONICAVE VOORHIES WINEMAN Athletic ED HOLPUCK Chairman CHARLES HERSHEY BILL MARSHALL GABRIEL HARRIL FRED HUBER EDWIN DAYTON Executive DONALD A. JOHNSTON Chairman MIRIAM HALL JOSEPHINE WOODHAMS DOROTHY SHAPLAND DOROTHY RUNDELL MERVIN GREEN Finance LLOYD NYMAN Chairman LORRAINE BOND CHARLOTTE Moss DOROTHY HELLING MARCIA GARY SUSAN SHORTS Vigilance GRAFTON SHARPE Chairman DAVID DE VEESE HYMAN MAAS LEON KAYE JOHN KEYSER RALPH RENICK THOMAS CONNELLAN ROBERT SPENCER MAX PRIBBLE ROBERT FINN EDWARD FRISINGER KENT KENNAN Publicity HART SCHAAF Chairman CYRUS HULING MILDRED SMITH LENORE LEGENDRE JANE ROSSMAN HELEN BALLOU Social GILBERT PATRICK Chairman VIVA RICHARDSON MARY HELEN MC!NTOSH BEATRICE COLLINS CAROL BOGART RICHARD MINNICH Tradition ED McCoRMicK BETTY BOSWORTH DICK GUGGENHEIM GRACE HAXTON JOAN BARNETT NICHOLAS ANIKEEF Sophomore Promenade HARRY MCGAVRAN Chairman BERNARD SCHNACKE LESTER HARRISON MARIAN GIDDINGS MARTHA LITTLETON JANE CISSEL WALLACE GRAHAM BOB HOGG BOB MoRELAND GEORGIA GEISMAN BILL GIEFEL LEWIS MORGAN Woman ' s ANNE MAC!NTYRE DOROTHY VAN RIPER LUCILE ROOT CAROL HANNAN MARY BRIMIJOIN ELLEN KEAN FRANCES MANCHESTER JOSEPHINE MCCAUSEY Page Three Hundred Forty Illl W. IIIMIII Mil CHIHIII Illl (ODlii A IIINIII (HE I11N1II Illl x IIINIII 1934 ENGINEERING OFFICERS FRED L. JOHNSON RICHARD H. McMANUs LOUIS W. WESTOVER ARTHUR B. EBBERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Advisory WILLIAM HANWAY Chairman ROBERT BLACKWELL VENABLE D. JOHNSON SPENCER ROCKWOOD ERWIN SOMOGYI RICHARD SPEER JOSEPH BENNETT AUGUST HERSHEY HAROLD LEGATSKI VERGIL WILLIAMS Finance STEWART CRAM Chairman FRED HUNTOON RICHARD LISKOW GLENN WINTERS Junior Jackets RICHARD SNYDER Chairman TAYLOR DRYSDALE STEINAR VAKSDAL CHARLES NISEN Athletic CLIFFORD FRIEND Chairman ALBERT LITTLE JAMES CONOVER R. F. MITCHELL Publicity JOY BURNETT Chairman WILLIAM McDowELL ARCHIBALD BEACH ALBERT COOPER Auditing H. H. NICHOLSON Chairman RUSSEL RANEY GILBERT DOBSON JOSEPH THORNTON Social WESLEY McMuLLEN Chairman EDWARD WOODRUFF RICHARD CARBECK RICHARD SMART Sophomore Prom CHARLES BURGESS Chairman JOHN BODEN JAMES DOTY WILLIAM McRov PHILLIP DALSIMER JOHNSON McMANUS WESTOVER EBBERS Page Three Hundred. Forty-One ill! W. IIIMIII III! CIIIHIII Illl (OOiiA IIINUI CIIINIII HINIil 1934 DENTISTRY CLASS OFFICERS ELBERT P. FREEMAN ERNEST P. DUNNIGAN HOWARD R. WOODRUFF ROBERT B. HANBY President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Athletic ROBERT HEWITT Chairman LLOYD MOON JOSEPH KESSELMAN Advisory JOHN SEEBURGER Chairman FRANK. LERMINEZ THOMAS HOWSON Financial OTTO RICKER Chairman EDMUND BARBARA ERNEST DUNNIGAN FREEMAN DUNNIGAN WOODRUFF HANBY Social HAROLD ANDERSON Chairman MANUEL GRAY CORNELIUS CUEN Page Three Hundred Forty-Two Illl W. IIIMIII III! CIHHIfl Illl flCJIi A IIINIII OE IIINIII Illl A , 11INIII 1935 LITERARY CLASS OFFICERS WILLIAM G. SHEPARD MARY C. STERLING JANE B. BASSETT WILBUR T. BLAIR President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Advisory KENNETH KINNEY Chairman CATHERINE MOULE JEAN RICE BARBARA CAN FIELD JEROME WINEGARDEN MARV O ' BRIEN MART PAUL JAMES BAUCHAT JOHN WIERENGO CAROLINE POTTER Athletic HERMAN WFNDLAXD Chrmn. FREDERICK HALL RICHARD PECKHAM JOHN GIBNEY DONALD NICHOLS OWEN CRUMPACKER CHARLES GREENING DANA SEELEY Auditing BOYD PANTLIND Chairman BEATRICE WEBSTER VIRGINIA DENNE JANE BRUCKER WILLIAM MCFATE ELEANOR BLUM VIRGINIA SALSBURY CHARLES BARNDT BETTY WUNSCH ELLEN FELDSTEIN Cap Night HERBERT Nice Chairman JOSEPH HORAK DONALD NORTON STODDARD WHITE WILLIAM CURTIS EDWIN DEER ALEXANDER MCPHERSON CLARK SCHELL Discipline Louis STAUDT Chairman CURTIS MANCHESTER RUSSELL READ JOHN BECKER ROBERT NILSEN HARRY CASSELMAN JULIAN FRANK RICHARD GERKENMEYER Finance ROBERT ENGEL Chairman HARRIET OLEKSINCH VIRGINIA CLUFF KENNETH HOLMES MARGARET HAMBLIN JANE COLBY MILLER SMOOT ELIZABETH MOORE HELEN METHENEY ROWENA GOLDSTEIN Frosh Frolic ENOCH WHITE RALPH TRACET DAVID ZIMMERMAN NAN DIEBLE STANLEY MICHAELS Louis KEARNS FREDERICKA WALDROV JOSEPH GIBSON- MARGARET GRANT WILLIAM CUTTING Social HARRIET EARLE Chairman ROBERT HEWITT BARBARA BATES BETTY NEAL BETTY LITTLE ERNEST BAKER SUZANNE MAHLER RUTH POAT CARL HILTY MARIE MURPHY Traditions WILLIAM NICHOLS Chairman RICHARD SHOUPE GUY WHIPPLE WARREN 5 GEORGE VAN VLECK SHEPARD STERLING BASSETT BLAIR JOHN BROOKHART GORDON REDNER LEONARD KOPLIN ROBERT WARD Page Three Hundred Forty-Three W_== IIIMIII Id CIIIHIII III! GAM (HE IIINIII Illl A IIINIII 1935 ENGINEERING CLASS CONKLIN FELKER HERSEY THOMAS OFFICERS DAVID E. CONKLIN HENRY W. FELKER EVERETT W. HERSEY ALVIN B. THOMAS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Athletic FRANK ZENDZIAN Chairman DON POMEROY BERN GUSTAFSON TOM BOSWORTH PHIL GEIER MARVELL PHILLIPS BRUCE KLEIN Conditions CARLEGON DRESSER Chairman JOHN MORGAN CLETUS LINDEMAN WILLIAM PRUNER AL VIGA BILL GOETZ DICK COHEN Finance AL THOMAS Chairman JOHN MORROW JAMES WALLACE WILLIAM EINSTEIN JACK KREIGER WILLIAM RYGG Frosh Frolic CHARLES WEINFELD - Chairman SAM HAZELTON ED JAROS AUSTIN HALL AL OTIS JOHN DONALDSON Page Three Hundred Forty-Four III! ? iiiMIII llll CIIIHIII III! QGii A IIINIII flE INI 3 III! A IIINIII 1935 MEDICINE OFFICERS GORDON W. BALYEAT FLEMING A. BARBOUR DAVID H. DRUMMOND CHARLES W. CORY President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Executive M. C. KOLCZUN Chairman JACK KAHANER SOL BAKER WIXOM SIBLEY MARK C. DONOVAN Smoker ADDISON B. ALDRICH Chairman MARSHALL SOLDINEER ROBERT M. CARTER EDWARD SIGERFOOS DAVID A. VANDERSLICE Honor WlLBER A. MUEHLIG Chairman PAUL S. SLOAN BALYEAT BARBOUR DRUMMOND CORY Page Three Hundred Forty-Five FPATRNITI S 1M ' , V, H ' ' - FPATRNITI5 n m ' , J " - " v " ; - Sgs m it " I HAVE SEEN ONLY ONE INTOXICATED STUDENT IN THE STREETS OF ANN ARBOR IN THE LAST TEN YEARS. ONE CANNOT FIND NINE THOUSAND YOUNC MEN IN THE COUNTRY THAT ARE AS ORDERLY AS THE STUDENTS IN THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. " MAYOR H. W!RT NEWKIRK, PRO- HIBITION FORUM, OCT. 22, 1931. General Fraternity Professional Fraternities Lawyers ' Club Sororities Special Sororities Women ' s Dormitor . Illl W. I1IMIII Illl C IIIHIII Illl (ODlii A , IHNIII C I11NHI m Illl xMlNIII INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL WORDEN GOULD HOWARD WORDEN HOWARD GOULD President Secretary JUDICIARY COMMITTEE HOWARD WORDEN, Chairman HOWARD GOULD, Secretary AL CONNABLE CHARLES GRAHAM ROBERT NORRIS J. CULLEN KENNEDY- KENNETH HOUCK MELVIN RABE ALLAN VAN GUBBIN Faculty Members DEAN JOSEPH A. BURSLEY PROF. I. D. SCOTT PROF. ROBERT RODKEY HOWARD HECKER VAIL STEVENSON WORDEN JEWETT GOULD MICHAELS BLOCHER RUSH Page Three Hundred Forty-Stien Illl IIIMIII Illl CIIIHUI Illl OE II1NIII 111! A 1IINIII == 3r Founded Miami University 1839 86 Active Chapters BETA THETA PI LAMBDA CHAPTER Established 1845 604 South State Street MEMBERS IN FACULTY EARL W. Dow CARTER GOODRICH, Ph.D. KENNETH MCMURRAY FRANK E. ROBBINS, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY ELMER BEAL WILLIAM S. CLARKSON JUNIUS E. BEAL RAY A. HEAPS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CHARLES MACCALLUM WILLIAM H. WAIT M. H. WHEELER ALLEN S. WHITNEY EDWARD CHAPMAN JOHN G. DODDS E. ROBERT ARNOLD JAMES G. BRYANT ROBERT E. ANDREAE ROBERT H. CUMMINGS JAMES DALE, JR. B. HARRIS ACKLES HANS A. GEHRKE, JR. R. JAMES LANDRUM ALBERT E. LITTLE D. SCOTT HOOVER JOHN F. MILLER Seniors ALAN HANDLEY WALLACE B. MILLER CHARLES M. REIK Juniors RICHARD W. HAWKINS, JR. SHERWOOD LANDRUM SAMUEL W. MITCHELL JOHN H. ROOT Sophomores ROBERT C. LOWRIE MAXWELL K. PRIBIL L. FREDERICK RATTERMAN PAUL MINSEL WALTER W. WILDS VICTOR A. ROUDOY WILLIAM K. WILLS J. GRISWOLD RUTH EDWARD C. SPAULDING KENNETH L. YOURD CHARLES E. STONE J. WALTER VAUGHAN AUSTIN A. WEBB GRANVILLE H. WHITE CLARK ANDREAE DONALD BLACK WILBUR BLAIR Freshmen DAN BRYANT JOHN LAUN DON CHARLESWORTH BRUCE PEASELEY BERNIE GUSTAFSON ROBERT ROUSE SAMSON SMITH WILLIAM SMITH GEHRKE WEBB STODDARD RATTERMAN LOWRIE LANDKUM WHITE PRIBIL LITTLE ACKLES HARKINS LANDRUM CUMMINGS RUTH MITCHELL ANDREAE YOURD ROOT GRAYSTON DALE SPAULDING REIK WILLS MILLER BRYANT ARNOLD HAWKINS Page Three Hundred Forty-Eight till W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl flt ABNII flE H1NIII III) A . BINIll D ii ni m in Founded Union College 1841 24 Active Chapters CHI PSI ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER Established 1845 620 South State Street WALDO MACK ABBOTT, A.B. DAVID DAVENPORT FREDRIC F. BRACE JOHN H. HOSMER WILLIAM J. BELKNAP, JR. DOUGLAS D. BRIEN WILLIAM H. CRANE CHARLES C. BLOOM FIELD ROBERT C. BOURLAND DAVID L. GAFILL LAWSON E. BECKER WILLARD A. COMBS WILLIAM B. DAVIS RICHARD K. DEGF.NER JOHN W. FISCHER J_ WILLIAM C. HANWAY GEORGE H. ATHERTON HEARNE CHRISTOPHER NORMAN L. DEWITT JOHN B. DONALDSON- MEMBERS IN FACULTY LAFAYETTE Dow, A.B. RAYMOND FISHER, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY Louis J. HOLLAND H. S. SLIFER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GEORGE E. LEONARD HARRIS G. NELSON CURTIS MACDONELL FARRINGTON TWEEDY Seniors ROSSMAN P. GUSTIN JOHN R. LENFESTEY THOMAS S. MUIR CARL G. STAELIN Juniors FREDRICK Z. JONES FRANKLIN SANFORD Sophomores ROBERT M. HASKINS PAUL H. HUNTER CASS W. KEMP WESLEY W. MCMULLEN L. RENDER MORGAN Fretfimen GEORGE Y. DUFFY PAUL P. DUXBURY ROBERT K. HILL JOSEPH E. HORAK, JR. DELAVAN S. MUSSEY WILLIAM S. POCOCK, JR. JOHN D. REINDEL GORDON L. TINSMAN OWEN R. TAYNER JAMES E. TRAYLOR JR. ROBERT W. MUZZY JOSEPH A. RENIHAN THOMAS B. ROBERTS JR. GROSVENOR T. ROOT NATHAN S. WARING LEWIS W. WESTOVER DONALD T. NICHOLS JAMES D. PARKER ERNST L. SCHAIBLE VERNON C. TREE TRAYLOR MORGAN KF.HP McMcLLEX Rovr TIXSMAX WESTOVER HASKISS ROBERTS COMBS BECKER DAVS MUZZY REXIHAX WARING BLOOM FIELD BOURLAXD FISHER TRAYXOR HANWAY DEGEXER HTKTER LANFORD LEKFESTY MUSSEY POCOCK REINDEL BRIEX STAELIK GCSTIK MCIR BEIKXAP Page Three Hundred Forty-Nint mi w. UIMIIl llll CIIIHIII lill (OOIiiA IIINIII (HE IIINIII ill! A 1IINIII Founded Hamilton College 1832 27 Active Chapters ALPHA DELTA PHI PENINSULAR CHAPTER Established 1846 556 South State Street MEMBERS IN FACULTY HENRY M. BATES, Ph.D., LL.B. ERNEST G. HILDNER JR., A.B. PHILLIP F. WEATHERILL, Ph.D. WILLIAM H. BUTTS, Ph.D. EVANS HOLBROOK, LL.B. BENJAMIN W. WHEELER, A.M. JESSE S. REEVES, Ph.D. LAROC DAVIS PHILLIP E. BOURLAND CARLTON G. CHAMPE JOHN HARDING ROBERT F. HEFFERAN KIRK D. HOLLAND, JR. HERBERT W. BECK FORRESTER A. BLAKE G. STUART BOATRIGHT FRANK B. GILBRETH, JR. AUGUST HERSHEY ROBERT HOGG DAVID A. HOWARD MEMBERS IN CITY HERMAN KLEENE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EUGENE HAND R. BEVERLY HERBERT ARTHUR G. REEVES Seniors ROBERT S. MONTAGUE, JR. EDWARD L. RICHARDS Juniors C. HENRY HECKER, JR. JAMES H. INGLIS JAMES A. KNIGHT RUSSEL MALCOLM CHESTER G. ROSENGREN GEER H. SMITH ROBERT BAXTER OWEN CRUMPACKER WILLIAM CUTTING LINCOLN DONALDSON TY FELKER Sophomores JOHN S. HOWLAND CHARLES W. JEWETT E. COLBERT RYAN JAMES K. SHIERSON CHARLES A. WISE, JR. HENRY R. LARGE J. CHARLES MARKLEY, JR. N. HEATH MCDOWELL EDWIN H. PARKHURST, JR. PETER FIELD PHILLIP GEIER FREDRICK HALL KENNETH HOLMES KENNETH KINNEE STANLEY LOOM is JOHN LOVELAND JOHN L. RUBSAM Freshmen JACK NEAHR ROBERT NIELSEN RUSSEL OLIVER BOYD PANTLIND COLEMAN ROSS CHARLES SHELLEY JAMES SIMONS ENOCH WHITE JOHN WIERENCO DAVID ZIMMERMAN RUBSAM BOATRIGHT JEWETT HOWARD HOGG LOVELAND HOWLAND BECK GILBRETH LARGE PARKHURST MCDOWELL HERSHEY HEFFERAN WISE RICHARDS HARDING MONTAGUE HOLLAND SHIERSON RYAN Page Three Hundred Fifty nn w. IIIMIII till C IIIHIII Illl lOCiii A IIINIII (HE IIINHI m till x IIINIII Founded Yale University 1844 45 Active Chapters DELTA KAPPA EPSILON OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1855 1912 Ceddes Avenue ROBERT C. ANCELL, Ph.D ALFRED CONNABLE, A.B. CHARLES B. CUMMINGS BRUCE CHALMERS HUGH R. CONKLIN CHARLES A. FELLOWS ROBERT C. CARSON Louis J. COLOMBO NORMAN BARDEEN ARTHUR W. BISHOP DANIEL C. DAYTON ERNEST M. BAKER, JR. WILLIAM J. BECKWITH DAVID H. CONKLIN GERALD FORD MEMBERS IN FACULTY OSCAR J. CAMPBELL, Ph.D. CHARLES FISHER, M.A. HAROLD M. EHRMANN, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY EDWARD A. HUNTER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY RICHARD B. FOSTER JAMES W. LOGIE Seniors EDWARD J. FREY EDWARD P. HAMMOND, JR. DAVID R. Louis Juniors BENJAMIN O. KESSEL Sophomore! EDWIN C. DAYTON HERMAN EVERHARDUS RAYMOND J. GRIGSBY Freshmen CHARLES GREENING JOHN M. HUCGETT MAC LELLAN L. JOHNSON EDGAR P. LANDWEHR CLARENCE W. MARKHAM JOHN P. OTTOWAY DANIEL W. MCLAUGHLIN CHARLES H. SOMMER FIELDING H. YOST, JR. RICHARD F. REYNOLDS FRANCIS W. TEST BETHEL B. KELLY CHARLES E. MENEFEE JOHN C. PALMER JOHN G. MCDONALD ELWYN POND, JR. ALFRED M. STIRLING THOMAS M. WARREN FEY DAYTON Arsiis BISHOP REYNOLDS TE.=T HAUMOXD MCLAUGHLIN KELLY DAYTON EYEKHAXDCS LAHKIN COLOMBO CONKLIN SOUMEHS Louis PALME GSIGSBV WOODAKD KESSEL CAISOX FELLOWS YOST CHALMEES Page Three Hundred Fifty-One III! W. IIIMIII till CIIIHIII Illl UE IIINIII Illl A HINDI Founded Union College 1827 10 Active Ch apters SIGMA PHI ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1858 426 North Ingalls Street MORTIMER E. COOLEY LUTHER C. CARPENTER BYRNE M. BADENOCH IRVING S. BURKE CHARLES M. ALLEN WALTER B. ALLEN EDWARD L. BADENOCH WILLARD J. BALL OLAF P. BERGELIN G. EVERETTE BURSLEY BURROUGH P. BABCOCK WESLEY Y. HENRY MEMBERS IN FACULTY BENJAMIN D. MERITT, Ph.D MEMBERS IN CITY EDWARD M. DUFF CHARLES A. HOWELL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GEORGE HAMMOND GEORGE M. HEBBARD Seniors ROBERT S. DAVIS Juniors EDWARD C. CRAFTS GEORGE C. HUTCHINSON JOHN A. GOETZ Sophomores JAMES C. CRISTY MAXWELL T. GAIL ARCHIBALD W. MCMILLAN Freshmen ROLAND J. HINKLE DEWlTT C. MlLLEN GEORGE C. MCCORMICK WILLIAM R. PANCOAST E. PHELPS SMITH JOHN O. KIRBY EDWIN T. TURNER, JR. JOHN R. ODELL ROBERT B. SPENCER BRACKLEY SHAW AREND VYN FRANCIS S. JURY FREDERICK SMOOT HlBBARD MCMILLAN SPENCER E. BADENOCK BERGELIN VYN BURSLEY SHAW W. ALLEN HUCHINSON C. AL LEN GOETZ MCCORMICK SMITH B. BADENOCK DAVIS BALL ODELL GAIL KIRBY CKISTY CRAFTS TURNER Page Three Hundred Fifty-Two Ull W. IIIMIII Ull CIIIHIH Illl OE IIINIII 1IINIII Founded New York University 1847 30 Active Chapters ZETA PSI XI CHAPTER Established 1858 512 South State Street o MEMBERS IN FACULTY PHILIP E. BL-RSLEY, A.M. MEMBERS IX CITY THOMAS D. HINSHAW JOHN RICE HARRY L. ARNOLD, J JOHN W. BUNTING J. NALL CANDLER GENE BACON H. GROY T E CANNON, J . KYRIL CONGER GEORGE F. FISK ROBERT C. CAR EDWARD M. HOLPUCH GARY BUNTING ELLMIT EASTCOTT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY G. WILLIS BEMENT THOMAS M. COOKE Seniors S. BEACH CONGER, Jr. FREDERICK S. DANZICER Juniors ARTHUR D. GORDON ALBERT D. HARRIS, JR. CHARLES T. HOSNER RICHARD T. MARTIN Sophomores WILLIAM W. McRor ROBERT F. MITCHELL HILTON D. MOSER Freshmen MACDONALD GlLMORE JOHN MOELLE H. SIBLEY SEDGEWICK R. DIANE WELLS T. JEFFARES PORTE, JR. WILFRED SELLARS GEORGE E. SZEKELY PAUL L. TIETJEN JAMES W. MUIR WILLIAM J. YOUNG NED NELSON KIMBALL STEARNS .u f .yy, K. COSGEI HAUIS TIETJEM FISK HOSXEI CANNOX GORDON BACOX DAXZIXGE BUNTING WELLS CAXDLE B. COXGEK AXKOLD SEDGEWICK MAKTIN SZEKELY YOCXG McRov CAM MITCHELL HOLI UCH Men MOSE Page Three Hundred Fifty-Three = HIMIII Illl CIIIHIB III! (ODIii A IIINIII C IIINIII Illl x 1IINIII Founded Union College 1833 26 Active Chapters PSI UPSILON PHI CHAPTER Established 1865 1000 Hill Street MEMBERS IN FACULTY HENRY F. ADAMS, Ph.D. GEORGE D. BROWN, Ph.D. JOSEPH W. SHAW, B.S., M.D. SAMUEL T. DANA, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY CHARLES IRWIN JOHN R. IVES DOUGLAS D. LOREE FREDERICK R. WALDRON CHARLES W. GRAHAM VICTOR H. LANE, JR. NATHAN S. POTTER DANIEL F. ZIMMERMAN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLARKE W. BALDWIN FRANK W. MUNGER STANTON W. TODD EDWARD B. GALLOWAY CHARLES H. REYNOLDS ROGER N. TURNER GEORGE C. TILLEY JOHN G. ANDERSON EDWARD B. BARRETT DONALD M. CHAFFEE MAX H. DEMOREST HAROLD H. EMMONS DuVAL P. GOLDSMITH ROBERT D. BRITTICAN GILBERT L. DOBSON JOHN N. FISCHER HERBERT N. GARDNER Louis B. GASCOICNE Seniors ROBERT T. GARRISON JARVIS S. HICKS j. ROBERT JONES WILLIAM W. JENNEY REMER Y. LANE Juniors JOHN L. LASKEY Sophomores WALLACE GRAHAM DONALD C. LAHEY WILLIAM MCPHERSON KENNETH C. MCKEOWN DUDLEY R. PALMER FREDERICK E. SHERRIFF GEORGE W. MEYER NEAL K. POTTER JOHN F. STANTON FREDERICK D. WHITTLESEY JOHN C. MELVIN WILLIAM V. PARK FREDERICK M. SHINNICK RICHARD D. SPEER GEORGE H. WHITTLESEY EDMOND B. WOODRUFF ROBERT C. VONMAUR MILTON FENNER WILFRED HAUGHEY Freshmen CARL MARR ALEXANDER MCPHERSON WILLIAM MORGAN ALFRED OTIS GORDON REDNER KALPH THOMAS YONMAUR SHERRIFF G. WHITTLESEY GARDNER DOBSON GRAHAM SHINNICK PALMER WOODRUFF SPEER MCKEOWN LAHEY MCPHERSON BRITICAN FISCHER GASCOIGNE GOLDSMITH MELVIN DEMOREST MEYER JENNEY LASKEY PARK LANE GARRISON JONES HICKS ANDERSON BARRETT POTTER F. WHITTLESEY Page Three Hundred Fifty-Four III! W. IIIMIII till CIIIHIII Illl OGIIi A IIINIII 1E IHN1II Ilil A V IIINIII Founded Williams College 1834 52 Active Chapters DELTA UPSILON MICHIGAN CHAPTER Established 1876 1331 Hill Street MEMBERS IX FACULTY OLIN W. BLACKETT, Ph.D. WALTER B. FORD, A.M., M.D. CLARENCE L. MEADER, Ph.D. GEORGE M. BLEEKMAN, M.S.E. EDWARD B. GREENE, Ph.D. HARRISON M. RANDALL, Ph.D. ARTHUR L. CROSS, Ph.D. PHILLIP HADLEY, M.D., Ph.D. WILFRED B. SHAW, A.B. CHARLES F. DEISS, A.B. WILLIAM M. HOAD, A.B. JOHN R. SWAIN, A.M. JOSEPH H. DRAKE, Ph.D, L.L.B. CHARLE A. KNUDJON, JR., Ph.D. FRANCES B. VEDDER, A.B., D.D.S. MEMBERS IN CITY L. GRANT BALDWIN, JR. HARRY M. HAWLEY HORACE G. PRETTYMAN ALBERT E. GREEN EDWIN J. HUNTINCTON H. D. SCOTT- HENRY V. NICHOLS GILBERT BARNES MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WILLIAM E. EDWARDS KARL LITZENBERG WEBSTER STERLING NELSON W. ARMSTRONG DONALD V. BARTHOLOMEW HENRY T. BROOKS ERNEST E. FREEMAN WILLIAM S. HILL STUART G. BOWREN JOSEPH GANNON Seniors DAVID C. GROFF BEN C. LANSDALE ROBERT A. MORTENSFN FREDERICK SCHAEFER Juniors EARL B. KAY Sophomores HUGH O. GROVE KENNETH G. HECHT LAWRENCE K. SWEET ROBERT THOMAS ARTHUR R. Twiss ELBERT W. KING JOHN NOLAN- RICHARD D. MINNICH JOHN S. SMART Freshmen FLOYD COOK HORACE HESS CHARLES MARSH VALENTINE SAPH DFXTER GOODLIER WHITNEY LOWE MARTIN MARTENSEN l 1 -, f ? f f Tf SWEET ROCESS BARNES BOWRE.V GRO -E XOI.AS MIXXICH HECHT FREEMAX KAY SMART KING LAXSDALE ARMSTRONG Twiss GANNON THOMAS BARTHOLOMEW BROOKS SHAEFER MORTEXSEN SIGERFOOS DUNNING GROFF Page Three Hundred Fifty-Five 1111 W. HIMIII Illl CIIIHIII III! IIINIII flE IIINIII IIINIII Founded Jefferson College 1852 50 Active Chapters PHI KAPPA PSI MICHIGAN ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1876 1550 Washtenaw rll ' l ' MEMBERS IN FACULTY DEAN JOHN R. EFFINGER, Ph.D. HOWARD B. CALDERWOOD RANDOLPH G. ADAMS, Pii.D. DEAN EDWARD H. KRAUS, Ph.D., Sc.D. HARRY R. GAMBLE, A.M. MEMBERS IN CITY HAROLD E. COVERT CYRENIUS G. DARLING PAUL R. KEMPF MILO OLIPHANT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GEORGE M. BAKER FRED G. BURDORF RAYMOND F. COUSINO JOHN C. HOWARD JOHN CARSTENS RODERICK Cox ANDRE F. GUNN FRED W. BATTEN ROBERT C. BONNEY MARKHAM B. COVENTRY HARVEY DURAND CHARLES BARNDT DONALD FERGUSON CARL HILTY JOHN B. PATTERSON ROBERT J. PATTON Seniors WHITFIELD D. HILLYER GEORGE E. KEYS RICHARD LOVELAND Juniors WALTER S. HOLDEN WILLIAM R. MORGAN So-phomores H. THOMAS ELLERBY WILLIAM P. GIEFEL EDGAR A. GUEST, JR. SAMUEL GREENLAND ALBERT KRAMER THOMAS POWERS MILO A. WHITE ARTHUR H. SMITH EDWARD S. WUNSCH CHARLES M. RUSH HENRY F. SCHAEFER, JR. EUGENE B. WAYLAND WILLIAM L. TRIPP STANTON WARE GARDNER B. WETZEL RICHARD M. WHITE CARL JUNG WALTER MERCER EDWARD OLSAVER Freshmen ROBERT ZAPP PHILLIP SINGLETON HARLOW STEVENS ROBERT VANDERKLOOT ROBERT WESSELS ROBERT WOLFE GIEFEL WETZEL WAYLAND GUEST GREENLAND TRIPP POWERS DURAND COVENTRY ELLERBY BATTEN BONNEY KRAMER M. WHITE MORGAN CARSTENS SCHAEFER Cox HOLDKN BURDORF GUNN PATTERSON COUSINO LOVELAND McCoNNEL RUSH HILLYER SMITH KEYS WUNSCH Page Three Hundie.l Fifty-Six Illl W. IIIMIIf Illl C IHHIII Illl flDiii A IIINIII C IIINIII m Illl xv IIINIII Founded Miami University 1855 89 Active Chapters SIGMA CHI THETA THETA CHAPTER Established 1877 548 South State Street MEMBERS IX FACULTY HFNRV C. ANDERSON, B.M.E. LEWIS M. GRAM, B.S. JOHN S. WORLEY, C.E. RAYMOND O. COURTRIGHT, A.B. CARROLL A. POWELL, E.E., M.S. FIELDING YOST, LL.D. MEMBERS IN CITY CAMERON D. KEI.M FRANK M. MARTIN THOMAS R. PIERSOL CARL H. SMITH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY E. DOUGLAS DRAKE NEIL GALBRAITH R. MARSHAL LONG EDWIN M. ELLIOTT GILBERT N. HARRISON E. MAX PARKIN PAUL J. FLEISCHAUER R. L. HUNTINGTON SHERWOOD B. WINSLOW WALTER H. ALLMAN PHILIP N. BROWN THOMAS A. COPELAND WINDSOR S. DAVIES GEORGE R. ALJ.EN MAX F. BROWN W. ROBERT DUFF HARRY EASTMAN, JR. RAYMOND ALTENHOF REEVE M. BAILEY L. Ross BAIN Seniors PAUL F. ICERMAN ROBERT McDoNAio JAMES D. NORTH DAVID D. DEWEESE DONALD W. DUNCAN- JAMES H. GOULD HARRY A. HATTENBACK JOSEPH BAILEY JOHN BRINK STAN BROWN JOSEPH CRAIN HAROLD B. Ross JOHN A. TOMPKINS ROGER C. THORPE E. BANCROFT YARRINGTON Juniors HARRY R. BEGLEY PAUL J. FIRRING DONALD E. KNIGHT F. MONTY BRETT WILLIAM P. JONES ROLLIN H. MOULTON WILLIAM F. ELLIOTT FRANK D. KENNEDY GEORGE B. SKINTA Sophomores MARTIN S. HAYDEN ARTHUR HUBBARD GEORGE J. LAMBRECHT ROBERT L. LOVELACE Freshmen DUANE FRIEZE JOSEPH LACKEY NIEL GILLIES GODDARD LIGHT SAMUEL HAZELTON TAME; OTIS EVERETT HERSEY RUSSEL READ FP.EDERICK H. MOORE WITMER PETERSON GEORGE E. POTTER GR NDEN VAN-DEWALKER JOHN SECORD WHEATON STROM JAMES WALLACE t f V I f rVt. ' t i HUBBARD FIRRIXG LAMBRECHT JOXES GOULD BAILEY ALTENHOF COPELAXD KEXXEDY PETERSON VAX DE WALKER HAYDEX POTTER LOVELACE DEWEESE McDoxALD SKIXTA BEGLEY BAIN HATTEXBACH ELLIOTT KXIGHT JEXKIXS DUNCAN MOULTOX Ross NORTH THORPE YARRIXGTOX BROWX TOKPKIXS SMITH BRETT Page Three HtmJrsl Fifty-Seven Illl W. IIIMIII Ilil CIIIHIII Illl (OGiA IIINIII (HE IIINIII III! A IHNIII Founded Bethany College 1858 72 Active Chapters DELTA TAU DELTA DELTA CHAPTER Established 1871 1928 Ccddcs Avenue MEMBERS IN FACULTY JOHN ALEXANDER, B.S., M.A., M.D., F.A.C.S. CARL E. GUTHE, Ph.D. LEIGH J. YOUNG, Ph.D. FLOYD E. BARTELL, Ph.D. HOBART H. WlLLARD, Ph.D. JOHN M. BARNES, B.S., M.D. R .LPH H. CURTISS, M.S. F. P. ARTHUR RICHARD D. CUTTING W. W. FLORER CLARENCE J. BOLDT, DAN J. BULMER ARTHUR BARNETT ROBERT BEESLEY JAMES I. DAVIS THOMAS E. HARRIS MEMBERS IN CITY FRED M. GAIGE R. G. MACKENZIE GEORGE MCCALLUM A. D. GlLLINGHAM A. M. HlCHLEY SEWELL PLATT FRED C. ALLENDORF RUDY BARTA ARTHUR S. BERGER JAMES CURTS CHARLES R. BURGESS JOHN CHAMBERS WILLIAM CURRY WILL BORGMAN CARL DAEHI.ER HAMILTON DOLLY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY A.B. JOHN M. DOBBIN Seniors RICHARD D. HASSE JOHN C. HERBST ROBERT G. MACKENZIE MAYNARD D. MORRISON GEORGE F. NICHOLS Juniors HARRY H. HALEY DONALD J. HAEFELE FREDDERICK KOHL Sophomores CHARLES D. HERSHEY KENT W. KENNAN RICHARD PAULSON, A.B. LYLE C. PLESHEK, A.B. GEORGE R. PATTERSON IVAN C. SMITH ROBERT K. SNYDER ARNOLD STORRS Freshmen JOHN GIBNEY ROBERT HF.NOCK Louis KEARNS PAUL R. NELSON WARD OEHMANN CHARLES H. SALISBURY WILLIAM F. TEMPLE KENNETH LAMB DAVID MUTCHLER CHARLES H. RAMIN WILLIAM NICHOLLS RICHARD SHOUP JAMES WEBER HERSHEY KENNAN LAMB KOHL WHITCHLER RAMIN CHAMBERS HARFELE OCHMANN BURGESS MURRAY BARTA CURRY SALISBURY NELSON ALLENDORF HASSE BEESLEY STORRS BERGER HALEY BARNETT SMITH SNYDER PATTERSON MORRISON NICHOLS DAVIS HERST MACKENZIE Three Hundred Fiftv-Elght Illl W. IIIMIII Illl (DC IIIHIR Illl OEiii x IIIN1II 4E HINIII UN A IIINIII Founded Miami University 1848 102 Active Chapters PHI DELTA THETA MICHIGAN ALPHA CHAPTER Est. 1864. Re-Est. 1887 1437 Washtenaw Avenue MEMBERS IX FACULTY HERMAN W. CASE, Ph.D. HARRY G. KIPKE, A.B. HENRY A. SANDERS, Ph.D. ARTHI-R H. COPELAND, Ph.D. EARL V. MOORE, A.M. Go- M. WHIPPLE, Ph.D. CHARLES W. EDMUNDS, M.D. ELMORE S. PETTYJOHN, M.S.E. ALBERT E. WHITE, Sc.D. MEMBERS IX CITY HI-GH M. BEEBE, M.D. WATSON CLAY JAMES A. KENNEDY, JR. MEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY RICHARD E. HOLE STUART M. SMITH Stniort JAMES A. ADKINSON PAUL R. HARTWIG WILLIAM HOCENSON, JR. JAMES W. LENNEY ROBERT R. BENNETT JOHN W. HEPPES ALLEN H. KESSLER, JR. JOHN P. MAPES HUGH W. CLARKE, JR. ALLEN S. CLARK CECIL E. CANTRILL, JR. THOMAS D. COLEMAN H. PEARSON BEEBE WILLIAM R. CLAY THOMAS D. AUSTIN EVERETT C. COPLEY CHARLES L. EBERT THEODORE P. FOSTER Juniors DOUGLAS D. CRARY WILLIAM H. HARRIS W. FREDERICK KLEIN ROBERT G. PETRIE Sophomores STEWART M. CRAM RAYMOND T. FISK, JR. PHILIP M. KLEIN Freshmen RUSSELL J. Fuoc CLARK F. HANNON FREDRIC S. HOSPER FREDRIC XEWCOMER ROBERT W. WILLIAMSON- CHARLES K. RHED H. RICHARD STRATEMEIER W. EDWARD WILSON HARRY G. MCGAVRAN FRANCIS M. WISTERT DON A. POMEROY MARVIN PRESTON LEE CHARLES SHAW WALTER J. SMITH F. KLEIX CKASV PETKIE YiLsox CAXTMLI. BEXXETT RHED CLUE ADKIXSOX MAPFS HAITIG HEPPES KESSLE WIIXIAMSOX LEXXET HOGEXSOX STKATEMEIE BEEBE McGA T x GUAM WIST -T FISKE P. KLEIK COLEMAX HAHJUS Page Three Hundred Fifty-Nite Illl ? . IIIMIII Illl CIHHIII Illl (OOiiiA IIINHI flE IHNlll Illl A IIINIII Founded University of Alabama 1856 106 Active Chapters SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON IOTA BETA CHAPTER Established 1889 1408 Washtenaw Avenue KIRKLAND E. FISHER, A.B. CARROL H. MAY, Ph.D. ALBERT S. BARR, M.D. OTTO H. HANS, A.B. GORDON BALYEAT WILLIAM BELLAMY FRANK KING DONALD S. BELL WILLIAM H. CALEY WILLIAM H. COBURN ALBERT CRIPPA WILLIAM E. DURHAM RICHARD EGAN FRANKLIN J. HAWLEY DONALD T. McGuiRE WILLARD CARTER NELSON CUSHING ARTHUR DECKER MEMBERS IN FACULTY CHARLES OLMSTEAD, B.S. JACKSON R. SHARMAN, Ph.D. EUGENE VERNUE, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY EUGENE B. POTTER, M.D. DAVID M. REED, A.B. SCOTT C. RUNNELS, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GEORGE R. KING JACK F. TOLAN ROBERT T. MATTESON KENNETH THOMPSON- WILLIAM H. NUNNELEY HARTFORD VEREEN Seniors ROBERT M. DAVID CLIFFORD H. DOMKE NORRIS P. JOHNSON Juniors RAYMOND MORIN RICHARD R. NORRIS MALCOLM V. OTIS FREDERICK PERSSE Sophomores JAMES S. HEYWOOD LAWRENCE A. HIEDEMAN WALTER W. SAUCHUCK BERNARD E. SCHNACKLE HARLEY J. MACNEAL ROBERT M. MITCHELL JOHN J. SAUCHUCK HOWARD T. WORDEN ALFRED S. REMSEM ROALDUS F. RICHMOND JOHN W. WOPAT, JR. WILLIAM H. YOUNG CHARLES S. SCHULER HOWARD B. STOWE PAUL TOMPKINS OTTO BIRD JOHN DUDLEY GORDON GLOVER Freshmen JOHN P. HEALY WILLIAM KENNEDY MORRIS B. HIGGINS REED SCOTT EDWARD JAROS RALPH SPELLMAN WALTER SULIVAN NED W. WELCH PERSSE SCHULER HAWLEY XORRIS CRIPPA WORDEN HEIDEMAN OTIS WOPAT W. SAUCHUCK HEYWOOD SC HXACKE DECKER STOWE MORIN SHETTER REMSEN McGuiRE EGAN DURHAM RICHMOND COOK CALEY J. SAUCHUCK COMKE McXEAL JOHNSON DAVID COBURN Page Three Hundred Sixty Illl ? . IIIMIII Illl CIIIHin Illl C IIINIII m Illl x 1IINIII Founded Union College 1847 30 Active Chapters THETA DELTA CHI GAMMA DEUTERON CHAPTER Established 1889 700 South State Street MEMBERS IN FACULTY FRANCIS P. ALLEN, A.B., B.S. ERNEST F. BARKER, Ph.D. MEMBERS IX CITY W. HACKLFY BUTLER BENJAMIN E. GROVES FRANK F. VAN TUVL H. GEORGE FIELD HARRY O. POTTER EDWARD D. WARNER STEPHEN DUNN GORDAN FOGG GEORGE H. MCARTHUR BEN H. BERENTSON WILLIAM M. BURT A. JACK CUTTING DONALD O. BOUDEMAN EDWARD DONAVAN JOHN BEALE WILBUR BOHNSACK THOMAS CONNELLAN GORDON EWING FRANKLIN BRISTOL WILLIAM CAVAXAUGH DONALD DECKER JOHN GARRELS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY LEE OLWELL MORRIS QUINN TIMOTHY QUINN Seniors DONALD D. EWINC DAVID C. FINLEY CARL S. FORSYTHE Juniors HAWLEY EGLESTON JAMES C. FRYER BRIAN JONES Sophomores RICHARD FLEMING FRED GEORGE FRANK NEILL ERNEST C. REIF WILLIAM B. TIPPY RUDOLPH ZABLE CHARLES T. KLINE J. ALEXANDER NEILL A. JUDSON PECKHAM LAWRENCE J. KELLY ARTHUR K. ROBINSON JAMES LOWE JAY Pozz JOHN SALMON GRAFTON SHARPE Freshmen JOSEPH GIBSON DARWIN MCREADIE ROGER THOMPSON- JOSEPH HUME ROY MILLER GEORGE VAN VLECK JEREMIAH HYNES RICHARD PECKHAM ROBERT WARD BENJAMIN KRAUSE WILLIAM SHEPHARD HERMAN WENDLAND BEAI. COSXELLAX XEILL GEOGE SHA PE FLEMIXG EWING EGLESTOX LOWE Pozz BOHXSACK SALMON KELLY ROBISO.V JOKES BOUOEMAK FCILEY Tirrv FYE DOKOVAX FOSYTHE PECKHAM EWING BUT BEREXISOX A. NEILL KLINE CCTIIKC Page Three HunJreJ Sixty-One Illl ? . illMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl flE IIINIII III! A 1IINIII Founded Cornell University 1890 37 Active Chapters DELTA CHI MICHIGAN CHAPTER Established 1892 733 South State Street MEMBERS IN FACULTY THOMAS H. REKD, LL.B. EARL S. WALAVER, J.D. MEMBERS IN CITY RICHARD GREGORY CHARLES W. BISHOP MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY IRWIN BANNASCH CARL E. SCHULTZ THOMAS E. SCHROYF.R BERNARD H. BAILEY FREDERICK K. BRUNTON GERALD Q. CHESLEY SQUIRE CHASE Seniors HENRY W. DE KONING GRAY FARR ALLAN GRIBBIN Juniors HARVEY EBERT MARC R. GRIFFEL HORACE K. POWERS CLARENCE R. SUFFRON CHARLES WHITE RICHARD DAVALL Sophomores JAMES GAMMACH Freshmen CHARLES Cox ROBERT GOVE CAM.MACK DAVALL EBERT PETOSKEY SMITH SHRAYER GOVE BANNASCH HODCSON WHITE CHASE SUFFROW BRUNTIN TOWNSEND SCHULTZ CHESLEY GRIFFEL FARR POWERS GRIBBIN DEKONING JACOBSON BAILEY Page Three Hundred Sixty-Two Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl CSABNHI OE IIINIII Ilil A IIINIII Founded University of Virginia 1867 105 Active Chapters KAPPA SIGMA ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER Established 1892 2107 Washtenaw Avenue MAYNARD A. NEWTON MEMBERS IN FACULTY FRANK H. STEVENS, B.S. MEMBERS IN CITY WAYNE R. JOHNSON- JOHN ENGLISH JOHN BILLHEIMER DAVID L. BROCKMFIER JAMES CARTWRIGHT HUGH L. BAKER STEPHEN M. BREWER C. S. DISTON A. E. BOYD EDWARD ANDREWS ROBERT CANORSE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors W. H. CLARK RlCE FlTZPATRICK WM. W. HESLER T. E. KOPKE Juniors ROBERT GRUBE ALFRED KOCH, JR. Sophomores A. L. SAFSTROM FREDERICK SCHAFER Freshmen ROBERT PLEW GEORGE XEUREUTHER JOHN L. JONES MALCOLM H. McCoRT RALPH ZAHM DONALD A. LEONARD REEVE RHODES ROBERT SEYBOLD ARTHUR SKERRY, JR. EDWIN SHELBRICK JACK STEIN BOYD FAILOR SHAFER BAKER GRCBE SKERRY O ' HARA LEONARD RHODES ADAMS CARTWRIGHT BELLHEIMER SEYBOLD BREWER KOCH ZAHM KOPKE CLARKE FITZPATRICK McCoRT NEUREUTHER BROCKMEIER HESSLER Page Three Hundred Sixty-Thret Illl IIIMIII III! CHIHIII 1111 flGiiAlllNIII OE IIINIII 3K UII UINIII Founded Jsffcrscn College 1848 73 Active Chapters PHI GAMMA DELTA ALPHA PHI CHAPTER Esi-. 1835. Re-Est. 1902 707 Oxford Road MEMBERS IN FACULTY ELROY S. GUCKERT, Ph.D. HENRY W. MILLER, M.E. SHIRLEY W. SMITH, M.A. JOSEPH R. HAYDEN, Ph.D. JAMES B. POLLOCK, Sc.D. CYRUS C. STURGIS, M.D. THEODORE HORNBERGER, A.B. WALTER B. REA, A.B. EDSON R. SUNDERLAND, LL.B. JOSEPH N. LINCOLN, A.M. HENRY E. RIGGS, C.E. MORRIS P. TILLEY, Ph.D. CHARLES F. MEYERS, Ph.D. HERBERT C. SADLER, Sc.D., LL. D.CLARENCE S. YOAKUM, Ph.D. MERLE H. ANDERSON ROBERT W. BABCOCK WILLIAM T. BUCHANAN FRED G. CADWELL CHESTER A. CAVE RICHARD LYONS WILLIAM B. MARTIN STANLEY E. BETZ WILLIAM H. CRAGO THOMAS M. DAVIS MEMBERS IN CITY STUART EAGLESTON LEWIS L. FORSYTHE FRANK O. MCCLELLAN HERBERT A. MAGOON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY W. REED ORR R. MONTGOMERY SHICK JOHN G. STAUDT Seniors ORRIN A. EAMES, JR. RALPH D. GOODRICH, JR. FRANK G. HARRISON Juniors ERLE A. KIGHTLINGER BENJAMIN G. McFATE WARD D. PETERSON CALVIN RAYBURN, JR. SAMUEL H. RIGGS CLEMENT A. SMITH HERBERT H. UPTON ALFRED C. STODDARD THOMAS THOMAS WALTER A. HOLT FREDERICK RIEBEL, JACK L. SPENCER III DANIEL MITCHELL A. DAVID PRICE CHARLES R. WORST VERNON BISHOP HERBERT S. BREYFOGLE CHARLES B. DARNER Sophomores WILLIAM C. CARRIER JOHN C. GEORG WARREN H. MAYO PETER ROWE ROBERT E. FINN CYRUS HULING, II PHILIP H. MITCHELL JOHN M. STOKELY Freshmen PAUL BRUNT JAMES MCCOLLUM LATIMER MOUDRY Louis STAUDT LAWRENCE CLAYTON WILLIAM MCFATE ALFRED PLUMMER HULING JONES GEORG MAYO CARRIER MITCHELL FINN STOKLEY BREYFOGLE D. MITCHELL BISHOP DARNER PRICE McFATE WORST KIGHTLINGER HARRISON GOODRICH REIBEL HOLT SPENCER BETZ EAMES ROWE Page Three Hundred Sixty-Four Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIHHIH Illl CAMfl 4E IIINIII Illl xfcv 1IINIII Founded Virginia Military Institute 1864 93 Active Chapters ALPHA TAU OMEGA BETA LAMBDA CHAPTER Est. 1888. Re-Est. 1904 1415 Cambridge Road JOSEPH H. CANNON, B.S. HERBERT . EMERSON, M.D. SHERWOOD ARE JOHN ALLISON CHARLES K. CORRELL HOWARD W. FANT HOWARD W. BU.DOCK ROBERT O. BARK ALBERT E. BLOMQUIST NORMAN E. DEAN JOHN S. APPLET ARD GEORGE T. CALLISON CARLETON G. CARVER CHARLES G. ANDERSON- LESLIE A. FISH JOHN C. KEYSER RUSSELL BUNN JEFFERIES BENJAMIN ROBERT FITZER JOHN GOODE MEMBERS IN FACULTY CHARLES H. FESSEXDON, M.E. WILBUR R. HUMPHREYS, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY HERMAN H. RIECKER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Louis E. FRATCHER EDWIN B. POORMAN JOHN R. ROSE RALPH O. SMOOT Seniors JOSEPH E. DUFFY SHELDON C. FCLLERTON CARL S. MARTY Juniors WILLIAM G. DODD CHARLES H. GILLEN ERWIN L. KONING Sophomores HAROLD F. KLUTE ROBERT V. NIST GILBERT T. PATRICK Freshmen AUSTIN HALL BENJAMIN JACOBS HAROLD LOCK WOOD WILLIAM MILNE NORMAN B. SORTOR HARVERY G. STRAUB CHARLES C. WALCUTT STANLEY WELLS EVRELL E. PLANK CHARLES A. SANFORD WILLIAM R. WORBOYS D. WARREN ZENTZ STEWART H. MOORE ROBERT F. SHAW JOHN J. THORNBURGH THOMAS B. REYNOLDS DENNIS G. SHEPHERD HARRY P. STINESPRING, JR. LEWIS OTTOMAN CLARK SCHFLL CHARLES WOOD FRANK ZENDZEN CAKYE FISH GILLEX STIXESPSIXG XIST ROSE Dcrrv MOOKE KLVTE ZEXTZ DODD SHAW SHEPHERD CALLISOX DEAX BLOMQCIST PLASK MATT WOOYS SMOOT THORNBCKGH AFPLEYAID Koxixc BALDOCK FULLEKTOX SAXFOSD FKATCHEI KEVSEH PATICK Page Three Hundred Sixty-Five lill ? . IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII III! flE I1INIII m (III A 1IINIII Founded Boston, Massachusetts 1901 42 Active Chapters PHI MU ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER Established 1902 514 Thompson Street R. A. CAMPBF.LL W. F. COLBY E. W. DOTY, A.M. ROB ' T. W. KARPINSKI CHAS. S. ALLEN RICE B. DAVIS HAZF.N DICK CLARENCE L. BECKER JACK CON KLIN REX ALLBRIGHT GAYLE A. CHAFFIN ROMINE G. HAMILTON H. E. HUNSBERGER W. EUGENE HUNTER STANLEY A. MCGAUGHAN NICHOLAS ANIKEEF DONALD BIRD FRED KAISER MEMBERS IN FACULTY A. L. LOCKWOOD S. P. LOCKWOOD, A.M. GLENN MCGEOCH, A.M. D. E. MATTERN, B.M. MEMBERS IN CITY MELVIN DICK ROB ' T. R. DEITERLE GEORGE N. EARLE CHAS. A. SINK, LL.D. OTTO J. STAHL, A.M. A. A. STANLEY, Mus.D. A. J. WHITMIRE JAMES GLOVER CARL H. SMITH PAUL A. SCHLANDERER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ARTHUR SCHLANDERER ELBERT E. TRAIL WENDELL SMITH WILLIAM R. LESLIE Seniors BERT E. HEIDF.MAN ROB ' T. M. MCCRAITH DONALD MCDONALD Juniors FRANK O. RILEY CHARLES F. SANER THEO. SCHOLTZ Sophomores KENNETH CAMPBELL LYLE LACROIX Freshmen JAMES MARKS WINCHESTER RICHARD Louis G. SCOVILLE ERIC L. WILD KENNETH VETTER WILLIAM OSTER HARLAN WATERS ROY WRAGBY DONALD RUSSEL FRED WHITE WATERS HUNTER ANIKEEF LACROIX CAMPBELL OSTER WRAGBY HUNSBERGER MCGAUGHAN RILEY VETTER CHAFFIN SCOVILL SANER SCHOLTZ HEIDEMAN MACDONALD WILD TRAIL CONKLIN ALLBRIGHT McCRAiTH RICHARD SCHLANDERER KARPINSKI SALTONSTALL STAHL HAMILTON MATTERN LESLIE SMITH COOKSON Page Three Hundred Sixty-Six III! W. IIIMIII Illl C IIIHIII 1111 CGIii A IIINIII flE 1IINIII Illl x HINIII = Founded Virginia Military Institute 1869 94 Active Chapters SIGMA NU GAMMA NU CHAPTER Established 1902 700 Oxford Road LOWELL CARR, Ph.D. RUSSELL DOBSON TOHN DUNN MALCOLM HUME SAMUEL BEER MARTIN HUDSON- THOMAS FOSTER JOHN HUMPHREY RAYMOND XEILSI s WALTON BRACKEL ELMORE BROWN WALDEMAR BUSHMAN- LAWRENCE ELMCREN CHESTER BEARD CHARLES BROWNJON DONALD DEVO WILLIAM GOETZ MEMBERS IN FACULTY GEORGE PETERSON, Ph.D. WILLIAM RUFUS, Ph.D. MEMBERS IX CITY CHARLES MC!NTYRE DONALD MCLEAN JOHN MCPHERSON EDWARD MIRBUCK WILLIAM WALZ MEMBERS IX UXIVERSITY THOMAS WILLIAMSON Seniors JOHN KITCH FREDRICK MERNER Juniors CARL SAVAGE KARL SEIFFERT GEORGE SQUIBB Sophomores EDWARD FRI SINGER KENNETH HILDRETH WILLIAM HUNT ERNEST KAISER ALEXANDER MAJOR Freshmen ANDREW HARVEV GEORCE HOLMES HERBERT LEGCETT RICHARD OWENS CLAIRE PURDUM EDGAR RACINE FREDERICK SIMONSON JAMES ST. CLAIR CLIFFORD STEVENSON JAMES WOP AT GRANT MORSE ROYAL PEAKE HART SCHAAF ESTIL TESSMFR WILLIAM TROWE MELVIN ULLRICH JOHN WARNER CHARLES WINTER MAJO RAISES FISINOE TESSKES MORSE Baowx WOPAT ELMGREN STEVEXSOX ST. CLAJ VILJ-IAMSOS! BEE MEKXEI KITCH Smoxsox BKACKEL HUNT PEAKE SCHAAF RACIKE FOSTEK Page Three Hundred Sixty-Severn till ? -= IIIMIII 1111 CIIIHIII (III flGiii A IIINIII C IIINIII m III! A V IIINIII Founded University of Michigan 19CH 33 Active Chapters ACACIA MICHIGAN CHAPTER Established 1904 1923 Ccddcs Avenue MEMBERS IN FACULTY OLIN W. BLACKETT, Ph.D. HERBERT W. EMERSON, M.D. ROBERT G. RODKEY, Ph.D. RUSSEL W. BUNTING, D.D.S. BASIL D. EDWARDS, LL.B. EDWARD A. STALKER, M.S. CLARENCE T. JOHNSTON, C.E. CHARLES A. SINK, M.E., LL.D. MARVIN L. NIEHUSS, M.B.A. MARLIN B. SMALL, A.B. MORTIMER E. COOLEV FRANCIS D. CURTIS, Ph.D. J. RAYMOND DUNWELL, D.D.S. GEORGE A. MASSELINK, M.A. LENT D. UPSON, Ph.D. FREDERICK G. NOVY, M.D. H. H. ATWELL J. E. BEAL R. A. CAMPBELL W. C. HOLLANDS L. KURD W. HERBERT BIXBY JOHN C. BILLINGSLEY A. HAROLD BJORNSTAD W. DOUGLAS CRAWFORD MERRILL W. HAAS ERNEST EICHORN EDWARD L. EVANS MEMBERS IN CITY JOHN LlNDENSCHMITT H. C. MORTON ROBERT NORRIS R. C. PRYCE F. A. SERGEANT FRED STEGATH WM. H. STEWART T. H. TAPPING F. H. WISNER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY FENIMORE E. DAVIS ERNEST A. FARLEY Seniors DOUGLAS H. HOARD GEORGE F. HOWLETT ORVILLE D. LEFFERTS LAURENCE H. LEINBACH Juniors SHERMAN R. HATCH Sophomores GEORGE D. SNELL WALTER G. MITCHELL RUSSELL H. MOORE CHESTER W. PFARNER PAUL A. ROESNER KENNETH E. PETERSON CARLYSLE P. SPIES . LEINBACH SPIESZ DAVIS KERR HAAS BJORNSTAD HOWLETT SNELL HATCH MASSELINK HOARD BIXBY DUNWELL PFARNER MITCHELL ROESNER RIEDEL XORRIS CRAWFORD EVANS BILLINGSLEY MOORE Page Three Hundred Sixty-Eight 1111 W. IIIMIII III! CIHHIII Illl GAMfl flE IIINIII 3K Illl A NINIII Founded Union College 1827 1 5 Active Chapters DELTA PHI IOTA CHAPTER Est. 1855. Rc-Est. 1923 915 Oakland Avenue MEMBERS IN FACULTY WARREN E. FORSYTHE WALTER V. MARSHALL MEMBERS IX CITY WILLIAM J. BOOTH WALTER C. SAUER HOTZELL H. BODE A. RUSSELL CLARKE THOMAS M. COOLEY II FORREST W. BALDWIN WILLARD J. BAN YON- MERLE M. CLARKE WILLARD BLASER EUGENE BREWER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY LESTER C. LEMKE Seniors HENRY G. DYKHOUSE HENRY T. GAGE JOHN S. MARSHALL III Juniors EDWARD S. McKAY Sophomores RUSSELL S. FORSMAN Freshmen JOHN M. BROOKHART ROBERT MILLER HARRY S. PRICE RICHARD L. TOBIN CLAUDE PITTS WILLIAM B. MARSHALL RICHARD L. SLEIGHT DONALD ELDER JACKS KELLEY SLEIGHT CLARKE BAXYOX MARSHALL FOKSMAN PITTS BODE PUCE A. CLAXKE DTKEHOUSE LEMKE GAGE Toix McKAY MARSHALL MILLEK COOLEV Page Three Hundred Sixty-Nil IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl (flCiTiA IIINIII (HE IIINIII m Illl xSUIINIII Founded University of Pennsylvania 1850 35 Active Chapters PHI KAPPA SIGMA ALPHA OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1905 1443 Washtenaw Avenue JOHN R. BRUMM HERBERT A. KENYON WILLIAM ANGELL W. E. BROWN R. O. BONISTELL WILLIAM M. COUPER WAYNE G. Co WELL KENNETH W. ANDREWS RAY C. BLOCHER DAVID S. CULVER SAMUEL H. OILS JOHN H. BENJAMIN JOHN DOEGEY DAVID Dow ARCH L. BEACH JOHN BRADLEY HAROLD ANDERSON SAMUEL BAGBY GEORGE DILLINGHAM MEMBERS IN FACULTY WILLIAM A. MCLAUGHLIN MEMBERS IN CITY E. H. CRESS RAYMOND HUTZEL CECIL W. LEPARD HAROLD J. LEPARD ELMER D. MITCHELL PHILIP C. PACK CARL J. RASH RALPH E. RASH BRADLEY L. THOMPSON PETER J. VANBOVEN BRADFORD A. WHITE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors HOWARD T. GUDRITZ RALPH A. HARDY GEORGHENRY H. HERR RAYMOND D. HETTERICK Juniors Jo B. GARDNER MARSHALL C. HAM Sophomores JAMES R. DOTY WILLIAM W. HERTZOG KENT C. THORNTON Freshmen ROBINSON GILMORE ROBERT HEWITT CHARLES LEONARD W. VINCENT NASH OSCAR T. PERKINSON DONALD E. STRATER A. MYLES YOUNGER WILLIAM E. JORDAN SHERIDAN E. RUGE RAYMOND A. WENDLING RICHARD HANSELMAN TED WAKEFIELD CURTIS MANCHESTER Louis PINNEY GEORGE WOLFF. WAKEFIELD ROOSA CHRISTENSEN YOUN R HERTZOG THORNTON BRADLEY DOTY Dow BEACH ANDREWS GARDNER HETTERICK ROSE DOECEY BENJAMIN CULVER RUGE JORDON WENDLING BLOCKER HESS STRATER HARDY KNAPP OILS GUDRITZ NASH Page Three Hundred Seventy Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl (DCIii A IIINIII QE IIINIII m Illl A , 1IINIII Founded University of Michigan 1905 1 Active Chapter TRIGON 1617 Washtenaw Avenue MEMBERS IX FACULTY S. LAWRENCE BICELOW, Ph.D. ALBERT C. KERLIKOWSKE, M.D. JAMES K. POLLOCK, Ph.D. WILLIAM O. HOAD, U.S. ALBERT LOCKWOOD HERBERT G. WATKINS, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY FRED M. FREEMAN THOMAS E. WHEAT MEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY CHARLES A. ASKREN CLARENCE M. PIERCE Seniors ROBERT J. BRAIDWOOD NORMAN J. DANIELS JOHN H. DKNLER WILLIAM W. KNOX LYMAN A. BULLARD DON D. DAVIS IRA L. GRINNELL ALEX J. SHAW EDWARD W. BOWEN CHESTER R. CLARK RICHARD N. COGCER WILLIAM B. DIBBLE DONALD E. ADAMS ADRIAN J. BROCGINI WALTER COURTIS BRUCE KLEIN Juniors DEFOREST H. EVELAND HOWARD M. JONES JOHN W. LEDERLE Sophomores L ' . WILLIAMS CARPENTER RALPH R. COOPER KFNNETH K. LUCE Freshmen GEORGE LAWTON WILLIAM MILLER DONALD NORTON W. OREN PARKER WARD K. PARR C. RICHARD RACINE STEWART W. RADFORD MORRIS D. MCCAULEY CLINTON D. SANDUSKY LLOYD PARR WILLIAM WARNER f t t LUCE GARRISON BROGGINI MCCAULEV CARPENTER COOPER SANDCSKY EVELAND JONES PARR ADAMS PARKER COGCER DAVIS RACINE BOWEN RADFORD LEDERLE CLARK DIBBLE BCLLARD SHAW DANIELS KNOX DENLER BRAIDWOOD GRINNELL ASKREN Page Three Hundred Seventy-One Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl GiANINIII C MNIII 3K Illl AJINIII Founded Yale University 1845 30 Active Chapters ALPHA SIGMA PHI THETA CHAPTER Established 1908 1315 Hill Street MEMBERS IN FACULTY RALPH W. AIGLER, LL.D. CARL P. HUBER, M.D. WILLIAM M. BRACE, M.D. JOHN F. HUBER, M.D. BENJAMIN G. OOSTERBAAN, A.B. A. F. SHULL, Ph.D. FREDRICK B. WHAR, Ph.D. JESSE W. BAIRD JOHN W. CONLIN THOMAS L. CONLON JOSEPH N. CONLIN HARRY S. BENJAMIN FRANK J. BRADY JOHN A. CAMPBELL WILLIAM H. BUDERUS FRANK E. BYERS RUSSELL M. DAMM CHARLES DEBAKER JAMES P. DREAN MEMBERS IN CITY WARREN PARKER STANLEY L. STEVENS HARRY WILSON HARRY G. RASCHBACHF.R RALPH MURPHY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY DEAN A. ESLING JOHN W. FRENCH J. WALTER YEAGLEY Seniors JAMES E. GARNER WILLIAM M. HESTON NORMAN MCDONALD Juniors RONALD E. EDWARDS CHAS. J. EHRESMANN, JR. DAVID L. GALLUP IV JOHN T. MASON NICHOLAS D. MCGLAUGHLIN RANSOM B. PERKINS DALE C. MEHRING WILFRED TISCH RICHARD E. TISCH FRANK K. WEBER HARMON A. WOLFE GEORGE A. RICHARDSON RICHARD E. SNELL SYLVESTER C. SHEA EARL SUTTER JACK TANDLER AVON S. ARTZ THEODORE CHAPMAN STANLEY FAY FRANCIS COATES So-phomores CHARLES R. HALL FRANK R. JUSEK WILLIAM RENNER JOHN HESTON ALVIN W. PIPER VIRGIL WILLIAMS ROBERT H. HOWARD RUSSELL R. RANEY CHARLES Kocsis Freshmen WILLIAM MCCLINTOCK CARROL SWEET HOWARD HALL JEFFERIS EASTORLEY PIPER ARTZ SNELL WILLIAMS GALLEYS BYERS PERKINS J. HESION MURPHY FAY SUTTER RICHARDSON BUDERUS MASON SHEA DAMM WILLIAMSON EDWARDS MCLAUGHLIN DEBAKER GARNER W. HESTON BENJAMIN BRAUY CAMPBELL MCDONALD EHRESMAN Page Three Hundred Seventy-Two III! W. IIIMIII Illl CIHHIII Illl C IIINIII m 111) A IIINIII Founded Richmond College 1901 66 Active Chapters SIGMA PHI EPSILON MICHIGAN ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1912 1805 Washtenaw Avenue MEMBERS IN FACULTY ROBERT K. BROWN, M.S., D.D.S. FRANKLIN C. CAPPON, A.B. CARL R. LIEBERT FRANK J. BRADING JOHN H. GROVES LEONARD A. LOGAN JOHN J. BAILEY JAROLD T. BELCHER FRANK BESSENGER JARVEY DEINZER H. KERMIT BRASK ERNEST C. Fox LF.ROY H. TRAILING CLIFFORD B. GOODING ROBERT HARDING GEORGE E. BARRON ALLEN CASS ROBERT HARDING EDWARD HOLDEN MEMBERS IN CITY IRWIN R. SANBORN, B.S. WESLEY STEER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY RALPH A. ROHRBACH JOSEPH SULLIVAN Seniors A. JOHN HAUSERMAN KARL N. HIRT KENNETH J. MCCALLUM Juniors ALEX JOLLY PAUL KISSINGER ARTHUR KUTSCHE GROVER H. LOGAN Sophomores ROY LOCKEMAN Freshmen KEPP JOHNSON WALTER KELLER THERON MASON LESLIE J. WESSINCER JACK SHERER GLENN C. TAGUE EDWARD B. WEINMAN ARVIN I. PHILIPPART HARRY SHICK LAWRENCE C. WHITSIT FRANK B. MACCRILLIS BRUCE S. SHANNON MELVIN S. STEELE JOHN TOWNSEND HOZMER B. WRIGHT JOSEPH F. ZIAS WILLIAM C. RENNER B. RAYMOND SAYER RICHARD SCHEER ROGER SCHLINCMAN FBAILISG KUTSCHE LOCKEMAN BHASK WRIGHT SHANNON RENNER STEELE Z:AS JOLLY LOGAN DEINZER MACCRILLIS TOWNSEND GOODING KISSINGER BESSENGER BAILEY WHITSIT HIRT PHILIPPART HAUSERMAN McCALLUM Page Three Hundred Seventy-Three Ilil W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIH Illl flGiiiA IIINIII QE IIINIII Illl A IIINIII Founded College of City of New York 1897 33 Active Chapters ZETA BETA TAU PHI CHAPTER Established 1912 2006 Washtcnaw Avenue I. LEO SHARFMAN, LL.B. ROBERT S. AMBERG CHARLES FRONT MEMBERS IN FACULTY A. B. LOVEMAN, M.D. JOSEPH COHEN, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GEORGE SPATER Seniors MARVIN S. KOBACKER LESTER ORNSTEEN JOSEPH R. RUWITCH EMIL S. TAMM DANIEL B. AARON WALTER S. BAER, JR. MYRON F. BLANK RICHARD C. BARNARD WILLARD FREEHLING MYRON R. GERSON Juniors IRVING S. FRANK, JR. A. EDWARD LIVINGSTON Sophomores BEN W. HEIIMEMAN HENRY J. MEYER ROBERT SALTZSTEIN ERNEST M. SOLOMON MELVIN M. STARANSIER MAX H. WEINBERG ROBERT J. SPIEGEL WILLIAM S. THAL JAMES H. WINEMAN JACK EFROYMSON ROBERT ENGLE JULIAN FRANK Freshmen ABNER FRIEDMAN HAROLD GROSS HOWARD KALEE MELVIN KEMTENER EDWARD ROSENTHAL ROBERT RUNITCH FRED THRF.EFOOT MEYER HEINEMAN FREEHLING WINEMAN SALTZSTEIN SPIEGEL THAL GERSON STARENSIER LIVINGSTON WEINBERG BLAXK AARON BARNARD SOLOMON FRANK FRONT KOBACHER AMBERG RUWITCH ORNSTEEX TAMM BAER Page Three Hundred Seventy-Four Illl ? -= IIIMIII Illl C IHHIH Rll OGiii A HINIII QE IIINIII m till x IIINIII = Founded Boston University 1909 82 Active Chapters LAMBDA CHI ALPHA SIGMA ZETA CHAPTER Established 1913 1601 Washtenaw Avenue JACK L. BLOTT, A.B. FLOYD X. CALHOUN, B.S H. L. CAVERLV, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY 7 MYRON D. CHAPIN, Ph.D. RUEL V. CHURCHILL, M.S. JAMES H. MCBURXEY, A.M. j. K. G. SILVEV, A.M. MEMBERS IN CITY WILLIAM G. SMEATON, A.B. ROBERT VIRTUE, A.M. CLIFFORD WOODY, Ph.D. ALBERT G. BAKER PAUL BIGBY RICHARD S. COLE LEO F. BROWS- DICK GUSTINE JOHN J. KACAY DAVID M. XICHOL C. RICHARD ASHTON OLIVFR EAMES DUAXE L. ERIKSEX HOWARD L. FETTES GEORGE D. KYES ROBERT K. MCKENZIE WILFRED DRESSER SHELDON- FLOYD HARTMAN THOMAS RUDOLPH I. CLARY PAUL GIBSON MEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY EDWIN GILILIAN THOMAS KNAPP LEE RICE Seniors CLAY F. OLMSTEAD XED RICHARDS CLAYTON B. SEARS HOBERT D. SKIDMORE MILTON F. SMITH J union CARL J. HOLCOMB BYRON LINVILLE WILLIAM H. MOHRHOFF Sophomores SPENCER O. MICHAELS FRANK PALMER CHARLES F. PARVIN JOSEPH F. SAHLMARK RAY SCHAUBLE JOSEPH WITTER J. WILFRED SMITH ROBERT I. SNYDER CHARLES E. WILCOX L. ALFRED WINFMAN GEORGE E. RADEMAKER ALLAN F. SCHMALZRIEDT EDWARD WELLS ARTHUR H. WILSON J. PHILLIP SCHAUPNER RICHARD A. SNYDER Freshmen HEIM CLETUS LINDEMAN CHARLES McKiNLEY JAMES SCANLON HUNT ALLAN MCCOMBS JOHN MORROW RALPH WISTER KYES FETTES LIXVILLE SCHAUPXER R. A. S. T)E EJIIKSEK McKEXZiE PARVIX RADEJIAKEK HOLCOMB Lvox ASHTON GVSTIXE SKIDUORE EAUES WILSOX MOHRHOFF SCHMALZRIEDT BROWN W. SMITH WINEMAX OLMSTEAD XICHOL R. I. SXYDER SEARS M. SMITH KAGAY Wrtcox Page Three Hundred Seventy-Fife III! W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl CG; A IIINIII E IIINIII Illl A IIINIII Founded Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1864 31 Active Chapters THETA XI SIGMA CHAPTER Established 1914 1345 Washtenaw Avenue BENJAMIN F. BAILEY, Ph.D. HERMAN R. BUEHLER WALTER R. DRURY GEORGE FRAUNBERCER MARSHALL ANDERSON DONALD B. BENEDICT ALLISON B. EVANS LAWRENCE B. FERRIS BENJAMIN F. BAILEY, JR. CHARLES E. COLEMAN CARL R. ELLSWORTH LESLIE FRISK FREDERICK W. ALLEN MALCOM S. EVF.LETH ROBERT C. FRAUNBERCER THOMAS BREEN CARL CUPHAVER MEMBERS IN FACULTY LEONARD BODDY, B.S., M.S. WILLIAM C. HOAD, B.S. HENRY H. HIGHBIE, E.E. MEMBERS IN CITY GEORGE W. DUNN RUDOLPH H. GJELSNESS JOHN MATHES HAROLD MCCLENATHAN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY RALPH HIGBIE Seniors JAMES W. FREEMAN KENNETH L. HOUCK JOHN J. LEVENSON Juniors ROBERT E. HAYES EDGAR T. HORSEY WILLIAM C. KNOEPFLE RICHARD S. MCC.REARY LEI.AND M. MORSE Sophomores CHARLES A. HOAG WILLIAM D. KOON ROBERT C. MAIR ROBERT MILLER Freshmen FREDERICK DROSSMAN HORACE EDMONDS MELVIN J. ROWE OSCAR A. LUNDIN RICHARD OSENBERG DEAN N. REASON WILBERT STEFFEY J. JAMES RAYMOND WALTER J. SIMONS ALFRED R. TAPERT J. DONALD WALP HARVEY H. NICHOLSON EDWARD SAURBORN R. NELSON SHAW RICHARD GERKF.NSMEYER JAMES LOUCHMAN TAPERT McCREARY RAYMOND KNOEPFLE COLEMAN SIMONS HORSEY MORSE WALP MILLER FREEMAN HOUCK LEVENSON LTJNDI N ANDERSON EVANS FERRIS HAYES SHAW SAURBORN NICHOLSON KOON EVELETH MAIR HOAG McCoRMACK Page T .ree Hundred Seventy-Six Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHin Illl flE IIINIII Illl A IIINIII I Founded I Columbia University 1909 I 22 Active Chapters PHI SIGMA DELTA ETA CHAPTER Established 1915 1100 Hill Street MEMBERS IN FACULTY MILTON GOLDHAMER, A.B., M.S. HERMAN E. COPLON MAURICE EPSTEIN MEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY MAURICE J. HAUSER JEROME GOLDMAN FRED POTRUCH BARNEY SCHAEFFER BERTRAM J. EDGERT Seniors LEONARD A. KAMINS HENRY WEISS JEROME WIEN DAVID P. CATSMAN JEROME M. COMAR BERNARD H. GOOD Juniors WILLIAM S. HANDEL GILBERT Y. RUBENSTEIN LESTER A. SCHONBERG SAMUEL J. SEADLER MILTON H. SIMS MERRILL I. COWAN BERNARD H. DAVIDSON ARNOLD COHODES Sophomores JOSEPH E. FRUMKES Freshmen LEONARD L. LASER LAWRENCE SKEBELSKY MORRIS EPSTEIN DAVIDSON- GOOD COMAR SIMS COWAN SKYBELSKV LASER FRUMKES EPSTEIN SCHONBERG SEADLER HANDEL RUBEXSTEIN CATSMAN EDGERT WEISS KAMINS WIEX Page Three Hundred Seventy-Seven Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl OGIiix$UINIII C 1IINIII , 11INIII Founded Massachusetts Agricultural College 1873 49 Active Chapters PHI SIGMA KAPPA DELTA DEUTERON CHAPTER Established 1915 1043 Baldwin Avenue ALFRED H. WHITE, B.S. WILLIAM COMSTOCK CECIL OSBORNE CREAL MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY EARLE FINOERLF. PAUL H. JF.SSERICH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ROB::RT THOMPSON, B.S. HAROLD GRAVES WALLER GEORGE O. WHITE EDWARD ALDINGER GEORGE L. BEARD LAWRENCE COOPER FRANKLIN FORSYTHE ROBERT Fox EDWARD ALDINGER MILLARD J. BELL LEE C. HAMMOND ALLAN S. BEARD FRANK HEMENGER J. NOUD KELLY ROBERT H. CURTIS GEORGE D. DOWNING CLARENCE M. HAYDEN JOHN D. LINDSEY LEWIS BOSWORTH EDWIN DEER ALLEN KNUSSI GEORGE C. FRENCH LAWRENCE HACKENBURG JOHN LAW HAROLD LINDSEY JOHN MOORE Seniors AUSTIN M. HUMBER THOMAS B. MOULE HAROLD LINDSEY EDWIN F. RUSSELL FREDRIC N. LYON CLARENCE A. SCHOEN Juniors ROBERT H. LAMB ROBERT MAY THOMAS MOULE BURKE PORTER FREDERICK J. SCHWEITZER ROLAND STANGF.R CARL TUSCH WALTER C. SHEPLEY SAMUEL G. WELLMAN CARL E. RIEMENSCHNEIDER W. R. SENF SINCLAIR WESTON Sophomores DONALD MACCOLLUM LLOYD C. NYMAN BURKE E. PORTER Freshmen CARLETON GILBERT THOMAS HELDT JOHN W. PRITCHARD ARTHUR SCHOEN WARREN L. WHEELWRIGHT RICHARD WILCOX COLTON PARK GALE STERLING WHIPPI.E I t I $ t t ' f ...9GL lap Jfc,- A| v2l f I. f a f. Jf BEARD PRITCHARD RIEMENSCHNEIDER HAYDEX NYMAN WHEELWRIGHT Fox WILCOX MACCOLLUM SCHOEN CURTIS FRENCH COOPER WESTON HEMENGER SCHOEN LAMB ALDINGER LYON HAMMOND KELLY SENF SCHWEITZER HUMBER MOULE RUSSELL COOPER LINDSAY WELLMAN BELL SHEPLEY Three Hundred Seventv-Eig it III! ? . IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII (III flCHii x IIINIII CE IIINIII till x HINIII Founded University of Michigan 1907 1 Active Chapter HERMITAGE HERMITAGE CHAPTER Est. 1907. Re-Est. 1917 1808 Hermitage Road RALPH W. AIOLER, LL.D. ROY V. COWDEN, A.M. Louis A. BAIER CLAYTON H. KASER ADJIT STEWART FRANK A. CHATFIELD WILLIAM P. EDMONDS, JR. RICHARD H. ADAMS RICHARD F. BRISTOR ROBERT BRODIE RALPH BALDWIN- DONALD BOWERS DON C. COZADD GORDON BOYLAN MEMBERS IN FACULTY LEWIS M. GRAM, B.S. LAWRENCE PREUSS, M_ . MEMBERS LN CITY G. FRANKLIN KASER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors FREDERICK C. EVERETT THEODORE Moscoso, JR. Juniors SAMUEL EWTNC JAMES C. HENDLEY HAROLD KAI FMANN CHRIS KCRZWEIL Sofkomores EVERETT TRAILING ROBERT HEITSCH KARL JEAN- CHARLES NliEN Freshmen ALEXANDER G. RI ' THVPN, Ph.D HERBERT C. SADLER, Sc.D. HERBERT M. SHAW LEVERNE H. TAYLOR THURSTON E. ULRICH WILLIAM PAGE ARTHUR SCHMIDT JONATHAN SNOW LEWIS E. STEVENS HAROLD J. TORO WALTER POOL WALTER POWERS GORDON REYNOLDS EDWARD GENZ Ewixc Moscoso EvEkETT SCHMIDI FZAILIXC HEITSCH XISEX BJU.DWJS Sxow JEAK BOWEKS BCODIE Toco ADAMS STEVEXS REYNOLDS BKISTO POWEXS STEWABT UUICH PAGE CHATFIELD EDMONDS KCKZWEIL LDTHE Page Three Hundred Seventy-Nine = HIMIII Illl CIIIHIII 1111 flGiiAHINIII QE IIINIII III! x 1IINIII Founded College of New Jersey 1824 29 Active Chapters CHI PHI ALPHA TAU CHAP TER Est. 1882. Re-Est. 1921 1530 Washtenaw Avenue LON POLK ROBERT GROUSE HAROLD G. CAPRON MAYNARD R. ANDREAE STANLEY T. DONNER WILLIAM H. JORDAN WILLIAM T. BROWN ROBERT B. CALLAHAN KEITH K. CROSSMAN JUDD K. POLK CARL H. BECKHAM, JR. DONAL J. BOURG JOHN B. DEO JOHN BELLAMY DAVID BASSETT THOMAS CROSBY O ' NEILL DILLON MEMBERS IN FACULTY PROF. R. B. HALL, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY AL. A. HEALD MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ROBERT DEO RUSSEL REED JOE P. GATES ALEX ROBERTSON Seniors HARRY S. KINNEY LAWRENCE Y. LUCEY ORVILLE E. PARKER WILLIAM H. PENDELL M. ROBERT SUTTON ROBERT D. TOWNSEND FRED J. SIBLEY Juniors RICHARD S. READE, JR. ROY S. ROLLINGER JOHN T. SPENCE Sophomores HOWARD G. HOLMES FRED H. HUNTOON DONALD A. JOHNSTON, JR. VENABLE D. JOHNSON Freshmen HARRY FURST JOHN D. MORGAN JOHN H. MORGAN V. DUNCAN SHEP ARD CARL J. GLADFELTER ROBERT F. DALZELL GEO. R. EDMUNDSON ALBERT H. NEWMAN, JR. FRED H. ROLLINS OLAN D. SNAVELY, JR. CHARLES W. MERCILL HERBERT Nice HAROLD SKELLON ARTHUR TRAPHAGEN HOLMES JOHNSTON DEO NEWMAN JOHNSON HUNTOON SPENCE SNAVELY MILLIKAN SHEPARD DALZELL GROSSMAN WALTON GLADFELTER CALLAHAN PARKER ANDREAE BROWN DONNER PENDELL SUTTON LUCEY TOWNSEND JORDAN BOURG ROLLINS READE BECKHAN ROLLINGER HAHN KINNEY SIBLEY Three Hundred Eighty Illl W. IIIMIII yil CIHHIII Illl CE IIINIII m Illl MIN11I : Founded University of Rochester 1911 17 Active Chapters KAPPA NU MU CHAPTER Established 1919 SCO Lincoln Avenue ARTHUR J. BERNSTEIN JOSEPH H. DAVIDSON WILLIAM K. HARRIS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ARTHCR L. GOULSON BYRON F. NOVITSKT Seniors IRA W. LEVY DAVID E. MARKS ;-AMUEL SHERMAN HERBERT S. SILMAN S. SYLVAN SIMON PHILIP J. ARNOFF MAX EHRLICH LLOYD P. FRANKEL Juniors SAUL S. FREIDBERG :AMUEL ISAACS ALAN V. LOWENSTEIN MARVIN L. ROSENBERG HERBERT V. SHARLITT WILLIAM E. ZAGORIN ALEX E. ARNOFF JEROME BLONDER ALFRED L. DEUTSCH Sophomores ROBERT S. DEUTSCH JEROME J. FRANK LAWRENCE LEVY ROBERT A. SLOMAN Freshmen AL FRIEDMAN ELI SOODIK MORTON B. STEIN JACOB I. WEISSMAN JEROME KABB SUOMAX B. DEUTSCH A. DECTSCH BLOSDE SOODIK L, LEVY FJAXK STEIX A. AINOFF ZAGOKIN LOWESSTEIS WEISSMAN ROSEKI FIAXKEL P. AEXOFF MAXES SHEIMAX EHULICH SHAU.ITT I. LEW XOVITSKY SlLMAX BEIXSTEIX GOCLSOK DAVIDSON HAMIS Page Three Hundred Eighty -One Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl (OGiii A V IIINIII C IIINIII Illl xfcv MINIII Founded Norwich University 1856 44 Active Chapters THETA CHI ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Established 1919 1351 Washtcnaw Avenue ARNO L. BADER, M.A. G. E. CARROTHERS, Ph.D. JAMES H. CISSEL, B.S., C.E. JOSHUA E. BACON GEORGE W. JOHNSON HUBERT W. LYONS MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. J. MACFARLIN, B.E., C.E. W. B. PALMER, M.A. ARTHUR H. MOF.HLMAN, M.A. M. B. STOUT, E.E., M.S. C. B. VIBBERT, Ph.D., A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY K. C. MARANTETTE E. B. POWER, A.B. NEIL O. STAEBLER HERBERT H. TWINING ALBERT P. WAGNER C. J. WHEELER, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY P. J. ANDERSON K. F. BENNETT C. F. CARTER HENRY BERGSTROM ROLLIN CLARK DALE DEWITT HAROLD BOYER GILBERT CHAVENELLE RAYMOND EISERMAN FREDRICK FENSKE F. H. FAUST L. M. GOODSPEED O. DF.H GURNEE J. F. JOHNSON MELVIN TRUMBLE JOSEPH WILSON LEONARD WILSON JAMES BACON JOHN BODEN JACK CAMPBELL J. BRYAN DAVIS FRED JOHNSON EDWARD ANWILER CHARLES ATKINS WILLIAM BOICE F. A. W. R. ROETHKK T. Y. WATSON Seniors JOHN HUBLY HARCOVRT PATTERSON WILLIAM JONES KENNETH TOWNSEND JOHN OHLSON ROBERTSON TOWNSEND Juniors ROBERT Fouss ROBERT MILLER KENNETH HARTUELL CHESTER OGDEN WILLIAM HOVVELL FREDERIC SEITZ GERALD HUBBARD STUART WILLIAMS ROBERT KLI NT WORTH Sophomores W. ROBERT MORELAND WILLIAM SABOM FRED NEWMAN ELDON SCOTT A. KIMBALL NORTHROP HARRY TILLOTSON, JR. NED REGLEIN E. STANLEY WATERBOR Freshmen GEORGE DALBY DAVID KNIGHT RAYMOND DOERR JAY SMITH RODERIC HOWELL JOSEPH WHITMER ARMAND DELZER ROLIND EARLE ROBERT GILLILAN JOHNSON PERROW CAMPBELL DAVIS EARLE BOYER SCOTT RKCLIEX MORELAND MILLER GILLILAN XORTHRUP HARTWELL WARTEREOR NEWMAN SEITZ SABOM CHAVENELLE KLIXTWORTH HOWELL OGDEX I.AMERSOX HUBBARD FROSS EISERMAN FENSKE WILLIAMS WILSON DEWITT OHLSON BERGSTROM R. TOWXSEND PATTERSON CLARK K. TOWNSEXD TRUMBLE HUBLY GURNEE Page Three Hnn.lred Eighty-Two = IIIMIII Illl C IIIHIII Illl flGIIi A IIINIII flE IIINIII Illl A IIINIII Founded College of City of New York 1899 50 Active Members DELTA SIGMA PHI ALPHA THETA CHAPTER Established 1920 806 Hill Street WILLIAM Brun CLIFTON DEY MEMBERS IN FACULTY ARTHUR VAN DUREN, Ph.D. MEMBERS IX CITY HAROLD GOLDS WAI rx) HILDEBRAND FRANK PAINTER, JR. ALBERT J. PARKER IX UNIVERSITY THERON CHILDS RICHARD E. CLAIRE JOHN CAMPBELL KFNNETH S. CRAWFORD WALTER JOHNSON WILFRED BASSETT HOWARD CHAPIN GEORGE FUNDERBURK JAMES EBERLEY WILSON HUTCHISON- JACK HACKETT LEO M. LEG ATS K i TOM PROUSE Seniors CASPER KAST BENJAMIN MADERO Juniors KhNNF.TH HOPKINS Sophomores HAROLD LEGATSKI JOHN SCHWARTZBKK Freshmen RTSSELL JOHNSON J. WESLEY RICE DONALD WILLIAMS WALTER R. MORRIS ROBERT A. SNYDER T. AN SON STACEY CHARLES WASHER WILLIAM WILLIAMS LYLE WAGGONER FRANK KIDDER DAVID KLINGF.R-SMITH CIAWFOIO S .OXE VA?HE WILLIAMS CLAIE COLEMAX KAST Joaxsox SXYDE BACEK SEABCEV P OCSE STACET SCHWAIIZBEK BASSETI CHAMS LEGAISEI FrxDE BU K HOPKIXS Page Three Hundre.l E-gAty-TArff (Ill W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl (ODIiiA IIINIII flE IIINIII Illl x v IIINIII Founded ' ,-, Trinity College 1895 22 Active Chapters ALPHA CHI RHO PHI XI CHAPTER Established 1921 1017 Oakland Avenue MEMBERS IN FACULTY NORTON CANFIELD, B.S., M.D. JOHN M. NICHELSON, B.S. in M.E. WALTER F. HUNT, Ph.D. WARNER G. RICE, Ph.D. JOHN E. JUDSON CHARLES G. WAGNER, A.M. MEMBERS IN CITY EDWIN L. SIMON ERNEST T. SOMERVILLE ALBERT M. WHARFIF.LD FRANCIS A. BELL ALVIN G. DAHLEM THOMAS H. JOLLS ALBERT H. ALFSEN DONALD J. BEVIS FRANKLYN D. BURGER FRANK FLORES HENRY A. BADER DON M. BLANCHE HENRY G. GRAHAM EVERETT J. HILTY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WILLIAM K. LOMASON EARL L. MEIXNER CHARLES M. MILLER Seniors ALLAN B. CALLAHAN HAROLD J. PAINE LAWRENCE G. SEXTON Juniors RUSSELL R. OSTRANDER Sophomores KENNETH JONES J. DONALD POUND ROBERT D. RISK HENRY E. SHAW CHARLES R. SPROWL STEWART M. WHITE CHARLES ELLIS SMEAL CAMERON M. STURGEON CLARENCE E. ROSA J. KILBURN PETTENCILL, JR. ROGER C. SHIRTUM JERRY A. REA RICHARD C. WEBSTER RALPH O. RENICK CLIFFORD R. WHEELER SMEAL RENICK BEVIS STURGEON SEXTON GRAHAM WEBSTER WHARFIELD JUDSON POUND HUNT SPROWL ALFSEN BURGER LOMASON REA SHIRTUM BLANCHE ROSA WHEELER HILTY PETTENGILL Page Three Hundred Eighty-Four Ilil ? . IIIMIII illl CIIIHIB (III MM A IHNIII C IIINIII till A 1IINIII j Founded Columbia University 1912 32 Active Chapters PHI BETA DELTA OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1921 920 Baldwin Avenue LESTER COHN EDWARD ELIEZER MEMBERS IX FACULTY JEROME KRONICK, A.B. M.A. MEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY BENJAMIN FISHMAN IRVING GOLDSTEIN Louis HURWITZ PHILIP SEIDEL LOUIS SCHULMAN ARTHUR COHEN Seniors NORMAN ELIEZER HOWARD GOULD SIDNEY RAIKE ARNOLD BLUMENFELD LEO GOODMAN ALBERT BLUMENFELD Juniors SAUL MoDELL Sophomores SETMOUR CAPLAN GORDON H u RWI TZ MILTON ROUMM SIDNEY TOBIAS HARRIS XATHAN JOSEPH BRILLIANT MAC COHN SEYMOUR GOLDSMITH LEONARD KOPLIN freshmen JOE LESSER LEONARD MELLMAN SEYMOUR ROMANOFF SEYMOUR RUBIN- LESTER SALINE DANIEL SCHWENCER LESTER SHMIER MILLARD STEIN COHS SCHULMAX MoDEU. GoLDSTKIN HuSWITZ BLUMENFELD CoHX N. ELIEZEK FISH MAX TOBIAS . ELIEZEK GOODMAN GOULD ROUMM MEII MA CAPLAN BLUMENFELD ROMANOFF HCKWITZ XATHAN Page Three Hundred Eighty-Five = HIMIII till CIIIHHI Illl (ODiS A IIINIII C IIINIII Illl x 1IIN1II Founded I College of City of New York 1904 24 Active Members | PHI EPSILON PI ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Established 1921 1319 Cambridge Road JACK LEVY STANLEY LF.VISON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ROBERT SLOSS JAY JACOBSON MELVIN BENSTOCK JEROME COHN Seniors Louis KUSIN Juniors JULIUS TOBIAS JERRY ROSENTHAL HENRY LEVY RICHARD GUGGENHEIM Sophomores ELMER GEIFETZ SAM GREENWOOD JULIUS MAYER MILTON SCHLO:S JACK VALIN MILTON EINSTEIN LEWIS HIRSCH Freshmen AL HlRSCHFIELD GEORGE LURIE ROBERT OPPENHEIMER JESSE ROTTENBERG VOLIX ROTTENBERG SCHLOSS LEVY JACOBSON TOBIAS ROSE:ITHAL MAYER HEIFETZ GUGGENHEIM LEVISON KUSIN BENSTOCK LEVY Page Three Hundred Eighty-Six mi w. IIIMIII iill CIIIHIH till flE IIINIII m Illl 1IINIII Founded University of Michigan 1922 4 Active Chapters DELTA ALPHA EPSILON BETA CHAPTER Established 1922 816 Tappan Avenue CLARENCE F. KESSLER, M.S.E. MILTON J. DRAKE, M.B.A. ERWIN J. BENZ Louis P. BLTENSCHOEN FORSTER G. BRILL CLARK VV. FULTON- JAMES C. HILLS WILBUR J. BAILEY LAWRENCE M. P. DARROW ROBERT E. BLACKWELL PHILIP COON GEORGE DANKERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY CHARLES W. GOOD, B.S.E. H. LEROV SELMEIER, A.M. MEMBERS IX CITY E. EVERETT LOFBERC, A.B. JOHN V. WELLMAN, M.D. NEIL E. WARREN, B.S. MEMBERS IN " UNIVERSITY MILTON C. MCCREERY Seniors MONTE E. KAHLBAUM CARL R. MELOY, JR. Juniors JOHN H. Huf? ROBERT G. LAW JOHN D. NEAL Sophomores CLARENCE F. BLANDING WILLIAM E. LANGEN freshmen KENNETH DORMAN JAMES E. SPENCER STOCKS W. WILLIAMS LAWRENCE V. MESSERSMITH ROBERT R. MILLER THOMAS S. PERKINS WALDEX A. SUNDELL NORMAN C. TUTTLE ROBERT W. MERRITT EONALD FORSTIC JOHN GAM ox BLAXDIKG WILLIAMS DAKKOW LAN ,EX BLACKWELL OEST IKE BAILET HILLS XFAL TVTTLE Sr SHELL LAW Hrss MEITT FCLTON PECKIXS BUTEXSCHOEX KAHLBACM MELOY MILLEI SELXEIEK Page Three Hundred Eighty-Seven HIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl flE IIINIII HINIII Founded Middlebury College 1,905 19 Active Chapters KAPPA DELTA RHO MU CHAPTER Established 1923 1003 East Huron Street BENJAMIN A. DEGRAFF, A.M. Louis M. EICH, Ph.D. WILLIAM E. BADGER CHARLES CLARK, JR. WILLIAM M. ALEXANDER PAUL FRANSETH HENRY FORD HENRY E. CHESEBROUGH BYRON C. COATS GLENN V. EDMONSON ABE J. HANJE STANLEY J. HYMAN GEORGE R. INNES HARVEY M. ANDREE ERWIN R. BOYNTON HARLEY NEWCOMB MEMBERS IN FACULTY FRANKLIN L. EVERETT, Ph.D. WALTER E. LAY, B.M.E. NEIL H. WILLIAMS, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY FRED J. DEWITT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY KEITH B. HACKETT JOHN B. HOBEN Seniors GEORGE F. JACKSON CHARLES E. KRAUS GERALD W. LEWIS HAROLD E. MACLEAN DONALD W. MAGOON Juniors JOHN L. BRACKETT CHARLES L. MURRAY Sophomores H. THAYER FLETCHER Freshmen EDWARD SCHRAM JOHN SIMPSON EARL E. KLEINSCHMIDT THOMAS PRYOR CHARLES R. NELSON R. W. ROCKEFELLER DONALD WILLIAMS STANLEY H. MCGILLIARD WILBUR J. MYERS THOMAS W. MURRAY DONALD J. RENWICK JESSE S. SOHN LAWRENCE J. VANDERBERC J. TRUMAN STEINKO Louis S. VEENSTRA TRUF.MAN SMITH ANDREE HOWSON C. MURRAY FLETCHER BRACKETT BOYNTON ROCKEFELLER RENWICK MAGOON EDMONSON HACKETT SOHN T. MURRAY JACKSON MYERS LEWIS VEENSTRA COATS HYMAN HANJE LAY STEINKO INNES MACLEAN KRAUS VANDERBERG EVERETT DEGRAFF Page Three Hundred Eighty-Eight Illl W. IIIMIII Illl C HIHItl Illl IIINIII (HE II1NIII m Illl A V IIINIII Founded Vermont University 1918 14 Active Chapters PHI MU DELTA GAMMA BETA CHAPTER Established 1922 721 South State Street BURKE SHARTELL, S.J.D. ROBERT H. SHERLOCK, B.S. MEMBERS IX FACULTY CLARENCE D. THORPE, Ph.D. HAROLD A. OTT, Ph.D. LESTER M. PHILBIX, B.S. MEMBERS IX CITY LlLBURN L. WOODWORTH DUNCAN STEWART LESLIE M. DOUGLASS WILLIAM D. SUTHERS GEORGE T. GRIGGS JOHN M. HOLLOW AY JOHN E. KUPPINGER K: NETH T. BRADY JULIAN M. FUGERE GILBERT W. GROEHN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WILLIAM A. POST Seniors KEMPMANN GARY ML-FFLY Juniors ROBERT A. LAWTON HOWARD E. HELLEISEN EDWARD H. RAUKOHL CLYDE BUTLER WARD TEDROW ALFRED J. PALMER ROBERT E. ROWE JAMES W. HARRIS ALBERT A. ROUSE CARL E. SCHNEIDER KEITH W. TYLER Sophomores ALEX E. CLARK ROY M. DUDLEY Freshmen TAGE JACOBSON I M - ri ft 9f f ft It 4 BUTLE RAUEOHL CLAI; POST STEWAT FI-GEE HELLEISEX TEDROW SCHSEIDE ROCSE GKOEHK TYLE ROWE GXIGGS PALMEI KCTMSGEI LAWTOX MOFFLY HOLLOWAV Page T u-ee Hundred Eighty-Nine Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl (OEJiSx lllNIII QE IIINIII 3K Illl A IIINIII Founded [ University of Virginia 1868 72 Active Chapters i PI KAPPA ALPHA BETA TAU CHAPTER Established 1922 1824 Ceddes Street RALPH L. BELKNAP, Sc.D. NEWTON S. BEMENT, Ph.D. LEDRU E. DAVIS WILLIAM S. CARLSON ROBERT CATHCART LAWRENCE E. HARTWIG H. WINSTON HATHWAY EUGENE B. ETCHELLS CLARENCE W. HAAS CHARLES W. McCoLL MILTON L. BOBENC DON O. CUMMINGS ARLO D. DARCUS JOHN M. DUNNEWIND ORVIL R. ARONSON RICHARD C. BRIGGS ROBERT E. DAVENPORT GEORGE BOMELB MEMBERS IN FACULTY LAWRENCE M. GOULD, Sc.D. RUSSELL C. HUSSEY, Ph.D. CARL FORTUNE, M.D. D. MAYNARD PHELPS, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY DANIEL MORTON HUDSON MORTON MILTON J. RUEGER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOSEPH A. ROPER DALE A. SEYMOUR CARLISLE F. RUEGER DALTON G. SEYMOUR EVANS S. SCUMBLING NORMAN S. TATE WALTER K. SCHMIDT ROBERT H. ZOUL Seniors WILLIAM H. PALMER HERMAN G. PORTMAN Juniors RAYMOND A. LATTA OTTO C. MERKLE ESMOND E. MACLEISH Sophomores JOHN H. JOHNSON EDWARD W. LEMEN LLOYD S. LUDWIG ROBERT B. MCLWAINE Freshmen CARL HEISSER FREDRICK HERTRICK GILBERT B. PEET JAY H. SIKKF.NGA HARVEY M. WORKMAN GILBERT H. PALMER MARVIN H. TAYLOR EDWARD A. THAYER HERBERT C. WANDELL MARTIN D. MUNGER GEORGE S. SEYMOUR ROBERT A. WEINHARDT EDWARD SMITH MUNGER LEMEN G. PALMER THAYER W. PALMER McCoLL PEET BRIGGS DAVENPORT ARONSON CATHCART LUDWIG SEYMOUR LATTA BOBENG WEINHARDT CUMMINGS TAYLOR JOHNSON PORTMAN WORKMAN HAAS SIKKENGA ETCHELLS DUNNEWIND Pige Three Hundred Ninety Illl ? . IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl (OE i A IIINIII C IIINIII m Illl xSUIINIII Founded College of City of New York 1910 16 Active Chapters TAU DELTA PHI NU CHAPTER Established 1922 1023 Oakland Street LAWRENCE L. BfRcr.R JACK ELIASOHN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WILLIAM S. KAPLAN HAROLD L. PASSMAN LEONARD J. WF.INER FRANCIS F. ROSENBAUM Seniors CLEMENT A. ZIPPERSTEIN SAMCEL S. COHEN WILLIAM L. ELKIN LEON GREENSPAN Juniors HARRY JUROW EDWIN KRETSKE S. ROBERTS PLAKS CHESTER M. RAPHAEL GEORGE M. RUBENSTEIN LESTER SEGAL MARTIN FISCHER LEONARD GREENSPAN JACK GUTTERMAN MARVIN A. KRUEGER Sophomores MORRIS MINZ LEONARD ROSENBERG SIDNEY L. ROSENTHAL CLIFFORD M. ROTH EMIL H. SCHNAP ARTHUR SHAPIRO OSCAR A. SINGER HFNRY ARNSTAM ZORL BOLNER TED COHEN Freshmen ROBERT CAREER CARL GOLD LESTER NEWMAN JACK TEITLEBAUM HENRY SESSERMAN COHES SEGAL LEON GREENSPAN ROTH RAPHAEL JUKOU- PLAKS ROSENBAUM PASSMAN RUBENSTEIN ELIASOHN ROSENBERG FISCHER ZIPPERSTEIN ROSENTHAL SCHNAP LEONARD GREENSPAN GUTTERMAN MINTZ SINGER ELKIN Page Three Hundred Ninety-One IIIMIII III! CIHHHI III! QGiiiAlllNII! OE IIINIII 3 till AlllNIII Founded Miami University 1906 44 Active Chapters PHI KAPPA TAU TAU CHAPTER Established 1923 1022 Forest Avenue ARLEN HELLWARTH, B.S. MATHEW MANN, A.B. GEORGE BRADLEY VAGN CHRISTENSEN ROBERT D. CRAWFORD LAURENCE GILBERT HOWARD H. BOYS HARRY B. CULVER ROBERT F. CULVER JAMES E. D. HASTIE JOHN O. GURNEY FRED A. HELLER WILLIAM H. BLOME JACK W. CHILDS KENNETH I. DADSON JOHN C. BECKER MEMBERS IN FACULTY AXEL MARIN, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CARL E. HOFFMAN GEORGE H. KNOWLES BERNARD E. LARSON Seniors J. CULLEN KENNEDY JOHN B. NASH GERARD P. RICKETTS FRANK A. RONAN Juniors NORMAN C. LAHTI THOMAS G. LAWRY TAYLOR E. LEWIS Sophomores JAMES C. DAVIS FREDERICK E. HARLOW STANLEY P. HARRISON- WILLIAM H. KELLER Freshmen WALTER E. EITNER VERNARD M. STILSON FRANK A. MICKLK, M.E. AMOS R. MORRIS, Ph.D. WARREN K. PORTFR HENRY W. SCHMIDT OLIVER E. Tonn WILLIAM H. VICARY E. ALBERT ROYER LOUIS P. SCHIMANSKY JAMES H. SHELTON ALFRED E. TAYLOR JAMES L. TEAL EDWARD C. WORDEN II HAROLD P. KEITH RUSSEL G. STEWART GILBERT J. WARD CLAYTON E. WHITING BLOME LAHTI MICKLE HELLWARTH MANX WARD STEWART RYERSON HARRISON CHILDS KEITH LARSEX SCHMIDT KNOWLES R. CULVER BOYS HELLER LAWRY GURNEY LEWIS DADSON SHELTON PORTER ROYER RICKETTS KENNEDY H. CULVER RONAN TAYLOR HASTIE Page Three Hundred Ninety-Two ? -= IIIMIII III! CIHHm fill OGiii A IHNIII OE IIIN1II 3K Nil A IIINIII Founded College of City of New York 1909 37 Active Chapters SIGMA ALPHA MU SIGMA IOTA CHAPTER Established 1923 1108 Hill Street GABRIEL ALEXANDER I. WILSON COLEMAN JOSEPH FRANK M. JEROME BIELFIELD M. ALLEN COHEN BERNARD S. EPPJ STANLEY V. ARNHEIM JEROME GRANGER MERVIN E. GREEN- JOSEPH BERNHARDT SIDNEY CAPLAN MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. B. ROTH BART, M.D. MEMBERS IX CITY HAROLD GOLDMAN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY LEONARD DITCKMAN JOSEPH D. GOLDSMITH Seniors LKJTER M. MAY Juniors MORTON FRANK IRVING KLEIN MELVIN MARWIL Sophomores LESTER M. HARRISON WALTER S. KLINE Freshmtn CHARLES GLUECK MERLE LEVINE HAROLD E. NIMZ ELI AS A. MILLER IRWIN J. SCHEER DAVID B. SACH; AMELIUS B. SF.GALL CLIFFORD A. STRAUS FREDERICK N. POLANGIN OSCAR E. SCHWARZ JOHN A. SILBERMAN MARVIN RUBY EDWARD WEINSTEIN SCHWAKTZ POLASGIX HAII5O AsXKEIM STKACS GlEEX StLIEIUAX STEIXHAITE COHEX SACHS BILLFIELD Errs GKAXGEK KLIXE KLEIX COLEMAX SEGALL XIMZ M. FKAXK MILLER MAKWIL J. FRAXK M_Y ALEXAXDE Page Three Hundred ninety-Three Illl W. IIIMIII HI! C IIIHIII Illl (OOili x IIINIII QE HINII! m Illl x 1IINIII Founded Columbia University 1910 30 Active Chapters TAU EPSILON PHI CHI CHAPTER Established 1923 1338 Washtenaw Avenue MEMBERS IN FACULTY A. KENNETH SIMON, B.A. ABE J. EDELSTEIN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JEROME W. ENCLE OSCAR L. FRANKEL BEN Z. FRANKEL Seniors ELLIOTT A. IMERMAN SIDNEY D. EDELMAN ERVIN GREENBAUM MORTON V. ARBITER GEORGE FEIN Juniors EUGENE J. FRIDMAN SEYMOUR PEARLM UTTER HOWARD T. SILVERMAN HOWARD E. MAGED Freshmen BASIL WEISS I FEIN MAGED ARBITER PEARL MUTTER EDELSTEIN EDELMAN GREEN HALL ENGLE GREENBAUM SILVERMAN FRANKEL IMERMAN FRIDMAN Page Three Hundred Ninety-Four 1111 W. UIMIII mi ciiiHin mi cn; A IIINIII CE IIINIII IIINIII Founded University of California 1914 6 Active Chapters ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA ZETA CHAPTER Established 1924 604 East Madison Avenue MEMBERS IN FACULTY Dow V. BAXTER, Ph.D. LAWRENCE C. MAUCH, M.S. KENNETH C. PIERCE, Ph.D. RICHARD L. LIDDECOAT, B.S. HOWARD Y. MCCLUSKY, Ph.D. FRANCIS M. VREELAND, M.A. GEORGE G. ALDER, A.B. ALFRED LEE KLAER, J.H.B., M.A. MEMBERS IN CITY WILSON M. RANCK, A.B. LEWIS C. REIMAN, A.B. C. TOWNSEND CLARK FRANKLIN C. COMINS CHARLES M. BROWN EMERY W. CHASE ROBERT W. CLARKE WALTER H. GRAHAM MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOSEPH F. GRIGGS R. DEAN KIRK GEORGE A. HATS GERALD N. REIN Seniors JACK HOGAN NORMAN E. KNAPP JAMES W. HULME MELVIN H. RABE PAUL R. IRWIN WILLIAM M. SMITH WILLIAM W. KEARSS WILLARD I. WILCOX HOWARD P. SIMON MAX L. VEECH LE ROY W. ANCELL JULE AYERS RICHARD F. BECKER HOWARD BRADEN A. KYLE BRUMBAUGH, JR. Juniors FREDERICK P. CLOHSET ROBERT H. FREEMAN GORDON B. GALATY EARL L. HESS, JR. WILLIAM F. KUGLER BENJAMIN LABAREE HARVEY OLSON HARLOW C. POWERS CHARLES A. RANOUS JOSEPH E. STEIGERWALD HAROLD F. WISE ROBERT ALLEN WENDELL E. ELDRED CARL BECK DICK BRANDT Sophomores CLIFFORD W. FRIEND Freshmen CHARLES CLYER WILLIAM HENDERSON- MALCOLM DENISE WILLARD HILDEBRANDT PAUL P. PRYOR PARKER R. SNYDER WILLIAM PAINE GORDON STOWE f I t. I t t t t t 1:1:1.1 ' tf f t f f f | t f I f G iGG5 BAXTEK GALATT WISE HESS CLOHSET ALLEN Poo ANGELL POWES REIN PIERCE R. CLARKE OLSEN KUGLEK KLAER T. CLARK FIEEMAN SNVDER GRAHAU SMITH HOGAN PRYOR STEIGERWALD BRUMBAUGH FRIESD HVLIJE WILCOX IRWIX AYERS BECKER VEECH RABE RANCK SIMON KNAP? Page Three Hundred Ninety-Five Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl flDJii A IIINIII flE I1INIII V UlNlll Founded Brown University 1889 23 Active Chapters PHI KAPPA NU CHAPTER Esta blished 1924 1706 Cambridge Road THOS. A. McGuiRE, A.M. GEORGE BURKE LOUIS R. ElSENTRAGER FEDELE F. FAURI EDWARD N. GEORGE J. PAUL BUCKLEY EMMETT E. EAGAN THOMAS DONNELLEY JOHN R. EDGAR JERRY M. GRUITCH MARTY CAVANAUGH CHARLES DICKSON LEON GORDON JAMES BAUSCHAT AUSTIN CAVENDER FRANCIS DOUD JOHN FLEWELLING MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY FR. THOMAS CAREY EDWARD F. CONLIN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EUGENE A. GILLIS FRANK McCuE Seniors DAVID FITZGIBBONS JACK B. KREKELER JOHN MCCARTHY Juniors CHARLES RACHOR RAYMOND F. SMITH Sophomores WM. LUCITTI DAVID MURRAY, JR. FRANK NEIDER Freshmen HAROLD GORDON LAWRENCE LENTZ EUGENE MCHENRY RAYMOND L. WILDER, Ph.D. FRANK L. DEVINE PAUL J. MURPHY PAUL C. RYAN WM. VAN ORDEN EDWARD J. MCCORMICK CARL J. D. MCMONACLE JAMES B. SUTTON JOHN WALSH GERALD WILSON REGINALD SANSONE HUGH STEVENSON, JR. EUGENE WASIELEWSKI FREDERICK RAUSCHER SAM TRAMONTANA FRANCIS E. BARRON WILLIAM MCCARTHY HICKEY LUCITTI RACHOR GRUITCH FITZGIBBONS STEVENSON WASIELEWSKI DICKSON NEIDER CAVANAUGH SUTTON MURRAY EDGAR WALSH WILSON SANSOME GORDON McMoNAGLE McCORMICK BUCKLEY SMITH MURPHY EAGAN Page Three Hundred Ninety-Six mi w. IIIMIII 1111 CIHHIII (HI flE II1NIII m Illl xfcv IIINIII PHILLIP JAY, D.D.S. EDWARD BIGG DAVID D. BLUMENSTEIN SAMUEL BLACK STANLEY P. FLEISCHER Founded Yale University 1895 17 Active Chapters PI LAMBDA PHI EPSILON CHAPTER Est. 1913. Re-Est. 1924 732 Forest Avenue MEMBERS IN FACULTY REUBEN L. KAHN, Sc.D. THEOPHILE RAPHAEL, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MORRIS ESMAN PIERSON JUDD OSCAR R. SIMON Seniors BENJAMIN G. ROSENBERG G. LIONEL WILLENS S. LLOYD TEITELMAN LEONARD L. WOLOZ BERNARD S. EDELMAN ARTHUR P. KELLER Juniors ABE MARCOVSKT DANIEL L. MARCUS THEODORE T. ROSE MURRAY J. VALE HERBERT WOOLNER HERBERT GREENSTONE Sophomores IRVING F. PEARLSTONE HAROLD R. SCHMIDT PHILLIP C. SHORR THEODORE BARASH NATHANIEL BATTER ALBERT CONVISER HOWARD KLEIN Freshmen ROBERT KOSITCHECK ALVIN SCHLEIFER SEYMOUR SIEGEL JOSEPH SUDOW JEROME VAN WINEGARDEN HOWARD WEINSTEIN GEORGE WYMAN PEAJILSTOXE XEVAS SCHMIDT GIEENSTONE SHOU EDELIUX " ALE MAICCS ROSE WOOLXEK MAICOVSKV KELLEU ROSE.NBEIC WOLOZ BLACK BIGG FLEISCHE TEITELMAN BLUMEXSTEIK WILLEXS Page Three Hundred 1111 W. IIIMIII 111! CIIIHIII Illl IIINIII IflE IIINIII Illl A , 1IINIII E Founded Vincennes University 1897 32 Active Chapters SIGMA PI ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Established 1925 1005 Lincoln Avenue WILLIAM B. BRYDGES FOSTER HALL CARL F. CARSTON ROBERT A. COLBY WILLIAM L. CARMICHAEL DONOLD C. COOK ROBERT O. BARSTOW KENNETH R. BISBEE LYLE R. CHUBB WILLIAM L. CORYELL HAROLD W. GEHRING HANSON Z. KELLOGG ROBERT M. ALEXANDER MEMBERS IN FACULTY WALTER C. SADLER MEMBERS IN CITY MARK S. KUNKLE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ROBERT B. MEYER Seniors GEORGE J. DANNEFFEL Juniors GEORGE M. HORTON ALLEN H. KEALLY ALFRED C. MUELLER LALANDER NORMAN Sophomores ALBERT A. LOWF.RY Freshmen PAUL A. KUNKLE ARNOLD NORMAN MERRILL E. OLSEN LESLIE G. VIPOND JACK B. NESTLE JOSEPH L. SHERK ROLAND B. OTTO ROBERT L. PIERCE JACK ROVER ALLAN M. SEWARD Louis WAGNER FRANK H. THONE LAURIN F. LEESON HELLIWELL WAGNER NORMAN THONE HORTON LOWRY PIERCE BARSTOW OTTO MUELLER KEALLY BISBEE CORYELL DANNEFFEL CARMICHAEL COOK SHERK NESTLE BRYDGES GEHRING VIPOND Page Three Hundred Ninety-Eight Illl W. IIIMIII Illl C I1IHIB Illl CJCHi A IIINIII flE I1INUI Illl x HINIII Founded Illinois Wesleyan 1899 36 Active Chapters TAU KAPPA EPSILON UPSILON CHAPTER Established 1925 102 South Twelfth Street MEMBERS IN FACULTY A. DODGE, M.S. HERBERT REICHARD, M.S. RICHARD C. FULLER, A.M. IRVING D. SCOTT, Ph.D. WILLARD C. OLSON, Ph.D. NATHAN SINAI, M.S., D-Ph. CARLETON B. PEIRCE, M.S., M.D. CHARLES H. STOCKING, M.C., Ph.C, ROLLO B. FlNDLAY CHARLES BARCLAY JAMES O. BROWN ROBERT L. DIXON JACOB H. GABLE DURWARD L. ALLEN BERNARD HIRSCH WILSON McCoRMicK HENRY APPELT ROBERT J. BANNOW HARVEY C. BAUSS ARTHUR S. IRWIN CHAPIS M. LOWELL MELVIN HELLERT MEMBERS IN CITY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY D. CLARE GATES WILLIAM GORDON BURTON HOFFMAN FIELDING HUESMAN Seniors CHARLES J. McGAW ALVIN R. Moss LEON A. PATT RAYMOND RASMUSSEN Juniors WILLIAM GIDEON CHARLES B. LAW Sophomores FRED R. MARTIN Freshmen ARTHUR GOUTY f CHARLES R. KINCSLEY EARL R. MONSON FLOYD RETT DONALD A. WILTSIE CARL H. SCHWARTZ GEORGE SUTFIN RICHARD C. ZunMuEHLEN NILS A. LUNDBURG CLAYTON THOMPSON JOHN ROBERT WILSON JULIAN MESERVE CHESTER C. ROYS WILLIAM GIDEON ROYCE IBWIN WAKKEK THOHFSOK LOWELL MESEEVE LAW LITXDBECC ZVBMVEHLEN BAISS BANNOW HIB CH M -- PATT McGAW McCoxlct SCH ' ABTZ WILSON MONSEK PIEBCE RASMUSSEX DIXON KINGSLEY SUTFIK Page Three Hundred Ninety-Nine Illl ? IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII (III QGiiiAlllNIII OE IIINIH M Illl A MINIII Founded Springfield, Missouri 1924 50 Active Chapters THETA KAPPA NU MICHIGAN ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1925 816 Hill Street M. B. ElCHELBERCER, B.S. Ross E. MACNAUCHTON JOHN E. REESE FRED E. VAN DORN HARRISON B. ANDREWS ROBERT V. HAYES JOHN W. TITUS KENT BOWSHER GEORGE C. HEYWARD JOHN H. SCHAEFER MARK W. ALGER WALTER LOSSING MEMBERS IN FACULTY OTTO HAAB, A.B. W. H. HOVSEL, B.S. MEMBERS IN CITY WIRT MASTI MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JAMES H. TAYLOR CHARLES D. WITHEY Seniors RAYMOND G. BUNCF. RALPH S. LEWIS J. C. WHITMER Juniors OWEN K. BROWN STANLEY W. KRACHT Sophomores Freshmen EDWIN E. VAN CLEAF MERLE G. WOOD BONIFACE C. FELL RICHARD H. MOORE WILLIAM J. WILDF.RN GORDON GR VILLE TOM L. KYLF.R CARL F. WHITE JOSEPH E. CARPENTER CHARLES THOMAS t t ' t CARPENTER SEBALD GRAVELLE BAUBIE ALGER REESE HAAB HAYWARD BOWSHER KYLER BROWN WHITE NELL KRACHT VANDORN TITUS ANDREWS BUNGE MASTEN MOORE FELL WHITMER WILDERN VAN-CLEAF HAYES LEWIS Page Four Hundred (Ill W. IIIMIII till CIIIHin III! (ODIIi x IIINIII (HE IIINIII m Illl x HINIll Founded University of Illinois 1907 14 Active Chapters TRIANGLE MICHIGAN CHAPTER Established 1925 1027 East University Avenue HARRV BOUCHARD, B.C.E. WILLIAM DrcKwirz, B.S.E. CHARLES D. HOLTON, B.S.E. GENE BOTTORF FREDERICK S. BCCHAN GEORGE E. FORSTER KEENE S. JACKSON EDWIN CAREY STANLEY W. FAIRMAN ROBERT M. HARRISON MELVIN DODD RICHARD G. FINCH JOHN MOORE MEMBERS IN FACULTY EDWARD L. ERICKSEN, B.C.E. EDWARD A. STALKER, M. S. E THOMAS J. MITCHELL, B.C.E. MEMBERS IX CITY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors WILLIAM MIKCLAS DONALD MILLER CHARLES A. MOHR Juniors BRUCE H. MADDOCK CLARENCE S. NICHOLSON Sophomores ALFRED B. GOLD CHRISTIAN B. HAAS JACK SKINNER Freshmen CHASE TEABALT MILO OHR, B.S.E. FRED SCHUMANN, B.S.E. EARL E. RINCK CLIFFORD P. STODDARD GEORGE SULLIVAN AME VENNEMA PAUL A, RAUFF THERON O. RESSLER HAROLD G. SEAMANS STEIN AR R. VAKSDAL HOWARD P. WALKER WlNFIELD WlLLHITE MILLER HAAS SULLIVAX VAKSDAL RESSLER FORSTE JACKSON I.EIBERVAN STODDARD HARRISON FINCH BOTTORFF RAUFP BUCHAN SEAMAXS RINCK MIKULAS YENNEMA MOHR KOON MADDOCK NICHOLSON FAIXHAN GOLD WALKER DODD Page Four Hundred One ill! W. IIIMIII III! CIIIHIII Illl dAlllNHI UE HINIII m Illl A IIINIII Founded University of Michigan 4 Active Chapters SIGMA ZETA DELTA CHAPTER Established 1926 314 North Ingalls MEMBERS IN FACULTY MERWIN H. WATERMAN, A.B., M.B.A. FREDERICK L. ARNET WILLIAM J. BIRD FRANK E. COOPER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ROBERT D. GORDEN MORTON S. HAVEMANN ARTHUR A. KENT EDWARD J. HAMMER CARLYSLE O. ROGERS SAMUEL L. DIBBLE WESSYL A. McKiNLEY S eniors ROBERT K. MOSHER SULHO A. NURMI JOSEPH E. VANRIPER WALTER S. BELL MATHEW A. HINKKANEN Juniors EDWARD J. POMORSKI WILLIAM H. WARD BERNARD C. ZYGARLOWSKI WALTER F. ZYGARLOWSKI Sophomores WARREN J. TAYLOR B. ZYGARLOWSKI W. ZYGARLOWSKI MOSHER COOPER TAYLOR BIRD BELL REICHARD NURMI GORDON ROGERS WARD POMORSKI HINKKANEN SAWYER HAMMER VANRIPER McKiNLEY DIBBLE Page Four Hundred Two Illl W. IIIMIII Illl 4OIHII Illl QGii A IIINIII QE IIINIII m Illl A UINIII Founded Charleston College 1904 38 Active Chapters PI KAPPA PHI ALPHA KAPPA CHAPTER Est. 1923. Re-Est. 1927 1001 East Huron Street CODIE D. BELL, B.S. STUART E. CHIPMAN, B.S. MEMBERS IN FACULTY THEO R. LEV AN, B.S. HOMER B. PORRIT, D.D.S. GEORGE E. LINDEMULDER, B.S. MEMBERS IX UXIVERSITY JAMES T. GII.LESPIE, B.S. CLYDE E. JONES, A.B. JOHN V. BARNARD FRED FLVNN WILLIAM GNODTKE Seniors HUGH C. HOTCHKISS ALFRED W. LIPPHART JED B. MAEBIUS Si AX F. MUELLER CARL E. O ' MARA LAWRENCE D. RAHILLY JOSEPH P. WHITE LEWIS L. HORTON Juniors EDWARD A. SCHEWE ALBIN S. TELFORD MCDOWELL GlLMORE WILLIAM MOFFET Sophomores HELOS G. HARTER RALPH SEILER Freshmen PHILLIP VALZIEL VIRGIL H. WELLS EVERETT WILBUR LEVAX HASTES WELLS TELFOSD SCHEWE CHIPMAX MAEBIUS HOSTOX GILLESPIE BASXABD MCELLES HOTCHKISS LIPPHAST BELL Page Four Hundred Three Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl QGniANiNIII C IIINlll 3SUII A V IIINII1 Founded University of Illinois 3 Active Chapters BETA SIGMA PSI GAMMA CHAPTER Established 1928 1511 Wash tenaw Avenue MEMBERS IN FACULTY VERNON W. LARSON, B.S. SAMUEL G. TREPP, M.S. LESLIE A. BRANDT MEMBERS IN CITY EARL S. DIETSCH CARL E. DONNER PAUL J. FIERKE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARTIN E. KANDELIN LEONARD J. WALLE Seniors OTTO DONNER ALFRED W. FLEER JOHN GALL K. EUGENE GOELLNER WARREN A. BADE SIDNEY A. BAKER JOHN DREND MELVIN B. MONSON Juniors HENRY HOCBERG ALBERT W. KANUELIN WALFRED KUIJALA WILLIAM P. SANZENBACHER WALTER L. STEINFATT CLARENCE A. SAMUELSON RUDOLPH C. SCHULTE Sophomores WILLIAM T. MCCAUSLAND ARTHUR R. TIMPF PHILIP F. STRASBURG GORDON C. TORNBERG Freshmen GORDON OSTERBERC HERMAN A. TIMPF DIETSCH DONNER FIEKKE TIMPF BADE TORNBERG GOELLNER GALL SAMUELSON A. KANDELIN HOGBFRG KUIJALA SCHULTE M. KANDELIN FLEER MONSON SANZENBACHER WALLE LARSON Page Four Hundred four Illl ? -= IIIMIII Illl C IIIHII Illl OGiii A V IIINIII flE 11INIII Illl A lilNIH = Founded University of Michigan 1929 1 Active Chapter PHI ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1929 1000 East Ann Street MEMBERS IX FACULTY RAYMOND HOEKSTRA, Ph.D. JOE ZANDSTRA, A.M. MEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY VINCENT M. DROST WILLIAM FRANKENA, M.S. TUNIS PRINS, A.B.A.M. WILLIAML. BERKHOF, A.B.A.M. JAMES G. BRUINOOCE JAME; HAVEMAN RL-JJLLL J. KAMPER HENRY MEYER MARTIN BATTS MARTIN DEKKER SHELDON C. BAJEMA JOHN J. DAHM VERNON VV. ROELOFS, A.B.A.M. JACOB VAN TUINEN, A.B.A.M. GERARD VAN WESEP Seniors H. CORBYN ROOKS JOHN L. ROTTSCHAFER ORRIE W. STEHOITWER JOHN STERENBERG HENRY STEVENS THEODORE VANDERVEEN Juniors RALPH HAGER Sophomores PAUL R. DIRKSE KOERT ROSTER Freshmen CLAUDE J. KEMMINK WALTER MULDER JACOB V. VAN Loo CHESTER VAN TAMELEN V ICTOR R. VER MEULEN HENRY J. WALKOTTEN HENRY WEYENBERC STEPHEN HOLLANDER MORRIS WILDEROM HENRY KREULEN LAURENCE C. MANNI KOSTEK MAXXI MULDES KEMMINK DAHM DIUKSE BAJEMA DECEEK VAXDEBVEEX HACE HOLLAXDE WILDEOM BUIXOOGE KKEVLEX VAN TAMELEX HAVEJIAX STEKXIEXG KAMPEK STEVENS ROOKS VE MEULEX MEVE VEYESBEBG ROTTSCHAFEM VAX Loo BEIKHOF XVAi-KOTTEJt BATTS STEHOOWE Pa , I- our lluiiire.i Fire Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl QE IIINIII Illl A UINIII Founded University of Michigan 1869 58 Active Chapters PHI DELTA PHI ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1869 502 East Madison Street RALPH V. AIGLER HENRY M. BATES PAUL BUCKLEY MEMBERS IN FACULTY HOMER F. CAREY JOHN P. DAWSON JOSEPH H. DRAKE EDGAR N. DL-RFF.E JOHN R. EFKINGER IRVING T. BABB FRANCIS A. BELL THOMAS F. BUTLER MELVIN R. DEO Seniors GEORGE E. DIETHELM RICHARD B. FOSTER WILLIAM C. JENNINGS THOMAS H. JOLLS PAUL E. MINSEL EDWIN B. POORMAN CHESTER G. ROSENGREN WEBSTER STERLING HARVEY G. STRAUB CHARLES W. BISHOP JOHN M. DOBBIN DALLAS W. DORT STEPHEN DUNN Juniors JOHN M. HINCHMAN ARTHUR L. HUBBARD GEORGE E. LEONARD HARRIS G. NELSON WILLIAM H. NUNNELLEY CHARLES H. REYNOLDS TIMOTHY C. QUINN C. JOHN BOLDT FREDERICK BRACE TOE GATES Freshmen THOMAS A. HF.FFERAN HAROLD A. JOHNSON ALFRED B. MACCHESNEY PETER J. MONAGHAN, JR. WILLIAM I. ROBINSON JOHN R. ROSE EDWARD S. WUNSCH JOHNSON HEFFERAN MONAGHAN ROBINSON FOSE WATLING GATES ]! I.I T BRACE M. QUINN HINCHMAN T. QUINN HUBBARD DOBBIN NUNNELLEY MACCHESXEY MARTIN LEONARD BISHOP FOSTER WILSON DEITHELM JENNINGS NELSON DUNN BUTLER DEO STERLING POORMAN BABB BELL ROSENCREN STRAUB MINSEL Page Four Hundred Eight Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII HU (ODIii A V IIINIII C IIINIII m Illl A HINII1 Founded University of Michigan 1882 36 Active Chapters NU SIGMA NU ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1882 1015 East Huron Street SAMUEL S. ALLEN, M.D. PAUL S. BARKER. M.D. ALBERT M. BARRETT, M.D. JAMES O. BEAMS. D.D.S., M.D. CAUL D. CAMP. M.D. DAVID M. COWIE, M.D. JOHN M. DORSEY. M.D. CHARLES W. EDMUNDS. M.D. ROGER O. EGEBERC. M.D. HERBERT V. EMERSON. M.D. THOMAS P. FINDLEY, JR., M.D. S. L. BIGELOW. Ph.D.. M.I) J. F. BREAKEY. M.D. C. G. DARLING. M.D. MEMBERS IX FACULTY DANIEL W. FISHER. M.D. CAMERON HAH.HT. M.D. G. CARL HUBER. M.D.. Sc.D. F. P. HUSTED. M.D. FRANKLIN D. JOHNSTON, M.D. EDGAR A. KAHN, M.D. CECIL W. LEPARD. M.D. F. G. LlNDEMULDER, M.D. A. G. MAC-LEOO. M.D. TAMES H. MAXWELL. M.D. C. C. McRAE, B.S.. M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY C. D. LOREE. M.D. MARK MARSHALL. M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY R. P. MONTGOMERY, M.D. F. G. XOVY, M.D., Sc.D., LL.D. F. G. NOVY, JR.. M.D. W. R. PARKER. M.D.. Sc.D. WILLIS S. PECK, M.D. REUBEN PETERSON. M.D. EDWIN RIGLEY. M.D. F. R. SCHEMM, M.D. UDO J. WILE, M.D. F. X. WILSON. M.D. J. M. WINFIELD, M.D. GEORGE A. MAY, M.D. REUBEN PETERSON, M.D. CARL C. WORDEN, M.D. BURTON F. BARXEY JOHN D. CAMERON JACK K. COLEMAN GEORGE M. BAKER ROBERT B. BIGELOW ALLEN M. BOYCEV LYMAN A. BREWER III WILLIAM M. ALEXAX:ER GORDON BUNNFV CHARLES B. CUNNIN HA.-.I JOHN H. HOSMEX SPRAGUE GARDENER HARRY L. ARNOLD, JR. PHILIP M. BOURLANJ DAN T. BULMER RUSSELL DE ALVARHZ HAROLD T. DONAHUE EAN H. ECHOLS RICHARD H. FREYBFRJ WOODBURN K. LAMB Seniors LUTHER C. CARPENTT;. . ,LORGE HAMMOND ARNOLD B. COOMBS EUGENE A. HAND JAMES L. GILLARD, JR. HARLEY A. HAYNES, JR. LEONARD II. HAHXE HOWARD C. JAMES Juniors ARCH A. DIACK. Jr.. GORDON R. LAMB W. Lucius HE:ZER, J i. WILLIAM B. MARTIN Sophomores DELBERT MACGREGOU I.OJEI.T PATTOX WILLIAM MAXON DOVALD PLUNKETT Freshmen QUIXBY D. GURXEE JAMES W. LOGIE KENDALL HOLMES KICHARD H. LYONS FRANK LAMBE-.TEON loa.v B. PATTERSON CARL D. MALCOLM RUSSELL L. MALCOLM FRANCIS B. MOUNTAIN- CURTIS MCDONNELL EDWIN R. MURBACH HEN.IAMIN W. STOCKWELL JOHN P. OTTAWAY THOMAS THOMAS T. YOUNG WATSOX JOHX M. RO VE R. MONTGOMERY SHICK ARTHUR ' . Twiss WALTER WORK DEALYAREZ HOLMES WORK LAMBERSOX Twiss BULMER BOURLAXD PATTERSON LOGIE GUERXAY ARNOLD LYONS SHICK HOSMER ROWE MASON PATTOX DUCK HEIZER OTTOWAY GARDINER PLUNKETT BUXXY ALEXANDER WATSON JAMES BAKER MARTIN THOMAS LAMB STOCKWELL MURBACH HAMMOND HAYNES BRLH-ER MCDONNELL CARPENTER BOYDEN BIGELOW Page Four Hundred Nine mi w. HIMIH i c nimn nn uion; x IIINIII OE DINIII IIINIU " 24 7 4L Founded University of Michigan 1882 45 Active Chapters DELTA SIGMA DELTA ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1882 1502 Hill Street ROBERT K. BROWN, D.D.S. RUSSELL W. BUNTING, D.D.Sc. Louis P. HALL, D.D.S. JOHN W. KEMPER, M.D., D.D.S. RICHARD H. KINGERY, D.D.S. CHALMERS J. LYONS, D.D.Sc. JAMES O. BEAVIS, D.D.S., M.D. HAROLD K. BURCH, D.D.S. RUSSELL R. AMOS MILTON E. BAILEY RODERICK W. BAKER NORMAN N. BOWBEER ROBERT A. COLBY FRANCIS M. COMAR JOHN R. DAVIDSON JAMES D. GRACE ANTHONY A. BAUMAN S. WRIGHT BELLINGER RICHARD F. BURLINGAME DAVID GROFF CHARLES BELL GORDON BIRNIE EDWARD BLACK.MORE FREDERICK COGGAN L. R. EDMONDS ALBERT FREEMAN MEMBERS IN FACULTY JAY M. OSBORNE, D.D.S., L.D.S. URA G. RICKERT, D.D.S. RALPH F. SOMMER, D.D.S. MARCUS L. WARD, D.D.S. ELMER L. WHITMAN, D.D.S. KENNETH A. EASTLICK, D.D.S. ROLAND O. NISSLE, D.D.S. MEMBERS IN CITY ROBERT B. HOWELL, D.D.S. PAUL H. JESERICH, D.D.S. WALTER F. WOOD, D.D.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors HOMER B. PORRITT, D.D.S. HARRY W. SHIELDS, D.D.S. JOHN G. COGGAN, D.D.S. WILLIAM F. BENDER. D.D.S. ALBERT J. LOGAN, D.D.S. FRANCIS B. VEDDER, D.D.S. LESTER E. RITTERSCHOFER, D.D.S. JOHN J. TRAVIS, D.D.S. DONALD L. HELLMAN JAMES H. HICKS RUSSELL E. HUBER KENNETH KIPP STEPHEN K. KOZELKO BENNETT M. LATHROP FRANK R. LOVELL TOD JOHN LEAVITT FREDER MAX MALLON HOWARD T. MERRITT BASIL L. MURPHY CARL M. NELSON CHESTER PERRY ROBERT PETERS PAUL PRICE PERT H. ROBERTS ICK W. YOUNG Juniors HAROLD H. HOWARD FRANCIS E. LOWRY STANLEY MCBRIDE NEIL MCLAUGHLIN ALFRED REHFIELD EDWIN T. RICE GEORGE W. KILLEY ARTHUR B. SWEET Freshmen EDWARD C. FRITZ DANIEL BRIEF GEORGE HELLER ROBERT HEWITT RICHARD KELLOG FRANK LERMENEZ BRUCE MASSELINK FRANCIS C. NOBERT JOSEPH PETERS WINLAW PRIEBE OTTO L. RICKER ROY H. ROBERTS CARLISLE F. RUEGER WILLIAM E. SANBORN NOBLE M. SCHINDLER ROSCOE F. SNYDER ALONZO C. WAITE CARL S. WOODS GEORGE L. WRIGHT WILLIAM D. SOUTHERS SIDNEY T. WILLIAMS PHILIP W. WOODS HAROLD H. ZEHNER LLOYD RICHERS ROBERT TATE WILLIAM VALK WILLIAM MOORE ARTHUR MORCOMBE EDMONDS PRIEB BRIEF MASSELINK LERMENEZ TATE RICKER MOORE VALK RICHARDS HEWITT KELLOGG BLACKMORE PETERS BELL FREEMAN BIRNIE ZEHNAR KILLEY HOWARD SUIHERS BELLINGER BURLINGAME COGGAN HELLER FRITZ BAUMAN WILLIAMS NOTT RICE REHFIELD KOZELKO MCLAUGHLIN LOWRY GROFF P. WOODS MORCOMBE LYNCH MALLON COMAK LEAVITT BOWBEER DAVIDSON YOUNG NELSON COLBY SCHINDLER NOBERT MERRITT HELLMAN MURPHY WAITE SNYDER BAKER HUBER R. PETERS SANBORN WRIGHT PERKY KIPP B. ROBERTS C. WOODS HICKS R. ROBERTS LOVELL AMOS R UEGER BAILEY LATHROP Page Four Hundred Ten mi IIIMIII RU CIIIHIH 1111 CE IHNUI 1111 x HINIO THEODORE G. BERNTHAL HAROLD H. GAY HUGH M. BEEBE MARVIN J. BLAESS ALEXANDER H. CONRAD WALTER O. ERXLEBEN Louis G. FERRAND EVERETT D. BLAIR ROBERT C. BROWN Founded College of Virginia 1 879 60 Active Chapters THETA KAPPA PSI NU SIGMA ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1888 407 North Ingalls MEMBERS IN FACULTY G. LYLE HAGELSHAW HARLEY A. HAYXES DONALD KERR MEMBERS IX CITY THOMAS H. BLAIR MEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY WAYNE O. MARTIN CARL A. MOVER JEAN K. WESTON DEAN W. MYERS Seniors PAUL R. HOY RUDOLPH W. LICNELL JOHAN D. LODEESEN HERBERT P. MACXEAL CHARLES J. REICHENBACH Juniors EDWARD J. HALL GAYLE H. MEHNEY FORDU? V. HAND ROBERT B. MEYER PHILIP E. RICE MYRLE D. SHILLING ALBERT M. SHRADER KARL W. WEBER HOWARD C. RUFCS CHARLES A. SMITH STEWART J. SMITH PERRY T. WALTERS DURWIN H. BROWNELL EARL J. KNAGGS ABRAHAM POTT DUWARD L. FINCH Sophomores LEE H. HALSTED CARL A. MOVER RAYMOND L. SHILLING JEAN K. WESTON GEORGE A. HAYS CLARENCE M. SCHRIER CARL O. SONNEMANN EUGENE C. TIMMERMAN RUSSELL M. ATCHISON DAVID H. DRUMMOND RALPH F. HELZERMAN WALTER Li NOW ALL FresAmen CHARLES S. MARSDEN, JR. JOSEPH J. MICHALAK STANLEY PEARSON JOHN J. SAUK WALTER SAWYER HARRY J. SCHELLHAAS WIXOM S. SIBLEY HERBERT C. SWEET HAROLD WALDER SOXXEMAXX TlUMEEMAX SlLEV ATCHISOX DEUMMOXD SCHELTHAAS SAWYER KEI M_ATIX HALSTED HAYS S. J. SMITH WAL.TEXS SCHEIKE Forr HELZEKUAN WALDE SWEET R. L. SHIU.ISG BLAI Rcrcs M. D. SHILLING HOY C. A. SMITH HAXD FINCH MEHXEY MEVEK RlCE LlGXELL EXLEEEX pEIXAXD WtlEI MAcXEAI. BLAESS LODEESEN REICHEXBACH SHKADEK Page Four Hundred Elect till var -= IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII lill (OOiii A IIINIII OE IIINIII 3K Illl A NINIII Founded University of Michigan 1889 65 Active Chapters XI PSI PHI ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1889 730 Oakland Avenue GEORGE E. ANDERSON, D.D.S. RALPH A. GOPPELT, D.D.S. RALPH DIMMICK L. P. FISHER HOWARD P. FABER MEMBERS IN FACULTY GEORGE R. MOORE, D.D.S. MEMBERS IN CITY WALTER H. JACKSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOHN KEANE D. C. MILLER CHARLES M. WALDO, D.D.S. HAROLD G. WINKLER, D.D.S. WALTER S. MOORE ARTHUR W. SCHURZ ROBERT SEALBY ROBERT C. BROWN DORWIN H. COLVIN LELAND M. KILE JAMES O. BROWN HAMILTON G. GRENNEY EVERITT N. HILL JAMES C. HILLIGAN NORMAN ALLSTIN HAROLD P. ANDERSON BURTON P. BAKER JAMES P. BAKER EDMUND N. BARBARA Seniors MICHAEL J. MAXIAN, JR. KENNETH J. RYAN Juniors JAMES D. KARALASH EARL L. KIRSCHBAUM HAROLD W. MCCAUCHRIN JOSEPH E. MOSIER Freshmen MAX L. GLEASON JOSEPH F. GRICHAR ROBERT B. HANBY THOMAS W. HOWSON GEORGE H. SIERSMA OTTO A. WENDT STANLEY J. YATES DONALD H. PHILLIPS NATHAN T. SHREIB STANLEY L. SLOVIK NELS P. SORENSEN BERNARD J. KINSEL MICHAEL W. LEARY WILLIAM W. STEELE ARCHIBALD C. VAUGHN HOWARD R. WOODRUFF STEEL BESSENGER BARBARA VAUGHN ANDERSON WEBEH BAKER HAMBV GLEASON KINSEL SEEBURGER MCCAUGHRIN BROWN SCHREIB BAKER WOODRUFF ALLSTIN GRICHAK PHILLIPS SLOVICK MOSHER SORENSON HILL KIRCHBAUM KARLASH HILLIGAN GRENNY BROWN KILE WENDT RYAN COLVIN MAXIAN SIERSMA YATES Page Four Hundred, Tivelve llll ? y -= IIIMIII Illl CIIIHUI Ull dGiii A UINIII OE IIINIU 3K till A UINUI WILLIAM BRACE, M.D. JAMES D. BRUCE, M.D. JOHN BUGHER, M.D. J. CAMERON, M.D. NORTON CANFIELD, M.D. ROY BISHOP CANFIELD, M.D. JOHN KEMPER, M.D. Founded Northwestern University 1890 41 Active Chapters PHI RHO SIGMA ZETA CHAPTER Established 1897 300 North Ingalls Street MEMBERS IN FACULTY FREDERICK A. COLLER, M.D. FRANCIS MARTIN, M.D. EDWIN DOTY, M.D. ROBERT MILLIGAN, M.D. N. L. HERSEY, M.D. EUGENE B. POTTER, M.D. CARL P. HUBER, M.D. WILLEY SAMS, M.D. JOHN F. HUBER, M.D. GEORGE H. SEHRING, M.D. JOHN SELDON, M.D. G. A. CARMICHAEL, M.D. ALBERT S. BARR, M.D. CHARLES B. EMERY WILLIAM F. HULSE DAVID C. KIMBALL FRANK B. BICKNELL EDWIN A. COATS PHILIP X. BROWN FLOVD H. DENSMORE H. CARTER DUNSTONE REX E. BUXTON V. PAUL CLARK C. RAYMOND COMSTOCK ADDISON ALDRICH GORDON BALYEAT NORMAL KRETZSCHMAR, M.D. C. C. TAYLOR, M.D. WARREN P. LOMBARD, M.D., Sc.D., L.L.D. MEMBERS IN CITY SAMUEL DONALDSON, M.D. W. W. NEWCOMB, M.D. THERON S. LANCFORD, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOHN M. SHELDON DON MARSHALL FRANK STILES WILLIAM BROMME CYRUS STRICKLER, JR. Seniors WINDSOR S. DAVIES FERDINAND GAENSBAUEX MELVIN H. PIKE CHARLES H. FRAXTZ ROBERT J. McGiLLicUDDY ROBERT K. PLANT .ARTHUR L. RICHARDSON Juniors EUGENE A. GILLIS JAMES LICHTBODY GEORGE R. KING Lucius L. POWELL PAUL C. KINGSLEY THERON G. RANDOLPH SHERWOOD B. WINSLO Sophomores WILLIAM J. COULTER JOHN A. MURTAGH J. WlNSLOW HolCOMB WlLLIAM E. RUSSELL ROBERT L. JACKSON FRANK KING Freshmen ROBERT BRAUNSDORF RICHARD PECKHAM CORNELIUS KOLCZUM EDWARD WEINMAN MATTHEW SURELL ROBERT CURREY PAUL WINDER WILLIAM BAILEY ROBERT D. RISK GEORGE W. SLAGLE JACK F. TOLAN JOSEPH A. WITTER Ross ZENO HOMER HOWES EDWARD SIGERFOOS f I ..M. 1. t r ? 1 1 f ' CLARK SITRRELL ZENO SIGERFOOS WEINMAN ADRICH BALYEAT PECKHAM McCur COMSTOCK JACKSON HOLCOMB F. KING COULTER WITTER SLAGLE MURTAGH WINSLOW KOLCZUM RUSSELL TOLAX RISK GILLIS DENSMORE POWELL KINGSLEY RANDOLPH DUNSTONE BUXTON LIGHTBOUY PLANT GAENSBAUER BICKNELL COATS McGiLi ICUDDY RICHARDSON DAVIES FRANTZ RICHTER G. KING Page Four Hundre.l Thirteen IIIMIII Nil CI1IH1B Illl (BE UlNIII HINIII Founded University of Pittsburgh 1891 39 Active Chapters PHI BETA PI BETA CHAPTER Established 1898 1010 East Ann Street MEMBERS IN FACULTY JOHN SUNDWALL, Ph.D., M.D. ERWIN E. NELSON, M.D. GEORGE SLOCUM, M.D. DORMAN E. LICHTY, M.D. ALBERT C. FURSTENBERG, M.D.HAROLD W. JACOX, M.D. CHARLES L. BROWN, M.D. CARLTON B. PIERCE, M.D. MATHEW E. SOLLER, M.D. CULLEN E. SUGG, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY GEORGE MUEHLIG, M.D. JOHN WELLMAN, M.D. THEOPHILE KLINGMAN, M.D. ROY GETTEL, M.D. ELTON LEHEW, M.D. Seniors WALTER A. KEITZER MORTON S. HAVEMAN THOMAS A. OWENS MARK W. DICK BYRON B. KING STEPHEN J. DONOVAN ALBERT H. REISIG MERLE G. WOOD WILLIAM H. EVERTS RALPH L. HOFFMAN WILFRED S. NOLTINC GLEN E. HAUSE HAROLD W. WOUCHTER HAROLD E. STRICKER Juniors VERNON S. DICK STUART TERRY EARLE A. IRVINE DONALD B. DOUGLAS FRANK D. LATHROP RAY A. CORBETT ANDREW C. WOOFTER HAZEN L. HAUMAN EDWARD J. GONCZY Louis J. C. BAILEY HOWARD W. Foss WALTER BELSER, M.D. HAROLD W. LOVELL, M.D. FRED J. HODGES, M.D. ARTHUR J. WILLIAMS, M.D. RALPH G. SMITH, M.D. EMIL REED, M.D. LEO LAUTERBACH JAMES W. LASLEY SAMUEL A. FIEGEL WILLIAM G. GORDON MARSHALL Y. SOLDINEER WILBUR A. MUEHLIG FREDERICK W. WILSON Sophomores FREDERICK J. POHLE ROBERT JENNINGS Freshmen JAMES M. TAYLOR DONALD K. BARTOW JEROME E. WEBBER LUTHER E. HOLMGREN W. FERRALL COOK CHARLES DEAN BOHRER HAROLD A. MILLER MARK DONOVAN PURCEL E. ARENDSEN WILSON FLYNN FIEGEL COOK JENNINGS HOLMGREN LASLEY SHANABERGER GORDON MUEHLIG POHLE Goss WOOFTER DOUGLAS TERRY DICK GONCZY IRVINE CORBETT REISIG HOFFMAN DICK WOUGHTEX KEITZER HAUSE WOOD KING EVERTS HAVEMANN XOLTING DONOVAN STRICKER OWENS Page Four Hundred Fourteen Illl HIMId UH C HIHII llfl flGIS A IONIII 4E ttlNlll ItlNlfl = Founded Kent College of Law 1897 51 Active Chapters PHI ALPHA DELTA CAMPBELL CHAPTER Established 1905 1223 Hill Street MEMBERS IN FACULTY GROVER C. GRISMORE, S.J.D. JOHN E. TRACY, L.L.D. MEMBERS IN CITY JOHN R. BRAPFIELD JOSEPH C. HOOPER SAMCEL H. Rices FREDERICK J. STEVENS MARK S. ANDREWS, JR. THEODORE J. BECK CLARENCE L. BECKER Seniors RICHARD E. GILLARD WILLIAM F. KENNET EARL A. KLOSTER MILTON MCCREERY EDWARD J. RYAN W. KARL SCHMIDT, JR. PARKE K. ALLENSWORTH OLIVER O. CLACETT Juniors EDWARD K. ELLSWORTH JOHN T. GAREY SUMMER F. JONES HARTLEY LACHAPELLE DANIEL T. MOYLE DONALD GORDON LAWRENCE E. HACKENBERG Freshmen LESLIE KINDRED MAURICE LAMPL WILLIAM R. LESLIE DAVID RANKIN EDMUND P. YERKEES LESLIE RANKIN MOYI.E LAMFL GOKDAS WELLMAN ALLEXSWOHTH OXTOCV CLAGETT GAKEV SCHMIDT GILLAM JOKES LACHATELLE HACCEKBEXG McCEEY BECK RYAN AXDSEWS KEKST BECEEX KLOSTEI Page Four Hundred Fif:eiu till W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII III! C IIINIII IHN1II Founded Louisville, Kentucky, 1894 60 Active Chapters PHI CHI XI CHAPTER Established 1905 1541 Washtenaw Avenue MEMBERS ROBERT J. ARM;TRONG, M.D. CHARLES J. CLARKE, M.D. HENRY A. DUNLAP, M.D. WARREN E. FORSYTHE, M.D., Ph.D. VERNON L. HART, M.D. LEONARD E. HIMLER, M.D. ALBERT C. KERLILOWSKE, M.D. DONALD E. KING, M.D. WALTER G. MADDOCK, M.D. IN FACULTY ROLLO E. McCoTTER, M.D. REID M. NESBIT, M.D. HENRY K. RANSOM, M.D. HERMAN H. REICKER, M.D. EMORY W. SINK, M.S., M.D. CYRUS C. STURGIS, M.D. RAYMOND WAGGONER, M.D., Sc.D. RAYMOND WARNER, B.S., M.D. PAUL C. WILLIAMS, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY HOWARD H. CUMMINGS, M.D. SIDNEY L. LAKI:VRI, M.D. ROLLO J. MASSELINK, D.D.S., M.D. CONRAD GEORG, M.D. Seniors BERNARD SNEDEKER FRED J. BLACK EDMOND L. COOPER RUSSELL N. DEJONG STEPHEN S. BOHN KNEALE M. BROWNSON CLAIR FOLSOME WILLIAM E. BADGER DONALD A. COWAN FENIMORE E. DAVIS CLYDE E. CLARK CHARLES W. CORY I.ORIN E. KERR I AURENCE H. GOODMAN HAROLD C. HILL DAN W. MYERS MAURICE B. LANDERS JOHN A. MACLEAN, JR. W. SIDNEY PERHAM EMIL M. ROTH NEVIN H. RUPP Juniors GEORGE S. FRAUENBERGER JOHN A. KALB ' ' o F Mn-R-so: ROGER E. HEERING KENNETH A. LAUGHOIN EDWARD C. MOSIER JOHN F. JOHNSON DONALD B. McGEE JOHN H. WELCH ROBERT K. WHITELEY Sophomores ROBERT W. DAVIS JAMES M. LABERGE ALBERT J. HERRMANN RICHARD K. MCLEAN JOHN F. HILLABRAND EDWARD H. MEISEL Freshmen JOHN R. LONGFELLOW HOMER A. PHILLIPS JACK G. OATMAN PAUL C. RYAN JOHN C. VARRONE ELMER E. OESTRIKE JOHN D. REID SPENCER H. WAGAR MILLER H. SCHUCK PAUL S. SLOAN ILLIAM F. WANGNER STEWART RION CLARK LONGFELLOW CARTER WANGNER SCHUCK SLOAN PHILLIPS OATMAN KERR RYAN VARRONE CORY F. DAVIS OESTRIKE HILLABRAND HERRMANN MKISEL MORRISON LABERGE WHITELEY MCLEAN R. DAVIS WAGAR REID COWAN KALB COOPER ROTH BROWXSON HEERING WELCH BOHN MOSIER FRAUENBERGER FO_SOME DEJONG GOODMAN LANDERS RUPP BLACK MYERS HILL MACLEAN PERHAM Page Four Hundred Sixteen Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl GAffJUl flE I1INIII Illl A , 1IINIII Founded Baltimore, Maryland 1905 37 Active Chapters PSI OMEGA GAMMA KAPPA CHAPTER Established 1905 1007 East Huron Street W. S. JAMES CARL R. ANDERSON WILLIAM J. ANDERSON GEORGE DANHOF CLIFFORD H. DEMPSTER ANTHONV J. HOCEVAR MARTIN L. ISELDYKE WILLIAM J. KARE WILLIAM BARNES CALVIN D. KELLY BYRON BUSH ATWOOD CAMPBELL STEWART CARR CORNELIUS Cucu ERNEST DUNNIGAN MEMBERS IN FACULTY M. D. McCoY R. S. MOYER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors ARTHUR A. KENT JOSEPH S. MARKEY RAYMOND A. MCCARTHY FERRIS R. MCKENNA WILLIAM F. MOSSNER CLAYTON B. NEFF Juniors JOSEPH P. LEWANDOWSKI PHILIP A. PLAPPERT JACK G. SCHERER Freshmen CHANDLER HAICHT RAYMON HILT FERRIS HODGE THADDEUS KARPANTY DONALD MAYHEW STANLEY MIJAL C. R. WRIGHT REED O. DINCMAN HARRY M. NORTON- LESTER E. OLMSTEAD THOMAS F. ROBINSON ORRIN L. SOPER CLARE E. WIEDLEA RAYMOND H. WILKS HOWARD W. SHEPARD CARL A. SWANSON MILAN PECK CHARLES SETH JOSEPH THOMAS HENRY VA.vLoov DOUGLAS WALTERS WALTERS SHEPARD LEWAXDOWSKI VAxLoov HILT CARR PLAPPERT Ctci ' PECK SWAXSOS SETH KELLY BAR.VES MAYHEW MIJAL HAIGHT KARPAXTY DCXXIGAX THOMAS SCHERER CAMPBELL KARE MCKEXXA BRISSOX MARKEY HODGE DEMPSTER SOPER WILKS Rosixsox XEFF HOCEVAR DAXHOFF MOSSXER MCCARTHY DIXGMAX AXDERSOX ISELDYKE XORTOX KEXT Page Four Hundred Seventeen (Ill ? . IIIMIII III! CHIHIII III! 0GA 8UBNHI flE IIINIII Illl A , 1IINI1I Founded Dartmouth 1888 52 Active Chapters ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Established 1906 800 Oxford Road JOHN W. BEAN, Ph.D. GEORGE H. BELOTE, M.D. ARTHUR C. CURTIS, M.D. HENRY FIELDS, M.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY THERON S. HILL, M.D. FLOYD H. LASHMET, M.D. NORMAN F. MILLER, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY NELSON SMITH, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Louis H. NEWBURGH, M.D. HAYDEN C. NICHOLSON, M.D. MAX M. PEET, M.D., F.A.C.S. HAROLD G. WALLER, M.D. SPENCER BRADEN PARK BRADSHAW RUDOLPH I. CLARY JOSEPH P. BELSLEY HIRA M. BRANCH KENNETH P. HODGES T. WAGGONER BYWATERS BENJAMIN A. CHAPLA EDWIN J. HAMMER WILLIS E. BROWN CLIFFORD H. KEENE FLEMING A. BARBOUR WILLIAM A. BELLAMY ALLAN E. BRUNSON ROBERT P. DALBY THOMAS DURANT CHARLES H. MC!NTYRE H. MARVIN POLLARD JOHN MACPHERSON DUNCAN POTH HARRY A. TOWSLF.Y Seniors KENNETH H. JOHNSON M. M. MARRIN Juniors JOHN H. LAW ROBERT MCCLURE C. SHERRIL RIFE GILBERT B. SALTONSTALL Sophomores FRANK R. Koss DONALD W. MARTIN OLIVER E. TODD Freshmen ROBERT F. HALL JAMES LITTLE FREDERICK E. LUDWIG EDWIN J. RENNELL J. WESLEY RICE ELMER P. SAUER ROBERT R. SHAW JOHN H. TILDES, JR. GORDON L. WITTER KARL E. WEIER DONALD S. SMITH KENNETH R. SANDY DAVID A. VAN DER SLICE DAVID F. WEAVER I I t jBfc. n v | y ' W W W F W T? V Vf TODD Koss WEIER MARTIN KEENE SMITH BELLAMY LAW MCCLURE SALTONSTALL SHAW RIFE TILDES HAMMER CHAPLA BROWN WITTER SAUER BRANCH MARRIN BELSLEY HODGES JOHNSON RICE WEAVER SANDY HALL LITTLE LUDWIG FINTON VAN DERSLICE BARBOUR BRUNSON Page Four Hundred Eighteen Illl W. IIIMIII HH CIIIHIH Illl 4Gi A IONIII 4E IIINIII III! A HINIII Founded Western Reserve 1902 60 Active Chapters DELTA THETA PHI CHRISTIANCY CHAPTER Established 1912 1811 Washtenaw Avenue HOBART R. COFFEY, J.D. CARL BRANDT, J.D., LL.M. DONALD PUXCANNON ALBERT PARKER PAUL J. FLEISCHAUER ALEX A. BOCHNOWSKI WILLIAM DEHAHX R. GRUNT GRAHAM HERBERT M. BURNS LEDLIE A. DsBow ARCHIBALD W. BRIGHTON HEXRV H. DOBBIN MEMBERS IX FACULTY LATLIX K. JAMES, J.D. MEMBERS IX CITY JAY HOWARD PAYNE HERBERT SYLVESTER HENRY MOSER, A.M. EDWARD S. STIMSOS, J.D. HAROLD TROSPER ROBERT WUERFEL MEMBERS IX UXIVERSITY J. ANDREWS HOYT JOHN S. TENNANT Seniors KENNETH M. LLOYD GEORGE MAYER HARRY E. MEYER LEROY A. MOTE Juniors ROBERT R. EVANS EMERSON E. JOHNSTON WARREN H. XORTH Freshmen ARTHUR B. FREEMAN JOSEPH L. GRIFFITH LEO T. XORVILLE CHARLES A. SWABY FREDERIC E. WOLF ERNEST D. O ' BRIEN- FREDERIC E. VAN-DORN CHARLES R. ?PROWL ROBERT M. ZEHRING GUIFFITH XomiH Snowi. ZEHKISG FUEMAX EVASS BWGHTOS Doix JOHXSTOX Bums DrHAHx LLOYD VAxDovi FLEJSCHAVE DsBov SWAIY BOCHXOWSKI M T - MlVEl WoLF GlAHAM M-AYEK Page Four Hundred Nineteen Illl fin -= IIIMIII Oil CIIIHIII Illl ' CGi A UNIII flE U1NIII 3K Illl IIINIII Founded Universities of Michigan and Illinois 1914 10 Active Chapters ALPHA RHO CHI IKTINOS CHAPTER Established 1914 608 East Madison E. H. BARNES, A.M. CHARLES R. BARNUM, B. S. WELLS I. BENNETT, M.S. HURLBERT C. CHEEVER, B.S. BERNARD L. CAMPBELL JOHN R. GRAY JACK M. JACOB EDWARD M. JEWELL MEMBERS IX FACULTY RALPH V. HAMMET, A.M. GEORGE M. MCCONKEY, B.A.E. EMIL LORCH, A.M. THOMAS S. TANNER WILLIAM C. TITCOMB MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors JOHN D. MARTINDALE LEON R. SNYDER, JR. SYLVESTER J. STEPNOSKI WILLIAM E. TSCHUMY WILLARD J. WENDT WILLARD S. LAWRENCE JOHN J. WHITE, JR. ROLAND E. WILSON DONALD H. WOLBRINK LYLE F. ZISLER HARRY R. ALLEN Juniors J. DONALD MCGUGAN ROMAN C. RUDOLPH WALLACE E. WILSON GORDON A. BELSON JOHN H. BURGESS PAUL H. CRAWFORD Sophomores MAURICE F. HADLEY WILLIAM K. KENDALL REUEL B. KENYON NORTON MCGIFFIN, JR. FRANCIS PALMS, JR. AUSTIN B. SNYDER WILLIS H. SUHRBIER BELSON BURGESS PETERSON GILDERSLEEVF. SUHRBILR R. SNYDER HADLEY PALMS McGiFFiN ALLEN McGuoAN W. WILSON RUDOLPH CRAWFORD MEAD LAWRENCE JEWELL R. WILSON STEPNOSKI WENDT CAMPBELL L. SN DER ZISLER GRAY MARTINDALE TSCHUMY WHITE JACOB WOLBRINK Page Four Hundred Twentv 1111 w -= IIIMIII iiii c niHin 1111 QGii A IHNIII c HINHI mi A NINIII = ' Founded University of Wisconsin 1902 42 Active Chapters ALPHA CHI SIGMA ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Established 1916 727 South State Street L. C. ANDERTON, Ph.D. W. L. BADGER, M.S. E. M. BUKER, B.S. F. E. BARTELL, Ph.D. S. L. BIGELOW, Ph.D. J. D. BRIER, M.S. G. G. BROWN, Ph.D. R. J. CARNEY, Ph.D. L. O. CASE, Ph.D. JOHN CHIPMAN, Ph.D. E. G. ALMY C. H. ANDERSON C. J. BARCLAY H. F. BJORK R. M. BOARTS A. L. BUNTING O. C. CESSNA J. COATES D. H. DRUMMOND MEMBERS IN FACULTY A. A. CHRISTMAN, Ph.D. H. C. ECKSTEIN, Ph.D. A. L. FERGUSON, Ph.D. J. O. HALFORD, Ph.D. J. H. HODGES, Ph.D. H. B. LEWIS, Ph.D. R. K. MC. LPINE, Ph.D. C. C. MELOCHE, Ph.D. C. S. SCHOEPFLE, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY E. O. SCOTT, M.S. W. G. SMEATON, B.S. B. S. SOULE, Sc.D. M. H. SOULE, Sc.D., L.L.D. C. B. STAPLETON, A.B. C. UPTHEGROVE, B.S. P. F. WEATHERILL, Ph.D. A. H. WHITE, B.S. H. H. WILLARD, Ph.D. W. P. WOOD, M.S. R. M. W. CARTER WM. CULBERT R. T. BRADLEY W. A. DELAFORCE T. S. JACKSON F. B. SHAW M. H. FILSON M. G. FONTANA W. G. FREDERICK H. R. GAMRATH S. L. GERHARD H. S. GOODWIN W. E. GORDON O. B. HACER C. S. HART J. H. WRIGHT Seniors H. C. DlEHL R. W. FARLEY C. R. HARTE C. B. HATCH H. W. HOERR G. E. LlNDEMULDER S. McLAIN O. N. MILLER C. C. PEAVY F. A- PEYTON R. R. RALSTON M. C. ROGERS M. SOUDERS R. D. SWISHER R. C. THIELKE E. W. TILLITSON S. F. URBAN C. B. WEISS H. R. WILSON L. B. WEYMOUTH S. T. HADDEN R. J. KLAHN R. J. LANDRUM R. T. DOTTS J. A. CAST A. J. GOLEMB G. K. HICKIN J union G. F. MEIER W. H. MOHRHOFF Sophomores H. H. MORSE C. F. WASHBURN Freshmen C. L. RAYNOR J. H. SEPULL E. J. LYONS R. F. MARANDE C. L. ROLLINSON R. L. SHERWOOD S. H. ROCKWOOD R. O. ZERBE A, J. WIDMER JATKSOS WASHBUKN MOUSE ROCKWOOD MEIEI TILLOTSOK SHEKWOOO GOODWIN LIKDEMUUEX BHADLEY DELAFOKCE MARA.VTE CI ' LBE T ROLLIXSOS FARLEY HICKIK LYONS ANDEISOH Page Four Hundrel ? -= HIMIII III! 4OIHIII Illl CGnAUNUI OE UINIII 3K Nil A HINIII Founded New York University 1904 55 Active Chapters ALPHA KAPPA PSI PHI CHAPTER Established 1920 1325 Washtenaw Avenue MEMBERS IN FACULTY ROBERT P. BRIGGS, M.B.A. CLARE E. GRIFFIN, Ph.D. HERBERT F. TAGGART, Ph.D., C.P.A. ERNEST M. FISHER, Ph.D. CHARLES L. JAMISON, Ph.D. EDGAR H. GAULT, M.B.A. WILLIAM A. PATON, Ph.D., C.P.A. FREDERICK M. TAYLOR, Ph.D., LL.D. MARWIN R. DODSON FREDERICK J. ASMUS M. WlNTHROP SCOFIELD MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY RICHARD C. GERSTF.NBERG ARTEMAS R. ROBERTS Business Administration Seniors LAWRENCE C. HOBART WILLIAM R. SPRIEGEL EDSON R. WHITE ALBERT J. KLICK FRANK J. TURNER JAMES B. BONNER EDWARD S. LADD WILLIAM E. SCHILLER DONALD R. TOBEY EDWARD C. Boss ARTURO A. PLARD JOHN E. WILLOUGHBY Business Administration Juniors ALDEN L. GENTS LAWRENCE V. MESSERSMITH GERALD W. SOBER Literary Students ROBERT C. CATHCART FRANK L. PUTNAM HOBART C. HARRIS FRANK PERENY PAUL F. STARKWEATHER LAURIER N. WINN HENRY N. HOOPER EARL C. WEST FRANK E. ROSCH WINK GERSTENBERG HARRIS ASMUS PERENY ROBERTS GENTZ TOBEY TURNER HOBART WHITE KLICK SPRIEGEL SCHILLER ROSCH PLARB SCOFIELD Boss HOOPER Page Four Hundred Titen i-Two Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIB fill fldii A IIINIII flE IIINIII m Illl A IIINIII Founded New York University 1907 45 Active Chapters DELTA SIGMA PI XI CHAPTER Established 1921 1502 Cambridge Road MEMBERS IN FACULTY ROBERT A. CAMPBELL DUDLEY M. PHELPS, Ph.D. T. KENNETH HAVEN, M.B.A. HOLLAND I. ROBINSON, A.M. JAMES H. McBcRNEY, A.M. ROBERT G. RODKEY, Ph.D. v. HARLES X. STAUBACH, A.M. MERWIN H. WATERMAN, M.B.A. LEONARD L. WATKINS, Ph.D. CLARENCE S. YOAKUM. Ph.D. RICHARD ALDRICH ROBERT E. ADAM? ROBERT D. ANDREWS FRANK H. BAKER WESLEY H. BROWN DONALD T. COOPER WHITNEY R. DIXON CHARLES H. CLAYPOOLE, JR. GERALD W. HASKINS LELAND X. HILL KENNETH E. HOOKER ELTON W. CLARK Seniors RICHARD L. FAIRCHILD GORDON T. HEIM MILES E. HOISINGTON W. HARRY LONG ROBERT A. LOTHIAN JOHN G. LEWIS Juniors EDGAR C. HORN IK MALCOLM W. HCGHES PHILLIP S. JONES THEODORE C. KILDEGAARD SopAomores LOUIS E. McCRATH EDWARD D. MUIR. LLOYD C. RAYMOND CLYDE L. REED CHARLES D. STEWART WAYNE C. TOLAND WILLARD H. ZENTCREBE DAVID J. LANDSBOROITCH CHARLES SEDA EMIL H. STEVA CHARLES A. WILLIAMS EDWARD STEVENS AUWICH STEWAT HASKIXS COOFE CuutK HlLDEGAAUD SrEVA Hlli SlEVEKS HoOEEX HoiMK LAKDSOOrGH HOISISGTOS WILLIAMS REED Btowx HUGHES CUYPOOLE LEWIS LOTHIAK DIZOK ADAMS RAYMOND BAKIK Mci ZEXTGKEBE HEIM AXDKEWS McGiATH Page Four Hundred T u:entv-Three III! W. IIIMIII Oil CIIIHIII III! (HE IIINIII Illl A , IIINIII Founded Cornell 1904 42 Active Chapters PHI DELTA EPSILON OMEGA CHAPTER Established 1922 1331 Washtenaw Avenue MEMBERS IN FACULTY S. MILTON GOLDHAMMER, M.D. REUBEN KAHN, M.D. SAMUEL STEINBERG, M.D. THEODORE ROSENBERG, M.D. Seniors SIDNEY S. BERKOWII-Z SIDNEY L. ADELSON ELMER R. GROSS ABRAHAM BECKER HARRY KRAFF JACK ABRAMSON SAMUEL COHEN SIDNEY L. DAVIDOW ABRAHAM J. EDELSTEIN Juniors CLARENCE SHAW Sophomores SAMUEL L. RUSSELL Freshmen JEROME W. ENGLE JEROME GOLDMAN MORRIS HAUSER A. KENNETH SIMON SAMUEL R. Zoss BARNEY SCHAFFER OSCAR D. SCHWARTZ HERBERT KATZ JOSEPH KLEIN Louis ZLATKIN Louis E. Zoss ENGLE GOLDMAN L. Zoss EDELSTEIN DAVIDOW KATZ ABRAMSON ZLATKIN HAUSER COHEN SCHAFFER KRAFF RUSSELL BECKER SCHWARTZ KLEIN SHAW S. Zoss DR. ROSENBERG BERKOWITZ GROSS SIMON ADELSON Page Four Hundred Twenty-Four Illl W. IIIMIII lill CIIIHin III! flE IIIN1II , 1IINIII Founded University of Pennsylvania 1907 33 Active Chapters PHI LAMBDA KAPPA PI CHAPTER Established 1923 821 E. University Avenue MEMBERS IN FACULTY DANIEL E. BUDSOX, M.D. JO;EPH MICHAELS, M.D. MORRIS MELXIK MEYER NOTKIN Seniors HYMAX ORES- SKOLNICK ARTHUR SOLOMAX HAROLD BURKOXS WILLIAM E. CHAIKIX Juniors BERNARD DICKSTEIX HAROLD PLISKOW HARRY SWARTZ JOSEPH AUERBACK MORRIS M. GROBAX SAMUEL AZEX CARLTOX HERMAN MURRAY R. KARLIX Sophomores MAI NEWMAN Freshmen BARNEY KLIEGER JACK KAHAXER XATHANIAL SELZER NORMAN N. STEINBERG MARVIN R. PLESSET HYMAN S. SUGAR ISADORE ZUCKOR ZrCKO PlESSET AvEElACH K LIX Kl-ZIGEE KAHAXEK PLISKOW DICKSIEIX HEEMAK BUEKOXS SUGAE CHAIKIX SKOLXICK XOIKIS MELXIK DE. MICHAELS OEES DE. BUDSOX BLOOM SOLOMAX Page Four Hundred Tvcenty-F ' rst = IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl (OOiii A IIINIII QE IliNIII m Illl Founded Philadelphia 1906 24 Active Chapters ALPHA OMEGA CHI CHAPTER Established 1925 1624 Hill Street JACK J. GOODE AARON E. GRIB MEMBERS IN FACULTY SAMUEL J. LEVINE, D.D.S. Seniors ALTON E. GROSS JOSEPH A. KAHN Louis H. MEYERS HAROLD DIAMOND DAVID FELDMAN OSCAR L. FRANKEL Juniors Louis I. GALINSKY HERBERT V. LIEBERMAN Louis LUBIN FRED. J. PLOUS SIDNEY O. SIEGAN HARRY B. SYMONS MAURICE TAYLOR DAVID S. CAPLAN SAUL L. COLEF HARRY COOK MANUEL R. GRAY Freshmen JOSEPH R. KESSELMAN ISADORE NEDELMAN ABRAHAM N. PEARLBERG NORMAN N. RUBF.NSTEIN HARRY WEBER MORRIS NAYFR BERNARD SCHMIDT Louis RUBIN GRAY PEARLBERG EDELMAN CAPI.AN COOK RUBIN KESSELMAN SCHMIDT WEBER LUBIN XAYER RUBEXSTEIN COLEF SYMOXS DIAMOND TAYLOR SIEGAN FELDMAN LIEBERMAN FRANKEL PLOUS KAIIN GRIB DR. S. LEVINE GOODE GROSS MEYERS GALIN Page Four HiniJreJ Twenty-Six (Ill ? . IIIMIII mi ciiiHiH mi c WISANSKY WELCH McARTHUR LYON CHILDS MOKRIS MOHR BRAUN BLUMENSTEIN DEHAAN RHODES STEINER ABERNATHY SMALL SORTOR THE LAWYERS ' CLUB COUNCIL VARRO H. RHODES WILFRED A. STEINER JOHN N. MOHR VIRGIL O. BRAUN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer JOHN L. ABERNATHY DAVID D. BLUMENSTEIN THERON D. CHILDS WILLIAM DEHAAN ARTHUR G. LYON, JR. GEORGE H. MCARTHUR WILLIAM R. MORRIS ROBERT P. SMALL NORMAN B. SORTER EDWARD M. WELCH OSBORNE A. WISANSKY Page Four Hundred Twenty-Eight Illl W. IIIMIII 1)11 CIllHlfl Ilil 4E II1NIII 111! xfc, 1IINIII MORRIS ROETHKE CARTER BRADLET KAPLAX KIXXERLT EDWARDS VAXWESEP SORTOR JONES KITTSLEY SCHCCC DEHAAX RHODES FRAXSEIH FORD BROWN WELCH SCHRAM LEONARD VOIGHT STEIXER . DOXECHER MOHR PALMER McAjtTHCR WlSABSKY PHELPS BRCWX WlTHAM MAITIX NOWICHI LYOX FORD AlERKATHY KAUPER SMALL REXXER FIRESTONE AKE BRACK STLLIVAX POWERS CHILDS HACKETT MCLACGHLIX CORFMAK NASH ALTHAXS VAXBLARGAN BLCMEXSTEIX CORRELL BALDWIX POTTER MEIZXER MILLER VARXCM SIMOX THE LAWYERS ' CLUB BOARD OF GOVERNORS HON. HENRY M. BUTZEL HON. GEORGE M. CLARK HON. JOHN S. MCDONALD HON. JAMES O. MURFIN ALEXANDER G. RUTHVEN GROVER C. GRISMORE HARRY C. BULKLEY JOHN T. CREIGHTON DORREN L. RENNER ROBERT D. GORDON EDWIN C. GODDARD t t : f f. 1 1 1 t t f t .f , I DOLCOROVKOFF ULLMAX WARD Pj-ESHEK CHAMPE SPATER REDXER GROVES HATHAWAY ROBE GORDON ALEXANDER SHAW SCHMIDT LOGAN MATHERS LUYEXOYI JOXES GofLSON SCOTT WALWORTH PASSMAN FOX SlOSS RUSSELL BACKUS BROWS MORRISON HUMMEL WARREN WHEELER LETTOX CASHIX VAX " ALKEXIURC BOYLE REED Page Four Hundred Twenty-Nint Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl (flOIii A IIINIII C IIINIII Illl A , 1IINIII WEINER ADELMAN FAIRBANKS SHORTS GALLOWAY ASKREN LEVY RUWITCH GALLOWAY CRAWFORU MONAGHAN REEVES FURST HARDMAN SMITH McCARROLL MERDZINSKI NAEGELY CROWLEY MILTNER SENIOR OLWELL KAUFMAN RABINOWITZ WILKINS HOFFMAN HENSEL JUDD LEVISON SNELL FAUST HERRICK EPSTEIN DIEFENBACH TURNER THE LAWYERS ' CLUB The Lawyers Club, founded in 1922 by William W. Cook, A.B. 1880, LL.B. 1882, is the dormitory unit of the Law Quadrangle and provides sumptuous eating, sleeping, and recreation facilities for more than two hundred fifty students. Together with the W. W. Cook Legal Research Building and Harry Burns Hutchins Hall, the new Law School class room and administration building, the Lawyers Club forms the Law Quadrangle erected at a cost of over nine million dollars and providing the finest facilities for legal study and research to be found in any university in the country. DOBBIN FREEMAN FANT HURWITZ CAMPBELL KELB MARTIN CARNEY ALBERTSON COOPER ZABEL COMMANE FILLO HOUCK BOLDT OSUNA LINCOLN JOHNSON HORWITCH LEACH BROWN GORDON PERKINS STANLEY RODERICK Rossi AVERY RUDELL MOYER FRED Page Four Hundred. Thirty 01 01! III! W. IIIMIII till CIIIHIII III! (OG IIINIII C 1IINIII 1IIN1II MICHIGAN PANHELLENIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS JOSEPHINE TIMBERLAKE IVALITA GLASCOCK WINIFRED ROOT Lois SANDLER President Recording Secretary Treasurer Rushing Secretary CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP KAPPA ALPHA THETA 1879 GAMMA PHI BETA 1882 DELTA GAMMA 1885 COLLEGIATE SOROSIS 1886 Pi BETA PHI 1888 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 1890 ALPHA PHI 1892 DELTA DELTA DELTA 1894 ALPHA CHI OMEGA 1898 CHI OMEGA 1905 THETA PHI ALPHA 1912 ALPHA Xi DELTA 1919 ZETA TAU ALPHA 1920 KAPPA DELTA 1921 ALPHA EPSILON PHI 1921 ALPHA OMICRON Pi 1921 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 1922 DELTA ZETA 1922 PHI SIGMA SIGMA 1922 SIGMA KAPPA 1924 ALPHA DELTA Pi . . 1929 Page Four HttnJreJ Thirty-Four Illl W. IIIMIII Illl C IHHi H IIINIII C IIINIII m Illl y HINIII B MRS. C. H. COOLEY MRS. Mis? ALICE CROCKER MRS. MRS. HENRY HUTCHINS MRS. MRS. HENRY C. ADAMS Mi 55 EDITH W. BISHOP MRS. ORLAN W. BOSTON MRS. L. T. BREDVOLD MRS. R. J. CARNEY MRS. NORMAN HARTWEC MR?. A. M. HIGHLEY HELEN ASKRES MILDRED L. BELL DOROTHY M. BROWN AGNES A. DAVIS Founded De Pauw University 59 Active Chapters KAPPA ALPHA THETA ETA CHAPTER Est. 1879 Re-Est. 1893 1414 Washtenaw PATRONESSES JAMES INGLIS MRS. C. S. WHEAT MRS. JOHN S. WORLEY J. F. LAWRENCE MRS. H. L. WILCUS MRS. F. H. YOST C. S. NEAL MRS. ALICE WOODBRIDCE MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. THEOPHIL KLINC.MAN Miss KATHERINE KYER MR5. JOSEPH N. LINCOLN- MRS. GEORGE MONTILLON Miss ADA OLSON Mis? MARION PETERSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors WINIFRED HARTMAN MIRIAM J. HIGHLEY ELEANOR H. LANE MRS. A. G. RUTHVEN MRS. NOEL SHAMBAUGH MRS. LAWRENCE STUART MR?. GEORGE R. SWAIN MRS. F. B. VEDDER MRS. J. L. WALSER Miss GAY WILGUS r MARGARET I. FEAD MARJORIE A. MULLEN- LOIS J. SANDLER VIRGINIA WATSON K. EILEEN BLUNT- MARY ELEANOR DAVIS PAULINE V. ELBER VENITA COOK NORMA Lou COVE DOROTHEA HUNT MARGOT FITZPATRICK ELIZABETH LITTLE Juniors CATHERINE G. FITZPATRICK RUTH A. HICKMAN MARGARET KENDRICK Sophomores JANE IRWIN VIRGINIA LANE LAURA JEAN KEMPF CLARA GRACE PECK KATHERINE KENT ESTELLA MAHON JANE MAHON DOROTHY NORRIS RLTH J. STESEL ELEANOR THOMAN GRACE UNGER JEAN VOORHIES Freshmen ANNE MITCHELL ROIANE NEAL MARY STIRLING THOMAX XEAL LAKE HrxT COVE M. DAVIS PECK MITCHELL XOULIS STESEL REST EILBE BLCST C. FITZMTMCK KEKDUCC HICHLEY WATSOS HAITMAX E. MAHOV Bmowx R. DAVIS MrLLEX E. LAKE SAKDLEK BELL. COOK STIRLING M. FITZPATUCK VOOIHIES VXGEE HICKHAN J. MAHOX KEMPT IKWIK LITTLE Pfge Four Hundred Tkirty-Ftvt IIIMIII Hli ClIIHIII HI! ffljnAlilNIII QE 1IINIII Illl x IIIN1II Founded Syracuse University 41 Active Chapters GAMMA PHI BETA BETA CHAPTER Established 1882 1520 S. University MRS. WALDO M. ABBOT MRS. EDWARD L. ADAMS MRS. ELLA ANDERSON Miss GRACE ANDERSON Miss ROSE ANDERSON MRS. JOHN BERGELIN MRS. JAMES F. BREAKEY MRS. EVERETT S. BROWN MRS. HENRY W. DOUGLAS MEMBERS IN CITY Miss LINDA EBERBACH MRS. MRS. VERNON L. HART MRS. MRS. WILLIAM HOAD Miss Miss MARY Lou HOHN Miss Miss FRIEDA KUEBLER MRS. Miss BETTY LORCH MRS. MRS. DEAN W. MEYERS MRS. MRS. JAMES O ' NEILL MRS. MRS. NATHAN S. POTTER MRS. Miss MABEL RANDALL FLOYD A. SERGEANT WILFRED B. SHAW MARIE SHEARER WINIFRED SMEATON CHARLES W. WAGNER JOHN WANAMAKER ARTHUR J. WILLIAMS RUDOLPH WINNACKER EARL S. WOLAVER ALICE BOURQUIN OLIVE CHADWICK ESTHER EMERY ENID BUSH MARTHA J. CHAPMAN DORIS CLARK GLAD M. DIEHL ELIZABETH DUSSEAU RUTH COLBY Lois ALTMAN HELEN BARR JANE BREAKEY A. ANNE DUNBAR HELEN FINNEGAN DORTHEA LANE JEANETTE RIPLEY BETTY NORTON CAROL WHEELER MIRIAM E. WHITE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JESSIE BOURQUIN ROSALIND EBERSBACH Seniors ELEANOR ROBSON ADELAIDE SYMONS BETTY WHEELER Juniors LAURA FINLEY EMMA FRANCES O ' HARA ELIZABETH J. HERT CAROL E. SAVERY ELFRIEDA JOHN MARION R. SCHMIDT HELEN MCGREGOR MARGARET SMITH JANE MCCREEDY MARY ELIZABETH WAGNER Sophomores MARION OVIATT MABEL MERCER ROSE MARY WALLER Freshmen BEATRICE B. GRAHAM ELIZABETH MCOMBER MARIE JEANETTE MURPHY CAROLINE T. POTTER DOROTHY G. SEENS MIRIAM L. WOODBRIDGE JANET WOOLEY LANE B. WHEELER EMERY BUSH GRAHAM DUNBAR WOODBRIDGE MACGRECOR McOMBER CHAPMAN McCREEDY WAGNER JOHN CLARKE SMITH DUSSEAU FINLEY SAVERY DIEHL WALLER HERT ALTMAN SCHMIDT RIPLEY CHADWICK SEYBOLD WHITE FINNEGAN ROBSON O ' HARA SEENS BARR MERCER WOOLEY MURPHY POTTER BREAKEY EBERSBACH CARLSON COLBY Page Four Hundred Thirty-Six Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIHHIH Illl CSAiNW OE I1IN1II Illl x IIINIII Founded Oxford Institute 48 Active Chapters DELTA GAMMA XI CHAPTER Established 1885 1205 Hill Street. MRS. MORTIMER COOLEY MRS. RALPH AIGLLR M;;s EDITH BARNARD MRS. MORTIMER BISHOP MRS. W. E. BROWN, JR. MRS. J. C. BI-CHER Miss ELIZABETH BURGESS MRS. ALFRED CONNABLE Miss MARIAN DAVIS MRS. E. D. CURTISS MRS. JOHN R. EFFINGER MRS. OTTO GUTHE PATRONESSES MRS. BELLC GUTHE MEMBERS IX CITY Miss OLIVE KNOWLSON Miss HARRIET LAWLOR Mi;s MARJORIE LEWIS MRS. HOWARD LEWIS MRS. RALPH LOVELAND MRS. NORMAN MILLER MRS. ARTHUR MOEHLMAN Miss HELEN XORRIS MRS. WILLIS PECK MRS. G. S. PETERSON MRS. CARLTON PIERCE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARJORIE MRS. HUGO THIEME Mis? MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. L. MARDELL CARDER MIRIAM CORTRIGHT M. MARGARET DIEFEXDORF HARRIET D. ADAMS KATHERINE BARNARD RVTH E. DIETRICH ELIZABETH EAGLESFIELD MARJORIE J. ARNOLD JANE L. CLARY- VIRGINIA LUDT BETTY AIGLER BEATRICE BRVCE KATE K. FIELD VIRGINIA H. OLDS CATHERINE HEESOX DONNA K. JONES DOROTHY KOPF JANE D. MITCHELL ANNA JEAN LEECH CHARLOTTE Moss Seniors JEANNIE M. ROBERTS MARTHA E. SCOTT Juniors FAITH RALPH PARISH RIKER MARGARET SCHERMAK BARBARA SCOTT Sophomores MARY PHILLIPS MARY REIF Freshmen XAN DIEBLE MARGARET HERTRICH SARAH JANE GOODALE BETTY HOWARD MARGARET Wi NEMAN HELEN PLATT X. S. POTTER THEOPHILE RAPHAEL H. G. RASCHBACKER C. J. RASH I. D. SCOTT- SHIRLEY SMITH WM. STELL WAGON H. S. TAGGART M. H. WATERMAN MENA WINSLOW MARY E. TERRY JOSEPHINE TIMBERLAKE HELEN M. VAN Loox SAHAH SHERWOOD JANE THALMAX RUTH L. UNSWORTH MARGARET J. SMITH MARY JEAN WHITE PAULINE WILSON ALICE MORGAN VIRGINIA ROBERTS WISEMAN ROBERTS HOWARD MORGAN GOODALE AIGLER HERTRICK REIF BRUCE LVPT CLARY WHITE DIEBIE ARNOLD SMITH RIKER Moss LEECH KOPF DWINNELL PHILLIPS SCHERMACK THALMAN HEESEN BARNARD WILSON EAGLESFIELD CNSWORTH RALPH SHEW OOD B. SCOTT TERRY CORTRIGHT VANLOON CARDER DIETRICH M. E. SCOTT TIMT.ERLAKE OLDS MITCHELL ADAMS JONES DIEFEXDORF Page Four Hundred Thirty-Seven 1(11 W. IIIMIII III! (OIHIII HI! (ODiiiA lllNIII (HE IIINIII , 1IINI1I MRS. MRS. MRS. Miss Miss MRS. Miss Miss MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. Miss MRS. Established University of Michigan 1886 COLLEGIATE SOROSIS 1501 Washtenaw PATRONESSES HENRY BATES MRS. WILLIAM FAUST JESSE REEVES MRS. HERBERT SADLER MRS. RENE TALAMON MEMBERS IN CITY Miss FREDRICKA HARRIMAN MRS. HARRY HAWLEY MRS. GRIFFITH HAYS MRS. T. H. HlLDENBRANDT ROBERT ANGELL HELEN BATES SUE GRUNDY BONNER JOSEPH BURSLF.Y KATHERINE CHAMBERLIN Miss ISABEL HUBBARD LYDIA CONDON ARCH W. DIACK, JR. EARL Dow EDGAR DURFEE A. C. FURSTENBERC CARL GEHRING FLORENCE GREEN CARL GUTHE MRS. HERMAN KLEENE Miss ALICE LLOYD MRS. JAMES MARTIN MRS. FREDERICK MILLER MRS. EARL V. MOORE Miss CAROLINE PATTENGILL MRS. GEORGE PATTERSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MRS. WALTER PILLSBURY MRS. LUTHER PURDOM MRS. HARRISON RANDALL Miss ALICE RUSSELL Miss GERALDINF. RUSSELL MRS. EDWARD SEGERFOSS MRS. WILLIAM SF.LLEW Miss BERTHA SHAW MRS. WAYNE SMITH MRS. AUBREY TEALDI MRS. EDWARD TUTTLF. MRS. PETER VAN BOVEN MRS. M. W. WHEELFR LOUISE BREAKEY GRETA FLIN TERM ANN WINIFRED GORE CHRISTINE BREED JOSEPHINE CANNON EMILY FRANCIS MARGARET ALLEN MARGARET ANDERSON EMILY CAMPBELL ELIZABETH DRAKE MARY MARGARET DUGGAN MARIA GIBDS EUNICE HATCH, A.B. JULIA QUIRK, A.B. Seniors VIRGINIA HAIGHT ELLEN REEVES FLORENCE TAYLOR VIRGINIA I. ADD MARY SHIELDS MARGARET THOMPSON EDNA FROST ELIZABETH GILKEY FLORINE ISGRIGG HE i TV LONG HELEN MASON Juniors ELIZABETH LADD VIRGINIA TAYLOR ETHELYN TYSON Sofhomores ARRIE MORLEY ELEANOR OWEN Freshmen FRANCES MAN WARING MARTHA XEUHARDT MARY PAUL RUTH POAT MARY SABIN VIRGINIA SALSBURY ERNESTINE ULBRICH MARTHA WHEELER HARRIET TYSON JOSEPHINE WOODIIAMS BARBARA SUTHERLAND FREDERICKA WALDRON MARGARET WINDHAM GILKEY ALLEN BREED ANDERSON SALSBURY POAT ULBRICH CANNON H. TYSON ISGRIGG MORLEY WOODHAMS MASON V. TAYLOR WHEELER E. LADD FRANCIS E. TYSON LONG FROST OWEN HATCH SHIELDS F. TAYLOR BREAKEY V. LADD FLINTERMANN REEYES HAIGHT GORE THOMPSON DRAKE MANWARINC WIXDHAM CAMPBELL WALDRON SUTHERLAND NEUHARDT GIBBS SABIN DUCGAN PAUL Page four Hundred, Thirty-Eight Illl W. IIIMIII Illl (flCHIHII Illl IE IIINIII 1IINIII Founded Monmoulh Collie 77 Active Chapters PI BETA PHI MICHIGAN BETA CHAPTER Established 1888 836 Tappan MR?. ARCHIBALD DIAK Mi?s DOROTHY CHIPMAN Miss HOPE CHIPMAN PATRONESSES MRS. MARTIN L. D ' OocE MEMBERS IX FACULTY Mi 55 HELEN HALL MR;. REX KELLER MRS. FRANCIS V. KELSEY Miss MARIAN McKiNNEV Miss TWILA MILLER MEMBERS IX CITY MBS. FEEDEEICK ALDBICH MES. ROBEET CCBBY MES. ELTOX LzHzw Mss. HEXSY RIGGS Mi ?- AGXES BIEDSALL MES. H. J. EVEBETT Mss. T. HEEXZEEGES Miss G. SATTEETHWAIIE Mss. JOHN BISK MES. CHABLES FISHES MES. GAEL HUEES Mss. HEBEEET SHAW Miss JESSIE Bsowx MES. FEEDEBIC FISHEE Mss. GOEDOX IEBOTSOK Mss. HESBEET UPTON Mss. D. C. CHIPMAX MES. RAY FISHEE Miss MAE KELLES Miss HILDA VAX AVEET Miss DOBOTHY CHIPMAX MES. HOWAED GAULT Mss. REX KEIXEE Mss. Dox VAX VIXKLE Miss HOPE CHIFMAX MES. OTTO HAISLEY MES. GEOSGE LEWIS Miss VIEGIXIA WAETHIK MES. PALME CHSISTIAN Miss HELEX HALL MES. WALTEE MARSHALL Mss. LESOY WATESMAX Mss. CHASLES COGSHAU. Miss LOUISE HAESIS Miss HEXEIETTA McGoucHMss. ALBEST WHITE MES. WABEEX COOK Miss HOMES HEATH Miss MASIOX McKixxEV Mss. ALFSED WHITE MES. JAMES COBK MlSS !UVA HlGSEE Mss. RALPH MILLES Miss MASIOX WILDES MES. FEAXK CEOSS Miss JOSEPHIXE LANG MES. R. W. XOVES DOXXA BlEPSALL JESSIE BEOWX Dosis CrsEAH MAEGASET ASIEE DOSOTHY BlSDZELL ELISE ELY COXSTAXCE CSAWPOEO HELEX MASY BSIMIJOIX RCTH CAMPBELL JEAK EXGASO MASY FITZPATEICK BAEBAEA BATES RUTH BOSSE RUTH BEADXEE MEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY MVEIEL CCEEAH GsETCHE.V LjOJ-T HELEX HrxGESFOSD RUTH LATHAM HOETEXSE GOODIXG MAEY E. IEWIX SUZAXXE McKixxtY SYLVIA LEE JAXE RAYEX MASIAX GIDDIXGS CAEOLIXE HYDE KATHESIXE JACKSOX Seniors WIXIFSEO ROOT MAEJOEIE ROCGR KATHEEIXE SITTOK Juniors HELEX SPEXCES FAYE TITCOMB Sophomores KATHESIXE MAcGsccos MASGASET MASTIXDALE ROSAMOXD MASTIXDALE freshmen MASTHA CASPEXTEB BETTY HECKEL MASY Lou CFMMIXGS MAEY E. McKixxEY DOBIS GIWMY BETTY MESCES GLADYS PESSY DOSOTHY TEFT ELIKOS WOETLEY AXXA LY LE SPAIJT ELEAXOE WALKIXSHAH MASY E. WATTS MAJEIXE MAYXASD MAEIETTA REOOS CYXTHIA ROOT MASCEU.E MOSFOSD MAEGAEET WELCH BETTY WOODHAUS JACKSON RECCE MAcGszcos HYDE C. ROOT GIDDIXGS EXGASD MEKCTS MOSFOSD SOEEXSEX CAMPBELL FITZPATEICK DEWITT WATTS RAYEX SPESCEE M. MASTIXDALE CSAWFOSD R. MAITIKDALE ELY ASISE Iswix SPAIN ROCGH WALKIXSHAW SITTOX BISOZELL W. ROOT GOODIXG S. McKixxEY WOODHAMS BATES GIMMY HECKEL MAYXAED BSODUEE CASPEXTES WELCH BOSSE BEIMIJOIX CCMMIXGS M. McKixxET Page Four Hundred Thirty-Nine Itll W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII III! (OOIiiA IIINIII (HE IIINHI m HI! x IIINI1I Founded Monmouth College 68 Active Chapters KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA BETA DELTA CHAPTER Established 1890 1204 Hill St. DR. MARGARET BELL MRS. MRS. JAMES D. BRUCE PATRONESSES O. E. HUNT MRS. JOHN SUNDWALL MRS. A. S. WHITNEY MRS. MRS. Miss Miss MRS. MRS. MRS. Miss MRS. MRS. Miss MRS. R. G. ADAMS Miss VICTOR ARMOCAST Miss ELIZABETH BEARD MRS. MARGARET BENZ MRS. ROBERT BIGELOW MRS. WILLIAM BOOTH MRS. JOHN BRADFIELD MRS. MADGE BROOK Miss WILLIAM BUCHANAN MRS. E. ARLO BYRUM MRS. MARGUERITE CHAPIN MRS. EDWARD CHAPMAN MRS. MRS. MEMBERS IN CITY FANDIRA CROCKER Miss KATHERINE CUDLIP MRS. SAMUEL DONALDSON MRS. J. M. DORSEY MRS. HARVEY EMERY Miss WALLACE GORDON MRS. MARVIN GREENWOOD MRS. ALICE HARRSION MRS. R. P. LOVEJOY Miss K. C. MCMURRAY MRS. MARK MARSHALL MRS. E. E. NELSON MRS. PHILIP PACK SARAH PARKER PEARL ALBERT PECK EUGENE POWER ELIZABETH RALSTON H. S. SLIFER SPENCER G. E. STEWART MARY STUART BERLE WALKER WILLIAM WALZ PAUL WINDER MEMBERS IN FACULTY MRS. EDWARD (JREENE MRS. HERHERT MALLORV MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Miss DOROTHY STIRLING Miss M. L. RUMSEY ADA ALLMAN DOROTHY BARNES PAULINE BOWE JANET ALLEN DOROTHY BUNCE HARRIET BRONDSTETTER PAULINE BROOKS ELIZABETH FRANK MRS. ARTHUR W. BISHOP MAR.TORIE ALBRECHT BURNETTE BRADLEY EUGENIE CHAPEL JEANNE CUDLIP Miss RUTH LININGER Seniors KATHARINE FERRIN MARGARET KEELER MAURINE KNOX Juniors ANNETTE CUMMINGS MARY ALICE FREDERICK BETTY DAVIS MARGARET FERRIN Sophomores ANNE HARSHA GRACE MAYER HARRIET HUNT JOSEPHINE McCAUSEY MARGARET KIMBALL BARBARA ROSE freshmen Miss HILLARY RAREDON MARGARKT MOYER PAULINE RICHARDS CORINNE HENRY REBECCA PRUETT PHYLLIS SWIFT JOSEPHINE TALBOT HARRIETTS WHITE VIRGINIA DAE ( ' LUFF ELOISE KINCAID LOUISE LMTLE BETTY NEAL KANTER BRONDSTETTER SWIFT ROSE HARSHA BROOKS MAYER HUNT TALBOT ALLEN M. FERRIN BUNCE LININGER BRADLEY HENRY K. FERRIN McCAUSEY BISHOP MOYER STERLING ALLMAN CUDLIP BOWE CHAPEL CUMMINGS KNOX BARNES KEELER CLUFP DUHME FREDERICK ALBRECHT FRANK WHITE PLATT KINCAID RICHARDS PRUETT LITTLE Page Pour Hundred Fort - III! W. IIIMIII III! CIIIHIH Illl IIINIII flE IIINIII Illl x$ HINIII Founded Syracuse University 34 Active Chapters ALPHA PHI THETA CHAPTER Established 1892 1830 Hill St. MRS. JUNIUS BEAL MRS. HARLFY HAINTS PATRONESSES MR.-. GRACE HOLLISTER MRS. ALFRED LLOYD MRS. REUBEN PETERSON MRS. FRED WALDROX MRS. ROBERT WEXLEV MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. PAUL ANDERSOX MRS. PERCY DAX FORTH MRS. DONALD MAY Miss MARGARET SMITH Mi;s MARGARET BEAL Mi s MARGARET Dow MR;. MARCIA PETERSON MR;. M. P. TILLEY MRS. ARTHUR BROWN MRS. FRANCES LOGAN MRS. GRACE RAIKES Miss VERA WELLINGTON MRS. HARRY CLARK MRS. J. R. HAYDEN MRS. V. B. RATCLIFFE Miss MARIAM WILLIAMS MRS. JAMES CRESS Miss ANNE HINSHAW MRS. FINLEY Rices MRS. GEORGE WYMAX MEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY MAXIXE ALLEN JEAN KYER HORTEXSE BUM PI ' S BETTY CARPENTER BETTY HEALY HARRIET HOWARD JANE INCH MARY BARXETT ELLEX BICKXELL BETTY BOSWORTH OLIVE DAWES MARIE ABBOTT BARBARA CAXFIELD . iiuDRtD UECKER MARTHA KIXG HARRIET KLIXE BETTY KNIGHT KATHERIXE KOCH CORRIXE KREXTLER MARV BROWNE COXSTAXCE f ' .IEFEL BERTHA RANKIN MARGARET WRIGHT Seniors MARGARET LOOM is BETTY SMITH LUCILLE MCCLELLAND KATHERINE TURNER Lois McGuiRE LOUISE WOODWARD CILE MILLER BARBARA WRIGHT MAXINE NOWAK Juniors BETTV VAX HOEX JAXE ROBIXSOX EVEI.YX LEHXAX Sophomores JEAXETTE DETWILER ELIZ.ETH KAXE SARAH Kixc RUTH M. FRAXKLIX MARY LOUISE KESSBERGER SUSAX SHORTS HA RRIET EARLE BETTY FETTERS Freshmen MARGARET GRAXT WIXIFRED PIKE MARY LOUISE WORLEY JEAX RICE ilARrA:.A SMI-H BETTY WUXSCH GRAXT BOSWORTH CAXFIELD SHORTS ABBOT EARLE B. SMITH WUXSCH WORLEY DAWES KESSBERCER DETWILER FETTERS RICE STOETZXER PIEF. DECKER BICKXELL S. KIXG LEHMAN McGciRE BARXETT VAN-HORX MILLER WRIGHT KOCH IXCH KXIOHT BUJIFUS KLINE MCLELLAXD XOWAK BETTY SMITH TURXER KREXTLER HOWARD HEALY LOOMIS Page Four Hnii.lreJ Forty-One (Ill IIIMII1 HB flOIHIfl 110 flE IIINIII III! x 1IINIII Founded Boston University 82 Active Chapters DELTA DELTA DELTA IOTA CHAPTER Est. 1894 Re- Est. 1915 718 Tappan Road MRS. HORATIO ABBOTT MRS. SHIRLEY ALLEN PATRONESSES MRS. CARL F. BRAUN MRS. J. C. CHRISTENSEN MRS. ARNOLD H. Goss MEMBERS IN FACULTY MRS. EDWARD KRAUS MRS. THOMAS REED DR. DOROTHY HARD Miss LOUISE NELSON MRS. Miss MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. Miss STEPHEN ATTWOOD INEZ BOZARTH JOHN I,. BRUMM MAHLON BUELL ARTHUR COVERT J. R. CHOUSE SAMUEL DIACK C. C. FRIES EVELYN JARROLD Miss VIRGINIA Hosic VIOLET ANSORGE JEAN CARPENTER ELIZABETH COVERT AGNES GRAHAM BARBARA BRAUN MARGARET JEAN BROWN CATHERINE CHALLENGER AILEEN CLARK LILLIAN DIETRICH CORINNE FRIES VIRGINIA HOLDEN MYRA ADKINSON ISABELL BAKRUS MEMBERS IN CITY Miss ELEANOR JEFFERIS MRS. H. V. JENNINGS MRS. HORACE KING MRS. F. LAMB MRS. T. A. LOWRY Miss SARAH LUTES Miss HELEN McCALLUM Miss RUTH MERRICK MRS. A. O. MONTGOMERY Miss ELSIE MORRELL Miss KATHERINE ORT MRS. THOMAS PRVOR Miss HAZEL RICH Miss GENEVIEVE ROWE Miss JANE SAGE MRS. WILEY SAMS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Miss LAURA NELSON HELEN HAAPA.MAKI JOHANNA KANANEN ELIZABETH LOUDON Seniors MARY McCALL ALMERINE MONTGOMERY CATHELIA POLLOCK Juniors PAULA FALES DOROTHY LUTES MARGARET FULLER VIRGINIA McCoMB KATHERINE FUNKHAUSER MARY LOUISE MOORE ELIZABETH CRIBBLE Avis PITTS Sof iomores RUTH LATCHAW HELKN PROBECK MARGARET LEWIS VIVA RICHARDSON ALICE MERRICK I.OTTA STERN ELEANOR YEAGLEY JANE BRUCKER f POL DK Boos ANNA JANE CHAMBERLAIN MARY LOUISE ELSPASS MRS. MRS. MRS. Miss MRS. MRS. MRS. Miss MRS. FRANCES SHILT I G PRESTOX SLOSSOX MALCOLM SOULE MARION STOWE A. P. WAGNER ROBERT WILLIAMS CLIFFORD WOODY RUTH WORK LEIGH J. YOUNG Miss DORCAS SCHNEIDER EMILY RANDALL BERYL RICHARDSON MARY FRANCES WHITI-: MARIE WESTIN CLAUDINE POPE CLARE SLINEY PAULINE SCOTT MARGARET SWETNAM MARGARET THOMAS LILLIAN WEINMAN MARY KATHRYN SNYDKR BERNTHAL SNYDER V. RICHARDSON WEINMAN HOLDEN CHALLENGER FULLER LEWIS STEIN DIETRICH Hosic BROWN FUNKHAUSER McCoMB CLARK FALES B. RICHARDSON GRAHAM ANSORGE GRABBLE BRAUN MERRICK LUTES COVERT POLLOCK KANANEN HAAPAMAKI WHITE LOUDOX RANDALL McCALL WEJTIX CARPENTER MONTGOMERY DEBoos PITTS SWETNAM SCOTT ELSPASS BARRUS YEAGLFY CHAMBERLAIN BRUCKER POPE SLINEY ADKINSON Page Four Hundred Forty Two (Ill W. IIIMIII UK CIIIHH nil c niNiii mi x IIINIH = Founded De Pauw University 56 Active Chapters ALPHA CHI OMEGA THETA CHAPTER Established 1898 1004 Olivia MR?. CHESTER BARNES MR.-. KATHERINE CHURCH MRS. C. O. DAVIS MRS. HAROLD G. CAPRON Miss DF.LMOS COCHLIN Miss LYDIA CONDON- MRS. WAYNE G. COWELL MRS. VERNER CRANE MRS. C. O. DAVI; MRS. J. V. FOPEANO MRS. E. B. GILBERT MRS. JOSEPH HARDIN PATRONESSES MRS. C. C. GLOVER MRS. MRS. PETER OKELBERC MRS. MRS. L. L. RENWICK MRS. MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. R. B. HOWELL MRS. MRS. CHARLES KYER MRS. MRS. EVERETT LOFBERG Miss MRS. JOHN MATHES MRS. MRS. KARL MALCOLM Miss MRS. HOWARD Y. MCCLUSKY MRS. MRS. LEONARD MILLER Miss MRS. HARRY MILLS MRS. MRS. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARY MORLEY GEORGE RHEAD R. W. SELLARS U. J. WILE MAYNARD NEWTON H. W. XICHOLS ISABEL NICHOLS ROLLAND NlSSLE HELEN PARMENTER WALTER STAEBLER RUTH TICE H. P. TROSPER W. CLARK TROW THELMA BEXE JAXICE GILLETTE IVALITA GLASCOCK Seniors HELEX HAWXHUEST KATHEVX KBATZ LCCILLE LOCCH PHVLLIS REVXOLDS ISABEL HEKATH GETTA KKACSS DOEOTHY MAICOLM HELEX SAILORS EDUIXA JEXXEY LOUISE LEOXAD CECILE POITE MAKTHA SWIHABT ALICE L ' HLXAX E IE WEBE VIXSELLE BAITLETT COXSTAXCE BEEY ELIXOI ALLEX ROBEKTA DlLLMAX TAXE FAU " E I.CCILLE BETZ A ' ITA BOAD M AX AILEIX GILBERT COKOTHY DAVIDSOX VIBI.IXIA KOCH Juniors ROSALIE McKixxEY HELCA SAHLXAUK DOBOTHY K. SMITH Sophomores MAXV GIBSON- LOIS HALLIDAV Brrrv LYOXS Freshmen ItAXtTTE GKEENE KATHABIXE MOCLE DOBOTHY HOOD MABJOBIE OOSTDYK K. PBAY HELEX THOMAS MABY E " ELYX THOMAS ESTTLLE STAXDISH BABBABA GEXE OWEXS SHIBLEY VEBXEB 14 i ' t GILBEBT KOCH GBEEXE DILLMAN GIBSOX BODES VEBXEB STAXDISH BOARDVAX THOMAS OOSTDYK FAC%-EB McKixxEY ALLEX HALLIDAY MOCLE BETZ OWEXS LYOXS BEBXER SAILOIS MOBLEY BABTLETT KBATZ MALCOLM SMITH BEEBY SAHLMABK REYXOLDS GLASCOCK LEOXABD JEXXEY GILLETTE WEBEB KBACSS HEBATH VHLVAX POBTEB LOCGH Page Four HunJreJ Forty-Three 7 -= IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII 1111 (flDIJJ A , IIINIII (HE HINIII III! A 1IINIII Founded University of Arkansas 88 Active Chapters CHI OMEGA ETA CHAPTER Established 1905 1503 Washtenaw MRS. MARGARKT BIRD MRS. J. F. BOURQUIN MRS. S. T. DANA MRS. H. W. EMERSON Miss MAUDE HACLE MRS. ANDREWS MRS. F. E. BARTELL MRS. W. F. BENDER Miss INEZ BOWLER Miss MARGUERITE Fox MRS. RICHARD GREGORY MRS. F. C. GODDARD MRS. P. D. HADLEY DR. MARTHA COLBY PATRONESSES Miss EDITH HOYLE MRS. A. L. JACOBY MRS. L. C. KARPINSKY MRS. C. H. KAUFFMAN MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. FRED HANSON MRS. J. F. IRWIN MRS. CLIFFORD KEEN MRS. F. N. MENEFEE MRS. E. D. MITCHELL MRS. D. H. PARKER MRS. C. H. Ross MEMBERS IN FACULTY DR. MARGARET ARMSTRONG MRS. PAUL LEIDY Miss ELLEN MOORE MRS. L. W. OLIPHANT MRS. H. O. POTTER MRS. C. L. WASHBURN Miss MIRIAM SCHLOTTERBECK MRS. J. O. SCHLOTTERBECK Miss VIRGINIA SCHUMACHER MlSS LONA TlNKHAM MRS. CLARE UPTHEGROVE MRS. PAUL WELCH Miss ELEANOR WHITMAN Miss KATHF.RINE WILCOX Miss RUTH HASSINCER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY RUTH ANDERSON VIVIEN BULLOCK JOAN GOEBEL LUCILLE HOFFMAN DOROTHEA HOFFME ER ELIZABETH HOWARD LOUISE KARPINSKI MARY SPAULDING MARGARET EGGERT ELEANOR GRAHAM LINEA HARTZ Seniors HELEN HILGEMANN MARGARET MCDONALD HELEN KITZ MILLER ROBERTA MINTER CLARA JEAN LEITH MARY SCHAKFER Juniors JEAN BERRIDGE ELEANOR GILMORE ELINOR LOCKE ELIZABETH CALDWELL ELSIE HOFF MEYER EVELYN NEILSON Sop iomores RUTH KURTZ GRACE HAXTON BEATRICE DE " INE ALICE GOODWIN freshmen DOROTHY IIAKI MARY STAUBACH K A T H E R I N E V A N A K E X MILDRED TODD HAZEL WOODLEY GWENDOLYN ZOLLER MARGARET O ' BRIEN CLAIRE TRUSSELL NANCY ELLEN REED GERTRUDE PESCHKE HELEN LOOMIS MAKY MOXHISON MABY O ' BRIEN M. O ' BRIEN KURTZ SPAULDING GILMORE CALDWELL HAXTON MORRISON REED I.OCKE HARTZ SCHAEFER MINTER NEILSON BERRIDGE ECGERT TODP KlTZMILLER HlLGEMANN WOODLEY HOFFMEYER LEITH McDONALD BOVERMANN PESCHKE LoOMIS HART GoOOWIN SilABEX I.ONG GRAHAM McY ' lNE Page Four Hundred Forty-Four 111! W. IIIMIII III! CHIHIH 1111 flDJIi A HI NIII CE INI 3 till UIN1II Founded University of Michigan 18 Active Chapters THETA PHI ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1912 1722 Cambridge Road MRS. GEORGE BURKE MR;. FR XK DEVIXE MRS. WILLIAM MCLAUGHLIN Miss MARY BOWEX M:;; MARGARET CAREY MRS. JOHN COXLIX Miss JULIA MAE COXLIN MARY COSTELLO MARY E. DUNN JOSEPHINE KRISER DOROTHY REEVES ELEAXOR BLUM ELIZABETH IMMEL PATRONESSES MRS. GEORGE MOE MRS. ORVILLE MOE Miss CATHERIXE MORGAN MEMBERS IN FACULTY MRS. LAURA DUNSTON MEMBERS IX CITY MlSS ElLEEX DOXOHUE MRS. FRED EXSMIXGER MRS. JOSEPHIXE QUARRY Miss CLAIRE SIMMONS MEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY VERONICA O ' BRIEX Seniors GERALDIXE MALONE LEOLA MARX HELEN MCCARTHY Juniors MILDRED CRESSWELL Sophomores Freshmen ALICE MAHOXEY MRS. ALAN SHERZER MRS. ARTHUR STAGE Miss JULIA WILCOT Miss THOMA SUTTON Miss JOSEPHINE WADEMEYER. Miss MARY WADEMEYER Miss GENEVIEVE WALSH GERALDIXE MEGARO MORAYXE PODESTA HELEXMARY SWEET MARGARET ROBB MARGARET PHALAN MARJORIE WINCH ROBB BOWEX COSTELLO MALOXE McCATHr KIISEI HANLON MAKX PODESTA MEGA O Duxx SWEET BLUM IVMEL PHALAX REEI-ES CLAKK Page Four Hundred Forty-Five (Ill iiiMiii ira cnmiH UINIII m mi A , WINIII Founded Knox-Lombard College 52 Active Chapters ALPHA XI DELTA ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER Established 1920 825 Tappan Road MRS. MARCARKT BUFFINCTON MRS. F. A. COLLER MRS. H. E. KEELER MRS. T. S. LANCFORD MRS. M. S. BEVAN MRS. C. P. BRIGGS Miss FERN M. BRITTAIN MRS. R. W. COWDEN MRS. J. J. Cox MRS. DANA G. CREAL RUTH B. MACLELLAN KATHERINE MCMURRAY RUTH E. OTTO PATRONESSES MRS. C. J. LYONS MRS. J. RALEIGH NELSON MRS. W. W. NEWCOMBE MRS. B. F. OLINGF.R MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. A. R. CRITTENDEN Miss DOROTHY DUNLAP MRS. R. B. HALL MRS. F. C. KUENZEL MRS. G. C. KYTE Miss RUTH MARSHALL MRS. H. H. SCHMID MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors DAISY CONNELL RUTH E. GALLMEYER RUTH E. MILLER MRS. H. H. SEELEY MRS. C. C. STURCIS MRS. N. H. WILLIAMS Miss MABEL VANKLEI:K Miss CATHERINE SCHULTZ BRS. A. F. SHULL MRS. WILLIAM STEERE Miss OLIVE STROHMEYER MRS. C. D. THORPE MRS. B. D. THUMA AVIS TODD MARY HELEN TYRE ANNA M. RATLIFF JEAN BENTLEY RUTH BIRDSEYE JEAN BOTSFORD MARGARET BURKE LAURAINE BOND MARY JANE COMPTON MARION FOLEY JEAN COWDEN LUCILLE GEORC ALICE HOWARTH Juniors ELLA-RACHEL LYONS LOUISE NACELVOORT GENE NEER JEANNE REED Sophomores ANN GALLMEYER DOROTHY VAN RIPER MARTHA LITTLETON HILDA KURTZ JEAN PORTER MIRIUM HALL MARJORIE SCHOULTZ ELIZABETH SHULL IRENE THOMAS Freshmen VIRGINIA DENNE IRENE HALL JANE HALL COWDEN NEER GEORGE BOTSFORD GALLMEYER BOND COMPTOX LITTLETON SHULL REED SCHOULTZ BENTLEY KURTZ FOLEY VANRIPER PORTER TYRE OTTO MILLER NAGELVOORT GALLMEYER THOMAS RATLIFF MCMURRAY COXNELL SHUKER HALL LYOXS HOWARTH DEXXE BIRDSEYE I. HALL J. HALL BURKE Page Four Hundred Forty-Six Illl W. HIMIII 01! 4EIIIHU HI1 4E IIINIII m till A UINIII Founded Virginia State Normal 71 Active Chapters ZETA TAU ALPHA ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Established 1920 902 Baldwin MRS. L. J. CARR MRS. EDWIN DICKINSON MRS. ROBERT GREVE MRS. CLARE GRIFFIN PATRONESSES MRS. JAMES HODGES MRS. RUSSELL HUSSEY MRS. ROY MCALPIXE MRS. ROBERT MCKENZIE MRS. WM. A. PATON MRS. RALPH SAWYER MRS. FRANK SAWYER MRS. FRANK WILSON MRS. HAROLD CAREY MRS. RALPH BRANCH MARGARET E. BARTHOLIC DOROTHY W. ELSWORTH MARJORIE H. ELSWORTH BETTY M. ABERLE DOROTHY S. BOOER MIRIAM S. CAREY ARLEXE CRISSMAN ELIZABETH DUNCAN MEMBERS IX CITY MRS. EARL FINCERLE MARIE FINCERLE Seniors ALICE G. EVANS HELEN A. Mi KEN Juniors LELIA M. HENDRICKS JANET V. HIRT M. JEAN KRAMER VIOLET G. LYLE AXXA M. NEBERLE Sophomores Freshmen Lois ZIMMERMAN HELEN GUSTINE MRS. ROBERT WUERFEL ELVA V. PASCOE GENIEVE S. PINSON DOROTHY E. SEIFERLEIN DOROTHY E. REINERT ADA ROACH GLADYS B. SCHRODER ELLEN WALTON- RUTH P. WESTOVER WESTOVER CAREY DUNCAN CRISSMAN ABERLE ZIMMERMAN ROACH REIXERT M. COOPER WALTON HIKT SCHRODER LVLE KRAMER XEBERLE BOCER HENDRICKS D. ELSWORTH PASCOE SEIFERLEIN M. ELSWORTH EVANS PINSON T. COOPER BARTHOLIC MIKAN Page Four Hundred Forty-Seven III! ? . IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII (III A IIINIII C IliNIII m Illl A V 1IINIII Founded Virginia State Normal 71 Active Chapters KAPPA DELTA SIGMA ZETA CHAPTER Established 1921 1620 Cambridge Road PATRONESSES MRS. HARRY BACKER MRS. BRADLEY DAVIS MRS. S. F. GINGERICH Miss ETHEL MCCORMICK MRS. B. F. BAILEY MRS. C. W. EDMUNDS MRS. W. F. HUNT MRS. C. C. MELOCHE MRS. ROY COWDEN MRS. E. R. SUNDERLAND MEMBERS IN FACULTY Miss ELLEN STEVENSON MRS. HERBERT BEISIEGLE Miss VELDA BOGART MRS. ROBERT BROWN MRS. H. COATS MlSS LOIS COSSAR MRS. C. CROSBY MRS. DAHLBERG Miss KATHERINE EVANS Miss ALICE FIELD ELEANOR COOKE EMILY BATES DOROTHY CUMMINGS HILDA EASTCOTT MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. JOHN HUBER MRS. KARL HUBER Miss ELLA HYMANS Miss ADA INCLIS MRS. ALBERT KERLIKOWSKI MRS. LEON MAKIELSKI MRS. ALEXANDER MCGREGOR MRS. CLIFFORD MELOCHE ANNETTA DIEKHOFF RUTH GROVER MARGARET REAL HELEN BALLOU IRENE CODDING MARGARET COLE KATHERINE ANNING MlSS MRS. MRS. Miss Miss MRS. Miss Miss MRS. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY LUCILE COSSAR JANNET MICHAEL Seniors SALLIE ENSMINGER PHYLLIS FUHRY DOROTHY FELSKE ELIZABETH GERHARD MARGARET FRIEDRICH GERALDINE GROVER ANNE REEK KATHRYN KUNERT WANDA LEE KATHERINE MOORE Juniors ALICE REEK ELEANOR RIKER LKONORE SNYDER Sophomores ELIZABETH COOPER JEANNE HEWITT PRUDENCE FOSTER HARRIET JENNINGS ALICE GOODENOW MARTHA MC!NTOSH Freshmen ELLEN MAE HROOM DOROTHY OGBORNE W. S. PERHAM CARL RUFUS ALICE SUNDERLAND ELIZABETH SUNDERLAND E. R. SUNDERLAND ELLEN STEVENSON MARY A. SW NWICK HERBERT TWINNING MARY STKLLHORN MARJORIE HUNT WILLENA KALMBACH DOROTHY PETERSON MARGARET SNYDER MARY ELLEN WEBSTER GRACE PRENTISS HELEN SCOTT DOROTHY ANN WILLIAMS ELIZABETH MOORE HEWITT E. MOORE ANNING JENNINGS BROOM E ORWICK COLE L. SNYDER CODDING PRENTISS COOPER GOODENOW SCOTT LEE FOSTER WILLIAMS MC!NTOSH REEK DIEKHOFF FUHRY KEAL K. MOORE STILLBORN RIKER M. SNYDER W. LEE R. GROVER GERHARD BATES FELSKE HUNT ANNE REEK ENSMINGER EASTCOTT CUMMINGS KALMBACH G. GROVER FRIEDRICH Page Four Hundred Fortv-Eig ' it Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl (HD IIINIII UE I1INIII , IIINIII ' Founded Barnard College 27 Active Chapters ALPHA EPSILON PHI PI CHAPTER Established 1921 820 Hill Street Miss GUSSIE BROWN- ISABEL L. HALTENBERG PATRONESSES MRS. HERMAN FINSTERWALD MRS. MORITZ LEVI MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. LEO SHARFMAN EDITH JAY ELIZABETH B. STERN ESTELLE AARONS JANE M. COHEN- JANET DAVIS NANETTE DEMBITZ NATALIE ARDEN MIRIAM CARVER HEILA FISHMAN JANE FETCHEIMER RUTH COHEN TERRY FISKE GEORGIA GEISMAN EDNA CANNER ELLEN FELDSTEIN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors BERTHA DESENBERG BEATRICE EHRLICH JEAN GOLDENBERG Juniors LIZETTE FREUND BEATRICE JOSHEL JEAN ROSENTHAL Sophomores EVELYN GOODMAN JACQUELINE NAVRAN TERESE NEUWAHL Freshmen MARGARET FRIEDMAN ROSALIND GREENBERG HELEN GROSSNER ISABEL WOLFSTEIN HILDA HARRIS JEAN LEVY JEANETTE THAL VIRGINIA WOLF BEVERLY STARK JOSEPHINE STERN MURIEL SURAVITZ LUCILLE ZARNEY GERTRUDE RUSH ELAINE SCHLESINGER DENA SUDOW MARION LOEB HELEN ROSENBERG GOODMAN COHX SCHLESINGER XEUWAHL GEISMAN SUDOW RUSH NAVRAX FISHMAN JOSHEL J. STERN FISKE SURAVITZ FECHEIMER ROSEXTHAL ARDEN ZARNE FRECND STARK HARRIS DEJIBITZ DESENBERG EHRLICH COHEN WOLF AARONS DAVIS E. STERN WOLFSTEIK CANNER FRIEDMAN FELDSTEIN ROSENBERG GREENBERG GROSSNER LOEB H. Z. FISHMAX Page Four Hundred Forty-Win 1111 W. IIIMIII Illl CillHIII III! OE HINIII 3 IIII A UINIII Founded Barnard College 40 Active Chapters ALPHA OMICRON PI OMICRON PI CHAPTER Established 1921 1052 Baldwin MRS. RUSSELL W. BUNTING MRS. JAMES C. CRISTY PATRONESSES MRS. WILLIAM INCLIS MRS. WILLIAM W. KRAG MRS. ERNEST F. LLOYD MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. CHARLES T. OLMSTED MRS. WILLIAM E. UNDERDOWN Miss ALTA B. ATKINSON Miss BLOSSOM L. BACON Miss ELIZABETH MCDERMOTT MRS. MARGARET H. NELSON MRS. MARY K. TENNANT MRS. MARGARET H. UNDERWOOD MRS. CHARLOTTA WAGNER MRS. LOUISE M. WALLS SARAH E. BOND FLORENCE E. BRADY MRS. CORA L. WIEDMAN MEMBERS IN FACULTY LUVERN HAYS, M.D. Seniors JOADA DAY GlNEVRA GlNN KATHERINE WAARA Juniors FRANCES G. MINES HELEN F. HOLDEN FRANCES K. JOHNSON ELSBETH G. WHEELER JUDITH M. WILKINSON HARRIET ARNOLD FRANCES G. HINES AUDREY J. MITCHELL ADELE EWING HELEN F. HOLDEN MAE STUART CATHERINE C. GRIFFICH FRANCES K. JOHNSON DOROTHY M. VAN EVERY ELEANOR R. HENNY ELEANOR J. WELSH Sophomores JOAN H. BARNETTE MARTHA P. GREENSHIELDS WINNIFERD I. HALL RUTH L. MCLEARN HELEN E. GRAY ELIZABETH G. GRIFFITH JANE N. LAW MARION L. S MITH Freshmen HELEN E. FLYNN HARRIET C. OLEKSIUCH VIRGINIA L. PELHANK ELEANOR G. HEATH DOROTHY E. PARK MARGARET E. PULFREY LUCILLE D. JOHNSTON BEATRICE A. WEBSTER SMITH GRAY PULFREY MITCHELL WEBSTER GRIFFITH LAW PARKS HEATH JOHNSON PELHANK FLYNN E. GRIFFITH JOHNSON HOLDEN BARNETTE HENNY HINES HALL GREENSHIELDS EWING VANVERY DAY BRADY BOND WILKINSON WAARA STUART WELSH Page Four Hundred. Fifty mi w_== IIIMIII uu (DC iimm nn unr IIINIII QE IIINIII m nil A IIINUI Founded Syracuse University 48 Active Chapters ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Established 1922 1322 Hill Street MRS. WALTER BADGER MRS. L. W. BRICKER HELEN CHAPIN BERNADINE MALAY MADELON AXDRUS MRS. STANLEY HUNTER ETHEL BOND AUDRA COOK RETA PEARL MCOMBER MARY ALEXANDER VIRGINIA DAVIDSON PATRONESSES MRS. A. W. FOOTE MRS. WALTER FORD MRS. GROVER GRISMORE MEMBERS IN FACULTY HILY DALE PARKER MR?. ALBERT PARKER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY RUTH PENCE Seniors FLORENCE HISCOCK EVELYN JONES EILEEN LAUTZENHISER Juniors CATHERINE RENTSCHLER FRANCES THORNTON Sophomores MARY ELLEN HALL ELLEN KEAN KATHRYN KIRS- LEWIS KEELER MRS. JULIO DEL TORO MRS. L. D. SCHUMAN MRS. EDWARD STALKER DORA POLK DOROTHEA TORBESON ELIZABETH MCDOWELL ALICE SCHLEH HELEN ZIEFLE BARBARA NELSON RUTH NEVILLE Freshmen VIRGINIA FRINK LOUISE VAN AMERINCEN FINK NEVILLE ALEXAXDER KIRX HALL KEAX DAVIDSON XELSOX HOWARD MCOMBER ZIEFLE RESTSCHLEK VAX AMEHIXZEX BOXD THOEXTOX HISCOCK MCDOWELL Joxts COOK SCHLEH Page Four Hundred Fif. ' y-Onr 7 -= IIIMIII III! C IIIHIII (III (flGJii A IIINIII OE IIINIII (III xfcv 1IINIII Founded Miami University 58 Active Chapters DELTA ZETA ALPHA ETA CHAPTER Established 1923 826 Tappan MRS. J. C. BRIER MRS. GEORGE HALL MRS. WILBUR HUMPHREYS GRACE H. ARNOLD CATHERINE BACKUS MARGUERITE CORNELL MARY P. COON ELIZABETH CRONIN JEAN CURRIE W. LYNN FOWLER FRANCES G. ANDERSON HELEN B. AULPH FRIEDA BOERSIG DOROTHY L. BACKUS ELIZABETH KURD ELIZABETH J. BALSLEY BEATRICE A. COLLINS HAZEL GOFF PATRONESSES Miss NORA CRANE HUNT MRS. Louis J. ROUSE MRS. CLYDE LOVE MEMBERS IN CITY MILDRED A. DRINKAUS ELIZABETH HARSEMAN DORA N. HERBERT LYDIA K. HUMPHREYS NINA P. HURD MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY PERMILLA LAMPMAN Seniors MARJORIE L. CUTHBERTSON JEANNE DuBois MYRTLE C. GERISCH Juniors GOLDIA LlGHTFOOT Sophomores SELMA H. JOHNSON Freshmen CORABEL PETERS MARJORIE WESTERN MRS. WESLEY MAURER Miss HARRIET MCCLENCH ELFRIEDA KESSLER LORETTA MAE T. MOCK Lois M. NIEHUSS FLORENCE POLLOCK MARION B. THOMPSON CAROL WHITNEY M. GALE SAUNDERS DOROTHY L. LONE LAVERNE E. WEIGEL DORIS A. WEISS ALICE MANCKE H. ADRIA PARKS ETHEL J. MASSELINK BEATRICE A. OLMSTED ELIZABETH WICKETT JOHNSON MASSELINK OLMSTED COLLINS BACKUS GERISCH ANDERSON BOERSIG WEIGEL AULPH WEISS WESTERN MAHNKE PETERS WICKETT HURD BALSELY PARKS CUTHBERTSOX LONE DuBois LIGHTFOOT GOFF Page Four Hundred Fijly-T uio Illl W. IIIMIH mi dOiHin IIINIII HE iiiNiii 1111 A V HiNiii Founded Hunter University 21 Active Chapters PHI SIGMA SIGMA ETA CHAPTER Established 1922 1319 Hill Street MRS. WILLIAM F. ANGELL MRS. HIRSCH HOOTKIN? PATRONESSES MRS. H. B. ULLIAN MEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY LILLIAN J. KOVINSKY MRS. MYRA UPHAM MRS. J. VASBUREN Seniors LAURA LEBSTER HELEN F. WALDMAN DOROTHV A. ARON:ON MARIAN R. ATRAN Juniors FLORENCE B. GLASS GERTRUDE X. GRAVES HELEN GREEN WALD SYLVIA M. MILLER DORA ELIASOHN GENEVIEVE F. FIELD LILLIAN FINE ROWENA H. GOLDSTEIN Sophomores ILO V. FREYDBERG DOROTHY M. ICOVE Freshmen ROSE P. MODELL DOROTHY SHANMAN MURIEL PIVOWITZ BERNIECE J. WEISS FLORENCE M. TRAVIS FRANCIS M. ZWIRNBAUM GKOVEK PrvAruz SHASMAN ICOXT FIELD ATRAX LEBSTEI WALDMAX MIU.EK GLASS WEISS Anoxsox MODELL GOLDSTEIN ZWIINBACX GSEEXWALD ELIASOHS TAVIS Page Four Hundred Fijty-Three Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl IIINIII (HE IIINIII Illl A , 1IINIII Founded Colby College 43 Active Chapters SIGMA KAPPA ALPHA MU CHAPTER Established 1924 808 Oakland MRS. WELLS I. BENNET MRS. CHARLES W. COOK PATRONESSES MRS. W. R. DRURY MRS. Louis A. HOPKINS MRS. ARTHUR E. WOOD MEMBERS IN FACULTY Miss E. ROCENE SEYMOUR Miss KATHRYN PURCELL MRS. JAMES FERGUSON MRS. WELDON P. HARE LILLIAN GREEN DOROTHY ELLIS HARRIET M. HICKS BEATRICE BENSON HELEN BUIST MADELINE CLINE MEMBERS IN CITY FLORA KEMPF ADELINE NOWAK MRS. M. ROYCE MRS. W. RUTEN MRS. O. WILD BERNADINE WINTON HAZEL L. WOLFE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CHARLOTTE MANCHESTER RHEA E. SCHIEL HELEN MOORE Seniors ESTHER E. LOUCKS MARGARET MOON Juniors MARGARET EIDSON ELIZABETH GRAY Sophomores AGNES ROBINSON HAZEL M. SAUL DOROTHY L. WALKER K. EDNA WAUGH DOROTHY SHAPLAND SHAPLAND SCHIEL MANCHESTER ELLIS ROBINSON WINTON SAUL LOUCKS SEYMOUR EIDSON WALKER WAUGH MOON HICKS Page Four Hundred Fifty-Four Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl QEiii A IIINIII CE INI 3 Illl xlUIINIII Founded Wesleyan Women ' s College 58 Active Chapters ALPHA DELTA PI BETA ETA CHAPTER Established 1929 802 Oakland MRS. CARL COE MRS. T. DIAMOND RUTH BUTLER VIRGINIA COMMON HAZEL EVANS HELEN RITTERSHOFER ETHEL W. ARSCOTT MARYROSE CRONIN LUCILE BARNES LAURA BIDDLE IRMA BOBERTZ PATRONESSES MRS. T. DILLMAN MRS. P. JAMES MRS. J. SCHOLL MRS. J. SHEPHERD MRS. C. SMITH MEMBERS IN FACULTY WlLMA GWINNER DOROTHY SULIVAN MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. THOMAS REED MARY SIMPSON MADELIN SHIELDS HAZEL SPEDDING MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY VIOLET SCHELL Seniors LENORE KINGSTON FRANCES M. MCNAMARA DORIS MILLAR Juniors BARBARA ANNE FISHER ESTHER HANNING IONE HUNT IRMA KOIVISTO MARY P. TAYLOR DOROTHY WILLIAMS MARY K. WILLIAMS MARJORIE MILLAR AUGUSTA SCHAEFER DOROTHY LAYLIN HELEN OLSON JUNE SLOTE IRMA RANTAMAA Sophomores DOROTHY A. WILLIAMS BARNES RAXTAMA BIDDLE KINGSTON JACOBSON SCHELL HANNING HUNT KOIVISTO OLSON BOBERTZ SLOTE LAYLIN CROXIN MCN ' AMARA ARSCOTT D. MILLER M. MILLER FISHER Page Four Hundred Fifty-Five Illl W_== iHMIII III! CIIIHIII 1111 OGiiiAlllNIII OE 1IINIII III! A ItlNIII III! W. IIIMIII Illl CIHHIII Illl OGiii A UINIII (HE IIINHI m III! x IIINIII K Founded University of Michigan 21 Active Chapters ALPHA EPSILONa IOTA ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1900 119 Park Terrace MRS. R. BISHOP CANFIELD DR. ELIZABETH CROSBY DR. MARGARET BELL DR. RUTH WANSTROM PATRONESSES MRS. ROBERT GESELL MEMBERS IN FACULTY DR. A. LUVERN HAYS DR. HELENE SCHUTZ MRS. FREDERICK NOVY DR. ELIZABET H THOMPSON DR. JANET BARNES DOROTHY SMITH MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. DAVID M. COWIE, M.D. MRS. L. OLIPHANT, M.D. DR. JEANNE SOLIS DR. GRACE GORHAM DR. GLADYS KLEINSCHMIDT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY DR. LAVINIA MACKAYE DR. GERTRUDE MITCHELL Seniors DOROTHY C. V. HEINZ, A.B. KIMI NOJIMA, A.B. MARIE PELECOVICH MARY A. BURCHARD, A.B. ALICE F. CAMPBELL, A.B. AUDREY GLENN, B.S. MIRIAM HOSMER, A.B. AlLEEN McQUINN, B.S. Juniors RUTH LATHAM, A.B. DORIS Loo, B.S. HARRIET OWEN, A.B. HELEN ROBERTS, A.B. Sophomores PEARL TOIVONEN, R.N. DR. MARIANNA SMALLEY DR. MELLISSA WORTH INEZ WILBUR, A.B. THELMA ROBINSON, A.B. MARGUERITE STEMMERMAN MARGARET WHITE ALICE WHITTINCHILL, A.B. DOROTHY SMITH .fA + T B JflBi B r ..7.,i..- OWEN ROBERTS WHITE I-oo Woo CAMPBELL WHITTINCHILL LATHAM NOJIMA WATIA GLENN BURCHARII TOIVONEN HOSMER SMITH ROBINSON McQriNN HEINZ PELECOVICH WILBER STEMMERMANN MAGEE Page Four Hundred Fifty -Eight III! W. HIMIU Illl CIIIHIII Illl flGiii A IIINIII flE I1IN1II Illl A V HINIII Founded University of Michigan ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1904 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA RALPH AIGLER CHESTER D. BARNES HENRY M. BATES JOSEPH A. BURSLEY HUCH CABOT O. J. CAMPBELL R. BISHOP CAJJFIELD SAML-EL T. DANA JAMES GLOVER MRS. BYRL BACKER Miss XORA CRANE HUNT GERTRUDE BACKUS MRS. B. E. BAILEY MRS. JOSEPH BRINKMAN Miss ELIZABETH CAMPBELL MR?. C. W. CHADWICK MRS. . COLBY MRS. X. EDDY PATRONESSES MRS. THEODORE HARRISON MR5. WlLLIAS HOWLAND MRS. G. CARL HUBER MRS. HENRY C. HUTCHINS MRS. JAMES INGLIS MRS. FRANCES KELSET MRS. GEORGE LANCFORD MRS. FRED H. LEWI; MRS. ALFRED H. LLOYD MEMBERS IX FACULTY Miss ALICE LLOYD MR;. MARTHA M. LYONS MRS. MAUD OKKELBERG MEMBERS IX CITY Mi;; KATHRYX EVANS MRS. E. A. GALLUP MRS. LOUISE GAYLORD MRS. C. E. GEHRING Mi;; HELEN GOULD MRS. L. A. HOPKINS MRS. W. F. HUNT MRS. EMIL LORCH MRS. WM. A. MCLAUGHLIN- MRS. EARL V. MOORE MRS. GEORGE W. PATTERSON- MRS. REUBEN PETERSON- MRS. SAMUEL STANTON MRS. Louis STRAU;; MRS. MORRIS P. TILLEY MRS. L. WARFIELD MRS. MABEL Ross RHEAD Miss XELL STOCKWELL MRS. A. F. HUTZEL Miss THELMA LLOYD Miss ODINA OLSON MRS. L. C. REIMAN Miss CHRISTINE SEIFERT MRS. C. E. WILSON MRS. F. X. WILSON- BERTHA FLO ADA ALLMAN BURNETTE BRADLEY ELIZABETH BENTLEY HELEN J. BLACK MARGARET BURKE MEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY MARGARET HAWLEY Seniors KATE KEITH FIELD Juniors MARY ELIZABETH DUNN- VIRGINIA FORSYTHE CATHERINE HEESEN HELEN CAROL CLARK Sophomores ELEANOR PHILLIPS GWENDOLYN ZOLLER MARY ANN McDowALL JANE XEROCHER RUTH WEISS SARA E. PLACE BLACK EVANS XEKACHE PLACE Drxx ZOLLEU HEESEX BUKE LLOYD FIELD PniLLirs BUDLEY BEXTLET FOISYTHE HAWLEY MjwrDowELL CLAXE Page Four Hundred Fifty-Nil Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIM Illl QGiiAlllNIII QE IIINIII 11INIII ZETA PHI ETA Founded Northwestern University 20 Active Chapters PORTIA LAMBDA CHAPTER Established 1930 MRS. RAYMOND D. SPOOKES MARGARET ANGLIN JANE COWL MRS. Louis M. E:CH PATRONESSES HONORARY MEMBERS GERTRUDE JOHNSON KATHERINE LARDNER MIRIAM MITCHELL MEMBERS IN CITY Miss HENRIETTA HAUSER MRS. JOHN B. WAITE MARY KENT-MILLER TENNANT VIOLET VINCENT MARY KEXT-.MILLER TENNANT ELIZABETH MCDOWELL FRANCES THORNTON KATHYRN KUNERT ELEANOR GILMORE DOROTHY DAVIS RETA PEARL MCOMBER ALICE SCHLEH FRANCES JOHNSON OFFICERS Archon Vice-Archon Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Guard Social Chairman Oratorical Association Delegate Lois BENSON ANNETTE CUM MINGS MARJORIE CLARK DOROTHY DAVIS ELEANOR DUNELE ANNETTE DIEKHOFF MARY LOUISE ELSPASS RUTH FRANKLIN VIRGINIA FRINK MARGARET FULLER ELEANOR GILMORE ELEANORE GRAHAM BILLIE GRIFFITHS ACTIVE MEMBERS HELEN HAPAOMAKI JEONNE HOGAMON FRANCES JOHNSON KATHYRN KUNERT LENORE LE GENDRE VIRGINIA McCoMB MARY HELEN MC!NTOSH ELIZABETH MCDOWELL RETA PEARL MCOMBER HARRIET OLEKSUICH MARY KATHERINE PRAY ELVA PASCOE LUCILLE PRIEST CECILA PORTER DOLLY ROBBINS FAITH RALPH HELEN SAILORS ALICE SCHLEH MARTHA ELLEN SCOTT MORSHEL SMITH FRANCES THORNTON JOSEPHINE TIMBERLAKE MARTHA WHEELER LUCY WODSWORTH CATHERINE ZIMMER OLEKSIEUH BENSON POUTER SCOTT FULLER DIEKHOFF KUXERT MdNTOSH CUMMINGS DWINELL ADS VORTH CLARK PASCOE PRIEST LEGENDRE GRIFFITHS RALPH HAPOMAKI HAGAMAN.N FRI.NK SMITH McCo.MB SCHLEH MCDOWELL THORNTON GILMORE MCOMBER DAVIS JOHNSON Page Four Hundred Sixty USE till ? . IIIMIII 1111 CIIIHIII Illl QGwAlflNlil OE IIINIII 3!K III! xSUIINIII HELEN NEWBERRY RESIDENCE MRS. ALEXIS C. ANGELL MRS. A. W. DIACK BOARD OF DIRECTORS MRS. H. W. DOUGLAS MRS. HENRY B. TOY HOUSE STAFF MRS. FLORENCE W. TOUSEY Miss EUNICE VAN CAMP Miss RUTH FRENCH Miss ELIZABETH GARDNER . HOUSE OFFICERS ESTHER KIRBY ANNETTE RUDOLPHI ELIZABETH ROBERTSON RUTH DUHME HELEN LOUISE CORWIN EVELYN KOH BING CHUNC LING MARIE BEYNE ELIZABETH CHYNOWETH JOSEPHINE FISHER RUTH FRENCH ELIZABETH GARDNER LOUISE ALLEN MAXINE ALLEN SALLY BLOOM HARRIET BRONDSTETTER HELEN CORWIN GENEVIEVE DAVIS MARION BARROW ADA BLACK MAN BEATRICE BRUCE HARRIETTS CLARK KATHERINE DAVIS RUTH DUHME JANE BASSETT ELLA MAY BROOME FRANCES CHANDLER HELEN CLARK MARJORIE CLARK VIRGINIA CLUFF ISABELLA CURRIE MILDRED DECKER MARY ELSPASS GRADUATES EVANGELINE PAPAGEORGE VAHIBE REMZI IVY P. THOMAS Seniors MARIE GREENWALD EDITH HARWITH ESTHER KIRBY DORIS LlTZENBERCER DOROTHEA MARSHALL Juniors ROBERTA DILLMAN MARY ALICE FREDERICK RUTH HAMILTON GHISSELL KLEIN FRANCES MCCARTY MARGARET MC!NTYRE Sophomores CECILIA GREEN- CLARICE HAMILTON JEAN HENNING HELEN KNIGHT ANNIE MC!NTYRE ELLEN SARA PLACE Freshmen MARY GAYLORD MARGARET GRANT ALICE HARRIS JANET MINER HlLDEGARDE ORWICK CONSTANCE PURINGTON RUTH ROOT DORIS ROOT ANN RUSSE Miss ALICE LLOYD MISJ CLAIRE SANDERS Director Assistant Director Chafer one Chaferone President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Soda! Chairman STELLA WANG THERESA Woo PAULINE PICCHIOTTINO ELEANOR RAIRDEN ELIZABETH ROBERTSON HELEN TRAVIS MARTHA VEAL TERESA ROMANI ANNETTE RUDOLPHI MARGARET SWF.TNAM FAYE TITCOMB MARY ELIZABETH WINDT WINIFRED QUARTON MAY SEEFRIED LYDIA SEYMOUR MILDRED SMITH OLIVE THOMPSON FLORENCE WEAVER MARY SABIN VIRGINIA SALSBURY CHARLOTTE SMITH HARRIET SPIESS MARGARET STROUSE ELSA VAN SLYKE MARJORIE WESTERN MARY WOOD HARRIET WOJTOWICZ Page Four Hundred Sixty-Two 111! 7 . IIIMIII 1111 C HIHIB (III IIIN1II OE IIINIII H1NIII MARTHA COOK BUILDING BOARD OF GOVERNORS MRS. FREDERICK BECCWITH STEVENS MRS. HARRT CONANT BULKLEY Miss EMILIE GLEASON SARGENT DIRECTORS Miss MARGARET RUTH SMITH .... Social Director Miss ALTA BERNICE ATKINSON House Director HOUSE OFFICERS A ELIZABETH LIDY . MABEL FRANCES McCirrcHEON DOROTHY DANIELS .... JEAN LESLIE PERRIN .... MARION COCHRANE CALDER MAR.TORIE PAULINE JOHNSTON CATHERINE WOLF SHANNON GRADUATES FLORENCE BE.VELL Ll ' CILE DEBOE LORNA FENG DOROTHY FIMPLE RUTH ALWARD LEONE ANDREW? ETHEL AREHART JANE BEAN KATHLEEN BIDWELL MARION CALDER LEONORE CARO ELIZABETH CHANDLER CAROLYN COOK DOROTHY DANIELS MURIEL EASLEY MIRIAM FINSTERWALD DOROTHY FROST GENEVIEVE GRIFFEY DOROTHY ABBITT GLADYS BAKER JANE BECKETT HELEN BENTLEY HELEN CAMPBELL EDITH CARLIN BE-m- CLARK CONSTANCE CRAWFORD JEAN DALE CRAWFORD MILDRED CRFSSWELL XELDA DOVER ALICE GILBERT HELEN GOOD XORMA HICKS HARRIET HOLDEN BARBARA JENKINJ CATHERINE GILMORE KATHRYN HUGHES KIYO OGATA JUNA PIAN RAJUL SHAH Seniors President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Senior-Representative Junior-Representative Nigkt Ckaperone CATHERINE SHANNON CHARLOTTE ANNE THOMPSON KATHRYN VAN ZOERES SOPHIA YANG MYRTLE HANSEN MARGARET HAYES HELEN HELLMVTH MARIAN HENNES AILEEN HENDRICSON ROSETTA HlMLER CHARLOTTE HUGHSON DOROTHY KEMP ELLA KORBY ANNABELLE LARGES MILDRED LASSER DAISY LAVENDER THOMASENE LEWIS BETTY LIDY ERNESTINE LOSSING GRACE SCHULZ MABEL McCtrrcHEONHoRTENSE SEIBEL EDNA MACKENZIE MARJORIE SMITH V r ioLA MANARY JEAN MILNE RITH MORRISON FCMI Oi LUCILLE OLDHAM DOROTHY PECK JEAN PERRIN AUDREY PRAY MARION QUARTON MARGARET REED JANE ROBINSON FRANCES SPERRT LUCILE SWAIN MARY ELJZBETH TERRY MARY ALICE THOMS GLADYS TIMPSON HELEN TOWXSEND ALYCE VAJJDEN BOOGERT HOPE VAN LANDEGEND MARION VAUGHN M ARYAN WATROUS FLORENCE WHITE WINNIFRED ROGERS Juniors JEAN JOHNSTON MARJORIE JOHNSTON MARGARET JONDRO SARAH LEWIS ROSALIE McKiNNEY LUCILLE MARCINKOWSKA EDNA MILLER LAURA MILLER MARY LOUISE MOORE ACNES PALMER LOUISE PETERSON- IRENE PROSNIAK OLIVE RANDALL FLORENCE REED DOLLY JEAN ROBF MARJORIE RUSSELL EMMA JANE SARTAIN JEAN SEHLER MARGARET SHUMAR DOROTHY SPUR ARDITH THOMPSON- MARGARET TIMM ELIZABETH TREDINNICK JANE TREDINNICK LOUISE WADSWORTH LUCY WADSWORTH MADELEINE WALKER HELEN WALTER JEANNE WITMAN JEAN WILLISON MARIAX WORKS KATHARINE WRIGHT Page Four HunJreJ Sixty-Tarfe Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl (ODiiiA IIINIII (HE IIINIII Illl A , HINIII BETSY BARBOUR HOUSE Miss MERCY J. HAVES Miss FANDIRA CROCKER BOARD OF DIRECTORS Miss ALICE LLOYD MRS. DEAN W. MYERS MRS. J. O. SCHLOTTERBECK HOUSE STAFF MRS. G. J. DIEKEMA Miss KATHLEEN HAMM Miss MARY BRAZIL Miss FLORENCE EBY Miss RUTH WILLIAMS Miss CELINE SMITH RUTH MclNTOSH HADIF. SUPE MIRIAM ROOT MARCOT WALLACE MARCIA CAREY HOUSE OFFICERS ADELAIDA BENDANA PIN-DJI CHEN ANN BALDWIN KITTY BRINLEY ADELAIDE EVERETT PAULINE GRIBLING MARGARET JEAN BROWN RUTH CLARKE RUTH CLARKSON CAROLYN CRAWFORD MAURINE ELLIOTT DOROTHY BATCHELOR ELLEN BICKNELL MARCIA CAREY HELEN CLARK FLORENCE EBY ISABELL BARRUS BARBARA BATES LUCILLE BETZ ELEANOR BLUM JANE CARLTON KATHLEEN CARPENTER MARY JANE COPEMAN LAVINIA CREICHTON DOROTHEA DAVENPORT NAN DIEBEL MARGOT FITZPATRICK JEANNETTE GREENE GRADUATES CHARLOTTE DUNNEBACKE Seniors HANARO HOSHINO RUTH MclNTOSH HELEN MUSSELWHITE MARION ROBINSON Jun iors EDNA HAZARD LILLIAN HIGGINS MARY ANN MCDOWALL MARY MUMFORD Sophomores LISETTE FREUND HELEN KERRUISH MARY LOUISE KESSBERGER BETTY LONG JANE NERACHER Freshmen JANE HALL MARIAN HECKATHORN BETTY HECKLE BETTY LITTLE HELEN MACDONALD SUZANNE MAHLER MAXINE MAYNARD HELEN METHENEY ALICE MORGAN MARY MORRISON CATHERINE MOULE Director . Business Manager Clerk of Student Office House Nurse Night Chaferone Assistant Night Chaferone President V ' ice-President Social Chairman Treasurer Secretary ELIZABETH RALSTON WADADY-KHURI MACKDICI FUMI SAISHO CELINE SMITH HADIE SUPE RUTH WILLIAMS EVELYN RADTKE MIRIAM ROOT ALICE STRYKER MARGARET WALLACE SrSAXNA WOOD JANE PARK LUCILLE ROOT SUSAN SHORTS JEANNE VOORHIES GRETA WESSBORG MARY O ' BRIEN VIRGINIA OTIS BARBARA OWENS RUTH POAT BETTINA RIGHTMIRK VIRGINIA ROBERTS MARY STIRLING ELIZABETH SZEKELY OLIVE WEBB GRETCHEN WESSINGER COLLIN WlLSEY MARGARET WINEMAN Page Four Hundred Sixty-Four Ill) ? . IIIMIII Ull CIIIHIII Illl CCIii A IIINII! flE IIINIII III! A IIINIII COUZEN ' S HALL HELEN BRADLEY . . Social Director THELMA SCRATCH President of Student Government KATHLVN ALFSEN BERTHA AXTTILA HAZEL AVERY SARAH BOYD MARGARET CAMPBELL CATHERINE CLARK MARGUERITE DEHN GERTRUDE ECKHOUT MARTHA ENGLISH ROSEMARY EYAXSON HELFX FITCH MAXINE FREELAXD DONNA GRIFFITH DORIS HAWKINS ELIZABETH HENZ TCH DJEN HSIA Seniors MARY LEWIS DOROTHY MCKAY NAOMI MAYER ELSIE Mooc MAURINE MORRISON- JOSEPHINE PETROXOVICH SYLVIA KEMPAINEX ELIZABETH PULKINEN MARION BORGERDING MARIAN BRADLEY ERMA BROOKS HELEN BRUMM CHRISTINA COOK HELEN DAVIES DOROTHY DEMSKY FRANCES DISENROTH HELEN DOYLE MARABEL DRIVER EMELINE DUCKWITZ ALMEDA EASTMAN PAULINE FA;T WINIFRED FISHER RUTH ABEL IRIS AIREY CHRISTINE ALFSFN THELMA BAHNMILLER FERN BIGLER ALICE BRADFORD ANNIE BRANCJ BERNICE BRFWER MADELINE BRITTON FRANCES BULLIS CHARMION CARNE; MATILDA CASEY ELIZABETH CLUCG STELLA CODY IDA COOPER VIRGINIA COSTER MARJORIE CRANE MADELINE CROMWELL MILDRED DACLOW EVELYN DECKER HELEN DICKINSON ELEANOR DISENROTH LENORE EICHHORN ARDIS FERGUSON- ELIZABETH FICHTEL ESTHER FISCHER VIRGINIA FLATLAND RUTH FOSTER FLORA GASTON ELSIE KRAMER PEARL KUURILA ALICE LAY ELMA LEWIS RUTH FREET RHEA G ARRIS MARY GILES MARGARET GOODWIN- PHYLLIS GRATTON CATHERINE GREIG MARTHA HAAPALA EDNA HABICHT MARGARET HADDEN MARY HALEY ELIZABETH HALL GRACE HANSON- MARY HARRINGTON EVELYN HENDERSON DORA GAYLORD CARRIE GORTON VERLEE GROSS HELEN HARRIS ANNETTE HEATON AMELIA HERRMANN- OLIVE HICKS DOROTHY HILL MARION HILL THELMA HOFF JEAN HOULIHAN- HELEN HUMPHREY YVONNE HUMPHREY MIRIAM HUTSLAR RUTH HYMAN GENEVIEVE INGLIS JANE JANKOWSKI DOROTHY JENKINS EDNA JOHNSON- HELEN JOHNSON- JEAN CAROL JONES ELINA KANGAS MARY KING RUTH KIN.VEY OREITHA KUHL ACNE- KUSSMAUL PAULINE LAKE PERMILLA LAMPMAN LAURA LECHNER Lois REAMES MARIAM REXER DORIS REYNOLDS FRANCES RIPPEY Juniors FLORENCE HERTLER JESSIE HIGH PEARL JOHNSON- PAULINE JONES LORIE KAHLE PRISCILLA KINKER LEMPI LILLEY EDITH LITTLE ADA MCLACHLAN IRENE MONAGHAN VERVA MONTGOMERY ROWENA PECK ANN PEITZ CHLOE PFISTER Sophomores CAROLINE LEEMAN RUTH LEHMAN- CHARLOTTE LEWIS MARGARET LOESSEL ARLENE LOUNSBERRY ALICE LOVE GRACE LUICK MARY MC ALLY LILLIAN MANLEY LILLIAN MATWAY DORCAS MEARS GLADYS MILKS ALMA MILLER VIRGINIA MINNS MARGARET XESBITT JEAN OJALA ELEANOR O ' Ko.v JEANETTE OLSEN MARY PAYNICH DOROTHY PORTEOUS MARY POTTER FAITHFUL POWELL HELEN PROCTOR MATIE ROE MARIE SANDERS HELEN SCHUMANN- LEILA SEITZ WILMA SHIVELY ESTELLE SKOWERSKI VERA SCHEFFEL LORNA SCHULER THELMA SCRATCH ROBERTA SEATON FLORENCE SISSON WINIFRED STANTON HAZEL WEISENBORN ARVAH WIDMAYER MARIAN WILSON DORIS WRIGHT HELEN RAY Lois REXROTH DOROTHY ROSSIER LORETTA SCHUILINC LAURA SHOEMAKER LOUISE SLEMIN JANE SNEDECOR CLARIS SPARLING INEZ STANDBRIDGE HELEN THOMPSON THELMA VIDETO CAROL WELLS HELEN WENNING CLYDIA WILKINSON- ESTHER SMITH NORM A SMITH CAROL SOVERHILL MARION SPERRY EDITH STARKE OLH-E STOKAN THEDABELLE SUTTON DORIS SWAIM LELAH SWAYER ELLIE TAKALA EDNA TIFFANY IRENE TRUDGEON JEAN VAN HOVEN ROSIE VOLK MARY WEBSTER HELEN WENDER MARGARET WHITE DORIS WILLIAMS DOROTHY WILLIAMS MARY WINANS ANNA WINES JOHANNA WIRRANNIEMI JOSEPHINE WOJTASZEK KATHRYN WOLF MARY WONSER BETHEL WOODWARD MARGARET YOUNG ELIZABETH ZOOK Page Four Hundred Sixty-Fire = IIIMIII III! CIIIHIII Ilil CGwAlHNlH OE IIINIII m Illl x IIINIII MOSHER-JORDAN HALLS MOSHER HALL HOUSE STAFF Miss INEZ V. BOZORTH Director Assistant Directors MRS. MARY BUFFINCTON Miss Lois FAILYER MlSS ISABELLE DUDLEY Miss EVELYN FOURNIER Miss SARAH LUTES HOUSE OFFICERS LUCILLE PRIEST HELEN BAILEY RUTH ROBINSON MARIE METZGAR GEORGIANA MOTT DOROTHY COOK ROSE ZUBER President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Third Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Scholarship EVELYN BULL Chairman MARTHA BOEHMER HELEN DUNKIRK DOROTHY GOLDBERG SYLVIA GOLDSTEIN JANE ROBINSON MARABEL SMITH Social NORMA BROWN Chairman MIRIAM KELLER LENORE LA GENDRE DOROTHY MIDDLF.BROOK MARY PHILLIPS Avis PITTS Dramatics Lois BENSON Chairman DOROTHY DAVIS ELIZABETH GRAY ELIZABETH MENDENHALL PALMER VANDENBURG Athletics GLENDORA GOSLING Chairman CHARLOTTE JOHNSON KATHLEEN LOCKHART LAURA SOMMERS BARBARA SUTHERLAND Health ALICE PRELL Chairman Music KATHERINE LEOPOLD Chairman LOUISE CRANDEL ELEANOR HEATH MARY JANE PATTISOM HELEN ROWE Library ELIZABETH HOLMBERG Chairman ROSELYN CALEY E ' DORA MORTON REBECCA OLSON IDA RUTH PETERSON ISABEL BONICAVE ROSALYN CALEY RUTH COLBY Corridor Representatives DOROTHY COOK DOROTHY DAVIS ELISE DODGE CHARLOTTE ETZOLD MIRIAM HALL GEORGIANA MOTT ROSE ZUBER Page Four Hundied Sixty-Six Illl W. 1IIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl IIINIII 4E HINIII m Illl A IIINIII MOSHER-JORDAN HALLS JORDAN HALL HOUSE STAFF Miss INEZ V. BOZORTH Director MRS. MARY BUFFINGTON Miss Lois FAILYER MIRIAM CORTVVRICHT ENID BUSH ALTA PLACE JASE COLBY THELMA MEYER JANE COLBY JANE COOPER Assistant Directors Ml 5 ISABELLE DUDLEY Miss EVELYN FOURXIER Miss SARAH LUTES President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Third Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Scholarship KATHRYN BENNETT Chairman CAROLYN HART THELMA MEYER DOROTHY ANN BROCKMAN HELEN YOUNG Social JANE MITCHELL Chairman [MARGARET WILLMAN MARY GRIFFIN LILLIAN MASIN JOSEPHINE WORK ELIZABETH UTTER POLLY RICHARDS BARBARA ROSE MARGARET BECKETT DOROTHY SEENS CAROL DEBoos MARGARET DUCCAN Dramatics MARGARET ANDERSON Chairman HELEN DOOLEY DOROTHY KOPF ALTA PLACE MARY REIF DOROTHY SHANNAN Health MARGARET HAHN Chairman JANET CARNCROSS ETHEL HOWARD HELEN XEEL CAROLYN HAN KEY MARIE BACHMAN Music HARRIET SCHIELE Chairman MARGARET HERTRICH ALMA WADSWORTH ALICE XlEDERSTADT JEANETTE ALBRACHT Library DOROTHY RUNDELL Chairman MARY HARRIMAN CLARE UNGER MARY BRIMIJOHN GRACE SHAW DORIS CLARK .Athletics DOROTHY DAVIDSON Chairman AMY BARTON- FLORENCE BONESTEEL HELEN BRENNER ADA ROACH JANE COOPER ROYENA HORNBECK GOLDIE LlCHTFOOT MARETTA MARTINEK Corridor Representatives THELMA METER ALICE NEIDERSTADT BETTJ " OSGOOD HARRIET SCHIELE ELIZABETH SMITH MARGARET WILLMAN MARY Lou BURGESS Page four Hundred Sixty-Seven (Ill W. IIIMIII III! CIIIHIII llfl flE IIINIII (111 x ttlNIII ADELIA CHEEVER HOUSE BOARD OF GOVERNORS MRS. E. C. GODDARD, Chairman MRS. CHARLES WASHBURN, Secretary MRS. E. R. SUNDERLAND, Treasurer MRS. Louis KARPINSKI DEAN ALICE LLOYD MRS. H. M. ROBINS MARY FREW JEANETTE HEAD GERALDINE HUFF OLO COLLINS WANDA LEE BARBARA BULLARD FAROL DAVIDSON KATHERINE GOODSPEED Seniors HILDA LUNDBERG HELEN REYNOLDS Freshmen ALICE MAHNKE JEAN MARROW Sophomores JANE LAW VIRGINIA LEE MARTHA MC!NTOSH GLADYS PERRY BELLE RICHARD RUTH SIAS LILLY WONG FRANCES ROSEWARNE ANNE SORENSF.N ILIF POORE FRANCES RORICK ROSEMARY SIMPSON LUCILLE ALM Juniors DORIS DAVIS BARBARA ZEBRAK SIAS ALM DAVIS GOODSPEED COLLINS BULLARD PERBY MARROW DAVIDSON LUNDBERCH POORE RORICK HUFF SORENSON SIMPSON PEINERT LAW FREW MclNTOSH WONG MAHNKE W. LEE ROSEWARNE RICHARDS Page Four Hundred Sixty-Eight till W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHin III) IIINIII C II1NIII 1111 x IIINIII ALUMNAE HOUSE MRS. EDGAR COOLEY MRS. FRED X. CULVER Mus NELLIE HAYES MRS. HUGH E. KEELER EDITH KIMBALL President Vice-president Secretary- Treasurer ERNESTINE DICKEXSOX LINDA BICKEL MARGARET MOFFAT MARY ALMAND LOUELLA CHAFFEE MARGARET HAMBLIX BOARD OF GOVERNORS MRS. CAROLYX KLEINSTUCK Honorary Miss ALICE C. LLOYD MRS. JOSEPH MARKLFY Honorary MRS. FREDERICK C. MORCAX MRS. LEE E. WHITE HOUSE DIRECTOR Miss EDITH A. BARNARD HOUSE OFFICERS LEAH REISBIC VIVIAN MCCARTY MARGARET NEUHAL-S RETA MORDEX MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors VIVIAN MCCARTY Juniors HELEX ASKREX Sophomores RCTH NEES Freshmen RUTH JACOBSOX ELIZABETH KITCHEN- EDITH MAPLE? SIIRI MARKKAXEX LEAH REISBIG VIVIAN SIM; ALICE POTTS ETHEL STANTON RETA MORDEX MARGARET NEUHAUS FANNIE WHITE HAMM.IX ASKHEN MOFFAT STAXTOS KITCHEN Porrs CHAFFEt ALMAXD XECHAUS MOIDEX RCISCIC JACOBSOX MAPLES BICKEL McCArrv DICKIXSOX Page Four HiiaJreJ Sixty-?l:ne B " ' A .: ' -.- WHEREAS IN THE PAST THERE HAS BEEN A CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT OF POLITICS PRESENT IN THE SELECTION OF CHEER- LEADERS, THEREFORE, BE IT RE- SOLVED, THAT THE STUDENT COUNCIL BE ALLOWED TO HAVE A VOICE IN THE SELECTION OF CHEER- LEADERS. " STU- DENT COUNCIL RESOLUTION, JANUARY 6, 1932 Satire 471 Advertisements 473 General Index ..502 Illl W. IIIMIII Illl dllHlfl itll CM AMU OE IIINIII Illl A 1IINIII UNIVERSITY TAPE RED TAPE IS A HORRID WORD . The above copyrighted chart has been especially drawn up by the Michiganensian to aid students vhr have underpaid their tuition fees to the University and are seized with a desire to make good. We our- selves conducted an extended investigation of Red Tape in the administration last fall, just to find out what all the secretaries, under- secretaries, assistants. deans, vice presidents, etc.. did with their time. (Ed. note See our eulogy- of Mr. Shirley Smith). The re- sults are meaningless, but they make a good story just the same. Our experience came about in this way. A certain member of the ' Ensian staff when approaching the money changers in Barbour Gym last fall to pay his tuition, discovered that his fees were stamped as those of a Michigan student, though his parents and guardians had never set foot on this beautiful penin- sula. The difference between resident and non-resi- dent fees being $25. our friend, with a weather eye open to his own interests (interest on $25 amounts to per month, you know), decided to pay the resi- dent fees as stamped and keep the other $25. o in- tention o f gypping the taxpayers of Michigan. Oh my. no. And now. for the benefit of those who have the same bright idea in the future, we wish to demonstrate just how our little chart works. About December first you will receive a nice little card from Mrs. Ransom, the diploma clerk, saying that she will be at home to you any time you care to drop around. You will find Mrs. Ransom at " A " on the chart. She will chide you gently for stooping so low as to put an added burden upon the People of Michigan and you must try to stop her by pulling out a check- book and offering to pay her the $25. " Oh. no. " Mrs. Ransom will say, " We can ' t take your check now. " " Vhy not " ' " Oh, first you must .... and then vou can pav your $25. " Xow you must withdraw from the University. Go to " B " on the map, the office of Johnny Effinger, Lit School Dean. The young lady there will tell you that all withdrawals are handled by Mr. Humphreys. The office of Wilber R. Humphreys, First Assistant to the Dean of the College of Literature. Science, and the Arts, is marked " C. " His secretary will, in a motherly manner, type out the form X-12 on which withdrawals are recorded. Armed with this, return to University Hall and stop in President Ruthven ' s office to light a cigaret. His secretary ( " D " ) will eject you and threaten you with probation. To this you must reply. " O. K. I ' ve withdrawn already. " The office which you really must visit, though, is that of Mr. Smith, Secretary and Vice President of the University. One of his female helpmates " E " l will scan your license to withdraw and demand sur- render of your identification and Union cards, as well as your athletic coupon book. Then you inquire. " Xow that I ' m out, how do I get back in? " " That ' s a simple process, " will be the cheery re- sponse, " Merely step across the hall and re-register. " And so you must slouch over to the branch office of Ira M. Smith, Registrar, at " F " on the road map, where the lady in charge will refer you to the assist- ant in charge of withdrawals and reentries. She will be very sorry, but ask you to fill out all over again the big railroad ticket with twelve stubs on which registrations are recorded. You can easily do this in 13 :43. including filling out forms 1R and 12R, sett- ing dowTi your father ' s occupation six times and fur- nishing the University with your phone number twelve times again. With your fees carefully stamped anew for the larger amount, you can return to the Secretary ' s office ( " E " ), obtain your cards again. and also receive an order on the Treasurer for $98, the amount of your original payment. At this point don ' t yield to a temptation to get this order cashed simply because the ordinary refund at that time is only 60% of that amount. Think of the shame it would cast upon your parents. Go to the Treasurer ' s office at " G " and meekly pay over the order slip, plus the precious check, for $25 which the University will now accept. (Ed. note we find that the University would have accepted it the first time if you had made it out in the form of the John K. Spook Endowment fund or some similar title, but that wouldn ' t have paid your tuition.) Xow the only thing left to do is to turn in some remaining stubs to the Registrar ' s Office ( " F " ) and you are formally re- instated as a member of good standing in the Uni- versity of Michigan, that exclusive club. We have clocked the process with a stop watch and the running time for the whole thing is fifty eight minutes and six seconds. This could have been reduced to forty five minutes and thirty six seconds if you had brought the matter to the attention of the officials in Septem- ber. The mills of administration grind slowly, but they always get their $25. Page Four Hundred Seventy-One till W. IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl (UDiii A V IIINIII QE HINIII Illl A 11INIII HIDE-AND-GO-SEEK A great game was played on the campus this past year between Freddie Freshman and Jo Fraternity. Under the old rules, Freddie Freshman usually won, but under the most complicated system of life since the explanation of Prof. Einstein ' s theories appeared in print, both sides agreed that the game was a draw this year. After flipping the coin, it devolved that Freddie Freshman was to do the seeking and Jo was to do the hiding. Every Wednesday night one round took place. All the dirty songs, dirty jokes, beer steins, and other fraternity paraphernalia were carefully stored away. The brothers who were " fine fellows, " but not so good at impressing rushees, were carted down to the last table, and the game commenced. Was Freddie going to find out how bad the fraterni- ties really were first, or were the fraternities going to get to Freddie first? It settled down to a long winter in the trenches. Both sides did everything to camouflage their true natures. Freddie donned best suits, ties, clean shirts, shined shoes, and derby to impress Jo. This brought complications with the Student Council, bent on en- forcing the good old pot tradition. Jo did his best to clean up the house and show Freddie what a swell gent he was. Jo even went so far as to provide bars, (where ginger ale was served), give out fake money for gambling games, send Xmas cards to all the rushees, hire orchestras and dp scores of other silly things that he wouldn ' t do ordinarily just to prove to Freddie what the boys were like all the time. Promi- nent big shots strolled in to be greeted with the u sual whispered " That ' s so-and-so ; he runs this-and-that. " But pretty soon the strain began to tell. Jo de- cided that Freddie wasn ' t so desirable after five months of being nice to him. Freddie mulled the sit- uation over and came to the conclusion that if Jo was that perfect, his house was not for Freddie. And so the game was declared a tie by the official referee. And may we ask if we aren ' t getting to a rather pretty stage when even such good old-fashion- ed games as hide-and-go-seek can ' t be played without a set of rules that look like a combination of the various contract bridge systems? Poor Freddie. Poor Jo. Yet, as Rolls, quaintly puts it, " It ' s a fine world after all. " Monthly Report of the Psi Chapter of Psi Psi Fraternity in the Psi Psi Publication AS IT READS Following a most successful rushing season, Psi chapter is pleased to announce the pledging of seven fine men. Each one of the new pledges is an out- standing man in class activities and we are justly proud of our delegation which, we believe is easily the best pledge group on the campus. These men are all of fine calibre scholastically, and, in addition, are conscientiously participating in many campus activities. Pledge Green is out for Frosh Basketball and Football, and doing exceedingly well we hear. Horsey and Gotrox are working on the Daily staff. Black is going great guns in politics. Frank N. Stein and his brother Phillup A. Stein arc both out for Gargoyle. Grind is headed for Phi Eta Sigma and is also on the Frosh swimming squad. Psi is again out in front politically this year and we intend to control the Student Council by next year. Brother Hix was almost elected President of the Sen- ior Class, losing only by a few votes. Tuff is scintil- lating on the Hockey team which is casting eyes to- wards the coming Olympic Games. Heller and Quail are on the Track team and doing well. (Continued on Page 474) AS IT SHOULD READ After what was probably the lousiest siege of rushing antics ever staged on the campus, Psi came out on the bottom with seven of the wettest smacks in the Freshman Class. Six of them are legacies and the seventh works in the kitchen of the Rho Mu house. If we hadn ' t taken these men, however, we likely would have gone on the rocks as this deferred rushing has drained the royal coffers this year. None of these men are good for much of anything, but we ' re beating the pants off them trying to make them go out for activities. Pledge Green was seventh string half-back on the Frosh Football squad. Horsey and Gotrox have been out for the Daily all year and have yet to write five inches. Black is a politician. The Stein brothers drive the fellows nuts when they ' re around the house, so we wished them on to the Garg. office where they are among their kind. Grind went out for swimming finally, but, unfortun- ately, was pulled out of the water before he went down for the third time. The active members complain that the Ann Arbor theatres are dishing up some of the worst movies on (Continued on Page 474) Page Four Hundred Sevent -T uio Illl W. IIIMIII till CIIIHIH Illl fldii A IIINIII QE IIINIII Illl A IIINIII Essential operating equipment consisting of Ritter Foot Pump Chair, Hitter Com- pressor, Cabinet and No. 10 Ritter Tn- Dent with Ritter Thermo-Water Syringe and new Rrtter Hand Piece can be in. stalled for as little as Si 400.00 Take advantage of Ritter Architectural Service. This office planning service is free to oil users or prospective buyers of Rittcr equipment. Above: Rittcr equipped operating room. Right: Ritter Model " D " Unit and Rrtter X-Rov machine. Below: New Ritter Sterilizer, Ritter Motor Chair and Ritter Compressor. Worth the Difference To you, young man, about to start your professional career, the choice of dental equipment is a matter to be carefully considered. You will want equipment that is modern in design, utility and construction,- equipment that will save you many tiring steps and needless effort; equipment that will convince your patients that you are capable and progressive. Don ' t handicap yourself at the start with poor equipment. Take advantage of Ritter ' s forty-two years of experience .... compare the values and you will see why Ritter is Worth the Difference! Ritter Dental Mfg. Co., Inc., Rochester, New York. PJTTEK Page Four HunJreJ Seventy-Three ill! W. HIMIII Ull CHIHin 1111 (ODIii A IIINIII OE IIINIII Illl A V IIINIII SUCCESS G. W. FLETCHER Michigan ' 12 E. P. MACK Michigan ' i ? Through your years at school, it is our sincere hope that ve have been in some small way an aid in your success as a stud- ent while you were here. Now may we wish you a well-deserv- ed success in your work to come. Drug Qompany L. A. WlKEL Purdue ' 09 P. E. GIBSON Michigan ' :? AS IT READS (Continued from Page 472) Psi was well represented at the convention by Brother Chisel who entertained the house for weeks with his description of the doings there. Among the important social events of the year is the Pledge Formal which we expect to be the huge success that it has always been. The chapter was delighted to have Brother Tip- ler, Alpha Alpha ' 26 for its guest over the last week- end, and takes this opportunity of extending a hearty welcome to any brothers who may happen to drop into town. AS IT SHOULD READ (Continued from Page 472) record this year. Brother Hix stuffed the ballot-box in the Senior elections but still didn ' t get anywhere. Tuff was kicked off the Hockey squad for violating the training rules. Heller and Quail are ineligible for Track having concluded last semester ' s studies with just half as many honor points as hours. Brother Chisel was selected as our delegate to the convention as he lives in Atlantic City and could save the chapter money. His reports are incoherent and he was in bed with an acute hang-over for three days after returning. If our new pledges are gullible enough to pay their house bills in full this month, we may have our spring house party. A shabby individual claiming to be a Brother Tipler from Alpha Alpha chapter was knocked uncon- scious by Brother Tuff when he tried to climb into the guest-room window. THE ENSIAN POINTS ITS FINGER AT . WALDO ABBOT, against whom we have had so many gripes and for such a lo:ig time that we can ' t work them all off in such a short space. Here he conies, folks, with a slap on the back, a whole string of off-color after dinner stories and a beautiful little beret which only strengthens the rest of the faculty in their suspicions of him as a parvenu intellectual. But of course Waldo was a Chi Psi .... Yes, he admits it himself. Oh, yes, we ' ve nearly been killed a dozen times by his daughter in her col- legiate motor car, but we understand, we understand . HENRY C. ANDERSON, who is not such a mystery man as most people believe. Really he is quite an obvious old chap with a build like an old fash- ioned friar and an appearance of being F ' able to consume great quantities of food and refreshment. The only real mys- tery about him is how he ever came to be on the Union Board of Directors and how. once on, he managed to endear himself to the hearts of every one else there. It is rumored, however, that it takes very little to endear one to the heart of the Union, as the poor organism is almost friendless; and it is also said that he has de- fended the Union from the assaults of T. Hawley Tapping. Which is the reason why you see Prof. Anderson ' s smiling young face here. Page Four Hundred Sevent ' -Four Illl W. IIIMIII Illl C IIIHIfl Illl IIINIII E IIINIII m Illl A IIINIII Studio Y our Negative as well as your organization picture is always on file at our studio for your future portrait demands. Distinctive Portraiture since I89O 319 E. Huron Page Four Hundred Serenty-Fk-e III! W. IIIMIII IIH CHIHIII 1111 (OGiii A IIINIII QE HINIII till A 1HNI11 Quality . . . Service . . . Courtesy B. E. Muehlig Dry Goods 126 South Main Street ANN ARBOR SUCCESSFUL DENTISTS Prefer American Dental Cabinets In the 450 Suttcr Building, San Francisco, there are 202 dentists and 210 American Cabinets. In the Marshall Field Annex, Chicago, there are 300 dentists and 450 American Cabinets. The Pittsfield Build- ing, has 225 dentists and 300 American Cabinets. THE AMERICAN CABINET CO. 75% of all Dental Cabinets Are American R. C. ANGELL, the trickster of the Board in Control. " Bob, " as he is better known behind his back, has mystified his classes for years with his sleight - of - hand tricks. He can roll pieces of chalk all over his person with- out even looking at them while he is in the midst of a com- plicated sentence. An- other of his more fa- mous tricks was the one where he pulled his book, " The Cam- pus " out of an old hat and got it pub- lished before he had even decided what part of his desk he was going to rest his feet on in his nice new instructor ' s office. Bob is awfully popular with coeds, though, until after they get their marks, with his smile and that disarming stutter of his. At the end of the semester, he usually dashes off to Europe or Columbia or one of those foreign resorts to wait until things have blown over a bit. JOS. ALDRICH BURSLEY. Down- trodden, brow-beat- el;, blamed for ev- erything from the auto ban to the rushing abomina- tion, Uncle Joe has completed another great year in the Dean ' s office by breaking every known record for bad psychology. Uncle Joe is badly mistreated by the normal student body. He isn ' t a genius for tact, and he doesn ' t always see things our way ; but there are sever- al others in his same capacity who do a lot worse job in depressing predicaments they constantly walk into. Liabilities: The deferred rushing system, the two-faced attitude of the dean ' s office, the lack of tact and good psychology he constantly needs. Assets: a good brain, a sense of knowing when he ' s beaten, and Joe Bursley. HARCOURT L. CAVERLY, whom we love to regard as a hero struggling against terrific odds, Most students know Harcourt as the one person in the EC 51 lectures who has any idea of what ' s going on in the room. His handicaps are many. In the first place the course is only taken as a prerequisite to something else, such as Pecuniary Valua- tions. In the second (Continued on Page 478) Page Four Hundred Seventy-Six 1111 W. IIIMIII III! CIHHIII III! DCS A IIINIII OE INI 1IINIII = Beginnings 000 The greatness of the University of Michigan is written in the achieve- ments of the men and women who have looked upon their opportunity for a higher education as an obliga- tion, and who have sensed their graduation rightly as a beginning. That beginning now is yours. The record of the past is high. May you find in its maintenance rich personal rewards and the abiding gratification that comes from unselfish service. Q D D Tlie J. L. HUDSON Company DETROIT Page Four Hundred Seventy-Seven III! W. IIIMHI Illl CIIIHIB III! flE IIINIII III! A IIINIII = (Continued from Page 476) place Natural Science Aud at 2 P. M. on Mondays is as conducive to sleep as a feather bed. In the third place there is Harcourt L. Caver- ly. But (stifle the yawn, please) we had a good time in the lectures reading magazine, dozing, and playing tit-tat-toe with our neighbors. Isn ' t that capital as capital when Saye ' s law comes into con- flict with the extra-marginal supply boys, etc., etc.? ARTHUR L. CROSS, a nice old gentleman, whose feelings we wouldn ' t hurt for all the world. We ourselves are through with Artie ' s little course on the Legal and Con- stitutional His- tory of England to Magna ' Carta, and are still bloated with the big mouthful of scholarly atmos- phere pervading the subject and its teacher. But we want it generally understood that Artie is, after all, quite a sly old dog. Have you ever seen him toddling around to sorority houses for dinner or tea ? It ' s his favorite sport, men, his favorite sport. And you should see the sly little leer in his eye as he sets out on one of these expeditions where he knows the girls will gather him with all his bache- lordom to their bosoms and call him a " Perfect Little Dear. " No, we ' re not griped because he never offered us any refreshments in his apartment. JOHN R. EF- FINGER. If Michigan were a " money " subject and Emil Lud- wig had banged out its history, he would have d r a m a t ized a conflict between ex - President Little of nostal- giac memory and the little gent in the Literary Col- lege office. C. C. L. represented a rare type of scholar : the Leonardo - Vol- taire - Erasmus type ; he didn ' t think our gloriously fortuitous cul- ture was reducible to a series of little formulae. Effinger did. Little went. Effinger didn ' t. Darn it. But as to Dean Effinger, whom we greatly ad- mire, by the way, for consummately crystallizing our idea of the Ann Arbor pedant (no mean feat), we have a little secret for you good people who know the old boy by picture. He is an impressive figure as he sits behind his desk, evidently a tall and powerful man but he completely gives him- self away when he stands and talks. You ' re right; there is a third dimension involved in the sitting posture: what Professor Shull would call an " ac- quired character. " Milton, and he should know, said : " They also serve who only stand and wait. " and even though Effie sits, and it really seems more sensible, if you ' re just waiting he does look very nice while he ' s at it if he ' d only stick on his seat. WILLIAM HER- BERT H O B B S, who has been ridden so much by our con- temporary, the Gar- goyle, that the ' En- sian, perhaps, should have left him alone. But we feel we would be shirking our duty to pass by the funny man of the faculty. We not- iced that he combed his beard like Chief Justice Hughes and now we can even laugh at that great man. Which is, of course, quite an achievement for W. H. Hobbs. But then, any fool can laugh at the great, so we had better stick to laughing at Hobbs with his missionary zeal to protect us from pacifism, debt cancellation, and counterfeit North Pole dis- coverers. We wish he could see things in our light. Then the laugh would be unanimous. ALICE C. LLOYD. All we can say is that we hope the ban-rid- den co-eds make good mothers. There is no dan- ger of them going out into the world and doing things. At least as long as Miss Lloyd, spon- sor of dating bu- reaus for the f r e s h i e s and dreamer of higher morals for women, continues to moth- er the little dears. Even the thought of the cold, cold world should make them shiver and decide to re- main in Ann Arbor town where they can be prop- erly " regulated " like hot water tanks. And when they get out and shiver in the world we hope they remember what Prexy Ruthven said. And he really did say something once. He said that Michigan ' s purpose is to prepare men and wo- men for life. Just remember how you were prepared girls. And if you are reading this article in years to come think of the little dears who are back in Ann Arbor town bowing down saying " Allah. Allah! " to that lovely old girl Allyce C. EMIL L. LORCH, or as any struggling architect would have it, KING LORCH. Of course, we have to hand it to him for building up his col- lege from a couple of small rooms under the campus clock, to a mammoth example of all the best fea- tures in modern de- sign, including an outdoor museum with examples from all the best banks and post offices in this country. However. (Continued on 480) Page Four Hundred Seventy-Eight Illl ? -= IIIMIII Illl 1C IIIHIII III! dDiii A IIINIII C 1IINIII till x IIINIII BARNES GIBSON RAYMOND Incorporated Manufacturers SPRINGS FLAT AND WIRE Detroit Division Cook-Spring Company Division Detroit, Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan Page Four Hundred Seventy-Nine 1111 IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII III! (OGiiJA IIINIII (HE IIINIII Illl A 1IINIII Condition You MUST No matter how you squint or try to dodge light you can ' t escape glare. Learn from your studies this fact that will aid you so greatly in later life. When you read, when you study, when you work or use your eyes for any applied task protect them from glarestrain with Soft-Lite Lenses. Glarestrain causes headaches, nervousness, eye-weariness, body fatigue and even indigestion! If you are an eye worker, guard your sight against such upset conditions by wearing Soft-Li tes. These modern lenses will give your eyes comfort, rest and sustain eye-energy indefinitely, for they remove glare. Soft-Lite Lenses will enable you to get more out of your studies, and take less out of your eyes, by relieving glarestrain. Soft-Lites will make the road of life easier by removing the load of glare from your vision. Soft-Lite Lenses Sold by Wolverine Optical Company Battle Creek Detroit Grand Rapids (Continued from 478) we think he could have built a much better place if he hadn ' t spent all his time telling innocent young Frosh that the College of Architecture was some- thing different, and that all new students are farm- ers a fact which we wouldn ' t doubt for the world, but still it hurts to have your new boss come right out and tell you that when you are just beginning school. And then what does he do when these same Frosh become Seniors but refuse to allow them to have an honor society because they would include only the " smooth, well dressed architects. " In spite of all this, though, all graduates will re- member him as a distinguished looking gentleman, slyly creeping along the halls of HIS building look- ing for anyone who dares to violate HIS rules by wearing a hat inside. P R O F E SSOR M E A D ER is rather a difficult proposition. Out- side of the fact that he has funny ideas about what makes a noise when you speak (Larynx, to be technical), no- body seems to know anything about him. He might well be called a man of mystery. The most mysterious thing about him is how he ever managed to start the little affair last year which the Buffalo papers referred to as Ann Arbor ' s Unfortunate Sex-Cyclone. To look at Pro- fessor Meader you would never imagine that he had anything about him which would be at all con- ducive to cyclones. JAMES K. POL- LOCK, JR., one of the Rover Boys in Who ' s Who and a " young man on the faculty with a fu- ture. " Who doesn ' t just love Jimmy with his nonchalant man- ner of dangling his Phi Bete key over his expansive waist- coat, the jaunty tilt to his straw hat in the spring, and his naive adventures with Otto Braun, Heinrich Bruening, and " a prominent member of the Labor Party in England? " To tell the truth, we don ' t we ' re not that kind of a boy. We do admire him, though, for the way in which he always runs off to Europe " to observe the Czecho-Slovakian municipal elec- tions " each spring just at the time bluebopks come around, so that it is rumored that his batting aver- age on reading finals is the lowest on the faculty. After thinking it over, we think it ' s all a good racket but why doesn ' t he spend all his time in Czecho-Slovakia ? Page Four Hundred. Eighty W -= IIIMIII Illl CIIIHin Illl CGiiJA IIINIII UE IIINIII Illl A V HINIII PHOTOGRAPHS JL Live For Live Forever SPECIALIZING IN THE FINEST PORTRAITS AND GIVING UNEQUALLED SERVICE mtnijraphrr Negatives always kept on file so that you may secure additional pictures at any time. 332 South State Street ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Page Four Hundred Eighty-One Illl W. 1IIMIII III! CIIIHIII Ilil (HE IIINIII Illl IIINIII bank has been of tremendous help to those who have had occa- sion to avail themselves of its service. In addition to this, it reflects the same courteous, f riendly attitude for which this institution is noted. We offer you every banking facility plus service. Main Huron Sts. 707 N. University Ave. THEY TAKE THE LEAD! The " Famous Kalamazoo " UNIFORMS And " Superior Quality " Caps FOR BANDS, CADETS, MILITARY AND CIVIC BODIES. Catalogs Await Your Request THE Henderson-Ames Co, Kalamazoo, Mich. Makers of U. of M. Band Uniforms WALTER B. REA. Every little or large organization in the University has a bookkeeper now, a man who worked six years in a bank and knows the ropes. He spends so much time booking famous dance band leaders with pick-up orches- tras for the boys and girls that he hasn ' t even time for what was formerly a daily handball game. The new auditor of stud- ent accounts is the erstwhile spy-glass, car-permit Rea. He is such a busy book- ing agent this year that the automobile business has been turned over to a colleague, Mr. Fisher, with the ac- countant as advisor in extreme cases when the stud- ent driver has not only broken rules but himself, too. Booker Rea is gathering material, large files of it, to enable him to become as noted an orchestra booker as the Music Corporation. He can get any orchestra the boys want ; he worked so hard on the J-Hop that the Music committee had nothing left to do and no graft either. Also, Socialite Rea wants a bid to your next party. The unfortunate gentleman has been forgotten by many, many houses in the past year. He has been driven to peeking in- to windows, and through keyholes; when he has been invited the slights of the other guests are such a blow that the gentleman has been denied the full pleasure attendant with the gay spirit of the moment and strides morosely through the rooms seeking happy entertainment. Won ' t someone please IN- VITE Mister Rea to a party? ALEXANDER GRANT RUTHVEN. In a Co- Educational institution there are two sexes, male and female; and paternalism is a horrid word. For so says Dr. Alexander Grant Ruthven, our boy- scout prexy, and what he says must be true because the Great White Father wouldn ' t tell a lie. The fun- niest thing he did all year was to get up at 2:30 a. m. one winter morning to attend a student council meeting after the ballot box stuffing. And, opinion to the contrary, his hair was slickly combed and everything about him was in apple pie order. One error, however, escaped him : he didn ' t put on a wing collar. If, in future years, our children ask us about the man who headed this great and glor- ious high school when we went to the University we will be able to say that he was born, he lived, he was appointed, and he died. Und das ist alles, meinen Schwab- en. Page Four Hundred Eighty-Two = IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIH till QE IIINIII 3K Illl UINIII I oday ' s Domestic Utilities are made to Burn Oi The efficient oil-burning operation of many do- mestic utilities is contributing to the comfort of many thousands of homes, and effecting drastic economies for thousands of owners. Oil-burnins: operation saves the drudgery and in- convenience of coal-burning equipment. It saves the high cost of gas, electricity and gas substitutes. It unites the maximum of efficiency, economy, safety and automatic operation into a perfect and positive combination. The M W line of Oil-Burning Domestic Utilities comprises three sizes of water-heaters for supplying hot water to every sire and style of building . . . anywhere. . . . Weather Control Units, for the year ' round air- conditioning of homes, and combining e ' ements for heating, cool- ing, ventilating and humidifying. . . . Boiler Units, which are boiler and burner com- bined into one matched unit for steam or hot water heating. . Kitchen Ranges in sizes for domestic and com- mercial cooking requirements. Ask for descriptive literature, which tells all about the M W Line, representative of the world ' s fastest growing industry. Heater Division Motor Wheel Corporation Lansing Michigan Page four Hundred. Eighty-Three till W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl (OOIS A IIINIII CIIINIII Illl A , IIINIII the Publication Board last fall? Good old DEAN SADLER, who has probably been the object of more sly leers than any other man on the fac- ulty during the past year. It ' s a mean trick to talk about it, but then we didn ' t get any of his cigars after the addition to his family a few months ago. A wonderful, won- derful man . . . But just why did he get off You answer that, we can ' t. We know him too well. SHIRLEY SMITH. When all the big seniors were little tots they learned to gaze wide-eyed with respect at people who sat behind closed doors with their hands full of power, authority, and repu- tation. But when these little tots grew up and got to be sen- iors they wondered about life and about men. They discov- ered that big men are often little men. And also that little men are often big men. They inquired about town and they heard that a vice-president of the University was in reality pres- ident. They learned that a vice-president was even master of a church. They learned that the power of the press and the freedom of speech are still ques- tioned by authority. And most of them laughed, and went out to the Union to dance. " We ' re out, we ' re out, whata we care! " And all the time a cultural institution called Michigan kept spending thousands of dollars to pay office girls, assistants to this and assistants to that. Then along came another vice-president to assist the crew, and they rowed, and they rowed, and they rowed. But they never raised the stroke. And all the time we heard rumbles about beloved professors leaving for other universities be- cause Michigan couldn ' t pay sal- aries. And it thundered. The seniors scattered. Some wondered ! E D S O N R. SUNDERLAND who is according to statistics, the Big Shot of the Pubs Board, of the Law Library, of half a dozen states, and of the U. S. Senate. Sundy has been a pretty good boss and we ' d hate to say anything against him in fact we won ' t. He ' s squeezed our budget hard to pay off a bond or two on the new Press Building and we think he has connived with " Squirt " Benja- min to cramp our style, but then, who wouldn ' t? We ' ll never forgive him, though, for cancelling his projected trip to Europe this spring in order to be on hand to keep our bills down. Nor can we ever quit grinding at the way he put us in our places one afternoon when we called on him all ready to raise hell about the ' Ensian and he made us cool our heels for a half hour in his office while he dic- tated a letter to the U. S. Senate, telling it to go jump in a shower bath, and made us feel very in- significant. All of which was quite an achievement. FIELDING H. YOST has be- come a Michi- gan tradition. Starting out as one of the earl- iest recorded ad- vocates of the famous " Three Speech Plan " of after - dinner mayhem, he has adhered rigidly to his schedule without chang- ing a word in any one of his addresses for over twenty years. Professor Yost refuses to believe that students drink. Why should they? He doesn ' t. That H which stands for his middle name, Holy, Holy, Holy, wasn ' t put there for fun. And is he popular with select gatherings where a few stunts are wanted to cheer up the evening? His parlor tricks which entail the use of sofas, hats, and fire- irons in demonstrating football plays are known and beloved by hostesses all over the country. To steal a leaf out of the book of a contemporary, we might quote the touching memorial left to the Pro- fessor by last year ' s Gargoyle staff : Michigan ' s boast Is Fielding H. Yost. When something ' s to do, he Spouts Yostian Hooey. Four Hundred Eighty-four III! W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHm nil GAMI 1E IIINIII m Illl 4k IIINIII Your Dealer Will Gladly Demonstrate S. S. White Operating Equipment Diamond Chair Equipment Unit mi Operating Stool Let us help you plan your office. We have rendered this service to your pre- decessors in the profession for many years, why not take advantage of the offer Free. YOUR EQUIPMENT SPEAKS What will you make it say about you? Albeit fine feathers do not necessarily make fine birds, or clothes the own, an impressive showing is a valuable asset. The environ- ment into which you invite your patients, subtly tells whether or not you are progressive and successful. There are three factors of prime importance in the success of a dental practice. The first can be considered as knowledge, skill, and experience; the second as personality; the third, environment. Knowledge and training should of course be the deciding factors in judging a dentist ' s ability. Unfortunately these arc too often judged last by patients. They estimate a man ' s ability first by his surroundings, then by his personality, his skill and training last. Fair or unfair, this method of mass approval is nevertheless a fact. S. S. White Equipment will make your office a modern operating room, k is graceful, dignified, will impart the proper atmosphere, and give a uniformly dependable service. The Unit brings the automatically warmed sprays, the mouth and antrum lamps, cauter- ies, warm air syringe and cut-off with graduated air pressures, and thermal instruments, close to the field of operation (or comfortable and efficient operating. k will extend the limits of your services and certainly make your time mean more dollars for the hour. The S. S. White Dental Mf S . Co. 211 South Twelfth Street Philadelphia, Pa. Page Four Hundred Eighty-Five III! ? . IIIMIII Illl CIIIHill ill! CCwAlHNlll flE INNIII 3 1III ' UINIII LES SNAKE IN THE GRASS That, Johnny? O, that ' s just a reptile native to Michigan. You wouldn ' t be inter- ested. What? You really want to know about it? Well, I don ' t know, Johnny, you ' re pretty young, and I don ' t want you to learn such words. If you must, however, here it is. It seems that years and years ago, before the great state university at Ann Arbor had decided to go in for practical subjects such as the Topography of Ancient Athens, or Gems and Gem Materials, the Prexy saw the need of keeping a little interest stirring about on the campus and he chose a unique solu- tion. Each year he gave a handsome prize to the department that could produce the great- est percentage of pipe courses for election. Well, it happened that there was a depart- ment of Journalism on the campus which had strong leanings in just this direction, and, with such an incentive, it left no stone up- turned until its percentage outranked that of every other division in the announcement. In fact, it attained 100% for so many years in succession that the contest was called on account of rain. Prexy Angell, being a good and far-seeing man, saw how far the little scheme had devi- ated from its original purpose, and tried his best to curb its trend ; but there was no stop- ping it in the Journalism department. There was now an established tradition and it had to be lived up to. Successive prexies tried and tried, but to no avail. There would al- ways be a certain percentage of lesser men- talities who would require just such rot, and the public is always right, Johnny. This department of Journalism worked under the odd assertion that one can learn to be a printer-newspaper-man in a classroom, under the guidance of non-printer-newspaper- men. They even went so far as to teach a course in libel and ethics of a newspaper from an entirely theoretical point of view, and that ' s one place they slipped up, Johnny, be- cause people began to catch on ; and pretty soon all that were left in this department were athletes who couldn ' t pass the regular English courses, student socialists looking for a pipe, disappointed tryouts at The Daily, and a couple of real newspapermen, who were taking the course because it was one swell holiday. But, as I say, Johnny, people began to suspect that maybe the raison d ' etre was just filler. And when a great howl was raised over appropriations and reduction of the school ' s budget, it was proposed that this perfectly useless function should be bottled up forever because : (1) The department did nothing but use up money which might better go to the jani- tors about the Latin office, (2) It would be no particular loss, with the exception of one man, if the whole thing should go under, (3) And because, after all, the Univer- sity was in earnest, and a joke ' s a joke. And that ' s how it happened. The snake? Vhy, Johnny, that ' s what bad little boys turn into if they don ' t watch out. No, Johnny, it ' s fast becoming extinct, and you won ' t see it around here much longer. Yes, Johnny, that ' s grass right there. Now go to sleep and don ' t stay too long after class unless vou want an " A " . Page four Hundred Eighty-Six mil -= IHMIII HII C IIIHIII III! COIii x II1NIII OE IIINIII till xfcs 1IINIII MEN OF MICHIGAN Editor ' s Note: This traditional student satire section is not in any sense an ' Ensian Hall of Fame or of Oblivion. These articles merely call attention to some spooky traits in the characters of certain seniors about the campus. And anyway, we hope they will induce you to glance at our ads. Well, folks, in this corner we have Professor H. S. BENJAMIN with his trained fleas, the ' Ensian Business Staff. The boys worked themselves up in- to a greater frenzy this year than ever before, per- forming the astounding feat of selling fewer cop- ies of the year- book than last year and yet producing the greatest profits in recent years to help pay off a bond or two on Sundy ' s new den of vice for student pubs. Good old Harry, " the big- gest little man at M i c h i g a n, " to quote Vardheeler Gould, deliberately set out in his freshman year to prove that innocence, virtue, and cleanness in politics could still get a man into Michigamua, and also to show the campus that a non-athletic Alpha Sig could get somewhere. " Squirt ' ' builded better than he knew, for, having gone out for all activities in his underclass days, figuring that the laws of probability ought to work in his favor once in ten shots, he found himself a senior in the quandary of having succeeded in all of them. For awhile he went through the empty motions of trying to reconcile such strange bedfel- lows as the Student Council, the ' Ensian Business Managership, the Student Christian Association Board, and the Baseball Managership. But even the greatest of little people would have to fail at such a staggering task. And so at last he retired to the ' Ensian editorial office and spent his time checking up on our graft on sale of student director- ies, leaving even the S. C. A. board to struggle along in his absence. An impartial estimate of Harry will admit that he tried harder than anyone else to impress himself indelibly on the memory of Michigan. He never drinks, smokes, or tells dirty stories. He has been heard to swear once, and in the middle of his senior year he suddenly broke forth and took one of the women junior editors to a movie. Despite all this, however, the campus will remember him longest as being the president of the Alpha Sigs when their net bag of freshmen under deferred rushing was zero. S. BEACH CONGER is best known in his capacity as the Billy ' s most ardent searcher after by-lines. He has also achieved no small notoriety by wear- ing a manager ' s sweater around all the " time under the impression that someone will be fooled into thinking that it means something. His list of campus activities for the ' Ensian is said to surpass anything of its kind that has been turned out since the days when such b i o g r a phies I used to include the name of the girl you took to the Senior B a ] 1, but to see him with a profes- sor or Henry- Merry last year you would never guess that such an u n a s s u m ing fellow could be so great It is freely prophe- sied that he will never take up a career of sell- ing apples . . . he knows a bet- ter use for them. It has proved to be a well-nigh insurmount- able handicap to those who wanted to write nasty things about HUGH CONKLIN that they knew little or nothing about him or his job. Such jobs have their advantages. Nobody ever knows whether you have done right or not. Now Hugh is a nice hearty fellow, and we all like Hugh just fine, but why in the world he wanted to be student manager o f the Michigan Union and what he does now that he is can ' t be un- derstood. The only thing anyone has on him is that he was re- sponsible for the invasion of the sacred Union by the members o f the weaker sex and their feminine escorts this spring. Gad ' s teeth! As if that isn ' t enough. Page Four Hundred EigAty-Sevf III! 7 . IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII 1111 (ODIiiA IIINIII OE II1NIII HINIII == ?4 7 Color-Craft Covers Designed and produced by THE MICHIGAN BOOK BINDING CO. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Were chosen for the 1932 dMichiganensian Our distinctive materials for cover making assure individuality. Our cooperation and highest quality workmanship created our reputation for dependability. Ask for samples and prices. We have always had our doubts about our Con- frere, THOMAS M. COOLEY, II. No, not those kinds of doubts, you snark. But this year we have missed greatly the jovial play- fulness of Sex Showers, who would always come in once a day and distract us with obstetri- cal statistics or musical interpre- tations of Big Moments in peo- ple ' s lives. Funnyman Cool- ey and his Gar- goyle have seem- ed a trifle too so- phisticated for our tastes care- fully refined to catch all the lewd interpreta- tions of campus humor magazine jokes. To try to elevate the Gargoyle to the level of even Toasted Rolls did seem to us a little stand-offish. Of course you know that Tom put out Toasted Rolls for some time before the Publications Board decided that job was a little beneath the dignity of a representative of an old Michigan family. But Tom has tried hard to be the Bad Boy of the Press Building and if he would stick to that course we would appreciate him more, maybe. A courtly bow, a slap on the wrists for JOHN DENLER, a true gentleman of the old school in politics. " Sister " , along with Ward Heeler Gould and Pumphandle McCormick spent his whole col- lege life giving the campus the impression that the Washtenaw party was run by a gang of smoothies who looked upon politics as a mere adjunct to the toney social life at the Harvard of the West. After being suddenly tossed into an easy chair on the Student Council by the sinister hand of Hank Merry he did his best to further the era of tea sipping and clean elections upon which that worthy body imme- diately embarked, at the same time keeping his quiz- zical eyes open for other offices to fall into his lap, eventually pulling down the senior class treasure- ship. Graft? Don ' t be crude. Johnny was ex- tremely pained to find that the Gar- goyle had the theory that he was the council- man who had had the bad luck to discover that both he and a young lady whom he knew quite well were delegates to a student conven- tion in Toledo at the University ' s expense. Still, we can think of worse ways to spend the Uni- versity ' s money. Page Four Hundred Eighty-Eight Illl IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIB Illl flE IIINIII V HINIII = " STANDARD OF THE WORLD " Twenty-seven years ago, the Cadillac Motor Car Company won the famous British Dewar Trophy for excellence in design, performance and precision manufacture. And with the award went the judges ' citation " Standard of the World. " Not once in all the years that have intervened has Cadillac forgotten this premier ranking. Always, its products have been designed and built to offer everything which makes a motor car useful, as well as desirable. Today, in the four new cars which comprise its distinguished family, Cadillac has given its greatest emphasis to this estab- lished leadership. In fact, it is Cadillac ' s honest opinion that these four new cre- ations represent the greatest general ad- vancement ever effected since the automo- tive industry began. You are cordially invited to verify this at your Cadillac-La Salle dealer " ? today. LaSalle prices range from $2395. Cadillac from $2795, f. o. b. Detroit. Michigan. Ib Page Four Hundred Eight -Niae Ilil W. lilMII! 111! CHIHIII III! (ODiii A IIINIII C lilNIII llll A IIINIII Courtesy of Johnston Optical Co, 319 First National Bank Bldg. Makers of high grade glasses since 1876 A berp, a gur- gle, and a lit- tle snort. Clear t h e tracks for FIRE GUT FORSYTHE, the one and only journal- ist in the Press Build- ing. We love to see Carl in action, tracing down clues to the Brown Jug or Sol Hudson ' s wedding or some other matter of no cons equence in Ann Arbor, but headline copy for the Toledo News-Bee. Put a mystery in front of his nose or give him a chance to go to the mat with Joe Bursley and you will be given a won- derful exhibition, folks, of a newspaperman acting well like a newspaperman. Of course he may reel about a bit, or drop in for a little sociable bottle with the boys, but isn ' t that just like a newspaper- man, and isn ' t Carl trying so hard to be a real newspaperman? Glad you told us, Carl. PUBLICATIONS We present the best inducements to Michigan Alumni for the purchase of Library and General Book Supplies that can be secured anywhere in the United States. OUR MAIL ORDER BUSINESS Extends to every State in the Union and to all Foreign Countries. LIBRARIES BOUGHT AND SOLD Estimates furnished for Secondary School, College and University Libraries. Discount of 10 per cent and up from pub- lishers prices are allowed to school libraries on all publications. Transportation charges prepaid on all orders, large or small, re- ceived through the mail. GEORGE WAHR BOOKSELLER IMPORTER PUBLISHER 103-5 N. Main St. 316 S. State St. ANN ARBOR, MICH. In the case of the ' En- s i a n vs. HOWARD GOULD we refuse to be banal and f 1 a 1 1 e ring by compar- ing the de- fendant t o William M. Tweed, Mark Hanna or W. S. Vare. Just call me Ward Heel- er, fellows. Poor octo- pus behind the Washte- naw machine till in his senior year he let him- self slip and be elected to a couple of miscellaneous offices on the Interfrat and Student Councils where the light of publicity beat upon him, sickening even the Washtenaw crowd. Honest? We ' d hate to say that Gould was too dumb to take graft, but we ' ll deny all rumors. If Howie has any proof to the contrary, let him take the matter to Joe Bursley. Page Four Hundred Ninety W -= IIIMIII Illl CHIHIII Illl flCi HINIII C HINIII m III! x IIINII! ' Photographs that bring out your pleasing characteristics. Your negatives are always kept on file and duplicates may be had at any time PHOTOQRAPHER 619 E. LIBERTY ST. ANN ARBOR, MICH. Page Four Hundred Ninety-One Illl W. IIIMIII ill! CIIIHIII illl OE IIINIII Illl A 1IINIII Gagnier Paint Company PAINTS COLORS BRUSHES 164-166-168 Congress East DETROIT, MICH. The Upjohn Company Makers of Fine Pharmaceuticals for the Physician Home Office and Laboratories KALAMAZOO MICHIGAN BRANCH OFFICES New York Kansas City San Francisco Memphis The Freshman Pot Q. What does it cover? A. Usually robust hair. Q. What does the hair cover? A. Exams may tell. Of course you want to shed the cap and save the hair. Q. How can the hair be saved? A. By keeping it in a healthy condition with Newbro ' s Herpicide, the ORIGINAL Scalp Germicide. The ' Ensian re- ceived one of the greatest shocks of its ex- istence when it discovered that SOL HUDSON had left school and wouldn ' t be around to see this. Of course, Sol wouldn ' t read it if he were here he never read anything else for that matter while he .was on the fjf fij campus. " Burnt 1 Out " Hudson, though, had the whole campus reading about him during his last semester here. All in all he furnished the big enigma of the year. Why didn ' t he show up at the Detroit Alumni Football spree? Why didn ' t he talk to freshmen as all good football captains should? Why did his interest in football lag? Why was he thrown out on his pos- terior from the Michigamua wigwam? To all these questions Papa Yost had a ready answer: " A wo- man, " he murmured hoarsely. But that ' s enough. We ' re sick of hearing about Hudson ' s wedding or lack of wedding and the rumors that it was never proved. Hoping you are the same, Sol. It is a popular belief that nature, not without reason, abhors a vacuum. They have their uses, however suction. If you don ' t think so, just watch NORRY JOHNSON, the pilot-fish of the Press Building, sailing along in the wake of the great Kline some day. It ' s a beautiful sight, men, a beautiful, beau- tiful sight. Page Four Hundred Ninety-Two III! ? -= IIIMIII lit! CIIIHIB III! GAH C HINIII m llll A IIINHI HAS IT EVER OcCURED ID YOU I or a number of years as Michigan students you have followed campus activities through THE MICHIGAN DAILY. Unless You Subscribe you will be without this favorite medium. From no other source will you be able to find such an excellent coverage of the affairs of your university than from iKtrhtijan Mailed Subscription, $4.5O Page Four Hundred Kine! -Tfoee III! W. IIIMIII III! C IIIHIII III) (OOii A S IIINIII C IIINIII m III! x HINDI A CDX DENTAL X-RAY LJNIT you will need one in your new office r A JEADERS in the dental profes- sion have their own x-ray units. They find that making their own radiographs enables them to spend their time more profitably and speeds their work with greater efficiency and accuracy. The fact that many of these lead- ers have chosen the CDX Dental X-Ray Unit evidences its superiority. The CDX Dental X-Ray Unit hangs suspended from the wall. It is lOO ' o electrically safe. 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Here comes Charlie, the boy who can claim to have done more for Michigan than any other man who never took his hands out of his pockets . . . sure he can. Ask him. By sheer financial wizardry he has managed to make the Dilly come out even for the year simply because he is the first man in a number of years who would sink low enough to put out a four-page paper. Further credit is due him for being able to survive the broth- er-act that John- son put on with him without vis- ible loss of self- respect. Come on now fellows, let ' s give CHARLES KLINE a great big hand. On second thought, you do it. We ' re pretty busy right now. Page Four Hundred Ninety-Four III! tun -= HIMIII Illl C IIIHIII III! flDHi A I1INIII C IIINIII III! A 1IINIII Present a Renaissance of Detail in Fashions of the Moment " Shof of Personal Service " WILLY KNOX, the mild bull of the Board in Control. Big Bill spent most of the Spring se- mester worry- ing everybody who cared about when the ' Ensian ( would appear. He would sit around the of- fice with a simple smile of pure good- nature on his face while the printers tore out their hair in handfuls. He knew what he was doing, though. H e was sitting around the of- fice with a simple smile of pure good-nature on his face. He probably still is. It Washes Usually one is advised to be careful about washing paint. This is not necessary with Asepticote. Here is an interior wall and ceiling paint that is hard tough and water- proof. Scrub it rub it use plenty of water use any kind of soap, cleanser, detergent or washing compound. Dirt and stains come off, but the paint does not lose its finish. Truscon Asepticote Washable Wall Coating is a most outstanding advance in the development of interior coatings. The lead- ing hospitals, schools and other types of public buildings where beauty of finish and economy of maintenance are paramount are swinging over to Asepticote. The new University of Michigan Hospital is Asepticoted throughout. 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The Truscon Laboratories Makers of Waterproof Products Detroit, Michigan Page Four Hundred tiinety-Fiv III! ? _== HIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl flGii AIDNIII OE IIINIII till x 1IINIII Crookedest and best of the sons of the morning is big little ED McCORMICK, the beaming head o f Michigan ' s deadest organi- zation, the Stud- ent Council. " Bud " , as he is popularly known among the cam- pus handshakers, has promised the vice - presidency of something to every member of the Senior class, knows more peo- ple by their first names than there are half-wits in the campus po- jitical game, and is outstandingly the only ballot- stuffer in Ann Arbor who knows the first thing about politics. He has succeeded in guessing right on practically every coup the administration in the person of Honest Joe Bursley has tried to pull off, and no one could even suspect his power until they saw him get President Ruthven and the entire Student Council out of bed at three in the morning to swear on a borrowed Bible that there was something crooked about that March election. No sir, it isn ' t Pumphandle Mc- Cormick ' s shiny-toothed fault that he is a prophet crying in a wilderness of Goulds and Wordens. HARCOURT S. PATTER- SON has de- voted his entire life, exclusive of the five min- utes a week he puts in as Busi- ness Manager of the Gargoyle to the substan- tiation of the theory that still waters run deep. A silent fellow himself, you would never guess that his con- suming ambi- tion is to have a still in his own basement so that he can find out. He has to be cred- ited with an un- usually success- ful non-resistance campaign against advertisers which may even result in black ink figures on the Gargoyle account sheet, but how or when he did it are secrets which will, in all likelihood, repose locked deep in the black depths of his breast for- ever. As an indication of his grafting abilities, we have only to mention that he is in possession of a medal for completing the Union Five-Mile swim. Perhaps the best index to his character may be found in the remark which has been whispered about campus to the effect that he makes a good running-mate for his managing editor. Wee DAVEY NICHOL is rather hard to pin anything on. He is a simple soul who goes about brim- ming with faith in his fellow beings, and doing nothing amiss largely because he does nothing. He is to be seen along with a crowd of the other lads in brown homburg hats cluttering up the main lobby of Ange 1 1 Hall almost any day, but, aside from that, he is scarcely to be seen at all, much less heard. His most outstanding virtue is that, although president of the senior class, he is not a member of the student council ... no small praise for a politician. Come on, come on, what is this, what is it? Just call me plain JOHN SAUCHUCK. Where do you get that God- damit stuff? . . . and there you have Mich- igan ' s football manager. Johnny is repu- ted to have lost everything but his broom and pan following the horses, but he finds time every now and then to hold of- fice hours in the back of a pool room. Few in- deed are those who can fail to succumb to the charm of his voice . . . some buying ear-muffs, while others content themselves with shrieking and tearing their hair after five minutes ' conversation with him. He does not mind, though. He can talk through any shriek. And he does. Page Four Hundred Ninety-Six mi w. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIH Illl QE IIINIII fc. 1IINIII HE ANN ARBOR PRESS grate- fully appreciates the confidence of the students of Michigan shown when the 1932 Michiganensian was placed in our hands for printing. We prize that confidence, and have guarded it by an earnest effort to pro- duce a clean and creditable book. A really good piece of book printing never comes by accident. It is produced only when each man of an organization does his part well. It comes as the result of training, skill, work, worry, and the solution of difficulties. i HE MICHIGANENSIAN is one or the really large school annuals of the country. To produce it well is a credit to any printing plant. The char- acter of the work must have some relationship to the recognized position Michigan occupies in the scholastic world. It reflects the ability of its students to organize, plan, and edit. Compared with the vast organization illustrated in its pages, our printing ef- fort is a feeble flicker yet we have tried to do work worth doing. cAnn cArbor Tress H. G. PRETTYMAN. Pm. ANN ARBOR - - A. J. WILTSE. Mgr. - MICHIQAN Page Four Hundred Ninety-Seven (Ill ? . IIIMIII Illl CHIHill Illl (OCili A IIINIII C IIINIII till x II1NIII All the news is printed in The Michigan Alumnus The University of Michigan is its Campus, its Administrative Staff, its Faculty, its Under- graduates and its Alumni. THE ALUMNUS tells the whole story. Herewith is an analysis of half of one year ' s volume 396 pages in 18 issues: Editorials 5% University News - 10% Advertising . 12% Campus News _ 6% Athletics . .8% Book Reviews - . 1% Front Covers _ 5% Miscellaneous . . 3% Organized alumni activities .19% News of individual alumni 31% THE MICHIGAN ALUMNUS comes to your library table 36 times each year weekly during the University term and monthly during the summer. $4.00 per year 36 Issues and Index Order from the Alumni Association RICHARD L. TOBIN, stud- ent newspaper tycoon. Editor Tobin is the only editor the Michigan Dilly ever had who appeared in Time Mag- azine, who really believes that his sheet can influence student opin- ion, and who can tell you with a straight face, that he has taken all the courses in the English De- partment be- cause they are e d u c ational. He has achieved dis- tinction by not following the tactics of the great Merry Dynasty, and reading over every issue that has come out before it went to press . . . and what if he did look down everybody ' s neck while he was doing it? He had to. Look at the staff he ap- pointed. And is the Dilly the biggest, the most im- portant, and the holiest thing on campus? And is he the editor of the Dilly? Saaaay. HOWIE WOR- DEN has earned every inch of his title of the mys- tery man of the campus. It is a mystery how he got his job as head of that fa- mous disappear- ing-act, the in- t e r f r a t ernity council. It is a mystery what happened under his regime as procurer of J- Hop orchestras last year, and, transcending all else, it is a mys- tery why any- body should care about any of these things, H. Worden in par- ticular. Page Four Hundred. ' Ninety-Eight mi mi. IIIMIII till CIIIHIII III! CS MI E IIINIII SHE WEARS A SQUARE CUT DIAMOND Not simply because it is the modem thing to do, but because she feels it more accurately ex- presses the age . . . she is eager for new beauty. Her sleek motor car is a masterpiece of automotive engineering, not because she is reluctant to appear old-fashioned but be- cause she finds its streamlined luxury more effective . . . she responds to the quickened tempo. And by such things we know her, this young modern, for she expresses her own age and not her grandmother ' s. The result is impressive. We who deal with designing books can well assume that the same successful results would follow the same sincerity of thought. In designing books we must primarily consider the accuracy with which they reflect the age. They should be mod- ern in the strictest sense of the word. If they are less than mod- em, they are, at best, imitative. Today ' s book must mirror today ' s spirit. It must have a new beauty ... a quickened tempo. For some, such an objective presents unsurmountable difficul- ties. There are others who find such an objective more interest- ing than difficult. To be sure, it is easier to continue producing books distinguishable from their predecessors only by the date of their copyrights, easier, yes, but terribly tiresome, we think. THE SERVICE ENGRAVING COMPANY IN DETROIT CREATORS O f THE BOOK O F T O O R R O W Page four Hundred Ninety-Nine Illl ? -= IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIB III! dA IIINIII OE IIINIII 3K Illl A UINIII Index to AMERICAN CABINET Co. . - 476 ANN ARBOR PRESS __ 497 ANN ARBOR SAVINGS BANK . 482 BARNES GIBSON RAYMOND Co. _ . 479 CADILLAC MOTOR CAR Co. 489 CALKINS-FLETCHER DRUG Co. _ . 474 CENTRAL OHIO PAPER Co. _ - 494 H. D. EDWARDS AND Co. _ ..Patron ' s Page GAGNIER PAINT Co. _ - 492 GENERAL ELECTRIC X-RAY CORPORATION ... _ : 494 HERPICIDE COMPANY, INC. _ - 492 HENDERSON-AMES Co. _ 482 J. L. HUDSON Co. _ 477 JACOBSON ' S 49.5 JOHNSTON OPTICAL Co. . 490 JOHN W. MASURY SON . . 494 MICHIGAN ALUMNUS __ 498 MICHIGAN BOOKBINDING Co. 488 MICHIGAN DAILY . - 493 O. D. MORRILL .. - Patron ' s Page MOTOR WHEEL CORPORATION . - 483 B. E. MUEHLIG _. 476 RENTSCHLER STUDIO _ 475 RITTER DENTAL MFG. INC. .. 473 SERVICE ENGRAVING Co. _. _ 499 SPEDDING STUDIO _ .491 TRUSCON LABORATORIES _ 495 UPJOHN Co. . 492 U. S. PLYWOOD Co. _ - Patron ' s Page GEORGE WAHR . . 490 S. S. WHITE DENTAL MFG. Co. .. - 485 WOLVERINE OPTICAL Co. . - 480 Page fi ' ce Hundred fill ? -= IIIMIII UII C IIIH1I1 1111 K A UlNin C DINIII 101 x IUNIII = atron ' s Page H. D. EDWARDS CO. O. D. MORRILL ANN ARBOR U. S. PLYWOOD CO. DETROIT Page Five Hundred. One Illl W. IIIMIil Illl CHIHIII Illl tiGiiAlllNIII flE IIINIII Illl A . 1I1NIII GENERAL INDEX Ed. Note: To facilitate the location of names in the book the following key will be found helpful: Opening Section Pages 2-20 Administration Pages 21- 36 Features Pages 37- 76 Activities Pages 77-149 Athletics Pages 151-226 Classes Pages 227-356 Fraternities Pages 357-470 Satire Pages 471-499 Aaron, Daniel B. 374-334 Aarons, Estelle 449 Abbitt, Dorothy 463 Abbot, Marie 441-474 Abbot, Waldo M 108 S49-474-436 Abbott, Charles E. 110-336 Abbott, Mrs. Horatio 442 Abe, John 191 Aberle, Betty M 447 Abernethy, John ...119- 238-428 Abramson, Jack 424 Acacia 36ft Ackles, B. Harris. .. .348 Ackley, Clark R. 236-238 Actuaries 20) Adams, Donald E 78- 91-129-371 Adams, Mrs. Edward L 436 Adams, Harriet D.. . .437 Adams, Henry F 354 Adams, Prof. H. C. 130 Adams, Mrs. Henry. .435 Adams, James K. 122-238 Adams, Randolph G. 356 Adams, Mrs. R. G....440 Adams, Richard H 379 Adams, Robert E. 238-423 Adelphi 112 Adelson, Sidney L. ..337- 424 Adkinson, J. A 130-359 Adkinson, Myra 442 Adler, Rose H 238 Ahlson, John 382 Aigler, Betty 437 Aigler, Ralph W 119- 151-379-408 Aigler, Mrs. Ralph... 437 459 Airey, Iris 465 Ake,, Sherwood 118- 233-238-365 Albracht, Jeannette ..467 Albrecht. Marjorie . . .440 Alder, George G 395 Aldinger, Edward 187-378 Aldrich, Addison B. . . 345 Aldrich, Mrs. Fred- erick 439 Aldrich. Richard 423 Aldt, Elliott 104 Aleksineh, Harriet . . . 343 Alexander, Gabriel ..393 Alexander, John .116-358 Alexander, Mary ....451 Alexander, Robert M. 398 Alexander. William M 388-409 Alfsen, Albert H. 238-384 Alf sen, Christine ....465 Alfsen, Kathlyn 465 Alger, Mark W 400 AIix, N 198 Allbright, Rex L 102- 113-117-238-366 Allen. Charles ...334-352 Allen. Charles S 366 Allen, Durwood L.. . . 133- 238-399 Allen, Elinor 443 Allen, Frederick W. 376 Allen, George R 238- 357 Allen, Harry 120-420 Allen, Tanet ..79-149-440 Allen, John A 122 Allen, Louise 462 Allen, Margaret . .80-438 Allen, Maxine 141- 441-462 Allen, Robert 395 Allen, Robert 102 Allen. Samuel S 409 Allen, Shirley W 122 Aleen, Mrs. Shirley. . .442 Allen. Walter B 352 Allendorf, Fred C 358 Allensworth, Park K. 415 Alii. Joseph 124-238 Allison, John 365 Allison. Ruth 339-238 Allman. Ada 238- 440-459 Allman, Walter H 357 Allstin, Norman 412 Aim, Lucille 468 Almand, Mary 469 Almeida, Djalma G. 122 Almy, E. G 421 Alpha Chi Omega 443 Alpha Chi Rho 384 Alpha Chi Sigma 421 Alpha Delta Phi 350 Alpha Delta Pi 455 Alpha Epsilon Iota... 458 Alpha Epsilon Mu...ll3 Alpha Epsilon Phi . . . 449 Alpha Gamma Delta 451 Alpha Kappa Delta.. 114 Alpha Kappa Kappa 418 Alpha Kappa Lambda 201-202-395 Alpha Kappa Psi 422 Alpha Omega 426 Alpha Omega Aloha 116 Alpha Omicron Pi... 450 Alpha Phi 141-441 Alpha Rho Chi 420 Alpha Sigma Phi 372 Alpha Tau Omega... 365 Altenhof, Raymond. . 167- 357 Athans, R 233 Athans, William . 1 19-238 Altman, Lois 436 Alumni Ass ' n 88 Alvarez. Russell De 409 Alward, Ruth E. 238-463 Amberg, Robert S 239- 374 Auerbach, Joseph. . . .425 American Society of Civil Engineers Amos, Russell 94- 235-239-410 Anagnost, Basil D 239 Andeer, Jarl A 123 Andersen, A. Wilmer 134- 239 Anderson. Carl R 417 Anderson. C. H 421 Anderson. Charles G. 365 Anderson, Donald C. 129 Anderson, D. W 133 Anderson, Mrs. Ella 436 Anderson, Francis ... 141 Anderson. Brances A. 239 Anderson. Frances G. 452 Anderson, George E. 412 Anderson, Grace 436 Anderson, Harold . . . .197- 342-370 Anderson. Harold P. 412 Anderson, Henry C 89- 107-133-151-228- 357-474 Anderson, James E. ..239 Anderson, Jean 239 Anderson, John G. . . .239- 354 Anderson. L. C 421 Anderson. Margaret .438- 467 Anderson, Marshall .100- 134-231-239-376 Anderson, Merle H. ..364 Anderson, Mrs. Paul.. 141 Anderson. Paul J. 239-382 Anderson, Rose 436 Anderson, Ruth 444 Anderson, Velma F. 237 Anderson, William ..417- 239 Andreae, Clarke F. . . 1 1 - 438 Andreae, Maynard R. . 380 Andreae, Robert E. . . . 348 Andree, Harvey M. ...388 Andrus. Madelon ....451 Andres, Vera M 239 Andres, Mrs 444 Andrews, Edward . . .363 Andrews, Harrison B. 400- 130 Andrews, Kenneth W. 370 Andrews,Leone -.463-239 Andrews, Mark S 118- 233-239-415 Andrews, Robert D...239- 423 Angell, Carleton W 64 Angell Hall ...9-496 Aneell, Mrs. Alexis C 462 Angell. James B 486 Angell. LeRoy W 395 Angell, Mrs. Robert. .438 Angell. Robert C 77- 114-151-351-476 Angell, William 370 Aneell, Mrs. William F 453 Angles, Luis E 239 Anglin, Margaret 460 Anikeff, Nicholas .... 1 04- 340-366 Anning, Katherine. . .448 Ansel, L. V 133 Ansorge, Violet .. .240-442 Anthony, T. C 336 Antilla. Bertha E. 240-465 Anwiler. Edward 382 Applebau. Abel A. ...116 Appelt, Henry C 231- 240-399 Appelt, J. E 336 Appleyard, John S 335- 365 Apps, D. C 127 Araujo, Luiz C 122 Arbiter, Morton V....W Architecture, 1933... 336 Arden, Natalie 449 Ardussi, W. F 133 Arehart, Ethel 240-463 Arendsen, Purcel E. ..414 Armogat, Mrs. Victor 440 Armstrong, Dr. Mar- garet 444 Armstrong, Xelson W. 355 Armstrong, Robert J. .121- 416 Arnet, Frederick L...133- 402 Arnheim, Stanley W. ..82- 393 Arnoff. Alex 91 Arnoff, Philip J 381 Arnold. E. Robert 348 Arnold, Grace H 452 Arnold, Harriet 450 Arnold, Harry L. Jr. 126- 240-353-409 Arnold, Marjorie J. ..437 Arnold. R. M. 127-131-240 Arnstam, Henry 391 Aronson, Dorothy A. .453 Aronson, Orville ..83-390 Arscott, Ethel W. 240-455 Arsulowicz, Joseph E. 233- 240 Arthur, F. P 358 Arthur, Winifred .... 145 Artz, Avon.. 183-198-372 Asare. Theodore O 240 Ashley, Lawrence M. . . 102 Ashley, May .141-148-240 Ashton. C. Richard.. 375 Asire, Margaret 439 Askren, Charles A. ...371 Askren, Helen . . .435-469 Asmus, Frederick J. ..237- 240-422 Asseley. Alexander G. 240 Assna. O. C 421 Atchinson. Russell M. 411 Athena Literary Society 143 Atherton, George 349 Atkins. Charles. .200-382 Atkinson, Miss Alta B 450 Atran, Marion R. ..453 Attwood, Mrs. Stephen 442 Attwood. Stephen ... .134 Atwell, H. H 368 Atwood, Mrs. N. A. 144 Audette, Miss Mary E 146 Auer, Howard 156 Aulph, Helen B. 240-452 Austin, Herschel E. . . 240 Austin, Perry . . .177-363 Austin, Phillip 78 Auto Ban 476-482 Awizian, Mirad T 238 Ayers, Jule 98-395 Ayre, Wesley T 122 Azen, Samuel 425 B Babb, Irving T 118- 233-240-408 Babcock, Burrough P 352 Babcock, Paul 197 Babcock, Robert 364 Babcock, Warren P. . . 1 02 Bachelor, Donald M Backer. Gerald H. . ..241 Bacher, Mrs. Byrl 459 Bacher. Mrs. Harry.. 448 Bachman. Marie 467 Backus, Catherine 452 Backus, Dorothy L...452 Backus, Miss Gertrude 459 Bacon, Blossom L 450 Bacon, Gene 353 Bacon, James 382 Bacon, Joshua E 382 Bade. Warren A 404 Badenoch, Byrne M. 241- 352 Badenoch. Edward L. 352 Bader. Arno L 382 Bader, Henry A 384 Badger, Mrs. Walter 451 Badger, William E. . . 388- 416 Badger, Prof. W. L. 421- 133 Baer, Jr., Walter S. . .374 Bagby, Samuel 370 Bahnmiller, Thelma...465 Baier, L. A 130-379 Bailey, Dr. B. F 127- 131-133-376 Bailey, Mrs. B. F. ...448- 459 Bailey, Jr. B. F. ..127- 376 Bailey. Bernard H. .241- 362 Bailey. Helen . . . .141-466 Bailey, Jack 230 Bailey. James R 241 Bailey, John J. . .241-373 Bailey, Joseph 357 Bailey. J. R 68- 110-236 Bailey. Mrs. Lucille... 88 Bailey, Louis J. C 414 Bailey, Milton E 235- 241-410 Bailey, Reeve M 357 Bailey. Steele . . ..117-241 Bailey, Wilhur J.. 102-387 Bailey, William 413 Bain. Ross 81-334-357 Baird, Jesse W 372 Baist. Helen 444 Baiema. Sheldon C. Ralbach, William R. .78- 110-236-241 Balcer. Sidney A. ...404 Bald, Norman J 103 Baldock, Howard 94 241-365 Baldwin, Ann. .. 148-464 Baldwin, Charles W..233- 241-354 Baldwin, Forest 369 Baldwin, Isabel A. ..241 Baldwin, L. Grant . . .355 Baldwin, Ralph ...91-379 Baldwin, Ronald .... 198 Baldwin, W. H 130 Baldwin, Vernon .... 104 Ball, Nellie 114 Ball, Willard J 352 Ballou, Helen 340-44K Balsley, Elizabeth J. .452 Balyeat, Gordon 113- 345-360 Baker, Albert G 375 Baker, Burton P. ...412 Baker, Ernest 343 Baker, Jr., Ernest M. .351 Baker, Frank H. 241-423 Baker, George M. ..241- 356-409 Baker, Gladys ...143-463 Baker, Hugh L 95- 127-335-363-131 Baker, James P 412 Baker, Roderick W. .236- 241-410 Baker, Sol 345 Baltuck, Harry 81 Bannasch, Irwin 362 Bannow, Robert J. ..399 Banyon, Willard J. ..369 Barash. Theodore ....397 Borberg, Charles E. ..245 Barbara, Edmund 342-412 Barbour, Fleming A. 345- 418 Barclay, Charles . .399-421 Bardeen, Norman. .. .351 Bareis, Clarence W. .241 Barker, Kenneth E. . . 24 1 Barker. Paul S. ..116-409 Barlow, Thomas 188 Barnard, Edith . .437-469 Barnard, John W. ...403 Barnard, Katherine. .. 139- 149-437 Barnard, Richard C. .374 Barndt, Charles ..343-356 Barnes, Chester . .443-459 Barnes. Dorothy . . . .440 Barnes, E. H 420 Barnes, Gilbert 355 Barnes, Dr. Janet 458 Barnes, John M 358 Barnes, Laura M. ...242 Barnes, Lucile 455 Barnes, William 417 Barnett, Helen 141 Barnett, Jean 340 Barnette, Joan H. ..450- 80 Barnett. Mary 79- 138-334-140-142-149 Barney. Burton F 409 Barnum. Charles R. .420 Barr, Albert S. .360-413 Barrett, Albert M. .116- 409-125 Barrett, Arthur 358 Barrett, Edward W. .354 Barr, Helen 436 Barr, Robert 134- 231-242-365 Barristers 118 Barron, Francis E. ..396 Barron, George E. ...373 Barron, Marion 462 Barrus, Isabel! . .442-464 Barstow. Robert O...398 Barta. Rudy 358 Bartell, Floyd E.. 358-421 Bartell, Mrs. F. E. ..444 Bartelme. Philip . . . .228 Bartholic, Margaret E. 242-447 Bartholomew, Donald V. H 242-355 Bartlett, Vinselle 138- 139-145-149-443 Barton, Amy 467 Barton, Donald K. ..414 Barton, William W. 122- 242 Bassetf, Mrs. C. F. . .144 Bassett.Jane 343-462 Bassett, Wilfrid 382 Batchelor, Dorothy .. .464 Bates, Barbara 343- 439-464 Bates, Emily 229-242-448 Bates, Helen 438 Bates, Henry M 27- 119-228-350-408 Bates, Mrs. Henry . . .438- 459 Bates, M. E 129-133 Batten, Fred W.. 356-129 Batts, Martin Jr.. 125-405 Batter, Nathaniel . . . .397 Battorff, Orville E. ..335 Bauch, G. David 122- 135-191 Bauchat, James 343 Bauer, G. H 336 Baus, Merl A 242 Bauschat, James 396 Bauss, Harvey 132- 187-201-206-335-399 Baxter, Don V 122- 135-395 Baxter, Robert 350 Beach, Archibald L. .103- 341-370 Beal, Elmer 348 Beal, Junius E 22- .MX-36S Beal, Mrs. Junius E. 146-141 Beal, M 117 Beale, John 361 Beam, Mrs. H. M. . .144 Beam, Jane 463 Beam, John 418 Beard, Allan S 378 Beard, Chester . .197-367 Beard, Elizabeth 440 Beard, George L. ...378 Beavis. James O.. 4 10-409 Bechtel. Arthur W. . . .242 Beck, Carl 395 Beck, Franklin M. ..126 Beck, Herbert W. ...350 Beck, Theodore J. 242-415 Beckel, Linda 141 Becker, Abraham .... 424 Becker, Clarence .... 1 18- 242-366-415 Becker. Donnie 84 Becker, John C. . 343-392 Becker, Lawson E. ..349 Becker, Richard F. .129- 395-102-104-335 Beckett, Jane 463 Beckett, Margaret- . . 145 467 Beckham, Carl H. Jr. 380 Beckwith, William J. 197- 351 Becsky, Emiel ...242-68 Bedell, Curtis 120 Bedenich, Jacob J. ..335- 133 Beebe. Hueh H. ..359-411 Beechler, Jack 100- 134-231-242-107 Beer, Samuel 367 Beery, Constance . . . .443 Beesley, Robert B. ..242- 358 Beggar ' s Opera 92 334-357 Beeley. Harry 83- Beisiegle, Mrs. Herbert 448 Beikowitz, Sidney S. 424 Beise, Dorothy 213 Beiser, Mark J 121 Belcher. Esther 147 Belcher, Harold T. ..243- 373 Page Five Hundred T wo III! u IIIMIII Illl (DC IHHIH III! 0Dui A IIINIII C IIINIII fcv 1IINIII Belknap, Ralph L. ...390 Belknan. William J. .349 Bell. Charles 410 Bell. Codie D 403 Bell! Donald S 360 Bell, Francis 118- 243-403-384 Bell, Dr. Margaret . .116- 141-213-440-147-458 Bell. Mildred L. .243-435 Bell. Millard J. .231-378 Bell. Walter S. ...95-402 Bellamy, Jack W 102 Bellamy. William ...113- 360-418 Belote, George H. 116-418 Belser, Walter 414 Belson, Gordon A. ...420 Belsley, Joseph P. ..243- 418-125-116 Bement. G. Willis 353 Beroent. Newton S. ..390 Bemes. Dorothy 242 Bendana. Adelaide . . . 464 Bender. Mrs. W. F...444 Bender. William F. .410 Benedict. Arthur L. .243 Benedict. Donald B. .243- 376 Benell. Florence 63 Benjamin. Dorothy.. 141 Benjamin. Harry S 2- ' - -. - 4-487 Benjamin. J. H. .117-370 Benjamin, Jeffries 81-365 Benner, T. A ... 127-243 Bennet. Catherine. .. .147 Bennett. Francis . 104 Bennett, Joseph A ..129- 341 Bennett, K. F 382 Bennett. Kathrvn 467 Bennett, Robert R. ..231- 359 Bennett. T. Walter 88 Bennett. Wells I. ...420 Bennett. Mrs. Wells I. 444 Benson. Mrs. A. X. ..344 Benson. Beatrice . . . .444 Benson. Harry B. ...243 Benson, Lois 460-466 Benson. Mrs. M. J. ..144 Benstock. Melvin 386 Bentley. Elizabeth .. .141- 459 Bentley. Helen 463 Bentley. lean 80 -.49-212-446 Benz. Erwin T 387 Benz. Mrs. H " . 144 Benz. Harold 243 Berentson. Benjamin H. Berg. Albert T. .116-243 Berc. Birger 122 Berg. Lawrence A. . .243 Bergelin. Olaf P. ...352 Bergelin. Mrs. Tohn .340 Berger. Arthur S. ...358 Bergman. P. R 127 Bergsman. Eugene. .. 127- 243 Bergstrom, Henry ...230- 243-382 Berkhaf. William L. .405 Berkowitz. Sidnev M. Berman. Leonard ...244 Bernard. Charles 1 56 Bernardini. Mario ..122 Berner. Thelma ..443-244 Bernerd. Tohn W. . . .242 Bernett. Mary ...79-441 Bernhardt. Toseph 393 Bernstein. Arthur J. .88- 381 Bernstein. Herbert A. .24- Bernstein. Philip 244-114 Bernstein. Samuel ... 102 Bernthal. Theodore G. 411 Berridge. Jean ..212-444 Beser. Aaron 244 Besseneer. Frank ...375 Beta Sigma Psi 404 Beta Theta Pi 348 Betz, Lucille 464- 80-443 Betz. Stanley . . .230-244 Beukema. C. " H. .2 ' Beukema. Mrs. C. H. 144 Bevan. Mrs. Mrytle 146- 446-147 Bevis. Donald J 384 Bewett. Arthur R. ...242 Beyne. Marie 462-244 Bickel. Linda 469 Bicknell. Ellen ...441-464 Bicknell. Frank B. ..244- 413 Biddle. Laura 455 Bidwell. Kathleen X. .244- 463 Biekkola. Warner H..244 Bielfield, M. Jerome. 393- 81 Bigby. Paul 375 Bigelow, Robert B. . .409 Bigelow. Mrs. Robert. 440 Bigelow, S. Lawrence 371-409-421 Big . Edward . . .244-397 Biirler. Fern 465 Billhary. R. W 133 Billheimer. Tohn .230-363 Billingsley. " j- C. ...121- 122-131-135-244-268 Billman. K. C 112 Benz. Margaret . 440 Bisbee. Kenneth R. ..398 Bishop. Arthur W. ..351 Bishop. Mrs. Arthur W. 440 Bishop. Charles W. .362- 408 Bishop. Edith W. . . .435 Bishop, Mrs. Mortimer 437 Bishop. Vernon 83 Bird. Donald 366 Bird. Otto 360 Bird. Mrs. T. C 144 Bird. Mrs. Margaret . .444 Bird. William J 85- 131-402 Birdsall. Atmes 439 Birdsall. Donna 439 Birdseve, Ruth 446 Birdzell, Dorothy 140- 229, 244, 439 Bird. Mrs. John Birnie, Gordon 410 Bixby. W. Herbert. .121- 368 Bjork. H. F. 421 Bjornstad. A. Harold 121- 368 Black, Donald 348 Black. Fred J. ...244-416 Black. He len 145-459 Black. Samuel 121-244-397 Blacken. Olin W. ..255- 368 Blackmore. Edward ...410 Blackwell. Robert E. .85- 129-133-341 Blaess. Marvin J. 245-411 Blair. Everett D 411 Blair. Thomas H. ...411 Blair. Wilbur T. 343-348 Blake. Forrester A. .350 Blanchard. Ernest W. 232-245 Blanche. Don M 384 Blanding. Clarence F. 85-129-387 Blank. Myron ...334-374 Rlankertz. DonaM F. .82 Blanks. Herschell ...94- 231-245 Blaser. Willird ..81. 369 Blass. R. E 66 Bleekman. George M. 355 Bleil. David F 245 Blocker. Ray C 370 Block, Miltdn 245 Blockman. Ada 462 Blome. William H. ...392 Blononist. Albert E. .365 Blonder. Jerome 91 Bloom. Albert 245 BWn. Sally 462 Bloomfield. " Charles C. 349 Blott. Tark 1 375 Blue Anchor. The 92 Blum. Eleanor 143- 343-44 5-464 Blunder. Terome 381 Blumenfeld. A 198 BInmenfeld. Albert . . . 385 Blumenfeld. Arnold ..385 Blumenstein. David D. 245-397 Blimt. K. Eileen 435 Beard in Control of Athletics 151 Publications. The . . . .77- 476-484-488-495 Boardman. Anita . . . .443 Boatrieht. Stuart. .79-350 Boarts. Robert M. ..121- 421 Bobene. Milton L. . . 390 Bobertz. Irma .. .141-455 Bochnowski. Alexander 245-419 Boddy , Leonard 376 Bode. Hotzell H. .245-369 Boden. John . .96-382-341 Boehmer, Martha . . .234- 245-466 Boerner. Quentin R. 122- 135-45 Boerseg. Frieda . .245-452 Bogart, Carol 340 Bogart, Velda 448 Boger, Dorothea 447 Bohn. Stephen S. ...416 Bohrer. Charles Dean 414 Bohnsack. Wilbur. 81-361 Boice. William 382 Boldt. Clarence J. ..358- 408 Bolner. Zor! 391 Bomell. George 390 Bond, Ethel ...80-245-451 Bond, Lorraine . . 340-446 Bond. Sarah 141- 230-245-450 Bonesteel. Florence . .467 Bonicave. Isabel 99- 143-340-466 Bonisteel, R. 370 Bonner, James B. . . .422 Bonner, Sue Grundy. .438 Bonney. Robert . . .90-356 Boogert. Alyce Vanden 463 Boom, Marguerite V. .245 Booth. Mrs. William .440 Booth. William J. ...440 Borgerding. Marion ..465 Bergman. William . . . 197- 358 Boss, Edward C 422 Boston, Mrs. Orlan W. 435 Boston. Prof. O. W. Bosse. Ruth 439 Bosworth, Betty .340-441 Bosworth. Lewis .... 378 Bosworth, Tony 344 Bottorf. Gene 401 Botsford. Jean 139, 140-149-446 Bouchard, Harry 401 Boudeman. Donald O. 361 Bourg. Dona! T 380 Bourland. Phillip E. .350- 409 Bourland. Robert C, .349 Bourquin. Alice 436 Bourquin, Jessie 436 Bourquin. Mrs. J. F. ..44 Bowbeer, Xorman .... 104 113. 410-246 Bowe. Pauline ...141-440 Bowen, Edward W. . . 78- 371-502-503-478-964 Bowers. Donald ..198-379 Bower, Mary 445 Bowler. Inez 444 Bowsher, Kent ... 1 28-400 Bowren, Stuart G. ..355 Boyd, Aubrey E. .79-131 Boyd. D. A. " 117 Boyd, Sarah M 246 Boyd. William C. ...102 Boyden, Allen M. ..116- 232-246-409 Boyer, Harold 382 Boylan. Gordon 379 Boylan. D .198 Boynton, Edwin 104- 134-388 Boys, H. Howard ... 100- 246-392 Bozarth, V. Inez 442- 466-467 Bozine. C. Richard. . .214 Brace, Frederic F. ..106- 192-246-249-408 Brace. William . .413-372 Brackel. W 112-367 Bracket!, John .. 1 04-388 Bracket!, Prof. R. D. 133-85 Bradbury. Mrs. T. T. 144 Braden. Howard 177- 181-395 Braden. Spencer . . . .418 Bradfield. Mrs. John .440 Bradfield. Tohn R. . . .415 Bradford. Alice 465 Bradford. Richard P. 246 Bradford. Richard C. 236 Brading. Frank T. ..246- 373 Bradley. Burnette ..120- 124-140-145-440-459 Bradley, George .... 118- 233-246-392 Bradley. Helen 465 Bradley. John 370 Bradley. Marian 46S Bradley. R. T 421 Bradley, Sarah B. ...246 Bradner Ruth 439 Brady, Florence E. .246- 450 Brady, Frank J. .246-372 Brady. Kenneth T. . . 389 Braendle. Eugene 1 72 Bragg. Prof. E. M...130 Bragg. S 133 Braidwood, Robert J. 246- 371 Brance, Annie 465 Branch. Hira 104- 113-232-240-418 Brandt. Carl 419 Brandt. Dick 395 Brandt. Leslie A. . . .404 Branch, Mrs. Ralph. .447 Brask. H. Kermit 373 Braoer. Paul 124 Braun. Barbara 1 39- 140-149-334-442 Braun, Mrs. Carl F. 442 Braun. Mrs. Everett S. 436 Braun, Virgil 428- 233-246 Bray. Margaret M. . .246 Brazier. Harriet 139 Brazil. Mary 464 Breakey, T. F 409- 430-436 Breakey, Louise F. ..246- 438 Bredvold. Mrs. L. T. 435 Breed. Christine 438 Breen, Thomas 376 Bremen. George. . 156-196 Brender. Ernest V. ..122 Brenner, Helen 467 Brennan, Toseph F. ..247 Bressler. Howard G. 122 Brett. F. Monty 357 Brewer, Bernice . . . .465 Brawer. Eugene 369 Brewer, Lyman A. ... 232- 409 Brewer. Stephen M. 363 Bricker, Mrs. L. W. .451 Brief, David 410 Brier, Mrs. J. C. 452-421 Brien. Douglas M. ..106 Brien, Douglas D. ..247- 349 Briggs. Xlrs. C. P. -.446 Briggs. E. C. ...133-335 Briggs. Richard C. ..390 Briggs, Robert P. ...422 Briges, William W. .247 Brighton, Archibald W. 419 Brill, Forster G., 247-387 Brilliant. Joseph 385 Brimi John. Mary . . . 340- 439-467 Brineloe. John R. ...110 Brink. John 357 Brinkhaus. Mildred ..146 Brinkman. Mrs. Joseph 459 Brinley. Kathryn E. .247 Brinley. Kitty 464 Brisded. Melvin 334 Bristol. Franklin 361 Bristol, Harold B. ..247 Bristor, Richard F. .379 Brittain. Mrs. Fern M. 446 Brittigan. Robert D. 354 Britton. Madeline. . . .465 Brockmeir. David L. 247- 363 Brockman. Dorothy Ann 467 Brodie. Robert 95-379 Bradshaw, Park 418 Broggini. Adrian J. ..85- 371 Bromine. William. 116-413 Brondstretter. Harriet 80- 440-462 Brook. Madge 440 Brookhart. John. .343-369 Brooks. Boaker 247 Brookg. Erma 465 Brooks. Mrs. F. P. ..144 Brooks, Henry T. . .247- 355 Brooks. Pauline 440 Broom, Ellen Mae.. 448- 462 Brosovich. Tohn ..128-183 Brown. Calvin . . .119-247 Brown. Charles 114- 414-247-395 Brown. Mrs. C. J. D. 144 Brown, Clyde ...104-113 Brown. Dorothy M. .247- 435 Brown. Elmore 367 Brown. Mrs. Everett.. 146 Brown, Frederick K. 102- 129 Brown. George 104- 134-354 Brown. Gussie 449 Brown. Harold 104 Brown, Helen C 247 Brown. Howard 247 Brown. James O. ...412- 399 Brown. Jessie 439 Brown. John 119-247 Brown Jug 490 Brown, K 112 Brown, Leo F 357 Brown. L. H 133 Brown. May 141 Brown, Margaret J. . .442- 464 Brown. Max F. ..247-357 Brown, Nell 146 Brown. Nonna 143- 248-466 Brown, O. K 127- 131-400 Brown, Philip X. ..357- 413 Brown, Mrs. Robert 448- 373-412-411 Brown, Robert K. . . .410 Brown. Mrs. R. K. ..146 Brown. R. G 421 Brown. Stan 357 Brown, Vertner 1 04 Brown, W. E. ..336-370 Brown, Mrs. W. E. .144 Brown. Mrs. W. E. Tr. 437 Brown, Wesley H. ..248- 423 Brown, William 334- 380-83 Brown. Willis 418 Browne. Mary 441 Brownell. Durwin H. 411 Brownfield. Hugh 118- 248 Brownson. Charles . . 367 Brownson. Kneals M. 416 Bruce. Beatrice 80- 437-462 Bruce, Tames D 25- 116-125-413 Bruce. Mrs. James D. 144-146-440 Bruce. Robert M. ...235 Brncker. Jane .80-343-442 Brueckner. Harold H. 248 Brue seman. Amy C. 234 Bruehl. Richard. . .81-248 Bruening. Heinrich . . 480 Bruinooge. James G. 405 Brumbaugh. A. Kyle 395 Brumm. Helen 465 Brumm. Tohn L 370 Brumm. Mrs. Tohn L. 442 Brundiee. R. " H. 127-335 Brunson. Allan 418 Brunton. Frederick K. 131-362 Bryant, Don 348 Bryant. James G. . . 1 34- 348 Brydges. William B. 398 Buchan. Frederick S. 107-117-248-40! Buchanan. William T. 364 Buchanan. Mrs. William 440 Buckborough, Morris W. 248 Buckley. Edwin F. . .248 Buckley, Teremiah P. 248 Buckley. Paul 89- 126. 396. 408 Buderus. Wm. H. 336-372 Budson. Daniel E. ..425 Buehler. Herman R. 376 Buell. Mrs. M 442 Buffmgton. Mrs. M. 446- 466-567 Bufka. Fred 197 Bueher. John C. 116-413 Bueher. Mrs. J. C 437 Buker. E. M 421 Bulkley. Harry 429 Bulkley. Mrs. Harry C. 463 Bull. Evelyn L. .248-466 Bullard. Barbara 468 Bullard. Lyman A. 89-371 Bullis. Frances 465 Bullock. Vivian.. 120-444 Bulmer, Dan J 248- 358-409 Bumpus, Hortense E. 248-441 Bunce. Dorothy ..141-440 Bunge. Raymond G. .400 Bunn. Russell 365 Bunney. Gordon 409 Buntine. A. L. 421 Bunting, Gary 353 Bunting, John W. ..126- 248-353 Bunting, Russell W. . 368- 410 Bunting, Mrs. Russell W. 450 Burch. Harold K. ...410 Burchard. Mary A. ..458 Burd. William 382 Burdof, Fred G 356 Burger, Franklyn D. .384 Burger, Lawrence L. 391 Burgess, Charles . 91- 96-341-358 Burgess. Elizabeth . .437 Burgess. John A 420 Burgess, Mary Lou.. 476 Burmorf. Carl 122 Burke, George 396 Burke. Mrs. George . .445 Burke. Irving S 352 Burke, Margaret ...145- 446-459 Burkhardt. Lester G. 248 Burton, Harold 425 Burnett, Earl 113 Burnett. Jay 341 Burns, Herbert M. . .419 Burns, James H 248 Burns, Leo A. 88 Burr. Hilda 213 Burroughs. C. W. ...336 Bnrsley, Gilbert E. . .83- 112-352 Bursley . Joseph A. . . 26- 77-89-105-126-129- 134-347-476-490-4% Burslev, Mrs. Joseph 438-459 Bnrsley. Philip E. ...353 Bnrt, William M. ..106- 248-361 Burton, Stanton W T . .121 Bush, Byron 417 Bush. Errid 140- 141-467-334-436 Bushman. Waldemar.367 Butenschoen. Louis P. 387 387 Butler. Clyde 389 Butler. Ruth 455 Butler. Thomas F. . .249- 408 Butler. W. Hackley..361 Butler, William . . " . . . 173 Button. D. W 133 Butts. William H. ..350 Butzel. Henry 429 Bnxton. Rex E 413 Byers. Frank E 372 Byrum. Mrs. E. A. ..440 Bywaters, T. Waggoner 418 Cabot, Mrs. Hugh 459 Caird. Ralph 122 Cadwell. Fred G 364 Calder. Marin C. 249-463 Calderwood. Howard B 356 Caldwell. Elizabeth... 444 Caley. Rosalynn M 249 Caley. William H 360 Calhoun. Floyd X 375 Callahan. Allan B 384 Callahan. Bob ...108-380 Callison. George T 365 Cameron, Anna 114 Cameron. John D. 409-413 Cameron. Orlen J 116 Cammon. Vireinia. . . .455 Camp. Carl D 116- 125-409 Campbell. Alice F. . . .458 Campbell. A. L. 133 Campbell. Atwood . . .417 Campbell. Bernard L. 236- 420 Campbell. Donald 177 Campbell. Edward C. 82- 104 Campbell. Elizabeth . .459 Campbell. Emily . . 80-438 Camnbell. Helen 463 Campbell. Tack 200 Campbell, John 231 249-372-382 Campbell. John T 249 Page Five Hundred Three Illl W. IIIMIII Illl CIIIHIII Illl CiiAlllNIII C I1INIII 1IINIII = Campbell, Kenneth . . .91- 366 Campbell, Lauri ....147- 213 Campbell, Margaret ..465 Campbell. O. J. 120- 126-351 Campbell, Mrs. O. J...459 Campbell. Kobert A... 108 113-121-126-228-366- 368-423 Campbell. Ruth 439 Canberg, Louise C. ...249 Canberg. Louise C 249 Canberg, Violet G... 249 Candler, J. Noll 86- 87-133-231-249-353 Canfielci. Barbara ...343- 441 Canfield, Norton 384- 413 Canfield, R. Bishop . .116- 125-413 Canfield. Mrs. R. Bishop 458-459 Canner, Edna 449 Cannon, David ...104-112 Cannon, H. Grove, Jr. 353 Cannon, Joseph H. ...365 Cannon, Josephine ...438 Canorse, Robert 363 Cantrill. Cecil 156-359 Caplan, David 426 Caplan, Seymour ..81-385 Caplan, Sidney 393 Cappon, Franklin C. 108- 167-373 Capron, Harold G. ...249 380 Capron, Mrs. Harold G 443 Carbeck, Richard 341 Carder, L. Merdell 249- 437 Cardone, S. M 11 7-249 Carey, Edwin 401 Carey, F. Thomas 396 Carey, Mrs. Harold... 447 Carey, Homer F 408 Cary, Marcia 340-404 Carey. Margaret 448 Carey, Miriam J 447 Carlegan. Dresser. .. .344 Carlin, Edith 463 Carlson, William S 390 Carlton, Jane 464 Carmichael, G. A 413 Carmichael. William L. 249-398 Carncross, Janet V. ..249- 467 Carey. R. J 421 Carney. Mrs. R. J. 435 Caro. Lenore 145- 14 412-249-463 Carpenter, Betty 441 Carpenter, C. Wil- liams 91-371 Carpenter. Earl B. ...250 Carpenter, Jean F 250- Carpenter, J. Carpel Carpel Carpenter. Luther C..232- 250-352-409 Carpenter. Martha . . .439 Carr, A. J 112 Carr, DeElton J 85- 173-305 Carr. Herman B 250 Carr. Lowell 3r.7 Carr. Mrs. L. J 44T Cnrr. Robert C 129-353 Carr. Stewart 417 Carrothers. G. E. 382 Carrothers. Mrs. G. E 144 Carry. Bertha 124 Carson. Robert C 351 Carstens, John 79-356 Carter, Clare F 89- llS-2.:.!.250-382 Carter, Richard M 250 Carter. Robert M . ' 45 Carter, Willard 360 Cartwri K ht. James 230-363 Cartwright. Miriam .467- 437 Carver. Carleton .334-3n5 Carver. Henry C 108 Carver. Marian ...84-449 Carver. R. M. Case, Erwine C 135 Case. Herman W JSS Case. L. 421 Case. Mrs. L. 146 Casewell. Gerald 104 Casey. Matilda 465 Parpenter, J. C. Carpenter, Joseph E. ..400 Carpenter. Kathleen . . 4o4 Cass, Allen 373 ( ' assrlnian. Harry.... 343 Cataline. Elman 104 Catchpole. Holland. .. 1 13 Cathcart, Robert 390-422 I ' atsmaii, David I ' . ... 37 " Cavanah, Mrs. 1). X. 144 Cavanaugh, Marty ...396 Cavanaugh, William . 361 Cave. Chester A 364 Cavender, Austin 396 Caverley, H. L.. .375-476 Cawtimim-. Nicholas B 250 Caplin. Vivien 1 249 Chadman, Sylvester II 234 Chadwick, Mrs. C. W 459 Chadwick, Olive ....237- 250-436 Chaffee, Donald 153- 183-250-354 Chaffee, Louella 469 Chaffin, Gayle 103 104-113-250-366 Chaikin. William 425 Challenger, Catherine 442 Chalmers, Bruce. .250-351 Chamberlain, Anna L. 442 Chamberlin, Katherine 438 Chamberlin, Russell W 250 Chambers. John 358 Champe, Carlton G 350 Champagne. Emlee A. 250 Chandler, Elizabeth .145- 250-463 Chandler, Frances . . .462 Chapel. Eugenie 120- 230-250-440 Chapin, Helen 451 Chapin, Howard 382 Chapin, Marguerite . . 88- 440 Chapin, Myron D 375 Chaplan. A. Ben- jamin 337 125-418 Chapman. Robert ....183 Chapman, Edward ... 348 Chapman, Mrs. Ed- ward 440 Chapman, Harvey ... 156 Chapman, Martha J. 436 Chapman, Ted ...196-372 Charlesworth, Don. ..348 Charmion. Carnes. . . .465 Chase. Emery W. 250-395 Chase, Squire 362 Chase. Stanley 94- 107-231-251 Chatfield. Frank A...251- 379 Chavenelle, Gilbert ...334- ua Cheatum. Mrs. E. P. 144 Cheever. Hurlbert C. 420 Chen, Pin-Dji 464 Cherry, Wilhelmina A ...251 Chesebrough. Harry ..131 134-231-251 -.: Chesley, Gerald Q. 251-362 Childs. Theron 251- 383-428 Childs. J. W 198-392 Chi Om ' gea 444 Chi Phi 380 Chipman. Dorothy . . . 43 Chipman. Mrs. D. C. 439 Chipman. Hope 439 Chipman, John 421 Chipman. Stuart E 403 Chi Psi 349-474 Christensen, Mrs. J. C 442 Christensen. Vagn 392 Christian. Mrs. Palmer 146-439 Christman. A. A 421 Christopher. Hearne. . 34 11 Chubb. Lyle R 398 Church. Mrs. Katherine 443 Churchill. Ruel V 375 Chvnoweth. Elizabeth V 251-4t 2 Cissel. J. H 107-382 Cissel. Jane 96-340 Clagett. Oliver 415 Claire. Richard E 237- Clarfc,Aileen 13- 149-442 Clark. Alex E 389 Clark, Allen S3-3. " Clark, Betty 463 Clark, Catherine F...251- 465 Clark, Chester R 371 Clark, Clyde E 416 Clark, C. Townsend. .395 Clark, Doris 436-467 Clark, Elton W 423 Clark, Geo 429 Clark, Harriette 462 Clark, Mrs. Harry 141 Clark. Helen 459 462-464 Clark, Marjorie 460 Clark, Merle M 369 Clark, W. H 131-363 Clark, Willard 236 Clark, W. Paul 413 Clarke, Arthur R. 251-362 Clarke, Charles J. 388-416 Clarke, Elizabeth P. ..251 Clarke., Hugh W. Jr. 359 Clarke, Robert 153 200-206-251-395 Clarke, Rollin 192-382 Clarke, Ruth 464 Clarkson, Ruth 464 Clarkson, William S. 348 Clary, Jane L 437 Clary, Rudolph ..375-418 Clay, Watson 251-359 Clay, W. Rodes 359 Claypoole, Charles H. 131- 423 Clement, Florance ...119- 233-251 Clement, P. A 127 Clement, P. F 127 131-251 Clements, W. L 22 Cleneay. Allen 104 Cliff, Caroline J 251 Cline. E. L 133 Cline. Madeline 444 Clohset, Fred 156- 196-395 Cluff, Virginia 80- 343-440-462 Clugg, Elizabeth 465 Clyer, Charles 395 Coates, Francis 372 Coates, J 421 Coats, Byron C 252-388 Coats, Edwin A.. .252-413 Coats, Fay L 252 Coats, Mrs. H 448 Coats, Jay 1 114 Coburn, William H...252- 360 Cochlin, Dehnos 443 Codding. Irene 448 Cody. Stella 465 Coe. Mrs. Carl 455 Coffey, Hobart ... 1 1 9-4 1 9 Coggan, Frederick. . . .410 Coggan, John G 410 Cogger, Richard L. .85- 371 Cogshall, Mrs. Charles 439 Cohen, Arthur . . 202-385 Cohen. Dick 344 Cohen, Jane 141- 252-449 Cohen, Jerome H. ..232- 252 Cohen, Joseph ... 1 1 4-3 74 Cohen, Meta R 252 Cohen, Morris 200 Cohen. M. Allen 303 Cohen, Ruth 449 Cohen, Samuel . . 391-424 Cohen. Ted 391 Cohn, A. S 112 Cohn, Jerome 116- J5J-3S . Cohn, Lester 385 Cohn. Mac 385 Cohodes. Arnold 377 Coker. Mavine L. ...141 Colby, Clyde W 88 Colby. Jane ..141-343-467 Colby. Dr. Martha ... 444 Colby. Robert A. ...235- 2J Mlfl Colby, Ruth 436-466 Colby. Mrs. W 459 Colby. W. F. 366 Cole. Dick 120 Cole. Margaret 448 Cole, Richard S 375 Cole. Col. Walter C. 131 Colef. Saul 426 Coleman. Charles E. .37t Coleman, Irving W. 230- Coleman. Jack K. ...409 Coleman. T. D. -.117-359 College of Archi- tecture 478 Collegiate Sorosis 438 Coller, Frederick A. .116- 125-413 1 :. Mrs. Frederick A. 146-446 Collins, Beatrice 84- 340-452 Collins. Marshall E. .252 Collins, Olo 145-468 Colombo, Louis 86- 108-334-351 Colvin, Dorothy H...252 Colvin, Dorwin H. ..412 Colvin, Frederick H. 236- 252 Colwell, Lester V. . ..103 Comar, Francis M. ..410 Comar. J. M. ...133-377 Combs, Arnold B. ..232- 252 Combs. Willard A. ..349 Comedy Club 120 Comins. Franklin C. .395 Commings, Dorothy.. 145 Commins 202 Compton, Mary Jane. 446 Compton, William A. 172-252 Comstock, C. Raymond 413 Comstock, E. F 127 Comstock, Marion ...114 Comstock. William ..378 Condon. Lydia ..438-443 Congdon, Wray H. ..121 Conger, Edward S. ...85 Conger, Kyril 353 Conger, S. Beach. Jr. 82-106-126-230- 253-353-487 Conlin, Joseph 1 04 Conklin, David 100- 197-344-351 Conklin. Edward F. .396 Conklin, Hugh R. ...86- 89-90-228-253- 351-487 Conklin, John W. ...113- 366-372 Conlin. Joseph . . 104-372 Conlin, Julia Mae. . . .445 Conlon, Thomas L. ...253- 372 Connable. Alfred 347-351 Connable, Mrs. Alfred 437 Connell. Daisy. . .253-446 Connellan, Thomas ... 82- 340-361 Conover, James .... 1 56- 196-341 Conrad, Alexander H. 121-232-253-411 Constas. Ethel A. ...253 Conviser. Albert 37 Cook. Andra H. .233-451 Cook, Carolyn ...253-463 Cook, Mrs. Charles W. 441 Cook. Christina 465 Cook, Donald 230-398 Cook. Dorothy . . .253-466 Cook, Floyd .5 = 5 Cook. Harry 426 Cook. Veneta 435 Cooks. Mrs. Warren 439 Cook. W. Ferrall 414 Cooke, Eleanor 448 Cooke. Thomas 156- 196-353 Cool. Glennis L 253 Cooley. Mrs. C. H. ..435 Cooley. Mrs. Edgar . .469 Cooley. M. E 107- 131-133-134-228- 252-6.5S.43T Cooley. Thomas M. II : 369-488-496 Coombe. Ralph H. ..128 Coombs. Arnold B. . .409 Coon. Manr P 452 Coon. Philip 3S7 Cooper. Albert 341 Cooper. Donald T. . .423 Cooper, Edmond .113-416 Cooper. Elizabeth 212 148 Cooper. Frank E 402 Cooper. Ida 465 Cooper. Tane 467 Cooper. Lawrence . . . .237 - Cooper. Ralph R. 129-371 Cooper. Thelma A. ,.K3 Cope. Persis 114 Copeland. Arthur H. 359 Copeland. Thomas A. 357 Copeman. Mary Jane . 464 Coplon. Herman E. : :: 377 Corbett, Raymond A. 337-414 Corier, Meredith 252 Cork, Mrs. James 439 Cornell, Marguerite .452 Correll, Charles K. .233- 253-365 Cortwright, Miriam ..141- 230-253 Corwin, Helen Louise 334-462 Cory, Chas W. ..345-416 Cossar, Lois 448 Cossar, Lucile 448 Costello, Mary 445 Coster, Virginia 465 Coulter, William J. .413 Couper, William M. 370 Courlander, Harold... 93 Coursey, Lieut. R. R. 102-131 Courtis, Walter 371 Courtright, Raymond 195-196-357 Coursino, Raymond F. 254 Cousling, Raymond F. 356 Cove, Norma Lou. .. .435 Covel, Alonzo T 254 Coventry, Mark. . . 183-365 Covert, Mrs. Arthur.. 442 Covert, Elizabeth . . . 147- 234-254-442 Covert, Harold E. ...356 Cowan, Donald A. ..416 Cowan, Gladys M. ..254 Cowan, Merrill I. ...377 Cowden.Jean 446 Cowden, Roy W 379 Cowdcn, Mrs. Koy W. 446-143 Cowell, Mrs. Wayne G. 443 Cowell, Wayne C. ...370 Cowie, Alexander ... 134 Cowie, Dr. David M. 125-409 Cowie, Mrs. David M.458 Cowie, D. Murray ... 116 Cowin, Roxy 146 Cowl, Jane 460 Cox, Charles 362 Cox, Mrs. J. J 446 Cox, Rod 108- 156-196-334-356 Cox, Rodney 177 Cozadd, Don C 379 Cozard, Dorothy 146 Crafts, Edward C. ..122 135-254-352 Craftsmen ' s Club, the 121 Craig, Robert Jr. 122-135 Grain, Joseph 32 " Crain, Robert M 254 Cram, Esther M 23 Cram, Stewart 91 104-341-359 Cramton, Mrs. P. H. .144 Crandall, Louise 84- 143-466 Crandell, Robert E. . .254 Crane, Marjorie 4-. 5 Crane, Mrs. Verner.,443 Crane, William H. ..349 Crane, William R. ..107- 117-254 Crary, Doujrlas D. ..359- 580660 Crawford, Carolyn ..464 Crawford, Constance 439- 463 Crawford. Jean Dale .453 Crawford, Kenneth S. 254-382 Crawford, M. Marguerite 254 Crawford. Paul II. . .420 Crawford, Robert R. 254- 392 Crawford, W. Dou-Ias 104-231-254-358 Creagan, Tames M. 103 Creal, Cecil Osborne ..378 Creal. Mrs. Dana G. 446 Creighton, John 429 Creighton, Lavinia ..464 Cress. E. H 370 Creswell. Mildred 445-463 Crew, Mrs. James. ..141 Crippa, Albert Crissman. Arlene . . . .447 Criity. Tames C. . . .122- 129-:- Cristy. Mrs. James C 450 Crittenden, Mrs. A. R. 446 Crocker. Alice 435 Crocker, Fandira 440-464 Cromwell, Madeline. .465 Cronin, Elizabeth . . . .452 Cronin, Maryrose 254-455 Crosby, Mrs. C 448 Crosby, Dr. Elizabeth 458 Crosby, Jane 141 Cross, Arthur L 106- 355-478 Cross, Mrs. Frank . . .439 Crossman, Keith 183-380 Grouse, Robert 380 Crouse, Mrs. J. R. ..442 Crumpacker, Owen.. 343- 350 Cucu, Cornelius .342-417 Cudlip, Jeanne 230- 254-440 Cudlip, Katherine ...440 Culbert, William .254-421 Culp, John 116 Culp, Mrs. M. S. . ..144 Culver, David S. ...117- 134-231-255-370 Culver. Mrs. Fred N. 469 Culver, Harry B. 255-392 Culver. Robert F. ...392 Cummings, Annette .212- 440-460 Cummings, Charles B. 351 Cummings, Don O. . . .390 Cummings, Dorothy E. ' 255-448 Cummings, Harold H. 416 Cummings, Mary Lou. 439 Cummings, Robert H. 348 Cunningham, Charles B 409 Cuphaver, Carl 376 Curfman, Lawrence Jr 233-255 Currah, Doris 439 Currah, Muriel 439 Curran, Edward. .119-255 Currey, Robert 413 Currie, Isabella 462 Currie. Jean 4 2 Curry. Morgan A. ...255 Curry. Mrs. Robert.. 439 Curry, William 358 Curtis, Arthur C. ...116- 418 Curtis. Carroll C. ...255 Curtis. Francis D. ..368 Curtis, James E 103 Curtis. James H 255 Curtis. Robert H. ...378 Curtis, Roy 120 Curtis. Wi ' lliam .... 343 Curtiss. Mrs. E. D. 437 Dahlke. Kathryn 255 Curts. James 358 Gushing, Nelson 360. Cushing, Ralph H. . . 102 Custer, Helen M. . ..255 Custis. Captain A. B. 131 Cuthbertson, Marjorie L. 255-452 Cutler, Ethelyn H Cutting, Albert J. . .255- 106-361 Cutting. Richard D. Cutting, William 97- o43-350 Czecho- Slovakian Municipal Elec- tions 480 Dadson, Kenneth I. .392 Daehler, Carl .;=, Daslow. Mildred 465 Dahlberg. Mrs 448 Dahlem, Alvin G. ...384 Dahlke. Kathryn . ..255 Dahm, Tohn T 405 Dalby, George 382 Dale. James Tr 54S Dalke. Paul D 122 Dalsimer, Phillip 90- 96-341 Dalzell. Robert F. Dalzell, W. J 117- Damerow. Dorothy ' Damm. Russell . " .196-372 Dana, Samuel T. . 122-: Dana. Mrs. S. T. - Danfort. Mrs. Percy.. 141 Danhof. George. ._ Daniels. Dorothy 99- 12 ' Daniels. Xorman . 167-_ Dankers. George. . Dannefel. George T. 103- P gt Fro HunJrtd Four III! W. IIIMIII 111! CHIHin III! ffljnAlllNIII QE IIINIII HI! A 1IINIII Dauby. William 118 Danzigvr. Frederick S. 126-256-353 Dm . W. G 133 Darcus. Arlo D 390 Dardas. Michael I. ..256 Darkozy, George E. . . 128 Darling. C rmms G. :; - - Darrow, Lawrence . .100- 387 Davall. Richard 362 Davenport. David . . .349 Dxvcnport, DOTOUKA . 4o4 Davenport. Robert . .132- 390 David. Robert M. 183-360 Davidow, Sidney L. .256- 424 Davidson. Bernard H. Davidson. Dorothy . .443- 467 Davidson. Farol 400 Davidson. H. D 131 Davidson. John R. ..235- 256-410 Davidson. Joseph H. .381 Davidson, Stuart E. .256 Davidson. Virginia . .451 Davies, Helen 465 Davies. Windsor S. .125- 57-413 Davis. Acnes 141-256-435 Davis. Barbara B. 2.U-256 Davis. Betty 440 Davis. Mrs. Bradley ..448 Davis. C. L. .127-131-256 Davis. Mrs. C O. ..443 Davis. Don D 371 Davis. Doris 468 Dorothy ..460-466 Davis, Fenimore E. .368- 416 Davis. Genevieve .... 462 Davis. H. H 133 Davis, tames C 592 Davis. Janes J. .256-358 Davis. Janet A. .256-440 Davis. J. Bryan 382 Davis. (Catherine 462 Davis. Kenneth P. . . 102- 122 Davis. Ledrn E 390 Davis. Mary Eleanor 435 Marian 437 Davis. R 117-366 Davis, Robert S 107- 231-256-352 Davis. Robert W. ...416 Davis. Sarvi 350 Davis. Thomas M. ..106- 120-230 Davis. William . . 104-349 Damn. Mary T. . Dawes. Olive 441 Dawson. John P 408 Day, Joada... 140-234-450 Dayton. Daniel C ...351 Dayton. Edwin ..340-351 Davton. Marie Isabelle Dean. Norman E. ..237- Dean. C. L. 131 Dearborn. Xed . . . 122-1 35 DeBaker, Charles 108- 129-156-1 : ' K DeBoe. Lncile 463 DeBoos. Carol ...442-467 DeBow. Ledlie A. 123-419 DeBruine. Mrs. H. ..144 Decker. Alfred 104- 127-131-134-231-251 DC -.-- Decker Decker : .- Arthur 360 Donald 361 Evelyn 465 Martin 191 Mildred .441-462 Deer, Edwin 343-378 Deferred Rushing . . .472- 476-487 Degener. Richard. 185-349 DeGraff. Benjamin A. HI Dehn. Marguerite P. DeHaan. Wm. 257- 419-428 Deinzer. Harvey 113- 257-373 Deiss, Charles F. . . .355 Deiterle. Robert R. .366 Dejong, Russel N. ..116- Dekker. Martin 405 Delaforce. W. A. ...421 DeUvan. Carlyn C. .122- 135 Ddp. Mrs. I. V ...144 DeLoccia. Joseph 104 Delta Alpha EpsOon.203- DeltaChi . Delta Delta Delta 442 Delta Gamma 437 Delta Kappa Epsilon 351 Delta Phi 169 Delta Sigma Phi 382 Delta Sigma Pi ..203-423 Delta Sigma Rho 123 Delta Tau Delta 3S8 Delta Theta Phi 419 Delta Zet 452 Del Toro. Mrs. Julio.. 451 Delzer. Armand F. ..102- 382 Dembitz, Nanette 449 Demers. Maurice R. 103 Demorest, Max H.. 57-354 Dempster. Clifford H. 257-417 Demsky. Dorothy 465 Douse. Malcolm L. 122- 395 Denier, John H. 86- 87-94-230-120- 257-371-488 Denne, Virginia 143- 343-446 Denny. Marian V. ..2 = 7 Densmore, Floyd H. .337- 413 Densrnore. Gail E. -.123 Dentistry. 1933 338 Dentistry. 1934 Deo, Donald E. 79 Deo. John 79-380 Deo. M. Robert 11?- 233-257-380-408 Desenberg, Bertha R. 257-449 DeStefano, James 188 Detwiler. Jeannette . . 44 1 Dentsch. Alfred L. ..381 Deutsch, Robert S. 82-381 De Vine. Beatrice 444 DeYine. Frank L. ...396 DeVine. Mrs. Frank. .445 DeWeese. David. 340-357 DeWitt. Dale D. .257-382 DeWitt, Fred J 388 DeWirt. Helen 120- 140-145-149-439 DeWitt. Norman L. .349 Dey. Clifton 382 Deyo. Donald 367 Diack. Arch. A. Tr. .409 Diack. Mrs. Arch W. 438-439-462 Diack. Mrs. Samuel . . 442 Diamond. Harold. . . . 426 Diamond. Mrs. T. ...455 Dibble, Samuel L. 257-402 Dibble, William B. ..95- 334-371 Dick. Hazen 366 Dick, Mark W . Dkk. Melvin 366 Dick,Vernon S 414 Dickert. William A. .112 Dickinson. Edwin D. 123 Dickinson. Mrs. Ed. .446 Dickinson, Ernestine L. Dickinson. Helen 465 Dickinson. Winifred .146 Dickinson. Z. Clark.. 123 Dickson. Charles 396 Dickstein. Bernard ... 425 Dieble. Nan 87- 343-464-437 Diefendorf, M. Marearit 257-437 Diehl. Gladys ...120-436 Diehl. Harvey C. Jr.. 258-421 Diekema. Mrs. C. K. 464 Diekhoff. Annette 448-460 Diethelm. George E. .408 Dietiker. T. D 133 Dietscb. Earl S 404 Dietrirh. Lillian 442 Dietrich. Ruth 79- 114-437 Diffley. Michael 172 Dill. Christian E. ...258 DiHingham. George . .3 " 0 Dillman. Roberta 443-462 DOlman, Mrs. T 455 Oils. Samuel H. .258-370 Dimmick. Ralph 412 Dirkse, Paul R 405 Disenroth. Eleanor . .465 Disenroth. Frances . .465 Diston, C. S 363 Dixon. Robert L. ...399 Dixon. Whitney . . . .120- 126-258-423 Dobbin. Henry H. . .419 Dobbin. John M. 358-408 Dobson. Gilbert ..341-359 Dobson, Rnssen 367 Dodd. Melvin 133-401 Dodd. William G. ...365 Dodds. John 258 Dodds. Thorn C 348 Dodge. Elise F. .258-466 Dodge. Russell A 399 Dodge. W. M. 117 Dodson. Marvin R. ..422 Doegey. John 104-370 Doerr. Raymond 382 Dolby. Robert 418 Doll. James 120 Doll. Loois W 258 Dolly, Hamilton 358 Domke. Clifford 230- 258-360 Donahue. Albert F. ..123 r . Eileen 445 Donahue. Harold T. .409 Donaldson. Prof. Brace 126 Donaldson. John 97- 344-349 Donaldson, Lincoln ..350 Donaldson. Samuel ..413 Donavan. Edward. .. .361 Dondna. Wilbur 122 Donecker. Karl Y. .118- 258 Donnelley. Thomas. . . 396 Dormer , Carl E. 404 Dormer. Otto 404 Donner. Stanley T. ..120- 258-380 Donovan, Mark S. ..258- 414 Donovan, Stephen J. 125- 258-414 D ' Ooge. Mrs. Martin L. 439 Dooley. Helen 120- 258-467 Donna. K mi d. 387 Dorsey. John 114-409 DorseV.Mrs. J. M. ..440 Don. Dallas 98-408 Dotts. H. W 127 Dotts. Raymond T. . 102- 421 Doty. Edwin J 116- 366-413 Doty, James 96- 133-341-370 Dotv. Leslie H 122 Dood. Francis 396 Dougherty. Clyde C. 131 Dougherty. Stuart L. 258 Douglas. Donald B. .125- 414 Douglas. Mrs. Henry W. 436-462 Douglass. Leslie 156- 173-389 Dougovitc., C. V. ..127- 187-258 Dover. Nelda 463 Dow. David 370 Dow. Earl W 348 Dow. Mrs. Earl 438 Dow, Lafayette 349 Dow. Margaret 141 Downey. George 104 Downing. George D. . . 378 Downinff. Ivan 258 Dovle. Helen 465 Drahicki. Tohn 173 Drake, Douglas E. . .236- 357 Drake. Elizabeth 438 Drake. Joseph H. ...355- 408 Drake. Milton J 387 Dravelin . Leo 1 77 Drean. James P 372 Drend. John 404 Dresselbouse. Don J. 103 113 Dresser. Wilfred 375 Drinkaus. Mildred A. 452 Driver. Marabel 465 Drossman . Frederick .376 Drost. Vincent M. ..405 Druids 106 Drnmmond, David H. 345-411-421 Drnry. Mrs. W. R. . .444 Drysdale. Taylor 341 Dubinkoff. Arthur B. 259 Dubois, Jeanne 145- 259-339-452 Duckman. Leonard . .393 Dndnritz, Emeline . .465 Dnckwitz. William . . 127- 401 Dudley, Miss Isabelle 466-467 Dudley. John 360 Dudley, Roy M 389 Duff. Edward M 352 Duff, W. R 259-357 Duffendack. Joseph G. 102 Duffy. George Y 349 Duffy, Joseph E. 259-365 Duggan, Margaret . .438- 467 Duhme. Ruth 462 Dingman. Reed 417 Dummond, Mrs. Dwigbt 144 Dunbar, A. Anne 436 Dunbar, Robert M. .122- 259 Duncan. Donald W. .357 Duncan. Elizabeth ..447 Duncan. Herbert A. .259 Duncan. Richard 104 Duncannon, Donald. .419 DttneJe. Eleanor 460 Dnnkir. Helen 466 Dnnlap. Dorothy 446 Dunlap. Henry A 416 Dunn, George W. ...376 Dunn, John 367 Dunn. Mary E. .445-459 Dunn. Stephan . . 361 -408 Dnnnebacke, Charlotte C. 259-464 Dunnewind. John M. 335-390 Dunnigan. Ernest. 342-41 7 Dustone. H. Carter. .413 Dunwill. J. Raymond. 368 Dunstan, Mrs. Laura 448 Dnnwell, Richard 1 04 Durand, Harvey 356 Durant, Thomas 418 Durant, Wentworth T. 259 Durfee, Edgar N. ...408 Durfee, Mrs. Edgar.. 438 Durham, William E..360 Dnrcan. Elizabeth 436 Dnxborr. Paul. . .197-349 Dwmnel. Eleanor 141 Dykhouse, Henry G. 237- 259-369 Dynes, Sara A. 259 Eagan. Emmett E. .259- Eaglesneld, Elizabeth 145- 149-437 Eagleston. Stuart 364 Eames. Oliver 375 Eames. Orrin A. .259-364 Eapen, Kuttiparampile E. 259 Earhart. Mrs. Harry B. 146 Earle. George N 366 Earle, Harriet . . . 343-441 Earle. Roland ...200-382 Earast, Frederick W. 102 Easley. Muriel 124- 259-463 Eason. P. H 131 Eastcott. Ellmit 353 Easteott, Hilda M. .259- 448 Eastlicfc. Kenneth A. 410 Eastman, Alroeda . 465 Eastman, Harry . 156- " 172-196-357 Easton. Hamilton . 1 04 Ebbers, Arthur B. ..341 Eberbach. Miss Linda 436 Eberlv, James 382 Ebersbach. Rosalind ..436 Ebert. Charles L. ...103 Ebert, Elizabeth J. ..336 Ebert. Harvey 362 Ely. Florence 464 Echols. Dean T 409 Eckert. E. ..112 Eckbont. Gertrude K. 259-465 Eckstein. H. C 421 Economics 51 4 " f Eddy. Mrs. N 459 Edelman, Bernard S. .397 Edelman, Sidney 90- 260-394 Edelstein. Abe J. 394-424 Edgar, John R. 132- 336-396 Edgert, Bertram J. ..260 377 Edmonds. Horace .... 376 Edmonds. L. R 410 Edmonds. William P. 379 Edmonsou, Glenn V. 134-231-260-388 Edmonson. James B. . . 28 Edmonson, Mrs. J. B. 144 Edmunds. Charles W. 116-359-409 rs. C. W. 448 Horace 79-103 George R. 380 Edwards. Major Basil D. 34-105-127-131-368 Edwards. Ronald E. .372 Edwards. William . . 104- 233-260-355 Effinger. John R 26- 106-129-356-408-471-478 Effinger, Mrs. John R. 437 Ef roymson. Jack 374 Egan, Richard 360 Egeberg. Rover O. ..409 Egeland. Edith V. ...237 Eggers, Thomas L. ..260 Eggert, Margaret A. 260- 444 Egkston. Hawley ... 108. 177-334-361 Ehrbright, Lee L. 237-260 Ehresman, Chas. J. Jr. Ehrler, August H...232- 260 Ehrlich. Beatrice 230-449 Ehrlich. Max 381 Ehrmann. Harold M..351 Eich, Louis M. . . 123-388 Eich. Mrs. L. M. ..460 Eicbelbereer, M. B .400 Eicborn. Ernest . . .368 Eicborn, Lenore . .465 Eichler. Calvin L .260 Eidson, Margaret Eilber, Frederick B. .237 Eilber. Pauline V. .435 Einstein. Milton .. .386 Einstein. William . . 344 Eisentrager. Louis R 396 Eiserman. Ray 200- 336-382 Eisman. Ruth A. 141-234 Eitner. Walter S. ..392 Eknovitch. Charles ... 1 77 Elder. Donald 369 Eldred.W. E. ..133-395 Hdred. W. A. 133 Eliasohn, Dora 453 Eliasohn. Jack ..260-391 Eliezer. Edward 385 EHezer. Miriam 141 Eliezer. Norman . . . .230- 260-385 Elkin. WiUiam L....391 Ellerby, Harold 1 56 Ellerby . Thomas . 1 96-356 Elliott, Mrs. C. H. .144 Elliott. Mrs. E. B. .144 Elliott, Edwin M. . .357 Elliott. Manrine .. .464 Elliott, William F. ..81 108-357 Ellis. Cecil 102-113 Ellis. Dorothy 444 Ellis. Grant H 260 Ellis. Grant H 260 ElHs.M. P 117 Ellis. Samuel 334 Ellis, S. G 112 Ellsworth. Carl R. .376 Ellsworth. Edward K 415 Ellsworth. Ransom .191 Ellsworth. R. C. .. .133 Elmeren. Lawrence .367 Elrod. Villiam 1 98 Elroy. Gnckert 114 Elspass. Mary 442 462-460 Esworth. Dorothy 140- 212-230-260-447 Elsworth. Mar j one ... 138 230-260-447 Ely. Elise . . . 140-260-439 FJy, Lawrence D. . . .260 Emerson, Francis H. .261 Emerson. Herbert W. 365-368-409 Emerson. Mrs. H. W. 444 Emery. Charles B. ..413 Emery. Esther ...261-436 Emery. Mrs. Harvey. 440 Emnxms, Harold . 200-354 Emswiler. John E. 85-134 Engard. Jean 439 Engel. Robert 343 Engelbach, Frederick . 1 1 6 Engineering, 1933 Engineering, 1934 ...341 Engineering Council .100 Engineering Honor Committee 101 Engle. Jerome ...394-424 Engle. Robert 374 English Department 498 English. John 363 English. Martha .261-465 English. Pennoyer F. 122 Enlund. H. L 130 Ensminger. Mrs. Fred 445 Ensminger. Sallie . . . 140- 141-142-229-230-261-448 Epos, Bernard S. ...393 Epstein, Maurice 377 Epstein. Row 141 Eriksen. Dnane L. ..375 Ericksen. Edward L. 401 Endeben. Walter O. 125- 261-411 Eslin?. Dean A. 372 Esman. Morris 397 Etcbdle. Eugene ...100- 231-261-390 Etzold. Charlotte .261 -466 Evans. Alice . 141-261-447 Evans. Allison B. . . . 100- 101-107-134-231-261-376 Evans. Edward L. ..368 Evans. Eldred E 261 Evans, George D. ...261 Evans. Haze] 455 Evans. Katberine 448-459 Evans. Robert R 419 Eveland, Deforest ... 366- 371-404 Eveleth. Malcolm S. ..376 Everett. Franklin L. .388 Everett, Frederick C. 379 Everett, Adelaide 261-464 Everett. Mrs. H. J. .439 Everhardus, Herman 1 56- 340-351 Everts. Wm. H. 261-414 Ewing, Adele 78- 138-149-334-450 Ewing, Donald D. 261-361 Ewing. Elizabeth R.. .261 Ewing, Gordon 361 Ewing, Sam 104-379 Eyanson, Rosemary .261- 465 F Faber, Howard L. . .262- 412-234 Faber, Mrs. H. L. . . 144 Fagg. Elizabeth 145 Failyer. Lois 466-467 Fairbanks, Avard T. 64- 65-136 Fairchild. Edward L. 262 Fairchild, Mrs. M. ..146 Fairchild, Richard L. 262- 423 Fairman, Stanley W. 401 Falcone. Nicholas .32-102 Fales. Paula 336-442 Falls. Harold F 262 Fant. Howard W. . .262 Farley, Ernest A. ...368 Farley, R. W 421 Fair. Gray 262-362 Farrington. Robert A- 122 Fast. Pauline 465 Fauner. Jane 443 Fauri, Fedele F 396 Faust. F. H 382 Faust. Horace E. ...338 Faust, Mrs. William. 483 Faut, Howard W. ..365 Fay. Stanley 156-372 Fead. Margaret I. ..435 Fecbeimer, Jane .. 1 39-149 Feigenson. Ruth Eve -262 Fein. George 91-394 Fein. Hannah R 262 Feldman. David 426 Feldman. Elsie 84- 149-139 Feldstein, Donald ... 198 Feldstein. Ellen. . 343-449 Felhauer, Earl H. ..129 Felker. Ty 350 Fell, Boniface C. 262-400 Fellows, Charles A. . .262- 351 Fellows. Kenneth E. .262 Fellows, Leonard H. .129 Felske, Dorothy 120 234-262-448 Feng, Lorna 463 Fenner, Milton 354 Fcnske, Frank 185 Fenske. Fredrick 382 Fenstel, Robert K. ..177 Ferguson. A. L 421 Ferguson. Ardis . . . .465 Ferguson, Donald 356 Ferguson. Howard S. 128- 198-262 Page Five Hundred Five III! W. IIIMIII Illl CIHHIII 111! (OGIIi A V IIINIII C IliNIII llll x 1IINIII : Ferguson, Mrs. J. W. 144-444 Ferguson, Dr. Lynn A. 88 Ferrand, Louis G. ..262- 411 Ferrin, Katherine . . . 140- 230-262-440 Ferrin, Margaret . . 139- 149-440 Ferris, Lawrence B. .128 376 Fessenden, Charles H. 365 Fetcheimer, Jane. . . . .449 Fetters. Betty 441 Fettes, Howard 81- 120-375 Fichtel, Elizabeth 465 Fiegel, Samuel A. ..414 Field, Alice 448 Field, Genevieve F. .453 Field, H. George 361 Fields, Irving A. ...262 Field, Kate K. ..437-459 Field, Peter 350 Fierke, Paul J 404 Fiero, Carl D. ...85-187 Filder, Henry W. ...344 Filson, M. H 421 Fimple, Dorothy 463 Finch, Duward L. ...411 Finch, Gordon 187 Finch, Richard G. ..101- 133-401 Findley, Thomas . 116-409 Fine Arts, Division of 136 Fine, Lillian 453 Fingerle, Earl 378 Fingerle, Mrs. Earl.. 447 Fingerle, Marie 447 Finkbeiner, Marie.. .145- 263 Finley, David C 361 Finley, Laura 436 Finley, Rollo B 399 Finn, Robert 83-340 Finnega n, Helen A. 263- 436 Finsterwald, Mrs. Herman 449 Finsterwald, Miriam 236- 263-463 Fiordelis, Pasqual S. 263 Firestone, Arden. . . . 118- 119-233-263 Firrin?, P. J. ...127-357 Fischer, Esther 465 Fischer, Fis. ' Fisch. Fischer Milton 336 Fish, Leslie 198-365 Fisher, Barbara Anne 455 Fisher, Charles 351 Fisher, Mrs. Charles 439 Fisher, Clayton ..173-263 Fisher, Daniel W. ...409 Fisher, Ernest M. ...422 Fisher, Mrs. F. B. . 146- 439 Fisher, Josephine . . . 148- 263-462 Fisher, Kirkland E. .330 Fisher, L. P 412 Fisher, Lyman C. ...263 Fisher, Mrs. Ray 439 Fisher, Ray E 106 Fisher, Ray T. ..172-349 Fisher, Winifred 465 Fishgrund, Maxine 84-334 Fishman, Benjamin . .385 Fishman, Heila 449 Fisk, George 334-353 Fisk, Raymond T. Jr. 359 Fiske, Terry 449 Fitch, Helen 465 Fitch, Maureen H. ..263 Fitzer. Robert 365 Fitzgibbons, David ..100- 181-263-396 Fitzpatrick, Katherine 334-435 Fitzpatrick, Margot .435- 464 Fitzpatrick, Mary . . .439 Fitzpatrick, Rice 104- 107-363 Flatland. Virginia . . .465 Fleer, Alfred W. 263-404 Fleischaker, Stanley B. 110-263-326 Fleischauer, Paul J. 357- 419 Fleischer, Stanley P. 263- 397 Fleming, Richard .... 361 Fletcher, H. Thayer . . 388 Fletcher, Palmer S. .263 Fischer, John N 354 Fischer, John W. Jr. 349 Fischer, Martin 491 Fletcher, Stanley 339 Flewelling, John 396 Flintermann, Greta.. 263- 438 Flo, Bertha 459 Flock, Maurice 114 Florer, W. W 354 Florer, Frank 384 Flynn, Fred 403 Flynn, Helen E 450 Fogg, Gordon 361 Foley, Marion . . . .80-446 Follmer, Jacob 129 Folsome, Clair E. -.337- 416 Fonger, Charles I. ...263 Fontana, M. G 421 Freshman Football ... 197 Foote, Mrs. A. W. ..451 Fopeano, Mrs. J. V. ..443 Ford, Donald H. ...119- 233-264 Ford, Gerald 197-351 Ford, Henry Jr 264- 233-388 Ford, Mrs. Walter... 451 Ford, Walter B 355 Forestry Club 122 Forsman, Russell S. ..369 Forster, George E. .264- 130-401-131 Frostic. Donald 387 Forsythe, Carl S 82- 230-364-288-361 Forsythe, Franklin ...378 Forsythe, Lewis L. ..364 Forsythe, Virginia . . .459 Forsythe, Warren E. 369- 416 Forsythe, Wendell B. 102 Fortune, Carl 390 Foss, Howard W. ...414 Foster, Fred W 264 Foster, Richard B. ..351 Foster, George E. ...231 Foster, Howard H. ..103 Foster, Prudence . . . .84- 145-448 Foster, Richard B. ..118- 264-408 Foster, Ruth 465 Foster, Thomas ..334-367 Fouss, Robert . ..334-382 Fournier, Evelyn 466-467 Fowler, Herbert A. ..110 Fowler, W. Lynn 452 Fox, Donald 104 Fox, Ernest C 373 Fox, Marguerite 444 Fox. Robert 378 Trailing, Everett 379 Trailing, Leroy H 373 Le Cercle Francais. .124 Francis. Emily 438 Frank, Elizabeth 440 Frank, Esther 141 Frank, Irving S., Jr.. .374 Frank, Jerome J 381 Frank, Joseph C 121- 264-393 Frank, Julian .... 343-374 Frank, Morton . .81-98-393 Frankena. William ... 405 Franke. Wm. T 264 Frankel, Ben Z. ..264-394 Frankel, Lloyd P 381 Frankel, Oscar L. 394-426 Franklin, Ruth M 120- 441-460 Frankowski. Wallace.. 197 Franseth, Paul ...264-388 Franson, John E 122 Frantz, Charles H....125- 232-413 Fraunberger, Goerge .376- 416 Fraunberger, Robert C 376 Fred, Nathan 264 Frederick, Mary Alice 440-462 Frederick, W. G 421 Fredrickson, Carl O. 122- 264 Freed. Cora D 264 Freedman, H 187 Freehlin?, Willard. . . 374 Freeland, Maxine. . . .465 Freeman. Albert 410 Freeman, Arthur B...419 Freeman, Donald H...264 Freeman, Elbert P 342 Freeman, Ernest E. . . 334- 355 Freeman, Fred M 371 Freeman, James W. ...376 Freeman. Robert H...395 Freet. Ruth 465 Freidburg, Saul S. ..381 French, George C 378 French, John W 372 French, Ruth E. . . 264-462 Freshman Basketball 197 Freshman Pageant .... 73 Freund. Lisette. .449-464 Frew, Mary 264-468 Frey, Edward J 351 Freyburg, Richard 116-409 Freydberg, Ilo V 453 Fridman, Eugene J. ..394 Friedman, Abner ....374 Friedman, Albert L.82-381 Friedman, Margaret . .449 Friedrich, Margaret F 265-448 Friend, Clifford 201- 341-395 Fries, Charles C 35 Fries, Corrine 80 212-442 Fries, Mrs. C. C 442 Frieze, Duane 357 Frink, Virginia ..451-460 Frisinger, Clo 91 Frisinger, Edward 340-367 Frisinger, Hubert H.. .265 Frisk, Leslie 156- 196-376 Fristoe. Harold T 265 Fritz, Edward C 410 Frohlich, Moses 232 Frosh Frolic 97 Front, Charles 374 Frost, Dorothy ...265-463 Frost, Edna 438 Frost, Robert D 336 Frumkes. Joseph. . 183-377 Fryer, James C 361 Fuess, John L 265 Fugere, Julian M 389 Fuhry, Phyllis 448 Fuller, Margaret 460 Fulghum, Ralph. .102-113 Fuller, Margaret 442 Fuller, Richard C 399 Fuller, Mrs. R. C 144 Fullerton, Sheld on C...82- 106-265-365 Fulton, Clark W 387 Funderburk, George.. 382 Knnkhauser, Katherine 442 Fuoss, Robert 81 Fuog, Russell J 359 Furst, Harry 380 Furstenberg, Albert C 116-125-414 Furstenberg, Mrs, A. C 438 Gable, Jacob H 399 Gaensbauer, Ferdinand 265-413 Gafill, David L 349 Cage, Henry T. 265-369 Gaige. Fred M 358 Gail, Maxwell T 352 Galaty. Gordon B 395 Galbraith, Neil 357 Galens 125 Galinsky, Louis 426 Gall, John 404 Gallmeyer, Ann . . . 84-446 Gallmeyer, Ruth E. . .265- 446 Galloway. Edward B. 354 Gallup, David L. 112-372 Gallup, Mrs. E. A.. .459 Gamble, Harry R 356 Gammach. Tames 362 Gamma Phi Beta 436 Gamon, John 387 Gamrath, H. R 421 Gannon, Joseph 355 Ganza, Julius J 234 Garber, Robert 391 Gardener, Sprague ...409 Gardner, Elizabeth R. 147- 148-212-234-265-462 Gardner, Herbert B. . . 129 354 Gardner, Jo ..102-131-370 Garey, John T 415 Gargoyle 81- 484-488-496 Garland, Thomas 1 04 Garner, James E. 167-372 Garrels, Tohn 361 Garris, Rhea 465 Garrison, D. G 117 Garrison, Robert T. ..231- 265-354 Garzon, Pedro A 265 Gascoipne, Louis B...354 Cast, J. A 421 Casts. Hueh P 103 Gaston, Flora 465 Gaston, Hugh 113 Gates, D. Clare 399 Gates, Joseph P 77- 106-265-380-408 Gault, Mrs. Howard. .439 Gay. Harold H 411 Gaylord, Dora 465 Gaylord, Mrs. Louise. .459 Gaylord, Mary 462 Gee, Merle 146 Gehring, Mrs. Carl. . .438- 459 Gehring, Harold W 398 Gehrke, Hans A 91-348 Geier, Philip 344-350 Geifetz, Elmer 386 Geisinger, Hedwig G. 124- 265 Geisman, Georgia 96- 340-449 Gelfund, Stanley 265 Gelman, Harold 104 Gents, Alden L 237 Genz, Edward 379 Georg, Conrad 416 Georg, John C 78-364 Georg, Lucille 446 George, Edward N.. . .396 George, Floyd E 265 George, Fred 361 Gerard. Elizabeth 140 Gerhardt, Elizabeth B 230-266-448 Gerhard, S. L 421 Gerisch, Myrtle C....266- 452 Gerkensmeyer, Richard H 79-343-376 Gersbach, James E. ...173 Gerson, Myron R....374 Gerstenberg, Richard C. 422 Gesell, Mrs. Robert... 458 Gettel, Roy 414 Gibbs, Maria 80-438 Gibney, John 343-358 Gibson, George 97 Gibson, Joseph .81-343-361 Gibson, Mary 443 Gibson, Paul 375 Gibson, Robert E 266 Gideon, William 399 Giddings, Marian L. ..80- 96-120-140-340-439 Giefel, Constance .... 124- 334-441 Giefel, William 79- 91-96-171-340-356 Gilbert, Aileen 443 Gilbert, Alice 84-463 Gilbert, Carleton 378 Gilbert, Mrs. E. B 443 Gilbert, Laurence 392 Gilbreth, Frank B 82- 90-91-108-334-350 Giles, Mary 465 Gililian, Edwin 375 Gilkey. Elizabeth 438 Gill. Mrs. Clement W. 146 Gillard, James L. Jr. 232- 266-409 Gillard, Richard E 266- 415 Gillespie, Mrs. J. T. ..144 Gillespie, James T 403 Gillette, Janice 94- 141-145-230-266-443 Gillette. K. M 131 Gillies, Niel 357 Gillian. R 198 Gillilan, Robert L...133- 382 Gillingham, A. D 358 Gillis, Eugene A 337- 396-413 Gilman, Donald S...236- 266 Gilmore, Catherine ...463 Gilmore, Eleanor .444-460 Gilmore, MacDonald .353- 403 Gilmore, Robinson ...370 Gimmy, Doris 439 Ginn, Ginevra. .. .230-450 Gingerich, Mrs. S. F. 448 Gladfelter. Carl J 380 Glading, Ben 106-177-266 Glascock, Ivalita 229- 234-266-434-443 Glass, Florence B....453 Glavin, John E. Jr. ..112- 266 Glazer, Sidney 114 Gleason. Max L 412 Glee Club, Men ' s 105 Glenn, A.udrev 458 Glover, Mrs. C. C 443 Glover, Gordon 360 Glover, James 366 Glover, Mrs. James. . .459 Glueck, Charles 393 Gluck. Louis 266 Knodtke. William 403 Goddard, Edwin 429 Goddard, Mrs. E. C...468 Goddard, Mrs. F. C...444 Goebel, Joan. .232-266-444 Goellner, K. Eugene. .404 Goetz, John A 101- 131-352 Goetz, William . ..344-367 Goff, Hazel 452 Gold, Alfred B 401 Gold, Carl 391 Gold, Mable 120 Goldberg, Dorothy. . . . 124- 266-466 Goldenberg, Jean. .266-449 Goldhamer. Milton 377 Goldhammer, S. M...424 Goldman, Jerome. . 377-424 Gold, Harold 382 Goldsmith, Allen L. . . 1 34- 231-266 Goldsmith, Duval .156-354 Goldsmith, Joseph D. .267- 393 Goldsmith, Seymour . .385 Goldstein, Irving .202-385 Goldstein, Rowena 343-453 Goldstein, Sylvia .... 124- 267-466 Goldstone, Edward G...85 Golemb, A. J 421 Golf 195 Gomberg, Ephraim ...123 Gonczy, Edward J...337- 414 Good, B 112-377 Good, Charles W 387 Good. Helen 463 Goodale. Sarah Jane. .437 Goode, Harriet 141 Goode, Jack ..235-267-426 Goode, Tohn 197-365 Goode, Margaret H 267 Goodenow. Alice 448 Gooding, Clifford B 373 Gooding, Hortense . . . 145- 267-439 Goodlier. Dexter 355 Goodman, Evelyn . . . .449 Goodman, Lawrence . .113- 267-416 Goodman, Leo ...200-385 Goodman, Roland A. ... 82 Goodrich, Carter 348 Goodrich, Cyrus J 88 Goodrich, R. D 127- 267-364 Goodrich, R. P 131 Goodspeed, Katherine .468 Goodspeed, Mrs. E. W. 144 Goodspeed. L. M. 237-382 Goodwin, Alice 444 Goodwin, H. S 421 Goodwin, Marearet ...465 Goppett, Ralph A. ...412 Gordon, Arthur D 353 Gordon. Dan M 267 Gordon, Donald 415 Gordon, Harold 396 Gordon, Irving 81 Gordon, Leon 396 Gordon, Robert 131- 402-429 Gordon. Mrs. Wallace 440 Gordon. W. E 421 Gordon, William G. . . 267- 414 Gore, Mrs. Helen M. . . .88 Gore. Winifred ..267-438 Gorham. Dr. Grace ...116- 458 Gorton. Carrie 465 Gosling. Glendora. 2 12-466 Gosnell. Herschel D...267 Goss, Mrs. Arnold. ... 146 Goss. Samuel B 267 Gould. Miss Helen 459 Gould. Howard 86- 90-91-94-230-267-347- 385-487-488-496 Gould, James H 357 Gould, Lawrence M. ... 56 390 Gouldman. Mrs. I. G. 144 Goulson, Arthur L 123- 381 Gouty, Arthur 399 Gouza, Julius J 267 Gove, Robert 187-362 Grace. Tames D... 267-410 Grace. Mrs. J. D 144 Graham. Agnes 78- 138-212-229-267-442 Graham. Beatrice B...436 Graham, Charles 347 Graham, Eleanor E. ..268- 444-460 Graham, Henry G 384 Graham, Ronald 118- 268-419 Graham, Samuel A. . . 122- 135 Graham, Wallace 78 96-141-340-354 Graham. Walter ..104-395 Gram, Helene 80 Gram, Lewis M 30- 357-379 Grand, Zina E 268 Granger, Jerome 393 Grant, Margaret 97- 343-441-462 Grant, Ralph 135 Grass, Elmer R 424 Gratton, Phyllis 465 Gravelle, Gordon 400 Graves. Gertrude N. 453 Gray, Elizabeth ..444-466 Gray, Helen E 450 Gray, John R 236- 268-420 Gray, Manuel 342-426 Gray, Mary Lou 440 Gray, William Houston 268 Green, Albert E 355 Green, Cecilia 462 Green, Colburn C 122 Green, Errol L 268 Green, Florence 438 Green, Lillian 444 Green, Mervin 90-340-393 Greenbaum, Ervin 268-394 Greenbaum, Harry .. .232- 268 Greenbaum Lillyan . . . 141 Greenberg, Lillyan M. 268 GreenberT. Rosalind. . .449 Greene. Edward B 355 Greene, Mrs. Edward. 440 Greene, Jeannette ....443- 464 Greene, Dr. Katherine 147 Greening. Charles ...343- 351 Greenland, Samuel ... .90- 78-356 Greenshields, Martha 145- 450 Greenspan, Leonard. .. 391 Greenstein, Morris M. 103- 268 Greenstone, Herbert. . .397 Greenwald, Hazel ...114- 141 Greenwald, Helen ....453 Greenwald, Marie 268-462 Greenwood, Mrs. Marvin 440 Greenwood. Sam 386 Gregory, Richard ....362 Gregory. Mrs. Richard 444 Greig. Catherine 465 Greiner, William 113- 237-268 Grenney, Hamilton G. 338- 412 Greve, Mrs. Robert. ..447 Grey, Helen 145 Grib. Aaron 268-426 Gribbin. Allan 362 Cribble, Elizabeth 124- 145-149-442 Gribling, Pauline. ... 148- 268-464 Grichar, Joseph F 412 Griffel, Marc R. 268-362 Griffey, Genevieve. . . . 143- 146-268-463 Griffich. Catherine C. 450 Griffin, Clare E 28- 123-422 Griffin, Mrs. Clare. . . .446 Griffin, Mary M. 269-467 Griffith, Donna M 269- 465 Griffith, Elizabeth G. ..450 Griffith, Joseph L 419 Griffiths, Billie 460 Griggs, George T. . . .269- 389 Griegs, Joseph F 395 Griggs, Milo 104-117 Grigsby. Raymond J. . .351 Grinnell, Ira L. 269-371 Grismore, Grover C. . .415- 429 Grismore, Mrs. Grover 451 Groban, Morris 425 Groehn, Gilbert W. .389 Page Five Hundred Six Ill) mil HIMIII Illl 4DIIHH Illl QE IIINHI Illl 1IINIII Groesbeck, Howard V. Jr. Graff. David C. Grass. Alton E. .269-426 Gross. Elmer R. ---- 337 Gross. Harold ....... 374 Grossner. Helen ..... 449 Grove. Hugh ...... 91-355 Grovela. K ......... 198 Grover. Benjamin E. 361 Grover. Geraldine . . . 140- 141-209-448 Grover. Roth ....... 448 Groves, John H. .95-373 Grobe. Robert ...... 363 Gruitch. J. M. ..... 131- 335-396 Guckest. Elroy S. ...364 Gndritz. Howard T. .370 Gnenther, Karl ...... 114 Guest, Edgar A ..... 356 Guest. J. R. ........ 133 t i--u:i:e -r K dsud : Gala. Chester J ..... 269 Gnlbrandsen, George 133- 336 Gulbrandsen. Tage . .269 Gullick. Arthur E....105 Gnrnee, Quinby D...382- 409 Gurney. John ..... 392 Gusbefg. Saul B. ...129 Gustafson. Berne ..344- 348 Castes, B m.i p. 269- 359 Gnstine. Dick . . . 230-375 Gustine. Helen ...... 447 Gutbe. Mrs. Carl. 437-4 38 Guthe. Carl E ....... .:?? Gutbe. Mrs. Otto ..... 437 Gutterman. Jack ..... 391 Gwinner. Wilma ..... 455 " . Otto .......... 400 Haanala. Banha ..... 465 Haapamaki. Helen... 120- 123-269-442-460 Haarer. Howard F Haas, Christian B. . .401 Haas. Clarence W. ..269- 390 Haas. Merrill W. ...368 Habicht. Edna ....... 465 Harfctnhuig. Lawrence C. 269-378-415 Hacker, Kathryn ____ 147 Hackett, Mrs. Arthur. 146 Hackett, Jack 233-269-382 Hackett, Keith B. 237-388 Hadden. Margaret ...465 Hadden. S. T. ...... 421 Hadely. Phfllip ...... 555 Hadky. Maurice F. .420 Hadley. Mrs. P. D. 444 Haefele. Donald J. n Had. Austin ......... 97 Haeelshaw. G. Lyle 411 Hager, O. B ........ 421 Hacer. Ralph ....... 405 Hahn. Margaret ..... 467 Hahne. Leonard J. S. " Halienberg. Isabel L. 449 Ham. Marshall C. ..370 HamMin. Margaret .343- 469 Hamill. H. F ....... 133 Hamilton. Clarice ---- 462 Hamilton. Mrs. James 146 Hamilton, John J. ..134- 231-270 Ronune G. 104- 113-270-339-366 Hampton. Ruth ..... 462 Hantrrtrr. Virginia . .146 Hamm. Kathleen ..... 464 Hammer. Edward J. 192- 337-402-418 Hammett, Ralph W. 110- 420 n- i-i Zora L. ..270 Hammond. Edward P. Jr. 270-351 Hammond. George ..116- 232-270-352-409 Hammond. Lee C. 270-378 Hanby. Robert B. 342-412 Hand " . Eugene A. ...116- U - Hand. Fordus V ..... 411 Handel. William ..... 90- 91-377 Handley, Alan. 81 -120-348 Hanje, Abe J ...... 134- ;- -JM Hankey. Carolyn ..... 467 Hanson. Carol ....... 340 Hannon. Clark F. ...359 Hannah; David M. ..85- 100-117-271 Harming. Esther ..... 455 Hans. Otto H ....... 360 Hanselman. Richard.. 370 Hansen. Myrtle. .271-463 ITinnn. Mrs. Fred. . .444 " . Grace ...... 465 Hanway. William 341-349 Haralambie. Mrs. J. .144 Harbison. Henry H. .271 Hard. Dr. Dorothy. .. 142 Hard. Engena A. ...270 Hardin. Mrs. Joseph. 443 Harding. John ..271-350 Harding. Robert V. .103- 373 Hardy, Ralph A. ..... 94- 230-271-370 Hare. Mrs. Weldon P. 444 Bantam. Virginia M. 270 Harlow, Frederick E. 392 Harril. Gabriel ...... 340 Harriman. Fredericka 438 Harriman, Mary .271-467 Harrington. Mary ...465 Harrington. Mrs. R. P. 144 Harris. Albert Dr. Jr. 353 Harris. Alice ....... 462 Harris. Gabriel ...... 90 Harris. Helen ....... 465 Harris. Hilda ...271-449 Harris. Hobart C. ...422 Harris, James W. ...389 Harris. Louise Hartwig. Marie 213 Hartz. Anna l_ 271 Hartz. Lenia 444 Harvey. Andrew 367 Harwi ' th. Edith ..271-462 Hasd. Frank 95-135 Hashino. Hanako 464 Hasic. Miss Virginia. 442 Haskins. Gerald W. . .423- Haskins. Robert M. .349 Hasmark. E. A. 133 Basse. Richard D. ..271 Hasse. Robert D 358 Hassinger, Roth. .213-444 Hast. Casper 382 Hastie. James E. D. 271- 392 Hastings. Donald T. .88 Hatch, C. B 421 Hatch. Eunice 438 Hatch. Jesse E. 271 Hatch, Sherman R. .336- 368 Hathaway. George W. 271 Hatbway. H. Winston 390 Hattenback, Harry A. 357 Haughey. Wilfred . . .354 Hauman, Hazd L. . .337- 414 Hauptman. Harry.... 271 Hanse. Glen E. .272-414 Hauser. Henrietta . . .460 Hauser. Maurice J. .272- 377-424 Banserman, A. John. 230- 272-373 Haveman. James 272-405 S. 272- Carl Robert 390 379 Robert 117- u zn Havert, John M 270 Hawkins. Doris 465 Hawkins, Richard W. Jr. 348 Hawley. Franklin J. .360 Hawley. Harry M. ..355 Hawley, Mrs. Harry .438 Hawley. Leslie R. ...272 Hawley. Margaret . . .459 Hawson, Thomas 342 Hawxhurst, Hden..-124- 272-443 Haxton. Grace . . .340-444 Hay. Paul R. 411 Havden. Clarence M. 378 Hayden, Joseph R. ...99- 141-364 Harden. Martin S. ..357 Hayes, Carbdla 147 Hayes. Margaret .272-463 Hayes. Xellie 469 Hayes. Xyrol 128 Hayes. Robert E. ...196- 335-376 Hayes, Robert V. 272-400 Hayle, Edith 147 Haynes, Harley A- Jr. Harris. Thomas E. Haig. A. ........... 270 Hai|!ht. Cameron ____ 409 Haight, Chandler . . 104- U8-417 Haight, Carroll C. ..270 Haieht. Virginia 270-438 Raines. Donald H. 85-126 Haines. Mrs. Harley 141 Haisler, Mrs. Otto.. 439 Hajek. Henry C ..... 270 Haley. Harry ....... 358 Haley. Mary ........ 465 Halford, J. ....... 421 Hall. Mrs. A. ....... 146 Hall. Austin ____ 344-365 HaH. Charles R. ____ 372 Hall. Edward J ...... 411 Hall. Elizabeth ...... 465 Hall. Foster ........ 398 Hall. Frederick . . 343=350 Hall. Miss Helen ____ 439 Hall. Mrs. George ____ 452 Hall. Irene ......... 446 Hall. Jane .......... 446 Hall, Louis P ....... 410 Hall. Mary Ellen ____ 451 HaU, Miriam 340-446-466 Hall. Prof. R. B. ...380 Hall. Mrs. R. B ..... 44o Hall. Robert F ...... 418 HaH. Winifred I. . . .450 HaUowar. John M. ..389 Hahn. Clarence A. . .270 Halsted, Lee H ..... 411 439 ..271- 358 Harris. William H 230-359-381 Harrison. Alice ..... 440 Harrison. Frank 120-364 Harrison, Gilbert X. 557 Harrison. Lester M. .78- 96-129-340-393 Harrison. Robert M. 133- --- : Harrison. Robert R. . 129 Harrison. Stanley P. 392 Harrison. Theodore . . 126 Harrison, Mrs. Theodore 459 Harrison, W. B ...... 88 Harsha. Anne 440-454-460 Hart, Carol . . 124-143-467 Hart,C. S .......... 421 Hart. Dorothy ...... 444 Hart, Dr. Vernon L. 125 Hart. Mrs. Vernon L. 436 Harte. C. R ........ 421 Harter. Helen G ..... 403 Hartig. Paul R. .231-359 Hartman, Floyd ---- 375 Hartman. H. W ..... 336 Hartman, Winifred . 120- 271-435 Hartweg, Mrs. Norman 435 Hartwdl, Kenneth ... 382 Hartwig, Lawrence E. 123-390 Haynes. Margaret E. 272 Hays, Dr. A. LaVern.458 Hays, George A. . .395-411 Hays. Mrs. Griffith. . .438 Hazard. Edna 464 Hazehon, Samuel 81- 97-344-357 Hazen. Francis 104- 156-177-196-234-272 Head, Alice J 272 Head. Jeanette 468 Heald, Alice A- 380 Healy. Margaret E. .234- 272-441 Healy. John P 360 Heaps. Ray A. 348 Heath. Eleanor . .450-466 Heath, Homer . . . 126-439 Reaton. Annette 465 Hebert, Donald J. ...134 Heckathorn. Marian.. 464 Heckel. Betty 439-464 Hecker. C. Henry Jr. 350 Hecht. Kenneth G. ..355 Heeling. Dorothy E. .145 Heeringa, Edwin 334 Heering. Roger E, .337- 416 Heeson. Catherine. . .139- 140-149-334-437-459 Hefferan. Robert F. 350- - ' - Heidemann. Bert M. 272- 366 Heideman. Louis 200 Heim, Gordon T. ...237- 273-423 Heim. Sheldon 375 Heineman. Ben W. ..374 Heinz, Dorothy C. V. 458 H Heitsch. Heiiman. Lois 114 Heizer. W. Lucius. Jr. 409 Hddt. Thomas 378 Hdgeman. Helen 141 Helen Kewfaerry Residence 462 Hdleisen. Howard E. 389 Heller. Carl 118-273 Hdler, Fred A 392 Heller. George 410 Hellermann. Wm. L. 273 Hdbert. Melvin. . 132-399 Helling. Dorothy 340 He lliwdl. Robert 187 Hellman. Donald L. 273- 410 Hellmuth. Helen E. 273- 463 Heliwarth. Arlen 392 Helper. Morton ...78-102 Helt. Raymond A. ...95 Helzerman. Ralph F. 411 Hemenger. Frank 378 Henath. Isabelle J. .273 Hendersbot, Merrill .233- 273 Herath. Isabd 443 Herbert, Donald J. ...272 Herbert. Dora X. ...452 Herbert. John C 106 Herbert, R. Beverly . . 350 Herbst, John C. 171- 273-358 Herman, Carlton M. 273- 425 Hennes. Marian L. .273- 463 Hermitage 379 Hemz. Dorothy C. V. 273 Henderson. Evelyn . .465 Henderson. William ..395 Hendley. James C. ..379 Hendricks. Lelia 447 Hendricson. Aifeen . . 273- 463 Henock. Robert . . . 79-358 Hennager. Everett J. 273 Henny. Eleanor R. . .450 Helming. Jean 462 Henry. Corinne 440 Henry. Wesley Y. ..352 Henz. Elizabeth. .273-465 Herr, Georghenry H. 274- 370 Herrman. Albert J. ..416 Herrmann. Amelia 465 Herrnstein, David F. 122 Hersey. Everett .344-357 Hersey. X. L. 413 Hershey. August C 129- 341-350 Hershey. Charles .340-358 Hert. Elizabeth J. ...435 Hertle. Floyd L. ...274 Herder. Florence 465 Hertman. Lots B. ...273 Hertman. Wilfred T. 273 Hertrick, Frederick . . 390 Hertrick. Margaret .437- 467 Hertzog. William W. 370 Hesler. William W. 274- 363 Hess, Earl L. Jr. ...395 Hess. Horace 355 Hess. Lawrence 104 Hesse. Richard D....271 Heston.John P. .156-372 Heston, William 156- 274-372 Hetterick, Raymond D. 274-370 Hettinger. Joseph 90 Hewett. Catherine A. 274 Hewitt. Robert 342- 370-410 Hewitt, William . 228-3 1 6 Heyward, George C -4OO Heywood, James S. ..79- 100-360 Hibbie. Ralph 376 Hidrin. S. K 421 Hicks. Harriet 124- 274-444 Hicks, James H. ...235- 274-410 Hicks. Jarvis S 354 Hicks, Xorma 463 Hicks. Olive 465 Hicks, Vernon E. 122-274 Hickman. Ruth .. 120-435 Hide-and-Go-Seek ...472 Hiedeman. Lawrence A. 360 Higbee. Jnva 439 Higbie. Harold H. ..107- 133-134-376 Higgins. Lillian 464 Higgins. Morris B. ..360 Higg. F. Xorman 119- High. Jessie 465 Highley. A. M. 358 Highley. Mrs. A. M- 435 Highley. Miriam J. ..435 Hiehley. F. M. 133 Hilbert. L. E 133 Hillabrand. John F. .416 Hildebrand. Waldo... 382 Hildebrandt. Willard.122- 197-395 Hildner. Ernest G. Jr. 350 Hildreth. K. 133-367 Hildner. John A. 108 Hilgemann. Helen 444 Hill. Anne J 275 HiU. Danid L 274 Hill. Dorothy 465 Hill, Everett X 412 Hill. Harold 181-274 HU1. Leland X 423 Hill. Marion 465 Hill. Robert 197-349 Hill. Theron 418 Hill. Thomas 177 Hill. William S 355 Hillebrandt, Mrs. T. H. 438 Hilligan. James C...338- 412 Hills. James C 387 Hilt. Raymond A. 338-417 Hflty. Carl... 201-343-356 Hilty. Everett J 384 Hillyer. Whitfidd D..356 Himler. Leonard 416 Himler, Rosetta M. . . 274- 463 Hinchman, John M...408 Hines. Frances G 450 Hinkkanen. Mathew A. 402 Hinkle. Roland J 352 Hinshaw.Anne 147 Hinshaw. Thomas D...353 Hinterman. Ronald E- 103- 274 Hirsch, Bernard 102- 113-274-339-386 HirschfieW, A. H...112- 386 Hirst, Janet V 447 Hirst, Karl X 373 Hirst. Royal V 275 Hiscock. Florence . . 143- 275-451 History 133 478 Hitchcock. Virginia M. Hoad.J. G 117- 133-231-275 Hoad, William C 376 Hoad. William M 355 Hoad. William 371 Hoad. Mrs. William.. 436 Hoag. Charles 91- 133-376 Hoalihan. Harold R...121 Hoard. Douglas H.. .275- 36S Hobart, Lawrence C..237- 275-422 Hobbs. Beulah R 275 Hobbs,W. H 56-478 Hoben. John B 388 Hocevar, A. J 275- 236-417 Hodder. Mark C 275 Hodge. Ferris G. 275-417 Hodges. Fred J 116- 125-414 Hodses. Mrs. James. . .447 Hodges. J. H 421 Hodges, Kenneth P...275- 418 Hoekstra. Raymond 405 Hoerr. H. W 421 Hoff. Tbelma 465 Hoffman, Carl E. 392 Hoffman. Dorothea ...444 Hoffman. Joseph 129 Hoffman. Lucille 146- 275-339-444 Hoffman. Ralph I 275- 414 Hoffmeyer. Elsie 444 Hogan. Jack D... 275-395 Hogberg. Henry 404 Hogenson, William. . .275- 359 Hogg. Bob 96-340-350 Hoele. Maude 444 Hohn. Mary Lou 436 Hoisington, Miles E. notbrook, Evans . 275- 423 89- 126-350 Holcomb.C 131-375 Holcomb. J. Window 413 Holden, Edward . .91-373 Holden. Harriet 463 Holden. Helen F 450 Holden. Virginia . .80-442 Holden. Walter S 356 Hole. Richard E 173- 276-359 Holkeboer. Peter 276 Holland, Kirk 156- 276-350 Holland. Louise J 349 Hollander. Stephen. . .405 Hollands. W. C. 368 Holliday. Louis 443 Hollister. Grace 141 Hollomay. John 1C... 276 Holly. C. R. 131 Holmbenr. Elizabeth. .466 Hol mes, George 367 Holmes. G. W 117-276 Holmes. Howard G 380 Holmes. Kendall 409 Holmes, Kenneth .343-350 Holmes. Roy 114 Holmgren. Luther E. 414 Holpnck. Ed 340-353 Holton. Charles D 401 Holt, Walter 230- 276-364 Holtsclair. Katherine K. 276 Hondorp. Jade 276 Hood. Dorothy 443 Hoogesteger. Marios C. 276 Hooker. Kenneth E...423 Hooper. Henry X. . . .276- 422 Hooper, Joseph C 415 Hooper. Joseph C 415 Hootkins, Mrs. Hirsch 453 Hoover. D. Scott 348 Hopkins. Kenneth 382 Hopkins. Mrs, Louis A. 444-459 Horak. Joseph Jr. 81-343 Hornbeck. Royena 124- 141-467 Hornberger. Theodore 364 Hornberger. Mrs. T.. .439 Homer. W. T 104- 117-156-196 Hornik. Edgar C 423 Horseback. The Beggar on 93 Horsey, Edgar T 376 Horton, George M 398 Horton. L. I 133-403 Horwitz. David 276 Hosel. Frank C... 122-135 Hoshino. Hanako 276 Hosmer. John H. .149-409 Hosmer. Miriam 458 Hosner. Charles T....353 Hospital. The Uni- versity IS Hotchkiss. Hugh 100- 117-134-231-276-403 Honck, Kenneth 230- 276-347-376 Houghtaling. Helen L. 276 Houlihan. Jean 465 Housd. W. H 400 Houtz. Ward D 129 Howard, Betty . . . 437-444 Howard. David A 350 Howard, Ethel 467 Howard. Harriet 441 Howard. John C 106- 195-276-356 Howard, Robert 91- 112-372 Howarth. Alice 446 Howell. Charles A 352 Howell. Dorothy A 277 Howefl. Robert B 410 Howell. Roderic . . 198-382 Howdl, Roger 177- 181-201 Howell, Mrs. R. B 443 Howell. William 382 Rowland. Jack .81-91-350 Howland. Mrs. William 459 Hewlett. George E 277- 368 Howson. Thomas W.. .412 Hoy, Pan! R 277 Hoyer. Roy 126 Hoyt, Charles 177-181 Hoyt, J- Andrews... 419 Page Five HunJreJ Seven III! ? . IIIMIII UII CIIIHIII 1111 Hozer, Stanley 156-277 Hsia Teh Djen 465 Icerman, Paul F 77- 277-357 Icone, Dorothy M 453 Immel Elizabeth 445 Johnson, Frances . . . .99- 120-450-460 Johnson, Francis .... 145 Johnson Fred 100- Kalmbach, Willena ..145- 279-448 Kaln Howard .. .374 Rennedy, Frank .... 108- 185-357 Rennedy, J. Cullen...82- 94-230-347-392 Rennedy, William ...118- 368-415 Renneth, P D . . . . 348 Rline, Charles T 83- 94-228-282-361-492-494 Rline, Harriet R. . .282-441 Rline, Walter 200-393 Rlingman, Theophile .414 Klingman, Mrs. Theophile 435 Rlintworth, Robert . . 382 Rloetzel, Milton C 129 Kloster, Earl A.... 118- Hubbard, Arthur 357- 408 Hubbard, George M. . . 352 Hubbard Gerald 382 Kamins, Leonard A. 279- 377 Kaminski (Swimming) 185 Kamper. Russell J. . . .405 Kampman, Tiftcrist S. 122-135-280 Kananen, Jo hanna ...124- 280-442 Kandelin, Albert W. . .404 Kandelin, Martin E...404 Imerman, Elliot 230- 278-394 Inch, Jane 140- 142-229-278-441 Ineson Frank A 122 104-129-341-382 Johnson, George W. ..382 Johnson, Gertrude . . . .460 Johnson, Harold A.. . .408 Johnson, H. Webster 121- 279 Huhbird Isabel 438 Huber Carl P .116- Renney, William 119 372-413 Huber Fred A 8 9 -340 Kent Arthur A . . .280- Inglis Ada 448 402-417 Rent Ratherine 435 Huber, Dr. G. Carl... 27- 88-116-125-409 Huber, Mrs. G. Carl. .144- 439-459 Huber Mrs Karl 448 Inglis, Genevieve 465 Inglis, James H.... 82-350 Inglis, Mrs. James. . .435- 459 Inglis, Mrs. William.. 450 Innes, George R 104- 113-134-231-278-388 Ihterfraternity Council 347-490-498 Ireland Emra H 88 233-415 Klute, A. Francis 129 K lute, Harold F 82- Johnson, Mrs. J. B...144 Johnson John F 125- Kenyon, Herbert A. ..126- 370 Kenyon, Ruel B 420 337-382-416 Johnson, John H 390 Johnson, Kenneth H. 279- 418 104-365 Knaggs, Earl J.... 411 Kanter, Isabelle 141 Kaplan, William S. .119- 280-391 Kappa Alpha Theta .435 Kappa Delta 448 Rerlikowske, Albert C. 371-416 Rerlikowske. Mrs. A.. 448 Rerr Donald 411 Huber, John F 116- 372-413 Huber, Mrs. John F. 448 Huber, Russel E... 277-410 Hubley, John 277-382 Huckle, Carl T 103 Knapp, Norman E. . . . 231- 282-395 Knapp, Theodore F 282 Rnapp, Thomas 375 Johnson, MacLellan L. 351 Kappa Delta Rho . . . .388 Kappa Kappa Gamma 440 Kappa Nu 381 Kerruish. Helen 464 Rerran, Kert 124 Irvine, Earle A. 337-414 Kuebler, Frieda 436 Hudson, Martin R...156- 172-230-234-367-490 Huff, Geraldine 141- 277-468 Huggett, Tohn M 351 Hughson, Charlotte H. 277-463 Hughes. Kathryn . . . .463 Hushes, Malcolm W. . .423 Hutchison Blair 122 Irwin, Arthur S 399 Irwin, Charles 354 Irwin, Jane 435 Irwin, Mrs. J. F 444 Irwin, Mary E 278-439 Irwin Paul R 278-395 228-279-360-492-494 Johnson, Pearl 465 Johnson, Russell . . . .383 Johnson, Selma H....452 Johnson, Venable D.. .85- 341-380 Tohnson, Mrs. V. C. ..144 Johnson Vera . 135-146 Ressberger, Mary Louise 464 Ressel, Benjamin O.. .281- 351 Resselman, Joseph. 342-426 Kessenberger, Mary L. 441 Kessler, Allen H 359 Ressler, Clarence F. . . 387 Ressler, Elfrieda 452 Ketham, Dorothy ... ,114 Ketcham. Warren 113-339 Reys, George E. Jr... 281- 356 Reyser, John C 129- Knies. Marie 114 Knight, Betty 441 Knight, David .81-122-382 Knight, Donald E . 357 Karalash, James D. . . 338- 412 Kane, Elizabeth 441 Rare, William J... 280-4 17 Knight, Elizabeth E...282 Knight, Helen . . 462 Isaacs. Raphael D 32- 116 Isaacs. Samuel 381 Iseldyk, Martin L 235- 278-417 Knodtke, William 266 Rnoepfle, William C.. .376 Knowles, George H...134- 282-392 Knowlson, Olive 437 Rnox, William W . . . . 2- Johnson, W. A... 117-382 Karman, Norbert M. . . 122 Rarpanity, Thaddeus .417 Karpinski, Louise ....444 Karpinski, Mrs. Louis C. 444-468 Karpinski, Robert W. . 366 Kaser, Clayton H 379 Huling, Cyrus III... 78- 340-364 Hull, Robert 56 Hulme, James W 277- 395 Hulse. William F....413 Humber, Austin M...277- 378 Johnston, Clarence T. 134- 368 Johnston, Donald A. .340- 380 Johnston, Emerson E. 419 Johnston, Franklin D. 116-409 Ives, John R 354 Jackson. George 177- 278-388 228-230-282-321-371- 486-894-888-495-78 Rnox, Maurine 230- 282-440 Rnox, Samuel 2-104 340-365 Ridder Frank . . 382 Kaser, G. Franklin ...379 Kast, Casper H 280 Riegler, Augustus ...128- 172-281 Kiel Helen P 281 Katz. Herbert . . . . 424 439 Jackson, K. S 127- 278-401 Jackson, Robert L 413 Jackson T S 421 Johnston, Lucille D...450 Johnston, Marjorie Paul- ine 463 Kauffman. Mrs. C. H. 444 Kaufmann. Harold ..379 Kaufman. K. K 131 Kamper, Paul G 119 Rnudsen, Percy E 110 Hume. Malcolm 367 Humphrey, Helen ....465 Humphrey, John .367-134 Humphreys, Lydia K..452 Humphreys, Wilbur R. 34- 108-471 Humphreys, Mrs. Wilbur 452 Humphrey. Yvonne. . .465 Hungerf ord, Helen .. 1 24- 439 Hunsberger, Harold E. 104-334-366 Hunt, Dorothea 435 Kightlinger. Erie .334-364 Kildewr. Theodore C. .423 Rile. Leland M 281-412 Rilleen, F. Franklin . .281 Killev, D. Calvin 338 Knudson, Charles A... 355 Knuussi, Allen 378 Johnston, Virginia ...141 Johnstone, John .... 128- 188-192-200 Jolls Thomas H 233- Kobacker, Marvin S..282- 374 Koch, Alfred Jr 363 233-280 Kay Earl B 355 Jacob Jack. . . 104- 278-420 Jacobs, Benjamin . . . .365 Killey, George W ..338 Roch, Edward J 282 384-408 Jolly, Alexander H...195- 373 Jondro. Margaret 143-463 Jones Brian 82-361 Real. Margaret 78-149-448 Really Allen H 398 Rillian, Statnley C. 85-133 Rilroy. M. Eueene 335 Rimball. David C 413 Rimball, Edith 469 229-230-282-441 Jacobson, Richard 104-278 Jacobson. Ruth 469 Kean Ellen 340-451 Keane, John 412 145-443 Rocsis, Charles 372 Jacoby, Mrs. A. L. ...444 Tarox, Harold W 414 Jaffe. Louis 278 lalls, Thomas 119 James, A. A 200 James, Howard C....278- 409 James, Laylin K 419 James, Preston 56 James, Mrs. P 455 James, Wilfred M 122 James, W. S 417 Jameson, John A 278 Jamison, Charles L. ..422 Jones, Clyde E 403 Jones, Donna K 437 Tones, Dorothy 146 Jones, Evelyn A. ..279-451 Tones, Frederick F. . . 1 03 Jones, Frederick Z 349 Reams. Louis 343 Reams William 98- Kimball. Eleanor C...281 Rimball. Margaret 145-440 Rimball, Virginia ....124 Rincaid. Eloise .... 440 Roehler. William H. . . 102 Koella. Charles 124 113-280-395 Keller, Hugh 107 Keeler, Mrs. Hugh E. 446- 469 Keeler, Mrs. Lewis... 451 Keeler, Margaret L. . .280- 440 Keen, Clifford 187-418 Keen, Mrs. Clifford. . .444 Keeton, Elvin .. 104 Koenig. Melvin H 282 Roh. Evelyn . . . 462 Hunt, Harriet 440 Hunt, lone 455 Hunt, Marjorie 124- 212-277-448 Hunt, Miss N. C 145- 452-459 Hunt, Mrs. O. E 440 Hunt, Ormond E 88 Hunt. Thomas 375 Hunt, Walter F. . . . 384 Rohl, Frederick 358 King, Byron B 281-414 King Donald E 416 Rohn, Arthur F 83 King, Elbert W 355 King Frank 360-413 Rolczun, M. C 345 Jones, John L 279-363 Jones, J. Robert ....107- 231-354 Ronecker. Rarl Y 233 Roning. Erwin . . . .81-365 Ronold, Mrs. N 146 Ronopka, Bernard .... 104 Kovinsky. Lillian J...453 Kooker. A. Raymond .. 121- 234 Roon, Edith 146 Ring, George R. . . 360-4 1 3 Ring. Mrs. Horace. . .442 Ring, Marion .... 145-281 Ring, Martha ....281-441 Ring, Mary 465 Ring, Sarah 441 Jones, Morgan V. Jr. 279 Tones, Pauline 465 Jones Philip S . . . 423 Keillor. W S 117-280 Hunt, William 367 Rein Cameron D . 357 Hunt, Wilson W. Jr. 277 Hunt, Mrs. W. F. 448-459 Hunter, Paul H 349 Hunter, Mrs. Stanley 451 Hunter, W. Eugene. .102- 104-366 Huntmeton, Edwin J..355 Huntington, R. L 357 Huntington, Mrs. R. L. 144 Huntley. Wellington B. 102 Huntoon, Fred. . . .341-380 Huotari, Ida M 277 Hurd, 1 368 Keith, Harold P 392 Keitzer, Walter A. 280-414 Relker. George H. ...122 Keller Arthur P 197 Jones, Summer F. . . .415 Tones, Tom 113 Tones. William P. 357-382 Jordan, William E. . . 370- 380 Jordan, William H. . . 279 Jordan, Veronica K. . . 146 Joshel Beatrice . 449 Kingery, Richard H...410 Kingsley, Charles R...399 Rinesley, Paul C 413 Jannenga, Joel A. ...134 Janold. Evelyn 442 Koon R 127- 131-133-282 Roon. William D 376 Jarman, Mrs. A. M. ..144 Jarman. Donald E. ...278 Jaros, Edward 97- 344-360 Tarnoff. Alex E 381 Reller, Mae 439 Reller, Miriam 466 Reller. Mrs. Rex 439 Keller, Walter ....91-373 Keller, William H. ...392 Kellogg. Hanson Z. ..398 Kellogg Richard 410 Rincrston. Lenore . . . .455 Kinker, P riscilla .....465 Roontz, E. Ransom. .. 1 13- 121-282 Ropf. Dorothv . . .437-467 Kopke, Theodore .230-363 Roulin. Leonard ..343-385 Rorbacher. Marvin ...230 Rorby. Ella ..124-283-463 Rorenkiewicz. Bartley.122 Rorver, Mathilda .... 124 Kositchek. Robert .... 397 Koster. Howard H. ... 134- 283 Roster Koert 405 Rinnel. Renneth ..132-350 Rinney. Harry S.. 281-380 Jay, Edith 449 lay. Phillip 397 Jotter, Ernest V. 122-135 Jounestra, Cornelius .279 Journalism, Dent. of. 486 Jower. Margaret A.... 279 Joy. Mrs. Henry B. ..462 Judd Pierson . . 397 Rinsel, Bernard J 412 Jean, Karl 91-104-379 Jefferis, Eleanor ..442-580 Jenkins, Barbara. 124-463 Jenkins, Dorothy 465 Jenkins, Mrs. W. L. .144 Jenney, Edwina 140- 230-145-278-443 Jenney, William W...354 Jennings, Harriet . 140-448 Jennings, Mrs. H. V. .442 Jennings, Robert ....414 Jennings, William C. .408 Tensen, Mr. G. L 133 Jeregan, P 67 Jesserich, Paul H 378- 410 Tewel, Edward M 420 Jewett, Charles W...350 Jimenez, Buenaventura 114 Jimenez, J. J 133 Jocelyn. Louis P 88 John, Elfrieda 436 Kelley, Bethel 156-196-351 Relley, G. Vernon 280 Kelley, Mrs. G. V. ... 144 Kelley Guv 119 Ripp. Renneth ...281-410 Rirby, Esther 141- 148-281-462 Kirby. Tohn . .122-135-352 Kirk, Marjorie ...281-339 Kirk. Raynale D. .237-395 Hurd, Elizabeth 452 Judiciary Council. ... 142 Tudson. John E 384 Jung, Carl 356 Junior Girls Play 70 Junior Girl ' s Play Kelley Tack . . . 369 Hurd. Nini P. . . . 453 Hurrill. Mrs. Y. D 144 Hurlbut, Paul E 277 Hurwitz. Gordon 385 Huss, John H 90- 91-334-387 Hussey, Russell C 447 Hussey, Mrs. Russell. 447 Husted, F. P 409 Hutchings, Mona... 145 Kelley, Robert J 280 Kelly, Mrs. R. J 144 Kelly, Calvin 417 Kelly, T. Noud ...334-378 Kelly, Lawrence J. ... 361 Kelly, Marian A 280 Kelly Robert 119 Kirschbaum. Earl L...412 Kissinger, Paul 373 Rowalik, John 156 Roykka. Raymond L. .103 Rozelko, Stephen R.. .235- 283-410 Rracht, Stanley . . 128- Kitch, John 281-367 J-Hop, Class of 1933 95-482-498 Jurow, Harry 391 Jury, Francis S 352 Jusek, F 198-372 K Kaeli, Earle F . 69- Kitchen. Elizabeth . . . .469 Kittslev, Harold J . . . .281 Kelsey. Mrs. Frances. 439- 459 Kemeny. Olua E 280 Kemmink, Claude T...405 Kemp-, Cass W 198-349 Remp. Dorothy M. . . .280- 463 Kempainen. Sylvia . . .465 Kemper. John W. .410-413 Kitzmiller. Helen .230-444 Rlaer. Alfred Lee 395 Rlahan R J 421 172-400 Rraff Harry . . 424 Krag, Mrs. William W. 450 Rrassovskv. Collerbee 114 Kramer. Albert ..104-356 Rramer, Elsie M.. 283-465 Rramer. M. Jean 447 Kranz. Walter M 283 Rratz, Kathryn 120- 283-443 Kratz T uther M 283 Hutchins, Mrs. Henry 435-459 Hutchmson, G. . .197-352 Hutchinson. Wilson ..382 Hutslar. Miriam 465 Hutzel. Mrs. A. F 459 Hutzel. Raymond ....370 Hyde, Caroline 439 Rleene. Herman . .350-438 Klein Bruce 344-371 Klein, Dorothv S 282 Klein, Ghissell 462 110-236 Kagay. John J 128- 279-375 Rlein, Howard 397 Klein, Irving 393 Klein, Toseph 424 Klein Philip M . 359 Kempf Tohn E 10 9 Hyde, Emory J. .. gg Johnesse. Adaline Johns, Roy 104 Johnson, Bazley W. . . .85- 100-131-278 Johnson, Charlotte 80-466 Johnson, Clarence L..279 Johnson, Donald A 83 Kahlbaum, Monte E.. .279- 387 Kahle. Lorie 465 Kahn. Edgar A 409 Kahn, Joseph A 279 Kahn. Reuben L. .397-424 Kaiser Ernest .. .367 Rernpf, Laura Jean.. 435 Remnf Paul R ... 356 Klein. William F.. 177-359 Kleinstuck, Mrs. Carolyn 469 Kleinschmidt, Earl E. 388 Kleinschmidt, Dr. Gladys 458 Klibanow, David W 67- 256-282 Rlick, Albert T... 237 422 Rlieger. Barney 425 Hyman, Ruth 465 Hyman, Stanley 230- 277-388 Hymans. Ella 448 Rraus, Charles E.. 134-283 Rrauss. Charles E 388 Rraus, Edward H. .28,356 Rraus, Mrs. Edward. .442 Rrause, Benjamin . . . .361 Rrauss, Gretta E. .283-443 Rreiger Jack . . 344 Rempf, Mrs. Paul 146 Rempmann. Tiftcrist .389 Remtener. Melvin .... 374 Rendall, William R. . .420 Rendrick, Margaret ..435 Rennon, Rent W. .340-458 Rennedy. Florence ...141 Hymes, Jeremiah 361 Ibbotsbn, Mrs. Gordon 439 Kaiser, Fred . . 366 Tohnson, F. L 133 Johnson. F. R 66-110 Kaiser. Virginia P 279 Kalb. Tohn A 416 Rrekeler, Jack B 396 Page Five Hundred Eight Illl W. IIIMIII Hit CHIHIII Illl IIINII1 (HE IliNIII till IIINIII Krentler, Corinne E. .283- 441 KreUke. Edwin 391 Kretzschmar. Xorman R. 116-413 Krenlen. Henry 405 Kriser. Josephine .... 147- 234-283-445 Kristiansen. W. F....117- Kronick, Jerome 385 Krueger. Marvin A. . -3V1 Kruidenier. Bastian 283 Kuenzel. Mrs. F. C...446 Kugler. W. F 133-395 Kuhl. Oreitha 465 Kuhn. Edward W 89- 90-106-230 Kuhne. Eugene R.. 122-129 Kunert. Kathryn .460-448 Kunklt. Mark S. .. 113-398 Kuppinger. lohn 389 Kurtz. Ruth 444 Kurzweil. Chris 379 Kusin. Louis 3St- Kossmaul. Agnes 465 Kntscbe. Arthur . . 156-373 Kuurila. Pearl . . .283-465 Kyer. Mrs. Charles. . .443 Kver. lean 441-141 K? er. Katberine 435 : eorge D 375 Kvler. Tom L. 400 Kynoch. William 122 Kyte. Mrs. G. C 446 Labaree. Beniamin . .395 Labaw. William I. 102-399 LaBerge. Tames M. . ..416 LaCara. Joseph . . . 104-124 1-aChaf.eUe. Hartley ..415 Lackey. Toseph ...... 357 x. Lyle ....... 36b Ladd. Edward ____ 185-422 Ladd. ElizabeUl . . .80-438 Ladd. Robert .107-130-283 Ladd. Virginia M ..... 7 " . 284-438 Laoeesen. Johannes D. 28- Lafeure. Sidney L ____ 416 LaGendre. Lenore ...340- Laggart. Herbert F. . . 428 Lagdon. Olive ....... 124 Lahey. Donald C ...... 354 Lahti. Xorman C ...... 392 Lailors. Helen ....... 4nO LaTeunesse. Omer . ___ 156 Lake. Pauline ....... 465 Lally. Gretchen ...... 439 Lamb, Mrs. F ........ 442 Lamb. Gordon R.. 125-409 Lamb. H. M ......... 127 Lamb. Kenneth ...... 358 Lamb. Robert H... 335-378 Lamb. Woodburn K. . .409 Lambda Chi Alpha. .204 Lamberson. F. H ..... 382 Lambertson. Frank . . .409 Lambrecht, George .81-357 Lampman. Permilla . .452- 465 Lane. Keith C ........ 103 Landers. Maurice B...2S4 Landrum. R. .. 187-348-421 Landrum. Sherwood . . 348 Landsborough, David J. 423 Landwehr. Edgar P.. .351 Lane. Dortbea M.. 284-386 Lane. Eleanor H. ....435 Lane. Remer Y ....... 354 Lane. Victor H ....... 354 Lane. Virginia ....... 435 Lang. Chester H ....... 88 Lang. Irvine G ........ 85 Lanp. Tosephine ...... 439 Lang. Rudolph R ..... 284 Lange. Henry ........ 129 Lange. Walter M ..... 284 Langen. William ..91-387 Langford, Mrs. George 459 Langford. Theron S. ..413 Langford. Mrs. T. S..446 Lansdale, Ben C ...... 355 Lardner. Katherine . .460 Large. Henry R ...... 350 Larges. Annabelle L..284- 463 Larmee. D ........... 133 La Rowe. Esther. .148-284 La Rowe. Franklin H. 103 Larson, Bernard E ---- 392 Larson. Vernon W. . . .404 LaRne. Tohn ........ 104 Laser, Leonard I _____ 377 Lashmet. Floyd . . . .418 Levenson, John J 376 Laskey John L. 354 Levey Ira W " 381 iMmtt. Mildred R. . . . 284- 463 Lassila John 191-198 Levi. Mrs. Maritz 449 Levine. Daniel M. 285 Levine Merle 393 Levison, Stanley 386 Latchaw Ruth 442 Levy Henry 386 Latham Ruth -439-458 Levy Jack 386 Levy Jean 7 50- Lathrop. Frank D.. 125-414 Latta. Raymond A 390 Laughain, Kenneth A,. 416 Latin. John H 102-348 285-449 Levy, Lawrence ..11 3-381 Levy, Marshall ...112-114 Levy Muriel 143 Levy, Nathan .99-112-123 Lautzenhiser. Eileen ..451 Lavender. Daisy V 284- 463 Lewandowski, Jos. 417 Lewis, Charlotte 465 Lavine D M 133 Lewis Elma I 285-465 Law. Charles 104-399 Law, Jane ...145-450-468 Law. Tohn H.. 337-378-418 Law Robert 3H-387 Lewis, Mrs. Fred H.. .459 Lewis. Mrs. George. . .439 Lewis. Gerald W.. 285-388 Lawlor Harriet 437 Lewis, Howard B 116- Lawrence, Mrs. T. F. .435 Lawrence. Willard ...420 Lawrie Malcolm D 231- 421 Lewis, Mrs. Howard.. 437 284 Lewis Margaret 80- Lawry Thomas G . .392 442-437 Lewis, Mary . . . 465 Lewis Ralph S 85- Lawton! Robert A 389 285-400 428 Lewis Ralph S 85- Lav Alice 465 285-400 Lav Walter E . . . .388 Lewis. Sarah 463 Laylin, Dorothy . . .84-455 Lewis, Taylor E 392 Leary Michael V 412 463 Leavitt, Tod J 235- 184-410 Library The .... 1 1 Lebster, Laura C. 284-453 Lieberman. Herbert.. 426 Liebert Carl ' 73 Lederle Tohn VV 90- 91-99-371 Ledv Elizabeth 141 Lichty, Donnan E. ..414 Liddicoat Richard L. 395 Lee Alfred O 151 Lidv Ann E .286-463 Lee Edward R Jr 284 Lidy Betrv . 463 Lee vlvia .. . .439 Lignell. Rudolph V. 286- 411 Lee Wanda 448-468 Light Goddard 357 Leech. Anna Joan. . . .437 Leeman, Caroline ....465 l t m, T nt-iri F , , $9J? Lightbody, James 413 Lightf oot, Goldia 143- 452-467 Luther Jack 98 Lincoln. G. R 124 Lefferts. Orville DeB..284- 368 Legal Research Library 7-484 Lincoln, Joseph X. ..364 Lincoln. " Mrs. Joseph X. 435 Lincoln Philip 113 Legatski, Harold R...129- J41-382 Legatski Leo M W Lincoln. Mrs. Y. R...144 Lindblad. Prof. A. F. 130 Lindell Selma 147 Legatz Joseph . " 4 Lindeman. Cletus 344-375 Legg. Frank E.. Tr...25 Leggett, Herbert B. . . 102- 167 LeHew Elton 414 Lindemulder, F. G. 403- 409-421 Lindenschmitt, John ..368 Lindsav Harold 128- LeHew, Mrs. Elton ... 459 Lehman. Arthur . 1 19-285 Lehman. Mrs. A. C 144 Lehman. Evelyn 441 175-196-234-286-378 Lindsay, Tohn D. 129-378 Lindsay. Mrs. J. D. .144 Ling. Bing Chung... 462 Lininger Ruth 440 Lehotskv, Kolomon ... 122 Lei Wai Paak 110-285 Linsman. Gorton L. .349 Leidy Paul .. .89-99 Lindwall Walter 41 1 Leidv Mrs Paul 444-144 Llovd Alfred 141 Leinbach. Laurence H. Leiih Clara Jean 124- Lloyd. Mrs. Alfred Hi 459 Lloyd Alice C . 26- K5-444 Leland. Donald E 285 438-459-462-464 468-469-478 LJovd, Mrs. Ernest F. Lemen E . 198-390 450 Lemert Charles 104 Llovd Kenneth M. .286- Lemmle. Melvena 147-285 419 Lloyd, Thelma ... . 459 Lendrum T T 68 Lipphart, Alfred W. 2St - Lenfestv, John R 106- 195-349 Lennox, Arthur L. ...... 285 Lentz. Lawrence 396 403 Lippy. William B. ..361 Liskow, Richard L. .129 341 1932 Literary 230 1933 Literary ...314 Leonard George E 349- 1934 Literary 340 408 1935 Literary 343 Li tt el James 418 145-285-443 Leonard. Owen B. .233-285 Little, Albert E. ... 189 341-348 Little. Betrv 464 Lepard. Cecil W.. 370-409 L epard. Harold J 370 Lerchen Robert A 122 Little, Clarence C. . .478 Little. Clark W 286 Little Edith . 465 Lerminez. Frank .342-410 Leslie. William 113- 366 Little. Elizabeth 435 Little. James W 286 Little. Louise 440 Lesser. Joseph L. . 102-385 Les Snake in the Grass 486 Lester Eileen 141 Littleton, Martha 96- 143-340-446 Litzenberg. Karl..... 355 LeVan, Theodore R. . .403 462 Livingston, A. Edward 374 Locke. Elinor 444 Lockbart, Kathleen. .334- 466 Lockman. Ray A. 102-373 Lockwood, A. L. .366-371 Lockwood. Harold ... 365 Lockwood. S. P. ...366 Lodeesen-Grevinck. I. 116-411 Loeb. Marion 449 Loeffler, Allan V 286 Loessel, Margaret .... 465 Lofberg. E. Everett ... 387 Lofberg, Mrs. Everett 443 Logan. Albert J 410 Logan, Mrs. Frances. 141 Logan, Grover H. ...78- 336-372 Logan, Leonard A. . .373 Logan, James W. . . . 409 Logie, James W 351 Lomason. William K. 3S4 Lombard, Warren P. 116- 413 Lone, Dorothy L. ... 32 Long-. Betty 438-464 Long. Harriet 145 Longfellow. Tohn R. .416 Long. R. Marshal 357 Lona. W. Harry 423 Long, William H., Jr. 122 Loo. Doris 458 Loomis. Chester M. .286 Loomis. Helen 444 Loomis. Margaret H. 286- 441 Loomis. Stanley 35C Loraine. Pollie 141 Lorch, Betty 436 Lorch, Emil L. 110- 420-478 Lorch. Mrs. Emil 459 Lord. Capt. R. H. . Loree, I. D 409 Loree, Douglas D. . . .354 Lesley, James W " . ..414 Lossing, Ernestine I . 234-465 Lossing. Waltrr 400 Lothian, Robert A. 286- 423 Loucks. Esther E. ..287- 444 Loucks. Frances R. .2S? Loudon, Elizabeth ... 1 40- 141-142-2S7-142 Lough, K. Lucille. -.195- 287-443 Loughman. Tames 376 Louis. David R. 106- 153-236-287 351 Lounsberry. Arlene . .4 5 Loursey. Mrs. Florence W 462 Loutzenhiser, Eileen . . 141 Lovchuk, Catherine M . 2S7 Love, Alice 46S Love, Mrs. Clyde 452 Love. W 201 Lovejoy. Mrs. R. P. 440 Lovelace, Robert L. .357 Loveland, Tohn 350 Loveland. Mrs. Ralph. 437 Loveland, Richard W. 287-356 Lovell. A. H. ...133-134 Lovell. Frank R. ... 188- 235-287-410 Lovell. Frank B 287 Lovell. Harold W. 116-414 Loveman. A. B. ... .374 Lowe. Dorthea 436 Lowe. Tames 83-361 Lowe. Whitney 355 Lowell, Chapin M. ..103- 129-132-399 Lowenstein, Alan V. 381 Lowery, Albert 91- 171-398 Lowrie. Robert C. ...348 Lowry, F. Edward . . . 183- 338 Lowry, Mrs. F. A. ...442 Lubbers. Mrs. C. R. 144 Lubin, Louis 426-338 Luccitti. William 396 Luce. Kenneth K 78- 91-129-371 Lncey, Lawrence V. 287- 380 Ludt. Virginia 437 Lndwig. Frederick ...418 Ludwig. Lloyd S. . . .390 Lutik. Grace 465 Lundberg 202 Lundberg. Hilda E. .287- 468 Lundberg. Nils A. ..399 Lundin. Oscar A. ..287- 376 Larie, George 386 Luscombe. Francis E. 287 Lutes, Dorothy 442 Lutes, Sarah 442- 466-467 Luz, Katherine M. ...287 Lyle, Violet 145-447 Lynch, Phillip 410 Lyon, Arthur 287-428 Lyon, D. W 83-133 Lyon, Frederic X. ..278- 378 Lyons. Betty 145-443 Lyons. Charmers J. .410 Lyons, Mrs. C. J 446 Lyons, Ella Richell . . .446 Lyons, Emerson J. . . .288- 421 Lyons, Herbert W. ..382 Lyons. Mrs. Martha M. 459 Lyons, Richard 364- 288-409 M Maas, Hyman 112-340 MacCallum. Charles . . 348 MacChesney, Alfred B. 408 MacCrillis, Frank B. 373 MacCurdy. Mrs. W. H. 144 MacDonald, Curtis . .349 MacDonald. Donald . .288 MacDonald, Helen . .464 Macfarlin. H. T. ...382 MacGregor, Delbert .409 MacGregor, Katherine 80- 439 MacHannah. David.. 107 Maclntyre. Anne 340 Mack. K 133 MacKay, Mrs. M. D. 146 MacKaye, Dr. Lavinia 458 Mackdici. Wadad-Khuri 464 MacKenzie. Edna A. .145- 288-339-463 MacKenzie, Robert G. 288- 358 MacLean, Harold E. 113- 288-388 Maclean, John A 125- 416 MacLeish. Esmond E. 390 MacLellan, Ruth B. 446 Madeod. A. Girard.,116- 409 MacXaughton, Jean . . 124- 288 MacXaughton. Ross E. 400 MacXeal, Harley T. . . 360 MacXeal. Herbert P. 125- 288-411 MacPherson, John 418 Maddock. Bruce H. . . 127- 335-401 Maddock, Walter G...116- 416 Maddy. Joseph E. 35-113 Madero. Benjamin .... 382 Maebius. Ted B 403 Maged. Howard E 394 Magee, Dorothy E. 288- 145 Magel. Fred E 85 Magoon, Donald W. . . 288 388 Magoon, Herbert A. . . 364 Maguire. Kathleen F. 288 Mahey, William H...288 Mahler. Suzanne. .343-464 Mahlke, Elmer F....335 Mahnke. Alice 468 Mabon, Estella . .288-435 Mabon. Jane 435 Mahoney. Alice 445 Maier, Mrs. Guy 146 Mair, R. C 103- 131-376 Meixner. Earl L 233 Majeski, Stephanie M. 288 Major, Alexander .... 367 Makielski. Mrs. Leon 448 Malay. Bernadine 451 Malcolm, Carl D 409 Malcolm, Dorothy . . .288- 443 Malcolm. Mrs. Karl. .443 Malcolm Robert W....91- 102 Malcolm. Russel 116- 350-409 Malecki. Witold 132 Mallon, Max 288-410 Malone, Geraldine ...445 Matone, Mary G 289 Mallory. Mrs. Herbert 440 Manary. Viola C. ...289- 463 Manchester. Charlotte 124- 444 Manchester, Curtis . . 370- 343 Manchester, Frances ..84- 120-340 Manchester, Susan ..212- -- Mancke. Alice 452 Manderbach. Alice 146 Manley. Bryce 1 289 Manley. Lillian 465 Mann. Eleanor 145 Mann, Elizabeth 84 Mann. Matt 1 85-392 Manni. Laurence C.. .405 Mansfield. Robert C...289 Manuel. Kenneth 172 Manuel, Mary V 289 Manwaring, Frances. .438 Mapes, J. P 117-359 Maples. Edith 469 Mar. Yih-Cbow 289 Marande. R. F 134- 289-421 Marantette, K. C 382 Marcinkowska. Lucille 463 Maroovsky. Abe 156- 196-397 Marcus, Daniel L. 185-397 Marin. Axel 392 Mark. Anna 289 Markey, Joseph. . .289-417 Markham, Clarence W. 351 Markkanen. Siiri 469 Markley. Mrs. Toseph 469 Marks. David E. ..289-381 Marks, James 122-366 Markus. Erwin... 153-200 Marklev. J. Charles Jr. 350 Manner. Milton 1 04 Marr. Carl 354 Marriage of Convenience, A 92 Man-in. M. M 418 Marrow, Jean 468 Marrow, John 344 Marschner, Edward L. 289 Marsden, Charles S. Jr. 411 Marsh. Charles 355 Marsh, Donald 114 Marshall. Clair M 129 Marshall. Don . . .116-413 Marshall. Dorothea . . .462 Marshall, Elgin O 127- 134-231-289 Marshall. Tohn A 121 Marshall. Tohn S 81- 82-289-369 Marshall. L 59-69 Marshall. Mark 409 Marshall. Mrs. Mark. .440 Marshall. Mary 212 Marshall. Ruth 446 Marshall. Walter V. . . 369- 439 Marshall, William 81- 340-369 Martell. Eldred R....122 Martenson, M. Alvin 103- 355 Martha Cook Building 463 Martin. Donald 418 Martin. Elizabeth F...110 Martin. Francis 413 Martin. Frank M 357 Martin. Fred R 399 Martin. Mrs. Tames 438 Martin, Richard T 81- 335-353 Martin, Roland 82 Martin, Robert H 233 Martin, Wavne O. 121-411 Martin, William B 125- 409 Martindale, John 103- 110-113-235-289-420 Martindale, Margaret 145- 439 Martindale. Rosamund 80- 145-439 Martinek. Maretta 467 Marty. Carl S... 289-365 Marwil, Melvin 393 Marx, Leola 234-445 Masin. Lillian 467 Manley. John 124 Page Five Hundred Nine (Ill W. IHMlll Nil CIIIHIII III! (OCiUAlllNIII HE IIINIII 3 llll xfcv 1IIN1II Mason, Edward R 290 Mason, Helen 438 Mason. John T 372 Mason. Theron 373 Masselink, Bruce ....410 Masselink, Ethel J. ...452 Masselink, George A. .368 Masselink, Rollo J 416 Massner, William 417 Masten, Wirt 400 Matakie, William R...335 Mathes, John 376 Mathes. Mrs. John... 443 Mathews, Alice E 336 Mathews, Donald .122-417 Mathews, P. D 336 Mattern, David E. 113-366 Mattern. Mrs. David. .146 Matteson, Robert I 360 Matthews, Donald K. ..135 Matthews, Virgil D 290 Matway, Lillian 465 Maugh, Lawrence C.. .395 Maurer, Mrs. Wesley. 452 Maxian, Michael J 89- 235-290-412 Maxon, William 409 Maxwell, James H...116- 409 May, Carrol H 360 May, Mrs. Donald 141 May, George A... 128-409 May, Lester M... 290-393 May, Marian G 290 May, Robert 103- 113-378 Mayer, Carl A 411 Mayer, George ...290-419 Mayer, Grace 80-440 Mayer, Ju lius 386 Mayer, Naomi T.. 290-465 Mayer, R. S 417 Maynard. Maxine 439-464 Mayo, Warren . . . 120-364 Mayo. William 104 McAlpine, R. K 421 McAlpine. Mrs. Roy McArthur, George H..290- 361-428 McArthur. Helen 334 McBurney, James H..375- 423 McCain, Harry . . . 104-120 McCall, Charles W....290 McCall, Mary 290-442 McCallum, Donald . . .378 McCallum. George ... 358 McCallum, Helen 442 McCallum, Kenneth ..94- 106-230-290-373 McCarthy, Helen .290-445 McCarthy, John 396 McCarty, Vivian 290-469 McCarthy, Raymond A. 235-290-417 McCarthy. William ..396 McCaughrin, Harold W. 412 McCauley, Morris D. .371 McCausey, Josephine . .80- 94-340-440 McCausland, William T. 404 McClellan, Frank O...364 McClelland. Lucille. . .441 McClenathan. Harold. 376 McClench. Harriet. . . .452 McCIintock, William.. 372 McCloskey, K. L. . ..232 McClung, Marjorie. ..145 McClure, Mrs. Harry 146 McClure, Robert .337-418 McClusky, Howard Y. 395 McClusky, Mrs. Howard 146-443 McColI, Charles W...390 McCollum, James 183-364 McComb. Virginia .... 84- 442-460 McCombs, Allan 375 McConkey, George M. 110- 420 McConnell, Olen H. 235 290 McCormick, Edward J. 86- 91-94-106-112-173-202- 230-232-340-396-488- 496 McCormick, Ethel A. 213- 448 McCormick, George C. 352 McCormick, Willard L. 290 McCormick, Wilson ..291- 399 McCort, Malcolm H. .126- 363 McCotter, Dr. R. E. 116- 125-416 McCoy. M. D 417 McCracken. Russell 93-120 McCraith, Robert M.. .366 McCrath, L. E 156- 196-423 McCrearv, Richard S. 376 McCredie, Darwin ...361 McCreedy, Jane 436 McCreery, Milton ..291- 233-387-415 McCue, Frank 396 McCue, John F 291 McCutcheon, Mabel F. 236-463 McDermott, Elizabeth 450 McDonald, Donald . . . 366 McDonald, John ..351-429 McDonald, Margaret M. 291-444 McDonald, Norman .134- 291-372 McDonald, Robert 357-120 McDonnell, Curtis H. 125- 291-409 McDougall. D. C., Jr. 131 McDowall, Mary Ann 464- 459 McDowell, Elizabeth 291- 451-460 McDowell, N. Heath.. 350 McDowell, William ..133- 341 McElwain, Douglas . .104- 127 McElwaine. Robert B. 291- 390 McFate, Benjamin . . . 78- 95-108-334-364 McFate, William 343 McGaughn, Stanley . .102- 113-366 McGavran, Harry 91- 96-340-359 McGaw, Charles J 399 McGee, Donald B 416 McGeoch, Glenn 366 McGilliard, Stanley H. 388 McGillicuddy, Robert J. 291-413 McGlaughlin, Nicholas D. 372 McGlone, Kenneth B. 291 McGough, Henrietta 439 McGrant, Ralph 122 McGrath, Louis E 291 McGugan, J. Donald.. 420- 536 McGregor, Mrs. Alexander 448 McGregor, Helen 436 McGriffin, Norton 420 McGuire, Donald 156- 196-360 McGuire, Lois 80- 291-441 McGuire, Thomas A... 396 McHenry, Eugene 396-122 Mclntosh, Martha 448-468 Mclntosh, Mary Helen 340-460 Mclntosh, Ruth 141- 148-291-464 Mclntyre, Annie . . . .462 Mclntyre, Charles 367-418 Mclntyre, Margaret . .462 McKay, Dorothy .465-291 McKay, Edward S 81- 108-173-334-369 McKendry, Virgil J...291 McKenna, Ferris ....417 McKenzie, Donald S.. .291 McKenzie, Edna 146 McKenzie, Robert .90-375 McKenzie, Mrs. Robert 447 McKenzie, Roderick ..114 McKenzie, William D. 88 McKeown, Kenneth C. 354 McKinley, Charles ...375 McKinley, Wessyl A.. 402 McKinney, Mrs. L. H. 144 McKinney, Marian . . .439 McKinney, Mary E. . .439 McKinney, Rosalie . . 145- 443-463 McKinney, Suzanne .146- 292-439 McKinnon. Patrick . . 336 McLachlan, Ada 465 McLaughlin, William A. 370 McLaughlin, Mrs. Win. A. 445-459 McLauth, Olive 146 McLean, Donald 367 McLean, Harold E 103 McLean. Richard K...416 Megaro, Geraldine . Mehney, Cayle H.. Mehring, Dale C. . McLean, Roy W 292 McLean, Walter L 121 McLearn, Ruth L 450 McLouth, Bess L 88 McMahon, John W 185 McManus, Richard H. 98- 341-181 McMillan, Archibald .201- 352 McMonagle, Carl T. D. 396 McMullen, Wesley ..341- 349 McMurray, Katherine M. 292-446 McMurray, Kenneth C. .34 McMurray, Mrs. K. C. 440 McNally, Mary 465 McNamara. Frances M. 292-455 McNeal, Harley J. . .106- 173-230-292 McNitt, Esther M. ..292 McNitt, James R.. 102-1 33 McOmber, Elizabeth . .436 McOmber, Reta Pearl 334-451-460 McPherson, Alexander 343-354 McPherson, John . . . .367 McPherson, William .354 McQuinn. Aileen ....458 McRae. Colin C. . . 1 16-409 McRoy, Wm 90- 96-341-198-353 Meader, Clarence L...355- 480 Mears, Dorcas 465 Meddough, David H...122 Meeder. Thomas W. . . 292 1933 Medicine 337 Meek, George W 292- 231 .292- 445 .411 .236- 292-372 Meier, G. F 421 Meier, John L 122 Meisel, Edward H 416 Meixner, Earl L.. 292-384 Meldman, Leonard ..156- 196-385 Melendy, Robert E 103 Melick. Max A 122 Melnicker. A 201 Melnik, Morris ..292-425 Meloche, Mrs. Clifford 448 Meloche. C. C 421 Meloy, Carl R., Jr... 292- 387 Melvin. John C 354 Menard. Walter R. ...122 Menatsaganian, Emmanuel P 292 Mendenhall, Elizabeth 466 Mendlowitz, Milton ..293- 116 Menefee, Charles 198-351 Menefee, Mrs. F. N...444 Menefee, Prof. F. N..133 Menerey, Beulah Margaret 293 Menihan. Joseph 132 Menton, E 133 Mercer, Betty 439 Mercer, Mabel 436 Mercer, Walter . . 101-356 Mercill, Charles W. . . 380 Merkle, Arthur G 293 Merkle. Otto C 390 Merner, Frederick L. .106- 230-293-367 Merrick, Alice 442 Merrick. Miss Ruth... 442 Merrill, W. H 128 Merritt. Howard Theodore 293-410 Merritt, Robert W. ..102- 129-133-387 Merry, Ellis B 498 Merry, Henry J 487- 488-498 Mervis, Sina 293 Meserve, Julian 399 Messersmith, Lawrence V. 293-387-422 Messing. Arthur H 85 Metheney. Helen . 343-464 Metzgar. Marie 80-141-466 Meyers. Dean W 89 Meyers, Mrs. Dean W. 436 Meyers. Charles F 364 Meyer, Harry E. Jr.. 118- 233-293-419 Meyer, Henry T. . 374-40 5 Meyer, George W. 293-354 Meyer, Robert B 125- 337-411 Meyer, Thelma 148- 293-467 Meyers. Louis H.. 235-293 Michael, Jannet 448 Michaels. Joseph 425 Michaels, Spencer O. . .375 Michaels, Stanley ..97-343 Michalak, Joseph J 411 Michelmon, Carlyle ...293 Michener, Mrs. J. S. ..144 Michigamua .228-487-492 Michigan Daily, The .82- 83-84-486-487-490- 492-494-498 Michigan Dames .... 144 Michiganders 201 Michiganensian 78- 484-487-495 Michiganensian (Women ' s Staff) 80 Michigan Law Review 119 Michigan Union 88- 89-90-91-474-484-487 Mickle. Frank A 392 Middlebrook. Dorothy .466 Middleton, Mrs. J. F..144 Mikan. Helen Amelia. 145- 293-447 Mikulas. William 100- 134-293-401 Milks, Gladys 465 Millar, Doris E. ..293-455 Millar, Marjorie Wadham 293-455 Miller. Alma 465 Miller, Charles M 384 Miller, Cile 294-441 Miller, D. C 352-412 Miller, D. H 117 Miller, Donald 401 Miller. Edna 463 Miller, Elias Alexander 294-393 Miller, Ethe lyn 80 Miller, Mrs. Frederick 438 Miller. Glenford R...233- 294 Miller, Harold A 414 Miller, Henry 85- 99-131-133-134-364 Miller. John F 103-348 Miller Katherine Albertine 294 Miller, Laura 463 Miller, Mrs. Leonard .443 Miller, Norman F. ...116- 125-418 Miller. Mrs. Norman F. 437 Miller, O. M 421 Miller. Paul Harry ...294 Miller, Mrs. Ralph . ..439 Miller, Robert 95- 104-156-185-196-228- 230-294-369-376-382 Miller. Robert R.. 387-294 Miller, Roy 361 Miller. Ruth 294-446 Miller. Sylvia M 141- 143-453 Miller, Twila 439 Miller, Vincent J. . . .110- 236-294 Miller, Wallace 96- 106-156-294-348 Miller. William 371 Milliean. Robert 413 Millikin. Herbert 120 Mills. Mrs. Harry ...443 Mills, Horace O. .122-192 Milne. lean 1 294-463 Milne. William 365 Mimes 126 Miner, Janet 462 Minnich. Richard .340-355 Minns, Virginia 465 Minsel, Paul 294- 348-408 Minter, Roberta Esterre 120-294-444 Mintz, Morris 391 Miranda, Dalmacio Salva- dor 294 Mirbuck, Edward 367 Misner, G. C 127- 131-134 Mitchell. Alistair ..86-100 Mitchell. Anne 435 Mitchell, Audrey J 450 Mitchell, Daniel 364 Mitchell. Mrs. E. D. . .444 Mitchell, Elmer D. .9-114- 128-151-200-370 Mitchell, Dr. Gertrude 458 Mitchell. Harrington Calk- ins 294 Mitchell, Jane D 294- 437-467 Morrell, Elsie 442 Morrill, Dorothy 296 Mitchell, Jean 145 Mitchell Mirian 460 Morris, Amos R 392 Mitchell, Philip H. ...364 Mitchell. R. F 341-353 Mitchell, Robert M. ..360 Mitchell, Samuel W...348 Mitchell, Thomas J. 134- 401 Mitchell, Walter G 368 Moch, Loretta Mae T. 452 Model!, Rose P . . . .453 296 Morris, Thomas Christ 296 Morris, Walter Ripton 296-382-113 Morris, William R....233- 428-296 Morrison, Alstan E. .416- 125-337 Modell Sol 91 Modell Saul 385 Moe, Mrs. George . . . .445 Moe, Mrs. Orville 445 Moehlman, Arthur H..382 Moehlman. Mrs. Arthur 437 Moekle. J. A 112 Moelle John 353 Morrison, Maynard. . .152- 156-228-230-296-358 Morrison, Prof. R. L..133 Morrison, Ruth Anith 143- 296-463 Morrow. John 375 Morse Grant 102-122-367 Morse H H 421 Moffet, William . . . .403 Morse, Leland M 376 Mohr, Charles A. . .401 Mortar Board 229 Mohr, John .... 295-428 Morten, William B .364 Mohrhoff, William H. .85- 375-421 Moissio K 198 Mortensen, Robert A. .106- 296-355 Morton, Daniel . 390 Morton E ' Dora 466 MomchilofT Memchil 295 Morton H C 368 Monaghan, Peter J. Jr. 408 Monroe, James M....117- 295 Monson, Earl R ... 399 Moscoso, Theodore Jr. .81- 296-379 Moser, Henry 99- 419 Moser. Hilton .. 120-353 Monson, MB . . .117- 295-404 Montague, Robert . . . 126- 295-350 (Mosher Hall) . .466-17 Mosher-Jordan Halls (Jordan Hall) 467 Mosher Art 187 442 Montgomery, Mrs. A. O. 295-442 Montgomery, R. P ...409 Mosher, Robert Keeler 236-296-402 Mosher, William 132 Moshier, A. H 133 Montillon, Mrs. George 435 Mony, Anthony 295 Mony Charles C 122 Mosier, Edward C 416 Mosier. Joseph E 412 Moss Alvin R 132- 296-399 Moss Charlotte 340-437 Moon, Lloyd 342 Mossner, William F. .235- Moon, Margaret Elizabeth 124-295-444 296 Most, Byron E 296 Moore, Prof. A. D...133- 134 Moore, Carl Ernest... 295 Moore, Clarence 113- 120-295 Moore, Datus Lynn . . 113- 295-339 Moore Earl V 105- Mote, Leroy A 118- 296-419 Mott, Georgiana . .334-466 Moudry. Latimer 364 Moule, Catherine ....343- 443-464 Moule, Thomas B 296- 378 113-126-359 Moulton Rollin H 357 Moore, Mrs. Earl V. . .459 Moore Elizabeth. .343-448 Mountain. Francis B. .409 Moyer, Charles 1 26 Moore, Ellen .... 444 Moyer, Dean W 411 Moore, Frederick H. ..91- 357 Moyer, Margaret .296-440 Moyer, Maurice P 297 Moore, George R 412 Moyle. Daniel T 415 121-131-295 Muehlig. Mrs. George. 146 Muehlig, Wilbur A. ..297- 345-414 Moore, James D 121 Mueller, Alfred C ...132- Moore, Tohn. . . . 378-401 398 Moore Katherine .448 Mueller, Max F . . .131- Moore, Mary Louise. .442- 463 297-403 Mueller, Ralph 177 Moore. Richard H 295- 400 Moore, Russell H. .. .237- 295-368-121 Moore, Stewart H. ...365 Moore, Theodore . . 230 Muffly, Gary 100 134-297-389 Muir, Edward D 230- 297-423 Muir, J. B 130-297 Muir, James W. ..126-353 Moore, Walter S 412 Moore William 410 Muir, Thomas S.. 297-349 Mulder, Walter .. ..405 Moran, Thomas P. ...335 Moratz, Arthur F. ...295 Morcombe. Arthur. .. .410 Morden, Reta 469 Mulroney, William 120-162 Mull. Daniel T.... 231-297 Mullendore. William C. 88 Muller, Marjorie A... 297- Moreland, Robert 81- 435 96-340-382 Moreland, William 200 Morford, Marcelle. .439-80 Morgan. Alice. .. .464-437 Morgan, Catherine. . . .445 Morgan, Mrs. Frederick C. 469 Morgan John D 380 Munger, Frank W 354 Munger, Martin D....390 Munger. W. R 133 Munson, Mary Helen .297 Munster, Norman T. . .122- 135 Mu Phi Epsilon 146 Morgan John H 380 Murbach Edwin R 94- 125-409 Morgan, Lewis 81- 340-349 Morgan, Peter 96 Murfin, James 22- 89-429 Murphy, Basil L. .297-410 Morgan. William R...356- 354 Morin. Raymond. . 339-360 Morlev. Abbie 438 Murphy, Cathleen C. .146- 297-339 Murphy, Marie... 343-436 Murphy, Paul T. . ..396 Page Five Hundred. Ten till W_== HIMIII Ull C IIIHIB (III Gii A IIINIII C I1INIII Illl x IIIN1I1 = Murphy. Ralph ....... 372 Murphy. Virginia .... 145 Murray. Charles I ----- 388 Murray, David ....... 39ft Murray. Tames ....... 177 Murray. T. Dennis ---- 297 Murray. Thomas W. .297- 388 Murray. Walter ..132-171 Murray. William R...102- 121 Murtagh. John A ..... 413 Music 1933 Class . . .339 MIMIC Corporation of America .......... 482 Mussdwhite. Helen . .148- - Musser. Florence ..... 297 Mnssey, Delaran S. ..298- 349 Mutchler. David ...... 358 luzzy. Robert W. ...349 Myers, Daniel W ..... 116- 252-298416 Myers. Mrs Dean W. 464 Myers. Wilbur J. .298-388 My], Stanley ........ 417 Nadler. Sau! L 129 Xagelvoort. Louise . . . 446 Naglevoort, Theodore .138 Nahrgang, Robert 18S Nash. Donald F. . .233-298 Nash. John B 392 Nash. W. Vincent 370 Nathan. Harris 385 Navran. Jacqueline . . . 449 Nayer. Morris 426 Neahr. Jack 79-350 Neal, Betty 440 Neal. Mrs. ' C. S 435 Neal. John D 5S7 Neal. Roxane 435 Neberle. Ann M. .149-447 Nedelman. Isadore . . .426 Neel. Helen 298-467 Neer, Gene 446 Nees. Ruth 469 Neff. Clayton 298-417 Neider. F ' rank 396 Neill. Frank 361 Neil!. James A.... 298-361 Neilson. Evelyn 139- 149-444 Neilson. Ravmond . . . .567 Nell. E. R.. 133 Nelson. Barbara ...80-451 Nelson, Carl M 410 Nelson. Charles R 388 Nelson, Erwin E 414 Nelson. Mrs, E. E....440 Nelson. H. B 53 ' . Nelson. Harris G 341 349-408 Nelson. T. Raleigh 85 Nelson. Mrs. J. R 446 Nelson. Laura 442 Nelson. Louise . . . 146-442 Nelson. Mrs. Margaret H. 450 Nelson. Ned 103-353 Nelson. Paul R 35S Nelson. Rehn 95-334 Nelson, Victor E 116- 232-29 Neracber. Jane ...459-464 Nervis. Leonard 129 Nesbit. Dr. Reed M...125- 416 Nesbitt, Margaret 465 Nestle, Jack 120-39S Neuhardt. Martha 438 Nenhaus. Margaret 469 Neureuther. George . . 363 Neville. Ruth 4M NewahL Therese 449 Newbureh Louis . .116-418 Newbnreh. Dr. L. H. .125 Newcomb. Harley 388 Newcomb. R. E. " 131- 23 -29S Newcomb. W. W 415 Newcombe. Mrs. W. N. --- Newcomer. Frederic . . 359 Newcomer. Martin 81 Newman. Albert H. 82-380 Newman. Charles E. ..103 Newman. Fred 382 Newman. Harry 1 56 Newman. Lester 391 Newman. Max 425 Neumann. Robert C.- . 122 Newton, Mrs. Mavnard 443 Newton. Maynard A. .565 Nichelson. John M 384 Nichol. David M 82- 106-120-230-298-375-496 Xicholls. William 358 Nichols, Clement H...298 Nichols. Donald ..343-349 Xichols. George F.. 298-358 Nichols, Henry W....355 Nichols. Mrs. H. W . .443 Nichols. Miss Isabel. . .443 Xichols. Win. 343 Nicholson. Clarence S. 401 Nicholson, Harden ...198- 418 Nicholson. H. H... 341-376 Xeiderstadt. Alice 147 234-298-467 Xiehus. Marvin L. 121-368 Niehuss, Lois M 452 Xielsen. Walter. . .134.298 Xielson, Robert 350 Nielson. W 131 Nigg. Herbert 343-380 Nilsen, Robert 343 Nimz. Harold E 393 Nipe, Richard A 298 Nisen, Charles 341-379 Xissle. Mrs. Holland. .410- 443 Xist. Robert V 365 Xobert. Francis C 410 Noble. Allen 298 Kojima. Kimi 116-458 Nolan. John 355 Nolting, Wilfred S.. . .299- 414 " No Man ' s Land- 71 Norman. Arnold 398 Norman. LaLander ..334- 398 Norris, Dorothy . . 145-435 Norris. Helen 437 Norris, Richard R 86 Norris, Robert . . . 347-368 North. Tames 87- 86-230-299-357 North, Warren H 419 Xorthrup, A. Kimball . 1 98- 382 Norton. Betty 436- Norton, Donald ..343-371 Norton, Elizabeth M. .299 Norton. Harry 235-299-417 Notion, J. C 133 Norton. Newell A 12? Norville, Leo . 123-233-419 Notkin. Meyer 232-299-425 Nott, John C 338 Novak. William 197 Xovitsky. Byron ..114-381 Novy, Frederick G 29- 116-368-409 Novy. Mrs. Frederick. 45S Nowak, Adeline 444 Nowak. Maxine . .299-441 Nowicki. Henry H 299 Xoyes. John R 177 Xoyes. Mrs. R. W 459 Nunneley. William H. H -- - Nnnni. Sulbo A. 236- 29 402 Nu Sigma Nu 409 Nyman. Lloyd 90- 340-78-378 Oatman. Jack G ....... 416 O ' Brien. Ernest D. ..419 O ' Brien. J. D ........ 133 O ' Brien. Margaret ____ 84- 139-149-444 O ' Brien. Mary ....... 80- 343-464 O ' Brien. Veronica ---- 445 O ' Connell. Bernard J...95 O ' Dea. Tames M ....... 88 O ' Del. Carmi J ....... 299 O ' Dell. John ..... 91-352 Odgers. Gertrude .... 141 O ' Donnell. A. B ...... 133 O ' Donnell. Edward T. 12S Oehmann. Ward ..... 1 5o- 196-358 Oestrikc. Elmer ____ 104- 113-416 Ogata. Kiyo ......... 463 Oeden. Chester ...... 382 Ohlbeiser. Carlton E. .299 Ohlson. John E. ---- 85-299 Ohr. Milo ........... 401 Oi. Fumi ........ 299-463 Ojala. Jean .......... 465 Okelberg. Mrs. Peter .443 Okkdberg. Mrs. Maud 459 Oldham. Lucille ..... 143- Olekswich. Harriet ..450- 460 Olinser. Mrs. B. F...446 Oliphant. Mrs. L. W. .444 Oliphant. Milo ....... 356 Oliphant. Mrs. L. ..... 458 Oliver. Russell ...... 35O Olmstead. Charles ---- 360 Olmstead. Clay ...... 230- 300-375 Olmstead. Lester . 300-4 1 7 Olmsted. Beatrice 145-452 Olmsted. Mrs. Charles T. 450 Olsen. Jeannette ---- 465 Olsen, Richard E. ...300 Olson. Ada ......... 435 Olson. C. R ..... 130-300 Olson. Harvey . . . 104-395 Olson. Helen ..... 84-455 Olson. Odina ....... 459 Olson, Roy F ....... 103 Olson, Rebecca ..... 466 Olson. Willard C. ...399 Olwell. Lee ......... 361 O ' Mara. Carl E. .300-403 O ' Mara. Emma F. . .436 O ' Neil. William D. ..300 O ' Neill. James M. ...99- 123-143 O ' Neill. Mrs. James .435 Oostdyk. Marjorie ---- 443 Oosterbaan. Benjamin 167-372 Oppenheimer. Robert. 386 Oratorical Board ...... 99 Order of the Coif ____ 119 Oren. Hyman ...... 232- Olds. Virginia H. .299-437 Oldt. Elliott E ........ 299 Oldt. Leslie M ....... 299 Ornsteen, Lester. .300-374 Ornstein, Phyllis ____ 141- 145-148-300 O ' Roke. Earl C ..... 122 Orr. Martha L. ..... 300 Orr. W. Reed ....... 364 Ort. Katherine ...... 442 Orwick. Hildesarde. .462 Osband, William E. .126 Osborn. John K. ____ 121 Osboroe, Dorothy ---- 448 Osborne. Jay M. ____ 410 Osborne. Kenneth ...113 Osborne, Ruth A. ...300 Osenbnre. R ........ 131 Osgood. Betty ....... 80- 14844 - Osgood. Elizabeth . . .300 Oster. William ....... 366 Osterberg, Gordon... 404 Ostrander. Floyd D. .121 Ostrander. Russell 181-384 Ostrofsky. Wilfred. . .300 Otis. Al ...... 97-344-3 54 Otis, James ......... 357 Otis. Malcolm V ..... 360 Otis, Virginia ....... 46 Otstot. R. G ..... 131-300 Ott, Harold A ....... 389 Otto. Ruth E. ...300-446 Ottoman. Louis. . 197-365 Ottaway. E. J ........ 88 Ottoway. Tohn P. 351-409 Oviett. Marion ...... 436 Owen. Eleanor . . .80-438 Owen. Harriett ..... 458 Owen. Inez ..... 146-339 Owens. Barbara G. ..443- 464 Owens. Richard ..... 367 Owens, Thomas A. ..232- ; .;-_: Ozanick. Edward M. 301 Pack, Philip C 370 Pack. Mrs. Philip C. 440 Page. William 230- 301-379 Paine. Harold G. . . . 5S4 Paine. William G. . .122- 395 Painter. Frank 5-J2 Palmer. Albert 230 Palmer. Mrs. A. F. ..144 Palmer, Alfred T 86- 89-106-301-389 Palmer. Agnes 463 Palmer. Dudley R. ..354 Palmer. Frank R. ..301- 375 Palmer. George . . 1 19-233 Palmer. Gilbert . . 104-390 Palmer. W. B 382 Palmer. William H. 301- 390 Palms, Francis Jr. 85-420 Pan-Hellenic Association 434 Pan-Hellenic Committee 138 Pantlind. Boyd ... 343-350 Papageorge. Evangeline 462 Paris Bound 92 Park. A. Col ton. . .79-378 Park, Dorothy E. 450 Park. Tane 464 Parker. Albert J 382 Parker. Mrs. Albert J. 451 Parker, Mrs. D. H. .444 Parker. Dorothy 141 Parks. H. Adria . . 124-452 Parker, Hily Dale... 451 Parker. J. C 107 Parker, James D 349 Parks. Leonard 124 Parker. Oren 120 191-371 Parker, OrvUle 230- 380-301 Parker. Sarah 440 Parker, Warren 372 Parker. Walter R. .116- 409 Parker, William M. . 301 Parkin, E. Max 357 Parkhurst. Edwin H. Jr. 350 Parle. William V. 171-354 Parmenter. Helen 443 Parr. Lloyd 371 Parr, Ward K 100- 134-371 Parsons. George E. ..301 Parvin. Charles F 375 Pascoe, Elva V 301- 447-460 Passman. Harold L. .391 Passmore. Ly le 98 Paton. Dorothy 146 Paton, William A. ..422 Paton. Mrs. William. 447 Patrick. Gilbert 91- 198-340-365 Patriotic Memorial Build- ing 59 Part. Leon A- 399 Patterson. Harcourt S. 81- 228-230-301-382-496 Patterson. George R. 301- 358 Patterson, Mrs, George 438-459 Patterson. John B. .356- 409 Pattison. Mary Jane.. 466 Patton, Robert J. 356-409 Patten. Ruth H 301 Paul. Mary 343-438 Paull. Joseph T 122 Panlla. Anthony F. ..301 Paulson. Richard .358 Pawlowski. Felix W. .33 Payne. Mrs. E. M. ..144 Payne. Jay Howard . .419 Paynich. Mary 465 Peake, Royal 367 Pearl. Mrs. 440 Pearlbe rg. Abraham.. 426 Pearlmutter. Seymour 394 Pearlstone. I. F. .112-397 Pearce. Webster H. ..24 Pearse. William J. ..301 Pearson. Stanley 411 Pearsley. Brace 348 Peavy. C. C 421 Peck. Mrs, Albert 440 Peck. Clara G. ..212-435 Peck. Dorothy 143- 145-301-463 Peck. Kingsley C. 134-301 Peck. Milan 417 Peck. Rowena 465 PectWiHis S 409 Peck. Mrs. Willis S. 437 Peckham. Jndson 302-361 Peckham. Margaret M. 302 Peckham. Richard 343-361 Peet. Gilbert B 230- 302-390 Peet. Max M. 116-125-418 Pegasus 219 Peirce. Carleton B. ..399 Peitz. Ann 465 Pelecovich. Marie... 232- 302-458 Pelhank. Virginia L. 450 Pendell. William H. Jr. 302-380 Pendle. Henry 230 Pennington. Victor E. 302 Penzien. Dorothy E. .302 Perham. William S. 125- M2-41C Perham. Mr . W. S. 144- 448 Perkins. O. T 131 Perkins. Ransom B. .372 Perkins. Thomas S. . 302- 387 Perkins. Virginia A. . 302 Perkinson. Oscar T. .370 Perrin. Jean 148- 212-362-463 Perry, Chester 235- 302-410 Perry, Dr. . A, 131 Perry. Gladys . . . 439-468 Persse. F. C 121-360 Peschke. Gertrude 444 Pessin. Fannie R. ...302 Peters, Corabel 452 Peters, Joseph 410 Peters. Robert M. ..302- 410 Peterson. Dorothy . . .448 Peterson. Mrs. F. W. 144 Peterson, G. Shorey . . 123 Peterson. Mrs. G. S. 437 Peterson, George .... 367 Peterson. Ida Ruth ... 466 Peterson. Kenneth E. 368 Peterson. Louise 463 Peterson. Mrs. Marcia 141 Peterson, Marion 435 Peterson. Ruben 116- 125-409 Peterson, Mrs. Reuben 141-459 Peterson. Walter 132 Peterson. Ward D. ..364 Peterson, Witmer 357 Petoskey. Fred .. 1 56-1 69 Petrie. Robert G. ..108- 167-334-359-366 Petronovich, Josephine C. 302-465 Pettengill. T. Killburn 384 Pettit. E. Jerome .82-112 Petton, Russell A. ..129 Peylton. F. A. 421 Peyner, Frank 422 Pfainer, C. W 117 Pformer, Chester . 1 2 1 -368 Pfister. Chloe 465 Pfohl. James C 102 Phalan. Margaret. 143-445 Phelps, Dudley M. .423- 390 Phelps. William G. ..233- 302 Phi Alpha Delta 415 Phi Beta Delta. . .202-385 Phi Beta Pi 414 Phi Chi 416 Phi Delta Phi 408 Phi Delta Theta 359 Phi Delta Epsilon 424 Phi Eta Sigma 129 Phi Gamma Delta 364 Phi Kappa Alpha 405 Phi Kappa Sigma 370 Phi Kappa Psi 356 Phi Kappa Tau 392 Philippart, Arvin I. . .134- 231-303-373 Phillips. Eleanor 145- 303-339-459 Philbin. Lester M. ..389 Phillips. Donald H. ..412 Phillips. Homer A. . .416 Phillips, Marvdl 344 Phillips. Mary . . .437-466 Phi Mu Delta 389 Phi Rbo Sigma 413 Phi Sigma Delta 377 Phi Epsilon Pi 386 Phi Mu Alpha 366 Phi Sigma Kaopa 378 Phi Sigma Sigma . . . .453 Pi Beta Phi 439 Pi Lambda Kappa 425 Pi Tau Pi Sigma 127 Pian. Juna 463 Picchiottino, Pauline. 124- 103-462 Pick. Hanns 113-198 Pierce, Carlton B. ...414 Pierce. Mrs. Carleton. 437 Pierce. Clarence M. ..371 Pierce. Donald M. ..335 Pierce. Kenneth C. ..395 Pierce. Raymond W. 102- 117-303 Pierce. Robert L. .82-398 Pierce. Ruth 451 Piersol. Thomas R. --3S7 Pike. Gwendolyn 146 Pike. Melvin H. .303-413 Pike. Winifred 441 Pi Lambda Theta 147 Pillsbury. Mrs. Walter 438 Pinson, Groevieve S. 303- 447 Pinney. Louis 370 Pirowitz. Muriel 453 Piper, Alvin W 372 Pitts, Arts 442-466 Pitts. Claude 78-369 Place. Alta 141-467 Place, Ellen S. . .459-462 Plaks, S. Roberts ...391 Plank, Evrell E 365 Plank. Kenneth R. ...336 Plans, Fred 426 Plant, Robert K. 303-413 Plappert. Philip 417 Plard. Arturo 1 12-422 Plassey. Ileen 145 Platt, Helen 437 Platt, Sewell 358 Play Production. .. .92-93 Plesbek. Lyle C 358 Plesset, Marvin. .303-425 Flew. Robert 363 Pliskow, Harold 425 Plummer, Alfred 364 Plnnkett, Donald 409 Poat, Ruth... 343438-464 Poeock. William S. .303- 349 Podesta, Morayne 141- 303445 Podestra. Marion .... 230 Pohle, Frederick J. ..414 Polangin, Frederick N. 393 Polk. Dora 451 Polk, Lon 380 Polk, Judd K 380 Pollard. H. Marvin.. 418 Pollock, Cathelia E. .234- 303-442 Pollock, Florence 452 Pollock, James B. ...364 Pollock, James K. ..123- 371480 Pomeroy. Don A. ...197- 344-359 Pond. Elwyn Jr 351 Ponto. Hilton A. 191-201 Pool. Walter 379 Poolie. Alicia 146 Poore. Ilif 468 Poorman, Edwin B. 233- 303-365-408 Pope, Clandine 442 Pormoski. Edward J. 402 Porritt, Homer B. . .403- 410 Port, J. George 303 Porte, Thomas . . . 183-353 Porteous, Dorothy . . .465 Porter. Burke E. 133-378 Porter, Cecile 120- 230-303-443460 Porter, Jean 212446 Porter, Warren K. ..303- 392 Portman, Herman G. 303- 390 Post. W ' illiam A. 304-389 Pott. Abraham 411 Pott, Duncan 418 Potruch. Fred 377 Potter. Caroline .343436 Potter, Eugene B. 360413 Potter, George E. ...357 Potter. Harry 361 Potter, Mrs. H. O. ..444 Porter, Harold V. ...118- 233-304 Potter, Mary 465 Potter. Nathan S. . . .354 Potter, Mrs. Xathan S. 436437 Potter. Neal K. 354 Pottle. Tohn 177 Potts, Alice 469 Pound. Tohn D. .304-384 Powell. Captain C. A. 127-131-357 Powell. Faithful 465 Powell, Lucius L. 125413 Power, E. B 382 Power. Mrs. Eugene.. 440 Powers, Harlow C. . . 395 Powers, Horace K. ..304- 362 Powers. Joseph A. 304 Powers. Mayola M. ..304 Powers. Thomas ..81-356 Powers. W. H. ..133-379 Pozz. Jay 361 Praschan. V. C. 133 Pray, Audrey 463 Pray, Mary ..120443460 Prar. Ruth A 304 Prell, Alice 466 Page Five Hundred Eleven Illl ? . IIIMIII HII CIIIHIII Illl flGii AHINII! C IIINIII Illl A , 1IINIII Prentiss, Grace 448 Presbrey, Robinson ...173 Press Building ...484-487 Preston, Marvin 359 Prettyman, Horace G. 355 Preuss, Lawrence. .. .379 Pribil, Max ..120-340-348 Price, A. David 364 Price, Harry S. Jr. ..304- 369 Price.J. Wesley 382 Price, Paul F. ..304-410 Prickett, Richard C. 304 Priebe, Winlaw 410 Priest, Eula de 124 Priest, Lucille 141- 304-460-466 Prins, Eunis 405 Pritchard, John W. ..82- 129-378 Probeck Helen 442 Proctor, Helen 465 Prosniak, Irene S. 304-463 Prouse, Thomas ..128-382 Prouty. Frank 104 Pruett, Rebecca 440 Pruner, Wm 344 Pryce, R. C 368 Pryor, Paul 91-395 Pryor, Thomas . . 1 14-388 Pryor, Mrs. Thomas.. 442 Prythrith, Charles 91 Psi Omega 417 Psi Psi Publication Pulfrey, Margaret E. 45 0 Pulkinen, Elizabeth. . .465 Pulling, Albert 122 Pulling, Mrs. A. V. .144 Purcell, Ann 114 Purcell, Kathryn 444 Purdom, Claire 367 Purdom, Luther 438 Purington, Constance. 462 Purmort, William R. 232- 304 Putnam, Frank L. . . 422 Quarry, Mrs. Josephine 445 Quarterdeck 130 Quarton, Marion I. ..304- 463 Huarton, Winifred ...462 uinlan, Dennis P. ..88 Quinn, Morris 361 Quinn, Timothy C. ..361- 408 Quirk, Julia 438 Quraishi, Sher M. ..114- 303 Raatke, Evelyn 464 Rabe, Melvin H 90- 304-347-395 Rabinowitz, Victor . . . .99- 112-123 Rabine, C. Richard 90 Racger, Carlisle F 235 Rachor, Charles 396 Racine, C. Richard .91-371 Racine, Edgar 367 Rademaker, George E. .375 Radford, Arthur L 103- Radford, Stewart W. .371 Raeuber, Helmus 78 Rahilly, Lawrence D. .403 Raihen, Mrs. Grace. ..141 Raike, Sidney 185- 230-305-385 Rairden. Eleanor. . 305-462 Ralph, Faith 460-437 Ralston, Elizabeth 110- 440-464 Ralston, R. R 421 Ramin, Charles H. ...358 Ramsdell, Willet F. . . 122- 135 Ranck, John 192 Ranck, Wilson M 395 Randall, Emily C 145- 146-305-339-442 Randall. Fred S 88 Randall, Harrison M. .355 Randall, Mrs. Harrison M. 438 Randall, Mable 436 Randall. Olive ...124-463 Randolph, Mrs. H. F. .144 Randolph, Raman C. ..420 Randolph, Theron G. ..413 Raney, Russell R 102- 341-372 Rankm, Bertha . . . 141-441 Rankin, David 415 Ransom, Henry K. ...116- 416 Ransom, Lon H 471 Ranous, Charles ' A 395 Rantamaa, Irma 455 Raphael, Chester M..391 Raphael, Theophile 114-397 Raphael, Mrs. Theophile 437 Raredon, Hillary 440 Raridon, Eleanor 143 Raschbacher, Harry G. 372 Raschbacher, Mrs. H. G. 437 Rash, Carl J 370 Rash, Ralph E 370 Rasmussen, Harvey... 153 202-305 Rasmussen, Raymond O. 167-305-399 Ratcliffe, Mrs. W. B..141 Ratliff, Anna 305-446 Ratterman, L. Frederick 348 Rattschafer, John L...125 Raudon, Eleanor 148 Rauff, Paul A 100- 101-117-132-401 Raukohl, Edward H...389 Rauscher, Frederick ..396 Ray. Helen 465 Rayburn. Calvin 364 Rayen, Jane 79- 140-149-439 Raymond, James . .120-376 Raymond, Lloyd C. ..423- 305 Raynor, C. L 421 Rea, J 198-384 Rea, Walter B. 32-364-482 Read, Horace M 237 Read, Mrs. Mabel Ross 459 Read. Russell 343-357 Reade, Richard 91-380 Reames, Lois 465 Reamer, Norman R...305 Reason. Dean N... 305-376 Reavley. Albert W 122 Reck, M. F 112 Recor, Marietta 439 Redding, John H. Jr.. 231- 305 Redfield, Arthur 305 Redner, Gordon .. .343-354 Red Taoe 971 Reed, Clyde L 305-423 Reed, David M. 360 Reed, Emil 414 Reed, Mrs. E. P 144 Reed, Florence 463 Reed, Jeanne 446 Reed, Margaret 145- 234-305-463 Reed, Nancy Ellen... 444 Reed, Russell 380 Reed, Thomas H 33- 123-362 Reed, Mrs. Thomas. . .442- 455 Reek, Alice 448 Reek, Anne D 305 Reese, John E 400 Reeves, Alton F 305 Reeves, Arthur G 350 Reeves, Dorothy 445 Reeves, Ellen H. .305-438 Reeves, Jesse Siddall . . 34- 350 Reeves, Mrs. Jesse S..438 Reglein, Ned L.. .102-382 Reibel, Frederick 364 Reichard, Herbert. ... 399 Reichard, Noel 124 Reichenbach, Charles J. 306-411 Reicker, Herman H.. .416 Reid, Emerson 183 Reid, Tohn D 416 Reif, Albert E 122- 135-187-306 Reif, Ernest C 361 Reif, Mary 437-467 Reik, Charles M 348 Reiman, Lewis C 395 Reiman. Mrs. L. C...459 Rein, Gerald N 395 Reindel, John D 77- 106-192-306-349 Reinert, Dorothy 447 Reisbig, Leah 141- 306-469 Reisig. Albert H.. 306-4 14 Reissenweber. Marion. 114 Remsem. Alfred S 360 Remzi. Vahibe 462 Renick, Ralph O. .340-384 Renihen, Joseph A.. 82-349 Renneke, Raymond E. 102- 104 Rennel!, Edwin J.. 306-418 Renner, Dorren 118- 233-306-429 Renner, William 156- 176-372-373 Renter, Clarence W. .125- 337 Rentschler, Catherine. 145- 334-451 Renwick, Donald J. ..134- 198-306-388 Renwick, Mrs. L. L. .443 Ressler, Theron. . .335-40! Rett, Floyd ... 11 9-306-399 Rexer, Marian C.. 306-465 Rexroth, Lois 465 Reynolds, Charles H..354- 408 Reynolds, Doris 465 Reynolds, Gordon ....379 Reynolds, Helen C 306- 468 Reynolds, Merrill K. .237- 306 Reynolds, M. Phyllis. 306 443 Reynolds, Richard R..351 Reynolds. Thomas B. .365 Rhead, Mrs. George.. 443 Rhed, Charles K 187 Rhodes, Reeve 363 Rhodes Scholars 58 Rhodes, Varro H 119- 233-306-428 Rhodes. William 120 Rice, Edwin S 102-338 Rice, Jean 343-441 Rice, John 353 Rice, J. Wesley 89- 125-306-418 Rice, Lee 104-375 Rice, Philip E. . ..306-411 Rice, Warner G 384 Rich. Hazel 442 Richard. Belle 468 Richard, Winchester H. 102-113-307-366 Richards, Donald 198 Richards, Edward L. 307-350-375 Richards, Pauline M. 234- 307-440-467 Richardson, Arthur L. 307-413 Richardson, Beryl M..307- 442 Richardson, Dale I 231- 307 Richardson, G. E. ...112- 307 Richardson, George A. 372 Richardson, Viva 80- 340-442 Richey. Tim 122 Richmond. Roaldus . . 173- 360 Richters, Lloyd 410 Rick, Harry 91 Rickard. Ted 307 Ricker. Otto 342-410 Rickert, Ura G 410 Ricketts, Girard P...167- 307-392 Rickus, Sam G 88 Riebel. Frederick III. 307 Riecker. Herman A. ..365 Rieler, Margaret L. ...236 Riemenschneider, C. C. 336-378 Riemenschneider, Ruth 146 Riesenwebber, Marian. 147 Rife, Charles S 125 Rife. Sherril. ...... ...418 Riggs. Mrs. Finley...l41 Riggs, H. E 107-364 Riggs, Mrs. Henry... 439 Riggs, Samuel H. .364-415 Rightmire. Bettina. . . .464 Rigley. Edwin 409 Riker, Elinor 448 Riker, Parrish 143- 149-437-630 Riley, Floyd K 143 Riley, Frank 102- 113-366 Rinck, E. E 117- 121-307-401 Riujala. Walfred 404 Ripley, Jeannette A.. .307- 436 Rippey. Frances 465 Risk, Robert D 337- 384-413 Riskey, Earl N 200 Rihashoder. Helen . . . .455 Ritterschafer, Lester E. 410 Roach, Ada 447-467 Robb, Margaret 445 Robbins, Dolly 460-463 Robbins, Frank E... 30-126 Robbins, McMurray F. E. 348 Robe, Melvin 230 Roberts, Artemus R...422 Roberts, Bert H 235- 307-410 Roberts, Helen R 337 Roberts, Jeanne 120- 229-437 Roberts, Millard S....307 Roberts, Raymond V..167 Roberts, Roy H... 307-410 Roberts, Thomas ..171-349 Roberts, Virginia. .437-464 Robertson, A. H 114 Robertson, Alexander D. 307-380 Robertson, Elizabeth . .462 Robertson, James Jr. .100- 130-308 Robertson, Virginia E. 308 Robine, O. Richard 86 Robins, Mrs. H. M...468 Robinson, Agnes 444 Robinson, Arthur K...361 Robinson, Catherine B. 308 Robinson, Jane M 80- 124-441-463-466 Robinson, Marion J. . . 308- 464 Robinson, Rolland C. .423 Robinson, Ruth. .. 141-466 Robinson, Thelma 458 Robinson, Thomas F. . 308- 417 Robinson, William J. ..408 Robison, Arthur K....95- 335 Robson, Eleanor 138- 308-436 Rockefeller, R. Warren 134-388 Rockwell. Gaugh E 102 Rockwood, Spencer A. 129- 341 Rockwood, S. H 133- 421 Roden, Tom 126 Rodgers, William 124 Rodkey, Robert 347- 368-423 Rodriguez, Jose L 308 Roe, Kenneth G 129 Roe, Matie 465 Roelofs, Vernon W...405 Roemer, Alban 122 Roesner, Paul A. .308-368 Roethke, William A. C. 233-308-382 Rogers, Carlysle O. ..133- 402 Rogers, Charles .91-99-129 Rogers, Julia W 308 Rogers, M. C 421 Rogers, Royden H 130- 308 Rogers, Warren W 308 Rogers, Winnifred. . . .463 Rohrback, Ralph A. . . 308- 373 Roinar, George 339 Rollinger. Roy S 380 Rollins, Fred H 380 Rollinson, C. L 421 Romani, Teresa. . .212-462 Romanoff. Seymour. . .385 Ronan, Frank A. .308-392 Rooks, H. Corbyn. 308-405 Roosa, Herbert 104 Roosevelt, Vernon .... 308 Rooso, Whitney 104 Root, Cynthia.. 80-145-439 Root, Doris 462 Root, Grosvenor T. ...349 Root. John H 348 Root, Lucile 340-464 Root, Miriam 464 Root, Ruth 462 Root, Winifred V 309- 434-439 Roper, Joseph A 390 Rorick. Frances 468 Rosa, Clarence H.. 102-384 Rosa. Mrs. C. H 444 Rosch. Frank E 420 Rose, Barbara. 145-440-467 Rose, Harold B 357 Rose, Henry C 102 Rose, Mrs. H. C 144 Rose, John R 365-408 Rose, Marion G 309 Rose, Theodore T 397 Rosenbaum, Francis F. 309-391 Rosenberg. Benjamin G. 309-397 Rosenberg, Helen 449 Rosenberg, Leonard. .. 391 Rosenberg, Marvin L..381 Rosenberg, Theodore .424 Rosengun, Chester G..309- 350-408 Rosenthal, Edward 374 Rosenthal, Helen 334 Rosenthal. Jean. .. 334-449 Rosenthal, Jerry E. ...82- 95-103-113-334-386 Rosenthal, Sidney L. ..39=1 Rosewarne, Frances. . .468 Rash. Mrs. C. J 437 Rosin, George A 309 Ross, Coleman 350 Ross, Frank 418 Ross, Harold B 106-309 Rossier, Dorothy 465 Rossman, Jane 340 Roth. Mrs. A. J 144 Roth. Clifford 90-391 Roth, Emil M. . ..309-416 Rothbart, H. B 393 Rottenberg, Jesse 386 Rothenberg, R. C 116 Rothstein. Maurice ...129 Rottschafer, John J. . .232- 309-405 Rouday. Victor A. 309-348 Rough Marjorie 230- 309-439 Roughley, T. H 133 Roumm, Milton 385 Rouse, Albert A... 336-389 Rouse. Mrs. Louis J..452 Rouse, Robert 348 Rover, Dick 398 Rover, Jack 398 Rover, Tom 398 Rowdahaugh, Seth E. .309 Rowe, Genevieve 442 Rowe, Helen 466 Rowe, Tohn M 409 Rowe, Melvin J 376 Rowe, Peter 364 Rowe, Robert E. . .309-389 Rowley. Elizabeth 309 Royalty. Mrs. Paul... 144 Royce, Mrs. M 444 Royer, E. Albert. .309-392 Rayner. Gordon Z 122 Roys, Chester C 399 Roj ston, Toseph 195 Rozycki. Walter J 336 Rubin, Louis 426 Rubin, Seymour 385 Rubinstein. George M. 391 Rubinstein, Gilbert Y. 377 Rubenstein, Norman . .426 Rubsam. John 79-350 Ruby. M. M 112-393 Rudolph!. Annette. .. .462 Rueger, Carlisle F 309- 390-410 Rueger, Milton J 390 Ruegnitz, Charles. 104-310 Ruff, Nevin H 416 Rufus, Mrs. Carl 448 Rufus, Howard C. ...337- 411 Rufus, Mvrtle B 310 Rufus, William 367 Ruge, Sheridan E 370 Rugge, G 127 Rugen, Mabel 213 Rumler, Hugh 122 Rumnly, Mason P 88 Rumsey. Carroll D 310 Rumsey, M. L 440 Rundell, Dorothy .467-340 Runnels. Scott C 360 Rupp, Nevin H 310 Russe. Anne 143-462 Russell, D. Jack. .103-366 Russell, Alice 438 Russell, Edward 177 Russell, Edwin F 101- 134-228-231-310-378 Russell, Marjorie . . . .463 Russell. Samuel 424 Russell, Sherwood R. . . 1 1 6 Russel. William E 413 Rust, Charles 81- 108-334 Rush, Charles M. .356-606 Rush, Gertrude 449 Ruten, Mrs. W 444 Ruth. J. Griswold. . . .348 Ruthven. Alexander G. 113-126-129-131-228-379- 429-471-478-482-496 Ruthven, Mrs. A. G. .144- 435 Ruwitch, Joseph F 310- 374 Ryall, Arthur H 88 Ryan, Colbert E 228- 350-230 Ryan, Dorothy 310 Ryan, Edmond C 310 Ryan, Edward J. . . 3 1 0-4 1 5 Ryan, Kenneth J 235- 310-412 Ryan, Paul C 396-416 Rugg, William 344 S Sabin, Mary ..80-438-462 Sabam, William . . 104-382 Sachs, David B 393 Sadler, Herbert C 27- 107-129-130-133-134- 228-364-379-484 Sadler, Mrs. Herbert C. 438 Sadler, Walter C. .131-398 Saf strom, A. L 363 Sage, Jane 442 Sahlin, Hans E. ..235-310 Sahlmark, Helga .. 359-443 Sahlmark. Toseph F. ..375 Sailors, Helen M. 310-443 Saisho, Fumiko 124- 310-464 Saline, Lester 385 Salisbury. Charles. 334-358 Salmon, J 198-361 Saloman, Arthur 425 Salsbury, Virginia ... 343 438-462 Saltonstall, Gilbert 113 Saltzstein. Robert . .90-374 Sams, Willey 413 Sams, Mrs. " Willey 442 Samuels, Augustine J. . 102 Samuels, Tom 156 Samuelson, Clarence A. 122-135-404 Sanborn. Irwin A 373 Sanborn, William E. Jr. 310-410 Sanders, Claire 462 Sanders, Henry Arthur. 33 Sanders, Marie 465 Sanders, Muriel B.. . .416 Sanderson, Edwin ...104 Sandier, Lois 140- 310-434-435 Sandusky, Clinton. .91-371 Sandy, Kenneth 418 Saner, Charles F 366 Sanford, Charles A....82- 310-365 Sanford. Franklin ....349 Sanzenbacher, W. P..117- 404 Sansone, Reginald . . . .396 Saperstein, Milton J...311 Saph, Valentine 355 Sarasohn, Myra 80 Sarensen, Arn 468 Sargent, Emilie Gleason 463 Sarkozy, George E. ..311 Sarner, John 366 Sartain, Emma Jane.. 463 Sarzenbacher, William 311 Satterthwaite, G 439 Sato, Kikue 311 Satonstall, Gilbert . . . .418 Sauchuck, John 153- 228-230-311-360-496 Sauchuck, Walter W. .360 Sauer, E. P.. .121-311-418 Sauer, Walter C 369 Sauk, John J 411 Saul. Hazel M 311-444 Saule, M. H 421 Sault, Edgar H 420 Saunders, Gordon 1 85 Saunders, M. Gale... 452 Saurhorn. Edward 129-376 Savage, Carl. .156-196-367 Savage, Neil S 122-311 Savery, Carol E 78-436 Sawyer, Alfred J 311 Sawyer, B. Raymond.. 373 Sawyer, Mrs. Frank. .447 Sawyer, Mrs. Ralph. . .447 Sawyer, Robert N 112 Sawyer, Robert . ..112-334 Sawyer, Robert K 335 Sawyer, Walter 411 Scalp and Blade Society 132 Scabbard and Blade.. 131 Scanlon, James 375 Schaaf. C. Hart 82-340-367 Schafer. Frederick .91-363 Schaffer. Barney .424-377 Schaefer, August 455 Schaefer, Frederick . .355 Schaefer, Henry F. . . .356 Schaefer, Tohn H 400 Schaefer. Mary A. 311-444 Schaeffer, Rudolph . . . 129 Schaible, Elizabeth M. 311 Schaible, Ernst . .200-349 Page five Hundred Twelve III! W. IIIMIII Uti CIIIHIB 111! OE IIINIII 1111 A 11INIII : Schauble. Ray ........ 375 Schaupner. J. Phillip.. 375 Scneafer. J. H ........ 127 Scheer, Irwin J ....... 393 Scheer. Richard ..... 373 Scheffel. Vera ........ 465 Schell. Clark ..... 343-365 Schell. Violet ........ 455 Schellhaas. Harry J...411 Schemm. Ferdinand R. 116-409 Scherer. Jack ....... 417 Schermack. Margaret 138- 139-140-142 Schewe. Edward A... 121- 403 Schick. Harry ---- 196-373 Schick. Rose ........ 311 Schiel. Rhea E ....... 444 Schiele. Harriet ...... 467 Schiller. Edna E ...... 311 Schiller. William E...422- 111 Schimansky. Louis P. .392 Schindler. ' Noble M...311- 410 Schingman. Roger . . . .373 Schlanderer. Arthur H. 237-311-366 Schlanderer. Paul A...3t 6 Schlattcrbeck. Mrs. J. O. Schlatterberk. Miriam. 444 Schleh. Alice M ...... 312 451-460 Schleifer. Alvin ...... 397 Schlesinger. Elaine ...449 5. Milton ....... 3Sb Sehmalznedt. Allan F. 375 Schmeling. Evans S...390 Schmid. Herbert ..... 156 Schmid. Mrs. H. H...446 Schmidgall. T. R ...... 133 Schmidt. Arthur ..... 379 Schmidt. Harold R ____ 129- 397 Schmidt. Henry W ____ 392 Schmidt. Marion .124-436 Schmidt. R .......... 127 Schmidt. Walter ..... 118- 312-390-415 Schmidrt. Bernard . . .426 Schmieler. John ..108-185 Schmude. Helen ...84-334 Schnacke. Bernard .... 83- 96-340-360 Schnap. Emil H ....... 391 Schneider. C. E. ..117-389 Schneider. Dorcas .... 442 Schneider. Tane ....... 80 Scholl. Mri J ........ 455 Schoen. Arthur ...... 378 Scboen. Clarence A. . . 102- 113-236-312-378 Schoenherr, Leonard H. 312 Schaeffle. C. S ....... 421 Scholtz. Theodore ..... 366 Schonberg. Lester A. .3 " Schoultz, Marjorie. .. .446 Schroder. Gladys ..... 44 . Schrodzki. Albert L...312 Schram. Edward ..... 388 Schram. Henrv L ..... 312 Schreit. Oscar L ...... 338 Schreiber. Katherine .124 Schrier. Clarence M. ..411 Schroeder, Arthur ___ 123 Schroeder. B. D ...... 133 Schroeder, Gladys ... 2 1 2 Schroeger. Thomas E. . 362 Schuck. Ear! E ....... 312 Schuck. Miller H ..... 416 Schuiling. Loretta ...465 Schuler. Alice ....... 460 Schuler. Charles S ____ 360 Schuler, Gertrude ____ 312 Schuler. Lorna ...... 465 Schulman. Louis ..... 3V : Schulte. R. C ..... 127-404 Schultz. Catherine ...446 Schultz. Carl E ....... 362 Schultz. Floyd V ..... 101- 134-312 Schulz. Grace ____ 463-312 Schum. Eugene C ..... 129 Schumacher. Virginia .444 Schuman. Mrs. L. D. .451 Schumann. Fred ..... 401 Schumann, Helen ....465 Schurz. Arthur W ____ 412 Schutz. Erneth ...... 213 Schutz. Dr. Helene. . .458 Schwartz. Carl H. 312-399 Schwartz, Oscar . . 197-424 Schwarz. Oscar E ..... 393 Schwartzbeck, John . . 382 Schweigert, Julius C. . 1 32 Schweitzer, Frederick J. 110-378 Schwenger. Daniel . . . 385 Scofield. M. W 131- 237-312-422 Scott, Barbara 437 Scott. David 122 Scott. Eldon 382 Scott, E. 421 Scott, H. D 355 Scott. Helen 448 Scott, Prof. I. D. .347-399 Scott, Mrs. I. D 437 Scott, N 112 Scott, Martha Ellen. . 120- 230-312-437-460 Scott, Pauline 442 Scott. Reed 360 Scovill, Louis 113- 103-312-366 Scratch. Thelma 465 Sczudlo. Walter 312 Seadler. Samuel J 377 Sealby. Robert . . " 412 Seamans. Harold C. . . .85- 95-127-131-335-401 Searles, Fuller D 102- 113-117-313 Sears, C. B.. .230-313-375 Seaton. Roberta M 313- - = Secord. John 357 Seda. Charles 423 Sedgwick. Henry S...313- 353 Seeburger, Tohn 342 Seefried, May 84- 140-359-462 Seeley, Dana 197-343 Seeley, Mrs. D. E 146 Seeley, Frances 146 Seeley. Mrs. H. H...446 Seens. Dorothy G. 436-467 Segal. Lester 391 Segal], Amelius B. ...393 Segall. Leonard W 103 Segerfoss. Mrs. E. ...438 Sehler, Jean 124-463 Sehring. George H. ..116- 413 Seibel. Hortense E...313- 463 Seidel. Philip 385 Seider. Ralph 403 Seiferlein. Dorothy. . .447 Seifert. Christine 459 Seiffert. Karl. .82-108-367 Seine, Hadie 464 Seippel. Paul W 313 SeiU, Frederick 382 Seitz. Leila 465 Seldon. Tohn 413 Sellars. Roy W 32 Sellars. Mrs. R. NV....443 Sellars. Wilfred 353 Sellew. Mrs. William. 438 Selmeier. H. Leroy ... 387 Selzer. Milton C 313 Selzer. Nathaniel 425 Semple. Jack S 313 Senberg. Richard 3 76 Senf. William 90- 334-378 Seng. Minnie A 313 Senior Ball 94 Senior Society 148 Sepull, James H. .103-421 Sergeant. F. A 368 Sergeant, Mrs. Floyd A. 436 Sesserman. Henry 391 Seth. Charles M. . " .338-417 Severance, Clyde F...313- 339 Seward. Allan M 398 Seward. James R 1 22 Seward. Mrs. J. R 144 Sexton. Lawrence G. . . 384 Seybold, Margaret 141- 313 Seybold. Robert 363 Seymour. Dale A 390 Seymour. Dalton G. . . 390 Seymour, Miss E. Rogene 444 Seymour, George S. ..103- 390 Sevmour. Lvdia 462 Shaefer. Harry F 313 Shah. Rajul 463 Shambaugh, Mrs. Noel 435 Shanne, Catherine. .. .463 Shannon. B. S. ..133-373 Shannon. Catherine W 463 Shannan, Dorothy. 453-467 Shapiro, Arthur ..112-391 Shapland. Dorothy . . . 1 24- 145-340-444 Sharfman. I. Leo 123-374 Shan man. Mrs. Leo. .449 Sharlitt. Herbert V. -.381 Sharman, Jackson R. 128- I Sharpe. Graf ton W. -.83- 340-361 Shartel. Burke ...119-389 Shaw, Alex .......... 167- 313-366-371 Shaw. Bertha ........ 438 Shaw, Brackley . . .82-352 Shaw.Clarence . . . 337-424 Shaw, Everett R ...... 313 Shaw. F. B .......... 421 Shaw, Grace ........ 467 Shaw, Henry E ...... 384 Shaw. Herbert M. ...379 Shaw, Mrs. Herbert . .439 Shaw, Joseph W ..... 354 Shaw, Lee Charles ... 359 Shaw, Robert 91-365-418 Shaw. R. Nelson ..... 376 Shaw, Wilfred B. ...355 Shaw, Mrs. Wilfred B ................ 436 Shea. Sylvester C. ...372 Shearer. Marie ....... 436 Shelbush, Edwin ...... 363 Sheldon, John M. ____ 413 Shelley, Charles ...... 350 Shelton. James ....... 153- 181-392 Shepard, Duncan ...... 79- 108-334-380 Shepard, Howard ..... 417 Shepard, William G. .343- 361 Shephard, Dennis G. . .85- 129-365 Shepherd. Mrs. J ..... 455 Shepherd. Walter F. .232- 313 Shepley. Walter C. ..314- 378 Sherer, Jack ......... 373 Sherk. Joseph L. .314-398 Sherlock. Robert H. ..389 Shermack, Margaret. .149- 437 Sherman. Samuel 192-381 Sherriff. Frederick E. 354 Sherwood. R. L. ..... 421 Sherwood. Sarah ..... 437 Sherzer, Mrs. Alan ..445 Shelter. David S ..... 314 Shick. R. Montgomery . Shields, Harry W. ...410 Shields, Madelin ..... 455 Shields, Mary F. 314-438 Shierson, James K. ..314- 350 Shilling, Mrs. Frances 442 Shilling. Myrle D. 314-411 Shilling. Raymond L. 411 Shinnick. Frederick M. 354 Shirtum, Roger C. ...384 Shively. Wilma ....... 465 Shmier. Lester ....... 385 Shoemaker, Laura ---- 465 Shoemaker. Sam D. . . 103 Shoemaker. Stanley. . .113 Shook, R. L ......... 112 Shorr, Philip ..... 104-397 Shorts. R. Perry ....... 24 Shorts, Susan 340-441-464 Shoupe, Richard ..343-358 Showers, Paul C ..... 488 Shrader, Albert M. ..314- 411 Shreib. Nathan T. ...412 Shriver. Kenneth H. .173 Shuba. Barbara D. ...314 Shuch, Arthur ---- 119-312 Shucker. Barbara ..... 143 Shull. A. F ...... 372-478 Shull. Mrs. A. F ..... 446 Shull. Elizabeth ...... 446 Shuman, Richard ..... 314 Shumar. Margaret .... 463 Shnter, E. Mortimer. .126 Sias, Ruth W. . ..314-468 Sibley, Frederick C. .314- 380 Sibley. Wixom ____ 345-411 Sidhu. Balwant ...... 206 Siegel, Lillian ....... 314 Siegel. Seymour ...... 397 Siersma, George H. ..314- 412 Sigall. Leonard ........ 91 Sieerfoos. Edw ard. .. .345 Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 360 Sigma Alpha Iota ____ 459 Sigma Alpha Mu ..... 393 Sigma Chi ....... 357-201 Sigma Kappa ........ 444 Sigma Nu. 367 Smith, Ivan C 184- Sperry, Frances L. 317-463 Sigma Phi 352 316-185-228-234-358 Smith, J. Wilfred 375 Smith Jay 382-197 Sigma Pni Epsilon. . .373 Sigma Pi . 202-203 Sperry. R 127 Sphinx 106 Smith Mirabel 466 Spiegel. Robert J. 129-374 Spiess Carlysle . 85- Sikkenga. jay Harold. 106- 156-230-314-390 Silber Albert J 314 Smith. Margaret 80- 139-141-334-436-437-463 Smith, Marion L 450 Smith. Marjorie ..463-316 Smith. Mildred . . .340-462 Smith, Milton F. .316-375 Smith. X. Doris 316 Smith, Nelson 418 Smith, Norma 465 Smith. R. S. ... 133 132-335-368 Spiess, Harriet . . . .80-462 Spikerman. Ford W. .317 Spoden, Florian G. ..122- 135 Spoden, John 187-135 Spoke. N .. 112 Silber Arthur 119 Silman. Herbert S. ...381 Silberman, John A. ..104- 393 Sillen. Charles H. ...365 Silverman. Howard T. 394 Silverman. Julius S. -.12 ' ' Silver J K G 375 Spookes, Mrs. Raymond D . 460 Smith. Ralph G. . .116-414 Smith, Raymond F. ..396 Smith. Richard R 23 Smith, Shirley 471- Spriegel, William R. .422 Springer, Burdell L. .317 Springer, Eugene W. 317 Sprawl. Charles 230- 317-384-419 Spurr. Dorothy . . 145-163 Spyglass 482 Simancek, Gertrude . . 124- 315 Simon, A. Kenneth . . . 394- 424 Simon. Edwin L 384 Simon, Howard P. ...395 Simon, Oscar R. . . . 102- 484-25-364 Smith, Mrs. Shirley. . .437 Smith. Stanlev W. ... 129 Smith. Stewart J 411 S mith. Stuart M 359 Smith, Mrs. T 144 Squibb. George 79-367 Stace, Mrs. Arthur. . .445 Stacy, T. Anson 382 233-315-397 Smith, Trueman 388 Staebler, Neil 382 Staebler. Mrs. Walter. 443 Staelin. Carl G. ..317-349 Stahl. Otto J 113-366 Stalber. Mrs. Edward 451 Stalker, Edward A. .368- 401 Stallard. George 104 Staubach. Mary . . 444 Simons, Walter J. . ..376- 127 Simonson, Frederick . . 367 Smith. Walter J 359 Smith, Mrs. Wavne ..438 Smith. Wendell . 66 Smith. William 348 Smoot. Frederick ..81-352 Smoot, Miller 343 Smoot, Ralph 122- 316-365 Snavely. Olan D 380 Snedecor, Jane . . 465 Simpson, Paul .... ](P 113-339-315 Simpson. Rosemary 468 Sims, Milton H 377 Standbridge. Inez . . . .465 Standish Estelle 443 315-469 Sinai. Nathan 86-399 Sindles, Harold 183 Snedeker. Bernard. . . .416 Snell. George D 368 Snell. Richard E 372 Stanger, Roland 378 Stanley. A. A 366 Stanley. Walter J ...103 Singer, Oscar 156-196-391 Sint, Charts , 2- Snelling, Geraldine C. 316- 339 Snow, Jonathan .. ..379 Stauter, George . . 104 Stanton Ethel 469 113-366-368 Sink, Emory W. . .416-121 Sink. Mrs. E. W 144 Sisson, Florence. .465-31 5 Sitton, Katherine 229- 315-439 Skidmore. Hobart 93- 94-120-230-314-375 Skebelsky. Lawrence. .377 Skellon. Harold 380 Stauter, George A 82 Stanton, Tohn F 354 Stanton, Mrs. Samuel. 459 Stanton. W. Wilhelmina 317 Stanton, Winifred 465 Stapleton, C B 4?1 Snowman, Paul A. ...316 Snyder. Austin B. . . .420 Snyder. Leon 104-316-420 Snyder, Lenore . . . 138-448 Snyder, Margaret 448 Snyder. Mary K. 142 Snyder, Parker 82-395 Snyder, Richard 85- 341-375 Snyder, R. Franklin ..316 Snyder, Robert A. 231-382 Snyder, Robert I. ...231- 316-375 Snvder, Robert K. 316-358 Snyder, Robert L 107 Snyder, Roscoe F. ...410 Sober, Gerald W 422 Society of Les Voyageurs 135 Sohn, Abraham 316 Sohn, Jesse S 388 Soldineer, Marshall. . .345- 414 Solis, Dr. Jeanne 458 Staransier. Melvin M. 374 Stark, Beverly 84- 334-449 Stark, Norman T. ...122 Stark Edith 465 Skerry, Arthur 363 Skinner. Tack .... 401 Skinta, George B 90- 91-357 Starkweather. Paul F. 422 Staubach. Charles N. .423 Staudt, Louis W 79- 343-364 Staugt. John G 364 Skolnick, Max .. .315-425 Slagle. George W. 125-413 Sleight, Richard L. ..367 Slemin. Louise. . . . 465 Stauter, George ...82-104 Stearns Kimball 353 Slifer, H. S .. 349 Stecker. Kenneth E. .317 Steele, Melvin S 373 Steele, Merle 141-317 Steele, Myrna K- 317 Steele, William W. ..412 Steer, Wesley 373 Slifer. Mrs. H. S. ...440 Sliney, Clare 442 Sloan, Paul S. ...345-416 Slocum. George 414 Sloss. Robert L. . ..78-3S6 Slosson, Mrs, Preston W 442 Seller, Ma the w E. ...414 Solman, Robert A. ...381 Solomon, Arthur. . 316 Steere. Mrs. Wm. ...446 Steffersen. Ellis H. ..129 Steffev Wilbert 376 Slote, June 138-4 5 Slovick, Stanley L. ..412 Small. Martin B 368 Small, Robert P. .315-428 Smalley. Dr. Marianna 458 Smart, John S. ...85-355 Smart, Richard 341 Solomon, Ernest M. . .374 Sommer, Chas. H. J r. 316-351 Sommer. Ralph F. ...410 Sommerville, Ernest T. 380 Sommers. E. E 133 Sommers, Laura 466 Somogyi, Erwin 341 Stegath. Fred 368 Stehouwer, Orrie W. 317- 405 Steigerwald. Joseph E. 395 Stein. Bernard W. ...317 Stein. Helen C 317 Stein. Tack 363 Stein. Millard 385 Stein Morton 91-381 Smeal, Charles E. ...384 Smeaton, Winifred. . .375- 421-436 Smith, Arthur H 356 Smith, Barbara 441 Sonnemann. Carl O. . .411 Soodick. Eli 381 Steinberg, Abraham ..114- 191 Steinburg, H. 191 Soper. Orrin L. .316-417 Sophomore Cabaret. ... 72 Sophomore Prom 96 Sorenson, Anne 80 Smith. Betty 141-441 Steinberg, Norman ...425 Steinberg. S. S. ..116-424 Steiner, Wilfred 233- Smith, Mrs. C. 455 Smith, Carl H. . . .357-366 Smith, Celine 315-464 Smith. Charles A.. 411-337 Smith, Charlotte 462 Sorensen, Nels P. 338-412 Sorkin. Louis I. . . 1 ' 9 317-428 Steinfatt. Walter L. . .404 Steinko, Truman 104- 113-388 Stellhorn Mary 448 Sorter, Norman 119- 233-316-365-428 Souders. M 421 Soule, B. S. . 421 Smith. David Klinger.382 Smith, Donald 418 Stellwagon. Mrs. Wm 437 Stemmerman. Marguerite 458 Stepnoski. Svlvester J. 110-236-318-420 Sterenberg. John 405 Sterling, Webster 318- 355-408 Stern, Elizabeth 232- 318-449 Stern. Josephine 449 Smith. Dorothv .. 443-458 Smith. E. Phelps 352 Smith, Edward 197- Soule. Mrs. Malcolm . . 442 Soverhill. Carol 465 Spain, Anna L. ..317-439 Spangenberg, George A. 129 Sparling. Claris 465 390-315 Smith. Edward W. ... 122 Smith. Elizabeth 315 Smith. Eugene P 315 Smith, Gardner 104- 113-120-315 Smith. Gavle ... i!5 Spaulding. E. C. .131-348 Spaulding. Mary. .444-120 Spedding. Haze!. 455 Speer. Richard D. 341-354 Spellman. Ralph 360 Spencer, Mrs 440 Spencer. Helen 84-439 Spencer, Jack L 85- 107-317-364-380 Spencer, James E. . . .387 Spencer, Robert . .340-35 ' Smith. Geer H 350 Smith, H. C 336 Smith. Ham- F 315 Smith. Helen 114 Smith Herbert 315 Stesel. Ruth 170- 145-334-435 Steva. Emil H 42.5 Stevens. Edward .132-423 Stevens. Frederick J. .415 Stevens. Mrs. Frederick B. . ...463 Smith. Mrs. I. M. ...144 Smith, Ira M. . . .25-t7I Page Fkre Hundred Thirteen III! W. IIIMIII III! CIIIHIII Illl 4ICniAlUNIII (HE IIIN1II IIINI1I Stevens, Harlow 356 Stevens, Henry ..318-405 Stevens, Lewis E. ...379 Stevens, Stanley L. . .372 Stevens, Warren 343 Stevenson, Clifford . . . 367 Stevenson, Ellen 448, Stevenson, Hugh, Jr. . 396 Steward, Calvin G. . . . 122 Steward, Thomas .... 197 Stewart, Adsit 379 Stewart, Charles D. . .423 Stewart, Duncan 389 Stewart, Mrs. G. E. . .440 Stewart, Mary 213 Stewart, Russel. .. .91-392 Stewart, Wm. H 368 Stiles, Frank 413 Stiles, Nettie 114 Stillman, Donald G. ..121 Stilson, Webnard M. .392 Stimson, Edward S. . .419 Stinespring, Harry... 156- 196-365 Stipe, Louis R 318 Stirling, Alfred M. ..351 Stirling, Dorothy 318-440 Stirling, Gale 378 Stirling, Mary C. .. .343- 435-464 Stirton, M 67- 110-235-318 Stocking, Charles H. .399 Stockwell, Benjamin W. 318-409 Stockwell, Nell 459 Stoddard, Alfred C. . . 364 Stoddard, Clifford P. 117- 187-318-401 Stoddard, Charles 122-135 Stokan, Olive 465 Stokely, John M 364 Stone, Charles 156-196-348 Stone, Dorothy 126 Stone, Orville W. ...237- 318 Stone, Ralph 23 Stone, W. J 112 Stoodley, Agnes 213 Stork, Kathryn 84 Storrs, Arnold 358 Stout, Melville B. 134-382 Stowe, Gordon 395 Stowe, Howard B. ...360 Stowe, Marion 442 St. Claire, James 334- 367 Straiter, Don 230 Stratemeier, Richard ..83- 108-134 Stratemeyer, Theodosia 147 Strater, Donald E. ..318- 370 Stratton, William C. 318 Strasburg, Philip F. ..404 Straub, Harvey G. ..233- 318-365-408 Straus, Clifford A. 102-393 Strauss, Prof. Louis A. 77-126 Strauss, Mrs. Louis .459 Strieker, Harold E. .318- 414 Stringer, Ivan C. ...318 Strehl, G. L 133 Strehl, Gay lord L. ...318 Strickler, Cyrus 413 Striedieck, Mrs. W. F. 144 Strough, Donna M. ..319 Strohmeyer, Olive.... 446 Strom, Wheaton 357 Strouse, Margaret . . . .462 Stryker, Alice 464 Stuart, Mary 440 Stuart, Mae 450 Student Christian Asso- ciation 98-487 Student Council 86- 472-482-488-490-496 Stuff lebeam. Oliver P. 319 Stuhrberg, Mrs. Carl .146 Stump, Edward 91 Sturgeon, Cameron M. 384 Sturgis, Cyrus C 33- 116-125-364-416 Sturgis, Mrs. C. C. ..446 Sader, Frank 122 Sudow, Dena 449 Sudow, J. Z 112-397 Suffron, Clarence R. .319- 362 Suffron, Roy 120-126 Sugar, Hyman S. 319-425 Sugg, Sullen E 414 Suik, Mrs. Chas. A. .146 Sullivan, Dorothy 455 Sullivan, George 401 Sullivan, Joseph 373 Sulivan, Walter 360 Sundell, W. A. ..131-387 Sunderland, Alice ....448 Sunderland, Edson R. .77- 119-364-484-487 Sunderland, Mrs. E. R. 448-468 Sundwall, Dr. John M. 128-201-414 Sundwall, Mrs. John. .440 Supe. Hodie 148-319 Superko, Arthur S. . .106- 172-319 Suravitz, Muriel 449 Sutfin, George V. 319-399 Sutherland, Barbara. .. 80- 438-466 Suthers. William D. ..389 Sutler, Earl 372 Sutton, James B 396 Sutton. M. Robert 380-319 Sutton, Thedabelle. . . .465 Sutton, Thoma 445 Swaby, Charles ...118-419 Swain, Doris 465 Swain, Mrs. George R. 435 Swain, John R 35 5 Swain, Lucile 463 Swain, Sarah L 319 Swamp Mud 93 Swan, J. S 130 Swan. Sidney 319 Swanson. Carl A. 192-417 Swanwick, Mary A. -.448 Swarthout. Anthony.. 126 Swartz, Harry 425 Swayer, Lelah 465 Sweet, Carrol 372 Sweet, Charles G. 236-319 Sweet, Gordon 78 Sweet, Helenmary 319-445 Sweet, Herbert C. ...411 Sweet, Lawrence K. .319- 355 Swetman, Margaret ..442- 462 Swift, Phyllis 145-440 Swihart, Martha N. .319- 443 Swisher, R. D 421 Sylvester, Herbert. .. .419 Symns, Mary K 319 Symons, Adelaide ... .436 Szekely, Elizabeth 464 Szekely, George. .. 104-353 Taggart, Mrs. H. S. ..437 Tague, Glenn C 373 Takala, Ellie 465 Talbot, Josephine 359- 440-452-480 Talcott, Elizabeth 80 Talamon. Mrs. Rene. .438 Tamm, Emil S 319 Tandler, Jack 372 Tanner, Thomas S. . . 420 Tapert, Alfred 334-376 Tapping, T. Hawley...32- 88-89-368-474 Taras, John 129 Tashjias, David R. ..320 Tate, Norman S 390 Tate, Robert 410 Tau Beta Pi 134 Tau Delta 203 Tau Delta Phi 391 Tau Epsilon Phi 394 Tau Kappa Epsilon. .202- 203 Tau Sigma Delta 110 Tawsley, Harry 418 Taylor, Alfred E.. 320-392 Taylor, C. C 413 Taylor, Florence E. . . 320- 438 Taylor, Frederick M. 422 Taylor, Ivan B 320 Taylor, James H 400 Taylor, Tames M 414 Taylor, Le Verne H. ..379 Taylor, Maurice 338 Taylor, Marvin H. . . . 390 Taylor, Mary P 455 Taylor, Ted 81 Taylor, Virginia 79- 139-149-438 Taylor, Warren Q. . . .402 Tayner, Owen 349 Teabolt, Chase 401 Teabolt, Eleanor A. ..336 Teal, James L 392 Tealdi, Aubrey 110 Tealdi, Mrs. Aubrey.. 438 Technic, Michigan 85 Tedrow, Ward 389 Teft, Dorothy 439 Tefft, Dorothy F 320 Teitlebaum, Jack. .197-391 Teitelbaum, Meyer .... 1 14 Teitelman, Stanley L. 320- 397 Telford, Albin S 90- 91-403 Temple, William. . 171-358 Tennant. John S 419 Tennant, Mrs. Mary K. 450-460 Terry, Mary E 145- 320-437-463 Terry, Stuart 414 Tessmer, Estil 108- 156-367 Test, Francis W 351 Thai, Jeannette D. ...320- 449 Thai, William S 374 Thalman, Jane 437 Thayer. Edward A. ..390 Thebaud. Paul 113-336 Theta Chi 204-382-376 Theta Delta Chi 361 Theta Kappa Psi 411 Theta Phi Alpha 445 Theurer, Ellen K. ...320 Thielke, R. C 421 Theilke, Mrs. R 144 Thieme, Hugo P 35 Thieme, Mrs. Hugo P. 146-437 Thomas, Alvin B 344 Thomas. Blair 187 Thomas, Charles 400 Thomas, Daniel R. ...320 Thomas, Helen 443 Thomas, Irene. .. .141-446 Thomas. Ivy P 462 Thomas, John W 82 Thomas, Joseph 417 Thomas, Margaret. .. .392 Thomas, Mary Evelyn. 44 3 Thomas, Ralph 354 Thomas, Robert 355 Thomas, Thomas 364-409 Thompson, Ardith . . . .463 Thompson, Bradley L. 370 Thompson, Charlotte A. 320-463 Thompson, Clayton . . . 399 Thompson, Eleanor ...435 Thompson, Dr. Elizabeth 458 Thompson. Esther K. 320 Thompson, Helen . . .465 Thompson, Hubert . . .320 Thompson, Kenneth ..360 Thompson, La Verne .194 Thompson, Margaret M. 84-140-229-230-320-438 Thompson, Marion B. 452 Thompson, Olive 462 Thompson, Robert ... 3 78 Thompson, Roger L. . 102 361 Thorns, Mary Alice .. .463 Thomsen, Viggo J 320 Thone, Frank H. ...398 Thoren, Theodore R. 134 Thornberg, John J...173- 365 Thornton, Frances ...457 460 Thornton, Joseph .... 341 Thornton. Kent C 370 Thorpe, Clarence D. 389 Thorpe, Mrs. C. D. ..446 Thorpe, Roger C. ..320- 357 Threefoot. Fred 374 Thuma. Mrs. B. D. ..446 Tice. Ruth 443 Tietjen, Paul L 353 Tiffany, Edna 465 Tildes. John 418 Till, Lydia E 321 Tilly, George Cook. 58-354 Tilley, Morris P. ...106- 364 Tilley, Mrs. M. P. ..441- 459 Tillotson, Gerald E. 233 Tillotson, E. W 421 Tillotson, Harry .... 196- 198-382 Timberlake, Josephine 120-121-140-141-145. 230-321-343-437-460 Timm, Margaret 463 Timmerman, Eugene C. 411 Timpf, Arthur 200-404 Timpf, Herman A. ..404 Timpson, Gladys . . . .148- 321-463 Tinkham, Lora 444 Tinsman. Gordon L. 336 Tippy, William . .126-321 Tisch, Richard E. ..321- 372 Tisch, Wilfred 372 Titcomb, Faye ..439-462 Titcomb, William 110-426 Titus, John W 321 Tobey, D 112-422 Tobias, Julius 386 Tobias, Sydney 385 Tobin. Richard L. . .82- 86-228-230-321-369-498 Todd, Avis 446 Todd, Florence H. ..321 Todd, Mildred 120- 230-321-444 Todd, Oliver E. .392-418 Todd, Stanton W 354 Toivonen, Pearl 458 Tolan, Edward 177 Tolan, Jack F 337- 360-413 Toland, Wayne 230- 320-423 Tomlinson, Austin E. .321 Tompkins, Jack 86- 151-172-183-228-321- 357 Tompkins, Paul 360 Tooni, Kami! N 321 Toonian, Nyib 124 Torbeson, Dorothea. . 145- 321-339-451 Tornberg, Gordon C. 404 Toro, ' Harold J 379 Townsend, Emma F. 321 Townsend, Francis D. 103 Townsend. Horace E. 322 Townsend, Helen ...131- 148-212-321-463 Townsend, lohn S. . .82- . 90-91-333 Townsend, Kenneth L. 322-382 Townsend, Robert D. 322-380 Townsend, Robertson G. 322-382 Traditions 484 Tracy, John E 415 Tracy, Ralph 97-343 Trail, Elbert 113- 237-366 Tramontana, Sam.... 396 Transeth, Paul 123 Traphagen. Arthur... 380 Travers, Harry .. 173-322 Travis, Florence M. .453 Travis, Helen 462 Travis, John J 410 Traylor, James E. Jr. 349 Trayner, Owen 334 Tredinnick, Elizabeth 463 Tredinnick, Jane ....463 Tree, Vernon C 349 Trepp, Samuel G. ...404 Treppencee, Reuben E. 122 Trigon 371 Tripp, William L. ...356 Trometer, August G. 132- 322 Trosper, Harold 419 Trosper, Mrs. H. P. 443 Troutman, Russell W. 102-113-322-339 Trow, Mrs. W. Clark 443 Trowe, William 367 Trudgeon, Irene 465 Trueblood, Thomas ...195 Trumble. Melvin 382 Trury, Walter R. ...376 Trussell, Claire ....124- 334.444 Trybyszewski, Gene... 198 Trythall, Sylvester W. 322 Tschumy, William E. 236- 322-420 Tucker, A. D. ..117-322 Fuller, Richard 114 Turner, Dean 83 Turner, Edwin T. ..108- 334-352 Turner, Frank J. 322-422 Turner, Katherine L. 322- 441 Turner, Roger ..177-354 Turning, Herbert H. 382 Tusch, Carl 378 Tuttle, Mrs. Edward.. 438 Tuttle, Norman C. . . . 122- 135-387 Tweed, Ring 490 Tweedy. Farrington. .349 Twinning, Mrs. Herbert 448 Twiss, Arthur R. 355-409 Twomey, Leonard N. 322 Tyler, Keith W 389 Tym, James E 322 Tyre, Mary H. ..322-446 Tyson. Ethelyn 438 Tyson, Harriet 438 U Uhlmam. Alice ... 322-443 L ' lbrich, Ernestine. .. .80- 334-438 Ullian. Mrs. H. B. . .453 Ullrich, Melvin 367 Ulrich, Thurston E. 323- 379 Underdown, Mrs. William E 450 Underwood, Mrs. Mar- garet H 450 Unger, Clare E 84- 323-467 Unger, Grace 435 University of Michigan 471-484-486 University of Michigan Band 102 University of Michigan Glee Club 104 University Girls ' Glee Club 145 Unsworth, Ruth L. 334- 437 Upham, Mrs. Myra..453 Uphaus, Millard B. .102 Upson, Lent D 33- 368 Upthegrove C 421 L T pthegrove, Mrs. Clare 444 Upton, Herbert H. . . 364 Upton. Mrs. Herbert 439 Urban, S. F 421 Uren, Marion A 323 Urist, C. H 112 U. S. Senate 484 Utter, Elizabeth W. .323- 467 V Vaksdal, Steiner 90- 341-401 Vale, Murray J 397 Valentine, Mildred. .. 114 Valin, Jack 386 Valk. Noris C 323 Valk, William 410 Valverde, Luis 323 Valziel, Phillip 403 Van Aken. Katherine. 444 Van Akkeren, John J., 122 Van Ameringen, Louise 451 Van Arden. Wm 396 Van Aren, Kathryn W. 323 VanAvery, Hilda 439 Van Blargan, Lee 233-232 Van Boven, Mrs. Peter 370-438 Van Buren, Mrs. J. .453 Van Camp, Eunice ...462 Van Cleaf , Edwin E. 323-400 Vanden Boogert, Alyce 124-323 Vanderbury, Palmer. .466 Vanderberg, Lawrence J. 323-388 Vanderklort. Robert.. 356 Vander Slice, David . .418 Vanderveen, Angee. . . M5 Vanderveen, Theodore 104 - 405 Van De Walker, Granden 357 Van Dorn, Fred E. 400- 419 Van Duren. Arthur. .382- 485-666 VanGribbon. Allan.. 230 Van Every, Dorothy M. 450 Van Hoen, Jean 465 Van Hook. James .... 1 04 Van Horn, Betty 441 Van Kleet, Mabel 446 Van Landegend, Hope 322-463 Van Loo, Jacob 232- 323-405 Van Loon, Helen 145- 146-339-523-437 Van Loon, Henry ... .417 Van Nouhreys, Herbert 104 Van Riper, Dorothy .340- 446 Van Riper, Joseph E. 323-402 Van Slyke. Elsa 462 Van Tamelen, Chester 405 Van Tuinen, Jacob... 405 Van Tuyl, Frank F. 361 Van Vleck, George ...81 Van Wesep, Gerald L. 233-403 Van Why, John 128 Van Winegarden, Jerome 397 Van Winkle, Mrs. Don 439 Van Zevren, Kathryn 463 Vare, William S. ...490 Varnum, Herbert E. 324 Varrone, John C. ...416 Varsity. Junior 196 Vaughan, Herbert E. 324 Vaughn, Archibald C. 412 Vaughn, J. Walter... 348 Vaughn, Marion .145-463 Veal. Martha 234-462 Veclder, Byron C. ..83-334 Vedder, Frances B. .355- 410-435 Veech, Max 119- 233-324-395 Veenstra, Louis . .335-388 Vennema, A 117- 131-134-324-401 Verbridge. H. L 127 Vereen, Hartford 360 Virgil. Williams 341 Ver Meulen, Vichor R. 405 Verner. Ann W. . .84-120 Verner, Shirley 443 Vernue, Eugene 360 Vetter, Kenneth 366 Vibbert, Charles B. ..108- 382 Vicary, William H. . .392 Videto, Thelma 465 Viga, Al 344 Vincent, Violet 460 Vipond, Leslie Virtue. Robert 375 Voelber, Dale G 324 Voight. Roland 119 Volk, Rosie 465 Von Mair. Robert C. . .354 Von Wecop. Gerard.. 119 Voorhies. Jean 340-464 Vorwork, Mrs. W. W. 144 Voss, Freemont C. ..324 Vreeland, Francis M. 395 Vulcans 107 Vyn, Arend... 79-129-352 W Waara, Katherine 324-450 Wademeyer, Josephine 445 Wadsworth, Alma 84-467 Wadsworth, Louise ..463 Wadsworth, Lucy ...463 Wagar, Spencer H. . .416 Waggoner, Lyle 382 Waggoner, Raymond .416 Wagner, Albert P. ..382 Wagner, Mrs. A. P.. .442 Wagner, Charles G. ..384 Wagner, Mrs. C. . 146-450 Wagner, Charles R. ..108 Wagner, Mrs. Charles W. 436 Wagner, Louis 398 Wagner. Mary E. . ..436 Wakefield, Ted 370 Wangner, William F. 416 Wait, William H. .. .348 Waite, Alonzo C. 324-410 Waite, John 119 Waite, Mrs. John B. .460 Walaver, Earl S. ...362 Walber, Dorothy L. ..444 Walber, Frances 324 Walbridge, Colonel G. B. 131 Walbrink, Donald H. 329 Walcott, Charles C. ..365 Walder. Harold 411 Waldman. Helen F. ..453 Waldo. Charles M. ..412 Waldron, Fredricka . .97- 343-438 Waldron. Frederick R.354 Waldron, Mrs. Frederick 141 Walker, Mrs. Berle ..440 Walker. Dorothy 124 Walker, Frances 124 Walker, Howard P. ..401 Walker, Polly 80 Walker, William 201 Walkinshow, Eleanor. 141- 324-439 Walkotten, Henry J. 405 Wall, Mrs. A. A. . ..146 Wallace, James ..344-357 Wallace, Margaret 145-464 Wallace. Margot ....464 Walle, Leonard J 404 Waller, Harold G. ..116- 125-378-418 Waller, Rose Mary. . .436 Walls. Mrs. Louise ..450 Walloman, Helen F. .324 Walp, J. Donald 376 Waipa, Sylvia 141 Page Five Hundred Fourteen Water. Mrs. J. L. .146- 435 Walsh, Genevieve ---- 445 Walsh, John ........ 396 Walter. Helen ....... 463 Walters, Perry T. ...95- 125-337-411 Walters. Douglas ____ 417 Walters, Royal W. . .324 Walton, Ellen ....... 447 Walton. L. ....... 133 Walton. Mildred ---- 147 Wall. William ...... 367 Wall. Mrs. William. .440 Wanamaker, Mrs. John 436 Wanamaker. Mrs. R. .436 Wandell. Herbert C. 390 Wang. StelU ........ 462 Wannamaker. Walter. 339 Ward. Frank J ....... 110 Ward, Gilbert J. . .129-392 Ward. Marcos L. ____ 30- -: -Si Ward. Robert ____ 343-361 Ward. Stanton ...... 356 Ward. Willard W. . .324 :iam H. -.402 Ward. Willis ....... 197 Wareham. Frank L. .338 Warneld. Mrs. L. ..459 Waring, Nathan S. . ..349 Edward D. .361 Warner, Edwin . . 104-122 Warner. John ....... 367 Warner, Raymond ... 41 6 Warner. Richard S. .103 Warner. William ____ 371 Warren. Xeil E. ____ 387 Warren. Thomas M. 351 Warthin. Virginia ____ 439 Washborn, Carltoo F. 85- 421 Washbum. Mrs. C. L. 444-468 Washer. Charles .. 200-382 Washtenaw Party 488-490 elewski. Eugene. .396 Witerbor. E. Stanley. 3 N a-erman. Leroy ...... 35 -rman. Mrs. Leroy 439 Waterman, Merwin H. Waterman. Mrs. M. H. 437 Waters, Harlan ..... 366 Watland. Gerald ____ 236 Watkins, Herbert G. 102- 105-371 Watkins. Leonard F. 423 Watrous. Miryan 143-463 Watson, Earnest H. 324 Watson. T. Y. ..52-409 Watson. Virginia 324-435 Watts. Marv Elizabeth 84- 439 Waueh, Edna ---- 141-444 Waulk. Edna ........ 334 Waustrom, Dr. Roth 458 Wayland, Eugene B. 356 Weadock. Arthur ...... 88 Weatherill. Phillip F. 350- 421 Weaver. David ...... 418 Weaver. Florence ---- 462 b, Austin A. ____ 34 Webb, Frances E. ...325 Webb. Olive ........ 464 -er, Jerome E. ..414 KT. Mildred ____ 146 Weber. Eric. .145-325-443 Weber. Frank K. 325-372 Weber. Harry ...... 426 Weber. James ....... 358 Weber. Karl W. .325-411 W ber. Richard P. ..325 Webster. Beatrice 343-450 Webster, Mary Ellen 141- (48-461 Webster, Randolph W. 128-200 Webster. Mrs. R. W. .144 Webster. Richard C. .384 Webster. Vemon L. .416 Wehl. John .......... 177 Weier. Karl ......... 418 Weifenbach. Edna ____ 146 Weigel, LaVerne E. 325- Weinberg. Max H. ..374 Wemblatt. Morris 232-525 Weiner. L. ...... 133-391 Vein6eId. Charles ____ 97 Weinhardt. Robert A. 390 Weinman, Edward B .103- 113-373 Weinman. Lillian . . . .442 Weinseld. Charles ____ 344 W emstein, Edward ..393 Weinstein. Howard . 397 Weipen. W. T ...... 112 Weir. Mrs. F. Y. ...144 Weisborn. Hazel ..... 465 Weise,C. B ......... 421 Weise. Johanna M. ..237 Weisenboan, Hazel A. 325 Weiss. Basil ........ 394 Weiss, Bemice J. ---- 453 Weis. Doris A. . . .325-452 Weiss. Henry ...... 167- 230-325-366-377 Weiss. Ruth ........ 459 Weiss. Walter ....... 102 Weissman. Jacob J. .129- 381 Weitbrecht. Carlotta . 124 Welch, Edward 94-325-428 Welch, Eleanor . .334-450 Welch. John H ...... 416 Welch. Margaret ____ 439 Welch. Xed W ...... 360 Welch. Mrs. Paul ____ 444 Weller. Carl V Wellington. Vera 116 441 ..387 Wellman, John W. Wellman, Samuel G. 325- 378 Wells. Bob ......... 120 Wells. Carol ........ 465 Wells. Edward ...... 375 Wells, R. Duane ____ 126- 325-353 Wells. Stanley ...... 365 Wells, Virgil H. .129-403 Wender, Helen ....... 465 Wendand, Herman.. 343- 361 Wendling. Raymond A. 370 Wendrow, Barnaby A. 325 Wendrowitz, Edward J. 129 Wendt, Otto A. ..... 236- 325-412 Wendt, Willard J. ..236- 325-420 Wenning. Helen ..... 465 Wentworth, Justine . . 325 Wentworth, Ruth ____ 326 Wessborg. Greta ..... 464 Wessels. Robert ..... 356 Wessinger, Gretchen . 464 Wessinjter, Leslie J. .373 West. Coach Wilbur. .191 West. Douglas ...... 104 W t5 :. Earl C. ...... 422 Western. Marjorie .452- 462 Westin. Marie E. 325-442 Weston,Jean K. ____ 411 Weston. Sinclair ---- 378 Westorer, Louis ---- 156- 341-349 Westorer. Rtrth ..... 447 Wetzel. Gardner B. ..356 Wetzel. Robert ...... 120 Weyeuberg, Henry . . 104- 251-326-405 Weymouth. L. B. ...421 Whar. Frederick B. 372 Wharfield. Albert M. 384 Wheat. Mrs. C. S. ..435 Wheat. Thomas E. ..371 Wheeler, Benjamin W. :; -- Wheeler, Betty ...... 436 Wheeler. Carol ...... 436 Wheder.C. J ....... 382 Wheeler, Charles W. .337 Wheeler. Clifford R. . 384 Wheeler. Carolyn 147-326 Wheeler, Hsieth G. .450 Wheeler. Martha ____ 120- 334-336-348-438-460-666 Wheeler, Mrs. M. W. 43 S Wbelan, Laura ...... 146 Wheelwright. Warren L. 378 Whipple. Guy 124-343-378 White. Mrs. Albert. . .439 White. Mrs. Alfred H. 146 White, Alfred H. ...131- 378-421 White. Bradford A. . .370 White. Carl F ....... 400 White, Charles ...... 362 White. Edson R ..... 89- 237-422 White. Emily ....... 213 White. Enoch .97-343-350 White. Fannie ....... 469 White. Florence ..... 463 White, Fred ......... 366 White. George O. ...378 White. Grenville H. . . 34g White. Harriette ____ 440 White. John J ....... 85- 235-326-420 White, Joseph P ..... 231- 326-403 White. Mrs. Lee E White. Margaret .458-465 White, Marjorie F. . . 326 White. Mary F. .326-442 White. Mary Jean 437-606 White. Mik) A. 356 White. Miriam E. 326-436 White, Richard M. ..356 White. Stewart M. . .384 White. Stoddard . 1 02-343 Whiteley, Robert K. 337- 416 Whiting. Clayton E. .392 Whitman. Eleanor ... 444 Whitman, Elizabeth . . 124 Whitman, Elmer L. ..410 Whinner, J. C 117- 326-382-400 Whitmire. A. J 366 Whitmore. O. B 197 Whitney. Allen S. ...348 Whitney. Mrs. A. S. 144- 440 Whitney. Carol 452 Whitney, C. Mason... 336 Whitsit, Lawrence C. 94- 117-134-231-326-373 Whitten. Mary B. ...326 Whinemore, Harlow O. 110 Whittinghill. Alice ... 458 Whittlesey. Frederick D. 354 Whittlesey, George H. Wickett, Elizabeth ...452 Widmayer, Arvah B. 326- 465 Widmer. A. J. 421 Wiedka, dare E. ..235- 327-417 Wiedman. Mrs. Cora L. 450 Wien. Jerome L. 327-377 Wierengo. John . . . 343-350 WieseTjohanna ..143-327 Wight Howard M. ..122 Wikel, Dorothy 124 Wilber, Ines E. ..327-458 WiTber, Sarah P 327 Wilbur, Everett 403 Wilby. Ernest 110 Wilcox. Charles E. .327- 375 Wilcox. Julia 114-445 Wilcox. Katberine ... 444 Wilcox. Paul H 327 WUcox. Richard 101- 129-378 Wilcox. Richard I. ..327- 395 Wild. Eric 113- 126-327-339-366 Wad. Karl E 122 Wild. Mrs. 444 Wilde. Walter W. ...348 Wilder.G. T 112 Wilder, Marion 439 Wilder, Raymond L. .396 Wudern, William J. .327- 400 WOderom, Morris 405 Wile.Cdo J. .34-116-409 Wile, Mrs. V. J 443 Waford, William H. 122 Waford, Mrs. B. H. .144 Witeus.Gay 435 Wilgus. Mrs. H. L. . .435 Wais. Mrs. Paul 146 Wilkinson. Clydia . . .465 Wilkinson, Judith M. 327- 450 Wilkinson. Muriel ...147 WOks, Raymond H. .327- 417 Wilkuski. Frank J. ..122 Willard. H. H. ..358-421 Waiens, Gerald L. ..327- 397 WOlhite. Winfield 401 Waiiams. Arthur J. . .414 Williams, Mrs. Arthur J. 436 Williams, Robert .183-464 Williams. Charles A. 423 Williams, Donald H. 327- 382-388 Wflliams, Doris 465 W ill iams. Dorothea .145- 448-455-465 Williams. G. S 107 Williams. Howard R. 327 Williams, John ..203-337 Waiiams. Marian 441-455 Williams, Xe3 H. . . .388 W r aiiams. Mrs. X. H. 446 Williams. 85 Williams. Paul C. ...416 Wflliams. Mrs. Robert 442 Waiiams. Ruth E. ..327- 464 Williams. S 131-387 Williams. Stuart 382 Waiiams, Virgil C. .129- 372 Williams. William ...382 Williamson. Ivan 108- 151-156-167-366 Williamson. Robert W. 230-459-606 Williamson. Thomas. 367 Willis. Ardath M. ..328 Waiman. Jean 463 Willman. John 414 Willman, Margaret J. 328-467 Waioughby. John E. 422 Wills, William K. ..328- 348 Wilsey. Collin 464 Wilson. Arthur ..187-375 Wilson. Mrs. Arch... 146 Wilson. Mrs. C. E. . .459 Wilson. Frank X. 116-409 Wason, Mrs. Frank. 447- 459 Wilson. Frederick W. 414 Wilson. Gerald 396 Wilson, Harry . . . 372-421 Wason. Mrs. " H. R. ..144 Wilson. John 118 Wason,John P. Jr. .328 Wilson, John R. Wilson. Joseph G. . W ' ilson. Kenneth A. Wilson. Leonard . . W ' ilson. Lola Y. . . . Wilson. Marian E. . 399 328- 380 .122 .382 .213 .328- 465 Wilson. Pauline .145-437 Wilson, Ralph R 122 Wilson, Roland E. ..328- 420 Wilson, Ronald G. ..134- 231-328 Wason, Vivian 328 Wilson. Wallace E. . . 336- 420 Wason, Walter E. ..359- 606 Water, Gordon 418 Wiltsie. Donald A. ..399 Winans. Mary 465 Winchester, Richard. 104- 339 Winck, Marjorie 445 Windeu, James H. ..335 Winder, Paul 413 Winder, Mrs. Paul . . .440 Windham, Margaret. .438 Windiate. X 198 Windt, Mary E. .334-462 Winegarden. Jerome. 343 Wineman, James ... 90- 340-374 328-375 Wineman, Margaret .437- 464 Wines. Anna 465 Winfield. J. M. 409 Winig. Jerome 187 Winklehouse. Mrs. L. E. 144 Winkler. Harold G. .412 Winn, Laurier X. ..328- 422 Winslow, Mrs. Mena.437 Winsknr, Sherwood B. 357-413 Winster. Ralph 375 Winston. J. Leo. .156-196 W r inter, Charles 367 Winters, Don 104 Winter. Garrett E. .125- 133-232-328 Winter. Dr. John G. .136 Winters. Glenn 341 Winters. G. R 82 Winton. Bernadine. . .444 Wirraniemi, Johanna 465 Wisansky. Osborne A. 233-328-428 Wise. C 133- 202-328-350 Wise. Harold T. .122-395 Wiselogk, Frederick Y. 328 Wisner, F. H 368 Wistert, Francis M. 156- 359-606-888 Witham, Verle C. 233-328 Withey. Charles D. .400 Witroan. Jeanne 463 Witmer. Mrs. R. B. 144 Witter. Joseph . . .375-413 Wittiner. Henriette ..124 Wodsworth. Lacy 460 Wbjtazaszek, Josephine ; = .. Wolbrink. Donald H. 420 Wolaver. Mrs. Earl S. 436 Wolf, Frederick 118- 119-233-329-419 Wolf . Kathryn 465 Wolf. Virginia C. 329-449 Wolfe. George 370 Wolfe. Harmon ....177- 181-234-329-372 Wolfe. Hazel L. 444 Wolfe. R. A 133 Wolf stein. Isabel 449 Woloz, Leonard L. 230- 329-397 Women ' s League Bd. of Directors 140 Women ' s League Build- ing 74-7S Women ' s League ...141 Wong. Lilly G. ..329-468 Yong.Yu Choke 329 Wonser, Mary 465 Wood. Theresa 462 Wood, Arthur 114 Wood, Mrs. Arthur E. 444 Wood, Charles 365 Wood. John B 329 Wood. Kendall B. ...122 Wood, Mary 462 Wood, Merle G 329- 400-414 Wood. Susanne . . 124-464 Wood. Walter F. 410 Wood. Warren 104 Wood. W. P 421 Woodbridge, Mrs. Alice 435 Woodbridge, Marian L. 436 Woodbnrns, Russell T. 329 Woodhams. Betty 439 Woodhams, Josephine. .84- 34O-438 Woodley, Hazel G. .329- 444 Woodruff. Edmond B. 354 W 7 oodruff. Edward ...341 Woodruff, Howard . . 104- 342-412 Woodruff. Robert P. .128- 329 Woods, Carl S 235- -:- -: Woodward, Bethel . . .465 Woodward, Louise S. 329- 441 Woodward. Robert D..134 Woodworth, Lilburn L. 389 Woody, Clifford 375 Woods, Mrs. Clifford 144- 442 Woofter. Andrew C..414 Wooley, Janet 436 Woolfe, Robert 356 Woolner. H 112-397 Woolner. Sidney 104-329 Wopat, James 367 Wopat. John W 360 Worboys. William R. 107-365-329 Worden,Carl C. ..409 Worden. Edward C. . .392 Worden. Howard M. .228- 230-330-347-360-496 Workman, H 117- 134-330-390 Work, Bruce A, .232-330 Work, Josephine F. .330- 467 W T ork,Rnth 442 Work,W T alter 409 Works, Marian 463 Worley, John S 86- 107-357 Worley. Mrs. J. S. -.146- 435 Worley, Mary Louise. 441 Worst, Charles R. ...78- 171-364-606 Worth. Dr. MeUissa . .458 Wortley. Colonel M. P. 131 Wortley, Elinor . 146-439 Wonghter, Douglas D. 330 Womghter, Harold W. 125-414 Wragby. Ray 104-366 Wreggit. Winston R. 116- 232-330 Wright. Barbara 441 Wright, C. R- 417 Wright, Doris 465 Wright, George L. . .330- 410 Wright. Hosmer B. . 373 Wright, Teannette 330 Wright, T. H 421 Wrisrht. Katharine . . .463 Wright. Margaret 141-441 Wrock. Arthur H. ..330 Wnerfel. Robert 419 Wuerfel. Mrs. Robert. 447 Wunsch. Betty . . .343-441 Wunsch. Edward S. .356- 408 Wurster. Ralph. .. 132-133 Wvman. George 397 Wyman. Mrs. George 441 Wynkoop, Everett E..330 .412 Xi Psi Phi Y Yang Sophia 463 Yarrington. E. B. ..106- 330-357 Yates, Mrs. D. C ...144 Yates, Stanley J. ...236- 330-412 Yeagley. Eleanor .145-442 Yeagley, J. Walter. . . 372 Yearod. Jane 114 Yee. Edward G 330 Yenni. William H. .134- 231-330 Yerkes. Edmund P. .415 Yesser. Gordon A. ..330 Yglesias, Marian 114 Yoakum, Clarence S. .24- 364-423 Yost, Fielding H. ... 128- 131-151-153-228-357- 357-484-492 Yost, Mrs. Fielding H. 146-435 Yost. Fielding H. Jr. 156- 351 Young, Frederick W. 235-330-410 Young, Helen 467 Young, Leigh J 122- 135-358 Young. Mrs. Leigh J. 442 Young, Leonard H. ..331 Young. Margaret 465 Young, P. A. 127 Young, Paul X 234 Young, Rnby J 331 Young. William H. . . 360 Young. Win. J 353 Younger, A. Myles..l98- 370 Yonrd, Kenneth L. ...78- 95-108-334-348 Zable. Rudolph 361 Zagorin. William E. .381 Zahn, Ralph 331-363 Zamora. Hector R. ..331 Zander. William . 100-331 Zandstra. Joe 405 Zanoff, L 133 Zapp, Robert 356 Zarnev, Lucille 449 Zavitz, Charles H. ... 122 Zawadzki. Sigmund A. 331 Zebrak. Barbara 468 Zeeb. Genevieve M. ..331 Zehring, Robert M. .419 Zeiges. Phyllis M. ..331 Zendzian, Frank 197- 344-365 Zeno. Ross 413 Zentgrebe, Willard H. 331-423 Zentz, D. Warren. 33 1-365 Zerbe, Richard O. ...460 Zeta Phi Eta 460 Zeta Psi 353 Zettler. Marie 213 Zias, Joseph F. 86- 87-90-373 Ziefle. Helen 80-451 Ziff. Freda 331-339 Zflch. Oscar Q 439 Zimmer. Catherine ...460 Zimmer. Doris 141 Zimmerman. Daniel F. 88-89-354 Zimemian. David . .81-97- 343-350 Zimmerman. Lots ... .447 Zipperstein. Clement A. 338-391 Zinder, Lyle F 420 Zlalkin. Louis 424 Zoller. Gwendolyn -.145- 331-339-444-459 Zook. Elizabeth 465 Zoss, Louis 441-424 Zoss. Samuel R. 337-424 Zoul, Robert H 390 Zo woski. S. J 107 Zuber, Rose .124-331-466 Zuckor. Isadore 425 Zur Mnehlen. Richard C. 351-399 Zwerdling. Abe 112 Zwerdline. Morris ... 1 19- Zwirnbaum, Frances M. 453 Zygarlowski, Bernard C. 402 Zygarlowski. Walter F. Page Fire Hundred Fifteen

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