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II TAU KAPPA EPSILON TAU KAPPA EPSILON Upsilon Chapter Library 7 M This book presented by 1 COPYRIGHT BRYAN HUNT Tvl.A.N.A.G ' IKrCi EDI TOR. .WcAYNE BROWN EOUk BUSINESS MANAGER. FOR AIX " f TtX o " dlej JL O tta eM J OCX? FIELDING H. YOST One whose life has been dedicated to Michigan Athletics. One whose name stands foremost in the country for Sportsmanship, Cleanliness and Manhood. One whose name is a tradition at Michigan and wherever athletics are mentioned. In the year of his retirement from active coaching we dedicate this volume of the MICHIGAN - ENSIAN as a slight token of our regard. -9 In the past the name of Michigan has been outstanding in Athletics as in Education. Teams inspired with the spirit of victory but with a sense of sportsmanship and j air play known throughout the country. " Point a Minute " , " All- American " , " Champions of the West. " At the present Michigan retains an envied position due to her prowess. Her reputation for Sportsmanship remains untarnished and ' though not always victorious, always dangerous. Michigan is blazing new paths into the future with a program of " Athletics for All " in order to give the benefits of athletic competition with the physical and moral advantages therefrom to the greatest possible number. N TE NT S FEATURES .... SENIORS .... ATHLETICS .... ACTIVITIES .... FRATERNITIES . SORORITIES WOMEN ' S ACTIVITIES . WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS . SATIRE PAGE i? 33 187 243 321 407 439 465 481 o d BYRON E. BIGGS FRANCIS W. KELSEY ALFRED H. LLOYD HERBERT P. M A L L R Y CHARLES NEWCOMBE WILLIAM H. BURNS LEE W. CHISNELL FLORENCE H. CONE FRANK CORY REHMAN G. DOMHOFF WILLIAM FINK THOMAS S. McDANIEL EVERETT S. POOR DOMINIC SCARPING ROBERT W. STERN ELIZABETH STRUTHERS HP I rflichidan ' ( 1IJOI J tr lam L .in ran 1 arv tlonutn ( f I p-l L lements . ibrarv Jit Jb LJ el XP clL_9 P Shady Reflections on Freshman Week Below Ann Arbor ' s Tea Parties A side-line at the Dean ' s house Page 17 FEATURES After a careful survey of the whole situation the Regents, at. their meeting on June 17th, 1927, passed the following resolution: -Resolved: That no student in attendenoe at the University from and after the beginning of the first semester of the University year 1927-1928 hall operate any motor vehicle . In exceptional and extraordinary oaeee in the discretion ofi the Dean of Students thie rule may ' be relaxed. A mere scrap of paper .... but! In Memoriam The Arrest comes for the student " He stoppeth one of three " Page 18 FEATURES " Thf old man " swaps yarns Glimpses of the Football Season Thf dedication crowd Thafs only the half of it The Fall Games precede the Navy ' s Defeat FEATURES UMVEFMTY BANS ALL FOOTBALL GAMES AS DANGER OF STUDENT INJURIES IS STRESSED Joesting Breaks Leg on Eve of O mtest (OIIK1L t t TIOATWC. CO tKITTKJ[ Editors .An Not Responsible For Thoe D. U. dfcorale your house? Tkf blanket remains Homecoming fraxint rretarious Up to his tricks again Where the Steeetkfart is of d T Wahr ' s our wandering boy tonite? Casual Drippings from the Fall Season Alone at Last Our Royal road to education Clement ' s Library Identify: giving name, location, and style Page 22 A Page of Comparisons Mathematics before merriment Left: An argument for co-education The best part Page 2 3 Mimes Presents The Same to You " FEATURES v T rik. 4 " Twenty Second " Annual Musical Comedy Page 25 Knee Deep in Winter Lest We Forget Left: Youth s coming of age Entertainment for the little tots The female of the s is more dangerous itJi the male Our Spring Times K - - Freshmen amusing themselves I A cross section Page 29 Roped, thrown and branded g Left: " There goes a good seat! Spring Games and Campus Initiations Left: The Sphinx cross the burning sands Swing Out and Commencement Those Seniors mil kani around Thf fril tkat men do lines ffter tke Beginning of the end " AND DEPARTING, Leave behind us " our Marks. Page 32 GtD 1|P alb s SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS SS OFFICERS R. LELAND M. MEYER J. McKxio D. KNAPP 1928 LITERATURE, SCIENCE AND ARTS OFFICERS ROBERT C. LELAND MARGARET MEYER JEAN McKAic DALES A. KNAPP President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Advisory WILLIAM PUSCH Chairman COURTLAND C. SMITH ELLIS B. MERRY Athletic FRANK L. WACHTER- B. J. OOSTERBAAN NORMAN GABEL INMAN L. MUNGER -Chairman Auditing WM. D. EDWARDS, JR. Chairman LAWRENCE K. GOODRICH JOHN A. KENNEDY RICHARD H. LUTES ELEANOR C. MACK Banquet THOMAS L. CONLON Chairman PAUL S. BRYANT Louis A. SPAULDING JOHN W. RICE ALBERTA L. SHANK ELIZABETH H. HARRIMAN Caps and Gowns MARTIN GARBER Chairman ARTHUR P. GRIGG FRANK W. BUSCH THOMAS J. FITZGIBBONS MARIAN L. WELLES Class Day W. C.CAMPBELL, JR. Chairman HENRY S. GRINNELL JOHN P. HEDRICK WILBUR PETRIE WILLIAM BRUMBAUGH ELIZABETH L. EASTMAN COMMITTEES Finance JOHN L. WILSON Chairman CLARENCE W. BROWNELL RAY C. HUMPHREY FLORENCE S. WERTEL JEAN G. GREENSHIELDS Invitation ALBERT J. ROESCH Chairman JOHN A. CUNNINGHAM WILBUR D. PRESCOTT JAMES O. SHEEHAN MARGARET H. BREER ISOBEL D. STITT JUNE SLOMER Memorial LORNE J. POOLE Chairman DOUGLAS J. DOUBLEDAY WARREN A. WOOD DONALD J. McLEAN VIVIAN C. PRATT Picture THOMAS J. DOUGALL Chairman RALPH M. COLE BARBARA H. PATTON Pipes and Canes CHARLES B. GILBERT Chairman ELBERT E. VYSE WILLIAM D. BRUMBAUGH Promenade JOHN H. GLOVER Chairman CLARENCE W. LITTLE JOHN P. OTTAWAY BRYAN HUNT DOROTHY C. TRUETTNER Publicity GEORGE H. ANNABLE Chairman FREDERIC W. FULLER STAFFORD L. JONES Jo H. CHAMBERLIN RUTH H. MOORE Senior Ball JAMES U. HUGHEY Chairman WILLIAM T. BARBOUR ROBERT C. HANDLOSER ADDISON D. CONNER MARY LOUISE MURRAY Senior Sing H. T. FIT .PATRICK Chairman GORDON W. PACKER VINCENT C. WALL ELSIE E. MURRAY MARTHA M. HERRNSTEIN Social JOHN H. BOBRINK Chairman GEORGE A. GIBSON SAMUEL E. GAWNE JOHN A. MARSHALL SEELEY CHAPMAN BARBARA H. PATTON FREDRICA HARRIMAN Page 34 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Advisory Committee Athletic Committee Auditing Committee Banquet Committee Caps and Gowns Committee Class Day Committee Finance Committee Invitation Committee Memorial Committee . . Picture Committee Pipes and Canes Committee Promenade Committee Publicity Committee Senior Ball Committee Senior Sing Committee Social Committee WILLIAM PUSCH FRANK L. WACHTER WILLIAM D EDWARDS JR. THOMAS L. CONLON MARTIN CAREER . WILLIAM C. CAMPBELL JR. JOHN- L. WILSON ALBERT J. ROESCH LORNE J. POOLE THOMAS J. DOUGALL CHARLES B. GILBERT JOHN H. GLOVER GEORGE H. ANNABLE JAMES U. HUGHEY HAROLD T. FITZPATRICK JOHN H. BOBRINK Pag ' 35 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS H. MATHESON J. FLORENCE I. SALMOND J. MATHES 1928 ENGINEERING HAROLD L. MATHESON J. B. FLORENCE IRVING SALMOND JOHN MATHES OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Athletic EDWARD W. TILLOTSON Chairman BERNARD C. CASE RUSSELL F. DONKER HAROLD W. KELLOGG JEROME W. WOOD Cane PERRY M. SHOEMAKER Chairman DONALD E. BRUMMITT HAROLD T. Ross ALLEN SALISBURY HARRY A. SAVIGNY Class Day JAMES G. McKiLLEN Chairman ROBERT L. GALLEY WILLIAM R. MCCONOCHIE LEIGHTON B. POTTER MAXWELL H. THOMPSON Financial CHARLES R. DOUGALL Chairman HENRY S. FELIX NEWTON H. TAYLOR Invitation HERMAN J. EICHENHOFER Chairman LAWRENCE E. ERICKSON KARL F. LUST ELLSWORTH S. JONES PAUL A. NORDGREN Memorial LAURENCE J. VAN TUYL Chairman ROYCE L. JOHNSON MARCUS MAINS HENRY J. OOSTERLING Picture RUSSELL L. SCHWING Chairman Louis S. AURAND JOHN S. CHASE WILLIAM H. HAAG CECIL M. NOBLE Social CHARLES E. ROBINSON Chairman ALBERT R. COOK WAYNE G. COWELL WILLIAM K. HAMILTON LESLIE D. WESTON Page 36 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN CHARLES E. ROBINSON- EDWARD V. TILLOTSON CHARLES R. DOUGALL RUSSELL L. SCHWING PERRY M. SHOEMAKER HERMAN J. EICHENHOFER LAURENCE J. VAN TUYL JAMES G. McKiLLEN Social Committee Athletic Committee Financial Committee Picture Committee Cane Committee Invitation Committee Memorial Committee Class Day Committee Pag ' 37 E. SCOTT C. PERRY J. LAWSON C. CHAPPLE 1928 MEDICINE OFFICERS EUGENE E. SCOTT CLIFTON W. PERRY JOHN W. LAWSON CHARLES C. CHAPPLE President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Athletic FRED B. WILLIAMSON Chairman CHARLES R. REINSTEIN ALONZO A. NORCONK PAUL C. SAMSON Auditing CHARLES F. FRANKMAN Chairman ELIZABETH G. HUNTER DEAN L. HOSMER ELMORE C. VONDERHEIDE Cane MILTON M. ROSEN Chairman WILLIAM G. BEETS OLIN J. CAMERON- LEO STONE Caps and Gowns CHARLES W. SCHAEFER Chairman JOHN L. MURPHY FRANKLIN G. LINDEMULDER JANE SKILLEN Executive DANIEL VAN W T OERKOM Chairman MARION W T . HILLMAN MILO R. SNODGRASS WILLIAM G. QUIGLEY Honor WILLIAM A. MURRAY Chairman PAUL C. W ' ILLIAMS DONALD W. HEDRICK Invitation ROBERT S. HOTCHKISS Chairman GEORGE D. C. THOMPSON WILLIAM V. THOMS ABRAM L. VANHORN Memorial CARL P. HUBER Chairman VERNON B. NERGER FRANKLIN L. TROOST HERBERT S. WEDEL Picture NORMAN C. REGLIEN Chairman EDWIN C. GALSTERER EDMUND J. ROBSON ELMER G. SCHAIBERGER Social GLENN A. CARMICHAEL Chairman JAMES D. BROWN CECIL W. LEOPARD ROBERT P. MONTGOMERY EUGENE C. SMITH Pa S e 38 1 K X I O R CLASS OFFICERS COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN DANIEL " AX WOERKOM WILLIAM A. MURRAY CHARLES F. FRAN KUAN ROBERT S. HOTCHKISS GLEXX A. CARMICHAEL MILTON M. ROSEN FRED B. WILLIAMSON NORMAN C. REGLIEN CARL P. HUBER Executive Committee Honor Committee Auditing Committee Invitation Committee CHARLES W. SCHAEFER . Caps and Gotcns Committee Social Committee Cane Committee Athletic Committee Picture Committee Memorial Committee --,. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS M. GREEN 1928 LAW OFFICERS MILTON GREEN ALBERT BLASHFIELD RUSSELL BOYLE RALPH BRODY President Fice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Cane ROBERT WATERMAN Chairman JEROME SALM CHARLES S. BISHOP Caps and Gowns ALEXANDER DIAMOND Chairman GEORGE GARVER ROGER WILLIAM ROGERS Class Day BENEDICT EOVALDI Chairman JOHN HOLMES FORBES HASCALL Crease Dance JOHN MCCARTHY Chairman GEORGE W. KEITHLEY RALPH SCHWARTZBERG KENNETH MIDGELY -CLAUDE CoATE S Crease Paper RAY ALEXANDER Chairman MICHAEL GOULD JOHN VOELKER FREDERICK Ziv JOHN GARLINGHOUSE Finance FRANK PAINTER Chairman HARRY MOLL CURTIS WHITE Invitation WILLIAM DIXON Chairman CARNEY MATHESON CLARENCE BLENMAN Memorial ALCID D. RUEGSEGGER Chairman WALTER KRAPOHL HENRY KEOUGH Picture THEODORE P. RYAN Chairman RUDOLPH MULFINGER EDWIN S. D. BUTTERFIELD Social LYMAN BREWSTER Chairman THOMAS HARMON MARTIN GOODWIN Page 40 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS tfc v T COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Crease Dance Committee JOHN MCCARTHY RAY L. ALEXANDER WILLIAM DIXON THEODORE P. RYAN ROBERT WATERMAN ALEXANDER DIAMOND FRANK PAINTER BENEDICT EOVALDI LYMAN BREWSTER A. D ERE RuEGSEGGER Crease Paper Committee Invitation Committee Picture Committee Cane Committee Caps and Gowns Committee Finance Committee Class Dav Committee Social Committee Memorial Committee Page 41 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS E. KELLY I. STONE P. ZOLLER W. IRWIN 1928 EDUCATION EARL A. KELLY ISOBELLE STONE PAULINE ZOLLER WALDO IRWIN OFFICERS President ice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Athletic CARL ANDERSON Chairman PAUL COOK GAIL PATTERSON FREDERICK MOFFETT Cane WILLIAM PUCKELWARTZ Chairman HARMON JONES RAYMOND SMIT Caps and Gowns MARGARITE YEMNICKER Chairman NEWELL MORSE JULIA MOTTIER RANDOLPH W ' EBSTER Finance WALDO IRWIN Chairman SANFORD MEED ISOBELLE STONE MARION KELLEY Invitation EARL A. KELLY Chairman PAULINE ZOLLER MAX PAUN MARION VAN TUYL Memorial HELEN HAUSE Chairman WILLIAM SAGE RUTH JAMESON KENNETH CONBOY OLIVE WALKER Publicity MARGARET RICKER Chairman KATHERINE KELLEY SARAH BONINE MARJORY TODD Social BARBARA TOCK Chairman ALVIN COLLINS ARNOLD VERDUIN RHODA TUTHILL NELLIE HOOVER Pagf 42 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN ALDO IRWIN Finance Committee MARGARET RICKER Publicity Committee HELEN HAUSE Memorial Committee C. L. ANDERSON Athletic Committee P BARBARA TOCK WILLIAM PUCKELWARTZ EARL A. KELLY Social Committee MARGARET YEMNICKER . Caps and Gowns Committee Cane Committee Invitation Committee SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS W. CHAIN W. DUNN D. WINANS W. L ' HEUREUX 1928 DENTISTRY OFFICERS WILLARD L. GRAIN . WILLIAM DUNN DONALD WINANS WILFRED L ' HEUREUX Athletic GEORGE SIBILSKY Chairman ADELBERT TOEPLFER ROBERT NORTHRUP HARRY J. LEE Auditing CARL L. BAUM Chairman RICHARD J. HANRAHAN PHILLIPS W ' INCHELL WILLIAM J. KIEFER Cane FRANK BEVERLY Chairman PHILLIP NORTHRUP JOHN R. SLINGER STANLEY RICHARDSON Caps and Gowns EMORY MORRIS Chairman ALDON RYAN ROBERT POWERS CHARLES CROCKETT COMMITTEES . President Fice-President Secretary Treasurer Executive W ' ILLARD CRAIN Chairman WILLIAM DUNN. DONALD WINANS WILFRED L ' HEUREUX Memorial EDWIN BOONSTRA Chairman DANIEL HOGAN ALBERT WEGERLE HENRY DAWKINS Picture KENNETH HIGGINS Chairman JAMES CONNELLY HUBERT ZERMAN JOSEPH BARKLEY Programs and Publicity EDWARD MARTINEK Chairman DONALD BEUHRER GARDNER MILLER NORMAN FREDERICKSON Social WILLMARTH PAINE Chairman RICHARD J. HAGAR EVERETT PIERSON Page 44 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN WILLARD L. GRAIN WlLLMARTH PAIXE CARL BAUM KENNETH HIGGINS EMORY MORRIS FRANK BEVERLY GEORGE SIBILSKY EDWIN BOONSTRA Executive Committee Social Committee Auditing Committee Picture Committee EDWARD MARTINEK . . Programs and Publicity Committee . Caps and Gowns Committee Cane Committee Athletic Committee Memorial Committee SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 1928 ARCHITECTURE OFFICERS CARL R. LIEBERT JAMES E. WELLS JAMES W. BEYVL STANLEY C. PODBIELNIAK President Fice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Cane JOHN R. KELLEY Chairman CHARLES A. COOLIDGE STANLEY F. ZUCK Invitation and Announcements WILLIAM B. WIENER Chairman E. RUTH SALLEE MARGARET L. FUNK Finance FRANK W. JACKSON Chairman DUDLEY E. EISELE RITCHIE J. STEWART Memorial R. MAYNARD LYNDON Chairman PHILIP D. WEST ROBERT J. AITKEN Page 46 s I : X I O R CLASS OFFICERS R. BYCE 1928 PHARMACY OFFICERS RICHARD C. BYCE CHARLES R. WALGREEN, JR. DOROTHY CAMPBELL OLIVER J. WEINKAUFF . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Advisory OLIVER J. WEINKAUFF Chairman URBAN OAKDALE PERCY BROOKS Caps and Gowns LUCIEN ALLISON Chairman DOROTHY CAMPBELL ROSE G. SCHWARTZ Cane CHARLES E. SYLVESTER Chairman CHARLES R. WALGREEN, JR. Invitation Louis R. SYLVESTER Chairman LUCIEN ALLISON HELEN H. RUTHERFORD Social ROSCOE M. TWINING Chairman MARY WINTERS PETER MARTELL Page 47 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS R. MOOHE K. CHURCH F. GRAY C. CRAWFORD 1928 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION OFFICERS RICHARD C. MOORE KENNETH CHURCH FRANK GRAY , , CLYNE CRAWFORD President Vice-Presiden t Secretar y Treasurer Athletic HUGH A. WHITE Chairman CHARLES T. SWEENY ROBERT D. FALCONER COMMITTEES Invitations and Program EDWARD R. SNELL Chairman ROBERT T. HAGEN WALTER C. HOWE Cane CARET E. KAUFMAN Chairman WALTER T. KING JOHN H. HUSSELMAN Picture ROBERT M. BIRDSEYE Chairman MILTON H. BELL HELEN C. SANFORD Executive CORLISS E. ARMSTRONG Chairman MILTON S. BOSLEY EVELYN V. BURKE Social BERT T. WERTMAN Chairman REED M. COLFMAN DOROTHY M. HAGEN Page 48 SENIORS tjb A.B. SENIORS JOSEPHINE COMSTOCK AARON Detroit, Michigan HARRY WILLIS ADAMS . . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Sigma Phi; Michiganensian (3). HARTWIG Moss ADLER . A.B. New Orleans, Louisiana Phi Epsilon Pi. GEORGE A. AKIN . B.S. in Chem.E. Muskegon, Michigan Alpha Chi Sigma. RALPH KEITH ALBERT . B.S. in E.E. St. Louis, Missouri GEORGE ALFRED ALDERTON II . LL.B. Saginaw, Michigan Chi Phi. ISABELLE ALDRICH . . A.B. in Ed. Hillsdale, Michigan RUTH CATHERINE ALE . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Martha Cook; Pi Lambda Theta; Glee Club; Junior Girls Play. HELMER A. ABRAMSON Hancock, Michigan B.S. LON BURTON ADAMS . Lorain, Ohio Tau Kappa Epsilon. . A.B. ROBERT JAMES AITKEN . B.S. A. Ann Arbor, Michigan JOHN WHITFORD ALBERSON . . A.B. Des Moines, Iowa Kappa Sigma. ELIZABETH BECKWITH ALDERTON . A.B. Saginaw, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis. SADIE LUELLA ALDERTON . . B.M. Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Phi; Choral Union; Symphonic League. NAPIER STEARNS ALDRICH . M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Delta Theta; Nu Sigma Xu. JOSEPH B. ALEXANDER . . LL.B Grand Rapids, Michigan Tau Epsilon Phi. Page 50 SENIORS RAV L. ALEXANDER . J.D. in Law Yale, Michigan Sigma Delta Kappa; Delta Sigma Rho; Barristers; Michigan Law Re- ANNA MILDRED ALLEN A.B. in Ed. Somerset, Kentucky Pi Beta Phi. DELESLIE Lucius ALLEN . . A.B. Detroit. Michigan Sigma Pi; Michiganensian (3); Asst. Editor Fro sh Bible (3); Track; Union Underclass Committee; Choral L ' nion Library Committee; Michigan Union Opera (2); Secy-Treas. Transportation Club; Students ' Press Club. MAURICE A. ALLEN . Lum, Michigan Education Club. A.B. LUCIEN EDWARD ALLISON Ph.C. Grant, Michigan Phi Delta Chi (2) (3); Prescott Club (I) (2) (3); Treasurer (l). JOHN KENNETH ALTLAND . M.D. Detroit, Michigan Phi Chi; A. E. M. Director; Reserve Football (2) (3) (4); Band (2-8); Opera Orchestra (3); University Sym- phony (2) (3). JOSEPH A. AITTER . Lcadmtte, Colorado Phi Beta Delta. LL.B. CARL LEONARD ANDERSON B.S. in Ed. Iromvood, Michigan Phi Epsilon Kappa; Physical Educa- tion Club; Gogebic Range Club. ANNA VIOLA ALLAN A.B. in Ed. Laurium, Michigan Sigma Kappa; Sophomore Circus. BLANCHE IRENE ALLEN Harbor Springs, Michigan Couzens Hall. R.N. GLADYS V. ALLEN . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta; Theta Sigma Phi, Vice-Pres. (4). JOSEPH GEORGE ALLER Detroit, Michigan Tau Epsilon Rho. LL.B. ARTHUR ROBERT ALT . B.S. Cadillac, Michigan Phi Delta Chi; Phi Lambda Upsilon. Lovis R. ALTSHULHR Detroit, Michigan A.B. BERTHA MEHITABEL ANDERSON . R.N. Marqiifttc, Michigan Couzens Hall; Scalpel, Assistant Ed. CHARLES R. ANDERSON Iromvood, Michigan A.B SENIORS GUSTAVO H. ANDERSON B.S. in Eng. Grand Rapids, Michigan MARION ANDERSON . A.B. Manistee, Michigan Theta Sigma Phi; Senior Society; Michigan Daily (2) (3); Freshman Spread Committee. THELMA ELIZABETH ANDERSON Croswell, Michigan Kappa Phi (i). A.B. GEORGE HARNARD ANNABLE, JR. . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Kappa Sigma; Sphinx; Druids; Mich- igan Daily (i) (2) (3) (4); Asst. Bus. Mgr. (4). JOSEPH APPLEBAUM Toledo, Ohio Tau Epsilon Phi; Glee Club. A.B. VETA FAY ARMBRUSTER . . A.B. in Ed. Hastings, Michigan ROBERT D. ARMSTRONG . B.S. in C.E. Detroit, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi. MILDRED ARNET Ypsilanti, Michigan - B.S. JAMES A. ANDERSON . B.S. in E.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Craftsmen Club. PAUL JERROLD ANDERSON . Muskegon, Michigan Theta Chi. A.B. FRANCES BEECHER ANDREAE . A.B. Yale, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta; Pan Hellenic Committee (3); Junior Girls ' Play (3). GLADYS JULIA APPELT . B.S. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Kappa Delta; Mortarboard; Pres. W. A. A. (4); Intramural Mgr. (3); Junior Girls ' Play and Committee (3); Soph- omore Circus and Committee (2); League Membership Drive (2); Hockey (i) (2) (3); Basketball (i); Baseball (i) (2) (3) (4); Fr. Girls ' Glee Club (i); Mandolin Club (i); Bazaar Com- mittee (3). DUDLEY WILLIAM APPS . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Theta Chi; Daily (i); Freshman Foot- ball (i); Freshman Advisory Com- mittee. CORLISS EDWARD ARMSTRONG . A.B. Wilson, New York Alpha Kappa Psi; Treas. Business Administration Club. DOROTHY ARNDT . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan MARY JOSEPHINE ARNOLD . . A.B Delphi, Indiana Pi Beta Phi. Page 52 8 I N IORS V T LEO AVEDIS AROIAX . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Men ' s Educational Club (3) (4); Le Cercle Francais (3) (4); Students ' Mathematical Society (3) (4); Mich- igan Union Opera Orchestra (3). MABEL IRENE ASQUITH . A.B. in Ed. Memphis, Michigan Women ' s Educational Club (3) (4); La Sociedad Hispanica (4). HAZEN ATHERTOX A.B. Highland Park, Michigan Delta Alpha Epsilon. WILLIAM HOWARD AUBREY . LL.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Sigma Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Track (2) (3) (4). Louis SMITH AURAND . B.S. in C.E. Bay City, Michigan Sigma Pi; Web and Flange; Trans- portation Club. SAMUEL BABCOCK Detroit, Michigan Football (2) (3) (4). A.B. FLORENCE CHANDLER BADCLEY Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. ARTHUR LINCOLN BAILEY . . A.B. Kingston, Massachusetts Student Mathematic Club; Chairman Mathematic Club. GEORGE W. ASHWORTH B.S. in Ch. Lansing, Michigan Pi Lambda Upsilon. FRED ARTHUR ASTON Detroit, Michigan Theta Delta Chi. A.B. CHARLES H. ATWELL . Detroit, Michigan Sigma Phi Epsilon; Glee Club. A.B. LEONA M. AURAXD . Ann Arbor, Michigan Couzens Hall. R. . HOWARD DULMAGE AXFORD . D.D.S. Pontiac, Michigan Xi Psi Phi. ELIZABETH BACRELER . . A.B. Ligonier, Indiana Symphonic League (2) (3) (4); Press Club (3) (4); Women ' s League Mem- bership Chairman. RAYMOND BAER Louisville, Kentucky Kappa Xu; Football (2) (3) (4). A.B. MARGARET M. BAILEY A.B. in Ed. Muskegon, Michigan Choral Union (4). 1 SENIORS DOROTHY J. BAIRD . . A.B. Bay City, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta; Treas. Pan Hellenic (4); Freshman Spread Com- mittee (2); Pan Hellenic Ball Com- mittee (4); Point System Committee (2)- SYLVIA MAY BAIRD . A.B. in Ed. Port Huron, Michigan Adelia Cheever House; Hockey (3) (4); Basketball (3) (4); Junior Girls ' Play. ALLAN K. BAKER . . B.S. in E.E. Kalamawo, Michigan LAWRENCE COLBY BAKER B.S. in E.E. Detroit, Michigan HENRIETTE P. BALCERSKI Dental Hyg. Shaker Heights, Ohio HAROLD LEVERN BALDWIN . Flint, Michigan Phi Kappa Tau. A.B. HENRY WARREN BALGOOYEN . A.B. Reese, Michigan Alpha Kappa Psi; Business Admin- istration Club; Treas. Junior Business Administration. ROBERT MONROE BALTHASER Harrisburg, Pennsylvania A.B. EDNA JOSE BALZ . A.B. in Ed. Indianapolis, Indiana Kappa Alpha Theta. RUTHE ExWORTHY BANFIELD . A.B. Ironwood, Michigan Sigma Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa (3); Oratorical Board (4); Players Club (2) (3); Board of Representatives (i) (4); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Mum- mers (i) (2) (3) (4); Portia (3) (4); Freshman Pageant; Junior Girls ' Play; Women ' s Varsity Debating (4). JOHN WALFORD BANNASCH . Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. HUBERT SHERMAN BANNINGA Grand Rapids, Michigan M.D. BLANCHE BONNER BARBER Saranac, Michigan M.A. WILLIAM TEFFT BARBOUR, JR. . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Kappa Epsilon; Michigan Daily (3); Michigan Opera (4): Senior Prom Committee. JOSEPH ADEN BARKLEY Owosso, Michigan D.D.S. JANET STETSON BARNES Detroit, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Iota. M.D. Page 54 SENIORS MAYME F. BARNETTE Earing, Kentucky A.B. RAY WILLFORD BARSHNEV A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan - Craftsman Qub (4). PACL HERMAN BASSOW . . M.D. Youngstosen, Ohio Phi Chi; Junior Hop Committee (3). CLARENCE BATTER . A.B. AVir Hasen, Connecticut Tau Epsilon Phi; Interfraternity Coun- cil; Swimming (3); XVater Polo (3). CARL LUDWIG BAUM . . D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Chairman of Auditing Committee (4). MARION WINIFRED BAI SCHARD . A.B. Erie, Pennsylvania Delta Zeta; Freshman Glee Qub; Univ. Girls ' Glee Club (2) (3) (4); Choral Union (l). ROLLIN S. BEACH . . . D.D.S. Cleveland, Ohio Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Delta. ILA MILDRED BEAMER . A.B. in ' Ed. Flint, Michigan La Sociedad Hispanica (4). 3 LAURA A. BARRY A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; French Club; Fresh- man Girls ' Glee Qub; Junior Girb ' Plav. NANCY DORA BASSETT A.B. in Ed. Detroit. Michigan Delta Zeta; Junior Girls ' Play; League Committee. MARION BATDORFF Ann Arbor, Michigan Class Presider. ' R.N. HOMER Louis BAUER Charlotte, Michigan Adelphi. A.B. HERMINE K. BAVSCHARD . B.S. in Ed. Erie, Pennsylvania FREDERICK STEPHEN BEACH Bad Axe, Michigan Delta Theta Phi. LLB. FREDERICK T. BEAMAN B.S. in Eng. Jackson, Michigan Sigma Chi; Track (l) (3); Chairman Sophomore Prom (2). FRED ANDREAE BEARD Yale, Michigan A.B SENIORS RUTH ELEANOR BEARD . A.B. in Ed. Toledo, Ohio Chi Omega; Junior Girls ' Play (3). ARTHUR JOSEPH BECK . B.S. in E.E. Toledo, Ohio RUTH MARIAN BECKLEY Highland Park, Michigan Kappa Phi; Choral Union. A.B. W. CLARENCE BEETS Grand Rapids, Michigan M.D. CARL FREDERICK BEIER Detroit, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi. A.B. CHARLES M. BELL . . . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Chi; Varsity Band (2); Michigan Opera (2); University Symphony; Alpha Epsilon Mu. W. THORNLEY BENALLACK . Detroit, Michigan Le Cercle Francais. A.B. GERTRUDE B. BENHAM . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Betsy Barbour; Rifle Team (i) (2) (3); Freshman Glee Club; Choral Union (2) (3). HELEN M. BEAUMONT . B.S. in Ed. Seivickley, Pennsylvania Hockey (i) (2) (3) (4); Baseball (0; (2) (4); Basketball (i) (2) (4); Physical Education Club Secretary (3); Soph- omore Circus; Junior Girls ' Play. RUTH PATRICA BECKER . . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Gamma Delta; Athena (3) (4); Chimes (3). WILLIAM EDWIN BECKMAN . Afthur, Illinois Phi Gamma Delta. A.B. CHARLES EDWARD BEHYMER . A.B. Rockjord, Ohio Sigma Phi Epsilon; Kappa Phi Sigma; Michigan Daily (i) (2) (3) (4), Night Editor (3), Managing Editor Weekly (4); Student Christian Association Cabinet (2) (3) ( 4 ). HELEN MAY ' BELCHER . A.B. in Ed. Manistee, Michigan Alpha Omicron Pi; Freshman Glee Club; Freshman Pageant; Freshman Spread Committee; Sophomore Circus; Junior Girls ' Play. MILTON HAROLD BELL Royal Oak, Michigan Business Administration Club. B.A. JOHN CURTIS BENEDICT B.S. in E.E. Kalamazoo, Michigan Vulcans. HELEN IRENE BENJAMIN A.B. in Ed Grand Rapids, Michigan Page 56 S K X I O R S KATHRYX SEYMOUR BENNETT A.B. Detroit, Michigan Betsy Barbour; Phi Beta Kappa. DAVIS ABRAHAM BENSON . B.S. Detroit, Michigan FLORENCE ELIZABETH BEXZ A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan IRVING S. BERK . LL.B. Akron, Ohio MARTIN E. HERMAN B.S. in E.E. Detroit, Michigan CLAIRE V. BERTSCH . . . B.S. Detroit, Michigan JAMES WALTER BEYVL B.S, in Arch. Cleveland, Ohio Phi Kappa; Class Secretary (3) (4). FRED ROWELL BIGELOW . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Kappa Delta Rho; Varsity Band (3) (4); Glee Club (3); Choral Union (4); Opera Orchestra (3) (4). ARNOLD H. BENNHOFF B.S. in Arch. Fort Wayne, Indiana Concordia; Tau Sigma Delta. ALVIN HERMAN BEXZ . Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. SANTOKH SINGH BERAR . B.S. in C.E. Punjab, India Secretary and News Editor of Hin- dustan Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Michigan Daily (4). BENJAMIN RAY BERKOWITZ . A.B. Brooklyn, Xear York GLENN I. BERRY . D.D.S. Rochester, Michigan FRANK SHERIDAN BEVERLY . D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Psi Omega; Treasurer Dental Class (2)- ANTOINETTE SHERMAN BIGELOW . A.B. Marshall, Michigan Alpha Gamma Delta. DONALD G. BILLS D.D.S Grand Ledge, Michigan Psi Omega. ROBERT MARSHALL BIRDSEYE . M.B.A. Detroit, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi. BARTON PHELPS BISHOP Cassopolis, Michigan Scabbard and Blade. A.B. LLOYD TRENT BISHOP . B.S. in C.E. Toronto, Ontario Triangle Fraternity. WILLIAM WARNER BISHOP, JR. . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Beta Kappa (3); Phillip ' s Classical Scholarship (i). SENIORS ARTHUR A. BIRNKRANT . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Adelphi (4); Cosmopolitan Club (3); Tolstoy League Pres. (4). CHARLES SAMUEL BISHOP Superior, Wisconsin Lawyers Club. LL.B. WILLIAM CURTIS BISHOP . . A.B. Alpena, Michigan Sigma Zeta; Mimes; Adelphi; Comedy Club. MARIE EVELYN Biss . A.B. in Ed. Sand Lake, Michigan Ross T. BITTINGER . B.A. in Arch. Ann Arbor, Michigan Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Arch. Society; Winner May Party Competition (3). ELIZABETH CHARLOTTE BLACK Detroit, Michigan Theta Phi Alpha. HELEN AOMI BLADES Detroit, Michigan Martha Cook. BRIAN W. BLAKELY . Dexter, Michigan Delta Phi. A.B. A.B. A.B. ARCHIBAL MCLROY BLACK Port Huron, Michigan Phi Kappa Psi. A.B. JANE HELEN BLACKWOOD . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis; Junior Girls ' Play; Point System Committee (3) (4). NORMANN H. BLAIR . B.S. in Eng. Youngitown, Ohio Pi Kappa Alpha; American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Student branch); Wrestling (i); Youngstown Club (i) (2) (3) (4)- JOHN WILD BLAXCHARD . A.B. Birmingham, Michigan Phi Gamma Delta; Michigan Daih (i) (2); Chimes (3). Page 58 ALBERT EARL BLASHFIELD . LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Delta Kappa; Barristers; Class Vice-President (6). N I O R S CLARENCE WALTER BLENMAN Royal Oak, Michigan Lawyers ' Club. FREDERICK SMITH BLISS Riverside, California A.B. CHARLES O. BLOOM B.S. in Eng. South Hasen, Michigan HOWARD A. BLOOM . . . A.B. Highland Park. Michigan Sigma Alpha Mu; Gargoyle (2) Q); Union Opera (3) U)- Lot is M. BLOOMBERG Flint, Michigan Sigma Alpha Mu. A.B. JOHN HEXRY BOBRINK . . A.B. ' La rfncfbvrg, Indiana Delta Chi; Michigan Daily (l) (z) (3); Social Committee (4). DOROTHY K. BOEHM . A.B. in Ed. Lakewood, Ohio Delta Zeta; Choral Union (2) (3) (4); League Membership Drive (2); House Organization Committee (2); Univer- sity Girls ' Glee Club (4). CHARLES STEWART BOERTMAN . A.B. Saginaar, Michigan KENDALL WADE BOGART B.S. in Arch. Kalama .oo, Michigan MARCVERITE BOLHOS Dental Hygiene Coupersritle, Michigan THELMA BOLIN . . A.B. Spencer, South Dakota Delta Gamma; Mu Phi Epsilon. RHEA ALBERTA BOLTON . A.B. Cleveland Ohio Class Treasurer, Law (i); Glee Club (l). ELEANOR MARY BOND A.B. in Ed. Ypsilanti, Michigan SARAH ALICE BONINE . B.S. in Ed. Cassopolis, Michigan Alpha Omicron Pi; Freshman Pageant; Sophomore Circus; Hockey (i) (4); Baseball (i) (2) (3); Basketball (3); W. A. A. Board (3); Secy. W. A. A. (4); Junior Girls ' Play; Wyvern; Orchesis; Masques; Women ' s League Point Com- mittee (2) (3); Phy. Ed- Cl ub - WYLE GEORGE BONINE Rochester, Indiana Delta Phi; Michiganensian (2). A.B. ; ' -- 8 tk D.D.S. SENIORS EDWIN BOONSTRA . Zeeland, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. LESLIE C. BORCHEST B.S. in Eng. La Crosse, Wisconsin NORMAN NEWELL BOWBEER JVyandotte, Michigan Glee Club (2) (3) (4). A.B. MARY L. BOYLE Milford, Michigan Theta Sigma Phi. A.B. ESTHER M. BRADLEY A.B. in Lib.Sc. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Omicron Pi; Orchesis (3) (4); LeCercleFrancais(3) (4); Pan Hellenic Delegate; Choral Union (3); Univer- sity Girls ' Glee Club (4); Junior Girls ' Play App. HAZEL DELL BRADLEY . A.B. in Ed. Wyandotte, Michigan Adelia Cheever; Girls ' Education Club; (4); Choral Union (4). Louis BRAITMAN Detroit, Michigan Phi Lambda Kappa. A.B. EUNICE M. BRAKE A.B. in Ed. Caledonia, Michigan DONALD S. BOOTH . . M.D. Toledo, Ohio Sigma Delta Rho; Phi Chi; Alpha Omega Alpha. PETER EDWARD BOSTICK . A.B. Birmingham, Alabama Alpha Kappa Psi; Chairman. Financial Committee of Business Administration (3)- CLARK EDWARD BOYD Lock-port, New York A.B. THOMAS RUSSELL BOYLE . ,LL.B. Highland Park, Michigan Delta Theta Phi. FREDERICK W. BRADLEY B.S. in E.E. Detroit, Michigan American Institute of Electrical En- gineers; Varsity Band (2) (3) (4) (5). HYMAN B. BRAITMAN Detroit, Michigan M.D. DONALD POTTER BRAKE . B.S. in Eng. Fremont, Michigan Reserve Baseball (2) (3). RICHARD S. BRAND . B.S. in E.E Plymouth, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda. Page 60 MARTHA BRAXTIXGHAM Toledo, Ohio Kappa Alpha Theta. ELEANOR BREKKE Nielsville, Minnesota Zeta Tau Alpha. A.B. LYMAN SAXHORN BREWSTER Birney, Montana Phi Kappa Sigma; Barristers. LL.B. LOUISE M. BRIGGS . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Kappa Gamma; Vyvern; V. A. A. Executive Board (2) (3); Junior Girls ' Plav. SENIORS MARGARET H. BREER . A.B. Hollywood, California Kappa Kappa Gamma; Wyvern; Mortarboard; Michiganensian (2) (3) (4);. President of Pan-Hellenic. ELEANOR M. BREWER . A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan MURIEL MARGARET BRIER . . A.B. Letviston, Nttv York AUGUST W. BRILL . B.S. in Ch.E. Brutus, Michigan Cosmopolitan Club. FOREST CARLVLE BRIMACOMBE . M.B.A. Detroit, Michigan Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi; Glee Club (3) (4) (5). ZELLA BROCK . . A.B. in Ed. Harlan, Kentucky RUNNETH MEXSIXG BROESASILE . A.B. Chelsea, Michigan Xi Psi Phi. MARGARET E. BROOKS . Oral Hygiene Grand Rapids, Michigan Helen Newberrv. - HARRY BRIXKMAN . M.D. Fremont, Michigan Galens; Student Volunteers; Leader (2). RALPH BENJAMIN BRODY . LL.D. Des -Moines, Iowa Tau Epsilon Rho; Michigan Law Review; Treasurer Senior Law Class; Hillel Student Council. WALTER T. BROMLEY B.S. in M.E. Birmingham, Michigan Theta Xi. PHILIP COOLIDGE BROOKS . A.B. Eranston, Illinois Delta Phi; Michigan Daily (i) (2) (3) (4); News Editor (3) (4); Managing Editor Summer Daily (4); Publications Scholarship Prize. Page 61 ALICE ELEANOR BROWN . A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Gamma Mu; Choral Union. SENIORS CECIL H. BROWN B.S. in C.E. Detroit, Michigan Acacia; Freshman Track. EDWARD E. BROWN . Traverse City, Michigan M.D. ELMO POPE BROWN . Plymouth, Wisconsin Theta Chi. A.B. HELEN DORIS BROWN , . A.B. Greenwood, New York Martha Cook Building; Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Freshman Pageant; University Girls ' Glee Club; Portia; Choral Union; La Sociedad Hispanica. JAMES DOWLING BROWN . Elyria, Ohio Alpha Kappa Kappa. M.D. JOHN GRIEST BROWN, JR. . . A.B. Helena, Montana Sigma Delta Kappa; Alpha Nu; Student Christian Association (i) (2); Union Committee (3). LUCILE B. BROWN . B.M. in Ed. Brighton, Michigan Choral Union; Symphonic League. MARJORIE BROWN Munising, Michigan A.B. PAULINE BROWN . . A.B. in Ed. Munising, Michigan Martha Cook; Pi Lambda Theta. RICHARD JOSEPH BROWN Panora, Iowa A.B. ROLLAND JAMES BROWN . . M.D. Mount Pleasant, Michigan Nu Sigma Nu; Class Treasurer (2). C. WAYNE BROWNELL . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Lambda Chi Alpha; Michigamua; Scabbard and Blade; Michiganensian (i) (2), Accounts Manager (3), Bus- iness Manager (4); Student Directory (i) (2), Accounts Manager (3), Bus- iness Manager (4); Senior Finance Committee (4); Freshman Advisor (4); Inter-Fraternity Council; Social Com- mittee (3). ROBERT BRUCE, JR. . A.B. Brookline, Massachusetts Adelphi; La Sociedad Hispanica (3); Michigan Union Opera (4). MOLLIE RUSSELL BROWNING Marshall, Michigan A.B. WILLIAM DAVID BRUMBAUGH . A.B. Greenville, Ohio Delta Upsilon; President of Student Christian Association; Class Day Com- mittee, Pipes and Canes Committee. Page 62 S K X I O R S MARIE LOHR BRUMMELER . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Board of Representatives (4); Lower Business Staff Michigan Daily (4); Hockey (2) (3) (4); Baseball (3); Choral Union (3); Junior Girls Play; Sophomore Circus. JOSEPH EDGAR BRUNSWICK . A.B. Chita go, Illinois Pi Lambda Phi; Michigan Daily (i) (2) (3); Assistant City Editor (3); City Editor Summer Daily (3). HOWARD C. BUCK Battle Creek. Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda. A.B. DoXALD C. BuEHRER Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. D.D.S. MAXIMINO GUERRERO BUEXO . A.B. Laoag, Philippine; opolitan Club; Philippine-Mich- igan Club. PETER PAIL BUCM B.S. in Ed. Wakeiield, Michigan Phi Epsilon Kappa. HARRY HERSEE BULLOCK . Detroit, Michigan Sigma Chi. A.B. CARL FRYE BURGER . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Theta Phi; Michigan Daily (3); Editor Freshman Handbook (4). DONALD E. BRUMMITT B.S. in C.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan American Society of Civil Engineers; Veb and Flange. PAUL SYDNEY BRYANT . . A.B. Fort Wayne. Indiana Delta Chi; Opera Orchestra (4); Union Orchestra (3) (4). LEE FARNUM BUCKINGHAM A.B. Flint. Michigan Zeta Psi; Michigan Daily (i) (2); Sophomore Prom Committee; Cheer Leader (2) (3). GLADYS E. BUEHRER A.B. in Ed. Archbold, Ohio Delta Delta Delta. ARTHUR JEROME BUFFINGTON Ann Arbor. Michigan Phi Sigma Kappa. A.B. DONALD JICKLING BULLOCK B.S. in Eng. Flint, Michigan Alpha Rho Sigma; Varsity Band (2) (3); University Symphony Orchestra (0 (2) (3)- INEZ J. BURDICK . R.N. Detroit. Michigan Couzens Hall; Student Council (3). LEROY GREY BURGNON . . A.B. Erie, Pennsylvania Pi Kappa Phi; Gamma Eta Gamma. Page 63 HAL FORREST BURK Forest, Ohio S. MACBRAYER BURNAM Richmond, Kentucky Chi Psi. LL.B. A.B. SENIORS WILLIAM HOLTEN BURLINGAME Ann Arbor, Michigan IRMA CLARA BURNS . A.B. in Ed. Port Huron, Michigan Martha Cook; Pi Lambda Theta; Rifle Club; Girls ' Educational Club. SIDNEY BURSTEIN . . . A.B. Erie, Pennsylvania Phi Beta Delta; Union Dance Com- mittee (3); Frosh Cross Country. MARIE-LOUISE BURT . . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta; Sigma Delta Phi; French Club (i) (2), Secretary (i), Vice-President (2); French Play (i) (2). LOUISE ALTHEA BUSH . . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Pegasus; Sophomore Circus (2); Junior Girls ' Play (3). THOMAS HENRY BUSH . B.S. in Eng. Montague, Michigan CLYDE REYNOLD BUTLER . Detroit, Michigan Phi Mu Delta. . A.B. MARGARET ELIZABETH BUTLER Washington, D. C. Phi Gamma Mu. A.B. E. STANLEY DYER BUTTERFIELD . LL.B. Abilene, Kansas Delta Chi. EDWARD N. BUTTON . B.S. in Ch.Eng. Fredonia, New York Alpha Chi Sigma. ELDEN WHITELEY BUTZBACH . A.B. Benton Harbor, Michigan Alpha Nu (i) (2) (3) (4); Michigan Daily (i) (2). RICHARD C. BYCE . Ph.C. in Pharm. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Delta Chi; President of Senior Class; President of Prescott Club (4). A JOHN DAWSON BYRNE . B.S. in Eng. Methuen, Massachusetts JOHN KENNETH CAMERON . Bay City, Michigan Choral Union (2) (3) (4). A.B. Page 64 S K N I () RS OLIN JAMES CAMERON YaU, Michigan Phi Rho Sigma. M.D. KATHERINE L. CAMPBELL . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Portia Literary Society. DOROTHY ELIZABETH CANFIELD . R.N. Escanaba, Michigan Cbuzens Hall; Society Editor Scalpel (3)- DOROTHY M. CARLEN . A.B. in Lib.Sc. Monrof, Michigan GLENN ALLAN CARMICHAEL . M.D. Butif, Montana Sigma Xu; Phi Rho Sigma; Galens; Senior Ball Committee. HERMAN WOOD CARNES . B.S. in M.E. Lima, Ohio A merican Society of Mechanical Engi- neers (Student Branch). CAROL GUINEVERE CARSON Washington, D. C. Delta Sigma Theta. A.B. ESTHER MARIE CARTEN . A.B. in Ed. t Ionia, Michigan DOROTHY CAMPBELL . B.S. in Ph.C. Peoria, Illinois Gass Vice-President (2); Class Secy. (3) (4); Prescott Club (2) (3) (4). WILLIAM CLAYTON CAMPBELL, JR. A.B. Marinette, Wisconsin Psi L ' psilon; Sphini; Druids; ' Ensian Editor (2) (3). JOHN HENRY CANFIELD Detroit, Michigan Quadrangle. A.B. DANIEL CUSHMAN CARLTON Escanaba, Michigan Phi Kappa Tau. A.B. THAYER H. CARMICHAEL Kansas City, Missouri Fletcher Hall. A.B. LUTHER C. CARPENTER, JR. . A.B. Bay City. Michigan Sigma Phi; Nu Sigma Nu; Michigan- ensian (l) (2); Student Christian Association Cabinet (3). ROBERT EMMETT CARSON . A.B. Jamfstoscn, . Vsr York Chi Psi; Summer Daily Staff (3); Daily U); Mimes Orchestra (2) (3); Opera (2) (3). ROBERT DAY CARTER . . D.D.S. Ann Arbor, Michigan Pagi 65 SENIORS BRADFORD LANG CARVER . . A.B. Elk Rapids, Michigan Phi Kappa Psi; Scabbard and Blade (2) (3); Gargoyle (i) (2); Military Ball Committee (l) (2). JOHN S. CASE . . B.S. in Eng. Bowling Green, Ohio ELSA MARGARET CAVLEY . Munith, Michigan Couzens ' Hall. R.N. Jo HUBBARD CHAMBERLIN . A.B. Cleveland, Ohio Kappa Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi; Michigamua; Phi Eta Sigma; Michigan Daily (2) (3) (4), Managing Editor (4); Student Council (4). CLARENCE W. CHAPMAN . B.S. in Eng. Detroit, Michigan SEELY McCANN CHAPMAN . . A.B. Elmira, New York Theta Delta Chi; Michiganensian (i); Opera (3); Senior Social Committee. MALCOMB CHARLTON . B.S. in Ch. Port Huron, Michigan Varsity Men ' s Glee Club (4). WILLIAM LOUDON CHASE . . A.B. Chicago, Illinois Theta Chi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Assistant Manager Baseball (2). BERNARD CLIO CASE . B.S. in Ch.E. Brighton, Michigan Alpha Chi Sigma. MARY ALICE CASE . . A.B. Mancelond, Michigan Mil Phi Epsilon; University Symphony Orchestra (i) (2) (3) (4). HAROLD JOHN CHALK B.S. in M.E. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda; Varsity Glee Club. CARLTON G. CHAMPE . A.B. Toledo, Ohio Alpha Delta Phi; Druids; Michigan Daily (i) (2) (3). lM ROBERT H. CHAPMAN Ravenna, Ohio Hermitage; Glee Club (2) (3). A.B. CHARLES CULLODEN CHAPPLE . M.D. Billings, Montana Zeta Psi; Nu Sigma Nu; Galens. HAROLD WILLIAM CHARTER . A.B. Cadillac, Michigan Kappa Phi Sigma; Delta Sigma Rho; Assistant Manager of Glee Club (4). MARJORIE GRACE CHAVENELLE . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Mu Phi Epsilon; Sigma Delta Phi; Masques; University Girls ' Glee Club; Choral Union; Junior Girls ' Play. Page 66 MARTHA BANCKUM CHEY A.B. in Ed. Honolulu, Hawaii Agnes Waite House. SENIORS EUNICE ADELIA CHILD Terre Hautf, Indiana Crop and Saddle; Orchesus; Class Hockey; Basketball; Baseball; Fenc- ing; Women ' s Athletic Club. STANLEY- A. CHOJXACKI . A.B. Buffalo, Near York Sigma Delta Sigma; Polonia Literary Circle; II Circolo Italiano. KENNETH MERLE CHURCH M.B.A. Port Huron, Michigan Alpha Kappa Psi; Vice-President of Class (5). ALICE CLARK Bay City, Michigan Martha Cook. A.B. EDMUND E. CHRISTMAN A.B. Phi Mu Delta. Joplin, Missouri Deli EARL ITHIEL LAWRENCE CILLEY Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Chi. M.D. AUBREY BURTON CLARK . . A.B. Hollywood, California CHESTER EDWIN CLARK . A.B. Harbor Springs, Michigan Michigan Daily (l) (3). ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY CLARK A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Gamma Delta. WINIFRED F. CLARKE A.B. in Ed. Alpena, Michigan BLANCHARD WILLER CLELAND A.B. St. Clair, Michigan Delta Upsilon; Michigan Daily. DOROTHY CLARK . Dental Hygiene La kf wood, Ohio MARGARET ANN CLARKE . . A.B. Alpena, Michigan Martha Cook; Women ' s Athletic As- sociation; Michigan Daily (3); Hockey (2); President of Women ' s Educational Club. ELIZABETH CLARKSON Detroit, Michigan Helen Newberrv Residence. A.B. STELLA MARIE CLEMENT . B.M. Ishpeming, Michigan Delta Omicron; Choral Union (3) (4); Symphonic League Treasurer (4). Page 67 SENIORS WILLIAM H. CLINTON . B.S. in E. Walkerville, Ontario Cercle Francais; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. STANLEY SMITH CODDINGTON . A.B. Romeo, Michigan Sigma Phi Epsilon; Michigan Daily (2). ITHMER MAE COFFMAN . A.B. Coldwater, Michigan Sigma Kappa; Athena Literary Society (l) (2) (3) (4); Riding Club; Masques (l) (2) (3) (4); Mummers (i) (2) (3) (4), Secretary Player ' s (i). (3), President (4); CHARLES D.COGSHALL, JR. A.B. in Arch. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Mu Delta; Opera (2) (3). LILLIAN RUTH COHEN Trenton, New Jersey A.B. HARRY M. COLE Yale, Michigan A.B. RALPH MORTON COLE . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Zeta Beta Tau; Golf Team (2) (3) (4); Senior Committee. ALVIN HENRY COLLINS . A.B. in Ed. Highland Park, Michigan Men ' s Educational Club (3) (4), Secre- tary (4); Education Class Representa- tive (3) (4). CLAUDE W. COATES Munising, Michigan Phi Kappa Tau. BURR D. COE . . B.S. in M.E. Rochester, New York American Society of Mechanical Engi- MARGARET FOWNTAIN COGHLEN East Lansing, Michigan A.M. JEROME HARRY COHEN . Battle Creek, Michigan A.B. GABRIEL COHN . Detroit, Michigan LL.B. MARGARET GERALDINE COLE . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Delta; W. A. A.; Rifle Team, Treasurer (2); Cercle Francais (2); Soph. Circus; Pegasus (3), Sec.-Treas. (4); Junior Girls ' Play Cast, Music Committee Chairman; Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; University Girls ' Glee Club (2) (3) (4)- M. REED COLEMAN . . M.B.A. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda; Business Ad- ministration Club; Michigan Daily. ALBERT PRESTON COLLINS . Jackson, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi. A.B. Page 68 s i ; x i o R KUXABETH M. COLLINS . A.B. in Ed. Alpena, Michigan HOWARD NORMAN COLLINS . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda; Quadrangle; Players ' Club. DOROTHY J. COMINS . A.B. in Lib.Sc. Flint, Michigan Martha Cook. WILLIAM K. CONBOY B.S. in Phy.Ed. Cheboygan, Michigan ALBERTUS BROWN CONN . LL.B. Toledo, Ohio Alpha Phi Alpha; Track (2) (3). JAMES HOBON CONNELLY . D.D.S. Bear Lake, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. ADDISON D. CONNOR . A.B. Highland Park, Michigan Trigon Club; " M " Club; Druids; Freshman Social Committee; J-Hop Committee; Freshman Golf Squad; Varsity Golf (2) (3) (4), Captain (4); Senior Ball Committee. BERENICE G. COOK Gaylord, Michigan A.B. VO i i FLORENCE LOROLA COLLINS Alpena, Michigan A.B. DALE REX COMAN Wake field, Rhode Island Theta Chi. A.B. CHARLES M. CONAT . . D.D.S. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Kappa Tau. THOMAS LOUSHRAY CONLON Detroil, Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi. A.B. ROBERT ARTHUR CONN . . A.B. Owosso, Michigan Phi Mu Alpha; Scabbard and Blade. FRANCES JUNE CONNERY . . R.N. Gables, Michigan Couzens Hall; Scalpel, Asst. Financial Manager (2) (3). ALBERT Ross COOK . B.S. in M.E. Kingsvillr, Ontario American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers; Michigan Technic; Transporta- tion Club. GERHARD ALBERT COOK . B.S. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Men ' s Education Club (3) (4); Choral Union (3) (4). Page 69 SENIORS GRATTAN ROMEO COOK Owosso, Michigan A.B. MARGUERITE W. COOK . B.M. in Ed. Muskfgon Heights, Michigan Mu Phi Epsilon; Choral Union; Sym- phonic League. ROSALYN A. COOKSON . A.B. in Ed. Bay City, Michigan Martha Cook; Girls ' Education Club; Kappa Phi; Choral Union Choir. JEANNETTE OLIVE COOPER A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan ALBERT FREDRICK CORDS B.S. in A.E. Francesville, Indiana HOMER K. CORNELL . A.B. in Ed. Albion, Michigan University Glee Club, Accompanist. CLINTON HUXLEY COULTER . A.B. Windsor, Ontario Delta Chi; Les Voyageurs; President Forestry Club (3). HOWARD F. COWELL . B.S. in Eng. Detroit, Michigan JOHN CONWAY COOK Detroit, Michigan Phi Alpha Delta; Comedy Mimes Plavers. MARIAN COOK . Mason, Michigan Club; R.N. DONALD MURRAY COOPER . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Phi Kappa Tau; Sigma Delta Psi; Track (3) (4). ANNA ELLORA COPE . . A.B. Omaha, Nebraska Martha Cook; Cosmopolitan Club; Le Cercle Francais; Women ' s Athletic Association; Freshman Girl ' s Glee Club; University Girl ' s Glee Club, Treasurer (4); Choral Union; Baseball; Basketball; Jun ior Girl ' s Play. DOROTHY JANE CORLE . . A.B. Williamsport, Pennsylvania Spanish Club (i); University Girl ' s Glee Club (i). FRANCES MARY COTTINGTON Memphis, Michigan B.S. MARIAN HORTENSE COVIXGTON . A.B. Helena, Montana Alumnae House; Cosmopolitan Club; Student Mathematical Club. WAYNE G. COWELL . B.S. in Eng. Coldwater, Michigan Phi Kappa Sigma; Triangles (3); Vul- cans (4); Tau Beta Pi (3); American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Class President (3). Page 70 .- I X I O R S V T WILSOX JAMES Cox . A.B. Lakewood, Ohio Phi Kappa; Assistant Baseball Man- (3). M.D. WIXSTOX CHURCHILL CRABTREE San Diego, California Alpha Kappa Kappa. CLYXE CRAWFORD . . M.B.A. Cleveland, Ohio Alpha Kappa Psi; Business Admin- istration Club. President (5); Class Vice-President (4); Class Treasurer (5); Student Christian Association (3). SAMUEL CROLL Detroit, Michigan Alpha Omega. D.D.S. CAZAMER LOYD CROUCH B.S. in Eng. Port Huron, Michigan GEORGE WARXER CROW . D.D.S. Marine City. Michigan Sigma Zeta. PHILLIP RAYMOXD CULKIX . A.B. Carthage, Illinois Delta Tau Delta; Glee Club (2) (3) (4); Michigan Opera (3). JOHX ASHBY CuXXIXGHAM . . A.B. Miami. Oklahoma Kappa Sigma; Michiganensian (l) (2); Sales Manager (3); Board in Control Student Publications (4). FAYETTE L. COYKEXDOLL B.S. in M.E. Rochester, Kew York American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers. VILLARD LAWRENCE CRAIX Detroit, Michigan Xi Psi Phi; Phi Sigma; Class Secretary (3); Class President (4). D.D.S. CLIFFORD DEWEY CROCKETT . Ann Arbor, Michigan D.D.S. FREDERICK WILLIAM CROX B.S. in C.E. Manistee, Michigan Pi Kappa Alpha; Triangles; Scabbard and Blade; Michigan Technic (3). JOHX ROBERT GROUSE, JR. Cleveland, Ohio Chi Phi. A.B. ETHEL M. CROWE Manistique, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta. A.B. WAVE ELAIXE CULVER Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. LESTER CLAREXCE CURL . A.B. Mujkfgon. Michigan Delta Sigma Pi; Mimes (3) (4); Mich- igan Opera (3) (4); Scabbard and Blade (3) (4); Glee Club Page 71 SENIORS A.B. CHARLES CLINTON CURRIE Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi; Kappa Phi Sigma. HOWARD JAMES CURTIS . B.S. in Ph. Chevy Chase, Maryland Tau Kappa Epsilon. MARIE JOY CURTISS . . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Martha Cook; Mu Phi Epsilon; Glee Club; Choral Union; Junior Girls ' Play. MARGARET V. CUTTING Battle Creek, Michigan Alpha Phi; Junior Girls ' Play. A.B. OTTAR M. DAHL . . B.S. in E. Astoria, Oregon JOHN FREDERICK DAIBER B.S. in C.E. Toledo, Ohio American Association of Engineers. JOHN VINCENT DALY . . M.B.A. Iron River, Michigan MADALYN R. D ' AMOUR . . A.B. Rapid River, Michigan Theta Phi Alpha. MELBA CHRISTINA CURRY Bay City, Michigan A.B. MARTHA JANET CURTIS . . R.N. Jackson, Michigan Couzens Hall; Class President (4). ROY G. CURTIS . .A.B. Alpena, Michigan Phi Beta Kappa; Kappa Kappa Psi; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Mimes (3) (4); Comedy Club (3) (4), President (4); Varsity Band (i) (2) (3) (4), Vice- President (4); University Symphony (i) (2) (3)- Luis FERNANDEZ CUYAR . B.S. in C.E. Santurce, Porto Rico Latin-American Club; Students ' Math- ematical Society. DONALD BURROUGHS DAHN Sturgis, Michigan A.B. STANLEY J. DALLEY . . D.D.S. Summit, Utah Choral Union (i) (2) (3) (4) (5). ALBERT ROLLAND DAMM . . A.B. Muskegon, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi; Michigan Daily (2); Michigan Chimes (3); Business Ad- ministration Club (4). VERNON S. DANIELS . A.B. in Ed. Highland Park, Michigan Page 72 MADELYN GRACE DANKERS A.B. Mount Clemens, Michigan Betsy Barbour House; Pi Lambda Theta; Senior Society; Junior Girls ' Play; Vice-President, Pi Lambda Theta (4). i: N IORS CARL ROBERT DARNALL . . A.B. Washington, D. C. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Druids; Swimming (l) (2) (3) (4), Captain (4). ALICE M. DAVEV ButU, Montana Couzens Hall. R.X. V I MARIAN ANNA DAVIDSON A.B. in Ed. Constantino, Michigan Kappa Delta; V. V. C. A. Drive, Captain (2); Women ' s League Bazaar Committee (2); Junior Girls ' Play (3); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club (i); Univer- sity Girls ' Glee Club (2). EDWIN-CLARK DAVIS . . LL.B. Chicago, Illinois Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta; Barristers. HELEN ELIZABETH DAVIS A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan La Sociedad Hispanica. MILDRED F. DAVIS A.B. in Lib.Sc. Lanjing, Michigan Zeta Tau Alpha; Women ' s Athletic Association. RICHARD H. DAVIS . B.S. in M.E. Syracuse, New York yrb RAYMOND J. DAVIS Manitou, Colorado Phi Delta Theta. A.B. WILLIAM FRANKLIN DAVIS B.S. in C.E. Detroit, Michigan Phi Delta Theta. HENRY ERNEST DAWKINS . Poniiaf, Michigan Pfi Omega. D.D.S. EDWARD B. DAWSON Ogdenburg, Xnc York Square; Track. B.A. MARGARET C. DAY Toledo, Ohio A.B. ROSE MAXINE DE FOE Charlotte, Michigan A.B. ELMER Louis DE GOWIN Ann Arbor, Michigan M.D. BENJAMIN A. DE GRAFF . A.B Grand Rapids, Michigan Kappa Delta Rho; Quadrangle; In lander (3) (4). MURIEL EVELYN DELINK A.B. in Ed. Adrian, Michigan Martha Cook. SENIORS DOMINIC JOHN DELL ' AQUILA New York City Alpha Phi Delta. M.D. CAMILLE JOSEPH DELOR . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan EDNA ANNA DELVES . Oak Park, Illinois B.S. DoNALO J. DEMlNK . Kalamazoo, Michigan A.B. GEORGE H. DEMUND Gaines, Michigan LL.B. R. NEWTON DETZER . . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Theta Chi; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Glee Club (2) (3) (4). HAROLD G. DEMPSTER Detroit, Michigan Delta Alpha Epsilon. B.S. LAVERNE E. DERSHAM . B.S. in Ch.E. Bliss field, Michigan Society of Automotive Engineering; American Institute of Chemical Engi- neering. JEAN MARGARET DEVRIES A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis. ALEXANDER DIAMOND . . LL.B. Schenectady, New York Tau Epsilon Rho; Michigan Law Review; Chairman, Finance Com- - mittee (3); Chairman, Cap and Gown Committee; Choral Union. HORACE W. DIAMOND . B.S. in Ch.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan MARK WENDELL DICK Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. MARY ESTHER DIETRICH Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Delta. A.B. EARL KENNETH DILL . . A.B. Athens, Pennsylvania RUTH DININ New York City Cosmopolitan Club. A.B Page 74 WILLIAM JAY DITTMAX A.B. in Ed. Dr dfn, Michigan Men ' s Educational Club. CALLMAX B. DOBBS . A.B. Perth .4mboy, ex Jersey 3 ] X I O R S i WILLIAM CORNELIUS DIXON . LL.B. Cleveland, Ohio Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Rho; Lawyers Club; Adelphi; Oratorical Association Vice-President (3); Pres- ident (4); Varsity Debate (2) (3); Campbell Award (5). CARL HENRY DOERCE Cleveland, Ohio Delta Chi. A.B. HAROLD THERON DOXAHOE . A.B. Caro, Michigan Nu Sigma u; Wrestling (2) (3) (4); Captain (3). RUSSELL F. DOXKER . B.S. in C.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan DOUGLAS FREDERICK DOUBLEDAY A.B. Kalamazoo, Michigan Trigon; Michigan Daily (2) (3); Mich- igan Summer Daily (2) (3); Michigan Opera (3). CHARLES R. DOUGALL . B.S. in C.E. fr ' ilkinjburg, Pennsylvania Delta Tau Delta; Web and Flange; Senior Finance Committee Chairman. THOMAS JAMES DOUGALL . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Trigon; Druids; Michiganensian (2) (3); Mimes; Comedy Club; Michigan Opera (2) (3) (4). GEORGE WHITFIELD DOUGLAS Valparaiso, Indiana Phi Kappa Sigma. A.B. HERBERT V. DOUGLAS Valparaiso, Indiana Phi Kappa Sigma. A.B. JEAX Dow Ann Arbor, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis. A.B. MARGARET GRACE Dow Midland, Michigan Alpha Phi. A.B. r I ELIZABETH MARGARET DOWNIE . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Board of Representatives (2) (3). FREDERICK MARSHALL DOYLE . M.D. . Galesburg, Michigan Alpha Kappa Kappa; Galens; Class President (3). JAMES C. DRAPER . B.S. in M.E. Detroit, Michigan Psi Lpsilon. Page 75 A.B. SENIORS FREDERICK HODGES DUFFIELD Detroit, Michigan Delta Kappa Epsilon. RAYMOND EMMASON DUNN B.S. in E.E. Kalamazoo, Michigan American Institute of Electrical Engi- neering. WILLIAM WARREN DUNN . D.D.S. Grand Blanc, Michigan Psi Omega; Class Vice-President (4). THOMAS M. DURANT Chicago, Illinois Alpha Kappa Kappa. B.S. (to KENNETH ALEXANDER EASLICK D.D.S. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. CARL E. A. EBENDICK . B.S. in E.E. Buffalo, New York SAMUEL EDER . . D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Omega. GEORGE HOWARD EGGLESTON . A.B. Toledo, Ohio Phi Kappa Sigma. THOMAS LESLIE DUME . . A.B. Reading, Pennsylvania Education Club (3) (4); Mathematics Club (4). REGINALD ADDI DUNN . . A.B. Bryantville, Massachusetts LORENZ JOSEPH DUPROW . Detroit, Michigan Pi Kappa Phi. A.B. JOSEPH WILLIAM DYKSTRA Detroit, Michigan A.B. ELIZABETH L. EASTMAN . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta. JACK E. ECKER . . . D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Omega. WILLIAM DRESSER EDWARDS, JR. A.B. Memphis, Tennessee Phi Gamma Delta. MAXWELL EHRLICH . . A.B Bayonne, New Jersey Hillel Foundation; Phi Lambda Kappa Page 76 S I. N 10R.S HERMAN J. EICHENHOKER . B.S. in C.E. L tifa, esr York Theta Xi; Tau Beta Pi; Web and Flange; American Society of Civil Engi- neers; Chairman of Invitations Com- mittee. WILBUR GEORGE EKLUJJD . A.B. Gary, Indiana Pi Kappa Alpha; Cross Country Manager. NATHAN- H. ELLIS Cleveland, Ohio Kappa Nu. A.B. JAXE CROSSON ELLISON- . A.B. Philadelphia, Pennsylsania Choral Union; Girls ' Glee Club. PAUL WILLIAM EXDRISS . . A.B. Canton, Ohio Theta Chi; Druids; arsity Cheer Leader (4); Union Underclass Com- mittee (2). LEE WILLIAM ENSEL . LL.B. Springfield, Illinois Zeta Beta Tau; Pi Delta Epsilon; Gargoyle (2) (3); Student Council (4). LAWRENCE E. ERICKSON . B.S. in Eng. Mfnominee, Michigan Triangle; American Society of Mechan- ical Engineers. MARGUERITE ERNST . A unita, Michigan Phi Gamma Mu. . A.B. I , LYLE EDWARD EISERMAX . . A.B. Detroit. Michigan Delta Sigma Pi; Quadrangle; Alpha Nu; President (4), Delta Sigma Rho; Vice-PresidentOratoricaLAssociati Varsity Debate Team (3); Vice-Presi- dent Freshman Law Class. ALBIN E. ELANDER Brady, ebraska A.B. WADE BISHOP ELLIS . . Bradford, Pennsylvania Sigma Phi Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Kappa; French Club (i); Social Com- mittee (2); Glee Club (2). GEORGE RAYMOND EMPSOX Gladstone, Michigan Phi Kappa Tau. A.B. JOHN JACOB EXGELFRIED . Bogota, ey Jersey A.B. BENEDICT WILLIAM EOVALDI . LL.B. Benton, Illinois Lawyers Club. ZELDA ERMAN . . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan RICHARD EUGENE ERWAY . Xncfield, New York . Kappa Phi Sigma. A.B. SENIOR S HELEN MARY ESTABROOK A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Theta Phi Alpha. ROSE ESTRIN Detroit, Michigan A.B. CLETUS JEANETTE FAGAN A.B. in Ed. Chateaugay, New York Alpha Chi Omega; Athena Literary Society (2) (3) (4); Pi Lambda Theta; Sophomore Circus; Junior Girls ' Play Committee; Christmas Bazaar Com- mittee (2). BAXTER BEACH FAIR Durand, Michigan Galens. M.D. ROBERT DANIELS FALCONER . M.B.A. Toledo, Ohio Phi Kappa Sigma; Intramural Man- ager (4). ROBERT ERWIN FARMER Detroit, Michigan Lambda Chi Alpha. A.B. ROWAN FASQUELLE Petoskey, Michigan Delta Tau Delta. LL.B. NATHAN PAUL FEINSINGER . LL.B. Buffalo, New York Kappa Nu; Druids; Track (2) " (3) (4); Class Treasurer (5); Phi Beta Kappa (3); Law Review (6). WALTER O. ESTES . LL.B. Pontiac, Michigan Delta Theta Phi; Kappa Phi Sigma; Le Cercle Francais. ADELE D. EWELL . A.B. in Ed. Romeo, Michigan Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Lambda Theta. WILLIAM J. P. FAILING B.S. in Forestry Grayling, Michigan Forestry Club. ELIZABETH FAIRBAIRN . B.S. in Arch. Erie, Pennsylvania Phi Gamma Mu; T-Square (2) (3) (4). SIMON S. FARBMAN . . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Varsity Tennis; Choral Union; Campus Doubles Champions (3). FRED GEORGE FARRIS . . A.B. Toledo, Ohio MARCUS ALLAN FEINBERG Indianapolis, Indiana Phi Epsilon Pi. A.B. ELMER DAN FELDKAMP Saline, Michigan A.B. Page 78 HENRY STEWART FELIX B.S. in C.E. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Tau Beta Pi (4); Web and Flange (4); American Society of Civil Engineers (3) (4). Treasurer (4). KATHERINE MARGARET FERGUSON A.B. Birmingham, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis; Junior Girls ' Play; Women ' s League Social Committee (2). DOROTHY CORA FESS . B.S. in Ed. East Lansing, Michigan MARIE WILSON FICHTEL Calumet, Michigan Martha Cook. A.B. s i ; N I o R S ALICE MARGUERITE FELLOWS . A.B. Newton Centre, Massachusetts Helen Xewberry. WILLIAM FERRIS . . A.B. Battle Creek, Michigan LAWRENCE FEST . . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan HENRY C. FIEBIG, JR. . D.D.S. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Mu Delta. HILDA FIERER . Warren, Ohio Phi Sigma Sigma. A.B. MARGRET FAITH FILE Rochelle, Illinois B.M. Delta Omicron; Symphonic League (0 (2) (3). HELEN FINDLEY . A.B. in Ed. Bradford, Pennsylvania Theta Phi Alpha; Sophomore Circus; Junior Girls ' Play; French Club. CHARLES HOWARD FINES . . A.B. Perry, New York Delta Phi; Michigan Daily (2); Var- sity Track (3); Cross Country (l). II RUTH FIERER . Warren, Ohio Phi Sigma Sigma. A.B. DALE HOWARD FILLMORE . LL.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan PAUL P. FINDLEY Detroit, Michigan Theta Xi. IRVING EVERETT FINK Detroit, Michigan Phi Beta Delta. Page 79 LL.B. M.D MILDRED LORRAINE FINK . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Phi. JOSEPH EDGAR FINLEY . . A.B. Highland Park, Michigan Pi Kappa Alpha; Wrestling. BEN FIRESTONE South Bend, Indiana THOMAS JOHN FITZGIBBONS Detroit, Michigan Alpha Tau Omega. A.B. A.B. SENIORS m MARGARET ALICE FINLAY . Battle Creek, Michigan JOSEPH FRANK FIORDELIS . LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Alph a Phi Delta; II Circolo Italiano. THOMAS HAROLD FITZPATRICK . A.B. San Diego, California Sigma Nu; Chairman Senior Sing. ELIZABETH CATHERINE FITZGERALD B.S. Monroe, Michigan FLORENCE ROWEN FLOOK Ann Arbor, Michigan RUTH LANGDON FLOYD Coldwater, Michigan A.B. A.B. JANE FOLSOM . . . A.B. Lakewood, Ohio Junior Girls ' Play; Women ' s Athletic Association (i) (2) (3) (4); Choral Union (l) (2) (3); La Sociedad His- panica (4). JAMES BEVERLY FLORENCE B.S. in M.E. Munising, Michigan American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers; Tau Beta Pi; Honor Council (4); Class Secretary (2); Vice-President (3) (4). HARRIET KATHERINE FOLEY Alpena, Michigan Betsy Barbour. MARTHA CATHERINE FORBES Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. A.B. HENRY FORD, JR. . . A.B. Kalamazoo, Michigan Kappa Delta Rho; Kappa Phi Sigma (4); Players (3). STANLEY E. FORD . . A.B. Blissfield, Michigan Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi; Business Administration Club; President of Business Administration Class (3). Page 80 SENIORS DELLA MAUDE FORREST A.B. in Lib.Sc. Cleveland, Ohio VICTOR JOHN FORTE . A.B. in Ed. Ironwood, Michigan Gogebic Range Club. GERTRUDE LUCILLE FOSTER . A.B. Battle Creek, Michigan Helen Newberry; University Girls ' Glee Club; Michiganensian; Junior Girls ' Plav. LUCILLE JUNE Fox . Saginam, Michigan Martha Cook. A.B KATHRVN HORTON FRANCIS . A.B. Lunenburg, Massachusetts Delta Delta Delta; Black Quill (i) (2); Chi Delta Phi (3) (4); Women ' s Ath- letic Association Executive Board (4); Pegasus (4); Hockey (i); Baseball (i); Basketball (3) (4); Chi Delta Phi, Vice- President ' ;); President (4); Riding Manager, Women ' s Athletic Associa- tion (4); Freshman Pageant; Soph- omore Circus; Junior Girls ' Play. FLORENCE HILDA FRANK . . A.B. Ottawa, Illinois Maison Francaise; Cercle Francais; Social Committee, Hillel Foundation. RICHARD WILLIAM FRANKHAUSER A.B. Lansing, Michigan CHARLES HERMAN FRANTZ, JR. . A.B. Bay City, Michigan Phi Rho Sigma. a JOHN ALEXANDER FORSTER Toledo, Ohio Chi Phi. A.B. EILEE RUTH FOSDICK Dental Hygiene Detroit, Michigan Kappa Phi. ALICE LOUISE FOUCH . . A.B. LaGrange, Illinois Sigma Alpha Iota; Daily (3); Mich- iganensian (3); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Freshman Pageant; Sophomore Circus. FLOYD HENDEE FRADENBURCH D.D.S. Ann Arbor, Michigan RALPH JOHN FRANCIS Pontiaf, Michiga Delta Sigma Pi. A.B. PHILIP BENJAMIN- FRANK Detroit. Michigan A.B. CHARLES FREDERICK FRANKMAN M.D. Ann Arbor. Michigan JULIUS T. PRATER B.S. in Art Detroit, Michigan ' .;. : SENIORS EMIL A. FREDERICK . B.S. in Eng. Detroit, Michigan Delta Alpha Epsilon; Michigan Union Opera (4). RAYMOND M. FREED St. Louis, Missouri Union Dance Committee (i). EDWARD GEORGE FREIMUTH . D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Psi Omega; Chairman, Class Picture. DOROTHY G. FRIED A.B. in Lib.Sc. Saginatv, Michigan Martha Cook. KATHARINE L. FROHNE A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Pi Beta Phi; Pi Lambda Theta; Le Cercle Francais; Lower Business Staff, Michigan Daily; Junior Girls ' Play. ROBERT VERNON FULHAM Frankfort, Indiana Phi Gamma Delta. A.B. RICHARD CORBIN FULLER . A.B. Friendship, New York Tau Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Delta; Adelphi (3) (4); University Symphony Orchestra (i) (2). NORMAN GABEL Detroit, Michigan Beta Theta Pi. A.B. NORMAN C. FREDERICKSON . D.D.S. Ishpeming, Michigan Invitation Committee (4). Louis MURRAY FREEDMAN . M.D. Savannah, Georgia Phi Delta Epsilon. ALDENE MYRTLE FRENCH Oral Hygiene Howell, Michigan ANDREW FRIEDMAN . . D.D.S. Highland Park, Michigan Alpha Omega. RICHARD CONANT FRUIT Flint, Michigan Lawyers Club. LL.B. FREDERIC W. FULLER, JR. . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi; Football (3) (4). EDWARD F. FURTSCH . B.S. in Chem. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Lambda Upsilon. WILLIAM NORMAN GALL . A.B. Ingersoll, Ontario Phi Alpha Delta; Adelphi; Delta Sigma Rho; Varsity Debate (3). Page 82 S K N I o H S ROBERT LEE GALLET B.S. in M.E. Ypsilanti, Michigan American Society of Mechanical Engi- JOHX J. GALVIN Youngstown, Ohio Delta Sigma Delta. D.D.S. ARNOLD GUSTAV GARDEY Saginaar, Michigan Xi Psi Phi. D.D.S. MARK J. GARLICK, JR. B.S. in Eng. Chicago, Illinois Delta Alpha Epsilon. FREDERICK JOHN GARTXER II ' .;:.- ::-. M. . . .; . Aeronautical Society (3) (4). A.B. LLOYD ROLLAND GATES B.S. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Epsilon Kappa; Sigma Delta Psi; Mens ' Educational Club; Mens ' Phy- sical Education Gub; Scabbard and Blade; Gymnastics (2) (3) (4). SAMUEL EUGENE GAWNE . A.B. Lakewood, Ohio Delta Chi; Basketball (2) (3) (4); Baseball (2) (3) (4); Senior Social Committee. EDWARD X. GEORGE . B.S. in M.E. A or A Jara. AV:r York Phi Kappa; Triangles; Scalp and Blade; Wrestling (2) (4); Football (4). EDWIX CARL GALSTERER Franktnmuth, Michigan Pi Kappa Phi. M.D. NLvRTix DUDLEY GARBER . Enid, Oklahoma Phi Gamma Delta. A.B. WILVAN A. GARDNER B.S. in Eng. .Inn Arbor, Michigan Rifle and Pistol Club (i) (2); American Society of Mechanical Engineers (3) U)- LORENA ADELAIDE GARLOCH A r. ' A Girard, Prnnsyhania Sigma Kappa. A.B. BEXTON EARL GATES . . LL.B. Columbia City, Indiana Lambda Chi Alpha; Gamma Eta Gamma; Barristers. VALERIE GATES . . A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Helen Xewberry; Portia (3) (4); Chi Delta Phi " (4); Inlander Staff. EDWIN MORGAN GEE. JR. Tolfdo, Ohio Chi Phi. A.B. JOSEPH G. GERSHMAN . B.S. in Med Bayonnt, ear Jersey Freshman Glee Club. SENIORS RAYMOND E. GIBBS Iron River, Michigan Phi Mu Delta. A.B. NELLIE E. GIBSON . Dental Hygiene Grand Rapids, Michigan CHARLES BURTON GILBERT . A.B. Flint, Michigan Sigma Phi; Sphinx (3); Druids (4); Judiciary Council of Inter-Fraternity Council (3); Pipes and Canes Com- mittee Chairman (4); Student Council; Michigan Union Vice-President (4); Michigan Opera (2) (3); Class Presi- dent (3); Michigan Union Board of Directors (4). MANFORD KURTZ GILES . . A.B. Bliss field, Michigan Phi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Kappa Kappa Psi; Freshman Baseball; Varsity Band (i) (2) (3). WILLIAM A. GILLETTE . . D.D.S. Lakewood, Ohio Delta Sigma Delta; J-Hop Committee. FRANK JOSEPH GIMSKI Ironwood, Michigan Phi Beta Pi. A.B. ALVIN C. GLINDEMAN . B.S. in Eng. Buffalo, New York JOHN HALDEMAN GLOVER . Grosse lie, Michigan Chi Psi; Golf Squad (3). A.B. GEORGE ALEXANDER GIBSON Adrian, Michigan Alpha Delta Phi. A.B. ROBERT LAUREN GIBSON Kalamazoo, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. D.D.S. STANLEY S. GILBERT . . LL.B. Mishawaka, Indiana Pi Lambda Phi; Michigan Daily; Freshman Track. WYNNE L. GILLESPIE . A.B. in Ed. Erie, Pennsylvania MARGARET LENORE GILLIS . B.S. Quincy, Illinois Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club; Junior Girls ' Play. PAUL GINSBERG . . . A.B. Piitsburg, Pennsylvania Zeta Beta Tau; Michigan Opera (2). GRACE WHITE GLOVER . . A.B. Bay City, Michigan Martha Cook; Mu Phi Epsilon; Players Club; University Girls ' Glee Club (3) (4); Choral Union (3); Junior Girls ' Play. ELMER ARTHUR GOERKE . Detroit, Michigan M.D. Page 84 S E X I O R S FLORENCE M. GOGINS . A.B. in Ed. HMing, Minnesota GVSTA GOLDBERG . . . A.B. Falmoulh. Kentucky Phi Sigma Sigma; Cercle Francais U) (3) (4); Junior Girls ' Play. JAMES RICHARD GOLDEX Rithmond, f ' irginia Omega Psi Phi. LL.B. HERBERT AVERY GOLDSMITH Detroit, Michigan Michigan Daily. A.B. ERVIN GEORGE GOODMAN . A.B. Canandaigna, New York MARION C. GOODNOW A.B. in Ed. Hvtfhinson, Minnesota Le Cercle Francais; La Sociedad Hispanica. MARTIN GILBERT GOODWIN LL.B. Lfnoir City, Tennessee Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Alpha Delta; Barrister. SAMVEL B. Gos . . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan ALBERT THEODORE GOLDBERG A.B. AVer York City, A o York LAWRENCE C. GOLDBERG . Cincinnati, Ohio Phi Delta Epsilon. A.B. Juuus MONROE GOLDMAN LL.B. Cleveland, Ohio Gargoyle (l) (2) (3). Louis Roos GOMBERG . . A.B. Dflroit, Michigan RETA SADELL GOODMAN Dental Hyg. Detroit, Michigan LAWRENCE K. GOODRICH . Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Gamma Delta. A.B. EARL XELSOX GOODYEAR Toledo, Ohio A.B. MICHAEL L GOULD . LL.B Mount Clfmfns, lifhigan Crease Dance Paper Committee. Page Sj A.B. SENIORS HARVEY MOSHER GOVE Detroit, Michigan CHARLES W. S. GRACE . B.S. in C.E. Sarnia, Ontario Delta Sigma Phi. VICTOR A. GRAVES . B.S. in Eng. Detroit, Michigan Scabbard and Blade; American Society Mechanical Engineers. JOHN RENO GRAY . . D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Phi Alpha. ALBERT GREEN Detroit, Michigan LL.B. JAMES FRANCES GREEN . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan MILTON DOUGLAS GREEN . . J.D. Denver, Colorado Theta Chi; Class President (6); Phi Beta Kappa. BENJAMIN BAILEY GREENBERG Detroit, Michigan Phi Lambda Kappa. A.B. ROSALIE GRABOWSKY B.S. in Ed. Highland Park, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Phi; Michiganensian Editorial (3) (4). CLIFFORD G. GRAFF . . A.B. Fulcan, Michigan FRANK EDWARD GRAY M.A. in B.A. Adrian, Michigan Alpha Kappa Psi; Class Secretary (5). RITA WATTEN GREEMAN . A.B. in Ed. Flint, Michigan Kappa Phi (4). HAROLD ANTHONY GREEN D.D.S. Grand Lodge, Michigan Psi Omega. LEWIS GREEN . . M.D. Detroit, Michigan BEATRICE GREENBERG . . A.B. Charleroi, Pennsylvania Alpha Epsilon Phi; Michigan Daily (3) (4); Junior Girls ' Play. GEORGE H. GREENE, JR. Peoria, Illinois Kappa Delta Rho. A.B tb i Page 86 LL.B. HARVEY B. GREEXE Detroit, Michigan Sigma Delta Kappa. WILLIAM ROGER GREEXE . A.B. Manistee, Michigan Pi Kappa Alpha; Secretary, Michigan Union (4). JEAN GRAY GREEXSHIELDS . A.B. in Ed. Romto, .Michigan Alpha Omicron Pi; Wyvern; Michigan- ensian ( 2) (3); Class Vice-President (2); Junior Girls ' Play. JAY B. GREER B.S. in E.E. Pontiac, Michigan SENIORS Si NORMA ALZIXA GREEN . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Zeta, Sigma Delta Rho (}); Athena, (l) (2) (3); Oratorical Board (3), Junior Girls Play; Varsity De- bating (3). ESTELLE GLADYS GREEXHLT Hartford, Connecticut A.B. EDWARD BERTRAM GREEXSPAX . B.S. rccark, rur Jersey Pi Lambda Phi; Phi Delta " Epsilon. DARREL L. GREGG Butler, Pennsylvania A.B. TERRY TJLDEX GREIL, JR. Montgomery, Alabama Michigan Daily (2) (3). A.B. HEXRY STEPHEX GRIXXELL . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi; Sphinx; Mich- igamua; Football; Student Council; Board in Control of Athletics; Class President (i); J-Hop; Captain Spring Games. ELLEX FRANCES GROFF . . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Delta Delta; Wyvern; Mortar- board; Pi Lambda Theta; Freshman Spread Committee; Hockey (l) (2); Girls ' Glee Club (2) (3), Secretary (4); Junior Girls ' Play; Womens ' League, Board of Directors. NIXA GROXSTRAXD . . A.B. Rockford, Michigan Le Cercle Francais (i); La Sociedad Hispanica (2). JOSEPH JAMES GRIFFITH Wyndotte, Michigan Michigan Union Opera (2) (3). A.B. MARION L. GROESBECK A.B. in Ed. E. ' canaba, Michigan RACHEL ELEAXOR GROHMAX . A.B. Saginaic, Michigan Phi Gamma Mu; Girls ' Glee Club (2) (3); Choral Union (l) (2) (3). BOICE GROSS Lansing, Michigan Delta Theta Phi. A.B Page 87 SENIORS MARGARET EDITH GROSS . . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Brummitt House; Michigan Daily (3) (4). DORIS BERNICE GROVER . Oral Hygiene Flint, Michigan HARVEY JONES GUNDERSON . A.B. Fermillion, South Dakota Phi Delta Theta; Sigma Delta Chi; Michigan Daily (3). I 6 ARTHUR H. GROSSMAN Hawks, Michigan Theta Kappa Nu. A.B. EVERITT W. GULDEN . . D.D.S. Armada, Michigan OSCAR M. GUNDERSON . B.S. in C.E. Eagle Grove, Iowa CHARLES ALGET GUSTAFSON Ludington, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda. A.B. FRANCES GUSTIN . B.A. in Ed. Union City, Indiana Summer Michigan Daily (2); Mich- iganensian (3); Choral Union (2) (3) (4)- ELMER WILLIAM GUSTAFSON . A.B. Manistique, Michigan Pi Kappa Phi. MARGARET MAY GUSTINE . . R.N. Benton Harbor, Michigan Assistant Editor, Scalpel (2); Editor, Scalpel (3); Class Secretary and Treasurer (i). WILLIAM HENRY HAAG B.S. in M.E. Buffalo, New York Sigma Phi; Triangles (3); Scalp and Blade; Freshman Baseball. ORVAL F. HAGEMEISTER . Toledo, Ohio Delta Theta Phi; Barristers. LL.B. ROBERT TOURXEY HAGEN . M.B.A. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Kappa Psi; Business Adminis- tration Club. r EDWARD WILLIAM HACKER . A.B. Mount Clemens, Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi. DOROTHY MARGARET HAGEN . M.B.A. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Kappa; Business Administration Club. RICHARD JOHN HAGER Holland, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. D.D.S. Page 88 SENIORS ADELBERT WILLIAM HAHN Detroit, Michigan A.B. LEONE HALE OrUans, Michigan Kappa Phi. A.B. ORMAX BURNETT HALL . B.S. in Eng. Pontiac, Michigan " ALTER ELROY HALL B.S. in Ch. E. Aberdeen, South Dakota American Institution Chemical Engi- neers. X. LUCILE HAMILTON- CD una, Michigan Helen Newberry. A.B. GEORGE HAMMOND Lansing, Michigan Football Reserves (2) (3) (4). A.B. FORDUS VICTOR HAND Sherwood, Michigan A.B. ROBERT CARL HANDLOSER, JR. Detroit, Michigan Sigma u. A.B. DOROTHY KENT HALE . R.N. St. Petersburg, Florida CouzensHall; Young Women ' s Christ- ian Association, Secretary (2). GEORGE JAMES HALEY D.D.S. Ogdensburg, New York Psi Omega. RICHARD D. HALL B.S. in Eng. Kalamazoo, Michigan Alpha Chi Sigma; American Society of Steel Treaters. ROBERT LEACH HALSTED B.S. in M.E. Eranjton, Illinois Phi Kappa Psi; Triangles; Vulcans; Swimming (2) (3) (4); Michigan Union Engineering Vice-President (4). WILLIAM K. HAMILTON B.S. in M.E. Bangor, Michigan Triangles; American Association Mech- anical Engineers; Social Committee (4); Varsity Band (i). RICHARD CLAIR HAMPER Aurora, Illinois Sigma Phi Epsilon. A.B. BENJAMIN HAROLD HANDLEY . A.B. Blairsville, Pennsylvania Gargoyle Local Advertising Manager (4); Michigan Opera Orchestra (3). ALEX GEORG E HANE . B.S. in Eng. St. Joseph, Michigan U l Page 89 SENIORS AUDREY L. HANEY . A.B. in Ed. Chicago, Illinois Delta Delta Delta; Junior Girls ' Play. EUGENE HOLMES HANNAH Edmand, Oklahoma A.B. RICHARD JAMES HANRAHAN . D.D.S. Waterloo, New York Xi Psi Phi, Vice-President (i). DAVID JAMES HANSCOM St. Cloud, Minnesota Delta Tau Delta. A.B. CLARE EARL HARDER Pigeon, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi. A.B. HENRY BRADLEY HARDING . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Varsity Glee Club (3) (4); Choral Union (2) (3) (4). ELISABETH H. HARRIMAN Hampton, Iowa Collegiate Sorosis. A.B. EMANUEL J. HARRIS . . LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Pi Lambda Phi; Delta Sigma Rho; Adelphi, Treasurer; Varsity Debate. HELEN JEANETTE HANLIN . A.B. in Ed. Buchanan, Michigan Chi Omega. MARTHA ALICE HANNETT . A.B. in Ed. Jackson, Michigan CATHERINE E. HANSEN . A.B. in Ed. Muskegon, Michiga n WATSON DAVIDSON HARBAUGH . A.B. Atlanta, Georgia Alpha Sigma Phi; Track (i) (2) (3) (4); Opera (2) (3) (4). GEORGE LIND HARDGROVE . M.D. Day les town, Ohio Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Beta Pi. MILDRED E. HARDY B.S. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta; Physical Education Club; W. A. A.; Hockey, Basketball, Baseball (3) (4). FREDRICA HARRIMAN Hampton, Iowa Collegiate Sorosis. A.B. VIRGINIA E. HARRIS . A.B Cleveland, Ohio Page go .- 1. X IORS GERALD V. HARRISON . A.B. in Ed. FemdaJr, Michigan Phi Delta Rappa. ADELAIDE P. HARRSEX A.B. in Ed. Toledo, Ohio Women ' s Educational Club (4); Wom- en ' s Athletic Association. LEOXARD OTTO HARTMAX . A.B. fPaterbury, Connecticut FORBES S. HASCALL . LL.B. Birmingham, Michigan Lawvers ' Club. CECILE LEOXE HATHAWAY . A.B. in Ed. Lake Orion, Michigan Kappa Delta; Choral Union (l) (2); Glee Club (l) (2); Orchestra (l). WILLIAM S. HATHAWAY Orion, Michigan Phi Chi. M.D. I. JERQUE HAUSER Flint, Michigan Phi Delta Epsikra. A.B. ESTHER H. HA vi WORST . A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Martha Cook; Girls ' Glee Club; Choral Union; Junior Girls ' Play. XELUS M. HARRISOK . B.S. in A.E. Detroit, Michigan Triangle. SALEM ANDREW HART, JR. Cleveland, Ohio Phi Sigma Kappa. A.B. NORMAN LESTER HARTWIC . A.B. Highland Park. Michigan Delta Sigma Phi. JOHN C. HASTIE B.S. in E.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Tau Beta Pi; American Institution Electrical Engineers. GERALDIXE THELMA HATHAWAY A.B. St Johns, Michigan Chi Delta Phi. HELEN LOUISE HAUSE . A.B. in Ed. jinn Arbor, Michigan Senior Societv. T. KENNETH HAVEN . A.B. Muskegon, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi; Michigan Daily (3) (4), Circulation Manager (4); Ac- counts and Circulation Manager Sum- mer School; Business Administration Club. HELEN JANE HAWKINS . A.B. Cleveland, Ohio Alpha Phi; Wyvern; Mortarboard; Treasurer Masques; Chairman om- en ' s League Point System Committee (4); Junior Girls ' Play. Page 91 SENIORS JAMES E. HAWKINS . . . A.B. Flint, Michigan MARGARET GRACE HAWKINS Cleveland, Ohio Alpha Phi; Pi Lambda Theta; Mortar- board; Wyvern; Vice-President Wom- en ' s League; Secretary, Masques. RUSSELL A. HAWLEY . . D.D.S. Buffalo, New York BERTHA RA CHEL HAYES Ypsilanti, Michigan A.B. DONALD WILLIAM HEDRICK . M.D. Toledo, Ohio Alpha Tau Omega; Nu Sigma Nu. JOHN P. HEDRICK . . A.B. Saginaiv, Michigan Psi Upsilon; Sphinx; Druids; Michigan Union Opera Orchestra (2); Executive Council, Michigan Union (3). JOHN FRED HEIDBREDER . B.S. in E.E. Coloma, Michigan A. I. E. E.; Tau Beta Pi. k, V BETH VIVIAN HEIDE . Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. LAWRENCE J. HEIDENREICH . D.D.S. Marshall, Michigan Concordia Club. FERDINAND DANIELS HEILMAN Saginaw, Michigan A.B. ROBERT HEINSHEIMER . . A.B. Chicago, Illinois Zeta Beta Tau. JANET HEITSCH . . . A.B. Pontiac, Michigan Pegasus (3); Freshman Pageant; Soph- omore Circus. MARY ELTON HELLYER . LL.B. Tenafly, New Jersey Gamma Phi Beta; Kappa Beta Pi; Class Secretary (i). ESTHER M. HELMA . . . R.N. Adrian, Michigan Couzens Hall; Scalpel Assistant Ad- vertising Manager (3); Scalpel Ad- vertising Manager (4); Secretary and Treasurer Class (2). BLANCHE E. HENNIGAR . A.B. in Ed. Oscoda, Michigan EDWARD G. HENNING . B.A. in Arch. Detroit, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi. Page 92 LESLIE HENRY . . J.D. Toledo, Ohio Phi Beta Kappa; Barristers; Michigan Law Review. JAMES THOMAN HERALD . A.B. Greensburg, Pennsylvania Phi Kappa; Sigma Delta Chi; Delta Sigma Rho; Michigan Daily (i) (2) (3); Oratorical Association, Vice-President (3); Varsity Debating (2); Adelphi; Intel-fraternity Student Faculty Com- mittee (3), (Chairman). ROBERT THOMAS HERKNER Traverse City, Michigan A.B. DOROTHY EDNA HERRICK . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta; Junior Girls ' Play. MARTHA MARY HERRNSTEIN Chillicothf, Ohio Collegiate Sorosis. A.B. ELMER AFTON HERTZLER . B.S. in E.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan GRAY HESTON . B.S. in Ch.E. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Sigma; Web and Flange; Vulcans; Football (2) (3) (4). ANXE MARIE HEYMAN . B.S. Lansing, Michigan Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3); Sophomore Circus (2). SENIORS ii i fe EARNEST WILLIAM HENSEL fan Wen, Ohio Acacia; Craftsmen. A.B. MILLIE V. HERC . B.S. in Public Health Detroit, Michigan Martha Cook. GRIFFITH ALEXANDER HEROLD . LL.B. Bradford, Pennsylvania Alpha Nu; Kappa Phi Sigma; Cross Country (i); Debate (i); Baseball. JAMES HOTCHKISS HERRICK Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Tau Delta. A.R FLORENCE MARGARET HERTLER Ann Arbor, Michigan Spanish Club (2); Pegasus (4). A.B. MARIA B. HESSMANN . . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan MARGERY HEWITT . . A.B. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Kappa Kappa Gamma; Theta Sigma Phi. EDWARD M. HEYMAX . . A.B. Chicago, Illinois Phi Epsilon Pi; Michigan Daily (2); Michigan Union (2) (3); Union Opera (3); Players ' Club; Hillel Foundation (3) (4). ' Page 93 D.D.S. SENIORS WILLIAM CHARLES HEYNIGER Detroit, Michigan Dental Society. KENNETH FRANK HIGGINS . D.D.S. Cass City, Michigan Psi Omega; Craftsmen; President of Class (i). tiOR RUDOLFO KAWI HIDALGO . . M.S. Besao, Philippines Filipino-Michigan Club; Cosmopolitan Club. ROWLAND MERCER HILL . B.S. in A.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Delta Rho; Freshman Track and Cross Country (i); Varsity Cross Country (2) (3). MARION W. HILLMAN South Bend, Indiana Phi Chi; Class President (2). M.D. KATHERINE Joy HIMES . . A.B. Goshen, Indiana Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Choral Union (i); Junior Girls ' Play. LEONARD EDMUND HIMLER . . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Chi. CLARENCE C. HINCHBERGER B.S. in Eng. Detroit, Michigan Phi Kappa; Wrestling (2). CLARENCE EDWIN HINCHEY Otvosso, Michigan A.B. m GUSTAVES EMIL HINE Bay City, Michigan A.B. CARL STUMP HINTZ . Saginatv, Michigan Phi Kappa Tau. A.B. MARJORY LUCILE HITTLE . . A.B. Clinton, Michigan Alpha Omicron Pi; Athena (2) (3) (4); Junior Girls ' Play Committee. DUMONT FRANCIS HIXON . . D.D.S. Durand, Michigan Phi Kappa. ELVERA R. HJERTSTEDT . A.B. in Ed. DeKalb, Illinois Choral Union (4). HELEN L. HOCHREIN Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta. A.B. MILTON TIMOTHY HODGE . . A.B Ann Arbor, Michigan Page 94 MARION SMITH HODGSON . B.S. in Eng. Smyrna. Delaware Triangles; Vulcans; American Society Mechanical Engineers; Class Secretary (l); Class President (2); J-Hop Com- mittee; Athletic Committee (3). EDWARD M. HOEY Dexter, Michigan D.D.S. LEO HOFFMAN . . LL.B. .JUfgan, Michigan Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta. SENIORS f-+- JH.V 9 W tM y ARTHUR EUGENE HOEK . . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan MILTON J. HOFFER . . B.S. in Ed. Jackson, Michigan EDWINA BELLE HOGADONE . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Pi Beta Phi; Wyvern. JOHN R. HOGLE . . A.B. Chicago, Illinois Kappa Delta Rho; Glee Club (2) (3), Secretary (4); Michigan Opera (4). MARJORIE ALDRICH HOLDEN . A.B. Hillsboro, . Va 4 Hampshire Adelia Cheever; La Sociedad Hispanica (3) (4); Le Cercle Francais (3) (4). RUTH ELEANOR HOLLIXGER A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Martha Cook. VIOLA GENEVIEVE HOLMES Jackson, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta. A.B. RUTH HOLZXAGLE Birmingham, Michigan Kappa Kappa Gamma. A.B. DRAYTON F. HOLCOMBE Redford, Michigan Acacia. A.B. LUCILE MARJORY HOLDSWORTH . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Gamma Delta. GERALD IRWIN HOLMES . . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan MARGARET PEGRAM HOLT . . A.B. Staunton, I ' irginia Kappa Kappa Gamma. CLIFFORD JAMES HOOD . D.D.S Adrian, Michigan Alpha Tau Omega; Xi Psi Phi. SENIORS Ua ELVIRA A. HOOGERHYDE . A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan La Sociedad Hispanica. NELLIE ESTHER HOOVER . B.S. in Ed. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Kappa Delta; Pi Lambda Theta; Comedy Club; Masques; Hockey (3) (4); Basketball (3); Junior Girls ' Play. PAULINE ELIZABETH HOPP . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Phi; Junior Girls ' Play. HILDA ALMA HORNY . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Delta Zeta; Baseball; Hockey; Junior Girls ' Play. DEAN LENARD HOSMER . . M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Rho Sigma; Class Vice-President (2). ROBERT S. HOTCHKISS . . M.D. Jamestown, New York Phi Rho Sigma. HOWARD DANIEL HOUSE . . LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Phi Mu Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta. NELSON WILLIAM HOVER . B.S. in Ed. WUlougKby, Ohio L ROYCE B. HOOPER Detroit, Michigan Hermitage. PAUL LOREN HOPKINS . B.S. in Eng. Marion, Indiana Craftsmen. CLARENCE ALBERT HORN . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Swimming (3) (4); Water Polo (3) (4). MOLLIE HORWITCH . A.B. in Ed. Frankfort, Michigan MIRIAM JEWELL HOSMER . B.S. in Ed. Woburn, Massachusetts Helen Newberry; Physical Education Club; Sigma Eta Chi; Rifle (2) (3); Captain (4); Hockey (2) (4). HELEN MARVA HOUGH . B.S. in Ed. Fulton, Illinois Alpha Omicron Pi; Physical Education Club; Orchesis; Basketball (3); Hockey (4); Womens ' Athletic Association Board (4); Junior Girls ' Play Com- mittee. MARGARET RUTH HOUSTON Jackson, Michigan Delta Gamma; Junior Girls ' Play. A.B. CLAYTON B. HOWE . B.S. in Arch Detroit, Michigan Delta Phi. Page 96 SENIORS WALTER CARL HOWE M.B.A. Detroit, Michigan Business Administration Qub; Varsity Glee Qub. FRANCES ISABEL HUBBARD A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Zeta Tau Alpha; Class Secretary (3). JAMES ORDEN HUBLY . . A.B. Battle Creek, Michigan Phi Chi. HENRY R. HUFF . D.D.S. White Pigeon, Michigan JAMES UPTON HUGHEY, JR. . A.B. Rochester. .Vp York Sigma Nu; Sphinx; Michigamua; Chairman Union House Committee (3); Manager of Football (4); Chair- man Senior Ball. MABELLA SYLVIE HUMPHREY . A.B. Highland Park, Michigan La Sociedad Hispanica; Italian Circle; Women ' s Educational Club. BRYAN HUNT . A.B. Sea Cliff, AVsr York Delta Phi; Michigamua; Michigan- ensian (l) (2); Athletic Editor (3); Managing Editor (4); Student ' s Direct- ory (2) (3); Managing Editor (4); Senior Promenade Committee (4); Freshman Advisor (4). GEORGE GRAHAM HUNTER . A.B. St. Johns, Michigan Theta Kappa Nu; Alpha Xu (l) (2) (3); Delta Sigma Rho (3) (4); Debate Team (3). HOWARD THOMAS HOWLETT Gregory, Michigan Alpha Kappa Kappa. M.D. CARL PARKER HUBER . M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Rho Sigma; Alpha Omega Alpha; Sigma Xi; Galens; Phi Sigma. MATTHEW JAMES HUDSON JR. A.B. Ironwood, Michigan Druids; Sphinx; Michiganensian (l) (2) (3); Players Club. MARGARET LOUISE HUGHES . A.B. Alpena, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta; Sophomore Circus; Freshman Pageant; Junior Girls ' Play. EVA MARGARET HULTBERG Detroit, Michigan Couzens Hall. R.X. RAY CARLYLE HUMPHREY . . A.B. Detroit. Michigan Psi Upsikm; Assistant Football Man- ager (3); Michigan Opera (4). ELIZABETH GREASON HUNTER M.D. Greensboro, Xorth Carolina Alpha Epsilon Iota. HAROLD HORACE HUNTER . Charlotte, Michigan Sigma Pi. A.B Page 97 RUSSELL MARION HUNTER . . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Sigma Zeta. JAY WALLACE HUSHEN Detroit, Michigan Michigan Daily (i). A.B. JOHN W. HUTCHINSON B.S. in Eng. Detroit, Michigan MARION LOUISE HYSLOP . A.B. in Ed. Ovid, Michigan Chi Omega; Athena; Rifle Club (3) (4). SENIORS RUTH E. HUNTSINGER . A.B. in Ed. Hegins, Pennsylvania PAUL OSWALD Huss . A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan ALICE MARIE HYMA . B.S. in Ed. Holland, Michigan Phi Gamma Mu. HAROLD MAURICE IMERMAN Saginaiv, Michigan A.B. HARRY S. INADA . B.S. in M.E. Toyama, Japan PAULINE ELEANOR C. INGOLD . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Le Cercle Francais (3) (4); Freshman Pageant; Sophomore Circus; Finance Committee, junior Girls ' Play. DOROTHY INGALLS . . A.B. in Ed. Bryon, Ohio Kappa Delta; Pegasus; Freshman Pageant; Junior Girls ' Play. MILDRED EMMA INNIS . . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan La Sociedad Hispanica; Athena; Stu- dents ' Mathematics Club; Y. W. C. A. Committee; Womens ' League Board of Representatives; Sophomore Circus. RUTH ELIZABETH INSELMAN . A.B. Bellevue, Michigan JEAN SARGENT INSKO Carlisle, Kentucky A.B. VAN K. IPE . . B.S. in E.E. Kottayam, India Tau Beta Pi. ,1 , WALDO JOHN IRWIN . B.S. in Ed. Utica, New York Alpha Kappa Lambda; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Education Class Representa- tive (3) (4); Treasurer Education Class (4). Page 98 SENIORS Ll ' dLLE ISBELL Jackson, Michigan Zeta Tau Alpha. A.B. ACHY IYPE Trarancore, India ARNOLD ERNEST JACKSON . Ironwood, Michigan FRANK V. JACKSON A.B. in Arch. Manilla. loma - a Pi; Tau Sigma Delta. ARVID VERXER JACOBSOX B.S. in Ed. fTatton, Michigan Students ' Mathematical Society (2); Mens ' Educational dub (2); League for Industrial Democracy (2); lce- Chairman Mathematical Society. MILDRED JUNE JACQUES . . R.N. Saginaw, Michigan Cbuzens Hall; Student Council (3). BENJAMIN JAFFE Detroit. Michigan Tau Epsilon Rho. A. MARTIN JANASIK B.S. in Eng. Bay Citv, Michigan Pi Kappa Phi. LL.B. EDWARD KENNETH ISBET . . Detroit, Michigan Sigma Phi Epsflon; Alpha Kappa; Galens; Football (l); " ice-President of Michigan Secretary of Freshman Medic JOHN JACKMAX Kappa Medic Union; Class. A.B. Toledo, Ohio EDITH ELIZABETH JACKSON Dftroit, Michigan Zeta Tau Alpha. A.B. JULIUS JACOBS Tolfdo, Ohio Michigan Law Review. LL.B. HAROLD WILLIAM JACOX . . M.D. Flint, Michigan Phi Beta Pi; S. C. A. Cabinet (l) (2) : ; Track (l) (2); President (3); Glee Club (l) (2). DOXALD JOSEPH JAFFAR . Detroit, Michigan M.D. RUTH ALICE JAMESON . A.B. in Ed. Cadillac, Michigan Kappa Delta; Choral Union (i) (2) (3); Junior Girls ' Play. CLARA AGNES JAXUS . A.B. St. Johnsrille, A " r York Athena Literary Society (2) (3); La Sociedad Hispanica (l) (2) (4). ' ... X HERBERT T. JENKINS . B.S. in C.E. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Phi Sigma; Alpha Nu. JUDITH MIRIAM JIMENEZ . A.B. in Ed. Aguadilla, Porto Rico La Sociedad Hispanica; Club Hispano- Americano (4); Cercle Francais (4). SENIORS LEORA B. JERECKI Grand Rapids, Michigan Chi Omega. A.B. A. ESTHER JOHNSON IT A.B. romvood, Michigan Helen Newberry; Freshman Girls ' Glee Club. FRANCES M. JOHNSON . A.B. in Ed. Cleveland, Ohio Kappa Alpha Theta; Portia; Mimes. THEODORE W. JOHNSON . B.S. in Eng. Ludington, Michigan American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers, Student Branch. f LAURA ELVIRA JOHNSON Grand Rapids, Michigan Beta Kappa Rho. A.B. VERA A. JOHNSON . B.S. in Mus. Ed. DeKalb, Illinois Mu Phi Epsilon; Choral Union (4); University Symphony Orchestra (3). RAYNOR C. JOHNSTON Aurora, Illinois A.B. WILLIAM ANDREW JOHNSTON Boise, Idaho A.B. AGNES WESTERVELT JONES . . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan ELLSWORTH S. JONES . B.S. in A.E. Ypsilanti, Michigan A. S. M. E., Student Branch; Trans- portation Club; Aero Club. HARMON S. JONES B.S. in Phy. Ed. Concord, Michigan MARJORIE E. JONES . A.B. in Ed. Cleveland, Ohio Delta Zeta; Athena (2) (3) (4); Cercle Francais (2); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; University Girls ' Glee Club (4); Choral Union (2) (3). I V LEON RAYMOND JONES . . LL.B. Marshalltozvn, Iowa Lawyers ' Club; Lawyers ' Club Council, Treasurer (4). MAURINE LUVIA JONES . . A.B. Dozvagiac, Michigan Sigma Kappa; Athena (3) (4), Treas- urer (4); Symphony Orchestra (3); Freshman Pageant; Sophomore Circus; Rifle Team (i) (2) (3), Captain (4). Page 100 i MERRILL MILLER JOXES Flint, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi. A.B. Louts GEORGE JORDAX B.S. in Arch. Detroit, Michigan Hermitage; Beta Gamma; Architect- ural Society (3), ice-President (4); Michiganensian Art Staff (3); Michigan Technic (2); Architectural Editor (3); Class Committee (2) (3); Architectural Mav Partv Committee. PAULIXE BETTY JOSTICH A.B. in Ed. Detroit. Mifhigan La Sociedad Hispanica; Italian Club. BEXJAMIX JITLIAR Mount Clemens, Michigan Phi Lambda Kappa. A.B. JOSEPHIXE JOAXXE KALMER Gables, Michigan Cbuzens Hall. R.N. NLARY KARPIXSKI Ann Arbor, Michigan Chi Omega. A.B. MARTIX KATZIX . . B.S. in Eng. Detroit, Michigan Choral Union (2) (3) (4). SENIORS m ' STAFFORD LA !AR JONES Washington, D. C. Sigma Phi; " M " Club; Track (3). A.B. KATHLEE M. JOSLIX A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alumnae House. WILLIAM G. JUERGEXS Chester, Illinois LL.B. CHAS. A. JVXTEXEX . B.S. in Arch.E. Hougkton, Michigan MAJUAX KARBOSKI . . . A.B. A anticoke, Pennsylvania Theta Phi Alpha; Chairman Music Committee, Sophomore Circus; Pan- Hellenic Ball Committee (3); Music Committee, Junior Girls ' Play. SAMUEL RICHARD KATZ Cleveland, Ohio A.B. GARRETT ERVIX KAUFFMAX DfKcagiac, Michigan Hermitage; Alpha Kappa Psi. M.B.A. LESTER PAUL KAUFFMAX . . A.B. Canton, Ohio Theta Chi; Cosmopolitan Club (i) (?) (3) (4); Gargoyle (3) (4); Choral Lnkm (4); Chairman International Night (3)- kV FLOYD D. KAUFFMAX B.S. in A.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Rho Sigma; American Society Promotion of Aeronautics; Scabbard and Blade. Page tot MARVIN THEODORE KAWKA Grand Rapids, Michigan A.B. SENIORS WILLIAM JUDD KEEPER . Lyons, Michigan Psi Omega; Craftsman Club. MILDRED ELLA KEEN Ann Arbor, Michigan Chi Omega. A.B. EUGENE MARTIN KEILLOR . B.S. in E.E. Muskegon, Michigan Tau Beta Pi. GEORGE WATERS KEITHLEY . LL.B. Beloit, Wisconsin Delta Theta Phi; Barristers; Crease Dance Committee. i KATHERINE F. KELLEY . A.B. in Ed. Lansing, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis; Athena (3) (4); Oratorical Board (4); Make-up Com- mittee Junior Girls ' Play; Masques (3) (4); Group Representative Editor (3) (4)- MARION G. KELLEY . A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan ALICE ELIZABETH KELLOGG . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Phi; Michiganensian (2); Presi- dent Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Freshman Spread Committee; Soph- omore Circus; Junior Girls ' Play; Judiciary Council (2); Directory. HAROLD W. KELLOGG . B.S. in C.E. Allegan, Michigan Theta Xi; Freshman Track; Reserve Football. EARL ALLAN KELLY , . B.S. in Ed. Cadillac, Michigan Acacia; Phi -Epsilon Kappa; Sigma Delta Psi; Football (2) (3) (4); Track (3) (4); Class President (3) (4). KENNETH FRANCIS KELLY Cower Hill, Illinois Lawyers ' Club. LL.B. Louis KELLY Duluth, Minnesota Phi Kappa Psi. A.B. HELEN MAUDE KEMPF Fremont, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta. A.B. RUSSELL WOOD KENFIELD . B.S. in Ed. Rothbury, Michigan ROSE C. KENNA . . A.B. in Ed. Cumbola, Pennsylvania Theta Phi Alpha. JOHN ALEXANDER KENNEDY . A.B Shreveporl, Louisiana Sigma Nu; Gargoyle (2). Page 102 i T AMY JOSEPHINE KERN Detroit, Michigan A.B. MARY KILEY .... LL.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan RUSSELL C. KIMBALL . . M.D. .Inn Arbor, Michigan Phi Rho Sigma. LESLIE W. KINDRED, JR. . B.S. in Ed. Dftroil, Michigan FRANCIS F. KING . . B.S. in Eng. Detroit, Michigan L ' NA IRENE KINCSBURY . . A.B. Kalamazoo, Michigan LVCRETIA L. KINIETZ Dental Hygiene Ann Arbor, Michigan Class President- JANET ELEANOR KINNANE Bay City, Michigan Martha Cook. A.B. SENIOR S Page 103 JULIA ANN KERWIN . A.B. in Ex?. Dfiroit, Michigan Theta Phi Alpha. STANLEY A. KILPATRICK B.S. in M.E. Ypsilariti, Michigan Phi Kappa Tau; American Society Mechanical Engineers. EDWIN E. KIUMICH B.S. in Ch.E. Dfiroit, Michigan Alpha Chi Rho. BVRON BISHOP KING . Dttroil, Michigan Phi Beta Pi. A.B. WALTER FREDERICK KING . M.B.A. Orchard Lake, Michigan MADELYN CLARA KINCSLEY A.B. .Inn Arbor. Michigan Student Mathematical Society (3) (4), Secretary (4). WILLIAM V. KINIETZ .Inn Arbor, Michigan Le Cercle Francais. A.B. ADELBERT M. KIPP . . LL.B. South Hasten, Michigan Phi Sigma Kappa; Phi Alpha Delta. GRACE LULU KIRCHER . A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan SENIORS CLAIRE M. KIRK . . B.S. in Eng. Battle Creek, Michigan American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers (3). SUEY P. KIRK . . B.S. in Eng. Canton, China Chairman of Civil Engineering Society; Chinese Students ' Club. LEO KlRSCHBAUM Detroit, Michigan A.B. WINIFRED A. O. KIRSCHMAN A.B. in Ed. Battle Creek, Michigan Martha Cook; Rifle Club. MILTON KIRSCHBAUM . A.B. Chicago, Illinois Pi Lambda Phi; Alpha Kappa Delta- Michigan Daily (2) (3) (4); Night Editor (4); Gargoyle (4). BERTHA KLEIN . . Oral Hygiene Detroit, Michigan HENRY MONTGOMERY KLINE . A.B. Chicago, Illinois Theta Delta Chi; Daily (i); Assistant Recording Secretary, Union (3); As- sistant Basketball Manager (3). LURENEN ABBOTT KLINK . Angola, Indiana Martha Cook. A.B. DALES ALLEN KNAPP . A.B. Wilmette, Illinois Delta Upsilon; Druids; Class Treas- urer (4). EUGENE KNAPP Yale, Michigan A.B. ORPHA MARIE KNAPP . . A.B. Royal Oak, .Michigan Martha Cook; Le Cercle Francais (3) (4); La Sociedad Hispanica (4). PLATT CLAY KNICKERBOCKER Endicott, New York Theta Chi; Scabbard and Blade. A.B. ALICE M. KNIGHT Bay City, Michigan Couzens Hall. R.N. ELMER THEODORE KNODEL Chicago, Illinois Mathematics Club (3) (4). A.B. Louis FREDERICK KNOEPP . A.B. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Beta Pi; Gargoyle (i) (2) (3), Upper Staff (3); Track (4); Glee Club (i). Page 104 SENIORS ARNOLD PETER KOCH . A.B. in Ed. Grand Haven, Michigan Varsity Glee Club (3) (4). HARRY KOK . M.D. Grand Rapids, Michigan WITOLD E. KONECZNY B.S. in Eng. Detroit, Michigan USEVOLOD BASIL KORIACIN . A.B. Blagovestchesek, Siberia Aero Society; Cosmopolitan Club. ANDREW MICHAEL KOZACIK Whiting, Indiana A.B. ANDREW V. KRAMER . B.S. in Eng. Be ding, Michigan Tau Beta Pi; Engineering Honor Committee (3); Sophomore Prom Committee. WALTER G. KRAPOHL . LL.B. Bay City, Michigan Sigma Delta Kappa; Barristers; Mich- igan Law Review. GEORGE KREYE . . M.A. Grand Rapids, Michigan Sigma Pi. EDWARD JOHN KOCH . . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Hermitage. FERDINAND HENRY KOLVOORD . A.B. Battle Creek, Michigan ARTHUR RAYMOND KOOKER . A.B. Ewen, Michigan Lawyers ' Club; Michigan Daily (l) (2). MILTON SYDNEY KOVNER . . A.B. Brooklyn, New York CARL FREDERICK KRAATZ . A.B. Highland Park. Michigan Theta Chi; Varsity Glee Club (3) (4); Gargoyle; Reserve Football (4); Fresh- man Football; Comedy Club (3) (4); Play Production Club. CHARLES BRADLEY KRAMER . A.B. Monroe, Louisiana Zeta Psi; Alpha Nu; Michiganensian (2) (3). Louis JOHN KRESS . . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan GWENDOLYN JANET KROENCKE . R.N. Toledo, Ohio Couzens Hall; Scalpel Financial Man- ager (3), Assistant Business Manager (4); Student Council (2). Page 105 SENIORS P WALDO GROSS KUEHNLE . D.D.S. Ann Arbor, Michigan Xi Psi Phi. RUPERT W. KUENZEL . B.S. in Chem. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Chi Sigma. KATHRYN A. KUNEY . A.B. in Ed. Adrian, Michigan Kappa Kappa Gamma. KATHRYN L. KYER . .A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta; Wyvern; Worn- ens ' League Board of Directors (2); Michiganensian (2) (3); Freshman Spread Committee; Freshman Pag- eant; Sophomore Circus; Sophomore Prom Committee; Junior Girls ' Play. HELEN ELIZABETH LADD Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta. A.B. VIVIAN N. LA JEUNESSE . A.B. in Ed. Iron Mountain, Michigan Helen Newberry; Phi Beta Kappa; Athena (2) (3) (4); Chi Delta Phi (4); Le Cercle Francais (i) (2) (3) (4); Inlander Staff (4). ARCHIE FREDERICK LAMBKE Detroit, Michigan D.D.S. ELIZABETH P. LANE . Newark, New York Martha Cook. A.B. L O. JOHN KUENHOLD, JR. . . A.B. Cleveland, Ohio Zeta Psi; Assistant Basketball Manager (3)- ETHEL J. KUHLMAN . Toledo, Ohio Alpha Xi Delta. A.B. JOHN Louis KURTZ . . A.B. Clearfield, Pennsylvania Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ETHEL ARCHER LEWIS LACY . A.B. Richmond, Virginia MARY LADNEY . . . B.S. Highland Park, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta. HOWARD FRANKLIN LAMB . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan DANIEL G. LAMET . . A.B. Birmingham, Michigan JOHN MILTON LANG . . . A.B Erie, Pennsylvania Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Page 106 SENIORS J, EDWARD WILLIAM LAXCE . . A.B. Chicago, Illinois Pi Kappa Phi; " M " Club; Baseball (2). JOSEPH LEOX LAXCHORXE . A.B. Washington, D. C. Alpha Phi Alpha; Freshman Tennis Team. LESTER NICE LAPP . . D.D.S. Clarence, Xtsc York Xi Psi Phi. ERVIX FALK LAROWE . . Moyamod, Illinois Alpha Kappa Lambda; Michigan Daily (2) (3)- WAYNE HANCE LAVERTY . Charlotte, Michigan Landscape Club. JOHX WictRAM LAWSOX LD. Detroit, Michigan Phi Beta Pi; Class Secretary (2) (4). MARY ELEAXOR LAWTON . A.B. in Ed. Traztrsf Ciiy. Michigan Alpha Omicron Pi; Junior Girls ' Play; Class Basketball (2). CATHERIXE HARRIET LEARXED Plymouth. Michigan A.B. FRED FRAXCIS LANCE B.S. in Eng. Buffalo, tifw York Theta Kappa Nu; Scalp and Blade; A. S. L E. (Student Branch); Engi- neering Society; Michiganensian (a). COXTENT Chi Omega. LAXSIXG York, . rxr York A.B. KATHERISE ROSALIXD LARDXER . A.B. A ' ifc , Michigan Helen Newberry; Portia (2), ice- President (3), President (4); V T-ern (3); Senior Society, ice-President (4); Michigan Daily (2); Summer Daily (i); Michiganensian (2); Judiciary- Council of Womens ' League (3) (4). WILLIAM ROLLIX LATCHAW Defiance, Ohio M.D. ALBERT DAVID LAW Coss City, Michigan Psi Omega. D.D.S. RICHARD A. LAWSOX B.S. in A.E. Cheboygan, Michigan GLADYS EDWIXA LEARMOXT Croswett, Michigan Pi Beta Phi. A.B. HARRY JEWETT LEE Midland, Michigan Psi Oinega. D.D.S. Page 107 SENIORS FRIEDRICH W. LEFFER . B.S. ' in E. Kapellen, Germany KENNETH B. LEISENRING . A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Choral Union (3) (4). RUTH LELAND . . A.B. in Ed. Ypsilanti, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis. RUBY M. LEONG . . . A.B. Honolulu, Hawaii FRANK RUSSELL LEU . . A.B. Curtis, Nebraska Tau Kappa Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi. ROSE LEVIN . . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan EDGAR STRICKER LEVITT . . A.B. Toledo, Ohio Phi Epsilon Pi. PHILIP LEVY . . . A.B. Youngstown ' Ohio KARL K. LEIBRAND . . .A.B. Bay City, Michigan ROBERT CUSHMAN LELAND . A.B. Ypsilanti, Michigan Sigma Nu; Sphinx; Druids; Manager Basketball; Class President (4). SARAH MARIE LEMAY . A.B. in Ed. Menominee, Michigan CECIL WARD LEPARD . M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu. JACOB LEVIN .... A.B. Lorain, Ohio DAVID HALDYN LEVINE . . A.B. Mount Clemens, Michigan JESSE J. LEVY . . B.S. Capetown, South Africa SAM W. LEVY . . . LL.B. Alexandria, Louisiana Tau Delta Phi; Court, Star Chamber; Chimes (2); Lawyers ' Club (2). Page 108 LEE ALEXANDER LEWIS Manistee, Michigan DORMAN E. LlCHTY Jackson, Michigan Phi Beta Pi. A.B. M.D. SENIORS WILFRED J. L ' HEUREUX . Windsor, Ontario Xi Psi Phi; Class Treasurer (4). D.D.S. CARL RUDOLPH LIEBERT . B.S. in Arch. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Tau Sigma Delta; Class President (4). RICHARD UPJOHN LIGHT . M.D. Kalamazoo, Michigan Phi Rho Sigma; Phi Sigma; Alpha Omega Alpha; Glee Club (l). i JEAN ABRAM LIGNIAN . A.B. in E.E. Flint, Michigan FRANKLIN LINDEMULDER . . M.D. Grand Rapids, Michigan Xu Sigma Xu. I FRED B. LINDQUIST . B.S. in E. Cadillac, Michigan American Institution of Electrical Engineers. NINA ISABEL LINDSTROM Marquette, Michigan Zeta Tau Alpha. A.B. FRANCIS RAYMOND LINE . . A.B. Hotoell, Michigan Kappa Phi Sigma; Alpha Nu (i) (2) (3) (4); Quadrangle (3) (4); Michigan Daily (i) (2); Freshman Debating Team. WINFIELD HENRY LINE . . A.B. Howell, Michigan Kappa Phi Sigma; Alpha Xu (i) (2) (3). (4); Quadrangle (3) (4); Michigan Daily (i) (2); Freshman Debating Team. AGNES ELIZABETH LINSLEY . A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Adelia Cheever House; Girls ' Educa- tion Club (4). CLINTON CLAUDE LIPPERT . A.B. in Ed. St. Louis, Michigan Mens ' Educational Club. ALEC B. LIPPMAN . A.B. in Bus. Ad. Wellsmlle, New York Delta Sigma Phi. C. VERNON LISLE . . B.S. in E. Clarinda, Iowa Phi Delta Theta; American Society of Chemical Engineers; Web and Flange. ? J. Liss . D.D.S Detroit, Michigan Page IOC) CLIFFORD J. LISSENDEN . B.S. in M.E. Staten Island, New York WILLIAM HUTTON LISTER . Ypsilanti, Michigan Cosmopolitan Club. A.B. SENIORS MARY ELLEN LISTER . A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan ABRAHAM DANIEL LITSKY . Detroit, Michigan Phi Lambda Kappa. A.B. CLARENCE W. LITTLE, JR. . . A.B. Buffalo, New York Delta Tau Delta; Chairman, Life Member Michigan Union (3); Member Executive Council. JAMES GILBERT LITTLE . B.S. in C.E. Monroe, Michigan ROBERT HEPWORTH LLOYD A.B. North Tonawanda, New York Scalp and Blade (2); Adelphi (2); Transportation Club (i). NORMAN J. LOCHBIHLER . M.B.A. Syhania, Ohio Tau Kappa Epsilon; Choral Union. MARY-THEO LOCKE .A.B. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Kappa Kappa Gamma; Junior Girls ' Play. LUTHER HARVEY LODGE Milford, Michigan Gamma Eta Gamma. A.B. HARRY LOIKREC . . Sandwich, Ontario M.D. DOROTHY MARION LONG . . A.B. Hastings, Michigan Alpha Gamma Delta; Mummers (i) (2) (3) (4), Treasurer (3), Vice-Presi- dent (4); Glee Club (2) (3) (4), Secre- tar y (3), Vice-President (4); Masques (i) (2) (3); Freshman Pageant; Junior Girls ' Play. EUGENIA PERRIN LONG . A.B. in Ed. Bryon, Ohio Collegiate Sorosis. LENORE M. LONG . A.B. in Ed. Wyandotte, Michigan Zeta Tau Alpha; junior Girls ' Play. KATHARINE LOOMIS . . A.B. North East, Pennsylvania Junior Girls ' Play. LESTER A. LOONEY B.S. in E.E. Birmingham, Michigan Page no CARL MARTIN Loos . . A.B. Chicago, Illinois Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Michigamua; Baseball. s I: IORS EUGENE V. LOUCKS Casper, Wyoming FLOY G. LOUDENSLAGER Colon, Michigan Couzens Hall. R.X. PHYLEIS MARY LOUGHTON . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Kappa Gamma; Wyvern; Secretary, Mortarboard; President, Sigma Delta Phi; Vice-President, Masques; Vice-President, Comedy Club; Director, Junior Girls ' Play. STANLEY TILTON LOWE . M.D. Battle Creek, Michigan Trigon; Phi Rho Sigma. HORACE C. LOWNSBERRY . .A.B. Chicago, Illinois Zeta Psi; Wrestling; Class Treasurer (3)- HARRIET F. LOWRIE . Detroit, Michigan Pi Beta Phi; Junior Girls ' Play. A.B. DURWARD O. LOWRY . B.S. in Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan DELMA MAE LOYER . . . A.B. Cleveland, Ohio Delta Zeta; Glee Club (2) (3); Presi- dent Freshman Pageant; Sophomore Circus; Junior Girls ' Play. LESTER M. LUCAS . D.D.S. Coldwater, Michigan Psi Omega. RUTH LOTTA LUKEXS A.B. in Ed. Toledo, Ohio Alpha Gamma Delta. KARL FREDERICK LUST . B.S. in C.E. Marion, Ohio Web and Flange. RICHARD HENRY LUTES . . A.B. Duluth, Minnesota Beta Theta Pi; Mimes; Druids; Mich- igan Daily (i); Gargoyle (i) (2) (3); Michigan Opera (2) (3). MARGARET MARY LYONS . . A.B. Lansing, Michigan Martha Cook; Portia Literary Society. JPSE Page in ROY MAYNARD LYNDON . B.S. in Arch. Dexter, Michigan Tau Sigma Delta; Class Treasurer (3); Architectural Student Council. GRACE S. MAASS . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Kappa; Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Student Press Association; Junior Girls ' Play. SENIORS KATHERINE L. MACDIARMID . A.B. Highland Park, Michigan ELEANOR CARLYN MACK . . A.B. Auburn, New York Alpha Gamma Delta; Senior Com- mittee. TOM HOGGINS MACK , . A.B. New York, New York Tau Epsilon Phi; Phi Beta Kappa. GERARD S. MACKENZIE . . A.B. Port Huron, Michigan Phi Kappa Sigma. ROBERT HILL MACRAE . . A.B. Walled Lake, Michigan Alpha Kappa Delta, Vice-President (4)- MARCUS J. MAINS . . B.S. in E. Rochester, New York RUTH MARIE MALCOLM . A.B. in Ed. Pontiac, Michigan MYRON VICTOR MARCUS Cleveland, Ohio Kappa Nu. A.B. t DOROTHY Lou MACACHRON Hudsonville, Michigan Martha Cook Building; Board of Director ' s Womens ' League. ELSA LAURA MACK . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Junior Girls ' Play. PHYLLIS MACKAY . . R.N. Ypsilanti, Michigan Couzens ' Hall; Scalpel Business Mana- ger ' 2 - ' 28; Student Council ' 27-2%, Secretary and Treasurer ' 26- ' 2 . JAMES WARE MACMEEKIN . . A.B. Saginaw, Michigan Sigma Pi; Phi Rho Sigma. ANN Lois MAGILARY . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Cosmopolitan Club; Social Service Club; Secretary of Hillel News Pub- lication; Secretary of Hillel Foundation Council. RUSSELL LAING MALCOLM . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Delta Phi; Nu Sigma Nu; Gargoyle (i) (2); University of Mich- igan Band, Student Manager (3) (4); Financial Committee (l). MOREY MARCUS Paterson, New Jersey Pi Lambda Phi. A.B. WILLIAM MARIN Manistique, Michigan A.B. Page 112 PAULINE GLADTS MARKHAM Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Delta. A.B. HAROLD A. MARKS . . LL.B. Phoenix, Arizona Kappa Nu; Phi Delta Epsilon; Repub- lican Club; Michigan Daily (l) (2) (3); Advertising Manager (3); Board in Control of Student Publications. OSCAR A. MARKUS . LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Phi Beta Delta; Daily (l); Michigan Union Committee Chairman. JOHX A. MARSHALL . . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Kappa Epsilon; Hockey (3) (4); Tennis (l) (3) (4 - HARRIET MARJORIE MARTIX . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Delta Delta; Michiganensian ( 2 ) 0) Sophomore Grcus; Junior Girls ' Play; Life Membership Com- mittee, Women ' s League. CHARI.ES EDWARD MARTIXEK Detroit, Michigan Xi Psi Phi. D.D.S. MARTIX ANDREW LARTZOWKA A.B. in Med. Saginasc, Michigan Upper Room. LUCILLE D. MARX Long Beach, California A.B. SENIORS BURTON MARKS Detroit, Michigan Phi Beta Delta. Louis RICHARD MARKUS B.S. in Ch.E. Detroit. Michigan Michigan Daily (l) (2). JOHX ALBERT MARSH Detroit, Michigan Delta Upsilon. A.B. CORIXXE LOVISE MARTIX Holion, Michigan A.B. IXA ELLEX MARTIX . Detroit, Michigan Zeta Tau Alpha. A.B. MAXUEL MARTORELL, JR. A.B. in Eng. Comario, Porto Rico Cosmopolitan Club; Hispanic Amer- ican Club (3) (4). THOMAS BRAND MARWIL Detroit, Michigan Phi Delta Epsilon. M.D. JAMES JOHX MASKEY . B.S. in A.E. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Delta Sigma; Aeroplane Society; American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers; Polonia Literary Circle. Page 113 SENIORS MARVIN ALLEN MATEN . B.S. in EtE. Detroit, Michigan American Institution of Electrical Engineers. CARNEY DERR MATHESON . LL.B. Fordson, Michigan Lawyers ' Club; Executive Council. RAYMOND PAUL MATHEWS . North Judson, Indiana A.B. RICHARD ELMER MAYNE . M.B.A. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Delta Sigma Pi. WILLIAM M. MAZER . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Alpha Mu; Intramural Track Manager (3); Senior Manager (4); Board of Directors of Athletic Associa- tion. JANE AGGAS McBRiDE . A.B. in Ed. Butler, Pennsylvania Alpha Omicron Pi. RANDALL McCAiN . . B.S. in F. Jackson, Michigan . Les Voyageurs; Phi Sigma; Forestry Club. VIRGINIA H. McCoLL . A.B. in Ed. Wyandotte, Michigan Delta Delta Delta; Michiganensian (2); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club. , JOHN CHARLES MATHES Toledo, Ohio Theta Xi; Tau Beta Pi; Web and Flange; American Society of Civil Engineers; Class Treasurer (3) (4); Social Committee (2); Sophomore Prom Committee; J-Hop Sub-Com- mittee. HAROLD LYLE MATHESON B.S. in E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Engineering Honor Committee; Presi- dent of Senior Engineers. LUCILE MAXWELL Upper Sandusky, Ohio Mandolin Club (2) (3). A.B. JORGE MOZABEL B.S. in C.E. Bogota, Colombia, South America Transportation Club; La Sociedad Hispanica; II Circolo Italiano. GEORGE A. McBRiDE . B.S. in C.E. Omaha, Nebraska Alpha Tau Omega; Scabbard and Blade (2) (3) (4); American Society of Mili- tary Engineers (2) (3) (4); American Association of Chemical Engineers (3) (4); Engineering Honor Committee (i) (2) (3) (4), Chairman (3), Advisor (4); Military Ball Committee (2) (3) (4); Reserve Officers Training Corps (i) (2) (3) (4). MARGARET McCAiN Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. JOHN F. MCCARTHY . . LL.B. Salt Lake City, Utah Chi Phi; Barristers; Council of Law- yers ' Club (i). ROWENA GRACE McCoLi.EY Erie, Pennsylvania Phi Gamma Mu. A.B. Page 114 S E X I O R S WILLIAM R. McCoNOCHiE . B.S. in C.E. Rock Island, Illinois Triangle; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Kappa Kappa Psi; Web and Flange; American Society of Civil Engineers; Varsity Band (l) (2) (3) (4)- FRANCES KATHRYN McCoRMicK D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan FRANK JOSEPH McCvE Hudson, Michigan Phi Kappa. A.B. LEONE MCFERRIN Module, Iowa Phi Mu. A.B. JEAN ALLAN McKAic . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Mortarboard; Senior Society, Presi- dent; Wyvern; Class Secretary (4); Junior Girls ' Play; Board of Directors, omen ' s League Bazaar (4); Social Committee (3); Bazaar Committee (3)- JAMES C. McKiLLEN, JR. B.S. in E. Buffalo, ew York Chi Psi; Triangles (3); ulcans (4); American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers; Baseball Manager (4); Soph- omore Prom Committee. R.X. ELLEN MCLAUGHLIN Chelsea, Michigan Couzens Hall. MILES A. MCLENNAN B.S. in Eng. Detroit, Michigan Hermitage; Technic (2). DOUGLAS ELMORE McCoRMicx . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Chi; Adelphi; Business Manager Oratorical Association (3). HAROLD JOE McCorrER B.S. in E.E Ann Arbor, Michigan WlLLARD HOWE McE VEN Fostoria, Ohio Sigma Delta Kappa. LL.B. DOROTHY JANIECE McGoxiGAL Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Phi. A.B. EMMA MARY McKAY . A.B. in Ed. Lapeer, Michigan Women ' s Education Club; Cosmo- politan Club; President, Alumnae House. ARTHUR A. McKiNNiE . . A.B. Springfield, Illinois Delta Sigma Phi; Daily (i) (2); Michigan Union Opera (2). MARY JANE MCL.EESE . B.S. in Ed. Freeland, Michigan Kappa Phi; Choral Union. HARRIET JANE McMiLLAN A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Martha Cook. Page 115 SENIORS GERALD FRANCIS MCNERNEY Cleveland, Ohio Pi Kappa Phi. A.B. SANFORD LAMARTINE MEAD A.B. in Ed. Traverse City, Michigan WILLIAM JAMES MEADER . LL.B. Kalamazoo, Michigan Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Theta Phi; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Kappa Kappa Psi; Adelphi; Varsity Band. ALICE PEARL McRiLL . A.B. in Ed. Toledo, Ohio Kappa Alpha Theta; La Sociedad Hispanica; Michiganensian Lower Staff (3) (4)- VIRGINIA MEAD Detroit, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta. A.B. (3J OLIVE MYRTLE MEARS Flint, Michigan Betsy Barbour. ?5 A.B. HENRY OTIS MEDSGER Arlington, New Jersey Delta Tau Delta. A.B. CHARLES MELICHAR . . B.S. in F. Cicero, Illinois Phi Sigma (3) (4); Forestry Club (4); Les Voyageurs (2) (3) (4). ORLANDO R. MENDEZ . A.B. in C.E. Aguadilla, Porto Rico Sociedad Hispanica (4); Club Hispano Americano (3) (4). MORTON J. MENSHER Brooklyn, New York Hillel News. A.B. ELLIS BOYD MERRY . . . A.B. Pontiac, Michigan Trigon Club; Michigamua; Sphinx; Michigan Daily (i) (2), Night Editor (3), Editor (4); Student Council (4); Class Officer (i); Class Advisory Com- mittee (4); Alpha Nu. HENRIETTA ERNESTINE MEHLHOSE A.B. Wyandotte, Michigan NED EDWARD MELLEN Detroit, Michigan Michigan Law Review. LL.B. LAWRENCE WOLFF MENGEL B.S. in Arch. Toledo, Ohio Hermitage; Beta Gamma; Michigan- ensian Art Staff; Michigan Technic (3) (4); Gargoyle (2) (3); Freshman Class Officer (i). ESTHER LAWRENCE MERRICK . A.B. Sagittate, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta; Sigma Delta Phi; Gargoyle (i); Chimes (2); Freshman Pageant; Sophomore Circus; Author, Junior Girls ' Play. HELEN MARY ELIZABETH MESSENGER A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Page 116 SENIORS JOHN- MILTOX METES B.S. in E.E. Detroit, Michigan American Institute of Electrical Engi- MARGARET D. MEYER . A.B. Saginasr, Michigan Senior Society; Portia (3) (4); Chair- man Woman ' s League Bazaar Com- mittee; Class ice-President (4); Board of Representatives Woman ' s League; Junior Girls ' Play. JOHN STRAXDLER MICHEXER Adrian, Michigan Sigma Alpha Epsilon. A.B. ALICE MARIE MIEL . A.B. in Ed. Six Lakes, Michigan Girls ' Educational Club (4). RAYMOXD THOMAS MILES A.B. in C.E. Corning, -Vr York FRAXK V. MILLER B.S. in E. Batasia, Xea York LOREN B. MILLER . . A.B. Menominee, Michigan NELSOX Louis MILLER B.S. in Chem. Satidusky, Ohio Glee Club (2) (4); Choral Union (2). SAUL-EL !ETLER . B.S. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan SIDNEY K. MEYER LL.B. Cleveland, Ohio K.EXXETH EARDLEY MIDCLEY J.D. Salt Lake City, Utah GEORGE ALBERT MILES . B.S. in C.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Tau Kappa Epsilon; American Society of Chemical Engineers; Web and Flange. ERNEST E. MILLER . D.D.S. fonrof, Michigan JAMES FRANCIS MILLER. JR. . A.B. Adrian, Michigan Phi Kappa Sisrma; Phf Alpha Delta; Football (l) (2) (3). MARIAN C. MILLER . . A.B. .inn Jrbor. Michigan FLORENCE JEANNETTE MILLS A.B Ann Arbor, Michigan Page 117 SENIORS ALLANA MARIE MINIFIE Pontiac, Michigan Martha Cook. EDWARD IRA MINTZ . Detroit, Michigan Phi Delta Epsilon. A.B. M.D. ROBERT EMERSON MINNICH . A.B. Greenville, Ohio Sigma Phi Epsilon; Kappa Phi Sigma (i) (2) (3) (4), President (2) (3); Oratorical Association Board (3) (4); Michigan Daily (i); Treasurer Orator- ical Board (3). CHARLES A. MITCHELL, JR. B.S. in Eng. Bay City, Michigan Michigan Technic (3); Michigan Opera Assistant Stage Manager (3). MIRIAM CATHERINE MITCHELL . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Phi; Portia Literary Society (3) (4); Women ' s Varsity Debate Team (4); Summer Daily (3); Varsity Glee Club (2) (3) (4); Freshman Glee Club (i); Choral Union (i). DORIS ELIZABETH MOBLEY A.B. in Ed. Wyandotte, Michigan Phi Gamma Mu; Symphonic League; Choral Union; Junior Girls ' Play. NORMAN GEORGE MOELLER Bay City, Michigan A.B. CATHERINE EMMA MOFFAT Detroit, Michigan A.B. FREDERIC P. MOFFETT . B.S. in Ed. Berkeley, California Phi Epsilon Kappa. IRWIN S. MOISE Santa Rosa, New Mexico Phi Sigma Delta. A.B. HARRY FINDLEY MOLL . . LL.B. Casper, Wyoming Lawyers ' Club; Westerners ' Club; Executive Council; Finance Commit- tee of Lawyers ' Club. DAVID CHILDS MONROE Lansing, Michigan Delta Kappa Epsilon. A.B. GEORGE EDWARD MONROE . A.B. Kalamazoo, Michigan Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student Direct- ory (2) (3); Michiganensian Feature Editor (3); Freshman Track. MILDRED ISABEL MONROE A.B. in Ed. Muskegon Heights, Michigan ROBERT PAGE MONTGOMERY Ann Arbor, Michigan Nu Sigma Nu; Galens. M.D. CHARLES MAITLAND MOORE Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan A.B. Page 118 RICHARD CARLTON MOORE M.B.A. Ann Arbor, Mulligan Alpha Kappa Psi; Business Administra- tion Club (4) (s); Class President (5). RITH HARRIET MOORE Lansing, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta. A.B. DOROTHY MOREHOUSE . A.B. Monlclair. ry Jersey Theta Sigma Phi; Chi Delta Phi; Yyvern; Senior Society; Michigan Daily (2); Junior Girls ' Play Com- mittee; Bazaar Committee (4); Fresh- man Spread Committee. SK N I OR RICHARD C. MOORE . B.S. in E.E. St. Ignace, Michigan ROBERT THOMAS MOORE B.S. in Arch. f, Ohio GRACE ADELLE MORLEY A.B. in Ed. Flir.t, Mifhigan La Sociedad Hispanica. EMORY L. MORRIS LL.B. Bloomingdalf, Indiana Gamma Eta Gamma. RITH MORRIS . Detroit, Mifhigan Martha Cook. ELIZABETH ANGUS MORRISON Ann Arbor, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta. ROSE MORRISON Buffalo, Sfx York Phi Sigma Sigma. NEWELL O. MORSE B.S. in Ed. Berkeley, California Alpha Delta Phi; Phj ' Epsilon Kappa; Baseball (3). A.B. A.B. A.B. N ' ' EMORY V. MORRIS D.D.S. Xashtillf, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi; Delta Sigma Delta. CATHERINE SUSAN MORRISON Royal Oak. Michigan Alpha Chi Omega. A.B. FLORENCE PEARL MORRISON A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Sigma Sigma; Players Club. J OSEPH MORSE, JR. ashrills, Tennessee Zeta Beta Tau. A.B. H ENRY NATHAN MOSES Cincinnati, Ohio Zeta Beta Tau. A.B Page 119 BORIS D. MOSESSOHN New York, New York Phi Epsilon Pi. A.B. SENIORS FRANK EUGENE MOSHER . . A.B. Royal Oak, Michigan Sigma Zeta. JULIA DICKSON MOTHER B.S. in Ed. North East, Pennsylvania Zeta Tau Alpha; Rifle (3) (4); Junior Girls ' Play. ELLIOTT HARRY MOVER . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Adelphi (3); Quadrangle (3) (4); Chimes (3); Varsity Debate (4). MADHUSUDAN MOZUMDAR B.S. in Ch.E. Muktagacha, Bengal, India FRANKLYN CHARLES MUGAVERO . A.B. Port Huron, Michigan Phi Kappa Sigma. ELMER JOHN MULAC . M.E. in Eng. Alliance, Ohio Alpha Tau Omega; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. CORNELIA MULDER Dental Hygiene Holland, Michigan RUDOLPH MARK MULFINGER Tiffin, Ohio Lawyers Club. LL.B. JOHN B. MULLIKEN Pelham, New York Sigma Zeta. A.B. INMAN LLOYD MUNGER . . A.B. Franklin, Ohio Phi Sigma Kappa; Sphinx; Druids; Blue Key; Track (2) (3) (4). JOHN LESLIE MURPHY . . M.D. Stanford, Kentucky Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Rho Sigma. JOSEPHINE ALICE MURPHY A.B. in Ed. Highland Park, Michigan Delta Delta Delta. EDNA MAE MURRAY . S;. Johns, Michigan Le Cercle Francais. A.B. ELSIE ELVINS MURRAY . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Pi Beta Phi; Mortarboard, President; Wyvern; Michiganensian (2); Fresh- man Pageant, General Chairman; Sophomore Circus, Secretary-Treas- urer; Junior Girls ' Play, Assistant Chairman; Chairman Undergraduate Campaign Fund. f MARY LOUISE MURRAY . . A.B. Highland Park, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta; House Organiza- tion Committee; Point System Com- mittee, Women ' s League; Class Vice- President (l); Junior Girls ' Play, Cast; Mimes Players; Freshman Pageant. Page 120 S K N IORS WILLIAM ALDRICH MURRAY . M.D. Detroit, Michigan Phi Beta Pi; Galens (3) (4); Chairman Medical Honor Committee (4). MARJORIE M. MYERS A.B. in Ed. Charleroix, Michigan ADRIEXXE NAGELVOORT . A.B. Royal Oak. Michigan Alpha Xi Delta; Freshmen Girls ' Glee Club; Choral Union; University Girls ' Glee Club; Junior Girls ' Play. JOSEPH NATHAN, JR. .Lhland, Kentucky Kappa Nu. A.B. HENRY M. NELLY. JR. B.S. in C.E. Colon, Panama Sigma Chi. ARNOLD L. NELSON Ironwood, Michigan B.S. WALTER H. NELSON, JR. . B.S. in E.E. Rochester, Xear York Freshman Glee Club; Varsity Glee Club (2) (3). WILMA LOUISE NEVBECKF.R A.B. in Ed. Cleveland. Ohio Mummers; Portia Literary Society. JfJ i WILLIAM EDMOXD MURRAY Bay City, Michigan A.B KRYX JOHN NACELKIRK Molint, Michigan Pi Kappa Phi. A.B. JACK PIERRE NALBANT Detroit, Michigan M.D. MORTIMER ALLAN NEFF . A.B. Birmingham, Michigan Theta Xi; Tennis Reserves (2). ADOLPH GUSTAVE NELSON A.B. in Ed. Xorth Mtutegon, Michigan Kappa Phi Sigma. TRUMAN C. NELSON . . A.B. Corning, fxr York VERNON DUKWAKO NERCER . M.D. Wheaton, Illinois Tau Kappa Epsilon; Phi Beta Pi; Daily (i) (2). ALICE MAHALA NEW-MAN Oral Hygiene Saginaar, Michigan Page 121 B.S. SENIORS ELINAR A. NEWMAN . Ramsay, Michigan Sigma Gamma Epsilon. GRACE E. NICHOLAS . Calumet, Michigan R.N. GEORGE ALBERT NICHOLSON, JR. A.B. Kansas City, Missouri Delta Kappa Epsilon. AUGUSTA AVERY NIETHAMMER . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Phi Nu (l) (2) (3) (4); Choral Union (i) (2) (3); Phi Beta Kappa (3) (4); Cosmopolitan Club (4); Sociology Club (4). WILLIAM FERDINAND NIKIMA B.S. in E. Detroit, Michigan SARAH ELLEN NIXON . A:B. in Ed. Dexter, Michigan Kappa Phi. CECIL MARK NOBLE B.S. in M.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Tau Beta Pi; Student Branch, Amer- ican Society of Mechanical Engineers. MARTIN NOCHIMSON . Paterson, New Jersey Phi Beta Delta. A.B. MORTON W. NEWMAN . . LL.B. Evansville, Indiana Lawyers ' Club; Michigan Law Review. HYMAN PHILIP NICHAMIN . Detroit, Michigan A.B. MAXWELL E. NICKERSON, JR. Chicago, Illinois Phi Kappa Psi. A.B. WOODARD ADOLPH NIETHAMMER M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Kappa Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Omega Alpha. MlTSUO NlSHIHARA Honolulu, Hawaii B.S. NORMAN CHARLES NOBIL Akron, Ohio A.B. ELLEN HOPE NOBLE . . . A.B. Fremont, Michigan Board of Representatives of Women ' s League (2). JOHN H. NOLEN . . D.D.S. Muskegon, Michigan Page 122 s K X I O R S LEO L. NOME B.S. in C.E. Kalama oo. Michigan Chinese Student Club. ALONZO AYLSWORTH NORCOXK Empire, Michigan Alpha Kappa Kappa. M.D. EDITH HULDAH NORMAN . A.B. in Ed. Escanaba. Michigan La Sociedad Hispanica. WALTER PHELPS NORTH . . A.B. Battle Creek, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Mu; Librarian (3); Kappa Kappa Psi; Delta Sigma Rho; Varsity Debate (3); Varsity Band (2) (3) 4J- PHILIP M. NORTHROP . . D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Nu; Delta Sigma Delta; Sigma Delta Psi; Sphinx; Michigamua; Track (2) (3), Captain (4); " M " Club; lce-President Union; Class President (3)- ELIZABETH NORTON . . A.B. Eaton Rapids, Michigan Martha Cook. METER NOTKIX Pater son, .Vr Jersey Phi Lambda Kappa. A.B. JOHN H. NUSSELEY A.B., LL.B. Mount Clemenj, Michigan Delta Alpha Epsiion; Law Club. MARCELLA E. NONEMAX A.B. in Lib.Sc. Grand Rapids, Michigan Junior Girls ' Play. PAUL AMANDUS NORDGREN B.S. in C.E. Daggett, Michigan Tau Beta Pi; Web and Flange; Ameri- can Society of Civil Engineers. FRANCIS ANDREW NORQUIST B.S. in M.E. Jamestown, rsc York Delta Alpha Epsilon; Triangles; Vul- cans; Business Staff of Daily (2), Accounts Manager (3); Secretary- Treasurer of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (4); Union Opera (2); Board in Control of Student Pub- lications (4). MICAJAH STARR NORTHROP . A.B. orlh?iUs, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi; Business Administra- tion Club (4). ROBERT WRIGHT NORTHROP . D.D.S. Jamaica, . rtc York Delta Sigma Delta; Rifle Team (a); Freshman Track. HEBER EDWIN NOTHSTINE Mancfhna. Michigan Xi Psi Phi; Band (3). D.D.S. WILMA ISABELLE NOWER A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta; Girls ' Glee Club. ELIZABETH CAMPBELL NUTT . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Gamma; Freshman Pageant Committee; Freshman Spread Com- mittee (2); Leadership Commission (2); Board of Directors (2) (3); Le Cercle Francais (3) (4); Chairman Junior Girls ' Play; Wyvern (3); Board of Representatives (3) (4); President Woman ' s League (4); Mortarboard (4)- Page 123 SENIORS JOHN NYBOER, JR. . . . A.B. Holland, Michigan LUCY E. O ' BEIRNE . A.B. Muir, Michigan Beta Kappa Rho (4); Choral Union (3) (4). ELMER EMERSON OESTRIKE Newport, Michigan Symphony Orchestra (3) (4). A.B. FREDERICK LAW OLMSTEAD Detroit, Michigan A.B. MABEL LILLIAN OLSON Oskar, Michigan Couzens Hall. R.N. BENNIE GAYLOARD OOSTERBAAN A.B. Muskegon, Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi; Sphinx; Michiga- mua; Football (2) (3) (4); Baseball (i) (2) (3) (4); Basketball (2) (3) (4). ROBERT DAVID ORCUTT . D.D.S. Oswego, New York Xi Psi Phi; Class Treasurer (3). DOROTHY ROSALIE ORNSTEIN . A.B. Appleton, Wisconsin Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Junior Girls ' Play Committee; Executive Council, Hillel Foundation (3) (4); Choral Union (3) (4); University Girls ' Glee Club (4). HERMAN Z. NYLAND, JR. Grand Haven, Michigan Delta Kappa Epsilon; Druids; Foot- ball (3) (4); Basketball (3) (4); Comedy Club. ADELINE O ' BRIEN . A.B. IVyandotte, Michigan Helen Newberry; Michigan Daily (2) (3); Michiganensian (2); Sophomore Circus. FRANCES EVELYN OGBORN . A.B. Saginaw, Michigan Kappa Delta; Mortarboard; Chairman of League Life Membership Drive (3); Chairman of House Organization and Board of Representatives; Hockey (i) (3); Basketball (i) (2) (3); W. A. A. Board (3). ALBERT OLSON . Manistique, Michigan Pi Kappa Phi. A.B. MONICA ELOUISE O ' MELAY A.B. in Ed. Hillsdale, Michigan HENRY JOHN OOSTERLING B.S. in E.E. Kalamazoo, Michigan American Institute of Electrical Engi- neering. ALICE O ' REILLY . Dental Hygiene Detroit, Michigan DORA ELIZABETH ORR Maysville, Kentucky Martha Cook. A.B. Page 124 SENIORS MILTON Ross ORT Columbus, Ohio A.B. FREDERIC CHARLES OSENBURG San Diego, California Quadrangle; Gargoyle. A.B. SIDNEY VANCE OSMAN Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Les oyageurs. A.B. CAROLYN ELM A OTT . Detroit, Michigan A.B. JOHN PALMER OTTAWAY . . A.B. St. Clair, Michigan Delta Kappa Epsilon; Sigma Delta Chi; Opera (3); Senior Prom Com- EDWARD HENRY PAEPLOW B.S. in Ch.E. Buffalo, New York Alpha Chi Sigma. FRANK C. PAINTER, JR. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi. LL.B. FLORENCE LUCILLE PALMER Chelsea, Michigan Couzens Hall. R.N. JOHN SCOTT ORWIG . Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Mu Delta. M.D. LAURA M. OSGOOD . . A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Mortarboard; Senior Society; Delta Sigma Rho; Sigma Delta Phi; Vyvern; Athena Literary Society (i) (2) (3) (4), Treasurer (2), Judiciary (3); Women ' s League, Board of Directors (3) (4); Chairman, Properties Com- mittee Junior Girls ' Play; Woman ' s Debating Team (3) (4); Oratorical Board (3); Class Baseball (2). CARROLL LEE OSMUN Pontiac, Michigan A.B. HAROLD ALTON OTT . Detroit, Michigan Phi Mu Delta. A.B. GORDON W. PACKER . A.B. Lawton, Michigan Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Alpha Xu; Kappa Kappa Psi; L ' niver- sity Band (i) (2) (3) (4); Drum Major (2) (3) (4); Freshman Track; Glee Club (2). WlLLMARTH ROBERT PAINE . D.D.S. Toledo, Ohio Xi Psi Phi; Freshman Basketball; Glee Club (3); Senior Ball Committee. ANNE PALMER . . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Kappa Alpha. JOHN PANCHUK . . LL.B. Grosse Pointe, Michigan Sigma Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa. Page A.B. SENIORS ARTHUR PAUL PAPKE Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Mu Delta; Phi Chi. LOLETA GERTRUDE PARKER . A.B. Hastings, Michigan Alpha Gamma Delta; Michigan Daily (2); University Girls ' Glee Club; Freshman Glee Club; Junior Girls ' Play; Sophomore Circus; Freshman Pageant. Lois ADRIA PARKS . . A.B. in Ed. Willoughby, Ohio Alpha Chi Omega; Pi Lambda Theta, Treasurer (4); Le Cercle Francais(2) (3), Secretary (4); Basketball (3); Baseball (3); Junior Girls ' Play Com- mittee; Phi Beta Kappa (3). HENRY JOSEPH PARTICA . M.A. Ann Arbor, Michigan Adelphi; Scalp and Blade; Reserve Football (i) (2); Basketball (i) (2); Baseball (i) (2). BERNARD PATMOS Hudsonville, Michigan Le Cercle Francais. A.B. MARTIN PATMOS HudsonvilU, Michigan Alpha Omega Alpha. M.D. KATHERINE S. PATTERSON A.B. in Ed. Collegiate Sorosis; Choral Union (i) (2) (3) (4); University Girls ' Glee Club (2) (3). BARBARA HELEN PATTON . . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Gamma; P an Hellenic Ball Committee (3); Freshman Pageant; Sophomore Circus; Junior Girls ' Play. . ARLEY VERN PARKER Harlan, Iowa Alpha Tau Omega. A.B. MADALENE PARKER R.N. Ffnton, Michigan Couzens Hall; Scalpel Financial Man- ager (4); Student Council Representa- tive (4). HAZEL WARNER PARSONS . A.B. in Ed. Dexter, Michigan MARY E. PASSMORE . Dental Hygiene Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Alpha Gamma Delta. FRANCES PATMOS . . B.S. in Ed. Hudsonville, Michigan Cosmopolitan Club; World Fellowship Committee (4); Girls ' Educational Club. BARBARA Lois PATON . A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Zeta; Le Cercle Francais; La Sociedad Hispanica; Kappa Phi. WILLIAM ASHLEY PATTERSON Detroit, Michigan D.D.S. OTTIS O. PATTON Ann Arbor, Michigan G ' ee Club. A.B. Page 126 A.B. WILLIAM HEXKLE PATTOS . Springfield, Illinois Phi Kappa Psi. MAX PAUX B.S. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Phi Epsilon Kappa. SENIORS RICHARD HULETT PAULSON A.B. Kalamazoo, Michigan Delta Tau Delta; Michiganensian (3). REXA GOODMAN PAVITT . A.B. .Vr York. fy York Sigma Alpha Iota; Athena; Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Masques; University Girls ' Glee Club. L. L. IREXE PAWLITZ Oral Hygiene Port Justin, Michigan IB CLAREXCE FRED PEARSOX . Escanaba, Michigan Phi Kappa Tau. A.B. Lois LA AXGE PEARSOX A.B. in Ed. Fremont, Michigan CHESLEV JAXICE PECK . A.B. Clarksburg, West I ' irginia Martha Cook; Pi Lambda Theta; Senior Society; University Girls ' Glee Club; Junior Girls ' Play; House of Representatives, Women ' s League. v T RVTH CECILA PEEK . Detroit, Michigan A.B. ELLEX EVELYN PECKHAM Detroit. Michigan Alpha Gamma Delta. A.B. HEJIMAX ALBERT PECKHAM Olean, New York Phi Mu Delta. B.S. HOMER CHARLES PELTOX Pennyan, Xear York LI-B. PARKER O. PEXXIXGTOX, JR. A.B. in Ed. Romeo, Michigan MARGARET R. PEPPLER . A.B. Rockford, Michigan Delta Zeta; Young Womens ' Christian Association Cabinet (i) (2); Soph- omore Circus; Junior Girls ' Play. FLOREXCE NORA PERKIXS Sparta, Michigan A.B. M m CLIFTON WOOD PERRY . M.D. Kalamazoo, Michigan Theta Kappa Psi; Class Vice-President Page 127 SENIORS EARL ALEXANDER PETERMAN . M.D. Jamestown, New York GRACE AGNES PETERS . A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alumnae House; Women ' s Education Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Kappa Phi. MS BLANCHE LORETTA PETERS Port Huron, Michigan Kappa Delta; Freshman Glee Club; Choral Union (2); Kappa Phi. LETTA ANNA PETERS . A.B. in Ed. Port Huron, Michigan Kappa Delta; Kappa Phi. WILBUR EDWARD PETRIE . . A.B. Huntingdon, Indiana Phi Delta Theta; Sphinx; Druids; Basketball (2) (3). ALEXANDER N. PETROFF . B.S. in Eng. Perm, Russia Aeronautical Society; Transportation Club. CHARLES LAWRENCE PETTIBONE . A.B. Flint, Michigan Zeta Psi; Fencing (i) (2) (3), Captain (4); Michigan Opera (3). EDWARD E. PETTIBONE . B.S. in Ch.E. Cleveland, Ohio Phi Delta Chi. OTTOMAR H. PFERSDORFF . B.S. in M.E. Bangor, Michigan Kappa Sigma; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. BERNICE RUTH PHELPS . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan ELEANOR CLARKSON PHELPS . A.B. Marshall, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis; Junior Girls ' Play. Louis FREDERICK PHILLIPPI Detroit, Michigan Delta Chi; Gargoyle (i) (2). A.B. CHARLES COSSAT PHILLIPS Chicago, Illinois Phi Kappa Sigma. A.B. WALTER HAROLD PHILLIPS . D.D.S. Chatham, Ontario LASETTA K. PICKARD . A.B. in Ed. Toledo, Ohio Athena (3) (4). NEWTON L. PIERCE . . . B.S Santa Ana, California Page 128 S 1 ; N I O R S EVERETT FREDRICK PIERSOX D.D.S. Sparta, Michigan Psi Omega; Class Secretary (2). BENTOX SHERWIN PIXXEY Ann Arbor, Michigan Xi Psi Phi. D.D.S. AVGUSTO F. PLARD, JR. B.S. in Arch. San Juan, Porto Rico JAMES M. PLATZ Detroit, Michigan LL.B. WALDEMAR JOHN POCH B.S. in E. Fort Wayne, Indiana Concordia; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Scabbard and Blade. JAMES WRIGHT POLING Lima, Ohio Sigma Alpha Epsilon. A.B. LORNE IOHX POOLE . . A.B. Bvfalo, etc York Delta Tau Delta; Druids; Michigan- ensian (2); Track Manager (4); Man- ager ' s Club; Scalp and Blade. Lois ELAINE PORTER . A!B. Mvskegon, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Masques (i) (2) (3) (4); Pegasus (i) (2) (3) (4); Junior Girls ' Play; Basketball (i) (2) (3) (4). Mftfib CLIFFORD S. PINE Juburn, New York Phi Beta Pi. BESSIE PIPPEXCER Dental Hygiene Dearborn, Michigan GEORGE JOSEPH PLATZ . B.S. in E. Detroit, Michigan American Association of Civil Engi- PHILIP PLESOFSKY Memphis, Tennessee Hillel Organization. A.B. FRANK POLASKI . . A.B. Erie, Pennsylvania Sigma Delta Sigma, President (3); Inter-Fraternity Council (4); Polonia Literary Society. ROBERT E. POLL . . IFilliamston, Michigan Alpha Tau Omega. A.B. H. BRYCE PORE . . A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan FRANCIS MARION POTTER B.S. in E.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan American Institute of Electrical Engi- neering. Page LEIGHTON B. POTTER . B.S. in E.E. Hamburg, New York Tau Beta Pi; Scalp and Blade; Amer- ican Institute of Electrical Engineer- ing. LUTHER ELWOOD POWELL A.B. Woodsboro, Maryland FLORENCE A. POWERS . B.S. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Physical Education Club; Women ' s Athletic Association; Hockey; Junior Girls ' Play. S5 SENIORS SI .w I 1 RICHARD STROMAN POTTS B.S. in E.E. Hastings, Michigan Triangle; Tau Beta Pi. WALTER CLARK POWER Chicago, Illinois Reserve Football (2). A.B. ROBERT F. POWERS . . D.D.S. Marshall, Michigan Xi Psi Phi. WALLACE FRANKLIN POWERS Detroit, Michigan A.B. JEROME J. PRAG . . D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Phi Beta Delta. VIVIAN C. PRATT . A.B. in Lib.Sc. Ann Arbor, Michigan Sigma Kappa. i - ROBERT NOBLE PRENTISS . Kenilworth, Illinois Phi Kappa Psi. A.B. WILBUR DUNHAM PRESCOTT . A.B. Cleveland, Ohio Phi Sigma Kappa; Wrestling (3) (4); Interscholastic Manager. El KENNETH C. PRESTON . . A.B. Utica, New York Alpha Kappa Lambda; Kappa Phi Sigma. LAURA ELIZABETH PRICHS . R.N. Mount Clemens, Michigan Couzens Hall; Secretary-Treasurer of Senior Class. HAROLD_WILLIAM PRIEBE B.S. in E.E. Detroit, Michigan PERCY PROUT . . B.S. Detroit, Michigan Phi Mu Delta; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Varsity Track (2) (3) (4). " ? kw )JL@2 WILLIAM H. PUCKELWARTZ . B.S. in Ed. Chicago, Illinois Phi Epsilon Kappa; Michigamua; Baseball; Football; Blue Key. Page 130 SENIORS ACXES GRAY PURDIE . . A.B. rFyandotlf, Michigan WILLIAM CHARLES PUSCH . . A.B. LaPortf, Indiana Phi Gamma Delta; Sphinx; Mich- igamua; Business Manager Michigan Daily; Judiciary Committee Inter- Fraternity Council; Chairman Ad- visory Committee of Senior Class. GEORGE D. QI-ELETTE . M.B.A. rFauseon, Ohio Kappa Delta Rho. ELSIE ELIZABETH RADFORD . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan ARVILLA ROZANNE RAIXE . . A.B. Oak Park, Michigan VILLOL-GHBY R. RALSTON B.S. in Arch. Dftroit, Michigan Alpha Rho Chi. WILLIAM SELWYX RAMSAY. JR. . A.B. Bay City, Michigan Delta Kappa Epsikm; Mimes; Mich- igan Union Opera (3) (4). WIXXORA ALEARSE RAXCOURT R.N. Standish, Michigan Couzens Hall. FRANK JAY PL-RDY . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan LYNX LAUXCY PLTXAM . D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. WILLIAM GERALD QVIGLEY . M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan HELEX M. RAIKES A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Phi; Freshman Glee Club; Choral Union; Freshman Pageant; Sophomore Circus; Junior Girls ' Play. ARTHUR RAISCH . LL.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan GLADYS NAOMI RAMBO Saginaar, Michigan League Representative. A.B. RUSSELL A. RAMSAY Sandusky, Ohio Phi Alpha Delta; Barristers. LL.B. JOHX REED RAXDALL . A.B Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Upsilon. Page 131 WALTER JOHN RANTANEN . Middleville, New York B.S. SENIORS ffiiH CHARLES RAYMOND RASMUSSEN . A.B. Chicago, Illinois Theta Kappa Nu. NAT NUDDY RASNICK . . D.D.S. Newark, New Jersey Kappa Nu; " M " Club; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Basketball (i) (2) (3)- CLARA RAVEN . . A.B. Youngstown, Ohio University House; Spanish Club (2) (3) (4); Cosmopolitan Club (2) (3) (4); W. A. A. (3) (4); Sociology Club (2) (3); Hygiene Club (4). EDWARD A. RAVENSCROFT B.S. in Eng. Glencoe, Illinois Theta Xi; Phi Lambda Upsilon. LAWRENCE RAYMAN . Toledo, Ohio . A.B. RAYMOND MILLS READ . . A.B. North Olmsted, Ohio Michigamua; Gargoyle (i) (2) (3) (4); Business Manager (4). CECIL ARTHUR REED . . A.B. Sturgis, Michigan Pi Kappa Phi; Michiganensian Lower Staff (2). NORMAN CARL REGLIEN . . M.D. Michigan City, Indiana Theta Kappa Psi; Kappa Kappa Psi; Galens; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Class Vice-President (3); Chairman Picture Committee (4); Varsity Band (2) (3) (4). WINFRED E. REICHLE . B.S. in Eng. Saginaw, Michigan American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers, Secretary; La Sociedad His- panica. GERALDINE HOLMES REID . Ann Arbor, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta. A.B. NOMA PEARL REID . A.B. Allegan, Michigan Athena; Pegasus; Orchesis; Soph- omore Circus; Junior Girls ' Play. CHARLES ROBERT REINSTEIN Toledo, Ohio Phi Delta Epsilon. M.D. WM. H. RENISON, JR. B.S. in Aera.Eng. IVatertown, New York Theta Kappa Nu; Aeronautical Society (2) (3) (4). WILLIAM PETRUS RETIEF . Pretoria, South Africa D.D.S. fill VIVIAN EILEEN RETZLAFF A.B. in Ed Jessie, North Dakota Alpha Gamma Delta. Page 132 SENIORS JOBS McGiLL REYXAR B.S. in Chem. Detroit, Michigan KATHERIXE MATTHEWS REYXOLDS A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta; Athena (l) (2) (3); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club. ROBERT EDWARD REYXOLDS A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Kappa Tau; Assistant Cross Country Manager (2); University Glee Q ' ub (2). HAROLD SIDNEY RHODES . A.B. Knc York, .Vp York Pi Lambda Phi; Le Cercle Francais (I) (4); Golf (3). JOHX WESLEY RICE . A.B. Jackson, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi; Michigan Opera (3). MARGARET HENRIETTA RICE . A.B. fPaynesburg, Pennsylvania Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pi Lambda Theta; Junior Girls ' Play. FREDERIC PARSOXS RICH . . LL.B. Sontkold, !ffa York GEORGE BERNARD RICH . . A.B. Kalamazoo, Michigan DAVID H. RICHARDS D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. ARTHUR LEE RICHARDSOX . . A.B. Alpena. Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi; Michigan Opera (4). If PHYLLIS DONNA RICHARDS . . A.B. Cleveland, Ohio AJpha Phi; Wyvern; Gargoyle (l) (2), Assistant Editor (3) (4); Pub- licity Chairman Junior Girls ' Play. ROBERT V. RICHARDSOX . B.S. in Eng. fa York, .Yp York St. Anthony Hall; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. STANLEY HENRY RICHARDSOX . D.D.S. L ' bUy, Michigan Pi Kappa Phi. ' EARLE LAYERXE RICHMOXD Flint, Michigan Sigma Delta Kappa. A.B. MARGARET F. RICKER A.B. in Ed. Cadillac, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Portia (2); Choral Union (l) (2). HELEN LUCILLE RICHTER Brighton, Michigan Couzens Hall. R.N. S ' ' 33 SENIORS CARL JAMES RIDDERING . LL.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Lawyers ' Club; Adelphi; Barristers; Coif; Law Review; President Lawyers ' Club; President Barristers. JAMES LEE RIGELHAUPT Cleveland, Ohio Kappa Nu. A.B. JANICE IRENE RILEY . A.B. Gary, Indiana Alpha Chi Omega; La Sociedad His- panica; Sophomore Circus; Junior Girls ' Plav. MARVEL THELMA RINEHART Sparta, Michigan Couzens Hall. R.N. DOMINGO LAROCO RIVERA . A.B. Tayug, Pangasinan, Philippine Islands Cosmopolitan Club; Philippine-Mich- igan Club, Secretary-Treasurer. GORDON JAMES ROBERTSON B.S. in C.E. Highland Park, Michigan Web and Flange, President; American Society of Civil Engineers. HAROLD ABRAHAM ROBINSON Detroit, Michigan Phi Delta Epsilon. M.D. MARTHA ANN ROBINSON . B.S. in Ed. Plain City, Ohio Helen Newberry; Senior Society; Phys- ical Education Club; University Sym- phony Orchestra (2); Junior Girls ' Play; Sophomore Circus. THEODORE BRUCE RIDER . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Mu; Varsity Band. FINLEY BALDRIDGE RIGGS . Ann Arbor, Michigan Psi Upsilon. A.B. JOEL KELL RILEY Celina, Ohio A.B. CLARE REVILO RITTERSHOFER . M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Rho Sigma; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Sigma. BERNARD JOSEPH ROACH . D.D.S. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Hockey. CHARLES E. ROBINSON, JR. B.S. in E.E. Alexandria, Louisiana Kappa Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Triangles; Vulcans; Gargoyle; Class Vice-Presi- dent (2); J-Hop Committee. HELEN M. ROBINSON . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan PHILLIP MAYES ROBINSON B.S. in Ch.E. Detroit, Texas Phi Delta Chi. 134 SENIORS FRANCIS EDWARD BRODIE ROEHM A.B. Portias, Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi. VIOLET B. ROETHKE Saginasc, Phi Gamma Mu. A.B. WILLIAM HOIE ROGERS . B.S. in C.E. Flint, Michigan WARD MILLER ROLLAND . . M.D. Alamogordo, A ' nr Mexico Phi Beta PL CHARLES VV. ROOT Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. CASPER L. ROSEXTHAI. . Flint, Michigan Phi Sigma Delta. M.B.A. HAROLD T. Ross . . B.S. in Eng. Mfndon, Michigan Tau Beta Pi; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. DURWARD E. ROSSMAX B.S. in Eng. Ponliaf, Michigan American Society of Mechanical Engi- ]. ALBERT ROESCH, III Chicago, Illinois Kappa Sigma. A.B. R. WILLIAM ROGERS . . J.D. Fort Smiik, Arkansas Kappa Alpha (Southern); Phi Alpha Delta. TED ROGVOT B.S. in Arch. Detroit, Michigan Gargoyle (2) (3) (4); XEchigan Tech- nic. Art Editor (z) (3) (4); Architect- ural Year Book, Business Manager (3)- FRANCIS L. ROONEY . . A.B. Mount ClfiKfns, Michigan Pi Kappa Phi; Mount Clemens Club; Business Administration Club; Class Vice-President Business Administra- tion (4). EDWARD GOETZ ROSENBERG Chicago, Illinois Pi Lambda Phi. A.B. RlTH ROSEXTHAL . . LL.B. EransriUf, Indiana Alpha Epsilon Phi; Portia (i) (2); Chi Delta Phi (i) (z) (3); Michigan Daily (I) (2) (3)- MARTHA M. Ross . A.B. in Ed. e, ITisconsin HAROLD JACOB ROSSWVRN Ida, Michigan A.B. 133 SENIORS CRESTON DERIGHT ROTH B.A. in C.E. Nevada, Ohio LEO EDWARD ROWE . . M.B.A. Flint, Michigan Alpha Kappa Psi. MILTON ARMOND ROTTENBERG East Chicago, Indiana DORIS JUANITA ROWLADER A.B. in Ed. Lake Odessa, Michigan La Sociedad Hispanica; Le Cercle Francais; Maison Francais; Women ' s League, Board of Representatives. ETHLADEL ROYCE . . A.B. Escanaba, Michigan Delta Gamma; League Drive (3); Junior Girls ' Play. VIRGINIA MAY ROYCE . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Freshman Pageant; Junior Girls ' Play, Costume Com- mittee. MILTON MICHAEL ROZAN . . M.D. Cedar Rapids, Iowa Phi Delta Epsilon. VIRGINIA M. RUCKMAN . . A.B. Ilillsdale, Michigan Alpha Omicron Pi; Martha Cook; Michiganensian (3). LYDIA ANN RUDOLPH . . A.B. Dearborn, Michigan Martha Cook; Choral Union (i) (2) (3); Players Club (i) (2). A. DEVERE RUEGSEGGER . Boyne City, Michigan Delta Theta Phi; Barristers. LL.B. ELOY Ruiz . B.S. in Arch. San Juan, Porto Rico GERALDINE COLE RUSSELL A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis. MARIAN IRENE RUSSELL . . R.N. Athens, Michigan Couzens Hall. HELEN H. RUTHERFORD B.S. in Pharm. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Phi; Prescott Club (i) (2) (3) (4), Vice-President (3); Class Baseball (i) (2), Captain (i); Class Vice- President (i). ALDON WINSLOW RYAN . D.D.S. Midland, Michigan Psi Omega. MILO S. RYAN . . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Le Cercle Francais (2) (3) (4), Presi- dent (4); Students ' Press Club (3) (4); Michigan Daily (i) (2); Chimes (3); Freshman Glee Club (i). Page 136 SENIORS ' THEODORE PATRICK RYAN Grand Rapids, Michigan LL.B. HENRY ALFRED SAGE Royal Oak, Michigan A.B. MAY SAIDMAN Detroit, Michigan Hillel Foundation. D.D.S. ALBERT SALAZAR . . B.S. in E. Colombia, South America Cosmopolitan Club; Spanish Society. ETHEL RUTH SALLEE B.S. in Arch. Cleveland, Ohio T-Square Society. BASIL J. RYDER . B.S. in E. Hartford, Michigan American Society of Mechanical Engi- WILLIAM DAVID SAGE . A.B. in Ed. Kalama-zoo, Michigan ADAM SALAZAR . B.S. in M.E. Bogota, Colombia American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers; La SociedadHispanica(i)(2) (3); Transportation Club (3). ALLEN SALISBURY . B.S. in M.E. Shepherd, Michigan Triangle; American Society of Mechan- ical Engineers, Vice-President (4). JEROME L. SALM . . LL.B. Eransrille, Indiana Lawyers ' Club; Senior Cane Com- mittee. IRVING MUXRO SALMOND . B.S. in C.E. .4nn Arbor, Michigan Triangle; American Society of Civil Engineers; Tau Beta Pi; Web and Flange. PAUL CVRKEET SAMSON . M.D. Ypsilanti, Michigan Phi Kappa Sigma; u Sigma Xu; Alpha Omega Alpha; Michigamua; Football (2); Swimming (2) (3) (4), Captain (4); Water-Polo, Captain (4); Union Opera; Winner of Conference Medal in Scholarship and Athletics (4). VIRGINIA LOUISE SANDS . . A.B- Detroit, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta; Theta Sigma Phi, Secretary (3). i HERBERT A. SALZMAN . . A.B. Chicago, Illinois Phi Epsilon Pi. MARJORIE SANDERSON . . R.X. Elkhart, Indiana Couzens Hall; Class Vice-President (2) (4)- ABRAHAM SATOVSKY . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Phi Beta Delta; Michigan Daily (i) (2); Michigan Union Rooming Com- mittee (3) (4); Michigan Dance Com- mittee (3). Page 137 SENIORS OSCAR CHARLES SATTINGER Toledo, Ohio Michigan Law Review. LL.B. GLENN G. SAUNDERS Denver, Colorado Sigma Phi Epsilon. LL.B. RICHARD THOMAS SAVAGE . . A.B. LaPorte, Indiana Alpha Sigma Phi; Delta Sigma Rho; Adelphi; Debate Team (2) (3) (4). ANNA LYLE SAYLOR . . A.B. Highland Park, Michigan Zeta Tau Alpha; Pegasus. RUSSELL DUNCAN SAUER Detroit, Michigan Delta Sigma Rho; Wrestling (3) (4); Student Council (4); Freshman Foot- ball. MARION " B. SAURBORN . A.B. in Ed. Erie, Pennsylvania Martha Cook. HENRY ARTHUR SAVIGNY B.S. in C.E. Lockport, New York American Society of Civil Engineers; Mortar and Ball. KATHRYN DESTA SAYRE A.B. in Ed. Elmira, New York Kappa Kappa Gamma. CHARLES W. G. SCHAEFFER . M.D. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Phi Chi. MORRIS SCHARF . D.D.S. Newark, New Jersey Alpha Omega. JACK M. SCHERMER . . LL.B. Seattle, Washington Kappa Nu. GEORGE M. SCHIRMER . . A.B. Armada, Michigan Alpha Kappa Psi; Business Admin- istration Club. ELMER G. SCHAIBERGER Saginaw, Michigan M.D. ERNEST CARL SCHATZ . LL.B. Toledo, Ohio Sigma Delta Kappa; Varsity Glee Club (2) (3). ROBERT M. SCHEURMAN B.S. in Eng. Detroit, Michigan Phi Mu Delta. EVANS S. SCHMELING . . B.S. Chicago, Illinois Pi Kappa Alpha; Sigma Gamma Ep- silon. Page 138 BURTON L. SCHMIER r- Detroit, Michigan K Phi Delta Epsilon. M.D. S K X I O R S ORVILLE F. SCHOCH . . LL.B. Pforia, Illinois Sigma Delta Kappa; Barristers; Law- yers Club. HELEN D. SCHOONMAKER .inn Arbor, Michigan A.B. LEONE R. SCHRIDER . . R.N. Angola. Indiana Couzens ' Hall; Vice-President Class . (3); Representative Student Coun- cil (2) (3); President Student Council (3) (4)- GERTRUDE X. SCHULER Royal Oak, Michigan Delta Delta Delta. A.B. XETTIE ROSE SCHULERT . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan LLOYD DONALD SCHUMAN . A.B. Youngstawn, Ohio LELAND EUGENE SCHWICHTENBERG A.B. lanitou Stack, Michigan Lawvers ' dub. wraCHgyp NrfSfe LEONE MARGARETTA SCHNEIRLA Ann Arbor, Michigan FREDERICK J. SCHOETTLEV B.S. in Arch. Halfaay. Michigan Alpha Rho Chi! JOHN MALCOLM SCHRADE . . A.B. Sergeant, Pennsylvania Sigma Delta Kappa; Adelphi (l) (l) (3) (4)- WAYNE MAURICE SCHRODER . A.B. Battle Creek, Michigan Delta Kappa Epsilon; Druids; Sphinx; Blue Key, President (3); Basketball (2) (3) (4); Track U); Class President (2); President Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil (4)- MARY FRANCES SCHULER . . A.B. Mitskegon, Michigan Martha Cook; French Club; Spanish Club. JACK SCHUMANN . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Kappa Psi; La Sociedad His- panica. RALPH MORTON SCHWARTZBERG LL.B. Chicago, Illinois Tau Eps ilon Rho. RUSSELL L. SCH VIXG . B.S. in C.E Bv alo. AVar York Triangle. Page 139 EUGENE EDWARD SCOTT . . M.D. St. Paul, Minnesota Theta Delta Chi; Phi Rho Sigma; Class President (4). PETER M. SCOTT St. Paul, Minnesota A.B. MARTHA M. SEEBURGER . A.B. in Ed. Riga, Michigan ARTHUR A. SEGALL . LL.B. Richmond Hill, New York Kappa Nu. SENIORS GEORGE A. SCOTT . . . D.D.S. f j Ypsilanti, Michigan Dental Society. CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH SEATON . A.B. Spencer, Iowa Kappa Delta. LUCY SEELEY .... A.B. Caro, Michigan Delta Gamma; Wyvern; Michigan- ensian (2) (3); Treasurer Women ' s League (3); junior Girls ' Play; Treas- urer Women ' s League Bazaar (4). MILTON ARLINGTON SEIFERLEIN . A.B. Saginaw, Michigan 9 P VELMA PEARL SEIP . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Martha Cook. EDITH SELKER . . Dental Hygiene Cleveland Heights, Ohio Choral Union. JOHN HENRY SELMAN Detroit, Michigan M.D. DARWIN K. SEW B.S. in Ch.E. K wangs i, China Chinese Students ' Club; American Institute of Chemical Engineers. FREDERICK W. SEITZ . . J.D. Hillsdale, Michigan Delta Tau Delta; Lawyers Club; Michigan Law Review. MIRIAM SELKER . . . A.B. Cleveland Heights, Ohio Chi Delta Phi; Portia (i); Press Club (3); Hillel Executive Council (3) (4); Historian, Chi Delta Phi (4); Junior Girls ' Play; Freshman Pageant. Lo ENA SERIJAN . Dental Hygiene Middleville, Michigan Treasurer Oral Hygiene Department. EDWARD H. SHADDEN . . A.B Expedit, Pennsylvania Tau Epsilon Phi. Page 140 MAXWELL L. SHADLEY Erart, Michigan A.B. SENIORS ROBERT L. SHAMBAUGH . A.B. Fort Wayne, Indiana Zeta Psi; Inter-Fraternity Council Secretary (3). ALBERTA LOUISE SHAXK . . A.B. Troturood, Ohio Delta Zeta; Mummers (2) (3) (4); Senior Class Committee. LEIGHTOX O. SHAXTZ Kitchener, Ontario Kappa Delta Rho. A.B. ALICE KATHERIXE SHEA . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Theta Phi Alpha; Delta Omicron; Choral Lnion; Symphonic League Secretary (2); Junior Girls ' Play; Players ' Club; Women ' s League Bazaar Committee (3). WILLIAM H. SHANXOX . . A.B. Fennville, Michigan HARRY SHAPIRO Detroit, Michigan A.B. JAMES O ' EAL SHEEHAN . . A.B. Chicago, Illinois Delta Tau Delta; Michigan Daily (2); (3)- STEWART JOSEPH SHEFF I Massena, A tc York Delta Sigma Pi. A.B. FRAXCIS HOYT SHERRILL . . A.B. Glenwood Springs, Colorado Pi Kappa Alpha; La Sociedad His- panica (3), Treasurer (4); Players ' Club (2) (3); Comedy Club (4). MYRLE DOXAVOX SHILLIXG Massillon, Ohio A.B. DOROTHY LOUISE SHORE . A.B. Washington, D.C. Betsy Barbour; University Girls ' Glee Club. SAMUEL SHEPARD JR. . B.S. in Ed. Kansas City, Missouri Omega Psi Phi. HARRY AUGUSTUS SHERRILL . A.B. Glenwood Springs, Colorado PERRY M. SHOEMAKER B.S. in Eng. Elmira, etc York American Society Mechanical Engi- neers (3) President (4); Transportation Club President (4); Varsity Glee Club ( 2 ) (3) (4); Chairman Cane Committee (4); Engineering Society (i) (2) (3) (4)- YERMA KYLE SHULTZ Swayzee, Indiana Couzens Hall. R.X. Page 141 tfo THELMA L. SHUPE Detroit, Michigan Martha Cook. A.B. SENIORS HARPER GILES SICHLER Grosse Pointe, Michigan M.D. CONSTANCE RUTH SIDDER . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Phi Sigma Sigma; Mummers (3) (4); Choral Union (3); Hillel Student Coun- cil (3) (4). HENRY H. SILBERMAN Detroit, Michigan Michigan Law Review. LL.B. PAUL B. SILVERNALE . M.E. in Eng. Menominee, Michigan Quarter-deck; Varsity Band (2) (3) (4)- EUGENE PAUL SIMS River Rouge, Michigan Phi Sigma Delta. A.B. NORMAN HAROLD SINCLAIR Walkerville, Ontario Delta Sigma Pi. A.B. PARTAP SEWAK SINGH . . A.B. Punjab, India Secretary Hindustan Club; Cosmopol- itan Club. GEORGE A. SIBILSKY Laurium, .Michigan Hockey (2) (3) (4). BESSIE RUTH SICKLES . . . . B.M. Flint, .Michigan Sigma Alpha Iota; Glee Club; Choral Union. WALES WILSON SIGNOR LL.B. Ypsilanti, Michigan I. a Sociedad Hispanica; Rifle Team (3) (4) (6) (7). MAURICE M. SILVERMAN Detroit, Michigan Phi Lambda Kappa. B.S. HELEN LOUISE SIMONS Kalamazoo, Michigan A.B. FRANK SMITH SIMS A.B. Chicago, Illinois Sigma Chi; Daily (i); Track (i). BALWANT SINGH SINDHU B.S. in Eng. Highland Park, Michigan Student Branch American Society Mechanical Engineers; S. A. F,.; Detroit Engineering Society; President Hin- dustan Club; Transportation Club. PRITAM SINGH . . B.S. in M.E. Punjab, India Student Branch, American Society Mechanical Engineers; Cosmopolitan Club; Hindustan Club. Page 142 S K X I O R S STAXLEY L. SKIDMORE B.S. in Ed. BattU Creek, Mifhigan Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Baseball (2). THEODORE REGINALD SKINNER . A.B. Westfuld, .Vr York Theta Delta Chi; Daily (i) (2); Mimes; Michigan Union Opera (3). NINA LOUISE SLATER . . A.B. Leonia, etr Jersey Delta Delta Delta; La Sociedad Hispan- ica; Michiganensian (2) (3) (4); Fresh- man Pageant; Junior Girls ' Play. EDITH G. SLIPSOX Detroit, Michigan A.B. FAY AGAXA SMEAD A.B. Chevy Chase, Maryland Kappa Delta; Junior Girls ' Play; Sophomore Circus; Freshman Pageant. ARTHUR H. SMITH . B.S. in Ch. E. Detroit, M it hi gan Theta Kappa Xu; A. S. S. T. CLEMEXT AXDREW SMITH . . M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Gamma Delta; Gargoyle (2) (3); Comedy Club (2) (3) (4). COURTLAXD CATHCART SMITH . A.B. Niagara Falls, Xtw York Chi Psi; Sigma Delta Chi; Michi- gamua; Sphinx; Michigan Daily (i) (2) (3) (4), Night Editor (:,). ' Car Editor (4); Pres. Student Council (4); Mimes; Chairman Union Opera Pub- licity Committee (2) (3). -V JANE SKILLEX . M.D. County Doscn, Ireland Helen Xewberry; Qass Treasurer (i). HARRY SKLAR Bay on ne, Xea Jersey M.D. Ross JOHX SLIXGER Detroit, Michigan Xi Psi Psi. D.D.S. HEXRY SMALL Detroit, Michigan Phi Lambda Kappa. A.B. ALBERT E. SMITH Detroit, Michigan Tau Epsilon Rho. LL.B. BESSIE SMITH . A.B. in Ed. Cleveland, Ohio COLIN LOCKWOOD SMITH Highland Park, Michigan Law Club. A.B. EUGENE CHURTOX SMITH . Flint, Michigan Sigma Xu; Phi Beta Pi; M.D Galens. Page 143 SENIORS ELSIE GERALDINE SMITH . . A.B Detroit, Michigan LELAND S. SMITH Flint, Michigan Alpha Kappa Psi. M.B.A. Louis EDWARD SMITH . . LL.B. Indianapolis, Indiana Lawyer ' s Club; Delta Tau Delta. L. WENDELL SMITH . . . A.B. Dowagiac, Michigan MARSHALL E. SMITH . . . A.B. Pontiac, Michigan STANLEY A. SMOLENSKI . . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan EDWARD RAWSON SNELL . M.B.A. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alph Kappa Psi; Business Administra- tion Club; American Society of Me- chanical Engineers; Chairman, Program and Invitations (4). ROBERT HOFFMAN SNELLING Royal Oak, Michigan Varsity Band. A.B. JULIAN WARNER SMITH A.B. in Ed. Woodland, Michigan Men ' s Educational Club. LENOIR BERTRICE SMITH . . B.S. Laurel, Mississippi Cosmopolitan Club (i); Negro-Cauca- sian Club, Secretary (3), Vice-President (4). LOUISA MUNRO SMITH Lansing, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta. A.B. MARION F. SMITH Detroit, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega. A.B. WHITMORE A. F. SMITH . B.S. in E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Track (4); American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Aeronautical Society. HELEN ELIZABETH SMYTHE London, Ontario Chi Omega; Chi Delta Phi; Choral Union. M. LORAINE SNELL . Dental Hygiene Medina, New York Physical Education Club; W. A. A.; Basketball (i); Hockey (i). JOHN TABB SNODGRASS . . B.S. New York, New York Hermitage; Triangles; Vulcans; Mich- igan Technic (i) (2) (3); StudentCoun- cil (3), Vice-President (4). Page 144 SENIORS MILO RAYMOND SSODCRASS . M.D. Xenia, Ohio Kappa Sigma; Phi Rho Sigma; Execu- tive Committee Senior Medics. CHARLES J. SOCALL . . B.S. in M. Detroit, Michigan EDWARD D. SOLOMOX . . A.B. Kingfisher, Oklahoma Theta Delta Chi; Summer Daily (3); Wrestling (3) (4). MILDRED DOROTHY SOMMER . Cleveland, Ohio Kappa Delta; II Circolo Italiano (3); La Sociedad Hispanica (4). SAMUEL CHARLES SOXKIX Roselle, .Vc Jersey Alpha Omega. LAURA JAXE SOULE . . Albion, Setc York Chi Omega; Portia; Oratorical Board; Michiganensian; Directory; House Organization Committee. HOWARD E. STAFFORD . B.S. in Pharm. Antioch, Illinois EDITH L. SPAXGLER . . . A.B. Bradford, Pennsylvania Alpha Gamma Delta; Spanish Club. FREDERICK DONALD SOBER Detroit, Michigan Phi Sigma Kappa. A.B. HORACE B. SEDT Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Mu Delta. A.B. SYLVIA ALICE SOMERS Jackson, Michigan A.B. DOROTHY ELIZABETH SOXM . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Martha Cook. STEPHEX JOSEPH Soos . . D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan JOHX ALBERT SPAEDER . . LL.B. Erie, Pennsylvania Lawyers ' Club; Kappa Phi Sigma; Alpha Xu; Michigan-Erie Club, Presi- dent (3) (4). LOUISE ABBOTT SPALDIXG . . A.B. Hudson, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi; Gargoyle (2) (3) (4); Assistant Manager Baseball (3). ELLA MAY SPELKER . A.B. in Ed. Toledo, Ohio Martha Cook. Page 145 " Pw SENIORS MURRAY SPIEWAK Brooklyn, New York A.B. BERNICE FRANCES STAEBLER . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Wyvern; Chairman Properties, Sophomore Circus; Bus- iness Manager, Junior Girls ' Play; Chairman Articles, Bazaar (3); Senior Representative; Board of Directors, Women ' s League. DONALD MORRISON STARK B.S. in Ch.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan JOHN ELLIOTT STARRETT B.S. in M.E. Winnetka, Illinois Sigma Phi; Triangles (3); Michigamua (4); Tau Beta Pi (3); Freshman Swim- ming; Student Council (3) (4); Mich- igan Union Opera (2) (3) (4); Stage Manager (3)-, General Chairman (4); Mimes (2). ZELMA IRENE STAUFFER Ashtabula, Ohio Couzens Hall. R.N. MARIAN FRANCES STEARNS Detroit, Michigan Alpha Phi; Junior Girls ' Play. A.B. HENRY BURR STEIMBACH Dexter, Michigan A.B. STANLEY MARTIN STEINKO A.B. South Holland, Illinois Kappa Delta Rho; Alpha Kappa Psi; Michigan Daily (i) (2); President VVesleyan Guild (4). MITCHELL ELMER SPRY B.S. in Aero. E Buffalo, New York Alpha Rho Sigma. BERTHA LOUISE STARK . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan HAMLIN ALANSON STARKS Chatham, New York Alpha Kappa Kappa. M.D. CHARLES NEFF STAUBACH . A.B. Newark, New Jersey Delta Sigma Pi; La Sociedad His- panica (2) (3) (4), President (4); Varsity Band (2); Opera Orchestra (3). FLOYD LEONARD STAYNER B.S. in C.E. Superior, Wisconsin Mortar and Ball. HAROLD EDWIN STEDMAN . . M.D. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Chi. MORRIS WILLIAM STEIN Wyandotte, Michigan Michigan Law Review. LL.B. RACHEL C. STELLHORN . B.S. in Arch. Ann Arbor, Michigan T-Square (2) (3) (4). Page 146 s i : x i o R s MORTON BAYARD STEPHEXSOX . B.S. S anta Ana, California PAVL JACOB STERR . A.B. Buffalo. AVer York Theta Kappa Nu; Scalp and Blade; Glee Club (2). DVXCAX STEWART, JR. B.S. Dttroii, Michigan Phi Mu Delta; Sigma Gamma Epsilon (3) (4); Les Voyageurs (2) (3) (4). MARY ALLEXE STEWART . A.B. in Ed. Algonac, Michigan Alpha Omicron Pi. EDWARD FRIEXD STERX . LL.B. Seattle, Washington Kappa Nu; Michigan Law Review. MARGUERITE STEVEXS Pontiac, Michigan Martha Cook. A.B. MARGARET EMILY STEWART A.B. Pontiat, Michigan Alpha Gamma Delta; Le Cercle Francais; Sigma Alpha Iota; Riding Club. RITCHIE J. STEWART B.S. in Arch. Algonac, Michigan WESLEY O. STEWART B.S. in Arch. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda. ISABELL DOROTHY STITT . . A.B. Toledo, Ohio Alpha Chi Omega; Junior Girls ' Play. ROWEXA AXXE STILLMAX . Douglas, Arizona Michigan Daily (4); Rifle DAVID B. STOCKTON- Plain ' xell, Michigan A.B. B.S. ANNETTE STOCKWELL . A.B. Pontiac, Michigan Freshman Pageant; Sophomore Circus. LESLIE SELWYX STODDARD Saginatr, Michigan Craftsmen Club. A.B. ELIZABETH ALICE STONE . R.N. Washington, Michigan Freshman Pageant; Social Service, Y.W.C.A.; Senior Prom Committee. HELEN JOAN STOXE A.B St. Johns, Michigan Helen Newbern.-; La Sociedad Hispan- ica (3) (4). Page 147 ISABELLE LOUISE STONE . A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Sigma Kappa; Kappa Phi; La Sociedad Hispanica (i) (2) (3) (4); Class Social Com. (3) Class Vice-Pres. (4); Pan- Hellenic Ball Committee (4). CHARLES R. STRANC . B.S. in Eng. East Orange, New Jersey Hermitage; Triangle (3). VIOLA L. STRAUB A.B. Traverse City, Michigan Ed. WARD COLLIS STROME . B.S. in Eng. Sodus, Michigan ARTHUR HENRY STUART Ypsilanti, Michigan Phi Delta Phi. LL.B. JOHN DEWEY SUGRUE Toledo, Ohio Phi Beta Pi. M.D. EARL DANIEL SULLIVAN Chicago, Illinois Delta Theta Phi; Wrestling. A.B. ALVENA SUPERKO . A.B. Nanticoke, Pennsylvania Delta Delta Delta; Michiganensian (i) (2); Board of Representatives, Secretary (3). SENIORS LEO STONE Brooklyn, New York M.D. FRANKLIN U. STRANSKY . . LL.B. Savanna, Illinois Beta Theta Pi; Phi Alpha Delta. HAROLD J. STROBEL Howell, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. D.D.S. FREDERICK P. STRUHSAKER . B.S. in F. Waterville, Ohio Les Voyageurs; Phi Sigma; Forestry Club. HOWARD TAYLOR STUCH Allegan, Michigan Phi Kappa Tau; Track (i). A.B. EMERY M. SUHRBIER Toledo, Ohio Sigma Zeta. A.B. THOMA S E. SUNDERLAND . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Gamma Delta; Daily (i) (2) (3). DONALD T. SUYAT . A.B. in Ed. S. Manuel, Pang, Philippine Islands Adelphi House of Representatives; Cosmopolitan Club, Student Treas- urer; Board of Directors; Philippine- Michigan Club, President and Secre- tary-Treasurer. Page 148 SENIOR S DARRELL ARBAUGH SWANN . LL.B. Canton, Ohio Gamma Eta Gamma. WILLIAM C. SWEENEY B.S. in C.E. Russell, Pennsylvania LEWIS RICHARD SYLVESTER . Ph.C. Ashtabula, Ohio Phi Delta Chi; Sophomore Treasurer. CHARLES SUMXER SYPHAX M.D. Washington, D.C. KERWIX GASPARD TAXGUAY .Vora ' ay, Michigan LeCercle Francais. A.B. CLYDE LEGRAXDE TAYLOR Caro, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi. A.B. MERRILL V. TAYLOR Kalamazoo, Michigan Alpha Delta Phi. A.B. CHARLOTTE TEED . . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan DOROTHY K. SWARTOUT . A.B. St. Louis, Missouri Senior Society; Michiganensian Art Staff (2); Student Directory (3); Freshman Pageant; Sophomore Circus; Assistant Chairman of Costumes Jun- ior Girls ' Plav. CHARLES EDMUND SYLVESTER . Ph.C. Ashtabula, Ohio Phi Delta Chi; Prescott Club. JANET SYMONDS . . A.B. Iron Mountain, Michigan Martha Cook; Junior Girls ' Play. LUCILLE M. TALSMA Oral Hygiene Grand Rapids, Michigan HYMAN HAROLD TAUS Near York, New York A.B. MARY LOUISE TAYLOR . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Omicron Pi; Theta Sigma (3) (4); Michigan Daily (3). XEWTOX H. TAYLOR B.S. in E.E. Detroit, Michigan Phi Mu Delta; Tau Beta Pi (4); American Institution of Electrical Engineers. JAMES NORRIS TEETS Sandusky, Michigan Tau Kappa Epsilon. A.B Page 149 SENIORS OSCAR S. TELLEZ Lima, Peru, .S. A. B.S. ELDDEN JOHN TEETER Ann Arbor, Michigan Acacia; Phi Rho Sigma. JOHN HARCOURT THOITS . A.B. Southville, Massachusetts Kappa Delta Rho; Transportation Club. G. D. CARLYLE THOMPSON . M.D. Detroit, Michigan Phi Beta Pi; Invitation Committee (6). MAXWELL H. THOMPSON B.S. in C.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan American Society of Civil Engineers; Scabbard and Blade; Mortar and Ball; Interclass Speedball. RICHARD STERLING THOMPSON Warren, Pennsylvania Student Press Club. A.B. CONRAD EVERETT THORNQUIST . A.B. Grand Rapidf, Michigan Phi Delta Theta. JACK WATSON THURMAN . B.S. in E.E. Detroit, Michigan JOHN SELDEN TENNANT Saginaw, Michigan Adelphi. CARL EUGENE THISTED . A.B. Great Falls, Montana Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Druids; Foot- ball (2) (4). DALE EDWARD THOMAS . . M.D. Saginaw, Michigan Phi Chi. HARRY C. THOMPSON . A.B. in E.E. Toledo, Ohio Acacia. MELVA K. THOMPSON . A.B. in Ed. Bellaire, Michigan Sigma Kappa; Athena (3) (4); Student Mathematical Society; Women ' s League Board of Representatives (2). WILLIAM WELLS THOMS . Bagdad, Arabia Phi Chi; Galens. M.D. FRED E. THORNTHWAITE . B.S. in Ch.E. Essexville, Michigan Engineering Council; President, Stud- ent Branch American Institute Chemi- cal Engineers. JOHN HENRY THURNAU . . A.B. Chicago, Illinois Theta Delta Chi; Sigma Delta Chi; Michigan Daily (i) (2) (3) , Assistant City Editor (3); Michigan Union Opera (2) (3). Page 150 M.D. s i : x i o R s GrxTHER ERNST TIEDKE Saginaw, Michigan Sigma Zeta; Phi Beta Pi. CAROLINE TILLER Detroit, Michigan Pegasus. A.B. ESTHER E. TINSMAX . A.B. in Ed. Dundee, Michigan E. BARBARA TOCK A.B. in Ed. Flushing, Michigan Athena; Girls ' Glee Club; Freshman Girls ' Glee Club. tie ADELBERT K. TOEPFER D.D.S. Birmingham, Michigan Xi Psi Phi; Wrestling. PEARL A. TOIVONEN . [B.S. and R.X. Hancock, Michigan EUNICE YIRGIXIA TONGE Detroit, Michigan Pegasus (3) (4). A.B. JOHN HENRY GRAHAM TOTZKE . A.B. Benton Harbor, Michigan Delta Theta Phi; Adelphi; Scabbard and Blade; Football (i); Baseball(i); Reserve Football (2) (3) (4). HAROLD STEDMAN TIFFANY . A.B. Hudson, New York Theta Kappa Xu; Glee Club (2). EDWARD W. TILLOTSON B.S. in Ch.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Chi Sigma. DOROTHY CATHERINE TOBIN . R.N. Lakerietv, Michigan Couzens Hall; Circulating Manager Scalpel (3); Student Council Repre- sentative (3). MARJORIE A. TODD . A.B. in Ed. Flint, Michigan Pi Lambda Theta; Kappa Phi (3) (4); Women ' s Educational Club. JAY TOEVS .... A.B. Tulsa, Oklahoma Chi Phi; Gargoyle (2); Tennis. EDWARD C. TOMSICEK B.S. in Chem. La Crosse, Wisconsin Varsity Band (2). ROBERT HARRIS TOOT . Grand Rapids, Michigan A.B. CEDRIC FRANK TRAEGER Ptoria, Illinois Sinfonia. A.B Page 151 MARGARET C. TRAPHAGEN Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta. A.B. SENIORS ETHEL I. TRAVIS A.B. in Ed. Big Rapids, Michigan La Sociedad Hispanica (2) (3). ELEANOR W. TREADWELL . B.S. in Ed. San Diego, California Basketball (3) (4); Hockey (4); Women ' s Athletic Association Board (4); House Organization Committee (4); Board of Representatives (4); Physical Education Club (3) (4). RUTH H. TREBILCOCK . . A.B. Ishpeming, Michigan Delta Delta Delta. EDWARD GULP TREMBLE . . A.B. Kansas City, Missouri Zeta Psi; Michigan Chimes (i) (2) (3) ; Assistant Baseball Manager (3). JEANNE TREMBLEY . . A.B. Columbia City, Indiana Kappa Alpha Theta. JANET TREMBLEY . . A.B. in Ed. Flint, Michigan Alpha Phi; Junior Girls ' Play. LORETTA J. TROESTER A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Helen Newberrv. LAURA LUCILLE TROMBLEY . A.B. Birmingham, Michigan Kappa Phi (1-4); Board of Representa- tives (i) (2) (3). FRANKLIN LEVERN TROOST . M.D. Niles, Michigan Class Secretary (3); Class Memorial Committee (4). DOROTHY CUDLIP TRUETTNER . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Gamma; Junior Girls ' Play. WILLARD I. TRUETTNER . B.S. in Eng. Ann Arbor Michigan Triangle. LESLIE J. TURNER Ithaca, Michigan A.B. x LAWRENCE H. TRUETTNER B.S. in Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan Tiiangle; Aeronautical Society. EUNICE LEAH TRUMAN Newaygo, Michigan Couzens Hall. DAVID ALBERT TURNOCK Elkhart, Indiana Phi Mu Alpha. R. . A.B. I ' tl ' +r S E X I O R S u SlDXEY TYSCHMAX Toledo, Ohio Kappa Nu. C. ROE TI-TTLE . - B.S. in Eng. ajkcille, Michigan ROSCOE M. TWIXIXG B.S. in Pharm. Midland. Michigan President Freshman Class. Sophomore Class, Junior Class; Rho Chi Scholar- ship Prize 1922. BRUCE A. TYXDALL . A.B. West Palm BfOfh, Florida Phi Sigma Kappa; Druids; Scabbard and Blade. ARLEXE C. UXSWORTH . A.B. Burlington, J ' frmont Delta Delta Delta; Women ' s Athletic Association; Wyvern; Mortarboard. EDWARD JOHN URE Saginasc, Michigan Alpha Kappa Psi. A.B. HAROLD MALLORY UTLEY . . A.B. Flint, Michigan Delta Chi; Michigan Daily, Business CECELIA MARIOX YALLIE . A.B Romeo, Michigan Athena (i) (2); Cosmopolitan Club. gas RHODA M. TUTHILL B.S. in Ed. Rochester, Xew York yvern; Senior Society; Track Man- ager Women ' s Athletic Association (4); Hockey; Baseball; Vice-President Education Class (3); Physical Educa- tion Club, Vice-President (4); Bazaar Committee (3); Junior Girls ' Play. FRED Goss TUTTLE . B.S. in Eng. Riser Forest, Illinois ELOIS TYGERT . Jackson, Michigan A.B. JEROME DAXIEL ULLMAX Peoria, Illinois Kappa Nu. A.B. E. GIFFORD UPJOHN . . M.D. East Orange. rsc Jersey Delta Tau Delta; Nu Sigma " Nu. CHARLES KEITH UREX . J.D. Crystal Falls, Michigan Phi Alpha Delta; Barristers; Michigan Law Review. MARGUERITE YALLEXDER Dental Hyg. Say City, Michigan CHARLES HOWE VAX ARXAM Fort Wayne, Indiana Sigma Nu. A.B. Page I S3 SENIORS WILLIAM ALTON VANCE . . D.D.S. Nashville, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi; Xi Psi Phi; Sigma Delta Psi. GEORGE JAY VANDERMEER . B.S. in Eng. Grand Rapids, Michigan American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers (4). LORETTA MAE VANDALL . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan RUDOLPH E. VANDEVEER Detroit, Michigan A.B. CHARLES RICHARD VANEK . A.B. Chicago, Illinois Business Administration Club; Treas- urer, Junior Hop Committee. A. LEONARD VANHORN Ostego, Michigan M.D. GEORGE F. VAN GORDER . Chesaning, Michigan Alpha Tau Omega. M.D. RUSSELL W. VANHOUSE . B.S. in Ch.E. Aberdeen, South Dakota American Institute of Chemical Engi- neers; Varsity Band. HUBERT JOHN VANPEENEN Kalamazoo, Michigan Phi Chi. M.D. A. THEODORE VAN PELT B.S. in C.E. Chicago, Illinois Sigma Alpha Epsilon; American Soci- ety of Civil Engineers. LAURANCE J. VAN TUYL B.S. in E.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Theta Delta Chi; Triangle; Vulcans; American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers, Chairman (4); Michiganensian Business (2); Daily Business (3); Summer Daily (2) (3), Business Man- ager (3); Class Secretary (3). MORRIS J. VAN WEELDEN . B.S. in E.E. Grand Haven, Michigan Tau Beta Pi; Varsity Band (2) (3) (4); American Institute of Electrical Engi- GERTUDE VAN ZOEREN . A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan f MARIAN E. VAN TUYL A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Omicron Pi; Pi Lambda Theta; Women ' s Athletic Association, Board Council (3); Wyvern; Mortarboard; Judiciary Committee (3) (4); Masques (i) (2) (3) (4); Chairman Dance Committee, Junior Girls ' Play; Chair- man Committee, Sophomore Circus; Freshman Pageant. DAN VAN WOERKAM . M.D. Grand Haven, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Glee Club (i) (2). JOHN Louis VARRIANO Jersey City, New Jersey Alpha Phi Delta. M.D. 154 SENIORS I HERBERT E. VEDDER . A.B. CarroUton, Illinois Sigma Delta Chi; Daily (2) (3) (4), Sport Editor (4); Tennis (i) (4); Union House Committee (2); Underclass Committee (3); Freshman Handbook (3)- GERTVDE VINT . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Cosmopolitan Club. JOHN DONALDSON VOELKER . LL.B. Ishpeming, Michigan Delta Theta Phi. ArGEST " oxBoESLAGER,Jr. B.S. in C.E. M:. Clemens, Michigan Sigma Xu; Senior Ball Committee (4). MANNING CURLEE VOORHIS Plainfald, rx Jersey Pi Kappa Alpha. A.B. T. A. ELBERT VYSE A.B. Chicago, Illinois Phi Sigma Kappa; Michigamua; Sphinx; Gargoyle (i) (2) (3) ( 4 );Golf (0 W- GLT EDGAR WAGAR Edmore, Michigan Sigma Phi Epsilon. A.B. JOHN FRANCIS WAGNER . . LL.B. Dearborn, Michigan Phi Kappa; Kappa Phi Sigma; Re- serve Football (2); Cross Countrv 0); Track (2) (3) (4). ARXOLD ROBERT VERDUIX . A.B. in Ed. Grand Hacen, Michigan MARJORIE E. VIVIAN A.B. in Ed. Bessmer, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Woman ' s League (3) (4)- ERNEST R- VOLLWILER . . LL.B. Middlerillf, Michigan Delta Theta Phi. EuiORE VoNDER HEIDE Detroit, Michigan Alpha Kappa Kappa. M.D. HELEN ETTA Vos . . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta; Sigma Delta Phi; Comedy Club; Masques; Mummers. FRANK LUDWIG WACHTER . Kansas City, Missouri Phi Delta Theta. " A.B. HARRY J. WAGNER A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Nu. ROBERT WILHELM WAGNER . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Kappa Sigma; Dailv(i); Swimmine (3) (4)- Page 155 A.B. WILLIAM OTTO WAGNER Detroit, Michigan Theta Xi. LOUISE JOSEPHINE WALBORN Chicago, Illinois University Symphony Orchestra. B.S. SENIORS tiffi HAROLD C. WALBORN B.S. in Eng. Detroit, Michigan CHARLES MERREL WALDO . . A.B. Canisteo, New York Xi Psi Phi; Track (2) (3) (4); Alpha Epsilon Mu; Varsity Band (2) (3). PAUL WIRTH WALDO Detroit, Michigan Choral Union. A.B. LENORE MARIE WALDRON Corning, New York Alpha Chi Omega. A.B. SHERWOOD WALDRON . . Ann Arbor, Michigan Psi Upsilon; Hockey (3). A.B. CHARLES R. WALGREEN, Jr. . Ph.C. Chicago, Illinois Tau Kappa Epsilon; Class Vice- President (4); Prescott Club. 1 GENEVIEVE S. WALK . . R.N. Bay City, Michigan Couzens Hall; Scalpel Staff (3); Student Council (4). (Jf HARRY CARL WALKER . . B.S. Elgin, Illinois Tau Beta Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Varsity Glee Club. HARRY ROMAIN WALKER . B.S. in E.E. Lansing, Michigan MYRLE AUGUSTUS WALKER . D.D.S. St. Johns, Michigan Xi Psi Phi. OLIVE ALBERTA WALKER . .A.B in Ed. Girard, Pennsylvania Sigma Kappa. VICTOR ELLIS WALKER . LL.B. Rock Island, Illinois Delta Theta Phi. VINCENT C. WALL, Jr. . . A.B. Owosso, Michigan Phi Mu Alpha; Sigma Delta Chi; Mimes; Daily (l) (2) (3); Union Opera (3); Author of Opera (4). GEORGE R. WALTENSPERGER Detroit, Michigan Delta Alpha Epsilon. A.B. Page 156 SENIORS LOUISE E. WALTER Detroit, Michigan A.B. DOROTHY HALL WARD . A.B. Buchanan, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Freshman Girls Glee Club; Junior Girls ' Play; Sopho- mo re Circus. Aiso EDITH WARGELIN A.B. in Ed. Hancock, Michigan Women ' s Educational Society; Choral f Union. fa STANLEY FRANK WASIELEWSKI Milwaukee, Wisconsin A.B. ROBERT AYDELOTTE WATERMAN LL.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Delta Rho; Kappa Kappa Psi; Chairman Cane Committee (7); Varsity Band (3) (4) (5). ALFRED M. WATSON B.S. in Arch. CoUwattr, Michigan Triangle; Wrestling. ALICE MAIRE WEAVER Dayton, Ohio A.B. EARL CLINTON WEBB B.S. in Eng. Memphis, Michigan ORVILLE BURTON WALTERS Ann Arbor, Michigan Sigma Delta Kappa. LL.B. JAMES HARMON WARD Jr. . B.S. in Eng. Buchanan, Michigan Kappa Sigma. VERSOS FIELD WASHBURNE Prophetstown, Illinois A.B. RALPH CHURCHILL WATERBURY Frankfort, New York Theta Xi; Golf (2) (3) 4 - A.B. CATHERINE A. WATERS Port Huron, Michigan Zeta Tau Alpha. B.S. WILLIAM H. WEARNE . . A.B. Duluth. Minnesota Chi Phi; Michigan Daily (i). RUTH ELIZABETH WEAVER Ambler, Pennsylvania Kappa Kappa Gamma. A.B. ELLA GRACE WEBB Pom Paw, Michigan A.B Page SENIORS u JOHN A. WEBBER . B.S. in Ch.E. Portland, Michigan Alpha Chi Sigma. HOWARD AUGUST WEBER . A.B. in Ed. Ml. Clemens, Michigan Mt. Clemens Club; Varsity Football (2) (3) (4); Track (3) (4). RANDOLPH WYATT WEBSTER . B.S. Knightstown, Indiana Sigma Delta Psi; Craftsmen; Men ' s Physical Educational Club; Gymnastic Team. MARY LOUISE WEDEMEYER . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Theta Phi Alpha; Chi Delta Phi (2) (3) (4). DOROTHY LORRAINE WEEKS Detroit, Michigan Couzen ' s Hall. R.N. EUGENE ALVIN WEINBERG . A.B. Chicago, Illinois Pi Lambda Phi; Michigan Daily (2) (3). OLIVER J. WEINKAUFF . B.S. in Pharm. Peoria, Illinois. Phi Delta Chi; Rho Chi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Class President (2); Prescott Club (1-4); Treasurer (4). JACOB WEISBERG Detroit, Michigan Tau Epsilon Phi. M.D. ELMER GEORGE WEBER . M.B.A. Detroit, Michigan Delta Alpha Epsilon; Business Admin- istration Club. DONALD WINFIELD WEBSTER . A.B. Monroeville, Indiana Acacia; Freshman Cross Country; Craftsmen (3) (4). HERBERT S. WEDEL Detroit, Michigan Theta Chi; Theta Kappa Psi. M.D. DONALD GORDON WEEKES . A.B. Lowell, Michigan Pi Kappa Alpha; Varsity Band (2). ALBERT E. WEGERLE . . D.D.S. Pretoria, South Africa MAURICE BERNARD WEINER Detroit, Michigan Phi Lambda Kappa. M.D. WILLIAM J. WEINMAN . . A.B. Steuben ' jille, Ohio Sigma Phi Epsilon; Delta Theta Phi; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Alpha Xu; Michi- gan Daily, Business; Varsity Band (1-3); Opera (i) (2). EDA A. WEISKOTTEN . . A.B. Royal Oak, Michigan Martha Cook. Page 158 s K _ I O R S V T 1 DAVID HAROLD WEISS A.B. in Ed. Monessrn, Pennsylvania Men ' s Educatonal Club. GERTUDE M. WELCH B.S. in Phy.Ed. Ann .Irbor, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; University Girls ' Glee Club; Choral Union; World Fellowship Committee; Physical Ed- ucation Club; Freshman Girls ' Glee Cub; Class Hockey (3) (4); Basket- ball (3), (4). ELEANOR ESTELLE WELLS Harbor Springs, Michigan Couzens Hall. R.N. JEANETTE ELIZABETH WENDEL Lancaster, New York Alpha Xi Delta. B.S. MARIOX AUGUSTUS WEXGER A.B. Delta Upsilon; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Kappa Phi Sigma; Cabinet S. C. A. (2) (4); Varsity Band (i) (2); Glee Club (2). FLORENCE STARR WERTEL . A.B. Gibsonintrg, Ohio Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Kappa Delta; Michiganensian (2); Class Vice-Presi- dent (3); Junior Girls ' Play; Class Social Committee (2). BERTHA WERTKIX AVsr York City Cosmopolitan Club. A.B. ALICE LOUISE WESSELS Dftroit, Michigan Alpha Omicron Pi. A.B. ' JOSEPH P. WEISS Cleveland, Ohio Phi Sigma Delta; Basketball (i). A.B. MARIAN LOUISE WELLES . A.B. Marshall, Michigan Pi Beta Phi; Theta Sigma Phi, Vice- President (3); Wyvern; Mortarboard; Michigan Daily (1-4). Women ' s Editor (4); Women ' s League, Board of Direct- ors (2); Secretary (3); Chairman, Costumes, Junior Girls ' Play. JOHX CALVERT WELLS Chicago, III. Omega Psi Phi. A.B. ERXA LINA WEXDER Sebrxaing, Michigan Couzens Hall. R.X. JESSIE MAY WERNER Gretnrille, Michigan A.M. MORRIS D. WERTENBERGER M.D. Jackson, Michigan Alpha Kappa Kappa; Varisty Band (5) (6) (7); Alpha Epsilon Mu; Kappa Kappa Psi. BERT F. WERTUAX M.B.A. Buffalo. AYcc York Alpha Kappa Lambda; Alpha Kappa Pfi; Scalp and Blade; Business Admin- istration Club; S.C.A. BEATRICE B. WESTBROOK . Crosydl, Michigan Couzens Hall. R.N. Page IS9 SENIORS ELEANOR WESTER . . R.N. Kalamawo, Michigan Couzens Hall. LESLIE D. WESTON . B.S. in Eng. Niagara Falls, New York Phi Mu Alpha; Tau Beta Pi; Vulcans; Quarterdeck; Triangles; Engineering Honor Committee (i) (2). SAMUEL DALE WETTLAUFER Pontiac, Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi. A.B. ROBERT MORE WETZEL . A.B. in Ed. Polo, Illinois Comedy Club (3) (4); Mimes (3) (4); Michigan Union Opera (4). RICHARD THOMAS WHALEN Battle Creek, Michigan Sigma Alpha Epsilon. A.B. THOMAS J. WHEELER B.S. in M.E. New York City HERSCHELL WILLIAM WHITAKER . A.B. Flint, Michigan CHARLES FLOYD WHITE . . LL.B. Glencoe, Illinois Pi Kappa Phi; Gamma Eta Gamma; Adelphi (1-3); Michigan Daily (i) (2); Treasurer Freshman Law; Boxing (3) (4). GRACE LEOLA WESTON . A.B. in Ed. Highland Park, Michigan Martha Cook; Kappa Phi. B.S. VIRGINIA GUINEVERE WESTON Des Moines, Iowa Martha Cook; Symphony Orchestra. KATHARINE M. WETTSTEIN . A.B. in Ed. Highland Park, Michigan Zeta Tau Alpha. FRED CHARLES WEYHER . LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Lawyers ' Club. BARBARA WHEELER A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta; Junior Girls ' Play. HENRY B. WHIPPLE . A.B. Grass Lake, Michigan Pi Kappa Phi. BERNICE ELIZABETH WHITE . A.B. in Ed. Pontiac, Michigan CURTIS WHITE Denver, Colorado Chi Psi. LL.B Page 160 RICHARD P. WHITKER Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. ROBERT M. WHITMER Battle Creek, Michigan Theta Chi. A.B. FLORENCE M. WIDMAIER A.B. in Ed. Toledo, Ohio Alpha Gamma Delta; Athena (2) (3) (4); Girls ' Glee Club (2) (3) (4); Women ' s League Bazaar Committee .(3); Freshman Pageant; Sophomore Circus; Junior Girls ' Play. SAMSON WIENER Shmeport, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Mu. A.B. PAUL HARLAN WILCOX Grand Rapids, Michigan A.B. PAUL C. WILLIAMS . Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Chi. M.D. SENIORS LAWRENCE H. WHITMAN . B.S. in E.E. Ashtabula, Ohio Glee Club (3) (4) (5). CHARLES ARNOLD WIARD . . A.B. Ypsilanti, Michigan ELD A MARCUARITE WIECHMAXN Saginate, Michigan Martha Cook. A.B. PHILIP ALLEN WIGHT Kalamazoo. Michigan A.B. MARGARET J. WILKINSON . A.B. in Ed. Canton, Ohio Kappa Alpha Theta; Junior Girls ' Plav. FREDERICK B. WILLIAMSON Ypsilanti, Michigan Phi Chi; Galens. M.D. ALEXANDER R. WILLS B.S. in Eng. Newport News, Virginia Beta Theta Pi. CARL JOHN WILSON B.S. in Eng. Detroit, Michigan American Society Mechanical Engi- neers. . LEROY HOWARD WILLSON D.D.S. Muskegon, Michigan CASSAM ALLMAN WILSON A.B. Buffalo, ete York Chi Psi; Phi Delta Phi; Sphinx; Druids; Sigma Delta Chi; Michigan Daily (i) (2) (3); Daily Night Editor (3)- ' Page 161 " fv S ' ENIORS GERALD DEXTER WILSON . B.S. in Ch.E. Whittaker, Michigan JULIA FAUCHER WILSON . . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Delta; University Girls ' Glee Club (2) (3); Junior Girls ' Play. DONALD CLOSSON WINANS . D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Secretary Senior Dental Class. ROBERT DELOS WINKWORTH Detroit, Michigan Delta Chi. A.B. THOMAS CHARLES WINTER . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Druids; Sphinx; Michigan Daily (i) (2); Chairman J-Hop; Michigan Union Opera (2) ' (3); Executive council, Michigan Union (3). SOPHIE WOJCIECHOWSKI Detroit, Michigan Polonia Circle. A.B. RUSSELL SHELDAN WOLFE . M.D. Elkins, West Virginia Kappa Delta Rho; Theta Kappa Psi. 1 THOMAS FREDERICK WOLF . B.S. in E.E. Detroit, Michigan lQ vJFJ JOHN LEVIS WILSON . . A.B. Butler, Pennsylvania Sigma Nu; Michigan Union Opera (2); Chairman Finance Committee. WILLIAM W. WILSON . . LL.B. Princeton, Illinois Delta Theta Phi; Junior Law President. PHILLIPS MONROE WINCHELL Ionia, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Phi Sigma. D.D.S. ROBERT CARLTON WINTER LL.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Gamma Eta Gamma; Barristers; Mich- igan Daily (2) (3). MARY E. WINTERS . B.S. in Pharm. Grass Lake, Michigan Alumnae House; Rho Chi; Prescott Club; Kappa Phi; Class Secretary (3). FRED G. WOLCOTT . A.B. in Ed. Sparta, Michigan The Inlander (4); Symphony Orches- tra (4). ELEANOR ELIZABETH WOLFE Wauseon, Ohio A.B. HARRY ALAN WOOD . Youngstown, Ohio Delta Theta Phi. A.B. Page 162 SENIORS JAMES BEXXET WOOD . A.B. Buffalo, New York Delta Alpha Epsilon; Scalpe and Blade; Michigan Daily; Program Committee (4). WARREN ARTHUR WOOD . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Phi Epsilon; Student Directory (2) (3); Michiganensian (l) (2) (3); J-Hop Committee. EDITH MARY WOODARD . . A.B. Toppenish, Michigan Betsy Barbour; Sigma Alpha Iota; Choral Union; Junior Girls ' Play. SADIE J. WOODRUFF . A.B. in Ed. Kendalkillf, Indiana Adelia Cheever; Kappa Phi; Educa- tional Club. KATHERIXE L. WOODWARD A.B. in Ed. Flint, Michigan Martha Cook. HELEX FRAXCES WOOTOX . . A.B. Hasting. ' , Michigan Wyvern; Senior Society; Sophomore Circus; Junior Girls ' Play; Assistant Chairman of Life Membership Drive; Point Svstem Committee. HELEX E. WOTRLNG A.B. in Ed. .Adrian, Michigan Kappa Kappa Gamma. AUDREY LOUISE WRIGHT A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Senior Society; Women ' s Athletic Association Board, Treasurer; Junior Girls ' Play; Le Cercle Francais (3) (4). JEROME W. WOOD . B.S. in Eng. Niles, Michigan Theta Delta Chi; Web and Flange; American Society Civil Engineers. WILLIAM A. WOOD B.S. in M.E. Kalamazoo, Michigan American Society Mechanical Engin- KATHLEEX C. WOODBURY Dental Hyg. Bay City, Michigan ROBERT J. WOODS . B.S. in Eng. Youngstown, Ohio Phi Mu Delta; American Society Mechanical Engineers; Aero Society; Michigan Technic (i) (2) (3); Opera(2). ALTA HAMILL WOODWORTH . A.B. Plymouth, Michigan Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Choral Union; Girls ' Glee Club. JULIA WORDEX Athens, Michigan Couzens Hall. R.N. JOHN L. WOTRIKG B.S. in M.E. , ashrillc, Michigan Phi Kappa Tau; Tau Beta Pi; ulcans; American Society Mechanical Engin- eers; Michigan Technic. FRAXCISZEK WYSZYXSKI . Poland Polonia Literarv Circle. B.S. in A.E Page 163 SENIORS JAMES HARRISON YANT . . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Delta Phi, Nu Sigma Nu; Mimes. MARGARITE YEMNIKER . A.B. in Ed. Cleveland, Ohio Phi Gamma Mu; Honor Council(2); Choral Union(2); Council Senior Class of Education. FLORENCE GERTUDE YOUNG . R.N. Cheboygan, Michigan Couzens Hall. SAMUEL WILLIAM ZAHAREE Max, North Dakota A.B. ADAM T. ZAHORSKI . B.S. in Aero.E. Warsaw, Poland ALOIS LAWRENCE ZILIAK . M.D. Princeton, Indiana Phi Beta Pi. JUSTIN ZINN . . B.S. Branson Michigan Sigma Gamma Epsilon. PAULINE E. ZOLLER . A.B. in Ed. Roundup, Montana Sigma Kappa; Athena (3) (4); Physi- cal Education club (3); W.A.A. (4); Secretary of Education Class (3) (4); President, Athena (4); University Girls ' Glee Club (3) (4); Choral Union (3) (4). ELEANORE ISABEL YATES . Fostoria, Ohio Junior Girls ' Play Committee. A.B. IRVING IRWIN YORYSH . . A.B. Jersey City, New Jersey Tau Epsilon Rho; Hillel Foundation; President, Hillel Foundat ' on; Treasur- er Freshman Law Class. MARQUIS YOUNG . A.B. Decatur, Michigan WILLIAM W. ZAHM B.S. in M.E. Waco, Texas Student Branch American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Chairman Con- stitution and By-Laws Committee of A.S.M.E. HUBERT BERHARD ZERMAN Toledo, Ohio Xi Psi Phi. D.D.S. MANUEL ZIMMERMAN Toledo, Ohio LL.B. FREDERIC W. Ziv . . LL.B. Cincinnati, Ohio Phi Sigma Delta; Managing Editor, Gargoyle and Crease Paper Committee. STANLEY F. ZUCK . B.S. in Arch Rockford, Illinois Kappa Delta Rho. Page 164 LOWER CLASS OFFICERS LOWER CLASS OFFICERS J. WHITTLE M. ROBBINS B. MALAY R. WARREN 1929 LITERATURE, SCIENCE AND ARTS OFFICERS JOHN D. WHITTLE MARY ROBBINS BERNADINE MALAY ROBERT WARREN . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Advisory CHARLES J. WOOD Chairman MARGARET MOORE EDWARD H. WACHS LEONE LEE Athletic ERNEST Me COY Chairman JOHN W. TARBILL, JR. HORACE J. BARTON DONALD J. CORRIDEN GEORGE SQUIER Auditing WILLIAM R. THURNAU Chairman LOY L. SUTHERLAND EDWARD J. ZICK ORVILLE L. DOWZER HERBERT H. TENENBOM Class Book JOSEPH H. HOLPUCK Chairman LESTER P. BUSHNELL DAVID L. HOLZMAN JAMES G. JOBES Financial CLARE H. TIMBERLAKE Chairman WEBSTER STERLING C. H. SEILHEIMER JAMES E. DUFFIELD, JR. ROLLAND W. TAYLOR Publicity PAUL J. KERN Chairman CLARENCE N. EDLESON RUSSELL M. SANDERSON FRANK MEESE R. J. HODGSON Social GEORGE H. MATCH ETT Chairman GEORGE KING CHARLES I. WHYTE, JR. VERA JOHNSON THOMAS THOMAS ELAINE GRUBER JOHN J. KNIGHT JUDSON BRANCH KENNETH PATRICK Page 166 LOWER CLASS OFFICERS W. HorcH T YATTO L. SPOOK 1929 E X G I X E E R I X G OFFICERS WILLIAM R. HOUGH TOM L. YATES LORIMER C. SPOOR EUGENE EASTERLY, JR. . President ice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Adtitory RICHARD S. SPINDLE Chairman OTTO P. POMMERENING JOHN O. BERGELIN Finance R. JAMES WILLIAMS Chairman PHILIP E. SLAYTON HAROLD W. BAILEY Athletics GEORGE B. MARTIN Chairman ROBERT J. McVnriE JOHN N. KELSEY MURRAY A. RUTH Distinctive Dress JOHN R. HALL Chairman JAMES G. JOBES THOMAS M. LESLIE HARRY M. GRINNELL WILLIAM B. FORTUNE AUSTIN J. PADDOCK J-Hop JOHN R. GILMARTIN CHARLES F. MOORE GEORGE E. HUBBELL Social HERBERT L. SCOFIELD Chairman GEORGE K. MACDONALD JOHN A. HAPKE 167 . WER CLASS OFFICE M. SPENCE J. BRINGLOE C. HAGERSTROM H. KLEIN 1929 ARCHITECTURE OFFICERS MATTHEW J. SPENCE JOHN R. BRINGLOE CHARLES T. HAGERSTROM HERMAN KLEIN President Fice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Advisory WALTER CHAFFEE Chairman EDMUND HILLIER CARL SCHULWITZ Finance LISLE TOOK Chairman DONALD KIMBALL MARSHALL ROUSE Auditing Louis SMOGAR Chairman VIRGINIA GIES Louis JORDAN Social ROY PETERSON Chairman KENNETH HOLMES HARRIET STONE J-Hop SHELDON ELY Page 168 LOWER CLASS OFFICERS G. HAGELSHAI L ANDEKSOX H. MEIER G. REYLEA 1929 MEDICINE OFFICERS GAYLAXD L. HAGELSHAW LEONARD E. ANDERSON HAROLD J. MEIER GEO RGE M. RELYEA President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Athletic DAVID E. LEWIS Chairman HENRY A. SCOYILL EDWARD L. RIG LEY NELSON M. SMITH Finance GEORGE M. RELYEA Chairman EDWARD D. HOEDEMAKER KENNETH C. PIERCE FILLMORE S. CURRY Auditing STEVENS S. SANDERSON Chairman EARL A. HASTY Louis D. GOMON LEO A. H. KNOLL Blue Book FRANKLIN P. HUSTED Chairman BENJAMIN A. GROSS JAMES G. MALONE BEN A. XEWMAN Honor Council HAROLD V. LOVELL ABEL E. PECK RALPH A. JOHNSON Social AUGUST F. BLIESMER Chairman HERBERT L. BRUMBAUGH WILLIAM L. RODGERS JOHN D. MABLEY Page 160 H. STARK W. FRUE A. PINKERTON D. ERICKSON 1929 LAW OFFICERS HAWLEY E. STARK WILLIAM C. FRUE . AMOS M. PINKERTON DONOVAN Y. ERICKSON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Advisory GARLAND D. TAIT Chairman ALBERT E. PETERMANN, JR. SYLVAN S. ROSENBAUM Auditing CHARLES E. DAUGHERTY WALDO F. GREINER HARRY L. GERVAIS -Chairman Finance SYLVAN RAPAPORT Chairman CALVIN K. SOUTHER BASIL F. BAKER JAMES A. SPROWL GORDON B. WHEELER WALTER DUCKET Publicity EDWARD F. TRAVER Chairman JOHN E. SPONSELLER Social FULTON C. VOWELL Chairman WILLIAM D. COCKRAN CHARLES A. MERTENS, JR. HAROLD W. DUDLEY MILTON F. MALLENDER FREDERIC E. BESIMER Page 170 LOWER CLASS OFFICERS M. H. STBKIT L. SlGI8MONT D. MILLER 1929 DENTISTRY OFFICERS MARK LOWNSBI RY HAZEN STREIT Louis SIGISMOND D. C. MILLER President V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Advisory RAY A. HART Chairman HOMER B. PORRITT CORVVIX R. WRIGHT Athletic W. VICTOR CRITTEXDEX CHARLES S. FELDMAN AXDREW J. GALSTERER Financial X. WEIR BURKMAN Chairman JULIAN EBER FREDERICK E. FLEMING J-Hop FREDERICK H. RAHN Social EDWARD F. SHUTTS Chairman FREDERICK A. NADEAU XEIL S. MAC ICAR Welfare DONALD D. WATSON Chairman CONRAD F. SPECK CLARE E. HUTCHINS Page 171 LOWER CLASS OFFICERS S. STEENSMA F. WEINMAN M. BOWEN C. HALL 1929 PHARMACY OFFICERS SIDNEY STEENSMA FREDERICK WEINMAN MARY BOWEN CHARLES H. HALL, JR. President Fice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Advisory EARL J. KNAGGS Chairman CHARLES H. HALL JOSEPH J. BALSAMO PAUL B. PERRIGO Auditing EDWARD C. MOSIER Chairman PHILIP L. WOLGIN DORIS J. FOSTER DAVID B. KARELITZ Athletic JOSEPH J. BALSAMO Chairman DANIEL E. ZIEGENBIEN EDWARD R. MAKEN SPENCER J. FAIRHEAD Finance CHARLES H. HALL Chairman HARRY B. BENSON DONALD J. BREISCH FREDERICK H. WEINMAN Social PAUL B. PERRIGO Chairman MARY E. BOWEN EDWARD C. MOSIER CHARLES J. WICKES Page 172 LOWER CLASS OFFICERS H. HASKINS A- MOBTOS S CoBXWALJ. D. ROSE 1929 EDUCATION OFFICERS HARLEY W. HASKIXS ALETTA MORTON- STELLA CORNWALL DANIEL ROSE President yice-President Secretary- Treasurer COMMITTEES Group Leaders ALETTA MORTON HARLEY W. HASKINS STELLA CORNWALL HELEN LIGHTFOOT MYRTLE SPENCER LEONA HOUG H VELMA JOHNSON- HELEN WILSON- LOIS WEBB ANN FOUER JEAN RYAN Social Lois WEBB Chairman DANIEL ROSE HELEN LIGHTFOOT Page 173 LOWER CLASS OFFICERS S. FOBD F. ROONEY E. BLACK H. BALGOOGEN 1929 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION OFFICERS STANLEY E. FORD FRANCIS L. ROONEY ELIZABETH C. BLACK HENRY W. BALGOOGEN President ice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Advisory FRANCIS L. ROONEY Chairman HERBERT D. HUNTER WAYNE M. SCHROEDER STANLEY M. STEINKO Executive LEO E. ROWE Chairman RANDOLPH B. MONROE THOMAS K. HAVEN Financial PETER E. BOSTICK Chairman NORMAN J. LOCHBIHLER JAMES U. PIPER J-Hop CHARLES R. VANEK Social ALBERT P. COLLINS Chairman FLORENCE A. CHRISTY RUSSEL A. BURI Page 174 W. REED V. TROWBKIDGE B. FKOMM T. BOVARD 1930 LITERATURE, SCIENCE AXD ARTS OFFICERS WILLIAM B. REED VIRGINIA TROWBRIDGE BEATRICE FROMM . THEODORE BOVARD President V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Advisory ILLIAM R. FARREL Chairman KENNETH LLOYD JOSEPH E. ISEMAX RUTH J. COCHRAX MARIAN TALMADGE VIRGINIA E. ScHURZ AILENE MAE YEO HARRIET E. GRIDLEY FLOREXCE X. CLEMENT ELFRIDA J. PETERSON Auditing ERNEST C. REIF Chairman EMORY T. XUNNELY EARL S. OLDHAM DONALD L. WILSON- WILLIS R. JONES FREDERICK A. TOEPEL SAMUEL M. HANAUER HOWARD E. CROUSE EDWARD BOWERMAN Financf CLAYTON LAHMEYER Chairman CLARENCE L. McKixxiE CHARLES R. KAUFMAN- DONALD M. VEDDER KENNETH WALTERS CLARENCE MASTERS ALEX K. SCHERER ARTHUR L. VAN ZANDT Publicity HAWORTH F. HOCH Chairman CHARLES J. JOSE PAUL C. MURPHY RALPH A. ROHRBACH DEAN X. CURRIE HAROLD L. GOULD Social ALICE B. MIDWORTH Chairman JEAN HOLLAND MARY BARR CLAY EDWARD J. PERRY WILLIAM E. EDWARDS ROBERT D. SHORT HELEX A. RUDOLPHI CATHERIXE EVAXS RACHEL ROBBIXS LA " ERNE H. TAYLOR HAZEL M. BELCHER JAMES K. CAVAXAUGH Page ' 75 LOWER CLASS OFFICERS P. COCHBAN R. McCov J. MCDONALD J. WlDHAN 1930 ENGINEERING OFFICERS PHILIP COCHRAN ROBERT McCov JOHN MACDONALD JOHN WIDMAN President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Athletic ROBERT GRUNOW Chairman THOMAS STOCK JAMES C. HOUSTON ISADORE GRODSKY Publication JOSEPH T. ELLIOT Chairman ROBERT A. CLAYTON JOHN W. SPARKS RAYMOND E. PALM Finance JOHN WIDMAN Chairman ARTHUR PERMORT ROLLAND D. SEVERY CHARLES WADDEL Soph Prom GEORGE HOLBROOK Chairman FREDERICK P. BABCOCK BASIL L. CARR HARRY H. COLL Page 176 LOWER CLASS OFFICERS C. VLIET J. WlLLARD O. VOSE C. RAXWELL 1930 ARCHITECTURE OFFICERS CLARENCE R. VLIET JAMES WILLARD OWSLEY OSE CALVIN BAXWELL President Vice-Preside nt Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Athletic JAMES THAYER Chairman HARRY GIELSTEIN JAMES LEND RUM Finance CALVIN BAN-WELL Chairman ROBERT HARTWICK DANIEL BUELL JACK MILLAS A re h itect ural Soc iety WIN FIELD SCOTT WEYMOUTH W. KIRBY WAYNE MEAD Chairman JACK WILLIAMS WALTER HICKEY ELIZABETH CUTTER Page 177 R. FREYBERG W. STEWART H. PRESTON W. SCOTT 1930 MEDICINE OFFICERS RICHARD H. FREYBERG WILLIAM H. STEWART HELEN E. PRESTON WALTER SCOTT . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Athletic GARNET W. AULT Chairman KENNETH H. LOWE JOHN M. WELLMAN JOHN TRUDEAU WOODBURN K. LAMB Executive PAUL HILDEBRAND Chairman WILLIAM BROMME ELWOOD W. MASON GEORGE A. WULP JOHN B. SCHOENFELD Honor Council Representatives CHARLES S. HIGLEY FRED H. MILLER Social SAM JOHNSON Chairman ROLLO MASSELINK PHILIP Q. ROCHE EDWARD B. GREENSPAN FRANK STILES Pa s - LOWER CLASS OFFICERS Kl ,49 7 tl A. ECKEL H. CABB E. NOHTHWAT C. KlEHM 1930 DENTISTRY OFFICERS A. J. ECKEL HENRY CARR . E. A. XORTHWAY . CLIFFORD KIEHM President . rice-President . Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Athletic Publifitv RUSSEL E. BUTLER Chairman ERNEST D. KELLERMAN LESLIE L. DULUDE ARD C. FREELAND Chairman WILLIAM J. HUBERT DOUGLAS DE CR.AUSAY Finance Social CLIFFORD L. KIEHM Chairman WILLIAM A. LAWLER GERALD G. WRIGHT Welfare FRANK J. BRUXNER Chairman KENNETH P. CLARKE JOHN H. TATOR VAUGHN FINDLAY Chairman EDGAR C. SCHICK BYRON D. WARD Paff 179 LOWER CLASS OFFICERS M. DUELLMAN V. MlDDLETON L. WETMORE J. HAYDEN 1930 PHARMACY OFFICERS MYLES DUELLMAN VICTOR MIDDLETON LESTER WETMORE JAMES HAYDEN President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Athletic NORVAL HOLMES Chairman HENRY PULLMAN ROBERT WOONACOTT Publicity ROBERT SWISHER Chairman HOWARD NOFFZE WAYNE WATKINS Social WALTER BRASS Chairman RUBIE SHAW DEWEY MAINS LOWEF CLASS OFFICERS G. RICH F. HEIUIAX L. EIEBM X I. YOBTSH 1930 LAW OFFICERS GEORGE E. RICH FERDINAND D. HEILMAN LYLE E. EISERMAN IRVING I. YORYSH . President ice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Advisory THOMAS C. WINTER Chairman GEORGE S. DIXON XORMAN C. BOWERSOX KENNETH G. BARTLETT, JR. Financial MALCOLMS. LA NGFORD Chairman LAWRENCE M. THARP HENRY KNOWLTON. JR. HENRY H. PLEASANT Athletic WILLIAM R. DAY Chairman ROBERT C. HEANEY JAMES F. MILLER STEPHEN E. JONES Sofia WILLIAM C. BAUER Chairman ESTHER TUTTLE NORMA GREENE WALTER P. NORTH Page 18 1 LOWER CLASS OFFICERS H. JEXKS J. HOWARD R. BISHOP W. GARRISON 1931 LITERATURE, SCIENCE AND ARTS OFFICERS HOLLIS JENKS JANE HOWARD RUTH BISHOP WILLIAM GARRISON COMMITTEES Advisory MALCOLM HUME Chairman WILLIAM ORR DAVID ORR THEODORE METZ KEITH HACKETT Athletic VINAL TAYLOR Chairman SIDNEY FRIEDMAN JOSEPH WITTER PIERCE PELTIER WILLIAM ALDERDICE EARNEST RUSH WILLIAM GRAHAM MERTON BELL Auditing LESTER RAPP Chairman HILDA BRAUN ROLAND STANGER WILLIAM BADGER LAURENCE GOODSPEED EDWARD WEINMAN NELLIE NORTON Cap Night PALMER CRAWFORD Chairman JOHN DENBLEYKER WILLIAM COOMBS EARL ROEDEL LISBON SCHMAISKE MORLEY CROWTHERS KENNETH RAHN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Discipline MALCOLM McCoRT Chairman EMERSON SCHROYER WILLIAM POST JERROLD W. CURRY THOMAS HEYWOOD EDWARD DANS GEORGE KLOESS LEON LYLE Finance JOHN INNIS Chairman KATHERINE TODD PHILIP DA VIES JAMES CARR LAWRENCE HOBART GEORGE RYERSON ALFRED HIGGINS Freshman Frolic DEAN ANDERSON Chairman SAMUEL DIBBLE DAVE FINLEY JOHN YEAGLEY PALMER CRAWFORD JERRY GARDINER HAROLD SEDER Social LEE BOOKWALTER Chairman ARTHUR MACKEY HUGH CLARK ROBERT LOCKTON NATHANIEL FIELD GEORGE GOWAN WILBUR HUSTON Page 182 V ! LOWER CLASS OFFICERS L. Roans G. M. SWAXSOX G. JOHNSON 1931 ENGINEERING OFFICERS LAWRENCE ROGERS GEORGE WEYLE MARSHALL SWAXSOX GEORGE JOHXSOX . President rice-President . . Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Advisory HARRY BREXISER Chairman CECIL CAMERON HENRY STAFFORD Athletic WALTER McGRATH Chairman ROBERT TURNER CARL TUSCH Financial RICHARD FURXISS Chairman WILLIAM F. Ross CHARLES HOLTON RUSSEL MALCOMB Social ERWIX BEXZ Chairman RICHARD J. HICKS DANIEL WIGREX JACK STOKES rage is 3 LOWER CLASS OFFICERS W. WlLDERN O. STUFFLEBEAM K. PIERCE D. MEHRI:;O 1931 ARCHITECTURE OFFICERS WILLIAM J. WILDERN OLIVER P. STUFFLEBEAM KEITH PIERCE DALE C. MEHRING President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Athletics HAROLD HAAS Chairman JOSEPH E. LAYTON NEIL E. WARREN Finance DALE C. MEHRING Chairman FRED J. SCHWEITZER MORTIMER HAWKINS FRED L. ARNET Social JOHN L. POTTLE KARL S. RICHARDSON PAUL LEWIS Page 184 LOWER CLASS OFFICERS J. WOODS C. WAIJK A. EARLE I. JOHNSON 1931 DENTISTRY OFFICERS JOHN WOODS CHARLES WALDO RUTH EARLE IVAR JoHxsoN- President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Athletic PAUL BONNETTE NELSON BRAAMSE SAMUEL SILVERMAX Executive CHARLES WALDO ROBERT BIRD J. KENXETH EASTLAND Finance IVAR JOHNSON- MILTON MARX WILLIAM HICKS Social JAMES NORLOCK JACK HOLLISTER P. JERABACK Welfare JAMES FAIRCHILD KEITH JOHNSTON- NELSON B. TRUESDELL Pag ' LOWER CLASS OFFICERS f J. HUBLY J. GALLERAITH J. KLOCK J. GILDING 1931 MEDICINE OFFICERS JAMES W. HUBLY . JOHN M. GALLERAITH JAMES F. KLOCK JOSEPH P. GILDING . President Fice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Athletic Louis F. KNOEPP Chairman JOHN D. MACPHERSON HAROLD G. Auditing LAWRENCE E. ARNOLD Chairman THOMAS M. ANDERSON LEE D. VANANTWERP Executive RUSSEL L. MALCOLM Chairman CHARLES H. MC!NTYRE JOHN L. KEYES WILLIAM H. EDYVEAN CLIFFORD S. PINE Honor HOWARD L. PUCKETT Social CHARLES M. BELL Chairman RUDOLPH I. CLAVY JAMES W. MACMEEKIN A ciro cvSdL cJb ELTON E. WIEIIAN FIELDING H. YOST RALPH W. AIGLEH UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAX ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIOX FIELDING H. YOST ELTON E. WIEMAN HARRY A. TILLOTSON ANDREW S. BAKER PHILIP C. PACK OFFICERS Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Assistant Director Business Manager Secretary Director of Athletic Publicity BOARD IN CONTROL OF ATHLETICS CLARENCE COOK LITTLE RALPH V. AIGLER WILLIAM A. FRAYER ALFRED O. LEE FACULTY MEMBERS JAMES E. DUFFY, Bay City HENRY S. GRINNELL JAMES V. HUGHEY ROBERT LELAND JAMES G. MCK.ILLEN LORNE J. POOLE FIELDING H. YOST EDMUND E. DAY ROBERT C. ANGELL ALUMNI MEMBERS THOMAS S. HAMMOND, Chicago STUDENT MEMBERS BOARD OF DIRECTORS Football Manager WILLIAM THIELMAN Basketball Manager WILLIAM EKLUND Baseball Manager WILLIAM PRESCOTT . Track Manager ELMER D. MITCHELL President of the University Chairman of the Board CLARENCE T. JOHNSTON- JOHN SUNDWALL CHAS. B. DuCttARME, Detroit RICHARD S. SPINDLE Minor Sports Manager Cross Country Manager Interscholastic Manager Intramural Director ATHLETI CS PAUL C. SAMSON 1927 CONFERENCE MEDAL The Conference Medal, an annual award in each of the schools of the Western Conference for proficiency in scholarship and athletics, was presented in 1927 to Paul C. Samson, captain of the swimming team and a member of Phi Kappa Phi. He has consistently maintained a high scholastic average and was the outstanding inter-collegiate swimmer of the season, holding at the present time, national inter-collegiate records in 40, 220, and 440 yard events in the long pool and in the 220 and 440 yard events in the short pool. His exceptional achievements in both scholarship and athletics made his college career one of unusual success. ATHLETICS OOOBBAAB VARSITY CAPTAINS BEXXIE OOSTERBAAX FRANK A. HARRIGAX WILLIAM H. PUCKELWARTZ PHILIP M. NORTHROP IRWIX A. OLIAX ADDISOX D. COXXOR ALFRED M. WATSOX WILLIAM L. MAXEY CARL R. DARXALL RANDOLPH B. MOXROE HERBERT A. WIGGERS . . Football Basketball . Baseball Track Tennis Golf . Wrestling Hockey Su-imming Cross Country . Fencing COACHING STAFF ELTON E. WIEMAN RAY L. FISHER STEPHEN J. FARRELL EDWIN J- MATHER CLIFFORD P. KLEEN CARLTOX F. WELLS MATTHEW MANX HEXRY C. HUTCHIXS EDWARD LOWREY . HARRY G. KIPKE JACK L. BLOTT GEORGE F. VEEXKER CHARLES B. HOYT Football . Baseball Track . Basketball . Wrestling . Golf Swimming Tennis . Hockey Assistant Athletic Coach Assistant Athletic Coach Assistant Athletic Coach Trainer HABBIOAN Pagt ATHLETICS ALL-AMERICAN BENNIE OOSTERBAAN With the graduation of Bennie Oosterbaan, Michigan loses one of the greatest athletes of all times. For three successive years he has been chosen as an All-American end an accomplish- ment attained for the first time by a Michigan player since the inauguration of this system of award. When just a sophomore he was selected by Walter Camp as an end on his All-American team and since the passing of this world-famous critic, he has been the choice of several other sports writers in their respective my- thical elevens. In both his junior and senior years he has been the choice of Grantland Rice who pays him the following tribute: " Bennie Oosterbaan of Michigan has completed his third year as one of the greatest ends cf football history. It will be a long time before football will see a greater end, whose passing, pass receiving, blocking and tackling will carry on into the legendary lore of the game. " RAY BAER AND LOUIS GILBERT Ray Baer and Louis Gilbert, aside from being chosen on most All-Confer- ence teams, have the honor of being mentioned on several All-American selections. Baer was given the position of guard on the All-American squad of Grantland Rice who at the same time rates Gilbert as one of the outstanding stars of the season. The punting, passing, and defensive work of Gilbert made him one of Michigan ' s most valuable players. Baer excelled in defensive play his speed, tackling, and ability to cover punts will long be remembered. Louis GILBERT Page 190 FOOTBALL FOOTS AL HESTON NYLAND FULLER HOYT SCHOENFELD HARRIGAN POMMERENINQ PoE BoVAKD GEMBIS TAYLOR HuGHEY PUCKELWARTZ GABEL BAER YOST OoSTEHBAAN WlEMAN RlCH GILBERT PALMEROLI DOMHOFF WHITTLE MILLER HOFFMAN OFFICERS BENNIE OOSTERBAAN ELTON E. WIEMAN JAMES V. HUGHEY Captain Coach Manager PERSONNEL RAY BAER . ALAN T. BOVARD VICTOR E. DOMHOFF FRED W. FULLER NORMAN GABEL . JOE G. GEMBIS Louis M. GILBERT FRANK A. HARRIGAN LEROY G. HESTON LEO W. HOFFMAN JAMES F. MILLER ' 27 Tackle ' 30 Center ' 2 7 L Quarter ' 28 . Fullback ' 28 Tackle ' 29 Half ' 28 Half ' 28 End ' 28E End ' 28L Half ' 28 Half HERMAN Z. NYLAND . BENNIE OOSTERBAAN JOHN M. PALMEROLI . HOWARD W. POE OTTO POMMERENING . WILLIAM H. PUCKELWARTZ GEORGE E. RICH JOHN B. SCHOENFELD LAVERNE TAYLOR JOHN DALLAS WHITTLE ' 28 . . End ' 28 . . End ' 28E . Guard ' 28 . Guard ' 29 . Tackle ' 28Ed . Half ' 29 Full M . Center ' 30 . . End ' 29 Quarter SAM BABCOCK, ' 28 MARSHALL H. BODEN, ' 29 CLARE F. CARTER, ' 29 ROY CRAGIN, ' 29 PAUL FLAJOLE, ' -50 WALTER E. GEISTERT, ' 30 HENRY GRINNELL, ' 28 DOUGLAS KERR, ' 2gEd JENNINGS McBRiDE, ' 30 A. M. A. GEORGE NICHOLSON, JR., ' 28 ROY F. PARKER, ' 29 EDWIN B. POORMAN, ' 30 JAMES S. ROBBINS, ' 2gE BRUCE SCHWARZE, ' 2gE HARVEY G. STRAUB, ' 30 DOMINIC SULLO, ' 28 CARL THISTED, ' 28 HAROLD WALDER, ' 30 Page 192 RESULTS OF THE SEASON Michigan 33 Michigan ... 21 Michigan 14 Michigan 21 Michigan o Michigan . . 14 Michigan 27 Michigan 7 Ohio Wesleyan o Michigan State o Wisconsin o Ohio State o Illinois. ... 14 Chicago o Navy 12 Minnesota 13 CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won Lost Tied Percentage Illinois 5 Minnesota 3 ' Michigan 3 2 O Chicago 3 3 o Purdue 2 2 o Ohio 2 3 o Northwestern 2 3 o Indiana I 2 I Wisconsin I 4 o Iowa I 4 o I .COO I .COO .600 .500 .500 .400 .403 -333 .200 .200 Pag ' ' 93 GILBERT ELUDES AN OHIO WESLEYAN PLAYER. MICHIGAN 33 OHIO WESLEYAN Michigan overwhelmingly defeated Ohio Wesleyan in the opening game of the 1927 season before a record breaking crowd which witnessed the contest in spite of the inclement weather. Displaying one of the best running attacks that Michigan has seen in years, the Wolverines swept the visitors off their feet and scored a touchdown scarcely five minutes after the game had started. The passing attack of Michigan was spectacular at times but was not at all dependable in that only five out of nineteen tries were completed. The Michigan attack was built around Gilbert who in every way proved himself a worthy successor of Benny Friedman. He figured in every touchdown, twice carrying the ball across the line him- self and three times passing to his team mates which resulted in the remaining Michigan scores. Receiving l hMP the kickoff which opened the second half, he ran the full length of the field for the last touchdown of the game. Perhaps the most gratifying aspect of the game, from the Michigan stand- point, was the strength shown by the Wolverines. Able substitutes were sent in to the game at nearly every position, with all of them making a FIELDING H. YOST- credible showing. ELTON E WlEMAN GILBERT SLIPS AROUND RIGHT END GEISTEBT is TACKLED BT A MICHIGAN STATE MAN MICHIGAN 21 MICHIGAN STATE Again displaying a powerful running attack, Michigan defeated Michigan State in a rather uninteresting and dull contest which was marked by lack of team work and numerous penalties. Michigan was at her best in the first period in which a touchdown was scored after the first four plays. Blocking and tackling was at its best during this period and great holes were opened off tackle, permitting long and spec- tacular runs. The spirit soon died out however and the game became listless and unimpressive. After several long gains around the ends, Gilbert carried the ball across the line for the first touchdown. At the opening of the second quarter a long pass to Boden brought the ball to the three yard line and Rich car- ried it across for the second score. A twenty-five yard pass from Geistert to Oosterbaan netted Michigan ' s final touchdown and this brought scoring to a close. GEORGE E. RICH RENNIE OOSTERBAAN GEISTERT GAINS AROUNT THE L.EFT END or MICHIGAN STATE I GILBERT is DOWNED AFTER RECEIVING A SHORT PASS MICHIGAN 14 WISCONSIN Wisconsin, after displaying a superior drive in the opening periods of the game, lost its chance to defeat Michigan for the first time since 1899 by resorting to rough play. The Wolverines played smart football throughout the whole game and won easily with two touchdowns to their credit. Louis Gilbert played a stellar game for Michigan by means of his kicking, passing and all- round defensive work. Both with and against the wind it was the superiority of the Wolverine punter which, in a great measure, spelled defeat for Wis- consin. On a deceptive play in the second period, Oosterbaan faked a pass and gave the ball to Hoffman who dashed around left end to the one yard line. On the next play Rich carried the ball across for Michigan ' s first touchdown. It was during the second half that Wisconsin, angered by the disallowing of a touchdown through a penalty for holding, roughened up the game. Michigan played a consistent game however, and scored again on a lateral pass from Oosterbaan to Gilbert. JAMES F. MILLER RAYMOND BAER ALAN J. BOVARD GILBERT SKIRTS WISCONSIN ' S RIGHT END FOR A LONG GAIN I ' a-, ' HJ( EBT OF OHIO STATE HTHDLES THE MICHIGAN LIKE MICHIGAN 21 OHIO STATE Michigan formally opened her new stadium by defeating Ohio State by a margin of three touchdowns, a score which came as a surprise as the two teams had been rated as nearly equal. A record-breaking crowd of 86,000 packed the stadium to its limits. With a deceptive attack and an impenetrable defense, the Wolverines crushed their traditional foe and con- cluded the fourth game of the season with their goal line still uncrossed. Gilbert again proved a sensation and the Oosterbaan to Gilbert combination contributed heavily to the scoring, all of Michigan ' s touchdowns being made in this way. The first came in the second quarter on a " sleeper " pass. In the third period this play was more or less repeated and the final score came through a fake place kick in the final quarter. JOHX B. SCHOEXFELD JOHN PAUUBOU OHIO STATE COMPLETES A PASS P0CKELWARTZ GAINS AROUND ILLINOIS ' RIGHT END MICHIGAN ILLINOIS 14 Smart and brillant football by one of the greatest teams that the University of Illinois has ever turned out, utterly overcame the hard-fighting Wolverine eleven which thus tasted defeat for the first time of the season. Michigan seemed stunned from the outset through the loss of Louis Gilbert who had been forced out of the game with an injured elbow. They came back in the second half however, and carried the fight to Illinois for the greater part of the time. Both of the Illinois scores were made on ' " breaks " , but to them credit must be given for their wide-awake and smart playing which enabled them to score. A fumble by Michigan on their own seven yard line paved the way for the first Illini touchdown and the second one came as the result of a blocked Michigan punt which was recovered behind the goal line by Schultz of Illinois. WILLIAM H. PUCKELWARTZ JOHN D. WHITTLE BREAKS A WA T AFTEB BECEIVIXG A PASS PBOH GlUERT MICHIGAN 14 CHICAGO After making little progress in the first half, the Michigan eleven opened up in the second half with the strongest offensive attack that it had yet shown during the season. The Oosterbaan- Gilbert combination, coupled with the irresistible line plunging of George Rich, staged a great come back which time and again crashed the Maroon line and netted Michigan two touchdowns. To Rich must go the credit for playing the greatest game of his career. It was his defensive work in the first half which shattered Chicago ' s hopes and his line smashing in the second half made him well worthy of the slogan " let George do it " . Both of the Michigan scores came by the aerial route after long spec- tacular marches down the field in which Miller, Rich and Oosterbaan figured heavily. A lateral pass from Oosterbaan to Gilbert gave the first touchdown and the second came by a reversal of the same play. OTTO P. POMMEBEXIXG LEO M. HOFTMAX GILBERT IXTEBCEPTS A CHICAGO PASS MICHIGAN LINE HOLDS LLOYD OF THE NAVY MICHIGAN 27 NAVY 12 Michigan made good her threats for revenge by defeating the U. S. Naval academy in a color- ful and exciting game which abounded in sensational runs and clever plays. While a looked for passing offensive was not in evidence, a flashy running attack kept Michigan in the lead from the opening whistle to the end of the game. The brilliant playing of Miller netted long gains for Michigan that were directly responsible for all of the Wolverine scores. However, Lloyd of the Navy was not far behind him for individual honors and his 85 yard run through the entire Michigan team was the most spectacular play of the game. This was the third game between the two schools in as many years. Michigan won the first game in 1925 by the overwhelming score of 54 to o, but on travelling to Annapolis in the fall of 1926, they were defeated by the score of 10 to o. G. HESTON FRED J. FULLER ALlignST GOES AKOCXD BIGHT EXD MICHIGAN 7 MINNESOTA 13 After giving her followers a real thrill by scoring within the first few minutes of play, the Wolverines had to bow to a definitely superior Minnesota team and for the first time since 1919 the " Little Brown Jug " found its place within the Gopher trophy chest. Michigan fought stubbornly against the furious onslaughts of the Minnesota backfield which, thwarted in this manner, resorted to an effective passing attack which resulted in both of their touchdowns. Michigan ' s only score was made on a pass from Gilbert to Oosterbaan, early in the first quarter after several line plunges had failed to gain. Both of the Gopher touchdowns were the results of passes after the continued hammering of Joesting, Nydahl and Almquist had brought the ball within striking distance of the Wolverine goal. It was the last game for both Oosterbaan and Joesting and their respective playing further empha- sized the validity of their Ail-American appointments. FBAXX A. HARRIGAX NORMAN GABEL FOOTBALL FRESHMAN FOOTBALL At the close of the 1927 season twenty-three members of the freshman football squad were awarded numerals by Coaches Edwin J. Mather and Clifford Keen. Eight of the numeral winners were backs while the remaining eighteen were linesmen. The freshman squad was smaller and not as good on the whole as the 1926 first year group. Some of the yearlings however were of very good calibre and may fill varsity berths next season. The freshman team finished in a three way tie for the championship of Michigan ' s little three, a league composed of the reserves, the Physical Eds, and the frosh. They also scrimmaged the Varsity frequently, using plays against which the first team wished to perfect a defense. FRESHMAN NUMERAL WINNERS LESLIE H. ANDERSON MASON S. BAILEY CARL J. BAUER ALVIN J. COOK THOMAS M. COOKE ARTHUR W. DECKER JOHN DOBBIN WILLIAM R. DUFF EARL ELSER GORDON HEIM D. WYANT HOLMES RALPH P. LAWSON RICHARD M. LYTLE WILBERT B. MARSHALL KARL S. RICHARDSON JOHN SCHILLA MARION SHERWOOD CLARENCE SIMS A. S. STEINKE JAMES SIMRALL LAWRENCE SWEET RICHARD THORNTON C. JACK WHEELER Page 202 BASKETBALL LELAND, Mgr. CAPTAIN HARRIGAN OFFICERS FRANK HARRIGAN EDWIN MATHER GEORGE VEENKER ROBERT LELAND Captain Coach Assistant Coach . Manager PERSONNEL ROBERT CHAPMAN . SAMUEL GAWNE FRANK HARRIGAN ERNEST McCov BENNIE OOSTERBAAN JAMES ORWIG FENTON RABER DANIEL ROSE ' 30 ' 28 ' 28 ' 29 ' 28 ' 3 oEd ' 28 ' 2 9 Ed Center Forward Guard Guard Forward Forward Guard Guard A. M. A. JOSEPH J. BALSAMO ROBERT A. BARLEY RuSSEL E. BOWERMAN ELWOOD L. GUSHING THAREL T. KANITZ FRANK R. LOVELL SOL R. MAGRAM ARTHUR L. MCDONALD HAROLD G. MYRON HERMAN Z. NYLAND GEORGE W. SLAGLE JOHN D. WHITTLE Page 204 JrST BEFORE THE PCRDUE GAME Michigan 43 Michigan 39 Michigan 36 Michigan 46 Michigan 20 Michigan 22 Michigan 42 Michigan 41 Michigan 28 Michigan 31 Michigan 26 Michigan 26 Michigan 33 Michigan 47 Michigan 45 Michigan 34 Michigan 42 M. S. C 23 Pittsburgh 49 Pennsylvania 39 Bradley 30 Northwestern 25 Wisconsin 26 Indiana 41 Ohio State 21 Chicago 19 Coe 25 Purdue 35 Chicago 23 Purdue 55 Northwestern 25 Ohio State 39 Indiana 36 Wisconsin 19 COACH MATHER ROBERT LELAXD, Mgr Page 20 j BASKETBALL CoE25 After trailing the strong Coe quintet for the greater part of the game, Michigan came from behind and snatched a victory in the last few minutes of play. It was one of the weakest showings that the Varsity had given during the season and it was evident that there was still much to be accomplished if a conference leading team were to be produced. Orwig, in his first game for Michigan, played a fine game which almost insured him a regular berth on the team. Orwig and McCoy both figured largely in the Michigan rally. MICHIGAN 43 M. S. C, 23 Led by Fent Raber, a new comer to the Michigan ranks who tallied nineteen points on eight baskets and three free throws, the Michigan team rather easily overcame the ineffectual efforts of the Michigan State aggregation and won their first game by the score of 4-? to 23. The Wolverines displayed a great defense for an opening game and after the first few minutes of play they were never even close to being pressed. McCoy and Harrigan starred for Michigan, McCoy being credited with thirteen points on six baskets and a free throw while Harrigan was especially conspicuous in his excellent floor work which was apparent in his passing and dribbling. ERNEST McCov MICHIGAN 39 PITTSBURGH 49 After playing on even terms throughout the first half, the Mich- igan quintet was forced to bow in defeat to the superior playing of the Pitt Panthers, who opened an attack in the last period which amassed for them the largest score that has been run up against Michigan in several years. Although Michigan gave flashes of real power at times, she soon relapsed into a mediocre game which netted a large score but did not provide sufficient opposition to check the Panthers, who seemed to make every shot count. They worked through the Wolverine defense with little difficulty and made the Michigan " stonewall " look like paper mache. This is the second time that the invaders from the east have defeated Michigan, the score of last year being 34 to 23. MICHIGAN 36 PENNSYLVANIA 39 In the only game played during the Christmas vacation, Michigan was defeated by Pennsylvania, in a game that ran ' " nip and tuck " all the way. The score was tied no less than seven times. The Quakers sewed it up though when, with only two minutes to go, they overcame a 36-32 lead and nosed out ahead. It was anybodys game up ' till the final whistle which found the Wolverines on the shorter end of the score. MICHIGAN 46 BRADLEY 30 In one of the slowest and most uninteresting games of the season, Michigan defeated Bradley on January the fourth, at the Field House. In only one or two spots did the Wolverines appear as a first rate college team. This was when they were hard pressed by Bradley and they opened up an offensive which counted for enough Page 206 BASKETBALL T baskets to give them a safe margin and from then on they were never in danger. Passing was especially ragged, the ball being worked down the floor several times, only to be lost by a direct pass into the hands of some waiting visitor. The showing of the team made it very evident that there was much to be done before the first conference game. MICHIGAN 20 NORTHWESTERN 25 Michigan lost her first conference game when the team journeyed to Evanston and was defeated before a record breaking crowd which had assembled to witness the contest. The purple five estab- lished themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the conference when, by wonderful teamwork, they overcame the 12-10 Michigan lead at the end of the first half and then piled up a score which the Wolverines were never able to surpass. Glushman was the high scorer of the winning team while the Oosterbaan-Harrigan combination starred for the losers. MICHIGAN 22 WISCONSIN 26 Beginning their second conference game of the season in cham- pionship style, the Wolverines weakened and suffered their second conference defeat at the hands of Wisconsin. Michigan played a hard but inaccurate game and lost to the superior shooting of the Badgers. It was a fast game which was marked with beautiful basket shooting by both teams as well as by sensational floor work and accurate passing. Foster proved to be the star for Wisconsin while Harrigan played a fine game for Michigan. MICHIGAN 42 INDIANA 41 Before a monstrous crowd that packed the field house, the Wolverines battled through a furious game with the Indiana five and came out on the long end of the score. Every man of the Mich- igan team played a fine brand of ball which produced a smooth working combination capable of defeating most any team. As the score indicates, the final outcome was always in doubt. Indiana jumped into the lead soon after the second half began and they held it until the last few minutes of play, when they were overtaken by Michigan, the score was tied several times toward the end of the game but the final whistle found Michigan with one point to the good. Oosterbaan was high point man, and Harrigan played a fine floor game. MICHIGAN 41 OHIO STATE 21 Alt hough both teams displayed ragged floor work at times, Michigan took advantage of several spectacular long shots and smothered Ohio State before a large crowd in the Yost field house. The Wolverines were slow to begin but soon overcame the 3 to o lead which Ohio had assumed in the opening minutes of play. From then on Michigan took charge and never lost control through- out the remainder of the game. Oosterbaan and Chapman were tied for high scoring honors with five baskets each. All of Chap- man ' s baskets were from the center of the floor, four going through without touching the ring. BEXNIE OOSTEHBAAN Page 207 BASKETBALL cp MICHIGAN 28 CHICAGO 19 Between semesters Michigan journeyed to Chicago and defeated the Maroons in a hard-fought and well-earned victory. The Wol- verines had a hard time getting started as the Chicago defense proved much harder to solve than was at first anticipated. However, Oosterbaan and Raber soon broke loose and tied with Gist of Chicago for high scoring honors ' with three baskets each. This is an unusually small number and was probably due to the close guarding of both sides. Chapman, at center, played a brilliant game for Michigan with two baskets and excellent floor work to his credit. MICHIGAN 26 PURDUE 35 ROBERT CHAPMAN Purdue, the prospective conference champions, added another victory to their unsullied record by ruining Michigan ' s championship hopes on Saturday, the eleventh of February. The game was fast and interesting, marked by Purdue ' s ability to put the ball through the basket and Michigan ' s tendency to miss. Both teams gave flashes of real team work but Purdue took advantage of all of her short shots as well as several spectacular long ones. Time and again Michigan would work the ball down to the basket and then lose it with a poor shot. As usual, Oosterbaan was the high scorer of the game with 15 of Michigan ' s points to his credit. Harmeson, a fast forward, and Murphy at center were the stars for Purdue. MICHIGAN 26 CHICAGO 23 In an uncolorful and ragged basketball game, Michigan retained her fifth position in the conference by defeating Chicago, on February thirteenth, at the field house. Beginning the game with a show of strength, Michigan gained a six point lead which they held up till the middle of the second period. At this point they steadily began to lose the game until the advent of Captain Harrigan who proceeded to make his most brillant performance of the year. Rose was the high point man and Oosterbaan ' s aspirations were given a set back with two baskets as the extent of his scoring. MICHIGAN 33 PURDUE 55 The second meeting of the Wolverine and Boilermaker quintets was almost a duplicate of the first. Setting a new Big Ten scoring record, the Purdue five gave Michigan the worst beating that she has had in several years. The brilliant offensive game of the Purdue team and the ragged playing of Michigan left the final result never in doubt. Oosterbaan and Orwig were the outstanding players for Michigan while Cummins, Wheeler and Murphy were the main cogs in the Purdue machine. Page 208 BASKETBALL NORTHWESTERN 25 Michigan avenged her early season defeat at the hands of North- western when she severely drubbed the Wildcats in the second meeting of the two teams on February twenty-fifth, at the Yost field house. A crowd of about 6,000 was on hand and they saw the Wolverines playing in their best form of the season. Bennie Oosterbaan was again the main cog in the Wolverine attack, accounting for twenty-one points, while the floor work and guarding of McCoy was outstanding. However, Michigan ' s fine showing was made possible by her team play. The passing was the best of the year and there were very few long shots. The Wildcats made a desperate attempt to come back at the beginning of the second period, but after a few minutes of play Michigan broke away and was never again threatened. MICHIGAN 45 OHIO 39 With the incomparable aid of Bennie Oosterbaan and Frank Harrigan, Michigan defeated Ohio State for the second time of the season. Although Michigan was always in the lead, it was a closely fought battle throughout the whole game. It was the spectacular play of Oosterbaan which stowed away the game for Michigan, as his opportune shooting easily offset the numerous rallys of Ohio. The ten baskets which he chalked up during the game put him in first place for high scoring honors. Hinchman, Evans, and Vanzy played exceptionally good ball for Ohio State. SAMUEL GAWNE MICHIGAN 34 INDIANA 36 On March third Indiana became the undisputed Big Ten leader by defeating the Wolverines in a hard fought contest which ended 34 to 36. The outcome was in doubt from the very first of the encounter and during the last half the lead changed incessantly. Indiana ' s winning basket came just before the final whistle. Chap- man, Michigan ' s high-jumping center, got the tip throughout the entire contest and scoring honors were divided about equally be- tween Oosterbaan, McCoy, Harrigan and Orwig. MICHIGAN 42 WISCONSIN 19 FENTON RABER In the final game of the 1928 season the Wolverines ran wild and swept a determined Wisconsin team entirely off their feet. It was unquestionably the best performance that the Wolverines had given during the season, and as a result of the game, the Badgers were definitely eliminated from the championship race. Harrigan and Oosterbaan both ended their respective careers in college basketball with a display of excellent floor work and accurate shooting. McCoy ' s close guarding held Fisher of Wisconsin to three points and Chapman at center gained nearly every tip-off. i c FRESHMAN BASKETBALL In reward for their strenuous efforts, twenty players were awarded freshman basketball numerals by Coaches Ray Fisher and Jack Blott. This number includes the entire squad which had remained throughout the season. In commenting on this year ' s team, Coaches Fisher and Blott stated that while the squad was conspicuous because of the lack of tall men, it had developed into a group of clever players, several of whom show real promise. Perhaps the most outstanding of these are Arnold at forward, Dougall at center and Higgins and Justice at guard. NUMERAL WINNERS HARRY ARNOLD WILLIAM COMPTON STEWART DAUGHERTY JOHN DAVIDSON JOE DOWNING W T ILLIAM DOUGALL WILLIAM GARRISON EARL GLOCHESTI AL HIGGINS THOMAS JUSTICE J. C. LANDRE JOE LA PIN CLARENCE LIBMAN RICHARD LYTLE WILSON MCCORMACK WALTER McGRATH CARL TORRELL ROBERT TURNER DESMOND TYLER HAROLD WEINSTEIN Page zio BASEBALL CORRIDEN MORSE EVELY COACH FISHER ASBECK BLOTT NEBELUNG WEINTRAUB REICHMAN OOBTERBAAN MILLER CAPTAIN PUCKELWARTZ DAVIS Loos KUBICEK 1927 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM OFFICERS WILLIAM PUCKELWARTZ . RAY L. FISHER ARTHUR EVELY FRED ASBECK DONALD CORRIDEN RUSSELL DAVIS Louis KUBICEK CARL Loos DONALD MILLER NEWELL MORSE RAY NEBLUNG BENNIE OOSTERBAAN WILLIAM PUCKELWARTZ GERSHON REICHMAN EARL REUTZ . LOUIS WlENTRAUB . SAMUEL GAWNE EDWARD HEILSTEDT ERNEST McCov Captain Coach . Manager PERSONNEL ' 29 . Pitcher . ' 29 . Center Field . ' 27 . . Catcher ' 29Ed . Second Base ' 28 Short Stop . . ' 27 - Pitcher ' 2 8Ed . Short Stop . ' 2 9 E . Right Field ' 28 First Base ' 28Ed . Center Field . ' 29 . Catcher . ' 27 . Pitcher ' 2 9 Ed . Third Base A. M. A. JOE TRUSKOWSKI JOHN GILMARTIN ROBERT LOWE EARL LILLIE DONALD BRACKE FRED KOUNTZ Page 212 Wn-UAM PCCKELWABTX EVELT RESULTS OF THE SEASON Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan 6 Michigan 3 Michigan 1 1 Michigan I Michigan 7 Michigan 8 Michigan 2 Michigan 6 Michigan 6 Michigan 2 Michigan 5 Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Mercer o Mercer 2 Georgia 3 Georgia i Purdue 2 Northwestern 10 M. S. C. ... 4 West Virginia i Purdue 4 Illinois 6 Ohio State 3 Syracuse 2 Syracuse 10 Illinois o Iowa o Colgate 12 Colgate 3 Northwestern o Wisconsin i Iowa 4 isconsin i M. S. C 4 Ohio State 4 Cincinnati . ; CONFERENCE STANDING Illinois Iowa MICHIGAN Ohio State . . Purdue Northwestern isconsin . . . Minnesota . . Indiana Chicago Won 7 7 5 i 3 4 Lost 3 3 4 6 4 8 8 Percentage .700 .700 .667 .500 455 444 .429 333 .273 Page 21 3 BASEBALL The 1927 southern trip of the Wolverine team was unusually successful. Although the first three games of the southern schedule were abandoned because of inclement weather the other four were all won by Michigan. Taking the two game series from the University of Georgia is parti- cularly worthy of note as it is the first time Michigan has been able to accomplish this feat. In the opening game with Mercer, Puckelwartz, captain of the Michigan team, made three hits out of five times at bat, one of them being in the eleventh inning to win a 4 to 3 victory. In the second game Mercer again fell before the timely hitting of the Wolverines. Michigan fielding was rather erratic and the pitching of Nebelung and Asbeck was occasionally wild. Against the strong Georgia nine Coach Ray Fisher sent Ruetz who performed well and allowed but five hits during the entire game. Don Miller, pitching ace of the 1926 championship team, pitched a brillant 4 to i victory over Georgia in the second game of the series. Corriden hit safely in each of the four games and Oosterbaan filled the first base position in all but the last game, when he was forced out by an ankle injury. CARL Loos RUSSEL DAVIS Page 214 NON-CONFERENCE GAMES 1 1 The Wolverines suddenly realized their power with the bat in the game with Michigan State on April 26th. Twelve hits offset several fielding errors and enabled Michigan to win by a score of 6 to 4. Nebelung, who hurled for the Wolverines, was largely responsible for the Maize and Blue victory by holding the Michigan State team to five hits and striking out eleven State batsmen. A home run by Puckelwartz in the sixth inning with Asbeck on base was the cause of Michigan ' s 3 to I victory over West Virginia on April 27th. The Wolverines came through in the pinches and looked better both offensively and defensively. The pitching of Asbeck was one of the highlights of the game. Scoring six runs in the final two innings the Wolverines conquered Syracuse in the first of a two game series by the score of 8-2. Miner of Syracuse pitched his team to a 10-2 victory in the second encounter. On May i8th, Colgate scored a 12-2 win over the Michigan team in a dull game. Dick Gawne. backed by perfect support, pitched the Wolverines to a 5-3 victory in the second and last game of the series. On June 1st Michigan State avenged their former defeat by trouncing Mich- igan 4-1. Masterly pitching by Tolles of M. S. C. and a poor Wolverine offense contributed to the Maize and Blue defeat. DONALD MILLER Page 215 BASEBALL NEBELUNG SLIDING 3F LOUIS WlENTRAUB NEWELL MORSE CONFERENCE GAMES MICHIGAN 1 PURDUE 2 Inability to bunch their hits in the pinches proved a stumbling block for the Wolverines and forced them to submit to a 2 to I defeat by Purdue. The lone tally of Michigan was the result of a three base hit by Morse. Miller, the Wolverine pitcher, struck out six men and passed but one batter during the game. MICHIGAN 7 NORTHWESTERN 10 The fine fielding that Michigan displayed against Purdue was only a memory on April 23rd as the Wolverines rolled and tumbled after the sixteen hits that Northwestern players earned off the four Michigan pitchers. The only redeeming features of the game for Michigan were the two rallies in the seventh and eighth innings when they hit Mills and Palmer freely and gathered a total of six runs. Miller hit the only home run of the day at this time. MICHIGAN 11 PURDUE 4 Michigan avenged her early season defeat by Purdue when the Wolverines trounced the Boilermakers on May 4th. Miller of Michigan pitched air-tight ball and didn ' t allow Purdue to score until the eighth inning. Nearly every Michigan player earned at least one safe hit. Miller got a three-bagger and Corriden made one of the longest hits in the history of Stuart field when he clouted a homer in the fourth inning. LOOS 18 SAFE AT FIRST IN THE Cl.VCINN ' ATI GAME BE.VXIE OOSTERBAAX Lons KrsicBK MICHIGAN- 1 ILLINOIS 6 Erratic fielding and weak batting were responsible for Michigan ' s defeat by Illinois on May 7th. The IHini collected twelve hits off Miller while Michigan had great difficulty in hitting Stewart, the Illinois pitcher. Michigan ' s lone run came in the eighth inning. The Illinois team had little difficulty in maintaining its position as leader of the Conference. MICHIGAN 7 OHIO STATE 3 Michigan won its second conference baseball victory of the season by defeating Ohio State on May gth. Asbeck pitched for the Wolverines and held Ohio to six hits while his mates gained twelve hits off the combined effoits of Kluck and Blanchard. MICHIGAN 6 ILLINOIS On May I4th the Wolverines decisively whipped the league-leading Illini. Don Miller pitched splendid ball for Michigan. He left eleven Illinois men on bases and held the Illini to seven scattered hits. Kubicek got a triple and a homer and was thus responsible for several Michigan runs. The defeat administered by the Wolverines was the first beating which Illinois had suffered in seven Big Ten games. 3H WUHPPB Wj WPHI PUCKELWARTZ IS OUT AT FIRST BASE IN THE NORTHWESTERN GAME MICHIGAN 6 IOWA The third Michigan victory within a week came when the Wolverines overcame Iowa on May 1 6th. The Michigan team played errorless ball and bunched their hits when hits meant runs. Miller was in fine form and pitched the entire game for the Maize and Blue. MICHIGAN 5 NORTHWESTERN In the return game with Northwestern on May 2Oth the Wolverines played a different brand of baseball than they displayed in the first encounter between the two teams. Fred Asbeck, who pitched for Michigan, held the Northwestern batsmen to one hit. Asbeck fanned six batters and issued no passes. MICHIGAN 4 WISCONSIN 1 Miller outpitched Stoll to win a thrilling twelve inning battle with Wisconsin on May 2ist. The Wolverines took advantage of bunched hits and an error to score three runs in the twelfth. The game was tied i-i from the second inning on. Fine pitching and perfect fielding kept both teams from scoring. Miller got a single at the open- ing of the twelfth. Then Nebelung bunted and was safe at first on an error by Murphy, Wisconsin first baseman. Weintraub was thrown out at first but his mates advanced. Morse smashed a hard drive through the box and Miller raced home with the winning run, closely followed by Nebelung. Puckelwartz drove in Morse with another clean single to center and sewed up the game for Michigan. DOXALD CORRIDEN Page 218 WEIXTArB AXB MOBSE Krx DOWX A CoL GATE MAX MlCHIGAN 3 IOWA 4 Michigan was definitely eliminated from the conference baseball race on May z8th when the Wolverines lost to Iowa by a score of 4-3. Michigan was leading by three runs at the beginning of the seventh inning but a sudden batting rally by the Hawkeyes scored one run and placed two men on bases before Miller was sent in to relieve Asbeck in the pitcher ' s box. The Iowa team succeeded in scoring twice before the inning ended, and gained another run in the eighth. It was a game full of thrills, errors, and arguments. Nebelung stole three bases and scored two of the Michigan runs. Captain Hoben of Iowa was forced to leave the game as a result of an argument with the officials. MICHIGAN 3 WISCONSIN 1 Michigan scored three runs on a like number of hits to defeat Wisconsin on May jOth. Miller pitched a shut out game until the eighth inning when the invaders combined their one hit with three olverine errors to bring in a run. MICHIGAN 15 OHIO STATE 4 Michigan assured herself of second place in the 1927 Western Conference baseball realm by literally pounding the life out of the Ohio State team in the last game of the year. This win gave the Maize and Blue a record of eight vic- tories and four losses for the season. Don Miller struck out eleven men and allowed only six hits. Ten Wolverines batted in the fifth inning to bring in six Michigan runs. This was the last Big Ten game for Puckelwartz, Davis. Miller, and Ruetz of the Michigan squad. Page 219 BASEBALL 1927 FRESHMAN BASEBALL The first call for freshman baseball candidates resulted in an unusually small turn- out of about forty-five. This number soon doubled however, and although the squad did not measure up to the standards of former years, there were several who looked like good prospective varsity material. Among the few battery men, the most promising were Short and Godsky, catchers; and Hill, a capable pitcher. Several good players made a bid for the first base position with Martin having the slight edge over the rest. Balsamo was the outstanding aspirant for second base while Waltman proved best at shortstop. Only fair material was avail- able for the third base and outfield positions. At the close of the season Coach Jack Blott awarded numerals to sixteen of the squad, as follows: M. J. DOLENSKY D. C. GRAY I. GRODSKY ARTHUR HOCK NORMAN HYM LELAND B. HILL CLEMENT KIELBASA JOHN J. KNIGHT FRANK LOVELI. H. LAFEVERE W. Bo MARTIN Louis PUTZIG PAUL PATE GEORGE SLAGLE ROBERT SHORT EDWARD WALTMAN Page 220 TRACK WUEBFEL PFLUKE TARBILL NORTON DAHLEM KETZ HESTEK WALDO BEALS CAMPBELL COOPER JONES COACH FARRELL TOPPER PROUT MUNGER LAMONT HOHNBEHGER OLHEISER MUELLER CAPTAIN NORTHROP SCHRAVESANDE McCAFFREE LASSER ISKENDERIAN LEONARD 1927 VARSITY TRACK TEAM PHILIP M. NORTHROP STEPHEN J. FARRELL WILLIS E. TOPPER OFFICERS Captain Coach Manager ALBERT BEALS, ' 27 HOLLY E. CAMPBELL. ' 28 DONALD COOPER, ' 28 GEORGE B. HESTER, ' 28 THEODORE HORNBERGER, ' 27 STAFFORD JONES, ' 28 WILFORD H. KETZ, ' 29 A. C. LAMONT, ' 28 A. G. DAHLAM H. P. ISKENDERIAN W. D. LEONARD I. L. MUNGER F. L. MUELLER PERSONNEL A. M. A. HAROLD LASSER, ' 27 JOHN LOVETTE, ' 27 FLOYD MCCAFFREE, ' 27 PHILIP NORTHROP, ' 27!) HAROLD OHLHEISER, ' 27E PERCY PROUT, ' 28 JOHN SCHRAVESAND, ' 27 CHARLES M. WALDO, ' 30 R. B. MONROE B. L. NORTON H. E. PFLUKE J. W. TARBILL T. C. VUERFEL Page 222 TRACK WILLIS E. TOPPER GEOKGE B. HEATER ILLINOIS RELAYS Two carnival records were broken in the Tenth Annual University of Illinois relays on February 26th. The Illinois four mile relay team ran an exceptional race, turning in the fast time of 18 minutes 13.6 seconds to break the old mark, held by Michigan, by 2.4 seconds. The Michigan relay team showed well with Hornberger running a steady race to climb from fifth to third position after trailing far behind the leaders. Anton Burg, Chicago ' s great high jumper, set a new mark in his specialty by clearing the bar at 6 feet 5 % inches. Brunk of Drake, Wachowski of Illinois, and Rettig of North western, all went 6 feet ? 4 inch and had to be content with a tie for the remaining places. Captain Xorthrop of Michigan was one of the outstanding figures of the meet. The Michigan leader tied for first place in the pole vault, clearing the bar at 12 feet 6 inches, and then leaped 23 feet 5 inches to take first honors in the broad jump, five inches ahead of Simon of Illinois, who finished second. Cooper, Wolverine hurdler, lost first place in the low barriers to Spence of Detroit City Col- lege by a scant margin, and placed fourth in the high hurdles. Hester, star Michigan dashman. did not hit his stride in the Illinois meet. He has often turned in better time than that registered by the winner of the 75 yard dash. The Illinois team was the most outstanding in all-ro und showing. Michigan ' s performance was as good as could be expected in view of its lack of eaily competition and seasoning. Most of the teams entered in the relavs had alreadv had several dual meets. Page 223 TRACK CONFERENCE INDOOR MEET Wisconsin scored a surprise by winning the Big Ten indoor track meet at Evanston on March I2th. The Badgers took four first places and four thirds to garner a total of 28 points. Ohio State was second with 18 points, Iowa third with yi, and Michigan fourth with 12 points to its credit. McGinnis, the Wisconsin captain, took high scoring honors. The Badger leader won the pole vault with a leap of 12 feet 10 inches, ran the high hurdles in 7.6 seconds and set a new Big Ten indoor record of 6 feet 5 inches in the high jump. Michigan placed men in five events. Hester took second in the 50 yard dash, Kriss of Ohio State beating him out by a narrow margin. Cooper lost to McGinnis by a foot in the high hurdles and took second place in the event. Northrop tied for second in the pole vault, deadlocked with White of Illinois and Boyle of Iowa. Ohlheiser took fourth in the quarter mile, and Hornberger ran a great race in the two mile event. The Michigan distance man pushed the sensational Hunn of Iowa all the way and only lost out at the finish by five yards. NORTHROP BROAD JUMPING POINT SCORE Wisconsin .......................... 28 Ohio State ......................... 18 Iowa Michigan ................. . ........ 12 Illinois Chicago .. Northwestern Minnesota Purdue Indiana . . it Page 224 TRACK OHIO RELAYS The Michigan track team won five events and showed very well in the Ohio Relays on April 2jrd. Western Con- ference universities took most of the honors in the university division. Six- teen new meet records were established and one old mark was equalled. Cooper took first in both hurdles while Northrop won the javelin throw and the broad jump. The ico yard dash apparently marked the return to form of Buck Hester when he ran it in 9.9 seconds to beat Kriss of Ohio who de- feated him in the conference indoor meet. Ketz. sophomore weight star, took second in the hammer event with a throw of 150 feet 8 inches. MICHIGAN 503 2 CORNELL Three field house records were broken, one tied, and two dual meet marks equalled as the Michigan track team defeated the invading Cornell squad for the fifth successive year on March 26th. Cooper of Michigan, who was high point man of the meet, won first place in both the low and the high hurdles, shattering the field house mark for the latter event a nd equalling the dual meet and field house records for the low hurdles. Benson of Cornell and Hornberger of Michigan tied for first place in the two mile run which was the feature event of the meet. The time. 9:49.5, established a new field house mark. Anderson of Cornell broke another field house record when he heaved the shot 45 feet 4 inches. Michigan ' s victory over Cornell was the twelfth out of the sixteen meets that have been held between the two schools since 1902. NOBTBBOP POLE VACLTIXG Page 22 s IRWIN OF OHIO WINS THE 220 YARD LOW HURDLES HAROLD OHLHEISER PENN RELAYS Captain Phil Northrop of Michigan was the only athlete to take three places in the 33rd annual Penn- sylvania Relays on April thirtieth at Philadelphia. The Wolverine leader made only one throw with the javelin, because of a sore arm, but it was the longest cast of the day and won the event. Northrop took second in the broad jump and placed third in the pole vault. The pole vault field was one of the best ever assembled at one meet, listing at least three men who have done better than 13 feet. Pickard of Pittsburg, Canadian titleholder who scored in the last Olympic games, tied for first place with Bradley of Princeton at 12 feet ioK inches. Northrop, Sabin Carr of Yale, and McAtee of Michigan State tied for third at 12 feet 6 inches. Hester repeated his 1926 victory in the 100 yard dash, beating out Kriss of Ohio State in the last five yards. The other two Michigan entries, Ketz and Schravesand, failed to place. HORNBERGER EASILY WINS THE 2 MILE RUN IN THE IOWA MEET MICHIGAN 78 220 YAM DASH vs. IOWA. IOWA FIRST, MICHIGAX SECOXD AVD THIRD IOWA 57 Taking nine first places, tying for first in another, and scoring slams in two events, the Michigan track team defeated Iowa on May yth by a score of 78 to 57 in the first Big Ten outdoor dual meet of the season. One Ferry Field record was broken. The Wolverines trailed the Hawkeyes through the greater part of the meet, but sprang into the lead when the Maize and Blue runners took all three places in the half mile. The Michigan slam in the hammer throw was even more of an accomplishment in view of the fact that three Iowa men placed in the national collegiate meet last year. Ketz won the event with a throw of 153 feet J4 inch, while Campbell took second with 152 feet. Hornberger led Hunn, the Hawkeye distance star to the tape by 25 yards and won in 9:45. Jack Lovette with first in the javelin and shot put was high point man of the meet. Schravesand made a new Ferry Field record for the discus with a throw of 142 feet 2 inches. This superseded Doyle ' s mark of 141 feet I inch made in 1926. STAFFOHD JOXES START OF THE HIGH HURDLES IN THE Ion MEET OLHEISER WINS THE QUARTER MILE IN THE ILLINOIS MEET MICHIGAN 72 PERCY PROUT ILLINOIS 63 DONALD COOPER For the third successive year Illinois and Michigan battled to the last event of their dual track meet before definitely settling the question of supremacy between the two teams and for the third successive time the Wolverines scored a victory by a small margin. In spite of very unfavorable weather condition the times and distances were extremely good in most instances. Michigan started off with a rush when Hester and Lasser flashed to the tape first and second in the 100 yard dash in :io flat. They repeated their performance in the furlong, Lasser winning in :22. After Illinois had carried the mile run and high hurdles the turning point of the meet came in the 440 yard run when Ohlheiser won by a foot in a driving finish to beat out Orlovich, star Illini sophomore. Horn- berger led Fairfield by five yards in the two mile. Cooper set a new dual meet record of :24-4 in the low hurdles. Ketz won his event by hurling the hammer 153 feet 7 inches. Northrop took the broad jump and Lovette the javelin throw. Lyon of Illinois was high point man of the day. His throw of 48 feet 10 7-8 inches in the shot put set a new dual meet and Ferry Field record. 4 100 YARD DASH vs. ILLINOIS. HESTER OF MICHIGAN FIRST CHARLES M. WALDO MICHIGAN 89 OHLHEISEH WINS THE QFABTEB VILE ix THE OHIO MEET OHIO STATE 46 Winning eleven out of a possible fifteen first places Michigan ' s track team defeated Ohio State 89 to 46 on May list. Two dual meet records and three Ohio Field marks were broken. Schravesand of Michigan throwing the discus 144 feet 11 2 inches smashed the dual meet mark of 137 feet 7 inches and the Michigan record of 143 feet 9 inches. Irwin of Ohio State set a new dual meet and Ohio Field record of 23.7 seconds in the low hurdles. In running a dead heat Wychiff and Loomis of Ohio State ran the fastest mile ever run in the Ohio Stadium in 4 minutes 24.6 seconds. Captain Xorthrop of Michigan jumped 24 feet y inches a full 6 inches further than he has ever done before. In addition the Michigan captain placed second in the high jump and pole vault. Hornberger gave another sterling exhibition in the two mile to defeat Kennedy, Buckeye ace and former Big Ten champion. FLOTB MCCAFFHEE COOPEB W1XS THE HIGH HTTRDLES. MlCHlOAS VS. OHIO Page 22 HoRNBERGER WINS THE TWO MILE RACE. MICHIGAN VS. ILLINOIS CONFERENCE MEETS Michigan and Illinois staged another duel to the death on May 28th at the Western Conference track and field meet. The Illini won only after the last event by a score of 46 points while Michigan took second honors with 44 1-3. Wisconsin was third with 35M Iowa fourth with 35, Ohio fifth, and Northwestern sixth. Michigan met disappointment after disappoint- ment capturing only two first places, the 100 yard dash won by Hester in 19.9 and the javelin throw won by Lovette by a toss of 181 feet I inch. Four second places were secured by the Wolverines, by Ketz who lost first place to Dart of Northwestern in the hammer throw, by Lovette in the discus, by North- rop in the broad jump, and by Hester in the 220 yard dash. Lovette was high point man for Michigan and was only i points behind McGinnis of Wisconsin, high point man of the meet. The two mile run brought Michigan ' s greatest set back of the day when Horn- berger finished in seventh place. Zola of Wisconsin won the event with Kennedy of Ohio, Fairfield and Hall of Illinois, and Payne of Wisconsin finishing in order. Weather conditions were very unfavorable and the pole vault was held indoors. McGinnis of Wisconsin and Droegemuller of Northwestern set a new Con- ference Record for the event with the bar at 13 feet 3 inches. ALBERT HEALS JOHN LOVETTE LAST LAP OF THE CONFERENCE TWO MILE RUN THEODORE HORNBERGER FIELD EVENTS NATIONAL INTERCOLLEGIATES Eight Michigan track stars were nominated by Coach Stephen Farrell to compete in the national intercollegiate meet held in the Memorial Stadium at Chicago on June loth and nth. Northrop, Hester, Lovette, Cooper, Ketz, Hornberger, Campbell, and Schravesand were the Michigan representatives. John Lovette was high point man for the Wol- verines and the only Michigan man to place in two events. He took fifth in the shot put and second in the javelin throw. Captain Phil Northrop was unable to enter the javelin event, which he won in 1926, because of an injured arm. Two Wolverines placed in the hammer throw. Campbell took second against a strong field, and his friendly rival Ketz placed fourth in the same event. JOHN SCHRAVESAND TRACK F RESHMAN TRACK After a strenuous season of regular practice thirty-three members of the freshman track squad were awarded numerals by Coach Hoyt. Michigan ' s yearling track team captured fifth place in the Telegraphic Conference Meet conducted by the Big Ten Weekly in the latter part of May. Iowa, Ohio State, and Wisconsin outscored the Michigan squad. The Wolverine mile relay quartet turned in the winning time of 3:25.5. Hayden was the best individual performer on the Michigan team, placing fifth in the half mile and fourth in the mile run. Dale Seymour ran the 440 yard dash in :5i.4 to take third place in that event and Reed tied for fourth. Chapman, the freshman captain, took fifth in the running broad jump and Widman captured a corresponding place in the javelin throw. The team as a whole was rather poor. Chapman was about the best man on the squad and should develop into a valuable sprinter and broad jumper. Dale and Dalton Seymour are a good pair of quarter milers, and Tilley shows well in the half mile. Hayden did not return to school for the 1928 season. FRESHMAN TRACK NUMERAL WINNERS CHAPMAN, R. CREGO, W. DOLLIVER, G. B. DANNER, S. EVANS, E. EICHEL, L. FELKER, C. L. GRUNOW, R. N. HERBERT, R. HARBAUGH, J. HANLEY, E. HAYDEN, J. HULBURT, B. JESSON, S. KEMPF, K. KENNEDY, K. MARSH, K. MALONEY, N. NUNELEY, E. OLDHAM, E. IDLE, H. REIWITCH, A. RICHARDSON, J. REED, W. STUCK, H. SEYMOUR, DALE SEYMOUR, DALTON STEVENSON, W. SCULLEY, J. SMITH, H. SMITH, J. F. TILLEY, G. WIDMAN, J. Page 232 KENNEDY HEBBEBT CARLSON JESSON WCEBFEL COACH FABBELL CAPTAIN MONROE EKLUND WELLS CROSS COUNTRY The 1927 cross country team, although it was one of the most inexperienced that has ever represented Michigan, decisively won their first meet and gave a fairly good account of them- selves in the remaining three. Since none of the harriers will be lost through graduation much is expected of the 1928 team. The Wolverines won the first meet of the season from Purdue by a 20-35 score. Martin, a Purdue sophomore, finished first and was closely followed by Monroe of Michigan and seven of his teammates. In the next meet Michigan State defeated Michigan for the first time in history. Michigan State runners accumulated six of the first ten places including first and second. Monroe, the Wolverine captain, was the first Michigan man in. The traditional triangular meet between Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois was easily won by the Illini. Six Illinois men tied for first place. Monroe came in seventh and Wuerful took ninth place. isconsin harriers won the Big Ten Conference meet for the third successive time on November igth. All the conference schools except Purdue and Chicago were represented. Michigan placed seventh in the meet. The Harpham Trophy was won by Monroe, the Michigan captain. " M ' " s were awarded to Monroe, Wurfel, Wells, Carlson, and Herbert. " ; i CAPTAIN MONROE P " gt 233 TROUTWINE SWANSTON SCHURER CABTEB SMITH GEORGE FLAJOLE KIRIMURA HAKENEN ELLIOTT ROSSMAN JACKSON DOUGOVITO RUBIN FINLEY MILLER DULUDE BURGETT SOLOMON COACH KEEN TAGUE PERRETT CBANAGE KELLEY PBESCOTT DONAHOE SAUEB WARREN CAPTAIN WATSON KAILES THOMAS HEWITT HAGER WRESTLING The Ohio University wrestling team was no match for Coach Clifford Keen ' s matmen and the Wolverines opened the season in an impressive manner by capturing every one of the seven matches to decisively defeat the invaders by a score of 29-0. The 145 pound bout was the feature performance of the meet and went into overtime periods before Sauer, Big Ten Champion, was able to gain a decision over Schaffer, Ohio Conference Title holder. On January 21 st the Michigan mat team gained three decisions, a fall and a draw to defeat West Virginia 1%% to 4 . Hewitt of Michigan and Girden, West Virginia star, wrestled through two overtime periods to a draw in the 115 pound match. Ed George, Wolverine heavyweight, g ained the only fall of the meet in easy fashion. Michigan continued in their winning streak by defeating Michigan State 22-5 in the third match of the season. Hewitt and Kailes gained falls for Michigan. The overwhelming 17-6 victory over Ohio State on February nth was unlocked for even by Michigan ' s staunchest supporters as the Buckeyes were rated as one of the best teams in the conference. Captain Watson of Mich- igan, 1927 135 pound Big Ten champion, almost threw Christopher of Ohio State in the first 45 seconds and finally pinned his shoulders to the mat some minutes later for the only fall of the meet. In the feature bout Sauer of Michigan nosed out Captain Hummel of the Buckeyes with a time advantage of one minute and thirteen seconds. The Wolverine wrestlers won their fifth successive meet when Northwestern was defeated 24 to 3. Warren, Donahoe, and Pres- cott gained falls while Thomas, Sauer, and Watson contributed time advantage victories. Ralph Lupton, 115 pound intercollegiate champion, was able to defeat Hewitt, Michigan ' s star sophomore, only by the narrow time advantage of one minute and thirty-five seconds. Making a clean sweep of all seven matches against Purdue the Michigan mat team took undisputed leadership in the eastern division of the Conference. Hewitt gained the only fall in very short order. Warren, 158 pounder, went out of his weight class to meet Hooker the hitherto undefeated Lafayette 175 pound man and won by a time advantage of three minutes nineteen seconds. COACH KEEN Page 234 WRESTLING Winning six of the seven matches by decisions and gaining a draw in the other one, the Michigan wrestlers closed their dual meet schedule by defeating Indiana at Bloomington by the score of 19 to %. This victory gave Coach Keen ' s charges a perfect record, thus retaining the championship of the eastern division and gaining the right to meet the champions of the western division for the Conference Championship. History repeated itself when Michigan lost again to Illinois by a one bout margin in the Con- ference Championship Meet held in the Yost field house. A crowd of more than 5,oco was on hand to witness the battle. All of the bouts were determined by decisions, Illinois gaining four and Mich- igan three. Donahoe won his last match for Michigan by defeating Crane of Illinois in the 175 pound division. Sauer thoroughly outclassed Campbell of Illinois and Warren gained the decision over Clay pool with the time advantage of 2:08. Captain Watson was defeated for the first time in two years when he was forced to bow to the superior strength of Morrison, national 135 pound cham- pion. Thomas also received his first reverse of the season while Hewitt and Prescott each lost their matches. Five of the six Michigan entries in the Annual Conference Individual Championship Meet won their way to the final round of title competition but only one, Bob Hewitt, managed to survive the last bout and annex a Big Ten Title. The Wolverine 115 pounder gained revenge for an earlier defeat by winning from Joe Sapora of Illinois. All three of Michigan ' s 1927 title holders. Captain Watson, Donahoe, and Sauer, failed by narrow margins to retain their titles. Michigan ' s sixth entry in the meet, Elliott, placed third in the 125 pound division thus assuring even ' Michigan man a medal. CAFTADS WATBOX 235 DINKELSPIEL BENEDICT MCCAFFREE MCDONALD WURNER GOLDSMITH LAIT BAILEY REIF WALAITIS CHAFFEE WALKER THOMPSON AULT HUBBELL WATSON SEAGER CAPTAIN DARNALL COACH MANN WAGNER SPINDLE BATTER HUGHES HALSTEAD HORN ROSENBERG SWIMMING In the first meet of the 1928 season the Michigan swimming team bowed to the Illinois A. C. tankmen, National A. A. U. Champions, 41-28. Johnny Weismueller, Buck Sampson, Richard Peterson, and G. L. Prouty were the chief factors in the triumph of the Tricolor swimmers who won seven out of eight events. Frank Walaitis scored Michigan ' s only first place when he won from Brady and O ' Brien of the I. A. C. in fancy diving. Samson, former Michigan captain, swam a great race in the 440 yard event, negotiating the distance in 5:06 seconds, II seconds faster than his National Intercollegiate record of 5:17 established last year. Placing first and second in every event the Wolverine swimmers overwhelmed Indiana 609, the largest score possible, in their first Big Ten meet. Captain Darnall captured the 50 and 100 yard free style events, Thompson took the breast stroke, Ault the 440, and Walaitis the fancy dive. The 150 yard breast stroke resulted in a tie between Spindle and Hubbell. The 235 yard and medley relay teams easily defeated their Indiana opponents. Michigan annexed five firsts and five seconds in the six individual events and won the medley relay to give the Gophers their first 1928 defeat by a score of 47-22. Minnesota won the 160 yard relay by a scant margin. Record breaking performances featured Michigan ' s 54-15 vic- tory over the Iowa swimming team on February 25th. Captain Bob Darnall of the Wolverines tied the national intercollegiate 100 yard mark when he covered the century in 153.4 seconds. Thompson of Michigan set a new pool record of 2:44 seconds in the 200 yard breast stroke. Dick Spindle won the 150 yard back stroke in 1:46.9 and then went on to establish a new intercollegiate record of 2:41.8 for 220 yards. The Wolverine relay team established new world ' s and national intercollegiate records in both the 400 and 500 yard relays. Darnall, Walker, Walaitis, and Ault set a mark of 3:39.9 seconds for 400 yards and Seeger swam the fifth 100 yards making the record time of 4:36.1 in the 500. Michigan natators won first places in all the events. COACH MANN Page 236 THE POOL OF THE MICHIGAN- Union SWIMMING Duplicating their performance of the previous week, the Michigan natators submerged Wis- consin 54-15 in a meet held in the Union pool on March third. Michigan gained every first place. World ' s records were broken by Spindle in the 400 meter and 500 yard back stroke events. Two more national records fell the following week when Mich- igan overwhelmed Northwestern by the score of 45-24. Ault and Finch were the record breakers, the former setting a new time record in the 400 yard free style and the latter in the 150 yard back stroke. Captain Darnall was not up to par but the fine showing of Ault, Wagner and Walker kept Michigan in the lead at all times. In the Big Ten Championship Meet held at Minneapolis Michigan captured the title for the second time in as many years, piling up 53 points while her nearest rival, Northwestern, ac- counted for only 29. Seven records toppled during the battle, five of them being Big Ten marks and two national intercollegiate records. In the most sensational race of the meet Darnall of Michigan smashed national and conference records in winning the 100 yard free style. Hubbel of Michigan then broke the Con- ference 150 yard backstroke record by seven seconds. The relay team also established a new conference mark when they were forced to their utmost to beat out Minnesota in the 160 yard event. The superiority of Michigan is clearly evidenced by the fact that the Wolverines acquired six first places in the nine events. CAPTAIN DABXALL Page 237 GOLDSMITH ALGYER 1927 TENNIS TEAM By winning all of its matches and taking the conference double titles at the Chicago meet, the Varsity tennis team experienced one of the most successful years in the history of the sport in Michigan. Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Chicago failed to win a match from the Michigan aggregation. The closest was that with Minnesota in which one doubles match was the margin of the Michigan victory. In addition to the veterans, Stephens and Olian, the Varsity team included Barton, Moore, Goldsmith, Algyer and Schafer, all of whom were awarded " M ' s " at the end of the season. The fine showing of the sophomore material points to con- tinued success for the Michigan team under the coach- ing of " Doc " Hutchins whose efficient work has consistently kept Michigan near the top of Conference tennis. RESULTS OF INTERCOLLEGIATE MATCHES Michigan 7 Michigan 6 Michigan 8 Michigan 5 Michigan 8 Michigan 9 Michigan 5 M. S. C o Ohio State i M. S. C o Minnesota 4 Wisconsin o Chicago o Northwestern . . i CAPTAIN-ELECT BARTON CAPTAIN OLIAN Page 238 1928 marked the entrance of Michigan into Conference Fencing for the first time since the sport has been known here. As a result, there was a decided increase in enthusiasm and the pop- ularity of the sport during the past season was much greater than it has been during any previous year of its existence. Led by Captain Wiggers the Wolverines registered an unexpected victory over Illinois in their first conference meet. The score was 9-6. When they met Wisconsin the Michigan fencers were not so fortunate and lost by the score of 7-4. This was followed by another defeat at the hands of the Ohio State swordsmen, 105. iggers was not in good form and Stolpman was the only Michigan fencer to show his wares, winning both of his foils engagements. Coach de Tuscon ' s men won their final dual meet when they defeated the highly touted Michigan State outfit by the score of 9-6. Michigan State has been regarded as a team superior to any in the Western Conference, having previously defeated the con- ference champions. The Michigan victory was due mainly to the success of Captain Wiggers who won seven or half the total number of bouts and showed equal profiency with the foils, the sabre and the epee. The Michigan team which usually consists of Wiggers, Stolp- man, Hammer and Winer was represented in the Conference cham- pionship meet solely by Wiggers because of his superior ability. The University of Chicago won the title while Wiggers placed fifth, enabling Michigan to come in ahead of Wisconsin and Iowa. Page 239 BERGELIN GOLF The Michigan Golf team made a very creditable record in the Conference during the 1927 season by winning every dual meet save one and tying for second in the Big Ten Tournament. With all the members of the 1926 team back except Feely, the Wolverines were able to organize effectively under the direction of Coach Wells and Director Trueblood. In this first match they lost to Purdue by a very narrow margin, and, in all the remaining contests, won by substantial scores. Michigan ' s entry into the Conference meet was featured by Connor, who led the entire field the first day by four strokes. In the second round of play, however, he failed to maintain his lead and placed fifth. The following members of the team received " M " awards: Captain Glover, Captain-Elect Connor, Bergelin, Cole, and Vyse. SCORES Michigan 11 Michigan Michigan 21 Michigan 20 2 Michigan 23 Michigan Purdue 13 Illinois Northwestern .... 3 Ohio Wisconsin I Chicago CAPTAIN-ELECT CONNOR Page 240 HART FISHER ABBETT WALDROX COACH LOWERY BRYANT CAPTAIN MANEY COPELAJJD MANAGER THIELMAN JOKES NTGOBD JOSEPH 1928 HOCKEY The mild weather that lasted through most of the hockey season interfered with ideal practice conditions and may undoubtedly be held in large measure responsible for Michigan ' s rather poor showing in 1928 Conference hockey. After dropping two games here to the Minnesota squad the Wolverines journeyed northward to meet the Gophers on their home rink. Captain Maney, Copeland, Fisher, Bryant, Hart, Jones, Xygord, Joseph, Marshall, Waldron, and Abbott made the northern trip. Michigan was definitely put out of the Big Ten Title race when Minnesota administered two more defeats. At Wisconsin the Wolverines lost the first encounter 3 to I but fought severely through two extra periods before the Badgers were able to gain a winning point in the second game of the series. Due to the fast condition of the ice both teams raced at top speed. Captain Maney gave a stellar performance as did Jones who made many spectacular stops at the net. In their next meeting Michigan and Wisconsin fought a fierce and desperate scoreless tie which neither team was able to break in two extra periods. Victory finally came to the Maize and Blue puck squad when Michigan defeated Wisconsin 3 to I in the last conference game for both teams. Hart, Xygord, and Joseph all scored in the opening period. Maney, Nygord, and Fisher bore the brunt of the Wolverine attack while Jones starred on defensive play. SCORES Michigan o Michigan o Michigan I Michigan 3 Michigan I Michigan O Michigan I Michigan I Michigan o Michigan 3 Western Ontario .4 Minnesota 3 Minnesota 3 Michigan State . . i Minnesota 4 Minnesota 4 Wisconsin 3 Wisconsin 2 Wisconsin o Wisconsin . I Page 241 1927 CHEERING SQUAD The Michigan cheering squad was aided materially this year by the opening of the new stadium. Following last year ' s precedent, a cheering section composed of a blue block " M " on a yellow background was formed between the thirty yard lines. This gave the yell leaders a nucleus around which they could build their cheering. The " M " appeared a little wobbly at times, due to the wrong assignments of seats and several times during the season it was invaded by women or other out- siders. This detracted greatly from the appearance of the section and should be corrected in the future. Although the average spectator believes that the main part of a cheerleader ' s job is to keep the crowd yelling, there is no question but what this is just a minor point. He must have tact, diplomacy and an understanding of mob psychology. Carefully thought out cheering may win a game, sway the crowd to show good sportsmanship in defeat or to take victory without the " razzing " of opponents. Such was the job of Paul Endriss, Captain of the squad, and he handled it admirably well. With the exceptionally fine sup- port given him by his assistants Ralph Popp, Emmett Brown, Bob Adams and Harry Lee, he was able to bring forth the best cheering that Michigan has seen in years. Page 242 PUBLICATIONS PUBLICATIONS NORQUIST STUDENT BOARD IN CONTROL CUNNINGHAM WILSON BOARD IN CONTROL OF STUDENT PUBLICATIONS t PROFESSOR MORRIS P. TILLEY, Chairman PROFESSOR EDSON R. SUNDERLAND, Business Manager DEAN JOSEPH A. BURSLEY PROFESSOR ROBERT C. ANGELL STUDENT MEMBERS JOHN A. CUNNINGHAM FRANCIS A. NORQUIST CASSAM A. WILSON BOARD IN CONTROL TILLEY ANGELL BUHSLEI PUBLICATIONS BBTAX Hrxr C. WATXE BBOWXBU. M I C H I G A X E X S I A X BRYAN HUNT. Managing Editor C. WAYNE BROWNELL. Business Manager EDITORIAL UPPER EDITORIAL STAFF WEBSTER STERLING . . Fraternities THOMAS THOMAS . . Athletics STANLEY C. PODBIELNIAK Art Jt ' ork LOUIS B. RODENBERG J. FRANKLIN MILLER HOWARD KENYON Activities . Classes Features Layer Men ' s Staff: ROBERT K. ADAMS, HENRY A. BROWN. ROBERT L. BROWN, ROBERT H. HOLMES, GEORGE E. LEONARD. JR.. STANTON W. TODD. RAY FRIEDMANN. Tryouts: WARD H. NESSEN. JAMES WARD. WALLACE WESSELS, JOSEPH A. ITTER. Art Department: STAFFORD M. HODDER. HARRIET H. LAWLOR, JAMES B. RICHARDSON. HARRIET STONE. PUBLICATIONS THOMAS MICHIGANENSIAN UPPER STAFF RODENBEHG KfiNYON STERLING MlLLER tto WOMEN ' S STAFF LAURA SOULE, Women ' s Editor MARGARET BREER, Women ' s Business Manager HARRIET STONE GERTRUDE HOLTON JUNIOR WOMEN EDITORS Features MILDRED FRANDSEN Athletics HELEN MELCHERS Activities Sororities LOUISE COOLEY WOMEN ' S UPPER BUSINESS STAFF MARION KEYSER MARGARET MOORE DOROTHY ODLE ALICE PLATT Lower Editorial Staff: ELOISE AVERY, JANE BARNES, MARJORIE BETTLER, EVELYN BUMGARNAR, FRANCES BURWELL, ANITA COHAN, FRANCES FISHER, JEAN GRIGGS, BETTY LEROY, THELMA LEVINE, LOUISE MC!NTYRE, CLARA MITCHELL, MARGARET REHRIG, HILDEGARDE SCHUEREN, HELEN THOMPKINS, DOROTHY TREBILCOCK, ADELINE WING. Lower Business Staff: BLOSSOM BACON, ELIZABETH BARRA, RUTH BISHOP, FLORENCE BRITTAIN, JANE BROOKS, MARGARET BUSH, KATHERYN BUTLER, Lois COSSITT, LELA CRUMP, JEAN DUFFIELD, KATHERINE FIELD, HELEN GREER, VIRGINIA HOUGHTON, KATHERINE LEWIS, DOROTHY McKEE, HARRIET MOSES, ELFIDA PETERSEN, MARY ROACH, ERWILLA SCHNEIDER, MARY E. WATSON, LUCILLE WICKHAM, DOROTHY W T OODROW. MICHIGANENSIAN UPPER WOMEN ' S STAFF ODLE HOLTON MOORE FHANDBEN COOLEY KEYSER MELCHERS WESCOTT PLATT Page 246 PUBLICATIONS SPICER MICHIGAXEXSIAX UPPER BfSIXESS RCSSELL YATES MICHIGANENSIAN BUSINESS STAFF C. WAYXE BROWXELL, Business Manager UPPER BUSINESS STAFF MATTHEW J. HUDSON, JR. HARRY R. RUSSELL . TOM L. YATES . CHARLES P. SPICER. JR. . Advertising Manager . Accounts Manager Sales Manager Organizations and Foreign Advertising Manager Men ' s Lower Staff: FREDERICK G. BAUSCHARD, FRANKLIN H. MOORE, JAMES K. CAVAXAUGH, JAMES B. OSBORNE, SAMUEL F. ATKIXS, MILTOX G. KENDRICK, ARTHUR WINDSOR. ILLIAM G. HOGG. HERBERT S. RIPLEY. JR., CHARLES R. WADDELL. MICHIGANENSIAX LOWER EPITORIAL AND BUSINESS MclxTTRE BETTLER I.ERoT BISHOP GRIGGS AVERT WATSOX HOUGHTOX FIELD BRITTAIN HOGG RIPLEY HOLMES BAUSCHARD KEXDRICK MOORE WINDSOR CRCMP TOMPKISS FISHER McKEE MOSES DCTTTELD Cossrr ROCR LEWIS BROOKS REHRIG BACON- WOODROW WICKHAU LETTXE COBBK ScHrEBEN BDJGARVAR Coi OH Wise BrRWELL ADAMS ATKIXS ToDD BrSH BEERT OsBORVE Ptf 247 PUBLICATIONS (Tlir ffllrlii B an Dailii NEW STADIUM OFFICILLV OPENED AS WOLVERINES CRUSH OHIO. 21-5 Jo H. CHAMBERLIN WILLIAM C. PUSCH MICHIGAN DAILY Jo H. CHAMBERLIN Managing Editor WILLIAM C. PUSCH Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF ELLIS B. MERRY . . Editor VINCENT C. WALL, JR. . Theater, Books, and Music CHAS. E. BEHYMER . Managing Editor Michigan Weekly MARIAN L. WELLES . Women ' s Editor COURTLAND C. SMITH . City Editor HERBERT E. VEDDER Sports Editor PHILIP C. BROOKS . News Editor RICHARD C. KURVINK . . Assistant City Editor Ross W. Ross . . Telegraph Editor Night Editors ROBERT E. FINCH, J. STEWART HOOKER, PAUL J. KERN, G. THOMAS McKEAN, KENNETH G. PATRICK, NELSON J. SMITH, JR., MILTON KIRSCHBAUM. Humor Editors JOSEPH E. BRUNSWICK, WILLIAM EMERY. Assistants ESTHER ANDERSON, MARGARET ARTHUR, EMMONS A. BONFIELD, JEAN CAMPBELL, ISABELLE CHARLES, JESSIE CHURCH, ANITA COHEN, CLARENCE N. EDELSON, VALBORG EGELAND, MARJORIE FOLLMER, JAMES B. FREEMAN, ELAINE E. GRUBER, ALICE HAGELSHAW, JOSEPH E. HOWELL, J. WALLACE HUSHEN, CHARLES E. KAUFMAN, WILLIAM F. KERBY, LAWRENCE R. KLEIN, DONALD J. KLINE, SALLY KNOX,JACK L. LAIT, JR., BERTHA LAW, RUTH LONG, JOHN H. MALONEY, W. HAROLD MAY, MARION McDoNALD, RICHARD H. MILROY, CHARLES S. MONROE, CATHERINE PRICE, HAROLD L. PASSMAN, MORRIS W. QUINN, ESTHER PRYOR, RITA ROSENTHAL, PIERCE ROSENBERG, KATHRYN SAYRE, ANNE SCHELL, CORINNE SCHWARTZ, ALMA SCHEIRICH, ELEANOR SCRIBNER, ROBERT G. SILBAR, GEORGE SIMONS, HOWARD SIMON, ROWENA STILLMAN, SYLVIA STONE, GEORGE TILLEY, EDITH THOMAS, MILFORD VANIK, EDWARD L. WARNER, BENJAMIN S. WASHER, LEO J. YOEDICKE, JOSEPH ZWERDLING. MICHIGAN DAILY (Lower Editorial Staff) FREEMAN MONROE ROSENBERG MALONEY KLEIN SCHEYER LAIT ZWERDLING WARNER SILBAR GROSS CHURCH CAMPBELL EGELAND FOLLNER STILLMAN STONE SCHIBNER MCDONALD Page 248 J PUBLICATIONS Hi 1-1 MICHIGAN DAILY UPPER BUSINESS AND EDITORIAL EMEBT METEB HOOKEB SMITH WALL AHN PATBICK WACHTEB KERX FIXCH R ; KnaBBAUM TALCOTT HIXKLKT YEDDEB KrRvixs C. SMITH AXXABLE PTSCH CHAMBEBLIX BKOOI MICHIGAN DAILY GEORGE H. AXXABLE, JR. RAYMOND J. WACHTER . GEORGE B. AHN, JR. HARVEY H. TALCOTT BUSINESS STAFF Jssirtant Business Manager .IfCOUHtS Circulation P.:.. :.:. : RICHARD A. MEYER GEORGE S. BRADLEY JAMES O. BROWN MARIE L. BRVMHELER A. JAKES CARPENTER MART V. CHASE JAMES B. COOPER CHARLES K. CORREU. BARBARA CRAXWELL ARTHUR M. HINKLEY MARY C. DIVELY BESSIE V. ECELAXD ONA G. FELKER KATHERIXE L. FROHNE DOUGLAS J. FULLER BEATRICE GREEXBERG HELEX H. GROSS CARL. W. HAMMER EDWIN J. HAMMER EDWARD L, HULSE jjsistamts RAY M. HOFEUCH HAROLD A. JAEHX JAMES JORDAN SLVRION E. KERR THALES N. LENIXGTON DOROTHY- M. LY-OXS EXDEL A. MAHAFFY CATHERJXE McRiXNEX GEORGE VV. PERRETT JOHN W. RUSWINCKEL ALEX K.. SCHERER FRAXK A. SCHULER GEORGE . . SPATER WILBERT . . STEPHEXSON RUTH H. THOMPSON HERBERT E. VARNUM LAWRENCE E. WALKLEY HANNAH F. WALLIN MICHIGAN DAILY LOWER BUSINESS STAFF LKXXIXGTOX STEVEXBOX JORDAN E. HAMMEB C. HAMMER PEBBET BBOWX SCHEBEK FrLLKK BRADLEY VABXCM SPATBH WALKLET GBOSS WAIJJS CHASE JOEHK COBBJEU. Tuomx -.-: BJBB Drnxr CBOMEI. FKUEK THOMPSOX LTOSB Page 249 PUBLICATIONS PHILIP C. BKOOKS LAURANCE J. VAN TUYL SUMMER MICHIGAN DAILY PHILIP C. BROOKS PAUL J. KERN MARIAN L. WELLES JOSEPH E. BRUNSWICK Ross W. Ross STAFFS EDITORIAL JOHN E. DAVIS Night Editors ORVILLE DOWZER W. HAROLD MAY THOMAS E. SUNDERLAND LAURANCE J. VAN TUYL . RAYMOND WACHTER JOHN W. RUSWINCKEL BUSINESS Managing Editor Editorial Director Feature Editor City Editor Telegraph Editor HERBERT K. OAKES, JR. . Business Manager Advertising Manager Accounts Manager ROBERT E. CARSON C. T. ANTONPULOS ASSISTANTS EDITORIAL MARY LISTER WILLIAM K. LOMASON ASSISTANTS BUSINESS MIRIAM MITCHELL S. S. BERAR O HEIDEMAN DOWZER MAY DAVIS Ross RUSWINCKEL WACHTER CARSON LOMASON KERN BRUNSWICK BROOKS MITCHELL WELLES VAN TUYL Page 250 PUBLICATIONS FREDERIC W. Ziv RATMOXD M. READ MICHIGAN GARGOYLE FREDERIC V. Ziv RAYMOND M. READ PHYLUS RICHARDS PHILLIP M. CRANE MARTIN J. COHN EDWIN FISHER FORBES ALEXANDER GAGE, JR. WOLFE GOETZE CARL FAUSTER BENJAMIN HANDLEY HUMOR MAGAZINE EDITORS ELBERT YYSE LESTER P. KAUFFMANN STAFF JAMES GRIESS SALLY R. HADDOCK KENNETH HOLMES BURTON LAMFROM BUSINESS STAFF JAMES HEGENAUER PAUL MIXSEL Managing Editor Business Manager MAURICE LICHTENSTEIN ROBERT NEWTON RICHARD LUTES THEODORE ROGVOY BERNARD ROTTENBERG Louis SPAULDING RALPH POPP PHILIP SLAYTOX LEVT COLE KAPLAX WINER SPACXDING WILLIAMS NEWTOS COHS FORBES CHAXB LEXTI LICHEXSTEIS KArmiAKX YTSE Znr KELLT LOXG ROTB FRIEDLAKB RUEGER GAGE QFALE BRISTOL M. PEBGER FISCHER SELKEH FArsrER HAXBLET W. BERGER READ MIXSEL SLATTOK HEGENAUER POPP Page 2jl PUBLICATIONS JOHN S. CONGO JOHN L. WOTRING THE MICHIGAN TECHNIC JOHN S. CONGO JOHN L. WOTRING Managing Editor Business Manager BERNARD M. CAIN FRANCIS E. WHEELER EDWARD NELL EUGENE EASTERLY . LAWRENCE W. MENGEL THEODORE ROGVOY ASSOCIATE EDITORS CLAUD C. GAGE VERNON R. FORD E. WHITNEY MANNING Acting Editor College Notes Alumni News . Publications Architecture . Art DEPARTMENTAL MANAGERS Assistant Business Manager Advertising Circulation R. W. BERKLEY R. B. 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Member Board in Control of Athletics t : ' STARRETT GlLMABTIN GILBERT JEFFRIES GRINNELL Page 254 EXECUTIVE ENGINEERING HONOR SOCIETY RICHARD S. SPINDLE JOHN R. HALL . Chairman Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS WILLIAM J. BIRD ALLEN B. CALLAHAN EDWARD A. CHAPMAN ROBERT A. CLAYTON JAMES B. FLORENCE HAROLD L. MATHESON JOHN C. WIDMAN CALLAHAN BIRD n IDMA.N MATHESON FLORENCE SPINDLE CLAYTON EXECUTIVE MICHIGAN UNION BOARD OF DIRECTORS WILLIAM V. JEFFRIES W. ROGER GREENE President . Recording Secretary VICE-PRESIDENTS PAUL M. BRUSKE ROBERT L. HALSTEAD PHILIP M. NORTHRUP EDWARD K. ISBEY CHARLES B. GILBERT Law . Engineering Combined . Medical Literary FACULTY AND ALUMNI PROFESSOR HENRY C. ANDERSON DEAN HENRY M. BATES DEAN JOSEPH A. BURSLEY ARCHIE DIACK CHARLES W. FISHER DEAN G. CARL HUBER PROFESSOR EVANS HOLBROOK WILFRED B. SHAW SIDNEY R. SMALL DANIEL ZIMMERMAN GREENE ISBEY DIACK ANDERSON BURSLEY JEFFRIES GILBERT SHAW HUBER Page 256 EXECUTIVE MICHIGAN UNION EXECUTIVE COUNCIL WILLIAM V. JEFFRIES W. ROGER GREENE President Recording Secretary DONALD B. FLEMING JOHN W. RUSWINCKEL MILTON McCREERY WILLIAM E. NISSEN JUSTIN C. WEAVER LEWIS H. GODDARD EUGENE H. WARING ARTHUR H. HUPP J. ALBERT ROESCH . House Department Asst. Chairman, House Department Reception Department Asst. Chairman, Reception Department Underclass Department Asst. Chairman, Underclass Department Publicity Department Asst. Chairman, Publicity Department Advisor BOARD OF GOVERNORS PROFESSOR HERBERT C. SADLER, Chairman DEAN JOSEPH A. BURSLEY GEORGE M. BURKE PROFESSOR EVANS HOLBROOK WILLIAM V. JEFFRIES REGENT JAMES O. MURFIN JAMES K. WATK.INS McCBEET WARIXG WEAVER EXECUTIVE COUNCIL RrswiNCKEL JEFFHIES GBEEXE Hrpp FLEMIXG NISSEX ROESCH Page 257 EXECUTIVE WILLIAM D. BRUMBAUGH, JR. STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OFFICERS WILLIAM D. BRUMBAUGH, JR. MARTIN MOL President Secretary BOARD OF TRUSTEES IRA M. SMITH ...... Chairman FRANK E. ROYCE . . . . Treasurer HOMER H. GRAFTON . . . Executive Secretary ERIC H. THOMSEN ' Student Counselor MRS. JOHN W. BRADSHAW WILLIAM D. BRUMBAUGH, JR. EUGENE S. CLARKSON CLARENCE C. LITTLE CABINET HENRY GRINNELL CHARLES F. MOORE CHARLES BEHYMER LLOYD WOODBURNE JOHN BRUMM CHESTER BENNETT MARION A. W T ENGER WILLIAM PALMER STUDENTS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION CABINET WENGER THOMSON GRINNELL GRAFTON BRUMM PALMER MOL BENNETT MOORE BRUMBAUGH BEHYMER Page 258 EXECUTIVE B ' N A I B ' RITH HILLEL FOUNDATION RABBI ADOLPH H. FINK Director STUDENT EXECUTIVE COUNCIL IRVING I. YORYSH RICHARD A. MEYER ANN Lois MAGILAVY President Vice-Pres ideal Secretary ACTIVE MEMBERS RAY BAER RALPH BRODY JVLIETTE COHEN MARTIN J. COHEN- IRVING I. FELDMAN MILDRED L. FINK BEAR L. GOLDMAN EMANUEL J. HARRIS BERNARD H. HARTZELL ROBERT HEINSHEIMER EDWARD M. HEYMAN MORRIS ZWERDLING HYMAX KRAMER BENJAMIN MARCUS CLARA RAVEN- JAMES L. RIGELHAUPT EDWARD ROBINSON VICTOR C. ROSE FANNIE SCHIFF HARRY SELIGSON MIRIAM SELKER SYLVIA STOXE CONSTANCE R. SIDDER METER ROSE BBODT RAVEN HEIXSHEIMER MARCUS M COHN SELKER KRAMER BAER HARRIS YORYSH J. COHEN SELIGSON GOLDMAX MAGILATT FIXI STOXE M. FIXK HETMAK ZWERDLISG Page 259 EXECUTIVE CLASS OF 1929 J-HOP The quaint old-world setting of a Dutch village with the modern music of Jack Chapman, Emerson Gill, and McKinney ' s Cottonpickers, proved a combination which the 1073 couples, guests of the 1929 J-Hop, will long remember as one of the most picturesque Hops ever given by a Junior class. EXECUTIVE CLASS OF 1929 J-HOP JOHN GILMARTIX, Chairman FRED PARKER CHARLES AXEK EARL GREMEL MARSHALL BODEX ROBERT GESSXER FRED RAHX ROBERT PETRIE GEORGE HCBBELL CHARLES MOORE PAUL PERRIGO HENRY DUXLAP ALFRED BOWMAN SHELDON ELY EVA Jo MOXTGOMEBT MOORE GHEVEL PERRIGO PARKZ PETHJE EOWMAX VAXEK GESSKEB SOPHOMORE PROM COMMITTEE CLASS OF 1930 GEORGE E. HOLBROOK, Chairman FREDERICK P. BABCOCK ALICE H. BLOME B. LORAINE CARR RICHARD S. COLE HARRY H. COLL WlLLARD E. LOWRY WAYNE C. MEADE LILLIAN B. SETCHELL LAWRENCE E. WALKLEY E X E C U T I V E FROSH FROLIC JOHN O. INNIS, Chairman HERBERT BENZ EVERETT BLAIR SAMUEL DIBBLE MARION DURAND DAVE FINLEY JOHN O. INNIS JOSEPH LAYTON JOHN L. POTTER NEIL WARREN DANIEL WIGREN LEONORA WORLEY JOHN YEAGLEY YEAGLET DIBBLE POTTER WARREN DrRAND BENZ WORLEY GARDNER FINLEY LATTON ANDERSON BLAIR WIGREN Page 263 OTTOWAY SHAW TAPPING RASH ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN OFFICERS ELMER J. OTTAWAY, ' 94 . . President Publisher, Port Huron Times-Herald, Port Huron, Michigan DR. G. CARL HUBER, ' 87 . . Fice-President Dean of Graduate School, University of Michigan EMORY J. HYDE, ' 04 . . Vice-President Junior Vice-President of The Retail Credit Co., Atlanta, Georgia Louis P. JOCELYN, ' 87 . . Secretary Teacher of Mathematics, Arm Arbor High School ROBERT A. CAMPBELL . . Treasurer Treasurer, University of Michigan DIRECTORS RALPH W. AIGLER, ' 07 . Professor of Law, University of Michigan NORMAN H. HILL, ' 10 . . Editor, The Evening News, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan HENRY J. KILULEA, ' 85 . . Solicitor, C. M. St. P. Ry., Milwaukee, Wisconsin GORDON W. KINGSBURY, ' i I . Junior Executive, General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Michigan CHESTER H. LANG, ' 15 , Comptroller of the Budget, General Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y. GEORGE R. LARWILL, ' 21 . . . . Attorney, Denver, Colorado STANLEY D. McGRAw, ' 92 . . Member New York Stock Exchange, New York, N. Y. JAMES M. O ' DEA, ' 09 Vice-Prcsident and General Manager, Graham-Paige Co., Detroit, Michigan OLIVER W. PERRIN, ' 01 Assistant Actuary, Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co., Philadelphia, Pa. JOSEPH H. PRIMEAU, ' 10 . . Attorney, Detroit, Michigan STANLEY M. ROSEWATER, ' 08 .. . Attorney, Omaha, Nebraska MASON P. RUMNEY, ' 07 Vice-President, Detroit Steel Products Company, Detroit, Michigan; Vice-President, Terminals and Transportation Corporation of America. JULIUS C. TRAVIS, ' 94 . Associate Justice, Indiana Supreme Court, Indianapolis, Indiana PRESTON M. TROY, ' 93 . Attorney, Olympia, Washington J. ARTHUR WHITWORTH, ' 94 . . Executive, Grand Rapids, Michigan E. J. WOHLGEMUTH, ' oo- ' o3 . . Publisher, Cincinnati, Ohio MRS. FRANCES H. MOORE, ' 90 MRS. SHIRLEY W. SMITH, ' 97 WILFRED B. SHAW, ' 04 . T. HAVVLEY TAPPING, ' 11, ' 16 CHARLES J. RASH, ' 22 Bent on Harbor, Michigan . Ann Arbor, Michigan EXECUTIVE OFFICERS . General Secretary Field Secretary and Business Manager Council Secretary THE MICHIGAN ALUMNUS The official publication of the Alumni Association 36 issues each year WILFRED B. SHAW, ' 04, Editor Associate Editors T. HAWLEY TAPPING, ' n, ' 16 BESS L. McLouTH, ' 13 WALDO ABBOT, ' u, ' 13 DONAL HAMILTON HAINES, ' 09 Page 264 MUSIC, ORATORY AND DRAMA C, ORATORY AND DRAM UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN GLEE CLUB DIRECTOR MR. THEODORE HARRISON OFFICERS THEODORE TROST, JR. PHILIP CULKIN NEWTON DETZER . WALTER HOWE HOMER CORNELL President Secretary Representative to the Board Librarian Accompanist BUSINESS STAFF ROBERT CAMPBELL . FRANKLYN D. BURGER HERBERT PALMER CLARENCE M. CATO FRANCIS PATRICK . THOMAS H. JOLLS . . Advisor Business Manager Assistant Manager Staff Assistant Staff Assistant Staff Assistant U S I C , O R A T O R Y AND DRAMA UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN GLEE CLUB MEMBERS First Tenors J. APPLEBAUM R. CATCHPOLE S. CHTRCHILL H. B. HARDING J. R. HOGLE D. HALL F. E. FLEMING T. M. ANDERSON S. F. STRAIGHT V. HAHABEDIAN H. HUSBAND W. PAINE O. O. PATTON A. E. WOODHEAD L. GOODMAN F. B. GOBLE Second Tenors F. BRIMACOMBE A. L. ELLIOTT M. C. HARLTON V. DICKERSON K. OSBORNE R. X. DETZER O. BROWN Y . GREINER R. C. GRAHAM S. X. ROWE First Bass X. MILLER P. CULKIN C. L. BECKER J. W. BEAN C. GREENIDGE A. KOCH J. P. MEIGHER G. S ALTON STALL C. BURNESON i H. CHALK X. BOWBEER V. HOWE Y. PETERSON A. C. DRUMMOND Second Bass T. TROST S. X. YING H. WALKER L. WOODBURNE E. K.UI7.EMA P. M. SHOEMAKER " . LISTER L. WHITMAN H. BLACKWELL SALTOXSTALL FLEMING KCIZEMA CHALK BOWBEER HOGLE PAINE HALL WALKER ROWE HARDING KOCH YING LISTER DETZER CORNELL PETERSON ANDERSON DICKERSON WHITMAN HRIMACOMBE BTRNESON NAHABEDIAN APPLEBAUM DRUUMOND CHARLTON DE LA VEHGNE BROWN SHOEMAKER GREINER HTSBAND GOBLE WOODHEAD GRAHAM CHURCHILL BLACKWELL HOWE ELLIOTT MILLER CATCHPOLE GOODMAN CULKIN MR. HARRISON BEAN THOST BURGER Page 267 MUSIC, ORATORY AND DRAMA VARSITY BAND OFFICERS NICHOLAS FALCONE W. C. WELKE . ROBERT A. CAMPBELL . RUSSELL L. MALCOLM . GILBERT SALTONSTALL ROLAND O. NISSLE RALPH NETZLEY GORDON PACKER Cornets M. L. BYRN W|R. LESLIE F. J. MUNT L. A. MOTE M. F. SAXTON J. NARRIN R. H. SNELLING M. K. GILES L. FREEMAN Oboes D. H. LEWIS W. P. NORTH M. E. CARR Director Assistant Director . Faculty Manager . Student Manager Assistant Manager Librarian President Drum Major Drums J. R. ScHMIDGALL M. J. BlSHKOE S. E. CHURCHILL O. H. BROWN R. S. LANGHAM J. AUER Saxophones G. G. BRAENDLE R. E. CONNER R. A. KAY N. C. REGLIEN S. J. FAIRHEAD E. L. COOPER H. L. FAIRCHILD Page 268 MUSIC, ORATORY AND DRAMA VARSITY BAND Trombones . C. WELKE R. L. HOFFMAX A. F. BLIESMER G. M. SWEITZER M. J. VAN VEELDEN J. K. ALTLAXD B. L. CAN FIELD H. F. BURKOXS Baritones F. V. BRADLEY V. R. McCoxocHiE F. MERCIER Alto Horns C. L. SMITH J. L. CARLSOX S. B. IXSLOW P. B. SlLVERXALE Piccolo and Flutes R. K. BECKER C. G. DREVDAHL R. G. CURTIS Basses R. S. WHEELER L. A. DELP F. R. BIGELOW R. A. BURHAXS R. E. NETZLEY C. Wr Clarinets Y. G. STERN A. L. EAGLES C. A. ORR T. B. RIDER E. J. RYAN M. S. KERXKLE S. S. GILBERT J. C. BIRD X. H. STURGIS E. H. RUSSELL L. D. VAX ANTWERP H. DINKLESPIEL R. V. VAX HOUSE L. B. HILI Page 260 MUSIC, ORATORY AND DRAMA MIMES OF THE MICHIGAN UNION OFFICERS JAMES H. YANT WILLIAM S. RAMSAY President Secretary- Treas urer FACULTY MEMBERS DEAN JOSEPH A. BURSLEY PROF. O. J. CAMPBELL PROF. BRUCE DONALDSON PROF. W. A. FRAYER DONAL HAMILTON HAINES PROF. EVANS HOLBROOK PROF. HERBERT KENYON PRES. CLARENCE C. LITTLE PROF. EARL V. MOORE PROF. Louis A. STRAUSS HONORARY MEMBERS R. A. CAMPBELL PAUL BUCKLEY ROY HOYER S. S. BONELL C. L. CRANE HARLAN CRISTY LESLIE CURL ROY CURTIS T. H. DENTON T. J. DOUGALL C. U. FAUSTER FRANCIS KLEUTGEN WILLIAM M. LEWIS, JR. ACTIVE MEMBERS J. H. YANT FRANK ROBINS E. MORTIMER SHUTER DOROTHY STONE C. D. LIVINGSTONE R. H. LUTES W. S. RAMSAY THEODORE SKINNER C. C. SMITH J. E. STARRETT ROBERT TETER V. C. WALL R. M. WET .EL RICHARD WOELLHAF WETZEL DOUGALL SKINNER CRISTY WALL YANT RAMSAY LEWIS CURL FAUSTER CRANK bTARRETT BuRSLEY BuCKLEY SHUTER HoLBROOK DONALDSON KE.VYON - ' 7 " MUSIC, ORATORY AND DRAM THE SAME TO YOU The Twenty-second Annual Opera presented by the Mimes of the Michigan Union Book and Lyrics by Thomas J. Dougall and Vincent C. Wall Music by William M. Lewis, Jr. v T Mr. Rand . Mrs. Rand Mary Rand Sally Rand Dick Rand Jack Bradley Jimmie Pembrook Johns Mamie LeTour Augustus Bender Wiggles CAST PAUL C. SAMSON RICHARD C. KVRVINK . V. DAVID HARBAUGH WM. M. LEWIS, JR. ROBERT C. GRAHAM . GEORGE L. RANDALL C. LYMAX CRAXE THOMAS J. DOUCALL ILLJAM S. RAMSAY HARLAX P. CRISTY CHARLES D. LIVINGSTONE Dr. Rudolph Bingsetter, A.B., Ph.D. ROBT. M. WETZEL Guests at the Rand Garden Party and Charity Bazaar; Patrons and Entertainers in the Indigo Isle: Hildegard Hollyhock . VINCENT C. WALL Winifred Waterlily WM. E. EDWARDS Nastastia Nasturtium . . GEORGE T. TREMBLE Camelia Cauliflower . . WM. J. REYNOLDS Genevieve Geranium VERXON S. DICK GEORGE M. BAKER MELVILLE H. DOTTEXHEIM E. JEROME ELLISOX JONATHAN C. HARBAUGH GEORGE E. NEUKOM GIRLS ' CHORUS ARTHUR L. LUNDIN EMIL A. FREDERICK CHARLES F. HOLDEX HAROLD A. JAEHX ARTHUR L. RICHARDSON GEHARDUS R. LIXDEMULDER MEN ' S CHORUS DAXIEL H. BUELL JOHN R. HOGLE SAM D. WETTLAUFER ROBERT BRUCE, JR. CECIL H. MARTEL L. FARXUM BUCKINGHAM JOHX T. HECKER PHILLIP S. COCHRAX HOWARD A. BLOOM RAY C. HUMPHREY FLETCHER B. CARNEY JOHN Q. TIDWELL FERDIXAXD GAEXSBAUER RICHARD B. LEWY MILTOX J. DRAKE JOHX D. AXXAXD " BYRON J. LOXGYEAR JOHX E. STABRETT Page 271 MUSIC, ORATORY AND DRAM DOUGALL JOHNSON CARNEY DALE CRISTY McCuRDY SCHOTT MACANDREWS HOOVER SHERRILL JACOBS Vos WETZEL LOUGHTON CURTIS KURVINK KING PRIEHS LEE BENNETT THIEME VOSPER FOSTER BARUCH PHYOR BISHOP POSTAL SETCHEL COMEDY CLUB OFFICERS ROY G. CURTIS PHYLLIS LOUGHTON DOROTHY WILLIAMS THURSTON THIEME President Pice- President Secretary Treasurer FACULTY MEMBER O. J. CAMPBELL ROBERT ADAMS MABEL BARUCH CHESTER BENNETT WILLIAM BISHOP SAMUEL BONELL WADE CARNEY F. O. CRANDALL HARLAN CRISTY ROY G. CURTIS JEANETTE DALE THOMAS J. DOUGALL A. L. FOSTER NELLIE HOOVER PAULINE JACOBS GEORGE JOHNSON VERA JOHNSTON SHIRLEY KING RICHARD KURVINK LEONE LEE MEMBERS RICHARD WOELLHAF PHYLLIS LOUGHTON CHARLES LIVINGSTON LORINDA MACANDREWS CLIFFORD MADURO ELIZABETH McCuRDY MINERVA MILLER EVELYN POSTAL GEORGE PRIEHS ESTER PRYOR C. FORD SCHOTT LILLIAN SETCHELL HOYT SHERRILL THURSTON THIEME ALICE VOSPER HELEN Voss ROBERT WET?,EL KENNETH S. WHITE DOROTHY WILLIAMS HELEN WORKMAN Page 273 MUSIC, ORATORY AND DRAMA ORATORICAL BOARD OFFICERS ROBERT S. MILLER LYLE E. EISERMAX LAURA SOULE PAUL J. K.ERX President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer FACULTY PROF. R. D. T. HOLLISTER PROF. CARL G. BRANDT . Chairman Speaker Committee Financial and Contest Manager DELEGATES AT LARGE FLORENCE POLLOCK ROBERT J. GESSNER NORMAN C. BOWERSOX SOCIETY DELEGATES KATHERIXE KELLY RUTH BANFIELD RUSSELL M. SAXDERSOX HAROLD V. CHARTER Athena Portia . Adelphi Alpha Nu Pagf 273 FRANSETH SAVAGE MOVER DRAKE BISHOP ANDEEK CENTRAL LEAGUE January 27, 1928 Michigan affirmative vs. Northwestern negative Won by Northwestern Michigan negative vs. Ohio State affirmative Won by Michigan MILLER GOMBERG KOYKB DVKSTRA YEASTIXG MID-WEST DEBATE LEAGUE March, 1927 Michigan affirmative vs. Wisconsin negative No decision Michigan negative vs. Illinois affirmative Won by Illinois Page 274 JONES MUSIC, ORATORY AND DRAM MITCHELL BBOWX BAXFIELO i ...., , g ZOLLER MICHIGAN-OHIO DEBATING LEAGUE MICHIGAN. OHIO. AXD INDIANA Triangular debate on question: " Resolved, that the direct primary for nominating candidates for public office in the United States, should be abolished. " RESULTS Michigan affirmative team vs. Ohio at Ann Arbor Michigan lost Michigan negative team vs. Indiana at Bloomington Michigan lost Winner of the BLACK EU ' TESTAMENT ORATORICAL CONTEST Winner of the . OKTH EK. ORATORICAL LEAGUE COX TEST i - ELIZABETH L. RABINOFF If ' inner of the EXTEMPORANEOUS COX TEST Page 275 MUSIC, ORATORY II AKTWIG GRAHAM SCHUTZ SCHROEDER DUMBRIGUE LAIT WILLIS SUYAT MCGILLARD SMITH HARRISON VANDERVOORT HIKNKRANT YEAGLEY BALL TOTZKE McCaEERY PARTRICA PARKES BARTLETT GREMEL SANDERSON GESSNER FULLER OLSON LLOYD A DE LPHI ROBERT J. GESSNER EARL GREMEL RICHARD C. FULLER RUSSELL M. SANDERSON HAROLD OLSON LAWRENCE WALKLEY OFFICERS First Semester Speaker Clerk Treasurer Oratorical Delegate Historian Sergeant-at-Arms RUSSELL M. SANDERSON MILTON MCCREERY ROBERT H. LLOYD . RUSSELL M. SANDERSON HAROLD OLSON ARTHUR E. SCHROEDER Second Semester Speaker . Clerk . Treasurer Oratorical Delegate Historian Sergeant-at-Arms R. W. BALL L. W. BARTLETT A. A. BlRNKRANT S. S. BONELL H. L. BOWERS R. D. BRUCE E. DUMBRIGUE R. C. FULLER W. R. GRAHAM R. J. GESSNER E. C. GREMEL N. BOWERSOX W. C. DIXON J. J. FRIEDMAN- MEMBERS G. HARRISON L. HARTWIG G. HEYHOE J. LAIT N. LEVY R. H. LLOYD M. McCREERY S. H. McGlLLARD E. T. NUNNELEY H. OLSON H. B. PARKES ASSOCIATE MEMBERS J. T. HERALD R. MILLER C. J. RIDDERING Page 276 H. J. PARTICA R. M. SANDERSON A. E. SCHROEDER M. SCHUTZ G. F. SMITH C. H. URIST C. VANDERVOORT L. WALKLEY F. G. WILLIS W. YEAGLEY J. YOUNG H. L. RICHARDSON J. M. SCHRADE D. S. SODHI MUSIC. ORATORY AND DRAMA DAVIS HOWELL STAXGER FORSTTHE HOWARD HEWITT XELSOX KAMHAN Hnrmxsox MOORE FRASTSETH BOBSCHE BRABLET LAXCEX SCOTT EDWARDS CHCRR LLOTD HCTTOX JEXXIXGS Smox EISEHMAX CHARTER WEBSTER XEIJ.EB AXGEUXO - -. -. . : POUXXTK SMITH ESTE FOR ZIKK RETX SCHCESLER ALPHA X U OF KAPPA PHI SIC, M A OFFICERS LYLE E. EISERMAN HAROLD V. CHARTER JACK WEBSTER HOWARD SIMON HAROLD V. CHARTER PROF. GAIL E. DEXSMORE MARTIX AXGELIXO WILLIAM W. ARNOLD Jos. E. ARSULOWICZ CHARLES W. AUSTIN CHARLES E. BAKER CHARLES BEHYMER RICHARD BERRY FEXELOX W. C. BOESCHE GEORGE BRADLEY A. E. BROWN JOHX BROWN- ALBERT B. CAIN- BERNARD T. CAIXE HAROLD W. CHARTER LYLE R. CHUBB C. TOWXSEXD CLARK THOMAS M. COURTIS CHARLES C. CURRIE DEAN CURRIE LEDRU E. DAVIS DOUGLAS L. EDWARDS LYLE E. EISERMAN RICHARD E. ERWAY WALTER ESTES SHERMAN T. FARRIS HENRY FORD, JR. FRAXKLIN C. FORSYTHE FACULTY MEMBERS PROF. JAMES K. POLLOCK MEMBERS ALFRED L. FOSTER PAUL FRANSETH ALFRED H. GOLDEN CHARLES GOSE MARK H. HARRINGTON- RICHARD C. HEWITT HEXRY S. HOWARD JOSEPH HOWELL GEORGE G. HUNTER MARTIN B. HUTCHIXSOX ROBERT J. HUTTOX JOSEPH IRWIX HERBERT T. JEXKIXS ALBERT C. JEXNIXGS OSCAR A. JOSE FRAXCIS W. KAMMAX PAUL J. KERX FR. XCIS F. KIXG JOHN Q. LANGEN KEXNETH M. LLOYD EUGENE MATHIVET GEORGE MC. RTHUR CHARLES A. MERTENS ROBERT E. MINXICH RUSSELL H. MOORE ALVIN A. NELLER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Oratorical Delegate MR. CARL G. BRAXDT ADOLPHUS G. NELSOX CL.AY F. OLSTED, JR. GORDON PACKER BERT V. PETERSON VIXCEXT L. PETERSOX JAMES R. POLLOCK KENNETH REGENT GERALD N. REIN- GEORGE M. RYERSOX FORD R. SARGEXT JOHX K. SCHUESLER EVART C. SCOTT HOWARD SIMON- FREDERICK V. SMITH GEER H. SMITH ROLLIN M. SMITH ROLAND STANGER J. NORMAN TAIT HUBERT THOMPSON- JAY A. WABEKE RICHARD S. WEBBER JACK WEBSTER WILLIAM W. WEIXMAX GER.ALD WERTZ ERLE C. WlTHAM ' GEORGE WOHLGEMUTH JULIUS A. ZINK MUSIC, ORATORY AND NEBELUNG MORSE KELLY HAMMES STEVENS ANDERSON KUBICEK PUCKELWARTZ NORRIS MOFFETT SKIDMORE IRWIN PAUN MITCHELL GATES BUGNI KAPPA CHAPTER OF PHI EPSILON KAPPA National Honorary Physical Education Fraternity HONORARY MEMBERS CLAIRE T. LANGTON EDWIN J. MATHER DR. G. A. MAY ELMER D. MITCHELL DR. J. SUNDWALL DEAN ALLEN S. WHITNEY ELTON E. WIEMAN FIELDING H. YOST OFFICERS MAX PAUN FLOYD R. GATES RAYMOND C. SMIT WALDO J. IRWIN PETER B. BUGNI GAIL F. PATTERSON NEWELL O. MORSE President Fice-President Secretary Treasurer Serge ant- at- Arms Historian Guide CARL T. ANDERSON PETER B. BUGNI FLOYD R. GATES PHILLIP J. HAMMER GEORGE HESTON WALDO J. IRWIN EARL A. KELLY Louis A. KUBICEK FRED P. MOFFETT MEMBERS WILLIAM R. STEPHENS NEWELL O. MORSE RAY G. NEBELUNG HARVEY W. NORRIS MAX PAUN GAIL F. PATTERSON W ' ILLIAM H. PUCKELWARTZ DANIEL P. ROSE STANLEY T. SKIDMORE RAYMOND C. SMIT Page 278 ORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZATIONS A CHIfECTUBi 0. V. PLE-S. 2..J. Ta.Ers. - 6-.|t W 1TTZ CT. S. C.Pot 2 iCLNlA,K_. IL HAWK.INS. ORGANIZATIONS v T hR-N ALE JOVES WiRntG FOKTTXE COE GRAT SOHIMEGE WAHL WlLBOX Pooa BATLET COOK HAMILTON WETL COTKBXBAU. SDCDHU GAKOKKK HorcHrox ZIHM EUCKSOX CHKXET SBOEJUKEB HAWLET SAUSBCBT RTUKB GRAVES WUGBT Oaf KERX SCOTT FLOBEXCE SMITH MrKnj-Ex Cuxrox SHELTOX STUDENT BRANCH OF AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS PERRY M. SHOEMAKER ALLEN SALISBURY FRANCIS A. XORQUIST PROF. R. S. HAWLEY . OFFICERS President rice-President Secretary- Treas u rer Honorary Chairman J. C. ADLER H. L. AXDERSOX D. F. BAILEY X. H. BLAIR R. C. BLAYLOCK C. I. BLOOMQUIST T- F. BUCKLEY H. V. CARXES S. J. CHEXEY WM. CLINTON I. . COBB B. D. COE ALBERT COOK . G. COWELL F. G. COYKEXDALL E. EASTERLY, JR. L. E. ERICKSOX J. G. FLOREXCE WM. B. FORTUXE V. K. FRIEXD C. C. GAGE H. A. GALE R. L. GALLEY V. A. GARDNER H. J. GIBSOX V. A. GRAVES JACK GRAY R. F. GRETSCH C. V. GRIMM MEMBERS V. K. HAMILTOX N. M. HARRISOX E. C. HOKAXSOX C. D. HOLTOX R. H. HOUGHTON T. V. JOHXSOX A. F. JOHNSON E. S. JOXES S. R. KERN S. A. KlLPATRICK J. B. LAR_ MY F. F. LAXGE O. W. L.OWMASTER J. G. McKiLLEx. JR. R. J. Mc ETTIE R. A. MlXXEAR C. A. MITCHELL E. R. NELL M. R. XEWLAXD C. M. XOBLE F. A. XORQUIST E. H. ORTH O. H. PFERSDORF E. S. POOR R. V. RICHARDSON D. E. ROSSMAX L. C. RUMSEY B. J. RYDER ALLEN SALISBURY ADAM SALIZAR MILL.ARD SAXTOX I- H. ScHIMEGE V. C. SCOTT E. X. SHELTOX P. B. SlLVERXALE B. S. SlXDHU PRITAM SIXGH A. B. SMELTZER F. M. SMITH V. A. F. SMITH P. M. SHOEMAKER D. S. SMITH L. TARTE G. J. AXDERMEER J. J. WAHL J. H. WARD, JR. E. H. ARIXG G. J. EYL X. R. 1CKERSHAM, JR. A. R. WILLS C. J. WILSOX F. W. WILSOX W. A. OOD R. J. WOODS ]. L. WOTRIXG W. R. WRIGHT W. . ZAHM ORGANIZATIONS ' THOMPSON PLATZ WOOD NOBDGREN SEAMAN SHAKELTON MILES FELIX SALMOND MATHES EICHENHOFER BROWN McCoNOCHiE ROBERTSON MAINS BRUMMITT HAPKE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS OFFICERS IRVING M. SALMOND JOHN C. MATHES . , HERMAN J. EICHENHOFER . HENRY S. FELIX President Fice-President . Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS D. E. J. D. H.J. H. S. L. W J.A. M. F. L. D. C. V. M. J. J. C. G. A. BRUMMITT DAIBER EICHENHOFER FELIX , FITCH HAPKE . HUBER KlRSCHNER LISLE MAINS MATHES MILES J. W. WOOD W. B. MCCONOCHIE ' P. A. NORDGREN L. F. OEMING A. J. PADDOCK G. J. PLATZ G. J. ROBERTSON I. M. SALMOND H. A. SAVIGNY H. A. SEAMAN R. H. SHAKELTON M. H. THOMPSON A. T. VAN PELT Page 282 ORGANIZATIONS JOXES KORIAGIN WOODS F. M. SMITH WARD PETROFF W. A. F. SMITH RILEV KERBER PAWLOWBKI MILLER KAUFMAN BULLOCK STALKER VA.VII GHAT TUTTLE I AERONAUTICAL SOCIETY Honorary Aeronautical Engineering Society PROF. F. W. PAWLOWSKI FACULTY MEMBERS PROF. L. V. KERBER PROF. E. A. STALKER OFFICERS R. WENDELL MILLER CHARLES R. TUTTLE President Secretary- Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS DONALD J. BULLOCK JACK T. GRAY ELLSWORTH I. JONES FLOYD D. KAUFMAN V. B. KORIAGIN R. WENDELL MILLER ALEXANDER PETROFF THERON G. RILEY FERRIS M. SMITH WHITMORE A. F. SMITH CHARLES R. TUTTLE MILFORD F. VANIK JAMES H. WARD, JR. ROBERT J. WOODS Page 283 ORGANIZATIONS BYCE PRESCOTT CLUB OFFICERS R. C. BYCE . C. R. WALGREN, JR. . MARY E. BOWEN P. N. MARTELL President . Fice-President Secretary Treasurer ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE DORIS J. FOSTER, Chairman MARY E. WINTERS DOROTHY CAMPBELL HELEN H. RUTHERFORD FINANCE COMMITTEE P. N. MARTELL, Chairman E. MOSIER F. R. WOTRING P. PERRIGO R. HEWITT GENERAL COMMITTEE J. R. WEBSTER, Chairman D. BREISCH F. H. WEINMAN REX GREEN O R G A X I Z A T I O X S MCARDLE HALL PLETCBE BBAKCH BATTER STEWART Vorxc JACOBSOX M KUCHA SCRIBNKR ALLAN WINTER MeCuB COCLTBR CRAIG SIMS Mrxsru LE8 VOYAGE URS FACULTY MEMBERS Dow " . BAXTER ERMINE C. CASE ROBERT CRAIG, JR. LAWRENCE M. GOULD LEIGH J. YOUNG OFFICERS CLINTON H. COULTER FREDERICK P. STRUHSAKER DUNCAN STEWART. JR. CHARLES C. MELICHAR . WILLIS C. BRANCH FRANK D. HEYWARD . Chiej . Vice-Chief Keeper of the Records Keeper of thf Legends Keeper of the Cache Keeper of the Toil-Gate ACTIVE MEMBERS KENNETH M. ALLEN WILLIS C. BRANCH CLINTON H. COULTER RALPH C. HALL ELMORE D. HANLEY FRANK D. HEYWARD ALBIN G. JACOBSON DONALD WINTERS RANDAL MCCAIN- CHARLES C. MELICHAR WILLIAM H. FLETCHER RICHARD J. PRESTON- CLAYTON W. SCRIBNER DUNCAN STEWART, JR. FREDERICK P. STRUHSAKER Page 285 ORGANIZATIONS BRINSON DBOHOMEBESKI ALLAN MUNSTER SCOTT GRANT SHETTER SMITH MAY SCHNEIDER REYNOLDS JACOBSON WINTER WOOLSON BUROIE McCAiN FAILING FLETCHER DALKE COULTER MELICHAR SMALLEY MITCHELL MCARDLE HOLMBERO BRANCH SCRIBNER SIMS HALL WINTERS BAXTER GRAHAM CRAIG DANA STRUHBAKER YOUNG JOTTEB MATTHEWS KYNOCH FORESTRY CLUB OFFICERS FREDERICK P. STRUHSAKER WILLIS C. BRANCH . FRANK D. HEYWARD CLAYTON W. SCRIBNER . LER.OY A. HOLMBERG . President . ice-President Secretary . Treasurer Corresponding Secretary PROF. SAMUEL T. DANA PROF. DONALD M. MATTHEWS PROF. LEIGH J. YOUNG PROF. SAMUEL A. GRAHAM PROF. WILLIAM KYNOCH FACULTY MEMBERS PROF. ROBERT CRAIG, JR. PROF. ERNEST V. JOTTER PROF. Dow V. BAXTER PROF. ALVIN G. WHITNEY MR. ROBERT K. WINTERS MR. RICHARD E. MCARDLE MR. IVAN H. SIMS MR. RALPH C. HALL MR. NORMAN L. MUNSTER ACTIVE MEMBERS KENNETH M. ALLAN WILLIS C. BRANCH WILLIAM W. BARTON HENRY A. BARTON PAUL A. BRINSON ROWLAND G. BURGIE CLINTON H. COULTER JOHN J. CURNOW JOE D. CROMWELL PAUL D. DALKE ROBERT M. DUNBAR MICHAEL DROHOMERESKI GEORGE B. DICKERSON WILLIAM P. FAILING RALPH M. GRANT A. HOLMBERG FRANK D. HEYWARD VERNON E. HICKS ELMORE D. HAN LEY ALBJN G. JACOBSON JOHN Q. LANGEN RICHARD H. MAY RANDALL McCAiN HOMER C. MITCHELL CHARLES MELICHAR MAX A. MELICK HARRY MATTHEWS PAUL W. OAKES RICHARD J. PRESTO N WILLIAM H. FLETCHER RUSSELL R. REYNOLDS CHARLES W. SMITH HOWARD W. SCHNEIDER AUGUST STUCKER LEONARD M. SMALLEY CLAYTON W. SCRIBNER DAVID O. SCOTT FREDERICK P. STRUHSAKER WILLIAM L. SHETTER WALTER M. TREVOR FRANK L. TOBEY JOHN S. TREMBLEY DONALD W. WINTER GEORGE T. WOOLSON Page 286 ORGANIZATIONS GRAHAM JESSUP HOHTON ARMSTRONG MILLER BARKER M. S. GRIFFING CUTBBERT PROF. TEALDI LAVERTY GRAY LEOG PROF. CONE LEPPLEMEIER XORTHON MC-CAMMON PROF. WHITTEMORE MRS. GRAY C. H. GHIFFING MCNT KUIPERS KRANENBERG LANDSCAPE CLUB OFFICERS Y. DORR LEGG GILBERT LEPPELMEIER WAYNE LAVERTY J. R. PETERSON YM. McCAMMON . GEORGE KRAXENBERG WM. H. GRAY President ice-President Corresponding Secretary- Recording Secretary- Treasurer Chairman Membership Committee Chairman Social Committee FACULTY MEMBERS PROF. AUBREY TEALDI PROF. G. O. CONE PROF. H. O. HITTEMORE MR. C. L. MOODY ASSOCIATE MEMBERS LAURA DETWYI.ER ELLIOT MURIEL RAY GRAY AXXE HlXSHAW HAROLD J. XORTHOX EMMALOU REA EUGENE S. REYNOLDS ACTIVE MEMBERS THELMA ARMSTRONG GEORGE H. BARKER FRED A. CUTHBERT J. MARTIN FRISSELL ROY GRAHAM GUY W. HUNT E. K. GRIFFING M. S. GRIFFING MIRIAM L. HORTON JOEL T. JESSUP EUGENIA MILLER Page 287 ORGANIZATIONS SOMMER MORROW VINCENTI DE ' OL LINDARTE CROSBY HOOGERHYDE LOSHBOUGH JOSTICH E. WRIGHT CHIPMAN BROWN WESTVEER McRiLL HOLTON VALENTINE KIRTS KANANEN BURROWS JOSLIN KELLOGG GARZON VELASCO L. SMITH PRICE WARD SKUTT FOLSOM COSSITT MENDEZ CAMPBELL GARCIA MCDOWELL CRANFORD KNAPP LIGHTFOOT CARR LEVINE WEGG CRAMTON CHANDLER ASQUITH DEL TORO LEE STAUBACH HUMPHREY SHERHILL EVANS COOSHALL LA SOCIEDAD HISPAXICA CHARLES N. STAUBACH MABEL S. HUMPHREY LEONE LEE F. HOYT SHERRILL . PROF. JULIO DEL TORO OFFICERS ROSE ACHUCK IRVING APESDORF MABEL I. ASQUITH RUTH A. BACON ILA M. BEAMER LOUISE BEHYMER DONALD BELL KATHERINE BIRD HELEN D. BROWN AUDRY BURROWS DONALD CAMPBELL MARJORIE M. CARR LAURA CHIPMAN DOROTHY J. CORLE Lois COSSITT MARGE CRANTON HELEN CRANFORD HELEN DAVIS ELIZABETH DEVOL KATHLEEN P. DONOVAN JANE FOLSOM FRANCISCO FRACASSI CARLOS GARCIA PEDRO A. GARZON GRACE W. GLOVER MARION GOODNOW NINA GRONSTRAND JACQUELINE HECK HELEN B. HEILER ACTIVE MEMBERS MARJORIE HOLDEN ELVIRA HOOGERHYDE MABEL S. HUMPHREY MILDRED INNIS SELMA M. JANSON BUENAVENTURA JIMENEZ JUDITH M. JIMENEZ SALVADOR JIMENEZ AGNES JOHNSON AGNES W. JONES PAULINE JOSTICH KATHLEEN JOSLIN ISABEL KANENEN MARY KARPINSKI ALICE E. KELLOG HOWARD KENYON ORPHA KNAPP ELSIE KIRTS MARGARET H. LARGE LEONE LEE THELMA L. LEVINE JORGE E. LINDARTE M. I. LOSHBOUGH E. SHIRLEY MCDOWELL CATHERINE McKiNVEN MARJORIE E. MELENDY THELMA MORROW JOE NARRIN EDITH NORMAN PAUL J. P ASKO Page 288 . President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Faculty Advisor RUSSELL PRATT CATHERINE PRICE CHARLES H. REYNOLDS RAYMOND RICHARDS DORIS ROWLADER ROBERT SCHANBACHER ERNEST SCHARMER WILLIAM SCHLOSS HOYT SHERRILL NINA L. SLATER MILDRED SOMMERS CHARLES N. STAUBACH MARIAN G. TALLMADGE CLARE H. TIMBERLAKE OLIVE E. TODD CLAUDE A. TROTTER ELIZABETH VALENTINE EDITH VAUGHAN ELOY VELASCO N. VINCENTI RUTH WAGNER VIRGINIA WARD ELEANOR WEGG JOHN WEIR ELISABETH WESTVEER EDNA C. WHITE DOUGLAS WHITTEMORE ARDIS WISNER FRANKLIN H. WOODRUFF i ORGANIZATIONS COPE KEK.V F. H. FKAXK Xovr KABFIXEKI BBADLET CCUKBTOX KNOX SACEKTT Mi EL MAGAV KXAPP CLAKK FsrHAcr RTAX PAKKB Rmurr STEWABT F. FBANE Rix ABOIAX HmrHRKT MAT REEVES SAGE LE CERCLE FRAXCAIS BUREAU DU CERCLE M. MILO S. RYAN MLLE. MARIE-LOUISE BURT MLLE. Lois PARKS M. MAX FRVHAI ? President Vicc-Prcsidente Secretaire Tresorifr ORGANIZATIONS GUSTAFSON KING SCHIRMER SNELL COLEMAN WERTMAN TAGSOLD BRIGGS HAKE VANEK COLLINS URE STEINKO BELL GOVE FORD R. HAGEN D. HAGEN ARMSTRONG CRAWFORD BRIMACOMBE BURKE Rows BOSLEY DEWHIRST QUELETTE BLOOMBERG HOWE MOORE BALGVOYEN SMITH BUHI ZEE PIPER MEMBERS OF THE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLUB CLYNE G. CRAWFORD FOREST BRIMACOMBE JOHN H. HUSSELMAN CORLISS E. ARMSTRONG President Fice-Ptesident Secretary Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS MILTON H. BELL ROBERT R. BIRDSEYE MILTON S. BOSLEY ROBERT P. BRIGGS EVELYN K. BURKE RUSSEL A. BURI FLORENCE A. CHRISTY ALBERT P. COLLINS JOHN V. DALY ALBERT R. DAMM DE VITT DAVIS STANLEY E. FORD DORTHY M. HAGEN ROBERT T. HAGEN CLARE E. HARDER THOMAS K. HAVEN CLAYTON B. HOWE HERBERT D. HUNTER HARVEY M. GOVE ASSOCIATE MEMBERS WILLARD P. JONES GERALD J. LAWSON RICHARD E. MAYNE RICHARD C. MOORE JAMES U. PIPER GEORGE D. QUELETTE C. L. RoSENTHAL LOE E. ROWE HELEN C. SANFORD GEORGE M. SCHIRMER EDWARD R. SNELL STANLEY M. STEINKO CHARLES T. SWEENEY CHARLES L. TUCKER CHARLES R. VANEK ELMER G. WEBER BERT F. WERTMAN ISUNG L. ZEE RAE W. LEWIS Page 290 ORGANIZATIONS : : : K J. W. Surra ;li - CASTON- NICHOLS DATIB GOODE.VOW SLATEH HILL SHERBCKXE WALCOTT HTTSTED LIPPERT WASHKE VA.VDEB ZALM HHAMMELL ARNOLD Coujxs WILBZR H ;. : CLEMIXSON ELLIOTT fata :. COLES WEIBIOTTEX MEN ' S EDUCATIONAL CLUB WILLIAM W. ARNOLD P. ROY BRAMMELL . ALVIX H. COLLINS GLENN ILBER WILBERT L. CARR . ILLIS B. GOODENOW OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer . Faculty Sponsor Chairman Program Committee MAURICE A. ALLEN CARL A. ANDERSON- LEO A. AROIAN ILLIAM A. BROWN ELL MARSHALL L. BYRN CHARLES C. CASTIN BRYON B. COLES EDWIN V. DAVIS THOMAS L. DUME ARTHUR B. ELLIOTT JOHN R. EMENS GEORGE S. FOSTER ARREN R. GOOD CLYDE O. HATTER OTTO J. HEBER HAROLD M. HILL PAUL O. Huss GLENN HUSTED MILTON J. HOFFER ARVID Y. JACOBSON LXJUIS W. KEELER MEMBERS CLIFFORD WOODY RUSSELL W. KENFIELD GEORGE C. KYTE CLINTON C. LIPPERT CHARLES S. NICHOLS ELLSWORTH C. OWEN JAMES R. POLLOCK G. O. Ross HEBER H. RYAN J. ILSON SHERBURNE HUGH A. SLATER JULIAN V. SMITH ROY R. ULLMAN ROBERT G. ANDERLIP LlNDLEY E. ANDERZALM ENDELL REELAND FRED G. WALCOTT PAUL R. WASHKE D. H. WEISS ROBERT WILHAM GEORGE A. WILLOUGHBY THOMAS F. WEISTOTTEY Page 291 ORGANIZATIONS TAYLOR HURST V. IRWIN WERTZ B. IRWIN WOLF BLACK THOMPSON ANDERSON DEWOODY MUNT SADLEN LLOYD STURGIS KEEPER KELLEY VAN OSDEL ARMSTRONG EMDE HENSEL POOR NEUMANN FRANSETH HUMPHREY HERMAN BLACKWELL D. WEBSTER CAMPBELL FRIEND HIGGINS BELL R. WEBSTER CRAFTSMEN OFFICERS ROBERT A. CAMPBELL W. KEITH FRIEND KENNETH F. HIGGINS . DONALD W. WEBSTER EVERETT S. POOR . ERNEST W. HENSEL HARLEY J. BELL . A. CLYDE BLACKWELL TOM HERMAN, RANDOLPH WEBSTER VIRGIL F. NEUMANN Faculty Advisor Preside nl . ist V ice-President 2nd Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Senior Deacon Junior Deacon Stewards Organist Page 292 ORGANIZATIONS SCHMIDT SCHWEJGEBT ALLEBT HAAG BKBEE BERGMAN DEAN DOLL C. FLAGC HEKXTKG M ALOVEY LAXG Bn ' I PFBDY SCHELLEB KEEXE Cor ' . ' . s :--; L WILLIAMS BEBEE ABBAMS DEIT CH SEIPPLE LLOYD HAAG MALLOBY HEDDEX POTTEH : Mi WEBTMAX SCALP AND BLADE OFFICERS LEIGHTOX POTTER JOHX ScHELLER ROY BLASS FRED PURDY President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer MEMBERS XORMAX ABRAMS WALTER ALLERT EDWIN BEBEE FRANCIS BEBEE MILTOX BERGMAN ROY BLASS ROBERT BOSSERMAN GLEN BURNS O. G. CARNER JOHN Co UGH LIN CARLOS DEAN JACK DIEHL EARL DIETSCH CHARLES DOLL ALBERT FLAGG F. A. HAAG WILLIAM HAAC HARLAX HEDDON CARL HENNING CLIFFORD KEENE BERT WERTMAN FRED LAXGE ROBERT LLOYD SEWARD MALLORY J. H. MALONEY FRED METZ HENRY PARTIKA STANLEY PODBIELXIAK LEIGHTOX POTTER FRED PURDY JOHN SCHELLER HENRY SCHMIDT J. C. SCHWEIGERT CHARLES SEILHEIMER PAUL SEIPPLE PAUL STERR ALTER STEUERNAGEL G. S. SWERDFEGER DAN TILDEN W. TRAUTMAN C. H. WILLIAMS Page 293 J ORGANIZATIONS GREOORIO BIRNKRANT CHOWDHURY ST. MALTCHEFF SZEKELY DAVIS LINDAHTE BIRDI BRD.M.M MOZUMDAR BUENO Dl GlCLIO DE LEON ALLI LlNE CHANG HlDALGO RlVERA CnEONG TENNENBAUM VELASCO SONG NIETHAMMER MAOILAVY RAVEN DOLENGA WEGG SINGH CHAKRAVARTTY WESTON COVINGTON FERNANDEZ ZEE SINDHU TYLER YANG ESTAVILLO CRON JONES HKII.L PATHOS MACEACHRON DHARIWAL WILCOX BERAH SUYAT HUSAIN-KHAN COPE LAPTEFF SCOTT HOWRANI MIHALYI CARLTON F. WELLS CECILIA D. WELLS LEE COSMOPOLITAN CLUB RAJA F. HOWRANI KAMAL E. ARLICK HELEN MIHALYI ALEXIS LAPTEFF CARLTON F. WELLS OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Student Treasurer Faculty Treasurer PENG K. LEE BOARD OF DIRECTORS DONATO SUYAT PROF. J. A. C. HILDNER MRS. HELEN SCOTT MEMBERS KAMAL ARLICK HAZURA BIRDI GEORGE BRETT AUGUST BRILL BETTINA BUSH MR. H. S. BUTLER MRS. H. S. BUTLER MRS. M. B. CADWELL GOUR CHAKRAVARRTY KING CHANG FLORENCE CHEN GABRU CHOWDURY AMNA COPE MARIAN COVINGTON FREDERICK CRON BASIL DAVIDSON VICINTE DE LEON PURAN DHARIWAL ALFONSE Di GIULIO HAZEL DOBSON GREGORY DOLGOROUFF HELEN DOLENGA KAROLINA Fox MR. PRENTIC FORD MRS. PRENTIC FORD MR. H. H. GRAFTON MRS. H. H. GRAFTON DOMINGO GREGORIO RUTH GRIESEMER D. GRUNDCHAROFF CARLOS GUARDOA ELLA HANAWALT RUDOLPHO HIDALGO ESTHER HINKLEMAN MARGARET HOLDERMAN RAJA HOWRANI SYED HUSSAIN VARAIAPURAKAL IYPE ABHY IYPE V. B. JAMGOTCHIAN JOHN KALEF CARL KERR GLADYS KINSMAN IKUKO KOIZUMI MRS. C. KRASSOVSKY USEVOLOD KORIAGIN ALEXIS LAFTEFF PENG LEE FRIEDRICH LEFFER JORGE LINDARTE HSIAO Lu D. MACEACHRON Louis MALTCHEFF M. MARTORELL, JR. W. H. McCLURE WALTER McCowAN HELEN MIHALYI GALON MILLER ASA NAKAO MRS. A. NIETHAMMER WILLIAM PALMER FRANCES PATMOS CYRIL PETCOFF ALEXANDER PETROFF JuNIATA RlCKETTS PABLO RIVIERA MRS. HELEN SCOTT MRS. JOHN SHEPARD HIDI SHOHARA LOUISA SKILLEN A. W. SMITH MAURICE F. SMITH MRS. HELEN SNYDER G. D. Su DONATO SUYAT PHRA TARUN CLARICE E. TYLER VARAS ARNALDO HOWARD WALDENMEYER ELEANOR WEGG MR. CARLETON WELLS MRS. CARLETON WELLS VIRGINIA WESTON PAUL WILCOX JOE WILSON SHUI CHING YANG T. T. ZEE Page 294. ORGANIZATIONS V. BEXTILIX D. CABIXG M. BCEXO C. HrPAXO S. PADIU.A L. BAASI R. HIDALGO D. MIRAXDA E. BIBAT P. RIVERS B. BIBAT V. DE LEON F. ESTAVHJXJ D. GHEGOEIO B. LOPEI PROF. J. R. HATDEX D. SITTAT Miss M. PASTRANA D. RIVERA E. SEVHLA PHILIPPINE- MICHIGAN CLUB OFFICERS PROF. J. R. HAYDEN DOXATO T. SUYAT BEXITO H. LOPEZ . DOMINGO L. RIVERA Miss MARIA D. PASTRANA DOMINGO H. GREGORIO JOSE RACIMO Faculty Adviser President t r ice-President Secretary- Treasurer Correspondent Secretary- Auditor Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS MAXIMO M. ABAD PABLO ARENAS TOMAS ACACIO YENANCIO BENTILLO BALBINO S. BIBAT EDILBERTO BIBAT MAXIMIXO G. BUENO ENRIQUE CACHO ANCIETO CAPA AGUSTIX CAPA DIONISIO CASING GUILLERMO CASTRENCE ZOZONTE CASTRENCE DOMINGO CLACER FR_ NCISCO DUMBRIGUE FEDERICO ESTAVILLO DOMINGO GREGORIO BASILISO GREGORIO RODOLFO HIDALGO CIRILO HUFANO ROSA JAVIER JUAN LANTING MARIA LANZAR VICENTE DE LEON BENITO LOPEZ MANUEL MARZAN DALMACIO MIRANDA RUFINO S. OLLIDO SINFOROSO PADILLA MARIA PASTRANA JOSE RACIMO ANACLETO RACIMO DOMINGO L. RIVERA PABLO L. RIVERA Luis SALVOSA MRS. Luis SALVOSA EXEQUIEL SEVILLA DOXATO T. SUYAT BERTOLDO F. SUYAT FRANCISCO TOLETE SANTIAGO " ICTORIO 293 ORGANIZATIONS A |J 7 SETO LEU YONG KAO TIXG TSHA FUNG Miss LEONG Su LAU Mo MARK S. FONG NOME T. WONG TAN T. S. WANG ZEE P. WONG TOM N. FONG CHONG YUEN NGAO C. H. CHANG Woo Miss Dzu Miss YOUNG Miss WONG MRS. Hsu Hsu D. FONG P. L. WANG Li Miss CHEN TSANG Miss WANG YANG LEE Miss TONG CHINESE STUDENTS CLUB YAN T. TSANG PHOEBE WANG FLORENCE CHEN P. K. LEE . C. T. YANG . C. H. Li . BENJAMIN Z. N. ING F. R. BEI G. CHAN CHIN CHANG H. C. CHANG RAY CHANG Y. E. CHANG FLORENCE CHEN GRAHAM M. CHEN RUTH CHEN T. H. CHENG EWE H. CHONG A. Dju DAVID J. FONG NING T. FONG SAMUEL R. FONG W. S. Fu YING Fu FRED S. FUNG CAROLINE HSIA WILLIAM P. HSIA T. K. Hsu MRS. T. K. Hsu BENJAMIN ING W. Y. KAO T. I. KING S. P. KIRK OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary . Treasurer Social Committee Chairman Loan Fund Committee Chairman MEMBERS H. F. LAM ED. LAU P. K. LEE F. Y. LEM RUBY LEONG C. H. Li S. T. Liu T. C. LIN JAMES Louis P. H. Louis HSIAO Lu P. S. MARK N. Y. NGAO Y. S. PENG K. C. Pi ALFRED Pu CHO REN Y. J. SETO DARWIN SEW G. D. Su L. P. TAN C. J. TING Y. C. TOM CATHERINE TONG K. T. TSANG YAN T. TSANG Page 206 ESTHER TSAO K. J. TSHA LUCILE VAN Z. J. VAN C. S. WAN C. Y. WANG P. L. WANG PHOEBE W T ANG T. S. WANG T. Y. WANG A. L. WEI ROSE A. WONG M. W. WONG PAUL WONG . THOMAS K. WONG T. P. Woo AIHO Wu CHUFEI Wu Y. F. Wu Y. T. Wu C. T. YANG S. C. YANG S. M. YONG C. S. YONG JACK YUEN T. T. ZEE ORGANIZATIONS L. OTSFKA SHOHAHA AKOO YAMACCHI INADA Koirria MIYAXAGA OUBAKA XlSHIHARA C. OTSFKA TAXAKA ODA NAKAO NIPPON CLUB OFFICERS HARRY S. IXADA IKUKO KOIZUMI ATSUSHI V. MIYAXAGA PAUL Y. KIRIMURA . President Vice-Pres ide nt Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS KATSUTOSHI ANDO KlKUSABURO ASAI REGINALD EASTLAKE DR. SOBEI IDE HARRY S. IXADA PAUL Y. KIRIMURA IKUKO KOISUMI R. MASUDA MRS. R. MASUDA K. MITAXI MRS. K. MITAXI ATSUSHI W. MIYAXAGA SHOYEI YAMAUCHI MlTSU MOTODA ASA XAKAO MlTSUO NlSHIHARA ISAO ODA RIGORO ORISAKA CATHERIXE S. OTSUKA LUCY C. OTSUKA KIKUJI SAKAMOTO MICHIO SAK. GUCHI SHIO SAKAXISHI HIDE SHOHARA YAE TAXAKA Page 297 ORGANIZATIONS OLMSTEAD JOHNSON BRUCE GRAHM WELLS SMITH MEADER CORNELV O. JOHNSON GOLDEN HARDEN DAVIS MILLER DENTON OLMSTEAD FORTSON WHITE HALDERMAN WHITE NEGRO-CAUCASIAN CLUB OFFICERS LENOIR B. SMITH VV. W. DENTON D. W. WHITE OTHA MILLER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS ROBERT R. ANDERSON ALBERT C. BATEMAN ALICE BOOKER SARAH F. BRUCE JOHN W. CORNEAL, JR. PAUL B. CORNELY THERSA DAVIS DALLAS L. DUTTON T. R. FORTSON J. R. GOLDEN PROFESSOR VV. W. DENTON HENRY C. GRAHM JOHN R. GRAY FRANCES GREEN MARGRET HALDERMAN KOMURIA HARDEN JEAN S. HOLLANDER CHARLES E. JENNINGS W. L. JOHNSON JUDITH MAYER MARY H. MEADER FACULTY MEMBERS EILEEN ERLANSON MARY O. JOHNSON OTHA MILLER A. SHIRLEY OLMSTEAD PHILLIP OLMSTEAD SAMUEL SHEPPARD LENOIR B. SMITH HENRY VV. SWEET JOHN C. WELLS DONALD W. WHITE J. DONALD WILSON BERNARD F. YOUNG 0. C. JOHNSON Page 298 HONOR BfiTHEfllW-BftRTHEME GREAT- BUILDER -BATES FRIENMHBlEF-COOtEY LEGEND-KEEPER- FIWER WISE-CHIEF -HCTCHIMS CftNOE- BUILDER -SftDLtfl SfiND-BURR-BROWNEU, BUM-STEER-CHASIBERLIIi BHftKEM-PfiW-GRlMflEU TOTEM- WATER-HJGHEY StVlFflNG-MOOSe-HUWT GRINNING -JPlCfWl-JONES QUIVERING-RIB- KOBICEK UTTLe-5TOPPR-L005 WILD-WHISPER- MERRY fltHTNING-SNWCHEWSIKBMN PU5H PUSH -PUSCH BULC.-t USH-RSAO LONG- DUCK -SftMSON GJDfi f -H-ANNADLfr-J R WliJAMC-OWPDtLL-J.R GARLICS -G- - CONNOR CARL-R-CARNALL NORMAN -GAC t-l_ CnARLL -D-GlLCtBT LOYlAM-qhDtET ROCCRKULANP fjERMAN-Z-NYLANf ILDVR-f-PtTK LORE-N-J- POOLE- CARL-t p-RVCt-A-TYNPALL CA T ' An-A-WJL ' ON VULCAN t. R.IGSJ c. H, tiGBit G. J. WiuJAMS OF- | j l 5 C G. Cowuu L U Roy G. J. HoOG304 R.. ti. G. A. JOHK l . GABVER SCHOCH GATES ROGERS HAGEMEISTEB RAMSEY BREWSTEH RIDDEHING GOODWIN BOYLE WINTER KRAPOHL DEFT R KEITHLET A LEX AXE EB BLASHFIELD MCCARTHY HEXHT I " REN BARRISTERS Senior Law Honorarv Societv CARL RIDDERIXG . MARTIN G. GOODWIN- RAY L. ALEXANDER LYMAX S. BREWSTER THOMAS R. BOYLE OFFICERS Chancellor Vice- Cha ncello r Master of Rolls Chancellor of Exchequer Bailiff HENRY M. BATES EDGAR X. DURFEE JOSEPH H. DRAKE EDWIN C. GOODARD HERBERT F. GOODRICH FACULTY BARRISTERS GROVER C. GRISMORE EVANS HOLBROOK JUDGE VICTOR H. LANE BURKE SHARTEL EDSON R. SUNDERLAND RAY L. ALEXANDER ALBERT E. BLASHFIELD THOMAS R. BOYLE LYMAN S. BREWSTER PAUL W. BRUSKE WILLIAM E. Cox EDWIN C. DAVIS EARL G. DEFUR GEORGE P. GARVER BENTON E. GATES MARTIN G. GOODWIN ORVAL F. HAGEMEISTER STUDENT BARRISTERS THOMAS McM. HARMAX LESLIE HENRY GEORGE . KEITHLEY WALTER S. KRAPOHL JOHN F. MCCARTHY RUSSELL A. RAMSEY CARL J. RIDDERIXG ROGER W. ROGERS ALCID D. RUEGSEGGER ORVILLE F. SCHOCH CHARLES K. UREN ROBERT C. WINTER Puff 303 ' i I . ., ' . i . . ii THOMPSON CARVETH WOOD NORDGREN SEAMAN McCONOCHIE EICHENHOFER ROBERTSON MATHE8 DoUGAL AtlRAND MILES SALMOND FELIX LUST DUNHAM BRUMMITT WEB AND FLANGE Senior Civil Engineering Honor Society OFFICERS GORDON J. ROBERTSON HERMAN J. EICHENHOFER . WILLIAM R. MCCONOCHIE JOHN C. MATHES President rice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS LOUIS S. AURAND DONALD E. BRUMMITT FLETCHER B. CARVETH CHARLES R. DOUGAL DONALD B. DUNHAM HERMAN J. EICHENHOFER HENRY S. FELIX WILLIAM H. HEATH LsRoY G. HESTON CHARLES V. LISLE JOHN H. LOVETTE JEROME W. WOOD KARL F. LUST ROBERT H. LYMAN JOHN C. MATHES WILLIAM R. MCCONOCHIE GEORGE A. MILES PAUL A. NORDGREN LORING F. OEMING GORDON J. ROBERTSON IRVING M. SALMOND HERBERT A. SEAMAN MAXWELL H. THOMPSON Page 304 Drxt_u CABHICHAEX MOXTGOHZBT OBOOOD M ABLET Fox RELYEA MOORE SMITH FIEBO JEBOIIE HAGELSHAW HrBEB BI-BHAXS WILLIAMSON- ISBET WATBOJC MCTUIAT BBIXKMAX DOTLE DB. FBKDEBICK A. COLLEB CHAPPLE HCBEB THOMS REGLIEX G A L E X S OFFICERS CHARLES C. CHAPPLE FRED M. DOYLE HARRY BRIXKMAX . CARL P. HUBER President ice-President . Secretary Treasurer HONORARY MEMBERS DR. FREDERICK A. COLLER, Prefect DR. CLARENCE C. LITTLE DR. HUGH CABOT DR. A. M. BARRETT DR. JAMES D. BRUCE DR. CARL D. CAMP DR. R. BISHOP CANFIELD DR. FREDERICK A. COLLER DR. DAVID M. COWIE DR. H. H. CUMMIXGS DR. UDO J. WILE DR. A. C. FURSTEXBURG DR. P. M. HICKEY DR. G. CARL HUBER DR. H. L. KEIM DR. MARK MARSHALL DR. ROLLO E. McCoTTER DR. L. H. XEWBURGH DR. REUBEX PETERSOX DR. CYRUS C. STURGIS HARRY BRIXKMAX GLEXX A. CARMICHAEL CHARLES C. CHAPPLE FREDERICK M. DOYLE BAXTER B. FAIR CARL P. HUBER JOHX F. HUBER EDWARD K. ISBEY ROBERT P. MONTGOMERY ACTIVE MEMBERS WILLIAM A. MURRAY NORMAX C. REGLIEX EUGEXE C. SMITH WELLS W. THOMS FREDERICK B. WILLIAMSOX ROBERT A. BURHAXS NORTOX CAXFIELD HEXRY A. Dux LAP ROLLIX P. FIERO HAROLD M. Fox GAYLAXD L. HAGELSHAW JEROME T. JEROME LEO A. H. KXOLL JOHX D. MABLEY KEXXETH B. MOORE FRED P. OSGOOD GEO RGE M. RELYEA NEIL W. SWIXTOX BERXARD A. WATSOX P gf 305 DAVIS FELLOWS QUARTERDECK SOCIETY Honorary Senior Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering OFFICERS LESLIE D. WESTON EVERETT H. LANE PAUL B. SILVERNALE Commodore Steward Purser FACULTY MEMBERS PROFESSOR H. C. SADLER PROFESSOR A. F. LINDBLAD PROFESSOR E. M. BRAGG ACTIVE MEMBERS OTTAR M. DAHL RICHARD H. DAVIS JULES U. DURHAM JOSEPH FELLOWS, JR. Page 306 E05ERT A CAMPBELL WlLBUC. 2. HUMPH2EY.5 HONOR.AK.Y- HAE.E.Y C CAE.VE.R. CHAE.LL5 P V)B5E.T WIL6UK. A FtAYEZ. JOHN AC WILPHUJ CHAtLEJ A ACTIVEX PHAR.OAH MUK.AP -PILLAR, or PHAR.OAH SCB.STCHIN ;PtN- KEEPER. OF PHA.OAH ' i RtC 59ECt.tLPAW-GATHE.ILEK. OF THE. R.OYAL TAX YtATAMriT-MA6TER. Of THE BATTLE. CRIti tL5LLtLED -OUAtPIAN OF THE IMPEE1AL PE.E55 M!MftLtTOL3 MEWENQLt OF THE CAMP HOLtEQIT- IDOL OF THE HAtEM iHOVELET- CHIEF DIPLOMAT EVER.ACT ROYAL ENTERTAINER. PHOR.TYALL - CAPTAIN OF THE RaUETEEti IPATAM ttClUITEfc FOR. PHAE.OAH ' i HAE.EM HU8.LWM- PI5PELJ.ER. OF THE E.OYAL CATAPULTS 0 tEUi MiTEt OF Tt 5EVEN VEILS ?H,NtPHRAZ- WtlTtK. OF THE R.OYAL )5TOfcY MACAPHJZ- CHAMBELA!N OF tOYAL VINTAGES r --APH- CENiOE, OF THE K.OYAL WIT iYPHiAKP CUJT021AN OF THE 5EACHE3 AITA5LE SOLVER. OF THE MY5fEME5 WAAtAMYLE VALET OF TMEIMPEE.1AL CAME.L5 C 1C H FtED ' AiBECt ' - E.OLLO ?OPP ED ' HUL5L ' JACK. ' TAtBILL " 5AL ' WMITTLE EP " WACHi " CHtli " . JEFF M1LLEK. OLENM ' CAE.L ON tAY ' WACHTtl ' TAYLOR. ' M!N " MINM.L JAN " NOCTOri FtNI ' HOUQH MCDONALD MACDONALD LESLIE HuBBELL CAIN MARTIN BAILEY YATES POMMERANING MoOHE WILLIAMS FORTUNE SLATTON HAPKE GlLMARTIN EASTERLY U9 TRIANGLES Junior Engineering Honorary Society OFFICERS RICHARD J. WILLIAMS HAROLD W. BAILEY . WILLIAM B. FORTUNE President . Secretary Treasurer PROFESSOR J. A. BURSLEY PROFESSOR H. H. HIGBIE HONORARY MEMBERS PROFESSOR A. E. WHITE PROFESSOR A. H. LOVELL PROFESSOR H. E. RIGGS ACTIVE MEMBERS HAROLD W. BAILEY BERNARD M. CAIN EUGENE EASTERLY, JR. WILLIAM B. FORTUNE JOHN R. GILMARTIN JOHN A. HAPKE WILLIAM R. HOUGH GEORGE E. HUBBELL THOMAS M. LESLIE GEORGE J. MACDONALD ARTHUR L. MCDONALD CHARLES M. MOORE OTTO P. POMMERANING PHILIP E. SLAYTON RICHARD J. WILLIAMS THOMAS L. YATES Page 308 POCH FLORENCE VAN WEELDEN LANE SALMOND NOBLE XOBDCBEX MAEBICB WALKEB EICHEXHOFBB WILLIAMS WESTON FELIX KRAMER SAYTCXT BROWN CASE WEIGHT McCoxocniE HETOBBEDEB KEILLOR IPE POTTO WOTRDSG BEBGEB MOOHE ROBINSON COWELL BIJRSLET MATHES POTTEB TAU BETA PI Honorary Engineering Scholastic Fraternity GAMMA CHAPTER C. E. ROBINSON V. G. COWELL W. E. BERGER . A. D. MOORE OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary- Treasurer V. E. BERGER I. W. BROWX J. S. CASE Y. G. COWELL H. J. ElCHENHOFER H. S. FELIX }. B. FLORENCE J. C. HASTIE J. F. HEIDBREDER G. E. HUBBELL V. K. IPE E. M. KEILLON MEMBERS A. V. KRAMER E. H. LANE K. W. MAEBINS J. C. MATHES W. R. McCoNOCHiE C. M. NOBLE P. A. NORDGREN W. T- POCH L. B. POTTER R. S. POTTS C. E. ROBINSON H. T. Ross I. M. SALMON D H. A. SAVIGNY G. E. SEAVOY J. S. STARRETT X. H. TAYLOR B. O. ANNORT M. T- VAX VEELDEN H. C. WALKER L. D. WESTOX R. J. WILLIAMS J. L. WOTRING W. E. WRIGHT Page 309 KERR ELLIOTT FURTSCH BYCE VAN LENTE SIG.VAIGO JENNINGS SCAFF SCHEFFLER OAKDALE WEINKAUFF ALT TEEPLE RAVEN8CROFT ASHWORTH MONRAD SMITH HARRINGTON SHANKLAND BAILAR GIBSON RYAN PHI LAMBDA UPSILON Honorary Chemical Society DELTA CHAPTER RODNEY V. SHANKLAND JOHN C. BAILAR ROBERT C. GIBSON FRANKLIN D. SMITH RICHARD H. HARRINGTON ROBERT K. MCALPINE OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Alumni Secretary Councilor W. D. BANCROFT S. L. BIGELOW HONORARY MEMBERS M. GOMBERG A. B. STEVENS J. STIEGLITZ D. D. VAN SLYKE A. H. WHITE ARTHUR R. ALT GEORGE W. ASHWORTH EDWARD B. BAKER JOHN C. BAILAR LEONARD BODDY ALEXANDER W. BOLDYREFF CHARLES R. BYCE MARVIN S. CARR RICHARD G. CLARKSON ARTHUR B. ELLIOTT YING Fu ACTIVE MEMBERS EDWARD F. FURTSCH ROBERT C. GIBSON- RICHARD H. HARRINGTON RAYMOND H. HIMES HARLEY Y. JENNINGS CARL A. KERR GEORGE G. LAMB F. LAVERNE MILLER CARL C. MONRAD WILBUR NELSON URBAN O. OAKDALE EDWARD A. RAVENSCROFT NORMAN G. ROTH JOSEPH D. RYAN- JACK H. SCAFF GEORGE SCHEFFLER GORDON E. SEAVOY RODNEY V. SHANKLAND FRANK K. SIGNAIGO FRANKLIN D. SMITH CHARLES P. TEEPLE KENNETH A. VAN LENTE OLIVER J. WEINKAUFF Page 310 Goru SCHMEUXG RIGGS PBOCT CABLSOX NEWMAN DBHi MUJH S DO SLAWBOX SExsnrs BCIXABD MCLAUGHUS Locis HOBBS ZINX CHAPMAX D. STEWART Hrvr HCSSET SIGMA GAMMA E P S I L O X Honorary Geological Fraternity IOTA CHAPTER OFFICERS DONALD H. CHAPMAN- JUSTIN ZINN DUNCAN STEWART, JR. RALPH E. TAYLOR R. ROLAND SARGENT . President V ice-President Treasurer Corresponding Secretary . Recording Secretary ERMINE C. CASE, Ph.D. WILLIAM H. HOBBS, Ph.D. HONORARY MEMBERS WALTER F. HUNT, Ph.D. EDWARD H. KRAI s. Ph.D., Sc.D. RALPH A. BELKNAP, A.M. LAURENCE M. GOULD, Sc.D. RUSSEL C. HUSSEY, Ph.D. FACULTY MEMBERS CHESTER B. SLAWSON, Ph.D. FRED M. BULLARD, M.S. DEAN B. MCLAUGHLIN, Ph.D. DONALD H. CHAPMAN, A.B. WILLIAM CARLSON, ' 29 CHARLES DEISS, A.B. JOHN E. GALLEY, A.B. JAMES L. Louis, ' 28 GUSTAVO MALDONADO, B.S. EINAR A. NEWMAN, ' 28 PERCY PROUT, ' 28 CALVIN H. RIGGS, ' 29 ACTIVE MEMBERS F. ROLAND SARGENT, ' 3oL EVANS S. SCHMELING, ' 28 MAURITS W. SENSTIUS, M.S. RONALD M. SMEATON, ' 28 DUNCAN STEWART, JR., ' 28 IRWIN F. STEWART. ' 29 RALPH E. TAYLOR, A.B. JOHN D. TODD, joL JUSTIN ZINN, ' 28 Page 311 BYCHINSKY FREEMAN DALY D ' ALLEVA HOLLBROK FlSCHEB DOANE DOW8ETT BoYLAN BUR8LEY SCHEELE CHAMBERLAIN NtTNNELEY BREISCH NEPSTAD KELLMAN WARNER ALTHANS PHI ETA SIGMA National Freshman Honorary Scholastic Fraternity GAMMA CHAPTER LEONARD A. SCHEELE PAUL F. STEKETEE EMORY T. NUNNELEY Jo H. CHAMBERLIN . OFFICERS President Fice-President Secretary-Treasurer Senior Advisor CLARENCE COOK LITTLE HONORARY MEMBERS JOSEPH A. BURSLEY GEORGE W. PATTERSON JOHN R. EFFINGER P. L. ADAMS W. H. ALLMAN W. R. ALTHANS D. W. BOYLAN D. S. BREISCH W. A. BYCHINSKY R. C. CHAPMAN E. O. CURRAN B. A. D ' ALLEVA R. C. DALY R. M. DICKEY C. W. DOANE W. J. DOWSETT F. A. FENDLER E. F. FISCHER A. D. FORBES J. B. FREEMAN ACTIVE MEMBERS A. V. FREEMAN W. B. FuLGHUM G. E. HOLBROOK C. B. JACOBS F. C. KARTH C. R. KAUFMAN S. KELLMAN M. KLASS J. J. KNIGHT J. A. LAND S. M. LlTCHER A. LOWENSTEIN J. W. McCANDLES W. C. MCCORD R. E. NEIS S. H. NEPSTAD A. W. O ' CONNOR H. O. OLSON E. B. POORMAN H. C. REYNOLDS J. B. ROBERTS R. L. SMITH P. S. STERN J. N. SAMPSON G. C. TlLLEY L. E. WALKLEY E. L. WARNER J. E. WEBSTER L. WEISELBERG R. G. WHITWORTH W. B. WIERS P. C. WILSON F. E. WOLF E. F. YENDALL J. ZWERDLING Page 312 BISHOP POCH STAFF VON DEM BUSSCHE GATES TOTZKE BROCKWAY BROWNELL SCHLOSBEBO WALKER LOUISELL HARDISTY GRAVES McCxrGHEY CONN KNICKERBOCKER THOMPSON KAUFMAN STAYTON TURNER JOHNSON CURL MELBERG BRICKER CARVER SCABBARD AND BLADE National Honorary Military Fraternity ACTIVE MEMBERS ARTHUR ARDUSSI WALLACE ARDUSSI BARTON P. BISHOP E. M. BROCKWAY CLARENCE WAYXE BROWNELL BRADFORD CARVER, Fice-Pres. ROBERT CONN- WILLIAM F. CRON LESTER CURL RUSSELL FISHER LLOYD R. GATES VICTOR A. GRAVES M. SCUDDER GRIPPING HARVEY J. GUNDERSON XORRIS M. HARDISTY STANLEY JOHNSON- FLOYD D. KAUFMAN PLATT KNICKERBOCKER PATRICK MCCAUGHEY WALDEMAR POCK PHILIP E. SLAYTON, Sec. LAWRENCE SPTIZER, Pres. CHARLES E. STAFF MAXWELL H. THOMPSON JOHN D. TODD HENRY TOTZKE BRUCE TYNDALL HARRY WALKER, Treas. HlLMAR VON DEM BuSSCHE ASSOCIATE MEMBERS L. MONROE BRICKER, Captain, U. S. A. WILLIAM C. LOUISELL, Captain, U. S. A. REINOLD MELBERG, Major, U. S. A. RICHARD T. SCHLOSBERG, Lieutenant, U. S. A. HIRAM B. TURNER, Lieutenant, U. S. A. P " gi 3 ' 3 JONES GREENE BOWERSOX OBGOOD MILLER DYKSTRA HARRIS KOYKKA EISERMAN NORTH CHARTER DELTA SIGMA RHO National Honorary Forensic Society OFFICERS NORMAN C. BOWERSOX RICHARD T. SAVAGE . NORMA A. GREENE President . Pice-President Secretary- Treasu rer FACULTY MEMBERS GEORGE E. BIGGE, A.M. CARL G. BRANDT, LL.M. EDMUND E. DAY, Ph.D. GAIL E. DENSMORE, A.M. EDWIN D. DICKINSON, Ph.D., J.D. Z. CLARK DICKINSON, Ph.D. Louis M. EICH, Ph.D. I. LEO SHARFMAN, LL.B. HERBERT F. GOODRICH, A.B., LL.B. CLARE E. GRIFFIN, Ph.D. RALPH J. HARLAN, A.M. JAMES M. O ' NEILL, A.B. GEORGE S. PETERSON, A.M. JAMES K. POLLOCK, Ph.D. THOMAS H. REED, LL.B. RAY L. ALEXANDER HAROLD W. CHARTER GERRIT DEMMINK WILLIAM C. DIXON GERALD O. DYKSTRA LYLE E. EISERMAN WILLIAM N. GALL HARRY L. GERVAIS ACTIVE MEMBERS EMANUEL J. HARRIS STEPHEN . JONES THOMAS V. KOYKKA ROBERT S. MILLER WALTER P. NORTH LAURA M. OSGOOD RUSSEL D. SAUER MYRON WINEGARDEN C. SMITH SIGMA DELTA CHI National Professional Journalistic Fraternity MEMBERS IX CITY ALLEN SCHOENFIELD T. HAWLEY TAPPING MEMBERS IX FACULTY PROFESSOR WALDO M. ABBOT PROFESSOR JOHN L. BRUMM PROFESSOR HAROLD P. SCOTT ROBERT W. DESMOND ACTIVES Jo. H. CHAMBERLIN JAMES T. HERALD STUART HOOKER HOWARD K. KENYON PAUL J. KERN- JOHN P. OTTAWAY KENNETH G. PATRICK COCRTLAND C. SMITH XELSON J. SMITH ALBERT STOWELL J. HENRY THURNAU HERBERT E. VEDDER VINCENT C. WALL CASSAM A. WILSON WILTON B. SIMPSON Pag ' 3 ' 5 McCoNOCHiE CANFIELD DETZER WATTS BUHHANS WERTENBERGER DELP NISSLE GILES CARH BIGELOW HOGLE CORNELL MUNT WEINMAN RIDER WALDO WINSLOW VANANTWEHP RUSSELL CHURCHILL CURTIS BROWN WENGER WELKE NORTH MEADEH TROST BLIESMER PACKER KLECKNER JOHN PHILIP SOUSA ALPHA EPSILON MU H onorary Musical Fraternity HONORARY MEMBERS ALBERT A. STANLEY ROBERT A. CAMPBELL NICHOLAS D. FALCONE THEODORE HARRISON ASSOCIATE MEMBERS ALBERT LOCKWOOD SAMUEL LOCKWOOD JOSEPH E. MADDY EARL V. MOORE WILFRED W. WILSON WILLARD J. MEADER THEODORE L. TROST WALTER P. NORTH . ROY G. CURTIS OFFICERS . Director Assistant Director . Librarian Usher JOHN K. ALTLAND CHARLES M. BELL JOHN W. BEAN FRED R. BIGELOW AUGUST F. BLIESMER OTTO H. BROWN ROBERT A. BURHANS MARSHALL L. BYRN BAILEY L. CANFIELD MAC E. CARR STEWART E. CHURCHILL HOMER K. CORNELL LEONARD A. DELP R. NEWTON DETZER ACTIVE MEMBERS CHARLES R. DOYLE ROBERT C. GRAHAM MANFORD K. GILES EDWARD D. HOEDEMAKER JOHN R. HOGLE WILLIAM R. KLECKNER WILLIAM C. LANGENAU WILLIAM M. LEWIS, JR. RUSSELL L. MALCOLM W ' lLLIAM R. McCoNOCHiE FRANK J. MUNT RALPH E. NETZLEY ROLAND O. NISSLE GO RDON W. PACKER OTTIS O. PATTON NORMAN C. REGLIEN T. BRUCE RIDER STEWART N. ROWE EUGENE H. RUSSELL GARLAND D. TAIT LEE D. VANANTWERP CHARLES M. WALDO GERALD R. WATLAND JOHN B. WATTS WILLIAM J. WEINMAN WALTER C. WELKE MARION A. WENGER MORRIS D. WERTENBERGER SHERWOOD B. WINSLOW Page 316 HONOR ORDER OF COIF Senior Honorary Law Society OFFICERS HENRY M. BATES . EDSON R. SUXDERLAND GROVER C. GRISMORE RAY L. ALEXANDER LOWELL M. BIRRELL NATHAN P. FEINSINGER MILTON D. GREEN LESLIE HENRY JULIUS JACOBS LEON R. JONES MEMBERS President Secretary Treasurer NED E. MELLEN KENNETH E. MIDGLEY MORTON W. NEWMAN CARL J. RIDDERING ROGER W. ROGERS HENRY H. SILBERMAN FREDERICK V. SEITZ CHARLES K. UREN MICHIGAN LAW REVIEW Published monthly during the academic year exclusive of October, by the LAW SCHOOL OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN JOHN BARKER WAITE, Editor-in-Chief ASSOCIATE EDITORS EDSON R. SUNDERLAND MENRY M. BATES RALPH W. AIGLER HOBART R. CoFFEY BURKE SHARTEL STUDENTS APPOINTED BY THE FACULTY RAY L. ALEXANDER, of Michigan GEORGE WENDELL BERGE, of Nebraska LOWELL M. BIRRELL, of New York RALPH BENJAMIN BRODY, of Iowa ALEXANDER DIAMOND, of New York NATHAN PAUL FEINSINGER, of New York MILTON DOUGLAS GREEN, of Colorado LESLIE HENRY, of Ohio JULIUS JACOBS, of Ohio LEON RAYMOND JONES, of Iowa WALTER G. KRAPOHL, of Michigan CARL Louis NED EDWARD MELLEN, of Michigan KENNETH EARDLEY MIDGLEY, of Utah MORTON WISE NEWMAN, of Indiana CARL JAMES RIDDERING, of Michigan ROGER WILLIAM ROGERS, of Arkansas OSCAR C. SATTINGER, of Ohio FREDERICK WILLIAM SEITZ, of Michigan HENRY HART SILVERMAN, of Michigan MORRIS WILLIAM STEIN, of Michigan EDWARD FRIEND STERN, of Washington CHARLES KEITH UREN, of Michigan WHITCHURCH, of Illinois Page 317 HONOR ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA National Honorary Medical Fraternity OFFICERS CARL P. HUBER JOHN F. HUBER WOODARD A. NlETHAMMER ALBERT M. BARRETT President V ice-President Secretary- Treasurer Counsellor PHILIP D. AMADON JOHN ALEXANDER ALBERT M. BARRETT PAUL S. BARKER JAMES M. BARNES MARGARET BELL GEORGE H. BELOTE WILLIAM L. BONHAM JAMES D. BRUCE HUGH CABOT CARL D. CAMP R. BISHOP CANFIELD FREDERICK A. COLLER D. MURRAY COWIE ARTHUR C. CURTIS CARL W. EBERBACH CHARLES W. EDMUNDS FACULTY MEMBERS FREDERICK J. FISHER CARL H. FORTUNE ALBERT C. FURSTENBURG PAUL H. GARVEY ROBERT H. GLASS PRESTON M. HICKEY G. CARL HUBER RAPHAEL ISAACS HARTHER L. KEIM RUDOLPH H. KAMPMEIER NORMAN R. KRETZSCHMAR JOHN H. LABADIE MARK LESSES HOWARD B. LEWIS WARREN P. LOMBARD ROLLO E. McCoTTER GORDON J. McCuRDY COLIN C. McR AE JAMES H. MAXWELL WALTER G. MADDOCK RUSSELL L. MUSTARD LEWIS H. NEWBURGH FREDERICK G. NOVY WALTER R. PARKER MAX M. PEET REUBEN PETERSON HENRY K. RANSOM CYRUS C. STURGIS HAROLD G. WALLER ALDRED S. WARTHIN CARL V. WELLER UDO J. WILE FRANK N. WILSON DONALD S. BOOTH OLIN J. CAMERON CARL P. HUBER JOHN F. HUBER ACTIVE MEMBERS FRANKLIN D. JOHNSTON RICHARD U. LIGHT WOODARD A. NIETHAMMER MARTIN PATMOS C. R. RlTTERSCHOFER PAUL C. SAMSON WILEY M. SAMS Page 318 GOCDT VAX VECHTKX HAXAWALT KEMPEB U Vi COOLET YAXG NlETHAMlfEB R. FUU.EK Toxc MACRAE McXlTT MICHIGAN A L P H A OF ALPHA KAPPA DELTA Honorary Sociology Fraternity RICHARD C. FULLER ROBERT H. MACRAE ALICE K. HALL ELLA M. HAXAWALT . WALTER A. GOUDY . ARTHUR E. WOOD. Ph.D. OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . Treasurer Faculty Advisor MEMBERS IX FACULTY CHARLES H. COOLEY. Ph.D. ARTHUR E. WOOD. Ph.D. ROBERT C. AXGELL. Ph.D. ROY H. HOLMES, Ph.D. JOSEPH COHEN, A.M. THEOPHILE RAPHAEL, A.M., M.D. LOWELL J. CARR. Ph.D. JOHN W. ALBIG, A.M. FRANCIS M. VREELAXD, A.M. WALTER G. BERGMAN- HENRY FULLER RICHARD C. FULLER WALTER A. GOUDY ELROY S. GUCKERT ETHELVVYN GULICK ALICE K. HALL ELLA M. HANAWALT CORDELLE KEMPER ACTIVE MEMBERS SHUI-CHING YANG MILTON KIRSHBAUM ROBERT H. MACRAE REGINALD D. McNiTT ALICE MILLIKEN AUGUSTA A. NlETHAMMER YAT-HIXG TONG COURTL.AXD AN VECHTEX GERTRUDE INT FLORENCE S. WERTEL Pfe 319 M ir " ' MHYNRRD LYNDON RRNQLD " ELNNHQFF VE.RNE 5IDNRM FRRNK JRCKSON CRRL LiLBtRT HE.RSLRT WRTT5 LHIL LORCM JJ.R.RQU55E.RU E.RNE5T W1LBY h.O.WhiTTtnQRE: 51GHR DELTR, hO NDRRRY R R L H I T E C T U R E. rRRTELRNITY IN RND RLLIE.D RRTS GENERAL FRATERNITIES MrVicAR Dowi ScHKODEK PrscH WACHS INTER -FRATERNITY COUNCIL u FRATERNITIES IN ORDER OF ESTABLISHMENT AT MICHIGAN GENERAL Chi Psi 1845 Beta Theta Pi Alpha Delta Phi 1846 Delta Kappa Epsilon 1855 Delta Phi 1855 Reestablished 1923 Sigma Phi 1 858 Zeta Psi 1858 Phi Delta Theta . ... [864 Reestablished 1887 Psi Upsikra 1865 Delta Tau Delta 1871 Reestablished 1874 Phi Kappa Psi 1876 Delta Upsilon 1876 Sigma Chi 1877 Chi Phi 1882 Reestablished 1921 Phi Gamma Delta 1885 Reestablished 1902 Alpha Tau Omega 1888 Reestablished 1904 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1889 Theta Delta Chi 1889 Delta Chi 1892 Kappa Sigma 1892 Sigma Nu 1902 Phi Mu Alpha 1902 Acacia 1904 Trigon 1905 Phi Kappa Sigma 1905 Alpha Sigma Phi 1908 Zeta Beta Tau 1912 Sigma Phi Epsilon 1912 Lambda Chi Alpha 1913 Phi Sigma Kappa 1915 Phi Sigma Delta 1915 Hermitage 1917 Theta Chi 1919 Kappa Nu 1919 Delta Sigma Phi 1920 Phi Beta Delta 1921 Phi Epsilon Pi 1921 Alpha Chi Rho 1921 Pi Kappa Alpha 1922 Delta Alpha Epsilon 1922 Tau Delta Phi 1922 Kappa Delta Rho 1922 Phi Mu Delta 1922 Phi Kappa Tau 1923 Tau Epsilon Phi 1923 Sigma Alpha Mu 1923 Alpha Phi Delta 1923 Phi Kappa 1924 Pi Lambda Phi 1924 Alpha Kappa Lambda 1924 Theta Kappa Nu 1925 Tau Kappa Epsilon ' 9-5 Triangle 1925 Sigma Pi 1925 Sigma Zeta 1926 Pi Kappa Phi 1927 PROFESSIONAL Phi Delta Phi ... Nu Sigma Nu .... Delta Sigma Delta Phi Delta Chi ... Theta Kappa Psi . Xi Psi Phi Phi Rho Sigma . . Phi Beta Pi 1869 1883 1882 1883 1888 1889 1897 1898 Phi Alpha Delta . Phi Chi Psi Omega Alpha Kappa Kappa Gamma Eta Gamma Delta Theta Phi Alpha Rho Chi Theta Xi 1905 Sigma Delta Kappa 1914 1905 Alpha Chi Sigma 1916 1905 Alpha Kappa Psi 1920 1906 Delta Sigma Pi 1921 1911 P hi Delta Epsilon 1921 1912 Phi Lambda Kappa 1923 1914 Alpha Omega 1926 1914 NOTE This list was compiled from information furnished by the fraternities themselves and checked against Baird ' s " Manual of American College Fraternities " . Page 321 GENERAL FRATERNITIES BLACKWELL LLOYD BLACK HERMAN WELLS KINSMAN FISHER WEBSTER KELLY HURST TAYLOR EMDE AHRENS LOVETTE THOMPSON FRIEND HENSEL WERTZ POOH SCHULTZ RUSSELL W. BUNTING, D.D.S. MORTIMER E. COOLEY, Eng.D., LL.D. FRANCIS D. CURTIS, Ph.D. H. H. ATWELL JUNIUS E. BEAL ROBERT A. CAMPBELL DURWARD D. COLE RAYE C. EASTMAN CARL S. Fox WENDEL BERCE, LL.B. HOWARD E. CROWELL, A.B. CECIL H. BROWN W. KEITH FRIEND ERNEST W. HENSEJ. A. CLYDE BLACKWELL DELMAR E. AHRENS HUGH O. BLACK ACACIA MEMBERS IN FACULTY HERBERT W. EMERSON, B.S., M.D. CLARENCE T. JOHNSTON, C.E. MARVIN L. NIEHUSS, A.B. FREDERICK G. NOVY, M.D., Sc.D. MEMBERS IN CITY WELBIE L. FULLER ROBERT GRANVILLE W. C. HOLLANDS D. H. HURD JOHN LlNDENSCHMITT ROBERT NORRIS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) W. WILLIAM NORRIS, A.B. WILLIAM H. STEWART, A.B. Senior EARL A. KELLY JOHN H. LOVETTE JOHN W. SCHULTZ HARRY C. THOMPSON Juniors J. MORTIMER FISHER KENNETH G. KINSMAN Sophomores LUDWIG EMDE THOMAS HERMAN Freshmen VINAL O. TAYLOR ROBERT G. RODKEY, A.M. EDWARD A. STALKER, M.S. LENT D. UPSON, Ph.D. FLOYD A. SERGEANT CHARLES A. SINK T. HAWLEY TAPPING MARLAND B. SMALL FRED H. STEGATH FRANK H. WISNER ELDDEN J. TEETER GERALD M. WERTZ, A.B. DONALD W. WEBSTER CHARLES WELLS DRAYTON F. HOLCOMBE EVERETT S. POOR WILLIAM D. HURST KENNETH M. LLOYD Founded University of Michigan 1904 33 Active Chapters MICHIGAN CHAPTER Established 1904 GENERAL FRATERNITIES PATRICK KM TKETOK Porsn JOLLB GODFREY COLLIXS TALOOTT HEVRICH KIM MICK C ALLAH A.X LOMASOX SHAW NOBLE RISC BEUTHIEX McGriHK RKXICK CATO DODD MlLLKB ] :- O ' NEIL ALPHA CHI RHO MEMBERS IN FACULTY J. M. XICKELSEX, B.S. (ME) W. F. Huxr, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY P. S. ROBINSON NORTON CANFIELD FRANKLIN D. BUKGEK WILLIAM J. BEVTHIEX JOHN G. DODD WILLIAM S. GODFREY CLAJIESCE XL CATO WALTER W. COLLIKS " ICTOR L " . HENRICH DOSALD J. BEVIS ALLAN B. CALLAHAN MILTOX D. NOBLE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ' ( iMrtjrv and Graduate Students) THOMAS M. HARMON FRANKLIN J. RAI-NER Seniors Juniors EDWARD H. KAT WILLIAM G. McGuuE CHARLES XL MILLER Sophomores THOMAS H. JOL.LS U ' lLLIAM K. LOUASON FRANCIS D. PATRICK Frfskmen THOMAS L. (XNEiL Rl ' SSELL R. OSTRANDER EDWARD R. REINIG JAMES A. SPROWU, A.B. EDWIN E. KIMMICK HENRY E. SHAW HARVEY H. TALCOTT WALTER XL TREVOR JOHN D. POUND CHARLES D. RENICK ROBERT D. RISK JOSEPH R. ROYSTON JOHN G. SAWYER WILLIAM C. TOST Founded Trinity College 189; ; i Active Chapters PHI XI CHAPTER Established 1921 GENERAL FRATERNITIES McGRAW LONG BECK HERBERT ALLEN G. SMITH E. HAND R. SMITH WARD LEWIS H. HAND JAMES TAYLOR RANSOM WALPER FAUSTER HECKER HARDING YANT MALCOLM CHAMPE GIBSON CHICHESTER L. OVERTON SHAW DAWLEY SHAKESPEARE R. OVERTON REEVES CRANE BELL DUGAN KLEENE HILTOX ALPHA DELTA PHI HENRY M. BATES, Ph.B., LL.B. WILLIAM H. BUTTS, Ph.D. ROBERT F. CRANE, LL.B., Ph.D. THOMAS H. ADAMS, A.B., LL.B. BURTON BARNEY, A.B. CARLTON G. CHAMPE IRA CHICHESTER CARL U. FAUSTER HAROLD J. HAND FRANK I. HARDING, JR. RICHARD H. HECKER JAMES W. ALLEN RICHARD G. BECK EUGENE A. HAND HAROLD W. BELL, JR ROBERT T. CRANE, JR. GEORGE DUGAN MEMBERS IN FACULTY HARRY B. HUTCHINS, LL.D. EVANS HOLBROOK, LL.B. JESSE S. REEVES, Ph.D., LL.D. MEMBERS IN CITY THOMAS F. GUSHING, M.D. Louis P. HALL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) JAY B. CASE WILLIAM R. JAMES Seniors GEORGE A. GIBSON WILLIAM W. LEONARD Juniors LEONARD F. JAMES WILLIAM M. LEWIS, JR. LYLE S. OVERTON WOODBURY RANSOM Sophomores R. BEVERLEY HERBERT THEODORE LONG, JR. Freshmen PORTER DAWLEY WILLIAM D. HILTON FRITZ KLEENE RAYMOND OVERTON PHILIP F. WEATHERILL, Ph.D. BENJAMIN W. WHEELER, A.M. ERNEST G. HILDNER, JR., A.B. HERMAN C. KLEENE, A.B. ARTHUR T. SPENCE, A.B. RUSSELL L. MALCOLM JAMES H. YANT JERRY SHAW MERRILL W. TAYLOR JOHN H. THOMPSON DALTON D. WALPER HARRISON B. McGRAW, JR. GEER H. SMITH ROBERT SMITH ARTHUR REEVES HENRY SHAKSPEARE JAMES F. WARD Founded Hamilton College 1832 27 Active Chapters PENINSULAR CHAPTER Established 1846 GENERAL F R A T E R N I I E S BABLOCK MAHAFFT McCorcHXEY JACKBOX EAGLES BAKER CLARK SPENCEB HECKEK BROWS POLLOCK DABNTON HOGAN PUHDT SAMPSON- G STUABT PIEBCE COLLINS BRAXD Innix KBARNS ABBOTT BAXTER ALDER BARBAGER MILLER SOUTHWORTH XIXKE STEWART WERTUAN CHALK BUCK J. LAROWE GCSTAFSOX K. STUART PRESTON COLEUAN FISHER DCBPERNELL BCBBOUGHS E. ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA ARNOLD E. BARAGAR, A.B. Dow V. BAXTER, Ph.D. WILLIAM C. HICKS M. REED COLEMAN, A.B. LsRov O. DAHLBERG, A.B. GEORGE G. ALDER RICHARD S. BRAND HOWARD C. BUCK HAROLD J. CHALK HOWARD COLLINS ROGER K. BECKER EDWARD T. BURROUGHS ROBERT B. DARNTOX RALPH B. KEARNS RALPH G. ABBOTT DONALD J. BAKER ALLEN L. EAGLES ANDREW R. BARLOCK MEMBERS IN FACULTY RUSSELL A. FISHER, A.B. PAUL W. FRESHWATERS, D.D.S. RICHARD L. LIDDECOAT, B.S.E. MEMBERS IN CITY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) ROLLIN P. FIERO, A.B. FLOYD J. K.LOCK, A.B. Seniors EDWARD DUBPERNELL CARLTON C. GEIERSBACH CHARLES A. GUSTAFSON WALDO J. IRWIN Juniors JAMES H. LA ROWE JAMES R. POLLOCK FRED A. PURDY Sophomores JACK D. HOGAN HUMPHREY C. JACKSON WENDELL A. MAHAFFY MYLON S. McCoNoucHEY Freshmen HOWARD Y. McCLusKY, A.B. FRANCIS M. V REELAND, A.M. LEWIS C. REIMANN GEORGE L. MILLER, A.B. KENNETH C. PIERCE, A.B. ERVIN F. LA ROWE KENNETH C. PRESTON MAYNARD N. SOITTH WORTH WESLEY O. STEWART BERT F. WERTMAN CLAUDE D. SAMPSON JAMES SPENCER GLENN K. STUART KENNETH G. STUART CARL A. NINKE HOWARD SIMON- EARL S. OLDHAM TOWNSEND CLARK I -V3P Founded University of California 1914 6 Active Chapters ZETA CHAPTER Established 1924 G E N K R A L FRATERNITIES i i " MANNING CIPRIANO LARocco JEANNETTE DIFRANCESCO LAURETTI BERTOLLINI SULLO CENTANNI SCIALDO CACCHIONE CHERRY GRANITO BERARDUCCI PACELLA IGNELZI F. FIORDELIS DELL ' AQUILA VARRIANO J. FIORDELIS GIAMBRONE ALPHA PHI DELTA DOMINIC J. DELL ' AQUIL JOSEPH F. FIORDELIS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sen iors JOHN L. VARRIANO FRANK E. GIAMBRONE DOMINIC SULLO ALFRED BERARDUCCI SAMUEL R. DIFRANCESCO FRANK S. FIORDELIS FRANK H. GRANITO RINALDO L. IGNELZI ANTHONY F. PACELLA MARTIN E. ANGELINO ALFIO BERTOLLINI DUNDON A. CACCHIONE ANTHONY F. CENTANNI FRANK J. FRACASSI Sophomores JOSEPH A. GATOZZI FRANK E. JEANNETTE ANTHONY J. LARocco EMIL J. LAURETTI JOHN B. PLASTINO JOSEPH C. SCIALDO Freshmen JOHN A. CHERRY ANTHONY J. CIPRIANO Founded University of Syracuse 1912 1 8 Active Chapters JOHN LoCRiccHio VINCENT E. MANNING OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1923 Page 326 GENERAL FRATERNITIES MEHRING EDWARDS MOULTON YEAGLET H. GILMARTIN RUSH CARR CCHRT CHAPMAN FRENCH HARBACGH W. TISCH R. TISCH BUNKER HAPKE J. GILMARTIN LUETKEMEYER MAYERS HOFELICH LOWBY ROBISON MclNTIRE RENNER FRA8ER DuFriELD POMEHOY McDoNALD WtTERFEL DAIGLE H. S. GRINNELL HACKER ROEHM CONLON OOSTERBAAN WETTLACFER HAHRIGAN H. M. GRINNELL THOMAS E. RAN KIN, M.A. A. FRANKLIN SHULL, Ph.D. JAMES A. VICKERY, A.B. ALLEN O. WILLIAMS, A.B. KENNETH H. LOWE, A.B. DONALD B. DUNHAM HENRY S. GRINNELL WESLEY H. DOUGLAS HARRY M. GRINNELL THOMAS L. DAIGLE GEORGE J. RENNER CHARLES J. STIENECKER JOHN R. GILMARTIN JOHN W. FRENCH CHARLES F. BUNKER S. TRUESDALE MAYERS JERROLD W. CURRY HENRY J. GILMARTIN ERNEST D. RUSH ALPHA SIGMA PHI MEMBERS IN FACULTY RALPH W. AIGLER, LL.B. FRED B. WAHR MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) STANLEY L. SKIDMORE BRUCE W. STOCKING, A.B. W. DAVIDSON HARBAUGH RICHARD W. SAVAGE THOMAS L. CONLON FRANCIS E. B. ROEHM SAM D. WETTLAUFER BENNIE G. OOSTERBAAN Juniors CYRUS H. FRASER THEODORE C. WUERFEL ARTHUR L. MCDONALD JAMES E. DUFFIELD, JR. Sophomores WILFRED H. TISCH WlLLARD E. LOWRY WALTER J. STUERNAGEL Freshmen DALE C. MEHRING JAMES CARR J. WALTER YEAGLEY L. MONROE BRICKER HERBERT F. GOODRICH WILLIAM R. FLORA FILLMORE S. CURRY, A.B. GEORGE W. Orr, A.B. ART HUR L. RICHARDSON FRANK A. HARRIGAN EDWARD W. HACKER JOHN E. MclNTIRE, JR. JOHN A. HAPKE STUART W. ROBISON HENRY W. LUETKEMEYER JOSEPH A. POMEROY RICHARD M. CHAPMAN- JONATHAN C. HARBAUGH RAY M. HOFELICH WILLIAM R. MOULTOX WILLIAM T. S. O ' HARA, JR. RICHARD E. TISCH Founded Yale University 1845 29 Active Chapters THETA CHAPTER Established 1908 GENERAL FRATERNITIES LOTT ISEMAN PoORMAN HANDLEY ELLIOTT BUSSCHE SIMONS DAKER RICHTER KENDRICK AVERY TlMBERLAKE CoNWAY KlNNE POLL FlTZGIBBONS KlNGSLEY HOLDEN SMITH GARRISON ROSE CoRRELL PRIEHS ROBBINS AKE PARKER MULAC BUCK LINDHOUT FRIMODIG ALPHA TAU OMEGA JOSEPH H. CANNON, B.S. HERBERT W. EMERSON, B.S., M.D. CHARLES H. FESSENDEN, M.E. CLIFTON R. BRECKENRIDGE MEMBERS IN FACULTY ROBERT C. GIBSON, M.S. BEN KIEVET, M.S. MEMBERS IN CITY ROBERT J. COOPER WILLIAM C. LOUISELL, A.B. WILBER R. HUMPHREYS, A.M. ULRICH B. PHILLIPS, Ph.D. DERRILL B. PRATT DONALD W. HEDRICK THOMAS J. FITZGIBBONS SHERWOOD AKE ROBERT M. BUCK LEO J. CONWAY CHARLES K. CORRELL J. TAYLOR ELLIOTT, III JACK W. FRIMODIG HAROLD E. HANDLEY CHANDLER C. GARRISON JOHN M. HJORTH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) GEORGE A. McBRiDE Seniors ELMER J. MULAC ARLEY VERN PARKER Juniors CHARLES C. DAKER CHARLES F. HOLDEN Sophomores J. EDGAR ISEMAN MILTON G. KENDRICK M. WINFIELD LOTT, JR. EDWIN B. POORMAN GEORGE H. PRIEHS Freshmen JAMES P. KINGSLEY CORNELIUS H. LINDHOUT CHARLES F. PREECE ROBERT E. POLL EDMUND B. KINNE HARRY C. RICHTER CLARE H. TIMBERLAKE JAMES S. ROBBINS GEORGE E. SIMONS HARVEY G. STRAUB HlLMAR VON DEM BuSSCHE JOHN R. ROSE LEON E. SMITH Founded Virginia Mili tary Institute 1863 87 Active Chapters BETA LAMBDA CHAPTER Established 1888 Re-established 1904 GENERAL PRATER XI IES G. ANDREAE W. MARTIN ROTH ADAMS TAYLOR ABBETT MOORE H. ANDREAE G. MARTIN MILLER MINSEL COLWELL WILLIAMS BCRTON PUHDY GABEL R. WILLS CHAPMAN LCTES CRAQIN ARENDT GENTRY DODDS K. WILLS HAWKINS MICHELSON GRIFFITH HOOVER DECKER KENNETH C. McMuRRAY CARTER GOODRICH, Ph.D. WILLIAM H. WAIT, Ph.D. JUNIUS E. BEAL ELMER BEAL MARSHALL LLOYD RICHARD H. LUTES EDWARD A. CHAPMAN- PAUL L. BURTON GEORGE B. MARTIN ROLLAND W. TAYLOR JOHN F. MILLER CHARLES ROTH JOHN ABBETT JACK DODDS GORDON ANDREAE KENNETH WILLS BETA THETA PI MEMBERS IN FACULTY ALLEN S. WHITNEY, A.M., LL.D. FRANK E. ROBBINS, Ph.D. WILLIAM S. CLARKSON MEMBERS IN CITY J. J. GOODYEAR EDWARD N. HARTWICK DONALD S. PATTERSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) Seniors RAYMOND A. CRACIN RONALD W. WILLS Juniors HAROLD U. ANDREAE W. PAUL COLWELL Sophomores ROBERT ADAMS STUART LORIMER Freshmen ARTHUR DECKER SAMUEL GRIFFITH WILLIAM GENTRY D. SCOTT HOOVER EARL W. Dow, A.B. NORMAND F. MILLER MAURICE W. WHEELER NOBLE D. TRAVIS CHARLES McCALLUM ALEXANDER AVERY NORMAN GABEL RICHARD T. PURDY FREDERICK B. ARENDT ROBERT W. MANLY R. JAMISON WILLIAMS PAUL E. MINSEL ROBERT G. HARTWICK FRANKLIN MOORE WILLIAM MARTIN MORTIMER HAWKINS FRANK MICKELSON Founded Miami University 1839 84 Active Chapters LAMBDA CHAPTER Established 1845 RAL FRATERNITIES BURNEY CHURCH SPENCE BUSHNELL HARLOW JORDAN DEO BONIFIELD HUMPHREY ELLIOT CHOUSE TOEVS FORSTER HARVEY WEARNE GEE ANDREAE WILLIAMS HOFMEISTER GOETZ SIMMONS LUTES HALVEHSON Ross BOLLES FREDERICK F. BLICKE, Ph.D. CHI PHI MEMBERS IN FACULTY WILLIAM A. FRAYER, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY ROBERT B. MANWARING ROBERT T. B. HALL, Ph.D. GEORGE A. ALDERTON, II FRANK W. BUSCH J. ROBERT GROUSE, JR. CHARLES L. BONIFIELD, JR. LESTER P. BUSHNELL HOBART D. ANDREAE ROBERT BOLLES KENITH O. BURNEY ROBERT D. DAVIDSON JACK GOETZ, JR. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) CHARLES M. HUMPHREY, JR. JOHN F. MCCARTHY Seniors JOHN A. FORSTER EDWIN M. GEE, JR. PAUL L. HARVEY Juniors HAROLD G. CAPRON M. ROBERT DEO FREDERICK M. HARLOW Sophomores HENRY E. CROUSE FLOYD CHURCH JAMES JORDAN Freshmen KASPER J. HALVERSON GEORGE E. HOFMEISTER PHIL A. LUTES DONALD A. POLLOCK, A.B. WILLIAM H. WEARNE JAY TOEVS THEODORE H. ROETHKE MATTHEW J. SPENCE ALBERT POST ROBERT W. PRESTON TED WILLIAMS WILLIAM F. Ross JESS SIMMONS Founded College of New Jersey 1824 29 Active Chapters ALPHA TAU CHAPTER Established 1882 Re-established 1921 GENERAL FRATERNITIES WILSON SHIPMAN NELSON CROWE DUSENBCBT HAMILTON BROWXE HOSMEH CRANAGE GCBTIN TWEEDV LEONARD BROWN PERBETT WOLFF BONFIELD Hrpp CAMPBELL WARING CRAIG SCHOTT ROOT HOLMES WABBEN McKEAN GLOVER GRIGG MrKiiXEX KENTON SMITH McMru-EN HIXKLEY BURXAM CARSON WALDO M. ABBOT. A.B., LL.B. L. PAUL BUCKLEY KENNETH M. DAVENPORT FRANK BLYMYER STANLEY N. MUIRHEAD, A.B. S. MACBRAYER BuRNAM ROBERT E. CARSON- CHARLES A. CAMPBELL JAMES CRAIG ARTHUR M. HINKLEY KENNETH M. HOLMES E. A. BONFIELD HENRY A. BROWN- WILLIAM J. BROWNE BIDWELL CRANAGE MARTIN E. CROWE, JR. GEORGE A. DUSENBURV CHI PSI MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY RAY L. FISHER H. SEGER SLIFER HUGH WELLMEIER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Gradual Students) EDWIX P. VARY, A.B. PHILIP D. WEST Seniors JOHN H. GLOVER ARTHUR P. GRIGG Juniors ARTHUR H. HUPP HOWARD K. KENYON G. THOMAS McKEAN WlLLIAM H. McMuLLEN Sophomorfs GEORGE E. LEONARD, JR. GEORGE W. PERRETT, JR. Freshmen ROSSMAN P. GUSTIN GEORGE R. HAMILTON, JR. JOHN A. HOSMER HARRIS NELSON LAFAYETTE F. Dow, A.M. ROBERT W. WILKINS GUY L. WOOLFOLK CURTIS WHITE. A.B. CASSAM A. WILSON- JAMES G. McKlLLEN COURTLAND C. SMITH THATCHER W. ROOT C. FORD SCHOTT EUGENE H. WARING ROBERT F. WARREX FARRINGTON TWEEDY JOHN S. WOLFF, JR. W T YATT SHULTZ PAUL A. SHIPMAN S. CADWELL SWANSON KEITH A. WILSON Founded Union College 1841 24 Active Chapters ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER Established 1845 GENERAL FRATERNITIES DEMPSTER JURY WEBSTER WOOD LOPBERO SUNDELL WEST FREDERICK WELLMAN ATHERTON GARLICK WEBER SMITH NEUKOM NORQUIST MCKNIGHT DRAKE RAHN QUALE RAPP WALTENSPERGER MCCREERY STEVENSON SCHERMACK LEDBETTER WARREN ROGERS BENZ STILES WILLIAMS STAFFORD BLAIR LINDENFELD 9 CLARENCE F. KESSLER, M.S.E. GEORGE BAILEY JOHN W. HOLMES GEORGE MCKNIGHT HAZEN E. ATHERTON HAROLD G. DEMPSTER MILTON DRAKE EMIL FREDERICK HENRY E. W. JURY ELLSWORTH LEDBETTER BELA LINDENFELD ERWIN BENZ LAUREL BLAIR KENNETH H. RAHN DELTA ALPHA EPSILON MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) JOHN NUNNELEY WILLIAM RODGERS HOWARD R. STEVENSON Seniors MARK J. GARLICK GEORGE WALTENSPERGER Juniors MILTON MCCREERY MILLARD SAXTON Sophomores EVERETT E. LOFBERG GEORGE NEUKOM FRANK QUALE Freshmen LESTER RAPP LAWRENCE ROGERS HENRY STAFFORD HOWARD R. STEVENSON, B.S.E. LAWRENCE HALL KENNETH SMITH JOHN WELLMAN ELMER G. WEBER J. BENNETT WOOD JOSEPH S. SCHERMACK DONALD C. WEBSTER LEO WEST JOE BATES SMITH D. LAVERNE SUNDELL WILLIAM STILES NEIL WARREN JOE WILLIAMS Founded University of Michigan 1922. 3 Active Chapters BETA CHAPTER Established 1922 GENERAL FRATERNITIES CHASE MACGHEGOR Rl ' SSELL BURTON SHROYEB RYERSON WnlTACRE BROWN BISHOP PALM SCHBOEDER FERGCSOX JORDAN WHITNEY MORTENSON MEESE HOLMES SCHEELE UTLEY REYNOLDS WINKWOHTH BOBRINK GAWNE DOEHGE THOMAS H. REED, A.B., LL.B. WILLIAM R. DAY, B.S. JOHN J. HARRISON, A.B. FERRY REYNOLDS SAMUEL E. GAWNE Louis F. PHILIPPI FRANK E. MEESE PAUL HOLMES LEONARD A. SCHEELE GEORGE O. BROWN- EDWARD H. RUSSEL EDGAR A. BURTON DELTA CHI MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY RICH GREGORY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) LLOYD F. CATRON, A.B. HARI.AN J. YELLAND, A.B. Seniors JOHN H. BOBRINK PAUL S. BRYANT Juniors CHARLES D. MACGREGOR FREDERICK M. ASBECK FRANK MORTENSON Sophomores CHARLES VV. BISHOP HAROLD VV. JORDAN RAYMOND E. PALM Freshmen HARRY F. WHITACRE T. EMERSON SHROYER EARL S. WOLAVER, A.B., LL.B. CLINTON H. COULTER GEORGE E. RICH, A.B. CARL H. DOERGE ROBERT D. INKWORTH HAROLD M. UTLEY EDWIN G. WHITNEY SQUIRE F. CHASE REX R. SHUART OSCAR R. SCHROEDER GEORGE M. RYERSON L. WALLACE FERGUSON Founded Cornell University 1890 31 Active Chapters MICHIGAN CHAPTER Established 1892 , GENERAL FRATERNITIES D. A. MONROE POND KRAFT CUMINGS DEN BLEYKER SMART PICKAHD TUCKER TRAPHAGEN SHORT LEWIS GOODWIN FOSTER SMITH COLE WOODARD NEAL QUARLES SPENCER LONOYEAR WILDANGER NYLAND BAYNE KRESGE BOUTELL D. C. MONROE B AHBOUR WINTERS OPPERMANN DUFFIELD SCHROEDER NICHOLSON MARSHALL OTTAWAT RAMSAY DELTA KAPPA EPSILON CHARLES H. COOLEY, Ph.D. JAMES CRAIG, A.B. GEORGE A. NICHOLSON, JR. WAYNE M. SCHRODER JOHN A. MARSHALL BYRON J. LONGYEAR SAMUEL P. QUARLES JAMES E. BAYNE DANIEL W. SMITH, JR. ROBERT D. SHORT JOHN H. GOODWIN JOHN DEN BLEYKER DOUGLAS A. MONROE JOSEPH W. TUCKER, JR. MEMBERS IN FACULTY OSCAR J. CAMPBELL, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY JAMES V. CAMPBELL, M.D. EDWARD A. HUNTER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) GEORGE S. HAGGARTY, A.B. Seniors JOHN P. OTTAWAY FREDERICK H. DUFFIELD WILLIAM T. BARBOUR, JR. WILLIAM S. RAMSAY Juniors EDWARD L. NEAL HOWARD C. KRESGE JAMES R. -SPENCER BENJAMIN R. BOUTELL Sophomores RICHARD B. FOSTER JOSEPH H. WOODARD Freshmen DAVID O. SMART, III CHARLES B. CUMINGS ROBERT C. ANGELL, Ph.D. CARTER C. STEWART RAND E. WINTERS PAUL P. OPPERMANN DAVID C. MONROE JOHN J. KNIGHT BRABYN W. WILDANGER HERMAN Z. NYLAND, JR. JAMES F. LEWIS GILBERT L. COLE CLARENCE B. TRAPHAGEN WILLIAM E. POND HOLLAND C. KRAFT NICHOLAS S. PICKARD Delta. Kappa Epsilon Founded Yale University 1844 45 Active Chapters OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1855 Page 334- GENERAL FRATERNITIES v T HAMMOND ROBERTS G. WILLIAMS F. WILLIAMS WOODROOFE SCHNIEFFELM H ODDER OSBORNE PATRICK C. GAGE A. GAGE RODENBERG DOWZER BAN-WELL |EiNE8 BROOKS HUNT VANNOBT BONING BLAKELT BUCK HOWE DELTA PHI MEMBERS IN FACULTY WARREN E. FORSYTHE, M.D. WALTER V. MARSHALL, B.A.E. GEORGE L. PATTEE, A.B. BERTRAM O. VANXORT BRYAN HUNT WILLIAM H. HEATH KENNETH G. PATRICK LOUIS B. RODENBERG JAMES B. OSBORNE STAFFORD M. HODDER ROBERT WOODROOFE MEMBERS IN CITY WILLIAM J. BOOTH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) Seniors STRATTON BUCK WYLE G. BONINE CHARLES H. FINES BRIAN W. BLAKELY Juniors CLAUDIUS C. GAGE ALEXANDER K. GAGE, JR. Sophomores CALVIN BANWELL FREDERIC H. WILLIAMS Freshmen GURNEY WILLIAMS, JR. DEAN HAMMOND LAWRENCE D. DICKEY CLAYTON B. HOWE JOHN W. RYON, JR. PHILIP C. BROOKS ORVILLE L. DOWZER LLOYD W. MINGOS WILLIAM H. REID JAMES ROBERTS EDWARD G. SCHIEFELIN Founded L nion College 1827 15 Active Chapters IOTA CHAPTER Established 1855 Re-established 1923 GENERAL FRATERNITIES DILLON SARGENT MYRON AHLSTROM WELCH THACHER MACK HACKETT ARMSTRONG FULLER RICE GRACE A. McKiNNiE BOWER HYNE ROBINSON SIMPKINS SMITH LINK COCHRAN EMERY CHILDS ANNAND ZICK LIPPMAN MILLAR WELLS SPALDINO HARTWIG HENNING C. McKiNNiE DRUMMOND MYERS VAN PELT ARTHUR VANDUREN, A.B. M. CLIFTON DEY W. CARL BAUER FRANK C. PAINTER DAVID L. PERROTT R. DOUGLAS ARMSTRONG FREDERIC W. FULLER ARTHUR A. McKiNNiE CHARLES W. GRACE THERON D. CHILDS WILLIAM M. EMERY JACK W. HACKETT ARTHUR C. AHLSTROM STANLEY S. COCHRAN J. GEORGE DILLON LUMOND L. DRUMMOND GORDON SIMPKINS GEORGE HYNE DELTA SIGMA PHI MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY ALBERT J. PARKER PHILIP H. DIETZ MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) WILLIAM W. BURD WILLIAM A. VANCE Seniors JOHN W. RICE NORMAN L. HARTWIG EDWARD G. HENNING Juniors WILLIAM E. MACK EDWARD J. ZICK ROBERT W. SHIRLEY Sophomores CLARENCE L. McKiNNiE HAROLD G. MYRON LELAND E. SARGENT LAWRENCE LINK Freshmen THOMAS JUSTUS GLENN D. McGEocu, A.B. DONALD W. DUNNING BERNARD WATSON- DANIEL VANWOERKOM EMORY W. MORRIS WESLEY J. WELLS DONALD R. WILLIAMS Louis A. SPALDING ALEC B. LIPPMAN MELVIN ROBINSON JACK ANNAND OTIS S. THACHER, JR. BURCHARD B. BOWER HARSEN A. SMITH ROBERT K. WELCH JACK MYERS CLIFFORD VAN PELT HOWARD BERRO Founded College of City of New York 1899 48 Active Chapters ALPHA THETA CHAPTER Established 1920 GENERAL FRATERNITIES : i t it t t f t Ui I f t t f; I McGRATH STORES MACKBT JOHNS RUSSELL MTRRAT PHESBRET LOG AS CROWTHERS DOBBIN PLEBHEK FORBES DOOUTTLE THOMAS BOTER GEISTERT VEDDER REED GROVE HILLINGS T. A. MEDSGER DANIELS BAHXETT WHTTE DAT HEESS CCLMN HERRICE POOLE DOCGALL PAULSON H. MEDSGER HAXSCOM LITTLE DELTA T A U DELTA JOHN ALEXANDER. A.M., M.D. FLOYD E. BARTELL, M.D. F. P. ARTHUR, D.D. THOMAS E. CASADY. A.B. RICHARD D. CUTTING, A.B. ROWAN FASQUELLE, A.B. ALBERT J. GILLIGHAM ARTHUR R. BARNETT EDWARD T. CORBUS PHILLIP R. CULKIN CHARLES P. DOUGALL, JR. EDWIN O. BILLINGS PHILLIP J. DAY EDWARD F. DANIELS ROBERT M. BOYER DONALD DOOLITTLE MORLEY CROWTHERS JOHN DOBBIN JACK JOHNS OHN LOGAN- MEMBERS IN FACULTY ARTHUR H. BLANCHARD, A.M. RALPH H. CURTISS. Ph.D. CARL GUTHE, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY HERBERT FLORER, A.B. WARREN W. FLORER, Ph.D. FREDERICK M. GAIGE, M.A. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) FREDERICK J. B. SEVALD, JR. E. GlFFORD L T PJOHN, A.B. JAKES E. WELLS, JR. Seniors DAVID J. HANSCOM JAMES H. HERRICK CLARENCE W. LITTLE, JR. Juniors DAVID B. GROVE JUDSON B. HEESS Sophomores ALEXANDER W. FORBES WALTER E. GEISTERT WILLIAM B. REED Freshmen ARTHUR MACKEY WALTER McGRATH CLIFFORD MURRAY HOBART H. WlLLARD. Ph.D. LEIGH J. YOUNG, M.S.F. GEORGE P. MCCALLUM, SR., LL.B. Louis K.ILGORE. A.B. SEWELL H. PLATT, A.B. SAMUEL M. WETZEL J. KYLE WORLEY, A.B. HENRY O. MEDSGER RICHARD H. PAULSON LORNE J. POOLE JAMES O ' N. SHEEHAN T. ARNOLD MEDSGER HERMAN K. MEITHE CHARLES I. WHYTE, JR. BLAIR W. THOMAS DONALD B. VEDDER LYLE PLESHEK ROBINSON PRESBREY S. COMSTOCK RUSSELL ARNOLD STORRS Founded Bethany College 1858 72 Active Chapters DELTA CHAPTER Established 1871 Re-established 1874 GENERAL FRATERNITIES ARMSTRONG OWENS L WRIE W. MARSHALL SWEET SIGERFOOS TAYLOR DICKERSON KAESS HOAD HAWKINS BULL HOUSTON A. MARSH EDWARDS HALL MINT BELLAIRE BURILL MOORE MATCHETT NICKLIN STEENSMA STERLING WHITTLE WENGER B. MARSHALL J. MARSH JOSE BRUMBAUGH KNAPP RANDALL CLELAND OLIN W. BLACKETT CHESTER W. CLARK, A.M. GEORGE M. BLEEKMAN, M ARTHUR L. CROSS, Ph.D. L. GRANT BALDWIN, JR. ALBERT E. GREEN HARRY M. HAWLEY EDWARD B. CASTLE, A.B. WM. D. COVENTRY, A.B. DEAN H. ECHOLS, A.B. WILLIAM D. BRUMBAUGH BLANCHARD W. CLELAND DAN Y. BURILL JOHN O. BERGELIN EDWARD J. BELLAIRE M. GORDON BULL NELSON ARMSTRONG BEAKES DICKERSON JOHN G. HOAD DELTA UPSILON MEMBERS IN FACULTY CHARLES F. DEISS, A.B. IOSEPH H. DRAKE, Ph.D., LL.B. S.E. WALTER B. FORD, A.M., M.D. PHILIP HADLEY, M.D., Ph.D. CLARENCE L. MEADER, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY EDWIN T. HUNTINGTON HENRY W. NICHOLS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) HARRISON M. RANDALL, Ph.D. JACOB E. REIGHARD, Ph.D. WILFRED B. SHAW, A.B. FRANCIS B. VEDDER, A.B., D.D.S. HORACE G. PRETTYMAN H. D. SCOTT ARTHUR W. STALKER WORTH A. FAUVER, A.B. SYLVESTER FORD, A.B. RICHARD H. FREYBERG, A.B. HOBART D. HOYT, A.B. OSCAR A. JOSE DALES A. KNAPP Seniors JOHN A. MARSH BROOKS MARSHALL MARION A. WENGER GEORGE H. MATCHETT CHARLES F. MOORE WILLIAM E. EDWARDS CHARLES H. HALL FREDERICK W. KAESS MALCOM D. LAWRIE Juniors WILSON NICKLIN SYDNEY W. STEENSMA Sophomores VERNON M. HAWKINS JAMES C. HOUSTON Freshmen WILBERT B. MARSHALL PARRY P. OWENS STEPHEN E. JONES, A.B. FREDERICK G. NOVY, A.B. FREDERICK J. STEVENS, A.B. JOHN R. RANDALL ROBERT C. TETER WEBSTER STERLING JOHN DALLAS WHITTLE ARTHUR W. MARSH FRANCIS J. MUNT EDWARD SIGERFOOS LAWRENCE K. SWEET WILLIAM W. TAYLOR Delta Upsil Founded Williams College 1834 52 Active Chapters MICHIGAN CHAPTER Established 1876 OIX 33$ GENERAL FRATERNITIES BERKELEY A NDKEWg MOORE NECHMAN SCHAFFER SCHULTZ FARRELL TAYLOR KABER BOYLAXD TOWN-SEND NECHMAN GEXTHE OBR LESLIE JORDAN NELL LAYMAN KOCH STHANO SNODGRASS HOOFER -M EXCEL MC-LENNAN HERMITAGE RALPH V. AIGLER, LL.B. ROY W. COWDEN, A.M. MEMBERS IX FACULTY H. M. SHAW CARET E. KAUFFMAN, A.B. ROBERT H. CHAPMAN ROYCE B. HOOPER Louis J. JORDAN- MARK S. ANDREWS, JR. RAYMOND E. GENTHE RICHARD W. BERKELEY DONALD V. BOYLAND BEACHER B. CARY WILLIAM X. FERGUSON ROBERT W. ACKERMAN HERBERT C. SADLER, Sc.D., LL.D. MEMBERS IX CITY MEMBERS IX UXIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) ROBERT L. MOORE, A.B. LAWRENCE PREUSS A.B. Seniors EDWARD KOCH LAWRENCE W. MENGEL MILES E. MCLENNAN Juniors THOMAS M. LESLIE PRUESS MONIOT ROBERT MOORE Sophomores WILLIAM R. FARRELL ENNIS P. HAWKINS LELAND HILL CLAYTON H. KASER Freshmen THOMAS P. DAVIES DONALD E. LAYMAN- LEWIS M. GRAM, L.M., B.S. ALEXANDER G. RUTHVEN, Ph.D. S. KASER WILTON A. SIMPSON, A.B. MELVIN E. ORR JOHN T. SNODGRASS C. R. STRANG CHARLES X. XECHMAN, JR. EDWARD E. XELL ROBERT T. SCHULTZ ROBERT T. SCHAFFER LAVERGNE TAYLOR MORGAN J. TOWNSEXD EARL ROEDEL Founded University of Michigan 1907 I Active Chapter HERMITAGE CHAPTER Established 1917 G E X E R A I. F RATERNITIES SCHMKISKE SEVEHV VAN ZANDT JOHNSON HOWELL BENTON BADGER MURRAY ACKLEY DE WITT AHN PIPER FRANSETH JOBES WHEELER SPOOR BOLEY CANFIELD HILL BIOELOW FORD THOITS TODD STAUB HAMEL TROST WATERMAN ZUCK HOGLE DE GRAFF SHANTZ STEINKO GREENE LAY KAPPA DELTA RHO MEMBERS IN FACULTY Louis M. EICH, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY JULIUS A. HANSLOVSKY WALTER E. LAY, B.M.E. CHARLES J. CLARK, A.B. PAUL D. DALKE, B.S.F. EARL E. KLEINSCHMIDT, B.S. FRED R. BIGELOW BENJAMIN A. DE GRAFF HENRY FORD, JR. GEORGE H. GREENE GEORGE B. AHN, JR. BAILEY L. CANFIELD DwiGHT E. ACKLEY WILLIAM E. BOLEY WILLIAM E. BADGER, JR. KENNETH G. BENTON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) JOSEPH H. SHIPMAN E. MILTON STAUB, A.B. Seniors ROWLAND H. HILL JOHN R. HOGLE GEORGE D. QUELETTE Juniors FREDERIC J. DE WITT, JR. J. SAMUEL HAMEL JAMES G. JOBES Sophomores JOSEPH E. HOWELI. ROLLAND D. SEVERY MORRIS G. JOHNSON Freshmen RAYMOND H. BUNSHAW JOHN D. TODD, A.B. THEO. L. TROST, A.B., A.M. ROBERT A. WATERMAN, A.B. LEIGIITON O. SHANTZ STANLEY M. STEINKO JOHN H. THOITS STANLEY F. ZUCK JAMES U. PIPER LORIMER C. SPOOR PAUL FRANSETH FRANCIS E. WHEELER ARTHUR L. VAN ZANDT THOMAS W. MURRAY LISBON H. SCHMEISKE Founded Middlebury College 1905 14 Active Chapters MU CHAPTER Established 1922 GENERAL FRATERNITIES KIRSCHNER NOVITSKY BACHENHEIMER WISE GOCLSON SEDEB FLEISCHMAN KRAMER BERNSTEIN STEINBERG BAUU WIENER MANSON GOLDBERG P. STERN ROSENTHAL I-ASKER RATTNER RAPAPOHT GLAZER FEINSINGER ROSENBATM FALK WEISS HOLZNUV BATUK BAER MARKS NATHAN SCHERHER SEGALL E. STERN ULLIIA.N RIGELHAUPT RABNICK KAPPA X U NATHAN P. FEINSINGER, A.B. STANLEY L. GLAZER, E.E. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) HAROLD A. MARKS, A.B. SYLVAN RAPAPORT, A.B. SYLVAN S. ROSENBAUM, A.B. JOSEPH M. WEISS, JR., A.B. RAYMOND T. BAER JOE NATHAN, JR. NAT N. RASNICK Seniors JAMES L. RIGELHAUPT JACK M. SCHERMER ARTHUR A. SEGALL EDWARD F. STERN- SIDNEY TUSCHMAN JEROME D. ULLMAN A. EDWARD BAYUK MYRON FALK Juniors HERBERT S. GOLDBERG DAVID L. HOLZMAN EDWIN D. LASKER HAROLD T. RATTNER PHILLIP M. BAUM BENJAMIN M. MAXSON T. KLEE BACHENHEIMER ARTHUR J. BERNSTEIN MARTIN J. FLEISHMAN- ARTHUR L. GOULSON Sophomores RICHARD S. RUSLANDER Freshmen ICTOR J. KlRSCHNER ABE KRAMER BYRON NOVITSKY PHILIP S. STERN- RICHARD WIENER PHILIP S. ROSENBERG HAROLD SEDER DOLPH P. STEINBERG LAWRENCE WISE Founded University of Rochester 191 1 17 Active Chapters MU CHAPTER Established 1919 FRATERNITIES SMITH BELL HOVT STRTJBLE MCNAUGHTON NOYES RICHARDSON DINIUS McCoRT MCBRIDE BUSCH MORRISON HELMS PETRIE BICKNELL COOK BOVARD JONES PITTELCO MARTELL WARD BERGER GREEN PFERSDORF HIBBS JOHNSON CROSBY CHILMAJT CHAMBERLIN ANNABLE ROBINSON ROESCH CUNNINGHAM ALBERSON CARR KAPPA SIGMA MEMBERS IN FACULTY FERDINAND N. MENEFEE, B.S. W. FREDERICK PETERSON, A.M. ELTON E. WEIMAN, A.B. FRANK H. STEVENS, B.S. ARTHUR A. WOOD, Ph.D. MAYNARD A. NEWTON MACKENZIE SHANNON ANGUS R. SHANNON, JR. ROBERT BACHER JOHN W. ALBERSON GEORGE H. ANNABLE WALTER E. BERGER ROGER E. CARR FRANK BICKNELL RICHARD E. HELMS, JR. E. STANLEY JOHNSON ALLAN J. BOVARD WILLIAM C. BUSCH MERTON J. BELL STEPHEN ri. DINIUS MALCOM H. McCoRT MEMBERS IN CITY EDWARD MARANDA MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) HERBERT WALLACE RICHARD TRAVIS Seniors JOHN H. CROSBY WILLIAM A. CHILMAN Jo. H. CHAMBERLIN ORIN G. GREEN Juniors WAYNE R. JOHNSON CECIL H. MARTELL ROBERT L. PETRIE Sophomores WILLIS R. JONES JENNINGS McBRiDE SHELDON MORRISON Freshmen ARCHIE L. McN ' AUGHTON KARL RICHARDSON J. ANDREWS HOYT LEROY HESTON E. CLARK DAVIS LEO W. HOFFMAN J. ALBERT ROESCH JOHN CUNNINGHAM CHARLES E. ROBINSON, JR. JAMES WARD MAX A. PITTELCO LACEY HIBBS PAUL COOK ALEXANDER RUELLE JACK L. ROESCH JOHN R. NOYES HAMILTON W. SMITH ARTHUR R. STRUBEL Founded University of Virginia 1867 105 Active Chapters ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER Established 1892 GENERAL FRATERNITIES GCSTINE M TYCH SWERDFEGER SCHRADEH WlTTEB RYE MlCHELSON S.4HLMARK OLM8TEAD METZ RCSSICK COLE RAMBDELL BRIDOEWATER HASSE REYNOLDS NOFZINGER BOWERMAN LACER JERNEGAN RcSSELL MlLLER BHOWNELL METZ SEILHEIMER HODGSON LAMBDA CHI ALPHA JACK L. BLOTT, A.B. FLOYD X. CALHOON, B.S. H. L. CAVERLY, B.S. MEMBERS IN FACULTY PAUL GIBSON BENTON E. GATES, A.B. RUDOLPH I. CLARY C. WAYNE BROWNELL NANDO F. HAASE RAYMOND J. HODGSON PAUL F. JERNEGAN GEORGE H. MAITLAND EDWARD R. BOWERMAN R. STERLING COLE D. GERDAN DICK GUSTINE THEODORE G. METZ CLIFFORD WOODY, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY WILLIAM E. UNDERDOWN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students ' ) Louis F. KNOEPP ROBERT E. FARMER Jos. C. MILLER, JR. Juniors GEORGE E. MATYCH FRED. G. METZ WILLIAM C. REYNOLDS HARRY R. RUSSELL Sophomores THAYER J. LAUER EARL E. NOFZINGER Freshmen NELS MICHELSON CLAY F. OLMSTEAD DON C. RODGERS JAMES A. RYE MYRON D. CHAPIN, Ph.D. RUEL V. CHURCHILL, M.S. WILLIAM G. SMEATON, A.B. PAUL C. SELLARDS JOHN B. SCHOENFELD GWYNN J. K. SYLVEY, B.S. JOHN L. NORMAN BRUCE H. SCHWARZE CHARLES H. SEILHEIMER THOMAS H. SMALLMAN GERALD S. SWERDFEGER RICHARD M. RAMSDELL CHARLES RUSSICK EDWIN A. SCHRADER JOSEPH SAHLMARK JOSEPH WITTER Founded Boston University 1909 76 Active Chapters SIGMA CHAPTER Established 1913 BISHKOO GOLDBERG FRIEDMAN SCHILLER FISHMAN ISBERO MENDELSON AVERBOOK JACOBS GOLDSTEIN APISDORF GOLDEN RUBIN AMTER BURSTEIN MARKS ROBINSON MARKS ROBINSON MARKUS NOCHIMSON FINK SATOVSKY LAPIN ELIEZER COEN GOLTZ GORE KOFFMAN FRANK PHI BETA DELTA JOSEPH A. AMTER, B.A. IRVING E. FINK, B.A. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students ' ) LEWIS A. GOLDEN, B.A. EDWARD ROBINSON, B.A. MARVIN S. AVERBOOK SIDNEY BURSTEIN BURTON MARKS Seniors OSCAR A. MARKUS MARTIN NOCHIMSON ABRAHAM SATOVSKY BERTRAM R. COEN IRVING GOLDSTEIN Louis GOLTZ MARVIN J. JACOBS Juniors HERMAN H. KOFFMAN JOSEPH LAPIN NELSON MENDELSON MAXWELL L. RUBIN IRVING H. APISDORF MAURICE J. BISHKOO BENJAMIN FISHMAN ALVIN S. FRIEDMAN Sophomores HERBERT GOLDBERG RALPH GORE MAX M. ISBERG MORRIS C. SCHILLER EDWARD B. ELIEZER Freshmen MILTON R. FRANK Founded Columbia University 1912 26 Active Chapters OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1921 GENERAL FRATERNITIES KERB WHITWORTH HOOVER HULBERT STEKETEE CLAY VINAPOOL FHAZIER CUNNINGHAM YOAKCM GUNDEBSON NEWTON R. WACHTER LISLE DAVIS SANDERSON BLACK THORNQUIST MACK PETRIE F. WACHTER BARLEY BRANCH SANDERS KATZENMEYEB SAWYER ADKINSON S. SMITH HOLMES AMEBSON COOMBS CLARKE H. SMITH PHI DELTA THE MEMBERS IX FACULTY HENRY A. SANDERS, Ph.D. EARL V. MOORE, A.B. ALBERT E. WHITE HUGH M. BEEBE, M.D. XAPIER ALDRICH, A.B. VICTOR E. DOMHOFF THEODORE H. MACK WILBUR E. PETRIE RICHARD K. AMERSON GRAEME M. BLACK JUDSON B. BRANCH WATSON H. CLAY WILLIAM B. HOOVER JAMES ADKIXSON WILLIAM A. COOMBS HUGH W. CLARKE, JR. DANIEL W. HOLMES ELMORE PETTYJOHN, M.S.E. MEMBERS IN CITY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) RONALD SMEATON Seniors GEORGE M. SANDERS Juniors Sophomores Freshmen T A CHARLES W. EDMUNDS, M.D. HERMAN W. CASE, Ph.D. G UY M. WHIFFLE, Ph.D. JAMES A. KENNEDY, A.B. RICHARD L. SUTTON, A.B. CONRAD E. THORNQUIST FRANK L. WACHTER ALBERT R. BARLEY ROBERT H. NEWTON FRANCIS D. SANDERSON RAYMOND J. WACHTER PAUL F. STEKETEE ROBERT A. WHITWORTH ROBERT SAWYERS JAMES H. SIMRALL HOWARD W. SMITH STUART M. SMITH Founded Miami University 1848 96 Active Chapters MICHIGAN ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1864 Re-established 1887 M 1 s Page 345 GENERAL FRATERNITIES FREEMAN LEFTWICH LEVISON OPPENHEIM MAAS SLOSS LlEBMAN SCHLOSS SCHNEIDER DoTTENHEIM N. LEVY HOENIG NATHAN J. LEVY STEIN PICAHD BAER SOLOMON WASHER NAST COHEN SCHERMER KLEIN ADLER HEYMANN LEVITT MOSESSOHN BHANDES MANN FEINBERG RABBI A. FINK PHI EPSILON PI MEMBERS IN CITY VICTOR ROSE CARLYLE P. IMERMAN- MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) HOWARD I. SCHERMER, A.B. HARTWIG M. ADLER MARCUS A. FEINBERG EDWARD M. HEYMAN WILLIAM E. KLEIN MELVIN H. BAER A. D. NAST, JR. NORMAN D. COHEN MELVILLE H. DOTTENHEIM HENRY M. HOENIG DONALD J. KAUFMAN EMANUEL BRANDES ALWYN V. FREEMAN Louis LEFTWICH, JR. STANLEY K. LEVISON JACK LEVY HERBERT S. LIEBMAN Seniors Juniors Sophomores JOSEPH W. STEIN Freshmen ROBERT M. SHALL, A.B. EDGAR S. LEVITT BORIS N. MOSESSOHN MARVIN L. MANN HERBERT A. SALZMAN BERNARD M. SOLOMON- BEN S. WASHER, JR. NORMAN LEVY LAWRENCE NATHAN MILTON C. PICARD, JR. HOWARD SCHERMER SAM L. MAAS, JR. THEODORE H. OPPENHEIM Louis SCHNEIDER, JR. ROBERT L. SCHLOSS STUART A. SCHLOSS Founded College of the City of New York 1904 24 Active Chapters ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Established 1921 FRATERNITIES D. OBB STEVENS .STAUDT R. OBB EAMES MERRILL THIELE MARTIN SCHEHEB CHAPMAN THIEIIE BUCHANAN SMITH L. BBOWN CASTER EDWABDS BLANCHABD GOODBICH GARBER SHICK OLSON HICKET THOMAS HULE PCSCH F. BROWN PHI GAMMA DELTA MEMBERS IN FACULTY FRANCIS L. D. GOODRICH. B.L.S. I. RALEIGH HAYDEN, Ph. D. PRESTON M. HICKEY. M.D. HENRY VV. MILLER, M.E. JAMES B. POLLOCK, S -. D. HENRY E. RIGGS, C.E. CLARENCE S. YOAKUM STEWART EACLESON CHARLES B. EMERY LOUIS FORSYTHE MANLY K. HUNT JOHN V. BLANCHARD F. LSTRADE BROWN DURWIN D. ALCYER LEWIS F. BROWN WILLIAM T. BUCHANAN- ROBERT C. CHAPMAN- WALTER P. HICKEY ORRIN A. EAMES DAVID H. ORR MEMBERS IN CITY HERBERT L ' PTON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CALVIN N. SOUTHER Senior WILLIAM D. EDWARDS, JR. MARTIN D. GARBER L. KEITH GOODRICH Juniors ROBERT E. CASTER EDWARD L. HULSE Sophomores WILLIAM B. MARTIN- RICHARD M. MERRILL HAROLD O. OLSON Frfskmfa W. REED ORR R. MONTGOMERY SHICK JOHN G. STAVDT HERBERT C. SADLER, Sc. D. SHIRLEY W. SMITH. A.M. CYRUS C. STURGIS EDSON R. SUNDERLAND, L.L.B. MORRIS P. TILLEY. Ph. D. ALDRED S. WARTHIN, M.D. WALTER R. REA SAMUEL H. RIGGS CLEMENT A. SMITH S. TYLER WATSON- WILLIAM C. PVSCH THOMAS E. SUNDERLAND DONALD S. SMITH E. THURSTON THIEME THOMAS THOMAS ALEX K. SCHERER WALTER H. THIELE FREDERICK C. STEVENS, JR. SHERWOOD A. L ' PTON Founded Jefferson College 1848 69 Active Chapters ALPHA PHI CHAPTER Established 1885 Re-established 1902 amma. Uel1 G K X E R A L FRATERNITIES PELTIER TERNES H ODGSON DRABICKE McCARTY HlLLIER HlXSON ElSENTRAGER P. O ' BRIEN M. O ' BRIEN TROTTER GUNN STEFFES BANKS WAGNER GILLIS W. MURPHY P. MURPHY D ' ANNA BARTHEL GIES HARRINGTON FELIX SHEA CHEADLE McCtTE BEYVL Cox GEORGE HINCHBERGER HERALD PHI KAPPA REV. M. P. BOURKE GEORGE BURKE MEMBERS IN CITY FRANK L. MARTIN J. CAVANAUGH EDWARD F. CONLIN JOHN F. BANKS JAMES W. BEYVL WILSON J. Cox LOUIS R. ElSENTRAGER EDWARD N. GEORGE JAMES T. HERALD THEODORE M. BARTHEL GEORGE R. CHEADLE ROBERT E. FELIX ROLAND C. GIES, JR. JOHN J. DRABICKE EUGENE A. GILLIS PAUL C. MURPHY EDWARD O. D ' ANNA BONIFACE C. FELL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Juniors PAUL F. TERNES Sophomores CLAUDE A. TROTTER Freshmen CLARENCE C. HINCHBERGER DUMONT F. HIXSON RAYMOND V. HODGSON IRVING J. McCARTY FRANCIS J. McCuE JOHN F. WAGNER GERALD J. HARRINGTON EDMUND C. HILLIER PAUL J. O ' BRIEN FRANCIS M. SHEA WILLIAM A. MURPHY MAURICE M. O ' BRIEN HAROLD J. STEFFES CLAUDE M. GUNN H. PIERCE PELTIER Jnt Kappa-- Founded Brown University 1888 21 Active Chapters NU CHAPTER Established 1924 Page 34 S GENERAL FRATERNITIES HIGHFIELD BERNARD DE ILBISS MAGILL ATKINS YOSE WALLACE ALSTRIX MAXEY ORR W. PATTOX PREXTISS FLOOD POTTLE P. KELLT Kmx TARBILL BAKER HALSTE NICKERSOX WESSELS WATLIXG WACHS L. KELLY HILLYER SMITH ANDREWS EFFIXGER BLACK CAHVER R. PATTOX SLATTON PHI KAPPA PSI MEMBERS IN FACULTY DEAN JOHN R. EFFINGER, Ph.D. DEAX EDWARD H. KRAUS, Ph.D., Sc.D. RANDOLPH G. ADAMS. Ph.D. BERGET H. BLOCKSOM ROBERT V. CONDER HAROLD E. COVERT GEORGE P. GARVER CARL V. GRIM ARCHIBAL M. BLACK ROBERT L. HALSTED GEORGE M. BAKER BRADFORD L. CARVER LOWELL R. ALSTRIX SAMUEL F. ATKINS JOHN R. EFFINGER, JR. GUILFORD HARTLEY EDMVND AUSTIN WILLIAM N. ANDREWS FREDERICK F. BERNARD HOWARD MEMBERS IN CITY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sfniors Louis J. KELLY MAXWELL E. NICKERSON Juniors WILLIAM L. MANEY PHILLIP E. SLAYTON Sophomores PAUL T. KELLY WILLIAM J. KIRN- DONALD H. MAGILL Frtshmfn DAVID J. FLOOD ARTHUR HIGHFIELD WHITFIELD D. HILLYER RALPH J. HARLAN, A.M. HARRY R. GAMBLE, A.M. THEODORE HANNA PAUL KEMPF MILO OLIPHAST ARTHUR R. WOODS HARRISON T. ORR WILLIAM H. PATTON ROBERT N. PRENTISS JOHN W. TARBILL, JR. EDWARD H. WACHS ALLEN OWEN OWSLEY VOSE HARRY W. WALLACE JOHN W. WATLING, JR. ROBERT J. PATTON JOHN L. POTTLE ARTHUR H. SMITH WILLIAM W. WESSELS Found ed Jefferson College 1852 50 Active Chapters MICHIGAN ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1876 GENERAL FRATERNITIES D. MUGAVERO DREW BRENISER CRAWFORD RABBIT DRAKE KNAPP GALBRAITH STRAITER LEPARD PATCH KLOESS GOWAN ConpER WEINE HEATH MEYERS TOEPEL A. MILLER WATTERS BROWN SPALDINO TAIT MACKENZIE GILES RAYMOND DOHERR SUTHERLAND H. DOUGLAS EGGLESTON WAQNER PHILLIPS G. DOUGLAS J. MILLER COWELL F. MUGAVERO FALCONER PHI KAPPA SIGMA MEMBERS IN FACULTY WM. A. MCLAUGHLIN, A.M. MEMBERS IN CITY EARL H. CRESS CARL J. RASH RALPH RASH ETHELBERT SPURRIER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) LYMAN S. BREWSTER, A.B. CECIL W. LEPARD, A.B. Seniors MANFORD K. GILES JAMES F. MILLER, JR. ROBERT D. FALCONER Juniors LOY S. SUTHERLAND Sophomores BENJAMIN A. PATCH WILLIAM M. COUPER FREDERICK A. TOEPEL Freshmen DONALD E. STRAITER ROYCE E. DRAKE GEORGE A. GOWAN ROBERT L. BODENSTAB HERBERT A. KENYON, A.M. JOHN R. BRUMM, A.M ' WM. E. BROWN R. E. BONISTEEL PHILLIP C. PACK PAUL B. SAMSON, A.B. WAYNE G. COWELL GEORGE W. DOUGLAS HERBERT V. DOUGLAS GEORGE H. EGGLESTON DONOVAN M. BROWN ARTHUR O. DOHERR JOHN P. EWING ARNO K. MILLER ELMER D. MITCHELL, A.M. CLAIR V. LANGTON, M.S. BRADLEY THOMPSON PETER VAN BOVEN RAYMOND HUTZEL GARLAND TAIT, A.B. CHARLES C. PHILLIPS ROBERT W. WAGNER GERARD S. MACKENZIE FRANKLIN C. MUGAVERO CLIFTON M. SPALDING CHARLES S. HEATH FRANK C. WATTERS HAROLD J. LEPARD ALFRED G. DREW IRVIN ANDREWS FISHER E. RABBITT PALMER CRAWFORD HARRY C. BRENISER WILLIAM NUPPNAU RICHARD S. MUGAVERO RUSSELL G. GALBRAITH GEORGE N. KLOESS HAROLD A. KNAPP r hi_ Kappa_ Founded University of Pennsylvania 1850 35 Active Chapters ALPHA OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1905 Page 350 GENERAL FRATERNITIES KERKEV SCOVILLE E- FLEMING KRECKE VICARY TOWNHILL KERBY HCTTON KLLICOCR BRADLEY MONROE WARNER COLL STEWART BOYS TRAPP HUBBARD HELLER ALLAN GOLDEN HOCKSTAD COPELAND CURRIE D. FLEMING NETTE GEORGE COATES ERICKSON YOKES G. BALDWIN PREISH HILE SrrcH HINTZ PIERSON REYNOLDS WOTRING G. EMPSON H. BALDWIN CAHLTON COOPER PHI KAPPA TAU MEMBERS IN FACULTY AXEL MARIN, B.S. MATT MANN F. HYDE GEORGE S. BALDWIN DANIEL C. CARLTON CLAUDE W. COATES DAVID C. YOKES, A.B. HAROLD L. BALDWIN DONALD M. COOPER KENNETH M. ALLAN GLENN K. COPELAND DONALD B. FLEMING GEORGE S. BRADLEY HARRY H. COLL DEAN N. CURRIE CLARENCE M. ELLICOCK HOWARD H. BOYS EDWARD W. FLEMING FRANK A. MICKLE, M.E. MEMBERS IN CITY MEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) GEORGE R. EMPSON LEWIS N. EMPSON, A.B. ROBLEY E. GEORGE HENRY F. HELLER Seniors CARL S. HINTZ STANLEY A. KILPATRICK ROBERT E. REYNOLDS Juniors EDWARD T. HILE WILLIAM L. HOCKSTAD ROBERT J. HUTTON Sophomores MARSDEN R. HUBBARD KENNETH J. JOHNSTON WILLIAM F. KERBY JOHN F. KERREY Freshmen ROBERT W. SCOVILLE BERNARD E. LARSON NORVAN K. KRECKE FRED MARIN ERNEST A. HOLMES DONOVAN Y. ERICKSON, A. B. CLARENCE PIERSON CHARLES M. CONAT JOHN L. WOTRING HOWARD T. STUCK ROLAND R. NETTE JAMES F. PREISH ALFRED H. GOLDEN DONALD M. MONROE HERBERT E. TRAPP EDWARD L. WARNER W. HOWARD STEWART ROY H. TOWNHILL WILLIAM H. VICARY Founded Miami University 1006 35 Active Chapters TAU CHAPTER Established 1923 GENERAL FRATERNITIES BOVEE TRAIL CONKLIN MCCHAITH WALKER POE MORGAK H. SMITH WATERS HEIDMAN LANGHAM COOKSON NAHRIN SALTONSTALL W. SMITH LESLIE LEWIS PELTEN BECKER GRAHAM PALMER SANGSTER FINCH RUSSELL F. WATTS BROWN TRAEOER BURNESON CONN BBIMACOMBE TDRNOCK PACKER WESTON WALL j. WATTS GUY MAIER OTTO STAHL ANDREW C. HAIGH, A.B. CHARLES A. SINK LEVI D. WINES FOREST C. BRIMACOMBE WILLIAM BROMME, A.B. MYRON O. BURNESON ROBERT A. CONN GORDON W. PACKER CLARENCE L. BECKER OTTO H. BROWN STEWART CHURCHILL SETON C. BOVEE JAMES W. COOKSON, JR. LEE DELANO BERT M. HEIDEMAN ROBERT M. McCRAiTH JACK W. CONKLIN PHI MU ALPHA MEMBERS IN FACULTY EARLE V. MOORE, A.M. ALBERT LOCKWOOD ANDREW J. WHITMIRE MEMBERS IN CITY ROBERT A. CAMPBELL GEORGE EARLE, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) GORDON J, BURRIS, A.B. WILLIAM E. HAMAKER, A.B. HOWARD HOUSE, A.B. Seniors ROBERT E. SANGSTER CEDRIC F. TRAEGER Juniors ROBERT E. FINCH ROBERT C. GRAHAM HERBERT J. PALMER Sophomores ROY S. LANGHAM WILLIAM R. LESLIE DWIGHT H. LEWIS JOE NARRIN GER ALD W. PELTON Freshmen ROBERT O. MORGAN THEODORE W. SCHOLTZ HARLAND R. SMITH PALMER CHRISTIAN THEODORE HARRISON SAMUEL LOCKWOOD MALCOLM BORNE, M.D. OLIVER McGiLLicuDDY LESTON S. WHITEHEAD, A.B. JOHN B. WATTS, A.B. DAVID A. TURNOCK VINCENT C. WALL, JR. LESLIE D. WESTON EUGENE H. RUSSELL FREDERICK B. WATTS JOHN R. WHEELER HOWARD W. POE GILBERT B. SALTONSTAL WENDELL D. SMITH MERLE WALKER ELBERT E. TRAIL HARLAN P. WATERS i Mix AlpKa Founded New England Conservatory of Music 1898 42 Active Chapters EPSILON CHAPTER Established 1902 Page 352 GENERAL F R A T E R N I I E S tjb HOBART COLLINS CHAPMAN POST HERPOLSHEIMER WOODS BUTLEB REAMER PHILBIN ORWIG CAMPBELL DOUGLASS SUTHEBS BABNUM DEWEV DABBAKEB MILLER NISSE.V PALMER PADDOCK DRAKE PAPKE PROCT FIEBIG J. OHWIG SCHBCRMAN OTT CHAMBERS GIBBS CHRISTMAN PHI MU DELTA ROBERT H. SHERLOCK, B.S. CHAS. D. COCSHALL RAY E. COLLINS GORDEN M. CHAMBERS PHIL D. COLLINS DORAN A. BARNUM CLYDE R. BUTLER JUNE T. CHAPMAN EDMUND E. CHRISTMAS ARTHUR K. DARBAKER WAYNE DEWEY ORMOND J. DRAKE MILES E. BEAMER HARRY E. CAMPBELL EDWARD M. HERPOCSHEIMER MEMBERS IX FACULTY CLARENCE D. THORPE, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY LlLBURN L. WOODWORTH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY {Inactive and Graduate Students) LORING F. OEMING JOHN S. ORWIG BURKE SHARTEL, S.J.D. EDWIN C. EDMUNDS HORACE B. SODT HENRY C. FIEBIG RAYMOND E. GIBBS HAROLD A. OTT PERCY PROUT RUSSELL O. SEESTEDT Juniors HARLEY W. HASKINS CARL S. MILLER WILLIAM E. NISSEN Sophomores LESLIE fl. DOUGLASS RUSSELL P. HOBART Freshmen LAWRENCE C. HOBART ARTHUR P. PAPKE HAROLD W. DUDLEY ROBERT M. SCHEURMAN DUNCAN STEWART, JR. NEWTON H. TAYLOR ROBERT J. WOODS AUSTIN J. PADDOCK RICHARD E. PALMER LESTER M. PHILBIN J. WILFRED ORWIG WILLIAM D. SUTHERS WILLIAM A. POST Founded esleyan University 1899 14 Active Chapters GAMMA BETA CHAPTER Established 1922 LAZAR A. KUHNER GARDNER GREENBERG M. WEIL SHERMER H. WEIL NEWMAN SCHUTZ BERGER DOLINSKY T. KUHNER MARKS ROBBINS SPERN BERNSTEIN ROTTENBERG GESSNER WEISS ROSENTHAL CoVITZ ZlV MoiSE WlNEGAHDEN UPRIGHT SlMS LAWRENCE COVITZ BERNARD H. HARTZELL IRWIN S. MOISE CASPER L. ROSENTHAL ALBERT W. BERNSTEIN ROBERT J. GESSNER GABRIEL JOSEPH MATHEW L. BERGER MANNIE J. DOLINSKY ALVIN R. COHEN EMANUEL HALPERIN THEODORE KUHNER IRVING COOPER JEROME GARDNER GILBERT Z. GREENBERG ARTHUR KUHNER PHI SIGMA DELTA MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) SIDNEY M. GOLDHAMER, A.B. Seniors EUGENE P. SIMS Juniors Sophomores BERNARD L. ROTTENBERG Freshmen MARSHALL SCHUTZ RAYMOND J. UPRIGHT JOSEPH P. WEISS MYRON WINEGARDEN, A.B. FREDRIC W. Ziv ARNOLD KAHN HAROLD S. MARKS ALEXANDER ROBBINS JACK LAIT, JR. MAURICE LAZAR NELSON PITZELE WALTER STERN BERNARD ROBBINS IRWIN NEWMAN ROBERT SHERMER HAROLD WEIL MAX WEIL a v ' - ' Founded Columbia 1909 19 Active Chapters ETA CHAPTER Established 1915 GENERAL FRATERNITIES Howra STASGKZ FOMTTHE ABXOLD COEXWELL WHEELWBIGHT THOMPSON- JAMISON COOPEK SOHWEITIEB BALDWIX ILIFF YEKKES Trscn BEARD WIDMAX WILLAHD SrxDAT DALY HUGHS PrBMOBT DOAXE FoBTrxE WEAVES BAILET DOXOTAX SQCTKE WILCOI ZIMMEBMAX KEMPT COMBTDCK VTSE MrxoEB TKAIGHT HABT PmESCorr SOBEB TTXDAI.L JOHX W. ALBIG. A.M. RVSSELL B. BAILET JOHX L. GAUVFI-. M.D. EARLE C. FIXGERLE ILLIAM Al ' BREY LESLIE BLTLER WALDO GRIENER ARTHUR BLTFIXGTOX ILLIA1I CoMSTOCK SALEM HART, JR. DOXALD HEDGES HAROLD BAILEY DAXIEL DOXOVAX HARRIS ARXOLD GEORGE BEARD FRAXCIS CORXWELL CHARLES DOAXE THOMAS BALDWIX LAWREXCE COOPER RAY DALY FRAXKLIX FORSYTHE ALFRED HIGGIXS PHI SIGMA KAPPA MEMBERS IN FACULTY PAUL H. GARVEY, M.D. PAUL H. JESERICH MEMBERS IN CIT ' A. M. WHITE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) ROBERT HEAXEY ADELBERT KIPP Stniors KARL KELLER IXMAX MVXGER WILBUR PRESCOTT ANDREW ROBERTS Juniors WILLIAM FORTUXE ERXEST McCoY MORRIS HUGHES Sophomores FRAXK LOVELL MILTOX WAGXER ARTHUR PURMORT JOHX WIDUAX Freihmfn JAMES HOSXER RICHARD ILIFF WILLLAM JAMISOX JOSEPH RUSSELL GEORGE F. YEEXKER. A.B. HAROLD G. WALLER. M.D. ALFRED H. WHITE. B.S. GEORGE O. WHITE ALEXAXDER MUZZEY MARCUS RHOADES GEORGE SXIDER DOXALD SOBER SIDXEY STRAIGHT BRUCE TYXDALL ELBERT " YSE GEORGE SQUIER JUSTIX WEAVER JACKSOX WILCOX JAMES WILLARD EDMUXD YERKES DEAN ZIMMERMAN- CHARLES SUXDAY FREDERICK SCHWEITZER ROLAXD STAXGER ROBERT THOMPSON- CARL TUSCH HEXRY WHEELWRIGHT Founded Massachusetts Agricultural College 1873 46 Active Chapters DELTA DEUTERON CHAPTER Established 1915 GENERAL FRATERNITIES D. A. SEYMOUR D. G. SEYMOUR ANDERSON INNES ALDERDICE WIOREN THAYER ZOUL M. RUEGER SCHMIDT HEDDEN RIPLEY SANDERSON SCHAFER C. RUEOEH WALKLEY ABBOTT BOSSERMAN MALLORY HENNIGER CHON FINLBY CARLSON E. GRIFFING M. GRIFFING VOORHIS WEEKES BLAIR GREENE WEITZEL EKLUND SCHMELING MILLER PI KAPPA ALPHA RALPH BELKNAP, M.S. NEWTON S. BEMENT, M.A. CARL FORTUNE, M.D. HUDSON MORTON ROBERT S. MILLER WILLIAM C. DIXON HAROLD LOVELL NORMANN H. BLAIR FREDERICK W. CRON WILBUR G. EKLUND CLARK ABBOTT ROBERT M. BOSSERMAN WILLIAM S. CARLSON HARLAN F. HEDDEN HARRY C. MACDONALD MILTON J. RUEGER WILLIAM H. ALDERDICE DEAN ANDERSON MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students} PHILIP HENNIGER JOSEPH PONTON Seniors JOSEPH E. FINLEY W. ROGER GREENE EVANS SCHMELING Juniors EVANS K. GRIFFING M. SCUDDER GRIFFING SEWARD H. MALLORY HERBERT S. RIPLEY Sophomores DALE A. SEYMOUR DALTON G. SEYMOUR JAMES E. THAYER Freshmen JOHN O. INNES LAURENCE M. GOULD, Sc.D. RUSSELL C. HUSSEY, Ph.D. D. MAYNARD PHELPS, M.B.A. DANIEL MORTON HAWLEY T. STARK HOMER E. DUNLAP FRANK WILSON MANNING C. VOORHIS DONALD G. WEEKES FREDERICK W. WEITZEL CALISLE F. RUEGER RUSSELL M. SANDERSON KENNETH C. SCHAFER WALTER C. SCHMIDT LAWRENCE E. WALKLEY ROBERT H. ZOUL HOLLIS W. JENCKS DAN F. WIGREN r i i ap pa dip H a- Founded University of Virginia 1868 72 Active Chapters BETA TAU CHAPTER Established 1922 Page 356 FRATERNITIES WETSIORE LABSOX WADE J. MABBICS EDWARDS GXODTKE CHAPMAX SWAXWICK TROUTWINE FLAJOLE KCBICBK CUTLER J. Wem: LAXGB JAXABIK K. MAEBICS C. WHITE WOODWARD RICHARDSON BBUMM WHIPPLE DUPHOW GCBTAFSOX McXERXEV REED BOTTS XxGELKIRK Ol BOX RoOVEV BcBGXOX PI KAPPA PHI MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (InactiTt and Graduate Students) PAUL H. BOYTS. A.B. EDWIN C. GALSTERER, A.B. M. TRUMAN WOODWARD, JR., LL.B. HOMER B. PORRITT, A.B. C. FLOYD WHITE, A.B. LEROY G. BURGXON LORESZ J. DUPROW ELMER W. GUSTAFSOX A. MARTIN JAXASIK EDWARD V. LAXGE GERALD F. McNERXEY SHIRLEY R. BRVIIM CLAREXCE M. CUTLER WILBUR A. CHAPMAX RICHARD A. EDWARDS H. PAUL FLAJOLE ELSTOX LARSOX FRAXCIS C. BIRXEY WILLIAM GXODTKE CLYDE E. JOXES Seniors HEXRY B. WHIPPLE Juniors JOHK T. SWAXWICK, JR. Sophomores Freshmen KRYX J. NAGELKIRK ALBERT OLSOX WILLIAM D. ODAM CECIL A. REED STAXLEY H. RICHARDSOX FRAXCIS L. ROOXEY Louis A. KUBICEK KEXXETH W. MAEBIUS RALPH J. MAXXIOX WILLIAM R. TROUTAVIXE WEBSTER A. WADE JOSEPH P. WHITE DOXALD E. LAYTOX JED MAEBIUS LESTER G. WETMORE Founded College of Charleston 1907 33 Active Chapters ALPHA KAPPA CHAPTER Established 1923 Re-established 1927 GENERAL FRATERNITIES FRIEDMAN KATZ LIPSHIELD SLAWSBY GHOSSBERG GOLDSMITH QUINT SHORH ZIMET BLUMENSTEIN T. HARRIS FELDMAN SlLVERBERG D. MARCUS EDELSON WlENBERG GliEENSPAN DEUTSCH Es.MAN VAN VLIET BRUNSWICK RHODES KIHSCHBAUM M. MARCUS E. HARRIS GILBERT ROSENBERG PI LAMBDA PHI MEMBERS IN FACULTY THEOPHILE RAPHAEL, A.M., M.D. JOSEPH E. BRUNSWICK STANLEY S. GILBERT EMANUEL J. HARRIS MILTON KIRSHBAUM M. WILLIAM DEUTSCH CLARENCE N. EDELSON DAVID D. BLUMENSTEIN MORRIS ESMAN THEODORE P. HARRIS ALVIN R. KATZ ROBERT FELDMAN LEONARD FRIEDMAN JACK E. GOLDSMITH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students} EDWARD B. GREENSPAN, B.S. Seniors EMANUEL VAN VLIET Juniors Sophomores Freshmen MOREY MARCUS HAROLD S. RHODES EDWARD G. ROSENBERG EUGENE A. WEI.NBERG DONALD MARCUS GERSON REICHMAN BUD W. SlLVERBERG RALPH L. SHORR RICHARD S. QUINT RUBEN ZIMET HERBERT GROSSBERG DONALD LIPSHIELD ARCHIE SLAWSBY Founded Yale University 1895 17 Active Chapters EPSILON CHAPTER Established 1913 Re-established 1924 Page 358 GENERAL FRATERNITIES TURNER CHURCHILL D. HOLMES J. STAKTON GALLOWAY WnnrLESET SHINNICK GRAVES REYNOLDS LEE MILROT CCRTENUS EVERETT H. MOORE MONAGHAN JJ. POTTER PENNIMAN D ALTON WAT GROSOHNER EVANS TILLEY R. HOLMES TODD MOORE G. POTTER SEAGER BALDWIN EVANS CHAFFEE F. MOORE ROBINSON BRCSKE DRAPER M STAXTON WALDRON MACK CAMPBELL HEDRICK RHEINFRANK WEST HENRY F. ADAMS, Ph.D. GEORGE G. BROWN, Ph.D. FRANK I. CORNWALL CHARLES ERWIN VICTOR H. LANE DANIEL F. ZIMMERMAN PAUL W. BRUSKE WILLIAM C. CAMPBELL, JR. JAMES C. DRAPER CLARKE W. BALDWIN- WALTER C. CHAFFEE, JR. FREDERICK B. CURTENIUS ELWOOD W. DALTON ROBERT B. EVANS, JR. WILLIAM CHURCHILL EDGAR B. GALLOWAY LEE G. GRAVES JACK COLEMAN FRANCIS J. GEORGE JOHN P. HEDRICK WALTER H. MACK EDWARD S. EVANS. JR. ROBERT GROSCHNER FREDERICK W. MOORE THEODORE S. EVERETT ROBERT H. HOLMES HARRY F. LEE DAVID N. HOLMES JACK F. MONAGHAN HARRY MOORE PSI UPSILON MEMBERS IN FACULTY JAMES H. HANFORD, Ph.D. GEORGE W. PATTERSON, JR., Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY JOHN R. IVES FREDERICK R. WALDRON NATHAN S. POTTER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) RICHARD T. SCHLOSBERG, B.S. JOSEPH W. SHAW, B.S., M.D. WILLIAM D. LANE CHARLES W. GRAHAM CHRISTIAN N. MACK DOUGLAS D. LOREE JOHN D. XLABLEY JOHN W. NEIGHBOR Seniors LAMSON RHEINFRANK FlNDLEY B. RlGGS JAMES D. WEST Juniors KINGSLEY G. MOORE GEORGE K. POTTER W. THOMAS RAMSAY Sophomores JUSTIN F. WAY RICHARD H. MILROY JOHN E. PENNIMAN Freshmen CHARLES H. REYNOLDS GRAHAM SHINNICK JACK F. STANTON HERBERT P. WATTS MARVIN L. STANTON SHERWOOD WALDRON FRANK M. ROBINSON J. B. ALLEN SEAGER NATHAN S. POTTER, III GEORGE C. TILLEY STANTON W 7 . TODD, JR. ROGER N. TURNER FREDERICK O. WHITTLESAY Founded Union College 1883 26 Active Chapters PHI CHAPTER Established 1865 GENERAL FRATERNITIES MATTISON R. LOCKTON VAUGHAN F. KING NUNNELEY SCHULEB JOHNSON HEYWOOD HICKS IRWIN CLEVELAND J. MACDONALD J. BELL RODERICK TOLAN RUSH-MERE HENDERSON WINDSOR CARPENTER KELLER NANK VOOEL WALSH G. MACDONALD SAUZEDDE PERRY REED G. KINO CORRIDEN FORD C. LOCKTON LUNGEHSHAUSEN GADDESS CUSHING MISCHENER R. MONROE DARNALL THISTED G. MONROE LANG KURTZ Loos WHALEN SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON MEMBERS IN FACULTY CARROLL H. MAY, P.H.D. CLAUDE J. WHITLOW, A.M. DR. ALBERT S. BARR CHARLES H. CORY CARL R. DARNALL CLARENCE T. HORN JOHN L. KURTZ DONALD J. CORRIDEN ELWOOD CUSHING REGINALD GADDES KRANTZ A. KELLER A. JAMES CARPENTER JOHN S. MACDONALD ROBERT T. MATTISON JAMES BELL . JOHN B. CLEVELAND ALBERT CRIPPA WALTER G. HENDERSON THOMAS S. HEYWOOD MEMBERS IN CITY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students} FRANK STILES, A.B. Seniors JOHN M. LANG CARL M. Loos JOHN S. MISCHENER GEORGE E. MONROE Juniors GEORGE R. KING CHARLES R. LOCKTON ARNOLD W. LUNGERSHAUSEN STANLEY FORD Sophomores WILLIAM H. NUNNELEY EDWARD J. PERRY HOWARD RODERICK ERNEST L. RUSHMERE Freshmen RICHARD J. HICKS JOSEPH J. IRWIN ROBERT R. JOHNSON EUGENE R. VERNUE, M.D. CHARLES OLMSTEAD, B.S. OTTO H. HANS ARTHUR L. EVELY, A.B. RANDOLPH B. MONROE CARL E. THISTED RICHARD T. WHALEN GEORGE K. MACDONALD REINHARDT A. NANK DAVID REED RENE E. SAUZEDDE JAMES E. WALSH FRANK A. SCHULER, JR. JACK TOLAN ARTHUR WINDSOR FRANK A. KING, JR. ROBERT G. LOCKTON LEONARD REYNOLDS THEODORE VAUGHN Founded University of Alabama 1856 100 Active Chapters MICHIGAN IOTA BETA CHAPTER Established 1889 Page 360 GENERAL FRATERNITIES VEHOX FRIEDMAN KUTAXB DECTSCH GOLDBERG FEEEEB BERGER EICHEL HAXACER I KIVXEVFIELD KAI-FUAX DUCKMAX SEGALL ROBISSOX FRIEDWAX Rrrr TEXEXBOM CAM. LETIE BLOOM ROSEXBHTJI MAZEB Coax WIEXEB BLOOMBEBG SIGMA ALPHA M U MEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY (InactK-f and Graduate Student. ' } HOWARD BLOOII JOSEPH D. GOLDSMITH, A.B. ALLEN E. LEVIE. A.B. JACK SCHWARTZ Louis M. BLOOMBERG Seniors SAMSOX WIEXER WILLIAM M. MAZER HARVEY R. CARL MARTIN J. COHX LEONARD DVCKMAX STANLEY I. FRIEDMAN MORTON L. KAUFMAN FRED BERGER ROBERT B. DONNENFIELD MILLARD B. DEITSCH DONALD J. FEERER SIDNEY FRIEDMAN SAMUEL D. GOLDBERG Juniors Sophomores Freshmen MAURICE J. S. ROBINSON- JESSE S. RITT HARVEY V. ROSENBLUM BERNARD F. SEGALL HERBERT H. TENENBOM LEON EICHEL SAMUEL M. HANAUER HAROLD HAAS MILTON D. KLIVANS IRVING B. SEAMAN SIGMUND E. " EHON Founded G)llege of Cit - of New York 1909 ; I Active Chapters SIG. L IOTA CHAPTER Established 1923 1 1 t I ! } GENERAL FRATERNITIES CONNOR HALL ALLEN BURRO WES ALLMAN STAFF FOLGER BROWN FISH FURNISS KOLE LEMIRE EASTMAN HARRISON REINGER WINSLOW R. CURTIS PETTIT SCHULTHESS KNISELY BULLOCK KLEUTGEN FOLGER NELLY HUBBELL SIMS BEAM AN HUBBELL SIGMA CHI MEMBERS IN FACULTY HENRY C. ANDERSON, B.M.E. C. W. EBERBACH, A.B., M.D. LEWIS M. GRAM, B.S. FIELDING H. YOST, LL.B. ROWE D. A. BEACH LONG DUFF CURTIS D. E. BEACH SLAGLE DICKEY ELLIOTT DAVIES FRAUNFELTER GRIESS CARL SMITH LEWIS H. STONEMAN BURTON B. BALES FRED T. BEAMAN HARRY H. BULLOCK WINDSOR S. DAVIES DONALD C. FOLGER JAMES FRAUNFELTER WALTER ALLMAN ROBERT H. BARTH DWIGHT BEACH PHILIP N. BROWN GEORGE ALLEN DAVID BEACH RICHARD B. BURROWES RALPH E. CONNOR ROBERT DUFF MEMBERS IN CITY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) DWIGHT KELLER BENJAMIN A. NOLAN, A.B. Seniors JAMES R. GRIESS HENRY M. NELLY, JR. Juniors GEORGE E. HUBBELL FRANCIS K. KLEUTGEN ALAN G. KNISELY WILLIAM A. LEMIRE Sophomores OMAR C. CURTIS, JR. ROBERT R. CURTIS ROBERT M. DICKEY Freshmen HARRY EASTMAN, JR. WILLARD FISH RICHARD FURNISS JOHN G. HALL F. M. TAYLOR, Ph.D. H. B. TURNER, A.B. JOHN S. WORLEY, M.S. T. R. PlERSOL J. G. HAYS HENRY L. WALLECK FRANK S. SIMS ROBERT P. SCHERER JOSEPH N. PETTIT LE ROY SCHULTHESS SHERWOOD B. WINSLOW EDWIN M. ELLIOTT MARVIN J. REINGER GEORGE R. SLAGLE CHARLES E. STAFF GILBERT HARRISON EDWARD A. FOLGER HARRY W. KOLE MARSHALL LONG THOMAS D. ROWE Founded Miami University 1855 87 Active Chapters THETA THETA CHAPTER Established 1877 GENERAL FRATERNITIES ' i V TOWNER BAUER SHANNON WIDMAXS ocHEixw MACKENZIE Mi LEAN vox BOESELAGEB MILLER GILBERT BAILET PEET HUME PENNELL MCKBACH LAHHETER SCHOLTEN BOES GRATIOT CLARKE WAGNER CARLSON POPP KENNEDY WILSON FITIPATRICK LELAND HAXDLOSER RTALL BROWN LOWEHT BOLIN HroHET VAN ARNAII F. RICH K. KELLAR SIGMA X U MEMBERS IN UNIVERS1TY (Inactivf and Graduate Students) Seniors THOMAS H. FITZPATRICK ROBERT C. HAXDLOSER, JR. JAMES U. HUGHEY JOHN A. KENNEDY ROBERT C. LELAND ROBERT W. LAMOREE HENRY GRATIOT GLEX V. CARLSON- EDWARD F. LOWERY EDWIN R. MURBACH FREDERICK C. WIDMASN LUTHER BOES WILLIAM A. BROWN THOMAS M. TOWNER DONALD R. RYALL DOUGLAS E. MILLER MALCOLM J. HUME MASON S. BAILEY Juniors Sophomores JONES B. SHANNON Freshmen J. McPHERSON C. MclNTYRE AUGUST VON BOESELAGER, JR. DONALD J. MCLEAN- CHARLES H. YAN-ARNAM HARRY WAGNER JOHN H. WILSON RALPH E. POPP GEORGE W. BOLIN DONALD MACKENZIE, JR. KENNETH CLARKE CLAYTON W. LAHMEYER DUDLEY J. SCHOLTEN FRANK E. PENNELL JULIUS POCHELON CARL J. BAUER, JR. GILBERT PEET RAYMOND E. WATSON- JOHN E. GILBERT HARRY MONTGOMERY Founded iia Military Academy 1869 93 Active Chapters GAMMA NU CHAPTER Established 1902 GENERAL FRATERNITIES SKAE NESSEN WALTHER M . SHERWOOD RUDELL GILLETT F. HAAG HUMPHREY BROWN F. BEBEE VANCLEVE PANCOAST E. BEBEE MARKLEY FREEMAN RABER WILSON COOLIDGE DINWIDDIE ADAMS FOGARTY MACMILLAN CRISTY W. HAAG GILBERT STARRETT JONES HAMMOND B. SHERWOOD CARPENTER SIGMA PHI MEMBERS IN FACULTY MORTIMER E. COOLEY, M.E., LL.D. EDWARD M. DUFF DE VITT C. MILLEN DAVID A. HOWELL ROBERT J. WILSON CHARLES B. GILBERT WILLIAM H. HAAG LUTHER C. CARPENTER HARRY W. ADAMS WILLIAM C. DAVIS EDWIN H. BEBEE FRANCIS H. BEBEE ROBERT L. BROWN W. THOMAS GILLETT FRANK A. HAAG MEMBERS IN CITY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) CHARLES A. COOLIDGE Seniors GEORGE HAMMOND Juniors HARLAN P. CRISTY Sophomores JAMES DINWIDDIE R. BRADFORD FOGARTY JAMES B. FREEMAN Freshmen ANDREW HOWELL Dix HUMPHREY GEORGE E. MARKLEY WARD H. NESSEN WILLIAM R. PANCOAST JULIAN E. MACK, A.M. JAMES V. D. WILCOX CHARLES A. HOWELL GEORGE F. FISKE NIEL W. SWINTON STAFFORD L. JONES JOHN E. STARRETT BERNATH P. SHERWOOD DUNCAN MACMILLAN C. FENTON RABER WILLIAM R. RUDELL MARION A. SHERWOOD EDWARD A. SKAE JOHN W. VANCLEVE WILLIAM J. WALTHER Founded Union College 1827 10 Active Chapters ALPHA OF MICHIGAN CHAPTER Established 1858 GENERAL FRATERNITIES EXGLEKKX- SMTH HOT ATWEIJ. BEHTMEK ROHXBACK KLIXE :-.: HAGER STOKEX FIX-LET THIKLMAX CoDDnfGTOs WAGAK WEISMAK v,., GBKUEL. HIHT RHIXES MIXXICH HAMPEB DECAMP SIGMA PHI EPSILON ROBERT K. BROWN, D.D.S. MAURICE XL MOULE, A.B. REX E. MOULE, A.B. MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. L. ROTHROCK, D.D.S. MEMBERS IN CITY FRANK J. BRACING HAROLD CASSIDY WADE B. ELLIS, A.B. CHARLES H. ATWELL CHARLES E. BEHYMER WEBSTER H. BROWN STANLEY S. CODDINGTON Louis E. BROWN MAURICE K. DISLER DANIEL FIXLEY " ERXOX R. FORD RICHARD M. ENGLEKEN DONALD J. KLIXE LEE BOOKWALTER CHARLES BOYLE JOHX GROVES FRED HEAUAX ROBERT JOHNSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ' (Inactive and Graduate Students) EDWARD K. ISBEY, A.B. BERLE L. LARKED Seniors JACK W. DE CAMP GEORGE W. GOERING RICHARD C. HAMPER ROBERT E. MIXXICH Juniors EARL C. GREMEL HAROLD H. HAGER FRANZ A. HIRT Sophomores JAMES E. RHINES Freshmen LEON LYLE LEONARD LOGAN JOSEPH NAYLOR ALLEX PATCH JAMES E. CROUSHORE, A.B., M.D. LESLIE J. WESSIXGER, A.B. F. C. NAYLOR, D.D.S. ROBERT MILLIGAX, A.B. CHARLES T. PFLUEGE HERBERT H. ARTHUR ROLLIX M. SMITH GUY E. WAGAR WILLIAM J. WEIXMAX WARREN A. WOOD ADELBERT W. HOY HOWARD F. STOREX WILLIAM G. THIELMAX Wvxx F. WAKEUAX RALPH A. ROHRBACH EDWARD G. SMITH JACK SCHERER JACK SUMXER GLEN TAGUE EDWARD V : EINMAX LEON WILDER Founded Richmond College 1912 53 Active Chapters MICHIGAN ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1912 GENERAL FRATERNITIES COLBY GAY FIEGEL CORELL REID GUTHRIE FOX JuiLLERET BoVARD BRYDGES WlLSON REED TERRY WARNER NORMAN HEGENAUER OLSEN ANDEER SPARKIE SLOSS B. MEYER HUNTER L. MEYER AURAND JACKSON MACV ' ICAR ALLEN KREYE HARRIS HUBER BASIL F. BAKER, A.B. CLARKE E. HARRIS, B.S. GEORGE W. KREYE, A.B. DEL.ESLIE L. ALLEN Louis S. AURAND HAROLD H. HUNTER JARL ANDEER JAMES C. HEGENAUER THEODORE F. BOVARD WILLIAM B. BRYDGES GEORGE CORELL ROLLAND J. DAHL GORDON E. Fox WALTER A. GUTHRIE EARL D. JUILLERET JOHN CAMERON ROBERT COLBY SIGMA PI MEMBERS IN FACULTY DAVID Fox, B.S. MEMBERS IN CITY FOSTER A. HALL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) Seniors WINFRED REICHLE Juniors FRED S. WARNER Sophomores Freshmen EDWIN TERRY KARL D. MALCOLM, A.B. LESLIE E. MEYER, A.B. A. G. OLIVER, A.B. FRANK W. JACKSON JAMES W. MACMEEKIN NEIL S. MAcVicAR DONALD HUBER HOWARD F. SPARKIE ROBERT B. MEYER OLAF A. NORMAN MERRILL E. OLSEN EUGENE REED ' DONALD REID DAVID A. SLOSS DONALD L. WILSON SAM FIEGEL WILLIAM GAY Founded Vincennes University 1897 26 Active Chapters ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Established 1925 GENERAL F R A T E R N I I E S HAMMER LEXINGTON WARD HOCH HABEBMAS FrusHm KERN RTSWINCKEL .SCRIBNER LIXDER HAVEMANN HOLLISTER BOWERSOX .SCHNEIDER BISHOP LCCAS :SCHRBIEB MOSHER HUNTER MULLIKEN CROW COOPER FEHUO Drsoie MORRISON DIBBLE FITCH ARNET VANIK SIGMA ZETA GEORGE CROW- EDWIN C. IDE, LL.B. WILLIAM C. BISHOP RUSSELL M. HUNTER WILLIAM C. LUCAS LEWIS V. FITCH CARLYLE HABERMAS MORTON S. HAVEMANN PAUL J. KERN- JAMES B. COOPER GEORGE A. DUBOIS HENRY J. FEHLIG WALTER B. FULGHUM CARL V. HAMMER HAWORTH F. HOCH RONALD M. ALLEN- FREDERICK L. ARNET MEMBERS IX FACULTY MERXVIN H. WATERMAN. A.B., M.B.A. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) Seniors Juniors HOWARD W. SCHNEIDER Sophomores Freshmen TOM B. JONES GuNTHER E. TlEDKE, A.B. XORMAX C. BOWERSOX, A.B. FRANK E. MOSHER JOHN B. MULLI KEN- EMORY M. SUHRBIER A. GAYLORD LIXDER REX K. MARTIN- JOHN W. RUSWIXCKEL CLAYTON W. SCRIBNER RICHARD H. HOLLISTER THALES N. LENINGTON CLIFFORD B. MADURO DONALD G. MORRISON MILFORD F. VANIK WILLIAM H. WARD DONALD A. BOYD SAMUEL L. DIBBLE Founded University of Michigan 1922 2 Active Chapters DELTA CHAPTER Established 1926 GENERAL FRATERNITIES FRIEDLAND KAPLAN GOLDSTEIN GOLDBERG GREEN WALD JACKSON WILK KAHAN PASMAN COHN GOLD S. LEVY LAVINE ROSENBERG PLISKOW SMITH SINGER GLUECKAUF EUASOHN WEINSTEIN WEINER ASH NISSENBAUM ROSKI SILVERMAN N. LEVY TAU DELTA PHI MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) SAM W. LEVY, A.B. BERNARD W. ROSENBERG, A.B. Seniors JULIUS C, PLISKOW LESTER S. SMITH, A.B. GEORGE E. GQLDBERG, A.B. LEWIS G. GLUECKAUF DAVID N. GOLD MILTON G. COHN JACK ELIASOHN BERNARD B. FRIEDLAND MILTON G. GOLDSTEIN JEROME B. JACKSON MILTON ASH NATHAN LEVY NORMAN I. ROSKI Juniors SIDNEY M. NISSENBAUM Sophomores JEROME N. SAMPSON Freshmen HAROLD T. GREENWALD DONALD LAVINE OSCAR KAHAN WILLIAM S. KAPLAN MILTON M. KOVEN HAROLD L. PASMAN ALFRED L. SINGER HERM SILVERMAN LEONARD WEINER HAROLD WEINSTEIN Founded The City College of New York 1910 16 Active Chapters NU CHAPTER Established 1922 MSGALL B. L. GOLDMAN- LEI BO vrrr GENTS Z E- MACK J. WEISBEBG M. ALEXANDER B. GOLDMAN H. WEISBEBG WAX SHADDEK J. ALEXAN-DEB BAITER APPLEBACM EXGLE BATMAN EDELSTEIX GKODSKT TAU EPSILOX PHI JOSEPH APPLEBAVM CLARENCE BATTER BERNARD L. GOLDMAN BERNARD GENIS HAROLD LAPPEN MEMBERS IN UXIVERSIT ' (Inactive and Graduate Students) JOSEPH B. ALEXANDER, A.B. Seniors TOUJJIE MACK BERNARD P. PCPKO EDWARD H. SHADDEN HARRY WEISBERG JACK WEISBERG BERNARD GOLDMAN SIDNEY SEGALL Juniors SAM BAUMAN REUBEN D. WAX LXJUIS H. ZACKS ISADORE GRODSKY Sophomores CARL LEIBOVITZ MORRIS ALEXANDER Freshmen JEROME ENGLE ABE EDELSTEIN Founded Columbia University 1910 27 Active Chapters CHI CHAPTER Established 1923 pp s " au JLlpsilon FKl Page 369 GENERAL FRATERNITIES DALBY RUMSEY WILTSE LEY HUTSON McCoBMicK BAKER MASON LANKHEET WHEELER DIXON HOUGH BROWN WOOLSON D. FULLER EDDY CAIN HUESM N NUNNEI EY MONTAGUE BARKER LEV SMITH CURTIS BENDER LYMAN WIARD OATLEY NERGER STHICKER RILEY WALGREEN R. FULLER TEETS LOCHBIHLEH ADAMS TAU KAPPA EPSILON RUSSELL A. DODGE, M.S. AZEL E. BEAN, A.B. ' . LON B. ADAMS WILLIAM F. BENDER F. LAVERNE BURRIS HOWARD J. CURTIS DOUGLAS H. OATLEY G. HERBERT BARKER JAMES O. BROWN HALL M. CAIN RICHARD M. EDDY ROBERT L. DIXON CHARLES R. KINGSLEY HAROLD J. BAKER H. GORDON DALBY C. HUTSON MEMBERS IN FACULTY NATHAN SINAI, M.S., D.P.H. L, MEMBERS IN CITY ROLLA B. FlNDLAY . ' MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) VERNON D.. NERGER, B.S. FRANK LEV Seniors RICHARD C. FULLER LEWIS H. GODDARD NORMAN J. LOCHBIHLER ROBERT H. LYMAN Juniors DOUGLAS J. FULLER WILLIAM R. HOUGH FIELDING L. HUESMAN DAVID E. LAW Sophomores WILLIAM S. MASON Freshmen EARL W. LANKHEET WILSON M. McCoRMicK CHARLES H. STOCKING, Ph.C., M.S. HAROLD E. STRICKER THERON G. RILEY FERRIS M. SMITH JAMES N. TEETS CHARLES R. WALGREEN HAROLD E. STRICKER RICHARD W. MONTAGUE HERBERT L. SCOFIELD MAXWELL R. W T IARD G. THURBER WOOLSON ARLON G. LEY v EMORY T. NUNNELEY LELAND C. RUMSEY DOUGLAS W. WHEELER DONALD A. WILTSE Founded Illinois Wesleyan 1899 25 Active Chapters UPSILON CHAPTER Established 1925 Jty FRATERNITIES KNICKERBOCKER DETIER WHITHER KAUTTIIANN ANDERSON APPS Kv DRIBS BROWN W. PAIJIEB IRVING CARTER GAHRAHD SPINDLE BODEN WATSON NORTON XIST BLACK WU.AITIS FOSNOT Fossnf WALKER CHEGO GAMBLE STOKES WILLIAMS DELAVERONK WAHTHIN H. PALMES GOODSPEED FACST BENNETT 1. JOHNSON DESELII FIELD BELLINGER POWER MILLER JAMES H. CISSEL. B.S. A xo L. BADER, A.M. LIONEL G. CROCKER, A DR. JOSHUA E. BACON- JOHN S. DIEKHOFF HUBERT . LYONS M. THETA CHI MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY HAROLD J. McFARLAX, B.S.E. MELVILLE B. STOUT, M.S. CHAS. B. YIBBERT, A.B., Ph.D. MILTON D. GREEN, A.B. PAUL J. ANDERSON DUDLEY V. APPS ELMO P. BROWN- KENNETH L. BLACK MARSHALL H. BODEN CLARE F. CARTER ROBERT J. FITCH JOHN M. GAMBLE WALTER B. CREGO P. MASON DE LA VERGNE CHARLES B. DESELM GEORGE W. FOSNOT S. WRIGHT BELLINGER KEITH F. BENNETT FREDERICK H. FAUST ALBERT P. WAGNER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inaftizf and Graduate Studfnts} DAVID REEL, JR., A.B. Stniors WILLIAM L. CHASE R. NEWTON DETZER PAUL W. ENDRISS Juniors JAMES F. GARRARD STUART A. GREEN- JOHN L. IRVING CARL W. NIST DANA M. NORTON Sophomores DUDLEY C. FOSSUM GEORGE W. JOHNSON JOHN F. JOHNSON Frf.tkmen NATHANIEL L. FIELD, JR. LAWRENCE M. GOODSPEED FREDERICK S. MILLER MILES G. SEELEY NEIL O. STAEBLER HERBERT H. TWINING MELVIN A. OLL, A.B. LESTER P. KAUFFMANN P. CLAY KNICKERBOCKER ROBERT M. WnrrMER WILLIAM B. PALMER RONALD E. PAXSON RICHARD S. SPINDLE THOMAS V. WATSON- CHARLES E. WILLIAMS FRANK H. POWER FRANK W. WALAITIS ROBERT P. WALKER THOMAS A. WARTHIN HAROLD B. PALMER JACK E. STOKES JOSEPH G. WILSON Founded Norwich University 1856 44 Active Chapters ALPHA GAM. L CHAPTER Established 1919 TKeta CM 37 GENERAL FRATERNITIES BOOTH GODFREY SCULLY MARCOTTE CAVANAUOH WARD MANS REIF HOSMER BUELL T QUINN M. QUINN PARKER JACKSON MCAFEE BISSELL MCARTHCR W. THURNAN SCHENCK H. THUHNAN VANTUYL ASTON SKINNER WOOD CLINE CHAPMAN HARRIS LAKE FINLEY GARRISON RUSSEL PRESTON V. DAVIS BRYANT LEWIS SHANGHNESSY FRITCH E. DAVIS THETA DELTA CHI MEMBERS IN FACULTY ROBERT L. FROST ERNEST F. BARKER, PH.D. EDMUND E. DAY, PH.D. W. HACKLEY BUTLER BENJAMIN E. GROVES HARRY O. POTTER MEMBERS IN CITY CARLOS D. KELLY RICHARD J. PRESTON FRED A. ASTON SEELY M. CHAPMAN CLARK E. HARRIS FREDERICK T. BISSELL HARLEY A. HAYNES HOWARD C. JACKSON WILFRED I. BOOTH DANIEL H. BUELL JAMES K. CAVANAUGH ROBERT H. GODFREY NOAH W. BRYANT EGBERT H. DAVIS JAMES V. DAVIS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) EUGENE E. SCOTT GEORGE H. SEHRING Seniors HENRY M. KLINE THEODORE R. SKINNER Juniors WILLIAM F. McAFEE GEORGE H. MCARTHUR FREDERICK R. PARKER Sophomores FELL R. HOSMER ROBERT W. MANSS CHARLES H. MARCOTTE TIMOTHY C. QUINN Freshmen DAVID C. FINLEY GORDON R. FRITCH WILLIAM A. GARRISON ROBERT C. LAKE H. GEORGE FIELD FRANK F. VAN TUYL EDWARD D. WARNER EDWARD D. SOLOMON JAMES W. WILSON JOHN H. THURNAU JEROME W. WOOD LAURENCE J. VAN TUYL WILLIAM M. QUINN MELVILLE B. SCHENCK WILLIAM R. THURNAU ERNEST C. REIF JOHN C. SCULLY DAVID W. WARD LEWIS H. WALTER GEORGE E. LEWIS DAVID A. PRESTON WILLIAM K. SHAUGHNESSY Founded Union College 1847 30 Active Chapters GAMMA DEUTERON CHAPTER Established 1889 Tketa ' Delta Cki Page 372 GENERAL FRATERNITIES BUNGE BOWSHER LAWTOS LEPPELMEIER RAZMUSSEN LANG JOLLY MASTEN YOUNG RENISON ElCHELBERGEB STERR JOHNSON COOK KISSINGER MAC. ACGHTON ANDREWS VERNON PEET WOOD GOETZ GROSSMAN SMITH WM. S. HOUSEL, B.S.E. THETA KAPPA N MEMBERS IN FACULTY EARL E. FLEISCHMAN, A.B., M.A. MEMBERS IN CITY u MAURICE B. EICHELBERGER, B.S.E. E. RUSSEL SlLKWORTH WELDON P. HARE HAROLD W. HOLMES MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) J. ROYCE PETERSON, A.B., M.A. CHARLES AUSTIN, A.B. GEORGE G. HUNTER CHARLES H. JOHNSON- FRED F. LANGE CHARLES R. RASMUSSEN KENNETH M. COGAR EDWARD GOETZ FRED JOLLY STEWARD S. KISSINGER HARRISON B. ANDREWS RAYMOND G. BUNGE ROBERT B. COOK KENT BOWSHER FRANCIS J. HAYES Seniors Juniors MERLE G. WOOD Sophomores Freshmen ALBERT NELSON ARTHUR R. COOK VERNON COOK ARTHUR H. GROSSMAN, A.B. WILLIAM H. RENISON ARTHUR H. SMITH PAUL J. STERR HAL S. TIFFANY CHAS. D. LAWTON GILBERT E. LEPPELMEIER WIRT M. MASTEN CHAS. D. PEET ROBERT D. FOWLER JOHN S. PINAIRE WILLIAM A. VERNON CLYDE L. JOHNSON GEORGE L. JOHNSON Founded Rollins College Florida, 1924 43 Active Chapters MICHIGAN ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1920 Re-established 1925 " 1 Keta- i ap Page 373 GENERAL FRATERNITIES GRAHAM OSENBERG WOOLLEY KELLOGG GREENIDGE PERRIGO NEPF BROMLEY WAGNER N. WICKEHSHAM WATKINS DECKER McCoY BABCOCK GALE CROSS ZINK SCHANTZ REASON LUNDIN DAVIS ROGERS MATHES EICHENHOFER RAVENSCROFT BODDY WATERBURY R. WICKEHSHAM HICKS BARTHOLIC CLAYTON HENRY H. HIGBIE, E.E. HERMAN R. BUEHLER WALTER T. BROMLEY MORTIMER A. NEFF N, R. WlCKERSHAM, JR. HERMAN J. EICHENHOFER PAUL B. PERRIGO EDWARD M. SPENCER GERALD ZINK FREDRICK P. BABCOCK ROBERT A. CLAYTON ROWLAND WICKERSHAM ROBERT S. McCoY CHARLES R. GREENIDGE HENRY B. SCHANTZ JOE E. KILLIAN THETA XI MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY WALTER R. DRURY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors WILLIAM O. WAGNER Juniors Sophomores Freshmen WILLIAM R. GRAHAM WILLIAM C. HOAD, B.S. RUDOLPH H. GJELNESS HAROLD W. KELLOGG RALPH W. WATERBURY EDWARD A. RAVENSCROFT JOHN C. MATHES ROBERT S. REASON ELLSWORTH M. BROCKWAY DON R. DAVIS FREDERICK W. HICKS. JR. ARTHUR L. LUNDIN RICHARD ORENBURG FRANCIS W. BARTHOLIC RICHARD C. WATKINS AUSTIN F. WOOLLEY DANIEL M. ROGERS Founded Rensalaer Poly. 1864 29 Active Chapters SIGMA CHAPTER Established 1914 GENERAL FRATERNITIES GRANT POMJIEREXI.VG ERICISON HARRISON LOWMASTER EASTERLY BUI-LARD HODGSON OHTH WADDBLL JOHNSTON POTTS HODGSON HOLTON FLAGG SCHTTIXG HARRISON BISHOP SALMOND HALL HAMILTON; LITTKLL TRECTTXER PUHCKLL Dorr WETL HOGG SALISBURT McCoNOCHiE SCHULTI McVrmE TRIANGLE MEMBERS IN FACULTY EDWARD A. STALKER, M.S. MEMBERS IN CITY HARRY BOUCHARD, B.S. THOMAS J. MITCHELL, B.S. WIHTRED COOK, M.S. LLOYD T. BISHOP ROSCOE A. DAVIDSON LAWRENCE E. ERICKSON NELLIS M. HARRISON- MARION S. HODGSON WILLIAM K. HAMILTON- WILLIAM R. McCoNOCHiE ALBERT L. DOTY EUGENE EASTERLY JOHN R. GRANT JOHN R. HALL THOMAS J. HODGSON, JR. HAROLD ML. HARRISON- ALBERT P. FLAGG LAURENCE C. JOHNSTON- CHARLES D. HOLTON Seniors ALFRED W. WATSON Junior t Sophomores Frtshnun. GEORGE J. WEYL CLETUS J. GALLOWAY RICHARD S. POTTS ORVING M. SALMOXD RUSSELL L. SCHWING ALLEN SALISBURY LAURENCE H. TRUETTNER WILLARD I. TRUETTNER WILLIAM J. ULLRICH WILLIAM GORDON HOGG OLIVER W. LOWMASTER ROBERT J. McVrrriE EDWIN H. ORTH OTTO P. POMMERENING WILLIAM SCHULTZ, JR. ELMER L. LITTELL CHARLES R. WADDELL HENRY H. PURCELL Founded L ' niversity of Illinois 1907 14 Active Chapters MICHIGAN CHAPTER Established 192; 1 ri angle Pagf 375 GENERAL FRATERNITIES H. MERRY C. ABKREN W. DOUGALL DYBVIO TURNER HEWITT FARRIS GRUNOW BAUSCHARD BRAIDWOOD WEBSTER KOCH COURTIS DENLEH JOSE PIERCE WEBER WENZELL VLIET SHIPMAN CONNOR L. ASKREN T. DOUGALL E. MERRY LAWSON GILBERT DOUBLEDAY YATES TRIGON MEMBERS IN FACULTY S. LAWRENCE BIGELOW, Ph.D. HERBERT G. WATKINS, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) JOHN G. GARLINGHOUSE, A.B. ROY H. CALLAHAN ADDISON D. CONNOR DOUGLAS F. DOUBLEDAY THOMAS J. DOUGALL R. LESLIE ASKREN CLARENCE M. PIERCE FREDERICK G. BAUSCHARD ROBERT BRAIDWOOD THOMAS M. COURTIS WILLIAM H. DENLER ROBERT M. GRUNOW CHARLES A. ASKREN WILLIAM R. DOUGALL CHARLES C. DYBVIG SHERMAN T. FARRIS Seniors Juniors TOM L. YATES Sophomores Freshmen ALBERT LOCKWOOD JAMES F. BOYER Louis M. GILBERT GERALD J. LAWSON ELLIS B. MERRY RICHARD S. WEBER WILLIAM W. WENZELL, JR. NORMAN E. HARTWEG CHARLES J. JOSE DONALD Q. KOCH CLARENCE R. VLIET JOHN E. WEBSTER R. CARPENTER HEWITT HENRY J. MERRY ROBERT W. TURNER JOE_SHIPMAN Founded University of Michigan I Active Chapter Established 1905 GENERAL FRATERNITIES SPATER BERGER ROBINSON MEYER WIENER RICH MOSES FREIBURGER GERSON HART ROSENBERG LEWT SCHLOSS FECHHEIUER LAMFROJJ LOWENSTINE KAUFMAN GINSBI-RG KRAUS KEMPNEK COLE LEVENTHAL HEINSHEIMER MORSE LIVINGSTON SPIEGEL EFROYVSON BECKER HAAS ZETA BETA TAU MEMBERS IN FACULTY I. LEO SHARFMAN, A.B., LL.B. JOSEPH COHEN, A.B., M.A. LEE ENSEL, A.B. NORMAN FREEHLING, A.B. MENTOR KRAUS, A.B. RALPH M. COLE PAUL GINSBURG ROBERT HEINSHEIMER RALPH KEMPNER DAVID KLEE BURTON F. LAMFROM ARNOLD BECKER WILLIAM D. BERGER RICHARD F. FECHHEIMER JOSEPH HAAS EDWARD L. EFROYMSON LEO H. FREIBURGER BENJAMIN S. GERSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) Seniors WILLIAM WIENER Juniors JACQUES L. WIENER Sophomores GEORGE A. SPATER Freshmen GUSTAV WEINFELD, A.B., M.D. ADOLPH B. LOVEMAN, A.B. SIGMUND A. ROBINSON, A.B. KARL SICKERMAN, A.B. ALBERT LEVENTHAL JOSEPH MORSE, JR. HENRY N. MOSES BENNET M. RICH JOHN B. LOWENSTINE RICHARD A. MEYER CHARLES R. KAUFMAN- RICHARD B. LEWY PIERCE ROSENBERG WILLIAM L. SCHLOSS HERBERT L. HART RICHARD J. LIVINGSTON JEROME SPIEGEL Founded Jewish Theological Seminary 1898 33 Active Chapters PHI CHAPTER Established 1912 D e t a, 1 a u_ Page 377 GENERAL FRATERNITIES EMERY ELLISON G. TREMBLE RICE CLANEY JUDSON SACKHIDER ELLIOTT RANDALL CANDLER HOLPUCH EDMISON BARTON KCRVINK PETTIBONE KOENHOLD BUCKINGHAM SIBLEY C. KRAMER E. TREMBLE SHAMBAUGH LOWNSBERY HEMPSTEAD CRONWALL PURSELL COOKE RICH J. KRAMER FELLOWS BARRY R. BIGELOW THOMAS P. BRADY CHARLES C. CHAPPLE RICHARD R. CHAPPLE L. FARNUM BUCKINGHAM JOE FELLOWS, JR. CHARLES B. KRAMER O. JOHN KUENHOLD HORACE J. BARTON GEORGE V. CANDLER, JR. C. LYMAN CRANE HUGH CLANEY HARRY A. ELLIOTT E. JEROME ELLISON HOWARD P. EMERY THOMAS M. COOKE EDWARD C. CRONWALL, JR. DAVID BILL HEMPSTEAD, JR. ZETA PSI MEMBERS IN FACULTY PHILLIP C. BURSLEY MEMBERS IN CITY THOMAS D. HINSHAW MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) Seniors EDWARD C. TREMBLE Juniors GEORGE L. RANDALL Sophomores Freshmen LAWRENCE M. DAWSON ROBERT Y. KEEGAN NATHAN K. BRUMBAUGH FRANK H. WESTLAKE HORACE C. LOWNSBERY C. LAWRENCE PETTIBONE ROBERT L. SHAMBAUGH JAMES W. SIBLEY, JR. PERCY J. EDMISON JOSEPH H. HOLPUCH RICHARD C. KURVINK C. YORK JUDSON JOHN F. RICE JAMES B. SACKRIDER GEORGE T. TREMBLE, JR. JAMES H. KRAMER CASSELL L. PURSELL HERBERT M. RICH Founded New York University 1847 29 Active Chapters XI CHAPTER Established 1858 PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES HARRINGTON SHANKLAND DHUMMANCL COREY MONRAD VANLENTE GIBSON SHIRVEN BRINK SCAFF SIGNAIGO FINCH DEWITT GIBSON SCHEFFLER MICHACD HALL BUTTON AKIN STAPLETON TILLITSON WEBBER ELLIOTT W. L. BADGER, M.S. E. M. BAKER, B.S. F. E. BARTELL, Ph.D. J. C. BRIER, M.S. G. G. BROWN, Ph.D. R. J. CARNEY, Ph.D. L. O. CASE, Ph.D. A. A. CHRISTMAN, Ph.D. J. C. BAILAR, M.A. E. B. BAKER, M.S. R. G. CLARKSON, M.S. M. S. CARR, B.S. R. D. FOWLER, B.S. GEORGE A. AKIN EDWARD G. BUTTON BERNARD C. CASE E. HAWLEY BRINK FREDERIC J. ALPHA CHI SIGMA MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. C. ECKSTEIN, Ph.D. A. L. FERGUSON, Ph.D. J. O. HALFORD, Ph.D. J. H.HODGE S, Ph.D. E. H. LESLIE, Ph.D. H. B. LEWIS, Ph.D. R. K. MCALPINE, Ph.D. C. C. MELOCHE, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY O. H. GREAGER, M.S. R. C. GIBSON, M.S. R. H. HARRINGTON, M.S. G. G. LAMB, B.S. C. C. MONRAD, B.S. H. J. OSTERHOF, Ph.D. M. C. ROGERS, M.S.E. J. D. RYAN, B.S. R. V. SHANKLAND, M.S. C. K. SLOAN, M.S. CALVIN H. COREY ARTHUR B. ELLIOT RICHARD D. HALL DUNCAN G. GIBSON EDWARD J. MARTIN DAVID H. DRUMMOND A. M. WHITE, M.S. Seniors RUPERT W. KUENZEL MARTIN L. MICHAUD EDWARD H. PAEPLOW Juniors CHARLES F. MOORE JACK H. SCAFF Freshmen MAYNARD N. SHIRVEN C. S. SCHOEPFLE, Ph.D. E. O. SCOTT, M.S. W. G. SMEATON, A.B. M. H. SOULE, Ph.D. C. UPTHEGROVE, B.S. P. F. WEATHERILL, Ph.D. H. H. WILLARD, Ph.D. R. R. TANNER, M.S. C. N. SMITH, M.S. M. SOUDERS, M.S. J. STRONG, A.B. K. A. VANLENTE, M.S. F. J. L. VAN NATTA, M.S. CHESTER B. STAPLETON EDWARD W. TILLITSON JOHN A. WEBBER FRANK K. SIGNAIGO DONALD I. FINCH AlpKa Chi Si Founded University of Wisconsin 1902 40 Active Chapters ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Established 1916 Page 380 ROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES CLEARY THOMAS TOWSLEY HAWLETT BRADSHAW SCOTT DURANT BHADEN HILDEBRAND RAINE WEAVER LEMEN LACPEE HOLDEMAKER HARRISON GALBRAITH NlCHOLS BuHCH HOWLAND WATSON R.ELYEA SMITH HULT HOWLKTT ISBEY ONDERHEIDE WERTENBERGER BROWN ELLIS DOYLE CRABTREE E1THAMMEK NOCONK STARRS GRAHAM DALBY DE LOR MCPHERSON VAN ANTWERP MEYERS POLLARD KNIGHT SHANNON DOYLE MC!NTYRE BACKBOROUGH ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA MAX M. PEET, A.B., M.A., M.D. Louis XEWBERG, A.B., M.D. HENRY FIELDS, B.S., M.D. JOHN GARVEY, M.D. JAMES HALFHILL, B.S., M.D. SMITH THORINGTON, M.D. PAUL W. KNISKERN, M.D. DANIEL STOUGH, M.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY NOEL SHAMBAUGH, M.S., M.D. GEORGE BELOTE, M.D. PAUL GARVEY, M.D. RUDOLPH KAMPMEIER, A.B., M.D. NELSON KEELER, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY ALF ALVING, A.B., M.D. NEWELL PHILPOTT, CM., M.D. ROBERT L. GLASS, M.D. ARTHUR CURTIS, B.S., M.D. THERON HILL, M.D. HAROLD MORGAN, M.D. CARL GILLIES, M.D. WENDEL SWEET, M.D. H. G. REEVES, M.D. JAMES D. BROWN WINSTON C. CRABTREE FREDERICK M. DOYLE BERNARD A. BURCH PHILLIP M. HENDERSON SPENCER BRADEN PARK S. BRADHSAW MORRIS Y. BUCKBOROUGH RUDOLPH I. CLARY JOHN M. GALBRAITH BERNARD J. GRAHAM MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors WADE B. ELLIS WOODWARD A. NEITHAMMER HOWARD T. HOWLETT ALONZO A. NORCONK EDWARD K. ISBEY HAMLIN A. STARKS Juniors EDMOND D. HOEDEMAKER HAYDEN C. NICHOLSON ALVIN W. HOWLAND OTTO S. HULT ABEL C. PECK XELSON S. SMITH Sophomores ROBERT R. HOWLETT CHARLES E. LEMEN STEWART N. ROWE HOWARD B. WEAVER Freshmen MELVIN K. KNIGHT ROYAL A. MEYERS JOHN D. MACPHERSON PAUL W. SHANNON- CHARLES H. MAC!NTYRE JOHN J. HARRISON- ROBERT G. DALBY THOMAS M. DURANT PAUL R. HILDEBRAND DANIEL VAN WOERKEM ELMORE C. VONDERHEIDE MORRIS WERTENBERGER GEORGE M. RELYEA BERNARD A. WATSON WALTER SCOTT ROBERT G. THOMAS HARRY A. TOWSLEY LEE D. VAN ANTWERP HERMAN M. POLLARD Founded Dartmouth College 1888 52 Active Chapters ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Established 1906 OFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES SMITH BRIGGS BEUKEMA BOSTICK SCHIRMER URE FORD SNELL GRAY SCHUMANN NELSON SHIRLEY CHASE MOORE CHURCH CRAWFORD HOWE COMFORT BALGOOYEN GRAVES HAGEN ARMSTRONG BRIMCOMBE STEINKO BURI WERTMAX ALPHA KAPPA PSI MEMBERS IN FACULTY FREDERICK M. TAYLOR, Ph.D., LL.D. CLARE E. GRIFFIN, Ph.D. WILLIAM A. PATON, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students} BERNAL L. DOBELL, A.B. LAURENCE R. GRAY, B.S. ERNEST M. FISHER, A.M. ROBERT P. BRIGGS, A.B. ROBERT M. KERR, A.B. Seniors in Business Administration School CORLISS E. ARMSTRONG FOREST C. BRIMCOMBE KENNETH M. CHURCH CLYNE G. CRAWFORD FRANK E. GRAY ROBERT T. HAGEN GARRETT E. KAUFFMAN RICHARD C. MOORE EDWARD R. SNELL BERT F. WERTMAN Juniors in Business Administration School HENRY W. BALGOOGEN EDWARD P. BOSTICK RUSSELL A. BURI WILLIAM L. CHASE RALPH B. COMFERT STANLEY E. FORD LEO E. ROWE GEORGE M. SCHIRMER JACK SCHUMAN LELAND S. SMITH STANLEY M. STEINKO EDWARD J. URE MAYNARD E. BEUKEMA RALPH C. GRAVES Juniors in Literary School CLINTON A. NELSON ROBERT W. SHIRLEY Founded New York University 1904 48 Active Chapters PHI CHAPTER Established 1920 Page 382 PROFESS! O X A L F RAT E R X I STEINBERG FROST WEBER HERTZBERG Mrscovicn MACKLIX HUBERT SPECTOH NUESS FlXEMAN SCHARF CROLL LAST ECKER FRIEOMAX EDER SoXKIX SlDLOW SCHHARTZ LEVI-JE SUSMAX KATZMAX Fox WEISGARTEX POPICK HERSHOX SPERO ALPHA OMEGA SAMUEL CROLL JACK E. ECKER SAMUEL EDER MEMBERS IX UXIVERSITY Seniors SAMUEL C. SONKIN ANDREW FRIEDMAN BENJAMIN LAST MORRIS SCHARF JOSEPH J. FINEMAN MAX S. HERTZBERG Juniors LEONARD SIDLOW JULIAN B. WEBER MICHAEL FROST WILLIAM J. HUBERT LEON A. KATZIN EMANUEL M. MACKLIN ERWIN MUSCOVICH Sophomores JEROME W. XEUSS XATHAN X. SPECTOR ISADORE STEINBERG MAURICE R. SUSMAN EMANUEL E. WEINGARTEN NATHAN S. Fox IRVING J. HERSHON ALVIN H. KATZMAN Freshmen STANLEY L. SPERO SAMUEL J. LEVINE PHILIP P. POPICK ROLAND M. SCHWARTZ Founded University of Maryland 1906 22 Active Chapters CHI CHAPTER Established 1926 PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES WlLLOX HOSKINS WlLDEBN STEINBAUGH WILLIAMS RICHARDSON CAMPBELL KUHN BILL KIHBY PLYM FBISSEL CUMMINOS H. CLAKK EISELE FOWLEY MILLER AUBREY WATLAND PODBIELNIAK PETERSON PHILPOTT ROUSE ELY SCHOETTLEY W. CLARK ALPHA RHO CHI MEMBERS IN FACULTY EMIL LORCH, A.M. GEORGE M. McCoNKEY, B.A.E. ALBERT J. ROUSSEAU THOMAS S. TANNER, B.S. LYNN W. FRY LAURENCE T. RAY VERNE H. SIDNAM FREDERICK J. SCHOETTLEY HAROLD E. PINE HAROLD M. PHILPOTT C. TAYLOR MILLER EDWARD C. CUMMINGS SHELDON A. ELY J. MARTIN FRISSEL MARSHALL J. ROUSE JAMES B. RICHARDSON JACK A. WILLIAMS W. DONALD BILL HOWARD F. CLARK GEORGE I,. WILLOX WILLIAM J. WILDERN MEMBERS IN CITY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Juniors Sophomores JOEL T. JESSUP Freshmen ERNEST WILBY WELLS I. BENNETT, M.S. CHARLES R. BARNUM, B.S. LEON A. MAKIELSKI WARD A. DAVENPORT WILLIAM B. CLARK GERALD R. WATLAND WlLLOUGHBY R. RALSTON STANLEY C. PODBIELNIAK HARPER P. FOWLEY ROY T. PETERSON DUDLEY E. EISELE DONALD F. STEINBAUGH LAWRENCE J. PLYM BERNARD L. CAMPBELL WEYMOUTH W. KIRBY BANQUIER M. AUBREY S. KENNETH KUHN F. KEITH PIERCE CLIFTON R. HOSKINS - fw r " V " . F . - !!;! o Cki Founded Universities of Michigan and Illinois 1914 10 Active Chapters IKTINOS CHAPTER Established 1914 Page 384 PROFESSIONAL PBABCE HOLLWTKB KIMBALL BORDEAC VEKGTEVEEX TRCESOEIJ. WOODWARD TCTTLE BIRD BCTLE XKBI.Y BELL ACBIX SPABKIE WOBSFOCDE XOKTHWAT SMITH McCuni LOGAX SCHICK KlEHX COGGAX CuiKKE MACVlCAK THOMPSON CAMPBELL SHEHAX SpECK CABTEB NtSSLE REIX SrmxiT BCBJEMAX POUUTT CKIFFEXDEX HAHBISOX DHEVDAHI. WHITMAX MORSE MERRIMAX PCTXAM Gnxcn-K GiBSOx Gitnn HAGE Commxr CABTKB STSOBEL BOOXVTRA EATIJC, RiCHAJtoe BCKBKKK Wmcum. R. XOBTHBOP P. XOBTHROP WIXASS MORRIS BEACH MARCUS L. WARD. D.D.S. CHALMERS J. LYOXS. D.D.S. RUSSELL V. BLXTIXC, D.D.S. PERRY C. LOWERY, D.D.S. FRANCIS B. VEDDER, D.D.S. JOBS V. TRAVIS, D.D.S. PAUL H. JESSERICH, D.D.S. ROLLEX S. BEACH DOXALD C. BEVHRER EDWIX BOOXSTRA ROBERT CARTER WILLIAM J. BEUTHEX XELS W. BURKUAX RALPH X. CAMPBELL RICHARD CARTER J. L. AVBIX JAMES H. BELL, Ji. Rl ' SSELL E. BtTLER ROBERT BIRD RAYMOND BORDEAU DELTA SIGMA DELTA MEMBERS IN FACULTY URA GARFIELD RJCK.ERT. D.D.S. Louis P. ROBERT K. BROWX, D.D.S. JAMES O. ELMER L. WHITMAX, D.D.S. HAROLD HARRY W. SHIELDS, D.D.S. HADDEX ROBERT HOWELL, D.D.S. RlCRARD RALPH F. SUMMERS, D.D.S. MEMBERS IN CITY LESTER E. RTTTERSHOFER, D.D.S. HALL, D.D.S. BEAVIS, D.D.S. E. MATTESOX, D.D.S. XEELY. D.D.S. H. KIXGERY, D.D.S. WALTER HAROLD JAMES COXXELLY KEXXETH EASTLICH JOHX J. GALVIX ROBERT L. GIBSOX VICTOR W. CRTTTEXDEX COXRAD G. DREVDALL WILFRED J. HARIUSOX XEEL S. L cVicA E. EUGEXE MERRIMAX KEXXETH P. CLARKE JOHX C. COGGAX WESLEY H. DOUGLAS CLIFFORD KIEHX JACK F. HOLLISTER HORTOX D. KlMBVL MEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY Seniors WILLIAM A. GILLETTE RICHARD HAGER EMORY MORRIS PHIL L NORTHROP PHILIP NL WIXCHEL Juniors RoLAXD O. NlSSLE HOMER B. PORRETT VICTOR E. REIN HARLOW SHEHEXS HOWARD SPARKIE Sophomore! WILLIAM H. LOGAN- NEIL T. McLEER NORMAN W. MERTEX EvELETH A. NORTHWAY Freshnun " AXCE W. POTTER NELSOX B. TRUESDELL XORMAX WOODWARD F. WOOD, D.D.S. BLRCH, D.D.S. LYXX L. PUTXAM DAVID H. RICHARDS HAROLD STROBEL DOXALD C. WINIXS HAZEN STREIT THOMAS THOMPSOX DOXALD WHITMAN G. RENTON WORSFOLDE ROBERT PETERS EDWARD C. SCHICK CLAIR SMITH VICTOR A. TUTTLE JOEL " UGTEVEEN Founded University of Michigan 1883 47 Active Chapters ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1882 PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES VANLIEW THOMPSON ANDREWS TITTLE PETERSON RUDD SMITH HOWARD SPENCER ZENTGREBE LINDSLEY JONES DAVIS COLLINS HUNTER ELANDER McGuiRE BAKER SWAIN- CURL EISEHMAN LEV MAYNE STAUBACH JONES CURRIE TAYLOR NORTHROP SINCHIR BEIER SHEFF DAMM MITCHELL HARDER RODKEY BIRDSEYE FRANCIS HAVEN DELTA SIGMA PI MEMBERS IN FACULTY JOHN P. MITCHELL, JR., A.M. EDWARD C. PROPHET, A.M. GEORGE W. WOODWORTH, A.M. ROBERT A. CAMPBELL FRANK R. LEV ROBERT M. BIRDSEYE, A.B. CARL F. BEIER ALBERT P. COLLINS LESTER C. CURL CHARLES C. CURRIE A. ROLLAND DAMM DEWiTT DAVIS, 3rd CHARLES E. BAKER JOSEPH W. PETERSON DEL S. ANDREWS HERMAN C. THOMPSON HENRY S. HOWARD MEMBERS IN CITY LYLE O. THAYER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) RICHARD E. MAYNE Seniors LYLE E. EISERMAN RALPH J. FRANCIS CLARE E. HARDER T. KENNETH HAVEN HERBERT D. HUNTER MERRILL M. JONES Juniors JOHN S. RUDD KENNETH B. SMITH Sophomores WALTER R. TITTLE Freshmen ROBERT G. RODKEY, A.M. CLAUDE J. WHITLOW, A.M. BLAIR K. SWARTZ HAROLD J. MERTZ, A.B. WILLARD P. JONES CHARLES T. McGuiRE STARR M. NORTHROP STEWART J. SHEFF NORMAN H. SINCLAIR CHARLES N. STAUBACH CLYDE L. TAYLOR WILLIAM F. SPENCER CLAIR E. SWAIN DONALD E. VAN-LIEW WILLARD H. ZENTGREBE ERNEST A. SCHARMER Founded New York University 1907 45 Active Chapters XI CHAPTER Established 1921 PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES EwIJJG SCLLIVAN WOOD TOTZKE WEINMAN DuNLAP BuHGER ESTES LANGEXAC SHAULL WILSON DECKER SMITH SHIPMAX SPHOWL CHAMBERS VOLLWILER BOYLE VOELKER BARBER DUDLEY HAGEMEISTEH BEACH WALKER RUEGSEGGEH KEITHLEY RICH MEADEH RAISCH DELTA THETA PHI CARL G. BRANDT, LL.B., LL.M. MEMBERS IN FACULTY HOBART R. COFFEY, A.B., LL.B., LL.M. MEMBERS IN CITY DONALD DUNCANSOX, A.B. ALBERT J. PARKER, A.B., LL.B. ROBERT P. WUERFEL, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) RUSSELL V. MAXWELL JAYH. PAYNE, A.B., LL.B. HAROLD P. TROSPER, LL.B. FREDRICK S. BEACH THOMAS R. BOYLE ORVAL F. HAGEMEISTER GEORGE W. KEITHLEY, A.B. MEXDEL B. DECKER, A.B. HAROLD W. DUDLEY, A.B. RICHARD J. SHAULL, A.B. JAMES A. SPROWL, A.B. CARL J. BURGER HOMER E. DUNLAP, A.B. WALTER O. ESTES Seniors WILLARD J. MEADER, A.B. ARTHUR T. RAISCH, A.B. FREDERICK P. RICH ALCID D. RUEGSEGGER, A.B. Juniors HAWLEY C. STARK, A.B. FULTON C. VOWELL JOEPH H. SHIPMAN, A.B. FREDERICK V. SMITH Freshmen CHARLES L. EWING, A.B. BOICE GROSS WILLIAM C. LANGENAU HENRY TOTZKE JOHN D. VOELKER VICTOR E. WALKER, A.B. WILLIAM W. WILSON WILLIAM H. WISE ROBERT D. BARBER GORDON M. CHAMBERS SYDNEY J. WILSON, A.B. A. E. PETERMANN JR., A.B. EARL D. SULLIVAN WILLIAM J. WEINMAN HARRY A. WOOD Founded Baldwin University 1900 60 Active Chapters CHRISTIANCY SENATE CHAPTER Established 1912 ROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES HEYHOE DAWSON LODGE WERTZ VANBLARCOM O. WHITE BAKER LANGLOIS GUNTHER GRIFFITHS DACQHEHTY BESIMEH FUTCHER SEITZ NORRIS SPONSELLER MORRIS C. F. WHITE WINTER GATES KLINE BABCOCK PINKERTON GAMMA ETA GAMMA MEMBERS IN FACULTY EDWIN B. STASON, A.B., B.S., J.D. ARTHUR H. RYALL, LL.B. ARCHIBALD D. WILSON MEMBERS IN CITY HAROLD D. McCujRE, A.B. LEWIS C. REIMAN EARL DEFUR, A.B. BENTON E. GATES, A.B. KERMIT K. KLINE, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors EDWARD E. BABCOCK, A.B. BASIL F. BAKER, A.B. FREDERIC B. BESIMER, A.B. CHARLES E. DAUGHERTY, A.B. DONOVAN Y. ERICKSON, A.B. JOHN F. FUTCHER, A.B. JOHN E. GUNTHER, M.A. LUTHER H. LODGE CLIFFORD W. VAN BLARCON EMORY L. MORRIS, A.B. Juniors Freshmen CHARLES F. WHITE, A.B. ROBERT C. WINTER, A.B. DARRELL A. SWANN, A.B. ROBERT D. LANGLOIS, A.B. AMOS M. PINKERTON, A.B. WILLIAM NORRIS, A.B. JOHN E. SPONSELLER, A.B. JAMES W. GRIFFITH, A.B. GORDON HEYHOE, A.B. HARRY J. SEITZ, A.B. GERALD M. WERTZ, A.B. OSWALD C. WHITE Founded University of Maine 24 Active Chapters ZETA CHAPTER Established 191 1 PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES MARIAN MOUNTAIN YANT MALCOM BRANCH HERRINGHAUS COSSET DONAHOE BARNEY FACT, NEIGHBOR CAMERON MASON C. MAI TOM WOOD DIACK COLMAN SOWERS HIGLET R. CHAPPLE VARY HUSTED FISHER MABLET HUDSON LAMB COVENTRY CASTLE MOORE PALMER JOXBS BEVIS BROWN FLEMING SHIPP RIGLEY WHINERY H L LEPARD SAMSON MONTGOMERY HEDRICK UPJOHJJ ALDRICH C. CHAPPLK LINDEN-MULDER I 9 V. C. VAVGHAX. Ph.D.. Sc.D., M.D. FREDERICK G. XOVY. M.D.. Sc.D., WALTER R. PARKER. B.S., M.D. CARL D. CAMP, M.D. UDO I. WILE. A.B.. M.D. FRANK N. WILSON, B.S., M.D. CARL W. EBEREACH, A.B.. M.D. CHARLES W. EDMUNDS, A.B., M.D. RLEBEN PETERSON, A.B., M.D. G. CARL HUBER, M.D. ALBERT M. BARRETT, A.B., M.D. CYRENUS G. DARLING, M.D. I. D. LOREE, M.D. GEORGE A. MAY. M.D. XU SIGMA X U MEMBERS IN FACULTY . LL.D. HUGH WELLMEIER, M.D. LL.D. DAVID M. COWIE, M.D. PRESTON M. HICKEY, A.B., M.D. HERBERT W. EMERSON, B.S., M.D. HARTHER L. KEIM, M.S., M.D. EDWARD CATHCART, A.B., M.D. JOHN L. LABADIE, M.D. EDGAR A. KAHN, M.D. TAMES CAMPBELL, M.D. A. C. MCLEOD, A.B., M.D. PAUL S. BARKER, M.D. ROBERT S. BREAKY, B.S., M.D. W. SLACK, M.D. WERMER W. DEUMLING, M.D. ROBERT J. COOPER, A.B. M.D. THOMAS F. CUSHING, A.B., M.D. CHARLES L. MACCALLUM, M.D. JOSEPH W. SHAW, M.D. EDWIN C. MILLER, M.D. ROBERT W. WILKINS, B.S., M.D. JAMES H. MAXWELL, M.D. CAMERON K. KEIM, A.B., M.D. GORDON J. McCuRDY, A.B., M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY JOSEPH PALMA, M.D. JAMES F. BREAKEY, B.S., M.D. NAPIER S. ALDRICH ROLLAND J. BROWN CHARLES C. CHAPPLE DONALD W. HEDRICK J. O. BEAVIS, D.D.S., M.S. M. FLEMMING, A.B. EDW. B. CASTLE, B.S. GEORGE C. HALL, A.B. DAN V. FISCHER, A.B. PITKIN HUSTED, A.B. MARK MARSHALL, B.S., M.D. S. L. BIGELOW, B.S.,A.B., Ph.D.. M.D CARL C. WORDEN, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors FRANKLIN JOHNSON FRANK. LUNDEMULDER PAUL SAMSON CECIL LEPARD R. P. MONTGOMERY, A.B.,M.S. E. G. UPJOHN, B.S. Juniors GEORGE A. PALMER GEORGE PATTEE, A.B. EDWARD RIGLEY, A.B. JOHN D. CAMERON RICHARD R. CHAPPLE W. D. COVENTRY, A.B. S. DIACK, A.B., M.S. R. H. FREYBERG, A.B. BURTON BARNEY, A.B. ROBERT COFFEE CHARLES BRANCH, A.B. JOHN COLEMAN THERON H. DONOHOE JOHN C. JONES, A.B. JOHN D. MABLET KENNETH B. MOORE Sophomorts C. S. HlGLEY, A.B. CHAS. L. HUDSON, A.B. W. K. LAMB, A.B. Freshmen HENRY FAUL F. S. HERRINGHAUS RUSSELL MALCOLM LELAND P. SHIPP, A.B. Jos. WHINERY, A.B. KARL MALCOLM E. W. MASON, A.B. JUSTIN NEIGHBOR MOZART MARRIN F. B. MOUNTAIN, A.B. EDWIN P. VARY, A.B. CORNELIUS B. WOOD B. SOWERS, A.B. JAMES YANT Founded University of Michigan 1882 36 Active Chapters ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1882 PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES SNIDER SOUTHER WORLEY FRUE HOFFMAN RAMSEY BARKER WINTER MUZZEY GALL BUTLER MILLER STEVENS TAIT GARVEY COCHRAN BEAN BROWN GREIXER UREN ROGERS CALDERIENI HAMAKER MOYLE BURRUS HOUSE GOVERT GOODWIN HICKS DAVIS COOK STRANSKY PHI ALPHA DELTA MEMBERS IN FACULTY GROVER C. GRISMORE HERBERT F. GOODRICH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOHN R. BRADFIELD SAMUEL H. RIGGS JOSEPH C. HOOPER CHARLES D. LIVINGSTONE ROBERT H. BROWN ROBERT C. BARKER, B.S. AZEL E. BEAN, A.B. GORDON J. BURRIS, A.B. LESLIE B. BUTLER, A.B. CHARLES J. CALDERINI, LL.B. WILLIAM D. COCHRAN, A.B. JOHN C. COOK, A.B. E. CLARK DAVIS WILLIAM C. FRUE, A.B. WILLIAM N. GALL JOHN W. GARVY, A.B. MARTIN G. GOODWIN GEORGE W. GOVERT, A.B. WALDO K. GREINER, B.S. WILLIAM E. HAMAKER, A.B. RICHARD A. HICKS LEO W. HOFFMAN- HOWARD D. HOUSE, A.B. ADELBERT M. Kipp JAMES F. MILLER OSCAR W. MOYLE, A.B. ALEXANDER A. MUZZEY, A.B. JOSEPH C. PETERS, A.B. RUSSELL A. RAMSEY, A.B. R. WILLIAM ROGERS, B.A. CALVIN N. SOUTHER, A.B. GEORGE R. SNIDER, A.B. FREDERICK J. STEVENS, A.B. FRANKLIN U. STRANSKY, A.B. GARLAND D. TAIT, A.B. C. KEITH UREN, A.B. J. KYLE WORLEY, A.B. THOMAS C. WINTER Founded Kent College of Law 1897 51 Active Chapters CAMPBELL CHAPTER Established 1905 ROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES SCHANTI DOCGLASS PINE GIIISKI VAX AUKEN STRICTER NELSON SPENCER HICKIIAN STEFFE.NSEN- KLOCK TBCDEAC WOODBUBX WHITLET KEJTIEB COCCKE SCHOENFIELD .ST4UB DcBFEE KlSG MEFFLET McHEFTT MlLLER BABTLETT JEWETT LEWIS OSGOOD LAUPPE BELSEB LOVELL HARDOBOVE FIERO FCI.LEB MEIEB ZILIAK LICHTT NEHGEB SMITH MUBBAT THOMPSON TIEDKE HOLLAND SCGBTTE JOHN SUXDWALL, Ph.D., M.D. JAMES M. PIERCE, M.D. ALBERT C. FURSTENBERG, M.D. CARL E. BADGLEY, B.S., M.D. GEORGE SLOCUM, M.D. GEORGE MUEHLIG, M.D. THEOPHILE KLINGMAN, M.D. JOHN B. HASSBERGER, B.S., M.D. PHI BETA PI MEMBERS IX FACULTY ERWIX E. NELSON, Ph.D., M.D. JAMES E. CROUSHORE, M.D. RUSSEL L. MUSTARD, B.S., M.D. FRANK D. LINN, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY WALTER KLINGMAX, M.D. WILLARD BARTLETT JR., M.D. FRANK GIMSKI RALPH G. HUBBARD CHARLES S. CAPP, A.B., M.S., M.D. RICHARD C. TRAVIS, A.B., M.D. JOSHUA E. BACON, M.D. DAVID L. BEERS, M.D. FRANCIS A. SCOTT, B.S., M.D. MURRAY E. GOODRICH, M.D. FRED YORK, M.D. LEO LAUTERBACH GEORGE L. HARDGROVE, B.S. HAROLD V. JACOX, B.S. JOHN V. LAWSON. B.S. WALTER BELSER, A.B. H. THOMAS FULLER ROBERT W. BARTLETT FLOYD L. BITRRIS MAX L. DURFEE JOHN K. HICKMAN SPEXCER C. FLO JAMES F. KLOCK. A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors DORMAN E. LlCHTY WARD M. RoLLAND, B.S. WILLIAM A. MURRAY EUGENE C. SMITH YERXOX D. NERGER, B.S. JOHN D. SUGRUE Juniors Louis D. GOMON D. ELVET LEWIS, A.B. FRED A. LAUPPE HAROLD W. LOVELL. A.B. ROLLIN P. FIERO, A.B. Sophomores WILLIAM E. JEWETT, A.B. WILLIAM H. MEFFLEY, A.B. ROBERT W. KIXG FRED H. MILLER, A.B. CORNELIUS G. LYNCH JOHN B. SCHOENFELD GEORGE J. MCHEFFEY E. MILTON STAUB, A.B. Freshmen Louis F. KXOEPP LEIGHTOX O. SHANTZ TRUMAN C. NELSON AVERY SPEXCER, A.B. CLIFFORD S. PINE WALLACE H. STEFFENSEN G. D. C. THOMPSON, B.S. GuNTHER E. TlEDKE, A.B. A. LAWRENCE ZILIAK HAROLD J. MEIER FRED P. OSGOOD, B.S. JOHN M. TRUDEAU JOHN M. WELLMAN, A.B. ALEC WHITLEY HARRIS L. WOODBURNE, A.B. HAROLD E. STRICKER, A.B. HOWARD E. YANAUKEX, A.B. Founded University of Pittsburgh 1891 39 Active Chapters BETA CHAPTER Established 1898 HIMI.KH HUIZINOA SHELLMAN DE VHIES ULCH ANDERSON DODDS MYERS TAYLOR WHITMAN HUBLEY M. B. SCHNITKER M. E. SCHNITKER DAVIS AULT ARMSTRONG ARNOLD ROTH CLARKE TOWNSEND BRUNSTINO ALBERS BLANCHARD STEWART GAUL KIEFER MASSELINK PAPKE BELL TALIAK ANDERSON VAN BREE BLIESMER SNYDER KNOLL MAXWELL JOHNSON STOVER NEHIL NEUMANN VANDUIN HATHAWAY STINSON STEPANOVICH DUNLAP BRUMBAUGH WARNER THOMAS ALTLAND WILLIAMSON HILLMAN THOMS SCHAEFEH BASSOW BOOTH CHILLEY NORMAN H. AMOS, M.D. WILLIAM H. BONHAM, B.S., M.D. ARTHUR M. CULLER, A.B., M.D. WARREN E. FORSYTHE, M.D., Ph.D. FRANCIS B. FRAHLICH, M.D. A. F. GREGG, M.D. VERNON L. HART, A.B., M.D. HOWARD H. CUMMINGS, M.D. PHI CHI MEMBERS IN FACULTY MOSES J. HOLDSWORTH, M.D. BURTON E. L. HYDE, M.D. ALBERT C. KERLIKOWSKE, M.D. WALTER G. MADDOCK, A.B., M.D. ROLLO E. McCoTTER, M.D. REED M. NESBIT, A.B., M.D. HERMAN H. RIECKER, A.B., M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY CONRAD GEORGE, M:D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) ROBERT A. HICKS, A.B. Seniors CHARLES W. G. SCHAEFER DALE E. THOMAS W. WELLS THOMS, B.S. Juniors CHARLES E. SNYDER, A.B. RAYMOND C. WARNER, B.S. GEORGE STEPANOVICH, A.B. WALTER S. STINSON Sophomores ROLLO J. MASSELINK, D.D.S. FRANK H. MAXWELL WILLIAM H. STEWART, A.B. MARTIN B. TALIAK, A.B. Freshmen THOMAS M. ANDERSON, A.B. HAROLD G. DEVRIES, A.B. PHILLIP R. JOHNSON, A.B. LEONARD E. HIMLER ARTHUR P. PAPKE JAMES W. HUBLY EMIL M. ROTH RUTHERFORD G. HUIZINGA, A.B. MAURICE L. SCHNITKER JOHN K. ALTLAND, A.B. PAUL H. BASSOW, B.S. DONALD S. BOOTH, B.S. EARL I. L. GILLEY WILLIAM S. HATHAWAY MARION W. HILLMAN LEONARD E. ANDERSON, B.S. HENRY A. DUNLAP AUGUST F. BLIESMER MALCOLM E. BOYLAN H. L. BRUMBAUGH, A.B. JOHN H. ALBERS, A.B. GARNET W. AULT LOWELL E. BLANCHARD HENRY A. BRUNSTING LEO A. KNOLL, A.B. LAWRENCE W. NEHIL VIRGIL F. NEUMANN CHARLES J. CLARK, A.B. LIONEL L. DAVIS EDWARD L. GAUL, A.B. NORVIN C. KIEFER LAWRENCE E. ARNOLD CHARLES M. BELL JOHN L. CLARKE, A.B. EMORY W. SINK, M.S., M.D. ARTHUR H. STEELE, B. S., M.D. CYRUS C. STURGIS, A.B., M.D. MARCUS B. TIDEY, M.D. HALFORD E. WHITACRE, B.S., M.D. LAWRENCE WELLER, A.B., M.D. JOHN O. WETZEL, B.S., M.D. SIDNEY L. LAFEVER, M.D. HUBERT J. VAN PEENEN PAUL C. WILLIAMS, A.B. FREDERIC B. WILLIAMSON VIRGIL E. STOVER RAYMOND S. VAN BREE JOHN W. VERDUIN, A.B. JOHN M. TOWNSEND ROBERT J. ARMSTRONG EDWARD W. LAKNER, B.S. MAX L. SCHNITKER MILLARD W. SHELLMAN HAMILTON E. WHITMAN Founded University of Vermont 1889 56 Active Chapters PSI CHAPTER Established 1905 PROFESSIONAL F RAT E R X I T I E S HILLS MASSIEH C. STLVEBTEB KNAGCB BEYEB MABTELL KLECK.VER SPICEB L. STLVESTEH BTCE BROOKS ULCH SEAVOT PETTIBOXE ALT MACKAT ALTOS DUBLUIAX ROBIKSOK KIRCHGESS.VEB WEIXKACT PHI DELTA CHI MEMBERS IN FACULTY WALTER L. BADGER, Ph.D. FREDERICK F. BLICKE. Ph.D. ROBERT J. CARNEY, Ph.D. CHARLES W. EDMUNDS, M.D. HERBERT W. EMMERSON, M.D. CLIFFORD C. GLOVER, Ph.C., M.S. CLARENCE J. CERNY THEOPHIL KLINGMAN, M.D. WILLARD E. PARKER, A.M. MEMBERS IN CITY HAL B. COATS, XLS.E. JOHN J. GALVIN ARTHUR R. ALT LVCIEX ALLISON PERCY F. BROOKS KARL BEYER GRANT M. JONES ELMER ALTON- WALTER J. BRASS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactivt and Graduate Students) W. C. LANGENAU, A.B. WILBUR NELSON, B.S. Seniors CHARLES R. BYCE PETER N. MARTELL EDWARD E. PETTIBONE PHILLIP M. ROBINSON Juniors WILLIAM R. KLEKNER EDWARD C. MOSIER Sophomores E. JOHN HILLS CARLE J. KIRCHGESSNE Freshmen ROY K. MC. LPINE, Ph.D. IUSTIN L. POWERS, Ph.C, M.S. WALTER J. NUNGESSNER, B.S., M.S. CHARLES H. STOCKING, Ph.C, M.S. VICTOR C. VAUGHN, M.D. HOBART H. WILLARD, Ph.D. C. W. MERKLE, M.D. EARL S. MORTON- HARVEY WHITNEY, B.S. CLAUDE REYNOLDS, A.B. RAYMOND C. WARNER, B.S. CHARLES E. SYLVESTER LEWIS R. SYLVESTER OLIVER J. WEINKAUFF ROBERT E. SPICER HAROLD W. ULCH EDWARD R. MACKEY MYLES E. DUELLMAN ' TT Founded University of Michigan 1883 25 Active Chapters ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1883 ROFES SIGNAL FRATERNITIES HAUSER BATEMAN GROSS GOLDBERG COOPERSTOCK LEVIE FLEISHMAN SCHAFFER GLAZER GREENBERG GOLDHAMER GLAZER REINSTEIN FREEDMAN SCHMIER MARWIL ROUFF ZOSS RUSKIN GREENSPAN MANAGE ROGIN GROSS FOHMAN MINTZ ROBINSON ROZAN PHI DELTA EPSILON MEMBERS IN CITY MAURICE COOPERSTALK, M.D. MARK FALCON LESSES, M.D. JACK RAVID, M.D. BERNARD MANACE, M.D. SAMUEL MELTZER, M.D. Louis M. FREEDMAN THOMAS B. MARWIL EDWARD I. MINTZ, A.B. ALFRED M. GLAZER, A.B. WALTER S. GLAZER, A.B., M.S. MILTON GOLDHAMER, A.B. NORMAN A. FLEISHMAN EDWARD B. GREENSPAN, B.S. LAWRENCE BATEMAN LAWRENCE C. GOLDBERG ELMER GROSS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senior; BURTON L. SCHMIER, A.B. Juniors Sophomores Pledges ALBERT Zoss CHARLES R. REINSTEIN, B.S. HAROLD A. ROBINSON, Ph.G. MILTON M. ROZEN BENJAMIN A. GROSS SOLOMON GREENBERG, A.B. JAMES R. ROGIN, A.B. ALLAN E. LEVIE, A.B. NATHAN SCHAFFER, A.B. I. JEROME HAUSER ELLIOT ROUFF DAVID RUSKIN Founded Cornell University 1904 42 Active Chapters OMEGA CHAPTER Established 1921 PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES LAXGFOBD FISKE KBAG HAWKINS MORHEAD WATSOX JONES BOTEB HEBNDOX DONALDSON WIUBOX ROBINSON BOPE CAIAAHAN BBADT MAHTELI. ROGERS WILSOX HOWEU. KEEGAN VAXOOSTEKHOCT BIBBELL ArBKET WILSOX MOBSMAN Horr KD WARDS Snwjurr GARLINGHOUSE FAUTEB GEOBGE HARMAN HFTCHCOCK ALLEN PHI DELTA PHI MEMBERS IN FACULTY PRESIDENT EMERITUS H. B. HUTCHIXS DEAN H. M. BATES DEAX J. R. EFFIXGER PROFESSOR E. C. GODDAJID PROFESSOR H. L. WILGUS PROFESSOR " . H. LAXE PROFESSOR E. HOLBROOK PROFESSOR R. V. AIGLER PROFESSOR J. H. DRAKE PROFESSOR E. N. DURFEE PROFESSOR E. R. SUXDERLAXD PROFESSOR J. B. WAITE PROFESSOR PACL A. LEIDY PROFF SOR PAUL BCCKLEY PROFESSOR J. P. DAWSOX, JR. HAROLD J. ALLEN- WILLIAM H. AUBREY LOWELL M. BIRRELL JAMES A. BOPE JAMES F. BOYER THOMAS BRADY NATHAX K. BRUMBAUGH ROY H. CALLAHAX WILLIAM E. Cox GLEX DOXALDSOX PERCY L. EDWARDS WORTH A. FALTER THOMAS FISKE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY FRAXCIS GEORGE JOHX G. GARLIXGHOUSE GEORGE S. HAGGERTY THOMAS M. HARMAX EVERETT E. HITCHCOCK HOBART D. HOYT DAVID A. HOWELL ZEB H. HERXDOX JOHX HAWKIXS RALPH M. JOXES ROBERT Y. KEEGAX WALLACE B. KRAG MALCOLM LAXGFORD RICHARD M. MAXWELL EDGAR M. MORSMAX, III ROBERT L. MOORE STAXLEY N. MUIRHEAD LEWIS S. ROBIXSOX JAMES H. ROGERS ARTHUR A. SPEXCE ARTHUR A. STEWART S. TYLER WATSOX CASSAM WILSOX JAMES W. WILSOX, III ROBERT J. WILSOX WM. H. VAX OOSTERHOUTZ Founded University of Michigan 1869 Active Chapters KENT INN CHAPTER Established 1869 ROFESSIONAL F RAT E R N I T I E S SHALL GBEENBEBG GOLLMAN TITSKY HARLEY GOLDSTEIN EHRLICH BRAITMAN SlLVERSTEIN ALTMAN SoSNOW NEWMAN WEINEH TOPCIK SHAPIRO SlLVERMAN RoBS OREN LICHTBLAU JULIAR SORKIN TAPPERMAN PLOTKIN SOLOMON NOTKIN PHI LAMBDA KAPPA BENJAMIN JULIAR MEYER NOTKIN HERMAN OREN B. AUBREY NEWMAN JACK SHAPIRO, A.B. RAPHAEL ALTMAN, A.B. AL LICHTBLAU, A.B. BENJAMIN Ross, A.B. Louis BRAITMAN MAX EHRLICH Louis GOLDSTEIN, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors MAURICE B. WEINER Juniors Sophomores HENRY I. TAPPERMAN, A.B. Freshmen HENRY SMALL, A.B. HERMAN PLOTKIN HERBERT SCHWARTZ ARTHUR SOLOMON Louis SOSNO, Ph.D., A.B. AARON A. TOPSIK, A.B. MAURICE SILVERMAN SAMUEL J. SILVERSTEIN, A.B. SAMUEL SORKIN, A.B. BENJAMIN GREENBERT Louis HARLEY ALBERT LITZKY Founded University of Pennsylvania 1907 33 Active Chapters PI CHAPTER Established 1923 ROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES MARSHALL FRANTZ PUCKETT WILCOX GALLOWAT DICKET MCMEEKIN KEYES CLARK BROMME R. CCRBT HULSE XACK STILES JOHNSON LATMON PIKE D. KIMBALL FLORA SEHRINO RAT SWINTON RATHBONE CANFIELD MALONE MATTSON STOKAS MARTIN WHITEHEAD SDTTON MILLIGAN CHABUT STOCKING SANDERSON F. CURRY ROBSON MuRPHT DoTT S. LOWE CAMEBON TEETER R. KlMBALL C. HCBER SCOTT RTTTERSHOFER HOSMEB CARMICHAEL SAMS LIGHT J. HUBEB HOTCHKISS PHILIP D. AMADON, M.D. L. GRANT BALDWIN, M.D. JOHN MCBARNES, B.S., M.D. MALCOLM G. BOURNE, M.D. WM. M. BRACE, A.B., M.D. JAS. D. BRUCE, M.D., A.C., O.F. ALBERT S. BARR, A.B., M.D. OLIN JAMES CAMERON GLEN A. CARMICHAEL DEAN L. HOSMER NORTON CANFIELD HECTOR M. CHABUT FILMORE S. CURRY EDWIN J. DOTY CHARLES B. EMERY WILLIAM BROMME ROBERT K. CURRY WILLIAM FLORA RICHARD L. CLARK LAWRENCE W. DICKEY PHI RHO SIGMA MEMBERS IX FACULTY R. BISHOP CANFIELD, A.B., M.D. F. A. COLLER, B.S., M.S., M.D. K. M. DAVENPORT, A.B., M.D. CARL H. FORTUNE, A.B., M.D. HARVEY C. HANSEN, M.D. ROBERT E. HASTINGS, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY SAMUEL W. DONALDSON, M.D. W. P. LOMBARD, M.S., Sc.D., M.D., LL.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors STANLEY T. LOWE JOHN L. MURPHY CLARE R. RITTERSHOFFER JOHN E. ROBSON Juniors RALPH R. RATHBONE WILEY M. SAMS HAROLD E. RAY STEVEN S. SANDERSON- GEORGE H. SEHRING Sophomores DAVID C. KIMBALL RUSSELL L. LAMON KENNETH H. LOWE Freshmen DON MARSHALL MELVIN H. PIKE ROBERT S. HOTCHKISS CARL P. HUBER RUSSELL C. KIMBALL RICHARD U. LIGHT JOHN HUBER JAMES G. MALONE FRANK M. MARTIN HAROLD F. MATTSON ROBERT MILLIGAN CALVIN B. GALLOWAY WILLIAM HULSE ORLEX J. JOHNSON JOHN L. KEYES JAMES W. MACMEEKIN PAUL W. WINDER JOHN W. KEMPER, D.D.S., M.D. NORMAN R. KRETZSHMER, B.S., M.D. THOS. H. MCEACBERN, A.B., M.D. O. B. McGiLLicuoY, M.D. EUGENE B. POTTER, M.D. THEOPHIL E. SCHMIDT, M.D. THERON S. LANGFORD, M.D. EUGENE E. SCOTT MILO R. SNODGRASS ELDEN R. TEETER BRUCE W. STOCKING HARRY B. STOKES RICHARD L. SUTTON XEIL W. SWINTON LESTON S. WHITEHEAD ARTHUR NACK FRANK STILES HERBERT C. WALLACE HOWARD PUCKETT REX A. W ? ILCOX Founded L ' niversity of Northwestern 1890 24 Active Chapters ZETA CHAPTER Established 1897 PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIE FHEELAND WARD NORLOCK STOVER JANIS HOLLAND FROMHART HAAS JOHNSON L.DULUDE H.THOMPSON H.SULLIVAN RAHN G. WRIGHT C. WRIGHT M. SULLIVAN WOZNIAK CARR FORSYTHE LOWNSBURY HARVIE WOOD MACVICAR LYTLE KEEPER LEE CLAY WUHTSMITH BURKE DEVRIES GALSTERER FRIEMUTH HIGGINS DUNN BILLS HALY DAWKINS RYAN HILL LUCK BEVERLY GREEN LAW LUCAS PSI OMEGA BERNARD E. LUCK, D.D.S. MEMBERS IN FACULTY MORRIS D. MACKOY, D.D.S. BERNARD E. LUCK, D.D.S. FRANK S. BEVERLY DONALD G. BILLS HENRY E. DAWKINS WILLIAM W. DUNN EDWARD G. FREIMUTH HAROLD L. BURKE WILLIAM D. CLAY STEWART J. DEVRIES ANDREW J. GALSTERER FLOYD E. LYTEL HARRY L. CARR LESLIE L. DuLuoE HAROLD FOSTER WARDCLE FREELAND WILLIAM HOLLAND MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactive and Graduate Students) Seniors HAROLD A. GREEN GEORGE J. HALEY KENNETH F. HIGGINS WILLIAM J. KEEFER ALBERT D. LAW Juniors MARK H. LOWNSBURY NEIL S. MACVICAR FRED H. RAHN JOHN A. HARVIE Sophomores BRUCE D. FORSYTH IVAR C. JOHNSON HENRY C. SULLIVAN Pledges SIDNEY T. HASSE GEORGE J. JANIS JAMES M. NORLOCK LEROY F. HILL, D.D.S. HARRY J. LEE LESTER M. LUCAS GARDNER S. MILLER EVERETT F. PIERSON ALDON W. RYAN MICHAEL R. SULLIVAN BERNARD C. WOZNIAK CORWIN R. WRIGHT FERDINAND L. WURTSMITH JOHN A. WOOD HOWARD C. THOMPSON GERALD G. WRIGHT LESTER E. OI.MSTEAD MAYNARD B. STOVER BYRON D. WARD Founded Baltimore College 1892 37 Active Chapters GAMMA KAPPA CHAPTER Established 1905 PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES OTTO STCART OBBORN GOODYEAR MCKNIGHT BARTLETT DCCKET COLWELL SCHRADE BROWN BARTLEY RlDER PETERS McEwEN PANCHUK WALTERS GREENE SCHOCH SCHATZ BLASHTIELD RICHMOND CHALLIS MAI.LENDEH TRAVER KRAPOHL BOWMAN ALEXANDER FERGUSON SIGMA DELTA KAPPA JUDGE GEORGE W. SAMPLE MEMBERS IN FACULTY JAMES K. POLLOCK, JR., Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY JOSEPH HOWELL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ORVILLE B. WALTERS, A.B. RAY L. ALEXAND ER, A.B. ALBERT E. BLASHFIELD, A.B. HARVEY B. GREENE WALTER G. KRAPOHL LLOYD W. BARTLETTE, A.B. ALFRED C. BOWMAN, A.B. IVAN A. CHALLIS, A.B. WALTER I. DUCKET JOHN E. BARTLEY, JR. JOHN G. BROWN, JR. JOHN K. COLWELL MYRON E. GRANT GEORGE J. MCKNIGHT, A.B. WAYNE R. OSBORNE, A.B. Seniors Juniors Freshmen WILLIAM LAIRD WlLLARD H. McEwEN, A.B. JOHN PANCHUK, A.B. ERNEST C. SCHATZ ORVILLE F. SCHOCH FRED G. FERGUSON, A.B. HARRY L. GERVAIS, A.B. MILTON F. MALLENDER, A.B. EDWARD F. TRAVER GILBERT G. OTTO JAMES W. PETERS, A.B. EARLE L. RICHMOND NORTON P. RIDER JOHN M. SCHRADE ALFRED P. STUART, A.B. Founded University of Michigan 1914 27 Active Chapters ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1914 ROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES RAFF YORYSH BCNIN KATZMAN HEUMAN SMITH D IAMOND BRODY SCHWARTZBERG GOLDBERG KOBLENZ SEGALL HACK MARCUS JAFFE ENTIN TAUBER ALLER FRIEDMAN TAU EPSILON RHO MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY u JOSEPH G. ALLER, 28L IRWIN BUNIN, 3oL RALPH B. BRODY, 28L ALEXANDER DIAMOND, 28L SAUL ENTIN, 30 MORRIS FREIDMAN, 29 LEONARD GOLDBERG, 31 MORTON HACK, 30 HERBERT N. HEUMAN, 2gL BENJAMIN JAFFE, 28L SAM KATZMAN, 3oL EDMUND B. KOBLENZ, 29 BENJAMIN MARCUS, 2gL MILTON RAFF, 29 RALPH M. SCHWARTZBERG, 28L REUBEN SEGALL, 29 ALBERT E. SMITH, 28L BENJAMIN TAUBER, 3oL BENTON B. WOLFE, 3oL IRVING I. YORYSH, 3oL lau llpsilorL Rko m Founded Western Reserve University 1918 8 Active Chapters EPSILON CHAPTER Established 1925 Page 400 FRATERNITIES MT SOHEIEB i! BACH BRADT DicMuTH GAT SCHEIBEXZTBEH CLKICH TKIPP BOO.VE HAMMOND EDTTEAX GILDIXG Josras Hun HAHHIS WICKMAX MRAZ DOCDXA BCTLEB SCHBOEDEB WILSOX ALLEN TEX HOTTEX BALDWIX BCITAHD STOXE HAGELSHAW HASTT JOHXSOJJ WABWOLT OUSTED LEDrc K. WOLFE OBBOCK R. WOUB WEDELL REOLIEX PEHKT HABBISTT BERXTHAL BITKHASS THETA KAPPA PSI MEMBERS IN FACULTY HARLEY A. HAT ES. M.D. HUGH M. BEEBE, LD. MEMBERS IN CVTY DEAN V. MYERS, MD., F.A.C.S. RALPH E. NETZLEY, A.B., MD. SHERMAN E. ANDREWS, M.D. CLIFTON W. PERRY ROBERT A. BURHAXS THEORDORE G. BERNTHAL GAYLAXD L. HACELSHAW EARL A. HASTY ELLERTOX G. ALDRICK JAMES H. ALLES ARTHUR F. BALDWIN THOMAS H. BLAIR JAMES B. BLASHILL L. E. BACH EV-ERETT D. BLAIR BERT R. BOONE FREDERICK BRADY FORDER DE MUTH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Inactisf and Gradual Students) FRASKUN W. BASKE. A.B., LD. Sfniors NORMAN C. REGLIEN RUSSELL S. WOLFE Juniors RALPH A. JOHNSON- JOHN E. MAURER FREDERICK A. OBROCK KENNETH L. OLMSTED HENRY A. SCOVILL Sopkomorfs ROY E. BUTLER WALTER D. Bu2ZARD HUBERT E. DOUDNA DON M. LEDUC JOHN J. MRAZZ Freskmtn WILLIAM H. EDYVEAN HAROLD H. GAY JOSEPH P. GILDING WALTER W. HAMMOND BRADLEY HARRIS C. E. GREELEY, A.B., M.D. P. O. GREELEY, A.B., M.D. HERBERT S. WEDELL MAXWELL E. STONE IRVIXG J. WARMOLTS KENNETH P. WOLFE NORRIS M. HARDISTY CARLISLE F. SCHROEDER MAYNARD N. SOUTHWORTH CHARLES TENHOVTEX WALDEMAR J. A. WICKMAN JOHN L. WILSON L. HERLING JONES CHARLES B. !AY ARTHUR A. SCHEIBENZUBER THOMAS SCHRIER WILLIS H. ULRICH Founded Medical College of Virginia 1879 60 Active Chapters MU SIGMA ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1888 PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES COON KEANE WOODS GRANT BROESAMLE LAW KLEENOW McHuan JOHNSTON MICHELS LEVIS ZELLMAN BONNETTE KOSKI KELSEY SHOOK ECKEL FINLAY D. C. MILLER WALDO TOWNSEND TATOR ROBERTS ANDERSON H. I. MILLER LAWLER KLOOMFIELD MASSELINIK ZIMMEKM N SIOISMOND ARNOLD FLEMING HOGAN SLINGER ZEHMAN HAYLAR HART SHUTTS TOEPPFER MARTINEK L ' HEUREUX NOTHSTINE POWERS KUEHNLE CHAIN PAINE HOOD GARDEY VANCE AXFORD DR. FHESHWATERS DR. CAMPBELL HANRAHAN OHCUTT LAPP PINNEY WALKER XI PSI PHI MEMBERS IN FACULTY GEORGE MOORE, D.D.S. HAROLD G. WINKLER, D.D.S. WILLARD M. CAMPBELL, D.D.S. PAUL W. FRESHWATERS, D.D.S. HOWARD D. AXFORD DANIEL L. HOGAN LESTER N. LAPP CLIFFORD J. HOOD Ross J. SLINGER ARNOLD G. GARDEY HEBER E. NOTHSTINE EDWARD F. SHUTTS HUGH F. BLOOMFIELD RAYMOND A. HART JACK W. KEAHE WILLIAM A. LAWLER R. FRANK ZIMMERMAN ERNEST D. KELLERMAN FRED A. KOSKI CHARLES N. WALDO KEITH E. JOHNSTON JEROME K. MICHAELS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors ROBERT D. ORCUTT RICHARD J. HANRAHAN BENTON S. PINNEY WALDO G. KUEHNLE WILFRED J. L ' HEUREUX WILLARD L. GRAIN Juniors H. IRVING MILLER D. C. MILLER GEORGE E. ANDERSON Louis A. SIGSMOND Sophomores JOHN H. TATOR PAUL C. BONNETTE HUBERT P. KELSY ALBERT J. ECKER Freshmen FLOYD L. WHITNEY HARRY R. COOK EDWARD C. MARTINEK MYRLE A. WALKER ROBERT F. POWERS WILLIAM A. VANCE WILMARTH L. PAINE HUBERT B. ZERMAN ADELBERT TOEPFER FRANKLIN S. ROBERTS FLOYD R. ARNOLD FREDERICK E. FLEMING EDWARD V. FINLAY KENNETH K. SHOOK HENRY J. MASSELINIK RALPH M. ZELLMAN DAVID E. LAW RUSSELL J. KLENOW DONALD F. GRANT CHARLES F. McHuGH Founded University of Michigan 1889 65 Active Chapters ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1889 LAWYERS CLUB LAWYERS CLUB THE LAWYERS CLUB The Lawyers Club is, from year to year, building up a wide professional companionship. It has brought together eminent judges, professors, and practicing lawyers from all sections of America. Resident members feel the benefit of contact with these men. This broader sympathy and understanding have given new force to the academic spirit. The Annual Founders ' Day observance was on April 27. During the afternoon the finals of the junior case club contest were held. Mr. Silas Strawn, President of the American Bar Assoc- iation, delivered a fine address at the banquet in the evening. The event is establishing itself as one of the most significant traditions of the Lawyers Club. Professor Edson R. Sunderland is at present occupying the chair of legal research established by the Club. Members feel grateful that this branch of the Club ' s activities, which expresses so nearly its real purpose, is under the direction of so capable a man. SALM SENIOR GROUP RIDDERING WHITE BBEWSTEB BLEXWAN KELLEY MIDGLEY GREEN RYAN COATES GABVEB MCCARTHY KEOUGH FA QUELLE SCHOCH LEVY FBCTT WEYHEH PLATZ LICKLY BISHOP SEGALL BOYLE XEWMAX M ELLEN JONES BurTEariELD MATHESON MOLL MULFINGEH NCNNELEY EOVALDI HOLBKOOK A! ORRIS THE LAWYERS CLUB Founded April 1922 by William W. Cook, of the New York Bar BOARD OF GOVERNORS CHIEF JUSTICE, SUPREME COURT OF MICHIGAN- JAMES O. MURFIN, Detroit . GROVER C. GRISMORE, Ann Arbor JOHN S. MCDONALD, Lansing CLARENCE C. LITTLE, Ann Arbor EDWIN C. GODDARD, Ann Arbor LEROY O. DAHLBERG, Ann Arbor President Ex-officio . Chairman Secretary-Treasurer JOHN M. ZANE, Chicago JOHN T. CREIGHTON, Xew York KENNETH E. MIDGLEY, Ann Arbor JUNIOR GROUP BESSE OLL REEL WOOD PFLUEGER DEMMIXK GRIGSBY KERR GERVAIS WORCESTER CHRISTEXSEX PACL EBEL WILSOX MERTEKS FITI-TOK ZIKX SCHWARZ MAXWELL WHITE BOPE SI-THERLAXD OAHLBEBG NORRIS PAXBOX HEYHOE JOHNSOX FLEUIXG GAIIBLE FERRIS BALDWIX YOKES GALE HILL DOBELL SHERR ROSE KARAT PREECE BHEWSTEB HTLSE LAWYERS CLUB FRESHMEN GROUP KUMMINGS ANDERSON VANDER WAL BURKHARD PEARSON CLENDENIN PLEASANT STEVENS CORDER HUNT SMITH NORTH KNOWLTON NELLER HUNT PETERS SOUTHARD CUKRI WICKHAM EMPSON BARTLETT SCHWITCHTENBERG EISERMAN ANDERSON GEORGE WINGATE FERRIS THOMPSON HEANEY LEESCH RICH HACKBERT ENTEMAN TIETJENS SMITH DAY THE LAWYERS CLUB COUNCIL CARL J. RIDDERING GEORGE P. GARVER GERALD E. WHITE LEON R. JONES President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer BERNAL E. DOBELL HARRY F. MOLL JOHN F. MCCARTHY GERRIT DEMMINK CARNEY D. MATHESON THEODORE P. RYAN ROWAN FASQUELLE FRESHMEN GROUP THARP KOOKER DIXON TODD SARGENT DOLMAN KELLEY STOCKWELL TEN GATE HARTMAN KENNEDY JONES MAHSHALL BAUER HEILMAN VICKERY GEORGE PERROT ROGERS WRIGHT ROBINSON LINDENMUTH HERNDON SPENCE PERRY HART PECKHAM HUNT PETERS LEAVEY BLUM WINSLOW GUSSIN SULLINGER Page 406 BREER FCNK BAIHD THE MICHIGAN INTER-SORORITY ASSOCIATION 1927 MARGARET BREER MARGARET FUNK DOROTHY BAIRD OFFICERS . President . . Secretary . Treasurer . 1928 FLORENCE HOLMES FLORENCE WATCHPOCKET ESTHER RICKER CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP Kappa Alpha Theta 1879 Gamma Phi Beta 1882 Delta Gamma 1885 Collegiate Sorosis 1886 Pi Beta Phi 1888 Kappa Kappa Gamma 1890 Alpha Phi 1892 Delta Delta Delta 1894 Alpha Chi Omega 1898 Chi Omega 1905 Theta Phi Alpha 1912 Alpha Xi Delta 1919 Zeta Tau Alpha 1920 Kappa Delta 1921 Alpha Epsilon Phi 1921 Alpha Omicron Pi 1921 Delta Zeta 1922 Alpha Gamma Delta 1922 Phi Sigma Sigma 1922 Sigma Kappa 1924 Page 407 I HARDY MALDON MAHD MACK YEO PARMENTER BRITTAIN WHITE HICKEY I. CHARLES TENNY HARNOW ROMSAY WELSH STINE V. TICE HARTMAN GRUBER G. PORTER E. RICKEK BRAEHM DIEHL HOLT ACKER.MAN OHMING ROYCE CAMPBELL BARRY SMITH VIVIAN CHAVENELLE M. RICHER RILEY PARKS L. PORTER STITT FAGON DENSMORE HAKES RUOP CHOFFEE R. TICE GREGORY HYGBIE HOLLAND BOYLES THOMAS KELLAM ALPHA CHI OMEGA MRS. C. O. DAVIS MRS. A. J. DONNALLY MRS. C. C. GLOVER MRS. CHARLES BARNES Miss LILLIAN CONDON MRS. C. O. DAVIS MRS. J. M. DUDLEY Miss ELIZABETH HAWXHURS MRS. WALTER STAEBLER LAURA A. BARRY KATHERINE L. CAMPBELL MARJORIE G. CHAVENELLE CLETUS J. FAGAN DOROTHY L. ACKERMAN MARION O. BROEHM PAULINE DIEHL FLORENCE L. BRITTAIN ISABELLE CHARLES DORIS F. DENSMORE MARY F. BOYLES ELOISE C. CHAFFEE PATRONESSES Miss WINIFRED FERRIN MRS. L. C. RENWICK MRS. N. J. WILE MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. ROBERT HOWELL MRS. CHARLES KYER MRS. HAROLD TROSPER MRS. LEONARD MILLER MRS. HARRY MILLS MRS. HARRY NICHOLS MRS. MABEL RHEAD MRS. RALEIGH SCHORLING MRS. R. W. SELLARS Miss ISABEL NICHOLS MRS. MAYNARD NEWTON MRS. DAVID GLASS Miss HELEN RAMSAY MRS. G. W. SAMPLE MRS. W. C. TROW Lois A. PARKS Lois E. PORTER MARGARET F. RICKER JANICE I. RILEY ELIZABETH F. GREGORY ELAINE E. GRUBER HELEN H. HARTMAN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY VERA COOPER Seniors VIRGINIA M. ROYCE MARION F. SMITH ISABEL D. STITT BERNICE F. STAEBLER Juniors ELEANOR T. HOLT ELSA L. MACK KATHERINE D. OHMING VIRGINIA E. TICE ANNE B. HARDY ELOISE M. HARNAU KATHERINE R. HICKEY ALICE M. CHARLES JUNE A. HAKES EDITH A. HIGBIE Sophomores JEANNE M. HOLLAND RUTH G. MOORE HELEN F. PARMENTER Freshmen LILLIAN L. FENSTERMACHER MIRIAM I. KELLAM DOROTHY J. RUOF MARJORIE E. VIVIAN DOROTHY H. WARD LENORE M. WALDRON GERTRUDE WELCH GERALDINE L. PORTER ESTHER F. RICKER GERTRUDE L. STINE ALMA N. TENNEY RACHEL F. RAMSAY AILENE M. YEO RUTH L. TICE DOROTHY G. THOMAS pKa C .Hi ( )mea Founded DePauw University i88 49 Active Chapters THETA CHAPTER Established 1898 ! Page 408 i ' :-. .-: s lia HUXTEB COXABD GOKHAM BAKXKS HUMPHREY MITCHELL QriGLET T ALPHA EPSILOX IOTA PATRONESSES MRS. REUBEX PETERSON- MRS. HUGH CABOT DR. ELIZABETH EAGLET MRS. E. M. BRAGG, M.D. DR. MARGARET BELL, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY DR. JEAXXE SOLIS MEMBERS IN FACULTY JAXET BARNES EUUA ARDIS ELIZABETH COXARD GRACE GORHAM RUTH GRIESEMER GERTRUDE MITCHELL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MRS. MARTH A V. PARKER Seniors Juniors MILDRED NICHOLAS Sophomores HELEX PRESTOX Freshman TRYPHEXA HUMPHREYS MRS. R. BISHOP CAXFIELD MRS. A. M. BARRETT MRS. DAVID M. COWIE. M.D. MRS. L. OLIPHAXT, M.D. DR. EDITH SAPPIXGTOX, M.D. ELIZABETH HUNTER RACHEL STEPHEN ' S MRS. Losis M. TORRES RUTH QUIGLEY ARLEXE SCHLOTT MRS. MELISSA WORTH Founded Medical Fraternity 1900 21 Active Chapters ALPHA CHAPTER ROSENTHAL ROSENTHAL MANDELEKER STONE FuCHS NlEDERLANDEB GliEENBERQ Am M GREENBER ?, WEIL _ LIEFLEB GRABOUSKY VAN VLIET DEUTSCH FUCHS TOFFE ADLER MARKS HOPPE GRABOWSKY DESENBEBG BLOOM SCHWARZ FINK COHEN ALPHA EPSILON PHI MRS. NEVIN FISKE PAULINE JACOBS MILDRED L. FINK ROSALIE M. GRABOWSKY JULIETTE COHEN GOLDYE FEERER HELEN E. ADLER DOROTHY W. BLOOM ELIZABETH CORN JOHANNA DESENBERG ELIZABETH FUCHS MIRIAM FUCHS BLANCHE DEUTSCH BLANCHE LEFFLER MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. MORITZ LEVI MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors RUTH ROSENTHAL Juniors SYLVIA S. STONE Sophomores BEATRICE WEILL Freshmen MRS. I. LEO SHARFFMAN RUTH ROSENTHAL BEATRICE GREENBERG PAULINE E. HOPP CARMEN S. GREENBERG CORINNE SCHWARZ HERMA GRABOWSKY IRAS MARKS SALLY NEDERLANDER RITA ROSENTHAL DOROTHY TOUFF MARIAN VAN VLIET RUTH MANDELKER DORIS RUTH NATHAN Founded Barnard College 1909 27 Active Chapters PI CHAPTER Established 1921 H. AXDRCS M. AXDBCS McCBEERT HEXDRICKS WORKMAX MALAT DEBEYOISE JOHN-SOX MIBFIELD McKixvEX IXKS CAMPBELL M. FBAXDSEX CBOFTO RITZLAFF MACK BECKEB STEWABT SPAXGLEB WIDMAIEB BIGELOW LOXG F. FBAXDSEX KE-H DTKE BrBT MARSHALL .SHAXKHXD PASSMOKE FISHEK ALPHA GAMMA D E L T A MRS. WALTER BADGER MRS. L. M. BRICKER MRS. R. H. CURTIS MARY A. CUTTING, A.B. HELEN CHAPIX FLORENCE CLARK JOSEPHINE COMPTON GERTRUDE O. MANWARING PATRONESSES MRS. WALTER FORD MEMBERS IX FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY RUTH BECKER ANTOINETTE BIGELOW ADDIE CROFTS LUCILE HOLDSWORTH GENEVIEVE CAMPBELL MURIEL CASEY HELEN DE BEVOISE HELEN ANDRUS MADELON ANDRUS KATHRYN BURT ELEANOR DYKE MEMBERS IN ELIZABETH W. CLARK Seniors DOROTHY M. LONG RUTH LUKENS ELEANOR C. MACK LOLETA G. PARKER Juniors FRANCES FISHER MILDRED FRANDSEN ELIZABETH INKS ARDATH JOHNSON Sophomores HELEN CAMPBELL MARION HENDRICK Freshmen FLORENCE FRANDSEN ISABELLE SHANKLAND MRS. A. W. FOOTE MRS. GROVER GRISMOX MRS. W. J. CARPENTER OLIVE FAST, A.B. RUTH McCoMB VIOLET B. PARKER HILY DALE PARKER MARGARET STALKER ELLEN PECKHAII EDITH L. SPANGLER MARGARET E. STEWART FLORENCE M. WIDMAIER BERNADINE MALAY CATHERINE McKiNVEN MARGARET L. MIRFIELD VIRGINIA McCREERY RUTH RESH HELEN WORKMAN- ELIZABETH PASSMORE Founded Syracuse University 1904 38 Active Chapters ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Established 1922 HEMENGER BACON WILKINSON SACKETT CUTTER COSSITT CRUMP ROACH CULBEHTSON REISCH LEE KUHN SMITH LETTS DAVIS KNOX PARKER HAWKINS TAYLOR STEWART HOUGH BONINE M. VAN TUYL BELCHER HITTLE GREENSHIELDS WESSELS BUCKMAN BRADLEY LAWTON McBHiDE WAGNER MASLEN EDDINGTON CLIFFORD DOWSER HALL MANAECK R. VAN TUYL MAYNARD BARRY ALPHA OMICRON PI MRS. R. W. BUNTING MRS. ROBERT CRAIG MRS. JAS. CRAPO CRISTY MRS. CARL N. SCHMALT MRS. MERYL UNDERWOOD PATRONESSES MRS. W. O. RAYMOND MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. WILLIAM INGLIS MRS. E. F. FLOYD MRS. C. T. OLMSTEAD MRS. PAUL C. WAGNER MRS. G. L. WALLS MARY KENT-MILLER, A.B. HELEN M. BELCHER SARAH A. BONINE ESTHER R. BRADLEY JEAN G. GREENSHIELDS BRONWYN BURNS JUNE DAVID CYNTHIA HAWKINS BLOSSOM BACON Lois COSSITT LELA CRUMP ELEANOR CULBERTSON LUCILLE BARRY KATHLEEN CLIFFORD MARIE EDDINGTON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors LUCILE M. HITTLE MARVA HOUGH MARY LAWTON JANE McBRiDE JOSEPHINE NORTON Juniors SARAH KNOX DORIS KUHN LEONE LEE Sophomores NANCY CURREY ELIZABETH CUTTER ELIZABETH HEMENGER HELEN MAYNARD Freshmen DOROTHY HALL GRACE MANBECK LUVERN HAYES, M.D. VIRGINIA REECHMAN ALLENE STEWART MARY L. TAYLOR MARIAN VAN TUYL DOROTHY LETTS ELIZABETH PARKER MARGARET SMITH MARIAN REISCH MARY ROACH FRANCES SACKETT GERALDINE WILKINSON ALBERTINA MASLEN RUTH VAN TUYL ERNESTINE WAGNER Founded Barnard College 1897 36 Active Chapters OMICRON PI CHAPTER Established 1921 FLETCHER ARNOLD WALLIN MOSES HOWARD PHELPS EWIXG WING HOWLET HOLMES B. RANKIX INGLIS SCHUHI HOMS WooDKrri ' RICHARDS CCTTING KELLOGG MORHIL McCLCRE McCrRDY CHURCHMAN GIES WEHING H. RA.VKIN PECK SETDEL SORGE Dow H. HAWKINS RICHARDS RUTHEPORD THEMBLEY McGosiOAL FtrNK RAIKES M. HAWKINS STEARNS MRS. JUNIUS BEAL MRS. ELMER BEAL MARGARET BEAL MRS. LOWELL BIRRELL HELEN BROWN- MRS. FRED CADWELL MRS. HARRY CLARK SALLY CLARKSON MRS. EARL CRESS MRS. HERBERT FLORER ALICE FORD MARGARET CUTTING MARGARET DOW- MARGARET FUNK ANNA JANE CHURCHMAN DOROTHY DIBBLE VIRGINIA GIES FLORENCE HOLMES BETSEY ARNOLD JANET EWING ALPHA PHI PATRONESSES MRS. HARLEY A. HAYNES MRS. REUBEN PETERSON- MRS. ALFRED LLOYD MRS. F. R. WALDRON MEMBERS IX CITY FRANCES FLORER MRS. WILLIAM FLORER LESLIE FROST FRANCES GILL MRS. JOSEPH HAYDEN HILDA HEUSAL ANNE HINSHAW CHARLOTTE JACOBS JEAN KYER MRS. DOUGLAS LOREE MRS. DONALD MAY MARJORIE PARKER MRS. WARD PETERSON- MRS. GRACE RAIKES MRS. W. BERRY RATLIFFE MARGARET RICE MRS. FlNLEY RlGGS GEM SHERMAN- MRS. DANIEL ZIMMERMAN MEMBERS IX IXIYERSITY FRANCES LOUISE SEYDEL, M.A. RUTH SORGE, B.A. HELEN HAWKINS MARGARET HAWKINS ALICE KELLOGG TERESA HOMS RUTH HOWLETT CAROL INGLIS VlDA McCLURE ELIZABETH McCuRDY PRELINA FLETCHER HARRIET MOSES JANE HOWARD DOROTHY McGoNiGAL HELEN RAIKES PHYLLIS RICHARDS Juniors HELEN MORRILL FLORENCE PECK BERTHA RASKIN HELEN RAN KIN- HELEN RICHARDS Sophomores JEAN PHELPS EDNA RICHARDS Freshmen LUCILLE MCCLELLAND MRS. ROBERT M. WENLEY MARGARET SMITH MRS. KENNETH TATOR MRS. MORRIS TILLEY MRS. JOHN WAITE YERA WELLINGTON MARGARET WARTHIN MARIAN WILLIAMS MRS. GEORGE WYMAN MARIAN YOUNGQUIST HELEN RUTHERFORD MARIAN STEARNS JANET TREMBLEY GRETCHEN SCHULTZ W ' lLHELMINA WEYHING ADALINE WING KATHERINE WOODROOFE VIRGINIA ScHURZ HANNAH WALLIN Founded Syracuse L ' niversity 1872 28 Active Chapters THETA CHAPTER Established 1892 HENDEHLONG SHUMWAY GEORG VANDERWARKER HARTER FOLLMER MILLER CAPLE DARBYSHIRE DUNLAP HIRT FRIDAY FEAD WILLIAMS SANZENBACHER FOLLEY GOODALE LADNEY HARDY WENDELL NAGELVOORT CROWE Vos NOWER REYNOLDS MEAD MATTHEWS CODLING WURSTER CONNELL HERBERT BOYD FOSLER LAWTON GRIMES McMuRRAY MRS. J. J. Cox MRS. C. J. LYONS MRS. H. E. KEELER MRS. H. H. SEELEY MRS. E. E. HARTWICK MRS. R. B. HALL MRS. C. P. BRIGGS MRS. A. FRANKLIN SHULL MRS. R. W. COWDEN ALPHA XI DELTA PATRONESSES MRS. F. A. COLLER MRS. E. C. GODDARD Miss MABLE VAN KLEEK MRS. A. F. SHULL MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. C. D. THORPE MRS. A. R. CRITTENDEN MRS. J. J. Cox ETHEL M. CROWE MILDRED HARDY HELEN HOCHREIN RUTH BACON FRANCINA FEAD CLARA CAPLE PAULINE DARBYSHIRE MARY Lou BOYD ELEZE CONNELL LAURA CODLING MARY LADNEY ETHEL KUHLMAN VIRGINIA MEAD ANNA DUNLAP JOSEPHINE FOLEY ELIZABETH FRIDAY MARJORIE FOLLMER MARTIQUA GEORG HARRIET HENDERLONG JUNE FOSLER EMILY GRIMES JEAN HERBERT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors ADRIENNE NAGELVOORT WlLMA NOWER KATHERINE REYNOLDS Juniors MARIAN GOODALE LORENE HIRT LYDIA HOFFMEYER Sophomores SELMA HENDERSHOT JOSEPHINE MILLER HELEN HARTER Freshmen LOUELLE LAWTON HELEN MATTHEWS KATHERINE McMuRRAY MRS. N. H. WILLIAMS MRS. C. D. THORPE MRS. A. R. CRITTENDEN MRS. MARY E. BUFFINGTON MRS. R. W. COWDEN FERN MAE BRITTAIN CATHERINE L. SCHULTZ MRS. WM. STEER MRS. G. C. KYTE HELEN E. Vos JEANNETTE WENDEL IRMA SANZENBACHER DOROTHY E. WILLIAMS MARGARET SHUMWAY GEORGIA VANDAWARKER BARBARA TINKER MARION WURSTER Founded Lombard College 1893 42 Active Chapters ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER Established 1919 i i? _ ' THOMPSON MTFFLEY MAXEY BULLOCH LE ROT STBACSS COCHBIN OILMAN RAITEB MITCHELL SIBLET HAXTON WHITMAN LOGIE Arsnv KIBHOP THOMAS SCHRADEH GIESLEB CRANE }. WILOOX REHRIG TUTTLE BEARD HAXLI.V LANSING MELCHERS JARECKI HTSLOP SMTTHE FRIDAY .Son-E M. KARPINSKI O. TODD NORTON NECIIANN MATTHEWS WHITAKER SCHUMACHER K. TODD K. WILOOX WHITE MATTHEW L. KARPINSKI COLLYER MRS. MARGARET BIRD MRS. J. F. BOURQUIN MRS. R. V. EMERSON MRS. E. K. HERDMAN MRS. F. E. BARTELL MRS. DONALD CONEY MRS. V. VV. DUEMLING MRS. J. E. ERVIN MRS. E. C. GODOARO MRS. RICHARD GREGORY MRS. THOMAS HARRIS CHI OMEGA PATRONESSES MRS. L. C. KARPIXSKI MRS. C. H. KAUFFMAN MRS. L. W. OLIPHANT MEMBERS IX CITY MRS. V. J. HUSSEY MRS. R. H. KAMPMEIER MRS. CLIFFORD KEEN MRS. F. X. MEXEFEE MRS. E. D. MITCHELL Miss FLORENCE MOHR MRS. T. E. RAX KIN- MRS. C. L. WASHBURXE MRS. HARRY BACHER Miss MABEL A. BAILIE MRS. D. H. PARKER MRS. C. H. Ross MRS. J. SCHLOTTERBECK MlSS LOXA TlXKHAM MRS. C. UPTHEGROVE MRS. P. S. WELCH Miss FRIEDA WISHROPP DOXKA ESSELSTYXE RUTH E. BEARD LVCY E. AI-STIX RITH BISHOP X ' lVIEX X. BuLLOCH R. JANET COCHRAXE KATE E. COLLYER LOUISE KARPINSKI CONTENT D. LANSING HELEN E. SMYTHE MEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY MARJORIE DALTOX SHIRLEY PUTNAM JEANETTE TLTTLE Seniors LEORA B. JARECKE LARY KARPINSKI Juniors E. JANET LOGIE HELEX H. MELCHERS Sophomores ELIZABETH M. MAXEY CLARA M. MITCHELL HELEN J. HAXLIX MARION L. HYSLOP ISABEL B. FRIDAY ESTHER E. GIESLER MARGARET DAVIS LAURA J. SOULE BEATRICE E. SCHROEDER OLIVE E. TODD EDITH THOMAS ALICE B. CRAXE JEAX A. GILMAX MARGARET C. HAXTOX MARJORIE MUFFLY ELIZABETH M. LsRoY Freshmen OLIVE E. MATTHEW XELLIE M. XORTON OLIVE L. MATTHEWS MARGARET I. XEUMANX Frfshman LCTJS FRANCES RAITER GLADYS RAITER LARGARET J. RfiHRIG REVA J. SCHRADER MARGARET SIBLEY IRGIXIA ScHL ' MACHER LUCILLE P. STRAUSS CATHERINE E. TODD DOROTHY M. WHITE RUTH H. THOMPSON ELEAXOR J. WHITMAX JULIA G. WILCOX MARY M. WHITKER KATHERINE S. WILCOX Founded University of Arkansas 80 Active Chapters ETA CHAPTER Established 1905 JONES KIMBALL R, BOURLAND BE ATT Y Now JACOBS DENNEN FRAZER FITZPATRICK SUTHERLAND C ARROW C. BOURLAND CODY BURNAM ARMES RUSSELL Dow DE VRIES E. HARRIMAN HERRNSTEIN BLACKWOOD FERGUSON KELLY F. HARRIMAN STRATTON ROBBINS PATTERSON ALDERTON LONG LELAND CLAY HUBBARD COLLEGIATE SOROSIS MRS. ROBERT C. ANGELL MRS. JOSEPH BARRS Miss HELEN BATES MRS. CHRISTINE BREED MRS. JOSEPH BURSLEY MRS. GRIFFITH HAYS MRS. T. H. HlDEBRANDT MRS. HERMAN KLEENE Miss ALICE LLOYD Miss ANNA LLOYD MRS. EARL V. MOORE ELIZABETH ALDERTON HELEN BLACKWOOD JEAN Dow MARY PARR CLAY CLARA BOURLAND VIRGINIA BOLSH REBECCA BOURLAND MARY E. COOLEY JEAN DE VRIES KATHERINE FERGUSON MARY JANE HAGGERTY ISABEL HUBBARD THEADORA MALOY TERESSA CARROW MEMBERS IN CITY Miss HARRIET BURY Miss MARGARET CAMERON Miss LYDIA CONDON MRS. EARL Dow MRS. EDGAR N. DURFEE MRS. HERBERT GOODRICH Miss CAROLINE PATTENGILL MRS. GEO. W. PATTERSON MRS. WALTER PILLSBURY MRS. HARRISON RANDALL MRS. WILLIAM H. SELLEW MEMBERS IN FACULTY MARGARET CAMERON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARY FLINTERMAN Seniors ELISABETH HARRIMAN FREDRICA HARRIMAN MARTHA HERRNSTIEN Juniors MARY ROBBINS MRS. STERLING EMERSON MRS. A. C. FURSTENBERG Miss FLORENCE GREEN MRS. CARL GUTHE MRS. HARRY HAWLEY Miss BERTHA SHAW MRS. EDWARD SIGERFOOS MRS. CLARK SMITH MRS. AUBREY TEALDI MRS. PETER VAN BOVEN MRS. MARY WHEELER KATHERINE KELLEY RUTH LELAND EUGENIA LONG KATHERINE BEATTY ELIZABETH DENNEN MRS. HENRY M. BATES MRS. WM. H. FAUST Sophomores LOUISE CODY CATHERINE FITZPATRICK Freshmen MAURINE JACOBS MARTHA JONES Associate Members MRS. JESSIE S. REEVES LOUISE STRATTON HARRIETTS STONE LILIAN BURNAM ELIZABETH KIMBALL FRANCES NOVY KATHERINE KELLEY ELEANOR PHELPS GERALDINE RUSSEL Lois TILLEY BARBARA FRAZER BETTY SUTHERLAND MRS. HERBERT SADLER MRS. RENE TALAMON Founded University of Michigan 1886 MICHIGAN CHAPTER D. TREBIUCOCK REVKEVBBSGBR HOOPER BITTLEB WHITING CXDEBWOOD CAMPBELL EHKKB SLATEB LCTTKS JOHVSOX SAGE MARSHALL BERG AMEBIXE LAFBEXDIXZ STPEBIO FKJLNCIS ScHt-LEB R. TKKBILOOCK HAXET UXSWOBTH MABTIX MUHPHT GEOFF V. McCou, VAN ZWALITH EXBEHO SrEVKXsox Hosic FLTXX FAST MOKBILL C. McCou. BARB KRECGEB KEMP BBATX DELTA DELTA DELTA MRS. HORATIO ABBOTT MRS. CARL BRAUN Miss BEATRICE JOHNSON MRS. STEEPENS ATWOOD Miss INEZ BOZARTH MRS. JOHN L. BRUMM MRS. MAHLON BUELL Miss RLTH CARSON MRS. ARTHUR COVERT MRS. FORTUNE MRS. Wu. PRAYER GLADYS EL BUEHRER KATHRYN H. FRANCIS ELLEN F. GROFF ELIZABETH J. AUERINE KATHRYN E. BUTLER KATHERINE CAMPBELL DOROTHY FLY.NN BARR HILDA BRAUN AUDREY L. HANEY HARRIET M. MARTIN VIRGINIA H. McCoLL DELIGHT H. C. BERG LUCILE T. JOHNSON- PAULINE FAST ELSIE G. HOOPER WINIFRED LUTES VIRGINIA Hosic MARION KEMP PATRONESSES MRS. EDWARD KRAUS MRS. CHARLES MILLEX MEMBERS IN FACULTY Miss GRACE MANSON MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. CHARLES FRIES Miss LILLIAN GREENLAND Miss GERALD HARD MRS. L. V. HEILBRUNN Miss BEATRICE JOHNSON MRS. T. H. LOWRY Miss GRACE MAN-SON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARY ANN MACROBERTS Seniors JOEPHNE A MURPHY GERTRUDE N. SCHULER NINA L. SLATER Juniors EDITH LAURENDINE JUNE MARSHALL Sophomores DORIS K. RENKENBERGER ALICE STEVENSON DOROTHY E. TREBILCOCK Freshmen HELEN KREUGER CATHERINE McCoLL MRS. THOMAS REED MRS. CLIFFORD WOODY Miss GRACE RICHARDS Miss HELEN MCCALLUM MRS. O. O. McLEiscH MRS. CHARLES MILLEN MRS. A. F. MONTGOMERY Miss GRACE RICHARDS MRS. MALCOLM SOULE Miss MARION STOWE MlSS DORIS TwiTCHELL ALVENA SUPERKO RUTH H. TREBILCOCK ARLENE C. UNSWORTH M. JANE SAGE ALICE UNDERWOOD DOROTHY WHITING DOROTHY VAN ZWALUWENBERG HELEN MORRILL 1 ..- . Boston University 1888 67 Active Chapters IOTA CHAPTER Established 1894 Re-established 1915 TENNANT K. LEWIS BROOKS MEAD McGurriE DURAND DANCER FIELD DRYER ARNOLD RUDOLPHI DUFFIELD WELLMAN HOUGHTON LAWLOR SMITH Bean CALVEHT BRADLEY OLDS BAILLIE PLATT MILLER COOLEY BOLIN M. LEWIS VOSPER HOUSTON SEELEY TRUETTNER PATTON NUTT ROYCB HATHAWAY JOHNSTON MRS. MORTIMER COOLEY MRS. RALPH AIGLER MRS. WILLIAM BROWN, JR. MRS. W. A. BROWNELL MRS. JIM CAMPBELL MRS. COFFEY MRS. FRANCIS CURTIS MRS. JOHN EFFINGER Miss OLIVE KNOWLSON HILDA HARPSTER MARGARET HOUSTON KATHERINE BAILLIE MARIAN BRADLEY JANET CALVERT LOUISE COOLEY KATHERINE ARNOLD JANE BROOKS MARGARET BUSH MARIAN DURAND MINNA MILLER BARBARA PATTON BETTY NUTT JEAN HATHAWAY VERA JOHNSTON KATHERINE LEWIS MARJORIE LEWIS HELEN DANCE JEAN DUFFIELD JANE HICKEY KATE KEITH FIELD DELTA GAMMA HONORARY MEMBERS MRS. HUGO THIEME MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. HOWARD B. LEWIS MRS. MAX MILLER MRS. ARTHUR MOEHLMAN Miss MARCELINE O ' MEARA MRS. GEORGE PETERSON Miss HELEN PLATT MRS. CHARLES RASH MRS. HARRY RASHBACKER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY THELMA BOLIN Seniors ETHADEL ROYCE LUCY SEELEY Juniors ELSA MILLER JANE OLDS ALICE PLATT FLORENCE TENNANT Sophomores MIRIAM HORTON VIRGINIA HOUGHTON HARRIET LAWLOR GERTRUDE SMITH Freshmen DOROTHY McGuFFiE MRS. KARL GUTHE MRS. HENRY SANDERS MRS. IRVING SCOTT Miss JEAN SHARPE MRS. SHIRLEY SMITH Miss MARY STEERE MRS. WILLIAM STELLWAGON MRS. HERBERT TAGGART MRS. GARDNER WILLIAMS DOROTHY TRUETTNER ALICE VOSPER VIRGINIA WALLACE ELIZABETH WELLMAN ELIZABETH MEADE HELEN RUDOLPHI RUTH SCHNEIDER CLARA SCHAVEY Founded Oxford Institute 1874 43 Active Chapters XI CHAPTER Established 1885 BEYERS Jjunaox HERRICE LAWLEH JOHXSOX COOPER SHE- CLEMENT YAJ?ICKLE GRAHAM L. YAxStrxu SFAJUJXG BROWER FILE WKDUEB WEBER } :i.:_: i n DELTA O M I C R O X X A T I O X A L H O X O R A R Y MUSICAL SORORITY MR. AND MRS. W. H. BUTLER MRS. BARBERS DEWEY MRS. XETTIXG TOPPING PATRONESSES MR. CARL SMITH MR. OTTO STAHL MR. ANDREW HAIGH A. LVCILLE GRAHAM MEMBERS IN FACULTY NORA B. WETMORE MRS. SAYDAH B. AxSiCKLE MEMBERS IN CIT T MRS. CARL SMITH ALICE K. SHEA STELLA M. CLEMENT M. FIELD " IRGIXIA E. COOPER GENEVA M. BEYERS MADALINE M. BROOKS MABLE E. HERRICK MEMBERS IN UNH ERSITi " Stniors Juniors MAJEL P. OLCOTT Sophomores ORMA F. WEBER Freshmen MELBA F. WIMBLES Founded Cincinnati Conservator}- 1909 8 Active Chapters LALAH E. VAN-SICKLE L RGARET M. FlLE IRMA E. WEDLER HELEN A. LAWLER THELMA N. BROWER JEANET E. SPARLING MARGARET A. JAMISON XI CHAPTER Established 1925 Page 419 E. KRAMER M. KRAMER REHFUSS HAAS BACKUS GOFF MATTESON LOVE ENDLICH HEILER ROYS BRETSCHNEIDER SIMONS PHIL KING CRONIN TOWNESLEY CORNELL BENSCHOTEN NICKELS BUDOE MARKHAM CURRIE LYONS HAMEL SCHUBERTH HORNY SHANK LOYER BASSETT JONES BOEHM BAUSCHARD PEPPLER PATON DELTA ZETA MRS. J. C. BRIER THYRA SHEFFIELD HYDE MRS. RAPHAEL ISAACS RUTH STARK ECDALE NANCY D. BASSETT MARION W. BAUSCHARD DAWN BENSCHOTEN JEAN BONISTEEL LUAYNE BUDGE CATHERINE BACKUS ALMA M. BRETSCHNEIDER BERNICE ENDLICK PATRONESSES MRS. J. H. HANFORD MEMBERS IN FACULTY RUTH SWAN CRAIG MEMBERS IN CITY ALFRIEDA BARTH KESSLER MRS. CLYDE LOVE DOROTHY MCNEILL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY NORMA GREENE DOROTHY K. BOEHM HILDA A. HORNY MARJORIE E. JONES BETTY L. CRONIN JEAN L. CURRIE ELIZABETH M. HAMEL MARGUERITE CORNELL SARAH GOFF DOROTHY HAAS KATHRYN HOLLEY ELSIE KRAMER FLORENCE POLLOCK, A.B. Seniors DELMA M. LOYER Lois C. MARKHAM MARGARET R. PEPPLER Juniors SHIRLEY E. KING DOROTHY M. LYONS DORA A. NICKELS JOSEPHINE SIMONS Sophomores HELEN HEILER RUTH MATTESON THELMA ROYS Freshmen MARGARET KRAMER MARION LOVE MRS. C. C. LOVE CAROL STICHLE SLOAN RUTH VIAL LOVE BARNETT UPJOHN, A.B. BARBARA L. PATTON ALBERTA L. SHANK NENA PHIL MARION READING VIRGINIA SCHUBF-RTH ROBBIN TOWNSLEY LAURETTA MAE TOWNSEND MARJORIE REHFUSS Founded Miami University 1902 47 Active Chapters ALPHA ETA CHAPTER Established 1922 JOHXSOX KOBTKXHOFT DcJoCaXO G. HOLMBS WEHXKB WAGXEB CHASE JOSLYX MARTIN PTTTKLCO A. BorRQnx J. BOCHQITIX GLAIZZ BROWN HTBBARD SMITH MOOBE HELLYEB WHEELER HUGHE MERRICK MORRISON BUKT G. HOLMES WISXEK WATSOX HIVTON VAN DExBcBG SCOTT SYIIOXS FORDNEY G A M MA PHI BETA MRS. WALDO M. ABBOT MRS. EDWARD L. ADAMS MRS. JAMES BREAKEY MRS. EVERETT BROWN MRS. NATHAN BRUMBAUGH MRS. KENNETH DAVENPORT MKS. HENRY DOUGLAS MEMBERS IN CITY Miss LINDA EBERBACH MlSS HORTENSE HoAD MRS. CHARLES McCALLC MRS. DEAN MYERS Miss ELIZABETH PIKE MRS. NATHAN POTTER Miss MABEL RANDALL MRS. WILFRED SHAW MRS. ALBERT SLATER Miss WINIFRED SMEATON MRS. CHARLES WAGXER. MRS. EARL WOLAVER MRS. FLODT A. SEGEANT MRS. HOMER STRYKER MRS. J. W. WANNAMAKER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY (Ina-clipf and Gradual; Students) JANET VAN DEN BURG HATCH MARY HELLYER, A.B., 28L KATHERINE H. KAUFFMAN Seniors MARGARET HUGHES RUTH MOORE ESTHER MERRICK ELIZABETH MORRISON MARIE BURT GENEVIEVE HOLMES ALICE BOURQUIN JESSIE BOURQUIN VIRGINIA BROWN KATHERINE CHASE ESTELLE DE JoURNO IRENE FORDNEY JANE EMERY VIRGINIA GLAIZE CHARLOTTE HUBBARD VIRGINIA FOLLETTE HARRIET GRIDLET Juniors LAURA JOSLYN ELIZABETH LORCH RUTH MALLORY ARTIS WISNER Sophomores DELPHINE JOHNSON- HELEN KORTENHOFF MARION HINTON KATHERINE SCOTT DORA VAN DEN BURG GERALDINE HOLMES REID LOUISA SMITH BARBARA WHEELER GLADYS MARTIN RuTHMARY PlTTELCO MARY WATSON LORAINE WERNER ADELAIDE SYMONS Founded Syracuse University 1874 33 Active Chapters BETA CHAPTER Established 1882 Gamma Phi Beta Page 421 M. E. WlDMAN HOLTON WALLACE TROWBRIDGE PENZEL PARDEE JOHNSON RuTHVEN WoODROW GRINNELL BRANTINGHAM THEMBLEY KYER SLOMEH M. I. WIDMAN ALLEN A. L. MURRAY MOORE WATCHPOCKET NICHOLS KEMPF WILKINSON HEHRICK EASTMAN BALZ BAIRD M. MURRAY ANDREAE McRiLL SANDS TRAPHAGEN PATTERSON TAYLOR BHUSIE CARFRAE PAULSON POLLOCK TALLMADOE WHITE BEARDSLEE WOHLEY LAWTON KAPPA ALPHA THETA MRS. S. L. BIGELOW MRS. ALICE WOODBRIDGE MRS. J. F. LAWRENCE Miss ALICE CROCKER MRS. L. I. BREDVOLD MRS. R. J. CARNEY MRS. A. M. HIGHLEY MRS. THEOPHIL KLINGMAN MRS. A. G. RUTHVEN MRS. GEORGE SWAIN Miss ADA OLSEN PATRONESSES MRS. S. C. WHEAT MRS. JOHN S. WORLEY MRS. F. H. YOST MRS. JAMES INGLIS MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. F. B. VEDDER MRS. J. J. WALSER MRS. E. E. WEIMAN MRS. C. J. WHITLOW MRS. C. S. YOAKUM MRS. ORLIN BOSTON Miss ODINA OLSEN MRS. H. C. ADAMS GLADYS ALLEN FRANCES ANDREAE DOROTHY BAIRD EDNA BALZ KATHERINE BEARDSLEE ELLEN GRINNELL GERTRUDE HOLTON GENE BRUSIE MARGARET CARFRAE MARGARET FEAD MARJORIE LAWTON MARTHA BRANTINGHAM LOUISE EASTMAN DOROTHY HERRICK HELEN KEMPF FRANCES JOHNSON MARGARET MOORE OLIVE NICHOLS MARGARET POLLOCK ELIZABETH PARDEE KATHERINE RUTHVEN SARAH PATTERSON MARJORIE PAULSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors KATHRYN KYER HELEN LADD ALICE McRiLL MARGARET WILKINSON Juniors LOUISE MURRAY RUTH PENZEL JUNE SLOMER MARGARET TRAPHAGEN Sophomores MARIAN TALLMADGE VIRGINIA TROWBRIDGE JEAN WALLACE Freshmen HAZEL STRAND GRACE TAYLOR MRS. H. L. WILGUS MRS. C. H. COOLEY MRS. C. S. NEIL MRS. HENRY C. HUTCHINS Miss WINIFRED HOBBS Miss EDITH BISHOP MRS. THOMAS CASADY MRS. FRANCIS SCOTT Miss GAY WILGUS Miss DEOTHY KETCHAM ELIZABETH RAYMON MARY LOUISE MURRAY VIRGINIA SANDS JEAN TREMBLEY MARGUERITE WIDMAN ' MARIAN WIDMAN FLORENCE WATCHPOCKET SUSAN WHITE DOROTHY WOODROW LEONORA WORLEY Founded DePauw University 1870 55 Active Chapters ETA CHAPTER Established 1879 COSSAH SrXDERLAND ROBIXSOX FELSKE A. SrXBEBLAXD CuLVER GRIFFITH GROSS COLE PARMETEH MAPLE L. COSSAB EVANS ZABLE M. EVAXS FELLOWS SPHIXG KTSABT VAX DE WATER PAXGBORX COOK H AXKIXSOX CHCRCH MCDOWELL WHITE McIxrosH PETERS MAREHAII HATHAWAY IXGALLS APPELT HOOTER PETERS COLE SOMMER SEATOX JONES WRIGHT SMEAD OGBORN HICKS KERB DAVIDSON JAMESON KAPPA DELTA PATRONESSES MRS. ROY V. COWDEN MRS. S. F. GINGERICH MEMBERS IN FACULTY ELLA M. HYMANS, A.B. JULIA F. WILSON. A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY EDNA STEVENS MRS. HAROLD JOHNSON- MRS. ALBERT KERLIKOWSKI MRS. LEON MAKIELSKI ELEANOR M. MILLER LILLIAN B. MUNRO MRS. HAL B. COATS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MRS. E. R. SUNDERLAND MRS. HARRY BACKER ELLEN B. STEVENSON, A.B. MRS. E. R. SUNDERLAND MRS. C. P. KNICKERBOCKER MRS. JOHN F. HUBER MRS. HERBERT BEISIECEL ELLA HYUANS ADA INGLIS MRS. C. C. MELOCHE Miss ETHEL McCoRMiCK KATHERINE SCOTT ELLEN STEVENSON- MRS. CARL RUFUS MRS. DONALD TIMUERUAN MRS. HERBERT TWINING MRS. C. C. MELOCHE DOROTHY OGBORN CATHERINE SCOTT. A.B. GLADYS APPELT MARGARET G. COLE MARIAN A. DAVIDSON JESSIE E. CHURCH REBECCA COLE IRENE B. COOK ALICE BLOME LAURA BEALL CHIPMAN HELEN CLARKE LUCILE COSSAR CECILE HATHAWAY NELLIE R. HOOVER DOROTHY ING ALLS BEULAH HANKINSON DORIS M. HICKS JANET P. JONES Lois COSSAR KATHRYN EVANS MARY EVANS FRANCES MILLER JULIA F. WILSON. A.B. Stniors RUTH A. JAMESON PAULINE MARK HAM F. EVELYN OGBORN Juniors MARION KERR IRENE KYXAST SHIRLEY MCDOWELL Sophomores HELEN FELLOWS DOROTHY GRIFFITH HELEN GROSS Frfshmtn JANE ROBINSON BLANCHE L. PETERS LETTA A. PETERS CHARLOTTE E. SEATON ELIZABETH MC!NTOSH FLORENCE PANGBORN PAULINE L. SPRING JEAN HEGWOOD FLORENCE MAPLE GRACE NEAL MARGARET HUEY FAY A. SMEAD MILDRED SOIIXIER ELIZABETH WRIGHT BELLE VAN DE WATER VIRGINIA PARUETER EVELYN WHITE ELIZABETH ZABEL ELIZABETH SUNDERLAND ALICE SUNDERLAND Founded Virginia State Normal 1897 60 Active Chapters SIG L ZETA CHAPTER Established 1921 DALE PETERSEN SETCHELL KEYSER MOORE BEERY PARKER WESCOTT YERKES YATES WILLIAMS STHUTHERS BRIGGS BREER HOLT RICE HOLZNAGLE MOORE LOUGHTON HEWITT LOCKE RAYMOND WICKHAM BARUCH SWIFT BADGER SUMMERS EAMAN BUFFINGTON KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA DR. MARGARET BELL MRS. M. L. BURTON MRS. A. O. LEE LYNWOOD BOPE MARGARET BREER LOUISE BRIGGS MARJORIE HEWITT MARGARET HOLT MARION KEYSER MARJORIE MOORE ELIZABETH STRUTHERS MARY HELEN BEERY ELEANOR BEYER KATHLEEN BADGER MABEL BARUCH MARY BUFFINGTON JEANNETTE DALE PATRONESSES MRS. A. S. WHITNEY MEMBERS IN FACULTY LOUISE PATTERSON VAN SICKLE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY HELEN RUSH, A.B. Seniors Juniors MARY ALICE MOORE Sophomores LUCILLE WICKHAM Freshmen MRS. SAMUEL MOORE MRS. M. R. SCHEMAN MRS. STANLEY STEVENS RUTH HOTZNAGLE PHYLLIS LOUGHTON MARY THEO LOCKE MARGARET RICE GURTHA WILLIAMS CHARLOTTE YATES RUTH YERKES HELEN WESCOTT ELFRIEDA PETERSON LILLIAN SETCHELL MARGARET EAMAN JANE HAYMOND FRANCES SUMMERS BARBARA SWIFT Founded Monmouth College 1870 56 Active Chapters BETA DELTA CHAPTER Established 1890 BAOOX MlLLEK CrHTIS M AESM AX H-IJOLTO-V G LOVES HAVEK HOLXBS CHAXDLKH GBKEX HAKTMAX COOK LEWIS JOBVSOV SIMMONS MOORE CASE CHAVEXELLE - K - .. HlGBEE KOOX KOXOLD ScHWIEB GEE SLEPIEU TA.NGEB RjLKKOOX MU PHI EPSILOX National Honorary Musical Sorority MRS. Justus E. BEAL MRS. EVERETT S. BROWN MRS. MARIOS L. BURTOS MRS. PALMER CHRISTIAN PATRONESSES MRS. H. B. EARHART MRS. CLEMENT W. GILL MRS. ARNOLD Goss MRS. CHARLES A. SINK MRS. HUGO THIEME MRS. J. J. WALZER MRS. ALFRED H. WHITE CARRIE JACOBS-BOND SOPHIE BRASLAU CECILE CUAMINADE JULIA CVLP MME. MARGUERITE D ' . LVEREZ EMMT DESTINX GERALDIXE FARRAR L UDE FAY MABEL GARRISOS LUCY GATES HONORARY MEMBERS THELMA GIVEN RATHERISE GOODSOS MRS. JESSIE L. GAYTJOR ALMA GLUCK MME. OSBORXE HASSAH MME. SCHI-MASS-HEIXK MARGARET RETS OLIVE KLINE ETHEL LEGINSKI TINA LERNER NINA MORGANA ALICE NIELSES GUIOMAR NOVAES ROSA POSSELLE ROSA RAISA MYRNA SHARLOW MARIE SUSDELJUS MME. MARGUERTTA STLVA MAGGIE TEYTE PRISCESS TSIASISA MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY BLOSSOM BACON RUTH BATTES TYBIL BU RMAX MARGARET CALVERT MARY- ALICE CASE MARJORIE CHAVASELLE MARGUERITE COOK FRANCES COPELASD ELIZABETH COPELASD CAROL CHANDLER MARIE CURTIS THELMA FELTIS MERLE GEE GRACE GLOVER DOROTHY Goss RESAH GREENE GENEVIEVE GRIFFEE VIRGINIA HAMISTER BETH HAMILTON HELEN HARTMAX ETHEL HAUSER AUDREY HAVER JUVA HIGBEE : . - _ . .. Metropolitan College of Music 1903 50 Active Chapters MADELINE HOLMES RUTH JOHNSON VERA JOHNSON GRACE JOHNSOS KONOLD EDITH KOON THELMA LE VIS RETA McKxicHT Lois MAIER RUTH MOORE DOROTHY MORSEMAX LonsE NELSON VIRGINIA PECK ELIZABETH RARDEX FERX SCHOTT MARIAX SEARLES DORIS SHOTW ELL ELIZABETH SCHWIER DOROTHY SIMMONS CAROLYN SLEPICCA MILDRED STRANGER MAE E. STRONG MAVME WERLEY JOSEPHINE WIEDLECK GAM L CHAPTER Established 1904 Page 425 SCHAFER SHAEFFER FIELD TAYLOR CHRISTIANSEN REYNOLDS KANDELIN Moss SCHOLL KORKINSKY BUTLER McCoLLEY GROHMAN FAIRBAIRN EVANS YEMNIKER SULLIVAN MOB LEY ROETHKE STEWART UYMA ERNST MR. AND MRS. F. CROSS PROF. AND MRS. P. JAMES HAZEL CORBETT FLORENCE CROSS MARJORIE FIELD WlLMA GWINNER PHI GAMMA MU PATRONESSES MEMBERS IN CITY MARY K. WILLIAMS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY RACHEL H. PETERSON, A.B. HELEN B. RITTERSCHOFER, A.B. Seniors ALICE E. BROWN MARGUERITE ERNSTE MARGARET BUTLER ELIZABETH FAIRBAIRN RACHEL GROHMAN NEVA KORKINSKY CATHERINE SCHOLL JEAN STEWART ELIZABETH FIELD MARGARET PARSONS VIRGINIA REYNOLDS MARGARITE YEMNIKER Juniors Sophomores SEGRID CHRISTIANSEN Freshmen PROF. AND MRS. T. DIAMOND MRS. MYRA UPHAM LENORE NOGGLE BERNICE O ' TOOLE ELEANOR THEWS MRS. IRVING WARMOLTS MARY SIMPSON, A.B. ALICE MARIE HYMA DORIS MOBLEY ROWENA McCoLLEY VIOLET B. ROETHKE DOROTHY E. EVANS MARTHA KANDELIN LUETTA G. Moss DOROTHY SULLIVAN AGUSTA SCHAEFFER FLORA SHAFER RUTH TAYLOR Founded University of Michigan 1925 WALDMAN I.AIDMAN R. FlERER SlDDEH FlSHER SOLOMON BEI.V NEWMAN KOVINSKY BOLOTIN LEOPOLD BlALOSKT HANDLER HERMAN KDELMAN G. GOLDBERG F. MORRISON H. FIERER R. MORRISON KLEIN JACOBS A. GOLDBERG SINGER GOLDSTICK LErsow PHI SIGMA SIGMA MRS. HOOTKINS PATRONESSES MRS. VAN DUREX HILDA FIERER RUTH FIERER GUSTA GOLDBERG MEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY Seniors FLORENCE P. MORRISON- ROSE MORRISON M. RAE PITZELE HELEN M. BIALOSKY GRACE S. EDELMAN ANNETTE FISHER CONSTANCE R. SIDDER Juniors AXXE HANDLER BERNICE SOLOMON PEARL B. WALDMAN FAYGA BOFSKY FREIDA BOLOTIN TYBEL S. BVRMAN Sophomores LILLIAN KOVIXSKY THELMA LAIDMAN HARRIET LEOPOLD FRANCES BEIN ANNA GOLDBERG ROSALIE GOLDSTICK ADRIEXNE JACOBS Freshman SYLVIA KLEIN BERNICE LEFKOWITZ EDNA NEWMAN- LEONE SINGER Founded Hunter College 1913 1 6 Active Chapters ETA CHAPTER Established 1922 AvERY SUTCLIFFE CRAMTON McANDREW LoSEE PRYOR RECK DE " OL BURNS McGouGH WOODRUFF VINCENTI LATHAM BIRD ZIMMEK WARNER ROBBINS SCHOTT GENTZ TUTTLE HOGADONE WELLES WEHTEL ALLEN WHITE FROHNE MURRAY LEARMONT CHASE RAYEN JONES MORIN DOMINEE WERTEL BIELBY WALLINGTCN GULICK MRS. ALBERT M. BARRETT MRS. HUGH CABOT MRS. FREDERICK H. ALDRICH MRS. PALMER CHRISTIAN PI BETA PHI PATRONESSES MRS. ARCHIBALD DIACK MRS. FRANCIS W. KELSEY MRS. MARTIN L. D ' OocE MRS. ISRAEL C. RUSSELL MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. ALBERT A. STANLEY MRS. PAUL BARKER MRS. CHARLES J. BERRY MRS. JOHN M. BIRK MRS. CLIFFORD BRAINARD VIVIAN CHEATHAM MRS. D. C. CHIPMAN DOROTHY CHIPMAN HOPE CHIPMAN MRS. ALICE CHRISTENSEN MARGARET S. KELLER MRS. ALBERT L. CLARK MRS. CHARLES D. COGSHALL MRS. FRANK L. CONGER MRS. JAMES F. CORK MRS. F. H. CROSS MRS. J. J. EVERETT. MRS. CHARLES FISHER MRS. RAY L. FISHER MRS. OTTO W. HAISLEY MRS. HOMER L. HEATH MEMBERS MILDRED ALLEN HELEN HALL, A.B. ALICE CALLENDER, A.B. KATHARINE L. FROHNE EDWINA B. HOGADONE G. EDWINA LEARMONT MRS. HERBERT F. HICKS JUVA HIGBIE MRS. THEODORE HUBBELL MRS. G. CARL HUBER MRS. GORDON IBBOTSON MRS. RUSSELL KIMBALL MRS. GEORGE E. LEWIS MRS. WALTER V. MARSHALL GERTRUDE NORTH BEATRICE OMANS MRS. HENRY E. RIGGS IN FACULTY MARION McKiNNEY DOROTHY TISCH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WINIFRED CoBLEiGH,A.B. RETTA MCKNIGHT MARY E. HARTINGER, A B Seniors HARRIETT F. LOWRIE GENEVA SATTERTHWAITE MRS. HERBERT SHAW LYDIA TANNER MRS. HERBERT UPTON MRS. DON VAN WINKLE ALMA WALZ MRS. LEROY C. WATERMAN MRS. ALBERT E. WHITE MRS. ALFRED E. WHITE MRS. GEORGE WULP KATHRYN L. BIRD MARGARET C. CURRAH MARY A. BURNS MARGARET M. GENTZ MARGARET L. CRAMTON RUTH KITCHELL RUTH M. LATHAM ELOISE J. AVERY DOROTHY BECK HELEN L. DOMINIE MAYBELLE F. GULICK FRANCES E. BIELBY MARY W. CHASE BETTY HYNES Juniors HENRIETTA McGAUGH FERN B. SCHOTT FLORA V. SUTCLIFFE Sophomores DOROTHY O. DARTE ELIZABETH DsVoL Freshmen HELEN S. JONES MARGARET G. MORIN ELSIE E. MURRAY MARIAN L. WELLES MAE X. TUTTLE NATALINE VINCENTI GRETA J. WALLINGTON HELEN E. WARNER VIRGINIA A. LOSEE RUTH RICHARDSON DOROTHY STENGER FLORENCE S. WERTEL MARY J. WHITE Lois E. WOODRUFF ELEANOR G. ZIMMER ESTHER A. PRYOR LORINDA A. McANDREW RACHEL L. RoBBINS ISABELLE RAYEN MARY VON BOESLAGER K. LUCILE WERTEL Founded Monmouth College 1867 74 Active Chapters MICHIGAN BETA CHAPTER Established 1888 " BALDWIX K.NIGHT BACKCS PIUJOD CHOOPE DBCIIMOND SKIXXER GOCI.D CAMPBELL HOWE LEWIS MBS. BAILEY STRACSS MOBEHOCBE THBCSH FAGG CBISWELL Joexsox MBS. HULL WRIGHT COOTE REIMANN WOODABD TlCE FIELD EDDT FOCCH WILSON- SIGMA ALPHA IOTA PATRONESSES MRS. RALPH AIGLER MRS. HENRY M. BATES MRS. S. LAWERENCE BIGEL MRS. JOSEPH A. BURSELY MRS. HUGH CABOT MRS. O. J. CAMPBELL MRS. R. BISHOP CAXFIELD MRS. JAMES W. GLOVER MRS. J. J. GOODYEAR MRS. THEODORE HARRISON- MRS. G. CARL HUBER MRS. GEORGE LANGFORD MRS. ALFRED LLOYD MRS. EMIL LORCH MRS. FRED H. LEWIS MRS. WM. A. MCLAUGHLIN- MRS. EARL V. MOORE MRS. GEORGE V. PATTERSON- MRS. REUBEN PETERSON MRS. S. M. STANTON MRS. Louis A. STRAUSS MRS. MORRIS P. TILLEY MEMBERS IX CITY MRS. L. GRANT BALDWIN ELIZABETH CAMPBELL FRANCES CASPARI ANN BROENE MRS. NATALIE FISCHER-BURNS MRS. CLIFFORD CHADWICK EMMA FISCHER-CROSS PHYLLIS DRUMMOND MRS. NELSON EDDY MRS. CARL E. GEHRING MRS. C. N. GRIFFIN- MRS. E. A. GALLUP LOUISE L. GAYLORD MRS. Louis HOPKINS MRS. WALTER F. HUNT MRS. LOTTIE HUTZEL ALICE LLOYD ANNA LLOYD MRS. MARK MARSHALL MRS. S. WALTER MOWER ODINA OLSEN MRS. L. C. REIMAN ROSELLE RIDER CHRISTINE SIEFERT MRS. JOSEPH THOMPSON LUCILE B. " AN ANTWERP MRS. JEWEL WILSON- MRS. CLYDE E. WILSON MEMBERS IN FACULTY BYRL Fox BACKER DONNA ESSELSTYNE MARIAN STRUBLE-FREEMAN NORA CRANE HUNT MARTHA D. MERKLE ROUSSEAU CRISWELL ALICE FOUCH MRS. BENJAMIN BAILEY VIVIAN- CROOP CATHERINE BACKUS MARION JOHNSON- HELEN FAGG FRANCINA FEAD OPAL COOTE Seniors REN A PAVITT BESSIE SICKLES Juniors LUCILE HOWE MARY ALICE MOORE Sophomores HELEN GOULD MAUD OKKELBERC MABEL Ross RHEAD MAUD SKINNER FRANCES MOREHOUSE AGNES PILLIAD KATE KEITH FIELD ANNETTE KNIGHT MARY ELIZABETH CAMPBELL Frtshmfn ELIZABETH MAXEY HELEN SNYDER NELL B. STOCKWELL MARGARET STEWART EDITH MARY WOODARD VIRGINIA TICE DOROTHY WILSON ZILPHA LEWIS LUCILE STRAUSS Founded University of Michigan ' 1904 50 Active Chapters ALPHA CHAPTER School of Music Pay 429 HOETZER WlNTON HAGEN SWANN WEBB JONE E. FISHER GARLOCK PRATT iWIGGS CORYELL CLARK KEMPF THOMSON PuRCELL RuPP CRAWFORD GREEN M. FISHEH CUTLER MCDANEL MORTON JOHNSON WALKER P. ZOLLER STONE MAASS COFFMAN CROMWELL BANFIELD VALENTINE NOWAK G. ZoLLER THOMPSON SIGMA KAPPA MRS. WELLS L. BENNET MRS. CHARLES W. COOK MRS. JOHN W. ALBIG MRS. WENDELL BERGE MRS. ELMER E. ETTINGER PATRONESSES MEMBERS IN CITY MAXINE J. CROMWELL LORINA A. GARLOCH RUTH E. BANFIELD ITHMER M. COFFMAN EVELYN W. FISHER MAURINE L. JONES VIOLA ALLEN WAVE P. DEBoi.T ELEANOR R. CORYELL RUTH M. HOETZER FLORA R. KEMPF WINNONA M. BARROWS DOROTHY H. CLARK MRS. WILLIAM H. RUTEN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY LILLIAN M. GREEN Seniors GRACE S. MAASS ISABELLE L. STONE PAULINE E. SUMMY Juniors WILMA CRAWFORD LUCILE M. CUTLER MARIAN E. FISHER Sophomores ADELINE G. NOWAK KATHERINE PURCELL HELEN E. RUPP Freshmen LEONORE E. TWIGGS MRS. Louis A. HOPKINS MRS. W. C. RUFUS MRS. CHARLES H. JOHNSON MlLLICENT A. MoOREMAN GEORGIA K. PEET DOROTHY M. HAGEN- MRS. DARROW SWAN VIVIAN C . PRATT MELVA K. THOMPSON OLIVE A. WALKER PAULINE E. ZOLLER VELMA E. JOHNSON ALLETTA MORTON- LOIS E. WEBB MIRIAM A. THOMSON BERNADINE E. WINTON ELIZABETH VALENTINE GWENDOLYN T. ZOLLER Founded Colby College 1874 42 Active Chapters ALPHA MU CHAPTER Established 1924 FEHEXCY BRADY COXLIX COWAX DRESSLEB DOXOVAX DBUEKE J. WEDEMEYER SHEA KERWIX D ' AMOrm KAHBOSKI FIXDLEY M. WEDEMEYER REXIHAK BREXNAX FIXNECAX JOXAITIS STEKETEE A. ESTABHOOK CARET STILES H. ESTABROOK MACHICE KEXNA HAJTLOX : I v, i v BLACK ROBB THETA PHI ALPHA MRS. JOSEPHINE QUARRY EILEXE DONAHUE MRS. FRED ENSIIINGER ELIZABETH BLACK MADALVN D ' AMOUR HELEN ESTABROOK IART BOWEK MARGARET GARY BEATRICE COWAN MARGARET BRADY MAURINE BRENXAN JULIA MAE CONKLIN ALICE ESTABROOK PATRONESSES MRS. WILLIAM MCLAUGHLIN MEMBERS IN FACULTY LAURA DAVIS DUNSTONE MEMBERS IN CITY MILDRED RAUNER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY KATHLEEN KELLEHER, A.B. Seniors HELEN FINDLEY MARIAN KARBOSKI ROSE KENNA Juniors KATHLEEN DONAVAN IRENE DRUEKE IRENE FINNIGAN TERESSA JONAITIS Sophomores JEANETTE DRESSLER KATHERINE RENIHAN Freshmen MARIAN FERENCY VIRGINIA HANLAN Miss CATHERINE WILCOX CATHERINE MORIARITY ELIZABETH MURPHY JULIA KERWIX ALICE SHEA MARY WEDEMEYER MARGUERITE MAURICE ALICE STEKETEE THOUA SUTTON ANNE ROBB JOSEPHINE WEDEMEYER FLORENCE STILES AGNES LALLY Founded University of Michigan 1916 16 Active Chapters ALPHA CHAPTER FlNGERLE FORSBEE M ORGAN EVANS STRAUB OHLSON EARL HAMEL GERARD BURGESS RAINE JACKSON GUSTINE HOFFMAN KELLY SAYLOR WETTSTEIN BREKKE MOTTIER HUBBARD LONG JACKSON WATERS I8BELL BUCKLEY BLAIR AUBLE ROSY KIRBY WEED MARTIN ERWIN SHORT LlNDSTROM DAVIS KNIGHT ZETA TAU ALPHA MRS. R. K. McALPiNE MRS. E. D. DICKINSON MRS. R. G. GREVE MRS. R. M. BRANCH MRS. E. FINGERLE ELEANOR BREKKE FRANCES M. HUBBARD LUCILLE ISBELL EDITH JACKSON REBECCA M. BLACK MARION L. BURGESS BRACE B. ERWIN HELEN M. GERARD EVELYN L. BLAIR NELLIE HAMEL LOUISE AUBLE SALLEY H. BUCKLEY PATRONESSES MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. D. WARREN Seniors MARION B. KNIGHT NINA I. LINDSTROM LENORE M. LONG INA E. MARTIN Juniors HELEN M. GUSTINE AGNES C. HOFFMAN ELEANOR L. JACKSON CAROLYN E. KELLY DOROTHY P. KIRBY Sophomores VIRGINIA L. EARL MARGARET E. OHLSON Freshmen ALICE G. EVANS MARIE C. FINGERLE MRS. C. E. GRIFFIN MRS. A. E. SAWYER MRS. F. STEVENS MRS. H. D. HOYT Miss HELEN KAGAY JULIA D. MOTTIER ANN L. SAYLER CATHF.RINE A. WATERS KATHERINE WETTSTEIN MERLE I. RAINE MARGAURITTE J. ROBY ELEANOR B. SHORT DOROTHY K. WEED M. CORNELIA THOMPSON- DOROTHY M. STRAUB EVELYN E. FORSHEE HELEN E. MORGAN Founded Virginia State Normal 1902 54 Active Chapters ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Established 1920 NORM AX COXSIDIXE K SoEHHExs B.utrLETT BAIHD HAWLET MAXSFTELD WHITE McMntTRY BRADLEY LIXSLET Smr LOOXET LrSEXKAM!- PoSTMUS SlJTIB D. SOEHHEXS WooDBTFF FlSHEB McLEESE KRAVE I ' BBAX HAXXA KRETE HOLCEX MELEXDT WAXG CHEX A D E L I A C H E E V E R DORMITORY BOARD OF GOVERNORS MRS. E. C. GODDAKD. Chairman MRS. CHARGES ASHBI-RNE, Secretary MRS. E. R. SUXDERLAXD, Treasurer RESIDENTS Graduates PHOEBE S. WANG Seniors SADIE J. WOODRUFF. House President HAZEL D. BRADLEY SYLVIA M. BAIRD ACKES E. LlNSLEY Juniors GRACE A. LEi-SEXKAiir MARGARET POSTMUS CHRISTIXE A. STEEX JOSEPHINE A. SMITH ELIZABETH R. ASSET FRANCES H. LOOXEY PAULINE G. STITT EVELYN M. BARTLETT K-ATHERixE M. HAWLEY CATHERINE M. COXSIDINE ELSIE J. BLIMAX MARJORIE E. MELENDY Sophomores Freshmen ELIZABETH B. URBAN MRS. ALTA M. SCHULE, Social Director MRS. H. M. ROBIXS MRS. L. C. KARPIXSKI FLORENCE H. CHEX MARJORIE A. HOLDEX MARY JAXE MCL.EESE EDITH H. NORMAN HELEX E. KRAVE SHIRLEY M. MANSFIELD GERTRUDE F. HALE DOROTHY O. SOEHREXS DOROTHY G. HANNA CAROLYN M. FISHER House Treas. and Sec ' y. HATTIE A. KREYE A. CATHERINE SOEHRENS X ' lVIAN I. McMuRTRY MILDRED E. WHITE VALLIE ELLISON FRIDRICH PETERS MOHR COVINGTON CHESLEY HIXTZ SHAFER JOSLIN TAYLOR WINTERS DZIUREWICZ SPENCER McKAY DARLING CULPEPPER ALUMNAE HOUSE MARION H. COVINGTON KATHLEEN M. JOSLIN EMMA M. McKAY Seniors GRACE A. PETERS CECELIA M. VALLIE MARY E. WINTERS HELEN B. CHESLEY EDNA M. DARLING MILDRED A. ELLISON Juniors JEAN E. SPENCER IRMA M. FRIEDRICH HELEN D. HINTZ LUCILLE M. MAHR Sophomores FRANKE C. CULPEPPER CATHERINE DZIUREWICZ Freshmen RUTH L. TAYLOR FLORA E. SHAFER 1 ouse Page 434 WOOD MOOBE GWHBS RAXK !- - HOEB.VEB HANBEM AKXDT GIBSOX STRACSS PABSMOHE SETHOC DOROTHY ARNDT MARIE E. Boss HALL HOUSE . ELIZABETH M. PASSMORE BIODT E. GIBSON- CATHERINE E. HASSEN Juniors MARGARET " . SABOM ESTHER B. HOERXER - .. - E. ROGESE SEYMOUR EMILY G. GRIMES PHYLLIS MOORE Freshmen ELIZABETH H. WOOD RUTH R. RAXK LUCILE P. STRAVSS Hall louse 435 Newberry Residence HELEN NEWBERRY RESIDENCE MRS. ALEX C. ANGELL MRS. A. W. DIACK Miss LYDIA TANNER Miss MARY JARVIS Miss MARION PATCH Miss LOUISE SKILLEN Miss ESTHER JOHNSON Miss KATHERINE LARDNER MARTHA ROBINSON . MARIE HARTWIG HELEN FELLOWS GERTRUDE GREENWALD V. VALERIE GATES BOARD OF DIRECTORS Miss CLAIRE SANDERS MRS. HENRY W. DOUGLAS HOUSE STAFF HOUSE OFFICERS MRS. HENRY B. JOY Miss ALICE LLOYD Director Assistant Director Night Chaperone Night Chaperone . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman FUH-RU BEI ASA NAKAO ELIZABETH CLARKSON ADELE EWELL ALICE FELLOWS GERTRUDE FOSTER ALICE FOUCH V. VALERIE GATES GERTRUDE GREENWALD MARGARET ARTHUR JANE BARNES DAWN BENSCHOTEN ESTHER BROOKS LUAYNE BUDGE HELEN CARREL CARROL CRUSE LUCILE DEINZER HILDA MARY EVANS ELEANOR ABBOTT KATHERINE ABBOTT MARJORIE BETTLER EVELYN BUMGARNER RUTH COOPER MADELINE COTE DOROTHY Cox MARION DUSSE HELEN FELLOWS CAROL ARTHUR ISABELLE BALLOON RUTH BISHOP BECKY BOURLAND HELEN CHEEVER HELEN JOY EBERLY MARIE EDINGTON FLORENCE FRANDSEN GRADUATES MARIA LANZAR Seniors LUCILE HAMILTON MIRIAM HOSMER ESTHER JOHNSON VIVIAN LAJEUNESSE JEAN McKAiG KATHERINE LARDNER Juniors RUTH FINE FRANCES FISHER DORIS FOSTER LESLIE FRANCE MILDRED FRANDSEN ALICE FROMM ELIZABETH GLASPIE MARIE HARTWIG JACQUELINE HECK JOSEPHINE WELCH Sophomores DONNA FLEMING BEATRICE FROMM JEAN GILMAN DOROTHY GRIFFITH JEAN GRIGGS KATHERINE HICKEY GLENNE MCDERMOTT LOUISE MclNTYRE MILDRED MEYERS Freshmen JANE GRIFFIN MARION HUBBARD HELEN HUMPHERY FRANCES JENNINGS ANNETTE KNIGHT MARGARET KRAMER MARGARET LAUER HELEN MORRILL MARY MORLEY Page 436 JANE SKILLEN YAT SING TONG ADELINE O ' BRIEN NOMA REID MARTHA ROBINSON ELSIE SMITH LAURA SOULE HELEN STOXE LORETTA TROESTER TERESA JONAITIS STEPHANIE KROLL MARION REISH LILLY SCHMID LOUISA SKILLEN ELEANOR SKUTT HULDA SMITH HELEN TOMPKIXS VIRGINIA WARD ELIZABETH MIZNER ELIZABETH POTTER HELEN PRATT HlLDEGARDE ScHUEREN ALICE SHERMAN HELEN TERRY ELIZABETH ULRICH EVELYN ZEHXER HELEN PIERCE MARJORIE REHFUSS ROBERTA REED JANE ROBINSON LOUISE RUDISILL EVELYN SCHRAEDER EMMA LOUISE SMITH MARIE WENTELA our BETSY HARBOUR HOUSE MRS. DEAN W. MYERS Miss GRACE RICHARDS Miss MARY LYTLE Miss KATHLEEN HAMM Miss KATHERINE WILCOX DOROTHY K. SWARTHOUT HARRIET K. FOLEY MARGARET BECK MARGARET BABCOCK . HELEN BROWN SHU-TING Liu MARION ANDERSON KATHRYN BENNETT MVRIEL BRIER MARY ALICE CASE MADELYN DANKERS BOARD OF GO " ERNORS HOUSE STAFF HOUSE OFFICERS GRADUATES HSAIC Lu KATHERINE WILCOX Seniors HARRIET FOLEY MILDRED HARDY OLIVE MEARS DOROTHY MOREHOUSE DOROTHY SHORE Miss FANDIRA CROCKER MRS. JULIUS O. SCHLOTTERBECK Director Business Manager Night Chaperons . President Pice-President Social Chairman . Secretary Treasurer I-TSUEN Wu DOROTHY SwARTOUT ELOIS TYCERT EDITH MARY WOODARD HELEN WOOTON AUDREY WRIGHT MARGARET BARRVS LARGARET BECK GERTRUDE BENHAM LUCILLE BERESFORD MARY BROWN IF.AN CAMPBELL RUTH CHAN ROBERTA DUNLOP Juniors HELEN HARTWELL MARGARET HOLUAN LUCILLE HOWE ETHEL KLANDERMAS VIRGINIA KUNERT HELEN LATTING AGNES MATTSON FRANCES MILLER CATHERINE OTSUKA LUCY OTSUKA MARY PTOLMEY VIRGINIA READ ALICE ROWLEY BERNICE SHOOK ROSE STRASSER BETTY SMITHER EMILY K. WILCOX ESTHER ANDERSON- VIRGINIA ARMS LARGARET BABCOCK BETH BARRA DOROTHY BECK MARY LOUISE BROWN FREDERICKA BAESLOCK MARY BOYLES HILDA BRAUN ALICE CHARLES ELEANOR COOKE MARIAN DURAND RUTH ELLIS BERTHA HOWARD Sophomores LAURA BELLE CHIPMAN ISABELLE CHARLES KATHERINE FITZPATRICK NLARY GOODELL DOROTHY McKEE DOROTHY MAPLE Freshmen HELEN JONES ELIZABETH HASCALL BETTY KAHN MARIAN KEMP RUTH MARSHALL OLIVE MATTHEWS JANET MICHAEL KATHERINE SCOTT ELIZABETH MIDWORTH ERWILLI SCHNEIDER LOUISA SOUKVP DOROTHY TOUFF JEAX WALLACE AILENE VEO HERMINE SOUKUP CAROL SWARTOCT ISABEL RAYEN FRANCES TALCOTT DORA VANDEN BERG HELEN WILSON JANET WOODMANSEE JANE WEARND 437 SORORITIES r P V irj,r IJHM ook Duilding MARTHA COOK BUILDING MRS. HARRY C. BULKLEY BOARD OF GOVERNORS MRS. ANNE SHIPMAN STEVENS Miss EMILIE SARGENT Miss ELVA FORNCROOK Miss ALICE GRAHAM Miss CECILIA VANDEN BOSSCHE Miss MARGUERITE STEVENS JANICE PECK . MARGARET BERZ IRMA BURNS RUTH ALE NORMA GREENE JULIA FERGUSON ISABELLE ALDRICH RUTH ALE KAMAL ARLICK MARGARET BARR KATHERINE BAY HELEN BEAUMONT NELLIE BECKER HELEN BENJAMIN MARGARET BERZ ELIZABETH BLACK HELEN BLADES DOROTHY BOILLOTAT MADGE BROOK HELEN BROWN PAULINA BROWN IRMA BURNS BETTINA BUSH LOUISA BUTLER MARJORIE CARR ALICE CLARK MARGARET CLARKE JUANITA COE DOROTHY COMINS AMNA COPE HELEN CRANFORD BARBARA CROWELL MARIE CURTIS ROSALYN COOKSON MURIEL DEL.INE JEAN DEVRIES DORIS DOOLITTLE MARGARET DUSSEAU JANE EMERY ORIEL ENDELMAN DORIS FENNEGERG JULIA FERGUSON MARI FICHTELL KATHERINE FIELD LUCILLE Fox HOUSE STAFF HOUSE OFFICERS STUDENT RESIDENTS DOROTHY FRIED LORAINE GAY GRACE GLOVER DOROTHY GRAHAM NORMA GREEN MARION GROESBECK ADELAIDE HARRSEN ESTHER HAVIKHORST JANET HEITSCH ELIZABETH HENNES MILENKO HERC MARGARET HOLDERMAN RUTH HOLLINGER ELEANOR HORSEY MABEL HUMPHREY RUTH HUNTSINGER MARGUERITE JAQUA FRANCES JOHNSON JANET KINNANE WINIFRED KIRSCHMAN LURENE KLINK ORPHA KNAPP ETHEL KUHLMAN KATHRYN KUNEY ELIZABETH LANE MARGARET LARGE MYRTLE LATHER CATHERINE LEARNED Lois LEBARON MARGARET LYONS DOROTHY MACEACHRON LORAINE MAG AW DOROTHY MARSMAN HELEN McCoMB BERNICE McHALE HARRIET McMiLLAN VIOLET MEGARO MARGARET MEYER ESTHER MIDDLEWOOD ALLANA MINIFIE Director House Director House Treasurer Night Chaperone President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Senior Representative Junior Representative MILDRED MONROE RUTH MORRIS ELLEN NOBLE ELIZABETH NORTON ELIZABETH ORR FRANCES PATMOS JANICE PECK LASETTA PICKARD FLORENCE POWERS CARMEN ROBBINS FLORENCE ROBINSON NORMA ROEMER VIRGINIA RUCKMAN LYDIA RUDOLPH JEANNETTE SAURBORX MARION SAURBORN ALMA SCHEIRICH ANNE SCHELL MARY SCHULER NETTIE SCHULERT VELMA SEIP FRANCES SEXTON THELMA SHUPE DOROTHY SONKE ELLA-MAY SPELKER MARGUERITE STEVENS JANET SYMONDS MARY TEAHEN RHODA TUTHILL CLARICE TYLER GRETA WALLINGTON EDA WEISKOTTEN GRACE WESTON VIRGINIA WESTON ELDA WIECHMAN KATHERINE WOODWARD MARJORIE WOOLLET HELEN WOTRING SHUI CHING YANG Pagt 43$ WELLES M. HAWKINS UNSWORTH MORTARBOARD National Senior Honorary Society OFFICERS ELSIE E. MURRAY JOSEPHINE L. NORTON PHYLLIS LOUGHTON HELEN J. HAWKINS ARLENE C. UNSWORTH President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian FACULTY ADVISOR Miss ALICE C. LLOYD MEMBERS GLADYS J. APPELT MARGARET H. BREER ELLEN F. GROFF HELEN J. HAWKINS MARGARET G. HAWKINS PHYLLIS LOUGHTON JEAN A. McKAic MARIAN L. WELLES ELSIE E. MURRAY JOSEPHINE L. NORTON ELIZABETH C. NUTT F. EVELYN OGBORN LAURA M. OSGOOD ARLENE C. UNSWORTH MARION E. VAN TUYL WOOTOX OSGOOD WmiGHT RoBDfgOX HOUSE LAM XEK McKAio MOKEBOCSE AXDEMOX PECK TrTHna. METKR SWAKTOUT D. SENIOR SOCIETY Honorary Society For Independent Women OFFICERS JEAX A. McKAic KATHERIXE A. LARDXER DOROTHY MOREHOUSE MARION AXDERSOX President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer PATRONESSES MRS. CLAREXCE COOK LITTLE MRS. MYRA B. JORDAX MADELYX G. DAXKERS HELEX L. HAUSE MARGARET D. MEYER LAUR_ M. OSGOOD C. JAXICE PECK MEMBERS Page 441 MARTHA A. ROBIXSOX DOROTHY K. SWARTOUT RHODA M. TUTHILL HELEX F. WOOTON AUDREY L. WRIGHT STRASSER CHURCH HARTMAN ARTHUR BERESFORD HAWKINS SMITHER DRACKE GRUBER JOHNSTON WHITE GRINNELL WELLMAN BROEHM EVANS MOORE STONE BROWN CAMPBELL PTOLEMY W YVERN Junior Honorary Society MARY WHITE VERA JOHNSTON OFFICERS President Secretary- Treasurer MEMBERS MARGARET ARTHUR LUCILLE BERESFORD MARION BROEHM HELEN M. BROWN JEAN CAMPBELL JESSIE CHURCH IRENE DRUKIE HILDA MARY EVANS ELLEN GRINNELL ELAINE GRUBER HELEN HARTMAN JEAN HATHAWAY CYNTHIA HAWKINS VERA JOHNSTON MARY ALICE MOORE MARY PTOLEMY MARION READING ELIZABETH SMITHERS ROSE STRASSER SYLVIA STONE ELIZABETH WELLMAN MARY WHITE Page 442 HEWITT THETA SIGMA PHI National Honorary Journalistic Fraternity OFFICERS DOROTHY MOREHOUSE GLADYS ALLEN MARY PTOLEMY MARION ANDERSON . President rice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS MARGARET C. ARTHUR MARY L. BOYLE DOROTHY DESMOND ELAINE E. GRUBER MARGERY HEWITT HELEN C. PECK VIRGINIA L. SANDS SYLVIA S. STONE MARY LOUISE TAYLOR MARION L. WELLES Pag ' 443 SIGMA DELTA PHI National Honorary Dramatic and Oratorical Sorority OFFICERS PHYLLIS LOUGHTON PAULINE JACOBS MARIE-LOUISE BURT HELEN Vos . VERA JOHNSTON President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Marshall MEMBERS MARIE-LOUISE BURT MARJORIE CHAVENELLE KATHLEEN CHISHOLM PAULINE JACOBS VERA JOHNSTON PHYLLIS LOUGHTON ESTHER MERRICK LAURA M. OSGOOD HELEN Vos DOROTHY WILLIAMS Page 444 WOOU.ETT DE VHIES DAXKEKS ; --! I : FROHXE CHOWK HAWKIXS ALE BBOWX HAFSE Brass PARKS i i. VAX Tun. FACAX E i ' m ' , PI LAMBDA T H E T A National Honorarv Educational Societv OFFICERS JEAN DE VRIES MADELYN DANKERS Lois PARKS . ELLEN GROFF MARJORIE WOOLLETT JANICE PECK President Fice-President . Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Keeper of Records MEMBERS IX THE CITY Miss MARGARET CAMERON- MISS FLORENCE CUMMINGS MRS. KATHERINE GREEN- MISS CORDELIA HAYES Miss CHARLOTTE HAYNER Miss ETHEL HEDRICK Miss EDITH HOYLE Miss SELMA LINDELL MRS. HELEN X. MARIN Miss DOROTHY TISCH CHAPTER MEMBERS RUTH C. ALE MADELYN BOWERS PAULINE BROWN IRMA BURNS HAZEL CHOWN MADELYN BANKERS JEAN DE " RIES FLORENCE ESSERY ADELE EWELL CLETIS FAGAN KATHERINE FROHNE ELLEN GROFF HELEN HAUSE MARGARET HAWKINS XELLIE HOOVER Lois PARKS JANICE PECK MARGARET RICE MARJORIE TODD MARIAN VAN TUYL FENNEBERG LARDNER JONES GREEN CALLE.VDER FRANCIS KILEY HELLYER POLLOCK GREENE KAPPA BETA PI National Legal Sorority MARY E. HELLYER FLORENCE A. POLLOCK MARY L. KILEY OFFICERS President Secretary Treasurer PATRONESSES MRS. HENRY M. BATES MRS. JOHN B. WAITE MRS. EDWIN D. DICKINSON MEMBERS INA D. ANDERSON ALICE CALLENDER DORIS R. FENNEBERG MARY FRANCIS LILLIAN M. GREEN NORMA A. GREENE ELIZABETH O. WHITEMAN MARY E. HELL YER MAURINE L. JONES MARY L. KILEY KATHERINE R. LARDNER FLORENCE A. POLLOCK FRANCES E. RAITER 446 1 AflOR SMYTHE SELKER DANCER RAIXE SCHEIRICH WEDEMEYER LA JEUNESSE FRANCIS OHLSON OILMAN GREEN HAXTON BCTLEH KNOX GATES ROBINSON MILLER CHI DELTA PHI National Honorary Literary Society OFFICERS KATHRYN H. FRANCIS ALMA E. SCHEIRICH MARY H. WELLS . MARGARET E. OHLSON MIRIAM SELKER HONORARY MEMBERS MRS. CLARENCE COOK LITTLE SPONSORS PROFESSOR ROY W. COWDEN MR. LAWRENCE H. CONRAD President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian DR. CLARENCE D. THORPE MEMBERS ELIZABETH ASSET BETTINA BUSH LOUISA BUTLER HELEN DANCER KATHRYN FRANCIS VALERIE GATES JEAN GILMAN WILMA GREEN GERALDINE HATHAWAY MARGARET HAXTON SALLY KNOX VIVIAN L.A.JEUNESSE EMERY MILLER MARGARET OHLSON MERLE RAINE FLORENCE ROBINSON FRANCES SACKETT ALMA SCHEIRICH MIRIAM SELKER HELEN SMYTHE MARY WEDEMEYER MARY WELLS Page 447 HONOR IOTA SIGMA PI Honorary Chemical Society OFFICERS MABEL M. MILLER KATHARINE M. JARVIS MARGARET W. JOHNSTON ELIZABETH M. CONARD President Fice-President Secretary Treasurer ALUMNAE MEMBERS MRS. LAWRENCE SIMS BARTELL MRS. FAITH PARMELEE HADLEY MRS. HAZEL PLATT UPTHEGROVE DR. A. LUVERN HAYS MRS. ROBERT K. MACK.AYE PATRONESSES MRS. S. L. BIGELOW MRS. A. L. FERGUSON MRS. H. B. LEWIS MRS. R. K. MCALPINE RUTH M. CHAN ELIZABETH M. CONARD KATHARINE M. JARVIS MARGARET W. JOHNSTON ACTIVE MEMBERS PHILENA A. YOUNG MRS. C. C. MELOCHE MRS. J. O. SCHLOTTERBECK MRS. W. G. SMEATON MRS. A. H. WHITE MABEL M. MILLER OLIVE M. SEARLE DOROTHY S. WALLER ALICE WANG Page . ACTIVITIES WALLACE JOSLYN HARTWIG C. HAWKINS READ GKOFF LARDNEH STAEBLEK H. HAWKINS OSGOOD SMITHER HARTMAN NUTT M. HAWKINS HOLMES OOBOR.N KLANDERMAN McEACHRON BUSH HATHAWAY McKAio BROWN MURRAY WOMEN ' S LEAGUE BOARD OF DIRECTORS BETTY NUTT MARGARET HAWKINS . ANNE E. SMITHERS HELEN HARTMEN FLORENCE HOLMES ELSIE MURRAY BERNICE STAEBLER JEAN HATHAWAY VIRGINIA REED MARGARET BUSH JEAN WALLACE LAURA OSGOOD . Chairman MARIAN VAN TUYL . KATHERINE LARDNER CYNTHIA HAWKINS . HELEN BROWN EVELYN OGBORN . HELEN HAWKINS . ELLEN GROFF MARIE HARTWIG . DOROTHY MCACHRON LAURA JOCELYN . ETHEL KLANDERMAN JEAN McKAic ELIZABETH WELLMAN MEMBERS President Vice-President; Chairman of Vocational Guidance Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Chairman Undergraduate Campaign Committee Senior Representative Senior Representative Junior Representative Junior Representative Sophomore Representative Sophomore Representative Judiciary Council; Senior Member Judiciary Council Senior Member Judiciary Council Senior Member Judiciary Council Junior Member Judiciary Council Junior Member Judiciary Council . Chairman of Board of Representatives . Chairman of Point System Committee Chairman of Social Committee Chairman of Life Membership Chairman of World Fellowship Committee . Chairman of Candy Booth Chairman of House Committee Chairman of Bazaar Chairman ' of Junior Girls ' 1 Play Pay . WOMEN ' S LEAGUE JUDICIARY COUNCIL MEMBERS LAURA OSGOOD KATHERINE LARDNER MARIAN VAX TUYL HELEN BROWN- CYNTHIA HAWKINS Chairman Senior Member Senior Member Junior Member Junior Member Pas ' 45 ' HERRNSTEIN GROSS BERNER GRABOWSKY SCHWARZ HANEY MARTIN MALCOLM ZOLLER BANFIELD HYSLOP SEEBITRGER PEARSON ROWLADER O ' MELAY ROBINSON CROWE RISLEY WELLSTEAD TREMBLEY NUTT Toes LAIDMAN VOLTZ BAILEY BRANDT BAUSCHARD ASHTON MILLER RILEY WHITE HYDE PARNALL TRAVIS SOMMER HAUSCHILD FOLSOM TREAD WELL KERN STEWART MATHEWSON PRICE BACKUS Ross McKAY OGBORN WOODRUFF HOOGERHYDE LOOMIS MOORE PEARCE FRANDSEN WOMEN ' S LEAGUE BOARD OF REPRESENTATIVES OFFICERS Miss GRACE RICHARDS EVELYN OGBORN SADIE WOODRUFF MARJORIE L. ALBRIGHT VETA F. ARMBRUSTER MARIAN ASHLEY Lois ASHTON OLLIE L. BACKUS MARGARET M. BAILEY DOROTHY J. BAIRD RUTH E. BANFIELD MARION W. BAUSCHARD RUTH E. BERNER HERMINE K. BOUSCHARD LEONA M. BRANDT PHYLLIS BROAN MARIE L. BRUMMELER MURIEL I. CASEY MARIE E. CIMINI AUBREY B. CLARK MARGUERITE W. COOK DOROTHY J. CORLE ETHEL M. CROWE ROSE MAXINE DE FOE CATHERINE G. EATON GRACE S. EDELMAN BESSIE V. EGELAND HELEN T. FINDLEY BESSIE B. Fox MILDRED O. FRANDSEN MARIAN E. FULMER ROSALIE GRABOWSKY JEAN GREENSHIELDS MARGARET E. GROSS CONSTANCE A. HAHN AUDREY L. HANEY CATHERINE E. HANSEN MEMBERS ELSIE B. HAUSCHILD MARTHA MARY HERRNSTEIN ELVIRA A. HOOGERHYDE RUTH M. HUDF, MARION L. HYSLOP POLLY A. IRLAND NATALIE KNAPP THELMA H. LAIDMAN ESTHER D. LEACH KATHARINE LOOMIS RUTH M. MALCOLM INA E. MARTIN BERNEADINE N. MATHEWSON DOROTHY A. McGuFFiE EMMA M. McKAY ANNE A. MERLISS ESTHER L. MERRICK MARGARET B. MILLER MARY ALICE MOORE VERA M. MOORE EDNA M. MURRAY WILMA L. NEUBECKER ELIZABETH C. NUTT F. EVELYN OGBORN MONICA E. O ' MELAY MARY PARNALL DOROTHY C. PAXSON FLORA DOROTHY PEARCE LA VANCE PEARSON JANICE C. PECK CATHERINE E. PRICE ELLINOR B. PUTNAM MARGARET E. REED Adviser Chairnfan Secretary JANICE I. RILEY CATHERINE RINEHAN MIRIAM L. RISLEY MARTHA A. ROBINSON VlOLKT ROETHKE EDITH M. ROSE MADELINE L. ROSENBERG MARTHA M. Ross DORIS J. ROWLADER E. RUTH SALLEE CORINNE L. SCHWARZ MARTHA M. SEEBURGER CAROLYN G. SLEPICKA MARGARET E. STEWART DOROTHY K. SWARTOUT FLORENCE TANNHAUSER RUTH H. THOMPSON BARBARA E. TOCK E. IRENE TRAVIS ELEANOR W. TREADWELL H. JANET TREMBLEY GERTRUDE VAN ZORREN BERNICE I. VAUGHAN MURIEL B. VOLZ VIRGINIA L. WALLACE CATHERINE A. WATERS MARY E. WATSON M. PRISCILLA WESTCOTT MARY J. WHITE MARY SUSAN WHITE SOPHIE WHITE HELEN D. WILSON SADIE J. WOODRUFF PAULINE E. ZOLLER " age 452 SOEHREXS HEILM4X CHASTE CODT GfiOFF MuFFLET M XSFIELD MC-CLURE WELSH ROBIXSON VAXTUYL MOFFIEB SOUHBORN ZAUER MILLER HOSIIER CAMPBELL VANSICLE JOHNSON BELL McCoRMiCK FIGGE HALL JONES HARDY BONINE APPELF GRABOWSKY STRASSER HOUGH TUTHILL CHILDS TREADWELL HOOTER WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB OFFICERS MARVA HOUGH RHODA TUTHILL ROSE STRASSER HERMA GRABOWSKY President rice- President Secretary- Treasurer MEMBERS GLADYS APPELT HELEN BEAUMONT SARAH BONINE EUNICE CHILDS LOUISE CODY ALICE CRONE SARAH GROFF HERMA GRABOWSKY MILDRED HARDY ARLIENE HEILMAN NELLIE HOOVER MIRIAM HOSMER MARVA HOUGH YELMA JOHNSON JANET JONES IDA McCLURE SHIRLEY MANSFIELD FRANCES MILLER ALLETTA MORTON JULIA MOTTIER MARJORIE MUFFLEY FLORENCE POWERS MARTHA ROBINSON JEANNETTE SOURBORN DOROTHY SOEHRENS ROSE STRASSER ELEANOR TREADWELL MARIE TUKE RHODA TUTHILL MARIAN AN TUYL GERTRUDE WELSH ANNA ZAUER Page 453 JOHNSTON EVANS HAWKINS GRUBER SMITHER HATHAWAY WELLMAN HARTWIU MARSHALL JUNIOR GIRLS ' PLAY COMMITTEE COMMITTEE MINERVA MILLER ELIZABETH WELLMAN JEAN HATHAWAY MARIE HARTWIG . ELIZABETH SMITH ERS JUNE MARSHALL CYNTHIA HAWKINS EDNA MOWERS VERA E. JOHNSTON HILDA MARY EVANS . ELLEN I. GRINNELL Director General Chairman Assistant Chairman Business Manager Chairman of Programs Chairman of Publicity Chairman of Properties Chairman of Music Chairman of Dances . Chairman of Costumes Chairman of Make-up Page 454 CHIPMAX SOPHOMORE CIRCUS COMMITTEE cr COMMITTEE DOROTHY G. McKEE MARGARET SIBLEY MARJORIE MUFFLEY VIRGINIA L. HOUGHTON VlRGINIA LOSEE DOROTHY S. MAPLE LAURA B. CHIPMAX DOROTHY W. BLOOM General Chairman Assistant Chairman Chairman of Stunts Chairman of Costumes Chairman of Properties Chairman of Music Chairman of Finance Chairman of Publicity Pa 455 CUTLER JOHNSON PLATT M. A. MOORE NAGLEVOOHT HOLMES PORTEB R. MOORE STONE TUTTLE WIDMAN BAIRD HUBBARD PAN -HELLENIC BALL COMMITTEE OFFICERS MARGUERITE WIDMAN FLORENCE HOLMES General Chairman Treasurer IRENE DRUKE COMMITTEES Chaperones DOROTHY BAIRD, Chairman MARY ALICE MOORE, Chairman FRANCES HUBBARD Programmes JUNE MARSHALL MAY TUTTLE, Chairman JEAN HEGWOOD HARRIET STONE ISABEL STONE Decorations and Music VERA JOHNSTON, Chairman Publicity ' Tickets Lois PORTER, Chairman Refreshments RUTH MOORE, Chairman LUCILLE CUTLER ADRIAN NAGLEVORT SHIRLEY KING MARVA HOUGH ALICE PLATT JEANNETTE DRESSLER BETTY CORN Page 456 I LINDBORG BARCCH BECK SHANK BACON Vos BBADY GOLDSTICK KING VAX DEN Brno JACOBS BANFIELD COFFMAN SIDDER TROWBRIDGE WORKMAN BCRT MORTON LONG FRANDSEN JOHNSON WATCHPOCKET BROEHM MUMMERS DRAMATIC SOCIETY OFFICERS ITHMER M. COFFMAN DOROTHY M. LONG HELEN E. Vos RUTHE E. BANFIELD BLOSSOM L. BACON MABEL A. BARUCH DOROTHY BECK MARGARET BRADY MARION O. BROEHM KATHRYN L. BURT FLORENCE FRANDSEN ROSALIE GOLDSTICK SELMA J. HENDERSHOT PAULINE JACOBS MEMBERS President Pice-President Treasurer Secretary VELMA JOHNSON- SHIRLEY E. KING EDNA LINBORG ALLETTA MORTON WILMA L. NEUBECKER ALBERTA L. SHANK CONSTANCE R. SIDDER VIRGINIA H. TROWBRIDGE DORA VAN DEN BERG FLORENCE WATCHPOCKET HELEN E. WORKMAN Pag ' 457 CORYELL BACKUS EDELMAN FISHER OHLSON McMuRRAY DARLING HASCOLL G. ZOLLER HYSLOP WEBB HICKS CURHIE DEINZEB LYONS COFFMAN REID THOMPSON PICKARD CORNELL MAHJORIE JONES WILCOX SIBLEY MORTON P. ZOLLER MAUHINE JONES KELLEY OSGOOD BROWN ATHENA LITERARY SOCIETY First Semester PAULINE ZOLLER ALLETTA MORTON MARGARET SIBLEY MAURINE JONES KATHERINE KELLY FLORENCE POLLOCK OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Oratorical Delegate . Parliamentarian Second Semester PAULINE ZOLLER DORIS HICKS . JULIA WILCOX MAURINE JONES KATHERINE KELLY FLORENCE POLLOCK OLLIE BACKUS ISABEL BALLOU ELSIE BLIMAN MARY LOUISE BROWNE CLARA CAPLE JANET COCHRAN ITHMER COFFMAN MARGUERITE CORNELL ELEANOR CORYELL JEAN CURRIE GRACE DARLING LUCILLE DEINZER GRACE EDELMAN HILDA MARY EVANS CAROLYN FISHER MEMBERS ANNETTE FISHER JEAN GILMAN ELIZABETH HASCOLL DORIS HICKS LUCILE HlTTLE MARIAN HYSLOP TERESSA JONAITIS MARJORIE JONES MAURINE JONES MIRIUM KELLAM KATHERINE KELLEY VIVIEN LAJEUNESSE DOROTHY LYONS KATHERINE McMuRRAY ALLETTA MORTON MARGARET OHLSON LAURA OSGOOD REVA PAVITT LASETTA PICKARD FLORENCE POLLOCK NOMA REID ROGENE SEYMOUR MARGARET SIBLEY HULDAH SMITH MELVA THOMPSON BARBARA TOCK Lois WEBB FLORENCE WIDMAIER JULIA WILCOX GWENDOLYN ZOLLER PAULINE ZOLLER Page 4tf " EAIX HORSEY BHOWX LTOX8 ExDELMAX BECKER MITCHELL XEUBECIER BCTIGABXEB MEYER GATES ROBINSON LACEB FELLOWS JEXXIXGS KTXAST TEXXAXT KENT-MILLER SOCLE LABDXEK AKTHCB BAXFIELO SoHErREX FR VXD-EN PORTIA LITERARY SOCIETY First Semester KATHERIXE LARDNER . RUTH FINE MARGARET ARTHUR LAURA SOULE RUTH BAXFIELD XELLIE BECKER OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Oratorical Delegate Parliamentarian Second Semester MARGARET MEYER RUTH FIXE MARGARET ARTHUR LAURA SOULE RUTH BAXFIELD XELLIE BECKER HONORARY MEMBER MARY KEXT-MILLER MARGARET ARTHUR RUTH BAXFIELD XELLIE BECKER HELEX BRCHVX EVELYN BUMGARXER KATHERIXE CAMPBELL ROUSSEAU CRISWELL BLAXCHE DEUTSCH ORIEL EXDELMAX MEMBERS HELEX FELLOWS RUTH FINE FLOREXCE FRAXDSEN ' ALERIE GATES ELEANOR HORSEY FRANCES JEXXIXGS FRAXCES JOHXSOX IRENE KYNAST KATHERIXE LARDNER MARGARET L.VUER MARGARET LYONS MARGARET MEYER MIRIAM MITCHELL WILMA XEWBECKER XAXCY O ' XEALL JANE ROBIXSOX HlLDEGARDE ScHEUREX LAURA SOULE FLOREXCE TEXXAXT Page 459 RAITER MITCHELL HARTER EVANS GR IFFITH FLEURY CHESLEY CURRIE HANKINSON JOHNSON ELLISON CORLE NAGELVOORT ORNSTEIN GILLIS BRADLEY CHAVENELLE BACSCHARD BROWN KITSON HENDRIOK ULLRICH ANDERSON VANDAWARKER SHUMWAY MCDEHMOTT BRITTON LAWLER SCHHOEDEH M. EVANS FELLOWS CAMPBELL PURCELL BERESFORD ENDELMAN C. ROBBINS A. BOBBINS SCHELL LEE REIQAHT KANDELIN NOWER JONES SLEPICKA PETERS CHANDLER BOEHM MITCHELL CUHTISS SHORE ZOLLER PECK HUNT LOYER GROFF KING COPE ALE UNIVERSITY GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB DELMA LOYER HELEN D. BROWN DOROTHY LONG ELLEN GROFF AMNA COPE . SHIRLEY KING MARION BAUSCHARD GRACE GLOVER GERTRUDE FOSTER Miss NORA CRANE HUNT OFFICERS RUTH ALE ESTHER ANDERSON MARION BAUSCHARD LUCILLE BERESFORD DOROTHY BOEHM ESTHER BRADLEY HARRIETT BRITTON HELEN D. BROWN ELIZABETH CAMPBELL CAROL CHANDLER MARJORIE CHAVANELLE HELEN CHESLEY MARGARET COLE AMNA COPE DOROTHY CORLE MARTHA COVERT JEAN CURRIE MARIE CURTISS JANE ELLISON ORIEL ENDELMAN KATHRYN EVANS MARY EVANS HELEN FELLOWS BARBARA FLEURY GERTRUDE FOSTER MEMBERS MARGARET GILLIS GRACE GLOVER DOROTHY GRIFFITH ELLEN GROFF BEULAH HANKINSON HELEN HARTER ESTHER HAVIKHORST MARION HENDRICK JEANETTE JOHNSON MARJORIE JONES MARTHA KANDELIN MARY KENT-MILLER SHIRLEY KING LENORE KINGSTON MARGARET KITSON HELEN LAWLER LEONE LEE DOROTHY LONG DELMA LOYER DOROTHY MARSMAN GLENN MARIE MCDERMOTT MIRIAM MITCHELL RUTH MITCHELL ADRIENNE NAGELVOORT WILMA NOWER President Vice-President Vice-P resident Secretary Treasurer Manager Auditor Accompanist Librarian Director DOROTHY ORNSTEIN LOLETA PARKER JANICE PECK BLANCHE PETERS KATHRYN PURCELL GLADYS RAITER AGNES REIGART MARGARET RIDENOUR CARMEN ROBBINS ANNE SCHELL EDNA SCHROEDER DOROTHY SHORE MARGARET SHUMWAY CAROLYN SLEPICKA RUTH STEPHENS GERTRUDE STINE ELIZABETH ULLRICH GEORGIA VANDAWARKER ORMA WEBER GERTRUDE WELCH FLORENCE WIDMAIER BERNADINE WINTON ALTA W ' OODWORTH PAULINE ZOLLER Page 460 HOWARD EtmN WAGNEH RKHFTSS MANDELKEB LOTH KRAIIER EVANS BUFFIXGTON MrMrRNAT Dju.B BARB McCAi j. VAN Ten. KELSET GRIMES HERBERT MATTHEWS HUBBARD CALLICK YEAHNO JOHNSON MARSHALL CORNELL THOMSEN LAMTON ROBINSON STRONG ZOLLEH SHANNON SHAXKLAXD ETAJSS FRESHMAN GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB OFFICERS GWENDOLYN ZOLLER LOUELLA LAWTOX JANE ROBIXSOX President Secretary and Treasurer Librarian MARGUERITE BARR RUTH BISHOP MARY BUFFIXGTOX LAURA CODLIXG LORR- IXE COLLICK. DEMARIOUS CORNELL JEANETTE DALE ELEAXOR DYKE MARGUERITE EAMAX ALICE EVANS ARETAS EVANS EMILY GRIMES JUNE HAKES MEMBERS JEAN HERBERT BERTHA HOWARD MARIOX HUBBARO FRANCES JENNINGS AGNES JOHNSON- MILDRED KEENAN RUTH KELSEY MARION KEMP MARGARET KRAMER LOUELLA LAWTON MARION LOVE RUTH MANDELKER RUTH MARSHALL HELEN MATTHEWS CATHERINE McCoLL K_ THERINE McMuRRAY MARJORIE REHFUSS JANE ROBINSON- MARION SEITZ ISABELLE SHANKLEND CATHERINE SHANNON KATHLEEN THOMSEN RUTH VAN TYLE ERNESTINE WAGNER MARION WURSTER JANE YEARNED GWENDOLYN ZOLLER Page 461 HERTLER Cox TINSMAN BUSH MI-FFLET STRAUS ERWIN MULLISON McMuRRAY HOFFMAN AUBLE OHLSON COLE SAYLOR COWAN SIBLEV GRIMES LUTES FRANCIS PEGASUS OFFICERS ANN SAYLOR MARGARET COLE GRETCHEN MULLISON President Secretary- Treasurer Club Riding Manager FLORENCE BUNTON LOUISE BUSH EUNICE CHILD MARGARET COLE BEATRICE COWAN GRACE ERWIN KATHERINE FRANCES RUTH FRIEDMAN EMILY GRIMES MEMBERS MARIE HART WIG FLORENCE HERTLER AGNES HOFFMAN LOUISE HOFFMAN DOROTHY INGALLS KATHERINE McMuRRAY MARJORY MUFFLEY GRETCHEN MULLISON ELIZABETH NUTT MARGARET OLSEN NOMA REID ANN SAYLOR MARY SCHULER MARGARET SIBLEY CAROLYN TILLER EUNICE TONGE ELEANOR TREADWELL Pagt 462 V T SKIN-.VER STAXGER WlLSOX SLIPICKA MORIX BACHER WEDLER FIELD STHATTON SCHIMER CLEMENT SYMPHONIC LEAGUE BOARD SUE STRATTON CAROLYN SLEPICKA MILDRED STRANGER STELLA CLEMENT DOROTHY FIELD BERNICE WILSON IRMA WEDLER MAUDE SKINNER ELIZABETH SCHWIER HELEN MARIM MRS. BACKER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Publicity Chairman Membership Chairman Music Chairman Scholarship Chairman Bulletin Chairman Advisor Page 463 LAPP HCXFOBD BROCKETT MICHIGAN DAMES OFFICERS ZORA WEBB EDITH MERTZ JESSIE FERRIS LILLIAN MAcNmr FAYTHE GATES President ice-President Treasurer . Secretary Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS BLANCHE BLASHILL RUTH BROCKETT SABINA CONRAD JOYCE DAVIS JESSIE FERRIS FAYTHE GATES EVALINE GOODENOW BERTHA HUXFORD MARY JENKINS MARGURITE LAPP ELIZABETH LOVETT LILLIAN MAcNirr SYLVIA MARSH EDITH MERTZ ERNESTINE PATTON MAE RAMSEY MARY ROOT MRS. P. B. SULLIVAN HILDA ULLMAN BLANCHE WARMOLTS ZORA WEBB ESTHER WEBSTER ETHEL WHITCHURCH DOROTHY WOLFE MYRTLE WOOD BERTHA YATES Page 464 WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS FRONT VIEW OF WOMEN ' S NEW FIELD HOUSE WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION STAFF u DR. MARGARET BELL MRS. LOUISE VAN SICKLE Miss ETHEL McCoRMiCK Miss LAURIE CAMPBELL . Miss RUTH FIGGE . Miss PAULINE HODGSON . Miss ELLA ROWLINGS Miss ANNIS HALL . Miss IONE JOHNSON Professor of Physical Education Assistant Professor of Physical Education Assistant Professor of Physical Education . Instructor in Physical Education Instructor in Physical Education . Instructor in Physical Education Instructor in Physical Education Instructor in Physical Education Instructor in Physical Education DR. BELL MRS. VAN SICKLE Page 466 WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS CnrBCB TRKADWELI. Horcn CKSWOHTH CODT JOXES BOXIXE APMELT SMITHEH WHIGHT STHASSKH TnTOU. FRANCIS OHLSOS RAISE WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION BOARD MRS. LOUISE P. VAX SICKLE LOUISE COOLEY MARION L. READING FRANCES S. SACKETT . JANET P. JONES ARLENE C. UNSWORTH VELMA E. JOHNSON MARVA HOUGH RHODA M. TUTHILL FR.ANCES " . MILLER ROSE L. STRASSER KATHRYN H. FRANCIS MERLE I. RAINE LOUISE CODY ELEANOR V. TREADWELL MARGARET E. OHLSON JESSIE E. CHURCH . Faculty Advisor Point Recorder Intramural Manager Assistant Intramural Manager Hockey Manager Basketball Manager Baseball Manager Swimming Manager Track Manager Tennis Manager Dancing Manager Riding Manager Rifle Manager Archery and Bowling Manager Golf and Fencing Manager Individual Activities Manager Publicity Manager WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS INTRAMURAL HOCKEY Betsy Barbour House had to divide honors this year with the Kappa Delta House after having been victorious for three successive years preceding this one. Both teams played fine sportsman- like games and well deserve the praise they have received. CATHERINE WILCOX Captain NELLIE HOOVER Captain FELLOWS GRIFFITH CHURCH HOOVER OGBORN MC!NTOSH MARKHAM C. EVAKS VAN DE WATER BLOME CHIPMAN M. EVANS APPELT JONES PETERS SOMER Page 468 WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS i--r: LEVIXE COOLET MIU.ER ZAUEB GBIXNEU. KLAXDERMAX MANSFIELD r-ACBBOHX McCtCRE HARTWKS JONES LTOXS SHOOK HAWKJ.VS IXTERCLASS HOCKEY The Junior Class Team came out victorious this year after having suffered one defeat at the hands of the Senior Class Team. Marie Hartwig, captain of the team, was one of its most enthusiastic players. MARIE HABTWIG Cap WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS A LESSON IN GOLF FROM ONE OF EXPERIENCE 1 GOLF More interest has been shown this year in golf than in any previous year. Those in authority see the possibility of golf becoming the foremost outdoor sport in the near future. Mrs. Stuart Hanley and Miss Madge Miller of Detroit are expert coaches. The driving pens in the basement of the gym are very helpful for beginners. ELEANOR TREADWELL Manager WOMEN ' S A T F L E T I C S This is the first year that Michigan women have had the opportunity to bowl. With the fine alleys in the new Field House it is expected that all women will be much interested in taking advantage of this new sport and in putting bowling on the map of the women ' s athletic program. BOWLING ROOM IN FIELD HorsE WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS INTERCLASS BASKETBALL The Senior Major Team was victorious this year in the class tournament. Led by their able captain, Nellie Hoover, they defeated all runners-up. DRESSING ROOMS IN FIELD HOUSE Miss HODGSON Instructor WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL Group I ran away with the champion- ship this year by defeating Martha Cook bv a verv decisive score. WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS ONE OF THE MANY SWIMMING CLASSES WHICH USE THE UNION POOL SWIMMING This is one of the finest sports offered to women on this campus and many have taken advantage of the offer. The annual swimming meet at the Union is open to all who care to participate in it and plenty of competition is to be found there. Miss HALL WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS A LITTLE ACTION PRECEDING A GAME BASEBALL There is much interest in this sport in the Spring because everyone is anxious to be out-of-doors after the long winter season. There are tournaments available for both Interclass and Intramural teams. WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS DING There is nothing more delightful, morning, after- noon, or evening than a good horse and an inviting place to ride. Ann Arbor offers both of these things and many women have taken advantage of them. WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS II MELBEBG RAINE SHORT KROU. BENHAJJ HOSMER BRICKER JOXES STILI-MAN CLINTON HAUSCHILD COOK RIFLE This sport is interesting to many women on the campus although the majority have not as yet come out to learn how to handle a rifle. Telegraphic shoots are held with rifle teams in other schools throughout the country and competition is keen. WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS THE FIRST GROUP TO ENJOY THE NEW BALLROOM THE WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC BUILDING Michigan Women are overjoyed at having an athletic building of their own where they can enjoy many hours of recreation. The building has innumerable locker rooms, offices for the instructors, bowling alleys, sections for indoor golf, an adequate kitchen, and a beautiful ballroom with an open fireplace which adds much to the appearance of the room. Many new hockey fields have been added to those of last Fall so that many games can go on at one time Michigan Women, we invite you all to come over and inspect the new Field House, and we are certain that you will find at least one sport to hold your interest. V O M E X ' S A T I C S NATURAL D A X C I X G Dancing has always been one of the chief interests of college women, and this university is no exception. There are classes for beginners in various types of dancing, and advanced classes for those who wish to excel. There is the dancing society, Orchesis, which also takes an active part each year on special programs. WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS cL JL J V) cfL) ADVERTISEMENTS SATIRE SECTION On the following pages the careful reader may find some humor disguised beneath a huge mass of verbiage. To attempt to be funny over a large number of pages is beyond our powers especially as all this follows after the efforts of composition and publication which precede this section. When you have spent between two and three years of hard work on something you believe in and make sacrifices for it seems unfair to attempt humor for the finishing touches. But we have tried. If we fail to amuse please forgive. Should we afford you any pleasure on these pages just credit it to our account. ADVERTISEMENTS E. S. Barnard REALTOR CITY AND FARM PROPERTY SUBDIVISIONS RENTALS 2nd Floor Wuerth Theatre Bldg. Ann Arbor His First Good Job " I have had notice of my appointment at University and have accepted. You may rest assured I shall endeavor to merit all you have said in my favor. If I need good service again, I know where to get it. " The man who wrote the above received his Ph.D. in 1926. Through other means he accepted a minor position. It remained for The Albert Teachers ' Agency to secure for him his real job in 1927. Hundreds of Univer- sity of Michigan graduates and graduate students have been equally fortunate. They are in Colleges, Normal Schools, City and Suburban High Schools, Private Schools everywhere. We invite correspondence or a call. Forty-third Year. The Albert Teachers ' Agency 25 E. Jackson Blvd., Chicago 535 Fifth Avenue, New York City Peyton Building, Spokane York Rite Temple, Wichita The B. M. O. C. And in this corner, ladies and gentlemen, we have the B. M. O. C. Did I hear you ask what is a B. M. O. C.? Such ignorance! A B. M. 0. C. is well, he is a er ah a Big Man On Campus! He does not, except in the most exaggerated cases, allude to " My Public " ; nevertheless, the thought that he is pointed out to Fresh- man and visitors is constantly in the back- ground of his consciousness. He knows that his presence is marked by whispers of awe, murmurs of admiration, etc., and their jealousy is music to his ears and perfume to his nostrils. (Continued on Page 484.) Page 482 A D V E R T I S E M E N T S FOR YOUR HOME Michigan grown plants from a Nationally Known Nursery For 81 years I. E. ILGENFRITZ ' SONS CO. have been producing fruit trees and orna- mentals for American homes and orchards Their 81 years of Successful enter- prise attest to the quality of their plants and Service. New Descriptive Catalog mailed on request. The Monroe Nursery I. E. ILGENFRITZ ' SONS CO. MONROE, MICHIGAN Telephone 14 TREES Page 483 PLANTS ADVERTISEMENTS Convince Yourself of The Growing Popularity of Champion Cigars Try A Quarters Worth The Hemmeter Cigar Co. Detroit Bay City Michigan B. M. O. C. (Continued) There are three species of the Genus B. M. O. C. First comes the Athlete, poor victim of circumstance, plaything of a temperamental public, recipient of cheers and jeers. Next comes the Publications man. He strives long years unknown, and, if he survives the battle for existence, his rewards are great and his duties numerous. Last, but in no sense least, we have the Politician. Great indeed is he. With a hearty grip and a cheerful smile for all he sails across the diag. Life for him is one constant salutation. On the surface, he is big, bluff, and hearty, but ah, big things are done in the dark! In classes he is the man who knows the Prof. by his first name, and asks important sounding questions. He seldom appears in his seat, and almost never does any work, depending on sheer bluff to drag him through and it must be confessed that the method works in most cases. He can be found in all the well-known courses, such as Hygiene, Philosophy, Geog- raphy, Roman Band Instruments, and Ceme- tary Design. In the early fall and late January, he can be found furiously perusing the cata- logue for easy sounding courses at the right hours regardless of content or value. FAIR HARVARD His opinion is eagerly consulted by younger generations on all the major topics, both on Campus, and in the great world. Groups gather to listen to the pearly drops of wisdom dropping from his mouth. He knows the inside workings of all the movements and occurrences on Campus. With a mysterious air, he tells his fraternity brothers about the ne xt Ban, and unburdens himself about what So and So on the faculty or administration told him. He comes in with a troubled look on his majestic countenance, and when asked, How Come?, he tells the boys to watch the Daily for the next days, as Events are happen- ing. (Continued on page 486.) Page 484 ADVERTISEMENTS Now Stores the fifth store just opened on Grand River opp. Joy Rd. -in a notable expansion program designed to carry to the people everywhere in the great- er metropolitan area, the service offered by DETROIT ' S LARGEST CLOTHIERS IN DETROIT: Woodward Avenue at State Street Woodward Avenue at Boulevard E. Jefferson at Eastlawn Avenue Grand River opposite Joy Road IN PONTIAC: Saginaw Street at the Courthouse on Page ADVERTISEMENTS TRAVEL VIA THE ANN ARBOR RAILROAD Special trains for all Vacation and Holiday student travel. We thank you for past favors and respectfully solicit your patronage. H. A. MILLS Commercial Agent, ANN ARBOR, MICH. Extra Deep Drawing SHEET STEEL FOR AUTOMOBILE PARTS AND SPECIAL STAMPINGS Michigan Steel Corporation MILL AND GENERAL OFFICE Ecorse, Detroit, Michigan B. M. O. C. (Continued) If one were to select a keynote for this type it would be Dignity. He knows that he is good and feels that it ill becomes anyone in such an important position as he to act in any but the most dignified manner. One can- not help but be impressed as one beholds him striding from one important conference to another. He is a member of Organizations ranging from the simple club to majestic Honorary Society. The latter is the keynote to his bigness. With bated breath, he waits for the announcement of his election to these, and upon becoming a member his conceit becomes almost overpowering and he feels that life can hold nothing more for him. Now, he is really a Man of Affairs. (Continued on page 488.) Page 486 A D V E R T I S E M E X T Henrg C.Lijf ton 8 Sons Broadway and Fifth Gary Marion and Lake Oak Park Orrington and Church Evanston State and Jackson Chicago The New, 6 Times Enlarged LYTTON COLLEGE SHOP The Style Center for College Men THE POPULARITY of this famous Shop has increased almost as decisively as it has expanded. For here are presented first in complete assortment the authentic style ideas in everything to wear for undergrads and younger alumni. And equally important are the economies made pos- sible by our tremendous buying power. SUITS OVERCOATS HATS , SHOES , SHIRTS HOSE NECKWEAR LEATHER COATS Page 487 ADVERTISEMENTS MRS. MURPHY, Mgr. ANN ARBOR ' S FINEST PLACE OF REFRESHMENTS UNDER MICHIGAN THEATRE SIGN CHOCOLATES REFRESHMENTS FORT DEABORN FUEL CO. your school " The Pride of the Big 10 " Heated with our " Pride of Kentucky " Coal Norfolk, Va. Cincinnati, Ohio Charleston, W. Va. Tazewell, Va. B. M. O. C. (Continued) The average run of this type can be easily discerned by the amount of jewelry he wears. Some are said to have so many pins, pendants, badges, rings, etc., that they find themselves under the necessity of arising early in the morning to sort over the apparel for the day. They are the delight of the college jewelers who derive a profitable trade from the desire of these people to be set apart from the crowd by outward display. One of our worthy pre- decessors has said that the amount of brass a B. M. O. C. is entitled to wear varies in direct proportion to the amount of that element in his makeup, but we ourselves feel too great an admiration for the creature to believe this and merely offer it for your consideration. (Continued on page 490.) Page 488 ADVERTISEMENTS THE ART GALLERY OF FURNITURE E EDMUND-CLARK CO. takes immediate rank with the world ' s finest furniture stores. It is the most J beautiful store of its kind in America. Oddments and suites to be seen here, represent the highest expression of the art of furniture design and craftsmanship. A complete Interior Decorating department is at your service. Pictured above is a corner of one of our many display rooms, revealing the unusual character of occasional pieces shown here. Visitors are welcome at all times. INTERIOR DECORATORS SPECIAL RUGS AND DRAPERIES Open Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings EDMUND CLARK COMPANY 1745 EAST GRAXD BOULEVARD One Block from Packard near Mt. Elliott DETROIT Pagf 489 ADVERTISEMENTS University of Michigan Hospital - Library Building - Store House Medical Building and Engineering Labratory equipped with HAUGHTON ELEVATORS MADE IN TOLEDO BASIC TO ALL INDUSTRIES USING METAL Metal universal servitor to mankind, is King at MSR. For well over a quarter century our every effort has been turned toward the perfection of methods in the alloying of metals and the development of processes for the better utilization of metals. Our reputation as " The House of Standards " indicates the unvarying success of our endeavors. SMELTING REFINING COMPANY Detroit, Michigan New York Chicago Philadelphia Pittsburgh Buffalo Cleveland San Francisco Los Angeles Brass, Bronze and Special Alloy Ingots Manganese Bronze Phosphor Bronze Brass Forgings Die Cast- ings Solders Babbitt Metals Copper Tin Lead Zinc Aluminum. B. M. O. C. (Continued) Not all of the thoughts and words about these men are in praise. In fact there is probably no branch of the human race that comes in for more criticism, and it is only the consciousness of his position that saves the B. M. O. C. from embarrassment. No man can become great in however small a sphere without arousing criticism principally from his unsuccessful competitors and the B. M. O. C. consoles himself with the old saying that a few enemies are a splendid thing. These men are the Leaders. It seems to be a maxim that to the workers goes the work. Whenever drives are started it is the B. M. 0. C. who leads them. When committees are selected he is the Chairman. Once elected to a campus office, he becomes a perpetual (Continued on page 492.) Page 490 ADVERTISEMENTS II " The Mantle of the Old Pontchartrain " Larger Rooms and Luxury that is Home-like [A traveller recently said of the new Detroit- Leland hotel: " It inherits the mantle of the Old Pontchartrain. ' ' ' ' With the passing of the old Pont- And then delightfully larger rooms chartrain, something went out of the life of Detroit and something from the welcome of travellers to this city. The generous magnificence of this great hotel 3 ' ielded to the pressure of high property values. And succeeding hotel architecture went to the other extreme, whittling guest-rooms down to hall-room size. The new Detroit-Leland went boldly back to the spirit that built the Pont- chartrain. The invitation which the architect has blended in these broad avenues of marble, these rich, deep promenades, these graceful stairs and approaches convening on the lobby, is well met by the inner spirit of hos- pitality and experienced skill in your service. homelike, quiet and beautifully fur- nished and larger, lighter, all outside sample rooms for snowing goods under natural light. So it is fitting that Wm. J. Chittenden, Jr., extends to you, here, the same old time hospitality over which he pre- sided as manager of the beloved Pont- chartrain. " The Most Beautiful Lobby in Detroit " 700 Large Rooms with Bath are priced from $3.00 to $5.00 DETROIT - LELAND - HOTEL Bagley at Cass, Detroit, Michigan (a few steps from the Michigan Theater) WM. J. CHITTEXDEX, JR., Manager DETR01T-LELAND HOTEL, DETROIT, MICH. C f- " V MANSFIELD-LELAND, MANSFIELD, OHIO HOTEL OLDS, LANSING, MICH. LAKE LURE INN, CHIMNEY ROCK, N. C. THE SEDGEPIELD INN, 8EDGEFIELD, N. C. Page 491 ADVERTISEMENTS YOUR LAUNDRY guards your family health To quote the opinion of Dr. Ira S. Wile, writing in the Medical News: " In the usual washing process, exposure to heat and the usual washing agents, along with mechanical agitation, destroys the hardiest of bacteria laundering appears to be an efficient hygienic method of pro- moting cleanliness without dan- ger to patrons. " It gives you a comfortable feeling of security to know that everything sent to us is returned sterilized germ-free as well as faultlessly clean. Weller Laundry Co. Detroit Cadillac 5169-70 INTERIOR VIEW OP DINING ROOM LAW CLUB BUILT FOR THE AGES A fitting display of perfect stone erection by David S. Beveridge DETROIT, MICHIGAN AMERICAN-MARSH PUMPS SIMPLEX DUPLEX CENTRIFUGAL The result of over 40 years of experience in the manu- facture of high class pumping machinery, over 200,000 in actual operation. See the Boiler Feed installation in the new University Power Plant. Ask for Bulletins American Steam Pump Company Battle Creek, Michigan B. M. O. C. (Continued) candidate. He serves on discipline commit- tees. When Student Opinion is sought by whatever body or person it is he who is con- sulted. Should he be the type that engages in such social outburst as our University allows us, he becomes the rushing point of the particular sorority he favors with his presence. During the hectic days of fraternity parties, he is the recipient of bids to all to whom he can be of possible service or wherein he has political or society friends. He is invited to numerous dinners, whereat he is treated with exaggerated courtesy, and such invitations have generally more behind them than appears on the surface. If he is a fraternity man, and it is a rare exception when he is not, he is a big factor in rushing. He is placed next to a good prospect at the table and pointed out to the rushees as an example of what men in their house have done. Visitors to the house are brought up and introduced to him as being part of the show. He is generally dressed with exaggerated careful-carelessness. He is known by his first name at the clothiers. He can be seen standing in front of almost any building on the campus, or at some of the more prominent stores on State Street either talking over affairs with some one or waiting to be recog- nized. by the passerby. Of course, he is uncon- (Continued on page 494.) Page 492 A D V E I S E M 15 N T 8 w w w v v N the occasion of your ma- triculation in the great academy of individual careers we join with your many friends to voice sincere congratulations on your attainment of such promising beginnings ... At the same time want to express a brief word of appreciation of your frequent use of Hudson services . . . As you go out into your respective labors we want to remind you that wherever you are our facilities will always be at your command, and that we con- sider it a privilege to serve you. The J. L. HUDSON CO. DETROIT Page 493 The C. A. Sauer Co, ADVERTISEMENTS LUMBER and Mill Work QUALITY AND SERVICE PHONE 6214 Imported toilet items that are different The Quarry ' DRUG AND PRESCRIPTION STORE Corner North University and South State G. CLAUDE DRAKE, Proprietor Phone 7611 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Surgical Supplies Camp Belts Known to the Surgical World as THE QUARRY SURGICAL HOUSE Tinker C Co CLOTHIERS FURNISHERS AND HATTERS 342 So. State Street Ann Arbor Michigan B. M. O. C. (Continued) scious of the glances directed his way, and generous in recognizing the lesser lights of his acquaintance. The great majority are under the impression that the world could not possibly exist with- out them; that women on the campus would be flattered to death to go out with them. They are very busy indeed and it is almost too much to expect a man to carry such tremen- dous burdens and still keep up his schoolwork. A group of these men assisted Prof. " Bob " Angell to write hi s latest book. Another group are consulted by President Little on important problems such as the Auto Ban, Fraternity Parties, Dormitories, Liquor, and other affairs of vital importance. They write letters to the Daily though it must be said in their defense that many others also are guilty of belonging to " Vox-Pop " . (Continued on page 496.) Page 494 v T ADVERTISEMENTS H 010 GRPHS Specializing in the finest portraits and giving unequalled service. Negatives always kept on file, so that you may secure additional pictures at any time. 334 South State Street fJhntngrapljrr ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN Page 495 ADVERTISEMENTS HAYDEN VAN ATTER c COMPANY INVESTMENT BONDS CHICAGO DETROIT GRAND RAPIDS B. M. O. C. (Continued) Perhaps we have been too harsh with the B. M. O. C. While it can be said in full truth that he is over-dignified, over-conceited, and filled with a false sense of his own importance and with a most exaggerated sense of false values, nevertheless there are many things that can and should be said in his defense. Beneath the exterior of bluff and pride lies, we believe, something greater. Perhaps these men are not more able than many of their classmates. Nevertheless it is they who have exerted their ability, it is they who have done the work and in most cases, they reach their goals only with hard work and sacrifice which is overlooked by the typical observer. In some measure they are entitled to the glory, however cheap it may be, which is theirs. And beneath it all lies, we believe, a greater, finer love for their Alma Mater than in those who never try. At least those who have not achieved the right to be called a B. M. 0. C. may console themselves with thoughts of the fate that awaits such men when they finally graduate and are thrown upon the hard cruel world. Then indeed will their Dignity and Pride crumble into the dust. But they have the consolation of remembering that they have once proven themselves in the environment they were in, and, although they take the harder knocks when they face the so-called realities of the outside world, they are hard to keep down. So let us be tolerant and gaze at them with concealed amusement. Let them go their way in peace and be not the first to heave the brick. ADVERTISEMENTS Photographers to Michigan ' s most discriminating for 39 years Established 1890 Your Negatives forever are kept on file for your convenience Studio 319 E. Huron Ann Arbor ADVERTISEMENTS More than 100,000 A-B Gas Ranges were manufactured and sold by the A-B Stove Company in 1927. It is a record which indisputably establishes their leadership. A-B Gas Ranges Are the Product of A Plant Devoted Exclusively To The Manufacture of Gas Ranges A-B STOVE COMPANY BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN THE FRATERNITY MAN THE FRATERNITY MAN AT PLAY Page 408 ADVERTISEMENTS When We Opened Our Ann Arbor Store TT was with the determination to make it a - - source of supply for the student body in ob- taining clothes of strictly dependable quality, styled to meet the exacting demands of the college man. 73 D UNIVERSITY clothes reflect every new - product of the world ' s best looms and the stylist ' s art. 3000 fresh, clean, new and modern garments emanate from our great Cincin- nati plant each week- -we give you the modes of the moment, always. I T 7E have but one price $25. If a second pair of trousers is desired these are $6. Paying less means inviting dissatisfaction paying more is not necessary. R B University clothes are good clothes when you buy them and stay good as long as you have them. 214 South Main Street, Ann Arbor ADVERTISEMENTS FIRST IN MICHIGAN THE " MICHIGAN " plant was the first Electrotype Foundry established in Michigan and today it is first in production, facilities and quality! Call us when you want good, clear printing. Electrotypers Lead Molds Stereotypes Newspaper Mats Wax Engravings Cadillac 5272 MICHIGAN ELECTROTYPE STEREOTYPE COMPANY Fort at First Detroit Rinshed-Gagnier Paint Company Jobbers of PAINTS VARNISHES STAINS BRUSHES LADDERS PAINTERS SUPPLEIS, ETC. Detroit Michigan THE FRATERNITY MAN Only in American Colleges and Universities can be found the weird speciman of humanity called the Fraternity Man. Outbreakings of this tendency have been observed in other countries but only of a temporary sort and never as contagious as here. The fraternity system was started by a bunch of convivial souls over a hundred years ago. Its success was immediate for various reasons and the result is such that there are now over seventy breeds of the species not counting purely local manifestations. Every member of every secret organization styling themselves a fraternity or brotherhood is under several impressions which contain varying degrees of truth depending upon the man and the house. First, he believes his fraternity the best in the country. This is a very admirable belief and since no one has ever devised a fair basis of judgment or is in a position to tell he is probably as near right as the next one. (Continued on page 502) Page 500 ADVERTISEMENTS young From an un-retouched photograph after 585,000 miles! THIS worm and gear were removed from a motor coach operated by the Mesaba Transportation Company of Hibbing, Minn- esota, after 585,000 miles of trouble-free service. The bronze gear shows a little wear; the worm itself, none. They are ready to go back into service and from all indications would go another 585,000 miles. It is excellent proof that worm-drive is sturdy, long-lived, efficient the ideal final drive. THE vTlMKEN -DETROIT AXLE CO., DETROIT, MICH. Page 501 ADVERTISEMENTS ADVANCE PRESENTATIONS HERE ARE IN REALITY FASHION FORECASTS " The Shop of Personal Service " Established 1869 OSWALD A. HERZ Painting and Decorating 112 W. WASHINGTON STREET ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN THE FRATERNITY MAN (Continued) Second, he believes that he has fervent and lasting feelings of friendship for each and everyone of his brothers. This, however, will seldom bear analyzing but is also necessary to the continuance of the system and of that particular unit thereof. Could he but reflect from a point ten years in the future he might perceive that his own brothers might have been good fellows and all that but they were by no means perfect and that there were plenty of good men in other houses. He is generally a Social Hound of the first water or of the Gordon water. He constitutes the chief source of amusement and entertain- ment for the sorority and other girls about campus though the more exclusive about Michigan maintain the outworn tradition against associating with or allowing in their houses, the co-ed. He is under the impression that all women look upon him as something dangerous but attractive and would snap him up if he ever proposed. During the football season he may be seen greeting the returning brothers with effusive welcome and extending them the variety of " secret " grip they employ. True he usually finds himself at a loss for something to say to them after the greeting but he can be heard " brother ing " them all over the place in an attempt to be jovial, etc. He consumes a small quantity of very bad liquor in secret and thinks himself the very devil of a person. He makes mysterious references to trips to Detroit that, should anyone take them seriously, would imply that he was indeed a roue of the dime novel type. College Humor is his Baedecker. Our pri- vate belief is that in its glamorous but wholly unlifelike pages he lives the life that he fancied was the reality. He imagines himself the hero of the romantic happenings upon its pages. (Continued on page 504.) Page 502 ADVERTISEMENTS Olvns THESE pictures mark the most epochal day in the history of Athletic Director Fielding H. Yost. Ohio State again suc- cumbed to Michigan; the great new stadium was dedicated; a quarter of a century of service as football coach was rounded out and greater athletic responsibilities for Michigan were undertaken. Michigan alumni believed there could be no finer token of their appreci ' ation of his great achievements than this beautiful Packard Eight Club Sedan which has become one of the best known automobiles within a radius of many miles from Ann Arbor and one of the most admired. The Man Who Owns One PACKARD MOTOR CAR COMPANY p 503 ADVERTISEMENTS ORGANIZED TRANSPORTATION Let the Detroit, Jackson Chicago Railway interurban cars and the motor coaches of the Highway Motorbus Company Affiliated with the Detroit United Lines serve you between Ann Arbor and Detroit. A frequent rail and motor coach service of especial benefit to Varsity students and their friends and relatives. Interurban cars leave Detroit from the Interurban Building at Bates and Jefferson while the motor coaches leave from Union Bus Terminal. By interurbans there is a special week-end round trip of $1.35 Ann Arbor to Detroit sold Friday, Saturday and Sunday for use going to Detroit and returning Sunday or Monday. The rail also gives a mid-week round trip rate of $1.50 Ann Arbor to Detroit sold Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday good returning on any of the four days. Special cars and special coaches for special parties available at all times. For railway information inquire of E. L. Blankertz, Agent, Ann Arbor, 9411, or iW. S. Rod- ger, General Traffic Manager, Traction Building, Highland Park, Phone Longfellow 2830. For motor coach information inquire of George Dunn, Agent, Ann Arbor, Phone 3589, or P. L. Radcliffe, Manager Transportation Department, Interurban Building, Detroit, Phone Cadillac 7850. THE FRATERNITY MAN (Continued) Upon his manly chest is pinned the badge or emblem of his group and it is safe to say there are as many varieties of these as there are fraternities varying from the simple gold pin whose worth lies in its significance to him alone, to the huge jewelled affair that is intrinsically quite valuable. That is, this pin stays on his chest until a member of the more dangerous sex extracts it from him to add to her collection. In college his group is the little world in which he moves. Often his acquaintance is limited to his own group alone and seldom extends beyond the circle in which his house moves and very rarely does it extend to the independents. He and his house may be active in politics, such as they are, about campus. In that case he is a frequent attendant at political gatherings and if powerful enough they are held in his own house which is affil- iated with others in a more or less loosely knit group styling themselves the " Wash- tenaw Gang " or the " State Street Group " . Then he becomes a handshaker of the first calibre and makes lavish promises in regards to committeeships etc. Between two and four times a year his brothers and he decide, after much debate, to " throw " a dance at the house unless they are so unfortunate as to be in bad favor for some of the last ones at the Dean ' s offices in which case they don ' t have any. Brother Hoople of the social committee hires an or- chestra and has the bids printed and they are all set. His parties are of two kinds. The first is the " open " party at which are all his friends political and social. The second is the " closed " party at which are all his friends, political and social, except that in the latter case they are required to bring their written invitations and present them to the doorman. The party is for him not only a period of A D V I I .S E M K X T S . i 1O La ballc belongs all tKc alluring fascination vKicK spells refreshing freedom from the commonplace. In no car are case ana elegance more highly developed. But the foundation of its excellence is its Cadillac lineage for La Salle is Cadillac designed and built a decisive factor with its owners. Good judgment guides their good taste. t. t Priced from 5f ?5 to $2805, f. o. b. De troit LA SA COMPANION ' CAR TO CADILLAC Page 505 ADVERTISEMENTS Complete Stocks of Junior Apparel For the smart college girl The most youthfully dashing of fur coats, the airiest of chiffon dancing frocks and everything in between for the college girl. The newest in modish accessories hand tailored suits, overcoats and topcoats to please the sophisticated taste of the college man. THE ERNST KERN COMPANY Woodward at Gratiot Detroit, Michigan SMITH, HINCHMAN GRYLLS Detroit, Michigan ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS For The INTRAMURAL SPORTS BUILDING Ferry Field, Ann Arbor Frank C. Teal Company JOBBERS Electrical Supplies Distributors for GENERAL ELECTRIC CO. Edison Mazda Lamps Detroit Michigan festivity at which he behaves himself more or less uproariously but also a very useful method of paying off debts and placing himself in the creditor position. THE CO-ED (as written by a cynic) To the Co-ed, the object of our thoughts, and the bane of our pocketbooks. We wonder what we would do without her as often as we wonder what we can do with her. What toasts have been given to her! (Per- haps some still are.) We pledge her: the one who has caused the auto ban, the closing of (Continued on page 508) Page 506 A D V E R T I S t E M;E N T S Good patterns are assured by skilled craftsmen and modern equipment Modern Foundry Service Every pattern it carefully checked with your blue prinf, and it oc- curacy guaranteed. MODERN business and all its manifold ramifications are built on service. The fitness of an institution to survive and thrive is determined by the quality of its service. The Detroit Gray Iron Foundry Co. main- tains its own pattern shop, and the foundry proper functions day and night to meet the most exacting demands of manufacturers. Our shop is always open to Michigan students who wish to familiarize themselves with modern foundry practice. Drop in whenever you can and stay as long as you like. DETROIT GRAY IRON TOUNDHY COMPANY ADVERTISEMENTS Michigan ' s Machinery and Tool Headquarters METALWORKING MACHINERY WOODWORKING MACHINERY MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT ELECTRIC TOOLS AND MOTORS GRINDING WHEELS STANDARDIZED GEARS TOOLS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION SHOP SUPPLIES MANY KINDS WELDING EQUIPMENT ALUMINUM BRASS COPPER BRONZE BELTING PULLEYS HANGERS BEARINGS AND MANY OTHER ITEMS The CHAS. A. STRELINGER CO. Machinery - Tools - Metals - - Supplies 149 E. LARNED ST. DETROIT " AMERICA ' S LARGEST OFFICE OUTFITTERS " STATIONERY - PRINTING BLANK BOOKS LITHOGRAPHING ENGRAVING LOOSE LEAF DEVICES OFFICE FURNITURE CADILLAC SQUARE DETROIT LANSING Branches FLINT THE CO-ED (Continued) the boulevards, our financial distress, and our probation. We have allowed ourselves to be taken in by the fakes which they employ to raise funds for their League Building, and if they ever get it finished, which is doubtful, a man will be lucky to observe it from the outside. A co-ed could be the only one to invent such a fiendish thing as blind dates. It must be some relic of the Inquisition when a fellow is obliged to take out the " angel ' s " roommate to please the " angel " . What a delight it must be to see a man push an over-stuffed model of blushing girlhood around a dance floor. How disconcerting a co-ed is. How can a fellow expect to keep his mind on a quiz with all of these causes of man ' s downfall around him? Knees are no longer a rumor, but a glaring fact. Bony ones, fat ones, occasionally goodlooking ones, all exposed with the usual antagonizing feminine independence. Many are the times when one spends a sleepless night because some heartless co-ed across the street does not pull down her shade. To you, boon to Grangers, we give our parting salute there is always suicide. THE CO-ED (By an ex-member) (Continued on page 510) Page 50$ Products that grew ZINC. SILVERS Himtxcaens ADVERTISE XiENTS with the Profession was in 1844, just five years after the foundations were laid for the first dental school, the first dental society and the first dental journal, that Samuel S. White, visioning the needs of the profession and the expansion that was to come, founded a manu- factory and a policy " to make the best goods, and to sell them at a not unreasonable profit. " From this modest beginning there grew the present complete plant for the making of dental instruments, materiak and appliances, wherein every article is studied from the view- point of its uses and a premium is placed on intelligence and skill. Rigid, systematic tests and inspection unite to guarantee S. S. White Dental Products as perfect as human skill can make them, while a competent organization together with the co-operation of reputable dental dealers in all parts of the world make possible an efficient service to the profession. Illustrated Catalogs and Pamphlets available on request S.S.White Dental Mfo.Co. " Since 1844 the Slandard " Philadelphia TTw Tmdi Mark is a guarantee of quality NON-fREEZING :- .Si WHUUUU GOLD MATERIALS TOOTH PASTE DENTALCOSMOS Di ' v- ' . EE S Page 509 ADVERTISEMENTS STRUCTURAL STEEL FABRICATION AND ERECTION For more than 25 years we have been furnishing steel for prominent buildings in Detroit and Michigan territory. ASK FOR CONSULTATION Phone Lafayette 2830 ehead roit M.icb es Co 2361 Beecher Avenue THE CO-ED (By an ex-member) Oh, I think that Co-eds are the sweetest things, and such a benefit to the University. If it wasn ' t for their uplifting influence on the campus the college would degrade into a vile men ' s school such as the Engineering college is now. I feel that it is my duty to expose the fact that a few girls here have fallen from the high standard set by the rest. I have heard, although I never saw them, that some Co-eds smoke. I have had quite a struggle to make myself believe it, but it must be so because the knowledge has come from different sources. It is also rumored that some girls pet what- ever that means. I imagine it is a vulgar term for holding hands. But one must realize that in such a large school a few ' black-sheep ' creep in unnoticed. They undoubtedly feel that their presence is unwanted by the presi- (Continued on page 512) THE CO-ED (By an Instructor) Page 5 0 ADVERTISEMENTS ADVERTISEMENTS FINE FURS COST NO MORE AT ZWERDLING ' C TABLISHED I9O4 217 E. LIBERTY ST. " | k FUR SHOPO A Complete Fur Service Since 1904, Including Remodeling, Storage and Repairing Free Insurance and Storage with every Purchase Zwerdling Bldg. Phone 8507 217 E. Liberty Street THE CO-ED (Continued) dent ' s commendable action in forbidding cars, and not allowing them to be exposed to the terrors of the Boulevard. But I have lingered long enough on these sordid details that are probably more of a myth than anything else. To meet the true type of co-ed one should go to the church mixers. There is a crowd of the sweetest girls, unblemished, and with the highest ideals. I think that the University can justly be proud of the co-ed. I wish I could say as much for the men. I hope the time comes (Continued on page 514) Pure Drugs Eastman Kodaks Calkin ' s-Fletcher Drug Co. THREE DEPENDABLE STORES 324 South State Street Corner South State and Packard Corner South University and East University Avenue We have served Michigan and her students for forty years Whitman ' s Candy Delicious Sodas Page 512 ADVERTISEMENTS I For 55 Years The Home Newspaper of Detroit Almost trom its inception The Detroit News has been the home newspaper, distinguished for its clean news, its vigorous expression, its interest in civic and educa- tional affairs and for its sponsorship of worthwhile pub- lic enterprises. And being the HOME newspaper The Detroit News has always endeavored to publish a well rounded, well balanced newspaper. Thus you will find more attention paid to music, books, and art, foreign events and trade in The News than in any other Detroit newspaper. The News is the only evening newspaper in Detroit having the Associated Press franchise, and the only newspaper in Michigan having its own offices in London, Paris, New York and Washington, supplement- ing the joint Detroit News and Chicago Daily News Cable Service with correspondents all over the globe. The Detroit News The HOME newspaper Page 5 3 EAMES BROWN ADVERTISEMENTS Pontiac, Michigan Plumbing, Heating and Ventilating CONTRACTORS on the INTRA-MURAL SPORTS BUILDING and WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC CLUB BUILDING GEORGE B. RUSSEL, ' 95 INSURANCE i DETROIT PENINSULAR PORTLAND CEMENT CEMENT CORPORATION 3O2 Carter Bldg. JACKSON, MICH. THE CO-ED (Continued) soon, as it most probably will, when dancing and card games are forbidden. Then I feel that we all can devote our thoughts to higher ideals. THE CO-ED (By an Instructor.) The bane of my existance. Why is it that these crazy women will come up to an in- structor and gush all over him just to get the proverbial " drag " ? There ought to be a law against it. There are two types of co-eds. One rushes up to the instructor and tells him he is so nice, and she likes him so much, and won ' t he please be lenient with her because she doesn ' t understand the material very well. The other type peers up through her thick lensed glasses and asks questions that no instructor could be expected to answer. There are two types, and they are after the same thing GOOD MARKS. Flunk one and what is the result? A tearful demonstration is worth a " B " to avoid. How can one appear dignified before a class when these " bright bits of humanity " ask questions that would disgrace a six-year-old? My comment is that they are a nuisance. They should be kept at home. The amount of work that they could do at home during that four years would be infinitesimal, but at least the University would be that much better off. Page 514 A D V I I S E M ]-: X T S The A. J. Lang residence, Forest Hill, San Francisco, Calif. 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So strong and virile looking and that sad and melancholic expres- sion is such a mask. My, why is life so futile? They have just been rehearsing and it ' s simply a scream. Notice how they throw their whole heart into the drama, and my, you ' d think they were born for the part. They love their public and slave for them all the time. (Continued on page 518) Page 516 ADVERTISEMENTS JOHN S. HAGGERTY Manufacturer of Stock and Common Brick Phone Office, Cadillac 9467 1815 DIME SAVINGS BANK BUILDING DETROIT MICHIGAN ADVERTISEMENTS POWELL COMPANY ALBION " REALTORS ' ANN ARBOR YPSILANTI SUBURBAN PROPERTY STOCKS BONDS INSURANCE THE COLLEGE STORE down town offer ' s Rochester New York Clothing Fashion Park Charter House Levy Bros, and Adler-Rochester KNOX HATS MANHATTAN SHIRTS INTERWOVEN HOSE, Etc. Correct attention to your wardrobe cannot be better chosen than here and easy on your purse. J. F. WUERTH CO. ALBERT FIEGEL, Prop. Next to Wuerth Theater THE DRAMATIST (Continued) They make the audience simply thrill all the time and just seem to tear us apart when they are so sad. But they are not sad all the time. They have the merriest old time. So jolly and rough. Anyone of them could make the football team if he wanted to. Really now, that ' s true. They are all awfully prominent on campus, and we used to see them strolling down the boulevard, always artful, always acting. Oh yes, that cute little boy with the dark curly hair. Hasn ' t he the cutest smile? And such beautiful hair. They say he makes a wonderful girl. So thrilling, so graceful, and his hands are formed nearly perfectly. Isn ' t it wonderful when he looks at you and smiles? Don ' t you feel all funny and go all over goose pimples? He ' s very shy and modest, but look out; sometimes he ' s a bad, bad man and very dangerous. When he plays the piano the girls adore him, almost ravish him. Such a precious boy. (Continued on page 520) 5 ' S l ADVERTISEMENTS TELEPHONE WHITTIER 4125 Barnes - Gibson - Raymond INCORPORATED Manufacturers SPRINGS Flat and Wire 6400 Miller Avenue Detroit, Mich. Page 5 ' 9 ADVERTISEMENTS GIFT SHOP TEA ROOM UNIQUE FOWLER ' S 229 So. State SUNDAY DINNER PARTIES BY RESERVATION JOHN W. MASURY SON for permanence in PAINTS, VARNISHES AND LACQUERS Distributed by American Paint Glass Company 445.449 West Fort Street Detroit Michigan APPEARANCE WEARING QUALITIES REAL SERVICE are three great advantages enjoyed by every wearer of the " Famous Kalamazoo " UNIFORMS and " Superior Quality " Caps Made for Bands, Cadets, all Military Officers, etc. Separate Catalogs and fine Cloth Samples await your request. We make all the Uniforms and Capes for the University of Michigan Band and Nurses. THE HENDERSON-AMES CO. KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN THE DRAMATIST (Continued) Do you see that fair young man over there with the blond wavy hair? You should see him act. What poise; what grace, how lithe and ravishing. Notice how he holds his cigarette so deftly between his outstretched fingers and keeps his other hand so artistically on his hip. Beautiful hip, too. Oh, he ' s simply marvelous. And they all love their work. My yes, how they work, and they would gladly give their very soul for the drama. Isn ' t this beautiful sentiment? To give one ' s life; one ' s all, for art. No wonder we seem dull and commonplace to them. And you know, several years ago, there was a boy who was more appealing than anyone has ever been. Simply perfect. His skin was smooth and fine, for he used a different kind of perfume for every month. One ' s skin changes so, you know, and it must be kept smooth and delicate. It must be terrible to look over those bright lights all the time, and the strain is unbearable. Such shining black hair, so lustrous, and of course you ' ve noticed his trousers. What? Well, they just seemed to be made on him. 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More than THIRTY YEARS ' successful ex- perience producing loose-leaf forms and systems and bound record books for the banker, manu- facturer, merchant, public official, and school man. WRITE US Doubleday Brothers and Company Kalamazoo, Mich. WE KEEP THE NEGATIVES OF ALL OUR PICTURES Official Photographer to the Michiganensian Francisco Boyce 719 N. University THE DRAMATIST (Continued) And you couldn ' t forget that bold bad bandit last fall, I ' m sure. Well sir, he wasn ' t bad at all. So sweet and kind and gentle. Always thinking of other people, and contin- ually trying to be nice to us. Perhaps bold and courageous at times, but that ' s just like all great dramatists, and so overpowering. Did you see that exquisite girl tremble all over when he looked at her? It ' s all so wonder- ful. Oh my, yes; he speaks English. That ' s just accent he uses in his art. He can use a French accent too, and so can they all. Just perfect. Isn ' t he nonchalant and polished? The Co-ed ' s worship him. They must, for he has so much appeal. You can often see him with that little short man with the drooping black mustache. Yes, the one with his hat turned down all around. He does that because people always stare at him so strangely, and you know how modest and retiring he is. Well, he ' s just the opposite on the stage. The villain you know. The heartless cur who wrecks the lives of nice women, carries off their children, and even says bad words. Can you imagine that? Of course you can ' t. It must certainly eat out his heart to do such horrible things all the time when he is naturally such a nice boy. He talks so loud and harsh that all the little girls are frightened to death and want to run away and hide. Then he goes off the stage and laughs because he is such a devil. Isn ' t it thrilling? So deceptive and everything. Goodness, did you hear him (Continued on page 524.) 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You see if he doesn ' t apologize to that distinguished looking man after the perform- ance. There now. Here comes the Art Critic. Isn ' t he swell looking? He is also a dramatist in the very highest sense of the word. He knows all about the Drama; love, mysteries, and ghosts, and he writes in the newspapers just what is wrong with every show. He has to know all about art, but if you ask him how much he knows you will find him very modest. (Continued on page 526) Page 524. ADVERTISEMENTS You Can Say It with a Photograph cr 619 E. Liberty Street Ann Arbor, Michigan Page 525 ADVERTISEMENTS Sam C. Andres Sanitary and Heating Engineer COMPLETE EQUIPMENT IN PLUMBING, VENTILATING AND STEAM FITTING SUPPLIES KOHLERopKOHLER 215 E. Huron Phone 7102 KOHLER ELECTRIC SINK Does your Dish Wash- ing Rinsing and Drying THE DRAMATIST (Continued) His criticisms are always so accurate and pointed that even the actors are afraid of him. Really they are, because if he tells us they are bad, we naturally believe him because he knows so very much about the drama. Would you not like to know him real well? He could tell you lots and lots of things, and his voice just seems to grip you. People listen to him by the hour, and he almost has to beg them to leave him. One reason why he is so good is because he writes dramas and plays himself. Of course nobody dares to criticize them be- cause they too, know that he must be perfect. Who is he talking to? Why that ' s the soft- spoken cowboy who always looks so hard and devilish, but his soft Southern drawl allures women from far and near. When he gets out his gun he has a steely glint in his eye, and the bad man just knows he will shoot. Sometimes he plays the part of the smooth scheming rascal who steals money from rich innocent people. Not real money of course, for they have stage money in Dramas. And what a fooler he is. When he is off the stage he doesn ' t talk that way, and he lives way up North. Now you ' d have sworn he was a true Texan. In the Opera he is a girl and dances wonderfully. And after the show the girls crowd the stage door just to see him. But he yawns ; he is tired of all that and says he would give anything to be like us again. That ' s just like those artists. Ah, life is futile indeed. (Continued on page 528.) Page 526 ADVERTISEMENTS tt SERVICE IS THE BASIS OF LASTING FRIENDSHIPS. THIS BANK WANTS TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS EVERY DAY, AND KEEP THEM BY RENDERING EVERY POSSIBLE FINANCIAL SERVICE WITHIN ITS POWER. Ann Arbor Savings Bank 101 N. Main Street 707 N. University Street Pate 527 ADVERTISEMENTS The Pommerening Land Co, FARM SPECIALISTS Dealing exclusively in the sale of Selected Farms in Southeastern Michigan When contemplating the purchase of a farm, we would appreciate a call at our office. Our continual contact for ten years, with purchasers and sellers, together with a constant study of Farm Land values, places us in a position to render you the best of service. 601-604 First National Bank Bldg. Ann Arbor, Michigan THE DRAMATIST (Continued) And so those who have been chosen to lead an artists ' life must overlook the shortcom- ings of the mob, and hope that someday we shall learn to understand you better. We gaze at you with wonder and awe in our eyes, never understanding, yet always trying, and we give you this toast, that you forever live in the eyes of the world, as you live in the eyes of your public. THE SENIOR Page ADVERTISEMENTS BENNIE OOSTERBAAX CAPTAIN OF MICHIGAN VARSITY FOOT- BALL TEAM AND ALL-AMERICAN FOR THREE YEARS My Bradley sweater is truly an All-American. No wonder athletes pre- fer them. ' Michigan ' s Wonder Athlete Recommends Bradley Bradley Knitting Co. Delavan, Wisconsin Page 529 ADVERTISEMENTS COMPLIMENTS of the Diamond Crystal Salt Company ST. CLAIR, MICHIGAN A SENIOR Swinging down the diagonal, the seniors pushed all aside as they hurried along at 10 :05 for a ten o ' clock. A little Frosh who was pushed off the sidewalk turned around and gazed at them, his admiring eyes large and shining as he muttered, " Gosh someday I ' ll be like that maybe. Some day I ' ll own the campus and go hurrying to my class at 10:05. No eight o ' clocks. In the little freshman ' s eyes, they were to be worshipped their suits all the same pattern, their hats the same shade, the perfect break in their trousers and masters of all they sur- veyed. Four years did this gave them the air of sophistication but what else? Just wander along the campus and as soon as you see the girl approach who lacks all individual- ism, wearing a small hat, her clothes of a certain color and style, a mincing walk, a little curl peeping from her hat when you see a custom made girl, just make a mental note of the fact that she is a senior. Clothes and clothes only are a senior ' s god. I was hurrying to the library when I heard some students exclaim in surprise, " Who is that strange individual? Ah, just another senior. That ' s the way they look four years of sophistication mingled with an air of bewilderment. The senior wandered back and forth near the engineering arch searching frantically. " Do you suppose that he can really be looking for the senior benches? " The senior muttered, " How is it possible for an individual to repose and bask in the sun while observing underlings passing by? I wish to give my judgment on the passers- by and with nothing to sit upon, how is it possible for me to give my wordly ideas. Ah me! " (Continued on page 532.) Page 530 ADVERTISEMENTS BERRYLOID THE HIGH LUSTER LACQUER FOR MOTOR CARS AND AIRPLANES ny some cars always look new Durable beauty is the rare quality that distinguishes Berryloid. It won ' t rub off 1 . 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Roller skates, roller skates, ah, automobiles, noise, bans, noise, noise, disturbed slumbers the idea is materializing. Why just a year ago, I blush extempore to think of it. I was a childish thing careening down the diagonal carrying benches. How below me! How time, knowledge and experience changes one. How one forgets those little things of ones ' extreme youth. Here freshy, come help me. I am fatigued with my toil. But one must pay for one ' s wisdom of all things. " Another worthy sat down beside him on the steps of the economics building. They smoked in silence for a minute half formed smoke rings emerging from their mouths and then uniting in a cloud. Finally the worthy senior turned to the tired one and said, " Well, the struggle has been worth while. At last I know that we alone are important. There are no others before us. Who was it that said " Let there be no others before us? " " Caesar. " " Yes, the rest shall be easy. I shall revolu- tionize the realm of business. Think of all the classes that I have exhausted in trade, economics and accounting. With my knowl- edge I can beat Ford and Rockefeller at their own games and rather dominate the situation, don ' t you think? Business wizards, bah! In business they are mere children. Personal gods, love and even sentiment is nothing, for there is nothing but me. I have at last succeeded in shaking the cobwebs of middle- age tradition from me. (Continued on page 534) P " g ' 532 ADVERTISEMENTS II " and What It Offers You Investment Banking today is on the threshold of develop ' ments important to every man connected with this pn fession. The constantly increasing demands made upon investment bankers, the growth of public knowledge of securities and the necessity of formulating new plans to meet ever ' changing conditions have combined to open up a field of unique and profitable opportunities. 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ANGELL HALL The ENGINEERING BUILDING The NEW HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATION BUILDING The MEDICAL BUILDING The CLEMENTS LIBRARY (Granite Ap- proach) The WATERMAN GYMNASIUM (Extension) The POWER HOUSE (Extension) The Stever-Hubbard Co. Stone Setting Contractors 6553 Woodward Ave. Detroit TWELVE YEARS OF SUCCESS FINISHED Four and three-quarter Million Dollars Paid in Claims The Citizens ' Mutual Automobile Insurance Company of Howell, Michigan leads in the number of cars insured in the state. It is estimated that 80% of the automobile in- surance in Michigan is written by Michigan companies. It is to the advantage of the automobile owner to insure with a Michigan company that has branch offices, agents and adjusters in every county of the state. The rates of the company are based on cost plus safety. The assets have increased each year and are now over $900,000. If not insured, it will pay you to see the local agent or write to The Citizens ' Mutual Auto Insurance Co. Howell, Michigan A SENIOR (Continued) Thus they mused on each in his own sphere, aspiring to sever themselves from all connec- tions yet slaves to modes of dress. I went on after hearing my noble senior conversing with nothing about nothing. Turn- ing the corner at the candy booth, I stopped short. Coming slowly towards me were a girl and a fellow bedecked with pins and medals, walking along indifferently bearing down heavily on canes. Seniors soon to face t he battle of life. THE UNIVERSITY COP THE UNIVERSITY COP " Vengeance is mine! " is the battle-cry of that worthy individual of the heavy hand and hawk-like eye the university cop, no less. Our cop, our very own cop! How many stu- dent bodies can make that glorious statement? And of those who can, how many can lay claim to such a cop as ours: the paragon of paragons, the ne plus ultra of all John Laws? I wouldn ' t fool you good people, we are the one and only in this respect. Just think what an awe inspiring sight he is mounted on his trusty motorcycle, sitting his steed like a (Continued on page 536) Page 534 A D V I I S E M E X T S Yost Field House Intramural Sports Building Women ' s Athletic Building - - Stadium BUILT OF STERLING FACE BRICK Sterling Brick Company DETROIT, MICHIGAN 5401-31 Wabash At Kirby 11841 Kercheval Ave. At D.T. Ry. Page 535 ADVERTISEMENTS The Dental Equipment that has set a standard What You Should Know Before Investing In Dental Equipment T HE many new and desirable features possessed by the first Harvard chair, fashioned more than forty years ago, set a standard that other manufacturers had to conform to. Since that time The Harvard Company has been a leader in the dental equipment field. Not only has Harvard set a standard for design but it has set a standard for quality that other manufacturers have never been able to meet at the price of Harvard Equipment. The dentist who is given the unrestricted privilege to carefully compare the design, efficiency, quality, beauty and price of Harvard Equipment with that of any other make will quickly understand why it is the choice of so many leading members of the profession and why it is sold by inviting comparison rather than by high pressure efforts. The HARVARD Co. Canton, Ohio Manufacturers of Dental Chairs, Cabinets, Units, Engines and Other Dental Equipment. Have Outfitted Winning Teams and Individuals in All Lines of Sport Since 1875 1233 Griswold Street Detroit THE UNIVERSITY COP (Continued) centaur, he steams majestically up State street. He ' s just too wonderful! He ' s well swell isn ' t the word but it ' ll do. And do we appreciate him? What a ques- tion! I recall one incident that serves very well to illustrate our ardent admiration. It seems that one night our cop was proceeding down the street when what should he see but two lights approaching him at a rapid rate. Wishing to discourage motorcyclists from rid- ing so close together, he drew in his ears and with unerring accuracy, rode right between them. You can imagine his embarrassment when he discovered that the two lights were not motorcycles at all but an automobile. Student bystanders, quick to appreciate the spirit of his deed, enthusiastically applauded in order to save his feelings from being hurt but they were not quite quick enough to save (Continued on page 538) ADVERTISEMENTS 4-DO OR ESSEX SEDAN S 795 Essex Values Accumulate In the New Essex Super-Six you get the finest performance, comfort, beauty and reliability Essex ever offered far excelling its predecessor which outsold any " Six " at or near the price by an overwhelming margin. But, currently with the development of this finer car, have been built important supporting values in the great and permanent organization which distributes and services your Essex car. Coupe $745 ( ' Humble Seat $30 extra) Coach 735 o. b. Detroit, plus uar excise tax Back of this Essex you buy, stands one of the oldest and strongest automobile manufacturers, whose 19 years of con- stant growth reflect its alert leadership; and a dealer organiza- tion whose pride it is to make Essex service as outstanding as the value of the car itself. HUDSON MOTOR CAR COMPANY, DETROIT, MICH. SUPER sux Pag ' 537 ADVERTISEMENTS SOFT-LITE LENSES cut down glare. PUNKTALS give you a wider angle of vision. NOKROME color-free, invisible bifocals provide these players with comfortable keen vision. Wolverine Optical Company Grand Rapids Detroit Battle Creek The Fraternal Headquarters of Detroit Webster Hall is the meeting place of the leading fraternities of Detroit. About it an atmosphere which is a delightful combination of clubiness and hominess. It boasts of athletic facilities which include swimming pool, gymnasium, exercise rooms. Rates $11.00 per week up WEBSTER HALL Cass Avenue at Putnam Detroit THE UNIVERSITY COP (Continued) him from other injuries. The offending driver was just about to be lynched for his dastardly action when it was discovered that he was a member of the faculty who had just recently graduated from the student body and of course couldn ' t be held responsible for his lack of ability in driving an automobile. While recovering at the hospital, our cop received more expressions of sympathy than all the rest of the occupants together. The students went to every extreme to procure exotic expressions of regard for their injured idol and it is said that even bouquets of that rare flower, the orchid stink- weed were sent. This is only one instance of the regard in which the students hold their cop and I am sure that if another opportunity were given, they would respond even more nobly. The students became so attached to the idea of a cop for their very own that while the cop who was injured was recovering in (Continued on page 540.) 53S ADVERTISEMENTS WELCOME To The Theatres of Ann Arbor " All the world ' s a stage, " said Shakespeare. Just the same, when we want entertainment we prefer to forget the world and go to a theatre. The theatre contributes to the joy of living. The mind cannot cling to business or other worries when it comes into contact with a good show. Keep your face with sunshine lit, Laugh a little bit. Gloomy shadows oft will flit, If you have the wit and grit Just to laugh a little bit. Michigan Majestic Wuerth Arcade Orpheum Frame your mind to mirth and merriment, which bars a thousand harms, and lengthens life. W. S. BUTTERFIELD THEATRES, INC. Page 539 ADVERTISEMENTS SERVE honestly and well the same desire which won for the early craftsmen world-wide recognition is today the impelling force behind the growth and success of a great newspaper. Accuracy, truth, wholesomeness these The Free Press considers of paramount importance. strait ' ' ff ichigan ' s Greatest Newspaper Kenneth Anderson Company Distributors of Homestead and Powell Valves Genuine Iron and Steel Pipe Jarecki Manufacturing Company ' s Valves and Fittings Packing, Hose, Rubber Goods and Engineers ' Supplies 121-133 East Atwater Street Detroit, Michigan Telephones Rand. 5498 and 5499 THE UNIVERSITY COP (Continued) the hospital, they insisted on having another cop to take his place. When the demand became so great that it could no longer be ignored, the university finally appointed an- other cop of such fine up-standing character that the students came to love and appreciate him as much as they did the first. Not only do we appreciate this cop, but, what is better, he appreciates us. He feels it his duty to make friends with the student body and I have often seen him go entirely out of his way in order to speak to a student friend going by in an automobile. He will even wait outside sorority houses for friends who are inside seeing their girls and then speak to them when they come out to take a ride in their cars. Besides all this, he pays especial attention to those students who are permitted to drive. He tells them the best way to come into town, picks out parking places for their cars, and sees that no one prevents them from (Continued on page 542.) Page S40 ADVERTISEMENTS The Greening Landscape Co. Architects and Designers A Complete Service from Design to Finished Job WRITE FOR DETAILED INFORMATION Associated with The Greening Nursery Company Growers and Distributors of TREES SHRUBS PERENNIALS HARDY VINES EVERGREENS HEDGE PLANTS BULBS ROOTS FRUITS BERRIES Catalogue Upon Request Born 1850 MONROE, MICHIGAN Still Growing 541 ADVERTISEMENTS WE ARE THE ORIGINATORS and for thirty years have retained the secret of the Famous Drum-Head Mount For University Diplomas The only SURE method of preserving sheep- skin from shrinkage and wrinkles. Place your diploma in our hands (receive an insurance receipt) for mounting, framing and shipping to your address. Mail orders carefully attended to 1308 S. University Av. Ann Arbor Michigan EXCEPTIONAL FRAMING Building Individuality into 1928 Bodies It is part of the job of " MOTORS METAL " to engineer designs into body parts which shall give a definite stamp of individuality to body lines. We are doing this successfully for more than a few of the leaders. Motors Metal Mfg. Co. 5936 Milford Ave. Detroit, Michigan Fenders, Hoods, Radiator Shells, Dust Shields, Running Boards, Running Board Shields, Gasoline Tank and Body Stampings THE UNIVERSITY COP (Continued) parking there. Of course, some of the parking places are so far from the campus that the student might just as well have walked in the first place, yet they are so afraid of hurting his feelings that they park there anyway. He even takes pride in the looks of the students ' cars and hangs beautiful little green tags on them to make them look pretty. Some of the students are so touched by his constant attentions that they are really quite overcome. From the above, it can readily be seen just how popular our cop is. But probably the greatest reason for his popularity lies in the fact that he is our dear President ' s goodwill ambassador to the student body. His sterling qualities alone would make our cop the idol of the student body; and when he is also so close to the president to whom they owe so much, the student ' s just can ' t resist him. The president could not have done better in his choice of a goodwill ambassador: the cop in the position at present could not be improved upon. There is no doubt that Lind- bergh got his idea of flying to Mexico from hear- ing about our cop flying on his motorcycle up State Street and into the hearts of the students. Of course, Lindbergh did rather well in developing the idea but the real credit must go to our cop and President Little. While giving credit where credit is due we must mention that " Dean " Emery is in a large measure responsible for the success of our cop with the students. He, too, is a firm believer in being friends with the students; in fact, it was his idea in the first place. He tries to make even more friends than the cop but he is more particular and tries to meet only the best men on the campus. Our cop goes out and makes friends with a student and then describes him to the Dean. If the Dean likes the description, he sends the lucky student an invitation to visit him. It is a very great thing to be thus honored and also (Continued on page 544) Past 542 ADVERTISEMENTS HOME BUILDING When building, build beautifully. The erection of a structure devoid of beauty is mere building, a trade, not an art. Architecture is an art which harmonizes in a building the requirements of utility and beauty. It is the most useful of the fine arts and noblest of the useful arts. Architecture is an index of civilization, of the age, of the people. If you see beauty in dull, sombre effects, then build of stone. If you see beauty in color, in Nature ' s own decoration, build of brick, but, then, build of brick that possesses its own natural color which is fadeless, which is as lasting as Time itself. That means STEVENS ' VITRIFIED FACE BRICK. Avoid the tawdry, meretricious effect of paint. Paint deceives nobody, whether it be on the lip, the cheek, the hair, or the house. It is a base imitation at best. If you would combine the beauty of color with economy of maintenance, use Stevens ' Vitrified Brick. You may see them in wall panels, in a variety of colors and shades of color, at the showroom in my building at the Corner of Larned and Third Streets. You may take your time, too, for there is plenty of room to park your car in front. Shipped Anywhere in Car-loads Frederic B. Stevens, Inc. All Telephones Randolph 5990 Page 543 ADVERTISEMENTS Capitalize Your Knowledge MERCHANT ' S NATIONAL BANK FORD BUILDING GRISWOLD AND CONGRESS STREETS Robert Oakman Land Co. 512 Union Trust Bldg. Detroit, Michigan ROBERT OAKMAN MILTON OAKMAN CHARLES OAKMAN HENRY WIEGERT President Vice-Pres. Vice-Pres. Treas. THE UNIVERSITY COP (Continued) sometimes proves to be a very profitable association for the student. For, if the Dean likes a student especially well he tries to make him popular and well-known by giving him publicity in all the newspapers and by writing his parents what a fine chap he turned out to be. It is even said that in some cases the Dean is so taken with a student that he fixes it up with the University to give the boy a vacation. Certainly, one could ask no more of a friend. Of course the Dean doesn ' t leave everything to the cop; he, himself, likes to take the initiative once in a while just to keep his hand in. On these private expeditions, he likes to play a little game with himself. This consists of memorizing the license numbers of cars he takes a fancy to and then tracing them on the (Continued on page 546.) 544 ADVERTISEMENTS 1 When a dentist with a " CDX " wants to see a probable hidden pathology, or wishes to check up his work 2 He simply reaches over to the wall where the " CDX " is mounted on its extension bracket 3 Positions it to the film in the patient ' s mouth 4 Presses the button on the automatic hand timing switch, and the exposure is completed. 5 In approximately six utes his office assistant will have the film developed and ready for interpretation. Write or descriptive booklet on the " CDX " and names of authorized dealer distributors in your vicinity. " CDX " Is 100% Electrically Safe DENTAL DIVISION OF VICTOR X-RAY CORPORATION Manufacturers of the Coolidge Tube and complete line of X-Ray Apparatus 2012 Jackson Boulevard A GENERAL ELECTRIC i;|-;| Physical Therapy Apparatus, Electro- cardiographs, and other Specialties Chicago, Illinois, U.S. A. ORGANIZATION 545 ADVERTISEMENTS GRAHAM TWO COMPLETE COLLEGE BOOKSTORES Mail Orders Solicited GRAHAM BOTH ENDS OF THE DIAGONAL Dry Goods and Notions VISIT OUR NEW CURTAIN AND DRAPERY DEPARTMENT Third Floor- Elevator Service B. E. Muehlig 126 S. Main Street Phone 8411 THE UNIVERSITY COP (Continued) lists which he has in his office. It just happens that those cars interest him most that are driven by men who look as if they might be attending the university. In this way the Dean meets a lot of good men he might otherwise miss because our cop, who prefers the lighted streets such as Washtenaw and State after dark, can not be expected to meet everybody. When our cop has as an example to follow a man who is not too proud to stoop from his high position to such a low and homely pursuits, as indicated above, it is small wonder that he is such a success at copping. But despite the brilliancy of his past and present, our cop ' s real career lies in the future. Being the first agent in President Little ' s reform movement, he will naturally be the recipient of the first promotions when the movement has been enlarged to include other activities. Picture him then as the monitor of all the dormitories to be, as the arbiter of hours for men, and most of all, as Admiral of the University Navy. How splendid he will look in his full dress uniform, standing on the bridge of his flagship and scanning the waters of the noble Huron with his field glasses. But all things must end, thank God and so I must tear your eyes away from this inspiring picture. Let me say in closing, that the spirit of President Little ' s reform is per- sonified in our cop and I am sure that every- body concurs in wishin g him Bigger and Better Accidents. Page 546 ADVERTISEMENTS HUTTO CYLINDER GRINDERS ARE USED IN 34 DIFFERENT INDUSTRIES SPEED : : ACCURACY : : QUALITY 515 LYCASTE AVENUE :: DETROIT, MICHIGAN Page 547 ADVERTISEMENTS WOMEN ' S LEAGUE BUILDING ARCHITECTS FOR WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC BUILDING FRY KASURIN ANN ARBOR The Millard Press ENGRAVERS PRINTERS FRATERNITY PRINTING Menus Dance Programs Letter Heads Booklets Dial 7613 111 West Liberty St. Ann Arbor, Mich. THE INTELLECTUAL AUTOMATON Pagt 548 ADVERTISEMENTS m 1 1 - . The End of the Trail Life is made up of many trails. The end of each is but the beginning of the next, a new opportunity, a new responsibility, a new adventure. So America " s master motor builder, Continental Motors Corporation, has graduated from one accom- plishment to the next throughout its twenty -eight years of gasoline motor building specialization, real- izing that every success increases its responsibility to dependable power and efficient transportation, and mindful always that each one is but a stepping stone to greater things CONTINENTAL Offices : Detroit, Michigan, U. S. A. The Largest Exclusive Motor DEPENDABLE POWER MOTORS CORPORATION Factories: Detroit and Muskegon Manufacturer in the World FOR EVERY PURPOSE Page 549 ADVERTISEMENTS Swift ' s Drug Store (Opposite Law Building) A Drug Store Catering to the Needs of the Michigan Students First National Bank Ann Arbor Organized 1863 Savings Department Trust Department Oldest National Bank in Michigan " THE INTELLECTUAL AUTOMATON " A study of the grey-matter trust And now, ladies and gentlemen, turning to one of the more ethereal collegiate evils, we have the progenitor of all mutual admira- tion organizations, that cosmopoly of great and near-great which sets the jaundiced college professors apart from people of practical in- telligence; known to the initiated as Phi Beta Kappa, to all others as mere wind and noise. By college professors we refer to the more eccentric type. (Some of them are reasonably human). The kind that live for bugs and butterflies, and all insects that fly or crawl or buzz, or get down your back or in the butter. Those that spend their lives seining the air for flying fish of the June-bug order, and sticking pins in them calling them names. Or, to widen the discussion at this point, some of the willy nillies in the Rhetoric and English departments, who seem obsessed with the inane idea that what they have to say is a blessing to the educated world and that if we lowly students don ' t take heed we will most certainly be confined to the Hell of utter ignorance. So much for the Phi Beta Kappa profs, they ' re a queer lot anyway, and shouldn ' t be dwelt on at any great length, for fear of psychological influence of suggestion. Their conversation, for the most part, is about as edifying as listening to a leak dripping into (Continued on page 552.) Page 550 ADVERTISEMENTS Drugs Chemicals Laboratory Apparatus The Michiqan Druq (o. A I 1 J ' w V I Established in 1819 DETROIT 110-128 E. CONGRESS ST. MICHIGAN ADVERTISEMENTS ATMOSPHERE PLEASING atmosphere is essential to your comfort and hap- piness. Why not eat your toasted sandwiches in a Collegiate surrounding; in a place, where you will find, at all times, Mich- igan men and women, enjoying their Mid-day or Mid-night lunches ; in a place, where friends gather to dine, broaden friend- ships and insure happiness. We invite you to join the college crowd and discover the reason for our popularity. Hal Cook ' s Sandwich Shop " THE INTELLECTUAL AUTOMATON ' (Continued) a receptacle at the foot of the bed, when one is trying his best to go to sleep. No doubt sometime during the course of your ramblings about the campus you have looked admiringly at the Phi Bete domain. (Unless perchance you are low enough to be an engineer.) It is that big, white, hod pile across from the Barbecue Inn of State Street, the swell joint with the mess of three-story columns on the front porch. (Some of the co-eds think it is Heaven.) No one has yet been able to figure out just where the money came from to build the place, for we ' ve heard that their tinctured alumni spend all their shekles on gambling and alcoholic sports. Humor has it that they pulled some smooth graft on the innocent taxpayers. You know, they are such smooth gents anyway (with apologies to the incarnations of frailty.) If anyone attends the university for three or four years and isn ' t railroaded into some Greek clothing exchange or other, they are adopted by Phi Beta Kappa and nursed to fill up space in the " Who ' s Who " of posterity. You cer- tainly know the type, abnormality and im- becility being prime requisites to membership. Seven-fifteen each and every morning of the week sees literally dozens of these weak bodies bearing bravely under the burden of innumer- able volumes, prominent among which we find (Continued on page 554.) ADVERTISEMENTS RSP U 93 Rich Steel Products Company Battle Creek, Michigan P ' gf 553 ADVERTISEMENTS The Charm of an Early American Tavern Once inside this tastefully decorated hotel there is more than comfort for the traveller. Particularly, you will remember this hotel be- cause of its home-like and cultured atmosphere an echo of the most pleasant social institut- ion in early America the tavern. Hotel Olds Opposite the State Capitol Lansing, Michigan The Upjohn Co. Makers of FINE PHARMACEUTICALS for the PHYSICIAN HOME OFFICE AND LABORATORIES KALAMAZOO, MICH. New York Branch Offices : Kansas City San Francisco ' THE INTELLECTUAL AUTOMATON " (Continued) the works of Sallust, James Joyce, Aeschylus, Horatio Alger, Balzac, Rabelais, and Elinor Glynn. You can draw your own conclusions about natural tendencies of such mental athletes. The genesis of all Phi Betes, like that of all good Kapp Betes, (former denizens of Joe ' s and the Orient) is much the same, whether at Siwash, Michigan or Oshkosh College. After a nervous childhood, an irrational youth and a belated adeloscence, they finally come to college. God bless the Little Children. During Freshman Week, or the correspond- ing initiatory period, these embryo scholars are easily distinguished from their more normal but less miserable brethren by their insane rushing to and fro, their beardless verdure and high water pants, which seldom match coat (more often a sweater). With the first day of classes, begins their four years of ascetic devotion to the written word and ardent courtship of the little gold key, which stands out in the dim distance like an overly ripe cabbage patch in a summer fog. Through Spring ' s rain and Winter ' s snow, fair weather and foul, in sickness and in health, (they have their occasional healthy moments, al- though they always look sick), their daily drag describes a triangular course from library to classroom and back to their three- dollar-a-week-room in some old maid ' s attic, and out in the hinterland. They have been known to desert their life of deprivation long enough to grab a bare morsel and perhaps even to sneak a wink or two of shut eye, but this is exceptional, for the body and soul are not held together by food but rather by Greek grammar and profound philosophical reflection. (Continued on page 556.) Page 554 ADVERTISE MEXTS Two particularly distinctive shops for men On the Campus at Three Twenty-four South State Street Down Town at One Nineteen South Main Street Clothing imported and domestic haberdashery hats SHOES BY ALEXANDER GREENWOOD AND KILGORE ANN ARBOR ADVERTISEMENTS Publications We present the best inducements to Michigan Alumni for the pur- chase of Library and General Book Supplies that can be secured anywhere in the United States OUR MAIL ORDER BUSINESS Extends to every State in the Union and to all Foreign Countries LIBRARIES BOUGHT AND SOLD Estimates furnished for Secondary School, College and University Libraries DISCOUNT OF 10 PER CENT AND UP FROM PUBLISHERS PRICES ARE ALLOWED TO SCHOOL LIBRARIES ON ALL PUBLICATIONS. TRANSPORTATION CHARGES PREPAID ON ALL ORDERS, LARGE OR SMALL, RECEIVED THROUGH THE MAIL GEORGE WAHR BOOKSELLER 103-105 N. Main Street IMPORTER 316 S. State Street PUBLISHER ANN ARBOR, MICH. ' THE INTELLECTUAL AUTOMATON " (Continued) Their mediaeval ascetism is somewhat cramped by the lack of columns and caves to complete their reclusive existence, so graduate reading cells on the fourth floor of the library become their secondary resort. Their Junior year sees them cock-eyed, flat nosed and partially paralyzed as a result of too severe pressure on the books, and organic atrophy seizes them from the neck down. This point always marks a severe weakening of the moral consciousness, black coffee and cigarettes becoming daily vices. Curiosity can do more things than kill a cat, and if emotions, well recognized as feminine are mingled with those innately feminine, something is bound to happen. Since the beginning, no woman has been an enigma to another woman. Quick as a mouse each penetrates the heart and mind of the other, sifts her sister ' s words of their cunningest disguises, reads into her most hidden desires, and plucks the sophistry from her wiliest talk, like hairs from a comb, twiddling them sardonically between her fingers before letting them float away in the breeze of a fundamental doubt. It is with difficulty that an ordinary man can penetrate a woman ' s clever sophisti- cation, so imagine, if you can, gentle reader, the total helplessness of one of these intellectual girlish individuals, when in the throes of a (Continued on page 558) Page 556 ADVERTISEMENTS Laboratory Lathe Model " A " RDTTER HELP YOU ACHIEVE SUCCESS IF you let Ritter Equipment sup- plement your personal skill you will render professional service of the highest order to your chosen community. Through this service you will receive not only commen- surate financial reward but that great personal satisfaction which comes only from doing a thing well. Begin your practice right with Ritter equipment and you are well on the road to success. Manufacturers of fitte denial equip- ment for nearly half a century 557 ADVERTISEMENTS WHERE A SOCIABLE ATMOSPHERE LENDS ENJOYMENT TO GOOD FOOD HE O E N Near Eng. Arch " THE INTELLECTUAL AUTOMATON " (Continued) date with one of the brazen hussies. Needless to say, he soon finds out that a first rate mind doesn ' t imply a first rate lover, and the poor, disillusioned ineffectual is forced to return to the quiet continent life, to recover from his embarrassment and fright. But, in antithesis to his inferiority complex when in company of the " fare sex " , this lump of erudite protoplasm is given over to a child- ish self love which manifests itself in the patient ' s habit of twirling the little brass rectangle which is so proudly displayed on a logging chain hung across the midsection. ... .a practice, which not only seriously en- dangers the eyes of the awe-stricken bystanders but which also makes one think of perambula- tors, baby clothing, rattles and other attributes of the beginning stages of life. We might continue forever and anon, giving our opinions of this hyper-sensitive Phi Beta Kappa gang but we feel inclined to stop rather abruptly. If this were in a bluebook, we might cease in the middle of a poorly written sentence and say: " Time " , but in this case it is sheer modesty which prevents us from continuing. 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FINE HOSIERY LINGERIE ROBES and NEGLIGEES all temptingly priced COMPLIMENTS OF Stouffer Lunch WHERE FOOD IS DIETETICALLY PREPARED 1125 Shelby Street and Corner Clifford and Washington Blvd. Detroit Pittsburgh Cleveland THE ATHLETE Avast! there! townsfolk, fellow-students, absent-minded professors and what-not. Here entereth the athlete that sublime creature to whom all humanity should bow. What ho! Is he not the criterion of perfection? Of course you all know his type. The pro- verbial weak mind and strong back again come to light as the explanation. And talk about dumb! Why most of these guys still believe that a broad means Europe. Of course such ignorance is to be expected for brains and a thick skull just don ' t mix. " What is an athlete? " or perhaps still better " Why is an athlete? " No one would want to venture an excuse for such a pestilence as this. Probably there never was one; just a natural mistake and as nature must take its course, we can ' t all be born imbeciles. The athlete first starts his career when he is immediately snatched off the train in his freshman year and then whizzed away in a Hertz sedan or one of the new Fords. Of course this just tickles him to death and here is formed the nucleus for that self-satisfied egotistical mood which is so prevalent a little later on. Such notoriety as he possesses could never go unnoticed so he becomes a fraternity man, for, as he figured, no self-respecting man could turn down a chance to get a cute little lapel button for nothing when pins at the Michigan Union cost $0.35. Of course the Frat club brothers are all exuberated over the great streak of good luck. This lasts till some time later when with great horror they see him eat two dishes of peas with only the use of a knife and some mashed potatoes. For- sooth, Julius, he must have come from Chicago. (Continued on page 563) Page 562 ADVERTISEMENTS Do you want to get your J-Hop Gown from Paris? From one of those quaint, exquisite little Shops that you have to hunt for hours, where you are sure to find gowns original, different, unique? Hunt then for " Maison Sapho " , one of those " little shops " transplanted in the heart of our city. Sapho affords the only Parisian " Maison " in Detroit. You will find our lingerie as chic and dainty as our gowns. CAdillac 8138 1540 Washington Blvd., Detroit, Michigan PARIS BRAXCH 6, Rue de Trevise, Paris 9e Academy Sapho is affiliated with Maison Sapho. S Kool of drrwmoJuruf I otvd drcororivr art j ftouUvand PTRIT, I M I t A rf Paris it seems, will always dictate our women ' s styles. If you wish to specialize in the Art of Costume Creating, go to Paris, if you can. . . .but if you can ' t, do the best next thing find in Detroit the establishment truly Parisian. Here at the Academy Sapho -one teams the Art of Costume Creation as taught in Paris, not in the environment of the " sewing school " , but in the atmosphere of the Couturiere of Paris. THE ATHLETE (Continued) Of course, he never pays his house bills. His magnetic personality and the inestimable distinction which he gives the house are many times worth the mere sum of a hundred dollars or so which accumulates each month. The longer he is in the house, the greater his intrinsic value as a godsend becomes. Every now and then he condescends to speak to one of the brothers when they pass on the campus. The house just couldn ' t get along without him and if they get too astringent with their old rules he will just up and leave to spite them. Xo, they aren ' t a bit conceited. To the athlete there are only two perfect people himself and God. But then, they would have us believe that they are just overflowing with modesty. How it bores them to see their names and pictures in the papers so often. " Why can ' t these reporters pick on someone else? " These foolish whims are as easy to see through as a freshman ' s whiskers. When no one is looking they quickly unfold the paper to the section telling of their monstrous activities, and then place it in a conspicuous position where it can hardly go unnoticed. They then stand around within earshot to catch the first person complimenting them on their glorious achievements. As soon as their backs are turned every one gives them the horse-laugh. By and by they all become great men on the campus an ideal which every freshman should strive to attain. As they jaunt along the diagonal, the very air abounds with the monstrosity of their extreme importance. They look neither right nor left, but why should they? Is not everyone looking at them? His unadulterated altruism comes to light as he walks back and forth just to give the admiring crowd a treat. And boy, they are in pure ecstacy when they can drape themselves about the pillars and benches of Angell Hall lobby. At least they have a lot backing them up as they lean against the travertine walls which are rapidly becoming of age due to the continued match striking of the maliciously destructive students. Here the athletes are subject to the gaze of the awe-inspired maidens who view these vivid personifications of the modern Adonis as only a woman can. Enthralled by these sights, the fair damsels are momentarily carried back to the antedeluvian ages when men were men and so were women. (Continued on page 564) ADVERTISEMENTS Dayti m e Sportswear and Evening Clothes for the smart Collepicin prescribed Gourse . . . psychology of Chic Clothes Crocks . . . Goats . . . Suits Youthful . . . Sophisticated . . . ' Different Brock Rankin INC. EDITION BOOK MANUFACTURERS 619 South La Salle Street Chicago, 111. Telephone Harrison 0429 THE ATHLBTEj(Contumed) And how these brave warriors pray for rain. It is their great chance to show their superiority over the inferior element of the school. Out comes the " M " hat from its moth proof bag. Most of them look as if they had gone through the Boer way instead of being carefully packed away for another rainy day. With their " M " hats they really strut their stuff. With the sacred bonnet cocked coyly over one eye they really look quite collegiate. One might think they were Joe Diagonal, Charlie Blue- book, Alec Midsemester or one of the other bugs of the campus who are out and doing things. Oh, yes! I almost forgot. They still have another means of showing this discrimination. This is on the occasion of a football or basket- ball game especially the former. Here again they are separated from their surrounding mediocrity as if it might be contagious. They have a nice little M-section all their own, where they can sit and enjoy themselves while the rest of the howling mob are getting their ribs crushed and feet smashed while standing in line outside. It is well to keep them apart from the Intelligentia, however, for it ' s possible that they might pollute the minds of those who have thus far made a noble attempt to get ahead in the world. One glimpse at any group of athletes reminds (Continued on page 566.) Page 564 ADVERTISEMENTS IVIOIOl World ' s Largest Wheel Manufacturers Wood Wheels - Steel Wheels Wire Wheels Page 565 ADVERTISEMENTS Quality Land Contracts Lead As An Investment Where- 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. SECURITY and SAFETY are considered essential. MATURITY is assured. LIBERAL YIELD on the investment is desired. BUSINESS FLUCTUATION does not impair the security. " BULLS " and " BEARS " take no part in fixing the market. YOU KNOW what your profit is when you make your investment. MANY mature months, sometimes years ahead of schedule. WORRY and ANNOYANCE are not your co-partners. YOU GET A 100% PERFECT INVESTMENT. Prudential Mortgage Contract Co. 2415 Barium Tower C. S. SCOVILLE, MANAGER Detroit, Michigan Cadillac 2205 Eschelbach Market ANN ARBOR ' S LEADING MARKET QUALITY MEATS 202 E. Huron Street Phone 4159 J. P. ESCHELBACH J. J. DESMOND Proprietors THE ATHLETE (Continued) one only of the League of Nations. Such a conglomeration of races, shapes and faces can only be appreciated by one who has seen it. It would take Meader and Muyskins nine months of hard labor to dope out the deriva- tions of the names appearing on an athletic roster. And how the girls burn for them. They have so much " it " , that they call it " they " . The best of them never miss the " Pan-hell " ball and are rarely left out of a sorority party. Each dainty damsel hangs onto the arm of her particular exhibit as if she were afraid of losing it to the more alluring appeal of another. Of course the athlete just hates to talk about himself but with sufficient coaxing, the win- some lass finally gets the hero to admit the great sacrifice which he had made to win the game. As a student the athlete would probably (Continued on page 568.) Page 566 ADVERTISEMENTS Michigan Graduates- Kresge offers you an opportunity to succeed To men of ability and perseverance, the S. S. Kresge Company offers a future that abounds in opportunity. With 450 stores in operation and a volume of business running well toward $150,000,000 yearly, our program of expansion is still going forward rapidly. We are opening new stores as rapidly as we can train men to manage them. For these future managers we want college graduates with trained minds and well rounded personalities. If you are accepted we will start you at the bottom and train you in every phase of our business. When this training is completed you will be given a store of your own to manage, a store in whose profi ts you will share. 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WlGLE Page 567 ADVERTISEMENTS The cover for this annual was created by The DAVID J. MOLLOY CO. 2857 N. Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois Overy Molloy Made Cover bears this trade mark on the back lid. Consumers Ice Creamery Company Manufacturers of Famous Jersey Ice Cream DEMANDED FOR ITS QUALITY 14707 Dexter Blvd. Detroit THE ATHLETE (Continued) make a good cement mixer. Every now and then he goes to classes and as he wakes up when called upon his most intelligent answer is " uh! huh! " or " huh! uh! " Oh! I ' m an athlete, I ' ll get through this old course all right. Where would the old team be without me. " Every now and then they run up against a conscientious professor and are sadly fooled. A summer session may put them back into school again and they are all set ' til the end of the semester at least. Too bad they can ' t all be in the law school where they don ' t flunk out until the end of the year. After all, perhaps we should not have been so hard on the poor boys. They are just over- grown kids who were probably at one time the village cut-ups and who as yet don ' t know their own minds. Some day maybe they will grow up and leave this assinine stage. If they ever do reach this state of maturity what great glee they must obtain from looking back to the days when they were presumably the pride of the campus, the admiration of all. Page 568 ADVERTISEMENTS Two Michigan Captains favor O ' Shea Knitted Wear for Sports Bennie Oosterbaan Captain of 1927 Michigan Football Team The O ' Shea honor sweater is one of the finest sweaters I have ever worn. Frank Harrigan Captain of Michigan ' s 1928 Basketball Team The O ' Shea athletic wear is the most com- fortable athletic cover- ing that any athlete can wear. O ' Shea Knitting Mills D. C. O ' SHEA W. C. KING J. B. O ' SHEA President Secretary Vice-President 2414-24 North Sacramento Avenue CHICAGO Page 569 ADVERTISEMENTS MUSEUM o DETROIT CINDER BLOCK Selected For UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN INTRA-MURAL ATHLETICS BLDG Soundproofing Highest Efficiency Fire Safety Heat Insulation Accoustics AVAILABLE IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES FOR RESIDENCES, STORES and FACTORIES Detroit Cinder Block Tile Co. Six Mile Road East at Newbern Arlington 03 10 Every requirement of the drafting room, and the surveyor in the field is covered by Dietzgen mer- chandise and Dietzgen service. This service is nation-wide. EUGENE DIETZGEN CO. 166 W. Monroe St., Chicago Philadelphia Washington Milwaukee Los Angde Factory at Chicago Chicago New Orleani Pittsburgh San Francisco ,EN Manw acturm of Drafting and Sun-eying Supplies THE INSTRUCTOR Hail, Friends, Politicians, B. M. 0. C. ' s and Students, I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them; so shall it be with Caesar, for he is ambitious and desirous of greater things. And who is this mighty Caesar? Fee on thee, ignorant and inquisitive one; ' tis none other than our beloved and almighty instructor, the con- cocter of all plans tending toward our down- fall. You rule, alas, you wield the scythe like old man Time, creating turbulence and dis- quietude on every hand, and bringing down- fall upon many of our aspiring politicians. But more than that, you have that dogmatic belief that you are Caesar; that you control every situation; that with a word spoken you obtain any desired reaction. How wonderful that must be. How wonderful and unfailing is your mind. We behold you, most noble lord of our destinies, as upon a high and mighty pedestal, and we faun at you like a humble hound fauns at its superior master. Ah yes, you are ruler in the class room and you strongly (Continued on page 574.) Page 570 ADVERTISEMENTS MAKE SURE THAT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT IS GROWING WITH YOU! EVERY YEAR OF YOUR LIFE SHOULD ADD TO YOUR FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE ' Member of the Federal Reserve System 1 FARMERS MECHANICS BANK 101-105 So. Main St. 330 So. State P " ge 571 ADVERTISEMENTS To retain the " personality " reflected in the original photo- graph requires engraving skill of the highest order. And re- member, there is a difference in halftones ! The skill and craftsmanship of master photo-engravers, the pa- tience required to " take pains " , and the latest in equipment are responsible for the superior print- ing qualities of plates produced by this organization. You men and women of Michigan are invited to use the facilities of this organization during the years that are ahead. You are assured of unequalled co- operation and quality that is unsurpassed. Service Engraving Companu Engravers bj - all Processes Commercial Photographers Artists and Designers Bo cr Bid Brush If Cbnjrcss DETROIT, MICH. jflfek - " l|fc O " Tfc THE INSTRUCTOR AT WORK AND PLAY Page 572 ADVERTISEMENTS MATTHEW B. WHITTLESEY UNDERWRITERS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF JOHN F. MCLEAN MUNICIPAL BONDS CORPORATION BONDS STOCKS Members Detroit Stock Exchange Associate Member New York Curb WHITTLESEY McLEAN CQ INVESTMENT SECURITIES PHONE CHERRY 4877 PENOB SCOT BUILDING DETROIT ESTABLISHED 1918 Page 573 ADVERTISEMENTS It is with pride we point to our accomplishments for the University of Michigan YOST FIELD HOUSE INTRA MURAL BLDG. WOMEN ' S LEAGUE BLDG. U. of M. STADIUM Guarantee Electric Construction Company Battle Creek, Mich. Office 55 E. Main Warehouse 58 E. State Wolverine Stone Company 7976 Riopelle Street Detroit, Mich. THE -INSTRUCTOR (Continued) believe that you carry your inconceivable power into work at large. Suppose you lecture. We await you, Caesar, like so many tireless automatons, desiring above all things to hear your clear and melo- dious voice, your caustic wit, your wise and sagacious advice, and above all to gain just a bit of what you so insistently term higher learning. You are not a pedagogue, not by far, for you are conscious of your modern methods and do not concern yourself with the destinies of your willful and unappreciative underlings. We wait, I say, always, for we would melt under the fiery stare of your penetrating eyes, were we to miss one hour of your incomparable babble. In you come, pompous and proper with your intellectual gagit by the handle, and our admiration and inferiority must gleam from our apish eyes. You remove the hat, victim of storms and seiges, then the coat, wrinkled as becomes your aesthetic side. Our childish adoration takes us completely in hand and we envy your nonchalance and naivete for we fail to notice the knife-like edge of your trousers, and the unblemished splendor of your shoes. What a man! A real He-man, who desires more to invest others with his knowledge than to mount to the top in the business or professional world. Is not your sacrifice too great? Do you not burden yourself with childish interests to no avail? Ah no, say you, we give up our lives in the betterment of our children. Can anyone but admire and envy you them? No, none of us, oh, Sir Knight of the sterling character, but we shall never rise to your level of fame and knowledge. You give all, but get nothing. What men are you instructors? You have convinced us, you are incomparable and we know it. (Continued on page 576.) ADVERTISEMENTS 5L00 !L5 y ?130r From the Sidelines By BENNIE OOSTERBAAN as told to W. W. Edgar, Detroit Free Press Despite the thousands who crowd into gigantic stadiums to attend the baseball world series and gather each Saturday after- noon during the fall to witness the major football games. Americans rapidly are under- going a change in their viewpoint of sport. No longer are they content to look in on contests among others, but today they are becoming competitors in some respect them- selves. They are beginning to derive benefits so long enjoyed by the few, and the rising generation is the better for it. Today we are a nation of competitors. It may be only in some friendly game, with nothing much at stake. But the change that is being wrought is bound to reap a heavy reward. One of the most important causes of this change is the system now in vogue among our larger universities. Mass athletics is the scheme and there is some sort of competition for all students, even though they may never progress far enough to earn a varsity letter. This idea, however, is carried on in after life and the lesson of condition stands ever as a keynote to keep one actively engaged in some sort of competition. For that reason folks today have an athletic complex. They want the thrill of victory and the reward of proper exercise. This new attitude towards athletics is noticeable every day in the sports goods department of our larger stores. They now are the melting pot of America. Everywhere one turns in these sections of the larger business houses he sees men and women in all walks of life purchasing the necessary equipment to partake in their favorite com- petitions. And in this connection I recentlv witnessed a very interesting and impelling scene in the sports goods department in the basement of the Crowley-Milner store in Detroit. A large section of this vast structure is utilized for sports goods alone, making it one of the best and most complete branches of its kind that I have ever had the pleasure to see. A steady stream of folks including a vast number of women walked up and down the broad aisles all afternoon. Some were at- tracted by the golf clubs on display, others by fishing tackle and still others by the hunting equipment. Folks whom one would surmise by their build visioned a lazy after- noon of fishing along some quiet stream, would pass up the display of hooks, line and fishing rod to try to feel of a golf club or whirl a tennis racquet to determine whether or not it had the proper " swish " . A sports goods department of today is a palace of dreams so to speak. This was the impression I carried away from Crowley- MUner ' s. Folks try this club or that bat or bounce tennis balls on the floor. Some pick up a rifle and try to get " sight " while others try on gloves or costumes necessary for various games. But always they have that vision that they are going to leave the store and do better in their game than they have ever done before. From the richest to the poorest they gather today in sports goods departments, forming the crucible of the present generation. And therein lies the story of the vast change now under way in America. I surely was thrilled the afternoon I spent here, and I think you would be too, and possibly you would " see the same traits of human nature that I did. Advertisement Crowley, Milner Co. Detroit Paff 575 ADVERTISEMENTS The Michigan Copper Brass Co. DETROIT MICHIGAN Manufacturers of Sheet Brass and Bronze Brazed Tubes Sheet Copper Copper in Rolls Brass and Bronze Rods Extruded Brass and Aluminum Shapes and Mouldings THE INSTRUCTOR (Continued) But I must go on. One could relate for- ever the qualities of one so revered and ven- erated. You take your seat, or is it your throne? We believe the latter for we idolize you so and become silent and speechless before your grandeur. Then you assume the pose of the thinker. Are you settling some weighty problem in your cranial space? One on which the life of the universe depends; or did you, like us, hear a good joke last night and has it slipped your mind. But no, such trivialities do not invade the spacious mind of one so great. Jokes are beneath the instructor, and he is here only to give one more hour of his to the good of humanity. After the mental battle, our class resumes, and we crouch and shrink lest we should be made to respond to one of the keen and searching questions. We have prepared for hours, yet the questions are so comprehensive and exact that we fear them. Oh, if they would ban quizzes, as they have banned the automobiles, would not our life be not so severe, more joy? But I quench the thought. Our life is work and work we must. Look how our scholarly leaders. We too, shall not shrink from duty. But the class; for Caesar rules for such a short time that we begrudge every minute lost. You know that, do you not, sir? Never do we drowse or nod, for our interest is acute, keen, even greater than our attraction for airplanes or fire engines. Ah how we love the class work. Then comes five minutes before the hour. Some slothful and ill-attentive fool moves his feet. Imagine one moving in a class room. It must have been accidental, but the great teacher transfixes the guilty person with a glare like tempered steel and the offender blushes with shame, sinking lower in his seat. Two minutes before the hour, another move, but this second and more serious offense brings shame and uneasiness to all of us, for the intellectual genius takes the last precious minutes to deliver in a hard austere tone an oration condemning the offenders in cruel and bitter words which tightens about the heart strings of us all. But such unseemly conduct is unheard of in most classes. We love our work too well. We file sadly out for the hour ended all too quickly and we shall not feast our eyes on this great leader until the day after tomorrow. (Continued on page 580.) Past 576 ADVERTISEMENTS T Always insist on the genuine SEMET-SOLVAY COKE the clean fuel P " ff 577 AID VERTISEMENTS ALFRED PARTLOW General Manager DRY CLEANING EQUIPMENT Phone : LAfayette 6304 1 5831-5833 Dix Avenue Detroit, Michigan EVERY ONE IS PROUD TO SHOW OR BE SHOWN A LAUNDRY WITH THIS KIND OF MODERN EQUIPMENT Page 578 ADVERTISEMENTS ' -. C . - Cjllier Agabi, ' x O " We offer you a finesse in art and reproductions mated through conscientious sen ice, and in- spired by a genuine desire to distribute the best Tbt JAHN OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. Pbttogrifbm, Artists J Meters . Printing Pla tes or Block ana CeJtm 817 W. Washington Blvd., Chicago ADVERTISEMENTS Lovering-Longbotham Co CONTRACTORS NEW MICHIGAN LEAGUE BUILDING LANSING 217 S. Ingalls St. ANN ARBOR, MICH. ST. PAUL ST. PETERSBURG THE INSTRUCTOR (Continued) The instructor is supreme. And rightly so, but he must perforce look with anxious and inquiring eyes toward one whom he must admit to be his master. It is well that your unearthly intellect and polished manners can put you in favor with the supreme potentate; whom you must slavishly adore as we adore you. Little do we realize how you can sub- ordinate yourself to one whom you cannot like, but whom you must envy with your whole illustrious being. Is your pride be- smeared, or your crest fallen from perpetually bowing before the inevitable, Oh mighty guider of our lives? Or do you believe that your superior is right in every way, just as we believe you to be. It seems impossible that you should be downcast by subservience yet I see that your lofty mind but reflects the decisions of your mighty friend and master. But why reflect, most learned saga, for you cannot prevent yourself from understanding your admirer ' s viewpoint. You have our welfare at heart; ah yes, at heart, and I sup- pose you feel that a ban increases the quality of the work. You must have the change, then, for we certainly do remain at home, and my how we work. You are devoted to the right, hate wrong, look with disfavor upon deceitful proceedings, for you never are your- self tempted. But our temptations are strong, our work great and overpowering, so we must occasionally water our spirits. Do you never water yours, friend? Have you never sipped the sparkling nectar of the Gods? Have you never laughed, gambled, raced about on the green with merry eyes and open lips? Surely you have, for we have seen you and I have even known you to enter the work room, full of idolizing admirers, full to overflowing with an abundance of jests and merry tales. How funny you are then! Do we not laugh? All your playful jokes and satires simply over- whelm us, and we must laugh long and loudly. Don ' t you feel that you are funny and that you are never straining our sense of humor? Your witticisms are always received in the merriest of spirits. And the co-eds. Why do you make them work so hard. You are so lenient and thought- ful toward us; so harsh and severe with them. Remember they too are human, work much harder than we men, and never go out in the evenings. They have such nice parties too, all for you, but you never enjoy them so they intend to abandon them. Think how you are making them feel. Soon there will be no more girls and you will be happy in teaching only men. We hate them too, master, for their marks are so low and discouraging and they must all be feeble-minded. You live, our admired idol, in a world of intellectual joy, often dispersed with jokes and merriment, always alive to needs and urgencies of your inferiors; keenly sensitive to the thoughts of your superior. There is no wonder that great minds run in the same chan- nel and little shall we ever realize just how one of such superior capabilities can work with such stiff and unformed material. Page 580 ADVERTISEMENTS SPENCE BROTHERS GENERAL CONTRACTORS SAGINAW, MICHIGAN Builders of New University Museum Women ' s Athletic Building Ann Arbor Page 581 imivfto ' i ADVERTISEMENTS Tfo s F A M FAN Standard oftlie World AMERICAN BLOWER CORP., DETROIT, MICH. CANADIAN SIROCCO CO.,LTD.,WINDSOR,ONT. BRANCH OFFICES IX ALL, PRINCIPAL CITIES merican Rlower In choosing a, homesite in Detroit, as many of you will do, one is inevitably drawn by the distinctive environ- ment of culture and beauty that is apparent in College Park. In choosing a homesite in College Park, the advan- tages of dealing with the pioneer subdivider of this choice residential area, are equally apparent. College Park Re-Sale Office : Livernois Ave. at Six-Mile Road West On the following pages will be found A Few Scenes from College Life STUDENT TURNING IN BOOK AT LIBRARY Ll VARIOUS STUDENT OCCUPATIONS ADVERTISEMENTS GET INTO AVIATION TAKE your place, now, in the business of air navagation! Either as ground expert or flyer, the field is wide open to you. Training is an asset of great price, in this new business. Thorough, practical training may be yours, through an intensive course under experts, at this old established School, the " Michigan State " . The miracles of success made in the automobile business in the past quarter century, are now about to be repeated by men who look ahead in avia- tion. To train you for success in this new business, and big money, this world- famous Detroit School now offers you complete ground and air training. Endorsed by Stiason and Others The " Michigan State " courses have the endorsement, after careful investigation, of Eddie Stinson, famous flyer and plane manufacturer, and other leaders. Detroit the Aviation Center Detroit ' s Aviation leaders have gathered to this City the majority of the manufacturing in this industry. Maintaining its place as the world ' s leader in motor transportation, Detroit offers you unparalleled advant- ages. Ground Training Essential At the present time, " ground training " , -thorough know- ledge of plane construction and maintenance, and of motors. is more needed than flying. Therefore our Courses include complete, expert Ground-work, as well as flying training in modern ships. The ground train- ing includes over 420 hours of specialized training in our classrooms and shops in our Woodward Ave- nue Building, and at our airport at Packard Field, Gratiot Avenue. Catalog giving complete details sent free. Send the coupon for it. Michigan State Aviation School Affiliated with Michigan State Automobile School Established 17 Years A. G. ZELLER, President Dept. AA, 3729 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Michigan A class in Ground Work, winter of 1927-28 INFORMATION COUPON A. G. ZELI.ER, President Michigan State Aviation School Dept. AA, 3729 Woodward Ave , Detroit, Mich. Send me at once the details of your Aviation Ground and Flying Course. NAME St and Xo. or R.F.D City State Age Education LEARN AVIATION IN DETROIT THE AUTO AND AVIATION CENTER MICHIGAN STATE AVIATION SCHOOL Our hangars at Packard Field. The " Michigan State " is one of the largest and best equipped aviation schools in the country. ADVERTISEMENTS ANOTHER ROGERS ' ANNUAL DISTINCTIVE There is something distinctive about a Rogers ' printed book. The clean-cut appearance of the cuts and type matter is the result of the skill and experience of 20 years of annual printing. We enjoy the patronage of high schools and coll eges throughout theUnited States who want a distinctive book of the prize-winning class. Your classifi- cations will receive our prompt and care- ful attention. ROGERS PRINTING COMPANY 307-309 First Street Dixon, Illinois 1 So. LaSalle Street Chicago, Illinois Page 384 ADVERTISEMENTS Responsibility Paint service is rather an intan- gible thing to analyze. Therefore you must pin your faith on the manufacturer whose products, re- putation and experience dictate them as being worthy of your continued confidence. Degraco Paints are recognized and used on the large and impor- tant projects throughout this country because of their demon- strated value. Proven quality and proven ser- vice are your best guarantee for satisfaction. DEGRACO PAINTS k All Colors m. for All JL Purposes Detroit Graphite Company DETROIT, U. S. A. List of Products Superior Graphite Paint A protective coating for metal surfaces. 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Manufactured by Frederick Stearns Company In business since 1855 A NIGHTMARE FOR EMERY ADVERTISEMENTS Cyclone Invincible Chain Link Fence, for all industrial uses. Cyclone Wrought Iron Fence and Gates. Cyclone Safeguard Chain Link Wire Fence, for estates, clubs, public and private grounds. Cyclone k 9r S W " REG. U.S.PAT PAT. OFF. In Wire Wrought Iron Built for any " Purpose Cyclone Fence is America ' s standard for public and private grounds; city, suburban and country homes; parks, churches, cemeteries; schools, play- grounds, athletic fields; factories, rail- way and electrical properties and all industrial uses. Also for tennis court enclosures and backstops, bird and animal cages, poultry enclosures, ken- nels, etc. Cyclone Chain Link Fence is distinc- tive in design, strong built for life- time property protection. Cyclone Wrought Iron Fence is dignified, im- posing in its rugged simplicity. Built in standard designs, also in special de- signs from architects ' drawings. Our work for the University of Michigan consisted of a Cyclone Chain Link Non-Climb- able fence enclosing the entire stadium and an equipment of gates at the various entrances, part of which were of the sliding type and part of the swinging type. The tubular frame- work and the wire fabric were of Copper- Bearing steel throughout, hot-dip galvanized. The job was handled by our Michigan Branch, address, 221 Minnie Street, Detroit. WE ERECT FENCE ANYWHERE Phone, wire, or write nearest offices for complete information. CYCLONE FENCE COMPANY Alain Offices: Waukegan, Illinois Works and Offices: North Chicago, 111. Newark, N. J. Cleveland, Ohio Fort Worth, Tex. Branch Offices in all Principal Cities Pacific Coast Distributors: Standard Fence Company Oakland. Calif. Northwest Fence fc Wire Wks. Portland, Ore. The Mark f Dependable Property Protection Page S S 7 ADVERTISEMENTS Put that in i unc Car owners feel a sort of confident security with Marvel playing a tune under the hood. 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FRY AND KASUHIN G GREGORY, MAYOR THOM GRAHAM ' S GREENING NURSERY Co., THE GREENWOOD KILGORE GUARANTEE ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTION Co H HAGGEHTY, JOHN S 566 523 . 571 550 . . 488 520 548 . 508 546 . 541 .... 555 574 517 HAL COOK ' s SANDWICH SHOP HARVARD Co HAUGHTON ELEVATORS HAYDEN VAN ATTER Co HEMMETER CIGAR STORE . HENDERSON AMES Co. 552 536 . 490 496 . . 484 520 HEHZ, OSWALD A HOTEL OLDS HUDSON MOTOR CAR Co HUTTO ENGINEERING Co . 502 ... 554 537 547 JACOBSON ' S JAHN OLLIER ENGRAVING Co K KERN, ERNST Co. 502 579 506 KOCH HENNE . . KRESGE, S. S. Co 532 567 M MACK Co MAISON-SAPHO MALLOY Co., DAVID MARVEL CARBURETOR MERCHANT ' S NATIONAL BANK MICHIGAN COPPER BRASS Co MICHIGAN DRUG Co MICHIGAN ELECTROTYPE STEREOTYPE Co. MICHIGAN SMELTING REFINING Co MICHIGAN STATE AVIATION SCHOOL MICHIGAN STEEL CORPORATION MILLARD PRESS MILTON SHOP MONROE NURSERY MORSE CHAIN Co MOTOR ' S METAL MFG. Co MOTOR WHEEL MUELIG, B. E N NATIONAL AMUSEMENT CORPORATION . . OAKMAN LAND Co O ' SHEA KNITTING MILLS . PACKARD MOTOR CAR Co (PATRON ' S PAGE) PIERCE BROS POMMERENING LAND Co POWELL AND Co PRUDENTIAL MORTGAGE CONTRACT Co. QUARRY DRUG Co. R. AND B. CLOTHING Co RAYLS RENTSCHLER RICH STEEL PRODUCTS Co. ' . . . RINSHED-GAGNIER PAINT Co. RITTER DENTAL Co ROGERS PRINTING Co ROLLINS Co RUSSELL, GEORGE B SAUER Co., C. A SAUNDEHS, J. B SEMET-SOLVAY COKE SERVICE ENGRAVING Co SMITH, HINCHMAN GRYLLS SPEDDING STUDIO SPENCE BROS STEARNS, F. B. Co STERLING BRICK Co STEVENS, FREDERIC B., INC. . STEVER-HUBBARD Co STOUFFER LUNCH STRELINGER Co., CHAS. A. . . STUDENTS SUPPLY STORE .... SWIFT ' S DRUG STORE . . TEAL Co., FRANK C TIMKEN-DETROIT AXLE Co. TINKER Co TRUSCON LABORATORIES . . . UPJOHN Co. VICTOR X-RAY CORPORATION WAHR ' S BOOK STORE WEBSTER HALL WELLER LAUNDRY Co WHITE DENTAL Co., S. S. . . WHITEHEAD KALES Co. . . . WHITTLESEY MCLEAN Co. WOLVERINE OPTICAL Co. . . . WOLVERINE STONE Co. . WUEHTH Co., J. F W 524 536 568 5X 544 576 551 500 490 583 486 548 562 483 589 542 565 546 532 544 569 503 589 586 528 518 566 494 499 536 497 553 500 557 584 561 514 494. 542 577 572 506 525 581 586 535 543 534 562 508 589 550 506 501 494 559 554 545 ZWEHDLING ' S FUR SHOP Page 590 INDEX ORGANIZATION AND PERSONAL INDEX A Aaron, Josephine C. . . 50 Abad. M M . . 295 Alumnae House 434 Alumni Association of The Univ. of Michigan 264 Aubrey, B. M. . 384 Aubrey, W. H. . 53-355 Auer, J 268 Barr, A. S 36O-397 Harr, Marguerite 417- 438-461 Belote, G 318-381 Belser. W. . .. ' . . .391 Bement X 356 P5fl @ Abbett. J 329 Abbott, C. : .Vi Abbott, Eleanor 4:i(i Abbott, Mrs. Horatio 417 Abbott, Katherine . . . 436 Abbott, R. G 325 bbott Mr W M 1 ' 1 Airing, A 381 Atn:id..ii. 1 ' . A 318-397 American Society of Civil Engineers 282 Amerine, Elizabeth J. .417 Amerson, R. K 345 Amos X H 392 Ault, Garnet 178-236-392 Aurand, Leona M 53 Aurand, L. S. 36-53-304-366 Austin, C. W 277 Austin, E 349 Austin, Lucy E 415 Averbook, M. S. 344 Barra, Beth 437 Barrett, A. M. 305-318-389 Barrett, Mrs. A.M. 409-428 Barristers 303 Barrows, Winnona M. 43O Barrus, Margaret 437 Benallack, W. T. . 56 Bender. W. F 370 Benedict, J. C. 56-236 Benham. Gertrude 56-437 Benjamin, Helen I. . 56 Bennett, C. 258-272 53 Abbott. W. M. 264-315-331 Abrams, X 293 Abramson, H. A 50 Acacio, T 295 Achuck, Rose 288 Ainter. J. A 51-344 Andeer. Jarl 366 Anderson, Bertha M. . .51 Anderson, C. A 42- 51-275-291 A very. A 329 Averv. Eloise 247-428 Axford, H. D 53-4O2 B Karrv. Lucille 412 Barshnev, R W 55 Bartell, F. E. 337-380 Bartell, Mrs. F. E. . .415 Bartell, Mrs I. S. . .448 Bennett, ' W. I. " ... 384 Bennett, Mrs. W. I. 430 Bennhoff, A 57-320 Benschoten, Dawn 420-436 Benson, D. A. 57 Ackerman, Dorothy . . .408 Anderson, C. R 51 Babcock, E. E 388 Barth, R H. . 362 Benson, H B 172 Ackerman, R. W 339 Anderson, D 182-356 Babcock, F. P. 176-262-374 Barthel, T. M. . . 348 Ackley, D. E 340 Anderson, Esther . 248- Babcock, Margaret 4M7 Bartholic, F. W. . . 374 Benton, K. G. 34O Adams, Mrs. E. 1 421 437-460 Babcock, S 53-192 Bartlett, Evelyn . 433 Benz, AH 57 Adams, Mrs. H. C. 422 Anderson, G 402 Bach, L. E 401 Bartlett, K. . 181-4O6 Benz, E 183-332 Adams, H. W 50-364 Adams, H. F 359 Adams, L. B. . 50-370 Anderson, G. H 52 Anderson, H. C. 256-362 Anderson, H. L 281 Bacheler, Elizabeth .53 Bachenheimer, T. K. .341 Bacher, Bvrl F. .429 Bartlett, R. W. 391 Bartlett, W., Jr 391 Bartlette, L. W 276-399 Benz, Florence E. . 57 Benz, H 263 Berar Santokh S 57-250 Adams P L 312 Anderson, H R 4O6 Bacher, Mrs. H. 415-463 Bartley J E Jr 399 Adams, R. G 349 Adams. R K 247-272-329 Adams, T. H 324 Adelia Cheever Dorm. 443 Adelphi 276 Adkinson. J 345 Adler, H. M SO-346 Anderson, Ina D 446 Anderson, J. A. . . ' )2 Anderson, L. E. 169-392 Anderson, Marion 52- 437-441-443 Anderson, P. J 52 Anderson, Thelma E. . .52 Backus, Catherine 420-429 Backus, Ollie L. 452-458 Bacon, Blossom . . 247- 412-425-459 Bacon, J. E 391 Bacon, Ruth A. . .288-414 Badger, Kathleen . 424 Barton, H. A. . 286 Barton, H. 166-238-307-378 Barton, W. W 286 Baruch, Mabel 272-424-457 Ha-kr, F. W 401 Bassett, Xancy D.. 55-420 Bassow, P. H 55-392 Beresford, Lucille . 437- 442-460 Berg, Delight H 417 Berge, G. W 317-322 Berge, Mrs. Wendell 430 Bergelin, J. O. . 167-240-338 Berger, F. 361 Adler, Helen E 410 Adler, J. C 281 Anderson, T. M 186- 267-392 Badger, W. L. 380-393 Badger, Mrs. Walter .411 Batdorff , Marion 55 Bateman, L 394 Berger, M. L 354 Berger, W E 309-342 Aeronautical Society . . 283 Anderson, V. C 406 Badger, W. E. . . 182-340 Bates, Helen 416 Berger, W D 377 Ahlstrom, C 336 Ando, K. 297 Badgley, C. E. 391 Bates, H M 256- Ahn, G. B., Jr. .. 249-340 Ahrens, D. E 322 Andreae, Frances . 52-422 Andreae, G 329 Badglev, Florence C. . .53 Baer, M. H 346 303-317-324-395 Bates, Mrs. Henry 416- Bergman, W. G 319 Berk, IS 57 Aigler R W 187- Andreae H U 329 Baer, R. 53- 429-446 264-31 7-327-339-395 Andreae, H. D. . . 330 190-192-196-259-341 Batten, Ruth 425 Berkowitz B R 57 Aigler, Mrs. Ralph 418 Andrews, D. S. 386 Baeslock, Fredericka . 437 Batter, C. 55-236-369 Herman M E 57 Aitken, R. J 46-50 Andrews, H. B. 373 Bagley, Dr. Elizabeth 409 Bauer, C J , Jr 363 Bernard F F 349 Ake, S. 328 Andrews, I 350 Bailar, J. C 310-380 Akin, G. A 50-380 Andrews, M. S 339 Bailey, A. L 53 Bauer, W. C. 181-336-406 Bernstein, A. W 354 Albaladejo, J. M. . 252 Alberam, J W 50-342 Andrews, S. E 401 Andrews W X 34 ) Bailey, D. F. 281 Bailey, G. 332 Baum, C. L 44-45-55 Baum, P M 341 Bernstein, A. J 341 Albers. J. H 392 Albert, R. K. 50 Albig, J. M 319-355 Andrus, Helen 411 Andrus, Madelon 411 Angelino, M 277-326 Bailey, H 167-308-355 Bailey, Margaret M. 53-452 Bailey, M. S 363 Bauschard, F. G. .247-376 Bauschard, Hermine K. 55 Bauschard, Marion W. 55- Berro, H 336 Berry, Mrs. Charles J. 428 Berry, G I 57 Albig, Mrs. John W. 430 Angell, Mrs. Alex C. .436 Bailey, R. B 355 420-452-460 Berrr, R 277 Albright, Marjorie L. .452 Alden, Viola 430 Alder, G. C 325 Angell, Mrs. Robert C. 416 Angell, R. C 187- 244-319-344 Bailie, Mabel A 415 Baillie, Katherine 418 Bailv, Mrs. Benjamin 429 Baverman, R. E 204 Baxter, D. V. .285-286-325 Bay, Katherine 438 Bertollini, A 326 Bert sob, Claire V 57 Alderdice, W. . 182-356 Annable, G. H . .34- Baird, Dorothy J. . . . 54- Bayne, J. E 334 Besimer, F. E 170-388 p Alderton, Elizabeth 50-416 35-52-249-301-342 407-422-452-456 Bayuk, A. E. 341 Beslev M S 290 Alderton, G. A. 5O-330 Annand, J. 336 Baird, Sylvia M. 54-433 Beach, D. 362 Besse R M 405 C, Alderton, Sadie L 50 Annand, J. D. 271 Bairs, Mrs. Joseph 416 Beach, F. S 55-387 Beta Theta Pi 329 r Aldrich, E. E. 401 Baker, Allen K. . . 54 Beach, R. S v-.iv, j Aldrich, Mrs Fred H 428 Apesdorf, I 288-344 Baker, A. S ... 187 Beal, E. 329 Aldrich, Isabelle. 50-438 Aldrich, X 50-34.5-389 Ale, Ruth C 50- 438-445-460 Alexander, J. . 318-337 Appelt, Gladys J 52- 440-453-467-468 Applebaum, J. . . 52-267-369 Apps, D. W 52 Architectural Society 280 Baker, B. F. . . 170-366-388 Baker, C 277-386 Baker, D. J 325 Baker, E. B. . . .310-380 Baker, E. M. . . 380 Beal, Mrs. Elmer 413 Beal, J. E 322-329 Beal, Mrs. Junius .413-425 Beal, Margaret 413 Seals, A. . 222-230 Beuhrer, D. C 44-385 Beukema, M. E 382 Beuthien, W. J. . 323-385 Beverly, F. . .44-45-57-398 Bevis D J 323 Alexander, J. B. 50-369 Ardis, Emma . . 4O9 Baker, G. M. . . 349 Beaman, F. T. 55-362 Beyer Eleanor 424 Alexander, M. . 369 Ardussi, W. . 313 Baker, H. J. . . 370 Beamer, Ila M. 55-288 Bever K 393 Alexander, R. L. 40- Arenas, P. . 295 Baker, L. C. . . 54 Beamer, M. E 353 Beyers Geneva M 419 4 1-5 1-303-3 14-31 7-399 Algyer, D. D. . 238-347 Arendt, F. B 329 Arlick, K. 294-438 Baker, Mrs. Paul . . .428 Balcerski, Henriette 54 Bean, Azel E 370-390 Bean, J. W 267-316 Beyvl, J. W 46-57-348 Bialosky Helen M 427 Allan. Anna V 51 Allan, K. M. 285-286-351 Allen, Anna M 51 Allen, Blanche 1 51 Allen, De L. L. . . 51-366 Armbruster, Veta F. 52-452 Arms, Virginia 437 Armstrong, Corliss E .48- 52-290-382 Armstrong. X 338 Baldwin, A. F 401 Baldwin, C. W. . 359 Baldwin, G. S. . .351-405 Baldwin, H. L. . . 54-351 Baldwin, L. G. . 338-397 Beard, F. A 55 Beard, G 355 Beard, Ruth E 56-415 Beardslee, Katherine . 422 Beatty, Katherine 416 Bibat, B. S 295 Bibat. E 295 Bicknell, F 342 Bielby, Frances E. ...428 Bigel, Mrs S. L 429 Allen, G 362 Allen, Gladys V. 51-422-443 Allen, J. H 401 Armstrong, R. 52-336-392 Armstrong, Thelma . . .287 Baldwin, Mrs. S. G. 429 Baldwin, T 355 Bales, B. B. 362 Beaumont, Helen M. . .56- 438-453-472 Beavis J O 385-389 Bieelow, Antoinette 57-4 1 1 Bigelow, F. R 57- Allen, J. W 324 Arndt, Dorothy 5-435 Balgoogen, H. W. 54- Bebee, E. H 293-364 Bigelow G R 378 Allen, M. A 51-291 Allen, Mildred 428 Arnet, F. L. " ... 184-367 Arnet, Mildred 52 I74-3S2 Ball, R. W. . . 276 Bebee, F. H. . 293-364 Beck, A. J 56 Bigelow, S L. 310-376-389 Bigelow Mr S L 422-448 Allen, R. M 367 Arnold, Betsv . 413 Ballou, Isabel . 436-458 Beck, Dorothy 428-437-457 Bigge, G. E 314 Aller, J. G 51-400 Allert, W 293 Arnold, F 402 Arnold, H 355 Balsamo, J. J. . .172-204 Balthaser, R. M. . 54 Beck, Margaret 437 Beck, R. G. . 324 Bill, W. D 384 Billings E O 337 Allison, L. E. . . 47-51-393 Arnold, Katherine 418 Balz, Edna .... 54-422 Becker, A. 377 Bills, D G 57 Allman, W. H. .312-362 Alpha Chi Omega 408 Alpha Chi Rho 323 Alpha Chi Sigma 380 Arnold, L E 186-392 Arnold, Mary J 52 Arnold, W. W. . 277-291 Aroian, L. A. 53-291 Bancroft, W. D. . . 310 Banfield, E. A 331 Ban6eld, Ruthe E. 54- 273-430-452-457-459 Becker, C. L 267-352 Becker, Nellie 438-459 Becker, R. K 268-325 Becker, Ruth P. . 56-411 Bird, J. C 268 Bird, Katherine . . 288-428 Bird, Mrs. Margaret .415 Bird, R. 185-385 Alpha Delta Phi .324 Arsulowicz, J. E. . . 277 Banifield, C. . . 330 Becklev, Ruth M. . . 56 Bird, W. J 255 Alpha Epsilon Iota 409 Arthur, Carol ... 436 Banks, J. F 348 Beckman, W. E. 56 Birdi, Hazura 294 Alpha Epsilon Mu . . . 316 Arthur, F. C. ... 337 Bannasch, J. W. . 54 Beebe. H. M. 345-401 Birdseve, R. M 48- Alpha Epsilon Phi 410 Arthur, H. H. 365 Banninga, H. S. 54 58-290-386 Alpha Gamma Delta. .411 Alpha Kappa Delta . . .319 Alpha Kappa Kappa . .381 Alpha Kappa Lambda 325 Alpha Kappa Psi 382 Alpha Nu 277 Arthur, Margaret 248- 436-442-443-459 Asai, K 297 Asbeck, F. M. 212- 218-254-307-333 Ash. M. . 368 Banwell, C. . . . 177-335 Baragar, A. E 325 Barber, Blanche B. ... 54 Barber, R. D 387 Barbour, W. T., Jr. 34- 54-334 Beers, D. L 391 Beery, Marv H. .247-424 Beets, W. C 38-56 Behymer, C. E 56- 248-258-277-365 Birk, Mrs. John M. . . 428 Birnev, F 357 Birnkrant, A. A. .58-276 Birrell, L. M. .. 317-395 Birrell, Mrs. Lowell . .413 Bihkoe M G 268-344 Alpha Omega 383 Barker, E. F. 372 Bei Fuh-Ru 296-436 Bishop B P 58-313 A Alpha Omega Alpha 318 Ashworth, G. W. 53-310 Barker, G. H 287-370 Beier, C. F 56-386 Bishop C S 4O-58-4O5 S Alpha Omicron Pi 412 Askren, C 376 Barker, P. S. 318-389 H Alpha Phi 413 Askren, R L 376 Barker, R. C 390 Belcher Hazel M 175 H Alpha Phi Delta .326 Alpha Rho Chi 384 Alpha Sigma Phi 327 Alpha Tau Omega . .328 Alpha Xi Delta 414 Asquith. Mabel I. 53 Asset, Elizabeth R. 433-447 Aston, F. A 53-372 Athena Literary Society 458 Atherton, H. . 53-332 Barklev, J 44-54 Barley, A. R 204-345 Barlock, A. R 325 Barnes, Mrs. Charles . 408 Barnes, J. M.. 318 Belcher, Helen M. .56-412 Belknap, R. A. ' 311-356 Bell. C. M. 56-186-316-392 Bell, D. 288 Bell, H. J. . 292 Bishop, L. T 58-375 Bishop, Ruth . .182-436 Bishop, Ruth .247-415-461 Bishop, W. C. 58-272-367 Bishop, W W 58 1 Alstrin, L. R. 349 Alt, A. R 51-310-393 Althans, W. R. 312 Altland, J. K. 51-268-316 Altman, Raphael 396 Athletic Association 187 Atkins, S. F . 247-349 Atwell, C. H 53-365 Atwell, H. H 322 At wood Mrs Stephen 417 Barnes, Jane 436 Barnes. Janet S 54-409 Barnett, A. R 337 Barnette, Mayme F. 55 Barnev B 324-389 Bell, H. W., Jr. 324 Bell, J. H 360-385 Bell, Margaret 318- 409-424-466 Bell M T 18-342 BIss, Marie E. . 58 Bissell, F. T 372 Bittinger. R. T. . .58-280 Bitts, D. G 398 A? a@M Alton, E. 393 Aubin, J. L. . . 385 Barnum, D. A. 353 Bell M H 48-56- ' x K Black Elizabeth C 58- H2 Altshulhr, L. R. 51 Auble, Louise 432 Barnum, C. R. 384 Bellaire E J 338 174-431-438 " zed K. JSA m pM m Pafff cnr T h M0G.EDC SS8 Black, G. M 345 Black, H. 322 Black, Rebecca M. . .432 Blackett, O. W. . . .338 Blackwell, C. A.. .292-322 Blackwell, H 267 Blackwood, Helen ....416 Blaekwood, Jane H. ...58 Blades, Helen N. . . 58-438 Blair, Evelyn L 432 Blair, E 263-401 Blair, Laurel 332 Blair, N. H 58-356 Blair, T. H 401 Blakely, B. W 58-335 Blanchard, A. H 337 Blanchard, J. W. . . 58-347 Blanchard, L 392 Blashfield, A. E 40- 59-303-399 Blashill, Blanche 464 Blashill, J. B 401 Blass, R 252-293 Blaylock, R. C 281 Bleekman, G. M 338 Blenman, C 40-59-405 Blicke, F. F 330-393 Bliesmer, A. F 169- 268-316-392 Bliman, Elsie J. . .433-458 Bliss, F. S 59 Blocksom, B. H 349 Blome, Alice H. ..262-468 Bloom, C. 59 Bloom, Dorothy. . .410-455 Bloom, H. A 59-361 Bloomberg, L. M. . .59-361 Bloomfield, H 402 Bloomquist, C. 1 281 Blott, J 189-343 Blum, J. E 406 Blumenstein, D. D. ..358 Blymyer, F 331 B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Founda- tion 259 Board in Control of Student Publications 244 Bobrink, J. H. 34-35-59-333 Boden, M. H 192-261 Bodenstab, R. L 350 Boehm, Dorothy K. . . . 59- 420-460 Boertman, C. S 59 Boes, L 363 Boesche, F. W 277 Bofsky, Fayga 427 Bogart, K. W 59 Boillotat, Dorothy .... 438 Boldyreff, A 310 Boley, W. E 340 Bolhuis, Marguerite . . . 59 Bolin, G. W 363 Bolin, Thelma 59-418 Bolles, R 330 Bolotin, Freda 427 Bolsch, Virginia 416 Bolton, Rhea A 59 Bond, Eleanor M 59 Bonell, S. S. . .270-272-276 Bonfield, E 248 Bonham, W. H 392 Bonharn, W. L 318 Bonine, Sarah A 42- 59-412-453-467-472 Bonine, W. G 59-335 Bonisteel, Jean 420 Bonisteel, R. E 350 Bonnett, P 185-402 Boody, L 310 Bookwalter, L. ... 182-365 Boone, B. R 401 Boonstra, E. .44-45-60-385 Booth, D. S. . . .60-318-392 Booth, W. 1 372 Booth, W. J 335 Bope, J. A 395-405 Bope, L 424 Borchert, L. C 60 Bordeau, R 385 Borne, M 352 Bosley, M. S 48 Boss, Marie E 435 Bosserman, R. . .293-356 Bostick, E. P 382 Bostick, P. E. . . .60-174 Boston, Mrs. Orlin . .422 Boty, A. L 375 Bouchard, H .... 375 Bourke, M. P 348 Bourland, Clara 416 Bourland, Rebecca 416-436 Bourne, M. G 397 Bourquin, Alice . . .421 Bourquin, Jessie . . .421 Bourquin, Mrs. J. A. .415 Bouschard, Hermine . .452 Boutell, B. R 334 Bovard, A. J. . 192-196-342 Bovard, T. F. . . 175-366 Bovee, S. C. ... 352 Bowbeer, N. N. . 60-267 Bowen, Mary . 172-284-431 Bower, B. B 336 Bowerman, E. R. . 175-343 Bowers, H. L 276 Bowers, Madelyn . . .445 Bowersox, N. C. . . .181- 273-276-314-367 Bowman, A. C. . .261-399 Bowsher, K 373 Boyd, C. E 60 Boyd, D. A 367 Boyd, Mary Lou . . .414 Boyer, J. F. . . .376-395 Boyer, R. M. 337 Boylan, M. E 392 Boyland, D. W. .312-339 Boyle, C 365 Boyle, Mary L. . . .60-443 Boyle, R. L 40 Boyle, T. R. 60-303-387-405 Boyles, Mary F. .408-437 Boys, H 252-351 Bozarth, Inez 417 Braamse, N 185 Brace, W. O .397 Bracke, D 212 Braden, S 381 Bradfield, J. R 390 Brading, F. J 365 Bradley, Esther M. . .60- 412-460 Bradley, F. W. . .60-268 Bradley, G. S. 249-277-351 Bradley, Hazel D. .60-433 Bradley, Marian . . .418 Bradshaw, Mrs. J. W. .258 Bradshaw, P. S. . . .381 Brady, F 401 Brady, Margaret . 431-457 Brady, T. P. . . .378-395 Braendler, G. G. . . .268 Bragg, E. M. . . .252-306 Bragg, Mrs. E. M. . .409 Braidwood, R. . .252-376 Brainard, Mrs. Cliff . .428 Braitman, H. B 60 Braitman, L. . . .60-396 Brake, D. P 60 Brake, Eunice M. . . .60 Brammell, R. P. . . .291 Branch, C 389 Branch, J 166-345 Branch, Mrs. R. M. .432 Branch, W. C. . . 285-286 Brand, R. S. . . .60-325 Brandes, E 346 Brandt, C. G 273- 277-314-387 Brandt, Leona M. . .452 Brantingham, Martha .61- 422 Brass, W 180-393 Braun, Mrs. Carl .. .417 Braun, Hilda . 182-417-437 Breakey, J F 389 Breakey, Mrs. James .421 Breakey, R. S 389 Breckenridge, C. R. ..328 Bredvold, Mrs. L. I. . .422 Breed, Mrs. Christine .416 Breer, Margaret . . .34- 61-245-407-424-440 Breisch, D. J. .172-284-312 Brekke, Eleanor . .61-432 Breniser, H. C. . . 183-350 Brennan, Maurine . .431 Bretschneider, Alma M. 420 Brett, G 294 Brewer, Eleanor M. . .61 Brewster, L 40- 41-61-303-350-405 Bricker, L. M. 313-327-477 Bricker, Mrs. L. M. . .411 Brier, J. C 380 Brier, Mrs. J. C. . . .420 Brier, M. M. . . .61-437 Briggs, Mrs. C. P. . .414 Briggs, Louise M. .61-424 Briggs, A. P. . . .290-382 Brill, A. W 61-294 Brimacombe, F. C 61- 267-290-352-382 Bringloe, J. R 168 Brink, E. H 380 Brinkman, H 61-305 Brinston, P. A 286 Brittain, Fern Mae . . .414 Brittain, Florence . 247-408 Britton, Harriett 460 Britton, Helen 460 Broan, Phyllis 452 Brock, Zella 61 Brockett, Ruth 464 Brockway, E. M. .313-374 Brody, R 40- 61-259-317-400 Broehm, Marion O. .408- 442-457 Broene, Frances . . . .429 Broesamle, K. M 61 Bromley, W. T. . .61-374 Bromme, W. . 178-352-397 Brook, Madge 438 Brooks, Jane. . . .247-418 Brooks, M. Esther .61-436 Brooks, Madeline M. .419 Brooks, P 47-393 Brooks, P. C 61- 248-250-335 INDEX Brower, Thelma M. .419 Brown, Alice E. 62-277-426 Brown, Cecil H. . .62-322 Brown, D. M 350 Brown, E. E 62 Brown, E. P 62 Brown, Mrs. E. . . .421-425 Brown, F. L 347 Brown, G. G 380 Brown, G. O. .333-359-380 Brown, Helen D 62- 288-438-459-460 Brown, Helen M 442- 450-451 Brown, H. A 331 Brown, J. D. . ... 38-62-381 Brown, J. 249-370 Brown, J. G., Jr. . . .62-399 Brown, J. W 277-309 Brown, L. F 347 Brown, L. E 365 Brown, Lucije B 62 Brown, Marjorie ... .62 Brown, Mary Louise .437- 458 Brown, O. H 267- 268-316-352 Brown, Pauline 62-438-445 Brown, P. N 362 Brown, R. J 62 Brown, R. H 390 Brown, R. K 365-385 Brown, R. L 364 Brown, R. J 62-389 Brown, Virginia .. . .421 Brown, W. H 365 Brown, W. A 363 Brown, W. E 350 Brown, Mrs. W., Jr. . .418 Browne, W. G 331 Brownell, C. W 34- 62-245-247-300-313-343 Brownell, W. A 291 Brownell, Mrs. W. A.. .418 Browning, Mollie R. . .62 Bruce, J. D. .305-318-397 Bruce, R. D., Jr. 62-271-276 Brumbaugh, H. L.. 169-392 Brumbaugh, N. K. 378-395 Brumbaugh, Mrs. N. .421 Brumbaugh, W. D. . . .34- 62-258-338 Brumm, J. ...258-315-350 Brumm, Mrs. John L. .417 Brumm, Shirley ._ 357 Brummeler, Marie L. .63- 249-452 Brummitt, D. E 36- 63-282-304 Brunner, F 179 Brunsting, H. A 392 Brunswick, J. E 63- 248-250-358 Brusie, G 422 Brusk e, P. W. 256-303-359 Bryant, N. W 372 Bryant, P. S 34-63-333 Buchanan, W. T 347 Buck, H. C 63-325 Buck, R. M 328 Buck, S 335 Buckborough, M. W. .381 Buckingham, L. F. ...378 Buckley, J. F 281 Buckley, P. . . .270-331-395 Buckley, Salley H 432 Budge, Luayne. . . .420-436 Buehrer, D. C 63 Buehrer, Gladys E. 63-417 Buell, D. H. . .177-271-372 Buell, Mrs. Mahlon . . .417 Bueno, M. G. . ..63-295 Buffington, A. J. ..63-355 Buffington, Mary .424-461 Buffington, Mrs. M. E. 414 Bugni, P. B 63-275 Bulkley, Mrs. H. C. ..438 Bull, M. G 338 Bullard, F. M 311 Bullock, D. J 63-283 Bullock, H. H 63-362 Bullock, Vivien N 415 Bumgarner, Evelyn . .247- 436-459 Bunge, R. G 373 Bunin, 1 400 Bunker, C. F 327 Bunshaw, R. H 340 Bunting, R. W. . . .322-385 Bunting, Mrs. R. W. . .412 Bunton, Florence 462 Burch, B. A 381 Burch, H 385 Burd, W. W 336 Burdick, Inez J 63 Burger, C. F 63-387 Burger, F. D 266-323 Burgess, Marion L. . .432 Burgie, R. G 286 Burgnon, L 63-357 Burhans, R. A 268- 305-316-401 Buri, R. A. ... 174-290-382 Burill, D. Y 338 Burk, H. F 64 Burke, Evelyn K. . . 48-290 Burke, G. M 257-348 Burke, H. L 398 Burkhard, J., Jr 406 Burkman, N. W. . .171-385 Burkons, H. F 268 Burlingame, W. H 64 Burman, Tybill S.. 425-427 Burnam, Lillian 416 Burnam, S. M 64-331 Burneson, C 267 Burneson, M. 352 Burney, K. 330 Burns, B 412 Burns, G 293 Burns, Irma C. 64-438-445 Burns, Mary H 428 Burris, F. L 370-391 Burris, G. J 352-390 Burroughs, E. T 325 Burrowes, R. B 362 Burrows, Audrey 288 Bursley, J. A. ... 244- 256-257-270-308-312 Bursley, Mrs. J. . .416-429 Bursley, P. C 378 Burstein, S 64-344 Burt, Kathryn L. .411-457 Burt, Mary Louise . . . .64- 289-421-444 Burton, E. A 333 Burton, Mrs. Marian .424- 425 Burton, P. L 329 Burwell, Frances 247 Bury, Harriet 416 Busch, F. W 34-330 Busch, W. C 342 Bush, Bettina . 294-438-447 Bush, Louise A. . . .64-462 Bush, Margaret 247- 418-450 Bush, T. H 64 Bushnell, L. P. ... 166-330 Business Administration Club 290 Butler, C. R 64-353 Butler, H. S 294 Butler, Mrs. H. S 294 Butler, Kathryn E 417 Butler, L 355-390 Butler, Louisa . . . .438-447 Butler, Margaret . .64-426 Butler, R. E 401 Butler, R 179-385 Butler, W. H 419 Butler, Mrs. W. H 419 Butterfield, E. S. 40-64-405 Button, E. G 64-380 Butts, W. H 324 Butzbach, E. W 64 Buzzard, W. D 401 Byce, C. R 310-393 Byce, R. C 47-64-284 Bychinsky, W. A 312 Byrn, M. L. ..268-291-316 Byrne, J. D 64 Cabot, H 305-318 Cabot, Mrs. H. 409-428-429 Cacchione, D. A 326 Cache, E 295 Cadwell, Mrs. F 413 Cadwell, Mrs. M. B. . .294 Cain, A. B 277 Cain, B. M 252-308 Cain, H. M 370 Caine, B. T 277 Calderini, C. J 390 Calhoon, F. N 343 Call, H. H 262-351 Callahan, A. B. . . .255-323 Callahan, R. H. . .376-395 Callender, Alice . . .428-446 Calvert, Janet 418 Calvert, Margaret 425 Cameron, Cecil 183 Cameron, J 366 Cameron, J. D 389 Cameron, J. K 64 Cameron, Margaret. . .416- 445 Cameron, O. J 38- 65-318-397 Camp, C. D. .305-318-389 Campbell, B. L 384 Campbell, C. A 331 Campbell, D 288 Campbell, Dorothy . . .47- 65-284 Campbell, Elizabeth . .429- 460 Campbell, Genevieve . .411 Campbell, H. E 353 Campbell, Helen 411 Campbell, H. E. . .222-224 Campbell, J. V. . . .334-389 Campbell, Jean 248- 437-442 Campbell, Mrs. J 418 Campbell, Katherine L. 65- 408-417-459 Campbell, L 466-470 Campbell, Mary E. ...429 Campbell, O. J 270- 272-334 Campbell, Mrs. O. J. . .429 Campbell, R. N 385 Campbell, R. A 264- 266-268-270-292-307-316- 322-352-386 Campbell, W 402 Campbell, W. C., Jr. . .34- 35-65-301-359 Candler, G. B., Jr 378 Canfield, B. L. ...268-316 Canfield, Dorothy E. . . .65 Canfield, J. H 65 Canfield, N.. . .305-323-397 Canfield, R. B 305- 318-397-429 Canfield, Mrs. R. B.. .409 Cannon, J. H 328 Capa, Agustin 295 Capa, Ancieto 295 Caple, Clara 414-458 Capp, C. S 391 Capron, H. G 330 Carfrae, Margaret 422 Carl, H. R 361 Carlen, Dorothy M. . . 65 Carlson, G. W 363 Carlson, J. L 268 Carlson, W. S. 233-311-356 Carlton, D. C 65-351 Carmichael, G. A. .... .38- 39-65-305-397 Carmichael, T. H 65 Carner, O. G. .. .293-303 Carnes, H. W. . ..65-281 Carney, R. J. . . .380-393 Carney, Mrs. R. J. . .422 Carney, W 272 Carpenter, A. J. .249-360 Carpenter, L., Jr. .65-364 Carpenter, Mrs. W. J. .411 Carr, B. M 176 Carr, B. Loraine 262 Carr, H. L 398 Carr, H 179 Carr, J 182-327 Carr, M. E 268-316 Carr, Marjorie M. 288-438 Carr, M. S 310-380 Carr, R. E 342 Carr, W. L 291 Carrel, Helen 436 Carrow, Teressa 416 Carson, Carol G 65 Carson, R. E. . .65-250-331 Carson, Ruth 417 Carten, Esther M 65 Carter, Clare F. . . 192-234 Carter, R 385 Carter, R. D 65-385 Carver, B. C. .66-313-349 Carver, H. C. . . . . .307 Carveth, F. B 304 Gary, B. B 339 Cary, Margaret 431 Casady, T. E 337 Casady, Mrs. T 422 Case, B. C 36-66-380 Case, Ermine C. ..285-311 Case, H. W 345 Case, J. B 324 Case, J. S 66-309 Case, L. 380 Case, Mary A. .66-425-437 Casey, Muriel 411-452 Casing, D 295 Caspari, Frances 429 Cassidey, H 365 Caster, R. E 347 Castin, C. C 291 Castle, E. B 338-389 Castrence, Guillermo . .295 Castrence, Zozonte . . . 295 Catchpole, R 267 Cathcart, E 389 Cato, C. M 266-323 Catron, L. F 333 Cavanaugh, J. K 175- 247-372 Cavanaugh, M. J 348 Caverly, H. L 343 Cavley, Elsa M 66 Centanni, A. F 326 Chabut, H. M 397 Chadwick, Mrs. Clif. . .429 Chaffee, Eloise C 40S Chaffee, W. . . 168-236-359 Chakravarrty, G 294 Chalk, H. J. . . .66-267-325 Challis, I. A 399 Chamberlin, Jo H 34- 66-248-254-300-3 1 2-3 1 5- 342 Chambers, G. M.. .353-387 Champe, C. G. .66-301-324 Chan, G 296 Chan, Ruth 437-448 Chandler, Carol ..425-460 Chang, C 296 Chang, H 294-296 Chang, R 296 Chang, Y. E 296 Chapin, Helen 411 Chapin, M. D 343 Page 592 Chapman, C. W 66 Chapman, I). H 311 Chapman, E. A. . .255-329 Chapman, R. M. . . . 327 Chapman, R. C. 204- 232-312-347 Chapman, R. H. .66-339 Chapman, S. .34-66-372 Chapman, W. Chappie, C. C. 357 ..38- 66-305-378 . . 378-389 Chappie, R. R, Charles, Alice M. 408-437 Charles, Isabelle 248- 408-437 Charlton, M 66 Charter, H. W 66- 273-277-314 Chase, J. S 36 Chase, Katherine . 421 Chase, Mary W. . .249-428 Chase, S. F 333 Chase, W. L 66-382 Chavenelle, Marjorie G. 66- 408-425-444-460 Cheadle, G. R 348 Cheatham, Vivian . . . 428 Cheever, Helen 436 Chen, Florence 294-296-433 Chen, G. M 296 Chen, Ruth 296 Cheney, S. J 281 Cheng, T. H 296 Cherry, J. A 326 Chesley, Helen B. .434-460 Cli.-y, Martha B 67 Chkhester, 1 324 Chi Delta Phi 447 Child, Eunice A 67- 453-462-472 Childs, T. D 336 Chilman, W. A 342 Chinese Students Club 296 Chi Omega 415 Chi Phi 330 Chipman, Mrs. D. C. .428 Chipman, Dorothy .428 Chipman, Hope 428 Chipman, Laura B. .288- 437-455-468 Chi Psi 331 Chisholm, Kathleen .444 Chojnacki, .S. M 67 Chowdury, G 294 Chown, Hazel 445 Christensen, Alice M.. .428 Christensen, G. B. . .405 Christian, A. A 380 Christian, P 352 Christian, Mrs. P. 425-428 Christiansen, S 426 Christman, E. E. .67-353 Christy, Florence 174-290 C hristy, Mrs. Jos. C. . .412 Chubb, L. R 277 Church, F 330 Church, Jessie 248- 442-467-468 Church, K. M. . .48-67-382 Churchill, R. V 343 Churchill, S. . .267-316-352 Churchill, W 359 Churchman, Anna J. .413 Cilley, E. 1 67 Cimini, Marie E 452 Cipriano, A. J 326 Clacer, D 295 Claney, H 378 Clark, Mrs. Albert ... .428 Clark, Alice 67-438 Clark, A. B 67-452 Clark, C. T 277-325 Clark, C. J 34O-392 Clark, C. E 67-338 Clark, Dorothy H 430 Clark, Elizabeth M. 67-411 Clark, Florence 411 Clark, Mrs. Harry 413 Clark, H. E 3S4 Clark, H 182-345 Clark, R. J 397 Clark, W. B 384 Clarke, J. L 392 Clarke, K 199-363-385 Clarke, Margaret A. 67-438 Clarkson, Elizabeth ( -VM Clarkson, E. S 258 Clarkson, R 310-380 Clarkson, Sally 413 Clarkson, W. S 329 Clary, R 186-343-381 Clay, Mary B. Clay, W. H. Clay, W. D. Clayton, R. A. Cleland, B. W. Clement, Florence N. Clement, Stella M. 175-416 . .345 ...398 255-374 67-338 175 B7- Clendenin, R. J. . Cleveland, J. B. . Clifford, Kathleen Clinton, W. H. . Coaching Staff 419-463 . . .406 ... 360 . .412 68-281 ... 189 Coates, C. W 40- 68-351-405 Coats, H. B 393 Cobb, J. N 281 Cochran, P 176 Cochran, R. Janet 415-458 Cochran, Ruth J 175 Cochran, S. S 336 Cockran, W. D. ..170-390 Coddington, S. 8. ..68-365 Codling, Laura .414-461 Cody, Louise .416-453-471 Coe, B. D 68-281 Coe, Juanita 438 Coen, B. R 344 Coffee, R 389 Coffey, H. R 317-387 Coffey, Mrs. H 418 Coffman, I. M 68- 430-457-458 Cogar, K. M 373 Coggan, J. C 385 Coghlen, Margaret F. . .68 Cogshall, C. D 68-353 Cogshall, Mrs. C. D. . .428 Cohen, A. R 354 Cohen, Anita . . . 247-248 Cohen, J. H 68 Cohen. J 319-377 Cohen, Juliette . .259-410 Cohen, Lillian R 68 Cohen, N. D 346 Cohn, G 68 Cohn, M. J.. . .251-259-361 Cohn, M. G 368 Colby, R 366 Cole, D. D 322 Cole, G. L 334 Cole, H. M. .. 68 Cole, Margaret 68-460-462 Cole, R. M. 34-68-240-377 Co ' e, R. S 262-343 Coleman, J 359-389 Coleman, M. R. .48-68-325 Coles. B. B 291 Coll, H. H 176 Collegiate Sorosis 416 Coller, F. A. 305-318-397 Coller, Mrs. F. A 414 Collick, Lorraine 461 Collins, A. P 68- 174-290-386 Collins, A. H. . . 42-68-291 Collins, Elizabeth M. . .69 Collins, Florence L 69 Collins, H. N 69-325 Collins, P. D 353 Collins, R. E 353 Collins, W. W 323 Collyer, Kate E 415 Colwell, J. K 399 Colwell, W. P 329 Comans, D. R 69 Comedy Club 272 Comfert, R. B 382 Comina, Dorothy J. . . .69 Comins, Dorothy 438 Compton, Josephine ..411 Comstock, W 355 Conard, Elizabeth 409-448 Conat, C. M 69-351 Conboy, K 42 Conboy, W. K 69 Conder, R. W 349 Condon, Lillian 408 Condon, Lydia 416 Cone, G. 287 Conger, Mrs. Frank L. . 428 Congo, John S 252 Conklin, J. W 352 Conklin, Julia M 431 Conlin, E. F 348 Conlon, T. L. 34-35-69-327 Conn, A. B 69 Conn, R. A 69-313-352 Connell, Eleze 414 Connelly, J 44-69-385 Connery, Frances J. . . 69 Connor, A. D 34- 69-189-240-301-376 Connor, R. E 268-362 Conrad, Sabina 464 Considine, Catherine 433 Conway, L. J 328 Cook, A 281 Cook, A. R 36-69 Cook, A. R 373 Cook, Bernice G 69 Ci,k, Mrs. Charles W. 430 Cook, G. A 69 Cook, G. R 70 Cook, H 402 Cook, J. C 70-399 Cook, Marguerite W. . .70- 425-452-477 Cook, Marian 70 Cook, P 42-342 Cook, R. B 373 Cook, V 373 Cook, W 375 Cooke, Eleanor 437 Cooke, T. M 378 Cooker, D. M 70 Cookson, J., Jr 352 Cookson, Rosalyn A. 70-438 INDEX Cooley, C. H. 319-334 Cooley, Mrs. C. H. ..422 Cooley, Louise ... 246- 418-467-469 Cooley, Mary E. . . .416 Cooley, M. E. ..322-364 Cooley, Mrs. Mortimer 418 Coolidge, C. A 46-364 Coombs, W. A. ... 182-345 Cooper, D. M. 222-228-351 Cooper, E. L 268 Cooper, 1 354 Cooper, J. B 249-367 Cooper, Jeanette 70 Cooper, L 355 Cooper, R. J 328-389 Cooper, Ruth 436 Cooper, Vera 408 Cooper, Virginia E. ...419 Cooperstalk, M 394 Coote, Opal 429 Cope, Anna E 70- 294-438-460 Copeland, Elizabeth ..425 Copeland, Frances .... 425 Copeland, G. K 351 Corbett, Hazel 426 Corbus, E. T 337 Corder, K 4O6 Cords, A. F 70 Corell, G 366 Corey, C. H 380 Cork, Mrs. James F. . .428 Corle, Dorothy J 70- 288-452-460 Corn, Elizabeth H. 410-4.56 Cornell, D 461 Cornell, H. K. 70-266-316 Cornell, Marguerite . . . 420- 458 Cornwall, F. 1 359 Cornwall, Stella 173 Cornwall, F 355 Correll, C. K 249-328 Corriden, D. J 16- 212-218-360 Cory, C. H 360 Coryell, Eleanor R. 43O-458 Cossitt, Lois 247-288-412 Cottington, Frances -M. 70 Coughlin, J 293 Coulter, C. H 70- 285-286-333 Couper, W. M 350 Courtis, T. M 277-376 Coventry, W. D. . .338-389 Covert, Mrs. Arthur. . .417 Covert, H. E 349 Covert, Martha 460 Covey, Mrs. Donald . .415 Covington, Marian H. .70- 294-434 Covitz, L 354 Cowan, Beatrice . 431-462 Cowden, R. W 339 Cowden, Mrs. Roy W. 414 Cowell.H. F 70 Cowell, W. G 36- 70-281-309-350 Cowie, D. M. .305-318-389 Coi, Dorothy . 247-436-459 Coj, Mrs. J. J 414 Cox, Madeline 436 Cox, W. E 303-395 Cox, W. J 71-348 Coykendall, Fayette L. 71- 281 Crabtree, W. C. ...91-381 Craftsman 292 Cragin, R. A 329 Cragin, R 192 Craig, J 331 Craig, R., Jr 285 Craig, R 286 Craig, Mrs. Robert . . .412 Craig, Ruth S 420 Crain, W. L. .44-45-71-402 Cramton. Margaret . . .428 Cranage, B. C. .234-331 Crandall, F. 272 Crane, Alice B 415 Crane, C. L. . .290-271-378 Crane, P. M 251 Crane, R. T., Jr. . . 324 Cranford, Helen . .288-438 Cranton, Marge 288 Cranwell, Barbara . . .249 Crawford, C. 48-71-290-382 Crawford, P 182-350 Crawford, Wilma 430 Crego, W 232-371 Creighton, J. T 405 Cress, E. H 350 Or, Mrs. Earl 413 Crippa, A 360 Cristy, H. P 270- 271-272-307-364 Criswell, Rosseau 429-459 Crittenden, W. V 17- 385-414 Crocker, Mrs. Alice . . .422 Crocker, Fandira 437 Crockett, C 44 Crockett, C. D 71 Crofts, Addie 411 Croll, S 71-383 Cromwell, J. D 286 Cromwell, Marine J. . . 430 Cron, F. W 71-294-356 Cron, W. F 313 Crone, Alice 453 Cronin, Betty L 420 Cronwall, E. C., Jr. . . .378 Croop, Vivian 429 Crosby, J. H 342 Cross, A. L 301-338 Cross, F 426 Cross, Mrs. F. H 428 Cross, Florence 426 Crouch, C. L 71 Crouse, H. E 330 Crouse, H. E 175 Crouse, J. R., Jr. 71-330 Croushore, J. E. .365-391 Crow, G. W 71-367 Crowe, Ethel M. 71-414-452 Crowe, M. E., Jr 331 Crowell, Barbara 438 Crowell, H. E 322 Crowthers, M 182-337 Crump, Lela 247-412 Cruse, Carrol 436 Culbertson, Eleanor . . .412 Culkin, P. R 71- 266-267-337 Culler, A. M 392 Culpepper, F. C. . . . 434 Culver, W. E 71 Cumings, C. B 334 Cummings, E. C. .280-384 Cummings, Florence .445 Cummings, H. H. .305-392 Cunningham, J. A. 34- 71-244-342 Curl, L. C.. 71-270-313-386 Curnow, J. J 286 Currah, Margaret C. . .428 Curran, E. 312 Currey, Nancy 412 Curri, A 406 Currie, C. C. . 72-277-386 Currie, D. N. . 175-277-351 Currie, Jean L. 420-458-460 Curry, F. S. . . . 169-327-397 Curry, J 182-327 Curry, Melba C 72 Curry, R. K 397 Curtenius, F. B. . . . 359 Curtis, A 318-381 Curtis, F. D 322 Curtis, Mrs. Francis ..418 Curtis, H. J 72-370 Curtis, Martha J 72 Curtie, O. C., Jr 362 Curtis, R. H 337 Curtis, Mrs. Ralph H. 411 Curtis, R. R 362 Curtis, R. G 72- 268-270-272-316 Curtiss, Marie J. . . . 72- 425-438-460 Gushing, E. L 204-360 Gushing, T. F 324-389 Cuttfbert, F. A 287 Cutler, C 357 Cutler, Lucile M.. .430-456 Cutter, Elizabeth . . 177-412 Cutting, Margaret .72-413 Cutting, Mary A 411 Cutting, R. D 337 Cuyar, L. F 72 Dahl, O. M 72-306 Dahl. R. J 366 Dahlam, A. G. . 222 Dahlberg, L. O 325-405 Dahn, D. B 72 Daiber, J. F .72-282 Daigle, T. L 327 Dailey, C 236 Daker, C. C 328 Dalby, H. G 370 Dalby, R. G 381 Dale, Jeanette. 272-424-461 Dalke, P. D 286-340 D ' AHeva, B. A 312 Dailey, S. J 72 Dalton, E. W 359 Dalton, Marjorie 415 Daly, J. V 72-290 Daly, R. C 312-355 Damm, A. R. 72-290-386 D ' Amour, Madalyn R. 72- 431 Dana, S. T 286 Dance, Helen 418-447 Daniels, E. F 337 Daniel.-, V. S 72 Dankers, Madelyn G. .73- 437-441-445 D ' Anna, E. 348 Danner, S 232 Dans, E 182 Darbaker, A. K 353 Darbeyshire, Pauline . .414 Darling, C. G 389 Darling, Edna M 434 Darling, Grace 458 Darnall, C. R 73- 189-236-301-360 Darnton, R. B 325 Darte, Dorothy O. . .428 Daugherty, C. .170-388 Davenport, K. M. 331-397 Davenport, Mm. K. .421 Davenport, W. A. ...384 Daves, L. L 392 Davey, Ali - e M 73 Davidson, B 294 Davidson, Marian A. . 73 Davidson, R. D 330 Davidson, R. A 375 Davies, P 182-338 Davies, W. S 362 Davis, Mrs. C. 408 Davis, D 290-386 Davis, D. R 374 Davis, E. C. 73-303-342-390 Davis, E. W 291 Davis, E. H 372 Davis, Helen E. ...73-288 Davis, J. E 250 Davis, J 464 Davis, June 412 Davis, L. E 277 Davis, Margaret 415 Davis, R. H 73-306 Davis, R 212-214 Davis, W. C 364 Davis, W. F 73 Dawkins, H. E 44-398 Dawley, P 324 Dawson, E. B 73 Dawson, J. P 395 Dawson, L. M 378 Day, E. E 187-314-372 Day, Margaret C 73 Day, P. J 337 Day, W. R. . . 181-332-406 Dean, C 293 De Bevoise, Helen 411 DeBolt, W. P 430 DeCamp, J. W 365 Decker, A 329 Decker, M. B 387 De Crausay, D 179 De Foe, Rose M. .73-452 Defur, E. G 303-388 De Gowin, E. L. De Graff, B. A. Deinzer, Lucile . . Deiss, C De Journo, Estelle 421 Delano, L 352 De Leona, V Deline, Muriel E. Dell Aquila, D. J. Delor, Camille J.. Delp, L. A Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta Chi Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Omicron . Delta Phi Delta Sigma Delta Delta Sigma Phi . Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Rho . Delta Tau Delta 337 Delta Theta Phi 387 Delta Upsilon 338 Delta Zeta 420 del Toro, J 288 Delves, Edna A 74 De Mink, D. J 74 Demmink, G. .4O4-405-4O6 Dempster, H. G. . . 74-332 De Mund, G. H. De Muth, F Den Bleyker, J. . . Denier, William H Dennen, Elizabeth. 416-436 Densmore, Doris F. . . . 408 Densmore, G. E. . 277-314 Denton, T. H 270 Deo, M. R 330 Dersham, L. E 74 Desenberg, Johanna . . 410 Desmond, Dorothy . . . 443 Desmond, R. W 315 Detzer, R. X 74- 266-267-316 Deumling, W. W 389 Deutsch, Blanche .410-459 Deutsch, M. W. . Deutsch, M. B. . De Vilbiss, H. DeVol, Elizabeth De Vries, H. G. . . De Vries, Jean M. 416-438-445 De Vries, S. J 398 Dewey. Mrs. Barbera .419 Dewey, W 353 De Witt, F. J., Jr. 340-380 Dey, M. C 336 Dhariwal, P 294 Diack, A 256 Diack, Mrs. A. W. 428-436 Diack, S 389 .73 . .73-340 .436-458 .311-338 . 294-295 ..74-438 . . 74-326 74 .268-316 ..332 .333 . .417 ..418 . .334 .419 ..335 ..385 336 386 . .314 74 .. .401 182-334 .376 .358 361 349 186-392 74- Pag! 593 INDEX Diamond, A 40- 41-74-400-517 Diamond, H. W 74 Diamond, T 426 Diamond, Mrs. Thos.. .426 Dibble, Dorothy 413 Dibble, S. L. . 182-263-367 Dick, M. W 74 Dick, V. S 271 Dickerson, B 338 Dickerson, G. B 286 Dickerson, W 267 Dickey, L. D 335-397 Dickey, R. M 312-362 Dickinson, E. D 314 Dickinson, Mrs. E. D. 432- 446 Dickinson, Z. C 314 Diehl, J 293 Diehl, Pauline 408 Dietrich, Mary E 74 Dietsch, E 293 Dietz, P. H 336 Di Francesco, S. R. . . 326 Di Giulio, A 294 Dill, E. K 74 Dillon, J. G 336 Dinin, Ruth 74 Dinius, S. H 342 Dinklespiel, H. S. 236-268 Dinwiddie, J 364 Disler, M. K 365 Dittman, W. J 75 Dively, Mary C 249 Dixon, G 181-406 Dixon, R. L 370 Dixon, W 40- 41-75-276-314-356 Dju, A 296 Doane, C. W 312-355 Dobbin, J 339 Dobbs, C. B 75 Dobell, B. L 382- 404-405-406 Dobson, Hazel 294 Dodd, J. G 323-329 Dodge, R. A 370 Doerge, C. H 75-333 Doherr, A. 350 Dolenga, Helen 294 Dolensky, M. J 220 DolgorourT, G 294 Dolinsky, Mannie J. . . .354 Doll, C 293 Dolliver, G. B 232 Dolman, J. L 406 DomhofT, V. E. 192-197-345 Dominie, Helen 428 Donahoe, H. T. 75-234-389 Donahue, Eilene 431 Donaldson, B 270 Donaldson, G 395 Donaldson, S. W 397 Donavan, Kathleen 288,431 Donker, R. F 36-75 Donnally, Mrs. A. J. .408 Donnenfield, R. B 361 Donovan, D 355 Donovan, Kathleen 288 D ' Ooge, Mrs. M. L. .428 Doolittle, D 337 Doolittle, Doris 438 Doriacin, U. B 105 Dottinheim, M. H. ..346 Doty, E. J 397 Doubleday, D. J. 34-75-376 Doudna, H. E 401 Dougal, C. R 36- 37-75-304-337 Dougall, T. J 34- 35-75-270-271-272-301-376 Dougall, W. R 376 Douglas, G. W .. .75-350 Douglas, Mrs. H. 421-436 Douglas, H. V 75-350 Douglas, W. H. . . .327-385 Douglass, L. H 353 Dougovito, C. J 234 Dow, E. W 329 Dow, Mrs. Earl 416 Dow, Jean 75-416 Dow, L. F 331 Dow, Margaret G.. .75-413 Downie, Elizabeth M. . .75 Dowsett, W. J 312 Dowzer, O. L 166- 250-321-335 Doyle, C. R 316 Doyle, F. M. ..75-305-381 Drabicke, J. F 348 Drake, J. H. 303-338-395 Drake, M. J 271-332 Drake, O. J 353 Drake, R. E 350 Draper, J. C. . 75-359 Dressier, Jeanette . 431-456 Drevdahl, C. G. 268-385 Drew, A. G 350 Drohomereski, M 286 Drueke, Irene 431-442-456 Druids Drummond, A. C. . Drummond, D. H. Drummond, L. L. . Drummond, Phyllis 301 267 380 336 429 Drury, W. R 374 Dubois, G. A 367 Dubpernell, E 325 Du Charme, C. B. . . 187 Ducket, W. 1 399 Duckman, L 361 Dudley, H. W. 170-353-387 Dudley, Mrs. J. M. ...408 Duellman, M 180-393 Duff, E. M 364 Duff, R 362 Duffield, F. H 76-334 Duffield, J. E. 166-187-327 Duffield, Jean 247-418 Dugan, G 324 Dulude, L. . . . 170-234-398 Dumbrigue, F. . . 276-295 Dume, T. L 76-291 Dunbar, R. M 286 Duncanson, D 387 Dunham, D. B. . .304-327 Dunlap, Anna 414 Dunlap, H. . . 261-305-392 Dunlap, H 356-387 Dunlap, Roberta 437 Dunn, R. E 76 Dunn, R. A 76 Dunn, W. W. . . .44-76-398 Dunning, D. W 336 Dunstone, Laura D. . .431 Duprow, L 76-357 Durand, Marian 263- 418-437 Durant, T. M 76-381 Durfee, E. N 303-395 Durfee, Mrs. Edgar N. 416 Durfee, M. L 391 Durham, J. V 306 Dusenbury, G. A 331 Dusse, Marion 436 Dusseau, Margaret . . . 438 Dyke, Eleanor . . . .411-461 Dykstra, J. W 76-314 Dylevig, C. C 376 Dziurewicz, Catherine .434 E Eableigh, Winfred 428 Eagleran, S 347 Eagles, A. L 268-325 Eaman, Margaret .424-461 Eames, O. A 347 Earhart, Mrs. H. B. .425 Earl, Virginia L 432 Earle, G 352 Earle, Ruth 185 Easlick, K. A 76-385 Easterly, E 167- 252-281-308-375 Eastlake, R 297 East land, K 185 Eastman, Elizabeth L. . 16- 34-422 Eastman, H., Jr 362 Eastman, Raye C 322 Eaton, Catherine G. .452 Ebel, P. R 405 Ebendick, C. E. A 76 Eberback, C. W 318 Eberbach, E. W 362 Eberbach, Linda 421 Eberly, Helen J 436 Ecdale, Ruth S 420 Echols, D. H 338 Eckel, A. J 179-402 Ecker, J. E 76-383 Eckstein, H. C 380 Eddington, Marie .412-436 Eddy, Mrs. Nelson . . .429 Eddy, R. M 370 Edelman, Grace S 427- 452-458 Edelson, C. N. 166-248-358 Edelstein, A 369 Eder, S 76-383 Edmison, P. J 378 Edmunds, C. W 318- 345-389-393 Edmunds, E. C 353 Edwards, D. L 277 Edwards, P. L 395 Edwards, R 357 Edwards, W. D., Jr. . . .34- 35-76-347 Edwards, W. E 175- 271-338 Edyvean, W 186-401 Effinger, J. R 301- 312-349-395 Effinger, Mrs. John . . 418 Efroymson, E. L 377 Egeland, Bessie V 249 Egeland, Grace S 452 Egeland, V 248 Eggleston, G. H. . . .76-350 Ehrlieh, M 76-396 Eich, L. M 314-340 Eichel, L 361 Eichelberger, M. B. . . 373 Eichenhofer, H. J 36- 37-77-282-304-309-374 Eisele, D. E 46-384 Eisentrager, L. R 348 Eiserman, L. E 77- 181-273-277-314-386-406 Eklund, W. G 77- 187-233-356 Blander, A. E 77 Eliasohn J 368 Feinberg, M. A. . . .78-346 Feinsinger, N. P 78- 317-341 Feldkamp, E. D 78 Fleming, D. B. . . .257-351 Fleming, Donna 436 Fleming, E. W 351 Fleming, F. E. 171-267-462 Eliezer E B 344 Feldman, C. S 171 Flemming, M 389 Ellicock, C. M 351 Elliott A L . . . . 267 Feldman, I. 1 259 Feldman, R 358 Fletcher, Prelina 413 Fleury, Barbara . . .460 Elliott, A. 13. .291-310-380 Elliott, E. M 362 Elliott, H. A 378 Elliott, J. T 176-328 Elliott Laura D 287 Felix, H. S 36- 79-282-304-309 Felix, R 348 Felker, Ona G 249 Fell, B. C. ' . 348 Flinterman, Mary . . . .416 Flo, S. C 391 Flood, D. J 349 Flook, Florence R 80 Flora W A 327-397 Elli N H 77 Fellows, Alice M.. . 79-436 Florence, J. B 36- Ellis, Ruth 437 Ellis, W. B. . . .77-365-381 Ellison E J. 378 Fellows, Helen 436- 459-460-468 Fellows, J., Jr 306-378 80-255-281-309 Florer, Frances 413 Florer, H. . 337 Ellison HA . . . . 378 Feltis, Thelma 425 Florer, Mrs. Herbert . .413 Ellison, Jane C 77-460 Ellison, Mildred A. 434 Ely, S 168-261-384 Emde L 322 Fendler, F. A 312 Fennegerg, Doris .438-446 Fenstermacher, Lillian. 408 Ferency, Marian 431 Florer, W. W 337 Florer, Mrs. William . .413 Floyd, Mrs. E. F 412 Floyd, Ruth L 80 Emens, J. R 291 Emerson, H. W 328- 322-389-393 Emersen, Mrs. R. W. .415 Emerson, Mrs. Sterling 416 Emery, C. B 347-397 Emery, H. P 378 Emery, Jane 421-438 Emery W 248-336 Ferguson, A. L. . . 380-448 Ferguson, F. G 399 Ferguson, Julia 438 Ferguson, Katherine M. 79- 416 Ferguson, L. W 333 Ferguson, W. N 339 Ferrin, Winifred 408 Ferris F H 406 Flvnn, Dorothy 417 Fogarty, R. B 364 Foley, Harriet K. .80-437 Foley, Josephine 414 Folger, D. C 362 Folger, E. A 362 Follette, Virginia 421 Follmer, Marjorie 248-414 Folsom Jane 80-288-473 Empso ' n, G. R 77-351 Empson, L. N. ...351-406 Emswiler, J. E 252 Endelman, O. 438-459-460 Endlick, Bernice 420 Endriss, P. W 77-301 Engelfried, J. J 77 Engle J 369 Ferris, Jessie 464 Ferris, L. W 405 Ferris, W 79 Fess, Dorothy C 79 Fessender.C. H 328 Fest, L 79 Fichtel, Marie W. . .79-438 Fiebig, H. C 79-353 Fong, D. J 296 Fong, Ming T 296 Fong, S. R 296 Foote, Mrs. A. W 411 Forbes, A. W 337 Forbes, A. D 312 Forbes, E. F 251 Forbes, Martha C. 80 Engleken, R. M 365 Ensel, L. W 77-377 Ensminger, Mrs. Fred 431 Enteman V C 406 Fiegel, S 366 Field, Dorothy M.. 419-463 Field, Elizabeth 426 Field, H. G 372 Ford, Alice 413 Ford, H., Jr. . .80-277-340 Ford, S. E.. 80-174-360-382 Ford, S 338 Entin S 400 Field, Kate K. 418-429 Ford V R 252-365 Eovaldi, B. .40-41-77-405 Erberback, C. W 389 Erickson, D. Y 170- Field, Katherine . .247-438 Field, Marjorie 426 Field, N 182 Ford, W. B. . ..338 Ford, Mrs. Walter 411 Fordney, Irene 421 351-388 Fields, H 381 Forestry Club 286 Erickson L E 36-77-281 Fierer, Hilda 79-427 Forncrook Elva 438 Erman, Zelda 77 Ernst, Marguerite . . 77-426 Ervin, Mrs. J. E 415 Fierer, Ruth 79-427 Fiero, R. P. . . 305-325-391 Figge, Ruth 466-471 Forrest, Delia M 81 Foshee, Evelyn E 432 Forster, J. A 81-330 Erway, R. E 77-277 Erwiii, B. B 432 Erwin, C 359 File, Margaret F. ..79-419 Fillmore, D. H 79 Finch, R. E. . . .248-352 Forsvth, B. D 398 Forsvthe, F. C. . . .277-355 Forsvthe, L . 347 Erwin, Grace 462 Esman, M. 358 Esselstyne, Donna 415-429 Essery, Florence 445 Estabrook, Alice 431 Estabrook, Helen. . .78-431 Estavillo, Federico . .295 Estes, W. O. . . .78-277-387 Estrin, Rose 78 Ettinger, Mrs. Elmer. .430 Evans, Alice G. . . .432-461 Evans, Aretas 461 Evans, Catherine . 175-468 Evans, Dorothy E. . . .426 Evans, E. S.. Jr 359 Evans, Hilda Mary ..436- 442-454-458-468 Evans, Kathryn 460 Findlay, R. B 370 Findlay, V 179 Findley, Helen .79-431-452 Findlev, P. P 79 Fine, Ruth 436-459 Fineman, J. J 383 Fines, C. H 79-335 Fingerle, E. C 355 Fingerle, Mrs. E 432 Fingerle, Marie C 432 Fink, I. E 79-344 Fink, Mildred L 80- 259-410 Fink, A. H. ...259-346 Finlay, E. V 402 Finlay, Margaret A. . . . 80 Finley, D 365 Finley D 182-263-372 Forsvthe, W. E. ..335-392 Forte, V. J 81 Fortune, C. H. 318-356-397 Fortune, Mrs 417 Fortune, W. B 167- 281-308-355 Fosdick, Eilee R 81 Foster, A. L 272-277 Foster, Doris . 172-284-436 Foster, G. S 291 Foster, Gertrude 81- 436-460 Foster, H 398 Foster, June 414 Foster, R. B 334 Fouch, Alice L. 81-427-436 Fouer, Ann 173 Evans, Mary 460 Finley, J. E 80-356 Fox Bessie B 452 Evans, R. B., Jr 359 Finnigan, Irene 431 Fox, C S 322 Evelry, A. L.. 212-213-360 Fiordelis, F. S 326 Fox D 366 Everett, Mrs. J. J 428 Fiordelis, J. F 80-326 Fox G E 366 Everett, T. S 359 Firestone B 80 Ewell, Adele D. 78-436-445 Fischer, D. W 389 En-ing, C. L 387 Fischer-Burns Mrs N 429 Ewing, Janet 413 Fischer-Cross, Emma .429 Fox N S 383 Ewing, J. P 350 Fischer E F 312 F Fish, W 362 Fisher, Annette . . .427-458 Fradenburph, F. H -81 Frahlich F B 392 Fagan, C. J. . . .78-408-445 Fisher, Carolyn M. 433-458 Fisher, C. W 256 France, L 436 Failing, W. J. P. . . .98-286 Fair, B. B 78-305 Fairbairn, Elizabeth 78-426 Fairchild, J 185-268 Fairhead, S. J 172-268 Falcone, N 268-316 Falconer, R. D. .48-78-350 Falk, M 341 Farbman, S. S 78 Fard, S. E 290 Farmer, R. E 78-343 Farrel, W. R 175-539 Farrell, S. J. . .189-222-233 Fisher, Mrs. Chas 428 Fisher, E. M 382 Fisher, Evelyn W. . . .430 Fisher, Frances 247- 411-436 Fisher, F. J 318 Fisher, J. M 322 Fisher, Marian E 430 Fisher, R. L 189- 212-301-331 Fisher, Mrs. Ray 428 Fisher, R 313-325 Fishman, B 344 417-447-lf L -4 7-476 Francis, Mary 446 Francis, R. J 81-386 Frandsen, Florence . . .411- 436-457-459 Frandsen, Mildred . 246- 411-436-452 Frank, Florence H 81 Frank, M. R 344 Frank, P. B 81 Frankhauser, R. W 81 Frankman, C. F. .38-39-81 Franseth P 277 Farris, F. G 78 Farris, S. T 277-376 Fasquelle, R 78- 337-404-405-406 Fast, Olive 411 Fiske, G. F 364 Fiske, Mrs. Nevin 410 Fiske, T 395 Fitch, L. W 282-367 Fitzgerald, Elizabeth C. 80 Fitzgibbons T J 34-80-328 Frantz, C. H 81 Fraser, C. H 327 Frater, J. T 81 Fraunfelter, J 362 Frayer, W. 187-270-307-330 Frayer Mrs W 417 Faul, H 389 Faust, Mrs. Wm. H. . .416 Fauster, C. 251-270-324 Fauner, W. A 338-395 Fead, Francina. . . 414-429 Fead, Margaret 422 Feature Section 17-33 Fitzpatrick, H. T. . . 34-35 Fitzpatrick, Katherine 416- 437 Fitzpatrick, T. H. . 80-363 Flagg, A 293-375 Flahie, C. E 252 Flajole, H. P. 224 Frazer, Barbara 416 Frederick, E. A. .. .82-332 Fredrickson, N 44-82 Freed, R 82 Freedman, L. M. . .82-394 Freehling, N 377 Freeland W 179-398 Ferhheimer, R. F 377 Feerer, D. J. 361 Flajole, P 192-357 Freeman, A. V. . 312-346 Freeman J B 48-312-364 Feerer, Goldye 410 Fleischmann E E 373 Fehlig, H. J. . . 367 Fleming, A. . 405 Freiburger. L. H 377 Pag ' 594 Freimuth, EG. 82-398 French. Aldene M French, J. W. 327 Freshwater-.. P. W 325-4O2 Freyberg. R. 178-338-389 Friday. Elizabeth 414 Friday. Isabel B. Fried. Dorothy D. 82-438 Friedland. iTfe. 368 Friedman, A. S 344 Friedman. A Friedman. J. J. Friedman. L 358 Friedman, M. 4OO Friedman. Ruth . 462 Friedman, S. 182-361 Friedman. S. I. 361 Friedrick, Irma 434 Friend. W K 281-292-322 Fries, Mrs. Charles 417 Frimodig. J. W. 328 Frissell. J. M. 287-384 Fritch. G. R 372 Frohne. Katherine L. 82- 249-428-445 Fromm, Alice 436 Fromm, Beatrice . 175-436 Frosh Frolic 263 Frost, L 413 Frost, M 383 Frue. WC. 17O-390 Fruhauf. M. 289 Fruit, R C 82-405 Fry. I. W . 384 Fu. W . 296 Fu. Yuig 296-310 Fuchs. Elizabeth 410 Fuchs, Miriam 410 Fulghum. W. B.. 312-367 Fulham. R V 82 Fuller, D. J. 249-370 Fuller, F. W 34- 82-192-2OO-336 Fuller. H. T 391 Fuller, H. .319 Fuller, R C. . ' 19-370 Fuller, W. I Fulmer, Marian E. Fulton. S. H. Fung, F , Funk, Margaret L. Furniss, R. Furstenburg, A. 322 452 405 296 46- 407-413 i n-aa C. 305- 31S-391 Furstenberg. Mrs AC 416 Furt ch, E. F 82-310 Futcher, J. F 388 Gabel, X. 34- 82-192-201-301-329 Gaddes, R 360 Gaensbauer. F. 271 Gage. A 251-335 Gage, C. C. 252-281-335 Gaige. F. M. 337 Galhraith, J. M. 381 Galbraith. R. G 350 Gale, G. W., Jr 4O5 Gale. H. A. 281 Galens 3O5 Gall. W. X. 82-314-390 Galleraith. J. M 186 Galley. J. E. 311 Galley. R. L. 36-83-281 Galloway, C. B 397 Galloway, C. J 375 Galloway. E. B. 359 Gallup. Mrs. E. S. . 429 Galsterer, A. J. 171-398 Galsterer, E. C. .3S-S3-357 Galvin, J. J. 83-385-393 Gamble. H. R. 349 Gamble, J. C 405 Gamma Eta Gamma 388 Gamma Phi Beta 421 Garber. M. .34-35-83-347 Garcia, C Gardey. A. G. 83-402 Gardiner, J. 182 Gardner. J 354 Gardner, W. A 83-281 Garlick. M. J. 83-332 Gartinghouse. J. G. 4O- Garloch, Lorina A. 83-430 Garrison, C. C. Garrison, W. A. 182-372 Gartner. F. J Carver, G. P 4O- 318-349-404-405-406 Garvey. J. 381-390 Garvey. P. H 355-381 Garaon. P. A. 288 Gates. B. E. 83-303-343-388 Gates. Faythe 464 Gates. F. R. 83-275-313 Gates, Valerie vi- 436-447-459 Gatozzi, J. A. 326 Gaul. E. L. 392 Gaulsau. A. L. 341 Gawne, S. E 34- 83-2O4-2 12-333 Gay. H. H 401 Gay, Loraine 438 Gay, W 366 Gebson, P. 343 Gee, E. M 83-330 Gee. Merle 425 Gearing. Mrs. Carl E. 429 Geirsbach, C. C. 325 Geistert, W. E. 192-337 Gembis. J. G. 192-2OO Genis, B. L 369 Genthe, R. E. 339 Gentr} ' . W. 329 Gentz. Margaret M. 428 Georg, Martiqua 414 George. C 392 George. E. X 83-348 George. F. J 359-395 George, F. E. 4O6 George. R. E. 351-4O6 Gerard, Helen M. 432 Gerdan, D 343 Gersham, J . 83 Gerson, K S 377 Gervmis, H. L. 17O- 314-399-405 Gessner, R. J 261- 273-276-354 Giambrone. F. E. 326 Gibbs, R. E. 84-353 Gibson, Biddy E 435 Gibson, D. G. 380 Gibson. G. A. . 34-84-324 Gibson, H. J 281 Gibson, Nellie E 84 Gibson. R. C. 310-32S-3SO Gibson. R. L 84-385 Gielftein, H 177 Gies, R. C., Jr 348 Gies, Virginia 168-413 Giesler, Esther E. 415 Gilbert, C. B. 34- 35-84-254-256-301-364 Gilbert. J. E 363 Gilbert, L. M 190- 192-195-301-376 Gilbert. S. S. 84-26S-35S Gilding. J. P 186-4O1 Gile, Mrs Clement V 42.i Giles. M. K. 84-268-316-350 Gill. F 413 Gillespie, W. L, 84 Gillett, W. T. 364 Gillette. W. A. 84-385 Gilley, E. I. . 392 Gillies, C 381 Gilligham, A. J 337 Gilli?. E. A 348 Gillis. Margaret 84-460 Oilman. Jean 415- 436-447-4. r .8 Gllmartin, H. J 327 Gilmartin, J. R. 167- 212-254-261-308-327 Gimski. F 84-391 Ginsberg. P S4-377 Gjelness. R. H 374 Glaixe. Virginia . 421 GUspie, Elizabeth 436 Glass, Mrs. David . 4O8 Glass, R. H 318 Glass. R. L. ..381 Glazer, A. M 394 Glazer, S. L 341 Glazer, W. S 394 Glindeman, A. C. -. Glover, C. C. 393 Glover, Mrs. C. C. . 4O8 Glover, F 2411 Glover, Grace M. 288-425-438-460 Glover. J. H..34-35-S4-331 Glo -er, Mrs. James W. 429 Glueckauf. L. G 368 Gnodtke, W. 357 Goble, F. B. 267 Goddard, E. C 303-395-405 Goddard, Mrs. E. C. 414- 415-433 Goddard, L. H. . . 257-370 Godfrey, R. H 372 Godfrey, W. S 323 Goering, G 365 Goerke. E. A vi Goetz, E. 373 Goetz. J.. Jr. 330 Goetae, W Goff. Sarah ,. Gogins, Florence M. 85 Gold. D. X 368 Goldberg, A. T. 85 Goldberg. Anna Goldberg. G E 368 Goldberg, Gusta . . 85-437 Goldberg, H. S 341-344 Goldberg. L. C 85-394 Goldberg, L 400 Goldberg, S. D 361 Golden. AH 351 Golden, J R Golden. L. A 344 Goldhamer. M. 394 Goldman. B. L. . . .259-369 INDEX Goldman. J. M. Goldsmith, H A. Goldsmith. J. E. 358 Goldsmith. J. A. 23$ Goldsmith. J. D. 361 Goldsmith. 236 Goldstein, 1 344 Goldstein. L 396 Goldstein. M. G. 368 Goldstiek. Rosalie 427-4 " Goltz. L 344 Gomon, L. D. 169-391 Good. W. R 291 Goodale, Marian 414 GoodeU. Mary 437 Goodenom , Evaline 464 Goodenow. W. B. 291 Goodman. E. G. " Goodman, L 267 Goodman. Reta S 85 Goodnow. Marion 85-288 Goodrich, C. 329 Goodrich. F. L. D. 347 Goodrich, H. F 303- 314-327-390 Goodrich. Mrs. Herbert 416 Goodrich, L. K. 34-85-347 Goodrich. M. E 391 Goodspeed. L 182 Goodyear, E. X 85 Goodvear, J. J 329 Goodyear, Mrs. J. J. 429 Goodwin, J. H. 334 Goodwin, M. . 4O- 85-303-390 Gomberg. L. R. Gomberg, M 31O Gore. R 344 Gorham, Grace 4O9 Cos, S. B 85 Gose, C. 277 Goss, Mrs. Arnold 425 Goss, Dorothy ... 425 Goudy, W. A: 319 Gould, H. L. 175 Gould, Helen 429 Gould, L. M. 285-311-356 Gould, M 4O-85 Gore. H. M 86-290 Covert, G. W 390 Cowan, G. 182-350 Grabowsky, Herma 410-453 Grabowsky, Rosalie .86- 410-452 Grace, C W S. 86-336 GraT, C. G 86 Graf ton, H. H. 258-294 Graham, A. Lucille . .419 Graham, Alice 438 Graham. B. J. 381 Graham, C. W. 359 Graham, Dorothy . 438 Graham, R. C. ' 267- 271-316-352 Graham, R 287 Graham, S. A 286 Graham, W. R. 182-276-374 Gram, L. M. 339-362 Granite, F. H. .... 326 Grant, D. 402 Grant, J. R 375 Grant, M. E 399 Grant, R. M 286 Granville. R. 322 Gratiot, H. 363 Graves, L 359 Graves, R C. 382 Graves, V. A. 86-281-313 Gray, D. C. 220 Gray, F. E. 48-S6-3S2 Gray, J 281-283 Gray, J. R 86 Gray, L. R. B. S 3 2 Gray, Muriel R 287 Gray, W. H 287 Greager, O. H 380 Greeley, C. E 401 Greeley, P. O. 401 Greeman, Rita W. Green, A 86-338 Green, Ml?. Florence .416 Green, H. A. 86-398 Green, Mrs. Katherine 445 Green, Lillian M. 43O-446 Green, M. D. Green, Wilma . 447 Green, J. F. , Green, L. Green, M. D. . 40-86-317 Green, O. G. 342 Green, R 284 Greenberg. Beatrice .96- 249-410 Greenberg, B. B. Greenberg, Carmen S. 410 Greenberg G. Z. 354 Greenberp. S . 394 Greenbert, B. 396 Greene. G. H 86-34O Greene, H. B 87-399 Greene, Xorraa . 87- 1 81-31 4-42O-43S-446 Greene, Renah 4l ' . " i Greene, W. R. 256-257-356 Greene. W. R 87 Greenhut, E tlle G. 7 Greenland. Lilian 417 Greenridge. C 267 GreenshiekU. J. G. 34- 87-412-452 Greenspan, E. B. . 87- 178-356-394 GreenwaM. Gertrude 436 Greenwald, H. T. .368 Greer. J. B. 87 Gregg, A. F 392 Gregg. D. L. Gregorio. D. 294-295 Gregory. Elizabeth F 4rts Gregory. R. 332 Gregory. Mrs. Richard 415 Greil, T. T. 87 Greiner. W. F 17O-355 Greiner, W. K. 390 Greiner, W. 267 Gremel, E. 261-276-365 Gretsch. R. F. 2M Greve. Mrs R. G 432 Gridley, Harriet E. 17.V421 Griesemer. Ruth 294-4O9 Griess, J 251-362 Griffee. Genevieve 425 Griffin, Clare E. 314-382 Griffin. Mrs. C E 432 Griffin, Mrs. C X. 429 Griffin, Jane 436 Griffing, E. 356 Griffing. M S 287 Griffine. S 313-356 Griffith, Dorothy 436- H ,-:. Griffith, J. W. . Griffith, J. J 87 Griffith, S 329 Grigg, A. P 34-331 Griggf. Jean 247-436 , . C 4O5 Grimes, Emily 414-435-462 Grimm. C W. 281-349 Grinnell. Ellen 422- 442-454-469 Grinnell. H. M. 167-327 GrinneU. H. S 34- 87-187-192-254-258-300- 327 Grismon, Mrs. Grover 411 Grismore, G.C 303- 317-390-405 Grodsky. I 176-220-369 Groesberk, Marioi Groff, Ellen F. .87- 4 17-440-445-45O-46O Gro f, Sarah 453 Grohman, Rachel E. 87-426 Gronstrand, Xina 97-39 Grosrhner, R 359 Gross. B. A 169-394 Gross, B f 7-3s7 Gross, E 394 Gross, Helen H. 249 Gran, Margaret E. 88-452 Gronberg, H. 358 Grossman, A. H. . 88-373 Grove. D. B. 337 Grover, Doris B 88 Groves, B. E 372 Groves, J 365 Gruber, Elaine 166- 24S-4OS-442-443-454 Grundcharoff, D. 294 Grunow, R 176-376 Guardoa, C. 294 Guckert. E. S 319 Gulden. E. W. s Gulick. Ethelwyn 319 Gulick. Maybelle F. 428 Gunderson, H. J. 88-313 Gunderson, O. vs Gunn, C. M 348 Gunther. J. E. 388 C. 406 Gustin, Frances .8 Gustin, R P. 331 Gustine, D. 343 Gustine, Helen M. 432 Gustine. Margaret M 88 Gustafson, C. A. 88-325 G ustafson. E. W. 88-357 Guthc. C 337 Guthe. Mrs. Carl 416-418 Gwinner, Wilma 426 Haag. FA 293-364 Haag, W. H. 36-88-293-364 Haas, Dorothy 4211 Haas. H " 184-361 Haas. J. 377 Haase, Xande F. 343 Habermas. C. 367 Hack. M. 400 Hackbert. H L. 4O6 Hacker. E. W. .88-327 Hackett, J. W. 336 Hackett. K. 182 Haddock. Sally R 251 Hadley, Mrs. Faith P. 448 Hadley. P 338 Hagan. Dorothy M. .430 Hagelshaw, Alice 248 Hagelshaw. G. L. 169- 305-401 Hagemeister, O. F. 88-387 Hagen. Dorothy M. 4S-S8 Hagen. R T 48-8-382 Hager. H H 365 Hager, R. J .88-385 Hagerstrom, C. T. . 168 Haggarty. G S. 334 Hagreriy. (, S 395 Haggerty. Mar - Jane 416 Hababedian. v! 267 Hahn, A. W. ... Hahn. Contaoee . 452 Haieh. AC 352 Haigh. A 419 Haines. Donal H. 264-270 Haisley. Mr IIT,, 428 Hakes, June A. 408-461 Hale, Dorothy K. 89-267 Hale, Gertrude F. 433 Hale, Leone . Haley, G. J. Halfhill. J. .381 Halford, J. O. . Hall, Alice K. 319 Hall, A. 466-472 Hall. C. H.. Jr. 172-338 Hall, Dorothy . 412 Hall, FA 366 Hall. G C. 389 Hall. Helen 428 Hall House 435 Hall, J. G. 362 Hall, J. R. 167-255-375 Hall, L 332 Hall, I. P 324-385 Hall. X K 89 Hall, R. C 285-286 Hall, R. D. MM Hall. R B. 330 Hall. Mrs. Robert B. 414 Hall, W. E .. Halperin, E 354 Halsted, R. L 89- 236-256-349 Halverson, K. J. 330 Hamaker. W E. 352-390 Hamel. Elizabeth M. 420 Hamel. J S 340 Hamel. Nellie 432 Hamilton, Beth ... 425 Hamilton, G. R., Jr. 331 Hamilton, X. Lucile 89-436 Hamilton, W. K. 36- 89-281-375 Hamister, Virginia . . . .425 Hamm, Kathleen 437 Hammer. C. W 239- 249-367 Hammer. E. J 249 Hammer, P. J. 275 Hammond, D. . 335 Hammond, G 89-364 Hammond, T 1S7 Hammond, W. W. 401 Hamper. R. C. . 89-365 Hanauer. S. M. 175-361 Hanawalt. Ella 294-319 Hand, E A. 324 Hand, F V 89 Hand, H. J 324 Handler, Anne 427 Handley, B. H. 89-251 Handley. HE 32S Handloser. R. C., Jr. . 34- Hane. A. G 89 Haney, A. L. 9O-417-452 Hanford. J 359 Hanford, Mrs. J. H. 42(1 Hankinson, Beulah J60 Hanlan, Virginia 431 Hanley. E. D. 285-286 Hanlin. Helen J. 90-115 Hanna. Dorothy G. 433 Hanna, T 349 Hannah, EH 9O Hannett, Martha A. 9O Hanrahan, R. J. 44-9O-4O2 Hans, O. H 360 Hanscom. D. J. .90-337 Hanscn. Catherine E. .90- 435-452 Hansen. H. C 397 Hansen, I. J. .394 Hanslovsky. J. A 340 Hapke. J A 167- 282-308-327 Harbaugh. J. C 327 Harbaugh, W. D. 90- 271-327 Hard, G. 417 Harder, C E 9O-3S6 Hardgrove. G L. 9O-391 Harding. F. I., Jr. 324 Harding, H. B. . 90-267 Hardily. X. M 313-401 Hardner, Clare E. 290 Hardy, Anne B. KH Hardy. Mildred E. 90- 414-437-453-472 595 Hare, W. P 373 Harlan, R. J 314-349 Harley, L 396 Harlow, F. M 330 Harlton, M. C 267 Harman, T. M 40- 303-323-395 Harnau, Eloise M 408 Harpster, Hilda 418 Harrigan, F. A 189- 192-201-204-300-327 Harriman, Elizabeth H. 34- 90-416 Harriman, Fredrica . . .34- 90-416 Harrington, G. J 348 Harrington, M. H 277 Harrington, R. ...310-380 Harris, B 401 Harris, C. E 366-372 Harris, E. J. 90-259-314-358 Harris, T 358 Harris, Mrs. Thomas . .415 Harris, Virginia E 90 Harrison, G. V 91-276 Harrison, G 362 Harrison, H. M 375 Harrison, J. J 332-381 Harrison, N. M. 91-281-375 Harrison, T. .266-316-352 Harrison, Mrs. Theo. .429 Harrison, W. J 385 Harrsen, Adelaide P. 91-438 Hart, H. L 377 Hart, R. A 171 Hart, R 402 Hart, S. A., Jr 91-355 Hart, V. L 392 Hart, W. L 406 Harter, Helen 414 Hartley, G 349 Hartman, Helen H. ..408- 425-437-442-450 Hartman, L. 91-406 Hartwick, Mrs. E. E. .414 Hartwick, E. N 329 Hartwick, R 177-329 Hartwig, Marie 436- 450-454-462-469 Hartwig, N. L 91- 276-336-376 Hartzell, B. H. . . 259-354 Harvey, P. L 330 Harvie, J. A 398 Hascall, Elizabeth 437-458 Hascall, F. S 40-91 Haskins, H. W. ... 173-353 Hassberger, J. B 391 Hasse, S. T 398 Hastie, J. C 91-309 Hastings, R. E 397 Hasty, E. A 169-401 Hatch, Janet V 421 Hathaway, Cecile L. . . .91 Hathaway, Geraldine. .91- 447 Hathaway, Jean 418- 442-450-454 Hathaway, W. S. ..91-392 Hatter, C. 291 Hauschild, Elsie . . 452-477 Hause, Helen L 42- 91-441-445 Hauser, Ethel 425 Hauser, I. J 91 Havemann, M. S 367 Haven, T. K 91- 174-290-386 Haver, Audrey 425 Havikhorst, Esther H. .91- 438-460 Hawkins, Cynthia ...412- 442-450-469 Hawkins, Ennis P 339 Hawkins, Helen 91- 413-440-450 Hawkins, J. E 92 Hawkins, J 395 Hawkins, Margaret G. .92- 413-440-445-450 Hawkins, M. H 184- 280-329 Hawkins, V. M 338 Hawley, H. M 338 Hawley, Mrs. Harry. . .416 Hawley, Katherine M. 433 Hawley, R. A 92-281 Hawxhurs, Elizabeth . . 408 Hayden, J. R 180-345 Hayden, Mrs. Joseph . .413 Hayes, Bertha R 92 Hayes, Cordelia 445 Hayes, L 412 Raymond, Jane 424 Hayner, Charlotte . .445 Haynes, Mrs. H. A. . .413 Haynes, H. A 372-401 Hays, A. L 448 Hays, Mrs. Griffith. . . .416 Hays, J. G 362 Haxton, Margaret 415-447 Heaman, F 365 Heaney, R. C. . 181-388-406 Heath, C. S 350 Heath, Mrs. Homer . . .428 Heath, W. H 304-335 Heber, O. 291 Heck, Jacqueline . .288-436 Hecker, R. H 324 Hedden, H 293-356 Hedebrandt, Mrs. T.H. 416 Hedges, D 355 Hedrich, Ethel 445 Hedrick, D. W 38- 92-328-389 Hedrick, J. P 34- 92-301-359 Heess, J. B 337 Hegenauer, J. .. .251-366 Hegwood, Jean .... 456 Heidbreder, J. F. . .92-309 Heide, Beth M 92-352 Heidenreich, L. J 92 Heilbrunn, Mrs. L. V. .417 Heiler, Helen B. . . 288-420 Heilman, Arliene . .453-473 Heilman, F. D. 92-181-406 Heilstedt, E 212 Heinsheimer, R 92- 259-377 Heitsch, Janet 92-438 Helen Newberry Residence 436 Heller, H. F 351 Hellyer, Mary E 92- 421-446 Helma, Esther M 92 Helms, R. E., Jr 342 Hemenger, Elizabeth . .412 Hempstead, D. B 378 Henderlong, H arriett . .414 Hendershot, Selma J. .414- 457 Henderson, P. M. .. .381 Henderson, W. G 360 Hendrick, Marion .411-460 Hennes, Elizabeth 438 Hennigar, Blanche E.. . .92 Henniger, P 356 Henning, C 293 Henning, E. G. . .92-336 Henrich, V. U 323 Henry, L 93-303-317 Hensel, E. W. .93-292-322 Herald, J. T 93- 276-315-348 Herbert, Jean 414-461 Herbert, R. B 233-324 Here, M 438 Here, Millie V 93 Herdman, Mrs. E. K. .415 Herkner, R. T 93 Herman, T 292-322 Hermitage 339 Herndon,.Z. H. . . .395-406 Herold, G. A 93 .Herpolsheimer, E. M. .353 Herrick, Dorothy E. 93-422 Herrick, J. H 93-337 Herrick, Mable E 419 Herringhaus, F. S 389 Herrnstein, Martha M. 34- 93-416-452 Hershon, I. J 383 Hertler, Florence M. 93-462 Hertzberg, M. S 383 Hertzler.E. A 93 Hessmann, Maria B. . . .93 Hester, G. B. . .22-223-300 Heston, L. G 93- 192-200-275-304-542 Heusal, Hilda 413 Hewitt, Margery 93- 424-443 Hewitt, R. C. .277-284-376 Heyhoe, G. . .276-388-405 Heyman, Anne M 93 Heyman, E. M. 93-259-346 Heyniger, W. C 94 Hey ward, F. D. . .285-286 Heywood, T. S. . . . 182-360 Hibbs, L 342 Hickey, Jane 418 Hickey, Katherine R. 408- 436 Hickey, P. M 305- 318-347-389 Hickey, W. P 177-347 Hickman, J. K 391 Hicks, Doris 423-458 Hicks, F. W., Jr 374 Hicks, Mrs. H. F 428 Hicks, R. A 390 Hicks, R. J 183-360 Hicks, R. A 392 Hicks, V. E 286 Hicks, W 185-325 Hidalgo, R 94-294-295 Higbee, Juna ... . 425-428 Higbie, Edith A 408 Higbie, H. H 308-374 Higgine, A 182-335 Higgins, K. F. 44-45-94-398 Highfield, A 349 Highley, Mrs. A. M. . .422 Higler, Mrs. Ralph . . .429 Higley, C. S 178-389 Hilderbrand, P. ... 178-381 Hildner, E. G., Jr 324 Hile, E. T 351 INDEX Hill, H. M 291 Hill, L. B 220-268-339 Hill, L. F 395 Hill, N. H 264 Hill, R. M 94-340 Hill, S. W 405 Hill, T 381 Hillier, E 168-348 Hillman, Marion W. ..38- 94-392 Hills, E. J 393 Hillyer, W 349 Hilton, W. D. 324 Himes, Katherine J. . .94 Himes, R. H 310 Himler, L. E 94-392 Hinchberger, C. C. .94-348 Hinchey, C. E 94 Hine, G. E 94 Hinkleman, Esther ...294 Hinkley, A. M. . . .249-331 Hinshaw, Anne ...287-413 Hinshaw, T. D. . : 378 Hinton, Marion 421 Hintz, C. S 94-351 Hintz, Helen D 434 Hirt, F. A 365 Hirt, Lorene 414 Hitchcock, E. E 395 Hittle, Lucile M. .412-458 Kittle, Marjory L 94 Hixson, Dumont F. 94-348 Hjertstedt, Elvera R. .94 Hoad, Hortense 421 Hobart, L 182-353 Hobart, R. P 353 Hobbs, W. H 311 Hobbs, Winifred . . .422 Hoch, H. F 175-367 Hochrein, Helen L. .94-414 Hockstad, W. L 351 Hodder, S. M 335 Hodge, M. T 94 Hodges, J. H 380 Hodgson, Marion S. 95-375 Hodgson, Pauline .406-472 Hodgson, R. J. 166-343-348 Hoedemaker, E. D. . . 169- 316-381 Hoek, A. E 95-220 Hoenig, H. M 346 Hoerner, E. B 435 Hoetzer, Ruth M 430 Hoey, E. M 95 Hofelich, R. M. . . .249-327 Hoffer, M. J. . .... ..95-291 Hoffman, Agnes C. 432-462 Hoffman, L. M. . . 199-390 Hoffman, Louise 462 Hoffman, R. L 95- 192-268-342 Hoffmeyer, Lydia 414 Hofmeister, G. E 330 Hogadone, E. B. . . 95-428 Hogan, D 44-325-402 Hogemeister, O. F. ...303 Hogen, Dorothy M. . . .290 Hogen, R. T 290 Hogg, W. G 247-375 Hogle, J. R 95- 267-271-316-340 Hokanson, E. C 281 Holbrook, E 256- 257-270-303-324-395 Holbrook, French 405 Holbrook, G. E 176- 262-312 Holcombe, D. F. . . .95-322 Holden, C. F 328 Holden, Marjorie . . .95- 288-433 Holderman, Margaret 294- 438 Holdsworth, Lucile M. 95- 411 Holdsworth, M. J. ...392 Holland, Jean 175-408 Holland, W 398 Hollands, W. C 322 Holley, Kathryn 420 Hollinger, Ruth E. .95-438 Hollister, J. F 185-385 Hollister, R. H. . . 273-367 Holmberg, L. A 286 Holmes, D. W 345 Holmes, D. N 359 Holmes, E. A 351 Holmes, Florence . . .407- 450-456 Holmes, Francis .. . .413 Holmes, G. 1 95 Holmes, H. W 373 Holmes, J. W 40-332 Holmes, K 168- 247-251-280-331 Holmes, Madeline . . . .425 Holmes, N... ..180 Holmes, P 333 Holmes, R. H 359-319 Holmes, Viola G. ..95-421 Holpuch, J. H. ... 166-378 Holt, Eleanor T 408 Holt, Margaret P. .95-424 Holton, C. D. .183-281-375 Holton, Gertrude .246-422 Page 596 Holzman, D 166-341 Holznagle, Ruth 95 Horns, Teresa 413 Hood, C. J 95-402 Hood, J. G 338 Hoogerhyde, Elvira . . .96- 288-452 Hooker, J. S 248-315 Hooker, J. C 390 Hooper, Elsie G 417 Hooper, R. B 96-339 Hootkins, Mrs 427 Hoover, D. S 329 Hoover, Nellie E 42- 96-372-445-453-468-472 Hoover, W. B 345 Hopkins, Mrs. Louis A. 429-430 Hopkins, P. L 96 Hopp, Pauline E.. . 96-410 Horn, C. A. . . .96-236-360 Hornberger, Theodore 222- 231 Horny, Hilda A. . . .96-420 Horsey, Eleanor . . 438-459 Horton, Miriam L. 287-418 Horwitch, Mollie 96 Hosic, Virginia 417 Hosmer, D. L. . .38-96-397 Hosmer, J. A 331 Hosmer, Miriam J 96- 436-453-477 Hosmer, R. F 372 Hosner, J 355 Hotchkiss, R. S 38- 39-96-397 Hotznagle, Ruth 424 Hough, Helen M 96 Hough, Leona 173 Hough, Marva 412- 453-456-467-472 Hough, W. R. 167-308-370 Houghton, R. H 281 Houghton, Virginia ..247- 418-455 House, H. D. . .96-352-390 Housel, W. S 373 Houston, J. C 176-338 Houston, Margaret R. .96- 418 Hover, N. W 96 Howard, Bertha .437-461 Howard, H. S. . .277-386 Howard, Jane . .182-413 Howe, C. B. . .96-290-335 Howe, Lucille . . 429-437 Howe, W. C. 48-97-266-267 Howell, A 364 Howell, C. A 364 Howell, D. A 364-395 Howell, J 248- 277-340-399 Howell, R 385 Howell, Mrs. Robert . .408 Rowland, A. W 381 Hewlett, H. T 97-381 Howlett, R. R 381 Hewlett, Ruth 413 Howrani, R 294 Hoy, A. W 365 Hoyer, Roy 270 Hoyle, Edith 445 Hoyt, C 189 Hoyt, H. D. . . .338-395 Hoyt, Mrs. Hobart D. 432 Hsia, Caroline . . . .296 Hsia, W. P 296 Hsu, T. K 296 Hsu, Mrs. Thi Kaung . 296 Hubbard, Charlotte . . .421 Hubbard, Frances 1 97 Hubbard, Frances M. 432- 456 Hubbard, Isabel 416 Hubbard, Marion .436-461 Hubbard, M. R 351 Hubbard, R. G 391 Hubbell, G. E 167- 236-261-308-362 Hubbell, Mrs. Ted 428 Huber, C. P 38- 39-97-256-305-3 1 8-397 Huber, D 66 Huber, G. C. .264-315-389 Huber, M. F 282 Huber, J. F. . .305-318-397 Hubert, W. J 179-383 Hubly, J. W. .97-186-392 Hude, Ruth M 452 Hudson, C. L 389 Hudson, M. J., Jr 97- 247-301 Huesman, F. L 370 Hufano, C 295 Huff, H. R 97 Hughes, B 236 Hughes, Margaret L. . .97- 421 Hughes, M 355 Hughey, J. U 34- 35-97-187-192-194-300-363 Huhey, Mrs. G. Carl . .429 Huizinga, R 392 Hulse, E. L. . .249-307-347 Hulse, R. A 405 Hulse, W 397 Hult, O. S 381 Hultberg, Eva M 97 Hume, M. J 182-363 Humphrey, C. M., Jr. .330 Humphrey, D 364 Humphrey, Helen ....436 Humphrey, Mable S. . .97- 288-438 Humphrey, R. C. . . .34-97 Humphreys, T 409 Humphreys, W. R. 307-328 Hunt, B 34- 97-245-287-300-335 Hunt, H. E 406 Hunt, M. K 347-406 Hunt, Nora Crane . . . .429 Hunt, W. F 311-323 Hunt, Mrs. Walter F. .429 Hunter, E. A 334 Hunter, Elizabeth G. 38- 97-409 Hunter, G. G. .97-277-373 Hunter, H. H 97-366 Hunter, H. D.. 174-290-386 Hunter, R. M 98-367 Huntington, E. J 338 Huntsinger, Ruth E. 98-438 Hupp, A 257-331 Hurd, D. H 322 Hurst, W. D 322 Hurtinger, Mary E. . . .428 Husband, H 267 Hushen, J. W 98-248 Huss, P. 98-291 Hussain, S 294 Husselman, J. H. ..48-290 Hussey, R 311-356 Hussey, Mrs. W. J. ...415 Husted, F. P 169 Husted, G 291 Husted, P 389 Huston, W 182 Hutchins, Clare E. . .171 Hutchins, H. B. .324-395 Hutchins, H. C. . 189-238 Hutchins, Mrs. Henry C. 422 Hutchinson, J. W 98 Hutchinson, M. B. ...277 Hutson, W. C 370 Hutton, R. J 277-351 Hutzel, Mrs. Lottie . . .429 Hutzel, R 350 Huxford, Bertha 464 Hyde, B. E. L 392 Hyde, E. J 214 Hyde, L. F 351 Hyde, Thyra S 420 Hym, N .220 Hyma, Alice Marie . 98-426 Hyne, G 336 Hynes, Betty 428 Hyslop, Marion L. . . .98- 415-458 Ibbotson, Mrs. G ..... 428 Ide, E. C ............ 367 Ide, S ............... 297 Ignelzi, R. L ......... 326 Ilift, R .............. 355 Imerman, C. P ....... 346 Imerman, H ........... 98 Inada, H. S ........ 98-297 Ing, B. Z ............ 296 Ingalls, Dorothy . . .98-462 Inglis, Carol ......... 413 Inglis, Mrs. James . . . .422 Inglis, Mrs. William . .412 Ingold, Pauline E ...... 98 Inks, Elizabeth ....... 411 Innis J ... 182-263-356 Innis, Mildred E.. .98-288 Inselman, Ruth E. . . .98 Insko, Jean Sargent ... .98 Inter-Fraternity Council 321 Iota Sigma Pi ........ 448 Ipe, Van K ........ 98-309 Irland, Polly A ....... 452 Irwin, J. J ........ 277-360 Irwin, W. J. 42-98-275-325 Isaacs, R ............ 318 Isaacs, Mrs. Raphael .420 Isbell, Lucille ..... 99-432 Isberg, M. M ......... 344 Isbey, E. K .......... 99- 256-305-365-381 Iseman, J. E ...... 175-328 Iskenderian, H. P ..... 222 Ives, J. R ............ 359 lype, Abhy ....... 99-294 lype, Varaiapurakal . . 294 Jackman, J ........... 99 Jackson, A. E ......... 99 Jackson, Edith . . . .99-432 Jackson, Eleanor L. . . .432 Jackson, F. W ........ 46- 99-280-320-366 Jackson, Howard C. . .372 Jackson, Humphrey C. 325 INDEX Jackson J B . . .368 Jones, Janet 453- Keillor, E. M. . ..102-309 Kirimura, P. Y. . . 297-243 Kreuger, Helen 417 467-468-469 Keim, C. K 389 Kirn, W. J 349 Kreye, G. W. . . 105-366 Jones J C 389 Keim H S 305-318-389 Kreye Hattie 433 Jacobs ' C B 312 Jones, L. H 401 Keithley, G. W 40- Kirschbaum, M 104- Kroenicke, Gwendolyn J. Jacobs J 99-317 Jones, L. R 100- 102-303-387 248-319-358 105 Hdib-i ' M J 344 317-404-405-406 Kelleher, Kathleen . .431 Kirschman, Winifred A. Kroll, S 436-477 Jacobs, Maurine 416 Jones, Marjorie E 10O- 420-458-460 Keller, D 362 Keller, K. A. 355-360-363 104 Kirschner, L. D. 282 Kubicek, L 212- 217-275-300-357 410-444- r.7 Jacobson, A. G. ..285-286 Jacobson V 99-29 1 Jones, Martha 416 Jones, Maurine L. . . 100- 430-446-458-477 Keller, Margaret S. . .428 Kellerman, E 179-402 Kelley, J R 46 Kirschner, V. J 341 Kirts, Elsie 288 Kissinger S S 373 Kuehule, W. G. 106-402 Kuenhold, O. J., Jr. . . 106- 378 Jacox H W 99-3 ) 1 Jones M M 101-386 Kelley, Katherine F. 102- Kitchel), Ruth 428 Kuenzel R W 106-380 Jacques, Mildred J ... 99 Jaehn. H. A 249-271 Jaffar D J ' ' ' Jones. R. M 395-406 Jones, S. L 34- 101-222-227 273-412-416-458 Kelley, Marion G. 42-1(12 Kellman, Miriam 1.408-458 Kit-on, Margaret 460 Klanderman, Ethel .437- 450-468-469 Kuhlmann, Ethel L. . 106- 414-438 Kiilin, Doris 412 JafTee B 99-400 Kellman, S. . . 312 Klass, M. 312 Kuhn, S. K 384 Iiirne- I F 324 300-314-338 Kellogg, Alice E. . 102- Kleckner, W. R. 316-393 Kuhner, A 354 Jame P ' ' ' Jones, T. B 367 288-413 Klee, D. . 377 Kuhner, T. . . 354 Jones, W P . 29O-386 Kellogg, H. W. 36-102-374 Kleen. C. 189 Kummings, W W. ..406 I inif- W R 324 Jones, W R ... 175-342 Kelly, C. D. 372 Kleene, F. 324 Jordan H W 333 Kelly, Carolyn E 432 Kleene, H C 324 Kuizema, E 267 .In n nr t ohian, . B 294 Jordan, J 249-330 Jordan, Louise G 101- Kelly, E. A. 42-102-275-322 Kelly, K. F. . 102-405-406 Kleene, Mrs. Herman .416 Klein, Bertha 104 Kuney, Kathryn A.... 106- 438 168-339 Kelly L J 102-349 Klein H 168 Kurtz J L 106-360 Jina ik M 99-357 Jordan Mrs Myra B. 441 Kelly, P T 349 Klein L R 248 Kurvink R C 248- Jan t on elma M 288 Jose C J 175-376 Kelsey, Mrs Francis 428 Klein Sylvia 427 271-272-378 Janis. G. J. - 398 Jose, O. A 277-338 Joseph G 354 Kelsey, J. N 167 Kelsey Ruth 461 Klein, W. E 346 Kleinschmidt E E 340 Kyer, Mrs. Charles. . . .408 Kyer Jean 413 Joslin, Kathleen . . .101- Kelsy, H 402 Klenow, R 402 Kyer, K . . 106-422 Jareck ' i Leora B 100-415 288-434 Kemp, Marion 417-437-461 Kleutgen, F. K 270-362 Joslyn, Laura 421-450 Kemper, C 319 Kline, D J. 248-365 Kynoch, W . . .286 448 Jostich, Pauline B. 101-288 Kemper, J W. . .397 Kline, H M 104-372 Kyte G C 291 Jotter E V . . .286 Kempf, Flora R. .430 Kline, K K 388 Kyte Mrs G C 414 Jeannette, F. E. 326 Jeffries W V 254-256-257 .Toy, Mrs. Henry B. ...436 Judson C Y . 378 Kempf, Helen M. . 102-422 Kempf, K 349-35. Klingman, T 391 L Jenkins, Mary 464 Jenkin H T 100-277 Juergens, W. G. ... 101 Juilleret, E. D 366 Kempner, R 377 Kendrick, M. G. .247-328 422 Klingman, W. 391 Labadie, J. H 318-389 Lacy, Ethel A 106 Jenks H 182-356 Juliar, B 101-396 Kenfield, R. W. .102-291 Klink, L. A. 104-438 Ladd, Helen E. . . . 106-422 Jennings C 277 Junior Girl ' s Play Commit- Kenler, C. F 332 Klivans, M D 361 Ladney Mary ...106-414 Jennings, Frances 436- 459-461 tee 454 Juntenen, C. A 101 Kenna, Rose C. . 102-431 Kennedy, J. A 345 Klock, F. J 325 Klock, J. F 186-391 LaFevere, H 220 LaFevere, S. L. . ...392 Jenning H Y 310 Jury HEW 332 Kennedy, J. A. . 102-363 Kloess, G M 182-350 Lafteff A 294 Jeraback P 185 Justus T 336 Kennedy, K. ..... 233 Knaggs, E J 172 Jernegan ' , P. F 343 Jerome J T 305 K Kennedy, T. G. . . .406 Kent-Miller, Mary 412-460 Knapp, D. A 34- 104-301-338 Laidman, Thelma . 427-452 Laird, W 399 Jeerick P H 355-385 Kaess, F. H 338 Kenyon, Herbert. .270-350 Knapp, E. . 104 Lait, J L. 248-276-354 Jesson S 233 Kagay, Helen 432 Kenyon, Howard 246- Knapp, H A, 350 Jessup J T 287-384 Kahan O 368 288-315-331 436-447-458 jewett ' W E 391 Kahn, A 354 Keough, H. E 405 Knapp, Orpha M 104- Lake R C 372 Kahn Betty 437 Kerber L 283 J.S.X-43S Lakner E W 392 Kahn, E. A 389 Kerby, W. F. . 248-351 Knickerbocker Platt C Lally ignes . . . 431 Jimenez Judith M 288 Kailes, S J. . . 234 Kerkey, J. F 351 104-313 Lam H F ... 296 Jimenez, S 288 Jinez, Judith M 100 Jobes, J. G. . . 166-167-340 Jocelyn L P . . . . 264 Kalef, J 294 Kalmer, Josephine J. .101 Kamman, F. W. . . .277 Kampmeier, R. H. 318-381 Kerlikowske, A. C. ...392 Kern, Amy J 103 Kern, P. J. 166- 248-250-273-277-307- Knight, Alice M 104 Knight, Annette ..429-436 Knight, J. J 166- 220-312-334 Lamb, G. G 310-380 Lamb, H. F 106 Lamb, W. K 178-389 Lambda Chi Alpha 343 Johns J 337 -315-367 Knight, Marion B 432 Lambke A F .... 106 Johnson Esther 101 415 Kernkle, M. S 268 Knight, M K 381 Lamet D G 106 Kandelin Martha 426-460 Kerr C 294-310 Kniskern P W 381 Lamfrom B F 251-377 Kanenen, Isabel . ...288 Kerr, D 192 Knisely A G 362 Lamon R L . . 397 Johnson A F 281 Kanitz, T F 2O4 Kerr, Marion E. . . . 249 Knodel E T 104 Lamont A C 222-227 Kao W Y. . . . 296 Kerr, R M. . 382-405 Knoepp L F 104-i Lamoree R W 363 Johnson C H 373 Kaplan W S. . . 368 Kerwin Julia A 103-431 186-343-391 Lan E .296 Kappa Alpha Theta 422 Kessler B 420 Knoll L A H 169- Land J 312 430 Johnson, C L 373 Kappa Beta Pi .... 446 Kappa Delta 423 Ketcham, Dorothy . . .422 Ketz, W. H 222-225 305-392 Knowlson t Olive 418 Landscape Club. . . .287 Lane Elizabeth P. 106-438 Kappa Delta Rho . . 340 Keyes, J. L 186-397 Knowlton, H 181-406 Lane E H 306-309 Johnson, Esther 436 Johnson Frances M. 100- Kappa Kappa Gamma .424 Kappa Nu 341 Keyser, M 246-424 Kiefer, N. C 392 Knoi, Sally ..248-412-447 Koblenz E B 400 Lane, V. H. .303-359-395 Lane W D 359 422-438-459 Kappa Sigma 342 Kieffer, W. . . 44 Koch A P 105-267 Lang C H . 264 Johnson, G. L. 183-272-373 Johnson, lone . . . .466-478 Johnson, 1 185-398 Karay , E 405 Karboski, Marian . 101-J31 Karelitz, D. B 172 Kiehn, C 179-385 Kielbasa, C 220 Kievet, B 328 Koch, D. Q. . . 376 Koch, E. J 105-339 Koffman, H H 344 Lang, J. M 106-360 Lange, E. W 107-357 Lange F F 107- Johnson, J. 1 405 Karpinski, Louise . . . .415 Kiley, Mary L. . . . 103-446 Koizumi, I. . 294-297 281-293-373 Karpinski, Mrs. L. C. 415- Kilgore, L. . ...337 Kok, H 105 Langen J Q .277-286 433 Killilea, H. J.. . ..264 Kole, H W 362 Langenan W C 316-387 Johnson, Lucile T. . 417 Karpinski, Mary . . . 101- Killian, J. E 374 Kolvoord F H 105 Langford Mrs George 429 Johnson, Marion 429 Johnson, M G 340 288-415 Karth, F. C. . 312 Kilpatrick, S. A 103- 281-351 Koneczny, W. E 105 Konold Grace J 425 Langford, M. . . .181-395 Langford T S . 397 Johnson, O J 397 Kaser, C. H. . 339 Kimball, D. C. 397 Kooker A R 105-406 Langham R S 268-352 Johnson, P R 392 Kaser, S 339 Kimball, Donald 168 Koon Edith 425 Johnoon R A 169-401 Katz, A R 358 Kimball, Elizabeth 416 Koriagin V B 283-294 Langlois R D 388 Johnson, R. R. . .360-365 Johnson R L 36 Katz, S. R 101 Katzin L A 383 Kimball, R. C. ... 103-397 Kimbul, H D 385 Korkenski, Neva ... .426 Langton, Claire V. 275-350 Lankheet E W 370 Johnson, Ruth 425 Katzin, M 101 Kimmick, E. E. . 103-323 Koski, F 4O2 Lansing Content D. . 107- Johnson S 178 Katzman A H 383 Kindred L W Jr 103 Kotila T 252 415 Johnson S 313-342 Katzman S 4OO King, B B 103 Johnson, T. W. ... 100-281 Johnson, V 173- 430-453-457-467-475 Johnson, Vera A 100- Kauffman, Mrs. C. H. 415 Kauffman, Katherine H. 421 Kauffman, L. P. 101-251 King, F. F 103-277 King, F. A., Jr 360 King, G 166-360 King, R. W. 391 Kovinsky, Lillian 427 Kovner, M. S 105-368 Koyyka, T. V 314 Lanzar, ' .Maria 295-436 Lapp, L. U 107-402 Lapp, Marguerite . . . .464 I appen H 369 166-425 Kaufman, C. E 248 King, Shirley 272- Kraatz, C F 105 Laramy, J. B 281 Johnson, W R 342 Kaufman, C R 312-377 420-456-457-460 Kraft H C 334 Johnston, C. T. . 187-322 Kaufman, D 346 King, T. 1 296 Krag, W B 395 436-441-446-450-451-459 Johnston, F. D. .318-389 Johnston, K 185-402 Kaufman, F. D. . . . 101- 283-313 King, W. F 48-103 Kingery, R. H 385 Kramer, A . . .341 Kramer A W 105-309 Large, Margaret H.. . .288- 438 Johnston, K. J 351 Kaufman, G. E. . 48- Kingsbury, G. W. ... 264 Kramer C B 105-378 Lamed B L 365 Johnston, L 375 101-339-382 Kingsbury, Una 1 103 La Rocco A J 326 Johnston, Margaret W. 448 Kaufman, M. L 361 Kingsley, C. R. . . .370 Kramer, H. . 259 La Rowe, E. F. . . 107-325 Johnston, R. C 100 Kawka, Marion T. . . 102 Kingsley, J. P 328 Kramer, J. H. . . 378 La Rowe, J. H 325 Kay, E. H 323 Kingsley, Madelyn C. 103 Larson BE ... 351 418-442-444-454-456 Kay, R. A 268 436-451 Johnston, W. A. . 100 Keahe, J. . 402 Larwill, G R 264 Jolls, T. H 266-323 Kearns, R. B 325 Kinietz, W. V 103 Krapohl, W. G 40- Lasker ' E D 341 Jolly, F 373 Keaugh, H. . 40 Kinnane, Janet E 103-458 105-303-317-399 La Sociedad Hispanica 288 Keefer, W. J. 102-398 Kinne, E B 328 Krassovsky Mrs C T 294 I aser H 222-226 Jones, Agnes W. . 100-288 Jones, C 357 Keegan. R. Y 378-395 Keeler, Mrs. H. E. ...414 Kinsman, Gladys 294 Kinsman, K. G 322 Kraus, E. H 311-349 Kraus, Mrs Edward 417 Last, B 383 Latchaw W L ... 107 Jones, Ellsworth S. . . 36- 100-281-283 Keeler, L. W 291 Keeler, N. 381 Kipke, H. G 189 Kipp, A 103-355-390 Kraus, M 377 Krave Helen E 433 Latham, Ruth M 428 Lather Myrtle 438 Jones, G M. 393 Keen, C. 234 Kirby W W 177-280-384 Krocke N K 351 Latting Helen 437 Jones, H. S 42-100 Keen, Mrs. Clifford . .415 Kircher, Grace L 104 Kresge, H. C. 334 Lauer, Margaret .436-459 Jones, Helen 437 Keen, Mildred E 102 Kirrhgessner, C. . 393 Lauer T J 343 Jones, Helen S 428 Keenan, Mildred 461 Kirk, Claire M. 104 Lauppe F 391 Sw Keene, C 293 Kirk, S. P 104-296 397 Laurendine, Edith .... 417 IdW . -ft ! ' - ' JV7 " i Ml4 Lauretti, E. .1 326 l.auterbach, L 391 Laverty, W. H. . . 107-287 Law, A. D 107-398 Law, Bertha 248 Law, D. E 370-402 Lawler, Helen 419-460 Lawler, W 179-402 Lawler, H 418 Lawrie, M. D 338 Lawson, G. J. . . 290-376 Law-son, J. W.. 38-107-391 Lawson, R. A 107 Lawton, C. D 373 Law-ton, Louelle ..414-461 Lawton, Marjorie . . . 422 Lawton, Mary E. 107-412 Lawrence, Mrs. J. F. . .422 Lay, W. E 340 Layman, D. E 339 Layton, D 357 Layton, J 184-263 Lazar, M 354 Leach, Esther D 452 Learmont, Gladys E. . 107- 428 Learned, Catherine H. 107- 438 Leavey, M. J 406 LeBaron, Lois 438 Le Cercle Francais 2S9 Ledhetter, E 332 Leduc, D. M 401 Lee, A 187 l.rr, Mrs. A. O. . . " .424 Lee, H. F 359 Lee, H. J 44-107-3(18 Lee, Leone 166- 272-288-412-460 Lee, P. K 294-296 Leesch, C 406 Leflter, F. W 108-294 Leffler, Blanche 410 Lefkowitz, Bernice . . . .427 Leftwich, L., Jr 346 Legg, W. D 287 Leibovitz, C 369 Leibrand, K. K 108 Leidy, P. A 395 Leisenring, K. B 108 Leland, R. C 34- 108-187-204-301-363 Leland, Ruth 108-416 Lem, F. Y 296 Le May, Sarah M. . . . 108 Lemen, C. E 381 Lemire, W. A 362 Lendrum, J 177 Lenniagton, T. N. 249-367 Leonard, G. E 331 Leonard, W. D 222 Leonard, W. W. . 324 Leong, Ruby M. . 108-296 Leopold, Harriet 427 Lepard, C. W 38- 108-350-389 Lepard, H. J 350 Leppelmeier, G. E. 287-373 LeRoy, Elizabeth W. .247- 415 Leslie, E. H 380 Leslie, T. M. .167-308-339 Leslie, W. R 268-352 Lesses, M. F 318-394 Les Voyageurs 285 Lett?, Dorothy 412 Leu, F 386 Leusenhamp, Grace A.. 433 Lev, F 370 Leventhal, A 377 Levi, Mrs. Moritz . . . .410 Levie, A. E 361-394 Levin, J 108 Levin, Rose 108 Levine, D. H. ... .108 Levine, S. J 383 Levine, Thelma 247- 288-469 .346 108-346 ... 346 108 Levison, S. K. Levitt, E. S. Levy, J Levy, Jesse L. Levy, NT 276-368 Levy, N 346 Levy, P 108 Levy, S. W. . 108-368-405 Lewis, D. E 169-391 Lewis, D. H 268-352 Lewis, Mrs. Fred H.. .429 Lewis, G. E 372 Lewis, Mrs. G. E 428 Lewis, H. B 318-380 Lewis, Mrs. H. B. 418-448 Lewis, .1. F 334 Lewis, Katherine .247-418 Lewis, L. A 109 Lewis, Marjorie 418 Lewis, P 184 Lewis, R. W 290 Lewis, Thelma 425 Lewis, W. M. . . 270- 271-316-324 Lewis, Z 429 Lewy, R. B 271-377 Ley. A. G 370 L ' Heureux, W. J 44- 109-402 Li, C. H 296 Lichtblan, A 396 Lichtenstein, M 251 Lichty, D. E 109-391 Udcly, J. E 405 Liddecoat, R. L 325 Liebert, C. R. .46-109-320 Liebman, H. S 346 Light, R. U. . .109-318-397 Lightfoot, Helen 173 Lignian, Jean A 109 Lillie, E 212 Lin, T. C 2 i6 Linborg, Edna 457 Lindarte, J. E. .288-294 Lindblach, A. F 306 Lindell, Selma ....... .445 Lindemulder, F. ...38-109 I.indemulder, G. R. . . .271 Lindenfeld. Bela 332 Lindenmuth, R. L. ..406 Lindenschmitt, J 322 Linder, A. G 367 Lindhout, C. H 328 Lindquist, F. B 109 Lindstrom, Nina I. 109-432 Line, F. R 109 Line, W. H 109 Link, L 336 Linn, F. D ..391 Linsley, Agnes E 109 Lippert, C. C 109-291 Lippman, A. B. 109-336 Lipshield, D 358 Lisle, C. V. . 109-282-304 Use, J 109 Lissenden, C. J 110 Lister, Mary E. ..110-250 Lister, W. H 110-267 Litcher, S. M 312 Litsky, A. D 110 Littell, E. L 375 Little, C. C 187- 258-270-305-312-405 Little, Mrs. Clarence C. 441 Little, C. W., Jr 34- 110-337 Little, J. G 110 Litzky, A 396 Liu, S. T 296 Livingston, R. J 377 Livingstone, C. D 270- 271-272-390 Lloyd, Mrs. Alfred 413-429 Lloyd, Alice 436- 440-416-429 Lloyd, Anna . . 416-429 Lloyd, K. M. 175-277-322 Lloyd, M 329 Lloyd, R. H. .110-276-293 Lochbihler, N. J 110- 370-474 Locke, Mary T. . .110-424 Lockton, C. R 360 Lockton, R. G 182-360 Lockwood, A. .316-352-3711 Lockwood, S 316-352 LoCricchio, J 326 Lodge, L. H. . .110-388 Lofberg, E. E 332 Logan, J 337 Logan, L 365 Logan, W. H. 385 Logic, E. Janet 415 Loikrec, H 110 ' Lomason, W. K. . .250-323 Lombard, W. P. . .318-397 Long, Dorothy M 110- 411-457-460 Long, Eugenia P.. .110-416 Long, Lenore M. .110-432 Long, M 362. Long, Ruth 248 Long, T., Jr 324 Longyear, B. J. . . 271-334 Loomis, Katherine .110-452 Looney, Frances H. . 433 Looney, L. A. . 110 Loos, C 111- 212-214-300-360 Lopez, B 295 Lopin, J 344 Lorch, Elizabeth 421 Lorch, E 320-384 Lorch, Mrs. Emil 429 Loree, D. D 359 Loree, Mrs. Douglas. . .413 Loree, I. D 389 Lorimer, S 329 Losee, Virginia . . .428-455 Loshbough, M. 1 288 Lott, M. W 280-328 Loucks, E. W Ill Loudenslager, F. G. ... Ill Loughton, Phyllis M. 111- 272-424-440-444 Louis, H 296 Louis, J. L 311 Louis, P. H 296 Louisell, W. C. ..313-328 Love, Mrs. C. C 420 Love, Marion . . 420-461 INDEX Lovell, A. H 308 Lovell, F 204-220-355 Lovell, H. W. 169-356-391 Loveman, A. B 377 Lovett, Elizabeth . . .464 Lovette, J. H 222- 230-304-322 Lowe, K 178-327-397 Lowe, R 212 Lowe, S. T. . .111-397 Lowenstein, A 312 Lowenstein, J. B. . . .377 Lowery, E. F. . . . 189-363 owery, P. C 385 .owmaster, C). W. 281-375 .ownsberry, H. C. 111-378 .ownsbury, M. 171-398 .owrie, Harriet F. 111-428 ,owry, D. O Ill Lowry, Mrs. T. H. 417 Lowry, W. E. . .262-327 Loyer, Delma M. 111- 420-460 Lu, H 294-296-437 Lucas, L. M 111-398 Lucas, W. C 367 Luck, B. E. . . 398 Luethemeyer, H. W. . .327 Lul, S. T 437 I.ukens, Ruth L. 111-411 Lundemulder, F 389 Lundin, A. L 374 Lungershausen, A. W. 360 Lust, Karl F. . 36-111-304 Lutes, R. H 34- 111-251-270-301-329 Lutes, Winifred 417 Lyle, L 182-365 Lyman, R. H 304-370 Lynch, C. G 391 Lyndon, R. M. 46-111-320 Lyons, C. J 385 Lyons, Mrs. C. J 414 Lyons, Dorothy M. . .249- 4-JO-469-458 Lyons, Margaret M. .111- 438-459 Lytel, F. E 398 Lytle, Mary 437 M Maass, Grace S. .11 1-430 Maas, S. L., Jr 346 Mabley, J. D 169- 305-359-389 Mac Andrews, Lorinda 272-428 Macarthy, J. F 404 Mac Callum, C. L. ...389 Mac Diarmid, Katherine 112 Mac Donald, G. J. ...308 Mac Donald, G. K. . .167- 360 Macdonald, H 356 Mac Donald, J. . . 176-360 Mac Eachron, Dorothy 112-294-438 Mac Gregor, C. D. . . .333 Mac Intyre, C. H 381 Mack, C. N 359 Mack, E. C. . . 34-112-411 Mack, Elsa L 112-408 Mack, .1. E 864 Mack, T. H 345 Mack, T. H. . . 112-369 Mack, W. E 336 Mack, W. H 359 MacKay, Phyllis . . .112 MacKaye, Mrs. Robert K. 448 Mac Kinzie, D., Jr. . .363 Mac Kenzie, G. 112-350 Mackey, A. . . .182-337 Mackey, E. R 393 Macklin, E. M. . . .383 Mickoy, M. D. . . .398 Mac Meekin, J. . . 112- 186-366-397 Mac Millan, D 364 Mac Nitt, Lillian . . . .464 Mac Nitt, R. D 319 Mac Pherson, J. . . . 186-381 Mac Rae, R. H. . 112-319 Mac Roberts, Mary Ann 417 Mac Vicar, N. S 171- 366-385-398 Maddock, W. G. . .318-392 Maddy, J. E 316 Maduro, C. B. ...272-367 Maebins, E. W 309 Maebius, J .357 Maebius, K 357 Magaw, Loraine 438 Magilary, Ann L. .112-259 Magill, D. H 349 Magram, S. R 204 Mahaffy, W. A. .249-325 Mahr, Lucille M 434 Maier, Lois 425 Maier, G 352 Mains, D 180 Mains, M 36-112 Maitland, G. H 343 Maken, E. R 172 Makielski, L. A 384 Malay, Beradine 166-411 Malcolm, K. D. 366-389 Malcolm, R 112- 1 83- 1 86-268-3 1 6-324-389 Malcolm, Ruth M. 112-452 Maldonado, G 311 Mallender, M. F. .170-399 Mallory, Ruth 421-436 Mallory, S 293-356 Malone, J. G 169-397 Maloney, J. H 248-293 Maloy, T 416 Maltcheff, L 294 Manace, B 394 Manbeck, Grace 412 Mandelker, Ruth 410 Maney, W 189-349 Maniot, P 339 Manly, R. W 329 Mann, M. L 346 Mann, M 189-236-351 Manning, E. W 252 Mannino, V. E. . .326 Mannion, R 357 Mansfield, Shirley M. 433- 453-460 Manson, B. M 341 Manson, Grace 417 Manss, R. W 372 Manwaring, G. 411 Manwaring, R. B 330 Maple, Dorothy S. 437-455 Maranda, E. 342 Marcotte, C. H 372 Marcus, B 259-400 Marcus, D 358 Marcus, M 112-358 Marcus, M. E 112 Marin, A 351 Marin, F 351 Marin, Mrs. Helen N. 445- 463 Marin, W 112 Marine, T. B 113 Mark, P. S 296 Markham, Lois C 420 Markham, Pauline 113-468 Markley, G. E 364 Marks, B 113-344 Marks, H 113-341-354 Marks, 1 410 Marks, M 185 Markus, L. R 113 Markus, O. A 344 Marrin, M 389 Marsh, A. W 338 Marsh, J. H 338 Marsh, Sylvia 464 Marshall, B 338 Marshall, D 397 Marshall, June 417-454-456 Marshall, J. A. .34-113-334 Marshall, M 305-389 Marshall, Mrs. Mark 429 Marshall, Ruth . . .437-461 Marshall, T. E 406 Marshall, W. V 335 Marshall, W. B 338 Marshall, Mrs. W 428 Marsman, Dorothy 438-460 Martel, Cecil H. 271-342 Martell, P 47-284-393 Martha Cook Bldg. ..438 Martin, E. J 380 Martin, F. M 397 Martin, G. B 167-329 Martin, G 421 Martin, Harriet 113-417 Martin, Ina E. 113-432-452 Martin, R. K 367 Martin, W. . 329-347 Martin, W. B 220 Martinek, C 113 Martinek, E. .44-45-402 Martorell, M., Jr. .113-294 Martzowka, M. . . .113 Marwil, T. B 394 Marx, L. D 113 Marzan, M 295 Maskey, J. J 113 Maslen, Albertina . .412 Mason, E 178-389 Mason, W. S 370 Masselinik, H 402 Masselink, R. J 392 Master, W. M 373 Masters, C 175-178 Masuda, R 297 Masuda, Mrs. R 297 Maten, M. A 114 Mather, E. ...189-204-275 Mathes, J. Se- ll 4-304-309-282-374 Matheson, C 40- 114-404-405-406 Matheson, H. L.36-1 14-255 Matohett, G. H. . . 166-338 Mathews, R. P 114 Mathewson, Bernadine 452 Mathivet, E 277 Matteson, H. E 385 Matteson, Ruth 420 Matthews, U. M 286 Matthews, H 286 Mathews, Helen. 414-461 Matthews, Olive L. 415-437 Mattison, R. T. Mattson, Agnes Mattson, H. F. Matych, G. E. Maurer, J. E. . . Maurice, Marguerite Maxey, Elizabeth M. .415- 429 Maxwell, F. H. Maxwell, J. H. Maxwell, Lucile Maxwell, R. M. Maxwell, R. V. May, C. 11. May, C. B May, Mrs. Donald 392 31.S-3SO . . . 114 395 :i,s7-4o:, 360 401 413 May, G. A 275-389 May, R. H 286 May, W. H 248-250 Mayers, S. T 327 Mayne, R. E. .114-290-386 Mazer, W. M 114-361 McAfee, W. F 372 McAlpine, R. K 310- 380-393 McAlpine, Mrs. R. K. 432- 448 McArdle, R. E 286 Mc.Arthur, G 277-372 McBarnes, J 397 McBride, G. A. . . 114-328 McBride, J. A. . . .114-412 McBride, J 192-342 McCaffree, C 236 McCaffree, F 222-229 McCain, Margaret 114 McCain, R. .114-285-286 McCallum, C 329 McCallum, Mrs. Charles 42 1 McCallum, G 337 McCallum, Helen . 417 McCammon, W 287 McCandles, J. W 312 McCart, M. H 342 McCarthy, J 40- 41-1 14-303-330-405-406 McCarthy, I. J 348 McCoughey, P. 252-313 McClelland, Lucille . .413 McClure, H. D 388 McClure, Vida 413-453-469 McClure, W. H 294 McClusky, H. Y 325 McColl, Catherine 417-461 McColl, Virginia H. . .114- 417 McColley, Rowena G. 114- 426 McComb, Helen McComb, Ruth .438 411 294 166- McConkey, G. M. 320-384 McConochie, W. B Se- ll 5-268-282-304-309- 316-375 McConoughey, M. S. .325 McCord, W. C 312 McCormick, D. E 115 McCormick, Ethel . . . .466 McCormick, Frances K. 115 McCormick, W. M. . . .370 McCort, M 182 McCotter, H. J 115 McCotter, R. E. . . 305- 318-392 McCowan, W. McCoy, E. . 204-212-254-307-355 McCoy, Robert . . . 176-374 MeCraith, R. M 352 McCreery, M. 257-276-332 McCreery, Virginia. . . .411 McCue, F. J 348 McCue, F. J 115 McCurdy, Elizabeth .272- 413 McCurdy, G. J. McDermott, G. . McDonald, A. L. .308-327 McDonald, J. S 405 McDonald, Marion . .248 McDonald, W 236 McDowell, E. Shirley 288 McEachron, Dorothy .450 McEachern, T. H. 397 McEwen, W. H. .115-399 McFerrin, Leone 115 McGaugh, Henrietta . 428 McGeoch, G. D 336 McGillard, S. H 276 McGillicudy, O. B. 352-397 MoGonigal, Dorothy J. 115-413 McGrath, W 183-337 McGraw, H. B., Jr. ...324 McGraw, S. D 264 McGuffie, Dorothy 418-452 McGuire, C. T 386 McGuire, W. G 323 McHale, Bernice 438 McHeffey, G. J 391 . 318-389 . 436-460 Page 598 v T MeHugh. C 402 Mclntire. J. E . Jr. 327 Mclntosh. Elizabeth 468 Mclntyre. C. 186-363 Mclntyre, Louise 247-436 McKaig. Jean A. . 34- 115-436-440-441-430 McKay. Emma M. 115- 434-452 McKean. G. T. . i MrKee, Carr.yl 473 McKee. Dorothy 247- 437-455 McKillen, J. G. 36- 37-115-187-281-331 MeKinney, Marion 42s McKinnie, A. A. 115-336 MrKinnie, C. L. 175-386 Me Kmven, Catherine 249- M-U : McKnight. G. 332-399 McKnight, Reta McLoughlin. D. Ft. 311 McLaurhlin. L. E 115 McLoughlin. W. A. 350 McLaughlin. Mr?. William 129-4X1 McLean. D J 34-363 McLeer. Neil T. 385 McLeese. Mary J 115-433 McLeisch. Mr?. O. O. 417 MeLennan. M A. 115-339 McLeod. A C 3S9 McLouth, BeasL. .264 McMillan, Harriet J. .115- 438 McMullen. W. H. 331 McMurray, Katherine 414- 4.-.S-461-462 McMurray. K C 329 McMurty. Vivian I. 433 McXaught..n, A. L. 342 McXeill, Dor McXerney, G. . .. 116-357 McPherson, J 363 MeRae, C C 318 MrRill. Alice 116-422 McVicar. 321 McVittie, R. J. 167-281-375 Mead. SI 116 Mead, Virginia 116-414 Mead. W 177-262 Meade. ElUabeth 418 Meader, C L 338 Meader, W J. 116-316-387 Mears, Olive 1 16-437 Medsger. H. O. . . 116-337 Medsger. T A 837 Meed, S 42 Meese. F 33-166-307 W. H 391 Megaro. Violet 438 Mehlhose, Henrietta E. 116 Mehring. D. C. 184-327 Meier, H. J 169-391 Meipher. J. P 267 Meithe. H K 337 Melberg, R. 313-477 Melehers. Helen 246-4 15 Melendy, Marjorie Melichar, C 116-285-286 Melick. M A 286 Mellen, X. E 116-317-405 Melliken, Alice 319 Meloche, C. C 380 Melorbe. Mrs. C. C. 44S MeltreT ,t 394 MendeJson. X 344 Mendel, O. R 1 16 Menefee, Mr?. E. D. 415 Menefee, F. X. 342 Mengel, L. W. 116-252-339 If en ' s Educational Club 291 Mensher. M. F. . . .116 Mercier, F 268 Merkle. C W 393 MerkJe. Martha D. . 429 Merliss. Anne A. 452 Merrick. E. L. . 116- 421-444-452 Merrill, R. M 347 Merriman, E. E. . . 385 Merry. E. B 34- 1 16-248-254-30O-376 Merry. H. J 376 Merton, X. W. . 3S5 Mertens, C. A., Jr. 170- 277-405 Men i, Edith . 464 Men i. H. J. . 386 Messenger, Helen M. E. 116 Meyers, R. A Mians. M. J Mete . }. M. Metier, 8. Men. F Met.. T. Meuhlig, G. Meyer. L. E. Meyer, Margaret . 117 117 293-343 1S2-343 391 366 34- 117-43 S-441-459 Meyer, R. A.. 249-259-377 Meyer, R. B 366 Meyer. S. K 117 Meyers, M 436 381 s. M. J ..... Michael . J. 402 Michale, Janet 437 Michaud. ML 380 Michelson. X ...... 343 Michener, J. S ..... 117 Michigamua ........ 300 Michigan Alumnus 204 Michigan Dames 464 Michigan Law Review 317 Michigan Union 257 Michigan Union Opera 271 Mickelw.n, F. 329 Mirkle. F A. 351 Middleton. V. ISO Middlewood, Esther 438 Midgley. K. E. 4O- 117-317-IO5 Midworth, Alice B 175 Midworth. Elizabeth 437 Miel. Alice M 117 Mihalyi. Helen 294 Mile?. G. A. 117-282-304 Miles. R.J. 117 MillasJ. 117 Milieu. D. C. 364 Miller. A K ......... 350 Miller. C 8 .......... 353 Miller. C T 384 Miller, C. M. 323 Miller. Mrs. Charles 417 Miller, D. C 171- 212-215-402 Miller, D. E ..... 363 Miller, E. C. 389 Miller, Elsa .......... 418 Miller, E. ..447 Miller, E. E ....... 117 Miller, Eugenia ...... 287 Miller. Frances 437- 453-467-469 Miller. F ......... 117 Miller. F. L ......... 310 Miller, F. H ....... 178-391 Miller, G 294 Miller, G.. . 44-398 Miller, G. L ..... 325 Miller. H. I 4O2 Miller, H. W ____ 252 Miller, H. W... 377 Miller. J. F. . 246-307-329 Miller, J. J ..... 117- 1S1-192-196-35O-39O Miller. J. C., Jr. . 343 Miller, Josephine ...... 414 Miller, Mrs. Leonard .408 Miller, L B. 117 Miller. Mabel M. . .448 Miller. Margaret B. .452 Miller, Marian C ..... 117 Miller. Mrs. Mai 41S Miller. Minerva . . ' . 418-454 Miller. X. L .......... 117 Miller. X. F. 329 Miller, R. 273-314-356 Miller. R W. 283 Miller. W. . Milligan, R ..... 365-397 Milfc, Florence J. . 117 Mills. Mrs. Harry 408 Milroy, R. H. 248-359 Mimes of the Michigan Union ...... 270 Mingos, L. W. 335 Minifie. Allana M. 118-438 Minnear, R. A. 2S1 Minnich. R. E. 118-277-365 Minsel. P. 251-307-329 Minti. E. I. 11S-394 Miranda, Dalmacir. 295 Mirfield, Margaret L. . 411 Miwhener, .1 - . . .360 Mitani, K. .297 11, C. A. . . M Mitchell. C. A.. Jr. 118 Mitchell, E. D. 187-275-350 Mitchell. Mrs. E. D. 415 Mitchell. Gertrude 409 Mitchell. H. C. . Mitchell. J. P., Jr. ... 386 Mitchell, Marion 460 Mitchell, Miriam 118- 250-459 Mitchell, Ruth . . 460 Mitchell. T. J. 375 Miyanaga, A . W. 297 Miiner, Elizabeth 43fi . Peris E. 11 420 Moehlman. Mrs. Arthur 417 Moeller. X. G. . 118 Moffat, Catherine E. 118 Moffett, F. P. .42-118-275 Mohr, Florence 415 Moise. I. S ....... 11S-354 Mol, M 258 Moll, H. F ..... 40- 118-404-405-406 Monaghan. J. F ...... 359 Monrad. C. C 31O-380 Monroe, C 8 248 Monroe, D. C. . 118-334 Monroe, D. M ........ 351 I N D E X Monroe. D. A 334 Monroe. G E 118-360 Monroe, Mildred I. 118-438 Monroe. R B. 174- -J..-- I Montague. R. W 370 Montgomery, H 363 Montgomery. Mrs. A. F. 417 Montgomery. R. P. 38- 118-305-389 Moody, C. I. Moore. A. I) 309 Moore. C. F 38O Moore. C L 287 Moore, C. 167-258-261-338 Moore. C. M 118-308 . . E V. 270- 316-345-352 Moore, Mrs. E. V. 416-429 Moore, Mrs. Frances H. 264 Moore. F. H 247-329 Moore, F. W 359 Moore. G 4O2 Moore, H. 359 Moore, K. B 305-389 Moore, K G. 238-359 Moore, Margaret . 166- 246-422 Moore, Marjorie 424 Moore, Mary-Alice . 424- 429-442-452-456 Moore. Phyllis .435 Moore, R. C. 48- 119-290-382 Moore. R. H. 34-119-277 Moore, R. L. 338-339-395 Moore, R. T 119 Moore, Ruth 4O8- 421-425-456 Moore. Mrs. Samuel 424 Mooreman. M. A 430 Moorehouse, F orothy 119- 437-441-443-468 Morehouse, Frances . 429 Morely, Grace A. . 119 Mor|n, H 381 Morgan, Helen E. . .432 Morgan, R. O. . 352 Moriarity, Catherine 431 Morin, Margaret 42 Morley. Mary 436 Morrill. Helen 413-417-436 Morris, E. L 119-405 Morris, E. W 44- 45-119-336-385 Morris Ruth 119-438 Morrison, Catherine S. 119 Morrison, D. G 367 Morrison, Elizabeth A. 119-421 Morrison, Florence P. 119- 427 Morrison, Rose . . 119-427 Morrison, S 342 Morrow. Thelma 288 Morse. J., Jr 119-377 Morse, X. 42- 119-212-216-275 Moreeman, Dorothy . . 425 Morsmann, Edgar M. 395 Mortarboard 44O Mortmson. F 333 Morton, Alletta . . 173- 43O-453-! Morton, D 356 E. S 393 Morton, H 356 Moses, Harriet 246-413 Moses, H. X 119-377 Moseswohn. B. D. . 120-346 Mosher. G. E 12O-367 Mosier. E. C. 172-284-393 Moss, Luetta G 426 Mote, L. A 268 Motoda. M 297 Mottier, Julia D. 42- 120-432-47.3 Moule, M. M 365 Mould, R. E 365 Moulton, W. R. 327 Mountain. F. B. . . 389 Mowers, Edna 454 Moyer, E. H 120 Moyle, O. W 390 Mozabel, J. 114 Moiumdar. M 120 Mrau, J. J 401 Mueller, F. I Muffley, Marjorie . . 414- 453-455-462 Mugavero, F C. 12O-350 Mugavero, R. S. 350 Muirhead. 8. X. 331-395 Mulac, E J 120-328 Mulder, Cornelia 120 Mulfinger, R 4O-12O-4O5 Mulliken, J. B. 12O-377 Mullison, Gretrhen 462 Mummers Dramatic Soci- ety 457 Munger, I. L. . . 34- 120-222-301-355 Munster, X. L 286 Munt. F. J ..... 338 Munt. F. J ........ 286-316 Mu Phi Epsilon 4i : Murbarn. E. R. 363 Murfin. J O. 257-4O5 Murphy, Eliiabeth 431 Murphy. J L. 38-397 Murphy, Josephine A. 120- 417 Murphy. L J. 120 Murphy, P. C. ... 175-348 Murray. C 337 Murray, Edna M. 120-452 Murray, Elsie E. 34- 12O-428-44O-450 Murray, Mary Louise 34- 122 .325 Murray, T. W ...... 340 Murray, W. A. ..38- " 39-121-3O5-34S-391 Murray, W. E ...... 121 Muscovich. E. . . 383 Mustard. R. L. 318-391 Muzzey. A 355-390 Myers D. W ..... 4O1 Myers Mrs Dean 421-437 Myers J ............. 336 Myers, Marjorie M. 121 Myron. H. G ..... 2O4-235 H K 7 ck. A ....... 397 Xadeau. F. A. . 171 Nagelkirk, K. J. 121-357 Nagelvoort, Adrienne 121- 414-456-460 Xakao. A. 294-297-436 Xalbant, J. P ..... 121 Xank, R A ..... 360 Xarrin, J. 268-288-352 Xash, A. D., Jr. . . 346 Xathan, Doris R. 410 Xathan. J.. Jr. . .121-341 Xathan, L ..... 346 Xaylor, F. C ..... 365 Xaylor, J ....... 365 Xeai. E. L ..... 334 Xeblung, R. 212-219-275 Xerhman, C. X., Jr. 339 Xederlander, Sally .410 Xeely, H ....... 385 XefT. ' M.A. . . 121-374 Nehl, L. W ...... 392 Xeighbor. J. W. . . 359 Xeighbor, J. . 389 Xeil, Mrs C. S ..... 422 Xeis, R. E. . 312 Nell, E. R. . 252-281-339 Xeller. A. A. . . 277-406 Xelly, H M, Jr. 121 Xelson, A. G. 121-277 Xelson, A ....... 373 Nelson, A. L ....... 121 Xelson, C. A ...... 382 Nelson, E. E ........ 391 Xelson, H .......... 331 Xelson, J. R ...... 252 Xelson, Louise . . . 425 Xelson, T. C. . 121-391 Xelson, W. H., Jr. . . 121 Xelson, W ........ 310 Nep t d, S. H ........ 312 Nerger, V. D. 38- 121-370-391 Xesbit, R M. 392 Xessen, W. H. ... 364 Xette, R. L. . ... .351 Xetiley, R. E. 268-316-401 Xeubecker, Wllma L. 121- 452-457 Xeukom, G ..... 332 Njeuman. H. X. 400 Xeumann, Margaret I 415 Xeumann, V. F.. 292-392 Xeuss, J. W ...... 383 Xewberg. L ...... 381 Xewburgh. L. H. 305-318 Xewland, M. R. . . 281 Xewman, Alice M. ' 121 Xewman. B. A. . 169-396 Xewman, Edna 427 Xewman, E. A. . 122-311 Xewman, I. . 354 Newman, M. W. 122- 317-405 Xewton, M. A. 342 Xewton, Mrs. Maynard 4O8 Xewton. R H. 251-345 Xeyer, Florence . 473 Xgao, X. Y ..... 296 Xichamin. H. P. 122 Xicholas, Grace E. 122 Xicholas. Mildred . .409 Xichok . G S ..... 291 Xichols. H W .338 Nichols. Mrs. Harry 408 Xichote. Isabel ...... 4O8 Xichols. Olive ..... 422 Xicholsxm, G. A., Jr 122- 192-334 Xicholson, H. C ...... 381 Xickels Dora A ...... 420 Nickelsen, J. M ..... 323 Nickerson, M. E , Jr. 122- 349 257-353 323 180 343 426 382 295 123 Nickliu, W. Niehuw. ML. .122 Xiethammer. A A. 122-319 Xiethammer, Mrs. A. 294 X.ethammer, W. A . 122- 318-381 Nikima, W. F. Ninke. E. A Nishihara, M. Nissen, W. E Nile. R. O. 268-316-385 NIL. n. .Sarah E. 122 Xobil, X. C. 122 Noble. Cecil M. 36- 122-281-309 Noble, Ellen H. 122-438 Noble, M. D. Nochimson, M. Noffxe. H. Nofiinger, E. E Noggle, Lenore Nolan, B. A. Xollido, R. S. Nome, L. L. . Noneman, Marcella E. 123 Noreonk, A. A. 38-123-381 Xordgren, P. A. 36- 123-282-304-309 NorWx-k. J 185-398 Xorman, Edith H. 123- HS-tt : Norman, J L. . . . 343 Norman, O. A 366 Norquist, F. A. 123-244-281 Norris, H. W. . . .275 Norris, R 322 Norris, W. W. 322-388-405 North, Gertrude . .428 North, W. P 123- 181-268-314-316-406 Northon,H. J 287 Northrop, S. M. 123-386 Northrop, P. M. 44- 1 23- 1 89-222-223-256-385 Northrup, R. W. 44-123 Northwav, Eveleth A. 179- 385 Norton. B. L 222 Norton, D 307 Norton, Elizabeth 123-438 Norton, Josephine 412-440 Norton, Nellie M. 182-415 Notkin, M. 123-396 Nothstine, H. E. 123-4O2 Noviteky, B 341 Novy, Frances .... 416 Novy, F. G 318- 322-338-389 Nowak, Adeline G. 430 Nower, Wilma I. . 123- 414-460 Noyes, J. R 342 Nungester, W 398 Nunely, E. T. 175- 276-312-370 Nunnelev, J. N 123- 332-405 N unneley, W. M. . .360 Nuppnau, W 35O Nn Sigma Hu . 389 Nutt, Elizabeth C. 123- 4 1S-44O-45O-452-462 Nyboer, J., Jr 124 Nyland. H. Z., Jr. 124- 192-198- 204-301-334 47-310 . .250 . 370 124 124-436 . 348 348 401 312 Oakdale, U. O. . Oakes, H. K. . . Oakes. P. W. Oatley. D. . . . O ' Beirne, Lucj- E. O ' Brien, Adeline O ' Brien, M. M. O ' Brien, P. J. Obrock. F. A. O ' Connor, A. W. Oda, 1 297 Odam. W 357 O ' Dea, J. M. 264 Odle, Dorothy M. 246 Oeming, L. F. 282-304-353 Oestrike, E. E. . . 124 Ogborn, F. Evelyn 124- 440-450-452-468 O ' Hara, W. T. S., Jr. 327 Ohlheiser, H. 222-226 Ohlsxm, Margaret E. .432- 447-458-467 Ohming, Katherine D. 4O8 Okkelberg, Maud . . .429 Olcott, M. P 419 Oldham, E. S. . 175-325 Olds, Jane 41 S Olian, I. A. 189-238 Oliphant, Mrs. L. W. 415 Oliphant, M 349 Oliver, A. G. . . . Oil, M. A Olmstead. C. Ohnstead, C. F. Olmstead, Mrs. C. T. Olmstead. F. L. Olmxead, L. E. . . Olmsted, K. L. . . P gf 599 Olsen, Ada 422 Olsen, Margaret 462 Olsen, M. E 366 Olson, A 124-357 Olson , H . O . . 276-3 1 2-347 Olson, Odina 422-429 Olstead, C. F., Jr. . .277 Omans, Bee 428 O ' Meara, Marceline .418 O ' Melay, Monica E. .124- 452 O ' Neall, Nancy . . .459 O ' Neil, T. L 323 O ' Neill, J. M 314 Oosterbaan, B. J. . .34- 124-189-190-192-195-204- 212-217-300-327 Oosterling, H. J. .36-124 Oppenheim, T. H. Oppermann, P. P. Oratorical Board Orcutt, R. D. Order of Coif . O ' Reilly, Alice .... Oren, H Orisaka, R Ornstein, R. Dorothy 346 . .334 . . 273 .124-402 . . .317 124 396 297 . 124- 460 Orr, C. A 268 Orr, D. H 182-347 Orr, Dora E 124-438 Orr, H. T 349 Orr, M. E 339 Orr, W. R. Ort, M. R. . . . Orth, E. H Orura, J Orwig, J. S. . Orwig, W. S. . . Osborne, J. B. . Osborne, K. Osborne, W. R. Osenburg, F. C. Osenburg, R. . . d, F. P. 182-347 125 281-375 204 125-353 353 247-335 . .267 . .399 . .125 . 374 305-391 .125- Osgoodi Osgood, Laura M. 3 1 4-440-44 1-444-450-45 1- 458 Osman, S. V 125 Osmun, C. L 125 Osterhof, H. J 380 Ostrander, R. R. .. .323 O ' Toole, Bernice . . .426 Otsuka, Catherine S. .297- 437 Otsuka, Lucy . . .297-437 Ott, Carolyn E. . . 125 Ott, G. W 327 Ott, H. A 125-353 Ottaway, E. J 264 Ottaway, J. P 34- 125-315-334 Otto, G. G 399 Overton, L. S 324 Overton, R 324 Owen, A 349 Owen, E. C 291 Owens, P. P 338 Pacella, A. F 326 Pack, P. C 187-350 Packer, G. W 34- 125-268-277-316-352 Paddock, A. J. 167-282-353 Padilla, S 295 Paeplow, E. H. . . 125-380 Paine, W. R 45- 125-267-402 Painter, F. C 40- 41-125-336 Palm, R. E. ... 176-333 Palma, J 389 Palmaroli, J. M. .197-192 Palmer, Anne 125 Palmer, Florence L. . . 125 Palmer, G. A 389 Palmer, H. J 266-352 Palmer, R. E 353 Palmer, W. . . .258-294 Panchuk, J. . . . 125-399 Pancoast, W. R. . . .364 Pan-Hellenic Ball Com- mittee 456 Papke, A. P. ... 126-353 Pardee, Elizabeth . . .422 Park, G. G 363 Parker, A. J. . . .336-387 Parker, A. V. . . .126-328 Parker, Mrs. D. H. . .415 Parker, Elizabeth . . .412 Parker, F. R. . . .261-372 Parker, H. D 411 Parker, Loleta G. . . 126- 411-460 Parker, Madalene ... 126 Parker, Marjorie . . .413 Parker, R. F 192 Parker, Violet B 411 Parker, W. R 318-389 Parks, H. B 276 Parks, Lois A 126- 289-408-445 Parmenter, Helen F. ..408 Parmeter, Virginia A.. .423 Parnall, Mary 452 Parson, Hazel 126 Parsons, Margaret .... 426 Partika, H. J. .126-276-293 Pasko, P. J 288 Passman, H. L. . . 248-368 Passmore, Elizabeth . .411- 435 Passmore, Mary E 126 Pastrana, Maria 295 Patch, A 365 Patch, B. A 350 Patch, Marion 436 Pate, P 220 Patmos, B 126 Patmos, Frances 126- 294-438 Patmos, M 126-318 Paton, Barbara L. . 126-420 Patrick, F. D 266-323 Patrick, K 166- 248-307-315-335 Pattee, G. 1 335 Pattengill, Caroline ...416 Patterson, D. S 329 Patterson, G. F 42-275 Patterson, G. W. .312-359 Patterson, Mrs. G. W. 416- 429 Patterson, Katherine . . 126 Patterson, Sarah 422 Patterson, W. A 126 Fatten, Barbara H. ..34- 126-418 Patton, O. O. .126-267-316 Fatten, R 349 Patton, W. A 382 Patton, W. H. . . 127-349 Paul, S 405 Paulson, Marjorie . . .422 Paulson, R. H. . 127-337 Paun, M 42-127-275 Pavitt, RenaG 127- 429-458 Pawlitz, L. Irene 127 Pawlowski, F. W 283 Paxson, Dorothy C. . . .452 Paxson, G., Jr 405 Payne, J. H 387 Pearce, Flora D 452 Pearson, C 127 Pearson, K. G 406 Pearson, L 452 Pearson, Lois L. . . . 127 Peck, A. C 169-381 Peck, C. Janice 127- 438-441-445-452-460 Peck, Florence ...... .413 Peck, Virginia 425 Peckham, Ellen E. 127-411 Peckham, H 127 Peckham, V. A 406 Peek, Ruth C 127 Peet, C. D 373 Peet, Georgia K 430 Peet, G 363 Peet, M. M 318-381 Peltier, H. P 182-348 Pelton, G. W 352 Pelton, H. C 127 Peng, Y. S 296 Pennell, F. E 363 Penniman, J. E 359 Pennington, P 127 Penzel, Ruth 422 Peppeler, Margaret R. 127- 420 Perkins, Florence 127 Permort, A 176 Perrett, G. W. 249-331-234 Perrigo, P. B 172- 261-284-374 Perrin, O. W 264 Perrot, D. L 336-406 Perry, C. W. ..38-127-401 Perry, E. J 175-360 Perry, T. K 406 Petcoff, C 294 Peterman, A. E. . . . 170-387 Peterman, E. A 128 Peters, Blanche L. . . . 128- 423-460 Peters, Grace A. . . 128-434 Peters, J. W 399-406 Peters, J. C 390 Peters, J. H 406 Peters, Letta . 128-423-468 Peters, R 385 Peterson, B 277 Peterson, Elfrieda J. . 175- 424 Peterson, G. S 314 Peterson, Mrs. George 418 Peterson, J. R. ..287-373 Peterson, J . W 386 Peterson, Rachel H. . .426 Peterson, R. .305-318-389 Peterson, Mrs. Reuben 409- 413-429 Peterson, R. T. ... 168-384 Peterson, V. L 267-277 Peterson, W. F 342 Peterson, Mrs. Ward .413 Petrie, R. L 261-342 INDEX Petrie, W. E 34- 128-301-345 Petroft, A. N. .128-283-294 Pettibone, C 128-378 Pettibone, E. E. . . . 128-393 Pettit, J. N 362 Pettyjohn, E 345 Pfersdorff, O. H. . . 128-281 Pflueger, C 365 Pflueger, R. S 405 Pfluke, H. E 222 Phelps, B. R 128 Phelps, D. M 356 Phelps, Eleanor C. 128-416 Phelps, Jean 413 Phi Alpha Delta . . 390 Phi Beta Delta . . . . 344 Phi Beta Pi 391 Phi Delta Chi .... 393 Phi Delta Epsilon 394 Phi Delta Phi 395 Phi Epsilon Kappa . . . . 275 Phi Epsilon Pi 346 Phi Eta Sigma . . .312 Phi Gamma Delta . . .347 Phi Gamma Mu . ...426 Phi Kappa 348 Phi Kappa Psi 349 Phi Kappa Sigma 350 Phi Kappa Tau 351 Phi Lambda Kappa 396 Phi Lambda TJpsilon. . .310 Phi Mu Alpha 352 Phi Mu Delta 353 Phi Rho Sigma 397 Phi Sigma Delta 354 Phi Sigma Kappa 355 Phi Sigma Sigma 427 Phil, Nena 420 Philbin, L. M 353 Phillippi, L. F. ... 128-333 Phillips, C. C 128-350 Phillips, U. B 328 Phillips, W. H 128 Philpott, H. M 280-384 Philpott, N 381 Pi Beta Phi 428 Pi Kappa Alpha 356 Pi Kappa Phi 357 Pi, K. P 296 Pi Lambda Phi 358 Pi Lambda Theta 445 Picard, M. C., Jr 346 Pickard, L. K. 128-438-458 Pickard, N. S 334 Pierce, C. M 376 Pierce, F. K 184-384 Pierce, Helen 436 Pierce, J. M 391 Pierce, K. C 169-325 Pierce, N. L 128 Plersol, T. R 362 Pierson, C 351 Pierson, E. F 129-398 Pike, Elizabeth 421 Pike, M. H 397 Pilliad, Agnes 429 Pillsbury, Mrs. W 416 Pinaire, J. S 373 Pine, C. S. ... 129-186-391 Pine, H. E 384 Pinkerton, A. M. . 170-388 Pinney, B. S 129-402 Piper, J. U. . . .174-290-340 Pippinger, Bessie 129 Pittelco, M. A 342 Pittelco, Ruth M 421 Pitzele, N 354 Pitzele, R. M 427 Plard, A. F., Jr. . . . 129 Plastino, J. B 326 Platt, Alice . . .246-418-456 Platt, Helen 418 Platt, S. H 337 Platz, G. J 129-282 Platz, J. M 129-405 Pleasant, H. H 181 Pleasant, J 406 Pleshek, L 337 Plesofsky, P 129 Fletcher, W. H. . . .285-286 Plotkin, H 396 Plym, L. J 384 Poch, W. J. . . 129-309-313 Pochelon, J 363 Podbielniack, S. C 46- 245-280-293-384 Poe, H. W. ... 192-201-352 Polaski, F 129 Poling, J. W 129 Poll, R. E 129-328 Pollard, H. M 381 Pollock, D. A 330 Pollock, Florence A. . .273- 420-446-458 Pollock, J. B 347 Pollock, J. K. .277-314-399 Pollock, J. R. .277-291-325 Pollock, Margaret . .422 Pomeroy, J. A 327 Pommerening, 167- 192-199-308-375 Pond, W. E 334 Ponton, J 356 Poole, L. J 34- 35-129-187-301-337 Poor, E. S. . .281-292-322 Poorman, E. B 192- 313-828 Popick, P. P 383 Popke, A. P 392 Popp, R. E. . . 251-307-363 Pore, H. B 129 Porritt, H. B. .171-357-385 Porter, Geraldine L. 408 Porter, Lois E. 129-408-456 Portia Literary Society 459 Post, A 330 Post, W 182-353 Postal, Evelyn 272 Postmus, Margaret . . .433 Potter, Elizabeth 436 Potter, E. B 397 Potter, F. M 129 Potter, G. K 359-389 Potter, H. 372 Potter, L. B 36- 130-293-309 Potter, N 359 Potter, Mrs. Nathan 421 Potter, V. W 385 Pottle, J. L. ... 184-349 Potts, R. S. . 130-309-375 Pound, J. D 323 Powell, L. E 130 Power, W. C 130 Powers, Florence A. . 130- 438-453 Powers, J. L 393 Powers, R. F. .44-130-402 Powers, W. F 130 Prag, J. J 130 Pratt, D. B 328 Pratt, Helen 436 Pratt, R 288 Pratt, Vivian C. 34-130-430 Preece, C. F. . . . 328-405 Preish, J. F 351 Prentiss, R. N. . . 130-349 Presbrey, R 337 Prescott Club 284 Prescott, W. D. 34-234-355 Prescott, W 187 Preston, D. A 372 Preston, Helen . . 178-409 Preston, K. C. . 130-325 Preston, R. J. . 285-286-372 Preston, R. W 330 Prettyman, H. G. . . .338 Price, Catherine . . . 248- 288-452 Prichs, Laura E. . . . 130 Priebe, H. W 130 Priehs, G. H. . . .272-328 Prophet, E. C 386 Prout, P 130- 222-228-311-353 Prunian, J. H 264 Pruss, L . 339 Pryor, Esther A. .. .248- 272-428 Psi Omega 398 Psi Upsilon 359 Ptolmey, Mary 437-442-443 Pu, A 296 Puckelwartz, W. H. . .42- 131-189-192-198-212-213- 275 Puckett, H 186-397 Pullman, H 180 Pupko, B. P 369 Purcell, H. H 375 Purcell, Katherine 430-460 Purdie, Agnes C 131 Purdy, Frank J 131 Purdy, F. A. .. .293-325 Purdy, R. T 329 Purmort, A 355 Pursell, C. L 378 Pusch, W. C 34- 35-131-248-300-321-347 Putnam, Elinor B 452 Putnam, L. L 131-385 Putnam, Shirley 415 Putzig, L 220 Q Quale, F 332 Quarles, S. P 334 Quarry, Mrs. Josephine 431 Quarterdeck Society. .306 Quelette, G. D. 131-290-340 Quigley, Ruth 409 Quigley, W. G 38-131 Quinn, M. W 248 Quinn, T. C 372 Quinn, W. M 372 Quint, R. S 358 Rabbitt, F. E 350 Raber, C. F. .204-307-364 Racimo, Anacleto 295 Racimo. J 295 Radford, Elsie E 131 Raff, M 400 Rahn, F. H. ..171-261-398 Rahn, K 182-332 Raikes, Mrs. Grace. . . .413 350 264 418 350 Raikea, Helen M. .131-413 Raine, Arvilla R 131 Raine, M. 432-447-467-477 Raisch, A. T 131-387 Raiter, Frances E. 415-446 Raiter, Gladys . . . 415-460 Ralston, W. R 131-384 Rambo, Gladys N 131 Ramsay, Helen 408 Ramsay, Rachel F. ...408 Ramsay, W. T 359 Ramsdell, R. M 343 Ramsey, R. A. 131-303-390 Ramsey, W. S 131- 270-371-334 Rancourt, Winnora A. 131 Randall, G. L 271 Randall, H. M 338 Randall, Mrs. Harrison 416 Randall, J. R 131-338 Randall, Mabel 421 Rank, Ruth R 435 Rankin, Bertha 413 Rankin, Helen 413 Rankin, T. E 327 Ra nkin, Mrs. T. E. . . .415 Ransom, H. K 318 Ransom, W 324 Rantanen, W. J 132 Rapaport, S 170-341 Raphail, T 319-358 Rapp, L 182-332 Harden, Elizabeth 425 Rash, C. J Rash, C. J Rash, Mrs. Charles. . Rash, R Rashbacker, Mrs. H. . 418 Rasmussen, C. R. . 132-373 Rasnick, N. N 132-341 Rathbone, R. R 397 Ratliffe, Mrs. W. B. ..413 Rauner, F 323 Rauner, Mildred 431 Raven, Clara 132-259 Ravenscroft, E. A. . 132- 310-374 Ravid, J 394 Rawlings, Ella B. .466-475 Ray, H. E 397 Ray, L. T 384 Rayen, Isabel .. .428-437 Rayman, L 132 Raymon, Elizabeth 422 Raymond, Mrs. W. O. 412 Rea, Emmalou 287 Rea, W. R 347 Read, R. M. . .132-251-300 Reading, Marion 420- 442-467 Reason, R. S 374 Reechman, Virginia . . .412 Reed, Cecil 132-357 Reed, D 360 Reed, E 366 Reed, Margaret E. . .452 Reed, Roberta 436 Reed, T. H 314-333 Reed, Mrs. Thomas . . .417 Reed, Virginia 450 Reed, W. B 175-337 Reel, D 405 Reeves, A 324 Reeves, H. G 381 Reeves, J. S 324 Reeves, Mrs. Jesse S. .416 Regent, K 277 Reglien, N. C 38- 39-132-268-305-316-401 Rehfuss, Marjorie . . . .420- 436-461 Rehrig, Margaret .247-415 Reichle, Winfred E. . . . 132 Reichman, G. .212-215-358 Reid, D 366 Reid, Geraldine H. 132-421 Reid, Noma 132- 436-458-462 Reid, W. H 335 Reif, E. C. . . 175-236-372 Reigart, Agnes . . . .460 Reighard, J. E ..338 Reimann, L. C. . . .325-388 Reimann, Mrs. L. C. . .429 Rein, G. N 277 Rein, V. E 385 Reinger, M. J 362 Reinig, E. R 323 Reinstein, C. R. 38-132-394 Reish, Marion . 412-436 Relyea, G. M. 169-305-381 Renick, C. A 323 Renihan, Katherine . .431 Renison, W. H. . .132-373 Renkenberger, Doris K. 417 Renner, G. J 327 Renwick, Mrs. L. C. .408 Resh, Ruth 411 Retief, W. P 132 Retzlaff, Vivian E. . . 132 Reutz, E 212-219 Reynor, J. M 132 Reynolds, C. H. ..288-359 Reynolds, C 393 Reynolds, E. S 287 Page 600 INDEX Reynolds, F 333 Rodenberg. L. B. 246-335 Rutherford. Helen H. 47- Scheirich, Alma 248- Reynolds. H C 312 Reynolds. Mrs K. M. 133- Reynolds. I. 360 Reynolds, R. E 133-351 Reynolds, R. R 286 Reynolds, Virginia 426 Reynolds W C 343 Refolds. W. J. 271 Rhead, Mrs. M. 406-429 Rhenifrank. L. 359 Rhine . J. E. 365 Rboades. M. 355 Rhodes, H - 133-358 Rice. J W. 34-133-336-378 Rice. Margaret 133- 413-424-445 Rich. B. M 377 Rich, F P. 133-363-387 Rich. G E 133- 181-192-195-307-333-406 Rich. H M. 378 Richards. D. H. . . 133- 385-413 Richards Edna 413 Roderick. H. 360 Rodgers. D. C. 343 Rodgers, W. L. 169-332 Rodkev, R. G. 322-386 Roedel. E. 182-339 Roehm, F. E. B. 135-327 Roemer. X. 438 Roesch, A. J. 34- 35-135-257-342 Roesch. J. L 342 Roethke. T. H. 330 Roethke, Violet B. 135- Roger . D. M. 374 Rogers. J H. 395-4O6 Rogers, L 182-332 Rogers, M C 380 Rogers, R. W. 4O- 135-303-317-390 Rogin, J.R 394 RogToy, T. 135-251-252 Rohrbach, R A. 175-365 RoUand, W. M 135-391 Roonev, F. . 135-174-357 Root, C. W. . .135 136-284-413 Ruthven. Mrs. A. 339-422 Ruthven, Katberine 422 Rvall. A H 388 Ryall. D. R. 363 Rvan, A. W. .44-130-998 R ' van. E J 268 Rvan, H. H 291 Rvan, Jean 173 Rvan. J. W.. Jr 335 Rvan, J. D. 380 Rvan, MS 136-289 Rvan, T. P 4O- 41-137-4O4-405-406 Ryder, B. J. . 137-281 Rve, J. A. 343 R -erson, G. M. . . . 182- 277-333 S SabUsky, G. A 142 Sabom, Margaret V. 435 Sackett, Frances . 412- 447-467 Sackrider J 378 438-44 Schell, Anne 248-438-460 ScheUer. J 293 Scheman, Mrs M R. 424 Scbenck. MB. 372 Scberer. A K. 175-249-347 Scherer, J. 365 Scherer, R. P. 362 Schermack. J. S. 332 Schermer, H 346 Schermer. J M 138-341 Scbeurman, R. M. 138-353 Schick, E 179 Schick. E C. 385 Schieffelin. E. G 335 Schiff, Fannie . . 259 Schiller. M. C. . 344 Schimege, J. H. . 281 Srhirmer, G. M. 138- Schlosberg, R. T. 313-359 Sehloas, R. L. 346 Schlose. W 288-377 Sohlott, Arlene . . .409 Schlotterbeck, Mrs. J. O. Richards ' , Grace . . 417- 437-452 Richards. Helen 413 Richards, Phyllis 133- 251-413 Richards R 288 Richardson. A. L. 133- 271-327 Richardson. H. L. 276 Richardson, J. B. . 384 Richardson, K. S. . 184-342 Richardson, R. W. 133-281 Richardson. Ruth -.- Richardson. S. .44-133-357 Root. T. W. 331 Rose, D. 173-204-275 Rose, Edith M. 452 Rose, J. R 328 Rose, V. C. . . 259 Rose, W 405 Rosen, M. M 38-39 Rosen baum, S S. 170-341 RoBenberg, B. W. 368 Rosenberg. E. G. . 135-358 Rosenberg. Madeline 452 Rosenberg, M 236 Rosenberg, P. S 341 Rosenberg.? 248-377 Sadler. H. C. 257- 306-339-347 Sadler, Mrs. Hebert .416 Sage. H. A 137 Sage. M. Jane . 417 Sage. W. D 42-137 Sahlmark. J 343 Saidman, May . . 137 Sakaguchi, M " . . . .297 Sakamoto, K. . . . 297 Sakanishi, S 297 Salazar, A 137 Salazar. A 137 Salisbury-, A 36- 415-437-488 Schmalt, Mrs. Carl X. 412 Schmeiske, L. H. 182-340 Schmeling, E. S. 138- 311-356 Schmidgall, J. R. .. 268 Schmidt, H. 293 Schmidt, T. E 397 Schmidt. W 3.56 Schmier. B. L. 139-394 Schneider, Erwilli . . .437 Schneider, H. W. .. .286 Schneider, L.. Jr. . . . 346 Schneider, Ruth 418 Richer, Esther .. 407 Richmond. E. L. 133-399 Richter, H. C. 328 Richter. Helen L. . . .133 Ricker. Esther F .408 Ricker Margaret 42- Rosenbluni. H. W. 361 Rosenthal, C. L 135- 290-354 Rosenthal, Rita . . .248-410 Rosenthal, Ruth . .135-410 Rosewater, S. M. 264 137-281-375 Salizar, M 281 Sallee, Ethel R. 46-137-452 Salm. J. L. .40-137-405 Salmond, I. M. 36- Schneirla, Leone M. 139 Schnitker, M. L. . 392 Schnitker, M. L. . 392 Schoch, O. F. . . 139- 303-399-405 Schoenfield, A 315 133-408 Roski, X. I. 368 Schoenfield, J. . 178- Rickert , V G 385 Rose, B. . 396 192-197-343-391 Ricketts, Juniata . 294 Riddering. C. J. 134- 276-303-317-404-405-406 Ridenour, Margaret .460 Rider X P . 399 Rose. Mrs. C. H. . . 415 ROSS.G. 291 ROSS.H T. . 36-135-309 Ross, Martha M. . 135-452 Ron, R. W. . . .248-250 Salvosa, Mrs. Luis 295 Salzman, H. A. . .137-346 Sample. G. W. 399 Sample. Mrs. G. W. .408 Schoepfle. C. S. .380 Schoettlev, F. J. . 139-384 Scholl, Catherine .426 Scholten, D. J 363 Scholtz, T. W 352 Rider. Roselle 429 Roes,W. F. . . .183-330 Schoonmaker, Helen D. 139 Rider, T. B. 134-268-316 Riecker. H. H 392 RirrBnnnt J L 134- Romman. D. E. . 135-281 Rosswurn, H. J. ... 135 Roth, C . 329 Sampson] P. C- - .38- 137-18 -271-300-31S-350- Schorling, Mrs. R. 4O8 Schott, C. F. 272-331 Schott, Fern B. . 425-428 - - 4 " . Rices, C H 311 Roth. E. M 392 Roth, X. G 310 Sams, W M 318-397 Schrade. J. M. 139-276-399 Schrader, E. A 343 Riggs, F. B. . 134-359 Rothrock, C. L 365 Sanders, G. M 345 Schrader, Evelyn .. .436 RiSBS, Mrs. Findlev 413 Rotten bert, B. 251-354 Sanders, H. A 345 Schrader, Reva J. 415 Rices. H. E. 308-347 Riggs. Mrs. Henrv 428 Riggs, S H 347-390 Rottenburg, M. A. 136 Rouff, E 394 Rouse M 168-384 Sanders, Mrs. Henry .418 Sanderson, F. D. . . .345 Schravesand, J. .222-231 Schrider, Leone R, . . 139 Schrier. T 401 Rigley, E. L. 169-389 Riley " , Janice 1. 134-408-452 Rile ' v, J. K. 134 Rousseau, A. J. . . .384 Rousseau. J. J 320 Rowe, L. E 136- Sanderson, R. M. . 166- 273-276-356 Schroeder, A. E. . . .276 Schroeder, Beatrice E. 415 Schroeder, C. F. . . 401 Rilev, T. G. ... 370-383 Rineham. Catherine .452 Rinehart Marvel T 134 174-290-382 Rowe, S. X.. 267-316-381 Rowe, T D 362 Sands, Virginia L. - . 137- 422-443 Schroeder, Edna . . 460 Schroeder, O. R. . . 333 Schroeder, W. M. 139- Hipley, H S . 247-356 Risk. ' R. D 323 Rowlader, Doris J. . 136- Sangster, R. L. 232-352 174-301-321-334 Schrover. E 182 Rislev, Miriam L. 452 Ritt. ' j. S 361 Rittershoffer, C. R. 134- 318-397 Rittershofer, L. E. 385 Rivera, D. L. . 134-295 Riviera, P. . . . 294-295 Roach, B. J 134 Roach. Marv . . 247-412 Robb nne " 431 Royee, Ethladel . 136-418 Royce, F. E 258 Rovce. Virginia M. 136-408 Revs, Thelma . . . .420 Royston, J. R. .. . 323 Rozan, M. M. . .136-394 Rubin, M. L. 234-344 Ruckman, Virginia M. 136- 438 Rudd, J. S. 386 Sappington, Edith . 4O9 Sargent, Emilie 438 Sargent, F. R. 277-311-406 Sargent, L. E 336 Satovsky, A 137-344 Satterthwaite, Geneva 428 Sattinger, O. C. 138-317 Sauer, R. D. . 138- 234-254-314 Schuberth, V 420 Schueren, Hildegarde 247- 436-459 Schuesler, J. K. . .277 Schule, Mrs. Aha M. 433 Schuler, F. A. 249-360 Schuler, Gertrude . 139-417 Schuler, Marv F. 139- 438-462 Robbins, A 354 Robbins, B. 354 Robbins, Carmine .438-160 Robbins, F. E. 270-329 Robbins, J. 192-328 Robbins. Mary . 166-416 Robbins. Rachel . 175-428 Roberta, A 355 Rudell, W. R. ... 364 Rudisill, Louise 436 Rudolph, Lvdia A. 136-438 Rudolphi, Helen A. 175-418 Rueger, Carlisle . . 356 Rueger, M 356 Ruegsegger, A. D. 4O- 136-387 Saurborn, Jeannette 438 Saurborn, Marion B. 138- 469 Sauzedde. Rene E. 360 Savage, R. T. 138-314-327 Savignv, H. A. 138-282-309 Sawver, Mrs. A. E. . .432 Sawyer, J. G 323 Schulthess, L 362 Sehultz, Catherine L. .414 Schultz, GreMhen . 413 Schultz, J. W. 322 Schultz, M 276 Schultz, R. T 339 Schultz, W., Jr. . . 375 Sehulwitz, C. .168 Robert . F. S 4O2 Roberts, J 312-335 Robertson, G. J. . 134- Robins, Mrs. H. M. 433 Robinson. C. E. 36- 37-134-3O9 Robinson, E. .259-344-406 Robinson. Florence 43S-447 Robinson, F. M. 359 Ruelle, A. .342 Rufus. Mrs. W. C. . 43O Ruiz, E 136 Rumnev, M. P. . 264 Rumsev, L C. . 281-370 Ruof, Dorothy J. .. 4O8 Rupp, Helen E. .430 Rush. E 182-327 Rush, Heten 424 Rushniere, E L 360 Sawver, R 345 Saxton, M. F. 268-281-332 Saylor, Anna L. . 138- 432-462 Savre, Kathrvn D. 138-248 Scabbard and Blade 313 Schaefer, C. W. 38- 39-138-392 Schaeffer, Augusta 426 Schafer. K 238-356 Schumacher, Virginia .415 Schumann. J. . . . 139-382 Schuman, L. D 139 Schuner, C. W. 234 Schurz, Virginia E. 175-413 Schwartz, H. 396 Schwartz, J 361 Schwartz, R. M. 383 Schwartz, Rose G. 47 Schwartzberg, R. M. 4O- Robinson, H. A. 134-394 Ruskin, D 394 Scaff, J H 31O-380 139-400 Robinson Helen M 134 Ruslander, R S 341 Schaffer, X 394 Schwarz, Corinne 248- Robinson, Jane 436-459-461 Russell. E. H. 333 Russell, E H 268-316-352 Schaffer. R. T. 339 Schaiberger E G 38-138 41O-452 Schwarz, R F. 4O5 Robinson, Martha . 134- 436-44 1 -452-453-472 Robinson. M. J. 361 Russell. Geraidine 136-416 Russell. H. R. . 247-343 Russell. Mrs. Israel 428 Scalp and Blade 293 Schanbacber, R. _ - Schantz, H. B. 374 Scharf M H-383 Schwarze. B. . . 192-343 Schweigert, J. C. .. 293 Schweitzer, F. J. . . 184- ' v... 155 Robinson. P. 134-323-393 Robinson. S. A. 377 Robison, S. W. 327 Robson. E. J. 38 Robaon, J. E. 397 Roby. Margauritte J. 432 Roche, P 17 Russell. Marian I. . . .136 Russell. S. C 337 Russick. C 343 Ruswinckel, J. W. 249- 250-257-367 Ruth, M. A. 167 Scharmer. E. A. 288-386 Schatz, E.C. 138-399 Schavev. Clara . 418 Scheele, L. A. 312-333 Scbeffler, G. 310 Scheibenzuber, A. A. 401 Schwichtenberg. L. E. 139- 406 Schwier, Elizabeth . 425-463 Schwing, R, L, 36- 37-139-375 Scialdo, J. C. . 326 Schofield. H. L. . 167-370 Scott, n. O 286 Scott, E. E. 38-140-372-397 Scott. E C 277-380 Scott, F. A. 391 Scott, Mrs. Francis 422 Scott. G. A 140 Scott, H. n. 338 i P 315 Scott, Mrs. Helen 294 Scott, Mrs. Irving 418 Scott. Katherine 421-437 Scott, P. M. 140 Scott. W. .28-178-381 Scott. W. 177 Scovill, H. A 169-401 ScoviUe, R W. 351 Scribner, C. W 285-286-367 Scribner. Eleanor . .248 Scully, J. C 372 Seager. J. B. A. . 236-359 Seaman, H. A. 282-304 Seaman, I. B 361 Searle. Olive M. . 448 Searles, Marion 425 Seaton, Charlotte E. 140 Seavoy, G. E. . 3O9-310 Seder. H 182-341 Sedt, H. B 145 Seeburger. Martha M. 140- 452 Seeley, Mrs. H. H. 414 Seeley, Lucy 14O-418 Segaii, A. A. 140-341-405 Segal], B. R 361 Segall. R 400 Segall. S 369 Seeeant, Mrs. Flody A. 421 Sehnng, G. H " 372-397 Seiferlein, M. A. 140 Seilheimer, C. H. .166-343 Seip. Velma P. 14O-438 Seipple, P " 293 Seitz, F. W. . . 14O-317 Seitz, H. J. 388 Seitz. Marion . . 461 Seligson, H 259 Selker, Edith ... 140 Selker, Miriam 140-259-447 Seliards, P. C 343 Sellars, Mrs. R. W. . ,4O8 Sellew, Mrs. William .416 Selman, J. H 140 Senior Society 441 Senstius, M. W 311 Sergeant, F. A 322 Serijan. Lo E 140 Setchell, Lillian B 262- 272-424 Seto, Y. J 296 Sevald, F. J., Jr. .280-337 Severy, R. D. . . 176-340 Sevilla, E 295 Sew, D. K 140-296 Seiton, F 438 Seydel. Frances L. . .413 Seymour, D 356 Seymour, E. R. . 435-458 Shadden, E. H. . . 140-369 Shadley. M. L 141 ShaferJ Flora E 434 Shakelton, R. H. .. 282 Shakespeare. H. 324 Shambaugh, X. 381 Shambaugh. R. L. 141-378 Shank. Alberta L. . 34- 141-420-457 Shankland, R. V. .310-380 Shankland. Isabelle411-461 Shannon, A. R., Jr. . .342 Shannon. Catherine . .461 Shannon, M 342 Shannon, P. W. . . .381 Shannon, W. H. . . . 141 Shantz, L. . .141-340-391 Shapiro, H 141 Shapiro, J 396 Sharfman, I. L. 314-377 Sharfman. Mrs. I. L. .410 Sharpe. Jean 418 Shartel, B. 303-317-353 Shaughnessy, W. K. .372 Shaull, R. J. 387 Shaw, Bertha . . . .416 Shaw, H. E. . 323-339 Shaw, Mrs. Herbert 428 Shaw, J 324 Shaw, J. W. . . 359-389 Shaw, Ruble 180 Shaw, W. B. 256-264-33S Shaw, Mrs. Wilfred .421 Shea, Alice K. 141-419-431 Shea. F. M 348 Sheehan, J. O. 34-141-337 Sheff, S. J 141-386 Shehens, H 385 Shellman. M 392 Shelton, EX 281 Shepard. Mrs. John . .294 Shephard, S 141 Sherburne. W. J. ..291 Sherlock, R. H. . . .353 Sherman, Alice .... 436 Sherman, Gem . . . 413 Shermer, R 354 Sherr, G. W 405 Page 601 INDEX w T Sherrill, F. H 141 Sherrill, H. A 141 Sherrili, H 272-288 Sherwood, B. P. . 364 Sherwood, Marion A. .364 Shelter, W. L 286 Shick, R. M 347 Shields, H. W 385 Shilling, Myrle D. . . . 141 Shinnick, G 359 Shipman, J. 340-376-387 Shipman, P. A 331 Shipp, L. P 389 Shirley, R. W. . 336-382 Shirven, M. N 380 Shoemaker, P. M. . 36- 37-141-267-281 Shohara, H. . . .294-297 Shook, Bernice 437-468-469 Shook, K 402 Shore, Dorothy L. . 141- 437-460 Shorr, R 358 Short, Eleanor B. .432-471 Short, R. D. . 175-220-334 Shotwell, Doris . . . .425 Shroyer, T. E 333 Shuart, R. R 333 Shull, A. F 327 Shull, Mrs. A. F. . . .414 Shull, R. M 376 Shultz, Verma K. .. .141 Shultz, W 331 Shumway, Margaret .414- 460 Shupe, Thelma L. . 142-438 Shuter, E. M 270 Shutts, E. F. . . .171-402 Sibilsky, G 44-45 Sibley, J. W., Jr. . . .378 Sibley, Margaret . . .415- 455-458-462 Sickerman, K 377 Sickler, H. G 142 Sickles, Bessie R. 142-429 Sidder, Constance R. . 142- 259-427-457 Sidlow, L. .383 Sidnam, V 320-384 Siefert, Christine .. .429 Sigerfoos, E 338 Sigerfoos, Mrs. Edward 416 Sigismond, L. . .171-402 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 360 Sigma Alpha Iota . . 429 Sigma Alpha Mu . . .361 Sigma Chi 362 Sigma Delta Chi . 315 Sigma Delta Kappa 399 Sigma Delta Phi 444 Sigma Gamma Epsilon 311 Sigma Kappa ... 430 Sigma Nu 363 Sigma Phi 364 Sigma Phi Epsilon . 365 Sigma Pi 366 Sigma Zeta 367 Signaigo, F. K. . .310-380 Signer, W. W 142 Silbar, R. G 248 Silberman, H. H. . . . 142 Silkworth, E. R. . . 373 Silverberg, B. W. . . .358 Silverman, H. H. . . .317 Silverman, H 368 Silverman, M. . . 142-396 Silverman, S. . . . 185-396 Silvernale, P. B 142- 268-281-306 Simmons, Dorothy . . 425 Simmons, J 330 Simon, H. . 248-277-325 Simons, G 248-328 Simons, Helen L. . . . 142 Simpkins, G 336 Simpson, Mary .... 426 Simpson, W. A. . .315-339 Simroll, J. H 345 Sims, E. P 142 Sims, F. S 142-362 Sims, I. H. Sinai, N. . . Sinclair, N. H. Sindhu, B. . . Singer, A. L. . Singer, Leone Singh, P. S. . Singh, P. Sink, C. A. . .286 . .370 . 142-386 . 142-281 . .368 . .427 . .142 142-281 . 322-352 Sink, Mrs. Charles A. .425 Sink, E. W 392 Skae, E. A 364 Skidmore, S. L. 143-275-327 Skillen, Jane . .38-143-436 Skillen, Louise . .294-436 Skinner, Maud . .429-463 Skinner, T. R. . 143-270-372 Sklar, H 143 Skutt, Eleanor Slack, W. . Slagle, G. R. . Slagle, G. W. . . Slater, Mrs. Albert Slater, H. A. . . . 436 .389 .362 204 .421 291 Slater, Nina 143- 246-288-417 Slawsby, A 358 Slaw son, C. B 311 Slayton, P. E 167- 251-313-308-349 Slepicka, Carolyn . . 425- 452-460-463 Slifer, H. S 331 Slinger, J 44-143 Slinger, R. J 402 Slipson, Edith G. . . . 143 Sloan, Carol S 420 Sloan, C. K 380 Slocum, G 391 Slomer, June. . . .34-422 Sloss, D. A. . 366 Small, H 143-396 Small, M. R 322 Small, S. R 256 Smalley, L. M 286 Smallman, T. H. . . .343 Smart, D. 334 Smead, Fay A 143 Smeaton, R. M. .311-345 Smeaton, W. G. 343-380 Smeaton, Mrs. W. G. .448 Smeaton, W 421 Smeltzer, A. B 281 Smit, R. C 42-275 Smith, A. E. . . 143-400 Smith, A. H. .143-349-373 Smith, A. W 294 Smith, Bessie . . . .143 Smith, C. L 268 Smith, C 362-419 Smith, Mrs. Carl . . .419 Smith, C. N 380 Smith, Clair 385 Smith, Mrs. Clark . .416 Smith, C. W 286 Smi th, C. A 143 Smith, C. L. . . . 143-406 Smith, C 406 Smith, C. C 34- 143-248-254-270-300- 315-331 Smith, D. S. .281-334-347 Smith, E. G 365 Smith, E.G.. . . 144-436 Smith, Emma-Louise .436 Smith, E. C 38- 143-305-391 Smith, F. M. .281-283-370 Smith, F. D. . . 310 Smith, F. V. . . .277-387 Smith, G. F 276 Smith, G. H 277-324 Smith, G 418 Smith, H. W 342 Smith, H. R 352 Smith, H. A 336 Smith, H. W 345 Smith, Hulda . .436-458 Smith, I. M 258 Smith, J. B 332 Smith, Josephine A. .433 Smith, Julian W. .144-291 Smith, K. B 386 Smith, K. S 332 Smith, L. S. . . . 144-382 Smith, L. B 144 Smith, L. E 328 Smith, L. S 368 Smith, L. E 144 Smith, Louisa M. .144-421 Smith, L. W 144 Smith, Margaret .412-413 Smith, Marion F. . 144-408 Smith, M. E 144 Smith, M. F 294 Smith, N. J., Jr. .248-315 Smith, N. M. ... 169 Smith, N. S 381 Smith, R 324 Smith, R. L 312 Smith, R. M. . . .277-365 Smith, Shirley W. 347 Smith, Mrs. Shirley W. 264-418 Smith, S. M. . . . 345 Smith, T. S 234 Smith, W. D 352 Smith, W. A. . 144-281-283 Smithers, Anne E. . .450 Smithers, Elizabeth ..437- 442-454-467-468 Smogar, L 168 Smolensk!, S. A. . . .144 Smythe, Helen E. . . 144- 415-447 Snell, E. R. 48-144-290-382 Snell, Loraine M. . ..144 Snelling, R. H. . . 144-268 Snider, G. R 355-390 Snodgrass, J. T. . . 144- 254-339 Snodgrass, M. R. . . .38- 145-397 Snyder, C. E 392 Snyder, Mrs. Helen 294-429 Sober, D 355 Sober, F. D 145 Socall, C. J. . . . 145 Sodt, H. B. 353 Soehrens, A. Catherine 433 Soehrens, Dorothy O. 433- 453 Solis, Jeanne 409 Solomon, A 396 Solomon, B. M. . . .346 Solomon, Bernice . . .427 Solomon, E. D. 145-372 Sommer, Mildred D. 145- 288-468 Sommers, Sylvia A. . . 145 Sonke, Dorothy E. 145-438 Sonkin, S. C 145 Soos, S. J 145 Sophomore Circus Commit- tee 455 Sophomore Prom Commit- tee 262 Sorge, Ruth 413 Sorkin, S 396 Sosno, L 396 Souders, M 380 Soukup, Hermine . 437 Soukup, Louisa . . 437 Soule, Laura J 145- 245-273-415-436-459 Soule, Mrs. Malcolm .417 Soule, M. H 380 Sourborn, Jeanette . .453 Sousa, J. P 316 Southard, F 406 Souther, C. K. 170-347-390 Southworth, M. N. 325-401 Sower?, B 389 Spaeder, J. A 145 Spafford, H. E 145 Spalding, C. M 350 Spalding, Louise A. 145-336 Spangler, Edith L.. 145-411 Sparkie, H. F. . .366-385 Sparks, J. W 176 Sparling, Jeanet E. . .419 Spater, G. A. . . .249-377 Spaulding, L. . . .34-251 Speck, C. F 171 Spector, N. N. . .383 Spelker, Ella M. . 145-438 Spence, A. T. .324-395-406 Spence, M. J. 168-330 Spencer, A 391 Spencer, E. M 374 Spencer, J. R 334-325 Spencer, Myrtle . . .173 Spencer, W. F 386 Spero, S. L 383 Sphinx 307 Spicer, C. P., Jr. . . .247 Spicer, R. E 393 Spiegel, J. M 377 Spiewak, M 146 Spindle, R. S 167- 187-254-255-263 Sponseller, J. E. . 170-388 Spoor, L. . . . 167-252-340 Sprawl, J. A. . 170-323-387 Spry, M. E 148 Spitzer, L 313 Spurrier, E 350 Squier, G 166-355 Staebler, Bernice Frances 146-408-450 Staebler, Mrs. Walter .408 Staff, C. E 313-362 Stafford, H 183-332 Stahl, Margaret 473 Stahl, 352-419 Stalker, A. W. . . .338 Stalker, E. A. .283-322-375 Stalker, Margaret 411 Stanger, R. . 182-277-355 Stanley, Mrs. A. A. . .428 Stanley, A. A 316 Stanton, J. F 359 Stanton, M. L 359 Stanton, Mrs. S. M. .429 Stapleton, C. B. . . .380 Stark, Bertha L. . . . 146 Stark, D. M 146 Stark, H. E. . . 170-356-387 Starks, H. A 146-381 Starrett, J. E 146- 254-270-300-364 Starrett, J. S 309 Stason, E. B 388 Staub, E. M. . . .340-391 Staubach, C. N. . . . 146- 288-386 Staudt, J. G 347 Stauffer, Zelma Irene . 146 Stayner, F. L 146 Stearns, Marian Frances 146-413 Stedman, H. E. ... 146 Steele, A. H 392 Steen, Christine A. . .433 Steensma, S. W. . . 172-338 Steer, Mrs. William . 414 Steere, Mary 418 Steffensen, W. H. . . 391 Steffes, H. J 348 Stegath, F. H 322 Steimbach, H. B. . . 146 Stein, J. W 346 Stein, M. W. . .146-317 Steinbaugh, D. F. . .384 Steinberg, D. P 341 Steinberg, 1 383 Steinko, S. M 146- 174-290-340-382 Steketee, Alice . . 431 Steketee, P. F. . 312-345 Stellhorn, Rachel C. . 146 Stellwagon, Mrs. William 418 Stenger, Dorothy . . .428 Stepanovich, G 392 Stephen, L. L 238 Stephens, Rachel . . .409 Stephens, Ruth . . .460 Stephenson, M. B. . .147 Stephenson, W. A. . . .249 Sterling, W. . 166-246-338 Stern, K. F. . . 147-317-341 Stern, P. S 312-341 Stern, W. G. . 268-354 Sterr, P. J. . 147-293-373 Steuernagel, W. . . .293 Stevens, A. B 310 Stevens, Mrs. Anne S. 438 Stevens, Mrs. F. . . 432 Stevens, F. H 342 Stevens, F. C., Jr 347 Stevens, F. J 338 Stevens, J. M., Jr. . 406 Stevens, Marguerite . . 147- 438 Stevens, Mrs. Stanley .424 Stevenson, Alice 417 Stevenson, H. R 332 Stewart, Allene 147- 4 12-43(1 Stewart, A. A 395 Stewart, C. C 334 Stewart, D., Jr. . . .147- 285-311-353 Stewart, I. F 311 Stewart, Jean 426 Stewart, Margaret E. 147- 41 1-429-452 Stewart, Mary A. . .147 Stewart, R. J. . 46-147 Stewart, W. O. . 147-325 Stewart, W. H. . . .178- 322-351-392 Stieglitz, J 310 Stienecker, C. J. . . .327 Stiles, Florence . 431 Stiles, F. . . . 178-360-397 Stiles, W 332 Stillman, Rowena A. .147- 248-477 Stine, Gertrude L. 408-460 Stinson, W. S 392 Stitt, I. D. . . .34-147-408 Stitt, Pauline G. . 433 Stock, T 176 Stocking, B. W. .327-397 Stocking, C. H. . 370-393 Stockton, D. B. . 147 Stockwell, Annette . . 147 Stockwell, Nell B. . .429 Stockwell, W. H. . . .406 Stoddard, L. S 147 Stokes, H. B 397 Stokes, J 183 Stolpman, A. K. . . .23!) Stone, Dorothy . . .270 Stone, Elizabeth A. . . 147 Stone, Harriet 168-416-456 Stone, Helen J. . . 147-436 Stone, Isabelle L 42- 148-430-456 Stone, L 38-148 Stone, M. F 401 Stone, Sylvia S. . . . 248- 259-410-442-443 Stoneman, L. H. . . .362 Storen, H. F 365 Storrs, A 337 Stough, D 381 Stover, M. B 398 Stover, V. E 392 Stowe, Marian . . . .417 Stowell, A 315 Straight, S. F. . .267-355 Straiter, D. E 350 Strand, Hazel . 422 Strang, C. R 148-339 Stranger, Mildred .425-463 Stransky, F. U. ... 148-390 Strasser, Rose . . 437- 442-453-467-468-469 Stratton, Louise . . .416 Stratton, Sue, . . . .463 Straub, Dorothy M. .432 Straub, H 192-328 Straub, Viola L. . . . 148 Strauss, L. A 270 Strauss, Mrs. Louis A. 429 Strauss, Lucille P. . . 415- 429-435 Streit, H 171-385 Strieker, H 370-391 Strobel, H. J. .148-384 Strome, W. C 148 Strong, J. D 380 Strong, M. E 425 Strubel, A. R 342 Struble-Freeman, Marian 429 . .148- 285-286 Struthers, Elizabeth .424 Stryker, Mrs. Homer .421 Stuart; A. P 399 Stuart, A. H 148 Stuart, G. K 325 Stuart, K 325 Stuch, H. T. . . 148-351 Stucker, A 286 Student Christian Associa- tion 258 Stuernagel, W. J. . . . 327 Stufflebeam, O. . . . 184 Sturgis, C. C 305- 318-347-392 Sturgis, N. H 268 Su, G. D 294 Sugrue, J. D. . . . 148-391 Suhrbier, E. M. . 148-367 Sullinger, H. H 406 Sullivan, Dorothy . 426 Sullivan, E. D. . . 148-387 Sullivan, H. C 398 Sullivan, M. R. . . .398 Sullo, D 192-326 Summers, Frances . . . 424 Summers, R. F. . . .385 Summy, Pauline E. . . .430 Sumner, J 365 Sundell, D. L 332 Sunderland, E. R. . 244- 317-347-395 Sunderland, Mrs. E. R. 433 Sunderland, T. E. . . . 14s- 250-347 Sundwall, J. . 187-275-391 Superko, Alveno . 148-417 Susman, M. R 383 Sustedt, R. 353 Sutcliffe, Flora V 428 Sutherland, E. R. . .405 Sutherland, L. L. . 166-350 Suthers, W. D 353 Sutton, R. L. . . .345-397 Sutton, T 431 Suyat, B. F i " .i:, Suyat, D. ... 148-294-295 Swain, Clair E 386 Swain, Mrs. George . 422 Swan, Mrs. Darrow . 430 Swann, D 149-388 Swanson, M 183 Swanson, S. C 331 Swanston, W. I. . . . 234 Swartout, Carol . . . .437 Swartout, Dorothy K. 149- 437-441-452-468 Swartz, B. K 386 Sweeny, C. T. Sweeney, W. C. Bwert, L. K. . . Sweet, W. . . Sweitzer, G. M. Swerdfeger, G. S. .293-343 Swift, Barbara . . . 424 Swinton, N. W.305-364-397 Swisher, R 180 Sylvester, C. E. 47-149-393 Sylvester, L. R. 47-149-393 Sylvey, Gw-ynn J. K. 343 Symonds, Janet . 149-438 Symons, Adelaide . .421 Symphonic League Board 463 Syphax, C. S 149 149 338 ..381 2I1S Page 602 Taggart, Mrs. Herbert 418 Tague, Glen 365 Tait, G. D 170- 316-350-390 Tait, J 236-277 Talamon, Mrs. Hene 416 Talcott, Frances . . 437 Talcott, H. H. . .249-323 Taliak, M. B 392 Tallmadge, Marion G. 175- 288-422 Talsma, Lucille M. . .149 Tan, L. P. . . . .296 Tanaka, V 297 Tanguay, K. G 149 Tanner, Lydia 436 Tanner, R. R 380 Tanner, T. S 384 Tannhauser, Florence .452 Tapperman, H. I. . 396 Tapping, H. 264-315-322 Tarbill, J. W 166- 222-307-349 Tarte, L 281 Tarun, P 294 Tator, J 179-402 Tator, Mrs. Kenneth .413 Tauber, B 400 Tau Beta Pi 309 Tau Delta Phi 368 Tau Epsilon Phi . 369 Tau Epsilon Rho . 400 Tau Kappa Epsilon . 370 Tau Sigma Delta .320 Taus, H. H 149 Taylor, C. L. . . 149-386 Taylor. F. M. Taylor. Grate Tyk r, L. H. INDEX 397 149-370 ISO 406 - VI 401 . 362-382 422 192-199-339 Taytor, Mary L. 149- 412-443 Taylor, M W 149-324 Taylor, X H 36- 149-309-353 Taylor. R. E. 311 Taylor, R. W. 166-307-329 Taylor, Ruth L. 426-434 Taylor. W. W. . . 338 Taylor. V. O. . 18MD Teaben, Mary .438 Tealdi, A Tealdi, Mrs. Aubrey. .416 Teed. Charlotte 149 Teeple. C P. 310 Teeter. E. J. 15O-322 Teeter. E R Teets. J X Telle TenCate. V. D. Tenenbom. H. H TenHauten, C. . Tennant, Florence 418-459 Tennant, J. S. . 150 Tenney. A. X 408 Terry. E 366 Terry. Helen 436 Teter. R 270-338 Thaeher. O. S.. Jr. 336 Tharp, L. M. 1S1-4O6 Thaver, J. 177-356 Thayer. L. O. . 386 Theta Delta Chi Theta Kappa Nu Theta Kappa Psi Theta Phi Alpha Theta Sigma Phi Theta Ii Thews. Eleanor Thiele, W. H. J : .. : IB, " V Thieme, Mrs. Hugo 418-425 Thieme, T 272-347 Thisted. C E 150- 192-301-360 Thoitc, J. H. 150-340 Thomas, B. W. 234-337 Thomas, D. E. . 150-392 Thomas. Dorothy G. 4O8 Thomas, Edith . 248-415 Thomas. R. G. 381 Thomas, T. 166-246-347 Thompson, B. 350 Thompson, M. Cornelia432 Thompson, G. D. C. .38- 372 373 401 431 443 374 426 347 187-365 150-391 150-322 . .386 398 277 324 Thompson, H. C. Thompson, H. C. Thompson, H. C. Thompson, H. . Thompson, J. H. Thompson, Mrs. Joseph 429 Thompson, J 236 Thompson, M. H. . 36- 150-282-304-313 Thompson, Melva K. 150- 43O-458 Thompson. M 406 Thomson, Miriam A. .430 Thompson, T 385 Thompson. R. S. 150 Thompson, Ft 355 Thompson, Ruth H . 415-452 Thorns. W. W. 38- 150-305-392 Thomsen, E. H Thomsen, Kathleen 461 Thorington, S 381 Thornquist, C. E. . 150-345 Thorpe, C. P 353 Thorpe, Mrs. C. D. .414 Thornthwaite, F. E. . 150 Thurman, J. W. Thurnau, J. H. 150-315-372 Thurnau. W 166-372 Tice. Ruth L 468 Tice. Virginia E. 408-429 Tidey. M. B. Tidwell, J. Q. 271 Tiedke. G. E. .351-367-391 Tietjens, X. 406 Tiffany. H. S. 151-373 Tilden. D 293 Tiller. Caroline .151-462 Tilley, G. . . 248-312-359 Tilley, Lois 416 Tilley, M. P. 244-301-347 TiUey, Mrs. Morris 413-429 TUkXson, E. W 36- 37-151-380 Tillotson. H 187 Timberlake, Clare . 166- H8- -- Ting,C. J 296 Tinker. Barbara . . .414 Tinkham, Lona 415 Tinsman, Esther E. 151 Tisch. Dorothy 428-445 Tiich. R. E. 327 Tisch, W. H. 327 Tittle. W. R. Tobey. F. 1 286 Tobin. Dorothy C. . 151 Tock. E. Barbara 42- 151-452-458 Todd. Catherine E. 182- 415 Todd. J. D. 311- 313-340-406 Todd, Marjorie A. 42- 151-445 Todd. (Hive E. . 288-115 Todd, S. 247-359 Toepeer. A. Toepel, F. A. 175-350 Toeplfer. A. . 44-151 Toevs, Jay . 151-330 Toivenen, Pearl A. . 151 Tolan, J 360 Tolete. F 295 Tom. Y. C 296 Tompkins, Helen 247-43C Tomsicek. E. C. 151 Tong, Catherine 296 Tong, Yat Leng 319 Tonge,E. V 151-462 Took. L. 169 Toot. R. H. 151 Topper, W. E. 222-223 Topping, Mrs. Netting 419 Topsik. A. A. .396 Torres, Mrs. Losis M. 4O9 Tost, W C 323 Touke, J. H 151-313-387 Touff, Dorothy 410-437 Tounsend, J. M 392 Towner, T M 363 Townhill, R. H 351 Townsend, Lauretta M. 420 Townsend, M. J 339 Townsley, R 420 Towslev; H. A 381 Traegef, C. F 151 Trail, E. E 352 Traphagen, C. B. . 334 Traphagen. Margaret C. 152 Trapp, H. E 351 Trautman, W. 293 Traver, E. F. . 17O399 Travis, Ethel I. . 152-452 Travis. J. W 385 Travis, J. C 264 Travis, X. D 329 Travis, R. C. . . 342-391 Treadwell, Eleanor W. 152- 452-453-462-467-470- 472-473 Trebilcock. Dorothy E 417 Trebfleock, Ruth H. . 152- 417 Tremble, E. C. . . 152 Tremble. G. T. . .271-378 Trembley, Janet . ]. ' .- ' - 413-452 Trembley, Jeanne . 152-422 Trembley. J. S. . .286 Trevor, W. M. 286-323 Triangle 375 Triangles 308 Trigon 376 Troeger. C. F 352 Troesler, Loretta J. 152- 436 Trombley, Laura Lucille 152 Troot,F. L. 38-152 Trosper. H. P 387 Trcsper, Mrs. Harold 4O8 Trost, T., Jr. . 266- 267-316-340 Trotter, C. A. . .288 Trout wine, W. R. 234-357 Trow, Mrs. W. C. . 4O8 Trowbridge, Virginia . 175- 422-457 Troy, P. M 264 Trudeau, J. . . . 178-391 Truesdell, X 185-385 Truettner, Dorothy C. 34- 152-418 Truettner, L. H. 152-375 Truettner, W. I. 152-375 Truman, Eunice Leah . 152 Truskowski. J. . Tsao. Esther 296 Tsang, K. T. Tsang, You T. Tsha. K Tucker C. L. Tucker Tuke, Marie Turner Turner Turner Turn J. W., Jr. H. B. L. J. . R. R X M M 296 290 334 453 313-362 152 183-376 359 Tunnock. D. A. Tusch, C. 183-355 Tuschman, S. 153-341 Tuthill, R . M. 42- 1 53-438-44 1-453-467 Tuttle, C. R 153-283 Tuttle, Esther Tuttle. F. G. 153 Tuttle. Jemnette 41. r i Tuttle. May BS-M Tuttle. V A 385 Tweedy. F. 331 Twiggs, Leonore E. . 430 Twining. R M . 47-153 Twitchell. Doris 417 Tygert. Eloi. 153-437 T -ler. Clarice E. 294-138 Tyndall. B. A 153- 301-313-355 rich. H. W 393 UUman. J. D. 153-341 UUman, R. R 291 rilrich. Elizabeth 436-460 Ullrich. W.J 375 Underdown, W. E. 343 Underwood, AKce ...417 Underwood, Mrs. Meryl 412 University ol Michigan Glee Club 266 Unswoth. Arlene C 153- 417-440-467-473 Upturn. Mr?. M -ra 426 Upjohn, E. G. 153-337-389 Upjohn, Love B. . . 420 Upright. R. J 354 Upson, L. D 322 Cpthegrove. C 38O Upthegrove, Mrs. Haxel Platt 415-448 Upton, S. A 347 Urban, Alice 473 Urban, v F. 252 Ure, E. J 153-382 Uren, C. K 153- 303-317-390 Urist, C H. . 276 Utley, H. M. 153-333 Valentine. Elizabeth 430 Vallender. Marguerite O. 153 Vallie. Cecelia M. 153-434 Van. LucUe 296 Van, Z.L 296 Van Antwerp, L. . 186- 268-316-381 Van Antwerp, Lucille B. 429 Van Arnam, C. H. . 153-363 Van Auken, H. E. . 391 Van Blarcon, C. W. . 388 Van Boven. P. . . . 350 Van Boven, Mrs. Peter 416 Van Bree, R. 392 Vance, W. A. . 154-336-402 VanCleve. J. W. 364 Van Dall, Lareua M. 154 Vandawarker, Georgia 414- 460 Van den Berg, Dora 421- 437-457 Vander Bosscbe, Cecelia 438 Vanderlip, R. G. . 291 Vander Meer, G. J. 154-281 Vandervoort, C. . . 276 Vander Wai. J. H. 4O6 Vanderralm, L. E. 291 Vandeveer. RE. 154 Vandewater, Belle 468 Van Duren. A. 336 Van Duren. Mrs 427 Vanek,C. R. . 154- 174-261-290 Van Gorder. G. F. K 4 Vanhorn, A. L 38-154 Van House. R. W. 154-268 Vanik, M. F. .248-283-367 Van Kleek. Mable 414 Van Leute. K. A. 310-380 Van Uew, D. E. . . .386 Van Xstta, F. J. -. 380 Vannort, B. O. . .309-335 Van Oosterhoutz, W. H. 395 Van Peenen, H. J. 154-392 Van Pelt, A. T. . . 154-282 Van Pelt, C. . . 336 Van Sickle, Mrs. Louise P. 424-466-467 Van Sickle, Salah 419 Van Sickle, Mrs. Saydah B. 419 Van Slyke. D. D. . . 310 Van Tuyl, F. F. 372 Van Tuyl, L. J 36- 37-154-250-372 Van Tuyl, Marian 42- 412-44O-445-45O-451-453 Van Tyle. Ruth 412-461 Van Vechten, C. 319 Van 1iet. Marion 410 Van Weelden, M. J. 154- .. .. n Van Winkle. Mrs. Don 428 Van Woerkom, D. 38- 39-154-336-381 Van Zandt, A. L. . 173-340 Van Zorren, Gertrude 154- 452 Van Zwaluwenberg. Doro- thy 417 Varnum. H. E. . 249 Varriano, J. L. 154 Varsity Band 1 27 Varsity Baseball Team 212 Varsity Captains . . 189 Varsity Coaches 188 1927 Varsity Souad 192 1927 Varsity Track Team 222 Vary, E. P. 331-3S9 Yaugnan, Edith . .288 Vaughn. Bernice I. . 452 Vaughn. T 360 Vaughn. V. C. .389-393 Vedder, D. M. . 175-337 Vedder, F. B. 338-385 Vedder, Mrs. F. B. 422 Vedder, H. E. 155-24S-315 Veenker, G. F. 189-355-204 Vehon. S. E 361 Velasco, E 288 Verduin, A. . VerDuin, J. W. Yeraon. W. A. Vernue, E. H. Vial. Ruth . . Vibbert, C. P. Vicary, W. H. Vickery. J. A. Victorio, Santiago Walker. R. 236 Walker. V. E. 15-387 Walkley. L E. 249- 262-276-312-356 Wall. V. C. 34- 1 56-248-270-27 1 -352-3 1 5 Wallace. H. W. 349 Wallace, H. C 342-397 Wallace. Jean 422-437-450 Wallace, Virginia L. 418- 452 Wallaitis, F 236 Walleck, H. L 362 Waller. Dorothy S. 448 Waller. H. G. 318-355 Wallin, Hannah F. 249-413 Wallington, Greta J. 428- 438 413 412 324 422 360 42-155 392 373 360 420 307 351 327-4O6 295 Vincent i. Xataline 288-428 Vint, Gertrude 155-319 Vivian, Marjorie E. 155-4O8 Tiet, C.R. 177-376 Voelker, J. D. .40-155-387 Vokes, D. C. . . 351-4O5 VollwUer, E. R. 155 Volx, M. B 452 Von Boeselager, A., Jr. 155- 363 Von Boeslager, Mary 428 Von dem Bussche, H. 313- 32s Vonderheide, E. C. 38- 155-381 Voorhis. M. C. 155-356 Vos, Helen E 155- 272-414-444-457 Vose,0 177-349 Vosper, Alice. . 272-418 Vowell, F. C. . 170-387 Vreeland, F. M. .319-325 Vreeland, W 291 Vugteveen, J. . .385 Vyse, T. A. Elbert 34- 155-240-251-300-355 W Wabeke. J. A. 277 Wachs, E. 166-307-321-349 Wachter, F. L. .34- 35-155-345 Wachter, R 249- 250-307-345 Waddell, C. R. 176-247-375 Wade, W 357 Wagar, G. E. . . . 155-365 Wagner, C. A 307 Wagner, Mrs. Charles A. 421 Wagner, E. . 412-461 Wagner, H. . . . 155-363 Wagner, J. F. . 155-348 Wagner, M 355 Wagner, Mrs. Paul C. 412 Wagner. R. W. 155-236-350 Wagner, Ruth . .288 Wagner, W. 156 WaU,J J 2S1 Wahr. F. B. . . . 327 Wait, W. H 329 Waite, J. B. 317-395 Waite, Mrs. John B. 413- 446 Wakeman, W. F. . 365 Walborn, H. C. 156 Walborn, Louise J. 156 Walcott, F. G. 291 Waldenmeyer, H. . . .294 Walder, H. . . . 192 Waldman, P. B. 427 Waldo, C. M. 156- 1 85-222-229-316-4O2 Waldo, P. W. 156 Waldron. F. R. 359 Waidron. Mrs. F. R. 413 Waldron, Lenore Mar ISB-I H Waldron. S. 156-359 Walgreen, C. R., Jr. 47- 156-284-375 Walk, Geneviere S. 156 Walker, H. C. 156- 267-309-313 Walker, H. R. .156 Walker. L. H. 372 Walker. M. 352 Walker, M. A. 156-402 Walker, Olive Alberta 42- 156-430 Wallington, Vera Walls. Mrs. G. L. Walper, D. D. . Walser, Mrs. J. J Walsh. F. E. Waltensperger, G. R. 156- 332 Walter. Louise E. 157 Walters, K 175 Walters, O. B. . . 157 Walther, W. J 364 Waltman. E 220 Wall. Alma OS Waller, Mrs. J. J. . 425 Wan, C. S 296 Wang, Alice 448 Wang, C. Y. 296 Wang, P. L 296 Wang, P 296-433 Wang. T. Y 296 Wannamaker, Mrs. J. W. 421 Ward, B. D. . . 179-398 Ward. D 372 Ward. D. H. . 157-408 Ward, J 342 WanLJ. F 324 Ward, J. H., Jr. . 157- B1-38S Ward, M. L. 385 Ward, Virginia . .288-06 Ward, W. H. . 367 Wargelin, Aino Edith 157 Waring, E. H. 257-2S1-331 Warmolts, I. J. . . 401 Warmolts, Mrs. Irving 426 Warner, E. D. . . 372 Warner, E. L. 248-312-351 Warner, Helen E. 428 Warner, R. . 392-393 Warren, X. . 184-263-332 Warren, R. F. 166-234-331 Warthin. A. S 318 Warthin. Margaret 413 Washburne, Mrs. C. L. 415-433 Washburne, V. F. Washer. H. S. Washke, P. R. Wasielewski, S. F Watchpocket, Florence 407-422-457 Waterbury, R. C. 157 Waterbury, R. W. 374 Waterman, M. H 367 Waterman, H. A. 40- 41-157-340 Waters. Catherine A. 157- 432-452 Waters, H. P 352 Watkins. H. G. 376 Watkins J. K 257 Watkins, R 374 Watkins, W 180 Watland, G. R. 316-384 Watling, J. W., Jr. 349 Watring. J. L. . 281-3.51 Watson, A. M. 157-189-234 Watson, B. A. 305-336-381 Watson, D. D. 171 Watson, Mary E. 247- 421-452 Watson, R. E. Watson, S. T. Watson, T. . Walters, F. C. Watts, F. B. . Watts. H. P. . Watts, J. B. . Wax, R. D. . Way. J. F. Wearnd, Jane Wearne, W. H. Weatherill, P. F. Weatberill. H. F. Weaver, Alice Marie 157 Weaver, H. B. 381 Weaver, J. C. 257-355 Weaver. Ruth E. Web and Flange Webb, Ella Grace Webb, E. C. . Webb, Julia Webb, Lois E. Webb, Zora Webber, J. A. M. J - rv Weber, E.G. 158-290-332 157 248-346 . . 291 157 Pay 60 3 INDEX Weber, H. A 158 Weber, J 171-383 Weber, O. F. . . .419-460 Weber, R. S. . .277-376 Webster, D. C 332 Webster, D. W. . 158- 292-322 Webster, J. E.. 277-312-376 Webster, J. R 284 Webster, R. . .42-158-292 Wedel, H. S. . 38-158-401 Wedemeyer, Josephine 431 Wedemeyer, Mary L. 158- 431-447 Wedler, Irma E. .419-463 Weed, Dorothy K. . 432 Weekes, D. G. 158-356 Weeks, Dorothy L. . . 158 Wegerle, A. E. . .44-158 Wegg, Eleanor . .288-294 Wei, A. L 296 Weil, G. J. . . 183-281-375 Weil, H 354 Weil, M 354 Weiman, E. E. ... 187- 189-192-194-275-342 Weiman, Mrs. E. E. .422 Weinberg, E. A. . 158-358 Weiner, L 368 Weiner, M. B. . .158-396 Weinfield, G 377 Weingarten, E. E.. . .383 Weinkauff, O. J 47- 158-393-310 Weinman, E. . . . 182-365 Weinman, F. H. . . 172-284 Weinman, W. J. 158- 316-365-387 Weinman, W. W. . . 277 Weinstein, H 368 Weir, J 288 Weisberg, H 369 Weisberg, J 369 Weisberg, J 158 Weiselberg, L 312 Weiskotten, Eda A.. . 158- 438 Weiss, D. H. . . Weiss, J. M. . . Weiss, J. P.. . . Weistottey, T. F. Weitzel, F. . . Welch, Gertrude Welch, Josephine Welch, Mrs. P. S. Welch, R. K. . Welke, W. C. . Weller, C. V. . Weller, L. . . . Welles, Marion L. 159-291 . 341 . 159-354 . .291 . .356 . .408- 453-460 . .436 . .415 . .336 .268-316 . .318 . .392 .34- 1 59-248-250-428-440-443 Wellman, Elizabeth. .418- 442-450-454 Wellman, J. M. .178- 332-391 331-389 . .281 . 189-294 Wellmeier, H. Wells, A. R. Wells, C. F. Wells, Mrs. Carlton . 294 Wells, C 233-322 Wells, Eleanor E. . . . 159 Wells, J. E 46-33 ' Wells, J. C. ... Wells, Mary . . . Wells, W. J. . . Welsch, G. M. . Wendel, Jeanette E. 159 .447 336 .159 159- 414 159 159- Wender, Erna L. . Wenger, Marion A. 258-316-338 Wenley, Mrs. Robert M. 413 Wentela, Marie . . .436 Wenzell, W. W., Jr. ..376 Wenzler, O. F 280 Werley, Mayme . . .425 Werner, Jessie M. . .159 Werner, Loraine . . .421 Wertel, Florence S. ..34- 159-319-428 Wertel, K. Lucile . . .428 Wertenberger, M. D. . 159- 316-381 Wertkin, Bertha . . .159 Wertman, B. T 48- 159-290-293-325-382 Wertz, G. M. .277-322-388 Wescott, Helen . . . .424 Wescott, Mary P. . .246 Wessels, Alice L. 159-412 Wessels, W. W. . . ' 349 Wessinger, L. J. . . .365 West, L 332 West, P. D 46-331 Westbrook, Beatrice B. 159 Westcott, M. Priscilla .452 Wester, Eleanor . . . 160 Westlake, F. H 378 Weston, Grace . . 159-438 Weston, L. D 36- 160-306-309-352 Weston, Virginia . . . 160- 294-438 Westveer, Elizabeth .288 Wetmore, L. . . . 180-357 Wetmore, Nora B. . .419 Wettlaufer, S. D. . . 160- 271-327 Wettstein, Katherine M. 160-432 Wetzel, J. 392 Wetzel, R. M 160- 270-271-272 Wetzel, S. M. . .280-337 Weyher, F. C. . . 160-405 Weyhing, Wilhelmina 413 Whalen, R. T 360 Wheat, Mrs. S. C. .422 Wheeler, Barbara . 160-421 Wheeler, B. W. . . .324 Wheeler, D. W. . 370 Wheeler, F. E. . . 252-340 Wheeler, G. B 170 Wheeler, J. R 352 Wheeler, Mrs. Mary. .416 Wheeler, M. W. . . .329 Wheeler, R. S 268 Wheeler, T. J 160 Wheelwright, H. . . . 355 Whinery, J 389 Whipple, G. M. . . 345 Whipple, H. B 160 Whitacre, H. E. . . .392 Whitacre, H. F 333 Whitaker, M. W. . . .160 Whitchurch, C. L. . .317 White, A. E. . . 308-345 White, Mrs. Albert E. 428 White, A. H 310 White, Mrs. A. H. 425-448 White, A. M. . .355-380 White, Bernice E. . . 160 White, C. F. . . . 160-388 White, C. F 40- 160-331-357-405 White, Dorothy W. . .415 White, Edna C. . . .288 White, G. 355 White, G. E. .404-405-406 White, H. A 48 White, J 357 White, K. S 272 White, Mary J. . . .428- 442-452 White, M. E 433 White, O. C 388 White, Sophie . . . .452 White, Susan . . . .422 Whitehead, L. S. . 352-397 Whiteman, Elizabeth O. 446 Whiting, Dorothy . .417 Whitker, Mary M. . .415 Whitker, R. P 160 Whitley, A 391 Whitlow, C. J. . .360-386 Whitlow, Mrs. C. J. . 422 Whitman, D 385 Whitman, Eleanor J. .385- 415 Whitman, H 392 Whitman, L. H. . 161-267 Whitmer, R. M. . . .161 Whitmire, A. J. . . .352 Whitney, Allen S. . 275-329 Whitney, Mrs. A. S. .424 Whitney, A. G. . . .286 Whitney, E. G. . . .333 Whitney, F 402 Whitney, H 393 Whittmore, D 288 Whittemore, H. O. 287-320 Whittle, D 307 Whittle, J. D 192- 198-204-338 Whittlesay, F. O. . . .359 Whitworth, J. A. . . .264 Whitworth, R. A. . .345 Whitworth, R. G. . .312 Whyte, C. I., Jr. .166-337 Wiard, C. A 161 Wiard, M. R 370 Wickersham, R. B. . .374 Wickersham, N. R., Jr. 281-374 Wickes, C. J 172 Wickham, F 406 Wickham, Lucille . 247-424 Wickman, W. J. A. . .401 Widmaier, Florence M. 161-411-458-460 Widman, J. 176-255-355 Widman, Marguerite .422- 456 Widman, Marion . . .422 Widmann, F. D. . . .363 Wiechmann, Elda M. 161- 438 Wiedleck, Josephine . 425 Wiener J L 377 Winters, R. K 286 Winton Bernadine E 430- Wright, G. F 406 Wright, G 179-39S Wiener, R 341 Wiener, S 161 460 Wise, L 341 Wright, W. E 309 Wright, W R 281 Wiener, W. B. . . 46-312 Wientraub, L. . .212-216 Wiggers, H. A. . . 189-239 Wight, P. A 161 Wigreu, D. . . 183-263-356 Wilber, G 291 Wilby, E 320-384 Wilcox, Catherine . .431 Wilcox, Emily K. . . . 437 Wilcox, J. . 355 Wilcox, J. V. D. 364 Wilcox, Julia G. 415-458 Wilcox, Katherine . .415- 437-468 Wise, W. H 387 Wishropp, Frieda . . .415 Wisner, A 288-421 Wisner, F. H 322 Witham, V. C 277 Witter, J 182-343 Woellhaf, R. . . .270-272 Wohlgemuth, E. J. 264 Wohlgemuth, G. . . .277 Wojciechowski, Sophie 162 Wolaver, E. S 332 Wolaver, Mrs. Earl ..421 Wolcott, F. G. . .162 Wolf, F. E.. . 312 Wu, Aiho 296 Wu, C 268-296 Wu, I-Tsven 437 Wu, Y. F 296 Wuerfel, T. C. . 222- 327-233-387 Wulp, G 178 Wulp, Mrs. George . 428 Wurner, E 236 Wurster, Marion 414-461 Wurtsmith, F. L. . 398 Wyman, Mrs. George 413 Wyszynski, F 163 Wyvern ...... .442 Wilcox, P. H. . .161-294 Wolf, T. F.. .162 Wilcox, R A 397 Wolfe, B B 400 Wildanger, B. W. . . .334 Wilder, L 365 Wolfe, Eleanor E. . 162 Wolfe, K. P 401 X Wildern, W. 184-384 Wolfe, R S 162-401 Xi Psi Phi . . . .402 Wildner, J. A 307 Wile, Mrs. N. J. . 408 Wile, Ida J. .305-318-389 Wilgus, G 422 Wilgus, H. L 395 Wilgus, Mrs. H. L. ..422 Wilham, R. 291 Wolff, J. S., Jr 331 Wolgin, P. L 173 Women ' s League . . .452 Women ' s League Board of Directors 450 Women ' s League Judiciary Council 451 Y Yamauehi, S 297 Yang, C. T. . . 296 Wilk ins, R. W. 331-389 Wilkinson, Geraldine .412 Wilkinson, Margaret .422 Will T. N. . . 252 Willard, H. H. 337-380-393 Willard, J 177-355 Williams, A. O. . 327 Women ' s Physical Educa- tion Club 452 Wong, M. W 296 Wong, P 296 Wong, Rose A 296 Wong, T. K 296 Woo, T. P. . . . 296 Yang, S. C 294- 296-319-438 Yant, J. H. . . 164- 270-324-389 Yates, Charlotte . . . 424 Yates, Eleanore I. . . 164 Yates, T. L. 167-247-308 Williams, C. H. 293 Wood, A. A 342 Yeagley, J. W. 182- Williams, D. R. . . 336 Williams, Dorothy . .272- 414-444 Wood, A. E 319 Wood, B 252 Wood, C. J. ... 166 263-276-327 Yearned, Jane .... 461 Yelland, H. J. . . 333 Williams, F. H. . 335 Wood, C. B. . 389 Williams, Mrs. Gardner 418 Williams, G., Jr. . 335 Williams, G 424 Williams, J. . . . 177-384 Williams, J 332 Williams, Marian . . .413 Williams, Mary K. . .426 Williams, P. C. . 38-392 Williams, R. J. 167-308-399 Williams, R J 329 Wood, E. H 435 Wood, H. A. ... 162-387 Wood, J. B 332 Wood, James B. . . . 163 Wood, J. W 36- 163-282-304-372 Wood, J. A 398 Wood, M. G 373 Wood, T. T 405 Wood, W. F 385 Wood W A 34- 164-426 Yendall, E. F 312 Yeo, Ailene Mae . . . 175- 408-437 Yerkes, E 355 Yerkes, Ruth . . . 424 Ying, S. N 267 Yoakum, Mrs. C. J. .422 Yoedicke, L J 248 Yoen, J 296 Yong C S 296 Williams, T. . . . 330 Williams, Mrs. U. H. 414 Williamson, F. B. . . .38- 39-161-305-392 Willis, F. G. 276 163-281-365 Woodard, Edith Mary 163- 429-437 Woodard, J. H 334 Yong, S. M 296 York, F 391 Yorysh, I. 1 164- 181-259-400 Yost F H 187-194-275 Willoughby, G. A. . .291 Willox, G. L 384 Wills, A. R. 161 422 Woodburne, H. L. . 391 Woodburne L 258-267 Yost, Mrs. F. H. . . .422 Young, Florence G. . . 164 Young J 276 Wills, K. 329 Young L J 285-286-337 Wills, R. W. 329 163 Young M 164 Willson, L. H 161 Woodhead, A. E. . . .267 Young, P. A 448 Wilson, A. D 388 Wilson, Bernice . . .463 Wilson, C J. 161-281 Woodley, A. F 374 Woodmansee, Janet . . 437 Youngquist, Marian . .413 Wilson, C. A. ... 161- 244-301-315-331-395 Wilson, Mrs. Clyde E. 429 Wilson, D. I. 175-366 Woodroofe, R 335 Woodrow, Dorothy 247-422 Woodruff, F. H. ... 288 Woodruff Lois E 428 Z Zark L H 369 Wilson, Dorothy . . .429 Wilson, F. .318-356-389 Wilson, F. W 281 Wilson, G. D 162 Wilson, Helen 173-437-452 Wilson, J. W. . .372-395 Wilson, Mrs. Jewell . .429 Wilson, J 294 Wilson, J. H 363 Wilson, J. L. 34-35-162-401 Wilson, Julia F 162 Wilson, K. A 331 Wilson, P. C 312 Wilson, R. J. . . .364-395 Wilson, S J 387-405 Woodruff, Sadie J. .163- 433-452 Woodward, Katherine L. 163-438 Woodward, M. Truman 357 Woodward. N 385 Woodworth, A. H.. 163-460 Woodworth, G. W. ..386 Woods, A. A 349 Woods, J 185 Woods, R. J. ... 163- 281-283-353 Woody, C 291-343 Woody Mrs Clifford 417 Zaharee, S. W. . . 164 Zahm, W. W. . .164-281 Zahorski, A. T 164 Zane, J. M 405 Zauer, Anna . 453-469-473 Zee, I. T. 290-294-296 Zehner, Evelyn 436 Zellman, R 402 Zentprebe, W. H. . . .386 Zerman, H. B. .44-164-402 Zeta Beta Tau . . . .377 Zeta Psi 378 Zeta Tau Alpha . . . 432 Zick, E. J 166-366 Ziegenbien D E 172 Wilson, W. W 316 Wilson, W. W. . . 162-387 Wiltse, D. A 370 Woolfolk, G. L. . . .331 Woollet, Marjorie 438 Woolson, G. T. 286-370 Ziliak, A. L. . . . 164-391 Zimet, R 358 Zimmer, E. G 428 Wimbles, Melba F. . . 419 Winans, D. C.. .44-162-385 Winchell, P. M. 44-162-385 Winder, P. W 397 Windsor, A. . .247-360 Winegarden, M. .314-354 Winer, S. J 239 Wines, L. D 352 Wing, Adeline . .247-413 Wingate, H. J 406 Winkler, H. J 402 Winkworth, R. D. 162-333 Winslow, E. F 406 Winslow, S. B. 268-316-362 Winter, D. W 286 Winter, R. C. . 162-303-388 Winter T C 162-181-390 Woonacott, R 180 Wooton, H. F. . . .163- 437-441-468 Worcester, D. H. . . .405 Warden, C. C 389 Worden, Julia . . .163 Workman, Helen E. . .272- 411-457 Worley, J. S 362 Worley, Mrs. John S. .422 Worley, J. K. . .337-390 Worley, Leonora .263-422 Worsfolde, G. R. . .385 Worth, Mrs. Melissa .409 Wotring, F. R 284 Wotring, Helen E. 163-438 Wotring J L 163-252-309 Zimmerman, D. .256-359 Zimmerman, Mrs. Daniel 413 Zimmerman, D. C. . .355 Zimmerman, M. . . .164 Zimmerman, R. F. . .402 Zink, G 374 Zink, J 277 Zinn, F. T 405 Zinn, J 164-311 Ziv, F. W 40- 164-251-354 Zoller, Gwendolyn T. 430- 458-461 Zoller, Pauline E 42- 164-430-452-458-460 Zoss 394 Winters, D 285 Winters, Mary E. . . .47- 162-284-434 Winters, R. E 334 Wozniak, B. C. . 398 Wright, A. L 163- 437-441-467-468 Wright, C. R 171 Zoul, R 356 Zuck, S. F. . .46-164-340 Zwerdling, J. . . .248-312 Zwerdling, M 259 Page 604

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