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ft iW i - ----., j ' H iff? Orbiciitrb to: Presibent Clarence Coofe Hittle (One uiljo Or hrUrs in I ' outl), in toljom pout!) beliebes. to!)os!e leabersljip jWicljigan, pioneer of tfje $ast, still opening neiu patlis in ebucation. Jforetoorb ILrst tljr continuous conquest of ttir future obscure ttjr progrrssibe efforts of tfje past Mir bepart moinrntnnlp from tije usual to rebieto tfie Ijumblr origin anb tljr epocal progress of our JtlmUrvsitp. reflrctions must Surclp in= spire a forgibafale pribe, for tbere is rebealeb a beterminatton of purpose lulnrii presages fit ture grouiii) anb greatness heritage of tljr past! for tljr future! promise Content features . . page 23 . page 41 . page 2C9 . page 265 page 349 page 435 (HlomiMt ' s activities . page 467 ' Wettest . page 495 Jfraternittea Jflemoriam amanba jlrlDillr 2)off ussp . JMerricb eorgc icfeerman Gorman nl ergan SrDiiis 1 ' irrman @crall) Janus l ogrr l nnp Ciiarlcs l opprrs Carpi 3fot IDcustc r f)ier Clarence i. Clarence Armstrong 4 C i- Cgai 38 :- Diagonal From Engineering Arch Diagonal From State Street 2865 -- !i Lawyer ' s Club 1924 First Law Building ' 1863 Natural Science Building 1926 Anatomical Laboratory 7887 Alumni Memorial Hall 1909 University Hospital 1925 - S it WilliamL. Clements Library- 1923 First Medical Building after Remodeling 2864 University Hall in 1880 ?r- $f " The Diagonal, showing gymnasium at rear of old University Hall and rear of Dr. ' Frieze ' s residence. " Michigan in 1873 Right Chemistry Laboratory Left- President ' s Residence Old University Hall Under Construction. Main Walk leading to the museum with class memorial of ' 62 and old Law Building on the left. 3 r - The First Photograph of the University, 1849. ' Denial Building, 1891. Above State Street, 1870. Below University Hall Auditorium, 18 5 From the Nineteenth Century Engineering Building, 1895. Page - r Dental Building. Through More Recent Decades Right Razing of the Old Library 1918. East Engineering Building. Page , 9 s ; e S, $fc Off for a boat ride at the Triennial. Mason P. Rumney ' o?E, Judge J. W. Murfin ' 95, ' 96, Mayor Kendrick of Philadelphia, and J. W. Follin ' ijE. Michigan Day at the Sesquicentennial Exposition. The Michigan-Wisconsin game smoker held by the Duluth Alumni Association. Dr. John Parker Stoddard, ' 50. Michigan ' s oldest living graduate. Prominent Alumni- At present Michigan has about 64,000 living alumni and formfr students. Of this number 37,000 hold degrees from the University. Dr. John Parker Stoddard of Muskegon who graduated in 1859, sixty-eight years ago, is the oldest living graduate. Mason P. Rumney, ' o?E, was President of the Alumni Association from 1023 to 1026. Col. W. T. Perkins, ' fyi, and M. J. Robinson, ' o fL, of the University of Michigan Club of Seattle giving a set of Michigan campus views to Dr. D. H. Houston, president of the College Club of that city. Page 20 M =r K S?i = =J C - !fcs A A reunion of the famous " piint a m : .nu.i. ' " ham at thr Tri- ennial Convention, Detroit, 1925. They are Joe Maddock, " Willie " Heston, Charles Baird, " Germany " Sc iultz, " King " Cole, and Bruce Shorts. and their Activities The alumni of the University are organized into 154 local University of Michigan Clubs, divided into eleven districts. These districts hold meetings every year and elect the directors of the Alumni Association. Once every three years all the clubs meet at a Triennial Convention. The next Triennial will be held in Chicago in May, 1928. " Dibbie " Slain, ' 04, ' o6L, Dean Henry M. Bates, ' 90, and " Bob " Parker, ' 04 the original Union campaign committee. " Germany " Schultz and Judge " Id lie lleston at the Triennial. First District Clubs at the 1924 Convention. I. K. Pond, ' 70, architect of the Union, during the course of its construction. Page 21 s, w C $ffe O Gone By Sight The Old Gen- eral Library. " Two Weeks Before Examination. " " The Last Day. Page 22 MICHIGAN LIFE $ +3fa X The hew Stadium is begun School Begins Again Digging down for the playing field X Page 24 $ Zf3k Professor Hobbs on the Greenland Expedition Events of Clippy and President Little at home The Lawyer ' s Club from the Union Tower Geology Summer Camp in the South C Pag 25 3 sSgZ br- Sf Oter the bar she goes! The Football Season- Part of the ,000 football fans at the Illinois game p 26 .Si - S2 - -C 5SfS5 r-=gS%g and Fall Games A Soph taking his medicine Pushing pennies down the Diagonal T fxee PRESS mora The Frosh successfully defend their flags Page 27 jg - c f - A. The Soph Circus Reeling with the Rollicking Crew F " - c Sf Ann Arbor ' s Great White Way and Christmas Vacation Off for home The Swimmers leave for the East 3. The Mimes Presents Twenty-first Annual Musical Comedy Page jo - z ffl z- Zj is m $f Front Page Stuff " Our Handsomest Girls Are Men " ft v l Page 31 . r C % Winter pleasure Horseback riding down in Lovers ' Lane ! - $ z $s r C TkelNete Architectural Buildin and Beauty W inter sports Rend your backs You Froth! In silence white Six minutes after the hour Page 33 $ffe Junior Girls ' Play The Pirates from the Sea of Emancipation Daisy and the " Lone Kid " X Pag ' 34 fe L Designer of the 8 till S cover and Spring Parties The Architects dance on a sunken ship T " " Bums " break into the League Party The Old Hospital burns Page 35 -- C ffif A. Spring- time Arrives The Clee Club Serenade On the courts Page 36 a iWeZT sZgefz ! $ +3!te ' Sophs are Victorious Night and the Frosh lose their identification tags b - - i -jg HH I Afichigamua take their palefaces the Triangles Initiation Closing Days The Boulevard Fireplace Track Team leaves for the Conference Meet On the Link: The Seniors Swing Out ? 3!fc z Engineers storm the Law Arch -and Finally Commencement and break through Ford receives a decree Seniors receive their diplomas Taps 39 ze2 b - % . . ' HP A JL " For men may come and men may go, But I go on forever. " Tennyson 4 jr s Old Library 188S-1918 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS - $f 4 MAENTZ fox PRYCE TlTTLE 1927 LITERATURE, SCIENCE AND ARTS OFFICERS HEXRY S. MAEXTZ VIRGINIA A. Fox CHARLES R. PRYCE ESTHER L. TUTTLE Advisory W. CALVIN PATTERSON Chairmat, EREDERIC S. GLOVER, JR. S. TYLER WATSON Athletic RICHARD S. DEWEY Chairman JOHN ScHRAVERSAND JAMES F. MARTI x GEORGE G. THORNE VERXON T. EDGAR EDWARD T. REECE Auditing WILLIAM T. KESSEL Chairman B. DOXALD WRIGHT LESTER S. SMITH GLENN W. YOUNG Banquet JACK C. DEIBLE Chairman WILLIAM E. ULLMAN MILES G. SEELEY LESLIE E. MEYERS GERTRUDE BAILEY DOROTHY MALCOMSON RUTH TUTTLE Caps and Gowns ROBERT E. PRICE Chairman SANBORN C. HUTCHIXS DAVID W. JOHXSTOX JAMES W. SPROWL FLORENCE FOSTER ROMAIXE BUSCH Class Day KENTON M. PRITCHARD Chairman EARL L. BLASER SMITH H. CADY, JR. WILLIAM A. WARRICK, JR. HELEN G. RUTH MARY ANNE MACROBERTS COMMITTEES Finance JOHN W. HAY JR. Chairman HAROLD W. DUDLEY JOHX D. TODD JOHN W. HICKMAN LUCINDA SHERWOOD FRANCES P. PARRISH Invitation PHILLIP M. PFAFFMAN Chairman E. DOXALD LAWREXCE LEWIS X. ROBINSON- JAMES B. WOOD JOHN W. HULL Lois A. BRASHER MARGARET L. SHERMAN Memorial ELLIOT M. CHAMBERI.IN Chairman CHARLES T. LEE C. ROBERT SWINEHART FRANCIS H. DAFT CHARLES R. SMITH LOUISE E. RITTEXHOUSE JULIA F. WILSOX Picture Louis ROBERTSOX Chairman LEWIS F. MERKLE CARL T. NELSOX PAUL C. WILLET HARRIET L. SHEPPARD MARGARET E. SEAMAN Pipes and Canes JOHX T. NIXON Chairman DURWARD T. COLE C. SHAW GREEN HAROLD T. MERTZ HARRY E. SEIDELL RUSSELL C. FITZGERALD President yice-President Treasurer Secretary Promenade HOWARD C. BLAKE Chairman THOMAS D. OLMSTEAD ROSWELL BURROWS ROBERT T. DE ORE RUTH J. McCANN KATHERINE I. OAKLEY Publicity LESLIE J. WESSINGER Chairman WILTON A. SIMPSON- MAURICE J. SHORR N ' ORMAX C. BOWERSOX CHARLENE SHILAND MINERVA E. MILLER Senior Ball STUART H. SINCLAIR Chairman HOWELL Russ KARL F. MAST RICHARD B. WESTXEDGE MARION E. LELAND HELEN M. KACEY KATHERINE Senior Sing CLARENCE C. HOSTRUP Chairman FOREST C. BRIMACOMBE ELLEN E. PECKEM HELEN CRAWFORD HOWELL Russ Chairman HENRY LATHROP WILLIAM A. RUBLE HARRY R. HAYNIE MARY H. BARRETT MYRENE RICH ' ft h gfes 1927 LITERARY SCIENCE AND ARTS COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN HOWARD C. BLAKE . . Promenade Committee ELLIOT M. CHAMBERLIX JACK C. DIEBEL RICHARD S. DEWEY JOHN W. HAY, JR. CLARENCE C. HOSTRUP WILLIAM T. KESSEL JOHN T. NIXON W. CALVIN PATTERSON PHILLIP M. PFAFFMAN ROBERT F. PRICE HOWELL Russ STUART H. SINCLAIR LESLIE J. WESSINGER Page 4.3 Memorial Committee Banquet Committee Athletic Committee Finance Committee Senior Sing Committee Auditing Committee Pipes and Canes Committee Advisory Committee Invitation Committee Caps and Gowns Committee Social Committee Senior Ball Committee Publicity Com mittee -- (! rr- aSf - X EHLERS GHEILIXG FlXKLER MoIXTYRE 1927 ENGINEERING OFFICERS RALPH B. EHLERS . CHESTER A. GREILING LEONARD F. FINKLER KENT C. MC!NTYRE . President ice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Invitation JOHN A. ARDUSSI Chairman JOHN C. CONGO JOSEPH D. RYAN LEE C. UPDEGRAFF Cane ROSCOE A. DAVIDSON Chairman MILO F. OHR HERBERT W. GOULDETHORPE HOWARD R. STEVENSON Athletic JOHN H. HANSON Chairman ALBERT 0. FLINDT ELMER A. HILBURGER GEORGE G. LAMB Memorial WALTER E. BERGER Chairman MAURICE M. ANDERSON PAUL W. ARNOLD WILLIAM E. RENNER ROBERT M. VANDUZER Class Day HERBERT KUENZEL Chairman JAMES R. DE PUY JOSEPH C. MILLER HAROLD R. OHLHEISER Picture LEWIS R. KIRSHEMAN Chairman FRANKLIN L. BOUTON THOMAS D. SIDWELL Social LAWRENCE BUELL, JR. Chairman W T ALLACE F. ARDUSSI LEMUEL D. HOADLEY LORING F. OEMING X Page 44 - r x, A DAVIDSON HAXSOX BUELL BERGER KUENZEL KlHSCHEMAN 1927 ENGINEERING COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN JOHN A. ARDUSSI ROSCOE A. DAVIDSON JOHN H. HANSON LAWRENCE BUELL, JR. . WALTER E. BERGER HERBERT KUENZEL LOUIS R. KlRSCHEMAN Invitation Committee Cane Committee Athletic Committee . Social Committee Memorial Committee Class Day Committee Picture Committee PC M r-- 3iafes -- % g: BISHOP MYERS MUELLER SOUTHCOMBE 1927 MEDICINE OFFICERS H. MORTIMER BISHOP ALBERT W. MYERS . SELMA C. MUELLER ROBERT H. SOUTHCOMBE President rice-President Secretary Treasurer Executive WALTER G. MADDOCK Chairman ALF. S. ALVING CAMERON D. KEIM GRACE WILLIAMS Honor JAMES H. MAXWELL Chairman DONALD J. THORPE HARRY H. HAIGHT .Auditing F. BRUCE FRALICK Chairman THAYER L. PARRY DEAN M. RICHMOND THOMAS H. MCACHERN Invitation AUGUST W. WALLKOWSKI Chairman CHARLES C. TERRY, JR. ROBERT E. HASTINGS Cap and Gou ' n PAUL W. KNISKERN Chairman ARTHUR R. WOODBURN ELIZABETH C. BAGLEY ANDERSON T. BOWERS COMMITTEES Social W. A. FENSTERMACHER Chairman KENNETH M. DAVENPORT ROBERT W. WILKINS CARL W. SWANSON GORDON B. MYERS Cane COLIN C. McRAE Chairman ALEX OLENIKOFF WILLIAM F. NESBITT MAJOR W. GASPER Athletic DAVID M. WEEKS Chairman EDWIN C. MILLER CARL G. MILLER HARVEY C. HANSEN Picture GORDON T. BROWN Chairman LLOYD B. YOUNG E. CLIFFORD SOULTS Memorial E. H. CORLEY Chairman CARL G. MILLER ROSCOE H. SNYDER Page 46 S. PC - C $f 1927 MEDICINE COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN GORDON T. BROWN E. H. CORLEY WALTER A. FENSTERMACHER F. BRUCE FRALIK PAUL W. KNISKERN WALTER G. MADDOCK JAMES H. MAXWELL . COLIN C. MCR.AE AUGUST W. WALKOWSKI DAVID M. WEEKS Picture Committee Memorial Committee Social Committee Auditing Committee Cap and Gown Committee Executive Committee Honor Committee Cane Committee Invitation Committee Athletic Committee - r !iS 0r- " - 5f HARLOCKEH NVLUXD MIKESELL O ' NEILL FRED L. HARLOCKER ELLEN L. NYLUND . JOHN P. MIKESELL . JAMES E. O ' NEILL . 1927 LAW OFFICERS COMMITTEES Invitations LAURENT K. VARNUM Chairman HARDY PAGELS J. T. ENGLE LLOYD COOPER Picture JAMES D. WOLFE Chairman WILLIAM B. HARTMAN MILO TIPTON EDWIN GUEST Crease Dance PHILIP O ' HANLON Chairman WILFRED H. WILLIAMS ROGER D. DOTEN JOHN H. WITHERSPOON HENRY A. HICKS JOHN W. CONLIN LESLIE C. PUTNAM Memorial ROBERT T. RINEAR Chairman SIDNEY L. ROBIN PRISCILLA A. REICHERT Class Day MENSO R. BOLT Chairman LEROY R WEIS JOHN D. CROGAN JAMES R. RAMSEY Cane FREEMAN W. HASKINS Chairman WILLIAM R. CAMERON- STUART J. GOLDBERG President . Fice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Cap and Gou-n BURTON B. SIBLEY Chairman ELMER H. SAL MAN JEROME B. MIKESELL Auditing JOHN M. BENNETT Chairman WILLIAM H. R. MACDONALD JAMES H. SLATTERY Athletic EDWARD P. MADIGAN Chairman PAUL R. ERICKSON SIDNEY J. KARBEL Crease Paper BENJAMIN V. HALSTEAD Chairman LOUIS T. McMATH JAMES B. BOYLE BARTLETTE E. NUTTER DONALD M. DIXON Social JAMES J. W ' EADOCK Chairman JAMES E. DUFFY, JR. CHARLES M. HORTH Executive FRED L. HARLOCKER Chairman ELLEN L. NYLUND JOHN P. MIKESELL JAMES E. O ' NEILL ROBERT W. CONDER Page 48 Sf g 1927 LAW COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN JOHN M. BENNETT . . . Auditing Committee MENSO R. BOLT BENJAMIN B. HALSTEAD FRED L. HARLOCKER FREEMAN W. HASKINS EDWARD P. MADIGAN PHILIP O ' HANLOX ROBERT T. RINEAR BURTON B. SIBLEY LAURENT K. VARNUM JAMES J. WEADOCK JT JAMES D. WOLFE Class Day Committee Crease Paper Committee Executive Committee Cane Committee Athletic Committee Crease Dance Committee . Memorial Committee Cap and Gown Committee I limitation Committee Social Committee Picture Committee Page Q 2 -- 9$ 2 - c 5ffe o LlLLIE SCAMAHORNE CUMINGS HlLDNER 1927 EDUCATION OFFICERS EARL R. LILLIE MILDRED E. SCAMAHORNE MARY CUMINGS ERNEST G. HILDNER COMMITTEES Finance ERNEST G. HILDNER Chairman RUTH PRICE MAE KELLAR WALTER CLEMINSON WILLIAM ARNOLD Publicity THEODORE E. HORNBERGER Chairman JANET K. SINCLAIR VERA NORTH DOROTHY WORKMAN Social HENRY L. SELMEIR Chairman BARBARA ABBOTT CHARLOTTE MOORE GERTRUDE GULICK PAUL BOYTS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Program MARY CUMINGS Chairman MARGARET MARTEN CORNELIA WALKER WESLEY DARLING Memorial BERNICE CORNELL Chairman ALICE FELSKI MARGARET BUCK WILLIAM ARNOLD HARLOW TUBES Cap and Gown RONALD SHELTERS Chairman MARY H. ALLHOUSE MARGARET BAGLEY MARGARET LORD EDWARD GRIERSON Cane THEODORE BYSTROM Chairman EDWARD CHAMBERS RUSSEL DAVIS Pagf SO _ _ - BYSTROM CORNELL CtTMINGS HlLDNER HORNBERGER SELMEIER 1927 EDUCATION COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN THEODORE BYSTROM BERNICE CORNELL . MARY CUMINGS ERNEST G. HILDNER THEODORE R. HORNBERGER HARRY SELMEIER RONALD SHELTERS Cane Committee . Memorial Committee Program Committee Finance Committee Publicity Committee Social Committee Cap and Gotvn Committee ft _ $! $ -zg$fe TURNER ORLEMAN RII.EY LEE 1927 DENTISTRY OFFICERS ROBERT G. TURNER FRANK J. ORLEMAN WILLIAM H. RILEY . SHERWOOD R. LEE . Executive ROBERT G. TURNER Chairman FRANK J. ORLEMAN WILLIAM H. RILEY SHERWOOD R. LEE HENRY F. MOORE Sofia DAVID J. COLLON Chairman FOREST G. McGuiGAN ELMER E. ETTINGER ANDREW F. LEUENBERGER Auditing HENRY F. MOORE Chairman C. TYLER HOLMES CLARE M. CONGER G. E. MEADS Picture WILLIAM H. RJLEY Chairman RUDOLPH E. LARSON- HARRY A. TOPCIK WILLARD M. CAMPBELL COMMITTEES President Fice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Programs and Publicity STUART H. WARD Chairman ONEY R. MICKLOW M. DEAN TONNELIER LEE C. FOWLE Cap and Gown KENNETH D. NEWTON Chairman ROY E. HAWKINSON JOHN BIELAWSKI STANLEY L. SMITH Cane HARRIS L. WILSON Chairman JACOB R. VAN Loo E. W. ROYER JOHN P. VAN OSDOL Athletic MURRAY E. FEINBURG Chairman WALTER W. COLLINS ROBERT I. SEALBY WALDOMAR ROESER Memorial LEE C. FOWLE Chairman DUANE B. LURKINS VICTOR F. Ross CARL S. SULLIVAN 5t X .ft MURRAY E. FEINBERG Athletic Committee LEE C. FOWLE Memorial Committee HENRY F. MOORE Auditing Committee KENNETH D. NEWTON Cap and Gown Committee WILLIAM H. RILEY PicHire Committee STUART H. WARD . Programs and Publicity Committee HARRIS L. WILSON Cane Committee Z5f 1927 DENTISTRY COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN DAVID J. COLLON . Social Committee ( ji_fL :f D . -- t e - -c $ffc ff- M M Srlr OLIVER MEYER SCHUHOLZ MICHEL 1927 ARCHITECTURE OFFICERS LAWRENCE W. OLIVER EARL G. MEYER ROLAND K. SCHUHOLZ KENNETH A. MICHEL President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Invitation and Announcement HERBERT P. WATTS Chairman ARTHUR J. ZIMMERMAN J. RUSSELL RADFORD Cane WALTER E. THULTN Chairman HAROLD F. NASER LAWRENCE A. GRAF Finance HERMAN A. TUCKER Chairman CLAYTON L. FOSTER ALBERT R. COOK Memorial PHILIP D. WEST Chairman D. F. THOMPSON HAROLD E. DINE r fe SACHEROFF YOUNG XOEL PELTIER 1927 PHARMACY OFFICERS DARWIN E. SACHEROFF HELEN R. YOUNG . HERBERT XOEL STANLEY PELTIER . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Invitation FREELING M. TREVSDALE Chairman RAYMOND PATELSKI EDWARD A. NEHLSON Social CAROL A. WHITE Chairman GEORGE BURGESS EARL NORTON Cane SAUL COHN Chairman JOHN J. HOWBRIDGE Advisory THOMAS MILLS Chairman ALFRED LUDINGTON BLAINE SCHNALL Pn 55 _ - - c fe HuSTAD PERRING DOUBLEDAY TEPPERT 1927 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION OFFICERS HUGO R. HUSTAD . RAYMOND T. PERRING DONALD B. DOUBLEDAY ALEXANDER TEPPERT . President Fice-President . Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Executive MARION C. STONE Chairman FREDERICK M. PHELPS JOHN H. HUSSELMAN Invitation PAUL D. RICKMAN, Chairman GUY A. HEMINGER WILLIAM H. ROBINSON Social GEORGE L. HULL Chairman WILLARD E. SLATER DONALD D. McAoAM Cane EDWARD A. STEPHEN Chairman DONALD B. DOUBLEDAY ROBERT R. YOUNG PC fl Pag 56 Q r il r$e ASA GEORGE ABBOTT . . . . Detroit, Michigan Phi Gamma Delta; Barristers. EDWARD THOMAS ABELE . . . . . Saginaw, Michigan Kappa Phi Sigma; Michigan Daily (i). AGATHA LUCILLA ACKER Choral Union. CLARK JAYNO ADAMS Gamma Eta Gamma. FRANCES LOUISE ADAMS Cuyuna, Minnesota Pontiac, Michigan South Haven, Michigan Alpha Phi; Mu Phi Epsilon. ROBERT CARSON ADAMS, JR. Wheatland, Wyoming Sigma Chi. NATHAN S. ADLER Tau Epsilon Phi. Detroit, Michigan THELMA EDELLE AGNEW Ann Arbor, Michigan LL.B. BARBARA ANN ABBOTT . . . A.B. in Ed. Traverse City, M ichigan Sigma Kappa. RUSSELL WARD ABBOTT .... B.S. in Eng. Tecumseh, Michigan Alpha Tau Omega; A. S. C. E. A.B. HENRY JACOB ABRAMS .... B.S. in Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan HERBERT THOMAS ABRAMS, JR. .... A.B. Orange, New Jersey Delta Tau Delta. THOMAS A. ACACIO ..... B.S. in C.E. Fintar, Philippine Islands Philippine-Michigan Club. R.N. . . LL.B. B.M. . A.B. A.B. . R.N. B.S. in Eng. MARIANO MALASIG AGRUDA Fintar, Philippine Islands American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Philippine- Michigan Club. Page 5 ? - c ffin X, ROBERT F. AHRENS Fredonia, New York A.B. EDGAR HOLT AILES .... . LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Order of the Coif; Michigan Daily (2, 3); Editor, Michi- gan Law Review (6); Quadrangle; Acolytes; Chairman, League of Nations ' Association (4, 5, 6). CARL EDWIN ALBRACHT ..... A.B. Erie, Pennsylvania Trigon; Assistant Manager Glee Club (3); University Symphony Orchestra. FRANKLIN C. ALBRIGHT . . . B.S. im Aero Eng. North Liberty, Indiana Craftsman Club. JUNE ALBRIGHT Scalpel Staff. Flint, Michigan LUCILE AUGUSTA ALDERTON Ann Arbor, Michigan Choral Union. R.N. A.B. in Ed. DOROTHY LUCILE ALDRICH Kalamazoo, Michigan Kappa Delta. LLOYD E. ALEXANDER ..... Detroit, Michigan Alpha Phi Alpha; Freshman Cross Country. SELMA B. ALEXANDER ....... New Bedford, Massachusetts Kappa Alpha Theta; Theta Sigma Phi; Press Club (4); Junior Girls ' Play. A.B. B.S. A.B. Ross LORRAINE ALLEN Phi Epsilon Kappa. DOROTHY GOULD ALLISON Newark, New Jersey B.S. in Ed. A.B. St. Johns, Michigan Senior Society; Junior Girls ' Play; Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; University Girls ' Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Fresh- man Pageant; Players ' Club. MARY H. ALLSHOUSE ... . B.S. in Ed. Irwin, Pennsylvania Senior Society, Secretary; Hockey; Basketball; Baseball; Rifle; W. A. A. Board (2), Secretary (4); Chairman Property Committee, Junior Girls ' Play. ALBERT J. ALTMAN Alpha Omega; Dental Society. RAPHAEL ALTMAN Phi Lambda Kappa. Page 59 Detroit, Michigan Detroit, Michigan D.D.S. A.B. $ ?- Zr3! p v HELEN KATHERINE ALTVATER . . . . R.N. Lansing, Michigan Class Secretary and Treasurer (i); Secretary and Treas- urer Student Council (2). ALE SVEN ALVING ... . . Iron Mountain, Michigan Alpha Kappa Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa. M.D. CAROL AMES . .... A.B. in Ed. Los Angeles, California Chi Omega. LELIA ELIZABETH AMONETT . El Paso, Texas A.B. in Ed. A.B. ARNOLD GLENN ANDERSON . Muskegon, Michigan Kappa Delta Rho; Adelphi (2, 3); S. C. A. Cabinet (2, 3); Vice-President (3); Glee Club (2, 3); Choral Union (2, 3). ALLYN J. ANDERSON Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. EDNA SHARP ANDERSON . . . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan ELIZABETH ANDERSON Junior Girls ' Play. Detroit, Michigan FLORENCE CATHERINE ANDERSON . Muskegon, Michigan A.B. A.B. MARGERY JOYCE ANDERSON . . . . A.B. in Ed. Wausau, Wisconsin Theta Phi Alpha; Black Quill. MAURICE MCGREGOR ANDERSON . . B.S. in Chem. Falconer, New York Web and Flange. AUBREY FRANKLIN ANDREWS . Escanaba, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi. CHARLES WILLIAM ANKLAM . Detroit, Michigan Zeta Psi. RICHARD CARLETON ANNIS . Cedar Springs, Michigan A.B. A.B. LL.B. Ji m Page to -- - C 5f -=gS%g -3 ROBERT DEE ANSPACH LL.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan HARRY EDOVARD ANTHONY B.S. in E.E. THELMA ANTON Betsy Barbour House. EDGAR C. APPOLD Lakezvood, Ohio Grand Rapids, Michigan Sebewaing, Michigan Lambda Chi Alpha; Baseball (i). A.B. B.S. in E.E. B.S. in Eng. JOHN A. ARDUSSI . . Saginaw, Michigan Triangles; Business Mgr. Michigan Technic; Varsity Band (i, 2, 3). WALLACE FRANCIS ARDUSSI . . B.S. in Ch. Eng. Saginaw, Michigan Michigan Daily (i, 2); Vice-President Saginaw Club (3); Varsity Band (3, 4); Social Committee, Senior Engineers. AROLINE CLARA ARMS . Redford, Michigan PHILA AVRIL ARMSTRONG . . Charlevoix, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta. A.B. in Ed. A.B. ANNA BURDSAL ARNOLD . .... A.B. Beloit, Wisconsin Pi Lambda Theta; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3, 4); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Freshman Pageant; Junior Girls ' Play. H. KARL E. ARNOLD ...... A.B. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Phi Mu Delta. PAUL W. ARNOLD . . B.S. in M.E. Chautauqua, New York Delta Alpha Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Vulcans; Michigan Daily (i, 2, 3, 4.), Business Manager (4); Business Mana- ger Summer Michigan Daily. WILLIAM WILCOX ARNOLD .... A.B. in Ed. Ionia, Michigan Alpha Nu; Secretary (4); Men ' s Educational Club. THEODORA JUDITH ARONSTAM CARSON S. ATKINS Hermitage. Detroit, Michigan Vassar, Michigan B.S. in Ed. A.B. Page 61 -- g S-- FRANK WILLIAM ATKINSON, JR. . . B.S. in Arch. Detroit, Michigan Delta Chi; Quarterdeck; American Society Mechanical Engineers. GERALDINE KATHERINE AUBREY Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Delta. WALTER GEORGE AUER Cleveland, Ohio Alpha Sigma Phi; Michigan Union Opera (4) HELEN AUSTIN Pi Beta Phi. Midland, Michigan ALEX NORTHUP AVERY Port Huron, Michigan Beta Theta Pi. LYMAN B. W. AVERY Lawyers ' Club. Detroit, Michigan ELIZABETH COLVILLE BAGLEY Duluth, Minnesota Alpha Epsilon Iota. A.B. A.B. A.B. A.B. LL.B. M.D. MARGARET ADELINE BAGLEY .... A.B. in Ed. Duluth, Minnesota GERTRUDE EVANGELINE BAILEY . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Chi Omega; Wyvern; Theta Sigma Phi; Daily (2, 3). ANNA- LAURA BAIRD . . . . . . A.B. in Ed. Marine City, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta; Kappa Phi (3, 4); Portia (3, 4); Board of Rep. (4); Women ' s Ed. Club (4). BASIL FAUN BAKER ...... A.B. Flint, Michigan Sigma Pi. CHARLES EARNEST BAKER . . . A.B. Jamaica, New York Alpha Phi Alpha; Track (i, 2, 4); Cross Country (i, 2, 3)- FANNIE M. BAKER . . . A.B. Buffalo, New York Cosmopolitan Club; Honorary in Scalp and Blade. MYRLE V. B. BAKER Sttirgis, Michigan A.B. in Ed. s hr- C $f o RUSSELL CURTIS BAKER . . . B.S. in C. Eng. Z,a Ci ' y, Michigan Pi Kappa Alpha; Triangles; Web and Flange; A. S. C. E.; Vulcans; Wrestling (2, 3, 4), Captain (3); Class President (3); Treas. Student Council (4). FREDERICK WILLIAM BALD . ... M.D. Detroit, Michigan Theta Kappa Psi; Gamma Alpha; Galens Honor Com- mittee (2) HERVEY EMERSON BALDWIN Phi Kappa Tau. Flint, Michigan MARY MARGARET BALLARD . Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ISABEL MARGARET ROSE BALLENTINE Port Huron, Michigan Adelia Cheever House. ESTHER INEZ BANK Denver, Colorado Phi Sigma Sigma; Theta Sigma Phi. ARNOLD E. BARAGER Alpha Kappa Lambda. Detroit, Michigan BLANCHE BONNER BARBER . Saranac, Michigan MARGARET CELINA BARBER . A.B. A. P.. A.B. A.B. B.S. A.B. in Ed. A.B. in Ed. Copemish, Michigan HARRIETT IRENE BARBOUR . . . B.A. in Lib. Sc. Detroit, Michigan Le Cercle Francais; Orchesis. ELIZABETH CLARK BARKER La Sociedad Hispanica. MARY HELEN BARRETT New York, New York A.B. A.B. Lapeer, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis; Secretary (i); Vice-President (2). LLOYD WILLIAM BARTLETT Ann Arbor, Michigan Adelphi; Oratorical Board (4). A.B. LYNN MAHLON BARTLETT . . A.B. in Ed. Cherry Creek, New York Phi Delta Kappa. Page 63 5 c ffif 5 LAURA HENRIETTA BARTZ . A.B. in Ed. Cohocton, New York Women ' s Educational Club; New York Club;Y. W. C. A. CHARLES F. BASSETT Flint, Michigan CHRISTINE LOUISE BAUCH . Lansing, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis. B.S. in Ed. A.B. HOWARD JOHN BAUCH . . A.B. Sioux Falls, South Dakota Phi Mu Delta; Michiganensian (2, 3); Activities Editor (3)- LESTER EUGENE BAUER . M.D. Athens, Michigan Alpha Kappa Kappa ; Alpha Epsilon Mu ; Class Executive Committee (5); Varsity Band (2, 6); University Sym- phony Orchestra (i). ROBERT WARREN BAUMAN South Euclid, Ohio HAROLD CARL BAUSCHARD . Erie, Pennsylvania A.B. A.B. ULYSSES SIDNEY BEACH . . . A.B. in Ed. Highland, Michigan FREDERICK JOSEPH BEAL . . B.S. in C.E. Battle Creek, Michigan Theta Kappa Nu; S. A. M. E., Secretary. ALBERT TYLER BEALS Track. Ann Arbor, Michigan GEORGE WILMOT BEAN Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Mu Delta; Kappa Phi Sigma. GARNETT JUNE BEANBLOSSOM Greenville, Ohio Roi OWEN BECKER .... Toledo, Ohio Lawyers ' Club, Treasurer (4). A.B. LL.B. R.N. LL.B. RUTH ELIZABETH BECKER . ... A.B. in Ed. Grosse Point e, Michigan 4P- -- ffi - $f GRACE GERTRUDE BECKHAM .... B.S. in Chem. Toledo, Ohio Pi Beta Phi. FREDERICK JOHN HENRY BECKWITH . . B.S. in Eng. Jackson, Michigan Triangle; Web and Flange. H. MABLE BEEBE . . A.B. in Ed. Kalkaska, Michigan NORMA LUCILLE BEEBE Niles, Michigan DORA BEFELER Brooklyn, New York HERBERT CHARLES BEHM Saginaw, Michigan JACK BEHRMAN Tau Epsilon Phi. Glen Rock, New Jersey JAMES BRENSLIN BEHSE Chi Phi. FRANCIS ALLISON BELL Alpha Chi Rho. FRANK ELLIOTT BELL Sagina-w, Michigan Negaunee, Michigan A.B. B.S. A.B. A.B. A.B. A.B. A.B. in Ed. Chicago, Illinois Kappa Kappa Gamma; Women ' s Athletic Association. GLENDORA ANN BELL Austin, Minnesota RACHEL JANET BELL . Great Bend, Kansas THELMA ELLIS BELL ... Byron, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Theta Sigma ' Phi. A.B. A.B. A.B. NORMAN R. BENHAM . B.S. in Eng. Detroit, Michigan Delta Phi; Upper Class Advisory Start ' (2, 3); Michigan Daily (i, 2). St. Page65 t $$2 -- a ffc s SAM JAMES BENJAMIN . Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. JOHN MARTIN BENNETT Duluth, Minnesota Beta Theta Pi; Law Vice-President, Michigan Union (6). LESLIE S. BENNETTS Ann Arbor, Michigan Michigan Daily (i, 2). EMILY J. BENSON Fennville, Michigan A.B. A.B. in Ed. LENORA STARR BEODDY . ... A.B. Chillicothe, Ohio Kappa Phi. WALTER EVERETTE BERGER, JR. . . B.S. in Eng. Ashland, Kentucky Kappa Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Triangles; Class Treasurer (3); Memorial Committee Chairman. QUEENIE E. BERKOWITZ Detroit, Michigan Martha Cook Dormitory. CALVIN GEORGE BERSCH A.B. A.B. Fort Wayne, Indiana LEANORE SARA BERTON .... A.B. in Ed. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pegasus (4). MARGARET LOUISE BERX, ...... A.B. Birmingham, Michigan Martha Cook. NORDA IDA BEUTLER ..... A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Delta Zeta; Junior Girls ' Play; Glee Club; Choral Union. JOHN BIELAWSKI Phi Sigma; Dental Society. Detroit, Michigan MARGARET WRIGHT BILKEY Ishpeming, Michigan D.D.S. R.N. CAROLYN AGATHA BINDER . . A.B. in Lib. Sc. Ann Arbor, Michigan Junior Girls ' Play. Page 66 $ -z 3fc Sr : : : HILDA BINZER . . . . . . A.B. Toledo, Ohio Michigan Daily (4); Representative of Woman ' s League (3, 4); Junior Girls ' Play. IRENE BINZER ROBERT MARSHALL BIRDSEYE Delta Sigma Pi. Dental Hygiene Toledo, Ohio Detroit, Michigan MRS. ALLENE ACKLEY BIRK Mendota, Illinois HARRY MORTIMER BISHOP . ... Highland Park, Michigan Theta Chi; Galens; Medical Class President (4); Literary Class Secretary (4). A.B. R.N. M.D. Arbor, Michigan HAROLD GLENN BIXBY A Tau Kappa Epsilon. GEORGE MOIR BLACK, JR. . . ... Detroit, Michigan Alpha Delta Phi; Gargoyle (2, 3); Banquet Committee Michigan Union (2). FREDERICK WILLIAM BLACKBURN . Alpena Michigan Class Bowling Champion (3). A.B. A.B. A.B. G LENN A. BLACKBURN ..... B.S. in E.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan HOWARD CULLEN BLAKE Galesburg, Michigan Delta Tau Delta. A.B. Lois LINA BLAKELY ........ A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Educational Club; Y. W. C. A. L. ROBERT BLAKESLEE .... A.B. in A. E. Ypsilanti, Michigan MARGARET BLANDER Detroit, Michigan A.B. EARL LEE BLASER ... . . A.B. Fostoria, Ohio Sigma Phi Epsilon; Student Council (3, 4); Glee Club (i); Chairman Fall Games (3, 4); Class Day Committee (4)- SS2M x - 2s3S$2 ze b- c?fe t r __ $ %$$, 5W7r xv LAWRENCE BENJAMIN BLUM . . B.S. in Arch. Detroit, Michigan FRANK BLYMER Ch Psi. B.S. in M.E. Wilmette, Illinois LEONARD BODDY . . B.S. in Ch.E. Erie, Pennsylvania Theta Xi; Phi Lambda Upsilon. RUDOLPH CARL BOOMER ..... B.S. in M.E. Canonsburg, Pennsylvania A. S. M. E. MARGARET J. BOERSMA . . . R.N. McBain, Michigan MILTON SEYMOUR BOFSKY ...... A.B. Detroit, Michigan Business Administration Club ; Class Treasurer (3). WILLIAM M. BOLAM .... . A.B. New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Alpha Chi Rho. JOHN ROBERT BOLAND, JR. .... . A.B. Sharon, Pennsylvania Phi Mu Delta; President Interfraternity Council (4); Varsity Debating (4). AMANDO BOLANO . .... LL.M. Panay, Capiz, Philippine Islands Court of Iniquity; President Philippine-Michigan Club. MENSO RALPH BOLT ....... LL.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Lawyers ' Club; Delta Theta Phi; Board of Governors, Lawyers ' Club. ALVIN A. BORG . Tau Kappa Epsilon. JOHN H. BORGWALD Ludington, Michigan Cleveland, Ohio A.B. A.B. A.B. RUDOLPH DREDRICK BOSTELMAN . La Grange, Illinois Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Delta Sigma; Michigan Daily (2, 3)- BEATA E. BOURKE Port Huron, Michigan R.X. Page 68 -z 3fc FRANKLYN LOOMIS BOUTON Detroit, Michigan ANDERSON TALBERT BOWERS Dayton, Ohio Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Xu. DOROTHEA CAROLINE BOWERS Battle Creek, Michigan Adelia Cheever House. MADELINE BOWERS Phi Beta Kappa. ROBERT H. BOWERS Enid, Oklahoma Vandergrift, Pennsylvania Beta Theta Pi; Michigan Union Opera (2, 3, 4). B.S. in Eng. . M.D. . A.B. . B.S. . A.B. A.B. NORMAN CHESTER BOWERSOX Oak Harbor, Ohio Sigma Zeta; Delta Sigma Rho; Michiganensian (i, 2); Adelphi (i, 2, 3, 4). ABNER FRANK BOWLING, JR. ...... A.B. Verona, New Jersey Theta Delta Chi; Fencing Club. JAMES FRANCIS BOYER . . . . A.B. Monongahela, Pennsylvania Trigon; Druids; Student Council (4). JAMES BARRETT BOYLE ...... LL.B. Salt Lake City, Utah Phi Alpha Delta; Barristers (3); Michigan Law Review (3); President Junior Law Class; President Law Council (3); Student Council (3). PAUL H. BOYTS Pi Kappa Phi. HELEN LENORE BRADBURY Somerset, Pennsylvania ESTHER BRADLEY Alpha Chi Omega. RUSSELL ALDEN BRADLEY RUTH EILEEN BRADY Dexter, Michigan Holly, Michigan lona, Michigan A.B. in Ed. A.B. in Ed. A.B. A.B. A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Theta Phi Alpha; Delta Omicron; Student Press Club (4); Mummers (3, 4). Page 60 PJL x v --h 2 - S3 $$gZ %$! 9 S - - c $f - . ' f DONNA LAURA BRAENDLE . Dental Hygiene Grand Rapids, Michigan HELEN LOUISE BRANAGAN Port Huron, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta; Choral Union; Junior Girls ' Play. A.B. NEVA L. BRANAGAN . . ... A.B. Port Huron, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta; Choral Union; Junior Girls ' Play. BENJAMIN BRAND Phi Lambda Kappa. DOROTHY BRINTON BRAND Detroit, Michigan Detroit, Indiana M.D. A.B. in Ed. Lois A. BRASHEAR . . . . A.B. in Ed. Vassar, Michigan Delta Zeta; Michiganensian Lower Staff (2); Costume Committee Junior Girls ' Play; Michigan League Life Membership Committee; Players ' Club; Choral Union - (4); University Girls ' Glee Club (i, 2, T,, 4); Auditor (4). J. W. BRENNAN .... B.S. in Marine Eng. Mi. Clemens, Michigan Quarterdeck; Les Voyageurs. DANIEL LEON BRENNER ...... Kansas City, Missouri Michigan Law Review; A.B., University of Missouri. EWIN J. BRENNER EDWARD MORRIS BRIKMAN . Kappa Nu; Phi Delta Epsilon. Detroit, Michigan Cleveland, Ohio J.D. M.D. M.D. A.B. JOHN MERRELLE BRIDGMAN .... Penn Yan, New York Choral Union; La Sociedad Hispanica; Educational Club. CLAYTON BLAIR BRIGGS ...... A.B. Gary, Indiana Pi Kappa Alpha; Michigamua; Sphinx; Track (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Cross Country Captain (4). FOREST C. BRIMACOMBE Detroit, Michigan Phi Mu Alpha; Glee Club (3,4). ANN LOUISE BRISTOL Detroit, Michigan A.I;. A.B. in Ed. Page 70 - - S i - $f :g MORRIS JORDEN BRITZ Tau Epsilon Rho. Toledo, Ohio LL.B. M.D. B.A. WALTER JAMES BROAD Ann Arbor, Michigan WILLIAM BROMME ....... Louisville, Kentucky Phi Mu Alpha; Phi Rho Sigma; Reception Committee, Michigan Union (3); Comedy Club (2, 3, 4); Michigan Union Opera (2). WILLIAM THURMAN BROOKINS . . . B.S. in C.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Sigma Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Web and Flange. RAYMOND ALBERT BROW Phi Kappa. Detroit, Michigan CLARENCE GEORGE BROWN . Rochester, New York Sigma Nu; Assistant Track Manager. B.S. in A. A.B. CLARK H. BROWN . . ... B.S. in M.E. Brooklyn, New York Triangles; Vulcans; Class Secretary (2, 3); Society Ameri- can Mechanical Engineers. ELIZABETH MARY BROWN . . Lincoln, Nebraska Choral Union. R.X. GORDON TAINTOR BROWN ...... M.D. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Omega Alpha; Class President (3); Picture Com- mittee, Chairman (4). JULIA RUTH BROWN . . ... A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Phi; Daily Staff (3); Women Editor Sum- mer Daily (4). MARGUERITE E. BROWN ... . A.B. in Ed. Charlevoix, Michigan HARRIET ARNOLD BRUCE DONALD RECKER BRUNS Clinton, New York Woodfiille, Ohio A.B. B.S. MARGARET ELLEN BUCK . . . A.B. in Ed. Toledo, Ohio Kappa Kappa Gamma; Cercle Francais; Junior Girls ' Play Committee. Page 71 $ 3! NELSON)JAMES BUDDE DANIEL HUDSON . Phi Lambda Kappa. Bay City, Michigan Detroit, Michigan A.B. in Ed. . M.D. A.B. in Ed. GENEVIEVE ELIZABETH BUELL . Detroit, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Pi Lambda Theta (4); Masques (2, 3, 4); Choral Union (2); Le Cercle Francais (2, 3, 4). J. LAWRENCE BUELL, JR. . . B.S. in M.E. Detroit, Michigan Theta Delta Chi; Tau Beta Pi; Vulcans; Triangles; Blue Key; Asst. Baseball Manager; Executive Council Union (3); Chairman Entertainment Committee Union (3); Opera (2, 3); Chairman Class Social Committee (3, 4). CATHERINE ALICE BUHRER B.S. in Music, A.B. Archbold, Ohio Chi Omega; Mu Phi Epsilon; Chr. Music Committee, Junior Girls ' Play (3); Girls ' Glee Club, Accompanist (3, 4); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club. ROBERT DUNBAR BUICK . . B.S. in M. and I.E. Detroit, Michigan Phi Kappa Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Vulcans; Crosscountry Manager. LESLIE STUART BULMAN ..... A.B. Sarnia, Ontario Theta Chi; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Hockey (i); Michigan Union (3); Glee Club (i, 2, 3, 4). HERBERT NOBLE BUMPUS Monroe, Michigan MILDRED E. BURCK . . ... Monroe, Michigan La Sociedad Hispanica (i, 2, 3). GEORGE DAVID BURGESS . . . . Clayton, New York Phi Delta Chi; Prescott Club (i, 2, 3); Class Treasurer (2) A.B. A.B. PhC. ROBERT ALDEN BURHANS . B.S. in Med. Lansing, Michigan . Theta Kappa Psi; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Kappa Kappa Psi; R. T. O. C.; Varsity Band (i, 2, 3). EVELYN KINGSBERRY BURKE ...... A.J3. Ann Arbor, Michigan JOSEPH HENRY BURKHARD . St. Joseph, Michigan ANNETTE E. BURKHARDT Menomonee, Michigan Alpha Omicron Pi; Junior Girls ' Play. A.B. A.B. Page 72 - I s sS i t s vc - JAMES ALLISON BURNHAM JOHN BURNHAM . Phi Kappa Psi. PAUL LEWIS BURROUGHS Delta Tau Delta. Hornell, New York Michigan City, Indiana Jackson, Michigan A.B. A.B. A.B. A. B. ROMAINE HELEN BUSCH Bay City, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta; Junior Girls ' Play (3); Sociology Club (3, 4); Cap and Gown Committee. DORIS MARGUERITE BUSH . . R.N. Jackson, Michigan Couzen ' s Hall; Vice-President, Y. V. C. A. (4); Women ' s League (4). CATHERINE P. BUTCHER Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. in Ed. LESLIE BROWN BUTLER ..... A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Sigma Kappa; Alpha Nu; Michigan Daily (2). THEODORE LOWELL BYSTROM . . . A.B. in Ed. Mar quette, Michigan Phi Delta Kappa; Chairman Cane Committee. SMITH H. CADY, JR. . . . . A.B. Chicago, Illinois Alpha Sigma Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; Michigamua; Michi- gan Daily (i, 2), Night Ed. (3), Man. Ed. (4); Union Opera Publicity (2, 3); Winner, Union Life Membership Drive (2); Publicity ,S. C. A. (3). CATHERINE CAKE Junior Girls ' Play. HAROLD STUART CALKINS Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. A.B. Wayland, Michigan Business Administration Club; Craftsman ' s Club; Gun and Blade Club. ISABEL EDITH CALLAHAN . Hillsdale, Michigan A.B. in Ed. ALICE CALLENDER . . ... A.B. Detroit, Michigan Pi Beta Phi; Le Cercle Francais; Make-Up Committee Junior Girls ' Play; Choral Union (2, 3). WILLIAM ROBINSON CAMERON Marysville, Ohio Lawyers ' Club. LL.B. Page73 s S z Z $ - $e+ ELIZABETH EMOGENE CAMPBELL . . . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Class Secretary (3); Pan Hellenic Ball Committee (4); Junior Girls ' Play; W. A. A. Board Member (3). PHEBE V. CAMPBELL ISA-use, Michigan WILLARD M. CAMPBELL .... Traverse City, Michigan Xi Psi Phi; Dental Society; Vice-President (2). . A.B. D.D.S. MEYER CANTOR Detroit, Michigan . A.B. ANNE BEULAH CAPLAN . . . . A.B. in Ed. Steubenville, Ohio Phi Sigma Sigma; Sociology Club. ERWIN BENJAMIN CARBECK .... B.S. in Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan Web and Flange (4). RUTH M. CARL . . . . . Dental Hygiene New Haven, Michigan MARY ELIZABETH CARR Alpha Omicron Pi. RUFUS LEE CARTER Phi Delta Theta. HILDA BELLE CASE Scalpel Staff. Charlotte, Michigan Denver, Colorado Battle Creek, Michigan A.B. in Ed. . A.B. R.N. MEIRODINE AMELIA CASE . . . A.B. in Ed. Jackson, Michigan Helen Newberry; Le Cercle Francais (3, 4); La Sociedad Hispanica (4); Junior Girls ' Play. XORMA LOUISE CASE .... . A.B. in Ed. Valparaiso, Indiana Delta Zeta; Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (3); Publicity Com- mittee (2); Publicity Chairman (3); Players ' Club (2). Louis JOSEPH CASHDAN Detroit, Michigan A.B. EDWARD BALZHISER CASTLE . Delta Upsilon; Nu Sigma Nu. . B.S. in Medicine Cleveland, Ohio Page 74 Sffe X ji PRIMITIVO CASTRILLO La Paz, Bolivia B.S. in Arch VIRGINIA HELEN CATZERE . R.N. Newaygo, Michigan HUGH THOMAS CAVANAUGH . LL.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Chi; Phi Delta Phi; Michigamua; Barristers; Mimes; President Michigan Union; President Student Council. JOSEPHINE HELENE CAVENDER . . Dental Hygiene Altoona, Pennsylvania Kappa Phi; Treasurer Dental Hyg. Class. CLARK E. CENTER Tau Beta Pi; Varsity Band (2). HUGH CHALMERS, JR. . Delta Kappa Epsilon. Sandusky, Ohio Detroit, Michigan B.S. in M.E. A.B. ELLIOT MAC PHERSON CHAMBERLIN . . A.B. Birmingham, Michigan Beta Theta Pi; Druids; Sphinx; Managers ' Club; Cross Country Manager; Literary Vice-Pres. Michigan Union; Chairman Union Life Membership Drive. MARTHA E. CHAMERLIN . . . . A.B. Mount Pleasant, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega. EDWARD WALTER CHAMBERS . . . B.S. in Ed. Niles, Michigan Phi Epsilon Kappa; Michigamua; Basketball (2, 3, 4), Captain (4). JOSEPH L. CHAMPAGNE . . D.D.S. Iron Mountain, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Dental Society; Gun and Blade Club, Treasurer (2). JOHN PERRY CHANDLER Gamma Eta Gamma. Two Harbors, Minnesota DONALD HARDING CHAPMAN Ann Arbor, Michigan Sigma Gamma Epsilon. CLARK LEDYARD CHASE Kappa Sigma. HARRY J. CHASE Massena, New York Ann Arbor, Michigan LL.B. B.S. LL.B. B.S. in Eng. 75 w tgfg $ I 5r3!te+ f. _a ROBERT Y. CHEW . . B.S. in Ph. Ed. Ktvangtung, China Cosmopolitan Club; Varsity Gymnastics Team (2); President Chinese Student Club (3). KATHLEEN ISABELLE CHISHOLM .... A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Sigma Delta Phi; Comedy Club; Masques; Players ' Club; Junior Girls ' Play. ALBERT GITLUM CHOY Chinese Student Club. Canton, China AILEEN DEAN CHRISTENSEN .... Salt Lake City, Utah Alpha Epsilon Iota; Iota Sigma Pi. KENNETH MERLE CHURCH . Port Huron, Michigan MYRTICE C. CHYNOWETH Detroit, Michigan MARKO MICHAEL CIGANOVIC Young-wood, Pennsylvania GLEN CLARK Kent City, Michigan B.S. in Eng. M .D. A.B. R.N. A.B. A.B. JOHN J. CLARK . . B.S. in E.E. Ontonagon, Michigan American Institute of Electrical Engineers. J. THURMAN CLARK Theta Delta Chi. Altoona, Pennsylvania LOUISE ELLIOT CLARK Gladstone, Michigan Martha Cook Dormitory. A.B. A.B. MARGARET CLARK . ... . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Omicron Pi; Michiganensian (3); Junior Girls ' Play. EVERETT MILLER CLASPY . Dowagiac, Michigan A.B. RICHARD AVERILL CLAUSSEN . . B.S. in Chem. Eng. Cedar Rapids, Iowa X S XS br- -cs afefc- g%g - STUART DEMOREST CLAYTON . Gargoyle (4). W. R. CLEMINSON Chicago, Illinois Ishpeming, Michigan A.B. B.S. in ' Ed. MAURICE LYNDON CLEVELAND .... B.S. In M.E. Frankfort, Michigan American Society Mechanical Engineers. OLIVER P. CLIPPER . . . B.S. in Ch.E. Mason, Michigan Lambda Chi Alpha. MARGARET CLUGG Mancelona, Michigan Dental Hygiene HERMAN L. COBURN Dental Society. Zeeland, Michigan D.D.S. FRANK O ' NsiL COCKERILLE .... B.S. in Ch. Washington, D. C. ELIZABETH CODY ...... A.B. Flint, Michigan Alpha Omicron Pi; Directory ,(3); Michiganensian (3); Auditing Committee (2); University Girls ' Glee Club (3, 4)- FRANTZ E. COE . DANIEL A. COHEN Phi Epsilon Pi. JOSEPH JAMES COHEN Glee Club (i). Ann Arbor, Michigan Cincinnati, Ohio Detroit, Michigan . B.S. in Eng. A.B. B.S. in Arch. SAUL COHEN ...... B.S. in Ph. Charleston, West Virginia MILTON JEROME COHN ..... A.B. in Ed. Cleveland, Ohio Men ' s Educational Club. GRACE COLBY Milford, Michigan A.B. r - c $5 r M DURWARD D. COLE Acacia. KENNETH WINSTON COLE Sigma Phi Epsilon. RUTH MAE COLE Grand Rapids, Michigan Detroit, Michigan Coral, Michigan WALTER W. COLLINS . ... Negaunee, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Dental Society. A.B. A.B. A.B. in Ed. . D.D.S. DAVID J. COLLON ...... D.D.S. Bad Axe, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Dental Society; Chairman Social Committee (4). LEONE COLLON Bad Axe, Michigan Dental Hygiene RAY L. COMB ...... B.S. in Eng. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Phi Mu Alpha. ROBERT VENDELL CONDER .... Indianapolis, Indiana Phi Kappa Psi; Barristers; Law Club, President. CLARE M. CONGER . Dental Society. Ann Arbor, Michigan J-D. D.D.S. JOHN SMITH CONGO . . . B.S. in M.E. Port Huron, Michigan Tau Beta Pi; Michigan Technic (2, 3, 4); Cabinet S. C. A. (3). JOHN WILLIAM CONLIN . . . . LL.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi: Alpha Delta Sigma; Barristers; Michigan Daily (i, 2), Publications Manager (3); Summer Michigan Daily, Manager (4). HELEN E. CONRAD Brighton, Michigan Dental Hygiene RUSSELL WILLIAM CONROY . Battle Creek, Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi. A.B. ANNA MARIE COOKE ...... A.B. in Ed. Birmingham, Michigan Page 78 f ARTHUR R. COOK . . . . B.S. in A. Milan, Michigan Theta Kappa Nu; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Kappa Kappa Psi; Vice-President of Band (4); Band (i, 2, 3, 4); University Symphony Orchestra (2). WILLIAM F. COOK . . B.S. in M.E. Northport, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda; Summer Michigan Daily. CHARLES AUSTIN COOLIDGE III Cleveland, Ohio Sigma Phi; Union Committee (2, 3, 4). B.S. in A. FLORENCE WANDA COOPER . . . . A.B. Miami, Florida Alpha Gamma Delta; Michigan Daily (4); Sociology Club (3, 4), Secretary (4); Junior Girls ' Play Committee (3); Freshman Pageant; Pan Hellenic Ball Committee (4) HAROLD HENRY COOPER Business Club. Detroit, Michigan A.B. JOHN DONIELSON COOPER .... B.S. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Men ' s Educational Club, President. LILLIAN L. COOPER Junior Girls ' Play. Detroit, Michigan LLOYD EVERETT COOPER Grand Rapids, Michigan Theta Kappa Nu. B.S. in Ed. LL.B. A.B. in Ed. PERSIS MARGARET COPE Omaha, Nebraska Martha Cook Dormitory; Phi Beta Kappa (3); Freshman Pageant Committee; Junior Girls ' Play Committee; Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3, 4); Cosmopolitan Club (4); Phillips Scholarship (i, 2); Negro-Caucasian Club (3, 4). CALVIN H. COREY . . B.S. in Ch.E. Bliss field, Michigan Alpha Tau Omega; Baseball (i). HIBBERT DELL COREY . ..... A.B. Sarnia, Ontario Delta Sigma Phi; Asst. Basketball Manager (3). ENNIS HENDERSON CORLEY .... M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Beta Pi. BERENICE HARRIET CORNELL . . A.B. in Ed. Romeo, Michigan ELIZABETH JANE COSSITT . . . A.B. in Ed. Conneaut, Ohio Alpha Omicron Pi; Y..W. C. A. Cabinet; Kappa Phi; Junior Girls ' Play. Page 70 ft ! %g g 9 z r-?g ffif r MAYME BELLE COTTERMAN . Flint, Michigan WILLIAM DEAN COVENTRY Delta Upsilon; Nu Sigma Nu. MARIAN COY Duluth, Minnesota . R.N. A.B. . A.B. in Ed. Traverse City, Michigan Alpha Gamma Delta; Kappa Phi (i, 2); Choral Union (i, 2); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club (i); University Girls ' Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Junior Girls ' Play. ELISABETH SARAH COYNE Delta Omicron. LAURA ELISABETH CRAFT Detroit, Michigan A.B. in Ed. . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Pi Lambda Theta; Junior Educational Class Vice-President (3); Masques (2, 3, 4), Treasurer (4); Junior Girls ' Play. IRENE EVELYN CRAMTON ...... A.B. Clinton, Michigan La Sociedad Hispanica; Le Cercle Francais; Kappa Phi. NANCY MAE CRANNA Gregory, Michigan MYRTLE IRENE CRASE ..... Dental Hygiene Ann Arbor, Michigan G. S.-CLYNE CRAWFORD . ... A.B. Cleveland, Ohio Class Vice-President (4); S. C. A. Cabinet (3, 4). HELEN G. CRAWFORD ... . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Zeta Tau Alpha; Le Cercle Francais; Junior Girls ' Play (2). KARL RIGLEY CRAWFORD ..... A.B. Owosso, Michigan Delta Chi; Delta Sigma Rho; Blue Key; Michigan Union; Chairman Rooms Committee (2); Chairman Reception Committee (3); Adelphi; Central League Debate, (4). ILLIAM BLACKWOOD CRAWFORD Detroit, Michigan Delta Phi; Michiganensian (3, 4). FORREST S. CROCKER Phi Kappa Psi. JOHN DEWEY CROGAN Denver, Colorado Toledo, Ohio A.B. A.B. LL.B. Page So - c fe MORRIE CROLL . Alpha Omega; Dental Society. Windsor, Canada D.D.S. STANLEY EDWARD CRONWALL . . A.B. Oak Park, Illinois Zeta Psi. E. McLAY CROSBY . . . D.D.S. Highgate, Canada Psi Omega; Dental Society; Treasurer Dental Society (4); Craftsman Club (3). FERN TOWNSEND CROSBY . ... B.S. Pontiac, Michigan Kappa Delta; Kappa Phi. FLORENCE LYDIA CROSS ... . A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Gamma Mu; Kappa Phi; Women ' s Educational Club; Westerners ' Club. FOSTER LAMONT CROSS .... B.S. in M.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan JOHN RUSSELL CROWE . Phi Kappa Sigma. EMILY Ross CROWELL Delta Gamma. WILLIAM PAUL CROXTON Beta Theta Pi. FRED C. CULVER Alpha Tau Omega. FLORENCE CUMINGS . Junior Girls ' Play. MARY DELIGHT CUMINGS Chicago, Illinois Detroit, Michigan Angola, Indiana Williamston, Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. A.B. A.B. LL.B. A.B. in Ed. . A.B. in Ed. Caro, Michigan Sigma Kappa; Mu Phi Epsilon; Secretary of Senior Education Class; Junior Girls ' Play; Advisory Com- mittee. JACK P. CUMMINGS Lambda Chi Alpha. Detroit, Michigan B.S. in Eng. A.B. DOROTHY LORRAINE CURRIE Bradford, Pennsylvania Wyvern; Women ' s League, Board of Directors (3, 4), Treasurer (3), Social Committee (3); Junior Girls ' Play Committee; Freshman Pageant. Page Si S r- +$es Pg WILLBUR NYE CURTIS .... B.S. in M.E. Battle Creek, Michigan Tau Beta Pi; American Society Mechanical Engineers. ZENON GEORGE CZAJA . FRANCIS HENRY DAFT Phi Kappa. LESLIE TEATS DANGY . Phi Mu Delta. Detroit, Michigan Peru, Illinois Pontiac, Michigan GEORGE DONALD DANDO Hartford City, Indiana Beta Theta Pi. PERCY OWEN DANFORTH Washington, D. C. A.B. A.B. A.B. A.B. B.S. in A. A.B. MARION DANIEL ..... Miami, Florida Delta Zeta; Michigan Daily (3, 4); Choral Union (2); Freshman Pageant; Chairman Costume Committee, Junior Girls ' Play. GEORGE IRWIN DANIELS Delta Chi. MARION DANKERS D etroit, Michigan A.B. A.B. Mt. Clemens, Michigan Black Quill (2); Board of Representatives Womens ' League (2); Junior Girls ' Play (3). WESLEY CHESTER DARLING Mt. Clemens, Michigan HOWARD LEVINE DAVIDSON . Palmer, Michigan Phi Sigma Delta; Gargoyle (i, 2). LESTER C. DAVIDSON Phi Sigma Delta. ROSCOE A. DAVIDSON Sioux City, Iowa B.S. in Ed. . A.B. . A.B. B.S. in C.E. Warren, Pennsylvania Triangle; Web and Flange. VALENTINE L. DAVIES ....... New York, New York Michigan Daily (i, 2, 3); Michigan Chimes (4); President Comedy Club (4), Comedy Club (i, 2, 3, 4); Mimes (2, 3, 4); Co-author " Tambourine " ; " Toasted Rolls " (3); Opera Committee (2). A.B. Page 82 a O s=SSS b - $fg DAVID B. DAVIS . Theta Kappa Psi. Grand Rapids, Michigan M.D. A.B. in Ed. KATHLEEN MAUDE DAVIS . Ann Arbor, Michigan Women ' s Educational Club, Secretary; Choral Union; Le Cercle Francais; La Sociedad Hispanica; Kappa Phi. ROGER BARTO DAVIS Painesville, Ohio A.B. RUSSELL WARNER DAVIS . . B.S. in Ph. Ed. Flint, Michigan Phi Kappa Tau; Baseball (i, 2, 3, 4); Basketball (i, 2, 3, 4)- SARITA ISABEL DAVIS . ... A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Wyvern; Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); Freshman Pageant; Junior Girls ' Play Committee; Negro-Caucasian Club; Leader- ship Commission (i, 2); Cosmopolitan Club; Kappa Phi (i, 2, 3, 4). RUTH VIRGINIA DAVY Alpha Chi Omega. DOROTHY DAY . Kappa Kappa Gamma. JAMES W. DAY Evart, Michigan Detroit, Michigan A.B. A.B. in Ed. A.B. Indianapolis, Indiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Druids; Blue Key; Chimes; Michigan Union Opera. WILLIAM RUFUS DAY . . B.S. in Ch. Eng. Cleveland, Ohio Delta Chi; Tau Beta Pi; Triangles; Varsity Basketball Manager. MYRA Lu DEACON Kappa Alpha Theta. IVY MAY DEAN Lansing, Michigan Flint, Michigan A.B. R.X. A.B. LEDLIE ALLEN DE Bow Kalamaioo, Michigan Delta Sigma Rho; Student Press Club (4); Players ' Club (4). MARJORIE MARY DECKER ..... B.S. in Ed. Flint, Michigan Board oi Representatives, Women ' s League; Junior Girls ' Plav. WALTER EUGENE DECKER . Grand Rapids, Michigan Gargoyle (i, 2, 3); Michigan Union Opera (3). A.B. - F s. Page 83 Z $$ ZT - C $r JIMMIE CART DnCou Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. in Ed. ALBERT G. DE GRAFF . . . B.S. in C.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan American Society Chemical Engineers. MARGUERITE PAULINE DEHN Say City, Michigan JACK C. DEIBEL . Alpha Sigma Phi. STANLEY JACOB DEITRICK . Delta Chi. JAMES DE!VIEP . Youngstown, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio Grand Haven, Michigan GAILLARD W. DELL Sand Lake, Michigan R.N. A.B. B.S. in A.E. B.S. in E.E. B.S. in C.E. JOHN STANTON DENTON ...... A.B. Houghton, Michigan Chi Psi; Sphinx; Blue Key; Michigamua; Manager Foot- ball (4). JAMES REYNOLDS DE PUY . B.S. in M.E. Oak Park, Illinois Theta Delta Chi; Triangles; Vulcans; Daily Business Staff (i, 2), Assistant (3); Reserve Football; Track (4); Class Day Committee; Secretary University Repub- lican Club (4); Chairman Absentee Ballot Committee (4); Cabinet Student Christian Association (3); American Society of Mechanical Engineers. HENRY B. DESENBERG . Phi Sigma Delta. JOHN R. DETHMERS . Delta Theta Phi. ROBERT THOMPSON DEVORE Mexia, Texas Sheldon, Iowa A.B. LL.B. Toledo, Ohio Psi Upsilon; Sphinx (3); Druids (4); Michigan Daily (2, 3), Night Editor Daily (3). A.B. A.B. CHRISTINE AGNES DEWAR . Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Gamma; Junior Girls ' Play (3); Women ' s League; Bazaar Committee (3); House Organization Committee (4)- R. SYDNEY DEWEY ... ... A.B. Monroe, Michigan M. Club; Football (2, 3, 4); Chairman Athletic Com- mittee. - - - Sf KATHRYN RUTH DIAMOND Detroit, Michigan WILLIAM JAMES DIBBLE Batavia, New York Delta Sigma Phi; Gargoyle. HUGH C. DICKEN Alpha Chi Rho. HELEN DICKENS JOHN RICHARD DICKEY Sigma Chi. East Jordan, Michigan A.B. in Ed. A.B. A.B. . Dental Hygiene Houghton, Michigan Cleveland, Ohio LAWRENCE DWIGHT DICKEY . Marshall, Michigan Delta Phi. NELLIE HARRIET DICKINSON .... Sterling, Colorado Alpha Omicron Pi; Girls ' Glee Club (4). SAMUEL RAYMOND Di FRANCESCO Expedit, Pennsylvania Alpha Phi Delta. ERREMA GAE DILLON Flint, Michigan A.B. A.B. A.B. A.B. A.B. A.B. STANLEY ELLWOOD DIMOND Aurora, Illinois Sigma Phi Epsilon; Alpha Nu; Oratorical Association Board. KENNETH EARL DIVEN . Men ' s Educational Club. Penn Yan, New York DONALD MC!NTOSH DIXON Detroit, Michigan Alpha Tau Omega. WESLEY JOSEPH DODGE Buffalo, New York Scalp and Blade; Union Opera (3). A.B. LL.B. B.S. in C.E. A.B. in Ed. EDITH HOPE DOMBEY Lakezuood, Ohio Alpha Gamma Delta; La Sociedad Hispanica; Sociology Club; Education Club; Junior Girls ' Play Committee; Y. W. C. A. Committee; Board of Representatives; Women ' s League Bazaar. -iJT W HARRIET DONALDSON . . . . A.B. Los Angeles, California Martha Cook Building; Wyvern; Senior Society; Junior Girls ' Play; W. A. A. Board (i, 2); Archery Manager (i); Baseball Manager (2); Hockey (i, 2, 3); Basketball (2); Glee Club (i, 2); Baseball (i, 2). JOSEPHINE G. DONLAN ...... A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan WILLIAM LUTHER DONMOYER . . . A.B. Lebanon, Pennsylvania Alpha Tau Omega. ETRURIA IVERNIA DOSTER ..... B.S. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Senior Society; Hockey (2, 3); Basketball (2); Rifle (3); Class Athletics, Hockey (i, 2, 3, 4); Basketball (2, 3); Baseball (i, 2, 3); Junior Girls ' Play; Physical Education Club (2, 3). ROGER D. DOTEN ...... LL.B. Albion, Nebraska Pi Kappa Alpha; Gamma Eta Gamma; Barristers; Crease Dance Committee. E. WILLIAM DOTY . . . . A.B. in Ed. Marshall, Michigan RALPH JUDSON DOTY . . . B.S. in E.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Varsity Wrestling (i, 2). DONALD BRUNDAGE DOUBLEDAY . . . M.B.A. Kalamazoo, Michigan Business Administration Club (4, 5); Michigan Daily (3); Business Mgr. Frosh Handbook (4); Secretary of Business Administration Class (5); S. C. A. Cabinet (4, 5). PHILIP Dow . . . B.S. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Phi Beta Kappa. MARY BOVAIRD DOWNS .... B.S. and Nursing Bradford, Pennsylvania Scalpel Staff (5); Nurses ' Class President (4); Hockey Varsity (2); Women ' s League, Board of Directors (2, 3); Le Cercle Francais (i); Honor Student (4). SYDNEY R. DREBIN ...... LL.B. Big Rapids, Michigan Tau Delta Phi. EARL A. DRECHSLER . . ... A.B. Oak Park, Illinois Zeta Psi. MYRA FINSTERWALD DREIFUS . . B.S. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Wyvern (3); Senior Society (4); Mortarboard (4); Treasurer W. A. A. (2), President (3); President Senior Society (4); Hockey Varsity (2, 3, 4); Basketball (2, 3. 4); Baseball (2, 3, 4); Chorus Junior Girls ' Play. MILDRED GERTRUDE DRESCHER . . . . A.B. in Ed. West Olive, Michigan Pi Lambda Theta; Education Club; Kappa Phi; Hin- dustani and Cosmopolitan Clubs. Page 86 - r % s FAUSTINA DRESSER Litchfield, Michigan RUTH LUCILLE DRIVER Kalamazoo, Michigan Kappa Delta; Junior Girls ' Play. EDNA LEE DUDD .... Midland, Michigan Editor " Scalpel " (4), Advertising Manager (3). A.B. in Ed. A.B. R.N. HAROLD WILDER DUDLEY . ... A.B. Pontiac, Michigan Phi Mu Delta; Delta Theta Phi; Michigan Union Opera (2, 3)- JAMES EUGENE DUFFY, JR. Bay City, Michigan Chi Psi; Barristers; Law Review. MILDRED DOLLIS DUNCAN . Ludington, Michigan DONALD B. DUNHAM . Alpha Sigma Phi; Triangles. HOMER E. DUNLAP Pi Kappa Alpha. ETHEL PRESCOTT DUNN Detroit, Michigan Youngstown, Ohio Hastings, New York LL.B. R.X. B.S. in Eng. A.B. A.B. in Ed. A.B. MARY-LOUISE DUNNEBACKE Lansing, Michigan Betsy Barbour House; Point System Committee (4); Junior Girls ' Play (3). FRANCES ALIDA DUNNEWIND . . . B.S. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Phi; Basketball (3, 4); Hockey (3, 4); Baseball (3, 4); Rifle (3); Vice-President W. A. A.; Junior Girls ' Play. DONALD WILLIS DUNNING . ... A.B. Charlotte, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi; Union Recorder (2); Michigan Union Reception Committee (2). MAX LEO DURFEE Phi Beta Pi. GERALD OSCAR DYKSTRA Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. A.B. Allegan, Michigan Adelphi; Extemporaneous Contest. Delta Sigma Rho. . Page 87 jfcr- gffc - , ' j? O X PAUL MERCER EBERHART . Sigma Nu; Press Club. ANDREWS DAVID EDWARDS Ashland, Ohio A.B. A.B. Detroit, Michigan HELEN LORENE EDWARDS ..... A.B. Peru, Indiana Phi Beta Kappa; Senior Society; Black Quill, Treasurer (2), Secretary (3); Junior Girls ' Play; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3). WILLIAM JOHN EGGENBERGER Lansing, Michigan LL.B. MARGARET ESTHER EGGERT . . . A.B. in Ed. St. Joseph, Michigan RALPH BURLIN EHLERS ..... B.S. in C.E. West Alexandria, Ohio Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Student Member of American Society of Civil Engineers; Vulcans; Triangles; Varsity Glee Club; Class President (4). FRED FOLTZ EICHHORN Beta Theta Pi. NORMAN J. EICK . HERBERT M. EIGES . Tau Delta Phi. MARGARET RUTH EIRICH Bluffton, Indiana Wilson, New York ' Elmira, New York LL.B. M.D. LL.B. A.B. Toledo, Ohio Alpha Xi Delta; Masques; Comedy Club, Secretary (4); Le Cercle Francais; Junior Girls ' Play. FRANCES E. ELLIOTT . . . A.B. in Ed. Fennville, Michigan SCHUYLER B. ELLIOTT . . . B.S. in Mar.E. Cleveland, Ohio Theta Kappa Nu; Quarterdeck; Michigan Daily (i); Cleveland Club (i, 2). MARION A. ELLIS Delta Sigma Pi. SETH HARRISON ELY Kalamazoo, Michigan Dover, New Jersey A.B. B.S. in A. Page 88 SL PC - Z! W X F LORENCE ALTON EMERY LEWIS N. EMPSON Phi Kappa Tau. Portland, Michigan Gladstone, Michigan B.S. A.B. A.B. CHARLES DANIEL ENDRES ..... Poland, Ohio Michiganensian (i, 2, 3), Photographic Editor (2, Treasurer of Youngstown-Michigan Club (3, 4). FRANK ALLAN EN EARL . . . B.S. in E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Tau Beta Pi; American Society of Civil Engineers (4). RAYMOND ORR EN EARL ..... B.S. in M.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Tau Beta Pi; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. ALBERT GEORGE ENGELBACH Johnstown, Pennsylvania Theta Kappa Psi. J. T. ENGLE Ann Arbor, Michigan Craftsman (3, 4); Varsity Band (2, 3). PAUL RANDOLPH ERICKSON FRED K. ESHLEMAN Pi Kappa Phi. Lakeivood, Ohio Ludington, Michigan M.D. LL.B. LL.B. A.B. J. LESTER ESSENBURG .... B.S. in A.E. Holland, Michigan ELMER E. ETTINGER . Phi Sigma; Dental Society. ALEX K. EUGENE Lima, Ohio Detroit, Michigan ARTHUR LEWIS EVELY ..... Pontiac, Michigan Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Manager Baseball (4). D.D.S. B.S. in A. A.B. LOREN DANIEL EWEN . . B.S. in C.E. Carrington, North Dakota Alpha Chi Rho; Vulcan; Web and Flange. _- _ P, _.__ ! . - x !$ $ 3!fe+ ' GEORGE ALTEN FARQUHAR . Monongahela, Pennsylvania Trigon. A.B. RAY NELSON FAULKNER Phi Mu Alpha. MURRAY E. FEINBURG A.B. in L. Design Charlevoix, Michigan D.D.S. Albany, New York Alpha Omega; Dental Society; Chairman Athletic Com- mittee (4). ALICE LORETTA FELSKE . . B.S. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Zeta Tau Alpha; W. A. A. Board; Baseball Manager (3, 4)- STEWART DONALD FENNER . Port Huron, Michigan Phi Delta Theta. WALTER ALFRED FENSTERMACHER . Three Rivers, Michigan Phi Beta Pi; Galens; President Class (2). FRANCIS R. FERGUSON Rochester, Michigan BEATRICE M. FERRIBY . Cro swell, Michigan GEORGE FRANCIS FERRIS Gamma Eta Gamma. HELEN MAE FEWTRELL Utica, New York Wyandotte, Michigan Adelia Cheever House; Kappa Phi; Y. W. C. A. LUCILLE K. FIEGEL Ann Arbor, Michigan . A.B. . M.D. . D.D.S. R.N. . LL.B. A.B. in Ed. A.B. IRENE REBECCA FIELD . . . . B.S. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pi Lambda Theta; Wyvern; Mortarboard, President; Hockey (i, 2, 3, 4); Basketball (i, 2, 3, 4); Baseball (i, 2); Women ' s Athletic Board (2, 3, 4); Chairman Junior Girl ' s Play. CECELIA LEE FINE Pontiac, Michigan Sigma Alpha Iota; Athena. A.B. JOSEPH JAY FINEMAN ... . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Omega; Chairman Welfare Committee of Dentist- ry (5). Pagt QO - r- jfeS r-=gS% MAX FINKLEMAN . ... A.B., LL.B. Middletoivn, Ohio Fletcher Hall Club; All-Campus Singles Winner (3); Case Club; Tennis Squad (2, 3, 4); Freshman Glee Club; Choral Union (2, 3); All-Campus Doubles Winner (2). LEONARD F. FINKLER . . . B.S. in C.E. Coopersville, Michigan Phi Kappa; Triangles; Tau Beta Pi; Vulcans; Web and Flange; American Society of Civil Engineers; Gargoyle (2, 3, 4); Vice-President Junior Class; Secretary, Senior Class. GERALD F. FINLEY . . . . Faribault, Minnesota Delta Tau Delta; Phi Alpha Delta. LL.B. FRANK STEVENS FIORDELIS . . . B.S. in Med. Detro it, Michigan Alpha Phi Delta; II Circulo Italiano. SAMUEL FIRESTONE .... Detroit, Michigan American Institute of Electrical Engineers. GEORGE WILLIAM FISHEL Indianapolis, Indiana LAWRENCE ELBERT FISHER Varsity Band. Ann Arbor, Michigan B.S. in E.E. A.B. B.S. in E.E. RICHARD RAY FISHER . ' . . A.B. Columbia City, Indiana Michigan Daily (i); Varsity Band (i, 2, 3, 4). RUSSELL ARDEN FISHER ...... A.B. Ludington, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda; Henry D. Strong Scholarship (3, 4)- GEORGE FARRINGTON FISKE ... . A.B. Sherborn, Massachusetts Sigma Phi; Michigan Daily (i). MARGARET B. FITCH ..... . A.B. Dallas ,Texas Gamma Phi Beta; Freshman Pageant. MADALINE MARIE FITZGERALD . . . A.B. in Ed. Oberlin, Ohio Phi Gamma Mu. RUSSELL C. FITZGERALD . .... A.B. Muskegon, Michigan Adelphi; Football (i); Basketball (i). CHESTER KENNETH FLAGG . . . B.S. in Ch.E. Highland Park, Michigan V I Page 01 e ffi - gass i MILDRED KATHLEEN FLANAGAN . . A.B. in Ed. Orleans, Michigan AUSTIN FLEMING . Phi Beta Kappa; Lawyers Club. ALBERT OTIS FLINDT Flint, Michigan A.B. B.S. in Eng. Springfield, Ohio Class Speedball (i, 2); Class Basketball (l, 2, 3, 4); Class Baseball (i, 2, 3, 4). MARY KATHERINE FLINTERMANN A.B. Collegiate Sorosis. Detroit, Michigan WILLIAM ROBERT FLORA . . . B.S. in Med. Muskegon, Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Rho Sigma; Varsity Football (2, 3, 4); President Medical Class (i). FRANCES MARY FLORER Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Phi; Kappa Beta Pi; Phi Beta Kappa. AILEEN KAY FOLEY Junior Girls ' Play. PEARL E. FOLTZ Kappa Beta Pi. St. Paul, Minnesota St. Joseph, Michigan LL.B. A.B. LL.B. B.S. ANDREW WATT FORBES .... Ann Arbor, Michigan Freshman Cross Country; Track (i); Glee Club (i, 2); Choral Union (i, 2, 3); Cosmopolitan Club; Craftsman Club. DORIS DELIGHT FORD . . . . Ann Arbor, Michigan Women ' s Educational Club. MAHLON LEROY FOREMAN . Bellefonte, Pennsylvania JAMES BENNOCH FORMAN Alpena, Michigan DELIA FORREST . . . Cleveland, Ohio Board of Representatives (3, 4). ALICE CHARLOTTE FORTIER .... Detroit, Michigan Delta Zeta; Pan-Hellenic Delegate (3); University Girls ' Glee Club (3,4); Kappa Phi; Michigan League of Women Voters (3, 4); Junior Girls ' Play. A.B. in Ed. B.S. in E.E. . A.B. A.B. in Ed. A.B. in Ed. t r ffi MATTHEW GALBRAITH FORREST . . . B.S. in Nav. A. Sow r Orange, New Jersey Quarterdeck. CLAYTON LOT FOSTER . Detroit, Michigan B.S. in A. FLORENCE MAE FOSTER ... . B.S. in Ed. Neu ' berry, Michigan Delta Delta Delta; Hockey (i, 2, 3, 4); Basketball (2, 3, 4); Baseball (i, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (i, 2, 4); Choral Union (4); Rifle (3); Junior Girls ' Play; Freshman Pageant. JAMES CLINTON FOSTER Delta Theta Phi. RUTH MITCHELL FOSTER Nezvberry, Michigan Traverse City, Michigan LL.B. A.B. D.D.S. LEE C. FOWLE . ... Dozvagiac, Michigan Xi Psi Phi; Dental Society; Class Treasurer (2); J-Hop Committee; Chairman Memorial Committee (4). HELEN ANTOINETTE FOWLER Pontiac, Michigan Le Cercle Francais; La Sociedad Hispanica. h DOROTHY HORTENSE Fox . Saginatv, Michigan Kappa Delta. EDWIN SHEPHERD Fox Quarterdeck. Kalamazoo, Michigan A.B. A.B. B.S. in C.E. A.B. VIRGINIA ALICE Fox . Grand Rapids, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta; Class Vice-President (4); Junior Girls ' Play. FRANCIS BRUCE FRALICK ...... M.D. Greenville, Michigan Phi Chi; Treasurer Medical Class (3); Varsity Band (i). MARGARET LOUISE FRANK . Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Gamma Delta. WILLIAM H. FRANK Kappa Nu. Buffalo, New York MARJORIE ALICE FRANKLIN A.B. B.S. in Eng. R.N Chicago, Illinois o -x- c 3! ' i? 5C JOHN CHURCHILL FRASER . Detroit, Michigan A.B. NORMAN FREEHLING ... . A.B. Chicago, Ill inois Zeta Beta Tau; Michigan Daily (i, 2). ERNESTINE ROSALIND FREEMARK . Gardener, Illinois Kappa Delta. CARL JACOB FREIWALD . Detroit, Michigan PAUL W. FRESHWATERS . South Haven, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda; Dental Society. FLORENCE MARY FRIBLEY . Phi Gamma Mu. Hancock, Michigan JEROME JAY FRIEDMAN Ridgtvay, Pennsylvania Adelphi (2, 3, 4). A.B. B.S. in A. D.D.S. A.B. in Ed. A.B. MICHAEL WALTER FRIEDMAN . . . B.S. in Ch.E. Detroit, Michigan Michigan Technic. NINA BEATRICE FRIEDMAN . . . A.B. in Ed. Highland Park, Michigan RADCLIFFE BERWICK FULTON . ... LL.B. Lansing, Michigan Phi Alpha Delta; Delta Sigma Rho; Varsity Debate. ALFRED CHARLES FUNKE PHILIP JONAS FUNKE Detroit, Michigan Detroit, Michigan ALICE MAGDELINE FURLONG Newaygo, Michigan Vice-President Student Council (3). HUGH M. GALBRAITH . Alpha Tau Omega. Webberville, Michigan A.B. B.S. in A. R.N. M.D. - g- fflf GEORGE JACKSON GALE Phi Delta Theta. Nashville, Tennessee EDWARD ELLSWORTH GAMPHER Elkhart, Indiana Delta Sigma Phi. WILMA V. GANZ . Alpha Epsilon Phi. Weehawken, New Jersey LENORE DOUVILLE GARDNER Ann Arbor, Michigan Chi Omega. LL.B. A.B. B.A. A.B. MARGARET NANCY GARDNER . . . A.B. in Ed. Os coda, Michigan M. WILSON GASPER . . M.D. and B.S. Geneva, New York Sigma Chi; Theta Kappa Psi; Galens; Class Treasurer (2)- D. C. GATES Ann Arbor, Michigan Tau Kappa Epsilon; Adelphi. A.B. MAXINE ELIZABETH GEDDES . . . A.B. Shreveport, Louisiana Chi Omega; Freshman Glee Ctub; Junior Girls ' Play. HERSCH ABRAHAM GEISER New York, New York ABRAHAM GERMANSKY Paterson, New Jersey HARRY LEWIS GERVAIS Detroit, Michigan Sigma Delta Kappa; Delta Sigma Rho. A.B. LL.B. A.B. D.D.S. EDWARD C. GIFFORD Coldwater, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Mu; Kappa Kappa Psi; Dental Society; Varsity Band (2, 3, 4). WILLIAM BLISS GILES . . . . LL.B. Bliss field, Michigan Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Law Review; Druids; Baseball (2, 3, 4); Western Conference Medal (4); Athletic Scholarship Prize (4). JAMES TOTMAN GILLESPIE . . . B.S. in Ed. Erie, Pennsylvania Pi Kappa Phi. a 2 $! r- c S g fe c MARQUITA M. GILLET Kappa Phi. Ann Arbor, Michigan VIRGINIA ROBERTSON GILLETTE . Battle Creek, Michigan Delta Zeta. HENRY A. GIRARDIN Dental Society. MYER GIVELBER Ann Arbor, Michigan Cleveland, Ohio A.B. in Ed. A.B. in Ed. D.D.S. A.B. A.B. FREDERIC SAMUEL GLOVER, JR. Grosse lie, Michigan Chi Psi; Phi Beta Kappa; Michigamua; Sphinx; Michi- ganensian (2, 3); Golf Team (2, 3), Captain (4); Student Council (4); Board in Control of Student Publications (4)- NATHAN ARTHUR GLUCKMAN Brooklyn, New York LL.B. B.S. EDWIN NEWELL GODDARD .... Kalamazoo, Michigan Tau Kappa Epsilon; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Freshman Football (i), Reserves (2); Glee Club (3, 4). GEORGE EUGENE GOLDBERG ...... A.B. Chicago, Illinois Tau Delta Phi; Gargoyle (i); Michigan Union Opera (i). STUART JACOB GOLDBERG . Buffalo, New York Zeta Beta Tau. BENJAMIN JOSEPH GOLDMAN Toledo, Ohio BERNARD LEONARD GOLDMAN . . ' . Cleveland, Ohio Tau Epsilon Phi. JULIAN NATHAN GOLDMAN ... Buffalo, New York Fletcher Hall; Business Administration Club; Secretary Class (2, 3); Freshman Glee Club; Intramural Dept. (i, 2, 3, 4), Manager (4). JOSEPH D. GOLDSMITH .... Detroit, Michigan Sigma Alpha Mu; Tennis (2, 4). LL.B. LL.B. A.B. A.B. EPHRAIM Roos GOMBERG Delta Sigma Rho. Duluth, Minnesota A.B. A.B. Page 06 $ - sg - RALPH W. GOODALL ..... . LL.B. Dearborn, Michigan Pi Kappa Phi; Gamma Eta Gamma; Adelphi House of Representatives. MARGUERITE JULIA GOODMAN Schnectady, New York Sigma Delta Phi; Masques; Comedy Club. NORMA GOODMAN Alpha Epsilon Phi. Jersey City, New Jersey ELIZABETH CLARA GOODRICH Bowling Green, Florida JOHN EMERY GOODRICH .... Ann Arbor, Michigan American Society of Civil Engineers; Donovan Scholar. EMMA LOUISE GOODWILLIE . Ann Arbor, Michigan Zeta Tau Alpha; Michiganensian (3). A.B. A.B. . R.N. B.S. in C.E. HARRY S. GORELICK Detroit, Michigan A.B. A.B. JOHN ELLIS GORMLEY . . . B.S. in C.E. Carthage, New York American Society of Civil Engineers. ALICE MARGARET GOUDY ...... A.B. Avenmore, Pennsylvania Sigma Kappa; Athena (i), Treasurer (2); Board of Representatives Women ' s League; Finance Committee (2, 3)- HUBERT WILLIAM GOULDTHORPE . . B.S. in M.E. Waterport, New York Kappa Delta Rho; Tau Beta Pi; Michigan Technic. LAWRENCE A. GRAF Jackson, Michigan ESTHER HILLIAR GRAHAM Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta; Junior Girls ' Play. B.S. in A. A.B. LUCILE GRAHAM . . . ... B.M. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Omicron; Symphonic League, President; Bulletin; Matinee Musicale. MAJESSA MELVINA GRAHAM . . A.B. in Ed. Detroil, Michigan Page 07 ?F- x $ - Zr3!fc _ , p I WILLIAM FRANKLIN GRAHAM .... A.B. Detroit, Michigan Phi Kappa Psi; Blue Key; Sphinx; Michigamua; Michi- ganensian (2, 3, 4); Assistant Manager Basketball; Treasurer Interfraternity Council; Business Manager Michiganensian (4). ANN GRANDY Detroit, Michigan ANTON FRANK GRASSL .... Menominee, Michigan NELLE R. GRATTON . . . Detroit, Michigan Alpha Omicron Pi; Athena (3, 4); Sociology Club (4); Board of Representatives Woman ' s League (3); Treasurer Athena (4); Make-Up Committee Junior Girls ' Play (3). A.B. A.B. A.B. WILLIAM HEAD GRAY Alpha Tau Omega. EDITH MAY GREEN Palmyra, Missouri Dundee, Michigan HOWARD B. GREEN .... Saginaw, Michigan Dental Society; Craftsman Club. MANNING SAMUEL GREEN Detroit, Michigan MARGARET HELEN GREENE Birmingham, Michigan University Girls ' Glee Club. MARIAN ELEANOR GREENE WALTER C. GREENE Delta Sigma Phi. MARY GREENSHIELDS . Alpha Omicron Pi. Painesville, Ohio Goshen, Indiana Romeo, Michigan . A.B. . R.N. . D.D.S. . A.B. A.B. in Ed. . A.B. . A.B. A.B. in Ed. B.S. in E. CHESTER ANDREW GREILING Detroit, Michigan Triangle; Web and Flange; Wrestling (3, 4); Vice- President Engineering Class. EDWARD WILLIAM GRIERSON Men ' s Educational Club (i). Calumet, Michigan A.B. in Ed. 15 21 fc g MARGARET MARY GRIEVE .... Chicago, Illinois Theta Phi Alpha; Junior Girls ' Play. A.B. in Ed- A.B. CATHERINE SIGMAN GRIFFITHS Detroit, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Summer Daily; Junior Girls ' Play; Junior Girls ' Play Committee; Press Club; Republican Club; Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; University Girls ' Glee Club. CATHERINE E. GRINDLEY Pi Beta Phi. W. EVERETT GRINNELL Detroit, Michigan Detroit, Michigan . A.B. . A.B. A.B. in Ed. LUCILLE G. GROFF Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Delta Delta; Pi Lambda Theta; Junior Girls ' Play. MARY Lois GUDAKUNST . . . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Chi Omega; Sigma Delta Phi; Comedy Club; Masques; Junior Girls ' Play. ELWOOD D. GUERNSEY . . . B.S. in E.E. Ogden, Utah Triangles; Tau Beta Pi; Union Opera (2). EDWIN GUEST . Lawyers ' Club. Detroit, Michigan JAMES McCLURG GUFFEY McKeesport, Pennsylvania WILLIAM FINNEY GUFFEY . McKeesport, Pennsylv ania GERTRUDE BALMER GULICK . Danville, Pennsylvania Pi Beta Phi; Hockey (2). PHYLLIS MARIE GULICK Pontiac, Michigan HENRIETTE MARIE GUNDLOCH Houghton, Michigan . LL.B. . A.B. . A.B. A.B. in Ed. A.B. in Ed. . A.B. A.B. EUGENE HENRI GUTEKUNST Gotvanda, New York Delta Sigma Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; Michigan Daily (i, 2, 3), Chairman Editorial Board, Summer Daily (3), Editor Athletic Program (2); Chimes (4); President Student Press Club; Class Committee (2, 3). Page oo j - " caggS - S? o B.RsSfc3$ MAC M. GUTTMAN A.B. Omaha, Nebraska Tau Delta Phi; Michigan Daily Business (Manager) (i); Gargoyle Business (Manager) (2); Service Manager (3); Freshman Glee Club. ERWIN HERMAN HAASS OTTO ERWIN H AASS . ARNOLD WILLIAM HACKFIELD Alpha Chi Rho. HELEN HADLEY Education Club. DOROTHY MARGARET HAGEN Sigma Kappa. HARRY H. HAIGHT Detroit, Michigan Detroit, Michigan Welcome, Texas Richmond, Indiana Detroit, Michigan LL.B. LL.B. M.D. A.B. in Ed. B.A. M.D. Crystal Falls, Michigan Chi Phi; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Galens; Medical Student Council (4). ESTHER R. HAKE EUGENE B. HALL HERBERT ALLEN HALL . Phi Delta Theta. Iowa City, Iowa Adrian, Michigan Lansing, Michigan LAWRENCE HINMAN HALL . Buchanan, Michigan Delta Alpha Epsilon. B.S. in Ed. B.S. in M.E. . A.B. M.D. ROBERT LEICESTER HALL ..... B.S. in M.E. Lowell, Massachusetts Phi Gamma Delta; Glee Club (2, 3, 4). CHARLOTTE E. HALLER ..... A.B. Calumet, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta; Freshman Social Committee; Sociology Club Vice-President (3, 4). BENJAMIN VANCE HALSTEAD . . LL.B. Petoskey, Michigan Gamma Eta Gamma; Chairman Advisory Committee (2); Chairman Crease Paper Committee. Page too - -- z -fr JOHN MAC HARG HALSTED . . A.B. Evanston, Illinois Phi Kappa Psi; Michigamua; Gargoyle (i, 2, 3, 4); Swim- ming (2, 3, 4). WILLIAM EMERSON HAMAKER Canton, Ohio Phi Mu Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta; Daily (i). MARINUS H. HAMELINK Holland, Michigan A.B. M.D. MRS. BEATRICE W. HAMILTON . . . A.B. in ' Ed. Detroit, Michigan President Sociology Club; Vice-President Michigan Dames. J. TEDFORD HAMMOND Lawyers Club. HAZEL MARION HANAN KENNETH ROY HANKS . Sigma Phi Epsilon. EDNA RUTH HANLEY . Detroit, Michigan Detroit, Michigan Aurora, Illinois Bluff ton, Ohio HARVEY CARL HANSEN Battle Creek, Michigan Phi Rho Sigma; Football Reserves (2). HJALMAR SEVERIN HANSEN Moline, Illinois Theta Kappa Nu; Phi Beta Kappa. JOHN H. HANSEN Menominee, Michigan Tau Beta Pi; American Society of Civil Engineers; Web and Flange; Society of American Military Engineers. LL.B. A.B. in Ed. A.B. A.B. M.D. LL.B. B.S. in C.E. KOMURIA HARDEN Omega Psi Phi. Detroit, Michigan A.B. GERTRUDE ALICE HARDENBURGH . Iromvood, Michigan JOHN ROZELLE HARDER A.B. A.B. Delta Tau Delta. Escanaba, Michigan Page ioj ----- s -! - c Sf s BUREN JESSE HARDIN .... Ann Arbor, Michigan Business Administration Club. ARTHUR LEONIDAS HARDING MARY LEAH HARDING PAGELS HARDY Fayetteville, Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas Detroit, Michigan A.B. LL.B. LL.B. LL.B. RUSSELL FERRIDAN HARDY . B.S. in M.E. M.S. in Aero. Eng. Ypsilanti, Michigan American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Vice-Presi- dent (4), President (5); Society of Automotive Engi- neers; Aeronautical Society; Engineering Council; Choral Union. BEULAH B. HARGER Kappa Delta. Iron River, Michigan JOSEPH SANBORN HARLEY Detroit, Michigan Sigma Phi Epsilon. B.S. A.B. FRED L. HARLOCKER ....... LL.B. Coquille, Oregon Gamma Eta Gamma; Barristers; Michigan Law Review; President Senior Law Class. FREDERICK RICHARD HARPER .... M.D. Helena, Montana Sigma Chi; Phi Rho Sigma; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Sigma; Delta Sigma Rho. RALPH V. HARR Munith, Michigan ROBERT HENRY HARRIDGE Park Ridge, Illinois LUCILE FLORENCE HARRIGAN Grand Rapids, Michigan La Sociedad Hispanica (3); Junior Girls ' Play. . M.D. B.S. in E.E. A.B. B.S. in E. CLARKE EDWIN HARRIS Royal Oak, Michigan Sigma Pi; Web and Flange; Michigan Technic; Michigan Chimes; Class Baseball (i); Class Track (i); Press Club. NELSON HERBERT HARRIS . . . A.M. in Ed. Richmond, Virginia Omega Psi Phi; Negro-Caucasian Club. PC [ - 2 JOHN JULIAN HARRISON Napoleon, Ohio Delta Chi; Baseball (i, 2); Golf Squad (3). WILLIAM BROWN HARTMAN St. Clair, Michigan Sigma Delta Kappa; Barristers. FRANCIS MINTON HARTZ Phi Beta Pi; Galens. AARON HENRY HASKIN Evansville, Indian? Newark, New Jersey FREEMAN WESTLY HASKINS Mernweather, Michigan Lawyers ' Club. A.B. LL.B. M.D. M.D. LL.B. ELIZABETH ETHEL HASTINGS . . A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Delta Delta. ROBERT ERNEST HASTINGS ...... M.D- Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Rho Sigma; Phi Sigma; Golf, (i, 2); Varsity Golf Champion (2, 3). CHARLES EVERETT HATCH . . . B.S. in C.E. Flint, Michigan FRANCES LOUISE HATCH ..... A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alumnae House; Women ' s Educational Club, Treasurer. EDWARD S. HATCHADOWIAN Detroit, Michigan Dental Society. JOSEPHINE SPENCER HAWES .... Jackson, Michigan ROY E. HAWKINSON .... South Bend, Indiana Psi Omega; Dental Society. JOHN W. HAY, JR. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Rock Springs, Wyoming WILLIAM ABBOTT HAYES . . , Springfield, Massachusetts Sigma Chi. D.D.S. A.B. D.D.S. A.B. A.B. Page 103 7r-- fe HARRY RUSSEL HAYNIE Delta Tau Delta. HELEN HORTENSE HAYS Chicago, Illinois A.B. . B.M. in Ed. Tulsa, Oklahoma Mu Phi Epsilon; Board of Symphonic League; Univer- sity Symphony Orchestra. LEAH STEVENS HAZARD ..... A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Pi Lambda Theta; Junior Girls ' Play; Point System Committee of Woman ' s League. JACK BURT HAZLE Scalp and Blade. FORREST A. HEATH Lackawanna, New York B.S. in M.E. A.B. St. Clair, Michigan Beta Theta Pi; Michiganensian (i, 2, 3); Organizations Mgr. (3); Board in Control of Student Publications; Comedy Club (3, 4); Union Opera (2, 3, 4); Players Club (i, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President; Union Underclass Committee (3, 4). MIGNON BOWER HECKER Kappa Phi. Poplar Bluff, Missouri ETHEL DERESSA HEDRICK . Ypsilanti, Michigan Pi Lambda Theta. PAUL ORLANDO HEERING .... Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi; Comedy Club (3, 4). KARL P. HEIDEMAN .... Calumet, Michigan Phi Mu Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta. Detroit, Michigan WILLIAM STEPHENS HEIGHO Beta Theta Pi. HENRY HEIMAN .... Lockport, New York Xi Psi Phi; Dental Society. ELIZABETH DAGMAR HEIMONEN Marquette, Michigan WILBUR AUGUST HEINZ Dayton, Ohio Tennis (i); Orchestra (i); Glee Club (3). HAZEL JULIA HEMES " Scalpel " Staff. Escanaba, Michigan A.B. in Ed. A.B. in Ed. . A.B. . LL.B. . A.B. . D.D.S. . R.N. . A.B. R.N. ftWl ZMV f . ff ,, t % S%$g i% = 3!$$ - - c g gW OC NEWTON A. HENDERSON ... . B.S. in C.E. Kalamazoo, Michigan JOHN A. HENKEL Dental Society. HELEN JUANITA HENNEFORD Couzen ' s Hall. Greenville, Michigan Bluffton, Indiana MALCOLM HARLAND HENRY Detroit, Michigan ALBERT HENWOOD Educational Club. Detroit, Michigan D.D.S. R.N. B.S. A.B. in Ed. ELAINE MARIE HERBERT .... A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Zeta; Sociology Club; Women ' s Educational Club: Y. W. C. A. MERIAM CLA HERRICK Delta Upsilon. Cleveland, Ohio ANNA MARIE KOENEN HERRMA NN Mount Fernon, New York WILLIAM HENRY HERRNSTEIN A.B. B.S. . . . B.S. in Aero Eng. Chillicothe, Ohio Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Triangles; Vulcans; Tau Beta Pi; Football (i, 2, 3); Track (i, 2). WILLIAM ANDREW HESSE Saginaw, Michigan GEORGE WELBORN HESTON Phi Kappa Sigma. RAY STANLEY HEYM . Evansville, Indiana Detroit, Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi; Reserve Football (2). A.B. A.B. B.S. in C.E. HENRY ALLYN HICKS, JR. . ... Denver, Colorado Beta Theta Pi; Phi Alpha Delta; Crease Dance Com- mittee (3). LL.B. RALPH COMSTOCK HICKS . . . B.S. in C.E. Ironu ' ood, Michigan Pagt 105 P-- J r$fc+ ? ' STUART F. HICKS Detroit, Michigan American Society of Civil Engineers. RALPH WILMARTH HIGBIE Theta Xi; Tau Beta Pi. Ann Arbor, Michigan CARROLL M. HIGHSTRETE .... Grand Rapids, Michigan American Society of Mechanical Engineers. B.S. in C.E. B.S. in C.E. B.S. in M.E. ELMER AUGUST HILBURGER . . B.S. in C.E. Buffalo, New York Tau Beta Pi; American Society of Civil Engineers; Web and Flange; Scalp and Blade; Society American Military Engineers; Senior Athletic Committee. ERNEST GOTTHOLD HILDNER, JR. Houghton, Michigan Alpha Delta Phi; Class Treasurer (4). A.B. in Ed. FREDERICK E. HILL, JR. ...... A.B. Hastings, Michigan Beta Theta Pi; Sphinx; Druids; Blue Key; Gargoyle (2, i, 4); Mimes (4); Opera (2, 3, 4). GEORGE HINEMAN ..... B.S. in E. Bryan, Ohio Aeronautical Society, President; Secretary-Treasurer, Engineering Council. MARTHA FLORINE HINKLE Detroit, Michigan R.N. GWENDOLYN HINTERMAN . . Dental Hygiene Ann Arbor, Michigan HELEN LORRAINE HINTERMAN Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Phi. A.B. A.B. ALICE CARSTENS HIRSCHMAN Detroit, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis; Players ' Club; Junior Girls ' Play; National Student Federation of America Committee. RUTH CARSTENS HIRSCHMAN .... A.B. Detroit, Michigan Helen Newberry Residence; Mortarboard; Treasurer Senior Society; Junior Girls ' Play; Chairman Women ' s League Bazaar (4). PAUL STANLEY HIRT Richmond, Michigan Sigma Phi Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade. CLIFFORD R. HISLER . Homer, Michigan American Society of Civil Engineers. LL.B. B.S. in C.E. Page 106 ft - s3$ Z-ie g%j r $f WILLIAM MARVIN HOAD ... . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Upsilon. LEMUEL DAVID HOADLEY . . B.S. in E.E. Naugatuck, Connecticut Triangles; American Society of Civil Engineers (3, 4); Web and Flange (4). VIRGINIA ELAINE HOBBS . .... B.M. Detroit, Michigan Delta Delta Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota; Girls ' Glee Club; Choral Union. EDMOND H. HOBEN . . . B.S. in A. Kalamazoo, Michigan Kappa Delta Rho; Players ' Club (2, 3, 4), President (4); Varsity Band (i). MARGARET PATRICIA HODGSON .... A.B. in Ed. Duluth, Minnesota Theta Phi Alpha; Athena (2, 3, 4); Leadership Com- mission (2); Women ' s Varsity Debating Team (4). ROY V. HODGSON ... . B.S. in Eng. Duluth, Minnesota Phi Kappa; Wolverine Outing Club; Michigan Technic (l, 2). EDWARD DAVID HOEDEMAKER . ... B.S. Charlotte, Michigan Alpha Kappa Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Daily (i, 2); Varsity Band (2, 3, 4, 5). HERMAN HOEK ..... Grand Rapids, Michigan Sigma Alpha Epsilon. EDWIN SANFORD HOFFMAN, JR. . Detroit, Michigan B. LOUISE HOFMANN .... Cheyenne, Wyoming Spanish Society; Riding Club. A.B. A.B. A.B. MARGARET SINCLAIR HOLDERMAN . . . A.B. in Ed. Port Huron, Michigan University Symphony (4); Y. W. C. A. (4). FRANCIS JOSEPH HOLLAND Grand Rapids, Michigan KEITH MEAD HOLLEY Highland Park, Michigan LL.B. A.B. in Ed. A.B. ALAN WENDELL HOLMES .... Fort Myers, Florida Delta Chi; Michiganensian (2, 3); Directory (2, 3). Page 107 B - - gfe 06 ) ' ' ? C. TYLER HOLMES . ... D.D.S. Flint, Michigan Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Sigma Delta; Dental Society. ALFRED HOLZMAN ...... New York, New York Kappa Nu; Dental Society. ELLBERTA IRENE HOOD Brooklyn, Michigan Couzen ' s Hall; Choral Union. (3) ALBERT WEBSTER HOOPER Ann Arbor, Michigan RALEIGH GREY HOOVER Michigan Daily (4). THEODORE HORNBERGER Detroit, Michigan D.D.S. R.N. A.B. A.B. . B.S. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Delta Kappa; Quadrangle; Michigamua; Sphinx. CHARLES MILLER HORTH ..... LL.B. Shelton, Nebraska Gamma Eta Gamma; Scabbard and Blade; Barristers. CLARENCE CARL HOSTRUP ...... A.B. Clinton, Iowa Acacia; Kappa Kappa Psi; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Varsity Band (3). CLARENCE WEBSTER HOUCK .... Ph.C. Defiance, Ohio Prescott Club; Chairman Publicity Committee, J-Hop. GERALD A. HOWARD . ... B.S. in E.E. Moore Park, Michigan A. I. E. E.; University Symphony Orchestra (3, 4). WILLIAM MARCELLUS HOWARD . Youngstown, Ohio Omega Psi Phi. EDGAR COWGILL HOWBERT .... Colorado Springs, Colorado Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review. LL.B. LL.B. Ph.C. JOHN JOSEPH HOWBRIDGE .... Fort Wayne, Indiana Phi Delta Chi; Prescott Club (3); Round-Up Club. MARGARET SANDBERG HOWBRIDGE Manistique, Michigan Kappa Delta; Michigan Daily (2, 3); Social Service (3). A.B. Page 108 - - 7r- $f WALTER CARL HOWE M.B.A. Detroit, Michigan Varsity Glee Club (2, 4); Business Administration Club (4)- HENRIETTA HELEN HOWSER . . A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Portia (3, 4); Varsity Debate Team (4); Baptist Guild. LOUELLA ANN HOYT Ann Arbor, Michigan KATHERINE E. HUBBARD Mount Clemens, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta. LEON HOWARD HUBBARD Omega Psi Phi. Detroit, Michigan A.B. in Ed. A.B. LL.B. MARGARET ADELAIDE HUDSON . . . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Kappa Gamma; Junior Girls ' Play. HERBERT B. HUEHL . Dental Society. DANIEL ALLISON HUFF Detroit, Michigan D.D.S. A.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Upsilon; Track (2, 3, 4); Glee Club (3, 4) Comedy Club (3, 4); Union Opera (3, 4), Deputation Work. EMILY MARGARET HULBERT Detroit, Michigan Cosmopolitan Club; Negro Caucasian Club. A.B. GEORGE LAFAYETTE HULL . . . M.B.A. Toledo, Ohio Phi Beta Kappa; Business Administration Club (5). JOHN WARREN HULL . ..... A.B. Lansing, Michigan Sigma Pi; Student Press Club; Senior Invitation Com- mittee. LUENNA HULL . A.B. in Ed. Norwalk, Ohio La Sociedad Hispanica (4); Board of Representatives (4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). SARAH HUME Alpha Phi. Muskegon, Michigan CHARLES MARK HUMPHREY, JR. Ironwood, Michigan Chi Phi; Alpha Delta Sigma; Gargoyle (i, 2). A.B. A.B. Page 100 3yjt - A. LOUISE HUMPHREYS . ... A.B. Fan Wen, Ohio Kappa Kappa Gamma; Wyvern; Pi Lambda Theta; Mortarboard; Michiganensian (2, 3); Chairman Point System (4); Board of Directors Women ' s League; Glee Club (2); Junior Girls ' Play. DAN C. HUNGERFORD Theta Kappa Nu. Corning, New York B.S. in M.E. A.B. FLORENCE ELEANOR HUNT . Kalamazoo, Michigan Kappa Delta; Le Cercle Francais (3, 4); Junior Girls ' Play. KEITH MAXWELL HUNTER Theta Kappa Nu. Fermontville, Michigan LE ROY CLYDE HURLBUT Fillmore, New York SYED FAKHRUDDIN HUSAIN-KHAN Baroda, Hindustan Hindustan Club; Cosmopolitan Club. . A.B. . A.B. B.S. in Med. M.B.A. HUGO R. HUSTAD . Iron Mountain, Michigan Business Administration Club; Choral Union (3); Var- sity Debate (3). LLOYD HUSTON ...... Detroit, Michigan Pi Beta Phi; French Club; Girls ' Glee Club. CHAUNCEY SANBORN HUTCHINS Pontiac, Michigan Kappa Sigma. JOHN HUNTINGTON HUTTON .... Highland Park, Michigan STANHOPE PIER HUYCK Clio, Michigan LA VERN FRANCIS HYDE ... North Tonawanda, New York Phi Kappa Tau. LAWRENCE CHARLES HYMAN Kansas City, Missouri Phi Epsilon Pi; Michigan Daily Summer (4). IONA PEARL IDDINGS Angola, Indiana Board of Representatives Women ' s League; Cosmopoli- tan Club (4); Girls ' Rifle Team (3); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (4); Kappa Phi (3), Treasurer (4). A.B. A.B. M.D. M.D. A.B. A.B. A.B. Page no - IB $ 3!fe+ JSL CARLYLE PHILIP IMERMAN . . ' . B.S. in M.D. Detroit, Michigan Phi Epsilon Pi. JOHONNES PETRUS IMMELMAN D.D.S. Paarl, South Africa KATHERINE YEREX IMMELMAN . ... A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan CARRIE INGERSOLL . . Dental Hygiene Ann Arbor, Michigan JAMES MUNRO INNES Hermitage. Kansas City, Missouri A.B. HAIG PARNAG ISKENDERIAN . . B.S. in E.E. New York, New York Cross Country Team; Track; " M " Club; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. BARNEY BENJAMIN ISRAEL Phi Lambda Kappa. JOSEPH THOMAS IVES Beta Theta Pi. Detroit, Michigan Delphi, Indiana M.D. LL.B. CARL STEWART JAEHNIG . ... B.S. in Eng. Grand Rapids, Michigan American Institute of Electrical Engineers. ETHEL JAMES EDWARD F. JANKOSKI ROBERT V. JAROS Detroit, Michigan Lak ' e City, Michigan Chicago, Illinois Dental Hygiene A.B. A.B. LINDEN B. JENKINS A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan ALBERTA BOWMAN JENKINS Ann Arbor, Michigan M.A. Page III - t $fc X WESLEY ORVILLE JENNINGS Hartford, Michigan EDNA SOPHIE JENSEN President of Senior Nurses. Grant, Michigan PAULINE JOAN JENSEN Muskegon, Michigan M.D. B.S., R.N. A.B. HELEN ELIZABETH JESSOP .... . A.B- York, Pennsylvania Portia (4). HELEN MAR JEWETT . White Pigeon, Michigan R.N. WILLIAM E. JEWETT III ... . A.B. Adrian, Michigan Phi Beta Pi. MANUEL JIMENEZ Ag uadilla, Porto Rico B.S. MARIA MERCEDE JIMENEZ . ... B.S. in Ed. Aguadilla, Porto Rico FRANK MYRON JOBES . . B.S. in M.E. Ocean Beach, California ARTHUR F. JOHNSON . . ... . . B.S. in M.E. Marquette, Michigan American Society of Mechanical Engineers. CHARLES H. JOHNSON .... B.S. in M.E. Painted Post, New York Theta Kappa Nu. CHESTER WILLIAM JOHNSON . Minneapolis, Minnesota Union Opera (i); Henry Strong Scholarship. A.B. ELLEN IDA JOHNSON .... A.B. in Ed. South Bend, Indiana Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Women ' s Education Club, President (4); Junior Girls ' Play. EVLYNE I. JOHNSON ...... B.S. in Ed. Reed City, Michigan V. W. C. A. Leadership Commission; Choral Union; Junior Girls ' Play; W. A. A.; Basketball (2, 3); Baseball (3)- Page 112 - r- C fe x. FRANCIS C. JOHNSON . . B.S. in M.E. McKeesport, Pennsylvania GEORGE BROOKS JOHNSON . B.S. in C.E. Albany, Georgia Tau Kappa Alpha; Sigma Pi Sigma; Iota Gamma Pi; Kappa Phi Sigma. GEORGE COLWELL JOHNSON ...... A.B. Detroit, Michigan Theta Chi. HAROLD EUGENE JOHNSON Detroit, Michigan . A.B. A.B. in ' Ed. HELEN LEONE JOHNSON .... Moline, Illinois Women ' s Educational Club; Choral Union (3, 4); Kappa Phi; Intra-Mural Athletics (3). KATHRYN McLEAN JOHNSON . . . A.B. South Haven, Michigan LESTER F. JOHNSON .... . . LL.B. Greenville, Michigan Sigma Delta Kappa; Barristers; Class Treasurer (4); J-Hop Committee; President Michigan Union (6); Life Membership Committee (4, 5); House Department (4); General Chairman Underclass Department (5); Student Council (5). NORMAN LEWIS JOHNSON . ... B.S. Detroit, Michigan PHILIP RICHARD JOHNSON ...... A.B. Mount Pleasant, Michigan PHYLLIS JOHNSON ...... A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Newbeny Residence; Musical Committee, Junior Girls ' Play. RALPH RENALDER JOHNSON . . . B.S. in E.E. Keewatin, Minnesota ROY WILLIAM JOHNSON Kappa Delta Rho. SIDNEY ARTHUR JOHNSON Sigma Delta Kappa. La Porte, Indiana Quincy, Illinois DAVID WILLIAM JOHNSTON Taylorville, Illinois Delta Chi. A.B. A.B. A.B. $! r-- i v_ - o FAITH ELIZABETH JONES Worthington, Minnesota Delta Gamma. MABEL LOUISE JONES Detroit, Michigan ALEXANDER N. JOUKOVSKY Detroit, Michigan Cosmopolitan Club. HERMAN A. KABAKER Tau Delta Phi. HELEN MARK KAGAY Well-man, Iowa A.B. A.B. A.B. LL.B. A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Zeta Tau Alpha; La Sociedad Hispanica (i, 2, 3, 4); Junior Girls ' Play. BERTHOLD BERNARD KAHN Tau Delta Phi. LYDIA RUTH KAHN Detroit, Michigan A.B. A.B. Detroit, Michigan Betsy Barbour; Senior Society; W. A. A. Publicity Manager; Y. W. C. A. Membership Committee; Cos- mopolitan Club; Choral Union. RUTH KAHN . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Gamma; Wyvern; Michiganensian (2, 3, 4); Women ' s Business Manager; Players ' Club (3, 4); Masques (i, 2, 3, 4); President (4); Junior Girls ' Play. PAULINE J. KAISER . ... B.M. Edon, Ohio Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Iota; University Symphony Orchestra (i, 2, 3, 4); Faculty Quartet (3, 4); Symphonic League, President (3). IDA MAE KAMP . Girls ' Glee Club. EDITH CLARA KAPLAN HENNA L. KAPLAN Phi Sigma Sigma. Detroit, Michigan Cleveland, Ohio Chicago, Illinois A.B. in Ed. A.B. . A.B. LL.B. SIDNEY JOSEPH KARBEL .... Mount Clemens, Michigan Phi Beta Delta; Wrestling (i, 2), Captain (2); Michigan Law Review; Class Athletic Committee. MAURICE FRANKLE KARP Tau Epsilon Phi. Clifton, New Jersey A.B. Page 114 $ r 2 $ _ ' GRACE EMMA KARR HERMAN KASS THEODORE R. KATZ Defiance, Ohio Detroit, Michigan Marshall, Michigan HARRY CLARENCE KATZENMEYER Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Delta Theta; Treasurer Pennsylvania Club. GARRETT ERVIN KAUFFMAN Hermitage. ALETHIA E. KEATLEY Dowagiac, Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan ROBERT Y. KEEGAN . . . . Fort Wayne, Indiana Zeta Psi; Phi Delta Phi; Druids. CAMERON DOLSON KEIM Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Sigma Chi; Nu Sigma Nu. , CATHERINE DE BOER KELDER ..... South Haven, Michigan Kappa Kappa Gamma; Wyvern; University Girls ' Glee Club (2, 3); Chairman Undergraduate Campaign Fund (4); Women ' s League Bazaar Committee (2, 3); Junior Girls ' Play. KATHLEEN MARIE KELLEHER .... Ann Arbor, Michigan Theta Phi Alpha. R.N. A.B. A.B. A.B. A.B. A.B. A.B. M.D. A.B. A.B. MAE KELLER ........ A.B. Hastings, Michigan Pi Beta Phi; Wyvern; Michiganensian (2, 3, 4), Woman ' s Editor (4); Class Treasurer (3). JOHN ROBERT KELLEY .... B.S. in Arch. Richmond, Indiana ALBERT EDWARD KELLY Men ' s Educational Club. Highland, Michigan JOHN WILLARD KEMPER Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Rho Sigma; Delta Sigma Delta. A.B. in Ed. M.D. fl Pa gtlIS VJI -C - M -? $n CLYDE B. KENNEDY Detroit, Michigan A.B. ELIZABETH STUART KENNEDY .. A.B. Royal Oak, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Theta Sigma Phi; Michigan Daily (i, 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3); Republican Club; Chairman of Women (4). JOHN ALEXANDER KENNEDY Shreveport, Louisiana Sigma Nu; Gargoyle. A.B. A.B. HENRIETTA JANE KENT ..... Waynesburg, Pennsylvania Chi Omega. MARY KENT-MILLER .... . A.B. Hastings, England Alpha Omicron Pi; University Girls ' Glee Club (2, 3, 4), Business ManagerGlee Club (3), President Glee Club (4); Portia Literary (2, 3, 4), Treasurer (4); Le Cercle Francais (2, 3, 4); Cosmopolitan Club (2, 3); Choral Union (i, 2, 3, 4); Freshmen Girls ' Glee Club, President; Mum- mers Dramatic (2, 3, 4); Freshman Pageant Committee; Dance Committee Junior Girls ' Play. HAROLD W. KEOPKA Westfield, New York B.S. in M.E. LEONARD CLAYTON KERCHER Camden, Michigan Newport, Ohio Newport, Ohio DOROTHY LOUISE KERR HOWARD JAMES KERR University Rifle Team. VIRGINIA E. KERSEY . .... Muncie, Indiana Kappa Alpha Theta; Hockey Squad (i) ; President Fresh- man Girls ' Glee Club (i); Players ' Club; Junior Girls ' Play. A.B. R.N. M.D. A.B. WILLIAM THEW KESSEL Delta Sigma Pi. ELLA ANNETTE KETCHUM Saginaw, Michigan Valparaiso, Indiana A.B. R.N. A.B. MARY ELIZABETH KIBBEY . Ann Arbor, Michigan Chi Delta Phi (2, 3, 4); Treasurer of Chi Delta Phi (3), President (4); Junior Girls ' Play. ELEANOR JANE KIEL Grand Haven, Michigan A.B. ' 116 . A .. ! -- a SSr - $f MARION MARGARET KIELY Saginatv, Michigan Theta Phi Alpha; Basketball (i); Sociology Club. DAVID CHARLES KIMBALL Highland Park, Michigan Hermitage; Phi Rho Sigma. LAWRENCE V. KIMBRELL . Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Dental Society. EDITH KINDER RUTH JANE KINDER Grand Rapids, Michigan Grand Rapids, Michigan A.B. A.B. D.D.S. A.B. A.B. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN KING . . . B.S. in M.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Student Branch, American Society of Mechanical En- gineers (4) KENNETH MOFFAT KING Ann Arbor, Michigan Chimes (4); Mimes (3, 4); Comedy Club (3, 4). LAWRENCE S. KING . Delta Theta Phi. ROBERT WARNER KING Phi Beta Pi. Preston, Iowa St. Joseph, Michigan A.B. LL.B. A.B. C. BRYAN KINNEY ...... LL.B. South Lyon, Michigan SARAH JANE KIRCHER . Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. ARTHUR HOLCOMB KIRKPATRICK . . B.S. in E.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan HOWARD WILLIAM KIRSCHBAUM . . B.S. in Aero. Eng. Detroit, Michigan Aeronautical Society. MIRIAM FRANCES KIRSCHNER Alpha Epsilon Phi. Peebles, Ohio A.B. Page 117 A - e sR s -c ! ?sK%s)se I II jf Louis ROBERT KIRSHEMAN . . . B.S. in Ch.E. Hartford, Connecticut Kappa Delta Rho; Tau Beta Pi; Vulcans; American Institute of Chemical Engineers (i, 2, 3, 4), President (4); Engineering Council President (4); Michigan Tech- nic (2, 3, 4), Managing Editor (3, 4). GLADYS HELEN KITCHEN ..... R.N. Lyons, New York Exchange Editor Scalpel (2); Secretary Y. W. C. A. (2). HORACE M. KITSON Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. ANDREW WILLIAM KLEIN ...... A.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Upsilon; Druids; Assistant Mgr. Interscholastic. WALTER ALFRED KLEINERT .... Detroit, Michigan Sigma Phi Epsilon; Delta Theta Phi; Barristers. LL.B. EARL EDWIN KLEINSCHMIDT .... B.S. in Med. Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Delta Rho; S. C. A. Cabinet (2, 3). ROBERT M. KLEPINGER Les Voyageurs. JAMES FLOYD KLOCK Dayton, Ohio Alpha Kappa Lambda. Daytona Beach, Florida ELISABETH DAY KNAPP Grand Rapids, Michigan HARRY MILLIKEN KNAPP Alpha Kappa Lambda. LESTER KNIGHT Detroit, Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan PAUL WARREN KNISKERN Muskegon, Michigan Alpha Kappa Kappa; Phi Sigma; Gargoyle (2). B.S. in Forestry . A.B. . A.B. . ' A.B B.S. in E.E. . M.D. A.B. MARY-GRACE KNOBLOCK .... Detroit, Michigan Alpha Gamma Delta; University Girls ' Glee Club; Choral Union; Le Cercle Francais. HELEN N. KNOX Pi Lambda Theta. Portlan d, Michigan A.B. in Ed. Page 118 .ft X. OTTO CARL KOCH .. A.B. Grand Haven, Michigan Phi Mu Alpha; Varsity Quartet (2, 3, 4); President Glee Club (4); Solist (2, 3, 4); Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Michigan Opera (3); Comedy Club; Band Soloist (2, 3). FRANK E. KOEPEL . . . . D.D.S. Beacon Hill, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Dental Society; Class Treasurer (3). IDA KOFFMAN LILY KOIVISTO Detroit, Michigan Ishpeming, Michigan Toledo, Ohio HELEN MARY KOKE Alpha Epsilon Iota; Iota Sigma Pi. ROBERT BENEDICT KONWINSKI . Toledo, Ohio HERBERT PREBBLE KOPF .... Dayton, Ohio American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Dental Hygiene A.B. in Ed. . M.D. . LL.B. B.S. in E. A.B. BARNEY KOPLIN . . South Orange, New Jersey Phi Sigma Delta; Freshman Track; Varsity Track Squad (2, 3, 4); Freshman Football Varsity Football Squad (3, 4)- EUGENIA T. KOSINSKA . . . . Detroit, Michigan Cosmopolitan Club; Polonia Literary Circle. FREDERICK JAMES KOUNTZ Toledo, Ohio A.B. A.B. A.B. THOMAS V. KOYKKA . . . Ashtabula, Ohio Delta Sigma Rho; Quadrangle; Michigan Daily (1,2), Night Editor (3); Board in Control of Student Publica- tions (4); Oratorical Board (4); Varsity Debate Team (3)- CARL FREDERICK KRAATZ . ... A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Theta Chi; Freshman Football; Varsity Glee Club (2, 3); Comedy Club. Louis WILLIAM KRAMER . . . A.B. Cleveland Heights, Ohio Phi Beta Delta; Michigan Daily (i, 2); Michigan Union Life Committee. PHILIP N. KRASNE . . A.B. Council Bluffs, Iowa Phi Sigma Delta; Delta Sigma Rho; Varsity Debate (3); Northern Oratorical League Winner (2); Consti- tutional Oratorical Contest (3); Players ' Club (i, 2, 3); Mimes Opera Orchestra (3). Page no - gf - GRACE JUANITA KRATZ .... A.B. in Ed. Toledo, Ohio Martha Cook Building; Women ' s Educational Club; Kappa Phi; Intra-Mural Athletics (3, 4). MENTOR A. KRAUS . . .... A.B. Fort Wayne, Indiana Zeta Beta Tau; Chimes (i, 2); Opera Program Committee (2, 3)- J. WILLARD KRAUSE Iron wood, Michigan EARL DONALD KRICKBAUM .... Cleveland, Ohio Delta Upsilon; Tennis Captain (2). A.B. A.B. WALTER FREDERICK KRUSE . . . B.S. in E.E. Toledo, Ohio American Institute of Electrical Engineers. MARION ELIZABETH KUBIK . . ... A.B. Saginaw, Michigan Kappa Delta; Wyvern; Mortarboard; Theta Sigma Phi; Women ' s Editor, Michigan Daily (4); Staff (2, 3); Secre- tary, La Sociedad Hispanica (3), Vice-President (4). FRANKLIN CARL KUENZEL . Grand Rapids, Michigan Basketball. A.B. HERBERT KUENZEL .... . B.S. in E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Tau Beta Pi; Kappa Kappa Psi; Triangles; Alpha Epsi- lon Mu; Chairman of Class Day Committee (4); Class Committee (3); Symphony Orchestra (3, 4); Varsity Band (3, 4); Michigan Opera Orchestra (4). WALTER ALFRED KUENZEL . . B.S. in C.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Pi Kappa Alpha; Tau Beta Pi; Vulcans; American Society of Chemical Engineers; Triangles; Web and Flange; Basketball (2, 3); Assistant Recording Secretary, Michigan Union (3), Recording Secretary (4). CHARLES A. KUHLEMEIER Detroit, Michigan KARL HEWITT KUHN .... Detroit, Michigan Alpha Rho Chi; Glee Club; Opera. LEWIS FREDERICK KUMMER Butler, Pennsylvania MARJORIE RUTH KUNZE Beaverton, Michigan JOSEPH ANTHONY KURCZ . A.B. B.S. in A.E. . A.B. . A.B. B.S. Detroit, Michigan Page 120 ) ' V M ' OJ x ff - - 5 - C $f g VIRIGINIA KURTZ Delta Gamma. Jackson, Michigan GEORGE F. LA BOUR Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Kappa Sigma. HAROLD LACHMAN Detroit, Michigan A.B. LL.B. . A.B. B.S. inE. JAMES ALFRED LAFER . . Detroit, Michigan Delta Upsilon; Michigan Technic (i, 2); Circulation Manager (3). JOSEPH WINCY LAM Chinese Student Club. GEORGE G. LAMB Honolulu, Hawaii M.D. . B.S. in Ch.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Chi Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Triangles. RUTH H. LAMBERT ....... A.B. Detroit, Michigan Michiganensian Business Staff (3); Secretary, Portia (4); Masques. HARRY LINGNOM LAMM . . . B.S. in A. Canton, China JAMES VERLE LAMMY . Phi Mu Delta. Detroit, Michigan . M.D. A.B. WILLIAM CHRISTIAN LANGENAU Cleveland, Ohio Phi Delta Chi; Kappa Kappa Psi; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Varsity Band (2, 3, 4). SERENA BELLE LANING T-Square; Cosmopolitan Club. SAMUEL ERVIN LAPP Detroit, Michigan Buffalo, New York Delta Alpha Epsilon; Scalp and Blade. IRWIN LAPPIN . Alpha Omega; Dental Society. Detroit, Michigan A.B. A.B. D.D.S. A.B. HELEN MARTHA LARAWAY . Jackson, Michigan Delta Gamma; Sigma Alpha Iota; University Sym- phony Orchestra; Junior Girls ' Play. Page 121 $ -T $ ROBERTS BROWNING LARSON Duluth, Minnesota Chi Psi; Hockey (4). A.B. RUDOLPH E. LARSON ... . D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Dental Society; Class Vice-President (3); Vice-President Union (4). NORMAN PAUL LASCA Detroit, Michigan FLOYD HEATON LASHMET ... Manchester, Illinois Alpha Kappa Kappa; Phi Sigma; Junior Research Club; Track (2). HAROLD LASSER Newark, New Jersey Phi Sigma Delta; Track (2, 3, 4). HENRY TOWNSEND LATHROP . . . . " . Detroit, Michigan Delta Kappa Epsilon; Mimes; Opera (2, 3). E. DONALD LAURENCE Kappa Sigma. DOROTHY DIANA LAUVER Detroit, Michigan LL.B. M.D. A.B. A.B. A.B. . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Pi Beta Phi; Freshman Hockey; Junior Girls ' Play. JOSEPH DON LAWRENCE, JR. Ypsilanti, Michigan Sigma Delta Kappa; Opera (i). LL.B. LATHAM BARNUM LAWTON ... . M.D. Traverse City, Michigan Phi Chi. GLADYS R. LAX . . . A.B. Olean, New York Alpha Epsilon Phi; Freshman Pageant; Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Junior Girls ' Play; Black Quill (2); Pan- Hellenic Com. (2). CAROLYN GRACE LEE Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. A.B. CHARLES TODD LEE New York City, New York Delta Upsilon; Michiganensian (i, 2); Circulation Man- ager (3); Chimes Editorial Upper Staff (4); Student Direct- ory (2, 3), Circulation Manager (3); Le Cercle Fran- cais; La Sociedad Hispanica Treasurer (3), President (4). MARGERY KATHRYNE LEE A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Page 122 __ - S fS S S. R. LEE Wayne, Michigan Xi Psi Phi; Class Treasurer (4); Dental Society. W. E. LEE . Dental Society. FREDERIC C. LEECH Sigma Chi. Essex, Ontario, Canada Detroit, Michigan WILLIS RALPH LEENHOUTS Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi. FAY ATKINSON LEFEVRE .... Cleveland Heights, Ohio Phi Sigma Kappa; Opera (4). ALICE ELIZABETH LEHTINEN Peterborough, New Hampshire Phi Gamma Mu; Chi Delta Phi. D.D.S. D.D.S. A.B. LL.B. A.B. A.B. MARION ENACE LELAND ...... Detroit, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis; Sigma Delta Phi; Comedy Club; Players ' Club; Junior Girls ' Play Cast. A.B. B.S. KATHRYN MARY LE MIRE Escanaba, Michigan Theta Phi Alpha; Michiganensian (2); Senior Ball Com- mittee (4); Junior Girls ' Play; Le Cercle Francais. RICHARD WILLIAM LENSKE . . J.D. Jackson, Michigan Phi Alpha Delta; Barristers; Michigan Law Review. ANDREW ERVIN LEUENBERGER . D.D.S. Saginaw, Michigan Dental Society. PHILLIP LEVINE Detroit, Michigan CLARINE REBECCA LEVY Iron Mountain, Michigan Phi Sigma Sigma; Portia. . A.B. A.B. in Ed. HARRIET BROWN LEVY Highland Park, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Phi; Michiganensian (2); Michigan Daily (3); Hockey (i, 2); Basketball (i); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Choral Union; Junior Girls ' Play Committee; Freshman Pageant Committee. A.B. JACOB LEVY Youngstown, Ohio LL.B. x Page i$5gs v - y MARSHALL HERMAN LEVY ... . A.B. Fort Wayne, Indiana Phi Beta Kappa (3, 4); Scabbard and Blade (2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4); Chimes (i, 2); La Sociedad His- panica (l, 2, 3), Treasurer (4). THELMA LEWIS Mu Phi Epsilon. ABE LICHTBLAU Artist Diploma Voice Ravenna, Ohio Detroit, Michigan A.B. EDWIN FRANKLIN LIDDLE ..... B.S. in C.E. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Chi Sigma; Adelphi House of Representatives (2, 3)- WILLIAM EDWARD LIEPE Brooklyn, New York Theta Kappa Nu. PAUL FREDERICK LIENAU Sigma Nu. SAM LIFCHITZ Flint, Michigan B.S. in E. A.B. . B.S. in C.E. Detroit, Michigan Tau Beta Pi; Treasurer American Society of Civil Engineers (4) GEORGIA FRANCES LIGHTFOOT .... A.B. in Ed. Flint, Michigan Choral Union; Symphony Orchestra. GEORGE HERBERT LIKERT, JR. .... A.B. Omaha, Nebraska Track (2, 3, 4); President S. C. A. (4). EARL ROBERT LILLIE . . . . A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Reserve Football; President Senior Ed.; Craftsman; Educational Club. ELLEN RACHEL LINDEN ..... Ishpeming, Michigan EDWARD DALE LINE . . . . . . Detroit, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi; Sphinx; Vulcans; Basketball (2, 3). MARGARET ELEANOR LIFE Manistee, Michigan R.N. B.S. R.N. LlLEON LlPMAN Muskegon, Michigan Dental Hygiene Page 124 $ - 5 r - ALFRED CARL LIPPO LD . . . . A.B. in Ed. Escanaba, Michigan THERESA F. LOEB ..... A.B. in Ed. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania $ YOING H LOH Canton, China B.S. in M.E. GWENDOLEN MYRTLE LONG Washington, Iowa University Girls ' Glee Club (4). A.B. MARGARET E. LORD . ... A.B. in Ed. Ou ' osso, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Freshman Pageant; Pi Lambda Theta (3, 4); League Membership Drive (2); Lower Staff Michi- ganensian (3); Officer Masques (3); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3, 4); Masques (i, 2, 3, 4); Portia (i, 2, 3); Author Junior Girls ' Play (3). FREDERICK RICHARDSON Lcucn Alpena, Michigan EVELYN MARY LOVEJOY .... Perry, Michigan Business Manager " Scalpel " (2). . A.B. . R.N. B.S. in C.E. JOHN HENRY LOVETTE .... Saginatv, Michigan Acacia; Vulcans; Web and Flange; Triangles; Football (3, 4). CHESTER STERN LOWENDORF Phi Delta Epsilon. HSIAO ELIZABETH Lu Niles, Ohio Shantung, China BERNARD E. LUCK .... Ann Arbor, Michigan Psi Omega; Dental Society. M.D. . A.B. D.D.S. Ph.C. ALFRED C. LUDINGTON Edmesion, New York Phi Delta Chi; Prescott Club; Varsity Glee Club (3); Choral Union (i, 2). SAMUEL JESSE LUKENS Clearfield, Pennsylvania A.B. ANDREW LUNDTEIGEN, JR. . . B.S. in M.E. Kansas City, Missouri Secretary, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. -, x Page P - g r-- C fe fi TREVA BELLE LUNEKE Alumnae House. DuANE B. LURKINS Caledonia, Michigan Ypsilanti, Michigan Psi Omega; Dental Society; Class President (2). CLIFTON EARL LUTES Alpena, Michigan FREDERICK WILLIAMS LYONS ..... Youngstown, Ohio Sigma Chi; Gargoyle (i); Basketball (i); Tennis (i); Assistant Baseball Manager (2, 3); Interfraternity Coun- cil (4); Youngstown-Michigan Club (i, 2, 3, 4). A.B. in Ed. . D.D.S. A.B. in Ed. A.B. J. GAIL LYONS Sigma Zeta. Toledo, Ohio HELEN REECE MAC CALLUM Ann Arbor, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta; Wyvern. ALICE JOY MAC DONALD Kappa Alpha Theta. Detroit, Michigan MARIAN Ross MAC DONALD . . . . North East, Pennsylvania A.B. A.B. A.B. in Ed. A.B. MARY ELIZA MAC DONALD . . A.B. in Ed. Berwick, Pennsylvania Basketball (i, 2); Hockey (i, 3); Secretary and Treasurer Women ' s League of Voters; Athena; Intramural Athletic Board. WILLIAM H. R. MAC DONALD Hancock, Michigan WILLIAM CURTIS MAC DOUGALL Ann Arbor, Michigan Trigon; Phi Epsilon Kappa. FRANCES ISABEL MACK Highlan d Park, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Chi Delta Phi. THEODORE HERBERT MACK St. Johns, Michigan Phi Delta Theta. KENNETH HUGH MAC LEAN Cheboygan, Michigan LL.B. B.S. in Ed. A.B. A.B. B.S. in E.E. Page 126 ffi A ]EFFERV MAC MEEKIN . B.S. in M.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Ross EWING MAC NAUGHTON . . . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Theta Kappa Nu. MARY ANN MAC ROBERTS . . . . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A., Secretary (4); Univer- sity Girls ' Glee Club, Vice-President (4) ; Players ' Club (3, 4); Junior Girls ' Play. WALTER GRIERSON MADDOCK Detroit, Michigan Phi Chi; Alpha Omega Alpha. EDWARD MADIGAN- . Lawyers ' Club. RALPH EUGENE MADISON Lambda Chi Alpha. HENRY SCOTT MAENTZ Chicago, Illinois Denver, Colorado M.D. L.LB. B.S. in Ch.E. Allegan, Michigan Kappa Sigma; Class President (4); Junior Hop Com- mittee. A.B. A.B. DOROTHY JEAN MALCOMSON Detroit? Mich igan Delta Gamma; Sigma Alpha Iota; Wyvern; Michigan- ensian (2), Jr. Editor (3); Pan Hellenic (3); Vice-Presi- dent Junior Literary Class; Judiciary Council (3); Board of Directors (3); Chairman Bazaar Committee (2); Board of Representatives (3 4). NUR MUHAMMAD MALIK ... . M.D. Sayadwala, Punjab, India Vice-President Dist. 2 (4, 5); President Cosmopolitan Club (4, 5); President Hindustan Club (5), Secretary (3); National Geographic Society (3). FELIX PAUL MALINOWSKI Hamtramck, Michigan Dental Society. CARMINE MALIZIA Grand Rapids, Michigan MILTON FRED MALLENDER Birmingham, Michigan Sigma Nu; Sigma Delta Kappa. D.D.S. B.S. in E.E. A.B. ROBERT ASA MANCHESTER . . . LL.B. Canfield, Ohio Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Theta Phi; Barristers; Mimes; Varsity Glee Club (2); Opera (2, 3, 4). MARY CHARLOTTE MANGUS . . ... R.N. North Liberty, Indiana Class Treasurer (2). 21 -- Sr 9 jf f S) ?? iS ' -T n x r $ v ? MILDRED ALICE MANTELL . Galesburg, Michigan R.X. HOWARD M. MAPES ... . . D.D.S. Jackson, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Dental Society. MADELINE CONSTANCE MARGAH . . . A.B. Highland Park, Michigan Honor Council (2, 3); Junior Girls ' Play; Martha Cook Building. NELS VICTOR MARIN . . . A.B. Manistique, Michigan Phi Kappa Tau. PETER SINWAN MARK . . B.S. in M.E. Kwungtong, China FREDERIKA MARSTON . . B.S. in Ed. Chicago, Illinois Kappa Kappa Gamma; Physical Education Club; Hock- ey (2); Baseball (2); Vice-President Chi Delta Phi (4). ALFREDA MAY MARTIN Crystal Falls, Michigan Choral Union. ANN E. MARTIN Bay City, Michigan JAMES K. MARTIN .... Lancaster, Pennsylvania Phi Kappa Psi; Treasurer, Comedy Club. MARGARET MARTIN Sigma Kappa. Manheim, Pennsylvania B.M. A.B. in Ed. A.B. A.B. BESS E. MARTINDALE .... A.B. in Ed. Harbor Springs, Michigan SOLOMON CHARLES MARX KARL F. MAST . Trigon. THOMAS RUDOLPH MATHIAS Newark, New Jersey Angola, Indiana B.S. in A. A.B. B.S. in C.E. Helena, Montana Triangle; Web and Flange; Glee Club (i); Choral Union (3)- Page 128 - GEORGE SHIGERU MATSUI Honomu, Hawaii B.S. in M.E. A.B. FLORENCE ETHELYN MATTESON Muskegon, Michigan President Crop and Saddle Riding Club (3); Choral Union (2). JAMES HOYT MAXWELL ... . . Paw Paw, Michigan Nu Sigma Nu; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa. M.D. ALBERT MAYER, JR. ...... A.B. Cincinnati, Ohio Phi Sigma Delta; Swimming Team (2, 3, 4); Water Polo Team (3, 4); " M " Club; Student Committee on Athletic Affairs (2); Class Speedball (i, 2, 3, 4); Assist- ant Manager of Minor Sports (3). BONA OSBORNE MAYHEW .... Parkersburg, West Virginia Class President (2). KRUM MAZNEFF DuANE McADAM Battle Creek, Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan FLOYD EMERY MCCAFFREE Sioux Falls, South Dakota Track (2, 3, 4). RUTH JEANETTE McCANN .... Detroit, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Sigma Delta Phi; Glee Club; Mum- mers (1,2); Players ' Club (i, 2); Comedy Club (2, 3, 4); Masques (i, 2, 3, 4); Junior Girls ' Play. Ross CLAYTON MCCARDLE . West Chester, Pennsylvania Phi Sigma Kappa; Kappa Phi Kappa. . R.N. B.S. in Eng. . M.B.A. A.B. A.B. in Ed. A.B. FRANCES McCowEN . ... A.B. in Ed. Battle Creek, Michigan Cosmopolitan Club; Le Cercle Francais; Educational Club. MARY AGATHA McCRACKEN St. Johns, Michigan Helen Newberry Residence. A.B. in Ed- KATHLEEN McCuE Ann Arbor, Michigan Dental Hygiene M.D. GORDON JUDSON McCuRDY .... Muskegon, Michigan Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Omega Alpha. Page 120 s $f X :2 - V V? M Vs (yvk ys fig) GRACE HELEN McDoNALD Chi Omega; Portia. THOMAS HISLOP MCEACHERN Holly, Michigan Detroit, Michigan Phi Rho Sigma; Michigan Daily; Glee Club. GLENN DOUGLAS McGEOCH Detroit, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi. FORREST G. McGuiGAN Dearborn, Michigan Psi Omega; Dental Society. HERBERT TROXEL McHENRY Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Sigma Kappa. DONALD LEE MC!LHINY Pi Kappa Alpha. JOHN P. MC!NNES . Web and Flange. KENT CLYDE MC!NTYRE Grand Rapids, Michigan Toledo, Ohio A.B. M.D. A.B. D.D.S. A.B. A.B. B.S. in C.E. . B.S. in C.E. Detroit, Michigan Triangle; Web and Flange; Vulcans; Football (4); Treasurer (4). GEORGE JOHNSTON MCKNIGHT . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Alpha Epsilon; Daily Editorial (3); Michigan Union Opera (4). TRENT McMATH ...... LL.B. Indianapolis, Indiana Phi Gamma Delta; Barristers; W ' abash College, A.B. BETTY JEANNE McMuLLEN . A.B. Detroit, Michigan MARGARET A. McNALLY .... A.B. Saginaw, Michigan Kappa Delta; Mortarboard; Hockey (2, 3, 4); Basket- ball (2, 3); Baseball (2, 3); President W. A. A., Treasurer W. A. A.; Vice-President Mortarboard; Junior Girls ' Play; Chairman Lantern Night (3); Assistant Chairman Life Membership. COLIN CHRISTOPHER McRAE . M.D. Cass City, Michigan Nu Sigma Nu; Alpha Omega Alpha. GEORGE Y. MEADER . . . A.B. Kalamazoo, Michigan Choral Union (3); Michigan Band (3, 4). Page 130 $ $fc GEORGE EDGAR MEADS . . . D.D.S. Tecumseh, Michigan Psi Omega; Dental Society; Wrestling (2); President Class (4); Dental Council (5); Craftsman; Student Coun- cil (5). HOMER STEWART MEADS Tecumseh, Michigan SADIE H. MEADS Grand Rapids, Michigan A.B. A.B. MARGARET ELLEN MEANWELL . . A.B. in Ed. Ypsilanti, Michigan Theta Phi Alpha. C. MILTON MEEKS ... Grand Rapids, Michigan JOSEPHINE E. MEGARO A.B. A.B. Newark, New Jersey Martha Cook Building; Hockey (3, 4); Secretary Cir- colo Italiano (3); Pegasus (4); La Sociedad Hisp ' anica. HERBERT SURFACE MEKEEL Detroit, Michigan GREGORY WOODLIEF MELAVEN Chicago, Illinois Phi Kappa; Union Opera (2). LEWIS FRITZ MERKEL . Delta Sigma Pi. Cincinnati, Ohio A.B. A.B. A.B. LILIAN ANNA MERNER . A.B. Cedar Falls, Iowa Chi Omega; Michiganensian (i); Junior Girls ' Play (3). CHARLES E. MERRILL Woodhull, New York MYRON EASTERDAY MERRY Taylorville, Illinois Delta Chi. CHARLES A. MERTENS, JR. Alpha Nu. HARLOD JOHN MERTZ Delta Sigma Pi. Page 131 Erie, Pennsylvania Saginaw, Michigan LL.B. A.B. A.B. A.B. L EARL G. MEYER B.S. in A. Ann Arbor, Michigan Class President (3); Vice-President Arch. (4). LESLIE EVAN MEYER . . A.B. Oak Harbor, Ohio Sigma Pi; Gargoyle (i, 2); Senior Banquet Committee; Band (i, 2); Round-Up Club. MARION LOUISE MEYER . . . B.S. Saginaw, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Iota; Michigan Daily (2), Summer Daily (i, 2); Vice-President Freshman Medicine (3) ROYAL A. MEYERS ... ... A.B. Bantam, Connecticut Director, Ann Arbor Junior Symphony Orchestra (4). KENNETH A. MICHEL ..... B.S. in A. Gibsonburg, Ohio Delta Chi; Tau Sigma Delta; Student Council (4); Class Treasurer (4); J-Hop Committee (3); Michigan Union Opera (2); Class Secretary (2). LEWIS LANTZ MICHELSON ...... B.S. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Chi Rho; Michiganensian (2); Assistant Cross Country Manager (3). ONEY RICHARD MICKLOW Marquette, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Dental Society. D.D.S. JEROME BYRON M IKESELL ...... LL.B. Atzvood, Kansas Theta Kappa Nu; Delta Sigma Rho; Oratorical Board President (3); Kappa Phi Sigma; H. M. Campbell Award (2). JOHN PAUL MIKESELL Achilles, Kansas Lawyers ' Club; Class Secretary (4). A. LILLIAN MILLER Detroit, Michigan Kansas City, Missouri ALLEEN MATTOX MILLER Delta Gamma. CARL GUSTAVE MILLER .... Fort Wayne, Indiana Phi Chi; Alpha Omega Alpha; Galens. EDWIN CHARLES MILLER Nu Sigma Nu; Galens. FRED HEINS MILLER Phi Beta Pi; Phi Beta Kappa Detroit, Michigan Dayton, Ohio . LL.B. A.B. in Ed. . A.B. . M.D. . M.D. A.B. Page 132 V GENEVA KATHRYN MILLER ...... A.B. Marion, Ohio Junior Girls ' Play; Le Cercle Francais. JOSEPH C. MILLER, JR. .... B.S. in M.E. Marine City, Michigan Lambda Chi Alpha. MARJORIE MILLER . . ... A.B. Romeo, Michigan Alpha Omicron Pi; Wyvern; Mortarboard; Michigan- ensian Business Staff (2), Editorial Staff (3); Freshman Glee Club; University Girls ' Glee Club (2); Choral Union; Women ' s League Vice-President (4), Board of Directors (3, 4), Board of Representatives (4), Mummers (i, 2), Vice-President (3), President (4). MINERVA EDITH MILLER .... A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Gamma; Sigma Delta Phi; Mu Phi Epsilon; Wyvern; Mortarboard; Comedy Club; Masques; Players ' Club; Junior Girls ' Play. RAYMOND VINCENT MILLER .... B.S. in Ch.E. Richmond, Indiana Alpha Chi Sigma. ROBERT WENDELL MILLER . . . B.S. in C.E. Ypsilanti, Michigan American Society of Civil Engineer. t LEO EDWIN MILLS .... . . A.B. Endicott, New York Phi Delta Chi. THOMAS JOHN MILLS . . . B.S. in Ph. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Chi Sigma; Prescott Club; Class President (i), Treasurer (3). HENRY A. MILNE Oak Lake, Manitoba, Canada MARGARET ETHELYN MILNES Coldtvater, Michigan Chi Omega; Junior Girls ' Play. BEATRICE MINTZ . Phi Sigma Sigma. FRANCES E. MODE Pi Beta Phi. EDWARD C. MOLLEMA Detroit, Michigan Midland, Michigan Ozvosso, Michigan B.S. in E.E. A.B. A.B. A.B. in Ed. A.B. CARL CORYDON MONRAD . . . B.S. in Ch.E. Niagara Falls, Ontario Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Lambda Upsilon; American Insti- tute of Chemical Engineers; Engineering Society. Page 133 - Jfe - C fe . ; MARGUERITE MONROE Pontiac, Michigan A.B. MARGARET GERMAINE MONTOGNE . Dental Hygiene Detroit, Michigan CARL EDWARD MOODY . . . A.B. Battle Creek, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi. ALICE CHRISTINE MOORE ...... A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Kappa Alpha; Negro-Cauca sian Club. CHARLOTTE CRAIG MOORE . . . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan HELEN MENZIES MOORE ... . A.B. in Ed. Saginatv, Michigan Pi Beta Phi; Players ' Club; Mummers. HENRY F. MOORE ... . . D.D.S. Ann Arbor, Michigan Dental Society; Auditing Com. (4). RICHARD CARLTON MOORE ... . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Business Administration Club. EMILIO FRANK MORGANA . . . B.S. in M.E. Buffalo, New York PHEBE CATHERINE MORSE ...... A.B. Gary, Indiana Alpha Gamma Delta; Women ' s League Bazaar Com- mittee (4); Junior Girls ' Play; Y. W. C. A. Committee (3); Gargoyle Staff (4). EARL SHOEMAKER MORTON .... Ph.C. Barnesboro, Pennsylvania Phi Delta Chi; Class Secretary (3); Prescott Club (2); Pennsylvania Club. DONALD C. MASHER Ann Arbor, Michigan Sigma Chi; Dental Society. IRVING BREWSTER Moss Ishpeming, Michigan Alpha Chi Rho. MARK H. MOTHERSILL . Ann Arbor, Michigan D.D.S. A.B. M.D. Page sSfflsg Zj sji $ 3fc+ 5 a GEORGE MARTIN MUEHLHAUSER ... . A.B. Sandusky, Ohio FOORMAN LLOYD MUELLER ..... A.B. La Grange, Illinois Phi Gamma Delta; Druids; Track (2, 3, 4). SELMA CHRISTINE MUELLER . . . M.D. Mt. Clemens, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Iota; Iota Sigma Pi; Alpha Omega Alpha. GRETCHEN ELAINE MULLISON .... A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Sociology Club (2, 3, 4); Math Club (2, 3); Pegasus (2, 3, 4); Junior Girls ' Play. ELIZABETH MARIE MURPHY . . . B.S. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Theta Phi Alpha; Physical Education Club (3, 4). JAMES FRANCIS MURPHY Detroit, Michigan Sigma Phi; Mimes; Union Opera (3). MARY LORETTA MURPHY MILES J. MURPHY ALEXANDER MURRAY Delta Alpha Epsilon. Flint, Michigan Mt. Morris, Michigan Detroit, Michigan A.B. A.B. in Ed. M.D. A.B. A.B. EVELYN MARGARET MURRAY Jackson, Michigan Mortarboard; Senior Society; President of Women ' s League; Comedy Club; Masques; Portia. JAMES FREDERIC MURRAY . Saginaw, Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi; Delta Theta Phi. TOM J. MURRAY Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MAX ADAM MUSCH Butte, Montana How ell, Michigan LL.B. A.B. B.S. in ' A. EVA MARGARET MUTTON . . . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan _ .1 SL ALBERT WILLIAM MYERS . . - M.D. Coopersville, Michigan Vice-President Class (4); Vice-President University Rifle GLEN W. MYERS Columbia City, Indiana GORDON BENNETT MYERS . Detroit, Michigan Phi Chi; Galens; Alpha Omega Alpha. JOSEPH NADLER . Detroit, Michigan ELWOOD YOST NAGEL ANDREW NAGY Springville, New York Detroit, Michigan A.B. M.D. A.B. A.B. A.B. HOROLD FREDERICK NASER . . . . B.S. in A. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Alpha Rho Chi. HAYDEN E. NEELY . . . . . Gladu ' in, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Dental Society. D.D.S. A.B. MABEL ELIZABETH NEEF .... Jenkinstou ' n, Pennsylvania Zeta Tau Alpha; Pegasus; La Sociedad Hispanica; Freshman Pageant. AMANDA DOROTHY NEES ... . A.B. in Ed. Minden City, Michigan EDWARD ARTHUR NEHLSEN, JR. . Creighton, Nebraska Phi Delta Chi; Prescott Club (i, 2, 3). Ph.C. ALBERT NELSON ........ A.B. Deer Lodge, Montana Theta Kappa Nu. CARL T. NELSON . . A.B. Escanaba, Michigan Sigma Zeta; Mimes; Class Picture Committee (4). MAURICE HUGHES NELSON . . B.S. in E.E. Rochester, New York American Institute of Electrical Engineers (2, 3, 4); Engineering Council (3, 4), Vice-President (4); R. O. T. C. Page Jj6 J -- WILBUR L. NELSON Phi Delta Chi. Chanute, Kansas WILLIAM EDWARD NESBITT Alpena, Michigan Phi Beta Pi. BEMAN GREENWAY NEUBECK Marietta, Ohio Phi Delta Theta; Gamma Eta Gamma. DUPONT MORSE NEWBRO Chi Psi. ROGER HUSON NEWCOMER Theta :i. Detroit, Michigan Utica, New York JOHNSON REED NEWELL East Lansing, Michigan EDWARD RAYMOND NEWMAN Scalp and Blade. JONAS NEWMAN Buffalo, New York Detroit, Michigan University Symphony Orchestra. SOL NEWMAN, JR. Phi Epsilon Pi. ALFRED T. NEWTON Glee Club (i). KENNETH D. NEWTON Joplin, Missouri Chicago, Il linois B.S. in Ch.E. M.D. . LL.B. . A.B. . A.B. . A.B. A.B. A.B. A.B. LL.B. Pontiac, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Dental Society; Chairman Cap and Gown Committee (4). STANLEY JAMES NEWTON .... Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Theta Kappa Nu. D.D.S. A.B. MARGARETTE NICHOLS . . A.B. in Ed. Hoivell, Michigan Martha Cook; Mortarboard; Senior Society; Athena (i, 2, 3, 4); Chairman Woman ' s League Life Membership Committee (3); Chairman House Organization Commit- tee (4); Secretary Oratorical Board (4); Junior Girls ' Play; Freshman Pageant. NAOMA M. NICHOLS Leslie, Michigan A.B. in Ed. Page 137 p- jl Cv- c ?lvl fi PAUL BRAXTON NICHOLS . . . . LL.B. Ouincy, Illinois Phi Delta Phi. ELSIE REBECCA NICHOLSON .... Ann Arbor, Michigan FRANCES RICHARDSON NICHOLSON Kalamazoo, Michigan Alpha Phi. RUTH R. NIELSON Kappa Delta. Detroit, Michigan A.B. A.B. A.B. in Ed. LOUISE MARIE NIEMANN .... A.B. in Ed. Mt. Clemens, Michigan Kappa Phi; Class Hockey (3). Lois ADA NIETHAMER Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. in Ed. CHARLES WILLIAM NISULA . . . B.S. in E.E. Detroit, Michigan Tau Beta Pi. JESSICA E. NIXON . . . . B.S. in Ed. Highland Park, Michigan Pi Beta Phi; Physical Education Club; Hockey (3, 4); W. A. A. Board (3, 4). JOHN T. NIXON . Sigma Nu. PHILIP NODLER Attica, Indiana Detroit, Michigan A.B. A.B. Ph.C. HERBERT ELMER NOEL Port Huron, Michigan Phi Delta Chi; President Prescott Club (3); Class Secretary (4); Round-Up Club. RUTH ANNE NOFZINGER Archbold, Ohio LENORE FAYE NOGGLE Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Gamma Mu; Sigma Eta Chi. CLARENCE WINDZELL NORRIS Houston, Texas A.B. in Ed. A.B. A.B. Pag ' r- -c Sf X ft MARGARET LEE NORRIS Detroit, Michigan A.B. in Ed. VERA ONALEE NORTH . .A.B. in Ed. Battle Creek, Michigan BURL LORAIN NORTON . . A.B. Adrian, Michigan Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Varsity Glee Club (3, 4); Band (3,4); Mimes (3, 4); Opera (3, 4). FREDERICK GEORGE NOVY . . . M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Upsilon; Nu Sigma Nu; Junior Research Society; Sigma Xi. BARTLETTE EDWARD NUTTER ..... LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Delta Kappa; Barristers. ELSIE B. NUTTILA . . . Dental Hygiene Negaunee, Michigan ELLEN L. NYLUND . . . . LL.B. Ironzvood, Michigan Kappa Beta Pi; Senior Society; Summer Michigan Daily (i); Vice-President Law Class (4); Athena (i, 2, 3, 4); Oratorical Board (4). CATHERINE ISODENE OAKLEY . . . A.B. in Ed. Miami, Florida Alpha Chi Omega; Class Archery (3); University Archery Team; Junior Girls ' Play; Committee Women ' s League Bazaar; Senior Prom Committee (4). HERBERT OBEDIN New York, New York A.B. FRANCES O ' BRIEN ..... A.B. in Ed. Battle Creek, Michigan Pi Beta Phi; Masques (3); Le Cercle Francais; Pan- Hellenic Ball Committee; Women ' s League Bazaar Com- mittee. FRANCIS THOMAS O ' BRIEN, JR. ... LL.B. Winnetka, Illinois Phi Kappa; Varsity Tennis Team (4, 5); Michigan Opera (2, 3)- MERCEDES M. O ' BRIEN . . . A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Theta Phi Alpha. ROBERT BERNARD O ' BRIEN . Ann Arbor, Michigan MARGARET ELIZABETH OCKER Empire, Michigan Theta Sigma Phi; Chimes. Page 139 . M.D. A.B. in Ed. H$I V ISABEL GERTRUDE ODLE Detroit, Michigan LORING FREDERICK OEMING Mi. Clemens, Michigan Phi Mu Delta; American Society of Civil Engineers; Web and Flange. A.B. B.S. in C.E. ALLEN HARRY OGILVIE Syracuse, Kansas PHILIP O ' HANLON Omaha, Nebraska Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Alpha Delta; Barristers. A.B. LL.B. HAROLD R. OHLHEISER .... B.S. in M.E. South Wales, New York Tau Kappa Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Vulcans; Triangles; Sigma Delta Psi; Varsity Track (2, 3, 4); Senior Class Day Committee. MILO F. OHR . - B.S. in C.E. Monroe, Michigan American Society of Civil Engineers; Web and Flange. ALVES DEEDS O ' KEEFE . . B.S. in A.E. Plymouth, Indiana MIRIAM MILDRED OLDEN . . . A.B. Akron, Ohio Phi Sigma Sigma; Delta Sigma Rho; President of Portia; Varsity Debating Team; Oratorical Board. ALEX OLENIKOFF Phi Lambda Kappa. IRWIN ALOIS OLIAN M.D. Detroit, Michigan A.B. St. Louis, Missouri Phi Sigma Delta; Michigan Daily (i, 2, 3, 4); Tennis (3, 4); " M " Club; Oratorical Association (3); All-Cam- pus Tennis Doubles Champion (i); All-Campus Hand- ball Doubles Champion (3); Press Club. BERNICE OLIN Saugatuck, Michigan LAURENCE WILLIAM OLIVER .... Three Rivers, Michigan Tau Sigma Delta; Class President (4). OLGA OLIVER Warsaw, Indiana MELVIN A. OLL . . ... Detroit, Michigan Theta Chi; Michigan Daily (i); Manager Intramural Athletics 4; Board of Directors (4). . R.N. B.S.A. A B. in Ed. A.B. Page 140 =S % A. THOMAS DUVAL OLMSTED, JR. A.B. Dillon, Montana Phi Kappa Psi; Druids; Sphinx; Michigan Daily (i, 2, 3, 4); Assistant Interscholastic Manager (3); Michigan Opera (4). CLARENCE WILMOTT OLSEN Battle Creek, Michigan M.D. RICHARD ELLSWORTH OLSEN .... B.S. in Med. Battle Creek, Michigan ETHEL Lois OLSON . . . . A.B. in Ed. Escanaba, Michigan BEATRICE VIRGINIA OMANS . . . B.S. in Mus. Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Pi Beta Phi; Choral Union. JAMES E. O ' NEILL Class Treasurer (4). LL.B. Hancock, Michigan EMELIE JOSEPHINE OPPENHEIM Saginaw, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Phi; Sigma Delta Phi (3, 4); Pan-Hellenic Ball Committee (4); Freshmen Girls Glee Club (i); Junior Girls ' Play (3); Chi Delta Phi (2). FRANK J. ORLEMAN . . . D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Dental Society; Vice-President Class (4). ELMER EUGENE OSMUN Triangle; Craftsman Club. WILBUR NEAL OTT STEWART CHARLES OVIATT Allegan, Michigan Cleveland, Ohio Lapeer, Michigan RANNELLS C. OWEN ..... Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Phi Sigma; Dental Society. B.S. in C.E. A.B. in Ed. . A.B. D.D.S. STEWARD H. PARDEE Phi Mu Delta. ELIZABETH PARKER Clinton, Michigan A.B. A.B. in Ed. Brooklyn, Michigan Kappa Delta; Choral Union. Page 141 A 7 - fe - JOHN HOWARD PARKER, JR. . A.B. Youngstown, Ohio Beta Theta Pi. MARGARET HANNAH PARKER . . A.B. Hastings, Michigan Alpha Gamma Delta; Theta Sigma Phi; Michigan Daily Staff (2, 3); Freshman Pageant (i); Junior Girls ' Play Committee (3); Y. W. C. A. Committee (2, 4); Women ' s League Bazaar Committee, Chairman (4); Student Press Club (4). WARREN S. PARKER . . ... A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi; Opera Orchestra (i). HELEN IRENE PARMELEE ..... A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta; Women ' s Educational Club; Le Cercle Francais. FRANCES P. PARRISH .... A.B. in Ed. Battle Creek, Michigan Pi Beta Phi; President Pan-Hellenic (4); Chairman Pan- Hellenic Ball (3); Freshman Spread Committee (2); Finance Committee Senior Class; Junior Girls ' Play Committee. THAYER LEMOYNE PARRY . .... M.D. Woodsfield, Ohio Delta Kappa Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu; Alpha Omega Alpha. JOSEPH HERBERT PARSONS Detroit, Michigan Phi Kappa Sigma. KATHARINE ESTELLE PARSONS Toledo, Ohio MARIAN JOSEPHINE PARSONS Detroit, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis. MARIE-ROSE PASQUIER LL.B. A.B. A.B. A.B. Toledo, Ohio RAY ARTHUR PATELSKI . . . B.S. in Ph. Aurora, Illinois Alpha Chi Sigma; Class President (3); Class Vice- President (2); Kappa Phi Sigma; Prescott Club (i, 2, 4). LUCIELLE MARTHA PATRICK . . Dental Hygiene Iron Mountain, Michigan WILLIAM CALVIN PATTERSON .... A.B. College Park, Maryland Sigma Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; Sphinx (3); Druids (4); Michigan Daily (i, 2, 3, 4), Summer Daily (2), Editor, Michigan Daily (4); Night Editor (3). SOUREN PAUL ..... Detroit, Michigan Winner All-Campus Checker Tournament (3). A.B. Page 142 - - +3!fc o MRS. MARY TURNER PAYNE ..... A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan MARGARET PEARCE . . ... A.B. Waukegon, Illinois Chi Omega. RUBY FLORENCE PEARCE ... . A.B. in Ed. Indianapolis, Indiana MILDRED LOUISE PECKHAM . . . A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Omicron Pi; Michiganensian (2, 3); Junior Girls ' Play. H. ELLEN PEELLE . . . . . B.M. Wilmington, Ohio Delta Omicron; Choral Union; University Girls ' Glee Club. EARL WILLIAM PELLERIN . . A.B. in A.E. Detroit, Michigan STANLEY JOSEPH PELTIER ..... B.S. in Ph. Mt. Clemens, Michigan Class Treasurer (4). Louis PERENY S. A. M. E. Detroit, Michigan B.S. in Ch.E. BEAHL THEODORE PERRINE ..... LL.B. Monticello, Iowa Alpha Kappa Lambda; Delta Theta Phi; Varsity Glee Club (5); Adelphi House of Representatives. RAYMOND THOMAS PERRING . . M.B.A. in Bus. Ad. Detroit, Michigan Delta Phi; Bus. Ad. Club; Vice-President Class (4). ELEANORE LUCILLE PERRY Kappa Kappa Gamma. GERTRUDE PERRY Hillsdale, Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan Clyde, Ohio JAMES WINSTON PETERS Youngstown, Ohio DEAN WICKWIRE PERSING Sigma Nu. A.B. in Ed. A.B. in Ed. A.B. A.B. WkZWZMV C W s s= r 8?i!: i = REIMERS ADOLF PETERS . . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan TORSTEN A. PETERS Helsingfors, Finland B.S. in Ch.E. A.B. ADELYN ANN PETERSON Manistique, Michigan Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (2); Freshman Spread Committee; Junior Girls ' Play Committee. RALPH DEVON PETHEL Delta Sigma Pi. Ann Arbor, Michigan GEORGE WILLIAM PEW Cheboygan, Michigan A.B. B.S. in A.E. A.B. PHILIP MARTIN PFAFFMANN, JR. Worcester, Massachusetts Phi Gamma Delta; Chairman Senior Program Committee. HERBERT Louis PFAY .... B.S. in A.E. Howell, Michigan American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Aeronautical Society. HUGH E. PFLUKE Track (3, 4); Cross Country. Detroit, Michigan M.D. M.B.A. FREDERICK MARTIN PHELPS, JR. Newark, New York Delta Phi; Michigamua; Michiganensian (2, 3), Business Manager (4); President Bus. Ad. Club. STANFORD NEWTON PHELPS . . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Trigon; Daily (2, 3), Night Editor (4); Class President (3), Treasurer (2). NELLIE GERALDINE PHILLIPS Fenton, Michigan Student Council Rep. REGINALD PHILLIPS Bus. Ad. Club. ROBERT B. PICKARD Pi Kappa Alpha. LIONEL GEORGE PICKHAVER Norwood, New York Gary, Indiana R.N. A.B. A.B. B.S. in E.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Pag ' 144 x MELVIN HERBERT PIKE ..... A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Mu; Phi Sigma; Varsity Band (i, 2, 3); University Symphony Orchestra (2, 3); Woods Hole Scholarship. HAROLD EDWARD PINE Alpha Rho Chi. Detroit, Michigan B.A. DORA KATHARYN PINGLE ..... A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan EDWARD GRANT PINNEY ... . A.B. Cass City, Michigan Phi Kappa Sigma. LUTHER C. PLYMALE . . D.D.S. Highland Park, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Dental Society. JOHN THORBURN POLLOCK . . . B.S. in E.E. Charlevoix, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda. HENRY GEORGE PONCHER WILLIAM L. PONTIUS . Phi Kappa Sigma. EVELYN MARGARET POOR Chicago, Illinois Flint, Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan LEOKADYA POPOWSKA CYRUS MARION POPPEN Detroit, Michigan Sioux Center, Iowa Delta Theta Phi. WILLIAM LEWIS POSTLES Detroit, Michigan Alpha Phi Alpha; Dental Society. BENJAMIN REUBEN POTASHNIK Detroit, Michigan EUGENE BARNUM POWER Traverse City, Michigan Theta Chi. M.D. A.B. A.B. A.B. LL.B. D.D.S. A.B. A.B. fl ,, (5 C - s3s=r3K v- $fc CHARLES FREDRIC PREECE . St. Petersburg, Florida Alpha Tau Omega; Michigan Opera. A.B. MARY LOUISE PRESSLER . . - A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Pi Lambda Theta; Le Cercle Francais; La Sociedad Hispanica; Women ' s Ed. Club; Kappa Phi. RICHARD JOSEPH PRESTON, JR. . . . A.B. Chicago, Illinois Theta Delta Chi; Forestry Club; Wrestling (2); Reserve Football (i, 4). ETHAN C. PREWITT ALVIN EDWIN PRICE Phi Chi. ROBERT FRANK PRICE Crawfordsville, Indiana Detroit, Michigan LL.B. M.D. A.B. Bay City, Michigan Phi Delta Theta; Druids; Underclass Dept. Michigan Union; Chairman Reception and Lecture Committee Michigan Union; Opera (2, 3); Literary College Council (4)- RUTH PRICE .... . A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Pi Lambda Theta; Choral Union (2, 3, 4).; Le Cercle Francais (3, 4). ARMISTEAD SCOTT PRIDE ... . . A.B. Washington, D. C. Alpha Phi Alpha; Vice-President Negro-Caucasian Club (3); Round Table Club. WILLEM JACOBUS PRINSLOO Lindley, South Africa B.S. in E.E. MARGARET ELLEN PROBECK . . . A.B. in Ed. Archbold, Ohio Delta Delta Delta; Junior Girls ' Play; University Girls ' Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Freshman Pageant. VERNA GLADYS PROCHNOW . Ann Arbor, Michigan C. RUSSELL PRYCE . . . Ann Arbor, Michigan Acacia; Class Treasurer (4); Craftsmen Club (i, 2, 3), President (4). ALICE WUERFEL PRYOR Whitmore Lake, Michigan Delta Delta Delta. HOWARD Louis PUCKETT Detroit, Michigan A.B. A.B. A.B. B.S. Page 146 PC $ - 3!fe CLINTON EDWARD PURDY Crystal Falls, Michigan A.B. Delta Sigma Pi. MARGARET A. PURDY . . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Pi Beta Phi; Mgr. Woman ' s League Orchestra; W. A. A. Board (3, 4); W. A. A. Tea Room, Manager (3, 4). LESLIE CHARLES PUTNAM .... . LL.B. Caro, Michigan Delta Theta Phi; Michigan Law Review; Michigan Daily (I, 2). HELEN MARY QUICK . A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta. ELIZABETH LEAH RABINOFF Delta Sigma Rho. J. RUSSELL RADFORD Detroit, Michigan A.B. in Ed. B.S. in A. Lansing, Michigan Alpha Rho Chi; Freshman Football; Vice-President, Class (3); All-Campus Cross Country First Place (2, 3). JESSIE EDNA RAGATZ Elba, Michigan President Student Council (2, 3). BENJAMIN DWIGHT RAMSDELL Mt. Clemens, Michigan Pi Kappa Alpha. JAMES RUDOLPH RAMSEY .... Port Huron, Michigan Lawyers ' Club; Law Review; Lawyers ' Club Council. EDMOND F. RANDALL Ann Arbor, Michigan Dental Society; Craftsman (3, 4). SYLVAN RAPAPORT Kappa Nu. DAY L. RAPSON PETER B. RASTELLO BESSIE ALMEDA RATHS Lansing, Michigan R.N. A.B. LL.B. D.D.S. A.B. Spl. Oral Hygiene Bad Axe, Michigan Hancock, Michigan Detroit, Michigan M.D. A.B. Page 147 CHARLOTTE L. RAY . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Betsy Barbour House; League Vocational Guidance Committee (3). MURIEL H. RAY . JONAS BERK RAYMAN EMMALOU BREWER REA Chicago, Illinois Toledo, Ohio . A.B. M.D. A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Zeta; Landscape Design Club (i, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (3, 4); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; University Girls ' Glee Club (3, 4). EDWARD THEODORE REECE ..... A.B. Jackson, Michigan Alpha Tau Omega; Druids; Basketball (i); Varsity (3). DAVID REEL, JR. ... A.B. Youngstown, Ohio Theta Chi; Daily (2); Track (2); J-Hop Committee (3). KENNETH GARDNER REGENT River he ad, New York Alpha Nu; Press Club. A.B. PRISCILLA ALGERTA REICHERT . . . . LL.B. Erie, Pennsylvania Martha Cook Bldg. ; Kappa Beta Pi; Vice-President Class (3). MARJORIE Ross REID .... A.B. in Ed. Lumberton, New Jersey Zeta Tau Alpha; La Sociedad Hispanica. JAMES J. REILLY ...... Detroit, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Dental Society. D.D.S. BERTHA McLEOD REINHART . . . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Delta Zeta; W. A. A. CHO REN Hangchou ' , China FRANCIS GALEN RENKENBERGER Youngstown, Ohio Delta Theta Phi. M.D. LL.B. WILLIAM E. RENNER . . . B.S. in M.E. Utica, New York Lambda Chi Alpha; Tau Beta Pi; Triangles; Quarterdeck. $ r F3! ROBERT B. RENWICK, JR. Delta Tau Delta. Fenton, Michigan CLAUDE D. REYNOLDS Kansas City, Kansas Lawyers ' Club; Phi Delta Chi. EUGENE STANLEY REYNOLDS Walkerville, Ontario, Canada Landscape Club. A.B. A.B. A.B. B.S. MARCUS MORTON RHOADES .... Kansas City, Missouri Phi Sigma Kappa; Phi Sigma; A. M. A. Track (2); Sophomore Prom Committee (2). MARY ELIZABETH RICE Delta Delta Delta. EDWARD RICH, JR. Phi Delta Theta. MYRENE KAREN RICH Adrian, Michigan Lansing, Michigan A.B. in Ed. B.S. in A. A.B. Ogden, Utah Alpha Chi Omega; Michiganensian (i, 2); Masques (i, 2, 3)- VIOLA RICHARD . . . . B.M. Indianola, Iowa Delta Delta Delta; Mu Phi Epsilon; Choral Union. GLADYS E. RICHARDS Saginaio, Michigan FREDERICK D. RICHARDSON Alpena, Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi. HARVEY L. RICHARDSON Adelphi. Trinidad, Colorado R.N. A.B. A.B. VERNETA LOUISE RICHARDSON . . Dental Hygiene Ubly, Michigan President Dental Hygiene Class. GEORGE WILLIAM RICHEL . ... B.S. in E.E. Alpena, Michigan DEAN MARVIN RICHMOND Ann Arbor, Michigan Galens; Varsity Band (4). M.D. Page 149 -C glfe , , REGINALD RICKETT . . B.S. in Ch.E. Brighton, Michigan Phi Lambda Upsilon; American Institute Chemical Engineering. PAUL DOUGLAS RICKMAN ...... M.B.A. Kalamazoo, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi; Secretary Business Ad. Class (4); Chair- man Invitation Committee (5). DOROTHY Lou RIGTERINK Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Gamma. A.B. in Ed. THERON GRAYDON RILEY . . . B.S. in Aero. E. Flint, Michigan Tau Kappa Epsilon. WILLIAM H. RILEY ... . D.D.S. Grant, Michigan Psi Omega; Dental Society; Secretary Class (4); Chair- man Class Pictures (4). JOHN W. RIMBACH . . . . D.D.S. Easton, Pennsylvania Dental Society. ROBERT TREAT RINEAR ..... LL.B. Cleveland, Ohio Alpha Delta Phi; Law Review; Barristers. LOUISE E. RITTENHOUSE ...... A.B. Cheboygan, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta; Chimes; Masques Secretary (4); Junior Girls ' Play (3); Pan-Hellenic Ball, Chairman of Programs (4)- MADRA E. Rix B.S. in Mus. Three Rivers, Michigan Choral Union (3, 4); Girls ' Glee Club (3, 4); Junior Girls ' Play (3). FRANKLIN EVANS ROACH Choral Union. Wheaton, Illinois B.S. LL.B. A.B. JOHN MANLEY ROBBINS ..... Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania ELLIOTT CARSTENS ROBERTS ..... Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Chi; Michiganensian (2, 3), Fraternity Editor (3); Michigan Union (2, 3). Louis ROBERTSON . ... A.B. Chevy Chase, Maryland Delta Tau Delta; Michigamua (4); Michiganensian (i, 2, 3, 4), Managing Editor (4); Students Directory (2, 3, 4), Managing Editor (4); Committee of Conduct of Courses. WILLIAM JAMES ROBERTSON . . . A.B. Romeo, Michigan Pi Kappa Phi; Union Opera Orchestra (2); Varsity Band (2); University Symphony (2). Page 150 7 -- %f - Louis ALFRED ROBILLARD . . B.S. in M.E. Grand Mere, Canada SIDNEY LEON ROBIN . . ,_ J.D. Chicago, Illinois Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Beta Kappa; Memorial Com- mittee; Michigan Law Review. ARCHIE WALTER ROBINSON .... Detroit, Michigan Michigan Daily (3), Humor Editor (4). LEWIS NOBLE ROBINSON Salt Lake City, Utah Chi Phi; Michigan Daily (i, 2). REMUS GRANT ROBINSON Alpha Phi Alpha. DORIS M. ROBISON Pi Beta Phi. DOROTHY ALICE ROCK Detroit, Michigan Kalamazoo, Michigan Canton, Ohio A.B. A.B. B.S. in Med. A.B. in Ed. A.B. in Ed. MYRTLE VIOLA ROCK .... A.B. in Ed. Watersmeet, Michigan WALDOMAR OTTO ROESER . Psi Omega; Dental Society. Saginaw, Michigan D.D.S. M.D. ABRAHAM SOLOMEN ROGOFF Detroit, Michigan Student Council; Hillel Foundation (4); Educ. Com- mittee Jewish Students ' Association (3). ROSE ROGVOY Detroit, Michigan A.B. in Ed. EDWARD RONDA ... . B.S. in Ch.E. Grand Haven, Michigan Phi Lambda Upsilon. ALTA MARIE RONEY Detroit, Michigan JAMES BURDELL ROSBOROUGH Endicott, New York A.B. A.B. t -- a ss =r 5 K 8 $ +3fc DAVID ELLIOT ROSE ( Tau Epsilon Rho. WILLIAM K. ROSE Cleveland Heights, Ohio Lawyers ' Club; Gargoyle (2, 3). Toledo, Ohio LL.B. A.B. A.B. SIMON FREDERICK ROSENBAUM Kalamazoo, Michigan Michigan Daily (i, 2, 3); La Sociedad Hispanica (i, 2, 3)- SYLVAN STERN ROSENBAUM . Kalamazoo, Michigan Kappa Nu; Gargoyle Business Staff (i, 2, 3). BERNARD WAYNE ROSENBERG Warren, Ohio Tau Delta Phi; Freshmen Tennis. A.B. A.B. SYDNEY ROSENTHAL Phi Beta Delta. BENJAMIN CHARLES Ross Phi Lambda Kappa. JOSEPHINE HINMAN Ross Newark, New Jersey Detroit, Michigan A.B. and M.D. A.B. A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Helen Newberry Residence; Kappa Phi. VICTOR F. Ross . . . D.D.S. Cape Town, South Africa Delta Sigma Delta; Phi Sigma; Dental Society; Vice- President Class (i); Vice-President Dental Society (4). JOSEPH McKiNLEY ROSSEN Kappa Nu; Glee Club (3, 4). LAURENCE S. ROTH Cleveland, Ohio A.B. and M.D. A.B. Wilmette, Illinois Beta Theta Pi; Union Recording Committee (2); Gar- goyle (i); Assistant Interscholastic Manager (3), Mana- ger (4); Managers ' Club (4); Board of Directors of Athletic Association (4). E. W. ROYER ...... Branson, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Dental Society. WILLIAM AARON RUBLE Phi Delta Theta. Chicago, Illinois D.D.S. A.B. FRANCES MARIE RUDELL ... Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Alpha Phi; Chimes Business Staff (2, 3); Glee Club (i, 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (i); Junior Girls ' Play Advertising Com- mittee. A.B. ?8) 7r Sfc MILDRED A. RUDELL . . . . Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Alpha Phi; Junior Girls ' Play. EARL DEWITT RUETZ Baseball (3). REBECCA WINSTON RULEY Canton, Ohio Saugatuck, Michigan CHARLES WENBORNE RUMMLER A.B. LL.B. B.S. and R.N. B.S. in M.E. Quarter Deck (4, 5). HELEN FRANCES RUSH Winnetka, Illinois Waynesburg, Pennsylvania Kappa Kappa Gamma; Junior Girls ' Play; Mummers (3, 4); Masques (3, 4). HAROLD RUSLANDER Kappa Nu. HOWELL RUSS Detroit, Michigan A.B. A.B. A.B. Red Lick, Mississippi Sigma Zeta; Chimes (i, 2); Freshman Track; Freshman Football; Freshman Baseball; Michigan Union: Recep- tion Committee (2), General Chairman House Committee (3), Executive Council (3); J-Hop Committee (3); Judi- ciary Board Interfraternity Council (4); Chairman Social Committee (4). HELEN ELIZABETH RUSSELL Saginazv, Michigan Kappa Delta; Pan-Hellenic Ball Committee. MARION EDITH RUSSELL Peru, Indiana MILDRED FRANCES RUSSELL Coopersville, Michigan SHERWOOD Ross RUSSELL Phi Beta Kappa. MAXINE RUST Flint, Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. in Ed. . A.B. R.N. . A.B. A.B. HELEN GRETCHEN RUTH Flint, Michigan Alpha Phi; Michiganensian (2),Womens ' Upper Business Staff (3); Players ' Club; Junior Girls ' Play. JOSEPH DENNIS RYAN . . . B.S. in Ch.E. Niagara Falls, New York Alpha Chi Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Michigan Daily (3, 4). X. CHARLES TOBY SABEL Pi Lambda Phi. Chicago, Illinois DARWIN EMERSON SACHEROFF Neu York, New York Rho Chi; Class President (4); Prescott Club, Treasurer (4). ANTHONY GEORGE SACKALOUCAS Scranton, Pennsylvania Phi Kappa. MARCELLE FRANCES SADLIER Indianapolis, Indiana BENJAMIN JAY SAFIR .... Detroit, Michigan Tau Epsilon Rho; Michigan Law Review. A.B. B.S. in Ph. MARGARET M. SAGER Ann Arbor, Michigan HOWARD WILLIAM SALISBURY Battle Creek, Michigan Theta Kappa Psi. FRITCHOF THEODORE SALLNESS Two Harbors, Minnesota Kappa Delta Rho. HARRIET SUE SALMON Mount Pleasant, Michigan M.D. A.B. LL.B. A.B. M.D. LL.B. A.B. TESSA CHARLOTTE SALTZ Detroit, Michigan Dental Hygiene ELMER HENRY SALZMAN . . . . LL.B. Yuma, Colorado Gamma Eta Gamma; Delta Sigma Rho; Varsity De- bating Teams (3, 4); Michigan-Cambridge Debate (5); Alpha Nu, Freshman Debating Team, President (3); Winner of Henry M. Campbell Award; Extempore Speaking Contest, Kappa Phi Sigma Debating Society, President (4); Oratorical Board (4); Westerners Club. PAUL CURKEAT SAMSON . ... B.S. in Med. Ypsilanti, Michigan Phi Kappa Sigma; Nu Sigma Nu; Football (2); Swim- ming (2, 3, 4), Captain (4); Choral Union (i). DOMENIC A. SANSOBRINO Willoughby, Ohio Psi Omega; Dental Society. EDMUND E. SAPERSTON Detroit, Michigan D.D.S. A.B. Page 154 w ROLLAND ISRAEL SARETT . . . . Ph.C. Benton PI arbor, Michigan Prescott Club. JACOB FILMORE SAVELA . . . B.S. in E.E. Mass, Michigan MARIAN SAVIDGE Reed City, Michigan A.B. in Ed. RAYMOND RAYCROFT SAWIN . . B.S. in E. Stanford, Connecticut American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Rifle Club. CHARLES D. SAWYER Port Chester, New York A.B. Sigma Phi Epsilon. MILDRED SCAMAHORNE .... A.B. in Ed. Steubenville, Ohio Zeta Tau Alpha; Class Vice-President (4); Junior Girls ' Play. HUBERT RICHARD SCHADDELEE Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Sigma Kappa. NATHAN SCHAFFER Phi Delta Epsilon. GEORGE HENRY SCHEFFLER . Newark, New Jersey Chicago, Illinois A.B. B.S. B.S. GEORGE MILTON SCHELLER . . . B.S. in C.E. Buffalo, New York Web and Flange; American Society of Civil Engineers. ELEANOR EDITH SCHER . . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Phi; Sociology Club (4); Mummers. ROBERT P. SCHERER . . ... A.B. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Chi. CHARLES TOMPKINS SCHIEMAN, JR. . . . B.S. in M.E. Arlington, New Jersey Tau Beta Pi; Michigan Daily (3); American Society of Mechanical Engineers. CELIA HAZEL SCHLAFER .... A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan X 155 s N PAUL FREDERICK SCHLANDERER . . . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Kappa Kappa Psi; Manager Varsity Band (3, 4). LAUREN WALTER SCHLEH Ann Arbor, Michigan ELAINE ALLEN SCHNALL A.B. . Ph.C. Wauseon, Ohio Kappa Delta Rho; Kappa Kappa Psi; Prescott Club (i, 2, 3, 4); Class Treasurer (2); Varsity Band (i, 2, 3, 4). OTTO JOHN SCHNEEBELI .... Lancaster, Pennsylvania JACK HAROLD SCHNEIDER Detroit, Michigan A.B. LL.B. SOLL JAINA SCHNITZ ....... LL.B. Chicago, Illinois Tau Epsilon Rho; Lawyers ' Club; Michigan Daily (2); Mens ' Educational Club (2). FRANK K. SCHOENFELD . . . B.S. in Ch.E. Toledo, Ohio Alpha Chi Sigma; Daily (2, 3), Publication Manager Summer Daily (3). GLADYS MARGARET SCHRADER . . . A.B. in Ed. Plymouth, Michigan Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Iota; Junior Girls ' Play. KATHRYN LAUER SCHRAUDER . . A.B. in Ed. Monroe, Michigan Theta Phi Alpha; Student Press Club (4); Chi Delta Phi (2,3,4); Student Directory (3); Secretary Mummers; Masques (2, 3, 4); Junior Girls ' Play. JOHN B. SCHRAVESAND . . East Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Sigma Kappa; Druid; Track. A.B. ARTHUR CORNELIUS SCHRIER . . . B.S. in C.E. Kalamazoo, Michigan ARTHUR JAMES SCHROEDER .... Grosse Point, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi. EMMA PEARL SCHROUDER Ionia, Michigan ROLAND K. SCHUHOLZ ..... Detroit, Michigan Tau Sigma Delta; Class Secretary (4). . A.B. . R.N. B.S. in A. Page Ij6 : %$ % r- ?$ ALFRED Louis SCHULTZ . . . M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Kappa Kappa; Phi Epsilori Kappa; Phi Sigma; Baseball (2, 3); President Freshman Class; " M " Club; V. F. W. ARTHUR BERNHARDT SCHULTZ . . . B.S. in A.E. Detroit, Michigan Aero. Society. JOHN WILLIAM SCHULTZ ..... B.S. in C.E. Detroit, Michigan Acacia; American Chem. Society. CARL HENRY SCHUMACHER . Detroit, Michigan Hermitage. A.B. MATTIE ELIZABETH SCHUMANN .... A.B. in Ed. Cleveland, Ohio Junior Advisor. EDGAR GERARD SCHUMM La Porte, Indiana Chi Phi; Michigan Daily (i, 2). A.B. JACOB B. SCHWARTZ ...... A.B. in Ed. Benton Harbor, Michigan MARGARET ADELAIDE SCHWARTZ . Monroe, Michigan A.B. PEARL SCHWARTZ Ann Arbor, Michigan ROSE VIVIEN SCHWARTZ Detroit, Michigan Dental Hygiene A.B. VIVIAN CAROLINE SCHWARZ . . . . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan HELEN DOROTHY SCHWIMMER Detroit, Michigan President Y. W. C. A. (4). R.N. CATHERINE ISABEL SCOTT . . . A.B. in Ed. Rochester, Michigan Kappa Delta; Athena; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (4); Kappa Phi. MARY WILDA SCOTT . . . A.B. in Ed. Washington, Pennsylvania Chi Omega. o Page 157 -- a r v HAROLD Ross SCRIMGEOUR . Detroit, Michigan HELEN SCRYMGEOUR Detroit, Michigan University Girls ' Glee Club; Choral Union; Junior Girls ' Play. HAROLD SEAGLE Kappa Nu. ROBERT I. SEALBY Worcester, Massachusetts Marine City, Michigan Sigma Phi Epsilon; Xi Psi Phi; Dental Society; Dental Student Council (4). A.B. A.B. LL.B. D.D.S. B.A. MARGARET ELIZABETH SEAMAN Highland Park, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta; Senior Class Picture Committee; Junior Class Social Committee; Michiganensian Lower Staff (3); Junior Girls ' Play Committee; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3); Chairman Women ' s League Bazaar Com- mittee (3). HELEN SEARIGHT . . . A.B. Hatboro, Pennsylvania Pi Beta Phi; W. A. A. (i, 3, 4); Junior Girls ' Play. GORDON EDWARD SEAVOY . . . B.S. in C.E. L ' Anse, Michigan Phi Delta Chi. GLENN FREDERIC SEEBA Lambda Chi Alpha. Ludington, Michigan A.B. A.B. DOROTHY AILEEN SEEBER Saginau ' , Michigan Martha Cook Bldg.; Pi Lambda Theta; Portia Literary Society. ELMER ARNOLD SEEGER MILES GAY SEELEY Theta Chi. LAURENCE SEGAR Varsity Glee Club (3, 4). Bliss field, Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan Detroit, Michigan A.B. A.B. M.D. A.B. HARRY EVERSON SEIDELL .... Kirkwood, Missouri Sigma Zeta; Pipe and Cane Committee (4); Interfrater- nity Council (4); Republican Club (3, 4). FRANCIS PETER SEIDER Springville, New York A.B. 4 Page 158 C - x- ROSLYN SELKER Cleveland Heights, Ohio DORRIS HELEN SELLECK A.B. A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Omicron Pi; Phi Delta Chi, Treasurer (4); Masques (3); Mummers (3); Players Club (3); Junior Girls ' Play Cast; Junior Girls ' Play Committee. HENRY LEROY SELMEIER ..... A.B. in Ed. Louisville, Kentucky Delta Alpha Epsilon; Phi Delta Kappa; Oratorical Board (4); J-Hop Committee (3); Kappa Phi Sigma; Men ' s Educational Club. ARTHUR DENTON SEYBOLD . ... M.D. Albion, Michigan Sigma Nu; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Alpha Omega Alpha. MAURICE J. SHADDEN Tau Epsilon Phi. Expedit, Pennsylvania BERKELEY ROWE SHAKER Huntington, West Firginia Chi Beta Phi. RICHARD JAMES SHAULL Delta Theta Phi. CHARLOTTE SHAW Adelia Cheever House. HELEN K. SHAW Charlotte, Michigan LL.B. B.S. in E.E. A.B. Detroit, Michigan A.B. in Lib. Sc. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta; Junior Girls ' Play. MARY AGNES SHAW Phi Beta Kappa. ROBERT ROEDER SHAW Nyack, New York A.B. A.B. A.B. Nyack, New York WAYNE EDWARD SHAWAKER . LL.B. Toledo, Ohio Lawyers ' Club; Gargoyle (2); Class Secretary (5); La Sociedad Hispanica (2, 3, 4, 5, 6). P. L. SHAWLEY Ypsilanti, Michigan American Institute of Electrical Engineers. B.S. in E.E. B.M. DOROTHY HELEN SHAY Ann Arbor, Michigan President of Student League of Matinee Musical; Mem- bership Chairman of Symphonic League. X. 9C STEWART JOSEPH SHEFF Massena, New York Delta Sigma Pi. A.B. AGNES HARRIET SHELDON . ... A.B. Hastings, Michigan Chi Omega; Wyvern; Women ' s Feature Editor Michi- ganensian (3); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Junior Girls ' Plav. HORACE WARD SHELDON Negaunee, Michigan Alpha Chi Rho. RONALD R. SHELTERS Kalamazoo, Michigan HARRIET LOLITA SHEPPARD Owosso, Michigan LEONA SHERMAN ...... Detroit, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta; Masques; Mummers. . A.B. A.B. in Ed. A.B. B.S. in Ed. A.B. MARGARET LOUISE SHERMAN Detroit, Michigan Sigma Kappa; Student Press Club (4); Theta Sigma Phi (3); Mummers (2); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; University Girls ' Glee Cfub (3); Junior Girls ' Play. LUCINDA JANE SHERWOOD Gamma Phi Beta. Grand Haven, Michigan FRANCIS CAMERON SHIEL . Hills dale, Michigan Alpha Tau Omega. LOUISE ADELE SHIER Martha Cook Building. WILLIAM HENRY SHIER ETHEL SHIFTMAN Detroit, Michigan Detroit, Michigan Detroit, Michigan . A.B. B.S. in C.E. . A.B. B.S. in E.E. A.B. in Ed. A.B. CHARLENE ELIZABETH SHILAND Port Huron, Michigan Betsy Barbour House; Chairman of Make-Up Com- mittee Junior Girls ' Play; Wyvern; Senior Society; Chairman Judiciary Council of Women ' s League (4); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Chimes (2); Chairman of Y. W. C. A. Community Service (3). CHARLES WESLEY SHILLING Upland, Indiana M.D. Page 160 I r- c ia g X FREDERICK H. SHILLITO . . . A.B. Kalamazoo, Michigan Michigan Daily (i, 2, 3, 4), Assistant City Editor (3), News Editor (4); Freshman Handbook (2, 3); Sport Editor (2); Managing Editor (3); Summer Daily Night Editor (3); Secretary S. C. A. (4); Cabinet (2, 3, 4); Frosh Frolic Committee; Freshman Track. MAXINE ROSA SHINKMAN Grand Rapids, Michigan A.B. JOSEPH HARRY SHIPMAN . . . A.B. Binghamton, New York Kappa Delta Rho; Atkinson Prize Speaking Contest (3); Varsity Reserve Squad Track (2, 3); Treasurer Players ' Club (3); Glee Club (3). RALPH WILLIAM SHOOK Fulton, Michigan Theta Kappa Psi; Choral Union. M.D. MAURICE J. SHORR . . . A.B. Chicago, Illinois Pi Lambda Phi; Varsity Swimming (3, 4); Class Publicity Committee (4). MARION ISABEL SHORTS Kent City, Michigan DOROTHY ANN SHULZE Delta Gamma. Fort Wayne, Indiana MARGARET M. SHULZE A.B. in Ed. A.B. A.B. Fort Wayne, Indiana BURTON B. SIBLEY ..... . LL.B. Ionia, Michigan Phi Delta Phi; Delta Sigma Rho; Barristers; Michigan Law Review; Mid-West Debate (3); Michigan-Oxford Debate (4). BETTY RUTH SICKLES .... B.M. Flint, Michigan Sigma Alpha Iota; Choral Union; Girls ' Glee Club. THOMAS DAVID SIDWELL . . . . B.S. in M.E. Port Jervis, New York Michigan Technic (2, 3) ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. BELLE SIEGEL . Martha Cook Bldg. DOROTHY SIGLER Cleveland, Ohio Chicago, Illinois Martha Cook Bldg.; Kappa Phi; Y. W. C. A. LAWRENCE SHEPHERD SILVER Detroit, Michigan A.B. A.B. in Ed. A.B. Page 161 S 7r- g-C %f c HOWARD DELMAR SILVERMAN Cleveland, Ohio Tau Epsilon Phi. SAMUEL JACOB SILVERSTEIN . Phi Lambda Kappa. WALTER EDWIN SIMMONS Detroit, Michigan Willard, Ohio MARY ELIZABETH SIMPSON ..... Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Gamma Mu; Scalpel (3). ROBERT SYDNEY SIMPSON .... Ann Arbor, Michigan Les Voyageurs. WILTON ALEXANDER SIMPSON ..... Chicago, Illinois Hermitage; Sigma Delta Chi; Chimes (3); Michigan Daily (i, 2, 3, 4), Sports Editor (4); Wrestling (i, 2). HARRY MARSH SINCLAIR, JR. Toledo, Ohio Alpha Chi Rho; Varsity Wrestling (2). A.B. A.B. A.B. R.N. M.D. A.B. A.B. JANET KELLOGG SINCLAIR ..... A.B. in Ed. Toledo, Ohio Zeta Tau Alpha; Theta Sigma Phi; Michigan Daily (2, 3); Chimes (2); Le Cercle Francais. STUART HAROLD SINCLAIR Chicago, Illinois Kappa Sigma. ISIDOR SlNGERMAN ROLAND A. SKEEL Alpha Chi Rho. JOHN SKLAR Detroit, Michigan Cleveland, Ohio A.B. M.D. A.B. LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Tau Epsilon Rho; Michigan Law Review; Boxing (2, 3). JAMES HOBART SLATTERY . Chicago, Illinois Lawyers ' Club. GRETCHEN GRAY SLAWSON Cleveland, Ohio LL.B. A.B. in Ed. Pag ' . s j a a K - y c Sf JJL PETER J. SLAZINSKI . Detroit, Michigan Sigma Delta Sigma; Dental Society. CLARENCE CHARLES SLOCUM Grand Rapids, Michigan Le Cercle Francais. FRANCES MARIE SLOOTER Grand Rapids, Michigan La Sociedad Hispanica (3). LESTER ERVINE SLOSBURG Pi Lambda Phi. RONALD M. SMEATON Omaha, Nebraska Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Delta Theta; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. D.D.S. A.B. A.B. A.B. A.B. A.B. BRAINARD PRYOR SMITH Flint, Michigan Beta Theta Pi; Michigan Daily (i); Michigan Union Opera (2). C. EDWARD SMITH . . ... A.B. Chatham, Ontario Delta Chi; Mimes; Michigan Opera (2); Choral Union (2, 3). CYNTHIA BERRY SMITH . . . A.B. in Bus. Ad. Ann Arbor, Michigan Mortarboard; Secretary Y. W. C. A. (i); Chairman Conference Committee (4); President Y. W. C. A. (5); Vice-President, Cosmopolitan Club (3); Athena (4). EBERLE MINARD SMITH ELLEN SMITH ERNESTINE L. SMITH Detroit, Michigan A.B. in A.E. New York, New York Dental Hygiene A.B. in Ed. Traverse City, Michigan Educational Club; Choral Union; Y. W. C. A. FERRIS MAC ARTHUR SMITH . B.S. in Aero. E. Elmira, New York Tau Kappa Epsilon; Sigma Delta Psi; Track (i). F. GERALD SMITH Alpha Kappa Lambda. Detroit, Michigan FLORENCE MARION SMITH Fruitport, Michigan Cosmopolitan Club; Press Club. A.B. A.B. Page 163 FRANK C. SMITH Flint, Michigan FREDERICK VERNON SMITH Ionia, Michigan Lawyers ' Club; Alpha Nu (3, 4). A.B. A.B. HARRIETTS C. SMITH . . . A.B. Denver, Colorado Helen Newberry Residence; Michigan Daily; Westerners ' Club; Junior Girls ' Play. JAMES WALTER SMITH . . . . B.S. in C.E. Lock Haven, Pennsylvania Sigma Alpha Epsilon. KATHERINE ELIZABETH SMITH . . A.B. in Lib. Sc. Birmingham, Michigan LESTER SHERALD SMITH ...... A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Tau Delta Phi; Gargoyle (i, 2, 3); Senior Auditing Com- mittee; Michigan Union Opera. LOREN REED SMITH .... B.S. in E.E. Albion, Michigan MARGARET MILDRED SMITH . . . . A.B. Denver, Colorado Helen Newberry Residence; Senior Society; Michigan Dailv; Westerners ' Club. MARY JANE SMITH Harbor Springs, Michigan Business Manager Scalpel (4). R.N. ROBERT JOHN SMITH ...... B.S. in C.E. Toledo, Ohio American Society of Civil Engineers. RUSSELL ELROY SMITH .... B.S. in E.E. Jackson, Michigan RUTH SMITH Toledo, Ohio B.S. in Ed. STANLEY L. SMITH ...... D.D.S. Massena, New York Xi Psi Phi; Dental Society; President Dental Society (4). WAYNE ANSON SMITH Tau Kappa Epsilon. Petoskey, Michigan A.B. Page 164 ,s 5 r c ss WA 3 WtLNj) f W. TRACY SMITH Nu Sigma Nu. NORMA ELIZABETH SNELL Grand Rapids, Michigan M.D. A.B. in Ed. Utica, New York Delta Delta Delta; Wyvern; Athena (i, 2); University Girls ' Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Junior Girls ' Play; Freshman Pageant. LEEMAN SNODGRAS Alpha Kappa Kappa. Ann Arbor, Michigan M.D. JOSEPHINE MARGUERITE SNYDER Onekama, Michigan Class Secretary-Treasurer (4); Student Council (4). R.N. ROSCOE HOWE SNYDER Sigma Pi; Phi Beta Pi. NANCE SOLOMON Bay City, Michigan M.D. A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Phi; Daily (3, 4); Choral Union (3); Junior Girls ' Play. SAM SORKIN Phi Lambda Kappa. E. CLIFFORD SOULTS Phi Chi. ROBERT HENRY SOUTHCOMBE Alpha Kappa Kappa; Galens. CALVIN N. SOUTHER . Spokane, Washington Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Alpha Delta. CHARLES JOSEPH SPAULDING Ann Arbor, Michigan Michigan Union Opera (i); Michigan-Erie Club. Flint, Michigan Great Bend, New York Suite, Montana A.B. M.D. M.D. A.B. A.B. D.D.S. BENJAMIN SPECTOR Newark, New Jersey Alpha Omega; Dental Society; Assistant Manager of Minor Sports (2). ARTHUR E. SPENCER, JR. Delta Chi. Joplin, Missouri LL.B. A.B. DOROTHY MAR,Y SPENCER Jackson, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Junior Girls ' Play; Freshman Spread. Page 165 O $s- $$ r -- C %f S J. AVERY SPENCER Phi Beta Pi. CARLETON FRANCIS SPIES South Haven, Michigan Marshall, Michigan MAYNARD EDWIN SPROUL Kalamazoo, Michigan JAMES ALLEN SPROWL . Lansing, Michigan Alpha Chi Rho; Delta Theta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Michigan Daily (i, 2). A.B. A.B. A.B. A.B. A.B. MYRLE EDWARD ST. AUBIN . . Mi. Clemens, Michigan Business Administration Club; Treasurer of J-Hop Com- mittee; Mt. Clemens Club. RAYMOND F. STAEBLER Dental Society. Ann Arbor, Michigan GEORGE HENDRICKSON STALKER Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Theta Phi; Barristers. HAWLEY EDWARD STARK Cleveland, Ohio Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Theta Phi. ALICE LUETTA STARKWEATHER . Kalamazoo, Michigan D.D.S. LL.B. A.B. A.B. PAUL STARRETT ....... B.S. in A. Winnetka, Illinois Sigma Phi; Swimming (2, 3, 4); Class President (l); Treasurer (2); Chairman Union Fathers ' Day (3). E. MILTON STAUB . .... A.B. Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan Kappa Delta Rho; Phi Beta Pi; Players ' Club (3, 4); Treasurer (4); Student Christian Association (3). HAROLD EDWIN STEDMAN ...... M.D. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Chi. CAROLINE STEEN . . ... A.B. Joliet, Illinois Gamma Phi Beta; Junior Girls ' Play; Rifle (3, 4). JOHN PAUL STEFAN . . . . B.S. in Eng. Grand Rapids, Michigan Page 166 SL r- 3fc ' - 6 BYRON CLIFFORD STEFFELD Phi Chi. Saginaw, Michigan A.B. EARL WILLIAM STEFFES . . . B.S. in A. Detroit, Michigan Phi Kappa. WILLIAM JOHN STELLWAGEN .... Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. EDWARD ALEXANDER STEPHEN . . A.M. in Bus. Ad. Port Huron, Michigan GERTRUDE STEPHEN Vassar, Michigan CHARLOTTE BLANCK STEPHENS Detroit, Michigan LEIGHTON L. STEPHENS Trigon; Tennis (3, 4). Detroit, Michigan A.B. A.B. A.B. ROBERT ALDEN STEPHENS . . . A.B. in Ed. Sandusky, Ohio Wrestling (2, 3). HELEN A. G. STEPHENSON Delta Omicron; Choral Union. Detroit, Michigan B.M. ALBERT MILTON STERN ..... LL.B. Allegan, Michigan Phi Sigma Delta; Delta Sigma Rho; Adelphi; Varsity Debate (3, 4); Reserve Football (2). S. ALBERT STERN . ... Glencoe, Illinois Phi Epsilon Pi; Michigan Daily (i, 2). A.B. Detroit, Michigan A.B. A.B. WILLIAM HENRY STERN Sigma Alpha Mu. ETHEL P. STEVENSON . Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta; Junior Girls ' Play. HOWARD RICHARD STEVENSON . . . B.S. in E.E. Detroit, Michigan Delta Alpha Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Triangles; Vulcans. V P Page 167 J - s - c $f T EDWARD SCHAAD STIMSON . Columbus, Ohio Delta Theta Phi; Law Review. SUSAN LEONA STIVERSON Hudson, Michigan Scalpel; Class President (i); Y. W. C. A. FORD STODDARD LL.B. R.N. A.B. JPilmettf, Illinois Phi Sigma Kappa; Athletic Committee (3); Opera (3). KEITH CROWL STONE ... Ann Arbor, Michigan Sigma Pi; Sigma Delta Chi; Student Press Club. MARION CLAYTON STONE Jackson, Michigan Business Administration Club. VOLNEY EDWARD STOREY Shabbona, Illinois A.B. M.B.A. A.B. MARIAN FLORINE STORREY ..... A.B. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta; Mummers; Junior Girls ' Play. FRANK C. STRACHAN ..... Colorado Springs, Colorado Phi Delta Theta; Opera (4). HAROLD EUGENE STRICKER Tau Kappa Epsilon. WILLARD GILBERT STRICKLAND Theta Kappa Nu. Bucyrus, Ohio Hart, Michigan A.B. A.B. A.B. in Ed. R.N. GRACIA LORRAINE STRONG . Rockford, Michigan Class President (i), Vice-President (4); Scalpel Staff (4); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3); Choral Union (3, 4). KENITH G. STRU NK . Hermitage. . B.S. in Aero. Eng. Detroit, Michigan ALFRED PARKER STUART Marshall, Michigan Sigma Delta Kappa. LOWELL S. STUMP New Paris, Indiana A.B. LL.B. HARLEY LORRAINE STUNTZ JR. Chicago Illinois Alpha Sigma Phi; Adelphi Chimes (i). A.B. STELLA M. STUROS . . B.S. in Ed. Laurium, Michigan Martha Cook; Class Hockey Team (i, 2, 3, 4); Class Basketball (i, 2, 3); Class Baseball (i, 2, 3); University Women ' s Rifle Team (3, 4); Rifle Manager W. A. A. (4); Junior Girls ' Play; Choral Union (4); Physical Education (i, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (3). BERNICE E. SUKOW Sturgis, Michigan Delta Omicron; Choral Union. CARL S. SULLIVAN . Detroit, Michigan Phi Sigma; Dental Society. EVELYN MARY SULLIVAN Flint, Michigan HARRY JAMES SULLIVAN McKeesport, Pennsylvania B.M. . D.D.S. B.M. A.B. MONROE SULLIVAN, JR. Grand Rapids, Michigan Psi Omega; Dental Society. ROBERT J. SULLIVAN .... Fredonia, New York LUDWIG WEBSTER SUNDQUIST Muskegon, Michigan HAROLD WILLIAM SURBROOK Jackson, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi. ROYDEN TATSUO SUSUMAGO . Honomu, Hawaii Choral Union (3, 4); Glee Club (4). RICHARD LIGHTBURN SUTTON, JR. Kansas City, Missouri Phi Delta Theta; Phi Rho Sigma; Phi Sigma. CARL WALTER SWANSON Alpha Kappa Kappa. Calumet, Michigan PHILIP WILLIAM SWARTWOUT Marshall, Michigan Sigma Phi Epsilon. D.D.S. . A.B. A.B. A.B. B.M. B.S. M.D. A.B. Page 160 X S8 S!- JS- f +tifas ez- jg LOUIS J. SWARTZ . . . . Detroit, Michigan Phi Beta Delta; Dental Society. JOSEPH A. SWEENEY ... Mount Pleasant, Michigan Psi Omega; Dental Society. ARTHUR PAUL SWEET Phi Delta Kappa. WENDELL H. SWEET Orion, Michigan Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Kappa Kappa; Alpha Sigma Phi. CHARLES ROBERT SWINEHART Rochester, Indiana Theta Chi; Editor, Gargoyle. D.D.S. D.D.S. A.B. in Ed. M.D. A.B. FRANCES MARIE SWITZENBERG . . . . " A.B. in M. Allegan, Michigan Delta Omicron; Girls ' Glee Club (2, 3, 4), Business Manager (4); Choral Union (2, 3, 4); Symphonic League. EDWIN STITT TAIT Detroit, Michigan A.B. GARLAND DAVISSON TAIT . . . A.B. Battle Creek, Michigan Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Band (2, 3). YAE TANAKA STANLEY J. TANNER Gummaken, Japan Charlotte, Michigan HARRY LEO TAPPERMAN Highland Park, Michigan Phi Lambda Kappa. KATHERINE E. TATROE Monroe, Michigan A.B. A.B. A.B. A.B. in Ed. DONALD DAVID TAYLOR .... B.S. in M.E. Signal Mi., Tennessee Phi Delta Theta. JAMES DONALD TAYLOR Alpha Tau Omega. Mt. Clemens, Michigan A.B. Page 170 $ z 3fc+ NORMAN EUGENE TAYLOR . A.B. Sarnia, Ontario Delta Sigma Pi; Class Treasurer (3); Michigan Union Committee (3). SANDFORD BAYARD TAYLOR Ann Arbor, Michigan REED WALLACE TEED Alpha Omega Alpha. ALEXANDER TEPPERT CHARLES HIRAM TERMAN Delta Sigma Phi. Sayre, Pennsylvania Detroit, Michigan Greenwich, Ohio CHARLES CHAPIN TERRY, JR. South Bend, Indiana Zeta Psi; Nu Sigma Nu. GLADYS ANNE THIBAUT Phi Gamma Mu. ... Millington, Michigan LAURA ELIZABETH THOMAS . Port Huron, Michigan Helen Newberrv Residence. A.B. M.D. B.A. A.B. M.D. A.B. A.B. THESA THOMAS . . . A.B. in Ed. Traer, Iowa Delta Zeta; Glee Club; Choral Union. FORREST WILSON THOMPSON . . B.S. in C.E. York, Pennsylvania DOLE F. THOMPSON Tau Sigma Delta. STIRLING HUNTER THOMSON Palo Alto, California Lima, Ohio Phi Kappa Tau; Kappa Phi Sigma. G. GILBERT THORNE Trigon. Detroit, Michigan HARRIET LUCILLE THORNTON Farmington, Michigan Assistant Editor Scalpel (2). B.S. in A. A.B. A.B. R.N. r- Z3ll$i (J V l fUa - U ' V V AJ DONALD JAMES THORP . . . M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Chi Phi; Phi Rho Sigma; Honor Committee (6, 8); Student Council (4); Comedy Club. HELEN MAY THORPE ....... B.A. Omaha, Nebraska Gamma Phi Beta; Junior Girls ' Play; Pan-Hellenic Com- mittees and Delegate. CATHERINE FREDERIKKE THORSOE Clinton, Iowa A.B. WALTER ERNEST THULIN ... . B.S. in A. Pleasant Ridge, Michigan Trigon; Tau Sigma Delta; Class President (2); Vice- President Arch. Society (4). PEI-YEH TIEN FLORENCE MARIE TILTON HOMER JACKSON TINDALL China Cleveland, Ohio MlLO TlPTON .... Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Delta Phi. Montezuma, Iowa Tabor, Iowa B.S. in E. A.B. in Ed. . A.B. . LL.B. A.B. DOROTHY BLASEN TISCH Grand Rapids, Michigan Pi Beta Phi; Pi Lambda Theta; Le Cercle Francais, President (4). JOHN DAVID TODD Beaumont, Texas Kappa Delta Rho; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. A.B. ALVIN WILLIAM TOLLE ..... A.B. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Phi Epsilon; Chairman Entertainment Committee Michigan Union (2); Michigan Chimes Business Staff (2); Varsity Cheerleader (2); Chairman Social Commit- tee (i); Chairman " Frosh Frolic " (i); Michigan Union Opera (2); Fall Games Committee (3, 4). WARD C. TOLLZIEN . . . . . . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Beta Theta Pi; Mimes (3); Druids (4); Michigan Opera (2, 3, 4); General Chairman (4). FLOSSIE ANNE TOMKINSEN . . A.B. in Ed. Clio, Michigan Adelia Cheever House; Women ' s Educational Club. SOPHIA ANN TOMMASON Lauriun, Michigan B.S. Page 172 - J c: 5j2 !fe=-ii s r - %f ' M. DEAN TONNELIER ... Benton Harbor, Michigan Alpha Tau Omega; Dental Society. HARRY A. TOPCIK ..... Detroit, Michigan Alpha Omega; Dental Society. WILLIS EDWARD TOPPER .... Greensburg, Pennsylvania Michigan Athletic Managers ' Club (4); Michigan Daily (l); Michiganensian (2); Track Manager (4), Assistant Track Manager (3); Board of Directors Athletic Associa- tion (4); Michigan Union Opera (2); Cheerleader (2). D.D.S. D.D.S. A.B. ABRAM MORRIS TORGOW Choral Union (3, 4). ROSE MERLE TOWE Detroit, Michigan Detroit, Michigan Social Director Y. W. C. A. (3). JOHN McMiLLAN TOWNSEND Wyandotte, Michigan Phi Chi. A.B. R.N. B.S. ARTHUR JOHN TRAPP ..... B.S. in C.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Web and Flange; American Society oi Chemical Engi- neers. GLADYS MARTINE TRAUT . Honolulu, Hawaii FLORENCE MARY TREVARROW Negaunee, Michigan HAROLD PRESTON TROY Olympia, Washington Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi. FREELING M. TRUESDALE Erie, Pennsylvania Phi Delta Chi; Prescott Club (3, 4). SHARLETT FLOSIE TRUXTOX KYUEH TSUNG TSANG . Chinese Students ' Club. Eagle, Michigan Shanghai, China HARLOW ORCUTT TUBES Ann Arbor, Michigan Class President (2, 3). A.B. in Ed. A.B. in Ed. LL.B. B.S. in Ph. A.B. in Ed. . B.S. A.B. in Ed. ; 2 ffi s o iv HERMAN ARTHUR TUCKER B.S. in A. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Rho Chi; Architectural Society. ARTHUR RAY TURNER M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan President (2); Vice-President (i); Craftsmen Club. EDWARD MARKHAM TURNER . . A.B. St. Louis, Missouri Alpha Phi Alpha. A.B. LOUISE ELIZABETH TURNER . Lyons, Colorado Delta Gamma; Portia; Le Cercle Francais; Point System Committee (3); Junior Girls ' Play. ROBERT GARFIELD TURNER . . . D.D.S. Jackson, Michigan Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Delta; Dental Society; Class President (4); Dental Student Council (4); Chair- man Executive Board (4). ESTHER LOUISE TUTTLE . .... A.B. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Kappa Gamma; Wyvern; Junior Girls ' Play; Social Committee of Women ' s League (2, 3, 4), Chair- man; Secretary Pan-Hellenic; Class Secretary (3, 4). RUTH BEATRICE TUTTLE . . . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Kappa Gamma; Junior Girls ' Play (3); Board of Representatives Women ' s League (4); Point System Committee Women ' s League (3, 4). JOSEPH PETER ULASICH Iromvood, Michigan WILLIAM EMERY ULLMANN . Elmhurst, Illinois Zeta Psi. LEE C. UPDEGRAFF Alpena, Michigan GERALDINE H. URIST .... Chicago, Illinois La Sociedad Hispanica; Players ' Club. CECELIA VANDEN BOSSCHE Detroit, Michigan A.B. . A.B. B.S. in M.E. . A.B. A.B. in Ed. B.S. MARGUERITE VANDER CLOCK Passaic, New Jersey Cosmopolitan Club; Senior Advisory Council (4); Presi- dent Honor Council (3). ROBERT GRISWOLD VANDERLIP Men ' s Educational Club. Washington, D. C. A.B. in Ed. ! r S - -- Sf g ROBERT M. VAN DUZER . . B.S. in M.E. Bartlesville, Oklahoma Lambda Chi Alpha; Assistant Manager Baseball (3); Assistant Manager Band (2). ALBERT VAN EERDEN . Grand Rapids, Michigan Glee Club. RUTH R. VAN GILDER Martha Cook. GORDON VAN LOAN Alpha Sigma Phi JACOB R. VAN Loo Dental Society. Toledo, Ohio Chicago, Illinois Grand Rapids, Michigan ADRIANNA VAN LOPIK .... Grand Haven, Michigan JOHN P. VAN OSDOL .... Peru, Indiana Psi Omega; Dental Society; Class Secretary (2). STEVEN LYBROOK VAN RIPER Cassopolis, Michigan Phi Beta Pi. A.B. A.B. in Ed- A.B. D.D.S. B.S. in Ed. D.D.S. M.D. JAMES LEON VAN VLIET . . B.S. in Ch.E. Detroit, Michigan HAZEL MAE VAN WINKLE A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan MURRAY A. VARNEY B.S. in M.E. Birmingham, Michigan LAURENT KIMBALL VARNUM . . . LL.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Beta Kappa; Barristers; Michigan Law Review; Student Council. ROBERT OTTO VARNUM Benton Ridge, Ohio Kappa Delta Rho; Players ' Club (3, 4). EDWIN P. VARY Battle Creek, Michigan Chi Psi; Nu Sigma Nu. Page 175 A.B.. A.B. fc 1 i HBH MlMI MIHIMHV MH B BH rt tt W " S 1 ( O JSfifc) 3 C ffif 5 JACK. AARON VATZ .... Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Phi Delta Epsilon. THEODORE ARTHUR VEENSTRA Holton, Michigan A.B. B.S. ELEANOR VERDIER ..... A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan Pi Beta Phi. JOHN BENJAMIN VERHOEK . . . B.S. in C.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan LAL C. VERMAN . . B.S. in E.E. Armitsar, India Hindustan Club; Tau Beta Pi; Cosmopolitan Club; American Institute oi Electrical Engineers. DOROTHY VESTAL B.S. in Phv. Ed. Indianapolis, Indiana JAMES ALLEN VICKERY A.B. Alpha Sigma Phi; Mimes. Bellevue, Ohio ALICE LUCILE VLIET ...... A.B. in Ed. Birmingham, Michigan Pi Lambda Theta; Portia. FREDERICK VON VOIGTLANDER . . . B.S. in E.E. Jackson, Michigan Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Scabbard and Blade (4); Society oi American Military Engineers (4); American Institute oi Electrical Engineers (3) (4) DAVID VOKES ...... Detroit, Michigan Phi Kappa Tau; Michigan Daily (i, 2, 3, 4). A.B. MARIE DOROTHY VOLZ . . A.B. in Ed. Oxford, Michigan KITTIE E. VREELAND Wyandotte, Michigan BERNICE M. C. WAGNER Martha Cook. Toledo, Ohio A.B. in Ed. A.B. in Ed. HARVEY ARTHUR WAGNER . . . B.S. in M.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Tau Beta Pi. Page 176 C - $ -Zi3!fc HARRIET PAULINE WAGNER LESLIE E. WAGNER Nashville, Michigan Kalamawo, Michigan HOWARD E. WAHRENBROCK Kansas Cit , Missouri R.N. B.S. in Ed. J.D. CORNELIA FRANCES WALKER . . . A.B. in Ed. Fowler, Indiana Zeta Tau Alpha; Spanish Club (3); Honor Council (3). EDWIN WITHERBY WALKER . B.S. in Aero. Eng. Brockport, New York Gym T eam (4); Treasurer Aero Eng. Society; Treasurer Balloon Club; Society of Automotive Engineers; Ameri- can Society of Mechanical Engineers (5). HARRY CARL WALKER . B.S. in Geodesy and Surveying Elgin, Illinois Varsity Glee Club (3). AUGUST S. WALKOWSKI .... Bessemer, Michigan Phi Beta Pi; Gogebic Range Club. WILLIAM VINCENT WALLACE Utica, New York Delta Upsilon. KLYVER ALFRED WALLEN Michigan Technic (2). LUCILLE WALSH Ewen, Michigan M.D. M.D. A.B. in Ed. A.B. Grand Ledge, Michigan Delta Gamma; Wyvern; Mortarboard; Inlander; Hockey (I, 2, 3 , 4); Rine (I, 2, 3). LAVERNE WILLIAM VALTMAN Peru, Illinois ROBERT CLARK WALTON Hastings, Michigan Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WILLIAM CLARE WALZ Sigma Nu. TA-Sui WANG Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. A.B. A.B. A.B. in Municipal Administration Anhwei, China 5 Page 777 -- ffi 3fc MARGARET ELLEN WARD ... . A.B. Freeland, Michigan STUART H. WARD . . D.D.S. St. Johns, Michigan Psi Omega; Dental Society; Class Secretary (3); Chair- man Program Committee; Chairman Invitation Com- mittee (4); Union Dance Committee (3). CHARLOTTE LOUISE ARDELL . . . A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan EDNA MARY WARNER . . . . . A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Le Cercle Francais; Junior Girls ' Play. CHARLES FORD WARREN . ... A.B. Brooklyn, New York Chi Psi; Phi Beta Kappa. W T ILLIAM ALFRED WARRICK, JR. . . . . . A.B. Flint, Michigan Beta Theta Pi; Sphinx; Michigamua; Mimes; Michigan- ensian Art Editor; Cheerleader Captain; Student Coun- cil; Wrestling (2); Michigan Union Opera. SAME SEIICHI W T ASHIZUKA . . B.S. in A. Seattle, Washington THADDEUS FRANCIS WASIELEWSKI . . . A.B. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Daily (3, 4), Summer Daily (3). HENRY COLLINS WASS ..... M.D. Port Huron, Michigan M. ELAINE WASSINK ... ... A.B. Sunfield, Michigan Alpha Delta; Secretary Mandolin Club (3); Spanish Club (3, 4). DORIS MARJORIE WATKINS . . A.B. in Lib.Sc. Milford, Michigan SAMUEL TYLER WATSON ...... A.B. Reading, Michigan Phi Gamma Delta; Druids; Sphinx; Blue Key; Michigan- ensian Editorial (i, 2, 3); Michiganensian Feature Editor (3); Cheerleader (3); Student Council (4). MAC EACHERN WATTERWORTH Port Huron, Michigan A.B. HERBERT PROSSER WATTS . . . . B.S. in A. Adrian, Michigan Psi Upsilon; Tau Sigma Delta; Treasurer of Arch. Society (3). - r C - JSfs gs c A JAMES J. WEADOCK, JR. ... A.B. Lima, Ohio Sigma Delta Kappa; Barristers; Cheerleader (i, 2, 3); Chairman Senior Law Social Committee. DAVID MERRILL WEEKS South Bend, Indiana Alpha Kappa Kappa; Track (3, 4). IRMA KATHERINE WEIDMAN AMELIA WEIGER Ann Arbor, Michigan Grand Rapids, Michigan Louis ARTHUR WEIL, JR. Port Huron, Michigan SIDNEY WEINGARDEN EDWIN LOWELL WEIR Detroit, Michigan Indianapolis, Indiana LER.OY RICHARD WEIS Sigma Alpha Mu. ABRAHAM WEISBERG Chicago, Illinois Detroit, Michigan JOSEPH M. WEISS, JR. Highland Park, Michigan Kappa Nu. AARON WEISWASSER . Boxing (2); Swimming. WILMA JUNE WELCH MARVIN J. WELFELD Phi Epsilon Pi. WALTER CARL WELKE Detroit, Michigan Ashtabula, Ohio Chicago, Illinois . M.D. . A.B. A.B. . A.B. . A.B. . A.B. J.D. . A.B. A.B. . LL.B. . R.X. A.B. . B.M. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Alpha " Epsilon Mu; Varsity Glee Club (3, 4); Varsity Band (3, 4); Symphony Orchestra (i, 2, 3, 4); Choral Union (i, 2, 3, 4). fat 4 W f - ' ? % ft OT5 S ) C ;: - rCSl2$ S =rVC3 j - ? C fa Sr- % g . ' V QuiNCY WlNTHROP WELLINGTON . . B.S. in M.E. Corning, New York Theta Delta Chi; Triangles (3); Vulcans (4); Technic (i). HUGH WELLMEIER Chi Psi; Xu Sigma Nu. MARYON ETTA WELLS Dayton, Ohio Detroit, Michigan MASON LINDSAY WELLS Theta Delta Chi. ROY FREDERICK WELLS Benton Harbor, Michigan M.D. A.B. A.B. A.B. Athens, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Mu; Kappa Kappa Psi; Le Cercle Fran- cais (3, 4); Varsity Band (i, 2, 3); President Varsity Band (4); Treasurer Le Cercle Francais; Director Alpha Epsilon Mu. OLIVE MABLE WERNER Lake Linden, Michigan GERALD MARION WERTZ Knightstown, Indiana Acacia; Kappa Phi Sigma; Craftsman Club (4). LESLIE JOHN WESSINGER Sigma Phi Epsilon. JEAN R. WESTBROOK RUTH VANBUREN WESTERVELT Ann Arbor, Michigan R.N. A.B. A.B. Croswell, Michigan Detroit, Michigan EDWARD ANTHONY WESTIN Newberry, Michigan Delta Theta Phi. RICHARD B. WESTNEDGE Theta Delta Chi. DOROTHY WHEELER Kalamawo, Michigan Saginaiv, Michigan Dental Hygiene . A.B. LL.B. . A.B. . A.B. D.D.S. DON CARLOS WHEELER . ... Detroit, Michigan Psi Omega; Dental Society; Secretary Dental Society (4); Craftsmen Club. Page iSo PC O $ 3!fa r CHANDLER HENRY WHIPPLE . . A.B. Jackson, Michigan Pi Kappa Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; Michigan Daily (i, 2), Xight Editor Summer Daily (3); Inlander (4). VIRGINIA IDELLE WHIPPLE . A.B. in Ed. Jackson, Michigan La Sociedad Hispanica (3, 4); Players ' Club (i). HALFORD EDWIN WHITACRE Beta Theta Pi; Phi Chi. MARY LOUISE WHITACRE CARL Louis WHITCHURCH Michigan Law Review. Ann Arbor, Michigan Canton, Ohio Centralia, Illinois M.D. . M.A. . J.D. CAROL NEWTON WHITE . . . B.S. in Ph. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Delta Chi; Prescott Club. LEWIS N. WHITE, JR. Theta XL Utica, New York MARGARET ELLEN WHITMAN Buchanan, Michigan DOUGLAS MONROE WHITTEMORE . ... Ann Arbor, Michigan B.S. in M.E. . A.B. . A.B. A.B. JOHN ARTHUR WHITWORTH . . . Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Delta Theta; Scabbard and Blade (4); Michigan Union Opera (2). ROLAND NORMAN WIEDMAYER Saline, Michigan A.B. LEON AUSTIN WILBER .... A.B. in Ed. Caro, Michigan Lambda Chi Alpha. ALICE WILCOX . . A.B. Chicago, Illinois Alpha Gamma Delta; Mu Phi Epsilon; Kappa Phi (2); Junior Girls ' Play, Music Committee; Pan-Hellenic Ball Committee (3). BURL DOWNING W T ILES ... Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi. A.B. Page 181 RUTH HILTON WILKIE .... A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega. ROBERT WEYMOUTH WILKINS . A.B. and M.D. Battle Creek, Michigan Chi Psi; Ku Sigma Nu; Galens; Medical Vice-President Michigan Union. ETHEL MATHILDA WILKINSON Orleans, Michigan Le Cercle Francais. ALLAN ORVILLE WILLIAMS Alpha Sigma Phi. Chicago, Illinois FRANCES McCAiN WILLIAMS Alpha Phi. GRACE ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Alpha Epsilon Iota. Glasgow, Kentucky Cedar Falls, Iowa ROSSER SIMONS WILLIAMS . Plymouth, Michigan W. HUGH WILLIAMS Sigma Delta Kappa. FRANCIS E. WILMOT Wyandotte, Michigan B.S. in Ed. . A.B. A.B. in Ed. M.D. . Ph.C. . LL.B. A.B. Gladwin, Michigan Theta Chi; Minor Sports Manager (4). ANGELENE GRAETEL WILSON . . A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Mu Phi Epsilon; Masques (4); Junior Girls ' Plav; Girls ' Glee Club (2, 3). H. L. WILSON D.D.S. Paw Paw, Michigan Xi Psi Phi; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Dental Society; Class Secretary (i); Band (i, 2, 3, 4); Chairman Cane Com- mittee. HOWARD RAYMOND WILSON . . . B.S. in Ch.E. Highland Park, Michigan Alpha Chi Sigma. JOHN CHARLES WILSON . . B.S. in M.E. St. Joseph, Michigan MARJORIE WILSON ..... . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta; Junior Girls ' Play. Pagf 182 i $f :g HOLLAND OWEN WILSON Enid, Oklahoma LL.B. SYDNEY JAMES WILSON . . . . A.B. Detroit, Michigan Lawyers ' Club; Michigan Daily Business Staff (3). ZADA LOUISE WILSON Junior Girls ' Play. B elding, Michigan ALEXANDER WOODWARD WINKLER Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Beta Kappa; Quadrangles; Acolytes. MARGARET ANNE WINKWORTH Detroit, Michigan HARRY E. W ' INSLOW .... Clayton, New York Varsity Glee Club (3); Choral Union (3). A.B. in Ed. A.B. A.B. A.B. CAROLYN WISE . . B.M. in Ed. Alexandria, Indiana Delta Omicron; Choral Union; Symphonic Lejfgue; University Symphony Orchestra. MARTIN GILBERT WISLER . Grand Rapids, Michigan WILLIAM DORIC WISMER Detroit, Michigan JOHN HOMER WITHERSPOON Detroit, Michigan Delta Chi; Football (2, 3, 4); S. C. A. (3). ELIZABETH CARROLL WIVEL . Ashtabula, Ohio LL.B. A.B. LL.B. R.N. RICHARD WOELLHAF . . ... A.B. South Haven, Michigan Mimes; Comedy Club. FREDERICK CHARLES WOLCOTT . . . . A.B. Flint, Michigan Sigma Chi; Michigan Daily (3, 4); Union Opera (3); Michigan Union (2, 3, 4). Louis NORTON WOLF Wrestling. Kansas City, Missouri LL.B. ,,., - e FLORENCE LOUISE WOLFE Grand Rapids, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta. A.B. JAMES DANIEL WOLFE . ... LL.B. Bradford, Pennsylvania Gamma Eta Gamma; Barristers; President Freshman Law Class; Chairman Picture Committee (4). HELEN ANNA OLTER .... Benton Harbor, Michigan Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Choral Union (2, 3, 4). A.B. ELMER E. WOLLERING ...... M.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Varsity Band (2, 3); American Society of Mechanical Engineers. DILLON DEARLE WOLVERTON Adrian, Michigan Men ' s Educational Club. ARTHUR RICHARD WOOD Grand Rapids, Michigan Law Club; Scabbard and Blade; Law Review. ESTHER DAMARIS WOOD Detroit, Michigan Delta Gamma; Junior Girls ' Play. ARTHUR ROBERTSON WOODBURNE Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Upsilon; Nu Sigma Nu. HARRIS LINCOLN WOODBURNE Hastings, Michigan Phi Beta Pi. GRANT R. WOODFORD GERALD GAIL WOODS Detroit, Michigan A.B. in Ed. LL.B. A.B. in Ed. M.D. A.B. B.S. in E.E. A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Delta Kappa; Men ' s Educational Club. EMILY ELY WOODWARD . . . . .A.B. Fitchburg, Massachusetts Gamma Phi Beta; Sigma Alpha Iota; Freshman Glee Club; University Glee Club (2, 3); Junior Girls ' Play. THOMAS SAMUEL WOODWARD Acacia. MARY FRANCES WOOLFITT Leetonia, Ohio Bay City, Michigan Delta Zeta; Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); Women ' s League Life Membership Drive (3); Bazaar Committee (3); Kappa Phi. A.B. A.B. Page 184 s. ft - 3!fe 5 $ f _ , , MARJORIE L. WOOLLETT ... . B.E. in Ed. Chicago, Illinois Martha Cook; Kappa Phi; Y. W. C. A. DONALD H. WORCESTER Big Rapids, Michigan Lawyers ' Club. A.B. ALICE WORDEN . . . A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Women ' s League House Organization Committee; " Y " Campaign Committee. FRANK WOREL . . B.S. in E.E. Detroit, Michigan American Institute of Electrical Engineers. DOROTHY WORKMAN ...... A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Kappa; Senior Publication Committee; Junior Girls ' Play. JOHN KYLE WORLEY . Delta Tau Delta. Chevy Chase, D. C. A.B. B. DONALD WRIGHT . . ... A.B. New Rochelle, New York Delta Phi. EVA ALICE WRIGHT . ... A.B. in Ed. Grand Blanc, Michigan Phi Gamma Mu. FRED A. WRIGHT Paragould, Arkansas MAX SINGER WRIGHT Grand Rapids, Michigan B.S. in E. M.D. WILLIAM EVERETT WRIGHT . B.S. in C.E. Ironwood, Michigan FREDERIC KIRTLAND WYKES Grand Rapids, Michigan Pi Kappa Alpha. A.B. GEORGE F. WYLLIE ... . B.S. in C.E. Durand, Michigan Tau Beta Pi; Web and Flange. HOWARD E. YACKEE . B.S. in E.E. Wakefield, Michigan Page 183 ffif sr SHUI CHING YANG . . . A.B. in Ed. Canton, China Women ' s Educational Club; Vice-President of Chinese Students ' Club; Cosmopolitan Club. JOHN OLIVER YEASTING . A.B. Fostoria, Ohio Delta Sigma Rho; President Junior Business Adminis- tration Class; Band. SHIU KEE YEE . Canton, China Chinese Students ' Club, President. H. G. YELLAND Delta Chi. Escanaba, Michigan A.B. A.B. CLARENCE HELMICK YOUNG . . . B.S. in E.E. Randolph, New York Tau Beta Pi; Craftsmen Club. GLENN W. YOUNG .... Flint, Michigan Phi Kappa Tau; Junior Class Social Committee. A.B. B.S. in Ph. HELEN RUTH YOUNG .... Fort Wayne, Indiana Rho Chi; Prescott Club, Secretary (2, 3); Class Secretary (i), Vice-President (4). LLOYD BENNETT YOUNG Phi Chi. Detroit, Michigan M.D. NATHAN CHARLES ZACK . . . . .A.B. Detroit, Michigan VLADIMIR PETER ZACK Cosmopolitan Club (4). Ames, Iowa CHARLES JOSEPH ZAMIARA . Grand Rapids, Michigan RAFAEL Luis ZAMORA Aguadilla, Porto Rico GWENDOLYN LOUISE ZIEGLER Mt. Clemens, Michigan B.S. in Ch.E. . A.B. M.D. R.N. ARTHUR JOHN ZIMMERMAN . . . . B.S. in A. Marine City, Michigan Kappa Sigma; Class Treasurer (3); Invitation Commit- tee (4). Page 186 O ' 3 $@e s% LOWER CLASS - cgfes - g x. GILBERT WERTEL HUBBARD LOUNSBERRY 1928 LITERATURE, SCIENCE AND ARTS OFFICERS CHARLES B. GILBERT FLORENCE WERTEL . FRANCES I. HUBBARD WILLIAM LOUNSBERRY COMMITTEES Advisory WAYNE SCHROEDER Chairman MARY VAN DUERSON CASSAM WILSON KATHERINE FERGUSON Athletic JAMES POLING Chairman FRANK WACHTER MAXWELL NICKERSON FENTON RABER NORMAN GABEL Financial Louis GILBERT Chairman GEORGE ANNABLE GEORGE HAMMOND ROBERT LELAND WILLIAM LEE WENDALL SMITH Auditing THOMAS FITZGIBBONS Chairman LUTHER CARPENTER LAWRENCE PETTIBONE JOHN GLOVER WILLIAM WEINMAN President Fice-President Secretary Treasurer Class Book COURTLAND SMITH Chairman LOUISA SMITH W ' ILLIAM MAZER JANET TREMBLE KATHERINE KYER ISABEL STITT Social JACK HEDRICK Chairman JACK OTTOWAY RICHARD LUTES LOUISE EASTMAN STAFFORD JONES JEAN GREENSHIELDS ROBERT SHAMBAUGH JAMES F. MILLER, JR. EDWARD LAUGE WILLIAM PRESCOTT PAUL ENDRIES ALBERT GILLINGHAM RUTH MOORE WILLIAM CAMPBELL Publicity CARLTON CHAMPE Chairman JAMES HUGHEY GEORGE NICHOLSON HERBERT VEDDER Pagt iSS $ffe X CO WELL FLORENCE VAN TUYL MATHES 1928 ENGINEERING OFFICERS WAYNE G. COWELL JAMES FLORENCE LAWRENCE VAN TUYL JOHN MATHES COMMITTEES Distinctive Dress TOM KING Chairman FRANCIS NORQUIST WILLIAM HAAG CHARLES ROBINSON EVERETT LANE Athletic Committee EDWARD TILLOTSON Chairman MARION HODGSON JEROME WOOD ALEX WILLS LESLEY WESTON President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Finance Committee ROBERT HALSTED Chairman JOHN STARRETT EDWARD CHAPMAN Social Committee JAMES McKiLLEN Chairman LAWRENCE VAN TUYL ROBERT SNODGRASS J-Hop Committee CHARLES ROBINSON MARION HODGSON PAUL BURTON Page iSo X Jfc r - fc RICH FUNK BEVYL LYXDOV 1928 ARCHITECTURE OFFICERS EDWARD RICH MARGARET FUNK JAMES BEVYL . MAYNARD LYNDON President Vice- P res ident . Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Social ILLARD WENDT Chairman JAMES WELLS Louis JORDAN .Inditing PAUL OCPERMAN Chairman ROBERT JANURA STANLEY PODBIELNIAK Finance WILLIAM WIENER Chairman STANLEY ZUCK RICHARD STEWART Advisory FRANK JACKSON Chairman ARNOLD BENNHOFF FOREST GILDERSLEEVE LJ ' a; go LJ r- C fe DOYLE REGLIEN TROOST HUNTER 1928 MEDICINE OFFICERS FREDERICK M. DOYLE NORMAN C. REGLIEN FRANKLIN L. TROOST ELIZABETH G. HUNTER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Honor HARRY BRINKMAN Chairman EDWIN J. DOTY WILLIAM A. MURRAY Social DORMAN E. LICHTY Chairman DON W. H ED RICK ELMORE C. VONDERHEIDE Executive ABRAM L. VAN HORN Chairman EARL A. PETERMAN HUBERT VAN PEENAN CECIL W. LEPARD XORRIS M. HARDISTY X. Pagf x --- ffi WILSON RlDDEHING POLLOCK FEINSINGER 1928 LAW OFFICERS WILLIAM W. WILSON- CARL J. RIDDERING . FLORENCE POLLOCK NATHAN P. FEINSINGER President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Finance ALEXANDER DIAMOND Chairman BENEDICT W. EOVALDI GRIFFITH ALEXANDER HEROLD WALTER GERBER KRAPOHL A. E. SMITH NATHAN PAUL FEINSINGER Athletic MAURICE A. E. DAVEY Chairman RALPH BRODY Social JOHN F. MCCARTHY Chairman CHESTER LEHIGH BENEDICT, JR. RALPH M. SCHWARTZBERG THEODORE PATRICK RYAN BERNARD KENT DOYLE JOHN D. VOELKER Advisory LYMAN BREWSTER Chairman Louis S. MAY Auditing THOMAS RUSSELL BOYLE Chairman CHARLES S. BISHOP KENNETH MIDGELY Page X NORTH HUP MILLER ORCUTT CRANE 1928 DENTISTRY OFFICERS PHILIP NORTHROP . GARDNER MILLER . ROBERT ORCUTT WILLARD CRANE . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Social ROBERT NORTHROP Chairman JOHN SLINGER FRANK BEVERLY GEORGE SCOTT Athletic NAT RASNICK Finance HAROLD GREEN Chairman HOWARD AXFORD JOHN GALVIN ADELBERT TOEPPER Advisatory WILLARD CRAIN Chairman PHILLIPS WINGHELL KENNETH HIGGINS JACK ECKER Page 193 - C %f S J TWINING SHAW WINTERS SHAW 1928 PHARMACY OFFICERS RQSCOE M. TWINING LESTER W. SHAW . MARY E. WINTERS . HOMER E. SHAW President V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Social EDWARD S. BLAKE Chairman HELEN H. RUTHERFORD EARL S. MORTON PERCY L. BROOKS EDWARD A. NEHLSEN Auditing ALFRED C. LUDINGTON Chairman CLARENCE W. HOUCK MARY E. WINTERS LESTER W. SHAW SARAH SHOMER Finance OLIVER J. WEINKAUFF Chairman GEORGE D. BURGESS CHARLES M. McDoNALD ROLLAND I. SARRETT CLARENCE J. CERNEY Advisory ROSCOE M. TWINING OLIVER J. WEINKAUFF ALFRED C. LUDINGTON HOMER E. SHAW EDWARD S. BLAKE J-Hop Representative CLARENCE W. HOUCK P g ,04 -- 7T- fe - : KELLY TuTHILL ZOLLER MEAD 1928 EDUCATION OFFICERS EARL A. KELLY RHODA TUTHILL PAULINE ZOLLER SANFORD MEAD HELEN L. HAUSE ISABELLE STONE President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Organization Committee Social Committee GROUP REPRESENTATIVES SANFORD L. MEAD ESTHER A. BOOZE HELEN LOUISE HAUSE MARGARITE YEMNEKER R. W. BARSHNEY JESSIE M. MYERS RHODA TUTHILL ISABELLE STONE VALERIE GATES EARL KELLY KATHERINE KELLEY Lois PARKS PAUL COOK OMAR CORNELL MARIAN KELLEY GRACE OESTRIKE DOROTHY INGALLS VETA ARMBUSTER WALDO IRWIN MARGERY TODD EVELYN JOHNSON PAULINE E. ZOLLER Q Page ro s O C v 21 Y EASTING CRAWFORD BOFSKY GOLDMAN 1928 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION OFFICERS JOHN YEASTING CLYNE CRAWFORD . MILTON BOFSKY JULIAN GOLDMAN . President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Executive REGINALD PHILLIPS Chairman ALVIN BORG ROBERT JAROS Social MYRLE ST. AUBIN Chairman JULIAN GOLDMAN KENNETH CHURCH Financial MILTON BOFSKY Chairman HAROLD KAWKINS JOHN BORGWALD Advisory CLYNE CRAWFORD Chairman RICHARD MOORE Page 196 - C $f ASBECK VAN ANTWERP READING KNIGHT 1929 LITERATURE, SCIENCE AND ARTS OFFICERS FREDERICK M. ASBECK . BETTY BRUCE VAN ANTWERP MARIAN L. READING JOHN J. KNIGHT COMMITTEES Soph Prom FREDERICK R. PARKER Chairman MARY LOUISE MURRAY GEORGE ELLSWORTH RICH ELLEN A. GRINNELL JAMES E. DUFFIELD, JR. MARIAN J. MARSHALL ROBERT F. WARREN VIRGINIA L. READ JACK J. KELLEY C. H. BARNABY Athletic STANLEY J. HOZER Chairman H. K. MIETHE MARSHALL BODEN ERNEST McCoY ALVIN G. DAHLEM J. D. WHITTLE A. M. HUGHES A. WIARD H. TENENBOM ELGIN J. CASPER Finance CHESTER BENNETT Chairman FRANK MEESE EDWARD H. WACHS JOHN F. MILLER A. G. KRELL . President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Auditing J. MANDELSTAM Chairman J. W. TARBILL, JR. GERALD R. KINNALLY ELLEN E. SEBURN LEONE M. LEE Publicity HOWARD C. JACKSON Chairman HARLAN P. CRISTY CHARLES R. LOWE FRANK P. HOLMES KENNETH PATRICK HAROLD U. ANDREAE S. HOOKER M. BRADY J E. Advisory MARY LOUISE MURRAY ELLEN A. GRINNELL MARY ALICE MOORE BEATRICE M. BARRETT MARIAN J. MARSHALL VIRGINIA L. READ FREDERICK R. PARKER GEORGE E. RICH ROBERT F. WARREN C. H. BARNABY JACK J. KELLEY JAMES E. DUFFIELD BERNADINE MALAY JOHN F. MILLER St. Q Page 19? Q V !Je br- C S?g - a GlLMARTIX LESLIE SPINDLE SMITH 1929 ENGINEERS OFFICERS JOHN R. GILMARTIN THOMAS M. LESLIE . RICHARD SPINDLE . DONALD SMITH President . V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Social JOHN HAPKE Chairman WILLIAM R. KLECKNER AUSTIN J. PADDOCK GEORGE HUBBELL WILLIAM HOUGH NEIL McDouGALL Financial DONALD SMITH Chairman GORDON BROWN THOMAS YATES JEAN EASTERLY WILLIAM FORTUNE CHARLES MOORE Athletic GEORGE MARTIN Chairman ARTHUR MCDONALD NORMAN HEYM HOWARD STOREN GEORGE MCDONALD Page 198 kJ 3 r- :::g ' - HOLMES GIBS STONE ROUSE 1929 ARCHITECTS OFFICERS KENNETH HOLMES . VIRGINIA GIES HARRIET STONE MARSHALL ROUSE . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Social WALTER CHAFFEE Chairman MATHEW SPENCE RUTH ABRAHAM KENNETH BOLLINGER HARPER FOWLEY WILLIAM GEHRING Athletic LAWERENCE CLEMONS Chairman WILLIAM CRAWFORD Finance ROLAND GIES J. SELLERS BRADDOCK Page 199 .ft -- -c fe STEPANOVIK RICHTER OSGOOD OLMSTEAD 1929 MEDICINE OFFICERS GEORGE STEPANOVIK BERTHA J. RICHTER FRED P. OSGOOD KENNETH L. OLMSTEAD . President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Humor ABEL PECK Chairman JOHN W. VERDUIN Finance KENNETH OLMSTEAD Chairman RICHARD SUTTON NORTON CANFIELD RICHARD E. OLSEN Social JOHN R. FELLOWS Chairman MARION MEYER HAROLD MEIER WILLIAM G. MEIER, JR. Auditing RAYMOND C. WARNER Chairman PROSPER D. WHITE R. GILLAM WHITE Pagfzo - S Z R r HAHT BURKE SHEHAN REIN 1929 DENTISTRY OFFICERS RAYMOND A. HART . HAROLD L. BURKE . HARLOW L. SHEHAN VICTOR E. REIN . President Pice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Social HAZEN STREIT Chairman J. W. HARRISON ROLAND NISSLE Athletic STEWART DEVRIES Chairman MARK LAUNSBERRY WALDO CRITTENDON Finance VICTOR REIN Chairman LEONARD SIDLOW Louis A. SIGISMOND Welfare JOSEPH FINEMAN D. C. MILLER N. S. MAC VICAR y. - 2: Page20 ' . ft - ! $ - c f M ALLOY BOWEN SYLVESTER CAMPBELL 1929 PHARMACY OFFICERS WALTER J. MALLOY MARY E. BOWEN LEWIS R. SYLVESTER DOROTHY CAMPBELL President Fice-President Treasurer Secretary COMMITTEES Finance LEWIS R. SYLVESTER Chairman LUCIEN E. ALLISON- CHARLES WALGREEN CHARLES E. BICE Social BERNICE AVERELL Chairman DORIS FOSTER CHARLES E. SYLVESTER ARTHUR M. SIMMONS Athletic MAURICE E. DUNWELL Chairman EARL J. KNAGGS EDWARD C. MOSIER SIDNEY W. STEENSMA I ' age 202 s. SL $ - 3fc eft CALAHAN PREECE BOLTON 1929 LAW OFFICERS ROY CALAHAN CHARLES F. PREECE GARLAND TAIT RHEA A. BOLTON COMMITTEES Athletic AZEL E. BEAN Chairman Louis A. WEIL GEORGE W. GALE ROBERT S. PFLUEGER Financial LEONARD A. KELLAR Chairman JAMES GRIFFITHS BERNAL E. DOBELL MYRON WINEGARDEN Council Member WILLIAM COCHRAN President Vice-P resident Secretary Treasurer Social FRED T. JARRETT Chairman HERMAN BOXER LYLAS E. HAYES WILLIAM C. FRUE Advisory GERROT DEMMINK STANLEY H. FULTON BASIL F. BAKER RICHARD BARTON o Page 203 s c fflffc TlLLEY RUDOLPH i ROBBIXS TWEEDY 1930 LITERATURE, SCIENCE AND ARTS OFFICERS GEORGE TILLEY HELEN RUDOLPHI . RACHEL ROBBINS . FARRINGTON TWEEDY COMMITTEES Frolic JAMES ALLEN Chairman GEORGE PAULSEN GILFORD HARTLEY JOHN PENNIMAN DAVID WARD ANNE BIGELOW JANE HICKEY VIRGINIA SCHURZ VIRGINIA TROWBRIDGE Social JOHN EFFINGER Chairman HARRY ELLIOTT ROBERT EVANS FRANK FLOYD CHARLES HALL JONES SHANNON JOHN VANCLEVE IRVING WILSON Cap Night JUDSON THOMPSON Chairman GEORGE DOLLIVER HENRY BROWN CLIFFORD MADURO WALLACE MAGOON ROBERT SHAFER JAMES WILSON President Fice-President . Secretary Treasurer Finance FARRINGTON TWEEDY Chairman WILLIAM C. DAVIS MARSDEN HUBBARD HARRISON McGRAW ROBERT SHORT EIZABETH A. HUMPHREY JEAN WALLACE Athletics WALTER CREGO Chairman CHARLES MOYER BRUCE HULBURT WILLIAM MARTIN JENNINGS McBRiDE GEORGE SIMONS ELWOOD JENKINS Discipline ROBERT HOLMES Chairman EMMONS BONFIELD WENDEL MAHAFFY MARGARET BABCOCK MARGARET BUSH Page 204 A r g- $f BROWN COCHRAN CURTENIUS HOLBROOK 1930 ENGINEERING OFFICERS PHILIP N. BROWN . P. STANLEY COCHRAN FREDERICK B. CURTENIUS GEORGE E. HOLBROOK . President ice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Social ALLEN OWEN Chairman JAMES C. HOUSTON THEODORE Huss, JR. Athletic JOHN C. WIDMAN Chairman ROBERT S. McCov HARRY H. COLL, JR. JOHN H. SUMNER Financial GEORGE E. HOLBROOK Chairman BASIL L. CARR ROLLAND D. SEVERY THEODORE N. WILL Secretarial JOHN R. RUSTON Chairman AlDEN M. HlGHLEY FRANKLIN H. MOORE DANIEL W. SMITH, JR. JOHN DE MUNNIK Page 20j . %!j t r C r BILL LAUER LAWLER HART WICK 1930 ARCHITECTURE OFFICERS WALTER D. BILL . THAYER LAUER HARRIET LAWLER . ROBERT HARTWICK President ice-President . Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Publicity WILLIAM E. BEESON Chairman ALFIO BERTOLLINI RICHARD BECK Social WEYMOUTH W. KIRBY Chairman OWSLEY VOSE FRANK PHILLIPS Delegates WALTER SAUER WILLIAM PAGE Page 206 - c n DOUGLAS ZIMMERMAN FORSYTHE BRUNNER 1930 DENTAL OFFICERS WESLEY H. DOUGLAS .... FRANK R. ZIMMERMAN .... BRUCE D. FORSYTHE FRANK BRUNNER ..... COMMITTEES Social EVELETH NORTHWAY Chairman GEORGE R. TOWNSEND ERNEST D. KELLERMAN J. B. HASS Athletics KENNETH CLARK President Fice-President Secretary Treasurer Publicity JAMES M. KEENAN Chairman HARRY L. CARR RUSSEL E. BUTLER P. FINDLEY e - c ffe _ J FLORA HlLDEBRAND MORAX SCOTT 1930 MEDICINE OFFICERS WILLIAM R. FLORA . PAUL R. HILDEBRAND AGNES E. MORAN . WALTER SCOTT . President ice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES Executive KENNETH H. LOWE Chairman CHARLES J. CLARK GEORGE A. WULP HOWARD MARTIN Athletic KENNETH H. LOWE Chairman HOWARD E. STAFFORD JOHN B. SCHOENFELD ROBERT GEORGE DALBY Social ROBERT W. BARTLETT Chairman SAMUEL METLER PARK S. BRADSHAW FRANK STILES, JR. WALTER SCOTT Representative to Honor Council CHARLES D. HIGLEY Page 208 St. Atljtettrs Waterman ' s Gymnasium 1894 - c $f ELTON E. WIEMAN RALPH W, AIGLER FIELDINO II. YOST UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN ASSOCIATION ATHLETIC FIELDING H. YOST ELTON E. WIEMAN HARRY A. TILLOTSON ANDREW S. BAKER PHILIP C. PACK CLARENCE COOK LITTLE RALPH W. AIGLER WILLIAM A. PRAYER ALFRED O. LEE OFFICERS Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Assistant Director ... . Business Manager Secretary Director of Athletic Publicity BOARD IN CONTROL OF ATHLETICS FACULTY MEMBERS President of the Univers ity Chairman of the Board FIELDING H. YOST CLARENCE T. JOHNSTON EDMUND E. DAY JOHN SUNDWALL ROBERT C. ANGELL JAMES E. DUFFY, Bay City GEORGE M. STANLEY JOHN S. DENTON J. LAWRENCE BUELL WILLIAM R. DAY WILLIS E. TOPPER ALUMNI MEMBERS THOMAS S. HAMMOND, Chicago STUDENT MEMBERS BOARD OF DIRECTORS Football Manager FRANCIS E. WILMOT Baseball Manager ELLIOT M. CHAMBERLIN Basketball Manager MELVIN A. OLL . Track Manager LAWRENCE S. ROTH CHARLES B. DuCnARMF,, Detroit HENRY S. GRINNELL Minor Sports Manager . Cross Country Manager . Intramural Manager Inter scholastic Manager X A Page 3OQ CONFERENCE MEDAL The Conference Medal is awarded yearly in every school in the " Big Ten " to the man who shows the greatest ability in scholarship and athletics. At Michigan the 1926 Medal was won by Richard Freyberg, Captain of the 1926 Track Team and a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Freyberg has left an enviable record as a track man, his specialty being the half-mile. In schoJarship his election to Phi Beta Kappa shows his superiority beyond question. " Dick " had that much-desired but seldom-attained combination of a scholar and an athlete. CHICAGO TRIBUNE TROPHY The Chicago Tribune presents a trophy each year to the one man in the Western Conference who is considered the most valuable to his team. This year Ben Friedman, captain of the 1926 football team and unanimous choice for quarter- back on the mythical All-American team, was chosen as the man most entitled to receive this honor. This choice was indeed a wise one. Michigan ' s success on the gridiron must, in large part, be attributed to Friedman ' s uncanny field generalship, his cool headedness in conflict and his unusual ability in all phases of defense and attack. SL Page 210 r- asf a 1926 CAPTAINS FRIEDMAN CHAMBERS WILSON FREYBERG VARSITY CAPTAINS BEN FRIEDMAN EDWARD W. CHAMBERS STEVEN F. WILSON RICHARD H. FREYBERG EARL D. KRICKBAUM FRED J. FEELY STEPHEN E. JONES CLAYTON B. BRIGGS PAUL C. SAMSON HAROLD T. DONAHOE COACHING STAFF FIELDING H. YOST . ELTON E. WIEMAN . RAY L. FISHER STEPHEN J. FARRELL EDWIN J. MATHER CLIFFORD P. KEEN CARLTON F. WELLS MATTHEW MANN HENRY C. HUTCHINS JOSEPH E. BARSS HARRY G. KIPKE JACK L. BLOTT GEORGE F. VEENKER CHARLES B. HOYT . Football Basketball Baseball Track Tennis . Golf Hockey Cross Country Swimming Wrestling Football . Assistant Baseball Track Basketball Wrestling -. ' Gol f Swimming _i . Tennis : Hockey Assistant Athletic Coach Assistant Athletic Coach Assistant Athletic Coach Trainer ft E Page 211 ZigS z MICHIGAN ' S ALL-AMERICANS 1926 BEN FRIEDMAN Ouarterback " For all-round football smartness and football ability it is impossible to find a better man than Benny Friedman of Michigan. Friedman had his hardest test in the Navy game, where he was repeatedly jolted to the ground by the charging Navy forwards. Yet in spite of all this punishment Friedman continued to pass as accurately as ever to ends and backs who were nearly always covered, and it was Friedman who kept the Navy deep in its own territory through most of the first two periods. His play throughout the remainder of the season was one of the year ' s big features. In addition to his generalship, passing and kicking he has been a good man carrying the ball and a fine defensive back. " Friedman had a terrific schedule to face where he was a marked man and yet he continued his dazzling all-round display right through. " GRANTLAND RICE. BEX FRIKDMAN BENNIE OOSTERBAAN Left End " Oosterbaan of Michigan, a really great end, especially in handling passes where he has no superior, had a hard afternoon against Illinois, and the Navy checked him by putting two men upon his trail, but he again came back to great heights in his other contests. It was all the more to his credit that he did so well after being so carefully watched and covered, frequently by two of the enemy ' s best. " GRANTLAND RICE. MICHIGAN ' S FIFTEEN ALL-AMERICANS WILLIAM M. HESTON . ADOLPH G. SCHULZ, . ALBERT BEXBROOK . STANFIELD M. WELLS JAMES B. CRAIG . JOHN F. MAULBETSCH . E. J. ALLMENDINGER CEDRIC C. SMITH . FRANK STEKETEE HENRY A. VICK HARRY G. KIPKE JACK L. BLOTT E. R. SLAUGHTER . BEN FRIEDMAN BENNIE G. OOSTERBAAN H.B. . C. G. E. H.B. H.B. G. F.B. F.B. C. H.B. C. . G. Q.B. E. BENNIE OOSTERBAAX Page 212 HOYT RlCH SCHOEXFELD NYLAND PALMEROLI MdXTYRE HEATH MANAGER DENTOX HESTON GILBERT MOLENDA TRUSKOWSKI WIEMAN WEBER GRINNELL SQUIER FLORA GABEL LOVETTE FRIEDMAN COACH YOST OOSTERBAAX BAER DEWEY PUCKELWARTZ DOMHOFF HOFFMAN MlLLER 1926 VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS OFFICERS BEN FRIEDMAN FIELDING H. YOST JOHN S. DENTON Captain Coach Manager PERSONNEL RAYMOND BAER . RICHARD S. DEWEY VICTOR E. DOMHOFF WILLIAM R. FLORA BEN FRIEDMAN NORMAN GABEL . Louis M. GILBERT HAROLD T. GREENWALD HENRY S. GRINNELL WILLIAM H. HEATH LnRoY G. HESTON LEO W. HOFFMAN DUDLEY G BLACK FRANK A. HARRIGAN MAXWELL E. NICKERSON MARSHALL BODEN Page 214 ' 27 Tackle ' 27 Guard ' 2 7 L . Quarter ' oM End ' 27 . Quarter ' 28 . Tackle ' 28 Half ' 2gEd Half ' 28 Tackle ' 2 7 E . Tackle ' 2 7 E End ' 28L Half JOHN H. LOVETTE A. M. ' 2gE Full ' 27 Half ' 28 Tackle ' 29 End KENT C. MC!NTYRE JAMES F. MILLER, JR. . JOHN J. MOLENDA HERMAN Z. NYLAND, JR. BENNIE G. OOSTERBAAN JOHN M. PALMEROLI WILLIAM H. PUCKELWARTZ GEORGE E. RICH . JOHN B. SCHOENFELD JOSEPH E. TRUSKOWSKI GEORGE G. SQUIER WALTER J. WEBER ' 2 7 E . Guard A. FRANK E. MEESE . ' 29 OTTO POMMERENING . ' z8E RAYMOND A. CRAGIN . ' 29 GEORGE A. NICHOLSON, JR. ' 28 ' 2 7 E Guard ' 28 Half ' 28 Full ' 28 End ' 28 . . End ' 28E Guard ' 2 7 Ed . Quarter ' 28Ed Half ' 3 oM Center ' 29 Center ' 2gEd Guard ' 2 7 Ed Full Tackle Guard Center Center 7r-?K Sf3 X RESULTS OF THE SEASON Michigan 42 Michigan 55 Michigan 20 Michigan 13 Michigan o Michigan ij Michigan j Michigan . Opponents Oklahoma A. M 3 M. S. C 3 Minnesota Illinois Navy Ohio Minnesota . o o 10 16 6 ' 54 38 CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won Lost Tied Percentage MICHIGAN 5 Northwestern 5 Ohio State 3 Purdue 2 Wisconsin 3 Minnesota 2 Illinois 2 Indiana o Iowa o Chicago o 1. 000 1. 000 I 750 I I .666 2 I .600 2 .500 2 .500 4 o .000 5 o .000 5 o .000 DICKINSON RATING Points MICHIGAN 24 Northwestern 22 Purdue 19.38 Ohio 18.75 Minnesota 17-5 Wisconsin 17.08 Illinois 15 Iowa 10 Indiana 10 Chicago 10 CAPTAIN FRIEDMAN MANAGER DENTON Page 21 5 1 - c f - FRIEDMAN TAKES THE RECEIVING END AGAINST OKLAHOMA JOHN B. SCHOENFELD MICHIGAN 42 OKLAHOMA A. M. 3 In the opening game of the 1926 season Michigan defeated Oklahoma by a top heavy score. Molenda starred for Michigan, scoring a total of 18 points . The game was marked by the wild passing attack of both teams, Oosterbaan showing flashes of his former All-American form. Oklahoma ' s only score was the result of a place kick from the 17 yard line byStrack after the completion of a long pass. Statistics Mich Okla First Downs 19 7 Yards by Rushing 125 73 Punts 8 10 Passes Attempted 26 13 Passes Completed 20 1 1 Passes Intercepted 3 3 Yards from Passes 301 82 Penalties 40 5 Average Punts 31 35 CAPTAIN-ELECT OOSTERBAAN OREENWALD SNARES A LONG PASS IN THE FACE OF TWO OKLAHOMA MEN Page 216 X 7r- C o X a JOB.N J. MOLENDA FRIEDMAN ' S UNERRING TOE BRINGS IN THE EXTRA POINT AGAINST M. S. C. MICHIGAN 55 M. S. C. 3 In the second game of the season Michigan State College was forced to forego their long sought revenge. M. S. C. realized that the game was hopelessly lost after the first quarter and for the remainder of the game strove desperately to put a touchdown across. Their efforts, resulted only in a field goal, however, due to the efforts of the Michigan line and the splendid defense of Ben Friedman who stopped Smith of M. S. C. twice with a clear field between them and the goal. Statistics Mich M.S.C. First Downs 23 4 Yards by Rushing 398 32 Punts 147 92 Passes Attempted 22 30 Passes Completed 10 1 1 Passes Intercepted 5 i Yards from Passes 268 208 Penalties 25 30 Average Punts 36 46 NORMAN GABEL HAROLD T. GREENWALD " Bo " MOLENDA DRIVES THROUGH THE HOLE OPENED FOR HIM IN THE M. S. C. LINE Page 217 BEXNIE OOBTEBBAAN STRETCHES FOR A HIGH PASS AGAINST MINNESOTA MICHIGAN 20 VICTOR E. DOMHOFF MINNESOTA For the first time in the history of Western Conference football a. two game series was arranged Due to Minnesota ' s diffculty in filling her schedule Coach Yost agreed to play them twice. In the first game Michigan clearly demonstrated her superiority by defeating the Gophers 20 to o. " Bo " Molenda made the f rst touchdown in the initial period. George Rich, a promising sophomore, made the second after Flora had blocked a Minnesota kick. Louis Gilbert made a sensational 42 yard run for the last touchdown on a left end play. Minnesota was not as weak as t, the score would indicate and the Michigan ? " line was severely punished by the hard- Hifl|| -- hitting Minnesota backfield. T Mich Minn Statistics First Downs 5 Passes Attempted 12 Passes Completed Passes Intercepted Yards Gained by Passes. . Number of Punts Yard Average of Punts . . Yards Gained by Rushing. . 160 227 13 13 4 i I 2 i 16 9 12 38 Penalties (yards) 75 Lons M. GILBKHT JOHN H. LOVETTE GlI.BEHT SIFTS THROUGH THE MINNESOTA LINE WITH THE AID OF PERFECT INTEHFEHENC Page 2iS 7 - c afe Si WALTER J. WEBER FRIEDMAN PAUSES IN MID-AIR TO INTERCEPT A MINNESOTA PASS MICHIGAN 7 MINNESOTA 6 Michigan retained the Conference Championship and the " Brown Jug " by defeating Minnesota at Minneapolis in the return game. Minnesota outplayed Michigan for almost the entire game. Joesting seemed able to gain through the line at will but due to poor generalship on their part and desperate fighting on the Wolverine ' s they were unable to put but one touchdown across and did not get the extra point. Oosterbaan saved the day for Michigan when he scooped up a Minnesota fumble and ran 60 yards for a touchdown. Friedman sewed up the game when he booted the point after touchdown. Statistics Mich Minn First Downs r 3 21 Yards Gained by Rushing. . . 44 313 Number of Punts 9 19 Average of Punts (yards) ... 39 37 Passes Attempted 9 6 Passes Completed I 2 Passes Intercepted 4 3 Yards Gained by Passes .... 13 45 Penalties (yards) 15 12 GEORGE E. RICH RAYMOND BAER MINNESOTA STARTS AN END RUN Page 2 9 PC c$Sl s Louis GIL LEO W. HOFFMAN Q Page 220 KENT C. MC!XTTRE MICHIGAN 13 ILLINOIS Michigan gained a foothold in the Conference standing by downing the powerful Illinois aggregation. Truskowski saved Michigan from being scored on by intercepting an Illinois pass on his own 1 8 yard line. Friedman scored two field goals thus beating the much touted " Frosty " Peters of Illinois at his own game. Gilbert ' s open field running, his pass receiving, and punting were large factors in the Michigan victory. Statistics Mich 111 First Downs 12 8 Yards Gained by Rushing. . 158 117 Number of Punts 10 10 Passes Attempted 12 14 Passes Completed 4 6 Passes Intercepted 5 4 Yards Gained from Passes . . 68 65 Penalties o 20 Average of Punts (yards) . . 41 38 WILLIAM H. HEATH FLORA BREAKING UP AN ILLINOIS PASS Ed Stephan Photo X 3!fc JOSEPH E. THUSKOWHKI THE NAVY TRIES TO BLOCK A FAKE PLACE KICK MICHIGAN NAVY 10 The Navy gained a signal revenge for their S4 to o defeat of the previous season when they humbled the Michigan warriors at Baltimore. Michigan fought well but lacked the necessary punch to put their points across. Oosterbaan caught a pass on the Navy two yard line but the sailors tightened up and our chance to score was lost. Louis Gilbert made a twenty yard gain from place kick formation. Friedman was injured in the latter part of the first half and was taken out but sent back later. Statistics Mich Navy First Downs 9 10 Passes Attempted 30 10 Passes Completed 7 4 Passes Intercepted 2 2 Yards Gained by Passes. . . . 105 59 Number of Punts 12 15 Yard Average of Punts .... 36 30 Yards Gained by Rushing. . 78 HERMAN Z. NYLAXD Penalties (yards) 50 163 45 WILLIAM R. FLORA OOSTERBAAN RECEIVES UNDER DIFFICULTIES ON THE NAVY ' S TWO YARD LINE Times Wide World Q Page 221 -- ($ Ed Stephan Phot; OOSTEHHAAN TACKLED AFTER RECEIVING FRIEDMAN ' S PASS IN WISCONSIN GAME MICHIGAN 37 I,EROY G. HESTOX WISCONSIN After the defeat administered by the Navy, Michigan staged a brilliant comeback by defeating its ancient foe, Wisconsin. Friedman started the scoring with a place kick in the second quarter and touchdowns by Weber and Oosterbaan followed. This was really the first time in the season that the Michigan team showed the invincible form that had characterized the champion- ship team of the previous year. Statistics Mich Wis First Downs 15 Yards Gained by Rushing. . 197 Number of Punts 15 Passes Attempted 16 WILLIAM II. PUCKF.LWARTZ Passes Completed Passes Intercepted ards Gained from Passes. Penalties Average of Punts (yards) . . 9 4 176 30 38 HENRY S. GRINXELL Ed Stephan Photo Page 222 3. x 3!te tvx in ji ' -) v ' iV GEORGE G. SQUIKR MICHIGAN 17 FRIRDUAN DODGES THROUGH A FIELD OF OHIO PLAVKHS OHIO 16 No one who witnessed this contest, one of the greatest and most spectacular games in Western Conference history, will ever forget it. A record-breaking crowd of 95,000 were in the mammoth Ohio Stadium. The game started out to be another Waterloo for Michigan. In the first twelve minutes of play the Ohio scuad scored 10 points. Then the Wolverines came from behind to tie the score at the end of the half. The battle was even for the third quarter. In the opening of the fourth Michigan scored a touchdown and Friedman added the extra point. Ohio then launched a desperate and unstoppable attack that carried them over the goal line making the score 17-16. The breath-taking climax came when Clark of Ohio prepared to kick for the extra point that would have tied the score and meant the loss of the title to the Volverines. Fortunately for Michigan he lacked the cool-headedness of Ben Friedman and the strain proved too much for him. The kick failed. Mich 9 128 Statistics First Downs Yards by Rushing Punts 10 Passes Attempted 14 Passes Completed 7 Passes Intercepted 2 Yards from Passes 150 Penalties o Average Punts 45 O 8 101 12 II 5 o IOO 5 45 JAMES F. MILLER JOHN M. PALMEKOLI MICHIGAN SPLITS OPEN THE OHIO L-INE S -- !i Page 223 a fe s asi! r -- FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Approximately 200 men reported to Coach E. J. Mather during the first week in October. Of those remaining at the end of the season, 33 were awarded their numerals. It has long been the policy of the Michigan coaching staff to devote more time to their freshmen squads than their importance would seem to merit. The reason for this is that these men will constitute the future Michigan Varsity teams, and the training received now will be effective later. As a still further reason for the care exercised in their practice, they are of great value in scrimmages with the varsity team in which the freshmen are taught the opponent ' s plays, thus teaching the varsity to guard against them. FRESHMEN FOOTBALL NUMERAL WINNERS FRANCIS A. BORRELLI THEODORE F. BOVARD T. BOVARD CLARE F. CARTER ROBERT C. CHAPMAN WALTER B. CREGO CARL A. DOTY LESLIE H. DOUGLAS LEONARD DUCKMAN HENRY P. FLAJOLE WALTER E. GEISTERT S. HALLO DOUGLASS KERR CLEMENT A KIELBASA ANDREW L. LONG CLIFTON E. LONGSBOROUGH HAROLD J. WALDER GEORGE B. MARTIN- ARCHIE J. McBRIDE WILLIAM H. MOULTON WILFRED S. NOLTING EARLE S. OLDHAM EDWIN B. POORMAN GERSON REICHMAN JAMES S. ROBBINS HOWARD F. RODERICK IRVIN J. SCHEER WILLIAM L. SEITZ RICHARD J. SHERMAN- ARCHIE E. SIMS WILLIAM H. WARD JACOB WEINSTEIN JOHN S. WOLFF Si X Page 224 BASKETBALL -cafefc gs g o CHAMBERS GAWNE KIPKE COA.CK MATHER VEENKEH McCof SCHROEDER CLEMMONS KUENZEL RASNICK MAKTIN OOSTERBAAN HAHRIGAN WEST WHITTLE TRUSKOWSKI PETRIE NYLAND 1927 VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS OFFICERS EDWARD W. CHAMBERS EDWIN J. MATHER WILLIAM R. DAY EDWARD W. CHAMBERS FRANK A. HARRIGAN FRANK KUENZEL ERNEST B. McCoy . BENNIE G. OOSTERBAAN WILBUR E. PETRIE . NAT N. RASNICK WAYNE M. SCHROEDER JOSEPH E. TRUSKOWSKI LAURENCE G. CLEMMONS SAMUEL E. GAWNE . HERMAN Z. NYLAND . ROBERT S. REASON . JOHN D. WHITTLE Captain . . Coach Manager PERSONNEL ' 27Ed Guard : ' 27 ' . Forward . ' 27E . Guard . ' 29 . Center ' 28 .. Forward ' 28Ed . Guard ' 28D . Forward ' 28 Guard ' 29 Guard A. M. A. ' 2 9 A Forward ' 28 ' 28 Forward C cA enter . ' 29 Guard ' 29 Forward V Page 226 Sr g RESULTS OF SEASON 5c X. Michigan 34 Michigan 30 Michigan 31 Michigan 39 Michigan 31 Michigan 41 Michigan 25 Michigan 31 Michigan 32 Michigan 23 Michigan 32 Michigan 34 Michigan 51 Michigan 30 Michigan 42 Michigan 34 Michigan 31 Michigan . Opponents M. S. C Cornell College Syracuse Maryland . . . . Minnesota Iowa Illinois Indiana Minnesota Pittsburgh Purdue Indiana Chicago Illinois Purdue Chicago Iowa . 13 23 27 25 20 22 2 4 27 20 34 37 37 25 26 20 IS 29 424 CONFERENCE STANDING Team MICHIGAN . . Indiana Purdue Wisconsin . . . Illinois Iowa Ohio State . . Chicago .... Northwestern Minnesota Won 10 7 6 6 3 I t Lost 2 3 3 4 5 5 5 8 ii ii Pet. -833 .728 .728 -637 .587 .546 546 .272 .083 .083 COACH MATHER MANAGER DAY Page 227 MICHIGAN 34 M. S. C. 13 Michigan ' s basketball team opened the season on December the eleventh by defeating the Michigan State five in a slow game. The game was better than the average opening contest and Coach Mather ' s men showed possibilities of being developed into championship material. Martin and Harrigan tied for high score with five baskets and one free throw each. At the end of the first half the score was 16 to 6 Michigan and the out- come was never in doubt. Many substitutions were made in an effort to find an effective combination. MICHIGAN 30 CORNELL COLLEGE 23 Playing a loose brand of basketball the Michigan team was able to outpoint the team from Cornell College at Yost Field House on December the eighteenth. The team lacked the smooth play which was apparent against M. S. C. Cornell dribbled through the Michigan defense with ease scoring eleven baskets from the field to Michigan ' s ten. Harrigan and Barley played the best game for Michigan. The chief reason for the lack of smoothness may have been the absence of Chambers and Martin who were forced to watch the game from the bench because of injuries. MICHIGAN 31 CAPTAIN CHAMBERS SYRACUSE 27 On Monday, January the third, Michigan met a worthy opponent in Syracuse, but emerged from the fray on the long end of a 31 to 27 score, thus gaining revenge for the four point defeat suffered at Syracuse a year ago. The feature of the struggle was the individual duel between Harrigan and Hanson, the Syracuse hero. The team of Harrigan, McCoy, Petrie, Chambers and Oostcrbaan played the entire period and seem to be the best combination so far discovered. MICHIGAN 39 MARYLAND 25 The Wolverine squad won its fourth consecutive victory of the season and its final pre-Confer- ence game by administering a decisive defeat to the University of Maryland five on January the fourth. The f rst half was featured by the strong defensive work of both squads and the scoring came very slowly. At the end of the first five minutes the score stood 2 to I Michigan. At the end of the half it was 15 to n Michigan. In the second half Michigan displayed championship form by making almost two points to its opponents one. " Skipper " then sent in his sub- stitutes leaving Harrigan the only regular on the floor. Harrigan was high scorer with seventeen points to his credit. MICHIGAN 23 PITTSBURGH 34 Pittsburgh ' s Panthers brought to an end Michigan ' s winning streak by downing the Wolverines on February the twelfth at Pittsburgh. Before the game the Mich- igan squad was a heavy favorite in spite of the three weeks of inactivity. At the end of the first half the score stood 16-14 Michigan but the Panthers crept up and tied the score ten minutes before the end of the game. Then Michigan ' s team went to pieces and the game was gone. I- ' HANK A. Paf,e 228 BEN.NIE G. OOSTEHBAAN ft C f g MICHIGAN 31 MINNESOTA 20 In an uneventful contest Michigan downed the Gopher quintet. For the first five minutes it showed promise of being an exciting contest but Michigan slowly crept ahead and was leading 18 to 10 at the half. Harrigan was the wonder of the evening with six points out of seven free throws. Oosterbaan led the scoring with eleven points followed by Otterness of Minnesota with 10. Reason and Rasnick replaced Harrigan and Chambers in the last few minutes of play. MICHIGAN 32 MINNESOTA 20 Michigan chalked up its fifth straight Conference win out of five starts and sent the Gophers into the cellar with six losses out of six games played. The score at the half was 17-13 Michigan. The rest period seemed to be just what the Wolverines needed and they made thirteen points in as many minutes, holding the Minnesota team scoreless until the game was safely in their hands. McCoy led the scoring with six goals and two free throws. ERNEST B. McCor MICHIGAN 41 IOWA 22 Michigan dedicated the new Iowa field house by sinking the home team. Coach Mather had predicted a striking victory in which Michigan would be at top form and such proved to be the case. Iowa ' s famed defense was useless and the short pass rather ineffective. Petrie and Harrigan led the scoring for Michigan with five baskets apiece. McConnell was high for Iowa with seven counters. MICHIGAN 31 IOWA 29 In a slow and uneventful contest marked only by Captain Chamber ' s splendid defensive work and the determined fight put up by Iowa, Michigan clinched the undisputed championship of the Western Con- ference in basketball. Harrigan and Oosterbaan did not display anything like their usual form and it was Chambers who saved the day for Michigan by stopping the Iowa offensive. St. WILBUK E. PETRIE WAYNE M, SCHROEDEH ___ _ -3 - MICHIGAN 25 ILLINOIS 24 Illinois gave Michigan a bad scare in their first encounter of the season and the Wolverines were barely able to secure the 25 to 24 victory in the closing minutes of play. The score at the half was 13 to 1 1 in favor of Illinois and it looked as though the Suckers would duplicate their thrilling victory of a year ago. Illinois scored first in the second half on Lindsay ' s free throw but the Wolverines gathered speed and soon cut down the lead of the visitors. The turning point of the game came when Daugherity, the star of the Illinois team, was put out of the game with four personal fouls. After this the Wolverines fought with renewed effort and with the score 24 to 23 in favor of Illinois Captain Chambers turned defeat into victory for his team by sinking a beautiful shot from the sidelines. MICHIGAN 30 ILLINOIS 26 SAMUEL E. GAKNE MICHIGAN 31 Playing an almost unbeatable game of ball, Michigan again defeated the championship hopes of Illinois by a narrow margin. The Wolverines outplayed and outwitted the Illini at every stage of the game and when the Indians th reatened, near the close of the game, Michigan used a delayed offense to break up the last minute spurt. Daugherity, the high scoring ace of the Conference was held scoreless throughout the first half by the air- tight defense of the Wolverines. Harrigan was the high point man of the game and the outstanding man in floor work. INDIANA 27 After getting off to a poor start and trailing three points at the half, Michigan fought its way to a 31 to 27 victory over Indiana. The Hoosiers jumped into an early lead and scored eight points before the Wolverines could get fairly started but the fast pace soon told on the crimson clad team and towards the last of the game they resorted mainly to long shots. Michigan unleashed a dazzling offensive attack at the beginning of the second half and soon obtained a comfortable lead which they held to the end of the game. Captain Chambers was high point man of the game with a total of ten points while Petrie was a close second with nine. Captain Kruger led the Indiana offense with seven points. MICHIGAN 34 INDIANA 37 Displaying a brand of ball that would spell defeat for any first rate team, Indiana avenged an early season defeat by beating the W 7 olverines 37 to 34. In addition to their uncanny floor work the Hoosiers showed an adeptness at basket shooting which is not often equalled, repeatedly sinking long shots when they met difficulty in breaking through the Michigan defense. Oosterbaan and Harrigan led the scoring for Michigan while Beckner starred for Indiana. NAT N. RASXICK HOBEHT S. REASON JAMES MARTIN I Page 230 ;jr SL 7r- Sf MICHIGAN 32 PURDUE 37 By tightening their defense in the second half Purdue toppled the Wolverines from high place to a triple tie for Conference leadership in the first game of the series at Lafayette. Early in the game the Harrigan and Oosterbaan combination proved a serious menace to the Boilermakers but at the start of the half Michigan lost the lead and never regained it. Harrigan had the highest score of the game with five baskets and five free throws. Wheeler and Wilson of Purdue each made a total of ten points while Bennie Oosterbaan chalked up nine. Though the score indicates a one sided game it was really much closer, the Wolverines being within one basket of tying the score several times. MICHIGAN 42 PURDUE 20 In a game that meant the Conference leadership to Michigan the Wolverines gained revenge for their previous defeat by downing the powerful Purdue team by a top heavy score. Michigan was playing a brand of ball that would have brought her a victory over any team in the country. Harrigan and Oosterbaan seemed able to sink baskets from any position on the floor and it was physically impossible for them to miss a foul shot. Captain Chambers stopped the Boilermakers time after time from scoring by his marvelous defensive playing. Oosterbaan made eight baskets and one free shot while Harrigan scored ten points from the floor and four from foul line. FRANK A. KUENZEL MICHIGAN 51 CHICAGO 25 Michigan set a new scoring record for this Conference season when she massacred Chicago at Yost Field house on February the twenty-second. A loss would have gone a long way towards wrecking the championship hopes of the Wolverines and Chicago was touted to be a worthy op- ponent. In the first few minutes of play things did look black for Michigan but Harrigan soon found the range and he and Oosterbaan started to pop them into the basket with the able assistance of Martin, McCoy and Chambers. Many Michigan substitutes were used towards the end of the game in order to give them some experience, Nyland, Schroeder, Truskowski and Rasnick being among those to see service. MICHIGAN 34 CHICAGO 15 Michigan rode rough shod over the University of Chicago thus assuring herself at least a tie for the Conference title. The Michigan defense was air-tight, Chicago ' s scores being all long ones. The score at the half was 15-5 Michigan and at no time was the outcome in doubt. Oosterbaan scored 13 points which makes him high scorer of the Conference, while his partner, Harrigan, made eight to take fourth place in the scoring honors. JOHN D. WHITTLE JOSEPH E. TRUSKOWSKI LAURENCE G. CLEMMONS PC " ' $- $fc+ FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SQUAD FRESHMAN BASKETBALL At the end of the season Coach Fisher awarded sweaters and class numerals to fifteen members of the yearling court squad. He was well pleased with the results obtained and believes that there is some excellent material among them who will make likely candidates for next year ' s Varsity team. Orwig, Kanitz, Magram and Hanna appeared to have the best possibilities among the forwards. Taylor and Lovell were the guards who showed most promise while at the pivotal position Raber and Chapman looked the best. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL NUMERAL WINNERS JOSEPH J. BALSAMO MILTON E. BERGMAN RUSSEL E. BOWERMAN ROBERT C. CHAPMAN DONALD L. HANNA THAREL T. KANITZ FRANK R. LOVELL SOL R. MAGRAM JAMES W. ORWIG FENTON RABER CHARLES J. RUSSICK WENDELL D. SMITH GEORGE W. SLAGLE LE ERNE H. TAYLOR RICHARD WEINER til MANAGER DKISTER JOBLONOWSKI MILLER PUCKELWARTZ KUBICEK DAVIS LANGE COACH FISHER WALTER OOSTERBAAN BLOTT CAPTAIN WILSOX FRIEDMAN Loos EDGAR SKIDMORE 1926 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM WESTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS OFFICERS STEVEN F. WILSON Captain RAY L. FISHER . . Coach EMIL DEISTER Manager PERSONNEL STEVEN F. WILSON . . ' 26 First Base RUSSELL W. DAVIS . ' 27Ed . Catcher VERNON G. EDGAR . ' 27 Catcher BEN FRIEDMAN . ' 27 . Third Base PETER W. JOBLONOWSKI . . . ' 26 Pitcher Louis A. KUBICEK . ' 2gEd Second Base EDWARD W. LANGE . . ' 28 Left Field CARL M. Loos ' 28 Short Stop DONALD C. MILLER . ' 27 Pitcher BENNIE OOSTERBAAN ' 28 Right Field W. H. PUCKELWARTZ . ' 2 7 Ed . Center Field STANLEY L. SKIDMORE ' 28F.d . Second Base HARLAND G. WALTER ' 26 Pitcher A. M. A. C. L. WOBROCK D. P. BRAKE E. D. RUETZ F. J. KOUNTX. S. E. GAWNE M. N. SOUTHWO Page 234 PC G r- g fe Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan RESULTS OF THE SEASON 13 Kentucky 8 9 Vanderbilt 6 7 Vanderbilt o 9 Mercier 2 10 Mercier ' 2 i Georgia 6 1 Georgia 1 1 4 Ohio Wesleyan 5 6 M. S. C - 1 6 Purdue 4 2 Ohio State 9 3 Syracuse o o Syracuse 4 4 Indiana I 6 Wisconsin 4 5 Minnesota 3 6 Iowa 5 9 Illinois 4 5 Iowa 3 5 Ohi o State 4 5 Illinois 4 5 M. S. C ' . . 8. 4 Wisconsin 6 Michigan . Opponents 125 100 BATTING AVERAGES PuCKELWARTZ OOSTERBAAN EDGAR JOBLONOWSKI WILSON LANGE KUBICEK MILLER Loos FRIEDMAN . CAPTAIN WILSON COACH FISHER _ JOL Jl MICHIGAN ' S HOME RUN ARTIST, BENXIK OOSTERB. AX, AT BAT THE SOUTHERN TRIP The southern trip, although marred by two defeats at the hands of the University of Georgia may be considered a success because it gave the team the experience that enabled it to win the Conference honors. In the first game Michigan defeated the University of Kentucky nine by the top-heavy score of 13 to 8. Yanderbilt next fell a victim to the heavy slugging of the Wolverine team 9 to 6. The next day, behind the almost perfect pitching of Jablonowski, the Maize and Blue again defeated Vanderbilt, this time by a 7 to o score. Michigan won both of the two game series with Mercer. In the first game, with Don Miller on the mound, the Southern team was defeated 9 to 2. Con- tinuing their heavy hitting and fast fielding the Wolverines won the second game 10 to 2. Then Michigan seemed to hit a slump and dropped a two game series to Georgia 6 to I and II to i. The Wolverines spoiled their pre-season record by loose fielding. Captain Wilson, Puckel- wartz and Kubicek proved to be the heavy artillery of the team while Miller, Jablonowski and Walter showed up very well on the mound. STEVE WILSON STRETCHES AFTER A LOW ONE CAPTAIN-ELECT PUCKEI.WARTZ Louis A. KUBICEK ft c %f WILSON JUMPS FOR FIRST ix THE M. S. C. GAME NON-CONFERENCE GAMES Michigan lost to Ohio Wesleyan 4 to 5 after coming from behind to tie the score at 4-4 in the last half of the ninth inning. On April 22, the Varsity nine opened the home season with a 6 to i victory over Michigan State College. Michigan used three pitchers effectively, the Staters being able to collect only three hits in the nine innings. Don Miller twirled the Wolverines to a 3 to ovictory over the Syracuse University team on May the first. The Orange players were able to gather only six hits off of the Michigan pitcher and nine players were sent back to the dugout via the strikeout route. In the sixth inning Oosterbaan found one to his liking and slammed it far over the left fielder ' s head for a home run. The Maize and Blue was unable to solve the southpaw tactics of Van Lenglen and Syracuse won the second game of the series 4 to o. The score might have been larger had it not been for the stubborn defense displayed by Michigan. Three Orangemen were retired at home plate by Edgar and sixteen died on bases during the contest. In a contest marked by heavy hitting and poor fielding on both sides Michigan lost the second game of the series to Michigan State. Coach Fisher saved his best pitchers for the more important Conference game to follow. The Spartans bunched their eight hits in two innings_thus putting the game on the ice. The final score was Michigan 5, M. S. C. 8. " TES8 " EDGAR MAKES IT ONE DOWN AT THE HOME PLATE BENNIE G. OOSTERBAAN BEN FRIEDMAN Page 237 x - S A WISCONSIN PI.AYER PUTS UP A CLOUD OF DUST AT WILSON s STRONGHOLD CONFERENCE GAMES MICHIGAN 6 P URDUE 4 In Michigan ' s first Conference start Purdue was defeated in- a game halted several times by rain. The Purdue aggregation was then leading the Conference by virtue of three victories in their first three contests. Purdue scored in the first inning and it took the Wolverines until the fourth to catch up. Coach Fisher ' s men sewed the game up in the sixth when they added two more tallies. Joblonowski pitched a good game holding the opposition to six hits while Michigan gathered eleven. MICHIGAN 2 OHIO 9 In the first game of the Ohio series, on April twenty-seventh, Michigan went down to defeat, mainly due to the collapse of the infield. Walter pitched a splendid game allowing only seven hits but his good work was ruined by eight infield errors. The Wolverines held their own until the fourth inning when Ohio collected two runs adding three more in the next. Michigan secured one in the sixth frame and one in the seventh. Then the infield blew up and Ohio put the game away by sending four men across the plate. MICHIGAN 5 OHIO 4 Michigan revenged itself for the early season defeat by downing the Buckeyes in a last minute rally. Walter started but was relieved by Joblonowski in the fourth. " Jabby " pitched a shut-out game for the rest of the nine innings. The game was halted in the eighth because of rain with the score 4 to 2, Ohio. Fortunately the rain let up in time and Michigan tied the score when Blanchard of Ohio weakened. Then Joblonowski scored Puckelwartz for the winning HARLAXD G. WALTER VERXON G. EDGAR Page r- fe DON MILLER WAITS FOH THE DECISION ON HIB SLIDE MICHIGAN 4 INDIANA 1 Michigan and Indiana engaged in an interesting baseball encounter that resul ted in the down- fall of the Hoosiers at Ferry Field on May the fourth. It was a very cold day but this did not seem to bother Joblonowski who struck out eight men and allowed only five hits. All in all, it was a pitchers duel, Vojeth of Indiana being one of the crack pitchers of the Con- ference and with the exception of the sixth, when Michigan scored four, pitched an air-tight game. Indiana also scored its lone talley in the sixth. MICHIGAN 6 WISCONSIN 4 On May the eighth Michigan defeated the Badgers in a game featured by three home runs, two of them by Michigan. Joblonowski started but was replaced by Walter in the third. Wisconsin took the lead by scoring in the first and second. The Wolverines scored one in the third and took the lead in the fifth when Loos knocked a home run with a man on base. Two more runs were added in the sixth by Oosterbaan and Puckelwartz. MICHIGAN 4 WISCONSIN 6 Michigan lost to Wisconsin in the last game of the season. The game had no bearing on the Conference title which was safely in the hands of the Wolverines and perhaps this fact was the chief reason for the defeat. Coach Fisher used all three of his regular pitchers, Joblonowski, Miller and Walter. It was the last appearance in a Michigan uniform for two of them, Joblonow- ski and Walter. y. PETER W. JOBLANOWSKI RUSBEL W. DAVIS X Page 239 LANGE DODGES HIS WAY TO FIRST MICHIGAN 5 MINNESOTA 3 Michigan defeated Minnesota at Minneapolis in one of the hardest fought games of the season. The score was 3 to 3 at the end of the ninth. In the extra inning Wilson walked, Lange singled, Oosterbaan sacrificed rilling the bases. Edgar then got a single and two runners crossed the plate. Jablonowski pitched a great game, allowing only five well scattered hits. MICHIGAN 6 IOWA 5 Michigan fought and downed the Iowa nine in an exciting extra-inning game at Ferry Field on May the eleventh. The score was tied at four all in the ninth. In the tenth frame " Tess " Edgar came to bat and hit a home run that rolled to the tennis courts giving the victory to the Wolverines. MICHIGAN 5 IOWA 3 In the return game at Iowa City on May the eighteenth Michigan took the Hawkeyes into camp. This was the fifth straight win for the Wolverines and the seventh of the Conference season with only one defeat. Jablonowski pitched eight innings, Walter relieving him in the ninth. " Jabby " allowed only three hits. Oosterbaan and Puckelwartz made sensational catches that saved possible tallies. $i STANLEY L. SKIDMOHK WILSON STOPS A Wn Page 240 7r-- gfc CAPTAIN Wi BAT FOR MICHIGAN MICHIGAN 9 ILLINOIS 4 On May the sixteenth Coach Fisher ' s men met Illinois at Urbana in a game which was to settle the leadership in the Conference. When the smoke of battle had cleared away the Wolverines were ' found on the long end of the score. It was a game featured by brilliant work on the part of the infield, air tight pitching by Miller and a home run by Captain W ' ilson. In the first inning the Wolverines pushed over five runs and were never in danger of losing the lead. MICHIGAN 5 ILLINOIS 4 Saturday, May twenty-third, proved to be a disastrous day for the Illini. Not only were they defeated in track but were downed in the second ball game of the series in a thrilling ninth inning rally. Miller again pitched, holding the opponents to ten well scattered hits. Edgar led in the batting and made some sensational catches behind the plate. Oosterbaan led in scoring by crossing the plate with three of the five runs. UCKELWARTZ SACRIFICES AND ADVANCES LANGE TO THIRD CARL M. Loos DON C. MILLER xi A . FRESHMAN BASEBALL After Spring recess Coach Mather issued the call for the yearlings and more than eighty candidates responded for practice. During the succeeding weeks this number was reduced to thirty-six and after a spirited fight twenty-six of the more promising players were awarded their numerals. Although there seemed to be no distinct mark of superiority among the pitchers, Dahl and Asbeck showed a marked development over their early season form. The other moundsmen to be awarded numerals were Gilmartin, Montague, Lowe and Steinburg. For the receiver ' s job Coach Mather selected Duckman, Nissen, Reich- man and Truskowski. At first base Cohn appeared to be supreme but he had able substitutes in Drake, Heilstedt and McCoy. At second base there were three men of seemingly equal ability, Wagner, Centanni, and Rees. Third base was handled by Robbins and Townsend, both of whom played well throughout the season. At shortstop the " law of the survival of the fittest " found Morse, Lippman and Doran left out of a large field of candidates. Among the outfielders Flannery, O ' Donnell, Campbell and Nebling were of high enough caliber to merit their numerals. The squad in general was better than usual and Coach Fisher should find some able material among them for next year ' s Varsity nine. ft A Page 242 HERRNSTEIX IWKENDERIAN WAGNER SCHROEDER ROTH MANAGER GRAB CALL AH AX LASSER LESCHIXSKY HESTEH OHLHEISER NORTHROP VOELKER PROUT WEEKS FEINSINGER COACH FARRELL CAPTAIN FHEYBERG McCAFFREE BEAN JUNG WELLS MUELLER MUNGER KELLY MUNZ HAWKINS DOYLE PALMER 1926 VARSITY TRACK TEAM WESTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS 5c RICHARD H. FREYBERG STEPHEN J. FARRELL ROBERT M. GRAB AZEL E. BEAN, ' 26 ROY H. CALLAHAN, ' 26 RICHARD F. DOYLE, ' 26 NATHAN P. FEINSINGER, ' 26 RICHARD H. FREYBERG, ' 26 HARRY HAWKINS, ' 26E WM. H. HERRNSTEIN JR., ' 26E GEORGE B. HESTER, ' 2 Ed EARL A. KELLY, 5 28Ed CHARLES C. JUNG, ' 27 B.Ad. J. B. SciIRAVESAND DANIEL HUFF JOHN LOVETTE H. C. ROTH CHAS. WELLS FLOYD MCCAFFREE OFFICERS PERSONNEL A. M. A. WAYNE SCHROEDER Captain Coach Manager HAROLD A. LASSER, ' 27 VICTOR B. LESCHINSKY, ' 27 FOORMAN L. MUELLER, ' 27 INMAN L. MUNGER, ' 28 CHARLES J. MUNZ JR., ' 26L PHILIP M. NORTHROP, J 28D HAROLD R. OHLHEISER, ' 27E LOWELL M. PALMER, ' 26 PERCY PROUT, ' 28 DAVID M. WEEKS, ' 27M H. P. ISKENDERIAN THEODORE HORNBERGER EMIL VOELKER JOHN WAGNER WlNTHROP McCAIN GEORGE SNIDER Page 244 ft r fe g INDOOR TRACER 1926 ILLINOIS RELAYS One world ' s record was broken, three others were tied and four carnival marks fell as more than seven hundred athletes representing more than seventy universities, colleges and prep schools competed in the ninth annual Illinois indoor relay on February the twenty-seventh. Michigan ' s four mile relay team, Reinke, Callahan, Jung and Freyberg, took first place in that event in 18:16, setting a new carnival record. Illinois and Nebraska finished in the order named. Alderman of Michigan State tied the world ' s record in the three hundred yard dash when he came in ahead of Locke of Nebraska in 31 and 1-5 seconds. Grim of Michigan State also tied the world ' s record in his preliminary heat of the 75 yard dash in the time of 7 and 3-5 seconds, but was defeated by Hester of Michigan in the finals. The Wolverine mile relay team, Onlheiser, Mueller, Herrnstein and Feinsinger finished first in their heat but the first three teams in the second heat had better time. Spence, of the College of the City of Detroit, finished first in the seventy-five low hurdles in 8 3-5 seconds. Werner of Illinois was second and Voelker of Michigan third. It was a very close race and only inches separated the three. Werner of Illinois and Guthrie of Ohio tied for first in the seventy-five yard high hurdles equalling the world ' s record of 9 2-5 seconds. John Kuck of the Kansas State Teachers College shattered the world ' s indoor record for the shot put when he hurled the shot 50 feet 6 and 4 inches. The former record was held by himself, the distance being 49 feet 2 inch. Hester of Michigan placed first in the finals of the seventy-five yard dash in the fast time of 7 and 4-5 seconds. COACH FARRELL MANAGER GRAB Page 245 X . z+$$ CONFERENCE INDOOR MEET Iowa captured the sixteenth annual Western Conference indoor track meet on March the fourteenth at Evanston, Illinois by scoring 24 1-3 points. Michigan was second with 20 points, Wisconsin third and Illinois fourth. Three Conference records were broken and one tied in this hotly contested meet. Dick Freyberg took second in the mile run. Kennedy of Ohio was forced to set a new Conference record of 4 minutes 23 2-5 seconds to beat him. Hester placed first in the 50 yard dash tying the Conference record of 5 2-5 seconds. Kelly of Michigan was third. Feinsinger of Michigan placed third in the quarter mile after getting off to a very poor start. " Chick " Werner, star Illinois hurdler, broke a world ' s record in the sixty-five yard high hurdles by i-io of a second, his time being 7 5-10 seconds. Guthrie of Ohio was second and Voelker of Michigan third. Chapman of Wisconsin broke the former record for the two mile by taking the event in 9 minutes 26 2-5 seconds. Callahan of Michigan was fourth. Michigan placed third in the shot put behind Dauber of Iowa and Lyon of Illinois. Michigan ' s two mile relay team placed second to Iowa in that event after leading for most of the way. The final result was one of inches alone. CAPTAIN FREYBERG Iowa 24 1-3 Michigan 20 Wisconsin 19 Illinois 18 2-3 Ohio State 8 Chicag o 6 Northwestern 6 Indiana 5 Purdue 2 Minnesota. . i CAPFAIN-ELECT NOHTHUOP G. B HESTER Page 2j C 5f ac MICHIGAN 58 5-6 CORNELL 36 1-6 NATHAN P. FEIXSINGER of .8 2-5. Voelker In the traditional dual meet on March 27 at Ithaca, Michigan defeated Cornell 58 5-6 to 36 1-6. Michigan took seven first places while Cornell gathered three, the pole vault ending in a deadlock between Northrop of Michigan and Dcdd of Cornell at twelve feet. Captain Russell of Cornell ran the 75 yard dash in the fast time of 7 2-5 which is a new record for a board track. Hester of Michigan was scratched just before the meet due to a strained leg muscle. Many of the old records fell during the course of the evening, and fore- most among these was the mile relay won by Michigan in 3 :28. The team was composed of Ohlheiser, Mueller, Herrnstein and Feinsinger. Feinsinger, running anchor, came from behind to beat Worley by a foot at the tape. Jung set a new record in the mile in winning for Michigan in 4:26 which is sensational for a board track. Captain Freyberg did not extend himself to coast easily into second place. Feinsinger gave Michigan another first by winning the J4O yard dash in the new track record time of 151 2-5. Voelker added another Wolverine victory by winning the 75 yard high hurdles in : 9 3 " S which is a new dual meet record. Captain Freyberg set a new mark in the half mile in beating Higley of Cornell. The time was 2:00 4-5. Cornell nearly scored a slam in the running high jump taking the first two places and having two other Cornell men tie with Roth of Michigan for third. Spellman won the 75 yard low hurdle race equalling the dual meet record and Snyder, the two Michig an entries, finished close behind the winner. OHIO RELAYS On April 17 Coach Farrell split his squad sending some to the Ohio and some to the Kansas relays. Michigan added to the success of the indoor season by making a splendid showing at the Ohio relays at Columbus. In the hundred yard dash Michigan took all three places, Hester, Kelly and Leschinsky finishing in the order named. Hester ' s time was 10 1-5 seconds. In the half mile relay Michigan ' s team placed first in I minute 30 8-1 o seconds. In the mile relay the Wolverines again took first in the fast time of 3 minutes 23 i-io seconds which was a new relay record. This team was composed of Munger, Mueller, Herrn- stein and Feinsinger. In the pole vault Huff of Michigan, Prout of Michigan and Harrington of Notre Dame tied for second place. In the shot put Munz added a point to the Wolverine score by taking third place. Harry Hawkins achieved new honors by capturing the Triathlon for weight men. He won the hammer throw, was second in the discus and scored in the shot put. In the high jump event Weeks of Michigan took third. HAROLD A. LASHER HARRY HAWKINS Page VICTOR B. LCSCHINBKY START OF THE TWO MILE HUN AGAINST ILLINOI KANSAS RELAYS CHARLES J. MUNZ At the athletic carnival held at the estimated to be more than one thousand had fair success though obviously not in Three of the greatest four mile relay which ended in the triumph of the Illinois Jung and Preyberg a very close second, second in the discus throw and Northrop University of Kansas at Lawrence, Kansas, there were athletes competing. Michigan was well represented and the form that characterized the remainder of the season, teams in the country battled for supremacy in that event team with Michigan represented by Callahan, Hornberger, The Oregon Aggies took third place. Dick Doyle took third in the pole vault. DRAKE RELAYS The Drake Relays, nationally known and widely attended track carnival, was unusually successful this year in spite of the unfavorable weather conditions. Three new Drake records were established and another was tied. Roland Locke of Nebraska shattered the world ' s record in the hundred yard dash when he ran the distance in 9 5-10 seconds. This is a tenth of a second faster than the former record made in 1906 by Dan Kelly and equalled since by Drew, Paddock, Hussey and Locke. Charles Hoff set a new American record for the pole vault when he cleared a height of 13 feet 9 4 inches, the former record being 13 feet 5 inches, held by Barnes of the University of California. THK TWO MILE AOAINST OHIO. MICHIGAN TOOK SECOND AND THIRD Page 248 - fe s CALLAHAN FINISHES SECOND IN THE TWO MILE RUN RICHARD F. DOYLE HAROLD R. OHLHEISER " Bud " Houser of Southern California, Olympic shot put and discus champion, went down to defeat when he was beaten in the shot put by Kuck of the Kansas State Teachers College with a distance of 48 feet 5 inches. Again the three four mile relay teams, Illinois, Oregon Aggies and Michigan, fought it out with the result that the teams finished in the order named. PENN RELAYS In the Penn Relays, Hester of Michigan covered himself with glory when he beat Frank Hussey of Boston College, former national hundred yard champion, in that event. The time 10 i-io, was slow mainly due to the fact that they were running in the face of a strong wind. Harry Hawkins surprised the meet when he took first in the hammer throw with a heave of 152 feet 3 9-16 inches which was better than anything he had done before. Phil Northrop showed that he had not yet recovered from his recent operation when he could take only third in the javelin throw with a heave of 186 feet. He also took third in the pole vault and tried the broad jump. Due to the fact that they were unfortunate in having to run the tenth lane Michigan ' s mile relay team could take only fifth place although expected to furnish stiff competition. THE FIRST HURDLE IN THE 120 HIGH. WERNER OF ILLINOIS IN THE THIRD LANE FROM THE LEFT Q Page 249 -- ffl " BUCK " HESTER FINISHES FIRST ix THE 100 YARD, MICHIGAX AGAINST ILLINOIS MICHIGAN 72 J IOWA 62 K Showing their superiority in nearly every event but the hurdles, Michigan ' s track team de- feated Iowa in the annual dual meet. The Wolverines took a total of nine out of fifteen first places. In the 100 yard dash Hester finished first and Leschinsky second. Hester ' s time was 9 9-10 seconds. In the 220 dash Leschinsky was first in 23 seconds flat. Kelly of Michigan took third place in this event. In the 440 dash Feinsinger placed second and Herrnstein third. In the 880 yard run Captain Freyberg took first place in the fast time of i minute 58 4-10 seconds. Hornberger of Michigan added a point to the Wolverine ' s total when he came in third. In the mile run Iowa had to be content with third place, Jung finished first in 4 minutes 32 5-10 seconds closely followed by Captain Freyberg. Callahan and Wells took first and second in the two mile run, the time being 9 minutes 54 2-10 seconds. Iowa took both the 120 high hurdles and the 220 low hurdles. In the field events Michigan continued her series of wins without much difficulty. In the shot put Munz took second place, losing to the Iowa man by a margin of inches. In the pole vault Boyles of Iowa and Prout of Michigan tied for first with a new record for the Iowa field of 12 feet 10 l 4 inches. Northrup of Michigan took third place. In the discus Doyle and Munz finished in the order named. Doyle ' s throw was 132 feet 9 inches. In the high jump Weeks of Michigan went into a tie with Swenson of Iowa for third place. In the hammer throw Harry Hawkins took his usual first place with a throw of 149 feet 6 inches. Phil Northrop took first in the broad jump with a leap of 22 feet 2 3-8 inches. Northrop proved himself high score man of the meet by taking first in the Javelin throw with a distance of 196 feet 2-10 inches. Roth of Michigan placed third in this event. u ROY H. CALI.AHAX Page 250 C. C. Jrxo - %f HESTER AND LESCHINSKY FINISH FIRST AND SECOND IN THE 100 YARD IN THE OHIO MEET MICHIGAN 82 OHIO STATE 53 Michigan ' s well balanced track team scored a decisive victory over the Ohio state squad in the annual dual meet at Ann Arbor. The Wolverines took nine first places, tied for another and secured eight second and eight third places in amassing their grand total. Captain George Guthrie of the Ohio team was the outstanding star of the meet, accounting for eleven of the Buckeye ' s points. He also broke the field record for the 120 high hurdles in the fast time of 14 5-10 seconds. In the 120 low hurdle event he tied another field record, being pushed to the limit by his teammate Irwin. Leschinsky of Michigan also tied a field record when he sprinted his way to a thrilling victory in the 220 yard dash, after following Grimm of Ohio for the first hundred yards. Phil Northrop, three event star of the Wolverines, accounted for ten points when he won his favorite event, the javelin throw, took second in the broad jump and tied for second in the pole vault. " Buck " Hester ' s brilliant running in the 100 yard dash proved to be another feature of the meet, the diminuitive sprint star chalking up his sixth straight win of the year when he breasted the tape in 9 7-10 seconds. In the field events competition was not so keen and the Michigan athletes had to be content with vying with each other for supremacy. Dick Doyle, Schravesande and Munz took all three places in the discus, Doyle winning with a heave of 137 feet 5 inches. The Wolverines scored another slam in the pole vault when Percy Prout continued his good work by taking the event with a vault of 12 feet 6 inches. Northrop and Huff tied for FOORMAN L. MUELLER second and third places. WILLIAM H. HERRXSTEIN s$e START OF THE HALF MILE ju-x AGAINST ILLINOIS MICHIGAN 71 ILLINOIS 64 Taking eight f rst places in the fifteen events on the program, five of these coming in the field events, Michigan track men scored a victory over the strong Illinois squad in spite of the fact that they were handicapped by a rain soaked track. The greatest upset of the afternoon came when Lasser, a Michigan hurdler, defeated Captain Werner of Illinois in the 220 low hurdles. Werner, who, along with Guthrie of Ohio, can be classed with the best hurdlers of the country, was heavily favored to win and Lasser ' s brilliant performance will be long remembered by the Michigan fans. Lasser ' s time of 25 5-10 seconds betters the dual meet record of 25 6-10 seconds. Hawkins, Michigan ' s hammer thrower, won his event with a throw of 157 feet I inch, breaking his former dual meet mark of 144 feet 5 inches. Dick Doyle broke both the Ferry Field and the dual meet records when he made 141 feet I inch in the Discus throw. The Ferry Field record was 140 feet 8 inches and the dual meet 136 feet i inches. " Buck " Hester, true to form, placed first in the 100 yard in the fast time of 9 8-10 seconds. Leschinsky led the field in the 220, time 21 5-10 seconds. In the pole vault, Northrop and Prout tied for first at the height of 12 feet 8 inches. Northrop also took firsts in the broad jump and the javelin throw scoring a total of 14 points in the meet. Schoch, the Illinois quarter miler, tied the dual meet record of 49 4-10 seconds when he beat Feinsinger who put up a brilliant battle but lost to the flashy runner by a scant two yards. FHF.VHF.R ; FINISHES THIRD IN THE HALF MILE, MICHIGAN vs. ILLINOIS INMAN L. MCNCKK PERCY PROUT Page 252 LESCHINSKY PLACES FIRST IN THE 220 IN THE ILLINOIS MEET CONFERENCE MEET Michigan won the twenty-sixth annual Big Ten Conference track and field championship by scoring 54 and 14-20 points. Illinois was second with 4.6 and 9-20 and Iowa third with 42 and 19-20. Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Northwestern, Chicago, and Purdue finished in the order given. In the 100 yard dash " Buck " Hester and Vic Leschinsky tied for first place followed by Gruen- hagen of Minnesota third and Earl Kelly of Michigan fourth. The time was rather slow, 10 2-10 seconds. Leschinsky again took the first honor in the 220 dash, his time being 22 flat. In the 440 Michigan, represented by Feinsinger, had to be content with fourth place. Kennedy of Wisconsin was first in 49 i-io seconds. In the 880 Michigan failed to score. The event was won by Caine of Indiana in i:$6 2-10 seconds. The mile run was also a blank for Michigan. Rue of Illinois was first in 4:26 flat. Michigan ' s bad luck lasted through the two mile also. Chapman of Wisconsin led the field in 9:41 4-10 seconds. Steve Farrell ' s men turned the tide in the mile relay when the team consisting of Munger, Mueller, Feinsinger and Herrnstein finished first in 3:19.9 thus establishing a new record for this event. The 1 20 high hurdles were won by Guthrie of Ohio and Werner of Illinois second. In the shot put Lyon of Illinois placed first with a new record heave of 47 feet inch. Munz of Michigan was fourth with 44 feet 7 4 inches. Burg of Chicago and Anson of Ohio State tied for first in the high jump at a height of 6 feet 2 7-8 inches. In the broad jump Northrop placed third with a jump of 23 feet 3 inches, 5 inches behind the winner. In the pole vault Northrop tied for first with Boyles of Iowa. Prout and four others tied for third. PHIL NORTHKOP BROAD JUMPING LOWELL M. PALMER EARL A. KKLLY - $e -: f HAWKIXS GROUP SENT TO THE NATIONAL INTERCOLLEGIATES FEINSINGER HESTER COACH FARKELL LESCHINSHY NORTHROP DOYLE NATIONAL INTERCOLLEGIATES Michigan sent six of her track stars to the national collegiate track and field championships that were held at Soldier ' s field, Chicago, and all six entries placed in the various events, two firsts, two seconds, two thirds and a fifth being accounted for by the Wolverine athletes. Michigan rolled up a total of 25 points. The University of Southern California was the only team to outpoint Michigan, her eleven star athletes making 27 points. Phil Northrop was high point man for the Wolverines with a first in the javelin throw and a second in the broad jump. He did not enter the pole vault. His distance for the javelin throw was 200 feet 10 inches. He had no difficulty in getting second place in the broad jump and could have had first place if he had not overstepped twice, each time leaping over 24 feet. " Buck " Hester led the mighty Roland Locke of Nebraska for the first 90 yards but Locke forged ahead to win by inches. This was the only time in the season that Hester failed to take first place. Harry Hawkins made a throw of 138 feet 3 inches in the hammer event which was more than enough to earn him first place. Dick Doyle threw the discus 143 feet for third place. First was taken by the world ' s record holder, " Bud " Houser of Southern California, with a throw of 148 feet y$ inches. Feinsinger ran a wonderful race to place third in the 440 run. The winners were forced to tie the carnival record of 49 seconds and finished a scant two yards ahead of him. Vic Leschinsky took fifth place in an all-star field in the 220 yard dash. AZEI. E. BEAN Page 254 DAVID M. WEEKS -- $f FEINSINGER MILE RELAY TEAM HERRNSTEIN MUELLER MUNGER A COMPARISON OF OLD AND NEW TRACK RECORDS AT MICHIGAN EVENT i oo Yard Dash 220-Yard Dash 440-Yard Dash 880- Yard Run One Mile Run Two Mile Run OLD 1877 ioK " W. R. Roberts 1879 25 " W. W. Hannan 1880 1877 1879 1877 1 20- Yard High Hurdles 1886 22O-Yard Low Hurdles 1891 Hammer Throw 1896 Shot Put 1886 Broad Jump 1880 60 " L. A. Green 2 ' isK " J- H. Fiske 6 ' 7 " E. H. Flynn 14 ' 23 " D. J. Casey C. D. Wright E. B. DuPont 1 06 ' 6K " C. E. McConkey 36 ' G. L. Gootschalk 18 ' 8K " J- Moore 21 4-5 " 30 2-5 " High Jump Pole Vault Discus Throw Javelin One Mile Relay Two Mile Relay Four Mile Relay 1880 4 ' ii " C.W.Hodges 1893 9 ' 6 " A. O. Austin 1898 96 ' 4 " P.W.Jones 1919 151 ' 5 " A. Walls 1925 1910 1914 1926 1913 I92S 1916 1912 1925 1907 1904 1911 1925 1924 1924 1926 1926 1926 I92S 1925 21 I- 21 I- r " 5 21 1-5 " 48 2-5 " NEW 9 3-5 " Wm. D. Hubbard R. C. Craig J. E. Bond V. B. Leschinsky C. B. Haff i ' 544-5 " Charles Reinke 4 ' 16 2-5 " H. L. Carrol 9 ' 33 " R. C. Haimbaugh Wm. D. Hubbard J. C. Garrels R. W. Rose J- J- Homer 15 " 24 " 158 ' 3 48 ' 3 1 25 ' io7-8 " Wm.D. Hubbard (World ' s Record) 6 ' 4 " R. W. Smith 13 ' K " J- K. Brooker 143 ' 9 " R.F.Doyle 207 ' 7 5-8 " Phil Northrop 3 ' 19 3-10 " 7 ' Si 2-5 " 18 ' 16 " i Page 2js g-c fe FRESHMAN TRACK SQUAD FRESHMAN TRACK In reward for a strenuous season of regular practice, Coach Hoyt awarded thirty-seven numerals to the best members of the yearling track squad. The season in general was only relatively success- ful, in so far as it served to develop the capacities of several promising candidates for next year ' s Varsity squad. Captain Kelly, sensational half miler, leads the list of names, but several others deserve special attention for the high calibre of their work. Blocker and Wilson in the broad jump, Erickson in the pole vault, and Kinney and McDonald in the hurdles also showed up exceedingly well. Ketz in the hammer throw was by far the most promising of the field candidates. His best record for the year was 134 feet 8 inches, made against Minnesota. This mark is considerably- better than any performance made by Harry Hawkins during his freshman year. FRESHMAN TRACK NUMERAL WINNERS BANGIUER M. AUBREY ARDEN L. BEMENT F. BLOCHER GI.EN A. CARLSON ARNIE ERICKSON ERNEST J. FREESE EDWARD G. GOETZ W T ILLIAM R. HOUGH MANLEY K. HUNT WILFRED H. KETZ RICHARD R. KINXEY MAX W. KENDRICK S. KELLY NOBLE D. LEONARD E. GOWERY J. GOWERY LAWRENCE M. LAMONT EVERETT H. LANE GEORGE K. MCDONALD T. ARNOLD MEDSGAR RANDOLPH B. MONROE GEORGE H. McARTHUR CHARLES M. MOORE DONALD S. SMITH M. SMITH FRANCIS D. SANDERSON JOHN W. TARBILL G. WEST EARL R. WATS ON THEODORE C. WUERFUL RICHARD J. WILLIAMS CLIFFORD W T ILSON PAUL J. KERN HARRY A. PETERSON G. CORYELL RICHARD M. EDDY Page 236 ft $- g$fe+ w O WlTERFEL MONROE HORNBERGER MANAGER CHAMBERLIN COACH FARKELL LA MO NT CAPTAIN BRIGGB IBKENDARIAN 1926 CROSS COUNTRY Starting the year with only three experienced men, Coach Farrell turned out a team which enjoyed a reasonably successful season. Briggs, Hornberger and Iskenderian were the only veterans available, so the Coach spent most of his time trying to develop promising sophomore material which might add to the strength of future teams. Briggs and Hornberger will be lost to next year ' s squad by graduation and their absence will be keenly felt. However Coach Farrell can rely on several sophomore runners who have shown considerable ability throughout the first season. In the first meet Michigan easily defeated Purdue by a 20 to 35 score. Little, the Boilermaker ' s star, ran first but the next seven places were won by the Wolverines. Michigan had little trouble at Lansing the following week, defeating the Spartans 23 to 32. The feature of the meet was the thrilling battle between Briggs and Severence of State for first place. The latter won by a scant margin. In a triple meet between Michigan, Ohio and Illinois, the Michigan team ran a close second to Ohio while Illinois took third place. In the Conference meet at Minnesota, Michigan placed fifth with 127 points. Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa and Illinois finished in the order named. In former years competition for the Harpham Trophy took the form of an individual race. This year the first Michigan man to finish in the Conference meet was declared the winner. Captain Briggs won it for the third consecutive year. The following men were given their letters: Captain Briggs, Hornberger, Iskenderian. Monroe, Lamont and Wuerfel were selected for the A. M. A. award. CAPTAIN BRIGGS Page 257 r JS CRANE VOBE CAPTAIN KHICKBAUM STEPHENS OLIAN 1926 TENNIS TEAM At the start of the 1926 season about 120 candidates reported for practice. Dr. Henry C. Hutchins, coach of the team, weeded these out slowly until the squad reached a more workable size. Of the twenty remaining members there were only three veterans, Captain Krickbaum, Vose and Crane. Olian and Stephens were picked from among this number for the team. The season was very successful, only one Conference game being lost, to Illinois, and in all the matches of the season Michigan clearly demonstrated her superiority. A practice match was arranged with the Detroit Tennis Club to give the team as a whole more practice on strokes. At the end of the season Varsity letters were awarded to Captain Krickbaum, Vose, Crane, Olian and Stephens. Irwin A. Olian was elected Captain for the following year, and he and Stephens will constitute the only veteran members of the squad next year. r Michigan 7 Michigan 7 Michigan 6 Michigan 6 Michigan 10 Michigan 2 Michigan 4 Michigan 4 Michigan 4 M. S. C o U. of D o Indiana I Butler i Toledo 2 Illinois 4 Wisconsin 3 Minnesota 2 Chicago 3 CAPTAIN KHICKBAUM CAPTAIX-ELECT OLIAN Page 2 S S $ $e X. PROFESSOR TRUEBLOOD CAPTAIN " FEELY CONNOR COLE COACH WELLS 1926 GOLF TEAM Only two veterans were available for the golf team but with the aid of some very promising sophomores Coaches Wells and Trueblood turned out a successful team. All but two of the dual meets resulted in Michigan victories and the team placed fourth in the Conference meet. Captain Feely, Glover, Connor and Cole represented Michigan in the first dual meet, with Ohio, and overwhelmed the Buckeyes 19 to 4 2. In the Illinois meet Michigan lost by one point and in the Chicago meet by three points. In both of these meets the last hole was the deciding factor. Throughout the balance of the season the same lineup that took part in the Ohio meet was used with remarkably good results. In the Conference meet Michigan placed fourth. Illinois was first, Chicago second and North- western third. In the individual championships Hesert of Chicago was first, Connor of Michigan fourth, Feely of Michigan tenth, and Cole of Michigan eighteenth. Michigan . Michigan. Michigan. Michigan . Michigan . Michigan . 22 Ohio State . . . Illinois Purdue Northwestern. Wisconsin . . . Chicago COACH WELLS CAPTAIN FEELY Page 259 I islfe JBL CAPTAIN JONES WALDRON MARSHALL ROCHE G ABLER COMB DENTON SIBILSKY HOOPER COACH BAR as MANEY MANAGER THIELMAN WETTLAUFER LARSON COPELAND GOMBERG 1927 HOCKEY SQUAD CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS Michigan has been represented by a skillful, fighting, hockey team, as their record of seven wins out of ten games played shows. Michigan defeated the powerful Minnesota squad in a final series which placed her in a tie with the Gophers for high place. Captain Jones played a stellar game throughout the season and was rated by the Minnesota coach as the best goal tender in the Conference. The first games of the season were played with the Michigan College of Mines. Coach Barss ' men split the series with a team which now claims the inter-collegiate championship. Michigan State was next on the schedule and Michigan took both games although forced into -an extra period to win the second. The second semester opened with the Northern trip on which Michigan won a game from Wisconsin and dropped two with Minnesota. In a three game series with Wisconsin Michigan took all three from the Badgers, one of which took an hour and a half to break the tie. The men who made the Northern trip were, Captain Jones, Gabler, Comb, Larson, Hooper, Maney, Roach, Sibilsky, Copeland, Denton, Marshall and Gomberg. Michigan i Michigan . . . . 2 Michigan 2 Michigan. . . . I Michigan . . . . 2 Michigan . . Michigan . . . . 2 Michigan. . . . I Michigan . . . . I Michigan I Michigan. . . . . . 2 Michigan C. of M. . . . o Michigan C. of M. . . . i Michigan State o Michigan State Wisconsin Minnesota Minnesota Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin o Minnesota o Minnesota . i CAPTAIN ' JONEK COACH BARSS Page 260 r - BATTER SPINDLE WAGNER MAYER SEAGER WATSON DARNALL HALSTED STARRETT CAPTAIN SAMSON COACH MANN HALSTED SHORR BAILEY HORN HUBBELL BEMENT 1927 VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS " The University of Michigan swimming team of i926- ' 2y is the greatest team ever organized by any college. " Paul Samson, Michigan swimmer, is the outstanding inter-collegiate swimmer of the year. " COACH MANN In the four dual meets that have been held with non-Conference teams, Michigan has won three and lost but one. Conference competition has proved even easier, the six dual meets that have been held all resulting in easy wins for the Wolverine squad. In the Conference Meet Mich- igan took first place with very little effort. Its closest rival, Minnesota, being sixteen points be- hind. Northwestern, Wisconsin, Chicago and Illinois finished in the order named. Michigan broke six records that night two of them being National Intercollegiates. Besides being effective as a group, Michigan has a number of individual stars. Chief among these are Paul Samson and Richard Spindle. In the Michigan Amateur Athletic Union Champion- ships, Samson was successful in establishing new records in four events; the 50, 100, 220 and 500 yard swims. At the National Intercollegiate Meet he broke records in the 40, 220, 440 swims in the long pool and the 220 and 440 in the short. Richard Spindle set a new record for the 150 yard back stroke, short pool, at the Intercollegiates. Michigan 53 Michigan 35 Michigan 29 Michigan 51 Michigan 60 Michigan 45 Michigan 49 Michigan =;o Michigan 52 Michigan 47 Toledo Y. M. C. A. . 6 Cleveland A. C 18 Cincinnati Y.MC. A. 32 Ft. Wayne Y.M.C.A. 22 Indiana 9 Chicago. Wisconsin . . . Iowa Northwestern . Minnesota . 24 20 19 17 22 CAPTAIN SAMSON COACH MANN Page 261 PC .SL Or KANT DELUDE ETNER SOUTHWORTH DOUGOVITO KAILES RUBIN BRUCE FINLBY THOMAS NICHOLSON WARREN VLASICK MILLER WOLFE HARDIN PRESCOTT COACH KEEN CAPTAIN DONAHOE BAKER WATSON SAUER NAQELKIRK PRESTON SOLOMON 1927 WRESTLING TEAM A large part of the credit for Michigan ' s successful wrestling season must go to Coach Clifford Keen who came to Michigan two years ago from Oklahoma A. M. and has completely rejuvenated the sport on the Michigan campus. He has managed to secure large squads to work with and has aroused the interest of the student body. It is his hope to secure for wrestling at Michigan recogni- tion as a major sport which it is fast becoming in actuality if not in name. Wrestling in the Western Conference is divided into two groups, A and B, on the basis of convenience. Each team in the group meets the others of that group and the winners of A and B meet to decide the championship while the other teams will pair off in the order of their finish to determine their respective standings. Later the individual stars meet to determine individual championships in the different weight cl asses. This year Illinois took first in class A with wins over Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and 4 Chicago. Michigan took first in class B by defeating Indiana zi to 8, Ohio State 17 to 6, Purdue 17 to 8, and Northwestern 23,1 2 to 6}4. In the championship meet Michigan lost to Illinois by the close score of 12 to 9 in which Michigan was handicapped by sickness and injury. COACH KEEN CAPTAIN DONAHOE C O Page 262 $ -z $fc " ' : LELAND HEDRICK BUCKINGHAM WARRICK THE 1926 CHEERING SQUAD The cheering section, as it has been handled during the past year, has given Michigan students something to think about. Several experiments have been tried and have proven so successful that undoubtedly many of them will be standardized and possibly become traditional. The block M composed of over a thousand men wearing neat uniforms of Maize and Blue presented a very colorful spectacle and afforded to many an opportunity to have the best seats in the stands. The method of securing seats in this section has also become quite simple; that is, paying a small sum at the time of registration, and although a few changes may be necessary to cut out a few of the minor defects, it will be relatively easy to secure the coveted seats next year. Competition for the position of cheer leader is keener than ever before. This year Warrick, assisted by Endriss, Hedrick, Buckingham and Leland, handled the job remarkably well and even greater opportunities will be afforded to Paul Endriss, who will lead cheers next year in the new stadium. To add to the honor of being chosen cheer leader, a silver megaphone is being awarded each year to the leader. The trophy, which was awarded for the first time to William A. Warrick ' 27 will be presented by the old leader to the one newly elected at the most important basketball game of the season in Yost Field House. It will be on exhibition with the trophies in the adminis- tration building as one of the honorable awards to Michigan men. , r 21 C- - 3$e NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS IN ATHLETICS INTRAMURAL DEPARTMENT Sport Number of Participants Cups Number of Awards Medals Numerals Total Basketball I97S 3 24 17 44 Baseball (playground) .... 1478 i 12 23 36 Track 480 i O 10 ii Relay 162 i 4 5 Tennis 799 10 9 15 34 Swimming 935 3 24 16 43 Bowling 820 i o 10 ii Cross Country 387 i 12 13 Volleyball 310 i O i Rifle 250 o IO 10 Boxing .... 230 o o 9 9 Wrestling 370 i 14 15 Handball 322 4 3 o 7 Speedball .... 1152 i 36 37 Foul Throwing - 418 3 3 Horseshoes 570 4 4 8 Gymnastics IOO 4 4 Golf 300 o Water Polo .... 262 i o i Baseball (regulation) 240 o o 15 IS Fencing 95 2 2 Skiing 70 4 4 Soccer 60 o Sigma Delta Psi 125 o O Totals 11,910 199 313 INTERCOLLEGIATE DEPARTMENT Sport Football . . . Number of Participants 471 " A " 2C Number " A.M.A. 12 o Awards " Numerals Total 17 Res. 97 Basketball 2O7 7 7 31 Freshmen 12 P.E. 12 26 Baseball Track 207 2QO 13 2O 6 i " ? 26 Fr. cs 10 P.E. 36 Fr. 60 Cross Country QO 2 6 8 Swimming Hockey " 5 2C 12 8 2 12 Fr. 24 O IO Tennis Golf 55 4.C 5 c 4 2 8 Fr. 17 O 7 Wrestling OS 7 C 12 Totals 1600 104 164 325 Page 264 s. The Michigan Union Building 1919 The first Michigan Union Building 1908 - %fc A. KOYKKA, HEATH GLOVER BOARD IN CONTROL OF STUDENT PUBLICATIONS PROFESSOR FRED N. SCOTT, Chairman PROFESSOR EDSON R. SUXDERLAND, Business Manager PROFESSOR MORRIS P. TILLEY DEAN JOSEPH A. BURSLEY STUDENT MEMBERS FREDERIC S. GLOVER, JR. FORREST A. HEATH THOMAS V. KOYKKA SUNDERLAXD TlLLEY SCOTT BURSLEY Page 266 Cv feg Louis ROBERTSON ' W. FRAXKLIN GRAHAM MICHIGAN ENSIAN Louis ROBERTSON, Managing Editor W. FRANKLIN GRAHAM, Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF FREDERIC S. GLOVER, JR., Advisory Board S. 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KAUFFMANN, ROBERT NEWTON, THEODORE ROGVOY, Louis SPALDING. Upper Business Staff: LEONARD FINKLER Local Advertising, Louis KNOEPP Accounts, JULIUS GOLDMAN Foreign Advertising, JEROME SPERO Circulation. Assistants: EDWARD BAYUK, EMMONS BONAFIELD, BRADFORD CARVER, HAROLD CAPRON, MARSHALL DEUTSCH, STANLEY FRIEDMAN, CARL FAUSTER, DAVID HOLZMAN, BENJAMIN HANDLEY, JAMES HEGENAUER, MORTON KAUFMAN, PAUL MINSEL, RALPH POPP, PHILIP SLAYTON. HANDLEY DEUTSCH FRIEDMAN NEWTOX CLAYTOX BAYUK MIXSEL CAPRON " BONAFIELD GOETZE FORBES Ronvor CRANE FAUSTER KAUFFMANN HOLZMAN CARVER KAUFMAN- LUTES HADDOCK MORSE SPALDING FINKLER ROBINSON KNOEPP SLAYTON Ziv VYSE RICHARDS HILL HALSTED SWINEHART READ SPEHO GOLDMAX Page 273 SS S tC xa SSrX S - t Ifc J HP y. MICHIGAN TECHNIC IS K- KlKMHEMAN JOHN A. AKDUSSI THE MICHIGAN TECHNIC LOUIS R. KlRSHEMAN JOHN A. ARDUSSI ..... ASSOCIATE EDITORS JOHN S. CONGO ....... JOHN T. SNODGRASS ...... ROBERT J. WOODS ...... HUBERT W. GOULDTHORPE . . . Louis G. JORDEN . . THEODORE ROGVOY ...... DEPARTMENTAL MANAGERS JOHN L. WOTRING ...... CLAUD C. GAGE ....... LOID M. STINCHCOMB Managing Editor Business Manager Articles . College Notes Alumni News Publication Architecture Art Circulation Accounts Sales ASSISTANTS BERNARD M. CAIN J. S. GRIER FREDERICK SCHUMANN VERNON R. FORD LAWRENCE W. MENGEL KELLEY S. LASHLEY WILLIAM L. PAGE J. SAMUEL HAMEL THOMAS J. HODGSON HARLAN F. HEDDEN NEIL McDouGALL MENGEL MC-DOUGALL CAIN HAMEI. HEDDEN PAGE SCHUMANN HODGSON Ro ivov GAGE Foim STINCHCOMB WOODS bNODUHASS GOI ' LDTHORPE CONGO KlHHHEMAN AHDUSSI WoTRING KvHK Page 274 Sfs A. STUDENT COUNCIL H. THOMAS CAVANAUGH FREDERIC S. GLOVER . HENRY S. GRINNELL . RUSSEL C. BAKER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer H. THOMAS CAVAXAUGH MEMBERS Senior Members EARL L. BLASER GEORGE E. MEADS, Dentistry JAMES F. BOYER KEN. A. MICHEL, Architecture JAMES B. BOYLE, Law S. TYLER WATSON Junior Members R. C. LELAND, Literary JOHN T. SNODGRASS, Engineering Ex-Officio Members SMITH H. CADY . Managing Editor, Michigan Daily LESTER F. JOHNSON . . President, Michigan Union GEO. M. STANLEY Member Board in Control of Athletics MEADS GLOVKK BOYLE MICHEL SNODGHASS JOHNSON BLASER CAVANAUQH GRIXNELL LELAND WATSON BAKER BOYER STANLEY Page 276 Sffe ENGINEERING HONOR SOCIETY E. A. CHAPMAN H. MATHESON Chairman Secretary and Treasurer E. A. CHAPMAN MEMBERS HAROLD CRAMER JOHN R. GILMARTIN RICHARD S. SPINDLE ROBERT A. CLAYTON HAROLD H. COLL HARLEY J. BELL GEORGE A. CLAYTON COLL SPINDLE CKAMKK MATHESON CHAPMAN GILMAHTIN BKLL MICHIGAN UNION BOARD OF DIRECTORS LESTER F. JOHNSON . ... President WALTER A. KUENZEL . . Recording Secretary VICE-PRESIDENTS JOHN M. BENNETT GEORGE M. STANLEY RUDOLPH E. LARSON ROBERT W. WILKINS ELLIOTT M. CHAMBERLAIN LESTER F. JOHNSON FACULTY AND ALUMNI W. B. SHAW PROFESSOR E. HOLBROOK . PROFESSOR H. C. ANDERSON DEAN HENRY M. BATES PROFESSOR G. CARL HUBER DANIEL F. ZIMMERMAN . ARCHIE DIACK. S. EMORY THOMASON SELDON S. DICKINSON . JOSEPH A. BURSLEY Alumni Secretary Financial Secretary . Faculty Member Faculty Member . Faculty Member . Alumni Member Alumni Member Alumni Member Alumni Member Alumni Member Law Engineering Combined Medical Liter ar CHAMBERLAIN STANLEY ANDERSON HoLBBOOK SHAW KUENZEL JOHNSON WILKINS BENNETT LARSON BURSLEY HUBER DIACK Page 278 St. PC - c 5ffc MICHIGAN UNION EXECUTIVE COUNCIL LESTER F. JOHNSON . . . . President WALTER A. KUENZEL . Recording Secretary JAMES U. HUGHEY, JR. . . House Department JOHN P. HEDRICK . Reception Department WILLIAM V. JEFFRIES . . Underclass Department HERBERT E. VEDDER Assistant Chairman of Underclass Department CLARENCE W. LITTLE . Life Membership Adjustment Com. THOMAS C. WINTER . . . Publicity Department BOARD OF GOVERNORS GEORGE T. BURKE JOSEPH A. BURSLEY EVANS HOLBROOK LESTER F. JOHNSON JAMES O. MURFIN HERBERT C. SADLER JAMES K. WATKINS WALTER A. KUENZEL LITTLE JEFFRIES WINTER JOHNSON HEDHICK KUENZEL VKDDER HU ;HKY - r 31 STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OFFICERS GEORGE H. LIKERT, JR. ARNOLD G. ANDERSON FREDERICK H. SHILLITO GEORGE H. LIKERT DEPARTMENT HEADS HAROLD W. JACOX CHESTER C. BENNETT FREDERIC S. GLOVER, JR. DONALD B. DOUBLEDAY CHARLES MOORE . THEODORE R. HORNBERGER WILLIAM B. PALMER HOWARD L. PUCKETT . CHARLES H. BEHYMER HOMER H. GRAFTON Campus Service Conferences Counsellors Finance Fraternity Discussions . Fresh Air Camp Friendly Relations Industrial Commission Vocational Counsel Acting Secretary President Fice-President Secretary DOUBLEDAY ANDERSON PUCKETT SHILLITO GLOVER HORNBERGER HEHYMER GRAFTON MOORE LIKERT JACOX BENNETT _ - !iB s B ' XAI B ' RITH HILL EL FOUNDATION RABBI A. H. FINKELSTEIN LEONARD COHEN Director Director of Student Activities STUDENT EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Education WILLIAM KLEIN B. L. GOLDMAN MIRIAM SELKER Dramatics JEROME ULLMAN RALPH MILLER EMANUEL HARRIS Social EPHRAIM GOMBERG RUTH LAMBERT NANCE SOLOMON Publication WILLIAM CHON SYLVIA STONE HELEN ZELMAN Religious IRVING YORYSH DAN COHEN A. L. ROGOFF Social Welfare RICHARD MEYER RAE PITZELE THERESA LOEB Music DOROTHY ORNSTEIN CONSTANCE SIDDER HARRIS GOLDMAN STONE METER YORYSH MILLER BIDDER LAMBERT ROGOFF ULLMAN ZELMAN SHADDER SELKER OHNSTEIN PITZELE SOLOMON KLEIN CHON _ 2 y$2T LOMB.VRDO THOMAS C. WINTER CLASS OF 1928 J-HOP Dancing to the modern music of Fletcher Henderson, Jean Goldkette, and Guy Lombardo ' s Royal Canadians amid the dignified spendour of the Moyen Ages, the guests of the 1928 J-Hop found a combination of syncopation and setting which made the affair not only the most important social event of the year, but also one of the most interesting Hops of history. 7r- $f GOLDKETTE HELEN BELCHER CLASS OF 1928 J-HOP THOMAS C. WINTER, Chairman RAY T. BAER MARION S. HODGSON PAUL H. BASSO CLAR. W. HOUCK PAUL W. BRUSKE JOHN J. MOLENDA PAUL L. BURTON HAROLD PHILPOTT WM. A. GILLETTE CHAS. E. ROBINSON HENRY S. GRINNELL MERL E E. ST. AUBIN GEORGE B. HESTER WARREN A. WOOD PHILPOTT BASSO GILLETTE ROBINSON GRINNELL BRUSKE HOUCK WINTER HESTER BAER Sr. AUBIN WOOD MOLENDA BURTON HODGSON Page 283 G - ZigkSzSs- i X SOPHOMORE PROM COMMITTEE CLASS OF 1929 FREDERICK PARKER, Chairman J. DUFFIELD R. WARREN C. BARNABY V. READ J. MARSHALL ELLEN GRINNELL G. RICH J. KELLY J. HAPKE W. HOUGH G. HUBBELL W. KLECKNER NEIL McDouGALL AUSTIN PADDOCK PC Page 284 gc S - X FRESHMAN FROLIC 1 CLASS OF 1930 JAMES C. HOUSTON, Chairman JAMES W. ALLEN JACK BELLAIRE ANNE H. BIGELOW DRUMMOND T. GLOVER GILBERT HARTLEY CHARLES HALL JANE HICKEY HARRIET H. LAWLOR ALLEN OWEN JOHN E. PENNIMAN GEORGE PAULSEN RAYMOND PALM DAVID W. WARD HOUSTON OWEN ALLEN PENNIMAN WARD HARTLEY PAULSEN TROWBRIDGE HICKEY SCHUHZ GLOVER LAWLOR BIUELOW Page 283 =1 ,. o [(( MICHIGAN; WILFRKD M. SHAW HAWLEY TAPPING ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN OFFICERS ELMER J. OTTAWAY, ' 94 .... . President Publisher, Port Huron Times-Herald, Port Huron, Michigan DR. G. CARL HUBER, ' 87 ....... ice-President Professor of Anatomy and Director of Anatomical Laboratories, U. of Michigan EMORY J. HYDE, ' 04 . . .... V ice-President Junior Vice-President of The Retail Credit Co., Atlanta, Georgia Louis P. JOCELYN, ' 87 .. . . . . Secretary Teacher of Mathematics, Ann Arbor High School ROBERT A. CAMPBELL ........ Treasurer Treasurer, University of M ichigan DIRECTORS RALPH W. AIGLER, ' 07 Professor of Law, University of Michigan FIT HUGH BURNS, ' 92 Insurance Broker, St. Paul, Minnesota THOMAS CLANCEY, ' 08, ' 10 Attorney, Ishpeming, Michigan WILLIAM A. COMSTOCK, ' 99 Capitalist, Detroit, Michigan CHESTER H. LANG, ' 15 Comptroller of the Budget, General Electric Co., Schenectady, N. V. GEORGE R. LARWILL, ' 21 Attorney, Denver, Colorado STANLEY D. McGRAw, ' 92 Member New York Stock Exchange, New York City, N. Y. OLIVER W. PERRIN, ' 01 Assistant Actuary, Penn Mutual Life Insur- ance Co., Philadelphia, Pa. MASON P. RUMNEY, ' 07 President of the Detroit Railway and Har- bor Terminals Co. HOWARD I. SHEPHERD, ' 98 Vice-President, Guardian Savings Trust Co., Cleveland, Ohio S. EMORY THOMASON, ' 04 Newspaper Publisher, Tampa, Fla. JULIUS C. TRAVIS, ' 94 Associate Justice, Indiana Supreme Court, Indianapolis, Ind. PRESTON M. TROY, ' 93 Attorney, Olympia, Washington J. ARTHUR WHITWORTH, ' 94 Executive, Grand Rapids, Michigan MRS. FRANCES H. MOORE, ' 90 Benton Harbor, Michigan WILFRED B. SHAW, ' 04 HAWLEY TAPPING, ' u, FOR THE ALUMXAK COUNCIL MRS. SHIRLEY W. SMITH, ' 97 Ann Arbor, Michigan EXECUTIVE OFFICERS General Secretary ' 16 . . Field Secretary and Business Manager THE MICHIGAN ALUMNUS The off cial publication of the Alumni Association 36 issues each year WILFRED B. SHAW, ' 04, Editor DOROTHY BENNETTS, ' 23, Editorial Assistant Associate Editors HAWLEY TAPPING, ' n, ' 16 BESS L. McLouTH, ' 13 WALDO ABBOT, ' u, ' 13 DONAL HAMILTON HAINES, ' 09 Page 286 =v v v MUSIC, ORATORY, AND DRAMA r- S u UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN GLEE CLUB DIRECTOR MR. THEODORE HARRISON OFFICERS OTTO KOCH THEODORE TROST JOHN W. BEAN RALPH B. EHLERS President Memb er to the Board Secretary Librarian L. STUART BULMAN BUSINESS STAFF L. STUART BULMAN FRANKLIN BURGER HERBERT PALMER . CLARENCE BECKER CLAIR WEBER R. NEWTON DETZER HOMER CORNELL Business Manager Assistant Manager . Assistant Assistant (Publicity) Assistant . Assistant (Tickets) Accompanist Page 288 S R ' f9 S= 9 f f $ c fe - %g - UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN GLEE CLUB MEMBERS C. H. ATWELL L. GOODMAN H. B. HARDING J. R. HOGLE C. CATHERMAN R. N. DETZER F. E. FLEMING W. A. GREIG D. HALL First Tenors J. M. ROSEN N. STAEBLER R. T. SUSUMAGO P. E. TULLARD A. E. WOODHEAD Second Tenors C. KRAATZ J. MCCARTHY V. NAHABEDIAN B. T. PERRINE H. E. RICHTER A. VAN ERDEN L. BEAN O. BROWN P. R. CULKIN R. C. CULP F. BlGELOW N. M. BOWBEER H. CHALK R. B. EHLERS W. HOWE First Bass E. GODDARD R. GRAHAM A. KOCH O. KOCH Second Bass N. JOHNSON N. W. JUDD A. C. LUDINGTON V. L. PETERSON OTTO KOCH B. L. NORTON S. N. ROWE P. M. SHOEMAKER W. WELKE L. F. SEGAR C. K. SESTOK T. L. TROST L. S. WESSINGER L. H. WHITMAN ROWB NAHABEDIAN LUDINGTON HALL RICHTER WESSINGER GRAHAM GOODMAN FLEMING A. KOCH PETERSON ATWELL BROWN Ct ' Lp CULKIN HARDING NORTON SHOEMAKER WELKE GODDARD HOWE PERRINE CHALK DETZER EHLERS TROST HARRISON BEAN O. KOCH CORNELL BULMAN _ _ -- Se 3!te o GOHDOX W. PACKER Soloists B. L. NORTON R. O. NISSLE Cymbals J. A ARDUSSI O. BROWN Clarinets E. H. RUSSELL M. WERTENBERGER VARSITY BAND OFFICERS NORMAN LARSON NICHOLAS FALCONE ROBERT A. CAMPBELL PAUL F. SCHLANDERER RUSSELL L. MALCOLM ROLAND O. NISSLE ROY WELLS . ARTHUR COOK GORDON W. PACKER . Director Assistant Director . Faculty Manager . Student Manager Assistant Manager Librarian President Vice-President . Drum Major MEMBERS Clarinets H. KUENZEL A. COOK R. R. FISHER S. GILBERT G. H. GREENE M. S. HAVEMANN J. H. LAROWE A. McCuNE C. A. ORR T. B. RIDER Oboes M. E. CARR W. P. NORTH Bass Clarinet E. HOEDEMAKER Piccolo and Flutes R. C. CURTISS C. BELL IN PHILADELPHIA x Page 290 Sffc VARSITY BAND Trombones W. C. WELKE B. L. CANFIELD W. H. BERRY A. BLIESMER I. C. JOHNSON R. L. HOFFMAN M. VAN WEELDEN Saxophones H. J. DEASON W. F. ARDUSSI W. W. BURD E. BLAIR N. C. REGLIEN Cornets W. H. ELLER L. E. BAUER M. K. GILES L. E. FISHER H. D. HELFRICH C. J. LARSON M. F. SAXTON B. A. SCHNALL R. H. SNELLING R: F. WELLS Long Drum H. L. WILSON Horns G. Y. MEADER D. DECRAUSAZ D. M. RICHMOND P. SlLVERNALE W. SCHULTZ D. WlNSLOW Baritones E. C. GlFFORD F. BRAD V LEY J. H. MAXWELL W. McCoNOCHIE Side Drums B. L. NORTON W. R. KLECKNER W. C. LANGENAU C. M. WALDO NORMAN LARSON Basses R. E. NETX.LEY F. R. BIGLOW R. BURHANS L. A. DELP F. E. ROACH C. Wu IN ANN ARBOR Page 2Qf b-- -c SfS5 gs% g MIMES OF THE MICHIGAN UNION OFFICERS FRANK C. STRACHAN DANIEL L. WARNER JAMES F. MURPHY President rice-President Secretary- Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS DEAN JOSEPH A. BURSLEY PROF. O. J. CAMPBELL PROF. BRUCE DONALDSON PROF. V. A. PRAYER DONAL HAMILTON HAINES PROF. EVANS HOLBROOK PROF. HERBERT KENYON PRES. CLARENCE C. LITTLE PROF. EARL V. MOORE PROF. Louis A. STRAUSS HONORARY MEMBERS FRANK C. STRACHAN W. C. BlSHOP S. S. BONELL P. W. BRUSKE H. T. CAVANAUGH HARLAN CRISTY V. L. DAVIES T. H. DENTON CARL FAUSTER R. A. GOHRING R. A. CAMPBELL PAUL BUCKLEY ROY HOYER ACTIVE MEMBERS F. E. HILL, JR. K. M. KING H. T. LATHROP C. D. LIVINGSTONE R. H. LUTES R. A. MANCHESTER J. F. MURPHY C. T. NELSON B. L. NORTON JAMES YANT FRANK ROBINS E. MORTIMER SHUTER DOROTHY STONE M. A. PETERSON C. C. SMITH J. E. STARRETT F. C. STRACHAN W. C. TOLLZIEN J. A. VlCARY D. L. WARNER WILLIAM WARRICK RICHARD WOELLHAF NELSON DEN-TON STARRETT LUTES NORTON HILL MANCHESTER MURPHY DAMES BISHOP WOELLHAF KINO TOLLZIEN LATHROP STRACHAN CAMPBELL SHUTER PETERSON LYONS DONALDSON HAINES KENYON A. Page 292 7r Sf X ' ' FRONT PAGE STUFF ' The Twenty-first Annual Opera presented by the Mimes of the Michigan Union Book, Lyrics and Music by Milton A. Peterson Additional Lyrics by Dorothy Stone Additional Music by William M. Lewis CAST The Maid Mrs. Dodd . June Dodd Professor Dodd . The Butler . James Bryant Robert Dodd Isadore Countess de Pew A Reporter Baron Vermicelli An Officer of the Guards THOMAS J. DOUGALL RICHARD WOELLHAF WILLIAM M. LEWIS DONALD F. LYONS B. LORAIN NORTON RUSSELL A. GOHRING FRANK C. STRACHAN ROBERT C. GRAHAM RICHARD H. LUTES PHILIP R. CULKIN B. LORAIN NORTON PHILIP R. CULKIN SPECIAL GIRLS ' CHORUS WILLIAM W. COMSTOCK RICHARD C. KURVINK THOMAS J. DOUGALL ROBERT A. MANCHESTER W. DAVIS HARBAUGH VINCENT C. WALL FLORIAN J. BLASZCZYK L. FARNUM BUCKINGHAM RUDOLPH I. CLARY PHILIP M. CRANE HARLAN P. CRISTY LESTER C. CURL DOUGLAS F. DOUBLEDAY ROLAND C. GIES WALTER G. AUER HOWARD A. BLOOM SEELY M. CHAPMAN HARLEY A. HAYNES MIXED CHORUS EDWARD M. HEYMAN OWEN F. HOLMES CHESTER W. JOHNSON ALFRED G. KRELL KARL H. KUHN GEORGE K. MCKNIGHT KARL F. MAST JOHN P. OTTAWAY MEN ' S CHORUS FORREST S. HEATH GEORGE W. KREYE FAY A. LEFEVRE STANLEY C. PODBIELNIAK E. MORTIMER SHUTER C. LAWRENCE PETTIBONE ROBERT F. PRICE WILLIAM S. RAMSEY THEODORE R. SKINNER CHARLES J. SPAULDING ROBERT W. SPICER A. KENNETH STOLPMAN WILLIAM R. THURNAU JOHN W. RICE C. FORD SCHOTT CEDRIC F. TRAEGER THOMAS C. WINTER MURPHY PETERSON TOI.LZIEN _ _ -C ---. !je C gjf g I X CCRTIS BISHOP M. LELAND D. LELAND CRISTY Voss HUFF VOSPEH MURRAY BONELL McCANN CHISHOLM HEATH THIEME WETZEL WILLIAMS JACOBS M. MARTIN JOHNSTON KING SAWYER E. DAVIES J. MARTIN LOUGHTON V. DAVIES EIRICH DENTON MILLER COMEDY CLUB OFFICERS VALENTINE DAVIES PHYLLIS LOUGHTON MARGARET EIRICH JAMES MARTIN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS MARGUERITE GOODMAN BARRETT CARL BAUER CHESTER BENNETT WILLIAM BISHOP SAMUEL BONELL WILLIAM BROMME K ATHLEEN CHISHOLM JOHN COOK HARLAN CRISTY RAY CURTIS ELIZABETH STRAUSS DAVIES VALENTINE DAVIES THOMAS DENTON MARGARET EIRICH MARY Lois GUDAKUNST FORREST HEATH DANIEL HUFF PAULINE JACOBS VERA JOHNSTON KENNETH KING OTTO KOCH DOROTHY LELAND MARIAN LELAND PHYLLIS LOUGHTON CHARLES D. LIVINGSTONE JAMES MARTIN MARY MARTIN RUTH McCANN MINERVA MILLER EVERETT SAWYER THURSTON THIEME ALICE VOSPER HELEN Voss ROBERT WETZELL Page 294 5 Z9 $$Z $ Z x - c Sf g S% a OLSON TENNANT ADAMS McCREERY BISHOP FULLER WILCOX STERN RICHARDSON SANDERSON MILLER LLOYD GESSNEH SCHUMANN ZEMANS TAYLOR BOWERSOX SCHRADE ANDERSON ANDREWS HARRIS SUYAT REIWITCH HEYHOE FRIEDMAN GATES BONNELL BARTLETT ADELPHI NORMAN C. BOWERSOX W. EARL TAYLOR JOHN M. SCHRADE RUSSELL M. SANDERSON LLOYD W. BARTLETT JOHN M. SCHRADE DANIEL C. GATES LLOYD W. BARTLETT RUSSELL M. SANDERSON LLOYD W. BARTLETT OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester LON B. ADAMS MARK S. ANDREWS LLOYD W. BARTLETT WILLIAM C. BISHOP SAMUEL S. BONELL NORMAN C. BOWERSOX ROBERT D. BRUCE WILLIAM C. DIXON JEROME J. FRIEDMAN RICHARD C. FULLER DANIEL C. GATES ROBERT J. GESSNER RALPH W. GOODALL WILLIAM N. GALL DOUGLAS C. McCoRMicK MEMBERS EARL C. GREMEL EARL J. HARRIS JAMES T. HERALD GORDON HEYHOE FREDERICK W. HICKS ROBERT H. LLOYD MILTON MCREERY ROBERT S. MILLER ELLIOTT H. MOYER HAROLD O. OLSON ROBERT W. RATTRAY ALVIN D. REIWITCH ASSOCIATE MEMBERS ALBERT E. SAWYER EDWARD A. STEPHENS Speaker Clerk Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Oratorical Delegate Speaker Clerk Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Oratorical Delegate HARVEY L. RICHARDSON CARL J. RIDDERING THEODORE P. RYAN JOHN M. SCHRADE FREDERICK J. SCHUMANN SIDNEY M. SHEVITZ DARBARA S. SODHI HAROLD E. STRICKLER W. EARL TAYLOR JOHN S. TENNANT JOHN D. TODD JACKSON A. WILCOX EUGENE S. ZEMANS ALBERT M. STERN DONATO T. SUYAT Pagf 295 _ _ j g S SfS t DlMOND McCoRMICK NlCHOLS McDONALD GREENE OSGOOD B. RTLETT SELMEIEK DENSMORE MINNICH MIKESELL HERALD BRANDT ORATORICAL BOARD OFFICERS JEROME B. MIKESELL JAMES T. HERALD . ROBERT E. MINNICH MARGARETTE NICHOLS PROF. R. D. T. HOLLISTER PROF. CARL G. BRANDT PROF. G. E. DENSMORE President ice-President Treasurer Secretary FACULTY Chairman Speaker Committee Financial Manager Contest Director DELEGATES AT LARGE D. ELMORE McCoRMICK THOMAS KOYKKA STANLEY E. DIMOND NORMA GREENE SOCIETY DELEGATES LLOYD BARTLETT H. LEROY SELMEIER LAURA OSGOOD GRACE MCDONALD Adelphi Alpha Nu Athena Portia _ , - J -- Sf HOLLISTEH WHITE KING GOMBERG INTERNATIONAL DEBATING TEAM The reputation of Michigan as an institution of famous debate teams was carried to England last May for the first time in the University ' s history. William Wirt King, ' 2yL; Gerald E. White, ' 28L; and Ephraim Roos Gomberg, ' 27, selected from among a group of veteran debaters sailed from Montreal on May I, accompanied by Prof. R. T. D. Hollister. The oldest and most famous universities in England were on the Michigan itinerary and the abilities of the American speakers may be judged by the fact that four out of five of the contests resulted in Michigan victories. England was in the grip of a general strike when the Michigan team arrived at Liverpool. Although several of the debates were cancelled due to the irregular train service, nine universities assisted in the elaborate entertainment provided the visiting speakers. Oxf ord and Cambridge made the Michigan men guests of honor as did Exeter, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Bristol, and London. England had its first taste of mid-western United States forensic ability and the British press was most generous in its praise. The Michigan men met the wit and wisdom of English undergraduate circles on the basis of epigrammatical forensics. Their readiness to depart from the formalism of American debate methods and the facile thought and speech of the Michigan speakers has meant international recognition of the forensic prowess of the University of Michigan. f " Page 2p7 v E X HERALD STERN MILLER HARRIS OLSON MID-WEST DEBATE LEAGUE March 19, 1926 Michigan affirmative vs. Illinois negative Won by Michigan. Michigan negative vs. Wisconsin affirmative Won by Wisconsin Winner of the FIRST SEMESTER EXTEMPORANEOUS CONTEST PAUL KERN CENTRAL LEAGUE January 21, 1927 Question: " Resolved, that the eighteenth amendment should be repealed immediately. Michigan affirmative vs. Ohio State negative Won by Ohio State Michigan negative vs. Northwestern affirmative Won by Northwestern GAUL SAVAGE CRAWFORD BOWERSOX JONES HUSTAD DlMOND Page 298 $ !!fc s CHARTIER ROLAND HUNTER NORTH EISERMAN SAUER FIRST SEMESTER DEBATES MICHIGAN-ALBION-KNOX Question: " Resolved, that the eighteenth amendment should be repealed immediately. " Michigan affirmative vs. Albion at Albion No decision. Michigan negative vs. Knox at Knox College No decision. Winner of the NORTHERN ORATORICAL LEAGUE CONTEST MYRON WINEOARDEN MICHIGAN -OHIO DEBATING LEAGUE MICHIGAN-OHIO-INDIANA Triangular debate on question: " Resolved, that a department of education should be established in the president ' s cabinet. " RESULTS Michigan Affirmative team vs. Indiana at Ann Arbor Michigan won. Michigan Negative team vs. Ohio at Columbus Michigan lost. GREENE OSGOOD HODGSON RABINOFF OLDEN HOWSEH - %f o o HUTCH INSON Ho WELL WEBSTER BBOWN KERN MCARTHUR AUSTIN NEUKOM WITHAM McCLURE SMITH CURRIE BRADLEY BEHYMER DIMOND EISERMAN MINNICH SELMEIER MIKESELL ARNOLD MERTENS REGENT WEINMAN BROWN SCHERMERHORN THOMPSON PACKER WERTZ SMITH KAPPA PHI SIGMA ALPHA NU CHAPTER OFFICERS ROBT. E. MlNNICH LYLE E. EISERMAN H. LEROY SELMEIER WM. W. ARNOLD STANLEY E. DIMOND President Pice-President Oratorical Delegate Secretary Treasurer CHARLES BEHYMER HAROLD W. CHARTER ALBERT B. CAIN LYLE EISERMAN THEODORE HORNBERGER GEORGE G. HUNTER OSCAR A. JOSE PAUL J. KERN FRANCIS LINE INFIELD LINE ROBERT E. MINNICH CHARLES MERTENS JEROME M. MIKESELL VINCENT PETERSON H. LEROY SELMEIER HERBERT THOMPSON WILLIAM W. ARNOLD STANLEY E. DIMOND MEMBERS RUDOLF HORWOOD GEORGE WOHLGEMUTH WILLIAM W. WEINMAN DURWIN H. BROWNELL GERALD WERTZ FREDERICK V. SMITH B. V. PETERSON- KENNETH REGENT WALTER ESTIS HUGO HUSTED GEORGE MCARTHUR CHARLES W. AUSTIN RICHARD BERRY GEORGE BRADLEY A. E. BROWN JOHN BROWN BERNARD T. CAIN DEAN CURRIE JOSEPH HOWELL M. B. HUTCHINSON G. B. JOHNSON FRANCIS KING EUGENE MATHIRET A. M. MINTER W. H. McCLURE GEORGE NEUKOM GORDON PACKER RAY PALESKI HOWARD SIMON GEER H. SMITH S. H. THOMPSON C. E. SHITKER VERLE C. WITHAM JOHN WEBSTER E. SCHERMERHORN Jt, Page 3 J i - l ORGANIZATIONS - f SOCIETY. K, v j|v $ +3fc+ SCHULTZ WAGNER KINO SCHIEMAN GARDNER MACMEEKIN CLEVELAND EN EARL ZAHM VIELMETTI MARK PFAU CROSS GOTJLDTHORPE SIDWELL CURTIS BOOMER FLINDT HIGHSTRETE LUNDTEIGEN HARDY SXODGRASS DfiPuv DIAKOFF O AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS RUSSELL F. HARDY HAROLD E. ANDERSEN ANDREW LUNDTEIGEN JOHN T. SNODGRASS PROF. R. S. HAWLEY HAROLD E. ANDERSEN FRANK W. ATKINSON RUDOLPH C. BOOMER PAUL L. BURTON MAURICE L. CLEVELAND FOSTER L. CROSS WILBUR N. CURTIS JAMES R. DsPuY ALEXIS J. DIAKOFF RAYMOND O. EN EARL ALBERT O. FLINDT EMIL A. FREDERICK WELVAN A. GARDNER HERBERT W. GOULDTHORPE ROBERT L. HALL RUSSELL F. HARDY EWART G. HICKLING CARROLL M. HIGHSTRETE PAUL HUEBNER BENJAMIN F. KING MEMBERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Honorary Chairman CLAIRE M. KIRK ANDREW LUNDTEIGEN ROBERT J. MACMEEKIN JAMES J. MASKEY HERBERT L. PFAU OTTOMAR PFERSDORFF HAROLD T. Ross CHARLES T. SCHIEMAN ARTHUR B. SCHULTZ PERRY M. SHOEMAKER THOMAS D. SIDWELL BALWANT S. SINDHU EDWARD R. SNELL JOHN T. SNODGRASS AMBALAVATTATH K. SUKUMAR DONALD D. TAYLOR DOUGLAS E. VIELMETTI HARVEY A. WAGNER EDWIN W. WALKER RICHARD C. WARD Page 303 f-} - fe o X. WYLLIE TRAPP S ALMOND HISLER OEMINO MILLER FELIX DEGRAFF EICHENHOEFER ABBOTT SCHELLER HICKS KUENZEL HANSON HlLBURGER LlFCHITZ OHR EHLERS FlXKLER HOADLEY SMITH GORMLEY GOODRICH HUBER EN EARL AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS OFFICERS RALPH B. EHLERS LEONARD F. FINKLER MILO F. OHR SAM LIFCHITZ President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS G. F. WYLLIE E. A. HlLB URGER L. F. FINKLER S. LIFCHITZ J. H. HANSEN R. C. BAKER L. F. OEMING R. W. ABBOTT W. E. BROOKINS E. J. GORMLEY S. F. HICKS R. J. SMITH W. ARCH H. S. FELIX W. A. KUENZEL A. J. TRAPP L. D. HOADLEY A. G. DEGRAFF M. F. OHR C. R. HlSLER G. M. SCHELLER R. B. EHLERS F. A. EN EARL J. E. GOODRICH M. F. HUBER R. W. MILLER H. J. EICHENHOEFER I. M. S ALMOND Page 304. SL - i g VAN IK PETROFF KIRSHBAUM MILLER SNAVELY PETERS CARNEY LICHTY TRUETTNER MIDDLETON MASKEY ZELLER t PFAU GRAY HERRENSTEIN LAFER HARDY AONEW DART STALKER PAWLOWSKI HINEMAN SCHULZ AERONAUTICAL SOCIETY . Honorary Aeronautical Engineering Society FACULTY MEMBERS L. TRUETTNER KORIAGIN ZARA WALKER PROFESSOR HERBERT C. SADLER PROFESSOR FELIX W. PAWLOWSKI OFFICERS GEORGE HINEMAN ARTHUR B. SCHULZ EDWIN W. WALKER LEON AGNEW FLETCHER B. CARNEY EDWARD W. DART FREDERICK J. GARTNER JACK T. GRAY RUSSELL F. HARDY WILLIAM H. HERRENSTEIN GEORGE HINEMAN VSEVOLOD B. KORIAGIN HOWARD W T . KIRSHBAUM WARREN LICHTY JAMES A. LAFER JAMES J. MASKEY RALPH E. MIDDLETON R. WENDEL MILLER PROFESSOR EDWARD A. STALKER PROFESSOR RALPH H. UPSON President Secretary Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS GREGARIO Y. ZARA CHRISTOPHER S. PETERS ALEXANDER H. PETROFF HERBERT L. PFAU WILLIAM H. RENISON, JR. ALLEN SALISBURY ARTHUR B. SCHULZ FRED L. SNAVELY CHARLES R. STRANG LAWRENCE H. TRUETTNER WILLARD I. TRUETTNER CHARLES R. TUTTLE MILFORD F. VANIK EDWIN W. WALKER RICHARD E. YOUNG MYRON E. ZELLER Q Page 305 -C - S b-? e c $f LUDINGTON " YouifG RUTHERFORD GACHEROFF PRESCOTT CLUB OFFICERS ALFRED C. LUDINGTON . HELEN RUTHERFORD HELEN YOUNG DARWIN SACHEROFF President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE DOROTHY CAMPBELL, Chairman MARY BOWEN REX GREEN CHARLES McDoNALD SOCIAL COMMITTEE RAY PATELSKI, Chairman EDWARD A. NEHLSEN MARY VUJNOVIC PUBLICITY COMMITTEE O. J. WEINKAUFF, Chairman EARL S. MORTON Page 306 r c 5f HART M ILLER GULDEN- TURNER MEADS LAW DOUGLAS SEALBY STUDENT COUNCIL OF THE SCHOOL OF DENT.ISTRY SENIOR COUNCILMEN GEORGE E. MEADS, President ROBERT I. SEALBY, V ice-President ALBERT D. LAW JUNIOR COUNCILMEN PHILIP M. NORTHRUP ROBERT G. TURNER HOWARD MAPES EVERETT N. GULDEN SOPHOMORE COUNCILMEN D. C. MILLER, Secretary and Treasurer RAY A. HART FRESHMAN COUNCILMAN WESLEY H. DOUGLAS STUDENT DENTAL SOCIETY STANLEY SMITH VICTOR Ross DON WHEELER E. McLAY CROSBY President Vice-Pres ident Secretary Treasurer Page 307 fefc- OSMUX FLETCHER HOOPER KLEPIXGER McCAiH COULTER MELICHAR MUNSTER STRUHSAKER CRAIG BRANCH CRAIG YOUNG HANLEY STEWART LES VO YAGEURS FACULTY MEMBERS PROF. LEIGH J. YOUNG PROF. ERMINE C. CASE ASSOCIATE MEMBERS MAX M. PEET, A.M., M.D. FREDERICK M. GAIGE, A.B. JOHN H. HANLEY DUNCAN STEWART C. HUXLEY COULTER WILLIAM A. HOOPER WILLIS C. BRANCH OFFICERS ROBERT CRAIG, JR., M.S. GEORGE W. REEVES, A.B. Chief Vice Chief Keeper of Cache Keeper of Toil-Gate Keeper of Legends ACTIVE MEMBERS JAMES W r . BRENNAN WILLIS C. BRANCH C. HUXLEY COULTER JOHNSTON C. CRAIG WILLIAM A. HOOPER JOHN H. HANLEY ROBERT M. KLEPINGER FRED P. STRUHSAKER RANDALL C. McCAiN CHARLES MELICHAR NORMAN L. MUNSTER SIDNEY V. OSMAN WILLIAM H. PLETCHAR R. SYDNEY SIMPSON DUNCAN STEWART Page 308 : - c as SCHNEIDER HOLMBEHG ELLIOT CATO LEAKY WEEBER SCOTT SCRIBNER ALLAN FLETCHER MELICHAR WHEELKR FAILING KLEPINGER ROMANO MUNSTER ANDERSON TOIVONEN HOOPER STRUHSAKER BAXTER YOUNG COULTER R. CRAIG JOTTER HANLEY HANLEY STUCKER LANGEN J. C. CRAIG BRANCH CAKES MAY PALMER PRESTON FORESTRY CLUB OFFICERS C. HUXLEY COULTER JOHN H. HANLEY FREDERICK P. STRUHSAKER RICHARD J. PRESTON PROF. L. J. YOUNG PROF. ROBERT C. CRAIG KENNETH M. ALLAN JOHN W. ANDERSON WILLIS C. BRANCH PAUL BRINSON CLARENCE M. CATO C. HUXLEY COULTER JOHNSTON C. CRAIG WALTER ELLIOT WILLIAM P. FAILING FRANK HEYWARD LfiRoY A. HOLMBERG JOHN H. HANLEY ELMORE D. HANLEY WILLIAM A. HOOPER ROBERT M. KLEPINGER JOHN 0. LANGEN JAMES E. LEARY RANDALL McCAiN CHARLES MELICHAR RICHARD H. MAY FACULTY MEMBERS President V ice- P res ide n t Secretary Treasurer PROF. E. V. JOTTER DR. D. V. BAXTER HARRY MATTHEWS XORMAN L. MUNSTER PAUL W. OAKES LOWELL M. PALMER W T ILLIAM H. PLETCHER RICHARD J. PRESTON RUSSELL REYNOLDS DOMINICK E. ROMANO CLAYTON W. SCRIBNER DAVID O. SCOTT WILBUR A. SMITH LAURENCE C. STUART WILLIAM L. SHELTER AUGUST STUCKER HOWARD W. SCHNEIDER FRED P. STRUHSAKER ARNOLD TOIVONEN WALTER M TREVOR PHILIP R. WHEELER RICHARD P. WEEBER Page 309 g g- gu sr- X LAVERTY REYNOLDS MCANIFF NORTHON FRISSEL LEPPELMEIER LEGO BURKHARDT MUNT REED HULL DETWILER AVERT SIMONDS SIMONDS MEFFERD MOODY TEALDI SIMONDS REA CUTHBERT PRATT CONE WHITTEMORE LANDSCAPE CLUB FRED CUTHBERT JOSEPH SWEENEY ROY HULL EMMALOU REA DRUSILLA PRATT . JOSEPH SWEENEY . WILLIAM GRAY MURIEL GRAY . THELMA AVERY EUGENE REYNOLDS OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President ice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer . President V ice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary- Treasurer PROF. AUBREY TEALDI PROF. G. O. CONE FRED CUTHBERT LAURA DETWILER RAY FAULKNER MURIEL GRAY THELMA AVERY HARRY BURKHARDT HONORARY MEMBER MR. OSSIAN C. SIMONDS, C.E. MEMBERS IN FACULTY PROF. H. O. WHITTEMORE MR. C. L. MOODY MEMBERS Graduate ROY HULL DORR LEGG ROBERT MEFFERD Senior WILLIAM GRAY HUGH MCANIFF HAROLD NORTHON Junior WAYNE LAVERTY GUY MUNT DRUSILLA PRATT EMMALOU REA EUGENE REYNOLDS Sophomore MARTIN FRISSEL Freshman THOMAS REED GEORGE KRANENBERG GILBERT LEPPELMEIER Page 310 : c 5f DETWILEB DOUBLEDAY STEPHEN HOWE YOUNG HULL CALKINS ROBINSON PHELPS WERTMAN HUSTAD HUSSELMAN GOLDMAN PERRING COOPER STONE TEPPERT BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLUB OFFICERS FREDERICK M. PHELPS, JR. JOHN H. HUSSELMAN EDWARD A. STEPHEN GEORGE L. HULL President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS MILTON BOFSKY JOHN H. BORGWALD EVELYN BURKE HAROLD S. CALKINS A. B. CHENNAULT M. R. COLEMAN HAROLD COOPER CLYNE CRAWFORD IVAN DETWILER DONALD B. DOUBLEDAY JULIAN M. GOLDMAN ROBERT T. HAGEN WALTER C. HOWE HUGO R. HUSTAD GARRETT E. KAUFFMAN E. E. OLNEY RAYMOND T. PERRING REGINALD PHILLIPS PAUL D. RICKMAN WILLIAM H. ROBINSON MYRLE ST. AUBIN CYNTHIA SMITH MARION C. STONE CHARLES T. SWEENEY ALEXANDER TEPPERT BERT F. WERTMAN JOHN O. YEASTING ROBERT R. YOUNG P lf3 _ _ _ - 2B - c Sffe O A-. BARRV BAHBOUR BRADLEY CASE BUELL DCNNEBACKE GROSBECK MILLER SLATER BONELL HOSMER CLINTON COCKERILLE TEEPLE LEE WARDELL KNAPP EIRICH WELLS TISCH CALLENDER BROWN LE CERCLE FRAXCAIS OFFICERS DOROTHY B. TISCH LESTRADE BROWN . MARIE LOUISE BURT ROY WELLS President Vice- Pres ident Secretary Treasurer Page 312 $ z $fc o BHOZOVICH KEN YON KAGAY STONE LEVY CHAMPTON CASE LEE BERG HEILER KUBIK RAVEN SHAWAKER INNIS LA SOCIEDAD HISPANICA OFFICERS CHARLES T. LEE MARION E. KUBIK . HELEN M. RAGAY . MARSHALL H. LEVY FREDERICO SANCHEZ ELIZABETH BARKER JANE BERG JERALD BEVIS RONALD BIXLER HELEN BROWN JOHN BROZOVICH ROBERT BRUCE, JR. PHOEBE CAMPBELL ORSON CARNER ESTHER CASE MEIRODENE CASE GEORGE CIBENER IRENE CRAMPTON HELEN CRANFORD ADDIE CROFT HELEN DAVIS M. R. DIAZ VIRGINIA E. EARL VICTORIA ENGLISH ANNE Fox Louis GOLTZ EMMANUEL HALPERIN HELEN HEILER MEMBERS LILLIAN HILL MARJORIE HOLDEN MARGARET HUDSON MAYBELLE HUMPHREY MILDRED INNIS GRACE JENKS SALVADOR JIMENEZ IRVING JOHNSON PAULINE JOSTICH HELEN KAGAY HOWARD KENYON WILLIAM KERBY FERNAND KOLVOORD MARION KUBIK CHARLES LEE LEONE LEE MARSHALL LEVY ELIZABETH LsRoY CLIFFORD MADURO DOROTHY MILLER CATHERINE McKNivEN MARGUERITE MONROE President Vice-Pres ide n t ' . Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisor MARGARET MURFIE LD MABEL NEEF EDITH NORMAN MARGARET OHLSON OLGA OLIVER MILTON PICARD MARY PRESSLER CATHERINE PRICE CLARA RAVEN HERMANN REICHARD JOHN ROBERSON VIRGINIA SCHAEFFER RALPH SHAWAKER WAYNE SHAWAKER HOYT SHERRILL HARRY SINCLAIR NINA SLATER ELSIE SMITH FLOYD STENSOX HELEN STONE RALPH WEESE VIRGINIA W T HIPPLE MARY WHITNEY Page 3 ' 3 -- f O. K. APPLEMAN SELMEIER HYAMES Fox BYSTROM HONN WAGNER BYRN SCHORLING WEISS LlLLIE WOLVERTON CARR GOUDY SMALL LIPPOLD VANDERLIP WOODS MENMUIR CLEMINSOX COOK ROOSEXRAAD KEELER SHELTERS GRIERSON WILCOX COOPER KELLEY CARDEW GATES FORSMAN ULLMAN ARNOLD BARSHNEY BARTLETT COURTIS COHN I. R. APPLEMAN DINEN MEN ' S EDUCATIONAL CLUB OFFICERS JOHN D. COOPER . WILLIAM F. WILCOX ALBERT E. KELLY . WALTER A. GOUDY WILBERT L. CARR President Fice-President . Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisor OLIVER K. APPLEMAN IRA R. APPLEMAN CHARLES L. ANSPACH WILLIAM W. ARNOLD GERALD V. BAKER RAY W. BARSHNEY LYNN M. BARTLETT WALTER G. BERGMAN MERRELLE J. BRIDGMAN MARSHALL L. BYRN THEODORE L. BYSTROM WILLIAM CARDEW WILBERT LESTER CARR CLARENCE L. CLARKE WALTER R. CLEMINSON MILTON J. COHN ALVIN H. COLLINS GERHARD A. COOK JOHN D. COOPER STUART A. COURTIS MEMBERS KENNETH E. DINEN KENNETH E. DUMBRILLE JAMES B. EDMONSON CARL T. FORSMAN DEYO B. Fox HENRY H. FULLER GERALD A. GALE HORACE H. GLEW WALTER A. GOUDY EDWARD W. GRIERSON KEITH M. HOLLEY ROBERT A. HONN JUDSON A. HYAMES L. W. KEELER ALBERT E. KELLEY THAD J. KNAPP GEORGE C. KYTE EARL R. LILLIE ALFRED C. LIPPOLD REGINALD D. McNrrr SANDFORD L. MEAD CHARLES H. MENMUIR PAUL J. MISNER ARTHUR B. MOEHLMAN JOHN G. MOSKAFFIAN CHARLES F. REEBS CHRISTIAN H. ROOSENRAAD LEROY H. SELMEIER RONALD R. SHELTERS HENRY E. SMALL WILLIAM C. TROW ROY R. ULLMAN ROBERT G. VANDERLIP LESLIE E. WAGNER DAVID H. WEISS WILLIAM F. WILCOX DILLON D. WOLVERTON GERALD G. WOODS LEON A. WILBER JxJ Page 314 r- -CS fg :g BUDNIK KROTKIEWICZ PRZELOMIEC WOJCIK MROZINSKI WYSZYNSKI KONWINHKI SKARBINSKI JAWORHKI H. POLASKI KOSINSKA PARYSKI PAWLOW8KI MlTANA POPOWSKA DOLENGA CHOJNACKI SLAZINSKI DRABICKI F. POLASKI Po TRZUSKI SOBIESKI KLIMEK POLONIA LITERARY CIRCLE OFFICERS J. W. KLIMEK P. J. SLAZINSKI C. MROZINSKI F. MALINOWSKI President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer F. W. PAWLOWSKI JOSEPH E. ARSZULEWICZ ALEX BOCHNOWSKI ANTHONY BUDNIK STANLEY CHOJNACKI ARTHUR CYROWSKI ZENON CZAJA JOHN J. DRABICKI WILLIAM J. DRESSLER JOSEPH J. JABLONSKI PETER J. JABLOMOWSKI FELIX A. JAWORSKI JOHN W. KLIMEK ROBERT KONWINSKI MATTHEW KROTKIEWICZ FACULTY MEMBERS T. MlTANA L. KARPINSKI MEMBERS JOSEPH J. KURCZ JOHN J . MOLENDA CHESTER MROZINSKI FELIX MALINOWSKI JAMES J. MASKEY BRUNO L. MILESKI THOMAS PASTERNAK EDWIN R. PARYSKI STANLEY C. PODBIELNIAK FRANK POLASKI HARRY POLASKI LEO POTRZUSKI B. B. PRZELOMIEE LEON MAKIELSKI PETER J. SLAZINSKI SEVERIN F. SKARBINSKI JOHN M. SOBIESKI JULIUS W. SOBOLAK CHARLES SOCHALSKI JOSEPH TRUSKOWSKI THADDEUS WASIELEWSKI STANLEY WASIELEWSKI GENE WOJCIK FRANK WYSZYNSKI CECILIA DOLENGA EUGENIA KOSINSKA HALINA PARYSKI LEOKADYA POPOWSKA X Page 315 SOULE WOLFE V. IHWIN- HIQGINS WERTZ BUHNS MYERS ALBRIGHT FRIEND TRUITT ANDERSON OSMUN D. IRWIN TRESCOTT LILLIE HONN CROSBY GREEN WEBSTER JI-ERGENS APPLEMAN CAIRNS HENSEL POOR CAMPBELL PRYCE WHEELER MEADS WOODWARD BENHAM CRAFTSMEN OFFICERS ROBERT A. CAMPBELL C. RUSSELL PRYCE . DON C. WHEELER EVERETT S. POOR THOMAS S. WOODWARD HOWARD B. GREEN GEORGE E. MEADS ERNEST W. HENSEL NORMAN R. BENHAM CHARLES F. CAIRNS DONALD W. WEBSTER E. MCL.AY CROSBY . Faculty Advisor . President 1st Vice-President 2nd Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Senior Deacon Junior Deacon Senior Steward Junior Steward Team Captain Chairman Executive Committee Page 5 6 $ Zr$fe STEURNAGLE HENNIXG TILDEN MALLOHY BOMMEK HEDDON DIETSCH LEONARD BERGMAN PODBIELNIAK POTTER WlLLET TRAUTMAN DODGE WERTMAN STERR HlLBURGER LANGE PuRDY FLAGG GARNER DOLL WILCOX MOORE METZ ABRAMS BLASS NEWMAN SCALP AND BLADE OFFICERS BERT WERTMAN SAMUEL LAPP WESLEY DODGE PAUL STERR President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS NORMAN ABRAMS ALBERT ALLEO MILTON BERGMAN ROY BLASS LORAN BOMMER ROBERT BOSSERMAN ORSON GARNER EARL DIETSCH CHARLES DOLL ALBERT FLAGG CLEMENT HAYES JACK HAZEL HARLAN HEDDON CARL HENNING ELMER HILBURGER FRED LANGE WARD LEONARD CLARENCE W. LITTLE JAMES WOOD ROBERT LYMAN SEWARD MALLORY FRED METZ FOSTER MOORE ED NEWMAN LORNE POOLE LEIGHTON POTTER STANLEY PODBIELNIAK FRED PURDY JOHN SCHELLER CHARLES SEILHEIMER DWIGHT SMITH WALTER STEURNAGEL GERALD SWERDFEGER DANIEL TILDEN WINTHROPE TRAUTMAN WILLIAM WILCOX PAUL WILLET X J : r - fe JAEN GUARDIA LEE BERAR SINGH BIRDI FERGUSON CHEW BIB AT CLACER GREGORIO VERM AN HAN A WALT REN CLARK Gos ZACK GREIG BRINKMAN VISSER KAHN MILLER COPE SMITH ARLICK SUAIEZ RADIX HUSAIN-KHAN McCLURE KAUFFMANN PRINSLOO HOWHANI DOBSON MALIK KEEBAUGH HILDNER WELLS DOLENGA SCOTT STJYAT GLENCER KOKEN WONG PRINSLOO Wu DRESCHER TONG WORDELMAX GUSTIN RAVEN MIHALYI HIDALGO THE CO S-M OPOLITAX CLUB NUR M. MALIK HAZEL A. DOBSON RAJA F. HOWRANI . CARLTON F. WELLS MRS. ARTHUR D. MOORE OFFICERS BOARD MEMBERS LESTER P. KAUFFMANN DR. J. A. C. HILDNER President . Secretary . Treasurer Faculty Treasurer WILLEM J. PRINSLOO ELIZABETH ARLICK W. G. ARMS JANET BARNES C. C. BENNETT M. A. BERNFIELD A. W. BRILL HARRY BRINKMAN FRANCES BROENE W. H. BUTLER G. C. CHAKRABARTY RUTH CHAN MRS. JENNIE CHEEVER F. H. CHEN R. Y. CHEW MARTHA CHOY PRISCILLA CHOY DOMINGO CLACER A. R. CLARK ANNA COPE PERSIS M. COPE MARION COVINGTON BASIL DANDISON SARITA DAVIS ALEXIS DIAKOFF Ao Dju HAZEL DOBSON WESLEY DODGE MARTHA DOWNEY MEMBERS MARGARET DRESCHER TAKEO ITO ROSE ESTRIN DORA FEARON FRANK FERGUSON GERRITT FIELSTRA FLOYD FIRESTONE MRS. R. F. FLOOK CARLOS GUARDIA JORGE GUARDIA C. J. GLENCER SAMUEL Gos H. H. GRAFTON MRS. H. H. GRAFTON D. H. GREGORIO RUTH GRIESMER FRANCES GUSTIN ELLA HANAWALT J. H. HANSLOVSKY ACHY IYPE REV. HERBERT JUMP RUTH L. KAHN L. P. KAUFFMANN PAUL KOKEN V. B. KORIAGIN EUGENIA KOSINSKA ALE XIS LAPTEFF DR. C. C. LITTLE P. K. LEE HASIAO Lu ELIZABETH LUCAS JANE LUDGATE NUR MALIK W. H. McCLURE HOWARD MCCLUSKEY A. H. MIHALYI MRS. Lois HANSLOVSKY PROF. A. D. MOORE ELLURA HARVEY MRS. A. D. MOORE RUDOLPH HIDALGO KATHERINE PARSONS PROF. J. A. C. HILDNER W. B. PALMER MRS. J. A. C. HILDNER C. J. PETCOFF LAURA HOBBS W. J. PRINSLOO R. F. HOWRANI MRS. ELISABETH PRINSLOO E. M. HULBERT CLARA RAVEN S. F. HUSAIN ETTA RINGIL IONA IDDINGS I. C. ROBBINS ESTHER RUBIN MRS. HELEN SCOTT J. SHEPARD JANE SKILLEN LOUISE SKILLEN CYNTHIA SMITH JOSEPHINE SMITH PROF. A. W. SMITH MRS. H. M. SNYDER ALIYANDO SUAIEZ DONATA SUYAT YAT HING TONG YOSHIO TSUCHIYA ELOY VELASCO EDNA VOSPER MRS. H. T. VOSPER GERTRUDE VINT E. VISSER NICH. WALLERSTEIN CARLTON WELLS MRS. CARLTON WELLS H. D. WILD FRANCES WILSON ELEANOR WORDELMAN Yi FANG Wu E. P. YOUNG V. P. ZACK Page 318 s 2Sf PADILLA RAVANAL MORALES CLACER MANZANEHO NAVIDAD HIDALGO GREGORIO ESTAVILLO D. GREGORIO ALLAS ABAD SALVOSA DE LEON YANEZA Y LUNA JAVIER RIVERA SUYAT ACACIO ARENAS ROLDAX MATUTINO SUAREZ AGBUDA BAUZON CASTRENCE BIB AT BOLANO HAYDEN SALVOSA LANZAR ZARA PHILIPPINE-MICHIGAN CLUB OFFICERS AMANDO BOLANO GREGORIO ZARA Luis R. SALVOSA ROSA F. JAVIER . ERNEST C. DE LEON PROF. J. R. HAYDEN President y ice-President Secretary-Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Sergeant-at-Arms Advisor MAXIMO ABAD TOMAS ACACIO MARIANO AGRUDA DOMINADOR ALLAS PABLO ARENAS CRISTITO BAUZON BALBINO BIBAT AMANDO BOLANO PRUDENCIO CASTRENCE DOMINGO CLACER ERNESTO DE LEON PROCESO DOMINGO FEDERICO E. ESTAVILLO DR. EvA ' GONZALEZ MEMBERS BASILIC GREGORIO DOMINGO GREGORIO RUDOLFO HIDALGO ROSA F. JAVIER MARIA C. LANZAR AGUSTIN LUZOD LORENZO LUZOD JUSTO MATUTINO ESTEBAN M. MANZANERO GERONIMO MONDINO ARISTON NAJERA PRIMITIVO NAVIDAD SINFOROSA PADILLA RUFINO RAVANAL JOSE RACIMO LEO RACIMO TEODORICO RACIMO SIMPLICIO REGONAN DOMINGO RIVERA Luis ROLDAN Luis R. SALVOSA MRS. Luis R. SALVOSA TOMAS SEVERO ALEJANDRO SUAREZ JORGE SUPE DONATO T. SUYAT GREGORIO TAMAYO SESINADO YANEZA Y LUNA GREGORIO ZARA Page 319 j - a s LOUISON Tu Doo CHEN TSENG P. L. WANG T. WANG L. LEE HSIA KING Li P. LEE S. LEE CHAO FUNG NOME WONG TOM LUM LOH SHI- LIM CHANG Pu P. SHU SEW LIN H. CHANG WONG TAI DJU TSANG YONG DJANG REN TANG PENG F. CHEN BEI T. WONG Yn Liu C. YANG YEE Ho S. YANG CHOY S. YANG CHINESE STUDENTS CLUB OFFICERS TAN CHANG CHANG K. CHANG FEE C. WANG T. WANG HWANG WANG Y. CHANG S. K. YEE . Y. H. TONG K. T. TSANG JOHN LIM . C. H. LEE . C. T. YANG President Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Social Committee Chairman Loan Fund Committee Chairman MEMBERS Fu Ru BEI H. C. CHANG Kuo AN CHAXG NELSON N. CHANG RAY CHANG YUNG EN CHANG EN CHU CHAO Yu MIN CHAO CHANG CHI CHEN FLORENCE HWEI CHEN GRAHAM M. CHEN RUTH CHEN T. H. CHENG ROBERT Y. CHEW ALBERT G. CHOY HSIAO CHEN CHWANG WEI DJEN DJANG A. DJU SING LIH Doo SlH Eu-YANG NlNG T. FONG TSUN C. FONG YING Fu FRED S. FUNG KAI Ho WILLIAM P. HSIA FLORENCE HWANG BENJAMIN ING TUNG I. KING S. P. KIRK HOCK Foo LAM JOSEPH W. LAM H. L. LAMM L. M. LEE P. K. LEE S. S. LEE CHI HSIANG Li JOHN T. S. LIM SHU TING Liu TUNG CHI LIN YING Ho LOH JAMES Louis BEN HOWE LOUISON HSIAO Lu HIPP CHUJUN LUM H. Q. MAR P. S. MARK LEO LAN SIR CHANG NOME YA Sui PENG Kuo CHEN Pi ALFRED S. T. Pu CHO REN DARWIN K. SEW Po YEN SHU SHU PEI SHU FRANCES TAI LIEN PIAO TAN PAD KAI TAO P. Y. TIEN YING CHUEN TOM YAT HING TONG KYUEH TSUNG TSANG Y. T. TSANG JOHNSTON TSENG YING Tu CHAO Yu WNAG PAO Lo WANG PHOEBE W T ANG TA Sui WANG TSUNG YAO WANG A. H. WONG MAN WOON WONG THOMAS K. WONG Tsui FUNG WONG AIHO Wu CHU FEI Wu Yi FANG Wu Yi TSUEN Wu CHAO TAO YANG SHUI CHING YANG SHIU KEE YEE S. M. YONG LIH MING Yui HIGHSUN G. ZEE Page 320 r- C $f , X ANDO SAKAMOTO K. OTSUKA ITO T AMUR A SHAHARA C. OTSUKA C. WASHIZUKA SAKANISHI HAKAMURA NAKARAI TSITCHIYA NISHIHARA IDE NIPPON CLUB OFFICERS MITSUO NISHIHARA CHIYE WASHIZUKA TAKEO ITO . RALPH H. TAMURA MEMBERS KlKUSABURO ASAI KATSUTOSHI ANDO YASUHEI EMORI MRS. EMORI REGINALD EASTLAKE SOBEI IDE HARRY S. INADA TAKEO ITO PAUL Y. KIRIMURA ATSUSHI MIVANAGA MITSU MOTODA GEORGE MATSUI SUNAO NAKAMURA SAM S. ASHIZUKA ORISAKA S. OTSUKA EMOKI I AN AD MOTODA S. WASHIZTKA President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer TOYOZO NAKARAI MITSUO NISHIHARA RIGORO ORISAKA CATHARINE S. OTSUKA KIICHI OTSUKA LUCY C. OTSUKA KIKUJI SAKAMOTO SHIO SAKANISHI HIDE SHAHARA RALPH H. TAMURA YAE TANAKA YOSHIO TSUCHIYA CHYIE WASHIZUKA Page 321 - g- 5fs v- j: J O CHAN DAN BERAR RAJ CHOWDHERY MALIK VERMAX JADHAV DRESCKER IYPE MOZUMDAH GRIESEMER ARLICK SINGH BIRDI HUSSAIN-KHAN HINDUSTHAN CLUB OFFICERS Miss ACHY IYPE LAL C. VERMAN VANIAPURAKAL K. IPE President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS KAMAL E. ARLICK ALBERT T. BEALS SANTOKH S. BERAR HAZURA S. BIRDI J. C. BOSE G. C. CHAKRAVARTTY GABRU M. CHOWDHERY MILDRED DRESCHER SYED F. HUSSAIN-KHAN VANIAPURAKAL K. IPE ACHY IYPE B. L. JADHAV CHANDRAKANT G. KULKARNI NUR M. MALIK MRITUNJAY MUKERJEE MADHUSUDAN MOZUMDAR M. V. RAJ PRATAP S. SINGH PRITAM SINGH BARBARA S. SODHI AMBALAVATTATH K. SUKUMAR LAL C. VERMAN RUTH G. GRIESEMER Page 322 A ffi -z $!te s TROTTER NICHAMIX TOBIN BLOCKER REYNOLDS DENTON BOOKER FAIRCLOUGH S, DAVIS HOWARD M. JOHXSON RONEY OLMSTED O. JOHNSON T. DAVIS NORHIS COPE FORTSON ERLANSON NEGRO-CAUCASIAN CLUB OFFICERS WILLIAM M. HOWARD SARITA I. DAVIS LENOIR B. SMITH CLAUDE D. REYNOLDS JAMES R. GOLDEN KAMAL E. ARLICK ALTA M. RONEY DORA BEFELER THURSA F. DAVIS JOSEPH H. CAST ALICE C. MOORE W. I. FAIRCLOUGH EMILY M. HULBERT NELSON W. HARRIS GERRITT E. FIELSTRA ADELYNE MAE HUNTER WILLIAM MCK.ELVEY J. T. CARTER L. M. TOBIN HERBERT T. HARDY CLARENCE W. NORRIS ALICE BOOKER GEORGE W. HARRY HOMER C. STEPHENS HOWARD Y. MCCLUSKY MARY O. JOHNSON MEMBERS JOSEPH B. CHERRY ISABEL CARSON ANNE PALMER MARY HELEN MEADER A. SHIRLEY OLMSTED JEANNE S. HOLLANDER DONALD WILSON ESTHER SLATKIN EDWARD M. TURNER IRVIN H. SELDEN J. C. WELLS PAUL B. CORNELY KUMORIA HARDEN T. R. FORTSON VERNON M. GRAY HERBERT W. PENN GEORGIANA M. K. REEVES LEON HUBBARD LLOYD ALEXANDER REMUS G. ROBINSON FACULTY MEMBERS EILEEN E. ERLANSON R. C. TROTTER W. W. DENTON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer GEORGE L. McGnEE THEODORE M. WILLIAMS FREDERICK F. BLOCKER BEN GOLDMAN MICHAEL GOULD HENRY GRAHAM L. H. DONNELL JOHN R. GRAY JOSEPH L. LANGHORNE M. R. KAPLAN J. B. WATSON ARMISTEAD S. PRIDE A. W. MITCHELL HYMAN P. NICHAMIN Louis R. ALTSHULER ALBERT C. BATEMAN ALFRED GOODWIN LARKE PERSIS M. COPE JOHN LEE RAGLAND LAWRENCE E. SCOTT C. G. KULKARNI OAKLEY C. JOHNSON Page 323 ZF$: o Sd ALPHA Nu ROOM IN MASON HALL, 1875 Page 324 $ - 3fc+ WmiMINDEHAlTHELNL 6RtAT ' tflUa4BIS FfclENOLYCHIEF ' COOUY WIIE ' CHIEF ' HUTCHINS HEWTHINK. ' W[NLE.Y GHC.ATSCALPEILYOST XHINYbOTTOMQDY UORMMEKMBIi MOOStLYtGLOVEIL ttAW ' FISH ' HALSTCD POLE ' CAT-NOWHUUP LirTLt ' WAHT ' PUCKlEWWTl asf :: ' DflTO-HONORARY JOHN ' R ' EFFINGER ARTHUR " L-CROSS MORRIS-F ' -TILLEY RAYEFISCHER [H[ " ORD[ROF!927 ELLIOT- M-CHAMBERLIN J A M t S W D A Y VICTOR " E-DOMHOFF YERNON ' G-EDGAd FREDERICK ' E ' HILL RObERT-Y ' KEEGAN ANCHEW " WME1N FOORMAN-L " MUELLER THOMAS " D-OLMSTED JR. CALVIN-PATTERSON RO ERT-r-PRICE EDWARD-TREECE JOHN-SHRAVESANDE WARD-OTOLLHEN DA N1EL-L " WARNER TYLERWATSOM UJ Page 327 %$GZ :: r- gfcS S S g - X a. HONOCARY VULCAMS coouty. R. V V-t 1-N I Ci Eb 1 6- . CWAR.eiVJCt T. -JOMMSOM R.IG.C3J5. 1-H R.foE-R.T C .SADUErR.. Gt S. V-. I u. U- I A. VUICAMS OF 1927 v . -; p E- N4 OWAR.D U t- R. O y Ca. E- VV XXP-O Page 328 -- caiffiffc g g STALKER POPPEN BOYLE ABBOTT KLEINERT DUFFY O ' HAXLON McMATH HARLOCKER HEIDEMAN LENSKE DOTEN CONDER HARTMAN WOLFE HORTH CONLIN VARNTJM NUTTER JOHNSON MANCHESTER BARRISTERS Senior Law Honorary Sccietv OFFICERS ROBERT W. CONDER GEORGE W. STALKER HUGH T. CAVANAUGH JAMES D. WOLFE . L. TRENT McMATH Chancellor rice Chancellor Master of the Rolls Chancellor of the Exchequer . Bali FACULTY BARRISTERS DEAN HENRY M. BATES PROFESSOR HERBERT F. GOODRICH PROFESSOR JOSEPH H. DRAKE PROFESSOR GROVER C. GRISMORE PROFESSOR EDGAR N. DURFEE PROFESSOR EDWIN C. GODDARD PROFESSOR EVANS HOLBROOK PROFESSOR BURKE SHARTEL PROFESSOR EDSON R. SUNDERLAND STUDENT BARRISTERS ROBERT W. CONDER HUGH T. CAVANAUGH ROGER D. DOTEN JAMES E. DUFFY WALTER A. KLEINERT PHILIP O ' HANLON JAMES J. WEADOCK JAMES D. WOLFE L. TRENT McMATH GEORGE W. STALKER BARTLETTE E. NUTTER ROBERT T. RINEAR A. GEORGE ABBOTT JAMES B. BOYLE JOHN W. CONLIN WILLIAM B. HARTMAN FRED L. HARLOCKER KARL P. HEIDEMAN CHARLES M. HORTH LESTER F. JOHNSON RICHARD W. LENSKE ROBERT A. MANCHESTER CYRUS M. POPPEN BURTON B. SIBLEY LAURENT K. VARNUM Page329 j, ... - 3 = s !E - 5ffc - MATHIAS BROOKINS MC!NNES BREDT TRAPP BECKWITH ABBOTT WYLLIE CARBECK OHR ANDERSON HOADLEY HANSEN HILBURGER MC!NTYRE HARRIS EWEX SCHELLER CALVIN GREILING LOVETTE DAVIDSON KUENZEL OEMINQ FINKLER WEB AND FLANGE Senior Civil Engineering Honor Society OFFICERS R. A. DAVIDSON W. A. KUENZEL C. A. GREIUNG J. H. LOVETTE President F ice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS R. W. ABBOTT M. M. ANDERSON R. C. BAKER F. J. H. BECKWITH C. B. BREDT W. T. BROOKINS H. P. CALVIN E. B. CARBECK R. L. COMB P. C. COOKE R. A. DAVIDSON A. G. DORRANCE L. D. EWEN L. F. FINKLER C. T. GALLOWAY C. A. GREILING G. F. WYLLIE J. H. HANSEN C. E. HARRIS W. H. HEATH L. G. HESTON E. A. HILBURGER L. D. HOADLEY W. A. KUENZEL J. H. LOVETTE H. W. MACDUFF T. R. MATHIAS J. P. MclNNES K. C. MclNTYRE L. F. OEMING M. F. OHR G. M. SCHELLER A. J. TRAPP X. Page 330 SMITH REGLIEN C. HUBER MONTGOMERY STIMPSON BRINKMAN ISBEY HARTZ HAIOHT DOYLE WILKINS GASPER MYERS FENSTERMACHER HICKEY FAIR BALD THOMS MURRAY CARMICHAEL J. HUBER RICHMOND MILLER BlSHOP SOUTHCOMBE CH APPLE G A L E N S OFFICERS HARRY M. BISHOP ROBERT H. SOUTHCOMBE GORDON B. MYERS WALTER A. FENSTERMACHER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS DR. PRESTON M. DR. CLARENCE C. LITTLE DEAN HUGH CABOT DR. CARL E. BADGLEY DR. L. GRANT BALDWIN DR. ALBERT M. BARRETT DR. JAMES D. BRUCE DR. CARL D. CAMP DR. R. BISHOP CANFIELD DR. FREDERICK A. COLLER DR. ROBERT J. COOPER DR. ROBERT U. COOPER DR. DAVID M. COWIE DR. JAMES E. CROUSHORE DR. ARTHUR C. CURTIS DR. SAM DONALDSON DR. WERNER W. DUEMLING DR. ALBERT C. FURSTENBERG HICKEY, Prefect DR. JOHN B. HASSBERGER DR. RALPH G. HUBBARD DR. G. CARL HUBER DR. HARTHER L. KEIM DR. JOHN H. LABADIE DR. CHARLES L. MACCALLUM DR. ROLLO E. McCoTTER DR. RUSSELL L. MUSTARD DR. Louis H. NEWBURGH DR. MAX M. PEET DR. REUBEN PETERSON DR. ROBERT H. PHILLIPS DR. THEOPHILE E. SCHMIDT DR. FRANCIS A. SCOTT DR. LESTER M. WIEDER DR. UDO J. WILE DR. JOHN B. YOUMANS FREDERICK W. BALD HARRY M. BISHOP HARRY BRINKMAN GLENN A. CARMICHAEL CHARLES C. CHAPPLE KENNETH M. DAVENPORT FREDERICK M. DOYLE BAXTER B. FAIR WALTER A. FENSTERMACHER ACTIVE MEMBERS MAJOR W. GASPER HARRY H. HAIGHT FRANCIS M. HARTZ CARL P. HUBER JOHN F. HUBER EDWARD K. ISBEY CARL G. MILLER EDWIN C. MILLER ROBERT P. MONTGOMERY WILLIAM A. MURRAY GORDON B. MYERS NORMAN C. REGLIEN DEAN M. RICHMOND EUGENE C. SMITH ROBERT H. SOUTHCOMBE HOWARD S. STIMPSON W. WELLS THOMS ROBERT W. WILKINS FREDERICK B. WILLIAMSON -- fe e x -- fcfe RUMMLEH MAR RENNER SOULE JOHN-SON SILVERN ALE McCALMONT SADLER ELLIOT BRAGG FORREST QUARTERDECK SOCIETY Honorary Senior Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering OFFICERS SCHUYLER B. ELLIOTT MATTHEW G. FORREST . CHARLES W. RUMMLER LESLIE D. WESTON Commodore I 7 ice Commodore Purser Steward FACULTY MEMBERS PROF. HERBERT C. SADLER PROF. EDWARD M. BRAGG ASST. PROF. ANDERS F. LINDBLAD JAMES C. MCCALMONT MEMBERS FRANK W. ATKINSON HOWARD Q. MAR EDWARD H. LANE WILLIAM E. RENNER PAUL B. SILVERNALE ROBERT H. SOULE PAUL K. JOHNSON JAMES VV. BRENNAN - ffi - -C ffiffc : g% CAMPBELL WILBUC D HUMPHREYS HONORARY HARRY L LARVER. CHABLE5 P VI BEDT ACTIVES JOHN AC. HI LONER CHARLES R WAGNtR PHAOAOH MUCAD PILLAUOF PHARAOH PLOIVINGPEN KEEPER OPPHARAOH ' S RECOQDS SHEKKELPAW GATHERER OP THE: ROYAL TAX MANFAL DIRECTOR OP NEW COMER5 TO THE. CAMP BEN NEE CAPTAIN OF- THE; WARPJOB5 BIZNIZZ FOBEMO5T OF THt SPEAB MAN O5EERU5- MASTER OP THE. SEVEN VEILS OP THE. 3AND5 KANDID CHIEF- DIPLOMAT PICTORUM- DEiSIGNED OP THE DESERT NYMPHS KOLEEGIT IDOL OP THE; HADEM IQONSIDE5-CHIEP AWNIHILATOC. OP FCONT LINE OPPOSITION PETATYPLV- CEW50R OP THE IMPERIAL PPE SS MIM6LE-TOES- PACEMAKER. OP THE: CAMP HYHMAPOR CHAM6ERLAIM OP ROVAL VINTAGE S BEEHIVIANA DISPELLEQ OF- THE SACCeD MUSIC MAACACH RECRUITER FOE PHARAOH ' S HAREM ANNDIS MODEL FOR THt COYAL. SCULPTOCS PHOHE MOWC.R OP- THE: COYAU LYNX XITEABLE SLAVt OF- THE MYSTErOIES HANK ' GRINNELL COUQT " 3MITH GEORGE " ANNA6LE " WAYNfSCHDOEDER " BILL " CAMPBELL ' BEN " OOSTEPBAAN MATT ' HUDSON " CASS ' WiLSON " BOB ' LELAND -ELBeRT VYSE LOU " GILBERT ' NODM ' GABEL f-AT-PUSCM " DUSTY " MUIMGER BABE: " GIL ECT JACK " HEDRICK " JIM " HUGHEY " PAT " PETRIE " HAPPY " MERPY " REO-WIMTCH Page JJ g - Sf o SXODGRASS PAL.MAROLI Co WELL XORQUIST WESTON LANE KINO STRANG ROBINSON " STARRETT CHAPMAN VANTUYL HALBTEAD HAAG HALL McKlLLEN TRIANGLES Junior Engineering Honorary Society OFFICERS JOHN E. STARRET . ROBERT L. HALSTED CHARLES E. ROBINSON President Treasurer Secretary HONORARY MEMBERS PROFESSOR J. A. BURSLEY PROFESSOR A. H. LOVELL PROFESSOR H. H. HIGBIE PROFESSOR A. E. WHITE PROFESSOR H. E. RIGGS ACTIVE MEMBERS EDWARD A. CHAPMAN WAYNE G. COWELL WILLIAM H. HAAG FOSTER A. HALL -ROBERT L. HALSTED THOMAS R. KING EVERETT H. LANE JAMES G. McKlLLEN FRANCIS A. NORQUIST JOHN M. PALMAROLI CHARLES E. ROBINSON JOHN T. SNODGRASS JOHN E. STARRETT CHARLES R. STRANG LAWRENCE J. VANTUYL LESLIE D. WESTON Page 334 5 o WAGNER GOUKDTHORPE ENEARL BLACKBURN POCK L MB ENEARL SCHIEMAN HANSEN ROBINSON KlRSHEMAN LlFCHITE WYI.LIE HlLBUHGER FlNKLER BUEI.L BERGER RENNER NlSULA CuHTIS BUICK VERM AN DIAKOFF RYAN STEVENSON MOORE EHLERS OHLHEISER ARNOLD TAU BETA PI Honorary Engineering Scholastic Fraternity GAMMA CHAPTER OFFICERS HOWARD R. STEVENSON HERBERT KUENZEL . JOSEPH D. RYAN . ARTHUR D. MOORE President rice-President Secretary Treasurer G. F. WYLLIE H. A. WAGNER C. T. SCHIEMAN A. J. DIAKOFF W. N. CURTIS H. VV. GOULDTHORPE R. W. HlGBIE G. G. LAMB S. LlFCHITZ F. A. EN EARL G. A. BLACKBURN L. F. FINKLER A. D. MOORE MEMBERS J. H. HANSEN J. S. CONGO W. A. KUENZEL J. E. STARRETT C. E. ROBINSON H. R. OHLHEISER H. R. STEVENSON P. W. ARNOLD W. E. BERGER J. L. BUELL C. E. CENTER R. B. EHLERS R. 0. EN EARL E. A. HlLBURGER L. R. KlRSHEMAN H. KUENZEL C. W. NISULA W. J. POCH W. E. RENNER J. D. RYAN L. C. VERMAN C. H. YOUNG R. R. SWAIN R. D. BUICK M. S. CARR X yc Page 335 f es ? MCNITT HORXBERGEK WOOD SELMEIEH REEBS WEBER BY STROM HOXN BYRN SWEET SCHORLING CARLSON APPLEMAN AUBPACH BARTLETT KEELER PHI DELTA KAPPA Honorary Educational Fraternity OMEGA CHAPTER OFFICERS ROBERT A. HONN WALTER G. BERGMAN THEODORE HORNBERGER CHARLES F. REEBS CHARLES L. AULSPACH L. W. KELLER Officers Elect President V ice-President Corresponding Secretary Treasurer President V ice-President CHARLES S. BERRY PAUL D. CAHOW WILBERT L. CARR CLARENCE L. CLARKE STUART A. COURTIS FRANCIS D. CURTIS CALVIN O. DAVIS GAIL E. DENSMORE THOMAS DIAMOND CHARLES L. ANSPACH OLIVER K. APPLEMAN LYNN M. BARTLETT WALTER G. BERGMAN MARSHALL L. BYRN THEODORE L. BYSTRON GLEN E. CARLSON FRED J. DECKER FACULTY SPONSOR RALEIGH SCHORLING FACULTY MEMBERS JAMES B. EDMONSON WARREN D. FORSYTHE CHARLES C. FRIES GEORGE L. JACKSON EDWARD H. KRAUS GEORGE KYTE GEORGE A. MAY ELMER D MITCHELL ARTHUR B. MOEHLMAN CLARENCE S. YOAKUM ACTIVE MEMBERS CHARLES A. FISHER J. B. FULLER ROBERT A. HONN THEODORE HORNBERGER L. W. KEELER THAD J. KNAPP PHILIP C. LOVEJOY GEORGE E. MYERS HOWARD Y. McCLusKY RALEIGH SCHORLING HOWARD G SCAHILL ORLANDO W. STEVENSON JOHN SUNDWALL W. C. TROW ALLEN S. WHITNEY CLIFFORD WOODY ARTHUR A METCALF REGINALD D. McNiTT CHARLES F. REEBS H. LEROY SELMEIER ARTHUR P SWEET WALLACE F WATT WALTER J. WEBER GERALD G. WOODS Page _ 5 t ?$g = $-?- $fc MILLER GIBSON ELLIOTT FOWLER LAMB SHANKLAND ROTH RICKETT BOLDYREFF SMITH WfilNKAUFF ALT Fu RAVENSCROFT RYAN HARRINGTON Dow RUTHRUFF VAN NATTA MONRAD BODDY PHI LAMBDA UPSILON Honorary Chemical Society DELTA CHAPTER OFFICERS R. F. RUTHRUFF F. J. L. VANNATTA P. Dow C. C. MONRAD J. C. BAILAR R. K. McALPiNE W. D. BANCROFT S. L. BIGELOW A. R. ALT J. C. BAILAR E. B. BAKER D. B. BELL L. BODDY A. W. BOLDYREFF R. G. CLARKSON C. C. DEWITT P. Dow A. B. ELLIOTT HONORARY MEMBERS M. GOMBERG A. B. STEVENS J. STIEGLITZ ACTIVE MEMBERS Y. Fu R. C. GIBSON R. H. HARRINGTON R. H. HIMES P. C. JONES G. G. LAMB G. T. LEWIS F. L. MILLER C. C. MONRAD L. D. POWERS R. H. WILSON President Fice-President Secretary Treasurer Alumni Secretary Councilor D. D. VAN SLYKE A. H. WHITE E. A. RAVENSCROFT R. RICKETT E. RONDA N. G. ROTH R. F. RUTHRUFF J. D. RYAN R. V. SHANKLAND F. D. SMITH F. J. L. VANNATTA O. J. W T EINKAUFF Page 337 v e GRAIN SUTTON HARPER WINCHELL ETTINGER DEMPSTER OLD BIELAWSKI PIKE ROE MOODY SCHULTZ OWENS Nt ' XGESTER BURNSIDE BAHTLETT SCHULTZ SA88 BROWN ROSS SULLIVAN PHI SIGMA National Honorary Biological Society BETA CHAPTER ALDE,N F. ROE CARL P. HUBER LEONARD P. SCHULTZ PAUL A. MOODY PROF. E. C. CASE PROF. M. M. PEET PROF. H. H. BARTLETT PROF. A. A. CHRISTMAN PROF. F. A. COLLER PROF. B. M. DAVIS DR. L. R. DICE PROF. J. H. EHLERS PROF. H. W. EMERSON DR. H. T. FOLGER DR. F. M. GAIGE PROF. R. GESELL PROF. S. R. GUILD PROF. D. V. BAXTER DR. C. O. BEAVIS DR. K. -M. BIERLIN DR. G. H. BELOTE DR. F. N. BLANCHARD MR. W. K. BOWEN MR. C. R. BROWN DR. A. C. CURTIS MR. C. M. DAVIS MR. F. E. EGGLETON MR. C. O. ERLANSON OFFICERS HONORARY MEMBERS PROF. F. G. NOBY MEMBERS IN FACULTY PROF. F. G. GUSTAFSON PROF. P. B. HADLEY PROF. L. V. HEILBRUNN DR. W. B. HINSDALE PROF. C. L. HUBBS PROF. C. D. PROF. G. R. PROF. H. B. LEWIS PROF. D. A. MC NTY PROF. C. L. MEADER ALUMNI MEMBERS PROF. ADELBERT FORD DR. C. H. FORTUNE DR. R. L. GLASS MR. E. F. GREENMAN DR. E. S. GURDJIAN DR. J. E. HECKO PROF. R. C. HUSSEY DR. P. H. JESSERICK DR. R. H. KINGERY MR. T. H. LANGLOIS DR. G. R. MOORE President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer PROF. R. W. SELLARS PROF. R. M. WENLEY PROF. PROF. PROF. DR. J. PROF. PROF. PROF. PROF. PROF. PROF. PROF. E. E. NELSON L. H. NEWBURGH P. O. OKKLEBERG P. PARSONS J. F. SHEPARD P. S. WELCH C. V. WELLER U. J..WILE A. E. WOODHEAD C. B. YOUMANS L. J. YOUNG MR. A. A. BARTLETT MR. JOHN BIELAWSKI MR. C. E. BURNSIDE MR. WILLIAM L. GRAIN MR. K. M. DAVENPORT MR. W. T. DEMPSTER MR. EDWIN DOTY MR. E. E. ETTINGER MR. R. K. ENDERS MR. C. W. GREENE ACTIVE MR. J. H. HANLEY MR. F. R. HARPER MR. ROBERT HASTINGS MR. J. R. HICKMAN MR. C. P. HUBER MR. J. F. HUBER MR. P. W. KNISKERN MR. F. H. LASHMET MR. R. U. LIGHT MR. C. C. McRAE MEMBERS MR. HENRY MOORE MR. P. A. MOODY MR. F. G. NOVY, JR. MR. W. J. NUNGESTER MR. M. C. OLD MR. R. C. OWENS MR. M. H. PIKE MR. M. M. RHOADES MR. R. C. RlTTERSHOFER MR. A. F. ROE DR. R. L. MUSTARD PROF. J. H. MUYSKENS DR. P. B. PIKE PROF. T. RAPHAEL MR. J. E. SASS MR. A. L. SCHULTZ MR. M. W. SENSTIUS MR. H. W. SHIELDS DR. E. W. SINK PROF. M. H. SOULE DR. J. VAN OOSTEN MR. V. F. Ross MR. T. C. SCHNEIRLA MR. L. C. SCHULTZ MR. L. P. SCHULTZ MR. H. W. SHIELDS MR. C. S. SULLIVAN MR. RICHARD SUTTON MR. B. D. THUMA MR. P. M. WINCHELL Page 338 i ie aPrJcc i s a; -- a TAYLOR BELKNAP JONES TODD SLAWSON GLENDINN ING CHAPMAN VEHWIEBE ZINN GRABER GODDAHD NEWCOMBE STEWART AYRES HOLM GOULD HUSBEY DIES SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON Honorary Geological Fraternity IOTA CHAPTER OFFICERS DONALD A. HOLM EDWIN N. GODDARD CHARLES F. DIESS . LELAND M. JONES . DONALD H. CHAPMAN President ice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Corresponding Secretary HONORARY MEMBERS H. ALBERT BROUER, Ph.D. ERMINE C. CASE, Ph.D. WILLIAM H. HOBBS, Ph.D. EDWARD H. KRAUS, Ph.D., Sc.D. JESSE P. ROWE, Ph.D. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS RALPH L. BELKNAP, A.M. LAURENCE M. GOULD, Sc.D. RUSSEL C. HUSSEY, Ph.D. CHESTER B. SLAWSON, Ph.D. MAURITS W. SENSTIUS, M.S. WALTER A. VER WIEBE, Ph.D. ACTIVE MEMBERS VINCENT L. AYERS, A.M, DONALD H. CHAPMAN CHARLES F. DEISS, JR., A.B. EDWIN N-. GODDARD CHARLES K. GRABBER, M.S. ROBERT M. GLENDINNING DONALD A. HOLM, A.B. LELAND W. JONES, B.S. ROBERT B. NEWCOMBE, A.M. RONALD M. SMEATON RALPH E. TAYLOR JOHN D. TODD DUNCAN STEWART, JR. JUSTIN ZINN Page 339 ;r- C $f - SKOLNICK BROWN TRF.PP MILLER McDouoALL HAVEMAN PEARL CAIN DURHAM STEINBERG RHINES ORR HULSE MILLER LOWERY JACKSON FRIEND REEVES LEMAISTRE SEGALL DRAKE MOORE YATES EDELSON HOUGH WEAVER PACK McCowA.v KNUDSEN WALTERS DEWITT BURSLEY BERGSTEIN BRUBACKER QCINN COEHNER EMERY CHAMBERLIN REYNOLDS PALMER BENNETT HAPKE PADDOCK FINCH PHI ETA SIGMA National Freshman Honorary Scholastic Society GAMMA CHAPTER OFFICERS WILLIAM B. PALMER CHESTER BENNETT WILLIAM C. REYNOLDS Jo H. CHAMBERLIN J. A. BURSLEY CLARENCE COOK LITTLE CHESTER BENNETT JOHN BERGELIN HARRY BERGSTEIN GORDON BROWN HASTINGS BRUBAKER BERNARD CAIN WILLIAM CHON FREDERICK DEWITT MILTON DRAKE JULES DURHAM EUGENE EASTERLY CLARENCE EDELSON WILLIAM EMERY ROBERT FINCH JOHN FRIEND JOHN A. HAPKE MORTON HAVEMAN WILLIAM HOUGH EDWARD HULSE HOWARD JACKSON PERCY KNUDSEN WARREN COERNER JOHN LEMAISTRE HONORARY MEMBERS ACTIVE MEMBERS President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer Senior Advisor JOHN R. EFFINGER GEORGE W. PATTERSON EDWARD LOWERY WALTER McCowAN NEIL McDoucALL OTHA MILLER RALPH MILLER PAUL MOORE CHARLES ORR ROGER PACK AUSTIN PADDOCK WILLIAM PALMER ORSAMUS PEARL WILLIAM OUINN W ' ILLIAM REYNOLDS GORDON REEVES FREDERICK RHINES REUBEN SEGALL MAX SKOLNICK ISADORE STEINBERG JOHN TEICHMAN SAMUEL TREPP ROYAL WALTERS JUSTIN WEAVER THOMAS L. YATES X 5 Page 340 - $ffe A SCHLOSBERG WHITWOHTH TODD LEVY LOUISELL VON VOIGTLANDER CflAXXER HICKMAX WOOD MELBERG BRICKER DUNX CARVER TURNER SCABBARD AND BLADE National Honorary Military Fraternity ACTIVE MEMBERS CHRISTIAN T. ANDERSEN BRADFORD L. CARVER GEORGE S. CHANNER JOHN W. HICKMAN, Pres. MARSHALL H. LEVY, Vice-Pres. LAWERENCE SPITZER, Sec. ALVAH L. SPOONER JOHN D. TODD FREDERICK VONV ' OIGTLANDER JOHN A. WHITWORTH ARTHUR R. WOOD, Treas. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS L. MONROE BRICKER, Captain, U. S. A. GEORGE W. DUNN, Captain, U. S. A. WILLIAM C. LOUISELL, Captain, U. S. A. REINOLD MELBERG, Major, U. S. A. RICHARD T. SCHLOSBERG, Lieutenant, U. S. A. HIRAM B. TURNER, Lieutenant, U. S. A. 34i JR, OL. POLLOCK HARRIS KRASNE STERN OLDEN GOMBERG YEASTING KOYKKA MILLER BOWERSOX HERALD SALZMAN FULTON RABIXOFF DENSMORE DELTA SIGMA RHO National Honorary Forensic Society OFFICERS THOMAS V. KOYKKA EMANUEL J. HARRIS MIRIAM M. OLDEN President ice-President Secretary- Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS GEORGE E. BIGGE, A.M. HERBERT F. GOODRICH, A.B., LL.B. CARL G. BRANDT, LL.M. CLARE E. GRIFFIN, Ph.D. EDMUND E. DAY, Ph.D. GEORGE S. PETERSON, A.M. GAIL E. DENSMORE, A.M. JAMES K. POLLOCK, Ph.D. EDWIN D. DICKINSON, Ph.D., J.D. THOMAS H. REED, LL.B. Louis M. EICH, Ph.D. I. LEO SHARFMAN, LL.B. NORMAN C. BOWERSOX GERRIT DEMMINK WILLIAM C. DIXON JAMES J. DUNN RADCLIFFE B. FULTON HARRY L. GERVAIS EPHRAIM R. GOMBERG ACTIVE MEMBERS JAMES T. HERALD PHILIP N. KRASNE ROBERT S. MILLER ELMER H. SALZMAN BURTON B. SIBLEY ALBERT M. STERN HOWARD E. WAHRENBROCK JOHN 0. YEASTING Page 342 r -- %f WALL OTTAWAT WHIPPLE STONE CHAMBEHLIN GUTEKUNST PICKARD THURNAU HERALD KENYON SIMPSON CADY BHUMM PATTERSON ABBOT WILSON SMITH SIGMA DtfLTA CHI MEMBERS IN CITY ROBERT S. MANSFIELD ALLEN SCHOENFIELD T. HAWLEY TAPPING MEMBERS IN FACULTY PROFESSOR JOHN L. BRUMM WALDO M. ABBOT HOWARD P. JONES HAROLD P. SCOTT ACTIVES SMITH H. CADY Jo H. CHAMBERLIN STANLEY C. CRIGHTON EUGENE H. GUTEKUNST JAMES T. HERALD THEODORE HORNBERGER HOWARD K. KENYON JOHN P. OTTAWAY W. CALVIN PATTERSON ROBERT B. PICKARD WILTON A. SIMPSON COURTLAND C. SMITH ALBERT E. STOLL KEITH C. STONE J. HENRY THURNAU VINCENT C. WALL, JR. CHANDLER WHIPPLE CASSAM A. WILSON 343 - c as NIBBLE GILES KUENZEL RIDER CURTIS EHLEHS L NGENAU BULMAN REGLIEN PlKE WERTENBERGER MOCK G. V. MEADER W. J. MEADEH HOSTRUP HOEDEMAKER GIFFOHD WEINMAN CHURCHILL NORTON TROST COOK WELKE WELLS BURHANS CAMPBELL NORTH ALTLAND SCHLANDERER WILSON ALPHA EPSILON MU Honorary Musical Fraternity HONORARY MEMBERS JOHN PHILIP SOUSA ALBERT A. STANLEY ROBERT A. CAMPBELL ALBERT LOCKWOOD ASSOCIATE MEMBERS SAMUEL LOCKWOOD JOSEPH E. MADDY OFFICERS ROBERT A. BURHANS LESTER E. BAUER WALTER P. NORTH WILLIAM C. LANGENAU JOHN K. ALTLAND JONN W. BEAN L. STUART BULMAN STEWART E. CHURCHILL ARTHUR R. COOK ROY G. CURTIS RALPH B. EHLERS EDWARD C. GIFFORD MANFORD K. GILES EDWARD D. HOEDEMAKER CLARENCE C. HOSTRUP ACTIVE MEMBERS MAURICE W. JUDD KURT J. KREMLICK HERBERT KUENZEL ROBERT H. McPnERSON GEORGE Y. MEADER VILLARD J. MEADER P. PRESTON MOCK RALPH E. NETZLEY ROLAND O. NISSLE B. LORAIN NORTON GORDON W. PACKER EARL V. MOORE WILFRED W. WILSON Director Assistant Director Librarian Sentinel MELVIN H. PIKE PAUL B. PIKE RALPH R. RATHBONE NORMAN C. REGLIEN T. BRUCE RIDER PAUL F. SCHLANDERER GARLAND D. TAIT THEODORE L. TROST W ' ILLIAM J. WEINMAN WALTER C. WELKE ROY F. WELLS MORRIS D. WERTENBERGER HARRIS L. WILSON ? 344 sfe - $f c 5f A BUBHANS SCHNALL WELKE W. J. MEADER WELLS COOK G. V. MEADER Wu GILES McCoNOCHiE NORTH WERTENBERGER CHURCHILL REGLIEN WATERMAN GIFFORD LANOENAU KUENZEL HOSTHUP CAMPBELL SCHLANDERER CURTIS BURD KAPPA KAPPA PSI Honorary Band Fraternity Founded at the Oklahoma State College in 1919 NU CHAPTER Instituted in 1925 HONORARY MEMBERS ROBERT A. CAMPBELL OFFICERS CLARENCE C. HOSTRUP PAUL F. SCHLANDERER ROY G. CURTIS WILLIAM W. BURD HERBERT KUENZEL WILFRED W. WILSON President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS ROBERT A. BURHANS STEWART E. CHURCHILL ARTHUR R. COOK EDWARD C. GIFFORD MANFORD K. GILES WILLIAM C. LANGENAU WILLIAM R. McCoNOCHiE ROBERT H. MCPHERSON GEORGE V. MEADER WILLARD J. MEADER RALPH E. NETZLEY WALTER P. NORTH GORDON W. PACKER NORMAN C. REGLIEN ELAINE A. SCHNALL ROBERT A. WATERMAN WALTER C. WELKE ROY F. WELLS MORRIS D. WERTENBERGER CHUFEI Wu P " ge 345 c $ $ +$ ORDER OF COIF Senior Honorary Law Society OFFICERS HENRY M. BATES EDSON R. SUNDERLAND GROVER C. GRISMORE EDGAR H. AILES ROBERT W. CONDER JAMES E. DUFFY WILLIAM B. GILES ARTHUR L. HARDING EDGAR C. HOWBERT RICHARD W. LENSKE SIDNEY L. ROBIN MEMBERS President Secretary Treasurer BENJAMIN J. SAFIR FREDERICK J. SCHUMANN EDWARD S. STIMSON LAURENT K. VARNUM HOWARD E. WAHRENBROCK LEROY R. WEIS CARL L. WHITECHURCH ARTHUR R. WOOD MICHIGAN LAW REVIEW Published monthly during the academic year, exclusive of October, by the LAW SCHOOL OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN JOHN BARKER WAITE, Editor-in-Chief ASSOCIATE EDITORS HENRY M. BATES RALPH W. AIGLER EDSON R. SUNDERLAND EDWIN D. DICKINSON BURKE SHARTEL STUDENTS APPOINTED BY THE FACULTY EDGAR HOLT AILES, of Michigan JAMES BARRETT BOYLE, of Utah DANIEL LEON BRENNER, of Missouri ROBERT WENDELL CONDER, of Indiana JAMES EUGENE DUFFY, JR., of Michigan FRANCES MARY FLORER, of Michigan WILLIAM BLISS GILES, of Michigan FRED LENTNER HARLOCKER, of Oregon ARTHUR LEONIDAS HARDING, of Arkansas EDGAR C. HOWBERT, of Colorado SIDNEY JOSEPH KARBEL, of Michigan RICHARD WILLIAM LENSKE, of Michigan LESLIE CHARLES JAMES RUDOLPH RAMSEY, of Michigan ROBERT TREAT RINEAR, of Ohio SIDNEY LEON ROBIN, of Illinois BENJAMIN JAY SAFIR, of Michigan BURTON BABCOCK SIBLEY, of Michigan JOHN SKI.AK, of Michigan EDWARD SCHAAD STIMSON, of Ohio LAURENT KIMBALL VARNUM, of Michigan HOWARD EGGER WAHRENBROCK, of Missouri LEROY RICHARD WEIS, of Illinois CARL Louis WHITCHURCH, of Illinois ARTHUR RICHARD WOOD, of Michigan PUTNAM, of Michigan P age 346 - g-c ifs ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA National Honorary Medical Fraternity OFFICERS FREDERICK R. HARPER JAMES H. MAXWELL CARL G. MILLER DR. ALBERT M. BARRETT . President Fice-President Secretary- Treasurer Counsellor PHILIP D. AMADON ALBERT M. BARRETT PAUL S. BARKER THEODORE L. BAUER KARL M. BEIERLEIN MARGARET BELL GEORGE H. BELOTE JAMES D. BRUCE HUGH CABOT CARL D. CAMP R. BISHOP CANFIELD JAMES E. CARAWAY FREDERICK A. COLLER ROBERT U. COOPER D. MURRAY COWIE ARTHUR C. CURTIS GORDON T. BROWN CHRISTEL A. Hiss FREDERICK R. HARPER GORDON J. McCuRDY FACULTY MEMBERS CARL W. EBERBACH CHARLES W. EDMUNDS FREDERICK J. FISCHER CARL H. FORTUNE ALBER C. FURSTENBURG PAUL H. GARVEY ROBERT L. GLASS ELISHA S. GURDJIAN PRESTON M. HICKEY G. CARL HUBER HARTHER L. KEIM RUDOLPH H. HAMPMEIER NORMAN F. KRETZSCHMAR JOHN H. LABADIE S. J. LEVIN HOWARD B. LEWIS WARREN P. LOMBARD ACTIVE MEMBERS COLIN C. McRAE WALTER G. MADDOCK JAMES H. MAXWELL CARL G. MILLER SELMA C. MUELLER ROLLO E. McCoTTER FRANCIS L. McPnAiL RUSSELL L. MUSTARD LEWIS H. NEWBURGH FREDERICK J. NOVY WALTER R. PARKER MAX M. PEET REUBEN PETERSON HENRY K. RANSOM THEOPHILE RAPHAEL FERDINAND R. SCHEMM HAROLD G. WALLER ALDRED S. WARTHIN CARL V. WELLER UDO J. WILE FRANK N. WILSON GORDON B. MYERS THAYER L. PARRY ARTHUR D. SEYBOLD R. WALLACE TEED ft Page 347 - g fe s o MDNDR.PIR.Y : LMIL Lanci-i J.J.R. RDU55ERU EH.NE5T UlLBY RLUMNI : i r RCTIVE.5 . i ' WBLTER. THUUN OLIVER JD5EPH 5ULLNLT RDY B. HUV.L GUY u. HUNT KLNNITH DOLL HLRBLR.T JICMR DE.LTR MQNDRBRY FRRTER.NITY IN RRLHiTtciuRL RND RLLIW Fraternities Law Building as remodeled in 1908 $f GRAHAM Russ Bo LAND GILBERT SHAMBAUOH INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL J. R. ROLAND R. L. SHAMBAUGH W. F. GRAHAM Group I SIGMA PHI ACACIA THETA DELTA CHI ALPHA SIGMA PHI PHI SIGMA KAPPA DELTA CHI HERMITAGE SIGMA Pi ALPHA CHI RHO Pi KAPPA ALPHA TRIANGLES JUDICIARY COMMITTEE H. Russ C. B. GILBERT W. ABBOT GROUP ORGANIZATION Group II ALPHA DELTA PHI SIGMA Nu PHI Mu ALPHA KAPPA SIGMA THETA CHI DELTA SIGMA PHI KAPPA Nu TAU EPSILON PHI DELTA PHI DELTA TAU EPSILON TRIGON O. J. CAMPBELL G. W. GRAHAM H. KLEENE Group III CHI Psi PHI GAMMA DELTA DELTA TAU DELTA SIGMA CHI SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON PHI SIGMA DELTA CHI PHI PHI Mu DELTA SIGMA ALPHA Mu PHI KAPPA KAPPA DELTA RHO Group IF ZETA Psi Psi UPSILON DELTA UPSILON DELTA KAPPA EPSILON ZETA BETA TAU ALPHA TAU OMEGA TAU DELTA PHI DELTA ALPHA EPSILON ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Pi LAMBDA PHI Group V BETA THETA Pi SIGMA PHI EPSILON LAMBDA CHI ALPHA PHI DELTA THETA PHI EPSILON Pi PHI BETA DELTA PHI KAPPA Psi PHI KAPPA SIGMA PHI KAPPA TAU TAU KAPPA EPSILOX Pag ' 349 _ _ _ J! ;r- C Sf Founded 1904 University of Michigan MICHIGAN CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTY RUSSELL W. BUNTING, D.D.S. MORTIMER E. COOLEY, Eng.D., L.L.D. FRANCIS D. CURTIS HERBERT W. EMERSON, B.S., M.D. LENT D. UPSON, Ph.D. CLARENCE T. JOHNSTON, C.E. FREDERICK G. NOVY, M.D., Sc.D. ROBERT G. RODKEY, A.M. EDWARD A. STALKER, M.S. HARRY H. ATWELL JUNIUS E. BEAL ROBERT A. CAMPBELL RAYE C. EASTMAN CARL S. Fox WELBIE L. FULLER ROBERT GRANVILLE WILLIAM C. HOLLANDS WENDELL BERGE, A.B. CECIL H. BROWN DURWARD D. COLE CLARENCE C. HOSTRUP MORGAN M. CUNNINGHAM J. MORTIMER FISHER KENNETH G. KINSMAN MEMBERS IN CITY DELMAR H. HURD JOHN LINDENSCHMITT ROBERT NORRIS FLOYD A. SERGEANT CHARLES A. SINK FRED H. STEGATH T. HAWLEY TAPPING FRANK H. WISNER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WALTZ W. NORRIS, A.B. Seniors JOHN H. LOVETTE C. RUSSELL PRYCE JOHN W. SCHULTZ Juniors ERNEST W. HENSEL GEORGE B. HESTER OSCAR O. JOHANSEN Sophomores EVERETT S. POOR FARWELL C. WEBB MARVIN L. NIEHUSS, A.B. GERALD M. WERTZ NORMAN R. WILLIAMS THOMAS S. WOODWARD EARL A. KELLY CHARLES WELLS GEORGE E. TRUITT TROITT WELLS KINSMAN CUNNINGHAM WERTZ WEBB WILLIAMS NORRIS SCHULTZ HOSTRUP PRYCE BROWN KELLY LOVETTE HENSEL HESTER FISHER WOODWARD POOR COLE Sf Founded 1895 Trinity College PHI XI CHAPTER Established 1921 PROF. W. F. HUNT, Ph.D. HENRY VICK FRANCIS A. BELL WM. J. BEUTHIEN WM. M. BOLAM HUGH C. DICKEN LOREN D. EWEN LEWIS L. MICHELSON FRANKLIN BURGER WM. GODFREY ALVIN G. DAHLEM JOHN G. DODD HARRY K. FORDHAM EDWARD KAY MICHAEL KEENAN MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY ARNOLD W. HACKFIELD Seniors Juniors GROVE G. TALCOTT Sophomores Freshmen }. M. NlCKELSEN, B.S. (ME) THOS. M. HARMAN HARRY W. MACDUFF IRVING B. Moss HORACE W. SHELDON ROLAND A. SKEEL HARRY M. SINCLAIR JAMES A. SPROUL EDWIN E. KIMMICH FRANKLIN A. RAUNER HENRY SHAW HARVEY H. TALCOTT WALTER M. TREVOR CHARLES A. RENICK ROBERT RISK FORDHAM DODD G. TALCOTT TREVOR KIMMICH EWEN BEUTHIEN H. TALCOTT DAHLEM DICKEN Moss MICHELSON SPHOWL SHELDON BELL SINCLAIR BOLAM SKEEL BURGER GODFREY RISK RENICK SHAW KAY KEENAN Page 351 Founded 1832 Hamilton College PENINSULAR CHAPTER Established 1846 Alpha. ' Delt MEMBERS IN FACULTY HARRY B. HUTCHINS, LL.D. HENRY M. BATES, Ph.B., LL.B. EVANS HOLBROOK, LL.B. WILLIAM H. BUTTS, Ph.D. HERMAN C. KLEENE Louis P. HALL GEORGE M. BLACK, JR. CARLETON G. CHAMPE IRA CHICHESTER EDWARD M. DEANE, JR. ELMER O. BALDWIN, JR. JOHN S. BRADDOCK, 4th CARL U. FAWSTER FRANK I. HARDING JR. JAMES W. ALLEN RICHARD G. BECK R. BEVERLY HERBERT MEMBERS IN CITY ROBERT T. RINEAR Seniors ROSWELL BURROWS THOMAS R. KING Juniors MASON B. FOSTER GEORGE A. GIBSON JOHN G. HILDNER NORRIS LOVE Sophomores RICHARD H. HECKER HARVARD E. HEYSTEK WILLIAM M. LEWIS, JR. WOODBURY RANSOM Freshmen STEPHEN B. HILTON HARRY McGRAw JESSE S. REEVES, Ph.D., LL.D. ROBERT F. CRANE, LL.B., Ph.D. PHILIP F. WEATHERILL, Ph.D. THOMAS F. GUSHING THOMAS H. ADAMS ERNEST G. HILDNER, JR. RUSSELL L. MALCOLM CASSIUS L. MILLER JAMES H. YANT JERRY SHAW MERRILL W. TAYLOR JOHN H. THOMPSON DALTON D. WALPER JAMES McNAMARA GEER H. SMITH THEODORE T. LONG FAWSTER BRADDOCK SHAW HECKER HEYSTEK RANSOM TAYLOR WALPER LEWIS GIBSON MILLER DEANE HARDING LOVE MALCOLM THOMPSON BALDWIN J. HILDNER CHAMPE FOSTER BTHROWS KING BLACK E. HILDNER CHICHEBTER YANT MCNAMARA HILTON HERBERT ALLEN LONG McGRAw BECK SMITH Page 3fc $ Founded 1914 University of California ZETA CHAPTER Established 1924 ambdcL MEMBERS IN FACULTY HOWARD V. McCtusKY, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. PHILIP E. LAROWE, A.B. H. WILLARD RENINGER, A.B. RICHARD T. LIDDICOAT, B.S.E. LEWIS C. REIMANN NORMAN V. SMITH, B.S. GEORGE L. MILLER, A.B. ARNOLD BARAGAR M. REED COLEMAN WILLIAM COOK RUSSELL FISCHER RICHARD S. BRAND HAROLD J. CHALK EDWARD DUBPERNELL CHARLES A. GUSTAFSON EDWARD T. BURROUGHS RALPH B. KEARNS WENDEL A. MAHAFFY MEMBERS IN CITY GEORGF. ALDER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY HAROLD E. ANDERSEN, B.S. Seniors HAROLD Foss EMIL KAISER PAUL FRESHWATERS F. GERALD SMITH JOHN T. POLLOCK Juniors WALDO J. IRWIN ERVIN F. LAROWE JAMES H. LAROWE ERNEST REUTZ KENNETH P. PRESTON Sophomores CLAUDE D. SAMPSON Freshmen O. DAHLBERG, A.B. ROLLIN P. FIERO, A.B. HARRY M. KNAPP J. FLOYD KLOCK KENNETH C. PIERCE BEAHL T. PERRINE MARCUS SALCHOW MAYNARD N. SOUTHWORTH WESLEY O. STEWART GLENN K. STUART BERNUS B. SOUTHWORTH KENNETH G. STUART RALPH G. ABBOTT MINTIER G. STUART COOK J. POLLOCK MAHAFFY SALCHOW ABBOTT KEAHNS COLEMAN N. SMITH BURROUGHS PIERCE PRESTON M. SOUTHWORTH B. SOUTHWORTH SAMPSON K. STUART ANDERSEN BRAND DUBPERNELL IRWIN J. LAROWE REIMANN STEWART E. LAROWE CHALK GUSTAFSON Foss KNAPP F. G. SMITH PERRINE MILLER FHESHWATERS FISCHER KAISER DAHLBERG 353 - c $f Founded 1846 Vale University THETA CHAPTER Established 1908 THOMAS E. RANKIN, M.A. A. FRANKLIN SHULL, Ph.D. WALDO E. GERHING, A.B. CARL HUBER, A.B. JOHN HUBER, A.B. WALTER G. AUER FRANK R. BRIGCS SMITH H. CADY, JR. JOHN W. CONLIN RUSSELL W. CONROY JACK C. DEIBEL THOMAS L. CONLON WESLEY H. DOUGLAS HENRY S. GRINNELL JAMES E. DUFFIELD, JR. ANGUS J. GALLAGHER JOHN R. GILMARTIN CHARLES F. BUNKER JOSEPH N. CONLIN JOHN W. FRENCH MEMBERS IN FACULTY RALPH W. AIGLER, LL.B. FRED B. WAHR, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY KENNETH H. LOWE, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY BRUCE STOCKING STEVEN S. SANDERSON, A.B. Seniors DONALD B. DUNHAM WILLIAM R. FLORA CHARLES W. GANNON EDWARD W. HACKER RAYMOND S. HEYM Juniors FRANK R. HARRIGAN BENNIE G. OOSTERBAAN ARTHUR L. RICHARDSON FRANCIS E. B. ROEHM Sophomores ARTHUR L. MCDONALD JOHN E. MC!NTIRE, JR. Freshmen JOHN P. HILER WlLLARD E. LOWRY S. TRUESDALE MAYERS JAMES T. MURPHY HERBERT F. GOODRICH, LL.B. L. MONROE BRICKER, B.S. VERNON L. SWANSON PHILIP CURRY JAMES F. MURRY, A.B. WATSON D. HARBAUGH FREDERICK D. RICHARDSON HARLEY L. STUNTZ, JR. GORDON VAN LOAN ALLEN O. WILLIAMS JAMES A. VICKERY STANLEY L. SKIDMORE RICHARD T. SAVAGE SAM D. WETTLAUFER JOSEPH R. POMEROY CHARLES G. STIENECKER THEODORE C. WUERFEL JOHN W. OSBERG WALTER J. STEUERNAGEL WlLFERD H. TlSCH S. OSBERG TISCH FKENCH JOE CONLIN BUNKER LOWRY HILER STEUERNAGEL MCDONALD GILMARTIN STIENECKER MURPHY MAYERS POMEROY DUFFIELD SAVAGE GRINNELL CONLON ROEHM HACKER WUERFEL SKIDMORE WETTLAUFER HARBOUGH DEIBEL FLORA F. RICHARDSON A. RICHARDSON CONROY VAN LOAN JOHN CONLIN HEYM GANNON CADY AUER DUNHAM WILLIAMS STDNTZ 354 A Founded 1865 Virginia Military Institute BETA LAMBDA CHAPTER Established 1888 Re-established 1904 MEMBERS IN FACULTY JOSEPH H. CANNON, B.S. WILLIAM C. LOUISELL, A.B. HERBERT W. EMERSON, B.S., M.D. ULRICH B. PHILLIPS, Ph.D. CHARLES H. FESSENDEN, M.E. ROBERT GIBSON, B.S. WILBUR R. HUMPHREYS, A.M. BEN KIEVIT, M.S. MEMBERS IN CITY DERRILL B. PRATT B. R. BRECKINRIDGE ROBERT J. COOPER DONALD M. DIXON RICHARD J. McCoNNELL GEORGE A. McBRiDE ROBERT E. DODD ELMER J. MULAC ARLEY V. PARKER LEO J. CONWAY CHARLES C. DAKER ROBERT M. BUCK JOSEPH T. ELLIOT HAROLD E. HANDLY MELBERT W. LOTT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY DONALD W. HEDRICK CHARLES F. PREECE RALPH R. RATHBONE Seniors WILLIAM L. DONMOYER, JR. EDWARD T. REECE Juniors THOMAS J. FITZGIBBONS JOHN C. SOET Sophomores CLARE H. TIMBERLAKE MILTON G. KENDRICK Freshmen EDWIN BUTH POORMAN WILLIAM D. RUSSELL FRED C. CULVER M. DEAN TONNELIER JAMES D. TAYLOR MAX W. KENDRICK RALPH F. SHAWAKER ROBERT E. POLL CARYL J. LUNDQUIST RICHARD J. SHERMAN JAMES S. ROBBINS HARRY C. RICHTER GEORGE E. SIMONS CHARLES R. WALTERS HARRY V. ODLE J I ' ? ft . . DAKER CONWAY SHERMAN RICHTER KENDRICK ROBBINB BUCK TIMBERLAKE SOET PARKER FITZGIBBONS DODD SHAWAKER MULAC KENDRICK MC-BHIDE McCoHKBbt REECE CULVER TAYLOR DONMOYER POLL ODLE LOTT ELLIOT RUSSEL SIMONS POORMAN WALTERS HANDLY -- t s 355 : 5f - :: % g Founded 1839 Miami University LAMBDA CHAPTER Established 1845 KENNETH C. McMuRRAY CARTER GOODRICH WILLIAM H. WAITE ALLEN S. WHITNEY JUNIUS E. BEAL ELMER BEAL J. J. GOODYEAR JOHN M. BENNETT FRANK RICE MEMBERS IN FACULTY WILLIAM S. CLARKSON MEMBERS IN CITY LAURENCE S. ROTH WILLIAM A. WARRICK H. MARSHALL LLOYD J. HOWARD PARKER RICHARD H. LUTES R. COLSTON RI CE-WRAY EDWARD A. CHAPMAN GEORGE B. MARTIN ROLLAND W. TAYLOR J. FRANKLIN MILLER CHARLES ROTH JUDSON THOMPSON JOHN ABBETT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senior WARD C. TOLLZI EN- FORREST A. HEATH WILLIAM S. HEIGHO PAUL L. BURTON NORMAN GABEL R. T. PURDY FRANK E. ROBBINS EARL W. Dow NORMAND F. MILLER MAURICE W. WHEELER NOBLE D. TRAVIS CHARLES McCALLUM DONALD S. PATTERSON- ALEXANDER N. AvERY EDWARD N. HARTWICK HAROLD U. ANDREAE W. PAUL COLWELL Freshmen ROBERT ADAMS STUART LORIMER R. G. HARTWICK ELLIOTT M. CHAMBERLIN B. PRYOR SMITH FREDERICK E. HILL ROBERT H. BOWERS FREDERICK B. ARENDT RAYMOND A. CRAGIN RONALD W. WILLS ROBERT W. MANLY R. JAMISON WILLIAMS PAUL E. MINSEL PAUL JOHNSON- FRANKLIN MOORE HOLLAND WILLIAMS R. J. WILLIAMS ARENDT MILLER MANLY MINSEL ANDREAE COLWELL TAYLOR WAHRICK MARTIN CHAPMAN BURTON LUTES GABEL CHAOIN WILLS RICE-WRAY HEATH TOLLZIEN SMITH L. S. ROTH LLOYD CHAMBERLIN BOWERS HEIGHO HILL PARKER MOORE LOHIMEH HARTWICK THOMPSON H. V. WILLIAMS JOHNSON ABBETT C. D. ROTH ADAMS Page 356 Founded 1824, 1854 College of New Jersey ALPHA TAU CHAPTER Established 1882 Re-established 1921 MEMBERS IN FACULTY FREDERICK F. BLICKE, Ph.D. ROBERT T. B. HALL, M.A. WILLIAM A. FRAYER, A.B. ALFRED H. LLOYD, Ph.D. MEMBER IN CITY ROBERT B. MANWARING GEORGE A. ALDERTON II, A.B. WILLIAM A. BELT, A.B. HARRY H. HAIGHT, A.B. J. BRESLIN BEHSE CHARLES M. HUMPHREY, JR. FRANK W. BUSCH J. ROBERT CROUSE THAD T. FOLEY CHARLES L. BONIFIELD, JR. LESTER P. BUSHNELL HAROLD G. CAPROM HENRY E. CROUSE FLOYD A. CHURCH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOHN F. MCCARTHY MlLO D. McLlNTOCK Seniors JAMES P. LEETE L. NOBLE ROBINSON Juniors JOHN A. FORSTER EDWIN M. GEE, JR. Sophomores M. ROBERT DEO HENRI GOEBEL FREDERICK M. HARLOW Freshmen JAMES JORDAN DONALD A. POLLOCK, A.B. KENNETH L. ROHRBACH, A.B. DONALD A. THORPE, B.S. ARTHUR B. OTIS EDGAR G. SCHUMM PAUL L. HARVEY WILLIAM H. WEARNE JAY TOEVS ROBERT P. OPPERMANN THEODORE H. ROETHKE MATTHEW J. SPENCE ALBERT M. POST ROBERT W. PRESTON BONIFIELD GEE FORSTER H. GROUSE HARLOW SPENCE BUSCH ROETHKE BUSHNELL DEO R. GROUSE SCHUMM HUMPHREY BEHSE ROBINSON TOEVS WEARNE FOLEY JORDAN OPPERMANN PRESTON HARVEY CHURCH page357 _ _ _ $!2 Sr- %g Founded 1841 Union College ALPHA EPSILON Established 1845 WALDO M. ABBOT L. PAUL BUCKLEY RAY L. FISHER KENNETH M. DAVENPORT, A.B. JAMES E. DUFFY, B.S. RICHARD S. GRIEST, A.B. FRANK BLYMYER THOMAS CRANAGE DUPONT M. NEWBRO ROBERT E. CARSON- JOHN H. GLOVER E. ROBERT WINCHER EUGENE H. WARING HOWARD K. KENYON G. THOMAS McKEAN WILLIAM H. MC !ULLEN GEORGE W. PERRETT, JR. JOHN S. PERRY FARRINGTON TWEEDY MEMBERS IN FACULTY LAFAYETTE F. Dow MEMBERS IN CITY H. SEGER SLIFER GUY L. WOOLFOLK MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ROBERT S. PFLUEGER, A.B. EDWIN P. VARY HUGH WELLMEIER, A.B. Seniors FREDERIC S. GLOVER, JR. JOHN S. DENTON C. FORD WARREN Juniors JAMES G. McKiLLEN, JR. COURTLAND C. SMITH Sophomores ARTHUR M. HINKLEY ROBERT F. WARREN KENNETH M. HOLMES Freshmen JOSEPH LYMAN E. A. BONFIELD JOHN S. WOLFF, JR. EDWIN F. WESTOVER ROBERT W. WILKINS, A.B. CURTIS WHITE, A.B. PHILIP D. WEST ROBERTS B. LARSON EDMUND S. CUMMINGS, JR. CASSAM A. WILSON ARTHUR P. GRIGG S. MAcBRAYER BURNAM ARTHUR H. HUPP JAMES CRAIG CHARLES A. CAMPBELL C. FORD SCHOTT GEORGE E. LEONARD, JR. HENRY A. BROWN- JOHN KENDALL WOLFF BONFIELD PERRETT PERRY KENDALL LYMAN BROWN TWEEDY LEONARD HOLMES CAMPBELL KENYON McMuLLEN SCHOTT CRAIG WARING HUPP McKEAN HINKLEY R. F. WARREN BI-RNAM WILSON McKiLLEN J. GLOVER GRIGG SMITH CARSON BLYMYER WESTOVER NEWBRO C. F. WARREN F. GLOVER WEST CUMMINGS LARSON DENTON P P 35$ ' J(t c m $ 3!fa z Founded 1923 University of Illinois BETA CHAPTER Established 1923 MEMBERS IN FACULTY CLARENCE F. KESSLER, M.S.E. GEORGE R. BAILEY LAWRENCE H. HALL, A.B. JOHN W. HOLMES, A.B. PAUL W. ARNOLD SAMUEL E. LAPP HAZEN E. ATHERTON HAROLD G. DEMPSTER HENRY E. W. JURY E. E. LOFBERG EDWARD B. SMITH JOE BATES SMITH MEMBERS IN CITY DONALD G. WARREN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOHN H. NUNNELEY Seniors GEORGE J. MCKNIGHT ALEXANDER MURRAY H. LEROY SELMEIER Juniors EMIL A. FREDERICK MARK J. GARLICK Sophomores JOSEPH S. SCHERMACK DONALD C. WEBSTER Freshmen LLOYD A. SEYFRIED WILLIAM L. RODGERS JOHN M. WELLMAN HOWARD R. STEVENSON J. BENNETT WOOD FRANCIS A. NORQUIST ELMER G. WEBER HAMILTON E. WHITMAN ALBERT O. DENTZ D. LAERNE SUNDELL DONALD E. TOMPKINS WOOD WEBSTER BAILEY JURY DEMPSTER NORQUIST GARLICK SELMEIER LAPP MCKNIGHT ATHERTON HALL STEVENSON ARNOLD MURRAY SCHERMACK DENTZ LOTHHOP HAMILTON J. SMITH SUNDELL E. SMITH WEBER SEYFREID St. Pa e 359 -- !ilie J8L Founded 1890 Cornell University MICHIGAN CHAPTER Established 1892 MEMBERS IN FACULTY THOMAS H. REED, A.B., LL.B. EARL S. WOLAVER, A.B., LL.B. RICHARD BARTON EDWIN S. BUTTERFIELD FRANK W. ATKINSON KARL R. CRAWFORD GEORGE I. DANIELS WILLIAM R. DAY JOHN H. BOBRINK PAUL S. BRYANT LLOYD F. CATRON FREDERICK M. ASBECK EDWARD J. CLARK BOYD R. GERNHARD GARFIELD MITCHELL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY H. THOMAS CAVANAUGH DOUGLAS R. GINN FOUTS A. MEESE Seniors STANLEY J. DIETRICH JOHN J. HARRISON A. WENDELL HOLMES D. W. JOHNSTON- MYRON E. MERRY Juniors CLINTON H. COULTER CARL H. DOERGE S. E. GAUNE Sophomores PAUL HOLMES CHARLES D. MACGREGOR Freshmen FRANK MORTENSON ARTHUR E. SPENCER JOHN H. WITHERSPOON KENNETH A. MICHEL ELLIOT C. ROBERTS C. EDWARD SMITH HARLAN J. YELLAND Louis F. PHILLIPPI ROBERT D. WINKWORTH GEORGE RICH FRANK E. MEESE GORDON PARK ARTHUR PURMORT JACKSON A. WILCOX MOHTENSON P. HOLMES MACGREGOR CLARK GERNHARD RICH MEESE ASBECK BRYANT DOERGE COULTER WINKWORTH CATRON PHILLIPPI HARRISON BOBRINK DANIELS GINN SPENCER DAY DIETRICH GAUNE W. HOLMES YELLAND SMITH CRAWFORD ROBERTS MERRY ATKINSON MICHEL JOHNSTON Page 360 e ... - syjEj si e $ - +$e Founded 1844 Yale University OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1855 Delta. Kappa Epsitorv CHARLES H. COOLEY JAMES CRAIG MEMBERS IN FACULTY OSCAR J. CAMPBELL ROBERT C. ANGELL MEMBERS IN CITY JAMES CAMPBELL HUGH CHALMERS, JR. GEORGE A. NICHOLSON, JR. WALLACE B. LONG WAYNE M. SCHRODER JOHN A. MARSHALL COLLIER A. BLOOMFIELD BYRON J. LONGYEAR SAMUEL P. QUARLES DANIEL W. SMITH, JR. GEORGE B. DOLLIVER, JR. ROBERT D. SHORT MEMBER IN UNIVERSITY GEORGE S. HAGGERTY, A.B. Seniors HENRY T. LATHROP CARTER C. STEWART Juniors JOHN P. OTTAWAY WILLIAM S. RAMSAY, JR. FREDERICK H. DUFFIELD Sophomores JAMES E. BAYNE BENJAMIN R. BOUTELL JAMES R. SPENCER EDWARD L. NEAL Freshmen JOHN H. GOODWIN ALLEN B. DEN BLEYKER SHERMAN C. PARKER RICHARD B. FOSTER CHARLES R. SMITH RAND E. WINTERS PAUL P. OPPERMANN DAVID C. MONROE WILLIAM T. BARBOUR WILLIAM B. WILDANGER JOHN J. KNIGHT HOWARD KRESGE HERMAN Z. NYLAND JOSEPH H. WOODARD JAMES F. LEWIS GILBERT L. COLE SHORT D. SMITH LEWIS GOODWIN DOLLIVER DEN BLEYKER PARKER COLE WOODARD SPENCER BLOOMFIELD KNIGHT WILD ANGER LONGYEAK KRESGE BAYNE QUARLES NEAL BARBOUR OPPERMANN LONG SCHRODER DUFFIELD MONROE OTTAWAY BOUTELL WINTERS MARSHALL C. SMITH STEWART CHALMERS LATHROP NICHOLSON RAMSAY O Page 361 (1 - $f Founded 1827 Union College IOTA CHAPTER Established 1855-1875 Re-established 1923 MEMBERS IN FACULTY WARREN E. FORSYTHE, M.D. WALTER V. MARSHALL, B.A.E. E. GLEN HERSMAN MEMBERS IN CITY WILLIAM H. REID, JR. WILLIAM J. BOOTH GEORGE L. PATTEE, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WILLIAM E. PRESTON WILLIAM H. HEATH LAWRENCE D. DICKEY CHARLES H. FINES WYLE G. BONINE KENNETH G. PATRICK LOUIS B. RODENBERG WILLIAM L. PAGE MALCOLM H. TAYLOR Seniors B. DONALD WRIGHT WILLIAM B. CRAWFORD RAYMOND T. J. PERRING NORMAN R. BENHAM FREDERICK M. PHELPS, JR., A.B. HENRY B. P. CLARK BERTRAM O. VANNORT PAUL J. KELLER Juni ' W. B mors BRIAN W. BLAKELY CLAYTON B. HOWE JOHN W. RYON, JR. Sophomores CLAUDIUS C. GAGE ALEXANDER K. GAGE, JR. PHILIP GAENSSLEN Freshmen JAMES B. OSBORNE CALVIN A. BANWELL WALTER W. SAUER BRYAN HUNT GREGG T. ARMSTRONG ORVILLE L. DOWZER LLOYD W. MINGOS ROBERT A. ECKERMAN CHARLES F. ECKERMAN TAYLOR SAUEE MINGOS DOWZER OSBORNE BANWELL GAENSSLEN PATRICK A. GAGE C. GAGE RODENBURG BLAKELY PAGE BONINE RYON FINES HUNT HOWE ARMSTRONG BENHAM WRIGHT CRAWFORD PRESTON KELLER PERRINO HEATH Page 362 g-c sf s Founded 1899 College of City of New York ALPHA THETA CHAPTER Established 1920 MEMBERS IN FACULTY WARREN E. BOWER, A.M. ARTHUR VANDUREN, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY M. CLIFTON DEY PHILIP H. DIETZ ALBERT J. PARKER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EMORY VV. MORRIS WILLIAM A. VANCE DANIEL VANWOERKOM BERNARD A. WATSON HIBBERT D. COREY WILLIAM J. DIBBLE DONALD W. DUNNING HAROLD D. FOULKES R. DOUGLAS ARMSTRONG MERLE C. BAKER W. CARL BAUER WILLIAM W. BURD FRED W. FULLER DONALD H. GAINES WILLIAM E. BISCHOFF T HERON D. CHILDS WILLIAM M. EMERY ARTHUR C. AHLSTROM STANLEY S. COCHRAN JOHN G. DILLON Seniors EDWARD E. GAMPHER GLENN D. McGEOCH WALTER C. GREENE Juniors CHARLES W. GRACE NORMAN L. HARTWIG EDWARD G. HENNING ARTHUR A. McKiNNiE OTIS S. THATCHER DAVID L. PERROT Sophomores JACK W. HACKETT RICHARD D. KOTTING Freshmen LUMOND L. DRUMMOND LEE T. LINCOLN DONALD McKAY CLARENCE L. McKiNNiE EUGENE H. GUTEKUNST EDWARD D. LINE FRANK C. PAINTER CHARLES H. TERMAN JOHN W. RICE Louis A. SPALDING CLARENCE C. STEIN WESLEY J. WELLS DONALD R. WILLIAMS CLARENCE L. WOBROCK WILLIAM E. MACK ROBERT K. WELCH EDWARD J. ZICK HAROLD G. MYRON GEORGE H. POULSEN LELAND E. SARGENT RICE FOULKES STEIN THATCHER HACKETT KOTTING WELLS FULLER LIPPMANN MACK HARTWIG CHILDS ZICK EMERY WILLIAMS BAUER SPALDING A. McKiNNiE GAMPHER GAINES PKBHOT ARMSTRONG GRACE HENNINC, BAKER LINE TERMAN COREY GUTEKUNST DUNNING PAINTER GREENE McGEOCH DILLON McKAY COCHRAN SARGENT C. McKiNNiE POULSEN AHLSTROM DRUMMOND LINCOLN C :: --- S! $ - Zr$:+ o Founded 1858 Bethany College DELTA CHAPTER Established 1874 MEMBERS IN FACULTY JOHN ALEXANDER, A.M., M.D. FLOYD E. BARTELL, Ph.D. ARTHUR H. BLANCHARD, A.M. THOMAS E. CASADY, A.B. F. D. CURTIS, Ph.D. F. P. ARTHUR, D.D. RICHARD D. CUTTING, A.B. WARREN W. FLORER, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY SEWELL H. PLATT, A.B. HARRY D. HOEY ROWAN FASQUELLE HERBERT T. ABRAMS HOWARD C. BLAKE VERNON G. EDGAR JOHN S. COATES RUSSELL D. COLE EDWARD T. CORBUS PHILLIP R. CULKIN EDWIN O. BILLINGS CHARLES C. CROWTHER EDWARD F. DANIELS PHILIP J. DAY ROBERT M. BOYER ALEX VV. FORBES MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY FREDERICK J. B. SEVALD, JR. Seniors DAVID J. HANSCOM JOHN R. HARDER Juniors CHARLES R. DOUGALL ALBERT J. GILLIGHAM JAMES H. HERRICK CLARENCE W. LITTLE, JR. HENRY O. MEDSGER Sophomores JUDSON B. HEESS T. ARNOLD MEDSGER ERNEST A. MESSER Freshmen JOHN S. FRAME, JR. WALTER E. GEITSERT LEICESTER T. MORELAND RALPH H. CURTISS, Ph.D. CHARLES M. DAVIS, A.M. CARL GUTHE, Ph.D. HOBART H. WlLLARD, Ph.D. LEIGH J. YOUNG, M.S.F. FREDERICK M. GAIGE, M.A. Louis KILGORE, A.B. GEORGE P. MCCALLUM, SR., LL.B. E. GIFFORD UPJOHN SAMUEL M. WETZEL HARRY R. HAYNIE Louis ROBERTSON J. KYLE WORLEY RICHARD H. PAULSON LORNE J. POOLE JAMES O ' N. SHEEHAN JAMES E. WELLS, JR. HERMAN K. MIETHE DONALD M. PLUMMER Louis E. TARTE CHARLES I. WHYTE, JR. WILLIAM B. REED BLAIR W. THOMAS X DANIELS MIETHE A. MEDHGER MESSER PLUMMEH WHYTE HEEBS TARTE GIESTEHT CULKIN HERRICK LITTLE H. MEOSGER DOUGALL POOLE GILLIUHAM SHEEHAN PAULSON- WOHI.EY BLAKE WELLS HANSCOM COATES HAYNIE CORBUS ROBERTSON HARDER DAY SEVALD BILLINGS FRAME MORELAND CROWTHER THOMAS REED BOYER FORBES _ -- ffi 7T-- $fl Founded 1834 Williams College MICHIGAN CHAPTER Established 1876 ARTHUR L. CROSS, Ph.D. HARRISON M. RANDALL, Ph.D. CLARENCE L. MEADER, Ph.D. JOSEPH H. DRAKE, Ph.D., LL.B. JACOB E. REIGHARD, Ph.D. ALBERT E. GREEN EDWIN J. HUNTINGTON HORACE G. PRETTYMAN FREDERICK G. Now, JR., A.B. ARTHUR R. WOODBURNE RICHARD H. FREYBERG, A.B. JOSEPH F. WHINERY, A.B. JAMES A. LAFER CHARLES T. LEE OSCAR A. JOSE JOHN R. RANDALL DALES A. KNAPP CHARLES M. MOORE GEORGE H. MATCHETT CARL A. DOTY CHARLES H. HALL, JR. VERNON M. HAWKINS, JR. ARTHUR W. MARSH Delta CJpsilorL MEMBERS IN FACULTY PHILIP HADLEY, M.D., Ph.D. WALTER B. FORD, A.M., M.D. WILFRED B. SHAW, A.B. OLIN W. BLACKETT, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY ARTHUR W. STALKER HARRY M. HAWLEY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WORTH A. FAUVER, A.B. HOBART D. HOYT, A.B. EDWARD B. CASTLE Seniors CORNELIUS L. T. GABLER WILLIAM M. HOAD DANIEL A. HUFF Juniors ROBERT C. TETER JOHN A. MARSH BROOKS MARSHALL Sophomores WEBSTER STERLING JOHN D. WHITTLE WILSON NICKLIN Freshmen EDWARD J. BELLAIRE JACK HOUSTON FRANCIS B. VEDDER, A.B., D.D.S. CHARLES F. DEISS, A.B. CHESTER W. CLARK, A.M. HENRY D. WILD, Ph.D. GEORGE M. BLEEKMAN, M.S.E. H. D. SCOTT HENRY W. NICHOLS L. GRANT BALDWIN, JR. EARL D. KRICKBAUM DANIEL S. WARNER SYLVESTER FORD FREDERICK J. STEVENS ANDREW W. KLEIN STEPHEN E. JONES MERRIAM C. HERRICK THERON H. GOODSPEED BLANCHARD W. CLELAND WILLIAM D. BRUMBAUGH, JR. SIDNEY W. STEENSMA JOHN O. BERGELIN CHARLES P. GISH M. GORDON BULL WILLIAM E. EDWARDS FRANCIS J. MUNT BELLAIRE HAWKINS HUSTON HALL BULL A. MARSH EDWARDS MUNT BERGELIN MOORE STERLING MATCHETT STEENSMA NICKLIN WHITTLE GOODSPEED CLELAND RANDALL MARSHALL J. MARSH JOSE BRUMBAUGH TETER KNAPP HUFF . LEE LAFER GABLER JONES KLEIN HOAD Page 365 3fc+ C . MICHIGAN CHAPTER Established 1919 RALPH W. AJGLER, LL.B. ROY W. COWDEN, A.M. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Louis M. GRAM, B.S. ALEXANDER G. RUTHVEN, Ph.B. HERBERT C. SADLER, Sc.D. HERBERT M. SHAW HENRY D. STRICKER MEMBERS IN CITY GORDON M. IBBOTSON GUY F. KASER ROBERT L. MpoRE CARSON S. ATKINS CARL H. SCHUMACHER ROYCE B. HOOPER LAWRENCE W. MENGEL Louis G. JORDAN THOMAS M. LESLIE PREUSS MONIOT CLAYTON H. KASER LEVERNE TAYLOR WILLIAM X. FERGUSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY RAY A. BILLINGSTON, A.M. Seniors LAURENCE PREUSS WILTON A. SIMPSON J. DALE DARLING Juniors CHARLES K. SESTOK EDWARD J. KOCH JOHN T. SNODGRASS Sophomores RAYMOND E. GENTHE NEIL E. McDoucALL MARK S. ANDREWS Freshmen WILLIAM R. FARRELL GEORGE E. HUMPHREY J. MUNRO INNES KENITH G. STRUNK DAVID C. KIMBALL GARRETT E. KAUFFMAN ROBERT C. CHAPMAN CHARLES R. STRANG CHARLES W. NECHMAN JACK A. APPLEFORD ENNIS HAWKINS DONALD RICHARDSON ROBERT SCHULTZ SCHULTZ FARRELL KASEH TATLOH HUMPHREY FERGUSON HAWKINS RICHARDSON ANDREWS MONIOT McDouoALL APPI.EFORD NECHMAN KIMBALL CHAPMAN STRANO SESTOK LESLIE MENOEL SNODGRASS JORDAN HOOPER PHEUSS SCHUMACHER MOORE ATKINS KAUFFMAN SIMPSON STRUNK Page 366 c P ' ounded 1905 Middlebury College MU CHAPTER Established 1922 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Louis M. EICH, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. WALTER E. LAY, B.M.E. JULIUS A. HANSLOVSKY THEODORE L. TROST, A.B. CHARLES H. MENMUIR, A.B. ARNOLD G. ANDERSEN HUBERT W. GOULDTHORPE EDMOND H. HOBEN ROY W. JOHNSON BENJAMIN A. DE GRAFF GEORGE H. GREENE J. SAMUEL HAMEL GEORGE B. AHN, JR. FRANCIS E. WHEELER DONALD H. WILLIAMS MEMBERS IN CITY KENTON M. BEAR BERYL K. WRIGHT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY THOMAS M. PRYOR, A.B. FRITCHOF T. SALLNESS, A.B. CHARLES J. CLARK, A.B. Seniors ' ' LOUIS R. KlRSHEMAN ELAINE A. SCHNALL JOSEPH H. SHIPMAN Juniors ROWLAND M. HILL JOHN R. HOGLE EARL P. SAWYER STANLEY F. ZUCK Sophomores FREDERIC J. DE WITT. JR. LORIMER C. SPOOR Freshmen MORRIS G. JOHNSON ARTHUR L. VAN ZANDT ROBERT A. WATERMAN, A.B. EARL E. KLEINSCHMIDT E. MILTON STAUB JOHN D. TODD ROBERT O. VARNUM WILLIAM E. ZARTMAN LEIGHTON O. SHANTZ STANLEY M. STEINKO JOHN H. THOITS JAMES G. JOBES HERMAN C. THOMSEN JOSEPH E. HOWELL WHEELER PRYOR WATERMAN TROST VAN ZANDT DE WITT JOBES SHANTZ THOITS HAMEL ZARTMAN STAUB TODD KIRSHEMAN GOULDTHORPE SHIPMAN M. JOHNSON MENMUIR THOMSEN SAWYER HOGLE AHN HILL STEINKO DE GRAFF ZUCK HOBEN R. JOHNSON VARNUM ANDERSEN Page 367 - fi , - Founded 1911 University of Rochester .MU CHAPTER Established 1919 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY NATHAN P. FEINSINGER, A.B. WILLIAM H. FRANK II ALFRED HOLZMAN SYLVAN RAPAPORT RAYMOND BAER EDWARD BAYUK MYRON FALK HAROLD A. MARKS JOE NATHAN NUDDY RASNICK DAVID L. HOLZMAN EDWARD LASKER PHILLIP BAUM HERMAN KESSELL Seniors JOSEPH M. WEISS Juniors Sophomores RICHARD RUSLANDER Freshmen HAROLD SEAGLE, A.B. SYLVAN ROSENBAUM NEWTON ROSENZWEIG HAROLD RUSLANDER JAMES L. RIGELHAUPT JACK SCHERMER ARTHUR SEGALL EDWARD STERN SIDNEY TUSCHMAN JEROME ULLMAN LYNN R. PETTLER HAROLD RATTNER PHILLIP STERN RICHARD WIENER BENJAMIN MANSON BAUM MANSON P. STERN. LASKER D. HOLZMAN R. RUSLANDER RATTNER WIENER GITMAN KESSELL NATHAN FALK RIGELHAUPT ULLMAN SCHERMER E. STERN PETTLER TUSCHMAN RASNICK RAPAPORT ROSENBAUM WEISS MARKS BAER BAYUK A. HOLZMAN ROSENZWEIG H. RUSLANDER FEINSINGER SEGAUL SEAGLE FRANK Page 368 , . S = = s= =a a - r- $r x. Founded 1869 University of Virginia ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER Established 1892 MEMBERS IN FACULTY FERDINAND N. MENEFEE, B.S. FRANK H. STEVENS, B.S. W. FREDERICK PETERSON, A.M. ARTHUR E. WOOD, Ph.D. ELTON E. WIEMAN, A.B. MAYNARD A. NEWTON MEMBERS IN CITY EDWARD MARANDA E. CLARK DAVIS WALTER E. BERGER, JR. C. SHAW GREEN LEO W. HOFFMAN JOHN W. ALBERSON GEORGE H. ANNABLE, JR. ROGER E. CARR FRANK B. BICKNELL PAUL A. COOK RICHARD E. HELMS, JR. ALLAN J. BOVARD WILLIAM C. BUSCH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY E. DONALD LAURENCE Seniors C. SANBORN HUTCHINS HENRY S. MAENTZ ANGUS R. SHANNON, JR. Juniors Jo CHAMBERLIN JOHN H. CROSBY JOHN A. CUNNINGHAM Sophomores E. STANLEY JOHNSON WAYNE R. JOHNSON CECIL H. MARTELL H. MONROE PARSONS Freshmen WILLIS R. JONES FOREST T. KABLE JENNINGS McBRiDE RICHARD TRAVIS KENTON M. PRICHARD STUART H. SINCLAIR ARTHUR J. ZIMMERMANN CHARLES E. ROBINSON, JR. J. ALBERT ROESCH III JAMES H. WARD, JR. ROBERT L. PETRIE MAX A. PITTELCO CHARLES J. WOOD SHELDON MORRISON JOHN L. ROESCH HELM WOOD PARSONS W. JOHNSON J. L. ROESCH McBniDE BUSCH MORRISON BOVAHD POWERS KABLE JONES S.JOHNSON COOK MARTELL PETRIE BICKNELL CUNNINGHAM PITTELCO CARR ALBERSON WARD CHAMBERLIN ROBINSON- CROSBY ANNABLE J. A. ROESCH GREEN HOFFMAN SINCLAIR MA " ENTZ PRICHARD ZIMMERMAN BERGER Page PC 11 Founded 1909 Boston University SIGMA CHAPTER Established 1913 Lambd JACK L. BLOTT, A.B. FLOYD N. CALHOON, B.S. HARCOURT L. CAVERLY, B.S. PAUL GIBSON MEMBERS IN FACULTY CLIFFORD WOODY, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY C. PAUL SELLARDS MYRON B. CHAPIN, Ph.B. RUEL V. CHURCHILL, M.S. WILLIAM G. SMEATON, A.B. WM. E. UNDERDOWN KURT J. KREMLICK, A.B. BENTON E. GATES, A.B. EDGAR APPOLD O. P. CLIPPER J. P. CUMMINGS J. H. HANLEY C. W. BROWNELL R. I. CLARY W. DURANT P. F. JERNEGAN J. J. KELLY F. G. METZ C. H. SEILHEIMER G. S. SWERDFEGER S. COLE A. JEN KINS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOHN B. SCHOENFELD LEONARD A. KELLAR, A.B. LEON WILBUR Seniors R. E. MADISON J. C. MILLER W. E. RENNER G. F. H. SEEBA Juniors R. E. FARMER Sophomores E. C. WEBER L. R. STEELE J. C. SIBLEY W. W. GURR H. SELLECK D. G. BLACK Freshmen T. J. LAUER E. MEAD CARL B. ECKER RAYMOND BLACKBURN, A.B. R. M. VANDUZER L. S. WILCOX P. C. WlLLET R. V. REED L. F. KNOEPP B. A. ROBERTSON B. SCHWARZE V. SCHWENTKER R. J. HODGSON E. S. ADDISON H. RUSSELL D. TILDEN L. M. PRESCOTT E. WILLIAMS JENKINS LATJEB PRESCOTT MEAD COLE BLACK SCHWARZE SELLECK TILDEN ADDISON SCHWENTKER WILLIAMS WEBER GUHR RUSSELL KELLY METZ STEELE SWERDFEQEH HODGSON SEILHEIMER SIBLEY ' CLARY B. A. ROBERTSON ' REED MILLER KNOEPP BROWNELL JERNEOAN WILLET SEEBA WILCOX MADISON VAN DUZER RENNER HANLEY APPOLD CLIPPER Page 370 Sf :g A Founded 1911 Howard University PHI CHAPTER Established 1922 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY NELSON H. HARRIS, A.B. WILLIAM T. LOVE, A.M. KENNETH HARDEN DANIEL HERBERT WILLIAM HOWARD PAUL CORNELLY THEODORE W. FORTSON JAMES R. GOLDEN VERNON M. GRAY WENDELL MORGAN JOHN RAGLAND WALTER HINES Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen IRVING R. SELDEN Lucius M. TOBIN, A.B. ROSCOE W. BULLOCK, M.S. LEON H. HUBBARD ARTHUR W. MITCHELL, JR. LAWRENCE E. SCOTT HERBERT T. HARDY PHILANDER W. JOHNSON SAMUEL SHEPARD, JR. JOHN C. WELLS JAMES D. WILSON RILEY W. WILSON HENRY A. POSEY HDBBAHD SHEPARD GOLDEN FORTSON HARDY HOWARD HERBERT GRAY MITCHELL HARDEN HARRIS Page 371 r A $ -z?3fc z Founded 1912 Columbia University OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1921 IRVING E. FINK MARVIN S. AVERBOOK SIDNEY J. KARBEL Louis W. KRAMER SIDNEY BURSTEIN JOSEPH A. AMTER BURTON MARKS LEWIS A. GOLDEN IRVING GOLDSTEIN MAURICE J. BISHKO BEN FISHMAN ALVIN S. FRIEDMAN MEMBER IN FACULTY S. C. OPPENHEIM, A.M., J.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors H. N. TENNENBAUM Juniors ABRAHAM SATOVSKY Sophomores MAXWELL L. RUBIN Freshmen MEYER COHEN AARON NOCHIMSON SIDNEY ROSENTHAL Louis J. SWARTZ OSCAR A. MARKUS MARTIN NOCHIMSON JEROME J. PRAG NELSON M. MENDELSON MARVIN J. JACOBS HERBERT GOLDBERG JEROME A. LAND PHILIP R. SEIDEL RUBIN SATOVSKY AMTER MARKUS ROSENTHAL SWARTZ FISHMAN LAND GOLDSTEIN JACOBS MENDELSON M. NOCHIMBON MAKES BURSTEIN A. NOCHIMSON PRAG KAHBEL KRAMER TENNENBAUM AVERBOOK GOLDEN FRIEDMAN SEIDEL GOLDBERG BISHKO Page 372 - - 21 fe Founded 1848 Miami University MICHIGAN ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1864 HENRY A. SANDERS, Ph.D. EARL V. MOORE, A.B. ALBERT E. WHITE MEMBER IN FACULTY CHARLES W. EDMUNDS, M.D. ERMINE W. CASE, Ph.D. GUY M. WHIPPLE, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY HUGH M. BEEBE, M.D. GEORGE GALE, A.B. RUFUS CARTER DONALD TAYLOR JOHN WHITWORTH WILLIAM RUBLE VICTOR DOMHOFF JAMES SWAN JAMES COLE FRANK WACHTER ROBERT MILLER RAYMOND WACHTER EDWARD CUNNINGHAM JOSEPH CHENAULT WATSON CLAY REHMAN DOMHOFF MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CHARLES BRANCH Seniors RUSSELL GOHRING HERBERT A. HALL EDWARD D. RICH FRANK STRACHAN Juniors CONRAD THORNQUIST ROBERT BARLEY WILBUR PETRIE Sophomores ROBERT NEWTON BARNARD GRAGG JUDSON BRANCH Freshmen BRUCE HULBURT WILLIAM HOOVER JACK STEKETEE HARRY KATZENMEYER VERNON LISLE ROBERT PRICE STEWART FENNER THEODORE MACK JAMES MARTIN RONALD SMEATON JOHN DALTON ALBERT KIMBALL THOMAS DALTON JOSEPH BEERY RAY FRIEDMANN EDWARD VINOPOL ROBERT WHITWORTH DONALD BUTLER THORNQUIST STRACHAN COLE R. WACHTER CUNNINGHAM NEWTON GRAGQ BRANCH FRIEDMANN MILLER F. WACHTER C. BRANCH BARLEY PETRIE KIMBALL J. DALTON CARTER PRICE TAYLOR KATZENMEYER WHITWORTH RUBLE MARTIN DOMHOFF GOHRING HALL MACK FENNER GALE CHENAULT CLAY R. DOMHOFF HULBUHT HOOVER STEKETEE VINOPOL R. WHITWORTH Page 373 Q Jlfc+ -Z Z Founded 1904 College City of New York ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Established 1921 LAWRENCE C. HYMAN S. ALBERT STERN HARTWIG ADLER EDWARD HEYMANN MARCUS FEINBERG WILLIAM E. KLEIN MELVIN BAER ALEX D. NAST, JR. NORMAN D. COHEN MELVILLE DOTTENHEIM HAROLD HERSKOWITZ HENRY HOENIG C Pki Epsilon C MEMBERS IN CITY ROBERT SKALL, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CARLYLE P. IMERMAN, B.S. Seniors DANIEL COHEN Juniors Sophomores BERNARD M. SOLOMON Freshmen SOL NEWMAN, JR. MARVIN J. WELFELD EDGAR LEVITT BORIS D. MOSESSOHN MARVIN L. MANN HERBERT SALZMAN ROBERT MUELLER PERCY S. LORIE, JR. DONALD J. KAUFMANN NORMAN LEVY MILTON C. PICARD, JR. JOSEPH STEIN STEIN KAUFMANN HOENIG N. COHEN PICARD DOTTENHEIM LEVT MEULLER NAST BAER LORIE HEYMANN SALZMAN ADLER MANN MOSESSOHN SOLOMON KLEIN STERN WELFELD D. COHEN HYMAN NEWMAN IMERMANN LEVITT Pagt 374 c 2fc x Founded 1848 Jefferson College ALPHA PHI CHAPTER Established 1885 Re-established 1902 FRANCIS L. D. GOODRICH J. RALEIGH HAYDEN PRESTON M. HICKEY CHARLES E. MYERS HENRY W. MILLER JAMES B. POLLOCK A. GEORGE ABBOTT EDGAR H. AILES GEORGE O. BROPHY, JR. ROYAL F. CHERRY STEWART EAGLESON CHARLES B. EMERY ROBERT L. HALL THEODORE HORNBERGER JOHN W. BLANCHARD F. LESTRADE BROWN FREEMAN CRAMPTON WILLIAM D. EDWARDS, JR. DURWIN D. ALGYER LEWIS F. BROWN ROBERT T. CAINE ROBERT C. CHAPMAN AMBROSE W. CONNELLY WALTER P. HICKEY JOHN W. LEWIS MEMBERS IN FACULTY CLARENCE S. YOAKUM MEMBERS IN CITY HERBERT UPTON Seniors FOORMAN L. MUELLER PHILLIP M. PFAFFMANN, JR. Juniors MARTIN D. CAREER L. KEITH GOODRICH MANLY K. HUNT HARLEY B. KLINE Sophomores EDWARD L. HULSE DONALD S. SMITH E. THURSTON THIEME Freshmen A. LORRAINE LONG WILLIAM B. MARTIN RICHARD M. MERRILL ALEX K. SCHERER HENRY E. RIGGS HERBERT C. SADLER SHIRLEY W. SMITH EDSON R. SUNDERLAND MORRIS P. TILLEY HARRY S. WOOD LOUIS FORSYTHE EARL GOWAN EDGAR C. HOWBERT DONALD C. MILLER CLEMENT A. SMITH CALVIN N. SOUTHER MARTIN W. TANNER, JR. S. TYLER WATSON- LAWRENCE J. PLYM JOHN J. MOLENDA WILLIAM C. PUSCH THOMAS E. SUNDERLAND ROBERT E. CASTER WILLIAM T. BUCHANAN THOMAS THOMAS ALDEN H. SHEPHERD WALTER H. THIELE JAMES W. WILLSON WILLSON HICKEY MARTIN SCHERER LEWIS CHAPMAN SHEPHERD LONG CONNELLY THIELE BUCHANAN ALQYER THOMAS CAINE SMITH CASTER L. F. BROWN HULSE THIEME HUNT SUNDERLAND GOODRICH PLYM CRAMPTON MOLENDA BLANCHARD EDWAHDH KLINE TANNER HORNBERGER PFAFFMAN WATSON MUELLER HALL PUSCH F. L. BROWN Page 375 r 5f TKiK REV. M. P. BOURKE GEORGE BURKE JOHN F. BANKS RAYMOND A. BROW FRANCIS H. DAFT LEONARD F. FINKLER RAYMOND V. HODGSON- JAMES W. BEYVL WILSON J. Cox LOUIS R. ElSENTRAGER ROLAND C. GIES, JR. THEODORE M. BARTHEL EDMUND M. BRADY GERALD J. HARRINGTON PAUL C. MURPHY MEMBERS IX CITY FRANK L. DEINE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Juniors JOHN F. WAGNER Sophomores FRANCIS M. SHEA Freshmen Founded 1888 Brown University NU CHAPTER Established 1924 MARTIN J. CAVANAUGH EDWARD F. CONLIN GREGORY W. MALAVEN H. PHILIP McANiFF FRANCIS T. O ' BRIEN, JR. ANTHONY G. SACKALOUCAS EARL W. STEFFES JAMES T. HERALD DUMONT F. HIXSON MATTHEW J. HUDSON, JR. RICHARD T. KELLIHER EDMUND C. HILLIER FRANCIS J. McCuE TERRENCE S. O ' DONNELL WILLIAM A. MURPHY O ' DONNELL EISENTRAGER HILLIER W. MURPHY P. MURPHY BARTHEL HARRINGTON BRADY HUDSON KELLIHER WAGNER BEYVL HIXSON Cox SACKALOUCAS FINKLEH DAFT O ' BRIEN BROW, STEFFES McCuE SHEA HERALD MELAVEN GIE BANKS __ - %8 % - c fe av ' f o Founded 1852 Jefferson College MICHIGAN ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1875 MEMBERS IN FACULTY DEAN JOHN R. EFFINGER, Ph.D. RANDOLPH G. ADAMS, Ph.D. DEAN EDWARD H. KRAUS, Ph.D., Sc.D. RALPH J. HARLAN, A.M. HARRY R. GAMBLE, A.M. BERGET H. BLOCKSOM GEORGE P. GARVER ROBERT W. CONDER ARTHUR R. WOODS MILO OLIPHANT FORREST S. CROCKER MEMBERS IN CITY- K. MARTIN- HAROLD E. COVERT CYRENUS G. DARLING OTTO J. SCHEENEBU PAUL KEMPF DUANE SALISBURY JOHN BURNHAM HARLAN FROEMKE ARCHIBAL M. BLACK ROBERT L. HALSTED Louis J. KELLY BRADFORD L. CARVER WILLIAM L. A!ANEY LOWELL R. ALSTRIN SAMUEL F. ATKINS JOHN R. EFFINGER, JR. FRED E. GREGORY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors WILLIAM F. GRAHAM CARL W. GRIMM Juniors JOHN J. MAHAN MAXWELL E. NICKERSON HARRISON T. ORR WILLIAM H. PATTON Sophomores WILLIAM SEITZ PHILLIP E. SLAYTON JOHN W. TARBILL, JR. Freshmen GUILFORD HARTLEY PAUL T. KELLY DONALD H. MAGILL ALLEN OWEN JOHN M. HALSTED THOMAS D. OLMSTEAD, JR. CHARLES P. PINCKARD ROBERT N. PRENTISS NATHANIEL P. ROGERS EDWARD H. WACHS GEORGE S. CHANNER i K OWSLEY VOSE , HARRY W. WALLACE JOHN W. WATLING, JR. ' PHILLIPPS WALLACE GREGORY SEITZ P. KELLY VOSE ATKINS ALSTRIN WATLKMQ HARTLEY WACHS TARBILL CHANNER EFFINGER OWEN MANEY PATTON PINCKARD L. KELLY R. HALHTED PRENTISS SLAYTON CARVER MAHAN FROEMKE OLMSTEAD GRIMM GRAHAM BURNHAM J. HALSTED NICKERSON BLACK Founded 1850 University of Pennsylvania ALPHA OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1905 GEORGE C. ADIE JOHN L. BRUMM HERBERT A. KENYON W. E. BROWN, JR. ROSCOE O. BoNISTEEL EARL H. CRESS CHARLES J. RASH WILLIAM B. GILES CECIL W. LEPARD JOHN R. CROWE GEORGE F. LABOUR GEORGE W. HESTON J. Gus BETHELL WAYNE G. COWELL GEORGE W. DOUGLAS HERBERT V. DOUGLAS DONOVAN M. BROWN FISHER RABBITT WILLIAM B. MOULTON JOHN F. EWINC LOY L. SUTHERLAND MEMBERS IX FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY BRADLEY J. THOMPSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY LYMAN S. BREWSTER JOSEPH H. PARSONS Seniors E. GRANT PINNEY JOHN W. HICKMAN WILLIAM L. PONTIUS Juniors MANFORD K. GILES GEORGE H. EGGLESTON MILTON S. RAYMOND JAMES F. MILLER ADDISON N. WORSTELL Sophomores ARTHUR O. DOHERR Freshmen FRANCIS N. WOLCOTT HAYES L. MEYERS ARNO K. MILLER FREDERICK TOEPEL CLAIR V. LANGTON WM. A. MCLAUGHLIN ELMER D. MITCHELL PHILIP C. PACK RALPH E. RASH PETER J. VAN BOVEN ETHELBERT SPURRIER PAUL B. SAMSON WENDELL J. COOK KENNETH M. WICKWARE BRADFORD G. WHITE GARLAND D. TAIT JOSEPH J. JACKSON ROBERT D. FALCONER CHARLES C. PHILLIPS ROBERT W. WAGNER CLIFTON M. SPALDING GENE HANNAH WILLARD T. SNYDER GERARD MACKENZIE LACEY HUNGERFORD MACKENZIE EWING HUNOERFOHD A. MILLER SNYDER MOULTOX HANNAH RABBITT MYERS COWELL WOLCOTT SUTHERLAND FALCONER PHILLIPS SPALDING DOHERR RAYMOND BROWN TOEPEL J. MILLER TAIT WHITE JACKSON EGGLESTON G. DOUGLAS WORSTELL H. DOUGLAS MUGAVERO M. GILES CROWE LABOUR W. GILES PONTIUS HESTON COOK SAMSON WICKWARE HICKMAN PARSONS PINNEY Page 378 Founded 1906 Miami University TAU CHAPTER Established 1923 MATT MANN- GEORGE S. BALDWIN DANIEL C. CARLTON HERVEY E. BALDWIN ROBERT D. BUICK RUSSELL W. DAVIS HAROLD L. BALDWIN LEONARD A. BRETSCHNEIDER CHARLES M. CONAT KENNETH M. ALLAN MALCOLM W. BUTTERFIELD GLENN K. COPELAND GEORGE S. BRADLEY HARRY H. COLL DEAN N. CURRIE rni ixappo- la MEMBERS IN FACULTY FRANK A. MICKLE, M.E. MEMBERS IN CITY ALFRED FISCHER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CLAUDE VV. COATES GEORGE R. EMPSON Louis N. EMPSON Seniors LAVERN F. HYDE NELS V. MARIN Juniors DONALD M. COOPER ROBLEY E. GEORGE CARL S. HINTZ Sophomores DONALD B. FLEMING EDWARD T. HILE WILLIAM L. HOCKSTAD JOHN F. KERKEY Freshmen JAMES T. DAVIES GEORGE E. EVERETT JAMES S. GRIER MARSDEN D. HUBBARD AXEL MARIN, B.S. DONOVAN Y. ERICKSON, A.B. CLARENCE PIERSON STIRLING H. THOMSON DAVID C. YOKES GLENN W. YOUNG STANLEY A. KILPATRICK LOID M. STINCHCOMB JOHN L. WOTRING ROLAND R. NETTE JAMES F. PREISH HOWARD T. STUCH KENNETH J. JOHNSTON W. HOWARD STEWART FRANK J. WEBER JOHNSTON DAY IE a GRIEK BRADLEY WEBER HUBBARD EVERETT COLL CURRIE FLEMING KERKEY ALLAN NETTE HILE PREISH BUTTERFIELD STINCHCOMB BRETSCHNEIDER REYNOLDS G. EMPSON COPELAND HOCKSTAD KILPATRICK H. L. BALDWIN GEORGE HINTZ WOTRING COOPER ERICKSON G. BALDWIN COATES BUICK HYT E H. BALDWIN THOMSON VOKES YOUNG L. EMSPON DAVIS A, 379 $ -z 3fc X Xx EPSILON CHAPTER Established 1902 GUY MAIER OTTO J. STAHL ANDREW C. HAIGH, A.B. EARL V. MOORE, A.M. ALBERT LOCKWOOD ROBERT A. CAMPBELL LEVI D. WINES a MEMBERS IN FACULTY ANDREW J. WHITMIRE PALMER CHRISTIAN THEODORE HARRISON SAMUEL LOCKWOOD PETER OKKELBERG, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY GEORGE N. EARLE CHARLES A. SINK WALTER F. COLBY, Ph.D. FRANCIS W. KELSEY, Ph.D. ROBERT R. DIETERLE, M.D. Louis C. KARPINSKI, PH.D. JOSEPH E. MADDY WILLIAM BROMME GORDON J. BURRIS, A.B. FOREST C. BRIMACOMBE RAYMOND L. COMB RAY N. FAULKNER MYRON O. BURNESON ROBERT A. CONN CHARLES M. GRAY HERBERT T. ANDRESS CLARENCE L. BECKER OTTO H. BROWN JAMES W. COOKSON GILBERT SALTONSTALL DWIGHT H. LEWIS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WILLIAM A. HAMAKER HOWARD D. HOUSE, A.B. Seniors OTTO C. KOCH B. LORAIN NORTON Juniors GORDON W. PACKER ROBERT E. SANGSTER CEDRIC F. TRAEGER Sophomores WILLIS J. BRUNINGA SETON C. BOVEE ROBERT E. FINCH Freshmen WENDELL D. SMITH BERT M. HEIDEMAN RAYMOND E. PETERSON KARL P. HEIDEMAN, A.B. LESTON S. WHITEHEAD, A.B. ROLAND O. NISSLE PAUL F. SCHLANDERER J. BEVERLY WATTS DAVID A. TURNOCK VINCENT C. WALL, JR. LESLIE D. WESTON HERBERT J. PALMER EUGENE H. RUSSELL FREDERICK B. WATTS ROY S. LANGHAM RUSSELL JACK COOKSON BROWN BRUNINGA TRAEGER SMITH GRAHAM BECKER BOVEE PALMER FINCH SANGSTER BURNESON TURNOCK WESTON ANDREPS RUSSELL F. WATTS GRAY FAULKNER WALL NISSLE B. WATTS KOCH PACKER CONN BROMIDE BRIMACOMBE BURRIS R. A. CAMPBELL COMB HOUS E HAMAKER NORTON SCHLANDERER ' - t g = - $f Founded 1899 Wesleyan University GAMMA BETA CHAPTER Established 1922 ROBERT H. SHERLOCK, B.S. CHAS. D. COGSHALL LlLBURN L. WOODWORTH MEMBERS IN FACULTY CLARENCE D. THORPE, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY RAY E. COLLINS BURKE SHARTEL, S.J.D. HORACE B. SODT EDWIN C. EDMUNDS H. KARL E. ARNOLD HOWARD J. BAUCH GEORGE BEAN RAYMOND E. GIBBS ROBERT V. HARRIS RALPH C. HEIDLOFF J. ORMOND DRAKE WILLIAM E. NISSEN LESLIE H. DOUGLASS J. WILFRED ORWIG MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GEORGE F. CHASE, A.B. Seniors JOHN R. BOLAND, JR. STEWARD H. PARDEE Juniors RAYNOR C. JOHNSTON JOHN S. ORWIG ROBERT M. SCHEURMAN Sophomores RICHARD E. PALMER Freshmen HAROLD F. PALMER LORING F. OEMING HAROLD W. DUDLEY HERMAN PECKHAM HENRY C. FIEBIG MILES W. KIMBALL PERCY PROUT E. WAYNE DEWEY AUSTIN J. PADDOCK WILLIAM O. SUTHERS RUSSELL P. HOBART HEIDLOFF DRAKE ARNOLD BOLAND DEWEY PADDOCK NISSEN R. PALMER TAYLOR HARRIS SCHUERMAN PHOUT DUDLEY BAUCH BEAN OEMING PARDEE CHASE H. PALMER SUTHERS ORWIG HOBART DOUGLASS _ - -- s e $ 3!teK Founded 1910 Columbia University ETA CHAPTER Established 1915 MlLTON S. GOLDHAMMER IRWIN A. OLIAN DAVID N. PALEY PHILIP N. KRASNE HENRY R. DESENBERG ALBERT M. STERN ALBERT O. MAYER, JR. FREDERIC W. Ziv IRWIN S. MOISE RAYMOND R. UPRIGHT ARNOLD C. KAHN HENRY R. MARYMONT ROBERT L. HITZIG ALEXANDER R. ROBBINS JACK LAIT, JR. RAYMOND B. SALLAN ALVIN L. COHEN SOL W. THURMAN EL. M EMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MURRAY C. FINEBURG Seniors BERNARD H. HARTZELL HAROLD M. LASSER Juniors CHARLES E. KAHR Sophomores GABRIEL N. JOSEPHS Freshmen NELSON R. PITZELE EUGENE F. SIMS GEORGE C. ROSENTHAL SIDNEY W. BEHRMAN HOWARD F. DAVIDSON LESTER L. DAVIDSON BARNEY M. KOPLIN MYRON L. WINEGARDEN LAURENCE K. COVITZ MERVIN L. LEVY ROBERT J. GESSNER EMANUEL L. HALPERIN HAROLD O. MARX ALBERT J. BURNSTEIN MATHEW P. BERGER BERNARD L. ROTTENBERG THEODORE S. KUNER EMANUEL S. DOLINSKY BURNSTEIN HITZIO DOLINSKI ROTTENBEHO MARYMONT THURMAN BEHGER WINEGARDEN COVITZ KUNER HALPERIN MARX ROBBINS JOSEPHS COHEN UPRIGHT Ziv ROSENTHAL DAVIDSON GEHSNER LASSER L. L. DAVIDSON LEIVY SIMS PAI.EY MOISE DESENBERQ STERN OLIAN MAYER KOPLIN KRASNE Page 382 9X ! aPr S?! =5 ss H= K- ' - .ft Founded 1873 Ma ssachusetts Agriculture College DELTA DEUTERON CHAPTER Established 1915 appa. JOHN L. GARVEY, M.D. PAUL GARVEY PAUL JESERICH MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY A. H. WHITE, A.B., B.S. LOWELL PALMER DONALD KELLEY SYDNEY STRAIGHT LESLIE BUTLER FORD STODDARD DONALD SOBER ARTHUR LEE KARL KELLER ROBERT HEANEY WILLIAM FORTUNE HAROLD BAILEY JUSTIN WEAVER KARL KEMPF GEORGE BAIRD JACKSON WI ' LCOX CHARLES BORNE, JR. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY PAGE WHITE WALDO GREINER EDWIN SEIFFERT Seniors JOHN SHRAVESANDE HUBERT SCHADDELIE FAY LE FEVRE Juniors WILLIAM CRAWFORD INMAN MUNGER WILBUR PRESCOTT BRUCE TYNDALL Sophomores EARNEST McCoy GEORGE SQUIER Freshmen FRANK LOVELL MILTON WAGNER JOHN WIDMAN JAMES WILLARD HAROLD G. WALKER, M.D. GEORGE O. WHITE, B.S. WILLIAM AUBREY ADELBERT Kipp ROSS McCARDLE WILLIAM THURMAN BROOKINS HERBERT McHENRY WILLIAM COMSTOCK ELBERT VYSE SALEM HART, JR. ARTHUR BUFFINGTON DANIAL DONOVAN FREDDY WINFIELD MORRIS HUGHES DEEN ZIMMERMAN KENNETH MEADE ARTHUR PURMORT MEADE WILLABD WIDMAN LOVELL CRANDALL HALL ZIMMERMAN BAILEY SQUIER WEAVER MUNGER DONOVON FORTUNE VYSE PHESCOTT SOBER CRAWFORD KELLER LEE TYNDALL BUFFINGTON BROOKINS . MC-HENHY LEFEVRE SHHAVESANDE SCHADDELIE SPODDARD BUTLER Page 383 - $fj Founded 1868 University of Virginia BETA TAU CHAPTER Established 1922 RALPH L. BELKNAP, A.M. NEWTON S. BEMENT, A.M. CARL H. FORTUNE, M.D. LAURENCE M. GOULD, Se.D. MARTIN H. COMPTON EDISON H. CRAMER DANIEL J. MORTON MEMBERS IX FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY HAROLD D. McCLURE, A.B. ROBERT B. NEWCOMBE, M.S. D. MAYNARD PHELPS, A.B. GEORGE B. WATKINS, Ph.D. HUDSON T. MORTON WALLACE F. WATT SHELDON E. WESTERMAN RUDOLPH F. BOSTELMAX WILLIAM C. DIXON RUSSELL C. BAKER N ORMANN H. BLAIR CLAYTON B. BRIGGS HOMER E. DUNLAP WILBUR G. EKLUND W. ROGER GREENE BERNARD W. HANCOCK ROBERT M. BOSSERMAN WILLIAM S. CARLSON EVANS K. GRIPPING RALPH O. BETTISON STANLEY J. DANNER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ROGER D. DOTEN HAROLD W. LOVELL Seniors WALTER A. KUENZEL DONALD L. MC!LHINY ROBERT H. MCPHERSON Juniors ROBERT S. MILLER JOSEPH PONTON EVANS S. SCHMELING Sophomores M. SCUDDER GRIPPING HARLAN F. HEDDEN SEWARD H. MALLORY Freshmen LEON G. HALLAS HARRY C. MACDONALD JOHN B. MURRAY ROBERT A. MANCHESTER LEONARD J. MURPHY ROBERT B. PICKARD BENJAMIN D. RAMSDELL HAWLEY E. STARK FREDERIC K. WYKES MANNING C. VOORHIS DONALD G. WEEKES FREDERICK W. WEITZEL RUSSELL M. SANDERSON KENNETH C. SCHAFER WILFRED H. STEWART ROBERT E. SMITH JAMES E. THAYER SCHAFER WEEKES SCHMELING PONTON BLAIR MALLOHY BETTISON SANDERSON CARLSON E. GRIFFING HEDDEN BOSSERMAN EKLUND McPHEHSON RAMSDELL WEITZEL BRIGGS GREENE HANCOCK MILLER KUENZEL PICKARD DUNLAP WYKES STARK S. GRIFFING STEWART DANNER THAYER SMITH MACDONALD HALLAS Page 3 S 4 $!fe+ Founded 1904 College of Charleston ALPHA KAPPA CHAPTER Established 1926 JAMES J. DUNN, A.B. RALPH W. GOODALL PAUL H. BOYTS HOWARD L. CANFIELD FRED K. ESHLEMAN JAMES T. GILLESPIE LEROY G. BURGNON GUSTAF DANIELSSON EDWIN C. GALSTERER ELMER W. GUSTAFSON KRYN J. NAGELKIRK ALBERT OLSON- GEORGE W. BRANT GEORGE H. BRISBIN CLARENCE M. CUTLER HAROLD L. GOULD FRED L. SKINNER appa. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CHARLES F. WHITE, A.B. Seniors HOMER B. PORRITT, A.B. CHARLES J. SNOBLE, A.B. Juniors Sophomores JOHN T. SWAN-WICK Freshmen JOSEPH P. WHITE CHARLES L. LEWIS WILLIAM J. ROBERTSON- CHANDLER H. WHIPPLE HOWARD S. ZOLL WILLIAM D. ODAM CECIL A. REED STANLEY H. RICHARDSON- KENNETH E. RITTER E. B. SCHERMERHORN HENRY B. WHIPPLE BERNARD A. DALEY EDWARD J. MARTIN WILLIAM W. ROWLEY WILLIAM R. TROUTWINE CLYDE W. TRUXELL J. WHITE GUBTAFSON SKINNER GOCLD ODAM TRUXELL CANFIELD TROUTWINE SWANWICK ROWLEY CUTLEH SCHERMERHORN RITTER OLSON BRISBIN BRANT C. WHITE BURONON RICHARDSON PORHITT SNOBLE GALSTEREH LEWIS DANIELSSON GILLESPIE ROBERTSON H. WHIPPLE C. WHIPPI.E ZOLL REED ESHLEMAN [ BOYTS DUNN Page 3$5 J f S O MEMBERS IN FACULTY THEOPHILE RAPHAEL, A.M., M.D. EDWARD B. GREENSPAN EMANUEL J. HARRIS EDWARD E. HIBSHMAN MICHAEL J. BERNSTEIN JOSEPH E. BRUNSWICK STANLEY S. GILBERT MILTON KIRSHBAUM MARSHALL W. DEUTSCH MORRIS ESMAN THEODORE P. HARRIS ALBERT F. HOFELD MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors LESTER E. SLOSBURG Juniors Sophomores GERSON REICHMAN Freshmen RICHARD S. QUINT Founded 1895 Yale University EPSILON CHAPTER Established 1913 Re-established 1924 MOREY MARCUS CHARLES T. SABEL MAURICE J. SHORR HAROLD S. RHODES EDWARD G. ROSENBERG EUGENE A. WEINBERG EMANUEL VAN VLIET CLARENCE N. EDELSON BUD W. SlLVERBERG RALPH L. SHORR ROBERT W. STERN ROSENBERG SLOSBURG Page 386 HARRIS HOFELD STERN SHORR ESMAN QUINT SlLVERBERG EDELSON DEUTSCH REICHMAN BERNSTEIN VAN VLIET KIRSHBAUM GILBERT RHODES WEINBERG BRUNSWICK HIBSHMAN HARRIS MARCUS SHORR SABEL GREENSPAN X -z 3!fa Founded 1833 Union College PHI CHAPTER Established 1865 HENRY F. ADAMS GEORGE G. BROM JAMES H. HANFORD FRANK I. CORMWALL CHARLES ERWIN VICTOR H. LANE JOHN R. IVES FREDERICK R. WALDRON PAUL W. BRUSKE EDWARD S. COONS FRANCIS J. GEORGE ROBERT T. DE VORE WM. C. CAMPBELL, JR. JOHN K. COLMAN JAMES C. DRAPER JOHN P. HEDRICK CLARKE W. BALDWIN WALTER C. CHAFFEE, JR. EDWARD S. EVANS, JR. FREDERICK B. CURTENIUS ELWOOD W. DALTON ROBERT B. EVANS ROBERT H. HOLMES MEMBERS IN FACULTY RICHARD T. SCHLOSBERG MEMBERS IN CITY DANIEL F. ZIMMERMAN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EASTON T. KELSEY JOHN D. MALEY Seniors RICHARD M. SHERWOOD GEORGE M. STANLEY Juniors RAY C. HUMPHREY WALTER H. MACK SAMSON RHEINFRANK Sophomores WILLIAM S. LEE, JR. FREDERICK W. MOORE KINGSLEY MOORE GEORGE K. POTTER Freshmen THEODORE Huss, JR. HARRY F. LEE RICHARD H. MILROY FRANCIS W. KELSEY J. C. McCALMONT GEORGE W. PATTERSON, JR. NATHAN S. POTTER CHARLES W. GRAHAM WILLIAM DELANS CHRISTIAN N. MACK DOUGLAS D. LOREE JOHN W. NEIGHBOR JOSEPH SHAW ROBERT E. WEADOCK HERBERT P. WATTS FINLEY B. RIGGS HOWARD E. ROSE SHERWOOD WALDRON JAMES D. WEST THOMAS R. RAMSEY JOHN B. A. SEAGER FRANK M. ROBINSON JOHN E. PENNIMAN GEORGE C. TILLEY STANTON W. TODD, JR. JUSTIN F. WAY HOLMES CURTENIUS TILLEY R. EVANS MILROY CHAFFEE E. EVANS RAMSAY POTTER W. LEE ' DRAPER WEST MACK ROSE COLMAN STANLEY DE VOHE WATTS WAY PENNIMAN DALTON H. LEE Huss F. MOORE BALDWIN ROBINSON TODD HEDRICK WALDRON CAMPBELL K. MOORE SHERWOOD RHEINFRANK HUMPHREY RIGGS Page 387 Ca Sf 1 Founded 1856 University of Alabama IOTA BETA CHAPTER Established 1889 Epsil ort CARROLL H. MAY, Ph.D. CLAUDE J. WHITLOW, A.M. MEMBERS IN FACULTY . EUGENE R. VERNUE, M.D. CHARLES OLMSTEAD, B.S. MEMBERS IN CITY DR. ALBERT S. BARR WILLIAM BENSON, A.B. ARTHUR L. EVELY JAMES W. DAY JOHN W. HAY CARL R. DARNALL WILLIAM W. DONALDSON JOHN L. KURTZ J. MILTON LANG ROBERT S. ANDERSON FRANK L. CORY WILLIAM W. HENDERSON- GEORGE R. KING DONALD BELL WILLIAM BEESON RICHARD GANNON OTTO H. HANS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CHARLES H. CORY Seniors HERMAN HOEK WILLIAM H. HERRNSTEIN THOMAS J. MURRAY Juniors CARL Loos JOHN S. MICHENER GEORGE E. MONROE RANDOLPH MONROE Sophomores BYRON H. KNAPP CHARLES H. LOCKTON GEORGE K. MACDONALD JOHN D. DOUGHMAN (Pledge) Freshmen JOHN MACDONALD PAUL J. MURPHY EDWARD PERRY HOWARD RODERICK FRANK STILES, A.B. WILLIAM A. WEEKES ROBERT WALTON JAMES BELL JAMES W. POLING CARL E. THISTED RICHARD T. WHALEN CLARENCE HORN (Pledge) REGNIALD GADDESS (Pledge) ELWOOD GUSHING CHAS. DODENHOFF (Pledge) ARNOLD LUNGENHAUSER ROBERT T. SHAFER WALLACE N. SHINN ARTHUR WINDSOR x. J. MAC DONALD HORN GUSHING RODERICK G MACDONALD MURPHY LUNGERHAUSEN DODENHOFF BEESON ANDERSON CORY GADDESS LOCKTON HENDERSON KNAPP KELLER THISTED WINDSOR R. MONROE G. MONROE LANG Loos WHALEN POLING KURTZ MICHENER DARNALL BELL DAY HERRNSTEIN MURRAY HAY EVELY WEEKES HOEK WALTON yc Page 388 K fes x g ca . Founded 1909 College City of New York SIGMA IOTA CHAPTER Established 1923 SIDNEY ROBBIN, A.B. LEO ROSEN, A.B. HOWARD A. BLOOM BENJAMIN G. FRIEDMAN Louis A. BLOOMBERG WILLIAM M. MAZER HERBERT M. SEGAL MARTIN J. COHN HARVEY R. CARL LEONARD DUCKMAN STANLEY I. FRIEDMAN- MORTON G. KAUFMAN ROBERT B. DONNENFIELD MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Jutnors SAMSON WIENER Sophomores Freshmen LEROY WEISS, A.B. ALLEN E. LEVIE, A.B. JOSEPH GOLDSMITH WILLIAM H. STERN JEROME A. SPERO ROBERT B. STEINHARTER EMIL T. STERN ALFRED G. KRELL JESSE S. RITT MAURICE J. ROBINSON HARVEY W. ROSENBLUM BERNARD F. SEGALL HERBERT H. TENENBOM SAMUEL M. HANAUER BOBBIN WEISS FRIKDMAN RITT M. KAUFMAN DONNENFIELD SEGALL HANAUER CARL DUCK MAN BLOOMBERG COHN . ROBINSON TENENBOM ROSEN ROSENBLUM S. FRIED-MAX KRELL SPERO WIENER BLOOM SEGAL STERN MAZER GOLDSMITH STEINHARTER Page 389 hr- $f Founded 1855 Miami University THETA THETA CHAPTER Established 1877 MEMBERS IN FACULTY HENRY C. ANDERSON, B.M.E. C. W. EBERBACH, A.B., M.D. LEWIS M. GRAM, B.S. FIELDING H. YOST, LL.B. F. M. TAYLOR, Ph.D. H. B. TURNER, A.B. JOHN S. WORLEY, M.S. CARL SMITH LEWIS H. STONEMAN MEMBERS IN CITY T. R. PEIRSOL J. G. HAYS FRED LYONS BURTON B. BALES JOHN R. DICKEY FRED BEAMAN HENRY M. NELLY WINDSOR DAVIES DONALD FOLGER GEORGE HUBBELL ROBERT H. EARTH PHILIP N. BROWN RICHARD BURROWES ROBERT CURTIS EDWIN ELLIOTT ROBERT M. DICKEY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors WILLIAM A. HAYES BENJAMIN A. NOLAN Juniors FRANK SIMS Sophomores FRANCES KLEUTGEN LE ROY SCHULTHESS JOSEPH PETTIT FAYETTE SHUSTER Freshmen JAMES FRAUNFELTER DRUMMOND GLOVER JAMES GRIESS HENRY HORNBERGER JOHN JACKMAN DWIGHT KELLER ROBERT P. SCHERER CHARLES WOLCOTT LEONARD SPOONER HENRY WALLECK BYRON SNOW HERBERT WERTZ SHERWOOD WINSLOW THOMAS G. JEFFREY ALAN GRAY KNISELY W ' lLLIAM LfiMlRE MARVIN JUDD REINGER GEORGE SLAGLE ARTHUR SNYDER BROWN ALVER LEMIRE CURTIS BORRELLI SLAOLE KNISEI.EY JACKMAN JEFFREY SNYDER FRAUNFELTEH WINSLOW PETTIT KLUETGEN FOLGER DAVIES HORNBERGER GREISS BARTH WERTZ HUTCHINS WALLECK NELLY SIMS BEAMAN SHUSTER SCHULTHESS SCHERER WOLCOTT BALES DICKEY SPOONER LYONS HAYES NOLAN aW =3= - - g Founded 1869 Virginia Military Institute GAMMA NU CHAPTER Established 1902 W. CARL RUFUS SHOREY PETERSON JACK DUNN EGBERT ISBELL CHARLES VAN ARNAM RAYMOND A. BECK CLARENCE G. BROWN STANLEY C. CRIGHTON JOHN A. KENNEDY THOMAS H. FITZPATRICK RUSSEL C. GOODRICH ROBERT C. HANDLOSER, JR. GLENN A. CARLSON KENNETH P. CLARKE HENRY GRATIOT ROBERT W. LAMOREE BUD BOES GEORGE W. BOLLN LYNN E. BOWERFIND MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ALBERT J. FOLEY ROBERT M. COFFEY ARTHUR D. SEYBOLD Seniors ROBERT J. LANG PAUL F. LIENAU PETER T. McKiNNEY FREDERICK P. RICH Juniors WARDEN L. HERD JAMES C. HUGHEY ROBERT C. LELAND JOHN D. MACPHERSON Sophomores EDWARD F. LOWERY DONALD MACKENZIE J. CARLETON MACNEIL Freshmen CLAYTON LAHMEYER JAMES D. MORTON EDWIN R. MURBACH FRANK E. PENNELL HOWARD P. JONES LOWELL J. CARR RUSSELL T. DOBSON GLENN A. CRAMICHAEL HUGH ARMSTRONG JOHN T. NIXON PHILLIP M. NORTHRUP DEAN W. PERSING WILLIAM C. WALZ DONALD McLEAN AUGUST VON BOESLAGER JOHN L. WILSON CHARLES H. MC!NTYRE RALPH E. POPP KENNETH C. TATOR HARRY J. WAGNER JULIUS POCHELON STUART R. SCHMEHL JONES B. SHANNON BOWERFIND LAHMEYEK BOLLN PENNELL MORTON MURBACH SHANNON MACKENZIE POCHELON LOWERY CARLSON MACNEIL GRATIOT SCHMEHL MclNTYRE LAMOREE CLARKE VON BOESLAGER WAGNER POPP TATOR WILSON HUGHEY HERD MCLEAN GOODRICH HANDLOSER FITZPATRICK MACPHEHSON KENNEDY BECK LIENAU NIXON LAXG CRIGHTON PERSING BROWN WALZ] r-T 3!fc Founded 1827 Union College MICHIGAN ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1858 MORTIMER E. COOLEY EDWARD M. DUFF CHARLES A. COOLIDGE GEORGE F. FISKE JAMES F. MURPHY, JR. C. BURTON GILBERT WILLIAM H. HAAG C. H. BARNABY LUTHER C. CARPENTER, HARRY W. ADAMS WILLIAM C. DAVIS JAMES DINWIDDIE MEMBERS IX FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY JAMES V. D. WILLCOX MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY DAVID A. HOWELL ROBERT J. WILSON Juniors JOHN E. STARRETT Sophomores BERNATH P. SHERWOOD, JR. Freshmen C. FENTON RABER JULIAN E. MACK C. MILLEN W. CALVIN PATTERSON PAUL STARRETT NEIL W. SWINTON GEORGE HAMMOND STAFFORD L. JONES HARLAN P. CRISTY HERBERT K. OAKES, JR. RICHARD B. FOGARTY JAMES B. FREEMAN DUNCAN MACMILLAN FOGARTY DAVIS MACMILLAN RABER DINWIDDIE OAKES SHERWOOD CARPENTER FREEMAN ADAMS BAHNABY J. E. STARHETT JONES HAMMOND GILBERT HAAO CHISTY FISKE SWINTON P. STARRETT PATTERSON MURPHY COOLIDOE _ _ _ - 38 ; G -Tf Stifc t 9 a. Founded 1901 Richmond College MICHIGAN ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1912 I 10 MEMBERS IN FACULTY ROBERT K. BROWN, D.D.S. JAMES E. CROUSHORE, A.B., M.D. C. L. ROTHROCK, D.D.S. MAURICE M. MOULE. A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY F. C. NAYLOR, D.D.S. REX E. MOULE, A.B. WADE B. ELLIS, A.B. PAUL S. HIRT, A.B. EARL L. BLASER STANLEY E. DIMOND KENNETH R. HANKS HERBERT H. ARTHUR CHARLES H. ATWELL CHARLES E. BEHYMER WEBSTER H. BROWN FRANK J. BRADING Louis E. BROWN MAURICE K. DISLER DANIEL FINLEY KENNETH W. COLE JACK W. DE CAMP FRANK J. FLOYD, JR. HAROLD H. HAGER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOHN C. RASKIN EDWARD K. ISBEY, A.B. WALTER J. KLEINERT, A.B. Seniors JOSEPH S. HARLEY C. DOUGLAS SAWYER Juniors STANLEY S. CODDINGTON GEORGE W. GOEHRING RICHARD C. HAMPER ROBERT E. MINNICH PHILIP L. SEVERANCE Sophomores VERNON R. FORD EARL C. GREMEL FRANZ A. HIRT BERLE L. LARNED Pledges ADELBERT W. HOY RICHARD M. ENGELKEN GERALD R. KINNALLY DONALD J. KLINE FRANK F. PIERSON ROBERT MILLIGAN, A.B. ROBERT I. SEALBY, A.B. PHILIP W. SWARTWOUT ALVIN W. TOLLE LESLIE J. WESSINGER ROLLIN M. SMITH GUY E. WAGAR WILLIAM J. WEINMAN WARREN A. WOOD CHARLES T. PFLUEGER HOWARD F. STOREN WILLIAM THIELMAN WYNN F. WAKEMAN JAMES E. RHINES RALPH A. ROHRBACH EDWARD G. SMITH JOHN H. YOUNG STOREN GKEMEL FINLEY FORD DISLER HIHT WAKEMAN L. E. BROWN THIELMAN W. H. BROWN WOOD SMITH MINNICH BRADING PFLUEGER BEHYMER SEVERANCE ATWELL WAGAR HAMPER WEINMAN CODDINGTON " HARLEY HANKS SAWYER BLASEH TOLLE SWARTWOUT WESSINGER DIMOND -- c % Founded 1897 Vincennes University ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Established 1921 KARL D. MALCOLM Louis S. AURAND CLARKE HARRIS DE LESLIE L. ALLEN BASIL F. BAKER LEONARD C. BROWNLESS FOSTER A. HALL JOHN B. SCHEURMAN JAMES C. HEGENAUER DONALD J. HUBER HOWARD F. SPARKIE THEODORE F. BOVARD GORDON E. Fox EARL D. JUILLERETTE GEORGE KRYE MEMBERS IN FACULTY DR. O. W. BRITT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors KEITH C. STONE Juniors Sophomores Freshmen FRANK JACKSON A. G. OLIVER JOHN W. HULL LESLIE E. MEYER HAROLD H. HUNTER LEIGH H. JACKSON JAMES W. MACMEEKIN NEIL S. MAcViCAR WINFRED E. REICHLE HILMER E. JACOBSON CHARLES B. KRESSLER FRED S. WARNER CLIFTON E. LONSBOROUGH ROBERT B. MEYER MERRIL OLSEN DAVID A. SLOSS X A. R. B. METER SLOSS HEGENAUER JUILLERETTE F. JACKSON BOVARD Fox JACOBSON SPARKIE L. H. JACKSON REICHLE MACMEEKIN WARNER HUBER HUNTER SCHEURMAN MAC T ICAR BROWNLESS AURAND ALLEN L. E. MEYER HALL MALCOLM HULL BAKER HARRIS STONE Pagf 394 St. x $ Founded 1926 University of Michigan DELTA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTY MERWIN H. WATERMAN, A.B., M.B.A. GEORGE W. CROW NORMAN C. BOWERSOX J. GAIL LYONS WILLIAM C. BISHOP RUSSELL M. HUNTER WILLIAM C. LUCAS FRANK E. MOSHER CARLYLE HABERMAS MORTON S. HAVEMANN PAUL J. KERN A. GAYLORD LINDER JAMES B. COOPER GEORGE A. DUBOIS HENRY J. FEHLIG HAWORTH F. HOCH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GUNTHER E. TlEDKE, A.B. Seniors HARRY E. SEIDELL Juniors Sophomores Freshmen EDWIN C. IDE, LL.B. CARL T. NELSON HOWELL Russ JOHN B. MULLIKEN EMERY M. SUHRBIER RUSSELL R. WEIR REX K. MARTIN JOHN W. RUSWINCKEL CLAYTON W. SCRIBNER HOWARD W. SCHNEIDER THALES N. LENINGTON CLIFFORD B. MADURO WILLIAM H. WARD RUSWINCKEL SCRIBNER KERN LINDER HAVEMANN MARTIN MULLIKEN SUHRBIER BISHOP HUNTER MOSHER SCHNEIDER WEIR NELSON LYONS Russ SEIDELL BOWERSOX CROW WARD -LENINGTON FEHLIO MADURO HOCH COOPER JORDAN WALDO z s%j z : - c aSf Founded 1910 College City ol New York NU CHAPTER Established 1922 HERMAN KABAKER HERBERT M. PAIGES MAC M. GUTTMAN MAURICE GALANTER LAWRENCE L. BURGER DAVID N. GOLD MEYER PHILLIPS MILTON G. COHN BERNARD B. FRIEDLAND MILTON G. GOLDSTEIN BENJAMIN G. GURMAN JEROME B. JACKSON au MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY SAM W. LEVY, A.B. Seniors LESTER S. SMITH Juniors JULIUS C. PLISKOW Sophomores Freshmen A LFRED L. SINGER SIDNEY R. DREBIN, A.B. GEORGE E. GOLDBERG BERTHOLD B. KAHN BERNARD W. ROSENBERG ADRIAN D. ROSEN HAROLD T. GREENWALD EARL R. Moss WILLIAM S. KAPLAN SAUL M. MAGRAM HARRY P. NEIMAN HAROLD L. PASSMAN MILTON M. KOVEN BURGER Moss MAORAM KAPLAN PASSMAN PLISKOW DREBIN LEVY KAHN GREENWALD PHILLIPS GOLD GALANTEH KABAKER ROSENBERO SMITH GUTTMAN GOLDBERG EIOES NEIMAN FHIEDLAND GURMAN GOLDSTEIN KOVEN JACKSON SINGER COHN - l! r $fc+ Founded 1910 Columbia University CHI CHAPTER Established 1923 llpsilon Phi, JOSEPH ALEXANDER, A.B. NATHAN S. ADLER JACK G. BEHRMAN BERNARD L. GOLDMAN MAURICE F. KARP CLARENCE BATTER DAVE DAVIS BERNARD GENIS BERNARD GOLDMAN MANUEL U. MUSLER WILLIAM KATZ MEMBER IN FACULTY MAURICE MISSAL, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors . Juniors Sophomores REUBEN D. WAX Freshmen STANFORD TREUHAFT MAURICE J. SHADDEN, A.B. BERNARD P. PUPKO SYDNEY RUBENSTEIN HOWARD D. SILVERMAN JACK WEISBERG TOMMIE MACK ABRAHAM M. SACHS EDWARD H. SHADDEN MORTIMER B. PHILLIPS A. KENNETH SIMON MORRIS A. TARGER PHILLIPS GENIS B. GOLDMAN ALEXANDER DAVIS E. SHADDEN MUSLER PUPKO B. L. GOLDMAN RUBENSTEIN SILVERMAN M. SHADDEN WEISBERG BEHRMAN KARP ADLER SIMON . SACHS WAX TBEUHAFT KATZ MACK TARGER Page 397 - c Founded 1899 Illinois Wesleyan College UPSILON CHAPTER Established 1925 1 au, ivappa, l_.psi MEMBERS IN FACULTY RUSSELL A. DODGE, M.S. CHARLES H. STOCKING, Ph.C., M.S. MEMBERS IN CITY ROLLA B. FlNDLEY NATHAN SINAI, M.S. D.P.H. CARLETON B. PEIRCE, A.B., M.D. AZEL E. B EAN, A.B. LEONARD E. EKVALL, A.B. H. GLEN BIXBY ALVIX A. BORG D. CLARE GATES LON B. ADAMS WILLIAM F. BENDER F. LAVERNE BURRIS HOWARD J. CURTIS EARL H. JAMES O. BROWN GEORGE H. BARKER RICHARD M. EDDY DOUGLAS F. FULLER ROBERT D. DIXON WILBUR C. HUTSON CHARLES R. KINGSLEY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY RALPH JONES, M.S. Seniors EDWIN N. GODDARD HAROLD R. OHLHEISER THERON G. RILEY Juniors RICHARD C. FULLER LEWIS H. GODDARD C. REDMOND HUNTLEY E. RUSSELL JACKA NORMAN J. LOCHBIHLER Sophomores MARSHAL H. CAIN JAMES GRAY WILLIAM R. HOUGH FIELDING L. HUESMAN Freshmen DAVID E. LAW ARLON G. LEY FRANK LEU VERNON D. NERGER, B.S. FERRIS M. SMITH WAYNE A. SMITH HAROLD E. STRICKER ROBERT H. LYMAN DOUGLAS H. OATLEY JAMES N. TEETS CLYDE B. VEDDER CHARLES R. WALGREEN, JR. HERBERT L. SCOFIELD THOMAS H. SMALLMAN MAXWELL R. WIARD G. THURBER WOOLSON EMOR Y T. NUNNELEY ROLAND V. REMINGTON GEORGE M. RUSSELL HUESMAX CAIN LEY BROWN- REMINGTON- HOUGH SMALLMAX D. FULLER GRAY OATLEY DE ' INE HUNTLEY LOCHBIHLER BENDER R. FULLER RILEY BORO STRICKER . FULLER PEIRCE STOCKING HUTBON LAW DIXON NUNNELEY RUSSELL ADAMS BARKER WIAHD EDDY WOOLSON KINGSLEY SCOFIEI.D L. GODDARD TEETS BURRIS JACKA JONES WALOREEN W. SMITH CURTIS VEDDER LYMAN OHLHEISER E. GODDARD F. SMITH GATES BIXBY Page 398 oo S - ' K 5f Founded 1856 Norwich University ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Established 1919 ARNO L. BADER, M.A. JAMES H. CISSEL, B.S., C.E. LIONEL G. CROCKER, M.A. TJieta CKi MEMBERS IN FACULTY HUBERT W. LYONS H. MORTIMER BISHOP, A.B. L. STUART BULMAN PHILLIP C. COOKE GEORGE C. JOHNSON- P AUL J. ANDERSON DUDLEY W. APRS ELMO P. BROWN KENNETH L. BLACK MARSHALL H. BODEN CLARE F. CARTER DOUGLAS GEIKIE WALTER B. CREGO CHARLES B. DESELM DUDLEY C. FOSSUM JOHN F. JOHNSON MEMBERS IN CITY HERBERT TWINING HAROLD J. MCFARLAN, B.S.E. MELVILLE B. STOUT, M.S. CHARLES B. VIBBERT, A.B., Ph.D. PAUL A. REHMUS, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOHN S. DIEKHOFF, A.B. MILTON D. GREEN, A.B. Seniors . MELVIN A. OLL EUGENE B. POWER DAVID REEL, JR. MILES G. SEELEY Juniors R. NEWTON DETZER PAUL W. ENDRISS LESTER P. KAUFFMANN Sophomores STUART A. GREEN CARL W. NIST DANA M. NORTON Freshmen GEORGE W. JOHNSON RICHARD T. LIND GEORGE W. MERSEREAU NORVIN D. MALONEY, JR. FRANK H. POWER NEIL O. STAEBLER, A.B. C. ROBERT SWINEHART ALBERT P. WAGNER FRANCIS E. WILMOT P. CLAY KNICKERBOCKER KENNETH C. MARANTETTE ROBERT M. WHITMER WILLIAM B. PALMER RICHARD S. SPINDLE THOMAS Y. WATSON CHARLES E. WILLIAMS FRANK W. WALAITIS ROBERT P. WALKER THOMAS A. WARTHIN J. F. JOHNSON MERSEREAU LIND MALONEY CREGO G. W. JOHNSON FOSSUM WALAITIS WARTHIN DE ELM F. POWER NORTON .CARTER GREEN BODEN SPINDLE WATSON NIST WILLIAMS BLACK PALMER KAUFFMAN DETZEH KNICKERBOCKER WHITMER BROWN APPS ENDRISS ANDERSON G. C. JOHNSON E. POWER BULMAN WAGNER SWINEHART REEL OLL WILMOT a Page 399 r Sfg s Founded 1847 Union College GAMMA DEUTERON CHARGE Established 1889 EDMUND E. DAY REV. HERBERT A. JUMP FRANK F. VAN TUYL W. HACKLEY BUTLER EDWARD D. WARNER JAMES W. WILSON EUGENE E. SCOTT CARLOS D. KELLY MAURICE C. RANSFORD SEELEY M. CHAPMAN J. HENRY THURNAU HENRY M. KLINE WILLIAM R. THURNAU HARLEY A. HAYNES DANIEL H. BUELL TIMOTHY C. QUINN ROBERT W. MANSS WILFRID I. BOOTH Iketa ' Delta Ckt MEMBERS IN FACULTY ERNEST F. BARKER MEMBERS IN CITY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GEORGE H. SEHRING QUINCY W. WELLINGTON Seniors RICHARD B. WESTNEDGE JAMES R. DE PUY Juniors JEROME W. WOOD LAURANCE J. VAN TUYL THEODORE R. SKINNER Sophomores HOWARD C. JACKSON FREDERICK T. BISSELL W. MORRIS QUINN Freshmen THORNE RIMES ROBERT H. GODFREY ERNEST C. REIF ROBERT L. FROST BENJAMIN E. GROVES HARRY O. POTTER H. GEORGE FIELD ROBERT S. MANSFIELD MASON L. WELLS J. THURMAN CLARK RICHARD J. PRESTON J. LAWRENCE BUELL, JR. CLARK E. HARRIS EDWARD D. SOLOMON FRED A. ASTON FREDERICK R. PARKER ROBERT C. LOWE GEORGE H. McARTHUR CHARLES H. MARCOTTE DAVID WARD JAMES K. CAVANAUGH J. CHASE SCULLY BOOTH GODFREY QUINN JACKSON LOWE BISSELL THURNAU PARKER RIMES QUINN ASTON SKINNER HARRIS VAN TUYL THURNAU WOOD GRIFFIN KLINE SOLOMON RANSFORD DE PUY BUELL WESTNEDGE KELLY PRESTON WELLS REIF CAVANAUGH WARD MANSS MARCOTTE SCULLY BUELL Page 400 W s sP BPs $-?- r$fc Founded 1920 University oi Michigan MICHIGAN ALPHA CHAPTER EARL E. FLEISHMAN VERNON COOK HJALMAR S. HANSEN LLOYD E. COOPER FREDERICK J. BEAL ARTHUR R. COOK DANIEL C. HUNGERFORD CHARLES H. JOHNSON FRED F. LANGE PAUL J. STERR GILBERT E. LEPPELMEIER CHARLES D. PEET HARRISON B. ANDREWS ippa- MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JEROME B. MIKESELL NATHAN MENDINHALL Seniors WILLIAM E. LIEPE ALBERT NELSO STANLEY J. NEWTON ROSS E. MAcNAUGHTON ARTHUR SMITH Juniors BERT F. WERTMAN HARRY W. WATSON Sophomores JAMES M. YOUNG WIRT M. MASTEN Freshmen JAMES M. KELLY MAURICE B. EICHELBERGER ROBERT W. MEFFERD WENDEL B. DECKER GUY W. MUNT NORMAN T. STARK WILLARD G. STRICKLAND SCHUYLER B. ELLIOT KEITH M. HUNTER GEORGE G. HUNTER WILLIAM H. RENISON, JR. MERLE G. WOOD EDWARD G. GOETZ RICHARD M. CHAPMAN WOOD LEPPELMEIER MASTEN ANDREWS YOUNG CHAPMAN PEET RENISON STEHR LANGE GOETZ WATSON SMITH MEFFERD COOK MACNAUGHTON ELLIOT WERTMAN G. HUNTER K. HUNTER LIEPE HUNGERFORD NELSON MIKESELL NEWTON BEAL MUNT STRICKLAND . - S - S Founded 1864 Rensselaer Polytechnical SIGMA CHAPTER Established 1914 HENRY H. HIGBIE, E.E. HERMAN R. BEUHLER XL- MEMBERS IN FACULTY GEORGE W. DUNN, Capt., C.A.C. MEMBERS IN CITY RUDOLPH H. GJELNESS WILLIAM C. HOAD, B.S. WALTER R. DRURY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY FRANK W. HIGHTOWER, B.S. Seniors LEONARD BODDY WALTER T. BROMLEY HAROLD D. HAUF HERMAN J. EICHENHOFER HAROLD W. KELLOGG MORGAN R. NORTON JOHN C. MATHES WILLIAM WAGNER JOE M. HARDIN HAROLD E. McCLENATHAN FREDERICK P. BABCOCK FRANCIS BARTHOLIC ELLSWORTH BROCKAWAY ROBERT A. CLAYTON CHARLES GREENIDGE Juniors Sophomores Freshmen ROGER H. NEWCOMER. A.B. RALPH W. HIGBIE MORTIMER A. NEFF LEWIS N. WHITE EDWARD A. RAVENSCROFT JAMES A. SCELLEN RALPH C. WATERBURY NATHAN R. WICKERSHAM PAUL B. PERRIGO ROBERT S. REASON EDWARD M. SPENCER FREDERICK HICKS ARTHUR L. LUNDIN ROBERT S. McCoy J. ROBERT RUSTON ROWLAND DE B. WICKERSHAM WAGNER PERRIGO HARDIN KELLOGG SCELLEN N. WICKERSHAM WATERBURY NORTON EICHENHOFER McCLENATHAN REASON NEFF BROMLEY WHITE HIGBIE BODDY NEWCOMER HAUF MATHES RAVENSCROFT CLAYTON BABCOCK R. WICKERSHAM McCoY LUNDIN GREENIDGE HICKS RUSTON BAHTHOLIC Page 402 $ 3!k Founded 1907 University of Illinois MICHIGAN CHAPTER Established 1925 MEMBERS IN PROF. HARRY BOUCHARD, B.C.E. PROF. WIHTRED COOK, M.S.E. FACULTY PROF. THOMAS J. MITCHELL, B.S.E. PROF. EDWARD A. STALKER, M.S. FREDERICK J. H. BECKWITH HEATH P. CALVIN ROSCOE A. DAVIDSON LLOYD T. BISHOP GARETH O. CLARK HAROLD N. CAREY LAWRENCE E. ERICKSON JOHN R. HALL THOMAS J. HODGSON, JR. HAROLD M. HARRISON CHARLES R. WADDELL MEMBERS IN CITY GAIL W. WESSINGER, B.S.C.E., M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors CLETUS J. GALLOWAY CHESTER A. GREILING ELWOOD D. GUERNSEY THOMAS R. MATHIAS Juniors MARION S. HODGSON NELLIS M. HARRISON WILLIAM K. HAMILTON WILLIAM R. McCoNocniE Sophomores OLIVER W. LOWMASTER ROBERT J. McVnriE Freshmen L. DAVID HOADLEY EUGENE E. OSMUN WILLIAM J. ULLRICH RICHARD S. POTTS IRVING M. SALMOND RUSSELL L. SCHWING ALLEN SALISBURY OTTO P. POMMERENING FRED SCHUMANN WILLIAM SCHULTZ ELMER L. LITTELL O H. HARRISON POTTS SALMOND LITTELL CLARK GREILING CALVIN EiurKsoN POMMERENINO WADDELL McVlTTIE CAREY McCoNOCHIE BECKWITH MATHIA8 SCHUMANN ULLRICH SCHULTZ LOW-MASTER OSMUN SALISBURY HOADLEY HAMILTON GUERNSEY SCHWING N. HARRISON BISHOP M. HODGSON HALL DAVIDSON T. HODGSON GALLOWAY Page 403 Founded 1905 MEMBERS IN FACULTY S. LAWRENCE BIGELOW. Ph.D. WILLIAM C. HOAD, B.S. ALFRED H. LLOYD. Ph.D. ALBERT LOCKWOOD STANLEY T. LOWE ROY H. CALLAHAN, A.B. CARL E. ALBRACHT JAMES F. BOYER GEORGE A. FARQUHAR GEORGE A. C. BARKER ADDISON D. CONNOR R. LESLIE ASKREN FREDERICK G. BAUSCHARD ROBERT J. BRAIDWOOD THOMAS M. COURTIS ROBERT N. GRUNOW MEMBERS IN CITY HERBERT G. WATKINS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOHN G. GARLINGHOUSE, A.B. EDWARD C. MACRAE Seniors KARL F. MAST STANFORD N. PHELPS Juniors DOUGLAS F. DOUBLEDAY THOMAS J. DOUGALL Louis M. GILBERT Sophomores CLARENCE M. PIERCE WILLIAM W. WENZELL, JR. Freshmen CHARLES J. JOSE DONALD A. KOCH HENRY B. SCHACHT W. CURTIS MACDOUGALL LEIGHTON L. STEPHENS G. GILBERT THORNE WALTER E. THUHN GERALD J. LAWSON ELLIS B. MERRY TOM L. YATES CLARENCE R. VLIET WILLIAM H. DENLER JAMES J. JONES JOHN E. WEBSTER SCHACHT KOCH JOSE WEBSTER VLIET BAUSCHARD JONES BRAIDWOOD GRUNOW WENZELL YATES PIERCE ASKREN COURTIS DENLER DOUGALL BARKER DOUBLEDAY GILBERT LAWSON MERRY CONNER STEPHENS THORNE ALBRACHT PHELPS THULIN BOYER FARQUHAR MAST Pag ' 404 _ _ ___ - m - f Founded 1898 Jewish Theological Seminary PHI CHAPTER Established 1912 LEE VV. ENSEL, A.B. PIERCE H. BITKER MERRITT DE JONG RALPH M. COLE PAUL GINSBURG ROBERT HF.INSHEIMER RALPH KEMPNER WILLIAM L. CHON JACK W. HIRSCH WILLIAM D. BERGER RICHARD F. FECHHEIMER Deta, lau- MEMBERS IN FACULTY I. LEO SHARFMAN, A.B., LL.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY STUART J. GOLDBERG, A.B. SIGMUND A. ROBINSON, A.B. Seniors NORMAN FREEHLING Juniors ALBERT LEVENTHAL JOSEPH MORSE, JR. HENRY N. MOSES Sophomores DAVID KLEE BURTON F. LAM FROM JOHN B. LOWENSTINE Freshmen CHARLES R. KAUFMAN- ARTHUR P. KORACH GEORGE A. SPATER i ADOLPH B. LOVEMAN, A.B. MENTOR A. KRAUS .ROBERT ULLMAN BENNET M. RICH JOSEPH M. SHELT JACK H. WIENER WILLIAM WIENER RICHARD A. MEYER JACQUES L. WIENER RICHARD B. LEWY WILLIAM L. SCHLOSS LOWENSTINE J. L. WIENER KLEE MEYER LAMFHOM HIHSCH MORSE MOSES HEINSHEIMEK RICH SHKLT COLE J. H. WIENER WM. WIENER KEMPNER GINSBURG LOVEMAN ROBINSON GOLDBERG BITKER KKAUS , FREEHLING ULLMAN DeJoN CHON LEVENTHAL KOHACH BERGER LEWY SCHLOSS FECHHEIMEH KAUFMAN Page 40 j r- g-C fe S PHILLIP C. BURSLEY THOMAS HINSHAW CHARLES C. CHAPPLE RICHARD R. CHAPPLE CHARLES W. ANKLAM STANLEY E. CRONWALL L. FARNUM BUCKINGHAM JAMES O. GAINES CHARLES B. KRAMER HORACE J. BARTON G. WILLIS BEMENT GEORGE V. CANDLER, JR. HUGH CLANY HOWARD P. EMERY Founded 1847 New York University XI CHAPTER Established 1858 Zet MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY BARRY R. BIGELOW MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY NATHAN K. BRUMBAUGH ROBERT Y. KEEGAN CHARLES C. TERRY, JR. Seniors EARL A. DRECHSLER WILLIAM E. ULLMANN Juniors O. JOHN KUENHOLD HORACE C. LOWNSBERY Sophomores C. LYMAN CRANE PERCY J. EDMISON Freshmen HARRY A. ELLIOTT C. YORK JUDSON JACK F. RICE ANDREW C. HAIGH H. WIBERT SPENCE CARLTON H. JENKS LESLIE M. STEWART JAMES VV. SIBLEY HARRY D. DAVENPORT C. LAWRENCE PETTIBONE ROBERT L. SHAMBAUGH EDWARD C. TREMBLE JOSEPH H. HOLPUCH JOE FELLOWS, JR. RICHARD C. KURVINK JAMES B. SACKRIDER GEORGE T. TREMBLE, JR. FELLOWS CANDLER GAINES HOLPUCH KUHVINK BARTON BEMENT PETTIBONE KUENHOLD KRAMER E. TREMBLE SHAMBAUGH BUCKINGHAM LOWNSBERY DAVENPORT SIBLEY ANKLAM DRECHSLER ULLMANN CRONWALL KEEGAN STEWART G. TREMBLE CRANE EMERY JUDSON ELLIOTT RICE SACKRIDER CLANY EDMISON Page 406 PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES $ Zr3!fa o Founded 1902 University of Wisconsin ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Established 1916 W. L. BADGER E. M. BAKER F. E. BARTELL J. C. BRIER G. G. BROWN R. J. CARNEY J. C. BAILAR, A.B., M.A. D. B. BELL, B.S. E. B. BAKER, B.S. R. G. CLARKSON, B.S., M.S. M. S. CARR, B.S. R. D. FOWLER, A.B. O. H. GREAGER, A.B. DANIEL R. BROCKETT PHILIP Dow HENRY L. DRUKKER RUPERT KUENZEL GEORGE G. LAMB GEORGE A. AKIN EDWARD G. BUTTON EDWIN H. BRINK MEMBERS IN FACULTY L. O. CASE E. H. LESLIE A. A. CHRISTMAN H. B. LEWIS H. C. ECKSTEIN R. K. MCALPINE A. L. FERGUSON C. C. MELOCHE J. O. HALFORD C. S. SCHOEPFLE J. H. HODGES E. O. SCOTT W. P. WOOD MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY R. C. GIBSON, A.B. R. H. HARRINGTON, B.S., M.S. H. J. OSTERHOF, A.B., M.S. D. F. OTHMER, B.S., M.S. J. D. PLEKKER, B.S. R. F. RUTHRUFF, B.S., M.S. M. C. ROGERS, B.S. C. K. SLOAN, A.B., M.S. Seniors EDWIN LIDDLE RAYMOND V. MILLER THOMAS J. MILLS CARL C. MONRAD EDWARD H. PAEPLOW RAY A. PATELSKI Juniors ARTHUR B. ELLIOT RICHARD D. HALL Sophomore s LEONARD A. DELP JACK H. SCAFF W. G. SMEATON M. H. SOULE C. UpTHEGROVE G. B. WATKINS P. F. WEATHERILL H. H. WILLARD C. N. SMITH, A.B., M.S. M. SOUDERS, B.S. R. R. TANNER, B.S.. M.S. M. VAN Loo, A.B.,M.A.,M.S. K. A. VAN LENTE, A.B., M.S. F. J. L. VAN N A TTA,B.S.,M.S A. M. WHITE, B.S., M.S. JOSEPH D. RYAN FRANK K. SCHOENFELD BERTRAM O. VANNORT JOHN A. WEBBER HOWARD WILSON MARTIN L. MICHAUD EDWARD W. TILLITSON DONALD I. FINCH ROGERS DELP BUTTON VAN LENTE RYAN FOWLER OTHMER BAILER PLEKKER BAKER VAN NATTA GIBSON FINCH BRINK ELLIOTT SCAFF TILLITSON HALL HARRINGTON MICHAUD LIDDLE LAMB WILSON Dow MILLS AKIN WEBBER MONRAD DRUKKER MILLER SCHOENFELD PATELSKI PAEPLOW Page 408 $- f$fc+ ' - Hr Founded 1888 Dartmouth College ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Established 1906 a L. H. NEWBURGH, M.D. M. M. PEET, A.M., M.D. H. G. WALLER, M.D. T. G. BROWNE, M.D. A. S. ALVING L. E. BAUER H. H. HAIGHT P. W. KNISKERN J. D. BROWN W. C. CRABTREE F. M. DOYLE W. B. ELLIS H. H. HOWLETT B. BURCH P. M. HENDERSON E. HOEDEMAKER S. BRADEN P. L. BRADSHAW M. W. BUCKBOROUGH R. G. DALBY T. M. DURANT MEMBERS IX FACULTY L. M. WIEDER, M.S., M.D. P. H. GARVEY, M.D. G. F. BELOTE, M.D. J. L. GARVEY, M.D. T. I. BAUER, M.D. ROBERT GLASS, M.D. R. H. KAMPMEIER, M.D. ROBERT PHILIPS, M.D. H. C. NICHOLSON, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY H. H. TWINING MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors F. P. LASHMET A. D. SEYBOLD A. S. SCHULTZ R. H. SOUTHCOMBE Juniors E. K. ISBEY A. F. JANKOVIAK W. A. NlETHAMMER A. A. NORCONK Sophomores A. W. HOWLAND O. S. HULT M. F. OSTERLIN A. PECK Freshmen R. R. HlLDEBRAND R. R. HOWLETT C. E. LEMEN S. N. ROWE E. N. VAXORNUM, M.D. G. W. FERGUSON, M.D. A. P. PROCTOR, M.D. H. FIELD, JR., B.S., M.D. VV. H. SWEET C. S. SWANSON D. M. WEEKS L. SNODGRASS H. STARKS D. V ' ANWOERKOM E. C. VONDENHEIDE M. D. WERTEXBERGER C. W. WINSOR G. M. RELYEA N. M. SMITH B. WATSON W. SCOTT R. THOMAS, JR. H. A. TOWSLEY H. B. WEAVER O. A. AXELSON BRADSHAW BUCKBOROUGH BRADEN SMITH RELYEA HOEDEMAKEH WATSON BURCH AXELSON R. HOWLETT NORCONK H. HOWLETT ISBEY HOWLAND ELLIS HENDERSON HULT VAN WOERKOM JANKOVIAK DOYLE CRABTREE WEEKS SWANSON NIETHAMMER VONDERHEIDE WEHTENBERGER KNISKERN SCHULTZ SNODGRASS ALVING SEYBOLD HAIGHT BAUER LASHMET SWEET SOUTHCOMBE DALBY THOMAS ROWE DURANT LEMEN HILDEBRAND SCOTT WEAVER TOWSLEY Page 409 -- a ffc g A Founded 1907 University of Maryland CHI CHAPTER Established 1926 ALBERT J. ALTMAN MAURICE M. CROLL MURRAY E. FEINBURG SAMUEL CROLL JACK E. ECKER SAMUEL EDER JOSEPH J. FINEMAN MAX S. HERTZBERG MICHAEL FROST WILLIAM J. HUBERT ABE KATZMAN EMANUEL MACKLIN ERWIN MUSCOVICH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Juniors SAMUEL SONKIN Sophomores Freshmen NATT Fox IRWIN I. LAPPIN BENJAMIN SPECTOR HARRY A. TOPCIK ANDREW FRIEDMAN BENJAMIN LAST MORRIS SCHARF LEONARD SIDLOW JULIAN B. WEBER JEROME W. NEUSS PHILIP P. POPICK NATHAN N. SPECT STANLEY SPERO ISADORE STEINBER X SIDLOW STEINBERG MUBCOVICH HEHTZBKKG WEBER BUCHALTER S. CROLL SONKIN SCHARF FRIEDMAN EDER TOPCIK ALTMAN B. SPECTOR FEINBURG M. CROLL LAPPIN HUBERT KATZMAN NEUSS N. SPECTOR FROST MACKLIN FINEMAN LAST ECKER SPERO __ . _ - 21 - -c $f Founded 1914 University ot Illinois University of Michigan IKTINOS CHAPTER Established 1914 II Atpifia: ' t - , to i hi EMIL LORCH, A.M. GEORGE McCoNKEY, B.A.E. MEMBERS IN FACULTY WELLS I. BENNETT, M.S. HAROLD E. PETERSON HAROLD E. PINE HAROLD F. NASER THEODORE S. WRIGHT HAROLD M. PHILPOTT WILLIAM B. CLARK GEORGE M. FOULKS J. MARTIN FRISSEL MARSHALL J. ROUSE HARPER P. FOWLEY GENE N. BURHANS JAMES B. RICHARDSON- BERNARD L. CAMPBELL LESLIE E. LOVEJOY WILLARD J. WENDT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors KARL Juniors Sophomores DONALD F. STEINBAUGH Freshmen J. ALBERT ROUSSEAU ERNEST WILBY WILLARD S. LAWRENCE J. RUSSELL RADFORD H. ARTHUR TUCKER FORREST A. GILDERSLEEVE EDWARD C. CUMMINGS SHELDON A. ELY STANLEY C. PODBIELNIAK LEON R. SNYDER ROY T. PETERSON E. SPENCER PEOPLES DONALD VV. BILL JACK A. WILLIAMS HOWARD C. CLARK DUDLEY E. EISELE WEYMOUTH W. KIRBY WILLIAMS RICHAHDSON BILL CAMPBELL BURHANS CLARK FRISSEL CUMMINGS STEINBAUGH FOWLEY . PHILPOTT GILDERSLEEVE ELY LAWRENCE TUCKER KUHN RADFORD PINE NASEH WRIGHT ROUSE PEOPLES PETERSON CLARK . FOULKS PODBIELNIAK Page 411 j$fc C . O Founded 1883 University of Michigan ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1883 MARCUS L. WARD, D.D.Sc. CHALMERS J. LYONS, D.D.Sc. RUSSEL W. BUNTING, D.D.Sc. PERCY C. LOWERY, D.D.Sc. FRANCIS B. VEDDER, D.D.S., A.B. JOHN J. TRAVIS, D.D.S. URA GARFIELD RICKERT, D.D.S., A.B. HAROLD BURCH, D.D.S. DAVID J. COLLON WALTER W. COLLINS JOSEPH L. CHAMPAGNE CHARLES T. HOLMES ROLLIN S. BEACH DON C. BEUHRER EDWIN BOONSTRA JAMES H. CONNELLY WM. J. BEUTHIEN N ' ELS W. BURKMAN MEMBERS IN FACULTY ROBERT K. BROWN, D.D.S. PAUL H. JESSERICH, D.D.S. ELMER L. WHITMAN, D.D.S. HARRY W. SHIELDS, D.D.S. RALPH F. SOMERS, D.D.S. RICHARD H. KINGERY, D.D.S. Louis P. HALL, D.D.S. MEMBERS IN CITY WALTER F. WOOD, D.D.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY J. WILLARD KEMPER, D.D.S. Seniors LAWRENCE V. KIMBRELL ONEY R. MICKLOW JAMES O. BEAVIS, D.D.S. ROBERT HOWELL, D.D.S. JOHN E. HECKO, D.D.S. FORD K. DAINES, D.D.S. FREDERICK F. PFEIFFER, D.D.S. PAUL B. PIKE, D.D.S. JAMES ERWIN, D.D.S. LESLIE E. RITTERSHOFER, D.D.S. FRANK E. KOEPEL RUDOLPH E. LARSON HOWARD M. MAPES KENNETH A. EASTLICH JOHN J. CALVIN WM. A. GILLETTE RICHARD J. HAGER CONRAD G. DREVDAHL WILFRED J. HARRISON HAYDEN E. NEELY KENNETH D. NEWTON Juniors GEORGE L. MORSE EMORY W. MORRIS PHILIP M. NORTHROP FRANK J. ORLEMAN RANNELS C. OWENS LUTHER C. PLYMALE ROBERT L. NORTHROP LYNN L. PUTNAM DAVID H. RICHARDS VICTOR W. CRITTENDEN NEIL S. MAcVicAR J. R. AUBIN JAMES H. BELL, JR. RUSSELL E. BUTLER LEE W. CHISNELL KENNETH P. CLARKE JOHN G. COGGAN Sophomores ERWIN E. MERRIMAN VICTOR E. REIN ROLAND O. NISSLE HARLOW SHEHAN HOMER B. PORRITT THOMAS E. THOMPSON Freshmen WESLEY H. DOUGLAS WM. M. LOGAN JAMES M. KEENAN NEIL T. MCLEER CLIFFORD KIEHN NORMAN W. MERTON JAMES J. REILLY VICTOR F. Ross E. W. ROYER ROBERT G. TURNER HAROLD J. STROBEL DON C. WINANS ROBERT L. GIBSON PHILIP M. WINCHELL DON D. WHITMAN G. RENTON WORSFOLDE RALPH H. CAMPBELL EVELETH A. NORTHWAY ROBERT PETERS BELL AUBIN CLARK MERTON BUTLER KIEHN McLfiER KEENAN LOGAN CAMPBELL CARTER REIN PORRITT THOMPSON BEUTHIEN WHITMAN MAC VICAR BURKMAN HARRISON NIBBLE SHEHAN CONNELLY BEUHRER MORRIS STROBEL BOONSTRA DREVDAHL CRITTENDEN PUTNAM HAGER RICHARDS P. NORTHROP R. NORTHROP GILLETTE EASTLICH WINANS WINCHELL BEACH GALVIN CHAMPAGNE COLLON ORLEMAN PFEIFFER DAINES HECKO REILLY KIMBRELL KOEPEL PLYMALE NEELY HOLMES NEWTON TURNER LARSON Ross COLLINS ROYEH OWENS MICKLOW ft. ; .ft 2 b- $f g Founded 1907 New York University XI CHAPTER Established 1921 JOHN P. MITCHELL, JR. ROBERT G. RODKEY ROBERT ' A. CAMPBELL EDWARD C. PROPHET AUBREY F. ANDREWS ROBERT M. BIRDSEYE MARION A. ELLIS WILLIAM T. KESSEL LEWIS F. MERKEL CARL F. BEIER LESTER C. CURL A. ROLLAND DAMM CHARLES E. BAKER D. STUART ANDREWS MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors. HAROLD J. MERTZ CARL E. MOODY RALPH D. PETHEL CLINTON E. PURDY Juniors LYLE E. EISERMAN RALPH J. FRANCIS CLARE E. HARDER T. KENNETH HAVEN Sophomores KENNETH B. SMITH Freshmen WALTER R. TITTLE CLAUDE J. WHITLOW GEORGE W. WOOD WORTH BLAIR K. SWARTZ LYLE O. THAYER PAUL D. RICKMAN STEWART J. SHEFF ARTHUR J. SCHROEDER NORMAN E. TAYLOR BURL D. WILES M. STARR NORTHRUP NORMAN H. SINCLAIR CHARLES N. STAUBACH WILLIAM F. SPENCER DONALD E. VAN LIEW VAN LIEW TITTLE SINCLAIR SMITH EISERMAN ANDREWS BAKER SPENCER CURL HAVEN DAMM STAUBACH HARDER VANBLARCUM NORTHROP FRANCIS BEIER SHEFJ- PETHEL ELLIS SCHROEDER ANDREWS PURDY WILES MOODY RODKEY MITCHELL MERTZ RICKMAN MERKEL BIRDSEYE A. TAYLOR KESSEL Page 413 - $f , Founded 1900 Baldwin University CHRISTIANCY SENATE Established 1912 MEMBERS IN FACULTY CARL G. BRANDT, LL.B., LL.M. HOBART R. COFFEY, A.B., LL.B., J.D. MEMBERS IN CITY DONALD DUNCANSON, A.B. JAY HOWARD PAYNE, A.B., LL.B. ALBERT J. PARKER, A.B., LL.B. HAROLD P. TROSPER, LL.B. ROBERT P. WUERFEL, B.S., E.E. MENSO R. BOLT, A.B. JOHN R. DETHMERS JAMES C. FOSTER LAWRENCE S. KING WALTER A. KLEINERT FREDERICK S. BEACH, A.B. T. RUSSELL BOYLE ORVAL F. HAGEMEISTER, A.B. GEORGE W. KEITHLEY, A.B. WILLARD J. MEADER, A.B. MENDAL B. DECKER, A.B. HAROLD W. DUDLEY, A.B. KURT J. KREMLICK, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors ROBERT A. MANCHESTER, A.B. JAMES S. MURRAY, A.B. BEAHL T. PERRINE CYRUS M. POPPEN, A.B. LESLIE C. PUTNAM, A.B. Juniors ARTHUR T. RAISCH, A.B. FRED P. RICH A. DEVERE RUEGSEGGER, A.B. ERNEST A. RUETZ JOHN W. SCOTT Freshmen JOHN A. LAMPMAN, A.B. MARK B. PUTNEY RICHARD J. SHAULL JAMES A. SPROWL FRANCIS G. RENKENBERGER GEORGE H. STALKER, A.B. EDWARD S. STIMSON, B.S., A.B., M.A. ANTHONY E. WESTIN JOHN D. VOELKER VICTOR E. WALKER, A.B. WILLIAM W. WILSON ERNEST R. VOLLWILER, A.B. HAWLEY E. STARK RUEL J. TAYLOR, A.B. FULTON C. VOWF.LL LAMPMAN KREMLICK PUTNEY BARBER DECKER DUDLEY VOWELL VOLWEILER MANCHESTER KLEINERT STOCKER SPROWL STARK KEITHLEY SHAWL BOYLE RICH REISCH WALKER SCOTT HAGEMEISTER REITZ VOELKER MEADER BEACH PUTNAM STIMSON KING POPPIN FOSTER WESTIN DETHMEHS RINKENBERGER PERRINE BOLT x; Page 414. O b- SfS - g Founded 1901 University of Maine ZETA CHAPTER Established 1911 MEMBERS IN FACULTY EDWIN B. STASON, A.B., B.S., J.D. Q. McKAY KLINE CLARK J. ADAMS, A.B. JOHN P. CHANDLER, A.B. ROGER D. DOTEN, A.B. GEORGE F. FERRIS EARL DE FUR, A.B. BENTON E. GATES, A.B. KERMIT K. KLINE, A.B. HAROLD K. ARCHBOLD, M.A. EDWARD E. BABCOCK, A.B. BASIL F. BAKER FREDERIC B. BESIMER CHARLES E. DAUGHERTY MEMBERS IN CITY ARCHIBALD D. WILSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Senior - RALPH W. GOODALL BENJAMIN V. HALSTEAD, B.S. FRED L. HARLOCKER, B.S. CHARLES M. HORTH, A.B. Juniors EMMET F. MCCARROLL, A.B. FOUTS A. MEESE CHARLES J. SNOBLE, A.B. Freshmen DONOVAN Y. ERICKSON, A.B. JOHN F. FUTCHER, JR., A.B. JOHN E. GUNTHER, M.A. JOHN M. HAVERTY, JR. EVERTT L. HESSMER LEONARD A. KELLER ARTHUR H. RYAL, LL.B. LEWIS C. REIMAN BEEMAN G. NEUBECK, A.B. ELMER H. SALZMAN, A.B. JAMES D. WOLFE FRANK L. YOUNG, A.B. CHARLES F. WHITE, A.B. ROBERT C. WINTER, A.B. DARRELL A. SWANN, A.B. RAYMOND D. LANGLOIS HAROLD D. McCLURE, A.B. AMOS M. PINKERTON, A.B. HARRY J. SEITZ JOHN E. SPONSELLER X HAVERTY SPONSELLER SEITZ BESIMER DAUGHERTY BAKEH ERICKSON HESSMER PINKERTON McCLURE KLINE GDNTHER SWANN WINTER MCCARROLL BAHCOCK FUTCHER WHITE GATE.S SNOBLE CHANDLER NEUBECK YOUNG DE FUR MEESE ADAMS HARLOCKER SALZMAN DOTEN WOLFE HORTH GOODALL HALSTEAD FERRIS Page 415 -- Sf Founded 1882 University of Michigan ALPHA ' CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTY VICTOR C. VAUGHN, M.D. FRANK M. WILSON, M.D. F.DGAR A. KAHN, M.D. ROBERT J. COOPER, M.D. REUBEN PETERSON, M.D. HERBERT W. EMERSON, M.D. CYRENUS G. DARLING, JR., M.D. ALBERT M. BARRETT, M.D. FREDRICK G. Xovy, M.D. G. CARL HUBER, M.D. WALTER R. PARKER, M.D. UDO J. WILE, M.D. CARL D. CAMP, M.D. DAVID M. COWIE, M.D. CHARLES W. EDMONDS, M.D. WERNER W. DEUMLING, M.D. CARL W. EB ERBACH, M.D. PAUL S. BARKER, M.D. ROBERT L. WILDER, M.D. JOHN H. LABADIE, M.D. JOSEPH E. BARSS, M.D. PRESTON M. HICKEY, M.D. JAMES V. CAMPBELL, M.D. CYRENUS G. DARLING, M.D. I. D. LOREE, M.D. A. TALBERT BOWERS, A.B. CAMERON D. KEIM, A.B. GORDON J. McCuRDY, A.B. ROLLAND J. BROWN CHARLES C. CHAPPLE JAMES O. BEAVIS, D.D.S. EDWARD B. CASTLE, B.S. DONALD J. MABLEY RICHARD R. CHAPPLE ANGUS GOETZ, M.D. HARTHER L. KEIM, M.D. RUSSELL BAILEY, M.D. FRANCIS FITZPATRICK, M.D. A. C. MACLEOD, M.D. EDWARD CATHCART, M.D. MARK MARSHALL, M.D. S. L. BIGELOW JOSEPH SHAW, M.D. THOMAS GUSHING, M.D. SOUTHARD FLYNN, M.S. CHARLES SCAVARDA, M.D. FERDINAND SCHEMM, M.D. CHARLES L. MACCALLUM, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY GEORGE A. MAY, M.D. JAMES F. BREAKY, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors JAMES H. MAXWELL, A.B. THAYER L. PARRY EDWIN C. MILLER, A.B. W. TRACY SMITH, D.C.A. FREDRICK G. NOVY, JR., A.B. CHARLES C. TERRY, A.B. COLIN McRAE, B.S., M.A. Juniors GEORGE C. HALL, A.B. FRANKLIN G. LINDENMULDER E. GIFFORD UPJOHN, B.S. DONALD HEDRICK R. P. MONTGOMERY, A.B., M.S. NAPIER ALDRICH FRANKLIN JOHNSTON, B.S.E. PAUL SAMPSON Sophomores DON W. FISHER, A.B. JOHN C. JONES, A.B. J. MILLARD FLEMMING, A.B. KENNETH B. MOORE F. PlTKIN HUSTED GEORGE A. PALMER, A.B. JOSEPH P. WHINERY, A.B. Freshmen CHARLES L. HUDSON, A.B. JOHN D. CAMERON SAMUEL L. DIACK, A.B..M.A. ELWOOD MASON WOODBURN K. LAMB, A.B. J. WALLACE NEIGHBOR CHARLES HIGLEY, A.B. EDWIN P. VARY CARL MALCOM, A.B. HUGH WELLMEIER ROBERT W. WILKINS, A.B. ARTHUR WOODBURNE GEORGE L. PATTEE, A.B. EDWARD RIGLEY LELAND P. SHIPP RICHARD FREYBURG, A.B. WILLIAM COVENTRY CORNELIUS WOOD VARY HEDRICK FISHER JOHNSTON McRAE Page 416 CAMERON WOOD MALCOM MASON " COVENTRY COFFEE HIGLEY NEIGHBOR FREYBURG CHAPPLE DONOHOE HUDSON HUSTED PATTEE JONES SHIPP DIACK LAMB FLEMMING CASTLE BROWN HALL ALDRICH UPJOHN MOORE WHINERY LINDENMULDER MONTGOMERY SMITH McCuRDY TERRY PARRY CHAPPLE BEAVIS SAMPSON MILLER NOVY WOODBURNE WILKINS ROWERS WELLMEIER KEIM MAXWELL 7T- $f Founded 1897 Kent College of Law CAMPBELL CHAPTER Established 1905 GROVER C. GRISMORE JAMES B. BOYLE WALTER W. DAVIS GERALD F. FINLEY RADCLIFFE B. FULTON JOHN C. COOK EDWIN C. DAVIS MARTIN G. GOODWIN GEORGE W. GOVERT RICHARD A. HICKS LEO W. HOFFMAN AZEL E. BEAN ROBERT H. BROWN GORDON J. BURRIS WILLIAM D. COCHRAN WILLIAM C. FRUE MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors PHILIP O ' HANLON . Juniors CHARLES K. UREN Freshmen GARLAND D. TAIT HERBERT F. GOODRICH KARL P. HEIDEMAN H. ALLYN HICKS WILLIAM W. KING, JR. RICHARD LENSKE HOWARD D. HOUSE CHARLES D. LIVINGSTONE PAUL F. MCCARTHY MlLO D. McLlNTOCK RUSSEL A. RAMSEY FRANKLIN U. STRANSKY JOHN W. GARVEY WALDO K. GREINER WILLIAM E. HAMAKER OSCAR W. MOYLE CALVIN N. SOUTHER TAIT SOUTHER HAMAKER GARVEY COCHRAN BE AX BROWN GREINER HOFFMAN R. HICKS STHANSKY HOUSE FRUE E. C. DAVIS MCCARTHY McLlNTOCK GOODWIN O ' HANLON GOVERT RAMSEY UREN LENSKE HEIDEMAN FINLEY H. A. HICKS BOYLE W. DAVIS KING FULTON Q Pag, 4,7 3 - Sf : O Founded 1891 West Pennsylvania College BETA CHAPTER Established 1898 JOHN SUNDVVALL, Ph.D., M.D. JOHN B. YOUMANS, M.S., M.D. JAMES M. PIERCE, M.D. ALBERT C. FURSTENBERG, M.D. CARL E. BADGLEY, B.S., M.D. GEORGE MUEHLIG, M.D. THEOPHILE KLINGMAN, M.D. JOHN B. HASSBERGER, B.S., M.D. FRANCIS A. SCOTT, B.S., M.D. ENIS H. CORLEY, B.S. F. MINTON HARTZ W. A. FENSTERMACHER, B.S. WILLIAM E. N ESBITT GEORGE L. HARDGROVE, B.S. DORMAN E. LICHTY HAROLD W. JACOX, A.B. JOHN W. LAWSON, B.S. WALTER A. BELSER, A.B. HARVEY T. FULLER ROBERT W. BARTLETT FLOYD L. BURRIS MAX L. DURFEE JOHN K. HICKMAN WILLIAM E. JEWETT MEMBERS IN FACULTY ALBERT G. YOUNG, Ph.D. GEORGE SLOCUM, M.D. ERWIN E. NELSON, Ph.D., M.D. E. CARROL YATES, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY CHARLES S. CAPP, A.B., M.S., M.D. RICHARD C. TRAVIS, A.B., M.D. RALPH G. HUBBARD, M.D. CHESTER H. ADAMS, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors ROSCOE H. SNYDER STEVEN L. VANRIPER Juniors EUGENE C. SMITH JOHN D. SUGRUE JAMES E. CROUSHORE, M.D. CAROLTON B. PIERCE, A.B., M.D. RUSSEL L. MUSTARD, B.S., M.D. JOHN F. SANDER, B.S., M.D. FRANK D. LINN, M.D. MURRAY E. GOODRICH, M.D. FRED YORK, M.D. WALTER KLINGMAN, M.D. WILLARD BARTLETT, JR., M.D. AUGUST S. WALKOWSKI WILLIAM A. MURRAY VERNON D. NERGER, B.S. G. D. CARLYLE THOMPSON, B.S. Sophomores GUNTHER E. TlEDKE, A.B. A. LAWERANCE ZILIAK Louis D. GOMON FRED A. LAUPPE ROBERT W. KING CORNELIUS G. LYNCH GEORGE J. McHEFFEY WILLIAM H. MEFFLEY FRED H. MILLER D. ELVET LEWIS HAROLD W. LOVELL, A.B. ROLLIN FIERO, A.B. Freshmen JOHN B. SCHOENFELD MILTON E. STAUB JOHN M. TRUDEAU JOHN M. WELLMAN ALEC WHITLEY HAROLD J. MEIER FRED P. OSGOOD HARRIS L. WOODBURNE ARTHUR KLOCH WILLIAM HEINZ AVERY SPENCER HEINZ BURRIS KLOCK MCHEFFEY WELLMAN MILLER DOUGLAS HICKMAN WOODBURNE KING GOMON STAUB SPENCER WHITLEY FIERO OSGOOD LAUPPE BELSER LOVELL MEIER LEWIS ZILIAK NERGER HARDGROVE SUGRUE TIEDKE SMITH THOMPSON FULLER LICHTY WALKOWSKI CORLEY HARTZ FENSTERMACHER SNYDEH NESBITT VAN RIPER JACOX Page 418 ffi - c gfcs - g Founded 1889 University of Vermont PSI CHAPTER Established 1905 NORMAN H. AMOS, M.D. KARL M. BEIERLEIN, A.B., M.D. ROBERT U. COOPER, B.P.E., A.M., M.D. ARTHUR M. CULLER, A.B., M.D. WARREN E. FORSYTHE, M.D., Ph.D. KENNETH FOWLER, A.B., M.D. HOWARD H. CUMMINGS, M.D. FRANCIS B. FRALICK LATHAM B, LAWTON WALTER G. MADDOCK, A.B. JOHN K. ALTLAND, A.B. PAUL H. BASSOW, B.S. DONALD S. BOOTH, B.S. EARL I. L. CILLEY LEONARD E. ANDERSON AUGUST F. BLIESMER MALCOLM E. BOYLAN HERBERT L. BRUMBAUGH, A.B. HENRY A. DUNLAP JOHN H. ALBERS, A.B. GARNET W. AULT LOWELL E. BLANCHARD HENRY A. BRUNSTING PHI CHI MEMBERS IN FACULTY VERNON L. HART, M.D. GEORGE C. HENSEL, M.D. ALRICK B. HERTZMAN, M.D. MOSES J. HOLDSWORTH, M.D. ALBERT C. KERLIKOWSKE, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY CONRAD GEORGE, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors CARL G. MILLER GORDON B. MYERS, A.B. ALVIN E. PRICE, A.B. E. CLIFFORD SO JLTS Juniors WILLIAM S. HATHAWAY ROBER T A. HICKS, B.S. MARION W. HILLMAN CHARLES W. G. SCHAEFER DALE E. THOMAS Sophomores . JOHN R. FELLOWS LEO A. KNOLL, A.B. LAWRENCE W. NEHIL VIRGIL F. NEUMANN CHARLES E. SNYDER, A.B. RAYMOND C. VARNER, B.S. Freshmen CHARLES J. CLARK, A.B. LIONEL L. DAVIS EDWARD L. GAUL NORVIN C. KlEFER ROI.LO J. MASSELINK, D.D.S. ROLLO E. MCCOTTER, M.D. REED M. NESBIT, A.B., M.D. RALPH O. RYCHENER, A.B., M.D. EMORY W. SINK, M.S., M.D. ARTHUR H. STE--LE, B.S., M.D. MARCUS B. TIDEY, M.D. SIDNEY L. LAF ' EVER, M.D. HAROLD E. STEDMAN HALFORD E. WHITACRE, B.S. LLOYD B. YOUNG, A.B. WILLIAM W. THOMS, B.S. HUBERT J. YANPEENAN PAUL C. WILLIAMS, A.B. FREDERIC B. WILLIAMSON GEORGE STEPANOVICH, A.B. WALTER S. STINSON VIRGIL E. STOVER RAYMOND S. VANBREE JOHN W. VERDUIN, A.B. FRANK H. MAXWELL WILLIAM H. STEWART, A.B. MARTIN B. TALIAK, A.B. JOHN M. TOWNSEND X a. BRUNSTING AULT KIEFER DAVIS ALBERS STEWART BLANCHARD GAUL CLARK WARNER STOVER BRUMBAUGH ANDERSON MASSELINK TOWN-SEND TALIAK MAXWELL BOYLAN FELLOWS STEPANOVICH STINSON VANBREE BLIESMEH VERDUIN NEUMANN DUNLAP KNOLL THOMS THOMAS VANPEENAN SCHAEFER BASSOW ALTLAND HATHAWAY BOOTH CILLEY STEDMAN SOULTS YOUNG MYERS MILLER MADDOCK PRICE FRALICK WHITACRE Page 419 U r- g -C fe Founded 1883 University of Michigan ALPHA CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTY HAROLD R. BOWERS, Ph.C. WALTER L. BADGER, M.S. FREDERICK F. BLICKE, Ph.D. ROBERT J. CARNEY, Ph.D. CHARLES W. F.DMUNDS, A.B., M.D. HERBERT V. EMMERSON, B.S., M.D. CLIFFORD C. GLOVER, M.S. HOBART H. WlLLARD, PH.D. ROBERT K. McALPiNE, Ph.D. WARREN L. McCABE, M.S. WALTER J. NUNGESTER, M.S. JUSTIN L. POWERS, B.S. CHARLES H. STOCKING, M.S. RAYMOND C. WARNER, B.S. HARVEY A. WHITNEY, Ph.C. JESSE Y. BROWN GEORGE D. BURGESS WILLIAM C. LANGENAU ALFRED C. LUDINGTON PERCY F. BROOKS CLARENCE J. CERNY RICHARD C. BYCE FORD C. FAULKNER WILLIAM R. KLECKNER MEMBERS IN CITY LAVERNE O. GUSHING, Pu.C. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CAROL N. WHITE, Ph.C. Seniors LEO E. MILLS CHARLES M. MACDANNALD EARL S. MORTON EDWARD A. NEHLSEN, JR. Juniors GEORGE P. MERRIFIELD EDWARD E. PETTI BONE Sophomores EARL J. KNAGGS GRANT M. JONES WALTER J. MALLOY EDWARD C. MOSIER Freshmen E. JOHN HILL C. W. MERKEL, M.D. HERBERT E. NOEL GORDON E. SEAVOY FREELING M. TRUESDALE ROBERT W. SPICER OLIVER J. WEINKAUFF CHARLES E. SYLVESTER LEWIS R. SYLVESTER HAROLD W. ULCH MOSIER KLECKNER PETTIBONE NEHLSEN MCDANNALD MORTON WEINKAUFF LTDINGTOX MILLS LA.NOENAC WHITE SEAVOY NOEL TRUESDALE BURGESS MALLOY L. SYLVESTER KXAGGS BYCE JONES E. SYLVESTER Page 420 2 92 -- $f C Founded 1904 Cornell University OMEGA CHAPTER Established 1921 WALTER S. GLAZER, A.B. SAMUEL LEVIN, M.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY E. M. BRIKMAN, A.B. Louis M. FREEDMAN THOMAS B. MARWIL ALFRED M. GLAZER, A.B. S. MILTON GOLDHAMER NORMAN A. FLEISHMAN EDWARD B. GREENSPAN LAWRENCE G. BATEMAN THEOPHILE RAPHAEL, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY IRVING G. FROHMAN, A.M. Seniors Juniors EDWARD I. MINTZ, A.B. CHARLES R. REINSTEIN, B.S. BURTON L. SCHMIER, A.B. Sophomores SOLOMAN GREENBERG, A.B. Freshmen ALLAN E. LEVIE, A.B. Pre-Medics I. JEROME HAUSER ELLIOT ROUFF MARK LESSES, M.D. GORDON MANAGE, M.D. CHESTER S. LOWENDORF, B.S. HAROLD A. ROBINSON, Ph.G. MILTON M. ROZEN BENJAMIN A. GROSS JAMES R. ROGIN, A.B. SAMUEL LEVINE, A.B. NATHAN SCHAFFER JACK A. VATZ LEVIE VATZ ROUFF SCHAFFER GREENSPAN HAUSER FLEISCHMAN BATEMAN GOLDHAMER A. GLAZER GROSS DR. S. LEVIN LOWDENROF BRIKMAN DR. G. MANAGE GREENBEHG ROGIN LEVINE REINSTEIN MARWIL SCHMIER MINTZ FREEDMAN ROBINSON W. GLAZEH ROZEN . _ $j2 Z -3 : feS S s J ill Founded 1869 University of Michigan KENT INN MEMBERS IN FACULTY PRESIDENT EMERITUS H. B. HUTCHINS DEAN H. M. BATES DEAN J. R. EFFINGER PROFESSOR E. C. GODDARD PROFESSOR H. L. WILGUS PROFESSOR V. H. LANE PROFESSOR E. HOLBROOK MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EDGAR H. AILES, A.B. WILLIAM H. AUBREY, A.B. RICHARD E. BARTON, A.B. WILLIAM A. BELT, JR., A.B. LOWELL M. BIRRELL, A.B. NATHAN K. BRUMBAUGH ROY H. CALLAHAN, A.B. H. THOMAS CAVANAUGH, A.B. WILLIAM E. Cox WORTH A. FAUVER, A.B. RICHARD S. GRIEST, A.B. GEORGE S. HAGGARTY, A.B. THOMAS M. HARMON, A.B. EVERETT E. HITCHCOCK PROFESSOR R. W. AIGLER PROFESSOR J. H. DRAKE PROFESSOR E. N. DURFEE PROFESSOR E. R. SUNDERLAND PROFESSOR J. B. WAITE PROFESSOR PAUL A. LEIDY PROFESSOR PAUL BUCKLEY EDGAR C. HOWBERT, A.B. HOBERT D. HOYT, A.B. CARLETON H. JENKS, A.B. ROBERT Y. KEEGAN WILLIS R. LEENHOUTS, A.B. EDGAR M. MORSMAN, III, A.B. DONALD S. PATTERSON, B.M.E. BURTON B. SIBLEY, A.B. ARTHUR H. STUART, B.S. HAROLD P. TROY WILLIAM H. VAN OOSTERHOUT, A.B. DAN S. WARNER ROBERT E. WEADOCK, A.B. JAMES W. WILSON WARNER MORSM.VN BARTON KEEGAN CALLAHAN WILSON GRIEST Cox FAUVER BRUMBAUGH WEADOCK STUART VAN OOSTERHOUT BIRRELL AILES TROY HOYT HARMON JENKS PATTERSON HITCHCOCK SIBLEY CAVANAUOH HOWBERT LEENHOUTS BELT P ff 4 2 -- $ 3fa Founded 1907 University of Pennsylvania PI CHAPTER Established 1922 BARNEY B. ISRAEL DANIEL BUDSON ABEL A. APPLEBAUM ISADORE H. KASS BEN A. NEWMAN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Juniors MAURICE B. WEINER Sophomojes Freshmen ALEX OLENIKOFF BENJAMIN BRAND JACK SHAPIRO, A.B. Louis SOSNOW, JR., Ph.G. AARON A. TOPCIK RAPHAEL ALTMAN ABE LICHBLAU BENJAMIN Ross SAMUEL SORKIN MAURICE M. SIL ' SAMUEL J. SILVEI HARRY TAPPERM, Pledges BENJAMIN B. GREENBERG HENRY SMALL MEYER NOTKIN BENJAMIN JULIAR HYMAN PLOTKIN DAVID KARELITZ Louis BRAITMAN HYMAN OREN SMALL BHAITMAN GREENBERG PLOTKIN TOPCIK NEWMAN NOTKIN OBEN SOSNOW SHAPIRO BRAND OLENIKOFF ISRAEL HUDSON WEINER KASS APPLEBAUM JULIAR ALTMAN SILVERMAN LICHTBLAU TAPPEHMAN KARELITZ SOBKIN Ross SILVEHSTEIN P ff4 3 - 3$$Z zs% -cg Sfs s g Founded 1890 Northwestern University ZETA CHAPTER Established 1897 MEMBERS IX FACULTY JAMES D. BRUCE, M.D. R. BISHOP CANFIELD, M.D. FREDRICK A. COLLER, M.D. WARREN P. LOMBARD, Ph.D., M.D. LAWRENCE MCCAFFERY, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY ALBERT S. BARR, M.D. FRANK McPHAiL, M.A., M.D. OLIVER MC LLICUDY, A.B., M.D. SAMUEL W. DONALDSON, A.B., M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY NORMAN KRETZSCHMAR, A.B., M.D. WM. BRACE, A.B., M.D. L. ' G. BALDWIN, M.D. H. FURLONG, M.D. CARL FORTUNE, A.B., M.D. EUGENE R. VERNOU, M.D. THERON S. LANGFORD, M.D. Seniors K. DAVENPORT, A.B. H. HANSEN F. HARPER, A.B., M.A. O. CAMERON G. A. CARMICHAEL E. DOTY D. HOSMER N. CANFIELD, B.S. H. CHABUT F. CURRY C. EMERY, A.B. V. BROMME R. CURRY, B.S. W. FLORA R. HASTINGS C. HUBER, A.B. Juniors R. HOTCHKISS, B.S. J. HUBER, A.B. R. LIGHT, A.B. S. LOWE, B.S. Sophomorfs J. MALONE F. MATTSON, A.B. F. M. MARTIN R. MULLIGAN, A.B. L. WHITEHEAD, A.B. Freshmen E. GALLO WAY W. HULSE, A.B. S. JOHNSON, B.S. J. KEMPER, D.D.S. T. McEACHERAN J. MURPHY, A.B. E. ROBSON W. SAMS, A.B. R. RATHBONE H. RAY S. SANDERSON G. SEHRING D. KIMBALL R. LAYMON, A.B. K. LOWE, A.B. A. NACK EUGENE B. POTTER, M.D. THEOPHIL SCHMIDT, M.D. C. RlTTERSHOFER, A.B. D. THORPE, R. C. KIMBALL E. SCOTT, A.B. M. SNODGRASS, B.S. W. TEETER B. STOCKING H. STOKES R. SuTTON N. SwiNTON K. SMITH F. STILES, A.B. H. WALLACE, A.B. JOHNSON ' MCMEEKIX HULSE FLORA STILES NACK K. LOWE SMITH GALLOWAY R. CURRY LAYMAN D. KIMBALL BHOMME SWINTON MALONE SUTTON RAY EMERY STOCKING WHITEHEAD SEHRINO MULLIGAN CHABUT CANFIELD STOKES SANDERSON TEETER SAMS CARMICHAEL F. CURRY MARTIN RATHBONE ROBSON MURPHY SNODGRASS DOTY HOTCHKISS LIGHT HOSMER S. LOWE J. HUBER CAMERON SCOTT THORPE HASTINGS HANSEN C. HUBER HARPER MCEACHERAN RITTERSHOFER R. KIMBALL _ _ t - $f Founded 1892 Baltimore College GAMMA KAPPA CHAPTER Established 1905 AVERY E. BARTLETT, D.D.S. GEORGE N. CANNON, D.D.S. MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY F. C. NAYLOR, D.D.S. VERNER H. EMAN, D.D.S. E. McLAY CROSBY ROY E. HAWKINSON JOHN A. HENKEL BERNARD E. LUCK DOANE B. LURKINS FRANK S. BEVERLY DONALD G. BILLS MENZO W. DAVIS HENRY E. DAWKINS WILLIAM W. DUNN EDWARD G. FREIMUTH HAROLD L. BURKE WILLIAM D. CLAY STEWART J. HARRIE GLEN HARRY L. CARR LESTER DELUDE Louis W. PUTZIG MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors GEORGE E. MEADS WALDOMAR O. ROESER WILLIAM H. RILEY DOMENIC A. SANZOBRINO FORREST G. McGuiGAN Juniprs HAROLD A. GREEN GEORGE J. HALEY KENNETH F. HIGGINS WILLIAM J. KEEPER ALBERT D. LAW Sophomores FLOYD E. LYTEL MARK H. LOWNSBURY NEIL MAcVicAR FRED H. RAHN Freshmen BRUCE D. FORSYTH Pledges MORRIS D. MACKOY, D.D.S. Louis C. SCHULTZ, D.D.S. LEROY F. HILL, D.D.S. MONROE B. SULLIVAN JOSEPH A. SWEENEY JOHN P. VANOSDOL STUART H. WARD DON CARLOS WHEELER HARRY J. LEE LESTER M. LUCAS GARDNER S. MILLER EVERETT F. PIERSON ALDON W. RYAN JOHN A. HARVIE BERNARD C. WOZNIAK CORWIN R. WRIGHT FERDINAND L. WURTSMITH HENRY C. SULLIVAN GERALD G. WRIGHT MICHAEL R. SULLIVAN 5 fcWClM FREIMUTH WRIGHT LOWNSBURY BRUNNER CARR FORSYTH SULLIVAN MAC VICAR HARVIE SULLIVAN LUCAS GLEN WRIGHT CLAY WOZNIAK RAHN DEVRIES BURKE LEE HALEY BEVERLY GREEN LAW DAWKINS HIGGINS PIERSON DUNN BILLS KEEPER DAVIS SWEENEY SANZOBRINO CROSBY LURKINS VANOSDOL WARD SULLIVAN HAWKINSON WHEELER ROESER LUCK DR. L. SHULTZ DR. A. BARTLETT MEADS McGuiGAN RILEY Q 5 1 Page 425 r ffi $f r- %g Founded 1914 University of Michigan ALPHA ' CHAPTER HON. GEORGE W. SAMPLE WILLIAM R. LAIRD MEMBERS IN FACULTY JAMES K. POLLOCK, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY JOHN P. BOYCE P ' RED A. MOCK WILLIAM B. HARTMAN, A.B. LESTER F. JOHNSON, A.B. ERNEST G. BAXTER, A.B. ALBERT E. BLASHFIELD, A.B. BERNARD K. DOYLE WALTER I. DUCKET JOHN G. BROWN, JR. MARVIN J. BAS HARRY L. GERVAIS MYRON E. GRANT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors JOSEPH D. LAWRENCE, A.B. BARTLETTE E. NUTTER, A.B. Juniors BIGHAM D. EBLEN HARVEY GREEN WALTER G. KRAPOHL FLOYD W. McNEiL ERNEST C. SCHATZ Freshmen JOSEPH S. HOWELL SIDNEY A. JOHNSON MILTON F. MALLENDER FRED T. JARRETT, A.-B. JAMES J. WEADOCK JR., A.B. W. HUGH WILLIAMS JOHN PANCHUK, A.B. ORVILLE F. SCHOCH WlLLIARD H. McEwEN, A.B. BURTON K. WALTERS ALBIN J. STEVENS WAYNE R. OSBORN ALFRED P. STUART EDWARD F. TRAVER GERVAIS GRANT HOWELL BAS DUCKET TRAVER MALLENDER STEVENS STUART PANCHUK BAXTER HARTMAN NUTTER LAWRENCE L. JOHNSON WILLIAMS S. JOHNSON JARRETT SCHOCH DOYLE GREEN EBLEN WEADOCK SCHATZ KRAPOHL BLASHFIELD McEwEN P ' g ' 4 6 _ _ _ sg - $ffe Founded 1926 University oi Michigan EPSILON CHAPTER lau Evpsiloiv HKo MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOSEPH G. ALLER, 28L BENJAMIN R. BERKOWITZ, 28 MORRIS J. BRITZ, 2 L RALPH H. BRODY, 28L IRWIN BUNIN, 28 ALEXANDER DIAMOND, 28L MAX GOSHKIN, 29 HERBERT N. HEUMAN, 2gL BENJAMIN JAFFE, 28L BENJAMIN MARCUS, 29!, DAVID E. ROSE, 2 L BENJAMIN J. SAFIR, 2yL SOLL J. SCHNITZ, zyL RALPH M. SCHWARTZBERG, 28L REUBEN SEGALL, 29 JOHN SKLAR, 27!, ALBERT E. SMITH, 28L BENJAMIN TAUBER, 28 IRVING I. YORYSH, 28 DIAMOND BRITZ YORYSH HEUMAN SCHWARTZBERQ BUHKOWITZ SMITH SKLAH SAFIR SCHNITZ SEGALL TAUBER BUNIN ALLER ROSE GOSHKIN , -- - j g S S g ,x MU SIGMA ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1888 appa. p si_ BYROX E. BIGGS, M.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY E. STEPHENS GURDJIAN, Ph.D., M.D. HARLEY A. HAYNES, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY HUGH M. BEEBE, M.D., F.A.C.S. EDWIN C. GANZHORN, M.D. DEAN W. MYERS, M.D., F.A.C.S. S. E. ANDREWS, M.D. FRED W. BALD, A.B., M.S. DAVID B. DAVIS THEODOR G. BERNTHAL, A.B. XORRIS M. HARDISTY ROBERT A. BURHANS, B.S. GAYLAND L. HAGELSHAW EARL A. HASTY JAMES H. ALLEN, A.B. ARTHUR F. BALDWIN, B.S. ROBERT W. BISHOP, B.S. THOMAS BLAIR WALTER BUZZARD MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY D. MCNEIL, A.B., A.M., M.D. R. E. NETZLEY, A.B., M.D. Seniors ALBERT G. ENGELBACH, B.S. MAJOR W. GASPER, B.S. Juniors CLIFTON W. PERRY NORMAN C. REGLIEN HOWARD S. STIMPSON Sophomores RALPH A. JOHNSON DON M. LsDuc, A.B. JOHN A. MAURER, A.B. FREDERICK A. OBROCK, M.S., D.D.S. Freshmen HUBERT E. DOUDNA CHARLES E. GREELEY, A.B.. M.S. PAUL O. GREELEY, A.B., MlS. E. STEVE KASH R. P. ROGERS, M.D. HOWARD W. SALISBURY RALPH W. SHOOK HERBERT S. WEDELL, B.S. RUSSELL S. WOLFE KENNETH L. OLMSTEAD MAXWELL E. STONE IRVING J. WARMOLTS, A.B. VAUGHN H. MORRISSEY CARLISLE F. SCHROEDER MAYNARD N. SOUTHWORTH CHARLES TENHOUTEN WALDMAR J. WICKMAN BLAIR KASH MORRISSEV SOUTHWORTH SCHROEDER C. GREELEY ALDRICH BALDWIN TENHAUTEN P. GREELEY WICKMAN JOHNSON MAUREB WARMHOLTS DOUDNA BUZZARD ALLEN HAGELSHAW STONE BERNTHAL BTTRHAHB PERRY STIMPSON OBROCK OLMSTEAD HASTY WOLFE WEDELL DAVIS ENOF.LBACH BALD GASPER SALISBURY HARDISTY REGLIEN c . x m e r- C gjf Founded 1889 University o{ Michigan ALPHA CHAPTER DR. GEORGE MOORE WILLIAM CAMPBELL LEE FOWLE HENRY HIEMAX HOWARD AXFORD WILLARD CRAINE ARNOLD GARDY RICHARD HANRAHAX DAN HOGAN LESTER LAPP GEORGE ANDERSOX FLOYD ARNOLD HUGH BLOOMFIELD CLARENCE CARTER RAY HART CLAYTON D. AIKEN ERNEST KELLERMAX MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors SHERWOOD LEE ROBERT SEALBY Juniors WILFRED L ' HEIJREUX EDWARD MARTINEK HEBER NOTHSTINE ROBERT ORCUTT ROBERT PAINE BENTON PINNEY Sophomores WILLIAM HAYLLAR FREDRICK FLEMMING JACK KEANE WILLIAM LAWLOR Freshmen GEORGE TOWNSEND DR. L. H. WILLIAMS STANLEY SMITH HARRIS WILSON PAUL FRESHWATERS ROBERT POWERS Ross SLINGER MYRLE WALKER WALDO KUEHNLE WILLIAM VANCE HUBERT ZERMAN D. C. MILLER HUNTER MILLER FRANKLIN ROBERTS EDWARD SHUTTS LEWIS SIGISMOXD R. FRANK ZIMMERMAN HENRY HASKINS KELLERMAN AIKEN ZIMMERMAN TOWNSEND BONNETTE H. MILLEK ARNOLD BLOOMFIELD SIGISMOND HABKINS ROBERTS CARTER SHUTTS KEANE D. MILLER LAWLER FLEMING ANDERSON HART MARTINEK KUEHNLE CRAINE HANRAHAN PAINE PINNEY ZERMAN LAPP NOTHSTINE HOOD VANCE - L ' HEUUEUX AXFORD ORCUTT GARDEY POWERS SLINGEH WALKER HEIMAN SMITH LEE SEALBY FOWLE WILSON CAMPBELL WILLIAMS FRESHWATERS Page 429 -?- s3kK s $if S:i z FRATERNITIES IN ORDER OF ESTABLISHMENT CHI Psi . ALPHA DELTA PHI DELTA KAPPA EPSILON SIGMA PHI .... ZETA Psi . . . Psi UPSILOX BETA THETA Pi, established 1845 Re-established PHI KAPPA Psi DELTA UPSILOX SIGMA CHI .... DELTA TAU DELTA, established 1874 PHI DELTA THETA SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON THETA DELTA CHI DELTA CHI KAPPA SIGMA PHI GAMMA DELTA SIGMA Nu PHI Mu ALPHA ALPHA TAU OMEGA, established . Re-established ACACIA TRIGON PHI KAPPA SIGMA ALPHA SIGMA PHI ZETA BETA TAU SIGMA PHI EPSILON . LAMBDA CHI ALPHA . PHI SIGMA KAPPA PHI DELTA PHI Nu SIGMA Nu . DELTA SIGMA DELTA PHI DELTA CHI THETA KAPPA Psi Xi Psi PHI PHI RHO SIGMA PHI BETA Pi . PHI ALPHA DELTA PHI CHI . Psi OMEGA GENERAL 1845 PHI SIGMA DELTA 1846 HERMITAGE 1855 THETA CHI 1858 KAPPA Nu 1858 DELTA SIGMA PHI 1865 CHI PHI . 1845 ALPHA CHI RHO 1867 SIGMA Pi . 1875 Pi KAPPA ALPHA 1876 DELTA ALPHA EPSILON 1877 PHI BETA DELTA 1880 TAU DELTA PHI 1887 PHI EPSILON Pi 1888 KAPPA DELTA RHO . 1889 PHI Mu ALPHA 1892 OMEGA Psi PHI 1892 DELTA PHI, established 1902 Re-established 1902 PHI KAPPA TAU 1902 TAU EPSILON PHI 1898 SIGMA ALPHA Mu 1904 ALPHA PHI ALPHA 1904 PHI KAPPA 1905 Pi LAMBDA PHI 1905 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA 1908 TAU KAPPA EPSILOX . 1912 THETA KAPPA Nu 1912 TRIANGLE. 1913 SIGMA ZETA 1915 PHI KAPPA PHI PROFESSIONAL 1869 ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA 1882 GAMMA ETA GAMMA . 1883 DELTA THETA PHI 1883 ALPHA RHO CHI 1888 THET.. XI 1889 SIGMA DELTA KAPPA 1897 ALPHA CHI SIGMA 1898 DELTA SIGMA Pi 1905 PHI DELTA EPSILOX . 1905 PHI LAMBDA KAPPA . 1905 1916 1919 1919 1919 1920 1921 1921 1921 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1855 1923 1923 1923 1923 1923 1924 1924 1924 1925 1925 1925 1926 1926 1906 1911 1912 1914 1914 1914 1916 1921 1922 1923 ft X n Page 430 ?--3 ' S fS - The Lawyers ' Club was founded in April 1922 by William W. Cook of the New York Bar. Its primary purpose is to provide a center for legal study and research of the superior type which is at the present time being demanded of the profession. The control of the club is vested in two bodies, the board of Governors and the Council. BOARD OF GOVERNORS Hox. JOHN E. BIRD, Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Michigan, President ex-officio (1926) HON. NELSON SHARPE, Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Michigan, President ex-officio (1927) HON. CLARENCE C. LITTLE, President of the University HON. JAMES O. MURFIN, of the Detroit Bar, member of the Board of Regents EDWIN C. GODDARD and GROVER C. GRISMORE, Faculty Members JOHN M. ZANE, of Chicago, Practicing Lawyer JOHN T. CREIGHTON, of New York, Practicing Lawyer MENSO R. BOLT and Louis S. MAY, Student Members COUNCIL Composed of eleven student members of the club, elected by the club membership. ROBERT W. CONDER FRANCIS J. HOLLAND JOHN F. MCCARTHY Roi O. BECKER LYMAN B. W. AVERY JOHN M. BENNETT WILLIAM R. CAMERON CARL J. RIDDERING President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer WILLIAM B. GILES ERWIN H. HAASS JAMES R. RAMSEY x. GILES BECKER A VERY HOLLAND HAASS CONDER RIDDERING CAMEHON RAMSEY MCCARTHY BENNETT r ffi r - Sf :g C SENIOR MEMBERS RAMSEY MIKESELL HAMMOND MADIGAN ABBOTT AVERT NEWTON KABAKER CAMERON HOLLAND HAASS IVES EICHORN BRENNER SCHUMANN HIRT WOOD WAHRENBROCK WISLER WEIS ERICKSON SLATTERY MCDONALD BOLT OLIVER CONDER GILES BECKER CROGGAN WILSON HASKINS SHAWAKER GUEST ROBIN The club has attempted during the present year to accomplish as much as possible towards the fulfillment of the ideal and purpose of its founder. At two different times within the last year a committee of the American Law Institute met in the halls of the Lawyers Club to formulate a restatement of the principles of the law of Agency. At these meetings the Club entertained Pro- fessor Floyd R. Mechem of Chicago Law School, Professor Calvert Magruder of Harvard, Dean Harry S. Richards of Wisconsin Law School, Professor W. A. Seavey of Pennsylvania Law School, Professor Frederick Green of Illinois Law School and Professor H. C. Horack of Iowa Law School. The Club has not confined itself to activities of a purely legal nature, however. Realizing that a broadened view point is a necessity to the highest type of present day lawyer, the club has entertained men prominent in activities other than those of the legal profession. These men dis- cussed in open meetings some of the more interesting parts of their work. Among these guests of the club were, The Lord Bishop of London, Mr. Gregory Mason, Mr. Will Irwin, Professor Kirsoff Lake, and Mr. Roberto Haberman of Mexico City. X Cox WHITE LUNNEY LEVY L. SMITH A. SMITH PLATZ SALM JUNIOR MEMBERS KEOUGH BOURGIX MIDGLEY COATES GARVER FASQUELLE MAY RYAN ALLEN BREWSTER BENEDICT BRUSKE MCCARTHY MULLEN HASCALL FRUIT WEYHER RIDDERINO MULLINGER MALL SIQNOR RAISCH NEWMAN BUTTEHFIELD SPAEDEH MATHESON Dixox LICKLY WALKER Pag ' 433 _ _ _ ; yffi r- $!fa FRESHMAN MEMBERS GRIFFITHS MURTAUGH BEAN WHITE MERTENS SMITH COCHHANE . WILSON BOXER JARVIS PANSHUK BAKER WORCESTER WILSON LA BOUR BANE FLEMING GKIQSBY GREEN CALLAHAN DEKOVEN DEMMINK TAIT PINKERTON Founders Day coming on April twenty-ninth proved itself a fitting end to the year ' s activities. In the afternoon two teams of junior law students, winners of previous elimination contests, argued the final Moot Court case of the year. The Henry M. Campbell award, established by the firm of Camp- bell, Bulkley and Ledyard in memory of their late partner, was given to the winning team. Visiting judges and lawyers were in this way able to see one phase of law school life in its actual working. Seating arrangements were made for the dinner given in the evening so that a close association might be obtained between the law students, the professors, and the practitioners at the bar with the end in view of obtaining, if possible, some mutual understanding between these three branches of the profession. The evening was closed by an excellent address by Justice Rousseau A. Burch of the Supreme Court of Kansas. Although only through the passing of many years will the dreams of the Lawyers Club be re- alized, this year will be known as one in which a distinct step was taken towards the attainment of the ideals which led to its founding. FRESHMAN MEMBERS SPONSELLER EHICKSON MCDANNEL WOOD GALE HAHN EBEL HILL BALDWIN FERRIS SHEER CELICHOWSKI SABEL CAIRNS KARAY DECKER JOHNSON FRUE YOKES BOPE KERK DAHLBERO ROSE WILSON DOBELL MOYLE SULLIVAN OMER REYNOLDS FULTON PREECE Page 434 - rx s? Proposed Woman ' s League Bttildiny OttWt liarbuur Gymnasium 1897 SORORITIES 3fa Founded 1885 DePauw University THETA CHAPTER Established 1898 MRS. C. O. DAVIS MRS. A. J. DONNALLY Miss WINIFRED FERRIX Miss LILLIAN COXDOX MRS. C. O. DAVIS MRS. J. M. DUDLEY Miss ELIZABETH HAWXHURS MRS. WALTER STAEBLER THELMA E. BELL GENEVIEVE E. BUELL ELIZABETH E. CAMPBELL LAURA E. CRAFT LAURA A. BARRY MARJORIE G. CHAVENELLE CLETUS J. PAGAN Lois A. PARKS Lois E. PORTER MARIAN O. BROEHM ELAINE E. GRUBER ESTHER BRADLEY FLORENCE L. BRITTAIN KATHARINE L. CAMPBELL MARTHA E. CHAMBERLIX PATRONESSES MRS. C. C. GLOVER MRS. GLEN OVERTON MRS. L. C. RENWICK MRS. N. J. WILE MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. ROBERT HOWELL MRS. CHARLES KYER MRS. LEONARD MILLER MRS. HARRY MILLS MRS. HARRY NICHOLS MRS. W. C. TROW MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors RUTH V. DAVY CATHERINE S. GRIFFITHS ELIZABETH S. KENNEDY MARGARET E. LORD RUTH J. McCANN Juniors MARGARET F. RICKER JANICE I. RILEY VIRGINIA M. ROYCE BERNICE F. STAEBLER ISABEL D. STITT Sophomores F. ESTHER RICKER MARIAN SMITH Freshmen GERALDINE L. PORTER PAULINE DIEHL HELEN H. HARTMAN HELEN D. NORRIS MRS. MABEL RHEAD MRS. RALEIGH SCHORLING MRS. R. W. SELLARS Miss ISABEL NICHOLS MRS. MAYNARD NEWTON Miss HELEN RAMSAY MRS. G. W. SAMPLE MRS. HAROLD TROSPER CATHERINE I. OAKLEY MYRENE RICH DOROTHY N. SPENCER RUTH H. WILKIE MARJORIE E. VIVIAN DOROTHY H. WARD LENORE M. WALDRON GERTRUDE M. WELCH DOROTHY H. TAYLOR VIRGINIA C. TICE HELEN F. PARMENTER EMILY B. PUTNAM ESTELLE A. MEYER ELIZABETH A. WHITE FAGAN CHAVENELLE WALDRON ACKEHMAN TAYLOR E. RICKER DIEHL BROEHM G. PORTER ROYCE M. RICKER STITT L. PORTER STAEBLER RILEY VIVIAN WELCH PARKS BARRY DAVY OAKLEY RICH BUELL McCANN WILKIE CRAFT LORD GRIFFITHS SPENCER BRITTIAN CAMPBELL PUTNAM PARMENTEH HARTMAN MEYER NORRIS BRADLEY Page 5 ? % = $ 3!fc+ ALPHA CHAPTER Founded 1890 Medical Fraternity ! .rAlpnu tpsilon. Id DR. MARGARET N. BELL MRS. EDWARD BRAGG DR. HELEN M. CANNON MRS. DAVID COWIE MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY DR. ANNE BOHNING DR. GERALDINE H. CROCKER MRS. LIZZIE W. OLIPHANT DR. JEANNE C. SOLIS MRS. ALBERT BARRETT ELIZABETH C. BAGLEY ESTHER D. BRENNEMAN, A.B. JANET S. BARNES, B.S. EMMA R. ARDIS ELIZABETH M. CONARD, A.B. PATRONESSES MRS. R. B. CANFIELD MRS. HUGH CABOT Seniors AILEEN D. CHRISTENSEN, A.B. CHRISTEL A. Hiss, A.B. HELEN M. KOKE, B.S. Juniors ELIZABETH G. HUNTER, A.B. Sophomores MILDRED V. NICHOLAS, A.B. ARLENE B. SCHLOTT, B.S. RACHEL STEPHENS, B.A. MRS. REUBEN PETERSON SELMA C. MUELLER, A.B. GRACE E. WILLIAMS, A.B. MARTHA V. PARKER, A.B. Lois W. TORRES, R.N. MELISSA C. WoRTH,B.S.,M.S. o WOHTH NICHOLAS ARDIB CONAHD BARNES STEVEXS HUNTER MUELLER CHRISTENSEN BAGLEY WILLIAMS KOKE PARKER Page 437 --- -cs fss gs g Founded 1909 Barnard College PI CHAPTER Established 1921 MRS. NEVIN FISKE JULIA RUTH BROWN WILMA V. GANZ NORMA GOODMAN PAULINE E. HOPP JULIETTE COHEN HELEN ADLER DOROTHY BLOOM ELIZABETH H. CORN JOHANNA DESENBERG MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. MORITZ LEVI MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors MIRIAM F. KIRSCHNER HARRIETT B. LEVY EMELIE J. OPPENHEIM ELEANOR E. SCHER Juniors MILDRED FINK BEATRICE GREENBERG Sophomores CARMEN S. GREENBERG SYLVIA S. STONE Freshmen ELIZABETH FUCHS MIRIAM FUCHS HERMA GRABOWSKY MILDRED HARRIS IRAS MARKS MRS. I. LEO SHARFMAN RUTH ROSENTHAL NANCE SOLOMON GLADYS R. LAX ROSALIE GRABOWSKY HELEN ZELMAN RITA ROSENTHAL IDA SCHULTZ MARIAN VAN VLIET BEATRICE WEIL COHN ZELMAN FINK HOPP R. GRABOWSKY C. GHEENBERG STONE B. GREENBERO GOODMAN COHEN BROWN OPPENHEIM KIKSOHNER SCHER GANZ LEVY SOLOMON R. ROSENTHAL LAX R. ROSENTHAL ADLER L EHKNBEFG MARKS VAN VblET H. GRABOWSKY HARRIS WEIL ScHULTZ Page 43 S S. x gfe Founded 1904 Syracuse University ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Established 1922 JOSEPHINE M. COMPTON GERTRUDE O. MANWARING VIOLET B. PARKER MEMBERS IN FACULTY MARY A. CUTTING, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY RUTH McCoMB INEZ W. RICHARDS IONE E. VAN BUREN FLORENCE VV. COOPER MARION COY EDITH H. DOMBEY RUTH P. BECKER ADDIE CROFTS LUCILE M. HOLDSWORTH SELMA M. JANSON HELEN C. DEBEVOISE ELIZABETH M. INKS ARDATH L. JOHNSON MARIAN G. HENDRICKS ELLEN E. HOUSE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY DRUSILLA M. PRATT, A.B. Seniors MARGARET ' L. FRANK MARY GRACE KNOBLOCK Juniors DOROTHY M. LONG RUTH L. LUKENS ELEANOR C. MACK LOLETA G. PARKER Sophomores BERNADINE H. MALAY MARGARET L. MIRFIELD Freshmen SARAH E. JONES PHEBE C. MORSE MARGARET H. PARKER ALICE WILCOX MARGARET H. STALKER MARGARET E. STEWART FLORENCE M. WIDMAIER EDITH SPANGLER HILY D. PARKER VIRGINIA D. RAY JANE E. SUMMERS VIRGINIA MCCREERY VIRGINIA L. MORTON X WIDMAIER JOHNSON SUMMERS O. H. PARKER MALAY MIRFIELD CROFTS BECKER RAY LUKENB JANSEN LONG SPANGLEH L. PARKER WILCOX COY FRANK M. PARKER DOMBEY MORSE COOPER PRATT MACK HOLDS WQRTH DEBEVOISE HOUSE MCCHEERY MORTON HENDRICKS INKS JONES Page 439 - C %f Founded 1897 Barnard College OMICRON PI CHAPTER Established 1921 DR. LUVERN HAYS MRS. CARL N. SCHMALTZ ANNETTE BURKHARDT MARY CARR MARGARET CLARK ELIZABETH CODY ELIZABETH COSSITT HELEN BELCHER SARAH BONINE JEAN GREENSHIELDS CYNTHIA HAWKINS DORIS KUHN LEONE LEE BLOSSOM BACON HAZEL BELCHER MEMBERS IX CITY MRS. PAUL C. WAGNER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MRS. GERALD Fox, M.A. Seniors NELL DICKINSON NELL GRATTON MARY GREENSHIELDS LYLAS HAYES Juniors LuCILE HlTTLE MARVA HOUGH Sophomores DOROTHY LETTS JANE McBRiDE . Freshmen CATHERINE BELLAMY Lois COSSITT ELIZABETH CUTTER MRS. MERLE UNDERWOOD MRS. WALTER A. VERWIEBE MARY KENT-MILLER MARJORIE MILLER MILDRED PECKHAM DORIS SELLECK MARJORIE WEBER JOSEPHINE NORTON MARIAN VAN TUYL ALICE WESSELS DOROTHY ODLE MARY LOUISE TAYLOR HELEN BOUGHEY HELENE TERRY JANE WEBSTER BONINE VAN-TUYL TAYLOR HOWE HAWKINS LETTS McBRiDE H. BELCHER WESSELS DICKENSON CODY KENT-MILLER SELLECK LAWTON J. GREENSHIELDS BURKHARDT GHATTO.N CLARK CARR E. COSSITT MILLER M. GREENSHIELDS PECKHAM KUHN LEE WEBSTER BACON L. COSSITT TERRY CUTTER HAZEL BELCHER ODLE r- fe s g Founded 1872 University of Syracuse THETA CHAPTER Established 1892 Pkl MRS. ELMER BEAL HELEN BROWN MRS. FRED CADWELL MRS. HARRY CLARK SALLY CLARKSON MRS. EARL CRESS FRANCES FLORER MRS. WILLIAM FLORER FRANCES GILL MRS. JOSEPH HAYDEN FRANCES A. DUNNEWIND MARGARET CUTTING MARGARET G. Dow MARGARET L. FUNK ANNA JANE CHURCHMAN VIRGINIA M. GIES MARGARET H. HIGMAN BETSY ARNOLD MEMBERS IN CITY HlLDAGARDE HENSAL HORTENSE HENRING ANNE HINSHAW MRS. DONALD KUDNER JEAN KYER MRS. DONALD MAY MARJORIE PARKER MRS. F. M. RAIKES MRS. W. BERRY RATCLIFFE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY FRANCES LOUISE SYDELL RUTH ANN SORGE MARGARET RICE GEM SHERMAN MARGARET SMITH MRS. MORRIS TILLEY MRS. JOHN WAITE VERA WALLINGTON SALLY WALSER MARGARET WARTHIN MARIAN WILLIAMS MRS. D. F. ZIMMERMAN SARAH HUME MILDRED A. RUDELL Seniors FRANCES M. RUDELL HELEN G. RUTH Juniors HELEN J. HAWKINS MARGARET E. O ' CONNELL MARGARET G. HAWKINS HELEN RAIKES ALICE E. KELLOGG PHYLLIS D. RICHARDS WlLHELMINA WEYHING FLORENCE A. HOLMES CAROLYN INGLIS EVELYN A. JORDAN RUTH BLAKESLEE ANN ELIZABETH JACOBS Sophomores MARY LOUISE LOOMIS VlDA K. McCLURE BERTHA W. RANKIN Freshmen ELIZABETH McCuRDY HELEN C. MORRILL FRANCES WILLIAMS HELEN H. RUTHERFORD MARIAN F. STEARNS JANET H. TREMBLEY HELEN RANKIN HELEN E. RICHARDS VIRGINIA E. SCHURZ 5c BLAKESLEE SCHURZ HOLMES McCLURE CHURCHMAN McCuRDY JACOBS ARNOLD INGLIS MORRILL H. RANKIN H. RICHARDS GIES WEYHING B. RANKIN LOOMIS JORDOM STEARNS HIGMAN CUTTING RAIKES TREMBLEY P. RICHARDS O ' CONNELL FUNK M. HAWKINS H. HAWKINS Dow ROBERTS T. RUDELL M. RUDELL RUTH WILLIAMS DUNNEWIND SORGE SEYDEL HUME KELLOGG .ft Page 441 - C 5f Founded 1893 Lombard College ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER Established 1919 PATRONESSES MRS. MARY E. BUFFINGTON MRS. FREDERICK A. COLLER MRS. ROY W. COWDEN MRS. ALBERT R. CRITTENDEN MRS. E. E. HARTWICK MRS. NEIL H. WILLIAMS MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. CARROLL BRIGGS MRS. ROY W. COWDEN MRS. JOHN J. Cox MRS. ALBERT R. CRITTENDEN MRS. ROBERT B. HALL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors PHYLA A. ARMSTRONG HELEN L. BRANAGAN NEVA L. BRANAGAN MARGARET R. EIRICH FERN M. BRITTAIN ETHEL M. CROWE HELEN L. HOCHREIN RUTH A. BACON HELEN A. FAGG FRANCINA H. FEAD CLARA L. CAPLE FLORENCE H. CONE PAULINE L. DARBYSHIRE MARJORY E. FOLLMER ESTHER H. GRAHAM HELEN I. PARMELEE HELEN M. POUND LOUISE E. RITTENHOUSE Juniors MARY LADNEY KATHERINE MATTHEWS VIRGINIA MEADE ADRIANNE NAGELVOORT Sophomores ELIZABETH I. FRIDAY MARION E. GOODALE NOLA M. HENRY Freshmen MARTICA H. GEORG SELMA J. HENDERSHOT HARRIET A. HENDERLONG MRS. HUGH KEELER MRS. CHALMERS J. LYONS MRS. H. H. SEELEY MRS. A. FRANKLIN SHULL Miss MABLE VAN KLEEK MRS. THEDA SHAW HOLEN Miss ADA MULHOLLAND MRS. A. FRANKLIN SHULL MRS. E. B. SCHULZ MRS. CLARENCE D. THORPE HELEN K. SHAW LEONA L. SHERMAN ETHEL P. STEVENSON ELAINE M. WASSINK WILMA I. NOWER JEANETTE E. WENDELL HELEN E. Vos LORENE R. HIRT IRMA E. SANZENBACHER DOROTHY E. WILLIAMS C. JOSEPHINE MILLER DOROTHY C. OSBOURNE GEORGIA M. VANDAWARKER MARGARET E. SHUMWAY GOODALE SANZENBACHER BACON WILLIAMS HIRT FEAD LADNEY WENDELL STEVENSON GKAHAM Vos CROWE MATTHEWS NAGELVOORT RiTTENHOUBE SHERMAN H. BRANAGAN ElRICH ARMSTRONG SHAW POUND N. BRANAGAN WA88INK CONE HENDERSHOT DARBEYSHIRE CAPLE HENDERLONG SHUMWAY GEORG VANDAWARKEH Page 442 Cv fefe - ' Founded 1895 University of Arkansas ETA CHAPTER Established 1905 RUTH L. FIGGE, B.S. MRS. F. S. BARTELL MRS. DONALD CONEY MRS. WERNER DUEMLING MRS. E. C. GODDARD MRS. W. J. HUSSEY MRS. R. H. KAMPMEIER MRS. F. N. MENEFEE MRS. E. D. MITCHELL MEMBERS IN FACULTY FAITH P. HADLEY, M.S. MEMBERS IN CITY Miss SARAH D. KING, A.B. BARBARA C. AMES GERTRUDE E. BAILEY CATHERINE A. BUHRER LENORE D. GARDNER RUTH E. BEARD ANNE M. Fox HELEN J. HANLIN ISABEL B. FRIDAY ALICE CRANE JANET COCHRAN MARGARET C. HAXTON ELIZABETH M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Miss PAULWE KAISER Seniors MAXINE E. GEDDES MARY-LOIS GUDAKUNST HENRIETTA J. KENT GRACE H. McDoNALD LILIAN A. MERNER Juniors MARION L. HYSLOP LEORA B. JARECKI Sophomores HELEN H. MELCHERS MARY L. MITCHELL Freshmen ELIZABETH M. MAXEY CLARA M. MITCHELL MARGARET J. REHRIG REVA J. SCHRADER MARGARET SIBLEY MARTHA GUERNSEY, Ph.D. Miss FLORENCE MOHR MRS. D. H. PARKER MRS. J. SCHLOTTERBECK Miss MIRIAM SCHLOTTERBECK MlSS LONA TlNKHAM MRS. CLAIRE UPTHEGROVE MRS. P. S. WELSH Miss FRIEDA WISHROPP Miss DONNA ESSELSTYNF MARGARET E. MILNES GLADYS M. SCHRADER MARY W. SCOTT AGNES H. SHELDON E. JANET LOGIE STACIA G. SKRENTNY HELEN E. SMYTHE OLIVE E. TODD RUTH H. THOMPSON MARGUERITE K. WELLMAN ELEANOR F. WHITMAN JULIA G. WILCOX 1 BEARD SMYTHE HAXTON MAXEY JARECKI FRIDAY M. MITCHELL Fox TODD LOGIE " SKHENTNY HYSLOP SCOTT BAILEY MELCHERS MILNES SIBLEY G. SCHRADEK KENT SHELDON GARDNER MCDONALD GUDAKUNST MERNER GEDDES BUHRER WHITMAN C. MITCHELL WELLMAN LER.OY CRANE COCHRAN R. SCHRADER THOMPSON REHRIG WILCOX Page 443 Cv- r fe COLLEGIATE SOROSIS Founded 1886 University of Michigan MRS. ROBERT C. ANGELL MRS. JOSEPH BARRS Miss HELEN BATES MRS. CHRISTINE BREED MRS. JOSEPH A. BURSLEY Miss HARRIETTS BURY Miss MARGARET CAMERON Miss LYDIA CONDON MRS. VALENTINE DAVIES MRS. EARLE W. Dow MRS. EDGAR N. DURFEE MRS. HENRY M. BATES MRS. WILLIAM H. FAUST MARY ELIZABETH COOLEY MARY H. BARRETT CHRISTINE L. BAUCH ELIZABETH B. ALDERTON HELEN BLACKWOOD MARY CRISTY JEAN DE VRIES BEATRICE BARRETT THEODORA MALOY ANNE BIGELOW MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. STERLING EMERSON MRS. A. C. FURSTENBERG Miss FLORENCE GREEN MRS. CARL GUTHE MRS. HARRY HAWLEY MRS. J. GRIFFITH HAYS AIRS. T. H. HlLDENBRANDT MRS. HERMAN KLEENE Miss ALICE LLOYD Miss ANNA LLOYD MRS. EARL V. MOORE Miss NATALIE MURPHY ASSOCIATE MEMBERS MRS. JESSE S. REEVES MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Miss CAROLINE PATTENGILL MRS. GEORGE W. PATTERSON MRS. WALTER B. PILLSBURY MRS. HARRISON M. RANDALL MRS. WILLIAM H. SELLEW Miss BERTHA SHAW MRS. EDWARD SIGERFOOS MRS. CLARK SMITH MRS. AUBREY TEALDI MRS. PETER VAN BOVEN MRS. MARY WHEELER MRS. HERBERT C. SADLER MRS. RENE TALAMON ALICE RUSSELL MARY K. FLINTERMANN ANNA GRANDY JEAN Dow KATHERINE FERGUSON MARTHA M. HERRNSTEIN KATHERINE KELLEY F. DOROTHY LELAND IsOBEL HUBBARD MARY E. ROBBINS LILLIAN BURNAM TERESSA CARROW Seniors ALICE C. HIRSCHMAN MARY JANE KIRK Juniors RUTH LELAND EUGENIA LONG KATHERINE PATTERSON ADDISON PELLETIER ELEANOR PHELPS Sophomores HARRIETTS STONE LOUISE STRATTON Freshmen MARY BARR CLAY LOUISE CODY MARION E. LELAND MARIAN PARSONS MARY B. QUARTON GERALDINE RUSSELL BETTY FRAZER TUTTLE MARY BOWMAN VALENTINE Lois F. TILLEY JANE SMITH R. LELAND QUARTOV LONG FERGUSON HUBBARD HERNNSTEIN KELLEY KIRK BARRETT GRANDY HIRSCHMAN BAUCH FLINTERMANN VALENTINE PHELPS MALOY SMITH BURN AM CLAY CARROW CODY DE VRIES STONE Dow TUTTLE RrfytfLi. N PELTETI BLACKWOOD STRATTON PATTERSON ROBBINS ER BIGELOW 444 _ C $f Founded 1888 Boston University IOTA CHAPTER Established 1894 Re-established 1915 MRS. CHARLES MILLEX MRS. HORATIO ABBOTT MRS. JOHN L. BRUMM MRS. CHARLES FRIES MRS. A. F. MONTGOMERY MRS. MAHLON BUELL MRS. L. V. HEILBRUNN MRS. CHARLES MILLEN MRS. ARTHUR COVERT Miss LILLIAN GREENLAND MRS. WM. FRAYER FLORENCE M. FOSTER GLADYS E. BUEHRER KATHRYN H. FRANCIS ELLEN F. GROFF ELIZABETH J. AMERINE KATHRYN E. BUTLER ELSIE G. HOOPER PATRONESSES MRS. CARL BRAUN MRS. EDWARD KRAUS MEMBERS IN CITY Miss INEZ BOZARTH Miss GRACE RICHARDS Miss MARGARET STAIR MRS. FORTUNE MRS. T. H. LOWRY MRS. O. O. McLEiscH MRS. PAUL REHMUS Miss FRIEDA DIEKHOFF MRS. THOMAS REED MRS. CLIFFORD WOODY Miss GERALD HARD Miss GRACE MANSON Miss BEATRICE JOHNSON MlSS DORIS TwiTCHELL Miss HELEN McCALLUM Miss RUTH CARSON Miss MARION STOWE MRS. MALCOLM SOULE LUCILLE G. GROFF ELIZABETH E. HASTINGS AUDREY L. HANEY HARRIET M. MARTIN VIRGINIA H. McCoLL MEMBERS OF UNIVERSITY VIRGINIA E. HOBBS, A.B.I926 Seniors MARY A. MAC ROBERTS MARGARET E. PROBECK Juniors JOSEPHINE A. MURPHY NIMA M. NEVILLE GERTRUDE N. SCHULER ARLENE C. UNSWORTH DELIGHT H. C. BERG HELEN DAHLE CLARE M. McOMiE JEAN McOMiE Sophomores LUCILE T. JOHNSON M. JUNE MARSHALL Freshmen MILDRED M. PHELPS DORIS K. RENKENBERGER NORMA E. SNELL NINA L. SLATER ALVENA SUPERKO RUTH H. TREBILCOCK M. JANE SAGE DOROTHY E. TREBILCOCK DOROTHY WHITING MARSHALL McCoLL AMERINE DAHLE SAGE JOHNSON BERG E. GROFF HANEY SLATER SCHULER FRANCIS MURPHY R. TREBILCOCK UNSWOHTH MARTIN SNELL FOSTER MACROBERTS SUPERKO HASTINGS L. GROFF HOBBS PROBECK D. TREBILCOCK HOOPER ' RENKENBERGER WHITING BUTLER BEUHKER NEVILLE PHELPS J. McOMiE C. McOuiE - m t : - C fc g Founded 1874 Oxford Institute XI CHAPTER Established 1885 MRS. MORTIMER COOLEY MRS. RALPH AIGLER MRS. WILLIAM BROWN, JR. MRS. JOHN R. EFFINGER MRS. FRANCIS D. CURTIS JEAN SHARPE MRS. SHIRLEY SMITH OLIVE KNOWLSON RUTH MACDONALD EMILY CROWELL ALLEEN MILLER RUTH KAHN BARBARA PATTON ELIZABETH NUTT KATHARINE BAILLIE THELMA BOLIN ALICE PLATT LOUISE COOLEY KATHERINE ARNOLD MARGARET BUSH HONORARY MEMBERS MRS. HUGO THIEME MEMBERS IN FACULTY MlNA WlNSLOW MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. MAX MILLER MRS. NORMAN MILLER MRS. THEOPHILE RAPHAEL HELEN PLATT MRS. CHARLES RASH MRS. HARRY RASCHBACKER MRS. WILLIAM RUMPF MRS. HENRY SANDERS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARCELLINE O ' MEARA MRS. KARL GUTHE CATHARINE RIGGS MRS. IRVING SCOTT MRS. WILLIAM STONEMAN MRS. ARTHUR MOEHLMAN MRS. HERBERT TAGGART MRS. GARDNER WILLIAMS MARY STEER MINERVA MILLER LOUISE TURNER VIRGINIA KURTZ MARY THOMSON DOROTHY TRUETTNER MARION BRADLEY JEAN HATHAWAY MARY ALICE VOSPER DOROTHY CLIFFORD JEAN DUFFIELD JANE HICKEY Seniors DOROTHY MALCOMSON LUCILLE WALSH HELEN LARAWAY DOROTHY SCHULZE Juniors LUCY SEELEY ETHELADEL ROYCE Sophomores ELSA MILLER JANET CALVERT RUTH HEIDBREDER Freshmen VIRGINIA HOUGHTON HARRIET LAWLOR GERTRUDE SMITH DOROTHY KALMBACH ESTHER WOOD CHRISTINE DEWAR FAITH JONES MARGARET HOUSTON ISOBEL FIELD JANE OLDS VERA JOHNSTON MARJORIE LEWIS HELEN RUDOLPHI RUTH SCHNEIDER CLIFFORD HOUOHTON HEIDBHEDER RUDOLPHI DUFFIELD LAWLOR ARNOLD SMITH BUSH HICKEY OLDS CALVERT MILLER CROCKER HATHAWAY HAILLIE LEWIS BRADLEY COOLEY PLATT JOHNSTON JONES NDTT FIELD THOMSON TRUETTNEH PATTON SEELEY DEWAR TURNER WOOD SCHULZE WALSH CROWELL A. MILLER MALCOMSON KURTZ KAHN M. MILLER LARAWAY Page 4 46 $ T r3fa y. X Founded 1909 Cincinnati Conservatory XI CHAPTER Established 1924 DELTA OMICRON NATIONAL HONORARY MUSICAL SORORITY MRS. A. S. VAX SICKLE ELIZABETH COYNE RUTH E. McCuTCHEON HAZEL E. PEELLE HELEN A. STEPHENSON STELLA CLEMENT DOROTHY M. FIELD BERYL I. BROUGHTON MARGARET F. FILE THELMA M. BROWER ERMA E. CHRISTIANSON MEMBERS IN FACULTY NORA B. WETMORE MEMBERS IN CITY Seniors Junibrs Sophomores Freshmen LALAH E. VAN SICKLE BERNICE E. SUKOW FRANCES M. SWITZENBERG LUCILE GRAHAM RUTH BRADY ALICE K. SHEA IRMA E. WEDLER CHARLOTTE R. GREIST MAJEL P. OLCOTT JEANNETTE SPARLING ORMA F. WEBER SPARLING CLEMENT BROWER WEDLER MC-DEHMID CHRISTIANSON WEBER WETMOHE OLCOTT FIELD BROUOHTON VAN SICKLE . FILE GRAHAM SHEA SWITZENBERG GRIEST McCtrrcHEON COYNE BRADY STEPHENSON SUKOW PEELLE WISE VAN SICKLE Page 447 p C %f Founded 1902 Miama Univeisity ALPHA ETA CHAPTER Established 1922 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Miss RUTH SWAN MEMBERS IN CITY Miss MARTHA GILL Miss RUTH VIAL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Miss LUCILLE CORNELL, A.B. Miss SARITA DAVIS NORDA I. BEUTLER Lois A. BRASHEAR NORMA L. CASE MARION A. DANIEL NANCY D. BASSETT MARION Wo BAUSCHARD DOROTHY K. BOEHM ESTHER A. BOOZE ELIZABETH L. CRONIN JEAN L. BONISTEEL JEAN L. CURRIE ELIZABETH M. HAMEL CATHERINE E. BACKUS ALMA M. BRETSCHNEIDER MARGUERITE CORNELL Seniors ALICE C. FORTIER VIRGINIA R. GILLETTE ELAINE M. HERBERT BARBARA L. PATON FLORENCE A. POLLOCK Juniors NORMA A. GREENE HILDA A. HORNY MARY A. HOWARD HAZEL A. HUY Sophomores SHIRLEY E. KING DOROTHY M. LYONS Freshmen DOROTHY E. HAAS L. MARGARET HAWLEY HELEN B. HEILER MRS. CLARENCE KESSLER MRS. CLYDE LOVE Miss BERTHA RHINEHART EMMALOU REA ALBERTA L. SHANK THESA THOMAS MARY F. WOOLFITT MARJORIE E. JONES CONSTANCE L. LAKE DELMA M. LOYER Lois C. MARKHAM MARGARET R. PEPPLER BETTY R. PULVER MARION L. READING FRANCES A. VINCENT RUTH E. MATTESON LAURETTA M. TOWNSEND ROBBIN TOWNSLEY KING PULVER JONES PATON BONISTEEL LYONS CURRIE LAKE READING VINCENT BEUTLER HUY HOWARD BOOZE CRONIN PEPPLER LOYER BAUSCHARD GREENE BOEHM MARKHAM THOMAS GILLETTE REA WOOLFITT DANIEL SHANK BRASHEAR CASE POLLOCK L. CORNELL FORTIER HERBERT HAMEL HAWLEY HAAS BACKUS TOWNSEND TOWNSLEY HORNY BRETSCHNEIDER HEILER M. CORNELL J MATTESON Page 448 r$ Founded 1874 Syracuse University BETA CHAPTER Established 1882 Gamma Phi Beta MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. WALDO M. ABBOT MRS. EDWARD L. ADAMS MRS. JAMES BREAKEY MRS. EVERETT BROWN MRS. HENRY DOUGLAS Miss LINDA EBERBACB MRS. ALFRED FISCHER MRS. DEAN MYERS Miss ELIZABETH PIKE MRS. J. W. WANNAMAKER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARY HELLYER, A.B., ' i8L HoRTENSE HOAD, A.B. v Seniors HELEN M. QUICK MARGARET B. FITCH KATHERINE E. HUBBARD HELEN REECE MCCALLUM MARIE BURT JESSIE FORBES BARBARA HEWITT GENEVIEVE HOLMES ALICE BOURQUIN JESSIE BOURQUIN VIRGINIA BROWN KATHERINE CHASE EsTELLE D JOURNO LUCINDA J. SHERWOOD Juniors GERALDINE HOLMES MARGARET HUGHES ESTHER MERRICK RUTH MOORE VIRGINIA MOORE Sophomores VIRGINIA GLAIZE CHARLOTTE HUBBARD LAURA JOSLYN Freshmen HARRIET GRIDLEY DELPHINE JOHNSTON HELEN KORTENHOFF MRS. NATHAN POTTER Miss MABEL RANDALL MRS. WILFRED SHAW MRS. ALBERT SLATER MRS. ETHELBERT SPURRIER MRS. CHARLES WAGNER MRS. EARL WOLAVER MRS. FLOYD A. SERGEANT MRS. HOMER STRYKER FLORENCE PITTELCO, A.B. WINIFRED SMEATON, A.B. CAROLINE STEEN HELEN M. THORPE EMILY E. WOODWARD ELIZABETH MORRISON LOUISA SMITH BARBARA WHEELER GARLAND KELLOGG ELIZABETH LORCH GLADYS MARTIN RUTH PITTELCO DOROTHY McKEE LORRAINE WERNER GENEVIEVE HOLMES HELLYER J. BOURQCIN A. BOURQUIN FORBES HUGHES LORCH WHEELER BURT GERALDINE HOLMES KELLOGG SMITH HEWITT V. MOORE STEEN FITCH SHERWOOD WOODWARD QUICK THORPE R, MOORE KORTENHOFF JOHNSTON CHASE BROWN DEJOURNO PITTELCO WERNER] JOSLYN GRIDLEY McKEE Page 440 - C f g o Founded 1870 De Pauw University ETA CHAPTER Established 1879 Re-established 1893 Iheteu O MRS. S. L. BIGELOW MRS. ALICE WOODBRIDGE MRS. J. F. LAURENCE MRS. L. I. BREDVOLD MRS. R. J. CARNEY MRS. A. M. HIGHLEY MRS. THEOPHILE KLINGMAN MRS. A. G. RUTHVEN MRS. GEORGE SWAIN MRS. F. B. VEDDER SELMA ALEXANDER ROMAINE BUSCH MYRA Lu DEACON PATRONESSES Miss ALICE CROCKER MRS. S. C. WHEAT MEMBERS IX CITY MRS. J. J. WALSER MRS. E. E. WEIMAN MRS. C. J. WHITLOW MRS. C. S. YOAKUM MRS. ORLIN BOSTON MRS. H. C. ADAMS Miss JANET CUMMINGS VIRGINIA Fox CHARLOTTE HALLER VIRGINIA KERSEY Seniors ALICE MCDONALD VIRGINIA SANDS MARGARET SEAMEN FLORENCE WOLFE GLADYS ALLEN FRANCES ANDREAE DOROTHY BAIRD EDNA BALZ MURIEL ANDERSON ELLEN GRINNELL ELIZABETH BRIGHT MARGARET FEAD MARTHA BRANTINGHAM LOUISE EASTMAN DOROTHY HERRICK HELEN KEMPF Juniors KATHRYN KYER HELEN LADD ALICE McRiLL JOSEPHINE MITTS MRS. F. H. YOST MRS. JAMES INGLIS MRS. H. L. WILGUS Miss WINIFRED HOBBS Miss RUBY HOWE Miss DOROTHY KETCHAM Miss ADA OLSEN Miss ODINA OLSEN Miss GAY WILGUS Miss MARIAN PETERSON FLORINE STORREY WILMA WHITEHEAD MARJORIE WILSON MARY LOUISE MURRAY JUNE SLOMER JEANNE TREMBLY MARGUERITE WIDMAN MARGARET WILKINSON GERTRUDE HOLTON MARGARET MOORE LOUISE MURRAY RUTH PENZEL KATHERINE RUTHVEN Sophomores OLIVE NICHOLS MARGARET TRAPHAGENN JANET UPJOHN Freshmen GRACE STRAND VIRGINIA TROWBRIDGE FLORENCE WATCHPOCKET MARIAN I. WIDMAN JEAN WALLACE DOROTHY WOODROW ANDERSON SLOMER GRINELL M. I. WIDMAN L. MURRAY LADD BRANTINGHAM UPJOHN MrRiLL WILKINSON HF.KHICK EASTMAN BALZ KEMPF KYER ANDBEAE BAIRD ALLEN TREMBLY M. E. WIDMAN M. L. MURRAY MITTS DEACON ALEXANDER Fox WHITEHEAD BUSCH SPORREY WOLFE HALLER SEAMAN MACDONALD WILSON SANDS KERSEY WOODHOW STRAND WATCHPOCKET HOLTON TROWBRIDGE TRAPHAGEN MOORE PENZEL BRIGHT RUTHVEN FEAD Page 430 ez j Founded 1897 Virginia State Normal SIGMA ZETA CHAPTER Established 1921 MRS. HARRY BACHER MRS. CLIFFORD MELOCHE ELLEN STEVENSON, A.B. HELEN LOFTUS, A.B. MARY DIETRICH VELDA BOGART ELEANOR STEEL VESTA DEWrn- ELLEN STEVENSON, A.B. MRS. LEON MAKIELSKI DOROTHY ALDRICH GERALDINE AUBREY FERN CROSBY RUTH DRIVER DOROTHY Fox BUELAH HARGER GLADYS APPELT MARGARET COLE MARIAN DAVIDSON CECIL HATHAWAY RUTH ALLEN IRENE COOK MADGE GARDNER DORIS HICKS ALICE BLOME Lois CASSAR REBECCA COLE PATRONESSES MRS. SOLOMON GINGERICH MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. ARTHUR STEELE ELLA HYMANS, A.B. MRS. HAROLD JOHNSON MRS. ALBERT KERLIKOWSKI MRS. CLIFFORD MELOCHE MRS. CARL RUFUS Seniors ERNESTINE FREEMARK MARGARET HOWBRIDGE FLORENCE HUNT MARION KUBIK MARGARET MC.NALLY Junior} NELLIE HOOVER DOROTHY INGALLIS RUTH JAMESON Sophomores JANET JONES IRENE KYNAST SHIRLEY McDowELL ELIZABETH MC!NTOSH Freshmen KATHRYN EVANS MARY EVANS JEAN HEGWOOD MRS. ROY W. COWDEN MRS. EDSON R. SUNDERLAND ELLA HYMANS, A.B. ELSIE TOWNSEND, A.B. MRS. EDSON R. SUNDERLAXD MRS. DONALD TIMMERMAN MRS. HERBERT TWINING FLORENCE COATS ELSIE TOWNSEND, A.B. HELEN LOFTUS RUTH NIELSON ELIZABETH PAR KER ELIZABETH RUSSEL CATHERINE SCOTT CHARLOTTE SEATON JULIA WILSON- PAULINE MARKHAM EVELYN OGBORN FAY SMEAD MILDRED SOMMER FLORENCE PANGBORN PAULINE SPRING BELLE VAN DE WATER ELIZABETH WRIGHT MARGARET HUEY FLORENCE MAPLE ELIZABETH ZABEL HTJEY ZABEL HEHWOOD M. EVANS MAPLE BLOME CASSAR K. EVANS MC!NTOSH R. COLE SPRING M. COLE WRIGHT PANGBORN JONES COOK GARDNER HICKS VAN DE WATER McDowELL ALLEN HOOVER HATHAWAY MARKHAM SEATON SOMMER DAVIDSON COLE ING ALLS OGBORN SMEAD APPELT TOWNSEND CROSBY DRIVER HUNT NIELSEN WILSON MCNALLY HARGER AUBREY HOWBRIDGE FREEMARK KUBIK SCOTT ALDRICH JAMESON RUSSEL Fox PARKER Page 4ji g- gfos s Founded 1870 Monmouth College BETA DELTA CHAPTER Established 1890 DR. MARGARET BELL MRS. MAUDE SHEMM MRS. A. O. LEE MRS. R. Miss E. MRS. W MRS. J. MRS. E. Miss F. MRS. R. MRS. S. G. ADAMS BEARD . J. BOOTH BRADFIELD A. BYRUM . CROCKER E. DIETERLE DONALDSON- MARGARET BUCK LuELLA CUDLIP WANDA HESS F. ELLIOTT BELL DOROTHY DAY MARY C. EMERY MARGARET H. BREER LINWOOD BOPE KATHERINE GEROW MURIEL BADGER PATRONESSES MRS. SAMUEL MOORE MRS. M. L. BURTON MRS. JOHN SUNDWALL MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. EWEN MRS. F. M. GREENWOOD MRS. P. S. LOVEJOY MRS. H. S. MALLORY MRS. McMuRRY MRS. J. B. MOORE MRS. E. E. NELSON MRS. D. C. PACK Miss S. PARKER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARJORIE HEWITT MARY THEO LOCKE MRS. L. A. BARRETT MRS. STANLEY STEVENS MRS. A. S. WHITNEY MRS. A. B. PECK MRS. L. B. PHILLIPS MRS. H. T. McPHALE Miss H. PRESTON- MRS. J. VAN SICKLE MRS. M. T. SOLVE MRS. B. H. WALKER MRS. WILDE MARGARET RICE MARY SIDER RUTH WEAVER IRENE FIELD RUTH TUTTLE MARGARET HUDSON- LOUISE BRIGGS MARION KEYSER MARY ALICE MOORE HELEN BEERY ELEANOR BEYER Seniors LOUISE HUMPHREYS FREDERICKA MARSTON CATHERINE KELDER Juniors PHYLLIS LOUGHTON MARY VAN DEURSEN Sophomores ELIZABETH STRUTHERS HELEN WESCOTT Freshmen ELIZABETH ANN HUMPHREY ELFRIDA PETERSON ESTHER TUTTLE HELEN RUSH LOUISE PIGGOTT RUTH YERKES LILLIAN SETCHELL LOUGHTON WEHCOTT STRUTHEKB MOORE YERKES GEROW RICE PIGGOTT RUSH HUMPHREYS FIELD BELL BRIGGS BREER EMERY R. TUTTLE HUDSON VAN DEURSEN KELDER E. TUTTLE BUCK MARSTON BADGER DAY KEYSER PETERSON SETCHELL HUMPHREYS BEYER BEERY Bo PE yc Page 452 -c % Founded 1903 Metropolitan College of Music GAMMA CHAPTER Established 1904 MU PHI EPSILON NATIONAL HONORARY MUSICAL SORORITY HONORARY MEMBERS CARRIE JACOBS-BOND SOPHIE BRASLAU CECILE CHAMINADE JULIA GULP MME. MARGUERITE D ' ALVEREZ EMMY DESTINN GERALDINE FARRAR MAUDE FAY MABEL GARRISON LUCY GATES THELMA GIVEN KATHERINE GOODSON MRS. JESSIE L. GAYNOR ALMA GLUCK MME. OSBORNE HANNAH FRANCES ADAMS BLOSSOM BACON TYBEL NURMAN KATHERINE BUHRER MARY CASE MARJORY CHAVANELLE MARGUERITE COOK DOROTHY COZAD MARY CUMINGS ELIZABETH DAVIES ACTIVE MEMBERS GRACE GLOVER HELEN HARTMAN HELEN HAYS ETHEL HAUSER CATHERINE JOHNSON VERA JOHNSON GRACE J. KONOLD EDITH B. KOON THELMA LEWIS MARY MARTIN MME. SCHUMANN-HEINK MARGARET KEYS OLIVE KLINE ETHEL LEGINSKI TINA LERNER NINA MORGANA ALICE NIELSEN GuiOMAR NOVAES ROSA PONSELLE ROSA RAISA MYRNA SHARLOW MARIE SUNDELIUS MME. MARGUERITA SYLVA MAGGIE TEYTE PRINCESS TSIANINA Lois MAIER EMILY MUTTER RUTH MOORE EUNICE NORTHRUP VIOLA RICHARDS HELEN SHERRARD FERN SHOTT DOROTHY SIMMONS CAROLINE SLEPICA ANGELINE WILSON SHERRARD SLIPICKA HAUSER MOORE C. JOHNSON RICHARDS BACON GLOVER BURMAN HARTMAN MARTIN CUMINGS HAYS NORTHHUP DAVIES CHAVANELLE WILSON BUHRER KOON ADAMS LEWIS COOK SIMMONS V. JOHNSON SHOTT CASE . , x 31 -c gls sr G m, VVlLMA A. GwlNNER, A.B. BERNICE O ' TOOLE, A.B. ELEANORE G. THEWS, A.B. u VJamma, 11 In MEMBERS IN CITY HAZEL CORBETT ANNE I. MILLER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors FLORENCE L. CROSS MADALINE M. FITZGERALD FLORENCE M. FRIBLEY JEANNETTE E. BADGER ALICE E. BROWN MARGUERITE ERNST ELIZABETH FAIRBAIRX DOROTHY E. EVANS RACHEL E. GROHMAN NEVA D. KORKINSKY EVA A. WRIGHT Juniors Sophomores DOROTHY K. WILLIAMS Freshmen KATHERINE A. MILLER Founded 1924 LOCAL CHAPTER AGNES ULBERG, A.B. BLANCHE VINCENT, A.B. MARY H. WILLIAMS, A.B. HELEN I. RITTERSHOFER MARY SIMPSON, A.B. ALICE E. LEHTINEN LENORE F. NOGGLE GLADYS A. THIBAUT JOSEPHINE FARCAS ALICE-MARIE HYMA DORIS E. MOBLEY VIOLET B. ROETHKE CATHERINE D. SCHOLL JEAN STEWART DOROTHY C. SULLIVAN SCHOLL GHAHMAN KOHHINSKY HYMA BADGER STEWART EVANS WILLIAMS BROWN MOBLEV FARCUS NOOOLE CORBETT FAIRBAIRN ERNST SULLIVAN FRIBLEY WRIGHT LITENIN ROETHKE FITZGERALD CKOS THIBAUT fe -= r- -C fS Sr-==gS%g I Founded 1922 ETA CHAPTER Seniors ESTHER I. BANK ANNE B. CAPLAN HENNA L. KAPLAN HILDA FIERER RUTH FIERER GUSTA GOLDBERG HELEN M. BIALOSKY GRACE S. EDELMAN FREIDA BOLOTIN JENNIE ox Juniors Sophomores Freshmen CLARINE R. LEVY BEATRICE MINTZ MIRIAM M. OLDEX FLORENCE P. MORRISON M. RAE PITZELE CONSTANCE R. BIDDER ANNETTE FISHER PEARL B. WALDMAN TYBEL S. BURMAN LILLIAN KOVINSKY BANK CAPLAN FISHER fox MORRISON H. FIERER BIDDER R. FIEREH KAPLAN OLDEN LEVY GOLDBERG EDELMAN MINTZ BURMAN WALDMAN BOLOTIN BIALOSKY PITZELE o A ; . - sJtC les eiJS ss - r- Sf s S g g Founded 1867 Monmouth College MICHIGAN BETA CHAPTER Established 1888 MRS. ALBERT M. BARRETT MRS. HUGH CABOT MRS. ARCHIBALD W. DIACK MRS. MARTIN L. D ' OocE MRS. FRANCIS W. KELSEY MRS. ISRAEL C. STANLEY MRS. F. H. ALDRICH MRS. PAUL BARKER MRS. HARRY BARNETT MRS. CHARLES SCOTT BERRY MRS. ALLENE BIRK VIVIAN CHEATHAM MRS. PALMER CHRISTIAN MRS. ALICE CHRISTENSEN HELEN AUSTIN GRACE BECKHAM ALICE CALLENDER CATHERINE E. GRINDLEY GERTRUDE B. GULICK KATHARINE FROHNE EDWINA B. HOGADONE ELIZABETH BEIS MARY BURNS ELOISE AVERY DOROTHY O. DART MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. D. C. CHIPMAN HOPE CHIPMAN MRS. ALBERT L. CLARKE, JR. MRS. CHARLES D. COGSHALL MRS. D. H. CONDIT MRS. F. L. CONGER RUTH DEEMER MRS. J. J. EVERETT- MRS. CHARLES FISHER MRS. OTTO .HAISLEY MRS. HOMER L. HEATH MRS. G. CARL HUBER MRS. G. M. IBBOTSON JOSEPHINE LANG Seniors HELEN MOORE JESSICA E. NIXON FRANCES O ' BRIEN FRANCES P. PARRISH MARGARET A. PURDY Juniors MARIAN WELLES FLORENCE WERTEL Sophomores FLORA SUTCLIFFE BETTY BRUCE VANANTWERP NATAHNE VINCENTI Freshmen ELIZABETH DEVoL LORINDA A. MCANDREW VIRGINIA LOSEE ESTHER A. PRYOR LLOYD HUSTON MAE KELLER DOROTHY D. LAUVER FLORENCE I. LAWSON FRANCES E. MODE HARRIETT LOWRIE ELSIE E. MURRAY MARGARET CRAMTON RUTH KITCHEL FERN B. SCHOTT MRS. GEORGE E. LEWIS MARIAN McKiNNEY MRS. WALTER V. MARSHALL BEATRICE OMANS MRS. HENRY E. RIGGS MRS. ROY Ross MRS. HERBERT SHAW FRANCES SWIFT MRS. HERBERT UPTON MRS. DON VAN WINKLE MRS. LEROY C. WATERMAN MRS. ALBERT E. WHITE MRS. ALBERT H. WHITE MRS. GEORGE WULP DORIS M. ROBISON HELEN L. SEARIGHT DOROTHY B. TISCH ELEANOR VERDIER MARY J. WHITE HELEN WARNER Lois WOODRUFF RACHEL ROBBINS LOWRIE WERTEL VINCENTI WOODRUFF SCHOTT BEIS WARNER KITCHEL GULICK AUSTIN WELLES MURRAY CALLENDER GRINDLEY VERDIER NIXO.N BECKHAM WHITE H USTON PARRISH TISCH MOORE PURDY O ' BRIEN KELLER LAUVER ROBISON SEARIGHT SUTCLIFFE CRAMTON FHOHNE MCANDREW LOSEE AVERY DE VOL DART ROBBINS PRYOH !S Sf Founded 1903 University of Michigan ALPHA CHAPTER BYRL BACKER MARIAN S. F ' REEMAN NORA CRANE HUNT GRACE AYRES HELEN BATES ELIZABETH CAMPBELL FRANCES CASPARI EMMA FISCHER CROSS BLANCH GALLUP CHARLOTTE BURTT ANITA BYERS MARTHA GUERNSEY DONNA ESSELSTYN PAULINE KAISER BESSIE SICKLES ROUSSEAU CRISWELL HOPE BAUER MARGUERITE WELLMAN DOROTHY WILSON LOUISE RUSSEL SIGMA ALPHA IOTA NATIONAL PROFESSIONAL MUSICAL SORORITY MEMBERS IN FACULTY MARTHA MERKEL MAUD OKKELBERG MABEL RHEAD MEMBERS IN CITY LOUISE GAYLORD ORA HOPKINS STELLA HUNT HESTER REED GEHRIXG ALICE LOYD WINIFRED MOWER ACTIVE MEMBERS GLADYS SCHRAEDER HELEN LARAWAY DOROTHY MALCOMSON VIRGINIA HOBBS ROSELLE RIDER ALICE FAUCH KATE KEITH FIELD Pledges MARGARET STEWART MARJORIE JONES ROBERTA DUNLAP CECILIA FINE HELEN FAGG HELEN VAHL NELL STOCKWELL DONA ESSELSTYN HELEN SCHNEIDER ESTHER WILSON FRIEDA WISHROPP ODINNA OLSEN CLAIRE GRIFFIN JEANETTE FRASER WIEDER PEARL REIMAN VIRGINIA TICE JUEL WILSON RUTH BALDWIN BELVA TIBBALS EDITH MARY WOODARD FRANCINA FEAD LOTTIE HUTZEL OPAL COOTE LUCILE HOWE RUTH RUBEN CRISWELL BAUEB WELLMAN WILSON STEWART JONES DUNLOP DEINZER FINE FAGG FEAD HUTZEL COOTE HOWE FAUCH REIMAN VAN DER VELPEN-REAUME RUSSELL RUBEN RIDER GUERNSEY. TICE KAISER HOBBS WOODARD TIBBALS LARAWAY PC Pag ' 457 a , , x C W = =r s si2 s% E. PAULINE CANBY LUCILLE CANBY MARGARET LORD PHYLLIS E. DELF BARBARBA ABBOTT MARGERY F. BARNES ALICE M. GOUDY ITHMER COFFMAN MAURINE JONES GRACE MAASS LUCILE CUTLER EVELYN FISHER FLORA KEMPF Founded 1874 Colby College ALPHA MU CHAPTER Established 1923 MEMBERS IN CITY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors DOROTHY HAGEN MARGARET S. MARTIN- MARGARET SHERMAN Juniors VIVIAN PRATT ISABEL STONE Sophomores MARIAN FISHER JEAN McDANEL Freshmen KATHERINE PURCELL BERNADINE WINTON MILLIE MOORMAN GEORGIANA K. PEET MRS. WILLIAM RUTEN DORTHEA McCLURE PAULINE SUMMY DOROTHY WORKMAN MARY CUMINGS OLIVE WALKER PAULINE ZOLLER ANNETTE CHRISTIANSEN ALLETTA MORTON MARGARET ZAHM HELEN RUPP x. HAOEN ABBOTT MORTON ZOLLEH JONES CUTLER GOUDY COFFMAN STONE WALKER M. FISHER CUMINGS SHERMAN ZAHM KEMPF McDANEL WORKMAN E. FISHER MAASS WINTON CHRISTIANSEN BARNES MARTIN SUMMY RUPP PUHCELL PRATT Page 458 $ 3fc z $ Founded 1912 University of Michigan ALPHA CHAPTER ElLINE DONOHUE MRS. FRED ENSMINGER CATHERINE MORIARITY M. JOYCE ANDERSON RUTH E. BRADY MARGARET M. GRIEVE M. PATRICIA HODGSON ELIZABETH C. BLACK JOSEPHINE E. COLLINS MADALYN R. D ' AMOUR MARY E. BOWEN MARGARET C. CAREY JEANETTE DRESSLER MEMBERS IN FACULTY LAURA M. DAVIS MEMBERS IN CITY JOSEPHINE STEARNS Seniors KATHLEEN KELLEHER MARIAN M. KIELY KATHRYN M. MRS. JOSEPHINE QUARRY MILDRED RAUNER EDMARIE SCHRAUDER Juniors HELEN M. ESTABROOK HELEN T. FINDLEY MARIAN KARBOSKI JULIA A. KERWIN Sophomores IRENE E. DRUEKE Freshmen MARGARET E. MEANWELL ELIZABETH M. MURPHY MERCEDES O ' BRIEN KATHRYN L. SCHRAUDER EVELYN C. PRATT ALICE K. SHEA MARY L. WEDEMEYER KATHLEEN P. DONOVAN THOMA E. SUTTON HELEN O ' HARA O ' HARA BLACK SHEA DRUEKE WEDEMEYER COLLINS DONOVAN HODGSON KELLEHER . FINDLEY LE MIRE O ' BRIEN SCHRAUDEH BRADY KIELY MURPHY MEANWELL SUTTON KARBOSKI D ' AMOUR ANDERSON PRATT BOWEN ESTABROOK DHESSLEH KERWIN 5 Page 459 - fll2 r- C %f O Founded 1898 Virginia State Normal ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Established 1919 MRS. LELAND JONES GLADYS SPINNING, A.B. HELEN CRAWFORD ALICE FELSKE EMMA GOODWILLIE MARY Jo BUENTING FRANCIS HUBBARD EDITH JACKSON GRACE ERWIN HELEN GIRARD HELEN GUSTINE AGNES HOFFMAN EVELYN BLAIR FLORENCE CLEMENT MEMBERS IN CITY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors HELEN KAGAY MABEL NEEF MARJORIE RIED Juniors MARIAN KNIGHT LENORE LONG Sophomores HELEN HOBSON ELEANOR JACKSON ELEANOR KENNEY NINA LINDSTROM Freshmen NELLIE HAMEL MRS. E. D. DICKINSON ESTHER RENFREW, A.B. MILDRED SCAMAHORNE JANET SINCLAIR CORNELIA WALKER LUCILLE ISBELL ANN SAYLOR CATHERINE WATERS CAROLYNE KELLY MERLE RAINE MAURGARETTE ROBY ELEANOR SHORT MARGARET OHLSON DOROTHY STRAUB RAINE SHORT E. L. JACKSON HOBSON HOFFMAN KELLY GUSTINE GIHARD WATERS ISBELL BUENTING KNIOHT LONG E. E. JACKSON SAYLOR RIED CRAWFORD KAOAY NEEF FF.LSKE GOODWILLIE WALKER SCAMAHORNE ROBY BLAIR HAMEL ERWIN OHLSON CLEMENT STHAUB KENNEY SINCLAIR LlNDSTROM Page 460 . - c $f MRS. E. C. GODDARD MRS. E. D. SlJNDERLAND BOARD OF GOVERNORS DR. CAROLINE ROBBINS PHOEBE WANG MRS. ALTA M. SCHULE, Social Director GRADUATE STUDENTS MRS. C. L. WASHBURXE MRS. H. L. ROBINS WEI D. DJANC ELIZABETH LONG LAURA BARTZ ISABELLE BALLENTINE SYLVIA BAIRD MARJORIE HOLDEN THEI.MA AVERY ELIZABETH ASSET JENNIE Fox DOROTHY HANNA DOROTHEA BOWERS KATHRYN DIAMOND HELEN FEWTRELL Juniors MARY McLEESE BERTHA BORTON SADIE WOODRUFF Sophomores HELEN KRAVE GERTRUDE Fox JOSEPHINE SMITH Freshmen ELIZABETH LsRoY ELIZABETH MACAULEY CHARLOTTE SHAW FLOSSIE TOMKINSON EDITH NORMAN ELLA WEBB DOROTHY SOEHRENS CHRISTINE STEEN CAROLYN FISHER FRANCES LOONEY TOMKINSON WEBB WOODRUFF G. Fox MACAULEY LEROV ROBBINS LOONEY STEEN DJANG SHAW . BALLENTINE BOWERS BAHTZ SMITH FEWTRELL DIAMOND LONG WANG HANNA BORTON HOLDEN McLEESE Fox KHAVE BAIHD SOEHRENS AVERY NORMAN FISHER Page 461 rtfk s P umnae nouse FRANCES BROEXE LEONE PROCHXOXV FLORENCE ANDERSON CECELIA DOLENGA MARIAN COVINGTON KATHLEEN JOSLIN EMMA McKAY MILDRED ELLISON VIVIEN BULLOCH MARIAN CRIPPEN Seniors HELEN PARMELEF. Juniors MARY WINTERS Sophomores LUCILLE MAHR Freshmen GERTRUDE TOWNSEND Social Director Business .Manager FRANCES HATCH TREVA LUNEKE GRACE PETERS ALICE TWAMLEY CECELIA " ALLIE CATHERINE McKiNVEN FRANKIE CULPEPPER MARGARET HUEY DOLENOA CULPF.PPER WINTERS McKAl HUEY MAHR LCNEKE CRIPPEN BULLOCH TWAMLEY TOWXSEXD COVIN-QTON JOSLIN PROCHNOW BROENE HATCH VALUE PETERS Page 462 o MRS. DEAN W. MYERS MRS. ELROY JONES BOARD OF GOVERNORS Miss GRACE RICHARDS Miss RUBY HOWE . Miss KATHLEEN HAMM Miss HELEN HADLEY Miss MILDRED HARDY DOROTHY ALLISON . MARGARET HOLT HARRIET FOLEY VIRGINIA READ DOROTHY SWARTOUT HELEN EDWARDS MADELYN DANKERS LUCILLE BERESFORD MARGARET BABCOCK SHU-TING DOROTHY ALLISON THELMA ANTON- ANNA ARNOLD DOROTHY CURRIE MARY Lou DUNNEBACKE MARIAN ANDERSON KATHRYN S. BENNETT MURIEL BRIER MARY ALICE CASE MADELYN G. DANKERS CLETUS FAGAN MARGARET BARRUS MARGARET BECK GERTRUDE BENHAM LUCILLE MARY BERESFORD HELEN M. BROWN MARY T. BRENNAN JEAN CAMPBELL RUTH CHAN- JESSIE CHURCH ESTHER ANDERSON VIRGINIA ARMS ELOISE AVERY MARGARET C. BABCOCK BETH J. BARRA DOROTHY BECK DOROTHY BLOOM MARY LOUISE BROWN- LOUISE CODY HOUSE STAFF HOUSE OFFICERS MRS. JULIUS O. SCHLOTTENBECK Miss FANDIRA CROCKER Director Business Manager Night Chafer one . Night Chaperon . President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Social Chairman Senior Representative Junior Representative Sophomore Representative Freshmen Representiatre GRADUATES Seniors HELEN L. EDWARDS HELEN HADLEY LEAH HAZARD LYDIA R. KAHN Juniors HARRIET K. FOLEY KATHARINE FROHNE MILDRED HARDY MARGARET P. HOLT DOROTHY MOREHOUSE Sophomore ROBERTA DUMLOP HELEN HARTWELL MARGARET HOLMAN LUCILLE E. HOWE SHIRLEY E. KING VIRGINIA KUNERT HELEN M. LATTING AGNES MATTSON FRANCES V. MILLER Freshmen MARJORIE E. FOLLMER MOLLY GOODELL HERMA GRABOWSKY BARBARA HEWITT JANE HICKEY HARRIET LAWLOR VIRGINIA A. LOSEE DOROTHY S. MAPEL LORINDA A. McANDREW HIDE SHOHARA HSAIO Lu CHARLOTTE RAY FRANCES M. RUDELL CHARLENE E. SHILAND YAE TANAKA DOROTHY SHORE DOROTHY K. SWARTOUT ELOIS TYGERT AUDREY WRIGHT EDITH A!ARY WOODARD HELEN F. WOOTON KATHERINE OHMING MARY PTOLEMY BETTY PULVER VIRGINIA L. READ ALICE ROWLEY ELIZABETH A. SMITHER GERTRUDE STINE Ross STRASSER JANET UPJOHN DOROTHY GAIL McKEE ELIZABETH MIDWORTH HELEN F. PARMENTER HELEN RUDOLPHI ERWILLI SCHNEIDER GERTRUDE A. SMITH LOUISA SOUKUP JEAN B. WALLACE AILENE MAE YEO Page 463 s - 5 X Hall " louse CATHERINE CAKE CATHERINE HANSEN RUTH HOLLINGER GERTRUDE HOLT.ON ELCYE BIRD FREDA McMiLLAX KATHERINE HICKEY ETHEL WILKINSON Juniors MARY FRANCES TURNEY Sophomores Freshmen MILDRED FLANAGAN ALICE McRiLL ETHADEL ROYCE MARGARET ELIZABETH SMITH EDNA RICHARDS DOROTHY HOOKER JANICE UNDEM UNDEH BIRD HOLTON MCMILLAN HICKEY RICHARDS SMITH HOLLINGEK HANSEN McRiLL ROYCE WILKINSON CAKE FLANAGAN Page 464 - gfc g ' - Newberry Residen MRS. ALEIX C. ANGELL MRS. A. W. DIACK Miss CLAIRE SANDERS MRS. L. B. HASTINGS Miss NELL ROYER MARGARET SMITH . MARTHA ROBINSON . LESLIE FRANCE AGATHA MCRACKEN FANNY BAKER LUCILE BEEBE MADELINE BOWERS MEIRODINE CASE RUTH HIRSCHMAN ESTHER JOHNSON KATHERINE CAMPBELL ELIZABETH CLARKSON ADELE DEGRAW ADELE EWELL ALICE FELLOWS ALICE LOUISE FOUCH DOROTHY GARTER MARGARET ARTHUR JANE BARNES MARY BURNS HELEN CARREL LUCILE DEINZER KATHERINE DEXTER HILDA MARY EVANS ELEANOR ABBOTT KATHRYN ABBOTT KATHERINE ARNOLD EVELYN BLAIR ALICE BLOME EVELYN BUMGARNER MARGARET BUSH BOARD OF DIRECTORS HOUSE STAFF HOUSE OFFICERS Seniors EVLYNE JOHNSON ELIZABETH KNAPP RUTH LAMBERT FRANCIS MACK AGATHA MCCRACKEN EVELYN MURRAY Juniors V. VALERIE GATES GERTRUDE GREENWALD LUCILE HAMILTON MIRIAM HOSMER KATHERINE KELLEY VIVIAN LAJEUNESSE KATHERINE LARDNER JEAN McKAic Sophomores RUTH FINE LESLIE FRANCE MILDRED FRANDSEN ELIZABETH GLASPIE HAZEL GROVER MARIE HARTWIG TERESA JONAITIS Freshmen DOROTHY Cox HELEN FELLOWS DONNA FLEMING DOROTHY GRIFFITH HELEN GROSS ELIZABETH HEMENGER LOUISE MclNTYRE MILDRED MYERS ce MRS. HENRY W. DOUGLAS MRS. HENRY B. JOY Miss ALICE LLOYD Social Director Business Manager President f ' ice-President Secretary Treasurer JOSEPHINE Ross HARRIETTE SMITH MARGARET SMITH ELIZABETH THOMAS MARYON WELLS HELEN YOUNG ADELINE O ' BRIEN HELEN PARKER NOMA REID MARTHA ROBINSON LOUISE SKILLEN ELSIE SMITH LAURA SOULE ANNA MERRILL OLIVE NICHOLS HULDA SMITH HELEN STONE HELEN TOMPKINS JOSEPHINE WELCH ELIZABETH WELLMAN ELIZABETH MIZNER HELEN PRATT HlLDEGARDE ScHUEREN ALICE SHERMAN HELEN TERRY VIRGINIA TROWBRIDGE ELIZABETH ULLRICH C Pve 465 - 3 %$ $ g - fs (I (Dartha Cook Dormitory BOARD OF GOVERNORS MRS. ANNE SHIPMAN STEVENS Miss EMILIE SARGENT MlSS I ' LVA FoRNCROOK Miss FRANCES C. MACK Miss ALICE M. GRAHAM Miss PRISCILLA REICHERT HOUSE STAFF EDITH WOOLLETT MARION VAN HORN . DOROTHY SEEBER MAXINE SHINKMAN RUTH SMITH DOROTHY MACF.ACHROX HOUSE OFFICERS MRS. HARRY C. BULKLEY Director House Treasurer . House Director Night Chaperone President . I ' ice-President Secretary Treasurer Senior Representative Junior Representative RUTH ALE MARY ALLSHOUSE DOROTHY ARBAUGH KAMAL ARLICK JANET ARMITAGE MARGARET BAGLEY HARRIETT BARBOUR HELEN BEAUMONT ESTHER BELCHER RACHEL BELL QUEENIE BERKOVITZ MARGARET BERZ ELIZABETH BLACK HELEN BLADES ANNE BRISTOL HELEN BROWN IRMA BURNS CHARLOTTE BURTT LOUISE CLARK MARGARET CLARKE DOROTHY COMINS AMNA COPE PERSIS COPE BERENICE CORNELL ELIZABETH COYNE FLORENCE CUMINGS MARY CUMINGS MARIE CURTISS MARGARET CUTTING MARION DANKERS DOROTHY DAY MARJORIF. DECKER JEAN DE RIES Ao Dju HARRIET DONALDSON VIRGINIA EARL IONE ELY MARI FICHTEL CECELIA FINE LUCILLE Fox DOROTHY FRIED Page 466 Student Residents ENID GLEN GRACE GLOVER MARIAN GREENE NORMA GREENE MARIAN GROESBECK PHYLLIS GULICK DOROTHY HAGEN ADALAIDE HARRSEN ESTHER HAVIKHORST JANET HEITSCH MARGARET HOLDERMAN MARY HORN HILDA HORNY MABELLE HUMPHREY YERCHANIK ISKENDERIAN HELEN JOHNSON ELEANOR KIEL JANET KINNANE WINIFRED KIRSCHMAN GRACE KRATZ ELIZABETH LANE CATHERINE LEARNED GWENDOLYN LONG DOROTHY MCEACHRON FRANCES McCoRMicK HARRIET McMiLLAN MADELINE MARGAH JOSEPHINE MEGARO MARGARET MEYER LILLIAN MILLER CHARLOTTE MOORE HELEN MOORE MITSU MOTODA MARGARETTE NICHOLS VERA NORTH ELIZABETH NORTON MARGARET OCKER KATHERINE PARSONS MARIAN PATCH JANICE PECK ELEANOR PHEI.PS SHUI CHING YANG FLORENCE POWERS LOUISE PRESSLER PRISCILLA REICHERT MADRA Rix TECKLA ROSENBUSCH VIRGINIA RUCKMAN LYDIA RUDOLPH NETTIE SCHULERT DOROTHY SEEBER MARY SHAW LOUISE SHIER MAXINE SHINKMAN DOROTHY SHULZE MARGARET SHULZE THELMA SHUPE BELLE SIEGEL DOROTHY SIGLER FLORENCE SMITH RUTH SMITH ALICE STARKWEATHER CHARLOTTE STEPHENS MARGUERITE STEVENS MARION STEVENS STELLA STUROS JANET SYMONDS RHODA TUTHILL CECELIA VANDENBOSSCHE MARGUERITE VANDER CLOCK RUTH VAN GILDER MARION VAN HORN- ALICE VLIET BERNICE WAGNER MARION WELSH VIRGINIA WHIPPLE MARY LOUISE WHITACRE LOUISE WILSON HELEN WISE EDITH WOOLLETT MARJORIE WOOLLETT HELEN WOLTER ALICE WORDEN HONOR (Women) C $f M. E. MILLER SMITH HUMPHREYS DREIFUS HIRSCHMAX MURRAY McNALLY KUBIK WALSH FIELD NICHOLS M. MILLER MORTARBOARD National Senior Honorary Society for Women OFFICERS IRENE R. FIELD MARGARET A. McNALLY . LUCILLE WALSH MARGARETTE I. NICHOLS . President Vice-President Treasurer . Secretary HONORARY MEMBER Miss JEAN HAMILTON MEMBERS MYRA F. DREIFUS RUTH C. HIRSCHMAN LOUISE HUMPHREYS MARION E. KUBIK MINERVA E. MILLER MARJORIE MILLER EVELYN M. MURRAY CYNTHIA B. SMITH - 2r Page 468 ' S ffi 7r af g . !kt " 5c KAHN EDWARDS S n in ARNOLD DOSTEH MURRAY ALLISON- HIHSCHMAN SHILAND DHEIFUB ALLSHOUSE NICHOLS SENIOR SOCIETY Honorary Society For Independent Women OFFICERS MYRA F. DREIFUS . CHARLENE SHILAND . MARY ALLSHOUSE . RUTH HIRSCHMAN . PATRONESSES MRS. CLARENCE COOK LITTLE DOROTHY G. ALLISON ANNA B. ARNOLD HARRIET DONALDSON ETRURIA DOSTER MEMBERS MARGARET M. SMITH . President Fice-President . Secretary Treasurer MRS. MYRA B. JORDAN HELEN EDWARDS LYDIA KAHN EVELYN MURRAY MARGARETTE NICHOLS I ' age 469 3! o HOGADOXE VAN TUYL WOOTON BONINE H. HAWKINS LARDNER TrTHILL MOREHOUSE UNSWORTH MURRAY McKAio SEELEY GROFF WELLES NUTT GREENSHIELDS KYEH BREEH M. HAWKINS RICHARD W YVERN Junior Honorary Society OFFICERS LUCY SEELEY . ARLENE UNSWORTH . President Secretary- Treasurer MEMBERS SARAH BONINE MARGARET BREER LOUISE BRIGGS JEAN GREENSHIELDS ELLEN GROFF HELEN HAWKINS MARGARET HAWKINS EDWINA HOGADONE KATHRYN KYER KATHERINE LARDNER PHYLLIS LOUGHTON JEAN McKAic HELEN WOOTON DOROTHY MOREHOUSE ELSIE MURRAY JOSEPHINE NORTON ELIZABETH NUTT LAURA OSGOOD PHYLLIS RICHARDS LUCY SEELEY BERNICE STAEBLER RHODA TUTHILL ARLENE UNSWORTH MARIAN VAN TUYL MARIAN WELLES Page 470 - c Sf SINCLAIR SHERMAN WELLES SANDS BAILEY KENNEDY KUBIK PARKER BANK ALEXANDER BELL THETA SIGMA PHI Honorary Journalistic Fraternity OFFICERS GERTRUDE BAILEY . MARION WELLES . VIRGINIA SANDS MARGARET PARKER . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS SELMA B. ALEXANDER GERTRUDE E. BAILEY ESTER I. BANK THELMA E. BELL MARION E. KUBIK ELIZABETH S. KENNEDY DOROTHY MOREHOUSE MARJORIE H. WEBER MARGARET E. OCKER MARGARET H. PARKER VIRGINIA L. SANDS JANET K. SINCLAIR MARGARET L. SHERMAN FLORENCE M. SMITH MARION L. WELLES Sl - % o 3i LOUGHTON LELAND JOHNSTON CHISHOLM GOODMAN BURT GUDAKUNST MILLER McCANN Vos OPPENHEIM SIGMA DELTA PHI National Honorary Dramatic and Oratorical Sorority OFFICERS MINERVA MILLER . RUTH McCANN HELEN Vos EMELIE OPPENHEIM MARY Lois GUDAKUNST . . President V ice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS MARIE L. BURT KATHLEEN I. CHISHOLM MARGUERITE J. GOODMAN MARY L. GUDAKUNST VERA E. JOHNSTON MARION E. LELAND PHYLLIS M. LOUGHTON RUTH J. McCANN ESTER L. MERRICK MINERVA MILLER EMELIE OPPENHEIM HELEN E. Voss Page 472 c - $ VLIET PRESSLER WOOLLETT KNOX CRAFT LORD BUELL LAWLESS DRESCHEH HEDRICK CUMINGS EDWARDS PRICE FIELD GROFF ARNOLD HAZARD EARL SEEBEH PI LAMBDA THETA V National Honorary Educational Sorority OFFICERS VIRGINIA E. EARL . IRENE R. FIELD DOROTHY A. SEEBER ANNA B. ARNOLD LUCILLE G. GROFF LEAH S. HAZARD . President Pice-President Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Keeper of Records MARGARET CAMERON LILA R. CANNAN LUCILLE CONRAD ELLURA HARVEY CORDELIA HAYES IRENE HAYNES EDITH HOYLE ANNA B. ARNOLD GENEVIEVE E. BUELL HELEN W. CAMPBELL LAURA E. CRAFT FLORENCE T. CUMINGS MILDRED G. DRESCHER VIRGINIA E. EARL HELEN L. EDWARDS IRENE R. FIELD LUCILLE G. GROFF LEAH S. HAZARD ASSOCIATE MEMBERS LOUISE P. VAX SICKLE ACTIVE MEMBERS ELLEN W. JACKSON SELMA LINDELL HELEN-NANCY W. MARIN RUTH SWANE THORPE AMY M. REHMUS ETHEL PETERSON LEONA TINKHAM ETHEL D. HEDRICK A. LOUISE HUMPHREYS CATHERINE E. KELLY HELEN N. KNOX MARIAN L. LAWLESS MARGARET E. LORD M. LOUISE PRESSLER RUTH A. PRICE DOROTHY B. TISCH DOROTHY A. SEEBER ALICE L. VLIET EDITH C. WOOLLETT Page 473 -- SfSS gT g X FI-XK FRANK CKABB STONE STELLHORX SHERMAN SALLEE HlNDSHAW FAIRBAIRN GIES T-SQUARE Honorary Architectural Society OFFICERS RACHEL C. STELLHORN E. RUTH SALLEE President Secretary and Treasurer Miss FLORENCE BANCROFT ELIZABETH FAIRBAIRN HELEN B. FRANK MARGARET FUNK VIRGINIA GIES FLORENCE CRABB SPONSERS MEMBERS MRS. CAMILLA GREEN RUTH SALLEE NORMA SHERMAN RACHEL STELLHORN HARRIETTS STONE GRACE HINDSHAW Page 474 - Zfe X, FOLTZ KlLEY HELLYER NYLUND KARL FLOREH POLLOCK REICHERT KAPPA BETA PI National Legal Sorority OFFICERS ELLEN NYLUND PEARL FOLTZ President Secretary-Treasurer PATRONESSES MRS. HENRY M. BATES MRS. EDWIN D. DICKINSON MRS. JOHN B. WAITE MEMBERS FRANCES FLORER DOROTHY KARL ELLEN NYLUND PEARL FOLTZ PRISCILLA REICHERT MARY HELLYER MARY KILEY FLORENCE POLLOCK Page 475 1 $ z z $@ b c fc " IOTA SIGMA PI Honorary Chemical Society OFFICERS MARGARET W. JOHNSON HELEN M. KOKE . . KATHARINE M. JARVIS . AILEEN D. CHRISTENSON ALUMNAE MEMBERS MRS. LAWRENCE SIMS BARTELL MRS. FAITH PARMELEE HADLEY MRS. HAZEL PLATT UPTHEGROVE PATRONESSES MRS. S. L. BIGELOW MRS. A. L. FERGUSON MRS. H. B. LEWIS MRS. R. K. MCALPINE OLIVE M. SEARLE AFFILIATED MEMBERS ACTIVE MEMBERS MABEL B. BODEY RUTH M. CHAN AILEEN D. CHRISTENSEN SALLY CLARKSON ELIZABETH M. CONRAD KATHARINE M. JARVIS PHILENA A. YOUNG . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer MRS. A. LUVERN HAYS MRS. AMY MARTIN RHEMUS MRS. HELEN M. CANNON MRS. C. C. MELOCHE MRS. J. O. SCHLOTTERBECK MRS. W. G. SMEATON MRS. A. H. WHITE GENEVIEVE STEARNS MARGARET W. JOHNSTON HELEN M. KOKE MABEL M. MILLER SELMA C. MUELLER GAIL NICKERSON ALICE WANG DOROTHY S. WALLER y % ACTIVITIES (Women) - 1 - r OGBORX TITTLE WHITE HIRSCHMAN WELLMAN OSGOOD LARDNER C. HAWKINS GKINNELL HI-MPHREYS NICHOLS MC-KAIG KELDER WELLES MURRAY M. HAWKINS CURRIE GROFF WOMEN ' S LEAGUE BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEMBERS EVELYN MURRAY MARJORIE MILLER . LUCY SEELEY . MARGARET HAWKINS MARIAN WELLES DOROTHY CURRIE ELLEN GROFF JEAN McKAic ELLEN GRINNELL CYNTHIA HAWKINS CHARLENE SHILAND . KATHERINE LARDNER LAURA OSGOOD RUTH HIRSCHMAN . LOUISE HUMPHREYS CATHERINE KELDER . MARGUERITE NICHOLS EVELYN OGBORN RUTH TUTTLE ELIZABETH WELLMAN MARY WHITE . President Vice-President . Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Senior Representative Junior Representative Junior Representative Sophomore Representative Sophomore Representative Chairman of Judiciary Council . Member of Judiciary Council Member of Judiciary Council . Chairman Bazaar Committee Chairman Point System Committee Chairman Undergraduate Campaign Chairman House Organization Committee Chairman Life Membership Campaign Chairman Social Committee . Chairman League Booth . Chairman House Committee Page 478 X .a $ 3!fc z X MURRAY SHI LAND LARDXER MlLLEH WOMEN ' S LEAGUE JUDICIARY COUNCIL OFFICERS CHARLENE SHILAND KATHERINE LARDNER LAURA OSGOOD . EVELYN MURRAY MARJORIE MILLER . Chairman Junior Member . Junior Member . Ex-Officio Member . Ex-Officio Member Page 479 - c 5ffe CAMPBELL ALLISON FORREST TOCK NEEF HOFFMAN INNIS EDWARDS FARC AS TINSMAN KELLY KAMP MARSHALL DARLING BAIRD HATCH RAVEN HADDOCK SCOTT DELINK DOWNIE SHEARER COLLINS SCHULER KATZ COOPER SHEA SCHRAUDER SHANK SMITH LARDNER BRUCE TROMBLEY CARR BAT.TH MARTIN CRAFT DUNNEWIND STUBBS AMLINGMEYER MURPHY MIDDLE WOOD IDDINGS BARTZ SHAW DEFIELD SCHWARTZ NIELSON ALDRICH JARECKA MILLER SUPERKO GILLESPIE EVANS KIESE WETTER WILLETT WOMEN ' S LEAGUE MARJORIE MILLER ALVENA SUPERKO DOROTHY ALDRICH DOROTHY ALLISON LERA AMLINGMEYER ANNA-LAURA BAIRD LAURA BARTZ CHRISTINE BAUCH HILDA BINZER HELEN BOUGHEY HARRIETT BRUCE DOROTHY CAMPBELL DOROTHY CARPENTER ANNA CARR MARY CARR ESTHER GARTEN ELIZABETH CODY JOSEPHINE COLLINS LILLIAN COOPER ELIZABETH COSSITT LAURA CRAFT GERTRUDE CRAMPTON MARGARET CURRIE GRACE DARLING ELIZABETH DAVIES TRESSA DEFIELD MURIEL DELINE EDITH DOBNEY HAZEL DOBSON ELIZABETH DOWNIE FRANCES DUNNEWIND HELEN EDWARDS VICTORIA ENGLISH DELIGHT EVANS JOSEPHINE FARCAS IRENE FIELD MILDRED FLANAGAN DELLA M. FORREST MARION FULLMER BOARD OF REPRESENTATIVES OFFICERS MEMBERS WYNNE GILLESPIE JEAN GUERKIN SALLY HADDOCK CHARLOTTE HALLER HAZEL HANAN FRANCES HATCH LOUISE HOFFMAN JOSEPHINE HA WES MIGNON HECKER HELEN HECKLER ELMERA HJERTSTEAT LUETTA HULL ELIZABETH ANN HUMPHREY IONE IDDINGS MILDRED INNIS LEONA JARECKA FRANCES JOHNSTON IDA MAE KAMP EVE M. KATZ MABEL KELLY EDNA I. KIESEWETTER KATHERINE LARDNER EDWINA LARMOND MYRTLE LATHER CLARINE LEVY ANNA LISHAWITZ RUTH LUKENS DOROTHY MALCOMSON KATHERINE MARSHALL MARGARET S. MARTIN GRACE MCDONALD AlDA McKEE MARGARET MEYER ESTHER L. MIDDLEWOOD FRANCES MODE MARGUERITE MONROE MARY MURPHY Chairman Secretary MABEL E. NEEF RUTH NELSON RUTH NIELSON LA VANCE PEARSON LEOKADYA POPOWSKA RUTH PRICE AGNES PURDY KATHERINE PURRELL CLARA RAVEN VIOLET ROETHKE RUTH SALLEE RUTH SCHNEIDER KATHERINE SCHRAUDER MARY SCHULER VIVIAN SCHWARTZ MARY SCOTT ALBERTA SHANK KATHERINE SHEARER HELEN SHAW ALICE SHEA LUCINDA SHERWOOD CAROLINE SLEPICKA MARGARET SMITH NANCE SOLOMON GERTRUDE STEPHEN LEONE STUBBS ALVENA SUPERKO ESTHER TINSMAN BARBARA TOCK FLORENCE TRAVARRE LAURA TROMBLEY ELIZABETH TRUESDALE MARY WEADOCK ALICE WEAVER EDITH WIESKOTTON EDITH WILLETT PC X Page 480 O fe r s JOHNSON CRANE MA.NSFIELD MILLER ZAUEK HOUGH HARDY CODY ZOLLER TUKE McKEE TUTHILL VAN TUYL APPELT TREADWELL STAHL GUEST JONES HOOVER MORTON ROBINSON BONINE BEAUMONT HAN ABLE WELCH MOTTIER McCtiXTBB SAURBORN STRASSER SNELL WEBER SOEHRENS POWERS HOSMER CHILD VAN SICKLE HODGSON CAMPBELL BELL FIGGE McCoBMCK HALL MURPHY DHEIPUB DOSTER NIXON VESTAL SHERMAN MARSTON STUHOS FELSKE FOSTER DECKER ALLSHOUSE FIELD DUNNEWIND WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB OFFICERS ALICE FELSKE SARAH BONINE HELEN BEAUMONT ALETTA MORTON Miss ETHEL McCoRMiCK FACULTY MEMBERS DR. MARGARET BELL MRS. JOHN V. VAN SICKLE Miss ETHEL McCoRMiCK Miss LAURIE CAMPBELL DR. MARGARET BELL MARY ALLSHOUSE GLADYS APPELT HELEN BEAUMONT SARAH BONINE EUNICE CHILD LOUISE CODY HELEN COLLINS ALICE CRANE MARJORIE DECKER ETRURIA DOSTER MYRA F. DREIFUS FRANCES DUNNEWIND ALICE FELSKE IRENE FIELD FLORENCE FOSTER HERMA GRABOWSKY ADELIA GUEST NELL HAGEDORN MILDRED HARDY PATRONESSES ACTIVE MEMBERS MARGARET HANABLE ARLIENNE HEILMAN NELLIE HOOVER MIRIAM HOSMER MARVA HOUGH VELMA JOHNSON JANET JONES MARIAN KNIGHT SHIRLEY MANSFIELD FREDERICA MARSTON VlDA McCLURE DOROTHY McKEE FRANCES MILLER ALETTA MORTON- JULIA MOTTIER MARJORIE MUFFLEY ELIZABETH MURPHY JESSICA NIXON ELIZABETH PELL President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisor Miss JANET GUMMING Miss RUTH FIGGE Miss ANNIS HALL Miss PAULINE HODGSON MRS. JOHN VAN SICKLE FLORENCE POWERS DORIS RENKENBERGER MARTHA ROBINSON- JANET SAURBORN LEONA SHERMAN LORRAINE SNELL DOROTHY SOEHRENS MARGARET STAHL ROSE STRASSER STELLA STUROS ELEANOR TREADWELL MARIE TUKE RHODA TUTHILL MARION VAN TUYL DOROTHY VESTAL ELSIE WEBER GERTRUDE WELCH ANNA ZAUER PAULINE ZOLLER X. Page 481 $ r- 3! JUNIOR GIRLS ' PLAY COMMITTEE COMMITTEE PHYLLIS M. LOUGHTON . ELIZABETH C. NUTT ELSIE E. MURRAY BERNICE STAEBLER . PHYLLIS D. RICHARDS MARGARET G. HAWKINS LAURA M. OSGOOD . MARGARET G. COLE MARIAN E. VAN TUYL MARIAN L. WELLES . HELEN F. WOOTON . Director General Chairman Assistant Chairman . Business Manager Chairman of Publicity Chairman of Program Chairman of Properties Chairman of Music Chairman of Dances . Chairman of Costumes Chairman of Make-up - M Page 482 Q - s - fefe ABBOTT RUSSELL RITTENHOUSE FUNK BREER COOPER SLATER OPPENHEIM WELLES CRAWFORD PATTON PITZELE O ' BRIEN PAN HELLENIC BALL COMMITTEE OFFICERS MARGARET FUNK MARGARET BREER . General Chairman Treasurer CONSTANCE LAKE ELLEN SEBURN COMM ITTEES Chaperones FRANCES O ' BRIEN, Chairman Programmes LOUISE RITTENHOUSE, Chairman MARIAN KARBOSKI BEATRIX BARRETT Decorations MARY GREENSHIELDS, Chairman BARBARA ABBOTT HELEN CRAWFORD Publicity MARIAN WELLES, Chairman PEGGY FITCH FLORENCE COOPER ELIZABETH CAMPBELL Tickets BARBARA PATTON, Chairman Refreshments BETTY RUSSELL, Chairman FRANCES ANDREAE NINA SLATER MALVIN RAE PITZELE EMILY OPPENHEIM 483 I -C fe M. HAWKINS SELLECK SCHHAUDER EIHICH LORD McCANN Vos RUSH HOGADONE CRAFT MILLER CHISHOLM GOODMAN PORTER BUELL O ' BRIEN LAMBERT KAHN RITTENHOUSE WHITE LEE o MASQUES DRAMATIC SOCIETY OFFICERS RUTH KAHN . MINERVA MILLER . LOUISE RlTTENHOUSE LAURA CRAFT PHYLLIS LOUGHTON GENEVIEVE BUELL MARJORIE CHAVENELLE KATHLEEN CHISHOLM ITHMER COFFMAN LAURA CRAFT MARGARET EIRICH MARGUERITE GOODMAN MARY Lois GUDAKUNST HELEN HAWKINS MARGARET HAWKINS EDWIN A HOGADONE MEMBERS ERA JOHNSTON- RUTH KAHN RUTH LAMBERT LEONE LEE DOROTHY LONG PHYLLIS LOUGHTON RUTH McCANN MINERVA MILLER EVELYN MURRAY FRANCES O ' BRIEN Lois PORTER . President . Fice-President Secretary Treasurer Director LOUISE RlTTENHOUSE HELEN RUSH KATHRYN SCHRAUDER DORIS SELLECK LEONA SHERMAN MARION VAN TUYL HELEN Vos HELEN WARNER MARY WHITE DOROTHY WILLIAMS ANGELINE WILSON Page 4X4 c SSf UXDEM SHANK KING BRADY S.TOLARSKI WORKMAN JACOBS TROWBRIDGE WATCHPOCKET BACON SIDDER BANFIELD M. KENT-MILLER WHITE SELLECK SHERMAN LONG SHERMAN M. MILLER SCHRAUDER NEUBECKER MUMMERS DRAMATIC SOCIETY OFFICERS MARJORIE MILLER . MARGARET SHERMAN DOROTHY LONG KATHRYN SCHRA UDER BLOSSOM BACON RUTH BANFIELD RUTH BRADY MARION BROEHM ITHMER COFFMAN EDWINA HOGADONE MARGARET HIGMAN PAULINE JACOBS MARY KENT-MILLER SHIRLEY KING DOROTHY LONG MARJORIE MILLER HELEN MOORE ALLETA MORTON WILMA NEUBECKER HELEN RUSH MEMBERS MARGARET ZAHM . President F ice-President Treasurer Secretary HULDA SCHAFFER KATHRYN SCHRAUDER CONSTANCE SIDDER DORIS SELLECK ALBERTA SHANK LEONA SHERMAN MARGARET SHERMAN SOPHIA STOLARSKI FLORINE STORREY VIRGINIA TROWBRIDGE JANICE UNDEM HELEN Vos FLORENCE WATCHPOCKET MARY WHITE DOROTHY WILLIAMS HELEN WORKMAN s. x Page 485 $ -z 3fc M Q ' w BECKER EVANS MORTON OSGOOD LA JEUNESSE MATTHEWS C. FISHER WELLMAN JONAITIS MILLER FINE BORTON WILCOX SMITH SANZENBACHER KRAVE COFFMAN GREENE ZOLLER OILMAN POLLOCK MCCREDIE GRATTON WIDMAIER JONES A THE X A LITERARY SOCIETY First Semester FLORENCE POLLOCK . ELIZABETH WELLMAN VIOLET MCCREDIE . NELLE GRATTON RUTH BECKER BERTHA BORTON MARY L. BROWN MARGARET BUSH CLARA CAPLE ITHMER COFFMAN GRACE EDELMAN HILDA EVANS CLETUS FAGAN CECELIA FINE ANNETTE FISHER CAROLYN FISHER JEAN GILMAN NELLE GRATTON NORMA GREENE OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS DOR:S HICKS PATRICIA HODSON VIRGINIA HOUGHTON CLARA JANUS TERESSA JONAITIS MARJORIE JONES MAURINE JONES KATHERINE KELLY HELEN KRAVE VIVIAN LAJEUNESSE KATHERINE MATTHEWS VIOLET McCREDiE MARY MCDONALD ELSA MILLER Second Semester FLORENCE POLLOCK VIVIAN LAJEUNESSE PAULINE ZOLLER CECELIA FINE A.LETTA MORTON MARGARET NICHOLS LAURA OSGOOD FLORENCE POLLOCK ESTHER PRYOR IRMA SANZENBACHER CATHERINE SCOTT EMILY SEYMOUR STACIA SKRENTENY HULDA SMITH BARBARA TOCK ELIZABETH WELLMAN FLORENCE WIDMAIER JULIA WILCOX PAULINE ZOLLER EXDELMAN BAIRD MITCHELL AN8PACH GATES LEVY HOWSER LAMBERT LARDNER OLDEX KENT-MILLER BANFIELD ARTHUR CRISWELL SOULE FIXE CAMPBELL VLIET MEYER PORTIA LITERARY SOCIETY Literary Society OFFICERS. MIRIAM OLDEN KATHERINE LARDNER RUTH LAMBERT MARY KENT-MILLER HONORARY MEMBERS EVELYN MURRAY President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MARGARET LORD MARGARET ARTHUR SUSAN ANSPACH RUTH BANFIELD ANNA LAURA BAIRD KATHARINE CAMPBELL DOROTHY CARTER ROUSSEAU CRISWELL ORIEL ENDELMAN RUTH FINE MEMBERS VALERIE GATES HENRIETTA HOWSER HELEN JESSOP SARAH JONES IRENE KYNAST RUTH LAMBERT KATHERINE LARDNER CLARINE LEVY GRACE MCDONALD VIRGINIA McCREERY MARGARET MEYER MIRIAM MITCHELL MARY KENT-MILLER WILMA NEUBECKER MIRIAM OLDEN DOROTHY SEEBER LAURA SOULE ALICE VLIET .. - $j Z g - c fcfe JBL MACK ARONSTAM SELLECK ANDERSON RAINE FRAXCIS SCHEIRICH SCHRAUDER KlBBEY MOREHOUSE KENNEY WEDEMEYEH LEHTINEN MILLER SMYTHE ROBINSON ' MARSTON SELKER WELLS CHI DELTA PHI Honorary Literary Society OFFICERS MARY-ELIZABETH KIBBEY FREDERIKA MARSTON DOROTHY MOREHOUSE DORRIS SELLECK Treasurer ice-President Secretary Treasurer JOYCE ANDERSON THEODORA ARONSTAM KATHRYN FRANCIS JOSEPHINE HERRMANN ALEXANDER JANHUSKY ELEANOR KENNEY MARY-ELIZABETH KIBBEY CHAPTER ROLL ALICE LEHTINEN FRANCES MACK FREDERICKA MARSTON EMERY MILLER DOROTHY MOREHOUSE MERLE RAINE FLORENCE ROBINSON ALMA SCHEIRICH KATHRYN SCHRAUDER MIRIAM SELKER DORRIS SELLECK HELEN SMYTHE MARY WEDEMEYER MARY WELLS x. $$e 5f CuHTISS SIEDER PARKER HOFFMAN HOFFMAN BUELI. INGALLS HEITCH NEEF BLACK BERTON TILLER REID MULLISON CARPENTER DEXTKR CHILD MCDONALD TONGE FIELD HARTWIO HOLMES MATTESON PORTER KATZENZEROER NUTT MEOARO PEGASUS OFFICERS AGNES HOFFMAN NOMA REID GRETCHEN MULLISON President Secretary-Treasurer Club Riding Manager ELIZABETH BLACK LEONORE BERTON GENEVIEVE BUELL DOROTHY CARPENTER EUNICE CHILD MARGARET COLE BEATRICE COWAN BETTY COYNE BETTY PARKER LYDIA RUDOLPH CAROLYN TILLER MEMBERS MARIE CURTISS KATHRYN DEXTER FRANCES DUNNIWIND KATHERINE FIELD MARIE HARTWIG JANET HEITCH LOUISE HOFFMAN AGNES HOFFMAN Lois PORTER MILDRED SIEDER EUNICE TONGE CATHERINE KATZENZERGER FLORENCE HOLMES DOROTHY INGALLS MARION MCDONALD FLORENCE MATTESON JOSEPHINE MEGARO GRETCHEN MULLISON MABEL NEEF BETTY NUTT NOMA REID FRANCES LOUISE SCYDEL ANN SAYLOR ---. s e % TODD ZOLLER KAMP COY SHERMAN StEPICKA KN ' OBLOCK SCRYMGEOUR GREENE G ROVER VAHL BAUER WELCH MITCHELL COLE LATHER GROHMAN BROWN PROBECK EXDELMAN RlDENOUR THOMAS BAUSCHAHD BEUTLER DlCKENSON CODY JANSON BERE8FORD RlX GROFF CRISWELL LOYER WOOD WORTH WIDMAIEH TOCK FORTIER KING KINGSTON SNELL PARKER LONG ALE PECK PEELLE HOBBS GILLIS LEE STINE FOSTER CHAVENELLE BUEHRER KWITZENBERG HUNT KENT-MILLER MACROBERTS LONG BRASHEAR COPE UNIVERSITY GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB MARY KENT-MILLER MARY ANN MACROBERTS DOROTHY LONG MARJORIE CHAVENELLE . FRANCES SWITZENBERG . Lois BRASHEAR . CATHERINE BUHRER . GERTRUDE FOSTER . Miss NORA CRANE HUNT OFFICERS X RUTH C. ALE DOROTHY ALLISON HOPE BAUER MARION BAUSCHARD LUCILLE BERESFORD NORDA BEUTLER HELEN BROWN HELEN I. BROWN Lois BRASHEAR GLADYS BUEHRER MARJORIE CHAVENELLE ELIZABETH CODY MARGARET COLE ANNA COPE HAZEL CROBET MARIAN COY DOROTHY COZAD ROUSSEAU CRISWELL ROSE DE FOE NELLIE DICKENSON ORIEL ENDELMAN FRANCINA FEAD EVELYN FISHER ALICE FORTIER MARGARET FISHER GERTRUDE FOSTER MARGARET GILLIS GRACE GLOVER MARGARET GREENE ELLEN GROFF RACHEL GROHMAN HAZEL GROVER VIRGINIA HOBBS IDA MAE KAMP MARY KENT-MILLER MARY G. KNOBLOCK SELMA JANSON SHIRLEY KING LENORE KINGSTON MYRTLE LATHER LEONE LEE DOROTHY LONG GWENDOLYN LONG DELMA LOYER MARY ANN MACROBERTS MIRIAM MITCHELL ODINA OLSON CATHERINE PATTERSON President Vice-P reside n t Secretary . Treasurer . Manager . Auditor . Accompanist . Librarian Director HILY DALE PARKER LOLETA PARKER JANICE PECK ELLEN PEELLE HELEN POUND MARGARET PROBECK EMMALOU REA MARGARET RIDENOUR MADRA Rix MARGARET SHERMAN HELEN SCRYMGEOUR NORMA SNELL CAROLYN SLEPICKA MARGARET STALDER GERTRUDE STINE FRANCES SWITZENBERG THESA THOMAS BARBARA TOCK OLIVE TODD HELEN VAHL GERTRUDE WELCH FLORENCE WIDMAIER ALTA WOODWORTH PAULINE ZOLLER Page 490 $ 8!fe e GOULD MITCHELL M. EVANS K. EVANS JONES FOLLETTE CRAWFORD PRATT MAPEL MID WORTH FELLOWS GRIFFITH HOERNER OHLSON JOHNSON PEARCE DARBYSHIRE FOLLMER WACHLIN SHIFF HARTER BECK WEBSTER WINTON VANDAWARKER NORTHRUP RAMSEY FRESHMEN GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB OFFICERS GEORGIA MAE VANDAWARKER . JANE ELIZABETH WEBSTER DOROTHY BECK BERNADINE WINTON Miss EUNICE NORTHRUP FRANCIS ATWATER DOROTHY BECK MARGARET BUSH ELIZABETH CRAWFORD PAULINE DARBYSHIRE KATHRYN EVANS MARY EVANS HELEN FELLOWS VIRGINIA FOLLETTE MARJORIE FOLLMER JENNIE Fox HELEN GOULD DOROTHY GRIFFITH HELEN HARTER ELIZABETH HILL ESTHER HOERNER JEANETTE JOHNSON SARAH JONES DOROTHY MAPEL BETTY MIDWORTH RUTH MITCHELL HELEN NEWTON EUNICE NORTHRUP MARGARET OHLSON ELFRIDA PETERSON KATHRYN PETERSON . President Fice-President Secretary Treasurer Director FLORA DOROTHY PEARCE HELEN PRATT KATHRYN PURCELL RACHEL RAMSEY MINOLA SEIBIL FANNIE SHIFF VIRGINIA TROWBRIDGE GEORGIA VANDAWARKER VELMA WACHLIN ORMA WEBER JANE WEBSTER BERNADINE WINTON X Page 491 $ 3fc ROTH HROCKETT MlLLARD CARDEW WEBB CHAMPAGNE ROOT STOBKR WHITCHURCH RANDALL FERRIS BROAD MERTZ KlMBRELL SWANSON WEBSTER MACNlTT WAGNER WASS OWENS BROOKS MICHIGAN DAMES OFFICERS ETHEL M. WHITCHURCH BEATRYCE W. HAMILTON EDITH C. MERTZ . ZORA H. WEBB COMMITTEES LILLIAN M. BERNICE A. MILLARD ZORA A. RANDALL . LILLIAN E. SWANSON . President V ice-President Treasurer Secretary Chairman Publicity Chairman Pins Chairman Programs Chairman Entertainment x. LAURA BERGE EDITH M. BROAD RUTH BROCKETT LUCILLE T. BROOKS HELEN H. CARDEW LINNIE A. CHAMPAGNE CHARLOTTA W. COOPER JOYCE E. DAVIS SUSIE E. FAIR JESSIE R. FERRIS MEMBERS BEATRYCE HAMILTON RENA KIMBRELL LILLIAN M. MACNITT EDITH MERTZ BERNICE A. MILLARD ALFREDA M. OWENS MAE W. RAMSEY ZORA A. RANDALL LORRAINE M. REYNOLDS MARY G. ROOT FERN L. ROTH ETHEL M. WHITCHURCH PAULINE ROUSSIN JESSIE STUBER LILLIAN SWANSON LUCILLE K. VARNUM HAZEL A. WAGNER FRIEDA A. WASS ZORA H. W T EBB ESTER D. WEBSTER Page 4Q2 gr- SHAY KAUFMAN WOODARD GRAHAM OLE PICK A SWITZENBERG STRATTON SIMMONS SYMPHONIC LEAGUE BOARD LUCILE GRAHAM SUSIE STRATTON GRACE KAUFMAN . DOROTHY SIMMONS FRANCES SWITZENBERG CAROLINE SLEPICKA . EDITH MARY WOODARD DOROTHY SHAY President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Social Service Chairman Publicity Chairman . Membership Chairman Page 493 +3fc WOOLFITT MITCHELL PATOX IDDINOS PETTIBONE PRESSLER CROSBY TKOMBLEY DAVIS STAIR SHERMAN KAPPA PHI National Organization for Methodist University Women PATRONESSES BECKER MRS. A. VV. STALKER MRS. C. W. GILL MRS. H. B. EARHART OFFICERS KATHLEEN DAVIS . ESTHER BELCHER . ELIZABETH COSSITT IONA IDDINGS FERN CROSBY Miss MARGARET STAIR RUTH CARSON LUCILE A. ALDERTON SADIE L. ALDERTON AUGUSTA F. AVERY ANNA LAURA BAIRD NELLIE C. BECKER ESTHER L. BELCHER LEONA M. BRANDT MARY-LOUISE BROWN MAUDE C. CARLSON JOSEPHINE H. CAVENDER LEONE C. COLLON ANNA M. COOKE ELIZABETH J. COSSITT Lois G. COSSITT IRENE E. CRAMTON FERN I. CROSBY FLORENCE L. CROSS JEAN L. CURRIE GRACE L. DARLING KATHLEEN N. DAVIS SARITA I. DAVIS MURIEL E. DsLiNE MILDRED DRESCHER ORIOL M. ENDELMAN HELEN M. SEWTRELL ALICE C. FORTIER ALUMNAE IN CITY LUCILLE CORNELL PRISCILLA A. REICHERT MEMBERS MARQUITA GILLET LEONA HALE ELLA M. HANAWALT KATHARINE E. HARVEY JEWEL L. HERTZLER ELIZABETH M. HILL HELEN L. HINTERMAN DOROTHY HOLLIDAY ELVINA A. HOOGERHYDE IONA P. IDDINGS HELEN L. JOHNSON GRACE J. KRATZ JOY LASCH ELIZABETH M. LUCAS RUTH E. MAGEE MARION J. MARSHALL CLARA I. MARTI ELIZA BETH F. MARTIN MARY JANE McLEESE ESTHER L. MIDDLEWOOD MIRIAM C. MITCHELL MARJORIE MUSSLY LOUISE M. NIEMANN SARAH E. NIXON OLGA OLIVER MARY K. ORR BARBARA L. PATON MRS. A. H. Goss MRS. E. H. KRAUS . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Sponsor INEZ McCoRMicK BLANCHE L. PETERS LETTA A. PETERS FRANCES M. PETTIBONE CHARLOTTE POWELL MARY-LOUISE PRESSLER FRANCES M. RITTER JOSEPHINE H. Ross NORMA C. SHERMAN JOSEPHINE SHOEBRIDGE FLORENCE SHOEBRIDGE DOROTHY SIGLER MARGARET STAIR MARJORY A. TODD DOROTHY E. TREBILCOCK LAURA L. TROMBLEY RUTH R. VAN GILDER MURIEL B. VOLZ VELMA WACHLIN BERNICE M. WAGNER LOUISE J. WALBORN RUTH E. WELLER GRACE L. WESTON TROPHINA J. WILLS MARY E. WINTERS MARY F. WOOLFITT MARJORY L. WOOLETT c , x - =s = rcs ATHLETICS (Women) ?- $fc ! PROPOSED WOMEN ' S FIELD HOUSE WOMEN ' S PH YSI C AIT E DUG ATI OX STAFF DR. MARGARET BELL MRS. LOUISE VAN SICKLE Miss ETHEL McCoRMicK Miss LAURIE CAMPBELL . Miss JAXET GUMMING Miss RUTH FIGGE . Miss ANNIS HALL . Miss PAULINE HODGSON Professor of Physical Education Assistant Professor of Physical Education Assistant Professor of Physical Education Instructor in Physical Education Instructor in Physical Education Instructor in Physical Education . Instructor in Physical Education . Instructor in Physical Education DR. BELL CAMPBELL HODGSON McCoRMirK FIGGE GUMMING Page 496 $+ t % s cajgafg gsa g FIELD VAN TUYL KAHN MILLER RUTHERFORD APPELT NIXON ALLSHOUSE DUNNE WIND McNALLY UNSWORTH BONINE HART WIG STUROS OGBORN SE ARIGHT SMITHERS WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION BOARD MRS. LOUISE VAN SICKLE SARAH BONINE HELEN SEARIGHT IRENE FIELD ALICE FELSKE AILEEN MILLER EVELYN OGBORN HELEN RUTHERFORD . MARIAN VAN TUYL LOUISE BRIGGS JESSICA NIXON ELIZABETH SMITHERS STELLA STUROS LYDIA KAHN GLADYS APPELT MARIE HARTWIG Faculty Advisor Point Recorder Hockey Manager Basketball Manager Baseball Manager Swimming Manager Track Manager Fencing and Archery Manager Dancing Manager Tennis Manager Tea Room Manager Hiking Manager Rifle Manager Publicity Manager Intramural Manager Riding Manager MARGARET McNALLY President FRANCES DUNNEWIND Vice- President MARY ALLSHOUSE Secretary ARLENE UNSWORTH Treasurer 2? Pag ' 49? x c - c fe BETSY HARBOUR HOCKEY TEAM WOOTON SMITHEHS CODY KAHN WRIGHT HAZARD SWARTOUT HARDY GRABOWSKY MILLER BLOOM HOCKEY This year the cup awarded to the victorious team was won by Betsy Barbour House for the third successive year, thereby giving them permanent possession of it. INTRAMURAL BOARD GLADYS APPELT . ... MARION READING AUDREY WRIGHT LOUISE COOLEY Miss RUTH FIGGE, Miss PAULINE HODGSON Intramural Manager Sorority Representative Dormitory Representative Zone Representative Faculty Advisors MILDRED HARDY Captain CHAMPIONSHIP Cup Page 408 j! r- fe - GULICK DRIEFUS SENIOR TEAM CLASS HOCKEY CHAMPIONS SEARIGHT VERDIER KAHN DOSTER MC-NALLY DUNNEWIND FIELD WALSH STUROS ALLSH.OUSE INTERCLASS ' HOCKEY For the fourth successive year the class of ' 27 won the Interclass Hockey Championship. The tournament consisted of a play off of three games between each class, the Senior ' s supremacy being threatened seriously only by the Juniors, who finished the season in the runner-up position. INTERCLASS TOURNAMENT HELEN SEARIGHT Manager 3. Page 499 $ - f$!fc IRENE FIELD Manager X g McNALLY The Kappa Delta team won the Intramural Basketball Cham- pionship. The Juniors were victorious in the class tournament. BASKETBALL BOARD IRENE FIELD Miss ANNIS HALL Miss LAURIE CAMPBELL Miss RUTH FIGGE Miss PAULINE HODGSON Basketball Manager Class Coach Class Coach Intramural Coach Intramural Coach Senior Representatives ETURIA DOSTER, Major AILEEN MILLER, Academic Junior Representatives MARTHA ROBINSON, Major Lois PORTER, Academic Sophomore Representatives ROSE STRASSER, Major ELIZABETH SMITHERS, Acad. Freshman Representatives MARJORIE MUFFLE, Major MARGARET OHLSON, Acad. KAPPA DELTA TEAM INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS RUSSELL SMEAD DAVIDSON OOBORN APPELT Page 500 % r ffiP 7 $f RIFLE A rifle team of ten girls has entered seven matches with other colleges this year. Another team of five , s was entered in the Big Ten Conference. OUTDOOR GOLF A. STELLA Sruiios Manager MRS. STUART HANLEY Golf Instructor Page SO $j2-1 % + e $ 4 ATHLETICS AT THE PRESENT TIME ii - ' - Q - C fefe g AND WHEN MOTHER WAS A GIRL rs B rtrf w - $03 - ; sf SPORTS OF TODAY St. Page 504 SPORTS OF YESTERDAY } Page 5 5 ? $ Z : Sfi g LANTERN NIGHT The tradition of the seniors giving lanterns to the Juniors, and they in turn giving hoops to the Sophomores symbolizes the passing of the college year and once more another class leaves their Alma Mater. c Page $06 - C $ffc McNALLY FOSTER MARSTON " M ' GIRLS " M " ' s are awarded to girls who earn 1000 points by participa- tion in various kinds of athletics. This is the highest honor that can be awarded to women in athletics, and only a few gain this distinction. GERTRUDE BENHAM Fencing Champion VIRGINIA LOSSEE Swimming Champion MARGARET BERZ Tennis Runner-up Page 507 $ 3fc+ . Page 508 Q ffi Engineering Laboratory 1886 A RIOTOUS YEAR Tear gas, Debate, Buggies, Football, Tear Gas, Clippy, B. and G. Boys, League Fund, Tear Gas, Clippy, Stadium, Tear Gas, Queen Marie, and Tear Gas are Features of 1926-27 By TIMOTHY HAY (Editor of " Toasted Rolls " ) NOTE: The Michiganensian tried to write a serious history of the events at the University during the past year, and couldn ' t find any- thing worth reporting, so they roped us in to tell it, as it is more in our line anyway. Riots and rumors of riots were ever-prom- inent on the campus this year. The police bought some tear gas at a fire-sale early in the Fall and had enough to last all year. It was the first time in history that the city ever gave the students anything. Ann Arbor is the city " Where Commerce and Education Meet, " and Commerce won out every time they met this year. The only way to solve the problem is to do away with either Com- merce or Education, but since the " College boys " don ' t come under either head it doesn ' t look as if much could be done. All the magazine articles on " What to Bring to College " now mention gas masks. It is going to be made a pre-requisite one of these days. The senior literary class almost decided to spend their memorial fund in buying stronger tear-gas for students, but it was pointed out that the police could buy armored cars and cannon to disperse ye rebels. Although riots occupied a good deal of the time of the st udent body, the Hobbs-Reed- Eddy debate also drew a big crowd, and was voted the best entertainment since Will Rogers appeared there earlier in the year. This " Three Ring Circus " had for its central theme the question as to whether or not the present defense system ought to be kept. The only one who talked about that was the chairman. The year started off with a little more red tape than usual and quite a little more tuition for men. The extra money went to pay for dishes broken by careless waiters at the Union. Freshmen were assigned to faculty advisors, who pointed out all the hard courses and told them they couldn ' t get any more out of college than they put into it. Automobiles were banned to freshmen and also to upperclassmen who were ineligible for campus activities, this being considered one of the most popular. " Rolls " began to advocate the adoption of buggies as a substitute, pointing out that you don ' t have to steer a horse, and that he can outwit any auto driver in a traffic jam. " Rolls " predicted that buggies would be popular. They weren ' t. In his opening address of the year, President Little said he wanted to make this a happy university. But he forgot to dismiss classes. Whether it was his fault or not, we did have a very happy year, with the riots, the Big Debate, championship football and basketball teams, Queen Marie and all the rest. College really opened Oct. 3, when Oklahoma sent a bunch of cow-boys down here to give the Varsity a little practice. The weather was fine for the world series. The only important thing that happened at this game was that students were given fifty-yard line seats. The Orange was crushed 42-3. Later on in the year Oklahoma sent a real cow-boy to visit us Will Rogers. Next on the intellectual side of college was the M. S. C. game. There were three bands present. The one that looked like the Boy Scouts was the State crew, while the organiza- tion that appeared to be the original fife and drum corps of the Grand Old Army of the Republic was actually the famous Marine Band. The Varsity band outplayed the two of them together, 55-3. The three points for both of these games was simply given our opponents in order that history might know that they were actually on the field. A slight interruption of this collegiate atmosphere came when somebody found out there were co-eds at the institution. So he wrote to " Campus Opinion " haven of those with ideas not quite bright enough to rate a mass meeting or debate in Hill auditorium and then the person that happened to read the Daily that day wrote back, and somebody else heard about it, and so it started. For a couple weeks that question and plenty of others were dragged over the coals, with the result that the natural outcome happened nothing. The University refused to send either the women or the men home. We still maintain that co-instruction, not co-education, is the cause of all the trouble whatever it is. (Continued) Page 509 - r 3 c Sffe ! To this year ' s graduates and then later alumni, we extend our heartiest greet- ings for success. You are always invited to partake of the hospitality and courtesy of our shop when you return. Always Reliable . for QUALITY AND SERVICE UTTLES LUNCH 338 Maynard St. TO THE MEMBERS OF THE ., CLASS OF 1927, Many of whom we have served, i . ' " ' ?- " ? WE EXTEND BEST WISHES FOR THEIR FUTURE ENDEAVOR THE TROJAN LAUNDRY Phone 9115 514 E. William " I ' ll ne ' er forget my college days Those dear old rainy college days. " " .%.. ' Minnesota brought 40 football players and a rainstorm to Ann Arbor on the 16th. The rainstorm conquered the customers but the players didn ' t do much to our Varsity. Once or twice we caught a glimpse through the umbrellas in the East stands, of the Gophers digging their way through the Michigan line, but they always ran up against something ' near the goal posts that sent them back like a police tear-gas attack. Students didn ' t cheer when signs bearing the words, " Stadium Bonds Mean Good Seats for Ten Years " were carried around the field between halves. Minnesota went home to get revenge for the 20-0 score. The " O " represents the revenge they got later in the year. About this time " Rolls " began to collect its Stadium Bond Fund, which was to provide the $500 to buy one bond, the tickets to go to two representative students elected by the campus at large to sit among the seats of the alumni in the south stands. After weeks of intensive campaigning on the part of contrib- utors to the column, the drive closed with the fund $498.86 short of the goal. The Athletic Association found itself with 650 tickets for the Illinois game on its hands a week before the event, and as it looked like rain, they decided to let the students have them. Giving them out, " not more than two to a person, " the Athletic Association ran out of the valuable pasteboards before more than about 200 students had passed the window. In order to advertise the fact that there was going to be a football game, the Student council held a pep meeting in Hill auditorium the night before the Illinois fracas. After listening to so many speeches, the students decided to do a little celebrating in honor of the awakening of the long-sleeping council, and staged a, theater " rush " . The Police, however were celebrating the arrival of a car-load of tear gas when the students arrived at the theaters. Everyone thought the even- ing ' s entertainment ended when somebody threw a brick through the police headquarters ' window, but the excitement continued next morning when the Detroit papers arrived with their graphic accounts of everything but what happened. (Continued) Page 5 0 r- $n DETROIT ' S LARGEST CLOTHIERS The Source of Good Clothes THREE STORES IN DETROIT AND PONTIAC Pagf j J A t r e+ g Pure Drugs Eastman Kodaks Calkins-Fletcher Drug Co. Three Dependable Stores 324 South State Street Corner South State and Packard Corner South University and East University Avenues We have served Michigan and her students for thirty-nine years Whitman ' s Candy Delicious Sodas When Homeward Bound Remember-- Missouri Pacific Lines provide fast, superior service from St. Louis, Kansas City and Omaha to Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, California, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and Tennessee, (Memphis). Secure tickets and reservations from L. M. White Gen. Agt. Pass. Frgt. Dept. MISSOURI PACIFIC LINES 6-143 Gen. Motors Bids.. Detroit, Mich. Northway 5izj 5114) A Service Institution " A See Trip " Join the Varsity and See the World " was the new slogan of the Michigan team when it took its trip to Baltimore for the Navy game. Even President Coolidge was given the honor of meeting the boys, although some of them weren ' t sure whether it was Cal or not, as they only saw a hand -wing out at them and thrjw each man aside so as to hurry on to the next one. Admiral Ixzo, president of the local chapter of Horse Marines, also went to Washington on his way to the game. Coolidge came over to the War Department to meet the Admiral. We have tried hard to forget that score, but it still sticks as 10-0, favor of the boys from the bounding main. The Union finally arranged some amendments to the con- stitution which would provide for returning money to all mem- bers or at least giving them life memberships. It was only by multiplying instead of adding that they managed to count a quorum present. Money means nothing to a student. (Continued) _ _ l 7 Sfi ' o .-- ni Ba- ' Unusual Jobs Not especially large compared with many castings we have made but the machine base for which the pattern and mold are shown here was noteworthy on account of its shall owness and large surface area. This necessitated un- usual precautions in pouring and the simulta- neous use of three ladles. The successful handling of problems such as this is a common- place occurrence in our shop. When you have something unusual in the way of a casting problem when you need the best castings in the shortest time call Edgewood 3524 and take advantage of our 24-hour service and day- and-night deliveries. Our shop is always open to Michigan students who wish to familiarize themselves with modern foundry practice. Drop in whenever you can and stay as long as you like. DETROIT GRAY IRON FOUNDKl rvCOMPANY Foot of Iron St. Detroit .Mich. Detroit ' s largest " Jot ingFoundry Look for our trade-mark on every casting Page 513 E University of Michigan Hospital is one cf many institutions of its kind throughout the country that are Haughton equipped. Smooth, quiet o peration and absolute dependability are the reasons why Haughton Elevators stand supreme for hospital service. HAUGHTON ELEVATORS Made in Toledo Darling C , Malleaux Gift Shop We carry a large assortment of GIFTS, INCLUDING PICTURES, MICHIGAN BANNERS, SHIELDS AND PILLOWS. Mail Orders Promptly Filled s, 224 S. State Phone 7882 Queen Marie almost came to town. It was such a narrow escape that the battle had already been fought as to whether she could enter the front door of the Union or not. The Union entrance was saved, so no international difficulties followed. Minnesota invited the Wolverines up to its ice-bergs and snow storms and appeared to have won the day, until Oosterbaan skated 60 yards for a touchdown in the last few minutes of play. When the team came home several students were rather excited, since we had tied for the Conference championship. After a parade up State street, and after a raid on the Congre- gational church was narrowly averted (the movie showing there wasn ' t any good), the crowd decided to act like college students. But the police were at the theaters with the gas shells, and a riot somehow got started. It ended when a student got banged over the head and sent to the hospital. About this time President Little began to advocate home-and-home simultaneous foot- ball games, the idea being to have two Varsity teams one playing, for example, at Illinois while the other played at Ann Arbor. (Continued) Page $1 7r- g aS;g v- :;g s% g - ' a i Henry CLgtton Sons BROADWAY and FIFTH-Gary ORRINGTON and CHURCH -Evanston STATE and JACKSON - Chicago ' Hi Lytton College Shop O K Everything for the University Man Suits, Overcoats, Hats, Furnishings and Shoes in this Exclusive Shop THE Lytton College Shop has earned an enviable place among Mid- Western Uni- versity men as a style authority on college clothes. Now we are enlarging its service to include the newest ideas in Neckwear, Suits, Hats and everything else for the college man. fe are making it a larger, more comfortable Shop yet retaining the same chummy, exclusively university atmosphere. And, of course, the economies which our great volume of business permits, will affect everything in the New Lytton College Shop. O Pag ' 515 ft r S CSa - gSf s The Student Christian Association Aims to help students in recognizing the true place of religion in life; to help them face honestly the real issues of the modern world ; and counsel with them in developing a worthy sense of values. From Lane Hall which it owns and maintains as a club house and center for religious work, it seeks to touch vitally the life of the Campus. It achieves insofar as students them- selves catch the spirit of the idea and reach out toward the ideal. Economy Movement Since the item of expense entered in, " Rolls " tried to get everybody to see that instead of sending teams to each other ' s towns, we could exchange uniforms with our opponents. Then one of our Varsity teams could dress up in the Illini suits and we could stage a game without any travelling expenses, except the parcel post charges on the uniforms. Shy and Undemonstrative One morning the campus awoke to learn that Clippy had strayed from the home of President Little. Now, Clippy was a shy and undemonstrative Scottish terrier who had always been very studious and home-loving. In fact, Clippy was the ideal college student never went to the theaters, never smoked, and was never known to bolt a class until one day she disappeared. President Little saw that if Clippy ' s example were followed by others on the campus, all his pet ideas on improving college students would be a failure, so he decided to get her back as soon as possible. The " UPPER ROOM " also is in LANE HALL It is not an organization, but is a most vital Institution, a Fellowship, a Spirit, an Influence, an Inspiration. Nearly forty years old. Total mem- bership more than Eight Thousand scattered over the whole earth. Almost all Races, Nationalities, and Religious Faiths represented. Its classes in Bible Study and Re- ligious Education are unique. The " Fel- lows " call them " different " . They like them and are loyal to them. These classes are freely open to all the Men of the University. The " Upper Room Bul- letin " a sixteen page weekly publica- tion is furnished, without charge, to all " Upper Room " Men. Therefore, he had a notice published in the Daily (adv.) He offered a reward of $25 for the recovery of Clippy, and " Rolls " added another 10,000,000 German marks. With that in mind the whole student body got up early the next morning to go to eight o ' clocks. After a hunt of several days, in which all the stray dogs on the campus and that means a good many were taken to the White House, Clippy returned home of her own accord. And President Little spent the $25 in buying her a swell chicken dinner. A few months after the football season was over, the Student council decided something was wrong with the ticket-distribution system so they started an investigation. Six months later the results were announced. The com- mittee reported there was something wrong with the ticket-distribution system. They demanded action. We never thought they knew there was such a word in the dictionary. Students will know whether or not they got action when they sit in the curves of the new stadium next year. (Continued) PC Page 516 e r - C SfT You Get Real Comfort With Chamberlin Weather Strips Silent acting, automatic, ingeniously hidden in the bottom of the door, Cham- berlin In-Dor-Seals do not interfere with rugs, mats, runners or carpets. A thick but soft piece of felt does the work. Felt is lowered an instant before door is closed. Felt is raised an instant after door opens. If you rent a house, try to rent one that is equipped with Chamberlin Weather Strips. If you buy or build, insist upon complete Chamberlin equipment. Enjoy also the comfort Chamberlin In- Dor-Seals provide. Consider, for exam- ple, their value in bed-room doors. When bed-room windows are open, bed-room doors are virtually outside doors. In this case Chamberlin In-Dor-Seals seal the under-door crack to the exclusion of draughts that would otherwise chill the rest of the house. Therefore Chamber- lin In-Dor-Seals assure comfortable morning temperatures with a consequent saving in fuel. In basement and kitchen doors, Cham- berlin In-Dor-Seals bar furnace dust and cooking odors; in attic doors they prevent the escape of heat, and in closet or store-room doors, provide a perfect barrier against dust and soot. Like all other Chamberlin equipment, Chamber- lin In-Dor-Seals are installed by Cham- berlin mechanics and guaranteed for " the life of the building " . CHAMBERLIN METAL WEATHER STRIP CO. West Lafayette Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 100 Sales and Service Branches throughout the United States. CHAMBERLIN FOR INSIDE DOORS A few Representative Chamberlin Installations in this District Chancery Building David Whitney Building Dime Bank Building First Nat ' l Bank Building Ford Building Holy Redeemer Building Majestic Building Mary Grove College Roosevelt School Sacred Heart Convent Sacred Heart Seminary St. Bridget ' s School University of Michigan - C Sf g$% THOMAS BROS. COMPANY LIMITED THE ARCHITECTS BUILDING 415 BRAINARD STREET DETROIT FACE BRICK WE ARE THE ORIGINATORS and for thirty years have retained the secret of the Famous Drum -Head Mount For University Diplomas The only SURE method of preserving sheep- skin from shrinkage and wrinkles. Place your diploma in our hands (receive an insurance receipt) for mounting, framing and shipping to your address. Mail orders carefully attended to. X. 306 S. State Street Ann Arbor, Mich. Page 5 i8 EXCEPTIONAL FRAMING " Back Page Stuff " In December the Union Opera rated front page stuff in the Daily daily, and in metro- politan newspapers several times, but now it ' s away back here in the advertising. Not that it doesn ' t belong in a humor section, but it does seem rather a come-down for the Opera, which packed the barn down on Main street several nights last winter. Just like Ann Arbor ' s weather, in a Union Opera you never know what ' s coming next. They started off with a professor, changed him into a society man, and a hen-pecked husband, and then he reverted to his former state of ignominy. In between they had everything from a golf number to a snowman scene. The latter snowed-under the best storm Old Man Boreas sent Ann Arbor in years. Chimes Silenced Nothing important used to happen every Thursday. Chimes would come out. For three months this weekly sheet appeared with " Pertinent Events in Retrospect " and, in- cidently, other articles. But the Board in Control of Publications decided that it was rather expensive business to wake up the campus every week when nobody wanted to help pay for the guy that rang the bells. So they hocked the chimes, and trusted to Big Ben to ring out the merry tidings. (Continued) r- fefe- First in Michigan Newcomb-Endicott Company, for more than half a century, has been one of the leading mercantile institutions of the whole country. Standing as an efficient organization of ser- vice, dependability, and integrity, it will always remain an institution worthy of popular focus and reliance. It holds a most remarkable record in its leadership in Michigan: First Department Store in Michigan. First to Establish Itself in the Great Retail District of Today. First to Inaugurate Motorized Delivery Service. First to Open an Economy Basement Store. First Departcr ent Store in Michigan to Install the Dial Tele- phone Systeir. First to Close All Day Saturdays During July and August. Make Netvcomb-Endicott ' s Your Shopping Center When In Detroit Newcomb-Endicott Company Woodward Avenue, Grand River Avenue and Farmer Street St. Pag ' 519 _ Jy ! r- -C Sf V o X. t5O Pounds Prtsmr CRANE VALVES l.S.Ai.SCHL ' LKR L BEAUTY, HISTORY, AND MOVING COLOR One of the centers of civic and romantic interest in Chicago is Michigan Avenue at the Chicago river. Here four impressive buildings, the Tribune Tower, the Wrigley Buildings, and the London Guarantee Accident Building stand, splendid examples of modern architecture; historic old South Water Street is beins; transformed into the double-decked Wacker Drive; and lake shipping comes and goes. Page 520 $ +3!fe o ISO A.u CRAN E VALVES Where Chicago ' s first permanent settler built his home Where Jean Baptiste Point de Sable, from San Domingo, used to paddle his birch canoe, a double-deck bas- cule bridge jackknifes open to the flow of Great Lakes shipping. Clus- tered about the very spot on which in 1 779 he erected the first house in Chicago in which John Kinzie later lived is a notable group of tower- ing buildings. In the spiritofth? newer skyscraper architecture, each is a contribution to the City Beautiful plan of Chicago. Every detail oftheequipment in the massive structures shown in the etch- ing on the opposite page was as care- fully studied and considered as ex- terior beauty. It is especially gratifying to Crane that not only were its plumbing fix- tures, valves and fittings, selected for one of these buildings; but that all four ot them were so equipped. Thus do these magnificent temples of commerce add their endorse- ment to the impressive roll of Crane installations. As Crane fixtures, valves and fit- tings contribute appearance, mini- mum upkeep, long-lasting depend- ability, and final economy to these great buildings; so they give beauty, comfort, and convenience to the home. 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It will pay you to investigate this matter Our record in many years of business in Plumbing and Heating Work sells our service and supplies Page 522 A Tearful Tale Professor Hyma, of the History department, got his name in the papers because he was trying to sell a carload of onions, raised on his father ' s farm. Attempts to buy them to use in battles with the police failed when he actually sold them on the onion market. His Honor the Mayor Will Rogers rambled into town and held a pep meeting over in Hill Auditorium one evening. He told all about his recent trip through Europe, when he met a " regular guy " named Mussolini, went shooting in Scotland, attended a six-day cricket game, and failed to find room in the English Channel for his wife to swim across. He promised to issue an edict upon his return to Beverly, Cal., ordering the police there to never use tear gas against students. Somebody ought to nominate him for mayor of Ann Arbor. The campus had just begun to stop laugh- ing at Will when the Ann Arbor fire depart- ment arrived on the campus one morning. Racing down the diagonal without regard for students or freshmen, the trucks drew up in front of the Natural Science building, where some of the Forestry department boys had been experimenting with creosote. The ex- periment was a failure. The firemen saved the building. (Continued) - $f3 X More than a million faces reflect the gratification of Buick ownership the exhilaration of Buick performance WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT BUICK WILL BUILD THEM s 3 ? Jefferson Clinic antr 2Btagnositic Organized 1911 2201 Jefferson Avenue East, Detroit, Mich. A Set of False Teeth When the State Street end of the diagonal was bent, and a fancy pavement put around the fountain of rust, the campus grinned and thought the engineers had objected to the use of the term " diagonal " for a line that wandered off its path when it met the Law building. But when, one cold wintery day, with the snow a foot deep on the ground, a squad of B. and G. boys began to erect two long white California redwood benches, semi-circular in shape, at each side of the little Pedestrian Entrance to the Diagonal park then the students and faculty laughed out loud. Some suggested that perhaps the freshman landscape design class had flunked an experiment. At any rate the ice was hacked off the walk, and the benches which a faculty man later compared to a set of false teeth were placed where the world and its neighbors might look and laugh. All this funny carpenter work represented the efforts of the landscape de- signers who are " beautifying " the campus. The ampitheater had to have a name, so an election was held, and after a heated battle, " Clippy Stadium " was selected. It has been the scene of the biggest sporting events of the year, the two best riots being conducted on the grounds, and the surrounding park. And it also provided a fine open-air " hall " where campus politicians held sway in the weeks preceding the spring elections. Presidents and coaches from the Big Ten universities met to discuss football. The first thing the chairman did was to cross schedules off the list of what they had to decide. The coaches had jumped the gun, and arranged the games for the next four years. Northwestern can rest in peace for that period at least. That Junior Party Medieval England returned for one evening in the two gyms, when the J-Hop held the center of the stage between the semesters. The setting was supposed to represent the good old days when men were knights and ladies were not co-eds. There were great banners hung from the rafters, paintings at the ends of the gyms, a few suits of armor parked around the edges, and in between, a mass of colors and Tuxedos which wouldn ' t have been able to swirl quite so rapidly if the ancient style of garments had been worn. (Continued) Jf, Page 524 - - ffi a BENJAMIN DANSARD COMPANY Municipal and Corporation Bonds Underwriters and Distributors of: First Mortgage Real Estate Bonds Municipal Bends Corporation Bonds 312 Buhl Building, Detroit, Michigan Telephone: Randolph 6844-45-46-47-48 and 6877 J C - lg K 5f Artistic USE STERLING FACE BRICK IT PAYS Permanent Economical Sterling Brick Company DETROIT Main Sales Room 5401 Wabash Ave. At Kirby Branch Sales Room 11841 Kercheval Ave. At D. T. Ry. That Junior Party (Continued) We would like to attend a dance where the men wore suits of mail, and see if we could hear the orchestra. It would be hard to dis- tinguish, probably. As usual the rules for the Hop filled a good sizsd book, and the only ones who had time to read them through were the chaperones, who brought them to read during the dance. As a special feature this year, the committee provided movies for the patrons. And they proved popular with the dancers. The next thing will be educational movies that will give you your history reading, etc, while you are dancing at the Union or Grangers. Think what a saving this would be. We could go every night, then, and still keep eligible. One J-Hopper remarked afterwards that the movie was the only thing that saved him from feeling that he had entirely wasted his $50. The Poverty course in Sociology was extra popular the second semester. A Real Fire On the night we got all set to learn one of our courses the fire whistle blew. It was the west wing of the old University hospital. The whole structure was doomed right from the first, and it was the best fire we have seen for years. All the patients and equipment were moved out safely, and then the stage was left to the firemen. With a gallery of thousands of people the local department put on a very creditable performance, once they got to the location of the blaze. There had been some mistake about which building was burning, and the telephone message misled the boys, but they got there finally. From then on it was simply a question of running from one window to the next shooting the hose inside. There wasn ' t enough pressure to break the windows, so stones were used. The audience was kept busy jumping over streams of water and dodging the hose when it broke. Also they helped boost a fire engine out of the mud. But we had the most fun afterwards, when the Daily got out an extra, carrying the full story of the fire. We always had an idea that it would seem too foolish to yell " extras " , but we discovered that it is great stuff. Es- pecially when it is late at night and you have the high and mighty motive of waking up the town. It didn ' t take more than two hours to get the paper on the streets, and when it is considered that the Daily wasn ' t publishing because of the exams, it is seen as a real achievement. (Continued) Page 526 O ; $ - $ Plant Materials for Landscape Architecture In the achievement of good landscape effects one of the most important points is the proper selection of plants. Too little attention is usually paid to kinds and qualities of trees, shrubs, roses, and perennials used. To insure success they should be of varieties that grow well in the locality and are of right size habit. They should also be of known good quality and from a source wherein the purchaser may put full confidence. THE MONROE NURSERY, with a record of 80 years of honorable dealings with Landscape Architects and their clients and with a greatly increased list of trees, shrubs, and plants both decid- uous and evergreen would like to supply your wants for the coming year. We maintain a depart- ment devoted exclusively to landscape design and will be glad to consult with you. The Monroe Nursery I. E. ILGENFRITZ ' SONS CO. catalog on Request Monroe, Michigan A. Page 52? - s ffe -- Piotograplis Randall-Maedel Studios Established in Ann Arbor more than fifty years ago " 8 orb to tje Wi t i Sufficient " 121 E. Washington Street Phone 7314 YOU ' VE TRIED THE REST Now TRY THE BEST A Real Fire (Continued) Probably the most fun came when we sold papers to the people coming out of the Maj. second show. Several people swore off going to shows after that, in order that they wouldn ' t miss a big fire again. After everything was over, the " Alumnus " came out with its version of the fire. We thought they must have been talking about some other fire entirely, and they might have been at that. They didn ' t have the name of the building right. We hope the editors of that sheet never have to call up the fire en- gines to tell them where the blaze is. The Biggest Blow on Earth When it was announced that Sherwood Eddy was coming to town to talk, Professor Hobbs saw yellow, or at least " a strip of yellow bunt- ing hanging on the wall " . Also the Army and Navy club got out their bayonets and got to work. After a week of agitation, it was de- cided that some professor would be present to explain to the students that Eddy was merely presenting one side of the question, and that they shouldn ' t jump at conclusions. Which means that hereafter when a lecture is scheduled on " The Beauties of Ancient Greek Haberdashery " there will have to be someone there to present the Roman viewpoint. (Continued) " MICHIGAN " MADE ' WAY back in 1873, the Michigan Electrotype Stereotype Company came into being the first Electrotype Foundry in Michigan. And now, in the 54th year of our business life, it is gratifying to know that " MICHIGAN " MADE means more to the buyer of Electrotypes, Stereotypes and Newspaper Mats than ever before in quality, dependable delivery and complete satisfaction. Here, in one of America ' s largest Electrotyping plants, you are offered every facility that modern genius has been able to provide plus the whole-hearted co-operation of a thoroughly experienced, conscientious staff of true craftsmen. May we serve you ? Telephone Cadillac $272 MICHIGAN ELECTROTYPE C STEREOTYPE COMPANY Fort at First DETROIT - 2J 63s C - c $f %e.Speedabout fastest Six in the World per Dollar qfCofl The Spirit of Youth at the Thrice Youth can Afford 2 -Pass. Speedabout $ 700 Coach - - - $735 Coupe - - - 735 Sedan - - - 795 4-Pass. Speedster 785 All trial . a. b. Danil, flat war Excite tax This car is Youth itself in its eager morn for the glad highroad and the hills of far away. A chum to go loafing the world with carefree, fleet and enduring. Rolling in fresh to dinner, with breakfast 500 miles back. A smart looking pal around town, too, dashing and swag- ger and suave. What, you ask, has made such a car possible? Release of the Super-Six principle, long held in check, reveals untouched heights of power, speed, safety and perform- ance. Youth demands all this, and youth is most enthusi- astic in its appreciation. It fits the purse of youth in cost, in operation and in maintenance. A ride in the Essex Super-Six is like flying. The old- fashioned chug-chug-chug-chug no longer appeals. The flowing purr-r-r-r of the Super-Six power leaves the strongest desire for instant ownership. ESSEX Super-Six Cf Page 529 -- s - zs es JHt THE NOKROME The only color free invisible bifocal that the world has ever known. THE NOKROME The fused bifocal with ments that are both color-free and invisible. seg- DUO-SITE A flesh tinted fused bifocal having the following special advantages: (1) Invisibility of the reading part. (2) glare ab- sorption. (3) reduction of color fringes. (4) a wider angle of vision. (5) a larger reading seg- ment. (6) a thinner lens. SOFT-LITE A glare-absorbing lens sufficiently colored to absorb more light than a white lens, yet is practically invisible in wear and casts no shadows. Made in three shades of flesh tint: light, dark, and sport shade. Wolverine Optical Company Grand Rapids Detroit Battle Creek First National Bank Ann Arbor Organized 1863 Savings Department Trust Department OLDEST NATIONAL BANK IN MICHIGAN The Biggest Blow (Continued) But a definite issue was avoided when Eddy challenged Hobbs to a debate. Reed went in as the other half of the military defense, and the fight was set for Washington ' s birthday convocation. When the holiday arrived it was the first one in the history of the University that found 5,000 students awake by 10 o ' clock in the morning. The fifteen local followers of debates were amazed to find the auditorium practically packed when they arrived. The subject of the debate was mentioned by the chairman in opening the show, and was ignored completely by all the contestants. The meeting, rather than developing any fist fights, or even any great clashes of oratory, really was an expression of complete agree- ment. The only time the speakers disagreed was when they got off the subject. Not that they didn ' t get off the subject a lot but they always managed to agree on the fact that the present system of national defense but we couldn ' t figure out what the subject was from the speeches. (Continued) Page 530 3!!t DISTINGUISHED H U PM GDI LE EIGHT MATCHING EVEN EUROPE ' S FINE PERFECTION! OF THE STRAIGHT EIGHT. IN- EFFABLY SMOOTH AT EVERY PACE ; EXQUISITELY EASY TO HANDLE. HERE AT LAST THEWORDIUXURY ' MEANS MORE THAN IT HAS EVER MEANT BEFORE BEAUTY. COLOR OPTIONS, 9ODIES. ? 1 945 TO? 579 IN THE FINE CAR FIELD, THE IN 14- ENCLOSED AND ' OPEN ETROIT PLUS REVENUE TAX IS UMDOUBTE-DLY TOWARD EIGHTS Page S3 ' fS Extra Deep Drawing SHEET STEEL FOR AUTOMOBILE PARTS AND SPECIAL STAMPINGS MICHIGAN STEEL CORPORATION MILL AND GENERAL OFFICE Ecorse, Detroit, Michigan COMPLIMENTS SALLAN INCORPORATED JEWELERS Woodward at Gratiot DETROIT THE POLICYHOLDERS SERVICE ADJUSTMENT CO. Adjusters of Fire Losses for the Assured. Insurance Counsellors. 1431 First National Bank Building Phone Cadillac 3214 J. R. SUTTON, President DETROIT The Biggest Blow (Continued) The R. O. T. C. boys were there with medals on, and clapped every time the subject was mentioned. And they were certainly men- tioned plenty of times. In fact that turned out to be the whole question at debate, and it looked as if the speakers considered them as the present system of national defense. The speakers didn ' t even mention our submarine chaser or our airplane. The Board of Regents are always watchful of the best interests of the University and especially of the finances, so it wasn ' t surpris- ing that on the same night that they voted to allow Eddy to appear in Hill Auditorium, they voted wind insurance on University buildings. It was money well invested, but they should have gone further and insured the members of the audience against hysteria. But it was a good holiday entertainment, even if the only ones who left the auditorium with any new ideas on the subject were the debaters themselves. Selling Swimming It suddenly occurred to the Union that they might advertise. Since that great day they have been advertising everything but the scenery to be viewed from the tower. (Continued) X- sJ21e Sf :j s MICHIGAN MEMORIES Otate Street and Washtenaw Avenue with flags up and bunting out Ferry Field and seething stands Cheers and cheers " Yea, team! ' Ray, Friedman! Yea, Oosterbaan ! ' Ray Team ! Crowds and cars and coonskin coats ; Flivers and Packards Football at its height; Michigan memories. ASK THE MAN WHO OWNS ONE P VS33 v 21 r- C fcS r- g A " We offer you a finesse in art and reproductions created through conscientious service, and in- spired by a genuine desire to distribute the test The JAHN OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. Photographers, Artists and Makers of Fine Printing Plates tor Black and Colors 817 W. Washington Blvd., Chicago Page 534 Q r- $f :: ANOTHER ROGERS ' ANNUAL DISTINCTIVE There is something distinctive about a Rogers ' printed book. The clean-cut appearance of the cuts and type matter is the result of the skill and experience of 19 years of annual printing. We enjoy the patronage of high schools and colleges throughout theUnited States who want a distinctive book of the prize-winning class. Your classifi- cations will receive our prompt and care- ful attention. ROGERS PRINTING COMPANY Si 307-309 W. First Street 10 So. 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As soon as Lake Tillotson be- came recognized as a fine outdoor pool, the Union found the competition cutting down on the profits if they ever have any around that building and so they made drastic claims such as: " The Best Rejuvenator on the Campus; " " They at Coral Gables, You at the Union Pool; " and " The Catalina Channel of the Campus. " The latter advertisement is false in that there were 101 swimmers in that Channel swim, whereas there aren ' t that many in the Union pool in a week, even if you count the boys who stand around playing some species of water polo, the object of which is to bat as many real swimmers as possible over the head. The dances were next on the publicity pro- gram. The trouble with this advertising was that it succeeded, so that you couldn ' t find room on the floor to dance and when you went to sit down there weren ' t any chairs vacant. We saw two couples give up the fight and decide to play bridge one night. But the best they could do was to obtain two chairs. So the men had to stand up during a couple hands. We can ' t imagine anything worse than that unless it is trying to dance in one of these week-end crowds. In fact this advertising policy of the Union went so far as to include running notices in- forming members that they ought to come out and vote themselves some money, through the amendments providing for return of life-mem- bership payments, etc. It just goes to show what a rotten state of affairs exists here when you have to advertise the fact that you are trying to give away money, and then have no one show up to take advantage of the offer. Another advertising scheme brought forth by the Union this year was the Ten Mile Swim. Every man who covered the full ten miles got his name engraved on the bottom of the pool or on some cup or other. But the catch was that you couldn ' t swim more than a certain number of laps per day, at ten cents per, by the way. There wasn ' t even a cut rate when you took your swimming in ten mile lots. The same ought to have been applied to the tap room, where they could paint your name on the water cooler if you drank say 1,000 malted milks during a one month period. There wouldn ' t have to be any limit to the number you could take in one sitting since the money would come in just the same. (Continued) 2 ? -- S fc- g$%a RITTER UNIT the mark of the modern office To THE new practitioner Ritter equipment offers particular promise. It assists him in attain- ing the high standard of service which his training makes possible and his ambition demands. Then too, patients prefer the up-to-dateness and efficiency of Ritter-equipped offices. What a help then, to start one ' s career with these advantages. START RIGHT --WITH RITTER RITTER AIR COMPRESSOR RITTER TRI - DENT THE LARGEST FACTORY in the world devoted exclusively to the manufacture of dental equipment Pagt 539 x S E. S. Barnard Real Estate and Insurance Consult E. S. Barnard Concerning Your Real Estate Problems Wuerth Theatre Building Phone 91 10 Ann Arbor Rooms 26, 27, 28, 29 Some More College Life One night early in March, 10,000 persons gathered in the field house to watch ten men settle the question of whether Michigan won the undisputed basketball championship, or just tied for it. The two teams were fighting as they had never fought before, and it took an extra period to settle the difficulties, but the Wolverines finally snatched another cham- pionship in the final 50 seconds of play and the audience cheered. That one salvo was the entire celebration of the first undisputed cham- pionship in basketball as far as most people were concerned. But about thirty disillusioned souls thought there was something out of the ordinary with the evening, and declined to go to the library to study, preferring to imagine that they were going to " rush " the Arcade. They stood around the entrance urging each other to lead the way past the cop standing in the doorway, while the audience, which easily outnumbered the " rioters " by three to one, stood around on the walks, and in Clippy Stadium waiting for the fun to begin. (Continued) DETROIT IEWEL DA.NGES _ TffE YL R A K T T _B TTEft. MADE BY DETROIT STOVE WORKS JEWEL DIVISION DETROIT-MICHIGAN STOVE COMPANY page 540 Q 2$ The Works of A Giant Watch Would Scarcely Be More Precise than the worm gearing of a Timken rear axle It is precision engineering of a type not usual in industry that makes Timken Axles so strong, so efficient, so dependable and so silent regard- less of the miles that they have put behind them or the trials which they have underg; THE ft TIMKEN-DETROIT AXLE CO., DETROIT, MICH, S -? ca fs - g5 g THE HARVARD ' 27 A STUDY IX UTILITY COMBINED WITH GOOD TASTE A realization of forty years intensive study and research by the best engineering ability. THE HARVARD CO., CANTON, OHIO Manufacturing chairs, cabinets, labor- atory furniture, electric engines, com- plete dental units, fountain spitoons, brackets, tables, and other articles making a complete equipment line. Illustrated literature on request without obligation. More College Life (Continued) Believing that variety takes the cry out of a gas attack, the gang ran over to the Maj. Here they found four policeman standing in the lobby. That ' s where policemen usually stand in this town, anyway. Nothing except wise-cracks like, " Let ' s rush the Rae " , hap- pened for the next few minutes, until one of the officers opened the door long enough to shoot off his gun. Somebody in the crowd took this in other than the genial, friendly spirit it was meant, and started throwing eggs. One or two were landed inside the theater when the patrons obligingly left the doors ajar. The wanderlust hit the leaders again and they called for a rush to the Arc. From then on the corner of State and North U. resembled a battlefield of the comic opera sort, with police rushing here and there with their toy tear-gas shells and much pushing and shoving. Even the beautiful Clippy stadium was not spared in the battle, and it alternated as a grandstand and field hospital, besides being the scene of one or two small skirmishes. The Arc. was the one place in the neighbor- hood that didn ' t serve as a battlefield at some time in the evening. The crowd soon forgot that they came to rush a show, and concen- trated all their efforts in laughing and retreat- ing before the onward rush of the Law. (Continued) HAYDEN VAN ATTER c COMPANY INVESTMENT BONDS CHICAGO DETROIT GRAND RAPIDS - S9$$g it % g K % -- $f - THE MACCABEES THE MACCABEES Non-Sectarian Non-Political A service organization standing for protection of the home, Patriotism, and good citizenship. MEMBERSHIP 213,000 ASSETS $34,000,000 A Legal Reserve Fraternal Benefit Association The Maccabees is a fraternal co-operative in- stitution operated in the interest of its members without profit. Its service embraces the entire family, men, women and children, to all of whom it extends safe, sound, legal reserve life benefit protection and the fraternity sociability and other advant- ages of the local lodge. For its old and needy members it maintains a comfortable Maccabee Home where they may spend their declining years in comfort. Through its various relief funds it extends assistance in many ways to members in distress. In its lodges its members find a social center and advantages of many kinds obtainable in no other kind of organizaton. Its ritual is Bounded on patriotism, loyalty, and protection to home. Non-sectarian, non- political, it stands for good citizenship, fraternity and protection. Its jurisdiction covers the United States and Canada. POSITIONS FOR 100 MEN 100 clean cut aggressive men to take our sales- manship training course. Positions are open in all parts of the country and earnings and promo- tion will be in proportion to ability. The work is pleasant and remunerative. Rapid promotions for those who make good. THE MACCABEES A. W. FRYE, SUPREME COMMANDER Headquarters Detroit, Mich. PC Page 543 .ft c - 2g - e+ Win. Hochrein Sons REPAIRING HE A TING PLUMBING Kleen Heet Oil Burners for the Home ANN ARBOR, MICH. 211 S. Fourth Ave. Phone 525 More College (Continued) The tear gas early in the battle was proven ineffective, and from then on nobody paid any attention to it unless it was fired off directly in their faces. The police then tended strictly to the business of making fools of themselves. They demanded that everybody move on, the inference being that the hundreds of onlookers were participants in the riot, rather than mere- ly spectators in the funniest show ever pre- sented during the past century. If it could only be advertised in advance and grand- stands erected along the edge of the campus, such a riot as that would draw big enough crowds to pay off the Union debt and put up a League building once a month. Why couldn ' t we make it a Varsity sport, and charge the alumni good money to watch it? As it was, most of those in it were alumni or graduate students, as the roll-call of those in- jured showed. We ought to have eligibility rules in this just as in any other campus ac- tivity. They ought to bar all graduates, and those who can ' t keep a high enough scholarship record so that if they are laid up in the hos- pital or jail for a few weeks it won ' t injure their scholarship. Then we could elect a cap- tain of the riot squad, and get a coach some- where. A little organization in these fights and the students could have a real celebration some night. (Continued) r I " he cover for JL this annual was created by The DAVID J. MOLLOY CO. 2857 N. 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Rich, flavored with Sauce and Spice Roasted in the Barbecue Style Fresh and Sanitary Last of College It was about two hours after the thirty students tried to see the show for what it was worth that the police packed up and went home, and the few members of the audience left on the sidewalks wended their weary way homeward, ducking every time they thought they saw a cop ' s shadow. The Morning After When, and if, students woke up the next morning, they were surprised to find out that the Union had found out that we had won a basketball championship, and was throwing a little smoker in honor of the team. We might as well add that the Freshman banquet had to be cancelled in order to hold it. This just goes to show the generous spirit of the Union, in thus throwing aside all the profit they might have made from the banquet just to give a party for the students. Of course, they hadn ' t been able to sell more than a dozen tickets to the Freshman affair, but at that they might have made money off it. Well, Coach Yost got up and urged the students not to riot, and put it in that incom- parable way of his that would make a bull stop twice before rushing a red flag. There probably wouldn ' t have been much anyway, .since the theatres had locked their doors at the order of the mayor. (Continued) S. pg 546 r C Sr g s: - c Sf FLOORS FINISHED WITH LIQUID GRANITE ENDURE GENERATIONS OF SERVICE rom the Minuet fc J to the Charleston You can roll up the rugs and dance on floors finished with Liquid Granite, just as your great grandfather did before you. The exceptional durability of this fine, wear-resisting varnish is the same today as in those forgotten crinoline days when the Virginia reel was replacing the minuet. Liquid Granite outwears other varnishes because it is made for that purpose. It endures millions of steps. 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They formulated a long bunch of resolutions, which could be summed up in the following paragraph: " This is not a city; it is a college town, and don ' t kid yourself about that, you towns- people. The police don ' t like to engage in such affairs as that of the other evening, they get winded too easily. The theaters ought to give free shows once in a while, since they gouge the students the rest of the year. Police are re- quested to act like policemen. " Then no resolutions were published for al- most two whole days. The theater managers were next. They admitted that they had always been willing to give free shows, when- ever arrangements were made in advance, and furthermore they would be pleased to give a big theater party in Hill Auditorium every time Michigan won a major sport champion- ship. In this they were perfectly safe for the rest of the year at least, since baseball won ' t be settled probably before most of the students have left town for the summer. And the Student Council was selected as the body which would choose the film to be shown. They were offered their choice of the pictures in town at the time of the celebration. No mention was made as to how the Council was to be informed that a championship had been won, or who was going to make them hold a meeting to pick the movie. Probably they would end up by selecting one of these " Travels Through Sunny Iceland " pictures. When this resolution had been read and duly consigned to the waste basket, the students realized that they hadn ' t had their say yet. Not that any of these great documents had meant anything except so much lead in the Daily, but it was just the principle of the thing. If each of the other sides to this fight had their chance at the literary end of the battle, why shouldn ' t the students wax elo- quent and come out with some sort of Declara- tion of Independence? When neither the Student Council nor the S. C. A. did anything about it, and the Tolstoy League even ignored the matter, the student body gave up all hope. Although this is rather late for such a re- solution, we feel that the opportunity ought to be taken advantage of in some way, and therefore we are appending herewith our own resolution in behalf of the students of the University of Michigan: (Continued) - c BRIGGS BODIES More and more are the leading motor ear manufacturers looking to Briggs for their exacting body requirements. BRIGGS MANUFACTURING CO $$ - Z z $e s FRATERNITIES, SORORITIES AND HOMES When looking for your requirements of Hardware, Dinner, Glass and Kitchen Ware, also Paints, Oils, Polishes, Electric Accessories, or anything pertain- ing to hardware, you are sure to find it at this store. JNO C. FISHER CO. Main near Washington Washington near Main MICHIGAN STEEL CASTINGS ARE DEPENDABLE INQUIRIES SOLICITED DELIVERIES PROMPT Michigan Steel Casting Co. DETROIT, MICHIGAN It Pays to Spend for the Best in the End Our Declaration of Independence Having carefully considered the resolutions issued from time to time by the other parties to the party of the 7th of March past, we, the students of the University of Michigan, feel that we owe it to the city and to the faculty that we present our stand in the matter. (1) Ann Arbor is a college town, in spite of the efforts of Commerce to drive us out by means of the high prices. (2) We don ' t object to tear gas; in fact, we rather enjoy it as a unique diversion. What we do object to is getting the shells shot into our faces. (3) If we are going to have a riot, let ' s have a good one, with some definite rules to govern both sides. (4) We wish the police wouldn ' t get sore when we throw eggs. Why not make this merely a little friendly contest? (5) We believe in upholding the dignity of the Law, when there is some. (6) We thank the theater managers most heartily for their generous spirit in offering us free shows on big victory nights. We only hope that is the week that they have a good picture in town. (Continued) X Page 550 fe is. THE MOTOR ' S THE THING R. W. JUDSON Pres. Continental Motors Corporation This ' is distinctly an age of travel. A hundred miles are an incident in a day ' s journey. Hours of en- joyment, speeding along paved highways, have superseded the slow progress and discomfort of rough roads. With the conquering of distance has come the broaden- ing of friendships, the enlarging of businesses and the increasing par- ticipation in healthful sports. These, in turn, have wielded a wide influence on the nation ' s ac- tivities. Such far flung advantages can be traced directly to the use of gasoline power as interpreted today in terms of transportation by the automobile, bus, truck, motor boat and airplane. 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POWELL COMPANY " REALTORS " ANN ARBOR YPSILANTI SUBURBAN PROPERTY FARM LANDS LAKE FRONTAGE FIVE YEARS AT IT -AND NOT DONE YET! Suppose you do the washing every week for five years. You have given it time in which you might have accomplished many things of lasting importance. And, yet, in that five years ' work, you might say that you have done nothing for you still have the washing to do next week. Why not turn it over to us and use the time for your children, your husband, your friends; you ' ll be amazed how much happier life will become. Choose one of our family services all ironed, partly ironed there is one to suit your needs. The price charged will prove to be money well invested in health and happiness Weller Laundry Cadillac 5169 DETROIT Declaration of Independence (Continued) (7) We humbly petition the Athletic As- sociation that they add a few more sports to the list of major ones so that we can get a major championship as soon as possible. Hill Auditorium will probably burn down before we get that free show. (8) Finally, we demand that all classes be dismissed on the morning following a riot in order that more of the student body may par- ticipate. The policy of the Athletic Associa- tion is to get as many students as possible taking part in athletics. Here ' s a practical sport going to waste. The Ninetieth Birthday While there is a little doubt being expressed in some circles from time to time as to whether this University was ever founded or not, there has been a great deal of excitement lately about the exact date of opening. Some claim that 1817 was the correct date to celebrate, but the majority cling to the seal and its declaration of 1837 as the year in which this Champion of the West was born. At any rate, the alumni and the University chose March 18, 1927 as the ninetieth anniversary, and arranged to celebrate it with a radio program. The reason they held the ceremonies over the radio was (Continued) _ s V ffi r- Sf g WINNERS for Thirty Years -and Still Winning! Twenty-eight KRESGE STORES To Serve You in Michigan 5c-10c-25c Stores ANN ARBOR 204 S. Main St. BATTLE CREEK oo W. Main St. BAY CITY 307 Center Ave. DETROIT 1201 Woodward Ave. 1449 Woodward Ave. 9012 Grand River Ave. FLINT 405 S. Saninaw St. GRAND RAPIDS 135 Monroe Ave. HAMTRAMCK 9542 Jos. Campau Ave. HIGHLAND PARK 13933 Woodward Ave. IRON MOUNTAIN 405 Stenhenson St. JACKSON 133 W. Mich. Ave. KALAMAZOO 133 S. Burdick St. LANSING 114 S. Washington Ave. MUSKEGON 249 W. Western Ave. PONTIAC 60 N. Sapinaw St. PORT HURON 20ti Huron Ave. 25c to $1.00 Stores ANN ARBOR 200 S. Main St. BATTLE CREEK 59 W. Main St. BAY CITY 303 Center Ave. DETROIT 1403 Woodward Ave. 9008 Grand Riuer Ave. GRAND RAPIDS 141 Monroe Ave. HIGHLAND PARK Southwest Corner of Woodwar d Ford JACKSON 1.31 W. Michigan Ave. MUSKEGON 275 W. Western Ave. PONTIAC 38 N. 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As a special feature in honor of this im- portant birthday, the Daily came out with an Anniversary Special section, containing views of the old campus, as well as stories purporting to be histories of the University and of the various institutions. Since it comes out several times as often as the ' Ensian each year, the Daily was able to scoop the latter on this historical number. The fact of the matter, as the editors of this book explain very carefully, is that the Daily swiped all the historical pictures from them, or at least got them from the same photographer. The Daily ' s an- niversary section was a splendid copy of the ' Ensian ' s art work. But no harm was done for most of the campus thought it was only a revival of Chimes and discarded it without a glance, anyway. Alumni all over the country gathered for banquets, and perhaps to listen to the speeches broadcast from University Hall. It is entirely appropriate that an anniversary program should come from that place. We imagine many of the lectures of a half-century ago are still echoing there, and were sent out with the regular speeches. A few more speech- es on that program wouldn ' t have been noticed anyway. (Continued) 554 X - ;$ffe I FISHEK BODIES Thousands of people are convinced that, if they select their next car from among those which unmistakably lead their respective fields in beauty, in value and in sales, their choice will most certainly be equipped with Body by Fisher wS ft o T o FISHER " 9 s S C s - g 3 INVESTIGATE " The Zone of Kelvination " In the zone of temperature which lies between 40 and 50 degrees- known as the Zone of Kelvination bacterial development is reduced to a minimum. Foods will not deteriorate when placed in a Kelvinator equipped refrigerator where this range of temperature is constantly main- tained. In it steaks become tender and well flavored, with no suspicion of taint; milk will remain sweet for many days; lettuce and other fresh vegetables will stay crisp and tasty; no moisture exists. This " Zone of Kelvination " , automatically predetermined, is now rec- ognized as " perfect refrigeration " . You can get it by placing Kelvinator the oldest domestic electric refrigeration in the refrigerator you now use. Investigate and you will Kelvinate. Kelvi The Oldest Domestic Electric tor IVefrigeration Division of Electric Refrigeration Corporator! X A remodeled prescription and stock room makes possible better handling and caring for your needs than ever before. G. Claude Drake Drug and Prescription Store " The Quarry " Wholesale and Retail Surgical Supplies. Cor. So. State and N. University Ave. The Ninetieth Birthday (Continued) The eventful day passed with nothing out of the ordinary happening as far as we could see. An attempt to boycott classes on this occasion failed. But perhaps this is only another in- dication of the true spirit of Michigan. We have taken the high road to knowledge, and we keep steadfast to our course and our ideals. Sentiment! We have no use for it, we leave it to inconstant fools. For ourselves there is nothing but the search for truth, and our re- ward can only be a constant contact with the cold beauty of the intellect. Unlike the students of the past, we cannot be swayed from our purpose by the silly struc- tures of a social code. Our judgments are mature, we view traditions sanely, and leave the hysterical worship of sentimentalities to those little minds that can be satisfied by them. Athletics may amuse us, may provide a nec- essary stimulus to our emotions, but our real selves must live on higher planes in keeping with our ideal of the mind. This is the spirit of Michigan today. (Ha, ha, ha and so on for forty-eight pages.) The End Pagt 556 V - r r-? c $f Chi Phi Fraternity Architects for Chi Phi Fraternity House and Women ' s Athletic Building Fry and Kasurin Ann Arbor JEROME A. UTLEY CONTRACTING ENGINEER 729 Penobscot Building DETROIT , ft 3 i- r ffi - =3s=r 2 - s$es l esponsibility Paint service is rather an intangible thing to analyze. Therefore you must pin your faith on the manu- facturer whose product, reputation and experience dictate them as being worthy of your continued confidence. Degraco Paints are recognized and used on the large and important projects throughout this country because of their demonstrated value. Proven quality and proven service are your best guarantee for satisfaction. DEGRACO PAINTS JK All Colors mi for All JL Purposes Mode by Detroit Graphite Company u.s. List of Products Superior Graphite Paint A protective coating for metal surfaces. Degraco House Paints Pure linseed oil paints for build- ings of all kinds. Degraco-Tone A decorative interior flat wall finish. Degraco Varnishes and Enamels For all types of interior and ex- terior finishing. Degraco Brick and Concrete Paints For decorating and protecting brick and masonry sur faces. Degraco Concrete Floor Paints For interior concrete floors. Degracolin A clear transparent hardener for Degraco Porch and Deck Paints Forwood floors andexposed decks. Sta-White A long oil white enamel paint for industrial interiors. Cemtex, a Portland Cement Paint Especially recommended for prim- ing galvanized iron. Anti-Aq -a A damp-proof coating for use below grade. Browning King Co. CLOTHING, FURNISHINGS AND HATS FOR MEN BOYS 319 South Main Street We Nominate for Our Hall of Fame ANONYMOUS NOTE: A tendency toward self confidence is a desirable thing, but, like most qualities, it is dangerous when carried to an extreme. We have been afraid that the honor of being placed in a genuine hall of fame would be a little too much for some of our local prominents, and so we have been far-sighted in our methods. We have let the glory of their nomination suffice on one side; and, in order to make sure that it will have no inflating effect, we have made it a point to make our remarks as uncompliment- ary as the sterling qualities of the candidates allow. Our motives have been altruistic, so hoping that our words will be interpreted in that light, we nominate the following for our Hall of Fame. SMITH CADY Because he is the first managing editor who has been able to run the paper and still spend half his time in Chicago at the Daily ' s expense. In spite of the fact that he is an Alpha Sig. Because he is living proof that to be a great man does not necessarily entail being a big man. No, he is not our little brother on a visit, lady. (Continued) Page 558 O - ![ M ' The (Certainty That Only Established Reputation ( an Assure , Out of the fog of claims and counter claims, Cadillac prestige stands as a beacon-light pointing the way to luxury, distinction and the motor car value that brings abiding satisfaction. Triced from $2995 upward, f. o. b. ' Detroit. NEW 90 DEGREE CAD L DIVISION OF GENERAL MOTORS c CORPORATION Page 559 . $l %j - - SfS Sr- g -g Years o Service The selection of each new season ' s wardrobe here is a matter of course with the smart college woman. For she knows that here she may choose from fashions assembled through careful discrimination of what the well-dressed college woman will wear. Seventy years of service to fashionable women is evidence of our de- pendability. Kenneth Anderson Co. 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Because he is captain of the football team, a member of Sphinx, basketball star, baseball player of some repute, has (to date) five championship emblems to dangle on his vest. And above all because he could do this and still live at the Alpha Sig house. Pins, etc. made into bracelet. Page 560 O ? - Z %$2 r- C Sf Lyon Steel Storage Equipment used at THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN University Buildings are built for permanence. Nothing but the very best of material is used in construction and nothing but high grade equipment is used in the interior. The University of Michigan has installed great quantities of Lyon Steel Lockers, Com- mercial Shelving, Standard Shelving, Cabinets and Boxes because past experience has shown that Lyon Products are designed and built to last the life of the building itself. Look at Your Locker Key Take a look at your own locker key. The cha nces are that it will bear the Lyon Trade-mark. Lyon Steel Lockers follow everyone through business and pleasure. At grammar school high school, college, Y. M. C. A., factory, office and club they give continued service year after year to a steady stream of ever changing people, and with a minimum of upkeep. Lyon Metallic Manufacturing Company Aurora, Illinois Right: A Typical Locker Room Equipped with Lyon Steel Lockers Detroit District Office 1906 Penobscot Building, Detroit, Mich. X .ft : " " yffiie ss -$ - cg Sfs s S ANN-A FUEL Co. 214 E. Madison Street Coal phone 4271 Semet Solvay Coke Black Knight Smokeless Sun Pocahontas REG U S. PAT OFF TRAVEL EAST OR NORTH via The Ann Arbor Railroad Special trains for all Vacation and Holiday student travel. We thank you for past favors and respectfully solicit your patronage. H. A. MILLS Commercial Agent ANN ARBOR, MICH. We Nominate For Our Hall of Fame (Continued) PHIL NORTHRUP Because he has proven that one can be a dentist and still be a scholar, gentleman and athlete. (Two bits, please.) Phil is a Michi- gamua, but that is really nothing to hold against him. He was younger at that time. He is the only thing Sigma Nu ever had any- thing to blow about. Oh yes, he belongs to some dental outfit or other. RAY BAER Because he is, of course, a football player. His face would prove that. He plays some place on the line but was always carried out of the game before anyone could figure out just where. He used to lay down in front of the man opposite him and pray. The other chap would feel sorry for him and try not to hurt him. However, he lives at the Kappa Nu house so it really doesn ' t make much difference whether he lives or dies. FRANK GRAHAM Because he is a most efficient and capable Business Manager of the Michiganensian, a member of Michigamua, Phi Kappa Psi, and a representative from the Michigan inter-fra- ternity council to the national inter-fraternity (Continued) Page $62 a 3 -Cg fg Sr- j%g 53 Years of Leadership In advertising The Detroit News in the last 13 years has always been either first, second or third in America, proving its interest for house- holders of its territory and indicating the buying ability of this market. TT IS no accident that The Detroit News is the out- standing newspaper of the householders of Detroit and suburbs. Since its inception The News has been designed with the home as its focal point. News, features, and illustrations are used with that viewpoint in mind. The News has, therefore, always striven to be clean, vigorous and fair serving as the householder ' s guide in matters of personal welfare as well as in mat- ters of state. Information on the household arts as well as in the world of sports is authoritative and fresh. Men and women both find The Detroit News a daily stimulant to clear thinking and sound action. The Associated Press, the United Press and the joint Chicago Daily News and Detroit News Cable Service, as well as its own staff correspondents in Washington, New York, London and Paris, supply The News with unusually complete reports of international affairs. Since 1873, the year of its founding, The Detroit News has, therefore, led all other Detroit papers in circulation and as the newspaper of the home. The Detroit News The HOME Newspaper 350,000 SUNDAY CIRCULATION 320,000 WEEKDAY CIRCULATION Page 563 SL PC r- c Sf g X. ROOFING constitutes a very important item in the erec- tion of all modern types of buildings. THE SCHOOL OF EXPERIENCE Over eighteen years ' experience in the busi- ness of furnishing and applying roofing mate- rial, for all types used places the Wheelock- Prestler Company in a position to aid builders selecting proper material and competent work- men. Michigan University buildings are covered with high-grade material furnished and ap- plied by WHEELOCK-PRESTLER ROOFING CONST. CO. JACKSON and BATTLE CREEK Royal Mayonnaise another " Absolutely Pure " Product of the Royal Baking Powder Co, Your grocer carries it in Convenient Quart, Pint, and one-half Pint Jars DISTRIBUTORS The Horton-Cato Mfg. Co. Detroit, Michigan We Nominate For Our Hall of Fame (Continued) convention. In spite of the fact that he cannot see much beyond his nose (no mean distance), he is pointed out to freshmen and used in rush- ing as an example of what happens to Phi Psis who try. EDDIE CHAMBERS Because he proved that a handsome phiz is not necessary to winning a conference cham- pionship in Basketball. Because he can fall down with more grace and less damage to himself than anybody we have ever seen. Because he is a member of Michigamua and is still not conceited. DICK FREYBERG Because he is living proof that not all athletes take " pipe " courses. Because he led the Michigan track squad to victory and then closed his career by entering the medical school. Because he is the only D. U. that ever amounted to much. Because he showed a total disregard for the esteem of his fellow men by pledging Nu Sigma Nu. Incidentally, he is another ex-Michigamua. JOHN " B " MOLENDA Because he managed to stay in the Uni- versity for two and a half years and never crack a book. Because he proves that a thick head is the prime requisite of a good fullback. Because he left school (by request) and joined a " pro " basketball team. Nice guy. WARREN WOOD Because he is the potential political boss incarnate. Because we heard that they nom- inated him for the J-Hop committee because they couldn ' t secure anyone else that they could agree upon. Because he is one of those boys that didn ' t get enough favors for the hop. Because he has a Ford and is proud of it. Be- cause he has one of those trick cigar lighters and always insists on dragging it out. Because he is SO commercial. Because he is a fraternity brother of Al Tolle ' s which makes him an S. P. E. You know, the house that some brick company always uses in their advertisements. Oh ! we nearly forgot to mention that he is one of the ' Ensian staff. " FLOP " FLORA Because he held down the end opposite Benny Oosterbaan. Because, in spite of four years violent effort on the part of Fielding H., Flop is still unable to do anything with a pass but drop it gently to the field. Because he is such a sweet, innocent looking little thing. And he also resides at the Active Men ' s Boarding Club with Benny O. and Smith Cady. (Continued) Page 564 r-? Sf Jft A ward and one of the operating rooms in the University of Michigan TRUSCON Asepticote Contributed Much to this BEAUTY -:- SANITATION ECONOMY THIS splendid hospital without doubt enjoys a distinctive place in the modern architecture of Michigan and reflects the spirit of practical service of this Twentieth Century University. 1,250,000 square feet of hard finish plaster walls and ceilings are painted with Truscon Asepticote over Truscon Alkabar priming coat. Both products were approved by the Building Committee only after an exceptionally rigid series of practical tests and laboratory analysis. The wards, operating rooms and sun parlors are finished in a soft egg shell sheen, giving a dignity and repose so proper to a hospital. This beauty is enduring for Asepticote resists washing with strong alkali solu- tions. The full service of the Truscon Laboratories covers Waterproofing, Dampproofings, Rustproof Coatings, and Technical Paints. Color cards, specifications and our Laboratory Engineers are at your service. THE TRUSCON LABORATORIES CANIFF AND GRAND TRUNK R. R. DETROIT Q . P ' t ' StS O i $! WEMIEIVHAE C mcrica ' s finest CLub J{otef Headquarters of the ' Detroit Intercollegiate j4ssociation All the recreational facilities of the finest athletic clubs are at the command of the Webster Hall man. Yet we ekly rentals are sur- prisingly low. DOUBLE, per person, $8.50 SINGLE, as low as $11.00 DAILY, as low as S2.00 CASS AVE. at PUTNAM DETROIT We Nominate For Our Hall of Fame (Continued) HANK GRINNELL Because although only a junior he has the reputation of being the greatest handshaker on the campus, having shook himself into the presidency of the freshman class over Wayne Schroeder (who did the stuffing?), the student council, the athletic association, etc., etc. The only thing he ever worked for was his letter in football and that was a gift. All in all he seems to have filled the vancancy left by Charley Oakman both at the Alpha Sig house and on the campus. FRANK HARRIGAN Because he was the other half of the basket- ball team. Because as soon as he became prominent the Alpha Sigs took him in. Be- cause he took a course in Roman Archaeology in order to get eligible and slept comfortably every day. Because he is good and he knows it. Because Coach Mather put him on the All- Western Basketball squad along with Bennie Oosterbaan. GEORGE " BUCK " HESTER Because he proves that your legs don ' t have to be long in order to get places in a hurry. (Continued) AMERICAN-MARSH PUMPS Centrifugal and Direct Acting TPHE American-Marsh line of centrifugal pumps are built with the same painstaking care that charac- terizes the construction of our well-known direct-acting steam pumps. The capacities range from 5 to 5000 gallons per minute. Both single and Multi-stage pat- terns for heads up to 500 feet They are the result of over 35 years ' experience in the manufacture of high grade pumping machinery. See them in the new Uni- versity Power Plant. May we send you a Catalog? AMERICAN STEAM PUMP CO. Battle Creek, Michigan Page 566 Hotel Whitney Children of the Stage T S HE names gleaned from our reg- ister would constitute, with few exceptions, a roster of the greatest of living actresses and actors. A list of people of discriminating taste in hotel values, of which we are proud : RAYMOND HITCHCOCK JULIA ARTHUR GEORGE SIDNEY CARROLL McCoMAs MAY ROBSON MAY IRWIN MRS. FISKE FRANK TINNEY EDDIE LEONARD DAVID WARFIELD LAURA HOPE CREWS CYRIL MAUDE JOSEPH CAWTHORN VERA FOKINA M. FOKINE LEO DlTRICHSTEIN t a g- Sf g Compliments of the Diamond Crystal Salt Company St. Clair, Michigan X m . . r- ze3te s s$!gez-z COMPLIMENTS OF ZWERDLING ' C TABLISHED 1904 217 E. LIBERTY ST. FUR SHOPU A Complete Fur Service Since 1904, including Remodeling, Storage and Repairing Free Insurance and Storage with every purchace Phone 8507 217 East Liberty Street We Nominate For Our Hall of Fame Because he can get through more courses with less effort than any normal person could hope to. But then he is an athlete and this covers a multitude of sins. Oh, yes, he lives out at the little red school house with the rest of the Masons (Acacia). o SID DEWEY Because he isn ' t anywhere as dumb as he looks. Because he helped Michigan win a football championship. Because he exemplifies that old crack, a gentle soul in a rugged frame. Sid specializes in this here now Geography department which detracts from his otherwise splendid reputation as a student. FRED GLOVER One of the reasons why Chi Psi is one of the bigger and better frat and eating clubs. Be- cause he is a member of the Board in Control of Student Publications, Phi Beta Kappa, Captain of the Golf team, one of the fighting braves (Michigamua) etc., ad infinitum, q. e. d., ending up with class Historian, which just can ' t be forgotten. (Continued) The C. A. Sauer Co. LUMBER and Mill Work QUALITY AND SERVICE PHONE 6214 WE KEEP THE NEGATIVES OF ALL OUR PICTURES Official Photographer to the Michiganensian Francisco Boyce 719 N. University s- r C fe TELEPHONE WHITTIER 4125 Barnes - Gibson - Raymond INCORPORATED Manufactures SPRINGS Flat and Wire 6400 Miller Avenue Detroit, Mich. X Page 569 ! - ffi % sg|fe STEEL PLAIN OR FABRICATED AND ERECTED For prompt service, our special Warehouse Department at Beecher Avenue Plant is maintained to furnish steel cut from stock Bethlehem and standard shapes for immediate delivery. Steel users in Detroit and vicinity will find a large and well assorted stock on hand at all times to meet their requirements. The W K Quarterly List of Steel in Stock for Immediate Shipment is yours on request. AT OUR BEECHER AVENUE PLANT 2361 Beecher Ave. Lafayette 2830 w Steal Insures Strength and Security hitehead Detroit Mich Let Your Own Taste Judge the Quality and Flavor of our Meats A. R. GFELL Phone 4208 223 No. Main Street We Nominate For Our Hall of Fame WILLIAM PUCKELWARTZ Because he is Captain of the baseball team and a member of Michigamua. Because he led the team in batting averages thus keeping the other boys from getting cocky. That ' s about all we can say about this gent without getting too low. Yes, child, of course the Alpha Sigs took him. JOHNNY HALSTED Because he is business manager of the Gar- goyle and a swimmer of some ability. Be- cause he has the most mixed staff of any of the publications. Because he ' s never been known to bend his neck. Because he is a fraternity brother of Frank Graham ' s, and, therefore, deserving of pity. These Phi Psis! THE DRUM MAJOR Whatever his name is. Because with- out exception he is the most conceited man on the Michigan campus, and that is equiv- alent to saying the entire world. Because he is the only drum major in the Conference who can toss his baton over the goal posts and catch it (most of the time). Because he went on a trip with the band and left the baton at home. (Continued) Page 570 7r- $f 39 Years oi Service to Michigan Students Photographers Studio 319 E. Huron Established 1890 Your Negatives are on File for " - Your Convenience Page 571 -t asifc SILVERWARE JEWELRY HALLER ' S State Street Jewelers ESTABLISHED 1858 DIAMONDS WATCH ES B. E. Muehlig . Dry Goods and Notions Here You Will Always Find QUALITY MERCHANDISE That Insures Satisfaction and Establishes the Confidence that Our Many Patrons Hav e The completeness of our stocks, the fair prices we ask and the service we render, prompts us to solicit your patronage. Phone 8411 126 S. Main Ann Arbor, Michigan 572 We Nominate For Our Hall of Fame TOM WINTER Because the independents elected him chair- man of the J. Hop. Because he showed his disregard for boys like the Dekes and Zetes by leading that mass production affair with a co-ed. More power to him on that score. Because he is harmless anyway. RICHARD LUTES That chunk of beef that everyone but us thinks was quite funny in the opera. Because he represents pure conceit with nothing to be conceited about. Because he lives at the Beta hotel. Because he is all right in his way, but weighs too much. THEODORE C. HORNBERGER Because he is a Cross Country star. Because he was managing editor of some publication; oh yes, Chimes, they called it, that became defunct under his leadership and thus he proved to be a great benefactor. Because he looks so funny and yet is really not a bad sort. Because he was secretary of the S. C. A. (Adv.), Treasurer of the oratorical board. (Yes, there really is such a thing; we looked it up.) Member of Alpha Nu, a debating society. And of course he is a Phi Gam along with Cal Coolidge, Bo Molenda and the rest of the boys that are out doing things. (Continued) A - $ffe O ' SHEA for Every Sport Makers of MICHIGAN ATHLETIC KNITTED WEAR O ' SHEA KNITTING MILLS CHICAGO -:- ILLINOIS P ' g ' S73 $____ - - SSE S - JS g sglfc EDMUND T. PATERSON HORACE PATERSON LEONARD P. REAUME FRED G. NAGLE Paterson Bros. Company Realtors Residences Business Properties Industrial Properties Long and Short Term Leases Rental Property Management Subdivisions Insurance PENOBSCOT BLDG. CADILLAC 4810 Convince Yourself of The Growing Popularity of Champion Cigars TRY A QUARTER ' S WORTH The Hemmeter Cigar Co. DETROIT BAY CITY MICHIGAN We Nominate For Our Hall of Fame " RED " MAENTZ Because he is president of the senior class and is therefore one of Michigan ' s finest. He lives at that swell apartment house with the trick gates out at the city limits where men are men. Kappa Sigma to those that don ' t understand our witticisms. As far as we could discover this is the only thing he ever did and how this happened is a mystery to all but those who stuffed the ballot boxes. His right name is Henry S. PAUL SAMSON Because he is a swimmer of national fame. Because he is captain of a swimming team that is better than any in the country accord- ing to its coach. Because he is reported to have the broadest shoulder and the smallest brain of anyone on the campus, though this may not be true. Because he used to live in Noah ' s Ark, the Phi Kappa Sigma house. Because he lives up at the ex-active men ' s boarding club, the place where all good Alpha Sigs hope to go when they post-graduate, the Nu Sigma Nu house. Because he has the temerity to think that he can be a doctor. " DUSTY " MUNGER Because we have heard it rumored that he did something or other on the track squad. Oh yes, we remember, one of the relay team got sick and they shoved Munger in as a last resort. He managed to come in ahead of his opponent mainly because the others were such good runners and he got a letter out of it. Well, better days ahead, boys. He lives at some fraternity house or other. Phi Sigma Kappa, if that means anything to you. FRED HILL Because he is that nice boy that drew the pretty red and black picture on the front of the Gargle. He and Police Chief O ' Brien are in the same class with Doctor Lovell and we feel that further words about him are wasted. He is a Beta, nuff said. LOUIS ROBERTSON Because the Board decided to make him Editor of this book when Fred Glover with- drew his application. Because he is SO earnest and SO sincere that it hurts to watch him. Because he is another of these Michigamuas. Because he has made the Delta Tau Deltas proud of him in spite of their early prejudices to the contrary. Because he will be the most popular man on the campus when this satire section is read. Because he is in the Law school where he couldn ' t flunk out the first semester. Because he spends even more time at the Press Building than Phil Brooks and does less than any other man. St. x Page 574 CHEMICALS Laboratory Apparatus And Supplies THE MICHIGAN DRUG CO. DETROIT 110-128 E. Congress Street MICHIGAN YHf V " e $ $ Eschelbach Market QUALITY MEATS 202 E. Huron Street Phone 4159 We Nominate For Our Hall of Fame LESTER JOHNSON Because he pulled the biggest political steal that has occurred around here in a long time when he handshook and promised his way to the presidency of the Union. Because he never got anywhere in spite of that. Because he is a lawyer and therefore impossible anyway. Because he belongs to Sigma Delta Kappa, that bunch of lawyers who occupy the old Delta Tau Delta house on Hill. believe they call it. Because he went out for Chimes after his great downfall from the ' Ensian. Because he takes a lot of courses in the Geography department and therefore can never hope to amount to much. CHARLEY LEE Because he is not Business Manager of the Michiganensian. (See Board in Control for details.) Because he lives in that hovel with the big pillars on Hill. The D. U. house, I PAUL C. COOK Because he was said to be a second Red Grange but turned out to be a second Rock- well, only worse. Because all the co-eds think he is so cute. Because he is one of Grang- er ' s greatest assets. Because he is a Kappa Sig and the joke is very much on one of them. Because we are running low on people to run down. (Continued) Customer Confidence T The Foundation Stone of this Store HE Foundation stone on which Goodyear ' s has been built is the confidence of those who have shopped here. The Confidence of Goodyear Customers was the base on which this store was first set, grew, grew larger, and on which it is still growing. Each year sees that Confidence grow greater as this business being built on it grows higher. You may be sure that our constant and best efforts are continuously directed toward keeping us worthy of that fine foundation of confidence on which Good- year ' s has been built. Wm. Goodyear Company 124 So. Main Street Page 576 Ann Arbor, Mich. . ft - - ggz f j ge JOHN S. HAGGERTY Manufacturer of Stock and Common Brick Phone Office, Cadillac 9467 1815 DIME SAVINGS BANK BUILDING DETROIT MICHIGAN . Pvfsn b -c ZSf s g EfD w 1064192 DETROirS 192S GROWTH; CENSUS NOW 1430X16 - o yt ,1 11: it A GREAT NEWSPAPER IN A GREAT CITY OCCUPYING a unique position as the only morning newspaper in a city of a million and a half, The Detroit Free Press enjoys today as it has in the past a prominence of enviable proportions. By all the qualities that a newspaper is judged accurate presentation of news, worth while features, interesting fiction, circulation, advertising, service The Free Press is at once a leader. In present enterprise and initiative is the assurance of greater things to come. A greater Detroit means a greater Free Press, a greater capacity for service to the people of all Michigan. ttwit " Michigan ' s Greatest Newspaper ' We Nominate For Our Hall of Fame DAN WARNER Another one of these leading ladies of the opera and not much different than the rest except that someone heard him curse once and so he was disqualified. He was head of the D. U. house but the boys up there say he was a choice of evils. He ran for Union President but someone who knew less about it got the job. Not that you have to know anything to be president of the Union because there is nothing to do but conduct investigations and drives, etc. We have heard that he was pledged to Phi Delta Phi but we don ' t believe it because we have always had too much respect for Phi Delta Phi. VIC DOMHOFF Because we are running out of names Tto write about and some one told us that this guy played football. We never heard of him and we went to every game this year. Come to think of it he did get a letter. Because he was one of the Junior Councilman on that student council affair. Because he was a vote-getter and managed to get on the J.-Hop committee. You might know he ' d be a Phi Delta Theta along with a number of the other near great men. JIM HUGHEY Managed to kid J. Den ton and the foot- ballers into making him manager. This man- ager thing is really a joke. He does nothing and makes a big noise about it and makes Michigamua on the strength of it. There is generally a mediocre man chosen (past season no exception). There is no justice. It ' s purely political and that is a real insult. However, Jimmy may not be as bad as Denton was. He is a Sigma Nu which is not com- plimentary to either himself or the house. Page 578 BILL PUSCH Has some job on the business staff of the Daily so he must be mediocre. Is said to belong to the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Inc. But there is no basis of proof for this and we disclaim all responsibility in order that we may not be sued for libel. Which one would feel that they had been insulted, pre- suming that it is possible to insult anyone or anything so low? PAUL ARNOLD He is really such a decent little fellow that we hate to be mean. However he lives at the ex-Deke house, they call it Delta Alpha (Continued) ft r-?K Sf HOME BUILDING When building, build beautifully. The erection of a structure devoid of beauty is mere building, a trade, not an art. Architecture is an art which harmonizes in a building the requirements of utility and beauty. It is the most useful of the fine arts and noblest of the useful arts. Architecture is an index of civilization, of the age, of the people. If you see beauty in dull, sombre effects, then build of stone. If you see beauty in color, in Nature ' s own decoration, build of brick, but, then, build of brick that possesses its own natural color which is fadeless, which is as lasting as Time itself. That means STEVENS ' VITRIFIED FACE BRICK. Avoid the tawdry, meretricious effect of paint. Paint deceives nobody, whether it be on the lip, the cheek, the hair, or the house. It is a base imitation at best. If you would combine the beauty of color with economy of maintenance, use Stevens ' Vitrified Brick. You may see them in wall panels, in a variety of colors and shades of color, at the showroom in my building at the Corner of Larned and Third Streets. You may take your time, too, for there is plenty of room to park your car in front. Shipped Anywhere in Car-loads Frederic B. Stevens, Inc. All Telephones Randolph 5990 Page 579 ' ! : " iffi - g-CS ffe gS : 2 Publications We present the best inducements to Michigan Alumni for the pur- chase of Library and General Book Supplies that can be secured anywhere in the United States OUR MAIL ORDER BUSINESS Extends to every State in the Union and to all Foreign Countries LIBRARIES BOUGHT AND SOLD Estimates furnished for Secondary School, College and University Libraries DISCOUNT OF 10 PER CENT AND UP FROM PUBLISHERS PRICES ARE ALLOWED TO SCHOOL LIBRARIES ON ALL PUBLICATIONS. TRANSPORTATION CHARGES PREPAID ON ALL ORDERS, LARGE OR SMALL, RECEIVED THROUGH THE MAIL GEORGE WAHR BOOKSELLER 103-105 N. MAIN ST. IMPORTER 316 S. STATE ST. PUBLISHER ANN ARBOR, MICH. A RECORD OF SERVICE TO AMERICAN INDUSTRY For over a quarter century MSR has been the leader in furnishing metal to American industry. MSR, maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship and holding the highest regard for customer good will, has established a definite reputation as the " House of Standards " . Every resource of the MSR organization is daily dedicated to the continuance of that repute. MICHIGAN SMELTING REFINING CO. DETROIT, MICHIGAN New York Chicago Pittsburgh Buffalo San Francisco Los Angeles PRODUCTS Brass, Bronze and Special Alloy Ingots Manganese Bronze Phosphor Bronze Brass Forgings Die Castings Solders Babbitt Metals Copper Tin Lead Zinc Aluminum SMELTING REFINING COMPANY We Nominate For Our Hall of Fame Epsilon or something similar. Because he pilots that scandal sheet, the Daily, through mazes of advertising so that the editorial boys can see their name on the flag. " TY " WATSON Because he is another one of those men who try hard but never get very far. Because he was not appointed Cheer Leader although he was one of the assistants at one period of his life. Because he managed to get into the Blue Key though why anyone should want to do that is beyond us. He is a Phi Gamma Delta and the surprising part is that he admits it. LEO HOFFMAN Because he turned out to be the find of the season in football, but will probably be too much Paul Cook next year. That ' s the worst of these football players. But then, you never have to tell them they are good. They know it. He lives out at that place with all the awnings. You know, the place where they didn ' t have enough money to furnish it after they got it built. The Kappa Sig house to all that have not been rushed there, which means only about ten people. (Continued) Page 580 $ T r$fc i " :: " i- i- fc I . ! v- .... " i OTUDENTS, alumni, faculty and guests of the University of Michigan are at all times cordially invited to enjoy the services and hospitality of this store, one of the largest in America. THE I. L. HUDSON COMPANY WOODWARD AND FARMER AT GRATIOT . DETROIT Page 581 ra fcfc gs g -a R. A. MERCIER CONTRACTOR General Office 5435 Wesson Avenue Detroit, Mich. SEWERS DRAINS TUNNELS CONDUIT CONSTRUCTION EXCAVATIONS Builder of ALLEN ' S CREEK DRAIN PITTSFIELD-ANN ARBOR DRAIN EXCAVATOR NEW U. OF M. STADIUM ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN RAYMOND A. MERCIER GENERAL CONTRACTOR Detroit, Mich. ft : a . -- B $f To Michigan Students These Words Mean a Real Evening ' s Entertainment. No Matter Which Theatre You Attend, You Will Find a Youthful And Contagious Crowd, News And The BesT: In Silent Drama, And Relaxation. In Ann Arbor The " Show " Means The ARCADE MAJESTIC WUERTH 2: Q ?! , J - =-? =3R3s= T C - CORNWELL COAL-COKE Scranton, Pocahontas Kentucky and West Virginia Coal Solvay and Gas Coke This business has been growing ever since it was established. The secret is " giving abso- lute satisfaction to Our Customers. " We believe it pays to do business in a friendly way. If you think so too, let ' s get together. CORNWELL COAL-COKE OFFICE, CORNWELL BLOCK Phones, Office: 4551 Yard Office: 5152 Typewriting Mimeographing Engraving Embossing O. D. MORRILL 17 Nickels Arcade ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN The The Typewriter Store Stationery Store We Nominate For Our Hall of Fame FORREST HEATH Because he was one of the also rans on the ' Ensian business staff. Because he was one of these chorus men in the Opera. Because he lives in the Beta house and therefore is not responsible for all his faults. Because he is a member of the Horde in Control of Student Supplications and therefore wields un- told power. JACK LOVETTE Because he was a good linesman in football except when someone tackled him by the ears. He lead the J.-Hop last year. You might know the engineers would choose someone like this. Because he is an Acacia and if backed into a corner will sometimes admit this colossal in- dignity. GEORGE MONROE Because he is that cute little fellow with those big ears that is seen up at the ' Ensian office when he isn ' t up at Kalamazoo. He is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon which is the chief rival of the Republican Party and the Ku Klux Klan. He is such a jolly chap but we get so tired of his kidishness. But then, he means well. (Continued) s %!! g t fc SPORT TOURING The revival of the vogue for the open car was anticipated by those responsible for keeping Lincoln body designs always ahead. The Lincoln Sport Touring is beyond question the smartest open car seen today at the popular Clubs and the fashionable resorts. LI NC LN See the New Lincoln Six-Brake System at our salesroom. The service now afforded Lincoln owners is exciting comment no less than the performance and beauty of the car. We have endeavored to make this thorough to the last detail, to relieve the purchaser of the slightest worry or inconvenience throughout his long ownership of this distinguished automobile. It will be a welcome relief from ordinary experiences in selecting a car, to inspect the Lincoln in our display room. W. B. DEYO CO. 7351 WOODWARD a. DETROIT, MICH. Page 585 .ft -cajfl fs S% g -- DAN S DEN SANDWICH SHOP It is a real pleasure to feel that we have been of service to Michigan men and women. WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE South U. near Eng. Arch. Ma e Your Party Long Remembered Much of the success of your party depends upon the programs From the time the guests arrive, artistic and distinctive programs are admired. Then when " good-nights " have been said, memories linger as long as the programs are treasured. Dance Programs, Banquet Programs and Social Stationery Our Specialty The May er-S chair er Co. Stationers ... Printers ... Binders Office Outfitters 112 South Main Street Phone 4515 We Nominate For Our Hall of Fame BILL WARRICK Mainly because he told us he had to go home to make out his income tax. Anyone making out income taxes deserves recognition. Be- cause he was varsity cheer leader and proved to be an excellent and agile little fellow in one of those darling uniforms. He is also art editor of this sterling publication that you, fond reader, are perusing (reading). He lives at that nifty hotel at the corner of State and Madison, you know, the boys that were found- ed in 1845 (permission to laugh is freely given, especially to Chi Psis). Oh yes, Michigamua. WILLIAM E. PRESTON . Because he managed to fool the architects into making him head of the Architectural Society whatever that may be. Because he drew the designs for the Architect ' s May Party last year and ran the one this year. Because he has such nice big brown eyes and so much appeal. Because he is the only man on the campus outside of the watchman who works all night and sleeps all day and gets away with it. Because he li ves at that big red brick af- fair down on Oakland Ave. They call it Delta Phi, we have heard. (Continued) t t . A - ijgtf e g ss s b- $r -- Portra its Live Forever Specializing in the finest portraits and giving unequalled service. inj 334 South State Street Negatives always kept on file, so that you may secure additional pictures at any time. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 58? _ _ _ - y$z-? 3- z A. Automobiles and Household Goods Shipped to Florida and California and Points on Western Coast in Consolidated Carloads. DAILY MOTOR TRUCK SERVICE BETWEEN DETROIT AND TOLEDO and towns enroiite JVV Morning Delivery Rates Same as Electric or Steam Lines General Cartage Moving Storage Packing Transfer of Baggage Motor Trucking with Windlass Trucks and Trailers BAIER TRANSFER STORAGE CO. 142 GRISWOLD STREET Main Office PHONE RANDOLPH 9710 DETROIT, MICH. We Nominate For Our Hall of Fame LOUIS GILBERT Because he averages 40 yard punts in foot- ball. Because we don ' t like his looks. Is he really conceited or can ' t he hold his eyes open? Because he has no other excuse for existence than his football ability. We think he can run so well because he don ' t want any of those mean boys to tackle him. Because any man that can live with those birds at the Trigon house must have something in him. JIM MARTIN Because he is a basketball player that is almost, but not quite, good. Because he is under the impression that he is good and will not hesitate to make such a statement if asked often enough. Don ' t ask what house he be- longs to. It ' s Phi Delta Theta, of course. WAYNE BROWNELL Because he is one of the Junior staff on the business side of the ' Ensian and therefore one of the busiest men in college. Ask Graham, if you can ever find him around the building. We can ' t. He is a Lambda Chi Alpha. He is the only man they have had in some time that even came close to being prominent and he didn ' t come too close. They own or, at any rate, live in that new brick affair out on Washtenaw and seem quite proud that some ham artist did a lot of Mural painting for them. Page 588 TOM KOYKKA Because he isn ' t Managing Editor of the Daily although that is not his fault. Because he is a member of the Board in Control of Student Publications and as such is in the same class with Dean Bursley, Fred Glover and the other big timers. Because he has achieved un- dying fame as a debater. Because he has achieved that honor, given to very few and recognized throughout the country, member- ship in the Cercle Francais. CAL PATTERSON Because he didn ' t manage to handshake his way to the big job on the Daily rag. Because he is that big, good-looking brute with the cynical smile. Because he lives at the Sigma Phi house and as such deserves more pity than praise. Because they gave him a booby prize job on the Daily and because he flopped at everything else he ever attempted. Nice fel- low, though. JO CHAMBERLIN Because he is one of the reasons for the Daily being as bad as it is. Because he has been seen sneaking in the Kappa Sig House when he thought no one was looking. Because he looks so sort of dark and mysterious you know what we mean, sort of intriguing, like Bull Montana or Elmo Lincoln. c ' -f Ss f f - $f Aher all is said and done, noth- ing enhances the value of vacant property like actual building. The homes already built and occupied in this great develop- ment speak more plainly than words for the opportunities in Castleford. SITUATED AT THE INTERSECTION OF TELEGRAPH AND SCHOOLCRAFT SUPERHIGHWAYS CASTLE FORD, Inc. 31st Floor, Book Tower - Detroit, Michigan X Pagt 589 $ c lfc- Our Service extends to the Alumni of the University as well as to the student body GRAHAM ' S Both Ends of the Diagonal Walk ANN ARBOR :: MICHIGAN FREEMAN ' S DINING ROOM 803 E. Washington Street 5C X Regular Boarders and Transients Prices Reasonable Subject to change ONE BLOCK FROM HILL AUDITORIUM Dial 4656 We Nominate For Our Hall of Fame DON MILLER " One of the few really great pitchers Michi- gan has ever had. " D. C. Miller. He and Coolidge are Phi Gams. So is Bo Molenda and Ty Watson. No, we have nothing against Phi Gamma Delta. This chapter was probably a mistake. All fraternities have their wet chap- ters and every chapter has its wet men. It ' s just too bad when the whole chapter is wet, but what can you do? CORT SMITH Because he is one of the night editors of the Daily and is in the hectic race for managing editor with some hundreds of others. Because he wears one of those huge jeweled affairs that every Chi Psi is entitled to pin on his vest. Because he was on the financial committee of the Sophomore class that nearly went into bankruptcy. (Sorry to mention this but we couldn ' t find anything else and merely being on the Daily is not enough to warrant our time.) RUSS GOHRING The only reason we put him in with the prominent boys is that we wanted to make some remarks. Because he is good. Ab- solutely! If you don ' t believe it ask him. Because he is going on the stage after gradua- (Continued) i Page 590 g - c B You Can Say It o with a Photograph 619 E. Liberty Street Ann Arbor, Michigan X. r$fe ' o x. Universal Heating and Ventilating Unit The Universal Unit has been in successful operation in many schools for years. It pro- vides a highly satisfactory unit system of heating and ventilating for schools and other public buildings suited to this system gives effective control of temperature, along with reliability, simplicity and economy. American Blower Co., Detroit; branch offices in principal cities American Rlower !. VENTILATING, HEATING. AIR CONDITIONING. DRYING. MECHANICA.L DRAFT We Nominate For Our Hall of Fame tion. " We hear he has been offered the position of Little Eva but that seems to be too big a step for him. Really though, he is sweet. And so good looking, according to the girls at the K. A. T. house. But then, it may not be all his fault. " BUD " LEWIS Ah! Muskegon ' s perfect lady. Because he plays the leading part in the opera to such per- fection that people on the campus are begin- ning to wonder. However, we saw his mus- tache. Because he is really a good pianist and doesn ' t have to be coaxed. Because the Alpha Delts took him under their wing for his repu- tation and he took them for their reputation and now neither one like the trade. He was initiated three weeks after he was pledged, as if anyone would be afraid of losing him. BOB LELAND Because it hasn ' t been decided yet whether he or Hank Grinwell is the best handshaker. Because he has a couple good looking cousins around these parts. Because he used to be quite an authority on the lighter types of entertainment, but now seems to have the " interests of the University at heart " , heh, heh. And because when all is said and done, he ' s one of the best convention attenders the campus has ever known. Page 592 TOM CAVANAUGH Because he is president of the much heard of Student Council. In spite of the fact that he resided at the Delta Chi house for a long time. He is now a senior law and a Phi Delta Phi. Can you imagine being initiated into Michi- gamua by a bunch of men who were freshmen when you were a magnificent senior? No, of course you can ' t, silly! WAYNE SCHROEDER You will notice that we have gotten around to the lesser lights. Because he was beaten, or wasn ' t so good at gypping, for the important job of president of the Freshman class. Be- cause he got his letter in basketball, though just why is a secret with Coach Mather. Be- cause he is more or less of a track man and was said to jump over a hurdle or two if not par- ticularly busy. Because he has had to over- come the handicap of living with a bunch of oil promoters ' and war profiteers ' sons up at that conglomerate building called the Deke, or Teke or something, house. He is said to be the only man at the place without a fur coat. He has a corduroy. ELLIS MERRY Because he is one of the other prominent members of the Daily upper staff, as if that was (Continued) , ft - f S f s f- $ - 3$eszis ? S: Our clothing reflects always the latest vogue among well dressed American and English university men. It is designed and manufac- tured for us by SCHEYER, foremost of American tailors. Woolfolk ANN ARBOR Men ' s Ready -to-Wear Clothing, Shoes, Imported and Domestic Haberdashery Mail Orders Promptly Filled Page 503 . ; - C Sf % Specialists in Feminine Apparel BATTLE CREEK JACKSON ANN ARBOR SAGINAW Rinshed-Gagnier Paint Company Jobbers of PAINTS VARNISHES STAINS BRUSHES LADDERS PAINTERS-SUPPLIES ETC. Detroit Michigan St. We Nominate For Our Hall of Fame (Continued) any recommendation. Because he used to try and make a debater of himself but was dis- suaded by some high minded person who feared he might become a lawyer. Now we get his hot air in the Daily and it ruins our breakfast. However, he is a Trigon and this accounts for some of his more obvious crudities. ERNIE McCOY Because for a sophomore he ' s a rather good basketball player, and because no one seems to know it any better than Ernie. Because he Page 594 reminds us of a pigeon you know the strut with the chest thrown out, and all the rest of it. Because he must have been a big man in high school to carry so many high school habits over to college. Because we shouldn ' t judge him harshly considering what an awful handicap he has to overcome in the shape of the Phi Sigma Kappas. PAUL ENDRES Because he ' s another one of these guys that doesn ' t know enough to be embarrassed. Be- cause, like all cheerleaders, he ' s a chronic ex- hibitionist. There must be s omething wrong with these people who can be so consistently silly. Because he makes a habit of smoking big, black cigars in a way that doesn ' t make him look any queerer than usual. Because, after all, he ' s only one of the smaller irritations around this campus. " BILL " DAY Because he had enough drag to be selected as basketball manager. Then to make matters worse the team had to go and win the cham- pionship. Because he is a Delta Chi and as such had a big handicap to overcome in the first place. Because he is a ring-leader in some of those parties that that remodeled place is famous for. VINCENT WALL Because he has the temerity to edit the Music and Drama column in the Daily. Be- cause he is original in his opinions and will stick by them even if he can find no one to agree with them. Because nobody likes him as much as he does. Because he is a member of Sinfonia or Phi Mu Alpha which is not an organization or a conundrum but a real, gen- uine fraternity, ha! ha! HARLAN P. CHRISTY Because he is wet. Because he never did anything important, but the boys thought we ought to write him up just to take up space. That ' s all he does, anyhow. He managed to get himself elected president of the freshman class last year by effecting coalitions, stuffing ballot boxes, etc, etc. Because he held down something or other in the Opera and im- mediately proceeded to get more conceited than ever before, if possible. He lives out at that place with the white pillars. Sigma Phi, that ' s it! We ' ve heard that name so seldom (except after the Illinois game) that we have almost forgotten it. They are the boys who couldn ' t get their freshman class one year so they told everyone there were no freshmen good enough for them and actually got two people to believe them. (Continued) on " A Niche in a Church is the same as an itch any place else " ,said the small boy in answer to his teacher ' s question as to what a niche in a church was, " only you can ' t scratch it so well. " A brick in the wall of your building is the same as money in the bank to you, or an insurance policy of safety and permanence; it ' s just as easy to build and no more expensive than other materials. ' Ever since the earliest dawn of civilization, brick has served the world well. Time has proved it to be the one imperishable building material, supreme through all the ages. There is no adequate substitute for wood for the interior. By constructing the outer walls of brick, the wood floors, partitions and finish are capable of lasting three to ten times as long as with outer walls of wood. Because brick is made by fire and not by man, it is the most highly fire-resistive of all the building materials. Brick is burned at a temperature of about 2,000 degrees F., for several days. All that is burnable or decay able is burned out of the brick and the finished product is the nearest indestructible material it is possible to produce. Fire underwriters know there is less danger of burning a brick building than other types and charge less for insurance premiums on both the building and contents. There has never been a conflagration in a community of brick buildings. The more brick buildings in any section, the less is the danger of a sweeping fire and the lower is the cost of fire protection and fire fighting. Detroit-Made Common Brick answers every test. We shall be glad to quote you prices and make prompt deliveries. Mercier, Bryan, Larkins Brick Co. C. H. BRYAN, Pres. J. LARKINS, Treas. WASSON J. BRYAN, Secy. MILLER ROAD AT MICHIGAN AVENUE DETROIT, MICHIGAN =6 595 irfc Printing Engraving We do more than simply get your order and send you an invoice. We give you SERVICE plus QUALITY. Just tell us what you want and when we ' ll do the rest. MEYERS PRINT SHOP Society and Commercial Printing 215 S. Main St., off Liberty Ann Arbor Interior View of Dining Room Law Club BUILT FOR THE AGES A fitting display of perfect stone erection by David S. Beveridge DETROIT, MICHIGAN We Nominate For Our Hall of Fame AL TOLLE Because we don ' t like that face he carries on his shoulders, if any. Because outside of Russ Gohring and Gordon Packer there is no one on the campus that is quite so conceited. Because he never did anything for the University except go home once in a while. Because he took Archeology with us and got a higher mark, because the prof let him run the machine one day. Because every time we see an old Max- well roadster, an imitation fur coat and a funny looking gent inside both, we line up and sing, " Clap hands, here comes Alvin " . Be- cause he will take all this as a compliment which we did not intend it to be. Yes, of course he is a fraternity boy. He lives at the S. P. E. house if you can call that one. CARL M. LOOS Because he is a baseball player and there- fore ought to get some recognition. Most ball players are not white men. Here is a ball player. He lives out at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon House. BABE GILBERT Because somehow or other the Washtenaw gang weren ' t quite strong enough to elect somebody else president of the junior class. Because maybe he did build up quite an or- ganization to back him. Because he doesn ' t look like a politician. Because Hank Grinnell didn ' t vote for him, and because we may be wrong about him in view of the fact that so many otherwise intelligent people seem to like him. CHARLES LIVINGSTONE Because he has staged a comeback in the dramatic line and is once more showing the campus that even two years in the law school cannot crush the genius of a really emotional artiste. Because he never knows enough to be embarrassed. And because there ' s a faint possibility that it isn ' t really himself, but only comadones, or something like that, that makes him act the way he does. . TESS EDGAR Because he used to be a good catcher, but went pro when he became ineligible and is therefore in the same class with Molenda, which is a harsh thing to say, but is true nevertheless. He signed up with some back- woods outfit and will have to be ducking bottles for some time. Because he used to sell suits at Greenwood and Kilgore ' s (Adv.). Because he is a Delta Tau Delta and is their only man worth mentioning. Because he is the most erratic connoisseur of co-eds that ever came to Michigan. (Continued) Page 596 Q - 21 g - c Sf A Clotfjes And aberbasifjerp Of Distinction From The MAN ' S SHOP ALEXANDER GREENWOOD AND KILGORE STATE STREET Over CALKINS 1 597 Established 1869 Oswald A. Herz Painting and Decorating 112 W. WASHINGTON STREET ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Vi r -i !) " . ' l " ' -?.f ' O ' !B. ' IV).lv. ' h Merrick Heirloom Chinese Rugs From stock or to order (Note the initials SMT in the above illustration, making this an autograph heirloom) ON DISPLAY AT 928 CHURCH STREET Phone 3155 ANN ARBOR, MICH. Pagf We Nominate For Our Hall of Fame WARD TOLLZIEN Because he jumped from assistant on the make-up committee to General Chairman of the Opera. These Betas! Because he always wears a derby when in tuck. Because he looks like a producer or a bookmaker when he has it on. And because no one could possibly be as good as he thinks he is. PHIL BROOKS Because he serves as the comedy relief to the big business boys up at the press building. Because he is one of Prof. Hayden ' s assistants and may be the one who gave you that rotten mark in Poly Sci. Because he is such a comical runt. Oh yes, he is also news editor or city editor or something with a high sounding title on the scandal rag and is said to be still in the race for managing editor though why anyone with common sense would want that job is more than we can see. ARCHIE ROBINSON Because we have been waiting to get a crack at him ever since he wrote that insulting history of our book. Because he is editor of Toasted Rolls though this is not generally known, because he hides under the pen name of Tim Hay. We suppose that in order to be humorous, or whatever you may call it, every day, you have to be queer, but it is an awful burden for us boys at the press building to have him try his wet jokes out on us. We have heard that someone dropped him on his head in his childhood days, but there may not be a basis of fact in this. JOHNNY DENTON We saved him for the last because we don ' t think that he is very important anyhow. As a matter of fact no one does. Because he grafted his way into being named Manager of the Football team and therefore got a lot of free trips and some publicity. Like all small men in the limelight it went to his head and he has a job finding hats to fit. However, he has a big shock coming when he gets out where people haven ' t heard of him. He is a Chi Psi and that ought to have taken the conceit out of him before it really got started. ALL OTHERS Because anyone who feels that he has been cheated by being left out may feel that what is said in this paragraph applies directly to him. You are conceited or you wouldn ' t want your name mentioned here. Because you didn ' t manage to make your name well enough known to get recognition individually. Because you are wet anyway. Because we are tired and want to finish this up. Finis -ft $ -Zr$fc+ MAKE SURE THAT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT IS GROWING WITH YOU! EVERY YEAR OF YOUR LIFE SHOULD ADD TO YOUR FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE ' Member of the Federal Reserve System ' FARMERS MECHANICS BANK 101-105 So. Main St. 330 So. State Page -- $fg o Mounting panel $10.00 Extra Five More CDX ' sfor US.Navy Which Means 25 U. S. Ships Equipped with this Victor Dental X-Ray Unit IN March, 1925, the U. S. Navy placed its initial order for twenty Victor " CDX " Dental X-Ray Units, for installation on the largest ships in the fleet. In November, 1926, an order was placed for five more after the first twenty had been in use well over a year. We feel justified in considering this second order eloquent proof of the efficiency of the " CDX, " and its adaptability to any unusual requirements in dental radiography. Write for Bulletin 260, describing fully this " safety " outfit. VICTOR X-RAY CORPORATION Dental Department 2012 Jackson Blvd., Chicago Page 600 - ca fs s Our Patrons Ann Arbor Press Ann Arbor, Michigan Detroit Edison Company .Detroit, Michigan f H. P. Edwards Detroit, Michigan Flowerday Son Ann Arbor, Michigan Parke Davis Company Detroit, Michigan Student Supply Store Ann Arbor, Michigan Charles B. Warren Detroit, Michigan Page 601 - = 3sP? a K ; fcs r- S -g INDEX TO ADVERTISERS ALBERT TEACHERS AGENCY AMERICAN BLOWER Co AMERICAN STEAM PUMP Co. . ANDERSON, KENNETH ANDRES, SAM C ANN ARBOR FUEL Co ANN ARBOR PRESS ANN ARBOR RAILROAD ANN ARBOR SAVINGS BANK . . ARCADE, MAJESTIC, WUERTH . . B BAIER TRANSFER STORAGE Co BARBECUE INN BARNARD, E. S BARNES-GIBSON-RAYMOND . . . ......... BERRY BROS BEVEHIDGE, D. F BIRD SONS, S. L BRIGGS MFG. Co BROWNING KING Co BUICK CO-OPERATIVE DEALERS ASSOCIATION 538 592 566 560 522 562 601 562 537 583 588 546 540 569 547 596 511 549 558 523 CADILLAC MOTOR Co 559 CALKINS-FLETCHER 512 CASTLE FORD INC 589 CHAMBERLIN METAL WEATHER STRIP Co 517 COR-NWELL COAL Co 584 CONTINENTAL MOTORS 551 CRANE Co 520-521 DANSARD, BENJAMIN 525 DAN ' S DEN 586 DARLING MALLEAUX 514 DETROIT EDISON Co 601 DETROIT FREE PRESS 578 DETROIT GRAPHITE 558 DETROIT GRAY IRON 513 DETROIT MICHIGAN STOVE Co 540 DETROIT UNITED R. R 522 DEY STUDIO : 587 DEYO, W. B 585 DIAMOND CRYSTAL SALT Co 567 DRAKE, CLAUDE G 556 E EDWARDS, H. P ESCHELBACK MEAT MARKET EVENING NEWS ASSOCIATION FARMERS MECHANICS BANK FLOWERDAY SON FIRST NATIONAL BANK . . . FISHER BODY FISHER, JNO C FRANCISCO BOYCE FREEMAN ' S DINING ROOM . . . FRY AND KASURIN GFELL MARKET GOODYEAR, WM. Co.. GRAHAM CHARLES GREENWOOD KILGORE HAGGERTY, JOHN S HALLEH ' s JEWELRY HARVARD COMPANY HAUGHTON ELEVATOR HAYDEN VAN ATTER Co. HEMMETER CIOAR Co HERZ, OSWALD HOCHHEIN, WM. SON . HORTON CATO Co HUDSON-ESSEX HUDSON, J. L. Co HCTTO ENGINEERING Co. HUPP MOTOR Co JACOBSON ' S JAHN OLLIER Co. JEFFERSON CLINIC KELVINATOR Co. . KRESGE, S. S. Co 601 576 563 599 601 530 555 550 568 590 557 570 576 590 597 577 572 542 514 542 574 598 544 564 529 581 545 531 564 534 524 556 553 LANE HALL LYON METALLIC Co. LYTTON, HENRY Co. 516 561 515 M 543 544 ... 560 586 595 582 . 598 598 .... 554 575 528 580 580 532 512 527 584 546 MUEHLIG, B. E 572 MACCABEES MALLOY, DAVID C MACK Co MAYER-SCHAIRER MERCIER, BRYAN, LARKIN BRICK Co. MERCIER, RAYMOND MERRICK, H. B MEYERS, CHARLES F MICHIOAMME OIL Co MICHIGAN DRUG Co MICHIGAN ELECTROTYPE MICH. SMELTING REFINING MICH. STEEL CASTING Co MICHIGAN STEEL CORP MISSOURI PACIFIC R. R MONROE NURSERY MOHRILL O. D MORSE CHAIN Co. N NEWCOMB ENDICOTT O ' SnEA KNITTING MILLS PACKARD MOTOR Co. . . PARKE DAVIS PATERSON BROS. Co. POWELL Co RANDALL MAEDEL RAYL, T. B RENTSCHELER STUDIO RINSHED GAGNIER HITTER DENTAL MFG. Co.. ROGERS PRINTING Co 519 573 533 601 574 552 528 548 571 594 539 535 SALLANS JEWELRY SAUER C. A. LUMBER Co . 568 SAUNDERS, J. B 518 SCOVILL-E C. S. MORT. INSURANCE SMITH, HINCHMAN GRYLLS SPEDDINO S ruolo STERLING BRICK Co STEVENS, FREDERICK B . 579 STEVER HUBBARD 536 S. C. A 516 STUDENTS SUPPLY 599 SUTTON, J. R 532 THOMAS BROS TIMKEN DETROIT AXLE Co. TINKER Co. TROJAN LAUNDRY TRUSCAN LABORATORIES . . . TUTTLES LUNCH UTLEY, J. A. VICTOR X-RAY CORP. 518 541 538 574 565 510 580 600 W WAHR ' s BOOK STORE 580 WARREN, CHARLES B WEBSTER HALL WELLER LAUNDRY WHEELOCK-PRESTLER WHITEHEAD KALEB WHITNEY HOTEL WOOLFOLK, G WOLVERINE OPTICAL Co 530 ZWERDLING FUR SHOP 568 Page 602 r fe ::g at ORGANIZATION AND PERSONAL INDEX Abad, M 319 Abbett, J 356 Abbott, A. G 58- 329-375 Abbott, Barbara Ann . 5O- 58-458-483 Abbott, Eleanor 465 Abbott, Kathryn 465 Abbott, R. G 353 Abbott, R. W 58- 304-330 Abbott, W 286- 343-358-449 Abele, E. T 58 Abraham, Ruth 199 Abrams, H. J 58 Abrams, H. T 364-58 Abrams, N 317 Acacia 350 Acacio, T. A 58 Acker, Agatha L 58 Adams, C. A 418 Adams, C. J 58-415 Adams, Frances L 58- 441-453 Adams, Mrs. H. C. . . .450 Adams, H. W 269-392 Adams, L. B 295-398 Adams, R. C. Jr. ..58-356 Adams, T. H 352 Addison, E. S. Jr. 269-370 Adelia Cheever 461 Adelphi 295 Adie, G. C 378 Adle, Dorothy 440 Adler, G 353 Adler, H 374 Adler, Helen 438 Adler, N. S 58-397 Aero Club 305 Agnew, L 305 Agnew, Thelma E 58 Agruda, M. M 58-319 Ahlstrom, A. C 363 Ahm, G. Jr 271-367 Ahrens, R. F 59 Aiken, C. D 429 Ailes, E. H 59- 346-375-422 Akin, G. A 408 Albere, J 419 Alberson, J. W 369 Albracht, C. E 59-404 Albright, F. C 59 Albright, June 59 Alden, J. H 428 Alderton, Elizabeth B. 444 Alderton, G. A 357 Alderton, Lucile A. 59-494 Alderton, Sadie L 494 Aldrich, Dorothy L. . .59- 451-480 Aldrich, N 416 Ale, Ruth 466-490 Alexander, J 397 Alexander, L. E. . .59-323 Alexander, Selma B. . 59- 450-471 Algyer, D. D 375 Allan, K 309-379 Alias, D 319 Allen, A 317 Allen, D. L 394 Allen, Gladys 450 Allen, J 204 Allen, J. W 285-352 Allen, Rose L 59 Allen, Ruth 457 Aller, J. G 427 Allison, Dorothy G. . .59- 463-469-480-490 Allison, L 202 Allmendinger, E. J. . . .212 Allshouse, Mary H. . .50- 59-466-469-48 1-497-499 Alpha Chi Omega . . 436 Alpha Chi Rho 351 Alpha Chi Sigma 408 Alpha Delta Phi 352 Alpha Epsilon Iota 437 Alpha Epsilon Mu . . 344 Alpha Epsilon Phi ... 438 Alpha Gamma Delta . . 439 Alpha Kappa Kappa ... 409 Alpha Kappa Lambda 353 Alpha Nu 300 Alpha Omega 410 Alpha Omega Alpha . . 347 Alpha Omicron Pi . . 440 Alpha Phi 441 Alpha Rho Chi 411 Alpha Sigma Phi 354 Alpha Tau Omega 355 Alpha Xi Delta 442 Alstrin, L. R 377 Alt, A. R 337 Althuler, L. P 323 Altland.J 344-419 Altman A. J 59-410 Altman. R 594, 23 Altvater, Helen K. ... 60 Alumnae 286 Alumnae House 462 Alving, A. S. .46-60-409 Amadon, P 347 American Society of Civil Engineers 304 American Society of Me- chanical Engineers . 303 Ameriane, E 370 Amerine, Elizabeth J. .445 Ames, Barbara C 443 Ames, Carol 60 Amlingmeyer, Lera . . . 480 Amonett, Lelia E 60 Amos, N 419 Amter, J. A 372 Anderson, C. T 341 Anderson, H. E 303 Anderson, Allyn S 60 Anderson, A. G 60- 280-367 Anderson, Edna S 60 Anderson, Elizabeth . .60 Anderson, Esther 463 Anderson, G 429 Anderson, H. C. 278-353 Anderson, J. W 309 Anderson, L 419 Anderson, Margery S. . 60 Anderson, Marian . . . 270- 463 Anderson, M. M 44- 60-330 Anderson, Muriel 450- 459-488 Anderson, P. J 399 Anderson, R. S 388 Ando, K. , 321 Andreae, F 450-483 Andreae, H. U. . . 197-356 Ahdress, H. T 380 Andrew, U 136 Andrews, Aubrey F. . . .60- 413 Andrews, D. S 413 Andrews, H. B 401 Andrews, M. S. . . .295-366 Andrews, S. E 428 Angell, Mrs. Aleix C. .465 Anklam, C. W 60-406 Annable, G. H. Jr. .188- 271-333-369 Annis, R. C 60 Anspach, C. L 336 Anspach, R. D 61 Anspach, Susan 487 Anthony, H. E 61 Anton, Thelma 61-463 Appelt, Gladys 457- 481-497-500 Applebaum, A. A 423 Appleford, J. A 366 Appleman, I. R 314 Appleman, O. K. 314-336 Appold, E. C 61-370 Apps, D 399 Arch, W 304 Archbold, H. K 415 Architectural Society (1927) 302 Ardis, Emma R 437 Ardussi, J 44- 45-61-274-290-291 Ardussi, W. F 44- 61-290-291 Arenas, P 319 Arendt, F. B 356 Arlick, Elizabeth 318 Arlick, K. E. 322-323-466 Armbruster, Veta 195 Armitage, Janet 466 Arms, Aroline C 61 Arms, Virginia 463 Arms, W. G 318 Armstrong, G. T 362 Armstrong, H 391 Armstrong, Phila A. 61-442 Armstrong, R. D 363 Arnold, Anna B 61- 463-469-473 Arnold, Betsy 441 Arnold, F 429 Arnold, K. E 61-381 Arnold, Katherine 465 Arnold, P. 44- 61-272-328-335-359 Arnold, W. 50-61-300-314 Aronstam, Theodora S. 61- 488 Arszulewicz, J. E 315 Arthur, H. H 393 Arthur, Margaret . 270- 465-487 Asai, K 321 Asbeck, F. M. 197-242-360 Askren, R. L 404 Asset, Elizabeth 461 Aston, Fred A 400 Athena 486 Atherton, Hazen E. .359 Atkins, C. S 61-366 Atkins, S. F 377 Atkinson, F. W 62- 303-332-360 Atwell, C. H 289-393 Atwell, H. H 350 Aubin, J. R 412 Aubrey, B. M 256 Aubrey, Geraldine 62-451 Aubrey, W 383-422 Auer, W. G. .. .62-293-354 Barton, H. J 406 Barttett, L. 63-295-296 Bartz, Laura H 64- 461-480 Bas, M. J 426 Bassett, C. F 64 Bassett, Nancy D 448 Bassow, P. H 283-419 Bateman, A. C 323 Bateman, L. G 421 Bates, Helen 444 Bennhoff, A 190 Benson, Emily J 66 Benson, W 388 Beoddy, Lenora S 66 Berar, S. S 322 Beresford, Lucille M. 463- 490 Berg, Delight H. C. . 268- 445 Berg, Margaret 507 Berg, Jane 313 Ault, Garnet 419 Batter C 261-397 Aurand, L. S 394 Bauch, Christine L 64- Berge, W 350 Auspach, C. L. . . 314-336 Austin, C. W 300 Austin, Helen 62-456 Averbook, M. L 372 Averell, Bernice 202 Avery, A. N 62-356 Avery, Augusta F 494 Avery, Eloise . 268-456-463 Avery, L. B. W 62 Avery, Thelma .310-461 Axelson, O. A 409 Axford, H 193 444-480 Bauch, H. J 64-381 Bauer, C 294 Bauer, Hope 457-490 Bauer, L. E 64- 290-291-409 Bauer, T 347 Bauer, W. C 363 Baum, P 368 Bauman, R. W 64 Bausehard, F. G 404 Bauschard, H. C 64 Bauschard M 448-490 Bergelin, J. 340-365 Berger, M 382 Berger, W. E. Jr 44- 45-66-369 Berger. W. D 405 Bergman, M 317 Bergman, W. G. .314-336 Bergstein, H. M 340 Berkowitz, B. R 427 Berkowitz, Queenie E. 66- 466 Bernfield, M. A 318 Bernstein, M J 386 Ayers, V. L 339 Bauzon, C. 319 Berry, R. . 300 B Babcock, E. E 415 Babcock, F. P 402 Babcock, Margaret 204- 463 Bacher, Byrl 457 Backer, Mrs. Henry . .451 Bavager, A. E 63 Baxter, E. W 426 Bayuk, E. A 273-368 Beach, F. S 414 Beach, R. S 412 Beach, U. S 64 Beal, E 356 Berry, W. H 290-291 Bersch, C. G 66 Berton, Leanore S. 66-489 Beryl, J 190 Berz, Margaret L. 66-466 Besimer, F. B 415 Beta Theta Pi 356 Backus, Catherine E. .448 Bacon, Blossom 440- 453-485 Bacon, Ruth A 442 Badger, Jeannette E. .454 Badger, Muriel 452 Beal, Mrs. E.mer 441 Beal, F. J 64-401 Beal, J. E 350-356 Beal, Margaret 441 Beals, A. T 64-322 Beaman, F 390 Betsy Barbour 463 Bettison, R. 384 Beuhler, H. R 402 Beuhrer, D. C 412 Beuthien, W. J. ..351-412 Beutler, Norda 1 66- Badgley, C. E. ...331-418 Baer, M 374 Baer, R. 214-219-283-368 Bean, A 203- 244-254-398-417 Bean, G. W. 64-381 448-490 Beverly, F. S 193-425 Bevis, J 313 Bagley, Elizabeth 46- 62-437 Bagley, Margaret 50- 62-466 Bean, L 289 Beanblossom, Garnett J. 64 Bear, K. M 367 Beard, Ruth E 443 Beyer, Eleanor 452 Beyrl, J. W 376 Bialosky, Helen M. . . .455 Bibat, B. . . 319 Bailey, G. R. ' . . . .359-383 Beaumont Helen 466-481 Bice, C .... 202 Bailey, Gertrude 42- 62-443-471 Bailey, H. W 261-383 Beavis, Dr. C. 338 Beck, Dorothy 463 Beck, Margaret 463 Beck R A 391 Bicknell, F. B 369 Bielawski, J 32-66-338 Bierlein, Dr. K. M. .. .338 Bigelow, Anne H 204- 480-487-494 Baird, Dorothy 450 Baird, Sylvia 461 Baker, B. F 62- 203-394-415 Baker, C. E 62-413 Baker, Fannie M. 62-465 Beck, R. G 352 Becker, C. L 228-380 Becker, Nellie C 494 Becker, R. 64 Becker, Ruth E 64- 439-486 Beckham Grace G 65-456 285-444 Bigelow, B. R 406 Bigelow, F. R 289- 290-291 Bilkey, Margaret W. . . 66 Bill, D. W 411 Bills, D 206-425 Baker, G. V 314 Beckwith, F J H. 65- Billings, E 364 Baker, Myrle V. B 62 Baker, R. C 62- 276-304-328-330-384 Bald, F. W. ...63-331-428 Baldwin, A. F 428 Baldwin, C. W 387 330-403 Beebe, H. Mable 65 Beebe, H. M 373-428 Beebe, Norma Lucille .65- 465 Beery, Helen 452 Binder, Carolyn A 66 Binzer, Hilda 67-480 Binzer, Irene 67 Bird, Elcye 464 Birdi, Hazura S 322 Birdseye, R. M. .67-413 Baldwin, E. 352 Baldwin, G. S. ...379-424 Baldwin, H. L 379 Baldwin, H. E 63-379 Baldwin, L. G 331 Baldwin, Ruth 457 Bales, B 390 Ballard, Mary M 63 Ballentine, Isabelle .63-461 Balz, Edna 450 Beery, J 373 Beeson, W 388 Befeler, Dora 65-323 Behrman, J. G 65-397 Behrman, S 382 Behse, J. B 65-357 Behymer, C 270- 280-300-393 Bei, Fuh-Ru 320 Beier, C F 413 Birks, Mrs. Allene A. .67- 456 Birrell, L. M 422 Bischoff, W. E 363 Bishko, M. J 372 Bishop, C. S 192 Bishop, Harry M. 67-331 Bishop, H. M 46-399 Bishop, L. T 403 Bishop, R W 428 Bancroft, W. D 337 Banfield, Ruth . . 485-487 Bank, Esther I. 63-455-471 Banks, J. F. 376 Beierlein, 347-419 Beis, Elizabeth 456 Belcher, Esther L. 466-494 Belcher, Hazel 440 Bishop, W. C 292- 294-295-395 Bissell, F. T 400 Bilker, P. H 405 Banwell, C. A 362 Belcher, Helen 440 Bixby, G. H 398 Baragar, A. . . 353 Bell, C 290-291 Bixler, R. . . .313 Barber, Blanche B 63 Bell D 388 Black A M 377 Barber, Margaret C. 63 Barbour, Harriet I. 63-466 Barker, Elizabeth C. ..63- 313 Barker, G. H 398-404 Barley, R 373 Barnaby, C. H 197- 284-392 Barnes, Jane 465 Barnes, Janet 318-437 Bell, F. E 65-452 Bell, F. A 65-351 Bell, Glendora A 65 Bell, H. J 277 Bell, J. H. Jr 388-412 Bell, Rachael J. .65-466 Bell, Thelma E. . 65-471 Bellaire, E. J 365 Bellamy, Catherine. . . .440 Belote, G 347 Black, D. G 214-370 Black, Elizabeth C. 459- 466-489 Black, G. M. Jr 67-352 Black, K 399 Blackburn. F. W 67 Blackburn, G. A. 67-335 Blackburn, R 370 Blacksey, F. F 256 Blackwood, Helen ... 444 Belote, G. F 409 Blades, Helen 466 Barr, A. S 388-424 Barra, Beth J 463 Barrett, Beatrice M. . . 197- 444. 483 Barrett, Marguerite G 294 Barrett, Mary 42-63-444 Barnt, Mrs. Joseph . . .444 Barrua, Margaret 463 Barshney, R. W. 195-314 Bartell, Mrs. F. S 443 Bartell, Mrs. L. S 476 Barth, R 390 Barthel, T. M 376 Bartholic, F 402 Bartlett, A. A 338 Bartlett, R. W. . .208-418 Bartlett, W. Jr 418 Belser, W. A 418 Belt, M 48 Belt, W. A. Jr. ...357-422 Bement, G. W 261-406 Benbrook, A 212 Bender, W. F 398 Benedict, C. L. Jr 192 Benham, Gertrude 463-507 Benham, N. R. 65-316-362 Benjamin, S. J 66 Bennett, A 256 Bennett, C. C 197- 280-294-318-340 Bennett, J. M 48- 49-66-278-356 Bennett, Kathryn S. . 463 Bennetts, L. S 66 Blair, Elizabeth 465 Blair, Evelyn 460 Blair, E 29O-291 Blair, N. H 384 Blair, T 428 Blake, E. S 194 Blake, H 42-43-67 Blake, H. C 364 Blakely, B. W 362 Blakely, Lois L 67 Blakeslee, L. R 67 Blakeslee, Ruth 441 Blanchard, J. W 375 Blanchard, L 419 Blander, Margaret . . 67 Blaser, E. L. 42-67-276-393 Bhishfield. A. E 426 X $ 3!fc Blass, R 317 Blaszczyk, F 293 Bliesmer, A. 290-291-419 Blocker, F. F 323 Blockson, B. H 377 Bloom, Dorothy 268- 438-463-498 Bloom, H. A 293-389 Blome, Alice 451-465 Bloomrleld, C. A 361 Bloomfield, H 429 Bloomberg, L. A 389 Blum, L. B 68 Blymyer, F 68-358 Board of Directors of Woman ' s League .... 478 Bobrink, J. H 271-360 Bochnowski, A. . . .270-315 Boddy, L 68-337-402 Boden, M. ...197-214-399 Bodey, Mabel B 476 Bodmer, R 68-303 Boehm , Dorothy K. . .448 Boersma, Margaret J. . .68 Boes, B . . .391 Bofsky, M 196 Bogart, Velda 451 Bohning. Dr. Anne . . .437 Bolam, W. M 68-351 Boland, J. R 68-319 Buell, J. L. Jr 44- 72-328-335-400 Bolano, Amando . . 68-319 Bellinger, K 199 Bolln, G. W 391 Bolotin, Freida 455 Bolt, M. R 49-68-414 Bolton, Rhea 203 Bommer, L 317 Bond, Carrie Jacobs ..453 Bonell, S. S. . . 292-294-295 Bonfield, E. A. 204-273-358 Bonifield, C. L 357 Bonine, Sarah 440- 470-481-497 Bonine, W. G 362 Bonisteel, Jean L 448 Bonisteel, R. 378 Bontell, B. R 361 Booker, Alice 323 Boonstra, E 412 Booth, D 419 Booth, W. 1 400 Booth, W. J 362 Booth, Mrs. W. J 452 Booze, Esther A 195- 271-448 Bope, Linwood 452 Borg, A. A 68-196-398 Borgwald, J. H. . . .68-196 Borrelli, F 224 Borton, Bertha 461-486 Bose, J. C 322 Bosserman, R. M. 317-384 Bostelman, R. F. . .68-384 Botsky, M. S 68 Boughey, Helen . .440-480 Bourke, Beata E 68 Bourke, Rev. M. P. . . .376 Bourquin, Alice 449 Bourquin, Jessie 449 Bouton, F 69-44 Bovard, A. J 369 Bovard, T. F 224-394 Bovee, S. C 380 Bowbeer, N. M 289 Bowen, Mary E. . .202-459 Bowen, W. K 338 Bower, W. E 363 Bowerfield, L. E 391 Bowers, A. T 416 Bowers, Anderson T. 46-69 Bowers, Dorothea . .69-461 Bowers, H. R 420 Bowers, Madeline . . 69-465 Bowers, R. H 69-356 flowersox, N. C 42- 69-295-298-342 Bowling, A. F. Jr 69 Boxer, H 203 Boyce, J. P 426 Boyer, J. F. . 69- 276-327-404 Boyer, R. M 364 Boylan, M 419 Boyle, Dona 272 Boyle, J. B. . .48- 69-276-329-417 Boyle, T. R 192-414 Boyne, J. E 361 Boystrom, T. 50-51 Boyts, P. H 30-69-385 Bradbury, Helen L 69 Braddock, J. S. ... 199-352 Braden, S 409 Bradfield, Mrs. J 452 Brading, F. J 393 Bradley, Esther 69 Bradley, G 300-379 Bradley, R. A 69 Bradshaw, P. S. . . 208-409 Brady, E. M 197-376 Brady, Ruth 69- 447-459-485 Braendle, Donna 1 70 Bragg, Mrs. E . .437 Braidwood, R. J 404 Braitman, L 423 Branch, C 373 Branch, J 373 Branch, W. C 308-309 Brand, B 70-423 Brand, Dorothy B 70 Brand, R. S 353 Brandt, Leona M 494 Brant, G. W 385 Branagan, Helen L. 70-442 Branagan, Neva L 70 Brantingham, Martha .450 Brasher, Lois A 42- 70-448-490 Braslau, Sophie 453 Brake, D. P 234 Breaky, J. F 416 Breaky, Mrs. J 449 Breckinridge, B. R. ...355 Bredvold, Mrs. L. I 450 Bredt, C. B 330 Breed, Mrs. Christine .444 Breer, Margaret H. . .268- 452-470-483 Brennan, J. W 70- 186-308-332 Brennan, Mary T 463 Brenneman, Esther. . . .437 Brenner, I). L 70-346 Brenner, E. J 70 Bretschneider, Alma . .448 Bretschneider, L. A. ..379 Brewster, L. S. . . . 192-378 Breyer, W. R 272 Bridgman, J. M 70 Bridgman, M. J 314 Brier, Muriel 463 Briggs, Mrs. Carrol . . .442 Briggs, C 70- 211-257-326-384 Briggs, F. R 354 Briggs, Louise 268-452-470 Bright, Elizabeth 450 Brikman, E. M. . . .70-421 Brill, A. W 318 Brimacombe, F. C 42- 70-380 Brink, E. H 408 Brinson, P 309 Brisbin, G. H 385 Bristol, Anne L. ...70-466 Britt, O. W 394 Brittain, Fern M 442 Britz, M. J 71-427 Broad, Edith M 492 Broad, W. J 71 Brockett, D. R 408 Brockett, Ruth 492 Brockway, E 402 Brody, R. B 192-427 Broehm, M 485 Brome, W 294 Bromley, W. T 402 Bromme, W 71-380 Brookins, W. E 304 Brookins, W. T 71- 330-383 Brooks, Lucille T 492 Brooks, P. F 420 Brooks, P. L 194 Brooks, P. C 270 Brophy, G. 375 Brouer, H. A 339 Broughton, Beryl I. . . .447 Brow, R. A 71-376 Brower, Thelma M. . . .447 Brown, Alice E. .300-454 Brown, C. H 350 Brown, C. G 71-391 Brown, C. H 71-328 Brown, D. E 378 Brown, D. M 271 Brown, Elizabeth M. . .71 Brown, G. G 387-400 Brown, G. H 348 Brown, G. T 47-71 Brown, Helen 313- 441-466-490 Brown, Helen B 463 Brown, Helen 1 490 Brown, H. A 204-358 Brown, J. 398 Brown, J. Y 420 Brown, J 300 Brown, J. G. Jr 426 Brown, J. D 409 Brown, Julia R 71- 272-438 Brown, L. F 269-375 Brown, L. E 393 Brown, Marguerite E. . .71 Brown, Mary Louise .463- 486-494 Brown, O. H 289- 290-291-380 Brown, P. N 205-390 Brown, R. H 393- 412-417 Brown, R. J 416 Brown, Virginia 449 Brown, W. E 378 Brown, W. H 393 Brownell, C. W. . . 269-370 Brownell, D. H 300 Brownless, L. C 394 Brozovich, J 313 Brubaker, H. A 340 Bruce, H. A 71-480 Bruce, R. D 295 Brumbaugh, H 419 Brumbaugh, N. K. 408-422 Brumbaugh, W. D. Jr. .365 Bruning, W. J 380 Brunnar, F 207 Bruns, D. R 71 Brunsting, H 419 Brunswick, J. E. . .270-386 Bruske, P. W. 283-292-387 Bryant, P. S 360 Buchalter, A 410 Buchanan, W. T 375 Buck, Margaret E 50- 71-452 Buck, R. M 355 Buckborough, M. W. .409 Buckingham, L. F. . . .263- ' 293-406 Budde, N. J 72 Budnik, A 315 Hudson, D 72-423 Buehrer, Gladys E. ..445- 490 Buell, L. Jr 45-209-234 Buell, D. H 400 Buell, Genevieve E. . . . 72- 473-484-489 Buell, J. L. Jr 44- 72-328-335-400 Buell, Mrs. Marion. . . .445 Buenting, Mary J 460 Buffington, Mrs. Mary 442 Buhrer, Catherine A. ..72- 443-453 Buick, R. D. ..72-335-379 Bulkley, Mrs. H. C. ..466 Bull, M. G 365 Bullock, R. W 371 Bullock, Vivien 462 Bulman, L. S 72- 288-344-399 Bumgarner, Evelyn . . .465 Bummer, F 425 Bunin, 1 427 Bunker, C. F 354 Burch, B 409 Burch, H .- 412 Burck, Mildred E 72 Burd, W. W 290- 291-345-363 Burger, C 270 Burger, F 351 Burger, L. L 396 Burgess, G. D. .72-194-420 Burgess, L 55 Burgman, L. G 385 Burhans, G. N 411 Burhans, R. A 72- 290-291-345-428 Burke, Evelyn K 72 Burke, G. T 279-376 Burke, H 201-425 Burkhard, J. H 72 Burkhardt, Annette 72-440 Burkhardt, H 310 Burkman, N. W 412 Burman, T. S 455 Burnam, Lillian 444 Burnam, S. M. B 358 Burnesaon, M. 380 Burnham, J. A 73 Burnham, J 73-377 Burns, F 286 Burns, Irma 466 Burns, Mary 456-465 Burnstein, S 372 Burris, F. L 398-418 Burris, G. J 360-417 Burroughs, E. T 353 Burroughs, P. L 73 Burrowes, R 390 Burrows, R 42-352 Bursley, P. C 406 Burstein, A 382 Burt, Marie Louise . .312- 449-472 Burton, P. 189-283-303-356 Burtt, Charlotte ..457-466 Busch, F. " W 357 Busch, R 42-73-450 Busch, W. C 369 Bush, Doris M 73 Bush, Margaret 204- 465-486 Bushnell, L. P 357 Business Ad Club 311 Butcher, Catherine P. . . 73 Butler, D 373 Butler, Kathryn E 445 Butler, L 73-383 Butler, R. E 207-412 Butler, W. H 318-400 Butterfield, E. S 360 Butterfield, M. W 379 Button, E. G 408 Buzzard, W. W 428 Byce, R. C 420 Byers, Anita 457 Byrum, Mrs. E. A. . . 452 Bystrom, T. L. 73-314-336 C Cadwell, Mrs. Fred ...441 Cady, S. H. Jr 42- 73-270-276-326-354 Cahow, P. D 336 Cain, A. B 300 Cain, B 273-300-340 Cain, M. H 398 Caine, R. T 375 Cairnes, C. F 316 Cake, Catherine . . . 73-464 Calkins, H. S 73 Callahan. I. E 73 Callender, Alice . . 73-456 Calvin, H. P 330-403 Cameron, J. D 416 Cameron, W 48-73 Camerson, O 424 Campbell, A. J 242 Campbell, B. L 411 Campbell, C. A 358 Campbell, Dorothy ..202- 480 Campbell, Elizabeth E. 74- 457-483 Campbell, Helen W. ..473 Campbell, J 361-416 Campbell, Jean . 270-463 Campbell, Katherine. .465- 487 Campbell, Phoebe .74-313 Campbell, R. H 412 Campbell, R 286- 290-291-292-316-345- 350-380-413 Campbell, W. M 52-74 Campbell, W. C. Jr. . . 188- 333-387-429 Canby, Lucille 458 Canby, Pauline 458 Candler, G. V 406 Canfield, H. L 385 Canfield, N 229-424 Canfield, Mrs. R. B. . 437 Cannan, Lila R 473 Cannon, Mrs. Helen . .476 Cannon, Dr. Helen . . .437 Cantor, M 74 Caplan, Anne B. . . .74-455 Caple, Clara 442-486 Capp, C. S 418 Capron, H. G 273-357 Caraway, J. E 347 Carbeck, E. B 74-330 Cardew, Helen H 492 Cardew, W 314 Carey, H. N 403 Carey, Margaret C. . . . 459 Carl, H. R 389 Carl, Ruth M 74 Carlson, Maude C. ...494 Carlson, W. S 384 Carlton, D. C 379 Carmichael, G. A. .331- 391-424 Garner, 317 Carney, F. B 305 Carpenter, Dorothy . . 480- 489 Carpenter, L. C. Jr. . . 188- 392 Carr, Anna 480 Carr, B. L 205 Carr, H. G 425 Carr, Mary E 74- 290-291-440-480 Carr, R. E 369 Carrel, Helen 465 Carrow, Teressa 444 Carson, Isabel 323 Carson, R. E 358 Carten, Esther 480 Carter, Clare F. ..224-399 Carter, C 429 Carter, J. T 323 Carter, R. L 74-373 Carver, B. L. .273-341-377 Case, Esther 313 Case, Hilda B 74 Case, Mary Alice .453-463 Case, Meirodene 74- 313-465 Case, Norma L. ...74-448 Casfari, Frances 457 Cashdan, L. J 74 Casper, E. J 197 Casper, M 46 Cassar, Lois 451 Caster, R. E 375 Castle, E. B. ..74-365-416 Castrence, Prudencio .319 Castrillo, Primitive 75 Cato, C. M 309 Catron L. F 360 Catzere, Virginia 75 Cavanaugh, H. T 75- 286-292-326-329-422 Cavanaugh, J. K 400 Cavanaugh, M. J 370 Cavanaugh, T. H 366 Ca vender, Josephine . .75- 494 Cender, R 48 Centaneri, A 242 Center, C. E 75-335 Cerny, C. J 194-420 Chabut, H 424 Chaffee, W. C. Jr. 199-387 Chakrabarty, G. C. .318- 322 Chalk, H. J 289-353 Chalmers, H. Jr. . 75-361 Chamberlain, E 42- 43-75-209-257-278-327- 356 Chamberlin, Jo H 270- 340-343-369 Chamberlin, J. M 393 Chamberlin, Martha E. 75 Chambers, E. W 50- 75-211-226-223-326 Chambers, Mabel 272 Chaminade, Cecile . . . .453 Champagne, J. L. . .75-412 Champagne, Linnie A. 492 Champe, C. G 188- 270-352 Chan, Ruth ..318-463-476 Chandler, J. P 75-415 Chang, H. C 320 Chang, Kuo, A 320 Chang, N. N 320 Chang, R 320 Chang, Y. E 320 Channer, G. S. ...341-377 Chao, EnC 320 Chao, Yu M 320 Chapman, R. M 401 Chapman, R. C 224- 366-375 Chapman, S. M 293 Chappie, C. C. 331-406-416 Charter, H. W. . . 299-300 Chase, C. L 75 Chase, G. E 381 Chase, H. J 75 Chase, Katherine 449 Chavenelle, Marjorie .453- 484-490 Cheatham, Vivian 459 Cheever, Mrs. Jennie . 318 Chen, ChangC 320 Chen, Florence H. 318-320 Chen, G. M 320 Chen, Ruth 320 Chenault, J 373 Cheng, T. H 320 Cherry, J. B 323 Cherry, R. F 375 Chew, R. Y. ..76-318-320 Chi Delta Phi 488 Chi Omega 443 Chi Phi 357 Chi Psi 358 Chichester, 1 352 Child, Eunice 481-489 Childs, T. D 363 Chinese Students Club 320 Chipman, Mrs. D. C. .456 Chipman, Jope 456 Chisholm, Kathleen ...76- 294-472-484 Chisnell, L. W 412 Chojnacki, S 315 Chon, W. L. . .281-340-405 Chowdhery, G. M. ...322 Choy, A. G 76-320 Choy, Martha 318 Choy, Priscilla 318 Christensen, Aileen D. .76- 437-476 Christensen, Mrs. Alice 456 Christian, Mrs. Palmer 456 Christiansen, Annette .458 Christiansen, Erma E. 447 Christy, Mary 444 Church, F. A 357 Church, Jessie 270-463 Church, K 76-196 Churchill, S. E. . 344-345 Churchman, Anne Jane 441 Chynoweth, Myrtice C. 76 Cibener, G 313 Ciganovic, M. M 76 Cilley, E 419 Clacer, D 319 Clancey, T 286 Clancy, H 406 Clark, A. R 318 Clark, C. J. .208-367-419 Clark, C. E 270 Clark, E. J 360 Clark, G. 463 Clark, G 76 Clark, Mrs. Harry .. ..441 Clark, H. B. P 362 Clark, H. C 411 Clark, J. T 76-400 Clark, J. J 76 Clark, K 207 Clark, Louise 76-466 Clark, Margaret 76- 270-440 yc -c $f X Clark, W. B 411 Clarke, Mrs. A. L. Jr. 456 Clark, C. L 314-336 Clarke, K. P 391-412 Clarke, Margaret 466 Clarkson, Elizabeth . . .465 Clarkson, W. S 356 Clary, R. 1 293-370 Claspy, E. M 76 Claussen, R. A. . Clay, Mary Barr Clay, W Clay, W. D Clayton, R. A. Clayton, S. D Cleland, B. W. . . . Clement, Florence. Clement, Stella . Cleminson, W. . demons, L. G.. 76 444 373 425 277-402 . 77-273 ..270 460 447 ..50-77-314 199- 226-231 Cleveland, M. L. ..77-303 Clipper, O. P 77-370 Cloug, Margaret 77 Coates, C. W 379 Coats, Florence 451 Coburn, H. L 77 Cochran, Janet Cochran, P. S. . Cochran, S. S. . Cochran, W. D. Cockerville, F. O. Coddington, S. S. Cody, Elizabeth Cody, Louise Coe, F. E. Coney, R. M. Coffman, I. . 443 205 363 .203-417 . . .77 393 . .77- 440-480-490 444- 463-481-498 . . .77 .391 .458- 484-485-486 Coggan, J. G 412 Cogshall, C. D 381 Cogshall, Mrs. C. D. . . 456 Cohen, A 382 Cohen, D. A. .. .77-281-374 Cohen, J. J 77 Cohen, Juliette 438 Cohen, M. H 242-372 Cohen, N. D 374 Cohn, M. J 389 Cohn, M. G 396 Cohn, Milton J. ...77-314 Cohn, S 55-77 Colby, Grace Cole, D. . . . Cole, G. L. Cole, J Cole, K. W. Cole, Margaret .77 42-78-350 361 373 ...78-393 . .457- 482-489-490 Cole, R. D 364 Cole, R. S 370 Cole, R. M 405 Cole, Rebecca 451 Cole, Ruth M 78 Coleman, M. R 353 Coll, H. H. Jr. 205-277-379 Collegiate Sorosis ... 444 Collins, A. H 314 Collins, Helen 481 Collins, Josephine .459-480 Collins, R. E 381 Collins, W. W. . .52-78-412 Collon, D. J. .52-53-78-412 Collon, Leone C. . . .78-494 Colman, J. K 387 Colwell, W. P 356 Comb, R L. . . . 78-330-380 Comedy Club 294 Comins, Dorothy 466 Compton, Josephine -.439 Compton, M. H 384 Comstock, W. A 286- 293-383 Conat, C. M 379 Conder, R. W 78- 329-346-377 Condit, Mrs. D. H. . . .456 Condon, Lillian 436 Condon, Lydia 444 Cone, Florence H 442 Conger, Clare M 52-78 Congo, J. . .44-78-274-335 f i I- r Cook, P. A. ... Cook, V Cook, W. J. . Cook, Prof. W. Cook, W. F. Cooke, Anna M. Cooke, P. C. . Cookson, J. W . . 195-369 401 378 403 . 79-272-353 .78-494 330-399 380 Cooley, M. E. 328-350-392 Coolidge, C. A 79-392 Coons, E. S 387 Cooper, Charlotta W. . 492 Cooper, D. M 379 Cooper, Florence W. ..79- 271-439-483 Cooper, J. B 395 Cooper, J. D 79-314 Cooper, Lillian L. . 79-480 Cooper, L. E. ...48-79-401 Cooper, R. J. Cooper, R. U. Coote, Opal . Cope, Anna Cope, P. M. C opeland, G. K. Corbett, Hazel . Corbus, E. T. Corey, C. H Corey, H. D. Corley, E. H. 331 347-416-419 331 457 318-466-490 79- 318-323-466 .379 .454 364 79 . . . 79-363 46- 47-79-418 Corn, Elizabeth 438 Cornell, Berenice H. ..50- 79-151-466 Cornell, H 288 Cornell, Lucille 448-494 Cornell, Marguerite . . . 448 Cornell, 195 Comely, P 323-371 Cornwall, F. 1 387 Corriden, D 388 Cory, C. H 388 Cory, F. L 388 Coryell, L. B 256 Cosmopolitan Club . . .318 Cossitt, Elizabeth 79- 440-480-494 Cossitt, Lois G. . . .440-494 Cotterman, Mayme B.. .80 Coulter, C. H. 308-309-360 Couper, H. H 79 Courtis, S. A 314-336 Courtis, T. M 404 Coventry, W. D. .80-416 Covert, Mrs. Arthur. . .445 Covert, H. E 377 Covington, M. . . .318-462 Covitz, L 382 Cowan, Beatrice 489 Cowell, W. G. 189-334-378 Cox, Dorothy 465 Cox, Mrs. John J 442 Cox, W. E 422 Cox, W. J 376 Coy, Marian .80-439-490 Coyne, Elizabeth S. .80- 447-466-489 Cozad, Dorothy . 453-490 Crabtree, W. C 409 Craft, Laura E 80- 473-480-484 Craftsmen 316 Cragin, R. A 214-356 Craig. J. B. .212-358-361 Craig, J.C 308-309 Crain, W. L. . 193-338-429 Cramer, E. H Cramer, H 277 Crampton, F 375 Crampton, Gertrude. . .480 Cramton, Irene 80-313-494 Cramton, Margaret . . .456 Cranage, T 358 Crandall, F 383 Crane, Alice 443-481 Crane, C. L 406 Crane, P. M. .258-273-293 Crane, R. F Crane, W Cranford, Helen . . Cranna, Nancy M. Crase, Myrtle I. . . Crocker, F 452 Davidson, L 83-382 Crocker, Fandira 463 Davidson, M 457-500 Crocker, F. S 80-377 Davidson, R. A 44- Crocker, Geraldine .437 45-313-330-403 Crofton, W. P ...81 Davies, Elizabeth S. .294- Crofts, Addie 313-439 453-480 Crogan, J. D 48-80 Davies, J. T 379 Croll, M. M 410 Davies, V 83-292-294 Croll, M 81 Davies, Mrs. V! 444 Croll, S 410 Davies, W. S 390 Cronin, Elizabeth L. .448 Davis, C. M 338-364 Cronwall, S. E 81-406 Davis, D 397 Crosby, E. M. L 81- Davis, D. B 83-428. 307-316-425 Davis, E. C 369-417 Crosby, Fern I. .81-451-494 Davis, Helen 313 Crosby, J. H 369 Davis, Joyce E 492 Cross, Emma Fischer . 457 Davis, Kathleen .... 83-494 Cross. Florence L 81- Davis, L 419 454-494 Davis, M. W 425 Cross, F. L 81-303 Davis, R. B 83 Cross, Margaret 270 Davis, R. W 50- Crouse, H. E 357 83-234-239-379 Crouse. J. R 357 Davis, Sarita 1 83- Crow, G. W 395 318-323-448-494 Crowe, Ethel M 442 Davis, Thursa F 323 Crowe, J. R 81-378 Davis, W 417 Crowthers, C. C 364 Davis, W. C 204-392 Crowell, Emily R 81 Davy, Ruth V 83 Cudlip, Luella 452 Dawlsins, H. E 425 Culkin, P. R. . 289-293-364 Day, Dorothy . 83-452-466 Gulp, Julia 453 Day, J 83-327-388 Culp, R. C 289 Day, P. J 364 Culpepper, F 462 Day, W. R. 83-227-290-360 Culver, F. C 81-355 Deacon, Myra Lu .83-450 Cumings, Florence 81- Dean, Iva M 83 466-473 Deane, E. M 352 Cumings, Mary D 50- Deason, H. J 290-291 51-81-453-458-466 De Bevoise, Helen 439 Cummings, E. S. Jr. 358 DeBow, L. A. . 83 Cummings, E. C. .270-411 DeCamp, J. W. . . 270-393 Cummings, H 419 Decker, C. G 402 Cummings, J. P. . . 81-370 Decker, F. J 336 Cummings, Janet 450- Decker, Marjorie 83- 481-496 466-481 Cumingham, E 373 Decker, W. E 83 Cunningham, J. A. 269-369 Decker, W. B 401-414 Cunningham, M. W. ,350 DeCou, J. C 84 Curl, L. C 293-413 DeCou, W. H 420 Currie, D. N 300-379 Decrausaz, D 290-291 Currie, Dorothy L 81- DeField, Tressa 480 463-478 DeFoe, Rose 490 .448-494 DeFur, E 415 480 DeGraff, A. G 84-304 3.12 193 313 .80 80 196 .80 Crawford! Helen G 42- 80-460-483 Crawford, K. R 80- 298-360 375 Crawford, W. B 80- 259-404 299-362-383 Crego, W 204-224-399 , . v;ittoc t IIMJII.; Conlin, E. F 376 Crawford, C Conlin, J. .48-78-329-354 Crawford, G. S. Conlin, J. N 354 " Conlon, T. L 354 Conn, R. A 380 Connelly, J. H 412 Connely, A. W. Connor, A. D. . Conrad, Elizabeth M. .476 Conrad, Helen L 70 Conrad, Lucille 473 Conroy, R. W 78-354 Conway, L. J 355 Cook, A. 79-344-345-401 Cook, A. R 54 Cook, Arthur 290-291 Cook, G. A. Cook, Irene . Cook, J.C 294-417 Cook, Marguerite . . .453 Cress, E. H 378 Cress, Mrs. E 441 Crighton, S. C 343-391 Crippen, M 462 Cristy, H. P 197- 292-293-294-392 Criswell, R. .457-487-490 .314 Crittenden, V. W 412 451 Crittendon, W 201 Crobet, Hazel 490 Crocker, Alice Currie, J. L. ... Currie, Margaret . Curry, H Curry, P Curtenius, F. B. Curtis, F. D. ... Curtis, H. J. .424 DeGraff, B. A 367 354 DeGraw, Adele 465 .205-387 Dehn, Marguerite P. . . 84 336-350 Deible, J. C. 42-43-84-354 .398 Deinzer, Lucile. .. .457-465 Curtis, R 390 Deitrick, S. J 84 Curtis, R. G 294-344 DeJong, M. H 405 Curtis, W. N. . ' .82-303-335 DeJournes, Estelle ... .449 Curtiss, Marie . . . .466-489 De Kiep, J 84 Curtiss, R. C 290-291 Delans, W 387 dishing, E 388 De LaVerne, E. W. . . .270 Gushing, L. 420 de Leon, E. C 319 Gushing, T. F. ...352-416 Delf, Phyllis E 458 Cuthbert, F 310 De Line, Muriel E. 480-494 Cutler, C. M 385 Dell, G. W 84 Cutler, Elizabeth 440 Delp, L. A. . .290-291-408 Cutler, Lucille 458 Delta Alpha Epsilon Cutting, Margaret 441-466 Delta Chi Cutting, Mary A 439 Delta Delta Delta Cyrowski, A 315 Delta Gamma Czaja, Z. G 82-315 Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Omicron D Delta Phi Daft, F 42-82-376 Delta Sigma Delta Dahl, R. J 242 Delta Sigma Phi I- ' l tUlt, iV. t) 384 Dahlberg, L. O. 353 Delta Sigma Pi Dahle, Helen ..... 268-445 Delta Sigma Rho Dahlem, A. G. . . 197-351 Delta Tau Delta Daker, C. C .......... 355 Delta Theta Phi . Dalby, R. G ...... 208-409 Delta Upsilon ..... Daley, B. A .......... 385 Delta Zeta ....... Dalton, E. W ........ 387 DeLude, L ....... Dalton, J ............ 373 Demmink, G. ... Dalton, T ............ 373 Dempster, H. G. Damm, A. R .......... 413 De Munnik, J ..... D ' Amour, Madalyn R. 459 den Bleyher, A. B. Danby, L. T .......... 82 Denier, W. H. ... Dandison, B ......... 318 Densmore, G. E. . Dando, G. D .......... 82 Danforth, P. O. . 82-302 Dental Society . Daniel, M ......... 82-448 Denton, J. S ..... Daniels, E. F ......... 364 209-214-215-326-358 Daniels, G.I ...... 82-360 Denton, T ........ 292-294 Danielson, G .......... 385 Deo, M. R ........... 357 Dankers, Madelyn G. .463 De Puy, J. R .......... 44- Dankers, M ....... 82-466 84-303-328-400 Danner, S. J ......... 384 De Selm, C .......... 399 Derbyshire, Pauline L. 442 Desenberg, H. B. . .84-382 set 360 445 446 361 447 .. .362 . 412 . . 363 . .413 . . 342 .... 364 414 ... 365 .... 448 ... 425 203-342 . . . .359 .... 205 ..361 . ... 404 . 296- 336-342 . . . 307 84- . , . . . Darling, Grace L. . 48O-494 Desenberg. Johana 366 Destinn, Emmy Darling, J. D Darling, W. C Darnall, C. R Darnall, R. E Dart, Dorothy Dart, E. W Daugherty, C. F Davenport, H. D Davenport, K. M 50-82 Dethmers, J. R. . . .388 Detwiler, Laura. . .261 Detzer, N . .456 Detzer, R. N. ... .305 Deumling, W. W. ..415 Deutsch, M. W. ...408 De Vine, E. H. . . 46- De Vine, F. L. 331-338-358-424 De Vol. Elizabeth Davey, M. A. E 192 Devore, R. T.. 450 Davidson, H. L 82-382 438 . . 453 .84-414 .. .310 .... 288 .... 289 ....416 273-386 398 . .376 . . .456 42- 84-326-327-387 de Vries, Jean 444-466 deVries, S 201-425 Dewar, Christine A. . . .84 DeWitt, C. C 337 DeWitt, F. J 340-367 DeWitt, Oesta 451 Dewy, R. S 42- 43-84-214-216 Dester, Kathryn . . 465-489 Dey, M. C 363 Diack, A 278 Diack, Mrs. A. W. 456-465 Diack, S 416 Diakoff, A. J. 303-318-335 Diamond, A 192-427 Diamond, Kathryn 85-461 Diaz, M. R. 313 Dibble, W. J. 85-273-363 Dicken, H. C 85-351 Dickens, Helen 85 Dickey, J 390 Dickey, L. D 85-362 Dickey, R. M 390 Dickinson, Nellie H. ..85- 440-490 Dickinson, S. S.. . . Diekhoff, Frieda . . Diekhoff, J. S Dietrich, Mary .... Dietrich, S. J Dietsch, E Dietz, P. H Di Francesco, S. R. Dillon, Errema G. . Dillon, J. G Dimond, S. E. 278 445 399 .451 360 317 .363 . .85 . .85 363 .85- Dine, H. E. Dinwiddie, J. Disler, M. K. Diven, K. E. Dixon, D. M. Dixon, R. D. Dixon, W. C. Djang, Wei D. Dju, A Dobell, B. 296-298-300-393 .54 392 393 . 85-314 . . 48-85-355 . 398 295-342-384 . .320-461 ... 320-466 203 Dobney, Edith ....... 480 Dobson, R. T ........ 391 Dodd, J. G ........... 357 Dodd, R. E .......... 355 Dodenhoff, C ......... 388 Dodge, W. J. . 85-317-318 Doerge, C. H ......... 360 Doherr, A. ......... 378 Dolenga, Cecilia. . .315-462 Dolinsky, E .......... 382 Doll, C ................ 317 Dolliver, G ....... 204-361 Dombey, E. H ..... 85-439 Domhoff, R ........... 373 Domhoff, V. E ....... 214- 218-327-373 Domingo, P .......... 319 Donaldson, Harriet ... 86- 466-469 Donaldson, S ..... 331-424 Donaldson, Mrs. S ..... 452 Donaldson, W. W ..... 388 Donahoe, H. T ....... 262 Donahue, Eiline ...... 459 Dohlan, Josephine G. . .86 Donmoyer, W. L ...... 86 Donnally, Mrs. A. J. . .436 Donnenfield, R. B. . . .389 Donovan, D .......... 383 Donovan, Kathleen P. 459 Doo, S. L ............ 320 Dooge, Mrs. M. L. ...456 Doran, S. A .......... 242 Dorrance, A. G. .. ' ... .330 Doster, Etruria ....... 86- 469-481-499 Doten, R ............. 48- 86-329-384-415 Dottenheim, M ....... 374 Doty, C. A ....... 224-365 Doty, E ...... 191-338-424 Doty, R. J ............ 86 Doty, E. W ............ 86 Doubleday, D. B ...... 56- Doubleday, D. F ..... 272- 293-404 Dougall, C. R ........ 364 Dougall, T. J ...... 293-404 Doughman, J. D ...... 388 Douglas, G. W. : ..... 378 Douglas, Mrs. H. .449-465 Douglas, H. V ........ 378 Douglas, L. H. . . .224-381 Douglas, W. H ....... 207- 307-354-412 Doudna, H. E ........ 428 Dow, Jean ........... 444 Dow, Margaret G ..... 441 Dow, P ....... 86-337-408 Downey, Martha ..... 318 Downie, Elizabeth ____ 480 Downs, Mary B ....... 86 Dowzer, O. L ......... 362 Doyle, B. K ....... 192-426 Doyle. F ..... 191-331-409 Doyle, R. F ...... 244-249 ft - z %!$Z - $ffc Drabichi, J. S 315 Drake, J. 381 Drake, M. J 340 Drake, O. J 242 Draper, J. C 387 Drebin, S. R 86-396 Drechsler, E. A. ..86-406 Dreifus, Myra F 86- 468-469-481-499 Drescher, Margaret ... 318 Drescher, Mildred G. 86- 322-473-494 Dresser, Faustina 87 Dressier, Jeanette . . . .459 Dressier, W. S 315 Drevdahl, C. G 412 Driver, Ruth L 87 Drukek, Irene 459 Druids .327 Drukker, H. L 408 Drummond, L. L 363 Drury, W. R 402 Ducket, W. 1 426 Duckinan, L. . 224-242-389 Dudd, Edna L 87 Dudley, H. W 42- 87-381-414 Dudley, Mrs. J. M. . . .436 Duff, E. M 392 Duff ield, F. H 361 Duffield, J. E. Jr 197- 284-354 Duffy, J. E 48- 87-209-329-346-358 Dumbrille, K. E 314 Duncan, Mildred D 87 Duncanson, D 414 Dunham, D. B 87 Dunlap, H 419 Dunlap, H. E 87-384 Dunlop, Roberta .457-463 Dunn, Ethel P 87 Dunn, J 391 Dunn, J. J 342-385 Dunn, W. W 425 Dunnebacke, Mary L. 87- 463 Dunnewind, Frances A. 87- 441-480-481-489-497 Dunning, D. W 87-363 Dunwell, M 202 Durant, T. M 409 Durant, W 370 Durfee, M. L 87-418 Durham, J. U 340 Dykstra, G. 87 E Eagleson, S 375 Earhart, Mrs. H. B. ..494 Earl, Virginia A 313- 473-466 Earle, G. N 380 Easterly, E. Jr 340 Eastlake, R 321 Eastlich, K. A 412 Eastman, Louise . . 188-450 Eastman, R. C 350 Eberbach, Linda .449 Eberhart, P. M. . . 88 Eblen, B. D 426 Ecker, C. B 370 Ecker, J 193-410 Eckerman, C. F. . . . 362 Eckerman, R. A 362 Eddy, R. M 256-398 Edelman, Grace S. 455-486 Edelson, C. N. 270-340-386 Eder, S 410 Edgar, V. G. .234-238-327 Edgar, V. T 42 Edmison, P. J 406 Edmunds, E. C 381 Edwards, A. D 88 Edwards, W. D. 375 Edwards, W. E. 365-375 Edwards, Helen L 88- 463-473-480 Effinger, E. E 52 Eggenberger, W. J 52 Eggert, Margaret E 88 Eggleston, G. H. . 378 Ehlers, R. B. 44- 288-289-304-328-335- 344 Eichenhofer, H. J. 304-402 Eichhorn, F. F. . . 88 Eick, N. J 88 Eirieh, Margaret 88- 294-442-4S4 Eisentrager, L. R 376 Eiserman, L. 299-300-413 Eklund, W. G. 384 Ekvald, L. E 39S Eller, W. H 290-291 Elliot, A. B 337-408 Elliot, Frances E. . . 88 Elliot, J. T 355 Elliot, S. B. ... 88-332-409 Elliot, W. . 300 Elliott, E 396 Elliott, H. A 403 Ellis, M. A 88-419 Ellis, W. B 393-402 Ellison, Mildred 466 Ely, lone 468 Ely, S. H 81 Ely, S. A 411 Eman, V. H 425 Emery, C. B 378 Emery, Florence A 89 Emery, H. P 406 Emery, Mary C 452 Emery, W. M. 270-340-363 Emmerson, H. W. . .350- 355-416-420 Emovi, Mus 321 Emovi, Yasuhei 321 Empson, G. R 379 Empson, L. N 89-379 Endelman, O. 487-490-494 Enders, R. K 338 Endres, C. D 89 Endries, P. . . 188-263-399 EnEarl, F. A. 89-304-355 EnEarl, R. O. 89-303-335 Engelbach, A. G. .89-428 Engelken, R. M 393 Engineering Council 277 Engle, J. T 48-89 English, Victoria . 313-480 Ensel, L. W 405 Ensminger, Mrs. Fred . 459 Eovaldi, B 192 Erickson, D. Y. 415-379 Erickson, H 256 Erickson, L. E 403 Erickson, P. R 48-89 Ernst, Marguerite . . . .454 Erwin, C 387 Erwin, Grace 460 Erw in, J 412 Eshleman, F. K. . . 89-385 Esman, M 386 Esselstyne, Donna 443-457 Essenburg, J. L 89 Estabrook, Helen N. . . 459 Estavillo, F. E 319 Estis, W 300 Estrin, Rose 318 Ettinger, E. E 89-338 Eugene, A. K 89 Eu.Yang, Sih 320 Evans, Eelight 480 Evans, Dorothy E. . . .454 Evans, E. S. Jr 387 Evans, Katheryn 451 Evans, Mary 451 Evans, R 204 Evely, A. L 89-388 Everett, G. E 379 Everett, Mrs. J. J 456 Ewell, Adele 268-465 Ewen, L. D. . 89- 328-330-351 Ewen, Mrs 452 Ewing, J. F 378 F Pagan, C 463-486 Fagg, Helen 457 Failing, W. P 309 Fair. B. B 331 Fair, Susie E 492 Fairbairn, Elizabeth ..454 Fairclough, W 323 Falcone, N 290-291 Falconer, R. D 378 Falk, M 368 Farcas, Josephine . 454-480 Farguhar, G. A. .90-404 Farmer, R. E 370 Farrar, Geraldine 354 Farrell, W. R 366 Fasquelle, R 364 Faulkner, F. C 420 Faulkner, R. ..90-310-380 Faust, Mrs. W. H 444 Fauster, C. . . 273-292-352 Fauver, W. A 365-422 Fay, Maude 453 Fayte, Maggie 453 Fead, Francina H. .442- 457-490 Fead, Margaret 450 Fearon, Dora 318 Fechheimer, R. F 405 Feelv, F. J 211-259 Fehlig, H. J 395 Feinberg, M 374 Feinburg, M. E 52- 53-90-382-410 Feinsinger, N. P. 192- 244-247-255-368 Felix, H. S 304 Fellows, Alice 465 Fellows, Helen 465 Fellows, J 408 Fellows, J. R 229-419 Felske, Alice 50-90-460-481 Fenner, S. D 90-373 Fenstermacher, W. A. 46- 47-90-331-418 Ferguson, F. R 90 Ferguson, F 318 Ferguson, G. W 409 Ferguson, Katherine 188- 444 Ferguson, W. N 366 Ferriby, Beatrice M. . . ,9D Ferrin, Winifred 436 Ferris, G. F 90-415 Fewtrell, Helen W. .90-461 Fichtel, Mari 466 Fiebig, H. C 381 Fiegel, Lucille K 90 Field, Dorothy M 447 Field, H.G 400-409 Field, Irene R 90- 452-468-473-480-481- 497-499-500 Field, Kate Keith .457-489 Fielstra, G. E 318-323 Fierer, Hilda 455 Fierer, Ruth 455 Fiero, R. P 353-418 File, Margaret F 447 Finch, D. 1 408 Finch, R. E. . .270-340-380 Findley, Helen 459 Findley, P 207 Findley, R. B 398 Fine, Cecelia L 90- 457-466-486 Fine, Ruth 465-487 Fineman, J. J.. 90-201-410 Fines, C. H 362 Fink, I. E 372 Fink, Mildred 438 Finkelstein, Rabbi A. H. 281 Finkleman, May 91 Finkler, L. F 44- 91-273-304-328-330- 335-376 Finlay, W 272 Finley, D 393 Finley, G. F 91-417 Fiordelis, F. S 91 Firestone, S 91 Fischer, F 347 Fischer, R. ' . . 353 Fishel, G. W 91 Fisher, Annette . . . 455-486 Fisher, Carolyn . .461-486 Fisher, D. W 416 Fisher, Evelyn . . . 458-490 Fisher, J. M 350 Fisher, L. E. 91-290-291 Fisher, Margaret 490 Fisher, Marian 458 Fisher, R. R. .91-290-291 Fishman, B 372 Fiske, G. E 91-392 Fitch, Margaret B. 91-449 Fitzgerald, Madaline. . .91- 454 Fitzgerald, R 42-91 Fitzgibbons, T. J. .188-355 Fitzpatrick, F 416 Fitzpatrick, T. H 391 Flagg, A 317 Flagg, C. K 91 Flajole, P 224 Flanagan, Mildred K. 92- 464-480 Flannery, T. J 242 Fleishman, N. A 421 Fleming, A 92 Fleming, D. B 379 Fleming, Donna 465 Flemming, F 289-429 Flemming, J. M. . 416 Flindt, A. O. ...44-92-303 Flintermann, Mary K. 92- 444 Flook, Mrs. R. F 318 Flora, W. R. ... 92- 208-214-221-354-424 Florence, J 189 Florer, Frances M 92- 346-441-475 Florer, Mrs. William . .441 Floyd, F. J. Jr. . . 204-393 Flynn, S 416 Fogarty, R. B 392 Foley, Aileen K 92 Foley, A. J 391 Foley, Harriet K 463 Foley, T. T 357 Folger, D 390 Folger, Dr. H. T 338 Follmer, Marjory 442-463 Foltz, Pearl 92-475 Fong, Ning T 320 Fong, Tsun C 320 Forbes, A. W 92-364 Forbes, E. F 273 Forbes, Jessie 449 Ford, Doris D. . 92 Ford, S 365 Ford, V. R 274-393 Ford, W. B. 365 Fordham, H. K 351 Foreman, M. L 92 Forestry Club 309 Forman, J. B. 92 Forrest, Delia M. 92-480 Forrest, M. G 93-332 Forsman, C. T 314 Forster, J. A 357 Forsythe, B. D. . .207-425 Forsythe, L 375 Forsythe, W. D 336- 362-419 Fortier, Alice C 92- 448-490-494 Fortson, T. R 323 Fortson, T. W 371 Fortune, W 198-383 FOBS, H 353 Fossum, D 399 Foster, A. L 270 Foster, C. L 54-93 Foster, Doris 202 Foster, Florence 42- 93-445-481 Foster, Gertrude 268- 490-500 Foster, J. C 93-414 Foster, M. B 352 Foster, R. B 361 Foster, Ruth M 93 Fouch, Alice 268-457-465 Foulkes, H. D 363 Foulks, G. M 411 Fowle, L. C. .52-53-93-429 Fowler, Helen A 93 Fowley, H 199-411 Fox, Anne 313-443 Fox, C. S 350 Fox, D. B 314 Fox, Dorothy 93-451 Fox, E 93 Fox, Mrs. Gerald 440 Fox, Gertrude 461 Fox, G. E 394 Fox, Jennie 455-461 Fox, Lucille 466 Fox, Virginia A 42- 93-450 Fralick, B. F. 46-47-93-419 Frame, J. S 364 France, S. L 268-465 Francis, Kathryn .445-488 Frandsen, Mildred. 268-465 Frank, Margaret . 93-439 Frank, W. H 93-368 Franklin, Marjorie H. . .93 Eraser, J. C 94 Fraunfelter, J 390 Frayer, W 209-292-357 Frayer, Mrs. W 445 Frederick, E A. 303-359 Freedman, L. M 421 Freehling, N 94-405 Freeman, J. B 392 Freeman, Marian S. . .457 Freemark, Ernestine R. 94- 451 Freese, E 256 Freidland, B. B. . 396 Freimuth, E. G 425 Freiwald, C. J 49 French, J. W 354 Freshman Frolic 285 Freshman Girls ' Glee Club 491 Freshman Law (1) (2) 439 Freshwaters, P. M. . .94- 353-429 Freyberg, R. H 210- 211-244-246-365-416 Fribley, Florence M. . .94- 454 Friday, Elizabeth I. . .442 Friday, Isabel B 443 Fried, Dorothy 466 Friedman, A 372 Friedman, A 410 Friedman, B 210r 211-212-214-215-234- 237-326-389 Friedman, J. J 94-295 Friedman, M. W 94 Friedman, Nina B 94 Friedman, R 373 Friedman, S. I. .273-389 Friend, J. B 340 Fries, C. C 336 Fries, Mrs. Charles ...445 Frissel, J. M.. 270-310-411 Froemke, H 377 Frohman, I. G 421 Frohne, Katherine 271- 456-463 Frost, M. . . . . 410 Frue, W. C 203-417 Fu, Ying 320-337 Fuchs, Elizabeth 438 Fuchs, Miriam 438 Fuller, D. J. 271-398 Fuller, F. W. 363 Fuller, H. T 418 Fuller, H. H 314 Fuller, J. B 336 Fuller, R. C 295-398 Fuller, W. 1 350 Fullmer, M 480 Fulton, R. B. 94-342-417 Fulton, 8. . 203 Fung, F. S 320 Funk, Margaret L. .190- 441-483 Funke, A. C 94 Funke, P. J 94 Furlong, Alice M 94 Furetenburg, Mrs. A. C. Futcher, J. F 415 G Gabel, N 188- 214-217-333-356 Gabler, C. L 365 Gaddes, R 388 Gaensslem, P 362 Gage, A. K 362 Gage, C. C 274-362 Gaige, F. M 308-338 Gaines, D. H 363 Gaines, J. 406 Galanter, M 396 Galbraith, H. M 94 Gale, G 95-203-373 Gale, G. A 314 Galens 331 Gall, W. N 295-298 Gallagher, A. L 354 Galloway C. J. 330-403-424 Gallup, B.anche 457 Galsterer, E. C 385 Galvin, J. J 193-412 Gameont, L. M 256 Gamma Eta Gamma . .415 Gamma Phi Beta 449 Gampher, E. E. ...95-363 Gannon, C. W 354 Gannon, R 388 Ganz, Wilma J 95-438 Ganzhorn, E. C 428 Gardner, Lenore D.. 95-443 Gardner, Madge 457 Gardner, Margaret N. .95 Gardner, W. A 303 Gardy, A 429 Garecki, Leora B 443 Gargoyle 273 Garlick, M. J 359 Garlinghouse, J. G 404 Garrison, Mabel 453 Garter, Dorothy 465 Gartner, F. J 305 Carver, G. P 377 Garvey, J. W 417 Gasper, M. W. 95-331-428 Gates, B. E 370-415 Gates, Clare D 398 Gates, D. C 95-295 Gates, Lucy 453 Gates, Valerie 195-465-487 Gaul, E 256-419 Gawne, S. E 226- 230-234-360 Gaynor, Mrs. Jessie L. .453 Geddes, Maxine E. .95-443 Gee, E. M 357 Gehring, Hester Reed .457 Gehring, W 199 Geikie, D 399 Geiser, H. A 95 Geister, W. E 224 Genis, B 397 Genthe, R. E 366 Georg, C 419 Georg, M. H 442 George, F 387 George, R. E 379 Gerhing, W. E 354 Germansky, A 95 Gernhard, B. R 360 Gerow, Katherine 452 Gervais, H. L. 95-342-426 Gessner, R. . . 270-295-282 Gibbs, R. E 381 Gibson, G. A 352 Gibson, P 370 Gies, R. C. 199-293-376 Gies, Virginia M. . 199-441 Gilbert, C. B 188-392 Gilbert, L. M 188- 214-218-333-404 Gilbert, S. J. 290-291-386 Gilderskeve, F. A. 190-411 Giles, M. K 290- 291-344-345-378 Giles, W. B. .. .95-346-378 Gilford, E. C. 95-344-345 Gill, Mrs. C. W 494 Gill, Frances 441 Gillespie, J. T 95-385 Gillespie, W 480 Gillet, Marquita M. 96-494 Gillette, Virginia R. 96-448 Gillette, W. A. .283-412 Gilligham, A 188-364 Gillis, Margaret 490 Oilman, Jean 486 Gilmartin, J. R 198- 242-277-354 Ginn, D. R. 360 Ginsburg, P 405 Girard, Helen 460 Girardin, H. A 96 Gitman, W 388 Givelber, M 96 Given, Thelma 453 Gjelness, R. H 402 Glacer, D 318 Glaize, Virginia 449 Glaspie, Elizabeth ... 465 Glazer, A. M 421 5 fes Glen, Enid 486 Glen, H 425 Glew, H. H 314 Glencer, Coleman J. . .270 Glendinning, R. M. ... 339 Glencer, C. J 318 Glover, Mis. C. C. ...436 Glover, D. T 285-390 Glover, F. S 42- 96-259-266-276-278-280- 326-358 Glover, Grace 453-466-490 Glover, J. H 188-358 Gluck, Alma 453 Gluckman, N. A 96 Goddard, E. N. 96-339-398 Goddard, L. H 398 Godfrey, R. H 400 Godfrey, W 351 Goering, G. W 393 Goetz, Angus 416 Goetz, E. G 236-401 Gohring, R. A. 292-293-373 Gold, D. N 396 Goldberg, G. E. ..96-396 Goldberg, Gusta 455 Goldberg, H 372 Goldberg, S 48-96-405 Golden, J. R 323-371 Golden, L. A 372 Goldhammer, M. .382-421 Goldman, B. J 96-323 Goldman, B. .96-281-397 Goldman, J 96-196 Goldman, J. M 273 Goldsmith, J. D. . 96-389 Goldstein, 1 372 Goldstein, M. G 396 Goltz, L 313 Goman, L. D 418 Gomberg, E. R 96- 281-297-342 Gonzalez, Dr. Eva . . . .319 Goodale, M. E 442 Goodall, R. W 97- 295-385-415 Goodell, Molly 463 Goodman, L 289 Goodman, Marguerite .97- 472-484 Goodman, Norma . .97-438 .Goodrich, C 356 Goodrich, Elizabeth C. 97 Goodrich, F. L 375 Goodrich, Prof. H. F. 329- 342-354-417 Goodrich, J. E 97-304 Goodrich, L. K 375 Goodrich, M. E 418 Goodrich, R. C 391 Goodson, Katharine ..453 Goodspeed, T. H 365 Goodyear, J. J 356 Goodwillie, Emma L. . 97- 460 Goodwin, J. H 361 Goodwin, M. G 417 Gorelick, H. S 97 Gormley, J. E 97-304 Cos, S 318 Goshkin, M 427 Goss, Mrs. A. H 494 Goudy, Alice M. . . .97-458 Goudy, W. 314 Gould, H. L 385 Gould, M 323 Gouldethorpe, H 44- 97-274-303-335-367 Covert, G.W 417 Gowe, R 242 Gowen, E 375 Gowery, E 256 Gowery, J ..256 Grab, R. M 244-245 Grabowsky, H 268- 438-463-481-498 Grabowsky, Rosalie. . .268- 438 Grace, C. W 363 Graeber, C. K ..339 Graf, L. A 97 Gragg, B 373 Graham, C. W 387 Graham, Esther H. 97-442 Graham, H 323 Graham, Lucille 97- 447-493 Graham, Majessa M. . .97 Graham, R 289-293 Graham, W. F 98- 269-326-377 Grandy, Anna 98-444 Granville, R 350 Grass], A. F 98 Gratiot, H. 391 Grattan, Nelle .98-440-486 Gray, C. M 380 Gray, J. T. 305 Gray, J 398 Gray, J. R 323 Gray, Muriel 310 Gray, V. M 323-371 Gray, W. H 98-310 Greeley, C. E 428 Greeley, P. 428 Green, A. E 365 Green, C. S 42-369 Green, Edith M 98 Green, Florence 444 Green, H. A 193-425 Green, H 426 Green, H. B 98-316 Green, M. S 98 Green, M 399 Green, 8. A 399 Greenberg, Beatrice . .271- 438 Greenberg, B. B 423 Greenberg, Carmen . . .438 Greenberg, S 421 Greene, G. H 290-291 Greene, Margaret H. . .98- 490 Greene, Marian E. .98-466 Greene, N. A 296- 299-448-466-486 Greene, W. C 98-363 Greene, W. R 384 Greenidge, C 402 jGreenshields, Jean . . . 188- 268-440-470 Greenshields, Mary . . .98- 440-483 Greenspan, E. B. 386-421 Greenwald, Gertrude . . 465 Greenwald, H. T 214- 217-396 Greenwood, Mrs. M. . .452 Gregorio, B 319 Gregorio, D. H. 318-319 Grigory, F. E 377 Greig, W. A 289 Greiling, C 44- 98-330-403 Greiner, W. K 417 Greist, Charlotte R. ..447 Gremel, E. C 295-393 Gridley, Harriet 449 Grier, J. S 274-379 Grierson, E. W. .50-98-314 Griesemer, Ruth G.. . .318- 322 Griess, J 390 Griest, R. S 358-422 Grieve, Margaret M. . 99- 459 Griffing, E. K 384 Griffing, M. S 384 Griffith, Dorothy 465 Griffiths, Catherine S. .99 Griffiths, J 203 Grigg, A. P 358 Grimm, C. W 377 Grindley, Catherine 99-456 Grinnell, Ellen A 197- 284-450-478 Grinnell, H. S 209- 214-222-276-283-333- 354 Grinnell, W. E 99 Grismore, G. C. . 329-417 Groff, Ellen F 445- 470-478-490 Groff, Lucile G. 99-445-473 Grohman, Rachel E. .454- 490 Gross, B. A 421 Gross, Helen 465 Gross, Margaret 270 Grout, M. E 426 Groves, B. E 400 Grover, Hazel 465-490 Gruber, Elaine 270 Gruner, W 383 Grunow, R. N 404 Guardia, C 318 Guardia, J 318 Gudakunst, Mary Lois 99- 294-443-472-484 Guerkin, Jean 480 Guernsey, E. D 99-403 Guest, Adelia 481 Guest, E 48-99 Guffey, J. M 99 Guffey, W. F 99 Gulden, E. W 307 Gulick, Gertrude B. . . .50- 99-456-499 Gulick, Phyllis ....99-466 Gunderson, H. J 270 Gundlach, H. M 99 Gunther, J. E 415 Gurman, B. G 396 Gurr, W. W 370 Gustafson, C. A 353 Gustafson, E. W 385 Gustin, Frances 26 - 272-318 Gustine, Helen 460 Gutekunst, E. H 99- 272-343-363 Guthe, Mrs. Carl 444 Guttmann, Mae . 100-396 Gwinner, Wilma A. . .454 H Haag, W. H 334-392 Haas, Dorothy E 448 Haass, E. H 100 Haass, O. E 100 Hacker, E. W 354 Hackett, J. W 363 Hackfield, A. W. . . 100-351 Haddock, Sally 480 Hadley, Helen . . 100-463 Hadley, P 365 Hagan, D 429 Hagedorn, Nell 481 Hagelshaw, G. L 428 Hagemeister, O. F. ...414 Hagen, Dorothy M. . 100- 458-466 Hager, H. H 393 Hager, R. J 412 Haggerty, G. S. . .361-422 Haight, H. H 46- 100-331-357-409 Hake, Esther R 100 Halchadowian, E. S 103 Hale, Leona 494 Haley, G. J 425 Hall, D 289 Hall, E 383 Hall, E. B 100 Hall, F. A 394 Hall, Foster W 334 Hall, G. C 416 Hall, H. A 100-373 Hall House 464 Hall, J. R 403 Hall, L. H 100-359 Hall, Luetta 480 Hall, R. D 408 Hall, R. L 100-303-375 Hall, R. T. B 357 Hallas, L. G 384 Haller, Charlotte E. . . 100- 450-480 Hallinger, Ruth 464 Halperin, E 313-238 Halstead, B. 48-49-100-415 Halsted, J. M 100- 261-273-326-377 Halsted, R. L 189- 261-334-377 Halstedt, E. H 242 Hamaker, W. E 101- 380-417 Hamel, Elizabeth M. .448 Hamel, J. S 274-367 Hamel, Nellie 460 Hamelink, M. H 101 Hamilton, Beatrice 101-492 Hamilton, Jean 468 Hamilton, Lucille 465 Hamilton, W. K 403 Hamm, Kathleen 463 Hammond, G 188-392 Hammond, J. T 101 Hamper, R. C 393 Hanable, Margaret . . .481 Hanan, Hazel M. . 101-480 Hanauer, S. M 389 Hanawalt, Ella M. 318-494 Hancock, B. W 384 Handly, H. E 355 Handley, B 273 Handloser, R. C 391 Haney, Audrey L 445 Hanks, K. R 101-393 Hanley, Edna R 101 Hanley, E. D 309 Hanley, Faith P 443 Hanley, J. H 308- 309-338-370 Hanley, Mrs. S 501 Hamlin, Helen J 443 Hanna, Dorothy 461 Hannah, G 378 Hannah, M. 453 Ham-ahan, R 429 Hans, O. H 388 Hanscom, D. J 364 Hansen, Catherine . . . .464 Hansen, H. C 46-101 Hansen, H. S 101-401 Hansen, H 424 Hansen, J. H 101- 304-330-335 Hanslovsky, J. A 367 Hanslovsky, J. H 318 Hanson, J. H 44-45 Hapke, J. A. . 198-284-340 Harbaugh, W. D. .293-354 Harden, K 101-323 Harden, K 371 Hardenburgh, Gertrude 101 Harder, Clara E 413 Harder, J. R 101-364 Hardgrove, G. L 418 Hardin, B. J 102 Hardin, J. M 402 Harding, A. L. ... 102-346 Harding, F. 1 352 Harding, H. B 289 Harding, Mary L 102 Hardisty, N. M. ..191-428 Hardy, H. T 323-371 Hardy, Mildred 463- 481-498 Hardy, P 102 Hardy, R. F. . 102-303-305 Haren, T. K 271 Harger, Beulah B. 102-451 Harlan, R. J 377 Harley, J. S 102-393 Harlocker, F. L 48- 49-102-329-346-415 Harlow, F. M 357 Harman, T. M. . .351-422 Harper, F. R 102- 338-347-424 Harr, R. V 102 Harridge, R. H 102 Harrigan, F. A 214- 226-228-354 Harrigan, Lucile F 102 Harrington, G. J 376 Harris, C. E 102- 330-394-400 Harris, E. J 295 Harris, E. 281-298-342-386 Harris, Mildres 438 Harris, N. H. .102-323-371 Harris, R. V 381 Harris, T. P 388 Harrison, H. M 403 Harrison, J. J 103-360 Harrison, J. W 201 Harrison, Nellie M. . .403 Harrison, W.J 412 Harrsen, Adelaide . . . .466 Harry, G. W 323 Hart, R 201-307-429 Hartley, G 285 Hartley, Gilford .204-377 Hartman, Helen 453 Hartman, W 48- 103-329-426 Hartwell, Helen 463 Hartwick, Mrs. E. E. .442 Hartwick, E. N 356 Hartwick, R 206 Hartwig, Marie 465- 489-497 Hartwig, N. L 363 Hartz, F. M. .103-331-418 Hartzell, B 382 Harvey, Ellura ...318-473 Harvey, Katherine E. .494 Harvey, P. L 357 Harvie, J. A 425 Haskin, A. H 103 Haskin, J. C 393 Haskins, F 48-49-103 Haskins, H 429 Hass, J. B 207 Hassberger, J. B. 331-418 Hastings, Elizabeth . . 103- 445 Hastings, R 46- 103-338-424 Hasty, E. A 428 Hatch, C. E 103 Hatch, Frances L. . . . 103- 462-480 Hathaway, C 451 Hathway, W 419 Hauf, H. D 402 Hause, Helen Louise . . 195 Hauser, Ethel 453 Hauser, J. 1 421 Haveman, M. S 290- 291-340-395 Haven, K. ...271-272-413 Haverty, J. M 415 Havikhorst , Esther . . . 466 Hawes, Josephine . 103-480 Hawkins, Cynthia 440-478 Hawkins, Ennis 366 Hawkins, H 244-247 Hawkins, Helen 441- 470-484 Hawkins, Margaret ..441- 470-478-482-484 Hawkins, V. M. Jr. . .365 Hawkinson, R. E 52- 103-425 Hawley, Mrs. H. 365-444 Hawley, L. Margaret .448 Hawley, Prof. R. S. . .303 Hawxhurst, Elizabeth . 436 Haxton, Margaret C. .443 Hay, J. W. Jr 42- 43-103-388 Hayden, Mrs. Joseph .441 Hayes 226 Hayes, C 317 Hayes, Lylas 203-440 Hayes, W 103-390 Hayllar, W 429 Haynes, Irene 473 Haynie, H 42-104-364 Hays, Helen H. . .104-453 Haya, J. G 390-444 Hays, Dr. L 440-476 Hay, Hazel H 448 Hazard, Leah S 104- 463-473-498 Hazel, J 104-317 Heaney, R 383 Heath, F. A 104- 266-269-293-294-356 Heath, Mrs. Homer L. 456 Heath, W. H 214- 220-330-362 Hecker, Mignon . . 104-480 Hecker, R. H 352 Heckler, Helen 480 Hecko, Dr. J. E. .338-412 Hedden, H. F. 274-317-384 Hedrick, D. W 191- 355-416 Hedrick, Ethel D. 104-473 Hedrick, J. P 188- 263-279-333-387 Heering, P. 104 Hegenauer, J. C. . .273-394 Hegwood, Jean 457 Heideman, K. P 104- 329-380-417 Heiho, W. S 104-356 Heiler, Helen 313-448 Heilman, Arlienne 481 Heiman, H 104 Heimonen, Elizabeth . . 104 Heinsheimer, R 405 Heinz, W. A 104 Heitsch, Janet . . .466-489 Helen Newberry Res. 465 Helfrich, H. D. . .290-291 Hellyer, Mary ... 449-475 Helm, R. E 369 Hemenger, Elizabeth . 465 Hemenger, G 56 Heroes, Hazel J 104 Henderlong, Harriet A. 442 Hendershot, Selma J. 442 Henderson, N. A 105 Henderson, P. M 409 Henderson, W. W 388 Henkel, J. A 105 Henneford, Helen J. . . 105 Henning, C 317 Henning, E. G 363 Henring, Hortense . . . .441 Henry, M. H 105 Henry, Nola M 442 Hensal, Hildegarde ...441 Hensel, E. W 316 Kenwood, A 105 Herald, J. T 270- 295-296-298-342-343- 376 Herbert, D 371 Herbert, Elaine . . . 105-448 Herbert, R. Beverly ..352 Herd, W. L 391 Hermitage 366 Herold, G. A 192 Herrick, Dorothy 450 Herrick, J. H 364 Herrick, Meriam . 105-365 Herrman, Josephine . . 488 Herrmann, Anna M. . . 105 Herrnstein, Martha M. 444 Herrnstein, W. H. . . 105- 244-251-255-305-388 Herskowitz, H 374 Hertzler, J. L 494 Hess, J 425 Hess, Wanda 452 Hesse, W. A 105 Hessmer, E. L 415 Hester, G. B 244- 246-283-350 Heston, G. W 105-378 Heston, L. R. G 214- 222-328-330 Heston, W. M 212 Heutsel, J. A 425 Hewitt, Barbara . . 449-463 Hewitt, Marjorie 452 Heyhoe, G 295 Heym, N 198 Heym, R. S 105-354 Heymann, E. M. .293-374 Heystek, H. E 352 Hey ward, F 309 Hibshman, E. E 386 Hickey, Jane . 204-285-463 Hickey, Katherine .... 464 Hickey, W. P 375 Hickling, E. G 303 Hickman, J. K. . .338-418 Hickman, J. W. .341-378 Hicks, Doris 351-486 Hicks, F. W 295-402 Hicks, H. A. Jr. 48-105-417 Hicks, R. C 105 Hicks, R. A 417 Hicks, R 419 Hicks, S. F 106-304 Hidalgo, R 318-319 Hieman, H 429 Higbie, R. W. 106-335-402 Higgins, K. F 193-425 Hightey, A. M 205 Highley, Mrs. A. M. ..450 Highstreets, C. M. 106-303 Hightower, F. W 402 Higley, C. D 208-416 Higman, Margaret 441-485 Hilburger, E. A 44- 106-304-317-330-335 Hildebrand, P. R. .208-409 Hildner, E. G. Jr 50- 55-106-352 Hildner, Mrs. J. A. ..318 Hildner, J. G 352 PC - 3$j %j 7 $f rg ' e Hile E T 379 Hooper W 108 Hunt M K 375 Hiler, J P. 354 Hooper Elsie B 445 Hunt, Nora Crane 457-490 Hill, E. J 420 Hill, Elizabeth M 494 Hill F E Jr 108- Hooper, R. B 366 Hooper, W. A. ...308-309 Hoover Nel lie 457-481 Hunt, Stella 457 Hunt, W. F 351 Hunt W K 256 273-292-327-356 Hill, L. F 425 Hill, Lillian 313 Hill R M 367 Hoover, R. G 108 Hoover, W 373 Hopkins, Ora 457 Hopp Pauline E 438 Hunter, Adelyne Mae . 323 Hunter, G. G. 299-300-401 Hunter, H. H 394 Hunter R M 395 Hillel Foundation 281 Hillier, E. C 376 Hillman, M 419 Hilton S B 352 Horn, C. C 261-388 Horn, Mary 466 Hornberger, H 390 Hornberger T 50- Huntington, E. J 365 Huntley, C. R 398 Hupp, A. H 358 Kurd, D H 350 Hindustan Club 322 Hineman, G 106-305 Hines, W 371 Hinkle, Martha F 106 Hinkley, A. M. . 271-358 51-108-244-257-272-280- 300-326-336-343-375 Horny, Hilda A. .446-448 Horth, C 48- 108-283-329-415 Hurlbut, L. R. C 110 Husain-Kahn, Syed F. 110- 318-322 Huss, T. Jr 205-387 Hinshaw, Anne 441 Horwood, R 300 Hussey, Prof. R. C 338- Hinshaw, T 406 Hinterman, Gwendolyn 106 Hinterman, Helen 106-494 Hintz, C. S 379 Hirsch, J. W 405 Hirschman, Alice 106-444 Hirschman, Ruth C. . 106- Hosmer, D 424 Hosmer, Miriam . .465-481 Hostrup, C. C 42- 43-108-344-345 Hotchkiss, R 424 Houck, C. W. 108-194-283 Hough, Marva ...440-481 Hough, W. R 198- 339 Hussey, Mrs. W. J. . . .443 Husted, F. P 416 Husted, H. R Se- ll 0-298-300 Huston, L 110-456 Hutchinson, M. B. . . .300 Hutson, W. C 398 465-468-469 256-284-340-398 Hutton, J H 110 Hirt, F. A 393 Hutzel, Lottie 457 Hirt, Lorene R 442 Hirt, P. S 106-393 Hisler, C. R 106-304 Houn, R. 314-336 House, Ellen 439 House H D 417 Huyck, S. P 110 Hwang, Florence 320 Hyames, J A 314 Hiss, C 347-437 Hitchcock, E. E. 422 Houseworth, M 272 Houston J C 205-285 Hyde, E. J 286 Hyde L V F 110-379 Hittle Lucile , 440 Howard Mary A 448 Hitzig, R. 382 Howard W M 323 Hyman, L C 110-272-374 Hixson, D. F 376 Hymans, Ella 457 Hjertsteat, Elmira . . . .480 Ho, Kai 320 Howbridge, Margaret 108- 451 Hyslop, M. L 443 Hoad, Ellberta 1 108 Howe, C. B 362 Ibbotson, G. M 366 Hoad, Hortense 449 Hoad, W. M 107-365 Hoadley, L. D 44- 107-304-330-403 Hobart, R. P 381 Hobbs, Laura 318 Hobbs, Virginia E. . . . 107- 445-457-490 Howe, Lucille .. .457-463 Howe, Ruby 450-463 Howe, W 109-289 Howell, D. A 392 Howell, J. S 300-426 Howell, R. B 412 Howell, Mrs. R 436 Rowland, A. W 409 Ibbotson, Mrs. G. M. .456 Icove, M. E 270 Iddings, lona 110- 318-480-494 Ide, E. C 395 Imerman, C. P. . . .111-374 Immelman, J. P Ill Immelman, Katherine .111 Hobbs, Winifred 450 Hewlett, R. R. . . . 409 Inada, H. S 321 Hoben, E. H 107-367 Hobson, Hellen 460 Hochren, Helen L 442 Hock, H. F 395 Hockstad, W. L 379 Howrani, R. F 318 Howser, Henrietta H. 109- 299-487 Hoy, A. W 393 Hoyt, H. D. 365-422 Ing, B 320 Ingalls, Dorothy 195- 451-489 Ingersoll, Carrie Ill Hodgson, Margaret P. 107- 299-459 Hoyt, Louella A 109 Hoyer, R. 292 Inglis, Mrs. James . . . .450 Inks, Elizabeth . . 439 Hodgson, M. S 189- 283-403 Hodgson, R. J 370 Hodgson, R. V. ... 107-376 Hodgson, T. J. Jr. 274-403 Hozer, S. J 197 Hsia, W. P 320 Hubbard, Charlotte . . .449 Hubbard, F 188-460 Hubbard, Isobel 444 Innes, J. M 111-366 Innis, Mildred . . . .313-480 Interfraternity Council 349 Iota Sigma Pi 476 Ipe, Achy 318-322 Hodson, Patricia 486 Hoedemaker, E. D. 107- Hubbard, Katherine . 109- 449 Ipe, V. K 322 Irwin. W. . . . 195 291-344-409 Hubbard, L. . 109-323-371 Isbell, E 391 Hoefeld, A. F. . 386 Hubbard, M. D. 204-379 Isbell, Lucille . . . . 460 Hoek, H 107-388 Hoenig, H 374 Hoffman, Agnes . . 460-489 Hoffman, E. S. Jr 107 Hoffman, L. W 214- 220-369-417 Hubbard, R. G. . .331-418 Hubbell, G. E 198- 261-284-390 Hubbs, Prof. C. L. . . 338 Huber, C. P. 331-338-354 Huber, D. J 394 Isby, E. K. . . .331-393-409 Iskenderian, H. P Ill Iskenderian, Y 466 Iskendarien, H. H. 244-257 Israel, B. B 111-423 Ito, T 31-321 Hoffman, R. L. . . .290-291 Hofman, B. Louise . . 107- 480-489 Huber, Mrs. G. C 456 Huber, J. .331-338-354-424 Huber, M. F 304 Ives, J. R 387 Ives, J. T Ill Hogadone, Edwina B. 268- 456-470-484-485 Hogle, J. R 289-367 Holbrook, G. E. ... 205 Hubert, W. J 410 Hudson, C. T 416 Hudson, Margaret . . . 109- 313-452 Jablanowski, P. W. ..234- 239-315 Jablonski, J S 315 Holden, Marjorie .313-461 Holderman, Margaret 107- 466 Hudson, M. ..269-333-376 Huebner, P 303 Huesman, F. L. . . . 398 Jachnig, C. S Ill Jacka, E. R 398-320 Jackman, J. 390 Holdsworth, Lucille . . .439 Holdsworth, M 419 Helen, Mrs. Theda S 442 Holland, F. J 107 Hollander, Jeanne S. . .323 Hollands, W. C 350 Huey, Margaret ..457-462 Huff, D. . . 109-244-294-365 Hughes, A. M 197 Hughes, Margaret 449 Hughes, M 383 Hughes, J 188- Jackson, Edith 460 Jackson, Eleanor 460 Jackson, Ellen W 473 Jackson, F 190-394 Jackson, G. L 336 Jackson H C 197-340-400 Holley, K. W. . . 107-314 279-333-391 Jackson, J B 396 Holliday, Dorothy .... 494 Hollo, S 224 Hulbert, Emily M. . . . 109- 318-323 Jackson, J. J 378 Holm, D. A 339 Hulburt, B. 204-373 Holman, Margaret . . .463 Holmberg, L. R. A. 309 Holmes, A. W. . . 107-360 Holmes, C. T. .52-108-412 Holmes, Florence 441-489 Holmes, F. P 197 Holmes, Genevieve . . 449 Hull, G 56-109 Hull, J. W 42-109-394 Hull, Luenna 109-480 Hull, R 310-345 Hulse, E. L. . 271-340-375 Hulse, W 424 Hult, O. S 409 Jacobs, Charlotte M. 441 Jacobs, M. J 372 Jacobs, Pauline . . . 294-485 Jacobson, H. E 394 Jacox, H. W 280-418 Jadhav, B. L 322 Jaffe, B. 427 Holmes, Geraldine . . . .449 Hume, Sarah .... 109-441 James, Ethel 111 Holmes, K. E 199-273 Humphrey C M Jr 109- Holmes, K. M. . . . 358 357 Janhusky, A. 488 Holmes, O. F. 293 Holmes, P 360 Holmes, R. H 204-387 Holpuch, J. H 406 Holt, Margaret P 463 Holton, Gertrude .... 268- 450-464 204-437-452-480 Humphrey, G. E 366 Humphrey, Maybelle .313- 466 Humphrey, R. C 387 Humphreys, Louise . .110- Janoviak, A. F 409 Janson, Selma 271-439-490 Janura, R 190 Janus, Clara 486 Jarecka, Leona 480 Jaros, R. 111-196 Holzman, A 108-368 Holzman, D. L. .273-368 Hoogerhyde, Elvira A. 494 Hooker, Dorothy 464 Hooker, J. S. . . 197 Hooker. S. . . . 270 452-468-473-478 Humphreys, W. R. ...355 Hungerford, D. C. 110-401 Hungerford, L 378 Hunt, B 267-268-362 Hunt. Florence E. 110-451 Jarrett, F 203-426 Javier, Rosa F 319 Jaworski, F. A 315 Jeffrey, T 390 Jeffries, W. V 279 Jenkins. A. 111-370 Jenkins, E 204 Jenkins, L. B Ill Jenks, C. H 406-422 Jenks, Grace 313 Jennings, W. 112 Jensen, Edna S 112 Jensen, Pauline J 112 Jernegan, P. F 370 Jessop, Helen ....112-487 Jewett, Helen M 112 Jewett, W. E. 111-112-418 Jimenez, M 112 Jimenez, Maria M. ... 112 Jimenez, S 313 Jobes, F. M 112 Jobes, J. G 367 Jocelyn, L. P 286 Johansen, O. 350 Jotter, Prof. E. V 309 Johnson, A 439 Johnson, A. F 112 Johnson, C. H. .. .112-401 Johnson, C. W. . . .112-293 Johnson, C. T 328 Johnson, E. S 369 Johnson, E. 1 112 Johnson, Esther 465 Johnson, Evelyn . . 195-465 Johnson, Evlune I. ... 112 Johnson, F. C 113 Johnson, G 399 Johnson, G. B. ...113-300 Johnson, G. C 113 Johnson, G. W 399 Johnson, H. E 113 Johnson, Mrs. H 457 Johnson, Helen L. ... 113- 466-494 Johnson, 1 313 Johnson, I. C 290-291 Johnson, J 399 Johnson, Kathryn M. .113 Johnson, L. F 113- 275-276-279-329-426 Johnson, Lucile T 445 Johnson, Mary 323 Johnson, M. G 367 Johnson, N. L. ...113-289 Johnson, O. C 323 Johnson, P 332-356 Johnson, P. W 371 Johnson, Phyllis J. ...113 Johnson, R. A 428 Johnson, R. R 113 Johnson, R 113 Johnson, R. W. ... 113-367 Johnson, S. A.. 113-424-426 Johnson, Velma 481 Johnson, W. R 369 Johnston, D. .42-113-360 Johnston, Delphine . . . .449 Johnston, Frances . . . .480 Johnston, F 416 Johnston, K. J 379 Johnston, R. C 381 Johnston, Vera E. ... 294- 453-472-484 Jonaitis, Teressa . .465-486 Jones, Mrs. Elroy . . . .463 Jones, Faith E 114 Jones, G. M 420 Jones, H. P 343-391 Jones, Janet 451-481 Jones, J. C 416 Jones, Mrs. Leland . . . 460 Jones, L. W 339 Jones, Mabel L 114 Jones, Marjorie E.. 457-486 Jones, Maurine . . .458-486 Jones, P. C 337 Jones, R 398 Jones, Sarah E. . . . 439-487 Jones, S 188-392 Jones, S. E 211- 260-298-365 Jones, W. R 369 Jordan, Evelyn 268 Jordan, H. W 395 Jordan, J 357 Jordan, L. G 190- 274-302-368 Jordan, Mrs. Myra B. 469 Jose, C. J 404 Jose, O. A 365 Josephs, G 382 Joslin, Kathleen 462 Joslyn, Laura 449 Jostich, Pauline 313 Joukovsky, A. N 114 Joy, Mrs. Henry B. 465 Judd, M. W 289-344 Judiciary Council of Womans ' League . . 479 Judson, C. Y 406 Juillerette, E. D 394 Juliar, B 423 Jump, Rev. H. . . .318-400 Jung, C. C 244-250 Junior Girls ' Play Com- mittee 482 Junior Hop 282-283 Junior Law Club . . 433 Jury, H. E. W 359 Kaag, W 189 Kabaker, H. A. ...114-396 Kable, F. T 369 Kagey, Helen 42- 114-313-460 Kahn, A 382 Kahn, B. B 114-396 Kahn, Lydia R 114- 46 3-469-497-498-499 Kahn, Ruth 114- 268-318-484 Kahr, C 382 Kaiser, E 353 Kaiser, Pauline 114- 443-457 Kamp, Ida M. 114-480-490 Kampmeier, R. H. 409-443 Kampmeier, R 347 Kaplan, Edith C 114 Kaplan, Henna L. 114-455 Kaplan, M. R 323 Kappa Alpha Theta 450 Kappa Beta Pi 475 Kappa Delta 451 Kappa Delta Rho 367 Kappa Kappa Gamma 452 Kappa Kappa Psi 345 Kappa Nu 368 Kappa Phi 494 Kappa Sigma 369 Karbel, S 48-114-346 Karboski, M 459-483 Karelitz, D 423 Karl, Dorothy 475 Karp, M. F 114-397 Karpohl, W. G 192 Karr, Grace E 115 Kaser, C. H 366 Kaser, G. F 366 Kash, E. S 428 Kass, H 115 Kass, I. H 423 Katz, Eve M 480 Katz, T. R 115 Katz, W 397 Katzenzberger, Catherine . 489 Katzenmeyer, H. C. . .116- 373-396 Katzman, A 410 Kauffman, G. E. . .115-366 Kauffmann, L. P 273- 318-399 Kaufman, C. R 405 Kaufman, Grace 493 Kaufman, M. S 273-389 Kaufmann, D. J 374 Kawkins, H 196 Kay, E 351 Keane, J 429 Kearns, R. B 270 Keatley, Alethia E. ...115 Reefer, W. J 425 Keegan, R. Y 115- 327-406-422 Keeler, Mrs. Hugh ...442 Keeler, L. W 336 Keeler, T. W 314 Keenan, J. M 207 Keenan, M 251 Keenhouts, W. R 422 Keim, C 46-115-416 Keithley, G. W 414 Kelder, Catharine D. .115- 452-478 Kelleher, Kathleen M. 115- 459 Keller, D 390 Keller, K 383 Keller, L. A 203- 338-370-415 Keller, Mae 50-115-268-456 Keller, Marjorie 468 Keller, P. J 362 Kellerman, E. D. .207-429 Kelley, A. E 115-314 Kelley, Caroline 268 Kelley, D 383 Kelley, J. J 197 Kelley, J. R 115 Kelley, Katherine ... 195- 444-465 Kelley, Marian 195 Kelley, Nita 272 Kelliher, R. T 376 Kellogg, Alice E 441 Kellogg, G 449 Kellogg, H. W 402 Kelly, C. D 400 Kelly, Carolyn 460 Kelly, Catherine 473 Kelly, E. A 195- 244-253-350 Kelly, J 284 Kelly, J. M 401 Kelly, J. J 370 Kelly, Katherine 486 Kelly, L. J 377 Kelly, Mabel 480 Kelly, P. T 377 Kelly, S 256 Kelsey, E. T 387 , - r 2S=-= 3=r r - C % Kelsey, F. W 380-387 Kelsey, Mrs. F. W 456 Kemper, J. W. ... 115-424 Kempf, Flora 458 Kempf , Helen 450 Kempf, P 377 Kempner, R 405 Kline, Olive 453 Kline, Z. M. K 415 Klingman, Mrs. T. ..450 Klingman, T 418 L Labadie, J. . ..331-347-416 La Bour, G. F. ..121-378 Le Cercle Francais ...312 Lachman, H 121 Ladd, Helen 450 Lee, H. F 387 Little, Mrs. C. C 469 Little, C. W. .279-317-364 Liu, Shu Ting 320-463 Livingstone, C. D 292- 294-417 Lloyd, A. H., Ph.D. 357- 404 Lloyd, Alice 444 Lloyd, H. M 356 Lloyd, R. H 295 Lee, H. J 425 Lee, Leone M 197- 268-3 1 3-320-440-484-490 Lee, Margery K 122 Lee, P. K 318-320 Lee S R 52-123-429 Klingman, W 418 Klock, J F. 118-353 Knaggs E 202-420 Ladney, Mary 442 Later, J. A. . .121-305-365 La Fever, S 419 Kenan, J. M 412 Kendall, J 358 Kendrick, M. W 355 Kendrick, M. G. . .256-355 Kennedy, C. B 116 Kennedy, Elizabeth S. 116- 471 Kennedy, J. A 116-391 Kenney, Eleanor . .460-488 Kent, Henrietta J.I 16-443 Kent-Miller, Mary . . 116- 440-485-487-490 Kenyon, H. K 313- 343-358 Keopka, H. W 116 Knapp, B. H 388 Knapp, D. A 365 Lee, S. S 320 Lee, W. 188 Knapp, Elizabeth 118-465 Knapp, H. M 118-353 Knapp, T. J 314-336 Knickerbocker, C 399 Knight, J. J 197-361 Knight, L 118 Knight, Marian ..460-481 Knisely, A. G 390 Knisely, A. J 269 Kniskern, P 46- 47-118-338-409 Knoblock, Mary G 118- 439-490 Knoepp, L. F 273-370 Knoll, L 419 Knox, Helen V. . . 118-473 Knox, Sally 270 Knudsen, P. E 340 Koch, A 289 Lahmeyer, C 391 Laird, W. R 426 Lait, J 382 Lee, W. E 123 Lee, W. S. Jr 387 Leech, F C 123 Lochbihler, N. J 398 Locke, Mary Theo 452 Lockton, C. H 388 Lockwood, A 380-404 Loekwood, S 380 Loeb, Theresa ... 125-281 Lofberg, E. E 359 Loftus, Helen 451 Logan W M 412 La Jeunesse, Vivian . .465- 486 Lake, Constance . . 448-483 Lam, H F. 320 Leenhouts, W. R 123 Leete, J. P 357 Lefevre, Fay A 123- 293-383 Legg, D 310 Lehtinen, Alice 123- 454-488 Leidy, P. A 422 Inland, Dorothy . 294-444 Leland, Marian E 42- 123-294-444-472 Leland, R. 263-276-333-391 Leland, Ruth 444 LeMaistre, J. W 340 Le Mire, Katherine M. 42- 123-459 Le Mire, W. . 390 Lam, J. W. . . . . 121 Lamb, G. G 44- 121-335-337-408 Lamb, W. K 416 Lambda Chi Alpha 370 Lambert, Ruth 121- 281-465-484-487 Lamfrom, B. F 405 Lamm, H. L 121-320 Lammy, J. V 121 Logie, E. Janet 443 Loh, Ying H 125-320 Lombard, W 347-424 Long, A. Lorraine . . . .375 Long, Dorothy 439- 484-485-490 Long, Elizabeth 461 Long, Eugenia 444 Long, Gwendolyn M. .125- 466-490 Long, Lenore 460 Long, T. T. . . 352 Kerby, W 313 Kercher, L. C 116 Kerkey, J. F 379 Kern, P 256- 270-272-298-300-395 Kerr, D 224 Kerr, Dorothy L 116 Kerr, H. J 116 Lament, L 257 Lamoree, R. W 391 Lampman, J. A 414 Land, J. A 372 Landscape Club 310 Lane, E. H 332 Lane, Elizabeth 466 Koch, D. A 404 Koch, E J 366 Lemon, C. E 409 Len, F. R 398 Lenenberger, A. E. .52-123 Lenington, T. N 395 Lenske, R. W 123- 329-346-417 Leonard, G. E. Jr 358 Leonard, N. D 256 Kerr, M. E 271 Kersey, Virginia. . .116-450 Kerwin, Julia A 459 Kessel, W. T 42- 43-116-413 Kessell, H 368 Koch, O. C : .119- 288-289-294-380 Koepel, F. E 119-412 Koerner, W. A. 340 Long, W. B 361 Longenau, W. C 420 Longyear, B J 361 Lane, E. H 189-334 Lane, V. H 387-422 Lang, J. M 388 Lang, Josephine 456 Lang, R. J 391 Lange, E. W. . 188-234-240 Lange, F 317-401 Langen, J. Q 309 Langenau, W. C. .121-345 Langford, T 424 Langham, R. S 380 Koffman, Ida 119 Koivisto, Lily 119 Koke, Helen M 119- 437-476 Koken, P 318 Kolvoord, F 313 Konold, Grace J 453 Konwinski, R 119-315 Koon, Edith B 453 Kopf, HP 119 Lonsbery, W 188 Loomis, Mary L 441 Looney, F 461 Loos, C. M. . .234-241-388 Lorch, Elizabeth 449 Lorch, E 348-411 Lord, Margaret 50- 125-458-473-487 Loree, D. D 387-416 Lorie, P S Jr 374 Kessler, Mrs. C 448 Ketchum, Ella A 116 Ketz, H. W 256 Keunzel, W. A 328 Keys, Margaret 453 Keyser, Marian 452 Kibbey, Mary E. 116-488 Kiefer, N. . . 419 Leonard, W 317 Lepard, C. W 191-378 Leppelmier, G. E. .310-401 Le Roy, Elizabeth 313-461 Lerry, Helene 440 Leruer, Tina 453 Leschinsky, V. B. . 244-248 Leslie, E. H 408 Leslie, T. M 198-366 Lesses, M 421 Les Voyageurs 308 Letts, Dorothy . . 268-440 Leven, S 421 Leventhal, A 405 Levie, A. E 389-421 Levine, P 123 Levine S 421 Kiehn, C 412 Koplin, B 119-382 Koriagin, U. B. . . 305-318 Korkinski, Neva D. . . .454 Korock. A. P 405 Kortenhoff , Helen ... 449 Kosinska, Eugenia T. 119- 315-318 Kotting, R. D 363 Kountz, F. J 119-234 Koven, M M 396 Langhorne, J. L " 323 Langlois, R. D 415 Langlois, T. H 338 Langton, Clair V 378 Laning, Serena B 121 Lanzar, Maria C 319 Lapp L 429 Lorimer, S 356 Losee, Virginia 456-463-507 Lott, M. W 355 Lough, F. R 125 Loughton, Phyllis M. 294- 452-470-472-480-484 Lougs, A L 224 Kiel, Eleanor J. ..116-466 Kielbasa, C 224 Kiely, M. M 117-459 Kieswetter, Edna I. . . .480 Kiley, Mary 475 Kilpatrick, S. A 379 Kimball, A 373 Lapp, S. E 121-317 Lappin, I. 1 121-410 Lapteff, A 318 Lougsborough, C 224 Louis, J 320 Louisell, W. C. ...341-355 Louison, B. H 320 Love, Mrs. Clyde 448 Love, N 352 Kimball, D. C. ... 117-366 Kimball, M. W 381 Kimball, R. C 424 Kimbrell L V 117-412 Koykka, T. V 119- 266-296-342 Kraatz, C. F 119-289 Kramer, C. B 269-406 Kramer, L. W 119 Kranenfaerg, G 310 Krapohl, W. G 426 Krasne, P. N. 119-342-382 Kratz, Grace . 120-466-494 Kraus, E. H. 336-339-377 Kraus, Mrs. E. H. 445-494 Kraus, M. A 120-405 Laraway, Helen . . 121-457 Lardner, Katherine . . 465- 470-478-479-480-487 Larke, A. G. . . . : 323 Larmond, Edwina . . . .480 Larned, Berle L 393 LaRowe, E. P 353 LaRowe, J. H. 290-291-353 LaRowe, P. E 353 Larson, C. J 290-291 Larson, N. 290-291 Levitt, E. 374 Levy, Clarine R 123- 455-487 Levy, Harriet B. . . 123-438 Levy, J 123 Levy, M. H. .124-313-341 Levy, M 382 Levy, N 374 Kimbrell, Rena 492 Kimmich, E. E 351 Kinball, D 424 Kinder, Edith 117 Kinder, Ruth J 117 King B F . 117-303 Love, W T 371 Lovejoy, Evelyn M. . . 125 Lovejoy, P C 336 Lovell, A. H 334 Lovell, F 383 King F 300 Levy, S W. 396 Lovell, H. W 384-418 Loveman, A. B 405 Lovette, J. H 125- 214-218-244-328-330 Lowe, C. R 197 Lowe, K. H. . .208-354-424 Lowe, S. T. ... 404-424 King, G R 388 Lewis, C. L 385 Lewis, D. E 418 Lewis, Mrs. G. E 456 Lewis, G. T 337 Lewis, Howard 347 Lewis, Prof. H. B. 338-408 Lewis, Mrs. H. B 476 Lewis, J. F 361 King, K. M. . .117-292-294 King, L. S 117-414 King, R. W 117-418 King, Shirley E 448- 463-485-490 King, T 189-334-352 King, T.I 320 King, W. W 297-417 Kingsley, C. R 398 Kingston, Lenore 490 Kinnally, G. B. . . 197-393 Larson, R. B 122-358 Larson, R. E. .52-122-275 LaRue, Prof. C. D 338 Larwill, G. R 286 Lasca, N. P 122 Lasch, Joy 494 Lashley, K. S 274 Lashmet, F. H 122- 338-409 Lasker, E .368 La Sociedad Hispanica 313 Lasser, H. . 122-244-247-382 Last, B 410 Lather, Myrtle . . 480-490 Lathrop, H. T 42- 122-292-361 Latting, Helen M 463 Lauer, T. J 206-370 Launsberry, M 201 Lauppe, F. A 418 Laurence, E. D. 42-122-369 Laurence, Mrs. J. F. . .450 Lauver, Dorothy . 122-456 Laverty, W 310 Law, A. D 307-425 Law Club Council . . .432 Law. D. E 398 Lawless, Marian L 473 Lawlor, Harriet 206- 285-463 Lawlor, W 429 Lawrence, J. D. . . 122-426 Lawrence, W. S 411 Krause, J. W 120 Krave, Helen 461-486 Krell, A. G. . . 197-293-389 Kremlick, K. J 344- 370-414 Kressler, C. B 394 Kretzschmar, N. . .347-424 Kreye, G W. 293 Lowendorf, C. S. .125-421 Lowenstine, J. B 405 Lowery, E. F 340-391 Lowery, P. C 412 Lewis, J. W 375 Lewis, Thelma . . 124-453 Lewis, W. M 293-352 Lewy, R. B 405 Ley, A. G 398 Lezinski, Ethel 453 L ' Heureux, W 429 Li, Chi H 320 Lichtblau, A 124-423 Lichenstein, M 273 Lichty, D. E 191-418 Lichty, W 305 I.iddle, E. F 124 Lienau, P. F 124-391 Liepe, W. E 124-401 Lifchitz, S 124-304-335 Light, R. V 338-429 Lowmaster, O. W 403 Lownsbery, H. C 406 Lownsbury, M. H 425 Lowrie, Harriett 456 Lowry, Mrs. T. H. ...445 Lowry, W. E 354 Loyd, Alice 457 Loyer, Delma 490 Lu, Hsiao E 125- 318-320-463 Lucas, Elizabeth .318-494 Lucas, L. M 425 Lucas, W. C 272 Luck, B. E 125-425 Ludgate, Jane 318 Ludington, A. C 55- 125-194-289-420 Lukens, Ruth . . .439-480 Lukens, S. J. 125 Lum, H. C 320 Luncke, T. B 126-482 Lundin, A. L 402 Lundquist, C. J 355 Lundteigen, A. ... 125-303 Lungenhauser, A 388 Lurkins, D. B. .52-126-425 Lutes, C. E 126 Lutes, R. II 188- Krickbaum, E. D. . 211- 258-365 Krotkiewicz, M 315 Kruse, W. F 120 Kuber, A. B 424 Kubicek, L. A. ...234-236 Kubik, M. E 120- 270-313-451-468-471 Kudner, Mrs. Donald .441 Kuehnle, W 429 Kuenhold, O. J 406 Kuenzel, F. C 120 Kuenzel, H 44- 45-1 20-290-29 1-335-344- 453 Kuenzel R 408 Kinney, C. B 117 Kinney, R 256 Kinsman, K. G 350 Kipp, A 383 Kircher, Sarah J 117 Kirk, Claire M. 303 Kirk, S. P 320 Kirkpatrick, A. A 117 Kirahbaum, H. W. 117-305 Kirshbaum, M. . . .270-386 Kirsheman, L. R 44- 45-118- 274-328-335-367 Kirschman, Winifred . .466 Kirschner, Miriam F. .117 Kitchel, Ruth 456 Kitchen, Gladys A 118 Kitsan, H. M 118 Kivimura, P. Y 321 Kleckner, W. R 198- 284-420 Klee D 405 Lightfoot, Georgia F. . 124 Likert, G. H. Jr. . 124-280 Lillie, E. R. ...50-124-314 Lim, J. T. S 320 Lin, Tung C 324 Lincoln, L 360 Kuenzel, W. A 120- 226-231-278-279-304-330 335-384 Kuhlemeier, C. A 120 Kuhn, Doris 440 Kuhn, K. H. 120-293-411 Kulkarni, C. G. .322-323 Kummer, L. F 120 Kuner, T 382 Kunert, Virginia 463 Kunze, Marjorie R. . . . 120 Kurcz, J. S 120-315 Kurtz, J. L 388 Kurtz, Virginia V 121 Kurvink, R. .270-293-406 Kuschner, Miriam ..... 438 Kyer, Jean 441 Kyer, Kathryn 188- 268-450-470 Kyer, Mrs. Charles . . .436 Kynast, Irene ....451-487 Kyte, G. C 314-336 Lind, R 399 Lindblad, A. F 332 Lindell, Selma 473 Linden, A. G 395 Linden, E. R 124 Lindenmulder, F. J. ..416 Lindenschmitt, J 350 Lindstrom, Nina 460 Line, E. D. . . . 124-328-363 Line, F 300 Line, W 300 Linn, F. D 418 Lipe, Margaret E 124 Lipman, Lileon 124 Lippold, A. C 125-314 Lishawitz, Anna 480 Lisle, V 373 Kleene, H. C 352 Kleene, Mrs. H 444 Klein, A. W 118-365 Klein, W 281-374 Kleinert, W. A 118- 329-393-414 Kleinschmidt, E. E. . .118- 367 Klepinger, R. M 118- 308-309 Kleutgen, Frances 390 Kline, A 327 Lawson, Florence L . . .456 Lawson, G. J 404 Lawson, J. W 418 Law-ton, L. B 122-419 Lax, Gladys R. . . 122-438 Lay, W. E 367 Layer, Delma M 448 Layman, R 424 Learned, Catherine ...466 Leary, J. E 309 Le Due, D. M 428 Lee, A. 209 Lee, Arthur 383 Lee, Carolyn C 122 Lee, C. T 42- 122-269-313-365 273-292-293-356 Luzod, L 319 Lyman, R. . . . 317-398 Lymen, J 358 Lynch, C. G 418 Lyndon, M 190 Lyons, C. J 412 Lyons, Mrs. C. J 442 Lyons, D. F 293 Kline, H. B 375 Kline H M 400 Littell, E. L 403 Little, C. C 209- 292-318-331-340 Lyons, Dorothy M. . . .448 Lyons, E. H 126 Lyons, F. W 126-390 Kline, K. K 415 ap - 3fc Lyons, H 399 Lyons, J. Gail 595 Lytell, F. E 425 Me - Mac McAdam, D 56-129 McAlpine, R. K 337- 408-420 McAlpine, Mrs. R. K. 476 McAndrew, Lorinda . .456- 463 McAnifT, H. P. ...310-376 McArthur, G 256-300 McBride, G. A. .. .277-355 McBride, Ja ne 449 McBride, J. ..204-224-360 McCabe, W. L 420 McCaffrey, L 424 McCaffree, F 129-244 McCain, R 309 McCain, W 244 McCallum, C. 331-356-416 MacCallum, Helen R..126- 445-449 McCalmont, J. C. 332-387 McCann, Ruth 42- 129-472-484 McCardle, R. C. . 129-383 McCarroll, E 415 McCarthy, J. F. ..270-289 McCarthy, J. T. . . 192-357 McClacken, Mary A. . 129 McClenathan, H. E. . . .402 McClure, Dorthea . . . .438 McClure, H. D. ..384-415 McClure, Vida K. 441-481 McClure, W. H.. . .300-318 McCluskey, H 318- 323-336-353 McCoe, Kathleen 129 McColl, Virginia H. . .445 McComb, Ruth 439 McConkey, G. M. 345-411 McConnell, R. J 355 McConchie, W. R. 345-403 McCormick, D. C 295 McCormick, E 296 McCormick, Ethel . 481-496 McCormick, Frances . .466 McCormick, Inez 494 McCotter, R. .331-347-419 McCowan, W. L 340 McCowan, Frances ... 129 McCoy, E. B 197- 226-229-242-383 McCoy, R. S 205-402 McCracken, Agatha . .465 McCredie, Violet 486 McCreery, M 295 McCreery, Virginia . .439- 487 McCue, F. J :-76 McCune, A. ..290-291-384 McCurdy, Elizabeth. . .441 McCurdy, G. J Ii9- 347-4 1 McCutcheon, Ruth E. 447 McDaniel, Jean 458 McDonnald, C. M. . . .420 MacDonald, Alice 126-450 McDonald, A. L. . 198-354 McDonald, C. M 194 MacDonald, G. K. . . 198- 256-388 McDonald, Grace H. . 130- 296-443-480-487 MacDonald, H. C 384 MacDonald, J 388 MacDonald, Marian . 126- 489 McDonald, Mary .... 126- 272-486 MacDonald, W. ...48-126 McDougall, Neil E. . . . 198- 274-284-340-366 MacDougall, W. C. . . 126- 404 McDowell, Shirley 457 MacDufT, H. W. . . 330 McEachern, T. 46-130-424 MacEachron, Dorothy 466 McEwen, W. H 426 McFarlan, H 399 McGeoch, G. D. . 130-363 McGhee, G 323 McGraw, H. 204 McGraw, H 352 McGraw, S. D 286 MacGregor, C. D 360 McGuigan, F. G 52- 130-425 McGullicudy, 424 McHefTey, G. J 418 McHeney, H. T. ..130-383 Mcllhiny, D. L. . . 130-384 Mclnnes, J. P. ... 130-330 Mclntire, J. E. Jr 354 Mclntosh, Elizabeth . .451 Mclntyre, C. H 391 Mclntyre, K. C 130- 214-220-328-330 Mclntyre, Louise 465 McKaig, Jean 465-470-478 McKay, D 363 McKay, Emma 462 McKean, G. T. McKelvey, W. MacKenzie, D. MacKenzie, G. McKillen, J. G. . . . 270- 272-358 McKee, Aida 480 McKee, Dorothy ....449- 463-481 ... 323 391 .... 378 . 189- 334-358 McKinney, Marian. . . .456 McKinney, P. T 391 McKinnie, A. A 363 McKinnie, C. L 363 McKinven, Catherine 313- 462 McKnight, G. J 130- 293-359 McLain, R. C 308 McLaughlin, W. A. . . .378 McLean, D 391 McLean, K. H 126 McLeese, Mary J. 461-494 McLeish, Mrs. O. O. . .445 MacLeod, A. C 416 McLintock, M. D. 357-417 McLouth, Bess L 286 McMath, L. T. 48-130-329 MacMeekin, J 394 MacMeekin, R. J. 127-303 MacMillan, D 392 McMillan, Freda 464 McMillan, Harriet 466 McMullen, Betty J. ..130 McMullen, W. H 358 McMurray, K. C 356 McMurry, Mrs 452 McNally, Margaret . . 130- 457-468-497-499-500 McNamara, J 352 MacNaughton, R. E. . 127- 401 McNeil, C. J 391 McNeil, D 428 McNeil, F. W 426 MacNitt, Lillian M. . .492 McNitt, R. D. ...314-336 McOmie, Clare M. ...445 McOmie, Jean 445 McPhail, F 347 McPhail, F 424 McPhale, Mrs. H. T. .452 McPherson, R. H. .. 344- 345-384 McRae, C. C 46- 47-130-338-347-416 McRae, E. C 404 McRill, Alice. .268-450-464 MacRoberts, Mary A. .42- 127-445-490 Mac Vicar, N. S. ...... .201- 412-425 McVittie, R. J 403 M Maass, Grace 458 Macauley, Elizabeth ..461 Mack, C. N 387 Mack, Eleanor 439 Mack, Frances 1 126- 466-488 Mack, J. E 392 Mack, T. H 126-373 Mack, Tom H 397 Mack, W. H 387 Mack, W. E 363 Macklin, E 410 Mackoy, M. D 425 Macpherson, J. D 391 Maddock, W 46- 47-127-347-419 Madigan, E 48-49-127 Madison, R. E. . . . 127-370 Maduro, C. . 204-313-395 Maentz, H. S. .42-127-369 Magee, Ruth E 494 Magill, D. H .377 Magoon, W. . . . Magram, S. M. MahafTey, W. . Mahan, J. J. . Mahr, Lucille. .204 .396 204-353 .377 .462 Maier, G 380 Maier, Lois 453 Makielski, L 315 Makielski, Mrs. L 457 Malaven, G. W 376 Malay, Bernadine . 197-439 Malconi, E 416 Malcolm, K. D 394 Malcolm, R. . 290-291-352 Malcomson, Dorothy . .42- 127-457-480 Malik, N. M. 127-318-322 Malinowski, F. . . 127-315 Malizia, Carmine 127 Mallender, M. F. .127-426 Mallory, Mrs. H. S. ..452 Mallory, S 317-384 M alloy, W 202-420 Maloney, N 399 Maloy, Theodora 444 Manace, G 421 Manchester, R. A. ... 127- 292-293-329-384-414 Mandelstam, J 197 Maney, W. L 377 Mangus, Mary C 127 Manly, R. W 356 Mann, M. L 374 Mann, M 211-261-379 Mansfield, R. S. ..343-400 Mansfield, Shirley ....481 Manson, B 368 Mansum, Grace 445 Mantell, Mildred A. . . 128 Manwaring, Gertrude .439 Manwaring, R. B 357 Manzanero, E. M 319 Mapel, Dorothy S. ...463 Mapes, H. M. 128-307-412 Maple, Florence 451 Mar, H. Q 320-332 Maranteth, K 399 Marcotte, C. H 400 Marcus, B 427 Marcus, M 386 Margah, Madeline C. 128- 466 Marin, A 379 Marin, Helen-Nancy . .473 Marin, N. V 128-379 Mark, P. S 128-320 Markham, Lois C 448 Markham, Pauline . . . .451 Marks, H. A 368 Marks, 1 438 Marks, J. A 372 Markus, O. A 372 Marsh, A. W 365 Marsh, J. R 365 Marshall, J. A 284 Marshall, J. B 361 Marshall, Katherine . .480 Marshall, M. June . . . .445 Marshall, M 197-494 Marshall, M 416 Marshall, W. V 362 Marshall, Mrs. W. V.. .456 Marston, Frederika . . 128- 452-481-488 Martell, C. H 369 Marten, Margaret 50 Martha Cook 466 Marti, Clara Q 494 Martin, Alfreda M. . . . 128 Martin, Ann E 128 Martin, B 224 Martin, E. J .385 Martin, G 198-356 Martin, Gladys 449 Martin, Harriett . .268-445 Martin, H 208 Martin, J. F 42 Martin, J. K. . 128-373-377 ' Martin, Margaret .... 128 438-480 Martin, Mary 453 Martin, R. K 395 Martin, W 204 Martin, W. B 375 Martinak, E 429 Martindale, Bess E. . . 128 Marwil, T. B 421 Marx, S. C 128 Mart, H 382 Marymont, H 382 Maskey, J. J. .303-305-315 Masques 484 Mason, E 416 Masselink, R 419 Mast, K. F 42- 128-293-404 Masten, W. M 401 Matchett, G. H 365 Mather, E. J. .211-226-227 Mathes, J 189-402 Matheson, H. L 277 Mathias, T. R 128- 330-403 Matotino, J 319 Matsui, G 129-321 Matteson, Florence E. 129- 489 Matteson, Ruth E. . . .448 Matthews, H 309 Matthews, Katherine .442- 486 Mattson, Agnes 463 Maulbetsch, J. F 212 Maurer, J. A 428 Mauss, R. W 400 Maxey, Elizabeth M. .443 Maxley, J. D 387 Maxwell, F 419 Maxwell, J. H 46- 47-129-347-416 May, C. H 388 May, Mrs. Donald . . .441 May, G. A 336-416 May, Louise S 192 May, R. H 309 Mayer, A 129-261-382 Mayers, S. T 354 Mayer, W 188-389 Mayhew, Bona 129 Mazneff, K 129 Mead, E 370 Mead, S. L. ..125-195-314 Meade, K 383 Meade, Virginia 442 Meader, Prof. C. L. . .338- 365 Meader, G. Y 130- 290-291-344-345 Meader, W J 344-345 Meads, G. E 52- 131-276-307-316-425 Meads, H. S 131 Meads, Sadie H 131 Meanwell, Margaret .131- 459 Meckzan, F. A 256 Medsger, H. 364 Medsger, T. A 364 Meeder, W. J 414 Meeks, C. M 131 Meese, F. E. . 197-214-360 Meese, F. A 360-415 Messer, E. A 364 Mefford, R 310-401 Meffley, W. H 418 Megaro, Josephine. . . . 131- 466-489 Meier, H. G 229 Meier, H. J 418 Meier, W. G 229 Mekeel, H. S 131 Melaven, G. W 131 Melberg, R 341 Melchers, H. H 443 Meleer, Neil T 412 Melichar, C 308-309 Meloche, C. C 408 Meloche, Mrs. C. .451-476 Mendelson, N. M 372 Mendinhall, N 401 Menefee, F. N 369 Menefee, Mrs. F. N. . .443 Mengel, L. W 274-366 Mengel, Ruth 442 Menmuir, C. H. . 314-367 Men ' s Educational Club 314 Merkel, C. W 420 Merkel, L. F. . .42-131-413 Merkel, Martha 457 Merner, Lillian A. 131-443 Merrick, Esther . . 449-472 Merrifield, G. P 420 Merrill, Anne 465 Merrill, C. E 131 Merriman, E. E 412 Merry, E 270-333-404 Merry, M. E 131-360 Mersereau, G 399 Mertens, C 131-300 Merton, N. W 412 Mertz, Edith 492 Mertz, H 42-131-413 Metcalf, A. A 336 Metier, S 208 Metz, F 317-370 Meuller, F 327 Meyer, E. G 54-132 Meyer, L. E 132-394 Meyer, Margaret .... 466- 480-487 Meyer, M. L 132-229 Meyer, R 271-281-405 Meyer, R. B 394 Meyers, Mis. Dean . . .449 Meyers, H. L 378 Meyers, L 42 Meyers, R. A 132 Meyers, Mildred 465 Michaud, M. 1 408 Michel, K. A 54- 132-276-345-360 Michelson, L. L. . . 132-351 Michener, J. S 388 Michigamua 326 Michigan Daily . 270-271 Michigan Dames 492 Michiganensian 267- 268-269 Michigan Law Review 346 Michigan Technique. . 274 Michigan Union . 278-279 Mickle, F. A 379 Micklow, O. R. 52-132-412 Middleton, R. E 305 Middlewood, Esther . .480- 494 Midgely, K 192 Midworth, Elizabeth . .463 Miethe, H. K 197-364 Mihalye, A. H. 318 Mikesell, J. B 48- 132-296-300-401 Mikesell, J 48-132 Mileski, B. L 315 Millard, Bernice A 492 Millen, Mrs. Charles . .445 Miller, A. Lillian 132 Miller, Aileen M 132 Miller, Anne 1 454 Miller, A. K 378 Miller, C 419 Miller, C. G 46- 132-331-347 Miller, C. L 352 Miller, D. C 392 Miller, D. C. 307-429-201 Miller, D. C 234- 241-307-375 Miller, Dorothy 313 Miller, E. C 46- 132-331-416 Miller, Elsa 486 Mille Mille Mille Mille Mille Mille Mille Mille Mille Mille Milie Mille Mille Milje Milie Mille Mille Mille Mille Mille Mille Mille E 488 Frances. . . .481-498 F. H 132-418 F. L 337 Frances V 463 G 193-425 Geneva K 133 G. L 353 H. W 375 Hunter 429 J. C 370 J. E 188 J. F 356 James 214-223-378 John F 197 J 44-133 Katharine A. . .454 Mrs. Leonard .436 Lillian 466 Mabel M 476 Marjorie 133- 440-478-479-485-497 , Minerva 42- 133-468-472-484 Mille , N. F 356 Mille , R 281 Mille , O. E 340 Mille , Ralph L. . .271-340 Mille , R. V 133-408 Mille , Robert 373 Mille , R. S 295- 298-342-384 Miller, Robert W 133 Miller, R. W 304-305 Milligan, R 393 Mills, Mrs. Harry . . .436 Mills, L. E 133-420 Mills, T. J 55-133-408 Milne, H. A 1OO Milnes, Margaret. . 133-443 Milroy, R. H 387 Mimes of the Michigan Union 292 Mingos, F. W 362 Minnich, R. E 296-300 Minsel, P. E 273-356 Minter, A. M 300 Mintier, A. M 353 Mintz, Beatrice . . . 133-455 Mintz, E. 1 421 Mirfield, Margaret 439 Misner, P. J 314 Missal, M 397 Mitana, T 315 Mitchell, A. W 323 Mitchell, A. W. Jr. ...371 Mitchell, Clara M. ...443 Mitchell, Mrs. E. D. ..443 Mitchell, E. D. .. .336-378 Mitchell, G 360 Mitchell, J. P. Jr 413 Mitchell, Mary L 443 Mitchell, Mirian 487- 490-494 Mitchell, Prof. T. J. ....403 Mitts, Josephine 450 Mivanaga, Atsushi . . .321 Mizner, Elizabeth 465 Mobley, D. J 416 Mock, F. A 426 Mock, P. P .344 Mode, Frances 133-456-480 Moehlman, A. B. .314-336 Mohr, Florence 443 Moise, 1 382 Molenda, J. J 214- 217-283-315-375 Mollema, E. C 133 Mondino, G 319 Moniah, P 366 Monrad, C. C. 133-337-408 Monroe, D. C 361 Monroe, G. E 388 Monroe, Marguerite . 134- 313-480 Monroe, R. . . .256-257-388 Montagne, Margaret . . 134 Montagne, R. W 242 Montgomery, Mrs. A. .445 Montgomery, R. P. . .331- 416 Moody, C. E. Moody, C. L Moody, P. A Moore Mrs. A. D. A. E. Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore . 134-413 310 .. .338 ...318 318 . 134-323 335 198-280 256 365 50- 134-466 E. V. . . 292-373-380 . 444 . .317 Mrs. Frances . . 286 Alice C. A. D. C C. F C. M. Charlotte Mrs. E. V. F. fl $! - Sffe g Moore, F. H 205-356 Moore, Dr. G. R 338 Moore, G 429 Moore, Helen 134- 456-466-485 Moore, H. F 52- 53-134-338 Moore, Mrs. J. B 452 Moore, K. B 416 Moore, K 387 Moore, Margaret 450 Moore, Mary Alice 197-452 Moore, P. C 340 Moore, R. C 134-196 Moore, R. L 366 Moore, Ruth . 188-149-453 Moore, Virginia_ 449 Moorman, Millie 458 Moran, Agnes E 208 Morehouse, Dorothy .463- 470-471-488 Morgan, W 371 Morgana, E. F 134 Morgana, Nina 453 Moriarity, Catherine . .459 Morissey, V. F 428 Morre, F. W. 387 Morrill, Helen C 441 Morris, E. W 363-412 Morrison, Elizabeth. . . .44 Morrison, Florence P. .455 Morrison, S 369 Morse, G. L 412 Morse, J. Jr 405 Morse, N. D 242 Morse, Phebe C 134- 273-439 Morsman, E. M 422 Mortarboard 468 Mortenson, F 360 Morton, Alletta 458- 481-485-486 Morton, D. J 384 Morton, E. S. 134-194-420 Morton, H. T 384 Morton, J. D 391 Morton, Virginia L. . . .439 Moses, H. N ...405 Mosessohn, B. D. ... .374 Mosher.D. C 134 Mosher, F. E 395 Mosier.E 202-420 Moskoffian, J. G 314 Moss, E. R 396 Moss, I. B 134-351 Mothersill, M. H 134 Mothiret, E 300 Motoda, Mitsu. . . .321-466 Mottier, Judia 481 Moule, M. M 393 Mould, R. E 393 Moulton, W. B. ..224-378 Moyer, E. H 295 Moyer, C 204 Moyle, O. W 417 Mozumdar, M 322 Mrozinski, C 315 Muehlhauser, G. M. . . 135 Muehlig, G. 418 Mueller, F 135- 244-245-251-327-375 Mueller, R 374 Mueller, Selma 46- 135-347-426-437 Muffley, Marjori e . . . .481 Mugavero, F. C 378 Mukerjee, M 322 Mulac, E. J 355 Mulholland, Ada 442 Mulliken, J. B 395 Mullison, Gretchen 135-489 Mummers 485 Munger, I. L 244- 252-255-333-383 Munster, N. L. . . .308-309 Munt, G 310-348-401 Munz, C. J 244-248 Mu Phi Epsilon 453 Murbach, E. R 391 Murfield, Margaret. . . .313 Murfin, J. 279 Murphy, Alezande 135-359 Murphy, Elizabeth . . . 135- 459-481 Murphy, J. F 292-424 Murphy, J. F 135-392 Murphy, J. T 354 Murphy, Josephine A. 445 Murphy, L. J 384 Murphy, Mary L. 135-480 Murphy, M. J. 135 Murphy, Natalie 444 Murphy, P. J 388 Murphy, P. C 376 Murray, Elsie E 456- 470-482 Murray, Evelyn M. . .135- 465-468-469-479-484-487 Murray, J. F 135-354 Murray, J. S 414 Murray, J. B 384 Murray, Mary L. . 197-450 Murray, T. J 135-388 Murray, W. A. 191-331-418 Musch, M. A 135 Muscovich, E 410 Musler, M. U 397 Mussly, Marjorie 494 Mustard, R 331- 338-347-418 Mutter, Emily 453 Mutton, Eva M 135 Muyskens, Prof. J. H. 338 Myers, A. W 46-136 Myers, C. E 375 Myers, D. W 428 Myers, Mrs. D. W 463 Myers, G. E 336 Myers, G. W 136 Myers, G 46- 136-331-347-419 Myron, H 363 Nack, A. . ...424 Nadler, J 136 Nagel, E. Y 136 Nagelkirk, K. J 385 Nagelvoort, A 442 Nahabedian, V 289 Najera, A 319 Nakamura, S 321 Nakarai, T 321 Naser, H. F 411 Naser, Harold F. ..54-136 Nash, A. D. Jr 374 Nathan, J 368 Navidad, P 319 Naylor, F. C 393-425 Neal, E. L 361 Nebling, R. G 242 Nechman, C. W 366 Neef, Mabel E 136- 313-460-480-489 Neely, H. E 136-412 Nees, Amanda D 136 Neff, M. A 402 Negro Caucasian Club 323 Nehill, L 419 Nehlsen, E. A 55- 136-194-420 Neighbor, J. W. ..387-416 Neiman, H. P 396 Nelly, H 390 Nelson, A 136-401 Nelson, C. T 42- 136-292-395 Nelson, Mrs. E. E. ...452 Nelson, M. H 136 Nelson, Ruth 480 Nelson, W. L 137 Nenkam, G 300 Nerger, V. D 398-418 Nesbit, R 419 Nesbitt, W. E. .46-137-418 Nette, R. R 379 Netzley, R. E 290- 291-344-345 Neubeck, E.G. ... 137-415 Neubecker, Wilma 485 Neumann, V 419 Neuss, J. W 410 Neville, Nima M 445 Newbecker, Wilma ... 487 Newbro, D. M. . ..137-358 Newcombe, R. B. .339-384 Newcomer, R. H. . 137-402 Newell, J. R 137 Newman, B. A 423 Newman, E. R. . . . 137-317 Newman, J 137 Newman, S. Jr 374 Newton, A. T 37 Newton, K. D 52- 53-137-412 Newton, M. A 369 Newton, Mrs. M 436 Newton, R. H. ..273-373 Newton, S. J 137-401 Nichamin, H. P 323 Nicholas, Margarette . 296 Nichols, H. W 365 Nichols, Mrs. H 436 Nichols, Isabel 436 Nichols, Margarette I. 137- 466-468-469-478-486 Nicholas, Mildred .. ..437 Nichols, Naoma M. . . .137 Nichols, Olive 450-465 Nichols, P. B 138 Nicholson, Elsie R. . . . 138 Nicholson, Frances 138-441 Nicholson, G 188 Nicholson, G. A 214 Nicholson, G. R. Jr. .361 Nicholson, H. C 409 Nickelson, J. M 351 Nickerson, Gail 476 Nickerson, M. 188-214-377 Nicklin, W 365 Niehuss, M. L 350 Nielsen, Ruth R 138- 451-480 Nielson, Alice 453 Niemann, Louise . 138-494 Niethamer, Lois A. ... 138 Niethammer, W. A. . . .409 Nippon Club 321 Nishihaxa, M 321 Nissen, W. E 242-381 Nissle, R. 201- 290-291-344-380-412 Nist, C. W 399 Nisula, C. W 138 Nixon, Jessica E 138- 456-481-497 Nixon, J. T. 42-43-138-391 Nixon, Sarah E 494 Noclumson, A 372 Nodler.P 138 Noel, H. E. ...55-138-420 Nofzinger, Ruth A 138 Noggle, Lenore F. 138-454 Nolan, B 390 Nolting, W. S 224 Nome, L. L 320 Norconk, A. A 409 Norman, Edith .313-461 Norquist, F. A 189- 271-272-334-359 Norris, C. W 138-323 Norris, Margaret L. . . 139 Norris, R 350 Norris, W. W 350 North, Vera O. 50-139-466 North, W. P 290- 291-299-345 Northan, H 310 Northrup, Eunice .... 453 Northrup, M. S 413 Northrup, P. M 193- 244-246-307-326-39 1-4 1 2 Northrup, R 193 Northrup, R. L 412 Northway, Eveleth A. 207- 412 Norton, Burl L 139- 289-290-291-292-293- 344-380 Norton, Dana 399 Norton, E 55 Norton, Elizabeth ....466 Norton, Josephine 440-470 Norton, M. R 402 Nothstein, H 429 Notkin, M 423 Novaes, G 453 Novy, F. G 139- 347-350-416 Novy, F. Q. Jr 139- 338-365-416 Newer, Wilma 1 442 Nungester, W. J. .338-420 Nunneley, E. T 398 Nunnely, J. H 359 Nu Sigma Nu 416 Nutt, Elizabeth C. . . . 470- 482-489 Nutter, B. .48-139-329-426 Nuttila, Elsie B 139 Nyland, H. Z. 214-221-226 Nylund, Ellen .48-139-475 O Oakes, H. K. Jr 392 Oakes, P. W 309 Oakley, Catherine .42-139 Oatley, D. H 398 Obedin, H 139 O ' Brien, Adeline 465 O ' Brien, Frances . , . . 139- 456-483-484 O ' Brien, F. T. Jr. . 139-376 O ' Brien, Mercedes M. 139- 459 O ' Brien, R. B ,139 Obrock, F. A 428 Ocker;, Margaret 139- 468-471 O ' Connell, Margaret. .268- 441 Odam, W. D 385 O ' Donnell, T. S 376 O ' Donnell, W. T 242 Odle, H. V 355 Odle, Isabel G 140 Oeming, L. F 44- 140-304-330-381 Oestrine, Grace . . . 195-457 Ogborn, Evelyn 457- 478-497-500 Ogilvie, A. H. ...:.... 140 O ' Hanlon, P 48- 49-140-329-417 O ' Hara, Helen 459 Ohlheiser, H. R 44- 140-249-328-335-398 Ohlson, Margaret .313-460 Ohming, Katherine ...463 Ohr, M. F. 44-140-304-330 O ' Keefe, A. D 140 Okkelberg, Maud 457 Okkelberg, P. O. . .338-380 Olcott, M. P 447 Old, M. C 338 Olden, Miriam M. . . . 140- 299-342-455-487 Oldham, E 224 Olenikoff, A. . . .46-140-423 Olian, LA 140- 258-270-382 Olin, Bernice 140 Oliphant, Lizzie 437 Oliphant, M 377 Oliver, A. G 394 Oliver, L. . . 54-140-343-348 Oliver, Olga . . 140-313-494 Oil, M 140-209-399 Olmsted, A. Shirley . . .323 Olmstead, C 388 Olmstead, K.. .200-229-428 Olmstead, T 42- 141-327-377 Olsen, Ada 450 Olsen, C. W 141 Olsen, Odina . 450-457-490 Olsen, R. H 229 Olsen, R 298 Olsen, R. E 141 Olson, A 385 Olson, Ethel L 141 Olson, H. 295 Omans, Beatrice . .141-456 Omega Psi Phi 371 O ' Neill, J 48-141 Oosterbaan, B. G. . .212- 214-21 6-226-228-234- 237-333-354 Oppenheim, Emelie ..141- 372-438-472-483 Opperman, P 190-361 Opperman, R. P 357 Oratorical Association 296 Orcutt, R 193-429 Oren, H 423 Orleman, F. J. .52-141-412 Ornstein, Dorothy . . . . 281 Orr, C. A 290-291-340 Orr.H. T 377 Orson, C 313 Orwig, J. W 381 Orwig, J. S 381 Osberg, J. W 354 Osborn, W. R 426 Osborne, J. B 362 Osbourne, Dorothy C. 442 Osgood, F. P 200-418 Osgood, Laura M. . . .296- 299-470-478-479-482-486 Osman, S. V 308 Osmun, E. E 141 Osmun, Eugene E 403 Osterhof, H. J 408 Osterlin, M. F 409 Othmer, D. F 408 Otis, A. B 357 O ' Toole, Bernice 454 Otsuka, Catherine S. . .321 Otsuka, Kiichi 321 Otsuka, Lucy C 321 Ott, Isabel Ann 268 Ott, W. N 141 Ottaway, E. J 286 Ottaway, J. P 188- 293-343-361 Overton, Mrs. Glen . . .436 Oviatt, S. C 141 Ovisaka, R 321 Owen, A 205-285-377 Owens, Alfreda M. ...492 Owens, R. C. . 141-338-412 P Pack, Mrs. D. C 452 Pack, P. C 209-378 Pack, R. A 340 Packer, G. W 290- 29 1 -300-344-345-380 Paddock, A. J. 198- 284-340-381 Padilla, S 319 Paeplow, E. H 408 Page, W. L 206- 274-302-362 Pagels, H 48 Paine, R 429 Painter, F. C 363 Paleski, R 300 Paley, D 382 Palmer, Anne 323 Palmer, G. A 416 Palmer, H. F 381 Palmer, H. J 288-380 Palmer, L. M 244- 253-309-383 Palmer, R. E 381 Palmer, ' W. B 280- 318-340-399 Palmeroli, J. M 214- 223-334 Pan-Hellenic Ball Com- mittee 483 Pardee, S 141-381 Parker, A. J 383-414 Parker, A. V 355 Parker, Betty . . 270-489 Parker, Mrs. D. H 443 Parker, Elizabeth ... 141- 457-465 Parker, F. R 197-400 Parker, Helen 465 Parker, Hily Dale .439-490 Parker, J. H 142-356 Parker, Loleta 490 Parker, Margaret H. . 142- 439-471 Parker, Marjorie 441 Parker, Martha V 437 Parker, S. C 361-452 Parker, Violet 436 Parker, W 347-416 Parker, W. J 142 Parks, Louise 195 Parmelee, Helen I. . . 142- 442-462-463 Parrish, Frances P. ...42- 142-456 Parry, T. L 1 . 46- 142-347-416 Parsons, H. M 369 Parsons, J. H 142-378 Parsons, Katherine . . . 142- 318-466 Parsons, Marian J. 142-444 Paryski, E. R 315 Paryski, Halina 315 Pasquier, Marie R. ... 142 Passman, H. L 396 Pasternak, T 315 Patch, Marian 468 Patelski, R. A. . 55-142-408 Paton, Barbara L. 448-494 Patrick, K. . . 197-270-362 Patrick, Lucielle M. ..142 Pattee, G. F 416 Pattengill, Caroline ... 444 Patterson, D. S. . .356-422 Patterson, G. W. .340-387 Patterson, Mrs. G. . . .444 Patterson, Katherine . 444- 490 Patterson, W. C 42- 43-142-270-324-343-392 Patton, Barbara 483 Patton, W. H 377 Pauchuck, J 426 Paugborn, Florence . . .451 Paul, S 142 Paulsen, G 204 Paulson, R. H 364 Pawlowski, F. W. .305-315 Payne, J. H 414 Payne, Mary T 143 Pearce, Margaret 143 Pearee, Ruby F 143 Pearl, O. M 340 Pearson, L. V 480 Peck, A 229-409 Peck, Mrs. A. B 452 Peck, Janice 466-490 Peckem, Ellen 42 Peckham, H 381 Peckham, Mildred 143-440 Peele, Hazel A 447 Peele, Helen 143-400 Peaenn, H 191 Peet, C. D 401 Peet, G. K 458 Peet, Prof. M. M. ..308- 338-347-409 Pegasus 489 Peirce, C. B 398 Peirsol, T. R 390 Pell, Elizabeth 481 Pellerin, E. W 143 Pelletier, A 444 Peltier, S. J 55-143 Penckard, C. P 377 Peng, Yd S 320 Penn, H. W 323 Pennell, F. E 391 Penniman, J. .204-285-387 Penzel, Ruth 750 Peoples, E. S 411 Peppier, Margaret R. .448 Pereny, L 143 Perrett, G. W. Jr 358 Perrigo, P. B 402 Perrin, O. W 286 Perrine, B. T 143- 353-414-289 Perring, R. T. .56-143-360 Perrot, D. L 363 Perry, C. W 428 Perry, E 338 Perry. Eleanor L 143 Perry, Gertrude 143 Perry, J. S 358 Persing, D. W. ... 143-391 Petcoff, C. J 318 Peterman, E 191 Peters, Blanche L 494 Peters, C. S 271-305 Peters, Grace 462 Peters, J. W 143 Peters, Letta A 494 Peters, R. A 144 Peters, R 412 Peters, T. A 144 Peterson, Adelyn A. . . 144 Peterson, B. V 300 Peterson, Elfrida 452 Peterson, Ethel 473 Peterson, G. S 342 Peterson, H. E. . ..256-411 Peterson, Marian .292-450 Peterson, R. .331-347-416 Peterson, Mrs. Reuben 437 Peterson, R. T 411 Peterson, S 391 Peterson, V 289-300 Peterson, W. F 369 Pethel, R. D 144-413 . r- Z S gS g ifc g g: 1 X 5 Petrie R L 369 Pollock Florence 192- Putzig, L W 425 Reiman, L C. 353-415 Robbins, Mary E. . 444 Petrie, W. E 226- 229-333-373 448-475-486 Pollock, J. B 375 Pvinsloo, Mrs. Elizabeth 318 Reiman, Pearl 457 Rein, V. E 201-412 Robbins, Rachel . . 204-456 Roberts, Carol J 441 Petroff H 305 Pollock J K 342-426 Q Reines, T 400 Roberts, E. C. 150-360 Pettibone, C. L. ..293-406 Pollock, J. T 145-353 Quarles, S. P 361 Reinger, M 390 Reinhart, Bertha M. 148 Roberts, F 429 Roberson, J 313 Pettibone Frances M 494 315 Quarterdeck 332 Reinstein, C. R 421 Robertson, B. A 370 Pettit, J. 390 Pomeroy, J. R 354 Quarton, Mary B 444 Reiwitch, A. D 295 Robertson, L 42- Pettier L R 368 Quick Helen M 147-449 Relyea G M 409 43-150-326-364 Pew, G. W. 144 Poncher, H. G 145 Quinn, M 270-400 Remington, R. V 398 Robertson, W. J. 150-385 Pfaffman P M Jr 42- Quinn T C 400 Ren, Cho 148-320 Robillard, L. A. 151 144-375 Pfay, H. L. . . . 144-303-305 Pfeiffer, F. F. . . 412 Pfersdorff, 303 Pontius, W. L. ... 145-378 Ponton, J 384 Poole, Lome 317-364 Poor, Evelyn M 145 Quinn, W 340 Quint, R. S 386 R Renfrew, Esther 460 Renick, C. A 351 Reninger, H. W 353 Renison, W. H. Jr. 305-401 Robin, S. L. ..48-151-346 Robins, F 292 Robins, Mr . H. L. . . 461 Robinson, A. R 151 Pflueger, C. T. 393 Poor, E. S 316-350 Raber, F 188-392 Renkenberger, Doris . 445- Robinson, A. W 270 Pflueger R 203-358 Poorman E B 224-355 Rabbitt, F 378 481 Robinson, C. E. Jr. 189- Pfluke, H. E 144 Phelps, D. M 384 Phelps, Eleanor . . .444-466 Phelps, F. M. Jr. . 144-362 Phelps Mildred M 445 Popick, P. P 410 Popowska, L 145- 315-480 Popp, R. E 273-391 Poppen C M 145- Rabinoff, Elizabeth L. 147- 299 Racimo, J 319 Radford, J. R. .54-147-411 Ragatz, Jessie E 147 Renkenberger, F. G. . 148- 414 Renner, W. E 44- 148-332-335-370 Renwick, Mrs L C 436 334-335-369 Robinson, C. E 283 Robinson, Florence . . 488 Robinson, F. M 387 Robinson, H. A. 421 Phelps, S. N. . 144-270-404 Phi Alpha Delta 417 329-414 Porritt H B 385-412 Ragay, Helen M 313 Ragland, J L 323-371 Renwick, R. B 149 Rentz, E. . . . 353 Robinson, L. N 151 Robinson, L. S. 42 Phi Beta Delta 372 Porter, Lois 484-489 Raikes, Helen 441 Retzer, N 399 Robinson, L. N 357 Phi Beta Pi 418 Portia 487 Raikes, Mrs. F. M 441 Reynolds, C. D. . . 149-323 Robinson, Martha 465-481 Phi Chi 419 Posey, H. A. 371 Raine, M. .. .268-460-488 Reynolds, E. S. . 149-310 Robinson, M. J 389 Phi Delta Chi 420 Postles, W. L 145 Raisa, Rosa 453 Reynolds, Lorraine M..492 Robinson, R. G. . 151-323 Potachnik B R 145 Raisch, A T 414 Reynolds, R 309 Robinson, S. 405 Phi Delta Kappa 336 Potrzuski, L 315 Raj, M. V. 322 Reynolds, W. C. 340 Robinson, W 56 Phi Delta Phi 422 Potter, E. I. 424 Ramsay, Helen . 436 Rhead, Mrs. Mabel . . 436- Robison, Doris M.. 151-456 Phi Delta Theta 373 Phi Epsilon Pi 374 Potter, G. K 387 Potter, G. L. 362 Ramsay, W. T. . . .293-361 Ramsdell, B. D. 147-384 457 Rheinfrank, S 387 Robson, E 424 Roby , Margarette .... 460 Phi Eta Sigma 340 Potter, H. 400 Ramsey, J 48-147-346 Rhemus, Mrs. Amy . . .476 Rock, Dorothy A. 151 Phi Gamma Del ta 375 Phi Gamma Epsilon 339 Potter, L 317 Potter, N. S 387 Ramsey, Mae W. 492 Ramsey, R. A 417 Rhineheart, Bertha . . .448 Rhines, J. E 393 Rock, Myrtle V 151 Rodenberg, L. B 267-362 Phi Gamma Mu 454 Phi Kappa 376 Potter, Mrs. Nathan ..449 Potts, R. S 403 Ramsey, T. R 387 Randall, E. F. 147 Rhines, F. N 340 Rhoades, M. M. . 149-338 Roderick, H 224-388 Rodgers, R. P 428 Phi Kappa Psi 377 Poulsen, G H 363 Randall, H M 365 Rhodes, H. S. 386 Rodgers, W. L. 359 Phi Kappa Sigma 378 Phi Kappa Tau 379 Pound, Helen M. .442-490 Powell, Charlotte 494 Randall, Mrs. H. M. . .444 Randall, J. R 365 Rice, J. F 406 Rice, J. W. 293-363 Rodkey, R. G. ..350-413 Roe, A. F 338 Phi Lambda Kappa 423 Power, E. B. 145-399 Randall, Mabel 449 Rice, Margaret. . . 441-452 Roehm, F. E. B 354 Phi Lambda Upsilan 337 Power, F 399 Randall, Zora 492 Rice, Mary E. 149 Roes, ch, J. L. 369 Philippine Michigan Club Powers, Florence 466-481 Rankin, Bertha W 441 Rice.Wray, R. C. . . .356 Roesch, J. A. Ill 369 319 Philips, R. . . 409 Powers, J. L 420 Powers, L. D. 337 Rankin, Helen 441 Rankin, T. E 354 Rich, B 405 Rich, E. Jr. . . 149-190-373 Roeser, O. W. . . 151 Roeser, W 52-425 Phillippi, L. F. . . 360 Powers, R 429 Ransford, M. C 400 Rich, F. P 391-414 Roethke, T. H. . . 357 Phillipps, F. M. 377 Phillips, C. C. 378 Prag, J. J 372 Pratt, D. B 355 Ransom, H 347 Ransom, W. . . 352 Rich, G. E 197- 214-219-284 Roethke, Violet . . . .480 Rogers, M. C 408 Phillips, M. 396 Pratt, Drusilla 310-439 Rapaport, S 147-368 Rich, M. K. 42-149 Rogers, N. P. 377 Phillips, M. B. 397 Pratt, Evelyn C 459 Rapson, Fay L. 141 Richard, Viola . . . 149-453 Rogin, J. R 421 Phillips, Nellie G 144 Pratt, Helen 465 Rash, C. J. 378 Richards, D. H 412 Rogoff, A. L. 281 Phillips, R 144-196 Rash R E 378 Richards, Edna 464 Rogoff, A. S. 151 ( Phillips, R. H. . 331 Preece, C 146-203-355 Rashick, N. N 193- Richards, Gladys E. . 149 Rogvoy, Rose 151 Phillips, U B 355 Preish J F 379 226-230-368 Rogvoy, T. 273-274 Phillips, Mrs. U. B. 452 Philpott, H. M. ..283-411 Phi Mu Alpha 380 Phi Mu Delta 381 Prentiss, R. N 377 Prescott Club 306 Prescott, I. M 370 Prescott, W 383 Rastello, P. B. . . 147 Rathbone, R. R. . .344-355 Raths, Bessie A 147 Ratliffe, Mrs. W. B. ..441 Richards, Helen E. ...441 Richards, Inez 439 Richards, Phyllis D. 273- 402-441-470 Rohrbach, K. L 357 Rohrbach, R. A. .. .393 Roldan, L 319 Romano, D. E 309 Phi Rho Sigma 424 Prescott, W 188 Rattner, H. 368 Richardson, A. L 354 Ronda, E 151-337 Phi Sigma 338 Phi Sigma Delta 382 Pressler, M. Louise . .146- 313-466-473-494 Rattray, R. W 295 Rauner, F. A. 351 Richardson, D 366 Richardson, F. D 149-354 Roney, Alta M. . 151-323 Rooseuraad, C. H. . 314 Phi Sigma Kappa 383 Phi Sigma Sigma . . 455 Preston, H 452 Preston, K. P 353 Rauner, Mildred . . 459 Ravanal, R 319 Richardson, H. L. 149-295 Richardson, J. B 411 Root, Mary G 492 Rosborough, J. B 151 Physical Education Club 481 Preston, R. J. Jr 146- 309-400 Raven, Clara 313-318-480 Ravenscroft E A 337-402 Richardson, S. H 385 Rose, D. E 152-427 Rose, H. E 387 Pi Beta Phi 456 Pi, Kuo C. ... 320 Preston, R. W 357 Preston, W. E. 302-362 Ray, Charlotte L. . 148-463 Ray, Muriel H. 148 Richel, G. W 149 Richmond, D. . . 46- Rose, W. K 152 Rosen, A. D 396 Picard, M. C. Jr 313-374 Prettyman, H G 365 149-290-291-331 Rosen, J. M. . . 289 Pickard, R. B. 144-343-384 Preuss, L. . . 366 Rayman, J. B. . 148 Richter, Bertha . 200 Rosen, L 389 Pickhaver, L. C 144 Pierce, C. W 404 Pierce, J. M. . . 418 Prewitt, E. C 146 Price, A. E 146-419 Price, Catherine 313 Raymond, M. S 378 Rea, Emmalou B 148- 310-448-490 Richter, H. E 289 Richter, H. C 355 Rickert, U. G 412 Rosenbaum, S. F 152 Rosenbaum, S. S. 152-368 Rosenberg, B. W. .152-396 Pierce. K. C. 353 Price J T 364 Read, R M 273 Rickett, R 150-337 Rosenberg, E G 386 Pierson, C 379 Price, R. F. 42- Rickman, P. D. 56-150-413 Rosenblum, H. W. 389 Pierson, E. F. 425 43-1 46-293-327-373 284-463 Riddering, C J 295 Rosenbusch, T 466 Pierson, F. F 393 Piggott, Louise 452 Pi Kappa Alpha 384 Pi Kappa Phi 385 Pike, Elizabeth ... 449 Price, Ruth A 50- 146-473-480 Prichard, K. M.4J, 4 i, 369 Pride, A. S 146-323 Prinsloo, W. J. 146-318 Reading, Marian L. . . 197- 271-448 Reason, R 230-402 Reebs, C. F 314-336 Reece, E. T 42- Ridenour, Margaret ..490 Rider, Roselle 457 Rider, T. B. 290-291-344 Ried, Marjorie 460 Rigelhaupt, J. L. 368 Rosenthal, G 382 Rosenthal, Rita 438 Rosenthal, Ruth 438 Rosenthal, S 152 Rosenzweig, N 368 Pike, M. H. 145-338-344 Probeck, Margaret 146- 148-327-355 Riggs, F B. 387 Ross, B. C. . . . 152-423 Pi Lambda Phi . 386 445-490 Reed, C. A 385 Riggs, H. E. . .328-334-375 Ross, H. T 303 Pi Lambda Theta 473 Reed, R. V. . . . 370 Riggs, Mrs. Henry E 456 Pillsbury, Mrs. W. B. 444 Proctor, A. P 409 Reed, T. H 310-342 Rigley, E 416 465-494 Pine, H. E 145-411 Pingle, Dora K 145 Pinkerton, A. M 415 Pinney, B 429 Prophet, E. C 413 Prout, P 244-252-381 Pryce, C. R 42- 146-316-350 Reed, Mrs. Thomas ... 445 Reed, W. B 364 Reel, D. Jr 148-399 Rees, J. A. 242 Rigterink, Dorothy L. 150 Riley, T. G 150-398 Riley, W. H. 52-53-150-425 Rimbach, J W 150 Ross, Mrs. Roy 456 Ross, V. F 52- 152-307-338-412 Rossen, J. M. . 152 Pinney, E. G. 145 Pryor, Alice W 146 Reeves, G W 308 Rineac R 48- Roth C 356- Pinney, G. E 378 Pry of, Esther A. 456-486 49-15O-329-346-352 Roth, Fern L 492 Pittelco, Florence 449 Pryor, T. M 367 Reeves, G C 340 Ringil Etta 318 Roth, H C 244 Pitfelco, M. A 369 Przelomies, B. B. 315 Reeves, J. S. . 352 Risk, R . 351 Roth, L. S. . 152-209-356 Pittelco, Ruth 449 Psi Omego 425 Reeves, Mrs Jesse S 444 Ritt J S 389 Roth, N. G. . 337 Pitzele, M. R. 281-455-483 Pitzele, N 382 Pju, Ao 318 PsiUpsilon 387 Ptolemy, Mary . . .270-463 Pu, A S 320 Regent, K 148-300 Reglien, N. C 191- 290-29 1 -33 1-344-345-428 Rittenhouse, Louise . . .42- 150-442-483-484 Ritter Frances M 494 Rothrock, C. L 393 Rottenberg, B 382 Rouff E 421 Plekker, J. D. . . . 408 Puckelwartz, W. H. 214- Regonan, S. 319 Ritter, K E 385 Rouse, M. Jr. ... 199-411 Plelps, F 56 222-234-236-326 Rehmus, Amy M 473 Roush, W E 425 Fletcher, W. H. ..308-309 Pliskow, J. C 396 Plotkin, H. . 423 Puckett, H. L. . . 146-280 Pulson, G 285 Pulver, Betty R 448-463 Rehmus, P 399 Rehmus, Mrs. P 445 Rittershofer, Helen I. .454 Rittershofer, L. E 412 Rittershofer R C 338 Roussin, Pauline 492 Rousseau, J. A 411 Rousseau J J A 348 Plummer, D. M. . . 364 Plym, L. J 375 Plymale, L. C. ...145-412 Poch, W. J 335 Pochelon, J 391 Podbielniak, S. C. ... 190- 293-302-3 15-317-411 Pupko, B. P 397 Purcell, Katherine . .458 Purdy, Agnes 480 Purdv, C. E 147-413 Purdy, F 317 Purdy, Margaret . 147-456 Purmort, A 360 Reichard, H 313 Reichert, Priscilla 48- 148-466-475-494 Reichle, Winifred E. . .394 Reichman, Gerson . . . 224- 242-386 Reid, Marjorie R 148 Rivera, D 319 Rix, Madra E 150- 462-466-490 Roach, F. E. . 150-290-291 Robbin, S 389 Robbins, A 242-382 Rowe, J. P 339 Rowe, S. N 289-409 Rowley, Alice 463 Rowley, W. W 385 Royce, E 464 Royer, E. W. ..52-152-412 Royer Nell 465 Polaski, F 315 Polaski, H 315 Purrell, Katherine 480 Pusch, W C 271-333-375 Reid, Norma 465-489 Reid, W H 362 Robbins, F. E 356 Robbins I C 318 Rozen, M. M 421 Ruben, Ruth . 457 Poling, J. W. 188-388 Putnam, L 48-147-346-414 Reif E C 400 Robbins J 224 Rubenstein S 397 Poll, R. E. 355 Reighard J E 365 Rubin Esther 318 Pollock, D. A 357 Putney, M. B 414 Reilly, J. J 148-412 Robbins, J. M. 150 Rubin, M. L 372 - -- - 5f g X A. Ruble, W 42-152-373 Ruckman, Virginia . . .368- 440-466 Rudell, Frances M. . . 152- 441-463 Rudell, Mildred A. 153-441 Rudolph, Lydia ..466-489 Rudolphi, Helen .204-463 Ruegsegger, De Vere . .414 Ruetz, E. A 414 Ruetz, E. D 153-234 Rufus, W. C 391 Rufus, Mrs. C 457 Ruley, Rebecca W. ... 153 Rummler, C. W. . 153-332 Rumney, M. P 286 Rupp, Helen 458 Rush, Helen F 153- 452-484-485 Ruslander, H 153-368 Ruslander, R 368 Russ, H. ...42-43-153-395 Russel, H 370 Russel, Helen E 153 Russel, Louise 457 Russel, Elizabeth . 451-483 Russell, Alice 444 Russell, E. H. 290-291-380 Russell, G. M 398 Russell, Geraldine 444 Russell, Marian F 153 Russell, Mildred F 153 Russell, S. R 153 Russell, W. D 355 Rust, Maxine 153 Ruston, J. R 205-402 Ruswinckel, J. W. 271-395 Ruten, Mrs. W 458 Ruth, Helen E 42 Russel, Helen L. . . 153-441 Rutherford, Helen H. 194- 441-497 Ruthoven, A. G 366 Ruthven, Mrs. A. G. . .450 Ruthven, Katherine . .450 Ruthruff, R. F. .. .337-408 Ryal, A. H 415 Ryan, A. W 425 Ryan, J. D 44- 153-335-337-408 Ryan, T. P 192-295 Ryon, J. W 362 Rychener, R 419 S Sabel, C. T 154-386 Sacheroff, D. E. . . .55-154 Sachs, A. M 397 Sackaloucas, A. G. 154-376 Sackrider, J. B 406 Sadler, H. C 279- 305-328-332-375 Sadler, Mrs. H. C 444 Sadlier, Marcelle F. ... 154 Safir, B. J. ... 154-346-427 Sage, M. Jane 445 Sager, Margaret M. . . .154 Sakamoto, Kikuti 321 Sakanishi, Shio 321 Salisbury, A 305-403 Salisbury, D 377 Salisbury, H. W. . . 154-428 Sallan, R 382 Sallee, Ruth 480 Sallness, F. T 154-367 Salmon, Harriet S 154 Salmond, I. M. . . .304-403 Saltanstall, G 380 Saltz, Tessa C 154 Salvosa, L. R 319 Salvosa, Mrs. L. R. . . .319 Salzman, E. H 45- 154-342-374-415 Salzman, H 374 Sample, Hon. G. W. ..426 Sampson, C. D 353 Sams, W 424 Samson, P. C 154- 261-378-416 Sanchez, Frederico . . . .313 Sander, J. F 418 Sanders, H. A 373 Sanderson, F. D 256 Sanderson, R. M. .295-384 Sanderson, S. S 354 Sands, Virginia. . . .450-471 Sangster, R. E 380 Sansobrino, D. A. . 154-425 Sanzenbacher, Irma . . 442- 486 Saperston, E..E 154 Sargent, Emilie 466 Sargen t, L. E 363 Sarrett, R. 1 155-194 Satovsky, A 372 Sass, J. E 338 Sauer, R. D 299 Sauer, W. W. .206-302-362 Savage, R. T 298-354 Savela, J. F 155 Savidge, Marian 155 Sawin, R. R 155 Sawyer, A. E 295 Sawyer, C. D 155-393 Sawyer, E. P 367 Saxton, M. F 290-291 Saylor, Ann 460-489 Scabbard and Blade . .341 Scaff, J. H 408 Scalp and Blade 317 Scamahorne, Mildred . . 50- 155-460 Scavaeda, C 416 Scellen, J. A 402 Schact, H. B 404 Schaddelee, H. R. . 155-383 Schaefer, C 419 Schaefer, Virginia ....313 Schafer, B. R 159 Schaffer, Hulda 485 Schafer, K. C 384 Schaffer, N 155-421 Scharf, M 410 Schatz, E. C 426 Schaull, R. J 159 Scheer, I. J 224 Scheff, S. J 160 Schemer, G. H 153 Scheirich, Alma 488 Scheller, G. M. 155-304-330 Scheller, J 317 Schemm, F 347-416 Scher, Eleanor E. . 155-438 Scherer, A. K 375 Scherer, J. G 393 Scherer, R. P 155-390 Schermack, J. S 359 Schermer, J 368 Schermerhorn, E.. .300-385 Scheurman, J. B 394 Scheurman, R. M 381 Schieman, C. T. ..303-335 Schlafer, Celia H 155 Schlanderer, P. F. . . 156- 290-291-344-345-380 Schleh, L. W 156 Schlosberg, R. T. .341-387 Schloss, W. L 405 Schlott, Arlene 437 Schlotterbeck, Mrs. J. O. 443-463-476 Schlotterbeck, Miriam 443 Schmaltz, Mrs. C 440 Schmehl, S. R 391 Schmeling, E. S 384 Schmidt, T 331-424 Schmier, B. L 421 Schnall, B. A 55- 156-290-291-345-367 Schneebeli, O. J. . . 156-377 Schneider, Erwili 463 Schneider, Helen 457 Schneider, H. W. . 309-395 Schneider, J. H 156 Schneider, Ruth 480 Schneirla, T. C 338 Schnitz, S. J 156-427 Schock, O. F 428 Schoenfeld, F. K. . . 166-408 Schoenfeld, J. B 208- 214-216-370- 418 Schoenfeld, A 343 Schoepfle, C. S 408 Scholl, Catherine D. ..454 Schorling, R 336 Schorling, Mrs. R 436 Schott, C. F 293-358 Schott, Fern 453-456 Schrade, J. M 295 Schrader, Gladys M. . 156- 443-457 Schrader, Reva J 443 Schrauder, Edmarie . . . 459 Schrauder, Katherine .156- 459-480-484-485-488 Schravesand, J. B 42- 156-244-327-383 Schrier, A. C 156 Schroder, W 188- 226-229-244-333-361 Schroeder, A. J. . . 156-413 Schroeder, C. F 428 Schrouder, Emma P. . . 156 Schueren, Hildegarde .465 Schule, Mrs. Alta M. .461 Schuler, Gertrude N. . .445 Schuler, Mary 480 Schulert, Nettie 466 Schultless, L. R 390 Schultz, A. S 409 Schultz, A. L. . . . 157-338 Schultz, A. B 157-303 Schultz, Ida 268-438 Schultz, J. W 157-350 Schultz, L. P 338-425 Schultz, R 366 Schultz, W. ..290-291-403 Schulz, A. G 212 Schulz, A. B 305 Schulz, Mrs. E. B 442 Schulze, Dorothy A. . .161 Schumacher, C. H. 157-366 Schumann, F 403 Schumann, F 274-295 Schumann, Mattie E. . .157 Schumann-Heink, Mme 453 Schumm, E.G. ... 157-357 Schuholz, R. K. 54-156-348 Schurz, Virginia E. . . .441 Schwartz, J. B 157 Schwartz, Margaret A. 157 Schwartz, Pearl 157 Schwartz, Rose V 157 Schwartz, Vivian . 157-480 Schwartzberg, R. M. .192- 427 Schwarze, B 370 Schwentker, V 370 Schwimmer, Helen D. . 157 Schwing, R. A 403 Scofield, H. L 398 Scott, Catherine I. ... 157- 457-486 Scott, D. 309 Scott, E. E, 400 Scott, E. 408-424 Scott, F. A 331-418 Scott, F. N 266 Scott, G 193 Scott, H. D 365 Scott, Mrs. Helen 318 Scott, J. W 414 Scott, L. E 323-391 Scott, Mary. . . 157-443-480 Scott, W 208-409 Scribner, C. W. . .309-395 Scrimgeour, H. R 158 Scrymgeour, Helen 158-490 Scully, J. C. 400 Seager, A 261 Seager, J. B. A 387 Seagle, H 158-368 Seahill, H. G 336 Sealby, R. 1 52- 158-307-393-429 Seaman, Margaret . . . .42- 158-450 Searight, Helen 158- 456-497-499 Searle, Olive M 476 Seavoy, G. E 158-420 Seburn, Ellen .... 197-483 Seeba, G. F 158-370 Seeber, Dorothy A. . . 158- 466-473-487 Seeger, E. A 158 Seeley, Mrs. H. H. ...442 Seeley, Lucy . .268-470-478 Seeley, M. .42-158-399-400 Segal, H. M 389 Segall, A 368 Segall, B. F Segall, R 340-427 Segar, L 158-289 Seidell, H. E. ..42-158-395 Seider, F. P 158 Seiffert, E 383 Seilheimer, C 317-370 Seitz, H. J 415 Seitz, W. F 224-377 Selden, I. R 323-371 Selker, Miriam . . .281-488 Selker, Roslyn 159 Sellards, C. P 370 Sellars, Mrs. R. W 436 Selleck, Doris 159- 440-484-485 Selleck, H 370 Sellew, Mrs. W. H. ...444 Selmeier, H. L 50- 51-159-296-300-314-336- 359 Senior Law Club 433 Senior Society 469 Senstius, M. W. ..338-339 Sergeant, Mrs. F. A. . .449 Sestok, C. K 289-366 Setchell, Lillian 452 Seter, R. C 365 Sevald, F. J. B 364 Sevald, J. E 364 Severance, P. L 393 Severe, T 319 Severy, R. D Sew, D. K 320 Sewtrell, Helen M. ...494 Seybold, A. D 159- 347-391-409 Seydel, Frances L. 441-489 Seyfried, L. A 359 Seymour, Emily 486 Shadden, E. H 397 Shadden, M. J. ... 159-397 Shafer, R. T 204-388 Shambaugh, R. L. 188-406 Shank, Alberta . . . 480-485 Shankland, R. V. . .337 Shannon, J. B. . .204-391 Shantz, L. H 367 Shapiro, J ' . . . .423 Sharfman, I. L 342- 405-438 Sharlow, Myrna 453 Shaull, R. J 414 Shaw, Bertha 444 Shaw, Charlotte . 159-461 Shaw, Helen . . 159-442-480 Shaw, H 351 Shaw, H. M 366 Shaw, Mrs. Herbert . .456 Shaw, H. E 194 Shaw, J 352 Shaw L. W 194 Shaw Mary A. . 159-466 Shaw R. R 159 Shaw W. B. .278-286-365 Shaw Mrs. W 449 Shawaker, R 313 Shawaker, W. E. 159-313 Shawley, P. L 159 Shay, Dorothy H. 159-493 Shea, Alice K. 447-459-480 Shea, F. M 370 Shearer, Katherine . . 480 Sheehan, J 279-364 Sheff, S. J 413 Shehan, H 201-412 Sheldon, Agnes H. 160-443 Sheldon, H. W. . ..160-351 Shelf, J. M 405 Shelter, W. L 309 Shelters, R. .50-51-160-314 Shepherd, A. H 375 Sherman, Alice 465 Sherman, Gem 441 Sherman, Leona 160- 442-481-484-485 Sherman, Margaret L. .42- 160-458-471-485-490 Sherman, Norma C. . .494 Sherman, R. J. ...224-355 Shepard, J 318 Shepard, S. Jr 371 Shepherd, H 286 Sheppard, Harriet .42-160 Sherlock, R. H. Sherrard, Helen . . . Sherrill, H Sherwood, B. P. Jr. Sherwood, Lucinda .381 .453 .313 .392 .42- 160-449-480 Sherwood, R. M 387 Shevitz, S. M 295 Shiel, F. C 160 Shields, H. W 338-412 Shier, Louise A. . 160-466 Shier, W. H 160 Shiftman, Ethel 160 Shiland, Charlene E. ..42- 160-463-469-478-479 Shilling, C. W 160 Shillito, F. H 161- 270-272-280 Shinkman, Maxine 161-466 Shinn, Wallace N 388 Shipman, J. H 161-367 Shipp, L. P 416 Shoebridge, Josephine . 494 Shoemaker, P. M. 289-303 Shohara, H Shomer, Sarah Shook, R. W. Shore, Dorothy . Shorls, Alberta L Shorr, M. U. Shorr, R. L. . Short, Eleanor . . Short, R Shorts, Marian I. Show, J Shu, Po Yen . . . Shu, Shu P Shull, A. F Shull, Mrs. A. F. Shulze, Margaret 321-463 .194 161-428 268-463 . ...448 .... 42- 161-261-386 386 . . . 268-460 204-361 ... 161 387-416 . . .320 .... 320 354 442 .466 Shumway, Margaret E. Shupe, Thelma 466 Shuster, Fayette 390 Shuter, E. M 292 Shutts, E 429 Sibley, B. B 48- 49-161-329-342-346-422 Sibley, J. C 370 Sibley, J. W Sibley, Margaret Sickles, Betty R. Sidder, Constance Sider, Mary .... Sidlow, L Sidwell, T. D Sieder, Mildred . Siegel, Belle Sigerfoos, Mrs. E. Sigesmond, L Sigler, Dorothy . . Sigler, Florence . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Iota Sigma Alpha Mu . . Sigma Chi Sigma Delta Kappa Sigma Delta Phi Sigma Kappa Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Pi Sigma Zeta Silver, L. S Silverberg, B. W. Silverman, H. D. . 162-397 Silverman, M. M 423 Silvernale, P. .290-291-332 . .406 .. ..443 161-457 ..221- 455-485 .... 452 201-410 .44-161 .. .489 161-466 . . . .444 301-429 161-494 ... 466 .388 457 .389 .390 .426 .472 .458 .391 .392 393 .394 .395 .161 386 Silverstein, S. J. . . 162-423 Simmons, A 202 Simmons, Dorothy 453-493 Simmons, W. E 162 Simon, A. K 397 Simon, H 300 Simonds, O. C 310 Simons, G. E 204-355 Simpson, Mary E. 162-454 Simpson, R. S. ... 162-308 Simpson, W. A 42- 162-270-343-366 Sims, A 224 Sims, E 382 Sims, F 390 Sinai, N 398 Sinclair, N. A 413 Sinclair, H. M. Jr. . .162- 313-351 Sinclair, Janet K 50- 162-460-471 Sinclair, S. H 42- 43-162-369 Sindhu, B T. S 303 Singer, A. L 396 Singerman, 1 162 Singh, P. S 322 Singh, P 322 Sink, C. A 380 Sink, Dr. E. W. ..338-419 Skall, R 374 Skarbinski, S 315 Skeel, R. A 162-375 Skidmore, S. E 234- 240-354 Skillen, Jane 318 Skillen, Louise . . .318-465 Skinner, F. L 385 Skinner, T. R 293-400 Sklar, J 162-427 Skolnick, M 340 Skrenteny, S 443-486 Slagle, G 390 Slalkin, Esther 323 Slater, Mrs. Albert ...449 Slater, Nina L. 313-145-483 Slater, W 56 Slattery, J. H 48-162 Slaughter, E. R 212 Slawson, C 339 Slawson, G. G 162 Slayton, P. E 273-377 Slazinski, P. J. ...163-315 Slepicka, Carolyn . . . .453- 480-490-493 Slifer, H. S 358 Slinger, J 193 Slinger, R: 429 Sloan, C. K 408 Slocum, C. C 163 Slocum, G 418 Slomer .June 450 Slooter, Frances M. . . . 163 Slosburg, L. E. ... 163-386 Sloss, D. A 394 Small, H. E 314-423 Smallman, T. A 398 Smead, Fay 457-500 Smeaton, R. M 163- 339-370-373-408-449-476 Smith, A. E 192-427 Smith, B. P 163-356 Smith, C. C 292 Smith, C. N 408 Smith, C 390 Smith, Cedric C 212 Smith, C. R 42-361 Smith, Mrs. Clark 444 Smith, C. A 375 Smith, Courtland 188- 270-333-343-358 Smith, Cynthia 163- 318-465 Smith, D. S 256 Smith, D. W. Jr, .205-361 Smith, D 198-375 Smith, Dwight 317 Smith, E. M 163 Smith, E 163-360 Smith, E. B 359 Smith, E. G 393 Smith, Elizabeth A. 463- 497-498 Smith, Ellen 163 Smith, Elsie 313-465 Smith, Ernestine L. . . . 163 Smith, E. C 331-418 Smith, Florence M. . 163- 471-466 Smith, F. N 300 Smith, F. D 337 Smith, F. G 163-353 Smith, F. C 164 Smith, F. M 163-398 Smith, F. V 164 Smith, G. H 300-352 Smith, Gertrude A 463 Smith, Harriet C 271 Smith, Harriette . . 164-465 Smith, Hulda ..465-486 Smith, J. W 164 Smith, Jane 444 Smith, J. B 359 Smith, Josephine .318-461 PC c fe Smith K 424 Spitzer, L . 341 Stewart, W. Howard . 379 Swanson, Lillian 492 Thomason, S. E. . 278-286 m Smith, Katherine E. . . 164 Smith, K. B 413 Sponseller, J. E 415 SpoonSr, A. L 341 Spooner L 390 Stieglitz, J 337 Stienecker, C. G 354 Stiles, F. 388-424 Swanson, V. L .354 Swanwick, J. T 385 Swartout, Dorothy 463-498 Thorns, W. W 331 Thompson, B. J 378 Thompson, D. F. 54 1 Smith, L. S 42-164-396 Smith, L. R 164 Spring, Pauline 457 Sproul, M. E 166 Sprowl J 42-166-351-414 Stimson, E. S. 168-346-414 Stimpson, H. W. . .331-428 Stinchcomb, L M 274-379 Swartwout, P. W. . 169-393 Swartz, B. K 413 Swartz, L J. . . 170-372 Thompson, F. W 171 Thompson, G. D. C. . .418 Thompson, H 300 Smith, Margaret 441- 465-480 Spurrier, E 378 Spurrier Mrs E 449 Stine, Gertrude . . .463-490 Stinson, W 419 Sweeney, J 170- 310-345-425 Thompson, J. H 352 Thompson, J 204-356 Smith, M. E 256 Squeers, G 383 Stitt, Isabel 188 Sweet, A. P 170-336 Thompson, Ruth H. ..443 Smith, Margaret E. . . .464 Smith, Margaret M. ..469 Smith, Mary Jane 164 Smith N J Jr 270 Squier, G. G 214-223 Staebler, Hernice .470-482 Staebler, Neil .... 289-399 Staebler R F 166 Stiverson, Susan L 168 Stocking, B 354 Stocking, C. H. . . .398-420 Stockwell Nell 457 Sweet, W. H 170-409 Swerdfeger, G. S. .317-370 Swinehart, C. R .42- 170-273-399 Thompson, S. H 300 Thompson, T. E 412 Thomsen, H. C 367 Thomson, D 348 ! Smith, N. M 409 Smith, N. V 353 Smith, R. E 384 Staebler, Mrs. W Stahl, Margaret. ..... .481 Stahl, O. J 380 Stockwell, W. H 272 Stoddard, F 168-383 Stolarski, Sophia 485 Swinton, Neil W 392 Switzenberg, Frances . 170- 447-490-493 Thomson, D. F. . . 171-302 Thomson, S. H. . . 171-379 Thome, G. G. .42-171-404 Smith, R. J 164-384 Smith, R M 393 Stair, Margaret . . .445-494 Stalder, Margaret ...490 Stoll, A. E 343 Stolpman, A K 293 Sylva, Mrs. M 453 Sylvester, C. E 202 Thornquist, C 373 Thornton, Harriet L. .171 Smith R E 164 Stalker W 365 Stone, Dorothy 292 Sylvester, L 202-420 Thorp, D. J . 172 Smith Ruth 164-466 Stalker Mrs A W 494 Thorpe CD 381 Smith, S. W 375 Smith, Mrs. S. W 463 Smith, S. L 52- 164-307-429 Stalker, E. A. 305-350-403 Stalker, G. H. 166-329-414 Stalker, Margaret ....439 Stanley, G. N 209- Stone, Helen 313-465 Stone, Isabelle .... 195-458 Stone, K. C. . . 168-343-394 Stone, M. 56-168 Symphonic League Board 493 T Tai, Frances 320 Thorpe, Mrs. C. D. . . .442 Thorpe, D 46-357-424 Thorpe, Helen M. 172-449 Thorpe, Ruth Swane . .473 Smith, W. T 165-416 Smith W A 164-398 275-276-326-387 Stone, M. E 428 Stone Sylvia 270-281-438 Tail, G 170- 203-344-378-417 Thorsoe, Catherine F. . 172 Thulin, WE 54- Smith, W 188 Smith, W. D 380 Smith, Wilbur A. 309 Stark, H. E 166- 384-409-414 Stark, Norma T. 401 Stoneman, L 390 Storen, H. F 198-393 Storey, V E 168 Talamon, Mrs. Rene . .444 Talcott, G. G 351 Talcott, H. 271-351 172-302-348 Thuma, B. D 338 Thurman, S 382 Smythe Helen 443-488 Starkweather, lice L 166 Storrey Florine 450-485 Taliak M. 419 Thurnau, H 270 Swift, Frances 456 466 Storrey, M. F 168 Tamayo, G 319 Thurnau, J. H 343-400 Snavely, F L 305 Starrett, J E 189- Stover V 419 Tamura R H 321 Thurnau, W R. 270- Snell, E. R 292-334-335-392 Stowe, M 445 Tan, L. P 320 293-400 Snell, Lorraine 481 Snell, Norma 165-445-490 Starrett, P. ... 166-261-392 Stason, E. B 415 Strachan, F. C 168- 292-293-373 Tanaka, Yae 170-321-463 Tanner, M. W 375 Tibbals, Belva 457 Tice, Virginia 457 Snider, G. 244 Staub, E. M 166-367-418 Straight S 383 Tanner, R R 408 Tidey, M. 419 Snoble, C. J 385-415 Stauback, C. M. . 413 Strand, Grace 450 Tanner, S. J 170 Tidwell, J. Q 369 Snodgrass, J. T 274- 276-303-334-366 .Snodgrass, L 165-409 Snodgrass, M 424 Snodgrass, R 189 Snow B 390 St. Aubin, Myrle E. . 166- 196-283 Stearns, Genevieve . . . 476 Stearns, Josephine .... 459 Stearns, Marian F. . . .441 Stedman, H 419 Stransky, F. V 417 Strasser, Rose 463-481 Stratton, Louise 444 Stratton, Susie 493 Straub, Dorothy M. . . .460 Tao, Pao K 320 Tapperman, H. L. 170-423 Tapping, H. . .286-343-350 Tarbill, J. W. Jr 197- 256-377 Targer M A 397 Tiedke, G. E 395-418 Tien, Pei-Yeh 172-320 Tilden, D 317-370 Tiller, Caroly 489 Tilley, G 204-387 Tilley, Lois F 444 Snyder, A 390 Stedman, H. E. 166 Streit, H 201 Tarte, L E. . . .364 Tilley, M. P 266-375 Snyder, C 419 Steele, A 419 Strieker H E 168-295-398 Tator K C 391 Tilley, Mrs M 441 Snyder, Mrs. H. M. . .318 Steele, Mrs. A 457 Strieker, H. D 366 Tatroe, Katherine E. . 170 Tillitson, E 189-408 Steele, L R 370 Strickland W G 168-401 Tauber B 427 Tillotson, H. A 209 Snyder, L. R.. . . .411 Steels, Eleanor . . 451 Strobel, H J. 412 Tau Beta Pi . . 335 Tilton, Florence M. . . 172 Snyder, R. H. 46-165-418 Snyder, W. T 378 Steen, Caroline. . . . 166-449 Steen, Christine . 461 Strong, C. G 305-334 Strong, C. R. 334 Tau Delta Phi 396 Tau Epsilon Phi . . . .397 Timberlake, Clare H. .355 Sober, D 383 Steensma, S 202 Strong, G L 168 Tau Ensilon Rho 427 Tindall, H. J. 172 Sobieski, J. M 315 Sobolak, J. W 315 Stefan, J. P 166 Steffeld, B. C 167 Struhsaker, F. P. . 308-309 Strunk, K. G 168-366 Tau Kappa Epsilon ..398 Tau Sigma Delta 384 Tikham, Leona . . .443-473 Tinsman, Esther 480 Sochalski, C 315 Steffes, E. W. ... 167-376 Struthers, Elizabeth 452 Taylor, D. D. . . 170-303 Tipman, J. W 242 Sodhi, Darbara S. .295-322 Sodt H B 381 Stegath, F. H 350 Stein, C C 363 Stryker, Mrs. Homer .449 Stuart A P 168-426 Taylor, Dorothy 373 Taylor F M 390 Tipton, M 48-172 Tisch, Dorothy B 172- Soehrens, Dorothy 461-481 Stein, J. 374 Stuart, G K 353 Taylor, H E 270 312-456-473 Soet, J. C 355 Sohawaker, R. F 355 Sokhoe, M 353 Steinbaugh, D. F 411 Steinberg, 1 340-410 Steinberg, L 242 Stuart, K. G Stuart, L. C 309 Stubbs, L 480 Taylor, J. D 170-355 Taylor, L. V 366 Taylor, M. H 362 Tisch, W. H 354 Tittle, W. R 413 Tobin, L. M 323-371 Solis, Dr. Jeanne 437 Solomon, B M 374 Steinharter, R. B 389 Steinke, S M 367 Stuber, Jessie 492 Stuch H T 379 Taylor, Mary L. . .270-440 Taylor M W 352 Tock, Barbara 480-486-490 Todd, J. D 42- Solomon, E. D. . . 272-400 Steketee, F. . 212 Stucker, A. 309 Taylor, N. H. 381 172-295-339-341 Solomon, Nance 165- Steketee, J 373 Student Christian Associa- Taylor, N. E 171-413 Todd, Margery . . . 195-494 271-281-438-480 Stellwagen, W. J. 167 tion . . . 280 Taylor, R. E 339 Todd, Olive E. . . 443-490 Solve, Mrs M T 452 Stenson, F 313 Student Council 276 Taylor R W 356 Todd, S W Jr 387 Somers, R. E 412 Stepanovck, G. 200-419 Stump, L. S. 168 Taylor, R J. 414 Toepel, F 378 Stephen, E A 167 Stuntz, H L Jr 169-354 Taylor S B 171 Toepper, A. 193 Sonkin, S 410 Stephen Gertrude 167-480 Sturos Stella 169- Taylor W E 295 Toevs J 357 Sophomore Prom 284 Sorge, Ruth A 441 Sorkih, S 165-423 Stephens, Charlotte. . . 167- 466 Stephens, E. A 295 466-481-497-499-501 Suaiez, A 318 Suarez, A 319 Tealdi, A 310 Tealdi, Mrs. A 444 Teed R W 171 Toivonen, A 309 Tolle, A. W 393 Tolle, W. A. . . . 172 Sosnow, L. Jr 423 Stephens, H. C 323 Sugrue, J. D 418 Teeds, W 347 Tollzien, W. C 172- Souders, M 408 Stephens, L. L. . . . 167-404 Stephens, Rachel 437 Suhrbier, E. M 395 Sukow, Bernice E 169-447 Teeter, W ' 424 Teets J N 398 292-327-356 Tom, Y C 320 Sould, M 445 Soule, Laura . . 268-465-487 Soule, R. H 332 Soults, C 419 Soults, E. C. .46-165-419 Sourborn, Janet 481 Southcombe, R 46- Stephens, R. A 167 Stephenson, Helen 167-477 Stephess, E 56 Sterling, W 365 Stern, A. M 167- 295-298-342-382 Stern C. A 167 Sukumar, A. K. . .303-322 Sullivan, C. S. . .52-169-338 Sullivan, Dorothy C. . .454 Sullivan, Evelyn M. ..169 Sullivan, H. J 169 Sullivan, H. C 425 Sullivan M R 425 Teichman, J. G 340 Tenenbom, H. H. .197-389 Ten Houten, C 428 Tennant, J. S 295 Tennenbaum, H. N. . .372 Teppert, A 56-171 Terman C H 171-363 Tompkins, D. E 359 Tompkins, Helen .268-465 Tomkinsen, Flossie 172-461 Tommason, Sophia A. . 172 Tong, Yat H. . . .318-320 Tonge, Eunice 489 Tonnelier D M 52- 165-331-409 Stern, E. . . . 368 Sullivan, M. Jr 169-425 Terry, C C Jr 46- 173-355 Souther, C. N. 165-375-417 Stern, E. J 387 Sullivan, R. J 169 171-406-416 Took, L. L 302 Southworth, B. B 353 Southworth, M. N. 234- Stern, P. 368 Stern, R. W 386 Summer Daily 272 Terry, Helen 465 Tessenden C H 355 Topcik, A. A.. 423 Topcik, H A 52-173-410 353-428 Spafford, H. E. . . 208 Stern, S. A 374 Stern, W. H 167-389 Sumner, J. H 205 Summy, Pauline 458 Thayer, J. E 384 Thayer, L. 413 Topper, W 173-209 Torgow, A. M 173 Spalding, C. M. 378 Sterr, P 317-401 Theta Chi 399 Torres Lois W 437 Spalding, L. A 273-363 Steuernagel, W 317-354 Sundell, D. L. V. Theta Delta Chi 400 Tousborough, C E. 394 Spangler, Edith 439 Sparkie, H. F 394 Sparling, Jeanette .... 447 Spaulding, C. J. . . 165-293 Stevens, A. B 337 Stevens, A. J 426 Stevens, Mrs. A. S. . ..466 Stevens, F. H. . . 369 Sunderland, Prof. E. R. 266-329-375-422 Sunderland, Mrs. E. R. 451-461 Theta Kappa Nu ....401 Theta Kappa Psi 428 Theta Phi Alpha 459 Theta Sigma Towe, R. C 400 Towe, Rose M 173 Townsend, Elsie 457 Townsend, G. 207-242-429 Spector, B 165-410 Stevens, F J. 365 Sunderland, T E 271-375 Theta Sigma Chi 471 Townsend, Gertrude 462 Spectof, N. N 410 Spence, H. W 406 Stevens, Margaret . . .466 Stevens, Marian 466 Sundguist, L. W 169 Sundwall, J. ..209-336-418 Theta Sigma Phi 471 Theta Xi 429 Townsend, J 173-419 Townsend, Lauretta . .448 Spence, M 199 Spencer, A. E. Jr. 165-360 Spencer, Dorothy M. 165 Spencer, E. M 402 Stevenson, Ellen .. ..451 Stevenson, Ethel . 167-442 Stevenson, H. R 44- 167-328-335-359 Supe, J... 319 Superko, Alvena . . 445-480 Surbrook, H. W 169 Susumago, R. T. . . 169-289 Thews, Eleanore G. . . .454 Thibaut, Gladys . . 171-454 Thiele, W. H 375 Thielman, W. 393 Townsley, R ..448 Towsley, H. A 409 Traeger, C. F 293-380 Spencer, J. A 166 Stevenson, O. W 336 Sutcliffe, Flora 456 Thieme, E T 375 Trapp A J 173-304-330 Spencer, J. R 361 Spencer, W. F. 413 Stewart, A. H 422 Stewart, C. C 361 Sutherland, Loy L. . . .378 Suthers, W. O. 381 Thisted, C. E 388 Thoits, J A. 367 Traut, Gladys M 173 Trautman, W 317 Spero, J. A 273-389 Stewart, D. Jr 339 Sutton, R 169-229-338 Thomas B W 364 Traver E F 426 Spero, S 410 Stewart, Jean 454 Sutton T E 459 Thomas D 419 Travis J J 412 Sphinx 383 Stewart, L. M. 406 Suyat, D. T. 298-318-319 Thomas Elizabeth 465 Travis J C 286 Spicer, C. P. Jr 269 Spicer, R. W 293-420 Spies, C. F 166 Stewart, Margaret 439-457 Stewart, R 190 Stewart, S 308 Swain, Mrs. G 450 Swain, R. R 335 Swain, J 373 Thomas, Laura E 171 Thomas, R 409 Thomas Thesa 171- Travis, N. D 356 Travis, R 369-418 Treadwell Eleanor 481 Spindle, R. S 198- Stewart, W. 353 Swan, Ruth 448 448-490 Trebilcock, Doris K. . .445 261-277-399 Stewart, W. H. 384 Swann, D. A. . 415 Thomas, T 375 Trebilcock Dorothy 494 r Spinning, Gladys 460 Stewart, W 419 Swanson, C. ...46-169-409 Thomas, W 419 Trebilcock, Ruth H. ..445 J _ rvAsTt , - 5$ ZF3fa Truxell, C. W 385 Truxton, Sharlett F. . . 173 Tsang, Kyueh T. . 173-320 Tsang. Y. T 320 Tseng, J 320 Tsianiva, Princess . . . .453 T-Square ' 474 Tsuehiya, Yoshio .318-321 Tu, Ying 320 Tubbs, H. 50-173 Tucker, H. A. 54-174-411 Tuke, Marie 481 Tullard, P. E 289 Turner, A. R 174 Turner, E. M 174-323 Turner, H. B 341-390 Turner , Louise E 174 Turner, R. G 52- 174-307-412 Turney, Mary Frances. 464 Turney, R. M 194 Turnock, D. A 380 Tremble, E. C 406 Tremble, G. T 406 Tremble, Janet . . 188-441 Trembly, Jeanne 450 Trepp, S. G 340 Trevarrow, Florence . 173- 1 0 Trevor, W. M. ..309-351 Triangle 402 Triangles 334 Trigon .403 Trombley, Laura .480-494 Troost, F 191 Trosper, Mrs. H. .414-436 Trost, T. .288-289-344-367 Trotter, R. C 323 Troutwine, W. R 385 Trow, W. C 314-336 Trowbridge, Virginia. .204- 450-465-485 Troy, H. P 173-422 Troy, P. M 286 Trudeau, J. M 418 Truesdale, Elizabeth .480 Truesdale, F. M. . .55-173 Truettner, L. H 305 Truettner, W. 1 305 Truhauf, S 397 Truitt, G. E 350 Truskowski, J. E 214- 221-226-231-315 Tuschman, S 368 Tuthill, Rhoda 195- 466-470-481 Tuttle, Betty Frazer . .444 Tuttle, C. R 305 Tuttle, Esther .42-174-452 Tuttle, Ruth B 42- 174-452-478 Twamley, Alice 462 Tweedy, F 204-358 Twining, H 399 Twining, Ms. H 451 Twining, R. M 194 Twitchell, Doris 445 Tygert, Elois 463 Tyndale, B 383 Ulasich, J. P 174 Ulberg, Agnes 454 Ulch, H. W 420 Ullman, J 281-368 Ullman, R 405 Ullman, R. R 314 Ullman, W. . .42-174-406 Ullrich, Elizabeth 465 Ullrich, W. J 403 Undem, Janice ...464-485 Underdown, W. E. ..370 Underwood, Mrs. M. .440 University Girls ' Glee Club 490 University Glee Club 288- 289 Unsworth, Arlene E. .445- 470-497 Updegraff, L 44-174 Upjohn, E. G 416 Upjohn, Janet . . . 450-463 Upright, R 382 Upson, L. D 350 Upson, R. H SOS Upthegrove, C 408 Upthegrove, Mrs. C. .443 Upthegrove, Mrs. Hazel P. 476 Upton, H 375 Upton, Mrs. H 456 Ur en.C. K 417 Urist, Geraldine H 174 Utley, H 217 Vahl. Helen ..... 457-490 Valentine, Mary B. . . .444 Vallie, Cecelia ........ 462 Van Antwerp, Betty . 197- 456 Van Arnam, C 391 Van Boven, Mrs. Peter 444 Van Bree, R 419 Van Buren, lone 439 Vance, W. A 363-429 Van Cleve, J 204 Vandawarker , Georgia 442 Vanden Bossche, Ceclia 174-466 Vander Clock, Marguerite 174-466 Vanderlip, R. G. 174-314 Van Deursen, Mary . . 188- 452 Van de Water, Belle ..457 Van Duren, A .363 Van Duzer, R. M 44- 175-370 Van Eersen, A. . 175-289 Van Gilder, Ruth R. 175- 466-494 Van Horn, A 191 Van Horn, Marian . . . .466 Vanik, M 270-305 Van Kleek, Mable . .442 Van Lente, K. E 408 Van Liew, D. E 413 Van Loan, G 175-354 Van Loo, J. R 52-175 Van Loo, M 408 Van Lopik, Adrianna . 175 Van Natta, F. J. L. ..337- 408 Vannort, B. O. . 362-408 Van Oosten, Dr. J. . . .338 Van Oosterhout, W. . .422 Van Ornum, E. N 409 Van Osdol, J. P 52- 175-425 Van Peenan, H 419 Van Riper, S. L. . 175-418 Van Sickle, Mrs. A. S. 447 Van Sickle, Mrs. J. V. 452- 481 Van Sickle, Lelah E. . .447 Van Sickle, Louise P. .473 Van Slyke, D. D 337 Van Tuyl, F. F 400 Van Tuyl, L. J 189- 271-272-334-400 Van Tuyl, M 440- 470-481-482-484-497 Van Vliet, E ..386 Van Vliet, J. L. . . 175 Van Vliet, Marian . . . .438 Van Weelden, M. .290-291 Van Winkle, Mrs. D. .456 Van Winkle, Hazel M. 175 Van Woerkom, D. 363-409 Van Zandt, A. L 367 Varney, M. A 175 Varnum, L. 48- 49-175-329-346 Varnum, Lucille K. . . .492 Varnum, R. O. ... 176-367 Varsi-ty Band 290-291 Vary, E. P. 175-358-416 Vatz, J. A 176-421 Vaughn, V. C 4J6 Vedder, C. B 398 Vedder, F. B 365-412 Vedder, Mrs. F. B. ...450 Vedder, H. E. 188-270-279 Veenker, G 211-255 Veenstra, T. A 176 Velasco, Eloy 318 Verdier, Eleanor 176- 456-499 Ver Duin, J. W. ..229-419 Verhoek, J. B 176 Verman, L. C. 176-322-335 Vernue, E. R 388-424 VerWiebe, W. A 339 Ver Wiebe, Mrs. W. . .440 Vestal, Dorothy . . 176-481 Vial, Ruth 448 Vick, H. A 212-351 Vickery, J. A. 176-292-354 Vielmetti, D. E 303 Vinapol, E 373 Vincent, Blanche 454 Vincent, Frances A. . . .448 Vincenti, Nataline . ' . . .456 Vint, Gertrude 318 Visser, E 318 Vliet, Alice L 176- 466-473-487 Vliet, C. R 404 Voelker, E. 244 Voelker, J. D 192-414 Vokes, D 176-379 Vollwiler, E. R 414 Volz, Marie D 176 Volz, Muriel 494 Von Boeslager, A 391 Vonderdeide, K. 191-409 Von Voigtlander, F. . . 176- 341 Voorhis, M. C 384 Vos, Helen E 442- 472-484-485 Vose, J. P 258 Vose, 377 Vosper, Edna 318 Vosper, Mrs. H. T. ...318 Vowell, F. C 414 Vreeland, Kittle E. . . . 176 Vulcans 328 Vyse, E 27. -333-383 W Wachlin, Velma 494 Wachs, E. H. 197-269-377 Wachter, F 188-373 Wachter, R 271-373 Waddell, C. R 403 Wager, G. E 393 Wagner, A 399 Wagner, Bernice M. 176- 466-494 Wagner, Mrs. Charles .449 Wagner, H 242 Wagner, Harriet P 177 Wagner, H. J 335-391 Wagner, H. A. . . 176-303 Wagner, Hazel A 492 Wagner, J 244-376 Wagner, L. E 177-314 Wagner, M 383 Wagner, Mrs. Palil C. .440 Wagner, R. W 261-378 Wagner, W 402 Wahr, F. B 354 Wahrenbrock, H. E. . 177- 342-346 Waite, J. B 346-422 Waite, Mrs. J. B. 441-475 Waite, W. H 356 Wakeman, W. F 393 Walaitis, F .399 Walborn, Louise J. . .494 Walder, H. J 224 Waldman, Pearl B. ...455 Waldo, C. L 395 Waldron, S 387 Waldrow, F. R 387 Walgreen, C 202-398 Walker, Mrs. B. H. . . .452 Walker, Cornelia 50- 177-460 Walker, E. W. 177-303-305 Walker, H. G 383 Walker, H. C 177 Walker, Myrle 429 Walker, Olive 458 Walker, R. 399 Walker, V. E 414 Walkowski, A 46- 47-177-418 Wall, V. C. Jr 270- 293-343-380 Wallace, H 424 Wallace, H. W 377 Wallace, W. V. 177 Wallace, Jean B 204- 450-463 Walleck, H 390 Wallen, K. A 177 Waller, Dorothy S. . . .476 Waller, H. G 409 Waller, H 347 Wallerstein, N 318 Wallington, Vera 441 Walper, D. D. 352 Walser, Mrs. J. J 450 Walser, Sally 441 Walsh, Lucille 177-468-499 Walter, H. G 234-238 Walter, Helen A. . 184-466 Walters, B. K 426 Walters, C. R 355 Walters, R. W. 340 Waltman, L. V. W. 177 Walton, R. C 177-388 Walz, W. C 177-391 Wang, Alice 476 Wang, ChaoY 320 Wang, Pao L 320 Wang, Phoebe . . 320-461 Wang, Ta-Sui . 177-320 Wang, Tsung Y 320 Wannamaker, Mrs. .T. 4 lit Ward, D 204-285-400 Ward, J. H. Jr 369 Ward, M. L 412 Ward, Margaret .178-272 Ward.R. C. . 303 Ward, S. H. 52-53-178-425 Ward, W. H 224-395 Wardell, Charlotte L.. . 178 Waring, E. H 358 Warmolts, I. J. A. B. .428 Warner, D. L 292- 327-365-422 Warner, Edna M 178 Warner, E. D 400 Warner, F. S 394 Warner, Helen 456-484 Warner, R. . . 229-419-420 Warren, E. F 358 Warren, C. F 178 Warren, D. G 359 Warren, R. F. 197-284-358 Warrick, W. Jr 42- 1 78-263-292-326-356 Warthin, A 347 Warthin, Margaret . . .441 Warthin, T 399 Washburne, Mrs. C. L 461 Washizuka, C 321 Washizuka, S. S. . . 178-321 Wasielewski, S 315 Wasielewski, T. F.. 178-270 Wass, Frieda A 492 Wans, H. C 178 Wassink, M. Elaine . . 178 Watchpocket, Florence 450-485 Waterbury, R. C 402 Waterman, Mrs. L. C. 456 Waterman, M. H. . .395 Waterman, R. A. .345-367 Waters, Catharine . . 460 Watkins, Doris M. . . 178 Watkins, G. B 384-408 Watkins, H. G 404 Watkins, J. K 279 Watling, J. W. Jr 377 Watson, B 409 Watson, B. A 363 Watson, E. R 256 Watson, H. W. .401 Watson, J. B 323 Watson, S. T. . 42- 178-276-327-375 Watson, T. Y.. 26 1-269-399 Watt, W. F. . . . 336-384 Watterworth, M. E. . . 178 Watts, F. B 380 Watts, H. P 54- 178-345-387 Watts, J. Beverly . . 380 Wax, R. D 397 Way, J. F 387 Weadock, J 48-. 49-179-329-426 Weadock, Mary . 323-480 Weadock, R. E. ..387-422 Wearne, W. H. 357 Weatherill, P. F. 352-408 Weaver, Alice . . 480 Weaver, H. B 409 Weaver, J. C 340-383 Weaver, Ruth 452 Web and Flange 330 Webb, Ella 461 Webb, F. C 350 Webb, Zora H. . 492 Weber, E. C 288-370 Weber, Elmer C. . 359 Weber, Elsie 481 Weber, F. J 379 Weber, J. B 410 Weber, Marjorie .440-471 Weber, O. F. . . 447 Weber, W. ..214-219-336 Webster, D. C. . . 359 Webster, D. W 316 Webster, Ester D.. . . 492 Webster, Jane 440 Webster, J 300-404 Wedell, H. S 428 Wedemeyer, Mary 459-488 Wedler, Irma E. . . . 447 Weeber, R. P 309 Weekes, D. G 384 Weekes, W. A 388 Weeks, D 46- 47-179-244-254-409 Weese, R 313 Weidman, Irma K. ... 179 Weiger, Amelia 179 Weil, Beatrice 438 Weil, L. A 179-203 Weiman, Mrs. E. E. . 450 Weinberg, E. A 386 Weingarten, S 179 Weinkauff, O. J. . . 194- 337-420 Weinman, W. 188-190-405 Weinman, W. J. 344-393 Weinman, W. W. 300 Weinstein, J 224 Weir, E. L 179 Weir, R. R. . . 395 Weis, L. R. 48-179-346-389 Weisberg, A 179 Weisberg, J 397 Weiss, D. H 314 Weiss, J. M. Jr. . . 179-368 Weiswasser, A. . 179 Weitzel, F. W 384 Welch, Gertrude . 48-490 Welch, Josephine 465 Welch, Prof. P. S 338 Welch, R. K 363 Welch, Wilma J. . 179 Welfeld, M. J 178-374 Welke, W. C. . 179- 289-290-291-344-345 Weller, Prof. C. V. . 338 Weller, C 347 Weller, Ruth E 494 Welles, M 270- 456-465-470-471-478-482 483 Wellington, Q. W. 180-400 Wellman, Elizabeth .465- 478-468 Wellman, J. M. . 359-418 Wellman, Marguerite .443- 457 Wellmeier, H. 180-358-416 Wells, C 211-259-318 Wells, Mrs. Carlton 318 Wells, C 244-350 Wells, J 190 Wells, J. C 323-371 Wells, Mary 488 Wells. Maryon E. . 180 Wells, M. L 180-400 Wells, R. F. . . 18O- 290-291-344-345 Wells, S. M 212 Wells, W. J. . .363 Welsh, M 466 Welsh, Mrs. P. S 443 Wendell, Jeanette E. . 442 Wendt, W 190-302 Wenzell, W. W 404 Wenzler, O. F. 302 Werner, Lorraine 449 Werner, Olive M 180 Wertel, Florence 188-456 Wertenberger, M. D. .344- 345-409 Wertman, B. F. 317-401 Wertz, G. M. . 180-300-350 Wertz, H 390 Wescott, Helen 452 Wessels, Alice 440 Wessinger, Gail W. . . 403 Wessinger, L 42- 43-180-289-393 West, J. D 387 Waet, L 256 Wst, P. D 358 Westbrook, Jean R. ... 180 Westerman, S. E 384 Westervelt, Ruth V. . . 180 Westin, E. A 180-414 Westnedge, R. 42-180-400 Weston, Grace L 494 Weston, L. ' . 189- 332-334-380 Westover, E. F 388 Wetmore, Nora B 447 Wettlauler, S. D 354 Wetzel, S. M 302 Weyhing, Wilhelmina .441 Whalen, R. T 388 Wheat, Mrs. S. C 450 Wheeler, Barbara 449 Wheeler, D. C 307- 180-302-316-425 Wheeler, Dorothy .... 180 Wheeler, F. E 367 Wheeler, Mrs. Mary . .444 Wheeler, M. W 356 Wheeler, P. R 309 Woinery, J. F. ..365-416 Whipple, C. H 181- 343-385 Whipple, G. M 373 Whipple, H. H 385 Whipple, Virginia .466- 313-181 Whitacre, H. E. . 181-419 Whitacre, Mary S. 181-466 Whitchurch, C. L. 346-181 Whitchurch, Ethel M. 492 White, A. E 373-334 White, Mrs. A. E 456 White, Mrs. A. H. 456-476 White, A. H 337-383 White, A. M 408 White, B. G 378 White, Carol .55-181-420 White, C. F 385-415 White. C 358 White, G. E 297 White, G. 383 White, J. P 385 White, L. N. Jr.. . 181-402 White, Mary J 456- 478-484-485 White, P. D 229-383 White, R. G 229 Whitehead, L. S 380 Whitehead, Wilma 45O Whiting, Dorothy . 445 Whitker, C. E 300 Whitley, A 418 Whitlow, Mrs. C. J. 450 Whitlow, C. J. ..413-388 Whitman, D. D. . . .412 Whitman, Eleanor F. .443 Whitman, E. L 412 Whitman, H. E 359 Whitman, L. H 289 Whitman, Margaret E. 181 Whitmer, R 399 Whitmire, A. J 380 Whitney, A. S. ...356-336 Whitney, H. A 420 Whitne y, Mary 313 Whittemore, I). M. ... 181 Whittemore, H. D. .. .348 Whittemore, H. O. ...310 X . Whittle, J. D 228- 231-365-197 Whitworth, A. J 286 Whitworth, J 373 Whitworth, J. A 181- 341-373 Whitworth, R 373 Whyte, C 364 Wiard, A 197 Wiard, M. R 398 Wickersham, N. R 402 Wickersham, R. de B. .402 Wickman, W. J 428 Wickware, K. M 378 Widmaier, Florence ..271- 439-486-490 Widman, J. C. ...205-383 Widman, Marguerite . .450 Widman, Marian I. . . .450 Wieder, Jeanette F. . . .457 Wieder, L. M 331-409 Wiedmayer, R. N 181 Wieman, E. E. 209-211-369 Wiener, J. H 405 Wiener, R 368 Wiener, S 389 Wieskotton, Edith . . . .480 Wilbur, L. A. . 181-314-370 Wilby, E 348-411 Wilcox, Alice 181-439 Wilcox, J. A 295-360 Wilcox, Julia G. ..443-486 Wilcox, L. S 370 Wilcox, W. F 314-317 Wild, H. D 318-365 Wildanger, W. B 361 Wilde, Mrs 452 Wilder, R. T 416 Wile, Mrs. N. J 436 Wiles, Burl D 181-413 Wilgus, Gay 450 Wilgus, H. L 422 Wilgus, Mrs. H. L. ...450 Wilkie, Ruth H 182 Wilkins, R 46- 182-278-331-358-416 Wilkinson, Ethel . . 182-464 Wilkinson, Margaret . .450 Will, T. N 205 Willard, H. H. ...408-420 R. J 256 Williams Mrs. Neil H. 442 Williams N. R Williams P. C 419 Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Willard, Willet, P Willett, ] Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams J 383-392 C. ...42-317-370 Sdith 480 A. O. ... 182-354 C 399 D. R 363 Dorthy E. . 442 Dorothy K. 454- 484-485 E 370 Frances .182-441 G. S 328 Grace 46-182-437 H. . . 356 J. A. L. H. . . M. . Mary H. Mildred . .411 . .429 . .441 ..454 . .272 R. J 356 R. S 182 T. M 323 W. H.... 182-426 W 48 Williamson, F. B. .331-419 Wills, A 189 Wills, R. W 356 Wills, Irophina J 494 Wilmot, F. E 182- 209-269-399 Wilson, Angelene G. . 182- 453-484 Wilson, A. D 415 Wilson, C 188- 256-270-333-343-358 Wilson, D 323 Wilson, Dorothy 457 Wilson, Esther 457 Wilson, Frances 318 Wilson, F 347-416 Wilson, H. L .52- 53-182- 90- 91-344-429 Wilson, H. R 182 Wilson, 1 204 Wilson, J 204 Wilson, J. D 371 Wilson, J. W. .375-400-422 Wilson, J. C 182 Wilson, J. L 391 Wilson, J 457 Wilson, Julia 42-451 Wilson, Louise 466 Wilson, Marjorie . 182-450 Wilson, R. H 337 Wilson, R. W 371 Wilson, R. 183 Wilson, S. F. .211-234-235 Wilson, S. J 183 Wilson, W. W 345 Wilson, W 192-414 Wilson, Zada L 183 Winans, D. C 412 Winchell, P. M 412 Wincher, E. R 358 Windsor, A 388 Winegarden, M 299- 382-203 Wines, L. D 380 Winfie ' ld, F 383 Winghell, P 193 Winkler, A 183 Winkworth, Margaret . 183 Winkworth, R. D. .. .360 Winslow, D. 290-291 Winslow, H. E 183 Winslow, S 270-390 Winsor, C. W 409 Winter, R. C 415 Winter, T. ..279-293-333 Winters, Mary E. ... 194- 402-494 Winters, R. E 361 Winton, Bernardino . . .458 Wise, Carolyn 183 Wise, E 226 Wise, Helen 466 Wishropp, Frieda 457 Wisler, M. G 183 Wismer, W. D 183 Wisner, F. H 350 Witham, V. C. .271-300 Witherspoon, J. H 48- 183-360 Wivel, Elizabeth C. . . . 183 Wobrock, C. L. . . . 234-363 Woellhaf, R. . 183-292-293 Wohlgemuth, G 300 Wojcik, G 315 Wolaver, Mrs. Earl . . .449 Wolcott, F. N 378 Wolcott, F. C 183 Wolf, L. N 183 Wolfe, Florence L.. 184-450 Wolfe, J 48- 49-184-329-415 Wolfe, R. S 428 Wolff, J. S. Jr. ... 224-358 Wollering, E. F 184 Wolverton, D. D. .184-314 Woman ' s Athletic Associa- tion 497 Woman ' s Physical Educa- tional Club 481 Wong, A. H 320 Wong, Man W 320 Wong, T. K 320 Wong, Tsui F. ... .320 Wood, A. E 369 Wood, A. R. . 184-341-346 Wood, C. J 369 Wood, C 416 Wood, Esther D 184 Wood, H. S 375 Wood, J 42- 217-271-317-359 Wood, J 189-400 Wood, M. G 401 Wood, W. F 412 Wood, W. P 408 Wood, W. A 283-393 Woodard, Edith Mary 493- 457-463 Woodbridge, Mrs. A. .450 Woodburn, M 399 Woodburne, A. R. ... 189- 46-365-416 Woodburne, H. L. 184-418 Woodford, G. R 184 Woodrow, Dorothy. . . .450 Woodruff, Lois 456 Woodruff, S 461 Woods, A. R 377 Woods, G. A. .184-314-336 Woods, R. J 274 Woodward, Emily E. . 449- 184 Woodward, J. H 361 Woodward, T. S. 184- 316-350 Woodworth, Alta 490 Woodworth, G. W. ...413 Woodworth, L. L 381 Woody, C 370-336 Woolfitt, Mary F. ...184- 448-494 Woolfolk, G. L 358 Woollett, Edith C. . . 466- 473-494 Woollett, Marjorie L. 185- 466-494 Woolson, G. T 398 Wooton, Helen F 482- 470-482-498 Worcester, D. H 185 Wordelman, Eleanor ..318 Worden, Alice .... 185-466 Worel, F 185 Workman, Dorothy. . . .50- 185-458 Workman, Helen 485 Worley, J. K 185-364 Worley, J. S 390 Wornsfolde, R. G 412 Worstell, A. N 378 Worth, Melissa 437 Wotring, J. L 274-379 Wozuials, B 425 Wright, Audrey . .463-498 Wright, B. n. 185-362-421 Wright, Beryl K 367 Wright, C. R 425 Wright, Elizabeth . . . .457 Wright, Eva 185-454 Wright, F. A 185 Wright, G. G 425 Wright, M. S 185 Wright, T. S 411 Wright, W. E 185 Wu, Aiho 320 Wu, C 290-291 Wu, ChuF 320 Wu, Y. F 318 Wu, Yi T 320 Wuerful, F. W 256 Wuerfel, T. C 257-354 Wulp, G. A 208 Wurtsmith, F. G 425 Wyllie, G. F 185- 304-330-335 Wykes, F. K 185-384 Wysznski, F 315 Wyvern 470 Xi Psi Phi 430 Yaekee, H. E 185 Yaneza, S. L 319 Yang, Chao T 320 Yang, Shui . . . 186-320-466 Yant, J. H 292-352 Yates, E. C 418 Yates, T. . 198-269-340-404 Yeasting, J. Q. 186-196-342 Yee, Shiu K 186-320 Yelland, H. G. . . 186-360 Yemerek, Margarite . . 195 Yeo, Ailene Mae 463 Yerkes, Ruth 452 Yoakum, Mrs. C. S. . .450 Yoakum, C. S. ...336-375 Yong, S. M 320 York, F 418 Yorysh, 1 281 Yost, Mrs. F. H 450 Yost, F. H 209- 211-214-390 Youmans, J. B. . . .331-418 Young, A. G 418 Young, C. H 186-335 Young, E. P 318 Young, F. L 415 Young, G. W. .42-186-379 Young, Helen . . 55-186-465 Young, J. M 401 Young, J. H 393 Young, L. J 308 Young, L 46-186-419 Young, Prof. L. J. 309-338 Young, Philena A 476 Young, R. E 305 Young, R. R 56 Yui, Lih M 320 Zabel, Elizabeth 457 Zack, N. C 186 Zack, V. P 186-318 Zahm, Margaret 458 Zamiara, C. J 186 Zamora, R. L 186 Zara, G. Y 305-319 Zaver, Anna 481 Zee, H. G 320 Zeller, M. E 305 Zelman, Helen 281-438 Zemans, E. S 295 Zerman, H 429 Zeta Beta Tau 404 Zeta Psi 405 Zeta Tau Alpha 460 Zick, E. J 363 Ziegler, Gwendolyn L. 186 Ziliak, A. L 418 Zimmerman, A. J 54- 186-369 Zimmerman, D. F. 278-387 Zimmerman, Mrs. D. .441 Zimmerman, D 383 Zimmerman, F. R. 207-429 Zinn, J 339 Ziv, F 273-382 Zoll, H. S 385 Zoller, Pauline E 195- 458-481-486-490 Zuck, S. F 190-367 Zwerdling, M 270 SOME OF MICHIGAN ' S S. A. T. C. COMPANIES IN 1917 ' -- s e 3s=rxc mm. m II

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