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 - Class of 1925

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JKTURN PROMPTLY TO ALUMNUS BOOKW " A Ml fL JBflll, COM) Q S B DIGD POU hflRRIS GRflM RflOL t JtSL3 GDGflR JOMl RIChflRDSOft RhOflDGS M COflCh HCLDIftG " toe bflVG HO FGflR Oil WRSICY ! I TOMCDOKD SO HSPIBfiD IGMGfllfc OIRS ;: f r s :v, r-7:Y;- - i - v t c ' 1 iV: ' = r! ) ; 3 s ' % N " , r lliJMS i .!. nma.. . ... - ,!. . ... .. .. ' .. ' .. ... .. - . . ..-v . ... t .....r. . -Mfc - -wf.. ' SH " iffi mf ... . .-y naJ i ... i. in i .- - - .m i..n.... j .. .-- . .. i -.. j " " ' --i- -ui- i | i ,, r -r .-, i " rr j . -. " ' v ' lTil? I m 9 w THE II ' OKIJ) H ' U. I. LITTLE NOTE NOR LONG REMEMBER WHAT 1C K SAY ERE . ' . BUT IT CAN NEFKR FORGET ICHAT THEY DID HERE Inscription T ' -TL- -_r--v " -3 ' ' ... ,, .. .J t ' fcJ , .. t_C -.-.-.... -yTj . ... i .. ,-.... L ?IL v . .;, :. j ( ., j i J . r BE.1LTY II HICH OLD GREECE OR ROME S(.V ; P.11STED 11 ROIGHT LIES CLOSE AT HOME fkiaifT :znzz _ .-..X ; r . _ . _ . InlTs " 7 r-r r 3 1 ; ' - i ci a I? pfr ' ; ;r :c yz o A? H " A IN DARKNESS Dlf ' ELLS THE PEOPLE It HIGH KNOIf ' S ITS ANNALS NOT TRADITION FADES BUT THE WRITTEN RECORD REMAINS Ef ' EK FRESH Inscriptions 3 _. -v- ?:T i} -r Vrc-v; rijl r f AH - " t 11 ' " - - - n. 0 SIXGLE PJRTS L ' XEQL ' JLLY SI RI ' KISE .ILL CO. fES CXITED TO TH " ADMIK1XG EYES Pope V JL i ==r===== K -r-y V ' t ' ' r ' ' ! lilli sva ?)0i l t SL h-r - r j; h , ! i b. M x ra i V .1, ' x O C ! li v " . " - - ' RELIGION :. MORALITY . ' . AND KNOWLEDGE BEING NECESSARY TO GOOD GOVERNMENT AND THE HAPPINESS OF MANKIND . ' . SCHOOLS AND THE MEANS OF EDUCATION SHALL FOREVER BE ENCOURAGED Inscription ? :[ -f X T- rn w ; r. W tr ' A fe , . [. - 1, r t.Yr IS THE LAST RESULT OF HI MAS II IS DOM . ACT1XG UPOX HUMAN EXPERIENCE FOR THE BEXEFIT OF THE PUBLIC Smmtel JokniOH 1 .fltilUil ' iijiat,. lllllllliiK 4- i Hi ' i I :i) $ 5 : i:iiiH:i !!:;;: :i?5sv V. i " ; ::.,.... --V f. ' ; : ;: ;;;.! V.:;-.[ ' ' ' , ' ' ; : !-::i:i; I.. I ; K, . ' , K = --- s ' f I K.ii ' rr ysi ' Af oor of rrxi-.i.h ' I KRSI-.II I-: THE EYES OF MEX II ' TIIOI T . A ORATOR Shakespeare (-3 MK rn i JJ afej r " r r ere r , 7 r, - r , - -7 7? " ' L. . ' i ' i V !- ' T ' r .1 - " " ' v ' ' t - - I f ' 0. THE B.IK DEPE. DS THE CO. TIM IT} OF CO STITCTIO .tl. ;OI ER. ME T . . J D THE PEKPETl ITY OF THE REPUBLIC ITSELF Inlcriptio ' - ' v - i - " " V " lfllp - ;% JQb U Jp.r ' - .?T? - yt t C -VVV) ,-) " - . f I V 5 c ( ftS ,i rr.- ' k, t-vsi ? w - j ; Krt ; ii fi1W - ' : v " : - .v ; ' ; : : : :. " :K.: ?. ' : -; " .;--. x- x % - (: l j ' - n l- Hm ci i .! ' rl ' iwljSS .- - r ' -.-p.S ; ' : - N - , r- :4 . - s?- ' V ' i:-:? .-.V:: , :- : ; ?i v ' J S ' .. H J V . 1 1 THE CHARACTER OF THE LEGAL PROFESSION DEPENDS ON THE CHARACTER OF THE LAW SCHOOLS . ' . THE CHARACTER OF THE LAlf SCHOOLS FORECASTS THE FUTURE OF AMERICA - ..jr - : : P " r i - p? r- , w o v, : rT [- , - r V-J 7 ' ' TTT ' -rT r . .T ' J ' T ' JJ.lV r .:Jcr ' " a3j| I . -.J |3 : ' ' fr-t I-T . t ' L LVJ " ? ' . j " ' -. - r tS-,. r t C _ - : n i --- ' ' - iir wi ' -i IV- 1 |li= I ; , , . - .: .41 - i; OO .IS .4DrJtS.1KIES DO l L.IH MIGHTILY . ' . BL ' T EAT .1 ' D DKI K jfS FKIEXDS V " " " " -w --. L.r - ...,..,,p- - ..,?. rS QMa tt r..n v -V;-%-. ' I r 1 ; A V - f% ;| s s c | CP W; ' " -s 4 n? k i . S . :: ' .V .1 -V.. ....HI : Z frtf $r : : sK =sSlSUSiMit SammWM]K Vm ' a =ElnB feES I i i SLJUJ W$ ! ' ; ' : ; w ; ,. . ' ' HAS HONORED US . A l ' ffl- HONOR IT Daniel Webster ij 1 - - ' .c[ jSl drwi " 7 S 5 j, rrT Tr ; r - r AoLJ J 4[ I, , . :i ir. -T ; - . _ i TO THE SOLID CKOVXD OF SJTLRE TKl ' STS THE HIND THAT Bl ' lLDS FOR AYE JL - . MiM- - -. - - . .IT..iiiu. r 3v;-- c V rcT , hj i cHT V i. XV ' ' " 1 ' T1 ' ' " r ' ' ' ,- - ' -. X " v ' ; -x_ i ; ftl l . 1 ' : f . ;: ; ??r ; - -V.--. . l i -:.:|-?. ' V J -;- - ' -- ' ' ' . ' . ' :- mmm m - -. i,.- . r. :i . - .. ' ! ' " ' -- " -. ' - i r EVERY ADDITION TO OUR KNOWLEDGE IS AN ADDITION TO HUMAN POll ' KK Horace Mann i 1 7 1 L_ RICHARD L. LAURENCE ELSA R. OHLMACHER DOROTHY McFARLEN FRANK S. ROBERTS Qterary Officers President I ' ice-President Secretarv Treasurer ATHLETIC JAMES K. MILLER. Chairman EDWARD J. HIGGINS PAUL F. JEROME LESTER G. WITT.MAN GEORGE S. HAGGARTV HAROLD O. STEEL AUDITING RONALD T. HALGRIM. Chairman ALBERT T. PECK EDNA E. KADOW BANQUET EDWARD X. HARTWICK. Chairman A. VAUGHN HERRICK JUSTIN S. COMPTON HELEN W. BROWN- MARGARET C. DIXON FRANK L. WERTHEIMER CAP AND GOWN- JOHN P. BROMLEY, Chairman FRED J. VOGT DONALD E. L. SSYDER ELEANOR S. MEISEL JEANE E. BRIGGS CLASS DAY ROBERT V. HALSEY, Chairman JOHN M. BENNET WILLIAM D. ROESSER SALLY WALSER ELIZABETH M. DRAKE JOHN R. SHAW, JR. INVITATION- HOWARD E. CROWELL. Chairman GEORGE W. CAMPBELL SEWARD R. WILLIAMS CLIFFORD C. PRATT Committees INVITATION (Cont.) JOHN W. SHENEHELD VERSA M. TREBILCOCK LOUISE M. PLETKE MARGARET BEAL ALMA W. CROUSE MEMORIAL THOMAS E. FISKE, Chairman EUGENE L. DUNNE CHARLES W. MARTIN- HARRY W. McCoBB REVA E ALLEN- DOROTHY A. ANDERSON- PICTURE WILLIAM B. ETHERIDGE. Chairman PHILIP M. WAGNER HALSEY DAVIDSON- OLIVE C. McKAY VERENA MORAN PIPE AND CANE LYMAN C. SAVAGE, Chairman ALEX C. GOETZE ROBERT J. HUMMER JOHN E. CLARK ROBERT L. LEOPOLD PROMENADE JAMES J. COLLISON. Chairman RUSSEL SIMS HAROLD W. MARTIN- GERTRUDE A. MACAULAY JUNE KNISELY SIMPSON PUBLICITY JOHN G. GARLINGHOUSE. Chairman CARL E. OHLMACHER PUBLICITY (Cont.) GEORGE L. PATTEE ELIZABETH C. LIEBERMANN SOCIAL MARK B. DUFFIELD. Chairman JAMES J. TRUDELL, JR. WILLIAM H. STONEMAN JAMES H. PRENTISS ALICE L. POWELL GLADYS TROWBRIDGE ADVISORY HERBERT F. STEGER. Chairman PERRY M. HAYDEN CHARLES D. LIVINGSTONE FINANCE DONALD E. JOHNSON. Chairman GORDON O. RICE AIDYS B. STONER RECEPTION- JAME S W. MARTIN, Chairman CASS S. HOUGH F. C. PARKER PAIGE LEHMAN- FREDERICK H. WASSMAN MATTHEW C. LOCKE CORNELIA E. SHEPHERD CHARLOTTE A. BLAGDON THELMA L. SMITH ALICE A. ALLEN- SENIOR SINGS DAVID M. BRAMBLE. Chairman E. DAVID BOYD DAVID M. MARTIN- WILLIAM E. TAYLOR LOUISE A. BARLEY ETHEL G. SCHRAEDER J LJIl - Twenty-five 2 9 2 5 Qterary Committee Chairmen JAMES K. MILLER Athletic RONALD T. HALGRIM Auditing EDWARD N. HARTWICK Banquet JOHN P. BROMLEY Cap and Gown ROBERT V. HALSEY Class Day HOWARD E. CROWELL Invitation THOMAS E. FISKE Memorial WILLIAM B. ETHERIDGE LYMAN C. SAVAGE Picture Pipe and Cane JAMES J. COLLISON Promenade JOHN G. GARLINGHOUSE Publicity MARK B. DUFFIELD . Social Twenty-six MOREY L. ABRAHAMS Tau Delta Phi. Detroit WILLIAM JEXXINGS ABRASH . Paterson, New Jersey Kappa Nu; Gargoyle (1) (2) (3). DOXALD L. ACKLAXD Highland Park EDGAR H. AILES Detroit Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Delta Phi; Acolytes; Michigan Daily, Musical Critic (2), Night Editor (3); Chairman League of Nations, Non-Partisan Association (4). CHARLES HAROLD AIXSWORTH Detroit HAZEL ETTA ALDEX . . . New York, New York Alpha Phi; Junior Girls ' Play (3). MARY ELIZA ALLAMAN Fox House. Akron, Ohio ALICE ALBRO ALLEN Kappa Kappa Gamma. Detroit EARL CHARLES ALLMAND AniTArbor Detroit Gun and Blade Club; Round-Up Club, Vice-President (3); Michigan Union Opera (2). HARRY ALPIXER U of M., C. of C. (4); Sociedad Hispanica (3). CARL FREDERICK ANDERSON Omena Delta Tau Upsilon; Track (3); Indoor and Outdoor Track (2) (3). DOROTHY ANNE ANDERSON Paw Pax Alpha Phi; Players ' Club (4); Mandolin Club (3); Junior Chairman of Martha Cook (3). Twenty-seven ESTHER AUGUSTA ANDERSON . . . Grand Rapids Pi Lambda Theta; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet; Athena Literary Society; Women ' s League Board of Representatives (4). LULA EVELYN ANDERSON Choral Union. Des Moines, loiva MILDRED EVANGELINE ANDERSON . . . Detroit CARL JOHANNES ANDREASEN . . . Greenville Alpha Chi Rho. LEONTINE LINNEA ANDREWS Escanaba NELL ISABEL ANDREWS Pennsylvania Club. Erie, Pennsylvania VIRGINIA CORA ANGELL .... Grand Rapids CHARLES P. APPEL Michiganensian (3). East Orange, New Jersey MARGARET ELIZABETH ASMAN . . . Ann Arbor Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Cosmopolitan Club. JAMES MEADE ATKINSON . . Phi Delta Theta. Eaton, Indiana EVELYN ROSEANNA AUSTIN .... Alpha Gamma Delta. SARAH JULIA BAICKER . Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Athena Literary Society; Freshman Tennis Team; Girls ' Mandolin Club (2); Symphonic League (4). Wayne Twenty-eight L. JOSEPHINE BAIRD Delta Gamma. HEXRY HUDSON BAKER Delta Psi. Ifollv Dunkirk, AVer York LOUISE AXXA BARLEY Kalamazoo Kappa Alpha Theta; Theta Sigma (3) (4); Michigan Daily (4); Masques (2) (3 ) (4); Comedy Cluh (2)(3)(4). MARION BARLOW Detroit Delta Delta Delta; Vyvern (3); Michigan Daily (4). UNA MARY BARNES Grand Rapids Portia Literary Society; Junior Girls ' Play; Y.W.C.A. Finance Com.; Press Club; Matinee Musicale; Women ' s League Membership Drive Com. (3). FRANCES GERTRUDE BARRETT Alpha Omicron Pi. Ann Arbor MARY LOUISE BARRETT Port Huron JOHN K.LING BARTH Chi Phi; Freshman Track. CLARA LUCILLE BARTHOLOMEW . I ' ineland, New Jersey Alpha Gamma Delta; Choral Union (2) (3); Glee Club (3) (4). Akron, Ohio SAMUEL Louis BAUER Delta Tau Delta. Cincinnati, Ohio ELINOR LOUISE BAUSCHARD Erie, Pennsylvania Delta Zeta; Players ' Club (3) (4); Choral Union (3) (4); Freshmen Girls " Glee Club (1); Junior Girls ' Play (3). JOSEPHINE ANN BAY Detroit " i mm rjts ? cry , v- mmSmm mlff - , - V --J-rt- - - - " i j j , i - . ' v 5. iAl ' ;}- " = - " ' - J| r-i t K OTorr-:-T,.T- ! v i: Twenty-nine y S W v JSriS II .. m .J.C-. _ OO _ 0 a ' U J y gi ' GgSSiii. MARGARET BEAL Arbor Alpha Phi; Mortarboard; Wyvern, Sec.-Treas.; Class Secretary (3); Masques, Treas. (3); Mummers; Fresh- man Spread Com. (2); Junior Girls ' Play Com. (3). WARREN ALLEN BEAM Glee Club. Mancelona LILLIS RUTH BEATTIE Detroit Kappa Delta; Junior Girls ' Play; Choral Union (4); Honor Council (3). LILLIAN AUGUSTA BECK.MAN . . . Toledo, Ohio N. C. Club; Girls ' Glee Club (1) (2) (3) (4). CLARENCE GEORGE BECK.WITH Ann Arbor LUCILE STOW BELLAMY Grand Rapids Alpha Omicron Pi; Sigma Alpha Iota; Tennis Team (2); Baseball (3); Hockey Team (4); Junior Girls ' Play; Masques (2) (3); University Symphony (1) (2) (3); Symphonic League, Vice-President (2), Treas. (3). C HARLOTTE DOROTHY BENDER Mandolin Club. Ann Arbor JERRY S. BENSON Conneaut, Ohio Tau Kappa Epsilon; All-Frosh Baseball; Varsity Base- ball (2) (3) (4). THEODORE IRVING BERGMAN . . . Highland Park Phi Beta Delta; Michigan Daily (3). HELEN ALICE BERNARD St. Louis Alpha Xi Delta; Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Choral Union. THEODORE GEORGE BERNTHAL Alpha Sigma; Adelphi (1) (2) (3). FREDERICK GREGORY BETTS . Clear field, Pennsylvania Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Football Reserve (3); Asst. Minor [ ' , Sports Mgr. (3). S andish BRIGGS W. BEURMAN Alpha Delta Sigma. Lansing FRANCES MARGARET BEYSTER Glee Club; Choral Union. Detroit EDITH BISHOP Kappa Alpha Theta. Jan Arbor STEWART McKixxiE BISSELL . Colorado Springs, Colo. MARJORIE MINERVA BLACKMAR East Aurora, AVir York Cerde Francais [3] 4 ; Michiganensian (3); Student Directory (3); Kappa Phi (3) (4). CHARLOTTE ALICE BLAGDOX .... Jackson Kappa Delta; Sigma Delta Phi; Wrvern; Mortarboard; Girls ' Glee Club (1) (3) (4), Mgr. (5); Oratorical Board (3); Y.W.C.A. Girl Reserve Committee (2); Women ' s League Board (3) (4); Chm. Life Membership (3), President (4); Portia, President (3). LEONARD BLAUXER .... New York, A r York Kappa Xu; Freshman Swimming Team; Players ' Club. FRED RUSSELL BLISS . ia Sigma; Glee Club (3). PlatmaeU HORACE BLISS Sandusky, Ohio Detroit ELIZABETH T. BOEHM Delta Delta Delta. LOUISE CATHERINE BOER .... Grand Rapids Alpha Omicron Pi; Choral Union (2) (3) (4); Glee Club (2) (3). ROGER HEYBOLD BOMMER . . Bu aio, New Yctk Scalp and Blade; Freshman Track; Freshman Glee Club. Thirty-one MARGARET A. BONINE Cassopolis Alpha Omicron Pi; Theta Sigma; Daily (3). HELEN VIRGINIA BOORMAX . . . Spring Lake Alpha Omicron Pi; Masques; Players ' Club, Secretary (4). TEE KAY BORDERS Alpha Phi Alpha. CARL O. BORG Craftsmen CJub. Shelby, N. C. Des Moiiies, Iowa ANNA ' _ ESTHER BOTSFORD Choral Union. Penn Yan, New York ELIZABETH WlGHTMAN BOTSFORD Penn Yan, New York ELMA ELIZABETH BOUGHTON Choral Union (4). Chicago, Illinois WILLIAM LESLIE BOWDEN Chimes ' (3) (4). Negaunee BERENICE BOYD Chi Omega; Junior Girls ' Play. Paola, Kansas E. DAVID BOYD Sigma Phi_Epsilon. Holland STEWART EDWARD BOYD Sigma Phi Epsilon. Holland HERBERT HENRY BRADFIEI.D Sigma Gamma[Epsilon. Gas ' ton, Indiana Thirty-two JOSEPH HARRY BRADLEY .... Chimes (3) (4); Asst. Mgr. Baseball (3). DAVID MERRILL BRAMBLE Toledo, Ohio Battle Creek Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Delta Chi; Druids; Pi Delta Epsilon; Michiganensian (1) (2) (3) (4), Athletic Editor (3), Associate Editor (4); Asst. Recording Sec- retary of Union (3). MARY GOE BRASHEAR Vassar Delta Zeta; Glee Club (1) (3) (4); Choral Union (3). RICHARD KENNETH BRAI XD .... Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Chamber of Commerce. Jackson CHAUNCEY LAMBERT BRIGGS Theta Chi; Alpha Xu. Detroit JEANE ELIZABETH BRIGGS Detroit Kappa Alpha Theta; Mortarboard; VVyvern; Class Yice- President (2), Class Secretary (1); Chm. Pan-Hellenic Ball (4); Asst. Chm. Pan-Hellenic Ball (3); Chm. Social Com. Women ' s League (3); Chm. Point System Com. (4); Asst. Chm. Junior Girls ' Play (3). ROBERT PETER BRIGGS Lansing HARWOOD LYMAX BRIGHT Brooklyn, New York Phi Mu Alpha; Glee Club (2) (3) (4); Varsity Quartette (2); Comedy Club (3) (4); Michigan Union Opera (4). PAUL DAVID BROMBERG Phi Beta Delta; Chimes (2) (3). El Paso, Texas Canjield, Ohio JOHN BROMLEY Alpha Sigma Phi; Mimes; Druids; Youngstown Club; Vice-President of Union; Chm. Cap and Gown Com.; Gen. Chm. Union Opera. JOSEPH EDDY BROMLEY Buffalo, New York Scalp and Blade: New York Club: Men ' s Educational Club. ELIZABETH JEAN BROWN Elizabeth, New Jersey AT " s i T T i T I ' -J_T- L_ ' ' Ji +zf j --.-. - ry jSJ- - - - V j r " Thirty-three FREDERICK MACINTOSH BROWN . . . Bay City HELEN WILAMENE BROWN Detroit Pi Beta Phi; Mortarboard; Wyvern; University Girls ' Glee Club, President (3); Freshman Spread Com. (2); Daily Staff (2) (3); Chm. Social Com. (4); Junior Girls ' Play, General Chm.; Secretary Y.W.C.A. (3), Cabinet (4). JEANETTE PATRICIA BROWN . Hillsboro, Illinois Alpha Omicron Pi; Calethia (1) (2); Secretary House of Representatives. WILLIAM F. BROWN Iron Mountain Phi Sigma Kappa; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Chimes (2); Asst. Cross Country Mgr. (3). E. WINFIELD BROWNBRIDGE . Brockport, New York Lambda Chi Alpha; Union Opera (4); Glee Club (2) (3) (4); Varsity Quartette (2) (3) (4). CHARLES DAVID BUCHANAN Ann Arbor MARIAN E. BUCK St. Johns Kappa Delta; Cercle Francais; II Circolo Italiano. CHARLES ALBERT BURNETT Jackson ELIZABETH TAYLOR BURNS Kappa Delta; Junior Girls ' Play, Blissfield HOWARD BLUE BURNSIDE Detroit MARJORIE GRACE BUTLER Delta Delta Delta. Highland Park WILBUR FOREMAN BUTLER . . Warsaw, Indiana Lambda Chi Alpha; Varsity Band (3) (4). Thirty-four JOHN H. BUTTON Goderich ' Ontario Lambda Chi Alpha; Glee Club Orchestra (4). ANITA MODELL BYERS . Kalamazoo CHARLES FRANCIS BYERS . Johnstown, Pennsylvania Phi Sigma. ISABEL MARGERET CAMERON Glee Club. Detroit LOUISE MARIE CAMP Ann Arbor GEORGE Y. CAMPBELL Acacia. A. McKEAx CARMICHAEL . Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Theta Chi. Ou ' OSSO JOY LUVERNE CARPP Hartford Delta Zeta; Players ' Club (4); Choral Union (3) (4); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club. GEORGE WALTER CARTER Detroit THOMAS EDGAR CASADY . Delta Tau Delta; Quadrangle. . Moline, Illinois FRANCIS BRADLEY CASE . Hammonds port, AVer York Gamma Sigma. PEARLE CATSMAN Flint T. - . -jg m .. !i " " SlS Thirty-five JOHN PERRY CHANDLER Detroit Michigan Union Opera Orchestra (3); Freshman Glee Club; University Symphony Orchestra (1) (2). CHUXG-FU CHAXG Hupeh, China BEATRICE IRENE CHAPIX Traverse Cit HELEN MARY CHAPIX .... Ben on Harbor Alpha Gamma Delta; Junior Girls ' Play. MARTHA CHASE Toledo, Ohio Pi Beta Phi; Daily (3); Student Directory (4); Michi- ganensian (4); Junior Girls ' Play. MIXG-YI PIXG CHEX Shanghai, China WINIFRED LOUISE CHENEY . Milwaukee, Wisconsin Gamma Phi Beta; Junior Girls ' Play. CHEUK SHUE CHEUNG Canton, China EDNA CATHRYNE CHRISTENSEX Short Hills, Neiv Jersey Kappa Delta; Junior Girls " Play; Glee Club (2) (3) (4). ALOIS JOSEPH CHRONOWSKI Hamtramck Polonia Literary Circle; University Chamber of Com- merce. HOWARD DEAN CLARK Ann Arbo-r IVAN STOWE CLARK Ann Arbor Thirty-sin JOHN EDMUND CLARK. . . . Evanston, Illinois Sigma Phi; Daily (2i; Freshman Track; Chm. Finance (2); Pipe and Cane 4 RAE ABIGAIL CLEMO Detroit DOUGLAS WALTER CLEPHANE . Washington, D. C. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Pi Delta Epsilon; Adelphi (4). LUCY Axx COCHLIX Traverse City Alpha Chi Omega. MARTI x B. CODEL .... Ribbing, Minnesota Phi Sigma Delta; Sigma Delta Chi. AXXETTA STOW COGSHALL .... Grand Rapids Cosmopolitan Club. ETHEL RAE COHODAS Ishpeming Players ' Club (2) (3); Le Cercle Francais; La Sociedad Hispanica. JAMES JOSEPH COLLISOX Lima, Ohio Kappa Sigma; Gargoyle (2); Basketball (2) (3); Cheer- leading Squad (3); j-Hop Committee; Chm. Senior Prom. JUSTIN SINCLAIR COMPTOX . . . Dayton, Ohio Phi Delta Theta; Daily Business Staff (1); Basketball Mgr. (4); Blue Key (4) ' . GEORGE RILEY COXE Phi Kappa Tau. GEORGIAXNA CONKLIN ... Alpha Xi Delta; Y.W.C.A. (2) (4). Perry, Netc York Tecumseh ALBERTUS BROWN CONX . . Washington D. C. Alpha Phi Alpha; Track (2) (3) (4). .......... ALFRED BARNES CONNABLE, ]R. Kalamazoo Delta Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi; Michigamua; Sphinx; Pi Delta Epsilon; Daily (1) (2) Night Editor (3); Opera (2); Glee Club (1) (2); Student Council (3;, President (4); Editor Frosh Bible (3); S.C.A. Cabinet (2); Publicity Mgr. (2); Blue Key (4). ALBERT FRANKLIN COOK Beta Phi Delta; Chamber of Commerce. HERBERT WILLIAM COOPER Ba Ci ' v Muskogee, Oklahoma Beta Phi Delta; Westerners ' Club; Daily (1) (2); DeMolay (1) (2) (3). HILDRED KATHLEEN COOTE Players ' Club (2) (3) (4). Ann Arbor LORA BELLE CORSON Ann Arbor Sigma Kappa; University Symphony Orchestra (1) (2) (3) (4); Players ' Club (2) (3). JAMES LYMAN COSSITT . Phi Gamma Delta. LaGrange, Illinois DOROTHY BEATRICE COULTON . East Cleveland, Ohio Glee Club (2); Choral Union (1); La Sociedad Hispanica (1). JOHN WALTER COWIN Varsity Glee Club; Choral Union. Mt. Pleasant RICHARD HARVEY CRANE . Indianapolis, Indiana Phi Sigma Kappa; Tennis (3); Captain (4). CHARLES DAVID CRAWFORD Flint Phi Kappa Sigma; Scabbard and Blade (2), President (3) (4); Druids; Flint Club; Culver Club, President (2) (3) (4); Asst. Mgr. Varsity Baseball (3); R.O.T.C. (1) (2); Student Commander (3). EVA JANETTE CRAWFORD Kappa Phi; Cosmopolitan Club. CHARLOTTE AILEEN CROMWELL . Park-man, Ohio Sigma Kappa; Junior Girls ' Play; Baseball (2). Pontiac Thirty-tight MARY VIRGINIA CRONIN Marshall Delta Zeta; Class Hockey (2) ()); Masques; Mummers; Athena. ELEANOR EVELYN CROOK Detroit Masques (3) (4); Players ' Club (3) (4); Junior Girls ' Play (3). ALMA ESTFALL CROLSE . . . Cleveland, Ohio Delta Gamma; Wyvern; Basketball (1) (2). BERNIECE CROWDER Grand Rapids HELEN E. CROWE Alpha Xi Delta. Manistique HOWARD E. CROWELL . . . Mt. Morris, Illinois Acacia; Chm. Class Invitation Com. (4). CHARLES BISSELL CUMMINGS . President Cercle Francais (4). LER.OY O. DAHLBERG Alpha Kappa Lambda. ALFRED ANDREW DAHLBERG . Play Production Series. PALL DAVID DALRE Chyron; Forestry Club. DONALD A. DAUGHERTY Ann Arbor Rochester, New York Escanaba Prescott, Arizona Holland LILLIAN DAVIDSON Alpha Epsilon Phi. . Dfs Moines, Iou-a : r-: v ' " Thirty-nine THOMAS HALSEY DAVIDSON Constantino Delta Sigma Plii; Michigamua; Pi Delta Epsilon; Quadrangle; Gargoyle (2), Art Editor (3), Managing Editor (4); Chimes Art Editor (2); Daily (2) (3); Optic Art Editor (2); Whimsies (3). CHARLES MOLER DAVIS, JR. Denver, Colorado Detroit Delta Tau Delta; Phi Sigma; Track (2); Class Track (1); Class Speedball (1) (2) (3). G. FRED DEBOLT Gargoyle (3). IRWIN F. DEISTER .... Fort Wayne, Indiana Zeta Psi; Michigamua; Sphinx; Asst. Football Mgr. (3); Construction Mgr. Union Fair (3); Student Council (4); ' Blue Key (4). SELMA EDITH DE}ONGE Grand Rapids O. DENMAN, JR Toledo, Ohio Theta Delta Chi; Michiganensian (1) (2) (3); Opera (2) (3). NELLIE ARLENE DENSMORE .... Bellairc Alpha Xi Delta; Girls ' Glee Club (4). HELEN MAUGER DETWYLER . . Ann Arbor R. HALL DE WEESE . . Kansas City, Missouri Delta Upsilon; Chimes (1) (2); Issue Editor (2). JANE DEWEY Toledo, Ohio Chi Omega; Michiganensian (3), Women ' s Editor (4); Junior Girls ' Play. VESTA GERALDINE DE WITT . . Harbor Springs Kappa Delta; Senior Girls ' Basketball; ]unior Girls ' Play. PHILIP DEXTER Highland Park Forty EFFIE JANET DICK Detroit GEORGE CLARENDON DILLMAN . . . Ann Arbor Sigma Nu; Michigamua; Baseball (2) (3) (4): Captain (4); Blue Key (4). DON MC!NTOSH DIXON Alpha Tau Omega. Detroit MARGARET CLARA DIXON Detroit Delta Gamma; Mortarboard; Wyvern; Basketball (4); Junior Representative of Women ' s League (3); Junior Girls ' Play; Vice-President Women ' s League (4); Presi- dent Michigan Inter-Sorority Association (4). DORA M. DODGE Flint World ' s Fellowship Com. Y.W.C.A. (2) (3) (4); Kappa Phi; X.C. Club. ROBERT X. DONLEY Nathrop, Colorado JOSEPH EDWARD DORAN .... Grand Rapids ROGER D. DOTEN Albion, Nebraska Pi Kappa Alpha; Gamma Eta Gamma. MARY RUTH DOUGHTY Alpha Chi Omega. Mt. Pleasant CLAIRE M. DOUGLAS . Zeta Tau Alpha; Cercle Francais. Detroit HOMER WESLEY DOWNING Alpha Chi Rho; Football (2) (3). Cleveland, Ohio ELIZABETH M. DRAKE Ann Arbor Collegiate Sorosis; Junior Girls ' Play; Comedy Club. VV " 1 Forty-one V SNi ii HF " . - BL J- y w TVT! - A MB SYDNEY R. DREBIN Big Rapids Tau Delta Phi. ALVIN C. DRUMMOND . Delta Sigma Phi. Grant MARION KATHLYN DRUMMOND McClinton House. Casnovia MARK. B. DUFFIELD Detroit Delta Kappa Epsilon; Soph. Prom Com. (2); Michigan Union Opera (2); Class Social Com. FAYETT S. DUNN Chicago, Illinois EUGENE LAWRENCE DUNNE . . Chicago, Illinois Phi Kappa Psi; Mimes; Pi Delta Epsilon; Michigamua; Sphinx; Daily (1) (2) (3) (4); Student Council (4). YlI.MA ANN DuNWELL Kalamazoo WINSTON JOHN DURANT . . . Rolla, Missouri MARION LOUISE DUTTON . . Sycamore, Illinois Kappa Alpha Theta; Hockey (3) (4); Basketball (3); Baseball (3). FRANCIS A. EASTWOOD . Chimes; Lyrics for Michigan Opera. Escanaba CHARLOTTE LOUISE ECKERT . . . Grand Rapids Delta Delta Delta; Wyvern; Mummers; Freshman Spread Com.; Junior Girls ' Play. SUZANNE HELEN EDGCUMBE Kappa Phi (2). Benton Harbor :i PAUL LEOPOLD EIXSTEIX Cleveland, Ohio Zeta Beta Tau; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Staff (2) (3); Editorial Board, Summer Daily (3); Chm. Opera Pub- licity (4); Chm. of Annual Gridiron Banquet (4). EUPHEMIA DOROTHY ELDOX ESTHER Fox ELDRED . Ann Arbor Detroit RUTH GEORGIA ELLEDGE Bismark, Missouri MARGARET APLIN ELLIOT . Cercle Francais; Junior Girls ' Play. Bay City RALPH T. ELLIS ARTHUR C. ELMER Plymouth, Wisconsin Ann Arbor DOROTHY MAUDE EMERY Chi Omega; Junior Girls ' Play. . Paola, Kansas WILLIAM B ROW x LOW ETHERIDGE . Signal Mountain, Tennessee Delta Tau Delta; Michigamua; Sphinx; Pi Delta Ep- silon; Blu e Key; Michiganensian Editorial Staff (1) (2) (3) (4). Feature Editor (3), Managing Editor (4); Man- aging Editor Students ' Directory (4); Varsity Football Mgr. (4); Chm. Class Picture Com. (4); Comedy Club. GEORGE HARLOWE EVANS . Upland, Indiana ROLAXD PALMER EVAXS Varsity Band (2) (3) (4). St. Joseph RUTH MAY EVANS Kappa Phi. Ann Arbor Forty-three OLIVE FAST Grover Hill, Ohio Alpha Gamma Delta; Class Hockey (3) (4); Class Base- ball (3); Girls ' Glee Club; Choral Union (1) (2); Junior Girls ' Play; Kappa Phi. ELWOOD CHESTER FAYFIELD . Buffalo, Neiv York Michiganensian (2) (3) (4); Comedy Club. DOROTHY JOSEPHINE FELL . Greenville, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Club (4). WALTER ALFRED FENSTERMACHER Phi Beta Pi. MARY JEAN FERNER . Delta Delta Delta. Three Rivers Sturgis ELEANOR ADELAIDE FERRY Detroit Alpha Phi. GEORGE LEWIS FINLEY Sigma Phi Epsilon. Smithfteld, Ohio THOMAS ELIOT FISK.E . . Sioux Falls, South Dakota Alpha Delta Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; Sphinx; Druids; Pi Delta Epsilon; Daily Staff (1) (2), Night Editor (3); Board in Control of Student Publications (4); Union Opera Orchestra (2); Chm. Class Memorial Com.; Blue Key. KATHERINE ELIZABETH FITCH EDGAR M. FLOWERS Ann Arbor MARY CATHARINE FLOYD Martha Cook Building. I Lf : ' l ' IL fli ALBERT J. FOLEY .... Dunkirk, Neu- York ' Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Phi. Charlevoix Birmingham Forty-four MARK ' S EMIG FOSSEXKEMPER Detroit ROBERT MATHESOX Fox .... Grand Rapids Sigma Phi; Reserves (2) (5); Asst. Mer. Cross Country (2); Basketball (3). CHARLES H. FRAXK . Gamma Sigma. ROSALIE L. FREXGER Lakf.cood. Ohio Las Cruces, New Mexico Women ' s Editor Summer Daily (2); Vice-President Press Club (2). FLOREXCE BELLE FULLER Lansing Athena (1) (2) (3) (4); Sigma Delta Phi; Delta Sigma Rho; Michigan-Ohio Debate (2) (3). WALTER PHILIP GABEL Royal Oak ROSIXA BARBARA GALSTERER Frankenmutk JOHN GRAY GARLIXGHOUSE Detroit Trigon; Sigma Delta Chi; Michigamua ;Sphinx; Pi Delta Epsilon; Daily (1) (2) (3) (4), City Editor (3). Editor 4 : Chm. Publicity Com. (4); Blue Key (4). JOSEPH OWEX GARTXER Daily (3) (4). JT andotte RITH GASSMAX Women ' s Educational Qub; Choral Union. Detroit ANDREW JOSEPH GAVEY B.S.U. of M. 1922. Glenl on, Pennsylvania WALDO E. GEHRIXG Alpha Sigma Phi. Cleveland, Ohio Forty-five ga ALBERT WILLIAM GENSKE . . Fredonia, New York GRAHAM EARL GETTY . Silver Spring, Maryland CHARLOTTE JANE GIBSON .... Grand Rapids Mortarboard; Senior Society; Masques; Y.W.C.A. Treasurer (3), Representative to National Convention (3), President (4). EDWARD T. GIBSON Sylvan Lake DONALD W. GILBERT Battle Creek WILLIAM BLISS GILES Blissfield Phi Kappa Sigma; Druids; Baseball (2) (3) (4). RUSSELL MAX GILSOX . Shelby ARNOLD GINGRICH Phi Sigma Kappa. Grand Rapids LYMAN JOYCE GLASGOW .... Spencer, loiva Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Rho; Adelphi; Varsity Debate (2) (3); Vice-President Oratorical Board (3); Varsity Yell Master (3) (4). WALTER SIDNEY GLAZER Phi Delta Epsilon. GEORGE WILLIAM GLEASNER Scalp and Blade (2). WINIFRED M. GLEISS Detroit Buffalo, New York Detroit Forty-six MIRIAM GODDARD Detroit HELEX FLORENCE GOETZ ALEX CARL GOETZE, JR. Ypsilanti Delta Upsilon; Blue Key Club; Glee Club (2); Opera (2); Freshmen Glee Club (1); Field Supervisor Intra- mural Athletics (4). EDWARD LAWRENCE GOLDEN Phi Kappa Tau. Toledo, Ohio Ia n istee LEWIS ALEXANDER GOLDEN Fhi Beta Delta. . . Highland Park Louis GOLDSTEIN Saginaw Phi Beta Delta; Craftsmen; Wrestling (3); Freshman Football. CLINTON HOWARD GOOD Fait horn HARRIET I. GOODALL Alpha Xi Delta. MARJORIE JEANNETTE GOODENOW Women ' s Educational Club. Durand Detroit MARJORIE CAROL GORDON Detroit Alpha Gamma Delta; Kappa Phi; La Sociedad His- panica. RAYMOND PALL GORNING Detroit JOSEPH DERBY GRANT . Ann Arbor Forty-seven ELIZABETH CAROLYN GRAVES . . . Jonssville MAX FRANCIS GREENMAN Beta Phi Delta. Sou tli Haven MAGNOLIA R. GREILICK .... Traverse City Alpha Gamma Delta; Rifle Team (3) (4). MARION ELOISE GRIFFIN .... [Cashing on Sigma Kappa; Cosmopolitan Club (4); Social Service and World Fellowship Com. of Y.W.C.A. (3) (4). MARTHA C. GRONBLAD Escanaba EDWIN GUEST Detroit JOHN W. GUNN Chi Phi. DCS Moines, Iowa HELEN LUCILE GUSTINE . . . . Athena Literary Society. ERWIN HERMAN HAASS ARNOLD WILLIAM HACKFIELD Alpha Chi Rho. Benton Harbor Welcome, Texas Detroit CLYDE L. HAGERMAN Ludington Phi Kappa Tau; Daily Staff (2) (3); Union Opera (4); Asst. Mgr. Glee Club (3). GEORGE SYLVESTER HAGGARTY . . . Ypsilanti Delta Kappa F.psilon; Michigamua; Sphinx; Basketball (2) (3) (4), Captain (4); Baseball (2) (3) (4); Board in Control of Athletics (4); Blue Key (4). Forty-eight ESTHER E. HAGUE Carson City IRENE MARIAN HAINES Petoskey HAROLD LEROY HALE Cleveland, Ohio Chi Phi; Alpha Delta Sigma; Mimes; Daily Staff (1) (2), Accounts Mgr. (3). RONALD THEODORE HALGRIM . Fort Myers, Florida Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sigma Delta Chi; Pi Delta Epsilon; Daily Staff (2); Chimes (3); Union Opera (2) (3) (4); Class Treasurer (3); Vice-President Press Club (3). GRACE GRAHAM HALL Ann Arbor Pi Beta Phi; Junior Girls ' Play Com.; Treas. Freshman Spread Com.; Social Com. (1). PAULINE FEAD HALL Alpha Xi Delta. Ann Arbor ROBERT VOSE HALSEY Kappa Sigma. Calumet HELEN HANCOCK Yale, ' Oklahoma MARGARET ELIZABETH HANSELMAN . . Ann Arbor Alpha Omicron Pi; Junior Girls ' Play. MARGARET RAE HARDY Frankfort RALPH YERLING HARR .... Munith EILEEN MARGARET HARRISON . . . Ann Arbor Forty-nine WILLIAM D. HART Delta Sigma Phi. NANCY BABBITT HARSH . . . Z) j Moines, Iowa Girls ' Glee Club (1) (2) (3) (4); Inter-Church Council(4). MARY ELIZABETH HARTINGER . Middleport, Ohio Pi Beta Phi. EDWARD NELSON HARTWICK Ann Arbor Beta Theta Pi; Druids (4); Asst. Mgr. Cross-Country (3), Mgr. (4}; Chm. Class Banquet Com. (4); Blue Key (4). CATHERINE ELLURA HARVEY Benton Harbor Kappa Phi; Pi Lambda Theta; Athena; Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Board ot Directors Women ' s League. PERRY MEAD HAYDEN Tecumseh Theta Chi; Alpha Delta Sigma; Pi Delta Epsilon; Mich- igamua; Daily Staff (1) (2) (3); S.C.A. (1) (2), Extension (3), President (4). ELIZABETH J. HAYES Detroit Alpha Omicron Pi; Masques; Junior Girls ' Play. MARGARET E. HAYS . . . Michigan City, Indiana Kappa Alpha Theta; Junior Girls ' Play. MERRILL JOHN HEAPHY Kappa Phi Sigma. Cheboygan GEORGE ILLARD HEARD Ontonagon MARJORIE STANTON HELM Alpha Gamma Delta; La Sociedad Hispanica. Cadillac ANNE MILDRED HENDRICKSON Detroit DORIS HEXOCH LaPorle, Indiana BERXICE ETHELYX HEXRY Kappa Phi. Hastings GERALD MCCARTY HEXRY Lowell Quadrangle (3) (4); Ferris Institute Club (3) (4); Press Club (2). HELEX E. HEXSLEY Players ' Club; Kappa Phi. GEORGE H. HEXWOOD Detroit Chamber of Commerce; " Men " s Educational Club. FRAXKLIX DEWEY HEPBURX Delta Tau Delta; Daily Staff (2). ARCHIBALD YAUGHX HERRICK .... Bay City Zeta Psi; Druids; Varsity Track Mgr. (4); Blue Key (4). Milan Detroit SAUL HERTZ Michigan Summer Dai! Cleveland, Ohio JULIA KELLEY HICKS Cleveland, Ohio Cass City KEXXETH F. HIGGIXS Psi Omega. ALICE CREED HIGLEY .... Youngsio-xn, Ohio Hi TOYOJI HIGUCHI . . . Fukushima, Japan Nippon Club; Cosmopolitan Club. Gus CARLTON HILL Phi Kappa Psi. HEXRIETTA ' LAXDON HILL . Kappa Kappa Gamma. sC =:r = = i GEORGE ' HENRY HOLMES MYRTLE ' FIELD HOLMES Montpelier, Ohio Port Huron THELMA COLLINSON HOBSON . Alumnae House. Cleveland, Ohio L. WALLACE HOFFMAN . Richmond Hill, New York Delta Sigma Phi; Business Mgr. Whimsies (3) (4); La Sociedad Hispanica (3), President (4); Business Mgr. Inlander (4). BERENICE HOHEISEL Ann Arbor MARY ELIZABETH HOLDEX . . . Grand Rapids BETH P. HOLMES . ' . Junior Girls ' Play. Rochester, New York HELEX V. HOLMES Delta Gamma. Alma Detroit Ann Arbor ROBERT FURROW HOLMES .... Piqua, Ohio E. RICHARD HOLTZ . Chamber of Commerce. Gross e Points Park Fifty-two THELMA ADELINE HOOSE Iron Mountain FRANCES ANNE HORINE Detroit Martha Cook; Mandolin Club (5 i; Masques (3) (4); Players ' Club (3) (4); Junior Girls ' Play. VIRGINIA LEE HOSMER La Cerclc Francais. Indianapolis, Indiana CASS SHEFFIELD HOUGH Plymouth Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi; Pi Delta Epsilon; Druids; Sphinx; Michieanensian (1) (2) (3); Director)- (3); Class President (3). DELLA EVELINE HOULAND Portia Literary Society; Black Quill. Escanaba WARD ALLAN HOWE . . Franklinmlle, Nnc York MARTHA VIRGINIA HOWELL . Altoona, Pennsylvania Alpha Phi; Hockey Team (1) (2); Baseball (1) (2); Junior Girls ' Play. WILLIAM DEHART HUBBARD . . Cincinnati, Ohio Omega Psi Phi; Freshman Track; Varsity Track (2) (3) (4). JOHN FRANKLIN HI BER Ann Arbor Alpha Sigma Phi; Pi Delta Epsilon; Chimes (2) (3); ELIZABETH GRIFFIN HULBERT Detroit Pi Beta Phi. HENRY CHARLES HULETT Marshall BLANCHE HULL . . S . Clair mm Fifty-three OTTO S. HULT EDGAR HUNT HUNTING i j f2 m ' iim2 ALICE ELAINE HULSCHER . New Rochelle, New York Junior Girls ' Play. Gladstone ROBERT JOHNSTONE HUMMER . Chicago, Illinois Phi Kappa Psi; Druids; Sphinx; Chm. House Com. Union (3); Opera (2) (3); Mimes; Student Council (3) (4). Grand Rapids SELDON THOMAS HUNTING .... Cresco, Iowa Tau Kappa Epsilon; Forestry Club. ALEXANDER HURH Kunsan, Korea GRACE JEAN HURKETT .... Harbor Beach STANHOPE PIET HUYCK Clio OLIVE HYMANS Kappa Delta; Junior Girls ' Play Com. Sagittate DUNNING IDLE, JR. Ypsilanti ORVILLE L. INGERSOLL Grand Rapids EDWARD THORNTON INGLE . . . Toledo, Ohio Chi Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Glee Club (3) (4). Fifty-four FRED T. JARRETT . Sigma Delta Kappa. Farrfll, Pennsylvania JOHN ALLYN JAY Chicago, Illinois Delta Tau Upsilon; Adelphi House of Representatives; La Sociedad Hispanica. OSCAR HENRY JEKEL . . . Kirktrood, Missouri Delta Tau Upsilon; Michigan " Optic " (2); Freshman Glee Club; Choral Union (1) (2); Varsity Glee Club (3) (4); Opera (4). MARGARET LEE JENKS St. Clair Kappa Alpha Theta; Junior Girls ' Play. RHEA FRANCES JENKS Traverse City Kappa Delta; Choral Union; Junior Girls ' Play; Board of Representatives (3). REX L. JENNINGS Half Craftsmen; La Sociedad Hispanica; Chamber of Com- merce. PAUL FREDERICK JEROME Detroit Delta Upsilon; Varsity Tennis (2) (4); Coach Freshman man Tennis; Asst. Mer. Intramural Athletics. ADALINE EMILY JOHNESSE Alpha Phi. Boise, Idaho ALVA HAZELWOOD JOHNSON . . . Grand Rapids Delta Tau Upsilon; Whimsies (3) (4); Players ' Club (3) (4). CLARENCE HOLGER JOHNSON . . Iron Mountain DONALD EDSON JOHNSON Flint Phi Kappa Sigma; Class Treasurer (.1); Chm. Class Finance Com. (4); L nion Opera (3) (4). ESTHER ELVIRA JOHNSON Ironwood Fijiy-five EVELYN ANN JOHNSON LESTER F. JOHNSON Sigma Delta Kappa; Round-Up Club. Ontonagon Greenville MARGARET GRETCHEN JOHNSON . . Comstock Park NORMAN BURROWS JOHNSON . Louisville, Kentucky Delta Sigma Rho; Alpha Nu; Varsity Debate (3) (4); Chm. World Service Com. (3) (4). FANNY LOUISA JOHNSON Detroit Zeta Tau Alpha; Junior Girls ' Play. FLORENCE CAROLYN JOHNSTON .... Detroit Kappa Alpha Theta; Junior Girls ' Play. LOWELL FREDERICK JONES Belding PAUL CARLTON JONES Toledo, Ohio Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Lambda Upsilon. JOHN E. JUDSON .... Alpha Chi Rho. Ann Arbor EDNA ELIZABETH KADOW Toledo, Ohio Chi Omega; Wyvern; Senior " Society; Portia Literary Society; Business Mgr. JuniorjGirls ' Play; Senior Girls ' Play; Representative Woman ' s League Board. MYRON S. KAHLER Forestry Club. AARON Louis KARABELNICK Frankfort, New York Detroit % m m Fifty -six DAVID KASS . Tau Epsilon Phi. Rochester, IRENE JUNE KAUSKA Cosmopolitan Club. HOWARD HALTER KEI.SEY . Tenn ' s Team (2); Commerce Club. JOHN LEWIS KFNOWER Phi Delta Theta. Elyna, Ohio A. HENRY K.EXTTA Erclih, Minnesota Westerners " Club; La Sociedad Hispanica; Varsity Band (2 ; University Symphony Orchestra - CLARENCE RICHARD KERSTEX University Chamber of Commerce. MILTON LYMAX KIEBLER .... Manchester Sigma Phi Epsilon: Michigan Optic; Business Staff; Varsity Band (4); Glee Club (3). BERTHA MARY KIEL MARY LEONE KILEY LLCIA LEE KILPATRICK Gamma Phi Beta; Junior Girls ' Play. Frvi KIXAI CHARLOTTE MADGE KIXG Zeta Tau Alpha. Grand Haren Grand Rapids Detroit Kyoto, Japan . Grand Rapids Fiftn-stven l-g-li - ' .C ?- Fifty-eight mm m LUCY ETA KINGSLEY Battle Creek Kappa Phi; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4); Inter-Church Coun- cil (4). SARAH LOUISE KINGSLEY Kappa Phi. Battle Creek ZELDA MARTHA KINGSLEY Junior Girls ' Play. Three Rivers ANTOINETTE E. KINSELLA Detroit E. ARDEN KIRSCHNER .... Peebles, Ohio Kappa Nu; Pi Delta Epsilon; Gargoyle (1) (2) (3), Asst. Business Mgr. (4); Union Fair (3); Mimes Vaude- ville Com. (3); Captain S.C.A. Financial Drive (3). FRANCES MARY KIRTLAND .... RICHARD CARLYLE KITTREDGE Jackson Ro al Oak DOROTHY ESTELLE KNOEPP . Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania KATHERINE KOCHER .... Decatur, Indiana Delta Gamma; Senior Tennis Champion (4); Junior Girls ' Plav. ADOI.PH JOSEPH KOENIG Ann Arbor ALBERT FRAZIER KOEPCKE Detroit Hermitage; Sigma Delta Chi; Chimes (2); Athletic Pro- gram (3); Asst. Baseball Mgr. (3). HAZEL J. KRAPT . Ann Arbor MAX AAROX KRASNICK Life Membership Drive 1 0 V ELEANORA BERTHA KREITZ . . Monroe PAI L JOSEPH K.ULLMAX Phi Kappa Psi. Chicago, Illinois OSHIYASU K.UMAZAW.A akagun Kanaga ' xa-kfn, Japan Cosmopolitan Club; Nippon Club. WALTER KUNOW Football (3) (4). Detroit M. T. KUONG Hong Kong. China ROBERT MYERS KURTZ . Clearfield, Pennsylvania .ma Alpha Epsilon; Michigan Daily (1) (2); Baseball (3); Dance Com.; Speaker ' s Com. KIMBER CLEAVER KUSTER . Phi Sigma; Biological Society. Ann Arbor J. ALBERT LAANSMA .... Summer Daily (4). ALPHRA CHARIS LADD Grand Rapids Detroit Alpha Gamma Delta; Vyvern; Cercle Francais; Property Mgr. Junior Girls ' ' Play; Baseball Team (1) Women ' s Athletic Association; Hockey Team (4); Y.W.C.A. Meetings Com.; Y.W.C.A. Drive Chm.; Portia Literary Society. WADE PORTER LADD Toledo, Ohio LILLIAN KATHERIXE LAKE Gross f lie Delta Zeta; Senior Advisor; Junior Girls " Play; Junior Advisor; Players ' Club (3) (4); Com. League ' Sale Y.W.C.A - ww Fifty -nine lI:MM i HOWARD CARLETON LAMOXT Lambda Chi Alpha. JOHN GORDON LAMOREE . New Castle, Pennsylvania Sigma Nu. Detroit REGINALD D. LANG Chimes (1) (2). ELIZABETH LAPHAM Kappa Kappa Gamma. Marine City Northville EVELYN MARIE LAPHAM Detroit Junior Advisor; Senior Advisor. PHILIP EUGENE LA ROWE . . Maywood, Illinois Alpha Kappa Lambda; Glee Club (3). LILLIAN LATHERS Inkster Cercle Francais; Girls ' Glee Club (1) (2) (3); Choral Union (1) (2) (3). CLARA BUTLER LAU Detroit Athena (2); Cercle Francais (3); French Play (3); Delta Sigma Rho; Eleanor Ford Medal; Michigan-Ohio Debate (3). HARRY LAWRENCE Sigma Phi Epsilon. Brook, Indiana RICHARD LEE LAURENCE Detroit Kappa Sigma; Druids; Track (2); Basketball (2); Dance Com. Union (2); Library (3); President Freshman Class; President Senior Class; ' Class Athletic Com. (3). ROBERT LAWSON Grand Ledge PAUL DAVIS LEE Alpha Tau Omega. Grand Rapids Sixty ROSABEL VAIL LEE Kappa Kappa Gamma. Flint SIK PIN LEE Chinese Students ' Club. Canton, China LILIAN LEESOX Delta Gamma; Kappa Phi. Ann Arbor PAIGE LEHMAN .... Minneapolis, Minnesota Theta Delta Chi; Daily (1); Chimes (2); Frosh Hockev (1). Peterborough, New Hampshire GEORGE EDWARD LEHTIXER SAMI EL LEIBOVITZ EDITH LINCOLN LEONARD . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Plavers - Club. HELEN DAWSON LEONARD Detroit Detroit ROBERT L. LEOPOLD Chicago, Illinois Phi Epsilon Pi; Cheer Leader (2) (5) (4); Baseball Team (1); Tap Room Com. Chm.; Pipe and Cane Com. (4). ANNA LEVIN Detroit LEAH I. LEVIN Phi Sigma Sigma. Elkhart, Indiana RITTER LEVINSON Youngsiozcn, Ohio Phi Sigma Delta; Business Mgr. " Athletic Review " (4); Michiganensian (2). Classes Editor (3); Directory i3.l; Advisory Board (4); Mgr. Minor Sports (4); General Chm. Student Com. of Athletic Affairs (4). ST WrJ Sixty- ' g5-Krsr?us v " " ScHllf3 fmV sSiiztt:sttssssz s7xii i M!i JACOB LEVY Sigma Club; Youngstown Club. Yo-ungstoicn. Ohio MARTORIE LUCILE LEWIS Gamma Phi Beta. Detroit MARY ELIZABETH LEWIS Girls ' Mandolin Club. Sandusky, Ohio OSBORNE D. LEWIS Craftsmen Club. Palmyra, Ohio BERT RICHARD LEXEN ELIZABETH CAROLINE LIEBERMANN . . Saginaw Kappa Delta; Pi Lambda Theta; Mortarboard; Vyvern; Michigan Daily (2) (3) (4). Ludington WENDELL WILLIAM LINDSAY Adelphi. CARLTON LINDSTROM . . ' . . Sault Ste. Marie Hockey (2) (3); President Baptist Student Guild. Mt. Morris WlLBERT J. LlPPERT .... Chamber of Commerce; Adelphi. Neusiadt, Ontario CHARLES LIPSHUTZ . . . Bayonne, New Jersey Tau Delta Phi; Bayonne Club. HAROLD WESLEY LITTLE Pom us CHARLES DANIEL LIVINGSTONE Detroit Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Alpha Delta; Druids; Sphinx; Blue Key Club; Chm. Midway Union Fair (3); Recorder (2); Executive Council (3) (4); Chm. Student Faculty- Corn. (3); General Chm. Reception Com. (3); Advisory Com. Senior Class; Comedy Club (1) (2) (3) (4); Mimes (2) (3), President (4); Opera (3) (4); General Chm. Alumni Grid Graph Com. Sixty-two lATTHE vC.LocKE Grand Haren Chi Phi; U. of M. Bowling Team (3) (4). MARY JEAXETTE LOUGHLIX .... Boynf City LESTER M. LUCAS Psi Omega. Coldwatfr VILLL M ROBERTS LUEDDERS Cold-ii-ater WALTER EARL LUSTFIELD .... Ann Arbor Adelphi House of Representatives (1) (2) (5); Fresh- man Debate (1); Varsity Cheer Leading Squad (2). CHARLES A. LYOX Detroit FRANCES FRIEDERICHS MAASS .... Detroii Sigma Kappa; Cosmopolitan Club; Junior Girls ' Play; Board of Directors YVomen ' s League; Intercollegiate Com. GERTRUDE AGATHA MACAULAY .... Caluirut Theta Phi Alpha; Mummers; Junior Girls ' Play. RUTH STAXDISH NL cDoxALD Delta Gamma. Houghton VIRGIXIA MARGARET LvcLAREN . . Ann Arbor Chi Omega; Mummers, Secretary (5 i; Masques; Junior Girls ' Play. CAMEROX KEXXETH LvcXEIL . Alpha Tau Omega; Daily (1). HERMAX L. MADALIA Tau Epsilon Phi. Grand Rapids Escanaba Jl ti MARY ESTHER MAHAFFY y n Arbor Senior Society (4); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Varsity Girls ' Glee Club (2) (3) (4). ALICF, A. MAIER Girls ' Glee Club (3) (4); Junior Girls ' Play. ROBERT ASA MANCHESTER, II Detroit Canfield, Ohio Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Theta Phi; Frosh Glee Club; Varsity Glee Club (2); Opera (3). MIRIAM MANSFIELD Detroit Cercle Francais; Choral Union (4); Junior Girls ' Play; University Girls ' Glee Club (3), President (4). MARJORIE URSULA MAPES Chelsea HELEN MARGARET MARBLE Detroit ALBERT HENRY MARCKWARDT . . Grand Rapids PHILLIP E. MARION Detroit Kappa Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Football (3) (4); Military Ball Com. JOHN DONALD MARKEY Parkersburg, W . Virginia Phi Kappa. MARY ELIZABETH MARSHALL . Washington, D. C. CHARLES WOOD MARTIN, JR. . Omaha, Nebraska DAVID MACKENZIE MARTIN Delta Kappa Epsilon. Flint Sixty-font V ' - ; ELLIS R. MARTIN Cosmopolitan Club. Detroit ESTHER HELEN MARTIN Kappa Phi. Miami, Arizona HELEN Lois MARTIN Boyne City Sigma Alpha Iota; Junior Girls ' Play; Players ' Club (3). JAMES WALTER MARTIN Sigma Nu. Charleston, W . Virginia JOHN ROBERT MARTIN . . . Greenville, Ohio RALPH ARTHUR MARTIN Secretary Chamber of Commerce. Ann Arbor IRA JENCKS MASON Chicago, Illinois Tau Kappa Epsilon; Forestry Club; Track and Cross- Country (3) (4). RUTH E. MASON Highland Park CARNEY DERR MATHESON Springwells WILLIAM FRANK MAXCY . Rochester, New York Phi Kappa; Chamber of Commerce (4). IDA MARGUERITE MAY Kappa Phi; Athena. Port Huron WILLARD J. MEADER Battle Creek Alpha Tau Omega; Varsity Band; Adelpht (3). r S!JS V i " " M BB1 ' K. ' .mrf gj j- -agr ' . _- -- ' i - m f : " -V- Sixty-five ' ? -, i, ! JESSICA MEGAW LEE Cleveland, Ohio Senior Society; Westerners ' Club (2) (3); Michigan- ensian Editorial Staff (2) (3); Directory (3); Gargoyle (4); Basketball Squad (1); Black Quill Club (4); Honor Council Rep. (3); Junior Girls ' Play; Rifle Team (1). ELEANOR SYLVIA MEISEL Port Huron Detroit Collegiate Sorosis; Secretary Pan-Hellenic; Junior Girls ' Plav. WALTER O. MENGE JOHN RANDOLPH MERSEREAU . LaGrange, Illinois JOSEPH ETLINGER MICHAELS Highland Park, Illinois Zeta Beta Tau; Union Opera Orchestra (2). ALFRED L. MIELZINER Cleveland, Ohio Phi Epsilon Pi; " M " Club; Swimming Team (3) (4); Swimming Pool Com. CATHERINE AGNES MILLER Theta Phi Alpha. Fremont, Ohio JAMES K. MILLER Grand Rapids Sigma Phi; Michigamua; Sphinx; Football (3) (4); Basketball (2) (3); Rules Com. (4). FLORENCE KATHRYN MILLER . Beaver, Pennsylvania Zeta Tau Alpha. MARIAN ROCHE MILLER Ann Arbor Junior Advisory Com.; Hockey Team (2); Archerv Team (2); Rifle Team (3); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Mummers; Comedy Club; Players ' Club; Junior Girls ' Plav. MARTHA MILLER Delta Gamma. Iron Mountain MARY MARGARET MILLER . Indianapolis, Indiana Delta Delta Delta; Summer Daily (3). Sixty-six PHILIP RAY MILLER, D.D.S Iron Rher Phi Kappa; Delta Simga Delta; Mimes; Round-Up Club; Union Opera (5) (6); Designer J-Hop Decorations : ; J-Hop Sub Com. (.3). ROBERT MILLIGAX Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Sigma Phi Epsilon; Westerners ' Club (2) (3); Pennsylva- nia Club; Daily (2) (3); Athletic Program (3) (4); Union Swimming Pool Drive Captain (3). C. LEE MILLS Sheridan, Wyoming Phi Mu Alpha; Class Treasurer (3); Glee Club (2) (3) (4); Union Opera (3). BEATRICE ELIZABETH MILXE Alumnae House. WILLIAM ALFRED MILXE . Grand Rapids Goldbeater CATHERIXE LEVIS MITCHELL . Monaco, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Club (4); American Chemical Society. HARRY A. MITCHELL Reed Cilv Adelphi; University Chamber of Commerce; S.C.A. Cabinet; President Lutheran Students ' Club. BERXICE DAY MOORE KXIGHT Minneapolis, Minnesota HAROLD ARTHUR MOORE Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts Dai! : . Nicht Editor (4); Freshman Track Team; Student Press Club (2) YEREXA MORAX . Grand Rapids Theta Phi Alpha; Theta Siema. President (4); Mortar- board; Daily Women ' s Editor (41- Summer Daily. City Editor (3); Student Handbook, Women ' s Editor (3) ' ; L. of M. and You, Managing Editor (3); Masques; Athena; Junior Girls ' Play; Senior Picture Com. RUTH G. MOREY ; . Chicago, Illinois Alpha Omicron Pi; University Girls ' Glee Club (2) CARL HARRY MORGEXSTERX . . . Grand Rapids Pi Kappa Alpha; Varsity Band (3) (4). -w " i +H. - s . - j_j ' fc ' 1 1 u p -Trr j -i j " ' Tl ' - ' ' v L- ' ' i 35SB$ XJ vJ " r vw- .- . - jv: r-,rr.-.s ir-;j . v] " ' r:- Si i? - : : . - t : t DOROTHY JEAN MORRIS Detroit FLORENCE ESTHER MORSE .... Toledo, Ohio Chi Omega; University Girls ' Glee Club; Cercle Francais. ALLAN SHIRLY MORTON . . . Portland, Maine Delta Phi; Michigan Daily (2); Accts. Msr. (3); Summer Daily Accts. Mgr. (2). GLADYS MARY MORTON .... Mu Phi Epsilon; Junior Girls ' Play. GLENDON JOHN MOWITT GUY WILLIAM MUNT Kappa Epsilon Pi. Ann Arbor Norwood, New York St. Clair FRANCES MAY MURRAY . ... East Tax-as Alpha Omicron Pi; Junior Girls ' Play Com.; Class Basketball (1) (2) (3); Choral Union (3) " (4). KENNETH NELSON MURRAY . Highland Park MILDRED NEOTA MURPHY Ann Arbor MARY KATHERINE McAuLiFFE Delta Gamma. Albion JAMES WIGHT McCABE Delta Kappa Epsilon; Union Opera. HARRY WENDALL McCoBB . . . Sarnia, Ontario Delta Upsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi; Michigamua; Sphinx; Chimes (1) (2) (3); Intramural Dept. (1) (2) (3), Mgr. Bay Citv FLORENCE O. McCoMB Adrian Delta Delta Delta; Delta Sigma Rho; Summer Michig- gan Daily (3); Masques; Mummers; Varsity Women ' s Debating Team; Junior Girls ' Play; Athena. FRANK ALMAS McDERMiD Saginaw FERMOR MARGOT McDowELL . Honor Council; Sociedad Hispanica. Highland Park GODFREY S. McDowELL .... Sigma Nu Phi; Men ' s Educational Club. Detroit THOMAS HISLOP MCACHERN .. Michigan Daily (2); Glee Club (1) (2). EMILY JULU MCELWAI Cercle Francais. DOROTHY JEANETTE MCFARLEN . Deiroit Hastings Grand Blanc Alpha Phi; Pi Lambda Theta; Mortarboard, President 4 ; Wyvern (3); Baseball (1); Class Secretary (4); Chm. Social Com. (3); Mummers (2) (3); Junior Girls ' Play Business Com.; Chairman Women ' s League Bazaar 4 : Corresponding Secretary Women ' s League (3); Member- ship Corn. Y.W.C.A. (3). KENNETH DOUGLAS MCGREGOR . Des Moines, Iowa Phi Delta Theta. HUGH BRUCE McK.AY Delta Chi. OLIVE COLLIE Me KAY Findlay, Ohio Charier oi, Pennsylvania Pi Beta Phi; Mortarboard; Wyvern; Recording Secre- tary Women ' s League (3); Com. Chm. (4); Women ' s Athletic Association Board (3) (4); Hockev (4); Base- ball (1) (2) (3) (4); Basketball (1) (2) (3) (4); Tennis [1); Class Vice-President (3); Junior Girls ' Play; Bazaar Com. (4); Freshman Spread Com. JAMES WILLIAM MCKNIGHT . . . Birmingham Vice-President Republican Club (2); Press Club (2). DONALD HUTCHINS McMAHON Detroit - ) ' " " - ,-, ' -i l _? 1 - I Hl i Sixty-nine MARGARET McPnEE Alpha Xi Delta. FRED JOSEPH MC !ANUS Opera (4). Toledo, Ohio Marquelte WINTERS TAKAO NACAMURA Olaa, Hawaii BERNARD A. NAGEI.VOORT .... Royal Oak Sigma Phi Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi; Class Secretary (3); University Chamber of Commerce. RICHARD YAHEY NAHABEDIAN, JR. . . Ann Arbor ANNA M. NELSON Grand Haven FLORENCE LOUISE NELSON Owosso Alpha Xi Delta; Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; University Girls ' Glee Club (2) (3) (4); Masques; Mummers; Jun- ior Girls ' Plav. VERNON DURWARD NERGER . Wheaton, Illinois Tau Kappa Epsilon; Phi Beta Pi; Michigan Daily (1) (2). EDWARD WINSLOW NICHOLS Phi Sigma Kappa. Claquet, Minnesota ISABEL C. NICHOLS Ann Arbor Alpha Chi Omega; Cercle Francais; Life Membership Drive Women ' s League; University Girls ' Glee Club; Junior Girls ' Play. HAYDEN C. NICHOLSON Alpha Kappa Kappa. Ann Arbor GAIL NICK.ERSON Houghton XI. Seventy MARVIN LEMMOX XIEHUSS . . Riderscood. Ala. Acaria; Craftsmen Club; Alpha Nu; Sociedad His- panica; Dixie Club. BENJAMIN ALBERT XIEMANN . . .) ?. Clemens Michigan Daily (1); Chora! Union 1 . WILLIAM FREDERICK XIETHAMER Tau Kappa Epsilon. Ann Arbor Ann Arbor WOODARD ADOLPH XIETHAMMER Alpha Kappa Kappa. LUCILE HODGSON XORDYKE Ann Arbor LEE LEVERNE XORTON . . Rochester, AVer York Delta Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi. ELLEN LYDIA XYLUND Ironwood Summer Daily (1); Oratorical Board (4); Athena (1). - EDWIN C. OAKES Grand Haren ROSEMARY OBERMEYER Iron Mountain EDWIN JAMES O ' CONNOR . Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Gamma Sigma. GirsTAYE ROESER O ' DoNNELL . Billings, Montana Alpha Chi Rho. CARL EGBERT OHLMACHER .... Ann Arbor Trigon; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily (3) (4). Seventy-one ELSA ROSAMOND OHLMACHER Ann Arbor Kappa Alpha Theta; Chimes (3), Business Staff (4); Class Vice-President (4). THELMA DORA OLDS Ann Arbor ELIZABETH OLMSTEAD . . . Danville, Illinois Kappa Kappa Gamma; Junior Girls ' Play. WILLIAM EDWARD OSBAND . . . Pleasant Ridge GERTRUDE B. OTTMER Alpha Gamma Delta. Ann Arbor RUTH ADELE PAINTER DAVID PA LEY Phi Sigma Delta. BESSIE IONE PALMER Kappa Phi. CLARENCE A. PAQUIN Ann Arbor Wilmette, Illinois Ann Arbor Sault Ste. Marie ELIZABETH ANITA PARAVANO . Washington, D. C. Basketball (1); Players ' Club. AGNES CASHIN PARKER Collegiate Sorosis; Pi Lambda Theta. Detroit CONSTANCE PARKER Ann Arbor mmrnm- Seventy-two rnw :w Lockporl, New York FREDERICK CULVER PARKER . Trigon. FRANK L. PARKER LEAXDER COXXERLY PARKER . St. Louis, Missouri Kappa Alpha Psi. Clinton MERLE RUTH PARKS Birmingham Sigma Kappa; Mummers (2) (3) (4); Oratorical Board; Portia Literary Society (3) (4), President (4). JOSEPH HERBERT PARSONS Phi Kappa Sigma. Detroit GEORGE L. PATTEE Pueblo, Colorado Delta Phi; Michigamua; Pi Delta Epsilon; Michigan- ensian (2), Organization and Accounts Mgr. (3), Business Mgr. (4); Student Directory Accounts Mpr. (3), Business Mgr. (4). KATHLEEN R. PATTERSON Alpha Chi Omega. Detroit ELLA LOUISE PEARCE Alpha Chi Omega. Mount Pleasant ABEL EVERETT PECK Craftsmen Club. Gran ton, New York ALBERT TAYLOR PECK .... Mobile, Alabama Alpha Delta Phi; Druids; Garpovle (1) (2) (3) (4)- Art Editor (2); Father ' s Day Com. (2) (3); Class Auditing Cnm. (4). MARY LIVINGSTON PELL . Gamma Phi Beta; Junior Girls ' Play. SARAH LOUISE PEXNIXGTON Pi Lambda Theta. Detroit Highland Park Seventy-three mmmmmmmmmmm MILTON A. PETERSON Detroit Mimes; Michganensian (2) (3) (4); Union, Recording Dept. (2), Asst. Recording Secretary (3); Michigan Union Opera (2) (3) (4). ALEXANDER JOHN PETRELLIS Springfield, Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce. LOYAL I. PHARES . Alpha Nu; Craftsmen Club. DUDLEY MAYNARD PHELPS . . . . Benton Harbor M ant on Pi Kappa Alpha; Vice-President University Chamber of Commerce (4); Business Administration Class Presi- dent (3). FREDERICK H. PINNEY Cass City Phi Kappa Sigma; Michigamua; Pi Delta Epsilon; Chimes (1) (2) (3) (4), Advertising Mgr. (3), Business Mgr. (4); Union Opera (3); President Law Class (2). CASIMIR FRANK PISZCZEK . Milwaukee, Wisconsin Men ' s Educational Club (4). FELIX ROMAN PISZCZEK . . Milwaukee, Wisconsin Men ' s Educational Club (3) (4). ELEANOR PLAIN Chi Omega. Aurora, Illinois JOHN G. PLAIN Aurora, Illinois Phi Kappa Psi; Asst. Track Mgr.; Union Reception Com.; Mimes. LOUISE M. PLETKE Owosso Alpha Chi Omega; Junior Girls ' Play; Finance Com. HOMER B. PORRITT . Gamma Sigma. Pontiac HELEN M. PORTER Pi Beta Phi; VVyvern; Junior Girls ' Play. Detroit Seventy-four MARY ELIZABETH POSTLEIHWAITF Xatchfz. Miss. ALICE LOUISE POWELL Detroit Collegiate Sorosis; Vyvern; Class Vice-President (1); Class Secretary (2); Chm. Freshman Spread Com.; Treasurer Women ' s League; Class Social Com. (4). OSCAR F.. POWERS Fredonia, Netc York MYROX ROBERT PRAXXER Tau Epsilon Phi. . Rochester, New York CLIFFORD CALKIXS PRATT . . Elmira, AVa- York Lambda Chi Alpha; . lpha Delta Sigma; Pi Delta Ep- silon; Druids; Gargoyle (1) (2) (3), Business MLT. 4 CATHERIXE LUCILLE PRECHTEL Delta Gamma. Norfolk, Ohio JAMES HEXRY PREXTISS. JR. Phi Kappa Psi. Kenifcorth, Illinois HOWARD MERRIAX PRESTOX . . . BatiJe Creek Michigan Technic (1) (2) (3), Business Mer. (4). JACK NICHOLAS PRITZKER . . Chicago, Illinois Phi Sigma Delta; Asst. Cross-Country Mgr. (3). J. FREDERICK PROCTOR Ptquaming Hermitage; Mimes; Michigan Union Opera (2) (4). MILLARD H. PRYOR Detroit Chyron; Delta Sigma Pi; Quadrangle; Michigan Daily; Dodos; Adelphi (1) (2) (3) (4); President Oratorical Association (4); Chamber of Commerce, General Sec- retary (3). EMERSON HEXRY PLLS . . . Ripley, Scabbard and Blade; Chamber of Commerce. York Srrentt-fii-e ' _ -- " _ -= M f% ' - . r ' .- . " . ' -tt - .... I t - j . -j , - i " --.- _.- - v " - mamm DOROTHY MARIE PUTT Kalamazoo Kappa Alpha Theta; Tennis (4). ALBERT ROBISON PYOTT . . . Chicago, Illinois Phi Kappa Psi. ROBERT GREENLEES RAMSAY . . . Ann Arbor Druids; Managing Editor Summer Daily (3); News Editor Michigan Daily (4). ELIZABETH POWELL RANCK . . Grand Rapids Kappa Kappa Gamma; Hockey (2) (3) (4); Tennis (1) (2); W.A.A. Board (4). ALICE LORENA RANDALL . . . Washington, D. C. Kappa Delta; Choral Union (1). RALPH RHET RATH BONE . Chevy Chase, Maryland Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Westerners ' Club; Varsity Band (2) (3) (4); University Symphony Orchestra (3) (4). JONAS BERK RAYMAN ..... Toledo, Ohio THE LMA M. RAYMOND . . . Sault Ste. Marie Delta Delta Delta; Junior Girls ' Play. ELIZABETH GRIERSON READ .... Rich and MARJORIE Avis READ .... Highland Park Pi Lambda Theta. CAROL VERONA READER . Howell Sigma Kappa; World Fellowship Com. Y.W.C.A.; Kappa Phi. LLOYD F. REED Chamber of Commerce. Lake Odessa Seventy-fix WALTER ALBERT REICHART . . . Toledo, Ohio PRISCILLA ALBERTA REICHERT . Erie, Pennsylvania Kappa Phi (3) (4); Hockey Team (3). REGINA J. REICHXIANN Detroit Theta Phi Alpha; Theta Sigma; Junior Girls " Play Com.; Black Quill; Westerners ' Club; Press Club; Michigan Daily (3) (4); Summer Daily (3) (4). WESLEY G. REID Phi Chi; Galens; Basketball; Speedball. CHARLES AUSTIN REINKE . Milscaukef, Wisconsin Beta Theta Pi; Michigamua; Sphinx; Cross-Country (2); Track (2) (3) (4); Junior Auditing Com.; " M " Club. FREDA DOAXE RENTSCHLER LOUISE RIBLET . Alpha Chi Omega. MM dMI V3: Y fc-- - - - - V s GORDON OWEN RICE . Sigma Phi. HOWARD L. RICHARDS .... Grand Rapids Comedy Club .- 4 ; Chamber of Commerce (3) (4); Chm. Board of Directors (3 ; Chm. Educational Com. (4). ALICE ELIZABETH RICHARDSON . Dixon, Illinois RAYMOND GREGG RICHARDSON . Jl ' estjield, AVir York RLTH WILHELMINA RICHARDSON Girls Varsity Hockey Team (2) i.. ; - Seventy-seven HARRY HASKELL RICHMAN . Elizabeth, New Jersey Phi Bcta ' Delta; Newark Club. EDWARD BOURNE RIEDLE . . . Virden, Illinois Delta Sigma Phi; Round-Up Club (3) (4), President (4); Michigan Daily (1) (2); Players ' Club (1) (2). NELLIE LOUISE RITTENHOUSE . . . Cheboygan Alpha Xi Delta; Sigma Delta Phi, Treasurer (4); Chimes . (3), Women ' s Editor (4); Masques (3) (4), President (4); Junior Girls ' Play. HELEN MARGARET ROACH Detroit Niles MAXINE ELIZABETH ROACH Zeta Tau Alpha. FANNIE ROBERTS M untie, Indiana Alpha Epsilon Phi; Junior Girls ' Play. FRANK SYMONS ROBERTS, JR. . Omaha, Nebraska Acacia; Class Treasurer (4); Glee Club (1); Craftsmen. JESSIE LOUISE ROBERTSON .... Lansing JACK ROBINSON Alpha Chi Sigma. HIEL MALCOLM ROCKWELL Pontiac Delta Sigma Phi; Round-Up Club (3) (4); Michigan Daily (1) (2), Advertising Mgr. (4), Summer Daily Ad- vertising Mgr. (2) (3). EVA MERLE ROE X. C. Club; Class Basketball (1) (2) (3). WILLIAM DANIEL ROESSER . Buffalo, New York Phi Gamma Delta; Pi Delta Epsilon; Sphinx; Michi- gamua; Scalp and Blade (1) (2) (3) (4); Michigan Daily (1) (2) (3), Business Mgr. (4); Track Team (2) (3) (4); J-Hop Com. (3); Union Opera (2); Comedy Club; Blue Key (4). Buchanan Pl mouth Seventy-eight ABRAHAM S. ROGOFF Detroit RAYMOND BRADLEY ROOF MYRTLE RITH ROOKS .... Grand Rapids Junior Girls ' Play; Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Uni- versity Girls ' Glee Club (3) (4); Portia Literary Society (3) (4). HOWARD EUGENE ROSE Battle Creek Bfulah Tau Kappa Epsilon; Michigan Daily Business Staff (3) (4); Chamber of Commerce (2) (3) (4). JACOB JAY ROSENTHAL Detroit LYNN GEORGE ROSINO Beta Theta Pi. Sandusky, Ohio FRANK EDWARD Ross . . . White Hall, Illinois WILLARD ARNOLD RUCH Cercle Francais. Barber ton, Ohio RALPH CHARLES RVEGER . . . Highland Park Cercle Francais (1) (2); Union Dance Com. ' (3). V. HOWARD RCH Chi Phi. Yale JEANNE RYAN Port Huron Kappa Alpha Theta; Junior Girls ' Play; House Organ- ization Com. FRITCHOF THEODORE SALLNESS T-:ro Harbors, Minn. Chvron. Sevfnty-nine L I ' gT ! - ' j ELMER HENRY SALZMAN Yuma, Colorado Delta Sigma Rho; Varsity Debating Team (3) (4); President Alpha N ' u; Freshman Debating Team; Mem- ber Oratorical Association; Extempore Contest. KATHERINE FRANCES SANDERS Trenton University Girls ' Glee Club (2) (3) .(4); Junior Girls ' Play. CORA E. SASMAN Le Cercle Francais. LYMAN CHANNING SAVAGE ashington, D. C. Oak Park, Illinois Zeta Psi; Druids; Football (1) (2) (3) (4); Union Fair; Mimes. BERYL CHRISTINE SCHAFER .. Athena; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet. MARGARET DOROTHEA SCHAUPNER Detroit Marshall EDWARD FREDERICK SCHEFFLER Chicago, Illinois MARY- ELAINE SCHERER Jackson Alpha Gamma Delta; Press Club (3); Junior Girls ' Play (3); Glee Club (1); University Girls ' Glee Club (2) (3) (4); Choral Union (3); Kappa Phi. FREDA MARIE SCHMIDT Delta Delta Delta. Highland Park MARTHA M. SCHNEIDER Kappa Alpha Theta. Da ion, Ohio SOLL JAINA SCHNITZ Benton Harbor Michigan Daily (2); Educational Club (2). CARL BRONSON SCHOONMAKER Kalamazoo Theta Chi; Sigma Delta Chi; Glee Club, Business Staff (2) (3), Mgr. (4); Editor Michigan Interscholastic Press Association " Editor ' s Bulletin " (3). Eighty ELSA A. SCHREIBER Kappa Kappa Gamma. Grand Rapids ETHEL GLADYS SCHROEDER Grossf Point Park Mortarboard; Pi Lambda Theta; Senior Society; Senior Sings Com.; Masques; Players " Club; Glee Club; Honor Council, President u ' ); Board of Directors omen ' s League (4); Junior Girls " Play. ORVILLE B. SCHROEDER Marshall Craftsmen (1); Wanderer ' s (1) (2); Veterans of Foreign Wars 1 : : ; Boxing Club (1). IRENE I. SCHULER - gnu Kappa. Chicago, Illinois EUGENE EDWARD SCOTT . . St. Cloud. Minnesota HAROLD SEAGLE Worcester, Massachusetts Kappa Nu; Chimes (1); Issue Editor (2); Upper Class Advisor (2); Freshman Glee Club. EDWIN A. SEELEY .... Sigma Phi Epsilon; Baseball (1). Pontiac KENNETH CHRISTIAN SEICK . . Des Moines, Iowa Phi Kappa Psi; Alpha Kappa Psi: Daily (li (2); Blue Key (4); Inter- Scholastic Mgr. 4 . HERBERT LEONARD SEIDMAN Cleveland, Ohio Manistiqtif Sigma Alpha Mu; Cleveland Cub (1 ); Garooyle 1 2 ; Michisan Optic (2); University Symphony Orches- tra (1) (2); Union Orchestra [1). THOMAS MILTON SELLER DOROTHY MORTON SESSIONS .... Detroit Junior Girls " Play; Mummers Dramatic Society (4); University Girls ' Glee Club (4). HERBERT M. SEWELL Ann Arbor Cercle Francais. Eighty-one WILLIAM IRVINE SEXTON .... Sigma Phi Epsilon. MAINABAI WASUDEVIAO SHAHANE . Poona City, (Bombay) India Grosse Point JACOB SHAPIRO Sigma Club. Cleveland, Ohio HAROLD GEORGE SHARPE . . . Dfcatur, Illinois JOHN ROBERT SHAW Detroit Hermitage; Athletic Program (1) (2); Michigan Union Opera (3) (4). WAYNE EDWARD SHAWAKER . . . Toledo, Ohio La Sociedad Hispanica (3) (4); Gareoyle (2); La Socie- dad Hispanica Play (2) (3). BF.NITA MAE SHEARS Benton Harbor THYRA F. SHEFFIELD Valparaiso, Indiana Delta Zeta; Senior Social Com.; Junior Girls ' Play; Y.W.C.A. (2) (3) (4). JOHN WILLIAM SHENEFIELD . South Bend, Indiana Alpha Sigma Phi; Druids; Cross-Country (2) (3) (4), Captain (4). CORNELIA ELIZABETH SHEPHERD . . Cheboygan Gamma Phi Beta; junior Girls ' Play; Mummers (2) (3); Girls ' Glee Club (2); Portia (1) ' (2); Masques (2) (3) (4). ADELAIDE ALDEN SHERER . . Tarrytoicn, New York Chi Omega; Wyvern; Tennis; Basketball; Baseball; Freshman Spread Com.; Athena; Executive Board W.A.A.; Junior Girls ' Play. L. CLAIRE SHINNICK Kappa Alpha Theta; Junior Girls ' Play. Detroit Eighty-two BURTON B. SIBLEY Ionia Delta Sigma Rho; Vice-President (4); Mid-West Debate (5); Michigan-Oxford Debate (4); Alpha Nu. MARGARET SIDNEY C or tin n a HENRY T. SIEK Parakan, Java (Dutch East In dies) ROBERT ARTHUR SIEWERT Detroit Delta Upsilon; Gargoyle (1) (2); ' Glee Club (1) (2) (4). WALES WILSON SIGNOR Ypsilanti MARION EDITH SIKES Detroit La Sociedad Hispanica (3) (4); Honor Council (4). ABRAM ROBERT SIMON Lansing Sigma Alpha Mu; Gareoyle " (2) (3). RUSSEL HUDSON SIMMS Port Huron Phi Kappa Sigma; Varsity Glee Club. TUNE KNISLEY SIMPSON Jnn Arbor Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sigma Delta Phi. President (4); Wyvern; Junior Girls ' Play; Comedy Club; Masques; Players ' Club. Secreta- ;e-President (4); Class Social Com. (3). LORENE G. SIMPSON E. Cleveland, Ohio Chi Omeea; Summer Daily Staff {3). MARY ELIZABETH SIMPSON Ann Arbor WILLIAM RUSSEL SKINNER . . Des Afoines, Ivxa Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi. A4 Eighty-thrte IRIS MYRTLE SLINGO Choral Union. MARIONNA EDDY SMALLEY CONSTANCE ALVERDA SMITH MM 5 " " ? ?I- jv ' !-I- ? C yiE= ASSS : i : y 55 ' nmmmwmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmqmmmmmmm[lg f :5fgf5P;!f55 MARGARET DEVER SLAVENS Kappa Delta. . Oak Hill, Ohio Toledo, Ohio SARAH HELEN SLOCUM Ann Arbor La Sociedad Hispanica (3) (4), Secretary (4). Ann Arbor Wyvern (3); Mortarboard (4); Senior Society (4); Vice-President W.A.A. (3); President W.A.A. (4); Publicity Mgr. W. A. A. (3); Basketball Mgr. (2); Hockey (1) (2) (4); Basketball (1) (2); League Bazaar CATHERINE MARY SMITH Ann Arbor Detroit EVA SMITH Ary, Kentucky Ann Arbor Cercle Francais; Senior Society; Basketball (1) (2) (3) (4); Archery (4); Fencing Coach (4); Dancing (1) (2) (3) (4); Hockey (4); Mandolin Club (2) (3) (4), President (3), Mgr. (3); W.A.A. Executive Board (4); French Play (3); Junior Girls ' Play (3); Players ' Club. FRANKLIN RUPERT SMITH . . . Pfkin, Illinois Delta Tau Upsilon; Adelphi; Daily Staff (1); Michigan- ensian (1) (2); Union Executive Council (3). Flushing GEORGE DONALD SMITH Round-Up Club. Detroit HUBERT FRANK SMITH Phi Kappa Sigma. Bluff ton, Indiana Eighty-four : JEAN GARDINER SMITH . . Red Wing, Minnesota MA RUN SMITH Toledo, Ohio MORRIS A. SMITH Westona NELSON MATTHEWS SMITH Niagara Falls, Nftc York New York Club. THELMA LOUISE SMITH Collegiate Sorosis. PHILIP RICHARD SMYSER Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CHARLES JOHN SNOBLE Gamma Sigma. Detroit York, Pennsylvania Elyria, Ohio MARCIA EVANGELINE SNOW . Muskegon Sigma Kappa; Cercle Francais; Chimes (3); Y.W.C. . Cabinet (4). DONALD E. LAIDLAW SNYDER . Detroit Sunday Magazine (1) (3); Author of Opera (4); Mimes; Comedy Club; Players ' Club; Quadrangle; Cercle Francais. ELIZABETH A. SNYDER Detroit DAVID ROBERT SOHN Hartford. Connecticut Wrestling (2); Declamation Contest; Extemporaneous Speaking Contest (2) (4). GERALD RAYMOND SONGER . . . Miami, Florida viiiiiiii ' :: fesSilS ' mm HUBURTES EDWARD SOUFFROU . . Grand Rapids JOHN ALBERT SPAEDER . . Erie. Pennsylvania Kappa Phi Sigma; President, Michigan-Erie Club (3). FREDERICK KROEBER SPARROW, JR. Washington, D.C. Alpha Sigma Phi; Les Voyageurs; Forestry Club; Botanical Journal Club; Daily (3) (4); Night Editor Summer Daily (4); Glee Club (1) (2) (4); Choral Union. ROSALEA HAZEL SPAULDING Senior Society. Helena, Montana MELVIX HAROLD SPECTER . East Chicago, Indiana Delta Sigma Rho; University Republican Club (2) (3) (4), Treasurer (3) (4); Chimes (2) (3); Circulation Mgr. (3); Players ' Club; Michigan-Northwestern Debate (3). CHARLOTTE HELEN SPRINGSTEEN . . . Detroit Delta Zeta; Baseball (3); Hockey (2) (3); Tennis Tour- nament; Junior Girls ' Play; Y.W.C.A. Social Service (4). LEASON FAYETTF. SPROUL . . Delevan, New York GRETCHEN CHARLOTTE STRANGER . . Ann Arbor WILLLLA BENITZ STARK Junior Girls ' Play. Ann Arbor MILTON PRESTON STARR . . Corning, New York Journal Club; Men ' s Educational Club; New York State Club. JOSEPHINE MARTHA STEARNS Theta Phi Alpha; Junior Girls ' Play. HAROLD O. STEEI.E .... Sioux City, Iowa Kappa Sigma; Sphinx; Druids; Football (2) (3) (4). Adrian HERBERT F. STEGER . Oak Park, Illinois Zeta Psi; Michigamua; Sphinx; Football (2) (3) (4), Captain (4); Class President (2); Chm. Senior Advisory Com.; Blue Key (4); Baseball (3) (4). HELEN ELIZABETH STEGGALL Bay City LorisE MAE STEIX Kalamazoo MYROX Dox STEIX Detroit Sigma Alpha Mu; Class Basketball (2) (3); Intramural Department (3);. Asst. Mgr. (4). HENRY S. STEIXER Gary, Indiana RACHEL CATHERINE STELLHORX Ann Arbor GEORGE STEPAXOVICH Phi Chi. Bridgerillf, Pennsylvania MARY JEAXETTE STEWART Ann Arbor Gamma Phi Beta; Vice-President Women ' s Athletic Association (4); Junior Girls ' Play. ALICE CAROL STICKLE Delta Zeta; Kappa Phi. Three Oaks WILLLAM H. STOXEMAX Ann Arbor Siema Chi; Sigma Delta Chi; Druids; Michigan Dailv (1) (2) (3) (4). ARDYS BERXIECE STOXER . . Cleveland, Ohio Gamma Phi Beta; Chimes (3) (4); Junior Girls ' Play. MILTOX EDWARD STOVER Detroit Eighty-self 1 - ' f J " HOMER DENNIS STRONG Detroit Alpha Kappa Lambda; President Players ' Club; Ann Arbor Playmakers Club; Adelphi House of Repre- sentatives. ETHEL LYNN STURGELL . . Ashland, Kentucky VIRGINIA CAROLINE SUMMERS Birmingham, Alabama VERA SUNDELSON Alpha Epsilon Phi. New York, AVer York CARROLL ROSSMAN SUTTON .... Alpha Chi Sigma. Pontiac HELEN JEAN SVENSGARD .... Theta Phi Alpha; Junior Girls ' Play. ELSA HILMA SWANSON MARJORIE F. SWEET Detroit Flint Dotvagiac Junior Girls ' Play; Michigan Daily (3) (4); Chm. Women ' s Republican Club (4); Hobart Guild Cabinet (3); Freshman Girls ' Glee Club. WILLIAM EARL TAYLOR Adelphi (1) (2) (3) (4). PAULINE TEED Ann Arbor Ann Arbor FREDERIC GEORGE TELMOS .... Saginaw Saginaw Club; Catholic Club; Michigan Daily (2) (3); La Sociedad Hispanica (1); Press Club; Director University Press Bureau (4). LIDA MARGUERITE THATCHER Iota Sigma Pi; New York Club. Geneva, New York Eighty- e- ' ght ' Wf - 25 " ? BENG-CHLM; THIO . . . Tandjong Balti, Sumatra DOROTHY EVELYN THOMPSON Zeta Tau Alpha. Highland Park THORVALD CHRISTIAN THOMSEN . . Ludington Chyron. GRANT LEKENZIE THURSTON . Newport, Kentucky GUXTHER ERNEST TIEDKE . Delta Tau Upsilon. Saginata HARLEY HON-KEI TONG . . . Hong Kong, China DAVID S. TOUFF Detroit Sigma Alpha Mu; Michigan Daily (3); Mimes; Players ' Omb. MARGARET CHARLOTTE TOWNSEND Delta Gamma. JOHN HARVEY TRACY . . . Chicago, Illinois Phi Kappa Sigma; Sigma Delta Psi: Freshmen Tennis Team; Chm. Union Reception Com. (3); J-Hop Com. (3). R. GERALDIXE TRAVIS Kappa Phi; Players ' Club. Detroit Big Rapids MILDRED E. TRAVIS Big Rapids VERXA MAE TREBILCOCK Delta Delta Delta. Ishpeming Eighty-nine GLADYS TROWBRIDGE , twow Kappa Alpha Theta; Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Junior Girls ' Play; Sophomore Prom Com. JAMES JOHN TRUDELL Kappa Sigma. Detroit GERALDINE SHIRLEY TRUSCOTT ... St. Joseph Pi Beta Phi; Wyvern; Junior Girls ' Play Com.; Y.W. C.A. Cabinet (3), Treasurer (4); Judiciary Council (2); Freshman Spread Com. Y. T. TSANG Canton, China MARION M. TUFTS . . . GERTRUDE EMILY TURNER .... Tecumseh Alpha Xi Delta; Kappa Phi; Y.W.C.A. (2) (3) (4). AGNES MARGARET ULBERG Everett GIFFORD UPJOHN . East Orange, New Jersey Delta Tau Delta; Nu Sigma Nu; Sphinx; Druids; Pi Delta Epsilon; Michiganensian (1) (2) (3) (4), Sales Mgr. (3), Executive Com. (4); Sales Mgr. Student Directory (3). IRMA PRISCILLA VAN BAALEN . Theta Phi Alpha; Junior Girls ' Play. Detroit Ann Arbor Detroit VIRGINIA LOUISE VAN ZANDT .... Alpha Omicron Pi. Detroit LAURENT KIMBALL VARNUM Craftsmen Club; Freshman Football. OLGA K. VERDELIN . . . Minneapolis, Minnesota Women ' s Athletic Association Executive Board. Ludington Ninety BLANCHE I. VINCENT Ann Arbor Kappa Phi; Mandolin Club; Glee Club; Choral Union. HOWARD AUGUST VISEL Branson Alpha Tau Omega; Mimes; Chimes (1) (2); Michigan- enisan (2); Glee Club (1); Union Opera (3) (4). FREDERICK JOSEPH YOGT . . . Grand Rapids Delta Kappa Epsilon; Gargoyle (1) (2); Union Opera REBECCA vox TICK Detroit LEOLA GRACE YORE Spring Arbor JOHN QUEXTIX WADDELL St. Clair Delta Upsilon; Freshman Glee Club; Varsity Glee Club BEATA CATHERIXE WACXER Monroe Senior Society; Masques (3) (4); Athena (1) (2) (3) (4); Oratorical Board (3) (4). LILIAS KEXDALL YAGXER Ann Arbor Junior Girls ' Play; Michigan Daily (3) (4); Women ' s Athletic Association; Portia Literary Society (3) (4). PHILIP MARSHALL VAG ER Ann Arbor Phi Kappa Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi; Michieamua; Pi Delta Epsilon; Daily (1) (2) (3) (4), Managing Editor HOWARD EGGER VAHREXBROCK Kansas City, Missouri Chyron. RAYMOXD CHARLES VALK . Theta Chi; Varsity Track (4). Detroit MARLAX YAKKER Summer Daily Staff (3); Choral Union (3). Detroit i r 77i Ninety-out ' S jTx- S s -m. NED DIRLAM WALLACE Acacia. EDWARD F. WALLICH Glee Club (4). Highland Park Detroit SALLY WALSER Ann Arbor Alpha Phi; Board of Directors Women ' s League (4); Junior Girls ' Play. IRVING J. WARMOLTS Ann Arbor MAVIS LECLAIRE WARNER Portia Literary Society. Detroit MARY ELLEN WARRINER Alpha Chi Omega. Mount Pleasant ROBERT LEONIDAS WASHBURN Delta Alpha Epsilon. . Milan, Ohio FREDERICK H. WASSMANN . . . Bellaire, Ohio Kappa Sigma; Class Basketball (2) (3); Chm. Athletic Com. (2). MERWIN HOWE WATERMAN .... Jackson Delta Tau Upsilon. ROBERT AYDELOTTE WATERMAN . . . Ann Arbor Chyron; Varsity Band (3) (4); Vice-President S.C.A.(4). MONROE ARMSTRONG WATSON Cortland, New York RAYMOND TURLAY WAY Chicago, Illinois ROLLAND WILLIAM WEED MAURICE K. WEIL AARON WEISWASSER Ann Arbor . Montgomery, Alabama Detroit GEORGE WEITZEL Grad. Royal Oak ALEXANDER CHARLES WELLMAX . . Highland Park MILDRED MYRA WELSH Kappa Phi; Women ' s Educational Club (3) (4). Detroit STEWART ALFRED WERBACK Detroit FRANK LEON WERTHIMER . Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Zeta Beta Tau; Chimes Business Staff (1); Asst. Mer. Track Team (3). MIRIAM WETZEL Detroit Delta Gamma; Freshman Girls ' Glee Club; Junior Girls ' Play. MARY ANN WHALEX Players ' Club ( ). Grand Rapids ESTHER KARN WHITE Chi Omega. Ann Arbor EVELYN GERTRUDE WIDMAX Detroit Kappa Alpha Theta; Wyvern; Junior Girls ' Play- Corn. (3). Sinety-thrce P H T y.. " 1 - - ji - -. Tjr_ ' ' . j _f jST r " ? MARY KAY WILLIAMS Ann Arbor Cercle Francais (3) (4). ROBERT JAMES WILSON .... Grand Rapids Sigma Phi; Gargoyle Staff (3); Freshman Baseball (3); Chm. Athletic Reception Com.; Chm. Football Banquet (3); " J " Hop Com. RUTH IRENE WILSON . . Morristown, New Jersey LUCY LEE WIMBERLEY . . . Stevenson, Alabama RUTH WINKLEY Schenectady, New York DOROTHY HOLMES WINSLOW . . . Grand Rapids ILAH E. WINTER Kalamazoo Alpha Phi. WALTER EDWARD WITHERBEE, JR. . Chicago, Illinois LESTER GEORGE WITTMAN Detroit Sigma Nu; Michigamua; Sphinx; Track (2) (3) (4); Freshman Track; Chm. Upper Class Advis ory Com. (3). LOUIS WOLLENBERGER . Phi Kappa Sigma. Evansville, Indiana GLADYS A. WOOD Ann Arbor University Girls ' Mandolin Club (3) (4); Kappa Phi. GENEVIEVE ELIZABETH WRIGHT . Falconer, New Jersey Rifle Team (3). Ninety-Jour MAX S. V RIGHT Grand Rapids WILBE WILLIAM WYSONG . . New Lebanon, Ohio JAMES CLIFFORD YEAKEY Phi Gamma Delta. Grand Rapids DAVID PHILIP ZACK . Tau Epsilon Phi. Holyoke, Massachusetts DOROTHY MABEL ZEIGLER . Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania University Girls ' Glee Club (2) (3) (4). I I . GREINER SLAUGHTER ROBERTSON COATES Engineering Officers WALDO K. GREINER President EDLIFF R. SLAUGHTER Pice-President KARL B. ROBERTSON Secretary HAL B. COATES . Treasurer (Committees PUBLICITY JAMES E. BAMBOROUGH, Chairman WILLIAM S. HEARDING D. LAWRENCE PIERCE FREDERICK A. KIMMICH FINANCE NATHANIEL ELY, Chairman C. KENNETH MCCRACKEN MARVIN C. JONES ATHLETIC RUSSELL F. MOODY, Chairman ORVILLE W. REED LLOYD A. MAEDER CANE STEWART H. HULSE, Chairman HOWARD A. SHERIDAN LUDLOW F. BEACH SOCIAL LEO A. CANNON, Chairman WILLARD W. SPANAGEL HARLOW B. Ross WILLIAM S. HERBERT CLASS DAY KURT R. KEYDEL, Chairman ALFRED M. WHITE INVITATION ROBERT J. MINARD, Chairman R. LELAND GARE CLARENCE W. KLASSEN RICHARD VANVLIET LYLE S. VAN ANTWERP MEMORIAL HERMAN S. YOUNG, Chairman HOWARD A. HAYDEN GEORGE J. MACK SENIOR BALL WILLIAM W. KERR, Chairman CHARLES MERRIAM EBEN M. GRAVES PICTURE EDWARD M. Fox, Chairman FRED M. FREEMAN AUDITING RUSSELL S. SCRIBNER Ninety-six -;-, vx$ ;-- i. -- v -t- a -; ;i ;; F Engineering (Committee Qhairmen JAMES E. BAMBOROUGH Publicity NATHANIEL ELY Finance RUSSELL F. MOODY Athletic STEWART H. HULSE Cant LEO A. CANNON- R. KEYDEL Social Class Day ROBERT J. MINARD Invitation HERMAN S. YOUNG Memorial WILLIAM V. KERR Sfnior Ball EDWARD M. Fox RUSSELL S. SCRIBNER Picture Auditing, inety-seren iJM w W i r . _ -iT ' I SVV. -T-rr ----- - 1 JOHN D. AKERMAN . . . Mitau, Latvia, Russia Cosmopolitan Club (2) (3) (4). ALVA FRANCIS AHEARN . Menominee CHARLES HENRY ALBAN A. FLOYD L. ANDERSON Benton Harbor Willis MILLARD JOHN BAMBER Howell Aero Societie. JAMES ELTON BAMBOROUGH Ionia Quad L Club; Web and Flange; Chra. Publicity Com. (4). JOSEPH A. BARKOVICH Tau Beta Pi (4). Calumet ROLLAND BRIGGS BATES Flint WALTER ESTES BATTLES Haverkill, Mass. Varsity Band (3) (4); Opera Orchestra (3); University Symphony Orchestra (2) (3) (4). LUDLOW FREY BEACH . . . Fairporl, New York Quad L Club. MYRON GOULD BEARD A.S.M.E. Ann Arbor COLBURN W. BEEDON Ann Arbor Ninety-tiff.! XORMAND FRANK BLASE Cleveland, Ohio CHRISTOPHER EDMUND BLAYDON . Sigma Phi Epsilon; Quarterdeck. Detroit ORA GALEX BLOCHER Aero Club. Custer WILLIAM EDWARD BOOMGAARD Grand Haven WILLIAM JAMES BO-XD Alpha Chi Rho; Frosh Track. HARTGER J. BORGMAX GEORGE E. BOSSERDET .... Tau Beta Pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon. RAY OLIVER BOWMAN WALTER ERNEST BRACHER . A.I.E.E.; Engineering Society. Irontcood River Rouge Holland Westernport, Maryland Marqiutte BENNIE EMANUEL BRIERTOX . Stuttgart, Arkansas LEWIS M. BROWN Indianapolis. Indiana. MAURICE E. BROWN Saginaw -.jzartss; B.T aS s - imam " " " " r " ROBERT ELY BROWN . . . Forest Park, Illinois THOMAS MOORE BROWN . . . Eastpoint, Florida MILTON BUCKLER Washington, D.C. LEO A. CANNON Detroit Phi Kappa; A.S.C.E.; Chm. Class Social Com. (3) (4); Union Opera. FRANK E. CARLSON CELESTINE R. CASTRO Engineering Society. Cagvas, Porto Rico Detroit ALBERT F. CHRISTIAN Tau Beta Pi. . Alpena CLAUDE L. CLARK .... Phi Lambda Upsilon. Saginaw W. A. CLARK Pontiac CYRIL D. CLAVETTE Ann Arbor CLARENCE M. CLEMENS Plymouth HAL BEGTRUP COATES Detroit Phi Delta Chi; Vice-President A.I.C.E. (4); Class Treas- urer (4). One hundred LEO W. COLEMAN . Buffalo, N. Y. Scalp and Blade; Freshman Baseball (1); Varsity Base- ball (2) (3). GEORGE F. COXWAY Detroit WILLIAM HENRY COOPER Tau Beta Pi Passaic, New Jersey Detroit RALPH LAW CORYELL Rifle Club; A.I.C.E. WARREX GOODELL CORYELL . Youngstown, Ohio Trigon; Scabbard and Blade; Youngstown Michigan Club; Michigan Technic (2) (3); Advertising Mgr. (3). MAMERTO CRUZ . S. Mateo, Rizal, Philippine Is. HAROLD CHESTER DAHXKE Detroit DAXIEL C. DEGRAFF Grand Rapids Web and Flange; Gun and Blade Club. JOHX MARCY DETWYLER . Wayfarers . XORMAN EARL DIETZ Jackson Muskegon A. HARRY DOBBS . . Perth Amboy, New Jersey Tau Epsilon Phi; Spanish Club (1) (2). HEXRY FREDRICK DOXXER . Ransomville, New York A. I. E. E.; Treas. (4). - m-m. -Ti __ mfimwmmmw ' mm. One I LEO JOHN DORNBOS A.I.E.E. Grand Rapids CHARLES CANA DRISCOLL Tau Beta Pi. Detroit EMIL E. EBNER, JR Atchison, Kansas FLOYD GIFFORD ECKLES Ann Arbor CLAY DAVIS ELLISON . . Dalton, Pennsylvania NATHANIEL ELY . . . Rutherford, New Jersey Chi Psi; Vulcans; Triangles; New Jersey Club; Chm. Union Finance Com. (4). ALBERT DOUGLAS EPLETT . Michigan City, Indiana A.S.M.E. FRANKLIN LELAND EVERETT Kalamazoo Chyron; Tau Beta Pi; Opera Orchestra; Varsity Band (2) (3) (4); A.S.M.E., Engineering Society. CLIFFORD E. FISHBECK Ann Arbor ROBERT EDWYNE FISHER . . . Anderson, Indiana Quarterdeck. ELLIS BERNARD FREEMAN . . . Highland Park Highland Park Club. LAWRENCE STEPHEN FREEMAN Ann Arbor One hundred tuo KIRKE OSBORNE FRENCH .... Marshall MARQUIS RICHMOND FULLER . . . AnnArbor A.S.C.E. LELAND R. GARE . . Northampton, Massachusetts Web and Flange; Class Hockey. WALTER DANIEL GEETINC . West Alexandria, Ohio JAMES ROBERT GILPIN . . Rochester, New York Theta Chi; Class Hockey (1) (2) (3); Class Treasurer (1); Opera (3); Class Speedball (1) (2) (3). FELIX STEPHEN GLAZA Bay City PAUL JAMES GLEASON Beta Phi Delta. Belfast, New York FRED JOHN GOELLNER . . Port Gibson, New York Scabbard and Blade; A.I.E.E .; Vulcans; Tau Beta Pi- Michigan Technic (3) (4). RALPH RAYMOND GRAICHEN Triangle; Aero Society. Ann Arbor ALDEN EDWARD GRANEGGEN National Mine EBEN MONTGOMERY GRAVES .... Saginaw Sigma Phi; Triangles; Chimes (1) (2); Asst. Record- ing Secretary (4); Chm. Union Reception, Union Com. (4); Mimes; Opera (3) (4); Chm. Make-Up Com. )4); Chm. Temp. Directory Com. (4); Chm. Concession Lnion Fair (3). JOSEPH B. GRAVES A.I.E.E. Detroit One hundred three Louis GEORGE GRAY .... Egtr, Hungary A.S.M.E. DE VITT CLINTON GREEN Gamma Sigma; Scabbard and Blade. WALDO KARL GREINER Greenville Sparta Phi Sigma Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Tennis (3); Class Presi- dent (2) (4). JOHN PATTERSON GUNN . . Lexington, Kentucky ARTHUR STANTON HALL Mt. Clemens DONALD EMERSON HAMILTON Phi Delta Chi. HARRY FORD HANFORD Sigma Phi Epsilon. RICHARD HARRY HARRINGTON DeMolay. Detroit Detroit Detroit FREDERICK PARMENTER HART . Theta Chi; Class Treasurer (2). Detroit WILBERT GRAY HARTLE Cleveland, Ohio Alpha Kappa Lambda; Michigan Daily (2); Freshman Glee Club; Varsity Glee Club (2) (3) (4). VERL J. HAWKS Coloma HOWARD ALBERT HAYDEN Detroit Daily (1); Track (1); Chm. Class Memorial Com. (3). One hundred four FRANK P. HAYDON Ypsilanti WILLIAM SANGER HEARDING . Duluth, Minnesota Phi Sigma Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Triangles; Michigan- ensian (2) (3) (4); Class Hockey (3). ARLEN R. HELLWARTH Phi Kappa Tau; Tau Beta Pi. Celina, Ohio WILLIAM SEARS HERBERT .... Ann Arbor A.S.C.E.; Tau Beta Pi; Web and Flange. REINHARD ADOLPH Hiss . . . Barberton, Ohio Vulcans; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.E.; Michigan Technic. GUSLAV O. HOGLUND Aero Society. Milwaukee, Wisconsin GEORGE STUART HOLMES . North Henderson, Illinois PAUL JAMES HOLMES . North Henderson, Illinois ANG KAI Hoo .... Changsha, Hunan, China Society of Chemical Engineering; Chinese Students ' Club. RUSSELL TROY HOWE Chyron; Choral Union. Detroit CHARLES BUTKE HULL Alpha Chi Rho. Oil City, Pennsylvania STEWART HARDING HULSE . Fort Wayne, Indiana Phi Gamma Delta; Vulcans; Triangles; Blue Key Tau Beta Pi; Varsity Track (2) (3) (4); Vice-Pres ' ident t-ngmeermg Society (4). f- f ftBBBff One hundred five mmm f m 4BF ITI -M1 M-WMT-| - K _ ' - CHARLES WILLIAM HUNTER .... Rockford Beta Phi Delta; Web and Flange; Varsity Band (2) (3) (4). ROBERT H. ISBELL Toledo, Ohio LEON HERMAN JAGROWSKI Detroit Polonia Literary Society; Reserve Football (4); Class Speedball (2) (3). ARTHUR BERNARD JOHNSON . . . Grand Rapids JAMES BLACKMER JOHNSON .... Belding Sigma Pi (4); Beta Phi Delta; A.I.E.E., Vice-President (4); Chm. Publicity Com. (4); Mandolin Club (1). MYRON A. JONES .... Theta Xi; Phi Lambda Upsilon. Youngstown, Ohio MARVIN CHARLES JONES Phi Delta Chi. HAMPARSOOM S. KALOYAN OWEN V. KELLER WILLIAM WALLACE KERR Ann Arbor Concord Detroit Wilmette, Illinois Beta Theta Pi; Vulcans; Triangles; Swimming (3), Captain (4); J-Hop Com.; Student Council (4). BERRIEN CARON KETCHUM Web and Flange. Detroit KURT R. KEYDEL Detroit Theta Xi; Technic Publication Mgr.; Chm. Class Day Com. (4); Varsity Glee Club (2) (3) (4). One hundred six . KENT KIODER Kalamazoo Theta Chi; Daily (1) (2); Asst. Chm. Union Life Mem- bership Drive (2); Eng. Honor Com. (1) (2). ROBERT FREDERICK KILE .... Dall as, Texas Hermitage; A.S.M.E.; Scabbard and Blade; Cheer Leading Squad (1) (3). ILFORD G. KlLPATRICK Phi Kappa Tau; Reserve Football (4). Detroit FREDERICK ANTHONY KIMMICH Detroit Alpha Chi Rho; Web and Flange (4); A.S.C.E. (3) (4), President (4); Technic Staff (2) (3) (4), Associate Editor (4); Asst. Basketball Mgr. (3). CLARENCE ILLARD KLASSEN . Varsity Band (2) (3) (4). E. LIGHTON KNAPP Alpha Chi Sigma. HAROLD EDWARD KORTMAN Phi Delta Chi. Grand Haven Corning, New York Detroit JOSEPH KRON Saia Mare, Roumani Tzu CHUN KWONG Chinese Students ' Club. Sacramento, California WALTER LAHDE .... Aberdeen, Washington HARRY K-H. LAM Canton, China HIRAM IVAN LAMPHIER . . . Berlin, Netc York -r-rTj -J ?7 i . " . One hundred seven M JOSEPH HAROLD LANDRE . Binghampton, New York A.S.C.E.; Web and Flange; Varsity Basketball (2) (3) (4). STANLEY STOKES LA SHA ERWIN A. LECHNER Westerners ' Club. THEODORE W. LEGATSKI Detroit Portland, Oregon Alpena FRANCIS WING LEONG Chinese Students ' Club. Canton, China JULIAN CHARLES LEVER . . . Casper, Wyoming Wayfarers; Westerners ' Club; Howe Club, President(2). HOWARD LINDEN LILLEY . . . Fremont, Ohio ARTHUR HARRIS LINCE Allegan CARYL ANDREW LINDBERG . . . Grand Rapids RALPH LESLIE LINDEMULDER . Grand Rapids BENJAMIN GEORGE LISTER Phi Mu Delta. MORRIS HEPWORTH LLOYD . North Tonowanda, N.Y. A.I.E.E. (3) (4), Secretary (4); New York State Club Treasurer (3), Secretary (4). Detroit 1 mmm One hundred eight WILLIAM M. MACARTHUR ... Bay City A.S.M.E. KENNETH J. MAC!VAR Alpena Quad " L " ; Web and Flange. GEORGE JOHN MACK . . Niagara Falls, New York KNONLES KNOWLTON MADISON ' Ann Arbor LLOYD ALEXANDER MAEDER . Springville, New York Delta Sigma Phi; Vulcans; Triangles; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.C.E.; Web and Flange; Athletic Program (2) (3), Managing Editor (4); Asst. Basketball Mgr. (3). JOHN DONALD MALNIGHT Jackson Tau Kappa Epsilon; Gargoyle (2) (3); Freshman Glee Club; Choral Union (3). KENNETH G. MANWARIXG .... Allegan ARTHUR HENRY MARSHALL . . Batavia. New York ROBERT INGERSOLL MARTY . St. Carharines, Ontario IRVING C. MATHESON Laurium HOWARD U. MCCLELLAND . . . Birmingham Quad L Club; Class Basketball (2) (3). CHARLES KENNETH MCCRACKEN . . St. Joseph Technic Staff (2) (3), Mgr. Finance (4); Engineering Society; Treasurer (3), President (4). " " - " s r T- K- i. m . - - - r m . - . One hundred i SAMUEL ALEXANDER MCLAUGHLIN . Highland Park LAWRENCE DELEON McLouTH . . Muskegon Alpha Chi Sigma. ARAKEL K. MERIGIAN . . . Fowler, California CHARLES WOLCOTT MERRIAM, JR. . Grand Rapids Delta Kappa Epsilon; Michigamua; Triangles; Tennis (3); Chm. Union Class Com. (3); Union Yice-President; Class President (1); Class Vice-President (3); Student Council (4). EDWARD S. MIHELCHICH Calumet FRANK ALBERT MILLER .... Grand Rapids ROBERT JAMES MINARD .... Grand Rapids Tau Beta Pi; Chm. Class Invitation Com. (4). Davenport, Iowa JOHN AVERY MINER . Quarterdeck. STUART K. MINTON RUSSELL FORD MOODY . Turners Falls, Massachusetts Theta Xi; Tau Beta Pi; Vulcans. Detroit DANIEL J. MORTON Pi Kappa Alpha. . Ann Arbor OWEN D. MOSHER Grand Rapids One hundred ten GRANT ELKANAH MUDGE A.S.C.E. Detroit JAMES E. MULAVEY Alpena DOXALD EMERSON MULLIKEN . Pelham, New York Delta Tau Upsilon. FRANK XAVIER MUSHYNSKI A.S.M.E. PAUL H. XEEDHAM Ishpfming ARCHIE WILLIAM XEWBERG GEORGE A. XE VSOM Tecumsfh LEO JOSEPH NOWICKI Detroit Delta Sigma Rho; Cercle Francais; Varsity Debate (3). JOHN BROWN O ' CONNOR .... Point Huron Beta Phi Delta; Round-Up Club; Freshman Track. FA-GENE EBB OLDHAM Petoskey Gun and Blade (1) (2) (3) (4); English Society (3) (4); A.I.E.E. (4); Petoskev Club; Eng. Honor Com. (2) (3) (4). GEORGE QUINCY PACKARD . Stonekam, Massachusetts Gargoyle (1) (2); Hockey (1) (2). GEORGE BLACKMAN PAGE . . Potsdam, New York fc- . - " % - M W f -- -- -- ,. _, IT? Grand Marais One hundred eleven CLYDE LUELLEN PALMER Detroit Quad L; Web and Flange (4); Glee Club (4). HENRY HERMAN PASSOLT . Bridgeport, Connecticut RAYMOND P. PAYNTER .... Cercle Francais; A.I.E.E.; Flint Club. ALFRED HEINO PEKKALA Redridge D. LAWRENCE PIERCE .... Alpha Chi Rho; Daily Staff (1) (2) (3). Flint Kalamawo ROBERT ALLEN PIERCE Saginaw ROY ARTHUR PLANT .... A.S.M.E. Auburn LEO JOSEPH POITRAS Kappa Delta Psi. Gladstone HERBERT RANKIN POLUND .... Payne, Ohio Alpha Chi Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon. HAROLD CYRIL PORTER .... Elyria, Ohio LEWIS D. PRAG ARTHUR G. QUADE A.S.M.E. Newark, New Jersey Rogers One hundred twelve ' - THOMAS MANUEL RAMIREZ . Mayaquez, Porto Rico PAUL JAMES RAWSON Coldwater REX GEORGE REASON Detroit Theta Xi; Vulcans; Triangles; Basketball (2) (3); Track (2); Hockey (4). ORVILLE W. REED . Utica, New York Lambda Chi Alpha; Tau Beta Pi; Vulcans; Triangles; Baseball Mgr. (4). DONALD J. REESE Chicago, Illinois Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Chi Sigma; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon. GORDON C. REISH Detroit JOSEPH STANLEY RICHARDSON Phi Delta Chi. Detroit ORRIN HENRY RICKENBRODE Ripley, New York GEORGE MORTIMER ROBERTS Union Opera (3). . . Grand Rapids GEORGE WALTER ROBERTS KARL BENJAMIN ROBERTSON Ypsilanti Grand Rapids Phi Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Triangles; Recording Secre- tary of Union (4); Asst. Recording Secretary (3); Class Secretary (4). JOHN B. C. ROBINSON Delta Sigma Phi. Detroit saasasfe mm One hundred thirteen EDWARD JOHN ROMMEL Engineering Society. ARLYN ROSANDER A.I.E.E. (4). HARLOW BERKLEY Ross JOHN MONROE Russ, JR. . Red Lick, Mississippi Delta Tau Upsilon; Craftsmen. ROBERT EDWARD SCHAEFER Toledo, Ohio Scottville Flint Detroit ELON JOHN SCHANTZ . A.I.E.E.; Engineering Society. Caledonia HENRY RIPLEY SCHEMM Saginaw Alpha Delta Phi; A.S.C.E.; Tau Beta Pi; Saginaw Club. NORMAN F. SCHLAACK Birmingham OREN H. SCHLEMMER Ann Arbor ERNEST WINTERS SCHOUTEN . Cortland, New York JACK JOSEPH SCHWARTZ Detroit 2 ti mmmmmmmm mmmmm mmmmm mm ' mmm.m ' mmZmZ ' m ' iimm TRIP -fE i . LLOYD LINTEN SCOTT Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Lambda Upsilon. Detroit One hundred fourteen RUSSELL SPENCER SCRIBNER . . Toledo, Ohio Sigma Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Chm. Class Auditing Com. ROBERT SEYMOUR Delta Upsilon. Chicago, Illinois HOWARD AUGUSTUS SHERIDAN . Toronto, Ontario Tau Beta Pi; Web and Flange; A.S.C.E. EDLIFF R. SLAUGHTER Louisville, Kentucky Kappa Sigma; Triangles; Baseball (1); Varsity Foot- ball (2) (3) (4); Vice-President Engineers (4); Chm. J-Hop. HENRY AMBROSE SMITH Alpha Chi Rho; A.S.C.E. (3) (4). JACK SMITH Sigma Chi. ROBERT FREDERICK SMITH DAVID WARNER SMYSER Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Ishpeming Sharon, Pennsylvania Saginaw York, Pennsylvania LEWIS SOLTYSIK A.I.E.E. Hamtramck WILLARD WILLIAM SPANAGEL Canton, Ohio Phi Mu Alpha; Tau Beta Pi; Vulcans; Technic Staff (2) (3) (4), Advertising Mgr. (4); Chm. Tap-Room Entertainment Com.; Comedy Club; Mimes; Glee Club (2) (3) (4); Union Opera (3) (4); Engineering Honor Com. FRANK HAROLD SPEDDING Varsity Track (2) (3) (4). Ann Arbor WAYNE CORRELL STETLER Delta Tau Delta. Jackson " m. - - 1 . i One hundred fifteen STANLEY E. STRUNK OSCAR ADOLPH STOCKER Alpha Chi Sigma; Glee Club. HAROLD ALBERT STORMS Chelsea Phi Pi; Glee Club (1) (3) (4) (S); Choral Union (S). EDWARD H. STROHM Detroit Constantine Detroit Phi Mu Delta; A.I.E.E. (3) (4); Engineering Society (3) (4). GLENN GEORGE STUDT Grand Rapids RALPH KENNETH SUPER . Technic Staff (1) (2). Washington, D. C. JOHN PETER SUTTER . . . Buffalo, New York Phi Pi; Web and Flange (S); New York State Club, Secretary (4); Class Vice-President (1); Freshman Glee Club; Choral Union (1) (2) (4) (S). JOHN EMERSON SWEITZER Detroit CHARLES EDWARD TARTE, JR. . . Grand Rapids MILTON JOHN THOMPSON . . . Grand Rapids TABIN Rochester, New York HSIEN NEH TSENG Chinese Students ' Club. Canton, China One hundred sixteen EDWARD EUGEXE VADAKIX .... Owosso Delta Alpha Epsilon. LYLE S. VAN-ANTWERP .... Grand Rapids Union Opera (4). CHRISTIAN GERARD VAXDER " EEX . Grand Rapids HARRY ELTOX VANVERY .... Petoskey DEREK VAX OSEXBRUGGEX, Wimbledon, Surrey, Eng. A.S.C.E; Tau Beta Pi; Web and Flange; Cosmopolitan Club. SYLVAN VAN VLERAH .... Ann Arbor RICHARD A.S.C.E. Grand Rapids Kalamaioo Louis ADOLPH VAUPRE .... Alpha Chi Rho; Swimming Team. JOSEPH FRANCIS VOTROBECK .... Detroit EDWARD C. WAHL .... Buffalo, Netc York ALBRECHT GUSTAV WAXIBACH . Brooklyn, New York Alpha Chi Rho. WILLIAM C. WANG . . . . . Peking, China Chinese Students ' Club, President (4). i r- ' JJ ' " i " i rr tt " _ - ' ne hundred seventeen VERNON EDWARD WARNEY . Rochester, New York Phi Sigma Kappa; New York Club; Bowling Team (3) (4); Class Basketball (1) (2) (3) (4); Class Baseball (3). SPENCER A. WEART East Cleveland, Ohio Vulcans; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Union Opera (4). Sturgis CHARLES ROBBERT WEBB Acacia. HIRAM MARK WEBBER . Wrentham, Massachusetts JOSEPH C. WEBBER Marshall HERBERT L. WEIL . . . Williston, North Dakota RICHARD RANDOLPH WHIFFLE . . . .Ann Arbor Phi Sigma Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Asst. Mgr. Band (3). ALFRED MCLAREN WHITE .... Ann Arbor Phi Sigma Kappa; Alpha Chi Sigma; Triangles; Daily Business Staff (1) (2); Class Treasurer (3); Asst. Mgr. Band (2) (3). DONALD MALLO W ' HITESELL . Class Basketball (2). Three Rivers EDWARD EVERETT HALE WILDE Wakefield FREDERICK EARL WILSON . S . Thomas, Ontario THEODORE DONALD WRIGHT Detroit One hundred eighteen WEI-CHI YEE WILKIE YEE Chinese Students ' Club. China Hong Kong, China GEORGE FRANCIS YOTT Midland HERMAN STONE YOUNG . . . Pallet, Vermont A.S.C.E.; Web and Flange; Tau Beta Pi. PAUL NATHAN YOUNG . Greensburg, Pennsylvania A.I.E.E. (3) (4) (5); Pennsylvania Club (2) (3); Fresh- man Glee Club; University Symphony Orchestra (1); Varsity Glee Club (2). EDWARD FRANCIS ZIELINSKI .... Bay City ARNOLD B. ZIMMER Stbezoaing A.S.C.E. FRANK TOWSLEY Zixx .... Battle Creek Phi Mu Delta; Freshman Track and Cross-Country. HARRY EDWIN ZUCK . Chyron. Rockford, Illinois HS -g,- Kl H r -=- " - =a:=ir - c I H HI One Hundred nineteen CASSIDY BLACK EGGERT KRESSBACK Architectural Officers HAROLD S. CASSIDY ...... . ....... President KENNETH C. BLACK ............ Fice-President DOROTHY C. EGGERT ............. Secretary KARL C. KRESSBACK . . Treasurer (Committees SOCIAL L. MALCOLM WETZEL FRED B. JOSLIN FINANCE HARRY N. HALGRIM STANLEY G. SIMPSON AUDITING KARL J. BELSER LsRoY E. KIEFER GEORGE H. LOUNSBURY One hundred twenty GUSTAV ADOLPH ANDERSON Manistee XEIL K. BARBER Detroit Hermitage; Michiganensian (2) (3); Fraternity Editor(3). KARL JACOB BELSAR Tau Sigma Delta; Architectural Society. Ann Arbor ARTHCR M. BENDER Ann Arbor OTTO GEORGE BERNTHAL ..... Bay City KENNETH CHAPMAN BLACK ... Lansing Alpha Rho Chi; Tau Sigma Delta; Class Treasurer (1), Yice-President (3) (4). RHEES EVANS BURKET . . . Washington, D.C. HAROLD S. CASSIDY Canton, Ohio Sigma Phi Epsilon; Class President (4); J-Hop Com. (3). JAMES EDWARD COONEY . New York State Club. . Salamanca, New York DOROTHY EGGERT Sagina T-Square; Tau Sigma Delta; Basketball (1) (2); Hockev (1); Class Secretary (3) (4). w THOMAS E. HADLEY . All Frosh Basketball (1). Holly FREDERICK BURR JOSLIN Big ' Rapids - ---- _. y i_V --T " ' . r 5 i- = r v. M.T One hundred twenty-one EMIL ' M. KAISER Alpha Kappa Lambda. LEROY EARL KIEFER . . . Alpha Rho Chi; Tau Sigma Delta. Litdington Detroit CARL CONRAD F. KRESSBACH Monroe LESLIE MORRIS LOWERY Tau Sigma Delta. CARL EDGAR MEYER Craftsmen. HAROLD MORTON Craftsmen. FRANK WESTON ROWE Class President (2). Detroit Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Hadley Wyoming, New York MAURICE S. SALAMON Detroit Architectural Society; Cosmopolitan Club. GORDON A. SHEILL Detroit STANLEY, GIBSON SIMPSON . . . East Lansing Delta Chi; Tau Sigma Delta; Gargoyle (1) (2) (3); Freshman Track; Varsity Track (2); Class President (1). HERBERT I. SPITZER . . . . ' Wilmette, Illinois Sigma ' Alpha Mu; Architectural Society. STEPHEN JAMES STACHOWIAK . Buffalo, New York Polonia Literary Circle; Class Bowling; Class Basket- ball. m 1 i Alpha Rho Chi; Tau Sigma Delta; Frosh Basketball (1); Varsity Basketball (2) (3) (4); Class Treasurer (4). mm rM ' One hundred twenty-two BECKER DUNPHT HENDERSON HILL 1925 Medical fficers Louis D. BECKER President HERBERT G. DUXPHY V ice-President ORRA M. HENDERSON Secretary THERON S. HILL . Treasurer Committees ATHLETICS ROBERT U. COOPER, Chairman HOMER H. STRYKER VICTOR L. HILL AUDITING THEODORE L. BLISS, Chairman WALTER M. BARTLETT ARTHUR C. CURTIS BROWN DERBY RICHARD C. TRAVIS, Chairman CYRENUS G. DARLING EUGENE B. POTTER CANE CLIFFORD A. SWANSON Chairman JOSEPH J. TROMBLEY. JR. JOHN H. BESANCON EXECUTIVE KARL M. BEIERLEIN. Chairman ADOLPH A. SCHMIER CARL H. FRYE ALFRED D. SUMMERS ROBERT W. BENSER CAP AND GOWN JAMES H. DELANEY, Chairman ETHELBERT SPURRIER ARTHUR B. THOMAS INVITATION OLIVER B. McGiLLicuoDY, Chairman. CHARLES C. EADES TOM N. HORAN DONALD B. STOUFFER VINCENT ). TURCOTTE SOCIAL JOHN B. HASSBERGER, Chairman THEOPHIL E. SCHMIDT ARTHUR H. STEELE JAMES BOWERS ETHEL T. CALHOUJJ SENIOR MEMBERS MEDICAL STUDENT COUNCIL ARTHUR C. CURTIS. Chairman DANIEL G. ARNOLD CLIFFORD A. SWANSON One hundred tictnty-thjee 1925 hCedical Committee Chairmen - - ROBERT U. COOPER . . . Athletics THEODORE L. BLISS Auditing RICHARD C. TRAVIS Brown Derby CLIFFORD A. SWANSON Cane JAMES H. DELANEY KARL M. BEIERLEIN JOHN B. HASSBERGER ARTHUR C. CURTIS Cap and Gown Executive OLIVER B. McGiLLicuooY . Invitation Social . Medical Student Council tr One hundred twenty-four HUGO ADOLPH AACH Kalamazoo MAX ABRAMSON . Phi Lambda Kappa. RETLA H. ALTER Phi Sigma. Rushville, Indiana Detroit Detroit Detroit SAMUEL SIMON ALTSHULER Phi Delta Epsilon. DANIEL GEORGE ARNOLD Tiro, Ohio Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Omega Alpha. ROBERT HUNTINGTON ATKINS . Phi Chi; Gamma Alpha; Daily Staff.(l). BENNETT FRANKLIN AVERY .... Ann Arbor Phylon Club (1) (2); Freshman Football; Honor Com. (3); Cercle Francais. MORRIS EUGENE BACHMAN . Spokane, Washington Phi Lambda Kappa; Westerners ' Club. L. GRANT BALDWIN . . Huntington, New York Delta Upsilon; Phi Rho Sigma; Galens; Gargoyle (2). WALTER M. BARTLETT St. Joseph Phi Beta Pi; Varsity Band (2) (3) (4). BYRON L. BASINGER .... Pandora, Ohio Louis DUNSTER BECKER .... South Haven Alpha Omega Alpha; Chm. Class Honor Com. (6); Class President (7). ' OHK C i T 7 7 i- - j 1 . : JL. m y - 1 1 - - v% i f - ' m. WWji SSMiM " One hundred twenty-five r ' f S+ fFAs ' f 1 DAVID LYNN BEERS Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Beta Pi. Youngstoum, Ohio KARL MATHIAS BEIERLEIN . Fort Wayne, Indiana Phi Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Sigma; Honor Com. (1); Chm. Executive Com. (4). ROBERT W. BENNER Phi Rho Sigma. JOHN HAMLIN BESANCON Detroit Phi Beta Pi. Tiffin, Ohio FRANCIS I. BLOISE ABRAHAM BOOKSTEIN Phi Lambda Kappa. Guayama, Porto Rico Detroit MALCOLM GRAHAM BOURNE . Salamanca, New York Phi Mu Alpha; Phi Rho Sigma. JAMES MICHAEL BOWERS .... Dayton, Ohio Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu. JOHN P. BRADY Kalamazoo IRMEL W. BROWN Sigma Nu. Otsego JOHN JOSEPH BURBY Phi Lambda Upsilon.- Benton Harbor ERNEST C. BURHANS Lansing Alpha Sigma; President Lansing Club (2) (3); All- Medic Baseball (3) (4). One hundred twenty-six ETHEL THIRZA CALHOUN Alpha Epsilon Iota. Canton, Ohio H. NEILL CALKINS Sebewaing CHARLES STILWELL CAPP . San Francisco, California Phi Beta Pi; Phi Sigma. JAMES EZRA CARAWAY Alpha Omega Alpha. GEORGE MILLARD CHILDS Pi Upsilon Rho. Ann Arbor Norwalk, Ohio CHESTER WELLINGTON CHINN East Providence, R.I. Alpha Phi Alpha. JAMES FRANCIS CLANCY Phi Beta Pi. La Salle, Illinois FRANCIS JOSEPH CLARK .... Menominee Phi Chi; Class Speedball (1) (2) (3); Basketball (1) (3). GLENN T. CLEMENTS Howell Varsity Glee Club (3) (4); Choral Union (4) (6); Crafts- EDGAR GEORGE COCHRANE Providence, Rhode Island President Student Volunteers (3) (4). ROBERT ULSH COOPER . Landisvtile, Pennsylvania Phi Chi; Sigma Delta Psi; Alpha Omega Alpha; Galens. LEO J. CROLL . Phi Delta Epsilon. Windsor, Ontario ; One hundred tuentv-teven r f ' ' " v, ' ?- ARTHUR COVEL CURTIS Ann Arbor Alpha Kappa Kappa; Galens; Phi Sigma; Alpha Omega Alpha; Cosmopolitan Club; Class President (2); Medical Student Council. DAVID DANENBERG . . . Martin ' s Ferry, Ohio Phi Lambda Kappa. GEORGE HENRY DAVIS Detroit JAMES HENRY DELANEY . . Erie, Pennsylvania Alpha Kappa Kappa; Phi Delta Chi; Phi Sigma. CHESTER ALFRED DsWiTT .... Spring Lake Phi Rho Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Varsity Band (2) (3) (4). RAYMOND BROWN DRYER Phi Beta Pi; Round-Up Club. Ann Arbor PAUL W. DuBois . . Grand Forks, North Dakota Sigma Chi; Phi Rho Sigma. HERBERT GEORGE DUNPHY . . . East Lansing Phi Delta Theta; Nu Sigma Nu; Galens; Class Vice- President (4); Medical Student Council Chm. (2). CHARLES CORYDON EADES Conneaut, Ohio Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Beta Pi; Griffins, Class Presi- dent (2). AMY HARRIET EDMANDS Alpha Epsilon Iota. Island Pond, Vermont LOUIS JOSEPHI ElSENBERG Phi Lambda Kappa. Detroit SAMUEL HAROLD EISENBERG Phi Lambda Kappa. Detroit One hundred twenty-eight DAVID VICTOR ELCOXIX Phi Lambda Kappa. WILLIAM GEORGE FARLOW Phi Kappa. Detroit Rochester New York ABE ALVIN FISHER Phi Delta Epsilon. Canton, Ohio JOHN VINCENT FOPEANO . . Konnarock, Virginia WILBUR WHITNEY FOSGET GEORGE FRIEDMAN MAURICE FROCHT CARL H. FRYE Lansing New York, New York Ann Arbor Milan A. LAWRENCE GLEASON Lansing Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Chimes; Vaisity Band. HENRY F. GRAFF . . Parkersburg, West Virginia Phi Chi. GEORGE P. GRAYBIEL Phi Chi. Caledonia ISADORE GUTOV . Tau Epsilon Phi. Detroit { ' i ' Vi ' W " - t ._-_..-_-__- f r " " ---- ' - One hundred twenty-nine ROBERT FRANCIS HAGUE Greenville FRANK COLEMAN HAMM . Phi Beta Pi. Fairburg, Nebraska ELY WISEMAN HARELIK Phi Lambda Kappa. JOHN BAXTER HASSBERGER .... Ann Arbor Phi Beta Pi; Mimes; Galens; Comedy Club; Union Opera (2) (5). Detroit Ann Arbor JAMES KEVIN HAZEL Phi Chi; Phi Sigma; Class Secretary (2). ORRA MILLER HENDERSON . Asheville, North Carolina Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Epsilon Iota; Class Secretary (4). LELAND THOMPSON HENRY . Apollo, Pennsylvania Phi Gamma Delta; Nu Sigma Nu; Galens. LORIS L. HENRY . . . Spokane, Washington Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Sigma; Westerners ' Club. THERON S. HILL Crystal Falls Alpha Kappa Kappa; Class Treasurer (4). VICTOR L. HILL Detroit MOSES JOHN HOLDSWORTH . . . Traverse City Phi Chi; Captain Golf Team. GORDON RANDOLPH HOWARD . . Albion, Nebraska Theta Delta Chi; Westerners ' Club. One hundred thirty DONALD F. HOYT Alpha Sigma. Battle Creek BURTON E. L. HYDE Detroit Phi Chi; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Medic Vice-President Union (6); Varsity Band (2) (3) (4) (6), Asst. Mgr. (6); Varsity Glee Club (3) (4). GEORGE WARREN HYDE Trigon; Phi Rho Sigma. Detroit STANLEY WILLIAM IMERMAN Phi Epsilon Pi; Mandolin Club (3). Detroit WILLIAM DEL,OSS IRWIN Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Beta Pi. Reed City JAMES FRANKLIN JOHAXTGEN . Dansville, New York Alpha Delta Phi; Phi Rho Sigma; Alpha Omega Alpha. FRANK D. JOHNSON ....... Marion LESTER J. JOHNSON Hastings VERXOX PAUL JOHNSON .... Iron Mountain JOHN GREY JONES Vickeryville ROLAND EDWIN KALMBACH HERMAN KAXTER Phi Delta Epsilon Chelsea Detroit One hundred thirty-one rK = " 5,j; NELSON SHERMAN KEELER . Alpha Kappa Kappa. GEORGE FREDERICK KEIPER . LaFayette, Indiana Phi Delta Theta; Nu Sigma Nu. A. REES KLOPFENSTEIN St. Joseph Toledo, Ohio SARA J. LONG .... Bostic, North Carolina HAROLD CARL MACK . Detroit DAVID M. MARCUS Detroit WEBSTER C. MARTIN Scottville Phi Beta Pi; Glee Club (2); Symphony Orchestra (2). JOHN JOSEPH MCCARTHY Phi Kappa. Findlay, Ohio OLIVER B. McGiLLicuooY Lansing Phi Mu Alpha; Phi Rho Sigma; Class President (3). KENITH MC!NTYRE Alpha Kappa Kappa; Galens. Hastings MARY CAMPBELL MC!NTYRE . Alpha Epsilon Iota. Columbus, Ohio JOHN PAGE MCLACHLIN .... Petersburg One hundred thirty-two THOMAS HARROP MILLER . Phi Beta Pi; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Detroit THOMAS GRESHAM MITCHELL . Auburn, New York Phi Phi Delta; Beta Kappa Psi; All-Medic Baseball and Basketball. HAROLD SMITH MORGAN Alpha Kappa Kappa. Lincoln, Nebraska STANFORD WALLACE MULHOLLAND Millville, New Jersey Alpha Kappa Kappa; Theta Chi. MOE XlSSENBAUM Detroit GALEN B. OHMART North Manchester, Indiana ALFRED ERNEST OWEN-TOMLISON . Jamaica, B.W.I. CHARLES LLOYD PANNABECKER . New Carlisle, Ohio Alpha Omega Alpha. ALBERT RUSSEL PARKER Grand Blanc CECIL LEROY PENOYAR . Delta Tau Delta; Phi Chi. South Haven BENJAMIN PHILLIP PERSKY . Kappa Xu; Choral Union (3). Cleveland, Ohio CLARENCE JOHN POPPEN Phi Chi. Holland One hundred thirty-three LAMBERT PHILLIP RAHM HARRY WOLFE SALON Kappa Nu. f ri VSCifia JVi " T ' _ viHH- FRANCIS SAMUEL PORRETTA . Lockport, New York HERREY BURSON PORTER . Los Angeles, California Alpha Sigma. EUGENE B. POTTER .... Lakewood, Ohio Sigma Alpha Epsi ' .on; Phi Rho Sigma. Iron Mountain JOHN RITSEMA Kalamazoo Fort Wayne, Indiana JEROME HOWARD SAMUEL . Newark, New Jersey Phi Sigma Delta; Phi Delta Epsilon. ALEXANDER WOLF SANDERS Detroit HERMAN DAVID SCARNEY CHARLES JOHN SCAVARDA Nu Sigma Nu. Bessemer Detroit FERDINAND RIPLEY SCHEMM .... Saginaw Nu Sigma Nu; Cercle Francais; Alpha Omega Alpha. AUGUSTINE JOHN SCHENDEN Greenville One hundred thirly-four THEOPHIL E. SCHMIDT .... Phi Rho Sigma; Galens; Phi Sigma. Warren ADOLPH ALBERT SCHMIER Phi Beta Delta. Detroit ROBERT F. SCHULTZ Detroit FRANCIS AXTELL SCOTT . Phi Beta Pi; Galens; Class Treasurer (5). Rochester EDWIN M. SMITH Ann Arbor BENJAMIN RICHARD SPRINGBORN . . . Ann Arbor ETHELBERT SPURRIER Chicago, Illinois Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Rho Sigma; Track (2); Fresh- man Track (1). HECTOR J. ST. AMOUR . Detroit HERBERT T. ST. AMOUR Detroit ARTHUR HARVEY STEELE Phi Chi. Ann Arbor HENRY DAVID STRICKER Detroit Hermitage; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Varsity Basketball Mgr. (5). HOMER HARTMAN STRYKER Athens Alpha Kappa Kappa; Class Vice-President (5); Union .appa 2 ;M. Opera (2); M. Club. yggsssM -i- T " One hundred thirty-five ALFRED DOWNING SUMMERS Alpha Kappa Lambda. Ossian, Indiana CLIFFORD ANDERS SWANSON .... Marquette Galens; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Sigma; Honor Council. FRANK IRVING TERRILL . Alpha Omega Alpha. Great Falls, Montana ARTHUR B. THOMAS Phi ' Beta Pi. Knox, Pennsylvania FRED R. THOMAS Carnegie, Pennsylvania MARCUS BAKER TIDEY . Phi Chi. Grand Rapids FRANK M. TOWNSEND . Phi Mu Delta. Grand Rapids RICHARD CHURCHILL TRAVIS . Indianapolis, Indiana Phi Beta Pi; Kappa Sigma; J-Hop Com. (7); Michi- ganensian (1); Mimes; Alpha Epsilon Mu. JOSEPH JEROME TROMBLEY, JR Detroit Phi Rho Sigma; Alpha Omega Alpha; Round-Up Club. VINCENT JOSEPH TURCOTTE .... Mt. Clemens WILBERT LESLIE VAN SICKLE HERBERT NORTHRUP WALLACE . Rochester, New York Barryton One hundred thirty-six WILMA CHARLOTTE WEEKS Alpha Epsilon Iota. Kalamazoo BRENT ALPHONZO WELCH . . . Sidney, Ohio JOHN OTTO WETZEL Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. Gary, Indiana TRYPHOSA ROSALETTE WORCESTER Manchester, N.H. Alpha Epsilon Iota; Class Secretary (3). AUGUST KARL ZINN Phi Mu Delta. Battle Creek One hundred thrift-seven MACELLVEN RICE NOTNAGEL ENCGAS 1925 J aw Officers DAVID E. MACELLVEN President ROBERT V. V. RICE V ice-President LELAND H. NOTNAGEL Secretary CARL E. ENGGAS . . Treasurer Committees CREASE DANCE HARRY B. GRUNDY, Chairman ROBERT G. YERKES RAYMOND J. ROTH CYRUS E. CHURCHILL ROBERT R. SNODGRASS AUDITING FRED R. ALLABEN, Chairman MILLARD H. KRASNE GORDON E. TAPPAN INVITATION and ANNOUNCEMENT BERNARD SEGALL, Chairman BERNARD A. KELTNER HOWELL S. WHITE ARTHUR E. MOORE MEMORIAL GLENN D. CURTIS, Chairman EARL R. SHOPEN JOHN A. BOYCE SOCIAL ROBERT R. SNODGRASS, Chairman JAMES B. YOUNG C. COOLIDGE KREIS JOSEPH W. McAuLiFFE CREASE PAPER HAROLD D. DESENBERG, Chairman CARROLL B. JONES CLARENCE B. MULHOLLAND ALVIN WOLFSON EDWARD C. McCoBB MERWYN G. LEATHERMAN CAP AND GOWN HOWARD W. SMITH, Chairman EDGAR C. ASHMEAD WILLIAM R. EMBLIDGE CANE HERSCHEL B. DAVIS, Chairman J. THOMAS DASEF CLARENCE E. BUTLER PICTURE ARI MILTON BsGoLE, Chairman RAY GOODHEW VICTOR J. VOORHEIS CLASS DAY MAURICE P. RHODES, Chairman GEORGE J. GOULD ARTHUR J. PAUL ATHLETIC JAMES K. BROOKER, Chairman LEO MELLEN ROBERT U. MARTIN EXECUTIVE DAVID E. MACELLVEN, Chairman FRED R. ALLABEN ROBERT V. V. RICE LELAND H. NOTNAGEL CARL E. ENGGAS m One hundred thirty-eight HARRY B. GRUNDV Creasf Dance FRED R. ALLABEX ROBERT R. SXODGRASS Auditing Social GLENN D. CURTIS .... Memorial BERNARD SEGALL . . Invitation and Announcement HAROLD D. DESEXBERG .... Crease Paper HOWARD W. SMITH Cap and Gown ARI M. BEGOLE Picture HERSCHEL B. DAVIS Cane MAURICE P. RHODES Class Da JAMES K. BROOKER Athletic DAVID E. MACLLVEN Executive KB L " 7i -j. . ' f?s i ii -- - Tit7 i ' One hundred thirt v -nmr GAYLORD DF.WITT ADSIT . . Wellington, Illinois Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Delta Sigma Rho. FRED ROLLAND ALLABEN . . . Rockford, Illinois Phi Alpha Delta; Barristers; Chm. Class Auditing Com. (6); Kappa Phi Sigma; Oratorical Delegate (3). EDGAR CHARLES ASHMEAD . . Bloomfield, Iowa Gun and Blade Club; Craftsmen Club. JOSEPH ALFRED AVERY Chi Phi; Phi Alpha Delta. ARI MILTON South Bend, Indiana Wvandotte STANLEY J. BORUCKI Ann Arbor JOHN ADEI.BERT BOYCE Gun and Blade Club. ROBERT BRIKMAN Phi Beta Delta. Cleveland, Ohio Detroit JAMES K. BROOKER Cass City Delta Upsilon; Phi Alpha Delta; Michigamua; Barris- ters; Track (3)(4); Board in Control of Athletics (6). WALTER A. BROWE Phi Mu ' Delta; Delta Theta Phi. MEYER MONROE BROWN Law Review. Detroit Traverse City JESSE KEENER BRUMBAUGH Greenville, Ohio One hundred forty L. PERKINS BULL . Zcta Psi; Phi Delta Phi. Oak Park, Illinois RICHARD G. BURCHELL .... Erie, Illinois Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi AlphalDelta; ' Alpha Kappa ' Psi. CLARENCE E. BUTLER Bentori Harbor LLOYD COURTLAXD CARLETOX . Billings, Montana Delta Phi; Westerners ' Club; Student ' s Directory (2), Asst. Mgr. (3); Freshman Glee Club (1). YICTORIO D. CARPIO . . . Phillipine Islands Cosmopolitan Club; Class Secretary (1). CYRUS EBERHART CHURCHILL . . Moline} Illinois Delta Theta Phi; Barristers; Law Review; Glee Club Orchestra (1). KIT FRANCIS CLARDY Ionia Sigma Delta Kappa: Delta Sigma Rho; Central Debate League; Midwest Debate League; Michigan-Oxford Debate; Chm. Executive Council Lawyers ' Club. EBB RUFUS CLARK .... Greenville, Ohio Treaty City Club; Republican Club; Treasurer Orator- ical Association; Midwest Debate; Alpha_Nu, Treas- urer. HARTWELL GUERIX CRAIX . Webster Groves, Missouri Delta Theta Phi; Dixie Club; Craftsmen Club. GLEXN D. CURTIS Edmore Sigma Phi ' Epsilon; Law Review; [Chm. " Class Memorial Com. (6). JOHX THOMAS DASEF .... Alpha Kappa Lambda; Law Review. HERSCHEL B. DAVI Stanton Clinton, Indiana Barristers; Chm. Class Cane Com. (6); Executive ' Com. Lawyers ' Club. yg JiQy y One bundled forty-one GARLAND DE GRAFFENRIED . . . Chilton, Texas HAROLD B. DESENBERG Buchanan Phi Sigma Delta; Law Review (S); Chm. Crease Paper DOUGLAS R. DEWEY . Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta. Robinson, Illinois THOMAS JOSEPH DONAHUE . Scranton, Pennsylvania Phi Kappa; Pennsylvania Club; University Oratorical Board; S.C.A. Cabinet; Kappa Phi Sigma; Round-Up Club. WALTER TORRENCE DUNN Delta Theta Phi. . Salem, New York JOHN EDGAR DWYER Ann Arbor WILLIAM R. EMBLIDGE . . . Buffalo, New York CARL ' E. ENGGAS . . . Kansas City, Missouri Alpha Tau Omega; Kappa Phi Sigma; Law Review; Class Secretary (S); Class Treasurer (6). Louis L. FEINSETH . . . Newark, New Jersey President " New Jersey Club (4); Basketball (2) (3); Spot-Light. LELAND S. FOSTER Casey, Illinois WILLIAM PHELPS FOSTER Phi Mu Alpha. Traverse City WILLARD B. GASKINS Delta Sigma Phi. Harrisburg, Illinois One hundred forty-two PETER PHILIP GINSBERG Phi Beta Delta; Baseball. Detroit ROY CLARENCE GOODHEW Lotcellville, Ohio GEORGE J. GOULD Glee Club. Toledo, Ohio Louis H. GRETTENBERGER Ann Arbor HARRY B. GRUNDY Taylorrille, Illinois Delta Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; Barristers; Chm. Crease Dance; Member Board of Governors, Lawyers ' Club. JESS EVART HAMMOCK Theta Chi. Kenova, West Virginia JOHN ALLEX HAY .... Gamma Eta Gamma; Barristers. Marion, Illinois RUSSELL RANDOLPH HAYS . . Tulsa, Oklahoma Gamma Eta Gamma; Barristers; Class Vice-Presi- dent (5). LAURENS LIVINGSTON HENDERSON Indianapolis, Ind. Beta Theta Pi; Phi Alpha Delta; Barristers. S. J. HESS . Manitau Springs, Colorado YERNON FRANCIS HILLERY . Los Angeles, California Theta Chi; Phi Alpha Delta. JOHN THOMAS INGHRAM, JR. Theta Chi; Phi Delta Phi. Ouincy, Illinois SS mSSmt - v5Sh:: F One hundred forty-three mJm CARROLL BREWSTER JONES Marcellus Gamma Eta Gamma; Pi Delta Epsilon; Barristers; Gargoyle (2) (3); Managing Editor (4); Crease Paper Com. (5); Board in Control Student Publications (5). CHUN|HSIAN KAO . . . Kiangsu Province, China Cosmopolitan Club; Chinese Students ' Club. ' ANDREW MACARTHUR KEEP . Albion, Pennsylvania BERNARD AFFORD KELTNER . South Bend, Indiana MILLARD HARRY KRASNE Zeta Beta Tau. . Council Bluffs, Iowa CHARLES COOLIDGE KREIS Detroit Phi Delta Phi; Druids; Barristers; A.M. A. Football. JOSEPH J. LABADIE Ottawa, Ohio MILAN GAIL LEACH Niles Alpha Sigma Phi; Choral Union (4); Varsity Band (4)(S). MERWYN GRANT LEATHERMAN . . . Ann Arbor Pi Delta Epsilon; Gargoyle (4) (5) (6); Law Review. HERBERT C. T. LEE .... Shanghai, China Cosmopolitan Club; Chinese Students ' Club. JOSEPH LETA, JR. . . . Franklin, Pennsylvania Alpha Phi Delta; Circolo Italiano; Pennsylvania Club. ALFRED E. LINDBLOOM . . . Moline, Illinois Delta ' ThetaJPhi; Barristers; Law Review. One hundred forty-four RUFINO LUNA . . Marinduque, Phillipint Islands HAROLD F. LUSK Elsie THOMAS J. LYNCH . Niagara Falls, New York Phi Alpha Delta; Alpha Chi Sigma; Mimes; Triangles; Vulcans; President Michigan Union (S); Student Council (3); V ice-President (4); Gen. Chm. Union Swimming Pool Campaign (3); Class Treasurer (2). DAVID ELDERFIELD MACLLVEN Niagara Falls, N. Y. Delta Upsilon; Barristers; Track Team (2) (3) (4); Class President (6). MILTON MAURICE MADDIN Detroit Phi Beta Delta; Scabbard and Blade; Chimes (2); Daily Staff (1). HARRY STITLE MANCHESTER Delta Theta Phi. BENJAMIN J. MAX LEY Delta Theta Phi; Barristers; Law Review. ROBERT U. MARTIN . Canfield, Ohio Sturis . Davton, Ohio All-Campus Tennis Championship, Singles Doubles Spring (4). LAURENCE ARTHUR MASSELINK . . Big Rapids Delta Theta Phi; Barristers; Law Review. JOSEPH WALSH McAuLiFFE .Jib ion Delta Tau Delta; Phi Alpha Delta; Barristers; Law Review. EDWARD CLYDE McCoBB Sarnia, Ontario Delta Upsilon; Phi Alpha Delta; Pi Delta Epsilon; Druids; Barristers; Phi Beta Kappa; Managing Editor Chimes (4); Board in Control of Student Publications (5); Law Review (6). THOMAS GERALD McSnAXE Phi Kappa. Grand Rapids - = m n m m . ( _-_i_ _ - _ C-Tr T lV 1 ' One hundred forty-five LEO MELLEN Tau Delta Phi. Detroit ELMER EARL METZ BEN D. MILLER Phi Beta Delta. JEROME T. MILLER . Kokomo, Indiana Houghton Decatuf, Illinois ARTHUR E. MOORE Sigma Delta Kappa; Barristers. Royal Oak CLARENCE M. MULHOLLAND Delta Tau Delta. Toledo, Ohio EDWARD E. MURANE Casper, Wyoming Phi Sigma Kappa; Phi Alpha Delta; Daily (1) (2); Interscholastic Mgr. (4); Varsity Glee Club (2) (3) (4) (5); Blue Key (4). CHARLES FRANCIS NOONAN Watertown, South Dakota Phi Alpha Delta. LELAND HASCALL NOTNAGEL .... Corunna Barristers; Class Secretary; Law Review; Member Board of Governors. Lawyers ' Club. FREDERICK RUDOLPH NYBERG Menominee FRANK J. ORTMAN Cullom, Illinois Phi Kappa; Chm. Class Finance Com. (1); Chm. Class Advisory Com. (2). ALBERT JENNINGS PARKER Hastings Delta Sigma Phi; Delta Theta Phi; Barristers; Druids; Phi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Sigma Delta; Business Mgr. Michigan Daily (4). One hundred forty-six ARTHUR J. PAUL Phi Mu Delta; Alpha Nu. LELAND D. PHELPS . Gamma Eta Gamma. Burlington Cedar Springs ROBERT M. PORTER .... Edinburg, Indiana Phi Delta Theta; Sigma Delta Kappa; Barristers. KENNETH GRAYDON PRETTIE Detroit WILLIAM Z. PROCTOR Chi Phi. Des Moims, lotca LESLIE CHARLES PUTNAM . Delta Theta Phi; Daily Staff (1) (2). Caro EDWARD HESS RAKOW Delta Chi. Burlington, Wisconsin MAURICE PRATT RHODES . . Botcdle, South Dakota Phi Mu Delta; Kappa Phi Siema; Alpha Nu; West- erners ' Club; Chm. Class Day Com. (6); Vice-President S.C.A.; Chm. University Services Com. SOLOMON KUIPER RIBLET Delta Tau Upsilon. Muskegon ROBERT VAN VOLSOX RICE Grand Rapids Beta Theta Pi; Michiganensian (1) (2) (3) (4); Class President (1), Class Vice-President (6); Asst. Mgr. Basketball (3); Board in Control Athletics (6). HENRY PAUL ROSIN Phi Beta Delta. Cleveland, Ohio RAYMOND JULIUS ROTH . Beta Theta Pi; Phi Alpha Delta. Wilmette, Illinois One hundred forty-seven i !sr TL ' yr ' 5 = g T ' m Jii ' rf i w ii Vj - ' ' IM FLORENE RHODES ROUSE Kappa Phi; Classical Club (1) (2) (3); Cosmopolitan Club (5) (6); Choral Union (3). BERNARD SEGALL . . Richmond Hill, Long Island Kappa Nu. EARL R. SHOPEN Elgin, Illinois FRED HENRY SIMS River Rouge Phi Sigma Delta. HOWARD WINTER SMITH .... Highland Park Law Review (6); Chm. Cap and Gown Com. (6); Executive Com., Lawyers ' Club (3). ROBERT RICHARD SNODGRASS . Franklin, Kansas President Kansas Club (3) (4); Secretary and Treas- urer J-Hop Com. (5); Choral Union. FREDERICK K. SPETNAGLE Chillicothe, Ohio MARION B. STAHL West Point, Nebraska Theta Delta Chi; Phi Delta Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; Pi Delta F.psilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Michigamua; Bar- isters; Sphinx; Daily, Night Editor (3), Managing Ed- itor (4); Chm. Opera Publicity (2) (3). MYRICK HUGHS SUBLETTE Taylorsville, Indiana GORDON EUGENE TAPPAN .... Port Huron Phi Kappa Sigma; Class Treasurer (2). CYRUS NILS TAVARES . . Kuau, Maui, Hawaii Varsity Glee Club (4) (S); Michigan Opera (2). GEORGE TYLER TOWNLEY Sigma Chi; Phi Alpha Delta; Barristers. Ann Arbor One hundred forty-eight RETURN PROMPTLY TO TWi MICHIGAN ALUMNUS ALUMNI MEMORIAL HALL ARK WALTER HIPPEX VELDE . . . Pekin, Illinois Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi; Druids. VICTOR JAMES VOORHIES .... Harbor Springs Sigma Delta Kappa. CHUAX Pi WANG .... JFusih, Kiangsu, China LAWRENCE C. WARDEN . . . Napoleon, Ohio Delta Theta Ph ' . PAUL WATZEL Hermitage. Lansing ODILLION B. W T EED Sigma Delta Kappa. BEX S. WEXDELKEX . Colorado Springs, Colorado Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi; Barristers. HERMAN WEPMAN Grand Rapids Tau Epsilon Phi. HOWELL SwAXTOX WHITE Football (3) (4); Boxing. Reed Ci ' y ALVIX WOLFSON Mount Clemens Mt. Clemens Club; Michieanensian (1) (2); Chimes (7); Baseball (2); Class Baseball (1); Class Basketball (1); Players ' Club; Winner Union Poster Contest (3) (5) (6). Ai EXAXDER EVAN WYLIE Wheaton, Illinois Alpha Kappa Lambda; Cy-gnus; Craftsman Club; Cam- pus Masonic Team (2). ROBERT GEORGE YERKES . Delta Upsilon; Phi Delta Phi. Detroit - ' ' Z S S J " " " J - s 1 .m. .jja. - . t V - - - fc . One hundred forty -nine JAMES BOSWELL YOUNG Louisville, Kentucky Delta Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Staff (1) (2) (3), Asst. City Editor (2); City Editor (2) (3); Summer Daily (2) (3); Union Drive (2). BERNARD FREDERICK ZINN . Huntington, Indiana Sigma Delta Kappa; Varsity Basketball (2); Class Bas- ketball (1) (3) (4); Baseball (1) (2); Varsity Band (2) (3). One hundred fifty r Cl RRAN SCHWARTZ HALL BRAUDE 1925 " Dental Officers WILLIAM D. CURRAX President H. L. SCHWARTZ Vice-Prtsidtnl ALFRED G. HALL Secretary BARXETT BRAUDE . Treasurer (Committees SOCIAL ADOLPHE J. BESSIE, Ckairmar. ELWYX W. CLEARY ALBIN L. SWAKBQB DOXALD C. INVITATION GEORGE DUNCAN. Chairman HENRY Kurr DANIEL J. MURPHY ARTHUR J. BADACZEWSKI CAP, GOWN AND CANE JACOB M. OSWALD, Chairman LEROY F. HILL WESLEY G. HAYES DIRK LOUBSER One hundred fifty-one LWl RICHARD DEAN AMENT Psi Omega. Ypsilanti HEINRICH JOHANN FRIEDRICH AUFN ' ORTE Pretoria,. Transvaal, South Africa Treasurer and Secretary South African Club. ARTHUR JAMES BADACZEWSKI Varsity Track. Detroit KAREKIN G. BESHGETOOR Detroit ADOLPHE J. BESSIE .... Dental Society; Craftsmen Club. JACK PHILLIPS BEUKEMA .... Grand Rapids Psi Omega; Dental Society; Class President (2); Vice- President Union (Combined); Baseball (2) (3) (4); Basketball (3) (4); Varsity Basketball (2). Anil Arbor HERBERT EDWIN BLIGHT Delta Sigma Delta; Phi Sigma. BARNETT BRAUDE . . . Capetown, South Africa President South African Club (1); Class Treasurer (1). Flint GLENN R. BROOKS Chelsea Delta Sigma Delta; Dental Society; Class Vice-Presi- dent (1); All-Fresh Track and Basketball; Baseball (2) (3) (4); Basketball (2) (3) (4); Track (2) (3). MARSHALL E. BRUSHART Psi Omega; Choral Union. Ann Arbor W. CLAIRE CARTIER Charlevoix Xi Psi Phi; Class President (1); J-Hop Com. (3); Baseball (1); Basketball (3); Baseball (2) (3) (4). JOHN RICHARD CHRISTNER . Michigan City, Indiana Xi Psi Phi. One bundled fifty-two ELWYX WALTER CLEARY Ps Omega. Highland Park ILLIAM DAVID CURRAX . Mt. Morris, Nr.v York Treasurer (2); Class President (4). THEODORE S. DAVIS Delta Sigma Delta. St. Louis HEXRY DARWIX DIDAMA Ann Arbor WILLIAM GEORGE DCXCAX Chm. Invitation Com. (4). JAMES LEE ELLIOTT . Omega Psi Phi. Ann Arbor Atlanta, Georgia CORTEZ A. ENGLISH Omega Psi Phi. Augusta, Georgia RICHARD JOHN HAGER Delta Sigma Delta. ALLISOX WILLIAM HAIDLE, JR. . . . Negaunee Alpha Chi Rho; Delta Sigma Delta; Swimming (2). G. ALFRED HALL Class Secretary (5); Class Boxing (4). Holland Detroit HERBERT HARRISON- WESLEY GLENX HAYES Class Secretary (3). Detroit Edinboro, Pennsylvania - - r? J - - v-- -. " t f " ' . - One hundred fifty-three mm One hundred fifty-four LEROY F. HILL ...... Framont, Ohio Psi Omega; Vice-President Dental Society (4); Crafts- men Club. EDWARD ALBERT HOCHMAN EARL GEORGE KEIM Phi Kappa Alpha. Detroit Ann Arbor HERMAN EDGAR KOZLOW Detroit JEREMIA J. VAN KRAAYENBURG Carolina, South Africa HENRY KUIT Grand Rapids HERDIS LEO LEWIS Xi Psi Phi. Hotvell DIRK LOUBSER Fredenburg, South Africa DONALD CHARLES MACWAN Xi Psi Phi. SHEROD LAWRENCE MENGEL . . El Paso, Texas Delta Sigma Delta; Westerners ' Club; Glee Club (1) (2); Banjo Quintette (1) (2). Kalamawo ERNEST CARL MOHRLOCK Chelsea CHARLES EUGENE MONROE . Paterson, New Jersey DANIEL JOSEPH MURPHY J frse y City, New Jersey Baseball (2). LORETTA AGNES NIERMAN .... Ann Arbor BERNARD LEO NOOXAX . . Little Falls, New York Xi Psi Phi; Class President (3), Class Secretary (2). IVOR E. OLEX .... Transvaal, South Africa Delta Sigma Delta; Secretary South African Club; Clas Vice-President (3). EDWIN RALPH OLILA Detroit TIMOTHY MICHAEL PAPADOPONLOS Chicago, Illinois Dental Society; Choral Union. MAX B. PURDY .... Pembina, North Dakota Westerners ' Club; Psi Omega; Class Treasurer (3); Craftsmen Club. WALTER T. ROGERS Xi Psi Phi. Detroit LESLIE C. ROLFE Crystal HERBERT OTTO SCHWARZ Class Yice-President (2) (6). Watervliet JOHN F. SCHWARZ .... Delta Sigma Delta. THEUNIS STOFFBERG Wattnliet Magaliesburg, South Africa One hundred fifty-five ALBIN LEONARD SWANSON Delta Sigma Delta. CURTIS O. THOMPSON Psi Omega. HENRY M. VIELMETTI A.M. A. Track (2); Basketball. Newberry f assar One hundred fifty-six 1925 ' Dental Hygiene MARJORIE JANE BRETZ Manistiquf ANNA AGNES BUDAY . Class Secretary and Treasurer (4). Cleveland, Ohio ANN M. HATCHER .... Class President (4). Detroit ESTHER FLORENCE URBANOWICZ Detroit MILDRED B. VANCE Lyons One hundred fifty-seren CuSICK Bo YERS DAVIS BEXDRY " Pharmacy Officers WILLIAM P. CUSICK President HAROLD R. BOWERS t ' ice-President DONLAD E. DAVIS Secreeary JOSEPH A. BEXDRY Treasurer Committees INVITATION JOSEPH V. WARNER, Chairman SOCIAL ARTHUR J. GIBSON, Chairman GRACE G. COLLINS CANE FABIAN A. MARUINA, Chairman HAROLD D. GRIEVES AUDITING WILLIAM P. CUSICK, Chairman HAROLD R. BOWERS One bundled fifty-tight HAKKY GEO. ACAIAS JOSEPH A. BEHDRY . -.,...,. Grand Rapid f Baraga HAROLD Ross BOWERS . . PU Ddta CM; PM Lanbda 2); Class ' iUr, r rr Upatoa; Class President ; Rho Cl " -. ! WILLIAM P. CUSICK Detroit PM Ddta CM; J-Hop Com.; dae Prerademt (4). JOHJB HARRY DZWOSCHYK . ...... : _, ARTHUR JAMES GIBSOX Prcf : Ptnnsykwnia Ann Arbor A. GROFF ... Pin Delta CM; J-Hop Com. i JAMES THOMAS HEARD LEWIS HANMBAL LONG . - - :.....-.. ,-_ . . Lakt Odessa Dtlrviti FABIAS ARTHUR Pmeadeaa. Prasnott Onb Jivr EDWARD THOMAS VESSARB , . . Ma$ 3 City PU Ddha Cim; Pmewxata; Out; Class Tea uiw (2) ' (3I). JOSEPH WATXE WARSEX - v. -_.. ., -.-;-_;.. ?-..; :;.-: One hundred fifty-nine STRONG Fox BECK BAKER Educational fficers WILLIAM H. STRONG President MURIEL R. Fox ... Vice-President HILDEGARDE R. BECK Secretary GEORGE H. BAKER Treasurer Committees EXECUTIVE WILLIAM H. STRONG, Chairman MURIEL R. Fox HILDEGARDE BECK GEORGE H. BAKER AUDITING CECIL R. BETRON, Chairman CLARENCE J. WHITNEY FRANK BRACKEN THELMA M. KNIGHT FINANCE GEORGE H. BAKER, Chairman HORACE GLE V WILLIAM RYDER INVITATION MYNNIE E. UHLENHOPP, Chairman ELSIE BECK MARY NISWONGER ROY DAHI.BERG PUBLICITY RUSSELL P. BRUMBAUGH, Chairman ROWENA A. BENSON BURT M. BAIRD DORIS BESSINGER SOCIAL THELMA E. BOYD, Chairman VIOLET E. PEACOCK GEORGE E. PEACOCK FRANCIS M. COOKE INEZ G. PECKTEL MARYELLEN BROWN CAP AND GOWN LESLIE R. SILVERNALE, Chairman GLADYS L. BEYERS MILDRED L. BOYCE ROBERT JONES MEMORIAL GERTRUDE RYAN, Chairman KATHRINE GUNN DOROTHY WENT WALTER NICHOLS One hundred sixty 1925 Educational (Committee Chairmen WILLIAM HENRY STRONG ........ CECIL R. BETROX .......... Auditing GEORGE HENRY BAKER MYXNIE ELIZABETH UHLENHOPP RUSSELL PATTERSON BRUMBAUGH THELMA EVANGELISE BOYD LESLIE RICHMOND SILVERNALE GERTRUDE ELIZABETH RYAN Finance Invitation Publicity Social Cap and G Kcn Memorial One hundred sixty-one T GRETTA MAE ADAMS . . . ... Carson City RUTH IDELI ADRIANCE Kappa Phi. Paw Pazv EULA V. AVERY BURT M. BAIRD Gun and Blade; Educational Club. Ann Arbor Traverse City GEORGE HENRY BAKER ETHEL M. BAMBER Kappa Phi; Educational Club. Bay City Howell ELSIE MINNA BECK Pi Lambda Theta (3) (4), Vice-President (4). Detroit HlLDEGARDE REGINA BECK Pi Lambda Theta; Class Secretary (4). MARYIDA SERENE BEADLE Detroit Ann Arbor MILDRED SPANNER BENJAMIN ROWENA A. BENSON Cleveland, Ohio Munson Mummers (3) (4); Girls ' Glee Club (3) (4); Junior Girls ' Play. DORIS BESSENGER Detroit Alpha Omicron Pi; Junior Girls ' Play; Class Secretary (3). ' - -ti . -- One hundred sixty-two CECIL R. BETROS Flint Club; Daily Staff; Ccrcle Francais. GLADYS LEONE BEYERS Girls ' Glee Club. MILDRED LEONE BOYCE Kappa Phi; Cosmopolitan Club (1). THELMA EVANGELISE BOYD Flint Big Rapids Tfcumsfh Detroit Kappa Phi Treasurer (3) (4); Chm. Class Social Com. (4). . EVERETTE WARREN BRIDGE Detroit MARYELLES BROWN Alpha Phi; Girls ' Glee Club Grand Rapids RUSSEL PATTERSON BRUMBAUGH . Sebring, Ohio Delta Phi Sigma; Publicity Mgr. Varsity Band. MILDRED MAE BUYS Decatur BERNICE PETERS CHURCH .-Inn Arbor JOHN M. Cos AT Lambertvillf HARRY T. Cos LEY .... Superior, Wisconsin FRANCIS MORSE COOKE Owosso r " " " - - " - ' " - " ,.- .V-t; One hundred sixty-three EVELYN MARY DOHANEY i=5 IT-. It.r l MAUDE MARJORIE COREY Haven Hockey (1); Basketball (1) (2); Mummers; Masques; Junior Girls ' Play. DOROTHY MARIE DAVIS -Inn Arbor Hockey; Basketball; Baseball. GRACE L. DAYTON Hudson Detroit Theta Phi Alpha; Treasurer Physical Educational Club (3). ETHEL J. Dow Bad Axe AGNES DOROTHY EASON MURIEL RUTH Fox Ravenna Central Lake Senior Society; Pi Lambda Theta; Choral Union; Junior Girls ' Play. LEAH S. FRIEDMAN Phi Sigma Sigma. Tatcas Citv ELDON CLEO GEYER Ann Arbor HELENA MAGDALENE GILDING icksburg HORACE HENRY GLEW Benton Harbor EDITH S. GRETTENBERGER Ann Arbor One hundred sixty-four IMOGEXE LEAH GREY Detroit CLARENCE L. GROVE . Shady Grore, Penns kania CATHERINE MARY Grxx Bro:cn Cit ELSIE BELLE HARDY- .... Mummer-;; Choral Union. Ann Arbor LEROY ADELL HARRIS Laingsbvrg ELIZABETH R. HASCALL Kappa Kappa Gamma. Detroit SADYEBETH HEATH Kappa Kappa Gamma. St. Clair OLIVE GRACE HENDERSON Portia. Cassopolis ERMA BEATRICE HODGSON Bay City FRED B. HOEFELMEYER GOLDA SWINEHARD HOTCHKISS . . Toledo, Ohio Woman ' s Educational Club; Players ' Club. AGNES MARGARET HOUGH .... Kappa Phi; Cosmopolitan Club. Ravenna Flint mm ; One hundred sixty-five One hundred sixty-six MARGARET C. HUNTER Educational Club. Shelby JOSEPHINE LEE IMERMAN Alpha Epsilon Phi. Detroit ROBERT VEIN INGLE Chi Phi. Toledo, Ohio VERNE J. JACOX . E. FERNE}JENSEN Centerville Ann Arbor ROBERT WRIGHT ' JONES .... Grand Rapids TRENNA MABEL KAISER Armada MARY ELIZABETH KELLEY Alpha " Chi Omega. Ml. Pleasant THELMA MYRTLE KNIGHT .... Kappa Phi; Educational Club. MARGARET H. LOBKER Coral BRADFORD BEAMAN LOVELAND . Pi Kappa Alpha. Hanover Republic GERTRUDE EFFIE MARSHALL Kalamazoo MARY EVA MARVIN Summit City ROSEMARY JOSEPHINE MATGEN Theta Phi Alpha. Detroit MARY R. McDowELL Detroit Women ' s Educational Club; Choral Union; Michigan Dames. LOANA DOONE METCALF Leslie Kappa Phi; Educational Club; Cosmopolitan Club. HELEN ROSE MILLER Educational Club. Chelsea ETHEL A. MILLETT 4rmada Kappa Phi; Educational Club; Cosmopolitan Club. GERTRUDE ELMYRA MOHLER . Chi Omega. Ann Arbor MARION MARGARET MUNRO Detroit Class Secretary (3); Girls ' Glee Club (3) (4); Choral Union (3). WALTER ORLIN NICHOLS Detroit MARY ELIZABETH XISIVONGER . Pitsburg, Ohio VIVIAN NORTH Zeta Tau Alpha. Ann Arbor HELEN J. PATTON Ciorfrdalf - .- I ' CCCt ; JETiiC V t " k " T One hundred sixty-set ' ' y - " " -m m " tyCi i ; irVjwiivv ALICE VERONICA PAZOUR . Kimball, South Dakota Westerners ' Club; Black Quill. GEORGE EDWARD PEACOCK Detroit ' VIOLET ESTHER PEACOCK Detroit Sigma Kappa; Choral Union (3); Girls ' Glee Club (3) (4); Junior Girls ' Play. ALDEAN PEAR Saugatuck INEZ GERTRUDE PECHTEL Kappa Phi. Carson City JEAN HELEN RAMSAY Delta Zeta; Players ' Club; W.A.A. MITCHELL OTIS READ META ELIZABETH REYNOLDS ESTHER BRODIE RICKETTS . Girls ' Educational Club. Detroit Ludington Detroit Pana, Illinois FERDINAND ALMON ROCKWELL Jackson Sigma Delta Psi; Football (3) (4); Freshman Track; Comedy Club. MAURINE RUTH ROGERS MARJORIE CAROL ROSECRANS . . . Tecumseh Alpha Chi Omega; Comedy Club. Ypsilanti One hundred sixty-eight GERTRUDE ELIZABETH RYAN Hou-fll La Sociedad Espanola (4); Educational Club; A Le Cercle Francais. WILLIAM CECIL RYDER Men ' s Educational Club; Union Opera (2). Hartford HARRY " LAWRENCE SAMUEL Alpha Sigma Phi. Everett, Massachusetts MYRTLE A. SAXSENBACHER .... Toledo, Ohio Alpha Xi Delta; Mu Phi Epsilon; Girls ' Glee Club; Chra. Junior Girls ' Play. EDMARIE ELIZABETH SCHRAUDER Monroe Theta Phi Alpha; Theta Sigma; Daily Staff (3) (4); Press Club. CARLETON HENRY " SHAVER Men ' s Educational Club. Ypsilanti LESLIE RICHMOND SILVERDALE Class President (3). Menominee RAPHAEL COUPLE SIMONDKY . . Toronto, Ontario Cosmopolitan Club; Men ' s Educational Club. DEVERA ALTA SLOCUM Otcosso RUTH ROSE SMITH Mohawk ESTHER M. STEVENS Detroit WILLIAM HENRY " STRONG Alpha Tau Omega. Eaton Rapids One hundred sixty-nine 1 1 ' ' r I L v. xx- Tirtcv i p - __- " . _i -. - MRS. ELIZABETH RAWSOX TEABOLDT Clinton M. BERNECE TOMPKINS Athena. Detroit PHYLLIS A. TURNBULL .Po - Huron Zeta Tau Alpha; Sigma Delta Phi; Junior Girls ' Play; Social Chm. Women ' s League, Summer (3); Comedy Club; Portia Literary Society. MYXNIE ELIZABETH UHLENHOPP Richland Center, Wis. GRACE LEANA WALLACE Kappa Phi. Ray City DOROTHY MARY WENTE Pi Lambda Theta. Detroit DONALD SYDNEY WHEELER Ypsilanti DORIS MARTHA WHEELER Saline CAROL HARMONY WHITNEY . St. Augustine, Florida Delta Zeta; Alpha Chi Alpha. CLARENCE JASON WHITNEY . . . Port Sanilac Phi Delta Kappa; Men ' s Educational Club. RALPH ADAM WIKE Endicott, New York WILLIAM FRANKLIN WILCOX . . . Harbor Springs Glee Club; Choral Union. - j One hundred seventy PAULIXE ELIZABETH WILSOX EMILIE WOOD MARY ELIZABETH WOOLDRIDGE Kappa Phi. Detroit National Mine Bflding 1925 purses ' lass CELIA FORREST AMES Fresno, Ohio RUBY ELLIOT AYRES Coldwater Representative Council (3); Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4). ROBERTA MARIAN BARCLAY President Nurses ' Student Council. ELIZABETH BELL Jackson HELEN C. BOLT THEODORA C. BOWMAN .J amo ELLEN RUTH CARLSON- ALBERTA E. CHENEY Class President (3). Jackson MILDRED M. COURTAD MARY E. DAVENPORT Bucyrus, Ohio Scottville Standish MARIAN E. CADWELL Lansing DOROTHY LOUISE CAMPBELL . . . East Lansing Neu ' berry Tecumseh One hundred seventy-two VALDORA RUTH K . NS Port Huron GRACE FIXDLAY Harlan, Iowa Com. of Art and Humor of ' 25 Scalpel . DAISY BEATRICE HARDER Sigma Kappa. Pigeon JOSEPHINE ELLEN HEERING . . . Grand Rapids Senior Society; Class Secretary (4); President Nurses ' Y.W.C.A. (4) " . DOROTHEA A. HEWITT Sioux City, Iowa Editor Scalpel (4), Advertising Mgr. (3); Class Yice- President (2). IRENE A. HEWITT . . . Friendship, Nezc York ATTA MAE HITCHCOCK Hillsdale LETA MAE JACKSON Adrian Representative Nurses ' Student Council (4); Class Vice-President (2); Circulatory Editor Scalpel (3) (4). RVTH GARRISON KIRCHER .... Ann Arbor Representative Nurses ' Student Council. DOROTHY E. LAPHAM St. Petersburg, Florida MARY ROSSMAN LE!SLE Allegan HELEN MAHAFFY Ann Arbor ?-? i | _M h0 One hundred seventy-three mZf ' Js zz-s] ' : ' : ' _ ; T r j -T- " - ' ' ' ' ' rY- L; ' : " -i ' JSy ' LOTTA OGLETREE Class Treasurer (4). LAR.UE H. MOIINEY Three Rivers Indiana f if, Indiana ' KRONICA RAHII.I.Y Michi$.amme Class Treasurer (2) (3). PANSY M. SHAMBAUGH .... C.flina, Ohio Financial Mgr. Scalpel (2) (4); Class President (3) (4). GRACE W. SHURLOW .... Class Secretary (4). Lapeer DOROTHY BETHEL SWAIN Lit erary Editor Scalpel (2). Jackson FLORENCE E. VOGEL Chelsea Athletic Reporter Scalpel (2), Alumni Reporter (. ' ). MARGARET A. WELLMAN Class President (2). MARIE WICKLUND J ackson Scottvillr Story Editor Scalpel (3); Representative Nurses ' Council (3) (4); Class Secretary (2). MILDRED L. WILLIAMSON Gagetown One hundred seventy-four C(lae Qffirrre DOYLE WILLIAMS HASKELL MESSER 1926 J iterary Officers RICHARD F. DOYLE President M. RUTH WILLIAMS Vice-President MARY E. HASKELL Secretary HARRY G. MESSER Treasurer (Committees SOCIAL CHARLES G. OAKMAN, Chairman HAROLD F. FREEBORN LsRoY L. OSBORNE HARLAND G. WALTERS GLEN SEEBA JOSEPHINE M. WEILER FRANCIS L. ADAMS L. CATHERINE MELLEN MARGARET H. GEDDES CLASS BOOK ALLIN B. CROUCH, Chairman GEORGE W. Ross, JR. ROBERT C. WINTER WALKER G. EVERETT GERTRUDE B. OTTMER ELIZABETH P. PARROTT KATHRYN W. WILLSON PUBLICITY KENNETH C. KELLAR, Chairman JOSEPH KRUGER ROBERT S. MANSFIELD AUDITING JOSEPH J. FINN, Chairman WILLIAM J. HOWARD KENNETH C. KLUTE FRED E. STURMER ATHLETIC ROY H. CALLAHAN, Chairman ROBERT J. BROWN STEVEN F. WILSON CARL M. FRANK FINANCE BERNARD A. WATSON. Chairman HAROLD A. MARKS ROBERT GROT ELEANOR MUSSELMAN ADVISORY RICHARD H. FREYBERG. Chairman BYRON W. PARKER GEORGE R. SNYDER One hundred seventy-six TS HEATH HAWKINS BROWN DUNNING 1926 8ngineering Officers V. HAROLD HEATH President HARRY H. HAWKINS I ' ice-President CLARK H. BROWN Secretary JOHN M. DUNNING Treasurer (Committees DISTINCTIVE DRESS PAUL J. KELLER, Chairman CLARK H. BROWN- REX E. MOULE HARRY V. MAcDuFF SOCIAL RICHARD EARHARDT, Chairman LEONEL C. PITTS QUINCY W. WELLINGTON- CLAYTON J. WOLF GEORGE F. DURAND EUGENE F. CARDWELL ATHLETIC JAMES P. VOSE, Chairman . VICTOR OWEN- JACK K. BULMER M. A. XEFT HOWARD C. FELVER SUB COUNCIL HUBERT G. GOEBEL, Chairman KENNETH L. HOLLISTER HARRY W. MACDUFF J-HOP WILLIAM T. COLEMAX, Chairman HUBERT G. GOEBEL HENRY G. GROVES MEMORIAL EDWARD T. MCCARTHY. Chairman CHARLES H. JOHNSON- JAMES K. WAREHAM ADVISORY WILLIAM T. COLEMAN. Chairman HUBERT G. GOEBEL HARRY HAWKINS JOHN M. DUNNING CLARK H. BROWN- HARRY W. MACDUFF HONOR COMITTEEMEN EUGENE F. CARDWELL. Chairman JOHN M. DUNNING One hundred seventy-seven WHITTINCMAM WOLLIN BRADY RICHEY 1926 Architectural fficers MANFRED G. WHITTINGHAM President EARL F. WOLLIN Vice-President PRESTON C. BRADY . Secretary GILBERT T. RICHEY . . Treasurer Committees FINANCE HAROLD V. MAURER, Chairman GAYLORD A. WATTS ERNEST NEITZER ADVISORY EARL P. SAWYER, Chairman OWIN K. GRIFFITH SOCIAL LIVINGSTONE D. ELDER, Chairman CHARLES D. COGSHALL EDWIN D. EDMUNDS AUDITING DONALD G. WARREN, Chairman DAVID H. WILLS J-HOP REPRESENTATIVE JAMES D. DARLING One hundred seventy-eight MAC AY RATHMAN CORXELIUSOX OsBORXE 1926 Medical Officers WILLIAM A. LvcVAY President OMER C. RATHMAN Vice-President GOLDIE B. CORNELIUSOX Secretary CHARLES OSBORNE Treasurer Committees BROWN DERBY NORMAX H. AMOS, Chairman CHARLES L. MACCALUM ANDREW VAX SOLKEMA RALPH G. HUBB RD EXECUTIVE SMITH J. THORINGTON WESLEY G. REID RUSSELL J. HIMMELBERGER ROBERT R. CLARK SOCIAL ARD L. CHADWICK, Chairman GUY W. DE BOER JOHX R. MACGREGOR JAMES M. NELSOX EDWIX H. COACHMAN AUDITING JOHN H. KILGUS, Chairman FREDERICK J. FISCHER " 83 - c - One hundred seventy-nine MARTIN- FORD MUNZ LAW 1926 J aw Officers GEORGE S. MARTIN President RICHARD FORD Pice-President CHARLES J. MUNZ Secretary R. DALE LAW . . Treasurer (Committees SOCIAL WILLIAM A. GIBSON, Chairman RAWSON O. MARSH ARTHUR ROBINSON THOMAS C. STRACHAN, JR. FRANCIS J. GALLAGHER ATHLETIC RICHARD F. ROE, Chairman EGBERT R. ISBELL CHARLES J. MUNZ FRANK H. BACKSTROM ADVISORY GEORGE A. PARMENTER, Chairman L. FRANK McKNiGHT LUCIAN LANE L. BEAUMONT PARKS FINANCE DONALD B. FREDERICK, Chairman JACK HONIGMAN GERALD M. RYAN JOHN V. RODY One hundred eighty HECKO HEIDEXREICH RVBEXSTEIX 1926 " Dental Officers JOHN E. HECKO President HENRY J. SHANNON 1 ' ice-President WALTER V. HEIDENREJCH Secretary EDWARD A. RUBENSTEIN . Treasurer (Committees FINANCE FREDERICK F. PFEIFFER, Chairman HAROLD G. WIXKLER JOHJJ B. Dixox . ROMLE ROMINE HAROLD F. SCHMIDT AUDITING Louis P. SCHULZE, Ckttirma RUTH M. MOUNTAIN FORD K. DAISES EDWARD M. NOLAX SOCIAL EUGENE K. BUCK PAUL H. PIKE EDWARD J. GUENTHER CLIFFORD C. BUEHRER ROBERT S. WILSOX ATHLETICS WALTER J. MCCARTHY, Chairman HAROLD MACGREGOR WILLIAM F. NEVILLE GEORGE B. STAXFORD One hundred eighty-one HACKER BRANCH WEST RALSTON 1926 Educational Officers GEORGE F. HACKER President MABI.E M. BRANCH . V ice-President RUSSEL W. WEST Secretary ELSIE C. RALSTON . Treasurer (Committees ADVISORY JOHN K. OSBORN, Chairman JEAN E. CARRAEIN THOMAS L. EDWARDS MARY HORN AUDITING MAIZIE A. VANDERBECK, Chairman CHARLES VAN RIPER FRANCES M. KELLOGG WILMOT R. SANFORD SOCIAL VERA M. WRIGGLESWORTH, Chairman NEVA E. NYE ELMON L. VERNIER WILLIAM CARDEW FINANCE JACK M. CLIFFORD, Chairman VIRGINIA E. SPAIN NORMA BARLOW RICHARD G. BABCOCK . J- ' ,. -. % .% 4 - xiSS fi ' ' - ' ' . ' rtS - ifvy+yi. . -- + - a i--- , One hundred eighty-two . WAGGONER GOREXFLO GIBSOX FREITAG 1926 Pharmacy Officers CHARLES S. WAGGONER President OSCAR C. GORENFLO Vice-President ARTHUR J. GIBSOX Secretary ANDREW C. FREITAG . Treasurer (Committees SOCIAL HARLAX S. VAN HORX, Chairman BURTON A. GROFF HAROLD D. GRIEVE AUDITING ANDREW C. FREITAG, Chairman OSCAR C. GOREXFLO EDWARD T. VEXXARD ATHLETIC LEONARD D. POWERS, Chairman HUGH H. MAHOXEY One hundred eighty-three PHELPS BRIGGS XAGF.LVOORT CASE 1926 business Administration Officers D. MAYNARD PHELPS President ROBERT P. BRIGGS ' ice-President BERNARD A. NAGELVOORT ' Secretary FRANCIS B. CASE . Treasurer Committees SOCIAL EDWIN J. O ' CONNOR, Chairman HENRY A. MITCHELL VlLBERT J. LlPPERT FINANCE RALPH E. JOHNSON, Chairman WILLIAM F. MAXEY ROBERT P. BRIGGS ADVISORY ALOIS J. CHRONOWSKI, Chairman ARNOLD W. BACHMAN DAVID S. TOUF On hundred eighty-four BARRETT KTER PHELPS 1927 J tterary Officers GEORGE K. HUTCHINGS President MARY H. BARRETT Vice-President JEAN Y. KYER Secretary STANFORD X. PHELPS Treasurer Engineering Officers HARI.EY J. BELL President JOHN H. LOVETTE V ' ice-President GEORGE M. STANLEY Secretary THOMAS CRANAGE . Treasurer BELL LOYETTE STAXLEY CRAXACE One hundred eighty -file THULIN OLIVER MICHEL STARRETT 1927 Architectural Officers WALTER E. THULIN President LAWRENCE W. OLIVER Vice-President KENNETH A.MICHEL Secretary PAUL STARRETT Treasurer 1927 J aw Officers FREDERICK H. PINNEY President EDWIN G. AIcLfiAN . ice-President JOHN A. GUSTUS Secretary LESTER F. JOHNSON Treasu rer PINNEY MCLEAN GUSTUS JOHNSON One hundred eighty-six PARK PATELSKI BRAXDT SCHXALL IQ2J Pharmacy Officers FLOYD S. PARK President ROY A. PATELSKI rice-President HAZEL G. BRANDT Secretary BLAINE A. SCHNAI.L . Treasurer 1928 Qterary Officers HENRY S. GRINNELL President MARY L. MURRAY fife-President LOUISE L. PIGGOTT Secretary WILLIAM V. DONALDSON Treasurer GRIXXELL MVRRAY PIGGOTT DOXALDSOX One hundred eighty-seven BURTON MILLER 1928 Engineering Officers PAUL L. BURTON President CASSIUS L. MILLER Vice-President FRED J. PICKEI Secretary ELLIS B. MERRY Treasurer 1928 Architectural Officers ROGER E. CARR President BERNICE F. STAEBLER Vice-President B. FREDERICK ARNDT Secretary CARL N. ZELLER . Treasurer CARR STAEBLER ARNDT ZELLER 3 - ' One hundred eighty-eight BROGAN SCHITZ RvTHERFORD COLE 1928 Pharmacy Officers HAROLD C. BROGAX . THEODORE SCHITZ HELEN H. RUTHERFORD ROBERT S. COLE . President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer One hundred eighty-nine " With Thunders from Her Native Oak, She Quells the Floods Below " . AlGLER BROOKER Dl ' FFY LEE YOST HlBBARD HAGGERTY JOHXSTOX DrCHARME PRAYER RICE The Board in (Control of tAthletics of the University o HP HE Board in Control of Athletics governs all questions relative to Inter- collegiate Athletics. It makes, adopts, and enforces the necessary rules con- trolling all questions pertaining to eligibility of players, intercollegiate relations, and membership in associations of athletics. It is the purpose of the board in all of its actions, and in any rules it may adopt, to foster reasonable participation by the student body in general, in all forms of indoor and outdoor physical exercise. PERSONNEL PROFESSOR RALPH V. AIGLER . DIRECTOR FIELDING H. YOST Chairman Sfcrftar FACULTY WILLIAM A. PRAYER CLARENCE T. JOHXSTOX ALFRED O. LEE ALUMNI JOHX D. HIBBARD, Chicago JAMES E. DUFFY. Bay City CHARLES B. DuCnARME, Detroit STUDENTS JAMES K. BROOKER GEORGE S. HAGGARTY ROBERT V. RICE One hundred ninety-one GEORGE E. LITTLE Assistant Athletic Director and Varsity Football Coach Coach George Little, a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan, after a very successful coaching career at Ohio State, University of Cincinnati, and Miami University, was brought to Michigan in 1922 by Fielding H. Yost. While here, he was instrumental in producing two championship teams. Last fall, he was Varsity Field Coach in football, and at the close of the season was appointed Director of Athletics at the University of Wisconsin, making him the youngest director in any of the large Universities. Wisconsin ' s gain is Michigan ' s loss. ELTON E. WIEMAN Assistant Athletic Director and Varsity Football Line Coach " Tad " Wieman, Captain of Michigan ' s 1918 undefeated foot- ball team, was a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and won the Conference Medal through excellence in scholarship and athletics. The last four years under " Tad ' s " instruction as head line coach, three Michigan linesmen have been honored by positions on -Walter Camp ' s first Ail-American teams. Though coaching a part of the team that is not spectacular, he has consistently produced lines that have ranked with the best in the country. STEPHEN J. FARRELL Varsity Track Coach " Steve " Farrell is one of the best known track coaches in the country and has produced nationally known track stars year after year. In his youth, he was famous as a dash-man and middle-distance runner. After coaching seven years at the University of Maine and three and one-half years at Ohio State, he came to Michigan in 1913. " Steve " has often produced championship teams from mediocre material by his constant attention to the men and his knowledge of the game. RAY L. FISHER Varsity Baseball Coach " Ray " Fisher was graduated from Middlebury College in 1909 and went directly to the Major Leagues where he pitched for the New York Americans. Following the World War, he pitched for the Cincinnati Reds until 1921 when he came to Michigan as head coach of baseball. During his four years at Michigan, " Ray " has twice produced Conference Cham- pionship Teams, and placed second the other two years. EDWIN J. MATHER Varsity Basketball Coach Coach Mather came to Michigan in 1919, and in his second year produced a championship team. Previous to his com- ing to Michigan, " Skipper " coached at Kalamazoo College, where his teams had marked success. In the last three years, the Wolverines seem to have been pursued by a Jinx either of ineligibility or injuries, but still Mather has made the Wolverine five feared by all its opponents. ' ix - -L " ' - ' jx ' One hundred ninety-two MATT MANN Farsity Swimming Couch Michigan was fortunate in securing the services of. " Matt Mann who has had wide experience in coaching and swimming. His most conspicuous posts have been at Yale as Varsity Coach, and at the Detroit Athletic Club where he was in charge of all swimming activities. This year he established for Michigan ' s swimming team a position among the strongest competitors for Conference honors. CHARLES B. HOYT Freshman Track Coach and Athletic Trainer Until 1924 " Charlie " Hoyt held the World ' s Record for the 220-yard dash on a curved track and is still joint holder of the Interscholastic Record for the 100-yard dash. He grad- uated from Grinnell where he captained the Track Team for two years. He became trainer at Grinnell and later Director of Athletics for the High Schools of Sioux City, Iowa. He came to Michigan in 1925 as Head Trainer and Freshman Track Coach. RICHARD W. BARKER Varsity Wrestling Coach Before graduating from Ames in 1921, Coach " Dick " Barker played football for three years and wrestled for two years, being Eckersall ' s choice for All-Western guard in 1919. He was National Intercollegiate Wrestling Champion for two years, never ha ving been thrown in the 175-pound class. After graduation, previous to his coming to Michigan, Barker coached one year each at Ames and Cornell College, Iowa. FRANKLIN L. HAYES Assistant Instructor in Football and Basketball " Duke " Hayes played football and basketball for three years at Marietta College, captaining both teams in his Senior year. During the war. he was a member of the famous Camp Sher- man Football Team. He came to Michigan in 1924 to assist in football and basketball. JACK L. BLOTT Assistant Instructor in Football and Baseball " Jack " Blott, the latest addition to the Wolverine Coaching Staff, was graduated from Michigan in 1924. While here he was Captain of the 1924 Conference Championship Baseball Team. He played Center on the football team, and was chosen by Walter Camp for that position on the All-American Eleven. Last summer he played baseball with the Cin- cinnati Reds, but returned to Michigan in the fall as an assistant coach in football and baseball. One hundred ninety-three DILLMAN BROOKER ior Sport Captains, 1924-25 Few of Cichigan s ir op hies One hundred ninety-tour FRAXKI.IN C. CAPPOX Conference zJ edal Winner EVERY year one man in each University of the " Big Ten " is selected for the conference medal on the basis of his scholastic and athletic ability. At Michigan he is chosen by four members of the Board in Control of Athletics. Franklin C. Cappon was the Michigan man so honored in 1924. " Cappie " played football for three years and in his senior year was named as Utility-man on Walter Camp ' s Ail-American Team. He also played guard on the basketball team for two years. On the football team, he played end, tackle, and in the backfield, being considered by many the most valuable man who ever played football at the University. " Cappie " had that much-desired, but seldom-attained, combination of athlete and scholar. Much enthusiasm was cre- ated when it was recently announced that he would join the Michigan Coaching Staff next Fall. Former Conference It ' ' tuners 1919 ALAN V. BOYD 1920 CARL E. JOHNSTOX 1921 ELTOX E. IEIIAN 1922 R. JEROME DUNNE 1923 PAUL G. GOEBEL 1924 FRANKLIN C. CAPPOX One hundred ninety -five SLAUGHTER Slaughter Michigan s Thirteenth All-American " Slaughter of Michigan is a veteran guard who has always tow- ered-up in any line of forwards. A big man, extremely active, and with an experience invaluable in this position, he provides the pivotal spot upon which a line plunging attack may rest. He carries his charge through so that he is never shoved back upon his runner. Moreover, on defense he is never guilty of ' knifing through ' a tendency which seems to make many another otherwise star guard a risky bulwark. Slaughter has unlimited endurance. " Walter Camp Slaughter in action ?M? One hundred ninety-six GDGffR, V-HRSIoY POOGBflMf MRB6QEEB P.SC6G6R football PARKER BABCOCK KUNOW DEWEY DOMHOFF GREGORY FLORA HAWKINS STEELE SLAUGHTER EDWARDS GRUBE STAMMAN Coach WIEMAN MARION Coach YOST STEGER BROWN Coach LITTLE MILLER Traintr HOYT FRIEDMAN ROCKWELL HERRNSTEIN 1924 Varsity Football Team OFFICERS HERBERT F. STEGER GEORGE E. LITTLE J. GLENN DONALDSON Captain Coach Manager-Elect PERSONNEL R. GEORGE BABCOCK . ROBERT J. BROWN R. SIDNEY DEWEY VICTOR DOMHOFF . THOMAS L. EDWARDS . WILLIAM R. FLORA BRUCE R. GREGORY CHARLES W. GRUBE . HARRY HAWKINS . Guard, WILLIAM H. HERRNSTEIN, JR. WALTER KUNOW Tackle EDGAR MADSEN . . Center, End Center PHILLIP E. MARION . Back, End Guard JAMES K. MILLER . . End, Back Quarter H. FREDERICK PARKER . . Back Tackle FERDINAND A. ROCKWELL . Back End EDLIFF R. SLAUGHTER . . Guard Back CARL P. STAMMAN . . . Back End HAROLD O. STEELE . . . Guard Tackle HERBERT F. STEGER . . . Back Back BEN FRIEDMAN .... Back Tackle A. M. A. MERLE C. BAKER WILLIAM D. COVENTRY RUSSELL W. DAVIS HARLAN FROEMKE WILLIAM H. HEATH ELMER E. LANGGUTH JOHN H. LOVETTE KENT C. MC!NTYRE PAUL C. SAMSON WILLIAM E. ULLMANN JOHN H. WITHERSPOOX W Ok One hundred ninety-eight GEORGE E. LITTLE f ' arsity Football Coach J. GLENS DONALDSON 7925 Parsity Football Manager T esu ts of Season Michigan . ; Miami . Michigan Michigan ... 7 ... 14 M.A.C. Illinois . . . 39 Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan ... 21 ... 13 ... 27 ... 16 ... 2 Wisconsn Minnesota . . Northwestern Ohio State . Iowa . . . . 6 . - . 9 Conference Standing W L T PCT. Chicago . Illinois . 3 . 3 1 3 1 1000 .750 Iowa .... . 3 1 1 .750 Michigan Purdue . 4 2 2 2 .667 .500 Minnesota . 1 2 1 .333 Northwestern . 1 3 .250 Indiana . 1 3 .250 Ohio State . 1 5 .250 Wisconsin 2 2 .000 One hundred ninety-nine CAPTAIN STEGEK CAPTAIN-ELECT BROWN i-onference (James MICHIGAN 55 MIAMI ' I HE first game of the 1924 season showed that the team had great - - possibilities, and that the coaches were well on their way to finding men who could fill the places left vacant by the graduation of such men as Kipke, Blott, Uteritz, and Muirhead. With Captain Steger, Steele, Slaughter, and Miller as the only veterans, their task was a difficult one. Brown, Rockwell, Babcock, and Marion had had some Conference ex- perience but were not what may be termed veterans. The green team gained at will against the Ohioans. Courtesy Detroit News Miller smashing thru Miami line. j Two hundred SLAUGHTER GRUBE PARKER MICHIGAN 7- MICHIGAN AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE HP HE first real test of the season came as a surprise the following Saturday, for Michigan expected little trouble in defeating the Farmers. The game was exceedingly close throughout, neither team having a decided advantage. It was not until the final quarter that Michigan succeeded in making a touchdown and breaking up what promised to be a scoreless tie. In the last few minutes of play, Parker threw one of the long sensation al passes that characterized the Wolverine ' s attack throughout the entire season, to Captain Steger who caught it and ran for a touchdown. The playing of Michigan in this game showed that the Wolverines were still a green team with a lot of football yet to learn before meeting Illinois the following Saturday. The task of the coaches to get the team ready for the game with Illinois promised to be a great one. -5 - A side-line play in the Miami game Courtesy Detroit Neres Two hundred one . n Tim hundred two Michigan Illinois Yards by Rushing Michigan 1 .:. .- Yards by Passing BABCOCK (Conference (Barnes MICHIGAN- 14 ILLINOIS 39 A BIG part of the student body journeyed down to Cham- paign the next Saturday to witness the long-talked-of Illinois game. The fame of " Red " Grange had spread to the hills of Ann Arbor, but few expected the result that ensued. " Red " caught the ball on the kick-off and ran the whole length of the field for a touchdown. The Michigan players were sodazed that Grange put the ball over the line three more times in the first quarter before the Wolverines realized what was happening. After the first quarter, Michigan awoke and fought a hope- less, uphill fight that won the admiration of friend and foe alike. Never was the old saying, " Michigan can be outplayed, but never outfought " more vividly demonstrated than on that Saturday afternoon. Led by Captain Steger, whose wonderful fighting game gave the stands the cry, " Fight like Steger, " the Wolverines time and time again ploughed through the Sucker line with desperate courage, holding them to twelve points and scoring fourteen themselves in the last three quar- ters. " Red ' s " speed and elusiveness could only be matched by the Wolverine ' s tenacious fight. We lost, but there was not a Wolverine supporter, as he started back to Ann Arbor, who was not proud of the Michigan team. Kuxow Tkis skows hoar good Grange really was Two hundred three M ichlgan Wisconsin Yards by Rushing M ichigan Wisconsin Yards by Passing MICHIGAN 21 WISCONSIN SHOWING strength and a comeback spirit that startled] the entire Conference, [Michigan defeated Wisconsin the following Saturday, 21 0. The team was completely reorganized with Captain Steger at quarter, Rockwell at half, Miller at end, and Marion at full. Michigan ' s running and passing game was at its best with Friedman, a new man doing the hurling and Captain Steger the receiving. A long pass from Friedman to Steger put the ball on the two-yard line. Here Wisconsin held for four downs. Wisconsin punted out, but on the next play, Michigan passed again, this time going over. Rockwell made several beautiful runs around end and off tackle. FRIEDMAN HERRNSTEIN lament in the Wisconsin game Courtesy Detroit News Two hundred four Michigan Minnesota Yards by Rushin Michigan Minnesota Yards by Passing MICHIGAN 13 MINNESOTA THE third Conference game played with Minnesota at Minneapolis resulted in another victory for Michi- gan. Captain Steger who had injured his foot in the Wisconsin game was forced to view the contest from the side-lines, Slaughter acting as Captain. The game developed into a fight between the tricky, overhead game of the Wolverines against the heavy, line-smashing tactics of Ascher and Liedberg. Several times the Gophers ploughed down the field only to lose the ball on downs or by an intercepted pass as soon as they neared the Wol- verine goal line. The Little Brown Jug, the traditional emblem of rivalry between the two schools, was carried back triumphantly to Ann Arbor. EDWARDS STEELE Rockwell starling an end run in thf Minnesota game Two hundred five Michigan Northwestern Yards by Rushing Michigan Northwestern Yards by Passing MICHIGAN 27 NORTHWESTERN NORTHWESTERN was unable to cope with the driving attack of the Wolverine backs and the baffling passes thrown by Friedman. Though the Purple put up a hard fight, they were outclassed and could neither stop the Maize and Blue nor gain against her. North- western ' s outstanding player, " Moon " Baker, was un- able to gain but a few yards. Three of Michigan ' s touch- downs were gained by passes, the Wolverines presenting one of the most effective aerial games in the 1924 Con- ference. MILLER FLORA Rockwell eluding the Purple secondary defense Two hundred six Michigan Ohio V . - ! " . - - Michigan Ohio ards by Passing MICHIGAN 16 OHIO STATE 6 SCORING a touchdown in the first quarter and hold- ing Michigan scoreless for three quarters, the Buckeyes were finally defeated by the score of 16 6. Despite the Ohioian ' s long stand, the Wolverines were not tobedenied, and when their overhead and running attack got under way, gained two touchdowns by the combined passing of Friedman and the sensational line smashing of Marion. Rockwell kicked a field goal in the last quarter, and later a pass from Steger to Flora placed the ball on the Buckeye fifteen yard line where it was taken over in three plays by Friedman, Marion and Rockwell. MARIOS ROCKWELL Rocktcell crosses Ohio ' s goal Two hundred seven Michigan Yards by Rushing Iowa Michigan Iowa Yards by Passing MICHIGAN 2 IOWA 9 MADSEN ' I ' ' HE second defeat of the season came when the heavy Iowa team succeeded in .breaking up the Wolverine passing attack, Michigan completing but two out of 14 attempted passes. A touchdown by Scantlebury in the first quarter and a place kick by Hancock in the final period completed Iowa ' s scoring, while Michigan gained her points when Edwards blocked a kick and an Iowa player recovering was tackled behind his own goal line. The line worked unusu- ally well, holding the Hawkeyes time and again. Rockwell, by his sensational field running, and Marion, with his line plunging, succeeded in working the ball down the field four successive times, only to lose it when Michigan attempted to pass over Iowa ' s goal line. Between halves, taps were sounded, a salute was fired, and the flag placed at half mast as a tribute to Edgar " Farm- er " Madsen, substitute center and end on the Varsity team who died from pneumonia the Thursday preceding the game. Michigan concluded the season with four victories and two defeats; she won more games than any team in the Conference, but still had to be content with third place in the Conference rating. HAWKINS Michigan stopping Iowa ' s driving attack w Two hundred eight ' ' J.t. -V ; i . J.u. GREGORY Start of a forward pass against l.A.C. lly Detroit f DOMHOFF DEWET STAMMAX A pass to Captain Stfgrr that gained a tonfUown in tke Wisconsin game Courusj Detroit Nrxs Two hundred nine m f - - ' -. t Freshmen Football Squad Freshman Football ABOUT a hundred and seventy-five Freshmen reported to Coach Mather when Freshman football practice started soon after the opening of school. It is Michigan ' s policy in football, as in other sports, to develop her players not only from preparatory school stars, but also from those who have had but little athletic training previous to coming here. Consequently no one is dropped from the squad during the season, unless for excessive absence. The Freshmen at Michigan are for two reasons given the best training possible. First, the members of the present year ' s Freshman Squad will constitute a large share of the material for next year ' s Varsity. Second, the mere sufficiently they are trained, the better are they able to render effective competition in scrimmaging the Varsity. In these scrimmages the Freshmen execute the system of plays used by Michigan opponents. The Freshman season ended in victory, when they defeated the Reserve team in the final competition of the season, 6 0. The outstanding players were Fuller, a kicker; Thisted, center; Babcock and Skidmore, quarter-backs; Molenda, half-back; Grinnell, end; Weber, Johnson, Palmorali and Remsejeff, line-men. Freshman Football Numeral Winners A. BARLEY S. BABCOCK W. BOLTON G. BOWEN P. B. BUGNI J. T. BYBEE W. G. COWELL G. DOUGLAS F. H. FITZPATRICK F. FULLER F. GREEN H. GRINNELL W. L. HELLERMAN W. J. IRWIN C. JOHNSON E. W. JOHNSON H. S. JONES H. S. KANE L. J. KELLY M. KENDRICK D. J. MARESH F. P. MOFFETT F. MATHESON J. MILLER J. J. MOLENDA M. E. NICKERSON J. OADE J. PALMORALI F. PARSONS O. POMMERENING VV. H. PUCKELWARTX J. W. REMSEJEFF H. ROSE R. D. SAUER V. SCHWENTKER S. L. SKIDMORE R. C. SMIT C. THISTED H. WEBER W. J. WELLS Two hundred ten JABLONOWSKI STRYKER FISHER WHITE WILSON STEGER GILES BENSON KIPKE DsViEW BLOTT HAGGARTY DILLMAN BACHMAN Varsity baseball Team OFFICERS JACK L. BLOTT Captain RAY L. FISHER Coach WILLIAM T. WHITE Manager PERSONNEL JACK L. BLOTT ' . . Catcher E. B. BACHMAN Left Field JERRY S. BENSON Pitcher GEORGE DILLMAN Short Stop ORVILLE DEVIEW Utility W. B. GILES Second Ease GEORGE HAGGARTY Third Ease PETER JABLONOWSKI Pitcher HARRY KIPKE Center Field HERBERT STEGER Right Field HOMER STRYKER Pitcher S. F. WILSON. First Base A.M.A MERLE BAKER BOYD SHOESMITH LYLE TORREY ROBERT GILLINGHAM EDWARD REINERT W. HlLDEBRANDT RAY L. FISHER I ' arsity Baseball Coach WILLIAM T. WHITE rsiiy Baseball Manager T esults of Season Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan University of Kentucky . Georgia Georgia Alabama Poly. Tech. Mississippi A. and M. College Mississippi A. and M. College University of Cincinnati . M.A.C. ' Ohio State University Northwestern Notre Dame Minnesota Northwestern Wisconsin Ohio State University Iowa M.A.C Illinois Iowa Notre Dame Wisconsin Meiji University .... Meiji University .... 1924. Conference ' Rase ball Standing WON Michigan 8 Ohio State Wisconsin 6 Minnesota 5 Purdue 6 Illinois 4 Iowa 4 Indiana Northwestern 3 Chicago Two hundred thirteen CAPTAIN BLOTT CAPTAIN-ELECT DILLMAN Southern Trip I CHOUGH the Southern trip did not result in a large number of victories, it gave - the Michigan team the experience that enabled it to win the Conference honors. In the first game with the University of Kentucky, Michigan scored three runs in the first inning, but was finally defeated 9 8. The University of Georgia took the next two games, 10 3 and 6 0. Both games were lost through lack of ex- perience of the Michigan players. It was apparent that Coach Fisher had a real task on his hands to produce a winning team. Six of the men were new, Captain Blott, Haggarty, and Kipke being the only letter men. The next game with Jablonowski on the mound, was won from Alabama Poly- technical School, 10 1. Rain prevented the game with the University of Miss- issippi, but Michigan split a two game series with the Mississippi Aggies, winning one, 3 1, and losing the other, 11 4. Captain Blott proved to be the heavy hitter of the team, while Stryker and Jablonowski showed excellent form on the mound. Winter practice in the cage Two hundred fourteen JABLOXOWSKI BENSON 3 on-Qonference Qames STRYKER MICHIGAN was forced into an extra inning with M.A.C. the first game on April 23, 1924, finally winning, 1 0, when Steger hit a two-baggef scoring Haggarty: but in the next game with the Farmers on May 21st Michigan easily won, 3 1. The first game with Notre Dame at South Bend, on April 30th resulted in a defeat for the Wolverines, 6 2. Gillingham for Michigan pitched a fine game of ball and Haggarty led the hitting with four safeties. On May 29, Michigan avenged this defeat, by beating Notre Dame, 9 6 in one of the most exciting games of the year, featured by hard hitting and numerous errors on both sides. Michigan was behind twice but won in the eighth when Kipke made a somersault-catch of a long fly when Notre Dame had three men on bases and two cut. The last two games of the year were played with Meiji University, the Champions of Japan. The first game on June 13th was a real contest until the sixth inning when the Japs broke under the fast pace set by the Wolverine team. Michigan made fifteen hits and fifteen runs, while Meiji University scored but once. The next day was a repetition of the first. Jablonowski allowed but five hits and struck out thirteen men, while asa was hit safely fourteen times. In the eighth inning, with the bases loaded, Kipke batting the last time for Michigan, knocked a home-run, which served as a dramatic ending of one of the most consistently spectacular athletic careers in the history of the University. Kipke knocks a home run in the Wisconsin game Two hundred fifteen Fisher coaching his battery candidates in the Field House Conference Cjames MICHIGAN-OHIO SERIES TV TICHIGAN opened her Conference Schedule on April 26 with a home game against y Ohio. The contest went eleven innings and finally ended with a 6-5 victory for the Maize and Blue. The winning run came when Captain Blott ran home as Mart, Ohio catcher, dropped the ball, giving Michigan her first Big Ten victory. The team played mid-season ball and showed the beneficial results of the coaching and experience received on the Southern trip. The next game with Ohio at Columbus on May 17 was lost, 3-4. The result was in doubt until the last inning, but the Ohioans were able to maintain the one-run lead gained in the seventh until the finish. Jablonowski kept Ohio hitless for six of the nine innings, but by bunching their hits in the fourth the Buckeyes made three runs. This evened the three-run lead made by the Wolverines in the third, and the additional run in the seventh gave them the contest. Wilson and Kipke were the stars JB , of the game, Kipke making two runs and Wilson one. MICHIGAN-NORTHWESTERN SERIES jfl IB, The second Conference game with Northwestern was too uneven to prove interesting. Playing in Ann Arbor on April 28th, the Maize and Blue emerged from the contest on the long end of a 13 score. North- western had an off day, being unable to touch the offerings of the Wolverine pitchers. Ten runs were scored in one frame on six Michigan hits and five Northwestern errors. The return game at Evanston on May 10th was a real battle, no runs being made until the seventh inning when Captain Blott scored Bachman with a triple. Northwestern came back in her half of the frame with two runs. In the ninth, Captain Blott made another triple, scoring Bachman who had singled, and then scored himself on a wild pitch. Jablonowski pitched good ball, allowing but six hits. The final score was, Michigan 3, Northwestern 2. V V I KIPKE GILES f Two hundred sixteen Captain Blott knocks a t o-bcgger I ' M tkt Ifisconsin game MlCHIGAX-MlXXESOTA SERIES T X the opening game with Minnesota at Minneapolis, the Wolverines won a 7-3 victory, due mainly to the sensational hitting of Captain Blott. In four times at bat, the Maize and Blue captain hit for a single, a ' double and a home run. Minnesota took the lead in the first inning, hitting Stryker freely, but Benson, who relieved him, struck out two men and retired the side with two on bases. The rest of the game he pitched air-tight ball. Kipke, Bachman, and Captain Blott each garnered two runs, while Benson made one. The second game of the series was called in the second inning because of rain. The score at that time was 3-0 in favor of Michigan. JU BACH MAN MicHiGAX-Wiscoxsix SERIES The first game with the Badgers was played at Madison on May 12th. This was the first Conference game lost by Michigan, and the defeat was due to their inability to find Christenson, who allowed the Wolverines only two scattered hits. The game was featured by tight playing on both sides, the final score being 4-2. Wisconsin. On May 31st at Ann Arbor, Michigan came back, knocked Christenson from the box in the eighth frame and won, 9-0. Jablonowski fanned eleven Badgers and allowed but two hits. Kipke, playing his last Con- ference game, knocked a home run his last time at bat, scoring two before him. This game assured Michigan of at least a tie for the Conference Championship, with two defeats and eight victories. HAGGARTT Two hundred seventeen Start of the game at Iowa City MICHIGAN-IOWA SERIES N May 19th at Ferry Field, Iowa was beaten by Michigan in a tight game, 3-2. It was a pitching duel from start to finish which Benson, with great support from his mates, finally won. Iowa got away to an early lead in the first two innings, but Michigan, staging a comeback which characterized the playing of the team all season, scored in the third and sixth, winning the game. The return game, played at Iowa City on May 26, gave the Wolverines a more decisive victory than the first contest. Captain Blott, heavy hitter of the Conference, won the game when he pounded out a triple with the bases loaded. The final score of 5-1 was due to the combined playing of the whole team which exhibited an excellent brand of ball. Captain Blott, Giles, Kipke, Haggarty, and Dillman each made two hits. On the defense, Dillman at short, was the outstanding star with several sensational catches. MICHIGAN-ILLINOIS SERIES The first game with Illinois at Ann Arbor scheduled for May 3rd was cancelled because of rain. On May 24 at Urbana, the Wolverines played the Suckers in the first meeting between the two rivals in baseball for the year. Illinois was intent on revenge as Michigan had spoiled its title chances the year before. In the first inning, the Wolverines knocked Barta out of the box, scoring four runs. Part of these were contributed by errors on the part of the infield when they failed to handle the Wolverine bunts. Illinois threatened in the sixth but was not able to overcome the lead Michigan had gained, the final score being 6-2, Michigan. STEGER WILSON Two hundred eighteen CD. homeR itssseaawf HICKS CALLAHAN AUBREY HULSE GROSHKO FEINSINGER REARICK LOOMIS GRIFFIN HIGGINS GOLDWATER COCHRAN PURDY BROOKER FREYBERG HUBBARD DOYLE REINKE FARRELL HATTENDORF GRAVES SMITH ROESSER 1924. Varsity Track Team OFFICERS W. HOMER HATTENDORF STEPHEN J. FARRELL ARTHUR O. GRAVES Captain Coach Manager PERSONNEL JAMES K. BROOKER Pole-Fault Discus HAROLD C. COCHRAN Half-Mile RICHARD F. DOYLE Shot-Put RICHARD H. FREYBERG Half-Mile LEONARD GOLDWATER Sprints GEORGE H. GRIFFIN Mile W. HOMER HATTENDORF Half-Mile Quarter-Mile EDWARD J. HIGGINS Sprints WILLIAM D. HUBBARD . Broad- Jump Sprints HALBERT M. LOOMIS .... Quarter-Mile Sprints High-Hurdles DAVID E. MACLLVEN High-Jump CLAYTON C. PURDY Quarter-Mile GLEN A. REARICK Mile CHARLES A. REINKE Half-Mile Quarter-Mile WILLIAM D. ROESSER Half-Mile Quarter-Mile RAYMOND W. SMITH High- Jump HICKS CALLAHAN A. M. A. AUBREY HULSE GROSHKO FEINSINGER Two hundred twenty STEPHEN J. FARRELL Varsity Track Coach ARTHUR O. GRAVES Varsity Track Manager fompariron of Old and y ew Track Ttgcords at (Cichigan 100- YARD DASH OLD 1877 V. R. ROBERTS 220- YARD DASH 440-YARD RUN 880-YARD RUN ONE- IILE RUN 120- YARD HURDLES 220- YARD HURDLES Two-MiLE RUN- BROAD- J IMP HIGH-JUMP POLE-VAULT SHOT-PUT Discus JAVELIN HAMMER 1879 25J 188060 18772 ' 15 Yt 18796 ' 7 ' 188621 4 5 ' 189130 2 5 ' 187714 ' 23 188018 ' 8J " 18804 ' 11 " 18939 ' 6 188636 ' . 189896 ' 4 " 1919151 ' 5 " 188475 ' 11 1896106 ' 6Y Z -W. W. HANNAN -L. A. GREEN -J. H. FISKE -E. H. FLYNN -C. D. WRIGHT -E. B. DuPoNT -D. J. CASEY J. MOORE -C. W. HODGES -A. O. AUSTIN -G. L. GOOTSCHALK -P. W. JONES -A. WALLS -H. Z. BROCK (Standing) -C. E. McCoNKEY (7 . Circle) NEW 19049 4 5 ' 19129 4 5 ' 19189 4 5 ' " 19259 4 5 ' 1925 94 5 " 191421 ' 191348 2 5 1916 1 ' 55 ' 1916 4 ' 16 2 5 ' 192515 190724 " 19129 ' 33 192325 ' 2 19246 ' y " 192413 ' 191148 ' 3} ' - 1907140 ' 4y 2 " - 1922202 ' 3 1904158 ' 3 ARCHIE HAHN R. C. CRAIG CARL F. JOHNSON LESTER G. WHITMAN WILLIAM D. HUBBARD J. E. BOND C. B. HAFF . F. UFER -H. L. CARROLL -WILLIAM D. HUBBARD J. C. GARRELS R. C. HAIMBAUGH -WILLIAM D. HUBBARD R. SMITH J. K. BROOKER J. J. HORNER J. C. GARRELS H. B. HOFFMAN R. W. ROSE Two hundred twenty-one CAPTAIN HATTENDORF CAPTAIN-ELECT BROOKER Season m THE 1924 track season was successful despite the fact that the team did not win the Conference Title. The only fault that could be found would be with the small per- sonnel. Michigan has always won more than her share of first places, but the main causes for her defeats could be traced to the fact that the Maize and Blue did not capture enough of the fourth and fifth places. Captain Hattendorf, Brooker, Hubbard, Wittman, Reinke, Smith, and Freyberg, were leading figures in the Western Conference. Brooker and Hubbard represented Michigan on the United States Olympic Team. ILLINOIS RELAY CARNIVAL The first meet was held at Urbana on March 1, 1924. The Maize and Blue took three first, two second, one third, and two fourth places in a field of over 1000 athletes, repre- senting 61 colleges. Wittman placed first in the 75-yard dash at 7 4 5 " . Hubbard, leap- ing 24 ' 7 " , won the broad-jump. The two-mile relay team, consisting of Captain Hatten- dorf, Reinke, Roesser, and Freyberg, won with 8 ' 5 1 5 " . Capiain Hattendorf wins the half in the Ohio Dual Meet Courtesy Detroit News Two hundred twenty-two REINKE DOYLE FREYBERG Indoor Conference AT Evanston on March 16 at the Conference Indoor Meet, Michigan placed second, with 19 points. Wittman and Hubbard placed second and third respectively in the 50-yard dash; Reinke won the half in 2 ' 2 5 ; Brooker took second in the pole-vault; Smith and MacEHven placed second and third respectively in the high-jump; and Captain Hat- tendorf was fourth in the half-mile. The loss of the meet was due largely to the lack of fourth and fifth places combined with a dearth of material in certain events. ' v. -i " " " " r . Hubbard leading at the first hurdle, Ohio dual meet CourUsy Detroit Tico hundred ttcentg-tltree -Mil 1 , M BMHHiMMMHHH MHPI BHM HBM lMMMI MMMMM Higgins wins the 220-yard dash against Ohio Courtesy Duron NC-J.-S Cornell tMeet npHE annual Michigan-Cornell Indoor Meet was held at Ithaca on March 30th. The result was a complete and decisive victory for the Wolverines, who won ten out of a possible eleven first places. Cornell succeeded in winning but one event, the shot-put. Brooker won the pole-vault with 12 ' 5 J " , breaking the gymnasium record. Griffin won the mile; Purdy the 440-yard dash; Hubbard, the 75-yard high hurdles; Wittman, the 75-yard dash, equaling the world ' s record of 7 ' 3 5 " ; Callahan, the two-mile; Hubbard, the 75-yard low hurdles; Smith, the high-jump; Brooker, the pole-vault; Reinke, Roesser, Purdy, and Captain Hattendorf, the one-mile relay; and Captain Hattendorf and Reinke tied for first place in the 880-yard run. ROESSER HIGGINS Two hundred twenty-four Rtinke breaks the tape in the half-mile against Ohio Courtesy Detroit Krxs Cleveland ' Race N April 12th Michigan sent her star two-mile relay team down to Cleveland to race against Notre Dame, O.S.U., and Ames. The team consisting of Captain Hattendorf, Cochran, Reinke, and Freyberg won in the time of 8 ' 1 2 5 ' . Ohio State T lays The Out-Door Season opened with the very creditable performance of the Wolverines at Ohio on April 19th. Michigan took five first and two second places from a large field. In the broad-jump, Hubbard made the best leap of his career with 25 ' 2 " , three-eighths of an inch under the World ' s Record. The two-mile relay, the broad-jump, pole-vault, and high-jump were all taken by the Maize and Blue, while the four-mile and one-mile relay teams placed second. HUBBARD PURDY Tiro hundred twenty-five Higgins, running anchor, wins Michigan ' s heal at Drake Relays T ' e in and T)rake ' Relays ON April 26 Coach Farrell split his team, sending Brooker and Smith to the Penn Relays at Philadelphia and the rest of the team to the Drake Relays at Des Moines, Iowa. At both meets, the best track talent of the East and West were represented. At Penn, Brooker, taking first in the pole-vault, broke the Penn Relays ' Record at 12 ' 10% " ; while Smith placed second in the high-jump with a leap of 6 ' . At the Drake Relays Hubbard did the expected and captured both the broad-jump and hop-step-and-jump events. The two-mile relay team placed third after running a beautiful race, and had not one of the Michigan runners fallen, the result would have proved more favorable for the Michigan team. MacEllven took third in the high jump. COCHRAN SMITH Two hundred twenty-six The start on the half, Illinois Dual Mett Illinois T ual -Meet MICHIGAN ' S lack of third, fourth, and fifth place winners was a decisive element in her defeat at the Illinois Dual Meet at Urbana on May 17th. The Suckers won the meet with a lop-sided score, presenting one of the most powerful track teams in the country. The Wolverines took three firsts, one second, and two thirds. Conference Outdoor Track -JftCeet The final Conference Out-Door Meet held at Chicago on June 7th again showed that the Wolverine Track Team consisted of quality and not quantity. The olverines cap- tured five first places and yet placed but third in the meet. Hubbard winning the broad- jump and the 100 -yard dash was high - point winner. Brooker won the pole-vault, Doyle the shot-put, Smith tied the high-jump with Campbell of Minnesota, and Freyberg took third in the half. MACELLVEK REARICK Ttco hundred twenty-seven Leschinsky breaking World ' s Record in 200-meter dash Olympic (Barnes Olympic Try-outs were held at Ann Arbor on May 30th and 31st. Michigan entered eight men and placed five. The best track stars from the Middle West were entered, including Ray Watson and Riley of the I.A.C., and Osburn, former Illinois high jump star. On the first day, Reinke and Hattendorf took third and fourth respectively in the 800-meter run. Hubbard won the broad-jump; Leschinsky, the 200-meter dash, with a new World Record of 21 ' 2 5 " ; Stewart, first in the shot-put; Brooker, second in the pole-vault; Smith, third in the high-jump; and Munz, fourth in the shot-put. Loomis taking the hurdles in the Olympic trials dOr-J J LX.,, X-i ' ' OCi ' . idO.v. oO " ' : Two hundred twenty-eight Reinke ties the SOO-meUr trial run uritk Kreider, Ohio In the finals the following day, Hubbard took first in the broad-jump, and second in the 100-meter dash. Smith placed third in the high-jump with a leap of 6 feet 4% inches. Reinke and Hattendorf placed third and fourth respectively in the 800-meter run. Leschinsky again won the 200-meter run, while Brooker took second in the pole-vault. Brooker and Hubbard, representing Michigan, wen t abroad to com- pete in the Olympic Games in Paris. Brooker took third in the pole- vault and Hubbard placed first in the broad-jump in this meeting with the world ' s greatest athletes. Hubbard would undoubtedly have won the hop-step-and-jump event had he not pulled a tendon in the trials. HUBBARD Hubbard winning tht trial heat in the 100-meter Two hundred twenty-nine Freshman Track Squad Freshman Track 1927 Freshman Track Team started active training soon after Thanksgiving. Under the combined coaching of Charley Hoyt, the Freshman Track Coach, and Steve Farrell, Varsity Coach, the men improved considerably. In early February they moved to the new Yost Field House where they were given complete use of all Varsity facilities. On March 15th the Yearlings had a dual telegraphic meet with the Illinois Freshmen. These meets are held by running off the races at each school, timing the first three in each event, and wiring the records to the opposing school where they are then compared to determine the winners. Michigan won this meet with a score of 52 to 37J 2 points. In the Spring two more telegraphic meets were held, both of which the Michigan Fresh- men won. In the first, Illinois was again beaten, this time with a score of 79% to 60 . A triangular meet with Iowa and Ohio resulted in a score of 93 for Michigan, 38 for Iowa, and %} 2 for Ohio. Freshmen winning first places in these meets were: Hester and Les- chinsky in the sprints; Douglas and Olheiser in the quarter, Hart in the half, Briggs in the two-mile, Jung and Baker in the mile, Walk in the hurdles, Weeks and Roth in the high-jump, Northrop in the broad-jump, Prout in the pole-vault, Stuart in the shot-put and Munz in the discus-throw. In the Olympic Tryouts, Leschinsky gained fame for his class by breaking the World ' s Record in the 200-meter dash. His time was 21 1 10 seconds, which is 1 10 second better than the record held bv Charles Paddock. Freshman Track Burner a I Winners CHARLES BAKER CLAYTON BRIGGS R. B. BAXTER GEORGE DOUGLAS L. V. GIBBS W. D. HARBAUGH RAY HART GEORGE HESTER T. R. HORNBERGER H. HAMILTON D. A. HUFF WILTON HUEBLER CHESTER JUNG BARNEY KOPLIN V. B. LESCHINSKY GEORGE LIKERT HAROLD LASSER JOHN LOVETTE F. L. MUELLER CHARLES MUNZ F. E. McCAFFREE EDGAR MADSEN PHILIP NORTHROP H. R. OHLHEISER FRED PARKER S. N. PHELPS PERCY PROUT H. E. PFLUKE H. C. ROTH O. STIRLING JOHN STUART C. W. SABIN J. B. SCHRAVESANH EMIL VOELKER LYLE WALSH RAY WALK D. M. WEEKS Basketball CoMPTON LINE CHAMBERS CHERRY DOYLE HUTZEL MATHER HAGGARTY REASON HAYES LANDRE KUENZEL 1925 Varsity basketball Team OFFICERS GEORGE S. HAGGARTY Captain EDWIN J. MATHER Coach JUSTIN S. COMPTON Manager PERSONNEL EDWARD CHAMBERS ROYAL F. CHERRY RICHARD DOYLE GEORGE S. HAGGARTY RAYMOND HUTZEL Forward, Center WALTER KUENZEL Guard JOSEPH LANDRE Guard EDWARD LINE Forward REX REASON Forward Forward Guard Guard, Center Forward Two hundred thirty-two F EDWIX J. MATHER arsily Basketball Coach JUSTIN S. COMPTOX Varsity Basketball Manager Season ' s Scores Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan . 26 M.A.C. . 21 University of Kentucky . 29 Naval Academy . . 29 Northwestern . . 36 Purdue . 39 Ohio State .... . 14 Wisconsin .... . 19 Chicago . 17 Northwestern . . 13 Ohio State .... . 27 Wisconsin . . -. . 33 Indiana .... . 28 Indiana .... 47 Chicago 378 Opponents .... Conference Standing w Ohio State . 10 Indiana 8 Illinois 8 Purdue 6 Michigan 6 Minnesota Iowa . Wisconsin . Northwestern Chicago . 6 5 3 3 1 L 1 4 4 4 5 6 7 7 8 10 . 10 . 11 . 31 . 16 . 37 . 29 . 12 . 20 . 16 . 32 . 16 . 51 . 29 . 14 324 PCT. .909 .667 .667 .600 .536 .500 .416 .300 .273 .091 Two hundred thirty-three CAPTAIN HAGGARTY CAPTAIN-ELECT DOYLE 192$ basketball Season V (oii-onference (James X7TTH but two letter-men, Captain Haggarty and Doyle, prospects for a 1925 Cham- pionship Basketball Team were not bright. The first game of the season was with Ann Arbor on December 13th. The " Farmers " were easily defeated, 26-10, never threatening the lead the Wolverines took at the beginning of the game. Captain Haggarty and Cherry were the outstanding players for the Maize and Blue. Gregory, Reason, Chambers, and Hutzel broke into the line-up, and their playing encouraged Michigan ' s prospects for a successful season. The next game with the University of Kentucky at Lexington on December 20th, proved to be another easy victory, with Cherry halting the attack of the Southerners before it started. Filing into the Yost Field House for the Ohio game Two hundred thirty-four CHERRY CHAMBERS LIXE The last Xon-Conference game was lost to the Xavy, 29-31. The Annapolis Team, which had decisively defeated every opponent played on its Western tour, won in the last minute of play, by a long shot made by Craig from the middle of the floor. Captain Hag- garty, with five field goals, led the Wolverine scoring. The game was exceedingly close, with the lead see-sawing back and forth between the two teams throughout the contest. (Conference Qames NORTHWESTERN SERIES The first Conference game with Northwestern at Ann Arbor on January 10th was won by Michigan with the score of 29-16: Coach Mather had developed a defense that held the visitors ' attack to long scattered shots. Captain Haggarty again led in scoring, making four field goals and three free throws. The team consisting of Haggarty and Chambers, forwards; Gregory, center; and Doyle and Cherry, guards; presented a powerful attack and a strong defense. MICHIGAN OHIO FOUL 1-HAGGERTY RF 5 MINER 10 CHAMBERS LF 2 SHAW 8 HUTZEL C 8CUNNINHAM 4-CHERRY RG 11 SUFFERT 11-DOYLE LG 7 CAMERON ' Yost Field House The return game with Northwestern at Evanston on February 9th proved to be exceed- ingly close, Michigan finally winning, 17-16. Northwestern piled up an early lead, but Michigan, led by Doyle and Chambers, came back and won the contest. PURDUE SERIES At Lafayette on January 14th Michigan lost to Purdue, 36-37. The outcome of the game was uncertain until the final gun, the lead changing hands several times between the two teams. Captain Haggarty, with five field goals, was again Michigan ' s best man on offense. The return game that was to have been played at ' Ann Arbor, February 20, was can- celled on account of the death of President Burton. OHIO SERIES Michigan was the only team in the Conference to win from Ohio. On Ann Arbor, the Wolverines, presenting the best attack and defense of the score of 39-29, defeated the team which later won the Con- ference Championship. The victory was due not so much to individual play as to the whole team ' s splendid offensive and defensive game. At Columbus, on February 16th, Ohio, on her home floor, held Michigan to 13 points and scored 32 herself. The Wol- verines were unable to break through the Buckeye defense, nor could they stop Miner and Cunningham of Ohio who played the best ball of their careers. WISCONSIN SERIES The strong defense shown by both teams slowed up the first game with Wisconsin at Ann Arbor, January 19th. Michigan finally won, 14-12, though the outcome was un- certain until the end. The return game at Madison was an easier victory, Michigan winning, 27-16. Cherry was out with injuries, but HUTZEL January 17 at season, by the 11 I.ANDRE Two hundred thirty-six Between halves Landre, who took his place, played well, as did Captain Haggarty and Reason. The Wolverine ' s early lead was at no time threatened. CHICAGO SERIES Michigan lost the first game to Chicago by one point, 19-20. Played at Chicago on February 7th, the contest seemed to be an easy win for the Maize and Blue until Captain Haggarty was injured. Doyle played best for Michigan with his sensational guarding and accurate shooting. The last contest of the year was the return game with Chicago, March 7th. The visitors displayed a whirlwind attack at the start, but when Reason was put in the game, the tide turned, and Michigan vron by the large score of 47-14. This victory gave the Maize and Blue fifth place in the Conference. Reason, playing his last game for the Wolverines, was the outstanding player with seven field goals and five free throws. Captain Haggarty was a close second, playing his usual brilliant game at forward. INDIANA SERIES Michigan lost its third one-point game to Indiana, 28-29 at Ann Arbor, February 14th. The half ended 13-11 in favor of Michigan, who kept the lead until the last thirty seconds of play, when Logan sank a basket from the middle of the floor, winning for the Hoosiers. The return game with Indiana at Indianapolis, March 2nd, resulted in defeat for Michigan, 33-51. Although the Wolverines led during the first part of the game, they were unable to maintain their advantage, and so were dffeated. REASON KCEJJZEL Two hundred thirty-seven Freshman Basketball Squad 1925 Freshman Basketball Squad T5 AY FISHER, Coach of the Freshman Basketball Squad, considered this year ' s Fresh- man Team one of exceptional merit. Perhaps the most outstanding men were Miller, Schroeder, and Petrie at guard; Martin at center; and Paine and Molenda at forward; the last mentioned being an All-Interscholastic Forward. Besides these men there were several other exceptional players in Nathan, Bolton, Babcock, and Gawne. Unlike previous Freshman Basketball Squads, the team this year came through the examinations with a minimum number of failures. Freshman Basketball Squad BARNETT BOLTON BABCOCK GUSHING GAWNE KILBERT KANE MARTIN MILLER MOLENDA NATHAN PAYNE PETRIE RECH SODERBERG SCHROEDER D. WEISS J. WEISS Two hundred thirty-eight r7T inor gporh Hockey Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan of the Season 1 Assumption . . 2 6 M.A.C. ... 3 2 Wisconsin . . 1 Wisconsin . . 1 Minnesota . . 1 I Minnesota . . 12 Opponents . . 6 CAPTAIN PETERMAN COACH BARSS ESPITE the handicap of inclement weather, Coach Barss and Captain Peterman gave Michigan its first Championship Hockey Team. During the greater part of February, the warm weather made practice impossible, except for nightly scrimmage on the basketball floor; and it was with no little foreboding that the team left on February 25th for games with Minnesota and Wisconsin. Yet Wis- consin was defeated in two close contests, 2-0 and 1-0. Both games were featured by remarkable team spirit, and the brilliant work of Reynolds at center. At Minneapolis, the team continued its good work. The first game ended in a 1-1 tie after trying for twenty extra minutes to overcome the deadlock. Reynolds again starred for Michigan, while Olson scored Minnesota ' s lone goal. Before 4,000 spectators in the final game, Reynolds scored the only tally of th e game in the last five minutes. For the first time in her history, Michigan had won a Conference Championship in Hockey. At the close of the season, Varsity " M ' s " were awarded to Captain Peterman, Reynolds, Lindstrom, McDuff, Levi. and Weitzel. " A.M.A. ' s " were given to Bendry and Sibilsky. WEITZEL LEVIN-SON (Manager) SIBILSKY MAcDuFF LINDSTROM BEN-DRY REYNOLDS LEVI BARSS (Coach) PETERMAN Two hundred forty Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Tennis 192+ of the Season 6 SaginawTennisClub 4 M.A.C. 7 Notre Dame 8 Penn State 3 2 Colgate 4 5 Indiana 2 6 Northwestern . 3 Illinois .... 3 5 Wisconsin . 1 2 Chicago 4 4 Iowa .... 2 4 Ohip .... 2 6 Opponents . 21 CAPTAIN RORICH CAPTAIX-ELECT CRAXE V 7ITH Captain Rorich the only veteran to return for the 1924 Tennis Team, the pros- pects of Michigan having a winning team were not very bright. Practice was started as soon as the courts could be put in shape, eighteen candidates reporting. After two weeks of intensive practice, the following men were picked for the team: Captain Rorich, Crane, Brick, Hodgeman, Marion, Greiner, Vose and Goldsmith. But two games out of the twelve were lost. Captain Rorich was the outstanding star of the season. He repeatedly led his team to victory by his consistent and brilliant playing. Brick, Hodgeman, Crane and Yose earned letters. CRASE BRICK RORICH VOSE HODGEMAN Two hundred forty-one Swimming Season 1924-25 Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan . 43 Chicago . 32 Wisconsin . . 49 Indiana 124 Opponents . " IX7TTH eight veterans from the team that had placed second in the Conference Meet at Chicago last year, and with plenty of new material trying-out, advance indications pointed to a good year for Michigan. On January 24th, the squad defeated the University of Chicago, at Chicago, 43-25, thus winning the first Conference victory since swim- ming became an organized sport at Michigan. CAPTAIN KERR In the fancy diving, Michigan took second and COACH MANN third places. Gow placed first and Captain Kerr second in the 40-yard dash, while Whittingham took second in the 200-yard breast-stroke. In the 150-yard back-stroke race, the Wolverines placed first and second. Samson, with wins in the 100-yard swim, the 200-yard swim, and lead-off man on the Michigan Relay Team, was easily the outstanding star of the meet. The team left for Madison, February 13th, and succeeded in winning the Wisconsin meet, 32-30 by securing a large number of first and second places. The Relay Race was easily won by Michigan. The Wolverines placed third in the fancy diving, first and second in the breast-stroke, first and third in the back-stroke, third in the plunge, first and second in the 220-yard swim, and third in the 100-yard swim. In defeating the Badgers, one of the strongest teams in the Conference, Michigan showed her increasing strength as a contender for the Conference Title. One of the easiest victories of the season was the one secured from Indiana, 49-19, on February 28th. Coach Mann ' s team captured six first places including the relay race. MANN MEILZNIER HALSTEAD MEYER STARRETT SEIDMAN OLIPHANT JOHNSON SAMSON KERR Gow DUNNAKIN ALLAN PAPENGUTH WHITTINGHAM Two hundred forty-t 1924 CAPTAIX SMITH 7 HEX the 1924 golf practice officially began on April 26th, forty candidates answered the call. The only three veterans among these were Captain Smith, Crosby, and Potter. Cap- tain Smith, Quirk, Crosby, Feely and Broderick made the trip to Columbus, winning from Ohio State by 18J--5J . Quirk and Smith both did exceptionally well in their matches. CAPTAIN ELECT HOLDS WORTH On May 10th Michigan was defeated by Illinois, 14-10. A week later this defeat was avenged against Purdue, who was beaten, 22-2. On May 24th Indiana was defeated by the score of 22-2. In the next match Michigan won from Northwestern, 18-6. Early in June, the team went to the Conference Tournament in Chicago where they took second place, losing to Chicago by the small margin of seven points. The outstanding event of the season occured when Holdsworth won the singles tourna- ment at Briercliff. The first day he defeated Captain Smith one up in nineteen holes. inning from Humphreys in the next round, he qualified for the semi-finals. In these he won his match seven-up, and came to Dawson of Illinois for the final match. At the end of the twentieth he was five holes below Dawson. But by a superb come-back, in which he shot the difficult course in seventy-one, he was able to beat his opponent two-up and one-to-go. HOLDSWORTH PREXTISS QUIRK CROSBY SMITH POTTER FEELY BRODERICK L . Two Hundred forty-three ross-ountry Season CAPTAIN SHENEFIELD PROSPECTS were far from bright when the Cross-Country candidates were called for practice in the Fall. With Captain Shenefield and Miles Reinke the only letter men to return, Coach Farrell and Trainer Sullivan faced the problem of building a new team. Callahan, Hornberger, and Briggs rapidly developed into good distance men, and proved capable running mates for Shenefield and Reinke. The first meet with Wisconsin on October 25th at Ann Arbor, was lost to the Badgers, 23-32. Briggs, the first Michigan runner, finished third and Callahan placed sixth. On November 1st at East Lansing, Michigan swamped M.A.C., making a perfect mark of 15. Callahan broke the course record by 2 5 " , Calla- han, Briggs, Hornberger, M. Reinke, and Baker finished (in the order named) before any M.A.C. runner. CAPTAIN-ELECT CALLAHAN At Columbus, on November 8th, Michigan placed second in a Triangular Meet with Ohio and Illinois, the score being Ohio, 29; Michigan, 35; and Illinois, 56. Callahan was the first Michigan runner to place. The Harlan Trophy Race in Ann Arbor was won by Briggs. The Conference Meet in Ann Arbor, on November 22, drew a field of 75 representing 14 schools. Wisconsin won with 52, Iowa was second with 98, and Michigan was third with 104. Briggs placed first for Michigan, coming in tenth in the race which was won by Phelps of Iowa. Next year promises to be more successful with Captain-elect Callahan, Briggs, and Hornberger returning. BAKER M. REINKE BRIGGS HORNBERGER FARREM. (Coach) HARTWICK (Manager) XASON SHENEFIELD (Captain) CALLAHAX -;-- . H - ' ' v - g yte Sir gfa ' wgysi Two hundred forty-four Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Wrestling Season 1924-25 . . 6 M.A.C. . 4 Ohio State . 4 Purdue . 6 Iowa 7 Illinois . 6 Y isconsin . 2 Indiana . 35 Opponents . 135 CAPTAIN KARBEL COACH BARKER ALTHOUGH the prospects last Fall for a successful wrestling season were unusually bright, Coach " Dick " Barker lost his outstanding men through accidents and in- eligibility. Edgar Madsen, champion heavy weight wrestler of the University, died from pneumonia in November. Phillips, who was runner-up in the Olympic Finals last year, was severely injured in an automobile accident and thus was not able to compete. Cranage, Shafer, and Donahoe became ineligible. Due to these handicaps, which the green team was unable to overcome, Coach Barker ' s squad failed to win any of the meets. Russell Baker, in the 115-pound class, was the star of the team, winning every match; Goldstein, in the heavy-weight class and Captain Karbel in the bantam-weight class won several bouts. Next year, with the experience gained by the squad in this year ' s competition, and with fewer losses through ineligibility and injury, Coach Barker should produce a winning combination. LEVINSOX (Manager) SINCLAIR GOLDSTEIN MAYXARD BARKER (Coach) KAILES TOEPHER KARBEL BAKER SIMPSON Two hundred forty-five ELMER D. MITCHELL Director of Intramural Athletics HARRY W. McCoBB Intramural Manager ' Development of Intramural Athletics r " pHE Intramural Department at Michigan was established at the beginning of the 1913-14 school year as a branch of the Athletic Association. Floyd Rowe, a former Michigan track athlete, was placed in charge. The program included thirteen sports, in which 2058 contestants were entered. In the two succeeding years the activities w ere gradually extended to reach a larger number of participants. In 1917 the advent of the war caused the department to be temporarily dissolved, its work being continued on a smaller scale by the S.A.T.C. The Department was reorganized in the year 1919-20. Elmer D. Mitchell, who had been a member of the Varsity Coaching Staff, was made director. The impetus which the war gave to athletics, the increased enrollment in the University, and the cumulative experience of previous years combined to make the first year more successful than any previous to the war. A total of 3054 participated in the thirteen types of athletics offered. Nor did the increase prove to be temporary, for there has been a yearly progressive extension in both scope of activities and number of participants. In the year 1923-24 approximately 8700 students competed in the twenty-three sports promoted by the Department. Two hundred forty-six. CLAIK V. LANGTON Assistant Director ALEX C. GOETZ, JR. Field Director TN the Fall of 1921 the Department was transferred from the Athletic Associa- - tion to the Division of Hygiene and Public Health. The Athletic Association has continued to permit the use of the Ferry Field facilities. The removal of the arsity indoor athletics to the Yost Field House has permitted a much wider intramural use of Waterman Gymnasium. The Department serves an important and vital need in that it meets the com- plaint that modern inter-collegiate athletics are but for the few. It provides an organization that is devoted entirely to the task of enabling all, without regard to their skill, to participate in some form of athletics. Fraternity T(esults Speedboll Playground Ball Outdoor Track Wrestling Bowling Highest Score in Conference Meet Tennis Swimming Cross-Country Handball ' . Horse Shoes Foul Shooting Inter-Class Speedball Baseball . PHI GAMMA DELTA PHI LAMBDA KAPPA PHI SIGMA KAPPA THETA DELTA CHI SIGMA CHI DELTA PHI THETA CHI SIGMA PHI PHI SIGMA KAPPA KAPPA Xr SIGMA CHI PHI SIGMA DELTA SOPHOMORE LITS. ALL-DENTS r iortu LAVVLER (Coach) MORET HODGEBOON FOGG MASON- (Manager) HORNING JAGNON FULLER (Captain) DRAIN Russo CHANTER DAHLEM Jackson High School Basketball Team Winner Class A, Michigan Interscholastic Basketball Tournament Inter scholastics r NTERSCHOLASTIC Athletics have a function in the life of the present day University which cannot be overlooked. As a state University we are charged with the responsi- bility of fostering and maintaining a high degree of sportsmanship and ethics in athletic affairs, not only among our own students but throughout the entire educational organization of the state. No other agency can serve this purpose quite so well as our great Interscholastic Meets held under the auspices of the University Athletic Officials in which high school athletes and athletic officials meet together under circumstances highly conducive to fine feeling and splendid inter-school relations. The Athletic Association of the University of Michigan for a good many years past has held Interscholastic Meets for the high school men who compete in Basketball, Track, and Tennis. This year, for the first time, the Association issued invitations and held an Invita- tion Indoor Track Carnival and an Interscholastic Swimming Meet. High school athletes from all parts of the country, as well as the state, come to Ann Arbor at various seasons of the year to compete in these meets. These men represent the best athletes of the secondary schools and when they are at Michigan the coaches and the present men on the athletic teams learn to know them. The qualities which athletics teach and bring out in most men are the qualities which we want all Michigan men to have. Thus, when we show them Michigan, we are influencing the right kind of men to respect our University. We should let them know that we are interested in them, not only because they are athletes, but because some of them are going to be the ones who will make the Michigan of the future. We want these men to continue the Michigan we know. Is there any other way in which we can be more influential in this undertaking than in making Michigan Uni- versity appeal to these men who are soon to enter college? KENNETH C. SEICK Interscholastic Manager Two hundred forty-eight CfHEL LOFTUS POTTS HEATH CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA Winners Intentholastic Outdoor Track Meet . ... Ann Arbor, 1924 Twenty- fourth Interscholastic Track -JWeet, -JtCay 23-24, 1924 100-yard Dash 120-yard High Hurdles Mile-Run 440-yard Dash 220-yard Dash 880-yard Run 220-yard Low Hurdles Half-Mile Relay Shot Put Discus Javelin Pole Vault High Jump Hammer Throw Running Broad Jump WINNER HIGH SCHOOL R. GRIM South BALDWIN Wichita Falls POTTER Cold Water LOFTUS Washington GRIM South SEEGER Northwestern CUH EL Washington POTTS, HEATH, LOFTUS and CUH EL Washington BALDWIN Wichita Falls OADE Lansing WHITLOCK Danville JOHNS La Salle BALDWIN . Wichita Falls KETZ Southwestern SMITH Battle Creek Columbus, Ohio Wichita Falls, Texas Cold Water Cedar Rapids, Iowa Columbus, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Cedar Rapids, Iowa Cedar Rapids. Iowa Wichita Falls, Texas Lansing, Mich. Danville, 111. La Salle, 111. Wichita Falls, Texas Detroit, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. :10 1 5 :16 1 5 4:38 :51 4 5 :21 2 5 2:03 1 5 :24 3 5 1:34.1 48 ' 117 ' 161 ' 4 ' 11 ' 5 ' 124 ' r 21 ' 7-1 8 Jackson. (17) HORNING DRAIN JAGANOW Russo FULLER Basketball, -JlCarch 2J-2Q CLASS A. FINALS R.F. L.F. C. R.G. L.G. ALL-STATE TEAM NOBLI FAIRBAIRNE OOSTERBAUM Russo LEFLER Southeastern (11) NOBLE PHELPS SPRINGER PUTMAN HEND RICKS Detroit Southeastern R.F. Detroit Northwestern L.F. Muskegon C. . . Jackson R.G. . . . Bay CityL.G. Tiro hundred forty -nine A. L. jsr.- s wvj vffN J f | IISI fcr.Tif ' ' ., NORTHWESTERN HIGH SCHOOL, DETROIT Inter scholastic Track Champions SOUTHEASTERN HIGH SCHOOL, DETROIT Runners-up, Class A, Inter scholastic Tournament, 1924 Two hundred fifty LUCIA N LANE . fanaeing Editor Chimts FREDERICK H. PIX.NEY Business Mana fr Ckintfs MARION B. STAHL Managing Editor Michigan Daily 1922-23 J OHN A. SABO Business Manager Chimes, 1923-24 Two hundred seventy-two PERRY M. HAYDEM PrfsiJtmi. Stn Christian Ass CLIFFORD C. PRATT infSJ J ger ' .,- : - .. ' . t +m JOHN G. GAMJNGHOCSE Auocifti Editor Uickigm Dmily Two hundred seventy- three afT Two hundred seventy-four L ' nirersily of Michigan La-j; School 1863-1898 HEXRY PHILIP TAPPAX First President of tht (Jnirersity 1852-1863 " From the - Michigan of the T ast f ; U - w Campus, 1850 Two hundred fifty-one ' Druids SENIOR LITERARY Vulcans SENIOR ENGINEERING Hono Juio hundred fifty-two Sphinx JUNIOR LITERARY Barristers SENIOR LAW Triangles JUNIOR ' ENGINEERING Society Initiations 4S Two hundred fifty-three m ic v BIO MURDER BLACK FRIDAY . . ' ' JSISTS: CUSS of 1911 Spring and , - Two hundred fifty-four s Fall Qames tf L w Tjjj ; Tiro hundred fifty-five Commencement Exercises on Ferry Field Procession Entering Ferry Field Swing Out Sir Robert Bridges, Poet Laureate of England, Receiving the Michigan L.L.D. Degree Two hundred fifty-six " lllini " Band Illinois stadium Coach Yost CifK ' ing the Illinois Stadium Pillar Dedicated to Curtis G. Redden, Michigan ' 03 Illinois " Hobo " Parade Two hundred fifty -seven . PHOTOGRAPH BY KALEC ft FORSTER Air View of Michigan Stadium During Wisconsin Game ; l ffail to the victors valiant " Minnesota " Send Off " 1924 The " Little Brown Jug " just before its " f ' isit " to Minnesota m ' -f L mKj mi mK SSKf mmS WM Two hundred fifty-eight Football Season Dedication Procession at M.A.C. South Stand During loica Game Ferry Field Gate Two hundred fifty-nine Annual Union Opera Two hundred tixty Tickled to -Death " Hazing s v fe Tioo hundred sixty-two of Ike Architects ' Ball J-Hop Special A Ffy of the Costumes at the Architects ' Ball ' Out There " X, Two hundred tixtg-tlue MARION LER.OY BURTON President of the University, 1920-1925 lames Burrill Angell Hall 1924 The (greater (Cichigan of the Present Lawyers ' Club, 1924 HERBERT F. STEGER Captain, Football WILLIAM B. ETHERIDGE PHILIP M. WAGNER Managing Editor Michiganensian Managing Edito Michigan Daily Tuo hundred sixty-six EDLIFF R. SLAUGHTER All-American Guard Football GEORGE L. PATTEE Business Manager Mifhiganensian WILLIAM D. ROESSER Business Manager Michigan Daily Two hundred sixty- seven GEORGE C. DILI.MAN Captain, Baseball HALSEY DAVIDSON Managing Editor Gargoyle RICHARD L. LAURENCE President Senior Literary Clasr Two hundred sixty-eight JAMES K. BROOKER Captain, Track ALFRED B. COXNABLE, JR. President Two handled sixty-nine GEORGE S. HAGGARTY Captain, Basketball DAVID M. BRAMBLE Associate Editor Mickiganeniian H. THOMAS CAVANAUGH President Michigan Union Two hundred seventy in - (Control of Publications PROFESSOR FRED X. SCOTT Chairman PROFESSOR EDSON R. SUNDERLAXD Supervising Manager PROFESSOR MORRIS B. TILLEY DEAN JOSEPH A. BURSLEY CARROLL B. JONES STUDENT MEMBERS THOMAS E. FISKE PERRY M. HAYDEN TIU.ET HA YD EN SuNDEBLAXD JONES SCOTT FISKE BURSLEY Two hundred seventy-five WILLIAM B. ETHERIDGE Managing Editor GEORGE L. PATTEE Business Manager WILLIAM B. ETHERIDGE, Managing Editor GEORGE L. PATTEE, Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF DAVID M. BRAMBLE, Associate Editor HALSEY DAVIDSON, Associalr Editor ELWOOD C. FAYFIEI.D, Art Editor ADVISORY COMMITTEE MILTON H. PETERSON RITTER LEVINSON UPPER STAFF WILLIAM L. DIENER, Activities Editor JAMES E. NEWTON, Activities Editor CHARLES S. HIGLEY, Fraternity Editor HOWARD A. TURNER, Publications Editor CHARLES D. ENDRES, Photographic Editor LOWER STAFF HOWARD J. BAUCH, NORMAN C. BOWERSOX, A. WENDELL HOLMES, FREDERIC S. GLOVER, JR., RICHARD G. ELLIOT, ALBERT J. KIMBALL, ELLIOT C. ROBERTS, Louis ROBERTSON, CARL H. SCHUMACHER, WILLIS E. TOPPER, JOHN VITOL, S. TYLER WATSON. EARL C. GREVER, Senior Editor GEORGE W. Ross, JR., Athletic Editor ALLIN B. CROUCH, Feature Editor Two hundred seventy-fix BRAMBLE FAYFIELD DAVIDSON ' The tJxCichiganensian Tj new Lawyers ' Club, which was this year donated to the University by William W. Cook, L.L.B., a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School, forms the main theme of the 1925 Michiganensian. This ' building is a fine example of the Collegiate-Gothic type of architecture which is a combination of several of the old recognized types; the principal ones springing from the transition period before the Renaissance and the Elizabethan period in England. The Cover, End-Sheets, Borders, View Section, and Section Heads represent in char- acter and spirit the exact detail of architecture exhibited by this building. With the absence of Name, Date, and Volume Number on the Cover, it is hoped that the book will be characterized as a complete entity rather than being an integral part of a set of books. The gold Gothic " M " upon the Bible-red background, surrounded by the gold-crest of the middle- age period serving as the only indication of title will prove sufficient identification to any Michigan Student. The Cover was modeled by Alfred Russell of The Burkhardt Company after a middle-age binding created by Robert Riviere of England. The Frontispiece and Section-Heads are by Harold R. Foster of the Jahn Oilier Engraving Company. The Border Designs were effected by Palmer C. Boothby of the same organization. The Views are the work of Jack Russel of the Northland Studio. The Cargill Company, Grand Rapids, were the printers. CROUCH DIENER Ross GREVER TURNER HIGLEY NEWTON ,. .-i Two hundred seventy-seven m fc %.- i HMHH Wji oMkW VMMMMt % B MT _?W tahUT WMM u JANE DEWEY Women ' s Editor V ERA J. WAI.LINGTON Women ' s Business Manager an ensan JANE DEWEY, Editor WOMEN ' S STAFF VERA J. WALLINGTON, Manager UPPER STAFF MAE KELLER, Feature Editor ELEANOR MUSSELMAN, Activities Editor ARLINE J. EWING, Athletic Editor ELIZABETH J. McDowEi.L, Sorority Editor LOWER STAFF INGRID M. ALVING, NELL J. ANDREWS. ANNA B. ATKINS, LUCILLE BARTHOLOMEW, VIOLET BAYER, KATHERINE B. BOOTH, Lois A. BRASHER, MARTHA CHASE, CATHERINE M. CLARKE, MARION J. DuBRiE, MAXINE E. GEDDES, MARGARET H. GEDDES, ANNA GRANDY, MAGNOLIA F. GREILICK, WILLABELLE HARPER, MARJORIE S. HELM. HELEN M. KAGAY, RUTH KAHN, KATHERINE KELDER, MAE KELLER, LILLIAN K. LAKE, LORETTA LEMIRE, HARRIET B. LEVY, DOROTHY J. MALCOLMSON, CATHERINE MARIASTY, FREDERIKA MARSTON, GERALDINE F. MASTERS, FERMOR McDoxoLL, DOROTHY J. McGoNiGAL, VIRGINIA MCLAREN, LILLIAN A. MERNER, KATHRYN F. MILLER, MARJORIE MILLER, HELEN M. MORROW, MARGARET C. MOGK, ABIGAIL B. NOON, MILDRED L. PECKHAM, MARGARET E. PROBECK, JEAN H. RAMSEY, EDYTH M. RHINEVAULT, MYRTLE RICH, MYRENE K. RICH, HELEN G. RUTH, ELETA C. SELLEY, THYRA F. SHEFFIELD, AGNES H. SHELDON, MAXINE SINKMAN, JULIA E. SUPERNAW, ELIZABETH M. THOMPSON, DOROTHY M. TODD. PHYLLIS A. TURNBULL, JANET VANDENBERG, REBECCA VoNTicK, CHARLOTTE L. WARDELL. JOSEPHINE M. WEILER, ESTHER K. WHITE AND MARY L. ZANG. EWING KELLER MCDOWELL MUSSELMAN Two hundred seventy-eight GANDY HOWARD PHELPS -JftCichiganensian BUSINESS STAFF ADVISORY COMMITTEE CASS S. HOUGH E. GIFFORD UPJOHX ASSISTANT MANAGERS FREDERICK M. PHELPS, JR., Accounts and Organizations Ifgr. JOSEPH E. GANDY, Advertising Manager WILLIAM J. HOWARD, Circulation Manager LOWER STAFF HERBERT T. ABRAMS CHARLES T. LEE WILLIAM F. GRAHAM RALPH L. LINDEMULDER DONALD C. HANSEN W. CALVIN PATERSON FORREST A. HEATH HERBERT C. WILEY PHILIP N. KRASNE FRANCIS E. W ' ILMOT St. Two hundred seventy-nine PHILIP M. WAGNER Managing Editor -Michigan T)aily VlLLIAM D. ROESSER Business Manager PHILIP M. WAGNER, Managing Editor WILLIAM D. ROESSER, Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF JOHN G. GARLINGHOUSE, Editor ROBERT S. MANSFIELD, Sunday Editor ROBERT G. RAMSAY, News Editor VERENA MORAN, Women ' s Editor MANNING HOUSEWORTII, City Editor ROBERT B. HENDERSON, Music and Drama Editor WILLIAM H. STONEMAN, Sports Editor WILLIAM J. WALTHOUR, Telegraph Editor GEORGE W. DAVIS, THOMAS P. HENRY, KENNETH C. KELLAR, EDWIN C. MACK, HAROLD A. MOORE, FREDERICK K. SPARROW, JR., AND NORMAN R. THAL, Night Editors ASSISTANTS HARRY A. BAKER, LESLIE S. BENNETTS, LESLIE BUTLER, SMITH H. CADY, JR., STANLEY C. CRIGHTON, WILLARD ' B. CROSBY, ROBERT T. DEVORE, PAUL ELLIOTT, WILLIAM J. FERNAMBERG, JOSEPH O. GARTNER, EUGENE H. GUTEKUNST. LEONARD C. HALL. RUSSELL T. HITT, J. MUNROE INNES, THOMAS KOYKKA, STANTON M. MEYER, HERBERT Moss, IRWIN A. OLIAM. W. CALVIN PATTERSON, STANFORD N. PHELPS, L. NOBLE ROBINSON, SIEMON F. ROSENBAUM, FRED- ERICK SHILLITO, WILTON A. SIMPSON, JAMES A. SPROWL, C ARTHUR STEVENS, DAVID C. YOKES, CHANDLER WHIPPLE, KENNETH WICKWARE. HERMAN WISE, HOWARD S. WILLIAMS, VALENTINE L. DAVIES, EDGAR SCHIMM. CARL E. OHLMACHER, MARION KUBIK, MARION MEYER, LILLIAS K. WAGNER, JANET SINCLAIR, MARION WALKER, GENEVA EWING, JEAN REICHMANN, GERTRUDE BAILEY, MARGARET H. PARKER, MARIE REED, KATHERINE FITCH, HELEN RAM- SAY, CLARICE TAPSON, JULIETTA BREITENBACH, RUTH ROSENTHAL, ELIZABETH S. KENNEDY, ELIZABETH LIEBERMANN, EDMARIE SCHRAUDER, NORMA B. BICKNELL AND MARJORIE SWEET tMJTW aa mm m _Lii T Zl " _jL ' $ Two hundred eighty r Staff T aily BUSINESS STAFF EUGENE L. DUXNE, Assistant Business Manager HIEL M. ROCKWELL, Accounts Manager ROBERT C. WINTER, Publication Manager JOHX COXLIN, Circulation Manager JOSEPH J. FINN, HAROLD A. MARKS, BYRON W. PARKER, Advertising Managers ASSISTANTS HAROLD A. NBWMANN. WILLIAM L. MUUJNS, DAVID Fox. KARL F. MAST. STEWART H. SINCLAIR, PAUL W ARNOLD THOMAS OLMSTEAD, RUDOLPH F. BOSTELMAN, PRANK SCHOENFELD, NEWTON ROSESZWEIC. WALLACE F ARDUSSI ' GEORGE F. JOHNSON. PHILIP P. DIEIZ. FRANC R. DENTZ, JOSEPH D. RYAN, MARGARET SANDBURG. INGRID ALVTNG ' Louis KRAMER. NORMAN FREEHLING. IRVING HERMAN, HENRY F. CLARK. CHARLES E. DAUGHERTY, ROBERT D! MARTIN, KERMII KLEIN. DONALD DOUBLEDAY. DAVID REEL. JOHN CONSERVE, KENNETH N " . MCLEAN GEORGE ANNABLE. DUDLEY W. APPS, WILLIAM C. BAUER. GEORGE P. BUGBEE, STANLEY GILBERT, FAXON G. HOUSE SAM HUTCHINSON. OSCAR A. JOSE. MERVIN N T . LEVEY. FRANK E. MOSHER. JACK E. ORR, WILLIAM C. POWERS, JULIUS C. PLISKOE. ROBERT N " . PRENTISS. WILLI.U C. PUSCH. FRANKLIN J. RAUNER, BARRET K. SELLEY HERBERT M SEGAL. AL S. SIMONS, RUTH A. SORGE. CAKL SPRINKLE, IRENE J. WINEMAN. JAMES DEPUY, WILLLOI J. WLVEMAN. HAROLD FLEMMING, MEL TN SCHIFF. JOHN BOBRIN. EDWARD ABELE. EDWARD SOLOMON, THEODORE SKINNER, GROVE G. TALCOTT, GORDON VAN-LOAN, FERRY REYNOLDS Business Staff Two hundred eighty-one - - ROBERT G. RAMSAY Managing Editor CLAYTON C. PURDY Business Manager Summer T)aily ROBERT G. RAMSAY, Managing Editor CLAYTON C. PURDY, Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF ROBERT S. MANSFIELD, News Editor ANDREW E. PROPPER, Editor VERENA MORAN, City Editor GWENDOLYN DEW, Women ' s Editor FREDERICK K. SPARROW, JR., J. ALBERT LAANSMA, Night Editors LESLIE S. BENNETTS, Telegraph Editor STAFF MEMBERS LOUISE BARLEY, ROSALEA SPAULDING, MARION WALKER, DWIGHT COURSEY, MARTHA CHASE, WRAY A. DONALDSON, GENEVA EWING, MARYLAND E. HARTLOFF, WENLEY B. KROUSER, MARIAN B. ' JS.OLB, MARION MEYER, MARY MARGARET MILLER, MATHILDA ROSENFELD, DORTHY WALL, ALBERT P. WILCOX, CAMPBELL ROBERTSON. Two hundred eighty-two MANSFIELD MOHAN ROCKWELL SPARROW Summer -Michigan ' Daily BUSINESS STAFF KIEL M. ROCKWELL, Advertising Manager NOBLE D. TRAVIS, Copy Writing Manager LAUREN C. HAIGHT, Circulation Manager C. WELLS CHRISTIE, Publication Manager BYRON F. PARKER, Accounts Manager STAFF MEMBERS FLORENCE E. MORSE CHARLES L. LEWIS FLORENCE McCoMB MARYELLEN BROWN Staff Two hundred eighty-three Ajxmx HALSEY DAVIDSON Managing Editor CLIFFORD C. PRATT Business Manager (gargoyle University Humorous Monthly HALSEY DAVIDSON, Managing Editor CLIFFORD C. PRATT, Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF DONALD CONEY, Associate Editor WALKER A. EVERETT, Art Editor ASSISTANTS JESSICA MEGAW LEE ELIZABETH J. McDowELL MARVIN S. AVERBROOK MERWYN G. LEATHERMAN JOHN PARKER LEE NORMAN GILMORE LESLIE W. KRIEGER KENNETH MURRAY FREDERICK W. Ziv ART STAFF ALBERT T. PECK MAX B. TuNNICLIFFE FREDERICK E. HILL CALVIN E. POLLINS NEAL M. NYLAND MORRIS ROUMM H. L. WOOLFENDEN FREDERICK K. WYKES m Two hundred eighty-four Edito Stall ' i (gargoyle BUSINESS STAFF UPPER STAFF GEORGE A. ALDERTON, II HARRY G. MESSER GABRIEL ROSIN STEVENS S. SANDERSON- FREDERIC E. STURMER BERTRAM W. AMSTER LEE W. EXSEL MAX GVTTMAN GEORGE B. BLACK HOWARD A. BLOOM MAURICE H. BRUSH HOWARD L. DAVIDSON JOHN M. HALSTEAD FRED E. HILL ttanta LOWER STAFF CHARLES M. HUMPHREY ROBERT T. JOHNSON MONROE C. LIPPMAN LESLIE E. MEYER JACK W. PATTERSON- HERBERT M. PROSSER RAYMOND M. READ SYLVAN S ROSENBAUM WILLIAM K. ROSE LESTER S. SMITH JOHN B. WATTS Staff Two hundred eighty-five LUCIA N LANE Managing Editor LUCIAN LANE, Managing Editor FREDERICK H. PINNEY Business Manager mes Campus Opinion Magazine (Chi FREDERICK H. PINNEY, Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF UPPER STAFF A LBERT B. ADAMS LESLIE W. KRIEGER JOHN S. DIEKHOFF NELLIE L. RITTENHOUSE JOHN E. GALLEY NEIL O. STAEBLER H. BERNARD HAMMILL KARL F. ZEISLER LOWER STAFF ANGUS BABCOCK LOUISE E. RITTENHOUSE FRANK E. DEANS CHARLENE E. SHILAND CATHERINE F. HUNTER JANET K. SINCLAIR LEONA L. SHERMAN ARDYS B. STONER MERRILL V. MICHELS FLORENCE L. PROBST HOWELL Russ . v-. .-.jarvjMLTiw iiiiii tir mm ' ; Two hundred eighty-six Editorial Staff -Michigan Chimes BUSINESS STAFF ELSA R. OHLMACHER, Women ' s Manager MORRIS D. BLUMENTHAL, JOSEPH H. BRADLEY, Local Advertising Manager Foreign Advertising Manager SIGMUND A. ROBIXSOX, Accounts Manager KENNETH G. SMILES, Publication Manager FRANK W. BOUTELL JAMES W. DAY MENTOR A. KRAVS CLARKE E. HARRIS MARSHALL H. LEVY LOWER STAFF CHAUNCEY D. OSBORNE MARION MEAD JEAN L. KYER RONALD M. SMEATON ALVIN V. TOLLE BRADFORD G. WHITE Buriness Staff : | 1 Two hundred eighty-seven FREDERIC A. LEISEN Managing Editor FREDERICK M. FREEMAN Business Manager 3 ichigan Technic Engineering College Quarterly FREDERIC A. LEISEN, Managing Editor FRED M. FREEMAN, Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF FREDERICK A. KIMMICH, Associate Editor FRED J. GOELLNER, Alumni News Editor REINHARD A. Hiss, College Chronicle Editor NORMAN R. BENHAM, Architectural Editor BUSINESS STAFF WILLARD W. SPANAGEL, Advertising Manager C. KENNETH McCRACKEN, Finance Manager EUGENE F. CARDWELL, Circulation Manager KNOX B. HOWE, Sales Manager Two hundred eighty-eight L ' tfrr Suif Technic FACULTY ADVISORY BOARD PROFESSOR H. V. MILLER PROFESSOR R. J. NELSON PROFESSOR J. E. EMSWILER PROFESSOR A. O. LEE PROFESSOR E. M. BRAGG GEORGE M. STANLEY CHARLES V. FLAGER CURT H. WILL THOMAS D. SID WELL DELMER I. ROEDEL LOWER STAFF GEORGE M. BOLTOX Louis R. KIRSH MAN- FREDERICK W. CROX JOHN A. ARDUSSI JOHN S. Coxco JOHX L. HERZOG ELLIS B. MERRY RAYMOND V. HODCSOK MILES A. MCLEXXAX JAMES A. LAFER Sufj Two hundred eighty-nine LLOYD A. MAEDER Managing Editor GEORGE C. WEITZEL Assistant Managing Editor STAFF KERMIT K. KLEIN, Advertising ROBERT MILI.IGAN, Publication EUGENE H. GUTEKUNST, Editor ASSISTANTS EMORY W. MORRIS BERNARD A. WATSON LON H. PARDO ALDEN T. WHITE Staff Two hundred ninety JOHN BARKER WAITE, Edilor-in-Ckief ASSOCIATE EDITORS HENRY M. BATES RALPH W. AIGLER EDWIN D. DICKINSON BURKE SHARTEL EDSON R. SUNDERLAXD STUDENTS APPOINTED BY THE FACULTY MEYER MONROE BROWN . RICHARD GILLELAND BURCHELL CVRUS EBERHART CHURCHU.L KIT FRAN-CIS CLARDY . . . GLENN D. Cnms . . . JOHX THOMAS DASEF HAROLD BERNARD DESENBERG CARL EMANVEL ENGC.AS . ANDREW MAC. RTHVR KEEP CHARLES COOUDGE KREIS . MERWYS GRANT LEATHERMAN Michiga-n Illinois Illinois Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Missouri . Pennsylvania Michigan Michigan BEN SIRECKER WENDELKEN ALFRED ERIC LINDBLOOM JOSEPH WALSH McAvLiFFE . EDWARD CLYDE McCoBB BENJAMIN JEREMIAH MANLEY LAURESXE ARTHUR MASSELIXK LEO M ELLEN LELAND HASCEL NOTNAGEL . HOWARD WINTER SMITH . CYRUS NILS TAVARES WALTER HIPPEN VELDE . VICTOR JAMES VOORHEIS . Colorado Illinois Michigan Ontario Michigan Michigan M ichigan Michigan Michigan Hawaii Illinois M ichigan Two hundred ninety-one " Where Sunlight Falls On Patchwork Walls " E (Difhiaan Bonor Senior All-Campus Honorary Society B3TTLE-FWER- flRTELME (jREflT-BUILPER-BflTD 5INEW VI5E-U1IEF-HUTW15 Cflm E-BUILPER-WLER hOP-THltlK-WEMLEY I KWTTY PLIhT-FT R?PW5Y-Wr CROWEPOMILE-tffliMRTY 5HUm.TO SOLt WE E.71R 5HY- POKE.-ROE55ER HE?IP-R?lTTLE-5flBO -TURTLE- - MILLER Two hundred ninety-four Druids Senior Literary Honorary Society DRUID moms Tu ' o hundred ninety-five Uu cans Senior Engineering Honorary Society m HONORARY H. C. Anxlerscnv J.H. Cisset M.E.Cootey H.H.Htgble C.T. Johnston. J. C.Pcxrker H.C.SadLer Q.S.Williams S. J. Z-o vski ACTIVE, Nat Ely Fred, QoeAJUver Jctek Qo v R-Hirvte- Hiss S " teM? Hulse- BOX Rerr Joe LcuacLre, FVecL Mou IVtaucCrackerv. Pecj Mcuecler R.ULSS IMoody Orv R exi BUJL Spana el, L,o xe V e-rr S peruke, Vear " b hundred ninety-six Senior Lay: Honorary Society FACULTY BARRISTERS DEAN HENRY M. BATES PROFESSOR EDSOX R. SUXDERLAXD PROFESSOR GROVER C. GRISMORE PROFESSOR JOSEPH H. DRAKE PROFESSOR EDGAR N. DURFEE PROFESSOR EVANS HOLBROOK PROFESSOR BURKE SHARTEL PROFESSOR HERBERT F. GOODRICH STUDENT BARRISTERS DAVID E. MACELLVEN, Chancellor JAMES K. BROOKER, rice-Chancellor MARIOK B. STAHL, Majur of ike Rolls ALBERT J. PARKER, Chancellor of the Exchequer ARTHUR E. MOORE, Bailiff F. ROLAND ALLABEN CYRUS E. CHURCHILL HERSCHEL B. DAVIS HARRV B. GRUNDY JOHN HAY RUSSELL R. HAYS LACKEXS L. HENDERSON CARROLL B. JONES COOLIDGE C. KREIS ALFRED E. LINDBLOOM JOSEPH W. McAuuFFE EDWARD C. McCosB BENJAMIN J. MANLEY LAURENCE A. MASSELINK LELAND H. NOTNAGEL ROBERT M. PORTER GEORGE T. TOWNLET VICTOR J. VOORHEIS BEN S. WENDELKEN JOSBS GRUNDY LIKDBUX M Towxi y MASSEUSE PORTER HENDERSON VOORHEIS WENDELKKS K;-- OTNAGEL n M cA -T J " " P - HOLBKOOK PROF. SHARTEL PROF. DUUFEE PROF. GOODRICH PROF. GRISMORE MANLEY McCoBB PARKER STAHL MACELLVEJJ BROOKER ' ' . - HAY Tuo hundred ninety-teren Web and Flange Senior Civil Engineering Honorary Society OFFTCKRS MAYNARD B. PARSONS LLOYD A. MAEDER BARRIEN C. KETCHUM HERMAN S. YOUNG Chief Engineer Assistant Engineer Stake Holder Recorder HONORARY MEMBKRS PROF. PROF. PROF. PROF. PROF. PROF. PROF. PROF. C. T. JOHNSTON H. E. RIGGS H. W. KING E. L. ERICKSEN C. O. WISLER J. H. ClSSEL T. J. MITCHELL H. BOUCHARD PROF. L. X. GRAM PROF. V. C. HOAD PROF. R. L. MORRISON- PROF. J. A. VAN DER BROCK MR. G. S. WILLIAMS MR. G. L. ALT MR. R. H. SHERLOCK DR. V. E. FORSYTHE ACTIVE MEMBERS JAMES E. BAMBOROUGH HAROLD C. COCHRAN DANIEL C. DE GRAFF LELAND R. GORE HENRY G. GROVES WILLIAM S. HERBERT CHARLES W. HUNTER FREDERICK A. KIMMICH BARRIEN C. KETCHUM JOSEPH H. LANDRE LLOYD A. MAEDER KENNETH J. MAC!VER CLYDE L. PALMER MAYNARD B. PARSONS WALDEMAR E. SCHNEIDER HOWARD A. SHERIDAN ROBERT F. SMITH JOHN P. SUTTER J. F. WALKER HERMAN S. YOUNG GORE MAClVER SMYSER PALMER HERBERT SMITH SCHNEIDER LANDRE SHERIDAN GROVES SUTTER HUNTER WALKER BAMBOROUGH DE GRAFF KETCHUM MAEDER PARSONS YOUNG KIMMICH COCHRAN Two hundred ninety-eight Qalens Medical Honorary Society OFFICERS L. GRANT BALDWIN President CLIFFORD H. SWANSON I ' ice-President HAROLD CONDIT Secretary FRANCIS L. SCOTT . Treasurer HONORARY MEMBERS DR. JOHN B. YOUMANS, Prefect DR. HUGH CABOT DR. G. CARL HUBER DR. REUBEN PETERSON DR. UDO G. WILE DR. R. BISHOP CANFIELD DR. H. H. CUMMINGS DR. A. M. BARRETT DR. PRESTON M. HICKEY DR. MAX M. PEET DR. MARK MARSHALL DR. H. L. NEWBERG DR. A. C. FuRSTENBERG DR. FREDERICK A. COLLER DR. S. DONALDSON DR. V. A. SMITH DR. C. R. HILL THEO. E. SCHMIDT ARTHUR C. CURTIS KEXITH MC!NTYRE HERBERT G. DUNPHY LELAND T. HENRY ROBERT A. COOPER JOHN B. HASSBERGER DONALD B. STOUFFER JAMES NELSON FRANCIS McPnAiL DR. E. McCoTTER DR. GEORGE R. HERRIMAN DR. CARL BADGELEY DR. D. M. COWIE DR. F. M. R. SNYDER DR. LESTER WIEDER DR. ANGUS GOETZ DR. N. W. BOURUE DR. J. A. SMITH DR. RALPH RYCHNER DR. RUSSELL MUSTARD DR. ROBERT H. PHILLIPS DR. LEMOTT BATES DR. JOHN LABADIE DR. WALTER M. SIMPSON ACTIVE MEMBERS ROBERT J. COOPER CHARLES L. MACCALLUM WESLEY G. REID RUSSELL G. BECK WALDEMAR B. MITCHELL ROBERT R. CLARK RALPH G. HUBBARD EUGENE LACY FRED W. THOMAS KENNETH BABCOCK II HUBBARD NELSON MCPHAIL MACCALLUM HENRY CLARK LACY BECK BABCOCK COOPER DUNPHY CONDIT BALDWIN SCOTT YOUMANS SIMPSON REID THOMAS MITCHKLL COOPER HASSBERGER MC!NTYRE CURTIS Two hundred ninety-nine Quarterdeck Senior Marine Honorary Society " ' The time has come, ' the walrus said, ' To talk of many things: Of shoes and ships and sealing wax And cabbages and kings ' ' PILOTS DEAN MORTIMER E. COOLEY PROFESSOR HERBERT C. SADLER PROFESSOR EDWARD M. BRAGG ASSISTANT PROFESSOR A. F. LINDBLAD First Semester JOHN A. MINER EDWIN F. RITCHIE ROBERT E. FISHER LELAND H. KENT OFFICERS Commodore F ice-Commodore Purser Steward Second Semester ROBERT E. FISHER FREDERIC A. LEISEN MARK L. IRELAND CHRISTOPHER E. BLAYDON SCHUYLER B. ELLIOTT SEAMEN GIBSON M. CAMERON LEISEN RITCHIE SADLER BLAYDON LINDBLAD BRAGG MINER IRELAND FISHER Three hundred Sphinx Junior Literary Honorary Society Pharoah Ximblefoot, Chief Runner of the Camp Maacach. Recruiter for Pharaoh ' s Harem .... Arrowkollar, Model for the Royal Artist Shekkelpaw, Gatherer of the Royal Tax Hyhmapor, Chamberlin of Royal Vintages .... Kutie, Bum Jollificator ol the Royal Karavan Pocketsize, Delegate to the Sister Camp Snapperback, Chief Gunner of the Catapaults . Gladhand, Exalted Keeper of the Ballot Box Typimoff, Pursuer of the Elusive Spheroid .... Scrubbupp, Waterbearer to the Camp Tetatyply, Imperial Censor of the Press Pictorem. Designer of Dessert Xymphs Zleepingzickness, Director of Newcomers to the Camp Flowingpen, Keeper of Pharaoh ' s Records .... Ironsides. Chief Annihilator of the Front Line Opposition Distancia. Delegate from Remote Provinces Misrepresent, Purveyor of Pharaoh ' s Advertising " DICK " FREYBERG . " Rov " CALLAHAX " Jux " Ross . " FRANK " WEAVER " KEX " KELLAR . " DUTCH " WILSOX " Ab " CROUCH " KEx " SMILES " BOB " BROWN . " BUCK " KOEXIG " DICK " DOYLE " GLEX " DOXALDSOX " EDDIE " MACK " WALK " EVERETT " BILL " DIEXER " HARRY " MESSER " GEORGE " BABCOCK . . " JoE " GAXDY " Jo " FINN I I SMILES EVERETT BROWN DIENER BABCOCK WEA -E CALLAHAN MACK Ron DOYLE KOEXIG WILSON DONALDSON FINN KELI.AR GANDY FREYBERG MESSER CROVCH Three I Triangles Junior Engineering Honorary Society OFFICERS WILLIAM T. COLEMAN RICHARD EARHART HUBERT G. GOEBEL President Treasurer Secretary MEMBERS WILLIAM H. ARNOLD CLARK H. BROWN EUGENE F. CARDWELL JOHN W. COALE WILLIAM T. COLMAN RICHARD Y. DAKIN WILLIAM R. DAY EMIL E. DEISTER GEORGE F. DURAND RICHARD EARHART HUBERT G. GOEBEL HENRY FERENZ JOHN I. GROSHKO HARRY HAWKINS WILLIAM H. HEATH WILLIAM H. HERRNSTEIN KNOX B. HOWE HAROLD M. JOHNSON HARRY W. MAcDuFF HOWARD A. TURNER QUINCY VV. WELLINGTON EDWIN F. WESTOVER HOWE COALE JOHNSON GROSHKO ARNOLD WESTOVER WELLINGTON TURNER CARDWELL DAKIN EARHART COLMAN GOEBEL DEISTER HEATH HERRNSTEIN HAWKINS DURAND FERENZ MACDUFF Three hundred two - " Union H. THOMAS CAVANAUGH . President Vice-Presidents JOHN P. BROMLEY. CHARLES W. MERRIAM ARTHUR H. SMITH BURTON E. HYDE . JACK P. BEUKEMA W. B. SHAW .... PAUL BUCKLEY PROFESSOR H. C. ANDERSON DEAN H. M. BATES . . DEAN G. W. PATTERSON . Literary Engineering Law Medical Combined Alumni Secretary Financial Secretary Faculty Members H. THOMAS CAVANAUGH ALUMNI MEMBERS DANIEL F. ZIMMERMAN .... Ann Arbor ROY D. CHAPIN Detroit S. EMERY THOMASON Chicago SELDEN DICKINSON Detroit JOSEPH A. BURSLEY Ann Arbor ' T ' HE Library on the second floor of the Union was one of the last details of the original plans to be finished. The building has now been entirely completed. BOARD OF DIRECTORS MERRIAM BUCKLEY ANDERSON PATTERSON BURSLEY BEUKEMA SMITH CAVANAUGH BROMLEY ROBERTSON HYDE Three hundred four KARL B. ROBERTSOX EBEX M. GRAVES . WILLIAM L. DIEXER JAMES E. XEWTOX PAUL V. BRUSKE . ALBERT B. ADAMS HARRY G. MESSER ROBERT J. WILSON BRAYTOX DEAXE Recording Secretary Reception Department Underclass Department House Department Publicity Department . Swimming Pool Drive Life Membership Drive Banquets Assistant Recording Secretary RICHARD E. BARTON Assistant Recording Secretary CHARLES D. LIVIXGSTOXE President of Mimes KARL B. ROBERTSON THIS year marked the completion of the much discussed Union Swimming Pool one of the finest in the country. The Alumni doubled every dollar raised by the students, and in this way enough money was procured to finish the long-delayed tank. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL LIVINGSTONE DIENEK DEANE KEENA ADAMS CAVAXAUCH GRAVES ROBERTSON XEWTOX BRVSKE Three hundred Student (Council ALFRED B. CONNABLE, JR. OFFICERS ALFRED B. CONNABLE, JR. EDWARD M. Fox .... WILLIAM T. COLMAX WILLIAM W. KERR MEMBERS President ice-President Secretary Treasurer ROBERT J. HUMMER CHARLES W. MERRIAM EUGENE L. DUNNE PHILIP M. WAGNER KENNETH C. KELLAR JOSEPH J. FINN H. THOMAS CAVANAUGH IRWIN F. DEISTER THE Student Council ' s work for the past year includes the following accom- plishments: Reorganization of student self-government by the incorporation of new judicial powers; establishment of a fifty-yard-line cheering section for male students at Ferry Field; creation of a Freshman Discipline Committee; and the naming of the new Literary Building in honor of the late President James Bur- rill Angell. WAGNER FINN CAVANAUGH M ERRI AM DUNNE CONNABLE HUMMER KELLAR KEKR COLMAN F4 f( ' . it! Three hundred six Engineering Honor Committee OFFICERS E. F. CARDWELL Chairman J. M. DUNNING Secretary MEMBERS EDWARD M. Fox STEWART H. HULSE ILLARD V. SPA NAG EL HARLEY J. BELL GEORGE A. McBRiDE PAUL L. BURTON LESLIE D. WESTON EVGENE F. CARDWELL ALL violations of the Honor System as established in the En- gineering College are reviewed by the Engineering Honor Committee. BELL DUNNING SPAXAGEL BVRTON CARDWELL McBRiDE HULSE WESTOX Fox Three hundred seven J-Hof, Class of 1926 BENSON ' S MARY ATHERTON Detroit THIS year ' s J-Hop boasted the presence of several of the most noted orches- tras in the country. Benson ' s and Johnson ' s from Chicago, and Goldkette ' s from Detroit, furnished music for the dancers until the early hours of the morning. Block " .V " formed at the conclusion of the Grand March Three hundred eight J-Hof Class of 1926 GOLDKETTE ' S CHARLES G. OAKMAN EUGENE K. BUCK WILLIAM T. COLEMAN J. DALE DARLING RICHARD T. FREYBERG HUBERT G. GOEBEL BURTON A. GROFF Chairman HENRY G. GROVES CHAS. W. GRUBE GEORGE HACKER RALPH G. HUBBARD HARRY B. KOENIG CLAYTON C. PURDY CHARLES G. OAKUAX Detroit EDGAR J. REILLY, JR. COMMITTEE COLEMAX HVBBARD KoEXIG GOEBEL GROVES FREYBERG OAKUAX DARIJXG REILLY PCUDY GROFF GRUBE Three hundred nine Military " Ball General Chairman Assistant Chairman MILO E. OLIPHANT . EUGENE F. CARDWELL GEORGE C. WEITZEL GUSTAV O. HOGLUND DE VITT C. GREEN ROBERT J. BROWN ALEXANDER G. OLIVER WALTER C. GROFF RALPH R. GRAICHEN FRED J. GOELLNER MILO E. OUPHANT Ann Arbor JS PW iiim g : Three hundred ten Soph omore Class of 1927 WILLARD B. CROSBY . FRED S. GLOVER, JR. PHYLLIS HAEHNLE ROBERT Y. KEEGAN THOMAS R. KING HELENA KNAPP ANDREW Y. KRAMER Chairman STARRETT VOCT PHELPS JOHN H. LOVETTE V. CALVIN PATTERSON STANFORD X. PHELPS HOWARD L. PRESTON PAUL STARRETT JOSEPH S. VOGT COMMITTEE WILLARD B. CROSBY Grand Rapids KING HAEHSLE PATTERSON CROSBY PRESTON KNAPP KEEGAX GUOVER KRAMER LOVETTE Three hundred eleven freshman Frolic Class of 1928 HARRY M. GRINNELL Detroit HELEN V KITE Amherstburg, Ontario HARRY M. GRINNELL MARTHA C. COLTER CLIFFORD E. CRIMI MARGARET E. DEACON CATHERINE W. GEROW JEAN G. GREENSHIELD HENRY N. NELLY, JR. MARVIN L. STANTON MATILDA SUMMERFIELD COMMITTEE SUMMERFIELD GEROW NELLY GRINNELL DEACON SHERMAN Three hundred twelve ' v y ' r ' T " A ' . ' Rational ftonor Order of the Qoif Senior Honorary Law Society OFFICERS HENRY M. BATES EDSOX R. SuNDERLAND GROVER C. GRISMORE President Secretary Treasurer G. D. CURTIS J. T. DASEF C. E. ENGGAS A. M. KEEP C. C. KREIS M. G. LEATHERMAN B. S. WENDEI.KEN B. J. MANLEY L. A. MASSELINK LEO MELLEN L. H. NOTNAGEL C. N. TAVARES V. J. VOORHEIS Three hundred fourteen National Honorary Medical Fraternity CHAPTER ROLL UxiVERISTY OF ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY ESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY JEFFERSON MEDICAL COLLEGE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY HARVARD UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA JOHN HOPKINS UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN UNIYERSITY OF MINNESOTA CORNELL UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF BUFFALO SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY McGiLL UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA TULANE UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH UNIVERSITY OF INDIANA UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY OF IOWA UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS YALE UNIVERSITY ANDERBILT UNIVERSITY NEW YORK UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF OREGON ST. Louis UNIVERSITY FACULTY SECTION ALBERT M. BARRETT, Counsellor DEAN HUGH CABOT ALDRED SCOTT WARTHIN G. CARL HUBER FREDERICK G. NOVY CHARLES V. EDMUNDS CARL D. CAMP D. MURRAY COWIE PRESTON M. HICKEY Louis H. NEWBURGH CARL V. WELLER R. BISHOP CANFIELD UDO J. WILE FRANK N. WILSON ALBERT C. FURSTENBURG CARL W. EBERBACH FREDERICK A. COLLER NORMAN F. MILLER MAX M. PEET THEOPHILE RAPHAEL REUBEN PETERSON WALTER R. PARKER ROLLO E. McCoTTER Y ARREN P. LOMBARD HARTHER L. KEIM GEORGE R. HERRMANN- MARGARET BELL FRANK L. SNYDER WILLIAM A. SMITH Louis STERN- ROBERT E. BARNEY CECIL STRYKER SAMUEL J. LEVIN- HENRY K. RANSOM JOHN LABADIE RUSSELL L. MUSTARD ROBERT L. GLASS THEODORE I. BAUER GEORGE H. BELOTE PAUL H. GARVEY HAROLD G. WALLER UNDERGRADUATE WALTER M. SIMPSON, President KARL M. BEIERLEIN, Fife-President JAMES F. JOHANTGEN, Secretary-Treasurer D. HAROLD CONDIT CHARLES L. PANNABECKER DANIEL G. ARNOLD JAMES E. CARAWAY ROBERT U. COOPER SECTION ARTHUR C. CURTIS ELISHA S. GURDJIAN THOMAS M. HORAN JOSEPH J. TROMBLEY. JR. FERDINAND R. SCHEMM Louis D. BECKER CLIFFORD A. SWAN SON FRANK I. TERRILL Three hundred fifteen j Hi neta Honorary Scholastic Engineering Fraternity Gamma Chapter OFFICERS WALDO K. GREINER . FRED M. FREEMAN KARL B. ROBERTSON . RUSSELL S. SCRIBNER ARTHUR D. MOORE . ORVILLE W. REED . President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer Cataloguer ACTIVE MEMBERS JOSEPH A. BARKOVICH GEORGE E. BOSSERDET ALBERT F. CHRISTIAN WILLIAM H. COOPER CHARLES C. DRISCOLL FRANKLIN L. EVERETT FRED M. FREEMAN FRED J. GOELLNER WALDO K. GREINER WILLIAM S. HEARDING ARLEN R. HELLWARTH W. SEARS HERBERT REINHARD A. Hiss STEWART H. HULSE CHARLES L. HULSWIT RENSIS LIKERT LOYD A. MAEDER HERMAN S. YOUNG ROBERT J. MINARD RUSSELL F. MOODY ARTHUR D. MOORE HERBERT R. POLAND ORVILLE W. REED DONALD J. REESE KARL B. ROBERTSON JOHN W. Ross RUSSELL S. SCRIBNER HOWARD A. SHERIDAN WILLARD W. SPANAGEL DEREK VAN OSENBRUGGEN PAUL A. VICKERS SEWARD A. WARNER SPENCER A. WEART CURT H. WILL RICHARD R. WHIPPLE BOSSERDET MOODY VICKERS HELLWARTH HULSE LIKERT GOELLNER WHIPPLE SHERIDAN HERBERT HEARDING MINARD POLAND CHRISTIAN SPANAGEL Hiss EVERETT MAEDER MOORE FREEMAN GREINER ROBERTSON REED WILL WARNER YOUNG VAN OSENBRUGGEN Three hundred sixteen i " Delta Honorary Educational Fraternity OFFICERS EGBERT R. ISBELI. PAUL A. REHMUS . CLARENXE J. WHITNEY WALTER O. SHRINER . HOWARD G. SCAHILL . . President yice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Historian FACULTY SPONSOR DR. CLIFFORD WOODY ACTIVE MEMBERS HERMAN F. BECK MARSHALL L. BYRX ESKIL C. CARLSON VERXOX E. CHASE FRANCIS M. COOKE GAIL E. DEXSMORE GEORGE H. WILLIAMS EDWARD W. HACKER MEXXO OTTERBEIX Ll ' THER T. PURDOM WALTER L. SCOTT LESLIE R. SILVERNALE WALLACE F. WATT SCAHILL WATT SlLVEENALE PlTUX J WHITNEY SHRINER ISBELL COOKE WILLIAMS REHMUS CARLSON Three hundred seventeen Ti T elta Spsilon National Honorary Journalistic Fraternity HALSEY DAVIDSON E. GIFFORD UPJOHN DAVID M. BRAMBLE CASS S. HOUGH OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer DAVID M. BRAMBLE ALFRED B. CONNABLE DOUGLAS W. CLEPHANE HALSEY DAVIDSON EUGENE L. DUNNE WILLIAM B. ETHERIDGE THOMAS E. FISKE JOHN G. GARLINGHOUSE RONALD T. HALGRIM CASS S. HOUGH PERRY M. HAYDEN E. ARDEN KIRSCHNER MERWYN G. LEATHERMAN GEORGE L. PATTEE FREDERICK H. PINNEY CLIFFORD C. PRATT WILLIAM D. ROESSER JOHN A. SABO, JR. E. GIFFORD UPJOHN PHILLIP M. WAGNER PATTEE PINNEY DUNNE PRATT HAYDEN SABO ETHERIDGE DAVIDSON HOUGH BRAMBLE GARLINGHOUSE ROESSER FISKE CONNABLE KIRSCHNER HALGRIM CLEPHANE LEATHERMAN .. , -. ' . ym K sf m m mi: , m m Three hundred eighteen Alpha ' Delta Sigma National Honorary Advertising Fraternity Sponsored by Associated Advertising Clubs of the World ' - - HONORARY MEMBERS PROFESSOR EDSON R. SUNDERLAND C. H. McKlNLEY ACTIVE MEMBERS GEORGE A. ALDERTON, II BRIGGS BEURMANN MORRIS BLUMENTHAL JOHN CONLIN FRANCIS DAVIS EUGENE L. DUNNE JOSEPH J. FINN DONALD FREDERICKS HAROLD HALE PERRY M. HAYDEN CARL KANE CLIFFORD PRATT CLAYTON C. PURDY WILLIAM ROESSER JOHN SABO, JR. KENNETH SMILES HERBERT WETTLAUFER FINN CONLIN WETTLAUFER HAYDEN DAVIS FREDERICKS PURDY SMILES KANE BLUMENTHAL ROESSER i Three hundred nineteen 1 i J amba Upsilon Honorary Chemical Society Delta Chapter W. D. BANCROFT S. L. BIGELOW HONORARY MEMBERS E. D. CAMPBELL M. GOMBERG A. B. STEVENS J. STIEGLITZ A. H. WHITE FACULTY AND ASSOCIATE MEMBERS L. C. ANDERSON W. L. BADGER E. M. BAKER H. H. BARTLETT F. E. BARTELL F. F. BLICKE J. C. BRIER R. J. CARNEY L. O. CASE A. A. CHRISTMAN C. W. CLARKE H. N. COLE H. II. WII.LARD A. L. FERGUSON W. E. FORSYTHE C. FURNAS J. C. GENIESSE R. C. GLEASON J. H. HODGES J. W. KENNEDY E. H. LESLIE H. B. LEWIS D. M. LlCHTY S. A. LOUGH R. K. MCALPINE D. A. MC NTY C. C. MELOCHE G. MONTILLON W. J. NUNGESTER D. OTHMER C. S. SCHOEPFLE E. O. SCOTT W. G. SMEATON C. UPTHEGROVE L. R. WAGENER P. F. WEATHERILL A. E. WHITE W. P. WOOD W. E. BACHMANN E. K. BACON D. B. BELL G. E. BOSSERDET H. R. BOWERS C. L. CLARK R. G. CLARKSON W. L. FINK A. J. GOOD K. H. HACHMUTH i. L. HAYMAN . J. HERZIG M. A. JONES ACTIVE MEMBERS P. C. JONES J. L. KASSNER G. T. LEWIS J. D. LINDSAY J. W. MONAWECK H. J. OsTERHor J. C. PERNERT L. A. PHILLIP H. R. POLAND A. E. PRATT D. J. REESE C. ROBERTSON R. F. RUTHRUFF A. W. SCHLUCTER L. L. SCOTT C. K. SLOAN C. N. SMITH M. H. SOULE R. R. TANNER R. E. TOWNSEND H. M. TRIMBLE M. VAN Loo F. J. VAN NATTA E. R. WASHBURN G. B. WATKINS S. A. WEART SCHLUCTER BACHMANN MONAWECK SCOTT OTHMER TOWNSEND CLARK REESK M. A. TONES BELL FINK VAN Loo OSTERHOF SLOAN WATKINS HERZIG P. C. JONES POLAND GOOD WASHEURN LINDSAY BOWERS HAYMAN VAN NATTA PERNERT BACON PRATT SMITH TRIMBLE Three hundred twenty Sigma Honorary Biological Society OFFICERS L. E. WEHMEYER J. P. JONES C. O. ERLANSON PROF. E. C. CASE PROF. E. G. NOVY DR. F. M. ALLEN PROF. H. H. BARTLETT DR. F. N. BLANCHARD MR. C. O. CARLSON PROF. F. A. COLLER DR. A. A. CHRISTMAN PROF. B. M. DAVIS DR. L. R. DICE PROF. J. H. EHLERS PROF. H. W. EMERSON DR. H. T. FOLGER L. ACKERMAN W. A. ARCHER J. O. BEAVIS K. M. BEIERLEIN H. E. BLIGHT J. C. BUGHER C. F. BYERS W. J. CLENCH D. H. CONDIT A. C. CURTIS C. M. DAVIS J. H DELANEY W. T. DEMPSTER A. C. ELMER R. R. ENDERS C. O. ERLANSON A. FORD C. H. FORTUNE R. L. GLASS F. GREENMAN HONORARY MEMBERS PROF. M. M. PEET FACULTY MEMBERS DR. F. M. GAIGE PROF. ROBERT GESELL PROF. S. R. GUILD PROF. P. B. HADLEY PROF. L. V. HEILBRUNN DR. CARL LARUE PROF. G. R. LARUE PROF. H. B. LEWIS DR. D. A. MC NTY PROF. CLARENCE MEADER ACTIVE MEMBERS H. W. HANN J. K. HAZELL C. P. HUBER R. C. HUSSEY P. JESERICH J. P. JONES R. H. KINGERY N. R. KRETSCHMAR F. J. KUIPER K. C. KUSTER T. H. LANGLOIS P. C. LLOYD E. R. MARTELL F. L. MCPHAIL N. F. MILLER T. A. MOORE J. H. MUYSKENS J. H. NICHOLS W. J. NUNGESTER . President Pice-President Seen tary- Treasurer PROF. R. W. SELLARS PROF. R. M. WENLEY PROF. E. E. NELSON PROF. L. H. NEWBURGH PROF. P. O. OKKELBERG PROF. J. F. SHEPHERD DR. E. W. SINK PROF. C. V. WELLER PROF. U. J. WILE PROF. J. B. YOUMANS PROF. L. J. YOUNG PROF. P. S. WELCH MR. A. E. WOODHEAD C. L. PANNEBECKER J. P. PARSONS P. B. PIKE C. R. RlTTERSHOFER L. F. RlTTERSHOFER A. F. ROWE V. F. Ross J. E. SASS T. E. SCHMIDT A. L. SCHULTZ L. SCHULTZ H. W. SHIELDS I. H. SIMS M. H. SOULE C. A. SWAN SON D. VANDUZEN :VANOSTEN . R. WAGENER L. H. WEHMEYER R. K. WINTERS RO VE SIMS KUIPER McPHAIL WEHMEYER PIKE BUGHER DELANEY Ross SCHULTZ NICHOLS ERLANSON CURTIS WINTERS FORTUNE SASS BYERS Three hundred twenty-one Sigma (jamma Spsilon Honorary Geological Fraternity Iota Chapter HONORARY MEMBERS WILLIAM H. HOBBS, PH.D. EDWARD H. KRAUS, PH.D., Sc.D. ERMINE C. CASE, PH.D. ASSOCIATE MEMBER WALTER A. VERWIEBE FRATRES IN FACULTATE LAURENCE M. GOULD, B.S.,M.A. RUSSELL C. HUSSEY, A.B. RALPH L. BELKNAP, B.S. (C.E.) FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE JAMES F. PEPPER ROBERT W. KARPINSKI HERBERT H. BRADFIELD CHARLES H. BARBER EDWIN N. GODDARD ALFRED T. NAVARRE DONALD J. REESE WILLIAM F. BROWN ALFRED S. WARTHIN CLYDE H. PEABODY ROBERT B. NEWCOMBE KARPINSKI BRADFIELD NAVARRE GODDARD BELKNAP NEWCOMBE GOULD WARTHIN BROWN Three hundred twenty-two Scabbard and " Blade Honorary Military Fraternity Founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1905 Company F, Fourth Regiment Instituted in 1923 OFFICERS MILTON M. MADDIN . CHARLES D. CRAWFORD ROBERT W. SEYMOUR. ROBERT S. KILE Captain . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant First Sergeant ASSOCIATE MEMBERS MAJOR WILLIAM T. CARPENTER CAPTAIN WILLIAM C. LOUISELL CAPTAIN FOREST E. COLLINS CAPTAIN L. MONROE BRICKER CAPTAIN GEORGE W. DUNN, JR. LIEUTENANT RICHARD T. SCHLOSBERG ACTIVE MEMBERS CARL F. ANDERSON CHARLES D. CRAWFORD FREDERICK W. CRON ROBERT N. CROSS FRED J. GOELLXER WALTER C. GROFF JOHN W. HICKMAN PAUL S. HIRT DONALD A. HOLM ROBERT F. KILE MILTON M. MADDIN PHILIP E. MARION GEORGE A. McBRiDE MILO E. OLIPHANT ALEXANDER G. OLIVER MAYNARD B. PARSONS EMERSON H. PULS JOHN A. REED ROBERT W. SEYMOUR GEORGE C. WEITZEL PVLS ANDERSON BRICKE R HIRT LOUISELL C RON- GREEN SEYMOUR MADDIN GROFF CARPENTER KILE OUPHANT DUNN HICKMAN CRAWFORD SCHLOSBERG GOELLNER HOLM WF.ITZEL Three hundred twenty-three ' Delta Sis-ma ' Rho N- National Honorary Debating and Oratorical Fraternity Alpha Chapter OFFICERS RAY L. ALEXANDER BURTON SIBLEY ELIZABETH M. VAN VALKENBURGH RAY ALEXANDER FRANK BACKSTROM GEORGE BAKER GEORGE BIGGE CARL BRANDT BRAND BLANSHARD KIT CLARDY CHARLES COLE WALFRED DAHLBERG GAIL DENSMORE WILLIAM C. DIXON JAMES DUNN GARRIT DEMMINK Louis EICH FLORENCE FULLER LYMAN GLASGOW MEMBERS President . ice-President Secretary-Treasurer HORACE GLASGOW FREDERICK HARPER NORMAN JOHNSON CLARA LAU FLORENCE McCoMB LEO NOWICKI MIRIAM OLDEN MEREL PARKS WALTER PEAR JACK PILCHER ELMER SALZMAN BURTON SIBLEY ALBERT STERNS MELVIN SPECTER ELIZABETH VAN VALKENBURGH BEATA WAGNER BAKER STERN DIXON PILCHER MOWICKI DUNN COLE SALZMAN DAHLBERG SPECTER L. GLASGOW H. GLASGOW ALEXANDER SIBLEY CLARDY BACKSTROM OLDEN McCoMB LAU TRUEBLOOD FULLER PARKS WAGNER Three hundred twenty-Jouj a f si on -JfrCu Honorary Musical Fraternity HONORARY MEMBERS JOHN PHILIP SOUSA A. A. STANLEY ASSOCIATE MEMBERS R. A. CAMPBELL ALBERT LOCKWOOD SAMUEL P. LOCKWOOD EARL V. MOORE W. W. WILSON J. E. MADDY ACTIVE MEMBERS JOHN K. ALTLAND EDGAR S. BACON W. G. BETTANS BENJAMIN BOYCE CHARLES J. COLE CHESTER A. DE WITT F. L. EVERETT L. V. GLEASON ROBERT V. HALSEY EDGAR I. HERROLD BURTON E. HYDE Q. M. KLEIN LUCIAN LANE JAMES H. MAXWELL CARL H. MORGENSTERN W. M. MCCRACKEN ROBERT H. McPHERSON CARLTON B. PIERCE PAUL B. PIKE RALPH R. RATHBONE D. NEIL REID T. C. SCHNEIRLA C. P. SELLARDS ARTHUR M. SMITH ORVILLE W. STEPHENS RICHARD D. TRAVIS F. J. VAN NATTA CARL A. WEINMAN HARRIS L. WILSON F. C. WILKENING WEINMAN GLEASON DEWlTT PIKE BOYCK RATHBONE HYDE SELUARDS COLB BETTENS WILSOU CAMPBELL WILKENING LANE SMITH KLEIN ALTLAND BACON Three hundred twentg-five Tau Sigma c Delta TAV - SIGMA - DELTA - H N RAILY- FR.ATER.N ITY JLCHITECTVRL -AND -AtLIER AE_T 5 Three hundred twenty-six. Architectural Society MCI [TECTVRAL OCIETY RAY-WEBFE L-wajLj ' ' ' Vi ' " l ' ' 1! : ?1M| M : . : Three hundred twenty-eight Engineering Society OFFICERS C. KENNETH McCaACKEN President STEWART H. HULSE Fice-President EUGENE F. CARDWELL Treasurer LEONEL C. PITTS Secretary The Engineering Society is an organization designed to encourage original investigation in Engineering and Scientific subjects such as may be deemed profitable to the profession, and to promote a social and friendly spirit among students and members of the profession. Membership is open to all students upon enrollment in the College of Engi- neering. HUUSE CARDWELL McCpACKEN ' PITTS Three hundred twenty-nine American Society of Mechanical Engineers OFFICERS ORVILLE W. REED LUDLOW F. BEACH FRANKLIN L. EVERETT .... PROFESSOR CHARLES H. FESSENDEN Chairman Pice-Chairman Secretary- Treasurer Honorary Chairman MEMBERS A. FLOYD L. ANDERSON GLENN C. ARNOLD LUDLOW F. BEACH M. GOULD BEARD CARL M. BERRY L. EDWARD BLAZIER MILTON BUCHLER EDWARD C. BUMKE CLARENCE M. CLEMENS HAROLD C. DAHNKE EMIL DEISTER NATHANIEL ELY CLAY D. ELLISON ALBERT D. EPLETT FRANKLIN L. EVERETT RALPH R. GRAICHEN FREDERICK L. GREEN HOWARD A. HAYDEN WILLIAM C. HILL ROBERT HIRTENSTEIN REINHARD A. Hiss GuSTAV HoGLAND RUSSELL T. HOWE J. P. ZIDOW F. D. KNOBLOCK JULIAN C. LEVER W. M. MACARTHUR H. Q. MAR JOHN I. MARQUARD ARTHUR H. MARSHALL FRANK X. MUSHYNSKI LEO J. NOWICKI EINAR M. ORBECK T. J. PARYSKI LEONEL C. PITTS LEO J. POITRAS WILLIAM L. PROUT ARTHUR C. QUADE ORVILLE W. REED JOHN B. C. ROBISON ERNEST W. SCHOUTEN JOHN T. SNODGRASS HAROLD A. STORMS RALPH K. SUPER EDWARD E. VADAKIN CLAYTON J. WOLF DONALD M. WHITESELL NOWICKI HAYDEN ANDERSON WHITESELL LEVER HOWE SCHOUTEN MARQUARD MUSHYNSKI BEACH REED EVERETT ARNOLD MACARTHUR QUADE MACARTHUR EPLETT SUPER BEARD GREEN DIETZ Three hundred thirty American Socifty of Civil Engineers 1924 FREDERICK A. KIMMICH LEO A. CANNON RICHARD VAN VLIET HERMAN S. YOUNG OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 1925 HOWARD A. SHERIDAN- ARNOLD B. ZlMMER W. SEARS HERBERT GRANT MUDGE MEMBERS LEO A. CANNON SADAICHI DODO FRED M. FREEMAN MARQUIS R. FULLER ALFRED E. HANSEN V. SEARS HERBERT FREDERICK A. KIMMICH HARRY K. LAM JOSEPH H. LANDRE LLOYD A. MAEDER GEORGE J. MACK ROBERT J. MINARD GRANT MUDGE WILLIAM METCALF DEREK VAN OSENBRUGGEN W. VICTOR OWEN KARL B. ROBERTSON- THOMAS J. SEBURN HOWARD A. SHERIDAN- GLENN STUDT HENRY A. SMITH HERBERT A. SPENCE RICHARD VAN VLIET CURT H. WILL HERMAN S. YOUNG ARNOLD B. ZIMMER FULLER MVDGE HANSEN MACK SMITH MAEDER OWEN ZIMMER STUDT SHERIDAN YOUNG VAN VLIET KIMMICH SPENCE HERBERT MINARD DODO LAM CANNON VAN OSENBRUGGEN LANDRE Three hundred thirty-one OFFICERS EDWARD E. MURANE RICHARD H. FREYBERG GEORGE W. Ross, JR. . President Pice-President . Secretary JAMES K. BROOKER H. THOMAS CAVANAUGH JUSTIN S. COMPTON ALFRED B. CONNABLE, JR. EMIL E. DEISTER IRWIN F. DEISTER GEORGE C. DILLMAN J. GLENN DONALDSON RICHARD F. DOYLE EUGENE L. DUNNE RICHARD EARHART WILLIAM B. ETHERIDGE MEMBERS THOMAS E. FISKE JOSEPH E. GANDY JOHN G. GARLINGHOUSE ALBERT GOETZ GEORGE S. HAGGARTY GEORGE H. HARRINGTON EDWARD N. HARTWICK ARCHIBALD V. HERRICK STEWART H. HULSE KENNETH C. KELLAR HARRY B. KOENIG CHARLES D. LIVINGSTON HARRY G. MESSER JAMES E. NEWTON ORVILLE W. REED WILLIAM D. ROESSER KENNETH E. SEICK HERBERT F. STEGER FREDERIC J. STEVENS FREDERICK E. STURMER ROBERT E. WEADOCK FRANK P. WEAVER ROBERT WEIDEMANN, JR. STEVEN F. WILSON The Blue Key is an honorary society which extends the hospitality of Michi- gan to visiting athletes and those participating in other activities. WEADOCK MESSER DONALDSON WILSON STURMER EARHART KOENIG DOYLE KELLAR NEWTON STEVENS WEIDEMANN GOETZ HAGGARTY STEGER Ross CONNABLE HULSE HARTWICK GANDY DILLMAN DUNNE HERRICK BROOKER MURANE FREYBERG ROESSER ETHERIDGE Thrre hundred thirty-two ' Dental Society OFFICERS W. GEORGE DUNCAN President LER.OY F. HILL Vice-President A. WILLIAM HAIDLE Secretary BERNARD L. XOONAX . Treasurer HAIDLE DUNCAN HILL NOOSAX Three hundred thirty-three Sociedad Hispanica OFFICERS ERMELINDO A. MERCADO. L. WALLACE HOFFMAN GLADYS BERNE-ALLEN LORAN G. BARTLEY . SARAH H. SLOCUM. Faculty Advisor . President V ice-President . Treasurer . Secretary GERTRUDE ADRIANCE AUDREY ALBERT GERMAINE BAER LORAN HARTLEY HERBERT BEHM GLADYS BERNE-ALLEN MERRELLE BRIDGMAN MILDRED BURCK GWENDOLEN CHARLES CATHERINE CLARK MARGARET CLEMENS ETHEL COHODAS GEORGIANNA CONKLIN MAUDE COREY LUCY DOMBOORAJIAN RENE ESTEVES GENEVA EWING SYLVIA EXCELL DOROTHY FELL MURIEL Fox MARJORIE GORDON EVELYN GRAY WAVE HANNA RACHEL HARTLE MARJORIE HELM MEMBERS MILDRED HENDRICKSON HESPER HERTZ FLORENCE HERTLER L. WALLACE HOFFMAN VIRGINIA LEE HOSMER CLAIRE JANUS JOSEPH JACKSON JOHN JAY HELEN KAGY HENRY KENTTA MARY KIBBEY BERTHA KIEL DOROTHY KINNEY FRANCES KIRTLAND THELMA KNIGHT MARION KUBICK MARION LAWLESS MARSHALL LEVY PHILIP LEVY CHARLES LEE JOHN LEE GEORGE MAZABEL VIOLET McCREDiE MILLIE MOORMAN MABEL NEEF MARY NISWONGER MONICA O ' BRIEN HARRY OLMSTED ADA PHELPS SIMON ROSENBAUM ENRIQUE Ruiz GERTRUDE RYAN CORA SASMAN WAYNE SHAWAKER WALES SIGNOR MARION SIKES HARRY SINCLAIR MARGARET SLAVENS SARAH SLOCUM ELIZABETH SMITH GENEVIEVE SPEERS LESLIE STODDARD ALVERN SUTHERLAND DONATO SUYAT GERALDINE URIST MANNING VOORHIS MARY WEDEMEYER RUTH WILSON WILTON WISE P. LEVY HERTZ HERTLER JANUS NEEF WEDEMEYER URIST KIBBEY SUYAT BRIDGMAN BEHM STODDARD SPEERS KINNEY M. LEVY ROSENBAUM CLEMENS KUBICK ALBERT CLARK SMITH HANNA GRAY CHARLES SLAVENS SUTHERLAND KNIGHT PHELPS OLMSTED JAY MERCADO BERNE-ALLEN HOFFMAN BARTLEY SLOCUM KENTTA FELL KIRTLAND COREY HELM GORDON WILSON COHODAS SASMAN SIKES HENDRICKSON NISWONGER Three hundred thirty-four farcle Francais OFFICERS CHARLES B. CUMMINGS President VIVIAN NORTH f ' ice-President MARY K. WILLIAMS Secretary EMMANUEL X. KARAY Treasurer ROBERT V. FINNEY Faculty Advisor ACTIVE MEMBERS IWGRID M. ALVING OLIVINE E. APPS GERMAINE E. BAER RUTH E. BAXFIELD LAURA A. BARKY MICHAEL J. BENSTEIN GRACE V. BESAUCER HELEN M. BEST CECIL R. BETRON MARJORIE M. BLACKMAR NINETTE E. BLANC HELEN V. BOORMAN HELEN F. BOUGHTON VIOLA G. BREKKE MARIAN E. BUCK GENEVIEVE E. BUELL ALICE CALLENDER LOUISE H. CARLISLE RUTH M. CARSON- EDNA C. CHRISTENSEN ALOIS J. CHRONOWSKI CATHERINE M. CLARK JOSEPHINE A. CLARK WM. H. CLINTON ETHEL R. COHOOAS HELEN COVILLE HELEN G. CRAWFORD BERNICE CROWDER EMILY R. CROWELL CHARLES B. CUMMINGS KATHLEEN M. DAVIS WM. R. DAY- DOROTHY F. DICK CLAIRE M. DOUGLAS WlLMA A. DUNWELL VIRGINIA E. EARL CHARLOTTE L. ECKERT MARGARET K. EFFINGER MARGARET R. EIRICH MARGARET A. ELLIOT SCHUYLER B. ELLIOTT ELWOOD C. FAYFIELD IRENE R. FIELD DAVID FLAYER CATHERINE M. FLOYD DANIEL W. FRANKEL ROGER C. GLEASON GRACE G. HALL WAVE I. HANNA ROBERT B. HENDERSON MILDRED F. HENDRICKSON RUTH C. HlRSCHMAN PAULINE E. HOPP VIRGINIA L. HOSMER KATHERINE E. HUBBARD ELAINE A. HULSCHER FRANCIS E. JACKSON CHARLOTTE M. JACOBS RUTH F. JENNINGS VIVIAN N. LA JEUNESSE INGRID JEWELL ELLEN I. JOHNSON PHYLUS K. JOHNSON STEPHEN E. JONES RUTH KAHN ' IRVING KANE EMMANUEL N. KARAT MARY KARPINSKI CATHERINE KELDER MARY KENT-MILLER DOROTHY C. KJNNEY MARY G. KNOBLOCK ALPHRA C. LADD LILLIAN M. LATHERS CLARA B. LAU MARY J. LOUGHIN PHYLLIS M. LOUGHTON ADOLPH B. LOVEMAN HELEN L. LOWELL FLORENCE LYON ELIZABETH M. LYONS GERTRUDE A. MACAULAY MIRIAM MANSFIELD MARGARET S. MARTIN EMILY J. MCL WAIN- GENEVA K. MILLER THOMAS J. MONTGOMERY MARION B. MOORE DOROTHY MOREHOUSE FLORENCE E. MORSE HELEN MORSE CHARLES NORRIS VIVIAN NORTH LEO J. NOWICKI IONE B. PALMER BARBARA L. PATON RAYMOND P. PAYNTER MARGARET PEARCE DOROTHY J. PETTIS ARVILLA R. RAINE EMERSON F. REED MARIE G. REED HAROLD S. RHODES RUTH M. RICHARDSON NELLIE RITTENHOUSE LOUISE J. RoBERTSON WlLLARD E. RUCH GERTRUDE E. RYAN CORA E. SASMAN DOROTHY M. SCHOLL HERBERT M. SEWELL BENITA M. SHEARS JANET K. SINCLAIR GRETCHEN G. SLAWSON DORIS L. SLINGLUFF JOSEPH B. SMALL EVELYN M. SMITH FREIDA I. SMITH DOROTHY F. SNOW DONALD E. L. SNYDER GENEVIEVE M. SPEERS JAMES A. SPROWL ARDYS B. STONER MARGARET M. SUMNER PAUL C. TEEPLE EVERETT D. TOBIN JOHN H. TRACY GERTRUDE E. TURNER LOUISE E. TURNER ESTHER L. TUTTLE RUTH B. TUTTLE Louis A. VAUPRE GLADYS L. WALSH EDNA M. WARNER ARMINE P. WEBBINK MARY K. WILLIAMS JENNINGS McELwxix HULSCHER TURNER FIELD EFFINGER KELDER BREKKE DOUGLAS RICHARDSON SUNGUUFF BESANCON RYAN- JEWELL LADD COVILLE PATON LAU SMITH BAEK EIRICH BUELL ALVING HENDRICKSON KNOBLOCK BEST SINCLAIR CLARK BUCK HOSMER MOREHOUSE MORSE FIN-KEY NORTH CUMMINGS WIIJJAMS KARAY LOUGHTON HANXA TURNER CARLISLE ELLIOT KENT-MILLER SNOW EARL CLARK REED SASMAN BLACKMAR HALL CALLENDER MOORE LOUGHIN PALMER LA JEUNESSE COHOOAS MONTGOMERY CLINTON FRANKEL TEEPLE FLAYER TOBIN RVCH Three hundred ttnrti-five Prescott Qlub OFFICERS EGBGIN A. MAURUINA President WILLIAM H. DECou V ice-President HELEN R. YOUNG Secretary ARTHUR J. GIBSON Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS EDWARD H. KRAUS, PH.D., Sc.D. CLIFFORD C. GLOVER, M.S. JOSEPH L. HAYMAN, Pn.C., B.S. CHARLES H. STOCKING, B.S., Pn.C. LEONARD R. WAGENER, M.S. STUDENT MEMBERS HARRY G. AGAIAN JOSEPH A. BENDEY EDWARD S. BLAKE PERCY F. BROOKS GEORGE D. BURGESS ROBERT S. COLE RICHARD H. COLEMAN WILLIAM P. CUSICK WILLIAM H. DECou CHARLES H. FINES ANDREW C. FREITOG ARTHUR J. GIBSON HAROLD D. GRIEVE CLARENCE W. HOUCK DOROTHY B. KURD LEWIS H. LONG ALFRED C. LUDINGTON HUGH H. MAHONEY HELEN R. YOUNG EGBGIN A. MAURUINA THOMAS J. MILLS ROBERT A. MITCHELL EDWARD A. NEHLDEN HERBERT E. NOEL THOMAS PASTERNAK ROY A. PATELSKI HARVEY E. PUNCHES BHAGAT RAM PAUL B. ROBINSON HELEN H. RUTHERFORD DARWIN E. SACHEROFF ELAINE A. SCHNALL ALICE F. SIMMONS HARLAN S. VAN HORN CHARLES J. WAGGONER OLIVER J. WEINKAUFF CECIL C. WILTSE DECou GIBSON MAURUINA YOUNG OFFICERS N. T. BARROX W. B. STAHL R. E. WALES Orro G. KOENIG President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer PROF. L. I. OUNG PROF. E. V. JOTTER H. M. LUMSDEN PROF. ROBERT CRAIG GRADUATES N. . BARRON B. R. LEXEN R. K. WINTERS J. S. BENSON K. B. CARTER P. D. DAHLKE A. C. ELMER K. M. FEHLIG H. C. HULETT S. T. HUNTTING J. E. JUDSON M. KAHLER 0. G. KOENIC 1. J. MASON E. C. MESNER JUNIORS I. H. SIMS L. SLOSS A. H. HASEL E. R. MARTELL N. L. NITNSTER C. R. LANCE H. E. OCHSNER A. TOIVONEN SOPHOMORES . R. ANDERSON . M. HANDLEY W. A. HOOPER E. D. LINE R. H. NEWELL R. E. WALES FRESHMEN C. L. WOBROCK J. T. BYBEE D. W. WINTERS STUART ELLIS CHARLES MELICHAR J. C. CRAIG R. McCAiN J. M. SCBELSKE KAHLER BENSON WINTERS HANDLET HL-NTTING DAHLKE MUNSTER SLOSS STAHL Sms HASEL LEXEN CARTER MASOX KOENIG CRAIG YOI.-SG BAREON JOTTER LUMSDEN Qhamber of (Commerce OFFICERS RALPH A. MARTIN DUDLEY M. PHELPS . FRANCIS B. CASE . CLARENCE R. KERSTEN EDMUND E. DAY . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer HONORARY MEMBERS ACTIVE MEMBERS HARRY ALPINER ROBERT P. BRIGGS EDWARD B. BACHMANN FRANCIS B. CASE ALOIS J. CHRONOWCKI ANDREW C. FREITOG Luis GIBSON WILLIAM R. HALL RICHARD D. HALL EUGENE R. HOLTZ REX L. JENNINGS EVERETT D. TOBIN RALPH STONE ALVA H. JOHNSON CLARENCE R. KERSTEN HAROLD W. LITTLE RALPH A. MARTIN WILLIAM F. MAXCY BERNARD A. NAGELVOORT EMERSON H. PULS ALEXANDER J. PETRELLIS DUDLEY M. PHELPS INEZ W. RICHARDS DOUGLAS R. SEWELL PULS PETRELLIS GIBSON BRIGGS HOLTZ CHRONOWCKI NAGELVOORT CASE PHELPS MARTIN KERSTEN MAXCY ALPINER JENNINGS JOHNSON MITCHELL BACHMANN TOBIN FREITOG RICHARDS yfmmm, Three hundred thirty-eight LITTLE ' = Republican Club r u FACULTY ADVISOR PROFESSOR EVERETT S. BROWN OFFICERS ROGERS I. MARQUIS President QUENTIX McK. KLINE Vice-President MELVIN H. SPECTER Treasurer HAROLD A. MARKS Secretary EXECUTIVE BOARD CARL F. ANDERSON RAYMOND V. DAVIS CHARLES E. DAUGHERTY ARTHUR DE " AUX LEE W. ENSEL CHANDLER W. WHIPPLE HAROLD F. FREEBORN KERMIT K. KLEIN- ROBERT D. MARTIN MELVIN L. SCHIFF A. SIDNEY SIMONS WOMEN ' S EXECUTIVE BOARD MARJORIE SWEET, Chairman JUDITH BREITENBACH KATHERINE GRIFFITHS HELEN MARTIN ELLURA HARVEY EMILY HULBERT ELIZABETH KENNEDY SCHIFF KLEIN DAUGHERTY AN-DERSON MARTIN DE " AUX ENSEL DAVIS SIMONS WHIPPLE SPECTER PROFESSOR BROWN MAROLHS KLINE MARKS Three hundr J es Uoyageurs FACULTY MEMBERS PROFESSOR ERMINE COWLES CASE PROFESSOR LEIGH J. YOUNG H. M. LUMSDEN ASSOCIATE MEMBERS MAX M. PEET, A.M., M.D. FREDERICK M. GAIGE, A.B. ROBERT CRAIG, M.S. OFFICERS N. THOMAS BARRON . ANGUS MCDONALD BABCOCK HUGH H. SLOSS . NORMAN L. MUNSTER ELMER MESNER . . . . WILLIAM J. STAHL ANGUS M. BABCOCK N. THOMAS BARRON CHARLES R. HANLEY AUSTIN A. HAZEL OTTO G. KOENIG RUSSELL LANG WILLIAM HOOPER ACTIVE MEMBERS PLEDGES Chief . . . Fice-Chief . Keeper of the Cache Keeper of the Records Keeper of the Toll Gate Keeper of the Legends ELMER MESNER IVAN H. SIMS R. SIDNEY SIMPSON HUGH H. SLOSS WILLIAM J. STAHL Ross WALES JAMES BRENNON MESNER WALES KOENIG SIMS HANLEY STAHL BARRON LUMSDEN Three hundred forty OFFICERS EDWARD B. RIEDLE JOHN K. TOLFORD. BERTRUM H. TITUS EDWIN G. MCLEAN . President Fice-President . Treasurer . Secretary MEMBERS EARL ALLMOND RUSSELL BRUMBAUGH HAROLD CASSIDY H. CHRISMAN T. J. DONAHUE KENNETH FEHLIG LLOYD EISELE Louis C. FURNISS WILLIAM A. GIBSON, Ji G. C. GlVENS JACK HART JOHN HASKINS C. W. HUNTER LESTER JOHNSON GREGORY MELAYIN H. J. MERRICK PHILIP MILLER EMORY MORRIS LESLIE MYERS EDWIN G. McLEAN CHAS. MURRAY J. B. O ' CONNER GEORGE PARKER VERN PARKER KENNETH G. PRETTIE W. E. PEAR CLAYTON C. PURDY EDWARD B. RIEDLE HIEL M. ROCKWELL C. SOMERS G. DONALD SMITH BERTRUM H. TITUS JOHN K. TOLFORD VINCENT TURCOTTE L. UPDEGRAPH LESLIE VAN DOREN L. H. VAN HORN STANLEY C. WAGGENER JOHN C. WHELLER BASIL WHITE HALFORD WHITTACRE WENDEL WILLIAMS PARKER MERRICK BRUMBAUGH WHELLEK GIBSON MILLER WAGGENER HASKINS VAX HORN HART WHITE X!CL,EAN MYERS JOHNSON SMITH FURNISS ROCKWELL MORRIS DONAHUE RIEDLE TOLFORD MELAVIS PRETTIE Three hundred forty-one X- - Masonic " FACULTY ADVISOR ROBERT A. CAMPBELL OFFICERS ARTHUR R. TURNER President CARL O. BORG First Fice-President RUSSELL C. PRYCE Second Fice-Presidint LOWELL F. JONES Secretary ARTHUR E. BEAUDRY Treasurer WESCOTT H. READ Senior Deacon ROBERT F. SMITH Junior Deacon REX L. JENNINGS, WARD L. CHADWICK Stewards HERDIS L. LEWIS Organist SOCIAL COMMITTEE LOWELL F. JONES CARL E. MEYER FRANK H. WILLARD DRAMATIC COMMITTEE RUSSELL C. PRYCE RALPH E. ALLEN HOWARD B. BURNSIDE MACGILLURY MERTZ CROSBY FIERSTONE MEYER PURDY ALLEN HILL GREEN JOHNSON BURNSIDE ALBERDA ALEXANDER JENNINGS READ SMITH CHADWICK JONES PRYCE CAMPBELL TURNER BORG BEAUDRY Three hundred forty-two Westerners " Stctional " OFFICERS L. L. HENRY . LOUISE TURNER . KATHERINE BOOTH CARL CLARE . LESLIE VAN DOREN MAX B. PURDY . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Social Chairman Advisory Committee MEMBERS DOROTHY AVERS KATHERINE BOOTH HOWARD BAVCH FLORENCE L. CROSS CARL P. CLARE V. D. FOULKS DOROTHY GOOCH HENRY G. GROVES L. L. HENRY GORDON R. HOWARD LOUELLA ANN HOYT MAX B. HOWE A. H. KEVTTA EUGENE W. LOUCKS WlLMOTT LVPPOLD ELIZABETH MUNSON GWENDOLYN MORRIS HENRY MOLL T. R. MATHIAS MAX B. PURDY HERVEY B. PORTER ALICE PAZOWR DOLSON VV " . PALMER GEORGE S. REEVES MARJORIE SMITH DOROTHY SWARTOUT HARRIET SMITH LESLIE VAN DOREN PAUL A. VICKERS ROLAND R. WEBB PI-RDY MATHIAS KELTTA BAVCH LOUCKS HOWARD CLARE HENRY VICKERS VAN DOREN MOLL MORRIS SWARTOUT MUNSOS SMITH CROSS AVERS Three hundred forty-three (Cosmopolitan " Sectional " OFFICERS RENSIS LIKERT CYNTHIA SMITH YOSHIGASIG KUMAZAWA JANE SKILLEN . LIONEL CROCKER . . President Fice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Faculty Treasurer JOHN D. AKERMAN DOMINADOR ALLAS CLEMENT U. ALQUIRA MARGARET ASMAN CARL BAUER TIMOTHY BISHOP NINETTE E. BLANC LILLIAN BRAZIL MILDRED BOYCE NORMA BuRMEISTER VICTORIA D. CARPIO BENJAMIN CELINE E. C. CHAO GRAHAM M. CHEN ROBERT Y. CHEW H. C. COFFMAN MRS. H. C. COFFMAN EVA J. CRAWFORD ANNETTA S. COGSHALL JOSE A. ENRIQUEZ MRS. JOSE A. ENRIQUEZ Louis GRAY MARION GRIFFIN ACTIVE MEMBERS HELEN WELLS KAI Ho AGNES HOUGH EMILY HULBERT SEICHI IZUME EDAVOLETH K. JANAKI SlGNA JoRGENSEN CHUN-HSIAN KAO IRENE KAUSKA Yo KAWAMURA ARSHAK H. KESHISHIAN VIOLET KIDDER Y. KUMAZAWA HERBERT C. T. LEE TANG K. Li GEORGE H. LIKERT RENSIS LIKERT ALBERT J. LOGAN NUR M. MALIK MARGUERITE MAY LORNA METCALF ETHEL MILLET LEE J. NYCEN THOMAS WONG TORSTEN A. PETERS RICHARD POTTS BHAGAT RAM MRS. FLORENCE R. ROUSE HELEN ROSZEL NIRPENDRA N. ROY J. J. SCHWARTZ YOSHIZ SEKIDO BAHWANT S. SINDHU JANE SKILLEN LOUISE SKILLEN CYNTHIA SMITH OTTO STAHL A. K. SuKUMARAN DONATO T. SUYAT MITSUZO TAMURA YOSHIO TsUCHIYA DEREK VAN OSENBRUGGEN MARIE VAN OSENBRUGGEN L. C. VERMAN CHUAN P. WANG CARLTON F. WELLS ALLAS VERMAN CHEW GRAY LEE ALQUISA WANG SUYAT SUKUMARAN BROWN RITSCHER ROY RAM AKERMAN PETERS SINDHU KAO CHOY KESHISHIAN WONG SOLOMON CELINE BISHOP C. F. WELLS A. D. MOORE MRS. A.D. MOORE CROCKER MALIK KUMAZAWA SCHWARTZ D. VAN OSENBRUGGEN KIDDER SKILLEN M. VAN OSENBRUGGEN KAWAMURA SHAKANE ROUSE ENRIQUEZ H. WELLS ROSZEL BOYCE METCALF L. SKILLEN Three hundred forty-four " Stctiottar OFFICERS WILLIAM C. WANG Mi DAIK Li ANNA LAN MINYI P. CHEN H. N. TSENG . President rice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . Treasurer W. G. CHAN C. F. CHANG FLORENCE CHANG H. C. CHANG KENNETH X. L. CHANG M. S. CHANG T. CHANG VERA E. T. CHANG Y. E. CHANG V. M. CHANG E. C. CHAD HORATIO CHEN GRAHAM M. CHEN MORGAN CHEN S. T. CHEN SVSAN K. CHEN MINYI P. CHEN RUTH K. Y. CHENG P. C. CHENG SEWARD S. K. CHENG C. S. CHEUNG ROBERT Y. CHEW KATHERINE THEO PEARL THEO H. H. TONG Y. T. TSANG CLARA TSAO H. X. TSENG C. P. WANG MEMBERS C. Y. WANG T. Y. CHIU H. CHU ALBERT G. CHOY F. Yu Ai MEI GIANG KAI Ho A. K. Hoo JOHN F. Hou W. L. Hsu JOSEPH T. HUA C. H. KAO C. Y. KAO S. P. KIRK M. T. KWONG T. C. KWONG ANNA LAN- JOSEPH W. LAM K. H. LAM H. L. LAMM P. S. LEM Jui N. LEE K. G. LEE T. M. WANG WM. C. WANG GILBERT WAY D. B. WONG PRISCILLA T. F. WONG C. F. Wu T. M. Wu P. C. LEE P. W. LEE S. B. LEE F. W. LEONG F. K. Li Mi D. Li S. K. Li K. S. LIANG S. T. Liu C. H. LOA Y. H. LOH P. S. Louis HSIAO Lu HOWARD Q. MAR P. S. MARK CHO REN HENRY T. SIEK C. Y. Soo K. Y. TANG C. K. TAN LUCY H. M. TAN SHENG H. TAO Y. F. Wu K. S. YANG W. C. YEE HENRY C. YEH S. M. YONG N. L. YUCHI WILKIE Yu T. CHASG K. CHANG C. F. Wv D. B. WANG J. N. Li S. CHEXG B. CHEW P. C. LEE Y. E. CHANG M. G. CHEN E. C. CHAD H N TSENG C. F. CHANG J. Hou Y. M. CHANG H. LEE F. W. LEONG P. S. MARK W. Yu W. G. CHAN F. K. Li Y H. LOH C. H. KAO K. H. LAM P. C. CHENG K. Ho H. C. CHANG H. SIEK A. CHOY H. Q. MAR S. P. KIRK P. W. LEE H. H. TONG P. H. Louis S. CHEN H. CHEN H. LAM C. P. WANG C. Y. WANG C. K. TAN T. M. WANG M. P. CHEN C. Y. KAO W. C. WANG C. H. LOA T. C. KWONG P. S. LEM S. CHEN Y. F. Wu P. THEO K. THEO P. WONG C. REN A. LAN L. TAN V. CHANG H. CHU F. CHANG S. M. YONG M. D. Li R. CHENG H. Lu Three hundred forty-five Qlub ' Sectional " OFFICERS TOYOJI HlGUCHI . Yo KAWAMURA YOSHIO TSUCHIYA TOSHIO SASAKI . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer MEMBERS KlKUSABURO AsAI CHISIRO BANNO SADAICHI DODO REGINALD EASTLAKE ELMER HATASHITA TOYOJI HIGUCHI SOBEI IDE TEIJI IMAMURA SEIICHI IZUME TANO JODAI Yo KAWAMURA KATAOKA FUMI KINAI YOSHIYASU KUMAZAWA KAMEKICHI KUROISHI REISUKE MASUDA MATSUI KAWASAKI MATO SHOJI NAGAMINE WINTERS NAKAMURA KAMEYO SADAKATA TOSHIO SASAKI TOKI SATO YOSHIZUMI SEKIDO IWAO SHIBUYA HIDE SHOHARA SHOICHI SUGIYAMA HIDE TAMURA MATSUZO TAMURA YAE TANAKA YOSHIO TSUCHIYA WALTER YAMAGATA SEKIDO EASTLAKE MATO DODO TAMURA MASUDA HANBO KATAOKA TSUCHIYA HIGUCHI IZUME KUHAZAWA KUROISHI KAWAMURA SATO TANAKA SHOHARA IDE Three hundred forty-six Hindustan Qlub ' Sfctionar OFFICERS AMBALAVATTATH K. SUKUMAR XUR M. MALLIK President Secretary MEMBERS VALLABH C. CHANDAN BALAVAXTRAO L. JADHAV EDAVALETH K. JANAKI (Miss) NVR M. MALLIK HAWS R. PRADHAN BHAGAT RAM SITARAN G. REDDT NRIPENDRA K. ROT PREMALA SHAHAXE (Miss) BALVANT S. SINDHU PRITAM SINGH AMBALAVATTATH K. SUKUMAR LAL C. VERMAN CHANI AN MALJ.IK R.UI JANAEI PRADHAX SCEWAK ROY REBDV VERMAX Three hundred fortf-ieven Tolonia Qterary Circle " Sectional ' OFFICERS LEO J. NOWICKI . LEOKADYA POPOWSKA JOHN W. KLIMEK . THADDEUS J. PARYSKI . President V ice-President , Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS JEROME H. BLASZCZYK STANLEY J. BORUCKI ANTHONY BUDNIK ALOIS J. CHRONOWSKI ZENON G. CZAJA FRANK J. CZAPSKI CECILIA DOLENGA FELIX S. GLAZA PETER W. JABLONOWSKI LEO H. JAGROWSKI FRANK J. JAROS MARTIN KAWKA JOHN W. KLIMEK JOSEPH A. KURCZ FELIX J. MALINOWSKI FRANK X. MUSHYNSKI LEO J. NOWICKI THADDEUS J. PARYSKI MARIE PARYSKI EDWARD F. ZIELINSKI EDWIN R. PARYSKI THOMAS PASTERNAK FRANK POLASKI HARRY POLASKI LEOKADYA POPOWSKA WALTER J. PODBIELNIAK JOSEPH J. PlEKARSKI STANLEY J. SADOWSKI STEPHEN J. STACHOWIAK PETER J. SLAZINSKI LEWIS SOLTYSIK STANISLAUS P. SZULC MICHAEL M. SERAFIN STANLEY H. SKRENTNY ESTHER F. URBANOWICZ STANLEY F. WASIELEWSKI THADDEUS F. WASIELEWSKI GENE WOJCIK CHARLES J. ZAMARA PASTERNAK SADOWSKI F. POLASKI PARYSKI LEGATSKI GLAZA BORUCKI SOLTYSIK MUSHYNSKI POPOWSKA DOLENGA NOWICKI JAGROWSKI KURCZ KLIMEK BUDNIK ZIELINSKI CZAPSKI E. PARYSKI PODBIELNIAK H. POLASKI Three hundred forty-eight University of Michigan Glee Club CARL B. SCHOONMAKER Manager OFFICERS D. NEIL REID .... JOHN W. BEAN .... EDWARD E. MURANE CHARLES S. HIGLEY . . President . Secretary Representative to Board . Librarian BUSINESS STAFF CARL B. SCHOONMAKER .... Manager KURT J. KREMLICK . . . Assistant Manager PAUL L. EINSTEIN . . . Publicity Manager DIRECTOR THEODORE HARRISON ACCOMPANIST DWIGHT M. STEERE " Ann Arbor Days " Three hundred fifty University of Michigan Glee Club PERSONNEL First Tenors E. I. HERROLD E. RUETZ C. S. HIGLEY I. G. JANTZ O. H. JEKEL Second Tenors V. A. BEAM C. L. HOPSON E. F. WOLLACH O. A. SrockER H. G. SCAHILL V. T. PALMER G. R. HOLBROOK F. DANIELS First Bass T. J. MONTGOMERY H. L. BRIGHT B. HILL R. E. SMITH F. K. SPARROW H. A. STORMS S. PHELPS N. O. STAEBLER E. T. INGLES V. F. WILCOX G. R. WATLASD J. W. COWIN B. BOYCE H. S. TIFFANY C. H- SHUMACHER V. G. PATTON E. V. BROWSBRIDGE G. T. CLEMENTS O. C. KOCH J. W. BEAN L. LAXE E. E. SCHATZ E. E. MURAXE R. U. LIGHT W. C. HOWE A. C. KREINBEDER P. A. VICKERS N. E. HOLLAND V. V. SPANAGEL T. L. TROST R. B. EHLERS J. K. BILMER Second Bass N. N. BOWBEER O. H. OLSON K. R. KEYDEL H. C. ARMSTRONG E. W. DAVIS C. L. PALMER D. N. REID G. J. GOULD D. NEIL REID President DANIELS BULMEK ARMSTRONG KREINHEDER OLSON MONTGOMERY TROST WAILAND C. L. PALMER HOLBROOK HOPSOX COWAN DAVIS HOLLAND LIGHT KOCH COWIN BOYCE JANTZ Wnxox TIFFANY PHELPS HEKROLD STORMS SPARROW EHLERS INGLE JEKEL STOCKER BOWBEER SCH. TZ BRIGHT SCAHILL SPASAGEL BEAM HlGLEY HILL REID HARRISON LANE MUJLASE BEAN STAEBLER VICKERS Thr hundred fifa- University of Michigan Band OFFICERS WILFRED W. WILSON C. H. BEARDSLEY ROBERT V. HALSEY . Q. McKAY KLEIN . . . J. K. ALTLAND .... BENJAMIN BOYCE R. A. CAMPBELL .... ARTHUR M. SMITH Director Student Director . Drum Major . President ice-President . Librarian Faculty Manager Student Manager ROBERT V. ' HALSEY Drum Major Flute and Piccolo W. C. SHIPLEY BENJAMIN BOYCE R. G. CURTIS Clarinets C. S. TAPPAN R. R. FISHER A. R. COOK A. A. ROTHSCHILD T. B. RIDER PERSONNEL E. HERROLD F. L. EVERETT L. E. MEYER H. R. SCHADDLEE E. L. WILLIAMS G. D. TAIT W. K. HAMILTON Alto Clarinet R. H. McPHERSON Bass Clarinet E. D. HOEDEMAKER Oboes C. H. BEARDSLEY H. C. FELVER Bassoons R. R. RATH BONE R. P. BRUMBAUGH " The Victors ' Three ' Jiundred fifty-two Unioerjity of Michigan Band Saxophones H. R. Foss M. L. KlEBLER G. WENGER H. T. DEASON W. F. BUTLER Q. M. KLEIN S. L. SMITH A. M. SMITH Cornets S. T. SCORE T. C. SCHNEIRLA R. P. EVANS O. W. STEPHENS K. E. KIPP E. S. BACON R. L. COMB B. A. SCHNALL R. F. WELLS V. L. CHADWICK C. E. CENTER H. L. FLEMING Horns V. H. McCRACKEN C. VV. CLASSEN C. R. FLORT A. VV. SCHLUCTER D. M. LOWE PERSONNEL Continued Trombones J. K. ALTLAND V. E. BATTLES M. H. PIKE P. MOCK V. J, WEINMAXN S. S. BONNELL V. J. ROBERTSON V. I. MAEDER J. Y EASTING Baritones C. H. MORCENSTERN F. W. BRADLEY E. C. GlFFORD Basses M. G. LEACH C. Vv A. ARDUSSI R. A. BURHANS R. E. NETZLEY Drums . H. KENTTA H. L. WILSON W. V. OWEN H. P. HOWE C. T. MILLER W. C. LANGENAV E. F. WOLLERING G. W. PACKER A. L. GLEASON CAPTAIN WILFRED W. WILSON KnOfr - I ' nirrrsily of Michigan Band Three hundred fifty-three i JS . o. - Varsity Band Honor Society ARTHUR M. SMITH Varsity Band Manager W. W. WILSON J. K. ALTLAND E. C. BACON B. BOYCE C. H. BEARDSLEY W. F. BUTLER R. A. BURHANS HONORARY MEMBERS ACTIVE MEMBERS W. L. CHADWICK A. L. GLEASON R. V. HALSEY H. P. HOWES A. H. KENTTA C. W. KLASSEN Q. M. KLEIN Q. McK.AY KLEIN Varsity Band President R. A. CAMPBELL C. H. MORGENSTERN R. R. RATHBONE T. C. SCHNEIRLA W. C. SHIPLEY A. M. SMITH H. L. WILSON RATHBONE BOYCE GLEASON BURHANS HALSEY HYDE CHADWICK MORGENSTERN KLASSEN BACON SHIPLEY BUTLER KENTTA SELLARDS WILSON SMITH KLEIN ALTLAND CAMPBELL Three hundred fifty-four M? rf ir Tirr " O3 r T r t3S ' E r ' " R W +ii im Union Opera DONALD L. SNYDER Author RUSSEL A. GOHRING Lead -The Milwaukee Sentinel Had Flo Ziegfield dropped in one of the few vacant seats at a performance of " Tickled to Death, " the nineteenth annual production of the Mimes of Michigan Union, Michigan University might begin the next semester with a slightly decreased enrollment. Julian Eltinge might have seen himself as others have seen him, while the rest had the pleasant sensation of being " Tickled to Death " amid the exotic oriental setting. The entire production presented with the technique of a " Passing Show " , combining a Chinese story intermingled with ballads and exceptionally clever features, claimed many encores from the enthused audience. Gowned in gorgeous costumes, pleasing as the effects of a Parisian Modiste and vicing with an unusually appealing men ' s chorus, the " make believe " girls ' chorus received an ovation worthy of a " big time " bevy of beauties. The scenes of the play are laid at the ancient monastery of Ching Ling in Tibet where the High Priest, Fugi San, reigned. The plot unfolded around a love affair between Jack Houghton, an American Student, and Nyan-Toy, the beautiful ward of the High Priest. A maze of difficulties resulted in Houghton being sentenced to death by tickling. Intrigue was injected by Countess Valeri Mischkinoff, a treacherous Russian vamp, and Ivan Awfulitch, who came from Petrograd on the mission, they said, to spread Soviet propaganda in China. The grand climax came when the United States Marines arrived to save the American party from all being " Tickled to Death. " The dancing skit presented by Dan S. Warner as Peaches Joyce, and Phillip R. Miller as George Bancroft was performed with the fashion and grace rarely seen on Broadway. Those stars who in the leading roles attained to heights seldom achieved by amateur artists were Barre Hill, whose voice proved to be one of the most enjoyable features of the opera; Russel A. Gohring, the American tourist; and Richard Elliot, whose beauty was a most decorative element. Others who starred in their respective roles were Willard Spanagel, Charles S. Higley, Charles Livingstone, Ernest Brownbridge and H. Lyman Bright. " Tickled to Death " Another Michigan Union Opera Success Direction E. MORTIMER SHUTER Three hundred fifty-six JftCichigan Union Opera NINETEENTH ANNUAL PRODUCTION by MIMES of THE MICHIGAN UNION ' Tickled to T eath " Book by DONALD L. SNYDER Lyrics and Music by DONALD L. SNYDER and JOSEPH C. ELLIS r E. MORTIMER SHUTER Director JOHN P. BROMLEY Gfnfra! Chairman CAST Fugi San Egg Fu Young. Tu Young . Nyan Toy . Jack Houghton BARRE HILL ERNEST BROWNBRIDGE WILLARD SPANAGEL RICHARD ELLIOTT RUSSELL GOHRING Professor Tombs GORDON IBBOTSON " Peaches " Joyce DAN WARNER Galahad Jump CHARLES HIGLEY George Bancroft PHILLIP MILLER Justice MILTON BLINK Countess Valeri Mischkinoff ROBERT HENDERSON Ivan Awfulitch LYMAN BRIGHT Servant SPENCER WEART Commander Swift CARL TREMPF Guard JOHN WHITVVORTH Guard ROBERT SCHIRMER Show Girls FREDERICK PROCTOR STANLEY LEWY HOWARD VISEL LESTON WHITEHEAD MILTON PETERSON JOHN DOELMAN WATSON HARBAUGH EDWARD SMITH CHARLES PREECE DONALD JOHNSON DOUGLAS BALL KARL ROBERTSON Girls ' HENRY LATHROP CLYDE HAGERMAN GREGORY MELAVEN WILLIS TOPPER JAMES DAY JOSEPH LAWRENCE Chorus DONALD ROBBINS LYLE VAX ANTWERP LEO CANNON- FRED McMANUS LESTER SMITH KENNETH MICHEL Men ' s Chorus Ross FLOWERS RUSSELL DUNCAN- JOHN SHAW FRANCIS O ' BRIEN PAUL BRUSKE PRYOR SMITH FREDERICK STURMER FORREST HEATH ALVIN TOLLE WILLIAM ARNOLD HENRY JEKEL HAROLD DUDLEY Three hundred fifty-seven 3tCichigan Union Opera ip. ' emcxfiS ma mSSSEmaam Three hundred fifty-eight -JWicAigan Union Opera ed fifty-nine Union Opera Three hundred sixty -JftCichigan Union Opera Three hundred sixty-one Mimes of the Michigan Union CHARLES D. LIVINGSTONE. JOHN B. HASSBERGER WILLIAM A. MACAY OFFICERS President ice-President Secretary- Treasurer PROF. Louis A. STRAUSS PROF. O. J. CAMPBELL PROF. HERBERT A. KENYON FACULTY MEMBERS PROF. BRUCE DONALDSON PROF. F. N. SCOTT PROF. W. A. FRAYER PROF. EARL V. MOORE PROF. ALBERT A. STANLEY DONALD H. HAINES ANTHONY J. WHITMIRE HOMER L. HEATH HONORARY MEMBERS E. MORTIMER SHUTER ROY HOYER WILLIAM F. AUSTIN PAUL BRUSKE JOHN P. BROMLEY H. THOMAS CAVANAUGH EUGENE L. DUNNE CHARLES J. DRESBACH LEO I. FRANKLIN EBEN M. GRAVES JOHN B. HASSBERGER RONALD T. HALGRIM HAROLD L. HALE ACTIVE MEMBERS BARRE HILL CARLETON HILL ROBERT S. HUMMER STANLEY B. LEWY CHARLES D. LIVINGSTONE THOMAS J. LYNCH HAROLD MARTIN FRANCIS L. MC?HAIL PHILIP MILLER WILLIAM A. MACAY MILTON PETERSON J. FREDERICK PROCTOR CROSBY REES EDWIN F. RITCHIE LYMAN C. SAVAGE WILLARD W. SPANAGEL HOWARD S. STIMPSON DONALD E. L. SNYDER HOWARD A. VISEL CARL A. WEINMAN MARTIN LEWY BRUSKE AUSTIN HALE PETERSON- HUMMER PROCTOR HALGRIM GRAVES MILLER SAVAGE KEENA HILL SPANAGEL ROBBINS DUNNE FRANKLIN CAVANAUGH BROMLEY LIVINGSTONE HASSBERGER MACVAY KENYON SNYDER DRESBACH Three hundred sixty-two DANIEL L. QCJIRK, JR. DIRECTORS PAUL STEVENSON- OFFICERS JOHN B. HASSBERGER MARGARET EFFINGER. ILLARD V. SPANAGEL ELIZABETH STRAUSS . President Vice-President . Treasurer . Secretary MEMBERS TOUISE BARLEY H. LYMAN BRIGHT WILLIAM BROMME ARTHVR BOWMAN LILLIAN BROXSOX ALFRED BROWNING VIRGINIA BURKE KATHRYN CLARKE JOHN COOK VALENTINE DAVIES ELIZABETH DEAKE MARGARET EFFINGER JOHN ELLIOTT ELWOOD FAYFIELD MARGARET GEDDES MARGUERITE GOODMAN- JOHN B. HASSBERGER ROBERT HENDERSON BARRE HILL " ERA JOHNSON PHYLLIS LOUGHTOX MARIAN MILLER CHARLES LIVINGSTONE JAMES DRESBACH MARY Lou MILLER MINNA MILLER EVELYN MURRAY NEAL XYLAND WARREN R. PARKER DOROTHY PUDRETH HOWARD RICHARDS F. A. ROCKWELL EUNICE ROSE CAROL ROSECRANS EARL SAWYER DALE SHAFFER DONALD SNYDER JUNE KNISLEY SIMPSON WILLARD W. SPANAGEL ELIZABETH STRAUSS PHYLLIS TURMBULL MARY VAN BUREN RUTH VERMILYEA PAUL VICKERS LUDEMA WILLIAMS SAWYER SHAFFER COOK NYLAXD VICKERS DAVIES BRIGHT PARKER M. R. MILLER LOUGHTOX VAX BotEX M. L. MILLER ROSE BROXSOS BOWMAN BROWXIXG GOODUAX VERMIL -EA HEXDERSOX HILL PVDRETH GEDDES M. E. MILLER DRESBACH STRAUSS SPAXAGEL HASSBERGER EFFIXGER FAYFIELD SIMPSON SN-ITJER Three hundred tiity-thtee P layers Qlub OFFICERS HOMER STRONG President JUNE KNISLEY SIMPSON V ice-President HELEN BOORMAN Secretary WARREN PARKER Treasurer MRS. A. D. MOORE . . . . . . Social Director MR. A. D. MOORE Faculty Adiisor The PLAYERS ' CLUB seeks to cultivate among its members and patrons higher art in stage presentation, in the selection and writing of plays, and in the appreciation and use of language. It is maintained with a view to giving opportunities for dramatic expression. MRS. MOORE MOORE PARKER STRONG II BOORMAN SIMPSON Three hundred sixtu-four Oratorical OFFICERS MILLARD H. PRYOR President WILLIAM C. DIXON Vice-President ELIZABETH VAN VALKENBURGH Secretary JAMES J. DUNN Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS THOMAS C. TRUEBLOOD RICHARD D. HOLLISTER GAIL E. DENSMORE DELEGATES-AT-LARGE GRACE P. THOMAS ROY H. CALLAHAN ELMER H. SALZMAN SOCIETY DELEGATES ELLEN L. NYLUND, Athena MEREL R. PARKS, Portia HOWARD E. CROWELL, Alpha Nu RICHARD FORD, Adelphi SPECIAL ASSISTANTS CHARLES A. STEVENS LEWIS F. MERKEL NYLUND FORD THOMAS DENSMORE PARKS HOLLISTER DIXON DUNN TRUEBLOOD VANVALKENBURGH STEVENS CALLAHAN MERKEL PRYOR SALZMAN CROWELL Three hundred sixty-six Adelphi House of Representatives First Semester WILLIAM C. DIXON RALPH W. GOODALL ALBERT E. SAWYER XORMAN C. BOWERSOX RICHARD FORD RAY L. AL EXANDER HARRY E. BINGRAM WILLIAM C. BISHOP HIRAM C. BOND XORMAN C. BOWERSOX ROY H. CALLAHAN DOUGLAS VV. CLEPHAXE JOHN C. CONSROE KARL R. CRAWFORD WALFRED A. DAHLBERG WILLIAM C. DIXON GERALD O. DYKSTRA ROWAN FASQUELLE RICHARD FORD JEROME J. FRIEDMAN RALPH W. GOODALL OFFICERS Speaker Clerk Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Oratorical Delegate MEMBERS RAYMOND B. GOODROW EMANUEL J. HARRIS GWYN M. HUGHES JOHN W. HOLMES JOHN A. JAY ROY W. JOHNSON WILLIAM J. JOHNSTON EDWIN F. LIODLE WENDELL W. LINDSAY WlLBERT J. LlPPERT ROBERT S. MILLER HARRY A. MITCHELL WALTER A. PEAR MILLARD H. PRYOR THOMAS M. PRYOR ROBERT M. RATTRAY Second Semester RICHARD FORD EDWARD A. STEPHEN GERALD O. DYKSTRA ROBERT S. MILLER RICHARD FORD HARVEY L. RICHARDSON RICHARD T. SAVAGE ALBERT E. SAWYER BOYD W. SHOESMITH FREDERICK J. SCHUMANN FRANKLIN R. SMITH EDWARD A. STEPHEN ALBERT M. STERN HOMER D. STRONG SCHUICHIRO SuGIYAMA HARLEY L. STUNTZ DONATO T. SuYAT WILLIAM E. TAYLOR VINCENT C. WALL CHARLES F. WHITE BERYL K. WRIGHT i T. PRYOR SAVAGE BISHOP STRONG M. PRYOR CALLAHAN HARRIS STEVENS RICHARDSON BOWERSOX STUNTZ MILLER DYKSTRA CRAWFORD BOND SUGIYAMA FASQUELLE TAYLOR STERN HUGHES WHITE SCHUMANN LIPPERT LIDDLE SUYAT CLEPHANE FORD RATTRAY DAHLBERG SAWYER DIXON GOODALL SMITH JAY JOHNSTON LINDSAY Three hundred sixty-seven JOHN M. MOORE Winner of the First-Semester Extemporaneous Speaking Contest SUBJECT: " Major Issues in the Coming Election ' Qentral debating J eague TWENTY-EIGHTH ANNUAL SERIES MICHIGAN NORTHWESTERN Question: " Resolved, that the United States should grant the Phillipine Islands immediate and complete independence. " RESULTS Michigan Affirmative Team at Ann Arbor won. Michigan Negative Team at Evanston lost. L%Cichigan Negative Team Affirmative Team PlLCHER STERN DIXON BAKER DAHI.BERG SAI.ZMAN Three hundred sixty- light Winner of the Northern Oratorical League Contest SUBJECT: " Is Human Progress a Delusion? " WILLIAM SCHRIER o Debating jTeague THIRD ANNUAL SERIES MICHIGAN OHIO STATE Question: " Resolved, that a Labor Party similar in ideals and aspirations to the British Labor Party should be established in the United States. " RESULTS Michigan Affirmative Team at Ann Arbor lost. Michigan Negative Team at Columbus lost. tive Team LAU 0) BHJI McCoMB Affirmative Team Three hundred sixty-nine Fo rensi cs Winner of the Atkinson Memorial Oratorical Contest SUBJECT ' Student Character for the World Citizenship " JOHN B. ELLIOT Debating J eague NINTH ANNUAL SERIES MICHIGAN WISCONSIN ILLINOIS Question: " Resolved, that the National Child Labor Amendment should be ratified by the several states. " Michigan Affirmative Team at Ann Arbor lost. Michigan Negative Team at Champaign won. Negative Team -JftCichigan Affirmative Team DUNN BOWERSOX GoMBERG WAHRENBROCK FULTON WEAVER Three hundred seventy Fo rensics Guest-of -Honor First All-Campus Public Speaking Banquet Michigan Union 1924 CHARLES B. WARRES, ' 91 First International Debate MICHIGAN OXFORD Question: " Resolved, that the house is opposed to the principle of prohibition. " RESULTS Michigan won by popular ballot of the audience. A new departure in Michigan debating was witnessed this year on the occasion of its first international forensic contest. The Oxford team, enroute upon a world encircling debate tour, was composed of very outstanding men. J. D. oodruff and M. C. Hollis, being very active in extra-curricular work at Oxford, had already taken part in a debating tour of this country. M. J. MacDonald, son of the former Prime Minister of England, formed the third member of the team. The late President Burton acted as chairman of the contest. Team Oxford Team CLARDY DEMMINK SIBLEY WOODRUFF HOLLIS MAC DONALD Three hundred seventy-one Oratorical Association Series 1024-1025 TOM SKEYHILL Traveler GEORGE CREEL Publicist WILLIAM E . BORAH United States Senator VILHJALMUR STEFFANSON Explorer Photographs Courtesy of Underu ' ood t5 Underwood - w =$ Three hundred seventy-two Oratorical Association _ ' ' HARRY E. FOSDICK Preacher CARL AKELEY Big Game Hunter NEWTON D. BAKER Ex-Secretary of War HARDING Around-the-W orld Flyer Three hundred seventy-three ' Portia Qterary Society OFFICERS MEREL R. PARKS . MARION GOOD GERTRUDE BAILEY DELLA HOULAND . BERNICE SMITH . President V ice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Parliamentarian MEMBERS GERTRUDE E. BAILEY JUNA M. BARNES CHARLOTTE BLAGDON JEAN E. CARABEN LORETTA F. COOPER MARGARET W. CRAMER ADA M. ELY MARION GOOD GENEVIEVE L. GOODMAN OLIVE G. HENDERSON DELLA HOULAND ALPHRA C. LADD CLARINE R. LEVY EVELYN M. MURRAY DOROTHY Nix MIRIAM M. OLDEN MEREL R. PARKS RUTH M. PAYNE INEZ W. RICHARDS RUTH ROOKS RUTH ROSENTHAL MIRIAM SELKER DORIS L. SLINGLUFF BERNICE M. SMITH CELISTANY SMITH SUSAN STORKE PHYLLIS TURNBULL ELIZABETH M. VAN VALKENBURGH ALICE L. VLIET LILIAS K. WAGNER COOPER LEVY GOODMAN MURRAY WAGNER ROOKS SLINGLUFF RICHARDS LADD OLDEN PARKS BAILEY HOULAND GOOD BARNES BLAGDON ELY CARABEN CRAMER PAYNE VANVALKENBURGH TURNBULL SELKER HENDERSON SMITH w Three hundred seventy-four -Jlthena J iterary Society BEATA WAGXER DOROTHY I. CLIXE CLARA B. LAU ALICE M. GOUDY M RGUERITE MAY ELLEX XYLUXD OFFICERS President rice-President Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian ELLURA HARVEY FLOREXCE FULLER MARIE VAX OSEXBRUGGEX CHARLOTTE HARRJSOX FLOREXCE POLLOCK Oratorical Board Representative ELLEX NYLUXD MEMBERS ESTHER ANDERSON SARAH BAICHER LUCILLE CANBY RUTH CARSOX CONSTANCE CLARKE NORMA CLARKE DOROTHY CLIXE ITHMER COFFMAX VIRCIXIA CROXIX MARGUERITE DUTTOX GLADYS EASTCOTT FLORENCE FULLER ALICE GOUDY NORMA GREEXE HELEN GUSTIXE CHARLOTTE HARRISON ELLURA HARVEY HELEN HEBAUF PATRICIA HODGSOX CATHERINE KELDER DOROTHY KINNEY GERALDIXE KNIGHT CLARA LAU GERALDINE MASTERS MARGUERITE MAY KATHARINE MATTHEWS FLORENCE McCous MARGUERITE XICHELLS ELLEX XYLUXD MARIE VAX OSEXBRUGGEX LAURA OSGOOD FLORENCE POLLOCK BERYL SCHAFER ELEANOR SILK NORMA SXELL MATILDA SOMUERFIELD FLORINEL STARK BERXICE TOMPKIXS CECILIA VALLIE BEATA WAGNER HARRIET WESTOX LUCY WILSON- ALICE WUERFEL EDXA ZIEGLER r? MASTEKS ZIECLER STAKK KELDER C. CLARKE X.CLARKE SXEIJ. GUSTISE FULLER CROXIN WUERFEL SCHAFER CAXBY KXIGHT WAGSER McCoMB CARSON SOSOCERFIELD GREENE ! ILK KIXNEY EASTCOTT ' OSESBRUGGEX HARRISON HAR -EY POLLOCK WILSON WESTOX VALLIE LAV HEBAUF DUTTOS XYLUXD MATTHEWS Three hundred snentf-jre Kappa Phi Sigma Alpha Nu Chapter OFFICERS JAMES J. DUNN FRANCIS R. LINE . HUBERT C. WILLIAMS Luis GIBSON . ELMER H. SALZMAN . HOWARD E. CROWELL F. R. ALLABEN G. W. BEAN A. E. BIGGE J. V. BRADY C. L. BRIGGS J. K. BRUMBAUGH W. D. BRUMBAUGH H. F. BURK L. B. BUTLER M. GARLAND H. W. CARNEY H. W. CHARTER J. P. COMSTOCK E. W. CORY H. E. CROWELL F. A. CUTHBERT E. W. DAVIS J. S. DlEKHOFF T. J. DONAHUE D. D. DUNN J. J. DUNN W. R. EMBLIDGE C. E. ENGGAS R. E. FISHER D. B. FREDERICK MEMBERS L. GIBSON H. S. HANSEN E. D. HANSON M. H. HARRINGTON M. J. HEAPHY G. A. HEROLD T. HORNBERGER G. G. HUNTER E. R. ISBELL N. B. JOHNSON O. A. JOSE P. H. KELLEY C. B. KRAMER R. LIKERT F. R. LINE W. H. LINE H. J. MERRICK E. B. MERRY C. A. MERTENS J. B. MIKESELL R. E. MINNICH H. NEITZERT A. G. NELSON M. L. NIEHUSS F. T. O ' BRIEN . ' . President F ice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Marshall Oratorical Delegate F. J. ORTMAN E. C. OWEN J. H. PAGE A. J. PAUL L. I. PHARES B. D. RAMSDELL P. A. REHMUS M. P. RHODES W. C. ROETHKE E. H. SALZMAN F. R. SARGENT T. C. SCHNEIRLA H. L. SELMEIER B. B. SIBLEY H. E. SOUFFROU J. A. SPAEDER L. F. SPROUL N. O. STAEBLER L. L. STENTZEL A. TEPPERT J. A. VICKERY J. F. WAGNER M. A. WENGER A. T. WHITE H. C. WILLIAMS HORNBERGER SELMEIER MERTENS STAEBLER SPROUL CORY BURK DAVIS O ' BRIEN BRADY MERRICK ALLABEN BRUMBAUGH RHODES DONAHUE PAUL ENGGAS TEPPERT LIKERT FISHER GIBSON F. LINE DUNN WILLIAMS SALZMAN SPAEDER NELSON WHITE W. BRUMBAUGH WAGNER STENTZEL WENGER MINNICH ROETHKE KRAMER HEROLD W. LINE Three hundred seventy-sin -- Y . : y . ' ixWlYca xt i v . Student Christian Association OFFICERS PERRY M. HAYDEN President CHARLES S. HIGLEY Secretary EARL L. BLASER . . . . . " Assistant to the President HAL COFFMAX Executive Secretary HOMER GRAFTON Associate Secretary DONALD R. WILLIAMS Field Secretary DEPARTMENT HEADS J ' ice-Presidents Episcopal AZEL E. BEAN Church of Christ MERTON M. BRISBIN Church of Christ HOMER K. CORNELL Catholic THOMAS J. DONAHUE Jewish I. LEO FRANKLIN Presbyterian JOHN H. ELLIOTT Unitarian NANCY HARSH Extension Service -GEORGE BAKER Internationalism AL BOEHRINGER Discussion Groups HARRY CLARK Religious Education LIONEL CROCKER Campus Ser vice GEORGE HACKER Statistics HAROLD HALE World Fellowship NORMAND JOHNSON New Students GEORGE LICKERT University Services MAURICE RHODES Cabinet Evangelical EARL E. KLEINSCHMIDT Congregational RENSIS LICKERT Congregational DONALD S. WHEELER Baptist CARLTON LINDSTROM Lutheran HARRY A. MITCHELL Methodist ROBERT A. WATERMAN Christian Science JOSEPHINE PERRY Finance -EARL P. SAWYER Fresh Air Camp HAROLD O. STEELE Publicity FRED SHILLITO Editor Frosh Bible C. A. STEVENS Business Manager GEORGE JOHNSON Vocational Guidance HAROLD WILLIAMS Life Service GERRITT FIELDSTRA Boys ' Work TED HORNBERGER STEVENS R. LIKERT BEAN JOHNSON SHILLITO WILLIAMS FIELDSTRA N. JOHNSON BOEHRINGER G. LIKERT HALE BLASER STEELE BAKER RHODES COFFMAN HAYDEN HIGLEY GRAFTON ELLIOTT KLEINSCHMIDT MITCHELL SAWYER DONAHUE WATERMAN LINDSTROM Three hundred seventy-eight Presbytfria n Young People ' s Society OFFICERS JOHN H. ELLIOTT ... President SARAH H. S LOCUM. ... I ' ice-President Lois A. BRASHEAR ... Secreatry GERRITT E. FIELDSTRA . Treasurer CHURCH PERSONNEL MERLE H. ANDERSON, D.D Minister MRS. NELLIE B. CADVVELL . Secretary for Women LEWIS C. REIMANN Secretary for Men DR. ROBERT McCANDLiss, ' 21M . . . . Society ' s Missionar in China DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN ROLAND SKEEL, HELEN M. MESSENGER JOHN W. POLLINS. MARY E. SIMPSON . ROY A. BEATTY, MARIANNA SMALLEY . EDWIX C. OAKES, MAIZE VANDERBECK IRA NORDHOFF. ALMYRA PRIEST CALVIN POLLINS, EMILY HULBERT . ROBERT B. HENDERSON, ANNE MILLER NORMAN BLAIR. Lois BRASHEAR ANGUS BABCOCK, HELEN ROSZEL Chnstain Endearor World Service Religious Education Social Service Church Membership Extension Service Religious Drama Social Publicity MESSENGER MOORE SMALLEY ROSZEL BLAIR OAKES YANDERBECK REIMANN FIELDSTRA SLOCVM ELLIOTT CADWELL PRIEST MILLER SIMPSON BEATTY NORDHOFF POLLINS HULBERT Three hundred seventy-nine Lutheran Student Club OFFICERS HARRY A. MITCHELL . LILLIAN A. BECKMAN DOROTHY R. KIEFER . . President V ice-President Secretary- Treas it rer COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN LOUISE E. ALFSEN HAROLD E. ANDERSEN WALTER BELSER . GERALD O. DYKSTRA . RALPH B. EHLERS. THOMAS T. KOYKKA . FLOYD C. WINNER Social Service Religious Education Church Membership Exstension Financial Forum Social KOYKKA WINNER ALFSEN BELSER MITCHELL ANDERSEN EHLERS BECKMAN DVKSTRA KIEFER Baptist guild OFFICERS CARLTOX LIXDSTROM President WILMA C. WEEKS . . . Vice-President AXXA LOUISE BUCK . . . . " - Secretary DOXALD H. CHAPMAX . . Treasurer DEPARTMENT HEADS MAYXARD PHELPS Finance HAZEL KRAPF Program CHARLES A. STEVENS Publicity ELIZABETH BROWX World Service LORAX HARTLEY Membership ADA GILES Social EDGAR G. COCHRAXE Community Service HELEX WOLTER Refreshments NORMAX B. JOHXSOX Deputation FLOREXCE XELSOX Dramatics REV. HOWARD R. CHAPMAX Guild Director KRAPF STEVENS NBU BUCK am LlNDSTMlH WOLTER BARTLEY CHAPMAN COCHRASE BROWX Thret hundred eighty-one W ' esleyan Quild Methodist Student Organization CABINET OFFICERS ROBERT A. WATERMAN President LUCY E. KINGSLEY Vice-President SUZANNE H. CALLAHAN Secretary ROY H. CALLAHAN . Treasurer DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN THOMAS M. PRYOR . Deputation MILLARD H. PRYOR, ELLURA HARVEY .... Devotional GEORGE A. DOUGLAS, HELEN N. STAIR . . Friendly Group EARL P. SAWYER, BERNETA BLOCK International Relations GLADYS A. WOOD Kappa Phi President HARRY ZUCK Music BERNICE M. FOSTER Open House MARGUERITE V. DUTTON Publicity BERYL K. WRIGHT Religious Education HOMER D. STRONG, PRISCILLA A. REICHERT . . . Social PAUL D. DALKE, SARAH L. KINGSLEY . . Social Service DONALD TIMERMAN, ELLEN W. MOORE . Associate Directors DALKE REICHERT DOUGLAS STRONG STAIR TIMERMAN EDGCUMBE FOSTER M. PRYOR DUTTON WOOD WRIGHT HARVEY T. PRYOR WATERMAN L. KINGSLEY CALLAHAN MOORE ZUCK S. KINGSLEY SAWYER Three hundred eighty-two Unitarian Students ' Union OFFICERS NAXCY BABBITT HARSH PRESTON W. SLOSSON. EVERETT V. SLOSSOX ALBERT R. PARKER . President V ice-President . Secretary . Treasurer DR. SLOSSON GEORGE ELLEDGE HESTER EPPEXS GEORGE ASHWORTH HELEN BAKER DR. S. S. ROBINS COMMITTEES PROGRAM EVERETT FOLSOM ENTERTAINMENT INGRID JEWELL SUPPER WARREN LICHTY MUSIC MARCELLA SEARLE ARTS AND CRAFTS ALTON ROBISON PUBLICITY E. W. FOLSOU ADVISORS PROF. JOHN SHEPARD NANCY HARSH RUTH ELLEDGE HOWARD KELSET WALTER GOLDWATER FLORENCE POLLOCK PROF. PRESTON SLOSSON Three hundred eighty-three m Hobart Cjuild Episcopal Student Organization OFFICERS AZEL E. BEAN President OLGA K. VERDELIN J ' ict-President MARJORIE H. WEBER ... Secretary W. VICTOR OWEN Treasurer COMMITTEES ALBERT E. SAWYER Hobart Deputation Team HOWARD E. WILLIAMS Hobart Players DEPARTMENT OF WORSHIP SYDNEY J. WILSON DOROTHY M. DAVIS SOCIAL DEPARTMENT GORDON M. CHAMBERS KATHERINE R. LARDNER SAWYER WILLIAMS HAVILAND WILSON CHAMBERS DAVIS BEAN LEWIS VERDELIX OWEN LARDNER Three hundred eighty-four Catholic Students Club OFFICERS THOMAS J. DONAHUE JOSEPHINE M. STEARNS HARRY J. MERRICK . YERENA MORAN FRANK V. ATKINSON- REV. M. T. BOURKE . President I ' ice-President Corresponding Secretary . Recording Secretary . Treasurer Director COMMITTEES Ext entire JOSEPH J. FINN. Chairman CHARLES DOUGHERTY JOSEPH GARTNER ALEXANDER ZIVICH JAMES J. DUNN, Chairman HARRY J. MERRICK RICHARD KELLEHER Social Finance FRANK V. ATKINSON, Chairman BERNARD J. SMALL JOSEPH J. JOSEPH NELLIE RITTEXHOUSE MARGARET HODGSON HELEN BOLT HARRY SULLIVAN LOUISE RlTTENHOUSE JOSEPHINE STEARNS EDWARD F. CONLIN CATHERINE MORIARTY EMILY SCHULTING REV. BOI-RKE ATKINSOS STERXS MERRICK DONAHUE DUNN Three hundred eights-five Where ' er I Roam W hat ever Realms to See i % JUDICIARY COMMITTEE Inter-Fraternity (Council JUDICIARY COMMITTEE PROFESSOR WILLIAM A. FRAYER PROFESSOR EVANS HOLBROOK CHARLES W. GRAHAM V. H. BL-TLER JAMES H. PREXTISS JOHN E. CLARK THOMAS E. FISKE JOHN M. TREBLE ROBERT C. MOREY GROUP ORGANIZATION Group One ACACIA ALPHA CHI RHO ALPHA SIGMA PHI BETA PHI DELTA DELTA CHI HERMITAGE PHI SIGMA KAPPA Pi KAPPA ALPHA SIGMA PHI, John E. Clark, President THETA DELTA CHI Group Tkree CHI PHI CHI Psi, John M. Treble, Treasurer DELTA TAU DELTA PHI GAMMA DELTA PHI KAPPA PHI Mu DELTA PHI SIGMA DELTA SIGMA ALPHA EPSILOX SIGMA ALPHA Mu SIGMA CHI Group ALPHA DELTA PHI, Thomas E. Fiske, Secretary DELTA PHI DELTA SIGMA PHI DELTA TAU UPSILON KAPPA Nu KAPPA SIGMA PHI Mu ALPHA SIGMA Nu TAU EPSILON PHI THETA CHI Group Four ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA ALPHA TAU OMEGA DELTA ALPHA EPSILOS DELTA KAPPA EPSILOX DELTA UPSILOS Pi LAMBDA PHI Psi L ' PSILON, Robert C. Morey, Member Judiciary Committee TAU DELTA PHI ZETA BETA TAU ZETA Psi Group Ftrr LAMBDA CHI ALPHA PHI BETA DELTA PHI DELTA THETA PHI EPSILOS Pi PHI KAPPA Psi, James H. Prentiss, Member Judiciary Committee PHI KAPPA SIGMA PHI KAPPA TAU SIGMA PHI EPSILOS TAU KAPPA EPSILOS Three hundred Fraternities and House Qlubs In the order of their establishment at Michigan (general Fraternities and House lubs CHI Psi ALPHA DELTA PHI . DELTA KAPPA EPSILON SIGMA PHI . ZETA Psi . . . . Psi UPSILON BETA THETA Pi PHI KAPPA Psi DELTA UPSILON SIGMA CHI .... DELTA TAU DELTA PHI DELTA THETA SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON THETA DELTA CHI DELTA CHI KAPPA SIGMA PHI GAMMA DELTA SIGMA Nu .... PHI Mu ALPHA ALPHA TAU OMEGA ACACIA TRIGON PHI KAPPA SIGMA . ALPHA SIGMA PHI . ZETA BETA TAU SIGMA PHI EPSILON LAMBDA CHI ALPHA PHI SIGMA KAPPA . PHI SIGMA DELTA PHI DELTA PHI Nu SIGMA Nu . DELTA SIGMA DELTA PHI DELTA CHI THETA KAPPA Psi . Xi Psi PHI . . . PHI RHO SIGMA PHI BETA Pi . . PHI ALPHA DELTA . PHI CHI .... Psi OMEGA . ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA 1845 HERMITAGE . . . . 1846 THETA CHI . . . 1855 KAPPA Nu . . . . 1858 DELTA SIGMA PHI . . 1858 CHI PHI 1865 ALPHA CHI RHO . . 1867 BETA PHI DELTA . . 1875 Pi KAPPA ALPHA . 1876 DELTA ALPHA EPSILON 1877 DELTA TAU EPSILON . 1880 PHI BETA DELTA . . 1887 TAU DELTA PHI . . 1888 PHI EPSILON Pi . . 1889 CHYRON 1892 PHI Mu DELTA . . 1892 DELTA PHI. . . . 1902 PHI KAPPA TAU . . 1902 TAU EPSILON PHI . . 1902 SIGMA ALPHA Mu . 1904 PHI Pi 1904 GAMMA SIGMA . 1905 OMEGA Psi PHI . . 1905 ALPHA PHI ALPHA . 1908 PHI KAPPA . . . . 1912 Pi LAMBDA PHI . . 1912 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA 1913 TAU KAPPA EPSILON . 1915 FLETCHER HALL 1916 Professional Fraternities 1869 1882 1882 1883 1888 1889 1897 1898 1905 1905 1905 1906 GAMMA ETA GAMMA SIGMA DELTA CHI . DELTA THETA PHI . ALPHA RHO CHI THETA Xi SIGMA DELTA KAPPA ALPHA CHI SIGMA . DELTA SIGMA Pi PHI DELTA EPSILON P HI LAMBDA KAPPA LAWYERS ' CLUB 1919 1919 1919 1920 1921 1921 1921 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1922 1923 1923 1923 1923 1923 1923 1922 1922 1923 1924 1924 1924 1925 1923 1910 1910 1912 1914 1914 1914 1916 1921 1922 1923 1924 Three hundred eighty-eight Grnrral Fratrrnito Alpha Epsilon Chapter Established 1845 FRATRES IN FACULTATE WALDO M. ABBOT, A.B., LL.B. LAFAYETTE F. Dow, A.B., M.A. Louis P. BUCKLEY, LL.B. FRATRES IN URBE GUY L. WOOLFOLK, A.B. H. SEGER SLIFER, A.M., J.D. KENNETH M. DAVENPORT, A.B. HUGH WELLMEIER FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE GEORGE YOUNG, A.B. ROBERT W. WILKINS, A.B. WILLARD I. WEBB, JR. A.B. Seniors NORMAN C. KOLB EDWIN F. WESTOVER THOMAS CRANAGE NATHANIEL ELY C. LAMAR BRACE T. BLACKBURN WHEATLEY JOHN TREBLE STANLEY N. MUIRHEAD FREDERICK S. GLOVER, JR. JOHN S. DENTON PHILIP D. WEST ROBERTS LARSON Juniors GEORGE T. BURKE RICHARD S. GRIEST Sophomores FRANK BLYMYER DUPONT M. NEWBRO, JR. EDWIN P. VARY JOHN J. WENTWORTH WILLIAM L. DIENER JOHN H. GLOVER ARTHUR CLEMETT M. BoYD BlLLINGSLEA GLENDON ROBERTS CASSAM A. WILSON C. FORD WARREN EDMUND S. CUMMINGS Freshmen E. ROBERT WINCHER JAMES G. McKiLLEN GEORGE CHAPMAN THORTON A. GREEN, JR COURTLAND P. SMITH BlLLINGSLEA WlNCHER McKiLLEN J. GLOVER WlLSON CHAPMAN SCHIRMER DENTON CUMMINGS SMITH GLOVER WEST WARREN CRANAGE BURKE DIENER MUIRHEAD WHEATLEY TREBLE GRIEST ELY WENTWORTH CLEMETT ROBERTS VARY BLYMYER LARSON NEWBRO ROGERS WESTOVER BURKE DIENER MUIRHEAD WHEATLEY TREBLE Three hundred ninety Alpka. IDelta ROBERT E. BARNEY. M.D. EVANS HOLBROOK, A.B., LL.B. WILLIAM H. RUMPF, M.D. HERMAN KLEENE THEODORE G. BLISS FORD W T . ALLEN ELMER L. CORNWELL GEORGE M. BLACK CHARLES A. MIDDLETON BAILEY R. BUCK MASON B. FOSTER Peninsular Chapter Established 1846 FRATRES IN FACULTATE HENRY M. BATES, Pn.B., LL.B. HARRY B. HUTCHINS, LL.D. PHILIP V. WEATHERILL, PH.D. WILLIAM H. BUTTS, PH.D. FRATRES IN URBE CHAUNCEY H. SHEARER ROBERT T. CRANE, LL.B., PH. D. JESSE S. REEVES, PH. D. BENJAMIN W. WHEELER, A.M. CARL C. WARDEN, M.D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE THOMAS F. GUSHING JAMES F. JOHANTGEN ABNER L. ROE S n tors GEORGE O. BEGG, JR. THOMAS E. FISKE Juniors JOHN P. DOLEMAN WILLIAM R. JAMES JOHN J. NEWCOMB ALEXANDER B. QUIRK Sophomores ROSWELL BURROWS WILLARD B. CROSBY FRED T. MILLS JOHN W. PATTERSON GRANVILLE H. SHERWOOD Freshmen CARLTOS J. CHAMPE IRA CHICHESTER. RUSSELL L. MALCOLM FRANK A. MATHESON BAXTER C. SHARP ROBERT T. RINEAR ALBERT T. PECK MAXWELL J. MEIKLEJOHN THOMAS R. KING CHARLES J. PHINNET EDWARD M. DEANE, J CASSIUS L. MILLER BLACK BCTJROWS SHERWOOD MIDDLE-TON KING PATTERSON MEIKLEJOHN NEWCOMB ALLEN FISKE PECK BEGG CHAMPE MALCOLM SHARP MILLER DEANE BUCK MILLS CROSBY CORNWELL JAMES FOSTER CHICHESTER MATHESON Three hundred ninety-one CHARLES H. COOLEY, PH.D. HENRY T. LATHROP HUGH CHALMERS, JR. ALFRED B. CONNABLE, JR. MARCUS B. DUFFIELD ROBERT P. MACDOWALL EARL W. STEWART W. SELWYN RAMSAY, JR. Delta. Kappa EpsUori Omicron Chapter Established 1855 FRATRES IN FACULTATE OSCAR J. CAMPBELL, PH.D. FRATER IN URBE JAMES CRAIG FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE JOHN BULKLEY, A.B. Seniors CHARLES W. MERRIAM, JR. DAVID M. MARTIN FREDERICK J. VOGT GEORGE S. HAGGARTY Juniors M. LEE SHERWOOD CLARK P. PERRY Sophomores CHARLES R. SMITH, JR. JOSEPH S. VOGT F. AVERY BOURKE DAN A. WEISS WILLIAM HEYSER Freshmen GEORGE A. NICHOLSON WALLACE B. LONG JOHN A. MARSHALL MATHEW M. GARDNER FREDERICK H. DUFFIELD WILLIAM T. BARBOUR, JR. ROBERT C. ANGELL, PH.D. JAMES W. McCABE WALTER K. WHITEHEAD HARLAND G. WALTER H. RANDEL DICKINSON CARTER C. STEWART WAYNE M. SCHRODER JOHN P. OTTAWAY LONG L. DUFFIELD BARBER SCHRODER MARSHALL NICHOLSON RAMSEY STEWART GARDNER MACDOWALL HEYSER DICKINSON J. VOGT WEISS SMITH BOURKE OTTAWAY LATHROP CHALMERS PERRY WALTERS DAKIN SHERWOOD STEWART MERRIAM CONNABLE HAGGARTY MARTIN F. VOGT WHITEHEAD M. DUFFIELD McCABE Three hundred ninety-two Alpha of Michigan Chapter Established 1858 FRATRES IN FACULTATE MORTIMER E. COOLEY, LL.D.,ENG.D.,M.E. FRANKLIN M. THOMPSON, M.A. CHARLES A. HOWELL FRATRES IN URBE DE VITT C. MILLEN JAMES D. WILCOX FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE JOHN E. DINWIDDIE JULIAN E. MACK, A.B. Seniors JOHN E. CLARK ROBERT M. Fox EBEN M. GRAVES JAMES K. MILLER, JR. GORDON O. RICE RUSSELL S. SCRIBNER J. BRAYTON DEANE Juniors FRED D. DUNAKIN D. AUSTIN HOWELL Sophomores C. AUSTIN COOLIDGE GEORGE F. FISKE . ..- .... w iwt. vjr-WKVjC. I ' . I ' lbJtt LAWRENCE C. LEONARD JAMES F. MURPHY, JR. W. CALVIN PATTERSON- NEIL V. SWINTON ROBERT J. WILSON Freshmen JOHN E. STARRETT STAFFORD L. JONES CHARLES B. GILBERT WILLIAM H. HAGG GEORGE HAMMOND PHILIP KLING PAUL STARRETT RALPH B. WHITEHILL WHITEHILL MURPHY RICE GRAVES HAGG STARRETT TONES HAMMOND n CAMERON LEONARD KLING STARRETT " ' PATTERSON " " " " SW.NTOV DEANE DUNAKIN HOWELL COOLIDGE THOMPSON SCRIBNER MILLER CLARK fox Three hundred ninety-three Xi Chapter Established 1858 IRWIN F. DEISTER EMIL E. DEISTER, JR. FRATRES IN FACULTATE PHILLIP C. BURSLEY, A.M. ANDREW C. HAIGH, A.B. FREDERICK A. BRADFORD, A.M. FRATRES IN URBE THOMAS HINSHAW H. WIBERT SPENCE FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE CHARLES C. TERRY, JR., A.B. L. PERKINS BULL, A.B. Seniors A. VAUGHN HERRICK HERBERT F. STEGER Jun iors BRUCE J. HEALY C. MARSHALL STAFFORD Sophomores CHARLES W. ANKLAM RICHARD R. CHAPPLE STANLEY E. CRONWALL GEORGE K. HUTCHINGS JAMES W. SIBLEY, JR. ROBERT Y. KEEGAN WILLIAM E. ULLMANN J. KING WILSON Freshmen L. FARNUM BUCKINGHAM WILLIAM M. GREEN CHARLES B. KRAMER C. LAWRENCE PETTIBONE ROBERT L. SHAMBAUGH EDWARD C. TREMBLE LYMAN C. SAVAGE L. M. STEWART EARL A. DRECHSLER DONALD C. MANN HORACE C. LOWNSBURY R. CHAPPLE ULLMANN HUTCHINGS WILSON KEEGAN ANKLAM CRONWALL DRECHSLER STEWART E. DEISTER STAFFORD SIBLEY HEALY MANN- RITCHIE C. CHAPPLE GILMORE I. DEISTER STEGER HERRICK SAVAGE TREMBLE SHAMBAUGH BUCKINGHAM PETTIBONE LOWNSBURY Three hundred ninety-four Tsi Upsilon Phi Chapter Established 1865 HENRY F. ADAMS, A.M., B.S. FRANCIS V. KELSEY, PH.D. FRATRES IN FACULTATE GEORGE G. BROWN, B.S. JAMES H. HANFORD, PH.D. GEORGE W. PATTERSON, JR.,A.M.,B.S. RICHARD T. SCHLOSBERG, B.S. FRANK I. CORNWELL NATHAN S. POTTER FRATRES IN URBE VICTOR H. LANE CHARLES W. GRAHAM CHRISTIAN N. MACK FREDE RICK R. WALDRON WILLIAM DELANO DANIEL F. ZIMMERMAN- SMITH BOLTON FRATRES IN UNIX ERSITATE THOMAS G. CRABBE JOHN D. MABLEY JOSEPH W. SHAW SHERMAN T. SPITZER FRANKLIN J. DICKMAN Seniors FREDRICK A. LEISEN DOCGLAS D. LOREE ROBERT C. MOREY SAMUEL MOORE, JR. WILLIAM C. BROWN. JR. EDWIN C. MACK Juniors PAUL W. BRVSKE WILLIAM T. COLMAN GEORGE W. Ross, JR. ROBERT E. WEADOCK EASTON T. KELSEY ROBERT S. WEIDEMANN ROBERT T. DE " ORE Sophomores GEORGE M. STANLEY HERBERT P. WATTS JACK K. COLMAN RAY C. HUMPHREY Freshmen HAROLD T. COOK ROOF G. GILSON WALTER H. MACK FINLEY B. Rices MARVIN L. STANTON, JR. SHERWOOD WALDRON JACK P. HEDRICK HOWARD E. ROSE RIGGS ROSE WATTS W. COLMAN WEADOCK WALDROX W. MACK STAXTON HUMPHRY Gusos HEDRJCK J. COLMAN COOK KELSKY BROWN BRVSKE WEIDEMAS-X Ross STANLEY DE VORE MOORE MOREY LORES DICKMAN LEISON E. MACK Three hundred ninety- ftvt FRANK E. ROBBINS, PH.D., M.E ALLEN S. WHITNEY, A.B. JUNIUS E. BEAL DONALD DRAKE ROBERT V. V. RICE, A.B. LAWRENCE L. HENDERSON. JOHN M. BENNETT WILLIAM W. KERR Lambda Chapter Established 1867 FRATRES IN FACULTATE WILLIAM W. WAIT, PH.D. KENNETH C. McMuRRY, A.B. XORMAN F. MILLER, M.D. FRATRES IN URBE J. J. GOODYEAR WILLIAM CLARKSON FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE RAYMOND J. ROTH, A.B. A.B. ROBERT P. DAVIES, A.B. Seniors JAMES H. BERNARD JOHN L. Gow GEORGE H. LOUNSBERRY CHARLES A. REINKE NOBLE D. TRAVIS WILLIAM F. GERHARDT, Sc.D. EARL W. Dow,|A.B. ELMER BEAL ROLLIN DRAKE HENRY A. HICKS, A.B. CHAS. MCCALLUM, A.B. EDWARD N. HARTWICK HAROLD R. STADFIELD WILLIAM H. ARNOLD OSCAR C. GORENFLO MILES C. REINKE ROBERT H. BOWERS FREDERICK E. HILL B. PRYOR SMITH FREDERICK ARENDT RICHARD LUTES ALEX N. AVERY ROBERT M. GRAB FRANK E. RICE Juniors R. GEORGE BABCOCK C. RODNEY LAWRENCE FREDERIC E. STURMER Sophomores ELLIOTT M. CHAMBERLIN FORREST A. HEATH HERBERT M. LLOYD LAWRENCE S. ROTH WARD C. TOLLZIEN WILLIAM A. WARRICK PAUL BURTON JOHN PRENTICE Freshmen EDWARD CHAPMAN RICHARD PURDY RICHARD EARHART J. GRANT MOORE FRANK P. WEAVER WILLIAM S. HEIGHO STEPHEN SPAULDING ORMAN GABLE COLSTON RICE-WRAY 5 | I ? J , . K ' WARRICK HILL BOWERS LLOYD TOLLZIES HEIGHO ROTH CHAMBERLIN SMITH HEATH SPAULDING GRAB EARHART MOORE STURMER AVERY M. REINKE LAWRENCE ARNOLD BABCOCK WEAVER HARTWICK LOUNSBERRY BENNETT STADFIELD KERR BERNARD Gow C. REINKE TRAVIS CHAPMAN PURDY PRENTICE RICE-WRAY LUTES GABLE BURTON ARENDT Three hundred ninety-sin Michigan Alpha Chapter Established 1S75 DEAN JOHN R. EFFINCER. PH.D. EDWARD H. KRAUS, PH.D. FRATRES IX FACULTATE DETLEV BROXK. PH.D. WILLIAM R. BARKER. B.S. FRATER IX URBE HAROLD E. COBERT RANDOLPH G. ADAMS, PH.D. RALPH J. HARLAN, A.B. CHARLES S. HIGLEY ROBERT W. COXDER JAMES H. PREXTISS. JR. ROBERT J. HUMMER WILLIAM J. HOWARD CARL W. GRIMM ROBERT X. PREXTISS HARRISON T. ORR FRATRES IX UXIVERSITATE JAMES MARTIN- WILLIAM B. CUDLIP G. CARLTOX HILL JOHN G. PLAIN Seniors EUGENE L. DUNNE KENNETH C. SEICK PAUL J. KULLMAX Juniors THORTON E. WATERFALL JOHN C. CARROL ORVILLE V. VAUGHN SAM M. JONES Sophomores I JOHN M. HALSTED HARLAN FROEMKE THOMAS D. OLMSTED, JR. WILLIAM F. GRAHAM Freshntfn ARCHIBALD M. BLACK JOHN J. MAHAN MAXUEL E. XICKERSOX ROBERT L. HALSTED PAUL K. FROST Louis J. KELLY MILO OLIPHAXT CYREXUS G. DARLING ALBERT R. PYOTT THEODORE B. HANNA JOHN J. SCHANTZ JOHN X. BURXHAM XATHAXIEL P. ROGERS WILLIAM H. PATTON HALSTED FROST KELLY MAHAS BLACK NICKERSON ORR ROGERS PATTOX FROEMKE GRIMM GRAHAM BURXHAM R. PREXTISS SCHANTZ JoXES V. VGHN SER K WATERFALL CARROL HOWARD Hiuu KVLLMAN PYOTT J. PREXTISS HANNA PHIN HI-MMER DITJXE Three hundred ninety-seven Delta CJpsil on ARTHUR L. CROSS, PH.D. HARRISON M. RANDALL, Pn.D. CLARENCE L. MEADER, PH. D. ALBERT E. GREENE, PH.D., C.E. EDWIN J. HUNTINGTON, C.E. HORACE G. PRETTYMAN, A.B. ROBERT G. YERKES EDWARD C. McCoBB ALVIN D. BLIEDEN Michigan Chapter Established 1876 FRATRES IN FACULTATE JOSEPH H. DRAKE, PH.D., LL.B. JACOB E. REIGHARD, PH.D. PHILIP HADLEY, M.D., Pn.D. FRATRES IN URBE ARTHUR W. STALKER, A.B. HARRY MACK HAWLEY, A.B. H. D. SCOTT FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE DAVID E. MCELLVEN L. GRANT BALDWIN, JR. EDWARD S. CLARK, JR. R. HALL DE VEESE, JR. HARRY W. McCoBB SYLVESTER FORD EARL D. KRICKBAUM WEDDELL J. BERKEY WILLIAM M. HOAD ANDREW W. KLEIN ROGER C. GLEASON ROBERT W. SEYMOUR Seniors ALEX C. GOETZE, JR. ROBERT A. SIEWERT WALTER B. FORD, A.M., M.D. WILFRED B. SHAW, A.B. FRANCIS B. VEDDER, A.B., D.D.S. MERRITT M. HAWXHURST, M.D. HENRY W. NICHOLS FREDERICK G. Now, JR. JAMES K. BROOKER ARTHUR R. WOODBURNE PAUL F. JEROME ). QUENTIN WADDELL Juniors RICHARD H. FREYBERG MERIAM C. HERRICK FREDERIC J. STEVENS JOSEPH F. WHINERY Sophomores EDWARD B. CASTLE WILLIAM D. COVENTRY JAMES A. LAFER CHARLES T. LEE RUSSELL T. WOODBURNE DAN WARNER Freshmen WILLIAM D.BRUMBAUGH,JR. CLIFFORD E. CRIMI OSCAR A. JOSE, JR. JOHN D. McDoNALD JOHN R. RANDALL FRANK L. SHERMAN MARION A. WEXGER HOBART D. HOYT CORNELIUS L. T. GABLER JOHN P. LEE DALES A. KNAPP ROBERT C. TETER KNAPP C. LEE HERRICK SEYMOUR RANDALL JOSE SHERMAN WENGER TETER McDoNALD BRUMBAUGH KLINE CRIMI COVENTRY GABLER LAFER CASTLE BERKEY HOAD WARNER STEVENS HOYT FREYBERG WHINERY SHANNON FORD KRICKBAUM GLFASON WADDELL JEROME DE WEESE SIEWERI GOETZE McCoBB Three hundred ninety-eight Thfta Theta Chapter Establish 1877 FRED M. TAYLOR FIELDING H. YOST J. S. WORLEY DURAXD V. SPRINGER ALBERT H. STONEMAX I. GRIFFITH HAYS W. R. ToRCERSOX FRATRES IN FACULTATE CARL EBERBACH HENRY C. AXDERSON FRATRES IN L RBE CARL M. SMITH A. C. WISKINSON T. R. PIERSOL LEWIS M. GRAM PECK HILL D. H. DAVIS LEWIS A. STOXEMAS PAUL M. MOORE E. L. MOON S. ILLSOX FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE HERBERT W. HOYT JACK E. SMITH RICHARD M. MAXWELL BERTRAM B. BALES CHARLES A. WEBER HEXRY M. NELLY MARVIX F. HALL JOHX F. NORTON GEORGE T. TOWXLEY JOHX P. BERNARD WILLIAM H. STONEMAN WILLIAM J. REILLY Juniors EDGAR J. REILLY JAMES E. KENNEDY G. HAYMOXD HARRINGTON Sopkomores JOHN R. DICKEY GEORGE W. THOMASSON MARK A. KEARNEY HOXES K. McGowAx CHARLES M. CHASE Fresh men LEONARD A. SPOOXER WILLIAM C. NICOLAYSOX TOWN-SEND S. BEAMAX THAD N. SWAIN JAMES G. GRIESS JOHN R. BAIRD JOHN PHIL ROWE DAVID H. F. WILLS FRED W. LYONS WILLIAM A. HAYES HOWARD P. PRESTON- HAROLD R. LEWIS EUGENE F. COLLINS ROGER HVBBELL SWMS BEAMAS NELLY XOKTOS XICOLAVSOS H vrE- HALL COLLINS SPOOSEB HVBBELL BAIBB GRIESS THCMASSON KEARSEY McGoWAX PBESTON WEBEB DICKEY BALES KENNEDY HARRJSGIOX E. REILLY LYONS r-v W. REILLY MAXWELL STOUFFER Three hundred ninetf-mne Delta Chapter Established 1874 NED R. SMITH, PH.D., M.D. FLOYD E. BARTELL, PH.D. FRATRES IN FACULTATE HOBART H. WlLLARD, PH.D. PAUL D. CAHOW, A.M. ARTHUR H. BLANCHARD, C.E., A.M. RALPH H. CURTISS, Pn.D. LEIGH J. YOUNG, A.B., MSF. FRATRES IN URBE WARREN W. FLORER, PH.D. RICHARD D. CUTTING, A.B. SEWELL H. PLATT, A.B. F. P. ARTHUR, D.D. F. D. COURTIS. Pn.D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE HAZEN J. HATCH SAMUEL L. BAUER EDWARD L. BOWMAN FRANKLIN D. HEPBURN E. GIFFORD UPJOHN EDWARD J. HIGGINS JOHN O. BUEHLER HARRY B. KOENIG ROWAN FASQUELLE HARRY G. MESSER GAYLORD B. WILSON HERBERT W. FLORER, A.B. Senior s THOMAS E. CASADY WILLIAM B. ETHERIDGE R. STUART WEEKS STUART C. JOHNSON L. MALCOLM WETZEL Juniors HARRY R. HAYNIE CALVIN S. KOCH ALLAN A. MEYER JOSEPH T. PRICE SAMUEL M. WETZEL Sophomores HERBERT T. ABRAMS, JR. HOWARD C. BLAKE JOHN S. COATES DAVID J. HANSCOM JOHN R. HARDER ROBERT H. METZGAR Louis ROBERTSON FREDERICK J. B. SEVALD, JR. R. GORDON WELDON J. KYLE WORLEY ARTHUR R. BARNETT RUSSELL D. COLE CLARENCE W. LITTLE, JR. Freshmen T. AVERILL BUCK Ross J. CASTLES CHARLES R. DOUGALL, JR. ALBERT J. GILLIGHAM HENRY O. MEDSGER LORNE J. POOLE JAMES E. WELLS, JR. ALEXANDER B. CLANEY EMORY B. HATCH IAMES SHEEHAN DOUGALL POOLE GILLIGHAM WELLS LITTLE BARNETT CI.ANEY BUCK COLE HATCH FASQUELLE METZGAR WELDON ROBERTSON ABRAMS SEVALD COATES HARDER HANSCOM WORLEY MESSER BLAKE MEYER HAYNIE WILSON KOCH PRICE KOENIG S. WETZEL BUEHLER WEEKS CASADY HEPBURN UPJOHN ETHERIDGE BAUER BOWMAN JOHNSON M. WETZEL Four hundred Michigan Alpha Chapter Established 1887 FRATRES IN FACULTATE HEXRT A. SAUNDERS, PH.D. EARL V. MOORE. A.B. CHARLES W. EDMUNDS, A.B., M.D. ERMINE V. CASE, PH.D. HUGH M. BEEBE, M.D. ALBERT E. WHITE, A.B. GUY M. WHIPPLE. PH.D. JUSTIN- S. COMPTOX WALKER G. EVERETT WILLIAM A. RUBLE CARL P. STAMMAN ROBERT F. PRICE LIN WOOD HASKINS THOMAS W. DALTON FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors GEORGE H. WHITWORTH HAROLD W. MARTIN- KENNETH D. McGREGOK Juniors WILL L. HARRIS DONALD D. TAYLOR HOWARD E. KENNEDY Sophomor es JOHN A. WHITWORTH JAMES M. SWAN- JAMES F. MARTIN STEWART FENNER ALBERT G. KIMBALL JOE C. FOSTER THEODORE H. MACK GEORGE M. SAUNDERS Freshmen JOSEPH N. CHAMPLIN GRAEME M. BLACK JAMES L. COLE FAXON G. HOUSE JOHN T. DALTON DONALD G. HENNING HEBER R. CURTIS PAUL A. DIETRICH VICTOR E. DOMHOFF EDWARD D. RICH, JR. RICHARD SVTTON FRANK L. WACHTER, JR. JOSEPH BEERY RASKINS CHAMPLIS MACK FENXER J. MARTIN KIMBALL PRICE SOUNDERS StTros RICH J. Wmrrmaaa SWAN SMITH FOSTER RVBLE DOMHOFF STAMMAS L MAns G. WHITWORTH Cmns COMPTOS MICHAELS MCGREGOR Knumot J. DALTON HEN-NING WACHTER COLE T. DALTON HO - E BEERY BLACK Epsil DR. CARROLL MAY, Pn.D. OTTO HANS EUGENE VERNOU EUGENE POTTER RICHARD BRAUND CASS S. HOUGH J. GLENN DONALDSON WILLIAM HERRNSTEIN ARTHUR EVELY THOMAS J. MURRAY CLINTON BOWERS JOHN KURTZ on Michigan Iota Beta Chapter Established 1SSS FRATRES IN FACULTATE CHARLES T. OLMSTEAD, B.S., C.E. FRATRES IN URBE BEN M. BUTLER FRATRES IN UNIVERS1TATE JAMES BOWERS WILLIAM BENSON STEVEN SEIBURN GEORGE VAN FLEET Senior j RUSSELL W. SKINNER JOHN D. LOCKTON Juniors ALI.IN B. CROUCH J. BRADLEY HAIGHT WILLIAM WINCHELL STEVEN F. WILSON Sophomores JOHN W. HAY RICHARD G. ELLIOTT HERMAN HOEK LEMUEL KIRKPATRICK Freshmen ARTHUR D. MOORE, M.S., E.E. JOHN J. Cox TALBERT BOWERS CHARLES CORY WILLIS WRIGHT DAVID M. BRAMBLE FREDERICK G. BETTS ROBERT DARNAI.L JOHN MICHENER CARL THISTED WILLIAM DONALDSON GEORGE MONROE HARDING TOWNSEND ROBERT M. KURTZ M. M. VAN SANUT L.ATIMF.R REED JAMES W. DAY MILTON LANG JAMES POLING KURTZ LAM; TOWNSKND THISTED METZNER POLING BOWERS DARNELL MUNROK EIBEI.E HOEK MURRAY DAY HAY DONALDSON- REED KIRKPATRICK WINCHELL VAN SANDT HAIGHT WILSON DONALDSON ELLIOTT CROUCH BRAMBLE BETTS HOUGH SKINNER LOCKTON KURTZ HERKNSTEIN Four hundred two IKeta T)elta Cki Gamma Deuteron Charge Established 1889 E. F. BARKER, Pn.D. KEMP KEENA, A.B. FRATRES IN FACULTATE EDMUND E. DAY, A.B., M.D., PH. D. ROBERT FROST W. S. KIMBALL, PH.D. HACKLEY BUTLER, A.B. BENJAMIN GROVES, M.E. EUGENE SCOTT PAIGE E. LEHMAN J. THURMAN CLARK JAMES DsPuv RICHARD B. WESTNEDGE SEELY M. CHAPMAN- HENRY C. THURNAU HENRY M. KLINE FRATRES IN URBE REV. H. A. JUMP, A.B., D.D. NED WARNER, LLB. H. V. FLEISCHAUER, A.B., M.D. HARRY POTTER, A.B. FRANK VAN-TUYL, B.S. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE MARION B. STAHL Seniors DONALD BOOTHBY IRA O. DENMAN, JR. Juniors GEORGE H. SEHRING ROBERT S. MANSFIELD WALTER C. YOUNG Sophomores CARLOS D. KELLY MAURICE C. RANSFORD LAWRENCE BUELL, JR. WALTER SHAFER ROBERT R. DOUGLAS Freshmen TYLER R. STEVENS FRANCIS C. WARD QUINCY W. WELLINGTON RICHARD PRESTON ALDEN DOW- JEROME W. WOOD LAWRENCE J. YAN-TUYL THEODORE R. SKINNER HARRIS E. CLARK EDWARD D. SOLOMON- WALTER R. JONES, JR. FOREST L. KEENAN FRED A. ASTON, JR. IVERSON Dow BVEI.L PRESTON KELLY CLARK MANSHEI.D DENMAN WARD SOLOMON CHAPMAN SKINNER SHAFER DOUGLASS RANSFORD WESTXEDGE SEHRING LEHMAN BOOTHBY WELLINGTON BOOTH YOUNG KLINE VAXTUYL THURNAU Four hundred three ' Delta CKi Michigan Chapter Established 1892 FRATRES IN FACULTATE THOMAS H. REED, A.B., LL.B. EARL S. WOLAVER. A.B., LL.B. FRATER IN URBE RICHARD GREGORY THOMAS CAVANAUGH, A.B. EDWARD H. RAKOW, A.B. HOWARD O. CEDARGREEN FRANK W. ATKINSON, JR. CARL M. FRANK RICHARD B. MERRIMAN KARL R. CRAWFORD MYRON E. MERRY JOHN H. BOBRINK SAMUEL E. GAWNE FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE FRANK E. LEWELLEN ARTHUR E. SPENCER, A.B. JOHN H. WITHERSPOON Seniors LLOYD E. EISELE . JOHN E. MACKEL KENNETH A. MICHEL RICHARD E. BARTON DOUGLAS R. GINN LESTER ROBERTSON Juniors WILLIAM G. COFFIN JOHN J. HARRISON BEN D. THIRLBY Sophomores ELMO ECKER WENDELL HOLMES ELLIOTT C. ROBERTS EDWARD SMITH Freshmen WILLIAM M. BOLTON LLOYD F. CATRON JACK E. ORR Louis PHILLIPPI GEORGE RICH FRANK RICH CLIFFORD A. MITTS FREDERICK K. SPETNAGEL, A.B. HUGH B. McKAY WILLIAM R. DAY, II FOUTS A. MEESE JOHN P. WARNER DAVID W. JOHNSTON HARLAN YELLAND CLINTON H. COULTER FERRY REYNOLDS BOLTON REYNOLDS GAWNE BOBRINK YELLAND CATRON PHILLIPPI ORR ECKER SMITH ROBERTS MERRY JOHNSTON THIRLHY ROBERTSON WARNER FRANK GINN HOLMES MERRIMAN CRAWFORD BARTON McKAY MACKEL EISELE HARRISON MEESK ATKINSON MICHEL Four hundred four Alpha Zeta Chapter Established 1892 FRATRES IN FACULTATE ARTHUR E. WOOD, PH.D. FRANK H. STEVEXS, B.S. FERDINAND N. MESEFEE, B.S. V. FREDERICK PETERSON, A.M. ELTON E. WIEMAN, A.B. FRATER IN URBE MAYXARD NEWTON HAROLD O. STEELE RAYMOND ARNDT ROBERT V. HALSEY JAMES J. COLLISON ALONZO C. ALLEN FRANK DEANS HERBERT C. WALIACE EDWIN CLARKE DAVIS ANGUS R. SHANNON- KENNETH KEYSER CHARLES E. ROBINSON- BERTRAM ROESCH FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE PHILLIP E. MARION- ARTHUR ROBINSON- RICHARD TRAVIS GEORGE K. ZIMMERMAN FREDRICK H. WASSMAN SEWARD R. WILLIAMS JAMES J. TRUDELL CLARKE L. CHASE SIDNEY H. STROUD MACKENZIE SHANNON- CLAYTON J. WOLFE Juniors ROBERT F. BACHER CHARLES W. GRUBE Sophomores HENRY MAENTZ STUART SINCLAIR ARTHUR ZIMMERMAN KENTON PRITCHARD CHARLES CHASE LEO HOFFMAN Freshmen ROGER CARR ORIN GREEN- JO CHAMBERLAIN WILLIAM CHILLMAN SIDNEY H. MORGAN- DOUGLAS R. DEWEY RICHARD L. LAURENCE MORRIS O. REED MARCUS J. STITH HARRY HAWKINS SAN BORN HUTCHIXS WALTER BERGER JOHN CUNNINGHAM GEORGE ANSABELLE ROESCH ROBINSON KEYSER CHILLMAS CHAMBERLAIN C. B. CHASE CARR MAEXTZ AXNABEU.E DAVIS A. ZIMMERMAN HUTCHIXS HOFFMAN BERGER CUNNINGHAM SINCLAIR A. SHAXXOX WALLACE HAWKIXS WILLIAMS BACKER C. L. CHASE GRUBE WOLFE REED STITH M. SHASXOX LAUREXCE WASSMAX TRUDELL STROUD HALSEY G. ZIMMERMAN ALLEN WIEMAX COLLJSOX Four hundred five Phi Gamma Delia Alpha Phi Chapter Established 1902 FRATRES IN FACULTATE FRANCIS L. GOODRICH, A.B. JOSEPH R. HAYDEN, M.A. CHARLES E. MEYER, PH.D. HALFRED C. BROWN, A.B. CLEMENT A. SMITH, A.B. HENRY W. MILLER, M.E. JAMES B. POLLOCK, Sc.D. HENRY E. RIGGS, A.B., C.E. HERBERT C. SADLER, A.B. SHIRLEY W. SMITH, A.M. EDSON R. SUNDERLAND. A.M., B.L.S. MORRIS P. TILLEY, PH.D. ALFRED S. WARTHIN, PH.D., M.D. ALEXANDER C. ZIWET, C.E. WILLIS BLAKESLEE, LL.B. EARL F. GOWEN GEORGE S. MARTIN- EDGAR H. AILES JAMES L. COSSITT ROYAL F. CHERRY KENNETH G. SMILES MARTIN D. GARBER WILLIAM L. MULLIN JOHN REMSUJEFF FRATRES IN URBE STEWART EAGLESOX CHESTER CAVE FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE J. CLIFFORD YEAKEY CHARLES D. LIVINGSTON Seniors STEWART H. HULSE EDMOND MADDEN WILLIAM D. ROESSER CHARLES B. EMERY Juniors JOSEPH E. GANDY EARL C. GREVER FREDERICK L. PITNER JOSEPH J. FINN Sophomores THEODORE HORNBERGER DONALD C. MILLER S. TYLER WATSON THURLOW M. RALPH ROBERT L. HALL Freshmen JOHN MOLENDA WILLIAM PUSCH HARLEY KLINE FREEMAN CRAMPTON LOUIS FoRSYTHE, A.B. H. H. UPTON, A.B. JOHN P. COMSTOCK, JR. GEORGE A. ABBOTT KENNETH C. PATTERSON KENNETH E. MORGARIDGE FOORMAN L. MUELLER MARTIN W. TANNER WILLIAM EDWARDS PITNER REMSUJEFF KLINE CRAMPTON HALL MOLENDA PUSCH EDWARDS WATSON MUELLER RALPH MILLER GARBER HORNBERGER TANNER MULLIN CHERRY ABBOTT MORGARIDGE GANDY FINN SMILES GREVER COSSITT MADDEN EMERY ROESSER HULSE PATTERSON YEAKEY Four hundred six C. CARL RUFUS, PH.D. RUSSEL T. DOBSON HUGH C. ARMSTRONG EGBERT R. ISBELL GEORGE C. DILLMAN A. EDMOND ALLAN KNOX B. HOWE CLARENCE G. BROWN- ROBERT T. JOHNSON PHILLIP M. NORTHRUP VICTOR A. DOYNO EDWARD V. SCHLOTTMAX Gamma Nu Chapter Established 1902 FRATRES IN FACULTATE LOWELL J. CARR, A.B. FRATRES IX URBE JOHN F. DUNN- GEORGE WATKINS FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE GLENN CARMICHAEL JOHN O. WETZEL Sen iors ROBERT DOUGHERTY JOHN G. LAMOREE LESTER G. WITTMAN ANDREW WYKKEL Juniors RAYMOND A. BECK, JR. FREDERICK J. FEELEY KENNETH C. KELLER Lucius J. LALLY EDWARD K. MARTIN WILLIAM C. WALZ Sophomores STANLEY C. CRIGHTON RUSSEL C. GOODRICH ROBERT J. LANG PAUL F. LIENAU DEAN PERSING FREDERICK P. RICH ROBERT D. SWEENEY Freshmen THOMAS H. FITZPATRICK ROBERT C. LELAND HERBERT G. TINNEY JOHN L. WILSON JAMES HUGHEY SHOREY PETERSON, A.B. WILLIAM H. McGRAw ALBERT J. FOLEY ARTHUR SEYBOLT JAKES W. MARTIN WARDEN L. HERD ROBERT F. MARKT ROBERT C. HANDLOSER PETER McKiNNEY ALBERT E. SMITH JOHN D. MACPHERSON DAVE PELL DOYNO HASDLOSER HERD FITZPATRICK LELAND SCHLOTTMAN WILSON MACPHERSON TINNEY RUMP JOHNSON PERSISG NORTHRUP LANG SWEENEY LIENAU BROWN BECK ALLAN N ' IXON FEELEY LALLY KELLER HOWE MARKT CRIGHTON SMITH E. MARTIN DOUGHERTY J. MARTIN LAMOREE DILLMAN WITTMAN WALZ Four hundred seven u AlpKa Epsilon Chapter Established 1902 FRATRES IN FACULTATE PALMER CHRISTIAN WALTER F. COLBY, PH.D. ROBERT R. DIETERLE, M.D. THEODORE HARRISON FRANCIS W. KEI.SEY, PH.D., LL.D. ALBERT LOCKWOOD SAMUEL LOCKWOOD, A.M. GUY MAIER EARL V. MOORE, A.M., PH.D. PETER OKELBERG, Pn.D. NELSON V. RUSSELL, A.M. OTTO J. STAHL ANTHONY WHITMIRE WILFRED WILSON ROBERT A. CAMPBELL LEVI D. WINES, C.E. MALCOLM G. BOURNE FRATRES IN URBE GEORGE N. EARLE, A.B. CHARLES A. SINK, A.B. KENNETH WESTERMAN, A.M. H. LYMAN BRIGHT C. LEE MILLS CHARLES ALLEN HOWARD D. HOUSE FOREST C. BRIMACOMBE OTTO C. KOCH ROBERT A. CONN FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE FRANK M. HURSLEY Seniors K. D. DIEHL WILLIAM P. FOSTER B. DOUGLAS SNIDER WILLARD W. SPANAGEL Juniors i J. BURRIS RAY L. COMB W. K; ROBERT W. KARPINSKI LESTON S. WHITEHEAD OLIVER B. McGiLLicuooY T. GLENN HARROLD BARRE HILL Sophomores WILLIAM BROMME CHARLES W. FLAGLER PAUL F. ScHLANDERER BEVERLY WATTS ROLAND W. NISSLE GORDON PACKER Freshmen VINCENT WALL WILLIAM E. HAMAKER WALTER GOLDWATER RICHARD WIBLE WALL GOLDWATER WATTS PACKER CONN WIBLE NISSLE FLAGLER BRIMACOMBE SCHLANDERER HAMAKER KOCH BROMME ALLEN HOUSE BURRIS COMB HILL WHITEHEAD KARPINSKI SNIDER HURSLEY MILLS FOSTER DIEHL BRIGHT HARROLD SP ANAGEL Four hundred eight vi; Alpha Tau Omega Beta Lambda Chapter Established 1888 Re-established 1904 }. H. CANNON, B.S. =. L. HAYES, A.B. G. E. LITTLE, B.S. D. B. PRATT ROBERT J. COOPER DONALD W. HEDRICK FRED C. CULVER RICHARD J. McCoNNELL MARSHALL E. BOYD CHARLES H. HEINZ ALFRED T. BAKER GEORGE A. McBRiDE ROBERT E. DODD FRATRES IN FACULTATE H. W. EMERSON, B.S., M.D. W. T. HOTCHKISS, M.D. W. G. LOUISELL, A.B. U. B. PHILLIPS, PH.D. FRATRES IN URBE C. H. FESSENDEN, M.E. W. R. HUMPHREYS, A.M. A. G. PELIKAN, A.B. B. R. BRECKENRIDGE FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE CARL E. ENGGAS, A.B. FRED C. HENDERSON W. GROCE HARRISON, JR. THOMAS C. TRUSS, A.B. A.B. Seniors DONALD M. DIXON RALPH R. RATHBONE LESTER A. HORNUNG M. DEAN TONNELIER Juniors ROBERT J. BROWN WILLIAM J. DONMOYER, JR. ROBERT M. HORNUNG RONALD R. OWENS STERLING L. SMITH DONNALD TAYLOR Sophomores F. CARROW DEVRIES H. Ross FLOWERS CHARLES F. PREECE CHARLES WOLCOTT RAYMOND S. POWERS HOWARD A. VISEL ALVIN C. GRAHAM H. FREDERICK PARKER CARYL J. LUNDQUIST ELMER GEISSLER A. VERN PARKER Freshmen HENRY T. HOLT RICHARD J. SHERMAN, JR. GEORGE A. JENKINS S. TROXEL PREECE FLOWERS DEVRIES MCBRIDE R. HORNUNG BROWN HEINZ TRUSS L. HORNUNG POWERS SMITH BOYD DONMOYER F. PARKER RATHBOXE COOPER CULVER DIXON VISEL MCCONNELL MACXEIL ENGGAS HEDRICK HARRISON LUN-DQUIST TAYLOR SISSONS V. PARKER WOLCOX SHERMAN HOLT GEISSELER BAKER four hundred nine icacieu Michigan Chapter Established 1904 MARION L. BURTON, PH.D., LL.D. MORTIMER E. COOLEY, ENG. L.L.D. HERBERT W. EMERSON, B.S., M.D. FRATRES IN FACULTATE FREDERICK G. Now, M.D., Sc.D. NEVILLE S. HOFF, D.D.S. ROBERT G. RODKEY, A.M. LENT D. UPSON, PH.D. RUSSELL W. BUNTING, D.D.Sc. CLARENCE T. JOHNSON, C.E. EDWARD A. STALKER, M.S. JUNIUS E. BEAL ROBERT F. NORRIS CHARLES A. SINK FLOYD SERGEANT FRATRES IN URBE ROB ' ERT GRANVILLE WILLIAM C. HOLLANDS FRED H. STEGATH JACOB W. HOSTRUP FRANK H. WISNER ROBERT A. CAMPBELL JOHN LlNDENSCHMITT T. HAWLEY TAPPING HARRY H. ATWELL HOWARD E. CROWELL NED D. WALLACE FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE MARLAND B. SMALL, A.B. WILLIAM M. Goss, A.B. Seniors FRANK S. ROBERTS, JR. GEORGE W. CAMPBELL DRAYTON F. HOLCOMBE DURWARD D. COLE NORMAN D. REYNOLDS MARVIN L. NIEHUSS WESCOTT H. READ Juniors DONALD R. LAING FREDERICK Z. DAHN Sophomores CLARENCE C. HOSTRUP JOHN H. LOVETTE Freshmen J. MORTIMER FISHER ERICK JOKI, JR. MILTON W. HEATH CHARLES R. WEBB EARL A. KELLY 1 HOSTRUP STALKER CROWELL KELLEY READ CAMPBELL LOVETTE JOKI HEATH REYNOLDS ROBERTS Goss NIEHUSS FISHER HOLCOMBE SMALL COLE WALLACE WEBB Four hundred ten ALBERT LOCKWOOD A. LAWRENCE BIEGLOW, PH.D. Tri; Established 1905 FRATRES IN FACULTATE CHARLES L. TILDEN, B.S. WILLIAM O. HOAD, B.S. FRATER IN URBE HERBERT G. WATKINS ALFRED H. LLOYD, PH.D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE N. THOMAS BARRON, B.S. GEORGE W. HYDE D. NEIL REID, A.B. Seniors STANLEY T. LOWE, B.S.E. PAUL A. VICKERS, B.S.F. CLIFFORD VV " . ALLEN- JOHN G. GARLIXGHOUSE ROY H. CALLAHAX CARL E. KANE CARL E. ALBRACHT ARTHUR R. MCDONALD R. HERBERT M. PROSSER GEORGE A. C. BARKER WARREN G. CORYELL EDWARD M. Fox CHARLES L. MORGAN F. CULVER PARKER HARVEY E. REED Juniors EUGENE F. CARDWELL URVAN W. HAMPTON G. GILBERT THORNE, JR. HOWARD A. TURNER Sophomores JAMES F. BOYER GEORGE A. FARQUHAR W. CURTISS MACDOUGALL KARL F. MAST LEIGHTON L. STEPHENS WALTER E. THULIN Freshmen DOUGLAS F. DOUBLEDAY WILLIAM G. GARNETT ALMOND G. SUMNER FRED M. FREEMAN CARL E. OHLMACHER DONALD B. DOUBLEDAY JOHN R. C. LONG, JR. STANFORD N. PHELPS EDWARD C. MACRAE DOUBLEDAY MCDONALD DON DOUBLEDAY GARNETT MACRAE STEPHENS SUMNER BARKER ALBRACHT PROSSER PHELPS MACDOUGALL MAST THULIN FARQUHAR LONG HAMPTON CARDWELL THORNE TURNER KANE CALLAHAN BOYER FREEMAN OHLMACHER PARKER GARLINGBOUSE Fox VICKERS REED MORGAN ALLEN Four hundred eleven Alpha Omicron Chapter Established 1905 JOHN R. BRUMM, A.M. ELMER D. MITCHELL, A.M. ROSCOE O. BONISTEEL PHILIP C. PACK DONALD E. TREFRY FRATRES IN FACULTATE HERBERT A. KENYON, A.M. GEORGE C. ADIE, M.D. FRATRES IN URBE EARL H. CRESS CHARLES J. RASH WILLIAM A. MACL AUGHLIN, A.M. CLAIR V. LANGTON, B.S. WILLIAM E. BROWN, JR. RALPH E. RASH PETER J. VAN BOVEN CECIL W. LEPARD, A.B. HOWARD M. BIRKS DONALD E. JOHNSON HUBERT F. SMITH WILLIAM F. AUSTIN RAYMOND F. HUTZEL RALPH E. STARKWEATHER GEORGE W. HESTON BRADFORD G. WHITE JAMES C. CLIFFORD EARL R. HENNIGAR FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE JOHN R. MACGREGOR, A.B. Seniors CHARLES D. CRAWFORD WILLIAM B. GILES ETHELBERT SPURRIER, A.B. JOSEPH H. PARSONS GORDON E. TAPPAN WENDELL J. COOK LESLIE W. KRIEGER FREDERICK H. PINNEY JOHN H. TRACY Juniors WILLIAM C. CUMINGS PAUL C. SAMSON LOUIS WOLLENBERGER KENNETH M. WlCKWARE Sophomores JOHN W. HICKMAN EDWARD G. PINNEY JOHN R. CROWE MILTON S. RAYMOND Freshmen WAYNE G. COWELL GEORGE W. DOUGLAS JAMES F. MILLER ROBERT W. WAGNER HARRY N. HALGREN RUSSEL H. SIMMS PHILIP M. WAGNER EDWIN C. EDDY PHILLIP B. SNYDER WILLIAM L. PONTIUS LAVERNE A. WILSON HERBERT V. DOUGLAS A. NATHAN WORSTELL G. PINNEY WHITE PONTIUS PARSONS HESTON CUMINGS AUSTIN SAMSON EDDY COOK HICKMAN SNYDER WOLLENBERGER WAGNER F. PINNEY MACGREGOR BIRKS CRAWFORD SMITH TRACY SIMMS GILES STARKWEATHER Four hundred twelve THOMAS E. RAN KIN. M.A. CAP ' N L. MONROE BRICKER, B.S. CAPTAIN L. MONROE BRICKER, B.S. HARVEY L. CLARK FRANK McPnAiL J. E. ARMIJO WALDO GEHRING JOHN W. Coma RUSSELL E. HART WARREN PARKER WALTER AVER Alplia Sima Phi Thtta Chapter Established 1908 FRATRES IN FACULTATE RALPH W. AiGLER,LL.B. H. F. GOODRICH, LL.B. FRATRES IN URBE HAROLD SMITH A. FRANKLIN SHULL, PH.D. F. B. WAHR, PH.D. H. G. RASCHBACHER CARL M. BOSWELL JAMES MURRAY THOMAS CONLIN SAMUEL WETTLAUFFER STANLEY SKIDMORE FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE DAVID L. BEERS C. JAMES DRESBACR Seniors JACK BROMLEY JOHN W. SHENEFIELD Junior! JACK C. DEIBEL FRANCIS W. DAVIS KENNETH H. LOWE CHARLES OAKMAN STEVEN S. SANDERSON HERBERT WETTLAUFER Sophomorei SMITH H. CADY, JR. DON DUNHAM JAMES ALLEN VICKERY ALLEN WILLIAMS Freshmen WESSEY DOUGLAS V. R. FLORA HENRY GRINXELL HARRY GRINNELL CLAIRE HILL BENJAMIN OOSTERBAAN FRANCIS ROEHM GORDON VAN-LOAN CHARLES W. CLARKE CHARLES C. EADES EUGENE K. BUCK JACK DUNNING HYDE W. PERCE HARLEY STUNTZ BRUCE STOCKING DAVID HARBOUGH WILLIAM REUPING FLORA CADY WILLIAMS STOCKING VAN LOAN AUER DUNHAM HARBOUGH HILL STUNTZ SANDERSON J. CONLIN PEBCK HAYDON HEYM DUNNING V ' ICKEBY OAKMAN H. WETTLAUFER BUCK Aiuajo HART LOWE DAVIS DEIBEL MURRAY SABO SPARROW HUBER GEHRING BROMLEY SHENEFIELD MASON ROEHM T. COSLIN DOUGLAS HARRY GRINNELL HENRY GRINNELL S. WETTLAUFFER OOSTERBAAN REUPING SKIDMORE Four hundred thirtt C T au i Chapter Established 1912 FRATER IN FACULTATE I. LEO SHARFMAN, A.B., LL.B. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE WILLIAM FLEISHAKER, A.B. LEO I. FRANKLIN, A.B. Seniors PAUL L. EINSTEIN JOSEPH E. MICHAELS FRANK L. WERTHEIMER Juniors MORRIS D. BLUMENTHAL LEE W. ENSEL STEWART J. GOLDBERG STANLEY B. LEWY ADOLPH B. LOVEMAN JAMES A. NATHAN ROBERT H. NEWMAN BERNARD A. SILBERSTEIN PIERCE H. BITKER JULIAN HIRSCHMAN RALPH M. COLE BENJAMIN M. GROSS LEO SCHOENBRUN Sophomores MERRITT DEjoNG Louis A. Fox MENTOR A. KRAUSE STANTON MEYER ROBERT A. ULLMAN RICHARD S. WEIL Freshmen PAUL GINSBURG JACK MOSES Louis WEINBERG, JR. ANDREW GOODMAN BENNETT M. RICH WILLIAM WEINER SIGMUND ROBINSON NORMAN FREEHLING HAROLD L. NEWMAN TERRY T. GRIEL HAROLD VV. SCHLOSS H. NEWMAN WEIL HIRSCHMAN Fox BITKER FREEHLING KRAUSE ULLMAN MEYER ENSEL BLUMENTHAL SILBERSTEIN NATHAN LOVEMAN GOLDBERG DEJONG WEINER ROBINSON FRANKLIN R. NEWMAN MICHAELS EINSTEIN WERTHEIMER FLEISHAKER LEWY RICH GROSS GOODMAN COLE SCHLOSS MOSES SCHOENBRUN WEINBERG GRIEL GINSBURG four hundred fourteen Michigan Alpha Chapter Established 1912 FRATRES IN FACULTATE ROBERT K. BROWN, D.D.S. C. L. ROTHROCK, D.D.S. FRATRES IN URBE DR. JAMES E. CROUSHORE DR. F. C. NAYLOR FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE BENJAMIN D. BLACKSTEN JOSEPH V. HODGSON, A.B. THOMAS H. MILLER, A.B. WALTER ]. PECA CHRISTOPHER E. BLAYDON GLENN ]. CURTIS JOHN C. HASKIN HARRY C. LAWRENCE ROBERT I. SEALBY WARREN H. CHITTENDEX REX E. MOL-LE HERBERT H. ARTHUR JOSEPH S. HARLEY C. DOUGLAS SAWYER CHARLES E. BEHYMER JOHN G. BROWN, JR. RUDOLPH E. VASDEVEER NORMAN F. REARIC DONALD G. SLAWSON, A.B. E. DAVID BOYD GEORGE L. FINLEY PAUL S. HIRT ROBERT MILLIGAN EDWIN A. SEELEY STUART E. BOYD RONALD T. HALCRIM MILTON L. KIEBLER BERNARD A. NAGELVOORT WILLIAM I. SEXTON Juniors WADE B. ELLIS H. BERNARD HAMMILL EDWARD L. NEWHALL IRVING E. REYNOLDS JOHN L. WEILER Sophomores EARL L. BLASER STANLEY E. DIMOND ELMER E. LANGGUTH WILLIAM R. MITCHELL PHILIP W. SWARTMONT ALVIN W. TOLLE Freshmen HOMER E. BENHOFF HAROLD C. BROGAN HARRY C. MILLER JAMES E. OADE GUY E. WAGAR WILLIAM J. WEINMAN HAROLD S. CASSIDY HARRY F. HANFORD WALTER A. KLEINERT WILLIAM F. NEVILLE GEORGE C. WEITZEL EDWARD K. ISBEY CARL W. TREMPF KENNETH R. HANKS RUSSELL G. SAUNDERS RUSSELL G. WOOD A. WEBSTER BROWN THEODORE C. SCHILZ BEHYMER J. BROWS WAGAR VANDERVEER WEINMAN SCHILZ BEXHOFF OADE MILLER W. BROWN- ARTHUR WOOD SWARTMONT DIMOND HARLEY TOLLE LANGGUTH SAWYER MITCHELL HANKS SAUNDERS BLASER ELLIS CHITTENDEN MOCLE TREMPF HANFORD ISBEY REARIC WEILER HAMMILL CURTIS HASKIN HIRT D. BOYD KLEINERT KIEBLER FINLEY NEVILLE S. BOYD NEWHALL BLAYDON SEXTON HALGRIM CASSIDY LAWRENCE MILLIGAN SEELEY SEALBY NAGLEVOORT Four hundred fifte Sigma Zela Chapter Established 191 3 FRATRES IN FACULTATE FLOYD N. CALHOUN, B.S. HARCOURT L. CAVERLY, A.B. MYRON B. CHAPIN, Pn.B. WILLIAM G. SMEATON, A.B. CLIFFORD WOODY, PH.D. FRATRES IN URBE PAUL GIBSON WM. E. UNDERDOWN FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE RALPH E. MADISON C. PAUL SELLARDS Seniors WILBUR F. BUTLER JOHN H. BUTTON CHARLES J. COLE ERNEST W. BROWNBRIDGE HOWARD C. LAMONT ISHAM W. MULLREE CLIFFORD C. PRATT EDGAR C. APPOLD OLIVER P. CUPPER MAURICE H. BRUSH ROBERT S. REED C. WAYNE BROWNELL Juniors Louis W. BEHRINGER ORVILLE K. BUTZBACH JACK P. CUMMINGS THOMAS E. DALEY GLENN SEEBA PAUL C. WILLET Sophomores JOHN HANLEY LEONARD A. KELLER WILLIAM E. RENNER JOHN SCHOENFELD ROBERT M. VANDUZER, JR. LELAND C. WILCOX Fnshmen Louis F. KNOEPP GORDON STIMSON FRANK M. EDWARDS ORVILLE W. REED RODERICK A. CAMPBELL BENTON E. GATES THOMAS A. NOWLEN HAROLD O. STEWART STEWART HANLEY SELLARDS GERKEN REED EDWARDS NOWLEN STIMSON APPOLD CUMMINGS LAMONT GATES MADISON PRATT W. BUTLER VANDUZER SCHOENFELD CAMPBELL BUTZBACH KELLER WILCOX SEEBA BUTTON RENNER REED WILLET BROWNELL CLIPPER BROWNBRIDGE BEHRINGER KNOEPP DALEY Four hundred sixteen appi Delta Deuteron Chapter Established 1915 JOHN L. GARVET, M.D. FRATRES IN FACULTATE H. B. MERRICK, C.E. A. H. WHITE, A.B.,1B.S. FRATRES IN URBE WILLIAM H. AUBREY PAUL GARVEY PAUL JESERICH HAROLD G. WALLER, M.D. GEORGE O. WHITE, B.S. FRATRES IN UMVERSITATE DONALD S. KELLET EDWIN C. MURANE SAMUEL R. POST LOWELL PALMER W. PAGE WHITE WILLIAM F. BROWN- ARTHUR HARTWELL, JR. FRANK BLOOM. JR. ADELBERT M. KIPP JOHN BENSON ARTHUR H. LEE FORD STODDARD WILLIAM COMSTOCK CHARLES P. RAMSEY RICHARD CRANE WILLIAM S. HEARDING A. MACLAREN WHITE ARNOLD GINGRICH EDWARD W. NICHOLS VERNON E. WARNEY Juniors EARLE C. FINGERLE HUBERT C. GOEBEL WILLIAM M. McMiLLAN JAMES E. NEWTON FRED WALTER WALTER Osius Sophomores LESLIE BUTLER SALEM A. HART HERBERT T. MCHENRY JOHN SCHRAVESANDE ALDERRICK P. HUBERT LYLE WALSH Frtskvun HUBBARD MURPHY DEWITT MCLELLAN WILLIAM CRAWFORD ELBERT VYSE WALDO K. GREINER RICHARD WHIPPLE GRANT T. HICKS GEORGE R. SNIDER FAY A. HUBERT R. SCHADDELEE EDWIN J. SEIFERT WILBUR D. PRESCOTT CRAWFORD MVRPHY COMSTOCK BENSON RAMSAY PRESCOTT VYSE MCLELLAN HUBERT SCHADDELEE STODDARD HART LEFEVRE SCHRAVESANDE LEE MCHENRY WARNEY BLTLER FlXGERLE SXIDER N ' EWTOS BLOOM HlCCS WALSH KjPP SEIFERT McMlLLEX OsR-S GOEBEL WHIPPLE HARTW-ELL HEARDIXC NICHOLS BROWX HOYT WALTER GIXGRJCH CRAXE GREIXER J- Four hundred seventeen Eta Chapter Established 1916 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE MARTIN CODEL, A.B. MURRAY FEINBERG JEROME S. SAMUELS LEWAARON H. MOVER HAROLD B. DESENBERG JACK N. PRITZKER Seniors BERNARD H. HARTZELL HERBERT L. ROSENBLUM RITTER LEVINSON FRED H. SIMS DAVID PALEY ARTHUR E. WILKOFF SIDNEY W. BEHRMAN HAROLD N. LURYA Juniors HENRY B. DESENBERG SAMUEL J. SHURE S. MILTON GOLDHAMER ALBERT M. STERN JOSEPH K.RUGER NORMAN R. THAL NATHAN N. ARONSON PHILIP N. KRASNE Sophomores HOWARD L. DAVIDSON LESTER C. DAVIDSON ALBERT MAYER, JR. IRWIN A. OLIAN FREDERIC W. Ziv BARNEY KOPLIN CASPER L. ROSENTHAL ALBERT KRAMER, JR. Freshmen MERVIN A. LEVEY MILTON H. SHERAS JOSEPH WEISS RAYMOND J. UPRIGHT SHERAS WEISS KRAMER UPRIGHT LEVEY Ziv H. DAVIDSON KOPLIN MAYER ROSENTHAL ARONSON KRASNE L. DAVIDSON STERN GOLDHAMER THAL LURYA KRUGER SHURE OLIAN SIMS ROSENBLUM LEVINSON DESENBERG WILKOFF PRITZKER PALSY Four hundred eighteen RALPH V. AIGLER, L.L. H.iMASOX LUMSDEX, A.M. Hermitage Michigan Chapter Established 1919 FRATRES IN FACULTATE ROY V. COWDEX, A.M. ALEXANDER G. RUTHVEX, PH.D. PRATER IN URBE HERBERT M. SHAW, B.S. Louis M. GRAM, B.S. HERBERT C. SADLER, Sc.D. HARRY C. CLARK NEIL K. BARBER JOHX R. SHAW BERNARD G. BAETCEE CLAYTOX R. HADES- JAMES D. NUTT WALTER E. DECKER MILES ROXALD G. BURXHAM FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE GUY F. KASER HENRY D. STRICKER ROBERT C. KILE OTTO G. KOEXIG PAUL WATZEL ALBERT F. KOEFCKE WALDEMAR E. SCHNEIDER Juniors CHARLES V. GROSSMAN J. DALE DARLING MANNING A. HOUSEWORTH ALLEN T. LUYSTER L. OSBORN W. GlLMORE PATTOS Sophomores ROYCE B. HOOPER GORDON M. IBBOTSOX CARL H. SCHUMACHER WILTOX A. SIMPSON Freshmen RAYMOND GEXTHE CHARLES SESTOCK, JR. Louis JORDAN CHARLES STRAXG J. FREDERIC PROCTOR RUSSELL E. DUNCAN ROBERT L. MOORE KENNETH G. STRUXK J. MUXRO IXXES CLYDE W. THOMAS LAWREXCE W. MEXGEL SniPSOS SCHUMACHER INNES DECKER IBBOTSOS THOMAS HOOPER HOCSEWORTH PATTOS CBOSSMAS HADEN MOORE STXVKC OSBORN DUNCAN LUYSTER NUTT DARLING STRICKER KOESIG SCHNEIDER SHAW BARBER PROCTER WATZEL KOEKKE KILE BURNHAM JORDAN SESTOCK STRANG MESGEL GENTHE MCLENNAN four hundred ninel TJieta CKi Alpha Gamma Chapter Established 1919 FRATRES IN FACULTATE JAMES H. CISSEL, B.S., C.E. LIONEL G. CROCKER, A.B. HAROLD J. MCFARLAN, B.S., C.E. MELVILLE B. STOUT, B.S. E.E. CHARLES B. VIBBERT, A.B., PH.D. FRATRES IN URBE HUBERT W. LYONS HERBERT TWINING PAUL A. REHNUS, A.B. ARNO L. BADER, A.B. VERNON F. HILLERY, A.B. CHAUNCEY L. BRIGGS PERRY M. HAYDEN S. ARTHUR BANNISTER MILTON D. GREEN ALBERT P. WAGNER L. STUART BULMAN EARLE L. KERR ELMO P. BROWN KENNETH L. MARANTETTE FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE H. MORTIMER BISHOP, A.B. JOHN INGHRAM, A.B. Seniors A. M. CARMICHAEL JAMES R. GILPIN WILLIAM K. KIDDER CROSBY REES RAYMOND C. WALK Juniors JOHN S. DIEKHOFF JOHN H. ELLIOTT DUDLEY C. RICHARDSON NEIL O. STAEBLER WILLIAM J. WALTHOUR MANFRED G. WHITTINGHAM Sophomores WILLIAM L. CHASE DONALD C. HANSEN ARTHUR J. Moss MELVIN A. OLL FRANCIS E. WILMOT HENRY L. WOOLFENDEN Freshmen NEWTON S. DETZER JOSEPH S. GRANGER BERNHARD MINCH WILLIAM C. ROETHKE CLIFFORD C. FURNAS, A.B. ALAN F. KING, B.S.E. FREDERICK P. HART CARL B. SCHOONMAKER Jo A. GRAVES EMIL J. VOELKER CHAS. ROBERT SWINEHART GEORGE C. JOHNSON EUGENE POWER P. CLAY KNICKERBOCKER BROWN KNICKERBOCKER MARANTETTE DETZER SEELEY VOELKER JOHNSON ROETHKE MINCH KERR WILMOT WOOLFENDEN OLL Moss BULMAN CHASE HANSEN POWER WALTHOUR WAGNER BANNISTER GREEN DIEKHOFF GRAVES ELLIOTT STAEBLER RICHARDSON WHITTINGHAM BRIGGS HAYDEN SCHOONMAKER WALK BISHOP GILPIN CARMICHAEL KIDDER HART four hundred twenty m ss ss i rr lt F J r rrr PJ S IBS it Ivappa. I lu, Mu Chapter Established 1919 FRATRES IN UNIVERS1TATE MORRIS R. KEEN, A.B. SAMUEL MILLMAN, A.B. Seniors WILLIAM J. ABRASH HARRY V. SALON LEONARD BLAUNER HAROLD SEAGLE MILTON L. GREENEBAUM E. ARDEN KIRSCHNER WALTER S. SEIOMAN BERNARD SEGALL Juniors NATHAX P. FEINSINGER HEN Y J. FREUD HAROLD A. MARKS ALBERT G. SEIDMAN RAYMOND BAER NAT N. RASNICK Sophomores MYRON FALK ALFRED HOLZMAN SYLVAN S. ROSENBAUM HAROLD S. RUSLANDER ARTHUR A. SEGALL Freshmen JACOB J. FEINSINGER HERBERT S. GOLDBERG JOE NATHAN, J . AMES L. RlGELHAUPT RlCHARD S. RUSLANDER SlDNEY S. SlMON MELVIN L. SCRIFF SYLVAN RAPAPORT NEWTON ROSENZWEIG HAROLD T. RATTNER fir FALK H. RUSLANDER ROSESZWEIG A. SEGALL BAER RASNICK ROSENBAUM SCHIFF MARK GREENEBAUM W. SEIDMAN HOLZMAN KEEN FREUD BLAUMER SALON X FEINSINCER B. SEGALL KIRSHNER SEIDMAN SEAGLE ABRASH SIMONS RATTNER R. RCSUANDER GOLDBERG RIGELHAUPT J. FEINSINGER NATHAN RAPAPORT Four hundred twenty one Alpha Theta Chapter Established 1920 FRATRES IN FACULTATE WARREN E. BOWER, A.B., M.A. ARTHUR VAN DUREN, A.B., M.A. FRATRES IN URBE ROBERT R. SHARP M. CLIFTON DEY ALBERT J. PARKER, A.B. T. HALSEY DAVIDSON NEAL M. NYLAND MERLE C. BAKER Louis C. FURNISS CUTHBERT W. MOODY CECIL B. PFEIFLER HIBBERT D. COREY WALTER GREENE HERBERT C. LARSON CHARLES TERMAN CARL BAUER FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE WILLARD B. GASKINS, A.B. CARL L. GILLIES DANIEL VAN WOERKOM Seniors KENNETH M. FEHLIG EDWARD B. RIEDLE L. WALLACE HOFFMAN HIEL M. ROCKWELL Juniors J. HAZELTON BEACH C. W. CHRISTIE DONALD H. GAINES CLARKE HICKS WlNTHROP McCAIN JOHN A. NEW, II PAUL H. JONES JAMES M. SURBROOK BERNARD A. WATSON Sophomores PHILIPP H. DIETZ DONALD W. DUNNING EUGENE GUTEKUNST NORMAN HARTWIG EDWARD D. LINE EMORY W. MORRIS ELMER THOMPSON WILLIAM A. VANCE Freshmen WILLIAM BURD FRED W. FULLER, JR. ARTHUR A. McKiNNiE JOHN W. RICE LLOYD A. MAEDER RAY W. SMITH RICHARD F. DOYLE WALDO O. HILDEBRAND BYRON W. PARKER HAROLD SURBROOK EDWARD E. GAMPHER ORVILLE W. JOHNSON FRANK C. PAINTER ALDEN WHITE JOHN N. HAMAR MOODY TERMAN COVEY GAMPHER LARSON PAINTER DIETZ H. SURBROOK MORRIS VANCE THOMPSON J. SURBROOK PFEIFLER JONES BEACH HICKS WATSON JOHNSON DOYLE MCCAIN HILDEBRAND GAINES LINE NEW PARKER DUNNING ROCKWELL HOFFMAN RIEDLE GASKINS DAVIDSON MAEDER NYLAND BAKER FURNISS GUTEKUNST GREENE WHITE MCKINNEY BAUER HAMAR BURD RICE HARTWIG FULLER Four hundred twenty-two CM Phi Alfha Tau Chapter Established 1921 ALFRED H. LLOYD, PH.D., LL.D. FRATRES IX FACULTATE WILLIAM A. FRAYER, A.B. ROBERT T. B. HALL, M.A. JOSEPH A. AVERT, A.B. MAXWELL E. FEAD ROBERT V. INGLE FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE WILLIAM A. BELT, JR. HARRY H. HAIGHT, B.S. N. EUGENE LACY ANGUS G. GOETZ, M.D. EDWARD T. INGLE, A.B. DONALD J. THORP, A.B. Seniors JOHN K. BARTH WILLIAM Z. PROCTOR JOHN W. GUNN W. HOWARD RUH HAROLD L. HALE HERBERT A. SPENCE MATTHEW C. LOCKE Juniors GEORGE A. ALDERTON, II JAMES P. LEETE DONALD A. POLLOCK J. BRESLIN BEHSE L. NOBLE ROBINSON FRANK W. BUSCH ARTHUR B. OTIS ARTHUR H. WITHAM JOHN F. MCCARTHY Sophomores RUSSELL M. BINGHAM EDGAR G. SCHUMM CHARLES M. HUMPHREY, JR. M. DONALD McLiNTOCK E. STARK SMITH Fresh men Jo JAY TOEVS J. ROBERT B. GROUSE, JR. JoHN A. FORSTER H. RUSSELL REED EDWIN M. GEE, JR. ROBINSON HUMPHREY SCHUMM BEHSE MCLINTOCK SPENCE ALDERTON POLLOCK LEETE MCCARTHY OTIS LOCKE WITHAM HALE PROCTOR RUH INGLE BARTH GUNN BINGHAM BUSCH GEE GROUSE TOEVS FORSTER REED SMITH four handled twenty-three Phi Xi Chapter Established 1921 FRATRES IN FACULTATE WALTER F. HUNT, PH.D. JOHN M. NICKETSON, B.S. FRATER IN URBE HENRY A. VICK FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE JOSEPH E. DICKENSON, B.S. ALLISON W. HAIDLE ARNOLD W. HACKFIELD ALBERT W. KOSTER WILLIAM F. MILLER JOHN G. JUDSON HAROLD E. KNOWLES ROLAND N. HAINES WILLIAM J. BOND HENRY A. SMITH RICHARD D. YOUNG HARRY W. MACDUFF WILLIAM M. BOLAM HORACE W. SHELDON EDWIN E. KIMMICH GUSTAVE R. O ' DONNELL HOMER W. DOWNING CARL ANDREASON Seniors FREDERICK A. KIMMICH DANIEL L. PIERCE ALBRECHT G. WAMBACH Juniors EDWARD E. NOYES JAMES P. VOSE RICHARD E. FEICH FRED N. EATON Sophomores HARRY M. SINCLAIR ARMIN C. LANDECK WILLIAM J. BEUTHIEN LOREN D. EWEN JAMES A. SPROWL Freshmen GROVE G. TALCOTT RAYMOND C. HUMPHREY CHARLES B. HULL Louis A. VAUPRE ADOLPH C. ROEHM FRANCIS A. BELL LEWIS L. MICHELSON SHELDON BOLAM BEUTHIEN LANDECK SINCLAIR SKEEL HACKFIELD DICKENSON FEICH MACDUFF NOYES ROEHM YOUNG HAIDLE (PIERCE DOWNING ANDREASON SMITH O ' DONNELL BOND F. KIMMICH HULL WAMBACH MICHELSON TALCOTT EATON VOSE EWEN SPROWL E. KIMMICH HUMPHREY Four hundred twenty-four Ito. Established 1921 FRATER IN FACULTATE CECIL O. WILCOX, D.D.S. FRATER IN URBE KEITH C. STONE WALTER E. PEAK. WILLIAM A. GIBSON, JR., A.B. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE ROBERT E. HASTIXGS A. GORDON OLIVER ALBERT D. LAW Seniors ROSCOE H. SNYDER EDWIN G. MCLEAN, A.B STANLEY H. ARMSTRONG CHARLES W. HUNTER ALBERT F. COOK JAMES B. JOHNSON PAUL W. GLEASON HERBERT W. COOPER REINHOLD E. K. OESTER G. NORMAN GILMORE Juniors LAWRENCE D. BVRKBARDT DAVID A. Fox KARL D. MALCOLM JAMES P. OWEN JOHN W. HULL LESLIE VAN DOREN Sophomores FOSTER A. HALL JAMES P. STEISHAUER LESLIE E. MEYER FREDRICK C. KAPINGA CHAUNCEY D. OSBOKNE GEORGE K. TRACY Freshmen DE LESLIE L. ALLEN NEIL S. MAC ' ICAR JAMES W. MACMEEKIN ELWOOD PERLEY JOHN B. O ' CONNOR MAX F. GREENMAN ELMER F. LALTNER ERWIN J. JEDELE CLARK E. HARRIS GERALD E. STEWART GREEXMAX GLEASOS VAXL OBJ HALL GILMORE Fox LAUTXER MALCOLM OESTKX HULL SSYDER COOK O ' CONSOK HUNTEK HASTINGS GlBSOS MEYER MACMEEKIN ALLEN MAC ' ICAR HARRIS STEDTHAUER OWES COOPEK McLEAX JOHNSON AKMSTRONG torn hundred twentt-fice Lpna- Beta Tau Chapter Established 1922 FRATRES IN FACULTATE RALPH L. BELKNAP, A.M. NEWTON S. BEMENT, A.M. WILLIAM L. BETTISON, B.S., M.D. MAJOR WIL LIAM T. CARPENTER, M.E. LAWRENCE M. GOULD, A.M. ROBERT D. HORN, A.M. GEORGE B. WATKINS, M.S. DEAN C. DENMAN, B.S., M.D. LACEY W. METCALF CHARLES H. BARBER CARL H. FORTUNE, A.B. ROBERT B. NEWCOMBE, B BRADFORD B. LOVELAND DONALD J. REESE GEORGE D. LINDBERG WILLIAM C. DIXON JAMES W. FERNAMBERG CLAYTON B. BRIGGS HOMER E. DUNLAP LESLIE FLEMING ARTHUR CARTER FRATRES IN URBE HUDSON T. MORTON, B.S. ROBERT B. PICKARD FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE GERMER J. O ' MARA, B.S. S. RUDOLPH F. BOSTELMAN HORACE W. GLASGOW, A.B. HAROLD G. WOOD, A.B. Seniors LYMAN J. GLASGOW DANIEL J. MORTON SHELDON E. WESTERMAN D. MAYNARD PHELPS ROGER I. WYKES, JR. CARL H. MORGENSTERN Juniors BENJAMIN D. RAMSDELL GEORGE F. HACKER ROBERT H. McPnERSON ORIE D. BROWN GERALD H. FRIELING CHARLES M. TAYLOR FREDERICK WEITZEL Sophomores FREDERICK W. CRON NORMANN H. BLAIR HAWLEY E. STARK FREDERICK K. WYKES Freshmen LOWELL WEST WILBUR EKLUND DONALD WEEKES EDWARD PETTIS GEORGE S. CARPENTER HAROLD D. MCCLURE WALLACE A. WATTS, A.B. ROBERT A. MANCHESTER ROGER D. DOTEN DONALD D. DUNN HAROLD W. LOVELL PAUL D. WELCH WALTER A. KUENZEL DAIN H. EDERLE HOWARD CHAPPELL FLEMING WEEKES WEST CRON CHAPPELL EKLUND PETTIS DUNLAP RAMSDELL BROWN DIXON BLAIR HACKER WELCH BRIGGS STARK LOVELAND GLASGOW FRIELING LOVELL PHELPS MORTON TAYLOR LlNDBBRG McPHERSON FERNAMBERG MANCHESTER REESE MORGENSTERN DUNN KUENZEL Four hundred twenty-six GEORGE R. BAILEY H. LEROY SELMEIER s iLoru Beta Chapter Established 1922 F RATER IN FACULTATE CLARENCE F. KESSLER, M.S.E. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE DOUGLAS W. BALL, A.B. CLAIRE C. HAMILL, A.M. LEE L. NORTON Seniors EDWARD E. VADAKIX Juniors JOHN W. HOLMES Lucius D. MILLS KEXXETH S. SMITH DONALD G. WARREN Sophomores SAMUEL E. LAPP JOHN H. NUXXELEY ROBERT L. WASHBURN WILLIAM L. RODCERS EDGAR W. ROEHM T. SEXTOX HOWARD R. STEVENSOX J. BENNETT WOOD Freshmen FRAXCIS A. NORQUIST LEOXARD M. SMALLEY C. MAX THOMPSON LAPP XUSNELEY WOOD BAILEY WARRES SELMEIER DENTZ HOLMES WASH BURS BALL NORTON VADAKIS KESSLER HAMILL SMITH STEVENSON THOMPSON ROEHM SMALLEY MILLS RODGERS BECK NOKQUIST Four hundred twenty-ttven L elta laix (J.psilon_ Alpha Chapter Established 1922 EDWIN C. IDE FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE S. K. RIBLET GUNTHER E. TlEDKE Seniors CARL F. ANDERSON ALVA H. JOHNSON GEORGE W. CROW NORMAN C. BOWERSOX WM. STANLEY DIEHL DONALD E. MULLIKEN MERWIN H. WATERMAN GEORGE R. ELLEDGE JOHN M. Russ BASIL E. WHITE Juniors GWYN M. HUGHES EVERETTE W. SAWYER JOHN A. JAY LEON G. VOSBURG Sophomores EDWARD F. HOLMES CARL T. NELSON KARL A. JEKEL HOWELL Russ OSCAR H. JEKEL FRANKLIN R. SMITH ROBERT D. MARTIN J. GAIL LYONS WILLIAM C. BISHOP Freshmen SAMUEL M. HUTCHISON JOHN B. MULLIKEN CHARLES A. JOHNSON EMERY M. SUHRBIER WILLIAM C. LUCAS HOLMES LYONS K. JEKEL H. Russ WHITE VOSBURG HUGHES MARTIN JAY A. JOHNSON ANDERSON SMITH RIBLET TIEDKE ELLEDGE C. JOHNSON LUCAS SUHRBIER NELSON BOWERSOX D. MULLIKEN SAWYER CROW DIEHL O. JEKEL WATERMAN J. Russ HUTCHISON K. MULLIKEN BISHOP four hundred twenty-eight Omicron Chapter Establish 1922 PRATER IX FACULTATE S. C. OPPENHEIM, A.B. FRATER IN URBE| ROBERT BRICKMAX, A.B. FRATRES IN UXIVERSITATE Seniors THEODORE I. BERGMAN- BEN D. MILLER JACK C. GORDON- AARON XOCHIMSON Louis A. SCHWARTZ Louis W. KRAMER MAURICE L. DAXMN PAUL D. BROMBERG MILTON M. MADDIN Louis GOLDSTEIN SIDNEY J. KARBEL MILTON L. PRAG HARRY H. PLATT PETER P. GINSBERG HARRY H. RICHMAN HENRY P. ROSIN Juniors SAMUEL F. KOMITO GABRIEL ROSIN- EDWARD A. RUBENSTEIS Sophomores OSCAR A. MARKUS JERQUE J. PRAC IRVING E. FINK Freshmen ABRAHAM SATOYSKY RAYMOND SIECEL LEWIS A. GOLDEN ADOLPH A. SCHMIER JACK B. MUNDSTUK LOUIS J. SwARTZ MARVIN S. AVERBOOK MAURICE OPPENHEIM GOLDEN KARBEL M. PRAC ROSESTHAL PLATT NOCHQISON KOMITO RVBEXSTEIS SWARTZ MVSDSTUK A -ERBOOK KlLUIER G. ROSIN GORDON ScHWAKTZ MADDIS GOLDSTEIN MILLER SCHMIER GINSBERG H. ROSIN BERGMAN RICHMAN BROMBERG BARRON SAIOVSKY MARKUS J. PRAG DANNIN SIEGEL Soui four hundred ticentt-ntne Nu Chapter Established 1922 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE MOREY L. ABRAHAMS MILTON M. BLINK IRVING BERMAN MONROE S. FURMAN IRWIN S. GOLDBERG Seniors CHARLES LIPSHUTZ LEO MELLEN Juniors BEN CAPLAN MAX M. GUTTMAN MAXWELL D. SHUSTER CARL A. STEINDLER Sophomores SIDNEY R. DREBIN HERBERT M. EIGES GEORGE E. GOLDBERG HERMAN KABAKER LESTER S. SMITH IRWIN B. WOLCHOK Freshmen HENRY S. KANE DONALD LAVINE EUGENE B. WARM SAM ' W. LEVY JOSEPH ELKIN JULIUS SACHS HAROLD M. WEINBERGER CAPLAN LEVY SACHS ELKIN WOLCHOK SMITH GUTTMAN EIGES SHUSTER STEINDLER BLINK LIPSHUTZ DREBIN ABRAHAMS KABAKER FURMAN WARM BERMAN KANE I. GOLDBERG LAVINE WEINBERGER G. GOLDBERG Four hundred thirty I I Jrlni Epsilon c ri Alpha Gamma Chapter Established 1922 JACK R. COHEN- ROBERT L. LEOPOLD RICHARD B. CORN DAV A. COHEN- SOL NEWMAX, III PRATER IN URBE DR. JUSTIN L. MOOXEY FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE ARNOLD T. FLEIG ROYAL A. OPPEXHEIM, A. B. CARLYLE P. IMERMAN STANLEY W. IMERUAX Seniors ALFRED L. MIELZINER MAURICE K. WEIL Juniors HAROLD N. EHRLICH JAMES C. LIEBMAX ROBERT M. SKALL Sophomores EDWARD H. GUETTEL LAWRENCE C. HYMAX S. ALBERT STERN MARVIN J. WELFELD Freshmen ARTHUR L. BOUMAN, JR. SEYMOUR BERXSTEIX MARCUS A. FEIXBERG WILLIAM E. KLEIN EDGAR S. LEVITT WALTER A. METZ HERBERT A. SALZMAX ANDREW E. PROPPER MARCEL L. MOONEY EDWARD M. HEYMAN BORIS D. MOSESSOHN r 1 METZ BauMA FEIN-BERG BEENiTEis JKi-Eix MOSESSOHX ALiJt x HEYSHX GCETTEL WEUELO MOONEV D. COHEX LEVITT STERX HYM.O.- PROPPER WEIL COHX EHRLICH NEWMAN O?pE-.-:iE-.M J. COHEX LEOPOLD S. IMESMAX MIELZINER FLEIG C. IMEEMAX FOUT hundred thirty-one PAUL D. DALKE FRANKLIN L. EVERETT CHARLES H. MENMUIR MILLARD H. PRYOR HOWARD E. WAHRENBROCK ROBERT A. WATERMAN House Club Established 1922 PRATER IN FACULTATE PROF. Louis M. EICH, PH.D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors ARNOLD F. HEINEMAN FRITCHOF T. SALLNESS HARRY E. ZUCK CHARLES J. CLARK EARL P. SAWYER Juniors ROBERT N. CROSS BERYL K. WRIGHT Sophomores G. ALEXANDER CAMPBELL HUBERT W. GOULDTHORPE EDMOND H. HOBEN EARL E. KLEINSCHMIDT ELAINE A. SCHNALL JOSEPH H. SHIPMAN JOHN D. TODD ROBERT O. VARNUM Freshmen W. DAVID FOULKS JOHN R. HOGLE GEORGE H. GREEN STANLEY F. ZUCK RUSSELL T. HOWE THORVALD T. THOMPSEN THOMAS M. PRYOR ROY W. JOHNSON E. MILTON STAUB ROWLAND M. HILL fc J.S HOGLE DOCKSEY KLEINSCHMIDT VARNUM SCHNALL SHIPMAN WESTCOTT JOHNSON WAHRENBROCK CROSS MENMUIR HEINEMAN THOMPSEN WRIGHT SALLNESS M. PRYOR CAMPBELL AMSTUTZ CLARK EVERETT WATERMAN HOWE STAUB GOULDTHORPE ZUCK DALKE ZUCK SAWYER PRYOR Four hundred thirty-two JOHN A. BARRETT, A.B. Delta Theta Phi CHARLES P. CARROLL, JR. MAURICE P. RHODES, A.B. Gamma Beta Chapter Established 1922 PRATER IN URBE LEON H. WENDEL, B.S. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE WALTER A. BROWE, A.B. Delta Theta Phi BRUCE E. CARL Psi Omega Seniors WRAY A. DONALDSON EARL F. STRUBB FRANK T. ZINN BENJAMIN G. LISTER STANLEY E. STRUNK AUGUST K. ZINN Juniors JOHN M. CAIN- EDWIN C. EDMVNDS RAMON G. RIVERA HOWARD J. BAUCH HENRY L. " DUFF CHARLES D. COGSHALL, JR. RAY E. COLLINS JOSEPH C. ELLIS RALPH C. HEIDLOFF RALPH H. SCHEEL THOMAS J. SEBURN LlLBURN L. WoODWORTH Sophomores GORDON M. CHAMBERS LESLIE T. DANBY LORING F. OEMING JOHN S. OR.WIG BUTLER A. SUMNER Freshmen CHARLES BIGELOW WILLIAM G. PHELPS ARTHUR J. PAUL FRANK M. TOWNSEND FRANCIS C. DE SILVA, JR. KENNETH B. LE GALLEY RALPH W. SHAW HAROLD W. DUDLEY HORACE B. SODT DANBY OEMING DVDLEY BAUCH PHELPS SUMNER CHAMBERS BIGELOW DE SILVA ELLIS SCHEEL CAIN COLLINS EDMUNDS COGSHALL LE GALLEY SHAW ORWIG CARL DONALDSON CARROLL SEBVRN STRUNK BROWE LISTER RIVERA TOWN-SEND K. ZINN WOODWORTH STRUBB RHODES DUFF HEIDLOFF F. ZINN PAUL Four hundred thirty -three lota Chapter Established 1855 Re-established 1923 HARRY B. GRUNDY, A.B. LLOYD C. CARLETON NORMAN R. BENHAM PAUL J. KELLER FRATER IN URBE E. GLEN HERSHMAN FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE L. BEAUMONT PARKS, A.B. GREGG T. ARMSTRONG Seniors RAWSON O. MARSH CHESTER A. SIRRINE ALLAN S. MORTON JAMES B. YOUNG WILLIAM PRESTON Juniors JOHN W. COALE WILLIAM H. HEATH FREDERICK M. PHELPS LEONEL C. PITTS Sophomores HENRY B. P. CLARK B. DONALD WRIGHT Freshmen STRATTON BUCK JOHN W. RYON CHARLES H. FINES KENNETH E. WILCOX GEORGE ' L. PATTEE KENNETH L. HOLLISTER BRYON HUNT BUCK RYON ARMSTRONG WILCOX FINES WRIGHT BENHAM CLARK HUNT COALE PITTS KELLER HEATH PHELPS HOLLISTER SIRRINE MARSH MORTON PATTEE YOUNG CARLETON GRUNDY Four hundred thirty-four .app Tau Chapter Establish 1923 FRATRES IN FACULTATE FRANK A. MICKLE, B.S. AXEL MARIN, B.S. FRATER IN URBE ALFRED FISCHER FRATRES IN UNIVERS1TATE JOSEPH A. GRANT, B.S. WILFERD P. RATNER, A.B. ' . " :: n GEORGE R. CONE WlLFORD G. KlLPATRICK E. BALLARD BACHMAN JOHX F. HARLAN HERVEY E. BALDWIN VERNON VV. CLEVERDON STANLEY A. KILPATRICK E. LAWRENCE GOLDEN CLYDE L. HAGERMAS ALEXANDER MACGREGOR ROY W. PATON RALPH H. TAYLOR Juniors PRESTON C. BRADY ROBERT D. BUICK RICHARD O. PAPENGUTH STERLING H. THOMSON Sophomores CLARENCE L. CHARTER CLAUDE COATES RVSSEL VV. DAVIS CHARLES C. JONES DAVID C. VOKES GLENN V. YOUNG Freskmen ROBERT E. REYNOLDS SAMUEL G. VELSOR ARLEN R. HELLWARTH PHILIP T. SHERMAN- E. GERO DONALD M. COOPER NELS V. MARIN YOVNG JONES BRADY W. KILPATRICK MACGREGOR CONE GRANT HAGERMAN VOKES BUICK COOPER S. KILPATKICK DAVIS HARLAX THOMSON SHERMAN COATES BACHMAN GERO PAPESCI.TH PATOS RAYNER HELLWARTH GOLDEN Four hundred thtrtf-jlve " I au llpsilon rkL Chi Chapter Established 1923 PRATER IN FACULTATE LEONARD M. BLUMENTHAL, B.S., M.A. FRATRES IN URBE MAURICE MISSAL, M.D. HYMEN HOFFMAN, A.B., L.L.B. JOSEPH B. ALEXANDER DAVID KASS MAURICE MARKOWITZ NATHAN S. ADLER BERNARD L. GOLDMAN KALMAN DOBBS FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE HERMAN WEPMAN, A.B. Seniors S. BROOKS BURNSTEIN HERMAN I. MADALIA JACK WEISBERG A. HARRY DOBBS M. ROBERT PRENNER DAVID P. ZACK Juniors GEORGE RIFKIN SYDNEY RUBINSTEIN HERMAN W. SHUMSKY DAVID M. WEPMAN Sophomores JACK G. BEHRMAN SAMUEL M. CATSMAN A. LESTER GRUBER MAURICE F. KARP HARRY WEISBERG SIDNEY NEIVERT Freshmen EDWARD H. SHADDEN ISADORE GuTOV MAURICE J. SHADDEN MAXWELL B. SHAPIRO ALBERT W. FENTON BERNARD P. PUPKO M.J. SHADDEN GRUBER KARP BEHRMAN CATSMAN FENTON GOLDMAN PUPKO ALEXANDER ADLER D. WEPMAN SHUMSKY MARKOWITZ SHAPIRO J. WEISBERG BURNSTEIN MADALIA KASS PRENNER H. WEPMAN ZACK GUTOV DOBBS NEIVERT H. WEISBERG RIFKIN E. SHADDEN HERTZBERG TENDLER RUBINSTEIN four hundred thirty-six ABRAM R. SIMON Sigma Iota Chapter Establish 1923 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE MYROX D. STEIN- DAVID S. TOUFF HERBERT L. SEIDMAN ROBERT S. ELSTER HERBERT I. SPITZER BERTRAM V. AMSTER MILFORD J. RUSH Juniors JOSEPH D. GOLDSMITH MlLTON J. SlLBERBERC ALLAN E. LEVIE D. BERNARD SlMOX ARTHUR J. LEVY HOWARD A. BLOOM MELVIS J. KUTTNAUER Sophomores STANLEY E. Foi BENJAMIN FRIEDMAN IRA S. MICHELSON EDWARD SEITNER WILLIAM H. STERN- SIDNEY H. GOLDMAN MILTON S. SOLOMON EARL M. LEWY EMIL T. STERN Fresk WILLIAM M. MAZER WILLIAM V. STRAUSS HERBERT SEGAL SAMSON WIENER JEROME A. SPERO SEITSEK B. Sotos Fox SILBEEBERG FRIEDMAN MICHELSON GOLDMAN RUSH SOLOMON BLOOM W. STERN GOLDSMITH LEVY LEVIE TOCFF STEIN A. SIMON AMSTEX SEIDMAN SPITZES KLTTNAUKR LEWY MAZER WIEJJER E. STBRS SPEKO STRAUSS SEGAL Four hundred thirty-teem Established 1923 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE HJLMAR HANSEN Seniors SCHUYLER ELLIOTT EDGAR WIGHTMAN W. VICTOR OWEN Juniors CHARLES H. JOHNSON DARRELL J. ORCUTT CHARLES H. BF.ARDSLEY FREDERICK J. BEAL Sophomores WELDON P. HARE FREDERIC VV. BALLENTINE HERMAN G. BREMENKAMPF WILSON SHERWOOD Freshmen HARRY GREEN FRED LANGE Four hundred thirty-eight Established 1923 FRATRES IN UNIVERS1TATE D. CLINTON GREEN F. BRADLEY CASE HOMER B. PORRITT CHARLES H. FRANK CHARLES }. SNOBLE MERTON M. BRISBIN EDWIN J. O ' CONNOR EDWIN C. GALSTERER CHARLES L. LEWIS HOWARD S. ZOLL Luis GIBSON Lucius C. GOULD C. FLOYD WHITE JAMES J. Don STANLEY E. GOODELL WILLIAM L. PHILLIPS . HAROLD BITTEL RALPH W. GOODALL 0. HARRY OLSON- ERNEST GODFREY CHANDLER H. WHIFFLE FRED K. ESHLEMAN E. B. ScHERMERHORN OHN E. DOTY TANLEY H. RICHARDSON LINFORD H. ENDERS WILLIAM J. ROBERTSON Freshmen DELMER I. ROEDEL JOHN K. TRUSCOTT HENRY D. VHIPPLE KRYN J. XAGELKIKK NAGELEJRK ROEDEL ESHLEMAN DOTY ROBERTSON SCHERMERHORN H.WHIPPLE TRCSCOTT C. WHIPPLE ENDERS GOULD BITTEL GIBSON GOODALL RICHARDSON GODFREY GOODEU. OLSON Duirx Werra ZOLL GALSTERER PHILLIPS SNOBLE BRISBIN GREEN O ' CONNOR POMUTT FRANK CASE LEWIS Four hundred thirty-nine Omega Psi Phi Phi Chapter Established 1922 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Es PRIELA B. SARREALS CORTEZ E. ENGLISH JAMES L. ELLIOTT WILLIAM DE H. HUBBARD Louis H. LONG Juniors ORLANDO W. STEWART LEON H. HUBBARD DUDLEY MALLORY FLOYD H. SKINNER Sophomore THEODORE R. FORSTON VERNON GRAY JOHN R. CORNWELL WILLIAM M. HOWARD LISTER E. SMITH HERBERT T. HARDY SAMUEL SHEPARIJ SMI TH HARDY SHEPARD FORSTON SARREALS L. H. HUBBARD W. H. HUBBARD ENGLISH SKINNER ELLIOTT STEWART Four hundred forty r 1 " Epsilon Chapter EstaUisked 1923 FRATRES IN UNIX ERSITATE CHESTER V. CHINS, Pn.B., A.M. VANCE A. CHRISTIAN, A.B. BOOKER T. McGiAw, A.B., A.M. GEORGE M. JONES, B.S. MACEO A. WHITE, A.B. Senior TEE K. BORDERS ALBERTUS B. Cons LLOTD E. ALEXANDER Juniors CLOTD R. BTRD THOMAS W. FLEMING WILLIAM L. POSTLES NORMAN S. MINOR ARMSTEAD S. PRIDE Sophomores CHARLES E. BAKER JOHN R. GRAY EDWARD M. TURNER Four hundjed forty-one THOMAS J. DONAHUE, A.B. LEO A. CANNON JOHN J. MCCARTHY JOSEPH V. BRADY JOSEPH L. MCK.ENNA JOHN F. BANKS H. PHILIP McANiFF JAMES W. BEYVL Nu Chapter Established 1924 PRATER IN FACULTATE RALPH R. MILLER, D.D.S. FRATRES IN URBE FRANK DsViNE, L.L.B. WILLIAM A. MILLS FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE JAMES A. MORLEY, B.S. Seniors FRANK J. ORTMAN, A.B. WILLIAM G. FARLOW J. DONALD MARKEY T. GERALD McSnANE GREGORY W. MELAVEN KARL B. ROBERTSON Juniors RAY A. BROW FRANCIS T. O ' BRIEN MAURICE S. CALLAGHAN HENRY J. SHANNON Sophomores CLARENCE C. HINCHBERGER RAYMOND Z. HODGSON IRVING J. McCARTY JOSEPH H. MEYERS ARTHUR S. STAFF EARL Q. STEFFIS Freshmen RICHARD V. DONAHOE JAMES T. HERALD THOMAS J. McGuiRE WILLIAM F. MAXCY HARRY J. MERRICK DUMONT F. HIXSON JOHN F. WAGNER RICHARD T. KELLIHER GEORGE G. O ' CONNELI A. DONALD McLANE HINCHBERGER HODGSON STEFFIS MCLEAN BANKS HERALD MCCARTY O ' CONNELL KELLIHER MCANIFF O ' BRIEN BEYVL DONAHOE McGuiRE BROW MEYERS SACKALOSCAS MERRICK SHANNON WAGNER HIXSON BRADY CALLAGHAN MELAVEN ROBERTSON MAXCY CANNON MARKEY MILLER DONAHUE ORTMAN MCSHANE FARLOW MCCARTHY Four hundred forty-two L Lambda- _PkL Kpsilon Chapter Established 1924 FRATER IN FACULTATE THEOPHILE RAPHAEL, A.M., M.D. EARLE ' ARONSON EDGAR ' CARTER MOREY MARCUS M. JESSE BERNSTEIN FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE EDWARD B. ORNSTEIN, A.B. Senior BURTON J. FRIEDMAN Juniors MYRON J. BLOTCKY HARRY N. FAXSTEIN Sophomores HENRY S. FECHHEIMER EDWARD B. GREENSPAN- MAURICE J. SHORR LESTER E. SLOSBURC CHARLES T. SABEL Freshmen STANLEY S. GILBERT BERNARD E. SCHETNITZ EDWARD G. ROSENBERG LEROY L. WILLIAMS EDWARD E. HIBSHMAN GILBERT MINTZ HAROLD S. RHODES HIBSHMAS SLOSBURG GREENSPAN SCHETNITZ SHORR MINTZ SABEL BLOTCKY FRIEDMAN ORNSTEIN WILLIAMS MARCUS ARONSON ROSENBERG RHODES FECHHEIMER BERNSTEIN GILBERT Four hundred fortg-thrf Zeta Chapter Established 1924 PRATER IN FACULTATE HOWARD Y. MCCLUSKY, A.B.,M.A.,PH.D. FRATRES IN URBE Louis C. REIMANN ROY W. ADAMS LsRoY O. DAHLBERG PHILIP E GEORGE G. ALDER CHESTER A. CLARK ROLLIN P. FIERO GEORGE S. REGISTER FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors JOHN T. DASEF WILBERT G. HARTLE HOMER D. STRONG ALFRED D. SUMMERS DONALD S. WHEELER Juniors JOHN C. ALLEN GEORGE H. BARTON ROBERT R. CLARK WILBERT T. CLAXTON WILLIAM C. HICKS MARK L. IRELAND NORMAN H. STRONG FLOYD V. WINNER EARL F. BUCKNELL PAUL W. FRESHWATERS JAMES F. KLOCK DANIEL BATCHELOR ERVIN F. LAROWE Sophomores THEODORE G. MAYNARD Freshmen EDWARD DUPERNELL CARLTON C. GEIRESBACH LOWELL M. MASON STUART B. MAYNARD MARCUS H. SALCHOW EMIL M. KAISER ALEXANDER E. WYLIE ROY A. BEATTY IRVING B. DICK GEORGE L. MILLER NORTON E. HOLLAND BEAHL T. PERRINE WALDO J. IRWIN KENNETH C. PRESTON IRWIN SALCHOW ALLEN FRESHWATERS C. CLARK GEIRESBACH BATCHELOR DUPERNELL MILLER (PRESTON WYLIE E. LAROWE T. MAYNARD REGISTER S. MAYNARD ALDER BARTON FIERO BUCKNELL DASEF WINNER H. STRONG PERRINE N. STRONG DICK HOLLAND KLOCK KAISER MASON BEATTY R. CLARK CLAXTON WHEELER SUMMERS P. LAROWE IRELAND DAHLBERC, Four hundred forty-four Ian. rVappa, Epsiloru- Established 1925 FRATRES IN FACULTATE RUSSEL A. DODGE, M.S. NATHAN SINAI, M.S. FRATER IN URBE CARLETON B. PEIRCE, A.B., M.D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE WILLIAM R. JONES, A.B. Seniors WILLIAM F. NIETHAMER IRA J. MASON CLARENCE S. TAPPAN SELDEN T. HUNTTING CHARLES B. MULLETT VERNON D. NERGER JERRY S. BENSON JOHN D. MALNIGHT LYLE S. YAN. NTWERP GILBERT RIAN Juniors ROGER W. CURTIS AZEL E. BEAN Sophomores CHARLES R. WALGREEN, JR. HAROLD R. OHLHEISER HAROLD G. BIXBY FERRIS M. SMITH DANIEL C. GATES HAROLD E. STRICKER Freshmen F. PRESTON BROWN- EDWARD C. BRYDEX HOWARD J. CURTIS WARREN S. GODFREY ROBERT H. LYMAN CLYDE B. YEDDER WILLIAM L. DAHLGREN EARL H. DE " INE DOUGLAS H. OATLEY HOWARD E. ROSE GREGORY B. HARTMAN HERBERT E. OCHSNER ALVIN A. BORG EDWIN N. GODDARD FRANCIS G. ZICK RUSSELL JACKA DAHLGREX BROWN OATLEY GODFREY H. CURTIS JACKA VEDDEB LYMAN BRYDEN .. OHLHEISER STRICTER WALGREEN BORG DEVINE GATES GODDARD SMITH RIAS TAPPAN HARTMAS HUNTTISG MASON NERGER BEAN R CURTIS -N IETHA.MMER ANA-VnVERP DoDGE SlXAI MULLETT JONES MALSIGHT BENS ROSE four hundred fortg-ffvt C. H. MOONEY JOHN W. BENNETT HON. ALEX. J. GROESBECK C. H. MOONEY H. A. WILLIAMS DORMITORY OFFICERS H. F. BENNETT BOARD OF DIRECTORS C. B. DUCHARME WM. J. HESTON B. R. SHERWOOD TRUSTEE COMMITTEE ARTHUR J. TUTTLE STUDENT HOUSE ORGANIZATION J. L. ZANDSTRA ROBERT BROWN LAWRENCE V. KIMBRELL PETER JABLONOWSKI . HARRY HAWKINS . WALTER T. PALMER HAROLD T. MULLEN EDWARD W. PETERSON ROBERT W. LESLIE JOHN W. BENNETT GEO. J. GENEBACH DR. R. S. MITCHELL OSCAR WEBBER PAUL GRAY Manager Head Proctor Proctor Proctor Proctor President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer CHESTER H. ANSCHELL C. HUBERT BAKER ROBERT J. BROWN RICHARD H. COLEMAN HORACE N. DECKER THADDEUS T. FOLEY JACK E. GOLDSTEIN EMANUEL J. HARRIS CLAYTON E. HOLLIS A. HENRY KENTTA EDWIN F. LIDDLE EDWARD J. MALONEY HAROLD T. MULLEN EDWARD W. PETERSON ARTHUR L. RICHARDSON DARWIN E. SACHEROFF DAVID B. STOCKTON ALEXANDER TEPPERT JOHN VEENSTRA RESIDENTS PAUL NEAL AVERILL GEORGE M. ARONEN GEORGE A. C. BARKER JULES G. BRESSON LAWRENCE E. BUCKWALTER GEORGE D. BURGESS ADDISON D. CONNOR THOS. J. DOUGAI.L LYMAN D. FULLER JOHN GORE BERNARD H. HARTZELL PETER W. JABLONOWSKI LAWRENCE V. KIMBRELL MONROE C. LIPPMAN REX H. McCLINTOCK ALLEN R. OSBORNE DWIGHT P. DANYEW MAX FlNKELMAN CALVIN B. GALLOWAY JOSEPH S. GRANGER HARRY HAWKINS ALEX N. JOHNS KURT J. KREMLICK JAMES E. LITTLE BERNARD W. MINCH NELSON P. PALMER HARRY RABINOWITZ EMERSON H. PULS FREDERICK D. RICHARDSON KENNETH E. RITTER ROBT. R. SHEURMAN WALTER C. SHIPLEY EMERSON W. STILES DOMINIC E. SULLO CHARLES R. TRICKEY EMANUEL VAN VLIET FRANKLYN L. WARREN HARRY E. WINSLOW JAY L. ZANDSTRA JAMES BAIRD HAROLD C. BROGAN THAYER H. CHARMICHAL LUTHER DANNECKER THOS. J. FlTZGIBBONS JULIAN N. GOLDMAN OSCAR M. GUNDERSON ROLFE M. HERRON LEON R. JOSLIN ROBERT W. LESLIE WARD B. LOWE GEORGE E. MONROE WALTER T. PALMER ORRIN C. RICKENBRODE WILLIAM C. ROETHKE PATRICK J. SMITH CLARENCE E. TAFT JAMES L. VAN VLIET WARREN A. WOOD Four hundred forty-six firteional J?rp HENRY M. BATES, Pn.B., LL.B. EDWIN C. GODDARD, Pn.B., LL.B. EVANS HOLBROOK, A.B., LL.B. EDGAR N. DURFEE, A.B., J.D. EDGAR H. AILES H. THOMAS CAVANAUGH, A.B. C. JAMES DRESBACH, A.B. CHARLES C. HAMILL, A.B., M.A. WILLIAM L. HOLLOWAY, A.B. C. COOLIDGE KREIS, A.B. BURTON B. SIBLEY THOMAS C. STRACHAN, JR., A.B. BEN S. WENDELKEN, A.B. Kent Inn Established 1869 FRATRES IN FACULTATE HORACE L. WILGUS, M.S. JOSEPH H. DRAKE, PH.D., LL.B. RALPH W. AIGLER, LL.B. ROBERT E. BUNKER, A.M., LL.B. L. PAUL BUCKLEY, LL.B. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE JOHN M. BULKLEY, A.B. EDWARD S. CLARK ALBERT J. FOLEY BRUCE J. HEALY EGBERT R. ISBELL, A.B. WILLIS R. LEENHOUTS, A.B. DONALD G. SLAWSON, A.B. WALTER H. VELDE, A.B. ROBERT G. YERKES, A.B. Legal Fraternity VICTOR H. LANE, C.E., LL.B. EDSON R. SUNDERLAND, A.M., LL.B. JOHN B. WAITE, A.B., LL.B. JOHN R. EFFINGER, PH.D. L. PERKINS BULL, A.B. WILLIAM B. CUDLIP THOMAS B. GILMORE EDGAR C. HOWBERT, A.B. JOHN T. INGHRAM, JR., A.B. ROGERS I. MARQUIS, A.B. MARION B. STAHL, A.B. WILLARD I. WEBB, JR., A.B. G. HERBIG YOUNGE Chemicvl Fraternity ROBERT J. CARNEY, PH.D. CLIFFORD C. GLOVER, M.S. VICTOR C. VAUGHAN, M.D., PH.D., Sc.D., LL.D. Alpha Chapter Established 1883 FRATRES IN FACULTATE CHARLES VV. EDMUNDS, A.B., M.D. ROY K. MCALPINE, PH.D. HOBART H. WlLLARD, PH.D. HERBERT W. EMERSON, B.S., M.D. CHARLES H. STOCKING, B.S. L. R. WAGENER, M.S. FRATRES IN URBE WALTER J. NUNGESTER, B.Sc., M.Sc. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE CARL W. CHRISTMAS, B.Sc. JOHN J. GALVIJJ LELAND W. FOUGHT, B.Sc. CHE. HAROLD R. BOWERS BURTON A. GROFF JOHN F. OHLSON DONALD E. DAVIS FRANCIS P. ST. PETER WILLIAM H. DECOU GEORGE D. BURGESS REGINALD B. CHAPMAN HAL B. COATS DONALD E. HAMILTON MARVIN C. JONES STANLEY RICHARDSON FREDERICK A. WEIHE EDWARD T. VENNARD Juniors GEORGE FARR, JR. RAYMOND A. MILLS EUGENE F. WULFMAN HARLAN S. VAN HORN Sophomores GILLARD DELL RAYMON D M. CANNON Freshmen ROBERT S. COLE ALFRED C. LUDINGTON OLIVER J. WEINKAUFF WILLIAM P. CUSICK HAROLD E. KORTMAN JOSEPH W. WARNER HERBERT E. NOEJ, STANLEY C. WAGGONER CARL J. KIRCHGESSNER EDWARD E. PETTIBONE RICHARDSON HAMILTON WULFMAX ST. PETER DECOU VANHORN DAVIS VENNARD MILLS FARR BOWERS NOEL WAGGONER CHRISTMAN COATS JONES WEIHE CUSICK GROFF CHAPMAN KORTMAN OLHSON KIRCHGESSNER COLE CANNON WEISKAUFF LUDISGTON DELL PETTIBOSE BURGESS Four hundred fifty-one FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors ERNEST C. BURHANS, B.S. LORIS L. HENRY DONALD F. HOYT HERVY B. PORTER Juniors SHERMAN E. ANDREWS FRANKLIN W. BASKE, A.B. RUSSEL J. HIMMELBERGER WILLIAM A. MAC ' AY HOWARD J. MURPHY RALPH E. NETZLEY, A.B. DOLSON W. PALMER Sophomores FREDERICK W. BALD, A.B. DAVID B. DAVIS ALBERT G. ENGELBACH, B.S. M. WILSON GASPER, B.S. LAWRENCE HAMBURG HOWARD W. SALISBURY RALPH W. SHOOK HOWARD S. STIMPSON THEODORE G. BERNTHAL NORMAN C. REGLIEN f Ipli a_ S i ! rrv a. Mu Sigma Alpha Chapter Establisrd 1888 Medical Fraternity Freshmen ROBERT A. BURHANS ARNOLD O. ABRAHAM SIDNEY M. QUIGLEY ROY E. BUTLER BERT R. BOONE WALTER SAWYER CLAY R. OWSLEY DONALD LsDuc REGLIEN CILLEY BERNTHAL R. BURHANS BUTLER ABRAHAM QUIGLEY BOONE SAWYER SHOOK ENGELBACH HAMBURG STIMPSON DAVIS SALISBURY GASPER NETZLEY MURPHY HIMMELBERGER MACVAY PALMER ANDREWS BLISS HOYT PORTER HENRY E. BURHANS BALD BASKE Four hundred fifty-two Dental Fraternity RALPH H. DIMOCK, D.D.S. Alpha Chapter Established 1889 FRATRES IN FACULTATE GEORGE R. MOORE, D.D.S. HERMAN D. MAST, D.D.S. W. CLAIRE CARTIER WILLIAM J. COBB ARTHUR H. REIMAN WALTER E. BLAIR SHERWOOD R. LEE HOWARD D. AXFORD FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Senior J. RICHARD CHRISTNER HERDIS L. LEWIS BERNARD L. NOONAN WALTER T. ROGERS Juniors JULIO LUZUNARIS WALTER J. MCCARTHY HAROLD F. SCHMIDT LEON H. WILLIAMS HAROLD G. WINKLER Sophomores WILLARD N. CAMPBELL LEE C. FOWLE STANLEY L. SMITH HARRIS L. WILSON Freshmen JOHN F. CLEARY LESTER N. LAPP DONALD C. MACWAN GEORGE QUA, JR. ROBERT S. WILSON DANIEL L. HOGAN ENOCH A. YATES McGovERX ORCUTT HOOD KEENE HANVAHAN SIBLEY WILLIAMSON CLEARY BLAIR SLINGER AXFORD H. WILSON YATES SMITH QUA R. WILSON CAMPBELL LEE FOWLE WILLIAMS XOOXAS CARTIER MAST ROGERS CHRISTXER MACWAN MCCARTHY SCHMIDT Four hundred fifty-three WILLIAM H. BRACE, A.B., M.D. ROBERT R. DIETERLE, M.D. RALPH B. FAST, M.D. JAMES H. MATTHEWS, M.D. Established 1897 Medical Fraternity FRATRES IN FACULTATE R. BISHOP CANFIELD, A.B., M.D. CARROLL C. DAVENPORT, B.S., M.D. FREDERICK A.CoLLER,M.S.,M.D.F.A.C.S. Louis E. DANIELS, B.S., M.D. HAROLD A. FURLONG, B.S.,M.D.,M.H. GEORGE R. HERRMANN, B.S., PH.D., M.D. LAWRENCE MCCAFFREY, M.D.,CH.M.S. WILLIAM H. STOKES, M.D. WALTER M. SIMPSON, M.S., M.D. SHELBY W. WISHART, B.S., M.D. FRATRE IN URBE ALBERT S. BARR, A.B., M.D. SAMUEL W. DONALDSON, M.D. WARREN P. LOMBARD, M.S., Sc.D., M.D., LL.D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE THERON S. LANGFORD, M.D. ROBERT MACKENZIE, B.S., M.D. Seniors GRANT L. BALDWIN PAUL W. DuBois OLIVER B. MC LLICUDY PHILIP A. AMADON MALCOLM HIPKE KENNETH M. DAVENPORT RuSSEL C. KlMBALL OLIN J. CAMERON ROBERT S. HOTCHKISS ROBERT W. BENNER MALCOLM G. BOURNE GEORGE W. HYDE THOMAS A. HORAN EUGENE B. POTTER THEOPHILE E. SCHMIDT JOSEPH J. TROMBLEY, JR. Juniors CARL H. FORTUNE NORMAN R. KRETZSCHMAR JAMES A. ROWLEY Sop homores HARVEY C. HANSEN ROBERT HASTINGS CLARE T. RITTERSHOFER DONALD A. THORPE ELDON J. TEETER Freshmen JOHN C. BUGHER JOHN B. KILGUS JAMES M. NELSON GLENN A. CAMERON JOHN HUBER JOHN L. MURPHY EDWIN J. DOTY RICHARD U. LIGHT WILEY SAMS CHESTER A. DEWITT JAMES F. JOHANTGEN ETHELBERT SPURRIER FREDERICK R. HARPER FRANK L. MC?HAIL CARL P. HUBER HARRY STOKES DEAN L. HOSMER STANLEY R. LOWE TEETER SAMS MURPHY STOKES LOWE HOSMER LIGHT HOTCHKISS CAMERON RITTERSHOFER HASTINGS KEMPER DAVENPORT HANSEN HUBER CARMICHAEL DOTY SNODGRASS McPnAit AMADON HARPER NELSON FORTUNE KIMBALL KRETZSCHMAR KILGUS JOHANTGEN TROMBLEY HYDE HORAN SPURRIER BUGHER POTTER BENNER DEWITT MCGILLICUDY SCHMIDT SIMPSON BOURNE BALDWIN DuBois four hundred fifty-four Medical Fraternity Beta Chapter Established 1898 FRATRES IN FACULTATE JOHN SUNDWALL, B.S., PH.D., M.D. GEORGE SLOCUM, M.D. JOHN B. YOUMANS, M.S.. M.D. ERWIN E. NELSON, B.S., A.M., PH.D. JAMES M. PIERCE, B.S., M.D. E. CARROLL YATES, B.S., M.D. E.. WALTER HALL, A.B., A.M., M.D. JAMES E. CROUSHORE, B.S., M.D. THEOPHILE KLINGMAN, Pn.C., M.D. FRATRES IN URBE GEORGE F. MUEHLIG, B.S., M.D. ALBERT G. YOUNG, A.B., Pn.D. A. C. FURSTENBURG, B.S., M.D. CARL E. BADGLET, B.S., M.D. JOHN F. SANDER, B.S., M.D. CARLETON B. PEIRCE, A.B., M.D. A. WILLIAM COXON, M.D. A. S. WALKOWSKI W. M. BARTLETT J. F. CLANCY F. C. HAMM F. A. SCOTT, B.S. C. H. ADAMS N. E. LACT E. H. CORLET D. P. DURNEY E. C. SMITH FRATRES IN UNIYERSITATE NORMAN K. FOLEY, M.D. LAMOTT F. BATES, B.S., M.D. Seniors D. L. BEERS J. H. BESANCON, B.S R. B. DRYER C. C. EADES, B.S. W. D. IRWIN W. C. MARTIN A. B. THOMAS, B.S. R. C. TRAVIS, A.B. Juniors WILLARD BARTLETT,JR.,A.B. M. E. GOODRICH J. A. MORLEY, B.S., M.E. O. C. RATHMAN Sophomores W. A. FENSTERMACHER F. M. HARTZ R. H. SNYDER S. L. VAN RIPER Freshmen G. HARTGROVE H. W. JACOX G. THOMPSON N. WILLIAMS A. ZILIAK V. D. NERGER RUSSEL L. MUSTARD, A.B., M.D. C. S. CAPP, A.B., A.M. J. B. HASSBERGER, B.S. T. H. MILLER, A.B. R. G. HUBBARD W. E. NESBITT W. A. MURRAY J. LAWSON MURRAY WILLIAMS THOMPSON JACOX HARTGROVE DURNEY ZILIAK SMITH SSYDER XERGER FENSTERMACHER VAXRIPER HARTZ CORLEY LAWSON MORLEY RATHMAN GOODRICH ADAMS HCBR RD LACY W. BARTLETT, JR. XESBITT HASSBERGER IRWIN BEERS CLANCY EADES THOMAS DRYER MARTIN BESCANCOS TRAVIS Scon HAMM GAIT W. BARTLETT Four hundred fifty-five Campbell Chapter Established 1905 Legal Fraternity FRATRES IN FACULTATE GROVER C. GRISMORE, A.B., J.D., S.J.D. HERBERT F. GOODRICH, A.B., LL.B. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE JOSEPH V. HODGSON, A.B., Sigma Phi Epsilon JOSEPH A. AVERY, A.B., Chi Phi VERNON F. HILLERY, A.B., Theta Chi EDWARD C. McCoBB, A.B., Delta Upsilon DOUGLAS R. DEWEY, Kappa Sigma JAMES K. BROOKER, Delta Upsilon JACK H. PAGE, Delta Tau Delta MAXWELL E. FEAD, Chi Phi JOSEPH W. MCAULIFFE, A.B., Delta Tau Delta ARTHUR A. ROBINSON, Kappa Sigma F. ROLAND ALLABEN, A.B. D. NEIL REID, A.B., Trigon ARTHUR A. NACK NOBLE D. TRAVIS, Beta Theta Pi Louis S. RELLER, B.S., Phi Gamma Delta H. ALLYN HICKS, A.B., Beta Theta Pi WM. WIRT KING, A.B., Delta Tau Delta CHARLES F. NOONAN, A.B. EDWARD E. MURANE, Phi Sigma Kappa THOMAS J. LYNCH, Alpha Chi Sigma GEORGE T. TOWNLEY, Sigma Chi RICHARD G. BURCHELL, A.B., Alpha Sigma Phi RAYMOND J. ROTH, Beta Theta Pi SAMUEL R. POST, A.B., Phi Sigma Kappa LAURENS L. HENDERSON, A.B. Beta Theta Pi JOHN W. Ross, B.S. FRANK M. HURSLEY, A.B., Phi Mu Alpha JOSEPH E. DICKINSON, B.S.E., Alpha Chi Rho L. BEAUMONT PARKS, A.B., Delta Phi JOSE E. ARMIJO, Alpha Sigma Phi CHARLES D. LIVINGSTONE, Phi Gamma Delta ROBERT P. DAVIES, A.B., Beta Theta Pi JOHN CURRY HOVER, A.B., Phi Delta Theta JAMES B. BOYLE CLIFF. A. PEDDERSON LIVINGSTONE HICKS RELLER KING BOYLE HOVER NACK TRAVIS DICKINSON PARKS HURSLEY REID FEAD PAGE ROBINSON BURCHELL MCAULIFFE HODGSON DEWEY ALLABEN HILLERY NOONAN AVERY ROTH HENDERSON BROOKER MURANE DAVIES ARMIJO Ross McCoBB POST LYNCH TOWNLEY Four hundred fifty-si Medical Fiaternity Psi Chapter Established 1905 FRATRES IN FACULTATE ROLLO E. McCoTTER. M.D. EMORY W. SINK. M.S., M.D. FLOYD P. ALLEN, M.D. Lixxus J. FOSTER, M.D. RALPH O. RYCHENER, B.S., M.D. CARLON R. HILLS, A.B., M.D. YERNON L. HART, M.D. ALRICK B. HERTZMAN, PH.D. HERBERT C. KLINC, M.D. KENNETH FOWLER, M.D. ALBERT C. KERLIKOWSKE, M.D. FRATRES IN URBE CONRAD GEORG, M.D. HOWARD H. CUMMIXGS, M.D. FRATRES IN UNIYERSITATE ROBERT H. ATKINS, B.S. R. U. COOPER, B.P.E., A.M. JAMES K. HAZEL, B.S. CLARENCE J. POPPIN NORMAN H. AMOS ALBERT F. GREGG EHRHARDT RUEDEMANN F. BRUCE FRALICK GORDON B. MYERS, A.B. JOHN K. ALTLAND, A.B. MARION W. HILLMAN DALE E. THOMAS KARL M. BEIERLEIN, A.B. A. LAWRENCE GLEASOX, A.B. MOSES J. HOLDSWORTH ARTHUR H. STEELE, B.S. FRANCIS J. CLARK, B.S. HENRY F. GRAFF, A.B. BURTON E. HYDE MARCUS B. TIDEY Juniors G. RUSSELL BECK, A.B. WILLIAM L. BONHAM, B.S. LATHAM B. LAWTON CHARLES E. OSBORNE PAUL J. SHANK LAWRENCE N. WELLER,A.B. Sophomores ROBERT A. HICKS, B.S. WALTER G. MADDOCK, A.B. ALVIN E. PRICE, A.B. E. CLIFFORD SOULTS HALFORD E. WHITACRE.B.S. LLOYD B. YOUNG, A.B. Freshmen PAUL H. BASSOW GEORGE F. CAREY- CECIL W. LEPARD, A.B. LAWRENCE W. NEHIL WILLIAM W. THOMS HUBERT J. VAN PEENEN DAVID H. CONDIT GEORGE P. GRAYBIEL, B.S. CECIL L. PENOYAR JOHN O. WETZEL, B.S. GUY W. DEBOER WESLEY G. REID ARTHUR M. CULLER, A.B. CARL G. MILLER HAROLD E. STEDMAN JOHN R. FELLOWS CHARLES W. SCHAEFER - THOMAS SOULTS HICKS STEDMAN XEHIL GREGG BONHAM REID PENOYAR ATKINS BEIERLEIS COSDIT PntHAM MADDOCK MEYERS MILLER PRICK FRALICK WHITACRE Yocsc SHANK WELLER AMOS DEBOER BACK CULLER CLARK TIDEY HYDE STEELE GRAYBIEL HOLDSWORTH POPPIN GLBASON WATZEL HAZEL GRAFT SCHAEFER ALTLAND BASSOW tTnmm THOMAS VAJ PEENEJ Four hundred fiftf-t Gamma Kappa Chapter Established 1905 Dental Fraternity FRATRES IN FACULTATE M. D. MACKOY, D.D.S. JOSEPH J. TOLAN, D.D.S. FRATRES IX URBE F. C. NAYLOR, D.D.S. M. D. MACKOY, D.D.S. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE R. DEAN AMENT VERNER H. EMAN JACK P. BEUKEMA LsRoY F. HILL MARSHALL B. BRUSHART MAX B. PURDY ELWYN W. CLEARY CURTIS O. THOMPSON ED. G. BACON JOSEPH W. BURBA GEO. N. CANNON Louis R. SCHULTZ FRANK T. WHITNEY JULIAN G. BELT E. ROMLE ROMINE WM. W. CREBS GEO. B. STANFORD ED. J. GUENTHER MURRAY A. LEITCH AVERY A. BARTLETT KENNETH H. PLATT BRUCE E. CARL CLARENCE B. SOMERS ORIN N. GRAVES CLIFFORD H. LAY LUSTER F. BEST SELWYN P. BURRIDGE RICHARD GEO. R. SWINTZ A. DOUGLAS HOPKINS Sophomores ROY E. HAWKINSON KENNETH M. HOPKINS WALDOMAR O. ROESER DON A. SANZOBRINO STUART H. WARD JOHN P. VAN()SDOL E. MACLAY CROSBY GEO. E. MEADS Jos. A. SWEENEY FORREST G. McGuiGAN MONROE B. SULLIVAN DON C. WHEELER MACGlLLVRAY PlERSON RYAN LAW ANDERSON HlGGINS FOSTER TEAL RlGTERINK LUCAS LURKINS LUCK RILEY SANZOBRINO ROESER VANOSDOL H.B. GREEN CROSBY HAWKINSON SULLIVAN MEADS LEE McGuiGAN CREBS K. HOPKINS LEITCH ROMINE SCHULTZ SHARP BURRIDGE ALLEN GUENTHER WARD BACON SOMERS BELT BARTLETT WHITNEY LAY CANNON SWINTZ BURBA STANFORD PLATT THOMPSON EMAN AMENT CLEARY BEUKEMA HILL PURDY BEST DELOOF BRUSHART Four hundred fifty-eight Medical Fraternity MAX M. PEET. M.D. HAROLD G. WALLER, M.D. JOHN L. GARVEY, M.D. Louis H. NEWBURCH, M.D. Alpha Iota Chapter Established 1906 FRATRES IN FACULTATE PHIL L. MARSH, M.D. LESTER M. WEIDER, M.D. EDWIN RUSSELL. M.D. WILLIAM FERGUSON, M.D. NORMAN F. MILLER. M.D. . NOEL SHAMBAUGH, M.D. N. WARREN BOURNE, M.D. PAUI GARVEV. M.D. CLARENCE H. CREGO. M.D. DEAN C. DENMAN, M.D. FLOYD L. LASHMET, A.B ARTHUR. C. CURTIS KENITH S. MC!XTYRE KENNETH B. BABCOCK JOHN H. NICHOLS ALF S. ALVING ROBERT H. SOUTHCOMBE JAMES O. BROWN HOWARD HowLErrJI HAYDEX C. NICHOLSON FRATRES IN URBE GEORGE F. BELOTE, M.D. ROBERT L. GLASS, M.D. ROBERT H. PHILLIPS, M.D. SCOTT E. WILKINSON, M.D. THEODORE I BAUER, M.D. VERNON C. ABBOTT, M.D. EARL N. YAN()RNUM, M.D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE HERBERT W. TWINING, A.B. ALFRED S. SCHULTZ Seniors JAMES H. DELANEY THERON S. HILL HAROLD S. MORGAN STANFORD W. MULHOLLASD HENRY D. STRICKER Juniors WARD L. CHADWICK ELMO G. CRABTREE FRED W. THOMAS SMITH W. THORINGTON Sophomores LESTER E. BAUER HARRY H. HAIGHT CARL W. SWANSON DAVID M. WEEKS Freshmen WINSTON C. CRABTREE FRED M. DOYLE WILLIAM S. HATHAWAY EDWARD K. ISBEY WOODWARD A. NEITHAMMER LORENZO NORCONKJ ' MORRIS D. WERTENBERGER CARLETON W. WINSOR NELSON S. KEELER HOMER H. STRYKER CARL GILLIES PAUL W. KNISKERN WADE F. ELLIS ALBERT KOSTER DANIEL YANW ' OERKHAM I HATHAWAY BAUER KKISKEKN WEEKS SWAXSON HAIGHT SOUTHCOMBE NICHOLSON NORCONK ALVISG THORIXGTOX CRABTREE GILLIES DR. RUSSEL BABCOCK NICHOLS CHADWICK THOMAS STRICTER MVLHOLLAXD MOEGAX STRYKER KEELER DR. PEET MC!STYRE CUKTIS DELAKEY VANWOERKHAM NIETHAMMER CRABTREE HOWLETT ISBEY DOYLE BROWN ELLIS KOSTER ' hundred fifty-nine amraa. 2,eta Chapter Established 1910 PRATER IN FACULTATE EDWIN B. STASON, A.B., J.D.S.B. Legal Fraternity DEWITT MILLER, A.B., LL.B. FRATRES IN URBE EDMUND CUMMISKY, A.B., LL.B. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE JOHN HAY, A.B. Seniors RUSSELL R. HAYS, A.B. CARROLL B. JONES Juniors ARCHBALD_WILSON, A.B., LL.B. LELAND D. PHELPS L. FRANK MCKNIGHT CHARLES J. COLE, A.B. CLAYTON C. PURDY, A.B. QUENTIN M. KLEIN LUCIAN LANE, A.B. EDWARD T. STIBICH, A.B. ARTHUR M. SMITH, A.B. HAROLD G. WOOD, A.B. FRANK L. YOUNG, JR. A.B. WARREN C. HORTON, A.B. GERALD M. RYAN, A.B. FRANK J. GALLOGHER, A.B. ROGER DOTEN KARL HUMM Freshmen GEORGE F. FERRIS BENJAMIN HALSTEAD, B.S. CHARLES HORTH, A.B. BERYL WORDEN, A.B. NELSON ADAMS JAMES VAIL ROGER I. WYKES, JR. HORTH HALSTEAD ADAMS WYKES HUMM VAIL DOTEN FERRIS HORTON WOOD SMITH PURDY STIBICH COLE KLEIN WORDEN LANE JONES PHELPS HAY HAYS MCKNIGHT YOUNG Four hundred sixty Sigma Ttelta Journalistic Fraternity E. G. BURROWS DAVID BRAMBLE JOHN GARLIXGHOUSE Eitoblisked 1910 FRATRES IN " FACULTATE DOSAL RAISES FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE MARTIN CODEL ALBERT KOEPKE CARL SCBOOXMAKER THOMAS E. FISCE PAUL EINSTEIN PHILLIP WAGXER J. R. BRUMM RONALD HALGRIU CARL OBLMACHER EDWARD MACK WILLIAM L. DIEXER BERNARD BAETCKE Juniors ROBERT MAXSFIELD HYDE PERCE KENNETH KELLAR ANDREW PROPPER Sophomores MANNING HOUSE WORTH WILLH CROSBY JOSEPH RINGER CARL PATTERSON E:V ? TE:N GARUXGHOCSE MACK OHUIACHEK BRAMBLE KOEPKE CROSBY HAINES MANSFIELD KELLAR HALCRIM BAETCKE HOCSEWORTH Four hundree tixtf-one Chris tiancy Senate Established, 1912 Legal Fraternity DONALD C. DUNCANSON HAROLD P. TROSPER HERBERT H. SYLVESTER PAUL R. WILSON PRATER IN FACULTATE CARL G. BRANDT, LL.B., LL.M. FRATRES IN URBE MYRON MCLAREN RALPH R. LEWRIGHT FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors WALTER A. BROWE, A.B. CYRUS E. CHURCHILL HARTWELL G. GRAIN WALTER T. DUNN, A.B.,A.M. ALFRED E. LINDBLOOM, A.B. HARRY S. MANCHESTER, B.S. BENJAMIN J. MANLEY LAURENCE A. MASSELINK, B.S. ALBERT J. PARKER, A.B. LAWRENCE C. WARDEN, A.B. FREDERICK P. BAMBERGER HARRY L. HALL A. GORDON OLIVER, A.B. GORDON F. VANEENAM Juniors WELDEN G. BETTENS, A.B. Ross S. CAMPBELL, A.B. PHILIP H. KELLEY Louis L. LANDMAN, A.B. GEORGE A. PARMENTER A. Ross PASCOE GLENN O. WALLACE, A.B. CARL A. WEINMAN, A.B. Freshmen JOHN A. BARRETT, A.B. JAMES C. FOSTER JAMES F. MURRAY JOHN A. SABO, JR. Louis J. BUCKLIN EDWIN C. IDE, A.B. WALTER E. PEAR, A.B. JAMES P. STEINHAUR HAYES DANSINGBURG, A.B. LAWRENCE S. KING LESLIE C. PUTNAM BOYD W. SHOESMITH HARRY C. CLARK R. DALE LAW HENRY W. PETZINGER WILLIAM J. WILKINS R. VERNE ECKMAN, A.B. ROBERT MANCHESTER F. GALEN RENKENBERGER HERBERT J. WETTLAUFER PUTNAM LAW WETTLAUFER DANSINGBURG FOSTER IDE ECKMAN R. MANCHESTER SHOESMITH BETTENS PASCOE MURRAY RENKENBERGER KING STEINHAUR BARRETT BUCKLIN PETZINGER PARKER WEINMAN BAMBERGER WALLACE W T ILKINS CAMPBELL LANDMAN PARMENTER KELLEY GRAIN BROWE LINDBLOOM H. MANCHESTER WARDEN MANLEY DUNN BRANDT CHURCHILL MASSELINK Four hundred sixty-two T rlpKa HKo Architectural Fraternity EMIL LORCH, A.M. LEON A. MAKIELSKI Iktinos Chapter Established 1914 FRATRES IN FACULTATE GEORGE McCoxKEY, B.A.E. J. ALBERT ROUSSEAU ERNEST H. BARXES FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE GEORGE H. WILLIAMS, A.B. RAYMOND WEBER VERNE SIDXAM HAROLD E. PETERSOX LIVINGSTOX ELDER HAROLD F. NASER J. RVSSEL RADFORD C. TAYLOR MILLER Seniors E. KIEFER CARL C. KRESSBACH WILFRED P. McLxucHLix DEAN W. RANKIN Jfniors FRED J. SCHOETTLEY GILBERT T. RICHEY ALBERT A. STEWART ARTHUR H. TUCKER OSCAR F. WILD HAROLD E. PIXE L. VERXOX GIBBS KARL H. RUHN Sophomores ROY J. FLEMIXG THEODORE S. WRIGHT EDWARD I. HULL HAROLD M. PHILPOTT KENNETH C. BLACK GAYLORD A. WATTS ORRIX K. GRIFFITH WILLARD S. LAWRENCE WALTER R. THOMPSOX GERALD R. WATLAJJD WILLIAM B. CLARK FRED CAMPBELL SAXGER J. BROWN BROWN HULL PHILFOTT RADFORD WATLAND WRIGHT RUDOLPH CLARK FLEMING GRIFFITH TUCKER LAWRENCE THOMPSON KVHN MILLER EL::LK WATTS GOBS RICHER- SCHOETTLEY Wuj) PETERSON STEWART N. KRESSBACH WILLIAMS SIDNAM BLACK MCLAUGHLIN RANKIN KIEFER WE Fou- hundred fixtj-thref Sigma Chapter Established 1914 Engineering Fraternity FRATRES IN FACULTATE HARRY H. HIGBIE, B.S. WILLIAM C. HOAD, B.S. CAPTAIN GEORGE W. DUNN, B.S. FRATRES IN URBE HERMAN R. BEUHLER, B.S FRANK W. HIGHTOWER. ' B.S WALTER R. DRUARY, B.S. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors GEORGE W. HUNTER MYRON A. JONES REX G. REASON RUSSELL F. MOODY KURT R. KEYDEL JOHN P. TYNES JACK K. BULMER WARREN H. HALL LLEWELLYN C. RUBY MORTIMER A. NEFF Sophomores WALTER T. BROMLEY HAROLD D. HAUF ROGER H. NEWCOMER MAX B. TUNNICLIFFE LEONARD BODDY JAMES W. LITTLETON RALPH W. HIGBIE LEWIS N. WHITE, JR Freshmen HAROLD W. KELLOGG EUGENE E. KOCH J. ALBERT SCELLEN DAVID B. CALDWELL MORGAN R. NORTON HARVEY TURNER KOCH SCELLEN KELLOGG WATERBURY HIGBIE NORTON CALDWELL BROMLEY TUNNICLIFFE TURNER BODDY HUNTER MOODY JONES KEYDEL REASON HIGHTOWER RUBY WHITE BULMER NEWCOMER NEFF HALL HAUF Four hundred sixty-four Legal Fraternity WM. M. LAIRD, LL.B. Alpha Chapter Established 1914 FRATRES IN URBE JUDGE GEORGE M. SAMPLE, LL.B. JOHN P. BOYCE ROBERT M. PORTER FRANK H. BACKSTROM DONALD B. FREDERICK RALPH F. HUCK RAY L. ALEXANDER LESTER F. JOHNSON JAMES J. WEADOCK FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors K. F. CLARDY JOHN GALLOWAY VICTOR J. VOORHEISE ODILLION WEED BERNARD F. ZINN GEORGE E. EHRKE RALPH M. FREEMAN HARRY V. JONES RICHARD F. ROE Juniors ROBERT H. COFFIN WILLIAM D. GOWANS NORMAN H. MAGEL A. MILLIARD WILLIAMS Freshmen WILLIAM B. HARTMAN ELMORE C. LAMPE W. HUGH WILLIAMS FRED T. JARRETT BARTLETTE E. NUTTER ALBERT LA PLANTE ARTHUR E. MOORE HAROLD LUSK WM. A. FREIMUTH WENDELL O. HARRIS DANIEL PETERMAN J. DONALD LAWRENCE RUSSELL E. SMITH GEORGE PARKER LAWRENCE EHRKE W.WILUAMS HARTMAN ALEXANDER JOHNSON SMITH WEADOCK LAMPE JARRETT FREIMUTH ROE HARRIS PETERMAS MAGEL MOORE CLARDY PORTER ZINN WEED LUSK JONES A. WILLIAMS Corns BACKSTROM FREDERICK NUTTER GOWANS Four hundred tixty-fivt S. L. BIGELOW, PH.D. W. L. BADGER, M.S. H. B. LEWIS, PH.D. H. HODGES, PH.D. . F. WEATHERILL, PH.D. E. O. SCOTT, M.S. L. O. CASE, M.S. W. G. SMEATON, A.B. C. C. MELOCHE, PH.D. EGBERT K. BACON, M.S. H. JUDSON OSTERHOF, A.B., M.S. ALDEN F. ROWE, B.S. CARLTON N. SMITH, A.B. RICHARD G. CLARKSON E. LEIGHTON KNAPP JACK ROBINSON FERDINAND H. ANDREWS RUPERT W. KUENZEL Alpha Beta Chapter Established 1916 HONORARY MEMBERS A. H. WHITE, A.B., B.S. FRATRES IN FACULTATE G. G. BROWN, Pn.D. W. P. WOOD, M.S. W. J. McGiLL, M.S. E. M. BAKER, B.S. C. UPTHEGROVE, B.S. J. C. GENIESSE, PH.D. H. C. ECKSTEIN, Pn.D. M. H. SOULE, Sc.D. FRIEDEL C. WILKENING, A.B. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE DEWITT B. BELL DONALD F. OTHMER, B.S. ROBERT F. RUTHRUFF, B.S. FRANK J. L. VANNATTA, B.S. Seniors ARTHUR HARTWELL, JR. MARK HUCK LAWRENCE D. McLouTH HERBERT R. POLAND LLOYD L. SCOTT OSCAR A. STOCKER A. MCLAREN WHITE Juniors BEMSLEY W. CONN DAVID Fox MARSHALL K. SKADDEN Sophomores GEORGE LAMB CARL C. MONRAD JOSEPH D. RYAN Freshmen GEORGE AKIN EDWARD G. BUTTON Chemical Fraternity E. D. CAMPBELL, B.S. A. L. FERGUSON, PH.D. F. E. BARTELL, PH.D. H. H. WILLARD, PH.D. R. J. CARNEY, PH.D. A. A. CHRISTMAN, PH.D. R. K. MCALPINE, PH.D. E. H. LESLIE, PH.D. J. L. HAYMAN, Pn.C., B.S. CHARLES W. CLARKE, M.S. ARNOLD E. PRATT, M.A. CLIFFORD K. SLOAN, A.B. MAURICE VANLOO, M.A., M.S. PAUL C. JONES DONALD J. REESE CARROLL R. SUTTON RENSIS LIKERT FRANK K. SCHOENFELD KUENZEL BUTTON MONRAD LAMB AKIN RYAN Fox CONN VAN Loo OTHMER SLOAN SKADDEN SCHOENFELD PRATT HAYMAN POLAND CLARKSON ANDREWS VAN NATTA BACON SMITH McLouTH HARTWELL KNAPP SUTTON WHITE STOCKER ROBINSON Four hundred sixty-six X i Chapter Establish 1921 Business Administration Fraternity FRATRES IN FACULTATE ROBERT A. CAMPBELL ROBERT G. RODKEY, A.M. J. A. ALDRICH LEROY D. ALBRO HARRISON P. HOWES HARRY A. BAKER KENNETH T. HAVEN FRATRES IN UNIX ERSITATE Seniors WILLIAM D. HART MILLARD H. PRYOR DOUGLAS R. SEWELL LTLE O. THAYER Juniors CURTIS D. BECKER HAROLD F. FREEBORNE HOWARD H. HOFFMAN- CHARLES F. LYMAS HOWARD D. MC AUGHTOX TOM J. MONTGOMERY CLARK R. SIMMONS CHARLES D. SPENCER Sophomores WM. T. KESSEL LEWIS F. MERKEL HAROLD J. MERTZ CARL MOODY NORMAN E. TAYLOR Freskmen LESTER C. CURL CLARE E. HARDER RALPH A. VAX ARMAN MEKKEL ' ' . : -. VAX ARMAN BAKES HARDER MERTZ HAVEN TAYLOR gmaaa LTMAN HOWES CURL ALBRO FREEBORNE MCN ' AUGHTON SPENCER MONTGOMERY SIMMONS THAYER ALDRICH :-: = .: Hovnux PRIOR Four hundred tixtf-strtn Omega Chapter Established 1922 Medical Fraternity FRATRES IN FACULTATE THEOPHILE RAPHAEL, A.M., M.D. SAMUEL J. LEVIN, M.D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE SAMUEL S. ALTSHULER, A.B. HERMAN KANTER MYER S. HERMAN, B.S. MAURICE E. BRIKMAN Seniors LEO J. CROLL Juniors ROBERT BERMAN, A.B. Sophomores Freshmen A. ALVIN FISHER, B.S. JEROME H. SAMUEL, B.S. ARON C. ROSENZWEIG CHESTER S. LOWENDORF, B.S. Louis M. FREEDMAN EDWARD I. MINTZ, A.B. MILTON M. ROZEN WALTER S. GLAZER, A.B. LEWAARON H. MOVER HAROLD A. ROBINSON THOMAS B. MARWIL CHARLES R. REINSTEIN BURTON L. SCHMIER, A.B. ROBINSON SCHAFFER A. GLAZER MARWIL SCHMIER W. GLAZER M. HERMAN R. BERMAN KANTER DR. LEVIN SAMUEL FISHER ALTSCHULER ROSENZWIEG REINSTEIN FREEDMAN LOWENDORF BRIKMAN MINTZ MOVER ROZEN Four hundred sixty-eight M. ABRAMSOX L. I. EISEXBERC H. CHATLIX D BUDNITSKT Pi Chapter Established 1923 PRATER IN FACULTATE I. FRIEDMAN FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors A. BOOKSTEIN D. V. ELCOXIX Juniors J. FREEDMAX S. TWERSKY Sophomores C. KOTKIX F. SOCK Fresk M. B. WEINER M. E. BACHMAX S. H. ElSEXBEKG D. DAXEXBEKG E. W. HARELII I. SKLOVEK A. OLEKIKOFF Socx COOKX GREEXBERG ALTMAX TOPCIK SHAPIRO BRAND NEWMAX SILVERSTEDJ L. EISEXBERG DAXEXBKRG ABRAMSOX ELCOXIX BACHMAX HARELIK BOOKSTEIX PREEDMAX TWKRSITV BUDXITSKY CHATLIS SKLOVER BERXSTEIX Ko-nas four hundred tiity-mne ' f awyers HEP BOARD OF GOVERNORS DEAN HENRY M. BATES, President PRESIDENT M. L. BURTON PRESIDENT EMERITUS H. B. HUTCHINS PROFESSOR GROVER C. GRISMORE HARRY B. GRUNDY PROFESSOR EDWIN C. GODDARD PROFESSOR RALPH W. AIGLER PROFESSOR HERBERT F. GOODRICH L. NOTNAGLE K. F. CLARDY, Chairman H. B. DAVIS STUDENT EXECUTIVE BOARD W. W. KING, Vice-Chairman G. E. TAPPAN, Treasurer D. E. MACLLVEN K. G. PRETTIE H. W. SMITH F. F. LEWELLEN, Secretary F. K. SPETNAGEL A. B. ADAMS D. ADAMS N. F. ADAMS G. D. ADSIR E. H. AILES R. C. ANNIS A. N. AXFORD H. L. BARKER G. M. BEBOUT R. O. BECKER W. A. BELT I. BERK L. C. BERRY M. BIRD M. R. BOLT H. C. BOND J. H. BOTTOM J. B. BOYLE V. BRIGGS L. L. BUCKLIN C. E. BUTLER W. R. CAMERON J. P. CHANDLER H. H. CHANNER F. CHENICEK K. F. CLARDY D. W. CLEPHAN R. W. CONDER R. F. CORNELL G. D. CURTIS H. DANSINGBURG J. T. DASEF R. F. DAVIES H. B. DAVIS W. W. DAVIS G. DEMMINK J. R. DETHMERS J. A. DUNCAN R. V. ECKMAN W. R. EMBLIDGE G. J. FERRIS RESIDENTS W. FLEISCHAKER N. P. LASCA R. FORD R. D. LAW L. S. FOSTER L. FRANKLIN J. D. LAWRENCE M. G. LEACH R. M. FREEMAN J. LETA G. J. GALE F. E. LEWELLEN F. J. GALLAGHER W. MACDONALD C. H. GERSHENSON D. E. MACELLVEN W. A. GIBSON E. C. MCLEAN W. B. GILES L. T. McMATH R. GlLLINGHAM B. B. MALLICOAT C. GLIEM G. S. MARTIN S. GOLDBERG R. V. MARTIN R. C. GOODHEW R. J. W. MEFFLEY G. GOULD L. MELLEN W. D. GOWENS E. E. METZ H. B. GRUNDY P. W. MICHAELS J. A. GUSTUS J. B. MIKESELL E. HAASS J. P. MIKESELL O. HAASS J. MILLER H. L. HALL C. A. MITTS B. V. HALSTEAD C. M. MULHOLLAND A. L. HARDING C. J. MUNZ R. H. HARKRIDER B. A. NlEMANN F. L. HARLOCKER L. NOTNAGEL L. C. HARNISH L. P. OAKES W. B. HARTMAN A. G. OLIVER E. C. HARTSON J. E. O ' NEILL J. M. HASWELL E. C. OWEN J. M. HAVERTY E. C. PARKER H. A. HICKS G. E. PARKER F. J. HOLLAND P. PARKER J. C. HOVER J. H. PARSONS R. F. HUCK A. J. PAUL E. C. IDE W. PEAR L. F. JOHNSON M. A. PETERSON H. W. JONES F. H. PINNEY J. JOSEPH C. POPPEN B. A. KELTNER R. PRATT W. W. KING K. G. PRETTIE M. H. KRASNE E. C. PREWITT E. H. RAKOW J. R. RAMSEY R. V. V. RICE J. W. RODY R. F. ROE D. E. ROSE M. ROTROFF G. M. RYAN S. J. SCHNITZ M. D. SCHUSTER R. A. SEARI. W. SHAWAKER E. R. SHOPEN B. B. SIBLEY F. F. SILVER J. C. SIMONS H. SMITH R. E. SMITH R. SNODGRASS A. E. J. SPENCER F. K. SPETNAGEL L. J. STEMPFLY M. H. SUBLETTE G. E. TAPPAN H. P. TROY J. N. VAIL V. M. VlLLASENOR H. WAHRENBROCK R. L. WEISENBURGER D. O. WELTY E. A. WESTIN L. WESTON H. S. WHITE A. E. WYLIE M. S. WILKISON H. WILLIAMS R. WILSON J. H. WITHERSPOON L. WOLF L. YOUNG A L. ZIVICH irj ' JEAN HAMILTON, A.M. Dean of Women of the University of Michigan four hundred sei-enty-ont CHARLOTTE BLAGDON President Women ' s League Four hundred seventy-two .ggliVg JEAN BRIGGS Chairman Pan-Hellenic Ball HELEN BROWN Chairman Junior Girls ' Play Four hundred seventy-four C ' Q i JAXE DEWEY ITomeiC t Editor M ickigfiunsian JANE GIBSON President Y.W.C.A. Four hundred teventy-fii-e Four hundred seventy-six f G -M c -A ' ) w " " ' " ' : W , " ' ' : i -ste n OLIVE McK.AY Chairman Senior Girls ' Pla MARIANKA SMALLEY President ' s jttklrtic VEREXA MORAN Women ' s Editor Daily Fcvr hundred seventy-seven Undergraduate Campaign Committee Bridge Tea at Martha Cook Four hundred seventy-eight KATHRYN CLARKE MARY VAX BUREX - ' .- MS " Bonds of I Hi: hundred seventy-nine mc S r 3-5 ST four hundred eighty Fancy Four hundred eighty-two Honorablf Mention For The Women s PreltUst Costume a._ioa. .. , Four hundred eighty-three Freshman Pageant Freshman Spread Committee Four hundred eighty-four Miss McCoRMicK DR. BELL Miss PATTERSON Department of Physical Education " TV TAY the women of Michigan go forth free from physical handicaps, with nervous stability, organic reserve, and physical power, and may they know the means for maintaining these. " May each one of them acquire a love for physical activity and understand the necessity for it. " Through this love may they realize more fully the joys of well-being and comradeship that they may be able to fulfill life ' s promise as intelligent, cultivated, buoyant women. " Margaret Bell, M.D. Barbour Gymnasium Four hundred eighty-sin SUALLEY STEWART CLARKE MILLER Women s Athletic Association OFFICERS MARIAXXA E. SMALLEY President MARY J. STEWART Fice-President XORMA E. CLARKE Secretary ALLEEX M. MILLER Treasurer CLASS REPRESENTATIVES ELIZABETH P. RAXCK Senior Representative MARGUERITE M. AIXSWORTH . . . Junior Representative IRENE R. FIELD Sophomore Representative CHARLOTTE B. WEXDEL Freshman Representative DOROTHY M. OGBORN, Hockey ADELAIDE A. SHERER, Baseball OLIVE C. McKAT, Basketball ANNA F. WHEELER, Rifle MART H. ALLSHOUSE, Hiking HARRIET DONALDSON, Archery LOUISE M. ROBERTS, Points MANAGERS FLORENCE L. PROBST, Publicity EMILY M. HULBERT, Swimming DOROTHY M. DAVIS, Riding HELEN L. SEARIGHT, Track and Indoor Meet OLCA K. VERDELIN, Tennis EVELYN M. SUITH, Dancing and Fencing MYRA FINSTERWALD, Song Mistress ft M DAVIS SMITH VERDELDJ WH AIKSWORTH McKAY ALLSHOCSE FIELD ROBERTS FINSTERWALD WESDEL SEARIGHT HULBERT OGBORX PROBST DOSALDSON ' hundred fightg-teven Hockey V 7 " A.A. ' s activities are en- tirely intra-mural, and it functions through a point system by means of which all women may compete for various awards. SYSTEM OF AWARDS Active membership . Small " M " . . . W.A.A. Pin . . . " M " Sweater Points . 100 . 300 . 600 .1000 ELSA OHLMACHER Hockty, Baseball, Basketball FRANCES MURRAY Hockey, Baseball Four hundred eighty-eight CiTonsc. cGoach) JEWELL HASKIN RASCK. (Captain) WALSH BOOKMAN APPELT OHLMACHER GUIOT, (Coach) CHILD PIXSTERWALD STEWART FIELD DOSTER KEXT SEARIGHT Hockey " Team AT the close of the hockey season an honorary team was picked from the four class teams by Miss Guiot, hockey coach, assisted by the class man- agers and captains. MARIANXA SIIALLEV ctey N ' ORJIA BOWBEER Ba. kai U. Tract. Hockey Four hundred eighty-nine LANDGROF CRAMER HIRSCHMAN KENNEDY VLIET GERBERDING DONALDSON SEARIGHT GUIOT, (Coachl MARSTON MCNALLY FINSTERWALD ALLSHousE.(Captain) STUROS DOSTER PURDY FIELD Sophomore Hockey Team Inter-Qlass Hockey 1924. TV TORE girls took part in - hockey last fall than ever before. There were twenty-one Seniors, twenty Juniors, twenty- five Sophomores, and forty-five Freshmen reporting for practice. In the subsequent inter-class tournament, the Sophomores were declared winners. ELIZABETH CAIN Hockty, Basketball WINIFRED CRAIGIE Baseball, Hockey, Tennis Four hundred ninetu ) f - -- SkTL- GILL FOWLER WORTON TRUESDALE CURRIE HINKLEY WILCOX WELLES ELY JOHNSON DIVELY EDWARDS VERDELIN Betsy Barbour Hockey Team Intra-Mural Hockey npHERE were twenty teams represented in the intra- mural tournament. Forty of the girls on these teams were Seniors, forty-three were Juniors, fifty- two were Sophomores, and ninety were Freshmen. Kappa Kappa Gamma, the winner of the cup last year, played Betsy Barbour House in the finals after the process of elimination had taken place, but were defeated (3-0). LUCILE BELLAMY Hockty, Baskrttall, Baseball DOROTHY OGBORN Hockey, Basketball, Baseball Four hundred ninety-one i OLIVE Me KAY Basketball, Hockey, Baseball npHIS year, for the first time, teams of four each, instead of single representatives, were chosen from the various classes. Letters were awarded to the twelve team members. The Senior-Junior team won the championship for the year with a score of 275, the Sophomore team was second with 159 points, and the Freshman team was third with a score of 144. The highest score was made by Eve- lyn Smith ' 25. DOROTHY DAVIS Riding Manager, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball Four hundred ninety-two BAKLOW Jrthery Team CLASS TEAMS 1925-1926 EVELYN SMITH ' 25 XORMA CLARKE ' 26 XORMA BARLOW ' 26 MARGARET STAUFFER ' 26 1927 ELIZABETH CAMPBELL FREDERICKA MARSTON MARGARET CLARK TULIA WILSON 1928 ESTHER MERRICK HELEN MORSE LVRY ELIZABETH BROWN FRANCES SCHULTZ ADELAIDE SBEREK LOUISE ROBERTS Four hundred ninety-three T(iflery RIFLERY was first organized on the campus in 1921 and is now an accredited sport. Last year the girls won fifteen out of seventeen matches in which they participated. This year the team has become affiliated with the National Rifle Association, and under the direction of Captain L. M. Bricker of the R.O.T.C., has arranged matches with Girls ' Rifle Teams of eighteen univer- sities in the United States. DOROTHY BOGAN Hackly, Basketball, Baseball ANNE WHEELER Rifle Manager, Hiking MARION LAWLESS Baseball, Riflery K- Four hundred ninety-four WlDMAN BESHAM JONES WALSH WESSELS WRIGHT ALLSHOUSE WHEEIER Rifle Team MARY ALLSHOUSE, Captain GERTRUDE BEXHAM MAURIXE JONES LUCILLE WALSH ALICE WESSELS AXXE WHEELER, Manager MARGARET WIDMAN GENEVIEVE WRIGHT MARY ALLSHOLSE Hitins Minifer, Riitry, BfJtimll, Hockty EVELYN SMITH Frntiff, Arckery, Hockry, D nri s IXGRID ALVISG Rifitry, Rijine, Sx-imming Four hundred ninety-fire KOCHER TUBBS BERZ BRIGGS Tennis M UCH interest was manifested in the Fall tennis tournament with the result that over one hundred girls participated. CLASS CHAMPIONS KATHERINE KOCHER MARJORIE TUBES . MARGARET BERX. . LOUISE BRIGGS Senior Junior . Sophomore Freshman KATHERINE KOCHER, All-Campus Champion Four hundred ninety-six TX the Spring and Fall of 1924 horseback riding proved to be a very popular sport. Organized classes wrere held under the supervision of Captain Holmes at the Fair Grounds. Four hundred ninety-seven Winter Four hundred ninety-eight Four hundred ninety-nine Five hundred Sports Five hundred one Clogging f hundred two Folk Dancing Fire hundred three five hundred four Five hundred five Five hundred six ' W ' omen ' s J eague BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHARLOTTE BLAGDON President MARGARET C. DIXON Vice-President RUTH RANKIN Corresponding Secretary MARGARET EFFINGER Recording Secretary ELIZABETH PARROTT Treasurer HELEN BROWN Senior Representative ETHEL SCHROEDER Senior Representative ANNE SEELEY Junior Representative EUNICE ROSE Junior Representative HANNAH FITCH Sophomore Representative DOROTHY Nix Sophomore Representative ADELL EWELI Freshman Representative MARY WHITE Freshman Representative EFFINGER FITCH BROWN Nix PARROTT BLAGDON DIXON SCHRO EDER SEELEY RANKIN WHITE ROSE EVVEI.L Five hundred eight JUDICIARY COUNCIL CHARLOTTE BLAGDON MARGARET DIXON . MARION BARLOW NORMA BlCKNELL LEE KENNEDY President Vice-President Senior Representative Junior Representative Sophomore Representative ' Board of Representatives OFFICERS MARGARET DIXON Chairman PATRICIA BROWN Secretary The Board of Representatives is the body which represents all the organized women ' s Houses on the campus. The presidents of the houses, with an extra representative for houses with more than fifty girls, constitute the membership. VEEN Huis EARL DANKERS RYAN SHINKMAN BRUCE SOUTHERLAND CRONIN BAIRD MILLAN RAISES BOUCHTEN MARBLE R. MOORE B. ALLEN NICKALS BARKER WARD BOTSFORD KLINE HYMANS Fox WOOD HENRY DOWNS SV INER SHEFFIELD SHERER ALVDJ HESCKEL DIXON COOPER WILSON CROMWELL MASON BROWN DIXON MOORE CARLYLE ECKERT MEISEL HOSTRUP ALLEN PLAETCKE RITTENHOVSE CAREY O ' BRIEN SVENSCARD WILSON ROUM HENDERSON SPEARS HENSLEY MITCHELL McKAY ANDERSON LEONARD GRATTON OAKLEY SHEPPARD KADOW WIDSUN SALLER WELLS BANFIELD THOMPSON Five hurdied nine 11 omen s jTeague Honor found! The Honor Council, under the direction of the Women ' s League, is the execu- tive body of the Honor Council Houses, chosen from among the League Houses for maintaining high scholarship and the increase of interest in Women ' s Activities. OFFICERS MARGARET C. DIXON, Director GENEVIEVE E. WRIGHT ELIZABETH W. BOTSFOP.D f ' ice-Presidenl, Women ' s League President Fice-President [ARGERY DIXON MARGARET C. HENCKEL ADAMS HOUSE Secretary-Treasu President E. RUTH SALI.EE Representative LUCIA V. COOPER CAUGHEY HOUSE President MARY M. CROLL. Representative ELIZABETH W. BOTSFORD . ALICE A. MAIER RUTH H. MOORE MADELINE C. MARGAH . HELEN M. MARBLE FORMHALS HOUSE HALL HOUSE JORDAN HOUSE President Representative President Representative KATHERINE R. LARDNER Representative I ' .l.M A E. BoUGHTON REA HOUSE President GENEVIEVE E. WRIGHT MARGERY DIXON REACH HOUSE Representative AUDREY ALBERT MAXINE R. SHINKMAN . VIRGINIA E. HORNBACK THORNTON HOUSE President Representative LAEOMER M VSBLE BOUGHTON HORNBACK MAIER COOPER MARGARET DIXON MARGERY DIXON WRIGHT BOTSKORD SHINKMAN CROSS MOORE HENCKEL MARGAH ALBERT fire hundred ten Thysical Education lub PATRONESSES MRS. JOHN SUNDWALL FACULTY MEMBERS Miss ELSIE ERLEY Miss GERMAINE GUIOT Miss LOUISE HOWE Miss RUTH PRICE Miss JANET GUMMING OFFICERS IRENE FIELD . President ETRURIA DOSTER . . ' ' ice-President MARTHA GILL ....... Secretary MARY ALLSHOUSE ..... Treasurer DR. AL RGARET BELL DR. MARGARET BELL Miss LOUISE PATTERSON Miss ETHEL McCoRMiCK GRETTA M. ADAMS DOROTHY DAVIS XORMA BARLOW- MARY Jo Bi ENTING JEAN CARRABIN GLADYS EASTCOTT MARTHA GILL MARY ALLSHOUSE MARGARET CRAMER ETRURIA DOSTER ALICE FELSKE IRENE FIELD MYR FlNSTERWALD FLORENCE FOSTER GLADYS APPELT HELEN BEAUMONT SARUI Boxixt CATHERINE BURB ELIZABETH CRONIN MARGARET HANABLE MIRIAM HOSJJER ERA JOHNSTON Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen EVELYN DOHANV I.EONA ENIGER CAROLINE HUGHES DORIS KENT JULIA MOORHEAD GWENDOLYN MORRIS LOUISE ROBERTS EVELYN JOHNSON FR NCES KENNEDY FREDERICKS MARSTOX ALLEEN MILLER MARGARET PURDY HELEN SEARIGHT STELLA STUROS ILMOTH LUPPOLU AIDA Me KEF Jt ' LIA MOTTIER MARTHA ROBINSON FRANCES WOODWARD LUCY TUTTLE CHARLOTTE WEND EL HAXABLE BEAVMOXT HUGHES GILL BAW.O V MILLER PURDY FELSKE KENNEDY STUROS DOSTER CRAMER ALLSHOUSE Tu THILL FlNSTERliVALD ROBERTS KENT BUEST1NG MARSTON McKEE FOSTER JOHNSON SEARIGHT C.ARRABIN RoBINSON MOTTIER DAVIS MORRIS ADAMS CUMMING PATTERSON McCoRxiicK BELL ERLEY PRICE HOWE DOHANY WENIGER LUPPOLD WENDEL EASTCOTT CRONIN BVRD JOHNSTON FIELD TITTLE BONTNE APPELT HOSMER MOORHEAD Five hundred eleven Young Women ' s Christian Association OFFICERS JANE GIBSON President ROSALEA H. SPAULDING ice-President CYNTHIA B. SMITH Secretary GERALDINE S. TRUSCOTT Treasurer MARY H. Ross General Secretary RUTH DEEMER Associate Secretary CABINET REVA E. ALLEN Community Service ESTHER A. ANDERSON Social Service HELEN W. BROWN Finance C. ELLURA HARVEY Undergraduate Representative BERTHA M. KIEL House LUCY KINGSLEY Inter-Church S. LOUISE PENNINGTON Club Leaders ADELYN PETERSON Leadership Commission RUTH A. RANKIN Social ROSALEA H. SPAULDING. Membership BERYL C. SHAFER World Fellowship MARCIA E. SNOW Publicity LILLIAN WETZEL Education and Meetings DEEMER Ross KIEL PETERSON PENNINGTON HARVEY GIBSON SMITH SHAFER ANDERSON WETZEL KINGSLEV SNOW BROWN- ALLEN TRUSCOTT RANKIN Five hundred twelve Masques Dramatic OFFICERS J. RALEIGH NELSON, H. A. KENYOX . NELLIE RITTEXHOUSE MARGUERITE GOODMAN BEATA WAGNER KATHRINE CLARK ELIZABETH STRAUSS MARGUERITE AIXSWORTH FRIEDA BANKS MARGARET BEAL LUCILLE BELLAMY LOUISE BARLEY HELEN BOORMAN KATHRYX CLARKE MAUDE COREY VIRGINIA CROXIN ELEOXORE CROOK MARGARET EFFINGEB. MARGARET GEDDES HELEN ALDER WINIFRED BENEDICT LILLIAN BROXSON GENEVIEVE BUEHL LAURA CRAFT NLkRjORiE CHAVENELLE KATHLEEN CHISHOLII ITHMER COFFMAN MARGARET EIRICH PHYLLIS HAEHNLE EDWINA HAG AD ONE MARGUERITE GOODMAN- JUNE K. SIMPSON CHARLOTTE HARRISON FRANCES HORINE ELIZABETH HAYES RUTH KAHX VIRGINIA MAC LA RAN FLORENCE McCoMB MINNA MILLER EVELYX MURRAY VOREXA MORAS FLORENCE NELSON NEW MEMBERS MARGARET HAWKINS HELEN HAWKIXS VERA JOHNSTON GERALDINE KNIGHT DOROTHY LONG FRANCES O ' BRIEN RENA PAVTTT Lois PORTER KATHRIXE PIERCE FLORENCE PROBST Directors President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Member-at-Large ISABEL NICHOLS ABIGAIL NOON ALBERTA OLSON NELLIE RITTEXHOUSE JANE GIBSON HELEN STEGGAL ETHEL SCHROEDER ELIZABETH STRAUSS MARGARET STRAUSS MARY VAN BURAN RUTH VERMILYEA BEATA WAGNER DOROTHY PUDRITH PHYLLIS LOUGHTON Loxis RITTEXHOUSE KATRRYN SCHRAUDER LEON A SHERMAN- MATILDA SOMMERFIELD HELEN Vos MARION VAN TUTL MARY WHITE HELEN WHIFFLE BELLAMY BEAL SCHRAUDER AIXSWORTH Vos BENEDICT Lose NOOK MORAS CRAFT HAYES O ' BRIEN BOOKMAN WHITE Mnm BASKS EFFISCES SIMPSON WAGNER Rrrr PIERCE JOHNSTON HARRISON COFFMAN CROOK HORINE PORTER HAWKINS ALDER HAWKINS BUEHL PAVITT WHIPPLB PORTER Rica CmsHOLM SOMMERFIELD PVDRITH HAGADONE EIRICH CLARKE GOODMAN STRAUSS MACLAREN COREY CHAVENELLE L. RlTTKNHOUSE BsONSON CRONIN PRORST Fire hundred thirteen Junior Girls ' Play Committee The tradition of the Junior Girls ' Play developed from the single performance given each year by the Junior Women in honor of the Senior women. In 1912 the play attained its present form of a musical comedy and in 1923 the pro- duction was opened to the public. COMMITTEE NORMA BICKNELL Chairman ELIZABETH TOMPKINS . Assistant Chairman EUNICE ROSE Business Manager KATHRYN CLARKE . Publicity RUTH RAN KIN Advertising CONSTANCE CLARK Properties ELIZABETH STRAUSS . Costumes MYRTLE SANZENBACHER ... Music ELIZABETH McDowELi Dances Miss AMY LOOMIS Director CLARK RASKIN TOMPKINS ROSE LOOMIS SANZENBACHER McDowKu. BICKNELL CLARKE STRAUSS Five hundred fourteen Mummers Dramatic SociV v OFFICERS CHARLOTTE L. ECKERT . KATHRYX L. CLARK VIRGINIA M. MACL.ARF.N Li LA M. 7.XNG President Fice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS DOROTHY L. ATKINS RTTH E. BAXFIFLD FREIDA E. BANK ' - MARGARET BEAL ROWENA A. BENSON MARGARET E. CALVERT K.ATHRYX L. CLARKE MAUDE M. COREY M. YIRCIXIA CROXIX CHARLOTTE L. ECKERT GEXEVIEVE L. GOODMAX VERA E. JOHXSTOX DOROTHV M. Loxc GERALDIXE F. MASTERS MARIOX R. MILLER MARJORY MILLER MARY KEXT-MILLER CATHARIXE M. MORIARTV VIRCIXIA M. MACL.AREX GERTRUDE A. MACAVI.AY FLORENCE O. McCoiiB ELIZABETH NJcDowELL FLORENCE L. NELSOX ABIGAIL B. NOON MEREL R. PARKS DOROTHY P. PUDRITH F.DYTHE M. RHIXEVAULT F.LEAXOR E. SCHER DOROTHY M. SESSIONS KATHRYN L. SCHRAUDER LEOXA L. SHERMAN- MARGARET L. SHERMAX C. JAXET VAXDEXBERG HELEN E. Vos HARRIET L. WESTOX MARY J. WHITE LILA M. ZAXG COREY McCoMB BEAL MCDOWELL KENT-MILLER WESTOX LONG ATKINS SCHRAUDER GOODMAN MILLER Vos SHERMAN MASTERS CRONIN BANKS MORIARFY NOON RHINEVAIT.I MAC!-AREN ECKERT CLARKE ZANG BENSON BANFIELD NELSON SHERMAN WHITE SEMPLE VANDENBERG CALVERT Five hundred fifteen University Girl! 1 Glee Club OFFICERS MIRIAM MANSFIELD President JANET VANDENBERG Fice-President LORETTA COOPER Secretary ESTHER MAHAFFY Treasurer DOROTHY WALDO Manager VERA WALLINGTON Librarian ISABELLE NICHOLS Auditor GWENDOLYN WILSON Accompanist Miss NORA HUNT Director STARR H. BROWN ALFSEN KELDER BOOTH COY SESSIONS GREY WILSON BUHRER SCHROEDER BRASHEAR CORBETT BARTHALEMEU D. BROWN ROSZEL COZAD NELSON POUND FARWELL MILLER BESSINGER SHIMP M. MILLER CALVERT SANDERS ZEIGLER DRYBREAD LATHERS SPEERS BEYERS SICKLES GORSLINE GRIFFETHS ROTHENBERGER PROBST BORING SUTLEY ROOKS ALLISON CLARKE BEYSTER PROBECK HARSH KALMBACH ZANZENBACHER BENSON ALVING HAWN EMMONS SCHERER FAST SNELL RUDELL KNOBLOCK WOODWARD M. BROWN LIGHT DONALDSON MAIER CAMERON MUNROE HOBBS COULTON WILSON BRASHEAR NORTHRUP COOPER LAMOS WILSON MANSFIELD Miss HUNT VANDENBERG WALDO MAHAFFY WALLINGTON NICHOLS BOER five hundred sixteen OFFICERS ARLINE J. EWINC GLADYS A. WOOD IXGRID M. ALVING President Secretary- Treasu rer Librarian REGINALD W. EASTLAKE Director MEMBERS INGRID M. ALVING GLADYS J. APPELT CHARLOTTE D. BENDER ARLINE J. EWING MARGARET E. HANSELJLAN LUCILLE MAXWELL JEAN L. PATTIBOX LILLIAN R. SIMANSKY CYNTHIA B. SMITH BLANCHE I. VINCENT ELAINE WASSLINK GLADYS A. WOOD AFPELT V r mcENT EASTLAKK EWING HASSELMAS MAXWEU. PATTISON SENDEE " . ' . ' . : SMANSKY Five hundred seventeen Freshman Girls ' Glee Club OFFICERS ALICE ELIZABETH KELLOGG SUSAN SUMMER STORKE JEAN GREENSHIELDS President Secretary- Treasurer Librarian EUNICE NORTHRUP Director DORIS AMBOS MARION ANDERSON- OLIVINE APPS GLADYS APPELT RUTH BANFIELD LAURA BARRY MARION BAUSCHARD HELEN BELCHER GERTRUDE BENHAM ANNIE BROWN MARJORIE CHAVENELI.E MARGARET COLE ANNA COPE MARION DAVIDSON- WAVE DEBOLT ELIZABETH DOWNEY ALICE FAUCH MEMBERS RUTH FENTON GERTRUDE FOSTER AUREI. FOWLER MARGARET GREENE JEAN GREENSHIELDS ALTA HAMILI. HELEN HAWKINS MARGARET HAWKINS BETH HIBARGER KATHERINE HIMES SELMA JANSON ESTHER JOHNSON MARION JOHNSON MARIORIE JONES ALICE KELLOGG PHYLLIS LAUGHTON KATHERINE MATTHEWS VIRGINIA McC i.L HELKN MORSE DOROTHY ORNSTEIN CHARLOTTE OSBERG I.OLITA PARKER RENA PAVITT EHITH PEREIRA DOROTHY RACINE HELEN RAIKES GRACE ROSEVEAR VIRGINIA ROWLEY MABEL SCHOTT SUSAN STORKE BARBARA TOCK DOROTHY WARD ERMA WARREN ALICE WEAVER FLORENCE WIDMER WARREN FOSTER FENTON COLE APPELT WIDMER BESHAM HIBARGER ANDERSON APPS HAMILL HAWKINS COPE BAUSCHARD TOCK MORSE WEAVER HIMES FOWLER KELLOGG FAUCH MATTHEWS BANFIELD BROWN ORNSTEIN HAWKINS MCCALL JOHNSON OSBERG STORKE PAVITT NORTHRUP KELLOGG GREENSHIELDS DAVIDSON DEBOLT Five hundred eighteen Symphonic J eague OFFICERS PAULINE KAISER CHARLOTTE BURTT GERTRUDE FRIEDRICH LUCILLE BELLAMY .... JEAX PATTI SON Social Chairman HELEN BLAHNIK . Scholarship Chairman ALICE MAKDERBACH Advisory Chairman LALAH VAX SICKLE Publicity Chairman President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer PRIEDRICH MAXDERBACH BELLAMY VAN-SICKLE KAISER PATTISOS BLAHSJK Five hundred nineteen Pan-Hellenic November, 1924 JEANE BRIGGS, General Chairman COMMITTEES DECORATION CATHERINE MELLEK, Chairman FRIEDA SCHMIDT RUTH STRICKLAND PUBLICITY VESTA DE VITT, Chairman FRANCES PARISH DOROTHY ANDERSON INVITATION DELMAS COCHLIN, Chairman WINIFRED SHIMP BERNICE SMITH REFRESHMENTS RUTH MOREY, Chairman MARY HASKELL WlLLABELI.E HARPER PROGRAM ELIZABETH DRAKE, Chairman MARION DANIELS RUTH MAC DONALD TICKETS GERTRUDE MACAULAY, Chairman ELAINE STEVELY HARRIET GOODALL GLADYS LAX Five hundred twenty Black (Juill Literary Socift OFFICERS MARIANXA SMALLEY. LUCILLE WALSH . HELEN EDWARDS LOUISA BUTLER FLORA GERBERDING INGRID ALVING DOROTHY ATKINS GERTRUDE BAILEY NINETTE BLANC LILLIAN BRAZIL PAULINE BRIDGMAN FLORENCE BURK MARIOS DANKERS NELLIE DENSMORE HELEN EDWARDS FRANCES GOODES HELEN GERBERDINC ASSOCIATE MEMBERS KATHERINE PATTERSON KATHRYN FRANCIS ACTIVE MEMBERS LUCILLE HENXE GENEVIEVE HALL ELSIE HARDY SUSAN HAYDEN DELLA HOWLAND MARY ELIZABETH KIBBEY GLADYS LAX MRS. J. P . LEE FREDRIKA MARSTON ALICE MAIER ALICE PAZOUR REGINA REICHMAN President Secretary Treasurer DOROTHY MOREHOUSE MATILDA SOMMERFIELH MARY ROBINSON RUTH ROSENTHAL MARIANNA SMALLEY RUTH E. SMITH KATHRYN SCHRAUDER MARIE V AN OSENBRUGGEN MARGUERITE VESTAL LUCILLE WALSH MARJORIE WEBER HELEN WHIPPLF. DOROTHY ZEIGLER DANCEXS HARDY PAZOI-R REicmt. N BvK ATKINS MOREHCH.-SE HESSE KIBEEY SCHRACDER GERBERPISG VAN O ESBRVGGES ALVISG DEXSMORE GERBERDISG COODES BITLEE MABSTOX ZEIGLER EDWARDS SMALLEY WALSH BRIDGVAS SMITH Five hundred twenty-one Nu Chapter National Organization for Methodist University Women MRS H. B. EARHART PATRONESSES MRS. E. H. KRAUS MRS. A. W. STALKER OFFICERS Miss ELLEN MOORE GLADYS WOOD LUCY KINGSLEY . HELEN STAIR THELMA BOYD RUTH ADRIANCE ESTHER BOOZE ETHEL BAMBER CATHERINE BURD MARJORIE BERTZ FREDERICA BRITTON NORENE BUSHAW GLADYS BEYERS NORENE BAMBER MARJORIE BLACKMAR MILDRED BOYCE THELMA BOYD DORIS BENNETT PHYLLIS BROWN EVA CRAWFORD ELIZABETH COSSITT DOROTHY CLINE FLORENCE CROSS GRACE CLARK RUTH COON LUCILE CORNELL RUTH CARSON LUCILE COOPER MARGARET CLEMENS MARY CROSS HELEN COBURN MABLE CARTER GEORGIANNA CONKLIN JEAN CARRABIN HELEN HENSLEY OLIVE MEARS MARGARET CALVERT ALICE HOUGH LORNA METCALF ETHEL Dow GENEVA HOILI EN- MARY MARVIN ANNA DUNLAP HELEN HlNTERMAN MARGUERITE NICHOLS MARJORIE DIXON MINGNON HECKER CHARLOTTE OSBERG MARGARET DRAKE SUE HASKIN BERNICE O ' TooLE MARGUERITE DUTTON ELSIE HARDEY INEZ PECKTEL MARJORIE EVERETT LEONA HALE IONE PALMER RUTH EVANS VIOLA JOHNSTON MRS. PETTIBONE SUE EDGECOMBE DORIS JOHNSTON HELEN PATTON JOSEPHINE FORSYTHE THYRA JENNINGS VIOLA PAYNE ELIZABETH FRENCH SARAH KINGSLEY LIDA QUILLEN OLIVE FERGUSON LUCY KINGSLEY ELSIE RALSTON FLORENCE FULLER THELMA KNIGHT MARGARET RACHOR MADELINE FITZGERALD MARION KELLOGG LUCILE ROBINS OLIVE FAST GRACE LINDSAY HELEN ROBINSON HELEN FEWTRELL JOY LASCH MRS. F. ROUSE BERNICE FOSTER LILLIAN LEESON CAROL READER MARQUITA GUILLET ELIZABETH LUCAS PRISCILLA REICHERT HELEN GUSTINE LENORE LONG HAZEL RICH ROSCELIA GRIGG RUTH LUKENS RUTH RICHARDSON MARJORIE GORDAN MADALYN LELAND CAROL STICKLE FRANCES HUFF MARJORIE MATHEWS HELEN STAIR BERNICE HENRY MARGUERITE MAY BERNITA SHEARS ALICE HIGLEY ESTER MARTIN ESTHER STEVENS THELMA HOLMES INEZ McCoRMicK HAZEL SPEDDING ELLURA HARVEY MARJORIE MUHLITNER MARY E. SCHERER ETHEL MILLETT HELEN SCHWARTZ Sponsor President Fice-President Recording Secretary Treasurer ISABELLE SMITH RUTH SMITH CATHERINE SCOTT IRENE SACKETT DELPH SHOEBRIDGE RUTH SALLEE FLORENCE SCHIECIIER ISABELLE STONE FERN TOWNSEND RUTH TREBILCOCK LAURA TROMBLEY GERTRUDE TURNER GERALDINE TRAVIS MILDRED VANCE BLANCHE VINCENT MARIE VOLZ MARY WINTERS GRACE WALLACE VERA WIGGLESWORTH OLIVE WALKER MARY WOOLDRIDGE ALICE WILCOX LEONE WARNER LOUISE WALBORN MILDRED WELSH ALICE WUERFEL GLADYS WOOD SOONG YONG DENSMORE PECKTEL DAVIS SHEARS MCCORMICK CLARK EDGECOMBE STICKLE CARSON L. KINGSLEY E. MOORE WOOD BOYD CLINE HARVEY DODGE STAIR Five hundred twenty-two National Association of Michigan Dames OFFICERS MRS. STANLEY T. LOWE MRS. JOSEPH SWEENEY MRS. D. C. DEGRAFF . MRS. D. R. HOOVER MRS. J. L. CHAMPAGNE President ice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. ALICE LEFEVER E. XV. OLDHAM M. R. FULLER RETA ALTER V. E. CHASE ECKLES A. V. POLLUM D. R. HOOVER E. R. BEACH J. S. BENSON R. Y. ZUMSTEIN R. GRAICHEN M. V. EASLICK A. M. BENDER MEMBERSHIP MRS. H. WlNKLER MRS. H. D. CLARK MRS. H. A. MOORE MRS. H. B. HOSTETLER MRS. P. C. WILLIAMS MRS. G. E. BACHMAN MRS. E. C. ASHMEAD MRS. J. R. CRISSMAN MRS. G. R. ELLIGE MRS. D. C. DEGRAFF MRS. J. L. CHAMPAGNE MRS. A. M. TOWNSEND MRS. R. BRICKMAN MRS. JOHN BOYCE MRS. STANLEY LOWE MRS. HELEN KEATLEY MRS. MARY KOREICKI MRS. J. C. GENEISSE MRS. G. E. MEADE MRS. C. W. WINSOR MRS. VIOLET WILLARD MRS. FLORENCE COOK MRS. JOSEPH SWEENEY MRS. N. R. SMITH MRS. J. P. GUNN MRS. W. F. MILLER MRS. C. L. WHITCHURCH OLDHAM MOORE GRAICHEN BENDER CHASE BOYCE WINKLER ASHMEAD FULLER TOWNSEND WILLARD CLARK BRICKMAN BENSON ALTER GUNN CRISSMAN LEFEVER HOOVER DEGRAFF LOWE SWEENEY ECKLES Five hundred twenty-three Mortarboard National All-Campus Senior Honorary Society for Women OFFICERS DOROTHY MCFARLEN President OLIVE C. McK, Y Treasurer JANE GIBSON Secretary HONORARY MEMBER DEAN JEAN HAMILTON MEMBERS MARGARET REAL CHARLOTTE A. BLAGDOX JEANE E. BRIGCS HELEN W. BROWN- MARGARET C. Dixox ELIZABETH C. LIEBERMAXN VEREXA MORAX MARIANXA E. SMALLEY ETHEL G. SCHROEDER BRIGGS SCHROEDER MORAN BROWN BEAL LIEBERMANS SMALLEY DIXON GIBSON MCFARLEN McKAY BLAGDON Five hundred twenty-four Senior Society Senior Honorary Society for Independent Women ROSALEA SPAULDIXG ETHEL SCHROEDER . MURIEL Fox . ELLURA HARVEY OFFICERS President Fue-Presidtnt Secretary Treasurer Mi MEL Fox JANE GIBSON ELIURA HARVEY JESSICA MEG w ETHEL SCHROEDER MARIAXXA SMALLEV ROSAI.EA SPAI ' LDIXC HONORARY MEMBER Miss JEAN HAMILTON ACTIVE MEMBERS JOSEPOIXE HEERIXG UEATA WAGXER DOROTHY EGGERT ESTHER MAHAFFY ESTHER AXDERSOX EVELYN SMITH MAUDE CORY ELLEX XYLI-XD Fox WAGNER EGGERT MAHAFFV HARVEY SHTtfl SMALLEY SPAULDISG CORV ANDERSON SCHROEDER HEEIUSC. GIBSON Five hundred t W yvern Junior Honorary Society OFFICERS KATHRYN WILLSON . ELIZABETH McDowELL MEMBERS MARGUERITE AINSWORTH RUTH CARSON JOSEPHINE CLARK CONSTANCE CLARKE KATHRYN CLARKE NORMA CLARKE DOROTHY CLINE LORETTA COOPER MARGARET EFFINGER MARGUERITE GOODMAN ELIZABETH Me Do WELL KATHRYN WILLSON President Secretary- Treasurer MARGARET MOCK ELEANOR MUSSELMAN DOROTHY OGBORN ELIZABETH PARROTT RUTH RANKIN EUNICE ROSE ANN SEELEY ELIZABETH STRAUSS ELIZABETH TOMPKINS ELIZABETH VAN VALKENBURGH VERA WALLINGTON RANKIN WALLINGTON OGBORN SEELKY CARSON ROSE C. CLARKE COOPER VANVALKENBURGH MUSSELMAN MOGK WILLSON MCDOWELL AINSWORTH TOMPKINS N. CLARKE CLINE EFFINGER STRAUSS K. CLARKE CLARK Five hundred twenty-six jf Mu Thi Spsilon National Honorary Musical Sorority SORORES IN LMVERSITATE FRANCES ADAMS DOROTHY ALBAX AXXETTE BARBER HAZEL BATTLES HELEN BLAHXIK PHYLLIS BROWS AVA COMIX CASE JEAXETTE EMMOXS GERTRUDE FRIEDRICH MERLE GEE THELMA HAMILTON GRACE K.OXOLD THELMA BOLIX CATHERINE BIHRER MARY ALICE CASE DOROTHY CHAMPE PLEDGES EDITH Koox ORA LARTHARD Lois ORTOX MAIER ALICE MAXDERBACH GLADYS MORTOX HELEX REIMER HELEX ROSE MYRTLE SAXZEXBACHER MABEL WHITXET ALICE WILCOX GwEXDOLYX WlLSOX MAYME B. WORLEY ELIZABETH DAVIES EMILY MUTTER EuXICE NORTHRUP AXGELIXE WlLSOX CHAVENELLE ADAMS A. WILSOX XOETHELT BCHRER CASE BOLIS MORTON WILCOX REIMER BATTLES Gee SA.NZENBACHER LARTHAKD MAIER Koos BROWN HAMILTON ALBAS G. WILSON MANDERBACH BARBER EMMONS FRIEDRICH Five hundred tuenty-sei ' tn Sigma lA pha Iota 6 r = j National Professional Musical Sorority Alpha Chapter Founded 1903 MERLE ALCOCK FRANCES ALDA CLARA BUTT JULIA CLAUSSEN FLORENCE EASTON OLIVE FREMSTAD AMELITA GALI.I-CURCI FRIEDA HEMPEL LOUISE HOMER LUCREZIA BORI NATIONAL HONORARY MEMBERS MARIE JERITZA CoRRiNE-RiDER KELSEY CAROLINA LAZZARI E. REUGGER-LICIITENSTEIN FLORENCE MACBETH MARGARET MATZENAUER YOLANDO MERO CHRISTINE MILLER MAY MUKLE CHAPTER HONORARY MEMBERS CLAUDIA MUZIE ROSA RAISA OLGA SAMAROFF MARCEI.I.A SEMBRICH JANET SPENCER GERTRUDE MAY STEIN HARRIET WARE FLORENCE HINKLE WITHERSPOON FANNIE BLOOMFIELD ZIESLER. SILVIA LENT MRS. G. O. BOU-F.N MRS. H. M. BATES MRS. S. L. BIGELOW MRS. J. BURSLEY MRS. O. J. CAMPBELL MRS. R. B. CANFIELD GRACE H. AYRES HELEN BATES ELIZABETH CAMPBELL FRANCES CASPARI RUTH CHAD WICK BYRYL BACHER MARIAN S. FREEMAN NOR CRANE HUNT LUCILLE BELLAMY CHARLOTTE BURTT JEAN CARLSON DONNA ESSELSTYN ANITA BYERS HELEN LARAWAY GRACE KAUFFMANN JEAN BOYD PATRONESSES MRS. A. DUDLEY MRS. E. LORCH MRS. G. W. GLO F.R MRS. F. LEWIS MRS. J. J. GOODYEAR MRS. W. A. MCLAUGHLIN MRS. T. HARRISON MRS. E. V. MOORE MRS. W. A. HOWLAND MRS. J. VV. PATTERSON SORORES IN URBE GERTRUDE FLOWERDAY STELLA HUNT BLANCH GALLUP ALICE LLOYD LOUISE GAYLORD Lois MARSHAL ORA HOPKINS YENDYS MARSHAL FACULTATE MABI.E RHEAD GRACE RICHARDS SORORF.S IN MAUDE C. KLEYN MARTHA MERKLE MAUDE OKKELBERG SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE LUCY HUBER FANME MARTIN- MARTHA GUERNSEY HELEN MARTIN PAULINE KAISFR ROSELLE RIDER PLEDGES ELIZABETH McMANUS NORMA PARKHURST MARJORY NEWELL RENA PAVITT MRS. R. PETERSON MRS. S. McM. STAXTON MRS. L. STRAUSS MRS. M. P. TILI.EY MRS. L. M. WARFIELD WINIFRED MOWER RUTH STILLER SCHWARZ ESTHER WILSON FRIEDA WISHROPP HELEN SCHNEIDER NELL STOCKWELL MARGARET STRAUSS JULIA WILSON JUANITA WALLACE BESSIE SICKLES VIRGINIA TICE WILSON PAVITT KAUFFMANN KAISER L.VSAWAY STRAUSS HUBER RIDER ESSELSTYN SICKLES BURTT GUERNSEY CARLSON WALLACE BELLAMY MARTIN BYERS McMANUS XEWELL PARKHVRST Five hundred twenty-eight ' ivma T e ta Thi National Honorary Dramatic and Oratorical Sorority Alpha Chapter Founded 1918 SORORES IN URBE MRS. T. C. TRUEBI.OOD MRS. L. EICH ANNE McGuRK ALICE LEFEVER SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE CHARLOTTE BLAGDON MARGARET EFFINGER FLORENCE FULLER MARGUERITE GOODMAN MINERVA MILLER NELLIE RITTENHOUSE PHYLLIS TURXBVLL JUNE KNISLEV SIMPSON- ELIZABETH VAN VALKENBURGH RUTH VERMILYEA MARY VAN BUREX DEATA WAGNER MARGARET GEDDES MILLER VAXBVREN VAX " ALKENBURCH WAGNER GOODMAN TVRNBULL SIMPSON FULLER VERMILYEA EFFINGER BLAGDON RITTENHCUSE VA Five hundred twenty-nine .... _._ ---_-_- C ' Pi J amba Theta National Honorary Educational Society Xi Chapter Established 1922 OFFICERS MURIEL R. Fox . ELSIE BECK . LOUISE PENNINGTON MARJORIE READ LUCILLE CHALMERS . FREDA SCHMIDT . President Fice-President Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Keeper of Records ASSOCIATE MEMBERS MARGARET CAMERON, A.B. ESTHER FRIEDRICH, A.M. CORDELIA HAYES, A.M. IRENE HAYNER, A.B. ACTIVE MEMBERS ESTHER ANDERSON ELSIE BECK HlLDEGARDE BECK CHARLOTTE BLAGDON MARJORIE BUTLER LUCILLE CHALMERS LUCILLE CONRAD VIRGINIA CRONIN MURIEL Fox ELLURA HARVEY EDITH HOYLE, A.B. SELMA LINDELL, A.B. CLEO MURTLAND, A.M. LOUISE PATTERSON, A.B. THELMA KNIGHT ELIZABETH LIEBERMANN DOROTHY MCFARLEN AGNES PARKER LOUISE PENNINGTON MARJORIE READ FREDA SCHMIDT ETHEL SCHROEDER MARION WALKER DOROTHY WENTE PAULINE WILSON Fox SCHMIDT PENNINGTON PARKER CONRAD WENTE CHALMERS CAMERON HARVEY KNIGHT SCHROEDER LIEBERMANN BLAGDON WALKER BUTLER READ WILSON CRONIN ANDERSON E. BECK H. BECK Five hundred thirty Theta Sigma Honorary Journalistic Sorority PATRONS AND PATRONESSES MR. AND MRS. JOHN L. BRUMM MR. AND MRS. DOXAL HAIXES Miss ZELMA CLARKE OFFICERS MORAN President LOUISE BARLEY Fife-President RECIXA REICHMANN Secretary HELEN RAMSAY . Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS LOUISE BARLEY MARJOX BARLOW NORMA BlCKXELL MARGUERITE DUTTOX KATHERIXE FITCH VEREXA MORAX ELIZABETH Me Do WELL HELEX BROWN MARIE REED REGIXA REICHMAXX NELLIE RITTEXHOUSE HELEX RAMSAY KATHERIXE SAXDERS ED MARIE ScHRAUDER MARJORIE WEBER LUCY WILSON BARLOW FITCH SANDERS REED BICCNELL SCHRAUDER RITTEXHOUSE DUTTON WILSOX RAMSAY MORAN BARLEY REICHMANX . MCDOWELL Five Hundred thirty-one Iota Sigma TV 9 r Honorary Chemical Society Phosphorus Chapter PATRONESSES MRS. R. K. MCALPINE MRS. C. C. MELOCHE MRS. S. L. BIGEI.OW MRS. W. G. SMEATOX MRS. A. H. WHITE MRS. JULIUS O. SCHI.OTTERBECK GRADUATE MEMBERS MRS. HAZEL PLATT UPTHEGROVE MRS. PHILIP HADLEY ACTIVE MEMBERS BERNETA BLOCK VIOLA BREKKF. HELEN CANNON AILEEN CHRISTENSEN SALLY CLARKSON GOLDIE CORNELIUSOX LUVERN HAYS MILDRED S. JAMES ANNA LAN MRS. LAWRENCE SIMS BARTELI. RUTH MOUNTAIN SELMA MUELLER GAIL NICKERSON ELLEN PORTER EVELYN SOMMF.RFIELD DOROTHY STEWART I.YDA THATCHER MARGARET WOOD WELL Five hundred thirty-two Stttmmtti . . " T TT- ' (general Sororities In the order of their establishment at the University of Michigan GAMMA PHI BETA 1882 DELTA GAMMA 1885 COLLEGIATE SOROSIS 1886 Pi BETA PHI 1888 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA . 1890 ALPHA EPSILON IOTA 1890 ALPHA PHI 1892 KAPPA ALPHA THETA, 1879, re-established 1893 ALPHA CHI OMEGA 1898 CHI OMEGA 1905 THETA PHI ALPHA 1912 DELTA DELTA DELTA, 1894, re-established 1915 ALPHA Xi DELTA 1920 ZETATAU ALPHA 1920 KAPPA DELTA, 1912, re-established 1921 ALPHA OMICRON Pi 1921 ALPHA EPSILON PHI 1922 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 1922 DELTA ZETA 1922 PHI SIGMA SIGMA 1922 SIGMA KAPPA 1924 Five hundred thirty-four BURROWS SUPERXAW SMITH STOXER TOMPKINS GOODALL MEISEL DIXON PARROTT ROBERTS CLARKE SCHMIDT BOORMAS WALSER WOODWARD SHIMP CORNELL Inter-Sorority u4 ssociation CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP GAMMA PHI BETA 1882 DELTA GAMMA 1885 COLLEGIATE SOROSIS 1886 Pi BETA PHI ... 1888 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 1890 ALPHA PHI 1892 KAPPA ALPHA THETA 1893 ALPHA CHI OMEGA 1898 CHI OMEGA 1905 THETA PHI ALPHA . 1912 DELTA DELTA DELTA 1915 ALPHA Xi DELTA 1920 ZETA TAU ALPHA 1920 KAPPA DELTA 1921 ALPHA OMICRON Pi 1921 ALPHA EPSILON PHI 1921 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 1922 DELTA ZETA 1923 PHI SIGMA SIGMA 1923 SIGMA KAPPA 1924 ALUMNAE DELEGATES MRS. WILLIAM McGiLL MRS. RALPH AIGLER MRS. EARLE Dow MRS. D. W. BRONK MRS. HERBERT MALLORY MRS. RATCLIFF MRS. THEOPHIL KLINGMAN MRS. WALTER STAEBLER MRS. CLAIR UPTHEGROVE MRS. C. P. BRIGGS Miss ANN McGuRK Miss EDNA HOFFMAN MRS. EDWIN DICKINSON MRS. EDWARD GILLETTE 1924 MARGARET DIXON ELEANOR MEISEL LOUISE ROBERTS OFFICERS President Secretary Treasurer OFFICIAL DELEGATES 1925 ELIZABETH PARROTT LOUISE ROBERTS CATHERINE MELLEN ARDYS STOXER BETTY WOODWARD MARY Lou MILLER LOUISE ROBERTS CATHERINE MELLEN SALLY WALSER BETTY TOMPKINS HELEN METZGER JANE DEWEY HELEN MORROW FREDA SCHMIDT HARRIET GOODALL JOSEPHINE CLARKE BERNICE SMITH VIVIAN NORTH HELEN BOORMAN LILLIAN DAVIDSON LUCILLE CORNELL JULIA SUPERXAW WINIFRED SHIMP Five hundred thirty-five Gamma Phi Beta Beta Chapter Established 1882 MRS. EDWARD ADAMS MRS. JAMES BREAKY Miss LINDA EBERBACH MRS. DEAN MYERS Miss CLARA STIMSON MRS. F.THELBERT SPURRIER SORORES IN URBE MRS. WALDO ABBOTT MRS. EVERETT BROWN MRS. IRWIN EIBLER Miss SARAH HINCKS MRS. WILFRED SHAW Miss MABEL RANDALL MRS. EARL WOLAVER Miss LOUISE BOYNTON MRS. HENRY DOUGLAS MRS. ALFRED FISHER MRS. NATHAN POTTER Miss MARIE SHERER MRS. CHARLES WAGNER MARGARET BARNUM LUCIE LEE KILPATRICK CORNELIA SHEPHERD JEANETTE FITCH MARGARET FITCH CAROLINE STEEN JESSIE FORBES MARGARET HUGHS VIRGINIA MOORE SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE JOCELYN SMITH . Seniors JEAN FOGLE MARY PELL MARY STEWART WINIFRED CHENEY LUCILE LEWIS ARDYS STONER Juniors MARY HASKELL MARY TYLER LOUTHAN JANET VAN DEN BERG Sophomores KATHERINE HUBBARD HELEN REECE HELEN THORPE EMILY WOODWARD BETH HIBARGER MARGARET HOLT MILDRED NEWLAND Freshmen GENEVIEVE HOLMS GARLAND KELLOGG LOUISA SMITH DORIS HARRINGTON ELIZABETH POWELL FLORENCE PITTLECOE LUCINDA SHERWOOD GERALDINE HOLMS RUTH MOORE V. MOORE NEWLAND REECE M. FITCH FOGLE VAN DEN BERG LOUTHAN KELLOGG PITTLECOE GENEVIEVE HOLMS GERALDINE HOLMS BARNUM WOODWARD STEWART POWELL CHENEY SHEPHERD STONER THORPE STEEN FORBES HUGHS J. FITCH HASKELL KILPATRICK SHERWOOD HUBBARD LEWIS PELL HARRINGTON R. MOORE HIBARGER SMITH Five hundred thirty-six Delta C EL- EDWARD CAMPBELL Xi Chapter Established 1SS5 HONORARY MEMBERS MRS. MORTIMER COOLEY MRS. KARL GUTHE SORORES IN URBE MRS. THIEME MRS. RALPH AIGLER MRS. WILLIAM BROWN, JR. MRS. THEOPHILE RAPHAEL MRS. CHARLES RASH MRS. IRVING SCOTT OLIVE KNOWLSON MRS. HENRT SANDERS MRS. JOHN EFFIXGER MRS. HARRY RASHBACKER MRS. SHIRLEY SMITH JEAN SHARPE MRS. MAX MILLER MRS. WILLIAM RUMFF MRS. WILLIAM STONEMEN SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors ALMA GROUSE CONSTANCE MACDONALD KATHERINE BOOTH CATHERINE PIERCE RUTH KAHN MINERVA MILLER CAROLINE COLTER VERA JOHNSTON ELIZABETH NUTT MARGARET DIXON MARTHA MILLER MARGARET BROOKS ANNE SEELEY KATHRYN WILLSON DOROTHY KALMBACH CATHERINE PRECHTEL Juniors MARGARET EFFINGER ESTHER TROUT ELIZABETH WOODWARD Sophomores FRANCES KING HELEN LARA WAY MARGUERITE SHATTUCK DOROTHY MALCOLMSON Freskmfn EMILY CROWELL GEORGIA DATER MARGARET LAWLOR KATHERINE LEWIS BARBARA PATTON LUCY SEELEY DOROTHY TRUETTNER KATHERINE KOCHER MARGARET TOWNSESD ELIZABETH ISHAM MARY VAN Bi REN ALLEEN MILLER LOUISE TURNER ELIZABETH DAVIES HELEN KOCHER MARY THOMPSON JOHNSTON H. KOCHER DATES P ATTON COLTER XUTT THOMPSON LEWIS LAWLOR L. SEELEY DAVIES TURNER KING PIERCE A. MILLER LARAWAY MILLER KAHN CROWELL A. SEELEY Wnxsos KALMBACH WOODWARD BOOTH TROUT EFFINGER BROOKS VAX BUREN ISHAM K. KOCHER L. Wnzn. R. VUcDoSALO TOWSSEXD C. MACDONALD Dixos MILLER M. WETZEL CRCH-SE PRECHTEL Five hundred thirtf -seven MRS. HENRY M. BATES MRS. ROBERT C. ANGELL MRS. RHEES BURKETT Miss LYDIA CONDON MRS. A. C. FuRSTENBERG MRS. T. H. HlLDEBRANDT Miss ALICE LLOYD Miss ANNA LLOYD MRS. G. W. PATTERSON MRS. WILLIAM H. SELLEW FRANCES BONNER MARY COOLEY LOUISE E. KINMONT EUNICE Y. ROSE MARY H. BARRETT HELEN J. FURBER J. HELEN BLACKWOOD JEAN Dow DOROTHY KURD MRS. HERBERT C. SADLER Established 1886 ASSOCIATE MEMBERS MRS. WILLIAM H. FAUST MRS. JESSE S. REEVES MRS. RENE TALAMON MRS. MRS. MRS. Miss Miss MRS. MRS. Miss MRS. SORORES IN URBE JOSEPH BARSS JOSEPH A. BURSLEY EARLE W. Dow FLORENCE GREEN MARY IVES EARLE V. MOORE MRS. CHRISTINE M. BREED Miss HARRIET BURY MRS. EDGAR N. DURFEE MRS. HARRY HAWLEY MRS. JAMES A. KENNEDY Miss NATALIE MURPHY WALTER B. PILLSBURY MRS. T. LUTHER PURDOM BERTHA SHAW MRS. EDWARD SINGERFOOS ALEX L. TROUT Miss GRACE WEBB Miss Miss MRS. MRS. MRS. Miss MRS. MRS. HELEN BATES MARGARET CAMERON STERLING EMERSON J. GRIFFITH HAYS HERMAN KLEENE CAROLINE PATTENGILL HARRISON M. RANDALL AUBREY TEALDI SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors ELIZABETH M. DRAKE ELEANOR S. MEISEL ALICE L. POWELL THELMA L. SMITH Juniors FLORENCE O. GRIFFITH ANNE M. GILBRETH MARY Lou MILLER ELIZABETH P. PARROTT ELIZABETH C. SMITH ELIZABETH STRAUSS MARGARET L. WILKINS Sophomores CHRISTINE L. BAUCH SUE GRUNDY BONNER ANN GRANDY JEANNE H. GROVER MARY M. PARROTT MARGARET S. REID Freshmen MARY H. BOWMAN ELIZABETH M. CHAMPE CATHERINE FERGUSON ELIZABETH H. HARRIMAN MARTHA M. HERRNSTEIN EUGENIA LONG MARY B. QUARTON AGNES C. PARKER HELEN E. HUTCHINS MARCIA L. PUTNAM HENRIETTA L. VOORHEIS FLORENCE E. BUTTOLPH HELENA M. KNAPP MARY CRISTY FREDERICKA A. HARRIMAN CAROLINE McKiNLEY BARRETT Dow BOWMAN CHAMPE HUTCHINS GRANDY M. PARROTT ROSE FURBER REID BAUCH WILKINS KINMONT GRIFFITH PARKER CRISTY BUTTOLPH E. PARROTT GROVER E. SMITH VOORHEIS GILBRETH T. SMITH POWELL MEISEL DRAKE PUTNAM COOLEY BLACKWOOD E. HARRIMAN P. HARRIMAN McKiNLEY HURD QUARTON LONG FERGUSON HERRNSTEIN Five hundred thirty-eight Michigan Beta Chapter Established 1888 PATRONESSES Mis. ALBERT M. BARRETT MRS. HUGH CABOT MRS. ARCHIBALD VV. DIACK MRS. MARTIN L. D ' OocE MRS. FRANCIS W. KELSEY MRS. ISRAEL C. RUSSELL MRS. CHAS. SCOTT BERRY MRS. CHAS. D. COGSHALL LUCY HUBER MRS. JAMES M. CORK MRS. RALPH MILLER MARTHESA DRYBREAD MRS. OTTO VV " . HAISLEY MRS. ALBERT E. WHITE HELEN VV " . BROWN OLIVE Me KAY SORORES MRS. DETLEV BRONK MRS. HOMER L. HEATH JOSEPHINE LANG RUTH DEEMER MRS. FRANK C. PARKER MRS. J. J. EVERETT MRS. HERBERT SHAW MRS. ALFRED H. WHITE IN URBE MRS. PALMER CHRISTIAN ORRA HENDERSON MRS. JULIAN LEVER MRS. C. H. DRYBREAD EFFIE CHRISTIE PATCH MRS. RAY L. FISHER MRS. HERBERT UPTON MRS. MILDRED WOODHAMS MRS. ALBERT L. CLARK MRS. G. KARL HUBER MRS. D. H. CONDIT MRS. GEORGE F. LEWIS MRS. HENRY E. Rices MRS. HERBERT GOODRICH MRS. ALVIN O. WELLER SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE GRACE HALL HELEN PORTER Seniors MARY ELIZABETH HARTINCER MARTHA CHASE Juniors MARGUERITE AINSWORTH LOUISE ROBERTS HELEN AUSTIN FRANCIS PARRISH ELEANOR VERDIER KATHRYN CLARKE CATHERINE GRINDLEY DORIS GLADDEN ELMA WALZ Sophomores EMILY HULBERT MAE KELLER CAROLINE PAULL MARGARET PURDY CHARLOTTE WARDELL GRACE BECKHAM FLORENCE LAWSON FRANCES O ' BRIEN ELSIE MURRAY Freshmen MARION WELLS CAROLINE WOOSTER ELIZABETH HULBERT GERALDINE TRUSCOTT MARGARET LAWSON CHARLOTTE O ' BRIEN FRANCES MODE HELEN SEARIGHT ALICE CALLENDAR MARY WHITE KELLER SEARIGHT WARDELL PAUU. AUSTIN MODE PARKISH C. O ' BRIEN GLADDEN AISSWORTH M. LAWSON BICKNEU. CLARKE ROBERTS PURDY WALZ BROWN TKUSCOTT PORTER McKAY E. HULBERT HALL CHASE HARTINGER WBUU MURRAY CALLENDAR WHITE WOOSTER BIXBV BECKHAM F. LAWSON F. O ' BRIEN EMILY HUBERT Five hundred thirty-nine DR. MARGARET BELL MRS. SAMUEL MOORE MRS. T. R. ADAMS Miss B. L. PATTERSON- MRS. P. S. LOVEJOY MRS. E. E. NELSON- ALICE ALLEN ELIZABETH LAPHAM ELIZABETH BEARD GENEVA EWING THORA HOYT NANCY BROOKS FREDERIEKA MARSTON LOUISE BRIGGS CYNTHIA MALLORY Beta Delta Chapter Established 1890 PATRONESSES MRS. L. A. BARRETT MRS. M. L. BURTON- MRS. MAUDE SCHEMM MRS. STANLEY STEVENS MRS. A. S. WHITNEY SORORES IN URBE MRS. VV. J. BOOTH MRS. ALBERT B. PECK MRS. H. S. MALLORY MRS. J. B. MOORE MRS. JOHN- BRADFIELD MRS. SAM DONALDSON MRS . J. C. . U. B. PHILLIPS SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE SADY HARWICK, A.B. Seniors ELIZABETH HASCALL SADYEBETH HEATH ROSABEL LEE ELIZABETH OLMSTED ELSA SCHREIBER Juniors HASSELTINE BOURLAND EDNA CANTRAL ELIZABETH FINLEY FRANCES GORSLINE CATHERINE MELLEN ELSA RUYL HELEN SULLIVAN ELLEN VAN ZANDT Sophomores RUTH HOLZNAGLE RUTH TUTTLE Freshmen KATHERINE GEROW MARY VAN DEURSEN IRENE FIELD ESTHER TUTTLE DOROTHY CHAMPE LOUISE PIGGOTT MRS. A. O. LEE MRS. JOHN SUNDWALL Miss FANDIRA CROCKER MRS. M. GREENWOOD MRS. FRANK McPHALE MRS. MELVIN T. SOLVE JUNE KNISELY-SIMPSON ELIZABETH RANCK MARY CARTER PHYLLIS HAEHNLE VIRGINIA SPAIN CATHERINE KELDER HARRIET WISE PHYLLIS LOUGHTON DOROTHY WILCOX BEARD MARSTON E. TUTTLE KELDER HOLZNAGLE R. TUTTLE MALLORY WISE VAN ZANDT SPAIN HOYT CARTER GORSLINE EWING CANTRAL BOURLAND SULLIVAN MELLEN SCHREIBER LEE ALLEN OLMSTED HAEHNLE LAPHAM HEATH KNISELY RUYL PIGGOTT BRIGGS VAN DEURSEN LOUGHTON GEROW WILCOX BROOKS FIELD Five hundred forty Alpha Chapter Established 1890 MRS. HUGH CABOT PATRONESSES MRS. REUBEN PETERSON MRS. R. B. CANFIELD MRS ALBERT BARRETT DR. RUTH WAN STROM SORORES IN I RBE DR. MARGARET BELL MR?. EDWARD BRAGG DR. JEANNE SOLIS MRS. DAVID COWIE MRS. LIZZIE OLIPHAJJT ETHEL T. CALHOUN HELEN BARNARD GOLDIE CORNELIVSON ELIZABETH C. BAGLEY SORORES IN LNIVERSITATE Seniors ORRA HENDERSON AMY EDMUNDS MARY MC!NTYRE WILMA WEEKS TRYPHOSA R. WORCESTER Juniors N. BERNETA BLOCK GRACE M. BESHGETOOR HELEN CANNON DORIS KIXDRICKS DOROTHEA F. McCn RE Sophomores AILEEN D. CHRISTENSON CHRISTABEL A. Hiss HAZEL R. PRENTICE GRACE WILLIAMS SELMA C. MUELLER CHRISTENSON BAGLEY WILLLOIS MUELLER Hiss PRENTICE KINDRICKS BESHGETOOR BARNARD BLOCK CORSELIUSOS McCLURE CALHOUS EDMVXDS WORCESTER WEEts HENDERSON MC!NTYRE CANNON I w Five hundred forty-one Theta Chapter Established 1892 SORORES IN URBE MRS. GEORGE ADIE SALLY CLARKSON MARY EDITH HENDRICKSON MRS. W. BERRY RATLIFFE MRS. ELMER REAL MRS. EARL CRESS ANNE HINSHAW MRS. MORRIS TILLEY HELEN BROWN MRS. WILLIAM FLORER MRS. DONALD MAY MARGARET WARTHIN MRS. HARRY CLARK MRS. JOSEPH HAYDEN MRS. J. M. RAIKES MARIAN WILLIAMS HAZEL E. ALDEN ELEANOR A. FERRY FRANCES ADAMS DOROTHY SNOW PAULINE BRIDGMAN MARGARET HAWKINS HELEN RAIKES SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE FRANCES FLORER, A.B. FRANCES GILL, A.B. Seniors DOROTHY L. ANDERSON MARTHA V. HOWELL SALLY WALSER MARGARET BEAL ADELINE E. JOHNESSE ILAH E. WINTER Juniors AMELIA BEHRHORST HARRIETT DIVELY RUTH A. SORGE FLOY R. ROBISON CLARA WOODWORTH Sophomores DOROTHY DIBBLE JEAN L. KYER HELEN HAWKINS BERTHA RANKIN MARGARET G. Dow HELEN RUTH Freshmen MILDRED L. HUEBNER HELEN RUTHERFORD MARYELLEN BROWN DOROTHY MACFARLEN CHARLOTTE JACOBS VERA WALLINGTON HANNAH E. FITCH ALICE KELLOGG JANET TREMBLY TREMBLY RANKIN RUTHERFORD RAIKES KELLOGG Dow DIBBLE BRIDGMAN FITCH JACOBS DIVELY ADAMS BEHRHORST WOODWORTH FERRY BEAL JOHNESSE ANDERSON WALSER MACFARLEN BROWN HUEBNER H. HAWKINS M. HAWKINS RUTH KYER SNOW SORGE WALLINGTON WINTER ALDEN HOWELL Five hundred forty-two rC MRS. S. L. BIGELOW MRS. S. W. LADD MRS. ALICE WOODBRIDGE MRS. H. C. ADAMS MRS. A. G. CANFIELD MRS. J. I. WALSER MRS. C. S. Y OAKUM MRS. A. G. RUTHVEN DOROTHY KETCHAM LOVISE BARLEY MARGARET HAYS DOROTHY PUTT ELIZABETH BLACKWOOD ETHEL MOORE HARRIETTS ABBOTT VIRGINIA Fox FRAXCES AXDREA JOSEPHIXE MITTS Eta Chapter Established 1879 Re-established 1893 PATRONESSES MRS. C. H. COOLEY Miss ALICE CROCKER MRS. J. F. LAWREXCE MRS. S. C. WHEAT MRS. J. S. WORLEY MRS. F. H. YOST SORORES IN URBE MRS. NELLIE BEXDER MRS. R. F. CARNEY MRS. T. WEIMAX WlXIFRED HoBBS MRS. N. F. SHAXBAUGH ADA OLSOX MRS. ORLIX BOSTON MRS. C. M. DAVIS GAY WILGVS MRS. T. K.LINGMAX MRS. A. G. SWAIX FRAXCES SWAIX SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE JEAXE BRIGGS LEE JEXKS JEAXXE RYAN- GLADYS TROWBRIDGE Seniors EDITH BISHOP FLORENCE JOHXSTOX MARTHA SCHXEIDER EVELYN WIDMAX Juniors CATHERIXE BREWER VIRGIXIA BURKE ELEAXOR MUSSELMAX ELIZABETH TOMPKIXS Sophomores SELMA ALEXAXDER ROMAINE BUSCH ELEAXOR MURRAY KATHLEEN RETTEXMEIR FLORIXE STORREY FLORENCE WOLFE DOROTHY BAIRD MARJORIE SMITH Freshmen KATHRYX KYER LEOLA WOODRUFF MRS. JAMES INGLIS MRS. H. L. WILGL-S MRS. Louis BREDVOLT MRS. A. M. HIGLEY CONSTANCE WINCHELL MRS. G. H. MONTILLON MRS. F. B. VEDDERJ JAXET CUMMINGS MARION DUTTOX ELSA OHLMACHER CLAIRE SHIXXICK ALICE McLxucHLix CHARLOTTE HALLER MARGARET SEAMAX MARY LOUISE MURRAY SEAMAN ANDREA E. MITIRAY RETTENMEIR HALLER MUSSELMAN MOORE TOMPKINS BARLEY JENKS TROWBRIDGE RYAN BRIGGS SBINNICK DVTTON WIDMAN M. MVRRAY BREWER SMITH STORREY KYER Bl ' SCH WOODRCFF WOLFE BAIRD BISHOP PITT BLACKWOOD ABBOTT JOHNSTON SCHNEIDER OHLMACHER HAYS ALEXANDER Fox MITTS Bv; Five hundred forty-three MRS. C. O. DAVIS MRS. G. B. RHEAD MRS. H. B. MILLS MRS. C. K. HILLS LYDIA CONDON MRS. S. M. YUTZY MRS. C. F. KYER LUCY ANN COCHLIN KATHLEEN PATTERSON BLANCH BARTON FRANCES LIGHT LEE KENNEDY LAURA BERRY LAURA CRAFT ELIZABETH KELLY ELLA PEARCE Theta Chapter Established 189S PATRONESSES MRS. A. J. DONNELLY MRS. C. C. GLOVER MRS. RALEIGH SCHORLING MRS. U. J. WILE SORORES IN URBE MRS. R. ANDERSON MRS. WALTER STAEBLER ELIZABETH HAUXHURST MRS. H. B. TROOPER MRS. BEN LEWIS MRS. C. N. CHURCH NAOMI TITUS MRS. N. S. HOFF MRS. H. W. NICHOLS MRS. LEONARD MILLER DARIEL PEARCE SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors MARY RUTH DOUGHTY DOROTHY KNAPP GLASS LOUISE PLETKE LOUISE RIBLET BERYL SCHAFER MARY ELLEN- WARRINER J u n iors MARY BEEMAN DELMAS COCHLIN HELEN METZGER HELEN RAMSAY DOROTHY SPENCER Sophomores VIRGINIA ROYCE Freshmen ELIZABETH CAMPBELL CARLOTTA CURWOOD CATHERINE OAKLEY DOROTHY RACINE ISABEL STITT MYRENE RICH GENEVIEVE BUEI.L DOROTHY WARD ELIZABETH KING Lois PORTER MRS. N. S. HOFF MRS. C. O. DAVIS MRS. MAYNARD NEWTON MRS. R. B. HOVVELL MAUDE KLEYN MARION NICHOLS ISABEL NICHOLS CAROL ROSECRANS CATHERINE GRIFFITHS CYNTHIA SMITH HELEN SHIMP KATHLEEN CHISHOLM RUTH DAVY MAURINE WATTS BEKNICE STAEBLER RICH BARTON ROSECRANS CHISHOLM SHIMP SPENCER METZGER KELLY SMITH RAMSAY GRIFFITHS NORTON BEEMAN D. COCHLIN LIC.HT WATTS L. COCHLIN PLETKE WAKKINER PEARCE RIBLET PATTERSON SCHAFER NICHOLS DOUGHTY BUELL CAMPBELL ROYCE WARD STITT CRAFT BERRY PORTER STAEBLER RACINE OAKLEY Five hundred forty-four MRS. J. F. BOCRQCIX s. L. C. KARPINSKI MRS. MRS. F. E. BARTELL MRS. V. J. HUSSEY MRS. E. H. MITCHELL BERENICE BOYD VIRGINIA MCLAREN- Eta Chapter Established 1905 PATRONESSES MRS. H. V. EMERSON MRS. E. K. HERDMAN MRS. C. R. KAUFMAN MRS. L. XV. OLIPHANT MRS. C. L. WASHBVRNE SORORES IN URBE MRS. W. HUMPHREYS MRS. T. E. RAXKIN MRS. J. A. FAIRMXN MRS. F. E. LIVERMORE Miss FLORENCE MOHR Miss FRIEDA WISHROPP MRS. E. C. GODDARD Miss AMY G. LOOMIS MlSS LONA TlNKHAM MRS. P. S. WELCH GEDDES MARGARET MILNES LENORE GARDNER DOROTHY ATKINS MARGUERITE Fox SORORES IN UNIX ERSITATE Seniors JANE DEWEY DOROTHY EMERY FLORENCE ESTHER MORSE ELEANOR PLAIN LOREXE SIMPSOX ESTHER X " HITE Juniors DOROTHY GOOCH HELEX HANLIN GERTRUDE MOHLER RUTH RANKIX Sophomorf! MAXINE GEDDES LILLIAN MERNER DOROTHY TODD MARGARET XX ARD GRACE COLLINS MARION DuBRiE MARGARET HENCKEL GERTRUDE HUBER ELIZABETH SMITH MARTHA GUERNSEY MRS. F. N. MEXEFEE MRS. J. SCHLOTTERBECK EDNA RADOW ADELAIDE SHERER MARJORIE HOPPIN ELAINE STEVELY BEATRICE SCHROEDER DONNA ESSELTYX MARY KARPINSSI HEXCKEL KARPISSKI HVBER ATKINS Fox SCHROEDER MERSER TODD M. GEDDES GARDNER MlLXES MARGARET GEDDES HOPPIN GOOCH MOHLER RAXKIS STEVELY BOYD DEWEY W RD MORSE WHITE MCLAREN KADOW SHEREK SIMPSON PLAIN Five hundred fortf-five Alpha Alpha Chapter Established 1912 MRS. J. J. QUARRY SORORES IN URBE EILEEN DONAHUE MRS. ALICE ENSMINGER ANNE McGuRK LAURA DAVIS MRS. L. J. FOSTER SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors EVELYN M. DOHANY VERENA MORAN JOSEPHINE M. STEARNS GLADYS L. CARNEGIE HELEN M. MORROW GERTRUDE A. MACAULAY RUTH M. MOUNTAIN HELEN J. SVENSGARD ROSEMARY J. MATGEN REGINA J. REICHMANN IRMA P. VAN BAALEN Juniors MARY LOUISE COONEY KATHLEEN M. KELLEHER ABIGAIL B. NOON ANNA T. ORR MARY LILA ZANG CATHERINE A. MILLER EDMARIE E. SCHRAI DER CATHERINE M. MORIARTY EDYTHE M. RHINEVAULT PATRICIA HODGSON MARGARET BASSMAN CAROLYN A. HUMBARGER Sophomores MERCEDES M. O ' BRIEN KATHRYN L. SCHRAUDER Freshmen MARIE I. BRADY FLORENCE J. MILLS MARY L. WEDEMEYER MARGARET E. DEACON EVELYN C. PRATT ELEANOR M. WOOD JUANITA WALLACE HELEN T. FINDLEY MARIAN F. STEARNS I WOOD ORR HODGSON NOON MORROW COONEY RHINEVAULT KELLEHER CARNEGIE ZANG MILLER MOUNTAIN MORIARTY E. SHRAUDER J. STEARNS MATGEN MACAULEY SVENSGARD VAN BAALEN MORAN REICHMANN DOHANY BRADY BASSMAN DEACON PRATT WEDEMEYER MILLS K. SHRAUDER M. STEARNS SMITH Fife hundied forty-six Iota Chapter Establish 1894 Re-fstaUislud 1915 MRS. HORATIO ABBOTT PATRONESSES MRS. CARL BRAUN MRS. THOMAS H. REED MRS. CLIFFORD WOODY MRS. EDWIN H. KRAUS SORORES IN URBE MRS. JOHN R. BRUMM MRS. ARTHUR COVERT MARGARET KRAUS MRS. A. F. MONTGOMERY MRS. MAHLOX BUELL MRS. WM. PRAYER MRS. T. A. LOWRY KATHERINE MONTGOMERY MRS. LEIGH J. YOUNG ALICE BURTLESS MRS. L. V. HEILBRUNN GRACE MANSON MARY Ross MRS. SCOTT WESTERMAN MRS. ARTHUR HALL MRS. CHARLES C. FRIES MRS. CHARLES S. MILLEN MARION STOWE MARION BARLOW MARY J. FERNER RUTH CARSON ELIZABETH McDowELL FLORENCE FOSTER ALICE WUERFEL CHARLOTTE OSBURG SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors ELIZABETH T. BOEHM MARJORIE BUTLER MARY MARGARET MILLER THELMA RAYMOND VERNA TREBILCOCK Juniors VIRGINIA HOBBS FRANCES PENOYER HELEN STAIR Sophomores ELIZABETH HASTINGS NORMA SNELL Freshmen GERTRUDE SCHULER ALVENO SUPERKO VIRGINIA McCoLL MARY ANN McRoBERTS MARGARET EATON MARGARET MOCK LUCILLE GROFF JEAN DORRANCE CHARLOTTE ECKERT FREDA SCHMIDT CLARA KRUEGER HAZEL RICH MARGARET PROBECK RUTH TREBILCOCK DORRANCE HASTINGS GROFF WUERFEL PROBECK FOSTER SSELL PESOYER EATON RICH MOCK McDowELL CARSON STAIR BOEHM BARLOW FERNER RAYMOND ECKERT BUTLER SCHMIDT V. TREBILCOCK MILLER HOBBS OSBURG MCROBERTS SCHVLER KRVEGER R. TREBILCOCK SUPERKO McCoLL Five Hundred forty-teven MARGARET B. BRIGGS AUGUSTA Cox MARGARET, B. SCHULL HELEN A. BERNARD MARGARET M. McPnEE CHRISTINE M. BETZNER NORMA MAC LLIVRAY RUTH TALLMAN MARGARET EIRICH LOUISE E. RITTENHOUSE ANNA DUNLAP Alpha Epsilon Chapter Established 1920 SORORES IN URBE I.. MARGARET BUFFINGTON LILA V. V. CRITTENDEN CATHERINE L. SCHULTZ KATHRYN COLE THEDA HOLEN EDNA WHITNEY MABLE COWDEN ADA MULHOLLAND SORORES IX UNIVERSITATE Seniors HELEN M. CROWE FLORENCE L. NELSON HELEN B. SHERMAN WAVE I. HANNA HELEN OCOBOCK HELEN WIGHTMAN HARRIET I. GOODALL NELLIE L. RITTENHOUSE GERTRUDE TURNKR Juniors CAROLYN HUGHES MARGARET SAGENDORPH M. RUTH WILLIAMS Sophomores HELEN HOCHREIN HELEN SHAW ETHEL STEVENSON LOTUS V. JOHNSON LEONA L. SHERMAN Freshmen JOSEPHINE FORSYTHE WILMA NOWER CATHERINE MATTHEWS HELEN Yos PAULINE L. HALL MYRTLE A. SANZENBACHER CATHERINE F. HUNTER JEAN SWINTON NIMA NEVILLE ALICE F. SIMMONS NANCY JEAN MEYER STEVENSON DUNLAP XOWER FORSYTHE Vos MEYER SAGENDORPH MATTHEWS NEVILLE SWINTOX SIMMONS JOHNSON SHAW EIRICH HOCHREIN SHERMAN RITTENHOUSE MAC LLIVRAY OCOBOCK HUGHES WILLIAMS SWINTON TALLMAN BETZNER THOMAS HANNA WIC.IITMAS HUNTER SANZENBACHFR HALL NELSON SHERMAN RITTENHOUSE BERNARD TURNER GOODALL CROWE McPHEE Five hundred forty-eight Alpha Gamma Chapter Established 1920 SORORES IN I RBE MRS. E. M. DICKEXSOX FRAXCES L. ELY CLAIRE M. DOUGLAS MAXIXE M. ROACH BARBARA E. ALLAN- SYBIL B. CLARK ELTA D. SEIBERT EviVCA L. GOODWILLIE FRAXCES L_ HUBBARD SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors FAXXY L. JOHXSTOK DOROTHY R. THOMPSOX KATHERIXE F. MILLER PHYLLIS A. TURXBULL VIVIAX L. NORTH Juniors HELEX M. BEST VIOLA G. BREKKE MARIAX J. BURROWS LILLIAX A. HARDIXC WILLABELLE L. HARPER PAULIXE B. MALOXE MILLICEXT D. BARTLETT DOROTHY M. MICKLEBOROUGH Sophomores HELEX M. KAGAY MABLE E. XEEF JAXET K. SIXCLAIR Freshmen LUCILLE G. ISBELL FRAXCES H. STARK CATHERIXE L. WATERS HARDING DOOGLAS KAGAY ISBEU. THOMPSON SINCLAIR HARPER BfRcows MILLER NORTH ROACH JOHNSTON BARTLETT BEST MALOSE ALLAN TXmjcBtij. - L OKI STARK HUBBARD WATERS GOODWILLIE NEEF CuutK Five Hundred fortf-n MRS. HARRY BACKER Sigma Zeta Chapter Established 1921 PATRONESSES MRS. ROY W. COWDEN MRS. SOLOMON GINGERICH MRS. EDSON R. SUNDERLAND MRS. CLIFFORD C. MELOCHE MRS. RICHARD BARKER MRS. DONALD TIMMERMAN ELLEN STEVENSON MRS. C. C. MELOCHE GRACE FRY LILLIAN M. MUNRO ESTHER SANDBERG, B.S. ELEANOR MILLER SORORES IN URBE ELLA HYMANS MRS. HAROLD JOHNSON MRS. ALBERT KERLIKOWSKI MRS. LEON MAKIELSKI MRS. CARL RUFUS MRS. E. R. SUNDERLAND MRS. HERBERT TWINING LILLAS R. BEATTIE EDNA C. CHRISTENSEN A. LORENA RANDALL M. FRANCES BORING DOROTHY I. CLINE HELEN J. LOFTUS GERALDINE K. AUBREY ELIZABETH H. RUSSELL RUTH C. ALLEN RUTH A. JAMESON SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors CHARLOTTE A. BLAGDON MARIAN E. BUCK OLIVE HYMANS RHEA F. JENKS MARGARET D. SLAVENS VESTA G. DE WITT Juniors CONSTANCE CLARKE JOSEPHINE A. CLARK M. JEANNETTE EMMONS GENEVIEVE E. HALL FRANCES B. MOTZ M. DOROTHY OGBORN DOROTHY F. WALDO Sophomores BEULAH B. HARGER MARIAN E. KUBIK MARGARET E. SANDBERG MARGARET WEIMER Freshmen MARGARET G. COLE MARIAN A. DAVIDSON EVELYN OGBORN LUCY W. TUTTLE JULIA M. WHITE ELIZABETH T. BI-RNS ELIZABETH C. LIEBERMANN NORMA E. CLARKE FLORENCE E. HAMLIN LUNETTE M. STARR MARGARET A. MCNALLY JULIA F. WILSON DOROTHY INGALLS FAY A. SMEAD HAMLIN HARGER RUSSELL SANDBERG KUBIK MCNALLY WILSON EMMONS LOFTUS BORING MOTZ WALDO C. CLARKE N. CLARKE HALL J. CLARK STARR D. OGBORN LIEBERMANN BUCK DEWITT RANDALL BEATTIE HYMANS BURNS JENKS SLAVENS BLAGDON CLINE SMEAD WHITE COLE E. OGBORN INGALLS DAVIDSON AUBREY TUTTLE ALLEN WEIMER Five hundred fifty MRS. EDWARD GILLETTE I , - lpKa- Omicrorv Pi FRANCES BARRETT HELEN BOORMAN ELIZABETH HAVES WINIFRED BENEDICT DORIS KENT MARY E. APPLETON MARY GREENSHIELDS MILDRED PECKHAU MART LA WTO N VIRGINIA GROSSMAN Omicron Pi Chapter Established 1921 SORORES IN URBE DOROTHY PATTON IRENE Lurz SORORES IN UN1VERSITATE LUVERN HAYS, A.B. LVCILE BELLAMY PATRICIA BROWN RUTH MOREY ARLISE Ewisc FRANCES NORTON HELEN WHIPPLE Seniors MARGARET BONINE DORIS BESSENCEK FRANCES MURRAY Juniors CLARISSA FELIO WINIFRED SAMPLE JEANETTE McCALL Sophomore! ELIZABETH CODY ELIZABETH COSSITT MARY KENT-MILLER MARGERY MILLER ADA WEBER MARJORIE WEBER ANNETTE BVRKHARDT Freshmen JEAN GREENSHIELDS ALICE WESSELS HELEN BELCHER GENEVIEVE EATON LOUISE BAER MARGARET HANSELMAN VIRGINIA VAN ZANDT NELLE GRATTON JOSEPHINE WEILER JESSAMINE GRAY DOROTHY Nix HARRIET WESTON SUE STORKE WHIPPLE BI.-RCHARDT GRAY NORTON KENT-MILLER Xix M. MILLER PECKHAM GREEKSHIELDS HANSELMAN APPELTON SAMPLE GRATTON WESTON BENEDICT MCALL EWING WEILER BARHETT MOREY BESSINGEK VAN ZAXDT BROWN MnutAY HAYES BELLAMY BAER BOORMAN CODY LAWTOS A. WEBER COSSITT WESSELS J. GREENSHIELDS STORKE EATON BELCHER CROSSMAN FELIO Fife hundred fifty-one pneu- L psuon. Pi Chapter Established 1921 PATRONESSES MRS. MORITZ LEVI MRS. HERMAN FINSTERWALD MRS. I. L. SHARFMAN SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors JOSEPHINE IMERMAN VERA SUNDELSON LILLIAN DAVIDSON Juniors REVA KAY BERNICE SIEGEL PEARL TENEBAUM RUTH DAVIDSON HELEN STRAUS Sophomores MYRA FINSTERWALD MIRIAM KIRSCHNER ELEANOR SCHER LILLIAN SIMANSKY GLADYS LAX RUTH ROSENTHAL JULIA RUTH BROWN EMELIE OPPENHEIM HARRIET LEVY NANCE SOLOMON EVELYN KASTOFF Freshman PAULINE HOPP KIRSCHNER ROSENTHAL LAX SIEGEL LEVY OPENHEIM SCHER R. DAVIDSON STRAUS IMERMAN SUNDELSON L. DAVIDSON BROWN KULALCOFSLEY SIMANSKY TENEBAUM SOLOMON KASTOFF HOPP Five hundred fifty-two MRS. JOSEPHINE COMPTOX EVELYX R. AUSTIN OLIVE FAST GWENDOLYN MORRIS VIOLET V. BAYLE ELIZABETH MOXTGOMERY RUTH C. STRICKLAND FLORENCE W. COOPE RUTH P. BECKER Alpha Beta Chapter Established 1922 SORORES IN URBE RUTH E. McCoMB SORORES IN L NIVERSITATE MARY A. CUTTING, A.B. Seniors LUCILE BARTHOLOMEW M. HELEN CHAPIN MAGNOLIA R. GREILICK GERTRUDE B. OTTMER MARJORIE S. HELM M. ELAIXE SCHERER Juniors AGXES BELL JEAN E. CARRABIX INEZ V. RICHARDS MARJORIE SHIELDS JULIA E. SUPERNAW MILDRED B. TAYLO RUTH VERMYLEA Sophomores MARIAX COY MARGARET W. CRAMER MARGARET FRANK PHEBE C. MORSE ALICE VILCOX Freshmen MARJORIE A. EVERETT RUTH A. LUKENS GRACE V. ROSEVERE BARBARA TOCK VIRGINIA V. TRYON MARJORIE C. GORDON ALPHRA C. LADD M. GRACE KNOBLOCK ISABELLE SMITH E. IOXE VAX BUREN FLORENCE A. FENTON MARGARET H. PARKER LX LETA G. PARKER Hocus M RICHARDS M. PARKER CRAMER Wiicox COY COOPEK CARRABDJ FRANK BENTON SHIELDS VERMYI.EA SMITH VAN BVREX BAYLE KHOBLOCX SUPEKXAW OTIMER FAST AI.TSTIK GRETLICK SCHERER CHAPIN GOKOON LADD HELM BARTHOLOMEW TAYW BECKER TOCK L. PARKER MONTGOMERY ROSEVERE EVERETT LLTCEXS Five handled jfti-tlnee eta_ Alpha Eta Established 1922 ALENA DAVIS SORORES IN URBE ALFRIEDA KESSLER GEORGIA LOVE ELSIE NELSON LUCILE CHALMERS SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE LOWENE BARNETT KATHERINE STUHRBERG ELIZABETH TORONGO ELINOR BAUSCHARD JEAN RAMSEY Sen iors MARY BRASHEAR VIRGINIA CRONIN THYRA SHEFFIELD CHARLOTTE SPRINGSTEEN CAROL WHITNEY LILLIAN LAKE CAROL STICKLE EUDORA BEGOLE MARTHA GILL MARJORIE MATTHEWS Lois BRASHEAR MARION BAUSCHARD DELMA LOYER RUTH CLAPP FLORENCE HARNAU ISABELLE SLAWSON Juniors LUCILE E. CORNELL FRANCES HINKLEY MARGARET WALZ Sophomores NORMA L. CASE MARION A. DANIEL Freshmen ELIZABETH CRONIN MARGARET PEPPLER RACHEL HARTLE CAROLINE SLEPICKA MARGARET FENKELL ELEANOR HORNY MARY E. YETTER SARITA DAVIS HAZEL HUY CLAPP WALZ DANIEL CHALMERS HINKLEY HARNAU BEGOLE BARNETT E. BAUSCHARD CARPP LAKE RAMSEY HARTLE HUY LOYER GILL L. BRASHEAR CASE DAVIS YETTER SLAWSON MATTHEWS CORNELL TORONGO SHERMAN SHEFFIELD STICKLE SPRINGSTEEN V. CRONIN WHITNEY M. BRASHEAR SLEPICKA M. BAUSCHARD E. CRONIN PEPPLER HORNY Five hundred fifty-four Eta Chapter Established 1922 PATRONESSES MRS. M. VAX BVREN MRS. M. COBE SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Senior LEAH S. FRIEDMAN LEAH I. LEVIN- GERMAIXE BAER BERNICE M. SMITH Juniors HELEN LAIDMAN ETHEL B. STRAUSS ANNE B. CAPLAN MARCELLE M. KORACH CLARINE R. LEVY BEATRICE MINTZ Sophomores HENNA L. KAPLAN- RITA R. KLEIN BEATRICE MARX MIRIAM OLDEN HILDA FIERER GUSTA GOLDBERG HESPER HERTZ GERTRUDE M. SMITH Freshmen RUTH FIERER FLORENCE G. HENDLER RAE PITZELE IRENE WINEMAN KLEIN PITZELE CAPLAX G. SMITH HERTZ WINEMAN KORACH MARX KAPLAN H. FIERER STRAUSS GOLDBERG R. FIERER MINTZ HEXDLER B. SMITH LAIDMAN LEVY LEVIN FRIEDMAN OLDEN BAER fire hundred fifty-five Alpha Mu Chapter Established 1924 SOROR IN URBE FLORENCE LARNED PAULINE E. CANBY MEREL PARKS SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE ELSIE B. BUTTS, A.B. HELEN GILLESPIE, A.B. Seniors LAURA B. CORSON VIOLET E. PEACOCK MARCIA E. SNOW CHARLOTTE A. CROMWELL FRANCES F. ' MAAS CAROL V. READER IRENE I. SCHULER MARIAN GRIFFIN MARJORIE F. BARNES MADALYNE L. LELAND Juniors LUCILLE F. CANBY MILLIE A. MOORMAN WINIFRED B. SHIMP ALICE M. GOUDY MARION E. GOUGH SARAH C. MUTH GEORGIA K. PEET ELIZABETH VAN VALKENBURGH BARBARA A. ABBOTT Sophomores FRIEDA E. BANK MARGARET L. SHERMAN MARGARET M. LORD PAULINE E. SUMMY MARGARET S. MARTIN ITHMER COFFMAN VIVIAN C. PRATT Freshmen OLIVE A. WALKER 1 ABBOTT GOUDY SHERMAN LORD SIMMY LELAND VAN VAULKENBURGH MUTH MOORMAN PEET L. CANBY PARKS SNOW MAAS READER CROMWELL CARSON P. CANBY PEACOCK SCHULER BANK MARTIN GOUGH GRIFFIN BARNES COFFMAN PRATT WALKER SHIMP Five hundred fifty-fix (Dartha Cook Dormitory MRS. ANNE SHIPMAN STEVENS A residence hall for women erected in memory of Martha Wolford Cook Miss EMILIE SARGENT BOARD OF GOVERNORS MRS. HARRY C. BULKLEY HOUSE STAFF Miss ZELMA E. CLARK Director Miss FRANCES C. MACK House Treasurer Miss MARY E. WALTON House Director Miss ISABELLE HAMILTON Ni ht Chaperone Miss LUCILE BARTHOLOMEW Assistant Chaperone HOUSE OFFICERS BERNECE TOMPKIXS OLIVE HENDERSON FLORENCE McCoMB BERTHA KIEL MARGUERITE DUTTON MURIEL Fox GENEVIEVE SPEERS President Acting President First Semester f ' ice-President Secretary Treasurer Senior Representative Junior Representative STUDENT RESIDENTS LULA ANDERSON LUCILE BARTHOLOMEW ROWENA BENSON MARIAN BRANCH MARYELLEN BROWN- MARY CAMPBELL ANETTA COGSHALL BERNICE CROWDER LILLIAN DRAEWELL DOROTHY EGGERT GLADYS FORD DORIS GLINES MARIAN GRIFFIN ELLURA HARVEY ALICE HIGLEY GENE HORLIENE BLANCHE HULL IRENE KAUSKA BERTHA KIEL GERALDINE KNIGHT LILLIAN LATHERS FRANCES MAASS GLADYS MORTON ROSEMARY OBERMEYER ELIZABETH READ ALICE RICHARDSON RUTH ROOKS JEAN SMITH HELEN STEGGALL GERTRUDE RYAN- MAIZE YANDERBECK CAROL WHITNEY LEONTINE ANDREWS CAROLINE BEACH GLADYS BEYERS MARY BRASHEAR MILDRED BUYS BEATRICE CHAPIN DOROTHY COULTON WAVE DAUGHERTY WlLMA DUX WELL CLARISSA FELIO MURIEL Fox MIRIAM GODDARD IDELLA GWATKIN SUSAN HAYDEX ELIZABETH HOLDEN DORIS HOLDRUP RUTH HULL EDAVALETH JANAKI DOROTHY KINNEY THELMA KNIGHT EDITH LEONARD MARGUERITE MAY JEAXNETTE McCoLL LOUISE PENNINGTON MARJORIE READ RUTH RICHARDSON- ETHEL ScHROEDER MARIAN SMITH VIRGINIA SUMMERS ELS A SWANSON MARION WALKER Yi FANG Wu ETHEL BAMBER ELSIE BECK MARJORIE BLACKMAR THELMA BOYD ANITA BUYERS CATHERINE CLARK ELEANOR CROOK MARGERY DIXON MARGUERITTE DUTTON CATHERINE FITCH JEANNETTE FULLER GEXEVIEVE GOODMAN- HELEN HANCOCK OLIVE HENDERSON FRANCES HORINE AGNES HOUGH MARGARET HUNTER Toxo JODAI LUCY KIXGSLEY HELEX KOKE ELIZABETH LEWIS MIRIAM MANSFIELD FLORENCE McCoMB ALICE PORTER PRISCILLA REICHERT ESTHER RICKETTS DOROTHY SESSIONS RUTH SORGE MARGUERITE STEINFELD BERNICE TOMPKINS MAVIS WARNER HELEN WHIPPLE JUNA BARNES HlLDEGARDE BECK DOROTHY BOWERS CATHERINE BREWER ISABEL CAMERON ETHEL COHODAS MABEL CROTTY DORA DODGE SUZANNE EDGECOMBE CATHERINE FLOYD AxXE GlLBRETH ELIZABETH GRAVES ISABELLE HAMILTON DORIS HENOCH MARY HORN EUNICE HOUGHTON GERTRUDE KANTERS MARY ELIZABETH KELLY SARAH KINGSLEY DOROTHY KRAUSE MARJORIE LINDSAY MARGARET MEXARD ANNA NELSON EVANGELINE PuRCELL CHO REN LINNA ROACH FRIEDA SMITH GENEVIEVE SPEER LOUISE STEIN ALICE TRUE DOROTHY WENTE Five hundred fifty-seven Newberry rvesidence MRS. ALEIX C. ANGELL BOARD OF GOVERNORS MRS. HENRY W. DOUGLAS MRS. HENRY B. JOY Miss CLAIRE SANDERS Miss JEAN HAMILTON MRS. A. W. DIACK HOUSE STAFF Miss HELEN C. BISHOP Miss NELL M. ROYER CHARLOTTE HARRISON Director Business Manager Sight Chaperone ELLEN NYLUND ... Night Chaperone STUDENT BOARD OF GOVERNORS RENA ALLEN President CELESTINE MALONEY rice-President BERTA WAGNER Treasurer GLADYS SCHRADER Secretary INGRID ALVING Social Chairman CHARLOTTE HARRISON Senior Representative MARION GOOD Junior Representative GERTRUDE BAILEY Sophomore Representative GERTRUDE GREENWALD Freshman Representative MABEL SCHOTT . Freshman Representative MARIA LANZAR REVA ALLEN BERNICE WILLIAMS MARGARET SIDNEY ROSALEA SPAULDIN ' G JANE SKILLEN GRADUATES ANNE BROENE HELEN GUSTINE MARGARET ELLIOT EUNICE FETTERLY FLORENCE FULLER Seniors ANTIONETTE KINSELLA CHARLOTTE HARRISON RUTH JENNINGS FUMI KINAI KATHRYN SHIELDS CLARA LAU DOROTHY MORRIS ELLEN NYLUND BEATA WAGNER INGRID ALVING MARION GOOD MARY ELLEN APPLETON GENEVIEVE HALL HASSELTINE BOURLAXD ROYENA HORNBECK BARBARA ABBOTT RUTH SMITH RUTH HIRSCHMAN PAULINE BRIDGMAN GERTRUDE BAILEY IRENE DILLON ELSIE SMITH MARTHA ROBINSON DOROTHY McGoNiGAL PAULINE HOPP N ' ORMA BlCKNELL MILDRED KUENZEL RUTH BROWXE RUTH LEHMAN ALICE CAMPBELL CELESTINE MALONEY VERA CHANG MARGARET PAGE LORETTA COOPER FRANCES PENOYAR EUNICE EICHHORN KATHERINE PEIRCE LUCILE BEEBE HELEN YOUNG ADELYN PETERSON EVELYN JOHNSON MEIRODINE CASE Sophomores HELEN BRADBURY HARRIETTS ABBOTT ELIZABETH THOMAS AGNES SHELDON AGATHA McCRACKEN JANE WHITE Freshmen KATHERINE FERGUSON ADELE EWELL MATILDA SOMMERFIELD MABEL SCHOTT ELSIE RADFORD MARGARET HUGHES GERTRUDE GREENWALD ELIZABETH FRENCH ESTHER STANBRO GERTRUDE SCHULER GLADYS EASTCOTT TOKI SATO ETHEL FRALICK DOROTHY TYLER ADA GILES MARIE VAN OSENBRUGGEN MARION MEYER MADELINE BOWERS FANNIE BAKER MARYON WELLS GLADYS SCHRADER NOMA REID ESTHER JOHNSON LUCILE HAMILTON ALICE FELLOWS JM . ' . ;as Si. a vt . 4 Five hundred fifty-eight BOARD OF GOVERNORS MRS. DEAN MYERS, President MRS. JULIUS SCHLOTTERBECK, Secretary Miss FAXDIRA CROCKER Miss JEAN HAMILTON Miss JEAXXETTE PERRY, Director STAFF Miss BERTHA MARSHALL, Business Manager Ai MEI GIAXG RESIDENTS Graduates ANNA LAX OLGA YERDELIX ESTHER JOHNSON JANE GIBSOX MARY LOUISE HITACRE Seniors MARGARET SCHAUPNER HELEN LEOXARD MARY BICKXELL ELLEX RICH ELAIXE HULSCHER MARJORIE SWEET ESTHER AXDERSOX MEREL PARKS EMILY MCLWAIN MARY LOUGHIN LIDA THATCHER ESTHER AUSTIN JUDITH BREITENBACH EDA SMITH FRANCES HIXCKLEY DOROTHY PUDRITH ADA PHELPS HELEX HEBAUF LlLLIAX MCDONALD CATHERINE JONES HARRIET DIVELY Juniors DOROTHY YOUNG LUCY WILSON ELIZABETH McMANus ELETA SEELEY KATHERIXE WILCOX HIDE SHOHARA MARTHA GILL JOSEPHIXE COOK ELEAXOR SMITH SABIXA WATERFIELD ALICE CALLENDER GEXEVIEVE BUELL MARIORIE MILLER CHARLENE SHILAND MARGARET EIRICH YAE TANAKA HSIAO Lu ELIZABETH ANDERSON HELEN EDWARDS GRACE BECKHAM Sophomores LAURA CRAFT DOROTHY ALLISON MILDRED PECKHAM ANNA ARNOLD LYDIA KAHN FRANCES RUDELL CATHERINE BUHRER NORMA SXELI DOROTHY CURRIE Fresh men GERALDINE SCHUBERT ELSIE MURRAY LOUISE PIGGOTT SUSAN STORKE MARION ANDERSON GERTRUDE BEXHAM MARION WELLES MARGARET HOLT MARION BAUSCHARD ALICE KELLOGG DOROTHY SWARTOUT MARY CASE EUGENIA LONG CATHERINE BENNETT HELEN WOOTON CAROLIXE McKixLEY HARRIET FOLEY LUCY SEELEY MARION JOHNSON LOUISE BRIGGS CAROLINE WOOSTER LOUISA BUTLER HELEN HAWKINS ELOIS TYGERT IRENE TRITESDALL EVELYN OGBORN ADA ELY ED WIN A HOGADOXE MADELYX DANKERS AUREL FOWLER MARGARET HAWKINS KATHERIXE PATTERSOX Five hundred fifty-nine V heevrr I louse BOARD OF GOVERNORS MRS. EDWIN C. GODDARD MRS. EDSON R. SUNDERLAND MRS. COLVIN O. DAVIS MRS. CHARLES WASHBURNE MRS. HARRY ROBBINS STAFF MRS. THEDA SHAW HOLEN, Director HOUSE OFFICERS RUTH E. MASON DORIS M. JOHNSON CATHERINE SCOTT . SELMA DEJONGE ESTHER AMORITS HELEN SNOOK MARY BAKER HELEN WATERS MINNA NEVILLE GLADYS APPELT ELLEN GROFF Graduate PRISCILLA WONG Seniors MARY MARSHALL RUTH MASON Juniors FLORENCE CHONG DORIS JOHNSON MARGUERITE VESTAL ROSALIND ZOPF ELSIE HARDY OLIVE MEARS ELIZABETH STONE Sophomores LORENE OWENS CATHERINE SCOTT FERN TOWNSEND Freshmen KATHRYN FRANCIS PHYLLIS LOUGHTON IRENE RICHARD GENEVIEVE EATON DOROTHY WARD President Pice-President Secretary-Treasurer VIRGINIA HOBBS ISABEL BALLANTINE DORIS BENNETT ELLA WEBB ANNIE BROWN RUTH JAMIESON GROFF WARD STONE HARDY BROWN EATON JAMJESON SNOOK TOWNSEND DEJONGE HOBBS APPELT SCOTT JOHNSON BAKER ZOPF OWENS VESTAL MASON HAI.EN WEBB CHONG FRANCIS NEVILLE BALLENTINE MEARS WALTER RICHARD AMORITS WONG Five hundred tixty VIRGINIA ANGELL THELUA HOBSON ALICE TWAMLEY ELEANOR LOWE u ouse OFFICERS President f ice-President Secretary Treasurer VIKCINIA ANGELL Seniors THELUA HOBSOX MARGARET JOHNSON BEATRICE MILNE DOROTHY WISSLOW Yo KAWAHUKA Juniors ELEANOR LOWE THYRA JENNINGS CECELIA DOLENGA Sophomores HELEN GERBERDING ALICE TWAULEY DOROTHY AMENDT Freshmen FLORA GERBERDING MARGARET GREEN CECELIA VALLIE MARY LADNEY KAWAMUHA WISSLOW F. GERBERDISG H. GEKBECOINC TWAMLEY HOB AMEXDT LOWE JENTOJJGS MILNE JOHNSON DOLENGA ANGELL GALLIVER LADNEY VALUE Five hundred sixty-one fn c Clintorv House President I ' ice-President Secretary MARGARET M. BRANDT HELEN SCHWARTZ JOSEPHINE A. K. HERRMANN MARION E. SIKES MRS. HELEN McCuiNTON Treasurer Chaperone ADVISORY COMMITTKK MARION K. DRUMMOND E. MERLE ROE MILDRED B. TAYLOR MRS. HELEN McCuNTON MARGARET M. BRANDT Seniors KATIIERINE F. SAUNDERS MARION K. DRUMMOND MARION I ' .. SIKES E. MERLE ROE HELEN SCHWARTZ LUCILE MAXWELL DORIS M. KENT DOROTHY A. SEMPLE MILDRED B. TAYLOR ESTHER McCoY MARGARET M. BRANDT ELEANORE H. HORNY JOSEPHINE A. K. HERRMANN HELEN G. CRAWFORD ALFREDA M. MARTIN DOROTHY S. ROGERS HORTENSE LYON ELAINE M. WASSINK AlLEEN K. FOLEY MARION M. KIELY BEATRICE E. PHILLIPS HELEN R. JIRANEK FLORENCE L. COLLINS MILDRED M. SIEDER LAURA A. BARRY NORDA I. BEUTLER RUTH P. BECKER MARGARET A. CLARKE PHILLIPS KIELY ROGERS MAXWELL TAYLOR HORNY ROE SIKES SAUNDERS BRANDT DRUMMOND HERRMANN McCov WASSINK SEMPLE SCHWARTZ BARRY BENTLER CRAWFORD SIEDER BECKER Fit hundred sixty-two Jordan House JOSEPHINE BAY ALICE FELSKE SORORES IN UM ERSITATE CLAIRE DOUGLAS HELEN MARBLE Juniors HELEN DAVIDSON EVELYN GRAY MARIE REED Sophomores VIRGINIA HARRIS KATHRYN JOHNSON Frtsh men KATHERINE LARDNER HELEN MORSE MARIAN SPURRIER IRVIA VAN BAALES ELTA SEIBERT MARJORIE WATSON 1 MARBLE JOHNSON WATSOS DAVIDSON LAKDNER REED FELSKE DOUGLAS GRAY VAN BAALES SEIBERT BAY HARRIS Five hundred sixty-three T eagh House GLADYS BERNE-ALLEN ALICE VLIET AUDREY ALBERT President Treasurer League Representative ANNA BUDDAY SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors ETHEL BAWMAN TRENNA KAISER LORETTA NlERMAN AUDREY ALBERT Juniors GLADYS BERNE-ALLEN MARGERY DIXON ALICE VLIET Sophomores HENRIETTE GUNDLACH FRANCES KENNEDY JOSEPHINE AARON JOY LASCH Freshmen DOROTHY BOEHM NORMA GREENE HELEN STONE ALVENO SUPERKO CHARLOTTE WENDEL HELEN KOCHER LOUISE WALBORN WALBORN SUPERKO NIERMAN BOEHM KENNEDY DIXON GUNDLACH KAISER LASCH ALBERT BERNE-ALLEN BUDDAY GREENE STONE WENDEL KOCHER VLIET Five hundred sixty-four Hall House MARY H. ALLSHOUSE CATHERINE I. OAKLEY SORORES IN UMVERSITATE Sophomores MARGARET L. BERZ ELIZABETH M. SHIER S. CATHERINE CAKE LOUISE A. SHIER MADELINE C. MARGAH Freskmen EUNICE A. CHILD PHYLLIS D. RICHARDS RUTH H. MOORE MARGARET F. RICKER VIRGINIA E. MOORE LOUISA M. SMITH Lois E. PORTER LEOLA WOODRUFF SMITH WOODRUFF V. MOORE MARGAH CAKE SHIER CHILD RICHARDS L. SHIER ALLSHOUSE BERZ OAKLEY R. MOORE PORTER RICKER Five hundred sixty-five " Ye Distant Spires Ye Antique Towers " ' ERE begins the last department of the Michiganensian for 1925! Satire! As though we could be satirical while choked with the crowding emotions which stir us as we complete the pages of the Greatest College Annual of the Year. What travesty, what sacrilege almost, is this? Satire, indeed! Beer at a faculty meeting, a boot- legger at a convention of clergymen neither of these were more out of place. Just as you are ready to close the book with a sigh and a half- choked sob, this faux pas of editorial planning greets you. But stay! Perhaps this ' Ensian Staff is deeper than you know. For after all, has not College been a series of disillusionments? And what greater anti-climax can be afforded than that which awaits the Senior as in the exaltation of Commencement, with the ink not yet dry upon the parchment which de- clares him educated, he steps forth to the sickening reality of a sordid world which has seen countless generations of his predecessors emerge to conquer it, and which still remains unconquered and unwelcoming? After the few years necessary to erase the stamp of College from his make-up, who will say that the Graduate of 1925 may not again turn to this book and add a long " Amen " to these pages which, though founded upon truth, are printed in levity and without bitterness? ' Buildings Buildings! Walls of brick, stucco, and stone! Roofs of gravel, slate, and tile! Buildings that can be nothing else but edifices of education! Here at Michigan we have gone in for Buildings. Although the greatness of a University depends upon the greatness of its men, possibly the men will come later. At least, we now have the Buildings in which to Five hundred sixty-eight house them. And unless they lean too far toward the aesthetic, we can offer them a wide choice, a catholic selection. But if the range of their perception of artistic excellence is limited, we can offer them one of two selections. Let them choose between the two prides of the Cam- pus, the Lawyers ' Club and James " Burrill Angell Hall. Thf Literary Headquarters With Three Students In The Foreground Angell Hall! There is a name with which you can inspire in your sons the fond desire to come to Michigan. But we hope that by the day your sons arrive, time will have mellowed its glaring facade, and that the landscaping effects set out by the far sighted Buildings and Grounds Committee will have grown far toward their ultimate destiny, that of concealment. We love Angell Hall. We delight in saying to visitors from Olivet or Hope College, " This is the new Lit. Building. Boy, it ' s some building! Look at the size of it! Why, I guess some of the lecture rooms are large enough to hold your whole college! " We love to look again and again at the figures engraved upon its massive columns by a stone mason suffering from poison-ivy. We love to gaze upon the ceiling of its foyer, where some sign painter staged his revels in red and blue, and scattered gold leaf with a reckless prodigality. And the corridors, the great, long, echoing corridors how often have we longed to renew our youth therein with the aid of a pair of roller skates! And lastly, we pride ourselves in the trick lecture rooms, wherein a professor may orate for an hour and then return two days later to hear the echoes of his sonorous periods still reverberating from wall to wall. J awyers Club " How Often Have We Longed To Renew Our Youth therein ll ' ith A Pair Of Roller Skates " And now as for the Lawyers ' Club, words almost fail us. The Michiganensian of this year would not have been possible without the five hundred sixty-nine Lawyers ' Club for inspiration. Today, in place of the old habita- tions of the early Ann Arbor period which formerly fronted the South end of the Campus, we behold this awe-inspiring edifice designed in a Transitional-Gothic style, with Byzantine spires which suggest call- ing the people to prayer. Howevei, whether to call the people to prayer for the Lawyers, or to call the Lawyers to prayer for themselves is a controversial point, which, pending its settlement, will rob these architectural embellishments of any but an ornamental function. Lately, we at Michigan have made much of the Lawyers ' Club. It is fitting that much should be made of it. What other University can boast a dining-hall large enough to hold the entire hay crop of South Dakota? Where else can the Lit and the Engineer go to find the satisfaction which accrues from a knowledge that the Lawyers are off by themselves? How far would not the earnest young disciple of Blackstone travel to find the luxurious facilities for lounging afforded by the magnificent building at State and South U? Law Students Going Home From Class ngineers Can anyone ever make mention of the Laws without also breathing something in regard to the Engineers? In their factories at the East end of the Campus these great, big, gorgeous, masculine, outdoor creatures spend hours in making tracings of unimportant details, or hammer from hot iron objects which would make the home-town blacksmith shout in fiendish derision. On bright Spring and Fall days we see them out upon their perpetual survey of the Campus, garbed in rough woodsman ' s togs, and looking for all the world like little boys who have found an old trunk in the attic and are now playing pirate. The Engineer is our most practical student. None of the fol-de-rols of classicism are to be found in him. His feet are upon the ground, and no impracticalities interfere with his clear vision. He lays in a supply of clothes sufficient to take three Artie Explorers through as many hard voyages, then upon graduation he finds a job in a city draughting room. He travels to Camp Davis and shouts ribald songs across the waters of Lake Douglas. The Engineer takes pride Five hundred seventy in being a roughneck. He cares nothing for the social aspect of college life. However, we should hate the idea of starting a movement to take away from the Engineers the privilege of leading the J-Hop every other year. The Engineers are a Hard-loiled Gang If hat with their Red Jackets, Boots, and Corn-cobs? ranes Our consid- eration of Engineers was by way of diversion, for we are still upon the sub- ject of Buildings. This subject cannot be adequately treated without some mention of our Libraries, because caustic mention of these Buildings is the conventional thing, and here at Michigan we are nothing if not conventional. Of Clements Library, that jewel set in brass, we have nothing to remark. Let it remain snobbishly aloof from the rest of the Campus, sheltering its files of old newspapers and other Americana. Of this Americana, far the most interesting are those specimens who lecture three times a week to eager students concerning their country ' s lore. But as to that dominating structure which rises like a block- house in the center of our Campus, that, as they say in Grand Rapids, is something else again. In architecture, a cross between the best Dodge Busy Sceiif at the Corridor Desk in the Main Library Five hundred seventy-on? Brothers type and the style of the Fashion Park Clothiers ' Building, it is designed to present a constant example of all that is best in aesthetics. Here we see executed in living brick and mortar, examples from all the classes of volumes housed within those encompassing walls. History is in the Fortress-like appearance of the structure. Fine Arts is represented in the Medallions on the walls and the Sidewalks before them. Philosophy is epitomized in the sheer simplicity of the Facade. Literature is displayed in the ever present adornments, " Smoking Not Allowed in This Building " . Seniors But we linger too long, as has become the habit for most of us, on the structural phase of our University. Let us turn back, and glance through the book again to see what else there is of life at Michigan beside the Buildings and Grounds Department. Ah, here we have the Seniors. As we look at these pictures over which Dey, Rentschler, and Spedding labored so diligently, we wonder if t hese are really the same individuals whom we met every day upon the Campus. How much prep- aration of toilette and coiffure must have been involved, how much of the photographers ' art must have been spent in making these portraits from the uninspiring subjects who present their every-day physiognomies to a familiar Campus? And now that we consider those who are about to be graduated, we wonder at the fallacious tradition which causes them to command our respect for nine long months. A Senior! Well, what of it? What makes a Senior what he is? W 7 hat makes him a demi-god, an object of veneration, a figure to which we point with pride? Well, what does? We laugh at Freshmen, admonish Sopho- mores, and smile tolerantly at Juniors. Why then do we not adopt some similar attitude toward Seniors? Surely, to one not impregnated with tradition they are as laughable as Freshmen, as liable to ad- monition as Sophomores, and hardly more to be tolerated than Juniors. In four years most of them have learned nothing, except how to look and act like inmates of a sanitarium for the insane. Senior Getting His Picture Took Five hundred seventy-two Detroit ' s Largest Clothiers For 35 years favored by men who appreciate distinction and quality in matters of apparel- now offering to its patrons the added advantages of three-store volume, buying power, and values! DETROIT Woodward at State Woodward at Blvd. DETROIT ' S LARGEST CLOTHIERS PONTIAC Saginaw Street at Courthouse Five hundred seventy-three Before And After Taking: Shoiv- ing The Remarkable Development Of A Student During His Four Years At Michigan. They have accomplished nothing beyond the acquisition of a diploma and several distinctly collegiate ideas. They have acquired nothing beyond a jazzy wardrobe and a wet line. They are proud to have their boyish (or girl- ish) deeds set forth in print beneath their pictures for all the world to see and to admire. But what does even this mean? Look at the pictures and the legends beneath them. If the legend be a long one, it means undoubt- edly that the face above it has belonged to a Fraternity which was possessed of some political influence. If there is but a line or two, a B.M.O.C. is likely to be shown. But can they take with them this book, and to a prospective boss show an impressive list of organizations to which they belonged as sufficient qualification for a job which will maintain the normal distance between stomach and back-bone? In two years most of them would not trade a pair of honestly calloused hands for all the societies to which anyone was ever elected at Michigan. Seniors they are indeed! . But, Seniors among whom? " That ' s Me At The Bottom Of The Page Just Read What I Dom! ' ' Athletics Let us keep turning the pages. Never mind the other classes. Their day is not yet. And so we come to Athletics. Athletics Unquestionably the chief function of a University. Here we have the same old pictures of the boys with their hair slicked back as we had in the days of yore, except that the Football and Baseball players have all had a shave and a hair-cut. There are the same old action pictures. Just like they showed of Willie Heston and Johnny Maulbetsch. These men, then, are the fearless gladiators who perform for thousands, with no thought of anything save the glory of the old school. They are the fellows whose bruises are nursed, whose muscles are massaged. -Great stuff to be an athlete! Ask one of them, if you do not value your personal safety. What he could te ll you would make you wonder. How would you like to enter Michigan with a great reputation as a high school athlete, and as soon as you had starred on the Freshman Team, Being An Athlete Is Great Stuff have VOUT every mOVC Watched OVCr? Five hundred seventy-four The Ly tton College Shop Has gained the favor of College Men for these important reasons: 1. Its varieties include the leading manufacturer ' s smartest styles and patterns. 2. It is a separate shop within the store maintaining a friendly and exclusive atmosphere. 3. It enjovs the very- definite econo- mies resulting from our tremen- dous business. 4. It is constantly showing the new- est style ideas regardless of the season. No other Store or Shop can offer such a combination of advantages. s Henry CLijtton g Sons State at Jackson CHICAGO Five hundred seventy-five KENNETH ANDERSON " COMPANY DISTRIBUTORS OF HOMESTEAD AND POWELL VALVES READING GUARANTEED FULL WEIGHT GENUINE IRON PIPE- STEEL PIPE JARECKI MANUFACTURING COMPANY ' S VALVES AND FITTINGS HOSE, RUBBER GOODS, ENGINEERS ' SUPPLIES AND SPECIALTIES 121 to 133 East Atwater St. D E T R O IT - MICHIGAN Five hundred seventy-six Landscape Architecture Fiie hundred seienty-sevcn How would you like to listen to a bunch of lily-livered lounge lizards cheer you to fight, and hear their enthusiastic praise when you win, and their equally enthusiastic condemnation when you lose? Oh, it ' s a great life! What would College be without the strains of the " Victors " and the roar of the " Locomot-i-v-e? " Features Well, well, are these all of the Features which marked the past year? No, no, these can- not be all. Qoat Hooks Let us consider a Feature pertaining to the Build- ings and Grounds Committee, namely, coat-hooks. This sub- Rayl ' s is the place for the Better Quality Sport Clothes You ' ll always find the latest collegiate and Broadway styles at Rayl ' s for men and women. We ' ve a complete line of jackets, sweaters, knickers, wool sport shirts, jerseys, golf hose, and shoes for every sport. If it ' s Sporting Goods Rayl ' s Have It For track, baseball, golf and every sport. Special prices on uniforms to teams GOOD HARDWARE " " SPORTING GOODS 9 GRAND RIVER EAST. AT WOODWARD DETROIT Daintier! Sweeter! Prettier! that ' s what any girl is it she uses SEM-PRAY JO-VE-NAY the fragrant skin cleanser in dainty almond-scented cake form Regular use of this delightful preparation is the easiest way in the world to keep the skin smooth and lovely with the radiance of health and lasting youth SEM-PMY JOVE ' NftY A scientific blending of cleansing, healing oils which are essential to the youthful firmness and unblemished charm of the skin. Cannot, will not produce a growth of hair. Easy to apply and economical. Send in your name and address for a seven day trial size cake free. It will show you why those who use this dainty refreshing complexion cake are, indeed, " always young " . Full size packages at all good toilet counters. The Sem-Pray Jo-Ve-Nay Company GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Five hundred seventy-eight AMERICAN RADIATORS Inrce been selected to heat the following buildings: UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL PHYSICAL SCIENCE ENGINEERING SHOPS LAWYERS ' CLUB LITERARY FIELD HOUSE MEDICAL HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATION NURSES ' HOME HIGH SCHOOL AMERICAN RADIATOR COMPANY of 400 Barium Building Detroit, Michigan MACHINERY-TOOLS SHOP SUPPLIES 7 HERK are over 30,000 kinds and sizes of shop equipment in our stock including metal- working and woodworking machinery, tools, power transmission appliances, electric tools, material conveying systems, metals, grinding wheels, welding equipment, etc. The Chas. A. Strelinger Co. 149 E. Lamed Street DETROIT ject was attacked with fearless candor by the Editorial Staff of the College Crier, but the attack, once launched, was never pressed to a conclusion. It is rumored that pressure was brought to bear upon the Daily, and that accord- ingly the editors ceased their de- mands for a place to hang their slickers. But by the time this is read it will be too late to exert pressure; so that we take pleasure in stating that there are coat- hooks in the new Lit. Building. We hereby picture one. These coat-hooks are in a little room on the first floor of the building. They serve to support the overalls and illuminated jackets of the B. G. Men. The Michiganen- sian takes great pride in announc- ing the discovery of these little fife hundred seventy-nine ' Your clothes express your personality and by your clothes you are judged ' In Line With Fashion HE new light colors which hold preferred position for Spring prove a refreshing change from the some- what sombre attire of Winter. Flannels, with faint stripes or overplaids of silver biege, light and dark grey, London lavender and blue, on back- grounds of light greys and sunburn shades cheviots and Saxonies in color tones emblematic of Spring these are among the new and attractive fabrics to be found in the HUGHES HATCHER clothes for this Spring. The New Suits and Topcoats are Priced $35 to $75 Woodward oAt SMontcflm Open Evenings Until 9 Five hundred eighty M. JST CRANE E L A f T V IN ' T H K O P E N ; CRANE _ I A L 1 T Y IN ALL HIDDEN FITTINGS From a mere utility, the modern bath- room has developed into a spacious shrine of cleanliness and health. Architects and designers have kept pace with the de- sire of owners for new charm and luxury. In this Crane bathroom, the tiled floor and warm tan plaster walls have borders of Spanish majolica in primrose, brown and green. The new Corwith tub is of cream-white enamel, set in a recess tiled in soft green. The Ovatus dressing table and Premo combination dental lavatory match the white purity of the Corwith. You are cordially invited to visit theCrane ExhibitRooms in Detroit. Here you will find a wide variety of plumbing and heat- ing fixtures for homes large and small at prices within reach of all. Crane materials are supplied and installed everywhere by established plumbing contractors. CRAN CRANE CO., 150 RANDOLPH STREET, DETROIT 4498 CASS AVENUE, DETROIT GENERAL OFFICES: CRANE BUILDING, 836 S. MICHIGAN AVENUE, CHICAGO Branches and Sates Offices in One Hundred and Forty-tight Cities National Exhibit Rooms: Chicago, Neiv York, Atlantic City, San Francisco and Montreal Works: Chicago, Bridgeport, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Trenton and Hlontieal CRANE EXPORT CORPORATION: NEW YORK, SAN FRANCISCO. SHANGHAI CRANE-BENNETT, LTD., LONDON C!5 CRANE: PARIS. NANTES, BRUSSELS Cranf drainage fitting Five hundred eighty-one of all the cars using front end chain drive are equipped with Morse Genuine Silent Chains 00 M O R CHAIN COMPANY Main Office and Works ITHACA, NEW YORK Sales and Engineering Office DETROIT, MICHIGAN Sales Opportunity for MICHIGAN MEN V Q 1110 can qualify for unlimited earn- ing capacity from $75 to $200 per week selling an outstanding one year ' s Course and Service in Business Essentials. Training and coaching from a sales man- ager who for seven years assisted in building the sales organization of the Alexander Hamilton Institute of New York. Write or call Woodrow Wilson Institute 104 South Michigan Avenue Chicago K. mill (i. Man articles of hard- ware which are kept under lock and key, and are not to be viewed by mere students. But, since we are not at all mere, we were able to enter the sacred precincts and photograph the hooks in their lair. The draw- ing is reproduced from this photo- graph. V I The Coat Hanger Fnuntl in .lnell Hall Five hundred eighty-two THE C ARC ILL COM PA NY DESIGNERS ENGRAVERS PRINTERS . BINDERS GRAND RAPIDS THE 1925 MICHIGANENSIAN IS A PRODUCT OF OUR PRESSES Fire hundred eighty-three Law Club NO matter how elaborate the exterior of any business building may be, without a fittingly decorative in- terior the standing and future renting ability of the structure will greatly depreciate. Class A buildings must be properly decorated to merit a continuation of high reputation. When planning a new building, just as much care should be used in choosing the decorating contractor as the selection of any pertinent equipment. For sixty-eight years the W. P. Nelson Company have been acquiring and now have justly achieved the reputation and confidence of many of the country ' s foremost builders. Only thru the most conscientious and reliable service has this reputation been acquired and only by the continuation of skillful, painstaking work, carefully planned and promptly executed, will this cherished reputation be guarded. We solicit an opportunity to furnish an estimate on your contemplated structures. Established 1856 W. P. NELSON COMPANY PITTSBURGH, PA. 1514 Forbes Street LOUISVILLE, KY. Todd Building 614 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVE., CHICAGO DETROIT, MICHIGAN First National Bank Bld K ' . MEMPHIS, TENN. Union Planters Building CLEVELAND, OHIO Bulkley Building NEW YORK, N. Y. 209 211 W. 33rd Street Furnishing and Decorating, Interior Designing, Construction of Special Furniture, Selection of Hangings and Draperies, Painting and Finishing Details. five hundred eighty-four -.- --, , y c s 8 a wtzszt B A r eu University Hospital All Interior Tile Partitions in New Hospital, Literary Bui lding and Nurses Home furnished and erected by Anchor Fireproofing Company Detroit Life Building DETROIT, MICHIGAN 103 Park Avenue NEW YORK CITY Five hundred eighty-five BURR, PATTERSON COMPANY are furnishing more than half of all the FRATERNITY JEWELRY Used on the Campus . 0. ' Now, turning to another page, we come to the B.M.O.C. ' s. We chuckle! A " B.M.O.C. " B. M. 0. C. Gating Ready To Go To His Eleven ffClock is well, he ' s a now he well, he ' s a B.M.O.C. The pictures in this section do not show in great detail all of the pins and decora- tions which cover the waistcoats of this species, but you may take our word for it, they are as the leaves of grass. In fact, they are usually too numerous to wear all at once; so the B.M.O.C. must arise betimes in the morning to select those with which he will adorn himself for the rest of the day. We know some of these men who pOSSCSS enough braSS tO Five hundred eighty-six F0 Planning a Home If You are You will Need Rugs Perhaps You Need a New Rug for the Old Home. Reasons why the Chinese Rugs which I Import are the Best to be Obtained in America. They are designed by artists of the highest rank. Only fast colors are used. The warp is made especially for this firm, of the best long staple cotton. They are made entirely of the best long fibre wool obtainable. Each tuft is knotted by hand. The nap is long, the surface very even, and the carving is done by experts. The rugs are examined while being made. When finished, the back of each rug is inspected inch by inch by specially trained men who discard as " seconds " all rugs containing flaws or errors. I handle no " seconds " . RESULT These rugs will wear a life time. I spent three years in China, visited many rug factories there and studied rug making. I know the people well from whom I buy and I am sure their rugs are absolutely dependable. . H. %. tMerrick 928 CHURCH STREET ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Five hundred eighty-seven PRICELESS SERVICE Specializing in the finest portraits and giving unequalled service We are in a position to interest you in the latest styles in PORTRAITS 334 So. State St. Ann Arbor, Michigan Five hundred eighty-eight DDDBE TYPE- RDTHER5 EDAN Popular with women because the seats and springs are restful and because the lines of the car have genuine distinction. Popular with men because the body is all- steel, the finish Dodge Brothers enduring black enamel, the upholstery genuine leather factors which make for long life at lower first and after cost. DODGE- BROTHERS ED TROIT DOD6 B OTt-fe-Rs (CANADA) LIMI ONTAQIO II -J C D.B. Five hundred eighty-nine To Alumni and Students Greetings The J. F. Hartz Company Physicians ' , Nurses ' , Hospital and Sick Room Supplies 1529 Broadway DETROIT, MICHIGAN make a bed. But the decorations are not without their significance. Oh, my, no! They represent a lot of hard work, or a lot of talent, or exceptional ability, or some- thing. Certain it is that the quantity of brass which can be worn upon the vest varies directly with the amount of that alloy which is in the individuals make-up. They are the pride of the Campus, these boys Michi- gan ' s finest. Of course, most of them have been working so busily at their trade of being B.M.O.C. ' s that they have missed the true significance of College, and their opinion is that the University exists in order that some time in their careers they may be called You are welcome at , at any time. We will be pleased to design and make that new formal, dinner or afternoon gown. $ - GRACE VAN SCHOICK, Designer 308 MAYNARD STREET Two Doors North of PHONE 5582 Majestic Theatre Five hundred ninety " : ,! " f- - Growth the Mark of Progress OUITE a span of years stretches between 1831 and 1925, the lifetime of The Detroit Free Press. Yet, never at any time during the history of this organization has the thought of progress been out of the minds of those who directed its policies. So it was that the magnificent new building pictured above one of the finest and best equipped of all newspaper homes, just completed and now occupied by The Free Press was erected to enable this newspaper to hold to an ideal ninety-four years old. MICHIGAN ' S GREATEST NEWSPAPER " Five hundred ninety-one B FRATERNITIES AND every estimate, in every contract, there is incorporated in our dealings that material fair- ness to the owner, to the worker, and the builder that must obtain in all modern relationships. rjfitf rnfSiiiTwi!MW3||||iii illll . n Administration Building of New University Hospital llfllll M Fife hundred ninety-two FUTURE BUILDERS 111 l-q II 1 Column of Angell Hall Built of the Best INDIANA LIMESTONE by John A. Rowe Cut Stone Co, BEDFORD, INDIANA SEND PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS FOR ESTIMATES Five hundred ninetf-three HALLER ' S STATE STREET JEWELERS Established 1858 SILVERWARE JEWELRY WATCHES big men. So here we have them all: the Athlete, the Editor, the Busi- ness Manager, the President, the Councilman, and the Politician. Most of all, or all of them most, the Politician. What price glory? If the ringing cheers and blind adoration of ten thousand adolescents be their glory, why then, glory is cheap enough. Hail to theB. A4.O. C. Folk T ancing Another feature to which the editors of the Michiganensian could not do proper justice, is the invasion of Waterman Gym by the ASHLAR for the Lawyers ' Club and Dormitories furnished by " Plymouth Quarries Inc. 755 BOYLSTON ST. BOSTON, MASS. Five hundred ninety-four at College women with their many activities, class and campus, demand the newest in style and smartest in fashion! Youthful, debonair attire that is suited to college lite --and they like to shop where styles are newest and at their best. Folk-Dancing classes. One more stronghold of the men of this Univer- sity has succumbed to the feminine attack, and we expect that it will be a matter of but a short time until the Union will have three nights a week set aside for the " dear things " , and the Field House will resound with playful squeals at least every other day. In regard to the Folk- Dancing business : We waited outside the locked doors of the Gym for tw r o hours on the coldest night of the year, expecting that any minute entrance would be granted, and we could sneak apologetically into the locker room. But no, Folk-Dancing was not to be photographed. We departed. -The building, on into the night, continued to shake with the PURE DRUGS CALKINS FLETCHER DRUG CO. 3 Dependable Stores We have served Michigan students for thirty-eight years WHITMAN CANDIES EASTMAN KODAKS 324 So. STATE STREET COR. So. STATE AND PACKARD COR. So. U. AND EAST UNIV. AVES. DELICIOUS SODAS Five hundred ninety-five " A NICHE IN A CHURCH is the same as an itch any place else " , said the small boy in answer to his teacher ' s question as to what a niche in a church was, " only you can ' t scratch it so well. " A brick in the wall of your building is the same as money in the bank to you, or an insurance policy of safety and permanence; it ' s just as easy to build and no more expensive than other materials. Ever since the earliest dawn of civilization, brick has served the world well. Time has proved it to be the one imperishable building material, supreme through all the ages. There is no adequate substitute for wood for the interior. By constructing the outer walls of brick, the wood floors, partitions and finish are capable of lasting three to ten times as long as with outer walls of wood. Because brick is made by fire and not by man, it is the most highly fire-resistive of all the building materials. Brick is burned at a temperature of about 2,000 degrees F., for several days. All that is burnable or decayable is burned out of the brick and the finished product is the nearest indestructible material it is possible to produce. Fire underwriters know there is less danger of burning a brick building than other types and charge less for insurance premiums both on the building and contents. There has never been a conflagration in a community of brick buildings. The more brick buildings in any section, the less is the danger of a sweeping fire and the lower is the cost of fire protection and fire fighting. Detroit-Made Common Brick answer every test. We shall be glad to quote you prices and make prompt deliveries. Mercier, Bryan, Larking Brick Co. C. H. BRYAN, Pres. -:- J. LARKINS, Treas. -:- WASSON J. BRYAN, Secy. MILLER ROAD AT MICHIGAN AVE. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Five hundred ninety-six A " Chronicler of Facts " SIGNIFICANT is this phrase inscribed on the parapet of the Detroit News building, for The Detroit News is pre-eminently Michigan ' s best recorder of passing events. To have attained its great circula- tion the largest in the state, either week day or Sunday, The News necessarily must have achieved the distinction of publishing a newspaper of outstanding honesty, interest and accuracy. Five of the greatest news gathering and disseminating agencies serve The News, supplementing its own organization, which includes over a thousand correspondents in Michigan, special correspondents in all leading cities of the nation, bureaus operated by members of the editorial staff in London, Paris, Berlin, Washington and New York, and 180 men and women in the local office. The joint special cable service of The Detroit News and The Chicago Daily News has no equal in the country and is world- wide in scope. Such a " chronicler of facts " necessarily becomes a leader in advertising, also, and The Detroit News in 1924 achieved first place among all newspapers in Am erica in this field of newspaper endeavor. This leadership is due not only to the intrinsic merit of The News and its superiority over other Detroit media as a newspaper but also to the loyalty, efficiency and constancy of its great staff of over 1300 employes, many of whom have spent the greater part of their lives in serving the public through The Detroit News and in whom there is that personal pride in being associated with an ever-growing success. University men will find The News the most complete daily record of events and an accurate guide to what is transpiring in public affairs The Detroit News Greatest Circulation Week Day or Sunday in Michigan Five hundred ninety-seven PUBLICATIONS We present the best inducements to Michigan Alumni for the purchase of Library and General Book Supplies that can be secured anywhere in the United States OUR MAIL ORDER BUSINESS Extends to every state in the Union and to all Foreign countries LIBRARIES BOUGHT AND SOLD Estimates furnished for Secondary School, College and University Libraries DISCOUNT OF 10 PER CENT AND UP FROM PUBLISHERS PRICES ARE ALLOWED TO SCHOOL LIBRARIES ON ALL PUBLICATIONS. TRANSPORTATION CHARGES PREPAID ON ALL ORDERS, LARGE OR SMALL, RECEIVED THROUGH THE MAIL. GEORGE WAHR BOOKSELLER 103-105 N. MAIN ST. IMPORTER 316 S. STATE ST. PUBLISHER ANN ARBOR MICH. Bridget Showed Them How They Folk-Danced On The " Auld Sod " elephantine cavortings of the dancers. Can you blame us if, when several of the ornaments of our acquaintance complained of stiff and strained muscles as a result of trying to imitate a Jugo- Slav skinning herring, we laughed in heartless glee? HAUGHTON ELEVATORS installed in University of Michigan HOSPITAL ENGINEERING SHOPS LITERARY BUILDING MEDICAL BUILDING STOREHOUSE THE HAUGHTON ELEVATOR MACHINE COMPANY TOLEDO, OHIO Five hundred ninety-eight TINKER COMPANY CLOTHIERS FURNISHERS and H ATT E RS 542 So. State Street MICHIGAN Publications Now the Publica- tions the humor magazine, the campus mind, the engineering evanescence, the law label, " name and number of every player " , and Underling Of A Business Manager Out In Search Of Business the rest They are all here, to- gether with the boys who run them, and the boys and girls who work on them. What a way to III II I mill inn Hill BRYANT CAIN 1313 MAJESTIC BUILDING DETROIT. MICHIGAN Plastering Contractors and 818 S. MAIN STREET ANN ARBOR. MICHIGAN Five hundred ninety-nine Our Service x tends to the Alumni of the University as well as the Student GRAHAM ' S ' Bot i Snds of the ' Diagonal Walk ANN ARBOR - MICHIGAN Six hundred LITERARY BI-ILDIXG. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. ANN ARBOR. MICHIGAN. ALBERT KAHN. ARCHITECT LIBRARY: J. M. White. Architect: Charles Plan. Associate. PENN. STATE COLLEGE, State College, Pa. CHEMISTRY BUILDING: Day Klauder, Architects. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, Columbus. Ohio. MEDICAL SCIENCE BUILDING: Joseph X. Bradford, Architect. EDUCATIONAL BUILDING: Joseph X. Brad- ford, Architect. A Few University and College Buildings in irhich ( ' .rittall Windows have been used UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. Ann Arbor, Mich. LIBRARY: Albert Kahn, Architect. ENGINEERING LABORATORY: Smith. Hinch- man and Grylls, Architects. SCIENCE BUILDING: Albert Kahn, Archi- tect. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, Seattle, Wah. EDUCATIONAL BUILDING: Bebb Gould. Architects. ANDERSON HALL: Bebb Gould, Architects. LIBRARY: Bebb Gould, Architects. ST. OLAF COLLEGE, Xorthfield, Minn. CHEMISTRY BUILDING: Coolidge Hodge- don, Architects. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS. Urbana, 111. EDUCATIONAL BUILDING: J. M. White, Architect. REGIS COLLEGE, Denver, Colo. DORMITORY : Harry James Manning. Archi- tect. CONCORDIA SEMINARY, St. Louis, Mo. DORMITORIES: Day Klauder. Architects. CRITTALL CASEMENT WINDOW COMPANY , Manufacturers DETROIT Six hundred one spend four years! -Trotting all over town to persuade gullible merchants to " advertise " ; button-holing students ,? to solicit subscriptions; writing heavy editorials designed to save the world; stealing bum jokes and disguising them as your own; reflecting the mind of a community which has no mind; welcoming visiting teams with well chosen platitudes. All this to what end? We wonder how attractive these Publication jobs would become if the names of those attached to them were to remain unknown and unhonored; if the Publications were really to be dedicated to the better Michigan, instead of being used as vehicles of ambition for those who are connected with them; if the glory of Michigan were to supersede the glory of Editor or Business Manager. Is there any doubt as to the answer? It is safe to say that were the way to individual notoriety removed from our Campus Publications, none of them would survive another issue of the Michiganensian, and another issue of the Year Book would be very uncertain? But we have no fear! Freshmen will continue to enlist in the ranks of Publication toilers, each in " There Goes The Editor Of Whimsies! ' ? will miss our many friends from the class of ' 25 .... if we can ever be of service to you at any time write .... if you wish anything sent to you on approval from our stores write .... come in and say " hello " when you are back .... we will be glad to see you. VAN BOVEN, CRESS THOMPSON, Inc. 2 Stores for zJtfen STATE ST. AT NICKELS ARCADE 1107 SOUTH UNIVERSITY Si hundred two is in some cars a steadi- ness that comes from sheer weight alone. But here is the steadiness of fluid powerpower so free from sound and shock that you are literally un- conscious of a moving mechanism. There now is a fresh delight in motor- ing, but you will not discover it in its finished form until you have spent an hour with the Hupmobile eight. Hupp Motor far (Corporation Detroit, Sn hundred three Portrait Photographer Studio at 319 East Huron All negatives since 1890 are on file. Yours is among them. You can order from it at any time. Six hundred four r- - T.CO. A Michigan Institution FK V commercial institutions ' in the State have been known to so many students and graduates of Michi- gan as the Newcomb-Endicott Com- pany. Two-thirds as old as the University itself, Michigan ' s first department store is an inseparable part of the State ' s history. To generations of Michigan men and women, whether residing in De- troit or visiting on week-ends and vacations, Newcomb-Endicott ' s has been a familiar land-mark. This store has always been a leader in the march of progress. It was the first department store in the State to incorporate motorized delivery service and the first store to open an Economy Basement. To the students of other days as well as of today and, indeed, to those of tomorrow Newcomb-Endicott ' s offers the dependable service of an institution old in years but young and eager in the spirit of service a truly Michigan institution. NEWCOMB-ENDICOTT COMPANY Detroit, Michigan Six hundred five The Michigan ]J rug (3 (Established in 1819 Headquarters for CHEMICALS : CHEMICAL APPARATUS STUDENT OUTFITS PYREX GLASSWARE ANALYTICAL BALANCES Main 6110 16 Trunk Lines Barber ' s Trinidad Asphalt ROOFING and Waterproofing stands the exacting tests of Time The Laboratory and Critics That ' s why this material was selected for U. of M. Buildings and applied by WHEELOCK-PRESTLER ROOFING CONST. CO. The Reliable Roofers of Jackson and Battle Creek the hope of that far distant day when other and newer Freshmen will nudge each other at his pass- ing and remark, " There goes the Editor of ' Whimsies ' " .Staffs will edit, solicit, or write as they are bid, suppressing originality, following the old, worn paths, treading the ways of their prede- cessors, for in those ways lies honor, and no appointment awaits him who strays from the road. Long live the Publications! And live long they undoubtedly will, as long as they continue to pay the rent and the printer ' s bills to Otto. Suppose we leave them, and continue. AMERICAN-MARSH PUMPS Centrifugal and Direct PActing THE American-Marsh line of centrifugal pumps are built with the same painstaking care that characterizes the construction of our well-known direct-acting steam pumps. The capacities range from 5 to 5000 gallons per minute. Both single and Multi-stage patterns for heads up to 500 feet. They are the result of over 35 years ' experience in the manufacture of high grade pumping machinery. See them in the new University Power Plant. Maij we send you a Catalog American Steam Pump Co. Battle Creek, Michigan Six hundred six (Clothes of Distinction from GREENWOOD and KILGORE The -J ari s Shop ANN ARBOR CHAMPAIGN .-. JACKSON Six hundred seven THE LAW CLUB BUILDING IS A NOTEWORTHY ACHIEVEMENT. WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE BEEN A CONTRIB- UTING FACTOR. Six hundred eight THE IMPERIAL STONE COMPANY BEDFORD, INDIANA OPER AT ING BEDFORD STEAM STONE WORKS IMPERIAL STONE COMPANY " OLD BLUE HOLE " QUARRY Sii hundred nine O ' SHEA KNITTING MILLS makers ATHLETIC KNITTED WEAR for EVERY SPORT CHICAGO ILLINOIS WM. HOCHREIIN Plumbing ' , Heating ' , Repairing KELVI N ATOR REFRIGERATION 211 S. Fourth Ave. PKone 525 Ann Arbor, Michigan C A R T I E R ' S for the ' Best of HABERDASHERY and CLOTHING Organizations Organizations! Here you have them! Take your pick! Clubs for this and Clubs for that. Clubs for work and Clubs for play. Clubs to save and Clubs to spend. Clubs for everything. Ten thou- sand students and twenty thou- sand Clubs. Besides those shown They Flit From Meeting To Meeting -Et Cetera Six hundred ten , - r t m JM ' MI Where Precision Prevails --- For the accuracy expected of the Engineer, he in turn must rely upon his instruments. To assure strict adherance to our high standard of quality and accuracy, all parts entering into the manufacture of our instruments from the fine optical lenses down to the smallest screw- are produced in our own factory. Hence our unqualified guarantee. The approval of the engineering profession, of Government and municipal departments, which our product has enjoyed for over fifty years, is conclusive evidence of its merits. THE STANDARD K E FOR HALF A CENTURY TRANSITS AND LEVELS When selecting the equipment jor your future career, tcky not be guided b the experienee of thousands of satisfied users? Our 500 page catalog sent upon request. KEUFFEL , ESSERCO. NEW YORK. 127 Fulton Street, General Office and Factories. HOBOKEN, N. J. CHICAGO 616-20 S. Dearborn St. ST. LOUIS 817 Locust St SAN FRANCISCO 30-34 Second St MONTREAL 5 Notre Dame St W Drawing Materials, Mathematical and Surveying Instruments, Measuring Tapes Six hundred eleven MICH-I-GAN! the Home of the First Kresge Store 28 years have worked wonders in the success of the S. S. Kresge Co. In 1897 the first Kresge Store was opened in Detroit a store whose quality merchandise and low prices quickly attracted thrifty shoppers. So tremendous was the volume of business handled by this store that another was necessary and another until today over 260 Kresge Stores are serving and saving for thrifty buyers in the principal cities of the country. Appreciation of values by the people, and Kresge ' s ability to offer them, due to immense purchasing power, are enabling the S. S. Kresge Company to enjoy a healthy, growing business, and to increase constantly the number of Kresge Stores in the United States. S. S. Sc-10c-2Sc Red Front KRESGE General Offices: Detroit Stores 2Sc to $1.00 Green Front Six hundred twelve ASSETS MORE THAN SIX MILLION DOLLARS OFFICERS MICHAEL J. FRITZ President WALTER C. MACK V ' ice-President CARL F. BRAUN Pice-President WILLIAM L. WALZ Cashier and Secretary of the Board JOHN C. FRITZ Assistant Cashier ALFRED F. STAEB Assistant Cashier ROY B. HISCOCK Assistant Cashier NORMAX A. OTTMAR Assistant Cashier BOARD OF DIRECTORS MICHAEL J. FRITZ WALTER C. MACK CARL F. BRAUX WILLIAM L. WALZ JOHN C. FRITZ JOHN E. SWISHER DANA HISCOCK Conservative Yet Sver " Progressive The ANN ARBOR SAVINGS BANK -is in the 55th year of its life in full vigor. For more than half a century it has grown consistently in strength, in scope, and in the confidence of the public. Governed by the principle of conservative banking along progressive lines, enjoying the confidence of a public which recognizes the right relationship between a banking institution and the community it serves, this bank expects to grow in capacity and opportunity to serve. To that end it extends every facility to you and invites your patronage. Sir hundred thirteen is again bound in a PROCESSED COVER Designed and Executed by The Burkhardt Company, Inc. BURKHARDT BLDG. DETROIT, MICHIGAN BURKART COVERS ARE NATIONALLY KNOWN FOR QUALITY Six hundred fourteen Housecleaning Happiness the Year Around with THE GRAND PRIZE VACUUM CLEANER. npHERE is no greater aid toward good 1 housekeeping than the Eureka. It lifts from every woman ' s shoulders the greatest of house- hold burdens. It will keep rugs, carpets, mattresses, upholstery, and draperies perfectly clean. Down Balance on Easy Payments We will cheerfully loan you the Eureka without cost. Try it throughly and, if you wish to keep it, make the small payment down. Just a phone call brings you the free trial. Effective Efficient Attachments Make it Useful in Every Room A complete set of marvelous attachments enables you to use the Grand Prize Eureka all over the house. These special tools permit you to use the Eureka ' s unsurpassed suction to renovate upholstered furni- ture, hangings, mattresses, pil- lows, etc. In ten seconds you can slip on the hose and the attachments are ready to use. Ask Us or Your Nearest Dealer for a Free Trial Eureka Vaccum Cleaner Company 1521 Broadway Phone Empire 4745 Detroit, Michigan Six hundred fifteen there are the Ku Klux Klan, the Saturday Afternoon Circle, the Up-On-High Funeral Society, and countless others. Michigan has arrived at the stage where Organ- izations are organizing to regulate the activities of new Organizations organized to control the activities of Organizations already organized. What student so obscure that he TYPEWRITING MIMEOGRAPHING ENGRAVING EMBOSSING 0. T . 17 Nickels Arcade ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN The Typewriter and Stationery Store DETROIT LUMBER COMPANY Lumber, Timber, Lath, Shingles and Interior Finish We furnished lumber for the football stands and interior finish for the Mich- igan Union Building. CEDAR 2090 DETROIT STEEL STRUCTURES of all descriptions FABRICATED and ERECTED by Whitehead and Kales Co DETROIT, MICHIGAN Six hundred sixteen We Keep the Negatives of all Our Pictures Official Photographer to the Michiganensian LYNDON COMPANY 719 NORTH UNIVERSITY Six hundred seventeen ! - i_3 _ M_ii_ii..ii..V?.. VV -. -J. ff jf ; rt Wg g ' f t ,. ; .. -r ;- ' X, r . -n-7 x l- j .V ; . ' i , ' - ' -.r ' . r ' " :-. I ' -M -. :d 1925 " Jalm and Oilier A THE largest personal service school annual engraving house in America. More than twenty years of successful experi- ence in Year Book designing and engraving. Three hundred craftsmen, specially skilled in Annual production. Over 40,000 square feet of operating space in our own fireproof building. A specially organized system of production that insures indi- vidual attention to each Annual, efficient manufacture, and on-time delivery. The personal co-operation of a creative and research service department with a reputation. DESIGNING AND REPRODUCTIONS JAHN OLLIER ENGRAVING Photographers, Artists, and Makers of Fine Printing P atesforB ack. or Go or$ 812 Washington Boulevard- Chicago BY CO. KM- Six hundred eighteen n n e CasftTile C TOLEDO, OHIO Contractors for TERRAZZO, MOSAIC and " CAS-TYLE " TILE FLOORS. BASE, WAINSCOTW STAIR TREADS Installations in large Buildings, Hospitals, etc. our specialty, as in the Literary Building and new University Hospital of the University of Michigan. Six hundred nineteen DIETZGEN GEM UNION EXCELLO PREMIER CHAMPION Our Quality is Never High in Price DIETZGEN high grade Drawing Instruments are in demand. You make no mistake in purchas- ing Dietzgen Drawing Instruments as the initial purchase is the smallest cost involved. All sets which we manufacture are of the highest quality German silver and English tool steel and by buying DIETZGEN Sets you are assured of purchas- ing a set standard in every respect ; duplicate parts are carried in stock. EUGENE DIETZGEN CO. 166 WEST MONROE STREET CHICAGO Branches in all Principal Cities cannot wear at least one pin upon his vest, or one ring upon his finger? Do you wish to dance occasionally? Join a club! Would you like to pray? -Join a club! Are you interested in ante-diluvian newspapers, jazz music, or the Pan -Slavic movement? Some Organization stands ready to welcome you into membership. And they all meet. Where they meet, and what they meet for, is beside the issue. They meet! Oh, my, yes! Some of them give plays, and some of them sing songs; some read poetry and some sew seams; some eat hot-dogs and some drink beer; but they all meet, regularly, and do very ear- nestly and intensively whatever it is their purpose to do. It is H eller J gundry HOME OF QUALITY WORK DETROIT Six hundred twenty For Ten Years the World ' s Greatest Buy Hudson ' s position as the world ' s greatest value is not merely a new attain- ment. For ten years the Super-Six has stood alone in mechanical suprem- acy. Basic patents have kept others from copying its motor. The smoothness and long life it gives are exclusive. No motor has yet equaled the Super-Six in smoothness and long, economical car life. A Leadership Never Disputed Hudson, because of the simplicity of the Super-Six, has always enjoyed manufacturing advantages that per- mitted a lower selling price than is possible with more complicated types. That, in part, accounts for its 10 years of leadership. Hudson is the World ' s Greatest Value, because it costs much less than any comparable car. Hudson Coach $1250 SEDAN 5 - Passenger 7 - Passenger $1695 $1795 Freight and Tax Extra HUDSON MOTOR CAR COMPANY Detroit, Michigan The Oakman Highway is Detroit ' s new outer boulevard. It is 1 50 feet wide and runs from the Ford plant in Highland Park to the Ford River Rouge plant, circling the North and West sides of the city. The Oakman Highway is restrict- ed to high class single residences. The Northwestern Belt Line is now being completed and will parallel the Oakman Highway giving direct trans- portation between the two great Ford plants which now employ 140,000 men. The Oakman Property residential and business runs from one quarter to one mile on either side of the Oakman Highway and Northwestern Belt Line. All Oakman Property is improved with standard city sewers, sidewalks, water, etc. ROBERT OAKMAN Cherry 4890=1=2=3=4=5 512 Union Trust Bldg. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Six hundred twenty-two clothing reflects always the latest vogue among well dressed American and English university men. It is styled and executed for us by JWax Abrams of Chicago, foremost of Amer- ica ' s tailors. ANN ARBOR Men ' s Ready-to-Wear Clothing, Shoes, Imported and Domestic Haberdashery and Hats Mail Orders Promptly Filled Six hundred twenty-three entirely possible for one individual to belong to several of these Organizations at once. Indeed, some persons have meetings to attend seven days a week and then are forced to cut one in favor of another. Michigan is organized to death. If some one would only organize an Organization to do away with Organizations, what a blessing he would bring. The Frat Clubs What, more Organizations? Indeed, yes! But these are the ne plus ultra, the creme de la creme, the top-most niche among the Organizations. These are the Greek-Letter Fraternities. Here are all the brothers, each with his own clothes on for once, and with his ears pinned back to have the good old house picture taken. These are the boys who rush the Fresh- man off his feet if he can play football, or run a mile, or if his old man runs the biggest sash-and-door works in East Jor- dan. These are the true College Boys, the bozos who sing the " Yellow Fraternity Brothers Being Fraternal and Blue " , and who tell the brothers at Original Styles Popular Prices Fraternities, Sororities and House Clubs USING BETTER QUALITY GROCERIES COFFEES and TEAS GET THEM AT LAFER BROTHERS Detroit ' s Largest Grocery DELIVERIES MADE TO YOUR DOOR 1323-25 Broadway V Phone Cherry 4604 Six hundred twenty-jour Si hundred twenty-Jive When in frbor You are Always Welcome at Our Studio Your negatives are kept on file and duplicates may be had at any time. Portraits Quality by PHOTOGRAPHY. 619 8. J iberty St., ufnn zArbor, Six hundred twenty-six LUXEBERRY ENAMEL SPREADS CONTENTMENT LIKE A RAY OF SUNSHINE IN THE HOME Sunlight, warmth and cheer the qualities that make home homelike are ever present in rooms finished in fine enameled woodwork. SEND NOW FOR THIS VALUABLE BOOKLET Hundreds of practical, valu- able suggestions for making home a more charming and delightful place to live are described in this useful little handbook of decorating in- formation. Your copy is ready. Just send 1 cents to cover postage and mailing costs. Address Department " M " , Berry Brothers, De- troit, Mich. Here is an unfailing formula for beautiful in- teriors, well worth em- ploying in your home, or in any house or apart- ment that you want to rent or sell to advantage. To attain beautiful, dur- able effects, there is no substitute for quality. You must use good ma- terials. And no enamel, regardless of merit, is of equal utility for all pur- poses. In finishing woodwork or furniture use Luxe- berry Enamel. Unlike other enamels, it pro- duces a soft -toned effect without rubbing. To make an unsightly painted floor a thing of beauty at trifling ex- pense, use Lionoil Floor Enamel. These two enamels, guaranteed by the maker of Liquid Granite Floor Varnish, are unequalled for their purposes. It will pay you to demand them. Varnishes Detroit. Mich. Enamels Stains Walkerville. Ont. Six hundred twenty-seven OET ROI MAIN OFFICE 1661 CLAY AVENUE GET ACQUAINTED WITH US Six hundred twenty-eight Another Fitting Example of ' Perfect Stone (Construction by THE STEVER-HUBBARD CO 6553 WOODWARD AVE. .-. DETROIT, MICH Six hundred twenty-nine Travel East or North VIA THE T ailroad Special trains tor all vacation and holiday student travel. We thank you tor past favors and respectfully solicit your patronage. H. A. MILLS Commercial Agent ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Phi Chapter what we will do to them next Fall. They are the lads who form the back-bone of the University. Do we need the swimming pool completed? Give the swim tickets to the Fraternity boys; they ' ll see that the Inde- pendents buy them. Does the Administration wish automobiles to be left at home? Tell the Fra- ternities; they ' ll set the example. Is the Campus getting drunk pretty regularly? " There ' s never any liquor in our house! Our fellows never even smell the stuff! But these Independents, they just won ' t be gentlemen. " Who keeps the clothing brigands on State Street? -The Fraternities. Who keeps the Co-eds happy? - -The ' Rmshed- Qagnier Jobbers of PAINTS, VARNISHES, STAINS, BRUSHES, LADDERS, PAINTERS ' SUPPLIES, Etc. Detroit Company Six hundred thirty FARMERS MECHANICS BANK 101-105 S. Main Street 330 S. State Street ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN the members of the class of 1925 we extend our sincere good wishes for success. We know you warrant it for the most pan. We have enjoyed your friendship and patronage during the four years you have resided in Ann Arbor and we are sorry to terminate it so soon. Many of you we will not see again. To you we venture to suggest the formation of a business alliance with some strong bank in the community in which you are to reside. Become acquainted with its officers per- sonally. Go to them for advice and council. Treat them fairly; and the alliance will be mutually beneficial. Those of you who remain in Ann Arbor we invite to a continuance of the desirable relationship maintained in the past, with the hope that a closer personal relation may be established than has been possible here- to-fore. MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Six hundred thirty-one Crandall Electric Supply Company INCORPORATED Distributors and Jobbers of ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 8? JACKSON MICHIGAN CHAMBERLIN J-THE STANDARD ' The Multiplicity of Chamberlin Installations Over 20,000,000 Windows and Doors are Chamberlin ' d Universities, Schools, Institutions of all kinds, Industrial and Office Buildings, Hotels and thousands of Homes, large and small, bespeak the predominance of Chamberlin Metal Weatherstrips and Door Bottoms. Chamberlin Pays for Itself in a Short Time Annual Dividends Thereafter Economy of building maintainance, uniform and comfortable temperature in spite of the weather, minimizing of the inleakage of dust, soot and germ laden air, muffling of street noises, keeping clean and unsoiled tapestries and decorations; all these are the benefits from CHAMBERLIN installations. The Chamberlin Installation Policy The type or design of weatherstripping is subordinate in importance lo the installation. Any weatherstrip is only as efficient as its installation. The unequalled growth of this company is a direct result of this unique installa- tion policy and the guarantee of the installation for the life of the building. A Branch or Service Office in 80 Cities of the United States GENERAL OFFICES DETROIT, MICHIGAN FACTORIES IN DETROIT, MICHIGAN AND PERU, ILLINOIS Six hundred thirty-two Fidelity and Surety Bonds of Every Description Fidelity Contract Public Official Court Depository Bankers Blanket Internal Revenue License and Permit Miscellaneous Absolute Safety and ' Protection, ' with ' Prompt and Efficient Service DETROIT FIDELITY and SURETY COMPANY HOME OFFICE DETROIT, MICHIGAN Page six hundred thirty-three Fraternities! Whose representa- tives meet every once-in-a-while in solemn conference to discuss matters of grave import, and take it out in discussion? The Frater- nities! Who dominate Campus politics? The Fraternities ' Who cut each others throats at every opportunity? -The Fraternities. They are very ex- clusive, these Greeks, (there are only about two thousand of them). They look with a kind of pity upon the poor goof who didn ' t rate a bid, and with outraged horror on the lad who had several but turned them all down. But give them a chance! -They ' ll grow up! TUTTLE ' S Hund) 338 Maynard Street The Best Food Deliriously Served Telephone 150 Excellence in Laundry Service at the Varsity CORNER LIBERTY ST. AND FIFTH AVE. ANHARBOR, MICH. Dance Programs Banquet Invitations, Stationery, etc. Ill W. LIBERTY ST. PHONE 7613 H v VOLLRATH White Enamelware A pure opaque White Line, in triple coat of Enamel with blue-black beads and ears. VollrathWhite is unquestion- ably pure and not surpassed in beauty, durability or purity. Jno. C. Fischer Co. Main near Wash. Wash, near Main S ix hundred thirty-four Exterior View of Late Club Interior View of Dining Room T FOR THE a fitting display of perfect stone erection by DAVID F. BEVERIDGE Detroit, Michigan Sin hundred thirty-five AFTER GRADUATION then what? OU should decide upon your life ' s work before completing your University course. Your education gives you the opportunity of making good, but it is up to you to select the most promising field of endeavor and then thoroughly prepare yourself for your chosen career. The real estate profession offers you unlimited opportunities. It involves rendering a needed and valuable service to society at large through the sale of real estate which will make safe and profitable in- vestment. Castle Ford, Inc., is one of the largest and most successful real estate brokers, as well as developers of subdivision property in the Greater Detroit district. Our policy of dealing with the public, the manner in which we train our salespeople in the fundamental laws governing real estate values and in practical salesmanship, is reasonable assurance of success. We are proud that there are now in our sales organization, a number of University of Michigan men who are making fine business records for themselves. What they are doing we can help others to do. You might find your greatest opportunity in the real estate profession. Come in any time and discuss this subject with us. CASTLE FORD, Inc. 5th Floor Congress Bldg. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Six hundred thirty-six Unlimited Luxury at Limited Cost 1200 ROOMS WITH BATH $4 and Up 475 ROOMS AT MINIMUM RATE AND $5.00 UESTS of the Book-Cadillac pay no premium for the superlative comforts and service they enjoy at Detroit ' s finest hotel. Exceptional facilities both in number of guest rooms and in the wide variety of restaurants allow an unusual combination of quality and low price. RATES Parlor, Bedroom and Bath - - $14, $16, and $18 per day. Sample Rooms ------ $5 and $8 per day. DINNER DANCE IN BLUE ROOM EVERY NIGHT EXCEPT SUNDAY FROM 7 P. M. to 1 A. M. MUSIC BY SUPERB BOOK-CADILLAC DANCE ORCHESTRA Special Luncheon Served Daily in English Grill and Blue Room Dinner De Luxe in Blue Room and English Grill {except Sunday) Cafeteria Service in Coffee Shop Venetian Room a la Carte Afternoon Tea Served in the Chinoise and Palm Rooms fl.25 - $2.00 WASHINGTON HOTEL COMPANY DETROIT ROY CARRUTHERS, President BOULEVARD AT MICHIGAN AVENUE Six hundred thirty-seven Women Co-Eds Co-Edding - - - And The Women Want A League Building Well, we seem to be coming to the end of the book, for here are the Women. For some reason or another they are always found at the back of the ' Ensian, which is fair enough, as they are always given prece- dence every where else. Look them over. These are the future mothers of Michigan Men. (Mumbling of prayers, a hd soft echoes of " Ave Maria " ). It is really quite surprising that so small a section of the Michigan Year- Book should be devoted to Women, since- to the casual observer upon the Campus there appear to be so many of them. Possibly investigation would reveal that their numbers are not so great, but that in making themselves conspicuous they appear as legion. However that may be, there are plenty of them among us. Women everywhere! They threaten to overwhelm mere man and relegate him to a position of passive defense. Last of all, here are the Greek Sisters. Each Fall they earnestly discuss family, income, accomplishments, personalities, and character. Then when the excitement of Pledge Sunday has worn away, they become conscious of the fact that they have pledged a bunch of flat-tires, who would not cause a ripple of excitement if they walked down the main and only- street of Wild Horse, Oklahoma, in bathing suits at high noon. Familiar Scene nil Pledge Six hundred thirty-right The Burroughs organization has produced many time and labor saving methods which add to the profits of thou- sands in every line of business Burroughs Contributions to Business To many business men, the fact that 850,000 Burroughs machines are in constant daily use typifies the success of the Burroughs Adding Machine Company. Burroughs, on the other hand, pre- fers to measure its success by the con- tribution it has been able to make in simplifying and improving general busi- ness systems. In the banking field, for instance, Burroughs introduced in 1912 its Cus- tomers ' Ledger and Statement System, which eliminated the need of balancing pass books every month. In 19 10 Burroughs developed its Transit Machine, for the Numerical Transit System now in universal use in banks. When the Burroughs Company saw that in- adequate records were causing most of the 20,000 commercial failures occurring every year, it developed the Burroughs Simplified Accounting Plan. This simple, accurate plan is giving thousands of business men the figure information that leads to success. For those who previously had no adequate control of their merchandise stock, Burroughs developed its Stock Record System, which keeps every stock account in perfect balance by both quantity and value. These are typical Burroughs contributions to business. The story of the organization that developed them is contained in a booklet that we will send to Michigan men upon request. Burroughs Adding Machine Company DETROIT, MICHIGAN Sir hundred thirty-nine mellow comfort of old Cathedral Windows is 1 given in SOFT-LITE Lenses. SOFT-LITES are made of special exclusive French glass. Merits : Whatever beneficial qualitites you desire in pre- scribing a colored lens, you have in SOFT-LITES. Because of the non-interference with the natural flow of light, SOFT-LITE lenses are Safe for all eyes. A natural tint gives a natural appearance to the face, thus is inconspicuous and pleasing. SOFT-LITES are ground solely by Bausch Lomb Optical Company in single vision Punktal and Kryp- tok forms, and by One- Piece Bifocal Lens Com- pany in Ultex form. WOLVERINE OPTICAL COMPANY GRAND RAPIDS DETROIT BATTLE CREEK HE four- color process views, as well as the half-tone pen and ink drawings appearing in the 1925 Michiganensian, were produced from original photographic effects. by The Northland Studios 713 Jefferson Avenue TOLEDO OHIO Six hundred forty Simplicity and Strength, accessibility and low upkeep, unite in Timken Worm- Drive Axles .CO, The Timken-Detroit Axle Company DETROIT, MICHIGAN X3LHS Six hundred forty-one My! Here we are at the Satire and Ads Section! Close the book and go call up your him. -It ' s Spring again in Ann Arbor! ft C V The ventilating system of Angell Hall is beautifully finished with grilles furnished by THE UNITED STATES REGISTER CORPORATION BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN MICHIGAN Steel Castings are DEPENDABLE Inquiries Deliveries Solicited Prompt HE HB Michigan Steel Casting Co. Detroit, Michigan THE Union Paper Twine Company DETROIT Papers of Every Description PHONE CADILLAC 8600 Six hundred forty-two the Lifemry IS the result of careful investi- j_ gation, Stiplite was selected as a priming coat on the sand finish sur- faces of the New Literary Building. The fact that only one finish coat was required to produce a highly dec- orative result proves the efficiency of Stiplite as a sealing and priming medium. Both priming and finish coats were supplied by Detroit Graphite Com- pany, makers of high quality paints for nearly forty years. Detroit Graphite Company DEXROIX U.S.A. MAKELRS OF DEGRACQ PAINTS All Colors for Your jR. Particular Needs Six hundred forty-three Standard Trust Company CAPITAL PENOBSCOT BUILDING DETROIT $300,000.00 SURPLUS . . $75,000.00 This Company acts as Executor, Administrator, Trustee, Guardian, and in all other Recognized Trust Capacities. It receives Investment Deposits and Issues Certificates of Deposit payable upon demand, bearing interest at 4 per cent. It holds and manages Securities and other Property, Real and Personal, for Estates, Corporations and Individuals, and acts as Trustee under Corporate Mortgages, and as Registrar and Transfer Agent for Corporate Bonds and Stocks. OFFICERS BENJAMIN F. HUDSON, President RUPERT E. PARIS, Vice-President SIDNEY MILLER, Vice-President WILLIAM R. HUDSON, Vice-President FRANK TURNER, Treasurer HAROLD D. KILETS, Secretary BROOKS B. BRADSHAW, Mgr. Bond Dept. SAMUEL R. KINGSTON Vice-Pres., Cashier Nat ' l Bank of Commerce EDWARD N. MUNRO Secretary Burton Abstract Title Company President Home Savings Loan Association RUPERT E. PARIS R. E. Paris Insurance Agency HURT D. CADY Attorney-at-Law General Counsel Detroit Edison Co., Port Huron, Mich.; Director Detroit Fidelity Surety Co., Detroit Life Insurance Co. DIRECTORS CHARLES E. LOVEJOY Vice-Pres. First State Savings Bank, Milford, Mich. WILLIAM R. HUDSON Real Estate MILTON M. ALEXANDER Milton Alexander Company HOWARD C. BALDWIN Attorney, Miller, Baldwin Boos FRANK TURNER Comptroller, Gen ' l Motors Corp. HARRY J. BOND Mayor, Mason, Mich. Vice-Pres. First State Savings Bank, Mason, Mich. WILLIAM F. AUSTIN Pres. W. E. Wood Company SIDNEY MILLER Attorney, Miller, Baldwin Boos ROBERT RESTRICK Restrick Lumber Co. BENJAMIN F. HUDSON President of the Company, President Detroit Housing Corp. HAROLD D. KILETS Secretary of the Company BROOKS D. BRADSHAW Bond Department THOMAS J. DALEY Secretary Multibestos Company FRANK S. ROBINSON Vice-Pres. Andrew C. Sisman Co. Six hundred forty-four Harnessing Air for the Service of Civilization AN a landmark of civilization could not exist at all, or would be limited to a form far inferior to that it has at present, were it not for the many types of air handling equipment produced by American Blower engineers. Without such equipment we would have no ocean liners, no mile-long tunnels, no great subway systems, no such theaters as those of today, no deeply sunk coal or metal mines. And without it we would be deprived of countless necessities, conveniences, and lux- uries that we accept as a matter of course. The safety match that lights pipe or cigarette would explode like a miniature bomb if it were not dried scientifically by air-handling apparatus. The bread you buy owes its lightness and uniform quality to air-conditioning machinery. The chocolate shell on your favorite brand of candy was probably dried by American Blower equipment. The same thing is true of the wax on the straws through which you sip soda water. American Blower apparatus enters into the manufacture of the paper in your books, into the process of printing them, and into their binding. Power for the wheels of industry is generated more surely and economically by forced draft equipment made by the American Blower Company. Factories are heated by American Blower units that give many times the efficiency of other systems. Since 1881, the American Blower organization has devoted itself to the development and construction of a great variety ' of equipment for handling air and causing it to perform useful work. Although you may never have realized it, American Blower apparatus serves you in one way or another many times ever} ' day either directly or by aiding in supplying you with some appreciated convenience or luxury. In every principal city in America, the American Blower Company maintains branch offices where trained engineers are at work, planning new ways to harness air and solving the heating, ventilating, air conditioning and many related problems of busi- nesses of all sizes and types. These branch offices are always ready to respond fo a call for the expert service they are prepared to render. AMERICAN BLOWER COMPANY, DETROIT BRANCH OFFICES IN ALL PRINCIPAL CITIES CANADIAN SIKOCCO COMPANY, LIMITED. WINDSOR, ONTARIO American Rlower VENTILATING. HEATING. AIR CONDITIONING. DRYING. MECHANICAL. DRAFT Manufacturers of all Types of Air-Handling ' Equipment - -Since 1881 Six hundred forty-five This 15-Story Hudson Building Will Be Completed This Year O S new building with 15 stories above ground, three basement levels, and foundations laid to permit the addition of five stories, will give Detroit and Michigan one of the largest and finest retail store buildings in America. It is concrete evidence of the growth and prosperity of Detroit and Michigan and of the public confidence reposed in this institution, its merchandise and its service. The J. L. HUDSON Co. DETROIT Six hundred forty-six Our Patrons ANN ARBOR PRESS ARNOLD ' S STATE STREET JEWELER . EDSON-MOORE COMPANY H. D. EDWARDS COMPANY . PARKE DAVIS COMPANY .... ROEHM - DAVIDSON A. J. RUBY SCHLANDERER AND SEYFR1ED FREDRIC B. STEVENS . Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, . Detroit, Detroit, Detroit, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Six hundred forty-seven ADVERTISING INDEX Ann Arbor Railroad Ann Arbor Savings Bank . American Blower Co. American Marsh Pump Co. American Radiator Co. . Anchor Fireproofing Co. Berry Bros David F. Beveridge Co. S. L. Bird and Sons Briggs Mfg. Co. Book-Cadillac Hotel . . Burkhardt Cover Co. 630 613 645 606 579 585 627 635 573 625 637 614 Bryant and Cain 599 Burroughs Adding Machine Co. . . 639 Burr Patterson Co 586 Calkins Fletcher Drug Co. ... 595 The Cargill Company 583 Cartier ' s Clothing Co 610 Castle and Ford 636 Cast Tyle Co 619 Chamberlain Metal Weatherstrip Co. 632 Crandall Electric Supply Co. . . . 632 Crane and Co 581 Crittal Casement Window Co. . . 601 Detroit Fidelity and Surety Company 633 Detroit Free Press 591 Detroit Lumber Co 616 Detroit Graphite Co 643 Detroit News 597 Dey Studio . . 588 Eugene Dietzgen Co 620 Dodge Bros 589 Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Co. . . . 615 Farmers and Mechanics Bank . . 631 Jno. C. Fisher Hdw 634 Chas. Graham Book Stores . . . 600 Greening Nursery Co 577 Greenwood and Kilgore Clothing Co. 607 Mailer ' s Jeweler 594 J. F. Hartz Co 590 Hartwick Lumber Co 628 Wm. Hochrein ....... 610 Haughton Elevator Co 598 Hudson Motor Car Co 621 J. L. Hudson Co 646 Hughes and Hatcher 580 Hupp Motor Car Co 603 Imperial Cut Stone Co. . . . 608-609 Jacobson ' s Women ' s Haberdashers . 624 John A. Rowe Cut Stone Co. . . 592-593 Jahn and Oilier 618 Keuffel and Esser 611 Kenneth Anderson Co 576 S. S. Kresge 612 Lafer Bros 624 Henry C. Lytton and Co 575 Lyndon and Co 617 Mack and Co 595 Mercier, Bryan and Larkin Co. . . 596 Mrs. H. B. Merrick 587 Michigan Drug Co 606 Michigan Steel Casting Co. . . . 642 Millard Printing Co 634 Morse Chain Co 582 O. D. Morrill 616 W. P. Nelson Co 584 Newcomb Endicott Co 605 Northland Studios 640 O ' Shea Knitting Mills 610 Patrons Page 647 Plymouth Quarries, Inc 594 T. B. Rayl Co 578 Rentschler Studio 604 Rinshed-Gagnier Co 630 Robt. Oakman Land Co 622 Sempray Jovenay Co 578 Spedding Studio 626 Standard Trust Co 644 Stever-Hubbard Co 629 Chas. Strelinger 579 Timken Detroit Axle Co. . . . . 641 Tinker and Co 599 Tuttle ' s Lunch 634 Union Paper and Twine Co. . . . 642 U. S. Register Co 642 Van Boven, Cress and Thompson. . 602 Varsity Laundry 634 The Vogue Shop 590 Geo. Wahr Book Store Weller Laundry . Wheelock-Prestler Co. . Whitehead and Kales . Wolverine Optical Co. . Woodrow Wilson Inst. . Guy Woolfolk Clothier 598 620 606 616 640 582 623 Six hundred forty-eight Organization and Personal Index Aach. Hugo Adolph.,125 Aaron. Josephine ....564 Abbott, Barbara A.. .556- 55 8 Abbott, George A 406 Abbott, Harrieue 543-558 Abbott. Mrs. H 547 Abbott. Vernon C 459 Abbott. Waldo II 590 Abbott. Mrs. Waldo. .536 Abele. Edward T 281 Abraham. Arnold O...452 Abrahams, Morey L...27- 430 Abrams. Herbert T. _T - Abramson. Max. .n;-JK Abrash. William J. ...7- 421 Acacia 410 Ackerman. L. 321 Activities Section .... 293 Ac k land. Donald L, 27 Adams. Albert B 286- 305-170 Adams. C. H 455 Adams. D 420 Adams. Mrs. Edward 536 Adams. Frances . .527-542 Adams. Gretta M. 162-511 Adams. Mrs. H. C. ..543 Adams. Henry F. 395 Adams. Nelson 460 Adams. X. F 470 Adams. Randolph G. 397 Adams. Roy N 444 Adams. Mrs. T. R...540 Adelia Cheeter HOMC 560 Adelphi 37 Adie. George C... 4 12-4 49 Adie, Mrs. George 542 Adler. Nathan 1 436 Adriance. Gertrude -.334 Adrianre. Ruth I. 162-522 Adsit. G. D 140-470 Agaian. Harry G. 159-336 Ahearn. Alva Francis 98 Aigler. Ralph W 191- 291-413-419-448-470 Aigler. Mrs. Ralph.. 535- 537 Aiken. George 466 E. H 27- 406-448-470 Ainsworth. Charles H. 27 Ainsworth, Marguerite --313-526-539 Akeley. Carl 373 Akennan. John D. 98-344 Alban. Charles Henry 98 Alban. Itorothy 527 Alberts. Audrey 334- 510-564 Albracht. Carl E 411 Albro. LeRoy I) 467 Alcock. Merle 528 Alda. Frances 528 Alden. Hazel E. Alder. George G 444 Alder. Helen 513 Alderton. Georjre 319-423 Aldrich. J. A. 467 Aldrich. Napier S 449 Alexander, Joseph B. 436 Alexander, Lloyd E. 441 Alexander, Ray L...324- 367-465 Alexander. Selma 543 Alfsen. Louise E, 380 Allaben. F. Roland.. 140- I ' -: ' 76-456 Allaman. Mary E 27 Allan. A. Edmond 407 Allan. Barbara E. 549 Alias. Dominador 344 Allen. Alice Allen. Alonzo C 405 Allen. Charles 408 Allen. Clifford W 411 Allen. DeLeslie L. 425 Allen. Floyd P 457 Allen. Ford W 391 Allen. Dr. F. M 321 Allen. John C 444 Allen. Ralph E. 342 Allen. Reva 512-558 Allen, Ruth C 550 Allison, Dorothy 559 Allmond, Earl 27-341 Allsben, Fred R 139 Allshouse. Mary H...487- 490-495-511-565 All-Star Hockey Team 489 Alpha Chi Omega 544 Alpha Chi Rho 424 Alpha Chi Sigma 466 Alpha Delta Phi 391 Alpha Delta Sigma ..319 A Ipha K p- i lo n Iota . . 54 1 Alpha Kp-ilon Phi ..552 Alpha Gamma Delta.. 553 Alpha Kappa Kappa.. -359 Alpha Kappa Lambda 444 Alpha Omega Alpha. .316 Alpha Omicron Pi 551 Alpha Phi 54 ' Alpha Phi Alpha 441 Alpha Rho Chi 463 Alpha Sigma 452 Alpha Sigma Phi 413 Alpha Tau Omega 409 Alpha Xi Delta 534 Alpiner, Harry 27-338 Alquira. Clement N...344 Alt. G. Lu 298 Alter. Rella H... 125-523 Altland, J. K. 325- 352-35 3-354-4 . ' 7 Altshuler, Samuel S. 125- 4 68 Alumnae House 561 Alving, Alf S. 459 Alving, Injrrid 279- 281-335-495-517-521-558 Amadon. Philip A. ... 454 AmbDS. Doris 518 Amendt, Dorothy 561 Ament, Dean R 458 Amem. Richard D. ..152 American Society of Civil Engineers 331 American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers 330 Ames. Celia F 172 Amort is. Esther 560 Amos, Norman H 457 Amster. Bertram W. _v- 437 Amstutz, Forest C. ..432 Anderson, A. Floyd L. 98- 330 Anderson, Carl F. . . . .27- 28-323-339-428 Anderson. Dorothy A. 27- 520-542 Anderson, Elizabeth. .559 Anderson. Esther A. ..28- 375-51 2-525-530-559 Anderson. Gustav Adolph 121 Anderson, H. C 29- ,- ' Anderson. Harold E. 380 Anderson. J. R. 337 Anderson, Lulu 2f- 320-557 Anderson. Marion 518- 559 Anderson. Merle H...379 Anderson. Mildred E. 28 Anderson. Mrs. R. ..544 Andrea. Frances ....543 Andreason. Carl 424 Andrews, Ferdinand H 466 Andrews. Leantine. . . .28- 557 Andrews. Nell 1 28 Andrews, Sherman E. 452 Angel 1. Alex C 558 Angell. Robert C 392 Angell, Mrs. Robert C r.3s Angell, Virginia 28- 561 Anklam, Charles W...394 Annable. George Annis. R. C 470 Anschell. Chester H. 446 Appel. Charles P 28 Appelt. Gladys 489- 511-517-518-560 App ' eton. Mary E. ..551- 558 Appold. Edgar C 416 Apps. Dudley W. Aiips. Olwine E. 335-518 Arbold. Anna 279 Archer. W. A 321 Archery 492 Archilectaral Society 328 Ardussi. John A. 289-353 Ardussi. Wallace F. . .281 Arendt. Frederick 396 Armijo. J. E. 413-456 Armstrong, Gregg H. 434 Armstrong, Hugh C. 351- 407 Armstrong. Stanley H 425 Arndt, B. Frederick. .188 Arndt. Raymond .... 405 Arnold. Anna 559 Arnold. Daniel G. ..125- 315 Arnold. Glenn C 330 Arnold. Paul W 281 Arnold. William H. 302- 357-396 Aronen, George M. ..446 Aronson. Earle 443 Aronson, Nathan N. 418 Arthur. F. P 400 Arthur. Herbert H. ..415 Asai, Kihusaburo 346 Ashmead. Edgar C. ..140 Ashmead. Mrs. E. C. 523 Ashworth, George 383 Asman . Margaret 28- 344 Aston. Fred A.. Jr... 403 Athena Literary Society 375 Atherton, Mary 308 Athletic Program 290 Athletic Section 191 Atkins, Dorothy 515- 521-545 Atkins. Robert H. ..125- 457 Atkinson, Frank W., Jr. 385-404 Atkinson. James M... 28 At well. Harry H. 410 Aubrey, Geraldine K. (M Aubrey. William H...417 Auer. Walter 413 Aufn ' Orte, Heinrich 1. F. 152 Austin, Esther 559 Austin, Evelyn R. ..28- 553 Austin, Helen 539 Austin, William F. . .362- 412 Averbrook, Marvin S. tM-tt Averill. Paul N 446 Avery, Alex N 396 Avery, Bennett Franklin 125 Avery. Joseph A 140- 423-456 Axford. Howard D...453- 470 Ayers, Dorothy 343 Ayres, Grace H r.- ' Ayres. Ruby E. 173 Babrock. Angus .... 286- 340-379 Babrock. Kenneth ..299- 459 Babrock. R. George 198- 203-301-396 Babcock. Samuel 210-238 Bacon. E. C 354 Bacon. Ed. G 458 Bacon. Egbert K. ..320- 466 Bacon. E. S 325-353 Bacher. Byryl 528 Bacber, Mrs. Harry . . 550 Bacher. Robert F. 405 Bachman. E. B... 212-338 Bachman. Mrs. G. E. ' .2.3 Bachman, M. E. 125-469 Bachman, W. E 320 Backstrom, Frank H 324-465 Badaczewski, Arthur J 152 Bader. Arno L. 420 Badgeley. Dr. Carl.. 299- 455 Badger. W. L. ..320-466 Baer, Germaine 334 335-555 Baer, Louise 551 Baer, Raymond 421 Baetcke, Bernd ..419-461 Bagley. Elizabeth C...541 Baicher. Sarah 28-375 Bailey, George R. 427 Bailey. Gertrude 280- 374-521-558 Baird. Burt M 1C2 Baird. Dorothy 543 Baird, James 466 Baird. John R. 399 Baird, L. Josephine . . 29 Baker. Alfred T 409 Baker. Charles E. 230-441 Baker. C. Hubert 446 Baker. E. M 320-466 Baker, Fannie 558 Baker. George 160- 162-324-378 Baker, Helen 383 Baker. Harry A. 280-467 Baker, Henry H 29 Baker, Mary 560 Baker. Merle 198- 212-422 Baker. Newton D 373 Bald. Frederick W. ..452 Baldwin, Grant L. ..125- 249-299-398-454 Baldwin. Hervey E. ..435 Bales. Bertram B 399 Ball. Douglas W. 357-427 Ballentine, Fred W. ..438 Ballentine, Isabel 560 Bamber, Ethel 162- 522-557 Bamber, Millard John 98 Bamber, Norene 522 Bamberger. Frederick P 462 Bamborough, James Elton 298-97-98 Bancroft. W. D 320 Banfield. Ruth E 335- 515-518 Banks. Frieda E. 513- 515-556 Banks, John F. 442 Bannister, S:. Arthur 420 Banno. Chiriro 346 Baptist Guild 381 Barber, Annette 527 Barber, Charles H. . . 322- 426 Barber. Neil K. ..121-419 Barbour. William T...392 Barclay, Roberta M...172 Barker. E. F 403 Barker. George A. C. 446- 411 Barker, Howard B. ..449 Barker. H. L. 470 Barker. Richard W. ..193 Barker, Mrs. Richard 550 Barker, William R...397 Barkovick. Joseph A, 98- 314 Barley, A 210 Barley, Louise 282- 363-513-531-543 Barlow. Marion 29- 508-531-547 Barlow. Norma ..493-511 Barnard. Helen 541 Barnes. Ernest H 463 Barnes, Juna M 29- Barnes. Marjorie A.. .556 Barnett, Arthur R...238- 400 Barnett. Lowene 554 Barney, Robert E 315- 391-449 Barnum. Margaret ..536 Barr, Albert S 454 Barrett. Albert M. ..299- 315-449 Barrett, Mrs. Albert M 539-541 Barrett. Francis ..29-551 Barrett, John A 412 Barrett. John H 433 Barrett. Mrs. U. A. ..540 Barrett. Mary H. 185-538 Barrett. Mary L. 29 Barristen 297 Barren. X. T 337- 340-411 Barry. J. H 328 Barry. Laura A. 335- 518-562 Barss. Joseph 449 Barss, Mrs. Joseph ..538 Bartell. F. E 320- i -;-.- Bartell. Mrs. F. E. ..545 Barth. John K 29-423 Bartholomew, Clara T. 29 Bartholomew-, Lucile 553- 557 Bartlett. Avery A 458 Bartlett, H. H. ..320-321 Banlett. Millicent D. 549 Bartlett. Willard 455 Bartlett. W. M... 125-455 Bartley. Loran ..334-361 Barton. Blanch 544 Barton. George H. ..444 Barton, Richard E. 404- 305 Basinger. Byron L. ..125 Baske, Franklin W. ..452 Bassman. Margaret ..546 Bassow. Paul H 457 Bachelor, Daniel 444 Bates, Helen 528-53 Bates. Henry M. 291-297- 294-304-314-391-448-470 Bates. Mrs. Henry M 528-538 Bates. LaMott F. 299-455 Bates. Holland B 98 Battles. Hazel 527 Battles, W. E. 98-353 Bauch. Christine L. . .538 Bauch. Howard J 276- 343-433 Bauer, Carl 344-422 Bauer. Lester E. 459 Bauer. Samuel L. 29-400 Bauer. Theodore I. ..315- 459 Bauer. William C 281 Bausehard. Elinor T. 29- 654 Bausehard, Marion W 518-554-559 Bawman. Ethel 564 Baxter, R. B 230 Bay, Josephine 29-563 Bayle. Violet W 553 Beach, Caroline 557 Beach. Mrs. E. R, ..523 Beach, J. Hazelton . .422 Beach, Ludlow F 98- 330 Beach. Rollin S 450 Beadle. Maryida S. ..162 Beal. Elmer 396 Beal. Mrs. Elmer 542 Beal. Fred J 438 Beal. Junius E.. .396-410 Beal. Margaret 30- 513-515-524-542 Beam. Warren A. 30-351 Beaman. Townsend S. 399 Bean. Azel E. 378- 384-445 Bean. John W 350- 351-376 Beandry. Arthur E...S42 Beard. Elizabeth 540 Beard. M. Gould ..98-330 Beardsley. C. H 352- 354-43S Beattie. Lillas R... 30-550 Beatty. Roy A. . .379-444 Beaumont, Helen 511 Beavis. James O. 321-450 Bebonl. G. M 420 Beck. Donald E. 427 Beck, Elsie 162- 530-557 Beck, G. Russell 457- ..- Beck. Herman F. 317 Beck. Hildegarde. ...160- 162-530-557 Sii hundred torty-nint Beck, Raymond A. . .407 Becker. Curtis D 467 Becker. Louis 123- 125-315 Becker, R. 470 Becker, Ruth P.. .553-562 Beckham, Grace. .539-559 Beckman, Lillian A. 30- 380 Beckwith, Clarence G. 30 Beebe, Hugh M 401 Beebe, Lucille 558 Beecher, L. Monroe ..413 Beedon, Colburn W... 98 Beeman, Helen 544 Beers, D. L 126- 413-455 Beery, Joseph 401 BeGale, Ari M. ..139-140 Begg, George 391 Begoie, Endora 554 Behm, Herbert 334 Behrhorst, Amelia . .542 Behrinen, Jack S 436 Behringer, Louis W. 416 Behringer, Robert H. 450 Behrman, Sidney W. 418 Behse, J. Bresiin 423 Behymer, Charles E. 415 Beierlein, Karl M. ..124- 126-315-321-413-457 Belcher, Helen ..518-551 Belknap, Ralph L. ..322- 426 Bell, Agnes 553 Bell. DeWitt B.. .466-320 Bell, Francis A... 172-424 Bell, Harley J. ..185-307 Bell. Kenneth T 450 Bell, Dr. Margaret. .315- 486-511-540-541 Bellamy, Lucille S... 30- 491-513-519-528 Bellamy, Patricia 551 Belote, George F 459 Belote, George H 315 Belser. Karl J... 121-326 Belser, Walter 380 Belt, Julian G 458 Belt, W. A 423-470 Bender, Arthur M...121- 523 Bender, Charlotte D. 30- 517 Bender, Mrs. Nellie.. 543 Bendey, Joseph A. . . 158- 159-240-336 Benedick, Winifred. .513- 551 Benham, Gertrude ..518- 559 Benham, Norman R. 288- 434 Benjamin, Mildred S. 162 Benner, Robert W...126- 454 Bennett, Catherine . .5o9 Bennett, Doris 522 Bennett, F. H 446 Bennett, John M 396- 445 Bennetts, Leslie S. . .28u- 282 Benson, Jerry S 30- 212-215-337-445-523 Benson, John 417 Benson, Rowena A. ..162- 515-557 Bergman, Theodore I. 30- 429 Berk, 1 470 Berkey, Weddell J. ..398 Berman, Irving . .281-430 Berman, Myers 468 Berman, Robert 468 Bernard, Helen A. ... 30- 548 Bernard, James H. ..396 Bernard, John P 399 Berne-Allen, Gladys 334- 564 Bernstein, 1 469 Bernstein, M. Jesse 335- 443 Bernstein, Seymour ..431 Bernthal, Otto G 121 Bernthal, Theodore G. 30- 452 Berry, Carl M 330 Berry, Mrs. C. S 5.39 Berry, L. C 470-544 Bertz, Marjorie ..522-565 Berz, Margaret 496 Besancon, J. H... 126-455 Besaucer, Grace W. ..335 Beshgetoor, Grace M. 541 Beshgetoor, Karekin G 152 Bessenger. Doris 162-551 Bessie, Adolphe J 152 Best, Helen M. ..335-549 Best, Luster F 458 Beta Phi Delta 425 Beta Theta Pi 396 Betron, Cecil R... 163-335 Betsy Barbour 559 Bettens, W. G. ..325-462 Bettison, William L. 426 Belts, Frederick G. ..30- 402 Betzner, Christine M. 548 Beuhler, Herman R...464 Beuhoff, Homer E. ..415 Beukema, Jack P. ..152- 304-458 Beurmann, Briggs 31-31 9 Beuthien, William J. 424 Beutier, Norda 1 562 Beyers, Gladys 163-522-557 Beyster, Frances .... 31 Beyvil, James W 442 Bicknell, Mary 559 Bicknell, Norma 280- 508-514-531-588 Bigelow, Charles ....433 Bigelow, S. L 320- 411-449-466 Bigelow, Mrs. S. L. 528- 532 Bigge, A. E 376 Bigge, George 324 Biningslea, M. Boyd 390 Bind, M 470 Bingham, Harry E...367 BirKs, Howard M 412 Bishop, Edith 31-543 Bishop, H. Mortimer 420 Bishop. Timothy 344 Bishop, William C...367- 428-588 Bissell, Stewart M. .. 31 Bittel, Harold W 439 Bixby, Harold G 445 Bixby, Louise 539 Biack, Archibald M. 397 Biack, George B 285 Biack, George M 391 Biack, Graeme M 401 Black, Kenneth C. . . 120- 121-326 Blackmer, Marjorie M 31- 335-522-557 Black Quill 521 Biackstem, Benjamin D 415 Blackwood, Elizabeth 543 B.ackwood, J. Helen 538 Biagdon, Charlotte ..31- 374-472-508-524- 629-560-050 Blahnik, Helen ..519-527 Biair, Norman H. 329-426 B.air, Waiter E 453 Biake, Edward S 336 Biake, Howard C 400 Biakeslee, Willis 406 Blanc, Ninette E. ..335- 344-5 ' 21 Blanchard, Arthur H. 400 Bianchard, F. N 321 Blanshard, Brand.... 324 B.aser, Earl 378-415 Biaszczyk, Jerome H. 348 Blauner, Leonard. .31-421 Biaydon, Christopher E 99-300-415 Blazier, L. Edward. .330 Biicke, F. F. 320 Biieden, Alvin D 398 Blight, Herbert E. ..152- 450 Blink, Milton 357-430 Bliss, Fred R 31 Bliss, Horace 31 Bliss, Theodore 124- 391-449 Blocher, Oro G 99 Block, Berneta 382- 532-541 Bloise, Francis 1 126 Bloom, Frank 417 Bloom, Howard A. ..285- 437 Blotcky, F 433 Blott, Jack L 193- 212-214-217 Blumenthal, Leonard M 436 Blumenthal, Morris D 287-319-414 Blymyer, Frank 390 B. M. p. C. Section.. 265 Board in Control, Stu- dent Publications ..275 Bobrink, John H. 281-404 Bochman, E. Ballard 435 Boddy, Leonard 464 Boehm, Dorothy ....564 Boehm, Elizabeth T...31- 547 Boehringer, A 378 Boer, Louise C 81 Bogan, Dorothy 494 Bolam. William M. ..424 Bolin, Thelma 527 Bolt, Helen 172-385 Bolt, M. R 470 Bolton, George M. ..289 Bolton, Smith 395 Bolton, William M. 210- 238-404 Bommer, Heybold P. 31 Bond, H. C 367-470 Bond. Wiliam J... 99-424 Bonham, William L. 457 Bonine, Margaret ....32- 551 Bonine, Sarah 511 Bonisteel, Roscoe O. 412 Bonnel, S. S 353 Bonner, Francis ....538 Bonner, Sue G 538 Bookstein, A 126-469 Boomgaard, William E 99 Boone, Bert R 452 Boorman, Helen ....32- 335-364-513-535-551 Booth, Katharine B. 279- 343-537 Booth, Mrs. W. J 540 Boothby, Donald D...403 Boothby, Palmer C...277 Booze, Esther 522 Borah, William E 372 Borders, Tee K. ..32-441 Borg, Alvin A 445 Borg, Carl 32-342 Borgman, Hartger J. 99 Bori, Lucrezia 528 Boring, M. Francis ..550 Borucki, Stanley J...140- 348 Bosserdet, G. E 99- 314-320 Bostleman, Rudolph 281- 426 Boston, Mrs. Orlin ..543 Boswell, Carl M 413 Botsford, Anna E. . . 32 Bostford, Elizabeth W 32-510 Bottum, J. H 470 Bouchard, H 298 Boughton, Elma E. ..510 Boughton, Helen F. ..335 Bourke, F. Avery 392 Bourland, Hasseltine 540-558 Bourne, Malcom G...126- 408-454 Bourne, N. Warren 299- 459 Bourauin, Mrs. J. F. 545 Boutell, Frank W. ..287 Bowbeer, Newell N.. .351 Bowbeer, Norma .... 492 Bowden, William L... 32 Bowen, George H 210 Bower, Warren E 422 Bowers, A. Talbert. .402- 449 Bowers, Clinton ....402 Bowers, Dorothy ....557 Bowers, Harold R. ..158- 159-320-451 Bowers, James M. ..126- 402-449 Bowers, Madeline ....558 Bowers, Robert H. ..396 Bowersox, Norman C 276-367-370-428 Bowman, Arthur L. 363- 431 Bowman, Edward L. 400 Bowman, Mary H. ..538 Bowman, Ray 99 Bowman, Theodore C. 172 Boyce, Benjamin ....325- 351-352-354 Boyce, John P. ..140-465 Boyce, Mrs. John P.. .523 Boyce, Mildred 163- 344-522 Boyd, Bernice 32-545 Boyd, E. David . . 32-415 Boyd, Jean 528 Boyd, Marshall E. ..409 Boyd, Stewart E 32- 415 Boyd, Thelma 163- 522-557 Boyer, James F 411 Boyle, J. B 456-470 Boynton, Louise ....536 Brace, C. Lamar ....390 Brace, William H. ..454 Bracher, Walter E. . . 99 Bradbury, H 558 Bradfield, Herbert H. 32- 322 Bradfield, Mrs. John 540 Bradford, Frederick A 394 Bradley, F. W 353 Bradley, Joseph H. ..33- 287 Brady, John P 126 Brady, Joseph V 376- 442 Brady, Marie 1 546 Brady, Preston C. ..178- 435 Bragg. Edward M...289- 300 Bragg, Mrs. Edward 541 Bramble, David M. . .33- 270-276-277-295- 318-402-461 Branch, Marian 557 Branch, Mable M 182 Brand, Benjamin ....469 Brande, Barnett. .151-152 Brandt, Carl G... 324-462 Brandt, Hazel G 187 Brandt, Margaret M. 562 Brashear, Lois 279- 379-554 Brashear, Mary 33- 554-557 Braund, Richard K. ..33- 402 Brazil, Lillian ..344-521 Breakey, James F. ..449 Breakey, Mrs. James 536 Breakey, Robert S. ..449 Breckenridge, B. R...409 Bredvold, Mrs. Louis 543 Breed, Mrs. Christine M 538 Breitenbach, Judith 280- 339-559 Brekke, Viola G 335- 632-549 Bremenkampf, Her- man 438 Brennon, James ....340 Bresson, Jules G 446 Bretz, Marjorie J. ..157 Brewer, Catherine ..543- 557 Bricker, L. Monroe ..323 Brickman, R 523 Bridge, Everette W...163 Bridges, Robert 256 Bridgman, Merrelle ..334 Bridgman, Pauline ..521- 542-558 Brier, J. C 320 Brierton, Bennie E. . . 99 Briggs, Chaunce L. . . 33- 376-420 Briggs, Clayton B. ..230- 426 Briggs, Mrs. C. P. ..535 Briggs, Jeanne 33- 474-520-524-543 Briggs, Louise. .. .496-540 Briggs, Margaret B. 548 Briggs, Robert P 33- 184-310-338 Briggs, V 470 Bright, H. Lyman 33- 351-357-363-408 Brikman, Maurice E. 468 Brikman, Robert ....140 Brimacombe, Forest C 408 Brisbin, Merton 378 Britton, Frederica .... 522 Brogan, Harold C...189- 415-446 Bromberg, Paul D. ..33- 42!) Bromley, John P 26- 33-295-304-357-362-4 1 3 Bromley, Joseph E. . . 83 Bromley, Walter T. ..464 Bromme. William 363-40S Bronk, Detley 397 Bronk, Mrs. Detley.. 535- 539 Bronson, Lillian . .363-513 Brooker, James K...139- 140-191-194-220-228-269- 294-297-332-398-456 Brooks, Glenn R. 152-4KO Brooks, Margaret ....537 Brooks, Nancy 540 Brooks, Percy F 336 Brow, Raymond A. . .442 Browe, Walter A. ..140- 433-463 Brown, Anne ....558-560 Brown. A. Webster ..415 Brown, Mrs. C 547 Brown, Clarence G. ..407 Brown, C ' ark H. 177-302 Brown, Elizabeth J...SS- 381 Brown, Elmo P 420 Brown, Everett S. ..339 Brown, Mi ' s. Everett 536 Brown, F. Preston ..445 Brown, Frederick M. 34 Brown, G. G 395-466 Brown, Half red C. ..406 Brown, Helen ....34-474- 508-512-524-531-539-542 Brown, Irmet W 126 Brown, James 459 Brown, John G 4ir, Brown, Julia R 552 Brown, Lewis M 99 Brown, Maryellen ..163- 283-542-5r 7 Brown, Mary E 493 Brown, Maurice E. . . 99 Brown, Meyer M 140 Brown, Monroe M. . . - ' Brown, Orie I) 426 Brown. Patricia 34- 608-561 Brown, Phyllis ..522-527 Brown, Robert 446 Brown Robert E 1 On Brown, Robert J. . . 198- 200-301-310-409 Brown, Rolland J 449 Brown, R. K 41. r .-4. r ,o Brown, Sanger J. ... Brown, Thomas M. 463 100 .395 Brown, William C. Brown, Mrs. William C 537 Brown, William E. ..412 Brown, William F. ..34- 322 Brownbridge, Ernest 351-357-416 Brownbridge, E. Winfleld 34 Browne, Ruth 558 Brownell, C. Wayne.. 416 Browning, Alfred 363 Brumbaugh, Jesse K 140-163-352-376 Brumbaugh, Russell. .34 1 Brumbaugh, W. D. ..376- 398 Brumm, J. R 412-461 Brumm, Mrs. J. R. ..547 Brush, Maurice H. ..285- 416 Brushart, Marshall B 152-458 Bruske, Paul 305- 867-862-195 Bryden, Edward C. ..445 Buchanon, Charles D. 34 Buchler, Milton ..100-330 Buck, Anna L 381 Buck, Bailey R 391 Buck, Eugene K. 309-413 Buck, Marian E 34- 335-550 Buck, Stratton 434 Buck, T. Averill . . . .400 Buckingham, L. Far- num 394 Buckley, Paul 304- 390-448 Bucklin, Louis J. 462-470 Buckwell, Earl F 444 Buckwalter, Lawrence E 446 Budday, Anna. .. .157-564 Budrick, Anthony. .. .348 Budwitsky, D 469 Buehl, Genevieve. . . .335- 513-544-559 Buehler, John 400 Buehrer, C. C 450 Buehrer, Donald C. ..450 Buell. Lawrence 403 Buell, Marion 326 Buell, Mrs. M. B 547 Buenting, Mary Jo ...111 Buffington, Margaret L 548 Bugbee, George P 281 Bugher, John C... 321-454 Bugni, P. B 210 Buhrer, Catherine 527-559 Buick, Robert D 435 Bulkley, Mrs. Harry , C 557 Bulkley, John M 448 Bull, L. Perkins 141- 394-448 Bulman, L. Stuart ..:;: ()- 420 Bulmer, J. K 351-464 Bulter, W. F 353-354 Bumke, Edward C. ..330 Bunker, Robert E. ..448 Bunting, R. W. ..410-450 Burba, Josenh W 458 Burchell, Richard G 141-291-456 Burck, Mildred 334 Burd, Catherine. .511-522 Burd, William 422 Six hundred fifty Burgess, George D...336- 446-451 Burhams, Ernest C. 126- 452 Burhams. Robert A. 353- 354-452 Burk, Florence 621 Campbell, Elizabeth E 493-528-544 Campbell Fred 463 Campbell, G. Alex- ander 432-450 Campbell, George W...35- 410 Burk H F 376 Burke, George T 39(1 Burke, M. T 385 Campbell, Oscar J...362- 392 Campbell, Mrs. O. J...528 Campbell, Robert A...325- 342-352-354- 408-410-467 Campbell, Roderick A.416 Campbell, Ross S 462 Campbell, Willard N...453 Canby, Lucille F..375-556 Canby, Pauline E 556 Burke, Virginia. .363-543 Burket. R. Evans 121 Burket, Mrs. Rhees ..538 Burkhardt, Annette ..551 Burkhardt, Lawrence D ,.,.425 Burmeister, Norma ..344 Burnett, Charles A. . . 31 Hum hum, John N. ..397 Burnham, Ronald G. . .419 Burns, Elizabeth T.34,550 Burnside, Howard B...34- 342 Burnstein, S. Brooks.. 436 Burridge, Selwyn P.. .458 Burris, Gordon J . . 408 Canfield, Mrs. A. G. ..543 Canfield, R. Bishop. .315- 454 Canfield, Mrs. R. B...528- 541 Cannon, George N....458 Cannon, Helen. . ..532-541 Cannon J H 409 Burrows E G 461 Burrows, Marian J...549 Burrows, Roswe ' l. 391 Cannon, Leo A. ...97-100- 331-357-442 Cannon, Raymond M..451 Cantral, Edna 640 Bursley, Joseph A.275-304 Bursley, Mrs. Joseph A 528-538 Bursley, Philip C 394 Burtell, Mrs. Law- Caplan, Ben 430 Capp, Charles S... 127-455 Burtless, A 547 Caraway, James E. . . 127- 315 Cardwell, Eugene F...288- 302-307-310-329-411 Carey George F 457 Burton, Marion L. 8-9- 264-410-470 Burton, Mrs. M. L....540 Burton Paul L 188- 307-396 Burtt, Charlotte... 519-528 Bury Harriet 538 Carl, Bruce E 433-458 Carland Mike . . 376 Carleton, Lloyd C 141- 434 Carlisle, Louise H 335 Carlson, C. 321 Busch, Frank W 423 Bushaw, Norene 522 Butler, Ben M 402 Carlson, Ellen R. 172 Butler C E 141-470 Carlson Eskil C 317 Butler. Hackley 403 Carison, Frank E 100 Carlson Jean 528 Butler Leslie . .280-417 Butler, Louisa 521-559 Butler, L. B 376 Carmichael, A. McKean 35-420 Carmichael, Glenn A. .407 Carnegie, Gladys L. ...546 Carney, H. W 376 Carney, Robert J 320- Butler Marjorie 34- 530-547 Butler, Roy E 452 Butler, Wilbur F... 34-416 Butler, W. H 387 451-466 Carney, Mrs. R. J 543 Carpenter, George S...426 Carpenter, William T.323- 426 Carpio, Victorio D 141- 344 Butt, Clara 528 Buttolph. Florence E..538 Button, Edward G 466 Button, John H 35-416 Butts Elsie B 556 Butts, William H 391 Butzbach, Orville K...416 Buvs. Mildred 163-557 Bybee J T 210-337 Carr, Lowell J 407 Byers, Anita M 35-528 Byers, C. F 35-321 Carrakin, Jean E.374-511- 522-553 Carroll, Charles P. . .433 Carroll, John C 397 Byrd Lloyd B 441 Byrn, Marshall L 317 C Cabot, Dean Hugh. ..299- 315 Cabot. Mrs. Hugh.539-541 Cadwell, Marian E....172 Cadwell, Mrs. Nellie B. 379 Cady. Smith H.... 280-413 Cahow Paul D 400 Carson, Ruth M...335-375- 522-526-547 Carter Arthur R ....426 Carter Edgar 443 Carter George W 35 Carter Mabel 522 Carter Mary 540 Cartier, W. CIaire.152-453 Casady, Thomas E..35-400 Case, Ermine C... 321-322 340-401 Case, F. Bradley. .35-184- 338-439 Case, L. 320-466 Cain Elizabeth 490 Cain, John M 433 Cake, S. Catherine 565 Caldwell, David B 464 Calhoun, Ethel T..127-541 Calhoun Lloyd N 416 Case Mary A 527-559 Calkins H Neill 127 Caspar!, Frances 528 Callaghan, Maurice S.442 Callahan, Luzanne H..382 Callahan, Roy H. .244-301- 366-367-382-411 Callendar Alice 535- Cassidy, Harold S 120- 121-341-415 Castle, Edward B 398 Castro, Celestine R...100 Catholic Students ' Club 385 639-559 Calvert, Margaret ..515- 622 Cameron, Glenn A 454 Cameron, Isabel M 35- 530-538-557 Catron, Lloyd F 404 Catsman, Samuel M...436 Cavanaugh, H. Thomas . . 270-304-306- 332-362-404-448 Cave Chester 406 Cameron, William A..393 Cameron W R. 470 Caverly, Harcourt L...416 Cedargreen, Howard O 404 Camp, Carl D 315 Camp, Louise M 35 Campbell, Alice A 558 Campbell, Dorothy L..172 Campbell, Edward D..320- 466 Campbell, Mrs. Edward D... ...537 Cedar Rapids High School 249 Celini, Benjamin 344 Center C E 353 Chadwick. Ruth 528 Chadwick, Ward L...342- 353-354-459 Chalmers. Hugh 392 Chalmers, Lucille.. 530-554 Chamberlin, Elliott M.396 ( hamber of Commerce 338 Chambers, Edward.. .232- 234-235 Chambers, Gordon M.384- 433 Champagne. J. L 523 Champe, Carlton J 391 Champe. Dorothy..527-540 Champe. Elizabeth M.538 Champlin. Joseph .... 401 Chan, W. G 345 Chandan, Vallath C...347 Chandler John P... 36-470 Chang, C. F 36-345 Chang, Florence 345 Chang, H. C 346 Chang, Kenneth N 345 Chang, Min S 345 Chang, Vera 345-558 Chang, Y. E 345 Chang, Y. M 345 Chao, E. C 344-345 Chapin, Beatrice. ..36-567 Chapin. Helen M.. .36-553 Chapin, Myron B 416 Chapin, Roy D 304 Chapman, Donald H...381 Chapman, Edward 396 Chapman, George 390 Chapman, Reginald B.451 Chapman, Howard R..381 Chapman, Seely M 403 Chappell, Howard 426 Chappie, Charles C 449 Chappie, Richard R...394 Charles, Gwendolen. . . 334 Charter, Clarence L...435 Charter, H. W 376 Chase, Charles M..399-405 Chase, Martha 36-279- 282-539 Chase, Vernon E. .317-523 Chase. William L 420 Chatlin, H 469 Chauner, H. H 470 Chavenelle, Marjorie SIS- SIS Chen, Graham M.. 344-345 Chen, Horatio 346 Chen. Ming, Yi P...36-345 Chen, Morgan 345 Chen, Saut 345 Chen. Susan K 345 Cheney, Alberta E 172 Cheney, Winifred L....36- 536 Cheng, Pao C 345 Cheng, Ruth K 345 Cheng, Seward S. K...345 Chenicek, Frank J 470 Cherry, Royal F...232-234- 235-406 Cheung, Chenk S... 36-345 Chew. Robert Y... 344-345 Chichester, Ira 391 Chi ' d, Eunice 665 Childs, George M 127 Chinese Students ' Club 345 Chin, T. Y 345 Chinn, Chester W.127-441 Chi Omega 545 Chi Phi 423 Chi Psi 390 Chisholm, Kathleen. .513- 544 Chittendon, Warren H.415 Chong, Florence 560 Choy, Albert G 345 Christman, H. G 341 Christensen, Aileen D. 532-541 Christensen, Edna C...36- 335-550 Christian, Albert F...100- 314 Christian, Palmer 408 Christian, Mrs. Palmer 539 Christian, Vance A. ..441 Christie, C. W 283-422 Christman, A. A 320- 321-466 Christman, Carl W 451 Christman, John R. ..152- 453 Chronowski, Alvis J...36- 335-338-348 Chu, H 345 Church, Bernice 163 Church, Mrs. C. N 544 Churchill, Cyrus.. 141-291- 297-462 Chyron 432 Cissel, James H 296- 298-420 Clancy, James F... 127-465 Claney. Alexander B..400 Clapp, -Rnth.r..7. :7rT64 Clardy, Kit F.....UMM- 1 324-371-465-470 ' ffjarg. Carl 8iO Clark, Mrs. Albert L..S.TO Clark, Catherine..279-320- 334-335-557 Clark, Chester A 444 C!ark, Charles J 432 Clark, Claude L 100 Clark. Edward S...398-448 Clark, Francis J... 127-457 Clark, Grace 522 Clark, Henry B 4i 4 Clark, Harry C.... 419-462 Clark, Mrs. Harry 642 Clark, Howard D 36 Clark, Mrs. H. D 523 Clark, Harris G.... 10-378- 403 Clark, Henry F. 281 Clark, Harvey L 413 Clark, Ivan S 88 Clark, Josephine A... 335- 526-535-550 Clark, John E..37-387-393 Clark J. Thurman 403 Clark, Margaret 493 Clark, Robert R... 299-444 Clark, Sybil B 549 Clark. W. A. 100 Clark, William B 463 Clark, Webb R. 141 Clark, Miss Zelma E...557 Clarke, Constance 375- 614-626-550 Clarke, Charles W....320- 413-466 Clarke, Kathryn..363-479- 513-514-515-526-539 Clarke, Margaret A... 562 Clarke, Norma E.375-487- 493-526-650 Clarkson, Richard G..320- 466 Clarkson, Sally.. ..532-542 Clarkson, William ...396 Claussen, Julia 528 Clavette, Cyril D 100 Claxton, Wilbert L...444 Cleary, Elwyn 153-458 Cleary John F ....453 Clernett, Arthur 390 Clement, Clarence M.100- 330 Clemens, Margaret. ..334- 522 Clements, Glenn T 127- 351 Clemo, Rae A 37 Clench, W. J 321 Clephane. Douglas W. 37- 318-367-470 Cleverdon, Vernon W.435 Clifford, James C 412 Cline, Dorothy 1.375-522- 626-550 Clinton, W. H 335 Clipper. Oliver P 416 Coale, John W.... 302-434 Coates, Claude 435 Coates, John S 400 Coats, Hal B.. .96-100-451 Cobb, William J 453 Coburn, Helen 622 Cochlin, Delmas. . .520-544 Cochlin, Lucy A... 37-544 Cochran. Harold C...220- 226-298 Cochrane, Edgar G...127- 381 Codel, Martin B... 37-418- 461 Codse. Francis M 315 Cody. Elizabeth 551 Coffin, Robert H 465 Coffin, William G 404 Coffman, H. C 344-378 Coffman, Ithmer 375- 513-556 Cogshall, Annetta S...37- 344-657 Cogshall, Charles D...433 Cogshall, Mrs. Charles D 539 Cohen. Dan A 431 Cohen, Jack R 431 Cohn, Kichard B 431 Cohodas, Ethel R...37-334- 396-557 Colby, Walter F 408 Coldwater, Leonard. ..220 Cole. Charles J.... 324-325- 416-460 Cole, Durward D 410 Cole, H. N 320 Cole, James S 401 Cole, Kathryn (48 Cole, Mrs. M 665 Cole, Margaret G. .5 18-560 Cole, Ralph M 414 Cole, Robert S... . 189-336- 451 Cole, Russell D 400 Coleman, Leo W 101 Coleman, Richard H..336- 446 Collegiate Sorosii 538 Coller, Frederick A. ..299- 315-321-454 Collins, Eugene F. 899 Collins, Florence L....662 Collins, Forest E 323 Collins, Grace 545 Collins, Ray E 433 Collins, Walter W 450 Collison, James J...26-37- 405 Colman, Jack K 395 Colman, William T. ..302- 306-309-395 Colter, Martha C..312-537 Comb. Ray L 353-408 Comedy Club 363 Compton, Mrs. Jose- phine 553 Compton, Justin S 37- 232-233-332-401 Comstock, John P.. ..376- 406 Comstock, William W.417 Conat, John M 163 Conder, Robert W...397- 470 Condit, David H. .299-315 321-457 Condit, Mrs. D. H 539 Condon, Lydia. .. .538-544 Cone, George R 37-435 Coney, Donald 284 Congo, John S 289 Conklin, Georgianna . . 37- 334-522 Conley, Harry T 163 Conlin, Edward F 385 Conlin, John W...281-319- 413 Conlon, Thomas 413 Conn, Albertus B... 37-441 Conn, Bemsley W 466 Conn, Robert A 408 Connable, Alfred B 38- 269-294-306- 318-332-392 - Connelly, James H. ...450 Connor, Addison D...446 Conrad, Lucille 530 Consroe, J. C 281-367 Conway, G. F. 101 Cook, Albert F. 38-425 Cook, Albert R 352 Cook, Florence 523 Cook, Harold T 395 Cook, John 363 Cook, Josephine 559 Cook, Wendell J 412 Cook, W. W 277 Cooke, Francis M. 163-317 Cooley, Charles H 392 Cooley, Mrs. C. H 543 Cooley, Mary 538 Cooley, Mortimer E...294- 296-300-393-410 Cooley, Mrs. Mortimer E 537 Coolidge, C. Austin. .. .393 Coon, Ruth E 522 Cooney, James E 121 Cooney, Mary L. 546 Cooper, Donald M 435 Cooper, Florence W...553 Cooper, Herbert W....38- 425 Cooper, Loretta F 374- 516-526-558 Cooper, Lucia V 510 Cooper, Robert J.299-409- 449 Cooper, Robert U 124- 127-315-457 Cooper, William H...101- 314 Coote, Hildred K. 38 Cope, Anna 518 Corey, Hibbert D 422 Corey, Maude M.. 164-334- 513-515-525 Cork, Mrs. James M...539 Corley, E. H. 455 Corneliuson, Goldie.-179- 632-541 Cornell, Homer K 378 Cornell, E. Lucille. . . .522- 535-554 Cornell, R. F. 470 Cornwell, Elmer L 391 Cornwell, Frank 1 395 Cornwell. John R 440 Six hundred fifty-one Corson, Laura B... 38-556 Cory, Charles H 402 Cory, Earl W 376 Coryell, Ralph L 101 Coryell, Warren G...101- 411 Cosmopolitan Club 344 Cossitt, Elizabeth T...522- 551 Cossitt, James L... 38-406 Coulter, Clinton H 404 Coulton, Dorothy B. ..38- 557 Coursey, Dwight 282 Courtad, Mildred M...172 Courtis, F. W 400 Coventry, William D..198- 398 Covert, Mrs. A. C 547 Coville, Helen 335 Cowden, Mable 548 Cowden, Roy W 419 Cowden, Mrs. Roy W..550 Cowell, Wayne G..210-412 Cowie, David M.. .299-315 449 Cowie, Mrs. David M..541 Cowin, John W 38-351 Cox, Augusta 548 Cox, Gladys 520 Cox, John J 402 Coxson, A. William... 455 Coy, Marion 553 Crabbe, Thomas 396 Crabtree, Elmo G 469 Crabtree, Winston C...459 Craft, Laura E... 513-544- 559 Craftsmen 342 Craig, J. C 337 Craig, Robert 337-340 Craigie, Winifred. .. .490 Crain, Hartwell G....141- 462 Craine, Helen E 39 Cramer, Margaret W.374- 490-511-553 Crampton, Freeman.. .406 Cranage, Thomas W...185 Crane, Richard H.. 38-241- 417 Crane, Robert T 391 Crawford, Charles D...38- 295-323-412 Crawford, Eva J... 38-344- 522 Crawford, Helen G...335- 562 Crawford, Karl R 367- 404 Crawford, William.. ..417 Crebs, William W 458 Creel, George 372 Crego, Clarence H 459 Cress, Earl H 412 Cress, Mrs. Earl 542 Crighton, Stanley C..280- 407 Crimi, Clifford E...512-398 Crissman, Mrs. J. R...523 Cristy, Mary H 538 Crittenden, Lila V....548 Crocker, Alice 543 Crocker, Fandira.. 540-559 Crocker, Lionel G.37 8-420 Croll, Leo J 127-468 Croll, Mary M 510 Cromwell, Charlotte A 38-556 Cromwell, Stanley E...394 Cron, Frederick W...289- 323-426 Cronin, Elizabeth. .511-554 Cronin, Mary V... 39-375- 513-515-530-554 Crook, Eleanor E..39-613- 557 Crosby, E. MacLay 458 Crosby, M. S 243 Crosby, William 461 Crosby, Willard B....280- 281-391 Cross, Arthur L. . . 295-398 Cross, Florence L.343-522 Cross, Mary 522 Cross, Robert N... 323-432 Grossman, Charles W.419 Grossman, Virginia L.551 Crotty, Mabel 557 Crouch, Allin B... 276-277- 301-402 Crouse, Alma W... 39-537 Grouse, J. Robert 423 Croushore, James E...415- 455 Crow, George W 428 Crowder, Bernice.. 39-335- 557 Crowe, Helen E 648 Crowe, John R 412 Crowell, Emily 835-537 Crowell, Howard E.26-39- 366-376-410 Cruz, Momerto 101 Cudllp, William B...397- 448 Cuhel, A. B 429 Culler, Arthur M 457 Culver, Fred C 409 Cuming, William C...412 Cummings, Charles B..39- 335 Cummings, Edmund S 390 Cummings, Howard H 299-457 Cummings, Janet. .511-543 Cummings, Jack P 416 Cummisky, Edmund. ..460 Curl, Lester C 467 Cm-ran, William D...151- 153 Currie, Dorothy L.491-559 Curtis, Arthur C.. 124-128- 299-315-321-459 Curtis, Glenn D...141-139- 291-314-415-470 Curtis, Howard J 445 Curtis, Heber R 401 Curtis, Roger W 445 Curtis, Roy G 352 Curtis, S. D 317 Curtiss, Ralph H 400 Curwood, Carlotta 544 Gushing, Elhvood L...238 Gushing, Thomas F..391- 449 Cusick, William P. ...158- 159-336-451 Cuthbert, F. A 396 Cutting, Mary A 553 Cutting, Richard D 400 Czaja, Zenon G 348 Czapski, Frank J 348 Dahlberg, Le Roy O...39- 444 Dahlberg, Paul R 10 Dahlberg, Walfred A. 39- 324-367-368 Dahlgreen, William L.445 Dahn, Frederick Z....410 Dp.hnke, Harold Ches- ter. ' . 101-330 Dailies, Ford K 450 Dakin, Richard Y.302-392 Daley, Thomas E 416 Dalke, Paul D 39-337- 382-432 Dalton, John T 401 Dalton, Thomas W 401 Danby, Leslie L 433 Danenberg, David.128-469 Daniel, Marion A. 520-554 Daniels, Frederick I... 351 Daniels, Louis E 454 Dankers, Madelyn. . . .569 Dankers, Marion 521 Dannecker, Luther 446 Dannin, Maurice L...429 Dansingburg, Hayes.. 462- 470 Danyew, Dwight P. ...446 Darling, Cyrenus G...397- 449 Darling, J. Dale. .309-419 Darnall, C. Robert 402 Dasef, John Thomas. .141- 391-314-444-470 Dater, Georgia 537 Daugherty, Charles E..281 Daugherty, Donald A. ..39 Daugherty, Wave 557 Davenport, Carroll C..454 Davenport, Kenneth M 390-454 Davenport, Mary E 172 Davidson, Helen 563 Davidson, Howard L..285- 418 Davidson, Lester C 418 Davidson, Lillion. .39-535- 552 Davidson, Marian A. .518- 560 Davidson, Ruth 562 Davidson, T. Halsey. ..40- 268-276-277-284- 294-318-422 Davies, Elizabeth..527-537 Davies, Robert P.396-456- 470 Davies, Valentine L...280- 363 Davis, Alena 564 Davis. B. M 321 Davis, Charles M...40-321 Davis, Mrs. Calvin O.543- 544-560 Davis, David B 462 Davis, Donald E...158-451 Davis, D. H 399 Davis, Dorothy M 164- 384-487-489-511 Davis, E. W 351-376 Davis, Francis W.. 319-413 Davis, George H 128 Davis, George W 280 Davis, Herschel B 139- 141-297-470 Davis, Kathleen M....335 Davis, Laura 546 Davis, Raymond W...339 Davis, Russell W... 198-435 Davis, Sarita 554 Davis. Theodore S.153-450 Davis, W. W 470 Davy, Ruth 644 Day, Edmund E... 338-403 Day, James W... 287-357- 402 Day, William R. .302-335- 404 Dayton, Grace L 164 Deacon, Margaret E..312- ' 546 Deake, Elizabeth 3f 3 Deane, J. 3raytcm.305- ' 93 Deane, Edward M 391 Deans, Frank E... 283-405 Deason, H. J ?63 De Bait. Fred 40 DeBoer, Guy W 457 DeBolt, Ware 518 Decker, Horaco N 446 Decker, Walter E 419 DeCour, William H...336- 451 Deemer, Ruth 512-539 DeGraff, Daniel C. . . 101- 298 DeGraff. Mrs. D. C. . . 523 DeGraffenried, Gar- land 142 Deibel, Jack C 413 Deister, Emil E... 302-330- 332-394 Deister, Irwin F . .40-294- 30S-332-TO4 DeJong, Merritt 114 DeJonge, Selma E..40-560 Delaney, James H 124- 128-321-459 DeLano, William 395 Dell, Gillard 451 DeLoof , Richard 458 Delta Alpha Epsilon..427 Delta Chi 404 .Delta Delta Delta 534- 547 Delta Gamma 534-537 Delta Kappa Epsilon...392 Delta Phi 434 Delta Sigma Delta 450 Delta Sigma Phi 422 Delta Sigma Pi 467 Delta Sigma Rho 324 Delta Tau Delta 400 Delta Tau Upsilon 428 Delta Theta Phi 462 Delta Upsilon 398 Delta Zeta 554 Demmink, Gerrit.324-371- 470 Dempster, W. T 321 Denman, Dean C.. 426-459 Densmore, Gail E.. . .317- 324-366 Densmore, Nellie A. ..40- 621 Dental Society 333 Denton, John S 390 Dentz, Frank R... 281-427 DePuy, James 281-403 Desenberg, Harold B.139- 142-291-418 deSilva, Francis C 433 Dethmers, J. R 420 Detwyler, Helen M 40 Detwyler, John M 101 Detzer, Newton N 420 DeVaux, Arthur 339 DeView, Orville 212 DeVine, Earl H 445 DeVine, Frank 442 DeVoe, Robert 280-395 DeVries, F. Corrow...409 DeVries, John K 449 Dew, Gwendolyn 282 DeWeese, R. Hall.. 40-398 Dewey, Douglas R. ...142- 405-456 Dewey, Jane.. .40-279-475- 535-545 Dewey. R. Sidney.. 198-209 DeWitt, Chester A....128- 325-454 DeWitt, Vesta G...40-520- 550 Dexter, Philip 40 Dey, M. Clifton 422 Diack, Archibald W...658 Diack, Mrs. Archibald W 539 Dibble. Dorothy 542 Dice, L. R 321 Dick, Dorothy F 335 Dick, Erne J 41 Dick, Irving B 444 Dickey, John R 339 Dickinson, Edwin D...291 Dickinson, Mrs. Edwin 535-549 Dickinson, H. Randel..392 Dickinson, Joseph E..424- 456 Dickinson. Selden 304 Dickman, Franklin J..395 Didama, Henry D 163 Diehl, Kora D 408 Diehl. William S 428 Diekhoff, J. S..286-376-420 Diener, William L...276- 277-301-305-390-461 Dieterle, Robert R. . . .408- 454 Dietrich, Paul A 401 Dietz, Norman E 101 Dietz, Philip H 422 Dillman, George C 41- 194-212-268- 294-332-407 Dillon, Irene M 558 Dimock, Ralph H 453 Dimond, Stanley E....415 Dinwiddie, John E 393 Dively, Harriet. ..491-542- 559 Dixon, Donald M... 41-409 Dixon, Margaret C. ...41- 475-508-509-510- 524-535-537 Dixon, Margery. .510-522- 564-557 Dixon, William C....324- 366-367-368-426 Dobbs, A. Harry.. 101-436 Dobson, Russell T 407 Docksey, Albert E 432 Dodd, Robert E 409 Dodge, Dora M 41-557 Dodge, Russel A 445 Dodo, Sadaicki 331-346 Doelman, John P. .357-391 Dohany, Evelyn M...164- 511-546 Dolenga, Cecelia. . 348-561 Domboorajian, Lucy. .344 Domhoff, Victor E...198- 209-401 Donahoe, Richard V....442 Donahue, Eileen 546 Donahue, Thomas J...142- 341-376-378-385-442 Donaldson, Bruce 362 Donaldson, Harriet487-490 Donaldson, J. Glenn. .198- 199-301-402 Donaldson, Samuel W. 299-454 Donaldson, Mrs. Samuel 540 Donaldson, William W. 187-402 Donley. Robert N 41 Donmoyer, William J 409 Donnelly, Mrs. A. J...544 Donner. Henry F 101 D ' Ooge, Mrs. Martin L 639 Doran, Joseph E 41 Dornbos, Leo J 102 Dorrance, Jeanette... .547 Doster, Etruria 511 Doten, Roger D... 41-421- 460 Doty, Edwin J 454 Doty, John E 439 Doubleday, Donald B. 281-411 Doubleday, Douglas F.411 Dougall. Charles R 400 Dougall, Thomas J 466 Dougherty, Charles. .339- 385 Dougherty, Robert 407 Doughty, Mary R... 41-544 Douglas, Claire M..41-335- 549-563 Douglas, George.. .210-230- 382-412 Douglas, Mrs. Henry. .536- 658 Douglas. Herbert V...412 Douglas, Wesley 413 Douglass, Robert R. .403 Dow, Alden B 403 Dow. Earl W 396 Dow, Mrs. Earle. .535-538 Dow, Ethel J 164-522 Dow, Jean 538 Dow, Lafayette F 390 Dow, Margaret G 542 Downie, Elizabeth ... .518 Downing, Homer W...41- 424 Doyle, Fred M 459 Doyle, Richard F 176- 220-223-232-234- 301-332-422 Doyne. Victor A 407 Draewell. Lillian 557 Drake, Donald 396 Drake, Elizabeth M....41- 520-538 Drake, Joseph H.. 297-398- 448 Drake, Margaret 522 Drake, Rollin 396 Drebin, Sydney R... 42-430 Drechler, Earl A 394 Dresbach, C. James.. 362- 363-413-448 Driscoll, Charles C...102- 314 Druary, W. R 464 Druids 295 Drummond, Alvin C.. 42 Drummond, Marion K. 42-562 Drybread, Mrs. C. H...539 Drybread, Marthena. .539 Dryer, Raymond B. ..128- 455 DuBois, Paul W... 128-454 DuBrie, Marion 545 Ducharme, C. B... 191-446 Dudley, Mrs. A 528 Dudley, Harold W....357- 433 Duff, Henry L 433 Duffleld, Frederick H..392 Duffield, Marcus B. .26-42- 392 Duffy. James E 191 Dunakin, Fred D 393 Duncan, J. A 470 Duncan, Russel E 357- 419 Duncan, W. George.. 153- 323-333,464 Duncanson, Donald C..462 Dunham. Donald B...41:; Dunlap, Anna L...522-548 Dunlap, Homer E 426 Dunn, Donald D.. 376-426 Dunn, Fayett S 42 Dunn, John F 407 Dunn, James J... 324-366- 370-376-385-439 Dunn, Walter T... 142-462 Dunne, Eugene L..42-269- 281-294-306-318- 319-332-362-397 Dunning, John M 177- 307-413-422 Dunphy, Herbert G. ..123- 128-299-449 Dunwell, Wilma A 42- 335-557 Durand, George F 302 Durant, Winston J.... 42 Durfee, Edgar N...297-448 Durfee, Mrs. Edgar... 538 Durney. D. P 455 Dutton, Marion L... 42-543 Dutton, Marguerite V. 375-382-522-531-557 Dwyer, John E 142 Dykstra, Gerald O...367- 380 Dzwonchyk, John H..159 Eades, Charles C 128- 413-455 Eagleson, Stewart 406 Earhart, Mrs. H. B...522 Earhart, Richard.302-332- 396 Earl, Virginia E 335 Earle, George N 408 Eason, Agnes D 164 Eastlick, Kenneth A. ..450 Eastcott, Gladys.. 375-511- 558 Eastlake, Reginald. . .346- 517 Easlick, M. V 523 Easton, Florence 528 Eastwood, Francis A. ..42 Eaton, Fred N 424 Eaton, Genevieve.. 551-560 Eaton, Margarite 547 Eberbach. Carl W.. .315- 399-449 Ebner, Emil E., Jr... 102 Ecker, Elmo 404 Six hundred fifty-two Eckert. Charlotte L...42- 335-515-547 Eckles. Floyd G... 102-523 Eckman. R. V.. ..462-470 Eckstein. H. C 466 Eddy. Edwin C 412 Ederle. Dain H 426 Suzanne. .42- 522-557 Amy Harriett UM41 Edmunds. Charles W 315-401-449-451 Edmunds. Edwin C.. ..433 Edwards. Frank M....416 Edwards. Helen . .491-521- 559 Edwards. Thomas L..198- - Edwards. William D...406 John R.295-S97- 448 Mrs. John... 537 r. Margaret K.335- 363-508-513-526-529-537 Eggert. Dorothy C...120- 121-326-525-557 Ehlers. J. H 321 Ehlers. Ralph B. .351-380 Ehrke. George E. 465 Ehrlich. Harold N....431 Eibler. Mrs. Irwin 536 Eich. Louis M 324-432 Eich. Mrs. L. 529 Eichhorn. Eunice 558 Eidly. William J 399 Eiges. Herbert M 430 Einstein. Paul L...43-350- 414-461 Eirich. Margaret.335-513- -:-.-- Lloyd 341-404 Louis J...128- M Samuel H . 469 Eklnnd. Wilbur 426 Elconin. David V f29- 469 Elder, Livingston 463 Eldon. Euphemia. 43 Eldred. Esther F 43 Elkin. Joseph 430 Elledge, George.. ..383-428 Elledge. Ruth S.... 43-383 Ellidge. Mrs. G. R....S23 Elliott, James S.. .153-440 Elliott. John 363- 378-379-420 Elliott. Margaret A.. .43- 335-558 Elliott. Paul 28 Elliott. Richard G....276- 357-402 Elliott. Schuyler..300-335- 438 Ellis. Joseph C... 357-433 Ellis. Ralph T 43 Ellis, Stuart 337 Ellis. Wade B 415-459 Ellison. Clay D... 102-330 Elmer. Arthur..43-321-337 Ebter. Robert S 437 Ely, Ada 374-491-559 Ely. Frances L. 549 Ely. Nathaniel 97- 1 ._-_ - -:.: ' Eman. Verner H 458 Emblidge W. R...142-376- 470 Emerson. Herbert W..321- 409-410-449-451 Emerson, Mrs. H. W..545 Emerson, Mrs. Sterling 538 Emery. Charles B 406 Emery, Dorothy M 43- 545 Emm-ins. M. Jeannette 511-550 Emswiler. J. E 289 Enders, Linford H 439 Enders. R. K 321 Endres. Charles P. ...-276 Engelbach. Albert G..452 Engrpas. Carl E.. 138-142- 291-314-376-409 Engineering Honor Committee 307 Engineering Society . .329 English. Cortez A 153- 440 Enriquez. Jose A. 344 Enrique . Mrs. Jose A. 344 Ensel. Lee W 285-339- 414 Ensminger, Mrs. Alice 546 Eplett. Albert D... 102-130 Eppens, Hester 383 Erickson. E. L. 298 Erlanson. C. 321 Erley. Elsie 511 Echleman. Fred K 439 Emflmjii. Donna 528- 545 Esteves. Rena 334 Etheridge. William B. 2- 25-26-43-266-276- 294-318-332-400 Evans, George H 43 Evans, Roland P... 43-353 Evans. Ruth M 43-522 Evans, Valdora R 173 Evely. Arthur 402 Everett. Franklin L...1G2- 314-325-330-352-432 Everett. Mrs. J. J 539 Everett, Marjorie A.. 522- 553 Everett. Walker G...284- 301-401 Ewell. Adelle 508-558 Ewen. Loren D 424 Ewing, Arline J 279- 517-551 Ewing. Geneva... 280-282- 334-540 Excel!, Sylvia 334 Fairmar. Mrs. J. A... 545 Falk, Myron .......... 421 Farlow. William G..129- 442 Farqnhar. George A... 411 Farr. George ......... 451 Farrell. Stephen J...192- 220-221-244 Fasquelle. Rowan.367-400 Fast. Olive ..... 44-522-553 Fast, Ralph B ........ 454 Fauch. Alice .......... 515 Faulkner. Herbert E. .10 Fausi, Mrs. William H. 538 Fauster. John ........ 449 Fayfield. Eliwood C....44- 276-277-335-363 Fead. Maxwell E ..... 423- 456 Feature Section ...... 251 Feeley, Frederick J...243- 407 Fehlig. K. M ..... 337-341- 422 Feich. Richard E. ---- 424 Feinberg. Marcus A... 431 Feinberg. Murray ---- 418 Feinaeth, Louis L. ____ 142 Feinsinger, Jacob J. . .421 Feinsinger. Nathan P.421 Felio, Clarissa .... 551-557 Fell. Dorothy J.. ..44-334 Fellows, Alice ........ 558 Fellows. John R. ..... 457 Felske. Alice ...... 511 -563 Felver. H. C ......... 352 Fenkell. Margaret ____ 554 Tenner. Stewart ...... 401 Fenstennacher, W. A. 44- 455 Fenton. Albert W ..... 43 Fenton. Florence A. . . 553 Fenton. Ruth ........ 518 Ferenz. Henry ........ 302 Ferguson. A. L.... 320-466 Ferguson, Katherine 538-558 Ferguson, Olive ....... 522 Ferguson. William.. ..459 Fernamberg. William J .............. 280-426 Ferner. Mary J ..... 44-547 Ferris. George F. .460-470 Ferry. Eleanor A... 44-54 2 Fessenden. Charles H.S30- 409 Ferterlv. Eunice ...... Fewtrell. He] 31 ____ 522 Field. Irene ........ 335- Fielsira. G-rritt E...S78- 379 Fierer. Ruth ...... " r Flero. Rollin P ....... 444 Findlay. Grac : ...... 17S Undley. Helen T ..... 546 Fines. Charles H ..... 336 Fingerie. Earle E.....417 Fink, Irving E. ...... 429 Fink. W. L. .......... 320 Fmkelman. Max ...... 446 Flnley. Elizabeth ---- 540 Finley. George L. ---- 44- at Finn. Joseph 281- 301-306-319-385-406 Finsterwald, Mrs. Herman 552 Finsterwald. Myra. . 1-7- 489-490-511-552 Fischer, Alfred 435 Fishbeck. Clifford E...102 Fisher. A. Alvin 129- 468 Fisher, Mrs. Alfred.. 536 Fisher. J. Mortimer. .410 Fisher. Robert E. 102- - .71 Fisher. Ray L. 192- 212-213-295-390 Fisher. Mrs. Ray L...S39 Fisber. R .R. Sol- Fiske. George F 393 Fiske, Thomas E 26- 44-275-295-31 8-332-387- 391-461 Fitch, Hannah 508-542 Fitch. Jeanette 536 Fitch, Katherine 44- 280-531-557 Fitch. Margaret 536 Fitzgerald. Madeline. .522 Fltzjribbons, Thomas J 446 Fitzpatrick. Keane . . 294 Fitzpatrick, Thomas H 210-407 Flager. Charles W. ..289 Flayer, David 335 Fleig, Arnold T 431 Fleischaker. William.. 414 Fleischauer. H. W. . . 403- 470 Fleming. H. L. ..353-426 Fleming:, Roy J 463 Fleming. Thomas W. 441 Fletcher Hall 446 Flopler. Charles W...408 Flora. William R...198- 206-413 Florer. Frances 542 Florer. Herbert W...400 Florer, Warren W. ..400 FV rer, Mrs. William 542 Flory. C. R 353 Flowerday. Gertrude.. 528 Flowers. Edgar M. ..44 Flowers, H. Ross .... 357- 409 Floyd. Mary C 44- ----- Flynn. Southard T...449 Fogle. Jean 536 Foley, Ai ' een K 562 Foley. Albert J 44- 407-448 Foley, Norman K 455 Folev. Thadoeus T. ..446 Foleer. Pr. H. T 34 Folsom. Everett W. ..383 Forieano. John V 129 Forbes. Jessie 536 Ford. Gladys 557 Ford, Richard 180- 366-367-470 Ford, Sylvester 398 Ford. Walter B 398 Fnrensics ..368-369-371 Forestry Club 337 Forester. John A 423 Forsythe. Josephine . . 522- 548 Forsythe. Louis 406 Forsythe. W. E 298- 320 Fortune. Carl H 321- 426-454 Fosdirk. Hurry E. ..373 Foseet. Wilbur WTiitnev 129 Foss, H. R 353 Fossenkemper. Marius E 45 Foster. Bernice 38 ?- 522 Foster. Florence ....511- M7 Foster, Gertrude 518 Foster James C 462 Foster. Joe C 401 Foster. L. S 470 Foster, Linnus J 457 Foster. Mrs. L. J 546 Foster. Mason B 391 Foster, William P 14 ' - 408 Fonsrht, Leland W. ..451 Foulks. W. David. .343-432 Fowler. Aurel.491-- Fowler Kenneth 457 Fowle. Lee C 453 Fox. David a l-4 9 5-466 Fox. Edward.. 97 -306-307- 411 Fox. Louis A. 414 Fox, Marguerite 645 Fox. Muriel.. 160-1 64-334- 528-530-557 Fox, Robert M. 45- u 33 Fox. Stanley E. -,27 Fox. Virginia 543 Fralick. Ethel 558 Fralick, F. Bruce 457 Francis. Katheryn H..521- 560 Frank. Carl M- 404 Frank . Margaret 553 Frankel. Daniel W...335 Franklin, Leo I.. 362-378- 414-470 Fraternities Section .. 387 Frayer, W. A..45-191-362- 387-423-439 Frayer. Mrs. William..547 Frederick. Donald B..319- 376-465 Freeborn. Harold F...339- 467 Freedman, J 469 Freedman, Louis M. . . 468 Freehling, Norman. .. 281- 414 Freeman, Ellis B 102 Freeman, Fred M.288-316- 331-411 Freeman. Lawrence S.102 Freeman, Marian S. ..528 Freeman, Ralph M...465- 470 Freimuth. William A..465 Freitag, Andrew C...336- 338 Fremstad. Olive 528 French, Elizabeth 522- 558 French. Kirke 103 Frend, Henry J 421 Frenger, Rosalie L 45 Freshman Frolic. 312 Freshman Girls ' Glee Cfafc 518 Freshman Spread Committee 484 Freshman Track. .230 Fresbwaters, Paul W. 444 Freyberg, Richard H. 223- 301-309-398 Friedrich, Esther 530 Friedrich, Gertrude. .519- 527 Friedman, Ben. . .198-204- 437 Friedman, Burton J . . 443 Friedman, George 129 Friedman, L 469 Friedman, Jerome 367 Friedman, Leah S....164- 555 Frieling, Gerald H....426 Fries, Mrs. C. C 547 Freitag, Andrew C 183 Frocht, Maurice 129 Froemke, Harlan 1 98- 397 Front, A. L. 326 Frost, Paul K 397 Frost, Robert 403 Fry, Grace 550 Frye, Carl H 129 Fuller, Florence ... 45-324- 375-522-529-558 Fuller. Fred W. 422 Fuller. Jeannette. 557 Fuller, Lyman D 446 Fuller, Marquis R....103- 331-523 Fulton, Radcliff 370 Fnrber. Helen J S38 Furlong, Harold A 454 Furman, Monroe S 480 Furnas, Clifford C 320- 420 Furniss, Louis C... 341-422 Furstenburg, Albert C. 299-315-455 Furstenburg, Mrs. A- C. 5S8 Furya, Harold N 418 Gabel, Norman 396 Gabd, Walter P 45 Gabler, Cornelius L. T. 398 Gaige. Fred M 321-340 Gaines, Donald H 422 Gale, George J 470 Galon 299 Galley. John E. 286 Galli-Curci. Amelita. .528 Gallogber, Frank J...460- 470 Galloway, Calvin B 446 Galloway, John 465 Gallup, Blanch 28 Galsterer, Edwin C 4S9 Galsterer. Rosina B... 45 Galvin. John J... 450-451 Gamma Eta Gamma.. 460 Ganma Phi Beta 536 Gamma Sigma 439 Gampher. Edward C...422 Gandy, Joseph E 278- 301-332-406 Garber. Martin D 406 Gardner, Lenore 545 Gardner. Mathew M....392 Gargoyle 284 Garlinghou e, John G. 26- 45-273-280-294-318- 332-411-461 Garnett. William G...411 Gartner, Joseph W... .45- 280-385 Garvey, John L... 417-459 Garvey, Paul...315-417-459 Gaskins. Willard B...142- 422 Gasper, M. Wilson 452 Gassman, Ruth 45 Gates, Benton E. 416 Gates, Daniel C 445 Gavey, Andrew J 45 Gawne, Samuel E 38-404 Gaylord, Louise 528 Geddes. Margaret 278- 363-513-529-545 Geddes, Maxine 545 Gee. Edwin M. 423 Gee. Merle 527 Geeting. Walter D 103 Gehring, Waldo 45-413 Geiresbach. Carlton C.444 Geissler. Elmer 409 Genebach, George J.. .446 Geniesse, J. C 320-466 Geniesse, Mrs. J. C...523 Genske. Albert W 46 Georg, Conrad 457 Gerberding. Flora 621 Gerberding. Helen.. ..490- 521-561 Gerhardt, William F. .396 Gero, Paul E 435 Gerow, Katherine 312- E40 Gershenson, C. H 470 Gesell, Robert 321 Getty, Graham E. 46 Getz. Albert 332 Geyer, Eldon C 164 Giang, Ai Mei 345-559 Gibbs, Vernon L 230- 463 Gibson, Arthur J.159-183- S36 Gibson. C. Jane. ..46-475- 512-513-524-525-659 Gibson. Edward T. 46 Gibson, Luis .. 338-376-439 Gibson, Paul 416 Gibson, Russell M 46 Gibson, W. A..341-425-470 Gifford. E. C 353 Gilbert, Charles B.....393 Gilbert, Donald W 46 Gilbert, Stanley S....281- 443 Gilbreth. Anne ..538-557 Gilding, Helena A 164 Giles, Ada 381-558 Giles, William B.. .46-212- 216-295-412-470 Gill, Frances 542 Gill, Martha.. 491-554-559 Gillespie, Helen 656 Gillette, Mrs. Edward 535-551 Gillette. William A 450 Gillies. Carl 422-459 Gillingham. Albert... .400 Gillingham, R. . .212-470 Gilmore, G. Oester 425 Gilmore, Norman 284 Gilpin, James R... 103-420 Gilson, Roof G 395 Gingrich. Arnold.. .46-417 Gingerich, Mrs. Solo- mon 650 Ginn, Douglas R 404 Ginsberg, Paul.. .143-414- 429 Girls ' Glee Club 516 Gitker. Pierce H. 414 Givens, G. C 141 Gladden, Doris 639 Glasgow, Horace. .324-426 Glasgow. Lyman J 46- 324-426 Glass, Dorothy K. 544 Six hundred fifty-three yjSBH Glass, Robert L 315- 321-459 Glaza, Felix S 103-348 Glazer, Walter S... 46-468 -Gleasner, George W... 46 Gleason, A. L 129-353- 354-457 Gleason, Paul J... 103-425 Gleason, R. C.. 320-335-398 Gleason, S. W 325 Gowens, W. D 470 Grab, Robert M 396 Graff, Henry F.... 129-457 Graf ton, Homer 378 Graham, Alvin C 409 Graham, Charles W...387- 395 Graham, William F. .278- 397 Graichen, Ralph R. ..103- 310-330-523 Gram, Lewis M 298- 399-419 Cranage, Thomas ...390 Grandy, Ann 279-538 Graneggen, Alden E..103 Granger, Joseph S. . . 420- 446 Grant Joseph D 47 Grover, Jeanne H 538 Groves, Henry G... 298-309 Groves, Benjamin. .. .403 Grube, Charles W...198- 201-309-405 Gruber, O. Lester 436 Grundy, Harry B. . . 13- 143-297-434-470 Guenther, Ed. J 458 Guernsey, Martha ..528- 545 Guest, Edwin 48 Guettel, Edward H...431 Guild S. R 321 Hamburg, Lawrence 452 Hamil! Alta 518 Hamill, Charles C...427- 448 Hamilton, Donald E. 104- 451 Hamilton, Howard ..230 Hamilton, I sal elle. . . .557 568-559 Hamilton. Lucile ....558 Hamilton, Thelma 527 Hamilton W K 352 Glee Club . 350 Gleiss, Winifred M.... 46 Gleim C 470 Glew, Horace H 164 Glines, Doris 557 Glover, Clifford C..336-451 Glover, Mrs. C. C 544 Glover, Frederick S...276- 311-390 Glover. Mrs. G. W 528 Glover, John H 390 Goddard, Edwin C....448- 470 Goodard, Mrs. E. C...545- 560 Goddard, Edwin N...322- 445 Goddard, Miriam.. .47-557 Godfrey, Ernest 439 Hamlin, Florence E...550 Hamm, Frank C 130- 455 Hammill, H. Bernard 286-415 Hammock, Jess E. ..143 Hammond, George ..393 Hampton, Urvan W. 411 Hanable, Margaret . .511 Hancock, Helen ..49-557 Handcloser, Robert C 407 Guillet, Marquita 522 Guiot, Germaine 489- 400-511 Gunderson, Oscar M. 44fi Gundlach, Henriette 564 Gunn, Catherine M...165 Gunn John P . ..104 Granville, Robert 410 Gratton, Nelle 551 Graves, Arthur O 220- 221 Graves, Eben M.. 103-305- 362-393 Graves, Elizabeth C. 48-557 Graves Henry G 343 Gunn Mrs. J. P 523 Gunn, John W. ..48-423 Gurdjian, Elisha S....315 Gustine Helen L . 48- 375-522-558 Gustus J A 186-470 Handley. John M. 337-416 Hane, Otto 402 Graves, Jo A 420 Gutekunst, Eugene H 280-290-442 Hanford, Harry T. ..104- 415 Hanford, James H. ..395 Hanks. Kenneth R. ..415 Godfrey, Warren S....445 Goebel, Hubert G 302- 309-417 Goellner, Fred J 103- Graves Orin N 458 Guthe, Mrs. Karl 537 Gutov, Isadore ..129-436 Guttman, Max ..285-430 Gwatkin Idella 557 Gray, Evelyn 334-563 Gray John R 441 Hann, H W. 321 288-296-310-314-323 Goetz, Dr. Angus 299- 423-449 Goetz, Alex C... 47-247-398 Goetz, Helen Florence. 47 Gohrinsr. Russel A. ..356- 357 Goldberg, George E...430 Goldberg Gusta 555 Gray, Louis G 104-344 Gray, Paul 446 Gray R 250 H Haass. Erwin H... 48-470 Hanna, Theodore B...397 Hanna, Wave 1 334- 335-548 Hanselman, Margaret E 49-517-551 Hansen Alfred E 331 Gray, W 250 Grayhill, George P. ..129- 457 Green, DeWitt C.. 104-310- 439 Green, F 210 Hacker, Edward W...317 Hacker, George F...182- 309-378-426 Hackfit-ld, Arnold William 48-424 Hansen, Donald C...278- 420 Hansen, Harvey C. ..454 Hansen, Hjlmar S...376- 438 Ha " son, E. D 376 Goldberg, Herbert B...421 Goldberg, Irwin S 430 Goldberg S 414-470 Golden, E. Lawrence 47-435 Golden, Lewis Alex- ander 47-429 Green, Florence 538 Hackmuth, K. H 320 Green, Frederick L. . .330 Green, George H 432 Hadley, Philip . . . 321-398 Hadley, Mrs. Philip.. 532 Hadley. Thomas E. ..121 Haehnle, Phyllis. .513-540 Hagadon, Edwina . . . .513 Harbaugh, Watson D 230-357-413 Harder, Clare E 467 Harder Daisy H 173 Green Harry 438 Green, Margaret. .518-561 Green Milton D 420 Goldhamer, S. Milton. 418 Goldman, Bernard L..436 Goldman, Julian N. ...446 Goldman, Sidney H. ..437 Goldsmith, Joseph D..437 Goldstein Jack E 446 Green, Thornton A 390 Green, William M 394 Greene, Albert E 398 Harder, John R 400 Hardgrove, G 455 Harding. Alfred J. ..373 Harding, Arthur L...470 Harding, Lillian A... 549 Hardwick, Sady 540 Hardy Elsie 165- Greene, Norma 375-564 Greene, Walter.... 422 Ha-rerman, Clyde L...48- 357-435 Hag ' jarty, George S. ..48- l ' .)l-194-212-231-232-270- 294-332-392 Greenebaum, Milton L. 421 Greenman, Max F....48- 321-425 Greenshields, Jean. ...312- 518-551 Greenshields, Mary... .651 Greenspace, Edward B. 443 Greenwald, Gertrude. .558 Greenwood, Mrs. M. ..540 Greeg, Albert F 457 Gregory, Bruce R 198- 209-243 Gregory, Richard 404 Greilick, Magnolia R. 48- 553 Greiner, Waldo K 96- Goldstein, Louis. ...47-429 Goldwater, Leonard J. A. B 449 521-522-560 Hardy Herbert T 440 Goldwater, Walter. . . .383- 408 Golkette ' s 309 Hague Robert F 130 Hardy, Margaret R... 49 Hare, Weldon P 438 Harelik, Ely W... 130-469 Harger Beulah B 550 Haidle, Allison W. . .153- 333-400-424 Hainh, Andrew C. ..394 Haight, Harry H 423- 459 Haight, J. Bradley.. 402 Haight, Lauren C. . .283 Haines, Donald H...362- 461 Haines, Irene M. ..49-292 Haines Roland N 424 Gomberg, Ephriam R..370 Gomberg M . . 320 Harkrider, R. H 470 Harlan, John F 435 Gooch, Dorothy. ..343-646 Good, A. J 320 Good, Clinton H 47 Toid, Marion 374-558 Goodall, Harriet I.. 47-520- 535-548 Goodall, Ralph 367-439 Goodell, Stanley E....439 Goodenow, Marjorie J. 47 Gooses, trences 521 Goodhew, Roy C... 143-470 Goodman, Andrew. .. .414 Goodman, Genevieve L. 374-515-557 Goodman, Marguerite. 363-513-526-529 Goodrich, Francis T..406 Goodrich, Herbert F. 297- 413-456-470 Goodrich, Mrs. Herbert 539 Goodrich, M. E 455 Harley, Joseph S 415 Harlocker, F. L 470 Harnan, Florence. .. .554 Harnish, L. C 470 Harper, Frederick R. 324- 454 Harper, Willabelle ..520- 549 Harr Ralph V 49 Haisley. Mrs. Otto W 539 104-316-417 Grent, Joseph A 435 Hale, Harold L 49- 319-362-378-423 Hale, Leona 522 Grettenberger, Edith S. 164 Grettenberger, Louis H. 143 Grever, Earl C... 276-277- 406 Grey, Imogene L 165 Harriman, Elizabeth H 538 Halgren, Harry N. ..412 Halgrim, Ronald T. ..26- 49-318-362-415-461 Hall. Alfred G. 10- Harriman, Fredericka A 538 Harrington, Doris.... 536 Harrington, G. Hay- mond 332-399 151-153 Hall Mrs A 547 Griel, Terry T 414 Hall Arthur S 104 Harrington, M. H 376 Griess, James G 399 Hall E Walter 455 Harrington, Richard H ... 104 Griest, Richard S 390 Grieve Harold D 336 Hall, George C 449 Hall, Genevieve E...521- 650-558 Hall, Grace G 49- Harris, Clarke E. 287-425 Harris, Emanuel J...367- 446 Harris, LeRoy A 165 Goodrich, Russel C.. ..407 Goodrow, Raymond.. ..367 Goodwillie, Emma L..549 Goodyear, J. J 396 Griffin, Marion E....48- 220-344-556-557 Griffith, Florence O. ..538 Griffith Orren K 463 335-539 Hall. Harry L. ..462-470 Harris, Virginia ....563 Harris, Wendell O...465 Harris. Will L. . . . 401 Goodyear, Mrs. J. J..528 Gordon, Jack C 429 Griffiths, Catherine. ..399- 544 Grigg, Roscelia 522 Gordon, Marjorie C..47- 334-522-553 Core. Leland R 103- Hall, Leonard C 280 Hall, Lawrence H. . .427 Hall, L. P 450 Hall, Marvin F 39!) Hall, Pauline L... 49-548 Hall. Richard D 338 Hall, Robert L. ..... 406 Harrison, Charlotte. .375- 513-558 Harrison, Eileen M. .. 49 Harrison, Hubert ....153 Grim, R 249 Grimm Carl W 397 298-446 OorenflD, Oscar C. 183-3F6 Gorning, Raymond P. 47 Gorsline, Frances .. .540 Goss. William M 410 Grindley, Catherine. .539 Grinnell, Harry M 210- 312-413 Grinnell, Henry S 187- 413 Grismore, Grover C..297- 314-456-470 Groff, Burton A 159- 309-451 Groff Ellen 560 Harrison, Theodore. .350- 408 Harrison, Mrs T 528 Harrison, W. Grace.. 409- 449 Harrold, T. Glen 408 Harsh, Nancy 60- 378-383 Hart, Frederick P...104- 420 Hart, Jack 341 Hart Raymond 230 Hall, Robert T. li 423 Hall, Warren H 464 Hall, William R 338 Haller, Charlotte ....543 Ha sey, Robert O 26- 49-325-352-354-405 Halstcad, Benjamin V 460-470 Goudy, Alice M. ..375-556 Gough, Marian E 556 Gould, George J... 143-470 Gould, Lawrence M.. .322- 426 Gould, R. J 351 Groff, Lucile 547 GouJdthorpe, Hubert W. 432 Gow, John L 242-296- 396 Gowans, William D. ..465 Gowen, Earl F IOC. Groff. Walter C... 310-323 Gronblad, Martha C. . . 48 Grosbeck, Alex J 446 Groshko, John I 302 Halsted, John M 242- 285-397 Halsted. Robert T. ..397 Hamakor, William E. 408 Hamar, John N 422 Hart, Russell E 413 Hart Salem A 417 Gross, Benjamin M....414 Grove. Clarence L....lfi. t i Hart. V.Tiinn 1 457 Hart, William D 50- 467 Hartinger, Mary E...50- 539 Hartle, Rachel. ... 334-554 Hartle, Wilbert G...104- 444 Hartloff, Maryland E. 282 Hartman, Gregory B. 445 Hartman, William B 466-470 Hartson, E C 470 Hartwell, Arthur 466-417 Hartwick, Edward N. 26- EO-295-332-3H6 Hartwig, Norman .... 422 Hartz, F. M 455 Hartzell, liernard H. 418- 446 Harvey, Ellura 50- 339-375-382-512-522-625- 530-557 Hascall, Elizabeth R 105-540 Hasel, A. H 337 Haskell, Mary 1.6-520 Haskin, Susie M 522 Haskins, John C..341-415 Haskins, Linwood. . . .401 Hassberger, John B. 124- 130-299-362-363-455 Hastings, Elizabeth ..547 Hastings, Robert E...425- 451 Haswcll, J. M 470 Hatashits, Elmer ....346 Hatch, Emory B 400 Hatch, Hazen J 400 Hatcher. Ann M 157 Hathaway, William S 4a Hattendorf, W. Homer. .219-220-222-22:1 Hauf, Harold D 464 Hauxhurst, E:i7,abeth 544 Haven, Kenneth T. ..467 Haverty, John M 470 Hawkins, Harry ....117- 198-208-302-40.-,- 110 Hawkins, Helen ....513- 518-542-559 Hawkins, Margaret. .513- 542-559 Hawkinson. Roy E. ..4KX Hawks, Verl J 104 Hawley, Harry 398 Hawley, Mrs. Harry.. 538 Hawxhurst, Merritt M 398 Hay, John A 143- 297-402-460 Hayden, Howard A.. 104- 330 Hayden, Joseph R...406 Hayden, Mrs. Joseph 542 Havden, Perry M....50- 273-275-294-318-319-37K- 420 Hayden. Susan ..521-557 Haydon, Frank P 105 Hayes, Cordelia 530 Hayes, Elizabeth 50- 513-551 Hayes, Franklin L. ..193- 232-409 Hayes, Wi ' liam A 399 Hayes, Wesley G 153 Hayman, J. L 320- 336-466 Hayner, Irene 530 Haynie, Harry R 400 Hays, J. Griffith 399 Hays, Mrs J. Griffith 538 Hays, Luvern ....532-551 Hays, Margaret. .. .50-543 Hays, Russell R 143- 292-460 Hazel, Austin A 340 Hazel, James K 130- 321-457 Healey, Charles R 340 Healy, Bruce J... 394-448 Heaphy, M. J 50-376 Heard, George W 5(1 Heard, James T 15!) Hoarding, William S 105-314-417 Heath, Forest A 278- 357-396 Heath, Homer L 362 Heath, Mrs Homer L : 539 Heath, Milton W 410 Heath, Sadybeth. . 165-540 Heath, William H.. .177- 198-249-434 Hebauf, Helen. . . .375-559 Hecker, Mingnon ....622 Hecko, John E 181 Hrdrii-k, Jack P. . . .395 Six hundred fifty-Jour Hedrick, W. Don 409- 449 Heering, Josephine E 173-625 Heidenreich, Walter W 181 Heidloff, Ralph C 433 Heigho, William S. ..396 Heilbrunn, L. V 321 Heilbrunn, Mrs L. V . ' 547 Heineman, Arnold F. 432 Heinz, Charles H 409 Hellerman, W. L 210 Hellworth, Arlen R. 105- 314 Helm, Marjorie 50- 334-553 Hempel, Freida 528 Henckel, Margaret C 510-545 Henderson, Fred C...409 Henderson, Laurens L. 143-297-396-456 Henderson Olive G. 165- 374-557 Henderson. Ora M...123- 130-539-541 Henderson, Robert B 280-335-357-363- 379 Hendler, Florence G 555 Hendrick 249-250 Hendrickson, Anna M. 50 Hendrickson, Mary F 542 Hendrickson, Mildred 334,335 Henne, Lucille 521 Hennisrar. Earl R 412 Henning. Donald Z...401 Henoch, Doris ....51-557 Henoch, Dorothy 51 Henry, Bernice 51-522 Heiry, Gera d M 51 Henry, Loris L 130- 343-452 Henry, Leland T. . . 130- 299-449 Henry, Thomas P 280 Hensley. Helen 51-522 Henwood, George H. . . 51 Hepburn, Franklin D. 51- 400 Herald. James T 442 Herbert, William S. 105- 298-31 4 Herd, Warden L 407 Herdman, Mrs. E. K. 545 HernrtaTe 419 Herold, G. A 376 Herrick. A. Vaughn.. 51- 295-332-394 Herrick, Meriam C...398 Herrman, Dr. George R 299-: ' ,!. -,-!.-,; Herrmann, Josephine A. K 562 Herrnstein, Martha M 538 Herrnstein, William H 198-204-302-402 Herrold, Edgar 1 3?5- 351-352 Herron. Ralph M 446 Hershman, E. Glen.. 434 Hertler, Florence . . . .334 Hertz, Hesper. .. .334-555 Hertz. Saul 51 Hertzman, Alrick B. 457 Herzig, A. J 320 Herzog. John L 289 Hess. S. J 143-250 Hester, George 230 Heston, George W. ..412 Heston, William J. ..446 Hewitt, Dorothea A. ..173 Hewitt, Irene A 173 Hevman. Edward M..431 Heyser, William 392 Hibarper. Beth ..518-536 Hibbard. John D 191 Hibshman, Edward E 443 Hicks, Clarke 422 Hicks, Grant T 417 Hicks, Henry A 396- 456-470 Hicks. John E 450 Hicks. Julia K 51 Hicks, Robert A 457 Hicks, William C 444 Hickey, Dr. Preston M 299-315-4J9 Hickman, John W. ..323- 412 Higbie, Harry H . . . .296- 464 Hiebie, Ralph W.. . 464 Higgins, Edward J...220- 224-226-295-400 Higgins, Kenneth F. .. 51 Hightowar, Frank W 464 Higley. Alice. .51-522-657 Higley, Mrs. A. M.. .543 Higley, Charles S...276- T, 7-350-351-357-378-397 Higuchi, Toyoji 346 Higuchi. Hi T 51 Hildebrand. Waldo O. 212-422 Hildebrandt. Mrs. T. H 538 Hill, Barre 351- 357-362-363-408 Hill, Claire 413 Hill, Fred E 284- 285-396 Hill, Gus 52-362-397 Hill. Henrietta L. 52 Hill. Leroy F 154- 333-458 Hill, Peck 399 Hill Rowland M 432 Hill, Theron S 123- 130-459 Hill, Victor L 130 Hill, William C 330 Hillery, Vernon F...143- 420-456 Hillman. Marion W. -.457 Hills, Carlon R... 299-457 Hills, Mrs. C. R 544 Himes, Katherire 518 Himmelbergcr, Russel J 452 Hinchbjrgcr, Clarence C 442 Hinckley, Frances 491-559 Hincks, Sarah 536 Hindustan Club 347 Hinshaw, Anne 542 Hinshaw, Thomas 394 Hinterman, Helen.... 522 Hipke. Malcolm M. ..454 Hirschman, Julian. .. .414 Hirschman, Ruth 335- 490-558 Hirt, Paul S 323-415 Hirtenstein, Robert.. 330 Hirwas Charles L. ..449 Hiss, Christabel A. ..541 Hiss, Reinhard A... 105- 288-296-314-330 Hitchcock, Atta M 173 Hitt, Russell T 280 Hixson, Dumont F . ..442 Ho, Kai 344-345 Hoad, William C 298- 411-464 Hoad, William M 398 Hoag, William H 393 Hobart Guild 384 Hoben Edward H 432 Hobbs, Virginia... 547-560 Hobbs, Winifred 543 Hobbs, William H. . . .322 Hobson, Thelma C.. ' 52-561 Hockey 488 Hockman, Edward A.. 154 Hochrein, Helen 548 Hodgeman 241 Hodges, J. H 320-466 Hodgson, Erma B 165 Hodgson, Joseph V...415- 456 Hodgson, Margaret. .. 385 Hodgson, Patricia .. ..375- 546 Hodgson, Raymond V. 289-422 Hoek, Herman 402 Hoefelmeyer, Fred B..165 Hoff. N. S 410-450 Hoff, Mrs. N. S 544 Hoffman, Edna. ... ' .. .535 Hoffman, Hymen 436 Hoffman, Howard H.. .467 Hoffman, L. Wallace.. 52- 334-422 Hogan, Daniel L Hozle, John R 432 Hoglund, Gustav O...105- 310-330 Hoheisel, Berenice 52 Hoilien, Geneva 522 Holbrook, Evans 297- 387-391-448 Holbrook, G. R 351 Holcombe. Drayton F.410 Holden, Elizabeth 557 Holden, Mary E. 52 Holdmaker, E. D 352 Holdrup, Doris 557 Holdsworth, Moses J..130- 243-457 H,i],-n. Theda. . . . :, i Holen. Mrs. Theda S...560 Holland, F. J 470 Holland, Norton E....361- 444 Hollands, William C..410 Hoi Ms. Clayton E 446 Hollister, Kenneth L. .436 Hollister. Richard D.!.3 66 Holloway, William L..448 Holm, Donald A 323 Holmes. A. Wendell. .276- 404 Holmes, Beth P 62 Holmes, Edward ' F.. ..428 Holmes, Genevieve. . . .636 Holmes. Geraldine. . . .536 Holmes, George H 52 Holmes, George S 105 Holmes, Helen W 52 Holmes, John W.. 367-427 Holmes, Myrtle F 62 Holmes, Paul J 106 Holmes, Robert F 52 Holmes, Thelma 522 Holt. Henry T 409 Holt, Margaret 536-559 Holtz, Eugene K 52-338 Holzman, Alfred 421 Holznagle, Ruth 640 Homer, Louise 528 Homer, Robert J. 295 Honor Council 510 Hoc, Ang Kai 105-345 Hooper, Royce B 419 Hooper, William A... 337- 340 Hoose, Thelma A 63 Hooper, Mrs. D R 623 Hopkins, A. Douglas. .458 Hopkins, Kenneth M...458 Hopkins, Ora 528 Hopp, Pauline. . . .335-552- 558 Hoppin, Marjorie_ 645 Hopson, C. L 351 Horn, Mary 557 Horan, Thomas M 315 Horine Francis A 63- 513-557 Horl iene, Gene 657 Hornback, Virginia 610 Hornbeck, Regina. . . . 558 Hornberger, 1 376 Hornberger, Theodore 230-244-378-406 Hornung, Lester A. ...409 Hornung, Robert M...409 Horny, Eleanor H 62- 654 Horth, Charles 460 Horton, Warren C.. ' . ..460 Hosmer, Dean L 454 Hosmer, Miriam 511 Hosmer, Virginia S....53- 334-335 Hostetler, Mrs. H. B. 523 Hostrup, Clarence C...410 Hostrup, Jacob W 410 Hotchkiss, Golda S 165 Hotchkiss, R-bert S...454 Hotchkiss, W. T 409 Hon, John F Houck, Clarence W...336 Hough, Alice 522 Hough, Agnes M. . . 165- 344-557 Hough, Cass. S 53- 278-295-318-402 Houghton, Eunice. .. .557 House, Faxon G. .281-401 House, Howard D 408 Houseworth, Manning 280-419-461 Houland, Delia 374 Hover. John C. 456-470 Howard, Gordon R. . . 130-343 Howard, William J. 278-397-440 Howbert, Edgar C...448 Howe, Knox B 288- 302-343-407 Howe, Louise 511 Howe, Russell T....105- 330-432 Howe, Ward A... 53-351 Howes, Harrison P. 353- 467 Howell, Charles A... 393 Howell, D. Austin... 393 Howell, Martha ..53-542 Rowell, Russ 286 Howell, Robert B....450 Howell. Mrs. R. B.. .544 Howland, Delhi ...53-521 Howland, Mrs. W. A.528 Hewlett. Howard 459 Hover. Roy 362 Hoyle. Edith 630 Hoyt, Charles B 193 Hoyt, Donald F... 131-452 Hoyt, Hobart D 398 Hoyt. Herbert W 399 Hoyt, Louella A 343 Hoyt. Thora 640 Hua, Joseph 345 Hubbard, Francis I... 549 Hubbard, Katherine E. 335-536 Hubbard. Leon H....440 Hubbard, Ralph G. .299- 309-455 Hubbard W. De Hart 53-220-225-229-440 Hubbell, Roger 399 Huber. Carl P... 321-454 Huber, Gertrude 545 Huber, G. Carl ' 99- 315-449 Huber. Mrs. G. Carl 539 Huber, John F... 53-454 Huber, Lur-y 528-539 Hubert. Alderrick P. 417 Hubert, W. Sears... 331 Huck, Alexander ....54 Huck. Mark 466 Huck, Ralph F... 465-470 Huebler, Wilton 230 Huebner, Mildred L. 5 2 Huff. B. A 230 Huff, Frances 522 Hughes, Caroline 511-548 Hughes, Gwyn ..367-428 Hu- ' hos. Mirgarite ..55R Hughey, James 407 Fuhs. Margaret ...53 1 ! Hulbert, Elizabeth 53-539 Hulbert. Emily 334- 329-379-4R7-530.K79 Fulett, Henry C... 53-337 Hull. Blanche ....53-557 Hull. Charles B. 105-424 Hull. Edward 1 463 Full, John W 425 Full. Ruth 557 Hulscher, Alice E...R4- 335-559 Hul=. Stowart H. ...97- 1 05-296-307-31 4-329-332- 40R Hulswit. Charles L...314 Hult. Ofo S 54 Humbarger, Carolyn A 546 Fnmm. Krl 460 Hummer, Robert J. . . M- 3 " 6-362-S97 Humphrey, Charleo M 2R5-423 Humphrey, Raymond C. 395-424 Fumphrevs, W. R . .409 Hnmphr-vs. Mrs. W. 55 Funt, Brvan 434 Hu-t NTI C-.-Sie-e ' S Fa-t. St=l ' a 5 " 8 Funt. Walter F. 424 Hunter, Catherine F 286-K R Hunter. Charles W. 10- 29P-841-4M Hunter, George W. 3 " - Hunter, Margaret C. 16- 557 Huntington, Edwin J. 398 Hunting, Ederar H. . . . 54 Hunting, Seldon T. 54- 337- ' 45 Hurd, Dorothy B 336- 538 Hurkett, Grace J 54 Hursley, Frank M. 456- 488 Fussey, R. C.... 321-322 Fussey, Mrs. W. J..545 Hutchings, George K. 185-394 Hutchings, Harry B. 294-391-470 Hutchins, Helen E...538 Hutchison, Samuel M. 281-428 Hutzel, Raymond F. 232- 236-412 Huy, Hazel 554 Huyck, Stanhope P. .54 Hyde, Burton E 131- 304-325-457 Hyde, George W....131- 354-411-454 Hyman, Lawrence ..431 Hymans, Ella M 550 Hyman?. Olive ..M-T.r.n Ibbotson, Gordon M. 357- 419 Ide. Edwin C 428- 462-470 Ide, Sobei 346 Idle, Dunning, Jr 54 Imamura, Teiji ....346 Imerman, Carlyle P. 431 Imerman, Josephine L 166-552 Imerman, Stanley W. 131-431 Ingal ' s, Dorothy 550 Ingersoll, Orville L...54 Inghram. John T. ..143- 420-448 Ingle, Edward T. .54-351 Ingle, Rnbert V. 166-423 Indis. Mrs. James. .543 Initiations 252 Tnnes, J. M 419 Infer-ru Hockey ..490 Inter-Fra ' ernity Coun- cil Judiciary Com- mittee 387 Intramural Athletics 246-491 Iota Sigma Pi 532 Ireland, Mark L. 300-444 Irw ' n. W. J 210-444 Isbell, Egbert R 317- 376-407-445-448 Isbell, Lucille 649 Isb-ll, R-bert H 106 Isbey. Edward K. 415-459 Tsham. Elizabeth ...537 Ives, Marv 538 Izume. Seichi ..344-346 Jablonowski, Peter W. 212-215-348-446 Jacka. E. Russe ' l 445 Ja-kson. Fra-cis E..335 Ja " kson, Joseph ....334 Jackson, Leta M 173 Jacobs, C ' -ar ' otte 335-542 .Tai-ox. H. W 4K5 Ja " ox, Verne J 1 66 Jadhav, Balavantrao 347 Jaeanow 249 Jagrowski, Leon H. 106- 348 James, Mitred S 532 James, WiPiam B...391 Jamison, Ruth A. 550- 560 Janaki, EdavaWh K. 344-347-557 Janson, Se ' ma M...518 Jantz, J. B 351 Janus, Claire 334 Jaros. Fra " k J 348 Ja-rett, Fred T. . " 5-465 Jaslin, Frederick B. 121 Jav. John 55-334-367-428 Jedele, Erwin J 425 Jekel, Henry 357 Jekel, Karl A 428 Jekel, Oscar H 55- 351-428 Jenkins. George A. ..- 09 Je ks. I5 543 Jenks, Margaret L...55 Jenks, Rhea F.. .55-550 Jennings, Ruth F. 335- 558 Jennings, Rex L. . . 55- 338-342 Jennings, Thyra 522-561 Jensen, Feme 166 Jentza. Marie 528 Jerome. Paul F. 55-398 Jeserich, Paul 321- 417-58 Jewell, Ingrid 335- 383-489 Jiranek, Helen R....562 Jodai, lano 3 6-557 Johantgen, James F. 131-315-391-454 Johnesse, Adeline F. 55-542 Johns. Alex N...249-4J6 Johnson, Arthur B. 106 Johnson, Alva H....55- 338-428 Johnson, Charles A. .428 Johnson, Charles H. 438 Johnson. Donald 55- 357-4 1 ' J Six hundred fifty-five Johnson, Doris M...560 Johnson. Ellen L 335 Johnson, Esther ....55- 491-518-558-559 Johnson, Evelyn ....56- 511-558 Johnson, Frank D. ..131 Johnson, George 281- 378-420 Johnson, Mrs. Harold 302-550 Johnson, Janies B. 106- 425 Johnson, Kathryn ...563 Johnson, Lester P. 56- 131-186-341-465-470 Johnson, Lotus V.!.548 Johnson, Marion .,..518 Johnson. Norman ...56- 324-376-378-381 Johnson, Orville W. 422 Johnson, Phyllis K. 335 Johnson, Robert T. 285- 407 Johnson, Roy W. 367-432 Johnson. Stuart C...400 Johnson, Vernon P.. 131 Johnston. Clarence T. 55-191-296-298-410 Johnston, David W. 404 Johnston, Doris ....522 Johnston, Fanny L. 56- 549 Johnston, Florence C. 56-543 Johnston, Franklin ..449 Johnston, Margaret 56- 561 Johnston, Vera E. .363- 511-513-515-537 Johnston, Viola 522 Johnston, William J..367 Joki, Erick 410 Jones, Catherine ....559 Jones, Caroll B 144- 275-295-460 Jones, Charles C 435 Jones, George M 441 Jones, John G 131 Jones, H. S 210 Jones, Harry W 403- 465-470 Jones, Lowell F. 56-342 Jones, Marjorie ....518 Jones, Maurine 495 Jones, Marvin C. 106-451 Jones, Myron A....106- 320-464 Jones, Paul C 56- 320-466 Jones,. Paul H 422 Jones, Robert W 166 Jones, Sam M 397 Jones, Stafford L 393 Jones, Stephen E....335 Jones, William R....445 Jordan House 563 Jordan, Louis 419 Jorgensen, Signa ...344 Jose, Oscar A 281- 376-398 Joseph, Joseph J....3S5- 470 Joslin, Frederick B. 121 Joslin, Leon R 446 Jotter, E. V 337 Joy, N. B 558 Judson, John E 56- 337-424 Jump. H. A 403 June, Chester 230 Junior Girls Play Com- mittee 514 Junior Hop 308-309 Kabaker, Herman A. 430 Kadow, Edna E 56- 476-545 Kagay, Helen M. 334-549 Kahler, Myron S. 56-337 Kahn. Edgar A 449 Kahn, Lydia 559 Kahn, Ruth 279- 335-513-537 Kaiser, Emil M. 122-444 Kaiser. Pauline 519-528 Kaiser, Trenna M...166- 564 Kalmbach, Dorothy ..537 Kalmbach. Roland E. 131 Kaloyan, Haaenar S. 106 Kane. Carl E.... 319-411 Kane, H. S. 210-238-430 Kane, Irving 335 Kanter, Herman G...131- 468 Kanters, Gertrude ..557 Kao, Chun-Hsian ..144- 344-345 Kapinga, Frederick C. 435 Kaplan, Henna L....555 Kappa Alpha Theta 543 Kappa Delta 550 Kappa Kappa Gamma 540 Kappa Nu 421 Kappa Phi 522 Kappa Phi Sigma.. 376- 405 Karabelnick, Aaron L. 56 Karabel, Sidney J...239- 245-429 Karay, Emmanuel N. 335 Karp, Maurice F....436 Karpel, Frank E 450 Karpinski, Mrs. L. C..545 Karpinski, Mary 335-545 Karpinski, Robert W. 322-408 Kaser, Guy F 419 Kass, David 57-436 Kassner, J. L. 320 Kastoff, Evelyn 552 Katsoka, Hideo 346 Kauffman, Grace A. ..528 Kaufman, Mrs. C. K. 545 Kauska, Irene J 57- 344-557 Kawamura, Yo .... 344- 346-561 Kawka, Marvin T 348 Kay, Reva 552 Kearney, Mark A 399 Keatley, Mrs. Helen.. 523 Keegan, Robert Y...311- 394 Keeler, Nelson S....132- 459 Keen, Morris R 421 Keena, Kemp 403 Keenan, Forest L....403 Keep, Andrew M....144- 291-314 Keim, Cameron D....449 Keim, Earl G 154 Keim, Harther L 315- 449 Keiper, George F. ...132- 449 Kelder, Catherine ..279- 335-375-540 Kellar. Kenneth C...280- 301-306-332-407-461 Kelleher, Kathleen M. 546 Keller, Leonard A. 350- 416 Keller, Mae 279-539 Keller, Owen V 106 Keller, Paul J 434 Kelley, Donald S 417 Kelley, Elizabeth 544 Kelley. Mary E. 166-557 Kelley, Phillip H....376- 462 Kelliher, Richard T. 385-442 Kellog, Marion 522 Kellogg, Alice 518- 542-559 Kellogg, Garland ....536 Kellogg, Harold W. .464 Kelly, Carlos D 403 Kelly, L. J 210-397 Kelsey, Corrine R... .528 Kelsey, Easton T 395 Kelsey. Mrs. Francis W 395-408-539 Kelsey, Howard H. . . 57- 383 Keltner, Bernard A. 144- 470 Kemner, J. WiMard..450 Kendrick, Max W....210 Kendricks, Doris ....541 Kennedy. Elizabeth 280- 339-508-544 Kennedy, Frances . . 490- 511-564 Kennedy, Howard E. 401 Kennedy, Mrs. James A 538 Kennedy, .Tamos E. ..391 Kennedy. J. W 320 Kenower. John L 57 Kent, Doris M 489- 511-551-562 Kent, Leland H 300 Kent-Miller, Mary ..335- 515-551 Kentta, A. Henry ..57- 334-343-353-354-446 Kenran, Herbert A. 362- 412-513 Kerlikowski, Albert C 457 Kerlikowski, Mrs. Al- bert C 550 Kerr, Earle L 420 Kerr, William W. ..97- 106-239-242-296-306-396 Kersten, Clarence R. 57- 338 Keshishian, Arshak H 344 Kessel, William T...467 Kcssler, Alfrieda ...554 Kessler, Clarence F. 427 Ketcham, Dorothy ..543 Ketchum, Barrien C. 206-298 Keydel, Kurt R 97- 106-351-464 Kibbey, Mary E. 334-521 Kidder, Violet H 344 Kidder, W. Kent 107-420 Kiebler, M. L 57- 353-415 Kiefer, Dorothy R...380 Kiefer, Leroy E 122- 326-463 Kiel, Bertha M 57- 334-512-557 Kiely, Marion M 562 Kile, Robert F 107- 323-419 Kiley, Mary L 57 Kilgus. John H 454 Kilpatrick, Lucia L. .57- 536 Kilpatrick, Stanley A. 435 Kilpatrick, Wilford G. 107-435 Kimball, Albert G. 276- 401 Kimball. Russell C..454 Kimball, W. S 403 Kimbrell, Lawrence V 446 Kimmich, Edwin E..424 Kimmich, Frederick Anthony 107- 288-298-331-424 Kinai, Fumi ..57-346-558 King, Allan F 420 King, Charlotte M 57 King, Elizabeth 544 King, Frances L 537 King, H. W 298 King, Lawrence S....462 King, Thomas R. 311-391 King, W. W 456-470 Kinger, Joseph 461 Kingery, R. H... 321-450 Kingsley, Lucy E.. ..58- 382-512-522-557 Kingsley, Sarah L...58- 382-522-557 Kingsley, Zelda M 58 Kinmont, Louise E...538 Kinney, Dorothy C. 334- 335-375-557 Kinsella, Antoinette 58- 558 Kipke, Harry G. 212-216 Kipp, Adelbert M 417 Kipp, K. E 353 Kircher, Ruth G 173 Kirchgessner, Carle J. 451 Kirk, S. P 345 Kirkpatrick, Lemuel B 402 Kirschner, E. Arden 58- 318-421 Kirschner. Miriam ..552 Kirscheman, Louis R. 289 Kirtland, Frances M. 58- 334 Kittredge, Richard C. 58 Klassen, C. W 354 Kleene, Mrs. Herman 391-538 Klein, Andrew W 398 Klein. Kermit K....281- 290-339 Klein, Rita R 555 Kleinert, Walter A.. 41 5 Kleinschmidt, Earl E. 378-432 Kleyn. Maude C. 528-544 Klimek. John W 348 Kline, Harley B 406 Kline. Henry M 40! Kline, Q. McKay . . . 325- 339-352-353-354-460 Kling, Herbert C 457 Kling, Philip 393 Klingman, Mrs. Theo- phil 455-535-543 Klock, James F 444 Klopfenstein, A. Rees 13_2 Klossen, Clarence W. ll)7 Knapp, Dales A 398 Knapp, E. Leighton 107- 466 Knapp, Helena M. 311- 638 Knickerbocker, P. Clay 420 Knight, Bernice D. M 67 Knight, Geraldine I. 375- 513-557 Knight, Thelma 166- 334-522-530-557 Kniskern, Paul W...459 Knoblock, F. D 330 Knoblock, M. Grace 335- 553 Knoepp, Dorothy E. ..58 Knoepp, Louis F 416 Knowles, Harold E...424 Knowlson, Olive ....537 Koch, Calvin S 400 Koch, Eugene E 464 Koch, Otto C 351-408 Kocher, Helen R....537- 564 Kocher, Katherine ..58- 496-537 Koenig, Adolph J 58 Koenig, Harry B 301- 309-332-400 Koenig, Otto G 337- 340-419 Koepcke, Albert F...58- 419-461 Koke, Helen M 557 Kolb, Marian B 282 Kolb, Norman C 390 Komito, Samuel F....429 Konold. Grace 527 Koon, Edith 527 Koplin, Barney ..230-418 Korach, Marcelle M. 555 Korecki, Mrs. Mary. .523 Kortman, Harold E. 107- 451 Kosteo, Albert W. 424- 459 Kotkin, C 469 Koykka, Thomas T. 280- 380 Kozlow, Herman E. ..154 Kramer, Albert 418 Kramer, Andrew W. 311 Kramer, Charles B. 376- 394 Kramer, Louis ..281-429 Krapf, Hazel 58-381 Krasne, M. H.... 144-470 Krasne, Philip N. 287- Kuong. M. T ...59 Kurez, Joseph A 348 Kurtz, John L 402 Kurtz, Robert M. 59-402 Kuster, Kimber C. 59-321 Kuttnaner, Melvin J. 437 Kwong, Tzu Chun ..107 Kyer, Mrs. C. F 544 Kyer, Jean L 105- 287-542 Kyr, Kathryn L 543 C Krasnik, Max A 59 Kraus, Edward H. ..322- 336-397 Kraus, Mrs. E. H. 522- 547 Kraus, M 547 Krause, Dorothy ....657 Kreinheder, A. C 351 Kreis, C. C 144- 291-297-314-448 Kreitz, Eleanora B...59 Kremlick, Kurt J. ..350- 446 Kressback, Karl C...120- 122-326-463 Kretzschmar, Norman R 321-454 Krickbaum, Earl D..398 Krieger, Leslie W..284- 286-412 Kron, Joseph 107 Krouse, Mentor A.. 287- 414 Krouser, Wenley B...282 Krueger, Clara 547 Kruger, Joseph 418 Kubik, Marian E....2SO- 334-550 Kuenzel, Mildred L. 55S Kuenzel. Rupert W. 466 Kuenzel, Walter A. 232- 237-426 Kuhn. Karl H 463 Kuiper. Frank J. 321-ir,(l Kuit, Henry 154 Kullman. Paul J. 59-397 Kumazawa, Yoshiyash 59-344-346-350 Kunow, Walter 59- 198-203 Laansma, Albert J...59- 282 Labadie. Dr. John.. 299- 315-449 Labadie, Joseph J...144 Lacy, N. Eugene . . 255- 299-423 Ladd, Alphra C 59- 335-374-553 Ladd, Mrs. S. W 54:! Laclcl, Wade P 59 Ladney, Mary . " 61 Lafer, James A. 289-398 Lahde, Walter 107 Laidman, Helen ....555 Laing, Donald R....410 Laird, William M....465 Lairne, Donald 430 LaJeunesse, Vivian N. 335 Lake, Lillian K... 59-554 Lalley, Lucius J 407 Lamb, George G 4R6 Lambda Chi Alpha ..4 IB I amm, H. L 345 Lamont, Howard C. 60- 416 Lamoree, John G. 60-407 Lampe, Elmore C....465 Lamphier, Hiram I.. 107 Lan. Yulan A 345- 532-559 Landeck, Armin C...424 Landgrof, Christa E. 491 Landman, Louis L..462 Landre, Joseph H. ..108- 296-298-331-332 Lane, E 351 Lane, Lucian 271- 286-325-460 Lane. Victor H. . 395-448 Lang, Josephine ....539 I anit, Milton 402 Lang, Reginald D 60 Lang, Robert J 407 I ntre, C. R 337 Lange, Fred F 438 langenau. W. C 353 Langford, Theron S. 454 Langguth, Elmer E. 198- 415-450 Langlois, T. H 321 Langton, Clair V...247- 412 Lantner. Elmer F 425 Lanzar, Maria 558 Lapham. Dorothy E. 173 Lapham, Elizabeth E. 60-540 Lapham. Evelyn M...60 LaPlante. Albert ... 6 ' : Lapp, Lester N 453 Lapp, Samuel E 427 T araway, Helen 528-537 Lardner, Katherire 384- 510-563 Larn, Harry K. 331-3JS Larn, Joseph W R4B LeRowe, Ervin F....444 LaRowe, Philip E....60- 444 Larson, Herbert C...422 Larson, Roberts ....390 Larson, Rudolph E. 450 Larthard, Ora 527 LeRue. Carl 321 LeRue. G. R 321 Lasca, N. P 470 Lasrh. Joy M.... 522-561 LaSha, Stanley S....10R Lashmet. Floyd L. . . .459 La Sociedad Hispanira 334 Lasser, H arold 230 Lathers, Lillian M...RO- 335-557 Lathrop. Henry T...357- 392 Lau, Clara B 60- 324-335-369-375-558 Laurence, Richard L. 25- 60-268-295-405-526 Six hundred fifty-six Law. Albert T. 425 Lewey. Sanley 357 Law. R. Dale 180-462-470 Lewis. Mrs. Ben 544 Lawless, Marion L. 334- Lewis. Charles L 283 494 Lewis. Elizabeth 557 Lawlor. Margaret ...M7 Lewis, Mrs. F 528 Lawrence. C. Rodney 396 Lewi;. Mre. G. F....539 Lawrence. Mrs. J. F. 543 Lewis. H. B..S20-321-466 Lawrence. Harry C. SO- Lewis, Herdis L 154- 415 342-453 Lawrence. Joseph D. Lewis. Harold W 399 357-465-470 Lewis, Katherine ...537 Lawrence. W. MenEel Lewis. Lucille 536 Lawson. Florence ...539 Lewis, Marjorie ..62-294 Lawson. J. W. 455 Lewis, Mary E. 62 Lawson. Margaret ..539 Lewis. Osborne D 62 Lawson. Robert LeWright. Ralph R..462 Lawton. Lattram B. 457 Lewjr. Earl M 437 Lawton. Mary 551 Lewy, Stanley B. 362-414 Lawyers ' Ctab 470 Lexen. Bert R 62-337 Lax. Gladys R... 521-552 Li. M. D- 345 Laxstein. Harry 443 Li. S. K 345 Lay. Clifford H 458 Li. Tang K 344-345 Lazzari. Carolina ...528 Liang. K. S 345 Leach. Milan G 144- Licbert. George 378 353-470 Lichty. I). E 320 Leal Herman. Merwyn Lichty, Warren 383 G. .144-2S4-291-314-318 Liddle, Edwin F. 367-446 L Cercle Francais ..335 Liebermann. Elizabeth Lechner. Erwin A.. .108 C 62- LeDuc. HonaW M 452 280-476-524-530-550 Lee. Arthur H. 417 Uebman. James C...431 Lee. Alfred O... 191-289 Lienan. Paul F. 407 Lee. Mrs. A. 540 " Light. Francis E 544 Lee. Charles T... 278-334 Lieht. Richard U...35I- Lee. Herbert C 344 454 Lee. Herbert C. T...144 Lihman. Ruth 558 Lee. Jessica M 66-284 Likert, George H....230- Lee. Jui N 345 344 Lee. John P. 334-398-123 Likert. Rensis 314. Lee, Mrs. J. R 521 344-376-378 Lee. K. G.. Lee. P. C.. Lee. Paul D Lee. P. W. .345 Lilley. Howard Lin- .345 108 den Lince. Arthur H ..... 18 .S4S Lindberjr. Caryl A... 108 Lee, Rosabel V.... 61-540 Lindberg. George D. 426 Lee. S. B ........... 345 Lindblad. Anders F. 300 Lee. Sherwood R ____ 453 Lindbloom. Alfred E. Lee. Sk I. Pin ...... 61 144-291-297-461 Leenhout-. Willis R..448 Lindell. Selma ...... 530 Leeson. Lillian ..61-522 Lindemulder. Franklin LeFever. Alice ..523-529 G ............... 449 LeFevre. Fay A ..... 407 Lindemulder. Ralph L. LeGalley. Kenneth B. 433 108-278 Lecstski. Theodore Lindensehmitt. John 410 W ............... 10Riindsay. Grace M..,522 Lehman. Paige E. 61-403 Lindsay. J. D ....... 320 Lehtiner. Geortre E....61 Lindsay. Wendell W. Leiboviti. Samuel ____ 61 62-367 Leisen. Frederick A. 288- Lindsey, Marjorie 295-296-300 Lindstrom, Carlton ..62- Lelsle. Mary R ...... 173 240-378-381 Leitch. Murray A....4S8 Line, Edward D ____ 232- Leland. Madalyne L. 522- 235-337-442 556 Line. F. R .......... 376 Leland. R- ert C ____ 407 Line. W. H ...... 376-434 Lem. P. S ........... 345 Lippert. Wilbert J...62- LeMire. Loretta ---- 279 367 Lent. Silvia ........ 528 Lippman. Monroe C. Leonard. Edith ..61 285-446 Leonard. Helen D. 61-559 Lipshutz. Charles 62-430 Leonard. Lawrence C. Lister, Benjamin C. 108- 393 433 Leong. Francis Wing Little Clarence W...400 108-345 Little George E. ---- 192- Leopold. Robert L.. .61- : --: -_ ' -- 431 Little. Harold W. 62-338 Lepard. Cecil W. 412-457 Little, James E. ..... 446 Leppert. A ......... 376 Littleton. James W. 464 Leree. L D ......... 449 Litus. Naomi ...... 544 Leschinsky. V. B 22-230 Liu. S. T ........... 345 Leslie. E. H ..... 320-466 Livennore. Mrs. F. Leslie. Robert W ____ 446 E. ________ ........ 545 Les Yoy agears ...... 340 Livin srstone. Charles P. Leta. Joseph ---- 70-144 62-295-305-332-362-363 Lever. Julian C. lflS-330 406 Lever. Mrs. J ....... 539 Lloyd. Alice ____ 528-538 Levey. Mervin A 281- Lloyd. Anna ....... 538 418 LJoyd. Alfred H. 411-423 Levi. Mrs. Moritz ____ 552 Lloyd. Herbert M...396 Levi. W. W ......... 240 LSoyd. Morris H. ____ 10S Levie. Allan E. ...... 437 Hoyd. P. C ......... 321 levin. Anna .......... 61 Loa. C. H ........... 345 Levin. Leah I ____ 61-555 Lobker. Margaret H..166 Levin. Samuel J. 315-468 Locke. Matthew C...6-V Levins-m. Hitter ____ 6 ' - 423 276-4 1R Lorkton. John D ..... 402 Levitt. Edgar S ...... 4S1 Lockwmd. Albertine 325- Levitt. Russel V ..... 4S 408-411 Levy. Arthur J ...... 437 Lock-wood. Samuel P. Levy. Clarine R- 374-555 325-408 Levy. Harriet B ..... 55 " Loftus. Helen J. 249-55 Levy. Jacob ......... K2 Logan. A. J ......... 344 Levy. Marshall H.. .287- Loh. Y. H ........... 345 334 Lorn. Harry K ....... 107 Levy. Philip ....... SSf Lombard. Warren P. Levy. Sam W ....... 430 315-454 Lewellen. Frank E. 404- Long. Dorothy M...513- - ' , ' 515 LOOK. Eugenia P...SS8- ' Long. John R. C 411 Long. Lenore M 522 Long, Lewis H. 159- Long. Russell 340 Long. Sara J 132 Long. Wallace B 392 Loomis, Amy ...514-545 Loomis. Halbert M.... .220 Lorch, E. L. 326-46S Lorch. Mrs. E. 528 Loree. D. D 328-395 Lord. Margaret M...5r,fi Loubser. Dirk 154 Lough. S. A 320 Loughlin. Mary J....63- 335-559 Loughton. Phyllis ..335- 363-513-51 8-540-56 i Louis. P. S 345 Lonisell. W. G... 323-409 Lounsberry. G. H., Jr. 396 Louthan. Mary T : " 6 Love, Georgia 554 Love joy. Mrs. P. S. 540 Loveland. Bradford B. 166-426 Loveman. Adolph 44-335 Lovell. Harold W....426 Lovette. John H 185- 198-230-311-410 Lowe. D. M 353 Lowe. Eleanor 561 Lowe. Kenneth H 413 Lowe. Stanley R 411 Lowe. Mrs. Stanley. .523 Lowe. Ward B 446 Lowell. Helen L. 335 Lowendorf. Chester S. 4S8 Lowery. Leslie M 326 Lowery. Percy C....450 Lownsbury. Horace C. S94 Lowry. Mrs. T. A.. .Ml Loyer. Del ma M 554 Lu. Hscai E 345-559 Lucas. Elizabeth H. 522 Lucas. Lester M 63 Lucas. William C 428 Ludington. Alfred C. 336-451 Luedders. William R.. .63 Lugster. A. T 419 tokens. Ruth L. .522-553 Lumsden, H. Mason. -337- 340-419 Luna. Rufino 145 Luppold. Te ' raoth 343-511 Lusk. Haro ' d F... 145-465 Lu si field. W. E. 63 Lutes, Richard H. 396 Lutheran Stmdents Cfeb - Lutz, Irene 551 Lnzunarts, Julio 453 Lyman. C. F. 467 Lyman, Robert H 445 Lynch. Thomas J 145- 362-456 Lyon, Charles A 63 Lyon, Florence 335 Lyon. Hortense 562 Lyons. C. L. 450 Lyons. Elizabeth M... " ,55 Lyons. Fred W Lyons. Hubert W 420 Lyons. J. Gail 428 Maass, Francis F. ---- 63- 555-557 Mabley. John IX ..... 395 MaeArthnr. Wm, M..109- 330 Maraulay. Gertrude A. 63-335-51S-520-5! MacBeth. Florence . .528 MfccCallum, Charles L. 299-149 MEcClaren, Virginia M. ........ . ..... 515 MacCracken. C. K....296 MecDonald, Constance RS7 MacDonald, Ruth 6.V570 MacDonald. W ...... 470 MacDougall. W. Cur- tiss .............. 411 MacDowall. Robert P_S92 MacDuff. Harry W...240- MacEwan. Dciuld C. 154-453 MacFarlen. IVm.lhy ..f42 MacGillvray. ' omia J. 548 MacGregor, Alex. ....435 MacGregor. Harold D. 450 MacGregor, John R. 412- 449 Maclver, Kenneth J. 109- 298 Mack. Christian N...S9S Mack. Edward ...... 461 Mack. Edwin C ..... 280- TOI-395 Mack, Frances C.. ..557 Mack. George J.. 109-331 Mack. Haro ' d Carl-.. 132 Mack. Julian E ...... 393 Mack. Theodore H....401 Mack. Waiter H _____ 395 MacKay, M. D ....... 458 Market. John E ...... 404 MacKenzie. Robert ..454 MacLaren. Virginia M.63 MaeLaughlin. William A- ............... 412 MacMeekin. James W.425 MacNeil, Cameron K. .63 MacPherson. John D..407 MacRae. Edward C...411 MacVay. William A. 179- S62-452 MacVicar . Neil S ..... 425 Madalia. Herman L ___ 63 Madden. Edmond ____ 406 Maddin. Milton M....14S- 323-429 Maddock. Walter G...457 Maddy. J. E. ........ 325 Madison. Knowles K..109 Madison. Ralph E ____ 416 Madsen, Edgar ..... 10- 191-198-208-230 Madslia. Herman I... 436 Maeder. Joseph H ---- 331 Maeder. Lloyd A ____ 109- 290-296-298-314-422 Maeder. W. J ........ 353 Ma ' -aTv. Esther -.516-525 Ma-affy. Helen _____ 173 Mahaffy. Mary E. ____ 64 Ma -an. John J ....... 397 Mahoney. Hugh H....336 Maier. Alice A..64-510-521 Maier. Guy .......... 408 Maier. Lois. Orton...527 Makie ' ski. Mrs. Leon 550 Makulski. L. A. ...... 463 Malcolm. Karl D ..... 425 Malcolm. Russell L.. .391 Max-omson, Dorothy J. 279-537 Ma ' ik. Nur M ____ 344-347 Malinowski. Felix J. 34R Mallicoat. B. B ....... 47 Mallory. Cynthia ____ 540 Mallory. Dudley ..... 440 Mallory. Mrs. H. B. 535- 540 Malnight. John D...10 - 445 Vak ne. Pauline B....5J J Maloney. Celestine ...55R Malonev. Edward J...446 Manchester. Harry S. 145-6? Manchester. Robert ..(. ' - 426-162 Manderbach. Alice . .5i- 527 Mandolin Ctab ...... 517 Manley. Ben.iamii J-.14S- 291-297-314-462 Mann. Donald C ..... S94 Mann. Ma t ..... 19S-212 Mansfie ' d. Miriam ... U- .. MaeEllven. David E.. .95- 138-139-145-220- Mansfield. Robert S. 2W- 22-283-40. -4 ' Mansn-i. Grace ...... 547 Manwarinp. Kenneth G ................ 109 Mar " . HowarH M....4S Vanes. Mar.i- ri " U ____ ' Mar. Howard O..SSO-345 M rantette. Kenneth S ................ 420 Marb ' e. Helen M.....64- 510-56S Marskwardt. Albert H-64 Marcus. David M ..... 132 Marcus. Mores ' ...... 443 Maresh. D. J ......... 210 Margah. Madeline C. 510- 565 Marion. Phillip E 64- 198-207-323-405 Marin. Axel 4X5 Marin, Nelson V 435 Mark. P. a 345 Markey. J. Donald... 442 Markey. John K. 64 Markowitz, Maurice 436 Marks. Harold A 281- 339-421 Markt. Robert F.....407 Markns. Oscar A 429 Marquard. John I 330 Marquis, Rogers I. .339- 448 Marn-il. Thomas B...46H Marsh. Philip L. 459 Marsh. Rawson O 434 Marshall. Lois 528 Marshall. Yendys ....528 Marshall. Arthur H..109- Marshall. Bertha 559 Marshall. Gertrude E..166 Marshall. John A 392 Marshall. Dr. Mark 299- 449 Marshall. Mary E. 64-560 Marston. Frederika 279- 490-493-511-521-540 Martell. E. R 321-337 Martha Cok Dormitory 557 Martin. Alfreda M...562 Martin. David M. 64-392 Martin. Edward K. ..407 Martin. Ellis R. 65 Mai-tin. Ester 522 Martin. Fannie 528 Martin, George S....lgO- 406-470 Martin, Harold W...122- 362-401 Martin. Helen..65-339-528 Martin. James F. 401 Martin, James W 65- 397-407 Martin. John Robert.. 65 Martin, Margaret S. 335- 556 Martin. R. V._ 470 Martin. Ralnh A... 65-338 Martin. Robert D...281- 339-428 Martin, Robert U 145 Martin. W. C. .64-132-455 Marty. Robert 1 109 Maruina, Etrbgin A... 336 Marvin. Mary E. . 167-522 Marx. Beatrix 5o5 Mason. Ira J. 65-SS7-44S Mason, Lowell M 444 Mason. Ruth E 65-56 MasqKS 513 Masslink. laurenre A. 145-291-297-314-462 Mast. Herman D 4SS Mast. Karl F. 281-411 Masters, Geraldine 37S- 515 Masuda. Reicuke 346 Matgen. Rosemary ..167- 546 Mather. Edwin J....192- Matheson. Carney D.. .65 Matheson, Frank A..210- 250-391 Matheson. Irving C...109 Mathews. Katherine. .518 Mat news. Marjorie.. .522 Mat Mas. T. R. S4S Mato. H. Kawaski 34C Matsui 346 Matthews. Catherine 548 Matthews. James H..454 Matthews, Katharine 375 Matthews. Marjorie. .554 Matzenauer. Margaret.528 Maurina. Fabian A... 159 Maxcy. William F....65 338-44! Maxwell. James H..325- 449 Maxwell. Lncile.. 5 17-562 Maxwell. Richard M. .399 May. Dr. Carroll 402 May, Mrs. Donald 542 May, George A 449 May. Martrueriete 65- S44-37S-522-557 Mavabell. George S3 Maver, Albert J 4 " Maver. Wm. M 4 7 MavnaH. Stuart B...444 Mar rd. Theo re O.444 McAlpine. Roy K..3JO-451 McAlpine. Mrs. R. K..532 Six hundred fift f-teven McAniff. H. Philip.. 442 McAuliffe, Joseph W. 145-291-297-456 McAulirty, Mary K....68 McBride, George A . . 307- 323-409 McCabe, James W..6S-392 McCaff re, F. E 230 McCaffrey, Lawrence 454 McCain, Randal 337 McCain, Winthrop ..422 McCall, Jeanette..551-557 McCall, Virginia..518-547 McCallum, Charles... .396 McCandliss, Dr. Robert 379 McCarthy, John F....423 McCarthy, John J...132- 442 McCarthy, Walter J..453 McCarty, Irving J...442, Howard U. 109 McClinlock, Rex H...446 McClinton, Mrs. He!en 662 McClinton House ....562 McClure, Dorthea F. 541 McClure, Harold D...426 McClusky, Howard Y..444 McCobb, Edward C..145- 291-297-398-456 McCobb, Harry 68- 246-294-398 McComb, Florence . . P9- 283-324-369-375-513- 515-557 McComb, Ruth E 553 McCankey, G. M..326-463 McConnell, Richard J. 409 McCormick, Ethel. 486-511 McCormick, Inez 522 McCotter, Dr. E 299 McCotter, Rollo E...315- 457 McCoy, Esther 562 McCracken, Agatha. .558 McCracken, C. Kenneth 109-288-329 MeCracken. W. H...353- 450 McCracken, W. M... .325 McCredie, Violet 334 McCurdy, Gordon J.. .449 McDermid, Frank A... 69 McDonald, Arthur R..411 McDonad, John D...398 McDonald, Lillian 559 McDowe ' l, Fli abrth .T. 279-284-514-616-626- 531-547 McDowell, Fermor M..69 McDowell, Godfrey S..69 McDowell, Mary R...167 MeEachern, Thomas H.69 McElwain. Emily J...69- 335-550 McFarlan, Harold J..420 McFar ' .en, Dorothy ..25- 69-476-524-530 McGill, W. J 466 McGill, Mrs. Wi ' liam 535 McGiMicuddy, Oliver 6. 124-132-400-454 McGinty, D. A... 320-321 McGonigal, Dorothy 279- 558 MeGowan, Hoxes K..399 MoOraw, Booker T...441 . ' " cGraw, William H..407 Mc regor, Kenneth D. 69-401 MoGuioan. Forrest G..458 McGuire, Thomas J...442 McGurk, Anne 529- 535-546 McHenry, Herbert T. .417 Mclntyre, Kenith S..132- 299-459 Mclntvre, Kent C 198 Mclntyre, Mary C...132- 541 McKay, Hugh B... 69-404 McKay, Olive 69- 477-478-492-524-539 McKee, Aida 511 McKenna, Joseph L, .442 MeKillen, James G...S9 " McKinley, Caroline 319- 538 Mc inney, Peter 407 McKinnie, Arthur A..422 Mcknight, James W...6 " McKnUht, L. Frank.. 460 McLachHn, Jo n P. ..132 McLane, A. Donald. .44 McLaren. Myron ....462 McLaren, Virginia . .545 McLauchlin, Alice.... 543 McLaughlin, Samuel A 110 McLaughiin, I.l.-s. W. A 528 McLaughlin, Wilfred P 326 McLean, Edwin G. ..186- 341-425 McLean, F. C 470 McLean, Kenneth N..281 McLel an, W. DeWitt 4 ' 7 McLennan, Miles A. . 289- 419 McLintock, M. Donald 42:! McLouth, Lawrence D. 110-46; McMahon, Donald H...69 McManus, Elizabeth 528- (U o McManus, Fred 70-357 McMath, L. T ,70 MrM ' Man, Wil ' iam M. " " McMurray, Mrs. J. C. 540 McMurry, Kenneth C..396 McNally, Margaret A. 490-550 McNaughton, Howard D 467 McPhail, Francis L. 299- 362 McPhail, Frank L. 321- 413-4f. ' McPhale, Mrs. Frank 540 McPhee, Margaret M. 70 548 McPherson, Robert H. 325-426 McRae, Colin C 44H McRoberts, Mary A..r 47 McShane, T. Gerald 145- 442 Mead, Marion 287 Meade, Mrs. G. E....523 Meader, Clarence L..321- 398 Meader, Willard J 65 Meads, George E 458 Mears, Olive ....522-560 Medsger, Henry O...400 Meese, Fouts A 401 Meffley. R. J. W 470 Megaw, Jessica 525 Meiklejohn, Maxwell J. 391 Mcilziner, Alfred L...24 ' Meisel, Eleanor S 66- 535-538 Melavin, Gregory W..341- 357-442 Me ' ichar, Charles ...3 7 Mellen, Catherine ..520- 535-540 Mellen, Leo 146- 291-314-430-470 Melne, William A 67 Meloche, C. 0.320-466-53 ' ! Meloche, Mrs. Clifford 550 Menard, Margaret ..557 Menefee, Ferdinand N. 405-545 Mengel, Sherod L. 154-450 Menmuir, Charles H. 432 Mercado, Ermelindo A. 334 Merge, Walter 66 Merigian. Arakel K...110 Merkel, Lewis F. .366-467 Merkle, Martha 528 Merner, Li ' lian ..279-545 Mero. Yolando r 2S Merriam, Charles W. 110-994-304-306-302 Merrick, Esther 493 Mcrrick, Harrv J...341- 376-385-417-44- ' Merriman, Frvin E. ..450 Merrima " . Richard B.4IM Merry, Ellis B 188- 289-37 " Merry, Mvron E 404 Mersereau, John R. ... fir Mer ' ens. C. A 376 Mertz, Harold J 4g7 Mesner, Elmer C..337-340 Messelink, L. A 317 Messenger, Helen M..27 " Messer, Harry G 17fi- 285-301-305-332-400 Metcalf, lacey M 426 Metcalf, Lorna 167- 344-522 Metcalf, William ....331 Metz, E. E 146-470 Metz, Walter A 431 Metzgar, Helen.. .535-544 Metzgar, Robert H...400 Meyer, Allan A 400 Meyer, Carl E.... 122-342 Meyer, Charles E....406 Meyer, Leslie E 285- 352-425 Meyer, Marion 280- 282-558 Meyer, Nancy Jean. ..548 Meyer, Stanton M. ..280- 414 Meyers, Josenh H....442 Michae.s, E. G 1?6 Michaels, Joseph E. ..66- 414 Michaels, P. W 470 Michel, Kenneth A... 357- 404 Michel, Merrill W...286 Michelson, Ira S 437 Michelson, Lewis L...424 Michener, John 402 Mil hii4.-iinu.-i I ' ll 1 Michigan ( Mints 2F6-287 Michigan Daily ..280-281 MRhigancnsian 276- 277-278-279 Michigan Gargoyle . . 284- 283 Michigan Law He- view 201 Michigan Technic 2S8-289 Michigan Union 304-305 Michigan Union Oyera 357 Mikesell, J. B " , 6 Mickle, Frank A 435 Mickleborough, Dorothy M 549 Micklow, Oney R 450 Middletan, Charles A..391 Mielziner, Alfred L...66- 431 Mihelchich, Edward S.I 10 Mikesell, J. B 470 Mikesell, J. P 470 Military Ball 310 Millen, Mrs. C. S 547 Millen, DeWitt C 393 Miller, Alleen 487-511-537 Miller, Ben D 146-429 Miller, Catherine.. .66-546 Miller, Christine 528 Miller, Carl G 457 Miller, Cassius L..188-391 Miller, Charles T.. 353-463 Miller, DeWitt 460 Miller, Donald C 406 Miller, Edwin G 449 Mil ' er, Eleanor 550 Miller, Florence K 66 Miller, Frank A 110 Miller, Geneva K 335 Miller, George L 4 t Miller, Harry C 415 Miller, Helen R 167 Miller, H. W 289-406 Mi ' ler, James F 412 Miller, James K 26- 66-198-206-272-294-393 MiMer, Jerome T 143 Miller, Katherine F. 279-549 Miller, Mrs. Leonard 5 4 Miller, Marjorie 279- 515-551-559 Mil ' er, Martha 66-537 Mi ' ler, Mrs. Max..... r -37 Miller, Minerva E....363- 513-529-537 Miller, Marion R 66- 363-515 Miller, Mary Lou 363- 535-538 Miller, Mary M 66- 282-K i7 Miller, Norman F. . .315- 321-396-459 Miller, Phillip R 67- 341-357-362-450 Miller, Ralph R 442 Miller, Mrs. Ralph.. .539 Miller, Robert S 367 Miller, Samuel 10 Miller, Thos. H 133- 415-455 Miller, William F.. .494- 450-523 Millett, Ethel 167-344-522 Milligan, Robert 67- 290-415 Millman, Samuel 421 Mil ' s, C. Lee 67-408 Mi ' ls, Florence J 5 6 MiMs, Fred T ... .391 Mil ' s, Mrs. H. B 544 MiHs. Lucius D 427 Mills, Raymond A.. ..451 Mills, Thomas J :!:!f, Mills, William A 442 Milne, Beatrice E. . 67-661 Milnes, Margaret E. ..54 r Mimes 362 Minard, Robert J 97- 110-314-331 Minch, Bernard W...420- 44(1 Miner,. John A.. .110-300 Minnich, R. E 376 Minor, Norman S....441 Minton, Kenneth D. . . 450 Minton, Stuart K 110 Mintz, Beatrice 565 Mintz. Edward 1 468 Mintz, Gilbert 443 Missal, Maurice 436 Mitchell, Catherine L..67 Mitchell, Elmer D...246- 412 Mitchell, Mrs. E. H...545 Mitchell, Harry A 67- 328-367-380 Mitche ' l, Robert A... .336 Mitchell, Dr. R. S. . . .446 Mitchell, Thomas G..133- 298 Mitchell, Wa ' demar B.299 Mitchell. William R..415 Mitts, Clifford A.. 404-470 Mitts, Josephine M...543 Mock, Percy P 353 Mode, Frances E 539 Moffett, F. P 210 Mogel, Norman H....465 Mogk, Margaret C...526- 647 Mohler, Gertrude E..167- 545 Mohney, LaRue H 174 Mohr, Florence 545 Mohrlock, E. C 154 Molenda, John J. 210-238- 406 Moll, Henry F 343 Monaweck, J. W 320 Mom-ad, Carl C 466 Monroe, Charles E....154 Monroe, George E...402- 446 Montgomery, Mrs. A. F 547 Montgomery, Elizabeth 552 Montgomery, Katherine 547 Montgomery, Robert 44P Montgomery, Thomas J. 335-351-467 Montillon, Mrs. G. H. 320-54 " Moody, Carl E 467 Moody, Cuthbert W.. .422 Moody, Russell F 97- 110-296-314-464 Mooney, C. H 446 Mooney, Justin L 43 ' Mooney, Marcel L....431 Moore, Mrs. A. D P6 Moore, Art nr K....146- 297-316-402-465 Moore, Edward F 3 " " Moore, Earl V S 1 ? - 362-401-401) Moore, Mrs. Farl V. 538 Moore, El ' en W. .382-. " ' ' Moore. Ethel W 54 3 Moore, Georere R 453 Moore. Haro ' d A. 67-2RO Moore, Mrs. H. A K ' " Moore, Mrs. J. B 540 Moore, ,1. Grant ?9 " Moore, .Tnhn M 36 Moore, Marion B 3s Moore, Paul M 399 Moore, Ruth H 510- 536-56? Moore, Robert L 41!) Moore, Samuel, Jr...3 " r - Moore, Mrs. Samuel.. 540 Moore. T. A 32 ' Moore, Virginia E...B " " - 565 Moorhead, Julia V...51 1 Moorman, Millie A..3? " - 556 Moran. Verena 67- 280-282-283-38S-477-51 3- 524-531-5.6 Morehouse, Dorothy. .335- 521 Morey, Robert C. 387-395 Morey, Ruth. . . 67-520-56 1 Morgan, Charles L...41 ' Morgan, Harold S...133- 459 Morgan, Sidney H...Hi. " t Morgaridge, Kenneth K 406 Morganstern, Carl H. .67- 325-353-354-426 Moriarity, Catherine M. 385-515-546 Morley, J. A 442-455 Morris, Dorothy T.. 68-558 Morris, Emory W. . . 290- 341-422 Morris, Gwendolyn . .343- 511-553 Morrison, R. L 298 Morrow, Helen M. ..279- 635-546 Morse, Florence E. ...68- 283-335-545 Morse, Helen M 335- 493-518-563 Morse, Phebe C 553 Mortarboard 524 Morton, Alan S.. .68-434 Morton, Daniel J.. 110-426 Morton, Gladys M....68- 527-557 Morton, Hudson T....426 Moses, Jack 414 Mosessohn, Boris D..431 Mosher, Frank E 281 Mosher, Owen D 110 Moss, Arthur J 420 Moss, Herbert 280 Mottier, Julia D 511 Motz, Frances B 550 doule, Rex E 415 Mountain, Ruth M...r :!2- 546 Mowell, Glendon J....68 Mower, Winifred ....528 Moyer, Lewaaron H. 418- 468 Mu Phi Epsilon 527 Mudge, Grant E.. 111-331 Muehlig, George F. ..4F5 Mueller, Foorman L. 230- 406 Mueller, Selma C...532- 541 Muhlitne, Marjorie 522 Muirhead. Stanley ...390 Mukle, May 528 Mulavey, James E....111 Mulholland, Ada 548 Mulholland, C. M...146- 470 Mulholland, Stanford W 133-459 Mullen, Haro ' d A 446 Mu ' lett, Charles B...445 Mulliken, Donald E..111- 428 Mulliken, John B 428 Mullins, William L. .281- 40 " Multree, Isham W...416 Mummers 515 Mundstake. Jack B. .. ! " ! Munro, T.illian . 0 Munro, Marion M....167 Munson, EMzabeth C..343 Munster, Norman L..337- 340 Munt, Guy W 68 Munz, Charles J 180- 230-470 Murane, Edward E. .1 ' 6- 350-351-417-4 6 Murnhv, Dn " j e l .T 155 Murphy, Howard J...4K9. Mui-phy. Hubhard 417 Murphy, James F. ...393 Murnhy, John L 454 Mtirphv, Mildred M...68 Murnhy, Nata ' ie 53S Murray, Char ' es A. ..341 Mnrrav, Fleanor ....MS Murray, F ' sie ..539-5=1 Murray, Evelyn M. . .?fi9- R74-K13 Murray, Frances M. ..fifi- 4RR-KK1 Murray, James F..413-4fi2 Murray, Kenneth M..6- ?84 Murrav, Marv L..187-K-I3 Murray, Thomas J...4n? Wlirrav. W. A 4RS MnrHa d. Oleo B30 Mushynski, Frank X..111- 330-5 o Musselman, Elea " " " - " n - 59.f;43 Mustard, Dr R " " ' l T,. 299-31 5-4 SB Mnth, Sarah C 5 6 Mutter, Fmilv 527 Muvskens. J. H 321 Muzie. Claudia 528 Six hundred ftfttj-eight Myers. Mrs. Dan 536-559 Myers, Gordon B 457 Myers, Leslie 341 Nacamura, Winters T..70 Nack. Arthur A 456 Nagatnire, Shoji ....346 Nagelkirk, Kryn J...439 Nagelvoort, Bernard A 70-184-338-415 Nahabedian, Richard V 70 Nakamura, Winters ..346 Nardyke, Lucille H...71 Naser. Harold F 463 Nathan, James A 414 Nathan, Joe 238-421 National Association of Michigan Dames ..523 Navarre. Alfred T... .322 Naylor, F. C 415-458 Needham, Paul H....M1 Neef. Mabel E 334-549 Neely, H yHen E 450 Neff. M.rtimer A 464 Nehil, Lawrence W...4. 7 Neh ' den. Edward A. .336 Neithammer, Woodward A 4.-,f Neitzert, H 376 N ' eivert. Sidney 436 Nelly, Henry M...312-39ft Nelson, A. G 376 Ne ' son, Anna M... (i-. " " 7 Nelson, Carl 428 Nelson, Flsie .-,.-,! Nelson, Erwin E....321- Wt-540 Nelson, Florence L. ..70- 381-513-11.1--.! Nelson, James M. 29 " -45i Ne ' son, R. J 289-5 ' 3 Nerger, Vernon D .... 70- 445-4.11 Nesbitt, W. E 455 Netzley, Ralph E..353-4.-.2 Neville, Nima. . . .S48-5W Neville, William E...415 New, John A 422 Newberg, ArcMe W..H1 Newberg, Dr. H. L...299 Newberry Residen-e. .558 Newbro, Dupont M. . . 390 Newburgh, Louis H..315- 321-459 Newcomb, John J....391 Newcombe, Robert B. 322-426 Newcomer, Roger H. .464 Newell, Marjory ....528 Newell, R. H 337 Newhall. Edward L.. .415 Newland, Mi ' dred ...536 Newman, Harold L. 281- 414 Newman. J. B 326 Newman , Robert H. . . 4 1 4 Newman, Sol 431 Newsom, George A. ..Ill Newton, James E...276- 277-305-332-417 Newton, Mrs. Maynard 406-64 i Nicheison. John M...424 Nichols. Edward W...70- 417 Niche ' s, Henry W....398 Nichols. Mrs. H. W...544 Nichols, Isabel C 70- 513-516-.1J4 Niche ' s, Jo -n H.. 321-459 Nichols. Margarette 375- 522 Nichols, Marion S ' J Nicho ' s. Wa ' ter O....1B7 Nicho ' son, Georee A. .392 Nicholson, Hayden C..70- 459 Nickerson, Gail ..70-532 Nickerson, Maxwe ' 1 E. 210-397 Nico!aysen, William C. 399 Niehuss, Marvin L. . .71- 376-410 Niemann, Benjamin A. 71-470 Nierman, Loretta A. 155- 564 Niethammer, William F 71-445 Niethammer, Woodard A 71 Nippon Hub 346 Nissenbaum, Mae. ...133 Nissle. Roland W 408 Niswonger. Mary 167-334 Nix. Dorothy 374- 508-551 Nochimson, Aaron ...429 Noel, Herbert E. 336-451 Noon. Abigail B 279- 513-515-546 Noonan, Bernard L. .1.1,1- 333-453 Noonan, Charles F...146- 456 Norconk, Lorenzo ....459 Nordhoff, Ira 379 Normand, Frank B 99 Norquist, Francis A. .427 Norris. Crarles 335 Norris, Robert F. 410 North, Vivian 167- 335-535-549 Northrup. Eunice ...527 Northrup. Phillip M. 230-407-450 Northrup, Robert W..450 Northwestern High School 250 Norton, Frances . . . .551 Norton, John F 399 Norton, Lee L. 71-427 Norton, Morgan R. ..464 Notnagel. Le ' and . . 138- 146-291-297-314-470 Novy, F. C 321 Novy, Frederick G...315- 398-410-440 Nower. Wilma 548 Nowicki, Leo J 111- 324-330-335-348 Nowlen, Thomas A.. .416 Noyer. Edward E 424 Nil Sigma Nu 449 .Nungester, Wa ' ter J. 320-32 1-451 Nunneley, John H.. ..427 Nutt, Elizabeth :,:;? Nutt, James D 419 Nufer, Bartlette E. .465 Nyberg, Frederick ...146 Nycen. Lee J 344 Nyland, Neal M 284- 363-422 Nylund, Ellen L 71- 366-375-525-558 Oade, James E 210- 249-4 ' 5 O kes, Fdwin C... 71-379 Oakes, L. P 470 Oakley, Catherine I.. 544- 565 Oakman, Charles G..309- 413 Oatley, Douglas H....4 ' 5 Obermeyer, Rosemary 71- 557 OBrien, Char ' otte ...539 O ' Brien, Frances 513 O ' Brien, Francis T...357- 376-442-539 OBrien. Mercedes M. 546 O ' Brien, Monica 334 Ocksner, Herbert E. .337- 445 Of-obock, He ' en 548 O ' Conrell. George G. 442 O ' Connor, Edwin J...71- 439 O ' Connor, John B 111- 341-425 O ' Donnell, Gustave R. 71-424 O ' Dnnne ' l. William S.. U n Oeming, Loring L....493 Oester, R. E 328-425 Oeborn, Eve ' vn . . 550- -19 Ogborn, M. Dorothy. 487- 491-526-550 Og ' etree, Lotta 174 Ohlheiser, Harold R..230- 445 Ohlmacher, Carl 71- 280-411-461 Ohlmacher. Flsa R. ..25- 72-287-488-489-543 Ohlson. John F 451 Oi-mart. Galen B 133 O ' Kelberg. Peter O..321- 408 Okke ' berg, Maude ...528 Olden, Miriam M 324- 369-374-555 Oldham, Eugene W..111- 523 Olds. Thelma D 72 Olen, Ivor E 155-450 Olenikoflf, A 469 O.ian. Irwin A... 280-418 Oliia, Edwin R 155 Oliphant, Mrs. Lizzie 541-545 Oliphant, Milo E 243- 310-323-397 Oliver, A. Gordon. . .310- 323-425-462-470 Oliver. Lawrence W..186 Oil, Melvin A 420 Olmstead, Charles T. 402 Olmstead, Elizabeth ..72- 540 Olmstead, Harry 334 Olmstead, Thomas . .281- 397 Olson, Ada 543 Olson. Alberta 513 O ' son, O. H 351-439 O ' Mara. Gerrer L....426 Omega Psi Phi 440 O ' Neill. J. E 470 Oosterbaan, Ben G.. .249- 413 Opera 358 Oppenheim, Emelie . .552 Oppenheim, Maurice 429 Oppenheim, Royal A. 431 Oratorical Association 372 Oratorical Board ...366 Orbeck, Einar M 330 Orcutt, Darrell J 438 Order of the Coif 317 Ornstein, Dorothy ..518 Ornstein, Edward B. 443 Orr, Anna T 546 Orr, Harrison T 397 Orr, Jack E 281-404 Ortman, Frank J 146- 376-442 Orwig, John S 433 Osband, William E 72 Osberg, Charlotte 518-522 Osborn, LeRoy L. 419 Osborne, Alen R 446 Osborne, Charles E..179- 457 Osborne. Chauncey D. 287-42.1 Osburg, Charlotte ...547 Osgood, Laura 375 Osius. Walter 417 Osterhof, H. Judson.320- 4M Othmer. Donald F 320- 466 Otis, Arthur B 423 O ' Too ' e, Brnice R22 Otterbein, Menno 317 Ottmer, Gertrude B...72- 553 Ottoway, John P 392 Owen. E. C 376-470 Owen. James P 425 Owen, W. Victor 331- 353-384 -4?8 Owens, Lorene 560 Owens, Rounds C. ...450 Owens. Ronald R 409 Owen-Tomlinson Alfred E 133 Owsley, Clay R 452 Packard, George Q 111 Packer. Gordon ..353-408 Page, George B Ill Page, Jack H 376-456 Page, Margarite 558 Painter. Frank C 422 Painter. Ruth A 72 Pa ley, David 72-418 Palmer, Bessie 1 72 Palmer, C. L.. 112-298-351 Palmer, Dolson W...343- 452 Palmer, lone 335-522 Palmer, Lowell 417 Palmer, Nelson P. 446 Palmer, Walter T.. .351- 446 Pa ' morali, J 210 Pan-Hellenic Ball ...520 Pannabecker, C -ar ' es L 133-315-321 Panadopoulos, Timothy M 155 Papenguth, Richard O. 242-435 Paquin, Clarence A... 72 Paravano, Elizabeth A. 72 Pardo, Lon H 290 Park, Floyd S 1ST Park, Philip C 412 Parker, Agnes C 72- 530-538 Parker, Albert J 146- 297-422-462 Parker, Albert R. 133-383 Parker. A. Vern. .341-409 Parker, Byron W....281- 283-422 Parker, Constance ....72 Parker. E. C 470 Parker, F. Culver 411 Parker, Mrs. Frank C 539 Parker .Frank L. 73 Parker, Frederick C. .73- 230 Parker, George ....341- 465-470 Parker, H. Frederick 198- 201-409 Parker. J. C 296 Parker, Leander C 73 Parker, Lo ' eta G..51 8-553 Parker, Margaret H. 280- 553 Parker, P 470 Parker, Walter R. . . 315- 449 Parker, Warren 363- 364-413 Parkhurst, Norma ..528 Parks, L. Beaumont 434- 4?6 Parks, Merle R 73- 324-366-369-37P-515- 556-559 Parmenter. George A. 462 Parrish, Francis 520-539 Parritt, Homer B 74 Parrott, Eli-abeth P. 508-526-535-538 Parrott, Mary M 538 Parry, Thayer 449 Parsons, F. 210 Parsons, Joseph H 73- 412-470 Parsons, J. P 321 Parsons, Maynard B.298- 323 Paryski. Edwin R 348 Parvski, Marie 3 8 Parvski. T. J 330-348 Pascoe. A. Ross 46 Pasolt. He " rv H 112 Pasternak, Thomas 33R- 348 Patch. Fff ' e C sso " ato ' ski. Roy A. .187-SSC Paton, Barbara L. ..335 Paton, Roy W 435 Pattee, Georie L 2- 73-267-276-294-318-434 Pattengill. Caroline. .538 Patterson, Bertha L. 486-540 Patterson, Carl 461 Patterson, George W. 304-395 Patterson, Mrs. G. W. 538 Patterson, John W. 285-391 Patterson, Mrs. J. W. 528 Patterson, Kenneth C 406 Patterson, Kathleen R. 73-521-544-559 Patterson, Tonise 511-530 Patterson, W. Ca ' vin 278-280-311-393 Pattison, Jean L. 517-519 Patton, Barbara 537 Patton, Dorothy 551 Patton, Helen J.. 167-522 Patton, W. Gilmore 351- 397-419 Paul, Arthur J 147- 376-433-470 Paull, Caroline 539 Pavitt, Re a. 513-518-528 Payne, Ruth M 374 Payne, Vio ' a 522 Paynter, Raymond P. 112-335 Pazour. Alice V 168- 343-521 Peabody. Clyde H 322 Peacock. Violet E...168- 556 Pear, Aldean 168 Pear, Walter E 324- 34 1 -367-407-425-4 62 Pearce, Dariel 544 Pearce, Ella L 73-544 Pearce, Margaret 335 Peca, Walter J 415 Pechtel, Inez G. 168-522 Peck. Abel E 7J Peck, Mrs. Albert B..640 Peck, Albert T 73- 284-295-391 Peckham, Mildred L..279- 551-559 Pedderson, Cliff A 456 Peet, Georgia K 556 Peet, Max M 299- 315-321-340-359 Peirce, Carleton B. ..445 Peirce, Katherine ...558 Pekkala, Alfred H...112 Pe ' ikan. A. G 409 Pell, Dave 407 Pe!l. Mary L 73-536 Pennington, Louise ..73- 512-530-557 Penoyar, Cecil L. 133-457 Penoyar, Francis 547-558 Pepper, James P 322 Peppier, Margaret . .. " . ' . I Per-e. H " He W... 4 13-4 61 Pereira, Edith 518 Perley, Elwood 425 Pernert, John C 320 Perrine, Beahl L 444 Perry, Clark C ?, ' . . Perry, Jeannette 559 Perry, Josephine 378 Persing, Dean 407 Persky, Benjamin P.. 133 Peterman. Daniel 239-46. ' , Peters, Torsten A 344 Peterson, Adelyn 512-.1.1S Peterson, Fdward W..446 Peterson, H. E 463 Peterson, Milton A...T4- 276-357-362-470 Peterson, Mrs. Renhen 528-541 Peterson, Dr. Ruben 299-315-449 Peterson, Shirley ...407 Peterson, W. Frederick 405 Petrellis, Alexander J. 74-338 Petrie, Wilbur E 238 Pettibone, Edward E..451 Pettibone, C. Lawrence 394 Pettibone, Francis W.522 Pettis, Dorothy J 335 Pettis, Edward ..250-426 Petzinger, Henry W..462 Pfeiffer, Frederick F.. 50 Pfeifler, Cecil B 422 Prares, Loyal I. ..74-376 Phelps, Ada 334-559 Phelps, D. Maynard.. 74- 184-338-381-426 Phelps, Fred M... 278-434 Phelps, Leland D.. 147-460 Phelps, Stanford N..1K.1- 230-280-311-351-411 Phelps. William G...433 Phi Alpha Delta 456 Phi Beta Delta 429 Phi Beta Pi . ,. .455 Phi Chi 457 Phi Del ' a Chi 451 Phi Delta Epsilon ..468 Phi Delta Kappa ... 315 Phi Delta Phi 448 Phi Delta Theta 401 Phi Epsilon Pi 431 Phi Gamma Del ' a ...406 Phi Kappa 442 Phi Kappa Pi 397 Phi Kaoca Sigma ...412 Phi Kaona Tan 43.1 Phi Lambda Kaona . . 469 Phi Lambda Upsilcn 3: ' 0 Phi ' lip, L. A 320 Phi ' linpi, Louis 40 1 PH ' Hns, B?trice E.. .562 Phillips, Robert H...299- 459 Phi ' lips, U. B. ..409-540 Phillips. William L...439 Philpott, Harold M..463 Phinney, Charles J...391 Phi Mu Aloha 408 Phi Mu Delta 433 Phi Fho Sigma 454 Phi Sisma 321 Phi Sigma Delta 418 Phi Sigma Kappa ...417 Phi Sigma Sigma .... " ,. " ' . Physical Education ..486 Physical Education Club 511 Pi Beta Phi 539 Pickard, Robert B...426 Pickel, Fred J... 188-400 Pi Delta Kpsil m 318 Piekarski, Joseph J.. .348 Six hundred fifty-nine Pierce, Catherine. 513-537 Pierce, Carlton B....325 Pierce, Daniel L. 112-424 Pierce, James M 455 Pierce, Robert A 112 Piersol. T. R 399 Pietlecoe, Florence ..536 Piggott, Louise ....187- 540-559 Pi Kappa Alpha 426 Pike, M. H 353 Pike. Paul B.. 321-325-450 Pi Lambda Phi 443 Pi Lamba Theta 530 Pilcher, Dalton J. 324-368 Pillsbury, Mrs. Walter B 538 Pine, Harold E 463 Pinney, Edward C...412 Pinney, Frederick H. 74- 186-271-286-294-318-412 470 Piszizek, Casimir F. ..74 Piszizek, Felix R 74 Pitner, Frederick L...406 Pitts. Lionel C 329- 330-434 Pitzeef, Rae 555 Plain, Eleanor ...74-545 Plain, John G 74-397 Plant, Roy A 11? Platt. Harry H 429 Platt, Kenneth H 458 Platt. Sewell H 400 Players ' Club 364 Pletke, Louise M.. 74-544 Pliskoe, Julius C 281 Plymole, Luther C...450 Podbielniak, Walter J 348 Poland. Herbert R.. .314- 320-466 Polaski, Frank 348 Polaski, Harry 348 Po ' ing, James 402 Pollins, Calvin E. 284-379 Pol ' ins, John W 370 Pollock. Donald A 423 Pollock, Florence 375-383 Pollock, James B 406 Po ' lum, A. W 523 Polonia Literary Circle 348 Polund, Herbert R.. .112 Pommerening, Otto P 210 Pontius. William L. .412 Poo ' e, Lorre J 400 Ponowska. Leokadva 34R Poppen, C 133-457-470 Porretta Francis S...134 Porritt, Homer B 43ft Porter, Alice 557 Porter. Ellen 532 Porter, Harold C 112 Porter, Helen 74-539 Porter, Hervey B 134- 343-452 Porter, Lois 513- 544-565 Porter, Robert M....147- 297-465 Portia Literary Society 374 Portras, Leo J... 112-330 Post. Samuel R... 417-456 Postles, William L.. .441 Postletwaite. Mary E. 75 Potter 243-249 Potter, Eugene B....13J- 402-454 Potter, Harry 403 Potter. Nathan S 395 Potter, Mrs. Nathan. .536 Potts. Richard . . 249-344 Powell, Alice L... 75-538 Power, Eugene 420 Powers, Oscar C 75 Powers, Raymond S..409 Powers, William 281 Pradham. H. R 347 Prag, Jerome J 429 Prag, Lewis D 112 Prag, Milton L 429 Pratt, A. E 320-466 Pratt. Clifford C 75- 273-284-295-318-319-416 Pratt, n. B 409 Pratt, Evelyn C 546 Pratt, Ransom 470 Pratt, Vivian C 556 Prechtel, Catherine L. 75-537 Preece. Charles F...357- 409 Prenner, Myron R 75 Prenner. N. Robert 436 Prentice, Hazel R....541 Prentice, John T 396 Prentiss, James H....75- 243-397 Prentiss, Robert N..281- 397 Presbyterian Young Peoples Society . . . 379 Prescott Club 336 Prescott, Wilbur D...417 Preston, Howard L..311- 399 Preston, Howard M..75- 399 Preston, Kenneth C...444 Preston, Richard J...403 Preston, William 434 Prettie, Kenneth G..147- 341-470 Prettyman, Horace G.398 Prewitt. E. C 470 Price, Alvin E 457 Price, Joseph T 400 Price, Robert F 401 Price, Ruth 511 Pride, Armstead S. .441 Priest, Almyra 379 Pritzker, Jack N.. 75-418 Probeck, Margaret E. 279-547 Probst, Fbrence B..286- 487-513 Proctor, J. Frederick 75- 357-362-419 Proctor, William Z. 147- 423 Propper, Andrew E. .282- 431-461 Prosser, R Herbert 285- 411 Prout, Percy 230 Prout, William L 330 Pryce, C. Russel 342 Pryor, Millard H 75- 366-367-382-432-467 Pryor, Thomas M...367- 382-4? ' ' Psi Omega 458 Psi Upsilon 395 Publications Section . . 275 Puckelwartz, W. H..2 ' 0 Pudrith. Dorothy P..36S- 513-515-559 Puls. Emerson H 75- 323-338-446 Punches, Harvey E. . .33K Purdom, Luther T. . . . 317 Purdom, Mrs. Luther T 538 Purdy, Clavton C...225- 282-299-319-341-460 Purdy, Margaret ...490- 511-539 Purdy. Max B 155- 343-458 Purdy. Richard 396 Pursell. Evangeline . .P57 Pusch, William C...281- 406 Putnam, Leslie C.. 147-46 ' ' Putnam, Lvnn L. .449-450 Putnam. Marcia L. .538 Putt. Dorothv M. 76-543 Pyott, Albert R... 76-397 Q Qua, George, Jr Ouade, Arthur G..11 Quarry, Mrs. J. J.. Quarterdeck Quarton, Mary B... Quivrley. Sidney M. Quil ' en, Lida . Quirk, Daniel . 453 2-330 ..546 ..300 ..538 ..452 . . 552 243 Rabinovitz, Harry ...446 Rachor, Margaret ...552 Racine, Dorothy 518-544 Radford. Elsie 558 Radford, J. Russel... 463 Rodkey, Robert G 410 Raedel, Delmer 1 439 Rahilly, Veronica ...174 Rahm, lambert P 134 Ra ' kes, Helen ...518-542 Paikes, Mrs. J. M. ..542 Raine, Orvilla R 335 Raisa, Rosa 528 Rakow. Edward H...147- 404-470 Ralph. Thurlow M...406 Ralston. Elsie C. .182-552 Ram. Bhafat 336-344-347 Ramirez. Thomas M..113 Ramsay, Helen 280- 531-544 Ramsay, Robert G....76- 280-282-295 Famsay, W. Selwyn 392 Ramsdell, Benjamin D. 376-426 Ramsey, Charles P...417 Ramsey, Jean ...168-554 Ramsey, J. R 470 Ranck, Elizabeth P...76- 487-489-540 Randall, Alice L.. 76-550 Randall, John R 398 Randall, Harrison M..31I8 RandaM, Mrs. Harri- son M 538 Randall, Mabel 536 Rankin, Bertha 542 Rankin, Dean W 463 Rankin, Ruth 509- 512-514-526-545 Rankin, Thomas E...413 Rankin, Mrs. T. E...545 Ranner, Franklin J...281 Ransford. Maurice C. .403 Ransom, Henry K. . . .315 Rapaport, Sylvan ...421 Raphael, Theophile. .315- 443-468 Raphael, Mrs. Theo- phile 537 Raschbacher, H. G...413 Raschbacher, Mrs. Harry 537 Rash, Charles J 412 Rash, Mrs. Charles.. 537 Rash, Ralph E 412 Ratcliff, Mrs 535 Rathbone. Ralph R...76- 325-352-354-TW9 Rathman, Orner C...179- 455 Ratliffe, Mrs. W. Berry 542 Rattner, Harold T 421 Rattray, Robert M...3K7 Rawson, Paul J 113 Rayman, Jonas B 76 Raymond, Genthe ...419 Ravmond. Milton S...412 Raymond, Thelma M. 76- 547 Rayner. Wilferd P.. .435 Read, Elizabeth ..76-557 Read. Marjorie 76-530-557 Read, Mitchell 168 Read, Westcott H.342-410 Reader, Carol V 76- 522-556 Reach Horse 564 Rearic, Norman F.. .415 Rearich, Glenn A Reason, Rex- G 113- 232-234-237-464 Reece, Helen F 536 Reed. F.merson F 335 Reed, Harvey E 411 Reed, H. Russell 423 Reed, John A 323 Reed, Lloyd F 76 Reed, Marie G 280- 335-531-563 Reed, Morris 4nr, Reed, Orville W 113- 296-316-330-332-416 Reed. Robert V 416 Reed. PHtimer 40 R d. Thomas H..404-K. 7 Reel, David 281 Rees. Crosby . . . 362-4?0 Reese. TVina ' d J 113- 314-320-322-426-466 Reeves, George S 343 Peeves, Jesse S R01 Reeves, Mrs. Jesse S. .538 Register, George S. ..444 Reglien, Norman C...452 Rehmus, Paul A 317- 376-420 Reichart. Walter A... 77 Reichcrt, Priscilla A... 77 382-522-557 Reichmann, Reeina ..77 280-521-531-546 Reid, D. Neil 325- 350-351-411-456 Reid, Margaret S 538 Reid, Norma 558 Reid, Wesley G 77- 299-457 Reighard, Jacob E. . . 398 Reilly, Edgar J. ..299-399 Reiman, Arthur ....453 Reimann, Lewis C...379- 444 Reimer, Helen 527 Reinert, Edward ....212 Reinke, Charles A 77 220-223-294-343-396 Reinke, Miles C. 244-396 Reinstein, Charles R..468 Reish.Gordon C 113 Reller, Louis S 456 Remsujeff, J. W.. 210-406 Ren Cho 345-557 RengBer-Lichtenstein E. 528 Renkenberger, F. Galen 462 Rettenmier, Kathleen 543- 462 Renner, William E...416 Rentschler, Freda D..77 Republican Club 339 Renping, William ...413 Reynolds, Ferry. .281-404 Reynolds, Irving E...240- 415 Reynolds, Meta E 168 Reynolds, Norman D. 410 Reynolds, Robert E. 435 Rhead, Mrs. G. B 544 Rhead, Mable 528 Rhead, Raymond 285 Rhinevault, Edythe M. 279-515-146 Rhoades, John R HI Rhodes, Harold S.. 335-443 Rhodes, Maurice P. 139- 147-376-37.8-433 Rian, Gilbert 445 Riblet, Louise 7J-544 Riblet, S. K 147-428 Rice, Frank E 396 Rice, Gordon O 77-393 Rice, John W 422 Rice, Robert V. V...138- 147-191-376-470 Rice, Wray Colston.. 396 Rich, Bennett M 414 Rich, Edward D 401 Rich, Ellen 559 Rich, Frank 404 Rich, Frederick P.... 407 Rich, George 404 Rich, Hazel M... 522-547 Rich, Myrene ....279-544 Richards, David H.. .456 Richards, Grace 528 Richards, Howard L.363 Richards, Irene 560 Richards, Inez W...338- 374-553 Richards. Phyllis D...365 Richardson, Alice E...77- 557 Richardson, Arthur L.446 Richardson, Dudley C.420 Richardson, Frederick D 4l6 Richardson, Harvey L.367 Richardson, Joseph S.I 13 Richardson, Raymond G 77 Richardson. Ruth M..77- 335-522-557 Richardson, Stanley 439- 451 Richey, G. T. . 178-328-463 Richman, Harry H..78- 429 Rickenbrode, O. C...113- 446 Ricker, Margaret .... 565 Rickcr. W. G 450 Ricketts, Esther B. . . 1 68- 557 Rider, Roselle 528 Riding 497 Riedle, Edward B 78- 341-422 Rifkin, Geo 436 Rigelhaunt, James L. 421 Riggs, Finley B 39, r Riggs, Henry E.. 296-298- 406 Riggs, Mrs. Henry ..539 Pinear, Robert T 391 Ritchie, Edwin F.. 300-36 " Ri ' tsema, John 131 Rittenhouse, Louise E. 286-385-5 13-5 ' ! 8 Rittenhouse. Nellie L. 78- 286-335-385-513-520- 531- ' ' RHter, Kenneth 446 Rittcrshofer, Clare T. 321-4 1 Rivera. Ramon G 433 Roach, Helen M 78 Roach, Linua 557 Roach, Maxine E.. 78-549 Robbins, Donald 357 Robbins, Frank E 396 Robbins, Mrs. Harry 560 Roberts, Elliot C...276- 404 Roberts, Fannie 78 Roberts, Frank S 2F- 78-410 Roberts, George M...113 Roberts, George W. . . 1 1 3 Roberts, Glendon H. . . 390 Roberts, Louise M...487- 493-511-535-531) Robertson, Campbell 282- 320 Robertson, Jessie L. . . .78 Robertson, Karl B....!lfi- 113-305-316-331-357-442 Robertson, Lester ...404 Robertson, Louis ...276- 335-400 Robertson. W. J.,353-43 ' 1 Robins, Lucile V. ' : ' Robins, Dr. S. S 383 Robinson, Alton B...383 Robinson, Arthur ...405 Robinson, Harold A.. 468 Robinson Helen C....522 Robinson, Jack ...78-466 Robinson, L. Noble 280- 423 Robinson, Martha A. 511-558 Robinson, Mary M...521 Robinson Paul B 336 Robinson. Sigmund A. 287-414 Robison, Floy R 542 Robison, John B. 113-330 Rockwell Ferdinand A. 168-198-207-363 Rockwell, Hiel M 78- 281-283-341-422 Rodgers, G. Ford 390 Roclorers, William L...427 Rodkey. Robert G 467 Rody, J. W 478 Roe. Abner L 391 Roe, Eva 78-562 Roe, Richard F... 465-470 Rodel, Delmer 289 Roehm, Adolph C 424 Roehm. Edgar W 427 Roehm, Francis 413 Roeser. Waldomar O. 458 Roesser, William D. ..78- 220-224-267-280-281-294- 318-319-332-406 Roethke. William. 376-446 Rogers, Dorothy S. . . 562 Rogers, Maurine R...168 Rogers, Nathaniel P. .397 453 Rogers. Walter T 79- Rogoff, Abraham, S... 79 Rolfe. Leslie C 155 Romine. E. Romle. . . .458 Rommel, Edward J...114 R. O. O. C 354 Roof, Raymond B.... 79 Rooks, Myrtle R 79- 374-557 Rorich. J 239-239 Rosander, Arlyn 114 Rose, D. E 470 Rose, Eunice Y... 363-508- 514-B26-5S8 Rose, Helen 527 Rose, Howard E 79- 395-445 Rose, H 210 Rose, William K 285 Rosecrans, Marjorie C. 168-363-544 Rosenbaum, Simon F. 280-334 Rosenbaum, Sylvan.. 285- 421 Rosenberg, Edward G. 443 Rosenblum, Herbert L 418 Rosenfeld. Mathilda. . .282 Rosenthal. Casper L. .418 Rosenthal, Jacob J. . . 79 Rosenthal, Ruth 280- 374-521-552 Rosenzweig, Aaron C. 468 Rosenzweig, Newton. 281- 421 Rosevear, Grace W. ..518- 653 Rosin, Gabriel. . .285-429 Rosin, Henry P... 147-429 Rosnick, Nat N 421 Ross, Edward F 79 Ross, George W 276- 277-301-395 Ross, Harlow 114 Ross, John W 314-456 Ross, Mary H 512-547 Six hundred sixty Ross, Victor F... 321-450 Rood. Helen 344-379 Roth. H. C 2 0 Roth. Lawrence S....S96 Roth, Raymond J...147- tt-m Rothrock, C. L. 415 Rothschild. A. A 352 Rotroff, Nyrl J 470 Roumn, Morris 284 Round-Up Clnb 341 R m . Mrs. Florence R 148-344-522 Rousseau, A. J 326- B8-tt I Rowe, A- F. 321-466 Rowe, Frank W. 122 Rowe, John f 399 Rowley. James A 454 Rowley, Virginia ...518 Roy. Nripendra. .344-347 Royce, Virginia 644 Royer, E. W 45 N. M 658 Hilton M. 468 , Edward A. 181-429 Rubenstein. Sydney ... 436 Ruble, W lliam A 401 Ruby, Llewellyn C...464 Ruch. Willard E... 79-335 Rudell. Frances 559 Ruedemann, Ehrhardt 457 Rueeer, Ralph C v Ruetz, E 351 C. Carl Wl Rufus, Mrs. Carl 550 Ruh, W. Howard.. 79-423 Ruiz. Enrique 334 Rumpf, William H...S91- 449 Rumpf, Mrs. WUliam.537 Rash. Milford J 437 Ruslander. Harold S. 421 Ruslander Richard S. 421 Run. HoweU 428 Rosa, John M. 114-428 Russell, Edwin 459 Russell, Elizabeth H- 550 Russell. Mrs. Israel.. 539 Russell. Nelson V 408 Roth. Helen G.... 279-542 Rutherford. Helen H. 189-336-542 Ruthruff, Robert F...320- 466 Ruthven, Alexander G 419 Ruthven. Mrs. A. G...543 Ruyl Elsa 540 Ryan. Gerald M 460- 470 Ryan, Gertrude 169- 33 4-3S 5-557 Ryan, Jeanne 79-543 Ryan. Joseph D.. .281-466 Rjchener, Ralph O...299- 457 Ryder, William C 169 Ryon, John W. 434 Saarinen. Eliel 326 Sabel, Charles T.....443 Sabin, C. W. 2SO Sabo. John A. 272- 294-319-462 Sacheroff. Darwin E. 336-446 Sachs. Julius H. 430 Sackett. Irene 522 Sadakata, Karneyo ..346 Sadler, Herbert C...294- 296-300-406-419 Sadler. Mrs. Herbert C 538 Sadowski, Stanley J.. .343 Sagendorph. Margaret 548 Salchon. Marcus H...444 Salisbury, Howard W. 452 Sallee, Ruth 510-522 Sallness, Fritchof T...79- 432 Salon, Harry W.. .134-421 Salzman, Elmer 80- 308-324-366-376 Salzman. Herbert A.. .431 Samaroff, Olga 528 Sample, George II 465 Sample. Winifred 551 Sams. Wiles- 464 Samson. Paul C 198- 242-412-449 Samuel. Harry L. 169 Samuels, Jerome S. . .134- 418-468 Sandberg. Esther 550 Sandburg. Margaret 281-550 Sander. John F. 455 Sanders, Alexander W. 134 Sanders, C 558 Sanders, Mrs. Henry.. 537 Sanders, Katherine E..80- 531 Sanderson, Steven S. .---41. Sansenbacber, Myrtle A. 169-514-527-548 Saniobrino, Don A...45S Sargent. Emelie 557 Sargent, F. Roland.. 376 Sarreals, Es Priela B. 440 Sasahi, Toshio 346 Sasman, Cora 80- .:,- H Sass. J. E 321 Satire Section 567 Sato, Toki 346-55S Satovsky, Abraham.. 429 Saner. Russell D 210 Saunders, George M...401 Saunders, Henry A... 401 Saunders, Katherine F 562 Saunders, Russell G...415 Savage, Lyman C 26- 80-295-362-394 Savage, Richard T...367 Sawyer, Albert E...367- 384 Sawyer C. Douglas.. 415 Sawyer, Earl P 363- 378-382-432 Sawyer, Everette W. 428 Sawyer, Walter 452 Scabbard and Blade.. 323 Sea hill, Howard G. ..317- 351 Scarney, Herman D. . . 134 Scavarda, Charles J. 134- 449 Scellen, J. Albert 464 Schaddelee, Hubert R. UZ-tll Schaefer, Charles W. 457 Schaefer, Robert E...114 Schafer, Beryl C.. .80-544 Schantz. Elon J 114 Schantz, John J 397 Schaupner, Margaret . . bO- 559 Scheel, Ralph H. 433 Scheffler, Edward F... eX Scheler, Gertrude 547 Schelski. J. M. 337 Schemm, Ferdinand R. 134-315-449 Scnemm, Henry R. ..114 Schemm, Mrs. Maude 540 Scbenden, Augustine J 134 Scber. Eleanor E. 515- 552 Scherer, Mary E... 80-522 Schermerhorn, E. B...439 Schetnitz, Bernard E. 443 Schiff, Melv-in 281- 339-421 Schiecher, Florence ..522 Schinun. Edgar 280 Schirmer, Robert G. 357- 390 Schitz, Theodore.. 189-415 Schlaack, Norman F. 114 Schlanderer, Paul F...408 Schlemmer, Oren H. ..114 Schlosberg, Richard T. U ' -..: ' - Schloss. Harold W...414 Schlotterbeck, Mrs. Julius O. ..532-545-549 Schlottman, Edward V. 407 Sctlucter. A. W.. .320-353 Schmidt, Freda 80- 520-530-535-547 Schmidt, Harold F...453 Schmidt. T. E. 135- 299-321-454 Schmier, Adolph A... 135- 429 Schmier, Burton L...468 Schnall. Elaine A 187- 336-353-432 Schneider, Helen 528 Schneider, Martha . 80-543 Schneider, Waldemar E. 298-419 Schneirla, Theodore C. 325-353-354-376 Schnitz. Soil J 80-470 Schoenbrun. Leopold.. 414 Schoenfeld, Frank K. 281-466 Schoenfeld. John B...416 Schoepfle. C. S 320 Schoettley. Frederick J 463 Scholl. Dorothy M 338 Scboonmaker, Carl 80- 350-420-461 Schorling, Mrs. R 544 Schott, Mabel B... 518-558 Schouten, Ernest W. .114- 330 Schrader, Gladys M...558 Schrauder, Edmarie E. 169-280-531-546 Schrauder, Katheryn.513- 515-521-546 Schravesande, John B. 230-417 Schreeber, Elsa A 81 Schroder, Wayne M..23S- 392 Schroeder, Beatrice. .545 Schroeder, Ethel G...81- 508-513-524-525-530-557 Schroeder, Orville B. . . 81 Schubert, Geraldine. .559 Schuler, Gertrude 558 Schuler, Irene 81-556 Schull, Margaret B...548 Schuitz, Alfred S...321- 459 Schultz, Catherine L. 548 Schultz, Frances 493 Schultz. Louis R 458 Schultz, Robert F 135 Schumacher, Carl H...276 Schumann, Frederick 367 Schumm, Edgar G 423 Schuster, M. D 470 Schwartz. H. L... 151-562 Schwartz, John F. . . 155- 450 Schwartz. Jack J...114- 334 Schwartz, Louis A... 429 Schwarz, Herbert O.. .155 Schwarz, Ruth S. 528 Schwentker, V 210 Scott. Catherine.. 522-560 Scott, Eugene E... 81-403 Scott. E. 320-466 Scott, Francis A. .135-455 Scott, Francis L. 299 Scott, F. N 275-362 Scott, H. D 398 Scott, Mrs. Irving 637 Scott, L. L... 114-320-466 Scott, Walter L. 317 Scribner, Russell S...97- 115-316-393 Seagle, Harold 81-421 Sealby, Robert 1 415 Seaman, Margaret 643 Searight, Helen 487- 489-490-511-539 Searl, Russell A. 470 Searle. Marcella 383 Sebum Thomas J...331- 433 Seeba, Glenn 416 Seely, Anne. .508-526-537 Seely, Edwin A.... 81-415 Seely, Eleta 279-559 Seely, Lucy 537 Segal. Herbert M.. 261-437 Segall. Arthur A 421 Segall, Bernard 139- 148-421 Sehring, George H 403 Seibert, Elta D... 549-563 Seiburn. Steven 402 Seick. Kenneth C 81- 332-397 Seidman, Albert G...421 Seidman, Herbert L...81- 242-437-490-491-527-528 Seidman, Walter S 421 Seifert, Edwin J 417 Seitner , Edward 437 Sekido, Yoshizumi ... 344- 346 Selker, Miriam 374 Sellards, Charles P.. .325- 354-416 Sellars, R. W 321 Seller, Thomas M 81 Sellew. Mrs. William H. 638 Selley, Barret K. 281 Selmier, H. L. 370- 376-427 Sembrich, Marcella. . .528 Semple, Dorothy A... 562 Senior Society 525 Serafin, Michael M...348 Sergeant. Floyd 410 Sessions, Dorothy M...81- 515-557 Sestock. Charles 419 Sevald, Frederick J...400 Sewell, Douglas R...3S8- 467 Sewell, Herbert M 81- 335 Sexton, DeWitt T 427 Sexton. William I.. 82-415 Seybolt. Arthur 407 Seymour, Robert 115- 323-398 Shadden. Edward H...436 Shadden. Maurice J...436 Shafer, Beyrl 375-512 Shafer, Walter 403 Shaffer, Dale 363 Shahane, Mainabai U. 82 Shahane. Premala 347 Shambaugh, Noel 459 Shambaugh, Robert L. 394 Shambaugh, Pansy M. 174 Shanbaugh, Mrs. N. F 543 Shank, Paul J 457 Shannon, Henry J...181- 442 Shannon, Mackenzie. .405 Shapen. Earl R. 148 Shapiro. Jacob 82 Shapiro, Max G 436 Sharfman. Mrs. L L. 552 Sharp, Baxter C 391 Sharp. Robert R 422 Sharpe, Harold G 82 Sharpe Jean 537 Shartel. Burke 291-297 Shattuck, Marguerite. 537 Shatz. E. E. 351 Shaver, Carleton H...169 Shaw Shaw Sha Shaw Sha 5 Shaw Shaw Shaw Bertha 538 Helen 548 Herbert M 419 Mrs. Herbert . . 539 John A. . 82-357-419 Joseph W.. 395-499 Ralph W 433 Wilfred B 304- 398 Shaw. Mrs. Wilfred.. 536 Shawaker, Wayne E..82- 334-470 Shearer. Chauncey H. 391 Shears. Benita M... 82-335 Sheffield. Thyra 82- 279-554 Sheill. Gordon A. 122 Sheldon. Agnes. . .279-558 Sheldon, Horace W...424 Shemman, Robert R...446 Shenefield, John W.-.82- 239-244-295-413 Shepard. John 383 Shepard, Samuel 440 Shepherd, Cornelia E..82- 522-536 Shepherd. J. F 321 Sheras, Milton H. 418 Sherer. Adelaide 82- 478-493-545 Sherer, M. Elaine 553 Sherer, Marie 536 Sheridan, Howard A.. 115- 298-314-331 Sherlock, R. H 298 Sherman, Frank L...398 Sherman, Helen B 548 Sherman, Leona L...286- 513-516-548 Sherman, Margaret L. 515-556 Sherman, Philip T 435 Sherman, Frank L...398 Sherman. Richard J...4O9 Sherwood, B. R. 446 Sherwood, Granville H. 391 Sherwood, Lucinda . . . 536 Sherwood. M. Lee 392 Sherwood, Wilson 438 Shibuya. Iwso 346 Shields, H. W 321-450 Shields. Katherine 558 Shields. Marjorie 553 Shier, Elizabeth M 565 Shier, Louise A 565 Shiland, Charlene.2S6-559 Shillito, Fred 280-378 Shinkman, Maxine R. 510 Shinnick, L. Claire. . .82- 543 Shipley, W. C 352- 354-446 Shipman, Joseph H...432 Shock, Ralph W 452 SRoehridge. Delph 622 Sboesm ith, Boyd .... 212- 367-462 Shohara. Hide 346-569 Shopen, E. R. 470 Shorfmon, L Leo 414 Sborr. Maurice J 443 Shrimp, Helen 544 Shrimp, Winifred B. 520- 535-55C Shriner. Walter O 317 Shull. A- Franklin 413 Shumacher, C. H...351- 419 Shumsky, Herman W. 436 Shure. Samuel J 418 Shurlow, Grace W 174 Shuster. Maxwell D...430 Shuter. E. Mortimer. 357- 362 Sibilsky, George A... 240 Sibley, B. B 83- 324-371-376-448-470 Sibley. James W 394 Sickler, Bessie 528 Sidnano. Verne. . .326-463 Sidney, Margaret .. 83-558 Sidwell. Thomas D...289 Sieder, Mildred M 562 Siegel. Bernice 552 Siegel, Raymond 429 Siek. Henry 83-345 Siewert, Robert A 83- 398 Sigma Alpha Iota 528 Sigma Alpha Epsilon.402 Sigma Chi 385 Sigma Delta Chi 461 Sigma Delta Kappa.. 465 Sigma Delta Phi 529 Sigma Gamma Epsilon 322 Sigma Kappa 534-556 Sigma No 407 Sigma Phi 393 Sigma Phi Epsilon 415 Signor, Wales W... 83-334 Sikes. Marion E. 33- 83-334-472-486-490-562 Silberberg. Milton J.. .437 Silberstein, Bernard O 414 Silk, Eleanor 375 Silver, F. F. 470 Silverdale, Leslie R..169- 317 Simansky, Lillian ... 517- 652 Simmons, Alice F...336- 648 Simmons, Clark R...467 Simms, Russel H.. .83-412 Simon, Abram R... 83-437 Simon, D. Bernard. . .437 Simon, Sidney S 421 Simondky, Raphael C. 169 Simons, A. Sidney. .281- 339 Simons, J. C 470 Simpson, June K 83- 363-364-513-529-540-545 Simpson, Mary E. . 83-379 Simpson, R. Sidney... 340 Simpson, Stanley G. .122- 326 Simpson, Walter M..299- 315-454 Simpson, Wilton A..280- 419 Sims. Fred H. 148-418 Sims, I. H 321-337 Sinai, Nathan 445 Sinclair, Harry. .334-424 Sinclair, Janet 280- 286-335-549 Sinclair, Stewart H...281 Sindhu, DaKvant S. 344-347 Singerfoos, Mrs. Edward 538 Singh, Pritam 347 Sink, Charles A.. 408-410 Sink, Dr. E. W... 321-457 Sinkman, Maxine 279 Sirine, Chester A 434 Skadden. Marshall K. 466 Skall, Robert M 431 Skeel, Roland 379 Skeyhill, Tom 372 Skidmore, S. L... 210-413 Skillen, Jane 558 Skillen, Louise 344 Skinner, Floyd H 440 Skinner, Russel W...83- 402 Skinner. Theodore R. 281-403 Sklover 1 469 Skrentny. Stanley H..348 Slaughter, Edlitf R...96- 115-196-198-201-267 Slavens, Margaret. .. .84- 334-550 Slawson, Donald G...415- 448 Slawson, Gretchen. .. .335 Slawson, Isabelle 554 Slazinski, Peter J 348 Slepicka, Caroline. .. .554 Slifer, H 390 Slingluff, Doris L 335- 374 Slingo, Iris M 84 Sloan, Clifford K 320- 466 Slocum, Devera A. ...169 Slocum, George 455 Slocum, Sarah 84- 334-379 Slosburg, Lester E...443 Sloss, Hugh H 340 Sloss, L 337 Slosson, Preston W...383 Slosson, Everett W...383 Small, Bernard J 385 Small, Joseph M 335 Small, Marland B 410 Smalley, Leonard M. .427 Smalley, Marianna. . .84- 379-477-487-489-521-524- 525 Smead, Fay A 550 Smeaton, Ronald M...287 Smeaton, William G..320- 416-466 Smeaton, Mrs. W. G..532 Smiles, Kenneth G...287- 301-319-406 Smit, R. C 210 Smith, Albert E. .....407 Smith, Arthur H 304 Smith, A. M 325- 352-353-354-460 Smith, Bernice M 374- 520-535-555 Smith, B. Pryor. .357-396 Smith, Celistany 374 Smith, Clement A 406 Smith, Constance A... 84 Smith, Cynthia B 344- 512-517-544 Smith, Carl M 399 Smith, Catherine M... 84 Smith, Carlton N 466 Smith, Courtland P...390 Smith, Charles R., Jr. 392 Smith, Eda 669 Smith, Edward . . . 357-404 Smith, Eleanor 559 Smith, Elizabeth. .334-538 Smith, Elsie 558 Smith, Eva 84 Smith, E. C 455 Smith, Edwin M.. 135-420 Smith, Evelyn M 84- 336-416-487-493-625 Smith, Ferris M 445 Smith. Frieda M 84- 335-657 S:nith, Franklin R 84- 367-428 Smith, George D... 84-341 Smith, Gertrude M...555 Smith, Harold. .. .413-470 Smith, Harriet 343 Smith, Henry A 115- 331-424 Snith, Hubert F... 84-412 Smith, Hugh T. ..239-243 Smith, Howard W...139- 148-291 Smith, Isabelle . . . 522-553 Smith, KennethS 427 Smith, Jocelyn 536 Smith, Jack E.. ..115-399 Smith, Jean G 85-557 Smith, Lister E 440 Smith, Louisa. .. .536-565 Smith, Lester S 286- 357-430 Smith, Marian 85-567 Smith, Marjorie.. 343-543 Smith, Morris A 85 Smith, Nelson M 85 Smith, Ned R 400 Smith, Mrs. N. R 523 Smith, Patrick J 446 Smith. R. E.. .351-465-470 Smith, Robert F.. 115-298- 342 Smith, Ruth R 169- 521-522-558 Smith, Ray W 226-422 Smith, Starke 423 Smith, Stanley L 353- 463 Smith, Sterling L 409 Smith, Shirley W 406 Smith. Mrs. Shirley. . .. " :!T Smith, Thelma L... 85-538 Smith, W. A 299- 315-449 Smith. W. Tracy 449 Smyser. David W 115 Smyser. PhiKp R 85 Snell, Norma. 3 i 5-547-559 S.ioble. Charle.s J.. 85-439 Snodzrass, John T 330 Snodgrass. R. . 139-148-470 Snook, Helen 560 Snider, K. Douglas. ..408 Snider, George R 417 Snow, Dorothy R.. 335-542 Snow, Marcia E 85- 512-556 Snyder, Donald L 36- 86-886-86 S-867-862 Snyder, Elizabsth. . . . 85 Snyder. Frank L 315-449 Snyder, Dr. F. M 299 Snyder, Phillip B 412 Snyder, Roscoe H 425- 455 Sock, F 469 Soderbert ' , I. W 238 Sodt, Horace B 433 Sohn, David R 85 Solis, Dr. Jeanne 541 Salomon, Edward D. 281- 403 Solomon, Maurice S. ..122 Solomon, Milton S....437 Solomon, Nance 552 Soloysik, Lewis. .. 115-348 Solve, Mrs. Melvin...540 Somers, Clarence B.. .341- 458 Sommer, Ralph F 450 Sommerfield, Evelyn.. 532 Sommerfield, Matilda 375-513-521-558 Songer, Gerald R 85 Soo, C. Y 345 Soore, S. L 353 Sophomore Prom 311 Sorge, Ruth. .281-542-557 Sororities 534 Souffrow, Huburtcs E. 86-376 Soule, M. H... 320-321-466 Sousa, John P 325 Sauthcombe. R. H 459 Southeastern High School 250 Soutts, E. Clifford 457 Spaeder, John A.. 86-376 Spain, Virginia 540 Spanagel, Willard W. 115-288-296-307-314-351- 357-362-363-408 Sparrow, Frederick K. ..86-280-282-283-351 Fnauldini:, Rosalea 86- 2X2-512-525-558 Spaulding, Stephen .. .396 Specter, Melvin H 86- 324-339 Spedding, Frank H...115 Spedding. Hazel 522 Speers, Genevieve. . . .334- 335-557 Spence, Herbert A... 331- 423 Spence, H. Wibert 394 Spencer, A. E.... 404-470 Spencer, Charles D...467 Spencer, Dorothy 544 Spancer, Janet 528 Spero, Jerome A 437 Spetnagel, F. K 148- 404-470 Sphinx 301 Spitzer. Herbert I... 122- 437 Spitzer, Sherman T. .395 Spooner, Leonard A. ..399 Springborn, Benjamin R 135 Springer, Durand W. 249-250-399 Springsteen, Charlotte H 86-554 Sprinkle, Carl 281 Sproul, L. F 86-376 Sprowl, James A 280- 335-424 Spurrier, Ethelbert . .135- 412-454 Spurrier, Mrs. Ethel- bert 536 Spurrier, Marian 563 Stachowiak, Stephen J 122-348 Stadfield. Harold R...396 Staebler. Bernice. .. .188- 544 Staebler, Neil 286- 351-376-420 Staebler, Mrs. Walter 535-544 Staff, Arthur S 442 Stafford, C. Marshall 394 Stahl, Marion B 148- 272-297-403-448 S ahl, Otto 344-408 Stahl, William J... 337-340 Stair, Helen. .382-522-547 Stalker, Arthur W...398 Stalker, Mrs. A. W...522 Stalker, Edward A... 410 Stamman, Carl P 198- 209-401 St. Amour, Hector J. 135 St. Amour, Herbert T. 135 Stanbro. Esther 558 Stanford, Yeo B 458 Stanley, Albert A. ..325- 362 Stanley, George M...185- 289-395 Stanton, Marvin L...312- 395 Stanton, Mrs. S. M...528 Stark, Francis H 549 Stark, Hawley E 426 Stark, Will Ella B... 86 Starkweather, Ralph E 412 Staros, Stella 511 Starr, Florinel 375 Starr, Lunette M 550 Starr, Milton P 86 Starrett, John E 393 Starrett, Paul 186- 242-311-393 Stauffer, Margaret. .. .493 Stason, Edwin B 460 Stearns, Josephine M. 86- 385 Stearns, Marian 546 Stedman, Harold E...457 Steele, Arthur H.. 136-457 Steele, Harold 86- 198-205-27 1-295-378-405 Steelharn, Rachel C... 87 Steen, Caroline 536 Steere, Dwight M 350 Steffanson, Vilhjalmur 372 Steffis, Earl Q 442 Ste ath, Fred H 410 Sieger, Herbert F 87- 194-197-198-200-212-218- 266-294-332-394 Steggall, Helen E 87- 513-557 Stein, Gertrude M 52S Stein, Louise 87-557 Stein, Myron D. ...87-437 Steindler, Carl A 430 Steiner, Henry S 87 Steinfield, Marguerite 557 Steinhouer, James P. 425- 462 Stempfly, L. J 470 Stentzel, L. L 376 Stepanovich, George. . 87 Stephens, Edward A. .367 Stephens, Leighton L. 411 Stephens, O. W... 325-353 Stern, Albert M 324- 367-368-418 Stern, Emil T 437 Stern, Louis 31f Stern, S. Albert 431 Stern, William H 437 Stetler, Wayne C 115 Stevely, Elaine. . .545-520 Stevens, A. B 320 Stevens, Mrs. Anne S. 557 Stevens, Charles A... 280- 366-378-381 Stevens, Esther M. ..169- 522 Stevens, Frank H 405 Stevens, Frederick J. 332- 398 Stevens, Mrs. Stanley. 540 Stevens, Tyler R 403 Stevenson, Ellen 550 Stevenson, Howard R. 427 Stewart, Albert A 463 Stewart, Carter C...392 Stewart, Dorothy 532 Stewart, Earl W 392 Stewart, Gerald E. ..425 Stewart, Harold O...416 Stewart, L. M 394 Stewart, Mary J 87- 487-489-536 Stewart, Orlando W. .440 Stibich, Edward T 460 Stickle, Alice C 87 Stickle, Carol 522-554 Stiles, Emerson W 446 Stimpson, Howard S. 362-452 Stimson, Clara 536 Sundelson, Vera. . .88-552 Sunder land, Edson R. 275-291-297-314- .319-406-448 R 550-560 Stirling O 230 Stith , Marcus J III. " , Stitt Isabel . . ..544 511-540 Stocker, Oscar A 116- 351-466 Stocking, Bruce 413 Stocking, Charles H. 336-451 S.ockton, David W...446 Stockwell Nell ..528 Super, Ralph K... 116-330 Superko, Alvena. .547-564 Supernaw, Julia 552 Supernell, Edward. . . .444 Surbrook, Harold 422 Sur rook, James M...422 Stoddard, Ford 417 Stoddard, Leslie 334 fcsutier, Jonn 116-298 Stoffberg Thecinis 155 Button Richard 401 Stokes, Harry B 454 Sims Ivan H 340 Stokes, William H 454 Suyat Donato T 334- Stone Elizabeth 560 Stone, Helen 564 Stone Isabelle 522 Stone, Keith C 425 Swain Mrs A G 543 Stone Ralph 338 Stoneman, Albert H. .399 Stoneman, Lewis A. ..399 Swain, Frances 543 Swain Thad N 349 Stoneman, William H. 87-280-295-399 Stoneman, Mrs. Wil- Swan, James M 401 Swanson, Albin L.. .156 Swarson Carl W 459 liam 537 Stoner Ardys B . 87- 286-335-535-536 Swanson, Elsa 88-557 Storke Susan 374- 518-551-559 Storms, Harold A. ..116- 330-351 Storrey, Florine 543 Stouffer, Donald B...299- 449 Stout Melville B 420 559 Swartmont, Philip W. 415 Swartz, Louis J 429 Sweeney, Joseph A.. .458 Sweeney, Mrs. Jos.... 523 St over, Milton E 87 Sweet, Marjorie 68- St. Peter, Francis P.. 451 Strachan, Thomas C. .448 Sweitzer, John E llfi Swimming 1 242 Strang, Charles 419 Stranger, Gretchen C. 86 Straus, Helen 552 Swinton, Neil W :i9:j Strauss, Elizabeth. . .363- Swintz, Geo. K 458 513-514-526-538 Strauss Ethel B 555 Sylvester. Herbert 462 Strauss, Louis A 362 Strauss Mrs L 528 Szulc, Stanislaus P. ..348 Strauss, Margaret. . .513- 528 Strauss, Wm. V 437 r Strieker, Harold E...445 Strieker, Henry D...135- 419-459 Tabin, Leo W 116 Taft Clarence E 446 Strickland, Ruth C...520- Tait, G D 352 553 Strohm, Edward H. ..116 Talamon, Mrs. Rene.. 538 Talcott Grove G 281- Strong Homer D 88- 424 364-367-382-444 Tallman, Ruth 548 Strong, Norman H. ..444 Strong, William H...160- 169 Tamura, Hide 346 Tamura, Matsuzo. 344-346 Tan C K 345 Strouck, Sidney H 406 Strubb, Carl F 433 Tan, Lucy H. M 345 Tanaka, Yae 346-559 Strunk, Kenneth G 419 Tang, K. Y 346 Strunk, Stanley E...116- 433 Tanner, Martin W. ..406 Tanner, R R 320 Strvker, Cecil . . 315 Tao, Sheng H 345 Stryker Homer 135- Tappan, Clarence S. 352- 212-215-459 Stuart, John 230 443 Tappan, Garden E. ..148- Student Christian Asso- 412-470 Tapping, T. Hawley..410 Student Council 306 Tapion, Clarice 280 Studt Glenn G 116-331 Tarte Charles E 116 Tau Delta Phi. . . . 430 Sturgell Ethel L 88 Tau Epsilon Phi 431; Stuntz, Harley L 367- 413 Sturmer, Frederick E. 285-332-357-396 Sturos, Stells... . 490 Tau Sigma D;lta . . . .326 Tavares, Cyrus N.. .291- 314 Taylor, Charles M....426 Taylor, Donald 409 Sublette M H 148-470 Taylor, Donald D 401 Suicks Kenneth E 332 Taylor, Fred M 399 Sugiyanea, Shuichiro 346-367 Suhrbier, Emery M. ..428 Sukumar. Ambalavar- rath K 344-347 Sullivan, Harry 385 Taylor, Mildred B...562- 553 Taylor, Norman E...467 Taylor, Ralph H 435 Taylor, William E. ...88- 367 Sullivan, Helen 540 Teaboldt, Elizabeth R. Sullivan, Monroe B...458 Sullo, Domenic E 446 170 Tealdi, Mrs. Aubrey.. 538 Teed Pauline 88 Teeple, Paul C. . .33!) Teeter, Eldon J 454 Daily 282-283 Summers. Alfred D..136- Telmos, Frederic G. . . 88 Tenebaum, Pearl 552 Tennis . 241 Summers. Virginia. . .557 Summey. Pauline 556 Sumner, Almond G...411 Sumner, Butler A 433 Sumner, Margaret M..335 Teppert, Alexander .. .446 Terman, Charles 422 Ten-ill, Frank I.. .136-315 Terry, Charles C.. Jr. 391 Six hundred sixty-two Terry, Charles W 449 Teter, Robert C 398 Thai, Norman R 418 Thatcher, Lida M 88- 532-569 Thayer, H. C 446 Thayer. Lyle 4K7 Theo, Katherine 345 Theo. Pearl 345 Theta Chi 247-420 Theta Delta Chi.. 247-403 Theta Phi Alpha 546 Theta Sigma 531 TheU XI 464 Thieme, Mrs 537 Thio, Beng-Chian ..... 89 Thirlby, Ben D 404 Thisted, Carl 210-402 Thomas, Arthur B...136- 456 Thomas, Clyde W 419 Thomas, Dale E 457 Thomas, Elizabeth 558 Thomas, Fred R 136 Thomas. Fred W.. 299-459 Thomas. Grace P 366 Thomasma, S. Emery. 304 Thomasson, George W. 399 Thompson, Curtis O..156- 458 Thompson, C. Max... 427 Thompson, Dorothy ... 89- 549 Thompson, Elizabeth. .279 Thompson. Elmer.... 422 Thompson, Franklin M 393 Thompson, G 455 Thompson, Mary 537 Thompson, Milton J. ..116 Thompson, Sterling H7 435 Thompson, Walter R. 463 Thomsen, Thorvald C. 89-432 Thorington, Smith W. 459 Thome, G. Gilbert, Jr. 411 Thorns, William W...457 Thorp, Donald J 423- 464 Thorpe, Helen 636 Thulin, Walter E 186- 411 Thurnau, Henry C...403 Thurston, Grant L 89 Tice, Virginia 528 Tidey, Marcus B.. 136-457 Tiedke, Gnnther E...89- 428 Tiffany, H. S 351 Tilden, Charles L 411 Tilley, Morris P 275- 295-406 Tiller. Mrs. M. P...528- 542 Timmerman. Donald.. 382 Timmerman, Mrs. Donald 550 Tinkham. Lena 545 Tinney. Herbert G 407 Titus, Bertrum H 341 Tobin, Everett D 335- 338 Took. Barbara 518-553 Todd, Dorothy 279-545 Todd, John D 432 Toeves, Jay 423 Toivonen, A 337 Tolan, Joseph J 458 Tolford, John K 341 Tolle, Alvin W 287- 357-415 Tollzien. Ward C 396 Tompkins, Bernice. .170- 375-557 Tompkins, Betty 514- 526-535-543 Tong, Harley H.... 89-345 Tonn elier. M. Dean.. 409 Topper, Willis E. .276-357 Torgerson, W. R 399 Torongo, Elizabeth ... 554 Torrey, Lyle 212 Touff, David S 437 Townley, George T. ..148- 297-399-466 Townsend, Mrs. A. M. 523 Townsend, Fern .. 522-560 Townsend, Frank M. 136-433 Townsend. Harding. . .402 Townsend, Margaret. .89- 537 Townsend, R. E 320 Tracy, George K 425 Tracy. John H 89- 335-412 Tranares. Cyrus N...148 Travis, R. Geraldine W-CM Travis, John J 450 Travis, Mildred E W Travis, Noble D.. .396-456 Travis, Richard C...124- 136-325-405-455 Trebilcock, Ruth 522 Trebilcock, Verna M. 89-547 Treble, John 387-390 Trefry, Donald E 412 Tremble, Edward C...394 Trembly, Janet 542 Trempf, Carl W... 357-415 Triangles 253-302 Trickey, Charles R...446 Trusdale, Irene 491 Trigon 411 Trombley, Joseph J. 136-315-454 Trombley, Laura 622 Trooper, Mrs. H. B...544 Trosper, Harold P 462 Trost, T. L 361 Trout, Mrs. Alex L. . . 53x Trout, Esther 637 Trowbridge. Gladys ... 90- 643 Trudell, James J... 90-405 True, Alice 557 Trueblood, Thomas C. 366 Trueblood, Mrs. T. C. 529 Truesdale, Irene 559 Truettner, Dorothy ... 637 Truscott, Geraldine S. 90-512-539 Truscott, John K 439 Truss, Thomas C 409 Tryon, Virginia 553 Tsang, Y. T 90-345 Tsao, Clara 345 Tseng, H. N 116-345 Tsuchiya, Yoshio. 344-346 Tubbs, Marjorie 496 Tucker, Arthur H 463 Tufts, Marion M 90 Tunnieliffe, Max B...284- 464 Turcotte, Vincent J. 136-341 Turnbull, Phyllis A. 170-279-363-374-529-549 Turner, Arthur R 342 Turner, Edward M...441 Turner, Gertrude E...90- 335-522-548 Turner, Harvey 464 Turner, Howard A... 276- 277-302-411 Turner, Louise E. ..335- 537 Turner, Robert G 450 Tuttle. Arthur J 446 Tuttle, Esther L.. 335-540 Tuttle, Lucy 511-650 Tuttle, Ruth B. ..335-540 Twamley, Alice 661 Twersky, Samuel A. ..469 Twining, Herbert. . .420- 459 Twining, Mrs. Herbert 550 Tygert, Elois 659 Tyler, Dorothy 558 Tynes, John P 464 V u Uhlenhopp, Mynnie E. 170 Ulberg, Agnes M 90 Ullman, Robert A... 414 Ullman, William E...198- 394 Underdown, William E- 416 Unitarian Students ' Union 383 Updegraph. L 341 Upjohn, E. Gifford..90- 278-295-318-400-449 Upright, Raymond J. 418 Upson, Lent D 410 Upthegrove, Mrs. Clair 466-535 Upthegrove, Mrs. Hazel P 532 Upton, H. H 406 Upton, Mrs. Herbert. .539 Urbanowicz, Esther F 157-348 Vadakin, Edward E..117- 330 Vail. J. N 460-470 Vallie. Cecelia 561 Vallie. Virginia 375 Van Antwerp, Lyle S. 117-357-145 Van Arman, Ralph A. 467 Van Baalen, Irma P. 90-546-563 Van Boven, Peter J.. .412 Van Buren, E. lone. .553 Van Buren, Mary.. 363- 479-513-529-537 Van Buren, Mrs. M. ..555 Vance, Mildred B...157- 522 Vance, William A 422 Van Den Berg, Janet 279-515-616-536 Vanderbeck, Maize. .379- 657 Van der Brock. J A. 298 VanderVeen, Christian G 117 Vandevear, Rudolph E. 415 Van Dewsen, Mary... 540 Van Doren, Leslie. . .341- 343-425 Van Duren, Arthur... 422 Van Duzen, D 321 Van Duzer. Robert M., Jr 416 VanEenam, Gordon F. 462 Van Every, Harry E. 117 Van Fleet, George 402 Van Horn, Harlan S. 336-451 Van Horn, L. H 341 Van Kroayenburg, Jeremia J 154 Van Loan, Gordan,. .281- 413 Van Loo, Maurice. . .320- 466 Van Natta, F. J 320- 325-466 Van Osdol, John P. 458 Van Osenbruggen, Dirik ..117-314-331-344 Van Osenbruggen, Marie ..344-375-521-558 Van Osten, J 321 Van Ornum, Earle N. 459 Van Peenen, Hubert J. 457 Van Riper, S. T 455 Van Sandt, M. M 402 Van Sickle, Lalah 519 Van Sickle, Wilbert L. 136 Van Tick, Rebecca... 91 Van Tuyl, Frank 403 Van Tuyl, Laurence J 403 Van Tuyl, Marian 513 Van Valkenburgh Elizabeth 324- 366-369-374-526-529-556 Van VIerah, Sylvan.. 117 Van Vliet, Emanuel. .446 Van Vliet, James L...446 Van Vliet, Richard. .117- 331 Van Woerkorn, Daniel 422-459 Van Zandt, Ellen 540 Van Zandt, Virginia L 90-551 Varnum, Laurent K. . . 90 Varnum, Robert O. ..432 Varsity Band 353 Vary, Edwin P 390 Vaughan, Victor C...451 Vaughan, Victor V. ..449 Vaughn, Orville V...397 Vaupre, Louis A 117- 296-335-424 Vedder, Clyde B 446 Vedder, Francis B...398- 450 Vedder, Mrs. F. B...543 Veenstra. John 446 Velde, Walter H 149- 291-448 Velsor, Samuel G 436 Vennard, Edward T 159-451 Verdelin, Olga K 90- 384-487-491-559 Verdier, Eleanor 539 Verman, L. C. ...344-347 Vermilyea, Ruth 363- 513-529-653 Vernon, Eugene 402 Ver Wiehe. Walter A. 322 Vestal, Marguerite.. 521- 560 Vibbert, Charles B...420 Vick, Henry A 424 Vickers, Paul A 314- 343-351-363-411 Vickery, James A... 376- 413 Vielmetti. Hsnery M. .156 Villasenor. V. M 470 Vincent, Blanche J...91- 517-522 Visel. Howard H. 91- 357-362-409 Vitel, John 276 Vliet, Alice... 374-490-564 Vodakin, Edward E...427 Voelker, Emil J.. .230-420 Vogel, Florence E 174 Vogt. Frederick J 91- 392 Vogt. Joseph S... 3 11-392 Vokes, David C... 280-435 Volz, Marie 622 Von, Leola G 91 Voorheis, Henrietta L. 538 Voorheis, Victor J. 149- 219-297-314-465 Voorhis. Nanning 334 Vos, Helen E.. 513-515-548 Vosburg, Leon G 428 Vose, James P... 241-424 Votrobeck, Joseph F..117 Vrist, Geraldine 334 Vnlcans 296 Vyse, Elbert 417 Wachter, Frank L...401 Waddell, John Q... 91-398 Wade, James H 10 Wagar, Guy E 415 Wagener, Leonard R. 320-321-336-451 Waggoner, Charles S. 183-336 Waggoner, Stanley C. 341-451 Wagner, Albert P 420 Wagner, Berta C. . 91- 324-369-375-513-525-529- 558 Wagner, Mrs. Charles 536 Wagner, Lilias K 91- 280-374 Wagner, John F. .376-442 Wagner. Phillip M...91- 266-280-294-306-318-412- Wahl, Edward C... Wahr, F. B 413 Wahrenbrock, Howard E 91-370-432-470 Waite, John B 291-448 Wait, William W 396 Wakper, Marian 91 Walborn, Louise. .522-564 Waldo, Dorothy F...516- Waldron, Frederick R. 395 Waldron, Sherwood ... 395 Wales, Ross E 337-340 Walgreen, Charles R. Walk, Raymond C...91- 230-420 Walker, J. F 298 Walker, Marion 280- Walker, Olive A.. 522-556 Walkowski, A. S 455 Wall, Dorothy 282 Wall, Vincent 367-408 Wallace, Grace L. ..170- ego Wallace, Glenn 462 Wallace, Herbert C.. 405 Wallace, Herbert N...136 Wallace, Juanita. .528-546 Wallace, Ned D. . 92-410 Waller, Harold G 315- Wallering. E. F. . . Wallick, Edward F...92- or J Wellington. Vera 279- 516-526-542 Walser, Mrs. J. J 543 Walser, Sally 92-542 Walsh, G. Lucile 335- 489-495-521 Walsh, Lyle A 417 Walter, Fred 417 Walter. liar I and G...S92 Walthous, William J. 280-420 Walton. Mary E 657 Walz. Elma 539 Walz, Margaret 554 Walz. William C 407 Wambach, Albrecht G. 117-424 Wang, Oman P 149- 344-345 Wang, T. M 345 Wang, William C...117- 345 Wanstrom. Dr. Ruth.. 541 Ward, Dorothy 518- 544-560 Ward. Francis 403 Ward. Margaret 545 Ward, Marcus T 460 Ward, Stuart H 458 Wardell, Charlotte ... 279- 539 Warden, Carl 391 Warden, Lawrence C. 149-462 Ware, Harriet 528 Warfield, Mrs. L. M. 528 Warm, Eugene B 430 Warmolts. Irving J... 92 Warner. Dan 357-398 Warner. Edna M. 335 Warner, Joseph. .159-451 Warner. John P 404 Warner, Leone 522 Warner. Mavis L.. .92-557 Warner. Ned 403 Warner, Seward A... 314 Warney, Vernon E. ..296- 417 Warren, Charles D...371 Warren, C. Ford 390 Warren, Donald 427 Warren, Erma 618 Warren. Franklyn 446 Warrick, William A... 396 Warriner, Mary E. ..92- 644 Warthin, Alfred S...315- 322-406 Warthin. Margaret .. .542 Washburn, E. R 320 Washburn, Robert S...92- 427 Washburne. Mrs. C. L. 545-560 Wasielewski, Stanley F 34g Wasielewski. Thaddeus 348 Wassink, Elaine M...511- 562 Wassman. Frederick H 92-405 Wasterman. Kenneth. 408 Waterfall, Thornton E 397 Waterfield, Sabina 559 Waterman, Merwin H. 92-428 Waterman, Robert A. 92-378-382-432 Waters, Catherine L. .549 Waters, Helen 560 Watkins, George B...320- 407-426 Watkins. Herbert G...411 Watland, Gerald R...351- 463 Watson, Bernard A.. 290- 422 Watson, Marjorie. .. .563 Watson, Monroe A.. . . 92 Watson, S. Tyler 276- 406 Watt. Wallace F 317 Watts. Beverly 408 Watts. Gaylord A 463 Watts, Herbert P 395 Watts, John B 285 Watts, Maurine 544 Watts. Wallace A 426 Watzel. Paul 149-419 Way, Gilbert 345 Way, Raymond T 92 Weadock, James J...465 Weadock, Robert E. . .332- 395 Weart, Spencer A... 296- 314-320-357 Weatherill, Philip F..320- 391-466 Weaver, Alice 618 Weaver, Frank P...301- 332-370-396 Web and Flange 298 Webb, Charles R. 410 Webb, Grace 638 Six hundred sixty-three Webb, Roland K 343 Webb, Willard I.. 390-448 Webber, Oscar 446 Webbink, Armine P...335 Weber, Ada 651 Weber, Charles A.... 399 Weber, Howard A 210 Weber, Marjorie H.. .384- 521-531-551 Weber, Raymond 326- 328-463 Wedemeyer, Mary L. 334-546 Weed, Odillion B...149- 465 Weed, Holland W 93 Weekes, Donald 426 Weeks, David M.. .230-459 Weeks, R. Stuart 400 Weeks, Wilma C 137- 381-541 Wehmeyer, L. H 321 Weidemann, Robert S. 332-395 Welder, Lester M...299- 459 Weike, Frederick A... 451 Weil, Maurice K... 93-431 Weil Richard S 414 Weiler, John L 415 Weiler, Josephine 279- 551 Weiman, Mrs. T 543 Weimer, Margaret. .. .560 Weinberg, Louis, Jr.. 414 Weinberger 430 Weiner, M. B 469 Weiner, Samson 437 Weiner, William 414 Weinkauff, Oliver J. 336-451 Weinman, Carl A... 325- 362-462 Weinman, William J. 357-416 Weisberg, Harry 436 Weisberg, Jack 436 Weisenburger, R. L..470 Weiss, Don A 238-392 Weiss, Joseph 238-418 Weiswasser, Aaron ... 93 Weitzel, Frederick 426 Weitzel, George C 93- 290-310-323-415 Welch, ' Brent A 137 Welch, Paul D 426 Welch. P. S 321 Welch, Mrs. P. S 545 Weldon, R. Gordon... 400 Weiler, Mrs. Alvin...539 Weiler, Carl W.. .315-321 Weiler, Lawrence W. .457 Welles, Marion. . .491-559 Wellington, Quincy W. 302-403 Wellman, Alexander C 93 Wellman, Margaret A. 174 Wellmeier, Hugh. 390-449 Wells, Carlton F 344 Wells, Helen 344 Wells James E 400 Wells, Marion. .. .539-558 Wells, R. F 353 Wells, W. J 210 Welsh, Myra M.... 93-622 Wendel, Charlotte B. .487- 511-564 Wendel, Leon H 433 Wendelken, Ben S. ..149- 291-297-314-448 Wenger, G 353 Wenger, Marion A... 376- 398 Weniger, Leona 611 Wenley, Robert M...294- 321 Wente Dorothy M...170- 630-557 Wentworth. John J...390 Wepman, David 436 Wepman, Herman . . . 149- 436 Werback, Stewart A.. 93 Wertenberger, Morris D 459 Wertheimer, Frank L. 93-414 Wesleyan Guild 382 Wessels, Alice 495-551 West, Lowell 426 West, Philip 390 West. Russel W 182 Westerners ' Club 343 Westerman, Sheldon E 426 Westerman, Mrs. S. ..547 Westin, E. A 470 Westnedge, Richard B. . ...403 Weston, Dorothy 661 Weston, Harriet.. 375-615 Weston, Leslie D.. 307-470 Westover, Edwin. 302-390 Wettlaufer, Herbert J. 319-413-462 Wettlaufer, Sam D...413 Wetty, D. 470 Wetzel, John 137- 407-457 Wetzel, Lillian 512 Wetzel L. Malcom 400 Wetzel, Mariem 93 Wetzel, Samuel M 400 Whalen, Mary Ann.. 93 Wheat, Mrs. S. C 643 Wheatley, T. Black- burn 390 Wheeler, Anna F 487- 494-495 Wheeler, Benjamin W. 391 Wheeler, Don C 468 Wheeler, Doris M 170 Wheeler, Donald S...170- 378-444 Wheeler, John C 341 Whinery, Joseph F...398 Whipple, Chandler W. 280-339-439 Whipple, G. M 401 Whipple, Helen 513- 521-551-557 Whipple, Henry D 439 Whipple, Richard... 314- 417 Whitacre, Halford E. 341-457 Whitacre, Mary L....559 Whitchurch, Mrs. C. L. 523 White, Alden T 290- 376-422 White, A. H... 320-417-466 White, Mrs. Alfred H. 532-539 White, A. E 320-401 White, A. MacLaren 417-466 White, Basil E... 341-428 White, Bradford G...287- 412 White, C. Floyd.. 367-439 White, Esther K.. .93-545 White, George 417 White, Helen 312 White, Howell S 149- 470 White, Julia M uuv White, Lewis N 464 White, Maceo A 441 White, Mary J 508- 513-515-539 White, W. Page 417 White, William T..212- 213 Whitehead, Leston S. 357-408 Whitehead, Walter K. 392 Whitehill, Ralph 393 Whitesell, Donald M..330 Whitman, Donald S...450 Whitman, E. T 450 Whitmire, Anthony. .362- 408 Whitney, Allen S 396 Whitney, Mrs. A. S...540 Whitney, Carol 170- 557-554 Whitney, Clarence J. 170-317 Whitney, Edna 548 Whitney, Frank T 468 Whitney, Mabel 627 Whittemore, H. 326 Whittingham, Manfred G 178-242-420 Whitworth, George H. 401 Whitworth, John A.. .357- 401 Wible. Richard 408 Wicklund, Marie ....174 Wickware, Kenneth M 280-412 Widman, Evelyn G. ...93- 543 Widman, Margaret ..495 Widmer, Florence ...518 Wieman, Elton E 192- 405 Wigglesworth, Vera.,522 Wightman, Edgar 438 Wightman, Helen 548 Wike, Ralph A 170 Wilcox, Alice 522- 527-563 Wilcox, Albert P 282 Wilcox, Catherine 559 Wilcox, Cecil O. 425-450 Wilcox, Dorothy ....642 Wilcox, James D 393 Wilcox, Katherine. . . .491 Wilcox, Kenneth E...434 Wilcox, Leland C 416 Wilcox, William F...170- 351 Wild, Oscar F 463 Winslow, Dorothy H. 94- 561 Winslow, Harry E 446 Winsor, Carleton W..459 Winsor, Mrs. C. W...523 Winter, Hah E 94-542 Winter Robert C. ...281 Wile, Udo J 299- Winters D W 337 315-321-449-544 Wiley, Herbert C 278 Winters Mary 522 Winters, R. K 321 Wise Harriet ....540 Wilfeld, Marvin J 431 Wilgus Gay . ..543 Wise Herman .280 Wilgus, Horace L 448 Wiluus. Mrs. H. L...543 Wilkening, Friedel Wise Wilton 334 Wishart, Shelby W...454 Wishropi), Frieda. 528-645 Wiskinson A C 399 Wilkins, Margaret L. 538 Wilkins, Robert W. 390- 449 Wilkins, William J...462 Wilkinson M S ..470 Wisler C 298 Winner Frank H 410 Witham. Arthur H....423 Witherbee, Walter E. . 94 Witherspoon, Florence H - " ' " s Wilkinson, Scott E...459 Wilkoff, Arthur E 418 Will, Curt H 289- Witherspoon, John H . 198-404-470 Willard Frank H 342 Wittman, Lester G...94- 294-407 Wobrock, C. L 337 Wojeik Gene V .... 348 Willard, Hobart H...320- 400-466 Willard Violet ..523 Wolaver, Mrs. Earl.. 536 Wolaver Earl 404 Willet, Paul C 416 Williams Allan 413 Wolchok, Irwin B 430 Wolcott, Charles 409 Wolf Louis N 170 Williams, A. Hilliard 465 Williams, Bernice ...558 Williams Don 378 Wolfe, Clayton J.. 330-405 Wolfe Florence r 43 Williams, E. L 352 Williams, Grace 541 Wolf son Alvin 149 Williams, George H. 296- 293-317-463 Williams. Harold 376- 378-470 Williams. Howard E. 384- 446 Williams, Howard S. 280 Williams, Ludema . . . Williams Leon H . 453 Wollaeh E F 351 Wollenberger, Louis .94- 412 Wollin Earl F . . .178 Wolter Helen .381 Women ' s Activities. . .507 Women ' s Athletic Women ' s Athletics ..485 Women ' s Features ...473 Women ' s League . . . .508- 509-510 Women ' s Rifle Team 495 Women ' s Tennis Team 496 Williams, Leroy L 443 Williams, Marian ...542 Williams, Mary K 94- 335 Williams, M. Ruth.. 176- 548 Williams. N. R 455 Williams P C 523 Wong, D. B 345 Wong, Priscilla .345-560 Wong Thomas 344 Williams, Seward R..405 Williams, Wendel ...341 Williams, W. Hugh.. 465 Williamson, Mildred L 174 Wood Arthur E 405 Wood Emilie ..171 Wood, Eleanor M 546 Wills, David H. F 399 Wil ' son H S 399 517-522 Wood, Harold G. 426-460 Wood. J. Bennett 427 Wood Jerome W 403 Willson, Kathryn 526- 537 Wilmot, Francis E...278- 420 Wilson, Angeline 527 Wilson, Archibald 460 Wilson, Cassam A. ...390 Wilson, Esther 528 Wood Russell G 415 Wood W P ..320-466 Woodbridge, Mrs. Alice 543 Wnodburn. Arthur R 198-449 Wilson, Frank N....315- 449 Wilson, Gwendolyn . .516- 527 Wilson, Gaylord B. . .218- 400 Wilson, Harris T 325- .153-354-453 Wilson John L. .407 Woodburne, Russell T . 398 Woodhams, Mrs. Mil- dred 539 Woodhead A E ..321 Woodruff. Leo ' a .543-565 Woodruff. (Oxford De- bate Team) 371 Woodruff. W. Stuart 449 Woodward, Eliza- beth 535-537 Woodward. Emily 536 Woodward. Frances. . 51 1 Woodwell. Margaret. .532 Woodworth, Clara 542 Woodworth, Lilburn L 433 Wilson, Julia F 493- 528-550 Wilson J. King 394 Wilson, Lucy 375- 531-559 Wilson, Lawrence A. .412 Wilson, Pauline E...171- 530 Wilson, Paul R 462 Wilson. Ruth 1 94- Woody, Clifford. ..317-416 Woody, Mrs. Clifford 547 Wooldridge, Mary E. 171- 522 Woolfenden. H. L...284- 420 Woolfolk, Guy L 390 Wooster, Caroline. . .539- 559 Worcester, Tryphosa R 137-541 334 Wilson, Robert J 94- 305-393-453-470 Wilson, Steven F....212- 301-332-402 Wilson Sydney J 384 Wilson, W. W 325- 353-354-408 Wiltse. Cecil C 336 Wimberley, Lucy L. . . 94 Winans, Donald C 450 Winchell. Constance. .543 Winchell, P. Monroe.. 450 Winchell, William 402 Wincher, E. Robert.. 390 Wineman, Irene J...281- 555 Wineman. William J 281 Word. Gladys A 382 Word Warren A 446 Worden Beryl 460 Worden, Carl C 449 Worley, J. Kyle 400 Worley, J. S 399 Worley. Mrs. J. S 543 Worley, Marjorie B. 527 Worstell. Nathan A. ..412 Worton He ' en 491 Wines. Lev! I) 408 Winkler, Harold G...523- 453 Winkley Ruth 94 Wrestling Team 245 Wright, B. Donald. . .434 Wright, Beryl K 367- 382-432 Winner, Flojd V....380- 444 Wright, Genevieve ...94- 495-510 Wright. Max S 95 Wright. Theodore S. .463 Wright, Willis 402 Wu. C. F 345-353 Wu, T. M 345 Wu, Y. F 345-557 Wuerfel, Alice 375- 522-547 Wulfman, Eugene F. 451 Wykel, Andrew P 407 Wykes. Frederick K. 284- 426 Wykes, Roger I. 426-460 Wylie, Alexander E 149-444-470 Wysong, Wilbe W.... 95 Wyvern 526 X Xi Psi Phi 453 Y Yamagata, Walter K 346 Yang, K. S 345 Yates, Enoch A 453 Yates, E. Carroll 455 Yeakey, J. Clifford ..95- 4M Yeasting, J 353 Yee, Wei C 119-345 Yee, Wilkie 119-345 Yeh, Henry C 345 Yellaml, Harlan 404 Y.-rki ' s. Robert G....149- 398-448 Yetter, Mary E 554 Yoakum, Mrs. C. S. ..543 Yong, Soong 522 Yong, S. M 345 Yost, Fielding H 4-5- 191-257-258-294-399 Yost, Mrs. F. H 543 Yott, George F 119 Youmans, John B...299- 321-455 Young, Albert G 455 Young, Dorothy 559 Young, Frank L 460 Young, George 390 Young, Glenn W 435 Young, Helen R... 336-558 Young, Herman S. ...97- 119-298-314-331 Young James B.. 150-434 Young, L 470 Young, L. J 321- 337-340-400 Young, Lloyd B 457 Young, Paul N 119 Young, Richard D 424 Young, Mrs. T. J 547 Young. Walter C 403 Younge, C. Herbig. . . .448 Yu, F 345 Yuchi, N. L 345 Yutzy, Mrs. S. M 544 Y. W. C. A 512 z Zack, David P 95-436 Zamara, Charles J...348 Zandstra, Jay L 446 Zang, M. Lila 279- 616-546 Zapf, Rosalind 560 Zeigler, Dorothy M. 95-521 Zeisler, Karl F 286 Zeller, Carl N 188 Zeta Beta Tau 414 Zeta Psi 394 Zeta Tau Alpha 649 Zick, Francis G 445 Zidow, J. P 330 Ziegler, Edna 375 Zielinski, Edward F. 119-348 Ziesler, Fannie B 528 Ziliak, Alois L 455 Zimmer. Arnold B. ...119 Zimmerman, Daniel F 304-395 Zimmerman. G. K....405 Zimmer, Arnold B 331 Zinn, August K... 137-433 Zinn, Bernard F. .150-465 Zinn. Frank G.... 119-433 Ziv, Frederic W.. .284-418 Zivich, A. L 470 Ziwet, Alexander 406 Zoll, Howard S... 439-512 Zowski, S. J 296 Zuck, Harry.. 119-382-432 Zuck, Stanley F 432 Zumstein, R. V 623 Six hundred sixty-four THE CARGILL COMPANY, GRAND RAPIDS : ' THE

Suggestions in the University of Michigan - Michiganensian Yearbook (Ann Arbor, MI) collection:

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