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u 1 I O O oo ? Q taikrs OUR Special line of Foreign and Domestic Fabrics for the Spring and Summer of 1901 have arriv- ed and are arranged for inspection. The same care- ful attention is given to the style and finish of every Suit, whether to be used for business ' purposes or for full dress occasions G. II. WILD CO. 108 East Washington Street, INN ARBOR, MICHIGAN REKA ry and Ingraving House, nut Street, Philadelphia IG RECEPTION CARDS WEDDING INVITATIONS MONOGRAM AND ADDRESS DIES VISITING CARDS f DRY AND GENEALOGY feMS PAINTED FOR FRAMING. ablishment under the personal supervision of -t manner i a guarantee of the quality. ' , 4 ( D D. SPELLMAN :: PHOTOGRAPHER :: 242 WOODWARD AVE. DETROIT, men. Two Notable Books Relating to the Victorian Era are VICTORIAN POETS By E. C. STEDMAN. With Topical Analysis in Margin and full Analytical Index. Revised and extended. With an Introductor ' s Note relating to the last decade of the Nine- teenth Century. Crown 8vo, gilt top, $2.25; half calf, $3.50. The leading poets included in Mr. Stedman ' s survey are Tennyson, Landor, the Brownings, Hood Arnold, " Barry Cornwall, " Buchanan, Morris, Swinburne, and Kossetti. It also embraces very fully the minor poets and schools of the period, and with its copious notes and index forms a complete guide-book to the poetry of the Victorian era, A VICTOR AN ANTHOLOGY By E. C. STEDMAN. Selections illustrating the editor ' s critical review of British poetry in the reign of Victoria ( " Victorian Poets " ). With brief biographies of the authors quoted, a fine frontispiece portrait of Queen Victoria, and a vignette of the Poets ' Corner in Westminster Abbey. Large crown 8vo, 784 pages, gilt top, 2.50; full gilt, $3.00; half calf, 4.50; levant, or tree calf, $6.00. Sold by all Bookteders. Sent, postpaid, by HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN CO., Boston, Mass. ; A. H. PETTING MANUFACTURER OF Greek Letter Fraternity Jewelry 14 AND 16 ST. PAUL STREET, BALTIMORE, MD. Memorandum package sent to any fraternity member through the secretary of his Chapter. Special designs and estimates furnished on class pins, medals, rings, etc. 30 Michigan Jttcnuc, Detroit While the New building is being erected. When the new building is completed (about November ist) we ' ll occupy Nos. 32, 34 and 36 Michigan Avenue. We don ' t want to carry a single yard of cloth or a piece of clothing from the old place into the new one. Wont either, at these prices: Suits and Top Coats to order $13.50, $16, $18.50, $21 Full Dress and Tuxedo Suits to order - $3O, $35 $4O Trousers to order, all along between " 99C a leg " and $3.99 " a leg " flftl IIFN TAILOR AND CLOTHIER - -l i Temporarily 30 Michigan Ave., Detroit, Mich. W. C. KERN $t CO. Makers of COLLEGIATE CAPS, GOWNS and HOODS. Renting of CAPS and GOWNS A SPECIALTY. CLASS CANES, COLLEGE FLAGS, CLASS PIPES, COLLEGE PINS, COLLEGE SPECIALTIES. University, College, Academic and High School Goods Exclusively. All Goods Sent Express Prepaid jt Send for Catalogue. 411 E. Fifty-Seventh St., - Chicago HI. ARTHUR... Photographer DETROIT, MICH. I 1 1 I -t BAILEY, BANKS BIDDLE CO Chestnut and :: :: Twelfth Streets PHILADELPHIA DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF CLASS PINS, BADGES, MEDALS, FRATERNITY DEVICES, PRIZES AND STA- TIONERY FOR HOPS, RE- CEPTIONS AND GRADUA- TION j jt J. jt j. ji jt I He!$on, Baker $ Co. Pharmaceutical Cbeitli$t$ :: :: FLUID EXTRACTS, Standardized by Assay. SCALE EXTRACTS, definite and constant in strength. OFFICIAL TINCTURES, Syrups and Wines. MEDICINAL ELIXIRS; a full line GRANULAR EFFERVESCENT SALTS. SOLUBLE COATED DISCS, superior to coated Tablets. COMPRESSED TABLETS, plain and sugar coated. HYPODERMATIC TABLETS, readily soluble. PILLS and GRANULES, every variety. Laboratory fitted with every modern Appliance. New York Branch, No. J12 William Street Manufacturing Laboratory, Cor. Lafayette Brooklyn Aves-, Detroit MS1AH. ooooaa ismr. BOARD OF EDITORS $. Kl. Cadd, managing editor. 6. H. Blatt. Business manager. 0. C. marckwardt, Hssistant managing editor. E. D. flnderson, K C- Bunerfield, DIM 3. Dickinson, Katharine 6. Kinc, R. (K. Stevens, ttl. $. Baer, 3. E. Campbell, R. P. Rerdman, . B. Scbantz, J. K. (Ualdron. FACULTY . 23urhe Matron librarian 3 f ogepf) J , Bancc 1901 Ctjarleg CaDct 1903 Slpman 20. Curncc H. Co floyd R CHKISTIAN F. GAUSS. master at thy feet lav the gathered names and go away Ualueless, save what may be Left of our memory with thee. m sick men watch the tawny fields toss, through small panes and ripening yields Start longings in weak feet to stand Out in the bright glad summer land. So is it with u$; time was sweet, But the wind ' s rumour in the wheat now vexes us and we would go Into the world ' s wide gardens; lo, H brief bright while we lingered here, IDild Jfpril came and Spring stood near ; ttle heard the pulpy fruit drop down, matched Winter whiten o ' er the town. Unvaunting, brave and true, small praise iUc bring thee for filled yesterdays, But for thy sake go with glad will, Tor thee, a little linger still. find this poor gift we leave to thee, test going all our memory be :H$ in wide hearths a quenched, dead spark, H dust blown up into the dark. FLOYD R MECHEM. Professor rioijd R. Mechem. BY HENRY C. ADAMS. T LAWYER and not an economist should have been selected to write - this sketch. Professor Mechem ' s contributions to legal literature, while by no means a measure of his activities, are the most visible expression of his life, and comment from a layman seems out of place. I can, however, bring- together a list of Professor Mechem ' s writings, and, after all is said and done, what more worthy testimonial of the success of a scholar ' s life can there be than a simple statement of his contribu- tions to his chosen science? A personal narrative is quickly told. Professor Floyd R. Mechem was born in the State of New York on the 9th of May, 1558. Removing, with his family to Michigan, his boyhood was spent as is the boyhood of most American youths whose expectations rest upon the conscious- ness that success in life depends upon their own effort. Work upon the farm, the keeping of books, a clerkship, and other like occupations, were tasks which he assumed while gaining from the common schools all they had to offer. In 1874 he enrolled himself as a student in the High School of Ann Arbor and remained there until 1875, supporting himself meantime by whatever form of remunerative labor came to hand. Upon leaving the High School Professor Mechem did not find it possible to pursue his studies in the Literary Department of the Uni- versity or to enter upon his legal studies by enrollment in the Law Department. Being under the necessity of making his own way, he spent some time in teaching school, devoting his evenings to the reading of law. He was admitted to the bar at Marshall in 1879 and began practice at Battle Creek, having formed a partnership with Mr. Wadleigh, the gentleman by whom his legal studies were directed. During the eight years that followed he gave himself unreservedly to the practice of his chosen profession. He served four terms as City Attorney, and in 1882 declined a nomination for Prosecuting Attorney of Calhoun County. Although his success as a practitioner was assured, the character of the legal practice which came to him in Battle Creek does not seem to have permitted the exercise of that keen power of analysis which has since secured for him an enduring reputation, and it may have been this sense of mental confinement which induced him, in 1887, to remove to Detroit where he established the firm of Mechem Beaumont. The Detroit venture was eminently successful, but this fact is relatively less significant, as bearing upon Professor Mechem ' s subsequent career, than the fact now to be narrated. It was recognized by the bar that no book existed adequate to the needs of the practitioner upon the general question of Agency. Professor Mechem undertook to supply this need, and in 1889 published his work entitled " A Treatise on the Law of Agency. " It is not common for reviewers of law publications to speak with discrimination, or with more than perfunctory praise, of the books which they review. Professor Mechem ' s " Agency " , however, met with a different reception. The following is quoted from the Harvard Law Review: " The author has very carefully classified the different branches of " the law under discussion, and divided and subdivided its topics in a " most admirable manner; in fact, one is almost led to believe that the " law can be reduced to an exact science after reading Mr. Mechem ' s " simple though exhaustive classification of the law of agency. " The reception of this work by the American bar encouraged Pro- fessor Mechem to undertake other treatises. In 1890 a second book made its appearance, namely, " A Treatise on the Law of Public Offices and Officers. " This was an entirely new work and at the time of its appear- ance was the only treatise, English or American, upon this important subject. In 1891 appeared Professor Mechem ' s revision of " Hutchins on Carriers. " This was more than a revision, for the original treatise was enlarged by one-half. Then followed four publications, compilations of cases, upon " The Law of Agency " 1893, " The Law of Damages " 1893 (second edition, 1898), " The Law of Succession " 1895, and " The Law of Partnerships " 1896. The ' ' Elements of the Law of Partnership " appeared in 1899 and his little book entitled " Outline of the Law of Agency " , being in the main, Professor Mechem ' s lectures upon that subject before the students of the University, was published in 1901. For several years Professor Mechem has been engaged in the preparation of a comprehensive work upon " Sales " , a work which, when it appears, will come into competition with Benjamin on Sales, and respecting which his brethren in the profession have high expectations. The above list of titles, which includes none of his numerous contributions to magazines, evidences an unusual activity in the field of authorship, and is of itself adequate to secure for Professor Mecbem an honorable place i n the development of legal science. Professor Mechem early showed his interest in education. He was instrumental in the organization of the Detroit College of Law. In 1891 he was called to the University of Michigan to fill the Tappan Professor- ship of Law, and the thousands of students who have since sat under his instruction are hearty in their approval of his choice to follow the calling of a teacher rather than to continue the practice of his profession. For some time he had charge of the " Practice Court " , that feature of the Michigan Law School which has done so much to fit students for quick success in their chosen profession, but at present he confines his attention to instruction in " The Science of Jurisprudence " , " Damages " , " Taxa- tion " , " Partnership " and " The Administration and Distribution of the Estates of Deceased Persons. " No one can be long with Professor Mechem, or see him in familiar intercourse with his students, without being impressed with his person- ality. His easy appreciation of the difficulties which students encounter, his keen sympathy with their ambitions, and his ability to encourage what is best in their ideals, are perhaps the explanation of that strong and helpful influence which he exerts upon the student body. Nor is this influence confined to the Law Department. One who knows the trend of sentiment regarding University matters can not fail to recognize a marked development, during past years, in the direction of a single comprehen- sive university idea broad enough to embrace all departments of the University. This is indicated, among other things, in the joint courses that have been established between the Literary and Professional Depart- ments. Professor Mechem has always stood strongly for this idea and no member of the Law Department has been more ready than he to give thought and counsel for its realization. Another tendency which marks the development of the University, is its effort to adjust instruction to the needs of practical life without destroying the culture and scholarship which a university education ought to bestow. With this tendency, also, Professor Mechem has always identified himself, as is evidenced by the interest he has shown during the past year in the establishment of a course in " Higher Commercial Education. " There is perhaps no man on the Campus whose attitude of mind more clearly represents the healthful trend of education at the University of Michigan than does that of Professor Mechem. In bringing- to a close this hasty sketch I can not do better than quote the advice which Professor Mechem recently gave to the students of the Law Department respecting " The Study of the Law " , for this advice is pertinent not only to the particular class of students whom he addressed, but to all who aim at the attainment of scholarly proficiency in any branch of investigation, or of the highest success in any profes- sional occupation. The nomenclature is special, the principle which speaks through this nomenclature is universal. " To recapitulate, I would venture to suggest that the student endeavor: I. " To so analyze and classify his work that he may see, as far as possible, the true relation of each subject to the others. II. ' ' To ascertain and make his own, not the mere language of the rules laid down, but the reason of the rule the fundamental idea or principle which gave it birth. III. " To so associate each principle with some leading case in which it was applied that the principle itself shall be to him not a mere abstraction but a living force operating upon actual facts in such wise as to at once suggest the manner and the limit of its application. " JAMES B. ANGELL, LL.D., PRESIDENT. HON. HERMAN KIEFER, HON. FRANK W. FLETCHER, HON. ROGER W. BUTTERFIELD, HON. GEORGE A. FARR, HON. WILLIAM J. COCKER, HON. CHARLES D. LAWTON, HON. HENRY S. DEAN, HON. ELI R. SUTTON, Detroit, Alpena, Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, Adrian, Ltiwton, Ann Arbfir, . Detroit, JAMES H. WADE, SECRETARY. HARRISON SOULE, TREASURER, HON. DEL.OS FALL, SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION, (Office at Lansing.) TERM EXPIRES. December 31, 1901 " 1901 " 1903 " 1903 1905 1905 1907 1907 CHE University of Michigan is a part of the public educational system of the State. The governing body of the institution is a Board of Regents, elected by popular vote for terms of eight years, as provided in the Constitution of the State. In accordance with the law of the State, the University aims to complete and crown the work that is begun in the public schools, by furnishing ample facilities for liberal education in literature, science, and the arts, and for thorough professional study of engineering, medicine, pharmacy, law, and dentistry. Through the aid that has been received from the United States and from the State, it is " enabled to offer its privi- leges, with only moderate charges, to all persons of either sex, who are qualified for admission. While Michigan has endowed her University primarily for the higher education of her own sons and daughters, it must be understood that she also opens the doors of the institution to all students, wherever their homes. It is in this broad, generous, and hospitable spirit, that the University has been founded, and that it endeavors to do its work. University Calendar. Summary of Students. Department of Literature, Science, and the Arts Graduates, Undergraduates, etc., . Department of Engineering. Graduates, Undergraduates, etc., . Department of Nedicine and Surgeni. Graduates and Undergraduates, Department of Law. Graduates, Undergraduates, etc., School of Pharmacy. Graduates, Undergraduates, etc., . Homoeopathic Medical College. Graduates, Undergraduates, etc., . ... College of Dental Surgery. Graduates and Undergraduates, ... Total, exclusive of Summer Schools, 1,361 357 529 827 71 72 270 3,487 JAMES B. ANGELL, LL.D., T, PRESIDENT, South University Avenue. ALBERT B. PRESCOTT, M.D., LL.D., t : , Director of the Chemical Laboratory, Professor of Organic Chemistry, and Dean of the School of Pharmacy. 734 South Ing-alls Street. REV. MARTIN L. D ' OOGE. LL.D., T, Professor of the Greek Language and Literature. 523 Washtenaw Avenue. CHARLES E. GREENE, A.M., C.E., Professor of Civil Engineering and Dean of the Depart- ment oj Engineering. 415 East William Street. JONATHAN TAFT, M.D., D.D.S., Professor of the Principles and Practice of Oral Pathology and Surgery, and Dean of tlte College of Dental Surgery. 907 North University Avenue. WILLIAM H. PETTEE, A.M., Professor of Mineralogy, Economic Geology, and Mining Engineering. 554 Thompson Street. JOHN A. WATLING, D.D.S., Professor of Operative and Clinical Dentistry. 121 North Huron Street, Ypsilanti. ISAAC N. DEMMON, LL.D., Professor of English and Rhetoric. 1432 Washtenaw Avenue. WILLIAM H. DORRANCE, D.D.S., A 2 A, Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry and Dental Metallurgy. 700 South Ing-alls Street. ALBERT H. PATTENGILL, A.M., A A , Professor of Greek. 1405 Hill Street. MORTIMER E. COOLEY, M.E., 2 , Professor of Mechanical Engineering. 534 South State Street. WILLIAM J. HERDMAN, M.D., LL.D., A A 1 , Professor of Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System, and of Electrotherapeutics. 328 East Huron Street. WOOSTEK W. BEMAN, A.M., Profisxor ,,f Mathematics. 813 East Kingsley Street. VICTOR C. VAUGHAN, LL.D.. M.D., N 2 X. X. Professor of J - MK i,l I ' lii siolo ica Chemistry, Director of the Hygienic Laboratory, mid Duni nf lln l m i-tnu nt nf Medicine and Surgery. 221 South State Street. CHARLES S. DENISON, M.S., C.E., 2 l , 1 ' rofessor nf Di script ire Geometry, Stereotomy, md Drawing. 502 East Huron Street. HENRY S. CARHART, LL.D., T, I) K. Profissor of I ' ltysics unit Din-dor of the Phy- steal Laboratory. 521 Monroe Street. RAYMOND C. DAVIS, A.M., A K E, Librarian. 521 Church Street. VOLNEY M. SPALDING, Ph.D., Professor of Botany. 548 Thompson Street. HENRY C. ADAMS, LL.D., Professor of Political Economy and Finance. 1421 Hill Street. RICHARD HUDSON, A.M., Professor of History and Dean of the Department of Lit ratr . Science, and Hie Art . 1023 Oakland Avenue. BRADLEY M. THOMPSON, M.S., LL.B., A K E, A l , Jay Professor of Law. 539 East University Avenue. ALBERT A. STANLEY, A.M., Professor of Music. 908 South University Avenue. FRANCIS W. KELSEY, Ph.D., T, Professor of the Latin Laiu wa e and Literature. Absent on leave. JEROME C. KNOWLTON, A.B., LL.B., . t, A ! , Marslutll Professor of LUH: 1429 Hill Street. CHARLES B. NANCREDE, M.D., LL.D., N 2 N, Professor of Sitruery and Clinical Snnj- ery in the Department of Medicine- and Suiyi 720 South University Avenue. FLEMMING CARROW, M.D., N 2 N, Professor of Ophthalmic and Aural Sun try mid Clinical Ophikedmoloyy in the Department of Medicine and Surgery. 345 East Huron Street. OTIS C. JOHNSON, Ph.C., A.M., Professor of Applied Chemist nj. 730 South Thayer Street. PAUL C. FREER, Ph.D., M.D., Professor of General Chemistry and Dindor of tin Laliora- tory of General Chemistry. 1410 Hill Street. JAMES N. MARTIN, Ph.M., M.D., A T A, Hates I ' rofissor of tin IHsiasts nf ' om n and ( ' hildn n in the Department of Medicine and ,Sr; ry. 216 North State Street. NELVILLE S. HOPF, D.D.S., A 2 A, Professor of Dental Materia Mi;,;, ,,,i,l ,, Mechanism. 603 South State Street. GEORGE DOCK, A.M., M.D., N 2 N, Professor (if the Theory and Practice of Medicine and ( ' linicul Medicine, und of Putlwlnyy, in the Department of Medicine mid Suryi-i-y. 1014 Cornwell Place. ANDREW C. MCLAUGHLIN, A.M., LL.B., A A , Professor of American His tory. 836 Tappan Street. JOSEPH B. DAVIS, C.E., Professor of Geodesy and Sun-eying. 731 South Ingalls Street. ASAPH HALL, JR., Ph.D., Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Obserrutory. Observatory. ISRAEL C. RUSSELL, C.E., LL.D., Professor of Geology. 1703 Hill Street. WARREN P. LOMBARD, A.B., M.D., Professor of Physiology. 805 Oxford Street. FLOYD R MECHEM, A.M.. A !, Tappan Professor of Law. 1402 Hill Street. JACOB E. REIGHARD, Ph.B., A Y, Professor of Zoology and Director- of the Zoological Laboratory und the Zonloyivid Museum. 1227 Washtenaw Avenue. THOMAS C. TRUEBLOOD, A.M., Professor of Elocution and Oratory. 1024 Hill Street. JAMES A. CRAIG, Ph.D., Processor of Semitic Languages and Literal m-rs and Hellenistic Greek. 1328 Washtenaw Avenue. OTTO KIRCHNER, A.M., A , Professor of Lair. Detroit. ARTHUR R. CUSHNY, A.M., M.D., N 2 N, Professor of Materia Medica and in tin I h- inn-Intent of Medicine and Surgery. 1002 Cornwell Place. JOHN C. ROLFE, Ph.D.. Professor of Latin. 1400 Hill Street. J. PLAYFAIR McMURHICH, Ph.D., N 2 N, Professor of Anatomy and Director of the Aiiiitoinical Laboratory. 1701 Hill Street. HARRY B. HUTCHINS, LL.D.,- A A , A l , Professor of Line and Dean of the Depnrt- ni nt of Law. 508 Monroe Street. THOMAS A. BOGLE, LL.B.. A J , Professor of Law in Charge of the Practice Court. 1510 Hill Street. WILBERT B. HINSDALE, A.M., M.D., MSA, Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine, Dean of the Homoeopathic Medical College., and Director of the University Hospital (Homoeopathic), (ill Forest Avenue. ROYAL S. COPELAND, A.M.. M.D.. M 1 A, Professor of Ophthalmology, Otology, and Pcedology in the Homoeopathic Medical Collage, and Secretary of the Faculty of the Homoeopathic College. 407 North Ing-alls Street. ROBERT M. WENLEY, Sc.D., D.Phil., 11 K, Professor of Philosophy. 509 East Madison Street. ELIZA M. MOStffiR, M.D., A K I, Professor of Hygiene, and Women ' s Dean in the Dejunl- ntent of Literature, Science, andthe Arts. 1215 Volland Street. WILLIS A. DEWEY, M.D., M 2 A, Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutic in the Homoeopathic Medical College. 809 East Catherine Street. GEORGE HE.V1PL, Ph.D., Professor of English Philology and General Linguistics. 1033 East University Avenue. VICTOR H. LANE, C.E., LL.B., Fletcher Professor of Law and Lair Librarian. 715 Forest Avenue. JAMES H. BREWSTER, Ph.B., LL.B., Professor of Conveyancing. 902 Baldwin Avenue. HORACt; L. WILGUS, M.S., A 4 , Professor of Lau: 1547 Washtenaw Avenue. ELI AS F. JOHNSON, B.S., LL.M.. A t , Professor of Law and Secretary of the Faculty of the Department of Law. 1017 North University Aveuue. CLAUDIUS B. KINYON, M.D., Professor of Obstetric and Gynaecology in the Jlonm-o alhic Medical College. 914 Hill Street. AARON V. McALVAY. A.B., LL.B.. Z t, 1 A J , Professor of Law. Manistee. ARTHUR G. CANFIELD, A.M., Professor of Romance Languages. 1036 Oakland Avenue. FREDERICK G. NOVY, Sc.D., M D., N 2 N, Junior Professor of Hygiene and Physiological Chemistry. . Forest Avenue. EDWARD D. CAMPBELL, B.S., Junior Professor of Analytical Chemistry. 1555 Washtenaw Avenue. FRED M. TAYLOR, Ph.D., 2 X, Junior Professor of Political Economy and Finance. o-. ' 7 Church Street. FRED N. SCOTT, Ph.D., Junior Professor of Rhetoric. 1351 Washtenaw Avenue. ALEXANDER ZIWET. C.E., Junior Professor of Mathematics. 644 South Ing-alls Street. GEORGE W. PATTERSON, JR., Ph.D., T, Junior Professor of Physics. 814 South University Avenue. FREDERICK C. NEWCOMBE, Ph.D., Junior Professor of Botany. 1021 East University Avenue. ALLEN S. WHITNEY, A.B., li B n, Junior Professor of the Science and the Art of Teach- ing, and Inspector of Schools. 620 South State Street. G. CARL HUBER, M.D., N S N, Junior Professor of Anatomy, Director of the Histologieal Laboratory, and Secretary of the Faculty of the Department of Medicine and Surgery. 333 East Ann Street. JOHN O. REED, Ph.D., Junior Professor of Physics. 909 Lincoln Avenue. ALFRED H. LLOYD, Ph D., Junior Professor of Philosophy. 1735 Washtenaw Avenue. HERBERT C. SADLER, B.S., Junior Professor of Naval Architecture. 523 East Madison Street. KEENE FIT ZPATRICK, Director of the Waterman Gymnasium. 719 East University Avenue. PAUL R. DE PONT, A.B.. B.S., Assistant Professor of French, Registrar of Hie Department of Literature, Science, and the Arts, and Registrar of the Department of Engineering. 509 East Jefferson Street. JOSEPH H. DRAKE, Ph.D., A T, Assistant Professor of Latin. 632 Forest Avenue. ALVISO B. STEVENS, Ph.C., X, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy. 915 Oakland Avenue. JOSEPH L. MARKLEY, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics. 912 Forest Avenue. MAX WINKLER, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of German. 1328 Washtenaw Avenue. MORITZ LEVI, A.B., Assistant Professor of French. Israel Avenue. JULIUS O. SCHLOTTERBECK, Ph.D., X, Assistant Professor of Pharmacognoxt and Botany. 1319 Israel A venue. ERNST MENSEL, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of German. 721 Monroe Street. EARLE W. DOW, A.B., B 6 n, Assistant Professor of History. 545 Thompson Street. CHARLES H. COOLEY, Ph.D., A K E, Assistant I ' rofrxxor of Soc olo, , . 703 Forest Avenue. ALFRED S. WARTHIN, Ph.D., M.D., t r . Assistant Professor of Pathology in the I inirlntei of Medicine und Kuryi . 924 Baldwin Avenue. LOUIS P. HALL, D.D.S., A 1 Assistant Professor of Dental Anatomy, Operatic ' Tech- nique, and Cliniail Operative Dentistry. 1530 Hill Street. MOSES GOMBERG, Sc.D., Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry. 1101 East University Avenue. JOHN R. ALLEN, M.E.. Assistant Professor qf Mechanical Engineering 226 South tngalls Street. BENJAMIN P. BOURLAND, Ph.D., A A , Ax ixltnd Professor of French. 545 Thompson Street. KARL E. GUTHE, Ph.D., Axsictiint Pmfexxor of Physics. Absent on leave. GEORGE REBEC, Ph.D., Ax i tant Professor of I ' hiliixophi . 1003 Packard Street. WALTER B. PILLSBURY, Ph.D.. Assistant Pmffssttr of Philosophy and JHni-tor of the 1 ' xi choloi li-itl l.alioratorii. 1228 South University Avenue. EDWIN C. GODDARD, Ph.B., LL.B., Axsi tnt I ' ,-ofi. or of Lair. 1308 Geddes Avenue. WILLIAM F. BREAKEY, M.D., Lecturer on Dermatology. 402 East Huron Street. GEORGE O. HIGLEY, M.S., Instructor in General (. ' hi ' mintry. Absent on leave. SIMON M. YUTZY, M.D., Instructor l Osteology and Demoni trat!i-i Anatntiiy. 320 South State Street. DAVID M. LJCHTY, M.S., Instructor in General Chtniistri . 922 Olivia Avenue. JOtlN R. EFFINGER, JR., Ph.D., K , A I , Instructor in French. 1430 Hill Street. CLARENCE G. WRENTMORE. M.S., Instructor in Discriiilin i,o,,n try n,nl 923 Forest Avenue. TOBIAS DIEKHOFF, Ph.D., Instructor in (ii nnan. 219 Packard Street. CLARENCE L. MEADER, Ph.D., A T, Instructor in Latin. 627 South Thayer Street. ARTHUR G. HALL, B.S., Instructor in Mathematics. Absent on leave. JAMES W. GLOVER, Ph.D., Instructor in Mathematics. 1312 Geddes Avenue. LOUIS A. STRAUSS, Ph.D., Instructor in English. 714 East University Avenue. HERBERT ,T. GOULDING. B.S., Instructor in Descriptive Geometry and Drawing. 924 Forest Avenue. VICTOR E. FRANCOIS, Instructor in French. 924 Cornwell Place. PERRY F. TROWBRIDGE, Ph.B., Instructor in Organic Chemistry and Accountant in the Chemical Laboratory. 226 South Observatory Street. WILLIAM H. BUTTS, A.M , Instructor in Mathematics. 922 South State Street. HENRY A. SANDERS, Ph.D., Instructor in Latin. 633 Church Street. FRED P. JORDAN, A.B., Assistant in the General Library in Charge of Catalogue. 923 Olivia Avenue. BYRON A. FINNEY, A.B., Assistant in the General Library in Charge of Circulation. 849 Tappan Street. HAMILTON REEVE, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. 010 South State Street. Non-Resident Instructors in the Summer School of 1900. CHARLES A DAVIS, A M , Instructor in Geology. Alma. WILLIAM H. MUNSON, B.S., Instructor in Zoology. Hillsdale. WILBUR C. ABBOTT, Instructor in History. Hanover, N. H. CHARLES B. SCOTT. A.M., Instructor in Nature Study. San Juan, Porto Rico. Non-Resident Lecturers on Special Topics for 1 0.9,9- two. JOHN B. CLAYBURG, LL.B., A X, Lecturer on Mining Lair. Helena, Montana. MELVILLE M. BIGELOW, Ph.D., A l , Lecturer on Lisuranci. Cambridge, Mass. HKNRY H. SWAN, A.M., . +, t A -l , Ln-lun r on Admiralty Law. Detroit. OSCAR R. LONG, M.D., Lecturer on Mental Dim asis in tlie Homeeoputhic Medical College. Ionia. FRANK F. REED, A.B., A A , i A l , Lecturer on Copyright Lair mid the, Law of Trail ' Mnrkx. Chicago, 111. ALBERT H. WALKER, LL.B., ! A ! , Lecturer on I ' utent Law. New York, N. Y. WILLIAM M. EDWARDS, M.D., La-lm-i r on Inximili in tin Il ' i uilim nt of Muliciin and Kalamazoo. EDMUND A. CHRISTIAN, A.B., M.D., Lecturer on Insanity in the Department of Medicint mid ,S (; ( . Pontiac. JAMES D. MUNSON, M.D. , Ln-tm-i i- in Imutnity in the Department of Medicine and tiurycry. Traverse City. HENRY B. BAKER, A.M., M.D., Lecturer on the Administration of limit . Laws. Lansing. WILLIAM A. POLYGLASE, M.D., Lecturer on Ferrous Diseases in the IIo nn ' i iiliif Medical College. Lapeer. DALLAS BONDEMAN, M.S., Lecturer on Statute Law. Kalamazoo. LYMAN E. COOLEY, C.E., Lecturer on the Inilnxtrinl Slyui.ticance of Ship Canals. Chicago, 111. ROBERT T. HILL, B.S., Lecturer on the Commercial Significance of the West Indies for the United States. Washington, D. C. EDWARD D. JONES, Ph.D., Lecturer on the Ind-uxtrial -Resources of the United States. Madison, Wis. OLIVER M. W. SPRAGUE, Ph.D., Lecturer on International IHrixiaii of Labor. Cambridge, Mass. THOMAS L. GREENE, Lecturer on the Function of Finance in Industriid. Organization. New York. GEORGE C. CHAMBERLAIN, M D., Lecturer on Insanity in the Department of Medicine, tnd Surgery. Other Appointments for 1900-1901. PERRY W. CORNUE, M D ., Acting Professor of Surgery in the Homoeopathic Medical College. Ypsilanti. JOHN A. FAIRLIE, Ph.D., ! B K, Assistant Professor of Admin 1st rntire Law. 524 South State Street. WILLIAM L. MIGGETT, B.S., Superintendent of Engineering Ship . 831 East Jefferson Street. VICTOR C. VAUGHAN, M.D., LL.D., N 2 N, X, Lecturer on Toxicology in its Legal .Relations in the Department of Law. 221 South State Street. HENRY C. ADAMS, LL.D., lecturer on the Railroad Problem in the Department of Law. 1421 Hill Street. ANDREW C. MCLAUGHLIN, A.M., LL.B., A A , Lecturer on Constitutional Law and Constitutional History in the Department of Law. 836 Tappan Street. RICHARD HUDSON, A.M., Lecturer on Comparative Constitutional Liar in the J)epartment of Law. 1023 Oakland Avenue. WILLIAM J. HERDMAN, M.D., LL.D., A A ! , Lecturer on Neurology, Electrology and Railroad Injuries in the Department of Law. 328 East Huron Street. JOSEPH H. DRAKE, Ph.D., A T, Lecturer on Roman Law in the Department of Law. 632 Forest Avenue. CYRKNUS G. DARLING, M.D., Lecturer on Genito-Urinary and Minoi- Surgery and Demonstrator of Surgery in the Department of Medicine and Suri r; . and Clini - d Lecturer on Oral Pathology and Surgery in the College of Dental Surgery. 62U East University Avenue. JOHN W. DWYER, LL.M., Instructor in Law. 721 East Kingsley Street. WILLIAM H. WAIT, Ph.B., B 8 II, B K, Instructor in Greek, Latin, and Samkrit. 904 Olivia Avenue. HERBERT H. WAITE, A.B., X, N 2 N, Instructor in Bacteriology, and Dispensing Cl rk in the Hygienic Laboratory. " 09 North University Avenue. WARREN W. FLORER, Ph.D., A T A, Instructor in German. 517 East Washington Street. ALFRED H. WHITE, A.B., Instructor in Clttmica.l Ticlinoloi i . 413 East Liberty Street. CARROLL D. JONES, E.E.. Instructor in Electrical Kitijintirina. 126 Packard Street. JOHN S. P. TATLOCK, A.M., Instructor in English. 701 South Ingalls Street. ALICE G. SNYDER, A E I, Instructor in the Burbour Gymnasium. 307 North State Street. S. LAWRENCE BIGELOW, Ph.D., Instructor in General Clumistry. 1526 Hill Street. JAMES B. POLLOCK, Sc.D., Instructor in Botany. 523 Packard Street. EWALD BOUCKE, Ph.D., Instructor in (it rmau. 808 South State Street. JOHN R. ROOD, LL.B.. Instructor in Lan-. 1133 Forest Avenue. SHIRLEY W. SMITH, B.L., Instructor in English. 901 Forest Avenue. HUGO P. THIEME, Ph.D., Instructor in English. 1209 East University Avenue. GEORGE L. GRIMES, B.S.. Instructor in Mechanical Engineering. 214 South Thayer Street. HERBERT S. JENNINGS, Ph.D.. Instructor in Zoology. 1109 East University Avenue. CHRISTIAN F. GAUSS, A.M., K S, Instructor in French. 544 Thompson Street. JAMES R. ARNEIL, A.B., M.D., N 2 N. Instructor in Internal Mnlicinc and Demonstrator of Clinical Medicine in the Dejiartnn nt of Mttlirini anil Surgery. 1034 East Huron Street. BENJAMIN F. BAILEY, A.M., Instructor in Elect rot la r,i H ntics. 924 East Ann Street. ROBERT C. BOURLAND, A.B., M.D.. A A 4-, N 2 N, Instructor in A 803 East Kingsley Street. - r- EUGENE C. SULLIVAN, Ph.D., Instmcto, in Anal;itical I ' ln ' titistri . 1218 South University Avenue. HENRY C. ANDEKSON, M.E., Instructor in Mechanical Kni imi ring. 313 East Jett ' erson Street. ARTHUR L. CROSS, Ph.D., A T, Instructor in History. G10 South State Street. GEORGE A. HULETT, Ph.D., Instructor in General Chetnistrii. 1218 South University Avenue. SAMUEL J. HOLMES, Ph.D., Instructor in Zoology. 609 Monroe Street. JONATHAN A. C. HILDNER. Ph.D., Instructor in German. 214 Packard Street. JOHN DIETERLE, A.B., Instructor in German. 221 West Liberty Street. CHARLES M. WILLIAMS. Instructor in the Waterman Gymnasium. 411 East University Avenue. KARL W. GENTHE, Ph.D., Instructor in Zoology. 900 South State Street. ALICE L. HUNT, Instructor in Drawimj. 218 South Thayer Street. DUANE R. STUART, A.B., Instructor in Latin, 513 Elm Street. FREDERICK L. DUNLAP, Ph.D., Instructor in General Chemistry. 616 Church Street. EDWARD B. ESCOTT, B.S., Instructor in Mathematics. 918 South State Street. WILLIAM MARSHALL, M.S., Instructor in Mathematics. 621 Forest Avenue. HERBERT D. CARRINGTON, Ph.D., Instructor in German. 1216 South University Avenue. GEORGE K. BURGESS, B.S., Instructor in Physics. 802 Oakland Avenue. CARL F. A. LANGE, A.M., A T, Instructor in German. 720 South Twelfth Street. FRED MAYGREEN, B.S., Instructor in Civil Engineering. 709 Church Street. WALTER B. FORD, A.M., Instructor in Mathematics!. 718 Monroe Street. CHARLES BAIRD, A.B., Director of Outdoor Athletics. 1132 Washtenaw Avenue. JAMES G. LYNDS, M.D., Demonstrator of ( l,slit, ! . and Diseases of Women. 227 South State Street. .JAMES P. BRIGGS, Ph.C., I ' harmacist in the 1 ' ninrs ' itii Hospital. University Hospital. JEANNE C. SOLIS, M.D., A E I, Demonstrator of Xerrous Diseases and of Electrotliera- tifs in tin Department of Medici in " ml Sinyi . " 09 West Huron Street. NORMAN A. WOOD, Taxidermist. 1216 South University Avenue. D. MURRAY COWIE, M.D.. First Assistant in Internal Medicine in the Department of Mnlicine and Kuryeri . 546 Packard Street. AUGUSTUS E. GUKNTHER, B.S., Assistant in Physioloyy. 507 Elm Street. CHARLES L. BLISS, B.S.. Assistant ii I ' hiisioloyical Chemistry. 407 East University Avenue. HENRY O. SEVERANCE, A.M., Assistant in tin (, ' , ral Lihrarii. 403 North State Street. THEOPHIL KLINGMANN, Ph.C., M.D., Assistant to tin- I ' i-oi ' iss n- f I isisisoftlicMind mill Xi i -runs St xti in and of Electrotherapeutics in t ic Department of Mnlirine and Sm-yery 526 South Ashley Street. HKRBRRT E. SARGENT, B.S., Curator of tin Museum. 609 Monroe Street. THOMAS B. COOLEY, AB , M.D., A K K, N i X, Assistant in lli yiene. 303 South Division Street. HAROLD M. DOO LITTLE. X 2 X, Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy. 1027 East Huron Street. JAMES F. BREAKEY, M.D., X +, X 2 X, Assistant in Dermatology. 727 South State Street. LYDIA M. DEWITT. B.S., M.D., Assistant In llistoloy, . 925 North University Avenue. ROBERT B. HOWELL. D.D.S.. D mo,,st,-ator of Dental Mechanism in the Colhy, ,,f Dental Sitryi I ' : . 907 North University Avenue. FREDERICK A. BALDWIN, M.D., Assistant in I ' atholoyy in tin: Di inn-Inn tit of Medicine a ml Sni-yi rii. 851 Tappan Street. CHARLES W. JOHNSON, Ph.C., Assistant in Qualitative Chemistry. 410 South State Street. LEON J. COLE, Assistant in Zoology. 703 Church Street. ALPHONSO M. CLOVER. B.S., Assistant in General Chemistry. 407 East University Avenue. WILLIAM H. HUTCHINGS, B.L., M.D., N S N, Second Assistant in Surgery in the Depart- ment of Medicine and Surgery. 816 Tappan Street. JOHN J. MERSEN, A.M., M.D., First Assistant to the Kates Professor of the Dia-mu ' s of Women and Children in the Department of Medicine and Swg r; . 336 South State Street. EDWARD A. WILLIS, Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy. 1114 South University Avenue. CONRAD GEORG, JR., A.B., M.D., First Assistant in Surgery in the Department of Medicine and Surgery. 347 South Main Street. DEAN W. MYERS, M.D., Assistant to the Professor of Ophthalmology, Otology, and Ptedol- ogy in thv Homoeopathic Medical College. 345 South Division Street. FLOYD E. WESTPALL, M.D., House Physician in the University Hospital (Homoeopathic). University Hospital (Homoeopathic). OVIDUS A. GRIFFIN, B.S., M.D., Demonstrator of Ophthalmic and Oral Surgery and Clinical Ophthalmology and Otology in the Department of Medicine and Surgery. 812 East Washington Street. JOHN W. SLAUGHTER, A.B.. B.D., Assistant in Philosophy. 508 North Division Street. HARRIK N. COLE, Assistant in Qualitative Chemistry. 703 Church Street. FRED L. WOODS, Assistant in Quantitative Chemistry. 036 East University Avenue. NORMAN F. HARRIMAN, Assistant in Chemical Technology. 1025 Spring- Street. RAYMOND PEARL, A.B., K , l li K, Assistant in Xoology. Cll Church Street. ELM A CHANDLER, Assistant in Jiotany. 1320 Geddes Avenue. HOWARD S. REED, Assistant in the liotanical Laboratory. 616 East Huron Street. RICHARD D. T. HOLLISTER, Assistant In tin Museum. 207 South Observatory Street. EUGENE S. GILMORE, Superintendent of the Unirersiti Hospital. 811 East Ann Street. RUSSELL E. ATCHISON. M.D., Superintendent tf the Vnirersiti Hospital fHomce opaihicJ. University Hospital (Homoeopathic). HARLOW S. PERSON, A.M.. Quizmaster mi the Commercial Courses. 708 Church Street JOHN S. McELLIGOTT, Ph.B., Quizmaster on Economics. 1311 Wilmot Street. BERT K. VAN NATEN, M.D., Assistant in Pharmacology in thf Department of Medici m and Siin i ri in lln School of 1 ' harmuci . 805 East Huron Street. THOMAS S. BURR, A.B.. M.D.. First Assistant in Snnjiri the Department of Midicim and Sun i i-ii. 204 North State Street. GUY L. NOYES, A.B.. M.D., Assistant to tin- Professor of Ophthalmic mid Aural Snr j r; in the Department of Medicine and Siiryery. 210 South Thayer Street. ALBERT .7. GEIGER, Assistant Jkmnnstra ' or of Anatomi . 551 Church Street. VELURA E. POWKLIj. Assistant Demonstrator of Analonii 1223 Volland Street. GEORGE R. PRAY, M.D., Interne in the l nin rsil; Hospital. University Hospital. JAMES H. MATTESON, A.B., M.D., Interne in the I ' ninrsili Hosiiitiil. University Hospital. DAVID S. GRIM, A.B., M.D., Interne in tin Iinirernili Hospital. University Hospital. THOMAS FLOURNOY, M.D., l- K , Interne in the I ' nirersiti Hospital. University Hospital. HENRY W. CLOUC ' HKK. M.I)., Interne in 1 ' nin-r.iili Hospital University Hospital. CLARA A. O. DEDRICK, M.D., Second Assistant in Olisti tries anil (li na ' colot i in the Department of Medicine mid Snrueiy. 1021 East Huron Street. GRACE ELLSWORTH, Superintendent of tin- Trainini School for Nurses in the Ik iarl- ment of Mi did in ami Siiri erii- University Hospital. GEOHGE E. MANN, M.D., House J ' hysician in the I ' nii-i-i-sity lloxjiitid University Hospital (Homoeopathic). THOMAS J. RITTER, M.D., Assistant to the Professor of the Theory ttiul Practice of Medicine- in the Hoina ' ojiathic Medicul College. 903 West Huron Street. HARRY J. SPROAT. Assistant in Astronomy. 1309 Wilmot Street. ALFRED L. NEWTON, Assistant to the Dean of llu, Department of Engineering. 206 South Thayer Street. FRANCIS D. EAMAN, B.L., Assistant in Elocution. 109 North Thayer Street. GEORGE F. RICHMOND, M.S., Laboratory Assistani, in General Chemistry . 109 North Thayer Street. MAUD M. DE WITT, B.S., Assistant in Zoology. 525 Elm Street. LEWIS H. WELD, A.B., Assistant in Zoology. 713 East Huron Street. GEORGE WAGNER, Ph.C., A.B., Assistant in Zoology. 1205 East University Avenue. NORTON D. COONS, D.D.S., M.D., Assistant in Clinical and Prosthetic Dentistry. 907 North University Avenue. KRISTINE MANN, A.B., Assistant in, English. 120 North Division Street. LILLIAN A. WARING, Principal of the Training Sclviol for Xnrms in tin IIoniii i iitli r Medical College. University Hospital (Homoeopathic). HARRISON M. RANDALL, Ph.M., Assistant in Physics. 414 Lawrence Street. ALFRED L. DAVENPORT. A.M.. Assistant in Physics. 609 Hill Street. DANIEL C. SCHOFFNER, A.B., Assistant in Zoology. 616 Church Street. JOHN LARSEN, Assistant in Plant Physiology. 507 Hill Street. MELVIN E. CHANDLER, Assistant in the Botanical Laboratory. 1326 Geddes Avenue. MINNA C. DENTON, B.S.. Assistant in Botany. 632 Church Street. ANN L. RHODES. Assistant in Jiotany. 709 Church Street. CHARLES R. ECKLER. Ass stunt in Untaity anil in Pharmaceutical liesearcli. 344 South Division Street. ENOCH H. HARRIMAN, B.L.. Dispensing Clerk in the ElectrotherapeutK l.i l, i,-try. 1132 Washtenaw Avenue. LEE A. WATLING. D.D.S., Assistant in Clinical and Operative Dentist,-; . 8 Henning Block. WALTER H. BLOME, Ph.C., Assistant in Plutrmacy. 319 East Catherine Street. ELISHA W. CASE, B.S., Axxixtant in Organic Chemist,-; . 323 East William Street. DANIEL T. ELDER, Assistant in General Cln-niish-i . 319 Thirteenth Street. SAMUEL W. FAUMLENER, Ph.C., Assistant in Pita nn ic, atical Research. 1209 South University Avenue. HAROLD C. WATKINS, Assistant in Research in Pharmacof nosy. 344 South Division Street. ANDREW H. WOOD, Ph.B., Assistant in Histin-i . 237 South Ing-alls Street. LOUIS MERWIN GELSTON, Assistant in Hygiene. 411 East Washing-ton Street. eniors BARTELME ADAMS BECK BERRY ARMSTRONG BARADA BATESKI BICKEL AHNEFELDT BATES BEGLE BLANCHARD MARY BELLE ADAMS, Ann Arbor. HELEN JOSEPHINE ABNEFELDT, Grand Rapids, Sorosis. KAKUJIRO AKAMATSU, Tokio, Japan. FLORA LARNED ANDERSON, Midland. HENRY HERBERT ARMSTRONG, Ann Arbor. ELLEN BOTSFORD BACH, Ann Arbor. JOHN G. BARADA, T. St. Louis, Mo. J. GRACE BARTELME, A r, Chicago, 111. EDSON SUNDERLAND BASTIN, Merchantville, N. J. ANNA M. L. BATES, Charlotte. JULIA F. BATESKI, South Lake Linden. MINNIE M. BEAL, Northville. JAY MITCHELL BECK, Delta, Ohio. GRACE GRIFFITH BEGI.E, Ann Arbor. NED GRIFFITH BEGLE, t A o, Ann Arbor. Class Football Team [1], [2]; Class Execu- tive Committee [2]: Class Track Team [2]: Class Baseball Team [3]; Captain Class Football Team [3]; Class Social Committee [2], [3]; ' Varsity Football Team [4J: Arrangements Committee Senior Reception [4]: C ' hairman Decora- tions Committee Junior Hop. JOHN K. M. BERRY, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. CHARLES L. BEST, Frankfort, 111. MILTON V. BICKEL, McGregor, Iowa. JEANNETTE BLANCHARD, it t, K A e, Minonk, 111. BROOKFIELD BROWN BOOKWALTER BRILLHART M. BOWEN BUSHNELL F. BOWEN BRIGHT BROWN BRAYTON BRINKERHOFF BREITENBACH JENNIE GRACE BODENHAUSEN, Decatur, III. LEST A EDITH BOOKWALTER, Greenville, Ohio. HORACE SAMUEL BOUTELL, Ypsilanti. FLORENCE BOWEN, Pleasanton, Texas. Corresponding Secretary Women ' s League [3]; Vice-President Women ' s League [4]. MABYN BOWEN, Detroit. BLANCHE CHRISTINE BOYLE, A A A, A E 1, Detroit. LOUISE BRAYTON, Grand Rapids. HAROLD PRELL BRITENBACH, Detroit. ' Varsity Track Team [2], [3]; Class Track Team [2], [3]: Class Track Team Manager [3]: Associate Editor Inlander [4]. ANNA ADELIA BRIGHT, Ishpeming. DON ORVEN BRILLHART, Kendallville, Ind. GRACE MARIE BRINKERHOPF, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. ARTHUR D. BROOKFIELD. Knglewood, 111. ' Varsity Track Team [1], [3]; Class Track Team [1], [2]; Class Track Manager [21; Class Football Team [2]: Reserves [3], [4]: Secretary Athletic Association [2J, [3]; Vice-President Athletic Associa- tion [4]; Secretary Class [4]; Junior Hop Committee. FRANCES J. BROWN, Port Huron. NELLIE ADALKSA BROWN, A A A, West Bay City. THOMAS Ross BROWN, K 2. Frankfort, Ind. THOMAS BINGHAM BUELL, JR., A T A, Union City. AUSTIN FREDERICK BURDICK, Lansing. NELLIE MCDONALD BURT, Coldwater. CLIFTON HARVEY BUSHNELL. e A X, Kansas City, Mo. Friars; Arrangement Com- mittee Senior Reception. BUTTERFIELD H. J. CAMPBELL, BUTZEL CLEMENS CAMPBELL J. A. CAMPBELL CLARK L. J. COLE BYERLY H. N. COLE CHRISTOPHER CHANDLER ROGER CHAMPLIN BUTTERFIEI.D, + T, Grand Rapids. Associate Editor MICHIGANEN- SIAN. LAWRENCE MAGNUS BUTZEL, Detroit. EVA MAYE BYERLY, Anamosa, la. HERBERT J. CAMPBELL, K +, Riverside, 111. Junior Hop Committee [3J: Senior Reception Committee [4]; Baseball Team |4]. JAMES ANDREW CAMPBELL, Ypsilanti. Associate Editor MICHIGANENSIAN. ZILPHA J. CAMPBELL, K K r, Birmingham. CLEMENT FORSYTHE CHANDLER, Ann Arbor. ELMA CHANDLER, Greenville. Assistant in Botany. KATHARINE CHRISTOPHER, Saglnaw. GERTRUDE MAY CHUTE, Ann Arbor. CHARLES B. CLARK, Alma. GERTRUDE LYDIA CLARK, Howell. SERENO BURTON CLARK, Union City. INA V. L. CLAWSON, Detroit. EARL A. CLEMANS, Oshkosh, Wis. HARRIET NEWTON COLE, Ann Arbor. Assistant in Qualitative Chemistry. WALTER FRANCIS COLBY, Hart. LEON J. COLE, Ann Arbor. Assistant in Zoology [2], [3], T 4 ]- DAVIES CRISSMAN CUMMINGS CONGER DAMON CORNS DALEY PENSMORE COUSIN CRAFTS DICKINSON COLBY AMY FLORENCE CONGER, Grand Rapids. JOSEPH HENRY CORNS, Detroit. MARGARET HELEN COUSIN, n B , Detroit. Oracle Board [2|. HARRY KENT CRAFTS, l- K t, Austin Station, Chicago, III. Friars. HUBERT E. CRAWFORD, Vinton, Iowa. MICHAEL HUGH CRISSMAN, Romeo. Wir.LiAM CALLEN, V T, Detroit. CHARLES EDWARD CULLEN, Chicago, 111. F. MAHELLE CUMMINGS, Paw Paw. MAUDE L. DALEY, Menominee. Recording Secretary Woman ' s League. GEORGE GREEN DAMON. X t, St. Louis, Mo. General Chairman Sophomore Hop Com- mittee [2]; Reception Committee Junior Hop [3]; Senior Social Committee [4]. EDWARD EVAN DAVIES, Dixon, 111. Sophomore Relay Team [2]: Class Baseball Team [1]. [2j: Class Football Team [4]: Arrangements Committee [4J; Chairman Sen- ior Smoker [4]; Toastmaster Senior Smoker [4]. CLARA MARIE DAVIS, Lansing. EMERSON DAVIS, Detroit. HENRI PIERRE DE PONT, Ann Arbor. NELLIE GRACE DENSMORE. Owosso. LULA J. DICKINSON, Gregory. U. of M. Daily Board [1]: Associate Editor Stiokittx Register [2]; $50 prize from Daughters of the Revolution [3J; Editor Bulletin [4]; Member MICHIGANENSIAN Board [4]: Chairman Press Committee S. C. A. [4]; Chairman Flower Committee S. C. A. [3]. DOUGLASS EARHART EWALD EVERETT EATON PELKER FORBES EVERSMAN FARNHAM FIELDS DVORAK DUNHAM L. KIRKE DOUGLASS, Detroit. IRENE ANNE DUFFY, Ann Arbor. HELEN DUNHAM, K K r, West Bay City. U. of M. Republican [4J. LIDA B. EARHART, Chicora, Pa. MARY NEWELL EATON, Grand Rapids. Senior Social Committee [4j. FREDERIC ENGELHARD, Ann Arbor. CHARLES J. EWALD, Benton Harbor. JOHN P. EVERETT, Chelsea. President Alpha Nu; President Normal Club. WALTER A. EVERSMAN. A e, A i , Toledo, Ohio. Class Baseball Team [2], [3]; Cap- tain Class Baseball Team [3]; Second Place in Tennis Doubles Fall Tourna- ment [3]; Director of Athletic Board [3]; Secretary of Athletic Board [4J; Senior Reception Committee [4]. PHILIP P. FARNHAM, JR., r A N, Gregory. CLARA S. FEICK, Sandusky, Ohio. JOHN FREDERICK FEDDERSON, Comanche, Iowa. HAL FELKER, Amboy, 111. ( ' lass Track Team [2]; Tennis Championship in Doubles [I!]: Director Athletic Board [3]: Senior Reception Committee [4]; Senior Smoker Committee [4]. HERBERT Louis FERRAND, Grand Rapids. MARY GOODRICH FIELD, A A A, Detroit. Chairman Reception Committee for Fresh- man Spread [3]. ROBERT B. FIELDS, Rochelle, 111. CHARLOTTE A. FORBES, Ann Arbor. Corresponding Secretary Woman ' s League [4]. HARRIS HEDGES FROST GODFREY GELSTON GRAYSON HAZELTON HEAP GANDY HENNE HATHAWAY HECTOR LENA M. FROST, Riverside, 111. Freshman Spread Committee [2]: Chairman Fruit and Flower Mission [2]; Women ' s League Board [3], [4]. MAUDE ALICE GAMON, Wheaton. 111. LLOYD EDWARD GANDY, Spokane, Wash. Member of Toastmaster ' s Club. Louis M. GELSTON, Ann Arbor. MARY MORRIS GODFREY. Toledo, Ohio. WILLIAM GRAYSON. JR., Y, St. Louis, Mo. Freshman Glee Club |1]; Class Baseball Team [1J, [3]: Captain Class Baseball Team |2J; U. of M. Minstrels [2], [3]; Junior Hop Committee [3]; Secretary and Treasurer of the Forty Club [3]; Senior Reception Committee [4]. MARTHA NATHALIA GREINER, Lisbon. OTTO HENRY HANS, South Bend, Ind. VERNA LOUISE HARRIS, Sorosis, Ann Arbor. NORMAN FOLLET HARRIMAN, Ann Arbor. GERTRUDE HAUN, A A A, Dollar Bay. CAROLINE CAMPBELL HARVEY, Detroit. HARRIET HARKNESS, A , Philadelphia, Pa. Vice-President S. ( ' . A. [4]. MAUDE CAROLINE HATHAWAY, Blissfleld. WILLIAM SYLVESTER HAZELTON, Oxford. Class Baseball Team [2], [3]; Treasurer of Toastmaster ' s Club [!]. LEWIS H. HECTOR, Allegheny, Pa. FLORENCE HEDGES, Lansing. Treasurer Women ' s League [4]. WILLIAM C. HELMERS, A 0, Leavenworth, Kan. NATHALIA HENNE, Springflield, 111. IGOU HOWARD HICKS HILL HUDSON HINE JAMIESON JENNINGS HELMERS HOYSETH HIBBARD KINSEY DORA D. HENDERSON, Jackson. J. LAWRENCE HIBBARD, Detroit. Class Football Team [4]. ARTHUR P. HICKS, Ann Arbor. CAKY LEROY HILL, Chelsea. Treasurer S. C. A., [4]. KATHARINE GENEVIEVE HINE, A r. H , Ann Arbor. Class Prophetess [1]: Bulletin Board FANNIE B. HOLCOMBE, Olivet. Board [2], [4]; Class Poetess [4]: MICHIGANENSIAN Board [4|; Michigan Alumnus ALICE MAUD HOLLISTER, Lake Linden. JESSIE MARGARET HORTON, r B, fl , Chicago. 111. Treasu rer Woman ' s League [: ]: Executive Board Woman ' s League [3], [4]; Invitation Committee [4J. JANETTA EVELINE HOWARD, Ionia. NINA M. HOWLETT, A t , QV, Ann Arbor. Arrangements Committee Senior Reception. WILHELMINA HOYSETH, Ishpeming. MAUDE HUDSON, A 4 , 12 , Saginaw, West Side. Memorial Committee [4]. IRVING B. HUNTER, Ypsilanti. FREDERICK EUGENE HUTCHINS, Edgewater, Chicago, 111. ROY IGOU, Grove City, 111. CLARA OCTAVIA JAMIESON, Ann Arbor. JESSIE GERTRUDE JENNINGS, Troy. MARGARET JONES, K A 0, Ann Arbor. Recording Secretary Woman ' s League [2]; Mem- ber Executive Board Woman ' s League [3]; Invitation Committee [4]. MABEL AUGUSTA JOY, Albion. Oratorical Contest [4]. FRANK CAMERON KINSEY, Grand Rapids. General Chairman Sophomore Class [2]. Junior Hop Committee [3]; Class Football Team [3], [4]; Class Baseball Team [4]; Senior Decoration Committee [4]. _ 9 LOWRIE LARSEN LANGLEY LIVINGSTON KOHLER LAWTON LURTON I.OEB I.ADD LEAVITT KNOWLTON MC GINNIS ADELE LOUISE KLEIN, Detroit. INESON JAMES KOHLER, Lapeer. Director Good Government Club [3]; Member ' Oratorical Board [4]. MARGUERITE KNOWLTON, Sorosis, Ann Arbor. Social Committee [2]: Chairman Invi- tation Committee Freshman Spread: Senior Reception Committee [4]. SANFORD W. LADD, B 6 n, Milford. C ' lass Baseball Team [2], [3], [4J; Director of Athletic Association [4]: Chairman Arrangements Committee Senior Recep- tion I ij; Managing- Editor MICHIGANENSIAN; Quadrangle. ANNIE WILLIAMS LANGLEY, Cleveland, Ohio. Class Treasurer [2]; Presented Banner at ' 01 vs. ' 02 Athletic Meet: Group Leader Women ' s League [3], [4]: Class His- torian [4]. JOHN LARSEN, Chicago, 111. MARION AGNES LAWTON, Lawton. CLYDE LEAVITT, Bellaire. AUGUST FRED LEHMAN, Adrian. WILLIAM JACOB LEHMAN, Adrian. LOUISE MUELLER LENHART, Bridgeman. MINERVA MABELLE LEONARD, Denver. Col. MILTON Louis LIVINGSTON, Chicago, 111. Director Athletic Association [3]; Manager ' Varsity Track and Tennis Teams [4]. ARTHUR A. LOEB, Chicago, 111. DAISY LONGWELL, Paw Paw. MARY LOWELL, Sorosis. Union City. FREDERIC L LOWRIE, A e, Detroit. Executive Committee [1]; Oracle Board [2]; Chair- man Auditing Committee [4]. BLANCHE LURTON, Bloomington, 111. LIZZIE MAY MCCRACKEN, Fannington. FRANCIS JOSEPH McGEE, Mt. Pleasant. EDWIN McGlNNlS, Chicago, 111. Member ' Varsity Baseball Team [1], [2]; Captain ' Varsity Baseball Team [3], [4]: ' Varsity Football Team [4]; Treasurer Senior Class [4]. MC LAUGHLIN MATTHEWS MARSHALL MILLS MATCHETT MARCKWARDT MEHLHOP MITCHELL MC NEAL MEISER MILLER MORRISON WALTER LEE MCLAUCHLAN, TAN, Ravenswood, Chicago, 111. Treasurer U. of M. Senate [1]; Vice-President Republican Club [2]; Business Manager Bulletin : [2J; Class President [2]. GRACE REDPATH MCLEAN, Colorado Springs, Col. ALICE MANWARING, Ann Arbor. OTTO C. MARCKWARDT, Grand Rapids. Assistant Managing Editor MICHIGANENSIAN. ESTHER MATCHETT, Sorosis, Ann Arbor. J. SCOTT MATTHEWS, Chicago, 111. Secretary and President Adelphi Literary Society; Member Oratorical Board: Cup Debate Team; 1903 Law Banquet Committee. WALTER R. MATTHEWS, Ann Arbor. AUGUSTA BARBARA MEISER, Detroit. CARL FRANCIS MEHLHOP, T, Dubuque, Iowa. Athletic Board [1], [2]; ' Varsity Track Manager [2]; Class Ball Team [1J, [2]; ' Varsity Mandolin and Banjo Clubs [3], [4]; Musical Director U. of M. Minstrels [3]; Class Smoker Committee [4]. EMILIE C. MERTZ, Rock Island, 111. ANNA WYKES MILLER, Grand Rapids. JESSIE FREDREKA MILLER, Adrian. S. A. MILLER, Oak Grove, Mo. DAVID W. MILLS, Z . Marysville. Chairman Reception Committee Junior Hop [3]; Class Football Team [2], [3], [4]; The Friars. WILLIAM COMER MITCHELL, S X, Martinsville, Ind. Violinist U. of M. Musical Clubs. BIRDIE LIVIA ANNETTE MOORE, Augusta. CHARLES OLIVER MONROE, Ann Arbor. STANLEY D. MONTGOMERY. T, Lansing. BARBARA ALEXANDRINA MORRISON, Hancock. MORSMAN PATTENGILL PETTEE POMEROY MOTHERSILL PEARCE FIERCE POLLOCK PADDOCK PERRIN PHILLIPS POWERS FRANK S. MORSMAN, K t, Omaha, Neb. PHILIP WILDER MOTHERSILL, Ann Arbor . Class Secretary [2]: Director Athletic . Association [4]; Orator Senior Class [4]; Member Oratorical Board [4J. JULIUS JERRY NUPER, 2 x, Whitehall. GENEVIEVE D. O ' NIELL, Ann Arbor. ALICE MOSELEY PADDOCK, Moline, 111. ADELAIDE PARKER, Ypsilanti. CAROLINE PATTENGILL, Sorosis, Ann Arbor. ANNIE ARLETTA PEARCE, Lake Linden. SYBIL M. PETTEE, Sorosis, Ann Arbor. ADONIRAM JUDSON PETTIS, Ann Arbor. O. W. PERRIN, Clyde. FRANK PESHICK, Saginaw. BEN R. PHELPS, Greenville. MAUD PHILIPS, K A e, Ann Arbor. JULIA M. PHILLIPS, r 2, Leavenworth, Kan. JOHN LEONARD PIERCE, z , Flint. Memorial Committee [4]. MARY PLANT, Sorosis, Minneapolis, Minn. JANE V. POLLACK, K A 0, H t. Class Prophetess ]4]; Member Sophomore Social Com- mittee [2]; Senior Social Committee [4]; Chairman Social Committee S. C. A. [4J. BEATRICE POMEROY, Kalamazoo. MARY REBECCA POWERS, Hastings. PYLE REASONER READ ROBERTSON QUELLO SAVERY RICKS RONAN RICHARDSON HRODES RINGLE REYNOLDS LINDLEY PYLE, Willowdale, Pa. ANNA MAE QUELLO, Calumet. HANNAH DELL READ, Shenandoah, Iowa. ARTHUR PATTERSON REED, Livonia, N. Y. JAMES M. REASONER, Lansing-. CARRIE A. REYNOLDS, Spring-port. JESSIE MAE REYNOLDS, Grand Haven. Group Leader Woman ' s League f4]; Member Cap and Gown Committee [4]. ANNA L. RHODES, Ada. Volunteer Assistant in Botany. ARTHUR HOWARD RICHARDSON, T, Jackson. HOWARD RICHARDSON, 2 X, Saginaw. Toast, Freshman Banquet [1]; ' Varsity Football Reserves [2]; Class Football Team [3], [4]; Captain Class Team [4]. JESSE J. RICKS, S X. Taylorville. 111. ' Varsity Mandolin Club [3], [41; Class Football Team [4]; ' Varsity Banjo Club [4]. WILLIAM RINCK, Holland. FLORENCE EDITH RINGLE, South Bend, Ind. CLARENCE BINGHAM RIPLEY, Hinsdale, 111. EDWIN SHEPHERD RIPLEY, Hinsdale, 111. GEORGIA ORIANA ROBERTSON, A E I, Kansas City, Mo. HUGO GUY ROBINSON, Detroit. ELIZABETH COTTER RONAN, Ann Arbor. AMASA M. RUST, T, Saginaw, West Side. Freshman Banquet Committee [1]; ' Var- sity Banjo Club [1], [2], [3], [4]; Leader ' Varsity Banjo Club [4]; Executive Com- mittee Musical Clubs [4J. CHARLOTTE HALE SARGEANT, Detroit. WIRT IRA SAVERY, Plymouth. SCHAIRER SIMON SPOTTSWOOD SMITH SCALLON SNOOK STREETER STUKEY SHIPMAN STOPFER SCHAIBLE SWAN MARGARET SCALLON, Hancock. Heception Committee Freshman Spread [2]; Arrange- ment Committee [4]. IDA MARIE SCHAIBLE, Ann Arbor. Ol ' TO S. SCHAIRER, Saline. CLARK W. SHIPMAN, Corunna. LESLIE GIPFORD SMITH, Ann Arbor. JOHN HENRY SNOOK, Rochester. MARY JUSTINA SPOTTSWOOD, Winnebago, 111. Women ' s Literary Vice-President S. C. A. [2]; Group Leader Women ' s League [2], ]3): Class Vice-President [3]; Chair- man Membership Committee Committee S. (. ' . A. [4], LAVERNE WARD SPRING, Coldwater. HERMAN CAMPBELL STEVENS, 6 A X, Elyria, Ohio. Invitation Committee Freshman Banquet [2]: Managing Editor Oracle [3]; Class Football Team: Associate Editor MICHIGANENSIAN: Friars: Quadrangle; Auditing Committee [4]. JOHN KDWARD STOPFER, Williamston. CARROLL LAWRENCE STOREY, Oberlin, Ohio. GRACE A. STRANG, Ypsilanti. Invitation Committee [4|. HOWARD STREETER, r A N, Calumet. MAGDALENA STUKEY, Bryan, Ohio. ELIZABETH STUDSTROM, K K r, Trenton. WILLIAM MAYNARD SWAN, z t, Detroit. SWINTON VEENBOEK E. C. THOMPSON TREMPEK H. H. TALCOTT TEFPT J. E. THOMPSON VAN CLEVE W. W. TALCOTT TRASK THURSTON VAN FOSSEN EDITH E. SWINTON, Calumet. ALFRED HENRY SYVERSON, Lead, S. Dak. HARRY HARVEY TALCOTT, Des Elaines, 111. Arrangements Committee [4]; Quad- rangle. WILLIAM WILSON TALCOTT, d X, Chicago, 111. ' Varsity Football Team [2]; Invita- tion Committee Junior Hop [3]; Chairman Social Committee [4]; Captain Class Football Team [3]. KATHARINE TAYLOR, Ionia. L. J. TEPFT, Elgin, 111. Class Football Team [4], EDGAR C. THOMPSON, Detroit. JOHN E. THOMPSON, Mt. Clemens. ALICE EMELINE THURSTON, Rockford, 111. MABEL TRASK, Ann Arbor. GEORGE NELSON TREMPER, Pontiac. RALPH H. VAN CLEVE, B 8 II, Marinette, Wis. Sophomore Hop Committee [3]: Chair- man Arrangements Committee Junior Hop [4]: Senior Reception Committee [4); Quadrangle. RENA RAE VAN FOSSEN, Paw Paw. CHARLES VAN KEUREN, Howell. Class Orator [1J; Class Oratorical Contest [3]; Ora- , torical Association Board [1]: Member Inlander Board [3]; Business Manager Inlander [4] President S. L. A. [4]. HERBERT VAN LEACH, Ann Arbor. OSCAR WILLIAM VOEDISCH, Chicago, 111. WILLIAM HENRY VEENBOER, Grand Rapids. WARING WATTLES WOOD WING ZOOK WHEELER W. K. WILLIAMS WILCOX WATKINS YOUNG WINEMAN WILLITTS LILLIAN VIVIAN WALLACE, Memphis, Tenn. ELOISE WARING, Tecumseh. DWIGHT EVERETT W ATKINS, Ann Arbor. HELEN M. WATTLES, 11 B , Birmingham. Vice-President Senior Class [4]. MAY WHEELER, Indianapolis, Ind. JENNIE BELLE WILCOX, Manistee. WILLIAM K. WILLIAMS, A A ( , Lapeer. MABEL WILLISON, Decatur. CLARA MILDRED WILLETTS. Grayling. HENRY WINEMAN, Detroit. MABEL GRACE WING, r B, Ionia. MABEL LOUISE WOOD, Ann Arbor. KARL YOUNG, Ann Arbor. THEO. J. ZIMMERMAN, Lansing. HAROLD EARL ZOOK, Z , Nappanee, Ind. Friars; Chairman Senior Reception Com- mittee [4]. CHRISTENSON FOWLER H. G. WILLIAMS HUTCHINS MAGOFPIN Senior Lite Too Late for Regular Classification. ANDREW B. CHRISTENSON, Gunnison, Utah. President Alpha Nu [4]. DOROTHY FOWLER, Sorosis, Des Moines, Iowa. Senior Social Committee [4]: Toast Freshman Banquet. FREDERICK EUGENE HUTCHINS, Edgewater, Chicago, 111. RALPH V. MAGOFFIN, Detroit. HARRISON GAYLORD WILLIAMS, A A l , Lapeer, Mich. Chairman Cap and Gown Com- mittee [4]. " (I ANDERSON ARMSTRONG ARIZPE CARPENTER CHAPMAN CLARKE COBB EGGERT GRAM LESLIE DOUGLASS ANDERSON, B.S.(M.E.), Ishpeming. MICHIGANENSIAN Board [4]: President Engineering- Society [4]; Chairman Senior Engineers ' Class Picture Committee. EMILIO ARIZPE, B.S.fM.E.), Saltillo, Coah, Mexico. Recording Secretary Engineering Society [2]. AIKMAN ARMSTRONG, B.S.(M.E.), T, Detroit. Class Track Team [1], [2]: Manager Class Football Team [11; ' Varsity Track Team [3], [41; Class Football Team [3], [4]. WAREHAM STRONG BALDWIN, B.S.fChem.E.), A T, Detroit. ' Varsity Track Team [1], [2], [3]: Toast, Freshman Banquet []]: Freshman Glee Club [I]; Tech Glee Club [lj; Chairman Social Committee [2]: Urtidc Board [2]; Social Committee [4]. EDWARD LEWIS BENEDICT, B.S(M.E.), Birmingham. HUBERT WARD CARPENTER, B.S.(M.E-), FAN, Orion. Class Football Team [3], [4], Class Secretary [3]; Senior Arrangements Committee [4]. WASHINGTON ROBERT CHAPMAN, B.S.(M.E.), Ann Arbor. CLARENCE HOWARD CLARK, B.S.fM.E.), Saginaw. STEPHEN PRENTIS COBB, B.S.(C.E.), AT, Kalamazoo. Three years with ' 00. Class Track Team [1]; ' Varsity Track Team [1]; Oracle Board [2]: Arrangements Committee Sophomore Hop [2]; Reception Committee Junior Hop [3]. CHARLES BAKER DAVIS. B.S.(C.E.), Ann Arbor. Class Football Team [1]; Senior Memorial Committee [4]. GUSTAV BERNHART EGGERT, B.S.(M.E-), Saginaw. Fencing Contest [3]; ' Varsity Fencing Team [3], [4]. LEWIS MERRITT GRAM, B.S.(C.E.), 2 x, Menominee. HILL HOLCOMB HORNBERGER HUDNUTT LEESON MC DOUGALL MYERS HORTON LISKOW GUY POTTER HENKY, B.S.(M.E.), Ann Arbor. GEORGE SAMUEL HILL, B.S.(C.E.), ATA, Hillsdale. Class Baseball Team [2], [3]. AT,PHEUS ELTON HOLCOMB, B.S.(M.E.), Fenton. Fencing Team [3]; Treasurer Engi- neering Society [3]; Corresponding Secretary Engineering Society Ml; Technic Board [4J; Class Track Team, [1], [2], [3]. WILLIAM CHRISTIAN HORNBERGER, B.S.(M.E.), Lansing. Manager Class Baseball Team [1]; Recording Secretary Engineering Society [3]; Cap and Gown Com- mittee [4]. RAYMOND FULLER HORTON, B.S.(C.E.), Detroit. Memorial Committee [4]. Engineering Banquet [4]. HENRY IMHOF, B.S.(M.E-), Chicago, 111. EDGAR WEBER KIEFER, B.S.(M.E.) A Y, Detroit. Freshman Banquet Committee [1]: Junior Hop Committee [3]. WILLIAM WICK KITTLEMAN, B.S.iE.E.), 2 X, Detroit. Oracle Board [2]; Class Football Team [2], [3], [4]; Class Baseball Manager [3]; Junior Hop Committee [3]. FOREST HENRY LANCASHIRE, B.S.fM.E.), 8 A x, Detroit. Toast, Freshman Banquet [1]; Chairman Class Cane Committee [2]; Director Athletic Association [2]; Assistant Baseball Manager [2J: ' Varsity Baseball Manager [3]; Manager Class Football Team [4]; Manager ' Varsity Glee, Banjo and Mandolin Clubs [4]; Reception Committee [4]; The Friars. CHARLES GILLET LESSON, B.S.[M.E.], Manchester. BERNARD HAACK LISKOW, B.S.fM.E.1, Saginaw, West Side. Class Football Team [3]; [4J; Invitation Committee [4J. THOMAS LEE BRENT LYSTER, B.S.(M.E.), A K E, Detroit. The Friars. ANDREW HORACE MCDOUGALL, B.S.(M.E.) Ypsilanti. U. of M. Daily Board [1]. [2], [3], [4]; Treasurer Students ' Lecture Association [4]; Managing Editor Technic [4]; Chairman Invitation Committee [4]. GEORGE D. MCNAUGHTON, B.S.(C.E.), Sault Ste. Marie. Three years with ' 00. WALTER MCGREGOR, B.S.(M.E.), B ay City. Three years with ' 00. Business Manager ' 99 Technic [3]. RALPH MACOMBER MYERS, B.S.(M.E.), Muir. SHAW YORK PARKER SPROAT YOUNG RICHARDSON STECK ZEALAND ALFRED L. NEWTON, B.S.(C.E.). Freshman Banjo Club [1J; ' Varsity Banjo Club [3], [4]; Assistant to the Dean [4]. JOHN CASTELAR PARKER, B.S.(M.E.), Detroit. Recording Secretary Engineering Society [3]; President Engineering Society [4]: Business Manager Technic [4]; Auditing Committee [4]. ARTHUR HOWARD RICHARDSON, B.S.(M.E.), T Jackson. Louis E. SEAS, B.S.(C.E.), Vicksburg. LEONARD SHAW, B.S.(M.E.), Detroit. Engineering Banquet [1]; Technic Board [3]. WILLIAM HENRY SPIRE, B.S.(E.E.), Ceylon. Class Football Team [4]. HARRY J. SPROAT, B.S.(M.E.), Grand Rapids. ' Varsity Track Team [1], [2]; Class Baseball Manager [3]: Vice-President U. of M. Democratic Club [3]; Class President [4]. ERNEST STECK, B.S.(E.E.), Chicago, 111. JAMES MCMILLAN WETMORE. B.S.(E.E. ), Detroit. Freshman Toastmaster [1]: Junior Hop Committee [3]; The Friars. BERT STARR YORK, B.S.fE.EJ, r A N, Ann Arbor. ' Varsity Track Team [1], [2]; Class Football Team [2j, [3J. CLAUDE EARLE YOUNG, B.S.fE.E.), Corunna. U. of M. Masonic Club. THEODORE FREDERIC ZEALAND, B.S.(M.E.), Jackson. ACKLEY AMES A. ANDREWS R. ATKINSON ALEXANDER R. T. ANDERSON ANIBA BAILEY ALULI ARNOLD C. Y. ANDREWS BAYLOR IVAN OLIVER ACKLEY. Port Huron. Age 22. Prepared at Toronto University, A.B. Expected location Kansas City, Mo. WILLIAM BERT ALEXANDER, Addison. Age 21. NOA WEBSTER ALULI, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaiian Islands. Age 22. Prepared at St. Louis College. Sergeant-at-Arms [2]. WALTER FREEMAN AMES, Chardon, Ohio. Age 22. Prepared at Chardon High School. Location undecided. ROBERT T. ANDERSON, X. Greenville, Ohio. Age 23. Prepared at Ohio State Uni- versity and University of Virginia. Location undecided. AARON A. ANDREWS, Chicago, 111. Age 23. Prepared at Armour Institute. Expected location, Chicago, 111. CLAUDE YOUATT ANDREWS, 2 A E, Dana, Ind. Age 27. Prepared at Franklin College, A.B. Kxpected location, Peru, Ind. Cup Debating Team Jett ' ersonian Society [2]. EDOUARD WALTER ANIBA, Ann Arbor. Age 21. Prepared at Ferris Institute, Big Rapids. Expected location, Mandon, N. Dak. Class Baseball Team [1], [2J. HAROLD LEE ARNOLD, A T A, Plainwell. DELAFAYETTE MEADE AUSTIN, Liberty, Idaho. Age 30. Prepared at Brigham Young College, Logan, Utah. Expected location, Montpelier, Idaho. REILLY ATKINSON, A , Detroit. Age 20. Prepared at Detroit College of Law. Expected location, Detroit. HERMAN W. BAILEY, Brent Creek. Age 25. Prepared at Flint High School and University of Michigan. JAMES H. BAKER, Mt. Morris, N. Y. Age 22. Prepared at Mt. Morris High School. Location, Adrian. Chairman Banquet Committee [2]; Picture Committee [3J. CHARLES CLYDE BARKER, 2 A E, Chicago, 111. Age 21. Prepared at North Division High School, Chicago. Class Football Team [2]; Friars. CURTIS ELLSWORTH BAYLOR, 2 A E, Cuba, 111. Age 27. Prepared at Adrian College. BARKER BI-ATT BOND BUCKLEY BEGGS BLISS D. L. BROWN BUKGESS BLAIN BLYTHE L. H. BROWN CAMPBELL CLARK DONALDSON BEGGS, Pittsburg, Pa. Age 25. Location, Pittsburg, Pa. RALPH C. BELL, Schoolcraft. Age 21. Prepared at University of Michigan. GIDEON W. BLAIN, Plymouth, Ind. Age 24. Location, Indianapolis, Ind. GEORGE NEIL BLATT, A 8, Elwood, 111. Age 24. Prepared at University of Michi- gan. Ph.B. ' 99. Location, Joliet, 111. Business Manager MICHIGANENSIAN. WILLIAM CARPENTER BLISS, A K E, East Providence, R. I. Age 26. Prepared at Brown University, A.B., 1896, A.M , 1898. Location, Providence, R. I. FRED M. BOND, Farmington. Age 23. Prepared at Farmington High School. Loca tion. Pontiac. WALTER H. BOND. Freeport. N. Y. Age 22. Prepared at Pratt Institute. Location, Chicago, 111. Washington Birthday Committee (3). D. L. BROWN, Jackson. Age 25. Prepared at Hillsdale. LAWRENCE H. BROWN, Sault Ste. Marie. Age 21. Prepared at Sault Ste. Marie High School. Location. Denver, Colo. U. of M. Rifles [1], [2|; ' 00 Law Football Team [2]; ' 01 L Football Team [4]. LELAND HAMILTON BUCKLEY, Edwardsville, 111. Age 21. Prepared at Edwardsville High School. Location, Edwardsville, 111. Class Relay Team. HENRY E. BURGESS, Aledo, 111. Age 32. Prepared at Knox College. Location, Aledo, 111. Vice-President Northern Oratorical League. T. L. CAMPBELL, Clinton, Ky. Age 27. Prepared at Kentucky State College, A.B. Expected location, Kentucky. Class Football Team [2]. [3[: President Webster Society [2]; President Good Government Club [3]. CARMODY CHANEY COLE COLWELL CARVER CHRISTIANSEN COLLIER COOMBS CASWELL CHENOWETH COLLINS CORBIT CLAUD G. CANNON, ATA, Vicksburg. Age 25. Prepared at Vicksburg High School and Albion College, Ph.B. Expected location, Oshkosh, Wis. Financial Sec- retary [1]. MARTIN H. CARMODY, Grand Rapids. Age 28. Prepared at University of Michigan. Ph.B. Member of Debating Team that defeated Pennsylvania; member of Debating Team that defeated Chicago; member of Debating Team that defeated Minnesota; winner of Chicago Alumni medal: winner of prize in University Oratorical Contest; Center on Class Football Team [31; Class Presi- dent [3]. WEIR DUROC CARVER, Avilla. Ind. Age 24. Prepared at Tri-State Normal, Indiana. Expected location, Indiana. WALLACE CASWELL, Cherokee, Iowa. Age 25. Prepared at Cherokee High Schhol and Northwestern University. Location undecided. WARREN PROUT CHANEY, Topeka, Kan. Age 22. Expected location, Topeka, Kan. Editor 17. of M. Daily [3]; Class Secretary [3]. JAMES CHENOWETH, Greenville, Ohio. Age 28. Prepared at Greenville High School. Expected location, Seattle, Wash. HENRY LYMAN CHILD, Springfield, 111. Age 24. Prepared at University of Illinois. Expected location, Springfield, 111. THOMAS HENRY CHRISTIANSEN, Nicolaus, Cal. Age 26. Prepared at Normal School , California. Expected location, San Francisco, Cal. EARLE F. COCHRANE, Apollo, Pa. Age 24. Prepared at Apollo High School. Ex- pected location, Apollo, Pa. ' Varsity Band [1], [2], [3]. LLEWLLYN COLE, Clintonville, Wis. Age 26. Prepared at Seymour High School. President Jeffersonian Society [1 1; President Oratorical Association [2]; Winner of Cup Debate [1]; Vice-President Jeffersonian Society [2]; Critic seven terms. PAUL M. COLLINS, X , Peotone, 111. Age 25. Prepared at Northwestern University. Chairman Arrangements Committee Sophomore Promenade [2]: Class Football Team [2], [3]: Gun Club [1], [2], [3]. FRANK CHESTER COLLIER, San Diego, Cal. Age 22. Prepared at San Diego High School. Expected location, San Diego, Cal. ALBERT RAY COLWELL, Lake Odessa. Age 23. Prepared at Olivet College. ALBERT N. COOMBS, Honey Creek, Wis. Age 27. Prepared at Beloit College. FRANK C. CONDON, ARE, Ann Arbor. Prepared at Ann Arbor High School. ' 99 Class Baseball Team [1]: ' Varsity Baseball Team [1], [2], [3]. R M. CORBIT. Onslow. Iowa. Prepared at Lenox College, Iowa . First Vice-Presi- dent Class [3]; Treasurer Webster Society [2]; Class Football Team [2]. [3]. Toast at Webster Banquet. CORRELL, DEICHES " " DIERSSEN DORNBLASER CURTIS DELBRIDGE DODD DOUST DAY DEVRIES DODSON DOVEL H CHARLES D. CORRELL, Illiopolis, 111. Age 22. Prepared at Whipple Academy and Illinois College. Expected location, Springfield, 111. U. of M. Band [1], [2], [3]. W. GLENN COWELL, Reading-. Age 26. Prepared at Michigan Normal College. ALLEN B. CREIGHTON, B6H, Ann Arbor. Prepared at Bethany College, B.S. NEWTON WILLIAM GROSE, Denver, Colo. Age 23. Prepared at Des Moines College, Des Moines, Iowa. Expected location, Denver, Colo. GEORGE H. CURTIS, Jackson. Age 24. Prepared at Jackson High School. Expected location, Jackson. CHARLES EUGENE DAVIS, Cottonwood Falls, Kan. Age 23. Prepared Ottawa Univer- sity. Location, Cottonwood Palls, Kan. Class Baseball Team [1], [2], [3]. MANLEY D. DAVIS, A X, Pontiac. Age 21. Prepared at Pontiac High School. Loca- tion, Pontiac. ALFRED J. DAY. Rising Sun, Ohio. Age 23. Prepared at Rising Sun High School. Location, Tiffin, Ohio. Class Football Team [2], [3J; Fencing Club [3J. CHARLES FISHER DELBRIDGE, 2 X, Detroit. Age 24. Prepared at University of Mich- igan, B.L. ' 99. Location, Detroit. Chairman C ' ane Committee [2]. D. T. DENNISON, Coal Glen, Pa. Age 25. Prepared at Ada University, B.S. Loca- tion, Brookville, Pa. LEONARD J. DEVRIES, Holland. Age 23. M. TROY DICKINSON, Fremont, N. C. Age 20. Prepared at Trinity College, A.M. GEORGE E. DIERSSEN, Chicago, 111. Age 22. Prepared at Northwest Division High School, Chicago, 111. Location, Chicago. MARTIN STEEDMAN DODD, X , Toledo, Ohio. Age 21. Prepared at Toledo High School. Location, Toledo. Wrinkle Board [2], [3]; Junior Hop Committee [2]. STONEWALL J. DODSON, Beckwith, Tenn. Age 34. Prepared at Vanderbilt iUniver- sity and Eastman ' s. Location, San Francisco, Cal. GLENNA HUNTER DOUST, Allentown, Pa. Age 21. Prepared at Lehigh Preparatory School. Location, Cincinnati, Ohio. Washington Birthday Committee [2]; Treasurer Webster Society [2]. CHARLES J. DOVEL, Ben, Manistee. Age 23. Prepared at University of Michigan. Ph.B., ; 98. Location, Manistee. Glee Club [1], [2], [3]; Leader Glee Club [3]. DUNCAN FLESHEB FRIEDMAN GRISIEK EARLE FORRESTER GILMORE GUGGENHEIM ERLAND FRENGER GOULD HAASE CHARLES HARRISON DUNCAN, Urbana, Ohio. Age 24. Prepared at Urbana, High School. Location, Cleveland, Ohio. WILLIAM HAYNSWORTH EARLE, S A E, Greenville, S. C. Age 21. Prepared at Turman University and Columbia University. Expected location, South Carolina. HENRY HANSEN ERLAND, Chicago, 111. Age 22. Prepared at Chicago English High and Manual Training School and University of Chicago. Expected location, Chicago, 111. Member Class Football Team [11, [2], [3]; Treasurer Republican Club [2J. CARLETON G. FERRIS, K z, A x, Big llapids. Age 24. Prepared at Purdue University. Expected location, Chicago, 111. Athletic Manager ' 01 Law Class [1J. MARION BERTELLE FLESCHER, Corydon, Iowa. Age 24. Prepared at Simpson College. ' Varsity Baseball Team [1], [2 " |, [3]. ANDREW MADISON FORRESTER, Moreland, Pa. Age 26. Prepared at Bucknell University, B.S. NUMA CHARLES FRENGER, Los Cruces, N. Mex. Age 24. Expected location, Las Cruces, N. Mex. WILLIAM FRIEDMAN, Detroit. Age 21. Prepared at Detroit High School. Expected location, Detroit. CLAUDE C. FRAZER, Ann Arbor. Age 21. Prepared at Ann Arbor High School. Ex- pected location, San Francisco, Cal. Class Football Team [1 ], [2]; Class Base- ball Team [1]: All-Freshman Football Team [11. FLOY VICTORIA GILMORE, Elwood, Ind. Age 22. Prepared at Greensburg High School, Ind. Expected location, Chicago, 111. Vice-President ' 01 L. Class [11: Cane Committee [2J; Vice-President Webster Society [2]. JOHN MAXWELL GOULD, Detroit. Age 22. Prepared at Olivet College. Expected location, Detroit. All-Freshman Football Team [1]; Class Football Team [2], [3]. J. M. GRISIER, Jefferson, Iowa. Age 23. Prepared at Jefferson High School. HARRY A. GROVES, Webster City, Iowa. HARRY L. GUGGENHEIM, A e, Ann Arbor. Age 21. Prepared at Hillsdale College. Expected location, New York City, N. Y. HERMANN PAUL HAASE. Chicago, 111. Age 22. Prepared at Northwest Division High School, Chicago, 111. Location, Chicago. Director Good Government Club. HALL, HAYES HENKEL JAMES HANS (Senior Lit.) HARDY HUNT H. E. JOHNSON HARBAUGH HAZARD HUSTED E. D. JONES C. P. HALL, Red Wing, Minn. Age 24. Prepared at Hobart College, A.B., ' 98. Loca- tion, Cleveland, Ohio. Class Vice-President [3]. LOSH O. A. HARBAUGH, Brandt. Ohio. Age 20. Prepared at Northern Indiana Nor- mal, B.S. Location, Dayton, Ohio. THOMAS PAUL HARDY, Racine, Wis. Age 36. Prepared at University of Michigan. Location, Racine, Wis. SAMUEL ROHEBT HAZARD, X , Des Moines, Iowa. Age 26. Prepared at Des Moines High School. Location, Des Moines, Iowa. Chairman Decoration Committee Freshman Banquet [1]. HOWARD W. HAYES, B e II. Chicago, 111. Age 24. Prepared at Hyde Park High School. Location, Chicago. Freshman Glee Club [Ij; Comedy Club [1]; Fresh- man Track Team; ' Varsity Relay Team [1], [2], [3], [41; ' Varsity Track Team [1], [2], [3], [4]: University Glee Club [1], [2], [3], [4]; Paris Olympian Games Team [3]; Washington ' s Birthday Committee [3]; Captain Track Team [4]; President Western Intercollegiate Athletic Association. W. LIONEL HEAP, Muskegon. Age 20. Prepared at Muskegon High School. Loca- tion, Cleveland, Ohio. DORSEY R. HOPPE, Chelsea. Prepared at University of Michigan, B.L., ' 98. LERoY HORNBECK, Ithaca. Age 24. Prepared at Kalamazoo College, A.B., and Uni- versity of Chicago, A.B. Location, State of Washington. ADRIAN S. HOUCK, 2 A E, Wichita, Kan Age 21. Prepared at Shattuck School. Location, Wichita, Kan. Junior Hop Committee [3]; Friars. JOHN B. HEINEMANN, Chicago, 111. Age 21. Prepared at North Division High School, Chicago. Location, Chicago. CARL H. HENKEL, Galion, Ohio. Age 20. Location, Cleveland, Ohio. Delegate to Northern Oratorical Conference. GEORGE O. HILZINGER, El Paso, Texas. Age 21. Prepared at University of Arizona, B.S. Location, El Paso, Texas. FRANK D. HUNT, Santa Ana, Cal. Age 25. Prepared at Leland Stanford Jr. Univer- sity. Location, California. Secretary Jeffersonian Society [I]: President California Moot Court [2], EARL WELLINGTON HUSTED, Fenton. Age 26. Prepared at Fenton High School. Location, Michigan. JAMES INGEBRETSON, Ogden, Utah. Age 23. Location, Utah. SULLY JAMES, Detroit. Age 25. Prepared at Boston University. Expected location, Boston, Mass. D ' ARCY LLOYD JOHNSON, Alma. Age 24. Prepared at Alma College. HARRY EDWIN JOHNSON, Quincv, 111. Age 22. CHARLES LANDON JONES, Davisburgh. Age 24. Prepared at University of Michigan. Expected location, Detroit. JUDD KENEIPP KINNEY KNOWLES JUDSON KERR KIEBY KOHN KELLY KIMMEL KNOLLENBERG KREIS ERNEST D. JONES, Guide Rock, Neb. Prepared at University of Nebraska. WILLIAM THEODORE JUDD, Mt. Vernon, 111. Prepared at Northern Illinois Normal School, Dixon, 111. Expected location, Mt. Vernon, 111. JOHN WESLEY JUDSON, A O, Detroit. Age 23. Location, Detroit. WILLIAM J. KASS, Remsen, Iowa. Aye 25. MARTIN T. KELLY, Pittsbiirg. p a . Aye 25. Class Football Team [31; Washington ' s Birthday Committee [2]. G. H. KEMP, Detroit. Age 22. Prepared at Ann Arbor High School. Expected loca- tion, Detroit. HUGH KENEIPP, Mt. Carmel, 111. Age 31. Prepared at Mt. Carmel High School, Mt. Carmel, 111. Location, Springfield, 111. JAMES EDWAKD KERR, Los Gratos, Cal. Age 24. Prepared at Kentucky University. Location, St. Paul, Minn. President ' 01 Law Class [1J. WALTER LESLIE KINNEY, OWOPSO. Age 25. Prepared at Owosso High School. Ex- pected location, Detroit. Secretary Good Government Club [2J; Executive Board Good Government Club [3]. LEWIS HAIGHT KIRBY, 2 x, Kalamazoo. Age 24. Prepared at Kalamazoo College. Location, Kalamazoo. LEONARD F. KNOWLES, St. Louis. Age 24. Location, St. Louis. FREDERICK CHARLES KNOLLENBERG. Quincy, 111. Age 24. Prepared at Quincy High School. Expected location, Quincy, 111. Secretary ' 01 Law Class [1]. STUART MILTON KOHN, Ogden, Utah. Age 21. Prepared at Leland Stanford Jr. University. Expected location, San Francisco, Cal. Class Football Team [2]; Athletic Manager ' 01 Law Class [3], Louis ALVIN KREIS. 6 A X, Cincinnati, Ohio. Age 25. Prepared at University of Michigan. Location, Cincinnati. KRESGE LAUDER LEARNED LYON N. W. CROSE LARSON LONG MCCANDLESS LANDER LARDIE LUTTRELL MCDONELL ERLES B. KRESGE, Pittston, Pa. Age 25. Prepared at K. S. S. N. School. FRANK KIMMEL, Lafayette, Ind. Age 24. Prepared at Purdue University. Expected location, Indianapolis. Athletic Manager Law Class [a|; Class Football Team [3J; Washington ' s Birthday Committee [3]. J. ERNEST LANDES, -iO, Kuoxville, 111. Age 23. Prepared at Lombard University. Location, Seattle. Wash. Football Team [31: Baseball Team [21; Track Team [I], [2], [3]. STEPHEN W. LARDIE, Old Mission. Age 23. Prepared at Traverse City High School. Class Baseball Team and ' Varsity Squad. LEWIS LARSON, Manti City, Utah. Age 29. Prepared at Brigham Young Academy. Location, Manti City, Utah. CHARLES EDWARD LAUDER, Ben, Burlington, Iowa. Age 32. Prepared at Iowa Wesleyan University and University of Chicago, A.M. Location, Burlington, Iowa. PERCY LEARNED, Chester, Vt. Age 21. EDWIN GEORGE LEIPHEIMER, Chicago, 111. Location, Chicago. F. J. LICHTENBERGER, A X, Savanna, 111. Age 24. Prepared at Savanna High School. Location, Chicago, 111. THOMAS GEORGE LONG, Dearborn. Age 18. Prepared at Dearborn High School. Location, Detroit. JOHN C. LOUCKS, Grand Rapids. Age 23. Prepared at Grand Rapids High School. Location, Grand Rapids. CHARLES J. LUTTRELL, Fort Jones, Cal. Age 26. Prepared at Siskiyon College. Location, California. GEORGE POLLARD LYON, Delphi, Ind. Age 23. Prepared at Delphi High School. LEWIS WILSON MCCANDLESS, Prescott, Ariz. Age 23. Prepared at University of Michigan, A.B. STANLEY KANE MCDONNELL, Grand Rapids. Age 22. Prepared at Grand Rapids High School. Location Grand Rapids. MC EWEN MADDEN MAYER T. F. MILLER MC KIN LEY MARKS MEANS H. T. MILLER MAC NEAL MEGARGEL MARVIN MITIGUY ROY E TT wEN Leonidas. Age 23. Prepared at Union City High School. ELLIS JOHNSON MCGREGOR, Pontiac, 111. JOHN R MclNTOSH, Kokomo, Ind. Age 23. Prepared at Kokomo High School. Loca- tion, Kokomo. Class Football Team [3]. RUPUS COLE MCKINLEY, A . New Wilmington, Pa. An-e 25 Prenared at West- minster College, B.S. Friars [I], [2], [3J. GEORGE FRED MACNEAL, Ann Arbor. Age 21. Prepared at Clyde High School, Clyde, 111. Class Football Team [ 1J, [2], [3J; Class Baseball Team [1]. [2], [3]. JAMES A. MADDEN, Lyons, Iowa. Age 22. Location, Colo. Winner Featherweight Boxing Championship, Indoor ' Varsity Meet [2]. THOMAS RANKIN MARKS, Lafayette, Ind. Age 2: . Prepared at Purdue University. Location, Indianapolis, Ind. FRANCIS ROCKWELL MARVIN, A Y, i A !. i K, Akron, Ohio. Age 24. Prepared at Oberlin and Williams College. Location. Akron, Ohio. President Musical Clubs [1], [2]; ' Varsity Minstrels; Friars. JUDD H. MATTHEWS, Logansport, Ind. Age 23. Expected location, Chicago. HAROLDS. MAYER, Natchez. Miss. Age 21. Prepared at Armour Scientific Academy. Location, New Orleans. RICE W. MEANS, Denver, Colo. Age 23. Prepared at Sacred Heart ( ' ollege. Loca- tion, Denver. ROY C. MEGARGEL, B 9 n, Scranton, Pa. Age 24. Prepared at Wesleyan University. Expected location, Scranton. Class Baseball Team [1], [2]; New England Col- lege Club; Golf Club. H. T. MILLER. Visalia, Cal. Age 2 . Prepared at University of California. Loca- tion. San Francisco. Editor WniiA- f|2]: Class Football Team [2], [3J; Manag- ing Kditor Wrhiklr [ ' !]; Editor ? ' . of M. Democrat [3]. T. F. MILLER, Michigan City, Ind. Age 20. Prepared at Michigan City High School. Treasurer Class [3], GEORGE ALFRED MITIGUY, East Berkshire, Vt. MORRIS MOODY NICHOLS NEWCOMB MOSBY NEAL PARRY ORTMEYER MYGATT OHLINGER NERLINGER PADDOCK PAUL BROADLEY MOODY, Detroit. Age 24. Prepared at University of Michigan, A.B. Location, Detroit. BENJAMIN B MORRIS, Chicago, 111. Age 23. Prepared at Chicago High School. Location, Chicago, 111. J. D. MOSBY, K A, Mosby, Mo. Age 25. Prepared at William Jewell College, A.B. ROY EDGAR MYGATT, Augusta. Age 23. Location, Conneaut, Ohio. President Web- ster Society [3]. ALBERT LAWRENCE NEAL, Indiana, Pa. Prepared at Pennsylvania Normal School. Location, Pennsylvania. A. P. NERLINGER, Traverse City. Age 25. Prepared at Traverse City High School. Location, Michigan. Class Football Team [3]. LEROY VERNON NEWCOMB, Ann Arbor. Age 27. Prepared at Puget Sound University. Location, Seattle, Wash. GILES B. NICHOLS, A A t , Detroit. Age 23. Prepared at Detroit High School. Loca- tion, Detroit. DANIEL HERMAN ORTMEYER, Evansville, Ind. Age 21. Location, Evansville, Ind. CHARLKS BRAINARD PADDOCK, Wichita, Kan. Age 27. Prepared at Topeka, Kan., High School, Washburn College and University of Michigan, B.S., ' 97. C. M. PARKER, Detroit. Age 28. Prepared at Ann Arbor High School. Loca- tion, Detroit. WILLIAM HAINES PARRY, Hainesport, N. ,T. Age 23. Prepared at University of Pennsylvania, B.S. Location, New Jersey. PERSON KAWDEN PIGGOTT RUSSELL POTTER A. B. REYNOLDS RHEINFRANK SAGE PRIEST ROGERS ROE SAMPLE PRANK V. PARTRIDGE, Bowling Green, Mo. Age 26. Prepared at Springfield, 111. Location, St. Louis, Mo. SEYMOUR H. PERSON, Howell. Age 21. Prepared at Howell High School. Location, Lansing. CLARENCE S. PIGGOTT, Chicago, 111. Age 21. Prepared at English High School, Chicago. Location, Chicago. Treasurer Oratorical Association. EDWIN POTTER, 2 l . Chicago, 111. Age 23. Prepared at University of Michigan. Location, Chicago. ELROY M. PRIEST, Owosso. Age 22. Prepared at Corunna High School and Owosso High School. Location, Owosso. EDWIN RAWDEN, Ann Arbor. Age 29. Location, Evart. FRANK W. REED, Evart. Age 24. Prepared at Evart High School. Location, Evart. AARON B. REYNOLDS, Fort Jones, Cal. Age 22. Location, California. ALAN W. REYNOLDS, Cnssopolis. Age 22. Prepared at Ann Arbor High School and Michigan Agricultural College. HARRY EDWARD ROGERS. Grand Rapids. Age 22. Prepared at Grand Rapids High School. Location, Grand Ilapids. CLIFFORD GRIFFITH ROE, A T, Ann Arbor. Age 2.3. Prepared at University of Michi- gan, B.L. Location, Chicago, 111. Glee Club [1]; Business Manager Michigan Alumnuii; Chairman Decoration Committee Junior Hop [2]; Business Manager Bulletin; Financial Secretary Athletic Association [3]; Editor Athletic Score Cards and Junior Hop Souvenir. BURTON RUSSELL, Adel, Iowa. Age 2(i. Prepared at Northern Indiana College, B.S. President Jeffersonian Society [2]. FRANK LINCOLN SAGE, 2 A E, Lewiston, N. Y. Age 33. Prepared at Mt. Union Col- lege. Location, Buffalo, N. Y. GEORGE W. SAMPLE, Keosauqua, Iowa. Age 24. Chairman Washington Birthday Committee [2]; Toastmaster Law Class [3]. SCANLON SHORTS STEINKE SUNDERLAND SCOTT SPAULDING STOCK WELL TAIT SHAUMAN SMITH SHERWOOD G. M. THOMPSON E. M. SAYLES, Akron, Iowa. Age 38. Location, Sioux City, Iowa. WILLIAM M. A. SCANLAN, Peru, 111. Age 25. Location undecided. H. BERNARD SCHANTZ, Pekin, 111. Age 23. Prepared at University of Illinois. MtCHi- GANENSIAN [3]; Republican Club Committee [2]. Louis HENRY SCHROEDER, A X, Quincy, 111. Age 22. Prepared at Illinois College. FRANK DOUGLAS SCOTT, Alpena. Age 23. Prepared at Alpena High School. Loca- tion, Alpena. Treasurer ' 01 Law Class [2]; Class Football Team [1], [2]: Cane Committee [2]; President Republican Club [2]; Delegate to State Convention; President State College League. RALPH WILLIAM SHAUMAN, Benton Harbor. Age 24. Prepared at Benton Harbor High School. Location, California. BENJAMIN W. SHERWOOD, Kankakee, 111. Age 22. Prepared at Kankakee High School. Location, Washington State. Vice-Presideut Good Government Club[l]. BRUCE CARMAN SHORTS, Mt. Pleasant. Age 23. Prepared at Mt. Pleasant High School. ' Varsity Football Team [3]. DAVID FLANDERS SMITH, Indianapolis, Ind. Age 23. Location, Indianapolis. LAMOTTE G. SPAULDING, Conneaut, Ohio. Age 23. Prepared at Pennsylvania State Normal, M.E. Secretary Oratorical Association [1]. GOTTFRIED ( ' . STEINKE, Atlantic, Iowa. Age 24. Location, Atlantic, Iowa. A. R. STOCKWELL. A X, Pontiac. Age 23. Prepared at Pontiac High School. Loca- tion, Detroit. DAVID PERCY STRICKLER. A X, Quincy, 111. Age 22. Prepared at Whittle Academy, Illinois College. Location, Quincy. JOSEPH WILKINSON STRINGPELLOW, Salt Lake City, Utah. Age 27. Prepared at Brigham Young Academy and University of Utah. Location, Salt Lake City. TIM J. SULLIVAN, Roodhouse, 111. Age 21. Prepared at .Toliet High School. EDSON R. SUNDERLAND. Ann Arbor. Age 26. Prepared at University of Michigan and University of California, A.B., A.M. Location, Sioux City, Iowa. BENJAMIN F. TAIT, Decatur, 111. Age 24. Prepared at University of Illinois. Class President [2]; Director S. L. A. [2]; Chairman Bryan Committee [3]: Cane Com- mittee [2]. GARDNER M. THOMPSON. Prairie Home, 111. Age 24. Prepared at Eureka College. Location, Danville, 111. Class Secretary [2]. J. THOMPSON TRACY WHITCOMB WILLBANKS I,. E. THOMPSON TRIBLE WHITE WILSON TODD WEBSTER WHITMORE WOODS JAMES THOMPSON, Moscow, Wis. Age 25. Prepared at University of Wisconsin, B.L. LLOYD E. THOMPSON, Prairie Home, 111 Age 24. Prepared at Shelbyville High School. Location, Danville, 111. OLIVER J. TODD, Lerna, 111. Age 23. Prepared at Northern Indiana Normal School, Valparaiso, Ind. W. C. TODD, Springfield, Mass. Age 21. Prepared at Lincoln University, Pennsyl- vania. A.B. Location, Springfield, Mass. Orations [2], [3]. WM. B. TORRANCE, Terre Haute, Ind. Age 25. Prepared at Hanover, Ind., A.B. JOHN MEREDITH TRIBLE, B e II, A , Ann Arbor. Age 20. Prepared at Bethany College, A.M. Location, San Francisco, Cal. RALEIGH TRIMBLE, Portland, Oregon. Age 22. Prepared at University of Oregon, LL.B. ORIN G TUTTLE, Ithaca. Age 28. Prepared at Valparaiso, Ind. Location, Ithaca. LEONARD D ' OOGE VERDIER, A l , Grand Rapids. Age 23. Prepared at Grand Rapids High School and University of Michigan, A.B. Expected location, Spokane Falls or Seattle, Wash. Freshman Banquet Committee [1]; Football Manager [1], [2]; Financial Secretary Athletic Association [1]: President Athletic Asso- ciation [2], [3]: Glee Club [1], [2], [3]: Treasurer Whist Club [1]; President Whist Club [2]. CLYDE I. WEBSTER, 2 A E, Eaton Rapids. Age 23. Prepared at University of Michi- gan, Ph.B. Orator [1]; Cooley Day Committee [3]. S. L. WEISER, Preston, Minn. Age 21. Prepared at Preston High School. Location, Chicago . Class Football Team [3]. GEORGE G. WHITCOMB, A A . Morrison, 111. Age 24. Prepared at Phillips Exeter. Location, Cleveland, Ohio. HENRY CLAIRE WHITE, Decatur. Age 23. Prepared at Decatur High School. CHARLES FREDERICK WHITMORE, Kankakee. 111. Age 21. Prepared at Kankakee High School. Location, Kankakee, 111. JOHN R. WILSON, St. Louis. Age 31. Prepared at Youngton College, St. Louis. Lo- cation, Passadena. Cal. President U. of M. Masonic Club. GEORGE LYNN WOOD. Tarkio, Mo. Age 25. Prepared at Tarkio College, B.S. ' Var- sity Football Team [1]: Coach of ' 01 Law Football Team [2], [3]. BAKER VENNERS OLSON KENNEDY GEORGE MC MILLAN N. K. ANDERSON VERDIER BAER HERDMAN HUGHES HOUCK Laws Too Late to Classify. WALTER S. BAER, Hancock. Age 21. Prepared at Hancock High School and East Side High School, Milwaukee, Wis., and the University of Michigan. Loca- tion, Chicago, 111. Cane Committee [2]; Associate Editor MICHIGANENSIAN. NORMAN K. ANDERSON, A.B., A A i , A i , Morgan Park, 111. Age 23. Prepared at University of Chicago. Location undecided. JAMES H. BAKER, Mt. Morris, N. Y. Age 22. Prepared at Mt. Morris High School. Location, Adrian. Chairman Banquet Committee [2]; Picture Committee [3|. HARRY PATTERSON HERDMAN, Ph.B., A A , Xanesville, Ohio. Age 28. Prepared at University of Michigan. Location, Zanesville, Ohio. MICHIGANENSIAN Board. HARRY J. P. GEOUGE, Blacklick, Pa. Age 28. Expected location, Denver, Colo. JAMES R. HUGHES, JR., S A E, Fayette, Mo. Age 25. Prepared at Central College. President U. of M. Democratic Club. ADRIAN S. HOUCK, S A E, Wichita, Kan. Age 21. Prepared at Shattuck School. Location, Wichita, Kan. Junior Hop Committee [3]; Friars. M. J. KENNEDY, Ishpeming. Age 21. ARCHIBALD HAROLD MCMILLAN, A.B., Bay City. Age 24. Prepared at University of Michigan. Expected location. Bay City. Chairman Washington Birthday Committee [3]. COLBERT LEVY OLSON, Salt Lake City, Utah. CHARLES TRUEMAN VENNERS, Au Sable. Age 21. Prepared at Au Sable High School. MITCHELL CATROW RICHARD R. MITCHELL, K , Charleston, 111. Age 24. Prepared at Wabash College. HENRY CATROW, i X, Miamisburjj, Ohio. Age 22. Prepared at Kenyon Military Academy. Gambler, Ohio, and Pennsylvania Military College, Chester, Pa. Expected location, Dayton, Ohio. ANZINGER CONKLE BANKS ARCHER CARVIN AUER BARTHOLOMEW CHASE BROWN DERICKSON BOWMAN DIVER PRANK PAUL ANZINGER, A B., Springfield, Ohio. Age 23. Prepared at Wittenberg College. Journal Club; Class Treasurer [4], PATIENCE BOURDEAU ARCHER, Battle ( ' reek. Prepared in Prance and Switzerland eight years and Battle Creek College four years. Expected location, Battle Creek Sanitarium. ULYSSES GRANT AUER, Grafton, 111. Age 32. Prepared at Northern Indiana Normal School B.S. RUSH BANK ' S, Novi. Age 29. Prepared at Michigan Normal College, B.L., and the University of Michigan. ALFRED CASTLE BARTHOLOMEW, N 2 N, Michigan City, Ind. Age 22. Prepared at Michigan City High School. Ophthalmology Staff. EARLE MASON BROWN, H , Battle Creek. Prepared at Battle Creek High School. Ophthalmology Staff. HARRY RENICK BROWN, N 2 N, Chillicothe, Ohio. Age 22. Prepared at Ann Arbor High School. ' Varsity Reserves [2]; ' Varsity Football Team [4]; Class Baseball Team [3]; Class Athletic Manager [4]; Internal Medicine Staff; Journal Club. GEORGE BOWMAN, B n, Irwin, Pa. Age 25. Prepared at Wooster University. Ex- pected location, Irwin, Pa. Surgical Staff. CASSIE LAVERNA CARVTN, Rockford. Age 22. Prepared at Rockford High School. Expected location, California. Gynecology Staff. WILLIAM SABIN CHASE, N 2 N, Akron, Ohio. Age 32. Prepared at Princeton Univer- sity, A.B. and A.M. Internal Medicine Staff; Journal Club. GUY CLIFTON CONKLE, Bucyrus, Ohio. Age 22. Dermatology Staff. ELVIA CLAIR DERICKSON, Battle Creek. Age 27. Prepared at Battle Creek High School and College. Expected location, Iowa or Nebraska. PRANK C. DIVER, Kalama .oo. Age 25. Prepared at Kalamazoo High School. Ex- pected location, Kalamazoo. Journal Club. EDMUNDS FRENCH GORSLINE HAYS FAY FULLER GRIEVE HOLM FELKER GARM GRIMMER HORTON CHARLES WALLIS EDMUNDS, A e, if S N, Richmond, Ind. Age 27. Prepared at Indi- ana University. Corresponding Secretary University Medical Society 12V Class Treasurer [3]; Internal Medical Staff. GEORGE gan EDWARDS FAY, T, Chicago, 111. Ag-e 25. Prepared at University of Michi- ;an, B.S. in Biology; Class President [2]; Surgery Staff; Journal Club. GERTRUDE FELKER, A E I, Amboy, 111. Prepared at Rockford Colleg-e, A.B. Class Historian [I]; Class Vice-President [2]; Class Recording- Secretary [3]; Assist- ant Demonstrator of Anatomy [3]: Corresponding- Secretary University Medi- cal Society [4]; Pathology Staff. LELA SWARTHOUT FRENCH, St. Joseph. Age 21. Prepared at Benton Harbor High School. Class Secretary [2]: Ophthalmology Staff. NATHANIEL HARE FULLER, Belmont, N. Y. Ag-e 23. Prepared at Belmont High School. ROY HENRY GARM, P 2, Beardstown. 111. Age 22. Prepared at University of Illi- nois. Internal Medicine Staff; Journal Club. CLARENCE SAMUEL GORSLINE, Ann Arbor. Prepared at Battle Creelc High School and Literary Department, University of Michigan. CHARLES COURTNEY GRIEVE, B n, Ionia. Age 27. Prepared at Ionia High School. CHRISTIAN FREDERICK GRIMMER, Am Arb3r. Prepared at Ionia High School. Director University Medical Society [4]; Gynecology Staff. JAMES HAMPTON HAYS, Ogden Center. Age 27. Prepared at State Normal School. Journal Club; Gynecology Staff; Class Historian [4J. AUGUSTUS HOLM, Decatur. Age 27. Expected location, Northern Michigan. Assist- ant Demonstrator in Anatomy [3]. HERBERT BRADFORD HORTON, A T 0, P 2, East Providence, R. I. Acre 28. Prepared at Brown University, A.B. Expected location, Providence, R. I. Neurology Staff. HOSMER KALJNOFF KING KOONS HOWARD JOHNSON KIRKBRIDE KYSELKA INOUYE KELSEY KLINE LAIRD CHARLES SAMUEL HOSMER, Romulus. Age 35. Prepared at University of Michigan and Rush Medical College, M.D, ' 93. Assistant to State Pathologist of Michi- gan State Asylums. MAYBURN R. HOWARD, B n, Edmund, Okla. T. Age 23. Prepared at Oklahoma Normal School. Expected location, Oklahoma City. TOMO INOUYE, Nagasaki, Japan. Prepared at Cleveland Homoeopathic Medical Col- lege, M.D. Dermatology Staff. GARDNER CHARLES JOHNSON. Danville, Wis. Age 29. Prepared at Columbus (Wis.) High School. Journal Club. DEMETER KALINOFF. Bulgaria, Europe. Age 30. Prepared at Ann Arbor High School and University of Michigan, B.S. Expected location, Bulgaria. JAMES HENRY KELSEY, Cassopolis. Age 22. Prepared at Cassopolis High School. WILLIAM THOMAS KING, Calumet. Age 27. Prepared at Calumet High School. WILLIS JOSEPH KIRKBRIDE, B II, Findlay. Ohio. Age 22. Prepared at Pindlay, Ohio. Expected location, Cleveland, Ohio. Class Baseball Team [1]; Captain Class Baseball Team [3]: Neurology Staff. GEORGE MILTON KLINE, B n, Grand Rapids. Age 23. Prepared at Grand Rapids. Class Vice-President [3]. RALPH FREDERICK KOONS, K 2, B n, Huntington Mills, Pa. Age 25. Prepared at Bucknell University, Ph.B. Expected location, Cheyenne, Wyo. HARRY BOHUMIL KYSELKA, Traverse City. Age 23. Prepared at Traverse City High School. GEORGE SAMUEL LAIRD, Rockport, Ind. Age 24. Prepared at Rockport High School. I.AMLEY LOREE MANWAKING MITCHELL LYNCH LARNED NEAL, MORLEY LEVIN MC CAUSLAND MARTIN NOORDEWIER GEORGE HENRY LAMLEY, B II, Blissfield. Age 23. Prepared at Ann Arbor High School. Expected location, Cheyenne, Wyo. Class Treasurer [2]. FREDERICK .T UNISON LARKED, I 2, Lansing. Age 25. Prepared at Lansing. Opli- SIMON LEVIN, Michigamrue. Age 24. Prepared at Ann Arbor High School. Journal Club: Dermatology Staff. IRA DEAN LOREE, N 2 N, Tecumseh. Age 31. Prepared at Tecumseh High School and State Normal School. ALBERT LYNCH, Flushing. Age 31. Prepared at Northern Indiana Normal School. B.S. Assistant to State Pathologist of Michigan State Asylums. MARSHALL BIDWELL MCCAUSLAND, New Haven. Age 24. Prepared at New Haven High School. Class Secretary [4]. JOSHUA GEORGE Ross MANWARING, Ann Arbor. Age 23. Prepared at Lapeer High School. Class President [4]. ADELBERT WESLEY MARTIN, Vicksburg. Age 20. Prepared at Vicksburg High School. EMMA JOSEPHINE MITCHELL, A E I, Lafayette, Ind. Prepared at Purdue University. Expected location, Lafayette, Ind. Class Vice-President [4]; Gynecology Staff. WILLIAM HORACE MORLEY, + T, Detroit. Age 29. Prepared at University of Michi- sran, Ph.B., ' 95. Comedy Club [3]: President University Medical Society [8]; Friars [5], [6], [7], [8]: Internal Medicine Staff; Journal Club. THOMAS ALVIN NEAL, K , Ann Arbor. Age 24. Prepared at Ann Arbor High School. University of Michigan, B.S. in Biology, ' 99. Friars: Journal Club: Pathology Staff. ALBERT NOORDEWIER, .Tenison. Age 25. ' Prepared at Grand Rapids High School and the University of Michigan, B.S., ' 98. OLNEY POU RICH SHUFORD PHELPS PRATT ROGERS SEARCY PARKER RIGTERINK ROWLAND SHILLING GUY L. NOYES, N 2 N, Traverse City. Age 28. Prepared at University of Ver- mont, M.D. HKRUEKT SMITH OLNKY, l v 2, Fresno, Oal. Age 24. Prepared at University of Cali- fornia. Class President [3]; Journal Club: Surgery Staff. WALTER THOMAS PAKKER, Kerby. Age 22. Prepared at Corunna High School. FLORA MAY PHELPS, Plainfield, N. J. Prepared at Genesee Seminary, Lima, N. Y. Gynecology Staff. WILLIAM OSCAR Pou, Nashville, Tenn. Age 25. Prepared at Fisk University, A.B. Class Baseball Team [. ' !]. FREDERICK JOHN PRATT, JR., B II, Jackson. Age 24. Prepared at Jackson High School. HERBERT MATTESON KICK, i I " 2, Middleville. Age 27. Prepared at Michigan Agri- cultural College, B.L.; ' 97, University of Michigan. Class Football Team [2]; Recording Secretary S. L. A. [4]; Internal Medicine Staff. JOHN W. RIGTERINK, Overisel. Prepared at Michigan Agricultural College, B.S. Surgical Staff. EARL ADAM ROGERS, Ann Arbor. Age 22. Prepared at Ann Arbor High School. Gynecology Stall ' . RUSSELL STURGIS ROWLAND, Grand Rapids. Age 25. Prepared at University of Michigan. ' 98; B.S. in Biology. Journal Club; Internal Medicine Staff; Path- ology Staff. GEORGE HARRIS SEARCY, P 2, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Age 23. Prepared at University of Alabama, A.B. FRANCIS FREDERIC SCHILLING, Piro, Ohio. Age 35. Prepared at Northwestern Ohio University. SPOOR TRYON WASSON WILKINSON STEINER WALDRON WATKINS WILLIAMS TRASK WALL WIEST ZB1NDKN JACOB HARRISON SHUFORD, 2 A E, Hickory, N. C. Age 21. ARTHUR AUGUSTUS SPOOR, Big Rapids. Age 27. Prepared at Ferris Institute. OLIVER SILAS STEINER, B e II, 1J ll. Lima, Ohio. Age 25. Prepared at University of Wooster, Ph.B. JOHN WILLIAM TRASK, P S, Bay City. Age 24. Journal Club; Internal Medicine Staff: Pathology Stall ' . FRED MILTON TRYON, Blystone, Pa. Age 26. Prepared at Cushing Academy, Ash- burnham. Mass. ' Varsity Track Team [1], [2]: Class Athletic Manager [2], [3]: Winner A K E, Cup [1], [2J, [3J. FREDERICK RICE WALDRON, T, Jackson. Age 25. Prepared at Jackson High School. University of Michigan, Ph.B. Journal Club: Pathol ogy Staff; Asso- ciate Editor MICHIUANENSIAN. LUTHER WALL, Mount Ayr, Iowa. Age 28. Prepared at Simpson College. CLARENCE BANJAY WASSON, Cuba, N. Y. Age 35. University of Rochester, A.B. CHARLES FRANKLIN WATKINS, 1 ' 2, Reed City. Age 28. Prepared at Reed City High School and University of Michigan, Ph.C. ROY FRANCIS WIEST, Detroit. Age 23. Prepared at Detroit High School. Ex- pected location, Boulder, Colo. ALLAN MARSHALL WILKINSON, Charlevoix. Age 26. Prepared at University of Michigan. Expected location, Northern Michigan. ARLO RAY WILLIAMS, Brookfield. Age 26. Prepared at Jackson High School. Gynecology Staff. THEODORE ZBINDEN, Toledo, Ohio. Age 23. Prepared at University of Michigan, A.B. Surgery Staff. ZEL1NSKI WAITE STONE WILLARD JOHN STONE, A A , N 2 N, Gloversville, N. Y. Ape 23. Prepared at Univer- sity of Michigan, B.S. Comedy Club; University Glee, Banjo and Mandolin Clubs; Friars; Journal Club; Internal Medicine Staff. HERBERT HAROLD WAITE, X , N 2 N, Ann Arbor. Age 37. Prepared at Amherst College, A.B. THOMAS ZELINSKI, Battle Creek. Age 24. Expected location, Battle Creek. AUSTIN BORCK CARPENTER CLARK BARTON BLENCOE CHALLIS BOWIE BENNER O ' CONNOR CHAMBERLAIN CURTIS H. E. ANTHONY, Brampton, Ont. EMEKY R. AUSTIN, A 2 A, Jones. Age 23. Prepared at Michigan Agricultural College. HERBERT WALTER BARTON, Akron, Ohio. Age 22. Prepared at Akron High School. President U. of M. Dental Society [2]. JESSE ALWOOD BENNER, Defiance, Ohio. Age 20. Prepared at Defiance Normal College. Expected location, Cleveland, Ohio. GUY BLENCOE, A2A, Alma Centre, Wis. ' Varsity Baseball Team [I], [2]. OTTILIE BORCK, Stettin, Germany. Expected location, Stettin, Germany. R. A. BOWIE, Vicksburg. Age 28. Class Treasurer. IRVING D. CARPENTER, B.S., A D A, Battle Creek. Age 81. Prepared at University of Michigan. CHAS. H. CHAMBERLAIN, Ranelagh, Ont. E. I. CHALLIS, Laingsburg. Age 24. Prepared at Rochester High School. Editor-in- Chief Dental Journal [4]. THOMAS I. CLAKK, Chelsea. Age 22. Prepared at Ann Arbor High School. EDWARD CURTIS, H , Shell Lake, Wis. Age 24. Prepared at Shell Lake High School and University of Wisconsin. R. O. CURTIS, Jackson. CURTIS FEAD GILLKTT HILL DODSLEY FITCH HAWLEY HOLCOMB DOWNING GILL HEIDBRINK INGLIS T R. DODSLEY, Ann Arbor. Age 24. H. S. DOWNING, A2A, San Diego, Cal. Age 22. Prepared at San Diego High School. D. J. DUNWELL, Grand Rapids. Prepared at Wayland. Expected location, Grand Rapids. Class President [1]; Treasurer Dental Society [2]; U. of M. Band [3]. GEORGE ALBERT PEAD, Lexington. Age 22. Prepared at Lexington High School. Class Baseball Team [1]. JOHN BOGGS FELKER, Madison, Wis. Age 25. Prepared at Madison, Wis. W. WARREN FITCH, S t i , Lakeview, Cal. Age 22. Class Secretary. .1. H. FLEMMING, Brainpton, Ont. Prepared at Brampton High School. HENRY FORTMANN, Hamburg, Germany. Age 22. Expected location, Hamburg, Germany. G. L. GILLETT, H + ! ' , Lake City, Minn. Age 22. Prepared at Lake City High School. FRED A. GILL, Grand Rapids. Age 27. Prepared at Saginaw. Expected location, Grand Rapids. ALEX. P. GORDON, M.S., Lansing. 32. Prepared at Michigan Agricultural College. HERBERT HAWLEY, Ann Arbor. Age 22. Prepared at Rochester High School. J. A. HEIDBRINK, Union Grove, Wis. Age 25. Prepared at Racine High School. L. L. HILL, ASA, Reading. Age 22. FRED. B. HOLCOMB, Ripley, N. Y. Age 28. Prepared at Ripley High School and Pre- donia State Normal, New York. G. A. HOWLETT, Ann Arbor. Age 25. JAMES W. INGLIS, Columbus, Wis. Prepared at State Normal, Oshkosh, Wis. Busi- ness Manager U. of M. Dental Journal [2]. JOSLIN MAIN MARTINDALE MONKS KEYSER MARKEY MASSELINK MOORE LANPHEAK MARSLAND MONKMAN PARKER LLEWELLYN WOODWARD JORDAN, D.D.S., Kent ' s Hill, Mo. R. G. JOSLIN, H , Big- Rapids. Age 22. Prepared at Big Rapids High School. CHARLES F. KEYSER, 3 , Baraboo, WU. Age 27. Prepared at University of Wis- consin. FRANK MARTIN LAMB, Ann Arbor. Prepared at Michigan State Normal School. OEL E. LANPHEAR, Lawrence. Prepared at Lawrence and Ann Arbor High Schools. Expected location, Lawrence. Masonic Club. HERBERT B. LAWES, Drayton, Ont. Prepared at Mount Forest, Ont. Vice-President S. L. A. JOHN LEONARD LYON, Lansing. Age 32. Prepared at Mason. Expected location, Grand Rapids. SIDNEY G. MAIN, Midland. Age 21. Vice-President Dental Society; Secretary Junior Class [2]; Valedictorian Senior Class [3]; Manager Dental Baseball Team. CLARE C MARKEY, H l , Port Huron. Age 21. Prepared at Port Huron High School. Expected location, Detroit. Reception Committee 1901 Dental Class; Secre- tary U. of M. Dental Association. E. A. MARSLAND, Wyecombe, Ont. Age 26. Prepared at Toronto, Ont. Expected location, British Columbia, Canada. K. J. MARTINDALE, H , Fulton. [II. Age 21. Expected location, California. Direc- tor Athletic Association [2], [. ' !]. BENJ. MASSELINK, Oakland. Age 25. Prepared at Hope College. Treasurer Dental Society. THOMAS M. MCCLURE, A 2 A, Liverpool, Ohio. Age 21. Prepared at Adrian College. Class Baseball Team. WALTER F. MONKMAN, Watford, Ont. J. W. MONKS, Pinckney. Age 20. President Dental Society [3]. WARD MOORE, Freeport. Age 24. Prepared at Olivet College. Expected location, Chicago. Manager Class Baseball Team; Arrangements Committee. R. H. NEELANDS, Sandhill, Ont. DELIA O ' CONNER, Ph.C., Ann Arbor. Prepared at Lapeer. Vice-President Senior Class [3]. CLARENCE G PARKEK, H , Mt. Clemens. Age 20. Expected location, Mt. Clemens. PARSAL SAUERBRAUN SMITH STEGEMAN REINKING SCHENK SWEER SWARTZ ROBINSON SCOTT SQUIERS TANNEHILL A. J. PAESAL, Benton Harbor. Age 23. Prepared at Benton Harbor High School. FRED C. PHELPS, Merrillan, Wis. A. AUGUSTUS REINKING, ASA, Baraboo, Wis. Age 22. ADDISON B. ROBINSON, S A E, Grand Rapids. Age 23. Prepared at Grand Rapids High School. Expected location, Grand Uapids. LEO SAUERBBAUN, Gallon, Ohio. Prepared at Gallon Academy. U. of M. Band. ALBERT FREDERICK SCHATZEL, D.D S., Fostoria, O. P. A. SCHENCK, Cass City. Age 22. Class Baseball Team. JOHN J. SCOTT, ASA, Geneseo, N. Y. Age 23. Class President [2]. CHAUNCEY G. SMITH, Brooklyn. Age 23. Prepared at Brooklyn High School. Ex- pected location, Jackson. PERCY C. SQUIRES, A2A, Flint. Age 22. Class Baseball Team. FRANK STEGEMAN, A2A, Allegan. Age 21. Prepared at Allegan High School. Class Baseball Team. FRANK G. SWARTZ, Port Huron. Prepared at Port Huron High School and Michigan State Normal School. JNO. H. H. SWEER, Fort Wayne, Ind. Age 23. Prepared at Fort Wayne High School. ' Varsity Glee, Banjo and Mandolin Clubs; Editor U. of M. Republican. CHARLES H. TANNEHILL, Hicksville, Ohio. Age 21. Prepared at Hicksville High School. THIRLBY VEDDER TATHAM WOOD TRINKAUS WHEELER ULSAVER DUNWELL WILLIAMS ARTHUR WILLIAM TATHAM, Saginaw. Age 25. Prepared at Ann Arbor High School. T. W. THIRLBY, Traverse City. Age 24. Prepared at Traverse City High School. J. L. TRINKAUS, Pekin, 111. Age 23. Prepared at Pekin High School. Expected location, Peoria. 111. Managing Editor 17. of J . Republican. JUSTIN TIMOTHV TUOMY, D.D.S., Ann Arbor. E. S. ULSAVER, Albion. Age 28. Prepared at Saline High School. NEIL D. VEDDER, A 2 A. Carrolton, 111. Age 21. Prepared at Carrolton High School. Class Baseball Team. EDMUND DANIEL VINCE, D.D.S., Battle Creek. LEON WHEELER, South Haven. Age 28. Prepared at South Haven High School and Oberlin College. Expected location, South Haven. Arrangements Committee. PORIJEST LYMAN WILLIAMS, Ludington. Age 23. Prepared at Ludington High School. A. CROSWELL WILSON, Ann Arbor. Age 27. HENRY C. WOOD, H l , Chelsea. Age 22. W. B. WOODRUFF, Ann Arbor. entot Class BROOKFIELD KITTLEMAN SPROAT MOTHERSILL HINE LANG LEY DVORAK MC GINNIS POLLOCK WATTLES Senior Class OITlcers. HARRY J. SPROAT, HELEN M. WATTLES, ARTHUR BROOKFIELD, EDWIN MCGINNIS, FOREST LANCASHIRE, W. W. KlTTLEMAN, . CHARLES DVORAK, PHILIP MOTHERSILL, JANE V. POLLOCK, KATHERINE G. HINE, ANNIE W. LANGLEY, Lite mnj-linginee ring. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Football Manager Baseball Manager Track Manager Orator Prophetess Poetess Historian SUNDERLAND SAMPLE DOUST T. F. MILLER HALL CHANEY ALULI CORHIT ELDRIDGE ORT MEYER CARMODY Officers of the Senior Law Class. MAKTIN H. CARMODY, W. P. CHANEY, ROBERT M. CORBIT, C. P. HALL, T. F. MILLER, GEORGE W. SAMPLE, NOA W. ALULI, President Secretary 1st Vice-President 2nd Vice-President Treasurer Toastmaster Marshal Class Day Officers. MARTIN H. CARMODY, E. R. SUNDERLAND. CHARLES P. DELBRIDGE, G. O. HILZINGER, Miss GLENNA H. DODST D. H. ORTMEYER, President Valedictorian Historian Poet Prophetess Presentation of Class Memorial Officers of the Senior Medical Class. JOSHUA GEORGE Ross MANWARING, . . President EMMA JOSEPHINE MITCHELL, . Vice-President MARSHALL BIDWELL MCCAUSLAND, Secretary FRANK PAUL ANSINGER, . . . Treasurer HARRY RENICK BROWN, . . . Athletic Manager JAMES HAMPTON HAYS, . . Historian FITCH BOWIE INGLIS Officers of Senior Dental Class. J. W. INGLIS, DELIA-O ' CONNOR, W. W. PITCH, R. A. BOWIE, President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer THOMPSON ROBERTSON RAVER Officers of Homoeopathic Medical Class. N. W. THOMPSON, G. A. ROBERTSON, C. F. RA.VER, President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer MATTHACI REDDICK EMERSON Department of Pharmacy. F. M. LESLIE, Miss N. R. REDDICK, HERBERT W. EMERSON, OSCAR I. MATTHACI. Miss S. VON ZELLEN, BEN P. EDMUNDS, President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Athletic Manager ATHLETICS FOOT BALL, BASE BALL, TRACK, TENNIS, FENCING, BOXING, WRESTLING, GOLF, ETC. SNOW MC GINNIS HAYES The Wearers of the E. J. BENNETT, ' 02 P. Baseball. W. E. BALDWIN, ' 00 E. Track. N. G. BEGLE, ' 01. Football. G. BLENCOE, ' 02 D. Baseball. H. R. BROWN, ' 02 M. Football. A. BROWN, ' 02. Interscholastic Manager. V. E. BUSH, ' 00. Track. A. D. BROOKFIELD, ' 01. Track. F. C. CONDON, ' 01 L. Baseball. H. K. CRAFTS, ' 01. Football Manager. R. M. CUTTING, ' 03. Baseball. M. L. DAVIES, ' 00. Baseball. HENRY DANFORTH, ' 02. Tennis. T. W. FLOURNOY, ' 00 M. -Track. M. B. FLESHER, ' 01 L- Baseball. H. W. HAYES, ' 01 L. Track. S.G. KELLY, ' 03 M. Football. FOREST LANCASHIRE, ' 01 E. Baseball Manager. C. B. MEHLOP. ' 01. Track Manager. H. S. McGEE, ' 00. Baseball. E. W. McGlNNiS, ' 01. Baseball. T. R. MARKS, ' 01 L. Football. C. G. REDDEN, : 03 L,. Football. A. A. REDNER, ' 04 E. Football. H. RUSSELL, P. G. Track. C. B. RIPLEY, ' 02 M. Tennis. W. W. SHAW, ' 02 L. Football. N. W. SNOW, ' 02. -Football; Baseball. H. J. SPROAT, ' 02 E. Track. C. E. STREET, ' 02 M. Football. B. C. SHORTS, ' 01 L. Football. E. M. SWEELEY, ' 03. Football. W. W. TALCOTT, ' ol. Football. J. A. UTLEY, ' 04. Baseball. L. D. VERDIER, ' 01 L. Football Manager. C. F. WATKINS, ' 00 M. Baseball Coach. H. S. WEEKS, ' 02 L. Football. HUGH WHITE, ' 02 L. Football. P. C. WHERRY, ' 03. Tennis. H. P. WHITNEY, ' 02 L. Baseball. Lit Wearers of the oi. A. ARMSTRONG Track; Football. J. M. AVER Baseball. W. B. BACH Track. W. G. BAIN Football. H. E. BAKER Football; Track. W. S. BALDWIN Track. N. G. BEGLF. Football; Track. C. L. BEST Baseball. M. V. BICKEL Track. A. E. BJORK Track. J. F. BOURQUIN Football. H. P. BREITENBACH Track. A. D. BROOKPIELD Track. H. J. CAMPBELL Baseball. H. W. CARPENTER Football. H. K. CRAFTS Baseball. C. E. CULLEN Football. ED. DAVIES Baseball. C. E. DVORAK Track. S. B. EDDY Football. E. E. ELBERT Football. W. A. EVERSMAN Baseball. P. H. FARNHAM Football. J. F. FEDDERSON Track. A. H. FELKER Track. F. F. FREDLUND Football; Baseball. E. E. FREEMAN Manager. W. GRAYSON Baseball. K. F. GUY Baseball. W. S. HAZLETON Baseball. J. R. HENRY Track. G. S. HILL Baseball. A. E. HOLCOMB Track. W. C. HORNBERGEK Manager. M. A. HOYT Football. W. W. KITTLEMAN Football; Track; Baseball. F. C. KINSEY Football; Baseball. G. B. HUDNUTT Manager. I. J. KOHLER Football. S. W. LADD -Baseball. F. H. LANCASHIRE Manager. J. LARSON Football. B. H. LISKOW Football. C. R. LOCKWOOD Baseball. R V. D. MAGOFFIN Football. J. N. McARTHUR Baseball,- Track. O. C. MARCKWARDT Baseball. C I. MARSTON. Baseball. H. S McGEE Football. G. F. McNEAL Baseball. C. F. MEHLHOP Baseball. S. C. MESERVEY Football. D. W. MILLS Football. F. S. MORSMAN Baseball. M. E. NEAL Football. G. B. NICHOLS Football. J. J. NUFER Football: Track. D. C. OSBORN Football. H. RICHARDSON Football. J. J. RICKS Football. D. B. ROBEN Football. F. C. SLOANE Baseball. W. H. SPIRE Football. R. E. SPRINGETT Football. H. J. SPROAT Manager. H. C. STEVENS -Football. W. W. TALCOTT Football. L. L. TEFFT Manager; Football. G. G. WHITCOMB Football. Law Wearers of the ' 01. NORMAN KENDALL ANDERSON Football [2]. EDOUARD WALTER ANIBA. Baseball [1], [ ], [3]. CHARLES CLYDE BARKER. Football [1]. GIDEON WESTERVELT BLAIN. Track Team [1], [2], [3]. LELAND H. BUCKLEY. Track Team [2], [3] THOMAS LUTHER CAMPBELL. Football [2], [3]. MARTIN HENRY CARMODY. Football [3]. PAUL MICHAEL COLLINS. Football [3]. ROBERT MC-CLAIN CORBIT. Football [3]. CHARLES EUGENE DAVIS. Baseball [1], [2], [3]. ALFRED JAMES DAY. Football [2], [3]. MAURICE DEICHES. Football [2], [3]. DAVID TELFORD DENNISON. Football [3]. GEORGE EMIL DIERSSEN. Track Team [3]. CARLETON GILLESPIE FERRIS. Athletic Manager [i]. JOHN MAXWELL GOULD. Football [2], [3]. HENRY H. ERLAND. Football [2], [3]. HOWARD WOOD HAYES. Track Team [2], [3]. EARL WELLINGTON HUSTED. Football [3]. SULLY JAMES. Baseball [2], [3]. MARTIN THOMAS KELLY. Football [3]. F. KIMMEL. Athletic Manager [2]; Football [3]. J. K. MACINTOSH. Football [3]. G. J. HEALY. Football [3]. L. H. BROWN. Football [3]. J. WILSON. Baseball [2], [:i] STUART M. KOHN. Football [a]: Athletic Manager [3]. JOHN E. LANDER. Track Team [3]; Football [3]. STEPHEN D. LARDIE. Baseball [1]. PERCY PUTNAM LEARNED. Football [2], [3]: Baseball [1], [2], [3]. EDWIN GEORGE LEIPHEIMER. Captain Football Team [2]. G. F. MACNEAL. Football [2], [31; Baseball Team [1], [3]; [3]. RICE WILLIAM MEANS. Football [3]; Baseball [2], [3]. ROY CHESTER MEGARGEL. Baseball [1], [2], [3]. HERMAN TROY MILLER. Football [3]. AMIL FRANK NERLINGER. Football [3]. GILES BENTON NICHOLS. Football [_ ' ], [3]. JOSEPH WILKINSON STRINGKELLOW. Football [3]. TIMOTHY J. SULLIVAN. Baseball Team [1], [2], [3]. GARDNER MILLIGAN THOMPSON. Baseball [I], [2]. [3]. SAMUEL LINCOLN WEISER. Football [3]. GEORGE GKANVILLE WHITCOMB. Football [2], [3]. GEORGE LYNN WOOD. Football Coach. FRANK D. SCOTT. Football [2], DAVID F. SMITH. Football [3]. Officers of the Board of Control. PROFESSOR A. H. PATTENGILL, Chairman. JUDGE V. H. LANE, MR. CHARLES BAIRD, PROFESSOR J. C. ROLFE, MR. L. D. VERDIER, PROFESSOR A. C. MCLAUGHLIN, MR. H K. CRAFTS, PROFESSOR J. H. DRAKE, MR. T. L. ROBINSON. Officers of the Athletic Association. CHARLES BAIRD ; L. D. VERDIER, A. D BROOKFIEI.D, T. L. ROBINSON, C. G. ROE, HENRY DANFORTH, H. K. CRAFTS, KENNEDY POTTER, JAMES STRASSBURG, W. A. EVERSMAN. M L. LIVINGSTONE, C. B RIPLEY, H. P. RALSTON, . N. W. SNOW, H. W. HAYES, EDWIN McGiNNis. P. W. MOTHERSILL, A. A. WEBER, H. J. MARTINDALE, Directors. S. C. MASON, S. W. LADD, H. J. BROWN, Graduate Director President Vice-President Treasurer Financial Secretary Recording- Secretary Football Manager Assistant Football Manager Baseball Manager Assistant Baseball Manager Track Manager Tennis Manager Interscholastic Manager Football Captain Track Captain Baseball Captain. W. B. MOORE, LUTHER DAY, S. W. UTLEY. E2 a o S3 M O Tl d H B on I w B B J 1 B B .CB Football Schedule and Scores. Sept. 29, at Ann Arbor, . . . HILLSDALE COLLEGE, MICHIGAN, 29 Oct. 6, at Ann Arbor, . . . KALAMAZOO COLLEGE, MICHIGAN, 11 Oct. 13, at Ann Arbor, . . CASE SCHOOL, . 6 MICHIGAN, 24 Oct. 20, at Ann Arbor, . . . PURDUE, . 6 MICHIGAN, 11 Oct. 27, at Chicago, . . ILLINOIS, . MICHIGAN, 12 Nov. 3, at Ann Arbor, . . INDIANA, . . MICHIGAN, 12 Nov. 10, at Detroit, . . . IOWA, . . 28 MICHIGAN, 5 Nov. 17, at Ann Arbor, . . . NOTRE DAME, . MICHIGAN, 7 Nov. 24, at Ann Arbor, . . . OHIO, ... MICHIGAN, Nov. 29, at Chicago, . . . CHICAGO, . . 15 MICHIGAN, 6 Reserves. HORRGAN. BLISS, . . BOGGS, WILSON, MCGINNIS, WOODARD, WEBER, NEAL, HINKS, A. E HERNSTEIN, BURNS, BROOKFIELD, DURANT, BROWN, WILLIAMS, WALKER, W. H. HERNSTEIN, . GRAVER, STERRY, WHITE, SOUTHWARD, SACKETT, FARNHAM, Tackle Guard Tackle Center Quarterback Halfback Halfback End Halfback Halfback End End Tackle End Halfback Tackle Half and Fullback Hallback Tackle and Center Fullback Center Halfback End 1901 Law Pootball Team. Officers. KOHN, MACNEAL, MEANS, ERLAND, CORBIT, CARMODY. MILLER, . STRINGFELLOW, MACNEAL, NICHOLS, WHITCOMB, LEARNED, CAMPHELL, . Positions. Manager Captain Right End Right Tackle Right Guard Center Left Guard Left Tackle Left End Quarterback Right Halfback Fullback Left Halfback r H So 55 7. B 3 S o II M s H a D O X ts a o g 5 I TEFFT HIBBARD LANCASHIRE ANDERSON FARNHAM RICHARDSON SPIRE KINSEY MILLS KITTLEMAN LARSON LISKOW RICKS ARMSTRONG CARPENTER NUFER DAVIES 1901 Football Team. .-- Officers, FOREST H. LANCASHIRE, HOWARD RICHARDSON. Manager Captain Team. Left Guards, ( LISKOW, -J Right End, MILLS. Right Guard, ( HIBBARD. RICKS. Quarterbacks. j RICHARDSON. | TEFFT. ( FARNHAM, Left Tackle, | SPIRE. Left Halfback, . KITTLEMAN. Right Tackle, LARSON. Right Halfback, . NUFER. Left End, ARMSTRONG. Fullback, KINSEY. (CLASS CHAMPIONS.) MATTHEWS TURNER BROOKS COPLEY DTLEY DICKEY WOODHAMS FISHLEIGH MC NEIL UDELL MILLS BRITTON TEMPLE TUCK PRUESSMAN BEARDSLEY MINK 1902 Football Team. Officers. COPLEY, UDELL, Manager Captain Left End, Left Tackle, Left Guard, Center, Right Guard, Right Tack le, ROUSEVELT, Tackle. TEMPLE, TUCK. BEARDSLEY MCNEIL. DICKEY. TURNER. MILLS. Substitutes. BURSLEY, Guard. Right End, Quarterback, Left Halfback, Right Halfback, Fullback, WOODHAMS. BROOKS. FISHLEIGH. j PRUESSMAN, ( MINK. UDELL. MATTHEWS, Fullback. BRITTON, Fullback. UTLEY, Halfback. 1903 Lit. Football Team. HARRIS P. RALSTON, EDWARD G. HUBER, Left Ends, Left Tackles, Left Guards,. Center, Right Ends, . Right Tackle, Officers. Team. Manager. Captain. ( UlHLEIN. 1 KNOX. f RALSTON. GlLKEY. f STEIN. [ SIMS. HUBER f SMITH. { PAGE. ROBINSON. Right Guard, Quarterbacks, Left Halfbacks, Right Halfbacks, Fullbacks, ATWELL. DE WOLFE. [ HARRIS. f HASLAM. t BARNES. ( Me AFEE. { WILLISTON. ( FERGUSON. ( CHAMBERLAIN. 1904 Lit.-Eng. Football Team. M. H. STIMSON, S. E. THOMASON, G. H. POUND, R. W. MCMULLEN, .1. W. BISHOP, D. A. BADENOCH, M. G. PIERCE, S. ODELL, M. P. HYDE, C. F. HlNCHMAN, T. K. WRIGHT, E. W. CASTLE, F. E. CLARK, W. F. KNEIP, Officers. J. W. WATLING, M. H. STIMSON, Team. Quarter, Center, Left Guard, Right Guard, Left Tackle, Right Tackle, Right End, Left End, Left Halfback, Right Halfback, Fullback, Right Guard, Right Tackle, Right End, Manager. Captain. Grand Rapids, Mich. Chicago, 111. Pontiac, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Ypsilanti, Mich Chicago, 111. Peoria, 111. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. St. Johns, Mich. Spokane, Mich. Ypsilanti, Mich. 1902 Law Football Team. HABEN, SPRINGETT, FORREST, STANSELL, THOMPSON, CABLE, BRUNOT, ) McNEMAR (Captain), WHITNEY, CRANE, BASLER, BOYD, Might End Right Tackle Right Guard Center Left Guard Left Tackle Left End Quarterback Right Halfback Left Halfback Fullback 1903 Law Football Team. Officers. A. V. JOHNSON, R. K. BARB, Manager Captain D. DELAPPE. P. SHERMAN, W. PENFIELD, H. LARSON, J. TAPER, S D. TUCKEK, R. K. BARB, O. S. SEITER, J. A. BELFORD, A. K. BROWN, B. NUNNELEY, H. B. HARTZ, Substitutes. C. EIXIS, Right End Right Tackle Right Guard Center Left Guard Left Tackle Left End Quarterback Right Halfback Fullback Left Halfback R. H. HUSSON, LEMON, R MCKENZJE. 1902 Medic Football Team. Officers. P. UNDERWOOD, C. K. STREET, Manager Captain F. BENDER, T. W. PATON, . J. H GILPIN, F. W. SAUER, . A. E. HILLIS, P. H. NEWBERRY, T. P. MARTIN, . P. UNDERWOOD, C. W. YARRINGTON, C. E. STREET, J. B. HERFP, | KATCHINBERGER, t Center Left Guard Right Guard Left Tackle Right Tackle Left End Right End Quarterback Left Halfback Right Halfback Fullback 1903 Medic Football Team. W. E. C. R. H. A. E. E. E. A. H. T. C. C. W. J. T. P. W. H C. H. W. S. C. H. Officers. A. J. ROCHE, C. C. MECHLING, Manager Captain TEW, BARBER, HEWINS, SAYAD, PlLLSBURY, WHITE, MECHLING, MACNEAL, WARD, , GILMORE, WILLIAMSON, SCHIPP, j MERRILL, f Center Left Guard Right Guard Right Tackle Left Tackle Right Tackle Left End Right End Quarterback Left Halfback Right Halfback Fullback 1 903 Dental Football Team LEVIS, WOODHAMS, Officers. Team. Manager. Captain. Left End, Left Tackles, Left Guard, . Center, Right Guard, Right Tackles, CAMPBELL. Right End, . SHARP. f PUTNAM. Quarterback, SAVAGE. i (_ LEVIS. Right Halfback, . CRANDELL. THUERER. Left Halfback, RANDALL. GRAHAM. SEGUR. ( TOREY, Fullbacks, ( WOODHAMS. 1 FINCH. [ VERBURG. Homoeopathic Medical Football Team. Left Ends, Left Tackle, Left Guard, Center, Right End, Officers. PELTON, THOMPSON, AUSTIN. WHITE. BROCKIWAY. WILLIAMS. JOHNSON. BECK. Manager. Captain. Team. Right Tackle, Right Guard, Quarterback, Left Halfback, Right Halfback, Fullback, SCHULTZ. MOUNT. ANKRIDGE. THOMPSON. MOORE. STUART. The Baseball Season of 1900. FOREST LANCASHIRE. T M BASEBALL season ' s success depends not only upon whether or ft not its team wins the championship but also upon the men it " brings out for a coming season. It was in this latter respect that the team of 1900 was successful and in the former that the team of ' 99 can claim success. The ' 99 championship team ended its season with- out producing any pitchers to take the place of " Spiral " Miller and " King " Lehr, both of whom we lost at the end of that season. " King " Lehr by graduation and " Spiral " Mil- ler because he had played his four years. Therefore the great task that confront- ed Captain McGinnis and Coach Wat- kins was to produce a pitcher. There were over twenty -five candidates out for this position at the beginning of the season. The coach and captain worked like slaves for almost six months trying to produce a good ' Varsity pitcher out of this bunch of unexperienced men, and in my opinion they succeeded ad- mirably. Much of the credit for this success goes to our old friend, " Spiral " Miller, who was always ready to sho v the candidates " how it is done. " As a result of the hard work of last season the 1901 team will have four good pitch- ers to start in with, and I am told that CAPT. MC GINNIS. great thing . s are to be expected of some of our Freshmen. For the reasons given above I say that the Baseball season of 1900 was a successful one. It is hard for one who was not at Bloomington, Ind., last Spring, where the team played its first game, to realize the doubt that was in the minds of even our old men as to the outcome of the game. We won it, and from that time on the team ' s confidence in its battery was ever on the increase. The next game after the one with Indiana was with Illinois, of whose great strength our team had been hearing for months. The team went into the field fully expecting to lose but determined to fight it out, as all Michigan teams do. They won by a decisive score. Our first defeat was administered to us by Wisconsin, our old " Jonah. " A team we should have won from, but for some unaccountable reason everything went " dead wrong. " Later in the season they beat us again, but how they did it I can ' t see even now. Our other defeats were of less importance; Notre Dame, " with Gibson in the box, " being the only other team to win a series from us. Probably the grandest victory of the team last year was the second victory over Illinois. It was at Champaign on the 16th day of May. Illinois had beaten us the day before, thus making us tie on games, one and one. They were so sure of winning on the 16th that they had a celebration all planned for that night. Had they have won, ithey would have had a clear claim to the Western championship. But they didn ' t win, and the celebration had to be postponed indefinitely. We defeated them in one of the prettiest games I have ever witnessed, and before one of the largest crowds they have ever had at a baseball game. Our old rivals, Chicago, were " touted " as being strong at the beginning of the season, but they turned out to be only mediocre, although they had three good pitchers. We won our three game series from them quite handily; two of the games being very uninteresting, and the third a " heart breaker. " The team finished its season with a game in Detroit, Cornell being o i the opposing bench. It was all but a shut out for Cornell, and our team closed its season with their colors flying high. Before disbanding the team elected Captain McGinnis to lead them for another season, the honor of re-election being unquestionably due him. ' Varsity Baseball Team. Officers. Pitchers, Catchers, First Base, FOREST LANCASHIRE, ' 01 E., A. W. COOK, ' 01 D., EDWIN McGiNNis, ' 01 D., . C. F. WATKINS, ' 01 M., Manager. Assistant Manager. Captain. Coach. Team. f UTLEY, ' 03. Second Base, BLENCOE, ' 01 D. -{ BEISTLE, ' 01 D. Short Stop, MATTESON, ' 00 D. (. CUTTING, ' 03 Third Base, FLESHER, ' 01 L. f WHITNEY, ' 02 L. Left Field, SNOW, ' 02. [ BENNETT, ' 02 P. Center Field, McGiNNis, ' 01. CONDON, ' 01 L. Right Field, DA VIES, ' 00. H 5 1 K B S M -3 93 2 x f o 1-J zoo r w KITTLEMAN MARCKWARDT LADD CRAFTS BEST KINSEY EVERSMAN GRAYSON DAVIES CAMPBELL BEGLE 1901 Baseball Team. SPHOAT Catcher, Pitcher, First Base, Second Base, Short Stop, Third Base, HARRY SPROAT, . WALTER EVE RSMAN, KINSEY. HILL. CRAFTS. EVERSMAN. GRAYSON. BEGLE. Officers. Team. Left Field, Center Field, Right Field, Substitutes, Manager. Captain. LADD. BEST. DAVIES. {CAMPBELL. KITTLEMAN. [ MARCKWARDT, MC HENRY CANFIELD WOODWARD ALEXANDER MATTHEWS MC DONOUGH SHAW MC CRAY CHAMBERS MC ALPINE KNIGHT TOUHILL FITCH 1902 Lciw Baseball Team. G. O. DlETZ, C. O. McCRAY, Catcher, Pitcher, First Base, Second Base. Short Stops, MATTHEWS. FISHER. MCALPINE. McCRAY. f THOMAS. { CHAMBERS. Officers. Team, Third Base, Left Field, Center Field, Right Field, Manager. Captain. SLOSSON. SHAW. FITCH. WOODWARD. 1902 Lit. Baseball Team. Officers. B. C. LODER, Manager. CHARLES HUGHES, Captain. Team. Catcher, PRUESSMAN. . Short Stop, . . KILLIAN. Pitcher, WALSH. Left Field, . . FINNEY. First Base, EVANS. Center Field, . . HUGHES. Second Base, BIDWELL. Right Field, . . SPRAGUE. Third Base, ( CAMPBELL. I BROOKS 1905 Lit. Baseball Team. Officers. W. C. STANDISH, Manager. W. H. HUMPHREY, Captain. Team. Catchers, f FITCH. I MCAFEE. Third Base, . . HUMPHREY. Short Stop, . . McMAHON. Pitchers, r BELFORD. . -i MARSHALL Left Field, . . HELFMAN Center Field, . . LOUD 1, SWEELEY. Right Field, . . FURGUSON. First Base, SIMS. Second Base, ( KLEENE. . - (. CRUMP ACKER 1901 Law Baseball Team. Officers. FRANK KIMMEL, Manager. T. J. SULLIVAN, Captain. Team. Catcher, LEARNED. Left Field, THOMPSON. Pitchers, 1 MEGARGEL. [ LEIPHEIMER. Center Field, Right Field, SULLIVAN. MCNEIL. First Base, Second Base, MEANS. WILSON. Substitutes, ( ANIBA. 1 SCOTT. Third Base, DAVIS. Catcher, Pitcher, First Base, Second Base, Third Base, Short Stop, 1901 Medic Baseball Team. F. M. TRYON, W. J. KIRKBRIDE, Pou. KIRKBRIDE. BROWN. HOWARD. KING. WIEST. Officers. Team. Left Field, Center Field, Right Field, Substitute, Manager. Captain. McCAUSLAND. STEINER. KELSEY. GARM. 1902 Medic Baseball Team Officers. JUMP, Manager. C. W. YARINGTON, Captain. Team. Catcher, NOLL. Short Stop, DARRAGH. Pitcher, YARRINGTON Left Field, LANGFORD. First Base, RUSSELL. Center Field, OSBORNE. Second Base, S.TREET. Right Field, MARTIN. Third Base, McDlARMID. | 1903 Medic Baseball Team. Officers. W. S. SHIPP, . Manager. E. A. PlLLSBURY, Captain. Team. Catcher, CHAMBERS. Short Stop, STERLING. Pitcher, PlLLSBURY. Left Field, MINK. First Base, HEWINS. Center Field, KREMERS. Second Base, LYNCH. Right Field, ROTH. Third Base, THIRLBY. 1901 Dent Baseball Team S. G. MAIN, T. M. MCCLURE, Officers. Team. Manager. Captain. Catcher, MCCLURE. Short Stop, WARD MOORE. Pitcher, HERRIG. Left Field, MAIN. First Base, SQUIERS. Center Field, . STEGEMAN. Second Base, . ROGERS. Right Field, . VEDDER. Third Base, SCHENCK. 1902 Dent Baseball Team. Officers. C. P. CONN, R. R. FRANCE, Catchers, Pitchers, First Base, Second Base, . HALLER. i E. E. SNOW. FRANCE. [ M. R. DOUGLASS. VOGELI. ALLEN MOORE, Team. Third Base, Short Stop, Left Field, Center Field, Right Field, Manager. Captain. CONN. C. MARKEY. BUTLER. HERR. RlEMENSCHNEIDER. baseball Schedule. April 14, April 16, April 17, April 18, April 19, April 20, April 21, April 28, May 5, May May May May May May May May May May June June June June 9, 12, 14, 15, 16, 19, 23, 26, 28, 30, 2, 9, 15, 16, MICHIGAN eas( )l Of 1900. 14 INDIANA 3, at Bloomington 7 ILLINOIS 3, at Champaign DIXON Rain 1 WISCONSIN 7, at Madison 1 BELO IT 0, at Beloit 8 NORTHWESTERN 3, at Evanston NOTRE DAME 8, at Notre Dame 3 BELOIT 2, at Ann Arbor 26 NORTHWESTERN 2, at Ann Arbor 6 CHICAGO 9, at Ann Arbor 18 CHICAGO 11, at Chicago 6 ILLINOIS 12, at Champaign 7 ILLINOIS 3, at Champaign 11 CHICAGO Hi at Chicago 13 WISCONSIN 16, at Grand Rapid; 7 D. A. C. 9, at Ann Arbor 7 CORNELL 2, at Ithaca 7 PENNSYLVANIA o i at Philadelphia 5 ILLINOIS 6, at Detroit 3 CHICAGO 2, at Ann Arbor 1 NOTRE DAME 7, at Ann Arbor 7 CORNELL 8, at Ann Arbor 11 CORNELL 1, at Detroit Baseball Sche dule. Season of 1,901. April 13, April 15, April 16, April 17, April 18, April 19, April 27, MICHIGAN . 9 ILLINOIS 7 PURDUE . . ti CHICAGO i 4 BELOIT WISCONSIN . 7 NORTHWESTERN 5 BELOIT May 4 Minnesota at Ann Arbor. May 11 Illinois at Ann Arbor. May 15 Chicago at Ann Arbor. May 17 Cornell at Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo. May 18 Cornell at Ithaca. May 20 Syracuse at Syracuse. May 22 Yale at New Haven. May 23 Manhattan at New York. May 25 -Harvard at Cambridge. May 30 Illinois at Ann Arbor. June 1 Wisconsin at Ann Arbor. June 8 Chicago at Ann Arbor. June 14 Cornell at Ann Arbor. June 15 Cornell at (undecided). 8, 8, 7, 13, 6, 6, 1, at Champaign at Lafayette at Chicago at Beloit at Madison at Evanston at Ann Arbor A Review of the Track Season of 1599-1900. HOWARD HAYES. 7T is always a pleasure to review a season of successes. And what can be deemed more successful than a series of victories, and victo- ries won within the shadows of defeats and reverses ! Early in the winter, when the indoor season was just commencing-, it could be seen that Michigan had on hand the framework of a good team. The old material McLean, Teetzel, Westphal, Plournoy, Armstrong, Avery and Hayes looked all the better for wear and experience, and with these seven as a nucleus the weak points could be strengthened by new men. Here we were lucky. Charlie Dvorak appeared on the scene with his pole, which afterwards lifted him high above all college records, and Leiblee entered with his spikes that have kicked back the cinders on many a struggling competitor and have carried him along at least twice at a ten second clip. Prance and Seigmund, two grid-iron heroes, be- came interested in the shot, hammer and discus and by their science and brawn added points for Michigan throughout the year. The first meet of the year showed the condition of the team when Notre Dame was easily defeated on the evening of March 24th. The chief features of this meet was the defeat of Corcoran, Notre Dame ' s star sprinter and the out- doing of their crack relay team by Nufer, Teetzel, Leiblee and Hayes, in the most exciting race ever seen in Waterman Gym- nasium. After a few weeks rest from the hard indoor work, outdoor training was begun The various preliminary events brought forth developments that cheered the heart of all Michigan athletic supporters. Dvorak kept up his splendid form when practice at Regents Field was in vogue. Many thought that when he equalled the EX-CAPT. MC LEAN. world ' s record indoors that he had reached his limit, but one day a few interested spectators saw him clear the bar at eleven feet three, and the wise ones knew that his limit was not yet reached. Leiblee, too, was showing up well in training; none of the old sprinters could furnish him with a hard race and he was looked upon as a sure point winner at the Intercollegiate. The night before that notable meet Captain McLean called the men together and broke the news that Leiblee would not be able to compete. This came as a hard blow and all visions of victory were snatched away. Nevertheless the men went down to Chicago with the spirit of " do or die " and seven of them, McLean, Armstrong, Flournoy, Prance, Teetzel, Dvorak and Hayes piled up enough points to bring back the banner. Dvorak ' s work was of great credit to his trainer, Dr. Fitzpatrick, who had trained other notable pole vaulters as well. Never once did Dvorak faulter until he had reached the height of eleven feet six inches, a mark which will long stand as a monument of Keene Fitzpatrick ' s teaching and Dvorak ' s learning. Until the last race on the program, the result of the meet swayed in the balance. California, Chicago and Michigan all needed the five points in the low hurdles in order to win. Each of these colleges had men in the finals of this event. It will take a long time to forget the race that McLean ran for his Alma Mater. Tired out by the trials and finals of the broad jump, stinging under defeat in the hiyh hurdles, he set a pace which made the other contestants heartsick. Reaching the tape he fell ex- hausted nearly eight yards ahead of the others, but cries of " U. of M. " and the thought of the victory he had won for his team, were ample reward for his efforts. On June 10th these same men had another chance to show their mettle against a field open to all the best ama- teurs in the country. The occasion was the Central Championship Meet, held in Detroit. These games furnished a glorious ending of the season for the Ann Arbor men not only won the meet, but also car- ried off the relay banner with Breiten- bach, Neufer, Teetzel and Hayes. And thus the college year closed. In the Directer ' s office at the Gymnasium CAPT. HAYES. may be seen three banners won during the season, the results of good coaching, good training and hard work. Season of 1900. Officers. WALTER CRADLE, ' 01, J. F. MCLEAN, KEENE FITZPATRICK, C. M. LEIBLEE, ' 03, M, W. A. WESTFALL, ' 01 L, J. J. NUFER, ' 01, H. P. BREITENBACH, ' 01, C. J. TEETZEL, ' 00 L, H. W. HAYES, ' 01 L, W. S. FOSTER, ' 00, J. F. MCLEAN, ' 00, J S. ROBINSON, ' 03, A. D. BROOKFIELD, ' 01, C. E. DVORAK, ' 01, AIRMAN ARMSTRONG, ' 01 E, THOMAS FLOURNOY, ' 00 M, II. J. SEIDMUND, ' 02 D, W. AVERY, ' 02, W. S. BALDWIN, ' 00 E, L. M. TURNER, ' 00, Team. Manager Captain Trainer 100, 220 Yards (Kelay) 100, 220 Yards 100, 220 Yards (Relay) 100, 220 Yards . 440 Yards (Relay) 440, 880 Yards (Relay) 1 Mile Run 120, 220 Hurdles, High Jump, Broad Jump 120, 220 Hurdles Walk Pole Vault . High Jump . High Jump Weights Weights Bicycle Bicycle Varsity Indoor Meet. Waterman Gymnasium, March 10, 1901. Events. 40 Yard Dash Final Heat LEIBLEE, first; HAHN, second; HASLAM, third. Time, .04 3-5. 40 Yard Low Hurdle Final Heat MERRILL, first; TUCKER, second; BEGLE, third. Time, .05 3-5. 40 Yard High Hurdles Final Heat ROBINSON, first; HINCKS, second; TUCKER, third. Time, .05 4-5. High Jump WHITE, first: BARRETT, second; CLARK, third. Height, 5 ft. II in. 440 Yard Run HAYES, first; HERNSTEIN, second; BKEITENBACH, third. Time, .54 2-5. Pole Vault FISHLEIGH, first; SAVAGE and McNEAL tied for second. Height, 10 ft. Half Mile Run -FOSTER, first; CALVE, second: MESS, third. Time, 2.09. One Mile Run KELLOGG, first; HALL, second; BUTTOLPH, third. Time, 4.47 2-5. Shot Put ROBINSON, first; SNOW, second; HINCKS, third. Distance, 39 ft. 11 in. Relay Race 1903 Lits defeated 1902 Lits in the Snal. Time, .55 2-5. KEENE FITZPATRICK. DVORAK HAYES LEIBLEE MC LEAN Michigan ' s Part in the Paris Olympic Games. HOWARD HAYES. CHE success of the four Michigan athletes who represented their Alma Mater in these historic games is now an old story yet still worthy of review. After the victory in Chicago at the Western Intercollegiate it was decided that Michigan should have a track team in Paris to stand for Western College Athletics. Through the generosity of many of the faculty, the alumni and city business men, and through the untiring efforts of some of the Board of Control, notably Pro- fessors Pattingill and Trueblood, it was possible to send a team of four men abroad. Those chosen were MCLEAN, DVORAK, LEIBLEE and HAYES. Dr. Fitzpatrick accom- panied the men, and their success was largely due to his excellent judgment. The earliest passage which could be secured was on the Batavia, sailing from New York June 26th. On account of the limited speed of their boat the Michigan delegation did not arrive at Paris until five days before the games, but by the time the handicap series were held, on July 19th, all the men were in good condition. Notwithstanding the curious treatment of the American athletes by the French officials and the fierce competition, Michigan with her four representatives secured three second prizes, MCLEAN being beaten o nly by the world ' s champion, Kraenzlein, whom he pushed to the last hurdle in record time. DVORAK gaining second place in a scratch pole vault event after a series of misfortunes, including the breaking of his pole, and HAYES winning second place in the eight hundred meter handicap, after getting first place in a previous heat and defeating a field of twenty-eight contestants. Traveling under such colors, this trip abroad will never be forgotten by the men who were fortunate enough to represent Michigan. The kindness and liberality of the alumni, the faculty, the students, the business men of Ann Arbor, and of our trainer, Dr. Fitzpatrick, all of whom worked hand in hand to make the trip a success, will ever stand as a monument to Michigan ' s true and loyal spirit, A. A. LI. Games. Detroit, June 9, 1900. 100 Yard Dash- ELLIS [D. A. C.]: WESTPHAL [M.]; Fox [Mil.] .10 3-5. 220 Yard Dash-ELLis [D. A. C.]; WESTPHAL [M.],- BOIE [Mil.[ .23 2-5. 120 Yard Hurdle MCLEAN, [M.]; ROBINSON, [M.]: BOIE [Mil.] .163-5. 440 Yard Dash TEETZEL [M.]; BISMAEK [Mil.]; HEINTZ. .52 2-5. 880 Yard Run -HA YES [M.]; CONNOR [Mil.]; BLAIN [M,] 2.02 2-5. Mile Run CONNOR [Mil.]; ' HOGG [Y. M. C. A.]; POSTER [M.] 4.50. High Jump-FLOURNOY [M.]; FRANZ [Mil.]; DAVIS. 5ft 10 in. Pole Vault FRANZ [Mil.]; DVORAK [M.]; SPEAR. 10 ft. 6 in. Broad Jump KOCH [Mil.]; MCLEAN [M.]; FRANZ [Mil.] 21 ft. 6 3-4 in. Hammer Throw HANNEMAN [Mil.]; A VERY [M.]; SMITH [D. A. C.] 130 ft. 6 in. Shot Put HANNEMAN [Mil.]; SEIGMUND [M.]; TOMPKINS. 38 ft. 10 in. 220 Yard Hurdle MCLEAN [M.]: TORNEY [Sodality]; BOIE [Mil.] . ' 26 4-5. Relay Race One Mile Won by Michig-an BREITENBACH, NEUFER, TEETZEL and HAYES; second, Sodality Club; third, Milwaukee Athletic Club. Time, 3.31. Score. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, ... 54 MILWAUKEE ATHLETIC CLUB, . . 48 DETROIT ATHLETIC CLUB, ... 18 SODALITY ATHLETIC CLUB, . . 9 Michigan-Chicago Dual Meet. Waterman Gymnasium, March Hi, 1901 , 55 Points -Chicago, 17. f HAHN, 40 Yard Dash, N UFER, I FISHLEIGH, I I HASLAM, j 40 Yard Hurdle- MALONEY [C.]; ROBINSON [M.] .05 2-5. 440 Yard Run -NuFER[M.]; HORTON [C.] .54 2-. r . 880 Yard Run-HAYES [M.]; MALONEY [C.] 2.03. (World ' s Indoor Record.) Mile RUII-KELLOGG [M.]; HULUERT [C.] 4.4(i 1-5. Pole Vault FISHLEIGH [M.]; UDELL [M.] 10 ft. High Jump SNOW [M.]; WHITE [M.] 5 ft. 1 in. SHOT PUT SNOW [M.] ROBINSON [M.] 39 ft. 7 in. Relay Race FISHLEIGH, HASLAM, NUFER, HAYES. Won by Michigan. 3.05 2-5. Michigan-Chicago Dual Meet. Chicago, Tebruarij 20, 1901. nichifjcin, 42 Points Chicago, 30. 35 Yard Dash - NUFER [M]: HASLAM ' r M ] -04 5 [ FISHLEIGH, | 40 Yard Hurdle T. MALONEY [C.]; MANNING [C.] .05 2-5. 440 Yard Run W. MALONEY [C.]; NUFER [M.] .54. 880 Yard Run HAYES [M.]; W. MALONEY [C.] 1.42. (One Lap Short.) Mile Run HORTON [C.]: GRABO [C.] 4.52 3-5. High Jump SNOW [M.]; FERISS [C.] 5 ft. 8 in. Pole Vault- ! DvORAK ' }. tied. 9 ft. 6 in. L FISHLEIGH, j Shot Put- SNOW [M.]; ROBINSON [M.] 37 ft. 9 in. Relay Race - Michigan won With HASLAM, SWEELEY, NUFER and HAYES, Each roan ran three laps. Time, 3.36, Western Intercollegiate Track Meet. Chicago, June 2, 1900. 100 Yard Dash CAROGAN [Cal.]; NASH [Knox]; O ' SHAUGHNESSY: .103-5. 220 Yard Dash CAROGAN [Cal.]; DUNN [Cal.]; NASH [Knox]: .22 2-5. 440 Yard Run MALONEY [C.]; PICK [N. B.]; TEETZEL [M.]; .51 2-5. 880 Yard Run MALONEY [C.]; HAYES [M.]; BAKER [N. W.]; 2.02. Mile Run BAKER [N. W.]: HULBERT [C.]; HAHN [Wis.]; 4.33 2-5. 120 Yard Hurdle MALONEY [C.]; MCLEAN [M.]; HAMLIN [Cal.]; .161-5. 220 Yard Hurdle MCLEAN [M.]; MALONEY [C.]; BOOKMAN [Minn.]; .253-5. One Mile Walk-BREDSTEEN [W.]; RICHBERG [C.]; WALSH [Cal.]; 7.00. Pole Vault DVORAK [M.]; WHEELER [W.]; JEAUNEAU [W.]; 11 ft. 6 in. Hammer Throw PLAW [Cal.]; MORTIMER [C.]; BREM [Neb.]; 156 ft. 3 in. Shot Put PLAW [Cal.]; WOOLSEY [Cal.]; COCHEMS [W.]; 41 ft. 8 in. High Jump ARMSTRONG [M.]; PLOURNOY [M.]: TATE [Minn.]; 5 ft. 10 1-4 in. Discus Throw GRANKE [W.]; FRANCE [M.]; BREW [Neb.]; 110 ft. 2 in. Broad Jump SHULE [W.]: MCLEAN [M.]; BROUGHTON [Cal.]; 21 ft. 4 3-4 in. Quarter Mile Bicycle GAFPNEY [N. D.]; BROWN [C.]; SUDHEIMER [Minn.]; .33. Mile Bicycle GAPFNEY [N. D.]: MCDOUGALL; Goss [Knox] GOODMAN [C.] tied; 2.33. The Score. MICHIGAN, . . . . 31 Points. CHICAGO, . . . . 30i " CALIFORNIA, ... 29 WISCONSIN, . 21 NOTRE DAME, . . . 7 " Annual ' Varsity Field Day. Regents Held, May ifi, 1900. 100 Yard Dash LEIBLEE, ' 03 M, won; NUPER, ' 00, second. Time, 10 seconds. 220 Yard Dash LEIBLEE, ' 03 M, won; NUFER, ' 00, second. Time, 23 seconds. 440 Yard Run TEETZEL, ' 00 L, won; HAYES, ' 01 L, second; WILMOTT, ' 03 L, third. Time, 51 2-5 seconds. Half Mile Run HAVES, ' 01 L, won; ELAINE, ' 01 L, second. Time, 2 minutes 10 4-5 seconds. Mile Run FOSTER, ' 00, won; LEVIS, ' 02 M, second; MAcNEAL, ' 02 M, third. Time, 4 minutes 52 seconds. Mile Walk BROOKFIELD, ' 01, won; Dow, ' 00 D, second; STANDISH, ' 03, third. Time, 7 minutes 45 seconds. 220 Low Hurdles McLEAN, ' 00, won; ROBINSON, ' 03, second. Time, 26 seconds. 120 High Hurdles McLEAN, ' 00, won; ROBINSON, ' 03, second. Time, 15 4-5 seconds. High Jump ARMSTRONG, ' 01 E, won; FLOURNOY, ' 00 M, second. Height, 6 feet. Break- ing ' Varsity record. Pole Vault DVORAK, ' 01, won. Height, 10 feet 7 inches. Breaking ' Varsity record. Shot Put -SEIGMUND, ' 02 D, won; ROBINSON, ' 03, second. Distance, 37 feet. Discus Throw AVERY, ' 02, won: FRANCE, ' 02 D, second. Distance, 107 feet 2 inches. Breaking ' Varsity record. Sorority Handicap Race 150 Yards HAYES, 4 yards, won; ROBINSON, 8 yards, second; LEIBLEE, scratch, third. Time, 13 2-5 seconds, ' Varsifv Records, Corrected and Approved to Spring of 1900. 100 Yard Dash, 220 Yard Dash, 440 Yard Run, 880 Yard Run, . One Mile Run, ; . One Mile Walk, 120 Yards, High Hurdles, 220 Yards, Low Hurdles, High Jump, Running Broad Jump, Pole Vault, Throwing 16-lb. Hammer, Putting 16-lb. Shot, One Mile Bicycle, Drop Kick, Football, Discus Throw, i C. M. LEIBLEE, ' 03 M, I W. A. WESTFALL, 00 L, J. M. THOMAS, ' 98, C. T. TEETZEL, ' 00 L, H. W. HAYES, ' 01 L, J. B. WOOD, ' 00, D C. WORCESTER, ' 86, J. F. MCLEAN, ' 00, J. F. MCLEAN, ' 00, A. ARMSTRONG, ' 01, J. F. MCLEAN, ' 00, C. E. DVORAK, ' 01, W. A. AVERY, ' 02, F. M. HALL, ' 96 L, V. E. BUSH, ' 00. J. E. DUFFY, ' 00. W. A. AVERY, ' 02, 1898 .10 1898 .22 1899 .50 1898 . 2.00 3-5 1897 . 4.38 2-5 1885 7.15 1899 15 2-5 1898 252-5 1900 6ft. 1899 23 ft. 1900 . 1 1 ft. 6 1899 . 121 ft. 1895 44 ft. 3-4 1897 . 2.36 1-5 1890 168ft. 7 1-2 1900 . 107 ft. 2 One Lap, Two Laps, Three Laps, Quarter Mile, Half Mile, One Mile, (flying start) indoor Track Records. f TEETZEL, I WESTPHAL, 1 NUFER, [ HAYES NUFER, HAYES, j NUFER, HAYES, HAYES, KELLOGG, .132-5 .28 3-5 .46 .542-5 (World ' s Record) 2 03 . 4.46 1-5 Western Intercollegiate Amateur Athletic Association Records. To 1900. 100 Yard Dash JOHN V. CRDM [Iowa.] 10 seconds. " " " C. L. BURROUGHS [C.] 10 seconds 220 Yard Dash J. V. CRUM [Iowa.] L ' 2 seconds. 440 Yard Run W. E. HODGEMAN [M.] 50 3-5 seconds. 880 Yard Run L. R. PALMER [Grinnell.] 1 minute 59 4-5 seconds. One Mile Run H. B. CRAGIN, JR. [Lake Forest.] 4 minutes 33 seconds. One Mile Walk J. BREDSTEEN [W.] 7 minutes. 120 Yard Hurdles J. R. RICHARDS [W.] 15 4-5 seconds. 220 Yard Hurdles A. KRAENZLEIN [W.] 25 3-5 seconds. " " " J. F. MCLEAN [M.] 25 3-5 seconds. One Mile Bicycle P. H. BURTON [Minn.] 2 minutes 25 seconds. One Lap Bicycle (Quarter Mile) G. GAFFNEY [N. D.] 31 2-5 seconds. Discus Throw C. G. STANGEL [W.] 117 feet 4 inches. Running- High Jump J. J. Louis [Iowa.] 5 feet 11 inches. " " " J. T. POWERS [N. D.] 5 feet 11 inches. Putting 16-lb. Shot A. PLAW [Cal.] 41 feet 8 inches. Running Broad Jump J. A. LEROY [M.] 22 feet 7 1-2 inches. 16-lb. Hammer Throw A. PLAW [Cal.] 156 feet 3 inches. Pole Vault C. E. DVORAK [M.] 11 feet C inches. American Amateur Records f J. OWEN, JR , 1890. ] B. J WEFEKS, 1895. 100 ard Dash 9 4-5 seconds. J. H. MAYBERRY, 1897. I J. H. RUSH. 1888. 220 Yard Dash B. J. WEFERS, 189(5. 21 1-5 seconds. 440 Yard Bun-M. W. LONG, 1900. 47 4-5 seconds. 880 Yard Run C. H. KILPATRICK, 1895. 1 minute 53 2-5 seconds. One Mile Run T. P. CONNEFF. 1895. 4 minutes 15 3-5 seconds. Two Mile Run W. D. DAY, 1890. 9 minutes 32 1-5 seconds. One Mile Walk F. P. MURRAY, 1883. 6 minutes 29 3 5 seconds. 120 Yard High Hurdles A. C. KRAENZLEIN, 1898. 15 1-5 seconds. 220 Yard Low Hurdles -A. C. KRAENZLEIN, 1898. 23 3-5 seconds. Running- High Jump M P. SWEENEY, 1895. 6 feet 5 5-8 inches. Running Broad Jump M. PRINSTEIN, 1900. 24 feet 7 1-4 inches. Pole Vault- R. G. CLAPP, 1898. 11 feet 10 1-2 inches. Throwing 16-lb. Hammer- J. FLANAGAN, 1899. 164 feet 6 inches. Putting 16-lb. Shot G. R. GRAY, 1893. 47 feet. Team. Singles, Doubles, Doubles, Western Intercollegiate Team, f ASHCRAFT, WHERRY, RIPLEY, GUTHRIE, I RUSSELL. | RIPLEY, [ ASHCRAFT. f WHERRY, [ GUTHRIE. | ASHCRAFT, [ WHERRY. Michigan-Chicago Meer. Held crt Knn Arbor, June s, 1900. Singles. GOTTLIEB [C.] defeated ASHCRAFT [M.], WHERRY [M.] defeated HALSEY [C.], . RIPLEY [M.] defeated McGEE [C.]. HAMMOND [C.] defeated GUTHRIE [M.], Doubles. HAMMOND and McGEE defeated WHERRY and GUTHRIE, HALSEY and GOTTLIEB tied ASHCRAFT and RIPLEY. 61; (51 (5 4; 46; 60 75; 57; 75 64: 62 Interscholastic Department. HARRIS P. RALSTON. CHE Interscliolastic Department of this University Athletic Associa- tion, as well as of any other institution of the kind, is a more important feature of athletics than one at first imagines. In this University it is in its infancy, having- been successfully operated but three years, but the results obtained each succeeding- year have convinced those in authority that it is going to pay well for the effort expended to get it started. Having observed the successful results which some of the large Western, and many of the large Eastern colleges obtained form their Interscholastic Department, the management here thought it advisable to establish a similar department of athletics, so, rather as an experiment, a track and field meet was arranged for the preparatory schools of Michi- gan, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin. Though only Michigan schools were represented at the first meet, it was successful in bringing to Ann Arbor good young athletes, so that the wisdom of the scheme was appreciated by every one, and the following fall a football league was formed and the schedule carried out very successfully. The field meet each succeeding year is characterized by a larger number of entries and more promising athletes, so that the primary object of the institution is being more fully realized each year; namely, to stir up a lively college spirit in the young- men of the schools from which Michigan draws her athletes; to bring into prominence good athletic material, football, baseball or track, which without some such stimulus would remain undiscovered; and finally to get them here and show them what we are and to teach them a little of our university methods. Financially last season ' s football was not a success, as one of the winning teams came from the Northern Peninsula, but from other stand- points it was decidedly successful. Any one who watched at all closely the football games of the past season saw that the interscholastic system was successful in that, by virtue of its authority it took some severe measures in its governance of the football contests, thus showing mem- bers of the league that they must learn to be square and businesslike in their dealing with the University. STATE LEAGUE CHAMPIONS FOB 1900. Interscholastic Football League, 1900. District One Section One. MICHIGAN MILITARY ACADEMY, MT. CLEMENS HIGH SCHOOL. PONTIAC HIGH SCHOOL, MONROE HIGH SCHOOL, NORTHVILLE HIGH SCHOOL, WAYNE HIGH SCHOOL. Section Two. ANN ARBOR HIGH SCHOOL, YPSILANTI HIGH SCHOOL, ADRIAN HIGH SCHOOL, JACKSON HIGH SCHOOL, LANSING HIGH SCHOOL, HOWELL HIGH SCHOOL. Section Three SAGINAW HIGH SCHOOL, BAY CITY HIGH SCHOOL, ALMA HIGH SCHOOL, ST. JOHNS HIGH SCHOOL, MT. PLEASANT HIGH SCHOOL, ST. Louis HIGH SCHOOL. District Two Section Four. ALBION HIGH SCHOOL, MARSHALL HIGH SCHOOL, SOUTH HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL, BENTON HARBOR HIGH SCHOOL, DOWAGIAC HIGH SCHOOL, NILES HIGH SCHOOL. Section rive. KALAMA7.oo HIGH SCHOOL, PLAINWELL HIGH SCHOOL, GRAND RAPIDS HIGH SCHOOL, MUSKEGON HIGH SCHOOL. Section Six. BESSEMER HIGH SCHOOL, CALUMET HIGH SCHOOL, ESCANABA HIGH SCHOOL, ISHPEMING HIGH SCHOOL, IRONWOOD HIGH SCHOOL, MENOMINEE HIGH SCHOOL. Interscholastic Records. Event. Name. Year. One Mile Bicycle, OLIN, 1900 Quarter Mile Bicycle, MUNNELY, 1899 100 Yard Dash, BENNETT, 1900 220 Yard Dash, BENNETT, 1900 440 Yard Run, ROBERTS, 1900 880 Yard Run, WIDDICOMB, 1900 One Mile Run, WlDDICOMB, 1900 120 High Hurdles, DAWSON, 1900 220 Low Hurdles, PEEL, 1900 Shot Put (12), BREWER, 1900 Hammer Throw (12), TUCKER, 1900 Pole Vault, KEEN A, 1900 Running High Jump, ELLIS, 1899 Running Broad Jump, ELLIS, 1898 Punt, GILKEY, 1900 Residence. Grand Rapids, Mt. Clemens, Orchard Lake, Orchard Lake, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids, Pontiac, Detroit. Detroit, D. U. S., Ann Arbor. Detroit, D. U. S., Detroit, Detroit, Plainwell, Time. 2.37 3-5 .34 2-5 .10 2-5 .22 4-5 .56 1-5 2.103-5 4.55 .18 2-5 .27 1-5 38 ft. 11 in. 112ft. 7 in. 9 ft. 7 in. . 5 f t. 3 in. 20 ft. 5 in. 153 ft. Ann Arbor Golf Club. Officers and Directors. J. PLAYFAIR MCMURRICH, . LOUIS P. JOCELYN, JAMES H. PRENTISS, THOMAS C. TRUEBLOOD, WILLIAM H. FAUST, Captain Secretary Treasurer JUNIUS E. BEAL, KARL H. YOUNG. Committees. Green. Louis P. JOCELYN, Chairman, THOMAS C. TRUEBLOOD, FRED M. TAYLOR. Club House. ANDREW C. MCLAUGHLIN, Chairman, GEORGE W. PATTERSON, JAMES H. PRENTISS, Tournament and Team. KARL H. YOUNG. J. PLAYFAIR MCMURRICK, Chairman, WILLIAM H. FAUST, JUNIUS E. BEAL. Tournaments. Winners, Spring Tournament, 1900. WILLIAM H. FAUST, ....... AUGUSTUS TROWBRIDGE and RAY DENNEN, . . Winners, Fall Tournament, 1900. GEORGE A. HULETT, . . . . . . SANFORD B. TAYLOR and EDWARD P. HOPKINS, Golf Marches. July 13, Ann Arbor Golf Club, It |l, .. U tt tt Aug. 9, " t. 11 It It tt tl " 16, " " " " Nov. 10, " Dec. 26, " . . 27 " u " 15 16 1 8 30 19 23 8 Washtenaw Country Club, t( It ft Jackson Toledo Golf Club, tl tt U Detroit " Washtenaw Country Club, Singles Foursomes Singles Foursomes 3 14 15 5 9 3 Total, 120 Opponents, 49 JOSE GUILLERMETY, M. A. DOWNING, G. B. EGGERT, RALSTON WILLIAMS, Officers. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer CHARLES M. WILLIAMS, Instructor in Foils and Sabres. roil Team. Sabre Team. J. GUILLERMETY, ' 01 P, R. GUILLERMETY, ' 02 L, G. B. EGGERT, ' 01 E, W. LEHNARTZ, P. G., M. A. DOWNING, ' 02 L. J. E. FIGUERAS, ' u2 L, R. GUILLERMETY, ' 02 L, J. BENEDICTO, ' 02 L, J. K. FIGUERAS, ' 02 L, A. GEIGEL, ' 02 L, A. E. HOLCOMB, ' 01 E, W. P. STINE, ' 03 E. Members. W. FRIEDMAN, J. GUILLERMETY, R. GUILLERMETY, A. GEIGEL, A. E. HOLCOMB, F. S. HONBERGER, E. ARIZPE, S. ARTIAGA, J. BENEDICTO, R. BENEDICTO, H. W. BERGER, L. A. BARTON, E. BARTON, J. A. CRAIG, W. K. CHAMBERLAIN, C. H. CLARK. M. A. DOWNING, W. E. DODGE, C. E. DVORAK, J. R. DAVIS, A. P. DENTON, G. B. EGGERT. MARK FOOTE, J. E. FIGUERAS, H. A. FREUND, N. W. MACCHESNEY, L. S. NICHOLS, H. S. OLNEY, B. C. POSTON, J. C. PARKER, C. L. ROBERTSON, DR. R. B. HOWELL, E. M. SWEELEY, J. L. HIBBARD, W. P. STINE, E. SONNENSCHIEN, W. H. SPIRE, R. A. SMITH, J. TEGSON, H. B. TALCOTT, P. E. TEMPLETON, C. M. WILLIAMS, R. WILLIAMS, A. E. W. YALE, W. .1. ZALESKY. H. H. HILLS, R. R. KIRK, C. O. KLOEPHER, T. V. KEENE, W. LEHNARTZ, B. H. LISKOW, F. K. LEIGHTON, E. MICHAEL, E. D. MCCARTY, D. MACDUFF, F. M. MCLEAN, INLANDE miiK nopEORC iw trc Snieno oi nknonn UMversHv. VOL. xi. ocrohci?, i ' KH). no HOUSTON BENSCOTER KNIGHT WOODROW HUDNUTT CHANEY HANS DVORAK SABINE MC DOUGALL ENGELHARD The U. of M. Daily. Board of Editors O. H. HANS, ' 01, F. ENGELHARD, ' 01 L, CHAS. DVORAK, ' 01, A. H. McDouGALL, ' 01 K, Miss L. K. SABINE, ' 03, H. H. WOODROW, ' 04, Managing Editor Business Manager Athletic Editor G. D. HUDNUTT, ' 01 E, W. A. KNIGHT, ' 01 L, W. P. CHANEY, 01 L, W. A. BENSCOTER, ' O.i, E. I. HOUSTON, ' 03. MC MAHON LOWE SKAW CLEEVE CHAPIN DODD SIMON KIRK BROWN CRUMPACKER EAMAN ROBINSON WOODWORTH MILLER SCOTTEN Wrinkle, Advisory Editors. ROB WAGNER, ' 95, ARTHUR M. SMITH, ' 97, HAROLD M. BOWMAN, ' 99, THOMAS L. ROBINSON, ' 02. Editors. ROY C. WOODWORTH, ' 00, President, H. T. MILLER, ' 01 L, Managing- Editor, R. R. KIRK, ' 03, Assistant Managing- Editor. Associates. D. M. SCOTTEN, ' 02, MONTE BROWN, ' 03, HERMAN C. KLEENE, ' 03 L, W. B. SHAW, ' 03, MARTIN S. DODD, ' 01 L, M. N. SIMON, ' 02 L, F. C. CRUMPACKER, ' 03, F. M. LOWE, ' 03, JAMES P. ST. CERNEY, ' 03 L, HAROLD P. BROOKS, ' 02 L. Business Managers. D. J. MCMAHON, ' 03, FRANK D. EAMAN, ' 02 L. 5 El aa B 1 K W a O en oS E- The Inlander. CHE INLANDER was founded in 1890 by the Literary Class of 1891, and is the only literary magazine published by the students of Michigan University. It has been the aim of THE INLANDER to discharge the functions of a college magazine by giving expression to all phases of student life, by bringing students into sympathy with each other, and by giving expression to their varied interests, touching upon the lights as well as upon the shadows, drawing upon all classes of University people both graduates and undergraduates for the subjects of its articles and stories. During the college year 1900-1001, it has numbered among its contributors many famous men and women, among others, Mr. George Horton, Mr. I. K. Friedman, Professor Charles Mills Gayley, Stanley Waterloo, Hon. Don M. Dickinson, Karl E. Harriman, Winston Spencer Churchill, M. P., Edwin L. Miller, Suatchuan Yin, Mrs. Maude Caldwell Perry, Miss Katharine H. Brown. The undergraduate list is a long one, and it is encouraging to note that many of INLANDER ' S best articles were from the pen of the undergraduate. The printing of special cover designs in colors, and the introduction of pen and ink sketches and half tone illustrations as a regular feature was one of the innova- tions this year introduced by THE INLANDER for the first time in the college literary magazine. This marks a decided step forward and places THE INLANDER not only in the front rank of periodicals of its kind, but in the same class with the professional literary magazine. THE INLANDER has an office in University Hall and on its reading table are kept on file seventy-five or more exchanges from the different colleges throughout the United States, besides a large number of high school publications and professional magazines. This reading room is open to all. During the college year THE INLANDER has printed a number of special issues, including a Football Number, Christmas Number, Washington ' s Birthday Number, Women ' s Edition, May Festival Edition, including the Official May Festival Libretto and Program Book, and a Commencement Number. Several of these editions have consisted of 2,000 or more copies. The control of the magazine is in the hands of the Board of Editors. A position on the board is determined solely by merit and interest shown in the work. Professors Robert M. Wenley and Fred N. Scott, are on the Advisory Board; Gustavus A. Ohl- inger is Managing Editor; Frank A. Wagner, Assistant Managing Editor; Charles Van Keuren, Business Manager; Leonard O. Meigs, Assistant Business Manager; Thomas L. Robinson, Ralph V. Magoffin, Harry P. Breitenbach, H. Caldwell Smith, Milton N. Simon, Associate Editors; Raleigh Trimble and Augustus M. Johnson, Artists. HINE DICKINSON UTLEY MC GONIGAL LATHERS MC NITT LATHAM BARRETT GODFREY The Bulletin. Advisoiv Board. PROFESSOR E. C. GODDARD, PROFESSOR W. W. BEMAN, PRESIDENT E. C. KNAPP. Editorial IVxird. AUSTIN L. LATHERS, LULU J. DICKINSON, S. WELLS UTLEY, KATHARINE G. HINE, EFFIE GODFREY, VIRGIL McNiTT, ROSCOE BARRETT, S. A. MCGONIGAL, O. WOLCOTT LATHAM, Managing Editor Assistant Managing Editor Athletics Society Intercollegiate News High School Business Manager Assistant Business Manager WATLING LANPHEAR VERBURG BUNTING WELCH CHALLIS Dental Journal. E. I. CHALLIS, K. W. BUNTING, C. M. WELCH, ' . L. A. WATLING, O. E. LANPHEAR, M. C. VERBURG, Editors. Editor in Chief Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Alumni Editor Department Editor Assistant Department Editor HERDMAN BAER DICKINSON MARCKWARDT BUTTERFIELD STEVENS WALDRON BLATT LADD CAMPBELL SCHANTZ ANDERSON HINE The Michiganensian. Editors. S. W. LADD, . . Managing Editor G. N. BLATT, . Business Manager O. C. MARCKWARDT, . . . Assistant Managing- Editor Associates. L. D. ANDERSON, W. S. BAER, R. C. BUTTERFIELD, J. A. CAMPBELL, LULA J. DICKINSON, H. P. HERDMAN, KATHARINE G. HINE, H. B. SCHANTZ. H. C. STEVENS, F. K. WALDRON. The AAichigan Alumnus. Boeircl of Editors. JAMES HENDKY PRENTISS, ' 96, . Editor-in-Chief JOHN RORERT EFFINGER, JR., ' 91, . Managing- Editor FRED NEWTON SCOTT, ' 84, . . University Editor ISAAC NEWTON DEMMON, ' 68, Necrologist IRA A. CAMPBELL, ' 00, Athletics KATHARINE G. HINE, ' 01, . Campus Technic. Board of Editors. A. H. McDoUGALL, ' 01, .... Managing Editor J. C. PARKER, ' 01, . . . . . . Business Manager A. E. HOLCOMB, ' 01, MARKHAM CHEEVER, ' 02. Waterman Gymnasium, June 15, 1 901. Committees. S. W. LADD, . . . Chairman NED BEGLE, FRANK S. MORSMAN, HARRY H. TALCOTT, H. WARD CARPENTER, WM. SWAN, MARGARET SCALLON, FLORENCE BOWEN. EDWARD E. DAVIES, NINA HOWLETT, CLIFTON BUSHNELL. Reception. HAROLD E. ZOOK, . . Chairman WILLIAM A. EVERSMAN, FRANK C. KINSEY, LESLIE J. TEFFT, R. H. VAN CLEVE, FOREST H. LANCASHIRE. NELLIE GRACE DENSMORE, W. WILLIAMS, W. GRAYSON, H. J. CAMPBELL, MARGUERITE KNOWLTON, A. H. FELKER. KERN HUGHES FOX DODD BURSLEY DURANT WOOD KENNEDY ELLIOTT HANRAHAN STANDART LEWIS TURNER SMITH Junior Hop. Waterman Gymnasium, February s, 190 1. Officers. J. A. ELLIOTT, Z , . . . . . . General Chairman P. E. BURSLEY, Z V, . . . . . . Treasurer H. C. SMITH, A K E, . ... . . Secretary Commi trees. Arrangements. Invitation. H. LEWIS, K , Chairman VV. W. Fox, i A e, Chairman J. G. STANDART, 2 i , H. S. DURANT, Ben, F. J. WOOD, A x, J. E. HANRAHAN, 2 x. Decoration. Reception. J. B. HUGHES, 2 A E, Chairman S. TURNER, t T, Chairman H. R. KERN, A r, M. B. KENNEDY, A A i . M. S, DODD, x , Dex-ember 14, 1900. T. S. SMITH, z , PAUL BUCKLEY, x , orncers. Commitrees. General Chairman Secretary and Treasurer Arrangements. L. W. SMITH, A A t , ,T. HARRIS, K . Invitation. E. D. BEALS, sen, w. HUMPHREY. 2 . Reception. W. K. BROMLEY, A K E, H. P. WHERRY, T. Committees. ELMER R. SANFORD, 2 A E. Reception. arrangements JOHN NlCOL, A K E, H. M. TOWAR, 2 , MARK J. HYDE, Y, JOHN R. BARTLETT, X , Invitation. DONALD C. WAITE, 2 x . T. A. FARNHAM, Ind., CARL H. UPMEYER, General Chairman Chairman ROBERT P. MORSMAN. K +. Chairman REGINALD BURKET, z +. Chairman SARAH HARDY, r B, JOHN GILLET, K , AMY E. SAVAGE, Sorosis, To Co-eds, Athletics, ' 04 Boys, Prex, ., Faculty, Independents, U. of M., Fraternities, Decoration. Toasts. e. Chairman DARIOUS KANDALL, 2 A E. D. A. BADENOCH, 2 HENRY T. T. L ' HOMMEDIEN, X + SALLIE PALMER RICE, A GEORGE P. SWEET, A K E FRANK D. KNOX, z t THOMAS S. P. MCHENRY, 2 x MAURICE H. STIMSON, Y MARTIN VERDIER. FRESHMAN Barlxjur Gymnasium, Dec. 5, 1900. KATHERINE BOGEL, Sorosis, . . General Chairman Committees. Ptnance, LUCY COOLEY, AT,. . . Chairman KATHEEINE TOWER, n I! t , LUCILE GREGORY, Sorosis, EDNA SMITH, OLIVE HYNTES, LENORA SMITH, KATE GEORGE, MARGARET MCGREGORY, 1 ' R, P. W. TERWILLIGER, A . Receptkm. LILLIAN SABINE, . . Chairman MARIA WEBB, Sorosis, GRACE SNITSELER, A r, GEORGENA MCSWEENEY, K K r, GRACE REYNOLDS, A i , ALICE NEWMAN, CLARA FOSTER, n v, , ANNA DRUMMOND, K A e. Refreshments. LAURA CROZER, A t , . . Chairman EDITH C. VAN SLYKE. Sorosis, GLADYS GRAHAM, CHARLOTTE GREIST, K A e, MAY WALSH, ESTHER SELTZER. Invitation. HELEN POST, K A o, . . Chairman FLORENCE HAZEN, Sorosis, CARRIE CHUBB, AGNES WELLS, r B, EFFIE GODFREY, STELLA HAVEY, EDITH BARNARD, A r, ANNA MARSHALL, PEARL TAYLOR, K K r, BERNICE FREDERICK, MABEL MASON, K A e. Patronesses. MRS. ANGELL, MRS. VAUGHN, MRS. MCLAUGHLIN, MRS. LAWRENCE, DR. MOSHER, MRS. HUTCHINS, MRS. WAITE, MRS. COOLEY. MRS. HERDMAN. Assembly Club. WILLIAM STONE, . . . Alpha Delta Phi. DR. WILLIAM SPITZLEY, . . Psi Upsilon. HOWARD HAYES, .... Beta Theta Pi. TOM. R. ROBINSON, . . Zeta Psi. WILLIAM TALLMAN, . . . Sigma Phi. JAMES PRENTISS, . . . Phi Kappa Psi. Exercises Under the Auspices of the Law Department of the University of Michigan, 1 901. Address: Events Greater than Men. HON. FRANK ORREN LOWDEN, of Chicago. Committees. Senior Class. A. H. MCMILLAN, . . . Chairman DAVID P. SMITH, H. E. RODGERS, W. H. BOND, FRANK KIMMEL. Junior Class. W. S. FOSTER, J. W. WILLMOTT, N. T. BOOSE, O. F. WENEKER, FLEMING NEVIN. rresnman Class. CHARLES H. NORTON, J. M. PEARCE, A. H. GALLEY, EMILE E. WERK, JOHN B. MEANS. Senior Literary Committees. Invitation. A. H. McDoUGALL, .... Chairman GRACE A. STRONG, B. H. LISKOW, MARGARET JONES, JESSIE M. HORTON, EDGAR C. THOMPSON, MILTON V. BICKEL. Social. WILLIAM TALCOTT, .... Chairman MARY NEWELL EATON, GEORGE D. HUDNUTT, ARTHUR A. LOEH, DOROTHY FOWLER, JANE V. POLLACK, W. S. BALDWIN, GEORGE D. DAMON. Cap and Gown. HARRY WILLIAMS, ..... Chairman WILLIAM C. HORNBERGER, MAUDE L. DALEY, JESSIE MAE REYNOLDS, MARGARET COUSIN, W. C. HELMERS. Memorial. PHILIP P. FARNHAM, .... Chairman CHARLES B. DAVIS, MAUDE C. HATHAWAY, LEWIS K. DOUGLASS, RAYMOND F. HORTON, ELIZABETH SUNDSTROM, MAUDE HUDSON, J. L. PIERCE. auditing. F. L. LOWRIE, . ... Chairman JOHN C. PARKER, H. C. STEVENS. Senior Law Committees. Class Photos. D. Y. DEVRIES, ..... Chairman J. H. BAKER, T. J. SULLIVAN. Cooley Day Exercises. P. M. COLLINS, .... Chairman D. L. BROWN, JAMES INGEBRETSEN, FLOYD E. THOMPSON, T. R. MARKS. Invitation. I. O. ACKLEY, . . . Chairman W. J. KASS, D. R. HOPPE. Class Day. LEONARD D. VERDIER, . . . Chairman WEIR D. CARVER, W. H. EARLE, L. A. KREIS, CLARENCE S. PIGGOTT. Auditing. P. B. MOODY, . Chairman J. W. STRINGFELLOW. J. D. VENATOR, E. M. SAYLES, C. D. CORRELL. Johnson Memorial. Miss FLOYD V. GILLMORE, . Chairman CLYDE I. WEBSTER, M. B. FLESHER. Cooley Day Banquet. RICE W. MEANS, . . Chairman Miss GLENNA H. DOUST, G. O. HILZINGER, S. L. WEISER, P. P. LEARNED. Class Memorial. HARRY A. GROVES, .... Chairman M. D. DAVIS, T. H. CHRISTIANSON, F. C. CONDON, B. B. MORRIS. Announcement. L. W. McCANDLESS, . . . Chairman H. T. MILLER, F. L. SAGE. MARSHALL KIRBY ANDREWS DOW GANDY PENFIELD THILL 13OORD MATTHEWS KLEINFELDT THOMPSON KINARD DUFF MARTIN NORTON WOLFE HICKS WOODRUFF BURKET HOFFMAN EGOER 1903 Law Banquet. Committees. FRANK M. MARTIN, . Finance. GEORGE WOODRUFF, F. F. KLEINFELD, ARTHUR P. HICKS, CHAS. H. NORTON, FREDERICK A. WOLFE, Arrangements, EDWARD G. HOFFMAN, JOHN D. KIETH, ALLEN H. GALLEY, JOHN F. BURKET. Printing. J. SCOTT MATTHEWS, RALPH R. BARR, Speakers. JOHN E. THOMPSON, F. L. R. EGGER, General Chairman Chairman ELVA C. ANDREWS, FRED F. THILL. Chairman M. w. HANFORD, C. N. BOORD. A. H. HlLDEBRAND. University Musical Society. FRANCIS W. KELSEY, ALBERT A. STANLEY. Officers. President Director The Choral Union. Twelfth Season, 1900-1901. Board of Government. PAUL R. DE PONT, . THOMAS C. COLBURN, . LEVI D. WINES, ALBERT A. STANLEY, WARREN WEBSTER, President Secretary Treasurer Director Librarian Entertainments. I. November 12, 1900 PITTSBURG ORCHESTRA, II. December 11. 1900 FRITZ KRIESLER, III. January 25, 1901 SPIERING QUARTET, IV. February 1, 1901 ERNST DOHNANYI, V. March 15, 1901 DAVID BISPHAM. Eighth Mav Festival Mav 16, 17, lo. Artists and Organizations. MRS. MARIE KUNKEL-ZIMMERMAN, ..... Miss FIELDING ROSELLE, i MADAME SCHUMANN-HEINK, MR. EVAN WILLIAMS, ) MR. GLENN HALL. MR. WILLIAM A. HOWLAND, 1 MR. GWILYM MILES, SIGNOR GIUSEPPI CAMPANARI, ) MR. ALBERT LOCKWOOD, ...... MR. BERNARD STURM, ...... MR. ALFRED HOFFMANN, ..... THE BOSTON FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA ] MR. EMIL MOLLENHAUER, AND CHORAL UNION, . MR. ALBERT STANLEY, j Soprano Contraltos Tenors Baritones Pianist Violinist. Violoncellist Conductors CHAMBERLIN VOGEL.I BROWN SCHROEDER DOSSETT TRAVEK BOSTON University Orchestra. B. C. POSTON, W. H. DOSSETT, A. E TRAVER, W. K. CHAMBERLIN, B C. POSTON, A. H. BROWN, Manager Violin Flute Clarinet Cornet Piano a a 5 w o (S a o t 2 H in 5 - O W II I 1 (E Z a is 02 BJ M a a o J L 8 IL ot M. Bcind. L. DARR, B. C. POSTON, W. K. CHAMBERLAIN, Officers. Members. President and Director Manager Secretary A. P. TRAVER, Piccolo, W. K. CHAMBERLIN, E-tlat Clarinet, J. T. FENNER, 1st Clarinet, H. QUACKENBUSH, 1st Clarinet, A. SPRING, 1st Clarinet, R. B. FIELDS, 2d Clarinet, L. DARR, Solo Cornet, E. F. COCHRANE, Solo Cornet, N. B. COONS, Solo Cornet, B. C. POSTON, Solo Cornet, W. H. DOSSETT, 1st Cornet, J. SIGGEND, JR., 1st Cornet, J. F. ALLEN 1st Alto, K. K. SPRINGETT, 2d Alto, L. SAUERBRAUN, 3d Alto, H. W. TOBIAS, 4th Alto, D. J. DUNNWELL, Tenor. O. C. VOGELI, 1st Trombone, H. WALKER, 2cl Trombone, B. SHORTS, Baritone, H. DE PONT, Tuba, N. F. HARRIMAN, Tuba, C. SCHROEDER, Snare Drum, C. E. CORRELL, Bass Drum. Officers. FRANK R. MARVIN, WILLIAM N. CHAFFEE, FOREST H. LANCASHIRE, WILLIAM E MCAFEE, FRANK R. MARVIN, AMASA M. RUST, Executive Committee. CHARLES J. DOVEL, FOREST H. LANCASHIRE, ' Varsity Glee Club. President Secretary Manager Assistant Manager LEONARD VERDIER, CHASON W. BROOKS. C. J. DOVEL, E. G. ROBBINS, G. M. BARNARD, Leader G. G. HERR. H. W. HAYES. rirst Tenor F. R. MARVIN, Second Tenor N. W. THOMPSON, C. J. DOVEL, First Bass T. L. ROBINSON, H. P. BRIGGS, W. R. JOHNSTON. Second Bass L. D. VERDIER, E. F. PARKER, G. A. WORDEN, F. D. KNOX. W. D. STARR, Accompanist. CO 50 lio |2$2 S IB o 2 " d O 3 t W o Iss a 2 2 w w z if K I HtB M ffi 2 o O " B 01 J MgB f O ffi W r S g B K g d W o X M H | .0 1 w %v% H M ; a H g I H ' Varsity Banjo Club. A. M. RUST, Leader Banieaurines. A. M. RUST, A. L. NEWTON, J. G. STANDART, DAN WESSELI.S, J O. EMERSON. Tirst Banjos. C. F. JUMP, D. J. MCMAHON. Second Banjo. R. M. ROOSEVELT. Mandolins. C W. BROOKS, J. J. RICKS. Guitars. D. P. ZIMMERMAN, R. K. KNIGHT, D. C. STUART. A. E. Lucius, C. M. JACK. Drum. C. P. MEHLHOP. ' Varsity Mandolin Club. C. W. BROOKS, .... ... Leader. Tlrst Mandolins. C. W. BROOKS, J. J. RICKS, M. B. KENNEDY, J. STRASSHURG, A. FITZGERALD. Second Mandolins. F. C. STEVENS, L. F. RUTTER, M. D. VERDIER, J. B. SWEER. Guitars. D. F. ZIMMERMAN, R. K. KNIGHT D. C. STUART, A. E. Lucius C. M. JACK. Violin. Cello. Plute. W. C, MITCHELL. W. N CHAFFEE. A. F. TRAVER. Mandola Drum. T R. TOUHILL. C. F MEHLHOP. BURKET TRAVIS MCCOY MEEKS GRAY MILLER HALL MCPHEKSON KNOX THOMASON CLARK FLETCHER STAGER Freshman Glee Club. Officers F. D. KNOX, G. McCOY, B. W. CLARK, G P. FLETCHER, President Treasurer Secretary Manager First Tenor. M. B. HALL, M H GRAY, D. N. TRAVIS, B. W. CLAEK. First Bass. S. R. KUSSEL, E. G. MEEKS, F. D. KNOX, G. McCoY. Second Tenor. S. ODELL, C. F. HINCHMAN, W. A. C. MILLER, JR., D. E. MCPHERSON. Second Bass. R. B. BURKET, J. STAGER, S. E. THOMASON. DFrMOCF(fiTIC CLUB. CLUB. JOUTHCRH. CLUB. COHED CLUB. THE: F-f l tRff. CLUB Gitt, BMJO, WNDOL lltCLUBJ. LITCRflfy SOCIETIES. A U U M ISI I ASSOCIATION Officers ot the Alumni association of the University of Michigan. President. WILLIAM JOHNSON COCKER, ' 09,- ELIAS FINLEY JOHNSON, ' 90?. . Louis PARKER JOCELYN, ' 87, . GOTTHELF CARL HUBER, ' 87m, JAMES HENDKY PRENTISS, ' 9ii, Vice-president. Recorder. Treasurer. General Secretary. Adrian, Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan Board of Directors. For term ending JQOJ. ELIAS FINLEY JOHNSON, ' 90 1. For term ending 1004. GOTTHELF CARL HUBER, ' 87 HI. For term ending 1902. WILLIAM J. COCKER, ' 69. For term ending 1903 ANDREW C. MCLAUGHLIN, ' 82. ' 85 J. For tenn ending IQOI. Louis PARKER JOCELYN, ' 87. Director of Secretaries of Local Alumni Associations. JOHN A. VANARSDALE, ' 91, ' 92 J, 612 Prudential Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. MELVIN BENJ. PARMELY, JR., ' 92?, Society for Savings, Cleveland, Ohio. HENRY M. BATES, ' 90, 1 132 Marquette Bldg., Chicago, 111. CHARLES W. LONG, ' 84 (, Denver, Colo. DEXTER M. FERRY, JR., ' 95, Detroit, Mich. T. J. McKEAN, ' 91 , Duluth, Minn. HARRY D. JEWELL, Grand Rapids, Mich. WILLIAM P. BORLAND, ' 92 , 603 New York Life Bldg.. Kansas City, Mo HOWARD BEMENT, ' 90, Lansing, Mich. JOHN J. MAPEL, ' 72, 91 Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wis HENRY O. CHAPOTON, ' 94, Mount Clemens, Mich. EDGAR M. DOUGHTY, 16 Court St., Brooklyn, New York City CLARA J. LEROY, ' 96, Petoskey. Mich. HORTON C. RYAN, ' 93, 1033 Century Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. FORDYCE BELFORD, ' 91 1, Spitzer Bldg., Toledo, Ohio. MINOTT E. PORTER, ' 93 e, Washington, D. C. E. O. HOLLAND, ' 92, Winona, Minn. Philosophical Society. JOHN W. SLAUGHTER, . . . President FLORENCE JACOBY, . Vice-President ERNEST S. BATES, Secretary Graduate Club. HARLOW S. PERSON, ... . President WINIFRED BEMAN, . Vice-President Miss MANN, . . . Secretary HARRY M. ROBINS, . Treasurer Executive Committee J. W. SLAUGHTER, J. S. MCELLIGOTT, HAROLD M. BOWMAN. WHEELER BOWEN HEDGES DALY FORBES Officers of Woman ' s league. EDITH WHEELER, FLORENCE BOWEN, FLORENCE HEDGES, . MAUDE DALEY, CHARLOTTE FORBES, President Vice-President Treasurer Recording ' Secretary Corresponding Secretary WOMANX. LEAGUE Executive Board. FLORENCE BOWEN, LENA FROST, FREDERICKA GILETTE, FLORENCE HARRIS, MARY REDDICH, CAROLYN CHUBB, MARY GODFREY, FLOYE GILMORE, VERN VAN FOSSEN, ELIZABETH ROWLAND, EVELYN SCOTT, ELSIE PRATT, EDNA TODT, FLORENCE GREENE, EDITH WHEELER, DOROTHY SASS, GEORGENA MCSWEENEY, CHARLOTTE FORBES, CHARLOTTE BISSELL, MAUDE DALEY, JESSIE HORTON. Advisory Board. MRS. ANGELL, MRS. SCOTT, MRS. SOULE, MRS. VAUGHAN, MRS. WALKER, DR. MOSHER, MRS. HOFP, MRS. MARKLEY, MRS. CARHART. MRS. HUTCHINS, MRS. COPELAND, MRS MORRIS. MRS. COOLEY, The Students ' Christian Association. Officers. E. C. KNAPP, HARRIET HARKNESS, ; R. D. T. HOLLISTER, j S. GERTRUDE CHUBB, C. L. HILL, MAUDE HUDSON, ELIZABETH AUSTIN, E. A. CLEMENS, J. M. MCGREGOR, G. M. THOMPSON, O. W. LATHAM, FRANCES BOYNTON, E. O. SUTTON, F. G. SCHWARTZ. BYRON REED, EDWARD BEGLE, H. L. IMUS, MYRTLE R. KINSEY, Dcixirtinenr Vice-Preside l President Vice-Presidents Recording- Secretary Treasurer Literary Law Medical Dental Pharmacy Engineering Homoeopathic School of Music The Students ' Medical Society. CHE Students ' Medical Society of the Department of Medicine and Surgery has been in existence for three years. It was organized with the hope that prominent Alumni of this department might be induced to return to their alma mater: the allurement held out to such Alumni, being the privilege of presenting an address before the society. During the past three years a number of Alumni have accepted its invita- tions and given addresses, entertaining and instructive. Each year two special meetings are arranged for. At one of these meetings, the younger members of the medical faculty present, by way of summary, the results of researches carried on during the year, and it is gratifying to state, that these meetings have been among the best of the series, many of the papers presented being of high standard. The other special meeting, known as " the students ' meeting, " gives all students who have conducted research work in one of the laboratories or clinical departments, an opportunity to bring forth the results of their studies in short formal papers, in which not only their own investigations, but that of other workers in the same field are discussed. During the present year nearly every student in the department is a member of this society and all the meetings, which are held the second Thursday of each month, have been well attended. The officers of the society are as follows : Officers, W. H. MORLEY, ' 01, . . . . . . President H. H. SCHIBRMAN, ' 02, ..... Vice-President GERTRUDE FELKER, ' 01, . . . . Corresponding Secretary L. C. KUMPH, ' 03, ...... Recording- Secretary W. A. EVANS, ' 02, ...... Treasurer Board of Directors. C. F. GRIMMER, ' 01, WILLIAM H. SELLARS, ' 02, NEIL KELLOGG, ' 03, WILLIAM VOUGHT, ' 04. THE FRIAR H The Prlars Honorary. JIMMY " ARNEIL, " CHARLEY " BAIRD, " MOLLY " BOWMAN, " SLOPPY " HUTCHINS, " REGGIE " LATTIMER, " JIM " PRENTISS, ' ' BILLY " SPITZLEY. The rriars. His Holiness " JUDGE " ' MARVIN. Pope. His Eminence " STACK " STANDART. Cardinal. House Committee. Membership Committee. " ART " BROWN, " MAC " WETMORE, " SKIN " POTTER, " WILLIE " WILLIAMS, " STEVE " STEVENS, " PAT " PATTON. Wardens of the Bowl. Musical Committee. " Hue " WHITE, " RUNT " BUSH, " A. H. " ROBINSON, " DOPE " HODCK, " RUNT " BUSH, " Duo " BUSHNELL. ' RUNT " BUSH, ' CHUCK " BUSH, ' DUD " BUSHNELL, ' ART " BROWN, ' GLITZ " BARKER, ' DAD " CRAFTS, ' BOB " FITZGERALD, ' FITZ " FITZGERALD, ' DOPE " HOUGH, ' MIKE " HUNT, ' TICK " LEWIS, ' LANK " LANCASHIRE, " HEZ " ZOOK, Members. ; MAJOR " McKiNLEY, JUDGE " MARVIN, ; DAD " MILLS, ; ZULIE " MEHLHOP, TOM " NEAL, CORNIE " OSBORN, FAT " PENFIELD, SKIN " POTTER, PAT " PATTON, A. H. " ROBINSON, STEVE " STEVENS, STACK " STANDART, " ZlMMIE ' ' PLUCE " SCOTTEN, ' HEINE " SMITH, ' SMOOKS " SNOW, ' JIM " TURNER, ' LIL " TRACY, ' CARL " ULMER, ' WILLIE " WILLIAMS, ' HUG " WHITE, ' MAC " WETMORE, ' BOGAS " WORDEN, ' WOODIE " WOODWORTH. ' DAN " WESSELS, ZIMMERMAN. Hahnemannian Society. Officers. R. S. COPELAND, A.M., M.D., President T. BACMEISTER, A.B., . Vice-President F. S. HODGE, . Corresponding- Secretary MINA B. GAULT, . ... Recording- Secretary J. M. STEVENS, . . . . . Treasurer Braves at The Tribe of Michigamwa " TALL TIMBER " BARRETT, ' ' YOUNG MAN OF MANY SQUAWS " BROWN, " MOONFACE " COOK, ' ; FIRE WATER " COPLEY, " PONTIAC " DEWEY, " DEERFOOT " FISHLEIGH, " DUSKY HIAWATHA " HOLLISTER. " YOUNG BRAVE FOND OF THE CHASE " HUSTON. " BLACK HAWK " MAGEE, " BIG THUNDER " MAXEY, " BELLOWING BULL " MILLS, " POCAHONTAS " PARRISH, " BILLY BOWLEGS ; ' TEMPLE, " PAWNEE BILL " UDELL, " THIRSTY FOR BLOOD " UTLEY, " NOISY WIND " WILLIS, " WHISKY JACK " WOODHAMS. J. A. VEASY, G. H. BUNCH, J. L. DEGROOT, J. T. STOKELY, Offlcers. President Vice-Presiden Secretary Treasurer Menibers. E. M. BLYTHE, ROY F. BRITTON, E. P. BOYD, T. L. CAMPBELL, M. T. DICKINSON, A. A. FEATHERSTONE, N. C. FRENGER, N. C. HARDEST, KIRK HAWKINS, MAYBURN HOWARD, J. R. HUGHES, .JR., S. G. KELLY, JR., H. S. MAYER, M. C. MCNEIL, H. D. MANN, H. T. MILLER, S. A. MILLER, C. L. MENG, J. D. MOSBY, H. K. MORRISON, F. V. PARTRIDGE, G. H. SEARCY, W. W. SHAW, J. H. SHUFORD, P. E. TEMPLETON, J. M. TRIBLE, J. S. ULLMAN, J. C. WILHOIT, J. ROY WILLIAMS, J. W. WILMOT, H.-C. WILSON, G. L. WOOD. MR. FITZGERALD, Miss STEWART. MR. BROAD, MR. STANDART, MR. DE PONT, MR. KLEENE, . Officers. President Vice-President Secretary Business Manager Stage Manager Property Man " The Magistrate. " BY A. W. PINERO. Characters in me Play- Company Appearing In me Cast. MR. POSKET I Magistrates of the Mulberry Street ( MR. ROBERT FITZGERALD MR. BULLAMY ) Police Court, | MR. NEAL HOSKINS COLONEL LUKYN (from Bengal retired), CAPTAIN HORACE VALE (Shropshire Fusiliers), Cis FARRINGDON (Mrs. Posket ' s son, by her first marriage). ARCHILLE BLOND (proprietor of Hotel des Princes), Is ADORE (a waiter), ..... ' . MR. WYMINGTON (chief clerk at Mulberry Street), INSPECTOR MESSITER 1 SERJEANT LUGO Metropolitan Police, CONSTABLE HARRIS ) WYKE (servant at Mr. Posket ' s), .... AGATHA POSKET (late Farringdon, nee Verrinder), CHARLOTTE (her sister), . . . . BEATIE TOMLINSON (a young lady reduced to teaching music), Miss MARIE SHEARER POPHAM, . . . . . . Miss ANNIE KNOWLTON MR. MARK REATTIE MR. CHARLES DVORAK MR. DEHULL TRAVIS MR. LAURENCE SMITH MR. HENRY TOWAR MR. HALL COWAN !MR. HERMAN KLEENE MR. NORMAN STERRY MR. HERMAN KLEENE . MR. ARTHUR BROWN . Miss SYBIL STEWART Miss FRANCES NEWMAN iS : m Officers. LLEWELLYN COLE, B. S. CROMER, A. H. BYALL, C. PIGGOTT, J. W. REYNOLDS, R. L. STANLEY, . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Secretary Central Debating ' League . President Northern Oratorical League executive Committee PROFESSOR T. C. TRUEBLOOD, EDWARD SONNENSCHEIN, J. S. MATTHEWS, O. J. TODD, MAURICE DEICHES, P. W. MOTHERSILL, H. W. WILLIS, C. B. GODDARD, H. A. Dow. I r fe I S3 o i o H Pi o o o a o c I o SI -1 en o 1 3 KH ,3 Intercollegiate Debates. Year. Place. Opposing College. Debaters. Won Bg. 1893 . Ann Arbor Wisconsin ( JEFFRIES j LIPSON ( PURDY Michigan 1894 Ann Arbor Northwestern ( MAYS j LlNDLEY ( MARLATT Northwestern 1895 Evanston. III. . Northwestern i SADLER OXTOBY KlMBALL Northwestern 1896 Ann Arbor Chicago ( VERT ] ALBRIGHT ( BLACK Michigan 1897 Chicago. . Chicago ( CHANDLER ] F. X. CARMODY ( LATHERS Chicago 1898 Ann Arbor Chicago ( BERKEBILE j WHITMAN ( DILLON Michigan 1899 Ann Arbor Northwestern ( SIMONS ] KINGSLEY ( SANGER j- Michigan 1899 Ann Arbor " . Pennsylvania ( WILSON ] M. H. CARMODY ( EAMAN v Michigan 1899 . Chicago . Chicago ( SIMONS KINGSLEY ( SANGER Michigan 1900 Ann Arbor Chicago (CLOUD j M. H. CARMODY ( OHLINGER Michigan 1900 Philadelphia . Pennsylvania i ' JACOB j YOUNG ( RYDALCH Michigan 1900 . Chicago . Minnesota ( CLOUD j M. H. CARMODY ( OHLINGER Michigan 1901 Ann Arbor Minnesota f JACOB j SONNENSHEIN ( MAXEY Michigan 1901 Ann Arbor Pennsylvania ( DKWEY j IRVINE OHLINGER Michigan 1901 Chicago Chicago ( JACOB ] SONNENSHEIN ( MAXEY i Michigan Honor Orators. Since the Establishment of the Northern Oratorical League. University Contest. League Contest. Held At. 1891 2. A. C. GORMELY ) W. B. KELLEY Michigan Ann Arbor ,892 ji; J. E. ROBERTS }_ M. J. McGuiRE jj Northwesterr Evanston l8 -2. L. G. LONG ) J. B. NELSON ) Michigan Oberlin 1894 1 2. F. P. SADLER ) B. L. OLIVER Michigan Madison 1895 j ' J. H. MAYS 1 F. L. INGRAHAM J Michigan Iowa City 1896 jl; F. L. INGRAHAM ) W. M. MERTZ ) Michigan Chicago 1897 I ' ( B. H. AMES ) C. SIMONS ) Michigan Ann Arbor 1898 j ' ; C. SIMONS ) W. L. WIERS Michigan Evanston 1899 ji; M. H. CARMODY ) F. D. EAMAN Oberlin . Oberlin 1900 jj; G. W. MAXEY ) A. J. HOLLAND ) Northwestern Madison 1901 jj; C. S. STOREY B. S. CROMER Iowa City Also received first place in the Northern Oratorical League. Northern Oratorical League. Tenth Annual Contest, Held at Madison, May 4, 1900- Programme. 1. National Apostacy, C. E. MACARTNEY, University of Wisconsin 2. Samuel Adams, . . . .P. HUNT, Iowa State University 3. The Machine and Its Message, . . B. G. NELSON, University of Chicago 4. Webster ' s Reply to Hayne, GEORGE W. MAXEY, University of Michigan 5. The Last of the Puritans, . . W. M. JEROME, University of Minnesota 6. The American Infamy, . . P. E. THOMAS, Northwestern University 7. The Webster-Hayne Debate, . . LEIGH W. STOREY, Oberlin College Winners. First Place, . . . P. E. THOMAS, Northwestern University Second Place, . . . C. E. MCCARTNEY, University of Wisconsin University Oratorical Contest. Held at University Hall, March 2 . 1901. Programme. 1. Marshall and His Mission, ..... ROY E. McEwEN 2. The Mission of Chatham, . . . CLYDE McGEE 3. Oliver Cromwell, ...... . MABEL JOY 4. International Arbitration. . EUGENE J. MARSHALL 5. The Minister Plenipotentiary. . . CARROLL S. STOREY 6. The True Patriot, ..... . BRYANT S. CROMER Winners. First Place, . . CARROLL S. STOREY Second Place, . BRYANT S. CROMER SONNENSHEIN JACOB MAXEY Central Debating League. Third Annual Series. Semi-rinal Debate, Aim Arbor, January n, 1901. Michigan vs. Minnesota. QUESTION Resolved, That it is unwise for the States to attempt to tax personal property. MICHIGAN, Affirmative MINNESOTA, Negative. Won by Michigan. rinal Debate, Chicago, April 5, 1901. QUESTION Itesolved, That the United States should subsidize her merchant marine. MICHIGAN, Affirmative CHICAGO, Negative. Won by Michigan. Debaters. H. F. JACOB, E. SONNENSHEIN, G. W. MAXEY. L. COLE, Alternate. Pennsy I va nia-Michigci n Debate. Third Annual Debate, Ann Arbor, March 5, 1901. QUESTION Resolved, That United States Senators should be elected by popular vote. MICHIGAN, Affirmative PENNSYLVANIA, Negative. Won by Michigan. Debaters. F. G. DEVVEY, A. B. IRVINE, G. A. OHLINGER. L. COLE. Alternate. Detroit Alumni Cup Debate. Held at Ann Arlx r, Mail 20, 1 000. QUESTION Resolved, That the policy of Eng-land toward the South African Republics is justifiable. Affirmative, LITERARY DEPARTMENT Negative, LAW DEPARTMENT. Won by Law Department. Dclxiters. A, B. IRVINE, M. A. DOWNING, P. J. STRAUSKY. T. H. BLODGETT, Alternate. MATTHEWS POOTE FISHLE1GH DEWEY WILLIS HAMILTON HUSTON Adelphi Society. Officers. rirst Semester. HARRY W. WILLIS, MARSH FOOTE, J. SCOTT MATTHEWS. FRED G. DEWEY, WELLS UTLEY, J. SCOTT MATTHEWS J. SCOTT MATTHEWS, FRED G. DEWEY, 11. B. HUSTON, MARSH FOOTE, WEIR HAMILTON, HARRY W. WILLIS, Second Semester. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Member Executive Committee Member Oratorical Board President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Member Executive Committee Member Oratorical Board Alpha Nu Society. Officers. nrst Semester. CHRISTENSON, KEESHAN, BENSON, TRUMBLE, WOOD, KITELY, HOLLISTER, DOELLE, CHANDLER MOORE, LEGG, MOORE, MAGEE, EVERETT, TRUMBLE, O ' BRIEN, CHANLER, CHRISTENSON, GODDARD, MOORE, HAMMOND, KEESHAN, LEGG, ALLEN, MOORE, MOORE, Silwl Board. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Marshal Kditor-in-Chief Sibyl Board Sibyl Board Sibyl Board Financial Board Financial Board Chairman of Board of Appeals Critic Second Semester. Sibvl ftoard. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Marshal Editor-in-Chief Sibyl Board Sibyl Board Sibyl Board Financial Board Financial Board Chairman of Board of Appeals Critic Jeffersonian Society. D. LLOYD JOHNSON, ' 01 L, SEYMOUR H. PERSON, ' 01 L, JOHN F. DAVIS, ' 02 L, H. WARD AXFORD, ' 02 L, N. E. BAILEY, ' 02 L, . LLEWELLYN COLE, ' 02 L, HARRY S. KESSLER, ' 02 L, Officers -i qoo- 1 qo i, President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Critic Marshal HAUKS CORBIT ROLAND KETCHAM PERRY DEICHES CRYER MEIGS MYGATT MARKS BOOSE PICKARD Webster Societij. ROY E. MYGATT, . CLYDE B. KETCHAM, R. M. CORBIT, T. R. MARKS, N. T. BOOSE, M. DEICHES, L. O. MEIGS, H. B. PICKARD, L. A. ROWLAND, E. D. PERRY, R. E. MYGATT, M. DEICHES, Officers. First Term. Second Term. President Secretary Treasurer Critic Sergeant-at-Arms Oratorical Delegate President Secretary Treasurer Critic Sergeant-at-Arms Oratorical Delegate Sumner Society. Society of Limited Membership Organized for the Purpose of Developing its Meml ers In extemporaneous Discussion and Parliamentary Tactics. R. G. SCHULDER, . W. H. PARRY, M. BOERSEMA, H. E. SCHMIEDESCAMP, H. O. LEDGEKWOOD, F. C. KNOL.LENBERG, C. D. BEGGS, G. D. EVELAND. . J. T. SCHIPPACASSE, Officers for 1900-1901, Pirst Term. Second Term. Third Term. President Vice-President Secretary President Vice- President Secretary President Vice-President Secretary Engineering Society. A. H. MACDOUGALL, V. L. PAGE, A. E. HOLCOMB, J. C. PARKER, A. H. BENNETT, R. H. MERRILL, L. D. ANDERSON, R. P. JACKSON, C. W. SPOONER, Officers. Both Semesters. rirst Semester. Second Semester. Chairman Technic Board Librarian Corresponding- Secretary President. Vice-President Recording Secretary President Vice-President Recording- Secretary Zoological Club. MR. H. E. SARGENT, DR. S. J. HOLMES, Miss MAUD M. DEWITT, MR. L. J. COLE, Officers. Dcecurtve Committee. MR. H. E. SARGENT, MR. RAYMOND PEARL, DR. S. J. HOLMES. President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer Curator LI. of M. Democratic Club. J. R. HUGHES, H. J. SPROAT, T. P WARD, R. B. HUSTON, P. ENGELHARD, Officers. President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Executive Committee. J. D. MOSBY, Chairman, C. F. CLYNE, Secretary, J. S. MCELLIGOTT. H. W. MCCLURE, G. H. BUNCH. University of Michigan Democrat. R. B. HUSTON, H. W. MCCLURE, Managing Editor Business Manager lioard of editors. H. J. ABBOTT, F. ENGELHARDT. J. D. MOSBY, W. H. GILMORE, R. L. STANLEY, H. T. MILLER. a H o o - i - a a 82 j w O J a 3 s ofc w The LI. of M. Masonic Club. THE University of Michigan Masonic Club was organized March 1, 1894. It was duly incorporated under the laws of the State of Michigan, June 25, 1898. The club is not a secret organization per se, but merely a social organization to which any Master Mason in good standing, who is a student in the University of Michigan, is eligible. The Club House is located at No. 313 N. Thayer street. Officers for 1.900-1.901. JOHN R WILSON, 32 ' , . . . . . . President. ALBERT L. SMITH, ....... Vice-President FRANK K. LEIGHTON, ....... Secretary WM. J. MARSHALL, ..... . Treasurer liocird of Directors. JOHN E. THOMPSON, . . . President. EBIN WILSON, DR. W. B. HINSDALE. A. ELTON HOLCOMB, PROF. E. P. JOHNSON, GEORGE W. CRAWFORD, PROF. J. H. DRAKE, W. R. BOWDEN, DR. P. G. Now. ft K O EH fc i 03 8 fc OJ 5 EH M Eg H U. of AY Republican Club. Officers. F. D. SCOTT, . ...... President C. E. DVORAK, . ... . . Vice-President EBEN WILSON, ..... . . Secretary H. H. ERLAND, ..... . . Treasurer Executive Committee. F. E. HUT-CHINS, H. B. SCHANTZ, W. L. KINNEY, R. G. HUTCHINS. Editors of LI. of AA. Republican. J. L. TKINKAUS, . ... Managing Editor W. A. KNIGHT, . ... Business Manager Associate editors. GEORGE W. MAXEY, C. E. DVORAK, H. V. BLAKLEY, GEORGE A. MALCOM, J. H. H. SWEER, W. S. PENFIELD, J. D. VENATOR. H H g c . 5- H S 1 z o 03 01 OH u J S5 O Q o r. o a University Y. M. C. A. Organized March, 1595. Advisory Committee. JUDGE V. H. LANE, Ann Arbor, H. G. VAN TUYL, Detroit, E. H. MENSEL, Ann Arbor, LEONARD LAURENSE, Detroit, J. L. MARKLEY, Ann Arbor, CHARLES J. EWALD, Ann Arbor, D. W. MYERS, Ann Arbor, HOWARD S. REED, Ann Arbor. Officers. CHARLES J. EWALD, . . President CHARLES C. WALKER, . . Vice-President ARTHUR H. NORTON, . . . Recording- Secretary THEODORE ZHINDEN, . Corresponding Secretary ERNEST A. DENSMORE, . . Treasurer FRANCES D. SHENK, . Assistant Treasurer CHARLES E. TOMPKINS, M.D., .... General Secretary Committee Chairmen. Membership, . . . NATHAN W. MACCHESNEY Religious Work, . . CHARLES E. CLARK Bible Study, . . . HOWARD S. REED Missionary. . . EUGENE B. PIERCE Finance, . . EKNEST A. DENSMORE Social, . . . . JOHN H. SNOOK Music, .... ALLAN M. WILKINSON Intercollegiate Relations, . THEODORE ZBINDEN Look Up, . . . BENJAMIN R. PHELPS Auditing, . . ANDREW M. FORRESTER Press, . . ELMER A. MYERS D Z s 1 o a (S 3 s 5r 3 2 i !5 i Q u. of M. Toastmaster s Club. Officers. Pirst Semester. RAYMOND A. WALLACE, ...... President ERNEST CLEVERDON, ....... Vice-President JOHN H. SNOOK, ........ Secretary WILLIAM S. HAZELTON, ...... Treasurer Second Semester. JOHN H. SNOOK, ........ President MERLIN L. WILEY, ....... Vice-President FRED G. DEWEY, . . ... Secretary THOMAS B. BUELL, ....... Treasurer Me miners. EARNEST CLEVERDON, RAYMOND A. WALLACE, WILLIAM S. HAZELTON, JOHN H. SNOOK, STUART W. UTLEY, LLOYD E. GANDY, THOMAS B. BUELL, CLYDE MCGEE, NATHAN W. MACCHESNEY, HARRY A. SOUTHER, CHARLES J. EWALD, FRED G. DEWEY, GUSTAVUS OHLINGER, RICHARD D. T. HOLLISTER, EARLE I. HOUSTON, FITCH R. WILLIAMS, L. O. MEIGS, EDWARD SONNENSHEIN, GEORGE W. MAXEY. MERLIN L. WILEY, a 3 H a a I 03 a j as J o a a. s cs o o Good Government Club. Incorporated 1 900. University of Michigan. ' The purpose of this Club is to promote inquiry by its members into the laws of politics and economics, and their application to tlie furtherance of human well-being. ' ' 1 Officers. THOMAS L. CAMPBELL, ' 01 Law, Kentucky, . . President THERON S. LANGFORD, ' 02 Med., Michigan, . . . Vice-President EARLE B. HAWKS, ' 02 Law, Michigan, . . Secretary DANIEL L. BROWN, ' 01 Law, Michigan, . . Treasurer Louis H. SCHROEDER, ' 01 Law, Illinois, . Director WILLIAM B. CLARK, ' 02 Law, Michigan, .... Director HERMAN P. HAASE, ' 01 Law, Illinois, ..... Director Advisory Committee, DEAN HARRY B. HUTCHINS, DEAN RICHARD HUDSON, PROFESSOR HENRY C. ADAMS, PROFESSOR JEROME C. KNOWLTON. PROFESSOR ANDREW C. MCLAUGHLIN. PROFESSOR FLOYD K. MECHEM, PROFESSOR FRED M. TAYLOR. Auditing Committee. F. D. EAMAN, H. S. KESSLER, T. S. LANGFORD. w r- y. o E- 5! jx 6, M D a o o - a o g Students ' Lecture Association. TOR nearly half a century the Students ' Lecture Association has exercised a wide influence upon the life and thought of the Uni- versity. Pounded in 1854, it has been the means of bringing- to Ann Arbor the greatest statesmen and orators not only of this country but also of Europe, while poets, philosophers, explorers and scientists have all contributed their sh are toward the intellectual enlightenment of the student body. Prom Thoreau and Emerson to Dr. Nansen, President and ex President Harrison, the Students ' Lecture Association has pre- sented a long and brilliant line of speakers that can be equalled by no other lecture course in America. Under its auspices statesmen have chosen Ann Arbor as the place to declare themselves on questions of national importance. Here it was that Congressmen Bryan and McKinley delivered opposing speeches, that Bryan and Cleveland sounded the key notes of their presidential campaigns and that on this year ' s course, (1900-1901), the late ex-President Harrison declared his belief that the " Constitution follows the flag. " The present course is remarkable also for having afforded students the opportunity of hearing Winston Spencer Churchill, M. P., the famous soldier and war correspondent, and Edward Strauss and his Imperial Court Orchestra of Vienna. Officers. CHARLES VAN KEUREN, HERBERT B. LOWES, FRED ENGELHARD, HERBERT M. RICH, . ANDREW H. MCDOUGAI.L, EZRA C. KNAPP, H. W. BAILEY, S. W. UTLEY, President Vice-President Corresponding ' Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Assistant Treasurer Directors. . D. MAGOFFIN, E. W. PINNEY, T. W PATON, A. H. ROTH. forty-Seventh Season ' s Course. STRAUSS ' IMPERIAL COURT ORCHESTRA, of Vienna, ERNEST SETON-THOMPSON. INNES ' BAND, EX-PRESIDENT BENJAMIN HARRISON, WINSTON SPENCER CHURCHILL, M.P., HON. HENRY D. ESTABROOK, MRS. MAUDE BALLINGTON BOOTH, ORATORICAL CONTEST, F. HOPKINSON SMITH, Ex-Gov. BOB TAYLOR, of Tennessee, November 3 November 7 December 13 December 14 January 9 February 15 March 6 March 21 April 8 April NEW Active.. HARRY A. Dow, . WILFERD S. FISHER, JOHN E. GLEASON, EDWARD C. GREENE, JOHN G. W. HAVENS, NIEL HOSKINS, ROY C. MEGARGEL, MILTON N. SIMONS, HARRY SHAW, CLARENCE WILCOX, Yale Wesleyan Yale Yale Wesleyan Dartmouth Wesleyan Amherst Yale Wesleyan Honorary. JOHN W. VAUGHAN, Michigan FRATER MITES Fraternities. hi the Order of Their Establishment at the University of Michigan. Literary. Chi Psi, 1845 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, . . . 1888 Alpha Delta Phi, . . . 1846 Theta Delta Chi, . . . 1888 Delta Kappa Epsilon, . . . 1855 Sigma Chi, 1877, Re-established, 1896 Sigma Phi, 1858 Gamma Delta Nu (Senior Society), 1899 Zeta Psi, 1858 Gamma Phi Beta, . . . 1882 Psi Upsilon, 1865 Delta Gamma, .... 1885 Beta Theta Pi, 1845, Re-established 1867 Collegiate Sorosis, . . . 1886 Phi Kappa Psi, .... 1876 Pi Beta Phi, .... 1888 Delta Upsilon, .... 1876 Kappa Kappa Gamma, . . 1890 Delta Tau Delta, . . . 1880 Alpha Phi, 1892 Phi Delta Theta, 1864, Re-estab. 1887 Kappa Alpha Theta, . . . 1893 Omega Psi (Sophomore Society), 1895 Professional. Phi Delta Phi (Law), . . . 1869 Alpha Epsilon Iota (Medical), . 1890 Nu Sigma Nu (Medical), . . 1882 Delta Chi (Law), .... 1892 Delta Sigma Delta (Dental), . 1882 Phi Rho Sigma (Medical), . . 1897 Phi Chi (Pharmacy), . . . 1883 Phi Beta Pi (Medical), . . 1898 Xi Psi Phi (Dental), . . . 1889 Phi Alpha Gamma (Medical), . 1900 Alpha Sigma (Medical), 1900 fraternity of Chi Psi. Founded at Llrvion College, 1541. Roll of Alphas. ALPHA Pi, . ... Union University ALPHA THETA, . . . . . Williams College ALPHA Mu, . . . . . Middlebury College ALPHA ALPHA, ..... Wesleyan University ALPHA PHI, . . . . . Hamilton College ALPHA EPSILON, . . . . University of Michigan ALPHA CHI, . . . . Amherst College ALPHA Psi, . . . . . Cornell University ALPHA TAU, " .. . . . . Wofford College ALPHA Nu, ... . . . University of Minnesota ALPHA IOTA, . . . University of Wisconsin ALPHA RHO, . . . Rutgers College ALPHA Xi, ... . Stevens Institute of Technology ALPHA ALPHA DELTA, .... University of Georgia ALPHA BETA DELTA . . ' . . Lehigh University ALPHA GAMMA DELTA, . Leland Stanford Junior University ALPHA DELTA DELTA, . . . . University of California ALPHA EPSILON DELTA, . . . University of Chicago Alumni Associations. ASSOCIATION OF NEW YORK CITY, . . New York, N. Y. ASSOCIATION OF NEW ENGLAND, . Boston, Mass. ASSOCIATION OF CHICAGO, . . . Chicago, 111. ASSOCIATION OF PHILADELPHIA, . . Philadelphia, Pa. ASSOCIATION OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA, . Pittsburg, Pa. ASSOCIATION OF DETROIT, . . . Detroit, Mich. ASSOCIATION OF MILWAUKEE, . . . Milwaukee, Wis. ASSOCIATION OF THE NORTHWEST, . . Minneapolis, Minn. ASSOCIATION OF DULUTH, . . . West Duluth, Minn. ASSOCIATION OF NORTHERN AND EASTERN Schenectadv, N. Y. NEW YORK, ) ASSOCIATION OF WASHINGTON. . . Washington, D. C. ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, . Los Angeles, Cal. ASSOCIATION OF ATLANTA, . . . Atlanta, Ga. ASSOCIATION OF THE SOUTHWEST, , . St. Louis, Mo. ASSOCIATION OF DBS MOINES, . . . Des Moines, Ta. ASSOCIATION OF CUBA, .... Havana, Cuba. ASSOCIATION OB 1 PORTLAND, . . . Portland, Ore. ASSOCIATION OF KANSAS CITY, . . Kansas City, Mo. Chi Psi. Alpha Epsilon, Established 1545. rratres in Facilitate. EDMUND A. CHRISTIAN, A.B., M.D., A E, ' 79, JAMES F. BREAKEY, M.D., A E, ' 94. Tratres in Urbe. WILLIAM J. MAYNARD, A E. ' 05, WILLIAM W. DOUGLASS, A E. ' 70, JOHN L. DUFFY, A E, ' 93, IGNATIUS M. DUFFY, A E, : 98. rratres in Universitate. HAROLD MARTIN BOWMAN, VERNON ELI BUSH, JOHN BENNETT HERFF, GEORGE GREEN DAMON, CHARLES SUMNER BUSH, SAMUEL ROBERT HAZARD, MARTIN STEEDMAN DODD, PAUL MICHAEL COLLINS, MORRIS SELLERS LARGEY, WILLIAM H. H. CLAYTON, WILLIAM NINDE CHAFFEE, JOSEPH HUGHES FERGUSON, JAMES VAN DYKE NELSON, GEORGE UIHLEIN, Louis PAUL BUCKLEY, JOHN ROGERS BARTLETT, HENRY LEDYARD L ? HOMMEDIEU, ALLAN THEODORE DUSENBURY, CHARLES JOSHUA YOUNG, Fraternity of Alpha Delta Phi. rounded at Hamilton College, 1532. HAMILTON, COLUMBIA, YALE, AMHERST, BRUNONIAN, HARVARD, HUDSON, BOWDOIN, DARTMOUTH, PENINSULAR, ROCHESTER, WILLIAMS, MANHATTAN, MIDDLETOWN, KENYON, UNION, CORNELL, . PHI KAPPA, JOHNS HOPKINS, MINNESOTA, TORONTO, . CHICAGO, McGiLL, Chapter Roll. Hamilton College Columbia University Yale University Amherst College Brown University Harvard University Adalbert College Bowdoin College Dartmouth College University of Michigan University of Rochester Williams College ' College of the City of New York Wesleyan University Kenyon College Union University Cornell University Trinity College Johns Hopkins University University of Minnesota University of Toronto University of Chicago McGill University Alpha Delta Phi. Peninsular Chapter, Established i S4(i. rratres In Urbe. JUDSON G. PATTENGILL, A.B., Pen. ' 73, CHAUNCEY H. SHEARER, Cornell ' 79. rratres in racultate. ALBERT H. PATTENGILL, A.M., Pen. ' 69. HARRY B. HUTCHINS, Ph.B., LL.D., Pen. 71, WILLIAM J. HERDMAN, M.D., LL.D., Pen. ' 72, WILLIAM H. BUTTS, A.M., Pen. ' 78, FRANK F. REED, A.B., Pen. ' 80, ANDREW C. MCLAUGHLIN, A.M., LL.B., Pen. ' 82, BENJAMIN P. BOURLAND, A.M., PH.D., Pen. ' 89, ROBERT C. BOURLAND, A.B., M.D., Pen. ' 97, rratres In llnlversltate. HARRY PATTERSON HERDMAN, Ph.B., Pen. ' 97, Law Department, NORMAN KENDALL ANDERSON, A.B., Chicago, ' 98, Law Department, DANIEL JOHN WESSELS, Pen. ' 99, Law Department, ROY CHURCH WOODWORTH, B.L., Pen. ' 00, Law Department. 1901. GILES BENTON NICHOLS, DONALD CORNELL OSBORN, GEORGE GRANVILLE WHITCOMB, HARRIS GAYLORD WILLIAMS, WILLIAM KIRKWOOD WILLIAMS. 1902. ALLAN WYNAND GARDENER, MORTIMER BAILEY KENNEDY, NEIL WORTHINGTON SNOW, GEORGE ADELBERT WORDEN. LAMBERT EDGAR BARNES. MASON LAWS DEAN, CHRISTIAN HENRY HECKER, HARRY CROCKER HUTCHINS, HERMAN CHARLES KLEENE, DONALD JAMES MCMAHOK, ROBERT SMITH MONTAGUE, HARRIS PHELPS RALSTON, IAN JACQUES ROUSSEAU, LAWRENCE WORTHINGTON SMITH 1904. FREDERICK ARTHUR GARDENER, GERALD McCOY, MATTHEW GEISWOLD PIERCE, HARRV ALONZO HAWKES PLUMMER, JOHN NICKLE STAGER, ANDREW BENJAMIN WESSELS fraternity of Delta Kappa Epsilon. rounded af Yale College, 1544. PHI, . THETA, Xi, SIGMA, GAMMA. PST, . UPSILON, CHI, BETA, ETA, KAPPA, LAMBDA, Pi, IOTA, AT.PHA ALPHA, OMICRON, EPSILON, KHO, TAU, Mu, . Nu, . BETA PHI. PHI CHI, Psi PHI, GAMMA PHI, Psi OMEGA, BETA CHI, . DELTA CHI. PHI GAMMA. GAMMA BETA, THETA ZETA, ALPHA CHI. PHI EPSILON, SIGMA TAU DELTA DELTA, TAU LAMBDA, ALPHA PHI, DELTA KAPPA, Chapter Roll. , Yale University Bowdoin College Colby University Amherst College Vanderbilt University University of Alabama Brown University University of Mississippi University of North Carolina University of Virginia Miami University Kenyon College Dartmouth College Central University of Kentucky Micldlebury College University of Michigan Williams College Lafayette College Hamilton College Colgate University College of the City of New York University of Rochester Rutgers College De Pauw University Wesleyan University Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Adelbert College Cornell University Syracuse University Columbia University University of California Trinity College University of Minnesota Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chicago University Tulane University University of Toronto University of Pennsylvania Delta Kappa Epsilon. OmirroiA Chapter, Established in 1655. rratres in Urbe. J. Q. A. SESSIONS, 0, ' 56, U. S. COPELAND, A.M., M.D., Hon., K. C. DAVIS, A.M., 0, ' 56, H. W. DOUGLAS, B.S.. o. ' 90, B. M. THOMPSON, M.S., LL.B., 0. ' 58, T. S. BURR. A.M., M.D.. e, ' 91, C. H. COOLEY, Ph.D., 0, ' 8!, T. B. COOLEV, A.B., M.D., . " 91. fratres in Universitate. WILLIAM CARPENTER BLISS. T, ' 96, Law Department, JOHN CHARLES BRADFIEI.D, , ' 99. Medical Department, FRANK COLBAUGH CONDON, 0, ' 99, Law Department, HARRY AUGUSTUS Dow, A.B., , ' 00, Law Department, ARTHUR PATTERSON REED, 15 , ' 01, Medical Department, JOHN GREENLEAF WEBB HAVENS, r , ' 01, Medical Department, WILFRED STEDMAN FISHER, r l , ' 02, Medical Department. 1901. WOOLSEY WELLES HUNT, JAMES MCMILLAN WETMORE, THOMAS LEE BRENT LYSTER, FRANK ROBLEY FISHER, 2. 1902. ARTHUR GRAHAM BROWNE, RICHARD VANDEREN PRIDE, HERUERT CALDWELL SMITH, JAMES STRASUURG. 190, . JOSEPH HUGHART GRISWOLD, WORTHINGTON KIRTLAND BROMLEY, HOWARD EARL SHEPARD, WILLIAM HENRY ALLEN, JR. 1904. GEORGE PARKER FLETCHER, MARCUS BROWN HALL, CHARLES FREDERICK HINCHMAN, NOYES LATHAM A VERY, JOHN NICOL, WILLIAM A. C. MILLER, JR., ARCHER BALDWIN WALTON, SYDNEY RUMNEY RUSSEL, SAMUEL ODELL, GEORGE PHILO SWEET. Sigma Phi. rounded at Union College, 1527. Chapter Roll. ALPHA OF NEW YORK, . . Union College, . . . 1827 BETA OP NEW YORK, . . Hamilton College, . . 1831 ALPHA OF MASSACHUSETTS, Williams College, . . 1834 DELTA OF NEW YORK, Eobart College, . . 1840 ALPHA OF VERMONT, . . . University of Vermont, . . 1845 ALPHA OF MICHIGAN, University of Michigan, . . 1858 ALPHA OF PENNSYLVANIA, . Lehigh University, . . 1887 KPSILON OF NEW YORK, . Cornell University, . . 1890 Sjgma Phi. i Union College 1527. Established U. of M. rratres in Urbe. EDWARD DEWITT KINNE, MORTIMER E. COOLEY, JOHN FULLER LAWRENCE, CHARLES S. DENISON. Active. WILLIAM WHITNEY TALMAN, LLOYD MONTGOMERY SHEPARD, EDWIN POTTER, FRANK Ross BLAIR, JOSEPH GARDNER STANDART, J. ELLIOTT MCAFEE, EARL DENNISON THOMAS, JR., WILLIAM H. HUMPHREY, DEWITT C. MILLEN, HENRY M. TOWER, DAVID A. BADENOCH, ROY BURNHAM BUTTOLPH, MARIC NEAL MENNEL. Fraternity of Zeta Psi. Pounded at the Universitii ot the City of New York, 1556. Chapter Poll. PHI, ZETA, DELTA. SIGMA, CHI, EPSILON, KAPPA, TAU, UPSILON, . XI, LAMBDA, BETA, Psi, IOTA, THETA Xi. ALPHA. ALPHA Psi, Nu, ETA Mu, ALPHA BETA, New York University Williams College Rutgers College University of Pennsylvania Colby University Brown University Tuffts College Lafayette College University of North Carolina University of Michigan Bowdoin College University of Virginia Cornell University University of California University of Toronto Columbia University McGill University Case School of Applied Science Yale University Leland Stanford Junior University University of Minnesota Zeta Psi. Xi Chapter, Established rratre,s In Facilitate. HENRY HARRISON SWAN, A.M., ' 62, AARON VANCE MCALVAY, A.B., ' 68, LL.B., ' 69, JEROME CYRIL KNOWLTON, A.B., ' 65, LL.B., ' 78. rratres In Universltate. THOMAS LINTON ROBINSON. Ph.B., ' 00, Law Department, WALTER SCOTT PENFIELD, A.B., ' 00, Law Department, WILSON WARNER CLARK, Law Department, DANIEL MCGREGOR SCOTTEN, Law Department. 1901. DAVID WILLIAMS MILLS, WILLIAM MAYNARD SWAN, HAROLD EARL ZOOK, JOHN LAMOND PIERCE. 1902. HERBERT PORTER CARROW. HAROLD RICHARDS FINNEY. JOHN ALEXANDER ELLIOTT, MILES WALTER STANDISH. JAMES TAFT PILCHKK. 1903. BRUCE GRAY BROAD, TRACY SCOVILL SMITH, GEORGE KING BE ATT Y. 1904. ALBERT AVERILL ENGLISH REGINALD BURKET, EARL AUSTIN ALLEN. FRANK DICKINSON KNOX NORMAN SEDGWICK STERRY. fraternity of Psi Upsilon. Founded at Union College, THETA, DELTA, BETA, SIGMA, GAMMA, ZETA, LAMBDA, . KAPPA, Psi, Xi, UPSILON, . IOTA, PHI, OMEGA, Pi, CHI, BETA BETA, ETA, TAU, Mu, RHO, Chapter Roll. Union College University of New York Yale University Brown University Amherst College Dartmouth College Columbia University Bowdoin College Hamilton College Wesleyan University University of Rochester Kenyon College University of Michigan Chicago University Syracuse University Cornell University Trinity College Lehigh University University of Pennsylvania University of Minnesota University of Wisconsin Psi Upsilon. Plii Chapter, Established I5C5. rratres in Facultate. JAMES B. ANGELL. LL.D., 2, ' 41, MARTIN L. D ' OoGE, LL.D., , ' 62, HENRY S. CARHART, LL.D.. H, ' 69, PKANCIS W. KELSEY, Ph.D., T, ' 80, GEORGE W. PATTERSON, JR., Ph.D.. A.M., S.B., B, ' 84, WILLIAM A. SPITZLEY, A.M., M.D., , ' 95. rratres in Universifate. WILLIAM HORACE MORLEY, Ph.B, ' 95, FREDERICK RICE WALDRON, Ph.B.. ' 97, GEORGE EDWARDS FAY, B.S., ' 99, CURTISS NORTON JAMESON, B.S., ' 99, CLARENCE ROBERT WILCOX, NEAL LUTHER HOSKINS, RALPH CLARK APTED, ROGER SYLVESTER MORRIS, HARRY STOWE MCGEE, DONALD CORWIN SCOTT, THOMAS GARVIN DENBY, ARMSTRONG, JOHN OHIO BARADA, ROGER CHAMPLIN BUTTERFIELD, WILLIAM GRAYSON, JR., Medical Department Medical Department Medical Department Medical Department Medical Department Medical Department Medical Department Medical Department Medical Department Law Department Special 1901. STANLEY DUDLEY MONTGOMERY, ARTHUR HENRY RICHARDSON, AMASA MILLER RUST, DANIEL FORBES ZIMMERMAN, CARL FRANCIS MEHLHOP, 1902. JOHN ALONZO BENNETT, KENNEDY LOOMIS POTTER, JOHN ORNE EMERSON. WILLIAM DAVID RUSSEI.L. SCOTT TURNER, JAMES TURNER, CARL NELSON ADAMS, ROBERT MYRON CUTTING, EARL FRANCIS POTTER, DONALD CLIVE STUART, WALTER ALDRICH BARRETT, MARK POWELL HYDE, JOHN FRANKLIN KUMLER, HERBERT SIDNEY REYNOLDS, 1903. DAVID ELIJAH BEARDSLEY, GILBERT LAFAYETE GUTHRIE, HENRY PROBASCO WHERRY, ONSLOW WOTTEN MESSIMER. 1904. GEORGE A. FARR, FRED MASON KNAPPEN, HENRY SCHUYLER MONTGOMERY, FREDERICK SWEET STEARNS, MORRIS HENRY STIMSON, Beta Thetci Pi. Founded at n am University, 1539. Chapter Poll. ALPHA, . . . Miami University BETA Nu, . University of Cincinnati BETA . Western Reserve University BETA KAPPA, . Ohio University GAMMA, Washington and Jefferson College ETA, . . Harvard University DELTA, . . DePauw University Pi, .... Indiana University LAMBDA, . . University of Michigan TAU, . . . Wabash College EPSILON, .... Centre College KAPPA, . . Brown University ZETA, . Hampden-Sidney College ETA BETA, University of North Carolina THETA, . Ohio Wesleyan University IOTA, . . . Hanover College ALPHA Xi, . . . Knox College OMICEON, . . University of Virginia PHI ALPHA, . Davidson College Psi, . . . Bethany College CHI, .... Beloit College ALPHA BETA, . . University of Iowa ALPHA GAMMA, . Wittenberg College ALPHA DELTA, Westminster College ALPHA EPSILON, Iowa Wesleyan Univ. LAMBDA RHO, University of Chicago ALPHA ETA, . . Denison University ALPHA LAMBDA, University of Wooster ALPHA Nu, . University of Kansas ALPHA Pi, . University of Wisconsin RHO. . . Northwestern University ALPHA SIGMA, . Dickinson College UPSILON, ALPHA CHI, . OMEGA, BETA ALPHA, Boston University Johns Hopkins University of California . Kenyon College BETA BILTA, . University of Mississippi BETA GAMMA, . . Rutgers College BETA DELTA, . Cornell University SIGMA, Stevens Institute of Technology BETA ZETA, Saint Lawrence University BETA ETA, . . University of Maine PHI, . University of Pennsylvania BETA THETA, . Colgate University Nu, . Union University ALPHA ALPHA, . Columbia University BETA IOTA, . . Amherst College BETA LAMBDA. . Vanderbilt University BETA OMICRON, . University of Texas THETA DELTA, . Ohio State University ALPHA ZETA, University of Denver ALPHA TAU. University of Nebraska ALPHA UPSILON, . Penn ' a State College BETA EPSILON. . Syracuse University ALPHA OMEGA, . Dartmouth College BETA Pi, University of Minnesota Mu EPSILON, Wesleyan University ZETA CHI, . University of Missouri BETA CHI, . . Lehigh University PHI CHI, . . . Yale University LAMBDA SIGMA, Leland Stanford Jr. Univ. BETA SIGMA, . . Bowdoin College BETA Psi, . West Virginia University BETA TAU, . . Colorado University Theta Pi. Lambda Chapter, Established 1545. Fratres in Urbe. JUNIUS E. DEAL, U.L., A, ' 82. 3. J. GOODYEAR, A, ' 89, ELMER E. BEAL, A, ' 94. ' Fratres in Facilitate. EARLE W. Dow, A.B., A, ' 91, WILLIAM H. WAIT, Ph.D., P, ' 79, ALLEN S. WHITNEY, A.B., A, ' 85. Fratres in Universitate. Medical Department. VICTOR CLARENCE VAUGHAN, A.B., A, ' 00, NORMAN L. MCDIARMID. A.B., , ' 99, JOHN ELWIN GLEASON, A.B., x, ' 00, C. B. EBRIGHT. A. Law Department. CHARLES JACOB DOVEL, A, ' 98, HOWARD WOOD HAYES, A, ' 01, JOHN M. TRIBLE, +, ' 98, ROY CHESTER MEGARGEL, M E, ' oo, JOHN W. SHENK, e, ' 00, CHARLES EDGAR ELLIOTT, T, ' 01, J. E. LAUDER. A E. Literarv Department. 1901. RALPH HOUSTON VAN CLEVE, SANFORD WEBB LADD. 1902. DANIEL DWIGHT SHURTZ, HARRY SHURTLEFF DURANT, ORRIN KINSLEY EARL, JOHN WALTER VAUGHAN, ROBERT M. HALL. 1903. EDWARD DUNCAN BEALS, LEONARD HAWKINS, EVERETT MARLIN SWEELEY, DANIEL PETER HOUSUM, MAURICE WALTER WHEELER. 1904. ERLE GRAY MEEKS. EDWARD CHACE GREENE, MYRON HERBERT GRAY, CHARLES CECIL CASE, CHARLES ALMER HELSELL, JESSE DEAN VAIL, ANDREW CURTIS MERRYMAN, WILLIAM ROBERT JOHNSTON, RALPH EDWARD JENNEY, LEE ROYAL JENNEY, D. HULL NORMAN TRAVIS, MERTON WARNER HANFORD, HERBERT HOLLINGSWORTH WOODROW. fraternity of Phi Kappa Psi. Pounded at Jefferson College, 1552. Chapter Roll. PENNSYLVANIA ALPHA, VIRGINIA ALPHA, VIRGINIA BETA. . PENNSYLVANIA BETA, PENNSYLVANIA GAMMA, PENNSYLVANIA EPSILON MISSISSIPPI ALPHA, PENNSYLVANIA ZETA, PENNSYLVANIA ETA, OHIO ALPHA, ILLINOIS ALPHA, INDIANA ALPHA, ILLINOIS BETA, OHIO BETA, . . IOWA ALPHA, NEW YORK ALPHA, PENNSYLVANIA THETA, . INDIANA BETA, INDIANA GAMMA . NEW YORK GAMMA, WISCONSIN ALPHA, MICHIGAN ALPHA. KANSAS ALPHA, MARYLAND ALPHA, PENNSYLVANIA IOTA, OHIO DELTA, WISCONSIN GAMMA, NEW YORK BETA NEW YORK EPSILON, MINNESOTA BETA, PENNSYLVANIA KAPPA, WEST VIRGINIA ALPHA, CALIFORNIA BETA, NEW YORK ZETA, NEBRASKA ALPHA, MASSACHUSETTS ALPHA. NEW HAMPSHIRE ALPHA, CALIFORNIA GAMMA, Washington-Jefferson College University of Virginia Washington and Lee University Allegheny College Bucknell University Gettysburg College University of Mississippi Dickinson College Franklin and Marshall College Ohio Wesleyan University Northwestern University DePauw University University of Chicago Wittenburg College University of Iowa Cornell University Lafayette College University of Indiana Wabash College Columbia University University of Wisconsin Universitv of Michigan University of Kansas Johns Hopkins University University of Pennsylvania University of Ohio Beloit College Syracuse University Colgate University University of Minnesota Swarthmore College University of West Virginia Leland Stanford Junior University Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute University of Nebraska Amherst College Dartmouth College University of California Phi Kappa Psi. A icl igan lpl a Chapter, Established 1575. Fratres in Urbe. EDWARD SUMMERFIELD NINDE, ' 87, A.B., B.D., Northwestern, JAMES HENDRY PRENTISS, ' 96, B.L., Michigan, KARL EDWIN HARRIMAN, ' 96, Michigan. rratres in Facilitate. CHARLES KIRKPATRICK OFPIELD, ' 69, LL B , Northwestern, JOHN ROBERT EPFINOER, Jit., ' 91, Ph.M., Ph.D., Michigan, RAYMOND PEARL, ' 99, A.B., Dartmouth, THOMAS PLOURNOY, ' 00, M.D , Michigan. Fratres in llniversitate. THOMAS ALVIN NEAL, ' 99, B.S.. Michigan, Medical Department, ALBERT ARTHUR PATTERSON, De Pauw, ' 03, Medical Department. 1901. HARRY KENT CRAFTS, FRANK SHARP MORSMAN, HERBERT JOHN CAMPBELL. 1902. CHARLES LANPHIER PATTON, RALPH CLARKE NOWLAND, CHRISTOPHER GREGG PARNALL, HARLOW LEWIS, MILO ARMSTRONG WHITE, DONALD MCHARDY FERGUSON. 1903. JAY BUTLER HARRIS, CHARLES REMINGTON ADAMS, GEORGE BREWSTER LOUD, FREDERICK LYMAN LEE, ROBERT EMMET FITZ GERALD, KARL HOLBROOK PRATT, ARTHUR MICHAEL FITZ GERALD, FRANK KINNEY BOGGS, JAMES ALBRIE RYAN. 1904. JOHN GILLETT, ROBERT PORTER MORSMAN, JOHN WRIGHT WATLING, RALPH ELLSWORTH BATTEN, JAMES ROGERS OFFIELD. Fraternity of Delta Upsilon. Founded at Williams College, 1534. WILLIAMS, UNION, HAMILTON, AMHERST, ADELBERT, COLBY, ROCHESTER, MIDDLEBUBY, BOWDOIN, RUTGERS, BROWN, COLGATE, NEW YORK, CORNELL, MARIETTA, SYRACUSE, . MICHIGAN, . NORTHWESTERN, HARVARD, WISCONSIN, LAFAYETTE, COLUMBIA, . LF.HIGH, TUFTS, DE PAUW, . PENNSYLVANIA, MINNESOTA, TECHNOLOGY, SWARTHMORE, LELAND STANFORD, JR., CALIFORNIA, McGiLL, NEBRASKA, . TORONTO, CHICAGO, Chapter Roll. Williams College Union University Hamilton College Amherst College Adelbert College Colby University University of Rochester Middlebury College Bowdoin College Rutgers College Brown University Colgate University New York University Cornell University Marietta College Syracuse University University of Michigan Northwestern University Harvard University University of Wisconsin Lafayette College Columbia University Lehigh University Tufts College De Pauw University University of Pennsylvania University of Minnesota Massachusetts Institute of Technology Swarthmore College Leland Stanford Junior University University of California McGill University University of Nebraska University of Toronto University of Chicago Alumni Clubs. NEW YORK CLUB, CHICAGO CLUB, NEW ENGLAND CLUB, ROCHESTER CLUB, MARIETTA CLUB, MINNESOTA ASSOCIATION, HOWARD GRADUATE CLUB, BROWN CLUB, BUFFALO CLUB, INDIANAPOLIS CLUB, PENINSULAR CLUB (Detroit), COLUMBUS (Ohio) CLUB, DULUTH-SUPERIOR CLUB, UTAH CLUB, SWARTHMORE CLUB, PHILADELPHIA CLUB. MAINE CLUB, Delta Upsilon. Michigan Chapter, frstablishecl I57. Fratres in Urbe. WILLIAM WALCOTT WETMOBE, A.M., B K, Hamilton, ' 61, THEODORE BAKER WILLIAMS. Rochester, ' 69, HORACE GREELEY PKETTYMAN, Ph.B., ' 85, Louis ALBERT PKATT, B.L., ' 96, MERRITT MATTISON HAWXHURST. Fratres in Facilitate. JACOB ELLSWORTH REIGHARD, Ph.B., ' 82, JOSEPH HORACE DRAKE, A. B., ' 85, CLARENCE LINTON MEADER, A.M., .91, HARRISON MACALLTSTER RANDALL, M.S., ' 93, CARL P. LANGE, A.M., ' 93, ARTHUR LYONS CROSS, Ph.D., ! H K, Harvard, ' 95. Fmtres in Universitcite. Law Department. CLIFFORD GRIFFITH ROE, B.L., ' 99, MAX ED.WARD NEAL, FREDERICK STARR BUGGIE, RALPH DELEON MATTISON, FRANK C. MARVIN. Williams, ' 00, JOHN FINDLAY BURKERT, Williams. ' 00, FRANK MCDONALD LOWE. Medical Department. CHARLES CURTIS WALLIN, A.B., ' 98, HAROLD LEON SIMPSON. Homoeopathic Department. NELSON WALTER THOMPSON, B.S., A 2, ' 99. Literary Department. HARRISON STANDISH SMALLEY. A.B., ' 00, Graduate School. 1901. STEPHEN PRENTIS CODE, EMERSON DAVIS. EDGAR WEBER KIEFER, WAREHAM STRONG BALDWIN, CHARLES EDWARD DVORAK. 1902. ALLEN BROOMHALL, HARRY RICHMOND KERN. (903. WILFRED BYRON SHAW. WILLIAM RUSSELL LLOYD, WILLIAM OFFETT HOUSTON, EARL JAMES MCLAUGHLIN, THEODORE FERDINAND FREEMAN, REGINALD PEACOCK DRYER. 1904. GEORGE HERBERT POUND, BONNELL WETMORE CLARK, ROBERT CHARLES PARK, JAMES FREDERICK ALEXANDER. DONALD ERSKINE MCPHERSON, AUGUSTUS MARTYN JOHNSON. fraternity of Delta Tan Delta. Founded at Bethany College, 1559- Chapter Roll. LAMBDA, Pi, PHI, BETA EPSILON, BETA THETA, BETA IOTA, BETA Xr, OMICRON, BETA GAMMA, BETA ETA, BETA KAPPA, BETA Pi, BETA RHO, BETA TAU, BETA UPSILON, BETA OMEGA, GAMMA ALPHA, BETA, DELTA, EPSILON, ZETA, . . KAPPA, Mu, CHI, BETA ALPHA, BETA BETA, BETA ZETA, . BETA PHI, BETA Psi, GAMMA DELTA, ALPHA, GAMMA, RHO, UPSILON, OMEGA. BETA LAMBDA, BETA Mu, BETA Nu, BETA OMICRON, BETA CHI, Vanderbilt University University of Mississippi Washington and Lee University Emory College University of the South University of Virginia Tulane University University of Iowa University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota University of Colorado Northwestern University Leland Stanford Junior University University of Nebraska University of Illinois University of California University of Chicago Ohio University University of Michigan Albion College Adelbert College Hillsdale College Ohio Wesleyan University Kenyon College Indiana University De Pauw University Butler College Ohio State University Wabash College University of West Virginia Allegheny College Washington and Jefferson College Stevens Institute of Technology Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute University of Pennsylvania Lehigh University Tufts College Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cornell University Brown University Alumni Chapters. NEW YORK, CHICAGO, CINCINNATI, SAN FRANCISCO, PHILADELPHIA, MILWAUKEE, INDIANAPOLIS. Delta Tau Delta. Chapter Delhi, Established 1574. Fratres In Facilitate. JAMES N. MARTIN, Ph.M., M.D., K, WARREN W. FLORER, Ph.D., K o. Fratres in Universitate. HERBERT MATTESON RICH. I, P i), FREDERICK PETER BENDER, K, CLAUDE GEORGE CANNON, E, ARTHUR IVAN FIELD, K. GEORGE SAMUEL HILL, FREDERIC WILLIAM CUMMER, ROBERT URIAH REDPATH, DEW ITT CLINTON HUNTOON, JOSEPH FRANKLIN SMITH, CHARLES FREDERICK SMURTHWAITE, WILLIAM HOYT WORRELL, HARRY MAHLAN KIMBALL. Iraternitij of Phi Delta Thetci. rounded at nkimi University, 1543. Chapters. COLBY UNIVERSITY, DARTMOUTH COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT, WILLIAMS COLLEGE, AMHERST COLLEGE, BROWN UNIVERSITY, CORNELL UNIVERSITY, UNION UNIVERSITY, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, LAFAYETTE COLLEGE, PENNSYLVANIA COLLEGE, WASHINGTON AND JEFFERSON COLLEGE, ALLEGHENY COLLEGE, DICKINSON COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, LEHIGH UNIVERSITY, UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, RANDOLPH-MACON COLLEGE, WASHINGTON AND LEE UNIVERSITY, UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA, CENTER COLLEGE, CENTRAL UNIVERSITY, VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY, UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA, UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI, UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, EMORY COLLEGE, MERCER UNIVERSITY, ALABAMA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE, TULANE UNIVERSITY, SOUTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, MIAMI UNIVERSITY, OHIO WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, OHIO UNIVERSITY, CASE SCHOOL OF APPLIED SCIENCE, UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI, UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, INDIANA UNIVERSITY, WABASH COLLEGE, BUTLER COLLEGE, FRANKLIN COLLEGE, HANOVER COLLEGE, DE PAUW COLLEGE, PURDUE UNIVERSITY, NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS. UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, UNIVERSITY OF WIS CONSIN, UNIVERSITY OF IOWA, UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS, UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, KNOX COLLEGE, IOWA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, WESTMINSTER COLLEGE, WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY. LELAND STANFORD JUNIOR UNIVERSITY. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON. Phi Delta Theta. Michigan Alpha ClAapter, Established I5G4. Fratres in LlrDe. CLAUDE J. PRICE, CLARENCE G. TAYLOR, M.E. Prater in Facilitate. HENRY A. SANDERS, Ph.D. Fratres in Universitate. Law Department. WALTER S. FOSTER, B.L., ERNEST J. LANDERS, HERBERT P. WHITNEY, A.B., HARRY L. GUGGERHEIM, GEORGE N. BLATT, Ph.B., RANDALL L. CANFIELD. Medical Department. CHARLES W. EDMUNDS, GEORGE H. SEARCY, JOHN H. MULLET, WILLIAM B. SKELTON, WARREN P. ELMER. 1901. NED GRIFFITH BEGLE, WALTER A. EVERSMAN, WILLIAM C. HELMERS, FREDERIC L. LOWRIE, JOHN WESLEY JUDSON. 1902. JOHN P. ALEXANDER, B.S., WALTER WRIGHT Fox, ROYLANCE RUSSEL McCLOY, ARTHUR MORSE POTTER, DAVID DENNIS STARR. 1903. ROY DIKEMAN CHAPIN, PAUL FREDERICK STEKETEE, RALPH CHESTER LANE, TODD POPE WARD. JOHN WALTER WHITSON. 1904. EGBERT HERRON DAVIS, CARL HERBERT UPMEYER, RALPH WILLIAM MC-MULLEN, LEROY JAMES WILLIAMS, JAMES PENFELD ST. CERNY, WEBB J. WILLITS. Fraternity of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Founded at the University of Alabama, I55G. Chapter Roll. CONNECTICUT ALPHA, MASSACHUSETTS BETA UPSILON, MASSACHUSETTS IOTA TAU, MASSACHUSETTS GAMMA, . MASSACHUSETTS DELTA, NEW YORK ALPHA, NEW YORK Mu, NEW YORK SIGMA PHI, PENNSYLVANIA OMEGA, PENNSYLVANIA SIGMA PHI, PENNSYLVANIA ALPHA ZETA, PENNSYLVANIA ZETA, PENNSYLVANIA DELTA, VIRGINIA OMICRON, VIRGINIA SIGMA, NORTH CAROLINA Xi, NORTH CAROLINA THETA, SOUTH CAROLINA GAMMA, GEORGIA BETA, GEORGIA Psi, GEORGIA EPSILON, GEORGIA PHI, MICHIGAN IOTA- BET A, MICHIGAN ALPHA, . OHIO SIGMA, OHIO DELTA, OHIO EPSILON. OHIO THETA, INDIANA ALPHA, INDIANA BETA, ILLINOIS PSI-OMEGA, ILLINOIS BETA, KENTUCKY EPSILON, KENTUCKY KAPPA, KENTUCKY IOTA, TENNESSEE THETA TENNESSEE LAMBDA, TENNESSEE Nu, TENNESSEE KAPPA, TENNESSEE OMEGA, TENNESSEE ETA, ALABAMA Mu, . ALABAMA IOTA, ALABAMA ALPHA Mu, MISSISSIPPI GAMMA, LOUISIANA TAU EPSILON, . LOUISIANA EPSILON, IOWA SIGMA, MISSOURI ALPHA, MISSOURI BETA, NEBRASKA LAMBDA Pi, ARKANSAS ALPHA UPSILON. TEXAS RHO, COLORADO CHI, . . COLORADO ZETA, CALIFORNIA ALPHA, CALIPORINA BETA, Trinity College Boston University Massachusetts Institute of Technology Harvard University Worcester Polytechnic Institute Cornell University Columbia University Stephens College Allegheny College Dickinson College Pennsylvania State College Bucknell Univeristy Gettysburg College University of Virginia Washington and Lee University University of North Carolina Davidson College Wofford College University of Georgia Mercer University Emory College Georgia School of Technology University of Michigan Adrian College Mount Union College Ohio Wesleyan University University of Cincinnati Ohio State University Franklin College Purdue University Northwestern University University of Illinois Kentucky State College Central University of Kentucky Bethel College Southwestern Presbyterian University Cumberland University Vanderbilt University University of Tennessee University of the South Southwestern Baptist University University of Alabama Southern University Alabama A. and M. College University of Mississippi Tulane University Louisiana State University Simpson College University of Missouri Washington University University of Nebraska University of Arkansas University of Texas University of Colorado University of Denver Leland Stanford Junior University University of California Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Michigan lota Beta Chapter, Established 1555. rratres in Unlversitate. CLAUDE Y. ANDREWS, PRANK E. BAKER, C. CLYDE BARKER, THEODORE R. BARTLETT, CURTIS E. BAYLOR, ELBA H. BOYD, GEORGE H. HARRIS, FOREST HAYES, ARTHUR P. HICKS, ARTHUR J. HOOD, RALPH H. HOLMES, ADRIAN S. HOUCK, CHARLES A. HUGHES, JAMES R. HUGHES, JR.. RICHARD L. JOHANNES, DARIUS S. RANDALL, ELMER B. SANFORD, WALTER W. SHAW, JACOB H. SHUFORD. CLYDE I. WEBSTER, WILLIAM L. WILLS, HUGH WHITE. r - Fraternity of Thetci Delta Chi. TouiKled at Union College, Charge Roll. BETA, GAMMA DEDTERON, DELTA DEUTERON, ZETA, . . ETA, IOTA, IOTA DEUTERON, KAPPA, LAMBDA, Mu DEUTERON, Nu DEUTERON, Xi, . OMICRON DEUTERON, Pi DEUTERON, RHO DEUTERON, . SIGMA DEUTERON, TAU DEUTERON, . PHI, Cm, CHI DEUTERON, Psi, Cornell University University of Michigan University of California Brown University Bowdoin College Harvard College Williams College Turt ' ts College Boston University Amherst College Lehigh University Hobart College Dartmouth College College of the City of New York Columbia University University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota Lafayette College University of Rochester Columbian University Hamilton College Theta Delta Chi. Gamma Deuteroix Cluirge, Established 1559. GEORGE REBEC, Ph.D., WOLCOTT HACKLEY DAVIS, Ph.B.. LL.B. Louis ALVIN KREIS, B.L., GRANVILLE MALCOLM Cox, FOREST HENRY LANCASHIRE, HERMAN CAMPBELL STEVENS, WILLIAM WILSON TALCOTT, CLIFTON HARVEY BUSHNELL. FLOYD JEROME WOOD, MILTON NEWBERGER SIMON, STEPHEN CODDING MASON, JR., HARRY LEWIS CRUMP ACKER, OWEN LUCAS CRUMPACKER, FRED CHARLES CRUMPACKER, JOHN AMOS BELPORD, SAMUEL EMORY THOMASON, HERBERT SPENCER GRAVER, WILLIAM THOMAS WALKER, JR., NORMAN LUTHER HANSON, HARRY WINFRED MCCLURE, WILLIAM STANLEY COOKSON. fraternity of Sigma Chi. Pounded at Miami University, 1555. Chapter Roll. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, GETTYSBURG COLLEGE, BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY. WASHINGTON AND LEE UNIVERSITY. ROANOKE COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA. IlANDOLPH-MACON COLLEGE, MIAMI UNIVERSITY, OHIO WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, DENISON UNIVERSITY, CENTRAL COLLEGE, INDIANA UNIVERSITY, DE PAUW UNIVERSITY, UNIVERSITY OP MICHIGAN, NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS. BELOIT COLLEGE. UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA, UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, LELAND STANFORD JUNIOR UNIVERSITY. HOBART COLLEGE. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, DICKINSON COLLEGE. LEHIGH UNIVERSITY, PENNSYLVANIA STATE COLLEGE, HAMPDEN-SIDNEY COLLEGE. UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA, PURDUE UNIVERSITY, UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI, KENTUCKY STATE COLLEGE, WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, BUTLER COLLEGE. HANOVER COLLEGE, ILLINOIS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, UNIVERSITY OF WISCONS IN, ALBION COLLEGE, MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI. UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS, TULANE UNIVERSITY, VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY. UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA. CORNELL UNIVERSITY, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, DARTMOUTH COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF WOOSTEK, LAFAYETTE COLLEGE. Alumni Chapters. Springfield, Ohio. Cincinnati, Ohio, Chicago, Illinois, Washington, D. (. ' ., Lafayette, Indiana, Indianapolis. Indiana, Montgomery, Alabama, New York, New York, Nashville, Tennessee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kansas City. Missouri, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. New Orleans, Louisiana, Detroit, Michigan. Sigma Chi. Theta Theta Chapter, Established 1577. Fratres in Urbe. JOHN W. BENNETT, A B., LL B., a. e e, WILLIAM DURAND SPRINGER, B.S., A n. Fratres in Facilitate. FRED MANVILLE TAYLOR, Ph.D.. Q, HARRY C. ANDERSON, M.E., A A. Fratres in Universitate. Medical Department. EBBIE GEORGE BEURET, WILBUR HENRY COOPER, r, FRANK S. BACHELDER, J. ROY WILLIAMS, A T, WILLIAM S SHIPP, A n, e e, ARTHUR S. KIMBALL, H H, E. W. WAGNER, M. Law Department. ARTHUR DICKEY STANSELL, B. L., LEWIS HAIGHT KIRBY, A n.,ee, CHARLES FISHER DELBRIDGE, B. L., ROBERT WILLIAMS, A n, FLOYD ARTHUR WILSON, JOHN D. KEITH, e, ROBERT J. ANDERSON, e e. Dental Deportment. FRED C. HELLISH, ELDRED GEORGE ROBBINS. Uterarv Deixirtment. 1901. WILLIAM WICK KITTLEMAM, JR., LEWIS MERRITT GRAM, HOWARD RICHARDSON, GEORGE DEMING HUDNUTT, JESSE JAY RICKS, WILLIAM COMER MITCHELL, A, JAMES J. NUFER, A n. MERLIN L. WILEY, A II. 1902. JAMES EDWARD HANRAHAN, ROBERT KEITH KNIGHT, MAX HAYDEN BARBER, CHARLES S. MATTHEWS, A. ERNEST FERGUSON,- CHARLES R. L. CRENSHAW, z. HENRY T. DANFORTH. 1903. ROY R. PECK, ROY WESLEY SANNER, JAMES FRANK SHEPHERD, ROBERT B. GAGE, WILLIAM ALFRED PECK, EARL K. KNIGHT. 1904. DONALD C. WAITE, WILLIAM W. TYLER, THOMAS S. MCHENRY, JOHN VINCENT WEADOCK. Gamma Phi Beta Sorority. Founded at Syracuse University, 1574. Chapter Roll. ALPHA, . . . . Syracuse University BETA. . ...... University of Michigan GAMMA, ...... University of Wisconsin DELTA, . , . . . . .. Boston University EPSILON, ...... Northwestern University ZETA, . . -. ' . " . . . Woman ' s College of Baltimore ETA, . . . . . . . University of California THETA, ....... University of Denver Alumnae Chapters. SYRACUSE, BOSTON, CHICAGO- Gamma Phi Beta. lieta Chapter, Established ISS2. Sorores ' ln uibe. MRS. F. N. SCOTT, MRS. J. F. BREAKEY, FRILL GRACE BECKWITH, CONSTANCE WEBBER, LUELLA WOOSTER STONE. Sorores in Unlversilate. BERTHA WETHERBEE, Postgraduate. 1901. JESSIE MARGARET HORTON, MINERVA MABELLE LEONARD, MABEL GRACE WING. 1902, KATHRINE FORREST BALLENTINE, AGNES GERTRUDE MILLER, ELSIE GRACE ANDERSON, CLARA MAY HOSIE, IDA LOUISE HOLDEN, MARGARET DODDS, JEAN MITCHELL. 1903. AGNES ERMINA WELLS, MARGARET MC-GKEGORY, ALICE HORTON NEWMAN, IRENE WENTWORTH GILBERT. 1904. MARION LIVINGSTONE HUBBARD, HARRIETTE LOUISE DAVIS, SARAH SAGER HARDY, MARGERY ROSING, KATE WILLARD MCGRAW. MABELLE M. MILLER, ETHELWYNN CROSSLEY LEWIS. Delta Gamma Sorority. d at the Universih) of Mississippi, 1572. Chapter Poll. ALPHA, . . ' . . . . Mt. Union College ZETA, . . . . . . Albion College ETA, . . . . . Buchtel College THETA, . . . . . . University of Indiana KAPPA, . . . . . University of Nebraska " LAMBDA, . . . . . . University of Minnesota Xi, . . ... . . University of Michigan SIGMA. . . - -. . . . Northwestern University TAU, . . . . . . . Iowa State University UPSILON, ...... Leland Stanford Junior University PHI, ....... University of Colorado CHI, . . . . . . Cornell University Psi, . . . . . . Women ' s College, Baltimore OMEGA, ...... University of Wisconsin KAPPA THETA ALUMNAE, . . . Lincoln, Nebraska Delta Gamma. Xi Chapter, Michigan, Established I55S. Honorary Members. MRS. HENRY S. CARHART, MRS. MORTIMER E. COOLEY, MRS. ALBERT B. PRESCOTT, MRS. EDWARD D. CAMPBELL. Sorores In Urbe. MRS. SHIRLEY W. SMITH, MRS. ALFRED S. WARTHIN, MRS. WILLIAM S. CHASE, H., MRS. FRANK L. SAGE, A, MARY LOUISE HINSDALE. A. M., ELSA KING, B.L. Sorores In Unlversltate. MARGARET SPRAGUE CARHART, Postgraduate. 1901. J. GRACE BARTELME, KATHARINE GENEVIEVE HINE. 1902. KATHARINE FORREST CHAPMAN, ELIZABETH MORRISON ROWLAND, FLORENCE FALLASS, LAURA KINNE SEELEY, AMY LYDIA KROLIK, FANNY LOUISE YOUNG, EDITH LUCIA LYONS, KATE BLANCHE YOUNG. 1903. EDITH ALICE BARNARD, RUTH AGNES HYDE, FLORENCE PEARL CADY, AGNES MURDOCH, LUCY ALLIANCE COOLEY, GERTRUDE ESTHER PALMER, GRACE ANNA SNITSELER. 1904. MARY COOLEY HORTON, GENEVIEVE WILLIAMS PURMOT, GRACE KAISER, HELEN MCCLURE STEVENS, ESTHER M. TREUDLEY, ADELAIDE M. BARTELME. Collegiate Sorosis. SOROSIS, . . . New York, .... Established 1875 COLLEGIATE SOROSIS, ,. University of Michigan, . . Established 188 i ALUMNI CHAPTER, . Chicago, .... Established 1897 Collegiate Sorosis. Established 1556. Honorary Member. MRS. JENNIE C. CROLY. Associate Members. MRS. JAMES B. ANGELL, MRS. PAUL K. B. DE PONT, MRS. GEORGE S. MORRIS, MRS. VICTOR C. VAUGHAN. Sorores in Urbe. LYDIA CARDELL CONDON, ' 90, GENEVIEVE CORNWELL, ' 92. HARRIET. CORNWELL, ' 02, MRS. MAUDE MERRITT DRAKE, B.L., ' 93, MRS. AGNES LEAS FREER, ' 92, RACHEL, BERRV MCKENZIE, ' 01, MRS. BESSIE WEST PATTENGILL, A.B., ' 90, MRS. MERIB ROWLEY PATTERSON, A.B., ' 90, MRS. MAY MUMA RANDALL, A.B., ' 93 Soror in llnlversltate. WINIFRED ERNESTINE BEMAN, A.B., ' 99. 1901. MARGUERITE KNOWLTON, DOROTHY FOWLER, CAROLINE PATTENGILL, MARY PLANT, SYBIL PETTEE, MARY LOWELL, ESTHER MATCHETT, HELEN AHNEFELDT. 1902. BEATRICE BELPORD, MILDRED LAYTON WOODRUFF, VERNA LOUISE HARRIS, ELEANOR GRACE MABLEY, FLORENCE W. GREENE, LUCILE VIRGINIA MATCHETT, FLORENCE DILLON. 1903. KATHERINE BOGLE, LUCILE GREGORY, MARCIA WEBB, EDITH VAN SLYKE. FLORENCE HAZEN. 1904. MILDRED LANE, ANNIE KNOWLTON, CHARLOTTE LANE, AMY ELEANOR SAVAGE, RUBY RIDGWAY, Lois MARGARET HALLENBECK. Kappa Kappa Gamma. rounded at Mcmmouth College, 1370. Chapter Poll. PHI, . . . . . , Boston University BETA EPSILON, . . Barnard College Psi, . . . . . . ( ' ornell University BETA BETA, . . . . . Saint Lawrence University BETA TAU, . ... Syracuse University BETA ALPHA, ..... Pennsylvania University BETA IOTA, . . . . . Swarthmore College GAMMA RHO, . . . . Allegheny College LAMBDA, . .... Buchtel College BETA GAMMA, . . . . . Wooster University BETA Nu, ..... Ohio State University BETA DELTA, ..... University of Michigan Xi, . . . . . . Adrian College KAPPA, . . . . . . Hillsdale College DELTA, ..... Indiana University IOTA, . De Pauw University Mu, .... . Butler College ETA, . ... University of Wisconsin BETA LAMBDA, . ... University of Illinois UPSILON, ... . Northwestern University EPSILON, . . . . . Illinois Wesleyan University CHI, . . . . . University of Minnesota BETA ETA, . . . . . Iowa State University THETA, . . . . j . Missouri State University SIGMA, . . . Nebraska State University OMEGA, . . , Kansas State University Pi. . . . . . University of California BETA ETA, . . . Leland Stanford Junior University Kappa Kappa Gamma. Beta Delta Chapter, Established 1590. Patronesses. MRS. A. B. PALMER, MRS. WILLIAM J. HERDMAN. Sorores In Urt e. GERTRUDE KENNEDY, RUTH BECKWITH. Sorores in Universitate. 1901. ELIZABETH SUNDSTROM, ZILPHA CAMPBELL, HELEN DUNHAM. 1902. GRACE MOREHOUSE, BESS TROWBRIDGE. 1903. OLIVE HYNES, GEORGENA MCSWEENEY, LOUISE EMLAW, PEARL TAYLOR. 1904. FREDERIKA HINE, LEWIS KOLLOCK, JESSIE BANE, SUSAN POTTER, ZAYDA NOE, DOROTHEA ROUSE, KlTTIE AVERY. Pi Beta Phi Fraternity. rounded af Plonmouth College, 1307. Chapter Roll. VERMONT ALPHA, COLUMBIA ALPHA, PENNSYLVANIA ALPHA, PENNSYLVANIA BETA, OHIO ALPHA, OHIO BETA, . . NEW YORK ALPHA, MASSACHUSETTS ALPHA, MARYLAND ALPHA, ILLINOIS BETA. ILLINOIS DELTA, ILLINOIS EPSILON, ILLINOIS ZETA, INDIANA ALPHA, INDIANA BETA, INDIANA GAMMA, MICHIGAN ALPHA, MICHIGAN BETA, IOWA ALPHA, . IOWA BETA, IOWA ZETA, LOUISIANA ALPHA, KANSAS ALPHA. NEBRASKA BETA, COLORADO ALPHA, COLORADO BETA, VERMONT BETA, MISSOURI ALPHA, WISCONSIN ALPHA, CALIFORNIA BETA, , r T Middlebury College Columbia University Swarthmore College Bucknell University Ohio University Ohio State University Syracuse University Boston University Woman ' s College of Baltimore Lombard University Knox College Northwestern University University of Illinois Franklin College Indiana University University of Indianapolis Hillsdale College University of Michigan Iowa Wesleyan University Simpson College University of Iowa Tulane University University of Kansas University of Nebraska University of Colorado University of Denver University of Vermont University of Missouri University of Wisconsin University of California Pi Beta Phi. Michigan Beta Chapter, established 1555. Honorary Members. MRS. MARTIN L. D ' OOGE, MRS. FRANCIS W. KELSEY, MRS. ISRAEL C. RUSSELL, MRS. ALBERT A. STANLEY. Sorores In Urbe. MRS. G. CARL HUBER, NANCY KDITH PURDUM, MRS. FRANK PARKER, ISABELLA A. OASS, MRS. RALPH MILLER, HELEN G WETMORE. Sorores in llniversltate. FLORA SIOEL, Postgraduate. 1901. MARGARET H. COUSIN, HELEN MAY WATTLES, NANCY RUTH REDDICK, MARIE VON BORRIES. 1902. EDITH IRENE CLARK, DOROTHY M. SASS, EDITH L. SCHEURMAN. 1903. REBECCA DOWNEY, LENORE SMITH, CLARA A. FOSTER, MILDRED SMITH, GILBERTA LOGO, JESSIE L. STRONG, MAY E. LOOSE, ELEANOR TOWAR, ANNA E. MARSHALL, KATHARINE M. TOWER. 1904. ORA E. FOLLETT. Fraternity of Kappa Alpha Theta. rounded at De Pauw University, 1570. ALPHA, BETA, DELTA, EPSILON, ETA, IOTA. KAPPA, LAMBDA, Mu, . Pi, . RHO, TAU, UPSILON, . PHI, CHI, . Psi, . OMEGA, ALPHA BETA, ALPHA GAMMA, ALPHA DELTA, ALPHA EPSILON, . ALPHA ZETA, ALPHA ALUMNAE, BETA ALUMNAE, . GAMMA ALUMNAE, DELTA ALUMNAE, . ETA ALUMNAE. THETA ALUMNAE, . EPSILON ALUMNAE, ZETA ALUMNAE, KAPPA ALPHA THETA, Chapter Roll. De Pauw University Indiana State University University of Illinois University of Wooster University of Michigan Cornell University Kansas State University University of Vermont Allegheny College Albion College University of Nebraska Northwestern University University of Minnesota Leland Stanford Junior University Syracuse University University of Wisconsin University of California Swarthmore College Ohio State University Woman ' s College of Baltimore Brown University Barnard College Alumnae chapters. Greencastle Minneapolis New York City Chicago Burlington Philadelphia Columbus Indianapolis Southern California Kappa Alpha Theta. Eta Chapter, Established 1579. Re-EstabiLstol i S93. Patronesses. MKS. MARIE LOUISE HALL WALKER, MRS. FLOYD R. MECHEM, MRS. JAMES H. BREWSTER, MRS. HORACE L. WILGUS, MRS. S. LAWRENCE BIGELOW, MRS. JOHN PULLER LAWRENCE. Resident Members. MRS. HENRY CARTER ADAMS, GRACE LEONORA MOORE, MRS. JAMES A. CRAIG, ANNA LOUISE HARRIS, MRS. ARTHUR GRAVES CANFIELD, CHARLOTTE HALL WALKER, MRS. GEORGE P. COLER. Active Members. VERA ZOE SCHURTZ, A.B., 1900. 1901. MAUD PHILIPS, JEANETTE BLANCHARD, MARGARET JONES, JANE V. POLLACK. 1902. SYBIL AYLSWORTH STEWART, LAURA LUCILE EAMES, OLIVE BLANCHARD. 1903. CHARLOTTE RUTH GREIST, ANNA ELIZABETH DRUMMOND, ELSIE LOUISE SAWYER, HELEN POST, CHARLOTTE SECOR BISSELL. FRANCES NICHOLS BOYNTON, KATHLEEN M. ANDERSON, MABELLE WILCOX MASON, MARY DOROTHY NOURSE, CORA EDNA WELLS. 1904. MARY GRACE HOLMES, ZELLA ZEREFA FAY BERNICE LOUISE BOND, GRACE ALLENA HILLS, MARY CHRISTINA STEWART, ETHEL WADSWOKTH BURT, EMMA FAITH COOPER. MARY ALTHA ROBINSON, NATALIE LORD " SMITH. ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, DELTA, EPSILON, ZETA, ETA, THETA, IOTA, KAPPA, Irater nitij of Alpha Phi. rounded at Syracuse University, IS72. Chapter Roll. Syracuse University Northwestern University De Pauw University Cornell University University of Minnesota Woman ' s College of Baltimore Boston University University of Michigan University of Wisconsin Leland Stanford Junior University BOSTON, MINNEAPOLIS, Alumni Chapters. CENTRAL NEW YORK. CHICAGO, NEW YORK, Alpha Phi. Theta Chapter, Established 1592. Patronesses. MRS. JUNIUS E. BEAL, MRS. ALFRED H. LLOYD, MRS. WILLIAM H. WAIT, MRS. ROBERT MARK WENLEY. Sorores in Urbe. MRS. MINNIE BOYLAN-BEAL, MRS. EDITH NOBLE PRENTISS, MRS. JEANEATTE SMITH FLORER, ANNA MCOMBER, MARGARET DELIA MASON, GRACE FLAGG. Soror in Facilitate. KRISTINE MANN, Smith College, 1895. Soror in Universitate. ALICE SARAH HUSSEY, A.M.. Michigan, 1899, Postgraduate. 1901, NINA MAY HOWLETT, HARRIET HARKNESS, MAUDE HUDSON. 1902. GENEVIEVE DECKER, ELIZABETH STRYKER BROWN, HELEN MARIAN HUME, EDITH A. WHEELER. FRANCES FARR, GEM SHERMAN, MARY ELLEN FERRIS, MARY VIRGINIA RICE. 1903. GRACE ADALAIDE REYNOLDS, LAURA ESTHER CROZER, FRANCES TERWILLIGER. 1904. MABEL PERRY, MAUDE MCKEE GALE. SUSAN EUGENIA GRAY, HELEN JANE MAXWELL, CLARA ADELE WATSON, NELLIE VAN VALKENBURGH, SALLIE PALMER RICE, JESSIE CORNELIA WOOD. Fraternity of Omega Psi. rounded at Cvanstorv University, 1595. Chapter Roll. ALPHA, ....... Northwestern University BETA, ........ University of Michigan GAMMA. ....... University of Minnesota DELTA, ....... University of Nebraska Omega Psi. liela adapter, Established 155)6. Sorores in Urbe. GRACE MOOKE, GRACE FLAGG. Sorores In Unlversitate. EDITH BARNARD, CHARLOTTE BISSELL, JEANNETTE BLANCHARD, ELIZABETH BROWN, PRANCES BOYNTON, PEARL CADY, LUCY COOLEY, L AURA CROZER, GENEVIEVE DECKER, JUNE DAVIS, ANNA DRUMMOND, LAURA EAMES, FRANCES FARE, MARY ELLEN FERRIS, CHARLOTTE GKEIST, KATHARINE HINE, LOUISE HOLDEN, JESSIE HORTON, CLARA HOSIE, NINA HOWLETT, MAUDE HUDSON, HELEN HUME, RUTH HYDE, AMY KROLIK, MABELLE LEONARD, MABEL MASON, GERTRUDE MILLER, AGNES MURDOCK, DOROTHEA NOURSE, GERTRUDE PALMER, JANE POLLACK, GRACE REYNOLDS, ELIZABETH ROWLAND, ELSIE SAWYER, LAURA SEELEY, SINA SMITH, GRACE SNITSELER, SYBIL STEWART, LUELLA STONE, FRANCES TERWILLIGER, AGNES WELLS, EDJTH WHEELER, KATE YOUNG. Leqal fraternity of Phi Delta Phi. rounded at the University of Michigan, 1509. Chapter Roll. KENT, . . Department of Law, University of Michigan, . . . 1869 BOOTH, . Law School of Northwestern University, .... 1880 STORY, . Columbia Law School, Columbia University, . . . 1881 COOLEY, . St. Louis Law School, Washington University, . . . 1882 POMEROY, . Hastings College of the Law, University of California, . 1883 MARSHALL, . Law School of the Columbian University, .... 1884 WEBSTER, . Boston Law School, Boston University, .... 1885 HAMILTON, . Cincinnati Law School and the University of Cincinnati, . 1886 GIBSON, . Department of Law of the University of Pennsylvania, . 1886 CHOATE, . Harvard Law School, Harvard University, . . . . 1887 FIELD, . . University Law School, New York University, . . . 1887 CONKLING, . Law Department of Cornell University, .... 1888 TIEDMAN, . Law Department of the University of Missouri, . . 1890 MINOR, . Law Department of the University of Virginia, . . 1890 DILLON, . Law Department of the University of Minnesota, . . 1891 DANIELS, . Buffalo Law School, University of Buffalo, .... 1891 CHASE, . Law Department of the University of Oregon, . . . 1891 HARLAN, . College of Law of University of Wisconsin, . . . 1891 WAITE, . Yale Law School, Yale University, 1893 SWAN, . . School of Law of the Ohio State University, . . . 1893 McCLAlN, . Law Department of the University of Iowa, . . . 1893 LINCOLN, . College of Law of the University of Nebraska, . 1895 OSGOODE, . Law School of Upper Canada at Toronto, .... 1896 FULLER, . C ' hicago College of Law, Lake Forest University, . . 189(i MILLER, . Law Department of the Leland Stanford Junior University. 1897 GREEN, . . School of Law of the University of Kansas, . . . 1897 COMSTOCK, . Law Department of Syracuse University, .... 1898 FOSTER, . University of Indiana, 1900 Phi Delta Phi. Kent Chapter, Established 1569. rratres in racultate. PROF. HARRY BURNS HUTCHINS, Ph.B., PROP. JEROME CYRIL KNOWLTON, A.B., LL.B., PROP. OTTO KIRCHNER. A.M., PROP. BRADLEY MARTIN THOMPSON, M.S., LL.B., PROF. FLOYD RUSSELL MECHEM, A.M., JUDGE HENRY HARRISON SWAN, A.M., JUDGE AARON VANCE MCALVAY, A.B., LL.B., PROF ELIAS FINLEY JOHNSON, B.S., LL.M., PROF. THOMAS ASHFORD BOGLE, LL.B., HON. MELVILLE MADISON BIGELOW, A.M., Ph.D., Webster Chapter, PROP. FRANK FREMONT REED, A.B , PROF. HORACE LAFAYETTE WILGUS, M.S., Swan Chapter, PROF. ALBERT H. WALKER, LL.B., Conkling Chapter, JOHN ROBERT EFFINGER, JR., Ph. D. rratres in Lirbe. JUDGE EDWARD DEWITT KINNE, A.B., HON. CHARLES RUDOLPHUS WHITMAN, A.M., ORA ELMER BUTTERFJELD, LL.B. 1901. RUFUS C. McKlNLEY, B.S., JOHN M. TRIBLE, A.M., BOH, FRANK R MARVIN, A T, NORMAN K. ANDERSON, A A i , LEONARD D. VERDIER, A.B., LUKE L. TRACY, Ph.D., REILLEY ATKINSON. 1902. EDWARD R. YOUNG, THOMAS L. ROBINSON, Ph.B., z t, BRYANT S. CROMER, JEHU F. STOKELEY, A.B., K 2, WALTER S. FOSTER, B.L., A e, ALEXANDER LINDSAY, JR., HUGH WHITE, Ph.B., 2 A E, HIRAM W. MOSELEY, HERMAN F. RUOFF, FREDERICK J. EATON, IRA A. CAMPBELL, B.L., ARTHUR W. WING, LIEUT. W. H. FAUST, U. S. N., (retired). 1 903. JOHN W. SHENK, A.B., Be n, JOHN F. BURKET, Ph.B., A T, HARRY B. HARTS, FRED B. MERTSHEIMER, EDWARD S. WASEY, WALTER A. EVERSMAN, A e, WALTER S. PENFIELD, Ph.B., z . - fraternity of Nu Sigma Nu. Pounded ar the University of Michigan, 1552. Chapter Roll. ALPHA, BETA, DELTA, EPSILON. . ' . . ZETA, ETA, . . . THETA, . . ' KAPPA, . LAMBDA, . Mu, Nu, XI, RHO, OMICRON, ALPHA KAPPA Pi, RHO, SIGMA, TAU, UPSILON, PHI, University of Michigan Detroit School of Medicine University of Western Pennsylvania University of Minnesota Northwestern University Chicago College of Physicians and Surgeons Ohio Medical College Rush Medical College University of Pennsylvania Syracuse University University of Southern California New York University Union University Albany Medical College Washington University Jefferson Medical College Western Reserve University Cornell University Cooper Medical College University of California Nu Sigma Nu. Alpha Chapter, Established 1552. rratres in racultate. MAJ. VICTOR C. VAUGHAN, Ph.D., Sc.D., M.D., LL.D., MAJ. CHARLES B. NANCREDE, A.M., M.D., LL.D., FLEMING CARROW, M.D., JAMES R. ARNEILL, A.B., M.D., GEORGE DOCK, A.M., M.D., ROBERT C. BOURLAND, A.B., M.D., ARTHUR R. CDSHNY, A.M., M.D., THOMAS B. COOLEY, A.B., M.D., PAUL C. FREER, Ph.D., M.D., JAMES F. BREAKEY, M.D., J. PLAYFAIR MCMURRICH, A.M., Ph.D., W. H. HUTCHINGS, B.L., M.D., FREDERICK G. NOVY, Sc.D., M.D., THOMAS S. BURR, A.B, M.D , G. CARL HUBER, M.D., GUY L. NOYES, M.D., CYRENUS G. DARLING, M.D., BERT K. VAN NATEN, M.D., SIMON M. YUTZY, ' M.D., HERBERT H. WAITE, A.B. rratres in Urbe. WILLIAM A. SPITZLEY, A.B., M.D., NORTON D. COONS, M.D., D.D.S. 1901. ALFRED C. BARTHOLOMEW, CHARLES W. EDMUNDS, HARRY R. BROWN, IRA D. LOREE, WILLIAM S. CHASE, A.B., WILLARD J. STONE, B.S. 1902. HAROLD M. DOOLITTLE, FRANK H. THOMAS, GEORGE W. LAWTON, CHARLES A. ULMER, NORMAN L. MCDIARMID, A.B., VICTOR C. VAUGHAN, JR., A.B. FRANK R. SPENCER, WILLIAM D. WRITTEN, CHARLES W. YARRINGTON. 1903. FRANK S. BACHELDER, B.S., RALPH D. Fox, CHARLES L. CHAMBERS, GEORGE H. LYNCH, WILFRID S. FISHER, WALTER M. PECK, JOHN G. W. HAVENS, ARTHUR P. REED, AUGUSTUS H. ROTH, JOHN E. GLEASON, A.B. 1904. WILLIAM H. CREDE, JAMES F. MUNSON, JAMES T. PILCHER, J. ROY WILLIAMS. rraternitv of Delta Sigma Delta. Founded at University of Michigan, 1552- Supreme Chapter, Ann Arbor Auxiliary Chapter l?o!l. DETROIT AUXILIARY, CHICAGO AUXILIARY, NEW ENGLAND AUXILIARY, MINNESOTA AUXILIARY, . CLEVELAND AUXILIARY, PHILADELPHIA AUXILIARY, Subordinate Chapter Roll. ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, EPSILON, ZETA, ETA, THETA, IOTA, KAPPA, LAMBDA, Mu, . Nu, . Xl, , Detroit Chicago Boston St. Paul Cleveland Philadelphia University of Michigan Lake Forest University Harvard University University of Pennsylvania University of California Northwestern University University of Minnesota Detroit Dental College American Dental College Vanderbilt University Boston Dental Coll ege Kansas City Dental College Indiana Dental College Delta Sigma Delta. Alplui Chapter, established I5S2. Fratres in Urbe. DR. N. S. HOFF, DR. W. H. DORRANCE, DR. L. P. HALL, DR. H. O. BARNES, DR. L. A. WATLING, DR. N. D. COONS. Fratres in tlniversitate. 1901. IRVING DALLAS CARPENTER, B.S., GUY BLENCOE, AUGUST HEINER REINKING, THOMAS MITCHELL MCCLURE, JOHN JAMESON SCOTT, NEIL DAVIS VEDDER, PERCY CLINTON SQUIRES, FRANK STEGEMAN, LESLIE FRANK RUTTER, HENRY SHUTE DOWNING, LEON L. HILL. 1902. ARTHUR FARRINGTON DOUGLAS, BERTRAND JOHN HOWLETT, CARLOS JOSEPH LIGHT, BAIN MCGILVRAY, GUY PORTER SAVILLE, FRANK RUTHERFORD SNOW, WILLIAM FRED SPIES, ORRIN RIEMENSCHNEIDER, FRED WILLIAM PERRIN, ALLAN MOORE. 1905. WESLEY HOWARD MATEES, WILLIAM SHERMAN CASE, JOHN RANDALL, ARTHUR H. SAVAGE, RAY LEVIS. Fraternity of Phi Chi. rounded at the Universilv of Michigan, 1553. Chapter Roll. ALPHA, . .... University of Michigan BETA, . .... . . Northwestern University GAMMA, . . . . . . New York College of Pharmacy DELTA, ...... University of Wisconsin Phi Chi. Alpha Chapter, Established 1553. Incorporated 1895. Fratres in Facilitate. ALBERT B. PBESCOTT, Ph.D., M.D., ALVISO B. STEVENS, Ph.C., VICTOR C. VAUGHAN, Ph.D., M.D., JULIUS O. SCHDOTTERBECK, B.S., Ph.C., Ph.D. Frater in Urbe. GEORGE DELBERT HILTON, Ph.C., ' 00. Fratres in Universitate. Department of Literature, Science, and the Krts. HARRY GERBER. Department of Medicine and Surgery. FREDERICK WILLIAM SAUER, Ph.C., HENRY ALBERT HERZER, Ph.C., ' 95. Deportment of Pl armaqj. 1901. FRANK DEATRICH COCKLIN, EDGAR STEINER HAUENSTEIN, THURSTON NATHANIEL DISSOSWAY, FRANK MORTON LESLIE, BEN PUTMAN EDMONDS, ALBERT THEODORE POHLMANN, CHARLES NICHOLAS GREUSEL, FRANK ALLEN WILLIAMS. 1902. WILLIAM E. DILLON, VADA LOCKARD, MYRON G. DOLL, HARRY M. VANDEBURG, CHARLES R. ECKLER. 1903. HAROLD COLE W ATKINS, B,S, fraternity of XI Psi Phi. Founded at me University of Michigan, 1559. Supreme Chapter, Ann Arbor. Chapter Roll. ALPHA, . . . University of Michigan BETA, . . . New York College of Dentistry GAMMA, ... . Philadelphia Dental College DELTA, . . . Baltimore College of Dental Surgery EPSILON, . . . University of Iowa ZETA, ..... University of Cincinnati ETA, . . . University of Maryland THETA, . . Indiana College of Dental Surgery IOTA, . University of California LAMBDA, . . . Chicago College of Dental Surgery KAPPA, . . . Ohio Medical University Mu, . . . University of Buffalo Nu, ..... Harvard University OMICRON, . . . Royal College of Dental Surgeons, Toronto Pi, .... University of Pennsylvania RHO, .... Northwestern University SIGMA, . . Western Dental College TAU, . . Missouri Dental College XI Psi Phi. Rlpha Chapter, Established 1 559. frcitres in Urbe. HERBERT JOHN BURKE, D.D.S., WALTER SCOTT MOORE, D.D.S. Tratres in Universitate. 1901. GUY LEROY GILLETT, KARL JOHN MARTINDALE, CLARE COUNT MARKET, CHARLES FREDERICK KEYSER, C ' LARENCE EDWARD CURTIS, HOY GREENWOOD JOSLYN, WILLIAM WARREN FITCH, RAY ALBERTA HORNUNG, CLARENCE GARDNER PARKER, HENRY C WOODS. 1902. CLAUDE EMERY MARKEY, EARL MASON BROWN, B.S.,- FRED STERNER HANDLES. ROBERT BRUCE GATISS. ERNE EDGAR SNOW, GEORGE GODFREY HERR, B.S. 1903. FRANK ELLIOTT SHARP, FRANK ALGERTON GRAHAM, CHARLES HENRY BAKER, G. BENJAMIN THUERER, NICHOLAS LEWIS SWYKERT, FRANK CARL GOODWIN, CLAUDE PRINDLE HILDRETH. fraternity ot Alpha Epsilon lota. Pmirwled at the University of Michigan, 1590. Chapter Roll. ALPHA, . . . University of Michigan BETA, ..... Woman ' s Medical, Chicago GAMMA, .... Laura Memorial College, Cincinnati DELTA. .... College of Physicians and Surgeons, Chicago Alpha Epsilon lotci. Alpha Chapter, Established I 590. Associate Members. MRS. VICTOR C. VAUGHAN, MRS. WILLIAM .1. HERDMAN, MRS. GEORGE DOCK. MRS. PAUL C. FREER. Honorary Members. SARAH HACKETT STEVENSON, M.D., MARY PUTNAM JACOBI, M.D., EMILY BLACKWELL, M.D., ELIZA M. MOSHER, M.D., FRANCES EMILY WHITE, M.D., FLORENCE HUSON, M.D. affiliate Members. DELIA E. HOWE, M.D., DELLA M. PIERCE, M.D. Sorores In Facilitate. ELIZA M. MOSHER, M.D., JEANNE C. Sous, M.D., ALICE GRAY SNYDER, M.D. Sorores In Unlversltate. 1901. GERTRUDE FELKER, JOSEPHINE MITCHELL, GEORGIA ORIANA ROBERTSON. 1902. EMILY WIDDECOMBE, MARION O ' HARROW, KATHARINE RAYL, VELURA ELM A POWELL. 1903. MARJORIE BONTHRONE BURNHAM, BLANCHE CHRISTINE BOYLE. 1904. MARY ROSENSTIEL, MINNIE GUENTHER OSTERBIND, AGNES CLAIRE INGLIS, LILY THERESA ROCHE. Legal Fraternity of Delta Chi. Founded at Cornell University, 1890. Chapter Roll. CORNELL UNIVERSITY, NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, UNIVERSITY OP MINNESOTA, DICKINSON COLLEGE, CHICAGO COLLEGE OF LAW, BUFFALO LAW SCHOOL, OSGOODE HALL, Toronto, NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY. Delta Chi. Michigan Chapter, Established 1592. Honorary Members. Ex- PRESIDENT BENJAMIN HARRISON, SENATOR JONATHAN P. DOLI.IVER, A.B., HON. ROBERT T. LINCOLN, HON. ROGER Q. MILLS, JUDGE WILLIAM G. EWING, PROF. HERMAN V. AMES, Ph.B., BENJAMIN BUTTERWORTH, PROF. MARSHALL D. KWELL, LL.D., JUDGE SAMUEL MAXWELL, PROF. JOHN B. CLAYBURG, LL.D., JUDGE VICTOR A. ELLIOTT. Fratres in Universitate. 1901. HENRY CATROW. CARLETON G. FERRIS, B.S., K z, MANLY DANIEL DAVIS, ALVAH Ross STOCKWELL, WILLIAM JOHN BRINKERHOFF, Louis H. SCHROEDER. A.B., FREDERICK J. LICHTENBERBER, DAVID PERCY STRICKLER. FRANCIS ATKINSON, LL.B., A.B. 1902. LUTHER DAY, T, STEVENSON EARL WARD, BEACH WATSON HAYWOOD, CHARLES NELSON SUMNER, CHARLES SANFORD HOLMQUIST. HARVEY STOWE DURAND, ASAHEL J. READ, AMBROSE AUGUSTUS FEATHERSTONE, DELING HENRY THOMPSON, WILLIAM ARTHUR GRIMSHAW. 1903. HARRY AUGUSTUS Dow, A.B., A K E, B K, CLINTON JAMES AHERN, Ross CLAY LOWRIE, HENRY C. COOLEY. Fraternity of Phi Rho Sigma. rounded at Northwestern University, 1592. Chapter RON. ALPHA, ..... Northwestern University BETA, . . . University of Illinois GAMMA, ... . University of Chicago DELTA, . . . University of Southern California EPSILON, . ... Detroit College of Medicine and Surgery ZETA, ..... University of Michigan ETA, ...... Creighton Medical College THKTA, .... Hamline Medical College Phi Pho Sigma. Zeta Chapter, Established 1597. rratres in Unlversltate. 1901. ROY HENRY GARM, HERBERT BRADFORD HORTON, A.B., A T a, FREDERICK JENISON LARNED, HERBERT SMITH OLNEY, HERBERT MATTISON RICH, B.L., ATA, GEORGE HARRISON SEARCY, A.B., A e, JOHN WILLIAM TRASK, CHARLES FRANK WATKINS, Ph.C. 1902. WALTER SANFORD HOLMQUIST, CECIL McKEE JACK, Ph.B., THOMAS VICTOR KEENE, THERON SPARHAWK LANGFORD, A n , RALPH LUTHER MORSE, HUBERT DAVISON RUSSELL, JOHN BACKUS TAYLOR, B.S., CHARLES EDWARD STREET, A.B., RAYMOND ABRAYM WALLACE, B.S. 1903. CARL ROY BARBER, GEORGE HENRY BUNCH, A.B., JAMES GRIMES FITCH, ARTHUR STEVENS KIMBALL, A.B., MELVIN D. ROBERTS, JOHN FRANCIS WRIGHT, CHARLES LEWIS RUMPH, FRANK KOLTIS, B.S. 1904. WORTH HALL, JOHN BURT JACKSON, A.B., FRANCIS MARION SHOOK, HARRO WALTMANN. Medical Fraternity of Phi Beta Pi. rounded at Western University of Pennsylvania, 1591. Chapter Poll. ALPHA, ..... Western University of Pennsylvania BETA, ...... University of Michigan GAMMA, . . . Starling Medical College Phi Beta Pi. Reta Chapter, Established 1595. rralres in Urbe. DAVID S. GRIMM, A.B., M.D., GEORGE R. PRAY, M.D., SAMUEL C. CROW, M.D. Active Members. CHARLES V. CRANE, GEORGE BOWMAN, GEORGE A. DOWNS, B.S., SUMNER E. DOUGLAS, SIIXNEY Z. HERBERT, CHARLES A. GRIEVE, ROBERT M. HOWARD, RANDOLPH J. HERSEY, WILLIS J. KIRKBRIDE, RALPH F. KOONS. Ph.B., GEORGE H. LAMLEY, GEORGE M. KLINE, FREDERICK J. PRATT, JR., ROBERT O. LE BARON, B.S., SAMUEL B. SCHOLZ, JR., CLARENCE B. RIPLEY, WILLIAM H. TAYLOR, B.S., OLIVER S. STEINER, Ph.B., Be IT., ALBERT A. WEBER, B.S., RALPH M. TIDD, B.S., JAMES ATWOOD MACKINTOSH. Fraternity of Phi Alpha Gamma. Founded in New York Homoeopathic College, I59 . Chapter Roll. ALPHA, . New York Homoeopathic Medical College, BETA, . Boston University, School of Music, . GAMMA, . Hahnemann Medical College, . . : ' . DELTA, . University of Minnesota, .... EPSILON, . University of Iowa, ZETA, . Cleveland Homoeopathic Medical College, . ETA, . Chicago Homoeopathic Medical College, THETA, . Pulte Medical College, . . IOTA, . Homoeopothic Medical College of Missouri, KAPPA, . HomoBopathic Medical College, University of LAMBDA, . Hahnemannian Medical College, New York City Boston Philadelphia Minneapolis Iowa City Cleveland Chicago Cincinnati . - . St. Louis Michigan, Ann Arbor Chicago Phi Alpha Gamma Kappa Chapter, Established 1900. Mem ersWp Ron. Honorary. CLAUDIUS B. KINYON, M.D., RAYMOND A. CLIFFORD, M.D. active. JOAQUIN M. STEVENS, A.B., CLARENCE M. WILLIAMS, ERASTUS ZIMMERMAN, ELMER LEROY WHITMAN, ARCHIE B. WICKHAM, EDWIN S. BLAIR, C. D. MULDER. Fraternity of Alpha Sigma. rounded at New York Homoeopathic College, 1592. Chapter Roll. ALPHA, ...... New York Homoeopathic BETA, . . . . . Hahnemanian, Philadelphia GAMMA, . . ... Boston University DELTA, . . . . . . Southern Homoeopathic, Baltimore EPSILON, . .... Pulte, Cincinnati ZETA, . . . . . . San Francisco Homoeopathic Mu SIGMA ALPHA, . . . . Ann Arbor Alpha Sigma. i v lu Sk|ii a fflpha Chapter, Established 1900. hi racultate. ROY SAMUEL COPELAND, A.M., M.D., WILLIS A. DEWEY, M.D., WlLBERT B. HlNSDALE, A.M., M.D., W. A. POLGLASE, M.D. In Urbe. EARNEST A. CLARK, M.D., GEORGE E. MANN, M.D., DEAN W. MYERS, M.D., ALBERT J. ELLIOT, M.D., RUSSE E. ATCHISON, M.D. In Universitate. 1901. THOMAS R. MCHUGH, NELSON W. THOMPSON, ARTHUR S. MOORE, GEORGE A. ROBERTSON, CARL F. RAVER. 1902. FRED J. BOWEN, HARLEY A. HAYNES, FRED J. SCHULZ, ROY J. PELTON. 1903. ALFRED R. AUSTIN, W. SCOTT BROCKWAY. EDWIN G. H. BECK, ARTHUR J. REYNOLDS, ADOLPH E. IBERSHOFF, GUSTAVE WILSON. 1904. LEON J. GIBSON, LESLIE C. MOUNT, CORDEN T. GRAHAM, FRANK STEWART, VIRGIL WEIR. . Kv S.C;. Gamma Delta Nu. Senior Society, Founded at the University of Michigan, 1599. Gamma Delta Nu. The Owls. " Smior Sodetu, Established 1599. Resident Graduates. MARTIN H. CARMODV, ' 99, ARCHIBALD H. MCMILLAN, ' 99, LEONARD D. VERDIER, ' 09, JOHN S. McELLiGOTT, ' 00. CARL H. PELTON, ' 00, ELISHA W. CASE, ' 00. Active Members. PHILIP P. FARNHAM, JR., ARTHUR H. BROOKFIELD, MILTON L. LIVINGSTON. H. WARD CARPENTER, JOHN F. FEDDERSEN, BERT S. YORK, CHARLES L. BEST, HOWARD STREETER. WALTER L. MCLAUGHLAN. The Quadrangle. rounded (it the University of Michigan, 1900. DOIIS. R. M. WENLEY, GEO. REBEC, B. P. BOURLAND. I lonomry Members. T. N. DEMMON, HENRY C. ADAMS, A. C. MCLAUGHLIN, J. A. CRAIG, ( ' . H. COOLEY, MAX WINKLER, A. G. CANFIELD, E. W. Dow. Members. E. S. BATES. B. P. BOURLAND, H. M. BOWMAN. ARTHUR BROWN, I. A. CAMPBELL, A. L. CROSS, F. D. EAMAN, C. F. GAUSS, S. W. LADD, P. B. MARSH. H. MlKAMI, Lj. W. McCANDLESS, J. S. MCKLLIGOTT, N. K. MclNNES, H. S. PERSON, G. REBEC, J. M. REASONER, T. L. ROHINSON, W. D. RUSSEL. J. W. SLAUGHTER, H. C. STEVENS, H. H. TALCOTT. R. H. VANCLEVK, R. M. WENLEY, K. YOUNG. CHE management of this publication desire to thank the following persons, together with the Ann Arbor Print- ing Company and the Detroit Electro-Gravure Company, for the able assistance they have rendered in the issuing of this annual. Contributors. PROrLSSOR HENRY ADAMS, CHRISTIAN GAUSS, HOWARD HAYES, HARRY CRArTS, rOREtST LANCASHIRE, HARRIS RALSTON. Artists. ROY MCGEORGE, MONTE BROWN, HERMAN T. MILLER, DONARD FERGUSON. Houseman Jones Clothing Co., CLOTHIERS Furnishers Flatters Merchant Tailors 34 {6 38 Monroe St., Cor. Waterloo. GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. DIPLOMAS If Christian flllmcndingcr MOUNTED I DEALER IN Pictures and Tine Jiff Goods Picture framing a Specialty. 210 E. Huron St , Ann Arbor Imported Wines, Liquors and Cigars. SUCCESSOR TO FRED BESIMER 111 W. fiuron St., Jinn Jlrber telephone 588. THE LARGEST LINE OF ...... J J 1 T The .-.- IMPORTED WOOLENS |||j| (j L, Cr iV . Tailor IN THE CITY. SUITS TO ORDER ' ORDER $12.50 to $40. PANTS, $3.15 to $12 | ||| COP ?T4 TF WASHINGTON STS. R. KEMPF, President. FRED H. BELSER, Cashier. C. E. GREENE, Vice-President. Che farmers $ mechanics Bank TRANSACTS A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS Cor. Main and Huron Sts., Ann Arbor, Mich. Successor to the Eberbach Hardware Co. Hardware, 3toves, Tinware and floase Furnishings 125-127 South Main Street and 105-107 East Washington Street. t +++ + ++ +J+ E. D. KENNE, Pres. S. W. CLARKSON, Cashier. HARRISON SOULE, Vice-Pres. First National Bank OF ANN ARBOR, MICH. Capital $100,000 Surplus and Profits, $40,000 CHE MANAGEMENT of this annual commend to the student body of the University of Michigan and all others into whose hands this publication may fall, the business concerns which have advertised herein. They are entitled to your support and good will, in return for their financial assistance in getting out this year book. II i; !; i: RASCH KIESLINQ TAILORS We Invite Inspection of our Full Line of Foreign Novelties. Dress Suits a Specialty. 901-5-7 Majestic Building, DETROIT, MICH. Makers High Grade Fraternity Badges, Athletic Medals, and Trophies, Presentation Jewels, { Etc., Etc. Department lUright, Kay flrt Stationers and Fine Stationery and Engraving, College Invitation, Programs, Deception Cards, Fraternity Engraving, Monograms. SEND FOR OUR SAMPLE BOOK 140 142 Ulooduwa Jive., Detroit, mich. Jena Normal Glass The Glass of the Future Kohl ' s Physical Apparatus, Chemical and Physical Apparatus, Assay Goods and Chemicals, Pure Hammered Platinum, Balances and Weights, SCHLEICHER SCHULL ' S Chemical Pure Filter Papers. Bacteriological Apparatus, ZEISS SPENCER Microscopes and all Accessories, SCHMIDT HAENSCH Polariscopes, KAHLBAUn ' S Strictly C. P. Chemicals and Acids. EIMER AMEND, 205-211 THIRD AVENUE, NEW YORK + A + S S S THE = Detroit, Vpsilanti $ Jinn flrbor Ry From DETROIT Deaborn, St. Joseph ' s Retreat, Inkster, Eloise (County House), Wayne, Canton, Denton, Ypsilanti (State Normal School, Ypsilanti Sanitarium) Pittsfield, Saline and ANN ARBOR (University of Michigan) SPECIAL CARS for the accomodations of private parties may be arranged for at the General Offices, Peninsular Bank Building, Detroit, or at the Office of the Superintendent, Ypsilanti. BAGGAGE Bicycles and Baby Carriages may be checked for transportation be- tween points on line at waiting rooms of the Company. PACKAGES, PARCELS and Freight received for shipment at all waiting rooms of the Comp- any. GENERAL OFFICE, Peninsular Bank Building, ' Phone 1342. DETROIT WAITING ROOM, III Griswold St., ' Phone 91. vwv F t A VW ww I t t ( ) ) R entschler I k S Photographer lOrt? I k ! a Our new Cabinets are the most Hrtistic Photos made in Jinn flrbor J 1 ) I ) s Awarded Grand Prize Cup, Mich- igan Photographers ' Association 1898, also Gold and Silver Medals. Awarded Medal, Photographers ' Association of America 1897 .. .. - i 4 4 4 4 4 t ) ) ) K k k I 1 s Studio: Corner main and fiuron $ti, flnn Jlrbor, mtcbigan ) ' k SAAAA AAAA AAAAAAAA AA v A SAAAA SA AAAAAA A A SAAAAAAAA( I - - LOWEST RATES J Lake Erie Railroad Close Connections at TOLEDO with Trains of ANN ARBOR RAILROAD for all points in Central Ohio and ALL OF THE SOUTHWEST. CAFE PARLOR CARS ON ALL THROUGH TRAINS j J j Jt j. j t jf, FINEST EQUIPMENT SPECIAL RATES FOR STUDENTS RETURNING HOME FOR VACATION J. N. MERWIN, E. B. COOLIDGE, Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent. General Passenger Agent, CLEVELAND, OHIO. BOTH ' PHONES. GREEN HOUSE: Corner of South Uni- versity Avenue, and Twelfth Street J ..FLOWERS.. ARE headquarters for Cut Flowers and everything in the Florists ' Line. Beyond our large supply we are so connected with John Breitmeyer Sons, of Detroit, as to enable us to fill orders at almost any time. COUSINS HALL PROPRIETORS ROOKSFT T FRS ? JJV_ Vyr .LM-.l-f.l-.l-il.VJ jobn U. Sbccban l46 WOODWARD AVENUE, DETROIT, MICH. RECEIVE as soon as published all the new books from American and English pub- lishers. If you are looking for something you can ' t find, or are seeking informa- tion about books or best editions, call on us Our clerks are professional book men of long experience, who are equipped with the latest catalogues and bibliog- raphies, and will gladly give any information you desire. With our two large stores at Detroit and Ann Arbor, we handle more books than any other concern in the state, and offer our customers the benefit of our large purchases. All books sold at reduced prices. Large discounts to large buyers. Ladies ' Fine Stationery and Engraving. Sheeban University Booksellers State St., Jinn flrbor, micb. + RANDALL Wf f i - mm i B M _ o__ 1 i Tine Portraiture :: Rcmbrants : : Photo Supplies WEBSTER ' S INTERNATIONAL I DICTIONARY; NE, W EDITION WEBSTER ' S INTERNATIONAL DICTIOM5RY ' INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY JUST ISSUE.D a NEW PLATE.S THROUGHOUT a NOW ADDED 25,000 ADDITIONAL WORDS P H R. A S E, S AND DEFINITIONS Prepared under the direct supervision of W. T. Harris, Ph.D., LL.D., United States Commissioner of Education, assisted by a large corps of competent specialists. Rich Bindings f 2364 Pages ft 5000 Illustrations BETTE,R THAN EVER FOR SCHOOL TEACHER We also publish Vebster ' s Collegiate Dictionary with a Scottish Glossary, etc. " First class in quality, second class in size. " NICHOLAS MURRAY BUTLER. Full particulars with specimen pages, etc., of both books sent on application. G. 6 C. MERRIAM CO., a Publishers, Springfield, Mass. THE STUDENTS ' ROUTE Ohio Central tines T.aO.C.RY. K.a M.RY. f COLUMBUS, TO - 1 Athens, Middleport, Chalcston, W. Va., and the South. C. S. ROGERS, Gen. Agt., DETROIT, MICH. MOULTON HOUK, Gen. Pass. Agt, TOLEDO, OHIO. What is the Key to Michigan ? WHY, THE :: :: (AIHROAD AND STEAMSHIP LINES Trains Leave Ann Arbor Daily Except Sunday GOING NORTH at 8:56 a. m. 4:56 p. m. GOING SOUTH at 7:25 a. m, 11:30 a. m. 8:35 p. m. W. H. Bennett, G. P. A., Toledo, Ohio. THE W E ST N STANDARD Voltmeters, Ammeters, Milli= Voltmeters, Milli=A m meters, For Laboratory Use. These Instruments are Semi-Portable, and are the most Convenient and accurate Standards ever offered for College Outfits Weston Electrical Instrument Co., 114-120 WILLIAM ST., NEWARK, N. J. LIDGERWOOD :: :: Hoisting Engines Are built to Gage on the Duplicate Part System. Quick Delivery Assured. OVER 17,500 IN USE. Standard for Quality and Duty Cableways, Hoisting and Conveying Devises, Steam and Electric Hoists. Send for Latest Catalogue LIDGERWOOD MFG. CO. 96 LIBERTY ST., NEW YORK. Thorough Inspections And Insurance against Loss or Damage to Property and Loss of Life and Injury to Persons caused by J J J Steam Boiler ...Explosions J. M. ALLEN, President, WM. B. FRANKLIN, Vice-President F. B. ALLEN, Second Vice-President, J. B. PIERCE, Secretary, L. B. BRAINERD, Treasurer. L. F. MIDDLEBROOK, Asst. Secretary. Double Shear Steel, Blister Steel, Annealed Tool Steel For Reamers Tools, Drills Awarded Qrand :: :: Prix at PARIS Nineteen Hundred :: JESSOPS BEST ENGLISH Dies Taps Punches Saws, Etc. Awarded Gold Medal World ' s Columbian Exposition, 1893 :: TOOL STEEL WM. JESSOP SONS, LTD., 91 John Street, New York, W. F. WAQNER, Manager. Manufactory, Sheffield, England Established over a Century ago. ?eu CHIS name stamped on a lamp indicates the highest pinnacle of lamp goodness yet attained. It may be possible to make a better lamp, but the way to do it has not yet been found. When it is, the New Rochester will be made that way, you may be sure .. .. Lamps that may be offered you as " just as good " or " same as " the New Rochester, thereby confess their inferiority. The man who ' Mooks like Dewey " does not always possess those qualities that made the Admiral famous. There- fore, insist on seeing the New Rochester stamp when you buy. If dealers cannot sup- ply, write us for descriptive circulars. EDLD DRAGON WITH ID IN. GLOBE the Rochester Lamp Company 38 Park Place and 33 Barclay St., new York For the Nobby Things in Spring Suitings. fAGN ER CO Imnnrtlnv TftUnr a Importing Tailors 123 S. main St., Ann Arbor, Mich. CHRISTIAN MACK, Pres. W. D. HARRIMAN, Vice-Pres. CHAS. E HISCOCK, Cashier. M. J. FRITZ. Asst. Cashier Ann Arbor Savings Bank CAPITAL, $50,000 SURPLUS FUND, $150,000 RESOURCES, $1,500,000 Accounts of Banks, Firms, Corporations and Individuals received subject to check, We offer prompt service, good facilities and as liberal terms as is consistant with safe and conservative banking. Deposits in the Savings Department draw Three Per Cent. Interest. Boxes in Safety Deposit Vaults to rent at $3.00 per annum - JOHN GOETZ, JR. Groceries and Provisions, Fine Sample Rooms in Connection GIES ' S FIRST CLASS :: :: :: :: :. LADIES and GENTS 207 SOUTH MAIN STREET, ANN ARBOR WESTAU NT The best Imported and Domestic Beers on Draught. Lobsters, Oysters, Steaks and Chops, our Specialty. Sweeney ' s, the only up-to-date Billiard Hall in the City in Connection. OPPOSITE WONDERLAND NEWLY REFITTED SO YEARS ' EXPERIENCE TRADE MARKS DESIGNS COPYRIGHTS c. Anyone sending a sketch and description may quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an invention is probably patentable. Communica- tions strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents sent free. Oldest agency for securing patents. Patents taken through Munn Co. receive special notice, without charge, in the Scientific flmerican. A handsomely illustrated weekly. Lnreest cir- culation of any scientific journal. Terms, $3 a year; four months, $1. Sold by all newsdealers. MUNN iCo. 3818 - - ' New York Branch Office, 636 F St., Washington. D. C. Strob ' s Beers DETROIT, MICH. For Sale at all First-Class Bars in Ann Arbor. E. V. Hangsterfer ' s Fine Confections :: " :: Bon Bons and Chocolates 200 E. Washington St. 316 S. State St. This Beautiful Coffee Spoon with picture beautifully etched on bowl ano College Colors enamelled on handle for o j ? J j j SUver Gilt 75 cts., Solid Gold $J.50 Made in Two Qual- GILT, 50 Cents. ities, $1.00 and $1.50 These are only a few samples of our prices. Any of them will be mailed upon receipt of price. Class pins for any school made to order. Correspondence solicited. :: WM. ARNOLD, Jeweler :: mil ward taihr W. J. BOOTH, President. WM. ARNOLD, Vice-President. J. V. SHEEHAN, 2nd Vice-President. JOHN C. WALTZ, JR., Asst. Cashier State Savings Bank We do a General Banking Business. Issue Drafts on all Parts of the World. Commercial and Savings We sold your father and your grandfather goods. Now we ask your patronage. We Lead; Others Tolhw. See our new designs in U. of M. Pins a nd Buttons, Michigan Souvenirs. If you are removed from the city, send for illustrations and price list. Jinn Jlrbor, Michigan. I8flO hv Jnhn F. Strattoi Romance, in A. Flat La Joli Polka, in D Iris Waltz, in E Flat A Dream, in D Flat - 5oc SAMPLE PAGE. Compositions for the Piano, by J. F. SEVILLE. 500 Meditation in E Flat ) 50 -. Mazurka Magyar, in E minor ) 50 " fc.- - Sherzo, From Sonata Op. 12, A minor { Qf . 50 Visions, in D Flat } A book containing sample pages of the above pieces of music will be sent to any address on application, gratis. Published by JOHN F. STRATTON CO., Importers and Wholesale Dealers in ' MUSICAL MERCHANDISE 62 Grand Street , N. Y. John F. Stratton Violins, Banjos, Harp Guitars, Harp Mandolins, a great specialty. John F. Stratton Russian Gut Strings, finest in the World. John Stratton Birmingham Steel Strings are warranted not to rust. It pays to trade at the NEW STORE Staebler Wuerth 21 1 S. MAIN STREET j j j ANN ARBOR CLOTHING HATS, CAPS, GLOVES and FURNISHINGS. DOING A PRESSING BUSINESS THE TAILOR Over Lamb Spencer ' s 318 SOUTH STATE STREET j _ Telephone Number 434 FRANK F. LISKA TAILOR Detroit Phone 2055 11 Wilcox St., Detroit, Mich. GRANGER ' S SCHOOL OF DANCING Office, Residence and Academy, 310-312 Maynard St., Ann Arbor f f G ET A Guitar, Mandolin or Banjo at Your Own Pric e ARE going to move to 409-411 East Washington Street and wish to close out our entire stock of Mandolins, Guitars, and Banjos. We have the well known WALDO, BRANDT and WASHBURN MAKES. If you will GIVE ANYTHING for one come in and make us an offer. ADD Arbor Music Co., J 205-7 East Washington Street Ice Cream and Soda Water and all Summer Beverages All the Leading Mixtures of TOBACCOS CIGARS AND CIGARETTES R. E. 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A., Ill Adams St., Chicago, 111. H. C. TOWNSEND, G. P. T. Agt. St. Louie, Mo Colorado Short Line. " Rates always as low as any Route. Write for pamph- lets, folders, etc., etc. Low Rates to Colorado, Utah and California, Summer 1901. fW+S THIS BOOK Is a sample of the Printing and Binding done by the Jinn flrbor Printing Co, H you arc in the market for Commercial Work. Catalogues, Directories, Blank Books, or anything in the Printing line, submit your wants to us : we may be able to help you. We know that we can give you better work for less money than the Printing houses in the large cities. THE ANN ARBOR PRINTING CO., ANN ARBOR. MICHIGAN. QUARRY ' S FOR DRUGS VWVW V wV J. A POLH EMUS ' LIVERY STABLE Fl. J. STARK, Manager. Best and Most Extensive in the City. Hack and Bus ' Line to all Trains. Cor. Main and Catherine St Ann Arbor, Mich. Phones 15. 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We are Uni- versity Publishers of Law and Medical Books, and will gladly send you a list of our publica- tions for the asking. We buy, sell, and exchange second-hand text books and buy libraries. Che World ' s Tamous mat crman Ideal fountain Pen South State St. flain St., Op. Court House G B ENTLEMEN ' S DRESS WISH CORRECTLY CUT AND TAILORED GARMENTS COM- BINED WITH THE CHOICE OF A LARGE AND EXCLUSIVE LINE OF WOOLENS j j jt j j K II ON: Trade 106 E. Huron St. :: :: Ann Arbor THE WORLD ' S GREATEST TYPEWRITER THE PREFERRED BALL BEARING :: :: :: :: :: :: D ENSMORE GREATEST SPEED, LIGHTEST AND EASIEST ACTION SIMPLE, DURABLE, CONVENIENT :: :: :: ;: :: UNITED TYPEWRITER AND SUPPLIES CO. :: :: :: :: ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY ONE GRISWOLD STREET DETROIT, MICHIGAN. CIRCULARS ON APPLICATION O. W. RUGGLES, GENERAL PASSENGER AND TICKET AGENT CHICAGO. H. W. HAYES. AGENT. ANN ARBOR. E. D. KINNE. Pres. S. W. CLARKSON, Cashier. HARKISON SOULE, Vice-Pres. Tirst national Bank OF ANN ARBOR, MICH. Capital, $100,000 Surplus and Profits, $40,000 U. of M. Tailors 709 N. University, Ann Arbor Mummery ' s U. of M. Tooth Brushes THE BRISTLES AND THE HANDLE STAY TOGETHER. Mummery ' s Drug Store :: :: :: Cor. 4th Ave. and Washington St. AAA kA tAAAA tA kA fc hAA t A A |S rt A l ' tAArt A tA fc hAA A A lS SA A A SlS t rtAAA S tA AAAAAAA W F r rWWW rW W V V V V W r r rW V f V V V V V VVVVVVV V V V WW P V V V V V V V V VVVVVVfVfVVVVV TJ 1TT1 P SERVES HOT lUll LC LUNCHES at ++ ++ S+++ ++++ ++++++ + Ittlcblflan Pennants and Itticbigan Pillows LOVELL ' S CORNER STORE " state street - BAZAAR HEADQUARTERS FOR CHINA, LAMPS and NOVELTIES 215 SOUTH NAIN SIKH I, ANN ARBOR, ' IK II. v y v Avv A A vv v A v A A A |A A v PICKWICK BILLARD PARLORS AND BOWLING ALLEY 707 N. University Avc., Ann Arbor, Mich. the Western Brewery MARTIN FISHER, Proprietors Export and Both Phones Lager Beer nn Arbor, Mich. (Hest publishing Co., St. paul, JVlinn. Books for Caw Students, Cawyers beginning a library, Established Practitioners. J)orn6ooft fkrie0 tant elementary topics of the law, and are unquestionably the most popular and widely used series of legal text books ever published. " The only cheap thing about them is their price, writes a well-known lawyer. Che national Reporter System Che American Digest System and cover the whole field of current American case-law. Full information regarding these and our other publications given on request. Send for our new Law School Catalogue. Cdcst publishing Co., St. paul, JVlinn. C313? SCIENTIFIC -ANTISEPTIC r CEASES ALL THE SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS j Sit hi

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