University of Michigan - Michiganensian Yearbook (Ann Arbor, MI)

 - Class of 1892

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University of Michigan - Michiganensian Yearbook (Ann Arbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1892 Edition, Cover

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Y5 PHC2 Fill? lf so, why not ALL carry Waterbury Watches? They are worth their price. li' it is the price alone, Wear covv-hide boots. They cost less than fine SHOES. They may serve your purpose, too-N But TE Giher Point-. Qualitys-That's the thing! The BEST quality costs a little more, lout satisfaction is Worth some- thing. Just how much, depends on the make-up L of the buyer and user-Af Tl"1a'c,S What! The University of Michigan Guitar has the QUALITY. The price is based on that. ALL pay the same. Your nfioney is as good as the other fellovv's. A good name, isn't it? A good Guitar, TOO. We have others-VVASHBURN, BRUNO, MARTIN-and a Banjo or tvvog rnayhe a Mandolin . . . Y trll It l141v1' wllvrl' WI' il - Hg limit Arbor Urgsm CO. I O EFXSYEST RYDYNG . . . BYCYCLEy SPPYH5-FGPK 5aF2'GQ+.. 'FHE HDHUNTLESS-D u ? , :L ' 'T 1-Ha Toigdo FBYQQUQ C MPRNY' ToYQdo - CDh?ou- C1213 M" A. 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I W Q5 I X A VD NULUTH, SOUTH SHORE 145 New Wzmllvl' Vvsiilnllv-ml lilxmlt X AW ,A , 77 V ,Y A und I'alac'o Nh-1-pilnz' and llinim: E Q H 1'ill'NllllTIll'0lll!llTI'ilIllS .I I M , If We E I P 5 RAIL VV A3762 'S 'l'hruuuh V1-stilmlul llutfn-t 1 J NI1-1-por Daily IN-troil to 3 liulutll. vin Mil-nifim 41-mm Q Q 10 Dlalrkinalu 1'i1p.:lmI i 'l'Il 141 X 141 XX' iii M' lg' ID.. S. S. N A. K'y to Ihlluilw ' A A JJ-:iff K Solid 'l'r:lin Hzlvkillalw fily lo ' J-,Nr u y . . Duluth . . i IVIIQPQNI . ! if For time tables. tickets and 1 A N N A R R fig 2'ell0l':ll Illf0l'Illilli4Ill call 0ll AND I RIm.H,AIA I,mN,l.S f the ll4'ill'INt1i4'k4'1 Ure-nf. V 'X I V V I 'U ll1'5-XNTU ! 1nn':inl1lx'n-Ns . I St. Pzlu 1, K2 1 . . Q VAN DEARING, i . . Mmneapolls, 11.4.-im 1-:.W-..u.'.- su.-ne, . U D uhl u t h , j .lumny Mlfll. I 'I 1, ..Helena, 'gp C. B. HIBBARD, I Umm. PAM. .Xa ll Kb, ' ' Cl' 3 -i 1 I . . Tacoma, f . . Seattle, N P I . . . 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For further infornmtion auldrcss C w w N Time falicnaf . ...,. 1. Q -- ., .. n .ir - :K I 45 CI fw Lean and Ql1U9JlIl'L9I1l' 801111031113 DETROIT, MICHIGAN. '-.1 X L W V, , f'?4fg!X-ff,"-.f. hx! Cjkn, J, k,1X,xk,f Uvkgkefkg YJTQYJE, QZUIIIET V ku Y S., 5 X, Vk1'lfNjX,JK,1x, ,fx Z ,L QM? N.. , X, X, X, ,f , . N X! 4. 41, 4, - ix , , .5 , Y Y 1 W Y r Y I Y 1 1 r v Y I f ,1f3ia1QiIs..asLIga11g , li 5 V W 1 '1fg5'i5'5g X2 ""' ' ,I'1i'E!E'i 2254 .' 5' 5 izinaiiaissfi If miiie2512532125233212515.51 H55 1' : A I gg , g -sfimmis ' if-2' as .- . Fi '2 ... - ':zf'z1wsla'. IS!l'Img"' :L an Hi f55'.e2szsi5f'F:EEe2?Z? Emssaaaesmaa' ffil'5!2z':!" " ' ' - fH': I'?- ' . " iuiudf- SN '19 I-N -:X f THE as -II Ilmfkga- Q "mmf" Q K wg ,T 121541 I fsiggiggggg, jf . .RD Mu... We-FL 'ax KALAMAZO0 I -f'-e' 1' .1 M of' le. ' ,LM :ff E551 ., L ,,:+' " -7 .Y , , in 7, , Y, - , i gilt I I Q I X 0 for plzlynlp: thv Dllllllwlfl' hanlo There iS no re- in ! 'II ,inf We Q ' K Ig sorting of the deals. 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HuRoN sr., - ANN ARBOR Ami oi-i..-V vm-i.-f Fnom S20 TO SI75 ii .... .. . 4 ,W , l V vig JWQ V N fvx , , V Hfvs ,wk fwmfj N ' ' , . , f fw ' rv 7 f3f0 HQ fxu V' A yifvi MQW i l YOU vvant to get a FINE BOX i or CONFECTIONS, aww gg forget R. E. JOLLY fa co. We guar- i antee to keep the freshest and finest 1 in the city. Mallor'y's Fine French lee-cream N in every styleg allSu1'h1'ner Refreshments and ,K Drinks in that line. We also offer during the N rernainder of the College Year our Pads and Stationery at Cost. A Don't forget the nurnber and place, 3 by 26 SouTH STATE ST. 1? R' E' A CO'Sf R W T EPHON Ill W l l l 7 oo T i l l l i l i I Q1 JAMES M. STAFFQND, KK No. 19 SQUTH MAIN TQUOP Sigeet Q ,D Q Uri, Q J 6 2 X i A Q E f f 5 Latest Designs in Foreign Fabrics for Spring Suitings, Trouserings, and a Full Line ,xo 4 1 of Fancy Vestings ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, 8 1892 THE PFXLLFXDYUM LABS O w 1 -X Q F -if . x .,: ," 1'ae:, 4 -- . W , , .,.gf:g- I , ' f 13'-,,:-.155 . -1.1-3-. vena, '55 -1-.,, :Q X ' "fi I ' H , , ------ 4 Y 332 W ,V ,V -nz ,- 14 72 fa x, V A , L .. 7 x ,,., fb -.:f.,:g , ..,.. . - ,: ff F wf 5 xn iflff ' I -K , ' -22521 "2 'fi' .limi A ix ,R I A i- EE'-:.: ,V Law WF' M ws. ogzg mug 'yung zoyznoa x x iii 5. ik Lg AKD fr ' N- fs L ff- uai - Q. 5' .2 -11. Ei " K - : 15 5 . . A Ni? . E - - gm ' V 5. -R 323' 5 Qi-. " M'-, fm 5 ii 529' as 3 E "2 E .55 :Q 5 E5 9 2 .Q , '? fe . r 1-i.:3.r,-i::hz5E3'1l-" 455,35 - ,, -- , e Q 1. ,-, , 3 :swf ' A "R, '3,.-'gimnxhi 5, 'E . 5 -,524 ar 4 K6 Q -7 L 54' 2 5 "w, If " -a "'-- fi' f Q 2 ft Q ?5 -'53 QQKL 33 F abif p,.,,fP?-. 2 12 t Sm sg 55: W 3,53-2 5: 'f ,,,,, .rg J X 'fn j A as -0:5 wif Ex? ,x,25, T- I a- 3, g A 5 "'a HY, ' ,.Sw,"k"- E ' X ' 63294 ,s-Q! ,, 5 N. EE r' '-?f- F p3 BL I 4L5 Qi '1!! ,Mijn 5 - -iiif " ga ,sp -af .fm . ': if. .dz E55 , 'z OW:-fe , - ,- it ' E s . . 5 if? Vg? -,I fe 5 ft. RF' 2.55 ':. 5" f' '- E p. 9 'n'? 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C'lu.4,w lmjf. ,Allunnuf Duff. Cm1wl:NL'ExllcN'l' IN ALI, lJlCI'.XII'l'NlliN'l'5UI1"I'lllC I'NrrmcHl'1'Y. 1f.rumfnulz'nn for ,lrlmixsifm In lhe 1h'puf'!n1m1t 141' Ll'fUI'Clflll'l', Sf'i1'1zc'f', 111111 ffm girls. 1f.rumi11rzli0n 'fm' ,'ldH??'83f07l, lu H16 Ih'pm'lrmfm' fy' Lau' and fo lhrf School 147' Plza1'n1r1f'y. If.:-f1n11'1nrfio11 for .lflluflwximf In fha Ilwpm-fnzwnf 157' .lIw1liwf1zf' anal Sfrzyjfry, In the Illllllllfllllllflllf ,llm'ir'al Collr'g1', 111111 to Hu' College qf Dwntal N141'g1f'1'y. Fllwr SEMI-IS'l'l-Ill lllcmarxs IN .Kl.I. 111421-.x1:'l'x1xcx'l's UF 'r 14: lvNIYlCIiSl'l'Y. Tll2lllliSQllX'lllQ livvvss of tlxrvv Jays, lwginniug 'l'l14-salary evening, in all lla-pzlrtlnellts nf the l'nix'vl'sity. CI'Irvl1il1g.D llulirlzxy xvilwllllbll lwgins in alll lJO1uu't1m-llts. lflxvrm-ises W-'Slllllt'll. Clix'vx1i11g1.j Fllcwr 5liBIl'IS'l'lCIl C'l,nsr:s. S151-uxlm SE5lliS'l'liIi lll-QGINN. Cldva-11i11g.D Ile-1-4-ss ln0g1i11s,4-llrlilxg April2-lCevHnil1g1.J illiXlNll'1Ni'lCHl'fN'l' IX Am. lll-II'XR'I'NlEX'l'S mf' 'PHE UNIV!-:I:sl'l'x'. I5 IIUN. IInN l1oN. Ilox. Hox. Hoff Ilux llux Ecard of Tfieggentz. JAMES B. ANGELL, LL. D., P 1'1' xid rfzl L. IIERMANX KIEFICR, CIIARLIGH R. XVIIITHAX, ROGER W. BUTTICRFIELD, . CHARLICS HEHARIJ, CHARLICS DR.Xl'I'lR, XVILLIAM J. COCKICR, HENRY IIHWARIJ, ln N. comic, .... JAMES H. XVAIJF, Swr'1'r'lrL1'Jf frnrl Slwlrvlrrl. HARRISON SOULE, TI'4'r1sNf'1'1'. Ilwx. FERRIS S. FITCH Sr1p1'rinl1'mlrf11f uf lmlflirf Ifzstruf 1 -lim: Board of 19151110115 Dotrnit. .Xllll Arlmr. Gmud Rapids Peqllauxlilmg. Rust Sngilmw. Alll'i2lll. Port Iluron. LTUVIIIIIIEL. sVr,I,Ix:xX M. CITTQJIIIQUN, 1,m.0it, ,xslrmw mmm, . l,l,t,.1 ,it. 1:1cN'1'oN 11Axc'11RT'1', gugilm, 16 members of the Faculties HND OTMER OF-IUCERS Cpcznmncnl Clnncnulnxunln uucl .olulmenln 'cz 'Tczmn tfcmcz llnun Suu tl car. l I PP J JAMICS B. .XNtil'1LL, LL. D., XP. T., l'l:1isIlHcN'1'. South University A Y0l1lll-l. CORYDON L. FORD, M. D., LL. D., N E N, 1'rQfessor Qf' .Inrrlfmzy mul l,ll!fNflllUf1fl, and Dean of the Drprzrtnzrnt Qf JIUdI.C'l.llV and Suryrry. ti-L Wuslxtenaw Avmnw. ALBERT ll. l'Rl+lSCOT'l', l'u. D., Bl. D., Dirrdor qt' flzr f'11rn11'rf1l lnthurutory, I'rQf1fssrn' :gf Ufffllllti' C1l4'Illt.NlI'jf, and llrrm qt' the Svlmnt rrf I'lzurnmry. 50 Suutlx Ingalls Street. REV. MARTIN L. D'O01il'l, LL. D., 'lf 1, 1'rofvssurqfl!1r Grrrk llllllfjlltlfjl' and l.'it1?raturv, 111111 Dean Qf the Drpurtnwnl qf Litc1'r1lrtrr, .S'r-irlmr, mul the Arts. TT Wuslttenaw Avenue. CHARLES IC. GREICNIC, A. M., C. li., I'rrg'rNsor ry' Civil Engineering. 37 Williznn Street. JONATHAN TAFT, M. D., D. D. S., l'roff'ssur 'gf H10 Pl'tlIt'l'1P1l'N and l,l'lll'fI'!T8 qf Oral l'utl1uIoyy and Surgery, mul Dean Qf Nu Cullrgr qf Drum! Surgery. 23 North University Avenue. XVILLIAM Il. 1'liT'l'lCl'I, A. M., I' I ml llifting Iingiffrrriug. 52 Tlnnnpson Street Prqfvssor :ff jfinrralofljf, lfrmwnzic ,ru ogy, u A JOHN A. YVATLING, D. D. S., l'l'Qfrxsm'1g' Opffrrzlirr and Clinical Dentistry. Huron Street, Ypsilanti, Miulxigan. VNIARK XV. HARRlXt,i'I'UN, A. M., 'P T, l'rofrs.wm- of A stronomy, and Dirwrtur qf the Olmffrfzatory. JOSEPH B. STEICRE, Pn. D., Professor gf Zoology. South Ypsilanti Road. " Absent on leave. 17 1 EIJXVAHD L. NVALTER, Pu. ll., Nl' T, l,I'lLff'8S01' of lfrnmmcff LtHIf,lLHljfI'N and LitL'r1rl1u'1'x. H33 South Stzlto Street. lSAAU X. DICMMON, A. M., I'rQffwm' iff English and Iilzfftoric. 713 Wzxslntvuztw Avellue. WILLIAM H. lltllil-LXXCI-I, IJ. Il. S., .X E A, 1'rqf'ws5m' lj l'msllu'!ic llcntislry und liwntal Jfvtullllrgy. 42 South lugzxlls Street. ALIEICRT Il. l'.X'l"l'lCNGILL, A. lll., A A dl, 1'1-qfmwn-ff ffwvfk. T Corllwvll Plum-e. MORTUIICR li. CUOLEY, M. li., E df, l'rqff'.w1r rg' .lIl't'lIfHl1.l'lIl l:'nyi1zvc'1'1'11y. 232 l'z1ckz11'1l Street. XVILLIAM J. IIICIZIPMAN, Pu. ll., Nl. D., A .X 113 1'rq1lw.m1' ng' ,X'vf'f-nm I2ismsm mul Iflcrtrotlzerupfculir-s. -.18 liust llurou Street. ' WOOSTNR W. BEMAX, A. M., 1'rQfw.wsrn' ofllrrllwnlrllics. 61 East North Street. VlC'1'0li C. VAUQIIAN, PH. D., M. D., N 2 x l,l'I4ff'N,Q1II' 141' lflfgifill? rind I'llj1x1'1fIug1'r'uI fl1lI'IIIfNfi'!f, 1h'w'r'!r1r of the I1f1fy1'r'91r'f: I.f1bof'aIm'y, mul 1211111 of Ihr' 1ll'lHll'!Hll'HlL of ,llwflfwmff mm' S1w'gfz'1-ff. 15 South State Street. HENRY ll. OHETZ, M. ll., lwgfrfssm- of SIll'gfl2'jf and l'lfm'1'ul Sv1rf,'w1'y, und DMM of Ihr' Ifollzocoprtlllir' .lIwrI1'crll ColI1'gc'. 241 West lligh Street, Detroit, llllt'lllQtl11. f'PTII03IAS H. t'0Ul,l'IY, Ll.. IJ., .X .X df, 111 .X 111, l'rfm'ssur of .lnlwriwrrft llistory llllfl f,llllI.SfIlfILfffII!!Il Lrllr. 76 South State Street. CIIARLICS S. DICNISON, M. S., U. E., Z 45 I'rfg'wHsor rg' Il4'sr'ri11li1'r' ff'f'rnn0Iry, Nlwrffrflonzy, and llrufriny. 23 South llivisiou Street. JA3115s ti. wooD, A. M., M. D., l1f'QfPssrn' of UI!Sff'f1"1.!'H and lliszfasvs Qf ll'UllIl'TL and Clzilrlrmz in the lllllllllfilllittflltf ,l1lff1l.CtLl College. till South Fourth Avvulle. DAXIEL A. llt'T,ACllT.AX, M. D., I'r0fcxxur ry' Oplztlzulnmlagy, Olology, and lhltlulngy in the llonzoeopallzic ,lIl'tI1'fftllC0lIUfjt', and Sf'0rftfrry of Ihr' Iloilzwopullliw l"11f:1zIly. 213 South Division Street. ' I'roI't'ssor Cooley haw lezwo of absence, but xielivern :1 lJl'l1'1'l7Ulll'SDOf leuturt-w on the law ot' infor- Stutc a'4:::x:1w1'1:e t0 advzxlxvoti :students in the in-p:u't111e11t of Lznw. 18 HENRY S. CATIIIART, A. M., NI' T, l'1'11f?'s.w1' Qf1,,ljfSl'I'S, 112111 1,l.l'I'I'fiIl' 111' the Pllysiwrl L11h1n'11f11ryf. T 310111110 Street. LEVI T. QQRIFFIN, A. AI., B 9 H, fl' A 111, I"I11t1'l11'1' l,l'1ff1'8SUl' Qf l.,1111'. l-IS Ilelnry St1'C0t, Ilvtruit, BIIVIIIQZIII. RAYMOND C. DAVIS, A. AI., A K I-I, l,i11r11ri1111. lil AVZISIIICIIRIW Avenue. YOLNEY M. SPALDING, A. R., l'r14f1'ssor1j' lf11t1my. 50 'l'l11'n11ps011 Strvvt. HENRY C. ADAMS, PII. D., l'1-14f1'ss1n'qf I'olffiC11l llmllfnny 111111 l"1'n1ln1'1'. ll llullrtme Strvvt. CALVIN THOMAS, A. M., l'r1J1':'sur 111' fl1'V1n11111'1' l.1111y1111111'.w 111111 Ll'f6'l'dfIll'l'S. C'1'11'11O1' 111' Tllllllllll llllll llill St1'OCtH HENEAGE GIRRES, M. D., l'r11f1'ssor Qf l'11ll1oI11f1!l. 113 Forest LAVUIIIIO. 4'fBl'RKE A. HINSDALE, PII. D., I'r11j?'ss11r of thc' Sf'f4'iLCf? Illlfl N11' .lrt of yvl'llf'!l1.Ilg. RICHARD HVDSON, A. M., 1'r14f'wssoz' qf llistury. 40 S11utl1 Ingalls Street. BRADLEY M. TIIUAIPSON, M. S., LL. R., A K 111, 111 A 111, .lay IU-Qfcssor Qf 1.11112 25 East I'11ivo1'sity Avenue. ALBERT A. STANLEY, A. BI., l'r14fessof' Qf Jlzasic. 19 Suutlt Ingalls Stu-et. JOIIN DEWEY, Pu. D., 1Il'Qf4'S5Ul' 141' 1'l1iI11soplzy. I5 I"111'est AV1-11119 FRANCIS W. KELSEY, PII. D., XI' T, I'r11f'1'ss111- QI' the Laliu Langlmyc and Lit1fral1cr1'. 55 East llniversity AYOIIIIQ. JEROME C. KNOWLTON, A. B., Z W, 111 A 112, Jlarshall I,I'Qff'SS07' Qf Law, 111111 Dram qf the II1'purt1f11'11t of Lrzzrf. TT East lIllI'OI1 Street CHARLES GATCIIELL, M. D., Pr1j1'sx1n' uf the Tl11'11ry and Praf-tice of Jledicine in the HlJI?liB1I1IOIIliC 1111111111111 Collegfh 222 S1n1tl1 Division Street. 'Absent on Ieave. 19 c11.xRI.1cs s. MACK, A. B., M. D., l'rfg'cssor of .1lfctcricc Jlwclifa and 7'l1c'rapf1'11t'1'f's in the llonzrcopuilzfc .1IudIf'uI College. 14 South Stutc Streot. CIIARLICS 11. XAXCRICDIG, M. ll., Prfg'2'ssor of Surgery um! CIIAILTCUI Surgery in lhw Dfpurlmwut of Allwflicilze and Surgery. 4 Coruwvll Place. FLEMMING CARRONV, M. IP., Professor of Oplzll1f1Jm'1'c and Aural Surgvry and Clinical Oplzllzalnmlugy in tlw Department of 41Il'tHf'l.IH' and Suryefry. 51 lffztst Huron Strevt. OTIS C. JOHNSON, 1'u. C., A. M., IU-ofvssor of flppliwfl Vltmalfistry. 52 South Tlmyvl' Street. "1'r"x 1 l'Al L t. 1'111u1u1t, Ill. D., M. 11., ,l,l'Qf?'SSU7' QI' flffm'1'z,1l f.'l1f'1nislry, and Director' Qf the 11fIl!U1'Clf02'jj of Gollum! fflzwnzistry. 2111 South State Street. NVILLIAM 11. IIOWICLL, Pu 11., M. 11., J'1-qffnwn' of 1'l:ysio7ogy mul Ifistuloyy. 57 Ifhlst Uuiwrsily Awluw. v f , JAMES X. MARTIN, Pu. M., M. 17., A l A, Pfofcssrn' of Obstrflrir's ami lliswczwx of lVom1'n in the lh'pm't:nrfnl of' J,1ff'dl.1'fIlf' fund SlLl'fICI'!f. 113 North Stats- Street. M1115 J. A131uL, Pu. D., M.1J., XI' 1, L6f'!u1'0r on Jlulwrirl A1lf'dif'f1 and yvlll'l'llllt"Ufl.I'H fin the Dfymrlfmfnt of 11lf'dIcf11,f' mu? S1H'g1'ry. I! Vollzlnll StrOCt. N1CLY11.1,1C S. IIOFF, 13. 17. S., l'rqff'ssor of Ilwmzl Jlulwrfu. Jferlicfz frnrl Dwnlal llfeclmnixm. 41 South Twvlftll Strevt. ANDREW C. Mm'1.Al'G111.1N, A. H., 1,1.. B., A A fb, D l,l'Qf6SS01' of ,1IIIl'I'1.f'Illl llistory. 41 South Twelftln Street. JOS1C1'11 B. DAVIS, C. IC., lwffcssor of Gworlesy mul Survzfying. 51 South lngulls Street. P. H. mc FONT, A. B., 13. S., Q .'1ssz'strmt l'rq7?'mrn' of L'l't'Hf'll, and Hwyislrar rj' the Df'pcz1'ln11'1'zt of l.il01'a1z,Lr4', ,Srfif'm?e, mul th ,1rt.s. 233 lflust J011'0rsou Strvct. f'I,AR1'1Nt'1C Gr. TAYLOR, 11. S., Sll1N'l'1.l1,fl'Itdfllf of Shops in Engim'z'rfv'zg La.zl1o1'at01'y. 211 South lfuiversity Avenue. 20 JACOB li. RICIIEIIARD, Pu. B., Assistant Professor of Zoology. 1212 North Thayer Street. THOMAS C. TICITICBLOOD, A. M., Assistant Pl'ltft'S'S0l' Qf Elocution. SS Hill Street. GEORGE IIEMPL, Pu. D., ,blssistant Pwjt'.w.wor of English. 67 AVZISDIQIIEIW Avenue. EDAVAKD D. C.AlAll,Bltll.l,, B. S., .lssistant l'rQll'ss0r Qt' Mftullttrgy. Hill Street. WIUSICPH II. DRAKE, A, B., Assistant l'f-qfkwsor of Latin. Fltlill X. SCOTT, Pu. D., Ass1'stu.tLt l'rq7?'ssor of Rhetoric. 1 Uollege Street. FRANK X. CULIC, Pu. It., li 0 ll, Assistant Prtykssfn' qf ,lItlflll'lllLltl'CS. 24 Forest Avenue. JUIIN C. ltOI.FE, Pu. D., Assistant Profwssor Qt' Latin. -IT South Division Street. FRICDlCltlCK U. NOYY, Se. D., Assistant lhvgfessof' of Ifffyiwnw and I'l1ysiol0g1'rttl K,'l1wnt1'stry. 2515 Lawreuee Street. ALICXANDICR ZIXVIQT, C. E., .-lssistmtt Proftfssur of Jlutlzwnztztzffs. l-I South State Street. Glitllttili W. PATTIGRSHX, A. BI., Sc. li., 1' T, A8-SZ'-Sfltltf llfftft'-SSIII' qt' Pltysiws. 14 South University Avenue. Glitllilili A. IIIGXCII, l'u. D., .lssistvml Projkssor of Gwmztrt. 40 South lIlg2lllS Street. ALVISO B. STEVENS, Pu. C., Lcvturur on l'ltarn1uf'y. 15 Churelx Street. ttGOT'I'IIELF U, IIITBICH, M. D., Ifzstructor in, llistoloyy. YVILLIAM A. CABIPBIGIJ., M D., lhwzonslrcttor Qt' glflltfflllljf, and Sw-rwtory 141' the FllK'tlIf.lf if tlw Dwpartnzent of .lltfdicine and Slfrywry. il South State Street. Absent on leave 21 .IOSICPII II. VANUIG, LL. B., Assistant L'liIll'tll'f!L7I, in olmrgc of the Lama I, ilnvwy. Ami Arbor Town .IUSICPII CIAHK, Slapwrflztwndwnl 141' Ilospituls. SCo1'11wQll Plzlvv. . w. 9 yn':v1-Ffiu.-uciuxil lccluzuzn cu Flnucml XQCIIVIUD lsr HENRY B. IZIIOXVX, LL. IJ., A A fb, lb .X lb, LClfl'LH"f'T' on A dmfralfy Law. IVHSI niugton, D. l'. .Imax W. 1..xXf+r.i2Y, s. iz., M. iw., L0ct'1zrwz- UII llzw jfeffzllfargff 147' ,S'1'veJl. I'ittsIrui'gI1, VUIIIISY ' Alvziiiiu. MAHSII.XI.I. IJ. ICWIQLI., LL. IJ., Lerlmw' on JIwl1'w1I,ln1-f'sp1'1uImn'f'. Chivzlgn, Illinois. SA NI I' ICI, MA X W ICLI., l,ectur1'r mf linda Plwlflfng ram! Prr1r'l1'r'r'. IFF!-IIIIUIIII, Nolmiskzm. JAMICS I.. HIGII, I.I.. D., Levi' ll'l'l' on Eljltffjj JllI'fSlH'HfII'l11'l'. Cllicugwm, Illinois. JOHN Ii. Cl.AYI3lCIHi, LL. IJ.,'lvu'Ur on Jlffllillg Lfzzv. IIvIc-1111, Montzllizl. IZILNJAMIN I.. IYOOGIC, A. M., NI' T, Lectuww' on the lfwzlir' Dialcvt. Ypsilanti, Mivlmigalii. lIIiI,YII,I.l'I BI. BIGFIHXV I' 4, , 11. ID., L12clul'a'r on Insm'rw'1f-ff. Cz1111Imri1IQm', IXIQISSZIUIIIISOIIS. GEORGE II. I.U'I'HIiUI', Pu. B., E fb, Lecturer on 1'1rlwni Law. 1433 Fort Strwt West Iletim .5 , I ' 't, Hichigzlil. IVILLIAM Ci. HAINIMONIJ, LL. D., Lffcturcfr on the flisfory of f10Hl7lL0I'L Imflf. St. Louis, Missouri. 22 Sltuz dlnlfctntlllnulnln 1:2 GEORGE DOCK, M. D., PI'lffr'S80l' Qf tht' Tlzwory and PI'flCfI'1'F of Jledfrine und Clinical Jl4'tl1'vfm' in thc Departmrfnt of Jlrfflzrizzf and Surgery. 213 East JUH.Cl'.SO11 Strevt. NATHAN ABBOTT, A. B., XI' T, fb A lb, Tappan Prqf'w.w.wo1' of Luzr. 6 North Division Street. .IUIIX YV. CIIAMPLIN, LL. D., 11' A 'I', l'rr471'ssor :gf Law. Grnlul Rapids, 3IiC'DigI2lIl. EDWIN F. CUNELY, dw A 41, l'I'Qfl'SSOI' Qf Law. Detroit, Mit-lmigan. CARI, XV. BICLSICR, Pu. D,, .issfsfunt l'rQfvssor of Oriwztul Lrmgllages. 335 Monroe Street. FRANK C. WAGNER, A. M., ,lcting .-Issistrznt I'rry'ffssnr of ,V'f!CllIIitl'f'lll E1'1ginf'wriv1g. 2 Pau-kard Street. LILMICR E. BIZOXYX, l'n. D., ,lr'l1'ng Assistant Prqfcsxor Qf ilu' Srffwnre mul llle .-lrf rj Tc'curlL1'11y1. 2-L Maynard Street. WILLIAAI II. HOWICLI., Pn. D,, M. D., Lvcturer on JI-1'SI'l'0Sl'0l7jll in its ,llwlico-Iwgul Rfflatimtx in HW Ihfpartmenl aj' Law. 57 Iinst Tfnive-rsity Avonnof. AVILLIAM F, UIHCAKEY, AI. D., Lvwtflrwr on Dffrnlaloloyy. 57 East Ilnron Strevt. RICHARD IIVDSON, A. M., LK'1'fILl'l'1' on f'fnnpm'ati1'w l,'onxtitul1'mmZ Lau' in lim Dwpurlment of Law. -lllSoutl1Ing:1lls Strvftt. Y1C'l'UR C. VAUUHAN, Pu. D., AI. D., N E N, Ler'f1o'1'r on I'0.I'fIf1lIUgjlfIl ils Lwgal IfI'llIfI'UllS in ll1f?IJPprlrfn1r'nt rg' I,v111'. 15 South State Street. , IIICNIIY C. ADAMS, l'n. D., Lwvturwr on the Railroad Prolflrnfs in flu' IJ1'pa1'lmz'nl of Law. ll Monroe Street. XVIILIAM J. IIFSSEY, H. S., Irzstrwlor in Aslrmmmy and Aciiwg I1l.l't'l'l07' Qf lim Obserralory. Ohsvrvzltory. 23 JOSEPH I.. HARKLICY, PH. D., Instructor in lllfztlmmatics. 28 Pztckzlrmt Street. AVILLARIJ Ii. CLIGAIICNT, A. AI., Instructor in Imzfiff. -L5 South Twelfth Street. MHIIITZ LICYI, A. B., Ifmlruolm' ifzFrwnf'!1. 20 Suuth l'11ix'e1'sity Avenue, MAX WIXKLICK, A. B., Instructor in Gwrnzcm. S5 South State Street. FlilCDljRIl'li C. XICWCHAIBIQ, B. S., IIlNfl'lll'f0l' fu liutrmjf. 51 Iizlst Liherty Street. FILICIJ IXIORLICY. C. IC., struwtor in Da.wc1'1'pLif'f' C:1?0lI1I'fI'4!f cmd Drfzurfzlyf. Stl l':2lSt IY11iY6l'SitA GLICN I.. SXYIGtiI'I'l"l', A. B., Instrm-lm' fn, G6l'1III1lL um! FI'C'IFl.'lI.. 51 South Thzlyel' Street Lfjllull A. LX MAN, A. B., Inxlrwioi' in .1lf1ll1f'mr1tirs. St l.:1w1'011n'e Street. AVILI, II. SIIICKZICIQ, M. S., lnxtrzzclor in. Ilmloyy. 315 t'Inurt-h Street. HIHAM A. Sttlilflli, A. B., IllSfI'tL1flUl'iTL Grrfffla mul Latin. 239 South fl'welt'th Street. FRANK A. WAPLICS, B. S., Instructor in llislulngy. 30 Suuth Tlmuyor Street. GTCOIUEIC 0. HIGLIGY, B. S., Instruvtm' in Genwrfzl Cl1c1fu'si1'g. IH South Tlmzxym' Street. ARTIIVR G. HALIC, B. S., Instructor in Illfftlwmaiics. 45 'l'lm1np:so11 Street. GICUIIGIG H. MICAIJ, A. B., Instrfwtor in I"lLiIfmoplzy. 56 Suuth University Avenue. ALFRICIJ II. LLOYD, A. M., Instrw-tor in I'Itil4mopI1,1f. 43 South Ingalls Street. 24 A venue RAYMOND L. WEEKS, A. M., Instructor in French. -18 Thompson Street. .JONATHAN A. C. HILDNER, A. B., Irzstrzurtor in Herman. 55115 South Division Street. LEWIS MVRBACII, Pn. B., B. S., Instr1zr'tor in Jlorplzology. GG South State Street. GEORGE REBEC, Pu. Ii., 9 A X, Instructor in English. 44 East North Street. SIMON M. YVTZY, M. D., IllNfI'Ilt?l01' in Ostvoloyy, ,-lssistant Demonstrator of Ilnatomy, and Assistant to the Professor of Anatomy andPl1ysiology. 7 North Vniversity Avenue. ERNST VOSS, Instructor in German. 30 North Division Street. DAVID M. LICHTY, I'I2.Qf7'lfCf07' in General Clzemistry. T North Vniversity Avenue. HERMAN Y. AMES, Pu. D., Instrm-tor in Ifistory. 330 North Division Street. WILLIAM F. EDWARDS, B. S., Ar-countanl rand Dispensing Clerk in the Cheznical Laboratory. -18 East University Avenue. JULIl'S O. SCHLOTTERBECK, I'n. C., Assistant in !'lz11rmar'ognosy. 39 Church Street. JAMES G. LYNDS, M. D., Assistant to the Professor of Obstetrics in the Delmrtrizcnt of Medicine and Surgery. 30 South State Street. BERT B. ROWE, M. D., House Surgeon in the University Ilospital. Vniversity Hospital. ALICE IIUNT, --lssismnt in Drazvifzg. 27 North University Avenue. FRED P. JORDAN, A. B., Asszklzzzzt in Gmzcral Library in charge of Catalogue. 66 East University Avenue. 4 25 LOVIS P. HALL, D. D. S., A E A, Assistant to the Proflfssor of Operative anal Clinical Dentistry. llill Street and Washtenaw Avenue. CYREXITS G. DARLING, Bl. D., Assistant to the Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery in the Department of ,lfezlicine and Surgery, and Clinical Lecturer on Oral Pathology and Surgery in the College of Dental Surgery. 38 East University Avenue. MOSES GOMBERG, ll. S., Assistant in Organic Clielnistry. 73 South University Avenue. ERNEST A. CLARK, M. D., Assistant to the Professor of Surgery in the Ilomfropatltic .llcolical College. 28 South Main Street. V BERNHARD C. IIESSE, Pu. C., Assistant in Qualitalire Analysis. 39 Church Street. lclgrfxs F. Jouxsox, B. s., LL. M., Quizinaster in the Department of Law. 49 South Fifth Avenue. MARY DENISOX, BI. D., Assistant to thc Professor of Olzstetries and Diseases of Women and Children in the Honzrro- pathfic Medical College. East lluron Street. XVILLIAM L. MOORE, Bl. D., Assistant to the Professor rg' Nervous Diseases and Electrollterapeutics. 31 East Jefferson Street. ELMER E. HAGLER, M. D., Assistant to the Professor of Opltthalinic and Aural Surgery and Clinical Oplttltalinology in the Department of Medicine and Surgery. ll Haunilton Block. GEORGE H. ROWE, B. S., .lssistant to the PrfU'essor of Physics, 52 South Fourth Street. l 7 ARCHIBALD MUIRHEAD, Assistant to the Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics tn the Department of Medicine and Surgery. 23 Volland Street. EVOENE H. ROBERTSON, Pu. B., Assistant in Physiological Cltenristry. 103 East Huron Street. BYROX A. FIXXEY, A. B., Assistant in Charge of Circulation in the General Library. 312 South Ingalls Street. 26 MAY B. STUCKEY, M. D., Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy. 85 East Huron Street. MARTIN L. BELSER, M. D., Assistant to the Professor of Patlzology. I9 Spring Street. CHARLES F. MCCLINTOCK, A. M., Assistant to the Professor fy' Ifygirno. I1 I'I:1stI'niversity Avenue. HERBERT E. BARRIGIIT, B. S., Assistant in the Ilygienic Laboratory. 7-I East Huron Street. LYMAX F. KEBLER, Pn. C., B. S., Assistant in Qualitative Analysis. -I2 South Fourth Avenue. ROBERT B. ARMSTRONG, Pn. C., Assistant in Pharmacy. 29 South Fourth Avenue. ORLANDO L. SVTHERLAXD, M. D., Resident l'hysician and Surgeon in thr Homacopathio Hospital. H0lI14UID1JHtIlIK7 Hospital. GVERT E. WILDER, M. D., Assistant to the Profrssor of Ophthalmology, Otology and Psvdology in the Homcropathifo Jtledical Collegc. 28 South Main Street. GRANT S. PICCK, M. D., Assistant to the Profrssor of the Theory and Practice of ,vt'tliCI'7L6 and to the Professor of Jfateria Jledira and Therapeutics in the Ilonwopalhio Jlrdicul Collrgr. Honnuoputlnc Hospital. JICHU B. MIDDLECOFF, LI.. B., A T, Qnizmaster in thr Departnzrnt of Law. 29 South University Avenue. HARRY D. JICWELL, LL. B., Quizmaster in the Department of Law. 43 East Catherine Street. THOMAS IV. HUGHES, LL. B., Quiznzustrr in thr' Department of Law. 6 Churvh Street. AUSTIN C. GORMLEY, LL. B., Quiznlaster in the Drparlnzent of Law. 31 South Thayer Street. ELI R. SUTTON, LL. B., E X, Qltl'ZIllClNi8I' in the DI'12fll'flI1t'tZf of Lair. 1215 South Thayer Street. ALDRED S. MARTLIN, A. M., M. IJ., Assistant to the Prqtkfssor of the Tllrory and l'ract1're of Jledioine and Clinical Zllcdioine in the Dt'1ltll'f1ll6I1t rj' Itlediffinr and Surgrry. 531 East Liberty Street. 27 'T ARLLAQF C E ND EARTS 'Literary ibcpalrtment. To all who have watched the growth of the University for the past twenty years nothing has been nlore gratifying thall the steady development of the department of Literature, Science, and the Arts. For it may well be said, with- out the slightest disparagement of the Professional Schools, that the prosperity of this department has been the guage of the life and growth of the entire University. First ill the order of establishment, the Literary department has in many respects been the centre and controlling spirit of the University as 21 whole. That which makes a true University, in distillction from a mere collection of separate schools, is the correlation of liberal and professional studies, and the presence of the ailll, inspiring and unifying all departments of learning, to pursue all branelles of knowledge ina truly scientific spirit, and not from mercenary motives and as a preparation for some calling or trade. lVhile mere llllnlbers ollgllt not to be the glory of a University, they are significant in lllillly ways, Zllld we may take a just pride in the fact that this department has at present an enrollment approximating thirteen lll1lldI'Qfl, which lacks little of being the largest ill any University in this lalld. What is, how- ever, more significant, is the fact that in this department upwards of 390 differ- ent eourses of study are offered the present year. Bllll there is one thing that is still more gratifying, and tllat is the develop- ment of a graduate department, which in its courses of study and methods of work corresponds to what is called the philosopllical faculty in the German Universities. The more complete organization and equipment of this depart- ment is at present under consideration. Every year an increasing number, not only of our own graduates but also of those from other colleges, are attracted by the opportllnities for graduate study and original investigation that are here afforded. It sometimes happens, let us say it modestly, that our graduates who go abroad for study Find that SONIC of the European Universities offer less advanced eourses of instruction than may be pursued within our own halls. In harmony with the aim to raise this department to a. higher plane of true University education, is the favor with which the Faculty look upon the efforts of ollr strongest High Schools to add to the preparatory course the first year's work of the college eurrieulum. More books, more apparatus, more teaching force, more laboratories and seminaries, more fellowships,-these are the necessary means of future growth, and these we look to have in the near future. M. L. DlO0GE, Dean. 29 Graduate Ztuderztz. A111.1c'1"1'.x M. A1:1:o'1"1', A. B., A1.1.1soN NV. A1'ra111, A. B., . . . BIAIIY U. B.ANl'IiI12Il, P11. B., ll B Lb, NEl.I.IlC Bo11L.xx11, i,Il. B., SUVOSIS, . . AV11.1..11111 K. C1.1f:x11cNT, A. M., . J.x511cs M. Co1.1ax1.1N, A. B., . . B1cN.1.x111N L. D'Uo1a1c, A. M., NI' Y, KENT R. D1'N1..x1', A. B., . . W11.1.1.u1 XV. IC.1u.1x, PII. B., . Moslcs liomzlclxrz, B. S., . . 3I1c1:'1'11c I.. Goo1114:1.1., PII. B., Glzomalc A.Goo1ncNo1'c:11,B. S., AVILH111: 0. H1c11111t'1c, B. S., . . JUN.-X'l'lIAN A. C. II11.1mx1c11, A. B., C11.x1:1.1f:s HI1.i1, B. S., . . . . T111co1m1:15 H. II1Nv11x1.xN, A. B., 2 41, L1'M.1N F. K1z1z1.1c11, B. S., . . . H.11z1:1' J. Klsxxlfzlmv, A. B., . Jollx l'.K1zx'1cs, PII. B., ll' A 6, . Tovoullzo KA'1'1a1s.-x11'.x, . . . M.x11YF.' Limoll, . ..... AL1f1:1cn C. Llcwlclucxz, A. B., A T A, 'I'111co11o111: C. Lxxsmxxrxxx, A. B., 0 A X, MARY IG. Lovlcnlcss, A. B., . . C1f1,1111.1cs T. M1'C1.1NTo1'K, A. M., Joux R. MCC1c.x1cY, A. B., . iAIA'I"I'llC IC. MCFA1:1.AN11, B. S., FRANK I.M1'111, A. B., . . AV.x1.'1'1c1c H. X1v11o1.s, B. S., . S.x51111c1. W Nolrrox, A. M., . AVA1.'r121: S. P.11.x11c1:, B. S., . . S'r1Q1'1111:N F.1'1c1'1c11.111,A.N., A1111 Arbor, . Hillsdale, . Jzlvkson, . Illliily City, . A1111 Arbor, . f,,gKi6'IlSiJlll'g', . Ypsilzuiti, . . XVQIlesley, Mass., :A1111 Arbor, . . A1111 Arbor, . 4Al1l1 Arbor, . T.:111si11g, . Lzuising, . Allll Arbor, gxllll Arbor, . Detroit, . . ,A1111 Arbor, . Iljlliil, . . . Avillilllll, Minn., Tokio, Jzipam, . Detroit, . . Detroit, Berne, .... Skaiieateles, N. Y., Lexingtorl, Ky., Lelxiugtoii, N. C., BZll'll2ll'li, Mo., . Brief, . . fxllll Arbor, . Hillstlale, . X:1puleo11, :A1111 Arbor, . 30 Vassar Cuilwgv. lIills1,7alf4 Collffgv. Iv71IiI'CT'Sl'lff of .1l1'ch1'gu1z. l'n1'1.'c'r3ity of rllichigzzn. lfolby l'1ziz'4'1-sity. l'11iz'01'sity qf Miclzfgan. I"n.1'1fc1"s1'ly rgf riliclrigfm. ll'1'1Iffxley Cnllwgf. I'11i1,'+'rs1'fy of jlfC1l1'fjllll. I'n.1f1'ersity Q1' Jlvfclligan. I'11i1'ersity qi' ,1IicI1igan. jffffllfgflllf 1-lyf1'1'1'u7furu1 Coll. JIif'lLv'gan -vlgjrfculmral Coll. L'niz'crsfty of .ilI'Cllfg1lII. Ivllli f'r' fsily of A,'fC'll1'fjll7t. IVlll'I'67'SZAfjl qf Jl1'clL1'grm. l'1Lfz'e1's1'ty qf' ,1l1'ch1'gu1z. IvILfl'fZ1'Sl.fjf Qf Jlichigan. L'n'i1'ersi!y :gf .V1'ClLfgIll'L. Vfzllvfge qf Tobin. ,llofmt Ilolyoke College. lvH.fl'6FSftjj Qf Jlichigzm. C'c1pitall'ni 1'1' rsity. Tflfzflleslegf Collffge. Kvntucky IVf'SI6jjCL77. Fniff. Trinity Collwge. Amity Collvyfe. IY7ZI'l'l'?'Sl.f!f rgf ,Vicl11'gz1n. L'uir'ers1'ly of Jliclzigan. l'n1'1:ers'1'ty iff ,1I'ic:l11'gan. Jliclzigan ,ifjI'l'C'ZllfH7'fll Coll. IAIVNUIZ I.'n1'1'1'1'sity. ,,, M.xvMcN.R1c1cD, B. L., lC1'GEN12 II. RoBEn'rsoN, Pu. B., A1101-: M. Sflllllflf, B. L., Ju11N R. S111c1:111cK, PII. fj0liA M. Sxlrrll, A. B., ..... Josl-:1'111x1-: li. SoND1a1c1c'K1:11, A. B., Clhxlm F. S'l'lEl'IIlENS, .... . C11ARL13s li. S'1'. JOHN, B. S., Jolrx G.T11m11-sox, A. B., LURA XV. Truman, PII. B., CYRUS lT1.1c1c'11, A. B. ,... lCs'r111-11: B. VAN IJENIAN, A. B., . lC1'uEN1: C. XV.x1:1:1N1-211, A. L-., . . A1.1f11E1m S. lVo1:'1'111N, A. M., M. D., MAX W1x1:1.1c11, A. B., . . A1111 Arbor ,... . Ogden Center, . . . Ci11ui1111z1ti, O., . . . Noblesville, Ind., . . l1'vi11gto11, .I111l., . . XVo0mlstOck, Ill., . . Newlmryport, Mass . Ypsilanti, . . . . 3I4JI1lll0lllll, Ill., . . Detroit, . . . . Duttull, Ala., . . . Allll .X1'l1u1', . . . Allll Arlmr, . . . Allll Arbor, . . . Allll Arbor, . . -a I,'niL'mwity of 1ll1'clLigrz11. L'niL'er.wiIy of llIicl11'yrm. l'1ziz'1'rsity of Cincinnatz Earlhum College. Butler l'nizfcrsity. I'11.iv'ers1'ly of M1'clzz'gn11. Mount Ilolyoke C'0IIz'gr'. ,7lIZ.C,L7'fIC1l'L Agricultural Coll .llonnzoullz Cullegv. l,'n1'z'ersiIy Qf Michigan. Bethany Collfge. IYlZlAl'Cl'Nif!l Qf llllilfllilgflll. I'1z1'f-c1'm'ly Q7' Jficlzigrm. U111'1w-xily ry' lllicldguzl. Ilarrarrl I,'1z1'1'er's1'fj1. Elisha Homes Qlazzieal Fellowship. C1..x1c12xc1c L. Mm111z1:, A. B., A T, . . Battle Creek, . . l'1zicv'f'sityfg"JI1'clLiga11. 1 31 '92 Qffieefs. I'rwsirl ffff I, l'1:'r1c XV. Russ. IWu-Ivwsfflwnl, Miss Blr.Xl'Dli l"+11:1l.xN. Omlnr, W. H. IN:l,l.1cNr:1cr'14. IIiNlLUl'l.llll, Al!'l'llI'II J. 'l'l"1"1'r.1:, I' ffff nw. Nlms .Il'1.r.x Il1':l:1:u'K. P,-np!1f'lf'.w.f, Miss xI.X5I.Ul I3ul:'1'1lxvrc1c. 7vI'f'!I8!IH'I', ICDWIN II. l':lDW.XIll7S. Sw'f'f'lff1'y1. 'l'1lmr.xs lu. I3.u:Nl'xr. Senior Qlazz. Joux Rmzmxs A1.l.14:N, .... . . . . Milwaukvo, NVis. Vie-1--l'rm-simlont, l'IIl,LfiIl4't'l'ill2,' Somficty 13,3 Sl'47I'L'f2l-lj' and 'Fl'C1lSllI'4'l' Pl'uhilJitiou Club qiijg l'l'0SiL10llt, I':llgiIlC0l'lll2' Soc-ivty Hwy Tevlznic Idxlitm' HU. lCl.xlx4:I: l.ol'ls A1.I,m:, . . . - .... . NIt.Cl9ll1PIlS. Tl'l'2lSlll'l'l' l':llgillC't'l'i!lg Sm-im-ty LIU: C'llNfflll'IlIl limlitur 4413 l'm'l'uspumling Sl'Cl'4'lQll'j' l':Ilgil16'Ql'il1g Anvil-ty flag Tw-lzniv Editor Hg. A A1111 Arlmr. LEE lG,xl:l. ANIIIJON, Cxulullzs 4i1l.1.u.xx .XTKIXS, X QD, . . . Titiin, O. EllI1'l'l'llAH2l'I'4lll1 L'niv1-rsityufOhioint'nllol"Sl0. Illzmcx Acaxlcs .X'1'1cIxs, ........ lieneva, X. Y. Twu yn-zu's with 'Mig I':llI,L'l'l'tl 292 in full ol' 'EMM Castuliun Eslitm' H55 XviC0-Pl'CSi1lt'llf XVOIIIIUIYS lA!2lf.fllU C-lj. lCl.l.m'1' 'l'.u.1:wr .XL's'r1N, Allll Arlmr. 1 33 Tnonxs Nnsox Bixizxrn, 4' 1' A, Port ilnron. tlizlss So1'l'otary 143. Cli,xm,1cs Jixnizs Hxnn, Z A E, . . . Aurora, Ili. Invitation Committee Senior 1101-4-ptioiii-I3. Wn.i.un l3Ass1c'rr, Ann Arbor. Cn.xnl.12s Corianrxx Hizxicnwr, A Y, . ..... I.vin11ioii, O. Ono year with 'DEQ Dirt-4-tor lfniversity Musical Society 1333 Senior Rocfvption tjonnnittee113. lI,xn.uI IZHUTOX Boiirliwivic, Unk Park, Ill. Class Propiiotess 143. CIIARIAES ANIBROSE Bowicx, . . . . . . . 3I2ll'2lf1it'3ll, O. Une your with 'Sirk President Adelphi 1235 Class Bail Teztm 133g Prusimlent University Athletic Association 1-133 X'ice-President Students' Christin.n 1XSS4JCi2litiOll113. BIYRN I':IKt3t'KlC'1'T, . . . . f'lltU'ltJtt6. Two yours with '9ig Hiitumd 'Eli in full of '90. Iiiunin' Coxrxxr BL'I,K1.1cY, A K Ii, . . . . . . Monroe. Business Mzuizlger Oracle 1231 Clzrmzivlrl Editor 1233 Junior Hop tfinninitteo 133g Business Mzumgcr C14 roniclv-A rgonzzztl 135g Husiinfss 1IilT1Z1gQl'PALLADIUM1-431 Arrzingcincnts Committee Senior Reception 113. fflCli'l'liITIJii BIARY iluxnr, T' 11113, . . . . . . l1liit'2lQt3, Ill. lflxt-ctitivo Conimitttrc I"ruit, :intl Flower Mission 1333 Ext-cntivte lftllllillittlbll Poiitic-ai Science Association 143, 1"1'l'zi1L'cili BURNS, E 43, U 'l', .... . . . Kzilzilnzizoo. Oracle Editor 123g Class'1'i'c:isi1i't-1'123 und1253g IXALLADIUDI 1'Itlitor1I3g Cintirinun Senior Roception Comn1itLee1t3. Mus. 1I.K'l"l'iIE Oimsnx' C,xni'1z1ci.i., Ann Arbor. II.-xicm' Iinxizsr CANnI,ici:, Z if, U tif, . .... Detroit. Junior Hop Committoc1I33g Arrzingruinonts Committee Senior Reception 143. Invmr: iJ,x1.1..xs CARricx'1'1sl:, .... . . . Buttle Creek. I,ib1':n'ian Engineering Sovic-iy133g President Engineering Society 1-1.3 BIAY C,x1:i'icN'1'1cn, 1' cb B, Alpeint. Orfwlrf Editor 123. Licwis t'1.Ix'roN Cixnsox, A A 4: . . . Detroit. AI'l't1llg9lX18!ltS COIIIIHHYCC Senior Hoc-option 143. XVII.I.I.KM S'1'Ew.x1:T CXIIANDLEII, A T SZ, Cohiwzlter. 34 GLENN lri.lVliIiNE CIIAPMAN, . Lznisiiig. V. of JI. lmfly Editor my and fly. Glaoicoic P.x1:1ciil'usT CIIEXEY, E A E, .... Aurora, Ill. Chron ivlc-A ryfmuut Editor QSJQ Yellow and Blue Editor HJ. XVILLIABI XVlll'l"l'lil.SEY Cimxicr, X 'I', .... . Minneapolis, Minn. Clmirunln Arrzuigcrliiciits Committee Junior Hop 425: PAI.LADIL'1t Iiditor Hjg Director University Athletic Association 11:19. JAMES EI1w.xicoCuURC1I, ...... . . llolly. Vivo-Pi'l-siduut Studc-nts' Christian Association 12151 Pri-simlcnt Gcologivail Society fill. Al.1s1znT Loiuxca Cihxnic, Ann Arbor. Aicmic Muuox CLARK, . ..... . . Ann Arbor. Two yvurs with '9lg l':lli0l'C4l '92 in full ol' Slug VDl'Fllll2lllC Flulr CJ. fllCRTRl'DIE C'l..u:K, H B411 Xortlivillo. lnxwicicxvic 'l'uoxi.xs Coma, 0 A X, . .lun Arbor. 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Paddoek, . David K. Paige, -X K E, . Robert K. Pallner, Nellie Parker, . . XVilliani C. Parsal, . . Harry ll. Parsons, . Douglas Pattison, Marion Patton, . Alviek A. Pearson, . . George W. Peary, Carrie E. Pentield, . Stuartll. Perry, . Jessie Phelps, . . . Carlin Philips, KI' K elf, . Frank W. Pine, Z NP, . Alniira A. Prentice, A I', . Xornian NV. Priee, . . Riehard Quinn ,.... . Nm-gaunee. Ann Arbor . l7lllto11,lll . Chit-ago, Ill . Grand Rapids . . Plymouth . . . Lawton Knoxville, Tenn Greenlield, O. Ann Arbor . Marquette . llelphi, Ind. . . lletroit . Clileago, Ill. Riee Lake, lVis . Ann Arbor. Marseilles, lll. . . Saginaw. . . lVatervIiet. Meniphis, Tenn. 'gan Park. S. Itak . Ann Arbor . Coldwater Ann Arbor. Ann Al'bor . . lletroit. . . Coldwater New X ork I ity. Genera, X. Y . . . Owosso. Benton llarbor Missoula, Mont. . Freeport,Ill. . . Quiney, Ill West Milton, O. . . . llowell. . Battle Creek. . . Pontiae . . Pontiae . Kenton, O . . . llrtroit . Kalamazoo. Newburgh, Ont . 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Stanley, Lurene Seymour, lidwinnic L. Shaw, Dwigl1tC. Sheldon, . Xellie D. Scl1roll, . . Alfred I. Sawyer, . . Avlllltllll A. Spitzley, tl' T, Leland II. Sabin, . . . Florence IC. Smith, . J. StC'l'lllIgI St. Jol111, . Avlllltllll Staake, . . John A. Stevens, Z lf, . Ralph C. Smith, . Harry Simons, George Il. Sl1aw, . ClllC2lg.1f0,lll . . Saginaw Highland Park, lll . Chicago, Ill . Kalainazoo . Buchanan . Coldwater . . Detroit . Toledo, U . . Saginaw . Mt. Cle111e11s. . . . Monroe Richmond, Ind. Cedar Falls, Ia . . . . Caro . . Coldwater . Highland . Chicago, Ill . Chicago, Ill . Chicago, Ill AVZIIDZIROIIPUI, O . La Porte, Illll . Ann Arbor Oak Park, Ill . . . Ionia Troy, U . Saginaw . . Marquette . . Marquette St. Paul, Minn . Kalainazoo . St. Louis . . . Lowell Grand Haven . Decatur, Ill . Monroe. . . Detroit . Centreville Ann Arbor. . Ann Arbor Grand Rapids . . . Flint. . . Saginaw . Chicago, Ill. Lee Centre, Ill Arthur J. Sturgis, . Sturgis Ilsther L. g2l.lJlJ0l'1l , SOFOSIS,-Jillll2llL'HPl3l1l ,Mass Fannie L. Seaver, . . May li. Stuckey, Ill. D., Fred G. Skinner, . . Wilb11r G. Salter, . Oliver L. Spalding, Zylpha I. Sharer, . . Samuel L. Scholtield, Xelson J. Tubbs, . . . . Middleville . Ann Arbor . . . Detroit . Englewood, Ill . . St. Johns . . St. Johns . Marshall, Ill . . . Carlisle Lillian W. TIIOIIIIYSOII, 1' fb B, Englewood, Ill Anna S. Thon1pson, . George Tupper, . Horace Tupper, Jr., Avllllillll II. Thonipson, James II. Trott, . . Darling Z. Thompson, George R. Taylor, B 6 H, , , lVarren H. Thoinpson, Mary li. Taylor, . . HGFIIIIIII P. Thomas, Frank F. Van Tuyl, . Frank C. Yan Sellar, Frederic li. von Annnon, . . Edla M. Van Winkle, Iidith R. Yan Sicklc, Ann Arbor . . . BayCity Alexandria, Bllllll . . Oil City, Ont Lake Cl1arles, La A1111 Arbor . . lVorden Allll Arbor Cassopolis . . Detroit . Paris, Ill Chicago, Ill . . Detroit. Saginaw Bertrain S. Varian, fb K NP, Salt Lake City, If Marvin G. Vaughan, Grace Avtltefllltlll, Iladley II. Avtllldl, . lValter W. lVoodbu1'y, Laura ll, Woodrntl', . Margaret Avflltlvlllllllll, Robert M. AV9l4lPllltlI111,AI' T Lewis M. lVillia111s ,... Edward C. YVeeks, tl' T, A111121 IC. Wetmore, . Elbert A. lVatson, Alice F. Wakelee, May Wahnsley, . . . Frederick H. lVillits, N Robert L. Wagner, E mb, . Ella L. Wagner ,... Stewart E. lVhite, A A dw, . Vance l'. lVilkins, . . James M. AVZISSOII, . 61 Ann Arbor . . . Detroit . Grand Rapids . Jet'I'erson, U Peoria, Ill Allll Arbor , . Allll Arbor Cincinnati, U. . Jackson Allll Arbor . . Detroit . Battle Creek La Grange, Ill ichigan City, Ind . . . Detroit . :Allll Arbor Grand Rapids New Orleans, La. Ilringhurst, Ind. Kaneville. lflllm IG. NV:1tson, .... fh'2lll41 llupids. Nlizzxbeth ll. Wyliw, ll U dl, . . A-- l":11'l IZ. Wi11iams,lI'K Xl', Wvstc-rn Springs, Ill. Iilim XV:xslx1l1,1-x11 ,..... Sugimm Jtxllllil' IC. NVork ,..... T.:111va1stu1', 0. Anms G. White-, . . South Wulvs, N. X Blllflilx White, . . . QHPQUII, Ill. II0111'y xVllO!XIl'l', . . 1IL'lt'Il2l,3IHllt BIill'i1lll xVOOllWOl'lll, . . . . Lzlllsillg. Iimhlzl J. NVm'tl1h'v, Xl'l'2l1lS1lSf1i1j', Kzls lCt.i,:L Il. NVi1lru1', . . . Xorth I,z111si11g'. Loliny C. Nvl'0IllilIlS, ...... Iuni Cassius IG. XVz1kelicl4l, . . . Mm'vm'i. lClizubetl1 Xvilllllgl, . lbvfmit l'1llXY2ll'll H. NVapl0s, 481111 .Xl',HYl'. .Xrtlxur Young, . . . . . Curuun Li1lll'2l A. XVz1lpf11't, . . . SllQil1llXX. f1Ilill'10S ii. A1 11111 1, . . ClPYiIlQtHll, K5 3I2l!'2ill'Cf IC. Zill1lllCl'1ll1lIl, . . Cllimfzlgu, Ill. fl,f, 1, xjvff' 62 u-uv -- -'U v c-'U' U' ' 'I' -I 'ff Uv' ' 'O W' "I l"' v" v'U V u J WENT I3 QMEDUQUNE ,3 A1219 SUQQEQVE x 5' ,v p hw-Ax. u n . 4. . vw 1 ....,.. ... .,, u rn- L. fs . nan--rs .. Department of 'medicine Lncliuv SOLTTIIN1 .xY1m, Miss ANNA M. FLYNN, Grammars W. Mm:.xN, lfliillltili I7.1Yl'IXl'U1i'l', Jullcs IP. P11214 ICII, .. , m .. Mlss lzmm A. In-ixx, JUIIX II. IHQNT, IiuY,xl,'l'.F.x1:1:,xx1m, Sllwlcx' V. I3l'ln.1c'1"1', Mxss Iumu II. XX l11c1sl,1c1:, M1ssI'.xNNII: I,. HISIIUP, JUSICVII II. NX .x1.'l'ux, S'1'1c1'1H-:N C.1il.1lm1':N, A1155I':IJI'l'II5'l'l'lI1iICS, XN.xl.'1'1a1:11. XXl:l1:1l'r, 1,'1l.x1:I.1cs IQ. llmmlcl-211, l'I1:x14:s'r NI. A nuns l,ul'ls IHc.x1:Y, 5 .1 NVll.l.1AM S. IIIflXYI'l"I', Mxss M,x::ca.x1:14:'1' lilxusrhxxn, hlzmuslc H. NX11,l,1.xA1soN, XY11.l.1.u1 IC. Blmwx, . IPILXNK .I,xCm:l, 4IS'l',Xl3I,1SlI14IllH413 Qfiieerz. 1892. 1893. 1894. 1895 61 and Zufggergg l,1'l'Nf11f'iIf. Vfcff- l'w's1'rl1'111. .sw,-fffffqf. YVIWIINII WV. Orulnr. f'm'ir'sx. l'r0pl1wl. .UrH'sf1rrl. l'1'Usfflf'nl. Vfw- l'l'l'Sff,l'llll. Nf'f'f'rf!1fr.1f. T1'1'1lsH1'f'r. f'1'wsfff1'11l. I 7101"I,l'1'Hl.1II'Ill. Sf'r'f'1ffr1 riff. yv1'lfflNHl'l'1 H1'i'g4'rI11lN. I'1'a'sIflw1fl. Vice- l'1'1'sf1lr'l1f. Sf'ff1'r'H1rgf. Trvtlsu 1'1'1'. Jfflrslml. Tllhe medical 'Department The practice of medicine in its many hranches consists in the application of all those facts, gathered from thc various sciences, which may he utilized in the prevention or cure ot' disease. The surgeon with his weights and pulleys and various forms of extension apparatus treats the fractured limh hy the appli- cation of well-known physical laws. The ophthalmologist detects changes in the retina of the eye by virtue of his knowledge of the refraction of light. Chem- istry, physics, microscopy, haeteriology, hotany, and pharmacology, are sciences, the resources ot' which are drawn upon every day hy the intelligent physician, and the success of his work is largely measured hy his knowledge ot' thcsc sciences. .XI man may he an excellent chemist without knowing much ot' medi- cine, but one cannot hc a competent physician if he knows nothing of chemistry. lt will he seen from the ahove that an efiicicnt medical education means hroad and thorough scientific training. Such an education the Medical Department attempts to give. Its faculty is ambitious to have the school known, not on account of its great numher of students, hut for the excellence and thorough- ness with which instruction is given. lVith this ohject in view the requirements for admission have heen constantly increased until now they are practically identical with those demanded tor admission to the scientific course of the literary department. This advance in the requirements for admission has sup- plied the department with students capable of appreciating the curriculum which has been prepared for them. lt must not he supposed, however, that the policy of the medical faculty will permit it to rest content with the requirements for admission now made. Already by the co-operation ot' the faculties of the liter- ary and medical departments a six years' course in the two departments has been provided, and more than a dozen students are enrolled in it. This number will gradually increase and within less than ten years,it is safe to say, only scientific graduates will he admitted to the medical department. The great advantages in having such a course as that provided hy the departmentspjointly must he evi- dent to all. The departments are hrought together more intimately and upon a common footing. The literary graduate has often felt, and with much reason, that the value ot' his diploma is cheapened by the fact that the professional schools confer degrees upon men with hut little culture and with less intellect. This cause of regret, and it has been such to all deeply interested in the Univer- sity, is now removed so far it concerns the medical department. Two gradu- ates from the same high school enter the University, one in the literary, the 9 other, in the medical department. The course for eaeh extends through four years, and I am sure that any one who has tried both will not say that the one in medicine is by any means a 'L snapfl The result of the new course will be the improvement of the professional student, and all must l1ope that similar courses will bring the other professional departments into like relation to the department of Art, Science, and Literature, which should eome to be the great training School of both fundamental and liberal eulture, by which all students enter the University. ' While the requirements for admission have been inereased, the course of study has also been lengthened. Fifteen years ago, a young man went to a medical sehool, entered without any examination, attended two eourses of leetures of six months each, then graduated and went forth to fulfill his destiny. Such a. man might be good or bad, learned or ignorant, a success or a failure. Whatever he was, or developed into, hc owed very little to the medieal school, whieh tooli his fees and in return conferred upon him his degree. But times have changed and a good medical education now means a. liberal training in the Seienees. The subjects taught in medical sehoels have been multiplied within the past fifteen years, and this has been sufficient to demand an increase in the time of study. Not only have new sciences been made tributary to medic,-ine, but nc w and valuable facts have been ascertained in thc older fields of investi- gation. Moreover, as the people become more intelligent, greater learning is required of the physieian. This is shown in the laws regulating the practice of medieine, whieh have been enacted in many of the states within a. few years. Some of the states, following the example of Illinois, require of the man who desires to practice medicine within its territory that he shail be a graduate ofa reputable medical school, and then authorize a Board to define a reputable school. Other states, like Minnesota, refuse to reeegnize the diploma of any sehool, and graduates of the l'niversity of Berlin and other European schools of renown sometimes fail to pass these examinations. Befere these examining Boards, the graduates of the medical department of Miehigan University have made a record of whieh its faeulty has a iight to be p1'oud. Complaint is frequently heard that the diploma of the Ameriean medical graduate is not recognized in Germany. This complaint is unjust. Germany does not recognize the diplomas of its own Universities, and the graduate at home must pass a. State examination before he ean praetice, just as a graduate of Berlin must do before he ean practice in Minnesota. Our graduates are admitted to the German l'niversities and may, as some have done, take their degree in medicine after one year. This is all whieh can be justly asked. It is true that the American medical schools have not, as a class, an enviable reputa- 66 tion ulrrozld, and this van vxcitc no wonder when ww 1'9IHQll1blf1' that only at few - the lvegt Cchoolfs in tllig country Gave the short vourses already inun- ve-zxrs ago, , L, . , , tionvd, and that some ot' the sc-hools are continuing the Same Superficial muthofls of instruction. XVhen ilwrlir-ul 0dllC2ltiOH 0arnS that rospcvt of nierlical 111911 ot' other roun- trieS, due recognition will be given, and the conscientious and intvlligent work now being done- in our lrest Schools plan-cs that time in the nt-ar future. V. C. VAUGHAN. 6 7 11 ' a 3Ef9zw-qfmwmf 5 EF ' rf I :M 57, E VKX E A X Q O 5- o 0 Xmzx C. BI,wKlcNz11- s luux A. lmlhxlzlm, llvlzml A. FXIITII, xV.XI,'l'liIi BUNNY, l'l-"r1f1' N11 Xl'l'I' ..n.,.- ., 11 Imlx U.lu1:n1.l'l'z, faux NV. lP.xwsuN, X1:'rlIl'1:lI.S1-zmmrxr, llzsslc lu. Ilm:1cl:'rQ, v 1 Jullcs XX , MM ,xrcam N NI.x1:x'1x li. I3.x1:xll.xn'1', Nllss HAM' IC. lhcxs II. lx. XMml,vu'1"1', lililblliili F. lllvll, N.XRlL'IiI, Mvllomax:'l's, l,.X'I'lIIL'K J. COSHliUY1', Prius. W. llualuas, G. YOSIIINIUIIA, Il-IIIL 13. 3IlllllI.lCCHl"F, II.xl:1n'llllumcxcla, Blix J.Bol"1'w1cl.I., WILL F. W,xN1.1css, lirmnzul-1 W. Pllclcsox, Xl.1f1:12n J. Ihvls, ox, Department' of Law. 14lS'l'.X ISI,ISIII1IIJ 1245! Gbificzerz. 1892. 1893. Graduate Laws. 69 , w l'rf'NidU11f. ISI IYl'Cr"'I,I'l'NfIlCiIf Jffl Vit?-1'l'4'sI'1l1'1lt. Sw-rwtru'jf. 7'I't'1INIl wr. 1701111 rf. lIlANf0l'l'llH. Jlfjr. l'Yl'f'l4I Slmrls. I 'frl4'fliz'torir1f1. l'rr'sfdv'nf. IN! Vfvf?-l'1'1'xf1l4'11f ffd l'ff'0-P1'Csf'rlw1!. Sf'4'1'r'lllI'jj. YVIVVIN Yl1'L'l'. Mgr. l"11'I1I Spurls l'rf'sirIffnt. lsr l'ir'e-Prus1'zI1'1zt J .ffl l'fC6'1lv'si1Ir'11l. S4'f'rf'ffl1'y. Tr4'f1s1u'm'. Clcirjf .'1tl1let1'r's. Tmlsfnmsier. Ilistoricm. Vu lUiII'l'fO7'l'!l II . tithe Thaw Department. In the Law Department of this University many changes have been made, since its organization, in the required course of study. For many years the instruction consisted solely of lectures delivered by eminent men of the pro- fession. The same course ot' lectures was delivered on alternate years and to both classes, seniors and juniors, at the same time. The grading of the school, text-book work, section quizzes on the lectures, examinations, post graduate work and the feature of special lectures are comparatively recent improvements. During the past ten years legal educators have given much attention to methods ot' instruction. The articles on this subject recently published in The American Law Review and other law journals have been exceedingly able and interesting. A somewhat heated controversy has arisen and the largest law school in the East has been reorganized during the past year, by reason of the wide difference of opinion among the members of the Faculty' upon the true method of legal education. The dissenting members have opened an inde- pendent sehool and its large attendance this year shows that the discussion had not been confined to the Faculty. The outcome has been indecisiive and on the whole quite unsatisfactory. There are not sufiicient known data from which positive conclusions can be formulated, unatfected by prejudice or preconceived ideas. It will take several years' trial to settle the issue presented by the case of t' Text-Books rs. Leading Cases." At the end, we may find that the value ol' either plan depends largely upon the qualifications of the particular instructor. The lecture system is first in point of time as a means of imparting academic instruction in the common law. In most law schools of this country, however, studies are generally conducted by recitations from text-books. The third method, in use at Harvard and 1'eccntly introduced at Columbia, called the H Case System " ot' Professor Langdell, is an innovation, decidedly modern and not generally understood. It is not a study of cases as illustrative of principles, but a study of the law from the eases, the student finding the principle if he can. A volume ot' eases prepared especially for the work is placed in the hands ofthe student. Each case is stripped ot' all head notes and explanations and presents a bare statement of facts with the opinion of the court thereon. The book is to the student a volume of 'tunknowns " and he is required to extract therefrom the principles of law. This is called laboratory work in the law. That this process affords excellent mental discipline is conceded, butfthe con- tention has been that it is a doubtful way of reaching a clear comprehension of 70 1111't 211141 si111ply :111Xi1111s to 111111 as 1111 l1l1XiliSll'f' to the y4,'lll'l'2lI 1111111 whutc I111' z1Q :1 s1'i1+11c1'g that thc Z'lllZll.VSiS of 1111111111114 is tlll? work of' il I:111'y1e1' wmll 111111111111-ml 111 1111111-1211011 111'i111-iplvs, 111111 tI1:1t1h11'1si1111S11t' 1-o111'ts 11112 w1'itt1111 011 1111 l9Sl1lll1DTiHll tllilt the Iltlldlil' k11o11's s111111e 121111111-11t11ry IZIW 111111 2ll'0 nut, written 1111 1111- i11st1'111-tio11 ot' lz1wst111l1-nts. T11isis11ot H111 11lz1v1rt11disc11s,: t'111':1 11101111 11t tlw 111c1'1ts0t' thv three 111etl1o1ls ut' i11str111-ti1111 111111' 1-1-:'11g11ix111l. T110 l":1o11Ibj.' have wzltclml the co11t1'oVc1's-1' witI11111t amy Zllllbiiilbll to t11l11 111igLl1t 509111 to lm of vz1l1111. 'l'l11-y have been 1'z11'cf11l, l111wc1'c1', not to 1101121111 t'1'1 tlw l13ct111'1: S-1'1:t11111, 11l11cl1 is distilmtllx' 1I1e1111ftl1111l of thisi11stit11tio11,z111d Wllilll EIS 01'igi1111lly111lo11t01l Ivy P1'11t'1-sso1's Coulaty, 0111111111111 111:11 W11lk11',11111l111- 111111111 tl1ui11St1t11tio11 won 11. lurgu s11z11'1e11f 1vl111tcve1' fillllil it now p11ss1sssQS. W 1 .I. Q. Kxowlxrox. at .Ji mf 7 1 X11 'Tn X ' .1 I ' , f 'ZFX f' Q 5.1 O A '?i Qh5i u "li N'lQ!3.u.2Q.'!l'P' 4.13.-rLN4Lunn.'Ll4DuD: ' fi J. uf vu gif?-Xggxff 9 XB? ' 5f?IfLlElE'15F A W HAQMAQ vi E M E Depavifmeqt of Tahafmaeg. HIUYIARD FISFIIICII, . Miss M.xuYK.Hr:,x1cn, .Ions A. XVARNEK, . 4ir:0uf:E H. .T.xc'KsoX, 'THOMAS II. Rolslxsux, Jnucs II. llmsoxs, . .lmlx T. Sumcmg . Mlss M.x1:x'K. Hunan, IXXVID L. IMVOLL, Jn., Miss BESSIPI G. Pmxclc, CIIARLES RIICRKEI., . IQALPII H. PIXCKNEY, FRANK E. BUXYERBIAX, 1fIS'l',-XIZIIISIIICII 12-41351. Cfzbffic-zers. 1892. 1893. lll 1'wf.sifIcnt. I 'ir'+'-l'res 1.11014 f. Szfffrfta ry. T1'r'rzs1lr61'. liaise Bull Capmin. IIistor1'an. Puff. I'1-nphetess. I'rvs ident. Vive- Pres1'dent. Sacretu ry. Treasurer. Huw und Fool Ball Jlanager Zlfudiezs in Qhemisifrg ix 'rim Qlrjiipcrsily df michigan. It has been the good fortune of the ehemiezd work in the University of lllieliigun not to be divided up for the supply ot' the professional sehools. One ehemieztl teztehing lbree has had in charge all the studies in ehemistry upon :ill sides ot' the enmpus. One group of working rooms, known us the Chemiezil l,:1bor:1tory, hus been at common training ground for all who have required ehemiezil seienee. ln the vzrrious branches of chemistry it hzls been undertaken to orgamize the elusses in sueh seetions its the subjects ot' study have demanded. As :L result of this elnssitieution, on the lines ol' the work :ind by no means with respeet to divisions between departments, eueh laboratory student has tound himsell' for at good pzxrt of his time :nnong his eollege mates. The eonsolidntion ot :ill the ehemieal teuehing of the protbssionzil sehools, with that of the zu-zmdeinie department, is the exception rnther than the rule among Universities. lt seems il mutter of eourse :tt Ann Arbor, but it h:1s not eome about ziltogrether in this wary in the older institutions. t'ertz1inly the pres- enee ot' ll School ol' l,ll2ll'l1l2lCy, in u University ehemiezil laboratory, is not so Common us might be interred trom our frequent confusion in the zippliezltion ot' these terms. ln some of its zispeots un Ixmerieztn University seems to be :i mere nllizmee ol' nearly independent eollegesg in other direetions it presents its entire toree as 21 well eonsoliduted working body. In the sepzirziteness ot its departments :my university suffers the disztdvuntaiges of small eolleges as eompnred with lztrge. In the eompuetness ot' the institution, the one body of severul members, there are the advantages ot' large faculties, extended libraries, diversified zippzirutus, and seholars in nniny lines of study. The students making: ehemistry it leading subject in eollege study ure not enumerated sepztrzttely in the Calendar, but their names are registered as mem- bers of live of the departments. Their olirif-ers of instruetion :ire members of the tzieulties to which they themselves are responsible. Ezleh of the chemical professors is a member of more than one faculty. The laboratories devoted, either wholly or ehiefly, to ehemistry in this lfniversity are provided under three working orgranizations, namely: The Chemical Laboratory, the Laboratory of Generztl Chemistry, :ind the State L2llJOl'2ltOYy of Hygiene. Of these the first named began work in 1855 and was 74 organized in a building of its own in 1856. The I.aboratory ot' General Chem- istry was established in 1890. These two occupy the Chemical Building. Together they have a teaching force of fifteen persons, ot' whom six are members of the Senate, they provide as many as thirty-six distinct courses of study, and have a daily number ot' from three hundred and forty to four hundred students in chemical operations. The yearly number ot' their laboratory students overgoes six hundred. Beside these there are each year several hundred stu- dents in chemical lecture courses given by the corps ot' teachers just mentioned. ln the Literary Department two degrees are given for which chemical studies are required to the extent of titty-nine and thirty-nine credit hours, respectively. Under the other degrees the greater part of the chemical labora- tary work is open to election. ln this department the students in the laboratory electives exceed in number those in the required courses. In the Medical Schools the required work in chemical subjects, under the new schedule, amounts to twenty-four hours. In the School of Pharmacy the courses of strictly chem- ical work required tor graduation are equal to forty-three credit hours. The Dental College prescribes chemical work to the extent of ninc hours. The enumerations in this paragraph do not include the work in the Laboratory ot' Hygiene, work both biological and chemical required in the Department of Medicine and elective in the Department of Arts. The School of Pharmacy originated, as a branch of technology, within the Department of Literature, Science and the Arts, where it was fostered for eight years. The school dates from 1868, when the degree of I'harmaceutical Chemist was first offered, but it was not organized as a distinct department under a sepa- rate faculty until 1S7tS. At this time its list ot' graduates numbered 155. Fifty- seven of its graduates had done experimental work ot' which publication had been made in pharmaceutical and chemical literature, as appears from an index of these contributions then published. The college-year in pharmacy, from the beginning in 1868, has been the ordinary full academic vear of nine months. The other professional schools held for a term of six months until, at the earliest, nine years after the estab- lishment of the pharmaceutical department. The extention of the college-year from March to June was effected in the Department of Medicine in 1877, in the Department of Law in 1884, and in the Dental College in 1886. There have been two year's Work for the tirst degree in pharmacy from the outset. At present the required Work amounts to seventy-eight hours, an average of nineteen and a halt' hours for each of the four semesters. This is one-fifth more than the average quota of sixteen and one-fourth hours each semester needed to gain the bachelorls degree in science in four years. And it is without 75 discredit to the student to use three years for the Ph. C., instead of two. Only a few graduate students take an additionalyear for a second degree in phar- macy. The demand for a longer course is met for the most part by the four years, work for B. S. fCllCl'lI.J in the Literary Department, a degree not neces- sarily professional in its aims. After graduation the Pharmaceutical Chemists take, as a rule, either a short vacation or none at all, and by the opening ot' thc next college year it becomes difiicult to find one ot' them who is not engaged. The register ol' alumni numbers now six hundred, and shows a wide range of professional positions occupied, both in chemistry and in pharmacy. While the larger number of the students in this department come directly from the high school, not having entered at all into the service of pharmacy as a pursuit, yet it somehow comes to pass that a strong professional spirit pervades the classes. The current questions of' pharmaceutical polity are under discus- sion, and thc topics of the pharmaceutical press are tossed about. Moreover, there is a quite sanguine intent that the pharmacist shall do more for the chem- istry ot' common life than he has done heretofore. The combination ot' chemistry with pharmacy is found to crlvstallize into union in variousquarters. The terms that have stood side by side in the title ot' Liebig's Annalen for sixty years are both met with on the same pages in the story of scientific achievement at present. The chemical work in the Literary Department, much of it in common with that ot' the School oi' Pharmacy, aside from the pharmaceutical work, 'fairly constitutes a School ol' Chemistry, and for convenience this descriptive term is sometimes used. lt provides for liberal aims in science, quite as much as for professional aims toward a pursuit in life. The Catalogue of Chemists, issued last year as a means of communication with the chemical alumni, contains the names of two hundred practicing chemists and teachers oi' chemistry, with their professional positions. Their number is steadily increasing, but not in equal proportion to the demand for their services. They are well distributed in educa- tional and industrial work, in the service of the government, and in research for the good of learning. It is due to them that the University should not fall behind as an authority in chemical science. ALB1c1cT B. l'nEsco'rT. 76 -fU'TJiUl"U'lEr WV HQHE FATE! J -Y i :JH-nv v v vrr u -4 -1' ' v ' ' -I "ww uv-1'Uiu-'..r-1 vv'I ' ' 5 w T ru GQ - ' W "DAi'SZHlJlH1 Emir' Q I3 229 XV ! A . 1 nm Finn 4 n A '1 .1 . ef Homoeopathie Tfleolieal Qollege. FR14:n.I. Flsvlc, . . Miss ANNIE B. lxH.l.4w, i'lr.x1:l,11:+W.T'1-im, Us1'.xI:II.ulsl1c1.l,, . Him NIAIIICI. G. IPIMQY. lNI1ssl+'.xYNvl'I. NICIISICR Cl1,x1:1.1f:s ki. .ImNulNs, Miss lCx'1c1,YN S. l'1c'r'r1'r Miss Iiulzlxx N. lllcxxzx' N l,ll.x1:l.14:s A. L3IlI'l'l'lll.lHX lI.x1:l:x' 'l'. 1301.1-1, 2 I.l2S'l'lClI li, l'lc4'lc, 2 I Mlss l':l.I..X Svxmx, J Inf l,XI3I,1SlIIf11J 1H1.x Qfficzers. 1892. lS93. f'l'r'xfrI6Ml. l700-1'1'rf.w'1l1'n!. Nf'I'l'I7fLll'.If fllllf 7v1'IlISHlII 'rw'r1n'1z!. I'f'r'w-I'1'1'sfrlwzl. ld YVVIIISIH 1 . . Swr'w'l1l7'4rf Ill 1894. . l'1-wsiJw1t. , I'f'f'a'-l'rr's1'rlr'nl. 78 S1'r'1'r'ff1f'jf. 7'rwf1xfcr0r. "' ' 'f vlllllllll. l..:fr Hfzff K 'Homoeopathie 'Medical Ctiollege. The Homoeopathie Medical Uollege was organized in 1875. In June of that year were appointed a professor ot' Materia Medica and Therapeutics, and a pro- fessor of Theory and Practice. For the use of this new college a lecture room was set apart. During the first year of its existence the college had twenty-four students: they, as our students ever since have done, received in the Department of Medicine and Surgery instruction in those branches of medical science and practice not especially taught in our own department. Protessorships have from time to time been added in our college, so that now we have fbesides those established when the school was organizedl one in Surgery, one in Gynaeeology and Obstetrics and the Diseases of Children, and one in Opthalmology and Otology. Each professor has a salaried assistant appointed by the Board of Regents. Our present hospital and amphitheatre were built in 1879: our new hospital is nearly completed. L In the earliest days of this college its course was two years of six months each. ln 1877 its college year had been extended to nine months instead of six. Later the course was extended to three years instead ol' two. At the beginning ot' the present college year the four years course had been arranged, and the registration this year has been as follows: Resident graduates, 1. Fourth year students, 18. Third year students, QS. Second year students. 17. First year students, 15. Total, 79. The Hahnemannian Society has a membership ot' 34: to it the faculty belong. It meets once in two weeks. Its object is to promote the intellectual development and the pleasure of those concerned. The Jil.-1 has a Fraternity house at 25 North State Street: its under-graduate members are 13. CJIAS. S. MACK. 79 l11gQm-ul Q50 1 j awfim, sw ee w i1l.x1:l,14:s I lil Uvr, Nlrss lu1,1,1cx IX 5I4I.XIlI.IZ, 11111131.15 lu. llmvsl-ix. lrlilblilili l'I.'l'1:l1:1:Y. hllrlmx IC. Lrcwls, hlwmalc Il. l1IIll,lf., l1llIXl'.5I'l'IY4' fII.XIiI,liS AX. llux Lu, r 1 fII.XN. II, ll-Jem, mlclrl' MVKIQNZIE, . ax I' HIllfI'Y Inu 5 . XIISS . Xxxx 11 Dental Department. ICS lX13I,!r lllfllb 1514. Qttieerz. 1892. 1893. 1894- 81 l'1'1'xf1lr'1lf. lvfvw- I'f-wfflftffl S'v'4'1'rlfI1jl. Trwrrxu f'r'1'. l'rf'sirlf nf. lvl-1'1" 1'rf'xfrr'w1ff f , I l'I'1INH l'l'1'. ,S'wf'1'f't1r1'y. l,l'l'Sl.llI'Ilf. I 'iw'-l'f'wx1'rIr1Hl T1w1s1l1'1'1'. S'f'rA1'r'l1l1'jf. Summary ot Students. Department ot Diterature, Seienee, and the Sirtz. Elisha Jones Fellowship, ........ Resident Graduates, Candidates for Advanced Degrees Enrolled in other ilepurtinelits, Graduates Studying in Absentiu, ...... Candidates for Iiuelieimds Degree, Net Candidates for Degree, ........ Department ot medieine and Surgery. Resident Graduates, Fuurtli Year Students 'l'l1ird Year Students, Sem-ond Year Students First Year Students, Speeiul, . . Resident Grziduzltes, Seniors, . . Juniors, . S1N'i'i2llS, . . Students Enrolled in I Resident Graduate, Seeund Year Students, First Your Students, Resident Grzldnute, Fourth Year Students Tliird Year Students, Seeund Your Students First Year Students, liesident Graduates, Seniors, . . .IlllliHl'S, . Freslnnen, . . 'l'ut:1l Eiirullnieiit, epartment ot Thaw. erary Depzirtnuent, . . . Sebool ot Tgnarmaeg. 'Homoeopathie 'medical Qollege. Qollege ot Dental Surgery. lledueting Nannies Counted Twice, 82 1 49 ii 237 022 2115 4 1223 -lil SIZE 1013 1 22 290 S324 15 I 1 235 45 l TS 28 IT I5 4 Qjti 4323 S5 1,331 O.. .310 G58 S1 79 ISS 2,707 14 L,tu9.J 7.-1 1 A ' f AssoCI.x'1'1oN .'XSS0l'IA'l'l0N .-Xssot'1.x'rIox Amfilix T1I1nT.x, ALPHA MU, A1.Pn.x iXI.I'lIA, Am-n.x PHI, Al.1'11A E1-SILUN, A1.1'Il.x lfrsino A1.1'11A Bum, N1 i'XLl'lIA Gnmix, IXLPIIA CHI, :XI.l'Il.X Psi, Am-n.x TAU, AlillII.X NV, .Xl.P1iA lo'1'.x, .XLPILX Rilo, A.l.l'lI.X Ri, AI.l'll.X lJICI.'l'A, Fraternity of 62121 Tasi. FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE,1842. GQ:bQIFiQF RQH. Ai.:-lu .X1.1,i1.x Pi, iXssot31.x'r1oN OI ungxqi 6-lssociil ioijs. oi' Nnw Yolcli CNVFY, 4' NlIClIIGAN, ASSO1'l.Vl'IOX Ulf SUUTII cl.XIIHl.lX.X, .xSSOt'IA'l'l0X Ol f Al.l'lI.X .XI.PIl.X, .XSSUCI.fX'l'ION olf AssovI.x'l'1oN UI Al.P11.x XI. .... . f Nonwmizx Nnw Yom: .xxn N1awlCxc:l..xNn, .Xsso1'1,x'1'1oN UF ALPIIA lillti, .Xssof'I,x'i'1oNoi UF 4' xV.XSlllNG'1'UX, . WIzs'r1c1:x NEW XYUIKK, Ulf 'l'lllE NUlI'l'lIXVlES'l', 84 Williams College. Middlebury College. lVOsleyzLIi University. Hziuiilton University. University of lllioliigan. Furlizini University. U11iVQl'Sli3y of South Cziroliiia. University ol' Mississippi. .inilierst College. Cornell University. W'ol'l'or1l University. University of Minnesota. Uiiivorsity of Wisconsin. Rutgers College. Stevens Institution. UIllV0l'Slty of Georgia. Union College. New York. lletroit, Miuli. Chicago, lll. Coluinlmizi, S C. Mirlflletown, Conn. Allmn1iv,N. Y. New llrllliswiuli, N. J. lV2lSlllllQIl01l, D. C. Hovliester, N. Y. 3Il1lllG2llJ0llS, lllinn. ll1'eA'4z ,Phdaf C2171 1921. ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1845. RESIDENT MEMBERS. Hlcx'.Jm1x W. Iilpxnsluw, BIIIIIIIPIIIITY 'ISO . 1 ' IV51. W. I3ul'4ar..xs, Mivlnigam, ,TO ACTIVE MEMBERS. 1892. XX xl. NN l11'l"1'14:l.s1:Y CIIICNICX 7 Jaxx LA Illfzl' I3l'I!NET'l ues Immcxla lJl'1flfs', II14:xm'E1mix1m S.xl'lclc 1893. tvrzmamc NIc'A1.v1x1c Tvxns. 1894. I xwxuzxvlc C'1r.xx11:1c1u,.xrx Iilmsll, I x . . XII-IS l'l.ICXlINfi UIIICAKEY 37 Ffatemgilig of Yiilpha Delta 'Phi I I.xAl11.'roN, Col.1'x1i:I.x, Y .x1.1c , A NIIIICRST, lhwxoxxix, ll.ucv.xi:n, llvnsox, lloxvlmoix, llAR'l'3l0l"l'll, l'1cx1NsvI..-xii, liHl'lII5S'l'ER, xVII.I.I.XMS, M.xx1i.vr'1'AN, BllI7l'll.IE'l'OWN, IQICNYUX, Uxmx, Colcxicu., Pm K.xvP.x, .loilxs H1il'IiINS, FOLJNDED AT HAMILTON coLLEGE,1832. Gljcrlnlair S6 llznnilton College. Clllllllllilil College. Yule University. AlllllPl'St College. Drown Vliiversity. llill'VZll'1l University. Ailellvert College. Uoxvfloin University. lllllflllfllllll Colloge. University of Miclxigzln. l'11iv01'sity of Roohf-ster. Williams College. College of the City of New lVesley:1n University. Kenyon College. Union College. Cornell Ifniversity. Trinity College. Johns Hopkins University Y orlv lg. if 3 i? -J- uw ,F Q Hlpha alta Tohi. PENINSULAR CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1846. FRATERIN URBE Junsox GIIICGOIIY I',vl"1'lcNu1Ll., A. B., PGl11llSlll21I', 'TEL FRATRESIN UNVERWTATE- 1892. Lrzwls Cl,IN'roN CARSON, l'I1,EAzE1z IJARROW, .Innes Elmixnn IFERHIS, Ihwm XV1l.I.l.uls Mc'Mul:nAN, FIIEDERIF SIIERNUN l'ul:'1'lc1:, G1-:music C:n11'1u:l,l, Huw, Rlclunn Rom' Sxrrrn, Hman F1.m'uNm' Xv.KN D1zv1cN'rER, f'.x1c1.C1.1cm1u1:N XV,-XRDEN. 1893. NVILLIAM Ilomllcs Axlmlzws, FRANK PLINY GR.-XX'lCS, IXKN l,.'xvEQl'I1:K, Ju., SAMIT1-:L SMITH llmclzls, Clu1u.Es IJ1n'K1c1m.xN lNI.v1"l'1f:soN, HAVKNSOBI 1i1ARDNlili Grammars, 1112012612 1'Ilc.xsm's Ilowlcs, Jn., JOHN Coomclc Immlls, Juuzs S'rr:m1.xN lIm.l..xNn, , '1'mm,xs Hoxlm IIol,I.ANn. 1894. 11liUlIliliJASON C.xnwE1,1,, nl-IN-IANIIN Cl..Kl'l' Iiu1:rNsnN, xvIl.l,l,KM l!l'1.l.m'K XV.xmw, IIAxl:1:Y F1:.xx.u'K XVORIJI-IN. 1895. PIllI.l,Il' I,.UiGl'I'l"I' HoURI,.xN1m, ClI.u:I.1f:s IIIQNRY CoNl:.xIw, XVIILIAXI Plum: I'14:l:KlNs, S'l'EW,Xll'l' EINIAII Wlwrla. 37 'Eifatefnitg of Delta 'Kappa Epsilon. FOUNDED AT VALE UNIVERSITYI1844. Cijcrloiiir Roiii PIII, YIIIII l'I1iveII'sity. 'l'IIIc'I'.x, . IiUWliUiIl CKTIIIIIIQII. XI, f'IIllIy l'IIiv0I'sity. Nm, I: IXIIIlIIII'st Cullvgv. Psi, I'IIivIII'siIy III' AIQIIIIIIIIII. ITWIUIN, l1I'IIwI1 U11ix'eI'sity. fm, l'IIivI-rsity III' Mississippi. 1391-II, IvIIiYl'l'SitY IIE N1ll'lilC2lI'0lill.l. l':'l'.K, . l'IIix'PI'sity uf YiI'giIIi:1. j4,U,m,,I, K1'IlyIll1 Collvgml. PI, IPIIVIIIIIIIIIII l'IIIlI'f1c-. Icrlux, . . C71III1I'zIl l'IIix'III'sily Iwi' Kl'l1iIli7iiy. AH-HI Axlllflllx, NIiIlIilvlII1I'y 4'IIllI-gan Imlfflwy, . ivlliVi'l'SiTj' III' XIil'iliQilll. j4j,,,I,A.,y, Wiliiiims CIIllr'gI-. 111115, I.aII':IyI'ltv C'IIlII'j:I-. 'l'.xI', llzIIIIiltIII1 Cullvgv. NIV, i'IIlj:zIt0 l'IIix'III'sity. XI-7 , l'IIlII-gvuf ii1l'i1iij' III' New Yurk. IiIi'l'.X l'III IvlliY1,'1'Siif' III' liIII'lIQstvI'. PIII l'II1, l:lliQ'l'l'S Cmqlli-QQ. PM VIH, IJI- l'2ll1W CIIIIIIQII. li.uIxI.I PIII, . XYvslIIyzII1 U1liX'l'l'Sii,j'. 1,5IQj51lIjqgAy, llvlissvlalvl' I'IIlyl0I-lIIIiIf lllstitutv. liI:'I'.x VIII, Aeimillwewt Cwllvgc-. 17lCI.'l'.X VIII, f'1Il'IlC'11 IvlliY!'l'Siij'. pm Igluuuy , l'IIivIII'sity of S.x'I':1uI1se. QQPWIII lim-AI, Cllillllliliilcj1Iiil'Q'U. 'I'IIII1'I',x ZIIYIQI, l'I1ivIII'sity of K':llifm'IIizI. AI,I'II.x VIII, . T"i11iiY CUHPHV- IQMHUY Yz1IIIlvI'1Iilt l'IIix'vI'sity. K.Xl'l'.k, . Nlillllli l'1Iix'eII'sity. pm lq,.,HA.,X, I'IIivcII'sityr,I1' 3IiIIIIvsIItzL. glmm 'FM-5 Mzisszxvliusetts IIlSiIitlliC of eI:lIIIolIIgy SS I 52 . , Hfyfv A . :ai Q yi' I :nur 5 X A Y 5 R X Q ! ' E 'VAX F X Xxx-, W, TKYAV'-, " , - ffff alta 'Kappa Epsilon. OIVIICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1854. FRATRES IN URBE. I Q. A. SlCSSlONS,15, '65, YV. S. P1c1:1:Y, A. M., O, 66, J. T. SUNlJEllI,.XNIJ, IP. D., A, '69, H. XV. DoL'c:r..xS, 0, 790. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE- Tnimus IEENTON Ccm1.m', Ph. H., 0, 191, Merlivul Ilepzlrtluent. Y1xc'1cx'1' IKICIIAHIJ Tlwvlcn, U, Law D0lb1l1'f1llGllt. YIC'I'OIi110IiIC.XI' 1'1I,'l'IXG, A. H., I' B, '91, Law Dopurtnmlxt. WM. S. IIl'1:l:.xl:n, A. IK., A X, Medical 1711-'IJ2l1'11ll01lf. H. SMITH, A. li., K, 191, Post l'il'z14l11z1tQ. C1I.x1:1.l4:s S'l'1znNu xVI'l'IZIii'K, A. B., fb, '91, Law 1YJC1J2ll'11ll9111. 1892. II mm' Cox.xx'r13r'1.1c1.1:x', xVll,I1I.XlI.IUIlY 1.14 HVNT1: 1.x's'r1c1:, I1.x1:1:x' VFYLHH Sxwrlr. 1893. ANN Bmw GII.C'IlIlIS'l', Rrlfvs liI1.I.1c'1"1' 11.YI'lI1i01', 11,XWKl4ZXL'lC Jmlxsux xYllI'l"l'I-IBIUHE, Iilmwxx Cuxlcmx NV11.KINsoN 1894. mms Iixulcs 1f:K.Xlll'IIC1.Il, XVIl.1.1.xM Bxzxlufoizlw CAXFIIELIJ, AI.l"1KElJ II.x'1'1f1r HUNT, D.wIlm IQINU llxlcalc. 1895. AH'1'I1l'll Co1.L11c1: 11I.1JUMFI121.Ib, Jollx CIIASNIELI, Coxnnx, II,x1:1cY M1'Cl:lc,x MASUN, f4,XRIL'Iil1 Nlc111:L'1:x', J,XBI12S1,Il1N INIL'1:1f1N, 1i11COI!KiIZ11AliG Iitsslzx.. S9 Ziggma 619111. FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1827. G1'jGP1QI" RQ11. X1 I lm O1-1NlEWXvU1lK, 1vIl1U1lCO110Ql0, 131 1 x OF Nun' Yusuf, . Ilnmiltmm College, . XIIIIA nv BIASSAKWIVSIVVFN, 1YiHiulns Cmdlvge, . 1,11 1 x Ol-'IYICW Yusuf, Ilulmrt College, . 111111 011' Xv1iHNlHN'I', l'l1ivM'Hityul'VQ1'111u11T, XIl1LKlHfB1HW1HiAN, . V1HvvrsM5'uf NHvhiguu XIlHAlM'PENNSYLYAXLM lA4Ugh Unhwwshy,. 'rx cmv fimxv X'nluq, . 1'Ul1lU11 1'uiX1Xrsityy . go v 1827 1931 1834 1S40 1845 1858 1887 1890 ww igma TPM. ALPHA OF MICHIGAN ESTABLISHED 1858 ICmv,xnn DE NVI'l"l' IQINXI-I, .Inns FL'1,1,En LAWRENCE. Jullx ARTIIUR VAX .XRsnA1,lc, III-:RHERT O'1"1'o S'1ix'rLER, JAMES: BLAIR, Jn., THEODORE Hlcxlcv Hlxvmux, Jn., A1.Ifman DAY lixrlllzoxn, Jn.. FI'l'Zlll'GII Brnxs, Iilmzxun Dxxx XVIUKI-JS, ICAIlI.E1?I,IFl'0IilJ l'r:'1'El:s, GOLDNYIN S'rAxn1ua'1"r, GLWS111-:lexus Cxuxlz, S.XlII'El. D1-:xnxx Kxxxn, Slllclzllmx Blfxsox, Fulw ARFIIER IIINCIIBLXX, Rmzxc1:T I,r:u'1as'1'14:1z Wnaxlclc, Roman S1IE1m.xN, C'nAx:l.Es Cl1,xxnl,r:1: Pixnulclz, Llcwrs SPR.H9I'lC Mc'C1u-:Aung .lxclxmm INLililISOI.I., Illcxm' Hm:'l'm1c1: SENT!-IH, Ilolslclrl' Fowrlc IIALI.. QI Pm, Zmxx, . lYlEl.'l'A , UAIIVIMN, Sluxu, Cm, . I'll's11,nN, Him, . li.XI'l'.X, 'r.w, . lf1'sll,uN, XI, . l'1, . l,.xxllaU.x, l'sl, . In'l'.x, . 'l'lll4:'r,x XI, Al.1'1l.x, .XI,l'Il.X PSI, NV, . I.l.x, . Ifrlxx AI.l'II.X, Ffateflqiifg of Zeta Tsai. FOLINDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TI-IE CITY OF NEW YORVQ1846. CIIUPIQF 92 l711lvvl'sily of the City of Nvw Yurlx lViIIiz1lns Cullflge. liutgvrs Collogo. Pl'llll'l'IUll College. l'uivvrsity of Peu11sylv:111iz1. Cullry Vlliversity. Brown l'11iv0rsity. Il21I'Y1ll'4l IvlllVQl'SlIj'. 'l'11fI'sCullc'g9. l,:1l'a1y0ttc+ College. l'11ivorsity of N0rtl1C:11mli1m. I'nivorsity of Micl1igzu1. Ilcusszlluc-1' Pulytovllnic Institute. licmwlnill Cfullflge. C'4n'11vlI l'11ix'O1'sity. l'11Iv0l'siIy ul' Czlliforllizl. l'11iv0rsity of Tomnto. Culumlwin Collflgo. Blvliill l'11ix'e1'sity. Cusv Svluml of Appliwl SI-ivllcfos. Yulu I'11iv01'sity. Lvlzuul St:mI'm'd Jr. l'11iv0rsit.y. mn.m,.mn v. sm. ,Wm-.K K Uopymgna 1 Zeta 1951. XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1858. FRATERIN URBE Jlclzmlxz CYHIL1qNHWl.'l'llX, A. IB., '75, FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. 1892. iilcolualz Gllll-'FIN I'1:1cN'1'Is, IIAIIIIY ICIINIQST CANIDLER, Fu1cm:I:II'1..xxI: SIIEIIWIN. 1893. xVAl.'l'lCR Al.1cx.xNImEII FOIIHICS WI1.I,I.xM SMITH BIILLER, 7 ClIAI:l.1cs NVII,l.I.nI STli.Vl"l'0X, IIENIIY IIENIJEIISOX DIENIIABI IIIIIAM Pow!-zxzs. 7 1894. XV.Kl,'l'lCli Liao Myas, CI..x1:I-:Nui NATILIN C'lII'I:CII, AIAIIION '1'mvEI: lIx',x'I"1', FRANK XVU0lJWOR'1'II PINE, C.Im.Yl.H Extxxs I.Ix'I"r,x, 12150111412 T. Tm-:II1:l,Ic. 1895. I CLARK CABIl'l!1CI.L 1IY.vr'1', II.xI:m' LEWIS BIIIIIGMAN, REX RONAl.1JCAsE, Junx Anus S'I'IcvExs, Josuu WIl,I.1,m BI-:cmI.Ic, Jn., G1co1:uE V. CANDLI-:Ic, FIIANK CAI' MI-:1:1zII,I.. 13 7 TlrE'1'A, llmxlxx, I31f:'1x-x , Hmmm, fi.KMRI.X, Zmxx, IQMIIQIQA, K A vm, Psi, XI, . l,'1's11.oN, Iu'r,x, Pm, PI, Cllr, . B lc'r.x B1a'1'.x, l'I'l',x, . T.-x V, M V, Fraternity of Tasbi Upsilon. FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1833. Qljaxfaldr 94 lvIli011CUllC'gf7. l'niw'ersity of the City of N Yule University. IQVUWII l'11iv0l'sity. ,xlllh61'Sl, ffullegv. l7:11't111u11tll Collvgv. Qjlbllllllhiil Cullvgv. I:HWdllill Cullogre. IIZIIIIHKOII Cullegv. XVOSIPXRIII lYl1iY0l'Sity. l'l1ix'0rsity uf Rum-lnestclx Kenyon Cnlloge. l'nive1'sity of Him-lxigan. IvIliV8l'Sitj' of SYVQIUIISQ. Curllell IvIliY91'Sitj'. 'l'rinity Cwllegw. lllqliglll UlliVi-'l'Hify. l'11ive1'sitynf l,C1lllSj'1V21Iliil l'1lix'9rsit,yc1f Millnesutzl. 0 W York . L.,',X' ,. v. - --f ---Y--v ff vf -qyw, v.,,.. p, 3 W " H 1 .-1,4 M' .4-.. . get Q , a., .Gy ffl ,j5g,- rm, 3Z'E:"?i2 AE ffm" .. 'wi' 1 q .- if Wa In-Q . Mfr: if Q , 1 F, 3.71, 4 1 , Ja?" n- A - 1 r ' .si ff 1 " !"'fQ,gi gg ze! .L f -5" 1' 5 ' f 65.-lp' . 7 , v.,x U Irv 9 .Q . EX-Ak, ,jf ,K .v.. f v -5' .M N , .Q .' -f fS5ifV- Q32 5 4- ' ,i .flglu - J. Q '1 .,. . fi' Q , 5 255 ,'i74'A 4, Q Q, ,- N I - .r'. , H1 , f V 355 Ejiiiisgegigig T g53g555fEf5 1 ' , . Lan i Y L A 11- vul , 'ff an -. .......L'.I. 'Psi Upzilon. PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1865. FRATRESIN URBE JOIIN M. WIIIQELIQII, A. M., '51, 0. NVAIIIIIQN B. S'I'ICKNI4:Y, M. A., '63, F. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. Law Ilopzlrtlllollt. Meflival Depnrtlnellt. Jnuas VAN INw.xm:N, Ju., RIIYAI. 'l'wo5II:I,x' FA1:Ic,xND, GALE TIIUNIPSON, XVIIIARII l.uIm.x1NIc Mncxs, B. S. FRANK CI:.xwI-'oI:Im, A. B., S'rI:I'II12N CI.Il-'TON liI.IDm:N. 1892. XV1I.I.1.x:I1 BEIQKMAN I..xI:I:.xIsIa1z, FRANK W,I'rI-:IuI.xN LmIITN1I:R, NVII,III-:LM BIILLEH, RAI.I'II S'l'lEW.-KRT M,xuPIIII:IucAN, NVII.I.I.m l'IIxw,xI:Ir W.II.'I'1c1:, XVII.I,1.nI ROBBINS Ml'IcI:.xY, RUIIIQIQT TI'I:N1cIc lIuI.I.ANI1, NIJMUNIJ LINDSAY SANIQI-:1csoN. 1893. CAxIr:I:oN CI..xI:KI-: IZUHNN, JIJIIN S'I'.xNI.I-:Y Hum, HENRY PERKINS Domsw, W1I.L1.uI XVILMAN Nmwvmm, LI4:oN 3II'Ic1Joc'K G1:oI:snIc1'K, CYIEEXICS AI1EI.BEIcT NI-zxvumn, JR. ICARI, D. l3,xIss'I'. 1894. IIuIc,xIJI1: YVIIIIIHT SLTYDAM, llu1sIcIc'1' EMMUNS JONr:s, GEOIIKGPI II,xI.I. ANuI:I.I., Iilmixlalm ma POST, llmxixulm I':YERE'l"I' CIIIUKIZIIINIQ. 1895. W.II.I.AC1c NVIL1-:Y f'lIIC'KlCliING, IiI1wAIm C1I1cs'rI4:Ic XVICIZKS, lfUBER'I'1IA.I0ll WIZIIJIQMANN, WII.I.I.xNI lloI:,u'14: MuI:1.IcY, WII.I.mM AI,BE1c'I' Sl'1TZl.lGY, .Tmxncs K1c1cI.1aIc BIUIHIAX, RVINJI l'Il FIcIcI1IaRIcK Fl.lX'l4EI!BI,-XXX, C'II.mLIcs Cluslc M.xc'1'III-:IaRAN, FILINK IZENNETT SI-Inu, GIEQJIQIQE Elmtxlm B,xI.I., PIIILII' BEXXl5'l"l' SI'Ic.xI:, BVRNIIMI Co1.IzUI:N. 95 'Elfatefnifg of Tera Tlilzleta Tai. FOUNDED AT NIIAIVII UNIVERSITYI1839. CbUPlCF RGAH. ALI-11.1, . . . BIizI111i U11i1'u1'sity Bli'l'1k, . . . Wt-steI'11 l:l'Sf'l'Y0 l'11ivI11'sity. 1glC'l'.X lf.Xl'l'A, . H1110 l'11iI'o1'sity E1,Sll.4?N, . . .... Centro College. 01111111 1, lVZlSlllIlQlOll u11Il -l9fl'C1'SUIl College' lam, . 17,12 I1'l'.X, PI, . . L.x1II111,I, . TAU, . liAl'I'.X, Z1-ITA, , OM1c'11oN, . T111z'1'.x, lo'1'.x, MU, U111, PSI, . A1,1f1I.x lllC'l'1X, . :xI,l'll.K G.x1151.x, flLl'llA llICI1'l',X, A1.11111x lC11s11,oN, A1,1fI1.I lC'I'.I, AL1'I1.x K,x1'11A, . AI,l'II.X l,n1B111x, ALl'IlA XV, . XI, . AL1'1I.x l'1, Iilio, . . lIz11'x'z11'cl lvlllYl'l'Slff' llt1l'21llW lf11ix'v1'sity . llltllllllil l'11i1'e1'sity. . L'11ix'v1'sity of Mic-lIigz111 . lV2llJllSll l'11iveI1'sity . . . l31'oxv11l'11ix'01'sity, llilllllltlttllSl1l1lCj'C1lll9g0 . U1llYl'l'Slly of YiI'gi11iz1 Uhio lV9Sl-Uyflll l'11iveI1'sit.1' . . Il:111ov01' College. . flllllllll'l'l2llltl l'11ix'01"sity Beloit Uollege . . Bfillilllj' College Iowa State l'11iv01'sity . lVi'tte11be1'g l'oll0g0. . . lVUStll1lllSlPl' College Iowa lVUSlPj'2lI,l l'11ivv1'sity. . 110111115011 lf11iv01'sity. . liit'l1111o11Il llollegv l'11iVc-1'sity of lVoostG1' . lT11ive1'sityof liZlllSilS llillltlthlllll M111-011 f'oll0gC l'11iVII1'Sity oflVisI'I111si11. NOl'tllWPSlUl'1l lvlllY0l'Sllj'. .ll,I'II,X SIIIAIA, . . lllt'lilllSO1l t'ollI1ge llIC'l'A l3IcI,'I',I, . . . flt1l'llK'll lf11ivc'1'sity S1m1.x, . SteVI111s l11stit11t0 ot' TCl'llIlHlHQy 1315121 ZIIYIYK, . St. l12lWl'Ollt'O I'11ivv1'sity llI's11,oN, . . . lioston l'11iw1'sity A111111 VIII, . . .lol111sllo1IkiI1s l'11ix'e1'sity HxIIcoA, . l'I1ive1'sity of Cz1lil'or11iz1 l31f'1'x FI' I, . . Maxim- Stz1t0 C'ollvgv lll1"l'X lll4"l'X ., ..,.. I'11iVe1'sity of 3IlSf'llS!-illllll l'111, . . . l'11iv0rsityoI'l'e1111sylvz1111z1 l5I:'1'A'l'I11-:'I'.x, . . . lI11Iliso11l'11i1'01'sity NI, .... . l'11io11 Collvge A1,If11.I ,XI.l'lIA, . . Cfillllllljlil Collvge lllC'1'A lo'I'.I, . . . .llIlll6l'Sl Colloge llmxx l,.x111:11.x, . Vt111IleI'lIilt lf11iv01'sity 'l'111zT.I ll1cI.'I'.x, . Ohio State lf11iv1-rsity A1,I111lx llNIICG.X llllllllllbllfll Vollvge 7 . lllC'l'A lCI'SII,0X, . . Sy1'z1c'11sQll11ivII1'sity A1,1'11.x l'I's1I,oN, l'v1111sylx'z111iz1 St:1tet'ollz-ge. lu'1'.x B1c'1'.I, ..... Ilz1x'iIlso11 Collvgo. l'111 AI,I'II.I, . . Knox Collvgo llIi'l'.X U1111'I:oN, . . lle111'Q1' l'11ivv1'sity ,ll.l'll.X XI, l'11iVe1'sityoI'BIi1111osotz1. HU lil-sII.oN, lVeslvya111 U11iVv1'sity. AI,l'll.X 'l',II', l'11ivQ1'sity of Ci111'i1111z1ti. IE1c'I'.x l'1, . Rutgers C'oll0g0. l31a'I'.1 CIII, Le1l1igl1 If11ivv1'sity. PIII CIII, . Y11l0lf11iw1'sity. 96 IM B T! , Y . 'q k lk g:?fg7',E ei ' I N ., . . T7 4 6 1, J 'MP Ezra Eheta 7531. LAMBDA GH APTER ESTABLISHED 1845. FRATRES IN URBE. D - 1 vo FR.-INKI.IN I.. I'.x1:m:l:, A. BI., '-17, .I. I.. Blau., B. I.., S-, J. J. Guom'1:.x1: M. D. '83 ClI.xm.1:s A. XYUIYXH Z QI' 7 7 7 7 7 Iluzm' BIINEII., 'S5. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE- ' LA IV HEPA Ie T.1IE.Y7'. l'.x'l'l:u'lc A. Blcl:1cY, KI' A fb, '92, JwllN XV. C'l..xnK, 'HIL .IuuN S. XV. IIm.1.ow.xY, 111 A KD, '92, J. S'l'.KNIIUI'I-I II1cN'ruN, '93, II.xl:l:Y A. IlEEs1c, ll' A 41, '93, Ii.KI.l'II III. SHAW, 'fI2. JIICIJICA I. DEl'.f1IfT.IIE.VT fllitllilili S. IIULIIICN, 'ILL IIOJIIIJOP.-I TIIIC DEP.-1 R T.1lE'A'T. f'l.1vFmc1m R. Ilmcvlcv, '93, F1:.xNK ICIVII, 'Ill 111f.YT.4 L DEP.-I 1eT.11EN7'. 1 CHARLIQS A. Cul'm'1I, 923. LITEI? AI.lZICIC'I' 8 H. IV.xl.'1'1c1c IIAWKINN, .EIJWIX BIlc1zm1.l. SMITH, tilcurz limnum SCO'I"I' BECK, I'Z1Cn.alz1m SUBINICII P.xm1l.Y, 1111.111-:lc E. Blill., I.1.m'11 Jl's'rIN W1:NTwo1:'rl Ilow.-urn O.KKI.liX' BLIVIQN, IIARRY .'XlJOI.I'II ICNGAIAN, Fmcn IQING, Hxlcl. MUNSUN, .4 If I' DE 12.1 If TJIEX T. . IZIUNYN, Post-Grauluate. 1892. XV.KI.'I'liIl Fl'l.'I'0N S1.m'L'1I, NVl1.1.1.xM C''1"r T1c'H1sNoR, ul-: MoN1cmf: XVISXICIL. 1893. W11.I.I.xM SYI.x'lcs'1'E1c Cllmzvlcn, 13YI!0N C'1.1cvx21..xN1m Pox:'r1c1:. 1894. IJIE1'u1c11 CONRAD SMITH, I, IC.xm. F.xnW1:l.I. XVILSUN. 1895. 1':1lIiERT XVINFII-ILIJ IQUNN, IQUGENE lIm:.xC1c Ii.x1:Nm"1', Rmucm' 1Vo1.1fF BIANLY, C11-IHIIGE IQUIIEIIT TAYLOR. 97 Tfatefnirg of 165111 'Kappa 1951. P1-1NNsvI.v,xNl.x AliI'll.X, Viicczixu A1,1'n..x, . Viiauixu limxx, . l'1aNxsv1,v,xx1.x limix, l'r:NNsvi.v.xxl.x li.X5l5l.K, Viluslxlx G,xxm.x, Sui"rn G,-XRlJl.lN.fX Al,i'n,x, BllSSISHIPPI Al.l'll.X, . l'iaxNsvl.v.xx1.x Zli'I'.X, P1QxxsvI.v,xN1.v lC'1.x, Hun:, ILLINOIS A1.l'll.x, 1Nnl.xx.x AI.l'll.X, Onm l112'1'.x, lmm Am-n.x, , . DIS'l'lllL"1' OF C1?l,l'3llil.X .X Nicw Yum: Al.l'lI.X, . 1'14:sxsvi.vixx1.x 'l'n1a'r.x, lxn1,xN,x B1c'r.x, . INDIAN.-x G.xmi.x, Oli1oGn1x1,x, XV1s4'uxs1N Aimliix, K.-xxsixs Am-n.x, Mn'n11:.xN Al.I'IlA, 1'iaNNsv1.vixx1,x Fvsimx, Onm 1JEl.'l'A, . Nicxv Yom: l3r:'r.x, 3I.XRYl,.lNIl Al.l'll,X, XVISCONSIX liiunu, CixI.rifu1cx1.x ALPHA, BIlNNlCSO'l'.X limit, Nicvv XYORK lCvs1i.ux, PicNxsv1.vixNl.x li.'ll'l,.X, lV1cs'1' VIRGINIA Al.:-lu, C.Xl,ll4'0RXI.X llmxx, FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1852. G ljrziplcr ll'll.X, 98 Wusliington 2lll1lJOil.0l'SOll Culleggv linivvrsity of Xvlfgllllll. Wuslxington :intl Leu llnivvrsity. Allegl1:xi1yCnllegG. Pennsylvainiai Collvgv, Hznnptun Sidney Cmllvge. Suutli C211-ulinnlCullvge. lfnivorsity ul' Mississippi. llivlcinsun Vullege. i'l1"2l1llillll :intl ill2llnSll2lll Collvgv. Oliiu NVeslGvzn1 l'11iv1-rsity. Xoi'tl1vv0st0i'11 l'11ivvrsity. llel':xnvv lfnivvrsitv. Witlvnlmrg Cullvgv. l0xv:1Stute l7niversity. Culnmlwin Fullpge. Cornell l'nivvi'Sity. l,ilf2lj'0tl0 Cullvgv. lnclianzi Univvrsity. Wulmsli Cnllogel. Vnivvrsity uf Woustvr. lfnivorsity of Wisconsin. University nf IQIIIISZIS. Vniversity of Miclnigan. ll11iVf'l'Slty of Pennsylvania. University of Olliu. Syrzu-use University. Johns llopliins 'l'nivel'sity. Beloit College. Vnivvrsity of the Pacific. Vliivvrsity uf Minnesota. Colgate University. Swzxrtlixnore Cullvge. University of West Virginia. Leland Stzinfurfl .lr. University. f 1 w , mg, E Awwc 'lfalfzi Kappa 61951. MICHIGAN ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED1876 FRATRESIN UWVERNTATE- L,-1 IV ll EPA If 7',UE.VT. CIIAIILICS Pl!ICN'I'Il'E lilululcnsux. 1892. xVH.l.l.X5l II14:Nl:Yl'm.1c, Cvlcrs C.xl:l.1c'1'ux Wucxclcx, Wll.l,1,ul BIINTU.IU1INS'l'HNE, FRANK CA1:l'1c:i'l'1c1: Smut Inu i'1l.u:1.Es Bx:I.D1cN, W1l.l.l.ul Joux CL'I!lIlCli, 1'llIl,II' S'rlNsox G.xl:mN1cR, Cu lIIRA5l11lCIlARIll'1l"lfINlilCR, Cxlamx 1,llII.I1'S, 1893. YAL1-:N'r1N1a Slcuux Iwzs, 151144111 M.u:'r1N Mu1csxlAN,.Il:., .Imsr:1'1l.Tr:xm'Mulcswxy, .xlcuzs Blclsvllllzlc SRIIZLTZICII. 1894. C1I.xl:l.1cs XX Il.Ill-IR b1GNl'lCN12.Xl'1ilI, l'Il:Nlcs'1' II.w1cN XVARIUCX. 111-IUIUGIC Al,l:l4:1:'l' 3IC0lbI,I,l'M, Clmlulcs H1iSNllCll BIHIISE, - 1895. INIX Mum, 1'lKl2DlEIlI1'K H :' Illcxm' Alu,1xr:'l'uN IQIVE, In. I5ls1:'1'1:.ul 5'l'Ii'l'SUX Y XIII C .x nl, HEX lCZE'l"I'E W1 LL1 A xx s. 99 'Fratemitg of Delta Tliau Delta. A1.1'11 .x, G1111111, rlljlv, R1141, XV, l'1's11.ux, Bmtx l,,xx11:1m.x, l,liI.'l'. 1, . 'I'111f:'1'.x , MV, lu'1'.x, I41'1'A, . l'l1's11.uN, 1iE'l'.X li1c'1'.x, B12'1'.x Zmxx, Psi, . Z1s'1x1, fjlll, . l31e'1'.1 A1,1'11.x, 'CiBlIl'll0X, XI, O111cu.x, , Bli'l'.X lC'1'.1, B15'1'.1 K.1v1n1, L.u11:1m.1, B1:'1'.x llliI,'l'A, B 111' .1 B15 '1' A l+I1's11,oN, T1 1 10121 , Pl, . B 1-:TA lil? '1' .x B1c'1'A Blfl' .1 B1-:'1' .1 BETA Xl, MU, NU, Simu, 0111c1wN lwm, Simi,-1, . FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE, 1859. Cljcxplcr IOO l. Alli'Qll2lIl5' Cnllvg0. xvZlSlllllgtUll illltl -IOlli0l'Sllll Collvgv, Ffillllillll Zlllll Nlurslizlll College. Stuvmis lilstitlltu of T0l'll I,z1l'z1wtte l'ullwfv livmseluoi' llUlj'fC4'll11ll5 I1 Lehigh lf11ivv1'sity. ,U11ivo1'sity of Nliuliigzui. Iivtlmiiy Cullvge. Ohio Wesleyuxx. liuulntol Collvge. Miizlmigzm State College. Albiu11C1rll0Q'0. Ihepaxuw lI11ix'ersity. Butlvr lliiivelrsity. lVoust01' C0111-go, Adm-llmert Cullvgo. Kc-11yU11 Cullvgv. Univvrsity of lmliziiizm. Iowa lilllVPl'Hlly. Si111ps1111C11ll0ge. Iowa State Cnllvge. University of Mi1111esot:1. Uiiiversity of Colorado. X72l.llflOI'lJllt l'11ive1'sity. Uiiiversity of G9Ol'gl2l. 1'llIl0l'y Colloge. University of the South. nology. istitutc. Uiiivcrsity of Mississippi. Tl1l2lll0 lf11i1'a-rsity. Tufts College. lN'Ia1ss11cl111Setts Institute 0 Boston Uiiiversity. Cornull Ul1lX'lll'Slfj'. University of Yirginizx. YVilliz1111s Cullvge. f Teclu iolugy. ,f,,g.,,,..,. -.-vff. -.Q ,V ff- 4 .fb .- .-KT Mn, , ,.,,,V,.rv,., , .. tw- W, v,,.K.- ,v.. ,... . .Tgu-pnpq,,,,,..,,,.,,..pq.,..v, ,, Dram , Phila , 1 4 1 J I 4 1 Q 1 E -i A E ' w , ,q -J Aa 3 1 1 T - 1 4 i w 1 I 4 1 I 1 i 4 i I 1 '1 J w w l 1 1 '1 I i 1 J Ae i i l 1 i i 1 ,gAA.......-,,, J alta Eau TBUS DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1880. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE- AIIHANI LYNX Flzlzl-3, I,I,. U. A1,Ifl:lc1m C'mfl:'1'Nm' lmzwxclexcxz, A. B. QQICUIUQI-I .I .x 1-'1f1:l4:x' lil'NlJ.xY, i'HA1:l,lcs lH4:W1'1"l' 4'ul.l:Y. XVI1.l.l.xA1 l,.Vl"l'ICI!SHN HOIKILKXIV. Illcxm' f'.KICl,li'l'1bY lI1'1,1:ra1:'r I'm:'1'1::: Iilcxmxlxx l'1:.xxK1,1N lI.x1,l., .ll:. SASIVICI. l"1:14:14:I,.xxlw Illlslzmc. FIIIZIJIQIIIVK M. iirxn. .Mules l,.uxfaM1-lillznslax. l"1:,xN1c1,1x xVII,I!Iilll'HIll'li C'.xl.1..xxr. Ilnznxvzax' Bllilili l'u1:'1'l:1:. 111501512141 HIl'lI.KIll1Sl,.X'I'I2II. lllcxm' li1cx.1.xmN l'1:.x1sIN, Jn. Flzxfzlmlnxxlm Ilmvum Iklzsuxs. IOI Fraternity of Delta Zigma 'Delta FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY or MICHIGANI1882. CIWPICIQ Roll. III XIII-III' In st l'IIix'cII'm I ml IvlliYl'l'SilV. .ALPIIX lvlliYt'I'4lIV I3li'l'.X, . Lulu' Iwvrv 'G XNINI I . 11:1 'va ' IvIliX'0l'Yl1V III lll'IlIlSX lx 11111 LI'sII.Im, ZI2'I'.x, ,,., ' I l ll1X1lhltyUl Lall lO2 ifu iff I ww' WWW 5 -.M A 3 - 27777 5. 1 fn- L 77,2 f -f Z Y' 'if ' , 2' N J' , S' X , i :Y .F "T, ,5' Y -' Jai' , ' i 524 2 Www - Hi, YW" 7 Q23 N fi, .M W U s zhwm 111,114 :alta Zigma Delta. ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED188Z FRATRESIN FACULTATE- XY11.1.1.m U. lml:1:.xxL'1:, IW. IP. S. I.m'1sI'. II,u,l,, IJ. ILS. FRATRESlN UWVERNTATE- 1892. xlZl'IlII3.Xl.IJ Wnzlzlax I,I.U'li, 11IiHlIl2l'I Du,wm:'rlr, ALIAISHX NVIIALIAAI IIAIIPIAIC, lilnwurn13.xl:'1'l.E'1"1'S1'.x1.l1 1893. C1I,xl:l.l-is XV1l,L1.u1 AIJABISUN, l"1:.xNlq XV1XI.'l'lCIi IEHY1-:1:, 1 1'ux1:I,1cw A1:'1'H1'1: f'IIl'Iil'lI, Ii U II, 0 X li, W11,r.r,xxl Illcxlzx' VAN 1I1El!h'I'IXIC BIIIXVUN T.1'1'lC Wwsux, M E A, Wim. l,1,m'11 Wllzlxswlfl' 1894. maslilxu1Ml'z:l.xss, Howl-11: F.1I.I. lI1'fs1cY, l'11. IK., .lcmslcvll I..x'1'1lmw, Ju., 'l'1lmI.xs ll.xl.1c Low, XY.Xl.'l'ICIi L'lr.u:1,14:f BIVIQIXXIZY, 131-:x,l.m1N F1:.xx1q1,1N l'1 xnxx 103 TIVZL1 Ziggma Hlplia. AI-PHA CHAPTER FOI-INDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN- FRATRES HONORARHIN FACULTATE- zxm' I,. U1:1c'1'z, M. IJ., IMNIIQI, A.1II4'I,.xc1rn,.xx M. D., 1 v 1 1 M1-is C . AANIID, .X. M., KI. IL, 1 rms. .X.h.x'1'1'l11zr,1,, KI. IJ., CIIAS. S. Mxvlc, H. II. FRATRES IN URBE. IC1:x1f:s'1'.X. CI..XlIK,BI. IX, Url-:1:'1I IC. NV1l.lucl:, H. II. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. DE,Y7',1 L DlL'I'.-Il1'7',I11a'.Y1'. BIIIXIWIN 'l'.x'r12 XY vrsux. A I A. 1892. I liNl'IN'I' Iflzxxlc 4i.xxIl:l.1-1, I,1cw1s 13l:,xIas':'1:lc1:'r Ihxlzlwxlzlc. 1893. 11101 LI Flcrclmlclzlfjlc 01.111119 F.111.1w'l'ox T1.xl'n, cxm' H. XUIl'l'Il.XRI, JH1lXl.Hl'IS Ilzlclhxxn, IVHANK li1c'u,BO II, II1x1:vm' 111420111115 Y1 1894. LnxllwWl1,l,1.xM1lx'.xN, XVu,1.1.xxl Ilumalxs A'r'1'1c1:1:1'1n', cm' Iblcxwlcxz W1xl.K1cl:, CIIIAIKLICS A. C1:1'1'm'1Il.uw. 104 J ,i--v-lwr Y Y 4 x388 f MZ ,ff lfmm J .X l.1'Il,x, l:l'I'l'.X, Gulxlx, IP1al.'1'.x, lzl'sll,nN Zoczieifg of Ciamma 19111 Beta. FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY11872. Cljcrplcr Roll. ws Syl'2ll'llS1' l'11ix'm-lwity. IYlliYl'l'Sitj' uf Blilqligilll. lvIliYt'l'Hify ul' YVisconSin llnslull IvlliY0l'Sifj'. Xm'tIlwvsfvl'l1 Vlliversity Y I1N11fti1-u'1f Gamma 'Phi Tera. BETA CHAPTER FOUNDED1882. SORORES IN URBE. XIIICHSQ Mus. F. N. Sc'11'1"1', A. L., 8-1. ANNAII Nu' 8111111 1892 111 1:'1'1'1'111f: NI. I31'x11Y, 114111513 l11A 1x.KXl74ll.l II 1893 U.x1:1'11:N'1'1a1:, .1 111' 1'111,x'1211, N1.Xl'llI2 B1cN.1.x111N 131:111:1.1., 1894- I1 N1' L' x1'1'1cx'1'1c1: I 1 111 1 II ll 1 IJI I11c1'1cw1'111 7 3I,x1'111-1 II11 115. 1895. . 1. , ,XX111i1:s11X, l+11'x 1'I'XYt'lY1,l4'IlIY If f1'111c1: 111111, 11I.I,I.N 1,14 IX l1.XXIJ.Kl,I., 1.Il.I,I xx XX,x1,1..xc1c T1111x11's11N, IO6 1 11111 ll x Nlmal-'111 IJ 1 l AI,I'II,x, 1114: 1,'1',x, Z1c'1'.I, Iu'1',x, 'I' I I 14:'1' A, Ii.Xl'l'A, L.I1II111.1 XI, SIIIIIA, 'I',x1', PIII, C111, Psi, fhhllifij, Zoeietg of Delta Gamma. FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY oF MISSISSIPPI, 1872. Gljcrlsfdr IO7 Mt. I 1111111 Vollflgv. UIliX'Pl'SitQ' of I.uw0I' C:1lifo1'11ia Allrion College. Bllkqlttxl College. Al1111111z1- Cl111ptv1', Clevelzlxul. If11ix'0rsity of NQlDl'2lSkll. lf11iVe1'sity1If BIillIlf'S0t2l. University of Mi1-l1ig:111. I X0rtl1wcste1'11 l711iversity. Iowa Stzltv U11iVe1'sity. I'ni1'e1'sity of Cul1I1'z14lo. Cornell I'11i1'91'sity. XV11111911's Coll1-go, ISz1lti111ore. XViSL'0HSill State l'11iv01'Sity. XX NI1s.l,i.xY1.1cs' Bnmvxlc. elifa Gamma. XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1885. HONORARY NIENIBERS- M1:s.l'i1.xl:1,1:s I:.X.XNI,'IIEI7lC. SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE. Jllfhlf HI I, IJ 15151 13 T.'llla'.YT. Ix.x'l'lr.x1:IN1c I,ul'lwl1. .Xx1:1cI,I,, 7175, VIAIIISSX I114al:1,mx', I'1l. I1.,'SEl. M Kll'I'll,X FIAjliIiNL'lC lim .xl'm4: Iixlzswxs, asm l'Ill1'l'II lIll.l.s, L11'1f1:.1 1: V n1f1a11:T,111f,v1'. I S92 . Alu Z.x1:1:1c1.1,, l893. Ml:s.II1zN1:Y S.C.x11Ix1 1 X.. NI x1'x' 1u1:xlcw1'lx11. Ix1:ul,11x L'14,1'1.-m-l- IIx1'1'11-My lhwr, Nhlzx' l'.xl1:x1.xX Pun 1-1 .-... .... . 1894. ,X1,x11n.x A. I'1:lcx'1'14'1s, fxl'l"l'I'I'IH' H11 ll XIIIJSHX 4. x . a 1895. 'NA Iil,HVliN.X 13. l1.xY14,l:, Mus Illcxlxll-:'1"r.x l'l'1:x1u1:'1', lf1,umcxm'x-1 l3,x1:N.x1:l1, fiIi.Xl'li I7EI,XI'll2l.lJ S'1'l'mal4:s, f1.XIiI,0'l"l'.X Poms. Ll'IiliNl4' 5I'lYW'l IOS Zofoziz. f.Yz.1f1r'i'Gfg,j NON-SECRET SOCIETY. NHHUSIN, Xen' York, Ifstzxblisluc-41 lm 3 l,l,1c1:1.x'l'xc SHIZHSIN7 A1111 .Xrl+m', I'fst:1lrlislw1I 15 IO'j Zorozis. Q.Y4.1pf'f'r7lg',j HONORARY MEMBERS Mus. .Ilcxxllc U. Clxmx. RESIDENT MEMBERS. Mus. Jollx Illcwlzv, Mics. IIICOIUIIE P.v1"r1cl:suN, Mus. P.x1'1. Fmclclx, I.YI11.x fI.1IillICI.I. Fuxlmx. .ASSOCIATE MEMBERS. MI:s.J1xxl1csB. ANGELI., IIIx:s.li1':mu:1c S. BIOILIIIS, Mus. P. H. mc POST, Mus. YIl"I'Hli C. Y.-wuxlx. POST GRADUATE MEMBERS. Nr:1.1.11c llulzmxlu, LIl.I.l.XN .Iuuxsox. ACTIVE MEMBERS. 1892. 1IlZll'I'Iil'IJlC SII!I5Al.IJ NV.xl114:. 1893. In.x Mn' Mmm, Ii1aNl4:x'11cv1cl'01:xw.u,1., K.-vrlrlcluxxc Iixlclclcla Culv, M.xl'm4: IC1,Iz.ua1z'1'11 NI1-:nmr Josrzl-lux:-: Immsxa Iq0liICI!'I'S, IYIll.U'I'I 1Tl..x1:K XVICIIII, C,xm.o'1"1'.x lim.11s'1'oN1:, Iilmxlxx II. Sluw. 1894. Alu I.m'1xl4: SKINXEII, IimslcC1llQN.xL'I.'1' IIIiXXl41'l"l', II1QNl:1lc'1"l'.x IsM.xNG4,mlmr:11'11, IIl"l'Il Ax11c1.l.x Xulzlmf, DIARY XVINAI-'lclclw Llcwls, 1EI1IZ.XIIIC'l'lI l7l:.xN1'lcs fI.X5II', BIAIIY IIl"I'Il IIl'T'1'S, BIAY 5IHlI'l0N I'3L"1'1.1:l:. 1895. K.x'1'l11c1:1x1f: Sim FI.1c'I'4'1l14:z:, Iis'1'H1-il: I..x1qrN Sxxrzwrlzx, CII.-x1:1.o'1"1'Ic Ii1aN1:x'11cx'1c NOIZIJC, Iilxx I7l'NS'I'ICII, .luslzlflllxlc .I1cw1c'1"1' IIYUIQ, JAN14: I'IIi.XNl'IS XOIZIII, 5I,XllY l3r:.x'1'l:1r'14:CIm1.1-1Y, Kxru xlzlxl-3 I.,xw1:1-:wwe Umm I'II.IZ.XIZIi'l'lI Wllsux Biuulrlxi, KI.x::fz,x1:l-71' I'I1.1z.xxmz II1-:xml I IO I Coloraulo, Coloraulo, fe 1'z."z X b lskm, iz sau I 111 ns, lowzl, Iowa, Iuwzl, Iuwzl, Iowa, Iowa, Iowa, Illinois, lllinnis, Alia-lxigzm, Mil-lmignlm, Imllzlnzl, Cullllnlvizl, Hlllu, Alilllwsnlzl, lmllisizlxlzl, Society of Tai Beta Thi. Fourloso AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, IVIONMOUTH, 'l-l-S-11S67- rl l nl I EJB A x,vu.x, l:lC'I'A, A LPHA, Au-n.x, A1.v1I.'x, lo'1'A, Gurxllx, livsl Lux, Zlvrlx, K .x vm, 'I'm:'r,x , lkmux, ICTA, lllvrlx, ll1c1.'1'.x . A l.Pxu , llIC'l'A, A l,l'l 1 .x, Al.1'1l,x , A l.v1I.x, A1,m1.x, .l1,ml,x, wield Ill lf11ix'0l'sityul' Culmzxnlo. Donvvr Univvrsity. I'nix'0rsity of NQlll'LlSli2l. Univvrsity ul' Kansas. NVe-slvyml l'nivQ1'sity. Allllllllilh Stull'AgI'l1'lllllll'2ll Uullvgl Alllllllllll lfllivvrsity ul' luwal. Alumnuf. Alumnzv. Simpson Collogf-. Alumnzr-. Lumlmrml l'11ix'e1'sity. ICIIUX Collvgv. Hills4la1leC'l1ll0g:e. lTl1ix'1-wily of xlll'lllQl2lll. Ffillllillll l'x1ivc1l'sity. Columlrizl lllllYO1'Sll-Y. l'l1ix'f11'sily uf Hlliu. l'lllYK'l'Slly ul' All11ll0SUl2l 'l'11l:l110 l'11ivv1'sity. w Ins, BI.xI:'I'IN I.. Iyfflliili, 'Pi Tera Talfzi. MICHIGAN BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1888. E HONORARY MEMBERS- MIIS. FI:,xNf'Is XV. KI41I,sI2Y. SORORES IN URBE. I,I'1'Y A. l,.Xl!liliIl. SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE. 1:1511 11124 TIC. M.xI:x' CI,.xI:Iq B.IxI'IcIzI:. 1892. fIlCll'I'IKl'I?lCf1l..XIlK, 1893. x':Y UI:.II,Y 'l'IImIIfsnN, IJIIIIAl1IcIc'I"I'1CI.AIIcI:, 1894. FIIIIIIIQNVIQ ICVIQINN XV1ll.lfl2XI7l-IN, 1895. MI Is. ,XI,I:I-.I:'I' IX, h'I'.IxI,IzY, Zl'lEI.I, l'IIIss'I'ox. Fluxclcs S'I'I2IxI.m, I'I'I I: I.IcwIs, Lon I3IQI:'I'II.x RI IIIMI IPI'xIz.II:, II.x'I"I'IIc I,IcIc II,Is'I'Y, 3lAXRY f',X'l'IllClIINE I,IcwIs, SI's.xN XVIII I4l'l'Y AI.I1'lCDI,XVlS, 'FIIYIIZA BIVCLUIIIC, AI,I4'EllllC1Il'l2, l'1l.1Z.Xlil2'l'lI Il.xc'IIIcI. WYI,IIc. II2 ,,' I- .5 Y I f, . Xb - Y, r::. 5 '--v...., 25-:f?'m?i"f6v f f 'V iii-5 m s !1nmf.P!nm -4- lwzzi - Nw. Zoczieifg of 'Kappa Kappa Gamma. Ibrzxxxxx, I'Ivsl1,nx, I'I'r,x, 'l' Il lc'r,x, In'1'A , . I!1c'r.x liaxmlx, IMXXIISIDA, Mr, l'1l1, Cm, . l3lc'1'A Bmtx, K.x1'1'.x, . I'1'sll.ux, Xl, . l31f:'r,x Zmtx, llmix TAF, Psi, lmlcrm, SIGMA. . tiaxmu Rim, I11c'r,x XV, linen A1.1'u.x, I51c'r.x DEI.'l'.X, , , . lnclix Iu1'sIl,uv, Ili FOUNDED AT NIONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1870. Gljcrlafir I I3 University of Imliaum. Illinois YVeslPyill1 l'11ivPl'sity l'11ix'v1'sity of xViSl'llI1Si11. Univvrsity of Missouri. D0 PZIIIW University. XV4mstm' lvlliYPl'Sify. Igl1l'lltCl Collegv. Butlvr Ullivvrsity. liustfm Vllivvrsity. l'11ix's-rsity of NIiIllI4'SUt2l. St. l.:m'l'e11c9 l'11iv1-riity. Ilillsxlzllfx Cfvllvgv. Nfwtlnwc-sterll l'lliYP!'Sifj'. Adrian College-. U11iw1'sity of lmvu. SYTQIUIISC U11ivvrsit,y. Curm-ll lvl1iX'Pl'SifY. l'11ix'm-1'sity0f Kalwus. Ul1ix'4'rsitynl' Nvlvrzlskzl. Alltwlllillly Cullvgv. Iflliversity of Ulsiu. l'l1iw-1'sity of l'4'lllISylV2llli2l. l'11ix'vrsity of Mivlxigun. Burmml College-. lx 1 K1 Kappa 'Kappa Gamma. , Wai. BETA DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1890. PAT RON ESSES. ns. I41.1cx1511xfs C.x1:1zow, Mus. XVlI.I.I,XNI J. II11:111m xx Mus. xVII.I.l.XM II. P1c1"1'1s11:. SORORES IN URBE. rs. 17121511 Nolrrux IIICNYICY, Mus. lIl'c:11 NIICXII II1:1.1cN IIIAUIDE H.wii1:1c11o1c -1 '1'111c1c1x1c N'1c.111111c .XI.V1lIilJ, '1'111c1:1N1c Bli,KIJI.lCY Ross, '1'111c111N1c AN111:1cw C1:.xN1c, 1z.x1s1cT11 A1.1ax.1N111a1:, 1.1.12 L. I31z1Qws'1'1c1:, Mms M. l:ICI.I.Ii BI1xo1:. SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE. 1892. l893. 1894. 1895. H4 .I1css1u.x VA111: IIN I'1f:xNY li1"1'11 GI2l!'I'Ill'lJlE Iix411.l x I.l'1..x ll-A1:'1'1.1'1' SUl"I'IIRl,XN ID Is.11s1a1. B.XI.l.lIl', 131111.12 lJoN.x1.11s41x. .Tlcssrcxx M.x11111c IIIuIN'1'x1 1 17w'!m , lhdu. XIx1:1.11I4.m'ruIIU1 II un, xl:1i1' lCl.l.x ZININIIYIIN ,.u... Xiu AXlAl.14,xlf. I 14.1 lx, . N Rlplza 'I91'zi. THETA CHAPTER FOUNDED1892. SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE. 1894. 1895. ll xl:'1'ux IC. Uma, NIx'1'l1,nx IIIlNIIllC'l"l'.X lllclxlc, I,1l.l.r,xx1Q1lr.1.l-.x. 11411 W1NIx'1:1fn Mix linfalzmc. XXII XIAY lIu1,1m FI,0IlIiNCli 12l'IGIAl x, Tilpha 10121. FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE 'JNIVERSITY,18'l2. Gljcxpicr Roll. AH-HA, , Sj'l'il1'l1H0 l'l1ivM'sity. lgwm, YHl'f1hXYf,'S1lxl'll Ifn1ix'4'1'sity Ibm, llnstml l'11ix'v1'sity. GMUIA, . IM- PLIIIW ITniVm'sit.y. Drf:l.'I'.x, C'1u'1wl1 l'11ix'01'siTy. lqpglypy, lvI1iY0l'Si1j' uf 3IiIllll'SOt2l Zm-A,-, liz1lti111m'v Uullegxv. Tum-A, , Bliiqliglilll l'11iVm'sity. II4b E xx . . O able NSF I 331 4333 Fax ., I u A Ei' gf,ei.i: 3 If 7 7.59. ,, W,l si' N is A , Quill a 'wig' I f ..f'- ' , "" X' 1 1 . ' F' , 5. , ,. A w gi I, P' A - ,b A 9. ' .. , 'f fu-N, ' -J ' . 6- 3 cg' T Nh 615 1 Ag, 4 ,. I f ii? - x, 0 ,- 5 ' 3? X Tiibe Taoist Ialeaid 'Randolph 'l.'2oger2s. The name of Randolph Rogers, whose death occurred in Home last January, is so closely associated with this University, that a sketch of his career in a pub- lication issued from the University is wholly in place. Mr. Rogers was born at XVaterloo, New York, in 1828. His family removed to Ann Arhor while he was still a hoy. Here he received the education atforded by a common school and became an apprentice in a bakery. But his Hcakes were usually all dough," for the young baker was more interested in making dough images than in watching the oven. When he was twenty-four years old Mr. Rogers entered as clerk the whole- sale house of .lohn Stuart in New York, and there devoted his le'sure hours to moulding and painting. A well executed hust of Lord Byron attracted so much attention that Mr. Stuart offered young Rogers the means to take him to Italy and to carry him through the studies of an art academy. He entered, in 1818, the Academy of Florence, where he remained three years, during which he pro- duced his first two works, the Cupid and Bow, and the Ruth Gleaning. ln 1857 liogers took a studio in Home. From that time until his decease he spent his life in this great centre of art. The earliest works produced by him in Home were the Indian Lovers, the Nydia, and the Bronze Doors ot' the Capitol at Washington. The excellence ot' these creations ot' his genius at once placed him among the ioremost sculptors ot the day. A visitor to the Academy ot' St. Luke in Home will see hanging upon its walls a portrait of Rogers in the midst of a group ot' portraits of Professors of the Academy, of whom he be- came an honored associate hy unanimous election as the successor of the Ameri- can Sculptor, Crawford. ln 1882, failing health compelled Mr. Rogers to ahandon the delightful work ot' his studio. It was a pathetic sight to see the sculptor, paralyzed and help- less, seated amidst the works ol' his hand and out ott' from executing cherished designs which his fertile genius was constantly creating. Soon after, convinced that his work was done, he made known his intention to present all his original casts to the University of Michigan. NVhile Mr. Rogers was able to visit his native land hut few times, his love of country, his attachment to' the home of his hoyhood, and his interest in this University were unahating. The eollcction ol' casts known by his name forms the largest part of our gal- lery of sculptures, and is a memorial to his interest in the home of his early days and in the University in which he took great pride. The most popular of 116 his works are doubtless his Nydia and his Lost l'lr-iad. Of the former the Uni- versity possesses a fine marble copy. Tl1e combination of refinement and a certain dash, of quiet grace and lively action, which is characteristic of Rogers, is seen at its best in the Lost Pleiad. It is noteworthy how rnany of the statues ot' Rogers are connected with our national life and history. This is due in large part to the nature of the commissions he received from several states to com- memorate in Statuary and by means of monuments tl1e valor of the men who fell in the civil war. But even in his earlier figures and in his representations of Indian lite we have evidence ot' the patriotic and truly American character of the man. Rogers was an artist who followed no school ot' art. W'hile he acknowledged the greatness of ancient sculpture, and though he could not be uninllueneed by the beauty ot' its types, he was no eopyist of any style, classic or romantic, but he was always true to his own feeling and created his own types. M. L. D,O0GE. TIM. A' Wilt make vacation hours to tell, Thy lessons far ahead wilt bohn ?" JIM. tt No, ladg l love my lass too well, l'll be content to hold my own." " lVhere are you going, my pretty Nlaid?', " I am going to School, kind Sirfl she said. " My Course is there, too, my pretty Maid?" " But you are not i11 it, kind Sir,', she said. Jrzssic CREIGIITON. . 17 117 The 61530211 5117.21 the 'wine C21.1p. A TRAGEDY OF LIFE. 151-ene: A l'U111l11ll21.l'1'1ll'1'1111111. 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Thy V1l11'P 111111 11lyS111' 111P1Yf'1' 1'1i01' my 111P21Sl1l'01l1l11ll1j' 1111111, A1111 if one 11011111119 111111 1112181011 1111111 COlll11Sl1 11111111-E11Sl2lV6 2lg21lll. 1Vl1011 1l9Z1l'1ll1'15 11610111111 ltl1ink111yl1f0 w:1sliv11li11v11111, Tlwrc 1111 my 1l11111gl11s were 211111 2114 1111156 w11i1'l1 011,1ss 11 1'l1il1l's 11111 13111811109 1l1y 111-11111, O l111'0, 1116 w111l11's 2111111l11'11' XV13l'l11 to me, XVIIOYC 1111 was 1-10111 111,111 1111 lies 11111111 111 11111l1es1 mystery, A1111 much I w11n11e1 l11lXY I saw 1'21l1'11l1I1gS I 11111111111 see, A1111 how 1110 11111111 so 1111111011 0111-e, t11e world that is 1:1111 be. THE WINE cup. 1611111511 music 111 next l'U0lll.1 F111 hid 111 Sl?21I'1i11l1'1I wine 1 110111 A Cll2ll'1l1, 21 kingly t1'821Sl1l'9,1 1V1,11111 1111119 1112111 countless mines 1'1fg011,l- I1 waits to do tliy 1JlP21Sl1l'0. 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The songs of the poet, The noblest :mil best, lVere sung when sweet ncvtzu' Stole c-ure from his lrwust! POET. inks and bursts into tears. Music becomes slower, laughte Pure heart that burnlml :mtl glowkl in lbilSSlUIl7S fire In love of him that so lov'1l thee, Blue eyes of whose fair gaze I cannot tire, I feel you were 11ot meant for nie! O, voice whose flute-like music woke my thought To thought as pure as thine could be, O, smile that took all pain it ever brought. Alas! you ne'er were meant for me E A homesick sailor drowning near the hind llis weary eye so longfd to see, I eleuve the foam, I die upon the strzmll. Yea, ill-nth :mil pain were mezuit for me! THE WINE CUP. They who have suil'er'1l most, have lox"1l me best, They who were rr:1z'1l with care in me founml rest, I czuno on mirth when sorrow first was born, As 1-:une the rose togetlwr with the thorn Y 0 Drink! O lbrink! 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Uh pitiful turcliliglnt and imniiiliglxt, IS 3 0 ghosts uf thv rlmul Imvvs of Yuliice! in I Cu IHXI ll BIAI' 4: C 121 I 4 Tarofessor Elbert 'Benjamin Tareseott. The great emigration from the Old NVorld to America in the seventeenth century brought to Xew England a host of sturdy Puritans, men of honor, of integrity, of fortitude. In the new colony there was ample field for the develop- ment of their best and strongest traits of character. Standing face to face with unfamiliar problems of social and civic organization, they labored with unremit- ting energy and indomitable courage toward their solution. They early became recognized leaders in the conduct of civil and religious atl'airs, leaders in thought and leaders in action. They laid sure and strong the foundations of the future commonwealth of freemen, and transmitted to their posterity qualities and elements of character of inestimable worth. In generation after generation, not only in Xew England but throughout the great west, there has been no lack of citizens, prominent among their fellows, proud to t1'acc their origin back to the brave settlers in the wilderness, who by moral tbrce, rather than physical prow- ess and force of arms, overcame the obstacles that beset them, and earned for themselves the gratitude of the world. Professor Albert Benjamin Prescott, the subject of the present sketch, is a worthy descendant of that illustrious, hardy, vigorous stock. His ancestry can be traced back in an unbroken line of male descent to James Prescott, of Stand- ish, in Lancashire, one of the gentlemen required by Queen Elizabeth, in 1564, 'fto keep in readiness horsemen and armor." John Prescott, in the fourth gen- eration from James, settled in liiassachusctts in 1640. His known integrity, energy, and perseverance caused him to be selected as manager of many im- portant enterprises. In 1793 Oliver Prescott, in the sixth generation from John, moved from New England to New Hartford, Oneida county, New York, where his son, Benjamin, the father of Dr. Prescott, was born. On the side of his mother, whose maiden name was Experience Huntley, Dr. Preseott's ancestry cannot be so readily traced, though it is known that his grandfather Huntley came to New York from Connecticut. Dr. Prescott belongs to a long-lived family. Of the seven ancesters who bore the name of Prescott, in direct line of succession from John to Benjamin, all but one outlived the allotted term of threescore years and ten, and one passed by three years the limit of fourscore, This fact carries a welcome promise that the University may hope to retain the name of Dr. Prescott on its list of active professors for a long term of years to come, though, with one exception, he already outranks all his colleagues in length of continuous service. in 1 23 Dr. Prescott was born in Hastings, Oswego eounty, New York, December 12, 1832. Yllhen about nine years old he aeeidentally injured his right knee. The injury, at tirst apparently slight, was followed by eomplieations, whieh, for ten years, were a source of constant trouble, and at last left the .joint partially an- chylosed. Ile pursued his studies in the public schools and under private instruction, the lameness preventing him from going away from home to academy or college. For a few years after reaching his majority he engaged in business pursuits, teaching school for a part of the time, and carrying on, by himself and under a preceptor, the study of medicine. ln 1861 he entered the Department of Medic-ine and Surgery in this University. The regular medical course at that time eovered only six months in a year, but Dr. Prescott took additional work in chemistry from March to June, and in his third year of residence held the position of assistant in ehernistry. He took the degree of M. D. in 1864, but, with the exception of his service in the army, he did not enter upon the practice ot' his profession. On the third of July, 1864, he joined the army as an assistant surgeon of U. S. Volunteers, and -was assigned to hospital duty at Louisville, Kentueky. He served first at the Totten General Hospital, an aggregate of tents titted up for a thousand patients, and was afterwards put in charge ol' the Foundry Ilos- pital. Subsequently he was transferred to General Hospital No. 16 at Jefferson- ville,, and still later was made executive otiicer of the Jefferson General Hospital. Ile was mustered out of serviee August 22, 1865, with rank ol' Brevet Captain. ln June, 1865, he was appointed Assistant l'rofessor ot' Chemistry and Lec- turer on Organie Chemistry and Metallurgy in this Fniversity. From that time to the present his life-history and the growth of the University have been elosely eonnected. At the first he was a member of two Faculties, and for several years he has belonged to three. His University work has been praetieally without interruption. In 1887 he took a leave ol' absenee for one semester, to enable him to complete his work on Organic Analysis, but he spent the time in Ann Arbor. He served for five years under his first appointment. In 1870 he was made Professor of Organic and Applied Chemistry and of Pharmaey, and this remained his title until 1889, when the reference to Applied Chemistry was struck out. Since 18841111 has also held the title of Director of the Chemical Laboratory. Dr. Preseott's term oi' service covers more than halt' the period that has elapsed sinee the University opened her doors to students. He has seen the numloer of departments doubled, but he has been more particularly identified with the growth of the chemical laboratory from the time when it could not provide room for fifty students to the present day when eight times that number IZQ can be accommodated at the same time and the variety of courses offered shows a parallel rate of increase. The laboratory courses in pharmacy were instituted in 1866, as a branch of work in the Literary Department, and the first degree of Ph. C. was conferred in 1869. The separate organization of tl1e School of Pharmacy dates from the year 1876. It is no exaggeration to say that this School was created by Dr. Prescott, and that its steady success has been due to his learning, his skill, his industry, his tact, his admirable management. Dr. Prcscott's public literary activity began about the year 1869. Since that date scarcely a year has passed without seeing several contributions from his pen in the technical journals or the transactions of scientific societies. His Hrst published book, Qualitative Chemical Analysis, of which he was a joint author with Dr. Douglass, was issued in 1874. A second edition appeared in 1876, and a third in 1880. In 1875 he published his Outlines ot' Proximate Organic Anal- ysis, a work still in constant demand, and, in the same year, his Chemical Ex- amination of Alcoholic Liquors. In 1887 his Organic Analysis, a work of more extended scope, appeared. This, in the words of a reviewer, is 'cone of the tew indispensable books' for the student of organic chemistry. Between 1880 and 1882, Dr. Prescott made large contributions to the Sixth Deeennial Revision of the lfnited States Pharmacopoeia, and he was at the head of the committee in charge of' the portions of the work relating to descriptive ehemistry. There is no room in this brief notice for reference to all the service rendered to pharmaceutical science by Dr. Prescott, but mention should be made of an important report presented by him, in 1885, as chairman of a committee of the American Pharmaceutical Association on Legislation for Proprietary Medicines, which report embodied a draft for a proposed law, that the Association recom- mended tor submission to state legislatures and to Congress. Dr. Prescott has been a member of the American Pharmaceutical Associ- ation since 1875, and a Fellow ot' the Chemical Society of London since 1876. He joined the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1875, was vice-president of the chemical section in 1887, and was elected president in 1890. He presided at the annual meeting in Washington, in August, 1891, with marked success. In 1888, he was a member of the assay commission for test- ing thc purity ot' the United States coinage. Cn Christmas Day, 1866, Dr. Prescott and Miss Abbie A. Freeburn were married in Ann Arbor, and in 1870 they first occupied the house in which they now reside. The honorary degree of Doctor of Philosophy was conferred on Dr. Pres- cott by this University in 1885. AVILLIAM H. PETTICI-I, A. M. 125 11111 11115111113 I'1,1l'1i 1V11c11'1,11111 1 11'1111111l111g s1111111, 111 Taonelinezs. FXICATII 1l111'Ci11'j' s11'1111f11 411' st111'111-s11'11g11 x11 Above111111:1-l111111s11111111111111111 111 s1111111111' 111111 11, 11 1111g1'y NY11l'1'111Q w111'11s 1112111 1.111111 :11111 112l1'1i. 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Whieh are the prettier eyes tu you? ue eyes sometimes weep iulieug In hrnwn the tears less often rise. ere ure eyes of lvrnwn, there are eyes nf lnlue There :ire eyes of hruwn, there are eyes ul' lvlue. lVhieh :ire the prettier eyes tu you? A izrnun llAnei.n llum 'Pizpieatfiorl C'AtilCll llzirk within my pitying lirezist, That ever in thy prison llutterest, llnw fain thou nrt to spreiul uwille tree wing, l luht lt tliehmul sw: " iz , ' 1 ,.' 'let ether, :mil tu sing,- Sing, heurll nf :ill men,ztn1luf :ill men lrlest, H eugetl lizirkl Will none unlmr thy wary? Frienllship iulllrest, With lingers mi1nh,enlll, ziwkwuril, strives to wrest V l'he slenller lmnfls tlSllll4lPl',-ljlll they eling, O ezigell Lark! .lnyf hither eemes young lmyeg ut l,m'e's behest, liehulll, 1nyllii'll,tl1uu'rt free! Seek thuu thy nest lfpnn l,2ll'Il2lSHllS7 height, mztke lleziyen ring'- Whait, hitlllen in l,m'e's lrrezist'? There murmuring Thy sweetest niusie? There wilt eyer rest? O eng-ell l,zu'k I Bl.ll'llE12L.XlNE C,xi,nw1cii I28 Tlihe Golden mean. lI0l!ACl41,B00K II, ODE X. BlCT'1'lClt life is lived ' By seeking nut, the restless deep, Xin' when the storm is ra--'inf' il'll'4i a P as 4 v By pressing near eoasts rough and Steep. He who wunlil seelc the gulllen mean, Must staml almif from tuttering walls, Anil yet with suher mind he free From lofty envy-causing halls. CThe giant pine is first nptorn By XVinter's storm, and greater crash IS heard when lofty turrets fall. High peaks tirst know the lightningls tla When all seems wrwm-1' he still has he me ' P3 7 When l-'ortune smiles, with reacly heart He waits the eliangges she may luring. Fieree Winters wane, lint they llepart. XVFOIIQ will nut always rule, rfilllllgfll he may lmlil the present plnwerg Our Gull will rwnse the sleeping raee, Anil Right again will have her lmur. He lnrave, have ennrage in llistressg Anil yet! again, when breezes rise, XVhi1'l1 waft, thee safely un thy way, Spread half thy sail, if then art wise. From the German. soNc. I'.XllKl,l'iS the spring snelea1'an1lln'i ln the snnlightg A tlmnsanll times iimre lv1'igl1ta114lelea1' Shine the eyes of my sweetheart clear! Open its leaves a rnsehull spread ln fI2ll'1iUlllNl4i 5 The face nf my sweetheart is fairer far Than fairest rnses ever are! I29 S ght T110 S1111 111:11 1111110 11021111118 1'1111011 W0z1v0s 11111'0s1. g11111g 111111 :111 111 w0z11'0s is 111111 S11 lrilll' As 111y 11y1'11 SW11l'11H'ilI'1yS 0111111011 11z1i1'l Wi1111s11'001 111110 si11g's1110 11i11111i11g:110 1:l'4llIl11111 1110 x'z110g 11111 111-V01' 112111. S11 s11'1-01, :111 11111 Asw11011 '11 111x'0 11100," s110 W1l1S11l1l'S 11,1w1 THE LOTUS FLOWER. 11111l11111s1111111-1'is111'111111i11g l11'I'11l'1'1ll1'S11ll,:411171 1ig111, ,A1111 wi111 11l'l' 1101111 11111' s1111k011, l11'011111i11g s110wz1i1s1111-11ig111. 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Two Flowers. 'Cl,lNIl3l'Illui'11ggfwll11-iglitg Tlw snnnnit guinwl, l plntrkml 21 tloworg lt lillwl nw with ilvlight, But passe-tl within tlw lmnrg A thorn 1't-lnztinc-tl. A little wiltl Hmvvi' grow Beside the way, Tlmngli Cfllllllllbll, fnirg l planted it ZIIIPW With little t'2ll'6Q lt l1ltlUlllSfti'tl2ly. l3I M. C ll. llnmms 'Oeriitaz Tllfistfior. LhlCl1ll2l,VG 1liQd,:1n1l XVUl'll1Sl1tlV0 Q:1t1311 themg but not I'c11' lout." J YE, it is true, we do 110t1li0 of love. ' Peace, little heart, l 21111 not ffyriicallg XVO do not 1liO, alms! but when our love Is lost 01' l,11"41kC11, Sfjlllfxflllllgl' faiii' 111111 pure Xvlflllll us flies, lllltl lezivos 115 sorry shells, More 111z11'io110tt9s 111m'e4l hy the h1111rl 111' Cl1z111t'tJ, 'l'h11ts111ile 1111witti11g z1111l 1111wo1111fle1l we-ep. Aye, srn111etl1i11g1li0s, illltl xv011111stlm111'y ity NVQ heal' our hiirmlc-11 out, illlfl silently XVO '111i1l our gI21l'tlQl1 with :1 S9pl1lClll'0Q A1141 from the 1110111 we 1:z1111141t, move the l1i01'. A f1111er:1l hit-11' witl1i11 2LSlllll1y room! A gzmleii l10111't01l with 21 sepiilvlrrel But i11 that roo111 we 11121111 :lt last to IIIUYC With f2lt'9 t111"11ofl tr1w:11wl the wimlowsg 'mmig our tiowers NVQ learn to tread the paths that thy not pass The Sll21tlOW9l,lllllllg, or with Slll1tPyCSll2lStf-E by, To pluck our roses with 2lV6l'tQtl face. H.x1'111c E1.ix1N1c CA1.111vE1,1.. 1.32 3 In Mamurialu l John Ray Clancy. Fran k Kim ball Proctor. George Thomas Lazell. S. A. Jackson. Jennie lVlay Davison. 133 mm .- iv Na. sy 331. +17 ' w , mx' CF: ,Llp ., WA x JL ,' . N Ji Y I 5, l f K W , , , I" 'mmifgjeffl lflaf 53 R H iv-431 L VH ' , gel A Alf., 5. 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IC mx' .x li QOPCD1 and magnet. ll S4'0'1"l' BIQVK, lluxm' 1'1:1:K1Ns Iluman, SANIVIC Glcewlccs I. SNIITII H,XIi1iIS, 1aI'11:.xs51l's Howns, Jn., C'x'1u:xrl's AlJ1:r,1a1:n'1' Xrzwvmllz, JR., IC mx VN ll IAINUSAY S.xND1znsm', 136 l"I:.xNK Illwr lill.1'1ll:ls'r, lfnxxnq l'1.1NY4il:.xvl4:s, Rl'l4'l'S H11,l,i-:'1"r I,.x'r1mm', .Irn11NL'uo1'lc1: Lmmls, l,AWIII'IXl'IfZ .Irmxsox XVlII'l"l'liRlUl! lClm'1NCuNKl.INXVILKINSHN. Zifudents' Qhristian Tmzocziatiolq. Qffieers. PRESIDENT. f'll.Xl!I.l2S P. NIl'AI.l..XS'l'l-Ill. VICE-PRESIDENTS. C. A. Bowlcx, Miss M. IIl'l:1:.xx:ng Gem-ml. Il. II. xV.Xl.Kl4Ill, Miss li.X'l'lC V. II.GliNI1'IlI'l'ZQ Lit6l'21l'y Ilvpartlxlent. ll. ll.Lnv11:l..xx11, Miss E. II. M'llr:12l.lcl:g Mmlioul DO1l2ll'tlll0Ilt. A. I.. 1,0I.I..Xllll, Miss A. IE. D1l.r.oNg II1llIHl'Ull2ltIliC J,K'll2Il'tI1191lt. W. lf. W.xx1.14:ss, J. A. llumlclmg Law Dvpzlrtment. I.. .L SIiI.'l'ZlCIl, Pll2ll'IH21k'0lItil'ill Depzxrtnlmlt. lh'1:'r Am-:l.l,, Miss BIAY Wmswxg Dental l3l'1i2ll'flll0llt. NV. H. N1Q'll0l.s, . W M M A ll.l.I.ul I3l,.x11:, 'Is12, Iss P.xl'l.Ixl4: IC. M Iss F. T.. lilslmv, . . . J. Lum, Gl'Il!'I'lll Srwwwlfrry. llwr-rwzlfng Sm-1-wifi ry, Assf. Refrfrrlirly Swcretary. ffm'rr'Sponz1ing Serretary. 7'l'1'flS ll rw. Il. li, NVIIAMX, Jlissirnzury 'I'1w1s1z1'e'f'. A. IC. 1'ow1cx.1., . Assl. Jlissifmury Treasurm F. D. QQIIEEN, Librarian. W. A. Cl'T1.r:l:, . Clmdslcr. Il. X. fi0llll.XIilJ, . . . .-issistant C'!1ur!sfm-. TRUSTEES. lilllllf. M. I.. IVOm:1a, Plmlf. F. XV.', Pumf. Jmlx Ihzwrzv, I'nulf. XV. J. HICRIJMAX, Plmlf. T. N. Dmmox, P1101-'. A. Il. Pm-:SCO'1'T, Plmlf. V. N. SI'.Xl7I,lJING, Plrmf. H. S. C.uux.x1:'l'. '37 Pmw. J. B. STEER! 4 Zfudentszs P. YV. Russ. . . C. XV. SOl"l'IIXYOR'l'II, XV. lI.,l71cI.l.1cx1s.wlc, C. XV. RICK E'1"I'H, II.X.Gulm.xl:1J, .l. lu. Iim:11:1:'1's, ll. lD..I1cwr:1.1., C. C. N'1:M'1cI:, WI2, XV. II.'l'11mu'soN, '94, II. D..IEw1:1.I.,l!e1s.H., A. Ii. POWELI., 592, ' 'Lecture Tissoeiation. Gbffieerz. DIRECTORS. IC. I!.Guw1z1a, CONINIITTEEMEN. LTTEIBJ If Y l1l'fI'.lI?TJIE.YT. W. W. 1QlHlfl"IX, '93, F. W. Mvfkxlzlfl, '95, I..l ll' lJ1fl'.ll1T,'ll1fA'T. IC. B. f11IWlCR, '93, JIEDIIHII. l11fl'.l1ITJlENT, xYII.l.l.XRI Ul..x11:, '93, IIm:.xc'1c IAIVIQIMXNID, 'U4. IIOIVIIIUOIDI TIIH' 1lIil'.flR7'JI1fIV7'. PERCY DOUGLAS, '93, C. D. 1'1'1.1.1cN, 132. DENTJ I. 1JEP.11fTJ1EN7'. Bum' Am4:1.L, '92. 1111111 s1'11O0L. I 38 I'rvsz'de1zt. I'fce-Presiflwfzt. Treasurer. !.'m'1'4fsponding Sr'vr1fta1'31 Rfvorclilzg Swv:-111111-jf. glssistclfff 7'1'wuszl1v'1'. C. C. F1'1cNm'lcl:. .X1.1cxAxD1c1: Cfrxlxllxfz, '94, NV. Gr. Pm'm', WI5. J. E. -RUlilZli'l'S, 702. XV. G.XV1cn:n'r, '94, J. H. Moxwsonmzv, 333. Tilpba 'T u. Qifieerz. l"l1sS7' SEJlEs1'rJ1r. W1r.LI.uI B. Mlclcxlcla, . . . . Miss U1:1:'r1I.x R. Sc'rl'l:l's, Ax.Ex.xN11I1:u Crmlrxca, . Ts.x.w B. Llvsox, . . . . SIn'fYr:Xl2 SE',1IE'STlCIf. II1'maoP.xM, . . . . H1158 BIARY J. Jxvlcsox, AI.12X.xNm:l: f'l'mlIXu, FIUEIJEIIIFK R. S'l'I'lUI, Literary Hdelphi. Gffieers. FIRST SICJIESTEIK. Ylmsimn D. Hxslclxs, . . . :ROBERT W. ImL'ra11'rY. Mlss G1-:1:'1'1cL'm: Brcx, FRANK A. STIYICIIS, SEr'n.Vl1 SEJIESTISII. IQOBERT W. l,Ul'liII'l'Y, . . . . XVII.1.1,m H. OxTm:Y, Flnclmnrcx W. Xlzuurox, XvIYI.XN S.1D1:.xKlc, I39 I'1'r'x1'1I4'1Lt. I 'iw'-1'fw1'fIwf1l N1'mv'tm'j1. T1w1sf1:'1'1'. 1'resi1Iwnl. Vl.I'I'-lIl'I'S1'lIU?If Swm'r'lfzry. Trfrts ll l'l'l'. l,1'6.'4f1II'llf. I 'iw-l'1'6sffIPl1f Ser'felz1ry. Tre'r1s1u'4'l'. l,I'f'Sl.IIl7'Ilf. I VCI'-1,I'4'SI'll1'll.f Swcretary. Trwmm'e'r. 1 Q23.'fixil-SlEra:riiif::iEe'-A-:aif?f2Siif:TEKQWE" W2 f 'ii' if-ii ff?S:si:2N:H:issei:1255:sisE:sss:.'fsi:,aiE-few11155255 - fu ' rgrrsirssiiissssisari. 'riisiipgiwf' ' - -- , 1 :i"fNf?!:liiWFE"5F:Xn1i ,Y ET , D Eililsilie -u ne-1 1 , 0- f K , 1- 5EsHE2s!5iSEE5'w"?'y JI f 'f " , iff' iw M 1 f D X" ff: Q5 P liifa' 'M .- D W H- ii' if 1 1115. 'f f 1 ' Z"-iam-,f N 3 fv D ' 7 4 5 1--1"""! Q, ,ff at if yi' W V7 ,pf r 1 JAMES N. IIATCII, IELMER L. ALLDD, f?EORGE S. LAVE'rT, FRED C. FISHER, IRVING D. CAnvEN'r1c1:, FJLBERT N'ICHOLSON, Hmmm NV. NVYCKOFF, Joux R. 1XLLEN, HADI1EY BALDVVIN, FRED A. SAGER, Qffieefz. FIRST SEAIESTER. SECOZVD SEDIESTER. 140 Chairman Technic Borwd Co1'respond'ing Secretary Treasurer. Libmrian. Pwfsident. Vice-President. Recording Secretary. President. Vice-President. Recording Secretcwy University Musical Society. F. W. Kr:1.sEY, YV. H. P1c'l"1'n-JE, Qfficzefs. . P1-esz'dent. Vice-Presi dent A. A. S'1'.xN1.r:Y, , DU-gator, L- U- WINES, . Treasurer. A. H. HibI'KINS, , Sggrgfary, Qhoral Ulrnorz. Qffic-zers. l'. R. nr: Pox'r, . . . . President. A. A. S'1'.xx1.m', . Dirvctor. I.. D. XV1Nr:s, . '1'reaszLrer. A. H. Ilol-Kxxs, . Secretary. Qhequamegorg Gbfeheziffa. Qfiieerzs. C. U. AVURIDEN, . . . . President. NV. S. Moomc, . Vice-Presidffnt. Grzolmlc F. C1..xnK1f:, Ju., Secretary. GEORGE V.xN1uw.xnKr:x:, FIQFZIP llcfbxlanna, . I.. H. Cr.14:xmN'1', A. XV. flUl'l.l-EY, First Violin. F. I.. DI7xl..u', Svconcl Violin. VV. S. IAIOURE, Viola. W. SMITH, ,Cl'llIJ. G VV. CoI.LINs, First Cornfv. C. H. XvAXDERBlI.'l', Svwonzl Come Fmzn Mc:Om:E1a, Flurw. I4T Treasurer. Business Jhmager. Director. J. M. BICCHLI., Clarionet. F. CASE, Second Clarionet. C. C. AVORDEN, Hasso. lil-IURGE XYAXDAWVARKER, Trgmbonf. B. C. Tlfromwz, French Horn. EMU. F. BALTR, Frwrtch Hof'1L. GEORGE F. CL.mKr:, Jn., Traps. PR111-'. A. A. STANLEY, M. A., . Pmnf. F. X. SCOTT, E. C. IJETHKS, '93, li. H. H.x1:mM.xN, '92, H. R. F. FL1NTr:RM.sN '95 7 Y W. E. W,u.'rER, '92, E. N. BU1.1.ocK, '94, H. M.J0Y, '92,1I., ii. A. BICCOLLFM, '95, V. Ku'11.xn11soN, '93, Gilecz Qlub. Qfiieers. Tfiemberz. FIRST TENOR- SECOND TENOR. FIRST BASS. SECOND BASS. 143 Dmctor Poet Iaunufe XV. W. XVI-IBS'1'l-IR, '93, D L. S J. A. J. A. R. G H. A H. F R. F NICU1cE.mY, '95 PR.x'1"r, '94, M., STEVENS, '95. GEOIICQE, '93, Rmcsn, '93, L. XVOHIHIN, '94, THOMPSON, '92, L X151 lhcxm' H A ms, :.VI'lI!51lNE, Ju., A. D, RA'1'1ll:oNlc II. V. YV1rl:lnl5N, '94, H. lf, SAV1-:l:, TPB, J. li. Flznlxls, '92, S. IC. xVlII'I'li, '95, Banjo Qlub. Qffieers. members. FIRST BANJOS. v . , Ju., 93, v 9 H. I'.Du1muE, Sb. SECOND BANJOS. H. H. 1,lIl'IX'l'IS, '!!2. MANDOLIN. filDI.I7WIN S'l'.XI!Rl-2'l"l', 'SH BANJEAURINES. GUITARS. CELLO. C. V. YV.x1:1u4:N, '5l2. VIOLIN. A.D.R,v1'u1:ux1a,.l1:., 'HL 145' 11.19. XHKN Illzvlcwrmz car-11: SIIERNIAN, 794, F. 11. T.xY1,ul:, YH. 1 . C. NX AIHIICN, '02, Ii F. l"l.1N'1'lcl:5r.xx Wm. . Dirvvfor. Pr'f'sz'd6nf waz, 1 mielzigan C3122 and Tamjo Qlmrbz. f Lbffieers. Il. M. flnv, . . . l'w's1'1Ivi1l. I . C. SNIITII, ,llllIlfIfjI'l'. ll. Y. ll1I'ii.xl:iis1N, SI'CW'fllI'.ll 611111 Tiwzxuiv 11. A. xlt'CUIlI.l'5I, . .... l.1'In'r1rfr1n. EXECUTIVE CONINIITTEE. li. f l'14:'l'lf1:s. AX I AX xl,'1'1c1:, ll. Al. .lm ll X l!11'i1.xiz1is1w. Qoneerrs. A 1's1l.,xN'i'1, Jilll112II'V 29. I lomi1xc"1'uw Xpril 20. .IM x5 ., '- lIic'ri:u1'r, ll r 1 luiilm, NI Nine, Hari-I1 I wx IcIn'11:1ry, 22. Ni 1:1M.l-Il4.1,ii, April 21. zirrli -I. Yr I urn, April 22. . zircli, 22. 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I,.XI.5H'.lx, 1 V NV. W. Wm01u:L'l:x'. BANJO CLUB. MANDOLIN. I.. V. l'iIlIElDNI.XN. BANJOS. l3.l'ol.1:l'l:N, NYM. BOl.I,I5S. GUITARS 'x 'x C.. II.L1vN1:.xn, W. H. I'1c1uclxS. 147 Zcznior Reception. Qffieers. P. YV. RUSS, . . . Prr's1'dr'n!. Miss DIAUDIC FUIQIIAN, . . . V1'cf-Prf'sifI1'nt COMMITTEES. RECEPTION. F1'I'zIll'I:IL Bvlzxs, Clzrrirnzam. M1ssti1:l:'1'l:1'l11a F. XVAIJIC, Miss P.Xl'I.INl1IE. XVISIC, Miss I3I5I:'l'II.x NV4,II.1f, Miss 3I.XIl'l'lI.X F. ICIJDY, Lisle l'1.3IIHlI1CI.I., C'1I.I1:I.12s IC. I:IiXl5I1II,"l', NV1l.I.l.u1 U. I,gI'.x1:1.lcs, W1l,1.1.u1 C. 1'II'111cNon. ARRANGEMENTS- LIIIIQN S. T.xYI.u1:, C'f1fzI'1'I1mIz. HAlzI:Y U. I3L'1.Ic1.1cY, lCI.1 li.Sl"1"rux, XV11.I.1.x11 A. C'l"I'1.1c1:, II.xI:1:Y IC. Cxxm.I-in, T.1cwIs KK Uxxesox. INVITATION. l'1l'HlCNIE Ii. F.XSSli'1"I', Clfufrnmfz. MISS IQIQNIQYIICYIC M. Slllfllclux, Miss 3I.Xl'IJ MuGI:ma0l:, lC1zx11:s'1' 0. HuI.l..xx1m, C1l.xl:I.L:s J. lghluz. 148 ' w 1 i ! 1 1 1 , 1 1 5 1 V E l 1 ff" P 7 .1 I 4 i t M 1 P i i x . I B. D, F. R 'w F 11.31 W .J 1 S., 5. Mics. Mus. Mus. Mus. Mus. Mus. .. Q. L.. A. 4 , I . 1 Lmiof Hop. l lm XI D S. B1-xiii, B 611, fff?lL6l'lLl Cl14L1'rnza.n. KLNNI-1, Z ID, III COMMITTEES. INVITATION. army I'. Ilomalc, If T, l,.'11f1.h-nlan. I 12541 J. S. YV. II4Il.l.mxuxY, B 6 H If. .I. Bl'Nn.xY, A 'I' -X, I I.. Bl'RNE'l"l', B. NP, II. H. 1,0li'1'1ilZ, A T A . .TA tl11.4'xIl:1s'1', A K E, ARRANGEMENTS. li1cNl:Y Il. DIQNIIMI, Z IP, C1l.fIi7"IIl4I7? XVIIIKINSON, A K li, ' TYNIQ, X XP, . . .Cm:1uc1:,4'Ii 'P, RECEPTION. ICAIH. C. PlC'1'EIiS7 E Ib, l,,'l14Iirn1u.n. X1-lwvmllz, NI' T, XV. . Ilmclcls, A A 'l', -1.0 4-ISNINTICIJ li Y .I. II. .XNmcl.l., Mus .L V. .X'l'L'1l1soN, HHS W. S, livsslcl., Mus P. H. B. me I'ox'r, Mus J. ll. KN0w1.'1'oN, Mus F. W. Plsvli, MHS r5o X. Fcmlslcs, Z W, IAIUMIS, A A IV. Q m I.L.I7m1ms, S. P. V.x1:M1.Y, s. C. SxII'l'l1, A. A. ST.xNl.1cY, S. W.G.xR1m1N1a1 D, H. AX'1'1mxY. XAIUIIXICH, 11'K II' E. Il. mc I'nN'1', AI' T, AI Sophomore Hop. Qffieefz. C.x1:1.1x PHILLIPS, ID K NP, General Chairman. F. H. fql'ND, A T A, Sffcrrftury and Treasurer. COMMITTEES. INVITATION. l,.G.Iim1sll, X NP, f',lflil'lllil1L. Roman: Slillzmlxx, E 111, L. J. XvlEN'l'WV0l!'l'lI Ii ARRANGEMENTS. 1".H.liL'NI1, A T A, f,'lzuirn1fm. T. 1,.BIiAlJI1'IlCl.II, A Ii 15, G. 'l',Tm13m51,1q, Z Alf, RECEPTION. Lf. J. C,xlJwr:l.l,, A A fb, C'1u11'f'111rm. ASSISTEU BY v . . - 1:s.X.C .X ,xl'u1uN, M1:s.P.lI.I3.1w1c1'o. BI1:s.J.I3. Axu1c1.L, 1Il:s.A. A. S'1'.xN1.1-zv. ISI OH 7 1 T. I'. B1:.xmfI1cl.lJ vx, The ll Freshman Banquet. GEO. B. -R1'SFEL, 7'uasinzf1.sIer. TOASTS. I11depe11dw1zts, ..... . . N1-que 0st'u1111111 certius z1111ic'itiz1e est Y111L'l1111111 1111111111 et vo11111tz1t11111." Cicero. The L L T he The 11 The 1: FruLf'r11f'tics, . . . . . . . 'SYZ5' IQIH' fiw' rLr1f7r1boim1,' rilizomiag' .?'f11.1g," 5161131111012 Qllkllll COIISQDSUS REX R. C1511 0t'Sm'i91:1s 001151- F11,1N1c B111sCo1c Class, . ..... . J. 11.1Nm' Above 1111 Greek, z111m'0 2111 11451111111 fi11ll0.,, Pope. Ffzculiy, . ..... . . . . F. 11. 1',111s1,1Ns Xxvhilt Z1 111000111 w1,11'k is 11121111 1111w1111111e111 lf'11cHIly." S1l2l1iSl192l1'6. Bnyfx, ........... 1V1N11f111c11 11. Clulxic. 1111111111911 with the study of 1e111'11i11g 211111 the 1111111i1'11t.i1111 of vi1't1111g sti11'0z1 1111 with high hopvs of 1'1'i11g to he 1l1'k1YC 111e11 111141 WO1't1ly li21t1'1U1S L1P21l' to G1141 111111 11211110118 to :111 :1g0s.'1 B1i1t1111. The Girls, ......... S'1'1',1l1'1' F. XVIIITE. "G111Vs iwhlest worlc, il WO1111111 p01'fect011." 1,11w01l. 152 I... A-.I. ,SMR , Z .-. . ,. ff' 1 2' "yu -FIX-I 1. .- - - I -.35 W- - ,ff " xx . 75 Q2 A J 7 gm ,I A , L I XX Z 4? ,Vffj fy' I :IV .455 I f ff . Im N' I L2 J Eff. ff .fI I RQ " ' ' I'7, .g1i1L' I" ,Iz' - be . EI III ' VIII 'IYIIIISW -.Iw'H ,II .IIN ,II I Im .Cl 'III' . f1II. 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CLEMENT, Musical Director, E. Ii. Slxxiwicizsox, Ad7'l'7'fZ'SZ'7lg, R. R. SMITII, Stagw Manager. members. Bei: Tumivsox, Rm' FA1:i:.xNn, Licw BIc'C1:1c.xicY, Bynes. Puri, Iflowicie, BII.l,X' BIASON, l5ii.i.Y MuI.At'ciii.iN, Tanzbo. IIARRY C. BULKi,m', . .... IHff'7"l0CIll0I'. A. H. IIL'N'l', R. XVMQNIQR, II. M. Jew, ll. C. Iloi:iNsoN, R. Giauiuaiz, G. A. Mc'Coi.l.1'xt, IC. D.xi:i:mi', R. R. SMITH, M. IIYA'i"i', IMN QVIIIK, Jeux A. S'1'1sx'iaNs. PROCRANINIE- PART FIRST- IIlL1'0i1llC1Ul'y Overlurv, Lflmrus, COLORI-III Ifuulc Huxliiclcn. Topiezil Sung,1'lIIl.1I0Wl41Ii, Thilllklhlll for Thut, I-I. 1PARlUJXV. Rzillle ul' the Latch Key, LOUIS BICCREARY, Missus Cmigiifs llzuigiiter, G. A. Blt'COLI.l'3I, Sl'l'L3IlllL1C, II. M. JOY AND QUAn'i'E'1"1'E. lfmii' Iiittle Curly llezuletl kiimiis, liimisifzxvl' 'l'1I0M1's0N. I"fIl!lI1'-fIlfI'UfIIIl'fIlfl Umm UNQLE Pi-:'1'14:. flYCl'tlll'0 lAl'0lll XVzuig. PART SECOND. IvIlfI'I'!'-Yfflll QZlllI'fI'ff1',I10l'IS MCC1c1-:,xi:Y, H. R.5lII'I'II,1i.GrE0RGl1I, II. M..I0x'. l,'1ziL'm'sily Bzznjuixls, II. 1'. DOUG 1-1, li. lf'r.ix'i'i4:1:n1AN, J. IG. TAYLOR, ll. SAUMR. F. VV. LIGII'rN14:1c, iii Jigs, H4-els, Blzliwlivs, etc. TH14: IlYA'r'rs, BIAHLON ,xx in CLARK, Grotesque Dum-ers. H031 I-JR AN ii TIIUMI-sux, Judge HighTi-ii1pe1'ut,urv,Se1mL0i'Ze1'o, The Chinese Question yvlll' Jlzlxivfll Ffiur, - lf. J. Mtiihiisiiztz, NV. S. Mimxic, G. l-'. CLARK, G. W. fiormtxs, Assisted llyS31ITli, B1O0RE,ANl1 Duxinxif, in Clever Specialties f'l:fz1'11ctw1' Slxwlcli, ,fl1'li'xls, BOB XVAGNIQR ,xxiw LOUIS AlcCicEA1u'. .-lc1'oI1r4li1- !lrolexq1u's, IIKHVER,FAH1iAND,Gli0L'IIAU. I54 'Emir and Flower mission. Qffieefs. Miss Mxrla 3T1c1:1:l'r'1', . , . . l'rf'sirIm1t. Miss BvICli'1'II.K XVMIAVIQ . SI'!'l'1'ltll'I!f and T1'ms1uf'r OITZEXD Z ZQQUZ. TU ' 'L Qffieefz. Miss Lm'1s1: Il.XNllUI,l'Il, . . . l,l'I'Nl'I1l'Hf. Mrss IIHIJQN Xrnxxs, I'!r-v-l'r0,v'flf'11t and Treusu Miss K,x'r1I1sl:1xxc Amar-:1.1., Svcrwlfu-y. 27 '55 'Plzilozoplzieal Zoczietg. Qffieefs. Pnov. D1-:wxcY, . . . Prffsidcalt. F. F. BIYIIQKQS, . Secretary. 7?h11o1og1ea1 Zocznztg. Qffieefz. Pnuy. CALVIN TIIURIAN , . . IH-wxiflevzl. Plwlf. Glcoluzlc PIICHPL, Sr'c'1"ff!f1rgf. TDOIITIGEI1 56121722 i73z2ss5oe1at1orz. Qffieevz. Du. Hmm, . . . ,I'resifIffnt. J. M. Cm,1z1a.xN, I'ir-ff-l'rws1'ri'z'11t. F. H. LJIXHN, . . . Sfff'1'f'm1"y and TVWISUTLI' DIRECTORS. Plaolf. H. C. Alxxxls, Miss G1c11'1'1:l'l11c HVNUY, Pixma A. C. NIc'I,.xl'cs11I.IN. V --A .DU mathematical Qlub. Qffieevs. I W. G1.m'1z1:, . . Ihvfsiflffzzt. ss NI. NI. S'1'I'mz1cs, I'fw-Prvs1'1Iwnt H. lI.xxw.xI:1:11:N. Swvrvtary. I R. f'ul.1c, . . Tr1'asz11'P1'. TEI72 Tmfherzaeum. Qffieers. I 1 .INK W. Ilmvm, . . . . Prcxiflwnt. :s.1I. .L I3L'1:'l'. . Vifwl-l'rwNidwnl. Xl Iflllill IZ. OIAICN, . CUl'I'I'NjIUI1fIflIff Secretary Nllws .Ilcssllc O. 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B. 3Il'.XI,I'INl-I, I'l'i1u'vf4m, N. J., 7'1-fffrsfnwr. I N. BIl,'lil'lllli, V. uf N., . . . Sl'l'gl'llHf'llf',lVIIIN 161 University of Tlliczhigarz ailg. Qifieerz. TO CHRISTMAS. 1i.XI,l'lISTUNIE, . . . S. W. CI'm'1s, G. I..C1I.x1-MAN, J. l'.T1z.xv1s, XV. P. Ilxlzlclclz, . C, W. 1iICKE'l"l'S, . II.D..l1cw1c1.1., F. D. lil:lcEN, W. E. Nulixclcolc, F. E. lil'fsraL12s, C. F. W14:l.I.ER, AFTER CHRISTMAS- W. CUR'l'1ss,' . G. l..C1I.x1'MAN, XV. IG. Mclflxvlcom, J. C. 'I'R,wls, F. IG. J.xx1c'r'1'1c, C. NV. RIL'lil'I'l"FS, . . XV. P. PARKER, F. J. 1I1'NI.XYEl+l, F. E. .Rl'1iGl1ES, C1lA1:1.1':s B.x1R1m, Bliss G1cl:'r1:UD1c HVCK, SECOND SEMESTER. F. IC. J,xNl4:'r'1'1f ., . . RIIHS GrEli'l'Iil'lJlC BHTK, J. li. l':RIJI.l'l'Z, . J. C. 'l'1:.xx'1s, . NV. W. XVICDIGNIIEYEIL, A. W. JEl"l'l!IIiS, . . li. J. U'1"1'.xw.xY, U. NV. lilc'KE'1"1's, U. N. SUWIQIIS, T.. G. XVllI'1'15lIlc.xlm, Mlss Ll'c'I.x IQIQIZYIC, 162 Jlfzlzfzgmg Edilor. .flsszlstrmf Managing Editor. ASSI.Sl4l7?Z Managing Editor. 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Suo'r'1'. 603112 Qazta11arz. I 'I Qifiegrs. 1 BOARD OF EDITORS. I XIII, Sl'HI,lENKliI!, ..... .Ifunaying Ed1'Zm'. I mms N. Il.x'rc'u, lfusincsx Jfunagwr. A .xmlin A. CI"l'l,ICI!, . . . .-lsszktrzfff Bzzsinvss Jlamzgrw' Iss Alu 'l'1Im1.xs, .... . . Nlfl'I'6'lCll'1l. Miss llxcmsx A. AT1c1xs,v BIKES AI.lC'lCl'1.IIATl'lI, M1ss.l1'I.1.x II1-zlmlvk, limllclz I.. A1.1,m:, AV11.1.r.n1 H. IM1m.xNvr:,.T1:., Hu1:14:x:'r W. Dm'm.uTx', IImv.xmm1J. Ihsxlxs, Hum PAM. TE172 Qellow argd flue. Qffieerz. BOARD OF EDITORS. I F. H.x1,l,, .In , ..... Jfltllflfjlillfj Editor. LINK W. PINE, .vl.vs1'strmt JfcmclgillgE1I1'!m'. .,x I l.x114.l. 1.1:.xr,, 1 l'l+'I'S L. 20 X'I'lI nov, . . . . . linx1'1wsx JM nagw. A ssista nl liusimfss Jlanuger. Hman F. 1AT1'GAl'GIIEY, B. BIQIJIIIQII, J. A. Wu1'rwm:'r1l, YV. L. WE1zsT12l:. 163 'Ellhe 'I?a11ao1ium. Officers. BOARD OF EDITORS. 1 hlilllilill' L. SIIERXYIN, Z NP, ..... .Vanagmy Editor. Il xuux' C.BL'1.lcl,m', A K IG, . linsincss Jfmzavgwr FIIAVIC W. 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VAN Hmm. 164 155-T 4 4 1 r-,YW W.-. ,, ,,,,g,,,,,,,,,l gi-223.221-:5?5:5f1v.'n may .1 ' Q oo 0 J L -Ei42f'??'lfi-rfiqff 90?'f'Q? 55o.- Q O -1 ' s-Q-7f'15:nzQ':Je-J. ' C'--I o A044303 D I 0 Q, VL, Lo o .. Y.-: -'Q 15 -' ' I ' Q 1 -5 ' 22 50 G U L , ,,y,.!w?gi4.gu1,-,wg iq mu? . 1 0 0 IO 90 Q L, U D I 1 3,1 1 gf: G. vii. Q we--. ':. .' 'Z" '- U, U - f ' Sbsfbvfiiwaow cfoobd O 'I -..,,.,:..4J, -.- ,--'R-5 oo 0 u L, of qu 0 ,, 1, 1 4 55529. I agmcgglvlbuja 0 oo ,O U B O 4 5 , J... U . 5 . R . .A D3 ff J Q Q U 0 A Q 3 ff ' mo we ot, 'Q OD O L I yy, 'oo AO 0, 0 U o 0 . If Z, Q I vw Kmaojooog O ,, 12 , A o f ,--f X: Q00 0 v 1- Q ., o .f W1 . . 5 ,. Q ,- .- if . I ' cjKLc:X7xCSf'f552'eSLa0g0g 'MrS,.a.1Zr Q.: fjvf if 'ff ff, , X V .JU V VV 0 w fm if - , .E 413 xQv21.Q.vff KWQQ 06000 Q Q he , ...fy r,V Tm lvf r XFN? . 5 ,A, .4 Q Q Q ,ff A MMI" JIMA W AQ 9 - X.:-. ff. I I V 'wr vfsfs ABQ 2 -zq,ilNn. Mfffzy .VL734 Q V.'.f R C. S1'1'1'zE1:, A. NV. -IEFFRIICS, C. A. BOWEN, CIIAIQLES B.-man, H. U. 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I 'f' W 3315" Y'. lm Qwhr ff N X 'f N "fir 5 '51r?Z'i" pa, - " 4 b 3.3 ' X . ig-Ef f ' wi gf ' : ' ,n "-. . .5-Lg y tk - I TH 'K V Y Jlanuger, . . R. T. FARHAND. ijfw A i j, ' ?Q'??'F. Q .3 ff. -1 , ' lyk :iff Q U Vuptaizz, JAS. XvAN INWAGEN. 'Wi f . I gli. 1 SHE V' 25 93" H14 W X ff.-,r gf-2 A f',,qzf'71, BIIKI-I MVRPIIY. A2i,,IlfQQ..: -,. '. 'r .3'f'f: 1 -gli" I ',, Z, ,Wh I ' 464 ll. TEAM. Jw ,Hai ., 3 gffvfv HQ gff',"V' 1. ,... ' I-Yf,"HQ,. , W . ..1,.,:.- llnwcs, . lei. ht End. ,f 'ff' 'U , .5vIfN"uy.X "H . J , J i-My "" . ff MOWREY, R17 ht Tacklw. " .J fp ' ,,,' '- 'I I la sgjfa ifgf .X1,"' ' , . TITl'l'I-IR, Right Guard. W' I ii -ge, , ' ' , p, ,. I, rg fp. .vit Tlvl-I-1:1Fs, ,f lfftl. y1fi:gp5l,:m!,:!,3 4":g3,! "'5 XX 11'KEs, Lrjt Gfffzrzl. :ji-Ki74.'f.Hf.!-"4 'V Puxusux, Lf1'tTuckIe. K" , fP.wus 1'mv+:Rs, Lv r End. ' " H Fxncmux, . Qllllffw' Barak. VAN Ixwuarzx, Right HaU'I?ru'k. R1'r1'1cNul-irc, . . . . . . Lefft Half Back DYf1ER'1', .... Full Back. SUBSTITUTES. QQRIFFIN, ma INFNT, Gfcosn, CRAWFQRI1, 'Plum xs, S0l"I'HW4lR'I'II, Blslzlcv, DVFN 169 I 'F FX , .xi A ,ap ,fry J f.. X X , N 2. f A x jf 0 Q W 1 X'-'fix iff I ' qi W 493 X 4- , ' I I. T322 , , ' f 'EC , .' fr ' f X-gb ' . Y ' :KXI Q N I I - I 1, ' -- - Pr' P ' 7 W' - , M- X V ' ,- ' '. " " - ' N ggi' I 1- , x,5QZ'2,,,.A X H4552 1' f ' M 'IX , Cffgx X . , - 4 I I WN I - I MQ , fu, I ' X if , I it I HX' gf 'EW ' Krug f " W ,fr ' X' 'Q X, N- I "Q U .. , 'FV :V ff M I I + I qu.,-:I:,'II.:'7,.?.1 S ' f ff' , II Q: f i,ay, t5L.,...IjfIjy-,I'fI, .xii A X' f' I WV 53 4, , ' , I h I X ' tif ' I . I yy, W - 2- 2 V 4 fx ,I I Q X J' z I M wg I ,161 1. 5515? 'WI h N lx A . L "6 y ZZIVEI I! jury! . , . 11,4 41,11 N 4M .gf If l+'1fQ'rrus' 5 I 1" X14 ' I' uf' W ' ix xx 'FXIALTE V7 V If "l1IHm'I1f I,?2, , f xi? 'Q ff' ' " KJ? ' ' wt ,f ' A 4 ig? Qiiieefz. Jfmzugwr, H. T. A1:I:oT'1'. Cupmin, G. P. Colm. Coach, . . . PI:'I'IcR Coxwn' TEAM- Cupn, . . l"ftC1Lc'7'. XV A mn, Catcher. Rumxsox, Pitcher and Right Field. AliIZO'l"l', Catcher and Right Field RICH, First Ihwe. IQELLEY, Savond Base. SPITZER, Short Stop. Pumsox, Third Base. XVILKINSON, BOQTII, . . . SUBSTITUTES. SEYMQIIR, BAUER, I 71 Left Field. Center Field. VAX NORTWICK. 1 X -1' 'X my 1 'fa A x cll,IlllJEN, Fl'1'z1'.x'1'n1c'K, Qilill"FIN, . XV A '1' 'r s , Ilul.'l', . P1c1c'1"1'Yx1AN, lNlcl..u'GlIl.,xN, Romrz, . flA'l'K'lIEl.I., I1'm1:1c'r, . SllAl!l'l.lCSS, 1. 100 yards dash, 2. 230 yards dash, 3. 4-10 yards dash, 4. S80 yards dash, 5. Mile run, . 6. 300 yards dash, lmndica 7. 120 yards hurdle, . 8. Two mile Bicycle Race, SJ. Standing broad jump, 10. Pole vault, . . 11. 150 yards dash, . 12. Running liigli jump, 13. 1000 yards run, . 1-1. Running broad jump, 15. 2220 yards lxurdlv, . lb Field a . Gbffieerz. E V E N T S. . Kmxsox, . Hl'X'l'liIl, Kicxsux, . IQKOGM AN, . Klunaxux, . . J.u'KsoN, BI. A. A., . Tlm.xI.l., D, A. C., J . I ,x1mlcI.EE, . . M An'1'1N, . . Hun.:-:x', M. A. A., . Kicxsox, . Di: Poyr, . . JAQKMAN, M. A. A., 1lIAIi'l'IS, DE PUNT, 173 Clerk Qf the Course Slczrtw. Tinzelceepwr. Timekefper. .lnnuunce1'. Judge of U'r4's Jlcelge. J ful ge . Judge. .llwzs urfr. llleasurer. 102 sec. 25 sec. 652 sec. tliug 2 min., 10g sec 5 min., 202 sec. 35 sec. 151 sec. S min., 10 sec. 10 ft., 1 in. S ft., Ti in. 1135 sec. ft. 2 min., 38 sec. 10 ft., 10 in. 302 sec. IBHXYEN, flEYWUOD, Smryrn, . IJLrx1..u', . XYAX D1-:X'lcN'l'lcl:, 3Ic'l'1I1c1z1uN, 1'm:'1'1z1:, . '1'mvNslcxn, . Jm1xs'1'ox1c, . S1'1'1'zr:n, SAlIiI.'I'ZIilI, Wxxmcs, II.xu'1', . I"1sx:csl'sux, lPx'm4El:'1', . Mc'l,,xc'n1..xx, Cumlxus, . N,-xcsl.m', Immlrs, I'I,x1,Lor'K. . K laumrx N, Hxlaxxmss, IIE PQNT, . xvEN'l'1YOR'I'II, Fmzxcn, I I UNTER, CIIICKEIIING Sn1E1,1ms, CHURCH, HY.x'r'r, 9. 5 J Mc'K11sm:x, . BICPIIEICHAN, 31ERRIl.l1, . li1xc'1m.xN, 1,EI'1'l.E, '1'L'PP14:u, lixixxs, CUXIJUX, . Wmmlsmcv, 1'1OI.'l' mul Aurox, Qlazz Weams. Qiiieerz. 1892. 1893. 1894. 1895. l'ii1'l1wr. Cuff-11w'. 1"I'i'xl lfrrxw. Srwrnfal IIIISU. S. S. y'lll'I'lI lfrlsv. Lfifl l"f1'lfl. Cwzlwr I"if'lf1, Caplfrin Right I"i4lfl. 1'i!c'1u'r. C11tf'lu'l'. Ffrst 'lfusm Sfcuml llusf, Captain. . . 15. 5. Thfrfl llama Lqft l'vl'I'l1l. fV'f'llI4'1' Ffrlfl. High! l"if1fl. Sulmlitrrtw. C'f1lr'lw1'. Pitcher. First Base. Second lifase. S. S. Third lirrxrf. Left l"l'r'lfl. Cvfllflfl' Ifiwld, C'upLuin Right Firld. Szcbstilzclw. K'ilfI'llI'l'. Pit1'l11'r. I"irsl liusw, Cnpluirz. Sfcuml lfuse. S. S. Third llrrsf. Lfjfl I"iwlfl. c'l'lIfl'I' l"i4'l1,1. Right l"'ir'ld. 51,1I1s!il11l1's. MICHIGAN RECORDS. F1VEN'I'. K HCORD. SAM E. DATE. 5-1 yards dash, Y I 5 2-5 sew., . N. Boiiiiiei May. 18811. Y W 80 yards dash, 8 Sec., . . , I". N. lioninc, May, 18811. 1111lya1'tl81l:lsl1, 10 sec., . . l". N. Ilonino, May, 18811. 110 yards dash, ll Svc., . , I". N. Honino, May, 18811. 22UX2ll'llS1IilS1l, 22 2-5 sec., , .I. 111. Dulfy, . May. 1888. 440yards1lash, 52 src. . . . , A .I. Moore. . May. 1884. ?Qll1IIk'1'lll1, . 1 mile walk, . 1 mile hicvcle. . 120 yards 31l1IIONV1lIIi, hurdle, . 111111119 walk, . . 1111111111131I1l'111llI-Illlllll, . 181111111112 111211-Illlllll. . . 'Stalnliiig highjump. . . Running Throw inf 111111,S1C1D,1ll11IjIIl1lI1, 1iunnnr1111lbs.j, . f Q . Pulling.: Qiol 111i1I1s.1, 'fhl'11XVI11,!I12lSH hall, Passinu 1 Drop kif-1' Ilitch and kick, . 'Indo iugby hall, ' 0 X. . . or rc-cord. EY I-INT. 100 yards, 220 yards, 4-105a11ls, inn, . jzmilv ' Ill11l1 inn 120 yards 220 yards linrdlc, . lnirtile, . lmilv walk. . . 2IllIl0111l'j'1jIP, . . Running higlixnnnp. . 1 2 min. 15 sc-C., 7 min. 15 sec., . 8 min. 211115 sec., . 19 2-5 S1-in, . 211 min. 111 ser., 1ln'. 5 niin., 17fr.115in., . 5 fl. 6 in., 4 fl. 81, in., 41 ft. 11111., 84 ft., . 8t11't., . 217711. 1 in., 121 ft. 11 in., . 11181'1.7'5in., . 11t't.5in., . . . . ' .I. ll. Haley, . . D. 1T. XVor4-ester, , 111 17. Perry, . 11.11. A VVrigh1, . 1l.11.11artnn:1n, . N. N. Farqnhar, . I". T. llucllarme, . .I. Van lnwaut-n..1r,. . . .1. Van Inwagvn. Jr., . . XV. Morrow, . , 11'. N, Iioninv. . L. l".1iotIsvlialk . .I. IJ. Ilihhard, . XV. Morrow, . . .I. IC. Duffy, . . IC. 1J.Pe-ilk-r, . v Hutober, 1885. May, 1885. Novoniher, 1887 May, 18811. November, 1884 Noveinlwr. 1884 NOY0l11l11'1'. 1887 R1ay.1888. BI2ll'l'll. 18111. May. 18811. Uotolwr, 1885, May. 18811. Noveinhrfr, 1884 May, 18811. Iilay, 18811, May, 1887, INTER-COLLEGIATE RECORDS. lclsvokim. 1 XA M 141. 1'0LLI-213111. - .H 11. N. Hroolzs, .A E W 1"' W" - I 11: 11,8111-1-1-111. I 'mf' 22 1-5 su-., . . 1'. 11.8111-rrill. X ale. :111s01'., . . . NV. 17. Ilohm, Princeton. 1111I11. 571-5 sera, . XV.1'. llohm, Prine:-ton. 4 min. 28 4-5 sec., . , 0.11. NVe11s. . Amherst. 1111-5 ser., . . . H. 17. XVi11mms, Yale. 251, st-1'., . . . E .I. 1'. Imt-, . Ilarvard. 7 min. 114-718912, . 111l1111. 4-5 st-ra, 511.1134 in.. . '1'. M1-llvaiilv, . 11.11. llavis, . '. 11. Pago, . 1'o1um11i:i. lI:1rv:n'd. ol' P. X1 Running: hroad juinp, 22 1't.1i in.. . 'l'.11.Nlie:ll'lll:111, N ale. , ,A . .. . 1'I. 11. Ryder, Yalo. I ole nnllt, . . . 1011.1 in., . gn. F. Welch, fmllunbmr Putting shol 11111113 J, . . -1011, 111.1 in., . . A. 13. Coxo, . Yale. 'fIl1'lHVIl1gZ hammer C111 lhs 1, 518 f1.1i11l., .... A. 11. Coxv, . Yale. COLLEGIATE RECORD. EVENT. 1: Eoonn. NAM rn. COLLEG 1-1. ' E. .I YVem10ll, Ilarvard. 100 yards, . 10 sec., . Wendell Baker, Harvard. U. H. Sherrill, Yale. 220 yards, . 22sew., . . . 1 Wendell Baker, Harvard. 440 yards, . 4' 2 1 W. C. Downs, Harvard. L5 mile run. . 1 min.55',, sec., . 1 W. C. Dohin, Princeton. 1 mile run, . 4 min. 20 4-5 sec., . 1 C. O. Wells, . Amherst. 120 yards hurdle, . 111 ser., . . . . 11. L. XVi11iams, Yale. 220 yards hurdle, . 25,14 sec.. . . . .I. P. Lee, . llarvard. l mile walk, . . 11 min. 51115 sec., . . 1 II. H. Bemis, llnrvard. 2 mile 1111-ycle, . 5 min. 431 sec.. . L. 11. Hamilton, Yale. liunning high jump, . 6 1'1. 4 in.. . . 1 VV. 11. Page, . 1T.o1' P. Standing high jump, . 5 ft. 115 in., . S.17ro0k, . Xv1III1lIllS. Running broad jump, . 22 ft. 11 in., . , I T.ff.S1162'tI'l111l1l, Yale. Standing broad jump, . . 1011. 3121-8 in., . 1 F. Larkin, . Princeton. Pole vault, .... 10117211 in., . . ' L. IJ. Godshall, Lafayette. Throwing hammer 1111 1bs.j, 101 ft. llg in., . . . A. 11. Coxe, . Yale. Putting shoL1161bs.J. . 4011. UIQ in., .... A. 11. Coxe. . Yale. 'The 47 2-5 seconds record was made on :L straight, track and the 4112-5 seconds on a circular travk. 175 1? 41: K 4" ag' in N X if yi? I jg will M f J 1 'wgfi-N 'AP-f,4"W 5:23:53--:r:f:'Jf.:1. - 5 "0 fx 1764- HQ! N blew 55,7 'ffzii ' r,3F'T3?5.,TE 4fa-igf1fri1 WN " - xv .,,, . xg,-, ., - ,-5 gf, , , ,., P - ,K L.--gf,-e,!g1L,i-,...v' , , .Nl , Aff' J K X "T--'eii 11fQ:-ggiiffiw' 'A I F X .fx I1-W Mfag,eg.7:4f1"f3f5q'1 ,M ug X 2 ' f 1, xy X .Athi fjl , . J 3 K ' '- Q f . , .- iul'ffQ.sffX sf ,YQ , IN lW.g.,! NLf,Xi5X 'W' .Q f- fsffauf:-4+ ,gn X' ' J' ww V ,ASQ j !'ii!r'!lf, ' V'-'N ' XM 1 KG, ,WQHW mr ,, , W W. -. - N Y 3 N ml, X ' V. wha vw N ' ,. xv -. -+14 f if Y 'Z swf' 1 X a ff V L N X, ' 'L 13 x X 'Q5fi'x"' :xl I I A ' ff V MX' KX , MA? mu! . Q- ,gislix ml, W ,X Nil- v QW' 'ig , " fi 7 AFW QW nl' A, f Q 'V Q cw A I 4 ! S ' 5 1 , if V, A -'.- 1 .3 1 , x NJ - f . .L-1" Ax-xx ,. '34 " f '- Ng 'f 5 I sy 'Q ' '-W f - X' ' 2 f X ,I xfr-.fsvfjf I W 'TE' X, A X . I - QQ f f ,F " ' -Q:-5-Ex X i' ANN ARBOR BRANCH 01-' TIIE 'Healey 7Bi:C12h1ori:1e of Giold C'2u1'e. T. B. Cooley, M. D., Jas. Breakey, M. D., lfwszllerzt Plzysiviufzs. Tip. Glidden, M. IJ., CYIIIISIIHMIQ Surgeon. l'A'l'IEX'l'S. Musmi, IIul1len,Cnuper, hIOI'Cll2lllt, lkmrter, Taylor, Sullivan, Butler, McKenzie, Rob sun, Presc-ott, Cutler, Arinstrung, XV21l1l9SS, xV1lili0l'. 0l"l' l'ATIEN'I'S. Tupper, Wright, llwyer, tirusll, Hyatt., Miller, llullnes, llnrinly. lXl'l'll.XBI.lZS. Lightnvr, Loolnis, lhiskerri lle. IPIHCIIARGEID Clllllill. Harris, Crznie, Branlficlll, Shanks, 1Quwe1', Fassett, Beasley, Bowen, Travis, Winter nlnte, Hertel, Spalding. 'Cinzerifled 'Problems-C2ourze 4 Who t:n1glitTz1ylurto scrap? Who told H Trinity " Porter that he conlll act? NVhy Bower won't get on the nine. NVhy Darrow tlOt'Sll7t live at Ypsi. Why Jerome walked to Detroit. Why the Thespis was not at success. Why Nigffllttxllgilltl thinks he can sing. NVhy Swigrgett hulted, Marvin Sith. Why " llzlrrison " Lovell hruke his 0IlLZ2IgI9lll6llt. Why lNIc'Nzniglit1m iloesrrft go to Ypsi. this year. XVhy the Yellow and Blue stz1H'doesn't rent Rl fil'211lll1lill'. XVhy the U. of Bl. lJz1ily1li1ln'tget:ltickett0theJ. Hop. XVhy 1' Stnh " Walter doesn't call at the Gannnal Phi House. lVhy Hihson 4,loesn't enter the Law lJ0l72ll'tl1l0lli. lVho taught Mnlfler to reall. XVhy Burns likes to he taught. 177 Ezgamirzaifion Quezifioqs. F011 EN'1'RANlZH T0 THE LAW DEPARTMENT- 1. 1i1c11G11A1-111'.- Bo111'1111Y11sil11111i. 2. 1i11.11111,111.- 11.3 H1111' 1111 y1111 111-1'lin1- 11 XvQ1'l1llltll C11clct11il'? 11.3 Analyze U to-11'i111 1119 F111-1111y,H 111111 give 111'i111fip11l 11111'1s 111 1111 1111- 1'1-1'11S. 3. N.11'ICiA'I'ION.- On smiling np W111111w11r11 RIYOIIIIQ, 111111111 111113 11111's 1111 right llilIl11Sl1lG. 4. A1:1'1'1111E'1'11'.- 11.3 Gi1'1-151-111'O1'Cl111'1-l111111's 111112111111 1-11. y11s. 111111 1111011112115 111 211411. 111il12. 11.3 2 + 2 : ? 5. UN1'1'1:11 S'1'.1'1'1-is l11s'1'11111'.-11.3 Xyllili 1111i1'13 11111 y1111 F1111 f1,11' Wllllll 1101111-lust? 11,3 XVI11-11 1111111 A1111-1'i1'11 11151-111'1-1'1-11, 111111 11'11y'? 1-Faculty Rules. C51-311: 3 l. N11 5111111-111 1:1111 111- il 1116-111111-1'111' 1111- F2lC'l1l1y. 2. X11 S111111-111 Sl12lll S1ll11li1' 1-ig111'1-111-S in 1111- 1.il11'111'y. 21. N11 5111111-111 s1111l1 91111-1' F11-11 l11'1111'11's, xY21lS1llS, 111' si111il111' 111111-1-fa after 8:2311 1-. 11. 111111-ss 2ll'UOl1lI1illl11111 l1y 21 F1111 l'1'11I'eSs111'. -1. Any l'lI1Q1llO8l'111Q S1111111-111 1f1111g111 ll1ZL1'1'1l1Q 111' 1lef1111i11g 1111- l111zz-S1111' 11-0111 wi111 l1iS 1111511-1's11'i1l11e S91111101110-1111511110111511 111111116-s 111111S1l1lg9l'S. 5. 31611117111 st1111e111swi11 11111 11111 1111-11' 11661011 1111- 110115, 1Yll1ll1 1'1'1111'1-1'si11Q wi1l1 11211ll'lltS. 13. l1Ie11ic11l 5111116111-S 2l1'1' 11111 1'e1111i1'1-11 111111110 1111't11ei1' l1111s 111 Gl2l1'li. Ile 1111es 11111 1111'11 the llnspital. 7. The 111's1 two Stl1111'lltS 111 sec- il 1l11C7S joke 111111 lilllgll, s1111ll 116 1191111111 11s 111011-1'1'e11 S1111-11. 'Ehe Grover Qleveland Zic1e:T'61a1k Ticket Zealperw Tzzsoeiarion. .T.1111zs F. H1f111c1:, IJl'1'Nf11I'IIf. C. A. l51111'11:N, 1Y1.l'6'lJl'l'S'iLIf'7M. W. 141. xV.1I,'l'ER, Trc11s111-cr. MEMBERS OF THE ASSOCIATION. " U3 " Ryan, 'I lIe11111+sy" M1-1'1f111111t, 'f 0111 Sport " J111'11111e, '1Trini1y" P11r111r, " E1li1111"' Cnrtiss, 1' T111'1-f- C01'1lH Lig111ne1', " Il111'1'is1,111 " l1111'e1l, U Buttle Creek '7 Cill'1l6l11Ql', "D111:7' Bl'62llif?y, 'A Sl1111'ty " T11y1111'. 178 'io michigan 'Oerse 'Tis sad to see the line of thought, Stamped o'er IIolmes' face so wry, They come from carrying two hours' work, This is the reason why. Qu the gi. To a Illilll with 01'lliIl2ll'y powers of observation, a large city is 11ot necessary ill order to discover all sorts Zllld conditions of 111911, a11d if one is fortunate t?D enough to attend a co-educational university, all sorts of wo111e11, too, but as this is not a sophomore publica- tio11, we won't say anything about that. Plenty of curious tl1i11gs are to be seen and lletlftl all the time right here, and if one ventures occasionally illt0 the 111etropolis, or even to the city of classic 11211116 not a hundred miles distant, there's material for toines of any size. And mention of the city of Grecian name makes 1119 think tllilf once on a business trip thither, I picked up a calling card that lay on tl1e sidewalk. Engraved with highest art on one side was the name of one of '92's for111er presidents,-a name that quite belies the peaceful and retiring character of the 1112111 who bears it. On the other side of tl1e pasteboard was the legend :- 2 pounds of beafstake, 1 dozen eggs, 1 pound butter, this iu a handwriting characteristic of the young women of that city, I 21111 sure some of 111y readers are acquainted with the style. I l1ad a cut made of botl1 sides of tl1e card for reproduction here, but Billie Cpardon 1116, I didn't mean to lll6'lltiOl1 IIZIIDGS till further onj begged hard to have it left out for fear his llilllle llligllt be recognized. Coming down SlldLl9llly fl'Ol11 ,512 to freshmen, reminds 1116 that the incoming class this year was very easy to beguile, 2.1141 the tricky sopl1o111ore has had shining 111arks for his jokes. They say that Clark Hyatt was persuaded that Grover Cleveland was an alunnius of a society to which he belongs, and thought it would be a pretty idea to have a s111all pin Cembleni of the societyb made for Ruthie, and it wasnlt lllltil he started from tl1e house with l1is present to call on Grover, Wllell that gentleman favored the University with a visit, that Hyatt was undeceived. XVeidn1an was told that Paderewski, after his concert at tl1e l1all, would give a private recital at the fraternity house where Bob belongs, illlli he immediately started dOW11 town after tl1e pi1lIl0'illllGY'. Wellhtlle piano doubtless needed tuning, so the joke was certainly a good 0110 so far as the results Wellt. There is a 111an in college-Ilm sure you k11ow l1i1n-11a111e is Miller-who is lJ0l1Illi to bring about reform-whether good or bad l1e doesn't very lllllt'll care, but like Horace, he fai11 would say, H Iixegi n1o11un1ent11n1," Zlllli all the rest of it. He would reform freshmen, the faculty, Zlllll the co-eds, illlti some one was llllklllti enough to say to him, U Physician, heal thyself." Hut he couldnltl The Castalian still lives, but the bubbling ftjllllt was rather low tl1is year, don't you T79 think? lt is, however, a touching proof of their 1IlOilGSly and good sense, that the editors said, like the buyer, of their own hook, " lt is naught, it is naughtfl Did you ever see Dewey illustrate a point in Philosophy on the blackboard? Neither have we, hut they say he very often tries to. Talking of philosophical freaks rentinds me of a ntan named Weller. You know hint, -the gent, with the hair and a 'I teaeher, I know 'l expression. Ile ls without douht one of the most diverting features in philosophical eourses, not excepting Warner, Bishop, or Andrew li. By the way, sonte one told nie the other day that Andy had cultivated a taste for Frankforts. Tut, tut, Gibhie, old man, they tell us sporting life is+well! Sporting life did you say? XVell, that reminds nie that Will Lyster sprained his ankle the other evening. Both Willie and the ankle are doing: well. I was about to say that Sant Kinne did well to stay in eollege one whole semester. The topil' of staying in college ealls up the illustrious nantes of Thonipson, the Van lnwagens, De Pont. Have you heard of the last lucky coup of Marshall Field's'? A wtie Van has taken hint for :L trotting mate. This last subject suggests a new eoineidenee. You know Carl Warren, of course, well, he 'S taken a similar step. Speaking of Carl reminds nie, that I heard of Toni Cooley and his pipe calling at the Sorosis house the other evening in a sweater. lt is a source ot' deep regret to ine that the divine atllatus was alusent this year, and l have hut this single lyric- gent front an unknown pen to otlkir, and with it-the end! The Dekes, they say, :L Ifreshitmn have XVho lakes his girl to ride, But when the bills eome 'l'0LlllLl,llL?ll1lS- To l3:z.w.w-I oft' and lly lv. igg ie 'tl S s-: Jo fffe tsv -,t '.E "iE:4e? -N-sootvt , ,,... ,ml ,W S Q 02, 2 1 Q 14? 2 ' if T 4-S 2 I ,.. -, - Xffa-4..,,. b ' op f 5 r 'qv' 2 .-W ufou 3. .,.,4 mm K X: L ai., ll e. A, Q, 5..a VM., K or: -- X sig? -??1? . fn., .5 .... . of-we r i ,N aff-5-r 1 "" gin.. ' ' V a.1,1j2.Q9:Zqa'i5 X - -f Jer' . -' -- ' 5 Y Eff? its-T .-.e f f 'fp r f i-g'bN..v fb D 5' f511...,u:- '- . L3 sQ" - . - N - e2 '- e .-. - V - or , wg- ' " Esiabiishgd 1849, ,-,T ,lux Gnixxiim Ci mifvs PAEIQK 271 WUOIHYAIHD AVE., RUNNING THROUGH TO 1:22 uvASllIMJ'I'0N Avizxl F R ' Detrmit, Minhigau MAIN SIYUNV RUUII GE?-QW T Q 1 ! js YMPORTYNG JEWQLERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF THE HIGHEST GRADE AND THE MOST NDVELTIES IN FRATERNITY Jfwf may WATCHES AND ENGAGEMENT Rmesi SPECIALTIES Y Designs Subrnitted .. AN., .. Estimates Furnished For' New Society Badges, Favors for' the Gernxan, Souvenirs, Graduating Gifts, Et Cetera. - MENTION THE 1-,,LL,u,1UM a ni-:PAR'1'n1i-:N'1' ov ouu i',xcTo1n IHE IIINEINNNII. NNNBNSH NNN IIIIIEHIIZIIN IIIIIIWNY toIQLTiIiAiIEiT LINER! Is the llirt-4-t Route llvtween INDIANAPOLIS. F CINCINNATI ALLPOINTSSUUTHA LOUISVILLE . . T Ti I-i'-Q Marion, Warsaw, Cedar Beach A St. Joseph, Benton Harbor, Forfull1iiQ'IiStQ:i1'fii1iizltilvlietseztll-unfl'ir'ltt-1 .-Xgvnts - WD . . v L-I I Zlrslnltcssbtl'1ItI-INIAINI-IIILNQINIIIII-QIIII 5' III G Pall cl Raplds I""'3 M lchlgall Resorts ' OSCAR G. MURRAY, VV. R. BALDWIN, 'l'i'41tlic Mztiingrer. elf Gen. Pass, :xml 'l'iuk. Aft, fIlXCINNA'l'I,fI, K l'Il,KIlAR'I'. lxlm. DREK Fine Stationery and Engraving House, 1121 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. COLLEGE IIYVITATIONS VVEDDING INVITATIONS CLASS STATIONERY VISITING CARDS FRATERNITY STATIONERY BANQUET IVIENUS i, PROGRAMMES, IEADGES DIPLONIAS AND IVIEDALS STEEL PLATE WORK EOR FRATERNITIESCLASSES AND COLLEGE ANNUALS. All work is 4-xt-vlitt-tl in the KESIZLIIIIEIIIIIUIH umlel' tliepersmizllsl1110l'Visi011 ot' Mr. D1'trli:1,:1l11l only in the host mmim-i'. Unequalllt-ll lmfilitit-:4 :intl long pracfticall expt-1'it-in-0eiizlblesusto pi'o1llu-t- the nt-west stylvsziml most artistic effects, wliilu our i'4'put:1ticm is :L Q.fll2ll'2lllIj' 01'tlie qu:1lityot'tlit- prmlurztions ot'tl1iSlmust-, Designs, Samples and Prices sent on application. HALF TON E, PHOTOTYPE AND PHOTO ELECTRO ILLUSTRATIONS furllislim-Il froixu plimogmplis, 414-signsst-ut its oi' clvsigns fiiruisliml by us. lO BUFF 81 BERGER, IMPROVED Engineering and Surveying Instruments, No. ll l'rovi1u-4-1'0uvi, BQSTQN , MASS. 'l'lu'ynimtusi-i'urL'inthvirinsrrnuiL111Is:fi1r'r'f14'r1f'f1rgf1liI'iNiu11.' 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'-Q2 YQHTKT7 'QA xy T332 V1 Qfrmnu ' 54 SOUTH MAIN cnftwl Hfilnriw V11 JAA NAA VA 4 WEST LIBERTY STS. 51 Ilvzllm-I' iliN'ff,O F-'ine and Medium URNITURE or All ln.--ripniiimf ' " ' ' Y 7 Y R llralpery. l'orti41l'f-s, Silk and liiwv Uurtnius, Irish Point. Swiss, llrussi-ls mul Nottillezllzlui. Wimlow Sluuln-s, l':lrpets, Oil Cloth, mul Ihlgs. To hr ahh- to nucommodntn- my customs-rs with Dvm-rylliing nvvclvil to flIlIlISh2lIlUllS1'. I liavn- inzulm- arrange-nii-nts with om' of thx' l:n'g.:i-st mni'pvt housvs in thr s-ouuiry mscll from the-ir stuvk Ivy SHIIIPIPS- I can show slilunilimi path-rns in Wilton. Vi-lvl-t. Body lwilrawls.Tam-sti'y and lngruin lianqwts. and shall at any tinm- hu plz-awil to show thn- szunplcs As it docs not rust me illlyllllllgflll carry stork. Icam givi- must favornlilc- pl'icPs,fQ'i?"0i1i' pricrs on cnrpt-ts imflmli- S0wing:.z1mI rvim-lnlwr wi- I-ni to mari-h withmlt wasnt-.-Special :ilu-lition ymiil I0 ornlcrm-dwork. Yours Ilvspt-ctfully, LEARTIIT I-IALLER RR R R R R Ri5'n'iRE,4 O 'TO 05 Hit has the Lernlinyf V89 Spring and Nlmiuiefr H W lmmls in Svrrixiaf. 0 . Tl!Ill'NI-IRIXISNZIIIII Q-FOR-W " X Slug VEsr1N4as W. in tlw city. Full lm-ss Snitings an spvvlallty. I'lv:lsvcnll u w E :mil 1-xzuuinv. 1 ng A AA C inks: EQ? 5- 1 Key I I I e 1 iennn " MAA X A4 i KQV M, 2li.ll'nehi11gi4n1Si., M-:ir Nlalinrfm- T-"lf-Yin I if -If - - It A,.,,,,, ff-V-ufff-V' 1fx,.-..., V-xi' N , N, , "lT""5"'3"""3 I H 1'0NNlQ4"I'I'IIlllI'l'll i ,Y H A I Y OPERA HOUSE B RBER SHOP pq vvv---n v v , he , 1-in ,iv -..-.-. z. -. O. J. SOFILI ling I, ig-eF.:i-?. xii:- wiv W E QA, 565 T i wiv my ,Zim MQ wav Befgg IQ! E032 XQI iniiffi Xe! SW my i i Q1 aw, , xfiy awk? ibm i viz ll .1 Wi RICH Straight Cut No.1 CIGARETTES. l'ira,xRE'l"i'E Spanx:-:ui who arse Willing In pay a little' moro than the prime lIll2ll'gUd for thi- n1'1If11r1l'!!l1'1ulf' Cigziwlli-s will tiud 'I'lIIS BILXN Il supvriur tu :ill utlivrs. Arc- nlamlv fromtheln-igzlitm-ft.1110StLin-livzltn-lytlavowilaxinlhighvst 114lHEGr0I.IlLI41AIfL.ZTOYYIIiIlYlI'LIll1I2'L. 'l'hisistli001.D:iml0Rl14lNAl. IHIAND ui-' Srl: XlGll'l' Um' l'ig::u'1-ttvs. :mil was lllllllllll out hy us in lhs- yvar 1815,-IF"13l1:w,xlcr: ui-eIti11'l'.x'i'l4rNs. and ulisn-rvc that thc lIl'lIl nauic us hi-low is on 1-vury packzlgw. TTHE ..- Alien liiiinier Bgnnnlnixiileviinnican Tobacco Cn, RICHMOND, YI RGINIA .Ti ugh. .f. .m. .5S?:. .TT .4.'7.'.T vga my ie vis .An egg age QE 'l'I' IIC IC. A . - -Y -- -11 iff- in 2 fiiilqp. ARMSTRONG ,, CS, UCDBI PAX Y. 'i 'T ' 0 ' NI.XNI'I"ACTI'liICliS OF ociclg . l lilglilildriy l3CIIDCl GOOJS g g i flrsllllllvw :Intl l'ill':lplll-rlmlial for Swr:-t Sm-ivtiiw an spn-viuily QSI-253 WOODWARD AVENUEAHM'-Q XI It 'YIICLXX can now lbe puvellasecle from llle 'principal dealers in 'pllolograepllie supplies llwougyllonl llze Uniled Sfaies, and al llle Counpanyk depole, 115 OXIDITI SZ., I-0I2If0I11, and el I'i:zc-0 Vemlozml. Zl'lI'IlS, wllere inslruelions will be given free of ellarge. The eomplelion of new film Wovlcs al Roellesleer and llawow ensures pvompl supplies of films for reloading. Greal 'imeprovernenls llave been made 'in all lcodalfs for ISSN, and a new series of elleaper lfoclales having many novel fealuves has been pal on llle marlcel. No lravelev can afford lo 'be willlonl one of lllese pllolograplliu nole luoolcs. 'Prices 6210 356 QQ L loaded for inslanl useYZ4 lo 100 epieluves Willloul reloading. ljxposures co unled and regisleved. The new .. ' an I l "Da hgln kodaks can be reloaded in dagliglll. Send for clfclllars. 1150W'?fQ2Qg,0,,, THE EASTMAN COMPANY, 4 Plmw Venrlomzz 1 2 PMS, ROCHESTER, N. Y. ' nw""'l1'mim:rn om., A fo All soreness, stiffness or swelling ls pro-rented or 4 r QW-p-Ig ' A U, ,, ' . 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P ' ln UNDS I lmlzlflcv' 14. sim 111 fvf,,f,,ffr f,r,n,n,,ff' .rr'r.rr, Ilrrh t ONLY J Y,-W Illltwlvx lll :I :l1,-l :rf-lim-," I . .l.l .TIES .1ll'Tl?fE. ,llrffrfrfff 1' Nr rf' l'1fr'l.' 1111 I IH Y rrf' I 4 In nt ltr-Irlsv :ill NlllINfltlI1l'I' . I i , X3 J-i 5lIlllll'N' .mtl full-llww ul lllv mtl llr Ill x xmrx lwxl Thr., 1-mmm ln- 25, 24,951 limr. N1r:lll1l4'lt--lmlllll lr- Xtlllwlll ll ' l l 'IIZIE IS TIYZJE C'.I?.I3I2T.ft.I'.4 W PEPPERMINT or FLAVORED LJ L X ll tiller ML l'l1IXl' l'ul1l'lll,'.l' Vllli IYINIHHXXIBM l'XIXS 1 I" IfYSI'l4II'FIAX .XXID III4IAXI3'l'I5Vl!XZ 4-rrrcw vm: 'l'lX'l'1X'I'Y mxtwrrcs .wrwzrx lawn wrcxr. C H EVV l 1 l W w I-rl I T E's A l X . G U r . m:1u1x,vr'l-,rv .xxn or xxrr-'w'r'x'r:r:n flxm nv VV. J. WHITE, CLEVELAND, OHIO, U, S. A. IN'l'llHIll'l'l'1ll Ill-ivrixllzrilz lwti nv- 1 .Yunzlw - rr-!'j1f!'1'r.w ,wld in IMI, ' ' l ,'frfr.nrrrf ,Yunllu ' 1r.!kj1fr'r'r',v ,wlrl fn iw"-s, rr r,.:fJ.,'lfrf Xrrfnlu - ltr' ,1r'1w.e .will in I-mr, f',1x,11,mrrr ,Yllrlllu ' rr-fl1ffr'1'x ,Quill ffl Iwfrw, Igr,.-,jtvrnrf I 3 As. semniwe ,ZZ ATHLETIC OUTFITTERS 0 Boxing Gloves, Pulley Weight Machines Indian Clubs, Dumb Bells, Gymnasium Apparatus, Base Ball, Lawn Tennis, Guns Fishing Tackle, Etc. O VICTOR and CREDENDA Bicycles 0 KODAKS and Photograph Supplies 0 .U"I', XVE VAIZIIY EYl'IIIY'I'IIING IX 'I'III'1 SPIIRTINH GOODS I . F . -1 y SEND ALOGUE 1 cs. SQALDNG a, Bass. ,- 4, f 2 7 GQSEAMG l QQ YXBBTFORD 0 l I i f Q6 . Y: lu Rx A Im iv Qmwwgi 00 Q CONN- , . NANQXNS .ll 'l13f'9s.Q -XL 'A-??.C9f-.l G I 5 l I? le. 56530 CHICAGO ' PHYRFIDELPHIFI ' NEW YQRKQ, THOROUGH IN SPECTIONS AND INSURANCE AGAINST . LOSS OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY BY STEAMAEHJLER EXPUIHQNS AND AGAINST LOSS OF LIFE AND INJURY TO PERSCNS THEREBY J. M. ALLEN. Pfws. W. H. FRANKLIN, VI'f't'-PVPS. J. B. PIERFE. SPR, F. B. ALLEN. 2nd Vim'-P1'05. 14 5 5 CQ. C3f1a.51m1z gQ' Cwlzzlmrfzzf 1 1521113 0'ylnl1'0l1v1.s D a W C C7llc7Zc7Uc'Z.J GND .lvZIlIfL'Z.J C X- 5 N359 Cl'l2UcI47lWc71j, LIUUW YZLVTXI 4 4 4 X7 . , xx' , , A xv Afrvm 0 QIWIIIL ru" 411117 "j7l'l.!flL' njfiwllzm F 1 f 1 4 J .klvIULII41lIII7l4'.3 mmf N KW flydllh' Cgnmifs. f'0Heq4 111147 C-'y0a'lIl'fIf flfzllnlzhq L1 L'-'5,pvul'nfIf1f, VT J. HCYCLES i , ,,,, ,7,,,, N, A1-QHMAKER N HND 0 J ? H'CGRL OO A well-sl-I4-vteml stock of WA'l'UllES, CLOCKS, .llf1WELRl'. Sl'l'1C'l'M'l.ES. Etc., Always on llilllll all very low p1'i4-vs. llL'lO1'9l,Pllj'lll,E,' a Bl1'Yl'Ill-I vall at ll Slcielalcrssfi I shall be pleased to rm-vive all 1'0A L orders, :xml ,ElHll'illll100 prmnpl. delivery. I :lm sole agent t'u1'Il1c Iilrzvlc liirlnzunfl Coal, which is the In-:s'1'un lllE'lll2lI'li1'l. Repairing: of Watvlln-s. 9h'..1l0m' neatly and promptly. G G G Y ll W. Wnsllinutml Sli 46 S. mam sr., A11 ATVCCT, I selipkaleee Sk Q ejsk Q ei sk gf NSE Sk Q 1 Sk Q5 Sk L O 0 Q Q 0 Q O 0 'fewwmwwwww L U TD 44 JP M 9 M Z'-5lQQOQlz'Tl.?wCQDI.5E Q. S I 'EAIVI P U IVIPSQ lv 1 - . . W ater W orks Eng1nes ll nl A if I W ,aww ' ,A . . . L9 . ,. N -i f - e lll Deane Stem Psmic CL., W Huge? l ll Plclyoke, MESS-, if fi f e e New York, Boston, l Q l'll' 'lf - g Q Chicago, Philadelphia, ,,lll v . St. Louis, Denver Q Q Q --'ff!59YfE'f 'fl1l Illf W5f'i'i9i 'A SEND Fon CATALOGUE 15 H H H H H H H H H H H H H H iffmfff-eve-9O'vQQQQ9.QQ'fwzQeO9POOQ9'O?QQ9?OO'9G'OPO A fiiw f f 2 ifnm 2 Y v Y Yrri Env A f wvw ywfvvv vw A A rv mfvv . ,v,m,m ,XJ , AAA, -XM, A .wwwyvvvvwvwvymwwwvvvvvyvvwvxxvm 533 iv, 1 :H 'Q I M 3. . FREE HEAT . 5 P le yf"1E f-A V ' W A THE LAM1' 'I'llAT 2 i ii " IZQIGIQ-l.'L"S XUI ll ROOM NVILL 5573 -H HM-. . E e E L5 LIEAT rr- 5 NLAFN? f- ,. 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ELKHART, INDIANANXQS 16 I ff ff' ,T ff! L5 E L A N 1 I x Elkhart, Incl Q34 Worcester, Mass., SEEFRRISTFQ GNDERYHQISQMSHIE g3wv1mvi:ii4:'l'ui: oifm-Q3 THE LARGEST BAND INSTRUMENT MANUFACTORY IN THE WORLD! A ' am z' 1 I I V , 55 k ." ,T 1 f-gn' 'vii i ' A NT. VE ' h Y-..!H gf-X IQ. IA ZIIINW The WONDER Solo Cornet in Bb and A PMENYED sv C. G. CONN JUNE I5, 1885, Nl'hivh has lwm-n pl'0llUllll4't'tI hy all Artists, Blusivizlns :intl Snluists who lmvcw gin-n it at trial the must wrmclm't'nl invention ut' the nge, :tml stipc-ritn' in every rvspec-t tu any otlwr f'tll'Ilt'I 1-ver lllilllllI'RlC'tIll'l'lI, for thc following reztsuns, viz: Itlms it imisulesi vzzlvu :1ction,:lntl tht- lightest evvt' known. lt is pn-rtl-vtly in tune in all km-ys. Its tune is hi'illi:1nt :intl t'rt-0 in its elltlirc rtsgistt-1' t'1'un1 lowt-1' pedal t' to C ulvnvt- the stall, :intl no t'm'n0t, in tht- world is so Cnpzilrlt- of living blown with perfect east! as the WONIDICIR l'0rnvt. Oni'fm-trn'ies:11'0tllormigrlnly1-qtiippucl with rmlf' and IlltIlft'I'IL znnwliinrfry. ee ee -+2 1 Till' fl1'I'Ilfl'Sf Ill'l'!'Il,ff0It 151' ilu' agw! A Ill'2lSSCI1ll'Il18tt, silver-platesl :Ind goltl-nmuntvslg in pe1'fvct, I tune, with :L f11lI,1'i4-It, rnnlul tone, :intl the nmst C-lc-gzuit and tlllmlilv Clarinet ever IIIIIIIO. JuSt l'ulrnh-cl Ft-hmm-5. lux. intrutluced. Sent to HIIXUIIL' for triul and uppmvzll. I Universnlly:u:lm1cm'lm-tlgctltohtrtlxelwest Military Ihmd instruments in the world. n limul the upp1'm':tls ot' :LII the fzunous lizlnclmasters. Ann-rivan Rlonlvl. In-1. -luvw iw. lwsir. Svnd for Ilesvriptizv' Price Lislx. l Since it has been intmmltiuetl, the WONDER Drum has become innnenscly I pupulzwziml is 1n'0nounc-edSuperior to all otliurs by the best. lIl'llIll experts. I'nt. All-gust 2- INWIL FIXES T A JIERIO.-I .Y ,I .VII I.lIl'OR TED GVITA RS, VIOLINS, FL I 'TEN and PICCOLUS, RA ND A B'D O1H"IIE'STRA SVPPLIICS, REST HRA DES mul LO WENT PRICES. SOLO and IIA LVD LVSTR UIIIEZVTS. CL.-I RIXETS, FL VTFN and SJ XOPIIOIVES, VIOLIXS, OROIIESTRA FVRNISITTIVIJS mul IJIPOR TED GOODS- IIRIQUS, I"I1"l:'S mul 1lRl',ll CORPS SUPPLIES, Ii,-lA'D und ORCHESTRA JIVSIO. if Uzltulngllus niailvtl FREE upon zmpplicutiml to C. G. CONN, EIIihart, Ind. on I7 HANDSOME IS THAT HANDSOME DOES" - mmew if :ii ? 4 iii 1 Z h i -H H E i U H ik A ' i W I E A ,J V Sawvpcs MACHYNEi..X A ' Z v 5 , My w ' 'K 11 IS IVOT ONLY BEA L'T1FUL1,Y BLIIT gjM23 ie X , , 1 4, A , ' WINIMIED, 1zz'1'11 ', 4 A lm!-11115 AND , f ' : ."' " EJIBIBOTDEIIS' IN SFCII JIAD'NER AS 7 ,,, TO c11,.1RM TIIE IIIOST FASTIDIO Us, f ,,,, ,, ,,, l,,, W ? -if l 7 -T- h ii M i hi 5 i i i . Q White Sewing Machine Co., Cleveland, Ohio 5-I---'--f-fv-v-7Af--v--v--f--:j-i--Y-Y---3-'w---'xfvx-7'v-:?'fr""'i'T'-'Eiga7"'5f A F W' i " QW iii 43.1 cuovaa La-QP-' ROUTE wg gf, ,Q Tonano, 51-. Lows HND ri' my J n, 4 gf. 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X wi , 'I' I I 141 lu -fi I 5 REASONABLE PRICES R Livery, Boarlling and lhu-k Stalhlwf P :I PHX-en ,., RO B150 N 'Ii EVERYBODY SATISFIED AND Y.-ml Illmk HOWLETT, I'I'op's. . fxxv f- I ,630 I "l""l" 'fl SUWNNJI N. 1"fIIH'flI -'f-I CAMERAS AND PHOTO SUPPLIES ANN ARBOR I5 6 1'-Er-v-"Qc 'l wif' " Catarrh an 1 Cold in the Hen l, Deafness, I-,S f , K Sore Nose, 860, Cured by "Hal1's Erie Cu- , tarrh Remedy." 50 cents at druggists or mailed on receipt of price. Pleasant, J If v 49 . ,N N 5. Harmless, CODVGDISIIU. Send for Free X. , K V X XX X .5 f , , tj '.,,," E R I E , THE ORIGINAL -.,-N . . AND ONLY "f-54", Sample. Address E. P. HALL, Erie, Pa. 555' ' ' ' 'Q' , ,E , H K A Always specify "Erie," Take no other. c E N U I N E ' 55' 'N ' 'Hx . y if Q A CAPITAL, 550,000 Al 1 ' , 1 Q SURPLUS,SlO0,000 K -I-P 1 OO il OUSC VF ' ' ASSETS, sa5o,ooo O ,A A F Tl'ilIlSilCiS :I general lramking A Q Y . b lnlsinc-ss. llnyszlnd Svllsex- A QUIET Ayn CON. F Q Y Vllilillfl' mi lJ1ltroir.llClI:caIEg'0 ' A ,fx illlt jew 'oI". ,Qu swa ts HOHIG-LiKE PIOLGIH1 'JI Q' o11zxllpI'iIIeipnleilivsin 1 EIII'u1w. Am-olinls uxccllunl :uzricc anti qui.-ine. Sulczn i'i'm'l'l ' A Q. if UXYVY ff N i1lll'iStiilll Black. P11-S. 1: nlzlrllll 11ml-clown, zu.wlneclul'lv lzaciuegg , 'K W.ll. llurriniaui, X ' i Vice-l'1'eS. GEORGE M. Hi-Iwgs, pnop, Haas. H. llisI'0ck.Cz1shier. S27 B9 ai Iwi? 6' .fy sr 53153 gf Rf ggif :iii SP at 33122 2 g 5 ' 1 I" E N Q ew 'P E aff- FINE IVIEATS . . . Ng? - y Q, I lf ll- if: GAME IN SEASON . . . Elf: .s1'1f:fi'1,1L li'.1T1f-S vw ffLI'1:.v fi' '7 55 Main SL, ANN AHBUH 24 V V V V FAHMEHSKLMHIHANIESBANK, V fx K N w A V Jl.llx'1i1fNUl" .ll'I',lI.'.ITl'N I-'Ulf llI'f.l'l'l.Yl1' H. KIJJIIJI-'. Prrs. E. DVI-'I-'1'. l'ir-ff-Prw. V - 11-11141 - I I U lA 8 2 0 Q-- MN ' N -A X NHL- vh-W1 1113 ll HH" x nm' .NTI-f.lA1I. mu' Il'.l7'l'fl.'. nw .lll.'. 1'1-jx. V v'11A.1'l'wx. 1'I.l'.llIII.YIv'. 11i11'1f1v Nf.'l'l'l.Y. V lfI'VIY1' 111, uv I1'l" lYl1N'lX'I'I'll'V CAl'l'l'AL, S50.000 . . SURPLUS, 275131300 V v 4.v, n...v,... ,.. .1 Il'41lflx' V H, ,, ,mf , 4Hi'V'f9W"' Eg? V KU V 1'f'f.ll,f'flfN IX ILIN l"f.YTl'lx'lfN, All.I,N'Tlil,N V U 5 imlcrcsl on lima: cu cl Scuym 5 Dc osrls- V Y 7 SI P V V 'f' V 5 I-IUTZEL 34 CO. Trcrysocls cr gcnjcrcnl locml-5293 business- .l.YlI fil.'.lTlfX v FRED. H. BELSER,CAsH1zR v v lm0nlmfmOnIrurmIinImlmfmlmlluUn0000IInIMIInImlmKInIInrwfmKIofmIJnIinU0U0IInrmwwfmfwOnKmlmUoO0OoUwO L. C. WEINMMNN, FYRST-CLASS MEFXTSQ PXQK-fxe-NKXQQQ X-amd, QVQQKQG NZXQEKS, and zilfgfz PM K'xmdQ of Saueagee NO. 37 WASHINGTON, COR. FIFTH AVE., -Q. .9 E3 AHH ARBOR 25 Are Agents for A. G. Spalding 81 Bros., of Chicago, gymnasium and athletic goods. l Q Zl5"l.a1fC5w p K l-tinttti1 . t t vii Keep Students supplies of all kinds, Q50 F and are general outfitters. tw l fb Q Q? E Have the largest line of tennis goods in the State. Send for Catalogue. fb ,wid ' Q Lo,,Z:.4X.-:SJ .qt 5? if Are local agents for Wright Cgl Ditson's celebrated lawn tennis rackets. 26 LRXTHRNA R R Rf 1' EANN9 e WINDSOR o . LSXNQ . . ONTARIO 0 62 fgiaggigs: EQ AI LORS i ,+ WYRSFQ Jrfqw 27 V i YW V H- Q ES SP ONXXERMXLLE f -...I 5... I1 L. 31 if LI 'W H11 hid W L1-Ain ' ECTlTPI'I'EVANT SYSTEWEHEATM VENTILATION Y 4 X I,l, REQ BUILDINGS OF ALL CLASSES STEEL PRESSURE BLOVJERS EXHAUST FANS A531 5 PORTABLE FORCES ffrifff STEAM ENGINES 0 YSEF I 4 I , K., A A A N Y P Q f.RSTURTEYAHTCUMPiXYO C BOSTON,MASS 7 ee Y se THE EXHAUST STEAM INDUCTION CONDENSER ii 4+ .r .,.,..:.f"..:..... . f Q -ron- 1 ,Q A lr Q ., , ' I if .'r' m4.rxi.., Zyl! ZiJ'::IlIX?1:IAfIlE'l3 H 511 A4 ,IQ BOATS and pl-,TPS from 10 M 'W"o1'M1 fr' 3+-r-J Q O E ro ll 1- tu -s ooo rr 1' 1ll'llNf' rrsoxxv 1 " V O ' ' il , fl. 'r . I V X 1 Fl Sl l I I H M I rglllrlx -, Nik Q ri Ill0lll nur. Its onn nate: PM FR OT. C X U I lb' O O N 1 X yy, supnly nnrlr-r lll'l'NNlll'l' 01' IM RD 0 Q, W , V, :ur-tion. I fun lw arplrliorl ,, ' lu' Jnnwvg wwm f N! liillilm sitljlln-, llllgullw or 1 1, f E rf 'Tr-1 2-3f4Ti2E!!- 'ri T ffl r T of Wy .'E' ""'r' "M f" ll W X543 ffylc, 1 ,pf g ln- llllr-nl will rlo its own I X 1 4 LVL ,,,, N i' K M5 3 5 1 lnln1pirru'.t!n' work Irving' 'E N W YV V17 W i Viv X T, rlonr- by an-tion of vxlmusl A gl i -'U N Y 4 INV -Q5 T 1--5 W ., We TT L Stl-'illll only . . . Il, V . - ffffw 'ws - - ""' ' ' ie 22 Ill A A e - We A of of M --fi , W e rg V B T d o K I llll .X iii " 3 , X Se:?Wii235 11 sw A1 . ss Q --:Xx SV N S -:N X Sw .x.-. sf. Ni Q-.Q swf EYNX - K :gf 4' 1 V' i- A Qi if I ff' 6? ",, 1- N xx Wi UISCNAHGE THE WATER CHECK IS AUTOMATIC, PERFECT AND NOISELESS UTIAU SEND FUI! UIEUCIKII 'NYE 4 X'l'.KT,Ll4-l'l-I L- SGHUTTE and ' E llondensers, Injeotors, Blowers and Ventilators, llir Gompressors and Exhausters Syphon Pumps or Elevators for Water Acms and01her Liqoadswb Q ' - ' Swirl lffil' SI'IL'CI.'l L IDI T,I lrHHI'IL'S -Z - -ree Umvaesmh oouees-was 'macroe- l-'or l"r-onlin: all liinnls 0l'Slc-nn: Boilers if Opvrntoal mf Mr" Entirely hy 0110 llnnrl -1- Will Lift u'2lll'l' 20 F1-vt rl 'F A HA W qflllri swim-. I Most llomplete 3 f, ilk Q nenahre EEQJL A C i, W fe? V, M ' E 10? , , , - ' 'Z ..--. .---,.,.. . ...,.,,.,,,,. T il .. 4 mu- Bone' Feeder ,f igiigor 5 ' xx? x,.' ' oe E ,q N " 5 - -., , E if . ,uri ,N l , 'M-'A -1 5- -1 TWUJWUE A mme, WILL TAKE HOT WATER UP I Www FOR TO l5OO TEMPERATURE TER, in Srf1:IP'rIvrc CA'l'ALOGUIC r-1 FEILAIDELPIIIA :LQ 75. 7 :lu PENNsvLvANrA L. SCHUTTE 8a Co. no Hx Xl nf' if Is the Velvet, Vestibuled Link between the North and South via Ciiicimmti, 'llilolo and Dctl'oit. The Service on this Line, including Dining Cars between ClIIlf'lllI'l2lJll. Illiliaiizllmlii and llllioigo, mast oo foizfor Purchase Tickets and see that they read via C., I-I. 8: D. in or out of Toledo, Cincinnati or Indianapolis M. D. Woodford, E. U. Mollormick, l'rvsi1lvn1 and I mfr. 41 'l'ivkvi A21-nt. ' , 'X ,X'l'I. J mn uni inn niiinue sip 'lllllllll lNll UH ll llllllli PlllNlS: 'lllBlNllllll, 'Hlllliln ilSBllllG ilillllill Through Craches to the Ohio River, and Through Connections to Pittsburg and All Points East, via tlkinn, lluyahuga Falls, llnnl, Havenna, lnaviilshurg, Warren llity, Girard, Youngstown, llein nastln and llllngheny The Only Line Ticketing Its Passengers Through to Philadelphia, New York and New England Cities Via Washington and Baltimore at Short Line Rates-vs? A. G. BLAiR, JAMES K. HALL, TRAFFIC MANAGER GEN. PASS. AGENT 2 l l E i Z 5 9 1 z 2 4 z 3 4 a ez ez 2 l l ll ll I ' L 44655 44953 PP 449 7? 9 75 ,44 9 P7 44 9 7? 44 9 PP 44 0 P7 44 6 7? 44 449 657 P? 44 675 ,446 P2 44 -440 P5 446 .. ull .Dress Smts f T0 onozn 7 W From 825 to 840 .. 'Equalin fabric, style, workmansl-iip,fit and Y ftnislt, to S75 and S100 suits of leading ihouses. l Why this is li We the TT t The Dress Suit is to-day an Absolute Necessity 1 to gentlemen attending Weddings, Recep- " tions, Parties etc. It is not only the Cor- I Icet Dress on such occasions but often other forms are absolutely pruliilaizccl. Every gentleman should own at Dress Suit. Cgmpnrrnively few clotlnszue suitable for 9 Dress Garments. Samples of these we mnil free on application with saniplcs of trimmings and complete instructions for sclfmcnsurcinent. No ont: need be dis- couraged :it the self-measurement require- A l ment for our system is very simple. ff Our Customers Risk Nothing. 4 Garments may be returned to us liar any -f Cruise and when so rcturnctl, we obligate v5 Y ourselves to pay all Express charges. XVI: are general tnilurs and -i ' can furnish by mziil samples of any style of goutls destrcd. FOI it particulars and samples address fenclosing 6 cts. for postage-I KAI-IN TAIILORING CO., 14 E. 'Washington St., 0310-L 'o HO T 4 Z L L 5 2 Y 5 l 9 1 f l 4 S ei Y l 0. l 2 A 2 z 3 3 L z z l 3 A 1 9 L- INDEANAPOLIS, IND. 4 -....q...,-Q4-o-Q-4+-4-444+-+ rvj 0 3 : l 4:1 Q ls f-It f E 5 UD Y 2 2 ,I .-.3 . ii! ,. flux' 5 Pm' o 03: E E 2 lik i .. - 'f :" " 5 , 5 -ra-,.., 0 5 E 4 Z 'lift E' - - 3 a L If-J i -4 1 .1 -1 - : A Q I-ui Q E 2 i 9-'M ' .- -.-, Q 74 ' W s , - 4 - -- e can iz iff? or n s 0 Q E 5 l"" F1 2 :- 2 Q : Q 53 5 Z-A . :.1 I-wld : i 5. .: Q 12:23 5' 2.5 nf - F' 1 "ni ? 9 I ' :Q -.aj i ?- 2 -,fm fig E 5' 5- 3 - gg rf-a '5 Q Q 3 e 0 Zgrw-1 X g E S ' w 5 - f - 5 5 Qc -:'-' 4 -fn -:iii - 3 cg S: Q S 2 f P' . i i. 2 S . wg? .,, Hg' if X .A ,,z- vfpf 'K 5 www 44 77 1,., :rw -ve P4 cw-Q , 54 Toleulu, Jarkson, Lilllilllg, if 1'hurl0tte. Buttle Creek. liz' lonia. 'Three Rivers. fe:-rr gig? Kalanmzoo, Grand Rapids. CEI fa-V -1? if MIISICPHUII and the P5 'FY 427 Q QQ? Saginaw Valleyee '-E9 AND 4,1 'l'lIE ONLY LINE 6? Cb-5 RUNNING SOLID TIIAINS E14 lsE'rwEmN ig ,vu gfv 'l'0le1l0. lllnult-0, Milan, Ann Arbor. Howell, Dnrmul, Uwonsn, ltharal. St. Louis. 5 fi? Alum. Mt. l'l4-zlsant. Clare, W? ff? l":lrwell and Hulillzlm- 53? EL! ' L 'J K H 1 w VWWWQWWW7'TT51Q xWWWQ'7Q"'3Wl"!"W'3'l'x FII137 NK 1 I l l l 1 X X Q l i w Y i 2 1 I n 1 , f X w V V V lllnlccln, A1111 Zlrh nn N 301411 illlflllgilll 1521111 HQ Q 4 N 7 lfxiiixilwnhihbbclx A fyimfsf fm. .Sn .U on ' A Eva :D l'I' is .xnso 'um QUIVKESI' 55325 K AND lilffl' ROUTE TO P5 f-- I gp I"ramkI'0rt, Dlnuistee. , 1, Petoskey. 'l'ruvers0 fity. ' llarkilmw. and the famous W 4 3 hunting. fishing and e HK rf N -4312? summer resorts of Northern Miclligzmlf ! gi 'l'lmn-gh In-1-v.-.-1. ' :dp T , . Y rf- u , 44 oledo and NRHIIHIW gg 5 X-en ai and lhly fityf kg' 1-Q cg-so if IrIlZEf"I' c'nSXxv'r10Nf l 5 qi xr 'I'u1.E1:o Fon 71-7 4:92 42? fll'l'0l2lllll. ll0lllllllPllS. X 1 lc. s. mu-zrzywoon. Agent. gn ,,,,m,u. ,l,,.i,,2n,,m. QE? u. ll. lH'ZNNl'1'l"I', ca. r. A.. f V Y Y . . ,, Q Q AH Alumll 1'inm'inlmti, and ull Points 'lU"l"l'U n. w. .mll.r:r. Gm. muff. 'IW' S"""' "H" 'l"'SLi ull:ln'.1'1-nv. rm. Aw, 'l'0l.r1no BQ V W W W QQ Y 'I'ul.r:nn . , l f' v I X X, , ff 0 Zfllgi WLS 511 1 535 N 6 nQzmjsyuryx'gm'jA'AqrmgfK3w3x3A'jTfxQ'1 V I' 3l PHOTO QRAPHER h :GIBNSQ S. ESSTSESBYY 4-C , , , , .-,. .-. ,,.-.f ,,,. v '-v4'XvJ'-7J'X2i'X22?1-525 ni MICHIGAN CENTRQLQKQ QV' fo , . . 6 ,f 1 -LL, Y ,- xgvmqdx, AND -,h 4 THFNURTH SHURE LIMITED Chioogo, Dotfoh, M1111 Moor 01A N D-o New York, Boston AND New England Points-Q1 Ola yox-lx Gcnlral Huclsory Riacr crrycl Boslorj Jlllaaexgy Rcrllrocxcls - Il lg cl ll 111, ll 1s llqci only llryc running cllrcc y y my 113 fu Jlcvs? o C WOFld'S COlLII'9lJlClIj KBFCCYI, CdldI'UCl ol, l.,aiCIgCIl"CI ll ls Sollclly conslruclczg, njogrjiflccrplly cciulPPccJ.x21g1lc:ujlly opcrulccl. CIDA SPCIFCS OO PCTlljS IQOT' CXPCTQSC lo scour-c Ilya Conjforl, Sol-cly cxjcl comycrjlcncc of ils Pilrorjs 0. W. RUGGLES, Gen. Pass. and Ticket Agent 4'1IIC',-1110. 111111111 lffl ll 1111 33 V --N M Wabash Ra'Yw agfiw EQ LIHE BANNER ROME," I IE'fQI 1UIf1' UR TOIJETJCJ 'IO CHYCFXG0, ST- LUUYS, KHNSFXS CYTY, ST- PAUL, A-vNnmNnevo1.vs4 4 .4 QV . m q Fx L' HEX LK L 1 in fgyj ' fa, ' L3 xxx 'M yf L9 Q LPXFPXY ETT E, XNDXEXNEX THE " STAR CITY." 4 TIIE healthiest city in the State. Situated in the renowned Wabash Valley, on the banks ol' the YVabash River. Having four Trunk Line Railways leading dirwcl In all the principal cities of the Central XVestern States, viz: Chicago, lleti'oi'I.Toledo, t'leveland. t'im-innati, Louisville, Indianapolis, St. Louis, etc., etc. lit-ing near the centre ot' population ot' the United States. makes this location a very desirable one for the location of all kindsof Manufaetories. And as Sprwirll Inrlzieemeiils for the location ol' ni-w Factories, 'l'III4: HTGIIT H.xII.wA v ll.-RNIB AND l3ll'lUlYENTl-1N'l' of 100 ol' the most prominent business lll4'll-llT'lt5l'S factory sites ot' any size desired. with all llt'l'4'SS1l.l'X railroad faeilitit-s, located on the line ot' The lialfayette Union tlitdll Railway, on which absolutely free .vurifcliinyf is yfum'r1nlrwIperpwlnrzily to all such factories. thereby giving them lla Fayette comps-tins rates on all roads entering: the vity- TiaFaycttc rates are the same as Vhicago, east and west, except to purely local points. These tactory sites are adjoining: the city limits, thus freeing them from tfity Taxes, but still giving them tfity Fire l"rotection, Natural Gas, lillc-ctric Lights, etc , etv., in l'a.ct enjoying: all city privileges. XVhich, with tree switching, makes a continuous bonus which few cities C5111OTTTEI'lUl'2lt'l0l'l0S locatin: in their midst, and which bonus in many kinds ol' business will amount to much more in a few years, than what would si-cm a vcry large tfash bonus, on los-ating in cities not having such railroad facilities. This Vompany has bought over 050 aeresot' T1llltl,2ll0l1g' the line ot' the Belt Road, and on sites tur- nished by the Company has located during the past eighteen months, the following industries: - The LaFayette Carpet Co., The The The The The The 0'Brien Wagon Co., Baldwin Wooden Ware RPM' Saw Miii, LaFayeite Bridge Co. , Heinz Co., National Reining Co.. Axnzinster and Ingrain Carpets, Farnz Wagons, Chzirns, Wrisiiizoards, etc., Hardware. Lumber, Iron Bridges. Pickles, Vinegar. etc., Oil Distributing Station. The Company is also in correspondence with several other parties for the location of additional plants. Educational Facilities. Hur educational facilities are unsurpassed, there being: located here one Institution ot' wide reputa- tion. Plflillfl-I l'NTVERSI'l'Y has large Government and State lflndowment, has more than 600 Students in attendance and otiirrs courses in Meelianit-al, lfllordrieal and Civil lingineering, Science, Agl'lt'llTllll't', Horticulture, and Veterinary Science. lt has also a Preparatory llepartment, and a School ot' l'harmaey Government l'lXDl'l'lllH-'llfiltl Station, etc., etc. The Laboratories ot' Purdue are especially extensive. Tun Nrzw MIcCIIANIt'.xI. Asn CIVIL ENGI- NEERINH llAli0liA'l'ORY provides a single room 50 by 110 feet with ceiling 40 feet t'roIn tloor, which is equipped with a 100-Houslc l'owEIc TaII'I.I4: lfIxI'aNsIos lisoisifz designed and constructed especially for tht- work ol' this Laboratory. A HIGTI-Sl'l4ZPIlJ SCIIENECTAIDY lbvssi-:Nami Ii0t'Ulll0'l'lVE, weighing.: 85,000 pounds, mounted upon supporting wheels in the Laboratory in such a way as to allow its action to be studied and its perfomann-P tested while the engine is run at any desired speed or load, the conditions being similar to those ot' the truck: Steam lflngines of various forms, in all H in nuinberg powerful machines tin' testing the strenuth ol' materials ot' constructiong and apparatus, including pumps, water motors, water wheels, weir-tanks, and an experimental standrpipe, for extensive work in Hydraulics. Tu I-1 llIi:I'.ta'r1IEN'r oi-' lfII,Icc'I'nIcAI, ldsols I-:IQKING our-upies a tine Building, and is equipped with 7 dynamos and several motors, with large amount ot' aeeessary apparatus, This building also contains much line apparatus for general work in Physics. TIII4: Sliors ot' the Department of Practical Mechanics provide instruction and practice in Bench XVork in XN'ood,-NVood Turninpr, Pattern Making, lfounding, Forging and Mac-liine work. The nllwr lieprlrlmenix ot' the University are as well fitted for their particular work as are those to which special relkfrence has been made. The I'niversity being supplemented with an ample and complete system ot' Free Graded Schools, makes a system unexcelled. Among the Public Buildings and Iniprovs-ments are the tollowingzg Court House. costinar !li50,000: Post Otiicx- lluililing: fin course of citwvtionp. appI'0pri:ItioII. HiS0.000: l"r0v Library lhiililinu. 2'l'350,000, with 12.000 volumes: lligrh School. and 7 iuterniediate l-'rev School liuildings. lies- ervoir System ot' Water Works, 225 ft. elevation. owned by the t'ity, drawiu: ample supply of tlltercd water, from 30 ot' The Wnszuer Sttlilllll-'tl l-'ilter System Wells : A well-Q-qiiipped Fire lN'lDtll'tlll0lltQ l1Ilet'tI'it' Street Fairs: 2 Elve- trir' Light l'lnuts: Artitivial this: Natural Gas in ample supply: S0 Miles ot' Streets, most all lllllIl'0VPtl with Bl'T1'k. t'edar lilocks und Gravel: 22 FI'1'e tiravel Roads l'illlTtl1TllL! to all points in the I-ouuty. 4 National, 1 Private. and l SRIYTIILYS Ranks. with comhiiu-Il deposits ot' rl33.000.000. Hardwood 'l'imlwr in nlniinlaiirc. near the Foal Fields of Indiana mul Illinois-lissiirinu Vllltllll fuel: Fine silllllittllllf' Quarries in tht- t'0IIuty: Direct ralilroad 4'0llll9l'tT0ll to the famous Linn' Stone Qunrrivs of lie1lt'oI'tl. lAlWl't'Ill'l' t'0.. Ind. : Clay. Gravel z1IIdSan1l in endless supply. Anyone desiring: a chanefe in location, who will address this t'ompany, will be furnished printed matter. Correspondence solicited. THE BELT HTIEWTT LAND AND IMPROVEMENT Till. J'NNwNML11f'W"fff' """'-' f """"'f "" "" 'A""' A v wulwremrfuuwlmwN f ' - . O If y QR- M Z -W -, v-f1---ffm..,...w:vw-1.v ,,." 5 1. .:?-f -fwrvwif RIANT ' If' 'Xi "l'I 'll PINS 1119 FILES AN OFFICE. IO0ffl02 READE ST., New YORK 0 Wo Production, Twelve Hundr ms. PATERSON, N. J. ed Dozen a Day . . IHllNf1'lll'IIl Hrlzrlm uf ' ' ' RASPS if ,llrulrrl on R1'1'f'1pf off I fl if' 111 DRUGGIST DRUGGIST DRUGGIST DRUGGIST li. .L IIICGHIH X BRO., MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KWDS OF FRATERNITY BADGES, ITHACA, N. Y. F' I I N L IVI I l I 'ril-A-s Nu 37 .A AMERICAN O STATESMEN John Quincy Adams. 11j1,1U1llL T. ,, affix f 1 , l Cl'll11L07"Qf HA Lf: 1: rg ' .Al11'.'4'z11'1t1v2' llumfftoif Alexander Hamilton. 1111I1Pl'I7'j1Cfl1H1l1AJ1,1!jI', author Qf 'I The lfnglislz flolmlivs in ,ln'1r'1'i1'u,ll 1 etc. l John C. Calhoun. 1311Dr.I1. Von IIUM, 1111111111- Qf a " Cl0lLNfl'fI1l1OlLtl11I'l.SfUl'!11'ff1lt' I.Yll'1.1f'C1 Sfufwsfl Q l Andrevv Jackson. 1311 Prqf. Wm. G. Sumnwr, cmllmr of i'11isfu1'y Qf fl IIlI3l'1l'flYl C1.I1'l'f'I'lf'j1,H Nc. John Randolph. 1111 11611171 ,lrlfln1s, autlzm' qi' el C1 77 Nuo Engjlrlnd I'lUt1I'Vtl11HIH, rfc. James M011 Poe. 11,11 19. C. Uflnum, 1'w's'1'fI1'lzi 157' 1 l John Ilopkfns 1171 1'1,'Ul'51l'f1. Thomas Jefferson. 1311.l1ll1n T. gllorsw, Jr. Albert Gallatin. 1311.1011u.l4,4sfinSrzf1'1ms,lW'v2'1I- 111 editor of K' illugazim' Qf':l1Il67"1iffITL 1I'islorg1." l mclhor QWIII1. lllillirlift Cullvu, 13r11ar, Jan'1eS Madison. 13.11 S'!1'1l1,l'j1fIIUIl,'lli"f1 Gfrflv 6 zlj of H I 1 1"0p1L1clr Ilistory of the I'n.ifvcl States." N Daniel Welaster. 1311 11l?lH"!f Cabal Imdgrf. 7' ttf' John Adams. 1311.1o11n T. ,lI07'xl', Jw, John Nlarshall. 13j1illl4'11 13. .ll11gr1fdr"r. Samuel Adams. 1351 1'f-Q11 .Ifnmfx K. llosmfr, l cmllmr qf "l'0'11n11 Sir 111'11Tj1 IWW," f'lf'. Thomas Hart Benton. 1331 7'l1fm7m-fe Rouse- wlt, zmtlmr Qf A' The ll'f1m,1'ngQ1" Iliff lVesl," etc. Henry Clay. 1311 fl11rlSf'11f1r:. ,21'n1s. 'I llfstnrv 11 ' ,AI lf1w1"4'cfr1n Litwwzfuf-w 1' I'lfl'. .I . 1 GOUVSPIUGUP lVIot"PiS. B11 Tln'011m'1' 1Io0s1'1'v1t. i Martin Van Buren. 1311 1f11u'11rfl ill. S1111 lard. . I George VVashinQton. 1111 1Iwm"11 Calm! Lodge. Benjamin Franklin. ,iff .lfflm T. .1101-xe, Jr. John Jay. 1311 Gworgjff Pffllrflr, emllmr rgf H ll'uman cmd 1111: f,lllllllllOl'lH'I'Cl1f1l,77 Nw. N , Levvis Cass. By A 11,r11'ffLu C. 1l11:Lr1'ugh1in, Assist- Qjof Ian! I5-Qfessor Qf'111'sfo1'y in il1ir?l1i11alL Unirev-s1'ly. Eau-li Yolunle Uniforln. ltimo., Gilt Top, PFLQ5: Ilalf Mororvo. 5'Ii2.50. The volumes known 2151116 AiAIY!Pl'lC2ll1 Stutesinenll series had a just 1'r,zi.wn d'01rr'g for the biogzrupliy of our past political leaders colnpels 01' induczcs at study of the times in which ihvy acted, the f'oi'cc:r1 with which they dealt, and Ihr: public measures of llIl1J01'UlllC6 on which their influoiicc wus felt.-The New Ig?Ifj1lLlll1l3V QNQW Huvcznj. Every young 1Xlll01'lCiLll ought to read, and if possible Own, this vztluztble political lib1'zn'y.-T110 Crilir' KXQW Ynrkl. FOR SALE BY ALL I300KHlEl.l.lCNS 23 l ON RECEIPT OF PRICE HY 'I'lIlC l'l'Iil.lSlIEIiS - X fo, -C V.-X, , SENT BY MAIL, l'0S'1"l'.XIll, 1, X , . l BOSTON 715 HQUGHTQQ, l1liifFui2 8 651 QOMPAQY 3 Patrick Hen ry. 1311,l1osfs Coit Ilfjlff, Cl'Il11lOl'Qf THE ANN ARBOR COURIER ,Ury A X21 my GN. Deaf, Z-IIIISHC. CIUGCIID 1 whens BOOKISASPFCIMEN orwomcm 1 -1 Wrfrlc Our Aim Of ' OUR BOOK PUBLISHING DEPAHTMENT 5: IU JOB ROOMS AND BOOK B1 NDERY 39 Vi 0111 rnzrl Sw' Our LVVITA TIONS. PRUGRAMJI ES . MENUS. HANDS. l'IRf'ULARS, I-YILDERS. Etr. NMI' Stylvx. New flfllff. Exrellwllt HYIIHJIIIPII 41- Tln Bvst Plrlve in .Vlirlligflrr fm' .-111 Kimlx 141' Prinling x S11fi.if'ur'ffm1 Gl1fl!'lHlff'f'II + ' Prfffx Rigflzt 4 , K L4 Wim i 11m11f1 m1 Qes Q5 GI.ZA VERS3O?f n J 67:71 Pug p1GmDweQ yC,p15. .. . A ' . KW . A, cCgllqZClUlIlC1 fifi GH gIHXllDlZQl'll'8 CIMA GCIIIIIIQZCIQY CTDHZIUCDQS L L 40 P PARKER BHUS. 'LIE HFKSI' ,:1q:q3:g,, ammerless Shotf-Gun , . . , , ,,,,, - ,-,-,-.-,-,-, , ,-,Q -,-,A,-,-,-,A,- -.A A - - - - - - - Y Y Y v v Y v Y rv,.v.w.'..,,Z.,.-.v.V.-.v.v.v.Y.vTw.v.v.v.i.w.v.v.v.v.v.v.- lui lorli Slll1'Nl'lil nl, fllkllll N .47-7-J, - Lis ! 5,-7-. .,A A A A A A A A A A At the Annual Tournament of '98, held at Cannes, France, the grancl prize, consisting of 2,000 francs ,fb , and a valuable cup, was won with k the Parker I-lammerless. The first Parker Hammerless Gun made won the championship at Decatur, Illinois QQQQ QQQQ QQQQ QQQQ QQQQA QQQQA QQQ QQQQi AQQQQQ QQQQQ QQQQQ QQQQQ GHHGAGO, BUCK ISLAND 81, PAGIFIG RY. RUNS THROUGH CARS BETWEEN Chicago nioflolorado Foot-Hill Cities. SOLID VESTIBULED TRAINS DENING CARS - CHAIR CARS ' FAST TIME ' 7 TRAIN HEATED BY STEAM SLEEPERS LIGHTED BY GAS BUY TICKETS ATl-1-- Van Buren SB. Depot, or l04 Clark St., Chicago Pullman Tourist Sleeper Through to San Francisco leaves Chicago via the Rock Island Route every Thursday ' . 6.00 ' I K ALLEN JNO SEBASTIAN ss t Gen'I Manager. G C neral Offices, Chicabo. E ST JOHN 'W I QQQQi WD, f ,hs ,Q 05 QQQQ QQQQ QQQ QQQQQ QQQQQ QQQQQ . ' " il QQQ 42 Q g jg A QM '-'2 Q Q ' GQSWWM SR CM QTXTOGRA 'if if , QSTQN Q we ODA! W mekw bvmfu of Q NJO p jEik,lUu9rf?xT1nqZmd Manujcefuring ..- T' i5 . 'Am ,xy J," ff' 7 WOTQ M Q ff? Lf Goya agnucle. , ff! "i ! , ' + 2'1' M- wr , 5 D afQR X , Q 1 J lx sv-ef-X 1 GM 1 ENTSCHLER Q! X f HQTQGRQAPHER- J 3?-ii NN ARBOR 6,4 ll Y, 'I 4 T Q C. XLLAWAAAJAAAAM A, LJAAJ-Li i .il Tea fir Q "'f'f'ff 77 W1 for f'ff"ii'G: Y I . - . . . . . . V - f e ronzrf 6QfOll? -11011 fliroufqlz ffm 1111141111111 of ffm jnffizflizznz for flie purpose o zrzzzfzmf Henqfif. arf llalllff' flizzf fliz' epifizrmrz fusfcs we Hopf' fo rfarli are sensifive and desire flie Hesf. V59-'liis you lizwe in Hfl?sg!IXOIl-l1ll1dlfgOOdS, consisfing of flie l'l?Q'5flI1ll'd Nl JAXON BUTTER CRACKER. J. C. VVAFER, thin and l crisp. JAXON LUNCH, delicious vviLh coffee for breakfast. Our' SODA CRACKERS have no equalg svvee-L goods. COFFEE SPONGE JUMBLES, all kinds. COFFEE CAKE, plain, iced and Chocolate. CHOCOLATE VVAFERS, STANLEY CAKES, GINGER SNAPS, ' zzriflfiffjj offifr 2'f1rif'1'if's. 5p11cefor6ids special J, lllefllliilll. for zlnbzjfliirzcq in flic Qjalfinfq firm, srnd fo fliz' Qaflfson Qjrancli of Me Wfrzifvzl 5flI1llfS Qjzzlfirzg cxkllllllllfl-Il, 132-13.2 ffmrl 5fff'f'f, -QCIIKIESOII, D07iC'liiilIUT1. Uufzouuil,-I Slviipu iuxi lo cub CIT-ob Qoo5A" on: nnmlfs, , F-iv "i' El. 33 FIX I., Tlx E .C Q5 WW C , WN f' LD L51 LC iF Eg. si VEAGIUI, Lau' cz In ' L -14 . V S. ..9 ,oy Ai B-,, V pid, M ,x llllmlnxu I f I ff I X lffyuxnllluiw? ,. I J 7 ,XJ fy 1fll ,NW HW ff! jf f ,X f I 5 M 1 ff M ff X fs ff U . 4 ffyfm? I L I - X X flag, LQ m ff Z W 'N 3160 lif x m xx Q ' X ,J ' f f 1 N 'U N ' A '. 'Q ' fe mx X ' 2 ii ' ' 4 23' 'ix 'Q 1 -X 'Z i w? Q, - f nf.--ggiiq-in . QL: x.xk , 4' , A f N 1 ," W ' , 1 "X '4""" E V+-If V - ' + '5' R 1 A 5 Q ' V1 X ""fF',"X 5 f 2V x I T if W .. ff' 5. W' Z .ff J! mi "l55" 'off 5 3 x F x 1Q1,.Q1,yaJ"11, A. . E, S f L! X dt .- g .KJ . ., f V K V n- , K 1ci 4f',. ?,?' M--. , 1 mm , ' X F 19' F? 9' 'Iggy fx N L, 'SA A 'Q Hariri. - If N lu 'Wifi- 9-'Bi '1 K ' 5 'EM i A "4 xx fwwfh . X "ff-f'T"'f ' Eb WI , . -x y ff Q esgf. Q Q N ,QU " - 1 1 - N , in N Q M w k

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