University of Michigan Medical and Nursing School - Aequanimitas Yearbook (Ann Arbor, MI)

 - Class of 1941

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University of Michigan Medical and Nursing School - Aequanimitas Yearbook (Ann Arbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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M"',,-lggib-': f"f',,li: slgli' X --FQ'-gl' ,.Qb'73Q'-7304 v-'v'3-.!:1'Z-Egg f ' -A 'wg 'ff' Q-x,ggr,a1.e -xi. 'Z 1- QEE5 f" . ...vm '.-am, , . ., . ,xw JS. w 1..'lX.'?.,2,.n...,fif THE 1941 SCA!-PEI. Published by' 'rhe Universiiy of Michigan School of Nursing Ann Arbor, Michigan The Observafory bw AKWM, ' Of. sw. sown Aww-Qxuevsanrux Q53 aux suv-QQX , kc Rau uifm Mum. -.UQXQMQA G5 qvomx-M whim KDURNW xlvxhv-a,s'X' cmd c.evxs-X-o.MXXs.k Awpul CNS-e.c.3r'xo-N, uso, du.dQc.o.5qv. Hmm ICQ-H Saaxgml . SxvxC,0,voKc.x , TW, So.nXor muss- Couvxxzvx: 'AGM 'Urwx-:adm-x, June. We 'k'wa.W-Wx 4 AA Fx I N S T R E E T 1891 5 fx k N4 !X I PJ S T R E E T 1941 TI-IE DIAGONALS BOARD WALK 1891 8 THE DIAGONAL - 1941 9 of. A. c. Kefrikowske uf. Harley A. Haynes ADMINISTRATIGN Shakespeare has gone on record as saying fhaf "+hou shall find +he bes+ king of good fellows" and so if is wifh us. Here in his rhrone room siis Dr. Harley A. Haynes wifh his prime minisrer, Dr. A. C. Kerlilcowske l"Curly"l probably grap- pling wilh one of The myriad of sifuaiions Thar comes wi+h ruling a principalify of sixleen hundred slruggling souls doing iheir besi for over a fhousand paiienfs. This in- cludes. of course. our liflle selflemeni of over fwo hundred sfudenf nurses. I0 iqlfloj, 1 5 559 2. Qs , I fwyggns Even more familiar wifh our ivyscovered campground and iTs problems is Miss Rhoda Reddig, DirecTor of Nursing and Crown Princess of This domain. Close around her is parl' of her able courT. Miss MargareT OesTerblom lAssisT4 anT Crown Princessl, Miss Dolores WhiTe ancl Miss DoroThy Hale. In The background is a picTure of PresbyTerian I-lospiTal in New York CiTy, which proudly claims Miss Reddig as a graduaTe. Typical of how well They have done Their work is The desk in TronT of Them. This is The end of Their Tirsf year wiTh us and besides all The nice new rules and whiTe shoes Tor everyone. we are now oTTicially a school of The UniversiTy of Michigan. So The Crown Princess can also be called Professor. Miss Oesferblom, Miss Reddiq. Miss Hale, Miss While Lf. X Qs? 55' V D J' 1 . ' y , I . .vt ' -' is 1 . i Q , uxggzf 1' f1:?P!9'i V0 1 ' A V f, vi 'Hg ggtivggii -'E , 1 bi 5 ME ... 1 ? fg::'?"3"V5Ai' , . 15,f,:'1 ?gQH!10 5 5 f 'L , - A , fr Q,.,a,m fs 9 -gerazea , 'fa 1. ... as-Q C ""'?53!'?'S'f' :Y 5 OW' 455.2 5 'ax 'arf M ' , , 1 5 . ' A Q T , E' Was, I 1: .I 1, ig-ii S j A if b- . , me-Qyi-,i:.P - 4 -, 2 f,.5,,5,5.?g.g.i13 , J ,Q Q, V J . ..MV!..3,.,..3,5., W o ef- Ti ' yaya'-al'S1'f1M' Y 1, ag 1g.e.,.p.q..5.q,:. W -Q3 so-Q 6-AM-2 'gif xkx 1, -V r wk . K li . Y, -4 L U .K , ,V . A 9 -,if-Ati .Q N 9 1 L k , 5.5. ' in 9 the-., W .,,4: . 1 , .li :if - 1 ,mm 4 wk N, fb-K .5 :ning A, , . .-MF' MH J big- ?v E-K 5 0 Qi. Miss Rhoda F. Reddig I . friifii' 1, -5 qggpwk? Work. sfudy. and play. fhese fhree are woven 'iogefher To form +he paH'ern of life af Couzens Hall. and here are ihe minisfers of fhe cabine'r: Miss Oes+erblom, Minisfer of l-lospiial Duly. can look up from her desk anyiirne and see iusf exacily where her s'i'uden'r nurses happen lo be for she has made each of us a liHle colored buflon on a chari. And when we have worked hard enough and long enough, i+'s she who sends us away on vaca+ions. Miss Edna Jensen is jusl finishing her 'firsf year ai Ann Arbor as Minisfer of Educalion. her porifolio requires 'rhal' she see Thai' all of fhe nursing courses are in order and acles quaiely assimilaled. Much more hedonisfic are ihe accomplishmenfs of fhe Minisler of Play, Miss Defxrmond, who has wifh pafience given all her 'rime +o finding pleasanf fhings for us io clo, M M garei Oesrerblom Miss Edna S. Jensen Miss Genevieve DeA I3 X uf-1 L, FACULTY FLORENCE K. HERTLER Assisfnni Director of Nursing Service HELEN How Asszmni nnsifucfof in Nursing M5 LUCILLE E. FERRIS Aciing Insirucior in Operaiinq Room Technique LUCILE S. CODY lnsiruding Supervisor un Tuberculosis HAZEL M. AVERY Insfruding Supervisor in Obsisfrics MARY A. C. FUNK Assisieni Insirucfor in Nursing Ares LILLIAN G. HANNIG lnsirucior in Nursing Aris HULDA C. KUHN Insiructing Supervisor in Orology. Ophihalmcloqy. and Neurology V FACULTY LUCILLE E. STRANDHAQ-EN if ..,. Assisfanf in Basic Sciences , lui L BEULAH K. ANKENMANN Insirudur in Pubfic Hmm vip MARION E. KALKMAN Wnsfrucfcr in Neuropsychiafry HELEN M. JEWETT Assisfanf lnsirucfor in Nursinq Arts ' r F. EVELYN BECK lnsiruciinq Supervisor in Medicine MAYME M. ROGERS Insfrucfinq Supervisor ?n Pedicfrics GERALDINE SKINNER lnsafucvrnf, supervisor in Orrhopadics and Gynecology HENRIETTA C. POPPEN lnsrfucrsng supervisor in surgery 1. " I5 SENICDRS Jusl as our predecessors, we aniicipale fha? clay when as gracluales. we will look back wilh fond memories-al' 'lhe happenings of fhe pas? 'rhree years. I6 I7 Tl-IE SENIOR CLASS OF 1941 Our class, The Senior class of l94l. arrived under The sign oT Libra. Our horoscope read: Hold yourself rigidly To duTy and obligaTions if you wanT success and conTenTmenTg heed The 6Th House where acTiviTy cenTers in The house oT work: yours will be a lucky group long remembered Tor Two signiTicanT TacTors which will occur in The year l94l. And so iT is. we graduaTe on The TiTTieTh anniversary oT The 'founding of our school and are The TirsT group To Tinish under The recenTly acquired sTaTus of The school. This knowledge would have given us Ii++Ie comTorT ThaT warm day in SepTember Three years ago when wiTh bags, radios, bookcases, and Tables, we paused on The TronT sTeps of The l-lall, a biT Timid wondering iT our course was righTly charT- ed. OrienTaTion Week convinced some ThaT The compass was deTiniTely poinTing a direcTion They did noT wanT To go, buT Tor The resT The ship. The course, and all were To our liking. Thinking back over The years we can hardly realize ThaT so many Things have happened and so many changes made. Our TirsT year was much The same rouTine Tollowed by oTher classes beTore us - sTudies, quizzes, bluebooks. The big momenT ol' The year, OT course. was capping. I-lowever. The nexT morning iT seemed less big when we had To arise aT an early hour To pin and be pinned inTo our uniforms. and so oTT To work eager To be noTiced. T8 CLASS OFFICERS upper raw Maison Hein, seey rms.. Belly Ann Carlell. Social Chariman Lower Row: Pauline Arduin, Vice Pres.. Anne Blalcley. President During our second year ihere was a change in adminisrraiion. For weeks our social calendar was filled io overflowing wifh social musis. Naiurally everyone was inleresied in seeing lhe new "chiefs" and 'ihe resuli' was quiie a 'few slrained weelcs and 'iired longues. And so began a new regime. Changes came gradu- ally and were enihusiasiically received. Saiurday. Seplember I9, l940, arrived wilh lhe sun shining and fhe seniors as well as lhe birds singing for while shoes and sioclc- ings were donned wiih no ihoughi' io rhe inevirableness of lired. sore 'feel and shoes which simply musi be cleaned nighily. Alas and alaclcl Will ihree years ever mean so much io us again as 'these ihree have. filled wilh lun and hard work? Tweniy years from now we will look back and say. "Gone, buf noi' forgoi'+en." I9 ef-:mums 1, m f gnu- ' , f "-,QW , fswzin , Al ' jf" JEAN ARNDT - , . ' 1 - Ionia. Michigan iv , " ,. I -, - PAULINE c. ARDUIN hx J cnspinn, Michigan ,, , D . . . :E n I, n Que KATHERINE Asoov Dearborn, Michigan gg PATRICIA ANN BIRKI-IOLD R33 f Laiiy, onin iii' ,Q i i .. i ANN BLARLEY 6 Dearborn, Michigan ' Aa , , ,n R JANE BOWLER W 'I I ini. Savannah. New York f-. f-N Q I L PI-IYILIs BRADY 25 , Eiinnfi, Indinnn n if - ,gjrilgli 8 iff - PHYLLIS BRUBAKER . -- Wayna. Michigan is f , I RQ, ,, ANNE s, EREMER V Grosse lla. Michigan 9.5 2, -4 MURIEL BRENOENIUHI. ' Dunn Center. North Dakofe If 20 LORRAINE K, BRIESKE DOROTHY JANE CARTER Harbor Beach, Michigan BETTY BURGER Saginaw. Michigan CORA L. CHAPMAN Muskegon. Michiqnn VIVIAN M. DANIELS Sierling, Michigan Waukon. Iowa LILLIAN L. DEMUTH Owosso. Michigan If-4 ix? . '.n.i ' Q 1 ,gb 'iii i 'y ., " ' .ffm ' iffsiw 4 I asf w 4 .V TW. n- 1 , .i,,,3wl. N 1 f'51 "L - . N . 1- i- gi, Y ,,' if . i if iii A ' E ' fiff , iff 1 ,. ' 2 'O 71 E xiii in i 4 'ff 'Y 4.. n 5 522' if -1, E A " 'frfv - - ' .' - nigga ' I .i iI.g3?Qg th ai 21 BETTY ANN CATTELL Ann Arbor, Michigan BETTY DICKINSON Easf Cleveland. Ohio v S f, . 4 - 6. 'fx Y ."" Y." 5, -- ,,. if. . :3.'.i Y w W if 1' f M 2335. U. f ? 4 'S . a ,f 4531 l I i was-1' I? , a Q in if ,. i Q , Q 0 ,-.vfffsw-my"1Q:'W'1: ,L 1 XM. Vg .,, -, - 22 .. l N' Q , - rw . , l . ' X 'S .. AT! 'Xu -5. A ,gig ..: ga, K ii ' 'Z 'iii r""'?' Y ww .9 t f 'SWE if M . 1 MF, Q-555 -tx' 1 Wi' , , -fp? ' N K ff ik A Iigxz Y ' '14 Wil' ' Q., 'wi it I 2,115 Vi gil, T 1 M 5 5 -f 'ii -55 Q , , - V V Xi" W x i i ' Q .i N. 4, ' . ... xfilni 'IQ an G at 4 I . pgfx'-in il ' 5 . A 1 ffxi' ,, fl W 1 . i N, ,xl ax Vi. fav Vg,-zfifi ' 2,-1 A- ,. 1 J N1 . ' ' K X. 'C K .K - iq. my Qi 9 I Q 3 , 'f lifl i- ' K 1' 3 Eg,-, LUCILLE E. DOLSEN Sl. lqnece. Michigan KATHERINE T. DOUGLAS Slerlinq, Michigan BETTY FOOTE Lakewood, Ohio PAY FREDERICK Lakewood, Ohio CATHERINE FREER Marine Cily, Michigan BERNICE FRY Lanark, Illinois JEAN GLASGOW Janesville, Michigan MADONNA GOETSCHIUS Delroil. Michigan JANIECE P. GRINDOL Baillie Creek, Michigan WANDA GRUSZCZYNSKI Dalroif, Michigan 22 RUTH E. HAMILTON HELEN 5. HARJU Greensburg. Pennsylvania scum Range, Macvnqnn HELEN J. HANSEN Iron Mnnnfnan. Michigan ELIZABETH J. HUBER ELIZABETH D. HUNT Jackson. Michigan Wndsworih, OhIo . , Wk.,.,X GEORGIA MAJOL HUDSON Howell, Michigan MARION E. HEIN Ironwood. Michigan HELEN M. JASAITIS Grand Rapids. Mznhiqnn feff f F ' gf 'ihhfhg 'Q - n .' AP' ,E v b f . G Y ,v -, -. ' . N .Y 5,318 ,,. . I nn: ff f 1 - ,I , I A . I ,E V . 9 R ! I I . ' I 5 lib? .1 -if . 9 I"'I7lIgIII'l . 23 1 E iwh .fb 'QIPY' 5' "TSW , L,-M ,1... 'A -E I '-ala-38318 i R 1 1 9 X I Q . .,,.nAg,,,, i,, 1 f ": . . F ,L fi V A - Q-g'?':5s:,e w . ,WL 5 A ' 'WU K-xwsisf 1 L " CWI" fare..- 4 . ' Qbjff 5 . f i-E :vi '-"4 ... ' ' 1 ,xI.i'. . 4 .Li-1 - Mg. J 'agwgr , .'r 'lv ' ers.: ,L ., ' ,, ji ' ffm . I-EL: . V . 1 7 5 1 A ' ir if ,fszf - 'H ' " L . ...- fliiili Mi A ,:..iiU A 1 U., ,, 3 i , If 3 21 55,1 Ali' i 1 i PHYLUS M. KLEINER Defroik, Michigan IRENE L. KOSSAYDA Defroii. Michigan MARGARET L, LEHMAN Chelsea. Michigan GENEVIEVE L, LUCRMAN :mn Mounecan, Michigan EERTHA A. LUCKSTEIN Pew Pow, Michigan MARY E. MASTELLER Sidney. ohio LUCILLE J. MIDDLETON Durand. Michigan HELEN c, MILLER Defroif. Michigan RUTH MILLER Willshire, Ohio MARGARET B. MOORE Ronnie. Michigan 24 KATHARINE M. MORSE PHYLLIS OSGOOD Dearborn. Michigan Si. Johns. Michigan JANE MUNSON LOUISE H. PARCIARELLI Vulcan, Michigan Flint Michigan JOYCE HOPE PAMMEL ANNA RUTH PERCY Niles, Michigan Owcsso. Michigan RUTH H. PENNANEN MURIEL A. ROSS Highland Park, Michigan Defroif, Michigan 25 12311: N X 12 . V ?i ii 'V ,J I I I i MY. .K ' 'Y Miz in f., 'S J I 2.5 i 'f-. in v -1 VW R gi , I 14 -- W W 4 is 5 R11 i 4 4. fm W1 if iii 1 .al x -'f 45 5, . W i 'i WILMA A. Rowsizomic Easf erm Rapids, Michigan SELMA C. SCHEIBNER Escanabn. Michigan ELAINE SCHEID Ida. Michigan MARY i. SCHWEICKHARD snydgf. New wi NELLA MONA SHIRLEY Hotchkiss, Colorado GLOLA C. SI66 Sherwood, Ohio INEZ SMITH Caveri, Michigan esimeuoe Tsizvo Mimising, Michigan JEANEUE THOMPSON Defroif. Michigan AGNES THOMAS Harbor semi. Michigan 25 LA VERSE TOWNSEND MARY JANE VAN DOREN Hicksville, Ohio Baiffe Creek. Michigan EVALYN TRIPP MURIEL VOGEL i-iiqiiimi Park, Michigan swim Pointe, Miciiiqim LICE PALM RUTH WOOD FHYLLIS R. YACKEY Detroit. Michigan Kalamazoo, Michigan Sfrasburg. Ohio ELVA WARNER FLORENCE LUCILLE WUBBENA Clio, Michigan Ersuxville, Michigan fiiftif E fm A Pm f 'A 'is - + 'ei 'Z -- I .sf gl- ., J Sfgriif 'Q' . 5 i -F A 'uf . , ,Q W . i Qi 1 Y rwzvra' 1' fi i ' i- - M , 1 ,T f-x V " W '-lil! 1 iii ' -. EW L 2' . . :fp - , ,i " f A 2, 4 ' li A f, Q ' if Fai ifiikff ii 1 9 .4 , aw " "v, i " ig 4 w.. gl A V X' 27 J UNIORS From 'the role of LiHle Sis+er, we have progressed 'ro fhai' of Big Sis+er, sharing wifh our successors +l'1e meager knowl- edge gained from one year's experience. 28 CLASS OFFICERS Upper Row: Virginia Krueger. Sec'y, Treas,: Irene Kroluylr, Vice Pres Lower Row: l-lexnrielln Huber. Pres.: Pal Davis, Social Chairm live proiecls. all involving deep reaches info well-nigh emply pockels. The rnolions were made and seconded: fhe proiecis. underlaken. Irene Krolczylc should have been lwinsg i+'s inhuman lo expecl one pair of shoulders lo bear lhe weighl of all ihe lrouble lhaf girl accumulales. In one week she nearly elecfroculed herself on one of lhe handsome ward 'Food carls and almosl drowned ignobly when +I'-e fop 'ro a faucer came off in her hand. Rufh Sihler suFFers from loslraphibia. Specialisis feel ihal fhere is Iillle hope in a case so far advanced: lo fhis day when she alighls from an elevalor she sludies carefully The arrows on ihe wall before lurning righl' or left Enid Whi+myer's myopia is alrnosf as sad: 3l upper Row: c. eww. A. raw, E. Kaull, M. Anas. v. Krueger Middle RW: E. Mscrallef.. v. ssubnasfs, J. Ti-archer, F. Juisa, L. Rczeboomz R. Plulchak Lower Row: O. Halder. J. Chamberlin, L. Deal, B. Holzhausen, E. Rose, P. Davis. M. Sherman early one Sunday morning. she roused a weary inierne. wiih re- quesfs 'For an order which he had wriffen The day before. Kay Ball, Mary l-lanus. and Jeanne Tharcher were members of fhe Couzens Hall lnaslcefball reams which had an excifing and success- ful season. M. K. Judy organized a ping pong fournamenr and refereed H' herself. Doroihy Laing had a gold fish which insisfed on dying when Do'r was +rying +0 cram for a nexf-day final. She kepr if breafhing by reci+ing 'ro if poinfs of in+eres'r from +he life of Florence Nighfingale. Frances Mead held The olihce of Re- cording Secrerary fo fhe Disrricr Sfudenl' Nurses' Associarion. Janef Chamberlin. Mary Hope, and Louise Deal agree 1'ha+ Med. sfuclenrs make nice dafes. All her life Jean Guilford has dreamed of going 'ro Annapolis some day. She will be living her dream, come June. The young man in lhe snapshor is worrh +he dreaming. Mary Hanus is inreresred in 'rhe air sfewardess Held: we can'+ fhink 32 Upper Row: L. Reeder. M. Johnson, R. Sihler. H. Lehto, E. Niemi Middle Row: V. Kianq. D. Laing. D. Waller. H, Hubinger. M. Wrcna. A. Anderson Lower Row: C. Blosser, E. Reiff, I, Kroluyk. E. Whitmyer, M. Tumpari. M. Howe. M. Hope of anyone we would ralher have fly wi'rh us on our firsl air voyage. Louise Reeder has been poring over Train schedules all spring: small wonder, she hasn'r seen Oregon since she arrived here as a freshman. Jean Calkins, Lorene Bruce, and Miriam Tumperi rushed +he 'rennis season fhis year: bones crealced and muscles ached for days fhere- affer. Florence Jaaksi has had recordings made of her own smoofh soprano. When we asked Viola Mifchell why she is in such a hurry lo graduale and sfarf earning money, she said, of all rhings, "l'm going +0 buy linen. silverware, and Tschiakowsl:y's Fif+h." Virginia Krueger, Avis Foege. Mary Wrona. and Helen Lehlo were failhfuls af fhe weekly dancing classes af fhe League. Amanda PlaH' was fhe hrs? from our group To work Senior Nighls. Mar- iorie Sherman makes blankefs in her spare momenfs. Carol Blosser sludies asironomy, and Berry Kaull reviews books. 33 Upper Row: E. Marlamaki, F. Mead. N. Nyquisf, V. Miichell Middle Row: D. Kingsbury. H. Huber, K. Ball, H. Cayia. J, Calkins Lower Row: e. eualfofa, v. ccpiey, M. K. Judy. L. sms. A, Plall, E. Maykkynsn Nov in pidure: v. Griggs, M. Hanus, L. Heusris. J. Mann. Doroihy Wallor keeps a greai big iug of vinegar: no, she doesn"r make pickles as a hobby. We are suspicious +ha+ ihe iourih iloor wesi corridor rinses Hs freshly washed heads af her expense. Virginia Saunder's man Jimmy is someiimes fifreen minuies lale for a dale. Now. iifieen minuies is +00 much. "Your Besi' Fool Forward," page SI. So Ginny rakes off her going our clofhes and relaxes, Two minuies laier friends are amazed io see her again fully cloihed running down io meei him. His ihe real ihing. Melba Johnson, Esrher Moykkynen. Jean Gerow, Ellen Mariamaki. and oihers are girls from ihe Upper Peninsula. Viky will be, Too, for ihe lengih of her vacaiion This summer. There is more fhar should and could be said. We have had iun being Juniors. Nexi year we will surely look back on ihis one wiih a superior. bui nosialgic glance. 34 The Huron River In Winfer F RESI-IMEN We enfer lhe door of The nursing profession a liflle un- cerfain buf hopeful lhai' Jrhe years +0 come will make our lifelong dream a realify. 36 37 Tl-IE FIQESI-IMAN CLASS OF 1941 Seprember 23 was a big day in our lives. We slarfed our freshman period of lraining in rhe Universily of Michigan School of Nursing. To describe our many conflicfing emo- 'rions would be difficult dreading To bid goodby lo our families and friends, eager yel' anxious To begin our new course: leaving 'rhe sleady rourine of our old life, going info a new environment Whar would 'rhe nexr few monfhs bring? Orienlafion Week was filled noi' only wifh The 'raslc of mak- ing new acquainfances and adiusiing ourselves +0 our new home. buf of being fesred. physically and menrally. from sfem +o slern as if were. When we were declared a healfhy lol' and scholasfically sound, we were plunged inlo our campus rouline. The fundamenial courses we were re- quired fo siudy were very difficull and dilzferenl' from- any Thar we had sludied before. Observing and ofien parfici- paring in dissecring cadavers was 'l'he highlighl' of our analomy course. ln bac'I'y we were formally infroduced 'lo "bugs" and fheir habirs while chemislry helped us lo cor- relafe lhe "why's" and "wherefore's" of our olher sludies. In +he affernoons we had nursing ar'rs. This subiecr laid lhe foundafion for our worlc in fhe hospifal. Here we be- came human guinea pigs. we pracliced bed balhs. sham- poos. muslard plaslers, silz baihs, irrigafions, and various and sundry ofher procedures on one anofher. 38 CLASS OFFICERS Upper Row: Ruih Day, Sec'y Trees.: Jane Del-lass, Vice Pres. Lower Row: Muriel Hoenke, Presq Emma Day. Social Chnirma November 29 and December 4 were also greaf hiqhlighls in our freshman period. On fhe former day we received 'the slcelelon of our uniforms. ihe blue dress, 'lhe while apron. and lhe sliflly sfarchecl collar and cuffs. We all experienced a greai' lhrill when we iirsl' wore lhese uniforms even 'lhough rhey included black shoes ancl sloclcings. On The laH'er dale we wenl on 'l'he wards for 'fhe lirsf lime. Never was lhere a group of more exciied and nervous girls. We have all iold and relolcl 'rhe experiences we encoun- 'tered fhose firsl' 'few days, how one innocenf eighieen was asked for an oscularor and prompfly wen+ 'ro her supervisor 'ro find where if was kept l-low anolher was aslced for a rubber drinking 'lube and rerurned wirh a rube designed for quife a diliferem' procedure. 39 Upper Row: H. Nufling, M. Young, J. Edmisfon, J. Archibald. G. Souihworih Middle Row: M. A. Caller, W. Nesbiif, A. Bismacir. R. Boqnrdus, D. Bocis. F. Gibson Lower Row: P. Nickerson. M. Mullin, A. K. Pease, R. A. Moyer, V. Epps. A. Hecox. B. Benedicf Thanksgiving arrived wiih all of iis splendor and some of us ex' perienced for 'the lirsf Time Thai' auiumn holiday away from home. However, fhe Yulelide Season which followed shorily found all of us en rouie fo home. Some soufh, some norlh, some easi. some wesf. buf all home. l94ll The beginning of a new year. buf io us The closing of an old semesfer. Finals, even +oday we shudder when we are re- minded of Those horrible hours of cramming when we sfayed up all nighf chewing coffee grounds io keep awake. Bu'r fo mosi of us fhe nighfs of midnighf oil broughi' 'fhe fulfillmenf of a hope, we passed our premliminary courses. Wifh every happiness musi' come a li'Hle sorrow, and our parlicular 40 sorrow was bidding farewell To Those plucky girls who didn'T make The grade. BuT They were a brave loT who wenT ouT wiTh heads high and chins up To Tackle new iobs while we remained To begin a new phase of our worlc. During This period we sTudied advanced nursing arTs. We learned abouT medicaTions. and gynecology. orThopedics. and surgery. Besides classes, we spenT TiTTeen To eighTeen hours a week on ward duTy.' AlThough our Tasks were Those of novices. we were proud and happy To be applying our procedures aT lasT. NOT long ago There came The greaTesT Thrill of all, The Thrill of receiving Tor monThs of sTruggle The reward. cap. bib. cape, name Upper Raw: R. Asbury, M. Camper, M. Buss, J. DsHaas. S. Schadi. J. Juengel Middle Row: A. Berry. H. owner. e. oem. MJJ. Hall. R. awadqs, o. cspslds Lower Row: R. Day, L. Auvsrnhamer, M. Alcins. J. Clay. H. Alquirs, V. Besaw. B. SouThworTh Not in picfure: D. som ,af,.:. -u 1 f ,H. 4 I pin and so our sophomore uniform was complefe. Wifh +he addi- 'lion 'ro our uniforms came addiiions 'io our work. Eighf hour duly is no longer a dream, i'r is a realily each of us is living. Sophomores. I+ seems queer bu+ grand 'ro be called sophomores. Queer because fhe name is as new as fhe work in which we are now parficipaiing, grand because we know we have passed our probafion period and are now walking in fhe foofsfeps of 'rhose who have gone before us in fhe nursing profession. During These monfhs we no+ only acquired knowledge. bul' we had fun. When we liirsl' arrived we hiked in lhe Arboreium and viewed +he hilly background of Ann Arbor. We roughed i+ on Upper Row: A. Sfruble. R. While. L. Morgan, L. Risley. W. Nuechferlein Middle Row: W. Spaulding, B. J. Whiiman. G. Waller, M. West G. Pariin, H. Roihe Lower Row: L. Van Ness, A. Allen. P. Shear, M. Lee, E. Sievenson. M. Solosky. H. J. Suffer 42 Upper Row: E. Krohne. V. Langdell. M. Hoenlce, E. R. Day. M, Drage Middle Row: D. Haicher. I. Kochan. P. Horner. B. Conner. N. J. Mosher, K. Nebel Lower Row: L. Szabo. I. Bradley. D. Beyerlein. J. Boillce. K. Barrefl, A. EasTon, R. Schoenhsrr Sunday mornings and brealcTasTed in The woods. ATTending The TooTball games during The auTumn monThs gave us The chance To cheer aT The Big Ten games. We saw The games ThaT made The headlines of The naTion's big newspapers and The sporTs reels of The movies. Halloween wiTh all iTs wiTches and goblins Touncl The Treshies plan- ning a parTy Tor The upper classmen. AlThough The Theme of The parTy was old, The iuniors and The seniors Tor The TirsT Time wiT- nessed The TalenTs of Their liTTle sisTers. An ouTsider viewing The acTiviTies of The Treshmen girls in March would have declared ThaT we were all Irish, and such a declucTion would noT have been Tar wrong. We lassies were sponsoring our 43 Upper Row: D. Hall, D. Dudes. P. Crawford. R. Wllle. M. Holcomb. C. Sowulewslci Middle Row: S. Klinliner. M. Mailhews, M, Marlini, E. Whilman, B, Woeslmen, M. Thomas Lower Row: L. Sanchez. M. Lofif. E. Donaldson, J. Hone, M. Inauen. P. Murray. M. Snider firsl big dance. a Sl. Pal"s sporfs dance in 'lhe Women's Alhlelic Building. ln 'lhe allernoon of March l5. a group wenl over 'lo decorale wilh balloons. We arranged lhem in designs of sham- roclms, pipes. and all lhings lrish. Theorelically our procedure was sound, praclically il 'failed lo a hundred per cenl' perfeclion. ll was a shilling arl. Even if lhe decoralions fell a li+'rle llal, we all enioyed our debul in lhe social life of The l-lall. In +he very near fulure we will don while shoes and sloclaings and have a lolaclc band added lo our caps, we will be iuniors. ln lhal posilion we will have ihe opporfunily of welcoming a new group lo lake our place. We hope ihal we can make Their freshman- sophomore year as wonderfully pleasam' as ours has been. 44 'V ,, I CDRGANIZATICDIXIS We are righrfuiiy proud of 'the many in+eres+ing organi- zafions whose varied and pracrical proiedrs provide a welcome diversion from daily rourine. 46 Tl-IE SCALPEI. STAFF Copy due April I4fh! Where's 'rhaf ruler? All such chaf- +er can be heard any nighl The Scalpel Slaff gels logelher. Their worlc began early in Oclober and is compleled only when The finished proclucf is given To 'rhe many subscribers. ln lhe piclure above an imporlanf decision is being made. Our arfisl. Lucille Micldlefon. has made a rough skefch +o illusfrale a poinf she wishes 'lo pul' across fo Belly Dickin- son. feafure edifor. Lisiening fo her s'ral:f's suggesfions is Margarel Moore. edifor-in-chief, and seafecl nexl lo her are Rulh Pennanen and Kafherine Douglas, assislanl 'feafure edilors. Across The lable infereslfecl in anofher year boolc's lay-oul' are Helen Jasaifis, assislanl' edifor-in-chief. and Muriel Brendemuhl, assislanl' fealure edilor. Noi' seen in 'rhe piclure is our able phofoqrapher Bess Hunf. 48 Tl-IE T. P. R. T. P. R.-femperafure, pulse. and respirafions. The Tern- perafure This year has been furnished by rhose warm per- sonals To say nofhing of The magazine arlicles of DoH'ie Laing and Sid l-luesfis, wiih more degrees added by Pal"s poefry. Pulse. fasl' and slow, buf always regular. was add- ed by Helen C., Missie, and l-lelen Jasaifis in fealures of fad and fancy. Respirafions viral fo any and all have been conlribuled by Belly. NuH'y, and Marfha by world news. book reviews, wha+'s wha? on campus, and freshman class news. Thus from greefings To +he 'Freshmen 'ro congrafu- lafions lo 'lhe seniors. 'rhe slaff has enjoyed Hs year's work. From lei? io right D. Kingsbury, H. Ceyia, B. Kauil, P. Davis, D. Laing. L. Heuhis. H. Jaseiiis. 49 STUDENT CGLJNCIL This body, composed of lhree represenfalives from each class and lhree officers. meer once a monfh lo plan ac'rivi- 'ries for all school parliciparion. The acfivilies range 'from chapel service To Chris+mas +ree 'rrimming parries. The group provided for professional bridge insfruclrion, il gave a formal dance on S+. Valen'line's Day. To help fhe Red Cross if formed a sewing circle, and children's dresses were made. Some of 'lhe girls lcniH'ed boys' suifs. men's socks. and scarfs. The food sales. 'rhe coke machine, and The card fables on ihe firsi' 'Floor were among fhe lhings insfigafed by +he Sfudenf Council. The members are Kafharine Morse, president Florence Wubbena. vice-president Lucille Heusiis, secreiaryfrreas- urer. Bernice Fry, Muriel Brendemuhl, Rufh Miller, Nancy Nyquist Mary Hanus. Mary Wrona, Mary Loffl. Marfha Drage. and Jean Wal+er. 50 Cl-IORAI. CLUB PaTienTs would be oh, so happy And The girls become more snappy agrees Dr. Haynes wiTh Mr. WhiTney as They suggesT a CosmeTics Bar for Couzens l-lall To Miss Recldig in The anirnaTed puppei' show which was presenTed aT The annual l-lospiTal ChrisTmas parTy. This skiT was one of The appear- ances oT The Choral Club whose acTiviTies Turnish enioymenT and diversion Tor iTs members and enTerTainmenT Tor iTs audiences. As a group The Choral Club renders songs Tor special meeT- ings of The DisTricT Nurses AssociaTion and annually con- Tends wiTh oTher clormiTories and sororiTies aT LanTern Night A secTion of The Choral Club parTicipaTed in a program Tor The NaTional League of Nursing EducaTion aT The annual convenTion held in DeTroiT This year. Miss DoroThy Eckert an insTrucTor in The School oT Music. direcfed The group. 51 vs.Gamma Phi Bela vs. Collegiele Sorosis INTRAMURAL GAMES C. H. l vs. Mosher Il IZ-I0 C. H. I vs, Delia Gamma IS- 4 C. H. I vs.Alphn omimn Pi zo. 4 C.:-1.1 vs.Alpha Delia Pi ls. 7 A. D. P, C.H,llvs.Zc-ne Ill 5-4Zonelll vs.Gamma Phi Bela I 2- 0 C. H. ll vazefc Tau Alpha 13- o C.:-4, in vs. Mariha Cook I3- 6 M. C. C.H,llIvs.Jordun ll IS-4 C.H,III vs. Alumnae House 24?-0 C. H. I I l lll 2-0 C.H.lll I9-I4 C.S Swimming opened lhe inlramural season of l94O-4l wilh The coniesl held Ocfober 22 in lhe Union Pool. Eighl' girl S pariicipafed. and while we placed in l'wo evervls, our num- ber faking par'r was loo small 'lo make 'rhe final score very sizeable. Three Teams eniered fhe baslceiball 'rournamenl and despife having occasionally lo drag a reluclanl' girl from her boolc. lhe fhree ieams slayed in unfil 'lhe semi-linals. The baseball season is s+ar+ing as lhis goes io press wiih fwo Couzens Hall leams scheduled 'ro play Their firsl games wifh Chi Omega and Kappa Alpha Thefe. 52 EXTRA MURAL LIFE DelighTTul. indeed, were Those balmy summer days when each pursued her TavoriTe acTiviTy. Some days iT was merely lazing on The back porch To acquire The coveTed sun Tan, albeiT There were Times when iT Turned ouT To be a lobsTer pink. Again iT was a run down To The Tennis courTs for a few sTrenuous bouTs. And many a girl has dripped perspiraTion while doing her besT To pump up a hill on a bike, evenTually geTTing oTT and walking anyway. NOT To be TorgoTTen were The picnics, parTicularly Those on The canoe Trips. Hours of hard paddling againsT The currenT, Then a hearTy meal under The Trees. and a nighT wiTh The sTars, morning canoeing near camp. These are The ouTdoor acTiviTies ThaT we managed somehow To crowd inTo our busy lives. S3 ACTIVITIES The companionship and Ihe opporiuniiy for seIf-expres- sion we derive from Ihe nu- merous acfivifies furnish an ouilef for our you'rI'1'IiuI en- Ihusiasm and aid in adding zesI' Io our Iraining days. 54 THOSE DAYS ARE GONE FOREVER Yessir, as obsolele as drawer waisls wilh Hickory garfers are The well-worn black shoes wifh which The seniors "de- parling, lefl behind Them foolprinfs on 'lhe sands of lime." And how many million fooiprinfs? Those old Nalural Bridge regulalion models really gol' around! Remember how 'rhin lhey got and how They used lo 'rake a healfhy kick al a easier wilhoul a sign of ecchymosis? Any cameraman wifh a nose for news would have been hard-pressed lo record evidences of a really genuine clean- ing of lhose old shoes. So ours look advanfaqe of +he lradifional polishing of senior shoes by The freshmen 'rhe nighl' before Jrhey were burned en masse . . . lfhe shoesl. Bul such an ill wind would really have blown no good, so 56 'rhe old black shoes came lo an end lhrouqh +he combusfion of a few official represenlafives. Goodby forever. l+'s a long 'lime ago since we Found Couzens l-lall's slcelelon in 'rhe closel. Who of even our mosl lrusling friends would have believed fha? we would have known The names of over 200 bones, for a week or so a+ leasf. The only fhing we were really sure of idenfifying was lhe wire lhal held ihe grisly lhing logelher. Those long evenings weren'+ humerus. And ihere in fhe praclice ward was Sally Chase prolecied, we see, from public gaze by a screen and ably adminisiered by +wo l2l nurses al one lime. And Then afler she was all fixed up we puf her info her crib and did her info as near an envelope as a firsl class mail inspeclor ever saw. Then fhere was laandaginq class where we sa+ amidsl a maze of pink-bordered gauze and ploH'ed imaginary courses up and down The appendages. H was here we learned all aboul lhe Greai' American Heel. AUTUMN WORK CUT 3. Orthopedic Maferiai 4. Means: Fresh Idenfificaiion Card 58 WINTER WONDERS Only lhese Three girls were lucky enough fo have Their pic- lures 'raken 'ro represenl our winler sporls. bul 'rhal doesn"r mean fhose monlhs were lacking in fun for +he resl of us. Jeanelfe, La Verge, and Aggie were among 'rhose al our skafing parries al lhe Coliseum lhis year. Skaling, good for lhe waislline, is nol' so good when followed by ho'r dogs and colilee by The fireplace in lhe living room. Sfill such sfrenuous fun. does make one hungry. We managed a sleigh ride, if lhe snow sfayed wi+h us long enough for plans fo be made. somelimes we had lo fake off our wraps and spend a quiel evening al' home. The snow covered hills in fhe Arborefum do enlice lhe ouldoor girls fo do a bil of skiing and sledding. No clisaslers resulfed +his year, perhaps lasl' year laughl Judy lhe graceful arf of slaying on her feel: 59 PAUSE AND REFRESH For lhroafs parched by long hours of duly and ho+ afler- noons, lhere are fluids a-pleniy. The Pause Thai Refreshes and good old I-LO, Pu? a nickel in a slof and oul comes an ice cold bolfle of fhe Pause Tha? Re- Freshes: furn a liffle handle and ouf bubbles a crysfal clear sfream of wafer, cold, if you are pafieni' enough. warm. if you are in a hurry. Such are The ingenious creafions of men's minds in fhis age of grealer machines. Who knows, per- haps fulure Couzens I-lalliles will push a buHon and oul' will bubble a sfream of ice cold Coca Cola. To 'rhe inhabilanfs of lhe l-lall, as ro all goocl liHle girls, 'lhere comes bu+ once a year. birlh- days and Chrisfmas. Bolh are big evenls and are marked by The usual cusloms, ihe qaily decoralecl lree and 'rhe alrnosl as gaily decorafed cake. Here are spenl some of our happiesl hours wilh close friends and good food, Recolleclions of fhese evenls are packed away in Memory's Treasure Box and are broughf our lor airing whenever spirils are iusf a lillle low. And lhey fill a greal space in fhe Box even lhough lhey come buf once a year. BUT ONCE A YEAR FCDUR OUT GF FIVE Since Jack Brennan made his Tamous sTaTemenT concerning The incidence of pulchriTude in The Teminine populaTion of The Univer- siTy oT Michigan iT has become byword here. For The lasT Tour years The Michigan male's repuTaTion Tor cleverness has depended on his abiliTy To adapT This senTence To all siTuaTions requiring a ready show oT wiT. Denials, repudiaTions, and counTer aTTacks have all been TuTile. They have served only To Tix iT more Tirmly in Michigan TradiTion. The women have, wisely, given up The TruiTless sTruggle. They merely smile serenely. indulgingly, when This disparaging remark appears in a conversaTion as iT will invariably. No longer is The Michigan man answered wiTh sharp words and a display oT anger when, seeking To cover himself wiTh glory in The Tield oT reparTee. he Tirmly avows ThaT all Michigan women are "TiTThs." This remark is now meT wiTh a poise and selT'conTidence ThaT would do crediT To The Duchess oT Windsor. These more subTle TacTics oTTen prove To be somewhaT baTFling To The almighfy male, who, Tailing To eliciT a spiriTed response. Tinds ThaT much of The savor is gone Trom The old sTand-by-"Tour ouT ol: Tive." When The smoke of ThaT TirsT grand baTTle provoked by This sTaTe- menT had cleared. The girls oT Michigan began To Take sTock To see wheTher or noT such exTreme aTTiTude had any sound basis. They Tound ThaT The conTrary oT This remark was so obvious as To be hardly worTh voicing. On analysing The siTuaTion TurTher They came To The conclusion ThaT The expression of such radical senTi- menTs was undoubTedly over-compensaTion Tor a severe inTerioriTy complex. And indeed. when one views The phoTographic evidence we have displayed here and when he sees The living evidence all abouT him he accepTs ThaT as The only logical explanaTion. The women of Michigan have been willing To suTTer This abuse, To in- dulge The male ego because They undersTand. 62 IS APPLESAUCE WI-IV WE WELCOME WINTER WEATHER The social liTe OT us aT Couzens l-lall runs conTrary To all naTuraI laws. ITs seasonal habiTs are exacTly in reverse of Those of any self-respecTing animal. WiTh The coming of cold weaTher. iT begins To sTir in iTs den and To puT ouT an experimenTal paw. IT comes ouT oT hibernaTion. sTreTches and yawns aTTer a summer oT dormancy and prepares Tor a winTer of vigorous acTiviTy. The phenomenon oT sTudenT migraTion has a profound influence on The habiTs of This creaTure since iT cannoT Thrive in The absence of The male sTudenT populace. His emergence is The signal Tor Teverish acTiviTy in The hall as The lassies puT Tennis balls, golf balls, and baseballs in moTh balls and bring ouT Tormals. silver sandals, and fur coaTs in anTicipaTion of The winTer's pleasures. SUMMERS SOUR GRADES On sofl' summer nighls +he senlimenlal slrains of "When Nighl Falls Dear" elicil feelings of noslalgia in 1'he lonely hearfs of The Couzens Hall resiclenfs. ll has always been lhe peculiar fale of us Universify of Michigan sfudenl nurses Thai' we are deserled by our men friends for lhe cluralion of lhe summer vacalion. Tennis. bicycling. ancl brealcfasf hikes fill 'the gap and fhe wealher also helps 'lo compensafe. Bul' afler a while These summer's pleasures begin fo pall and we become easy prey io plainlive melo- dies. You can say whal you will abou? summer's ioys. fhey'd be much more ioyful if we had some boys. 65 UNLV YESTERDAY A. The monlhly excursions lo lhe kilchen- elle-can'l cheal, Gerlie wilh Berlie's eagle eye on lhe scale. -B. Bel you can'l guess whal Jean is doing--Miss Reamy is lhere lo see lhal she doesn'l make a mislake. -C. Don'l be slarlled, Elva and Lucille, we wanl lhis piclure lor prool of Ann Arbor's rainy wealher. -D. Wilh greal relish Belly cooks lhe breaklasl while Melba slands wilh a doubllul expression on her lace on one ol lhe lrequenl iaunls lo lhe Fireplace early on Sunday mornings llooks mighly good, even sol. -E. l wouldn'l do lhal, Bea, il I were you. you mighl need lhose noles lo sludy lor Slale Boards lmuch as I hale lo menlion lheml. ll also looks as il Bea had jusl done her monlhly washing. -E. Thal's righl, Muriel, bridge lonighl and Wanda, you see lhal she gels lhere. huh? ll promises lo be greal lun and we'll all be Ely Culberlsons when we have linished lwe hopel. -G. 'Tis a greal lhing, lhis relaxalion business. Nan and Elizabelh, l see lhal you also believe in lhe old saw: An apple a day keeps lhe cloc- lor away lbul lhal is poor adverlising lor you, isn'l il?l 66 67 LIFE AT ITS BEST H. Caughl you, lhal lime, girls, exercise is good lor whal ails one lso l've heardl. so Andy, Brendy, and Jan gel lhe old limbs inlo aclion. -l. "Laugh and grow lal," a lhoughl lo heed. Miss Anlcenmann. -J. Musl be lhal lhe sun is shining and spring is here lor Phil and Phil lagainl and lhe gal wilh her back lo us, Koss, are lalcing advan- lage ol lhis line wealher. K. Guess who? Mine is lhal lhis is Foolie and Herb in one of those momenls. -L. Those lwo insep- arables. Vi and Bernie! Thal musl have been a wonderlul picnic lunch lbul am l suppos- ing loo much?l Nice scenery, lhough. -M. Ever lailhlul, lhal's Mrs. Cope: whal would we ever have done wilhoul her! --N. Glamour? A queen ready lor courl? 'Tis only our Georgia lpeachl all dressed lor a very heavy dale. Have lun! -O. This is a very lamiliar scene around Couzens Hall and one we would like lo preserve, lhis nighlly preparalion helps when we sleep lhrough lhe alarm. -P. "High on a windy hill" lhal's Couzens in lhe lall. Marian doesn'l seem lo mind il lhough. Three Iillle maids in a row, Fannie, Lorraine, and Belly Ann. They look prelly nilly, lhose new while shoes. 68 I M Engravings by Brophy-Salisbury Co.. 409 Easf Jefferson Ave., Defroif. Mich Printing and Binding by lhling Bros, Everard Co., Kalamazoo. Mich. ,, , E ,V , -. jiipw-vrlsif'wwf'-f' in iii'-wif"-1" f-'Gai . - A - .34 , k, xg . -' .I '52 .J 52.39 'ff ' , ', . 2 ' 'f . .,, 41 ,293 . ,.- .T i q, .. n e w Y . ,V Qs V Sf , , ,. .. AZN, . .,. . 1' mm . .. M: k ...V -. .wr - , , ,, M y- 5 Yi xgfvzz if-L f-:Ng N- . 5111 K . ...-. A-L 1. f- f.--1 -..- ' V N fm, Y M? , - .. ,r in M.,--1" f. v,y,' . 1 'f 'yf55"-I,,2'?.4+?fw, 1: ' 13, 1-qw. ,f.,' 5'-,ff-, xf,-'-. -3 X . - gf fgblngig-. f-,ii tj.:-1 ,3,I. ,fTx Jwrgq ,l3j.:.35Y,'5'ilx4,:vX vi, ,.g.':5v.v: Q., - 2,1'?:5,43k! .-. -,.'-4'-f-'f,. . .2 -I ...-- -. wwf ---. .4 2- ,gfW,':-'.'w:.f-rg..-1'-' ':' ..-jrgggr 3 ,' - i'f5?Qf3H-2-.E."-Lf.: Ffa E Q-Jlfafl ffrgglifxi i7' "QM-:sJ'ff. as- .. .w pjb-'ff Wg, V .ff'j,3I' -. An-. nf. J---. e 2 1. ij: , - gpg f -.. .5 --5.3.1, gN. f faq- .f Q 'rv'-....-73'-f.f'-a,41f'- .avi AF,-wff ' 'EQf"l.vE7-'fiV215-.:?15Hu5g?'?d 5-'f.-3 il" . 'V'A3f.-.- w if-B l 'M w .. 3 mf f ., 1 H 35553 vgififjlf. 3.3 ,yi Q .. -A ,-e.1..Agl:fagf fi ffl fl: wig .i-2i'1zg,1Ni:i,i'igg,. .23-.2 ...Tr -eff.. g 3321? 1' -, M -ff .3,,'f:f.1,5. 2ap L5 ' . niftf1f:.+4'.a'i' ff fzgv- 2- T ,Q 1 'i'-'-reg'-'sygw. :igiv fh-'f2f1LQy ' 'lm ,-,ifbrf .1 ff-Q.-'f'1i.NH'x.. 'fig-. 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