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University of Michigan Medical and Nursing School - Aequanimitas Yearbook (Ann Arbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Cover

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'l"i'SCf2I.PEL me-M Barbour Scholarships Awarded to Two Graduate Nurses Hli STYDIQNTS of the L'niversity of Michigan are all familiar with the great gift of the l-lonoralmle Levi l,. llarhour, former Regent of the Univer- sity, to the L'niversity, namely. the Levi l-. lilarhour Scholarship for Oriental KYomen. They will alike rememlmer how Mr. l'1arlmour's frequent contacts with the Orient convinced hiin "of the good which could he done for Eastern wonianhood luv Occidental education applied to chosen representatives, hy them translated into terms of service, and taken hack to their own places of residence," how Mr. liarhour generously created such a fund that some twenty-eight Oriental women each year are ahle now to pursue a course ol study at the L'niversity of Michigan. Mr. Barlwour's idea was that these women should lie "scientifically and liroadly trained." and l-larhonr scholars are to he found majoring in such lields as medicine, biology, English, education. philosophy, lmusiness administration, history and pnhlic health. ln September, l"726, the hrst graduate nurses to receive a llarhour Scholar- ship award were Miss Catherine Utsuka and Miss Lucy Otsuka. of Japan. The Misses Utsuka graduated from St. l.nke's lnternational School oi Nursing. Tokio. hlapan, and have lmeen given scholarships for two years. They are preparing them- selves for administration and teaching in schools of nursing and are to have a lmrief period uf experience in the pulilic health lield while here in ,Xmerica. The lfniversiay Hospital School of Nursing welcomes the Misses Otsuka into the School not only hecause they have endeared themselves to the faculty and students through their agreealmle and interesting' personalities. hut hecause the field of nursing is In lie included in the fields of work open to the Barbour scholars. lt is the hope of all that each year will find one or more Oriental nurses studying on a llarlmour Scholarship award in the School of Nursing. for the stu- dents oi the School lienetzt as signally from these valualile contacts as do the liarhour scholars themselves. rvlll gilmf il A lj tl .lrrtllle l ,-,lg-+ i i ,f, .K I5- 'Kr' .-15' A 1 ' I :fr wg ff ,- 4. ' -,Q fe rwaafmg, --img 1' 'f .491 - ,uxyqlya , 5 f w ., ,A ,,-g,A ,la -fn.. , . W ,,A 1 1,.' U X , n '- x. lb AV , . X u A' y vfdl-. vp , , 1 4, A 1 02136130 038 , 1 T 'a J- ll av. PM ul AZL JU., L L le' '. '. "- ' A ,i.,,,J , I I, A i 5 -4 , u L,-1 -H . .4 1. .v . , - ,. v .- ,,-x , 1 2- J, ,X W - it x', 51.2 r ' pi., I' 1 ,QIXVK QLWIIYIQYI1 "rl "1-x z':'W':.f:.-""'-1. ur S-, HH? ,-,..1,1 'a 1" .. .xx-x blur - 1.14 4 ,U ,4 I ,." x ...- .N li v. 1 ..: , Y Jn.,-J, 'I ,',-.f" 'V " as -- 1 1 v-rf. "VI lsP'l.1.g 11 'v , JJ -lg FA. , 1. , U .L , x ,.- t VQUHAFQ , ' ,x JM V. 4 1- ., '-2. ,rg .2 z -A--g " '.. J . ,L- L " 1 IN" 'hr QPU Q.. , . -. - . Y-Y . . .A ,W +1 ,v ., .1 W P" I x V h, , . . . ".. Q A w'f"' H3- , 4, ,, ,, . . .' -,. , I, ji . , -,...,. v'l. 1 VJ A-- lf ' f 1.- - 5 l"' . f . J . . 5 , , ...., ',. W - , X 4 ' -1- . A , . Q ' 1,-A . x .' x 5 I s -- it 2 ,. W .'.-:U I , V . 'Gal A W , vu ui 'fp v" .- -' c,-1,',,- V .17 n , -' 4 ......i- l SCS?-PEL ig-1 l A Calendar of Activities of the Y.W.C.A. l'resirlent llorothy Schxvimmer Yice Presirlent Marguerite llush Secretary Dorotliy Hale 'l'reasurer Leona Stiverson October -Canrlle Service. at which about one hunrlrecl members were formally initiatecl. NovemlJerflloving pictures. presenteil by li. C. Schxvimmer, entitlefl "XYilcl Game Hunting." December -The Christmas Plays Party for pour chilclren on Christmas eve. January -Conference at Milwaukee. which our presiilent, Miss Schxvimmer. attenclecl. April -Two one-act plays presented by members nf the school and clirectecl by Dr. J. H. Hassberger. June -Our last monthly meeting of the year. in the form of a banquet. llle are especially inflebtefl to the Department of Nursing anfl Mrs. Ratliff for their help in arranging these programs. A-Xncl ive are grateful for the help from our various members. The very busy cancly store on the fourth lioor was for a time donating the proceeds to the fund for the piano, as xvell as the "beauty parlor" on the fourth floor, whose proprietress gave one montlfs proceeds to the funil. X 4 '-il. Sly-PEL ,sm fs 1, , Miss Mary D. Guiles XX-11056 suggestions and assistance are greatly appreciated by every member of the Scalpel Staff. l-'--TSCi2lPEL Scalpel Staff Iiilit-ny E1-xx l., lrriiii Ass't Filitor. lows Mzfzxurq Intl Asst M.xRG.xR12'r Gtsrixs Business Manager. BLXRY JANE 5511111 Advertising Manager, BIARY Dowrvs Financial Manager, l,lxx'Exnc-LYN Kiwrxfiqr Circulation Manager. JUNF Auixiiziir Joke Editor, G1-3x121'1E1'E XYALK Sifciety E-litor. G12.x1i1.x Art Editor, H.1z1fL HEMES Faculty Aflvisor, S111R1.rx' C. Asst Mzinziger. ELSA CARLEY Asst Manzigrr, ESTHER HELMA Aift Mzniager. BIARYEL R121xu.xR1' Aiit Mauaucr, D13-iz-,11'11x' Toaix Alunini Reportur, Ours J, Bimwx STRIJN-3 Typist. BIARY SIM I-sox Tirrs l 4 Xllllt 'I lic Smliisl, 115 3111 ,ther year is 1.l1'z111'i11Q In Z1 cluw, '.riNl.cs t A tl1:111k c 'L 'y'1 101' their 51111111111 null C11-111m-1':1t1fv11. eqiccizilly tw ther 1111111v1'1111f flllllelllllt? 111m11lwff1N for new flllll reiiewiiig will s11l1ff:1'i1'wtiw11s. XYQ 11'i5l1 zilw tri thank wtuwlviits 211 gfrafliirites fm' thvii' o111t1'il111tiu11Q uf 111z1tc1'ial. lie lizvcc trieil tw ke-Q11 up thc staiiflzircl uf the Sczilpel :mil may Q-11611 buccccaliii, year lllillif it liiggci' and lic-tteii SC,Xl,PliI. S'I',XFI-'. 1927. SCj2.PEL l-1'-' 5 Student Council lYith the passing of the last year, the Student Council looks hack on a very active and successful year. XYith the splendid co-operation of the student body, the untiring efforts of the assistants. the Student Council has proved without a doulmt that student government in Couzens Hall is possihle. At the very lieginning the Council settled down to hard and earnest work. The election of officers hy the student hotly resulted as follows: President, Jesse Ragatzg Yice-President, Edith Green: Secretary and Treasurer, Anna Severance. The other memhers of the Council were appointed hy their respective classes. These representatives fulfilled their duties very faithfully. During the year, we regret to say, some of our officers resigned their ofhces due to various reasons. Miss Ragatz, having completed her training, left to sail for the lVest lndies, where she will carry on missionary work. Miss Severance left hecause of ill health. She is spending the summer at Trudeau, New York, regaining her health. after which she expects to he with us again. The Vice-President took her place as President, fulfilling her office to the liest of her ahility and gaining marked success. A new Vice-President was elected, 1?T 5 SCQLPEL Grace Karr, who has not heen with us long but whose work is worthy uf mention. The Secretary and Treasurer was appointed lay the meinhers of the Student Council. Nellie Phillips being appointed. During the past year the Student Council, with the assistance uf Miss Titus. revised the constitution, hy-laws and house rules, a pamphlet of which has lmeen printed. Every student should possess one of thesesnot only possess it but read it and be law-abiding. The election of officers for the coming year resulted in the following choices: President. Leone Shridcr: Vice-President, 'lulia Curtin: Secretary and Treasurer. Gertrude Casler. S0 let us work together and with the co-1 lperation of the student hotly. mem- bers of the Student Council, and the faculty members make student Cu-rrpe1'f1liYC government in our home a success. prin g Calendar March 19-Sophomore St. Patricks Party. April 6-Bridge Party: hostesses. Klisses Downs and Stone. April l2--lunior-Senior llanquet at the Union. .Xpril 19-Military Ball. May 6-Senior Formal. Masonic Temple. llay 0-iXrchitects Fancy Dress Party. May 10-Swing Out. May ll-Bridge Party-election of ofiicers, May lS-Z1-May Festival. May 2-l-Lantern Night May 25-26-Benetit plays given hy Y. XY. C. A.-assembly room. June 5-Informal Dance, Couzens Hall. June 18-Senior Breakfast. Couzens Hall. June 19-Tea for Seniors. June .20-Commencement: Senior Luncheon, Hospital. ----Scfyzper, Junior Senior Banquet .S'OrUFTHIXG .YEIV IX JIFSIC The piano was moved into the new building with much pomp and ceremony. It was a beautiful piece of furniture. or. more justly speaking. art. fine marked feature about the piano was its keys. each key representing an individual in this large. wonderful universe of ours. The first time T chanced to hear these keys they all blended together beautifully, alto. bass, soprano and tenor askine in a musical way "XYhat are you wearing "XYearing for what?" thought 5: but the question did not remain. It was evident that a musical banquet was in full swing. :X week later each key swung its way into the Union ball room, which was belittingly garbetl with flowers, tall, stately candles and filled with music through- out the vast extent of its walls. XYhat a perfect combination! Q The Piano, when touched by human make up. renders music. and so this one. offering first its allegro, adagio forming later a symphony. In the mean- time sheets of music in the forms of fruit cocktails, fresh strawberry parfait. etc.. were added, satisfying the desires of all compositions, so ends the Junior-Senior banquet, and thanks to the Sophomores, when we returned home after a most enioyable evening. they relieved Us of our keys and we were once more human individuals. The Senior Formal f.ilVtfl'llCEll'fl lhy I1 Srvlmlloliqqjplf- "Honestly, Dorothy, l simply can't take another step in these shoes. I had a wonderful time. but l almost died--my fect hurt me so much. I really believe everyone had a good time too, Did you ever see such perfectly wonderful flowers as were the decorations? "Yes, and the girls' dresses were such an array of colors. The chaperones were certainly a congenial lot and acted as though they too were having a good time." "S-sh! Here comes someone." falrs, Ratlidf nmst have come in.l "Girls, do you know that it is past two o'clock? If you are all as tired as three of the girls are you should be in bed. l just found three dignified Seniors sittine' on the edge of the bathtub soaking their feet in hot water," The Sophomores judged from the tlashlight picture. the comments and happy faces that the party nmst have been a huge success. which it was. and they are nlanning a big time next year. 7-UA . If : f.. I X . I 'Cv 1 1 L ' f 1.21. . 1' V , V-, V ' ' L,-Z' v "'.'fFfn , ,- 1. . -f -, V , fA,'.'h: Ti-' ff-1 A " 'r L ' ,. , ' V V U - ' 3 ' 1 , . 4 " X"-4 ' ' 2' ' X' , , reg: '. Y, ' in , U4 x ,,-vs.. OB? U. L ff .-QXX f VL' ' -Cfxx .. , :',.f ' .1 , 5 -'-A ' 'frm .-1 , "4vr1,f'. 1 ', ' '5 4' X ' Tu. Zi, 3' X 4' I X l V 'll , I. .h l . 'A' li ' I' . " 'fl " Z ,' . .7 ' I ' , " ' .Q . 4-, . .'- "f .. n -" r ' Ek' ....i.1.:il..l?l 'il 7 1 , , 11.10, , 5, I. l " X n - I , ' M .'. , -' -, l . ':. 2,1 Q . . - '..' x A. ' x, 1- ' 1 It: . ' 0 'X I. x I 4 dl , . I- , :fu L -9 " Cv Q K ., - SE: . "' , 0 0 0 CXL " . X' ' 14 1' g I 0 O UG -'fx ' , -., ouch, Lu .4-.1-X. 0 U u ,I .5 , - 2 0 U UO,,.wv. JP . ifgyf 20 oo, auf. 'V . ofa. C' I " .-.. V . Jin' ' I 1 .I :.' .III 'N 4 ' x i' 1- K X , IA I . 1 ' - Inf ! 1 lx! I I X LEW' U Q ' x J , X L Q . ' ."l'I3""fQ"wf"' T"- J, - ., 1 r"A uf' 'Ilia 'fix' Ml 1' V A , -1 P , he Jiri, L'-c"rd mr , J' 'I A I Q 1 1 7 1 Y NA , l L i 6 s A , rhl .X , , 'Var ' '. -, .1 ,I ,L n 4 v 'n .,f'-WL X 'yu HTS.: . n-I ' 'If:'1v!?' . 61:2 'Kg 'v.4 l-,y 51-. ' I ',IC?:vK- 5' WWE 5 fr"Ywk A K , - I-. ,-X , gg: ' ' f-7, vc- V 4' , , ' - 'iv lf- I ' P 4 7 1'Al , ,jg N ,.-.L ,Q . K '4 , . .wg ' --V -, -M , v , - iv H S' ' . , -4' . , " ,1 1 ,.. I. 'V .:, W, A I , ' - 'I .3 . , - A 4- ffii' 4 ' ' 7 1 f. "P ' gl, I ' . I .. lv. -' Xe-'I' . ASC" f .A. X -?-- Scfgpst NOTICE CH EMISTS A new element-llioman. Symbol-No. A memher of the human family. Occurrence-Can he found wherever man exists: seldom occurs in the free or native state. Quality depends upon the state in which it is found lYith the exception of Massachusetts. the comhined state is preferred. Physical properties-.Xll sizes and colors. fxlways appears in disguised con- dition. Surface of face seldom unprotected hy coating of paint or film of powder. Boils at nothing and may freeze at any moment. llowever. it melts when treated properly. Yery hitter if not used correctly. Chemical Iiropertiesslfxtremely active. l'ossesses a great affinity for gold. silver. platinum and precious stones of any kind. Yiolent reaction when left alone hy men. .-Xhility to ahsorh all kinds of expensive foods at any time, l'nflissolved hy liquids. hut activity' greatly increased when saturated with spirit solutions. Turns green when placed next to a hetter example. .Xges very rapidly. Fresh variety has had great magnetic powers. LAL llUX-Highly explosive and apt In heconie dangerous in inexperienced hands. TTl,l... li. lfleimonen had informed the ticket agent that she wanted a herlh. Agent: Upper or lower? Heiney: XYhat's the difference? Agent: .-X difference of fifty cents in this case. The lower is higher than the upper. The higher price is for the lower. It you want a lower. youll l1HV6 to go higher. We sell the upper lower than the lower. Host people dont like the upper although it is lower on account of heing higher. XX hen you occupy an upper you have to get up to go to hed and get down to get up. Xou can haue the lower if you pay higher. The upper is lower than the lower hecause it is higher. lf you are willing to go higher, it will he lower as the higher is lower than the- By this time Elizabeth was in coma. l-1 - M. Mantell: Say, would you like to see something swell? B.Mayhew: Yes. Xlliat? H. Mantell: Drop some beans in water and watch them. . -O The Hootblack: Light or dark, sir? Absent-minded Professor: l'm not particular, hut please don't give me the neck. -.i..L.-O. - U You can lead a horse to water, hut you can't make lnm drink: You can lead a probe to class room. hut you can't make her think. . -lo-lil Goliath fto Davidl: Come on and hght. David: just wait until I get a little hofullder. ---S0595 ,Z 7 G. Claude Drake S "The Quarry" A-THE xzf1ef,'Efes' I JOK'.S'I5 or 11',1sHTE,x',m"' ? 5 SCQPEL -- Patient un the ward: Hy father was in the Rattle nf Hull Run. Nurse: ls that sw? XYhat did he du? Patient: He shut the hull. - 0-ml Taser, tw Klzirezux-t lane: Have vnu had rnur medical exam? M. .lg Yes, the dwctwr lnukerl at nn' tungue and said l needed a stiinulant Laser lalarinedl: lhmtl hearensl He didn't give ynu a stimulant fm that, did he ? ,7,i,,.?,i Nurse ftn nian whu had iust had lmth legs flllllilllflttfllf llmr are V011 feeling' tmlay? Patient: Uhl l guess l can't kick, i?,,. Cl-iitziginiisi Bliss Catzere: XYhat has that nur patient gut? Bliss liruencke: The hest lnnlqiiig hath rwhel ,-,,,-l ,X teacher at Sunday scliuul asked a little girl, "XYhat was the tirst thin the lsraelites did after crnssine' the ed Sea?" The little girl: "They dried theinselresf' ..i?U....,. AX delinitiun uf an interne: Rn active piece nf Inimtnplztsiii im the Q-nql 1,1 fl l't'II'ZlCf1llA. Yin' Qzmlif-v nf lfzw'-x' 5 "Superior Qualihg NURSES' CAPE" Hill apl,eal tu ywu and tw ex'ei'ymie wht, apiireciates Real Yalues Yue Ytvltlf and Clnflz ,5i1IlIIffi',x' The HENDERSCNHAMES CQ. KALAMAZO0. MICH. Eli-i SCQPQ ll'-'- DAIRY PRODUCTS CLEANING 1 1 if Ywur Garrnerrts IS ABSOLUTELY 1 Ice ODORLESS Try If: rrurl 131' fxUlII'flI 4'L'f I yi If rTrf nin 1 .1 P Company 1 Ann Arbor Darry Co. I l -. 121 E. Catherine St. C. H. Schroen Plwrre -H91 209 S. -ith .Xvc. PhO11e 4101 For Frierzdly Service WM Ann Street Drug Co. 1117 E. Ann St. Dial 7850 FRED A. RINGLER, Prop. al'TJ!" "Where Quality Counts" .....-.. 5 .T-1. SCEPEL Miss lIaeGlinch: XYhy fli1ln't you tilter this saline? D. Kerr: I flidift think it would stantl the strain. i.O Mother: XYho put that stzitue imrlei' the kitchen sink? :ll11ll'l'lj'I Sh-h-th:1t's the plumher. 4-, cler reerler heel' mi tail nf wo the eflitur jest a minit ago tol me In writ it line or too an i :lout no what i shoofl flu Cause i :mt never rote at point- Cvllt lay miself wen i :mi home tm then my lnzm' she rcecls it Iirst zm mcnfls the slvellin :ts is the wurst hut she :mt heel' Su i'll jest lite it out alon an if im ryte jest tel mi so hut it im rung then yu set clown :ui writ yffurn own. YH. J. H. PAUL JONES Phone 4109 9 Nurse s Costumes Careful stitching' and straight seams, perfect Htting collar, well made button holes and roomy R' A' shoulders account for the popu- Funeral Home larity of these costumes. POPLIN AND LINEN FINISH MATERIAL 33.95 to 36.95 310-312 Maynard St. M5 60: ANN ARBOR 5 "r--lSCf2lPEI. GOTHAM The Nurses' Store Gold Stripe for Fifteen Years Everything for Lunches The Choice of the American Nurse Because of the wear Because of the fit Because of the quality 51.85 to 552.75 'Ee Mills Company 11S Main St. Try our "Toastwich" Toasted Sandwiches Kodak Supplies Also Developing and Printing Gilbert Chocolates Connor's Ice Cream Eaton's Stationery Sheatfer Fountain Pen Harry Nichols 1020 Catherine St. Phone Dial 6141 B. E. Muehlig We welcome your patron- age and aim to be of Service to you. DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS Dr. W. F. Wood DENTIST 310 South State Street Phone 8411 126 S. Main PHONE 9299 .ii 4' Ll. SCQZPEL l'l1ysiological Facts He have Zlll upper and lower skin. The upper moves all the ti1ne and the lower when we do. The StUlll21Cl1 is Z1 round hone situated on the right foot and i11 the arch. The toes are located on the lower extremities except when they are on the upper extrennties, and then they are called lingers. .1. 0 Boy lfricntl: l 1,ll'CIll1lCll of y- 111 last night. llo you ever dream uf me? -lime fe111lez1vori11g tu suppress a yziwiilz No, hut l'd like the clmnce. ---U- Y. Cntzere: Look at that uxrful hug crossing the tzihle. ll 5Cl'lXYllllIllC1'I That must he Z11lllIl16lA raisin on its xrziy hack tu the kitchen. lg, lt is very evident that SrI11'IC'U1lC was very slaek in tlltllllflllg a mirror for Dr. Txeelefs use. heeause we have noticed that he has given up liope-aiiyway the mustache is niissing. Miss llrmvli lto SlllDllHlll4ll'C5-lf lkhzit is aflenitis? Sophoinore thriglitlvlz Tllllllllllllllfllbll of the mleiioids. And Now-- A Still Better Goodyeafs In the last two months many alterations have he-cn niutle in Goodyear's-and they make this a still hetter store to shop in. Re-location of departlnents, and the opening of a separate store give more spaeiousness--New display cases help to make selec- tions better-new lighting of daylight etfeet make choosing more satisfactory-cash carrier improved. All these changes help to speed and better Goodyear service. And that's what people want now-a-days. 1 The extensive alterations make this one of the tmest stores of its kind in the state. The next time you'1'e down town step in and inspect this fine store. Goodyeafs Main Store-124 South Main Street The Separate Store--Cor. Liberty and Fourth Ave. Both Stores-Telephone 41 7 1 Uj---- SCQLPQ, Checker ' PHWGMH C AB 61 Phone N W for an Q Appointment L at Q st stym Populaa1iPrices Go Bo coo, Inc. I 117 South Main Street Duty Shoes Hosiery Too! .?.-,- 4 SCN?-PEL Q-i lz, t,ioo1l1'1Cl1: llo you tliinlc it is ztnvtliinq serious? Dr. Selnniilti Unly Il little lioil -vnltlie lrztelc inf vom' nccls, lint if l wa' I uc you lfl keep nw eve on it. i-. O, vw.,- li. Xl nllv. l liczn' Nlury is going out with an engineer that is :rn Xl. ll. lf. Li1IllllL'l'3'f .Xn L'llQ'lllL'L'T that is an Xl. ll.-fllow urine? V XY ll Ytl Nl ll 1. fl if 1:11. . . 0.-mentally flencicnt, .1-U, lic-elcr: lYliy the muzzle. Xloreaii: llmt is only xi liztirnet. l wztslie-l my innstaclie 1 I '1 ' I 1 nil l ttnt rlr Il thing' with 't. .init ,.. ,ir - ul. lilllllllllf Klztv l change my seat? l'm next to the steznn pipes. Miss licinp: No, you lizul lncttei' stilv tlii-re and get nswl to the licat. -' --si---l ll. -lewett: l liml 11 terrilile flreznn lust night. lf. l.in1len: Xxlllllt was it? Ifl. blcwctt: l thought l was eating slircilileil wheat :intl when l woke up ialt the mattress was gone. HE Confidence of our Customers is our Greatest Asset! Consult the othces of this bank on iinancial matters. Courteous, individual attention is assured. Many have lost all through investments. Let us advise you and protect your money. 352 interest on Savings Accounts. Safe Deposit Vaults. The Ann Arbor Savings Bank ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Resources over 58,000,000 'F wx.- Sk L., xl 1" :if K SN JS Qi' .Q , -Nap-' f-fl.,-gga-'H X.-hz. ,-X-M V---x:m,. Q Q . - g x . X fl sep. 171' 5 SCf2I,PEL V. E. Graham FUNERAL DIRECTOR Ann Arbor 208 S. Fourth Ave. Michigan THE "A Convenient Store for Womens Immediate Wantsu NVe specialize in Orthopedic foot- wear. We have the kind of shoe to that gives you perfect comfort at -5 ,.,. Q Q. ,zz - work or play: also we carry the ..'-,..,-- long and narrow sizes eelleaif when it comes to Style and Dress ,:--. r ,---""" S5559 patterns. look at Walk-Overs first. We always have the latest design. ' - il' ' U -, V Just as an oasis stands out above the iiatness of l 2 J 1153 the desert, so the exclusive Walk-Over quality 'lf of these smart personal fitting shoes stands R l out above the mediocrity of shoes that are only it ,ffl good enough to get by. It is the fifty-two-yeah X: old practice of making shoes better than they H -Q need be that has helped to make Walk-Overs the , largest-selling trade-marked shoe in the world. Y Walk-Over Boot Shop 115 South Main Street - 3Ci2lPgi H. Case: Say. Klargaret. what does a QI'0l1l1Cl-llflg' look like? ll. l2oe1's111a fiaftei' a 11111111e11t's tliouglitl: Sausaffe. 5 - .T. 0 l. Giwvesz This s111111 is clelicioiis. F.. lxaue: X es, it s1111111ls g1'11'11l. 11 ldzitieut Cclasliiiig lllillllf' i11t11 i111i1'111z11'x' l111l1li11g tiglitlv to liis lieaclbi Give 1 me s11111et.1i11g' 1111' my 116311, 131153 give me s11111etl1i11g f111' my l1e:11l, D12 Hyde: l 11'11ul1111't take il as Z1 gift. lf1'11sl1: XY1111 was the smallest Tllflll 111 l11s1111'y? 291111112 l 1l1111't 111111111 xxvllll was ii? ,.. ' 1 111sl1: Fllie lQ11111:111 s1111l1e1' 111111 slept 1111 his xvatcli. ----o l'z1tie11tI 111011, 1l111'l111'. 1'11111"s lllj' 1'1111stit11ti1111? 13111'1111': 11's 11111 so g111111. 11111 1 guess it 01111 l1e lixefl 1111 with a few ll1lCll1lIllCllI5. Knowledge A11 intimate knowledge of the eo111111u11ity based on long experience, an expert knowledge of banking gained by careful study, has guided this institution to the place of strength and service it now holds. There are 110 fmaiicial duties too small or too large for us to be glad to assist you with. You will always find a welcome here. Come Offen! Farmers 81 Mechanics Bank 101-105 S. Main St. 330 S. State 5 Member of the Federal Reserve V il..-. -T'--1 SCQQLPEI, Dangerous Thermometers For some years it has been observed by doctors, drug- gists and hospitals over the United States-the inaccuracy of fever thermometers. It is almost impossible for the druggist or hospital to know the accurate from inaccurate. A clinical ffeverl thermometer is the most deceptive in- strument known as far as observing its absolute accuracy is concerned. For your own information the statement is made by some of the best authorities, physicians of renown and reputation, that patients in hospitals and in their private practice observe a fever thermometer showing fever when the patient really did not have fever and there have been cases where they have been operated upon for appendicitis. The reason for this is the cheap thermometer, sold at from 50 cents to 75 cents or 98 cents each. Often they are called green tubes or unseasoned thermometers. To understand this, the manufacturer must season his thermometers be- fore etching the scale. He must keep this thermometer from three months to two years, otherwise the glass con- tracts and runs the mercury up. Therefore, if made up in a green tube, the registration will change in a few weeks. These are known as cheap thermometers, or rejects, if not properly seasoned. G. Claude Drake's Drug and Prescription Store Corner State and North University "THE QUARRY' ' f 5 SCQZPEL 1'-'i Helen: XYhat's the matter. Hoody? Hoomlv: Stanley antl l have parted forever. Helen: Huh. in that ease l suppose he won't he over until tomorrow nieht --3-o G. Richards: l think l lust mv pocket-lwoolq here. Have you founcl it? Saleslaclvz What shape was it? G. Richards: Flat. l'm a nurse. - .W-.-O.. .-1-. - Mrs. Bartlett: XYhat great xvonian! letters sliow the sufferings anrl harrl ships of her times. Sturlent: Lydia lillllillZl.llllS. ---f-my---l last week. M. Cotterman: Ilcre's that quarter I lmorroxveil from you liclith Green: lYhv. I hall forgotten all about it. M. Cwtterlnani Well. xvhv the tlielxens tli4ln't you tell me. nu? --- She: You hail no lvusiness kissin-f me. He: lt vvasn't business: it was pleasure. The Largest Sax, if with Selection . Y 3 of .,.,ig,,, F Iowerday S Dresses EE Flguygrs in Town l Phone 7014 Nickels Arcade at Popular Prices , MHH l 'Iwi1!Ni'v4v2lNlNlS'v'v1fv4v"vAv4vllSfN W T 6 .YI!I',Yl'.N" lvlII.fUI'lII.Y z-.-:sfv-f a-4 :-.- Kessel's l ljpsilanti Record Publishing Co. Printers and Publishers l Phone 448 H Upsilanti, Mich. f SCQLPEL Specialists A in ' that is everlasting d 1 y h h d FEM1N1N13 an SC o your APPAREL photograph .J P1101 Y JJ' Jacobson 5 U Shop of Dey Stud1o Per50n41lSgrfUige SO. State St. ADH A1'b Beautifu Footwear WUERTH THEATRE By- RAY HARGIS - li S Sflfglfig ettoui: D1111't you iilltl ll1ll'SCl1E'lCli rifling gives YI 111 Z1 l1ez11lacl1c? pattord: Uh, 111,13 quite the opposite. - 0,...-Q. Sopli ltakiug Care of l1e1' tirst lill5t-H1111 XX'ell, 1x'ellw11'l1at'll l 11151 when llc iirst comes out of etl1c1'. XYl1at'll l tell l1i111 t11 1l11? M when he c1i1111c-s out. Hell just 1l1,1 it. .-,U.. . li. Baker: Does the 111111111 effect the IirlC? H. I1Ticl1te1': Nil: it cttects the unticfl. M1 0. . Cl1a1'a1'te1'istic Tecluiique 1ti1111s of 2111 l1'isl1111a11. Il 'lew :1111l Il Sc11tcl1111a11 i11 1'c11111yi11g a ily f1'1'1111 a mug of beer. l1'isl1111z111 Hicks l1is llllt. 1lis1'cg:11'1li11g' thc loss uf f1'1:1111. blew picks his 11ut. S li 11 Cllflflilllllll wriugs l1is out. -,0,, 11ct111': l'll have you cured uf measles i11 a week. atient: Now. Duc, 1111 rash lHI'1lllii5CS. Are You Satisfied with Your inanoial Condition. You may earn 351.000 a year or Sl0.000. If you earn 31.000 and organize yourself. you are on the way to S10.000. "Financially organized" means you are following a plan. It means you can pay your bills when due. you know how much you can spend and when you can spend it. It means protection against emergency. Saving is an essential part of such a plan. We will gladly help you make a plan and we'll be glad to pay you interest on your savings. Come in. STATE SAVINGS BANK ANN ARBOR. MICH. MEMBER FEDERAL REDERVE SYSTEM autell fg1'i111lyl: You XYfIl'l't have to tell l1i111 a11ytl1i11g or flu anytliiug SCf2',Pg Why do you see So many new Chevrolets on the road? The Answer Is- Quality when you buy. Service after you buy. Resale value when you trade in. BUY A CHEVROLET and ride with a smile U N I VE R S I TY CHEVROLET SALES Cor. Huron and Ashley St. Phone 9314 Hutzelfs' APPAREL SHOPS for W0 m en ."W. Ypsilanti - - Ann Arbor First National Bank OF ANN ARBOR Oldest National Bank in Michigan Commerce Savings Trust EBERBACH 'S "The Dependable Drug Store" High Grade Stocks of Nurses' Supplies Pharmaceuticals Toilet Articles Rubber Goods DfPaftme"'S EBERBACH at soN co. 200-202 E. Liberty St. Capital and Surplus . . 3225.000 Established 1843 iii V' il, SCQPEL ,Xl1ie. watch gout fle lmaliy while 11011111111 goes herself hy cle liC1liCZ1l Hout sl1e shoocl haf 1le l1exa111i11:1ti1111s, Looie, ai11't I tolrl you you Sllfllllll leaf aloue cle 111a11's pockets? lYl1at's tlis we got here H111-111. Il 1'ul1l1e1' i11 rle family. .Xluie. 42111116 awal: ai11't it Clllilllgll alreacly vou slioticl trmx' hou de H111 11' hall the chahts, wit pepers. wit refers? Nize lmlwy, tele euother hite from ile l'lCl'lCllZ1ll. Nmih- stap it yat-Nutty hairy you slioocl hit the 11ize larly hou rle hearl. Klarlauie. is clis a fact? Yi. yi, soeh a te11111e1'. Zlilllt it! Xlias 111111 was El lnalwy yet alrezuly? 011110. I-lPl1iC-.xlliQ, we slioocl next hy cle Hexray fle1'wa1't111e11t go. S1 'cha rl1'1lli11k haliy- it up hall cle lWC1l6llZ1il1iiilll'liC Crash. Yi yi. Louie, clot dope. fm' vy slioorl trow rle l1e11e11al1 skeeu yor 1111111111151 slioocl sleep hou it yat? Y1 vuce 111111'e you shoofl do sometiiik I slioocl speuk ytm h111l you sl11111cl feel it for a xvik. For vy ve sl1o11c,l c11111e to cle liospital wit l1exa111i11atio11s. wit heiigry lzulies. wit l1e11e11al1 slqeeus. wit hexrays. --H. bl. H. log.- l.. Hall: I 1l1111't lielieve i11 this 1'e1lueti1111 1liet lausiuess. I'x'e lmeeu 011 one for a 111o11th 211111 it l'lZ1Sll.t helperl a lmit. M. Hush: Did you eat auythiiig else lsesifles the mliet? L. Hall: Nothing hesirles 1111' regulzii' meals. -..-i...0, ....,,..- M. Batrlorif tat the hlllllllll'-SCllllll' l1r1111111etl: I guess this must he spYil1Q cliickeu all right. I just liit one of the illl'i1l'YS. 5 Distinctive Footwear - Sumnier Footwear Exclusive Models Carrying High Arch and Narrow Heel Fitting For feet that are hard to fit J. Murph Boot Shop 12 Nickel's Arcade All Shoes S10 The Dimattia Beaut Shop Open Friday Evenings for Marcelling and Hair Cutting We use soft water DIAL 8878 -with-f Dimattia Beaut Shop Dr. marq minniss CHIROPODIST fl!! frozrlilixvozzzi' 1'o1'z1,v I'L'll10'Z't'lf --------------------g----+- Allondabv and Y'z11'.mH1-1' only 340 South State St. --- Scfgpg 11- YE ENGRAVJER UF OLD with his small tools and his piece of box Wood spent days, yea sometimes Weeks, in the pro. duction of a single illustration requiring much skill and patience. MODERN PHOTO-ENGRAVINGS are made photo mechanically with the use of modern photographic apparatus and the aid of chemistry. But it depends just as much upon the skill of the artisans as in the days of old. Your illustrations--he it a school book or a catalog, if intrusted to us, will he given careful attention so that the finished printed page may truly convey the illustration you Wish to produce. SERVICE ENGRAVING CO. BOYER BLDG. coNcsREss af BRUSH. DETROIT, MICH. l w " i "4'l.QQ..Q'...... . ... Q Qf4..9 if9lfQf.!.QfAf.!.fAf.5.fA..t15..Qf.!..A. 5 5 5 4 A , ri. J, ' 'O , 1 ' I 5. '- 1, Q' HF' ' I n,' ' 1 'I X ,, ", L' f IJ' JIFLT i 'a-gf' ,A . :kg 5 . If 'A M t k . '11 -4 . I '. X jf! lk 5 'L' I P" 'Tlx 6 ,Tv ... 11 A. "1 i 3 I 5- K-J rf,-1 wkg., pf l -5 f v.W1 14 ,3 . V X W' - ,X t 1 ' , ff 1' " "':"a."U J- . ,, , ,NJ ..,. f I, . I 'IH 'f I :gf 11,9 yjrfwzu f. V ' u-Ur' kv I- , ' 'XMIM J! , 1 V , . V "P -- 55 --... cw' 5 ,,,,'.-...,.,.,V .I 'havf YJ. . , , '. , 'Q ,'1'Q ' '-,N 1-' '- ,N 9-L .., 5 1,11 ' 3-E-L-."",.u vu, I' ' , . I' ' . -,tv ,-L . '. 1 Nw Aevu- - H , ,- . - ' " ' ' CQ9f'L'.F " ' '. ..,' A 1' , .. L U6 -, 1-'.,,'L5f " 75.5-. w,,",5y pr .,l '. '11 -. X314 v " if :-.- ,L 31.5 12,31 , rig., -, .V . .vu I ..x ,X ,.. 4, ca-M4 ..,. 1 yvq g,,, r ,: .M--..' 4- '4 - , ,, 1 ,N , D V1 , aimew mf.: -- . df .11 . :fi-' "-T'-P-lr" --"'-i Y . -Qu' ' ...nt .,.--:w,.g", , 3 Ji , fa N ' ... ' -.'-'F-g.1i.': , 'r .- "-72 - ' -- . wh--L M: ' 4 5 .LY 3.225 ff N ,,i.x5f,',' ,. .-N ' Q' L km' . . ,, ,, ,:J'j,,,'vJ.:1"4, fl E' H , , V uf C43 - gi, :H Wiz. Wg" "',J ,. -. , Y A,.1,.- .7 -,. , H15 Y Qi, ' K , ,'Q4,.:'5?gg'f,4i" ."'. 7' .fn 1 'rn' v I, Ag, il- 1':Q'y'..Q5-ff .' 'ff wr' "--Hvw if 'Q'-- 5' br, H fvr .. " a . L 1 ' x f ' - .V , - A X L-3 1 ,1 V' , 7' I ., 1 Va' , A .W 4x I ji . -,Ax ' 'UF' , AY 5 J. ' cz ' ." - T uv r. .,.-'N,-kg, , 'w A . ", in 1- -, 4'3" - ' , .Li , J-' 41 ' L ' V ,i Y It 5. , J . 1 . . I ' 'vi i 3 I 5- K-J rf,-1 wkg., pf l -5 f v.W1 14 ,3 . V X W' - ,X t 1 ' , ff 1' " "':"a."U J- . ,, , ,NJ ..,. f I, . I 'IH 'f I :gf 11,9 yjrfwzu f. V ' u-Ur' kv I- , ' 'XMIM J! , 1 V , . V "P -- 55 --... cw' 5 ,,,,'.-...,.,.,V .I 'havf YJ. . , , '. , 'Q ,'1'Q ' '-,N 1-' '- ,N 9-L .., 5 1,11 ' 3-E-L-."",.u vu, I' ' , . I' ' . -,tv ,-L . '. 1 Nw Aevu- - H , ,- . - ' " ' ' CQ9f'L'.F " ' '. ..,' A 1' , .. L U6 -, 1-'.,,'L5f " 75.5-. w,,",5y pr .,l '. '11 -. X314 v " if :-.- ,L 31.5 12,31 , rig., -, .V . .vu I ..x ,X ,.. 4, ca-M4 ..,. 1 yvq g,,, r ,: .M--..' 4- '4 - , ,, 1 ,N , D V1 , aimew mf.: -- . df .11 . :fi-' "-T'-P-lr" --"'-i Y . -Qu' ' ...nt .,.--:w,.g", , 3 Ji , fa N ' ... ' -.'-'F-g.1i.': , 'r .- "-72 - ' -- . wh--L M: ' 4 5 .LY 3.225 ff N ,,i.x5f,',' ,. .-N ' Q' L km' . . ,, ,, ,:J'j,,,'vJ.:1"4, fl E' H , , V uf C43 - gi, :H Wiz. Wg" "',J ,. -. , Y A,.1,.- .7 -,. , H15 Y Qi, ' K , ,'Q4,.:'5?gg'f,4i" ."'. 7' .fn 1 'rn' v I, Ag, il- 1':Q'y'..Q5-ff .' 'ff wr' "--Hvw if 'Q'-- 5' br, H fvr .. " a . L 1 ' x f ' - .V , - A X L-3 1 ,1 V' , 7' I ., 1 Va' , A .W 4x I ji . -,Ax ' 'UF' , AY 5 J. ' cz ' ." - T uv r. .,.-'N,-kg, , 'w A . ", in 1- -, 4'3" - ' , .Li , J-' 41 ' L ' V ,i Y It 5. , J . 1 . . I ' 'vi DEDICATION WE, the class af " 27 ' dedicate this book to MISS TITUS whose work for the best in- terests of our school is an inspiration, whose unbound- ed interest and encourage- inent are our incentives and who is the unfailing exainple of that which wc mag hope to attain in our profession. 7 SHIRLEY C. TITLS K ,- ,- ..TN f w Foreword GRANT us fixity of pur- pose, that we may do Well what has been en- trusted to us, and be kept from being false to the main task by undertaking a multitude of odd jobs and ill-sorted responsibili- ties. For the possession of a center of gravity We pray. Contents Dedication Foreword School Views Faculty Classes Alumni Features Organizations Society Humor Ads 'I il 1. X idx 'E X? ff 5 , f xg: 2 ,Qi . yu.: -me 1 The Spirit of a Heurrg Laugh There's a little spirit folk That gets into the air And lifts your burdens like a joke So life seems bright and fair. A brilliant, happy light is he That scatters all the gloom And like a soft and airy chord The song of life can tune. To bathe himself deep in a brook Of jolly little waves, To sing his song in every nook And feed on rainbow rays. He travels with a silken sail And music like a chime: He capers on the fountain rail Regardless of the time. He dances with the moonlight And chatters with the raing He frolics with the sunlight And with the snow the same. Gallant, gentle, kind and true And always on the go, Never tired, never blue, His work revives him so. A very comely spirit he, A saint from purest height, A dreary world this sure would be Without his brilliant light. O Spirit of a Hearty Laugh, So brilliant, gay and clever, Come skip and frolic o'er our path And echo on forever. Echo back from rocky climes And echo in the vale, Echo in our hearts and minds That We may never fail. -STEG. J im1,.jz5 1 v ' r UL UW l O a ,. x l u f . ' 1 x ! 5 W f ' 1 " I " ' f x It ly fig: Ja. f xfi y 'Aai' g J hj' - , ff '- f .....-'fi-g 'A Q ,QF-1 I : X ,YA R K + X ,,- , .- , u ' ' '. ,, Q, n 49 ' - v Mr 'X ..:L n - V v . -' 9 " f -..4-, ' V 'Qu'-'ffv . 6 ' F, r 1 X m . . -,s 4,,. ' -31 Lx' fuk " 1 ,,!'x,'-A x ,.f nf ' .. , -. , A v- v u ' - -.. x.-, uf: .' .ff Ar f 1 ' 1 -pn -1 . 'ii Af N. J, n.. f: 1 f., o - , , ' '-v ,- . ij.-ax. I X A,Lv',1 4, .X . Y. Q if 5 . ,Y . fy. 'Z-. 1-L.. .-11, x,,. 5.. q,, .' ' I . .J ,V l - .I . Y A. I N .Vu .I u, lf, '51, - Qi 4. ....,,, .N--Iv ,,. v v. ,L x ,Q -s '- 1 , A K. EEE? 5 i .ii SCQZPEL . ,- -5 , A , if , . ' it is . -Q, ,X L I Ji .. , 1 X5 I Y o . ? ! . 1 .yi -, Administrative Division RHUIXX C.XRRUl.I., Night Siipcriinuii- :lent RIUVH I.ziRL'E. Sril Assistant tn the Uircctwr nl' Nursing .-XNNA YIDEN, Snpcrvisiir, Cniivalrs- cent Hwsliital LL'I-L' Y. THURPIQ, Siipcrviswr, St-nth Departincnt MARIE XY,XNZEL'Ii. Assistant Direc- tor of Nursing OLIVE BROXYN. Supcrvis-wr ui Ma- ternity Building RHEA MCGLINCH, Supervisor uf Operating Ronins ANNA SHALLCROSS, Zncl Assistant Night Superintendent RUIEY ,XI.IPIiN, :Xrsi-tllllt Niuht Siipcr- iinriiilt-iit tiIfR'I'RL'IPE ITIXRU PXY, Siipurvisnr nf L'--iitagiwiis Hinlihng .XI.I.IIp I-I,XIQhHNhN, 4th Assistant tw tht' Dircftffr -it Nursing XI.-XMNA '1II.I.HT5flN, Znfi .XSSISIZIUI lu thx: ljiirctivr i-I Nursing 5HIRl,.EY Lf TITLE, Iliructur 4-f Nursing I-IENRIE'I"I'.'X SCI-IHI.'1'EN. Srd Assis- tant Night Superintcndcnti: XIARGIE, SCHNEIDER, -ith .Xssistant Night Superiiitcnduiitk X01 in fifflilr. 7 l,-.-..- ----scfgprfr t its Division of Instruction FRANCES NODE, Assistant Instructor of Practical Nursing LURA lil.I3RliDGli, Instructing-Super visor FLORISNCE KEMP, Instructing-Super visor MARY GILES, Supervisor of Clinical Instruction THERESA JOHNSON. Assistant In- structor of Practical Nursing KATHERINI2 NELSON, Assistant Instructor of Practical Nursing HELEN LINN, Assistant Instructor of Practical Nursing SHIRLEY TITUS. Director ELIZABETH SHIERIIJAN, Instruct- iiig-Supcrvisorit ERMA HOLTZHAUSEN, Instructor of Practical Nursingt ik Xml in f'il'fIIl'F DORA MARSHALL, Assistant Instruc- tor of Practical Nursing H.-.1 5 -1-ti Sci?-PEL Head Nurses of Wards HELEN HEBELER, Head Nurse, Oral Surgery VVard MRS. ESTHER JOHNSON, Head Nurse, Cl1llCll'Cl1'S XYards, XYest AGNES SXVENSON, Head Nurse Medical XVards, XYest EFFIE SHOGREN, Head Nurse, XYom- en's Surgical Wiards, East MARGUERITE MacPHEE, Head Nurse, XXYOIIICILS Surgical lYards. XYest MARGARET GOREY, Head Nurse. Childrens lYards, East ADA SNIIJOR, Head Nurse, Operating Room HELEN MAH.-XFFY, Head Nurse. Operating Room MARGARET XYELLMAN, Head Nurse, Operating Room MARY REAMY, Head Nurse, Men's Surgical VVards, East MARION FLINT, Assistant Supervisor, Operating Rooms ALIPREY ML'I.I.ER, Head Nurse, Pri- vate Corridor DOROTHY HROVKN, Head Nurse. XYUl'l'l6l'l'S Medical lYards El.IZ,fXHETH BENNETT, Head Nurse. Otolt-gy and Klplitlialmology lYards, XYest ERMINE CONZ.-X, Head Nurse, Otol- ngy and Ophtlialinnlogy XYards, East KIILUREIJ HANSON, Assistant Head Nurse, Childrens XYards, East RUTH CRAMER, Head Nurse, Der matology XYard HELEN XYILSEY, Head Nurse, Men's Surgical Xlards, West MRS. LORR.-XINE REYNOLDS, Head Nurse, Private Corridor GL,-XIJYS HIQDNALL, Head Nurse. Infants' XYardi: MRS. GERTRIQDE YEOMANS, As- sistant Supervisor, Convalescent H0spitalbk it Nat in ffictzzrr ihl- 5 L-il. - Scf2:PEL a 4 ,.q f- f"N X ff. N p-A Q v "4 -0- A Head Nurses of Clinics XYINIFRED KELLOGG, House Phy- siciau's Office ANNA Al.SPAl.'GH, Head Nurse, Genito-lfrinary Clinic DOROTHY CAMPBELL, Head Nurse, Orthopedic Clinic Florence 'xYestlirook, Head Nurse, Ad- niitting Rot tins ALPHA BUYER, Head Nurse, Oph- tlialinology Clinic RUTH KIRCHER, Head Nurse Pedi- atrics Clinic RUTH EYANS, Assistant Head Nurse Medical Clinic LELA REAGAN. Head Nurse, Med- ical Clinic HELEN DAYHJSUN, Head Nurse Neurology Clinic ALICE HANDY, Assistant Head Nurse. Surgical Clinic EDN.-X PLAGEMAN, Assistant Head Nurse, Dermatology Clinic IJEATRICE FRIDAY, Assistant Head Nurse, Medical Clinic MARY LeISLE, Head Nurse, Surgical Clinic LCCILLE COLE, Head Nurse. Gtologjy Clinic - AMELIA BODENMILLER, Head Nurse Gynecology Clinic MRS. MARIAN HILLIPS, Assistant Head Nurse, Gynecology, Clinic JEAN MacGREGOR, Head Nurse, Dermatology Clinic IERRIENE DONOGH CE. Head Nurse, Ural Surgery Clinic N l 1' qf.u'v"1,' ' -"1 -1 X f- - .W -, ,f 1 5 1 1 '. ' .1 - r 1 ,N . m n V , JJLsmQ1g ram' ' I L 1' " I-ny I ,-f C, ,V n 1 , 1 . A 7' ',f'vN' s P5 -u w X -F N f X K' E .ff . Un, i 3 I 5- K-J rf,-1 wkg., pf l -5 f v.W1 14 ,3 . V X W' - ,X t 1 ' , ff 1' " "':"a."U J- . ,, , ,NJ ..,. f I, . I 'IH 'f I :gf 11,9 yjrfwzu f. V ' u-Ur' kv I- , ' 'XMIM J! , 1 V , . V "P -- 55 --... cw' 5 ,,,,'.-...,.,.,V .I 'havf YJ. . , , '. , 'Q ,'1'Q ' '-,N 1-' '- ,N 9-L .., 5 1,11 ' 3-E-L-."",.u vu, I' ' , . I' ' . -,tv ,-L . '. 1 Nw Aevu- - H , ,- . - ' " ' ' CQ9f'L'.F " ' '. ..,' A 1' , .. L U6 -, 1-'.,,'L5f " 75.5-. w,,",5y pr .,l '. '11 -. X314 v " if :-.- ,L 31.5 12,31 , rig., -, .V . .vu I ..x ,X ,.. 4, ca-M4 ..,. 1 yvq g,,, r ,: .M--..' 4- '4 - , ,, 1 ,N , D V1 , aimew mf.: -- . df .11 . :fi-' "-T'-P-lr" --"'-i Y . -Qu' ' ...nt .,.--:w,.g", , 3 Ji , fa N ' ... ' -.'-'F-g.1i.': , 'r .- "-72 - ' -- . wh--L M: ' 4 5 .LY 3.225 ff N ,,i.x5f,',' ,. .-N ' Q' L km' . . ,, ,, ,:J'j,,,'vJ.:1"4, fl E' H , , V uf C43 - gi, :H Wiz. Wg" "',J ,. -. , Y A,.1,.- .7 -,. , H15 Y Qi, ' K , ,'Q4,.:'5?gg'f,4i" ."'. 7' .fn 1 'rn' v I, Ag, il- 1':Q'y'..Q5-ff .' 'ff wr' "--Hvw if 'Q'-- 5' br, H fvr .. " a . L 1 ' x f ' - .V , - A X L-3 1 ,1 V' , 7' I ., 1 Va' , A .W 4x I ji . -,Ax ' 'UF' , AY 5 J. ' cz ' ." - T uv r. .,.-'N,-kg, , 'w A . ", in 1- -, 4'3" - ' , .Li , J-' 41 ' L ' V ,i Y It 5. , J . 1 . . I ' 'vi x I ..' ...11. I ,, g .4 1 I' .,f' '4 J , pf A 'Ja , ..x, ,.....T 5' h.,1. ,u SCQPEL KIARY DOXYX i Q " B1':1dfwrrl.Pa. P A-Queen Amy'-Te 11,1 y 1 ' W , ELIZABETH HIEIMOXEN xfllftllltllk' "The Rmnlvling Kid"-If XY, B4.uI,ml LUCILLE :XCKER Clljllllllll, Minn "The King's Deputy''-f-l'ImAr1ck GXVENDOLYN ZIEGLER Mt, Clemens INEZ BURDICK Redford my 1? ...v..l V .ii 1 SCf2lPEL - A, k.,,.. . R..-1 """ .... - i IR., . . 1. ,Hb .12 , I NISX 1927 I -S. EDNA JENSEN Grant Class President, '27 Prom Cf'1111n1ittee, '27 "Her ITZIIIIEIJS D8l1gIltC1".'-GEIIE S. Porter M,-XRJORIE FRANKLIN A1111 Arbor HA C01111ecticut Yaukpc in King A1'thU.1'.S COL11't"+BIa1'k Twain M1-XRG.-XRET LIPE Mauistee "I Count My Times by Times That I Meet Tl1ee"-Ricl1z11'd Gildei' MILDRED MANTELL Galesburg "Peck's Bad Boy"-Peck Class President, '26 Adv. Mgr. Scalpel, '27 -..- NFLLIE PHILLIPS Alumnae Editor Scalpul, Y. XY. C. A. Treasurer, "Supi'uue SHY1'CUl1C1'AiTIVJ2lHlC Rube JOSEPHIXE SXYDER K-C4llCll'l'l1,"XviX'i1lI1 Brithcrtuu GRACE KARR Deiiaucc, Gliio Vice President Student Council, '27 AXXETTE KETCHUXI 5 SCQZPEL ' ffyrk Fenton Zfi .Zo mi Unukzuua Valparaiso, Ind. G.-XRNET BE.-XNBLOSSOM Ansonia, Ohio "XYhat's in a Name"-Babrius I "gr: f UMSN KE - , 5 SCQPEL U MSN JCNE ALBRIGHT Circulation Mgr. Scalpel, '27 Flint Asst Circ. Mgr, Scalpel, '26 "Sense and Nonsense"-Sat. Eve'g Post HE.-XTRICE XVESTBROCJK Croswell "Thu Husitant I'IGZl!'tufxxvil-lif'I'Cd XYeIlis LCCILLE THORNTON Farmingtnn 2nd Ass't Editor Scalpd, '25 "The "The Clories of C1E'lIlEDfilltT"iI.OCl1E MARGUERITE BUSH Jackson Senior Prom Committee, '27 Vice President Y. XY. C. A.. '27 Queen of Hearts"-Collins ROSE TOXYE X Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet, '26 J1927 C 2 t.'l'SXVCCf"'I'10HEl!1d DCIYOU ----Scfgpg EDN.-X I.. DUDD Kli.l.qu1kl .Xdv. Mgr. Scalpc-I, 'lin Editor Scalpcl, '27 ill? 'KIDIIIIIIYICS-5U"CZi1Vl. Ervin Mm-1-111 H.-XRRIHT XYAGXHR Hwmcr "Quit Yum' Fw.nliu"'fA11nu lf. Palmu' ELIZ.-XBETH GOOIJRICH Flillt "An lmlivimlcd On:-Half lun-ree ,I , A - 6 IVA Lilifxx Flint "XYmnen Must Lvndcrstaml Her JLIIJ'-fI.21llI'El NANCY CRA-XXX.-X Grcgwry "The 'I'igc1"'--XYilli:nn Blair A, I 5 1-,..-. SCQQPEL fl UMSN l HELEN ALTVATER Homer Student Council, '26 Class Sec. and Treas., '26 Y. XY. C. A. Cabinet, '26 "Like a Lilac"-Maurice F. Eagan DOROTHY KERR Newport, Ohio "Sx11fp1'essecl Desires"-Cook and Glzlspell GERTRUDE BREXYINGTON Colorado Springs, Colo. Art Editor Scalpel, '26 "Sleeping Benuty"f'Pcl'1'nl1It THELMQX AGNEXV Ann Arbor "At FHll1C'S Gateway"-Jennie I, Blix OLIVE XYERNER Lake Linden "XVise and Otlierwise''--Pansy -1-1 4 SCQZPEL ELIZABETH XVIVEL Ashtabula, 0l1io "NYhat to Do and How to Do It"-Fre-lcrick Lewis YIVIAN ECKSTIEN Croswell Class Treasurer, '26 "Constancy"-Sir John Suckling HELEN HENNEFORD Bluffton. Incl. "Little Goodie Few Slums"-O. Goldsmith MARGUERITE DEI-IX Bay City "For Better 01' For XVm'se"fE. T. Fowler GLADYS RICHARDS "Goldy Locks"-Horace Scudder "1 L Ri , af- fg iiefim, QV bagmaw gg V Q ,i .- UMSN l '-'-up- , 1927 l J' SCQZPEL- , ,4.4 ff LMSN N -2 .,..,,,.4 ALICE KNIGHT Bay City "Brine Me XYord How Tall She Isn- Creenwell MILDRED RUSSELL Coopersville "Oh! XVhat a Girl!"-Smith GR.-XCIA STRONG Rockford Y. 'W. C. A. Cabinet, '26 Scalpel Society Editor, '27 Class Vice President, '27 "The Xightingale"-Andersa Rodiere EDITH GREEN Dundee Ass't Adv. Mgr. Scalpel, '26 Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet, '26 President Student Council, '27 "Strong Heart"fBurton IONE MEEH.-XN V Kinney, Minn. Asst Editor Scalpel, '27 ''Possibilities''-Kipling "You Never Know Your Luck"-Parker i ---M5115 ,Z MARGARET BILKEY Ishpeming "A Friend's Friend"fKipIiug HE.-XTRICE FERRIBY Eaton Rapids "Something Plus"-Zona Gal: LEON.-X STIYERSON Hudson Class President, '26 Y. XV. C. A. Sec., '26 Ass't Fiuaxfl Mgr. Scalpel, 'Zh "The Conql1er0r"+Certrlule: Atliertim BERNICE OLIN Douglas 'tiwsntinlental TOHl111j'.'fJ. H. Barrie MARTHA HINKLE Redford Senior Prom Committee, '27 i ' , uisx W. I . I , 'X ji' -- .:' A , w ,g 'K , .5 1 . 1 r . x 'Ti Qu gl x ,'8 I F 'E . N ,Ai -"' .-1 .- ,ts "w rr W" 4' SCQLPEL ' ' - 1 N f . UMSN P 4 ,.4, . , Y "2:a'fg.jig -'Pr i t "X:-ff: Fx 'iii MARY SIMPSON Ann Arbor Scalpel Typist, '27 "XYor1ds of Fancy and of Facts"-Sherwood Anderson HAZEL HEMES Escanaba Scalpel Art Editor, '27 "A Regular Girl"-Hobson MAYME COTTERMAN Flint T11 "A Human Being"-Herman Hagedo DOROTHY SCHXVIMMER Detroit President Y. XV. C. A., '27 "Toot Sweet"-Eagan HELEN IEXVETT VVhite Pigeon "Sister Helen"-Rosetti ' ? ---1 SCQLPEL HIE.-XT.-'X BOURKIZ Port Hunm "Man Shy"fXYil1ian1 Zicgl MILDRED DUNCAN Luclingtf Ill "Bclovui My Bulm'cd"-Elizubutll Brv.m'ning WII.MfX XYELCH Aslltabula, Ohio Vice President, '26 "Much Ado Abnut Nfrfhillgu-Sllfll-KCSIWZAYC LENORF H.-XLL UCYFHH "A Fine I.:uly"fIuIiu Hfvwc ELIZABETH BROXYN L'niversity Place. Nab. "Tile Best Thing in the XY01'1d"-E, Browning LMSN 1927 46 S cy. P E L -f...-.-.-.-. HILD.-X CASE Athens Joke Editor Scalpel, '26 "Innncents AiJ!'OHfi-i-1IHl'k Twain MARION COOK Mason Exchange Editor Scalpcl, '20 Y. XY, C. A. Cabinet, '26 "A Heart fur Evei'yii-mei'-Clmrle-5 Swain ELLEN LINDEN Islipenlinq "A Pilgrim AIFli4iH"-xI?t!'liHl A, Tnggriri BONA M.-XYHEXY Parkersburg. Ya. "Girl Alive"4M:u'tin A. Nexo MAXINE MGNROE VVayne "Luck of the Roof!"-XYallace Irwin --amiga YIRGIXIA C.fX'.l'ZERE Xcwayg.. "Bun zxrcl'-Henry XY. T,-,mgnllmv ELBIZRTA HOOD Uri H Iklx n "Thyme 9-,vinicts to Li lxmliirtln- 'ffm-niiysin REBECCA RILEY Szniufnuck "Bucky Bcli:ix'c"-f-Tr. Girls' I'I:iy MARC.-XRET BUIZRSMQX Mcflziin "A XY1'-iiiaifs Last NYni'fl"-Ii-iliu't Iiiw-x-:ning MARY JANE SMITH Harbor Springs Business Mgr. Scalpi-I, '27 Asst Business Mgr. Scalp-:I "Talking Business"-J. Hcflaifll '76 mm Q- 7 ffiiw LMSN 5 SCQZPEL , h,........., YERMA KYLE SCHULTZV . Swayzee, Ind. "The Gorgeous Girl"-XYa1bro Bartley JYLIA XYORDEN "Stop, Look, Listen"-Owen XVister RUBY ROBINSON Athens Swayzee. Ind. "The Substance of zz D1'Qn111"'-F. YY. Burr MARGARET GUSTINE Second Ass't Editor Scalpel. Class Secretarv !Z7 "She XV:-xlks in Beauty"-Byron Benton Harbor '27 S C ig: P is: L Class Poem Oh. 'tis sad to he a senior. 'Tis sad to say farewell: 'Tis sad to he a-parting' From the friends we love so well: Hut we hope to leave hehind us A memory kind and true Of those who did the hest they knew. XY-e've loved the struggle and strife That have made up our training' life. lYe've loved its joys and its woes: YYe've loved its comes and its guess lYe've loved the disappointments anr lleve loved the davs when finished XYe've loved them when begun. l the f un lYe've grumhled and we've growled. Sometimes we've even vowled. But we'd rather have these ups and Than he a ruler of many towns. Now that it's time to leave lVe bow our heads and grieve For days that are gone, friends that downs are won. For songs that we've sung' and deeds that we've done :Xll these things we leave hehind That we may go forth and find New realms to be explored. New diseases to be cured. Yet. though wealth we gain and success we attain lVe'll ne'er forget or cease to adore The school where we are seniors no 1'llOI'C. --? S cy P5 Class Will XYE. Tl-Ili CLASS OF 1927, he-ing of sound mental caliber, do declare this our last will and testament. Lnto the Educational Department. our unceasing admiration for their for- bearance. Lnto the Junior. our white shoes. Be sure to always keep them clean. Lvnto the Sophomores, all due sense of jFl1l0l'lfj'. Never forget to use it. Miscellaneous : Acker's Pepsodent smile to Marge Sanderson. It pays to advertise. June Alhights hearty guffaw to Davey. G. ljeanlmlossoins sylph-like form to Staulker. M. l2oersma's shyness to B. Allen. By practice may you overcome it. G. Richards' diet to L. Shrider. 'X willowy figure may you have. M. L'otterman's vocabulary when incensed to M. Parker. Hoodys aprons to E. Hester. Don't let them lap too much. M. Franklin's drawling speech to D. XYeeks. l. Deans knowledge of the world to G. Nicholas. E. Linden's sophisticated air to M. Spatford. H. Hemes' natural curls to L. Aurand. May you always look forward to rainy days with pleasure. H. .Iewett's Irish tongue to Yenona johnson. Don't let the Scotch compete with you. G. Zieglens ahility to make up to F. Cross. ll. Greens imposing stature to li. Long. Always be a little above others. D. Schwimmer's haircut to Y. Cooper. Casey's promptness in arising to B. Anderson. liona's and Heinie's pleasure in talking shop after hours to F. Palmer. .lo Synders' genuine sweetness to M. Batdorff. We hereby name. nominate and appoint Perry as our only executor of this last will and testament. ln XYitness XYhereof, we set our hand and seal this 10th day of April, 1927 A. D. CLASS OF 1927. S Cyl P E L Senior History In the fall of .lilll Miss Alice L. Lake introduced a new class of ninety members to the Lniversity Hospital. It required several days for the little band to gather together. The first members were Edith Green a-nd Gladys Richards: last but not least. Elizabeth Dagmar Heimonen and Grace Karr. Me were of many types-tall. short. fat and lean. some smiling. some fi-owning. carefree and innocent. From the cold, bleak north. the sunny south. the open spaces of the west and the aristocratic east did we come. . Our first inspection was in T. S. who judgedus by the use of cutex. 2 in 1. and the fiat iron. XX e next received our preliminary thunips and bumps in M. O. P. under the direction of Miss Reagan. Later we gathered on Palmer ll, where the noble band gave blood for their XYassermans and in return received the different "shots" which were later made familiar to us bv the Educational Department. ' The first few days were spent becoming acquainted with the new family and residence. It did not take long for us to be made familiar with the rules and regulations, although some have not yet mastered the "lO:30 lights out" rule. In general, we were a rather lonesome and homesick group. Many members made false alarms of returning home. ffksk G. Beanblossonrl Then we first appeared in uniformwwhat a sight! Soft cuffs. collars and no collars. misplaced pockets. and dresses of various lengths. These deformities were soon corrected by Mrs. Mvishart. At the end of the period of probation we were royally entertained on Cap Night by the Seniors. After receiving our caps we then began our career as real members of the school. The story of our class would not be complete without this notice. which we find in the "M" book of Mildred Duncan: "Hill all the girls on second tioor please put their mattresses in the hall tomorrow morning to be aired? Have them well marked and each will be returned to its owner." Those that were present can well remember the result of that notice. XYe were told Miss Tillotson barely escaped falling down stairs because of weakness from laughter. In July we were present at a Mass Meeting in Surgery Amphitheater, It was at this meeting we first met our new Director of Nursing, Miss Titus, who has so ably guided us the remaining time spent on the sea of training. A sketch from the diary of Martha Hinkle, "Moving Day." Guess we all knew it. Never hope to see another sight quite so funny. Trucks. wagons. and each girl with her bundles or the wheelbarrow, all going toward the new home. Then it was "moving day" at the hospital too. Some would laugh if they were told a hospital was moved in a day. It's not so funny, for it has been done. The Junior year was more interesting than our first year. with new work. new equipment. and new responsibilities. Under the guidance of our president. Leona Stiverson. we had a very successful year. One feature we like to remember is the Junior-Senior Banquet. at which Margaret Boersma acted as toastmistress. Back from vacation again and on the last lap of the course. XYe were then given our black bands, which later in the year were changed to a wide band. This year our choice for president was Edna Jensen. who proved to be a com- petent guide for the class. Several of our group have made some great con- tributions to nursing technique. The one we have been unable to solve is the method of picking a sterile eye dropper from the fioor without contaminating the glove. Now the time has come for us to disband and each take her future work. No matter what we mav choose. may Michigan be proud to say of each and every one of us "She's a member of the class of '27." -A SENIOR. 5 ll SCQLPEL Class Prophecy "VYhile passing away the hours Of a bright and sunny 'Iune day, I brought forth a recent letter From a friend in Allaway. The letter contained information From the Class of '27 and more- A View of the years that have passed Since we parted at Couzens Hall door. Bourke, Peg I-Iinkle and Casey I-Iave returned from a joyous trip And written o book of "Knowledge :Xnd the Art of Escaping It." Acker has returned to Minnesota And's a member of the N. Q. P. H. N. She's instructor and superintendent of nurses And says, "I work harder than I did then." Q 19275 Ellen Linden has inherited money From an old man whose heart gave way. She's now the Camp Fire Girls instructor And is very well liked, so they say. There's a book that gives accurate data On the mission fields over the land: Agnew, Betty Brown and Marg Bilkey .-Xre the leaders in outstanding bands. Mildred Mantell and her co-worker Mayhew Have published two very good books. Mantell's "Tricks and the Innocent Trickster," Bonnas' "Talking lYins Your XYay and Not ooks L Marg Franklin, Y. Fckstein and Meehan I-Iave made their fame as good cooksg They've now turned to the .-Xrt of Beauty And attempt to improve people's looks. No one girl could be more happy Than our redheaded friend, Leona Sue- She's captured a man with a mustache-has a farm .Electric milking machine, and three children, too. The latest styles from Paris- -Iust step in and see our display. Gladys Richards, Clin and Shrouder Xl'ill give excellent lit any day. -scypee - Class Prophecy Hoodie has jilted poor Stanley .Xnd joined Henniford, Hush and Hall: 'l'hey're traveling in Europe and .Xsia .Xnrl their music is loved by all. Helen hlewett, I. Dean and Xl. Duncan Entered Navy Nursing in IUSZ. .X terrific storm arose in the ocean .Xnd they sank with the rest of the crew. Trurlie, the elusive artist. .Xnd Hemes. with true cubist art. Have painted a replica uf nursing XX'ith fine mastery, so critics remark. Grandma, they say, spoils and pets us .Xnfl is always good naturecl and sweet- Can you picture Rl. lioersma and liecky Ruley XX'ith gmlzdrlzililrvfz at their feet? 'lihere's a home for unfortunate cripples, .Xnd among them are a few that we know- They've suffered from backache and broken arches Have llee XX'estbrook, .Xlice Knight and Monroe. The New York Symphony Orchestra Has captured three members of our group- .-Xltvater's accompanying .Xlbright, the violinist, .-Xnd Polly XX'agner has mastered the flute. There's a few who have inet sad fate XX'ith Cupid at his daring tricks. Simpson, Downs, Schultz and XX'orflen Seem to have been his pick. Rose Towe is now a cripple .Xs she took to the Colorado Trail- She is now teaching Public Sanitation, qXnd, l want you to know, 110 0110 ft11'I.f. Greenie, Snyder and Burdick, XX'ho never gave us one bit of rest, Find that enforcing House Rules in a family Isn't quite so easy, I guess. Elizabeth XX'ivel is living at -Xtlantic City: Mary -lane and Mamie paid her a call. They're wild about bathing beauties and parade The shore in bathing suits and parasol. VV? - -.I,,v,.,, .5,V,.-,:V:..t,xQ ,' 5. XVII,-ka., V., V, .,N,II vp , , ,. - V ,, ,, .. 4 V, . V. , . - , V- ,.- . gkwfgffg li- .firlfqlcxf-"VVK'-.':31'l:-'b'f7I afgdmf- 4297. ' V Xfff"":,.xg Q-.,.vf..:. .f 1 .- ".1V.w'V VfI-.., V- I I .3' g', if ., 7 ,Y I I ' '- V V- - V ' y sg. QN .4 - Q ,:, ' ' " ' 'A ' fd ,QP V. , .-ul-'Q' ' 2,1 .V 5 f.2'4.-V,yx'1- EL QT-V. ta, g"1f.s"-IZ-I-'H-" -'iiili'-tg V,". 1 '-I -f,fIgV rjQyl,.-QIQJVV 517.-f'-192'-.15 1 ag- . , -W V.-V c. 4- ,, x,,v.sf. Vg. Aww! .: . , , V Vx V.f.,....,.,..,4.,-Q .V.V.V.,.. , ., . 5 1-Q . - ,. ,4f,.1,- ,V ,,,.'..., , . L 4.-Q .J , . y- 1-QP V 1 A , - 5. x v-yNi"f'LH Vw-7--1-.r--.4 w., --V-- ww ,--V -,UT . . , V ,- . V, W V'-.Aw-.-V: ,.-,Vz,..,..-:V.Vw-1- v 1:VX-r"',,-n'--.-.- ,. ' VV V: if 'V . .5 ' . ' ' ' ggL:u',-' '.:.1,' 4-.N-':w.. - FSE. -"".."'.A'?,'1'3C Y-RVY"2,' 3--,121-V.'5V ,V LUV , QA, "V, -V "':,.:9.-,Md - -fy-GV-V ' 159 ' ,". 1 is :- . 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V. ,r V J .I -. I 1 I ' I 1 AA . V ,M .V I7' .. V .VV V1 , I I I I.: V Ifg., G. VIIII .I , ., .- . ,. ,. V V , V - ' V r , VV 4,.-- I V' V 5 V, " . 'L ' WN . . Iv 4. -IA .V .Von '- 5 1"'rv"1 , I ,:f.,I, V ..m V. .1 VV -V . , -1 1 X "f S cy: P r-: L Class Prophecy Nellie Phillips. Vlfilma lVelch and Gustine-- I was surprised to hear of their luck- Have taken to fancy aviation .-Xnd all admire their old-age pluck, Dehn, Thornton and Ruby Robinson .-Xre having troubles of their own. For they've taken unto them a husband And are making' an "ideal home." Heinie. Goodrich and Zeigler .-Xre beautious Spanish dancers three- F or the "Three Fly Flip" and the "Two Toe Tip" Are graceful as graceful can be. XXX: should be in elabo1'ate mourning, however. For those whose lives were cut short, Ketchum, l.ipe, D. Schwimmer and Duddie lYrecked their minds conceiving' a new XYorld Court. A writer. sculptor and Persian artist Arose from our now famous class. Gracia, Olive XYerner and Y. Catzere Have achieved great renown at last. President Ferriby and Vice-President Jensen, i-Xmerica's well noted women in politics, Are doing their work in the lYhite House. VVe're jealous, of course, but won't kick. Dorothy Kerr, Cranna and Russell ,-Xre happily married and live in Peru. Nlhere work is clone by the natives And they. they have nothing to do. ln India, in the thick of the forest. Doing research work all alone, Pearl Toivenon seeks peculiar crustaceans And sends daily reports to Governor Stone. And, out of compassion, lrleanie Has established a large swimming' pool To interest homesick nurses lYho enter our Training' School. ln my room l put down the letter And pick up our old USC.-XLPEL-ii For l enjoy the familiar faces Of my classmates I love so well. Grace Karr Marian Coo k E. T. C. .'. H, Vw, ...-.3::..' 5 , , W, A . ,lu .- H I N, '1.'N'A - A, 1- A 7 ' ' , . ' - - ' va' ez'-331' V.,-!','t:i J' ,- pvyfl. yi f 1 lv,-,Lg -K-H' V.. W 'f'fL'.:s.'xi,- I - , V QQ., J' vw vp '. , , . ,,.,r , 'Q' - V' . f--fr, Q-V ' I' . 'J X ' 'Q T' 3 A w L x Q I 1 QW. Q v A. .-.'-,' - q..w. , V' Yugi v ,uk 1 .rf K I 4 P X ,, rv 1 V- ..i,m 4, -xr-:V I i I I , 1 1 - .f7 .,. I .1 1 SM. x' F, ,. v . . ,U 'lx , ff v Q. 5 , q,,:x 1" gh.- ,q ,, v s-Ni' , V 1 F 1: r"'3'r J '7.-'rig'-':'.': ,- I-, ,-.., 1- 1,.d, my I ' f. ,af 1 t .. .v1.. ff . ,.,1,l, I 1 l"- - v I ' r n ' N . ,Jw 1 ' , N . X 1 I 4 1 I , ,. 1 ff , xx ,. .,,,, '. ,N,. .L M: 1 w ,- H,,..L Y . W, . 1 SCQPQ w. S L i. Junior Class Mzulalcuc l':u'kc1' lily-num' lYclls lflcaum' llvcster lfflua lmug Gwcuflulyu limcuclic lleruicc Baker Frances Cross Lemma Auraunl Laura Priells Marion Russell lima XVCllClC1' l-llauclu' A-Xllcu lfuuicc rliflllllllll lxlllflllfl Curtis llfmvtlly CIllll:lC'lCls Mary Riley l-lcrtha Klcflure A-Xuue Severance llulcu Riclum' Marvel Re-iulmart Marjorie S2lllfl6l'SOll 5 8652111122 L ' Junior Class DG1'otl1y Hale Elizalweth Stone Mabel Olsen Genevieve XYalk Esther Helma Yeuona .lOll11SC9ll D01'otl1y Tobin Alice Davey l3e1'tl1z1 ,'Xllfl6l'SOll F1'zu1ces Hudliu Elsa Curley F1'a11Ces L,UllllCl'j' Grace Nicholas FlOl'C1lCC Young Fl0l'6llCE Palmer hlosepliiue Kalmer l':Slll61' Jones Floy l-oucle11slager l-le1'tl1z1 Stewart AlZll'lOll Batclorif Phyllis Macliay Leone Sl11'imle1' l,:1 Reine Ncl.a11gl1li11 ww? -P- S C521 P E L Junior History Marion Batdorff Prggiflg-nt Leone Shrider . Vice President Phylis McKay Secretary and Treasurer VERY CLJXSSIFICQXTION or name usually has a history which, if traced or looked into, evolves itself into a story sometimes quite whimsical hut mayhe true. So with Junior. An old Scottish gentleman I once knew tells this tale: In Scotland. on a craggy, rough and harren cliiif. a Scottish peer held a castle. He was rich in precious wares. lands and love of family: luck had heen kind to him. Raised and knighted hy his exalted king. loved hy a ladv of grace and wealth, and last. himself hestowed with a heing loved hy his people. The peer had two sons, line and handsome youths. .Xnd, as the story goes. thev had a name given them when young for convenience perhaps, hut at eighteen: 'mid festivity and song, dance and fun. when the whole country side turned out. thev were publicly named hy parents and given a title fine. ' The peer had a hahy son. lle had given much thought to the function and finally decided thus: The child would he named when a month old. even though contrary to the customs of his people for ages hack. lt seemed right to him. Time and thought had heen given hy many to choose a name for the child. until finally an old faithful servant cried. "XYhy should he not he called Junior? Alunior is the buffer and the strength that stands hetween faith. fidelity and esteem." The peer listened and said. "Junior it should he." And so we. the Class of 'ZS are junior now. The tilling. the stage in the race half run, where you stop hy the way. look hehind and ahead. and know the goal is in sight. 'Iuniorsfwith dreams, amhitions and goals to he reached, VVith achievements for everyone. lt is line that youth can huild for itself a world of glamour, a wall of youth that not even the hard knocking old Time and the world can hreak down. But they too must smile. It is the same in every schoolgfreshmen, frightened and smallg sophomores. wings unfolding a trifie perhaps. But juniors. that stage of life in its glory of development. at a jazzing stage hefore the race is started for the last goal. There is a time hetween starting and finishing. a half goal in vision. And so we are the juniors, nineteen twenty-tive and eighty strong-entered, passed and stayed-lived through the orgy of classes and lectures. practice and law. Nineteen twenty-six-sophomores. not so strong. hut stronger in will and fight for the end. Sophomore caps-the thrill of something gained and an actual possession. Practical living, when achievement must he marked hy actual display. YVe had joys and sorrows, learned a great deal in a year. met many people. different and alike, and wondered and wondered at things. And then we were junirs. the filling in hetween. More achievement and knowledge-a black hand and kerchief, you see. But we follow along in '1 line. w'1itin0'. waiting for time when seniors we will he. o C C S S Scyapg r- V---V , , r 1315 I B xx td Q INN Eggs-Nw S ? mm 5 X' X it Sa N P ..-..i. 5 SC!!-PEL Junior Poem lYe znhnit there are claswes inrire gifteil hy tar, Viliruse talents tinhiflrlen Slllllt' fnrth as 21 btari That 11111' genius reluctantly playa i11 the whafle Makes nur 11tl1erx1'ise healthy cnnceit xrealcly Earle. llut fwrget all yivur ilunhtf anrl nur failure eninasse Give ylllll' attentiiin t-1 -'-111' .luniwr Claws: Here yi 111 see the class loyalty peep f1'1n11 heneath 'lihe Cluali ul gay ce-l11rfYtl1e P11113 Sliirifs sheath, .Xncl see even wixiliviii tuclqeal i11 111-xx' an1l then XYith yearnings for lciimvleflge. the Master uf 111611. f1lllSlf,lCl' 115 theng rlun't 51111 tu-1 get the hunch That after all's flwne we're a pretty gi-ml hunch? flj. L SC? Pg 255 X7 K W ffewz fi QQ kilgfslfjflglg fab! 2 ,ffm XX VIZ . by 5 "7-wkbx X ff uw 'S NQ2Qn- IW A ' N3 Nr NT' ff - I . 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L 4.-Q .J , . y- 1-QP V 1 A , - 5. x v-yNi"f'LH Vw-7--1-.r--.4 w., --V-- ww ,--V -,UT . . , V ,- . V, W V'-.Aw-.-V: ,.-,Vz,..,..-:V.Vw-1- v 1:VX-r"',,-n'--.-.- ,. ' VV V: if 'V . .5 ' . ' ' ' ggL:u',-' '.:.1,' 4-.N-':w.. - FSE. -"".."'.A'?,'1'3C Y-RVY"2,' 3--,121-V.'5V ,V LUV , QA, "V, -V "':,.:9.-,Md - -fy-GV-V ' 159 ' ,". 1 is :- . ' ' ' - V, l' -Vx. --Q:-VVI4 V,w.-'-'22--V..'V'Q ful-5.1 '-'-ii: I -Hz' XKLPQEV 1' fV'1',H -gf :uf-.Z Lt: :H'2s.. rfi V F-1435+ is Wimgii' Ljgy V 2g4g.I.g-'v,!Vgfw:V be V'I441GzVj'1gj'jgVl3.71,-K: .A '.,, , -It-Qi. H6 -V, I V '- ,V J ,lV,.,kf V ,.f:.,,7' ,E ia, V . .QF , .' Q I gg 'df-1'-gi' 'V '. .Q V g, .V V---VVV:Wv!1"le'5-f:'PVVffk-'N-'-'f V1.14V:: '-f':Sj?r.5'1:'h:V :5,V. VE?-V V- V 'P' V- V .. VVV.,. -Vg. 4- V " V:-quaawgisfrigfll' 1-QQ V142 .' .'s.41vv.-1 JEL' diff'-r"171-4 1-gi -' I-'fy' ' F .,',g,'YX,igx' Q . ' ' ' V ' - V , gg ' ' :- Q M 1 'V 'M' . . 'Q'--1:"lA!:' qt -ri. '-Vfx . . .V . - " V V . V-V .- -- .7 V -A J- Viv- V-R. 1.76 V Q, , , ' 5. 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', 1-+ X, 5 ' n - k . , ,. ,. . :L ,, 0,uqA-1 ,X ..-,H ,147 .5 -. ,fl SCQ Pg ,Z Sophomore Ella Grafton Margaret Harder Edna Marshall Hilflrccl Parrott Glenna Fies Myrtle Hertz Edith Kaarlele i Jeanette Roper Isabelle Groves Elma Gaupp Florence Clark Class Maria Sutherland flelia Bettoni Minnie XYalker Ruth Morrow Gertrude Casler Lenore Barabe Kathryn Tucker Lillian Greunke Halen Tiefke Julia Curtin Hazel Stoops Maurietta Shoemaker 5 SCQLPEL Sophomore Class' Irene SO1lllTl6l'l:lClCl Gertrude Smith lVealtha Miller Rhoeine Glascock Elsa Horneber Irma lYolfe Emma Stuclilili Helen Mills Sadie Heller Frances McLaughlin Margaret Yeagle Edith Kitchen Irene Richmond Madge Little Alberta Rugh Florence Moeller Hazel Pugh Alena Makinen Martha Borg Bernice Blakie . Vivian Nye Erna Wiiiliold Bonnie Brown 5 SCQZPEL Sophomore Class Margaret Dickerson Esther Schuler Geraldine Smith Mabel Hunter Dorothea Fulton Eleanor Kohl VVillo Russell Mary Carpenter Inez Stanton Maxine Spaiford Ruth Brooks Dorothy Braden Helen Korbel Ruth Pelton Eileen Kane Gertrude Zillmer Rose Clailin Lyle Shannon Frances Trevarrow E. Mable Smith Mary Mac Neal 4 is-1... --l SCQJPEI. Sophomore Histor Margaret Dickerson . . . . .. P1'v.v1'n'c11f Elsie Horneber . . Vice-President Gertrude Cassler Secretary and Treasurer Miss Nelson . Faculty .Xdviser YERYUNE was astonished when, on September 24. 1926, one hundred twenty-four freshmen appeared from here, there and everywhere. Each one bore the green label. "Oh, they won't last long." or "half of them might graduate," were the sighs that fell on the air. XYalker and Shannon fooled them! They were so good they ate in the graduates' dining room and were quite Hattered at the attention and smiles which they received. September 27 marked the beginning of classes on the campus, where we slept lulled by Dr. 1-luber's gentle voice and the harmonious squeak of the chalk. while Miss Eldridge became almost hysterical. Five girls hunting a short cut to the anatomy lab. in the medical building opened a door marked "keep out." The last was no sooner over the threshold than they felt themselves traveling up and down between the four tloors. Finally their cries were heard by the custodian. who rescued them from their icy plight. They learned to use the stairs between the Hoors and that humans made better associates than cadavers. It was not long before the internes heard of us. Une girl, who was showing her tamily through the hospital. mistook the internes' quarters for a mens' ward. February -l was the memorable day in our career, for on that day those of us who had survived the long. hard struggle received our caps. Soon after we received the fully equipped uniform--minus the black band which we are all striving for now. 1Yith the kerchiefs came the late leaves on March 15. We welcomed the February class at last and were glad to see some dumber and greener than ourselves. The ice was broken between the sophomores and the freshmen by a party on February 12. XYillo Russell proved that she hadn't slept all the time while in classes. for she gave realistic impersonations of our professors. The good time was touched off by the stacked rooms we found on returning to our quarters. Some of the occupants clidn't notice any difference on their return. But, with all our former troubles. we had none to compare with eight-hour duty. Then our trials and tribulations had begun. 1Yho will ever forget the night of the wlunior-Senior banquet when we relieved until eleven. The sophomores enjoyed a delightful evening of bridge in March. Here they were host and guest and were together the first time as a single class at a social affair. XYhat is so mediocre to the eyes of the world as a sophomore? Yet April 13 seems to have been unlucky to the upper classmen. ---scfgpet i- Sophomore Poem 'Twas in the month of Septemlier, lYe all very well renieinher. We journeyed from far and from near Tn enter Nurses' Training here. Scenes were many anfl su new. .Xll so clifferent it is true Frmn the guml olcl himie anfl places Always iillecl with familiar faces. Big sisters were liiyal tu their parts. Many times cheering aching hearts: Instructors and upper classinen tcm Soon inacle ns feel that we helungerl to you As S0plwiiiui'es uf the lixperiniental Lilass. May mir worth he proven hy every lass, And as weeks, months anfl years go lay Think of ns and feel we have triecl. 'Tis a privilege a nurse to he. .Xncl especially at Michigan L'niyersity. lYe feel a thrillg worrls cannot express Our love, our faith. our thanlcfnlness. Sci?-PEL . ,, n ,. .-Q. - :af-55:5 ! ., 3 x. -4,-X -f fb M51ff.sf.m. xs,f:f ' ' - .g . - b - l H f . Q 1 ' A . ' 5 Q sr . I Q' if l I?- X Q 33:53 , , :EI 1' X . ,N-xv - , ' -1 - 2 f 'mf 1 ' 5 1 , 1 x 7 .iff fi . 335 3' ,,. W 1 13:39 b ' .- 3 Q N Aw? , , K ,632 ,. '1 .-'ff , , . . TX ik.. 15.7. 1. -i W 1 Q. FTQSF71 ,,. . 31 J , X ' lf-QM 'm is' 'Til-'YQ I1.. .l,. . .-., 'Y x NH- , . 1 fb iif-f' . -, f Q g. tw , xfw, . .- """ ' x " gg - cb- g-3.0,..i,.. .v5,3,gg:-' X:,- : -. iff A V . -53? f f ,J ' Q .Q- L wr, I -J' . .9-J-H. .v - 311+ . -' ff F-'75 ." u u g ,A Nh, 'rv , K.,-., ' Kms- .Q S 9 'f-.,- ,.. . ,.. . -,W-f .2 f', 1 A Ji 5 1 N ,' 954 I. .f?x . , . .' 1 , -. , , . nv au. !"u- , .I,'uQ ' 1 -. sw. ww. , , , .ef 1,1 4 'a '-. W U 4' g n , 5, .,-X J 1.1 4,11 -V . V.. ...-t " 5.1 'Z f ' f if O .. . lu -'. -1 ' " "im 3- ' 22.4 '. f. .1-I,-, .,.. I. . Mn- ,,,f ,..,.. , 1, . '4 . , , w ' -. Q x I., Y . ' S r , 1 , '. . . MI., V 5 SC-fy-PEL 'I i l Freshmen Class Esther .Xrps Rachel Bellows Edith Biglow Katherine Bisdee Marion Carr Yera Davison Cornelia Eckhardt Esther Greenlies Elizabeth Hampton Evelyn Harnan Mollie Kessler Dorothy Kettle Irma Lee Alli Maki Helen Maurer Eunice McMuller Erna Moeller Marjorie Morse Lettie Q'Harrow Florence Olsen Estella Patterson Florence Pullen Ella Salen Margaret Snow Gladys VVolfe Hilda Zininierman R EX LIBRIS Qxfii' of 1 i--1 SC? PE I. if'-' Histor of the Class of 1930 N FEl3RL'.'XRY 10, l927. Came the wandering trihe of freshmen from far and near. from farm and city. For many days we continued to wander here and there, not knowing' where to go, hut following our faithful leader. ln time we became accustomed to our new environment. Four months is a very short time for a class of twenty-live to build up a spectacular history, hut in these four months we have heen laying the foundation for future work that may heroine the realization of our fondest hopes. Bacteriology is fascinating. chemistry instructive, and, although entertaining. we have failed to see the "l-lumerusu part of our anatomy. Daily growing in wisdom, knowledge and skill, there is developing' within us a deep love for this, our chosen profession. 'i"-"'-"SCf?jI.PEL -- Freshmen Poem Fl'C5lllllC'Il we, llllt eall't fjlbll wee Vllll6Vb11lI'l1Q lil werviee 5lll1llIlQ free? llve have ewllle seeking lQllllll'lt-flee tif thee, 'llryillg ever tl'llftxl'lll'tlly In he. ,Xllfl tu these tml let lls Zllltl Zl three. "Gull 2111111 tllll' hzlllfls lllily skillful he." The welliurs all llallllefl Clllll Sl1l1CS sllllwy white. Fire lllll' alllluitilllls fl'Ul11 lll1l1'1l till lligllt. hlllllil,rs-flielltlly. hallllecl tou- lll Hlll' illlzlgillntiwll aflfl tlllvllgllts llllew. l,lQZll' little S1llilllUl'l1lPl'f,'S, we feel eluse tw thee, Fur Sllllll lll Call :tml lierehief we hwpe tw he. Htlllm-ell Director Zlllfl teachers. tim, llorrls rl4'wll't expresi what we mre. 'tis true Yiwu lllllltiply ulll' jllyg, mlll' Cll1Nl-Off! kllew, Diyiclecl our trulllmles at least hy tim. May we rlflfl our hest as we travel tllrullgll Three years of joy, here with you. YW ' 'Q-1, 'f 'N , at nr. xr dl' 'N x figs? his-r Q , lug , 33 QE , :vt ,Q 5 W- Z' I ix 4 , , aus SCQLPEL :ii-vi 'LS ":4' V If 1', I . V , l L- I K i f " , AF' M ' I I .- .,.,..- - Y' , X I Q i -AL ,Ni . - ,Q ia? :gi 'fggf " " fl 'f .Q 'A A' 37 gf 4 gg -, 1 Q .b v-. .. mer N - ,. mms I 9 S 1 . qi- nf , Q R fir ' Q35 ' I ' mv HW - 51554 :ff Q +-- 38 TW u :gf . 'WS 'iff . f'. 1' 'Y 1 l N w v A 1 ,n A I 1, 0 ,lg I ,K ,v .Q 'I N I . 11 I i I K ,f f , .I -, 1 ' . l f.-.N-' ' r 4 ',.,i . , ,KT1 v- l. - 241, 1.4 V g1'.x', 3--0 ' "r'f. " f '- .ug , J .l www j 4, ,,,1...N, A-,gl , 75.1, QL ' V5.5 ,. ,:. ,L - ', s - ' , 1...',-1. . ,A la- , . .. , vw" ' ' ,I 'v' . I - . x ' ' 4 .' . . , ' . " ' .' ' 1 . . , 4' 'l' ,Q-7' '- A 4 'll- . ' ,A .Ag v-Q M Y ak ,. :F - - J, ,,,.. ,V-"M .' X A W J I ' 31. A -f 'xg ,. -,'-,,. . ,N "A 1 M. . . x L-.71 .N z' ' . T of fx" -lbswpa EM- Klisw Hlivc J. 1I1'mm'u L-sinh-11t uf Tho ,Xllmmnznu .X5NlVL'ilUiUH uf du- 'f1'1ixx-wit Kliclmigzm Ilmpitzml F911-1-+I ffm' Tfumww ilu' IWQ7. "-1-"'i'SClf2lPEI. 1- The University of Michigan Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association The Alumnae Association of the University of Michigan Hospital School for Nurses was organized -lune lb, l900. Ot the 45 graduates of the School 13 were present at this meeting and became charter members of the organization. Today the graduates of the School number 842, of which 180 have joined their Alumnae. lt is a regrettable fact that the membership of our Association has not kept pace with the increase in numbers graduating from the School. livery graduate is urged to join this organization immediately upon comple- tion of her course. No special invitation is necessary. lt is your privilege as well as duty to become a member. However, membership is not all that is required of resident members. Regular attendance at the monthly meetings is part of their obligation. liach member should realize that her presence means an inspiration to the oiiicers and other members. lt will tend to bring about a better under- standing of the policies of the School. help toward making our :Xssociation the bond that it should be among the graduates of the School, and make them anxious to keep pace with other members of the nursing profession. Membership and regular attendance are not only beneficial in carrying on the work of the Association but a personal benefit to each member, professionally and socially, both as a nurse and as a graduate of the llniversity of Michigan Hos- pital School of Nursing. lt is also the privilege and obligation of every graduate and member of the ,Xss' it' ' l l otm ion to up io d the reputation ot the School by giving whole-hearted loyalty and co-operation. Co-operation means working together- not necessarily blind obedience. us aim high and set for the goal for 1927-'28 an almost perfect regular attendance for resident members-100 per cent membership-the co-operation of every member and the earnest desire of every graduate to be loyal to our Alma Mater, to whom we have gone with our growth, our ideals, and our vears of SCYYICC. o 'az' 0. 5 0 .o, .1 f. .n :Q n , 'Qu' 10' T. I :E g .' I! '. Ono Q. 'us' I O O. .I --. ALUMNI U. of M. Hospital School of Nursing 1893 Allen, Josephine, address unknown Botsford, Emma, 43 Russel St., Sandwich, Ontario, Canada Brown, Roberta CMrs. McClayl lEirst graduate of the schooll "Carrick, Anna Harrison, Anna R. N. lMrs. J. Allen Us- manl, 237 N. 1Yaslnngton Ave., XYhit- tier, Calif. tFirst registered nurse of the SClluoll Sauerman, Ida, R. N. Tucker, A. Lena lMrs. A. l.t-na Stonel, 411 S. 27th St., Lafayette, lnd. 1894 Baver, Ellen lMrs. F. l.aRuel, Elberta, Mich. lClarke, Cora Edmunds, Jennie, R. N. lMrs. XY. R. Hara risonl, Lebanon. Ky. Returned to Korea - 1895 Bell, Jennie, address unknown De-Fields, Alice, R. N., 3.23 E. 1Yilliam St.. Ann Arbor, Mich. 'kHelle, Minnie U'lJell, Clata lMrs. J. H. XYurtzl 1Yright, Hattie, R. N., 90 Merritt St.. Ush- kosh, lYis. 1896 Hess, Yiola lMrs. George Clarkl, address unknown Pearce, Charlotte fMrs. X1'ordenl, Elko, Nevada Mosley, Harriett, 10025 Lee Ave., Cleveland. Ohio Schwilk, Maggie, Forest, Ohio Stafford, Florence l'tTibbits, Blanche 1Mrs. F. K. Palinerl. lDcceased 19233 xTurnbull, Hope 1897 Bullock, Emma lMrs. Ed. Foggl, Xlasco, Kern County, Calif, Davenport, Florence tMrs. N. S. Boycel, 511 Pine St., Owosso, Mich. Druinmon, Jennie Flinn, Rose lMrs. N. E. Fitzgeraldl, ZZU N. Fifth Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Holcombe, Estelle, R. N., 1717 E. 85th St., Suite No. 6, Cleveland, Ohio Padheld, Charlotte Reynvaan, Beatrice CMrs. H. C. XVatkinsj, Holquaim, VVash. XYarner, Kate QMrs. J. R. Marvinl, 159 S. Cherokee St., Denver, Colo. Wlilson, Mattie fMrs. Harry E. Piperl, St. Louis, Mich. al' Dwvtiscd. 1898 Bryant, Bertha fMrs. H. H. Hrochierl liielzel, Bertha tMrs. Geo. Slocuml, 328 li. Huron St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Ellsworth, Grace iMrs. H. M. Branslordl, Portland. Ure., City Food lnspector, louise. R. N. tMrs. R. E. Harrisl. Aberdeen. X1'ash. Aberdeen General Hospital Peltier, Lillian, 111 E. High St.. Mt. Clem- ens, Mich. Stahl, Julia, R. N., 41113 Packard St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 18917 Allinand, Jessie lMrs. A, E. Hinsdalel, 287 17th St., Columbus, lJl1iu Chase, Nanthippe, Yoiheesville, N. Y. Chesboro, Grace, R. N., 732 Orchard St., Toleflfl, lillllir llalverson, Josephine, Klebere County Hos- pital, Kingsville. Texas Hess, Cora lMrs. C. E. Chestnutl, address unknown Hirth. Ada lMrs. XY. XY. Chll. Jordan, Montana Hosner. Rena. address unknown l1Scott, Katherine 1Mrs. Richards? 119211 Tracy, lda, 1724 l-lelachaiae St., New Or- leans, l.a. 191,111 Ashman, Edna, R. N. lMrs. Rae, Station A. Hay City, Mich. lien. 0'liel, Lillian, New York linrleigh. Lillian tMrs. Christyl, address unknown Campbell, Myrtle IMrs. E. M. Chaunceyl, -112 Superior St., Albion, Mich. Evans, Sophia, R. N. 1Mrs. C. A. Goodl. 231,13 Farson St., St. Joseph, Mich. Grant, Alice J. :gHaarer, Mary C., R. N. 119251 Hill, Louise lMrs. E. J. Readl, Adrian, Mich. Newkirk, Grace fMrs. Petersonl. Jackson, Mich. Pemberton. Fantine, R. N., 1312 Geddes Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Pix, Alice Speechley, Caroline, Ann Arbor. Mich., R. F. D. XYolfe, Jennie, Base Hospital. Camp Custer. Mich. . 1901 Braun, Sophia, R. N. lMrs. Archie Oakesl. 229 N. Ellsworth St., Naperville, lll. Chipchase, Mio tMrs. A. R. Parksl, Bir- mingham, Mich. Gartung, Minnie, R. N., 7243 Eberhard Ave., Chicago, lll. J LQMLL 1 --?scf2PEL Gordon, Mrs. Roberta, 163 Ellis St., Detroit, Mich. Light, Antoinetta, R. N., XYesley Lab., 12th and Howard Sts., Oklahoma City, Okla. Markham, Bertha Mulhollen, Gertrude Pomeroy, Eldera Shaffer, Ella, R. N. tMrs. G. Y. Rukka1 Turyille, XYinifred, 4708 Brush St., Detroit, Mich. XYaters, Ada L., R. N., Fullerton, Calif. YX'illiam, Clara G. 1902 Atchinson, Florence 1Mrs. RobertsonJ 174 E. Main, Battle Creek, Mich. Bailey, Zola lMrs. Ross Moorel, 2252 Hoover St., Los Angeles, Calif. Barton, lnez tMrs. H. C. Parrottll, S08 E. Maumee St., Angola, Ind. Case, Katherine, 1924 High St. N. XV., 'Washington D. C. Calkins, Elsie fMrs. M. L. Blairj, R. F. D. No. 2, Allegan, Mich. Chase, Zada tMrs. J. R. Linniej, R. F. D. No. 4, Erhard, Minn. Dowell, Fleda 4Mrs. J. C. Manwaringb, 217 E, Third St., Flint, Mich. fEllsworth, Ruth Hirth, Helen fMrs. John Zeilstraj, XYil- lard, Montana Johnson, Nan, XYheelersburg. Ohio Lawson, Eva Mead, Minnie, R. N. Nellis, Anna, 433 Spring St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Showerman, Myrtle, Lake Odessa, Mich. :?Swift, Sarah Q 19235 Tracy, Luraine, address unknown f'XYilliams, Mabel fMrs. E. O. Hugillj XYilliams, May, R. N., Hindman, Ky. XVilson, Inez tMrs. D. Hammondj, 510 Cleft Bldg, Salt Lake City, Utah XYood, Addie, R. N. CMrs. L. B. Leonardj, Forest Hill, Mich. 1903 Allen, Geneva tMrs. Geo. Jacoburj, 213 Clark St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Bogner, Ida Boyer, Mabel 1Mrs. R. S. DawesH, 601 Mof- fat Heights, Muskegon, Mich. "Brown, Bessie Bryant, 1nez fMrs. L. Ivesj Daferner, Caroline, 510 Cleft Bldg., Salt Lake City. Utah Dickson, Edith tMrs. Spencer Elliottj, 3133 C. Street, Sacremento, Calif. Easton, Charlotte, A. B., R. N. Edwards, Elizabeth Eissle, Grace lMrs. XV. F. Jordonj, 7941 Euclid Aye., Chicago, Ill. Hassenzahl, Emma fMrs. E. Searsj, Salen, Ya. Harker, Edith, 242 Lincoln Ave., Detroit, Mich. Howard, Alma Hollister, Martha iMrs. Hedley Roakej Lockhard, Ida it Llfcvusczl. Jackson, Leila, R. N., 409 F.. Madisan St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Johnston, Katherine fMrs. Crinb, Tawas City, Mich. Jones, Grace tMrs. H. E. RothJ, Box 28, Talmadge, Ohio Knapp, Bertha, R. N., 25th and Dearborn Sts., Chicago, Ill. Lee, Florence, R. N. tMrs. 'William Birchl, 123 N. Clay St., Detroit, Mich. Marsden, Lois CMrs. R. Hawleyl, 1239 XVashtenaw Aye., Ann Arbor, Mich. Sinclair, Bessie I XYest, Aldina CMrs. Robertsl, 205 Quincy St., Hancock, Mich. M'ilson, Martha, Jackson, Mich., R. F. D. No 5 Yourex, Kate, address unknown 1904 Hosack, Minnie K. 1905 Abbott, Bessie, R. N. tMrs. Arthur Gen- ereauxl, 6911 California Aye., Seattle, Miash. Brooks, Alice, Lakewood Hospital, Lake- wood, Ohio, 15701 Detroit Ave. Clark, Edna Duket, Mrs. Mary, R. N., South View Hos- pital, Milwaukee, XVis. Gettings, Endora tMrs. B. R. MileyJ, Cot- ton Hotel, Huston, Texas Hudson, Edna, R. N. CMrs. Delos Myersj, R. F. D., Ovid, Mich. Kitchen, Edna CMrs. Reynoldsj, Flint, Michigan Mclntosh, Jean, R. N. Moore, Laura tMrs. A. Muirheadj, 314 XV. Ganson St., Jackson, Mich. Monroe, Mollie tMrs. Paul Millerb Reniger, Mrs. Clara, 514 S. Nickle Ave., Dening, N. M. Schmeising, Lydia, R. N., Monroe, Mich. Schryer, Cecil, R. N., 2215 N. 20th St., Portland, Ore. Scripture, Emily, Fargo, N. Dak. Sellman, Helen, R. N., 105 N. Adams St., Ypsilanti, Mich. Shorr, Minnie CiMrs. L. Crumml, Kalama- zoo, Mich. Skinner, Lucy, R. N., XVesley Hospital, Kansas City, Mo. Smith, Ina, 3671 Fourth St., San Diego, Calif. Viiard, Magdalena CMrs. B. Beanj Mihite, Jane, S20 Bush St., Jackson, Mich. Vtiier, Violet ' 1906 Bassett, Jessie Clark, Bertha tMrs. Charles Tyronj, Je- rome, Mich. Conat, Elva, R. N., 2125 Campbell Ave., Detroit, Mich. Gray, Ethel CMrs. VV. S. Fergersonb, 161 Prospect Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Helmer, L. May, R. N., Highland Park, Mich. Hoaghe, Pearl MM 5 f SCEPEL Hutchinson, Pearl lMrs. Matherl, 5.28 Ether Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Johnson, Georgine tMrs. Sharkeyl. Lin- brook, Long Island, N. Y. Leming, Lenora, R. N. tMrs. Davennyl, 927 YV. 4th Ave., Spokane, XYash. t'tLeming, May tMrs. H. Yutemal Luther, Myrtle tMrs. B. F. Merrittl, 707 S. Superior St., Albion, Mich. Mathews, Iva tMrs. E. Dyerl, 6.32 Grand Ave., Owosso, Mich. ,'McCracken, Katherine Middleton, Jennie, 314 Bush St., Jackson, Mich. Nunneley, Ida, 2977 Townsend Ave., Detroit, Mich. Oakley, Edna, R. N., 5041 Cass Ave., De- troit, Mich. Panney, Lucy tk Mrs. XYm. XYilliamsonl, Nemo, N. Dak. Parks, Marian, R. N. tMrs. H. D. Morsel. Oyster Bay, N. Y., 193 S. St. Parrott, Florence, R. N., XVoodland, Mich. Read, Genevieve, Rushton, Mich. Tanner, Marietta, R. N., Jane Lamb Memo rial Hospital, Clinton, Iowa XVynn, Sarah, 210 E. Forest St., Detroit, Mich. Yourex, Florence Victoria tMrs. F. Mad- senl, 526 Fifth St., Modesto, Calif. 1907 Batchelor, Virginia tMrs. J. XY. Needlesl Clennner, Bertha, R. N., 2171 Rexford Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio Holland, Mae tMrs. J. R. Penniwelll. Leon Iowa "Hurren, Elizabeth Huston, Mae, 211 E. XYater St., Crawfords- ville, Ind. Marshall, Edith, R. N., Stoney Creek. On- tario, Canada. clo Dr. B. C. Thompson Matson. Cora, R. N. CMrs. J. H. Marksj, 622 Rivard Blvd., Detroit, Mich. Morley, Capitola lMrs. H. Altnowl, 310 Sixth Ave. N. XV., Mandan N. Dak. Newcombe, Jennie tMrs. J. D, McKinon5, 114 Calumet Ave., Calumet. Mich. Nichols, Grace, R. N. tMrs. Everett Cra- verh, R. F. D. No. 4, Michigan City. Ind. Rugenstein, Alberta, Portland, Ore. Sharpe, Eva, R. N., 44 Lock St., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Stevenson, Louise, R. N. tMrs. A. H. Hen- ningl Young, Mabel, R. N., Dixon Hospital, Dix- on, Ill. 1908 Amarlen, Addie, Hickville Hospital, Hick- ville, Ohio Brighton, Gertrude tMrs. T. G. Yoemansb, University Hospital, Ann Arbor, Mich. Boyd, Nine tMrs. Arthur Kitsonb, Alice St., Toledo, Ohio Burke, Lillian, R. N. tMrs. H. C. Ran- dolphl, 2223 Cherry St., Aberdeen, Wash. 1' Deceased. Cliubbuck. Gertrude, R. N.. Highland Park Hospital, Rochester, N. Y. Culbertson, Florence tMrs. XY. F. Millert, Polson, Montana Davis, Laura M., R. N., University Hos- pital, Ann Arbor, Mich. Earle, Margaret tMrs. Lloyd Canhelcll,320-1 S. XY. Eighth St., Des Moines, Ia. Forrest, Ada tMrs. F. Babcockh, R. F. D. No. 1. Bothell, XYis. Gillespie, Jennie, R. N., 111 Pearl St., Te- cumseh, Mich. Lee, Elizabeth tMrs. Nicholsl, Battle Creek, Mich. ' Martin, Kathleen, 157.2 Ferdinand Ave., De- troit, Mich. Nimo, Emily tMrs. XYalter Crozier1, 701 Sixth Ave., Saskatoon, Sask., Canada "Price, Jeanette ,R. N. Thompson, Emily tMrs. Robert Smith, Baldwin, Mich. Tuomey, Mae, R. N. tMrs. XY. C. Benuetti, 259 XY, 65th St., Chicago, Ill. Vtihitbeck, Lena tMrs. Harry Bryantj, Marshall. Mich. 1Yhite, Anna tMrs. 1Yarner7, 1-13 1Yall St., Jackson, Mich. tkXYilbur. Yiolet 1X'ortrnan, Bernice, R. N., 931 XV. Main St., Ionia, Mich. 1909 Atkin. Ina, R. N., 22 1E. Chase St., Negau- nee, Mich. Cassidy, Mary. R. N. tMrs. G. E. Pam- bruml, 254 Sutter St., San Francisco, Calif. Dickerson, Clara, Kelly and B. Sts., Silver City, N. M. Edward, Tibbie, R. N. fMrs. H. J. HardsJ. -1337 S. M. St.. Tacoma, XVash. Fisher, Edith, R. N. tMrs. H. D. Palmerj, Delta, Ohio Galbraith, Margaret, R. F. D. No. 2, Park- hill, Ontario, Canada Hazzenzahl, Anna, S06 Belmont Ave., To- ledo, Ohio Hawes, Emma, 170 Park Ave., Battle Creek, Mich. Henry, Delphia tMrs. Huntleyl, Howell Sauitarium. Howell, Mich. Hess, Caroline tMrs. Yan Valkenburgl, Northville, Mich. Howard, Alma Imerson, Jessie. Manitou Beach, Mich. Irwin, Susie, 1008 XV. 12th Ave., Calgary, Alberta, Canada Keens, Rachel tMrs. Rex Drinkwaterb, Tif- lin, Ohio, R. F. D. No. 7 Lindenburg, Bessie, R. N. tMrs. J. R. Swiftl, 133 Sheldon Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Noble, Ethel tMrs. Arthur Stangeb, 862 Newport Ave., Detroit, Mich. McLeod, Nettie, 310 12th St., Branden, Man- itoba, Canada Pierce, Bertha tMrs. XY. 1VatkiusJ, Stur- gis, Mich. zfgw. ' c ' uv i Ibm Qi. W-.uf rar 1' 1. V -f V ' 'gbln 'W ,.' ' W , v W V :,I , V . . f , Copyrighted 1927 - EDNA L. DUDD, Editor in-chief MARY J. SMITH, Business Editor 'nz . ' 1. L-4 ,-X Iwi, Tl 5 . ---Sczfgzpr-:L Ruth, Myrtle tAddress unknownl Schroeder, 1Yilhelmina, 106 lvy St., Bay City, Mich. Stover, Henen, R. N. 4Mrs. O. E. Nelsonl, 1512 N. Russell Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. Thompkins, Agnes 1Yilliams, Yirginia tMrs. M. S. Grossl, 5-11 Stowell Ave., Milwaukee, Mfis Young, Ella, R. N. IMrs. C. XV. Atkinl. 1-10 Sheldon St., Houghton, Mich. 1910 Cole, Kitty, R. N. fMrs. Huffl, Pontiac, Mich. - Collins, Katerinc, R. N. CMrs. J. A. Noyesl, 919 XY. 41st St., Los Angeles, Calif. Farr, Natalie, R. N. tMrs. H. Cornell 1. San Diego, Calif. Fisher, Susie, R. N,. M'oodland, Mich. Gray, Sarah, R. N., 43 Strathmore Ave., E. Cleveland, Ohio Gettings, Mary R., Address unknown Ha1'vey, Nine, R. N. tMrs. C. L. 1'X'ashburnl, 1234 Ferdon Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Healy, Honora, R. N. CMrs. Geo. XYis- kochell. 3201 Gladstone Ave., Detroit, Mich. Heintz, Lulu. R. N. lMrs. Yincent Eggle- stonl, 616 N. Elm St., Jackson, Mich. Hoag, lvah, 15 E. Kirby St., Detroit, Mich. Houser, Mary, R. N., 1329 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. Jameson, Martha, R. N., Box 77, M'ebb, Saskatchewan, Canada Lincoln. Mable Knapp, Macie, R. N., Bloomington Hospital, Bloomington, 1ll. Klager, Amanda lMrs. -1. Y. Randalll, Scottville, Mich. McNamara, Ruth fMrs. A. L. Richardsonl, 748 1Yebb St., Detroit, Mich Montgomery, Alma CMrs. A. L. Jacobyl, 728 XYebb St., Detroit, Mich. Neyer, Emma tMrs. David Cooperh, 514 Oakland Ave., Birmingham, Mich. Orr, li Maude, R. N., Mason, Mich. Robb, Bertha lMrs. D. MacDonald! Simons, Ethel, R. N., 30 Morse St., Cold- water. Mich. Somerville, Devena Smith, Gertrude, R. N., 618 Francis St., Dehance, Ohio Stiff, Edith IMrs. R. E. hlainesl, 270 Euc- lid Ct. E., Detroit, Mich. Stevens, Mabel, R. N., 527 S. 1Yalnut St., Lansing, Mich. Tanner, Sadie, 650 Peterboro St., Detroit, Mich. Taylor, Blanche tMrs. D. D. A1ohnsonJ,2202 Alabama Ave., Ft. 1Vayne, Ind. Clrey, Yerna, R. N., North Manchester, Ind. XYatts, Margaret 1911 .-Xgens, Georgia, 606 N. Rowe St., Luding- ton, Mich. Arft, Lillian, R. N. tMrs. J. H. Agnewl, 361 S. Main St., Greenville, Pa. Bach, Louise lMrs. Smithl, 1550 Seward, Detroit, Mich. it Dv:m.rm1'. Bateman, Grace, R. N. tMrs. C. Davidsonl, Athens, Mich. Bender, Clara, R. N., 107 XV. Franklin St., Jackson, Mich. Boyes, lean, 1Vauseon, Ohio Cole, Edith, R. N. tMrs. Clarence DeCarrl, 7 N. Shirley St., Pontiac, Mich. Cooper, Mary, R. N. lMrs. Robert Has- kelll, Northville, Mich. Doughtery, Elizabeth, S09 N. First Ave., St. Petersburg. Fla. Hilton, Hazel tMrs. Dunlapl, 96 Vllashing- ton St., Pontiac, Mich. Homan, Pansy, R. N. tMrs. Frank Reederl. 916 Garland St., Flint, Mich. Hudson, Amy, R. N., 143 Rayen Ave., Youngstown, Ohio James, Ellen tMrs. Soulel, Lal?-elle, Fla. Kearney, Elizabeth. R. N. lMrs. R. K. Trubal, 864 Hulson Ave., Detroit, Mich. Mathew, Mabel CMrs. Gorthyl, 85 Leslie Ave., Highland Park General Hospital, Highland Park, Mich. Mclntyre, Ruth, R. N., S118 Jefferson St., Saginaw, Mich. McArthur, Myrtie tMrs. M". P. Layportl, Tacoma, 1Vashington Maurar, Mary, R. N., 374 Seymour St., Lansing, Mich. Morgan, Mary, Byron, Mich. Rohn, Clara tMrs. G. Krahnl, 206 Glen Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Ruby, Mabel Stevenson, Bertha, 3535 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. Stine, Ada, R. N. tMrs. Hamiltonl, 714 S. Mechanic St., Jackson, Mich. Thomas, Jessie fMrs. G. L. Yerplankl, 660 Pierce St., Gary, Ind. XYallace, Edith, R. N., 207 N. State St.. Aim Arbor, Mich. NYhite, Florence tMrs. D, Bnrrettl, Danes- ville, Ya. M'ilson, Helen, R. N. tMrs. L Hilll, Ad- dress unknown XYinkler, Martha tMrs. P. jonesl, -115 Highland St.. Defiance, Ohio Xlfright, Matie, R. N. tMrs. R. Sinkeyl, 1209 Oak St., Toledo, Ohio 1912 . Babcock, Pearl r,Mrs. Norenl, -113 E. Polk St., Phoenix, Ariz. Betz, Edith, R. N. lMrs. XV. Benedictl. Fresno, Calif. Bracelin, Ruby, R. N., Marine Hospital, De- troit, Mich. Broad, Margaret tMrs. Halll, 902 Pingrce Ave., Detroit, Mich. Brown, Grace, R. N., 3320 Lothrop Ave., Detroit, Mich. Burkman, 1Vinnifred, R. N. tMrs. Harold Millerl, 47 Ienison St., Lansing, Mich. Canby, Vina tMrs. C. F. Kleynl, Kansas City, Mo. Chamberlain, Rose tMrs. Chas. M. Tack- elsl, 1713 Greenleaf Drive, Royal Oak, Mich. ,-.-,M 5 SCQPEL -'-1: Collins, Helen, .31o XY. 31st St., Erie, Pa. Dickinson, Marion tMrs. XY. F. Seeleyl, 7400 Kiplin Ave., Detroit. Mich. Garner, Hattie 1Mrs. Fred Goodrichl, clo School for Blind, Lansing, Mich. xGray, Fannie Cvutch, Ida tMrs. Sherxvinl, o2.i Laurel St., Royal Oak, Mich. XHiggins, Lora M. Hayes, Myrtle. R. N., 21 S. Cedar Drive, Oberlin, ldltiu Hansen, Anna lMrs. Stellarl, 1100 Ashland, Munsie, Ind. james, Lucille, R. X.. Bolton Square Hotel, Connegie Ave., Cleveland, Ohio Kerr, Louise. R. X. lMrs. XYa1ter XYhitei, Kidd, Pearl, Virginia Park, Detroit, Mich. Kesseiring, Bess, R. N. tMrs. C. H. Allenl, 802 Hazelwood Ave., Detroit, Mich. 2'I.exvis, Mary Middleton, Hazel, R. X., 3329 Lothrop Ave., Detroit, Mich. McGeary, Adella lMrs. D. Arinstrongl, S41 Central Ave., Toledo, Ohio Monck, -lennie, R. X. tMrs. Hunterl, Xlhitefish, Mont. Mumford, Helen 1Mrs. KYilliain L. Petersb, 112 E. Congress St., Morceni, Mich. Oxby, Lois, Hospital Camp 5, Belden, Calif. Parrott. Stella, R. N. Phalen, Alice, 54 Marine St., Bnttalo, X. Y. Roberts, Cordelia, R. X., 5011 Carpo St, Flint, Mich. Roberts, Ethel. R. X. 1Mrs. R. E. Dug- dalel, 2144 Lawrence Ave., Toledo, O. Sage. Lula tMrs. F. D. Farley! Thorpe, Lulu Y., University Hospital, Ann .xI'hllf, Alltll. XYright, Edith, 2111 Gibbs Ave., Newport, R. I. 1913 Avery, Ina. R. X. lMrs. 1Yilliam Max- xvelll, 742 Stexvart, Kalamazoo, Mich. Buchanan, Hazel tMrs. Vaughn Ehcrlyl. Rialto, Calif. Butler, l.ucille, R. X. 1Mrs. H. C. Moritzl. 2511 Lothrop, Detroit, Mich. Church, Anna tMrs. Harry ll. Schmidtl, 2637 XY. Grand Blvd., Detroit. Mich. Cole, Marjorie, R. X. tMrs. IYillian1 Youngl, 496 1Yithington, Ferndale, Mich. Flexvnelling, Isabella, R. N., XYalter Reed Hospital, IYashington, D. C. Ford, Cleo, R. X. tmarriedl, Calif. Frieby, Emma, R. N.. address unknown Goulding, Fern, Olivet College, Olivet, Mich. XHarris, Irene Harrison, Isabel tM1's. Curtis D. Pilsburyl Harrod, Jessie, 509 S. Main St.. East Ro- chester, N. Y. Holzhauser, Minnie tMrs. Zeiglerl. 514 S. Lansing, Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Hunter, Margaret tMrs. J. Spiegell, Saf- forfl, Ariz. Kotch, Blossom tMrs. John Xeelandsil, 705 Mt. Vernon, Ann Arbor, Mich. 'll Deceased. Lindeburg, Louise, R. X., Lf S. Y. Bu- reau, Seattle, XYash. Mains, Ada 4Mrs. R. P. Surclezl, 310 Cha- pin St., Burlingame, Calif. Menhennet, Ella, R. X. tMrs. ,l. H Print, 522112 S. First St.. Virginia, Minn. Xortham, Mrs. Adelaida, Sparrow Hospital, Lansing, Mich. Xeelands, Ethel, R. X., A. B., 5129 Hilsboro St., Detroit, Mich. Patenian, Muriel tMrs. Ralph Daleyl. 2962 Taylor Ave.. Detroit, Mich. Pitts, Dorothy Rogers, Norma Shell, Ycra, R. N., Ifniversity Hospital, Ann Arbor, Mich. Shafer, Genevieve lMrs. A. Galupl, 275 Spokane Ave., Detroit. Mich. Spear, Elsa, 21 Poplar, Pleasant Ridge, Royal Oak, Mich. Siebert, Nora. R. X., 21501 Cortland, Detroit, Mich. Svaboda, Elsie, R. X. tMrs. .l. H. Horsleyl, 310 X. Palonse, XYalla Xtalla, Mich. 1914 Allinendinger, Florence, R. X. tMrs. Charles XY. .AIWtn,rcll, 253 XY. Garrison, Dearborn, Mich. Bordner, Lannagene. R. X. tMrs. D. L. Sxvearingenl, 517 N. Sycamore. Lan- sing, Mich. Cathcart, Georgia. R. N. 4Mrs. IYallace Clarkl, Cor. Ann and Detroit. Flint. Mich. Cook, Minnie, R. N. lMrs. XY. G. Bircll, F102 Belmont Ave., Flint, Mich. Coon, Caroline A., R. X. lMrs. Cornelius I. Addisonl, Muskegon. Mich. Crawford, Maude G., R. N. tMrs. Leel, 307 Corunna Ave., Oxvosso, Mich. Dibble, Ruth. Fenton, Mich. I Ditt, Amelia, 7445 Byron Ave., Detroit. Mich. illunhain, Ruth rMrs. J. XY. Phelanl Eichbaum. Ada. R. X.. address unknown Field, Laura tMrs. Yineyardh, o99 Blaine Ave., Detroit. M1611 V Hinderer, Beertha lMrs. Holtl, 17528 Bur- neett Ave., Detroit, Mich. Green, Stella tMrs. Raymond Meyerl, Pot- tersville. Mich. Gaffney, Anna. Lake Linden. Mich. Henderson, Pearl, R. X., Harrisville, Mich. Hoskin, Louise. R. N. D I i johnson, Vera, R. X.. 114 S. Division St.. Ann Arbor, Mich. Laidlaw, Ruby H Kapteyn, Margaret. R. N. tMrs. F. L. Dana ielgt, oo Fern Circle, XYaterbury. Conn. Ludington, Lottie, R. X., Ottaway, Mich. McLatchie, Eva, Mason, Mich. Mudge, Olive, R. X. tMrs. E. E. Wlalbornl, Dearborn, Mich. Mulliken, Oressa tMrs. Kneel, 211 XV. Sev- enth St.. Peru, Ind. Munn, Violet fMrs. Nortonl, 19160 Can- terbury Rd., Sherwood For., Detroit, Mich. K ,,,1..-.- ---1 SCQPEL Nieusma, Augusta tM1's. Lewis Spenceril, 687 Atkinson Ave., Detroit, Mich. Olson, Lydia, R. N. tMrs. Paul Clarkl, Belleville, Mich. Pettit, Estelle, R. N. tMrs. R. H. Steketeel. 14117 Rutland, Detroit, Mich. Rollins, Hazel tMrs. Allenl, Jerome, Ariz. Scanlon, Katherine, R. N. tMrs. Carbaryh. 1679 Richton Ave., Detroit, Mich. St-ibert, Hazel, R. N. tMrs. john Lavanl, 54248 Central St., Kansas City, Mo. Thomas, Sadie Scott, Ida tMrs. Thomasl Torclitlf, Edith, R. N. tMrs. Mialter G. Armstrongl. 213 Miller Ave., Ann Ar- bor, Mich. Miare, Mary, R. N. tMrs. Earl C. Cur- rahl, 309 Baldwin Ave., Pontiac, Mich. Miells, Grace. A. B., R. N. tMrs. XV. A. Recldishh, Pettit Barrackc. Zamboanza, P. I. 'Wubbe-na, Talka, R. N., Edward Hines Hos- pital. Maywood, Ill. 1915 Aniey, Sybil, R. N.. Booth Hospital, XY. Grand Blvd. or 4708 Brush St., Detroit, Mich Bock, Mary, R. N. tMrs. Floyd Silgen- bauerl, 504 E. Ann, Ann Arbor, Mich. Boice, Ethel, R. N. tMrs. Fryl, Ann Ar- bor, Mich. Browning, B. Buelah, R. N. tMrs. XY. Sher- manl, 43 Fairgrove Ave., Pontiac, Mich. Buck, Elizabeth, 19334 Third St., Highland Park, Mich. Tllush, Mabel, R. N. Butts, Laura, R. N., A. B., 214 Crossman St., Jamestown, N. Y. Carpenter, Inez Carroll, Ezra, R. N., XYest Branch, Mich. Chapman. Bya, Champaign County T. B. Sanitariuin, Ijrbana, Ill. Clerno, Irene, Detroit, Mich. Cochrane, Lillian tMrs. Floyd Lewisl, Shelby, Mich. Denton, Euphenia Luella. R. N., Benton, Al- berta, Canada Dowe, Pearl, R. N., Defiance. Ohio Dries, Margaret, R. N., Hubbell, Mich. tljunbar, Carrie Eilola, Ida, R. N., Hancock, Mich. Ellis, Belle, R. N. tMrs. Ralph Smalieldl, Brown City, Mich. Everson, Ann, R. N., Ishpeming, Mich. Foucharrl, Marie Elizabeth, Emergency Hos- pital. Port Huron, Mich. Fox, Annette M., R. N., 225 N. Main. Adrian, Mich. Gettings, Rhea, R. N., B. E. F. Army, P. O.. N. Y. Gooclenough, Florence, R. N., Port Huron, Mich. Humpsch, Celia, Sparrow Hospital, Lansing, Mich. Jameson, Grace, 715 Oakland Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. johnson, Sigrid, R. N., A. B., Alba, Mich. Ilcceasrti. Kelly, Mrs. Maude, R. N., 237 Eastern Ave. S. E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Iinilifen, Madge, R. N. tMrs. L. D. Funkj, Athens. Mich. Lewis, Bessie tMrs. Ralph Dibblel, 2153 Second St., Bay City, Mich. Libey, Minnie, R. N. tMrs. Ivan Cuthbertl. Packard Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Maxon, Melina, R. N. tMrs. B. M. Quig- leyl, 4525 Highland Drive, Dallas Tex. 1XIacConnell, Carola, R. N., 318 E. Jeffer- son, Ann Arbor, Mich. McFayden, Hazel tMrs. F. C. Stillsonl, 1705 13th St. S., St. Petersburg, Fla. Mote, Leona tMrs. XY. XY. Proctorl, Var- ina, N. C. Meyers, Mabel, R. N. Ashville, N. C. Upperman, Hazel, 502 Miilson St., Bay City, Mich. Parks, Mrs. Nellie R. N., XVilliard Par- ker Hospital, New York, N. Y. Penny, Florence tMrs. NYilsonl Pierson, Mae tMrs. C. Siglerl Pine, Jennie, R. N. tMrs. Brycel, Almont, Mich. Pottruff, Pearl, R. N. tMrs. Herman Ha- genl, S18 XV. Liberty, Ann Arbor, Mich. Pottrutt, Gertrude, R. N., Apt. 44, 501 XV. 110th St., New York, N. Y. Reno, Georgia tMrs. E. Ganzhornl, 1125 Spring St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Reeb, Grace, R. N. Rosenthal, Buelah, Detroit, Mich. Royce, Margaret, R. N.. 215 Oakley Place. Grand Rapids. Mich. Ross, Iva T. tMrs. Lloyd Johnsonl Sanderson. Roa, Farrell, Mich. Smith, Mazie, R. N., Receiving Hospital, Detroit, Mich. Smith, Minnie, R. N., Bixby Hospital, Adrian, Mich. Stewart. Louise, R. N., 53 Fisk St., Ash- tabula, Ohio Sutherland, Olive, R. N., Owosso Memorial Hospital, Owosso, Mich. Toynton, Maude, R. N. Urquhart, Margaret, R. N. tMrs. Frank Henryl. 6027 Piedmont Ave., Los An- geles, Calif. Yandertill, Elizabeth, R. N., Plainfield Hos- pital, Plainfield, N. Y. XYhitlock, Yera tmarriecll. Caro, Mich. XYright, Irene tMrs. Malcolm R. Mark- sonl, 712 Quincy St., Hancock, Mich. 1916 Angell, Grace, R. N. tMrs. T. A. Bartonl, Trout Lake, Mich. Auch, Anna M. tMrs. Morton E. Brow- nelll, 325 Main St., Oneonta, N. Y. Bartels, Mary Beerbower, Carrie, R. N., 713 Ann St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Burgette, Florence, R. N. CMrs. Pilking- tonl, 1190 Collingwood, Detroit, Mich. Fuller, Mrs, M. S., Lawrence, Mich. Fry, Nancy, R. N.. University Hospital. Ann Arbor, Mich. -M-wi 5 SCQLPEL - Reinhold, Elizabeth. R. N. tMrs. Fred M'ilsonl Henry, Edna, R. N. tMrs. Paul Deweyl Hilton, Helen, R. N., Pontiac, Mich. Kalmbach, Lillian tMrs. J. Schaiblel, Ann Arbor, Mich. Karshner. Mary. R. N., oo5 Prentis St., Detroit, Mich. Kempf, Louise, R. N., Alma, Mich. La Point, Ethel, Manistee, Mich. Loessel, Gertrude McNamara, Florence, R. N. tMrs. XVilliam Henryl, Chester, S. C. Moses, Ethel Mulen, Irma, R. N., 403 Sycamore St., Lan- sing, Mich. Reagen, Lela, R. N., L'niversity Hospital, Ann Arbor, Mich. ?Rockxvell, Vera Shaver. Coral, R. N. tMrs. R. S. Boylel, 946 19th St., Merced, Calif. Southard, 1-1 iuise, R. N. tMrs. Horace Por- terl, Third St., Jackson, Mich. Smith, Grace, R. N. 4Mrs. R. Poynerl, Frankfort, Mich. Strickler, Bessie tMrs. Sherxvood Lumleyl, Bear Lake, Mich. Steinman, Mabel, R. N. tMrs. Myron Beck- erl, Edmore, Mich. Taraney, Monica, 5353 XV. Boston Blvd., Detroit, Mich. Thomas, Helen, Northport, Mich. Mink, Honora, R. N. tMrs. Martin Fran- cisl, 1016 Laurel St., Elkhart, Ind. Halton, Pearl, Phoenix, Ariz. "XVhitman, Alice Young, Marion, R. N. tMrs. A. Mac Don- aldl. 1622 Morton Ave., Elkhart, Ind. Zeile, Mary, R. N. 1917 l'Avcry, Jessie, R. N. tMrs. J. XV. Helfrichl Baker, Ethel, R. N. tMrs. G. A. XYilleyl, 202 Marquette St., Durand, Mich. Barbour, Mary, R. N. tMarriedJ, Belgium Beacom, Helen, R. N. tMrs. Harold Millsl, Leadville, Colo. Burt, Luella, R. N. tMrs. L. S. Thomasl Clark, Yesta tMrs. Yorcel, Ludington, Mich. Christman, Jeanette. R. N. tMrs. Robert Allenl, 135 Peterboro, Detroit, Mich. Cinnner, Athlinda, R. N. t,Mrs. Roy Glen- deningl, Highland, Mich. Collins, Ruby, R. N. tMrs. H. B. Neaglel. University Hospital, Ann Arbor, Mich. Cortright, lnas, R. N. tMrs. Morfordl, 1221 Seymour, Lansing, Mich. Crane, Helen, R. N. tMrs. Robert Bakerl, 56 XVilliams St., Pontiac, Mich. Cruso, Amber, R. N. tMrs. Reidl. Has- tings, Mich. Curran, Agnes, R. N. tMrs. Milford Brownb, VVayne, Mich. Davis, Luna tMrs. Merle Dolbyb, Leslie, Mich. Dietz, Ethel, R. N., Chief, Mich. Edward, Rheba, R. N., 4337 S. Main St., Tacoma, Wash. lk Deceased. Ferguson, Mary, 41:5 Briarwood Drive, Ak- ron, Ohio French, Bertha. R. N., 50 Grant St., Battle Creek, Mich. Harmon, Kathleen, 79 Horton Ave., De- troit, Mich. Harris, Anne, R. N. tMrs. Fred Nelsonl Harrison, Bess, R. N. tmarriedl, San Francisco, Calif. Heppearfl. Dora, R. N. t,Mrs. Bert Tall- nianl, 213 XY. Montgomery St., Cres- tiill, 13. Huffman, Florence, Milan, Mich. Hull, Helen, Bellevue, Mich. Hymans, Henrietta tMrs. XYaringl, 1319 Peabody Ave., Memphis, Tenn. johnson, Alpha, R. N., B. S., llo Rosa Rd., Schenectady, N. Y. Keillor, Fern tMrs. Helenhergl, 231 Cal- ifornia Ave., Detroit, Mich. Kerolla, Selinda, R. N., Marquette, Mich. liennedy, Katherine, R. N., clo jones Clinic, Bay City, Mich. Kmieske, Mera. R. N., Harper Hospital, Detroit, Mich. 1215 Mfaverlyl Kolb, Adah, R. N., address unknown Kraft, Madeline, R. F. D. Ludington, Mich. Leflingxvell, Addie, R. N., Hermann Hos- pital, Houston, TCXELS XLexvis, Celia, R. N. MacFarlane, Ruth tMrs. Coonsl, 5086 Burns St., Detroit, Mich. Maggs, Hazel, R. N. tMrs. R. H. Edmis- tonl, 736 Mississippi Ave., Lawrence, Kan. McGregor, Jean, R. N., University Hospital, Ann Arbor, Mich. Miller. Hazel, R. N. tMrs. F. O. Yuottel, address unknown Merxvin, Hazel tMrs. Charles Druryl, Iron Mountain, Mich. Milliken, Harriett, R. N., 311 E. Ann St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Noall, Mrs. Charlotte, R. N. t,Mrs. John Kerri, Redford, Mich. Patrick, Margaret, R. N. tMrs. Frank Huottel, Denver, Colo. Reinhardt, Mathilda, R. N. tMrs. S. F. Osterheldl, lOo Ivy Ave. VV., Bay City, Mich. Roper. Garnet, R. N. tMrs. John Nicholsl, Detroit, Mich. Rumberger, Irma, R. N., Harper Hospital, Detroit. Mich. t155S Buena Yistal Seitz, Emma, R. N. tMrs. Smithl, Free- land, Mich. Senke, Mabel tMrs. R. H. Criswelll, Bay City, Mich. Spiegel, Emma, R. N., N. Y. Post Graduate Hospital. N. Y. tAnaesthetic Dept.j Sielield, Rose tMrs. C. Burdett Pillsburyl. 222 River St., Ypsilanti, Mich. Teitwortli, Alice B., R. N., Reese, Mich. Yaselak, Lillian, R. N. tMrs. Harry Clarkj XYalkling, Marvelona tMrs. Calvin Ray- burnl, 206 Miller Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Xff --"-'-QSCQJLPEI. '-1--"'-' M'atrous, lrene G., R. N. tMrs. Charles El- tonl, 94 XYillian1s Ave., NYinsted. Conn. 'XVats0n, Ruth, R. N. tMrs. Earl Barlow 1. 400 Marlborough Ave., Detroit, Mich. Mfebb, Irma G.. R. N. tMrs. C. XY. Wfilsonl. 15303 Linwood Ave., Detroit, Mich. W'est, Clara tMr5. Bouchj, Girard, Kan. VVitte, Mary C., R. N. tinarriedl, ad- dress unknown 1918 Alderinan, Ethel E. tMrs. H. R. Hilde- brantl. 119211 Indiana Ave., Detroit, Mich. Alger, Antoinette tMrs. J. K. Dnrlingl. XYadsworth, Ohio Arrants, Candace, R. N. tMrs. XYi1liam Careyl, S604 XYade Park, Cleveland, O. Baird, Lillian, R. University Hospital, A1111 Arbor, Mich. Beebe, Myra tMrs. Mosesl, 251 28th St., Oakland, Calif. Bradbury, Alice, R. Memphis General Hospital, Memphis, Tenn. Brown, Bonnie. R. N., -149 Peterboro Ave., Detroit, Mich. Brown, Olive J.. R. N., Mansfield General Hospital, Mansfield, Ohio Bryant, Yirginia, R. N.. Marshall, Mich. Carrithers, Glessner, R. N. tMrs. Frank Southerb, St. Anthony Falls, Idaho Dahlberg. Astrid tMrs. Roy Reindalll, 11331 Dexter Blvd., Detroit, Mich. Ecktield, Emma, R. N. tMrs. E. C, Baum- gartenl, 485 Chaliners, Detroit, Mich. Ellsworth, Estelle, R. N. tMrs. F. L. Brooksl, 725 Clayton St., Lansing, Mich. Field, Ellen, R. N. tMrs. Harry Gillespiel, R. F. D. No. -1, Mason, Mich Fischer, Eleanor, R. N. tBelding', Mich. Frank, Dorothy, R. N., Cleveland City Hos- pital, Cleveland, Ohio Graham, Eva, 173 E. Forest St., Detroit, Mich. Hill, Frances tMrs. J. C. Erownl, Rich- held Station, Minneapolis, Minn. Hoar, Yiolet, R. N., H5 Erskine St., Detroit, Mich. Hussey, Mildred, R. 13 XYasl1ingto11 St., Shelby, Ohio Keillcr, Bessie tMrs. Earl Illickl, 121 E. u5oth St., Chicago, Ill. Iertery. Pearl, R. N., 22-18 Derbey St., Berkeley, Calif. johnson, Elizabeth, 22-18 Deerbey St., Ber- keley. Calif. Lutz, Katherine, R. N. tMrs. McLaughlinl, 726 Oakridge Drive. Jackson, Mich. Mann, Mabel Meyer, XM1ll1El111ll12l, R. N. tiMrs. T. F. Kcllyl, Asheville, C. Oltnian, Eninia, R. N. tMrs. Dallas Pierceh, 2248 Derbey, Berkeley, Calif. Orr, 1one, R. N. tMrs. Carl Brimnierl, 137 Yeiinuni Ave., Mansheld, Ohio Purtell, Sara Peters, -leanne, Bucyrns, Ohio DCL't''t1l. Peterson, Lillian tMrs. Robert Tonitenl, Pigeon Falls, 1Yis. Pardon, Ada CMrs. L. M. Richardsl, 27 VVillis Ave., Detroit, Mich. Renwick, Ruth, VVashington Heights, Ann Arbor, Mich. Rettig, Bernice, R. N., University Hospital, Ann Arbor, Mich. Robbins, Retha, R. N. fMrs. George Shan- nonb, Upton Road, "Soo," Ontario, Can. XYells, Minerva, Fourth St., near. Forest, Detroit, Mich. XYille, Alta Fay. R. N. tMrs. XYirt Bartonl. 319 Shiawassee St.. Durand, Mich. 1919 Baer, Enid, R. N., 718 Alvardo St., Los Angeles, Calif. Belger, Sophia, R. N., 111708 Elk Ave., Cleveland. Ohio Brown, Bertha, R. N., R. F. D. No. 3, Mar- lette, Mich. Carlsen, Phoebe, R. N., Carlshend, Mich. Clizbe, 1da tMrs. F. 1. Hatniltonl, 7334 12th St., Detroit, Mich. Hart, Dorothy tMrs. Howell Cobbl. 909 N. Jefferson, Albany, Ga. Colins, Lois tMrs. Gouldl, lotl XY. Chicago. Coldwater, Mich. Dean, Mildred, R. N., 4823 Connnonwealth, Detroit, Mich. Dobson, Blanche, R. N. tMrs. Edward S. Babcock, -1r.l, 11124 34111 St., Sacrenien- to, Calif. Eggiman ,Frieda, R. tMrs. R. H. W'at- sonl, Bandon, Ore. Ellis, Anna tMrs. R. S. Idesonl, 282 Lab- urunni Crescent, Rochester, N. Y. Ewald, Harriett, R. N. tMrs. Iehlel, 1664 1Voodmere, Detroit. Mich. Fulton, Ursula, R. N. tMrs. C. H. Lubkel. 100 Bontanic, Garden Rd., Durban, Natal, S. A. Groscop, ,lt1lia, R. N., 408 E. King St., Garrett, Ind. Hebeler, Helen, R. N., Cniversity Hospital. Ann Arbor, Mich. Hewitt, Leta, R. N. tMrs. Oscar E. Hussl, 4343 Perlita Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. Hedges, Christine, R. N. tMrs. D. Barnesl. 2689 XY. Grand Ave., Detroit, Mich. Hoeltzel, Irene. R. N., 19-lo E. 1111 St., Cleveland, Ohio Hole, -leanne tMrs. Tlionias I. Connersl. IOS Davenport, Detroit, Mich. Hollenbeck, Elizabeth, R. N. tMrs. Dewey Leonard J Keiller, Hazel, 1127 Orange bt.. Los An- geles, Calif. Kohls, Ophelia, R. N. tMrs. Guy Culverl, Milan, Mich. Kane, Helen, R. N. tMrs. M. Bournet, 418 N. Division, Ann Arbor, Mich. Lavan, Jeanne, R. N., 756 Fulton Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. 1fMarks, Gertrude, R. N. tM1's. D. F. Paull Maschke, Hazel, R. N. tMrs. Ralph Beebel, 238 N. Phillips, Decatur, Mich. McKenzie, A1111a, Calif. ,EM-1 4 SCQLPEL Moore, Edna L. !Ford Hospitall, 12291 Griggs, Detroit, Mich. Nott, Josephine, R. N., 1216 E. XYashing- ton St., Orlando, Fla. O'Connell, Marie, R. N. tMrs. Paul Ire- land1, General Hospital, Memphis, Tenn. Schultz, Helen, R. N. tMrs. Lynn XVinansl, 171 Midwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio Shivley, Aurilla, Boericke, Philadelphia, Pa. Smith, Martha, R. Hicksville, Ohio Spencer, Aurieta, 215 jackson St., Grand Ledge, Mich. Stapleton, Marjorie, R. N. lMrs. C. F. Davenportl, 2442 Glendale Ave., De- troit, Mich. Stevens, Lucille, R. N., Long Acres, ,lack- son, Mich. Syveitzer, Sophia tMrs. Snoyvl. Northville, Mich. Yoos, Carol tMrs. A. XY. lfranl, 1-117 Bouchelle, Columbus, Ohio NYalker, Ruth tMrs. XYarren Guerrierl, 8817 Kimberly Court, Detroit, Mich. XValtenberger, Letha, R. N. lMrs. Rnhlt. Hicksville. Ohio 1Yelch, Cecile, Calif. 1920 Aiken, Jean, li. University Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Angell, Faith, R. N., 803 Laxvrence St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Atwood, Hazel, R. N., clo American Board, Foocho, China Ballard, Helen Parker, Grand Rapids, Mich. Barks, Naonii, R. N. tMrs. C. XY. Phillipsl, 2208 S. Preston St., l,ouisville, Ky. Bonner, Gladys, R. N. tMrs. H. M. Clap- pisonl, Onaxvay, la. Beckton, Bernice tMrs. XV. I. Bassemeyery 355 Philip Ave., Detroit, Mich. Brown, Mrs Alice Edwards, 69 Ransom St., Grand Rapids, Mich. Broxvn, Mildred, R. N. fMrs. Robert Halll. 5555 Cnderxvood Ave., Detroit, Mich. Chase, Alberta, R. N., Bell Telephone Bldg., Ann Arbor, Mich. Easterly, Ru1h, R. N.. 181 loth St., Mil- waukee, XYis. Eber, Elsie, R. N. Monroe, Mich. Falk, Esther, R. N. tMrs. 11'alter Lichten- xvalterl. Gallup, N. M. Franks, Vera, R. N. lMrs. XYarren Parcel J, Clare, Mich. Halbert, Nan, R. N. tMrs. Perry Greenl, 1Vaco, Texas Hager. Ida, R. N. 1City Hospital, Pontiac, Mich. Johnson, Mrs. Ethel Gray, Jackson Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Keller, Amanda, R. N. ftMrs. Osxvaldl, 1634 Hurlburt Ave., Detroit, Mich. Labarge, Nina, R. N. CMrs. Theo. Squierj, 543 47th St.. Milwaukee, 1Vis. Lemon, Gladys, R. N. CMarried1, China Lord, Lucille, R. N. CMrs. E. W. Pontoj, Alderwood Manor, W'ashington, R. 1. it Dvfcascd. Moats, Bly, 120 XYashington Ave., Ft. Myers, Fla. Marlotte. Mina, R. N. lMrs. Harry Broyvnl, 4113 N. Ball St., Owosso, Mich. McCarthy, Mary, R. N., 35 Coe Ave., Tif- fen, Ohio Mclierrighan, Genevieve, R. N., St. Josephs Hospital, Phoenix, Ariz. Meabon, Myrtle, R. N., 422 E. Kingsley St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Miller, Eva Grace, R. N. tMrs. P. S. XVelch l. 1609 Brooklyn Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Nieusina, Frederica, R. N., Dental Clinic, Ann Arbor, Mich. Reiniann, Gertrude, R. N. lMrs. XV. C. Lurlwigl, 913 Orchard St., Elmhurst, lll. Robertson, Helen, R. N., Tustin, Mich. Robinson, Elizabeth, R. N., SUS Abbott Ave., East Lansing, Mich. Smith, Agnes 1-lulette. Jackson. Rd. Ann Arbor, Mich. F-inith, Thersa tMrs. ul. J. Dunlevy, Jr.l, oll-1 Lake St., Ashtabula, Ohio Smith, 1.ina, R. N. So Church Ave., Schoonmaker, Helen, St., Ann Arbor, Shiells, Kathleen, R. Detroit, Mich. Tilliotson, Magna. R. pital, Big Rapids, Nl XYatson, Marjorie, R lingil, 107112 Penn tXYliittemore, Bernice IMrs. E. C. Pryorl. Chagrin Falls, Ohio R. N., 210 Thayer Mich. N., oo2 XY. Kirby, N., Community Hos- Mich. N. tMrs. L. H. Dar- Ave., Lansing Mich. 11'oolriflg'e, Christine, R. N., Hackley Hos- pital, Muskegon, Mich. XYuhbena, Grace, R. N. tMrs. A. M. Struassl, Standish, Mich. 1921 Allen, 1va. Cniversity Hospital, Ann Ar- bor, Mich. Anderson, Sigred, R. N., 13-17 Fourth Ave., San Francisco, Calif. Armstrong, Georgia, R. N., Port Huron, Mich. Arnold, Ella, R. 3948 Sheridan Ave., Detroit, Mich. Asikainen, Hilina, R. N., Gwinn, Mich. Ballaniy, Ruth, R N., Health Service, Ann Arbor, Mich. Bartlett, Margaret. R. N. IMrs. T. H. Quieryh, 14247 Lauder Ave., Detroit, Mich. Glancla Miller Berger, 1Yest jefferson, Ann Arbor, Mich. Berta, Francis, R. Box 194, Braidxvood, Ill. Becker, Mae, R. N. tMrs. Kamererl. Clare- don St., Detroit, Mich. Binhaminer, Hannah, R. N., University Hospital, Ann Arbor, Mich. Blanchard, Eleanor, R. N. iMrs. XVilliam Jahsmanl, 777 VVithington, Ferndale, Mich. Blizard, Jeanne, R. N., Shriner's Hospital, Chicago, Ill. 47 . -----Sc!-,BPEL Tl' Bodenniiller, An1elia, R. N., University Hos- pital, .A1111 Arbor, Mich. Bolley, Ethel, R. 1382 Detroit, Fli11t, Mich. Breen. Marjorie, R. N., Chesaning, Micl1. Cliff, HClEl1, R. N. tMrs. E. F. Merrilll, 1308 XY. Center, Rochester, N. Y. Davey, Martha, R. N., Co11nty Hospital, Globe, Ariz. Davidson, Gail tMrs. Bestl, Jackson, Mich. D1ll1l1lI12, Margaret. R. N., Pinckney, Mich. Engbcrg, Judith, R. N. tMrs. H. T. Schanckl. 13 Green St., Pontiac, Mich. Eriston, Helena, R. N. tMrs. B. A. Rauchl, Swayze, l11d. 1'Fisl1er, Belle Foot, Roberta, R. N., 71 E. Perry St., De- troit, Micl1. Gilbert, Grace, R. N. tMrs. Oscar H. Cart- wrightl. 182 N. Manistique Ave., De- troit. Micl1. Grainger, Sue. R. N. tMrs. Scottl. 902 Granger Ave., .A1111 Arbor, Mich. Graves, Margaret, R. N., S. Shaftsburg, Vt. Hartt, Edna, R, N. fMrs. R. E. Franklinl, 1323 Pontiac Rd., ,A1111 Arbor, Micl1. Hartwell, Yirginia tMrs. Robt. Stollil, 117 Olinstead, Dearborn, Mich HHl1SC11, Helen, R. N., GTC611N'11lC, Mich. Harris, Fern, 1917 E. 90th St., Cleveland, Ohio HCf7DCTg', Margaret, R. N., 1609 Erie St., Toledo, Ohio Haskins, Sybil, R. N., Dr. Cowie's Hospital, .A1111 Arbor, Mich. Hill, Beatrice, So. Depart111e11t, University Hospital, 1'hl1l1 Arbor, Mich. Hopley, Agnes, R. N., 1347 Fourth St., Sa11 Fra11cisco, Calif. Huines, Grace. R. N. tMrs. James Cay- woodl, East La11si11g, Mich. Jol111so11, Myrtle, R. Ford Hospital, De- troit, Micl1. Jorgenson, Alma, R. N. fMrs. Fergusonl, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Micl1. Judd, Gertrude, A. B., R. N. t'Mrs. Shelby 1Vishartl, 1213 Jefferson Ave., EVHIIS- ville, l11d. Julsrud, Alina, R. N. t'Marriedl Kerr, Edith Kneisley, Edna, R. N. CMrs. R. Netzleyl, University Hospital, Ann Arbor, Micl1. Kurre, Ann Marie, R. N. t'Mrs. Nelsonl. Cadillac. Mich. LaRue. R11tl1, R. N., L'11iversity Hospital, Ann Arbor, Mich. Law, Grace, R. N., Ford Hospital, Detroit, Michigan 11352 Delaware Ave.l Lyons, Margaret, R. N. tMrs. Joh11 Hurl- burtl, Madison, VVis. MacGli11cl1, Rhea, R. N.., University Hos- pital, ,A1111 Arbor, Mich. McKi11stry, Bessie, R. N., Hersey, Micl1. McNamara, Ber11ice, R. N. CMrs. VV111. Hooperl, 1428 XVash. Heigl1ts, Ann Ar- bor, Micl1. Mason, Margaret, R. N., 7605 Colfax Ave., Detroit, Micl1. l.1vt'ut1srcI. Merrill, Hele11, tR. N. tMrs. J. NicholsonJ, 511 Linden St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Moag, Alice, R. N. CMrs. S. Boltonj, 95 Oxford Rd., New Hartford, N. Y. Moore, Opal, R. N. tMrs. A. P. Schollb, .3333 VV. 152nd St., Cleveland, Ohio Newking, Flora, R. James VVl1itcon1b Riley Hospital, Indianapolis, lnd. Ohland, Lucille, R. N. tMrs. E Vietsl, 927 Detroit, Flint, Mich. Pasche, Francis, R. N. tMrs. Russel Spring erl, Centerville, Mich. llliss, Mary, R. N, CMrs. Ralpl1 Paquettel, Lakeview, Mich. Peterson, Edllii, R. N. tMrs. Peter B. Sirnpsonl, VVashington, D. C. Platt. Helen, R. N. tMrs. Arthur TUYIIGYJ, 216 S. lngals, Ann Arbor, Mich. Praeger. Rosainond, R. N., A. B., Bureau of Nursing, Dep't of Health, Syracuse, N. Y. Purdy, Rutl1, R. N., Healtl1 Service, .A1111 Arbor, Mich. Rai1111e, Mary, R. N., 6 Marion Place, Ash- tabula, Ohio Recker, Hope, R. N. tMrs. Marian Brownj, Lemoyne, Ohio Rogers, Margaret, Mackinaw City, Micl1. Roberts, Ruth Gillette, Pallister Ave., De- troit, Mich, Russell, Georgia, R. N. tMrs. E. D. Ar- inantroutj, 1024 Collings Ave., W'est Collingwood, N. J, Schleeter, Frances, R. N. tMrs. Paul Hen- dersonl, 354 E. A113111 St., Battle Creek, Mich. Sill, Katherine, R. N., T. C. X l. Hospital, Fairheld, Ala. Sinithwick, Dea11, R. N. 1'fSpence, Alice, R. N. Spring, Ruby, R. N. tMrs. Frank Gillmanl, 753 XVithington, Ferndale, Micl1. Smeag, Gertrude Bridges, Ottawa, lll. Stice, Mrs. Lefa, R. N., Bangor, Mich. Tapson, Sadie, R. tMrs. G. D. Conoverj, Valparaiso, 111d. Thomas, Teresa tMrs. MacC1e11a11l, Ayl- 111er, Ontario, Canada Towns, Mary Elle11, 1917 E. 90th St., Cleve- l3.11Cl, Ohio Turner, Elsie, R. N. lMrs. H. E. Emer- sonl, Monroe, Mich. Aljll, HCICI1, R. N. tMrs. VVillian1 Marksl Mlest, Barbour, Ph. D., R. N., Broadlawns Hospital, Des Moi11es, Iowa 1N'esteen, Olive, R. N. tMrs. C. Nelsonj, Hurley, NVis. XVood, Fa1111ie, R. N., Bourbon, Ind. 11Voodbury, Hele11, R. N. fMrs. W'. A. Gor- donl, 122 Dwight St., Pontiac, Mich. VVoodruff, Esther, R. N. CMrs. Joh11 David Clappl, 341 Lee La11e, Be11d, Ore. Young, Eva, R. N., Traverse City, Mich. 1922 Ahlstrom, A1111ette, R. N. tMrs. G. Strim- beckj, Saginaw, Mich. ?...s,- ? QM.. 8632191213 Alspaugh, Anna, R. N., Cniversity Hospital, Ann Arbor, Mich. Bible, Mary Belle, R. N. fMrs. XYilliam Jonel, 2103 37th St., Charlotte, C. Bullock, Carrie, R. N, tMrs. G. H. Cana noni, 148 Park Drive, Midland, Mich. Brickbauer, Arlone tMrs. Des Eimial, Plymouth, 1Yis. Clements, Doris, R. N., 1322 XY. Main St.. Lansing, Mich. Cole, Lucile, R. N., University Hospital, Ann Arbor. Mich, Cooper, Mabel, R. N. tMarriedl. Calif. Dayton, Florence, 392792 Hamilton St., San Diego, Calif. Dusbiber, Helen, R. N., Shriner's Hospital, St. Louis, Mo. Dunford, Cleta, R. N. tMrs. Earl Boxelll, 2458 Hollywood, Toledo, Ohio Engels, Margaret, R. N., Harper Hospital, Detroit, Mich. Gavern, Mae, R. N.. Newark, N. J. Gibson, Gretta, R. N., 1347 Fourth Ave., San Francisco, Calif. Gries, Stella, R. N. t'Mrs. Luman Deuch- lcrl, 1191 XV. Philadelphia, Detroit, Mich. Hank, Ida, R. N., 421 XY. Central Ave., Bluffton, Ind. Hendrickson, Alis, 3927172 Hamilton St., San Diego, Calif. Hill, Leo Britt, R. N., 5021 Commonwealth Ave., Detroit. Mich, Hoffman, Jean, R. N., 670 So. Rampart Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. Hoover, Marjorie Otto, Plymouth, Mich. johnson, Martha, R. N. tMrs. Robert Yan- derMollenl, R. F. D. No. 5, Grand Rapids, Mich. johnson, Mildred, R. N., Ann Arbor, Mich. Johnson, Grayce tMrs. Harringshawl, Col- lingwood, Detroit, Mich. Johns, Ruth Densmore, Calif. Kerr, Yiola !Mrs. Yictor Brooksl, 1026 XY. Liberty, Ann Arbor, Mich. Kitch, Edith, R. N. fMrs. XY. Broadl, 712 E. Kingsley, Ann Arbor, Mich. Koob, Charlotte, R. N. tMrs. Richard Flem- mingl, 311 Cnion Arms Apt.. Seattle. 'XYash. Kruse, Helen, R. N., 1Yest Bend Clinic, 1Vest Bend, YX'is. Kahood, Grace, R. N., Columbus. Ohio Leishman, Eliza Jane, 3927123 Hamilton St.. San Diego, Calif. Lambert, Bargaret lMrs. Truesdalel, 2325 Buena Yista, Detroit, Mich. Luty, Ethel, R. N., Bourbon, Ind. Mclntyre, Geraldine, R. N., Furlow Apts, Rochester, Minn. . Momeyer, Myrn, R. N., University Hospital. Ann Arbor, Mich. Nunn, Thelma, R. N., University Hospital. Ann Arbor, Mich. K Ogden, Eulah, R. N. tMrs. Edgar Adamsl. 12228 Clifton Blvd.. Cleveland, Ohio Ogden, Grace, R. N. CMFS. Earl R61Slgl. Monroe, Mich. it Deceased. Pope, Emma, R. N., Parklund Hospital, Dallas, Texas Price. Cora, R. N. 1'Mrs. 1,Villis Lcmingl, Ligonier. Ind, Pulver, Ethel, R. N. fMrs. ,l. Baconl. 333 Longwood Ave., Boston, Mass. Rillston, Janet, R. N. Rutzen, Lenore, R. N., Alleghany Hospital, Pittsburg, Penn. Sage. Yera, R. N.. Atlantic Hospital, At- lantic, Iowa Schmidt, Eva, R. N., Saginaw, Mich. Spear, Lillian 1Mrs. 1Yatersfl, R. F. D. No. 3, Hamtramck, Mich. Stannard, Doris, R. N. tMrs. Taskerl, 5523 Howe St., Pittsburg, Penn. Summers. Florence, 1013 Eureka St., Lan- sing, Mich. Strouse. Mae, R. N. 1Mrs. 1Yilsonl, Cor- ona Ave., Denver, Colo. Symes, Mildred, Sparta, Mich. Tucker, Marian, A. B., R, N. lMrs. E. Par- sonsl, lndia Tunnison, Florence lMrs. K. E. Kippl, 1301 S. Second St., Louisville, Ky. Yan Dusen, Irma, R. N., Department of Health, Detroit, Mich. Yan Dusen, Fannie, R. N., 601 N. Madison. Bay City, Mich. 1Yarner, Katherine, R. N., Pellston, Mich. XYeed. Dorothy, R. N. tMrs. XY. Carrl. 510 E. Catherine St., Ann Arbor, Mich. X1'illiams, Gladys, R. N. lMrs. M. B. Tideyl. 409 Camden Ct., Ann Arbor, Mich. 1Yilliams, Lillian, R. N.. Ann Arbor, Mich. Yelton, Fay, R. N. lMrs. Robert Poolel, Fairfield, Ala. 1925 Blinn, Dorothy. R. N., Jackson. Mich. Bowen, Maud, R. N., Health Service, Ann Arbor, Mich. Burrill, Mary, R. N., 1114 Copeman Ave.. Flint, Mich, Chartier, Clara. R. N. tMrs. M. Baumannl. 1512 Brooklyn Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich, Cook, Elota, R. 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Mich. 1924 Anderson, Elsie, R. N., Taft. Calif. 1-licsombe. Gertrude, Detroit, Mich. Boughton, Grace, R. N., 210 S. Ingals, Ann Arbor, Mich. Bray, Gertrude, R. N., 21o N. State St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Castell, Helen Jeanette, R. N., Cleveland, Ohio Furlong, Marjorie, R. N. tMrs. A. Shru- bringl, 1428 Courtland Ave., Detroit, Mich. Foster, Emma, R. N., 11025 Goethe St., Apt. 34, Detroit, Mich. French, Dorothy, R. N., Monroe, Mich. Glasby, Reta, R. N., Hull Memorial Hos- pital, Ypsilanti, Mich. Haskins, Olive, R. N. lMrs. 1Vm. Harrl, 5239 Cornell Ave., Chicago, Ill. Holmes, Thelma, R. N. CMrs. R. A. Mar- tini, 1o21 Columbia Ave., Chicago, Ill. Shepard, Hetty, R. N., Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, Mo. Houck, Dorothy, R. N., 1002 1Vashington Ave., Defiance, Ohio Ireman, Hazel, R. N.. 1412 Loran St., Tampa, Fla. ik 17t'.'t''r1'. Johns, Marian, R N., 915 Huron St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Johnson, Isabelle, R. N., 789 Park Ave., Rochester, N. Y. johnson, Martha, J. R. N. l'Mrs. Upsoul, Verona, Mich. 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N. tMrs. C. 'Win- sorl, 2107 XYashtenaw, Ann Arbor, Mich. Spathelf, Rena, R. N., China Speidel, Estelle, R. N., 522 McKinley St., Salem. Ohio Stegcman, Thelma, R. N., 204 Observatory St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Stroud, Ada, R. N., 2652 Mt. Clair, Detroit, Mich. Swanson, Emma, R. N. lMrs. Andersonl, Saginaw General Hospital, Saginaw, Mich. Taylor, Ella, R. N. lMrs. Smithl, Aim Arbor, Mich. Tibbils. XYinifred. R. N. Thornwaite, Mildred, R. N. tMrs. George Mfilliamsonl, Lucas County Hospital, Toledo, Ohio XYeimer, Charlotte, R. N. lMrs. Ludwig Cooperl, 207 XVillard St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 1Yenger, Florence, R. N., 1315 53rd St., Chicago, Ill. 1Vester, Esther, R. N. lMrs. E. S. Larson1, 11347 Stewart Ave., Chicago. Ill. Zing, Gertrude, R. N., 520 Vlfashtenaw St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 1925 Aho, Mary fMrs. Chester McMahon1, 12355 Third Ave., Highland Park, Mich. ..-..-.-. 5 SCSQPEI. ii-i' Ames, Celia, B. S., R. N. IMrs. Fred Thomas l, 4180 Brush St., Detroit, Mich. Apted, Edith, R. X., Cleveland, Ohio. 1925 Ayers, Ruby, A, B., R. X., 254 Medbury, Detroit, Mich. Ballhotf, Bella, R. X., 121-l XVashtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich, Barclay, Roberta, R. N. lMrs. lValter Mitchelll, XV. Allis. lVis. Bell, Elizabeth, R. X., 1103 Hamilton TV., Jackson, Mich. Bolt, Helen, R. N.. 520 E. Jefferson St., Ann Arbor, Mich Bowman, Theodora, R. X. tMrs. Howard Kerrl, 713 E. Kingsley, Ann Arbor, Mich. Cadwell, Marian, R. N. tMrs. Robt. Phil- lipsl, Lansing, Mich. Campbell, Dorothy, R. N., Cniversity Hos- pital, Ann Arbor. Mich. Carlson, Ellen, R. N. lMrs. Prattl, 4235 lVebb Ave., Detroit. Mich. Cheney, Alberta, R. X. tMrs. Howard Shor- neyl, 41232 N. lVashtenaw, Ypsilanti, Mich. Conrtarl, Mildred, R. N. tMrs. Carrol Taborl, 2-ll Glendale, Highland Park, Mich. Davenport, Mary, R. X., Aim Arbor, Mich. Duskin, Edna, R. X., Ass't Supt., Minor Hospital, Seattle, XVash. Eilola, Helen, R. X., 1214 XVashtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Evans, Ruth, R. 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McLain, Pearl, R. N. tMrs, Robert Foxl, 631 E. Fulton St., Grand Rapids, Mich. at Dcrea.rca'. Mohoney, LaRue. R. N., Three Rivers, Michigan Ogletree, Lotta, R. X. fMrs. NVilliam XVare renl, S05 E. Huron St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Percival, Helen, R. N., Harper Hospital, Detroit, Mich. Plageman, Erna, R. X., 210 S, Thayer St.. Ann Arbor, Mich. Plageman, Edna, R. X., 210 S. Thayer St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Post, Francis, R. X., lVest Palm Beach, Fla, Rahilly, Veronica, R. X.. Longmount Hos- pital, Longmount, Colo. Ray, Midiam, R. X., Xenia, Ohio Shurlow, Grace, R. N., S05 E. Huron St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Shambangh, Pansy, R. N. IMrs. Vernon Abbottl, St. Johns, Mich. Swain, Dorothy, R. X., 805 E. Huron St.. Ann Arbor, Mich. Sprague, Beatrice, R. X., 1135 E. Ann St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Vogel, Florence, R. N., 210 S. Thayer St.. Ann Arbor. Mich. Miellnian, Margaret, R. N., University Hos- pital, Ann Arbor. Mich. lVicklnnd, Marie, R. N., University Hos- pital lllll S. Thayer St.l, Ann Arbor, Mich. 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Kingsley, Ann Arbor, Mich. Frank, Ruth, Hull Memorial Hospital, Ypsilanti, Mich. wr --015:51 2111 gig-gg'g:f:T" f" ' s 1 1 114 ,..4 ,Nv- '?'5f-kf' ff' . """ . ' x. 1. 1 . . V X 1 .z'f115:5 xg' Z-1 fl' 'V' X H ., L. . 29,1 t ,il1.-p .1 Y,,.,J. -, - Lf "L ' .1-H11 ' . , -f 1 ' 1 ,gk ,, .:,p,lF.g. ,- 4- 1 H ng- ,jx 11' . 1 1 .1 ",'1ffr.?:4 1 'U ' . "-.'f'- '1,f'f'T-."'-.1 1 l - ,1 2451, , - 1rr' X M1511 11 ,'1 1 Ji I -1 h1 1 V 1 fi . Jr 1 l W F .. 1 1 A11 1 fx .L ,E E 'I 1 'w 'A . 1 . li f . 11 C 1 C M f W1 e , C 1 4 111 1 11 1 1 I I U 1 f 1 1 lr n 1 A jszi 1 1 1:lf'+i 1:7. ' Q, 15. IR'-lxlnx ' 1-Info ' "1-,'L1fzY nf -ipui., 1 , --'Q .1 '1 W 1 , w 1 1 1' N11.. Zf --?- SCQPEL -h- Friday, Beatrice, R. N., L'11i1'ersity Hospital, ixllll Arbor, Micl1. Fox, Maria11, R. N., Cniversity Hospital, .A1111 Arbor. Micl1. Funk, Mary, Bucyrus. Ohio Grierson, Lois, R. N.. Cniversity Hospital, .A1111 Arbor. Mich. Haist, Pearl, 713 li. Catherine St., .A1111 Ar- bor, Mich. Hanson, Eleanor, R. N., Grand Haven, Mich. Holrleman, Zola, R. N., 1544 S. Mai11 St.. Elkhart. 11111. Kallio, A1111a, R. N., Herman Keifer Hos- pital, T. B. Cnit, Detroit, Mich. Kellogg, 1Yi11ifrefl, R. N., University Hos- pital. Ann Arbor, Micl1. Kennedy, Kathryn, 902 E. Huron St., A1111 Arbor. Mich. Knapp, Marjorie. R. N., 349 Ohio St.. lien- ton Harbor, Mich. Knecht, Martha, R. N., 213 S. State St.. .A1111 Arbor, Mich. Kobe, Francis, R. N., University Hospital, .A1111 Arbor, Mich. Larson. Mamie, R. N., Marshall City, Hos- pital, Marshall, Micl1. l-e1111ur, Rachel, R. N., University Hospital. .A1111 Arbor, Micl1. Linn, Helen, R. N.. Cniversity Hospital, .A1111 Arbor, Mich. Macllonalcl, Olive, R. N., 215 N. Division St., Ann Arbor, Mich. McGa11', Jean, R. N., Ford Hospital, Detroit, VMicl1. McG11g'a11. Muriel. R. N., London. Ontario. Canada l?U.'!175Fd. Marsl1all, Dora. R. N., Cniversity Hospital. .A1111 Arbor, Mich. Mills, Ethyle, R. N.. 513 S, Division St., .A1111 Arbor, Mich. Morehouse, Frances. R. N.. .A1111 Arbor. Micl1. Morton, XYilla, R. N., A1111 Arbor, Mich. Myres, Phyllis, R. N., Bucyrus, Ohio Nelson, Anna, R. N., 234 Meclbury Ave., Detroit, Mich. Nelson, Katherine, R. N., Cniversity Hosf pital, .A1111 Arbor. Micl1. Nichol, Elma Nellie, R. N.. 210 S. Thayer St., .A1111 Arbor, Micl1. Paveyi Yivian, R. N., 21.3 S. State St., fxllll Arbor. Mich. Scharer, Gladys. R. 519 Linden St., A1111 Arbor, Mich. Schneicler. Margie. R. N.. Couzens Hall, .A1111 Arbor, Mich. Scholton, He11rietta. R. N., Couzens Hall, ,A1111 Arbor. Mich. Sherrick, Pearl. 519 Linde11 St., .A1111 Ar- bor, Micl1. Slough, Mary, 500 E. Catherine St.. A1111 Arbor. Micl1. Steffe, Dorothy. 712 E. XYasl1i11gton St.. .A1111 Arbor, Micl1. Sullivan. Dorothy. R. N., 712 E. Miashing- ton St., .A1111 Arbor. Micl1. Sweers, R. N., 712 E. XYasl1i11gto11 St., .A1111 Arbor, Mich. YX'e11g, Florence, R. N., Ciiiversity Hospital, ,A1111 Arbor, Micl1. XYillis. Cecile. R. N., 745 Cinyersity Ave.. .A1111 Arbor. Mich, - scfgppg -- Concerning the Need of A New Emphasis in the Education of the Nurse Shirley C. Titus HE BIRTH of the democratic ideal into the world has had a far-reaching effect upon education. In a society where the government rests upon the masses, the preparation of the masses for citizenship becomes of a necessity one of the gravest and most important of social problems. The school likewise is forced to assume a new role and the aims or objectives uf education become complex and diversified. V ln 1918 a commission was appointed by the National liducation .Xssociation to study ways and means of reorganizing secondary education, The report of this commission, among other things, set forth in an admirable wav the main objectives ot education in a democracy. The activities of the individual were first analyzed and the commission reports as follows in regard to such activities: "Nor- mally the individual is a member of a family. of a vocational group, of various civic groups, and by virtue of these relationships he is called upon to engage in activities that enrich the family life, to render important vocational services to his fellows, and to promote the coinon welfare." ln the light of such analysis the commission sets forth the following objectives of a democratic education, namely: Qlj Health, txlj Command of fundamental processes, 135 XYortliy home- membership, tx-lj Vocation, L51 Citizenship, 1,67 XYorthy use of leisure, 479 lith- ical character. These ideal objectives have not been received whole-heartedly by all educa- tional groups, for the educational world is at the present time divided into two great camps, namely the "cultural" education group and the "vocational" education group, and each of these two groups, even if they accepted in theory these educa- tional objectives, would tind the carrying out of such objectives impossible with- out a radical change in their philosophy of education. The "cultural" education group sincerely believe that when a subject is pur- sued with the view of ultimately gaining a livelihood from it that such an education is not the highest or best form of education-that it is, in fact. hardly education fas they see educationb at all. "Learning as a preparation for a life careeriis self-interested learning: it is narrow in range and application: it does not liberalize the mind of the learner. -il The opposing camp, the vocational educational group, thoroughly believe that the so-called "liberal education" results in a loss to society and prevents the individual f1'OIU developing his best social self. They believe that any educgatioi. that does not prepare the individual to actually ,vcrt'c the comnnuiity in a definite, concrete way is a sterile education, and that the individual who gains such educa- tion which permits him to enjoy only certain phases of life is made a social parasite. Fortunately, all signs point to the fact that leaders in education are. in the main, slowly but surely pressing forward to a third position. namely, an acceptance of a form of education that shall "liberalize the mind" as well as intuse real social purpose and efficiency into the individual who shall confe under its intiuence. The education of the nurse has always been, and is today, vnarrowly voca- tional in conceptg if measured by the objectives set up by the National Educa- Clj Goodsell, "Education of XVomen.' -I--SCKELPEL ii- tion Commision it would be found lamentably wanting. That such a condition of affairs should be so can easily be understood by an examination of the growth and development of nursing schools. The growth in the number of nursing schools in this country has been nothing short of phenomenal. There were some fifteen "training schools" in lSS5: today finds something like two thousand accredited nursing schools and a large number of unaccredited schools. This rapid growth tool: place primarily because the hospitals very early discovered the economic value of maintaining training school. Almost from the beginning, therefore, the nursing schools destiny has been guided by other than educators and, in nine times out of ten, the school was created only for the purpose of providing the hospital with the cheapest possible nursing service. Class rooms, instructors, libraries, equipment, etc., have only been secured by the never-ceasing and insistent demands of the women who courageously have struggled to win for their students those things which those in authority regarded as unnecessary but which any educator would probably laugh at because of its meagreness. "Training" rather than "educating" has been the narrow function of the hospital nursing school. Few hospital boards have any appreciation of the fact that their hospital has for years been failing the community in regard to one of its greatest needs. The average hospital board does not see that it is building women and citizens as well as nurses: that just in so far as they continue to manage the nursing school on the present narrow basis they are actually inflicting a great hardship on the community. lVhen the student graduates from the nursing school. the community expects to find in this "graduate nurse" not only a person who thoroughly under- stands the technique of her profession but one who is ethically and socially minded. In the past few years a storm of criticism has been leveled at the head of the nurse, not only by the physician but by the community at large. Everyone asks, "Oh! where is the nurse of yester year? lYhat has happened to our nurse of yester year?" etc. The medical profession as a whole has, to a great degree, claimed that the reason why the nurse has become less efficient, less satisfactory. amenable to command, etc., is because she has "become over-educated." Thas such a statement can be made seriously is but an open admission of ignorance of all matters per- taining to education and educational problems. That the curriculum of the nursing schools needs an entire revamping or that methods of teaching nurses must be changed, cannot be denied. A very important fact that must be taken into consideration if the problem is to be approached in an intelligent manner lies in the age of the student nurse of today. The average age of the student entering the nursing school today is eighteen! that of the student in WOO. for example, twenty-live or more. The fact must be borne in mind also that society has changed greatly during these past twenty-seven years and, no doubt, if the entrance age now were Fixed at twenty-live we would not lind the same individual as stable a product at the age of twenty-tive today as she was at the same age twenty years ago. lt is distinctly essential that hospital boards, and all others interested in nursing education, should come to a keen realization that they are receiving girls, not women, into their schools today and that these girls must be surrounded by an entirely different environment and taught a different type of curriculum than the student nurse of twenty years ago or so. -i- SCQPEL livery hospital should of necessity be compelled to provide experience in at least the five major clinical services-surgery. medicine, obstetrics, contagion and mental and nervous diseases-to the student nurse if she is to function iproperlv after graduation. ' Every hospital should of necessity be compelled to provide a curriculum. and proper facilities for teaching the same, that will not onlv prepare the student nurse for her vocational duties but shall, likewise, develop in this student proper social habits. attitudes and ideals, in order that she may adequatelv meet the demands placed upon her by the community. ' The hospital's near-goal, the nursing care of the patients within its doors. must not blind hospital authorities to the far-goal--and iniinitelv the more im- portant goal of the two!the preparation of student nurses for the ideal citizen- ship as depicted in the "Cardinal Principles of Secondary Education." No indi- vidual can be over-educated: he may be improperly educated, but never over- educated. He who states that nurses are over-educated savs so only because he is ignorant of the real meaning and purpose of education. 'The education of the nurse must be "liberalized" if the profession of nursing is to meet more adequately the needs of the community. The nurse herself is only in a small degree respon- sible for her social inadequacy: hospital authorities are far more to blame than the nurse for her inadequacy, and the sooner the public places the blame where it rightfully belongs the sooner the nurse will, without doubt, more successfully meet the social demands put upon her. V Picture the girl of eighteen entering a school of nursing and remaining there for three years: on duty every day of the year except her brief vacation period: securing a semblance of an education while doing a full day's work: cut off from all liberalizing or inspirational intluences, leading a narrow and mondaine existence: often placed daily in a distinctly commercial atmosphere, XYhat could one expect of her? She has learned. unfortunately. certain ineradicable social habits and attitudes of mind tand most certainly no idealsl, has acquired a warped social viewpoint and has become selfish and non-social. lglut what else could one expect? lYhat elsc could she be when placed in such an environment? The ideal curriculum would contain at least a few of the cultural. or liberal- izing. subjects. such as English, history. sociology. etc. These cultural courses need not be "heavy" courses. but they should have such content as will keep up the student's interest in certain lines of thought that otherwise would remain dead to her. However, the written curriculum does not concern us nearly as much as does the "unwritten curriculum" or the program of extra-curricular activities. The field of general education has long since appreciated the value of extra-curricular activities in the social development of the child. Nursing education has not yet realized the tremendous effect extra-curricular activities can play in character development. :X carefully thought through "social program." as it is called. would be of immense value in producing a Finer and better type of nurse. for it would not only enrich her life by giving her a truer appreciation of beauty, by quicken- ing her imagination and by helping her "to experience the full reach of intellectual and emotional possibilities." but would bring to her a keener realization of her whole relation to life and the people around her and hence make her more socially minded. The girl of eighteen is still intensely energetic and the social program should provide her with a proper outlet for "animal spirits" through hikes, basket-ball. tennis, swimming, and all manner of athletic pursuits. Such pursuits ca11 do much to teach her team work and give her a valuable experience in making social ad ustments. . ""'-""SCf2I.PEI. The 1110113 imaginative girl should find her satisfactions in dramatics, group- singing. a school orchestra. visits to art galleries, concerts, and the like. Plays, poetry and good fiction should be easily accessible to students in a well-balanced library. The students should also be kept in touch with the trend of events in the outside world through a selection of proper periodicals and by frequent lectures on current events or interesting social problems. The average nurse is woefully ignorant of matters outside of her own little narrow world and efforts should be made to make her more familiar with and interested in the doings of the large world about her. Religious activities of all sorts should be necessarily encouraged. No greater calamity could befall the girl from the small town or rural districts, where religion and church attendance plays so great a part in the life of the community, than that she should fail to make immediate contacts with a church in the new environ- ment she is entering, an environment which will throw upon her greater social strains than she has ever known before. .-X morning service of worship is a highly desirable thing in a school of nursing. Such movements as the Guild of St. Barnabas. Young lYomen's Christian .'Xssociation, etc., should be maintained and encouraged. The social amenities of life should not be neglected if the student nurse is to learn how to meet successfully ce1'tain social situations that are sure to arise not only in her own social life but also in the pursuit of her professional activities. The nurse must of necessity have some degree of social training if she is not to prove offensive to her patients and associates. Carefully planned parties, teas, dances and receptions give her a practical experience in making her socially accep- table. Such training must be thought of merely as a means to an end, not an end in itself, of course, in the practice of her profession. It has been aptly said that "T'aint what yer teach a feller but it's what yer larn 'em that counts Y" and there is a world of truth in this statement. The student must live. not merely be taught, proper social habits and attitudes. Therefore, the "unwritten curriculum," or social program, must be skillfully handled if it is to bring about any improvement in the social attitude of the student nurse. The presence of someone who is not only deeply interested in girls, but who is more or less an "expert in social dynamics," as well, is one of the most important factors in developing the character of the student. Many pages could be used to discuss the qualihcations of the person who is to direct the extra-curricular program, but in the final analysis this individual must possess two outstanding characteristics, namely, a rich social mind built up through a variety of social experiences, and an abiding love and faith in youth. Another method of providing an opportunity for the student to lim' proper habits, etc.. lies in the proper functioning of student self-government movements. lt is essential that the students be given rm! responsibilities if the students' attempt at self-government is to succeed. Any movement toward the establishment of such valuable experience in building inner-control is doomed to failure if students are given only control of minor or inconsequential affairs. Student self-government is an actual training for future citizenship and the more practice the students receive in governing themselves the better citizens they will become. One might as well, however, attempt to go swimming without water as to start the student government movement without handing over to the students matters of major importance. ""-'lSCi2PEI. Those who are not familiar with all sides of nursing education niav feel that such an emphasis as I have here indicated is absurd and unnecessary. 'I-lowever, one should not lose sight of the fact that the student nurse enters the nursing school a girl and leaves it a woman: she enters with a multitude of fv1111'f11riv,r th aff, but few habits: she leaves the school with Il1CIII.X' f'i.1'UIl' 111117175 and a distinct philosophy of life: she enters extremely plastic and pliable. she leaves it distinctly less plastic and pliable. ' The held of general education has reached a point where the social education of the student is a matter of major importance. Educators have become deeply interested in the whole problem of character development. lf nursing schools are to continue to admit to its ranks eighteen or even seventeen-year-old girls and expect to "train" these girls in three years to meet all kinds of social dmands upon graduation. should not the nursing school follow in the footsteps of general educa- cation and set up such a program as will more perfectly socialize the students entrusted to their care? If the held of general education has seen the tremendous worth-whileness of such an emphasis in education, would it not be reasonable to suppose that such an emphasis might be of some value in the educating of the nurse? However, not until that time when hospital authorities and physicians alike will come to a realization that they are profoundly affecting the cheracter develop- ment of the student nurse either for better or for worse, not until that time when they full realize that the hospital is building women and citizens. as well as nurses. can we expect to begin to produce a more satisfactory type of nurse. Education for the nurse can not remain so narrowly vocational if the nurse of the future is to be an improvement over the nurse of today. The nurse's concommitant learning is at fault, not her primary learning alone. lt is the job of the nursing school to build into its students proper social habits. attitudes and ideals, as well as to teach them the mechanics of the profession of nursing. We who are associated with nursing schools must, with other educators. advance to that third position. lying between the camp of vocational education and the camp of cultural education, and I1'bc1'aIi:1' education. at the same time infusing it with social efficiency and purpose. The objectives of nursing education must become seven-fold if it is to justify itself: preparation for citizenship, not merely preparation for nursing- must be its goal. v X 3 'SW 12 7 tx ,xg ' A ily ., X F I 1 r" " AU SCQLPQ ' J I ,nilgi-H. ,I SS V, , I-2 2 , Egg: if I J H ow mlm- .- 4 QWQ, ,A -, . ' 22,15 ' ,if pf' 'iT.:'f ' i xx ' Ulllimi jj 'i Eff", 2 W - v. -piggy 2 A ' -v-- Aww-2? .S-,N xx .1 I xx x v fx mf' BF., , , ,q,,?5,, 2 ' fi' XS-N 5? W I - -N Y X xi K I' BN Q K W 5 + sn NN 'Y y . X- SITA J ' 1 fw -N is 4 f b ,Ly Q., me .X - K Q. ws X 3, K, C W: . X M f" in I Q ' l 'XTX' -.g-Nz. f '- . , . , 'K - Q f 5 ' 4 : .JF ' ' 'K' D ' . rSf"7f-:- f t ' Q 4 , - - A ' -Jil' X IL 'ZZ '- 'N . Q , 1' -A 1, 11 1 X xg ., 1 4,51 .N Lg ' V. X 1, V X-,X X A V' 'if , ' , 7 X ,3 ,f .. Y . ,ig 1 ' " -. fc, . 1. , ' ' .X-1. , ' X I-X, ' -. ff- X Af ' jg X 5 ' ' , .fhfx . - f , -X 1 1, ., , N, ---- S C52 P E L -li The Year's Development of the School O THOSE GRADL'.XTllS and friends of the School who might be interested i11 learning a little about the year's developments in the School. I herein submit a brief summary of the most important or happv events of the vear. ' The vear had a most auspicious beginning in that the largest Freshmen class in the history of the School found its way to our doors last September. Both the September and February classes of this school year were nearly double in number over those admitted at the same season in previous years. The September class numbered some one hundred twenty students and the February class thirty. The second most outstanding event of the year was a transfer of the teaching of the basic sciences to the campus proper. The graduates of the School will rejoice to hear that our dearly beloved Dr. Huber is now teaching the course in .Xnatomy and Physiology. Dr. Howard li. Lewis, one of the best known physio- logical chemists in the country, is, with his assistants, giving the course in Chem- istry, and Dr. Malcolm Soule, Dr. Novys able assistant, is teaching the course in Bacteriology. The total number of hours given over to the basic sciences has been materially increased, to wit: Chemistry, lO5 hours: Anatomy and Physi- ology, 120 hours: Bacteriology, 45 hours. The l'lOl11'5 given over to the course in Nursing Principles and Practice has, likewise. been materially increased tsome 30 hours! and the entire emphasis in the teaching of the same is placed on ':ut11'd, rather than on Cftl.YXI'0l7IlI' instruction. Proper assistance has made it possible to establish an adequate "follow-up" system and it is felt that the bedside nursing in the hospital will be greatly improved thereby. A new cou1'se has been added to the curriculum this year, namely "First Aid and Emergency Nursing." This course. which is given by a nurse. as well as physician instructor, was planned on what might be called the "project method." lt has proven to be one of the most popular courses in the School. So popular indeed was it that. unheard-of state of affairs, older students asked if they might attend! The "case study" method of instruction is being used extensively and has proven to be most satisfactory in every way. .Xn instructing-supervisor is to be assigned to each clinical service as rapidly as the proper person can be found. :Xlready half of these important positions are filled and September, 1927, it is expected, will find us with our full quota. :X close correlation between practice and theory has been made possible through the proper repeating of certain lectures. For example, every student assigned to the surgical wards receives her surgical lectures while there: every student assigned to the medical wards receives her medical lectures while nursing medical patients. etc. ---scfyppi-at ii- Another outstanding change in the curriculum and teaching methods of the School is the enriching of the course in Dietetics and Nutrition. A full-time instructing-dietitian is now assigned to the teaching of student nurses. The entire course has been re-vamped and enriched. and promises to be one of the most worthwhile courses in the curriculum. It gives me much pleasure to hereby grate- fully acknowledge the support and sympathetic co-operation the Director of Dietetics. Miss Margaret Gillam. and her assistants have given the Faculty of the School in bringing about this improvement. Already it is possible to discern an increasing interest in the problem of food serving, etc., on the part of the student nurses who have had the opportunity of taking the course. Continual emphasis during the year has been placed on scholastic attainment. The "honor point" system has been established and went into effect with the Freshmen group of the September class. A compulsory "quiet-hour study period" from 7:30 to S230 every evening is now being maintained. The same system of marking the blue-bool's and the same system ffoverninu' re-examinations as is 5 X f I . 5 m f used in the Literary College has been put into effect. Late passes are now being governed by scholarship, i. e.. any student maintaining lower than a "C" grade automatically loses her late pass privileges until her scholarship shows a distinct improvement. The function of Student Government has been extended during the past year. Now all major cases of discipline are submitted to a joint committee consisting of all Student Council members and the Faculty Committee on Discipline. Both students and faculty alike feel that this has been a step taken in the right direction and it is hoped that Student Governments function may be extended even further as time goes on and a higher morale is built. The Constitution and Hy-Laws of the Student Government have been entirely revised during the year. The monthly mass meetings have continued to be well worth while, indeed, as they have brought about a more sympathetic understanding between the student body and the faculty. lt is with great pleasure that l announce that sufficient money has been appropriated by the Cniversity to complete the furnishing of Couzens Hall. It is expected that August lst will find Couzens Hall as adequately furnished as any nurses' dormitory in the country. The ,Xluinnae Association, whose interest and devotion in the School is becoming keener with the passing of the years, has asked that it might have the privilege of furnishing the lobby in Couzens Hall. It was felt by the organization that no better way could be found by which the existence of the Association and its function could be constantly brought to the attention of the students of the School than by furnishing the lobby through which they constantly come and go. The class of 1926 gave S125 to the School for the purchasing of floor lamps for the lounge and reception rooms of the dormitory. This class, likewise, gave the sum of 5525 toward the building up of the fiction library which has been so woefully needed. It is hoped that it will become traditional for the graduating classes to give a gift to the School.

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