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A. se,----W 1---I - i 'W N' V W .J..J.J ..f . .x.q,,R- ?lN .gm 355 T233 A , 1.74 VW?- rl 'Yr' 'H Ile- ,-' LAW? U23 UIAXHDIRAQNUEUJE T A. H- fr -ff K.. ' L, :t , Q 1, 'ff 1 1, ... , f , , - , -V 3 'nz Qfcfvl 'XAfHlU.' ,T . ff -. :1 M 2 r"- - . vu,"uq-f ,f '. Je, ,-, A I 1. .AJ 'Qi 1 . 4 if. ,., - f..v.,, gp, f , ,df-1 ' rg x I 5, .- f, . ,xg Q.-gfiz,-af ' f 4 l-ffff. I, W. .. A-f 'vw 'fi far gf, 4 rv 4 . "HL , ."1 ' '-'14, "' , . . 4' ' H Ff'Pf,,,f4 'lf 1 e,'f,, j' ff wg ig' 1,.g,Jg,,,j',f, My I ,yi .vu Q. -'-lczvgjglj, .5 .A X . al' I- Ll ' ' Qffx 155 ' L .4 -" 294 . 1 fkkx w'-fry 0' , - 54.51 ,- K A, , T ' '-,I I ax rf-rljvff ,. ,,. "' . 5. f L 1 f A J 1 El V -5 , gf,11q4ff" -any ,,f' Y , - 3 4 Fi gf I ' 74 1 rv rr, f 1 fa... , 1 9-mg UWHZIRSUTFY IDF MUEHIUGEAN QUAD 66 'fY"f: 5 ' ' W ' Y ' L x , ,-LH N 4 X 1-13 'nldsxlia T ' '4 - .V .' , , iw A H.. r , . i . . hy 1"f4'f:'ff Q 5 'Qi , 4 1 4 WHAT DOES MICHIGAN LAW MEAN? T0 THE! Freshman It is awful ppm, 1 Junior The Library It is work Freshmen burn intro. books. 1 Ill 5 junior studies 3 Senior It is a blast Senior relaxes T0 TI-IE ASD sruvzurs IT is T0 BE DRAWN I 'sg X11 An artist sketches the "Quad" in i, TO WILLIAM COOK IT FULFILLED A DREAM F-- -4 'AQ 'I-2I.. "' N' " ' " '- ' "7 5' ' "'A 'ff' .HLLQTY ,F?,..ff'ih .qu,.L 7j ' - 8 I V. .MI . I. , , -5:5193 ,, .HJ ,,J.!,,K,, r, ., .. ,,.. -5?-fr1for24 ffms, wmtf 'of " 2 L b v.1. Al, N Q ' fSN1mg.AfrA'i0iI ACOQEQ ALTL , 5 lzififrwc. AS 1 DQTHAT AMER-'lc?fkN5 ,INQSTITUTIONS ARE or MORE .QONSETQ 'fm-JENCE THAN T1-nz WFALTI'I'X'0R POWEPQ or TI-If cournm' AND nrurvnvo THAT me m1tsr1zvAT1oN AND DFVELOPMENT or THESE Nsffrrurvons HAVE EVEN ARI Min Wm comwur TO ar uwm-:va vmi 1.,r:An,rPQ1nP or mr in AL PROVTSQION AND an rn :Nc AI Ao THAT THE rvrvmf of AMERICA nrrrwns LAvc'm ow THAT PROVTSQION xNn.arurx me THAT THC CLMMCTLR or Tw Lm scuoors mf FIPJVIINES TMI CHN MTV OF TH' f GM PRO! LSSION f me-H10 Aw N L'w1.xkn,1m Till. scum WD INIPROMNQ THE 'sivxufuabs an um: II-WH scnoms- BY ALDINL Il-U om FROM wmmw 1 'W In-is 1.-ammvgr su x on wc: 1. 4 , A 'ii , 'Q' ' I A 'A L 1 1 . - . Af, , U, f ,4'm, 4 A .Z : ' I ' -7, 3 ,W ' ' ' - ' . ' '. iv vu , ,. . A ' , -'X ' '. - V 7 , ,,, A ' A I . L4 . v , . 4. -L : VV . I , , I. 1 , I F , -. i' . A A ' '- U' I-3 A. EMA A PX A S -,g ' ' W ' ' Q A e ' .' .- . .X it w 1 - , '4 Qwg :. .D1fAT-LD.miME1.i n1:1r.m-wsczsaogb A. TS' ' I . "GQ Q .. - - Pl- f" '1' H ' A wil H' ' wluiam w. cook 4 The Will F T0 THE ALUMNUS IT IS A MEMORY Y I The memory of hours of study. . .., . P M, ,M- Q ,, pq, JE! The other memories that we h 1 T0 THE UNDERGRADUATE GIRL IT IS A TG I il U u A couple frugs. 5 People t S I , ,.1,,,' no "L ,V ---Le , 5- , L? ' , TO THE PRACTISING LAWYER IT IS ICLE Under the direction of E. Donald Shapiro the Institute of Continuing Legal Education QICLEJ is devoted to two primary ends, the publishing of books, perhaps the best known being the Michigan Basic Practice Workbook, and the holding of lectures in all fields of law such as the financing small business and the personal litigation seminars held recently. Mr. Shapiro is assisted by a staff of over twenty people. E . Donald Shapiro T0 THE INDIGENT CLIENT IT IS LEGAL AID A group of student attomeys ponder a case. I W T0 THE LAW REVIEW READER IT IS THE MICHIGAN LAW REVIEW A legal problem is discussed. T0 THE ANN ARBOR POLICEWOMAN IT IS A PLACE T0 TICKET CARS Ann Arbor gets another dollar. 7 TO THE FOREIGN LAW STUDENT IT IS A PLACE TO LEARN ABOUT AMERICA Constitutional Law is read. TO THE PARENT IT IS A PLACE TO SEND MONEY V- "nf 7 A... Q -1-A LY mail is received. 8 A payment is made at the administration bull T0 THE srunznf IT IS A Puxcz T0 LEARN - .H - ,f ' , U . A gl- ,, .- -' -, , . . V. f - -, ' 1 ' -'. -' I ' I, Y ' : :HIV - V ' ' H .' ,,1 407 - ' V V ,qw f, ei 'V -lj U If lf with' 221'-1,-, ,IA 1 'jk f' T' .... A' V 9. The case method keeps people busy. Time for coffee and that last case. T0 THE TEACHER IT IS A PLACE T0 TEACH Professor Iulin makes a point. TO THE PUBLIC IT IS A SPECIAL LECTURE T0 THE LAW FIRM IT IS A SOURCE OF TALENT L . i A . i ' . Interviewers find an employee. ound on the placement board. 10 1 x QM- . - 4 xA c U L T Y CHARLES W. JOINER Acting Dean of The Law School, 1965-66 Born in 1916, Mr. Joiner received his B.A. in 1937 and J.D. in 1939 from the State University of Iowa. He was admitted to practice in Iowas in 1939. He practiced in Des Moines from 1939 to 1947. He was with the United States Army Air Force from 1943 to 1945. He was assistant professor of law at the University of Michigan from 1947 to 1949, associate professor of law from 1950 to 1952, pro- fessor of law since 1953 and associate dean since 1960. Professor Joiner teaches Trials Sz Appeals and Practice Court, and fCivil Procedure.l He is the author of Trials and Appeals and joint author of Cases and Statutes on Jurisdiction and Judgments and Civil Justice and the Jury. He is a member of the U.S. Supreme Court Advising Committee on Uniform Rules of Evidence, the Advising Com- mittee on Civil Rules, the Board of Commissioners for the State Bar of Michigan, and the Standing Committee on Ethics of the ABA. Professor Joiner is married and has three children. FRANCIS A. ALLEN Dean Elect Professor Francis A. Allen of the University of Chicago Law School was named as the new Dean of the University of Michigan Law School effective July 1, 1966 on January 21, 1966. He served as a Professor at the University of Michigan Law School in 1962-63 and is a recognized authority in the field of criminal and constitutional law. Born in 1919, Mr. Allen received his A,B. in 1941 and an honorary J.D. in 1958 from Cornell College, his LL.B. from Northwestern in 1946, and was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 1950. He has taught at Northwestern, Harvard, Chicago, and Michigan. Universities. He has taught a wide variety of subjects including Sales and Creditors Transactions, Administra- tive Law, Property, Real Estate Transactions, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Constitutional Law, Law and Criminology, Criminal Procedure, and Family Law. He is author of The Borderland of Criminal Justice 119643. He was Editor-in-Chief of the Illinois Law Reveiw in 1943 and served as a clerk to Chief Justice Vinson in 1946-48. Mr. Allen is married and has two children. ROY FRANKLIN PROFFITT Professor of Law Assistant Dean of the Law School Mr. Proffitt was born in 1918. He attended the University of Nebraska where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration in 1940. During World War II, he served in the U.S. Navy, holding the rank of Lt. Commander, U.S.N.R,, at the end of the war. He received his J D. degree from the University of Michigan Law School in 1948. After a brief period of practice with the firm of Miller, McKinley Sz Walsh, in Greely, Colorado, he joined the faculty of the University of Missouri School of Law, where he eventually was promoted to the rank of pro- fessor. As technical advisor to the Missouri State Senate Criminal Law Revision Committee from 1951 to 1954, Mr. Proffitt assisted the Missouri General Assembly in making significant changes in the sub- stantive criminal law in that state. At Michigan, as assistant Dean, Mr. Proffitt has taken over the ad- ministration duties hitherto performed by the secre- tary of the Law School, together with the handling of the scholarship and student aid program. His ad- ministrative duties at Michigan include the scheduling of classes and examinations, supervision of the scholarship and loan program, student discipline, serving as secretary of the Faculty, and local direc- tion of the Law School Fund. He is co-editor of Statutes, Rules and Cases on Criminal Procedure. In addition, he teaches in the Criminal Law and Pro- cedure areas. S, ,. ,ff '2 -4 ' Q.: 13 ff! 94. MARCUS L. PLANT Professor of Law Born in 1911, Mr. Plant received his B.A. in 1932 and M.A. in 1934 from Lawrence College, and J,D. in 1938 from the University of Michigan. I-Ie was admitted to practice in Wisconsin in 1939, in New York in 1946, and in Michigan in 1950. He practiced in Milwaukee from 1938 to 1941 and from 1943 to 1944, with the government in Washington, D.C., from 1941 to 1943, and in New York from 1944 to 1946. His practice was in the field of cor- porate finance. He has been a professor of law since 1946. He teaches Torts, Bills and Notes,Medicolegal Problems, and Workman's Compensation. He is the author of Cases of Torts and co-author of The Law of Medical Practice and The Law of Workmen's Com- pensation. Mr. Plant is a member of the Committee on Medical-Legal Problems of the Michigan State Bar and an associate editor of the Michigan State Bar Association Journal. He is the University of Michigan facility representative to the Intercollegiate fBig 101 Conference. SPENCER L. KIMBALL Professor of Law Born in 1918, Mr. Kimball attended the University of Arizona from which he received his B.S. in 1940. In 19.43-44, he studied Japanese at the Naval Language School at the University of Colorado, and thereafter served in the Pacific area until 1946. He then studied at the University of Utah fin 1946-471 before receiving a B.C.L. degree from Oxford University QEnglandJ in 1949. In 1958 he also received an S.J.D. degree from the University of Wisconsin. He was Associate Pro- fessor of Law at the University of Utah from 1949-50, Dean of the Law School from 1950-54, and Professor from 1954-57. Since 1957 he has been Professor of Law at Michigan, and since 1962, has also been Director of Research. At Michigan he has taught Contracts, Insurance, Introduction to the Legal System, and Law and Society Seminars. In 1955-56 he had a Rockefeller research grant at the University of Wis- consin, out of which came the award-winning book "Insurance and Public Policy." The book is a study of the historical development of insurance law. Sub- sequently, he has written very extensively on insurance regulation, including some comparative studies, both in American and foreign periodicals. WILLIAM BURNETT HARVEY Professor of Law Born in 1922, Mr. Harvey received his A.B. in 1943 from Wake Forest College, and his J.D. in 1949 from the University of Michigan, and attended the University of Heidelberg from 1955to 1956,working in legal philosophy. He was admitted to practice in the District of Columbia in 1949, and was an associate of Hogan 81 Hartson in Washington, D.C,, from 1949-51. He was an assistant professor Naval Science and Tac- tics at Tufts College and the University of Kansas in 1946, lecturer in law at the University of Michigan School of Business Administration in 1948, pro- fessorial lecturer in law Qpart timei at George Wash- ington University Law School in 1950, and has taught at the University of Michigan since 1951. He teaches Contracts, Legal Philosophy, and Legal Aspects of African Development. He was admissions officer of the Law School 1951-55. Also, he was Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Ghana and Director of Legal Education and Ghana 1962-64. PAUL G. KAUPER Henry M. Butzel Professor of Law Born in 1907, Mr. Kauper received his A.B. degree in 1929 from Earlham College, and his J.D. in 1932 from the University of Michigan. He was admitted to practice in Indiana in 1931, in New York in 1936, and in Michigan in 1946. He was associated with the law firm of White and Case in New York City from 1934 to 1936. He was a part time instructor in law at the Uni- versity of Michigan in 1934, assistant professor of law from 1936 to 1939, associate professor oflaw from 1939 to 1946, and has been professor oflaw since 1946. He was appointed to the Henry M. Butzel law chair in 1965. He was on leave of absence from 1942 to 1945 with the Pan American Petroleum and Transport Co., Legal Dept., New York City. In 1959 he was guest professor at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign Public and International Law at Heidelberg, Germany. He is the author of Cases and Materials on Constitu- tional Law 12nd ed., 19601, Frontiers Q Constitutional Liberty 119561, Civil Liberties and the Constitution 119621, Constitution and Religion 119641,and co-author of Cases on Munici Corporations 119591. He is currently National President of The Order ofthe Coif. Mr. Kauper is married and has two children. , ' 6 QE WILLIAM W. BISHOP, JR. Professor of Law Born in 1906, Mr. Bishop received his in 1928 and J .D. in 1931 fromthe University of Michi- gan, attended Harvard Law School from 1928 to 1929 and Columbia University Law School from 1938 to 1939. He was admitted to practice in Michigan in 1931 and before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1941. He practiced in New York City from 1935 to 1936. He was Research and Teaching Assistant at the University of Michigan Law School from 1931 to 1935g professor of law since 1948. He was a lecturer in Politics at Princeton from 1936 to 1938, Assistant to the Legal Advisor in the State Department from 1939 to 1947, Visiting Pro- fessor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania from 1947 to 1948, Visiting Professor of International Law at Columbia University Law School in 1948. He was the Legal Advisor for the U.S. Delegation to the Council of Foreign Ministers and Paris Peace Conference in 1946. He was the Assistant Reporter Harvard Research in International Law from 1932 to 1935. He is the author of International Law, Cases and Materials 11951, '53, '621. He lectured at the Hague Academy of International Law in 1961 and 1965. He has been on the Baord of Editors for the American Journal of International Law since 1947 and was Editor-in-Chief from 1953 to 1955 and since 1962. He teaches Inter- national Law, Admiralty and Conflict of Laws. 44" X ke:-fux . , H, . E, , . g 1 1- A ,gi v Y I , '7 3 --. . SAMUEL D. ESTEP Professor of Law Born in 1919, Mr. Estep receivedhis 1940 from Kansas State Teachers College, and his J .D. in 1946 from the University of Michigan. Hewas admitted to practice in Michigan in 1946 , and practiced in Detroit from 1946 to 1948. He was an assistant professor of law from 1948 to 1951, associateprofessor oflaw from 1951 to 1954, and professor of law since 1954. He teaches Legislation, Constitutional Law, and Securi- ties. He served inthe U.S. Navy during World War II, itll J. LUKE KING COOPERRIDER Professor of Law Born in 1918, Mr. Cooperrider received his B.S. in 1940 from Harvard College, and his J.D. in 1948 from the University of Michigan. He was admitted to practice in Ohio in 1949, andpracticed in Cleveland. He has taught at the University of Michigan Law School since 1952. He teaches Torts,Introduction to the Legal System, and Restitution. Professor Cooperrider is married and has three children. . ,. f -gp JACK RICHARD PEARCE Professor of Law Born in 1918, Mr. Pearce received his A.B. in 1940 from DePauw University, and his LL.B. in 1947 from Harvard. He was admitted to practice in New York in 1948, and practiced in New York City from 1948 to 1955. He has been at the University of Michi- gan since 1955. He teaches Contracts and Contract Remedies and Unfair Trade. He was clerk to Judge Augustus N. Hand, U.S.C.A., 2nd Circuit, from 1947 to 1948, an editor of the Harvard Law Review from 1941 to 1942 and from 1946 to 1947. He was with the U.S. Army from 1943 to 1946. FRANK E. COOPER Part Time Professor of Law Mr. Cooper was born in 1910 and has received two degrees from the University of Michigan, an A.B, in 1931, and a J.D, in 1934. He has practiced in Detroit since 1934-where he is now a member of the firm of Beaumont, Smith, gl Harris. He teaches Administrative Tribunals and Legal Writing, and has three recent books-The Lawyer and Administrative Agencies, 1957, Living the Law, 1959, and Writing in Legal Practice, 1962. ALAN N. POLASKY Professor of Law ERIC STEIN Professor of Law Mr. Stein was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1913. In 1937 he received his J.U.D. degree with distinction from the Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague. He came to the United States in 1940 and enrolled in the University of Michigan Law School in 1940. He received his J.D. degree in 1942 from Michigan. Late in 1942 he joined the United States Army and was assigned to Military Government. After discharge from the Army in 1946 he became a member of the staff of the United States Department of State with the United Nations Affairs Bureau. He has been teaching at the University of Michigan since 1955. He teaches International Law, Conflict of Laws, and Law and Institutions of the Atlantic Area. Professor Stein is co-editor fwith Peter Hayj of Cases and Ma- terials on the Law Ku Institutions of the Atlantic Area, and co-editor and co-author Qwith Thomas L. Nichol- sonj of American Enterprise in the European Common Market-25TLega1-Profile. Born in 1923, Mr. Polasky received his B S C 1947 C P A 1948, and J.D. 1951, from the State University of Iowa. He was ad- mitted to practice in Iowa and Illinois in 1951. He practiced law in Chicago in 1951-53 and was an assistant professor of law at North- western University 1953-55 and associate professor until he came to Ann Arbor in 1957. He teaches Evidence, Accounting, Federal Income Taxation, and Estate Planning. WILLIAM J. PIERCE Professor of Law Born in 1921, Mr. Pierce received his A.B. in 1947 and J .D. in 1949 from the University of Michigan. He was admitted to practice in Michigan in 1949. He was an associate with the New York Law Revision Commission from 1949 to 1950. He was the Assistant Director of the Legislative Research Center at the University of Michigan Law School from 1950 to 1953, assistant professor of law from 1951 to 1953, associate professor of law and associate director ofthe Legisla- tive Research Center from 1953 to 1956,andprofessor of law and Director ofthe Legislative Research Center since 1956. He teaches Legislation and the Legislative Problems Seminar. He is the editor of Current Trends in State Legislation and co-author of Apportionment and Representative Institutions 119631. Mr. Pierce is also a Michigan Commissioner on Uniform State Laws and serves on the Executive Committee of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws. L-li L. HART WRIGHT Professor of Law Born in 1917, Mr.Wright received his in 1939 and LL.B. in 1941 from the University of Oklahoma, and LL.M. in 1942 from the University of Michigan. He was admitted to practice in Oklahoma in 1941. He came to the University of Michigan Law School in 1946. He teaches Corporate and Partner- ship Tax Affairs, Federal Income and Estate and Gift Taxes, and Tax Considerations Affecting Foreign Trade and Investments. He was in the United States Armed Services from 1942 to 1946, and was a Law Member of the General Military Court in Austria from 1945 to 1946. He has frequently been a Consultant to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue andhas written three books for the Internal Revenue Service. JOSEPH R. JULIN Professor of Law Born in 1926, Mr. Julin receivedhis in 1949 and his in 1952, both from North- western. He was admitted to practice in Illinois in 1952 and in Michigan in 1960. He practiced law in Illinois from 1952 to 1959. He was a lecturer at Northwestern University Law School from 1953 to 1959. He was an associateprofessor at the University of Michigan Law School from 1959 to 1962 and has been a professor of law here since 1962. His subjects are Wills, Property, Future Interests, Conveyancing, and Oil and Gas. Professor Julin is married and has four children. w GEORGE E. PALMER Professor of Law Born in 1908, Mr. Palmer received his A.B. degree in 1930 and J.D. in 1932 from the University of Michigan, his LL.M. in 1940 from Columbia University. He was admitted to practice in Indiana in 1932, and practiced in Indianapolis from 1932 to 1939. He taught at the University of Kansas Law School from 1939 to 1942 and 1945 to 1946. He has taught at the University of Michigan since 1946. He teaches Restitution and Trusts and Estates. He is co-editor Qwith John P. Dawsonl of Cases on Restitution and co-editor Qwith Richard V. Wellmanj of Cases on Trusts and Succes- sion. Professor Palmer is married and has a daughter and a son. ALFRED F. CONARD Professor of Law Born in 1911, Mr. Conard received his A.B.from Grinnell College, his LL.B. from the University of Pennsylvania, and his LL.M, and J.Sc.D. from Colum- bia University. He practiced privately in Philadelphia from 1936 to 1938, and with government agencies in Washington during World War II. He has been a member of the law facuities of the Universities of Kansas City and of Illinois before coming to Michigan in 1954, and has lectured at the Universities of Missouri, Califormia, Texas, Colorado, Hamburg, Brussels, Mexico, and Istanbul, and at the International Faculty of Comparative Law in Luxembourg. He teaches Business Associations, Financial Reorganization, Corporations, European Business Organization, and Legal Education. He is co-editor of Cases on Business Organization, now in its third edition, and co-author of American Enterprise in the European Common Market, and Automobile Accident Costs and Payments. RICHARD VANCE WELLMAN Professor of Law Born in 1922, Mr. Wellman received his 1947 and his J .D. in 1949 from the University of Michigan. He was ad- mitted to practice in Ohio in 1949 and in Michigan in 1959. He practiced in Cleveland and Mount Vernon, Ohio from 1949 to 1954 in which year he became a member of the faculty. He teaches Trust and Estates, Future Interests, and Fiduciary Administration. Mr. Wellman is co-editor Qwith George E. Palmerl of Cases and Materials on Trusts and Succession and co-editor Qwith Olin L. Browder, Jr.j of Family Property Settlements QFuture Interestsj. Professor Wellman also serves as Faculty Placement Counsellor. He is married and has six children. JAMES J. WHITE Assistant Professor of Law Born in 1934, Mr. White graduated from Amherst QA.B.J and University of Michigan fJ.D.J. He served in U.S.A.F. 1956-59, and 1961-62 and practiced law in Los Angeles 1962-64 and isamember ofthe California Bar Ass'n. His hobby is flying and he is married and has three children. ROBERT L. KNAUSS Associate Professor of Law Born in 1931, Mr. Knauss receivedhis from Harvard University in 1952 and his J .D. from the University of Michigan in 1957. He was admitted to practice in California, and was associated with the law firm of Pillsbury, Madison and Sutro in San Francisco 1958-60. He has been on the faculty at the University of Michigan since 1960. Mr. Knauss was on leave 1962-63 as a Legal Consultant to the Securities and Exchange Commission. He teaches Business Associations, Corporations and Investment Securities. He is co-editor fwith Alfred F. Conardl of Cases on Business Organization. Mr. Knauss is married and has three children. x ANDREW WATSON Associate Professor of Law Professor Watson is a graduate of the Univer- sity of Pennsylvania and Temple University Medical School. After three years of residency in Psy- chiatry he joined the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 1955. In 1959 Pro- fessor Watson came to the University of Michigan as a faculty member both in the Medical Schoo1's Department of Psychiatry and in the Law School. He complements the teaching of Criminal Law, Trials Sz Appeals, and Legal Education with a L! i Seminar in Law and Criminology with Professor George. Dr. Watson is married and has two sons. CARL S. HAWKINS Associate Professor of Law Born in 1926, Mr. Hawkins graduated from Brig- ham Young University with an A.B. in 1948 and North- western conferred his L.L.B. in 1951. He was admitted to practice in Illinois, in the District of Columbia in 1951, and in Michigan in 1965. He served as Law Clerk to Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson, U.S. Supreme Court, during 1952 and 1953. His practice in Wash- ington, D.C., 1951-57, included prosecuting Indian tribal claims against the government. He is a mem- ber of the American and District of Columbia Bar Associations. He teaches Torts and Civil Procedure and was instrumental in the adoption of Michigan's new code of procedure. Professor Hawkins has been at the University of Michigan since 1957. B. J. GEORGE, JR. Professor of Law Born in 1925, Mr. George received an in 1947 from Kansas City Junior College, his A.B. in 1949 and J.D. in 1951 from the University of Michi- gan. He was admitted to practice in Missouri in 1951 and in Michigan in 1952 and before the Board of Immigration Appeals in 1954. He was with the Rich- mond County Investigation in New York City from 1951 to 1952. He has taught at the University of Michigan since 1952. He teaches Criminal Law, and Criminal Procedure. I-le was with the 100th I.F. Division from 1943 to 1946. During 1956-57 he was on leave at Kyoto University in Japan. During 1962-63 he was a Fulbright lecturer at Tokyo University and the Legal Training and Research Institute. K ' L? 4 I , 1' ,IV T ROY L. STEINHEIMER, JR. Professor of Law and Admissions Officer Born in 1916, Mr. Steinheimer received his A.B. in 1937 from the University of Kansas, and his J.D. in 1940 from the University of Michigan. He was admitted to practice in New York in 1941 and in Michigan in 1951. He practiced with Sullivan Sz Cromwell in New York City before coming to Michigan. He teaches in Com- mercial Transactions. Professor Steinheimer is married, lives on a farm near Ann Arbor, and pilots his own plane. ". RUSSELL A. SMITH Professor of Law Born in 1906, Mr. Smith received his in 1929 from Grinnell College, and his J.D. in 1934 from the University of Michigan. He was admitted to practice in New York in 1936 and in Michigan in 1946. He practiced in New York City from 1934 to 1937. He was an instructor in mathematics at Doane College from 1929 to 1930, assistant in mathematics at Grinnell College from 1930 to 1931, assistant professor of law at the University of Michigan from 1937 to 1940, associate professor of law from 1940 to 1946. professor of law since 1946, Secretary of the School from 1946 to 1956, and Associate Dean of the Law School, 1956-1962. He teaches Labor Relations Law, He has published Cases and Materials on Labor Law. He was on leave from 1942 to 1945 with Pan American Petroleum KL Transport Co., Legal Dept., New York City, where he dealt with general labor problems. Mr. Smith is active in labor dispute arbitration. He is a member of the Atomic Energy Labor-Management Relations Panel. 1-A '-' A . - N S , 1 - K l -R, ' ,. ' - QE?-Q-.-., 4 1 1 1 V -14 N ' '- ' ' "x.L:w E - lg' ' 13- W 1 N, ' P I 'al Q . m V, .LA 4, ' nv .."' i 5:1 41 I 'x'2.fAQ3t! , . 1 I j . - , fl ll I 1 A' L' ' 1 V Y , Q- -TN 'w-'rv 1 BEVERLY JOHN POOLEY Assistant Professor of Law Director of the Law Library Born in 1934, Mr. Pooley received his from Cambridge in 1956 and LL.B. in 1957. He came to the University of Michigan as a graduate student in 1957 and got his LL.M. in 1958. He worked in the Legislative Research Center with Professor Pierce writing two monographs on the legal problems of metropolitan areas. He received his S.J.D. in 1960 from the University of Michigan. From 1960 to 1962 he was a lecturer in the department of law at the Uni- versity of Gahna teaching Torts, Contracts and Con- stitutional Law. In 1962 he became an Instructor at the University of Michigan and in 1963 he became an Assistant Professor of Law and Assistant to the Director of the Law Library. 3 ROBERT J. HARRIS Professor of Law Born in Boston in 1930, Mr. Harris received his B.A. from Wesleyan in 1953 and LL,B. from Yale in 1956. He was admitted to practice in Connecticut in 1956, and practiced in Bridgeport during 1957-58, after clerking for Chief Judge Charles E. Clark of the Second Circuit. He was on the law faculty of the George Washington University for a year before joining this faculty as an assistant professor in 1959. His subjects are Contracts, Civil Procedure, and Race Relations Law. He hasawife, ason, and two daughters and used to have a sailboat. 22 3 HOBART COFFEY Professor of Law Born in 1896, Mr. Coffey graduated from Ohio State University with an A.B. in 1918. He received the degrees of LL.B. in 1922 and J.D. in 1924 from the University of Michigan. He attended the University of Paris in 1924-25, the University of Berlin in 1925, and the University of Munich in 1926 and 1928. He was the assistant law librarian at the University of Michigan in 1925-26,professor of law and law librarian from 1926 to 1943, and professor of law and director of the law library from 1943 to date. He teaches the courses in Admiralty and Domestic Relations. ROGER A. CUNNINGHAM Professor of Law Born in 1921, Mr. Cunningham received his S.B. degree in 1942 and his LL.B. degree in 1948, both from Harvard University. Hewas admitted topractice in Massachusetts in 1948. Hepracticed law in Massa- chusetts from 1948 to 1949. He was a teaching fellow at Harvard Law School in 1949-50. He was an assis- tant professor of law at George Washington University Law School from 1950 to 1954, an associate professor of law at Rutgers University Law School from 1954 to 1957 and a professor of law at Rutgers from 1957 to 1959. He has been aprofessor of law at Michigan since 1959. He teaches Property, Security, and Land Utili- zation Seminar. Professor Cunningham is married and has four children. FRANK ROBERT KENNEDY Professor of Law Mr. Kennedy was born in Strafford, Missouri in 1914. He received his A.B. from Southwest Missouri State College, his LL.B. from Washington University in St. Louis in 1939g and his J.S.D.from Yale in 1953. He was admitted to practice in Missouri in 1939, in Iowa in 1961, and before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1953. He taught at the University of Iowa from 1940 to 1961 and has been a professor of law at Michigan since 1961. He teaches Creditors' Rights and Securi- ties. He was Editor-in-chief of the Washington Uni- versity Law Quarterly in 1938-39. He is co-author of Volume 4, Collier on Bankruptcy Q1-4th ed. 1942, 54, and 591 and a contributor to Secured Transactions under the U.C.C. 119633. Professor Kennedy is married and has four children. In-f ' f' 4--"WL If ' 5 .--..i.9' ,'i' LIT' 1 I ., E Rl. -4 a ri f u - ..P V- 1, , Q ,X:fu,gwf1 , . . 7 KY' i A :L - 1 , 5 v 1 LIE? SS N, - 9 U L, , 9 N 'F 11 Fi, -, , ' i V, ' 3 ' - L ' nw A .l- i THOMAS E. KAUPER Assistant Professor of Law Mr. Kauper was born in 1935. He received an A.B. degree from the University of Michigan Law School in 1960, and was admitted to practice in Illinois in 1962. From 1960 to 1962 Mr. Kauper served as law clerk to Associate Justice Potter Stewart of the Supreme Court of the United States. From 1962 to 1964, when he joined the faculty, he was associated with the firm of Sidley, Austin, Burgess Xa Smith in Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Kauper teaches Property, Trusts and Estates I, and Federal Anti- trust Law. He is married and has two daughters. ROGER C. CRAMPTON Professor of Law Born in 1929, Mr. Cramton received a from Harvard College in 1950 and a J .D. degree from the University of Chicago in 1955. He served as law clerk to Circuit Judge Sterry R. Waterman, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, in 1955-56g and to Justice Harold H. Burton, U.S. Supreme Court, in 1956-57. He was an assistant professor of law at the University of Chicago from 1957 to 1961, where he was Assistant Dean and Chairman, Committee of Graduate Study from 1959 to 1961. Professor Cramton has been at the University of Michigan since June 1961. His principal subjects are Administrative Law, Con- flict of Laws, and Regulated Industries. He has served as a consultant to various federal agencies. He is married and has four children. THEODORE J. ST. ANTOINE Associate Professor of Law Mr. St. Antoine was born in Vermont in 1929. He received his A.B. from Fordham College in 1951 and his J,D. from The University of Michigan in 1954. After practicing briefly in Ohio he served in the Office of the Judge Advocate General in Washington from 1955 to 1957. Following a year ofpost-graduate study in labor law and labor economics at the University of London, he practiced in the District of Columbia from 1958 until 1965, specializing in labor law. He teaches contracts and labor law. Mr. St. Antoine is married and has two sons and one daughter. PAUL D. CARRINGTON Professor of Law Mr. Carrington was born in 1931, received his B,A. from the University of Texas in 1952 and his LL.B. from Harvard in 1955. After practicingbriefly in Dallas and serving in the Army, he returned to Harvard as a Teaching Fellow in 1957-58. He joined the faculty of the University of Wyoming in 1958, moved to Indiana University in 1960, and Ohio State University in 1962. A visitor to Michigan during the Winter Semester of 1965, he joined the faculty on a permanent basis in the fall. He teaches in the fields of Civil Procedure and Local Government Law. 'ei ,li t ,f rt GEORGE P. SMITH, II Instructor of Law Born in 1939 in Wabash, Indiana, Mr. Smith re- ceived both his B.S. degree 119615 and his J.D. degree 09641 from Indiana University. He served on the faculty of the Indiana University School of Law in Bloomington as a Teaching Associate in Law from 1964-65 where he taught the first year course in Legal Method and Legal Writing and Drafting Techniques. During the summer of 1965, he studied at The Hague Academy in International Law in The Netherlands. He is a member of the Indiana State Bar Association. Mr. Smith has been an Instructor in Law at the Uni- versity of Michigan since 1965, teaching Problems and Research. Qt a. l: 11 ' S L- lb EDMOND F. DEVINE Assistant Professor of Law Born in 1916, Mr. DeVine received his A.B. in 1937 and J .D. in 1940 fromthe University of Michigan, and LL,M, in 1941 from Catholic University. He was admitted to practice in Michigan in 1940. He was a partner in the firm of DeVine 81 DeVine in Ann Arbor from 1946 to 1954, Chief Assistant Prosecuting At- torney for Washtenaw County from 1947 to 1952, and Prosecuting Attorney from 1953 to 1958. He was a lecturer in Criminal Law at the University of Michi- gan from 1949 to 1952 and assistant professor since 1952. He teaches Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, Practice Court, and Drafting Legal Documents. He was with the F.B.I. from 1941 to 1943, and was a Naval Air Combat Intelligence Officer from 1943 to 1946. fi ll, 14.34 ROBERT A. CHOATE Visiting Lecturer in Patent Law Born in 1912, Mr. Choate received his B.S,E, degree from the University of Michigan in 1934 and his L.L,B. in 1936. He has practiced in Detroit since graduation and is with the firm of Barnes, Kisselle, Raisch Sz Choate specializing in patent law. Mr. Choate teaches a course in Patent Law in the Winter Term. ' L ..-Ll-LE-4, L-4. 4-'.. 'I LEWIS R. KATZ Instructor of Law Born in 1938 in New York City, Mr. Katz attended Queens College where he received his A,B. in 1959. He received his J.D. from Indiana University in 1963. He was admitted to the Indiana Bar in 1963 and prac- ticed law in Bloomington, Indiana from 1963-65. He served as a part-time instructor in government atthe University of Hawaii in 1959-60 and as professorial lecturer in Administrative Law at Indiana University in the summer of 1965. He is currently an Instructor of Problems and Research at the University of Michi- gan. Mr. Katz is married. x S- x GRANT S. NELSON Instructor of Law Born in 1939, Mr. Nelson received his B.A. 1960 and LL.B. 1963 from the University of Minnesota. He was admitted to practice in Minnesota in 1963. He practiced law in Minneapolis in 1963-64 and served in the Army as aMi1itary Police Officer approximately two years during 1964-65. Nr. Nelson is a member of the American Bar Association, the Minnesota Bar Association and the Mennepin County Bar Examination. Mr. Nelson is an instructor in Problems and Research at the Law School. He is married and has one child. ARTHUR R. MILLER Associate Professor of Law Born in 1934, Mr. Miller received his A.B. from the University of Rochester in 1955 and his LL.B. from the Harvard Law School in 1958. He practiced law in New York City between 1958 and 1961 and became a member of the New York Bar in 1959. In 1961 and 1962 he served as Associate Director of the Columbia Law School Project on International Procedure and as a Lecturer at the Columbia Law School. Between 1962 and 1965 he was an Associate Professor at the Uni- versity of Minnesota Law School and has been at the University of Michigan Law School since 1965. His subjects are Civil Procedure, Pleading and Joinder, Copyrights and Equitable Remedies. Professor Miller is a co-author of the multi-volume treatise N-elv York Civil Practice. DOUGLAS A. KAHN Assistant Professor of Law Born in 1934, Mr. Kahn received a B,A. from the University of North Carolina in 1955 and J .D. from the George Washington University in 1958. He was admitted to practice in the District of Columbia in 1958. From 1958 to 1962, he served in the appellate sections of the Civil Division and the Tax Division of the United States Department of Justice. From 1962 to the fall of 1964 he was as associate in the the law firms of Sachs and Jacobs in Washington, D.C. Mr. Kahn teaches Taxation and Estate Planning, and his principal hobby is chess. Professor Kahn is married and has one daughter. CYRIL D. ROBINSON Instructor in Law Born in New York City in 1924, Mr. Robinson attended Northwestern University School of Law where he received his LL.B. in 1951. He was a Ford Foun- dation Fellow in Criminal Law 1962-63. He has studied at the University of Paris Law Faculty and is a S,J.D. candidate at Northwestern University School of Law, 1963-65. He is a member of the Illinois Bar, the United States Supreme Court Bar, and was in pri- vate practice in Chicago from 1952-1963. His teaching and research interest is in comparative criminal law and procedure. ROBERT N. LEAVELL Professor of Law Born in 1924 in Mississippi,Mr. Leavell received his A.B. degree from the University of Mississippi in 1948 and LL.B. from Yale in 1951. He was ad- mitted to practice in New York and Georgia. He was an associate in Simpson, Thacher and Bartlett in New York City, 1951-56. He as assistant Professor of law at the University of Georgia 1956-57 and Tulane University 1957-595 Associate Professor at Tulane 1959-623 and Professor of Law, 1962. He was also a Professor of Law at the University of Georgia in 1964. He was the Director of the Louisiana Corpora- tion Law Revision Committee 1963-64. He was on leave 1962-63 as a Consultant to the Securities and Exchange Commission. In addition, he served as a pilot in World War II, is married and has four chil- dren. JEROLD H. ISRAEL Associate Professor of Law Born in 1934, Mr. Israel received his B.A. from Western Reserve University in 1956 and his LL.B. from Yale Law School in 1959. He was admitted to practice in Ohio in 1959. He was Law Clerk to Mr. Justice Stewart, U. S. Supreme Court from 1959 to 1961. He was assistant professor at the University of Michigan Law School 1961-64 and Associate Pro- fessor since 1964. His subjects are Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, and Civil Rights. Professor Israel is married and has one son and one daughter. .,,-, ,..... -fm -gn --:nr 'f-.4 h? RICHARD M. BUXBAUM Visiting Professor of Law Professor Buxbaurn was born in 1930 and received his A,B. and LL.B. degrees from Cornell University in 1950 and 1952. He obtained an LL.M. in 1953 from the University of California at Berkeley and after practicing briefly in Canandaigua, New York was in the U.S. Army from 1953 to 1957. He practiced law in Rochester, New York from 1957 to 1961 where he joined the law faculty at Berkeley as Acting Associate Pro- fessor, becoming Professor of Law in 1964. He teaches Corporations, Antitrust and International Business Transactions. Professor Buxbaum is mar- ried. WHITMORE GRAY Associate Professor of Law Born in 1932, Mr. Gray received his A.B. degree in 1954 from Principia College and his J.D. degree in 1957 from the University of Michigan Law School. He received a Ford Foundation Foreign Fellowship to Paris for the year 1957-58 and since then has also studied in Munich in 1961-62 and Hong Kong in 1963-64. He practiced law in New York City from 1958 to 1960. and has been teaching at the University of Michigan Law School since 1960. He has taught Resittution, Intro- duction to Civil Law, Comparative Law, Communist Law, and Contracts. Professor Gray is married and has four children. '-Q. YALE KAMISAR Professor of Law Born in 1929, Mr. Kamisar received his A.B. degree in 1950 from New York University 1University Heightsj and his LL.B. in 1954 from Columbia Uni- versity. He was associated with the Washington D,C, law firm of Covington and Burling until the fall of 1957, when he joined the University of Minnesota Law Faculty as an associate professor, being promoted to professor two years later. Mr. Kamisar taught at the University of Minnesota until 1964, then spent a year as a visiting professor at the Harvard Law School, before joining the University of Michigan Law Faculty in the summer of 1965. He teaches Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and Evidence. He is co-author of Constitutional Law: Cases, Comments 8tQuestions 119641, Modern Criminal Procedure: Cases, Com- ments Kz'Questions 119651, and Egual Justice in Our Time 119655. Mr. Kamisar is married and has three sons. ---.,. OLIN L. BROWDER, JR. Professor of Law Born in 1913, Mr. Browder received his A.B. in 1935 and LL.B. in 1937 fromthe University of Illinois, and an S.J.D. in 1941 from the University of Michigan. He was admitted to practice in Illinois in 1939, and practiced in Chicago from 1938 to 1939. He was with the Legal Department of the TVA in Knoxville from 1942 to 1943. He was an instructor in Business Law at the University of Alabama from 1939 to 1940, as- sistant professor from 1940 to 1941, assistant pro- fessor of law at the University of Tennessee from 1941 to 1942, professor of law at the University of Oklahoma from 1946 to 1953, and professor of law at the Uni- versity of Michigan since 1953. He teaches Property, and Future Interests. He was a co-author of the American Law of Property 119521. He was co-editor with Professor Wellman of Family Property Settle- ments 1FutureInterestsl1965. He was with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S, Department of Justice from 1943 to 1945. He is married and has three children. l 'C' ' I "T WAYNE R. LA FAVE Visiting Associate Professor of Law Mr. LaFave received his B.S. degree in 1957, LL.B. in 1959 and S.J.D. in 1965 from the University of Wis- consin. He was admitted to practice in Wisconsin in 1959. He was a Knapp Fellow at the University of Wis- consin 1959-1960, Assistant Professor at Villanova Uni- versity 1960-61 and University of Illinois 1961-63. He was an Associate Professor at Illinois in 1963-65 and has been a Professor of Law at Illinois since 1965. He is currently teaching Criminal Law, and a seminar in Criminal Justice Administration at the University of Michigan. He is author of Arrest: The Decision to Take a Suspect into Custody 119655. 4 'S MARLYN E. LUGAR Visiting Professor of Law Born in 1912, Mr. Lugar received his A.B. in 1934 from Roanoke College, his LL.B. in 1937 from West Virginia University, and his J.S.D., in 1951 from Yale University. He was admitted to practice in West Virginia in 1937, and served as special assistant to the Attorney General of West Virginia from June 1937 to September 1939. From 1939 to 1942 he served as an assistant professor of law at West Virginia University and as an adviser and draftsman for the West Virginia Legislature. He served on several government administrative agencies and in the Naval Service from 1942-46. On release from active duty he served as Chief, Meat Enforcement Branch, OPA, Washington, D.C., did his graduate work at Yale in 1946, and returned to West Virginia University in 1947 as associate professor of law and has served there as professor of law since 1951. He was visiting professor of law at Southern Methodist University in the summer of 1952. He served as mayor of Morgantown from 1959- 62 and has been on the Judicial Council of W. Virginia since 1948. Our faculty works together to solve problems and get things done. lj lf., D,-I is if MICHIGAN LAW REVIEW ASSOCIATE 7 I' Ii. .QR George C. Harry B. Frank S. Coggins Cummins Dickerson III I J Ili ,l - s IC- .JI Keller Paul E. Goodspeed Edif30I'-In-Chief EDITORIAL BOARD Edrfmr-in-Chief PAUL E. GOODSPEED, offlliflzigun .'IdllIifIISll'Uli7.'6 and Boolr Review Editor HARRY B. CUAIMINS, of .lliclzigufr .-Irlicle lfdilor W. RICHARD KELLER, ofkmimi Corrzmrfrzl, Nam, and Recent Developments Editors GEORGE C. COGGINS, af,I1iclIig1m JAMES G. PIIILLIPP, of Flwrdu FRANK S. DICKERSON, III, 0f.llus.sr1cI1usetLs RICHARD C. SNEED, 0f.llicIIigr1rI THOMAS G. WASHING, of0hi0 ALFRED V. BOERNER, 0f,Ilm-ylund DOUGLAS M. CAIN, ofColomrla JOHN C COOK, Ufllichigan MICHAEL C. DEVINE, JAMES C. ERVIN, JR., ofOhio J. ALAN GALBRAITH, ROBERT E. GILBERT, offllichigan J. MICHAEL HAMMER, EZRA HENDON, oflllirhigczn WILLIAM T. KERR, of Michigan of New York oflllassrzchuselts of California BAILEY H. KUKLIN, rIflVr:bmsh:a RICHARD LOTTS, of Culifvmm JORDAN D. l.UT'l'REl,I., vfpllmlrigwr JAMES A. MAGEE, UflIY.9culIsin JOIIN H. MARTIN, ofrliifhigwi RONALD I. OLSON, aflmm CHARLES E. PATTERSON, oflllinai JOHN T. SCIIMIDT, ofrllinncsam HAROLD S. TOPPIEL, ofllliflrigan JAMES C WISSTIN, afrllichigan FACULTY ADVISORY BOARD ROGER C. CRAMTON, Chairman CHARLES W. JOINER THOMAS E. KAUPER MANAGING EDITOR RUTH A. GRAY ROY F. PROFFITT THEODORE J. ST.AN'rOINE BUSINESS MANAGER ELEONORA V. ECRERT Thomas C Washing EDITORS W. Richard James G Richard C S Phillipp Sneed Published Monthly, November through june, by :he Law School of :he University Of Michigan 32 Law Review Candidate Hard at Work. ln 1902 the MICHIGAN LAW REVIEW first appeared, in response to what the editors, at that time faculty members, felt was the "need of a law journal to be conducted under the auspices of the Department of Law of the University of Michigan." It was intended that "the journal be practical without usurping the functions of the text book or the digest, and scholarly Law Review Editor I-lard at WO,-k, without becoming so academic in its character as to be out of touch with the needs and aims of the lawyer oftoday. It will not be local in its charac- ter or be confined to the discussion of law-school problems." These goals represented a successful formula, so much so that the REVIEW, still presenting the four departments into which the first edition divided itself, has become an indispensable adjunct to law libraries and practice in all states and in many foreign countries. This year the REVIEW is composed of twenty-eight senior editors. The forty juniors with the highest grades based on first-year courses are candidatesg those who demonstrate a high degree of analytical and writing ability will become editors next year. The REVIEW not only serves the profession but also provides invaluable training in legal research, analysis, and writing. ll , . Il i I FIRST ROW: J. Boemer, A. Galbraith, D. Cain, F. Dickerson, P. Goodspeed, R. Sneed, W. Kerr, I. Magee, I. Ervin. SECOND ROW: B. Kuklin, E. Hendon, H. Cummins, T. Washing, G. Coggins, C. Patterson, H. Toppel, R. Olson. THIRD ROW: J. Schmidt, R. Lotts, M. Devine, I. Phillips, W. Keller, J. Lurtrell, I. Westin, R. Gilbert. 33 lt- I 5 sl . ,D ,rw -'1- JA ' A' Aki' 1 vs. ' D " SOCIETY FIRST ROW: W. Herman, J. Leavitt, W. Keller, J. Birge, J. Provine, M. Newbold, 1. Walker. SECOND ROW: R. Wi11iarns,W. Hawgood, D. Mullane, I. Nolan, L. I-Iettinger, E. Hood, H. Cummins. A,"' Jim Magee, Chancellor HF f An honorary which emphasizes diversity and scholarship, and takes itself with whimsical levity, Barristers has been doing good turns since 1904. Sometime in the 20's the group originated its annual Crease Ball. There is a scholarship awarded each year to a deserving student, and the University enjoys the Barristers' services as ushers atCentennialCe1ebrations. Occasionally the Society decides to publish an issue of the RAW REVIEW, always oversubscribed. The twenty-five members of the Barristers gather bi-weekly, if it can be arranged, in order to further their varigated designs. Each spring ten juniors are initiated and these tap fifteen classmates the following fall. Once service is paid its due, Barristers unabashedly promotes conviviality, though it always maintains a decorum befitting a body so venerable. Lord Chancellor James Magee Master of the Rolls Richard Keller Chancellor of the Exchequer Michael Newbold Bailiff George Coggins l Q l m - 11.4 - 1?--' FIRST ROW: J. Boerner, G. Coggins, R. Olson, F. Dickerson, R. Saeed. SECOND ROW: C. Patterson, P. Goodspeed, I. Luttrell, J. Ervin, T. Washing. BARRISTER ORDER OF THE COIF The most ancient of all honor societies, the Order of the Coif, originally a forensic institution dating back to the thirteenth century in England, evolved out a tight-knit group of distinguished jurists who would select new members from the ranks of the apprentices, who had to prove their superior ability by pleading a real action in old Norman French. If these aprentices passed the test, they were initiated by a cere- mony not unlike the coronation of royalty, they were awarded the coif, a tight-fitting cap, which was worn constantly, even in royal presence. Judges were taken only from the Order. Today, the Order of the Coif is a national law school honor society, founded for the purposes of encouraging legal scholarship and advancingthe ethical standards of the legal profession. Its members are selected by the faculty from the upper ten per cent of the August, December and May graduating classes, based upon the grade averages at the end of the fifth semester. The election and initiation ceremonies are held during the spring of each year. The Order began honoring another type of excellence: legal writing. The Triennial Coif Award is 31,000 for writing which "evidences creative talent of the highest order." The 1964 recipient was Professor Brainerd Currie of Duke University, author of Selected Assays on the Conflict Q Laws. Sidney A. Bruckley, Douglas M. Cain, George C. Coggins, john C. Cook, David W. Croysdale, Robert M. Cumming, Michael C. Devine, Peter L. Eppinga, Robert E. Epstein, I. Allen Galbraith, Stephen A. George, Paul Grofiskey, John M. I-lammer, jerry D. Hamer, Frederick K. Hoops, james E. Howie, Dennis S. Kayes, W. Richard Keller, Daniel J. Kolb, Richard L. Lotts, james A. Magee, Iolm H. Martin, james P. Parker, James G. Phillipp, Thomas R. Rcinsma, Fred E. Schlegel, Stephen C. Small, Edward R. Stein, Harold S. Toppel. Maxims of Equityj. Not to mention Viet Nam. Top Row Lords Chancellor, Advocate, Bailiff, Admiralty, Domesday-Clarendon. Bottom Row Lords Archbishop Executioner fPresiding officerj, Exchequer, Magistrate. Absent- Lords Court Baron Sheriff Keeper. EQUITY SOCIETY The Equity Society was born in 13th century England, It began as a secret fraternal orgamza tion, structurally modelled on the English guild system, and has continued as such until this aca demic year. The Society originally drew its membership from the ranks of apprentice lawyers, but with the advent of formal legal training the Society splintered into semi-autonomous units each unit drawing unto itself the truly equitable men from the legal academic milieu. ln 1898 abarnstorming advocat from France, M. Nonin Terc Oursit visited Ann Arbor and found amongthe student body the requisite 12 members totally dedicated to equity Q12 men are necessary for the establishment of an Equity Society cell in conformance with the 12 The members of the Society cannot reveal their identities, but with this publication they wish to admit their existence as an entity A spokesman for the group comments that thls relaxation of the secrecy mandate was compelled by a decreasing interest in and awareness of equity 1n the United States today as illustrated by the merger of equity and law in the courts and the criminal deletion of the Equity course from the law schoo1's curricula INTERNATIONAL LAW SOCIETY The year 1965-66 witnessed the formal organi- zation ofthe U of M International Law Society. Co- Chairmen Kevin Beattie and John Walker worked to- gether in the first semester drafting a charter. They had the able assistance of Toshio Sawada, a Japanese graduate research student who had previously worked with the International Law Society at Columbia Law School. The charter was ratified at the Society's organizational meeting, November 9, 1965. The ratifying body also elected the Society's officers: President, Kevin Beattieg Vice-President, Terrence Murphy, Secretary-Treasurer , Bob Fauxg Board Mem- bers, Carl Bowmer, Jim Hart, John Hawgett, Peter Pfaffenroth, and John Walker. Professor Whitmore Gray is the Society's faculty advisor. The Society's program ,featured dinner meetings. Its guests at these meetings included Professors William Bishop, Eric Stein, William Harvey, Alfred Conard, and Whitmore Gray who spoke on topics relative to their special fields. QM. Paul LeLux, a lawyer on the staff of the Commission of the European Economic Community, who spent two months in Ann Arbor, was a special guest of the Societyq Under the leadership of John Walker, the Society conducted an intra-mural run-off and then entered a team in the nationwide Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition. The Society sponsored a series of Monday language luncheons in German, French, and Spanish. It began a "Jobs-Abroad" program, which it hopes will develop in the future into an effective way of finding summer and post-graduate jobs for U of M Law students in fields relating to international and foreign law. The Society is a constituent member of the Association of Student International Law Societies, which sponsors the Jessup Competition and which serves as a clearing house of information for member societies on various subjects, in- cluding job opportunities and visits to the United States of prominent international figures. J. Schmidt, S. Passer, D. Ilvedson, I. Lasken NATIONAI. MOOT COURT TEAM The Moot Court Team,usua1ly composed of seniors who did well in the Campbell Competitiomtakes part in a national round of ap- pellate arguments against the teams representing other law schools. By placing first or second in the regionals held in Detroit, the team can advance to the finals in New York and the opportunity to become national champions. HENRY M. CAMPBELL COMPETITION -1 Q Q. iff',H 'll Semi-Finalist, FIRST ROW: D. Rassel, P. Truebner, K. Felt, R. Wells, R. Sarow. THIRD ROW M. Coffield, E. Frost, J. Strauss, J. Briggs, C. Bellamy, J. Kleinberg. Not in Picture: N. Gingell Finalist, E. Frost, R. Truebner, K. Felt, M. Coffield. The thirty-two top scoring participants in the Case Club program take part, each Fall, in the quarter-final round of the Campbell Competition. Twelve continue on to the semifinal round in Feb- ruary and four to the finals in March. The case this year is based on the current Texas Gulf Sulfur litigation involving insiders trading under the Securities and Exchange Act and Whether the Securities and Exchange Commission may seek recession and restitution on behalf of private parties. Judging the finals will be Mr. Justice Potter Stewart, Supreme Court of the United States, Judge Clifford O'Sullivan, United States Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit, Chief Judge W. Wallace Kent, United States District Court, Western District of Michigan, Charles W. Joiner, and Robert L. Knauss. Quarter Finalist, L to R. FIRST ROW: R. McSweeny, T. McBumey, R. Guenzel, R. Sai-ow, S. Lubin, D. Rassel. SECOND ROW: R. Halbex-stein, G. Skening, P. Truebner, K. Felt, I. Kleinberg, C. Bellamy, C. Todd. THIRD ROW: R. Wells, E. Frost, T. Allen, M. Coffield, J. Briggs, L. Fei-rand, J. Strauss, F. Bayley. Not in Picture: T. O'Conner, N. Gingell, J. Stout, R. Leukart, M. Davis, R. Leed, L. Barr, W. Schroeder, L. Phillips, I. Feldman. 37 THE CASE CLUBS A freshman's first introduction to the courtroom most likely occurs when he prepares and argues his case before a case club court. Freshman participation in Case Clubs is voluntary, but since it offers valuable experience in legal research, legal writing, and oral advocacy almost every freshman participates. This year, for instance, about 90 per cent of the freshmen class joined. Each freshman is assigned to one of about 20 case clubs. Each case club is headed by a senior judge, who is assisted by ajunior clerk. The senior judge instructs the members of his case club in the techniques and skills of presenting written and oral arguments. Each case club has one or two cases which are given to the freshmen in the same way that a senior partners gives a client's case to a young associate. With the instructions and with the cases, the fresh- men then prepare legal memorandums and appellate briefs and give oral arguments before the case club courts. Each Freshman's work is graded on the quality of his perfor- mance throughout the Case Club program. The most successful are chosen at the year's end for advancement into the Junior Campbell Club Competition and into junior clerkship. V I D ., 4 .. , . L Duane Ilvedson, Presiding Judge 4 S enior Judges, l'1Kb'1' ROW: J. Frost, T. Ledbetter, D. Ilvedson, K. Harker, S. George, I. Provine, A. Galbraith. SECOND ROW: J. Schmidt S. Wa1er,J. Barn D. C d 1 R. ' ' ' - ' ' , es, roys a e, Olson, T. Rasmussen, D. Sheyitz. Not in Picture, K. Beattie, 1. Bzrge, W. Earle, R. Smith, F. Woodworth, S. Passer, J. Lasken. 38 Clerks, FIRST ROW: R. McSweeny, S. Katzen, P. Truebner, K. Felt, C. Todd. SECOND ROW: T. Allen, M. Coffield, R. Sanow, 1. Feinkens, J. Briggs. Not in Picture: H. Groves, T. O'Conner, I. Cohen, N. Gingell, I. Stout, J. Ballway, R. Leukart, M. Davis, C. Thorton, I. Strauss. lx! y Campbell Round Q , f INF' 1 ,mum . :K . I X 1 . , iii .x f A . 5 X 'if 4, .Q ,-v Q a J" a. ,, xv. Tom Ledbetter, Campbell chairman C 39 LEGAL AID SOCIETY FIRST ROW: E. Feldstein, R. Glotta, L. Marsh, 1. Boerner, S. Phelps, L. Berkowitz. SECOND ROW: E. Hendon, R. Mc- Sweeny, G. Newman, C. Patterson. Last spring the Michigan Supreme Court promulgated Rule 921 which provided for the establishment of Legal Aid Clinics in the state of Michigan. The ruling, one of the most liberal in all states that has thus far established such a system, permits students who have successfully completed a minimum of twenty eight hours in an accredited law school to represent indignent people. The rule authorizes student attorneys to advise indignent people, and negotiate and appear in all courts in Michigan on their behalf in certain civil and criminal matters. Since September the Clinic has been operating at 201 N. Fourth Ave. in downtown Ann Arbor under the sponsor- ship of the Washtenaw County Bar Assoc. In its first four months of operation the Clinic has disposed of over one hundred and fifty cases, many of which resulted in litigation. The general areas with which have dealt most frequently are family relations, vendor-vendee relations, landlord-tenat relations, and criminal misdimeanors. While we have not kept a won-lost record it may fairly be said that there is general community and personal satisfaction with the dis- position of our cases. The structure of the Legal Aid Society is presently in a state of change, as is true with many new organizations. The present structure consists of a nine member Executive Board composed of senior law students who supervise the operation of the Clinic. An eight member Board of Trustees is composed of six members selected by the county Bar Association, one member by the "community to be served" fpoverty communityl, and one faculty member Professor James White. The Board of Trustees determines the standards of indigency, the types of cases students may handle both with and without the direct supervision of a practicing attorney, and proceedural rules of the clinic. There also exists an advisory committee of nine persons, selected by the Washtenaw County Citizens Committee for Economic Opportunity, whose function is to advise the Board of Trustees of the needs and special problems of the "community to be served." The future of Legal Aid looks bright. Negotiations are under way to adjust the composition of the Board of Trustees to more adequately accommodate the needs of the poor. With the receipt of federal aid the Clinic intends to acquire the services of a full time attorney and make permanent the physical facilities of the clinic. There has been agrowing awareness of the services provided by the clinic not only among the poverty community which we serve but with the community as a whole with whom we closely cooperate. The quality of legal services rendered by our student attorneys has been note worthy. On many occasions clients with small cases have been better served by a student whose high degree of preparedness ,and imaginative de- fenses has not been discouraged by a heavy case load and the promise of small remuneration. The benefits your Legal Aid program have not entirely occurred to the poor, for the experience to the student attorneys will prove invaluable. 'x George Newman, Chairman Prof. White, Faculty Advisor 40 I s LEGAL AID. . has its omce on Fourth Ave. interviews clients. H-, -,Li'1" goes on a tom' of Milan State Prison 1... files papers at County C1erk's Office. 41 RES GESTAE W W li ig 5' L George Cooney, Sports Editorg lay Witkin, Weekender Art Duiembai Editor This was a year of growth for Res Gestae, the weekly law school newspaper. Editor-in-chief Art Dulemba assemble.. the largest staff in over a decade and published a total of over 150 pages of "All the News Fit to Print, Plus a Little More." A new multilith printing process, and a redesigned masthead complemented six regular weekly columns, student letters, and an occasional ode. "Newsbeat" editors Wm. H. Conner and Steve Petix scooped every paper in the cotmtry by reporting the appointment of Francis Allen as Dean-elect, hours before the Board of Regents released the news of their formal approval. George A. Cooney called the "grid pix" correctly 9 out of 10 times in his sports column, which nearly motivated him to cross over to the other side of the law. Chris Cohen serialized the first chapter of his book Cohen's Corner in 28 installments, discussing a range of topics from female law students to faculty views on Vietnam demonstrations. Mixers and movies received the once-over by Jay Witkin and Robert Pyle, who would often boast of having first seen the fihns they reviewed. Both Pyle and Brian Eisenberg, circulation managers, personally delivered door to door 950 Res Gestaes each week. Setting some sort of endurance record, Lynn Bartlett attended Board of Directors meetings and made his findings public in "Report from the Board," while John Chamberlain covered the tracks of the legal aid society in " Legal Aid Briefs." Behind every historic venture there stands a womang and Res Gestae was thrice blessed with the assistance of typlst Gay Ford, rnultilith specialist Shirley Jolmson, and steno-pool director Dolores Fisher who oh so often soothed the newspapers growing pains. Bill Conner and Steve Petix, News Beat 42 B1-ian Eisenberg THE QUAD Bob Vieweg .Z Ron Gilbert The Quad is the Law School's "scrapbook," Through it we try to put the memories of our days in Law School into pictures. This year the Quad has attempted to increase the size of the book as well as the quality even though working with a small staff ffourj. Bill Wood has done a fine job as Business Manager. In addition to his chief function of selling ads and making money, Bill is handling the Quad's books independently of the Board of Directors this year. Hopefully, Bill will demon- strate his knowledge gained in Mr. Polasky's ac- counting course by coming out in the black flegallyl at the end of the year. Bob Viewig is again as- sisting the Quad. This year Bob has been chief counsel to the editor as well as handling the in- troductorysections and other odds and ends. George Cooney is again the chief photographer for the Quad. Thanks to George's excellent and numerous pictures, we have many more pictures in our "scrapbook" this year and also better pictures. In addition, much thanks goes to Mrs. Betts of the Recorder's Office and Miss Bliss of the Placement Office for their assistance and to the Board of Directors for entrusting me with this privilege. Bill Wood Editor Ron Gilbert Bus. Mgr. Bill Wood Ass't. Editor Bob Viewig Photographer George Cooney George Cooney b FIRST ROW: I. Monson, I. Murray, R. Schoonbeck, A. Flank, I. Birge, L. Felland. SECOND ROW: D. Crown, I. Walrath, R. Michael- son, D. Telleon, C. Tibbitts, W. Weber. John Monson, President Fall Term Clark Tibbits - President Dave Telleen - Treasurer Winter Term John Monson - President Lou Ferrand - Treasurer ADVOCATES TOASTMASTERS Advocates revised its speaking agenda somewhat in the Spring of 1966, but its program of speech improvement through individual achievement and member criticism continues unabated. The club meets every Tuesday over lunch in the Law Club Faculty Dining Room. Advocates membership numbers eighteen aspiring orators who range the talent spectrum from tyro to master. Advocates takes very seriously its task of turning each member into a more competent public speaker, but tempers its aims with a maximum of regalement. The goal of every meeting is to place as many speakers behind the rostrum with as challenging an assignment as is possible during a luncheon meeting. The speaking assignments range from a prepared informative or humorous speech to a im- promptu harangue requiring quick comment on some narrow subject like civil rights or war. Once aterm, the members demonstrate their forensic tricks before wives and dates during an evening banquet at which even the young women, albeit a bit reluctantly, may be called upon to say a word or two. The Advocate prospectus is elemental: talking done well, is not only an entertaining diversion but is vital to a future in a loquacious profession. 44 COOK' S INN TOASTMASTERS The Cook's Inn Toastmasters Club traces its origin back to 1897, when a group of law students conceived the idea of meeting one night a week for a leisurely dinner in the company of congenial companions. This commendable tradition is continued by the present organization. The first members, after considering a number of more or less licit purposes to which this weekly gathering could be devoted, decided that the meetings should be used to enhance their speaking abilities. The present speaking program centers around a series of eight different types of formal speeches, running the gamut from simple informative and persuasive to the impassioned pyrotechnics of the political acceptance speech. In addition to formal speeches, a portion of each meeting is devoted to extemporaneous talks in the form of a hopefully well-articulated one minute response to a hypothetical situation or solicitation of opinion. Visceral reaction, spon- taneous humor and shrewd analysis are incorporated into these brief speeches. The monastic seclusion prevailing in the Law Quad is, at intervals, relieved by special meetings of a social nature at which the female guests are inevitably impressed by the erudition and wit of their escorts. The social aspect of the C1ub's activity culminates with a spring banquet at which those members who are adjudged by their peers to have achieved excellence in mastering the forensic techniques and public speaking ability which the Club is designed to foster are recognized for their accomplishment. President - George Cooney Vice-President - Bob Vieweg Treasurer - Chris Cohen Secretary - John Vanvoorthuysen George Cooney, President FIRST ROW: P. Aschenbrcnner, R. Gilbert, B. Sorrow. SECOND ROW: D. Bakls, B. Doster, M. Fegen, I. Boskey, C. Dinsmore, J. Conleg, Eg. Peskind. Standing: J. Van Voorthruijsen, B. Veiweg, C. Cohen, G. Cooney, P. Vanneman, G. Price, K. Harker. 45 Seated: R. Leukart, M. Sandstrom, I. Ferris, I. Sprowl fDirectorJ. Standing: C. Cooke, G. Cooney, W. Buhl, E. Lemon, J. Hart, I. Hoffa. The Senior leaned into his turn at the bottom ofthe stairs and almost collided with the Freshman staring intently at a poster. He heard the youngster asking, "Who are the Psurfs?" He felt for a cigarette and lit it. "The Ann Arbor Surboard Riding and Mountain Climbing Society" he replied deliberately. "What do they do?" the Freshman earnestly persisted. "Sing," shrugged the Senior. "Is that all?" said the Freshman sceptically. "Well," mused the Senior, "they throw intimate private parties- but they'd rather entertain at other peoples'." "Should I ask," ventured the Freshman, "if they ever ride surf- boards or climb mountains?" "Now what do you think?" returned the Senior sagely. Jim Sprowl, Director 46 L. Browder, Director of FIRST ROW: R. Cayetano, S. Shokichi,N. Hirschi. SECOND ROW: A. Buttan, Nukiyama, J. Meyer, S. In tarapayoong, O. Nob1ejas,I. Tecala, A. Martinez. THIRD ROW: D. Sullivan, Nakamurad, I. Nukiyama, T. Schubert, Cardenas, Sawada, V. Hentenrik, Aschenbrenher, Onaka, C. Torres. FOURTH ROW: G. Courney, D. Dhamaruksa, Kakinohana, D. Bahls, V. Llil, T. Bodangen, T. Tcwe. GRADUATE STUDENTS Nineteen students from the U.S. and Canada are candidates for the LL.M. degree. A number of these will ultimately become candi- dates for the S.J.D. degree. Most of them are involved in specialized research projects of their own or are working in the Legislative Research Center. The LL.M. and S.J.D. programs are designed primarily for candidates intending to enter law teaching, although several LL.M. candidates intend rather to strengthen their quali- fications for the practice of law. Thirty-five graduate students from abroad are also in residence. Twenty-three are from Asia, nine from Europe, two from South America, and one from Africa. The European students are from Germany ffivey, Belgium, and England. The Asian students include five from Japan, ten from the Philippines, four from the Ryukyu 'f' Islands, and others from Thailand and India. One student comes 1- . from the United Arab Republic, and two from Argentina. a Y A number of the American and Canadian students 7 ' ' 1 are supported by W. W. Cook Fellowships. Funds Graduate Studies X V S from the Cook endowment also provide limited sup- X' "i"'Xi-"',4 port for some of the students from abroad, others are supported by their governments, and some rely on other grants or private means to finance their studies. Several of the Philippine students are sup- ported by fellowships from the fund provided by the bequest of the late Clyde E. DeWitt. Students from civil law countries are candidates for the degree of Master of Comparative Law, and devote a major por- tion of their time to the study of American legal institutions. Those from common law countries may choose to work instead for the LL.M. degree. Von Bodungen, D. Van Hentenkijk, A. Saddam, A. Kalalo, E. Michiyama, R. Ecuma, D. Dhamaruksa. SECOND ROW: I. Tecala, I. Nukiyama, O. Noblejas, I. Bahls, P. Taylor, M. Nakamura, A. Martinez, C. Torres, T. Onaka. 47 Executive Committee The Law Wives vocalist Group FIRST ROW: A. Adelman, A. Mcsumey, M. Egnor, J. Franz SECOND ROW: B. President Mrs. Chris Cunningham lst Vice President Mrs. Frank Hill 2nd Vice President Mrs. Richard Keller Treasurer Mrs. Robert McBain Recording Secretary Mrs. Terence McBurney Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Jeffrey Choi a tree trimming party Humphry, L. Dickerson, M. Hunt, B. Keller, j. Cimningham, B. Hill, G., M. Hall, M. Brcckley, B. Puffer. Interest Groups Art Mrs. George Humphrey Bridge Mrs. Edwin Hall Culinary Arts Mrs. John Puffer Drama Mrs. Jay B. Hunt Legal Studies Mrs. Sidney Brockley Literary Mrs. Frank Dickerson Music Mrs. Michael Adelman Sewing Mrs. Ronald Egnor Social-Recreational Mrs. Paul Frenz Mrs. Judy Cunningham, President LAW WIVES ASSOCIATION A law wife is generally spoken of as a versatile creature, so it seems quite appropriate that the Law Wives Association should demonstrate this versatility. Its members are all text-book widows, and many double as bread-winners in the bargain. The Association welcomes newly arrived consorts and helps them to explore the labyrinths of Ann Arbor. It allows its members many op- portunities to share and develop their interests as well. Those who eschew the TV Dinner may find solace with the culinary arts group. Art, drama, and literary groups employ the creative. The Weak-Seven club opener is one of the proudest inventions of the bridge players, and the sewing circle affords a refuge for those who demand both conversation and accomplish- ment. The legal studies group assults the mysteries of the law, and the Winterdance Committee makes a much appreciated annual contribution to the social calendar. As for charity, the bake sale is the Wives' cotmtermeasure to that inescapable and soul-leaching affliction, final week instantus. The music group is for all those women who love to sing and enjoy music. The purpose of the social-recreational group is to bring together those who are interested in recreational activities and to provide a social program whereby husbands and wives can enjoy themselves in the company of other law students. 48 Director Beverley J. Pooley Assistant Director and Chief Reference Librarian Fred Smith Acting Chief Catalog Librarian Lois Briunbaugh Chief Circulation Librarian Georgia Bergllmd Chief Order Librarian Michael Keresztesi Chief Bibliographer Lilly M. Roberts Beverly Pooley, Director THE LAW LIBRARY Since 1931, when it left Haven Hall for William W. Cook's newly erected Legal Research Building, the library has grown from 95,458 volumes to 340,000 volumes. In the process, former Director Hobart Coffey built the library into one of the finest legal research collections in the world. The library budget totalled SB123,000 this year, more than half of which went for continuations, including the 6,600 serial titles in the catalogue. Presently, the library is absorbed in completing its collection of primary legal sources of every nation and has recently been adding Japanese and African materials in particular. The collection of International Organization doctunents, is one of the most extensive in existence. Last year a sub- stantially complete collection of government publications dealing with the Internal Revenue Laws was purchased from Mr. Carleton Fox. Other collections include various editions of Blackstone and a good selection of incunabula. At the present rate of acquisition, more than 8,000 bound volumes per year, including bound perio- dicals and purchased collections, a shortage of shelf space may be expected within two or three years. The staff is composed of professional librarians who are assisted by clerical and part-time student help. One welcome improvement planned is for better lighting in the reading room. The facilities for visiting and resident scholars, including carrel and office space, microfilm equip- ment, and inter-library loans are some of the best in the country. Moreover, the library serves mem- bers of the bar and judges in addition to the students themselves. Kneeling, M. Coffield, G. Cx-olle, S. Tsoutsanis, I. Provine, R. Bib:-ut, L. Vantil, Standing SECOND ROW: J. Neuenschwander, D. Bell, D. McG1nty J Klemberg, G. Berglimd, G. Dobson, S. Simpson, J. Rintamaki, K. Oosterhouse, T. Donegan. THIRD ROW: S. Moore, J. Cax-1son,j. Wa1rath,j Svendsen, R. Egnor. 49 Q . +"-1---- 11-i - X 4 74 . A . I 1 :',:"I'l ' ff' Y I ' w 'I '. ,f ff?" ' .2 " ,JJ g QP X L K, 5. Robert Harris, Faculty Advisor Joe Boerner, Chairman CIVIL RIGHTS RESEARCH COUNCIL The Michigan Law Students Civil Rights Research Council, formed in 1964 as a law school organization, is composed of students willing to provide research assistance for private and governmental attorneys who are engaged in civil rights and racial discrimination cases, The Council acts solely as a clearinghouse between students and attorneys, with the student working directly with the particular attorney. The students are assisted by an editorial board. The Council is an autonomous local affiliate fo the national Law Students Civil Rights Research Coiuicil which is headquartered in New York, and is financed by the Stern and Field Foundations. The Michigan Council is headed by chairman Joe Boerner. The regular faculty advisor is Professor Rboert Harris. The basic objectives of the Council are three-fold: ly To Work for the elimination of racial discriminationg 21 To provide attorneys with student research abilityg By To provide students an opportunity to research actual civil rights problems. In addition to working or research projects, the Council assists the Lawyers' Club in promoting dis- cussion of civil rights topics through the Lawyers' Club Speakers Program, The Council is represented at a number of national conferences on civil rights and on indigency. Through its national affiliation, the Council participates in a summer internship program. During the summer of 1965, five Michigan law students worked in such positions, both in New York City and in the South. Membership is open to any law student who has a concern for, and an interest in, civil rights, and is willing to do significant research work. Board of Directors Joe Boerner-Chairman John Hornbeck Joe Luttrell David Miller Pete Truebner Board of Editors Ezra Hendon-Chairman Barney Berkowitz Sid Brockley George Coggins Ron Glotta Jim Parker Legal Aid Liaison George Newman FIRST ROW: R. Glotta, E. Hendon, G. Coggins, L. Berkowitz, J. Parker, S. Brockley. SECOND ROW: J. Hombeck, D. Miller, I. Boemer, J. Luttrell, P. Truebner. 50 William Hermann President Kevin Beattie Vice-President John Walker Secretary Duane Ilvedson Treasurer L. to R.: j. Walker, S. Kamen, I. Birge, I. Nolan, S. Petix, B. Herman, G. Skoning, E. Reif, E. Bittle, D. Ilvedson J. Griffith. LAWYERS CLUB BOARD OF DIRECTORS Every spring the Law Club, of which every student is a member, elects thirteen directors to the Board. The Board is responsible for all student extra-curricular activities save Law Review and the Case Club Program. Under the Board are the Quad,Res Gestae, Student-Faculty Directory, social events, speakers program, interrnural athletics, student book store and supply store. The Board also coordinates activities of all the clubs and organizations and serves as the local adjunct of the American Law Student Association. In addition the Board operates to administer the rules and regulations for Law Club residents. ii fl - William Herman, President Lee Hettinger, President FIRST ROW: R. Mathias, I. Barnes, P. Saylor, D. Crawford, L. Hettinger, M. Schoenberger, C. Gray, PH I A D. Ilvedson, R. vieweg, D. carpenter. SECOND ROW: C. Walters, M. Newboid, E. Emerson, K. Lalviott, P. Truebner, P. Hopkins, M. Prentice, T. Hayes, R. Golden, P. Deprez, D. Crowley, J. Carlson. THIRD ROW: C. Todd,W. Duke d' Earl, W. Steuk, D. Porteous, D. Mueller, 1. Bigo, I. Corby, R. Haxwith, G. Burkhart. PHI Founded on the University of Michigan Campus in 1869, Phi Delta Phi has blossomed into the largest legal fraternity in the nation. Consistent with this growth, Michigan's Chapter, Kent Inn, boasts 180 mem- bers, the largest fraternity on campus. The purpose of Phi Delta Phi is to provide its members with a needed social outlet from their law school endeavors. In furtherance of that purpose, Phid provides a highly-regarded social program. Speci- fically this program includes: mixers 1"T.G.'s"J with the cream of the feminine undergraduate societyg Happy Hour every Friday night-whichwe generally try to bring to a halt some time before sunrise on Satur- dayg and Saturday night holocausts complete with band. Less frequent occasions include: Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Spring Vacation Partiesg the Champagne Partyg the semi-annual Phid-Nu Sig boutg and any other excuse for a party which may germinate- in the restive Phid minds. In addition, the Phid lounge, complete with juke box and appropriate liquid refreshments, is open twenty-four hours a day for members and guests. Turning to athletics, the phid A. C. subsidizes and fields feared teams in all major intramural sports, including football, basketball and baseball, etc. Although suffering occasional setbacks, Phid has proved a perenial powerhouse in intramurals-be it on the gridiron, hardwood court, or diamond. Throughout the Michigan Campus, the words Phi Delta Phi have become synonomous with the well rounded law student-a person both academically and socially sound. Thus we point with understandable pride to the quality of the men who call themselves "Phids". President Maurice Schoenberger Treasurer . Chad Gray House Manager William Harmon Clerk Dewey Crawford Historian Lee T. Hettinger . i - 52 ..-.einem ,. ala DELTA THETA PHI Dean John Cook Vice Dean Mike Kapp Chancellor of the Steve Boak Tribune Robert Paye Bailiff John Hartranft Master of Ritual Chip Bankson Clerk Mike Fegan Exchequer John Cook, Dean Delta Theta Phi, founded in 1913 by the union of three existing legal fraternities, now has more student senates and active alumni groups than any other law fraternity. Christiancy Senate at the University of Michigan was one of the charter senates when the fraternity was formed. The present fraternity house, an imposing manorial edifice which is being purchased by the Delts, serves as a home for some members and a social base of operations for all the members of Delta Theta Phi. For those waging the continuing struggle, symptomatic of the law school syndrome, to preserve their sanity in the face of running covenants, U.S.C. provisions and the Federal Tax Code, the house provides a most fluid and enjoyable social program. T.G.'s, Friday night cocktail hours, post-game cocktail parties, and Saturday night parties constitute the back-bone of the Delt social schedule. This list is by no means definitive, however, since, as a rule, the Delts are highly solicitous of their sanity, and parties, impromptue or ela- borately conceived, are liable to range out of control at any time. The athletic teams of the Delt A.C., according to coach J.B. fPapaJ Griffith, are presently in their thirty third consequtive "building year." They do, nonetheless, provide the members with the op- portunity to rid themselves of aggressions and "build character." The roster of Delt alumni includes such men as Oliver Wendall Holmes, Calvin Coolidge, William T. Wood Jr., J. Edgar Hoover and Earl E. Hood, to name but a few. FIRST ROW: Bankson, Herbert, Driffith, Moen Hirsch, Emerson. SECOND ROW: Bosk, Berkwitz, Fegan, Kapp, Malley, Loughlin, Cook, McGratty, Bispo, Hartranft. THIRD ROW: Buhly Bibert, Pinney, Cochise, Bengsten, Davis, Schwenk, Hollweg, Rome, Fndeglia, Hoffman, Harrison, Goldstein, Petix, McCarthy, FOURTH ROW: Brignall, Calloway, Hood, Disantis, Horton, Hague, Jehle, Schaak, Gui-itz, Ewalt, Bahls, Umphrey, School, Fnoud. 53 RHO FIRST ROW: C. Butler, 1. Osthaus, S. Friedman. SECOND ROW: E. Powers, T. Chase, B. Barris, R. Gilbert, B. Colton. THIRD ROW: B. Springle, B. Eisenberg, A. Ben, s. Gutman, s. Klein. ' Epsilon Chapter of Tau Epsilon Rho has served the University of Michigan Law School and its members since 1926. Luncheon meetings, where members share ideas with professional guest speakers, are a principle function of the chapter. In addition, the chapter actively participates in intramural sports events and sponsors regular social gatherings for the members. The social highlights for the year are the Home- coming Dinner Dance andthe Spring Ball. At these lively events, members of the national fraternity govern- ing board, alumni, and present members feast and frolic with dates and wives. Tau Epsilon Rho is a national fraternity of 5,000 members. lt began its existence as a national fra- ternity in 1921 when two local law fraternities from Western Reserve University and Ohio State University combined to form Tau Epsilon Rho, an Ohio Corporation. Sixteen undergraduate chapters have been founded since its inception, the last being Phi Chapter at the University of Miami in 1952. Ten active graduate chapters maintain ties between alumni members from Boston to Chicago and from Milwaukee to Miami. Each year the fraternity holds a national convention hosted by one of the graduate chapters. Moot court competition, business meetings, and festive social gatherings combine to make a gay atmosphere over the New Year's Holiday. The Benjamin N. Cardozo Memorial Award is presented at each national convention to the person who best exemplifies the spirit of Cardozo in contributing to our democratic way of life. Among the distinguished recipients of the Award are: Honorable Robert H. Jackson, Honorable Frank Murphy, Honorable Learned Hand, Honorable Fred M. Vinson, Honorable Roscoe Pound, Pearl S Buck, and Adlai E. Stevenson. we I Chancellor g William Barris JL Vice Chancellor - I James Laughlin ' Bursar Ronald Gilbert Historian ' James Boskey Master of the Rolls Edmund Frost B111 Barris, Chancellor 54 An Exee Meeting Jim Westin, Justice f. ' . f'0' Justice Jim Westin PHI ALPHA vice-Justice Bob Hollenshead Clerk D Steve Small Marshall Ron Egnor Treasurer Ed Hall Phi Alpha Delta QPADJ was organized nationally November 8, 1902. It currently has more active and alumni chapters than any other professional legal fraternity. PAD offers to its members such services as a national endowment loan fund, placement ser- fices on a national scale, and a group program of life, disability. and professional liability insurance. In addition, a national pub- lication is sent to each member without charge, and Brother Tom Clark, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court chooses his clerks from among the members of the fraternity. Michigan's James V. Campbell Chapter was chartered on March 11, 1905. Campbell Chapter's activities are designed to develop the student as a professional man. Thus, the fraternity efforts are centered upon weekly luncheon meetings at which professors, attorneys, and other persons of related professional fields are invited to speak, legal internship in law offices in Ann Arbor, legal aid to indignent criminals, Circuit Court clerkships, and experience in the Washtenaw County Prosecutor's Office. These activities are maintained with the aid of alumni, eight of whom are professors at the law school. In addition, both Wash- tenaw Cotmty Circuit Judges are PAD's. PAD is the only legal fraternity at Michigan to offer such extensive opportunity for practical experience to supplement law school training. Mem- bership is open to all law students in good standing at Michigan. FIRST ROW: S. Small, R. I-lollenshead, M. Carter, R. Green, S. Schaeffer. SECOND ROW: B. Timmons, F. McCarty, R. Egnor, T. Oldham, I. Sprovwl W Garber, G. Hamilton, 1. Rintamaki, THIRD ROW: W. Pelste, I. Cooke, D. Wahr, S. Ba11way,J. Frost, D. McGinty, T. Rosmusson, J. Westin, C. Davis T Smithson, T. O'Cormor, P. Miller, B. Felton, S. Sinai, I. Svendsou, J. Smith, E. Hall, R. Katz. WAITERS 8. DISHWASHERS If one judged by the above photo, the men comprising the waiters crew of the Law Club would appear to be neat, courteous, kind and efficient. This just proves once again that appearances can be deceiving, for nothing could be further from the truth. Generally unkempt, even unshaven the Law Club waiters are known for their unique ability to make the daily boarder's meals less enjoyable. Their brusque manner of hurrying leisurely boarders from their tables at the noon meal, their profilic use of the profane language when requested to do anything beyond the minimal amount of work possible, their constant complaining and criticism of their fellow workers - these traits and others will surely make these men live in the memory of those they served. Admittedly, the conditions under which the waiters labored were not nn, D ,Q 357 ,A-' exactly conducive to the development of congenial personalities, a sense of service and a high espirt de corpsg yet just these sterling qualities came to mark the members of - that su- perior breed of men -the Dishwashers Guild. Held in great esteem by those they served, looked upon with a mixture of fear and admiration by the waiters, the Dishwashers Guild was known for its speed and stamina both in the kit- chen and on the athletic field. The Law Club kitchen will not soon see this kind again. Waiters: Bottom, J. Witken, D. Mackstellar, B. Grody, J. Plott, I. Deverieux, C. Toepel, E. Scheal, Dishwasher, E. Clark L Rutter THIRD ROW G R. Johnson, R. Hel1er,W. Conner, R. Pyle, A. Dulernba, D. Barker, R. Buckles, R. Vogel, R. -Becker, Elsener, T. Cross Mrs B Du Pont H Mc Kibben C. Viest, C. Iongwalson, S. Petix, P. Murray. On top: E. McCann, J. Briggs M. Levin, B. Esenberg. 56 FRESHMEN gi! Q ' i3 VN? 3 ' ,-mf"bf', 2 Q . serve! I' Hu 2'f zzlnazgz 3, su '1- l " ' U' ' ' ' E iSf!E2.2i I I ' - . , , g o Q 0 , ,-- A--- f----'-f -ni 1 -, - Q , . Ei -N V .Vx ig 51 , 4 ,.n,-JEL, . A + we . 3 ' . H .-37. N3 ,V W! u .1., W3 1 .Le- V . i '1n"" 'L' .- .f .4 Ii!l'.!..' 'W X .N Q as v U ' u u ' 1 III! WEYEEEE Q ' I . - A i.5!i1i: III E -2:15122 Q 0 it f .Isl -1 nl 588 4 O O Q 1 iii Q salsa! Q d ' . D O , . 1 4 i 6 152 filfif :si 'I' ' , . . . I i1?'?fF . , . A . . b 2 4 2 Y . Q A 0 :I 'n sz if '1.,- ',.n. ,,- A, F 4 1 F I 1 I ,'L'..'5.-- ,Nh ax . gsm Q, - xx l n .--1""""' N 1' 1: ". 1 . . --.,..,.-.- r -. Q fa -L W "iw W W , V 'f ,gf W rv 5 9 S, iv V 5 1 3 bil ? 'f 'G Q, mia , 'iw H P" ew' , my VG 2- gg ' 5 9 ,TY V7 'V F5 A QA f 5 U W V 1f""f f:,'f1f'-7:7 , : fd . J ' -'fi-j5.3fFf?xx,f 1 S. 'H' 'f " i 1. 7" A , 'fgklugxsf 5 f,"fQtw- r X- ,,,-:gtg-1 ' : V .-.. Q' ji "'215ff gl.2'.?5f ,Ii ,WEL , ,- ' -:nv ' K: 1" 3' nab V' ,. ' ,II V , KIWIEW' My V ' ' F291 ,- I -f.N A, A ',,..g N IJ '1 vi w 'f W5 w i V g W1 W V yy 5'3- X, J .'4- - - I fe' ' X r fr if we , gf 3' Q 9 M V , "'I' 3 . V Y , K. Q' s.- -'1 -. if '55 3' -635 59 E 7? v-4 54 ,ff a Q' W F ? ? 5 VVV' N N-e fr-' -" . ,, -a 13, W - W., W ff W, Fr W 1 I y H '57 X57 .G Q f i 2 ' I' T' 534- ' .JE aw -ag ix 'QX .9 Q K gm mf vm '- Y' , - u F1-'I rn, ywfi' J '- .gig K FIRST ROW: R. Friedman, M. Sophier, Wichman, H. Gombein, T. Butterfield. SECOND ROW: F. Mc Cabe, J. Lischer, E. Lemon, T. Brous, J. Schulty, J. Bruno. THIRD ROW: T. Freydl, R. Hildreth, G. Mc Kean, F. Hearsch, D. Woods, R. Adler. ALSA CREDO We, the individual members of the American Law Student Association, con- scious of the dignity and the responsibilities of the legal profession, herewith solemnly declare and profess that during our careers in the law we shall be governed by the following principles: I. llefnre all rbings, we shall seek Trulh and jzlslice. 2. In service I0 our nrllion, we shall forever cbericb mid rleferm' lhe principles of the Declnrzlliarl of lndefrenzlellce and of lbe Consliluliou of llre Unite1lSIates. 3. In service Io our fellow men. we shall assist all who need our help, ulbefber rich or poor, f1OIllCI'fIll or weak, popnlrlr or unpopular. 4. In service I0 our profession we shall devote ourselves lliilfflllgly io flve wise form- lllrllirm, efficienl rtrlminislruliorz rl1m'impzIrI1'al 27lfO7'Ce77lf?7ll of the law. 65 Abramczyk, Lawrence Robert S299 Hazelton Dearborn, Hgts., Michigan Addison, David Clare 26435 Florence Dr. Tulsa, Okla. Adler, Charles Francis Jr. 1017 Court Ave. Highland Park, Ill. Adler, Robert Martin 563 Rhine Ave. Tampa, Fla. Alexander, George Wilbur 726 Main St. Clarion, Pa. Amon, Carl Henry III 40 Scotland Rd. Reding, Mass. Anthony, Cushman Dodge 45 Devoe Road Newton Centre, Mass. Artz, John Avon 16712 Patton Detroit, Michigan Auerbach, Roger Stephen 40 Ash Drive Roslyn, N.Y. Barlngton, Charles Martin 1'l'I 9 Enfield Rd. St. Louis, Mo. Backofen, Lawrence Ryan 28 Myrtle Battle Creek, Michigan Bacon, John Gregg 11918 Rossiter Detroit, Michigan Baker, Basil Allan 1521 Brookwood, Flint, Michigan Balkema, Philip Arthur 2210 Wrenwood Grand Rapids, Michigan Bannasch, William Stephen 1004 S. Wisner Jackson, Michigan Barker, Richard Scott P.O. Box 288 Iowa City, Iowa Barnhart, Michael Jay 9338 Colorado Livonia., Michigan Barnhill, Charles Joseph Jr. 835 Lake Wilmette, Ill. Baron, Richard David 19919 Roslyn Rd. Detroit, Michigan Bavinger, William Francis 423 Lakeland Grosse Pointe, Michigan Beatty, Prudence Carter 323 Shepherd St. Raleigh, N.C. Becherer, Patrick James 25604 Greenfield Southfield, Michigan Beelclnan, Lynwood Edwin 1015 Island Dr. ct., Apt. frz Ann Arbor, Michigan Begle, Howell Edward, Jr. 19th Ave. Vero Beach, Florida Bell, David Torrence 2634 Whitewood Ann Arbor, Michigan Berg, Richard Paul 12928 Nadine Huntington Woods, Mich. Bergquist. Joel Richard 680 N. 5th Omaha, Nebraska Berhenke, Frederick Thomas 4214 Chelsea Court Midland, Michigan FRESHMEN CLASS DIRECTORY Berlin, Ronald Alan 2749 Mt. Royal Rd. Pittsburgh, Pa. Bernhardt, Robert Joel 966 Blackberry Circle Charlotte, N.C. Betz, Thomas Edward 26914 Russell Bay Village, Ohio Bickner, Bruce Pierce 5322 N. Sawyer Chicago, l'll. Bixby, Michael Bruce 220 Detroit St. Saline, Michigan Black, Stephen 1715 5th Ave. New York 28 N.Y. Bloch, Richard Isaac 10 Midway Dr. Livingston, New Jersey Bluestein, Richard Morse 179 Kykstall Rd. Newtonville, Mass. Blumberg, Lowell Alan 10231 Dartmouth Oak Park, Michigan Bodbyl, Laurence Jay 1335 Emerald Ave. Grand Rapids, Mich. Boersma, Frederick Lister 1125 Arlington Ann Arbor, Michigan Bowman, Garry James 10527 W. Outer Dr. Detroit, Michigan Brenner, Frederick Willima Jr. 228 Reynick Saginaw, Michigan Brodsky, Steven Roy 1622 Buena St. Berk., Calif. Brooke, Thomas Russell 1343 Emory Rd. Atlanta 6, Georgia Brous, Thomas Richard 624 East 65 Terr, Kansas City, Mo. Bruno, James Charles 805 Trombley Rd. Grosse Pointe, Michigan Bullard, Willis Clare Jr. 1330 S. Oxford Grosse Pointe, Michigan Burdick, James William 19515 Roslyn Rd. Detroit, Michigan Brukhard, Gary Wayne 1140 Withington Ferndale 20, Michigan Burleigh, Charles LeMoyne Jr. 1124 Birk Ann Arbor, Michigan Burns, Williams Morgan 3610 East Third St. Duluth, Minn. Burson, John Hosler 1206 South Main Findlay, Ohio Butzbaugh, Elden, Jr. 2806 Pittsfield Blvd. Ann Arbor, Michigan Buydens, Robert George 19717 Gaukler St. Clair Shores, Michigan Callies, David Lee 226 N. Adams, 1-nndsdaie, Ill. Carney, Edmund Martin 4523 McKee Dr. Pittsburgh, Pa. Carr, William Lee 3801 Dobson Skokie, Ill. Cartwright, Kent William 414 Lombard St. Albion, Michigan Cermak, Richard John 514 E. 14th St. Erie,Pa. Chamberlin, Thomas 34 Hamilton Rd. Scarsdale, N.Y. Cherrin, Mervin Neil 18042 Ohio Detroit, Michigan Clark, Barbara Ann 220 Holswade Dr. Birmingham, Michigan Close, Michael John 904 Wayne St. Sandusky, Ohio Cohen, Stephan Lewis 1165 Czunpbell Ave. Chicago Hts., l'll. Colburn, Kenneth Scott 6400 W. Halbert Rd. Bethesda, Md. Cole, Ralph Michael 4727 N. Capitol Ave. Indianapolis, Ind. Coleman, Lester Lyman III 1328 Maple st. Kalamazoo, Mich. Conley, John Dorsey 31 Robin Rd. Windsor, Conn. Cooledge, Richard Calvin 1606 Westminster Pl. Ann Arbor, Michigan Copi, David Marmer 2016 Seneca Ann Arbor, Michigan Copcuran, John Jr. 5 Banbury Lane Pittsburgh 2, Pa. Cotter, Michael William B217 N. Lake Drive Milwaukee, Wis. Crevi, Peter Morris 22 Rutland Rd. Glen Rock, N.J. Crooks, Scott Breckinridge 48 East Southgate Ft. Thomas, Kty. Cross, Thomas Robert 2530 Paducah St. Flint 4, Michigan Crowley, James 1527 Pine Valley Ann Arbor, Michigan Crown, Daryl Bruce Marbury, Maryland Crozer, George Knowles 2300 St. Francis Rd. Ann Arbor, Michigan Dauscli, William Francis 416 Benjamin St. Ann Arbor, Michigan Davis, Corbin Redding 9795 Grandview Rd. Traverse City, Michigan Davis, Glenn Richard 282 W. Woodland Ferndale, Michigan Davis, John Charles 2825 W. 86th St. Leawood, Kans. Davis, John Jefferson 250 Church Si.. Berlin, N.H. DeGrand, Robert Jules 1810 lst Ave. South Escanaba, Michigan Deimen, James Malsch 11852 Algonquin Pinclcney, Michigan 66 DeLuca, Michael Louis 2324 Parkwood Ann Arbor, Michigan Diamond, Stephen Bond 721 Perth Flossniocr, Ill. Dietrich, George Anthony 95 West Lowell Ave. Akron, Ohio Dinsmorc, Francis Clement 1245 West 61st St. Kansas City, Mo. Diskin, David William 17606 Pennington Detroit, Michigan Dorris, Thomas Benjamin 519 Cherry St. Hammond, Ind. Dubbs, Robert Morton 2616 Brentwood Rd. Cleveland, Ohio Eastaugh, Robert Ladd Box 1211 Juneau, Alaska Eaton, Larry Ralph 242 Edgewood St. Morton, Ill. Economy, Richard George 17327 Bicwood Detroit, Michigan Eddy, Marshall Hunter 990 I-lulls Farm Rd. Southport, Conn. Edes, Nikki Bruce 507 W. Roscoe St. Chicago, Ill. Edgecombe, Wallace Edwin 206 Thompson Dr. Pittsburgh, Pa. Egger, Richard Joseph Jr. 1477 Potter Ln. Wayne, Pa. Farrell, John Gordon 5195 N. Shore Rd. Clarks Lake, Michigan Faux, Robert John 32 N. Columbia St. Woodbury, N.J. Field, Allen David R.D. it2 Saire, Penna. Finney, Kenneth Howard 13137 Ludlow Huntington Woods, Michigan Fischer, John William III 3743 Earls Ct. View Cincinnati, Ohio Fischer, Bruce Dwight 1111 S. Mich Ave. Hastings, Michigan Fleisch, James Gordon 525 Hudson Newark, Ohio Flintoff., Peter Carl 610 S. Main St. Chelsea, Michigan Francis, Robert Alan 2425 Darrow Ave. Ann Arbor, Michigan Franklin, David Michael 3776 N. 58 Blvd. Milwaukee, Wis. Frant, Jeffrey Allen 80 Springslde Avc. New I-laven, Conn. Fredericks, Robert Henry II 27201 Nantucket Southfield, Michigan Friedman, Sanford William 18034 Grcenlawn Detroit, Michigan Galdos, Geoffrey Frank 1511 Harbrooke Ann Arbor, Michigan Gardner, Larry John 601 S. 7th Oregon, Ill. Garmisa, William Jay 640 Grecnbay Rd. Highland Park, Ill. Gill, John Petrie 7 Indian Hill Road Rye, N.Y. Gill, Lawrence Michael 5430 Main St. Kansas City, Mo. Glancz, Ronald Robert 48 Victory Ct. Saginaw, Mlchignn Glasser, Stephen Andrew 837 Moorland Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich. Glazer, Lawrence Michael 10794 Kingston Huntington Woods, Michigan Gold, Robert Sheldon 20058 Blackstone Del.roit, Michigan Golden, Joel Stephen 12850 Burton Oak Park, Michigan Goldman, Edward Bruce 12951 Lincoln Avo. Huntington Woods, Michigan Gorby, John Dawson 449 So. Madison St. Carthage, Ill. Gornbeln, Henry Seidel 18289 Ohio Detroit, Michigan Graham, Douglas Fraser 5143 N.E. Laurelcrest Lane Seattle, Wash. Grunt, J. Kirkland 510 E. First St. Monroe, Michigan Greenberg, Robert Samuel 985 Carteret Ave. Union, N.J. Greenfield, Charlotte 1903 Tuft Drive Lakewood, Colo. I 2 ' i - 1, VREWIEI-lim 'I rv .1 'M WC-It . 44-' ,.,.r, ,,. Grimes, Warren Schuyler 1229 Washington Alpena, Michigan Gross, William 4044 Washington Blvd. Indianapolis, Incl, Hanso, Caroline Elizabeth 2720 N. 5th St. Niles, Michigan l-lamllton, Chnrles Rhea 8928 Esper Blvd. Detroit, Michigan I-larmon, Robert Wallace 745 Bedford Rd. Grosse Polntc Purk, Michigan Harris, Kenneth Christopher Red Coal. Lzinc Concord, Mass. I-lnrvey, Henry Clark Jr. 18209 Shelburne lid. Cleveland, Ohio Hnrwlth, Ronald Morgan 26317 Humber Himtington Woods, Michigan Heat-sch, Francis John 305 W. Huron Bud Axe, Michigan Heiscr, Eclwarcl Joseph 2505 Sugnct G Midland, Michigan Henson, Arthur Benjamin 2308 Yorkshirc Blvd. Ann Arbor, Nliclilgnn Herrlmnnn, Richard Lnfayetlo 1050 Park Avc. New York, N.Y. Hildcr, Frazer Croswcll 2682 Endslelgli Birmingham, Michigan Hildreth, Rlchurd George Eagle C1-est Holland, Michigan Hilyzird, David Mitchell 25 Fcrnwood Rd. Summit, N.J. Hoberg, John William 80 Manor Dr. I-linchlcy Wood, Esher, Surrey, England Hopkins, Philip Box 111 Ann Arbor, Michigan iioylc, John Robert P.O. Box 990 Iron Mountain, Michigan Hrones, Stephen Bnylls 2957 Sodgcwlck Rd. Cleveland, Ohio lluhnck, Francis Phlllp, Jr. 20926 Fairpnrk Dr. Cleveland, Ohio I-liuiiphroy, Charles Edwzird Jr. 2213-3 Crzun Plnco Ann Arbor, Michigan Huntley, Dennis Lowell 326 W. Walnut SL. Hastings, Michigan Hulbert, Robert Peter 17351 Prairie Detroit, Michigan Idemzi, Stephen Frederic 515 Velvcderc Dr. Grand Rapids, Mich. lsemnn, John Joseph 23454 Fordson Dearborn, Michigan Jamison, David Lconnrcl 1471 Ashland Ave. Columbus, Ohio Johnston, James Harold 11416 Winner Rd. Independence, Mo. Joseph, Alfrccl S. III 2613 Tophill Rd. Louisville, Ky. Keck, Robert Clifton Jr. 1043 Scnccn Rd. Wilmctlc, ill. Kelly, James Pnul 528 Belknap Rd. Framingham, Mnss. Kcidzin, Harry William 7156 Fnirhill Birmingham, Michigan King, Jenn Lodwitli 3134 Sunnywood Ann Arbor, Michigan Klnsson, Terry John 3919 Clmtsworih, Dct Detroit, Michigan Krucmer, Paul Joseph 16943 Ellznhelh Birmingham, Michigan Kravitz, Jeffrey Robert 1270 95th St. Miami Beach, Fla. Kuechcnmcielcr, Charles Arthur 20110 Beziufziit Grosso Pte., Michigan Kurczcwski, Walter William 1121 W. 104th Si. Chicago, Ill. Lunihorson, llarry Philip 543 Pnrkovnsh Ave. South Bend, Ind. Lang, Ronald James 1141 Yellowstone Rd. Cleveland Hts., Ohio Luulu, Otto Wood 1220 Brookwood Birmingham, Michigan' Lebcdeif, Diane Alexis 7929 Oukman Blvd. Dearborn, Michigan Lemon, Eric Vincent 1318 Mesquite Sl. Globe, Arizona Lcnler, Richard Aaron 20232 Brallc Detroit, Michigan Leslie, Douglas Lester 3500 E. 7th Dos Moines, Iowa Lesnink, James Francis 144 N. Danwood Dearborn, Michigan Levin, Michael Richard 35 Monroe St. Ramsey, New Jersey Lipson, Alan Gordon 17384 Wildemere Detroit, Michigan Lischer, W. John Route 3, Red Oak, Iowa Liti, Robert Lawrence 10211 Burton Oak Park, Michigan Lossing, Lawrence Gordon 800 E. Meadowbrook Midland, Michigan Loutlian, William Carl 2510 Ridgewood Rd. Akron, Ohio Lower, Joyce Leigh Quenneville 123 E. Lake South Lyon, Michigan Ludwig, Ronald Lewis 3450 Stratton Rd. Beachwood, Ohio Lynch, John Joseph III 1545 Van Wagoner Dr. Saginaw, Michigan McCabe, John Francis II 4796 Lakeshore Rd. Port Huron, Michigan McCann, Eric James 15446 Ferguson Detroit., Michigan McCarthy, John Michael 1026 Prospect Hancock, Michigan McConaughy, Stewart Hancock 20 Clarendon Place Buffalo, N.Y. McCormick, Charles Ellsworth 23845 Princeton Dearborn, Michigan McDonald, James Leroy Jr. 315 Rose Ellen Dr. Crown Point, Ind. McKenna, John Aitken 2205 Country Club Prado Coral Gables, Fla. Machus, Robert John 1178 N. Glenhurst Dr. Birmingham, Michigan Mahoney, Daniel Dennis 55 Shirley Lane White Plains, N.Y. Malshury, James Wendell 423 Pombrook Dr. Princeton, Ill Manchester, Stephen LeRoy 1355 Hull Ypsilanti, Michigan Manchester, Thomas Clay 1355 Hull SL. Ypsilanti, Michigan Mason, Joseph Glenn 35 Congress Ct. Saginaw, Michigan Mason, -Michael Andrew 1425 Eldorado Flint, Michigan Matson, Jack Vincent 3587 Orion Rd. No. Canton, Ohio Maxwell, Robert Alexander 5605 Lahser Birmingham, Michigan Meaker, John Palmer Perry Hill Waterbury, Vermont Melchior, Thomas Fredrick 5325 S. Stone La Grange, Ill. 67 Mendes, David Henry 229 East 4th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. Merkel, Edward Wagner Jr. 11 Annwood Lane Cincirmati, Ohio Michod, Charles Louis 529 Keystone River Forest, Ill. Miller, Bruce P. 51 Meadowbrook P. So. Orange, N.J. Mills, Thorley Charlton Jr. 612 Manitou Dr. Maumee, Ohio Miron, Stephen Eagle 184-14 Grand Central Pky. Jamaica Estates, N.Y. Mitchell, James Albee 3055 Washington Grandville, Michigan Mooney, Ralph James 1500 Pauline Blvd. Apt. 34 Ann Arbor, Michigan Moore, Stephen Ritchey 727 Perth Ave. Flossmoor, Ill. Muldoon, Patrick Matthew 14903 Lannette Detroit, Michigan Munger, Frank Weber 211 Lakeview Grosse Pointe, Michigan Murphy, Malachy Roche 58 N. Huron St. Houghton, Michigan Murray, John Michael 101 Avondale Dr. Alcron, Ohio Nelson, Bruce Arthur 763 Oakmere N. Muskegon, Michigan Nelson, Donald Alfred 350 Fern Hill Rd. Bristol, Conn. Nuechterlein, Michael Fredrick 560 Fredrick Frankenmuth, Michigan Oexeman, Robert James 1714 Charlton Ave. Ann Arbor, Michigan Osborne, John Stuart Foxford Lane Geneva, Ill. Page, Steven Chandler 1812 Wagner Rd. Glenview, Ill. Palmer, Michael Wright 304 Potter Ann Arbor, Michigan Pepe, Steven Douglas 4725 N. Cornelius Ave. Indianapolis, Ind. Peskind, Elliot James 8600 Delmar Blvd. University City, Mo. Pettigrew, Edward William 121 Elm Park Blvd. Pleasant Rdige, Michigan Pinney, Steven John 411 Center Ave. Sturgis, Michigan Pinney, Willard Francis, Jr. Pinney Rd. Somersville, Conn. Polansky, Alan Jerome 409 W. Madison Ann Arbor, Michigan Postelli, Frank Ronald Territorial Rd. Benton Harbor, Michigan Potter, Roderick Howard Box 232 Houlton, Maine Preonas, George Elias 1201 Oakwood Ave. Dayton, Ohio Prlng, George William 406 Fifth St. Ann Arbor, Michigan Pringle, Paul Cheney Hamson Lake, Columbus, Ind. Ransmeier, John Christian Rt. ffl, Concord, New Hampshire Rathbone, Ward Jay 1993 Sandhill Rd. Mason, Michigan Recchuite, Martin Clement 5428 Merion Ave. Phila. Penna. Rice, James Edward 416 Goodley Rd. Wilmington, Del. Rich, Joseph Drake 16 Clarendon Place Buffalo, N.Y. Roberts, Jerome Joseph 888 Tower Rd. Winnetka, Ill. Roediger, Elizabeth Anne 4475 Dow Ridge Orchard Lake, Michigan Rogers, James Tullis 533 Pleasant Dr. Hillsboro, Ohio Rome, James Philip 816 Bluff St. Glencoe, Ill. Rosenzweig, Harvey Allan 1229 Franklin Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio Ross, Daniel Foster 2733 Canterbury Ann Arbor, Michigan Rowan, Philip James 536 Pine St. Wyandotte, Michigan Rupke, John Edward 1830 Independence Ann Arbor, Michigan Sabo, Alvin Owen 616 S. Division Ann Arbor, Michigan Sandstrom, Mark Roy R.n.1r3, Cassopolis, Michigan Saphler, Michael Donald G06 No. Camden Dr. Beverly Hills, Calif. Sawdey, Richard Marshall 1028 Fuller, Apt. 102 Ann Arbor, Michigan Schaal, John Eric 219 West Wayne St. Maumee, Ohio Schmeltzer, Howard Michael 461 Wyngate Rd. Wynnewood, Pa. Schomaker, Richard Coleman 747 Harden Dr. Pittsburgh, Pa. Schulman, Larry Jay 2467 Warrensville Center Ed. Un-iv. Heights, Ohio Schultz, Saul David 1747 Shankin Walled Lake, Michigan Schultz, Joseph Arnold . 113 Lasein St. Joseph, Michigan Schwab, James Edward 5968 Winton Ridge Ln. Cincinnati, Ohio Schwartz, Laurence Michael 35 West 59th St. Indianapolis, Ind. Schwind, Gary Michael 508 S. 4th Ave. Ann Arbor, Michigan Schoblionko, Mark Hilliard 1533 Pine Valley Blvd. Ann Arbor, Michigan Shafer, Dennis 3611 Washington St. Midland, Michigan Shaheen, William Arthur 3315 Westwood Pkwy. Flint, Michigan Shahrigian, Ralph 9866 W- Outer Dr. Detroit, Michigan Sherr, Paul David 17418 Stoepel Detroit, Michigan Shotten, Melvin Sam 18272 Monte Vista Detroit, Michigan Siegel, Barry Ira 38 Courter Ave. Maplewood, N.J. Sllberman, Linda Joy S25 Liberty Rd. Duquesne, Pa. Sloan, Robert A. 18025 Wildemere Ave. Detroit, Michigan Smithson, Thomas Lee 308 Harris Ave. Clarendon Hills, Ill. Staudt, William Wilson Greenfields Reading, Pa. Stocker, Robert Worth II 1023 Fox Chase Rd. Birmingham,,Michigan Stouder, Roger Lee 17368 Doris La. Livonia, Michigan Sullivan, Cornelius Joseph 725 Washington, Wilmette, 111. Sullivan, Michael Patrick 415 Washington, Glencoe, Ill. Sutton, Mack l-larry 407 Pine St. Clio, Michigan Sweeney, Thomas Frederick 460 Linden Birmingham, Michigan Sytsma, Fredric Alan 4380 Braeburn Grand Rapids, Michigan Tehan, James Maurice 4100 Devonshire Detroit, Michigan Thomas, Charles Wdward Jr. 725 Indiana Ave. Lemoyne, Pa. Thomas, David Carl 567 Woodvicw Dr. Dayton, Ohio Thorson, Austin Thomas 287 Puritan Rd. Birmingham, Michigan Toomajian, William Martin 2 Grandview Ave. Troy, N.Y. Treaster, Byron Lowell 158 Kedzie Dr. East Lansing, Michigan Tresselt, Thomas Frederick 3315 Washington Evansville, Incl. Trowbridge, Thom as Rutherford 70 Brookside Rd. New Britain, Conn. Tsoutsanis, Sam 4184 Lakewood Detroit, Michigan Tuck, James Allen 46620 Stratford Ct. Northville, Michigan Va.nDyke, Daniel 4993 Plainfield Veen, William L. 354 Belanger Rd. Grosse Pte. Farms, Mich. Vogel, John H. Jr. 18 Comp Pkwy. Westport, Conn. Walkloy, Robert Earle 345 Mid Oak Dr. No. Muskegon, Michigan Wasserstrom, Richard Stuart 104-20 Queens Blvd. Forest Hills, N.Y. Watts, Dale Joseph 22300 Madison Dearborn, Michigan Watts, Michael Robert 34 Brookside Pl. Northvllle, Michigan Weaver, William Schildeckcr 914 Osage Rd. Pittsburgh, Pc. Weber, William Ralph 569 Noll Rd. Grosse Pte., Michigan Weinberg, Robert Mark 22512 Ten Mile Rd. St. Clair Shores, Mich. Weisherg, Frederick Howard 377 Lincoln Parkway Buffalo, N.Y. Weldy, Morton E. 420 S. 5th Ave. 02 Ann Arbor, Michigan Wheldon, Dennis Eugene 2243 Hubbard, Apt. W2 Ann Arbor, Michigan Wilhelm, John Robert 1126 Nlelson Ct., Apt. 2 Ann Arbor, Michigan Witkin, Jay Lawrence 721 E. Front St. Plainfield, N.J. Wood, Stephen Charles G-21 Ann Arbor, Michigan Woods, Dick Iloblit Jr. 1024 W. S4 St. Kansas City, Mo. Wyncr, Gary F. 2300 Lyndway Rd. Cleveland, Ohio Yates, Lee Davis 16966 Fairflelcl Livonia, Michigan Zameck, Harvey Jason 17132 Monica Detroit, Michigan Xerby, Jack Rohcrt East State SI.. Grand Rapids, Michigan Knox, Pn. "Craft is the vice, not the spirit, of the profession. Trick is professional prostitution. Falsehood is professional apostasy. The strength of a lawyer is in thorough knowledge of legal truth, in thorough devotion to legal right. Truth and integrity can do more in the profession than the subtlest and wiliest devices. The power of integrity is the rule, the power of fraud is the exception. Emula- tion and zeal lead lawyers astray, but the general law of the profession is duty, not success. In it, as elsewhere, in human life, the judgment of success is but the verdict of little minds. Professional duty, faithfully and well performed, is the lawyer's glory. This is equally true of the Bench and of the Bar." -EDWARD G. RYAN 68 FIRST ROW: G. Skoning, K. Bom-land, H. Hirsch, V. Scholl, E. Bittle, P. Nicely. SECOND ROW: S. Schaeffer, R. Mc Bain, E. Powers, I. Pencterqast, V. Buzard, G. Hamilton. FIRST Row: 3. Briggs, D. wise, G. Humphrey, R. Lankan. sEcoND ROW: B. Felton, B. Timmons, R. cuban. 70 1, 1 ,X 1111 "The second year they work us tQ death. . ." lf? 1 A 1 . '11 3 sf 1 I 11 ":-11111 uf hhh 1-1 1 j' 1,:.n. g1W 111 1,v,11-1,011.1 11 4 .74 A 1 Q ,. . l .V . -111-1-1.1 11111 1 -3 5 4 .- 11 1 1-1 1 " h 1 .' - uf 1 1+ vhx 3 gm. J '21 1 1 'U ' 11 5110.1 11411.13 - '- . hw. 1 131' . I , I A ' W yr -51111: V ' 1 ' 1 V V ,1,fv,.:111 N. 1 1"1'l" '-'.1 ': 1 1,3 -, 11 ., ,, ' 1 11 '11 11 111 " 1111. 111 . - ' . 'Q .U ...Ng i ff 1 This place is for the two hundied fifty or so Juniors who failed to show. FIRST ROW: D. Feurer, W. Francis, C. Ingwalson. SECOND ROW: S. Strace, R. Vantine, 1. Kleinberg 71 Abelman, Franklin Myles 1015 9th Street Lake Charles, La. Acher, John Pierpont 900 Dearborn, Ave. Helena, Mont. Adelman, Joel Stefan 1076 Island Drive. Ann Arbor, Michigan Adelman, Michael Schwartz 409 virginia Ann Arbor, Michigan Allen, Thomas Ernest 548 Fourth Street Ann Arbor, Michigan Amend, James Michael 2952 W. Birchwood Chicago, Ill. Arado, John Joseph 9647 S. Bell Chicago, Ill. Ballway, Joseph Henry Jr. 229 Monticello Dr. N. Syracuse, N. Y. 13205 Bankson, Shirley Keith Jr. 3348 Charmwood Dr. Port Huron, Michigan Barr, Lewis T. 563 Heather Drive Dayton, Ohio Bartlett, Lynn Michael Jr. 1612 Old Mill Rd. E. Lansing, Michigan Bautista, Antonio Rodriguez Manila, The Philippines Beary, Joseph 409 Nob Hill Ann Arbor, Michigan Becker, Richard Sanford 7943 Orchid St. N. W. Washington D.C. Bellamy, Calvin Edward 225 Southmoor Rd. Hammond, Ind. Ben, Allan Wayne 13430 Rosemary Oak Park, Michigan Bender, Robert Foster, Jr. 80 North Compo Rd. Westport, Conn. Benedict, Richard Lee 1021 W. Michigan Howell, Michigan Bengtson, Thomas Allen 1037 First St. Menomlnee, Michigan Berg, Lawrence Allen 616 Florence Evanston, Ill. Blbart, Richard Lee 14 Richards Rd. Neward, Ohio Bllan, Michael John 6726 S. Washington Lansing, Michigan Bilque, George Alexander 1520 Torrey Road Grosse Pte., Michigan JUNIOR CLASS DIRECTORY Bittle, Edgar Harold 5800 Waterbury Circle Des. Moines, Iowa Blackwell, Thomas Francis 1825 Woodward S.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Blajwas, Harold 2804 36th St., N.W. Washington, D.C. Booksteln, Marvin Harold 16332 Westland, Southfield, Michigan Boskey, James B. 19 Colony Dr. East W. Orange, N.J. Boucher, James Allen 205 State Park Dr. Bay City, Michigan Brackett, Ronald Earl 3682 E. Corman, Decatur, Illinois Brahin, Barbara Jean 3146 Warrington Rd. Cleveland, Ohio Briggs, John Mancel HI 2148 Seminole Rd. Muskegon, Michigan Brignall, James Thomas 1937 Stearns Ave. Kalamazoo, Michigan B1-imacombe, Robert McKendrie 3224 Williamsburg Ann Arbor, Michigan Brodhead, William McNutly 2720 E. Overlook Cleveland, Ohio Bround, Thomas Henry 422 N. 5th Niles, Michigan Brown, Michael Charles 6637 State Line Kansas City, Mo. Buhl, William Christian 3665 N. Main Deckerville, Michigan Burkett, Jack Mosier 312 Mill St. Blanchester, Ohio Burkitt, Daniel E. 199-14 28 Ave. Flushing 58, New York Butch, Thomas Lee 1120 Dakota Ave. Gladstone, Michigan Butler, Charles Steven 2356 Queenston Rd. Cleveland Hts., Ohio Butterfield, Thomas Keith 2302 Saint Francis Dr. Ann Arbor, Michigan Buzard, Allen Vincent R.R.1, Merom, Indiana Carlson, Thomas Albin 1539 Norton Rd., Muskegon, Michigan Chapin, Martin Garrett 19405 Bretton Detroit, Michigan Chinitz, Leonard Arthur 146 Mohawk Drive West Hartford, Conn. Coffield, Michael White 1126 Forest Wilmette, Ill. Cohen, Christopher Bittel 9819 Capital View Ave. Silver Spring, Cohen, James Hillson 887 Farmington Ave. W. Hartford, Conn Cohrs, Robert Lynn 413 Rohrs St. Napoleon, Ohio Colton, Bruce Lawrence 19125 Kingston Rd. Detroit, Michigan Conner, William Herbert 3935 Carrollton Ave. Indianapolis, Ind. Cook, Daniel Arthur 2871 East Erie Ave. Lorain, Ohio Cooke, James Robert 1627 Stevens Ave. Elkhart, Ind. Crittenden, Ronald Lee 310 E. Felshaw, Gaylord, Michigan Curtin, Timothy John 24771 Westmore Blvd. Farmington, Michigan Dankin, Peter Alfred Laurel Way Norfold, Conn. Dann, Dixon Brooks 177 W. 106th St. Indianapolis, Ind. Danzig, Howard Paul 330 Hobson St. Newark, N.J. Davis, Curtis Wllburn 1510 Canniff rum 5, Michigan Davis, Michael James 1005 Court St. Clay Center, Kansas Davis, S. Eric 680 Northumberland Rd. Teaneck, N.J. Davis, Wendy W. 2625 Pittsfield Ann Arbor, Michigan Deloria., Don Stanley 48 Eight Ave. Iron River, Michigan Derezinski, Anthony August 11 Muskegon Blvd. Muskegon, Michigan Donegan, Thomas James, Jr. 725 Collidge Ave. Plymouth, Michigan Doran, David Allen 1320 Grant Grand Haven, Michigan Dulemba, Arthur Walter, Jr. 6072 Chopin Detroit, Michigan Dunkel, Charles Arthur 32507 Old Post Rd. Birmingham, Michigan Dunlap, Peter Louis 132 S. Alexander Saginaw, Michigan Dupont, Alfred Jerome 29243 Tessmer Ct. Madison Hts., Michigan Eisenberg, Brian Mark 2545 Deborah Dr. Beachwood, Ohio Emerson, James Douglas 3535 Dukeshlre Royal Oak, Michigan Engroff, Scott Holden 1111 Freeport Rd. Natrona Hgts., Pa. Erickson, Carl Frederick 1155 Audubon Grosse Pointe, Michigan Esser, Carl Eric 320 Bloomfield Ave. Verona, N.J. 72 Fadim, James Benjamin 400 E. Randolph Chicago, Ill Feikens, Jon 1380 Miami Benton Harbor, Michigan Felt, Julia Kay Shreve, Ohio Ferguson., Larry James 532 Packard Ann Arbor, Michigan Ferrand, Louis George Jr. 8149 Northland Dr. Rockford, Michigan Feurer, Duane Alen 1316 W. 72 Pl. Chicago, Illinois Fields, Randolph H. 1237 Island Dr. Ann Arbor, Michigan Finkbiner, Aaron Cassel Freed, III 1335 Beaumont Dr, Gladwyne, Pa. Fischback, William Morris Jr. 416 S. 5th Ave. Ann Arbor, Michigan Flaherty, Robert Michael 767 Suffield Birmingham, Michigan Flank, Arnold Marshall 840 N. Marlon Oak Park, Ill. Flood, Barbara Booksten 25350 Greenfield Oak Park, Michigan. Floro, 'l'heodore Jacob 519 N. Harris, Apt. 4 Ypsilanti, Michigan Ford, Jack Earl 148 Vanburen, Apt. C. Chelsea, Michigan Ford, Richard Wakely 6850 White Pine Birmingham, Michigan Foster, Lon, III 2230 Dawn Marie Dr. Okla. City, Okla. Francis, William l-loward 3745 No. M-47 Owosso, Michigan Freese, George Edward 458 E. Van Buren Nappanee, indiana Frenz, Paul D. 241 Blue .Ridge Dr. Bloomington, Ind. Freydl, Thomas Patrick 2008 Pauline, 2B Ann Arbor, Michigan Friedman, Robert Lynn 1517 Pine Valley Blvd. 415-B Ann Arbor, Michigan Frost, Edmund Bowen 980 S. Steele Denver, Colo. Frostic, Dennis Lorne 3363 21st Wyandotte, Michigan Gardner, John Michael 250 Brook Farms Lancaster, Pu. Getto, David Reed 2241-7 Hubbard Ann Arbor, Michigan Gilbert, Ronald Rhea 9510 S. Union Rd. Mlamisburg, Ohio Gilstorf, John Joseph 3171 Biddle, Wyandotte, Michigan Gingell, Natalie Ann 22700 Garrison Dearborn, Michigan Golden, Roger Michael 29 Wilcox Ave. South River, N.J. Goldstein, Marshall Lawrence 181 Depew Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. Goodman, Charles Henry 2580 l-Iolmes Rd. Ypsilanti, Michigan Goodman, Smnule Jenc 7314 Ilohman., llammond, Ind. Gottlieb, Sheldon Lewis 1116 Maiden Lane Ct., Apt- 105 Ann Arbor, Michigan Grace, Stephen Scott 362 Pleasant Sl. Athol, Mass. Gray, Frederick Charles 3025 Mary Ave. S.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Grossi, Frank Xavier 3651 Lindbergh Blvd. St. Ann, Mo. Groves, Hurst Kohler 11240 Roland Road Indianapolis, Incl. Guenzel, Robert Edward 2.180 Medford, Apt. 28 Ann Arbor, Michigan Guzman, Rafael 2403 Bishop, Apt. H Ann Arbor, Michigan Huclmey, Charles Donuld 7777 Portage Lake Rd. Dexter, Mlchigmi Halberstein, Richard S. 889 Vernon Hgts. Blvd. Marion, Ohio Hall, Edwin King Valley Ranch Peace Dale, RJ. llnmllton, George Otis 1515 Pine Valley Apt. 5 Ann Arbor, Michigan Hamilton, John Murslmll 9 Binnoylzme, Old Greenwich, Conn. I-lnmmond, Richard Walter 2322 Fernwood Arm Arbor, Michigan Harazin, Alan Edward 1328 Evergreem Des Plnlnes, lll. Harding, Peter Martin 3660 Westerville Rd. Columbus, Ohio Harris, Michael William 38 Clovcrfield Rd. Valley Stream, N.Y. Harrison, Faye Marie 714 S. Michigan Saginaw, Michigan I-lartfauft, Holm Charles 504 Potter St. Ann Arbor, Michigan Hartsook, David Michael 524 Elm Ann Arbor, Michigan I-luuilanrl, James Morrison 178 Nottingham Drive Elyria, Ohio Heller, Frederic Willlcu-n 2870 Ifleutherxvay Ann Arbor, Michigan llellermzui, Louis James 506 N. Jefferson Bay City, Michigan Herz, Wlllinm Dawson 822 Harcourt Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan llcucr, Jeffery Gordon 609 Hill Ann Arbor, Michigan I-llnollne, Wllliaun Richard 246 -112 Jefferson, Chelsea, Michigan I-Ilrsch, Ilurold Edward 140 Golf Lime Burlington, Iowa Hopkins, John Lamar 1211 Portmoutli Rd. Flossmoor, Ill. Houlihan, Mlchacl James 0227 Silvcrsldc Dr. South Lyon, Michigan Hulce, Jerry Ted 910 Shclcy Roscommon, Michigan llumphrey, George Mngolftn II River Road Chagrin Falls, Ohio llunt, Jay D. 2046 Pauline 142B Ann Arbor, Michigan l-luster, Frank 'Fhonms 3041 Williamsburg Rd. Ann Arbor, Michigan lfluston, Karen 2308 Bronson Kalamazoo, Michigzm Hutchinson, William James 62 Elizabeth St. Norwich, Conn Ingwalson, Carl Fredrick, Jr. 2715 Greenleaf Blvd. Elkhart, Ind. Iarucl, Dunlel llairrls 407 Moylnn Ave. Moylan, Pri. Johnson, David Carl 831 Washington Avc. Eecannbn, Michigan Jonas, Gregory Cnrnpholl 409 Prairie Ave. Elmhurst, Ill. Katz, Robert Stephen 47 Shawnee Ave. Rockaway, N.J. Kaufnmn, llcrman 401 Harding Dr. South Ornngo, N.J. Kehart, Mlchuol Joseph 221 Pearl Si. Winchester, Ill. Kollman, Joel David 180911 Oak Detroit, Michigrm Kent, Willnlrn Wallace Jr. 3425 Oakwood Ann Arbor, Mlchigaui Killian, Rox Phillip R01 Boyer Lane Mentor, Ohio Kirschnor, Marc Steven 49 Garfield Ave. Clifton, N.J. Klnncnlk, James Michael 1843 Stewart Park Ridge, Ill. Kleinberg, James Paul 5558 Wilkins Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. Knapp, J. Jeffrey 1003 W. Grand River E. Lansing, Michigan Knight, I-Iope 165 Grfuid St. Newburgh, N.Y. Koster, John Charles 892 Amity Ave. Muskegon, Michigan Krissoff, Joel Edward 2004 Manchester Ann Arbor, Michigan Lamb, James Raymond 390 Highlnncl Ave. Ridgewood, N.J. Lumbnrth, Douglas Don 22721 Harmon SL. Claire Shores, Michigan Lanrlsman, Stephen Alan 1053 Island Drive Ct. Ann Arbor, Michigan Lanoff, Ian Dnvid 3933 Loyola Lincolnwood, Ill. I..aPnrl, John Robert Hart Hotel, 31 N. Washington Battle Creek, Michigan Lzipcnn, James Alnn 155 Ocenn St. Lynn, Mass. Laplne, Kenneth Martin 3333 Wairrensvillc Ctr. Rd. Cleveland, Ohio Laughlin, James III 146 Pleasnnd Ave. Fanwood, N.J. Leed, Roger Michael 1548 Commerce Ave. Longview, Wash. Lcgatz, Joseph Charles 2453 liuddin, Muskegon, Mlchignn Lennon, Robert Rowan 1295 Pontiac Rd. Benton Harbor, Michigan Lcukart, Richard Henry 18511 Scottsdale Shaker Hts,, Ohio Levcque, Joanne 2552 LeContc Berkeley, Calif. Levin, Michael David 231-D Brown Evanston, Ill. Levin, Micnhcl Joseph 136 Siena Long Beach, Calif. Lewin, Travis Herbert 720 21st Slouw Falls, S. Dak. Locke, James Arnold III 1512 Wyoming Ave. E. Liverpool, Ohio Lopucki, Lynn Michael 14144 Hannan, Romulus, Michigan Lori, David John 549 Packard Apt. JM Ann Arbor, Michigan McBurney, Terence Robert 817 Pauline Blvd. Ami Arbor, Michigan McCallum, Albert Donald 200 Kissane Brighton, Michigan McCumpbell, Edward Lockctt 3815 Kenilworth Dr. Knoxville, Tenn McCarthy, Michael Francis 2231 Densmore Toledo, Ohio McCauley, Matthew Patrick Thomas 77 Webster Woods Webster Groves, Mo. McDonough, Richard Aloysius 224 Warwick Ave. South Orange, N.J. McGratty, Stephen Anthony 755 Waddington Birmingham, Michigan McKean, Gordon Alexander 516 Peters Blvd. Brighwaters, N,Y. McKenzie, Robert King Jr. 6920 Inkster Rd. Birmingham, Michigan McKibben, Howard Deo 4962 Fontaine Blvd. Saginaw, Michigan McKinley, Douglas Edouard 2417 North Circle Drive Ann Arbor, Michigan Mc Lellan, Richard Douglas 1040 Darlington, E East Lansing, Michigan McMichael, Guy H. III 1344 East Wayne St, So., South Bend, Ind. McNeil, John William 3423 Carpenter Ypsilanti, Michigan Mcfleynolds, Lelan Daniel 701 East Univ. Brookston, Ind. Macfarlane, Donald David 211 Country Club Dr. Grosse Pte., Michigan Macstaller, John David 1799 Manchester Grosse Pte., Michigan Malley, Michael Patrick 835 South First St. Ann Arbor, Michigan Manclell, Richard Joel 309 North St. Williamantic, Conn. Mann, Thomas Owen 504 Tony Tank Ln. Salisbury, Md. Maravls, Charles Kevin 1339 Monroe Ave. River Forest, Ill. Marshall, Charles Noble Laulel Locks Farm Pottstown, Peuna. Masson, George Taylor Jr. Rt. 2, Box 165 Long Grove, Ill. Matthias, Robert John 1038 S. Grinnell St. Jackson, Michigzui Meretta, James Leonard 3009 Augure, Kalamazoo, Michigan Miller, David Charles, Jr. 2460 Lumberton Rd. Cleveland Hgts., Ohio Miller, David Lawrence 4927 Sedgwick St., N.W. Washington, D.C. Miller,-Edward Case 2015 E. Prospect Rd. Ashtabula, Ohio Miller, George Nicholas 1020 5th Ave. New York, N.Y. Miller, Rea Provost Jr. 209 W. Main St. Mr. Sterling, Ky. Miller, Thomas Earl 8010 Spring Arbor Rd. Jackson, Michigan Miller, Whitner Flagg 6034 Mission Dr. Shaumee Mission, Kan. '73 Miro, Jeffrey I-Iale 1750 Strathcona Dr. Detroit, Michigan Molhoek, Daniel Conrad 2621 Elmwood Dr. Grand Rapids, Michigan Monson, Susan B Lexington Road Lincoln, Mass. Moore, Frederick Charles 220 E. Second Gaylord, Michigan Moran, Charles Aaron 2950 W. Jarlath St. Chicago, Ill. Morrison, John Edwin 1027 W. 56 St. Kansas City, Mo. Morton, James Marshall 2044 Oakdale Drayton Plains, Michigan Moyle, Daniel Thatcher Jr. 3541 Highland Drive Salt Lake City, Utah Mullen, James Thomas 2025 Bennett Ave. Evanston, Ill. Muller, Stephen Peter 5675 Washington Blvd. Indianapolis, Ind. Nessen, Richard Bryce 60 Haleyon Rd. Newton Ctre, Mass. Neuenschwander, Jack Lynn 526 N. Elizabeth Lima, Ohio Nicely, Philip Arnold 4631 Blvd. Pl. Indianapolis, Ind. Nichols, John Larry 7300 Nichols Rd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Noecker, James Paul 355 So. Washington Constantine, Michigan Norris, John Hart 1720 Dorchester Birmingham, Michigan Nostwich, Stephen John 1640 Pilgrim sr. Akron, Ohio Noud, John Lewis Starwood, Michigan Oldham, Theodore Harry P.O. Box 193, Clarksburg, Calif. Page, Joseph French III 888 Wnddington Birmingham, Michigan Patt., Stuart Everett 17557 Wisconsin Detroit, Michigan Pehrson, Gordon Socar, Jr. 1240 Oxford Lane Glenview, l1l. Pelster, William Charles 9769 Lewis 8 Clark St. Louis, Mo. Peterson, James Richard 108 E. Sheridan Fremontw Michigan Phillips, Larry Edward 459 Longridge Dr. Pittsburgh, Pa. Pitcock, Charles Louis 3652 Stoer Rd. Shaker Heights, Ohio Platsis, George James Ri. 6, Box 90 Battle Creek, Michigan Podell, James Jay 1451 N. Beach Ct. Milwaukee, Wis. Powers, Edward Herbert 21960 Cloverlawn Oak Park, Michigan Prakken, William Dadds 3118 Williamsburg Ann Arbor, Michigan Pralter, Sherwood Jerome 307 N. State Ann Arbor, Michigan Prentice, Eugene Miles II 45 Terrace St. Montpelier, Vermont Price, David Alden 316 Water St. Chardon, Ohio Pringle, Stuart Houghton 865 S. Forest St. Ann Arbor, Michigan Puffer, John Wilson, III 1501 Hawthorne Circle Hollywood, Fla. Pyle, Robert Martin Bellewood Road Anchorage, Kentucky Raitt, David Harris 19410 Canterbury Detroit, Michigan Reinchenbach, William Frederick 210 Blackburn Rd. Summit, N.J. Reioin, Ronald Ian 2317 Packard Rd. Ann Arbor, Michigan Reif, Eric Peter 803 Wilson Ave. Washington, Penna. Reminga, Jerald J. 1266 Rosewood Ann Arbor, Michigan Restrick, John Knight 1010 W. Lincoln Birmingham, Michigan Rice, Stuart Jeffrey 19520 Shrewsbury Detroit, Michigan Richter, Charles Franklin 106-15 Queens Blvd. Forest Hills, N.Y. Riley, Daniel Henry 2200 Fuller Rd. 303B Ann Arbor, Michigan Rintamaki, John Mathew Box 126 Ramsay, Michigan Rispo, Ronald Albert 1075 East Ridgewood Dr. Seven Hills, Ohio Ritchie, Kenneth Alan 839 Surrey Lane Mevia, Pa. Robinson, Lawrence DeWitt 4240 Dlrker Saginaw, Michigan Rodgers, James Anthony 41 N. Broadway Irvington, N.Y. Roper, John Joseph 3412 Troy Ct. South Bend, Ind. Rose, Ira Bernard 44 Maryland Ave. Long Beach, N.Y. Ross, Gerald Elliott 1109 Nielsen Ct., Apt. 2 Ann Arbor, Michigan Saplenza, Anthony Joseph 701 Miller Rd. Ann Arbor, Michigan Sarow, Robert David 18 Aidmore Pl. Saginaw, Michigan Saunders, David Segal 8013 Whittier Blvd. Bethesda, Md. Savu, David Murray 20520 W. Outer Dr. Dearborn, Michigan Schaberg, Peter Cooley 1411 Grand Ave. Kalamazoo, Michigan Schaeffer, Stephen Lowell 448 Spring Ann Arbor, Michigan Scholl, Verne Craig 653 Glenmont Dr. Solana Beach, Calif. Schoonbeck, Robert Richard 731 Packard Apt. 207 B Arm Arbor, Michigan Sebert, John Arthur Jr. 3331 Dartmouth Pl. Evanston, 1'll. Seiger, Joseph Roy 725 Claflin Ave. Mamaroneck, N.Y. Seyburn, Bruce Henry 18980 Wildemere, Detroit, Michigan Shannon, Thomas Joseph 16325 S. Linden Rd. Linden, Michigan Shedd, William Chandler 929 Woodlawn Pk. Dr. Flint, Michigan Shefman, Stephen Eric 19358 Lauder, Detroit, Michigan Shinn, Harry Livingston 1600 Meadowood Ln. Charlotte, N.C. Silfen, Thomas Edward 543 Oakdale Glencoe, Ill. F Skoning, Gerald Dunlap 1101 Geneva Rd. St. Charles, lll. Sliney, Thomas Edward 303 W. Washington Bath, N.Y. Smith, James Albert 1309 Wilmot, 4?4 Ann Arbor, Michigan Smith, Mark Edward 100 So. Locust St. Shiremanstown, Pa. Smrka, George Michael 26597 Ross Drive Detroit, Michigan Snyder, Thomas Humphreys 48 Washington Oak Park, Ill. Spilkin, Larry James 18227 Ardmore Detroit, Michigan Springel, Barry Lee 0-4 Pinegrove Terrace Ypsilanti, Michigan Sprowl, James Alwcander 710 Country Ln. Glencoe, Ill. Stage, Charles W. III 22561 Byron Rd. Cleveland, Ohio Stein, Kenneth Douglas 234 E. Penn St. Long Beach, N.Y. Stein, Richard Nathan 114 Martinique Tampa, Florida Stevenson, George Thomas 210 Beuland Ave. Mt. Clemens, Michigan Stillwagon, Allan Thomas 701 N. Hewitt Ypsilanti, Michigan Stiner, William Jack Rt. F2 Lyon Lake Marshall, Michigan Stoudt, Geoffrey Marshall 1406 Farr Rd. Reading, Penna. Stout, John Hubbard 904 S. Forest Ann Arbor, Michigan Strauss, Joel Burton 1960 Beechwood Blvd. Pittsburgh, Pa. Strother, Frank Verner 7230 Sagamore Dr. Clarkston, Michigan Svendsen, John Thorvald G05 S. Franklin St. Greenville, Michigan Swain, Earl Glenn -11180 Farrand Rd. Montrose, Michigan Swaney, Thomas Edward 764 Anim, Grosse Pointe, Michigan Swartzbaugh, Jeffrey Hill 771 Campbell Ave. Apt. 18 Ypsilanti, Michigan Tannenhaum, Ira Lewis 92 Grayson Pl. Teaneck, N.J. Telleen, David Roger 221 s. Prospect sr. Cambridge, Ill. Thal, Steven Henry 56 Judson Ave. Dobbs Ferry, N-Y- Thornton, Charles Victor 3827 Bellaire Circle Ft. Worth, Texas Thorpe, William Priestman 17011 E. Jefferson Grosse Pointe, Michigan Timmons, Bruce Ansel 3075 Hunting Valley Rd. Ann Arbor, Michigan Truebner, Peter Louis 1209 Westover Rd. Stamford, Conn. Unsworth, Charles Wright R.D. NK2, Steubenville, Ohio Vantine, Ronald Glenn 1310 17th St. Bismarck, N. Dak. VanWinkle, Peter Barth 130 hwerness Howell, Michigtui Victor, Arthur Harold 97-10 62nd Drive Forest Hills. N-Y- Walters, Christopher Kent 327 Mallwyd nc. Merlon, Pa. Walters, James Ernest Box 42, Mullett Lake Mullott Lake, Michigan Wasclm, Donnld Adolph 8129 Ingalls Sl. Swartz Crock, Michigan Waters, John Armstrong 519 Snyder Ann Arbor, Michigan Weiner, Stanley Paul 1115 Malden Lane Ct. N105 Ann Arbor, Michigan Wells, Robert Alfred Paynesville, Missouri Wentzcl, Charles Robert 14415 Dearborn Riverdale, lll. White, Sharon Lynn 1328 Washtenaw, Apt. 1 Ann Arbor, Michigan Whittington, Thomas Lee 1965 N. Hammond Lake Dr Pontiac, Michigan Wilner, Evan Dnvid 19575 Argyle Crescent Detroit, Michigan Wise, David Glenn 2728 Algonquin Toledo, Ohio Woislaw, Marilyn Anne 901 Thomas Dr. Chicago Hts., l'Il. Wolley, John Chandler 78 Oakdale, Pleasant Ridge, Michigan Zulack, John Frederick 583 Ezistbrook Ilcl. Ridgewood, N.J. "Disc0urage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often a real loser-in fees, expenses and waste of time. As a peacemalcer, the lawyer has a superior opportunity of being a good man. Never stir up litigation. A worse man can scarcely be found than one who does this. Who can be more nearly a fiend than he who habitually ouerhauls the register of deeds in search of defects in titles, whereupon to stir up strife and put money in his pocket? A moral tone ought t be enforced in the profession which would drive such men out of it." -ABRAHAM LINCOLN 74 .4 L w I v H The third year they bore A us to death " X X coo K 'Q 1 N v wlqwwiilztgmmfiqlw yu H H X H w 4 J A w,, lv IH-w u Wwe. "il-,, , 'v ,u 1 , . V, '.' ,w-' f 'ZILMM ,Elk mm 1 ilh, " FwJMni" 1 .wir'???Xf'u v K-S . W1 ,iw 1 W H ' " e 2 , J I M , -m , -:V .nw , M 14? ,NUI F , ,al qui E "'-UT . , i ...rl f h gifs A Q . . 'SEu'1' Auf isgnlg A Ik iw Q.-"V . '. Q. H , in Mg-jaxv ' , 4- ' ' J' W: 'Sf' , 1 3-5 s ' ff "J lid 'A h A IPA f ,, N 1? h 'M ad .4....N ' 5 t?iw:f." ' A-r '-gtk: wir ,.:-vm., ,jim ,A 1, It a WML J X 'Wi .. ,L Z M H5 ' 11 pg! Wu QM W way' 4 KEN Y Gb T-ff' . 1' L... L. ROBERT A, ADMAN 2500 Uhl Court Dayton, Ohio Ohio State University Legal Aid Society ANTHONY JAMES BARKER R.F.D.4t2 Litchfield, Connecticut Colgate University Case Club WILLIAM G, BARRIS 1090 Island Drive Ct. Ann Arbor, Michigan University of Michigan Case Club Tau Epsilon Rho, President KEVIN M, BEATTIE 729 Pemberton Road Grosse Pointe, Michigan University of Michigan Campbell Competition Jimior Clerk Senior Judge Law School Forum Chairman Lawyers Club , Vice-President International Law Soceity President MARCUS P. BEEBE, HI 37 Studio Lane Bronxville, New York Colgate University Phi Delta Phi 'E' -1: -1 + ',-QT W:- ,,, , TI -N C 9 V ,f 55, " A I ' 77 f 5 I '5 We 'bf' N-si STANLEY G, ANDEEL WILLIAM CARL ANDERSON 204 N. Pinecrest Route itl Wichita, Kansas Carrollton, Ohio University of Kansas Oberlin College Case Club ROBERT W. BEICKE 70 S. Shore Drive Orchard Park, New York St. Lawrence University ROBERT S, BERKWITZ 1104 E, Minnehaha Pkwy Minneapolis, Minnesota Dartmouth College Delta Theta Phi HORACE ANDREWS, JR. JOHN C. AULD 2625 Derbyshire Rd. Cleveland Heights , Ohio Harvard College Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy JONATHAN L, BIRGE 2658 Cold Springs Rd. Indianapolis, Indiana Yale University Barrister's Society, Board of Governors, Board of Directors, Speakers Bureau, Co-Chairman Case Club Campbell Competition, Assistant Chairman Senior Judge Toastmaster Advocates 1300 Bedford Grosse Pointe, Michigan University of Michigan Case Clubs Delta Theta Phi RODGER V. BITTNER 1335 Miami Road Benton Harbor, Michigan University of Michigan Campbell Competition Case Club Cook's Inn Toastmaster bv- if tag LAWRENCE ALAN BACKUS 3 Meadowbrook Lane Northville, Michigan Michigan State University Case Club Campbell Competition Legal Aid Society JAMES GARLAND BARNES 40 Chrysler Argentina Casilla de Correo 444 Buenos Aires, Argentina Yale University Case Club, Junior Clerk, Senior Judge Campbell Competition, Quarter Finalist Phi Delta Phi ELLIOT M. BAUMGART 4877 Broadway New York, New York City College of New York Legal Aid Society Case Clubs Civil Rights Research Council ROBERT D, BECKER 351 Genesee Park Drive Syracuse, New York Syracuse University Law Club, Waiter STEPHEN H, BOAK 103 N. Main Street Muncy, Pennsylvania Franklin Ka Marshall College Case Club Delta Theta Phi, Treasurer ii-g. Why fr - ,sn 50' 7 15 TERRANCE K. BOYLE 803 E. Kingsley Ann Arbor, Michigan Aquinas College Case Club Legal Aid Society .3-9' I STEPHEN A, BODZIN 1647 Beale Ann Arbor, Michigan Indiana University Case Clubs ALFRED V. BOERNER 1801 Kimberly Road Silver Spring, Maryland American University Michigan Law Review, Assistant Editor Civil Rights Research Council, Chairman Legal Aid Society, Criminal Case Director Barristers Case Club, Visiting Judge ii L. CARL F, BOWMEN 2633 Washington Blvd. Huntington, West Virginia Hampden-Sydney College Case Clubs Phi Delta Phi NATHANIEL P, BREED 224 Murray Avenue Ann Arbor, Michigan Harvard University Babson Institute Case Club Phi Delta Phil Legal Aid Society SIDNEY A, BROCKLEY 225 So. Main Adrian, Michigan University of Michigan Case Club Equity Society, Lord Chancellor Civil Rights Research Council, Editorial Board Research Assistant PAUL L, BROWN P-aullina, Iowa Maninouth College DePauw University Case Club Jr. Member, Illinois Bar Association Jr, Member, Office of Patent Society DOUGLAS M, BUCHWALTER 67 East Schreyer Pl. Columbus 14, Ohio Ohio State University Legal Aid Society DEAN DANIEL BURNS 215 Division Street Petoskey, Michigan College of Wooster Phi Delta Phi Case Club '1 THOMAS A, BROWN 1515 Pine Valley Ann Arbor, Michigan University of Michigan Case Club Sf R ll s 1 'fix ,pn DOUGLAS M. CAIN 1900 First Nz1t'l Bank Denver, Colorado Harvard College Case Club Michigan Law Review, Assistant Editor is S51 PAUL G, BURSIEK 929 Walter Avenue Des Plaines, Illinois Yale University Phi Delta Phi ALFRED M, BUTZBAUGH Box 87 W. Shore Drive Benton Harbor, Michigan University of Michigan lim JON DEAN CARLSON 2205 Benjamin Ave. Kalamazoo, Michigan University of Michigan Case Clubs Phi Delta Phi DANIEL T. CARPENTER 223 N. Cochran Charlotte, Michigan Miami University Case Club Legal Aid Society Phi Delta Phi MICHAEL L, CARTER 2316 Parkwood Ann Arbor, Michigan General Motors Institute Phi Alpha Delta Legal Aid Society FRANCES C, CASSEBAUM 250 Booth Avenue Englewood, New Jersey Bryn Mawr College Case Club Legal Aid Society E71 'ivy THOMAS D, CHASE 500 Leonard Street Park Ridge, Illinois Beloit College Legal Aid Society Tau Epsilon Rho Case Club HARVEY CHAYET 19793 Cheyenne Detroit 35, Michigan Wayne State University Tau Epsilon Rho Visiting Case Club Judge gf JOHN L. CHAMBERLAIN 6031 Halifax Ave. No. Minneapolis 29, Minn. College of St. Thomas Case Club Legal Aid Society gm,- Sf 4.1:-n--A C' GERALD CLAY 23711 E. Silsby Cleveland 21, Ohio University of Pittsburgh Legal Aid Society Case Club tif' in- JAMES F, COMPAGNONE 20 Wolfe Drive Wheeling, West Virginia Bethany College Legal Aid Society Case Clubs Campbell Club, Quarter Finals Intramurals ALEXANDER B. CHINN, JR. 1050 Washington St., 46 San Francisco, Calif. University of Nevada Case Club WILLIAM M. COLBY 4383 Bluebird Drive Union Lake, Michigan University of Michigan Case Club JEFFREY CHOI 210 Turner Waliiawa, Hawaii Michigan State Univ. Case Club U5 STEVEN J. COMEN 101 Abbottsford Rd. Brookline, Mass. Brown University Case Club Legal Aid Society Civil Rights Research Council GEORGE A, COONEY, JR. 17177 Parkside Detroit 21, Michigan Univ. of Notre Dame Delta Theta Phi Psurfs Quaid Cook's Inn Toast- masters Res Gestae -'-A 9 DOUGLAS M. CROWLEY 80 Clarernent Ave. Maplewood, New Jersey Princeton University Case Club Campbell Competition Phi Delta Phi 57- 194' GEORGE C. COGGINS 109 Fullerton Galesburg, Michigan Central Michigan University Law Review, Associate Editor Barristers Society, Baliff Civil Rights Research Cotuicil, Editorial Board Phi Delta Phi Equity Society JOHN C, COOK 16720 E. Jefferson Grosse Pointe, Michigan Carleton College Michigan Law Review Psurfs Barristers Society Delta Theta Phi, Dean , St HARRY B, CUMMINS P.O. Box 346 Okenios, Michigan University of Michigan Michigan Law Review, Administrative and Book Review Editor Barristers Society Phi Delta Phi ?i-n MICHAEL C. DEVINE 110 Guion Street Pleasantville, New York Princeton University Michigan Law Review Case Clubs DAVID W, CROYSDA LE 2802 Pittsfield Blvd. Ann Arbor, Michigan University of Michigan Case Clubs, Senior Judge Legal Aid Society Phi Delta Phi Research Associate Lord Advocate, Equity Society ROBERT M. CUMMING 5575 Meadow Wood La. Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Z., University of Michigan Gu .,..z EUGENE F, DATTORE 141-07 72 RD New York, New York University of Rhode Island QF:-. WILLIAM B. DAVIS, JR. R,F.D,4f2 Belding, Michigan University of Michigan 'N '5- MORTON C, CUNNINGHAM 2205-2 Hubbard Ann Arbor, Michigan Westminster College Case Club Campbell Competition Legal Aid Society 'C FRANK S, DICKERSONQ III 2514 Pittsfield Blvd. Ann Arbor, Michigan Armherst College Michigan Law Review, Associate Editor Barristers Society Case Club ' ROBERT A, DIMLING 324 Seventh St. Findlay, Ohio Bowling Green State Univ . Case Club is 'C' ROBERT J, DEVYAK 7834 Wisconsin Dearborn, Michigan University of Michigan Case Clubs T-6 5 JOHN H. DUMONT 2141 Medford Arm Arbor, Michigan University of Michigan Phi Delta Phi PETER L, EPPINGA 1504 E. Park Place Ann Arbor, Michigan University of Michigan Phi Alpha Delta Case Clubs ROBERT J, EPSTEIN 14 Grand Avenue Staten Island, New York Cornell University 'Hia' ROBERT C, DINERSTEIN 40 E. 9th St. New York 3, New York Harvard College Case Club WILLIAM E. DOSTER Kingsley Road Elma, New York Baldwin-Wallace College Case Clubs Toastmasters ROBERT E. EPSTEIN 26150 Harding Oak Park, Michigan Wayne State University JAMES C, ERVIN, JR, 2210-4 Cram Place Ann Arbor, Michigan Yale University Michigan Law Review, Assistant Editor Barristers Society Case Clubs fr.: RICHARD J. A, DISANTIS 1534 S. Belvoir Blvd. South Euclid, Ohio Kenyon College Delta Theta Phi Case Club Legal Aid Society LAWRENCE A, DUBIN 21930 Parklawn Oak Park, Michigan University of Michigan Michigan Law Review EDWIN G. EMERSON 505 W. Harrison Monticello, Indiana Denison University Case Clubs Campbell Competition, Quarter Finalist Junior Clerk Phi Delta Phi THOMAS S, EVELAND 27610 Terrence Livonia, Michigan University of Michigan Case Club ERIC JOSEPH FAURI 20 Harvard P1. Ann Arbor, Michigan HENRY W, EWA LT Pearce Mill Road Wexford, Pennsylvania Allegheny College Case Club MICHAEL R, FEGEN 22025 Lake Road Rocky River, Ohio 15- 1 University of Delaware JOE FELDMAN 1380 Miami Benton Harbor, Michigan University of Michigan Campbell Competition John Carroll University Toastmasters Case Clubs Delta Theta Phi, Secretary Q is .9-av" 'T' .E M LA. of-.., 5 il' 'gf FREDERICK G, FETTERS 3406 Oakwood Ann Arbor, Michigan Michigan State University Case Club KARL V. FINK 2050 Washtenaw Ypsilanti, Michigan University of Michigan Phi Delta Phi 1 -sa JOHN EDWARD FERRIS 1009 3rd, Street Lewiston, Idaho University of Idaho Case Club Psurfs GERALD B, FINCKE 32612 Avondale Wayne, Michigan Union College Harvard Business School ROBERT A. FIPPINGER 227 Van Houten Avenue Wickoff, New Jersey Duke University Northwestern University Case Clubs Campbell Competition 4 SIDNEY L, FRANK JOHN A, GALBRAITH 30 Francis Avenue Cambridge 38, Massachusetts Harvard University Michigan Law Review, Assistant Editor Campbell Competition lMember of 1964 winning tearni Case Clubs 1310 Packard Ann Arbor, Michigan Cornell University THOMAS L, FREYTAG 805 W. Maiunee Adrian, Michigan Univei sity of Michigan Case Club JACK E. FROST 4255 Washtenaw Ann Arbor, Michigan University of Michigan Case Clubs, Junior Clerk Senior Judge Campbell Competition Phi Alpha Delta, Treasurer JOHN R. GAFFIN 19 Hillcrest Road Northville, Michigan Michigan State Univ. Legal Aid Society LAWRENCE H. BERKOWITY Kansas City, Mo. LESLIE R. DOCKS 19765 Warrington Detroit, Michigan . , University of Michigan Wayne State University C C1 b ase u Civil Rights Research Council Legal Aid Equity Society "There is certainly, without any exception, no profession in which so many temptations beset the path to swerve from the line of strict integrity, in which so many delicate and ddficult ques- tions of duty are continually arising. There are pibfalls and mantraps at every step, and the mere youth, at the very out- set of his career, needs often the prudence and seb'-denial as well as the moral courage, which belong commonly to riper years. High moral principle is the only safe guide, the only torch to light his way amidst darkness and obstruction." li. . 1 g.f iv - PETER S, GALLOWAY 801 S. Main Ann Arbor, Michigan Colgate University Michigan Law Review Delta Theta Phi 'N provided: -cf ROBERT E. GILBERT 911 Orchard Ct. Flint, Michigan University of Michigan Phi Delta Phi Michigan Law Review BE NJAMIN F, GARMER 903 Lake Avenue Racine, Wisconsin DePauw University DAVID J, GARRETT 3380 Norwood St. Ann Arbor, Michigan Dartmouth College Phi Delta Phi Case Club THOMAS D, GEIL se 2349 Bishop Ann Arbor, Michigan Univ. of Notre Dame Civil Rights Research Group Legal Aid Society STEPHEN A. GEORGE 1310 Idylwild Drive Lincoln, Nebraska University of Nebraska Case Club Campbell Competition Junior Clerk Senior Judge The general principles which should ever control the lawyer in the practice of his profession are clcnrly set forth in the following Oath of Admission to the Bar, formulated upon that in use in the State of Washington, and which con- forms in its main outlines to the "duties" of Lawyers as defined by statutory enactxnents in that and many other States of the Union-duties which they are sworn on admission to obey and for the wilful violation of which disbarment is I DO SOLEMNLY SWEAR: I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of .............................. . I will maintain the respect due to Courts of Justice and judicial ojjicersg I will not counsel or maintain any suit or proceeding which shall appear to me to be unjust, nor any defense except such as I believe to be honestly debatable under the law of the landg I will employ for the purpose of maintaining the causes confided to me such means only as are consistent with truth and honor, and will never seek to mislead the Judge or jury by any artiflce or false statement of fact or lawj I will maintain the confidence and preserve inviolate the secrets of my client, and will accept no compensation in connection with his business except from him or with his knowledge and approvalg I will abstain from all offensive personality, and advance no fact preju- dicial to the honor or reputation of a party or witness, unless required by the justice ol the cause with which I ani. chargedg I will never reject, from any consideration personal to myself, the cause of the defenseless or oppressed, or delay any man's cause for lucre or malice. SO HELP ME GOD. The American Bar Association commends this form of oath for adoption by the proper authorities in all the States and Territories. 'fi Z' ROBERT H, GILLETTE 648 Winchell S.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan University of Michigan J . 'Il' 1 f ff ,.-g 'iv GEORGE J, GLENDENING 7326 Monroe Hammond, Indiana University of Chicago Case Club STEPHEN B, GRAVES 1527 Pine Valley 4+52B Ann Arbor, Michigan Miami University 40.1 RAYMOND W, GREEN 6121 Lotz Plymouth, Michigan University of Michigan Case Club Phi Alpha Delta, Treasurer Vice-Justice HIRAM S, GROSSMAN 17186 Ohio Detroit, Michigan Wayne State University Case Club AARON D, GROSSMAN 72 Cherry Hill Drive Bridgeport, Connecticut University of Michigan Case Club E-3 'S' GEORGE H, GLOVER, JR, 1144 N, Cranbrook Rd. Birmingham, Michigan Yale University University of Michigan Case Club Phi Delta Phi DONALD A. GURITZ 309 Forest Park Janesville, Wisconsin Northwestern University Case Clubs Legal Aid Society Delta Theta Phi n I, M DAVID N. GOLDSWEIG 2203-6 Cram Place Ann Arbor, Michigan Cornell University International Law Society Case Club ROBERT GURITZ 309 Forest Pk. Blvd. Janesville, Wisconsin Northwestern University Case Club Campbell Competition fii. L. f- New t ii 1 GERALD A, GORAY 16672 Ardmore Detroit, Michigan University of Detroit Case Club Campbell Competition Semi-finalist JOSEPH P. HAFER 115 Hillside Road Harrisburg, Pennsylvania LaFayette College Case Club Phi Delta Phi 2. ' U A bf I ia-0 i 1 MICHAEL DAVID GORDON 1204 W, 68 Terrace Kansas City, Missouri University of Wisconsin Case Club Legal Aid Society Civil Rights Research Council JAMES L. HAGUE 706 Ambleside Drive Wilmington, Delaware Washington Si Lee University Delta Theta Phi, Social Chairman PAUL R, GRANT 19207 Warrington Drive Detroit, Michigan University of Michigan Case Club Tau Epsilon Rho, Vice-President EDWARD C, GRAY Route ilel Climax, Michigan Kalamazoo , College Phi Delta Phi, Clerk House Manager Legal Aid Society HOWARD R. GROSSMAN 1636 Seminole Flint, Michigan Univ er sity of Michigan JOHN B, GRIFFITH 8516 Irvington Avenue Bethesda, Maryland LaFayette College Delta Theta Phi, Board of Directors J. MICHAEL HAMMER 1665 Knollwood Drive Pasadena, California Stanford University Case Club Michigan Law Review, Assistant Editor Barristers Society Phi Delta Phi if s. in 'Whig WILLIAM R. HARMAN BARBARA E, HANDSCHU 667 Rugby Road Brooklyn, New York New York University Case Club KENNETH R, HARKER, JR., 731 Sherwood Drive Indianapolis, Indiana The College of Wooster Case Club, Junior Clerk Senior Judge Campbell Competition Legal Aid Clinic Cooks-Inn Toastmasters 121 Hazel Road Dover Delaware Princeton University Phi Delta Phi, Clerk L -AGS' MICHAEL G. HARRISON 1619 S. Pennsylvania Lansing, Michigan Albion College Case Club, Visiting Judge Phi Delta Theta WILLIAM S, HAWGOOD 15555 N. Park Blvd. Cleveland Heights, Ohio Duke University Case Club Barrister's Society J. TERRY HEATH 208 N. Shiawassee St. Owosso, Michigan Michigan State University Case Club Phi Delta Phi ROBERT E, HELLER 715 South Monroe Hinsdale, Illinois DePauw University Case Club Campbell Competition University Toastmasters Lawyers Club, QI-lead-waitery -if 'hw- ROBERT V, HERBERT 1630 Sheridan Road Wilmette, Illinois Yale University Delta Theta Phi Case Club WILLIAM A, HERMAN IN Golfview Lakeworth, Florida Grinnell College Lawyers Club, President Board of Directors Barristers Society International Law Society Vs.. 1' al-fi 'i EZRA I-IENDON 130 Fairview Ann Arbor, Michigan University of Michigan Michigan Law Rev iew Bancroft-Whitney Legal Aid Society Executive Committee Civil Rights Research Cotmcil, Board of Editors it S+... Case Clubs .xx , is -" JAMES P, HOF FA 16154 Robson LEE THEODORE HETTINGER EARL E, HOOD 730 Fifth Avenue Aurora, Illinois Marquette University Legal Aid Society Barristers Society Phi Delta Phi E. FRANKLIN HILL, JR R,R.4f3 Box 86 Bloomington, Indiana Indiana University Case Club Campbell Competition Detroit , Michigan Michigan State Univ. Psurls Case Club i A-rv-fs 9-1-9 1l i 4 ld qssg KEMPF HOGAN 436 Linden Rd. Birmingham, Michigan University of Michigan Phi Delta Phi Case Club ROBERT E. I-IOLLWEG 1304 Trapp Lane Winnetka, Illinois Stanford University Delta Theta Phi Case Clubs 13400 Evanston Detroit , Michigan University of Michigan Barristers Society WILLIAM K, HOFFMAN Stephanie Lane Darien, Connecticut Williams College Delta Theta Phi 4 .. Wifi '29 JAY SCOTT HOOKER 41 Fisher Road Grosse Pointe, Michigan Cornell University Case Club American Society of International Law Phi Delta Phi FREDERICK K, HOOPS 34924 Grove Drive Livonia, Michigan University of Michigan if ROBERT E. it' 'II' HOLLENSHEAD 2122 Packard Road Ann Arbor, Michigan University of Michigan Phi Alpha Delta, Marshall Vice- Justice Case Club 5- QL . -. Ex DAVID W, HARTIN 318 E. Poplar Street DuQuoin, Illinois Southern Illinois Univ. Delta Theta Phi Case Club American Society of International Law it WILLIAM HOOTH 459 Fisher Road Grosse Pointe, Mich. University of Mich. Case Club RAYMOND E. HOPKINS 1308 Carter Lane Charlottesville, Virginia University of Va. Case Club Phi Delta Phi bf' ii... DUANE H, ILVEDSON GILBERT V. 1315 2nd St. S.E. Minot, No. Dakota George Washington University Case Clubs, Presiding Judge Campbell Club Competition, Winner, Henry M. Campbell Memorial Award INDEGLIA 451 Broadway Providence, R.I. Boston College Delta Theta Phi National Moot Court Team L21WyeI'S Club B02Id Of Junior C191-14 Directors, Treasurer Case Clubs Cooks-Inn Toastmasters CHARLES H. JEHLE 7755 W. Morrow Circle Dearborn, Michigan University of Michigan Case Club Professional Fraternity Q 'K STEPHEN W, JONES 1622 Sunset Blvd. Royal Oak , Michigan Albion College DAVID H, J ULIAN 919 W. University Champaign, Illinois Cornell University Legal Aid Society Case Clubs Phi Delta Phi 5 'S' l i JAMES E, HOWIE 1503 N. Keystone River Forest, Illinois De Pauw University Phi Delta Phi Legal Aid Society GEORGE L. JENKINS 455 Park Avenue Cadiz, Ohio Kent State University Case Club Campbell Competition Phi Delta Phi a""""" 'Cu ' . A -1, :F J-If an - if 'Lili f ' A 1'- tii' -LL 'Pk 'GZ' E, J K- RONALD P, KAUFMAN 10 Canterbury Drive Yonkers, New York University of Wisconsin Legal Research Papers Publication Case Clubs in STEVEN M. KIN 1108 Airfield Lane Midland, Michigan St. John's University Q55 N-ty mf 'GSS ' b if 4 . : .1 gels- .ff - 5, ' F- 3"'ifS-Eff' 7 ' 5. yn lf, I' fftfh A+ 'If "ff fr J. MICHAEL KAPP 314 Grant Street East Liverpool, Ohio Colgate University Delta Theta Phi, Vice-President HOWARD J. KAUFFMAN 1735 Oliver No. Minneapolis, Minn. Univ. of Minn. Case Club Br' . qv? WARREN R. KELLER WH-,L1AM T. KERR 7448 Cherokee 375 F11-St Street Prairie Village, Kansas Ann Arbor, Michigan University of Kansas University of Michigan Michigan Law R9Vi9W, Michigan Law Review Articles Editor Case Club Barristers Society Case Clubs VICTOR E. D, KING 826 Arlington Avenue Plainsfield, New Jersey Dartmouth College Case Club Legal Aid Society A2 5' Qu...- SANFORD ALVIN KLEIN 'Wi' DENNIS S, KAYES 800 Trailwood Birmingham, Michigan University of Chicago RICHARD J . KING Russet Road Volby Cottage, New York Dartmouth College Legal Aid Society 19727 Hubbell Detroit, Michigan Wayne State University Case Club Tau Epsilon Rho 1--5 JOHN C, LANDIS 2506 Ashland St. Joseph, Missouri William Jewell College Case Club Civil Rights Research Council Phi Delta Phi GERALD L. LAWLIS 525 N. Centennial St. Indianapolis, Indiana Purdue University Case Club THOMAS L. LEDBETTER 77 Lakeview Drive Dayton, Ohio Ohio University Campbell Competition, Finalist, Chairman Delta Theta Phi AN 'UN 63 45155 -Q-.4 JAMES T. LEAVITT, JR. 1121 Ashland Avenue Wilmette, Illinois Dartm outh C ollege Phi Delta Phi Barristers Society R. MARK LEIDIGH 1102 Prospect Ann Arbor, Michigan University of Michigan Legal Aid Society FRITZ WILLIAM KRIEG 6401 N. Chester Indianapolis, Indiana Wabash College R, BRUCE LAIDLAW 431 Glen Ann Arbor, Michigan University of Michigan Case Clubs Legal Aid Society K' BAILEY H. KUKLIN 4351 Washington Lincoln, Nebraska University of Nebraska Case Club KENNETH J, LAMOTTE 575 Berwyn Birmingham, Michigan Wayne State University Case Club Phi Delta Phi Civil Rights Research Coiuicil JESSE LASKIN 2712 Keystone Lane Bowie, Maryland University of Michigan Case Club Junior Clerk Senior Judge Campbell Competition National Moot Court Team ings i fp- 'rv ARLO D. LEVI 1423 N. 3rd St. Aberdeen, So. Dakota South Dakota State Univ. Phi Alpha Phi Case Club RICHARD A. LEVICK 4156 State Street Erie, Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania Case C lub 'v 'bf MORTON Q. LEVIN West Hill Drive Gates Mills, Ohio University of Michigan Case Club RICHARD L. LOTTS 8605 Tyrone Panorama City, Calif. Univ. of Calif. Michigan Law Review Ol! JAMES A. LISTAK 3629 Wisconsin Ave. Berwyn, Illinois University of Notre Dame Legal Aid Society Delta Theta Phi mf- if ii-A ROBERT F. LUDGIN 207 Penn Drive West Hartford, Conn. P rinceton University 'if'- STANLEY LUBIN 147 O University Terrace Ann Arbor, Michigan University of Michigan Case Club Campbell Competition Civil Rights Legal Research JORDAN D. LUTTRELL 335 Hillcrest East Lansing, Michigan University of Michigan Michigan Law Review, Assistant Editor Barristers Society il Qi 4? EDWIN A. MCCABE 39 Lake Avenue Melrose, Mass. Dartm outh C ollege Case Club Michigan Law Review Lawyers Club Equity Society, Lord Sh Civil Rights Research, Council, Treasurer, National Affairs Officer Legal Aid Society, Case Supervisor FRANK W. MCCARTY 4666 Ottawa Drive Okemus, Michigan DePauw University Case Club Phi Alpha Delta Legal Aid Committee, Co-chairman lg., 1 -'fc--jf-' . .J I VT? TRACY B. MADOLE, JR. 52585 Brooktrails South Bend, Indiana DePauw University Case Club JOHN H. MARTIN 929 Olivia Street Ann Arbor, Michigan University of Michigan Michigan Law Review, Assistant Editor WILLIAM S. MCDOWELL, JR. 8342 Lowen Skokie, Illinois University of Michigan Case Club JOHN F. MCINTYRE 2532 Boston Detroit, Michigan Dartmouth College RUSSELL J. MCMASTER 403 E. Main Manchester, Michigan Defiance College C ase C lub DAVID L. MC MURRAY 815 Clark Street Warsaw, Illinois MacMurray College Case C lub Law Review Candidate Mn it -S5-."' .,.-- DENNIS E. MC GINTY ROBERT H. MC SWEENY 927 Waslfmgton 2341 Pinecrest Lanslngf Mlchlgan Ann Arbor, Michigan Michigan State University University of Michigan Phi Alpha Delta Case Club CaSe Club Library staff ,W ' Legal Aid x Campbell Competition Clerk 'QQ 1-"' ' V l 4 'if Q 411' 1 'Q- iw. Y.: , f 4: Ag A. . JIM . -L'- . 'L-M ,V 1 "" MIX' 1 , .qi 124 .' r JAMES A. MAGEE 6841 N. Barnett Lane Milwaukee, Wisconsin Yale University Michigan Law Review Barristers Society, Lord Chancellor WILLIAM F. MARX 914 Sybil Ann Arbor, Michigan Dartm outh C ollege Case Club Legal Aid Society A ALAN A. MAY ig. 27.37 Golfside Apt. 105 Ypsilanti, Michigan University of Michigan Case Clubs E- 9' RONALD M. MICHAELSON 2105 Acord Lane St. Paul, Minnesota University of Minnesota Case Clubs Legal Aid Society Civil Rights Research Council Advocates Toastmasters STEVE P. MOEN 2919 No. 20th St. Tacoma, Washington University of Washington Case Club Delta Theta Phi Practice Court Clerk MICHAEL J. MEHR 5611 Mass Street Gary, Indiana Indiana University Phi Alpha Delta Civil Rights Research G EORGE DRAKE MELLING, JR. 410 Nob Hill Place, Apt . 4122 Ann Arbor, Michigan University of Colorado MICHAEL F. MERRITT 111 Braddock Street Bay City, Michigan University of Michigan Legal Aid Society Michigan Law Review, Council Editor Civil Rights Research Association Department of Continuing Legal Education Case Clubs LUCY A- MARSH THOMAS E. O'CONNOR, JR. 199 Ash St- 520 E. Columbus Ave. Denver C010- Bellefontaine, Ohio Smith College University of Notre Dame Case Club Case Club Campbell Competition Ca-ynpbeu Legal Aid Phi Alpha Delta Executive Board Legal Ald 'H 15. 'kr 1--- if PAUL G. MILLER, JR. 504 Union Street Milford, Michigan University of Michigan Phi Alpha Delta Case Clubs JOHN R. MONSON 4076 Rose Avenue Western Springs, Illinois Northwestern University Case Clubs Advocates, Vice-President X Sf '-is 5 51... G TERRY A. MOSSMAN 19680 Shrewsbury Detroit, Michigan University of Michigan Case Clubs Civil Rights Research Council ROBERT M. NEWTON 901 Oakland Ann Arbor, Michigan University of Michigan Case Club Senior Judge JOHN R. NOLON Imperial, Nebraska University of Nebraska Board of Directors, Secretary Cooks-Inn Toastmaster, Treasurer Barristers Society Student-Faculty Directory, E dit or JOHN A. ONDER 18870 Inglewood Drive Rocky River, Ohio Duke University Case Club XHAFER ORHAN 1452 Maryland Grosse Pointe, Michigan University of Michigan Case Club 4f""X Kb DAVID B. MUELLER 5933 N. Elm Lane Peoria, Illinois University of Oklahoma Phi Delta Phi RONALD P. OSELKA Rte. ifl Box 185 Union Pier, Michigan .mans DAVID R. MUHLITNER 2338 Parkwood Ann Arbor, Michigan Dartmouth College Case Club Legal Aid Society JAMES P. PARKER 52 Washington Road Pittsford, New York William College Case Clubs Civil Rights Research Colmcil Bancroft-Whitney Book Awards, Contracts, Const. Law, T. Sz E Legal Aid Society iss. 'Qs Michigan State University Junior Class Prize Award 4? Wo' DIANNE E. MULLANE 6243 Carlson Drive New Orleans, Louisiana University of Kansas Case Clubs Legal Aid Society NELSON K. NEIMAN, II 3838 S.W. Hamilton Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana Yale University Case Club SANFORD H. PASSER 7521 Eaton Prairie Village, Kansas University of Pennsylvania Case Club Campbell Competition, Semi-Finalist Junior Clerk Senior Judge National Moot Court Team Nm, J V' 'xx CHARLES E. PATTERSON 732 N. Prospect Rockford, Illinois University of Kansas Michigan Law Review, Assistant Editor Legal Aid Society, Executive Committee Case Clubs Barristers Society Equity Society, Lord Bailiff Ar..--f MICAHEL F. NEWBOLD Morrisdon Farms Colts Neck, New Jersey Princeton University Case Club Phi Delta Phi Legal Aid Barristers GERALD T. NOFFSINGER 20705 Meier St. Clair Shores, Michigan University of Michigan Case Club RONALD L. OLSON Box 394 Manilla, Iowa Drake University Case Club Senior Judge Michigan Law Review Barristers Society KENNETH R. OOSTERH OUSE Lake Drive Fremont, Michigan Calvin College Case Club PETER A. PFAFFENROTH Richardson Road Robbinsville, New Jersey Princeton University Cooks-Inn Toastmasters 11" ,ng iv 1 ou, THOMAS A. PLISKIN 205 Water Street Perth Amboy, New Jersey Cornell University KZ' WILLIAM S. PHELPS 415 Kimball Turn Westfield, New Jersey Amherst College Legal Aid Society International Law Society Toastmasters Club, Vice-President Equity Society, Lord High Executioner JAMES G. PHILLIPP 407 University Blvd. Daytona Beach, Florida College of Holy Cross Case Club Michigan Law Review, Note, Comment, gl Recent Decisions Editor RONALD S. PRETEKIN 3344 Catalpa Drive Dayton, Ohio University of Oklahoma Case Club GARY L. PRICE 5778 Montebello Ave. Haslett, Michigan Michigan State University Case Club Toastmasters JOHN C. PROVINE Hague Tower East Norfolk, Virginia Harvard University Case Club Campbell Competition, Finalist, Best Brief Award Senior Judge Moot Court Barristers Society University Toastmasters THOMAS RASMUSSON 1500 Clifton Lansing, Michigan Michigan State University Case Club, Treasurer Senior Judge Junior Clerk Phi Alpha Delta li! 5.- THOMAS R. REINSMA 800 McKinley Ann Arbor, Michigan College of Wooster Case Clubs Legal Aid Society THOMAS R. ROBERTS 280 Clark W7 Saline, Michigan Michigan State University Case C lub IMA. 1 'QQ ,...f ,.ps-- JUSTIN C. RAVITZ 4863 Second, M202 Detroit, Michigan Babson Institute Univ. of Penn. Case Club Legal Aid Society .gp 'aka 7'1- 'hr A fi V lk ' A l - ig' i JERRE LL P. ROSENBLUTII 2944 Rhodes Circle Bham, Alabama University of Alabama Case Club Senior Judge V ,. 'iv V CHARLES E. ROBINSON 187 Solon Road Chagrin Falls, Ohio Northwestern University Case Club JAY ARTHUR ROSENBERG 2018 Pauline Ann Arbor, Michigan University of Pennsylvania Case Club ROBERT D. ROSMAN 18223 Birchcrest Detroit, Michigan University of Michigan Case Club Law Club Store Manager LOUIS M. ROTHBARD 257 Cedarhurst Avenue Cedarhurst, New York Syracuse University Case Club JEFFREY C. RUBENSTEIN 874 Dean Avenue Highland Park, Illinois University of Michigan C as e Clubs Visiting Judge WILLIAM C. RUNYON R.R.if4 Brookville, Indiana Purdue University Case Clubs Legal Aid Society ,pv- -an MICHAEL S. SCHILLING 849 Bob O' Link Road Highland Park, Illinois Yale University C as e Clubs FRED E. SCHLEGEL 1015 Church 4i2 Ann Arbor, Michigan Northwestern University 5-...- if RICHARD B. SCHAACK 88 Jamestown Street Gowanda, New York Grove City College Case Clubs Delta Theta Phi Legal Aid Society I A I Sf I '5'- MAURICE E. SCHOENBERGER 409 E. Ludin ton THEODORE SCI-IUBERT 25 Hagenaller St. ROBERT G. SCHUCHARDT R.R.1+2 Box 153 Long Grove, Illinois Denison University Case C lub ' wil DAVID L. SHAW 6329 W. Coyler Avenue Chicago, Illinois University of Michigan Case Clubs Advocates Tau Epsilon Rho E Ludington, Michigan University of Michigan Phi Delta Phi, Treasurer Muenchen, Germany Theresien-Gymnasium Munchen, Germ any ERIK H. SERR 1515 Chelsea Avenue Erie, Pennsylvania University of Michigan Case Club lf. DAVID R. SHEVITZ 18272 San Juan M "1-1 LARRY G. SHARP Flint, Michigan University of Michigan Case Club Phi Alpha Delta, Clerk WILLIAM J. SIKKENGA Blooming Valley Road ' 1 'snr ROBERT J. SCHWENK 331 Strieff Lane Glenwood, Illinois John Carroll University Case Clubs Delta Theta Phi LAWRENCE J. SHERMAN 145 Lee Street Carnegie, Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh Case Club .. , Detroit, Michigan Kenyon College Case Club, Junior Clerk, Senior Judge Campbell Competition Shelby, Michigan University of Michigan Case Club 'Si 4- MORRIS N. SIMKIN 2120 Medford 4F27 STUART SINAI 10641 Santa Maria DAVID R. SKINNER 1102 Maidenlane Court Ann Arbor, Michigan Indiana University T. "iv-.... EARL HUDSON STAELIN 2385 Evergreen Road Toledo 6, Ohio Yale University Case Clubs, International Moot Court Competition Legal Aid Society Phi Delta Phi ii 'T' - , ,,,,, Y Ann Arbor, Michigan Oberth College Case Club Civil Rights Research Council Research Assistant Apt. 324 Detroit, Michigan Ferris State College Case Club Phi Alpha Delta if RICHARD C. SNEED 848 Madison Birmingham, Michigan University of Missouri Barristers Society Case Club Michigan Law Review, Associate Editor ,pano- KENNETH F. SNYDER 2341 Tudor Drive Cleveland Heights, Ohio 'C' RICHARD J. SMITH 123 "C" Lincoln Mobile Cts. Freeport, Illinois Purdue University Case Clubs, Senior Judge Campbell Competition National Moot Court Team ,-f, Western Reserve Case Club 'Qi' EDWARD RALPH STEIN 20820 Wakefield Way Southfield, Michigan University of Michigan HB' WILLIAM C. STEUK 1001 Lima-Sandusky Rd. Sandusky, Ohio University of Michigan Phi Delta Phi WILLIAM R. STECKLER 816 Tappan Ann Arbor, Michigan Wittenberg University if in- sf X, 11-A HAROLD S. TOPPEL 507 Hill St., Apt. 1't1O Ann Arbor, Michigan Wayne State University Case Club Michigan Law Review JOHN P. VANNEMAN Hillcrest Tyrone, Pennsylvania Princeton University Case Club Cooks-Inn Toastmaster Legal Aid Society JOHN M. VAN VOOUTHUIJSEN 371 North Tenth St. Prospect Park, New Jersey C alvin C ollege Case Clubs Toastmasters, Cooks-Inn Phi Alpha Delta 91' I is- LAWRENCE R. VAN TIL 80 W. 18th Street Holland, Michigan Calvin College Case Club Civil Rights Research Council Legal Aid Society RICHARD MARTIN VEGA 319 North Lincoln Ave. Villa Park, Illinois Loyola University JOHN C. STRAUB 2733 Kendale Toledo, Ohio University of Toledo Legal Aid Society DAVID R. STURGES 1817 Crystal Drive Frankfort, Michigan De Pauw University International Law Society JUDITH L. TEICHMAN Skyline Orchards Eau Claire, Michigan Michigan State University Case Club 5-, o EDWARD C. THOMPSON 441 Clark Kirkwood, Missouri Notre Dame University Case Club STUART C. UNGER, JR. 1345 Lincoln Avenue Highland Park, Illinois Miami University C ase C lub S- N E., x ROBERT A. VIEWEG G47 Linclon Road Grosse Pointe, Michigan Earlham College Phi Delta Phi Cooks-Inn Toastmasters, Vice-P resident C ase C lub DAVID WAHR 1300 Vine Street Manistee, Michigan Central Michigan University Phi Alpha Delta Case Club FORREST T. WALPOLE 1110 Maiden Lane Ann Arbor, Michigan Princeton University We RICHARD F. VITKUS 7979 Fourth St., Box 66 Dexter, Michigan University of Michigan Case Club JOHN M. WALKER 125 Weaver Street Greenwich, Connecticut Yale University Case Clubs, Freshman 2nd Place Campbell Competition, Semi-Finalist International Law Moot Court Team Senior Judge International Law Society, Co-Chairman Lawyers Club Board of Directors Barristers Society Phi Delta Phi 91 "'Q"h L- Q- lg cgi. THOMAS G. WASHING 3408 Corey Road Toledo, Ohio Dartm outh C ollege Case Clubs Michigan Law Review, Note Sz Comment, Editor Civil Rights Research Council, Board of Editors The Barristers Society GEORGE Y. WHEELER, III Meadow Lane Watch Hill, Rhode Island Princeton University Phi Delta Phi Case Club GEORGE E. WARD 1753 Wood Saginaw, Michigan University of Detroit Case Club JAMES C. WESTIN P. O. Box 367 Ypsilanti, Michigan Beloit College Michigan Law Review Phi Alpha Delta, President Case Club JOHIN BOYER WHINREY 1521 Riverside Avenue Muncie, Indiana College of Wooster Case Club Cooks-Inn Toastmasters RICHARD J. I , ' ..- P. ' r ' ' 'ff GERALD F. YOUNG 1229 White Ann Arbor, Michigan Eastern Michigan University KENNETH J. WYSOGLAD 5042 N. Octabia Ave. Chicago, Illinois St. Joseph's College Case Club WILLIAMS, JR. 1023 Yarmouth Rd. Birmingham, Michigan Princeton University Case Clubs, Visiting Judge Barristers Society Legal Aid Society DAVID L. WINTROUB 807 Parkwood Omaha, Nebraska University of Nebraska WILLIAM A. SCHROEDER 1611 S. State Ann Arbor, Michigan U.S. Naval Academy Case Club Library Staff Campbell Competition Legal Aid .I 1 , 5 1 0, l -U X i Ja SAMUEL W. WITWER, JR. 111 Abingdon Kenilworth, Illinois Dickinson College Case Club Phi Delta Phi WILLIAM T. WOOD, JR. 1301 N. Harrison St. Wilmington, Delaware Stanford University Delta Theta Phi Quad Yearbook, Business Manager ROBERT O. TYLER 11308 Algonquin Drive Pinckney, Michigan Harvard College Freshman Case Club fFinalistj Senior Guest Judge 1 Er- "1 'fin- Qi WILLIAM C. PANZER 18045 Whitcomb Detroit, Michigan Wayne State University SAMUEL ZELL 251 Oak Knoll Highland Park, Illinois University of Michigan Case Club Tau Epsilon Rho SENIOR EMPLOYMENT AS OF FEBRUARY I0 Stanley G. Andool Brcwcr Ki Myers 1010 Insurunco Exchange Building Knnsns City 5, Missouri William C. Anderson Judge Alfred P. Murrah United Status Court of Appeals Oklnhomn City, Oklahoma lloracc Andrews, Jr. Kahn, Adsll K: Arnslcln 120 South LnSnllc Slrool Chicago, Illinois 60603 John C. Auld Clark, Klein, Winter, Parsons Rt Prewltt 1600 First Federal Building Detroit, Michigan 48226 Lnwrcncc A. Backus Fraser, Trcbllcook, Duvls St Foster 1400 Michigan National Tower Chnrlcs L. Ilnrncll Millar, Cunllold, Pzidmloclc and Stone 2500 Dclroll Drunk and Trust Building Detroit, Michigan -118226 Ufellownhlp lo study in Mexlcoy William Harris Friedman, Nlcyers, und Keys 1624 Dime Building Detroit, Michigan 48226 Kevin M. Bcuttlo Fellowship to study in Belgium Marcus P. Buoho III Brown, Wooll, Fuller, Cnldwcll lit lvoy 70 Pino Street New York, New York 10005 Lnwrcnoe M. llurkowltz Judge John Olivur Fcdcrfi. District Court Western Distrlol. ol Missouri Kansa: City, Missouri Stephen ii. Book Clark, Klein, Winter, Parsons St Prcwltt 1600 First Fcdcrnl Building Detroit, Michigan 48226 Alfrocl V. Boerncr Areng Fox, Kintncr, Plotkin Si Kahn 1000 lfodcrnl Bar Building 1815 II Slreot, N. W. Washington, o. c. 20006 Sidney A. Brocklcy King, Miller, Anderson, Nnsh R: Yerke 12th Floor, American Hunk Building 021 S. W. Morrison Portland, Oregon 97205 Paul L. Brown Fish, liichurdson Km Ncnvc 20 Exchange Plnoc New York, New York 10005 Douglas M. Cain Dnwson, Nugel, Sherman N.: iiownrd 1900 First Nnllonnl Bunk Building Denver, Colorado 80202 Jon D. Carlson The Chnsc Mnnhnltnn Bunk 1 Clmsc Mnnhnitun Plnzn Now York, New York 10015 Goorgu C . Cogglns McCutchon, Doyle, Brown, 'rruulmnn k Enerson G01 California Street Sun Francisco, Cnlifornln 94108 Wllllnm M. Colby Wiser, Shaw, li'roomnn, V:mGx-nnfollnnd, Hnrter dt Socrest BOD Powers Building Richestnr, New York 14614 James F. Compngnone Kruglluk, Griffiths liz Dougherty B04 Ronkert Building Czmlon, Ohio 44702 John C. Cook Plllshury, Madison Ka Sutro Standard Oil Building 225 Bush Street Sun Francisco, Cnllfornln 94104 flfnliowslxip to study in United Kingdom-nj Dnvlzl W. Croysdnlc Foley, Sammond Ah Lurchicr First Wisconsin Nntionnl Bank Bldg. 735 North Wuler Street Mllwnukco, Wisconsin 53202 R. Malcolm Cumming Warner, Norcross 8: Judd Michigan Trust Building Grand Rapids, Mlchlgim 49502 Harry B. Cummins Cummins K: Butler 712 Cnpllol Savings and Loan Bldg. Lansing, Michigan 46933 Larry B. Dalton Whyte, Hirschboeck, Minahan, Harding 8a Hsu-land 2100 Marine Plaza Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202 Michael C. Devine Breed, Abbott A Morgan 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza New York, New York 10005 Frank S. Dickerson III Cravnth, Swalne Si Moore 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza New York, New York 10005 William E, Doster Andcrsorg Rush, Dean B: Lowndes P.O. Box 2288 Orlando, Florida 32802 John H. Dumont Associated with John F. Dumont 35 Trinity Newton, New Jersey William G. Eurle Judge David W. Dyer United States District Court Southern District oi Florida Mlnmi, Florida Edwin G. Emerson Shumakcr, Loop K: Kendrick 811 Madison Avenue Toleclo, Ohio 43624 Peter L. Epplnga Dyiccma, Wheat, Spencer, Goodnow K: Trigg 27th Floor Penobscot Building Detroit, Michigan 48226 James C. Ervin, Jr. Reid 8: Riege One Constitution Plaza Hartford, ,Connecticut 06103 John E. Ferris Collins St Redrlln 107 East Main Street Medford, Oregon Gerald B. Fincke Wiser, Shaw, Freeman, VanGraufeiland, Hartcr Ez Secrest B00 Powers Building Rochester, New York 14614 Karl V. Fink Associated with Robert V. Fink 106 South Washington Street Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197 Thomas L. Freytag Office of Chief Counsel Internal Revenue Service Washington, D. C. 20224 Jack E. Frost Judge Noel P. Fox United States District Court Western District of Michigan Grand Rapids, Mlchlgnn Peter Galloway Donovan Leisure Newton 5 Erviue Two Wall Street New York, New York 10005 David J. Garrett Thompson, Hine Sz Flory National City Bank Building Cleveland 14, Ohio Thomas D. Geil Judge Noel P. Fox United States District Court Western District of Michigan Grand Rapids, Michigan Stephen A. George Buchanan, Ingersoll, Hodewuld, Kyle S: Buerger 1800 Oliver Building Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222 Robert E. Gilbert Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone 2500 Detroit Bank and Trust Building Detroit, Michigan 48226 David P. Gioor Emory, Parsons, Bohr, Tennant Bl Hogan 1100 North Woodward Birmingham, Michigan 48011 Ronald D. Glotta Margie, McCroskey, Libner, Reamon, Williams 8: Dilley P. O. Box 27 Muskegon, Michigan 49443 Paul E. Goodspecd Donovan Leisure Newton Xt Ervine Two Wall Street New York, New York 10005 Gerald A. Goray Emery, Parsons, Bahr, Tennent K: Hogan 2384 First National Building Detroit, Michigan 48226 105 Stephan B. Graves Vander Veen, Freihofer Ri Cook Waters Building Grand Rapids, Michigan 49502 Raymond W. Green Procter Rt Gamble 'Ivorydale Technical Center Cincinnati, Ohio Michael W. Gricc Legal Department Chrysler Corporation Detroit, Michigan 48231 Howard R. Grossman Federal Communications Commission Washington, D. C. 20554 Joseph P. Hater Hull, Leiby Kz Metzger Kline Building 208-210 Walnut Street Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17108 J. Micahel Hammer O'Melveny St Myers 433 South Spring Street Los Angeles, California 90013 William R. Harman Nixon, Mudge, Rose, Guthrie Ez Alevander 20 Broad Street New York, New York 10005 Jerry D. lflarner Baker K1 Daniels E10 Fletcher Trust Building Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 William S. Hawgoocl Kramer, Roche, Burch, Streich k Cracchiolo Suite 567 First National Bunk Building Phoenix, Arizona 85002 Robert E. Heller Defrees, Fiske, Thompson Ez Simmons 105 South LaSalle Street Chicago, Illinois 60603 Robert E. Hollcnsheatl Lungs, Molyneaux Ki Armstrong 2700 Guardian Building Detroit, Michigan 48226 Robert E. Hollweg Fellowship to study in Germany Earl E. Hood Dykema, Wheat, Spencer, Goodnow Ki 'Trigg 27th Floor Penobscot Building Detroit, Michigan 48226 Jcffrey W. Hutson Lane, Huggard Xt Alton 150 East Broad Street Columbus, Ohio 43215 Duane I-l. Ilvedson Nilles, Oehlert di Nilles 50-al Black Building Fargo, North Dakota 58103 Charles I-l. Jehle Touche, Ross, Bailey Sf Smart 1380 First National Building Detroit, Michigan 48226 George L. Jenkins Vorys, Sater, Seymour 8: Pease 52 East Guy Street Columbus, ohio 43215 W. Richard Keller Paul, Hastings, Janofsky E Walker 510 South Spring Street Los Angeles, California 90013 William T. Kerr Wunsch, Ailcens K: Lungershausen Dime Building Detroit, Michigan 48226 Victor E. D. King Associated with Victor R. King 111 East Front Street Plainfield, New Jersey 07060 Bailey H. Kukliu Teaching Fellow Stanford University School of Law Stanford, California 94305 Sanford A. Klein Lybrnncl, Ross Bros. Ki Montgomery 211 West Fort Street Detroit, Michigan 118226 R. Bruce Laidlaw Butzel, Estman, Long, Gust Bt Kennedy 1881 First National Building Detroit, Michigan 48226 Jesse E. Lasken Federal Communications Commission Washington, D. C. 20554 Thomas L. Ledbetter Smith Sa Schnacke Talbott Tower Dnyton, Ohio 45402 R. Mark Leidigh Cravath, Swatne Xt Moore 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza New York, New York 10005 Arlo D. Levi Legal Department Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. 2501 Hudson Road St. Paul, Minnesota 55119 James A. Listak Leibman, Williams, Bennett and Baird 208 South LaSalle Street Chicago, Illinois 60604 Richard L. Lotts Sheppard, Mullin, Richter to Ilcunptfon 458 South Spring Street Los Angeles, California 90013 John F. Lynch, Jr. Justice Nathan L. Jacobs New Jersey Supreme Court Trenton, New Jersey James A. Magee Donovan Leisure Newton Sr Irvine Two Wall Street New York., New York 10005 James W. Mm-kel Maguire, Voorhls Q Wells 135 Wnll Street Orlando, Florida 32802 Lucy A. Marsh Becket K: Wagner Lakeville, Connecticut John H. Martin Maslon, Kaplan, Edelman, Joseph Sr Borman Builders Exchange Building Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402 David L. McMurray Young, Holm, McEachen, Knowles A I-Iamann 945 Omaha National Bank Building Omaha, Nebraska 68102 Michael J. Mehr Evans, Boyer k Luptnk 3000 Guardian Building Detroit, Michigan 48226 George D. Malling, Jr. Fabian S4 Clendenin Suite SOO, Continental Bank Building 200 South Main Street Salt Lake City, Utah 54101 Ronald M. Mlehnelson Mull, Deseuberg, Purdy, Glover S: Bayer 3466 Penobscot Building Detroit, Michigan 48226 James S. Miner Vnnder Veen, Freihofer K: Cook Waters Building Grand Rapids, Michigan 49502 John B. Monson Chapman and Culter 111 West Monroe Street Chicago, Illinois 60603 David B. Mueller Young, Holm, McEachen, Knowles E Hamann 945 Omaha National Bank Building Omaha, Nebraska 68102 David R. Nluhlitner I-Illl, Lewis, Andrews, Adams, Goodrich S.: Power Penobscot Building Detrolt, Michigan 48226 Michael F. Newbold White Kc Case 14 Wall Street New York, New York 10005 Nelson K. Nelmzm 21:1 Judge Iloward Dawson, Jr. Tn: Court of the United States Washington, D. C. Gerald T. Noifsinger Office of the Trust Counsel Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Company of Chicago 231 South LaSalle Street Chicago, Illinois Ronald L. Olson Foley, Sammond Sz Lardner First Wisconsin National Bank Building 735 North Water Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202 flfellowshlp to study in United Kingdomy John A. Onder Woods, Ovinlt, Gilman, Sterman k Clark 44 Exchange Street Rochester, New York 14614 Kenneth R. Oosterhouse I-lillnmn, Baxter Gt Hammond 430 Federal Square Building Grand Rapids, Michigan 49502 Xhafer Orhan Butzel, Eaman, Long, Gust G: Kennedy 1881 First National Building Detroit, Michigzm 48226 Peter A. Pfaffenroth MeC:u'ter Kr English 11 Commerce Street Newark, New Jersey 07102 James P. Parker Tax Division U. S. Department of Justice Washington, D. C. 20530 Charles E. Patterson Watson, Ess, Marshall Sr Enggas 1005 Grand Avenue Kansas City, Missouri 64106 James G. Phillipp Judge Ralph Freeman United States District Court Eastern District oI Michlgzm Federal Building Detroit, Michigan 48226 Sanford Passer Smith, Hlrch Q Brody Detroit, Michigan John C. Provlne White Kr Case 14 Wall Street New York, New York 10005 Samuel A. Purves Jacobs and McKenna 135 South LaSalle Street Chicago, Illinois 60603 Dale G. Hands Lybrnnd, Ross, Bros, Rt Montgomery 211 West Fort Street Detroit, Michigan 48226 Justin C. Rnvitz Associated with Sheldon P. Otis 1855 Guardian Building Detroit, Michigan 48226 Thomas R. Reinsmn Scholten and Fant Security First Bzumk E Trust Cu. Bldg. Grand Haven, Michigan 49417 Jay A. Rosenberg Strauss, Troy and Ruehlmann 14th Floor Fountain Square Building Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 Jerrell P. Rosenbluth Lipshutz, Macey, Zusmann St Sikes 64 Pryor Street, N. E. Atlanta, Georgia 30303 Fred E. Schlegel Baker K: Daniels 810 Fletcher Trust Building Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 John T. Schmidt Shenrman St Sterling 20 Exchange Place New York, New York 10000 Robert J. Schwenk Trust Division Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Company of Chicago 231 South LaSalle Street Chicago, Illinois John D. Sharpe Sibley, Blair E1 Mountain 390 Main Street Worcester S, Massachusetts Dnvld L. Shaw Mayer, Frledllch, Spiess, Tlerney, Brown 8: Platt 231 South LztSnlle Street Chicago, Illinois 60604 106 Jack A. Siehers Varnum, Iitdderlng, Wlorengo IQ Christensen 1000 Michigan Trust Building Grand Rapids, Michigan 49502 Morris N. Stmktn Folz, Bard, Kamsler, Goodls 8: Greenfield 1315 Walnut Street Phllnclclphin, Pennsylvania 19107 Stuart Slnni Tax Department Ernst St Ernst 2000 Duhl Building Detroit, Michigan 48226 Davld R. Sklnner Butterfield K: Penzlcn 511 Phoenlx Buildlng Bay Clty, Mlchlgzm 48700 Stephen C. Small Smnll Bt Shaffer 72 West Mnln Street Benton Iflztrbor, Michigan 49022 Rlchru'd J. Smith Snyder, Clarke, Dalziel, llolmqulst 8: Johnson 301 Washlngton Sheet Waukegan, Illinois 60085 Earl Il. Staclln Mnrslmll, Melhorn, Bloch 8: Belt 1434 National Bnnk Building Toledo, Ohio 43604 Wtlllnm C. Steuk Flynn, Py Ik Kruse Wnshlngton Building 165 Enst Washington Row Snmlusky, Ohio 1111870 John C. Straub Edward I.. Straub Q Co. 309 Board of Trade Building Toledo, Ohio Edward C. 'Thompson Howard, Prlm, Smith, Rice K: Downs Sulto 1421, 111 Sutter Street Sam l-'1':x.nclsco, California 94104 Stuart C. Unger, Jr. Stevenson, Connghnn, Hrxckbert, Hooks Er Pitts 208 South L:1Snllo Street Chicago, Illlnols 60604 John P. Vnnneman Willard, Dunnwuy lk Mazza 201 East Beaver Avenue State College, Pennsylvania Lawrence R. Vim Tll Butzel, Eaman, Long, Gust 8: Kennedy 1881 Flrst National Building Detroit, Mlchlgan 48226 Richard F. Vltkus Kaumhoimer, Relnhurt, Bocrner, Van Deuren IQ Norris 1800 Mnrlne Plaza Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202 Forrest T. Walpole Pope, Ballard, Uriell, Kennedy, Shepard Ka l-'owle 33 North LuSnle Street Chlcugo, Illinois 60602 George E. Ward Justice Thoordore Sourts Michigan Supreme Court Lzmsing, Michigan Thomas G. Washing Donovan Lelsure Newton K: Irvine Two Wnll Street New York, New York 10005 John B. Whlnrey Poguc K4 Young 151 East Mndlson Street Franklin, Indlnno Fred L. Woodworth Cross, Wrock, Miller, Vieson k Kelley Penobscot Building Den-on, Mlehlgctn 48226 5' 0' NJ:- I -1- ,wh , 5315? 4,-, r 45? .1 Q1 ' T5 ". : ff' ,. .ss Q, 4" ng -r 1 ,U-I LL' 4 x I-. V' 9 --41 ,A LfP5f'z: :sm 1-'flu ,L dw-viva, .fgwn I, 4rg4.,':" -, ' -J w A fluf,-,Lv JA , ,'sq:g-Iruu ,. 'A ' , W. ,fpsfl-:,y' ,fffff Af V "'7'-'ZQ1 , '5f"3,P-'f""7 'f-,nf - J,-g3,,. V' if-V A-,',:PviQ!-I' .- ' wi' '4 I , .fn , m-flyr. . v 2 'A - , .Q 4 Q - - 1" - Y ' -Y, ' " af , 1 , L - A Lrf .uf L ' ,' A v Auf. . 14 '13 I, 5 .T .w,,,v:1 -312' -A 1:31-yI:',l I ng-1 1533-.Q ljj TT. .4 ,wir 1: ' 1-eh. '24 If' ,Pu ,gg , BOARD OF DIRECTORS Representative Gerald Ford Wilbur Cohen The Fall Semester program of the Speakers Bureau covered a broad range of issues with its seven sessions. The program was inaugurated by the co-author of Portrait of an Assassin, John Stiles, who discussed the work of the Warren Commission. Mr. Stiles served as Special Assistant to a member of the Warren Commission, Congressman Gerald Ford, and therefore was in an excellent position to comment on interesting sidelights of the investigation which were not generally known to the public. The School was fortunate to have the opportunity to have the Chief Judge of the Juvenile Court of Israel, David Reifen visit the school. Judge Riefen was on nation wide lecture tour of colleges and universities. The Judge presented a most interesting discussion of Cultural Con- flict and Juvenile Delinquency in Israel. The first of four speakers in the series to appear from Washington was the dynamic, articulate trial lawyer from the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, Nick Flannery. We entertained a large crowd of student and faculty members with his facts and figures of civil rights progress in the South. The first of two Congressmen to speak was Robert Kastenmeir a member of the House Judiciary Committee. He too had thoughtful observations on civil rights but from a different perspective - Capitol Hill. The only faculty member to appear on the Speakers program was Professor Beverly Pooley. He gave a delightful and humorous talk and slide show of his ex- periences as a teacher at the Law School in Ghana. A most distinguished civil servant, Wilbur J. Cohen, the Under Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, appeared to discuss some of the new social legislation passed by this Congress. The President of the American Bar Association, Edward Kuhn, conducted an afternoon session with in- terested students in what proved to be a most rewarding discussion of a B.A. policy. Law students turned out en masse to hear the Minority Leader of the U. S. House of Representatives, Gerald Ford. Mr. Ford briefly discussed some of his thoughts of the Johnson administration, and then in a question and answer period talked over subjects of the student's choosing. And on that note, the Fall schedule of speakers drew to a close. SPEAKER'S SERIES l965 Representative Robert Kastenmeir Sally Katzen and John Birge, Chairmen. Edward Kuhn 109 TI-IE LAWYER AS AN ATHLETE ?4 A11 Sports Trophy was won by the Law Club 1965 W Table Tennis Champions - 110 THE LAW SCHOOL BASKETBALL TEAM Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan H Michigan X A Michigan Michigan 111 University of Michigan Basketball 1965 Ball State Duke Missouri Indiana State Nebraska Wichita Butler Manhattan Princeton St. John's Illinois Northwestern Purdue Michigan State Purdue Iowa Michigan State Indiana Ohio State Minnesota Illinois Wisconsin Minnesota Ohio State Dayton Vanderbilt Princeton UCLA Michigan undisputed Conference champions, second in NCAA finals. University of Michigan Football 1965 Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan N. Carolina California Georgia Michigan State Purdue Minnesota Wisconsin Illinois Northwestern Ohio State University of Michigan Athletics 1965 Tennis - First in Big Ten Gymnastics - First in Big Ten Hockey - Third in W.C.H.A. Golf - Second in Big Ten Wresting - First in Big Ten Swimming - Second in Big Ten Indoor Track - Third in Big Ten Outdoor Track - Second in Big Ten Baseball - Second in Big Ten SQUASH 51-fur --V 5 114 TT: 721 -4. . ish - rf' N'-.-v, -1. ,,- .... 41 3' x -15.24 , X "..::'i'. , Q 115 Y I gV,,." , ,L 5 , If--Mi, ,:,g.',,w', 1 , .i,.,-I-5717, wgbf,-Q., l - - V . - .v , , 5. . .,- JIPSV. Y A ' ' 'ff , 'W-11 ,: ,J-J' ', QQ... V, A..,, ...wi , , I ,f J., 1,-r -,f, - - ., 1 11- , -.N-' ,,.g"1a. g-1, 1' f ,-Nw,-f Y, X ,vm -ff A s 'alan 4 , 21451 ,- 4, and f..-f.,-3' 115 f' 11, .-4 3,'.:.:,gr '- .1517 '-H."w4 'Sf-if-1::?2"zf 11' . A-1.155 . g,".f- .,'.:'-,.'Li'9?1 is "-gpg," 11' 5 it 'H f.':.'-R""l:I'91Aff-ff is ' w -- 'H -712 A H 'haf ' -N , ,.A'L-2194: -'j-",!,4Q.,,fLei1.'+,,wf-,3 .-,xx 3 :vpn L ' I 33" '3'-' -gl+.'2'lr lfraffe1':',5f'?3L-'S""if?l3" ' , E ", 4.- ,'77o'2,. .,Arr'iv3s,'t. arf "l'5'.'f 4 -o 0 0 'X bl: of - J' 1 5 xr V -I MICHIGAN LAW SCHOOL IS NOTED FOR ITS OUTSTANDING LECTURERS . ,Z 'EQ .:'r,7f"', -fn' ,' v Mr. Leavellz "Now over here we have Sa The class. hire " u ,wn.E,5W.,JI A "These two Corps. . ." ". . .now Where was I?" Professor Steinheimer. "and over here we have Paradise Cro P Y "I want you to get this down good, this is the most important point you'11 learn out of this course." "Mr. A, what is that point ?" "What do you mean, you pass??" Sizing up the issues. 117 "Now for the last time. . ." SOME OF THE LAW SCHOOL LADIES i Mrs. Lenger N f - 4 I 457' are many other ladies around the Law School who deserve recognition for their service. I selected these because they have been a great help in putting out the Quad. 118 'WD A "Bonn" MEETING "The meeting w111 now come to order ,-v ,WF fs, "I think the Board should appropriate S500 for a private Board party." Sally doing some homework Qknitxingj at a Board meeting. H1 Second the motiongv 119 A NIGHT AT Tl-IE P-BELL A discussion of some of the legal issues presented in class today There are many points of interest at the P-Bell. A "Bell Party" - "They're 1ega1." "I think this third pitcher is even better than the first two" 120 A YEAR OF CHANGES FOR THE LAW SCHOOL -:.fTL'lffI-" 7 'KSA' QQRLWIQ 'Af f"12"-35" ,..-4-'29S'?'P"' -.a. --fn ' ' . - , .h 1 - ' I , ., J A ,. -.- . J Y .',i AJ-, 1- , . ' " - " Q. ' , -512 L., W A vegetable garden? Construction begins on proposed Sauna Bath. i-HY uf h42,4gfe.,,... - -fl: 'nz.'n,f :m,,4-naive'-' x 122 4 -id' Quad lawn goes into Soil Bank. ' 1 Face lifiing in Room 200. F. i "7 '7 I 1. .r,,,,. Blueprints for the future. "fl 1 J The Courtroon1 The Judges 4I""""'7 W ' The observers Hwl i The witness Justice - "See no evil, hear no evil, say no evil." , ff-X ' f 1 T 1 PT l. The Advocates YT? REMEMBER THAT Tc? 1 M .Q A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A LAW STUDENT - .4 . R14 N A 'I if Studying hard in the Library. WASHTENAW COUNTY ADJUNCT COU RTROOM Watching the "tube." 128 Making 2. purchase at the Bo I 1 + Relaxing in the lounge. 1- f'.,,k .. C--' ,f'B.f Enjoying a meal at the club. 1 "f"i"f5T' N C X , v ' .' J -u ' vl 1 I ,,f ff Taking some homework home. Outline 3 Com-Se 129 x...:' l-L N P 'vigil QUAD SHOTS I A, I 'M' .I I., . . , . f f V V' - If 1 V .Y I4 OUR DADDIES ARE LAWYERS QQ fy ,1 , V 'X' .--.X .1 . ' ' L 7 ' XX Q I ', e 9 e N' 'f ' e Scott Gordon Katie Schnuclt and father John Dav d D ckerso Wendy Dickerson X - Y Madeline Boerner Q6 mos.j Lauri BOEFHQI' K3 VPS- 0120 Mark Geil Mike Geil and mother Claire Va Rachel Newman , AEN. 1 x'.y-sq,4IA'. 4 Jose ph Hofe r 133 Robbie Cumming David Purves Q19 mos.j Todd Levi Q4 yrs. oldj and Julie Levie Q2 yrs. old, REFLECTIONS . . . How do you sum up three years here? You can't really pack an experience six semesters long into a couple. of neat paragraphs. I suppose one of the reasons it's so hard is that we never really think about such things. Thoughts of why we're here, what we're trying to accomplish, or where we're going never occupy our minds for any length of time, except in the rare instances when we begin to wonder whether we're going to flunk out, or when we feel the draft board breathing down our necks. But in fact we were here for three years, and now what are we leaving, and what are we taking with us? I guess every freshman property teacher has at one time or another said that Law School doesn't teach you the law, it teaches you how to think like a lawyer. As anybody who has worked as aclerk, or in Legal Aid, could tell you, a person has to act like a human being, as well as like alegal machine, if he's goingto reach other human beings. And looked at from that viewpoint, probably Flick's and the Bell, Christmans and Thanksgiving dinners at the Club, TGS, and 2:30 bull sessions help to educate the lawyer, too. They help to provide some sort ofa balance between the social adept and the guy who can recite all 47 of the exceptions to the rule against per- petuities fwith citesj. A lawyer who is all one of those and one of the other is probably not going to enjoy either the law or life. You do learn the law here, probably learn it as well as, or better than, at any place in the country. Michigan has not only the best teachers,but by far the best cans. . . But you take away something else, too. Maybe it's just a sense of accomplishment at having gotten in, and stayed in. But whatever it is it makes you feel, when you're interviewing for a job or making small talk with a date, that it's worthwhile to say not "I went to Law School" but "I went to Michigan." Frederick G. Beattie Richard S. Brawerman, William J. Goodwin, Fred J. Hoffmeister Howard A. Jacobs Robert C. Keck John B. King Richard McCormack Alfred Newton SPONSORS OF THE I966 QUAD Nossaman, Waters, Scott, Krueger Sz Riordan Sam G. Pickus 135 Arthur Poorrnan Pogue Sz Neal Ray L. Potter Frank F. Reed Louis R. Reif Benjamin J. Safir Kenneth P. Stewart Hon. A. Dale Stoppels John S. Tennant Theodore R. Vogt Roy E. Willy X. .J-A W-'a iv, 'Nh is N'v-Q T55 1 ' L .--. , I we s '59 1: I 'f . x ,A I Q kd ai ff 6 I., , ' fa ., 4, D. " 2 - 1. af' ,e i 1 - 'offeree v i e --W' ---- .. N - ML I' 5 l-. 2:55 A lj., a I , I U 'Q' 5 -- u - 3 .J f 2 if i mln ii mn 2 1 if r 'if . I i' T: +l i. rv Y , J' 1. .- 4,. , !I. ' . ' 'N lgi. I if ,Vi gg siw,,,,,n,,.,L , -ii--L f,-is . f' 34493 L- 1lyL-llLe'e ELIE i f .. . 1 if xv' N 4 -,, -I. W - ., ima:-T , Xu 'H i, . - I "" " za----fel . 'ini' ,' ' -ri' 4 -" , ' i-1 'FEET " ' -AA Q K J i hm i ,r", V ' vw , , . , . me . 2- A J..a Qi Wm , .11 if or W . . my l 11'-7,5 1, . ly: liigi : Q L . p . , 4 1 -' 'K'-"h"nr-'shi-mvhli 4 - N X.: 1 'I Exi f- 'h E T.. .I ff -. Q , . 4' A" " f.'fi. ., fi f M to .-Mfr '--4-E---7 -51 ' ' ,fi I '4 I i' N1 xv' .4 f' 3 ff'-h.1'i.V4tgU"f""' V W ' ilk 2' Q lx, f" ,f ' X f X f' J , .f f ff ' .ft ' " J ,li A '. X X' 1" X 1' " ff f 5 1' I f if f f' fr I . 4 ' I A Century of Service... Although this horse-drawn Detroit street railway of the l88O's seems a longtime in the past, Burton Abstract and Title Company already had been in existence for 20 years. Now in its Centennial year-Burton is serving more customers, operating more offices, insuring more properties than ever before. The hrst hundred years are just a good start for Burton . . . Michigunfs' be.s't-kimwiz name in rifle promotion! Uffioes Throughout Michigan Services Throughout America MAIN OFFICE: Burton Building, 350 E. Congress Detroit, Michigan 48226, Phone WO 2-9800 THE STAFF of THE LEGAL BOOKSTORE Extends Their Congratulations to THE CLASS OF T966 xX UA I ovERBEcK BOOKSTORE Complete Book Service lp The Law Student 1 , . ,, ,Y 1216 Som1th'University Ave. . A . , '137L ' 5 Tlx When You Go Into Practice x Select the law books that will start you on a successful and profitable 'LJ' career Select the law books that are especially designed forthe Michigan lawyer. Select the law books that will help you best in your Af! l e THE CALLAGHAN BASIC MICHIGAN LAW LIBRARY ,ll "4. , . ! daily practice. ff l if Zed 26 vols., 1957-1963 ............,...... ............... S 520.00 o Based on Michigan court decisions and statutory provisions, this set is organized on a topical basis that is custom made for Michigan attorneys. o Completely referenced to authoritative texts, local statutes, the anno- tated case series, law reviews and Attorney General's Opinions. o Keyed to other Callaghan 8a Company Michigan publications. o Contains all the law on every subject, sound bases from which to argue a case. o Kept up to date with Cumulative Pocket Parts issued annually. CALLAGHAN'S MICHIGAN DIGEST. 2l vols., l94l-1942 with latest Cumulative Pocket Parts ..... 5275.00 o Based strictly on Michigan law and terminology. o Cites all case laws and pertinent statutes and court rules. o The focal point for research into Michigan Law. 0 Kept up to date by Pocket Parts and an annual cumulative upkeep service. CALLAGHAN'S MICHIGAN PLEADING AND PRACTICE. 2nd edition, l8 vols. with latest Cumulative Pocket Parts ..... 5360.00 0 Gives complete coverage of pleading, practice and procedures in civil proceedings before ALL Michigan Courts. 0 Includes probate practices as well as practice before administrative tribunals. o Contains a collection of specially drafted forms. o Has a complete collection of Court Rules. GILLESPIE MICHIGAN CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE. 4 vols., l953 with latest supplemental material ......... ..... S 60.00 0 Cites Michigan Statutes Annotated, Michigan Compiled Laws, Olficial Reports and Reporter System. 0 Completely covers Michigan Substantive and Procedural Criminal Laws. o Contains adjudicated forms for every eventuality. 0 Kept up to date by Cumulative Pocket Parts issued biennially. Prices subject to change Sales! Use Tax in States Where Applicable u,,,G,,,, CALLAGHAN 8: COMPANY 6141 N. Cicero Avenue Chicago, 111. 60646 1, ,A One of the Nation's Oldest Law Book Publishers With the Newest Ideas in Law Publishing MICHIGAN and FEDERAL ESTATE and - TAX PLANNING ..................... .S25.00 o A practical reference for the attorney practicing Estate and THX Planning. By Peter I. Chirco and Sidney C. Ward. o A single source for answers to all problems that arise in each of the steps in the development of the estate plan. o Unique-covers all highlights of estate and tax planning under Federal Law as it should be applied in Michigan. o Footnotes pinpoint authoritative sources for further investiga- tion of specific problems. MICHIGAN LAWYER'S MANUAL, 1964 .......... 540.00 0 A review and check list for the experienced attorney, a guide and companion for the beginner. By Roger A. Needham. o Outlines every step to be taken from the time a client comes into the otlice until the matter is closed. o Custom tailored for the Michigan Attorney. o Acts as a means of correlating your entire Michigan Library. MICHIGAN STATUTES ANNOTATED. 3l vols. with latest Cumulative Pocket Parts, Binder and Service to date. . 1400.00 o Gives complete and direct answers to questions of interpreta- tion on Michigan statutory law. o Provides quick access to all Michigan General Statute Law. o Offers every possible aid to statutory construction. o Statutory History is closely set out. o Amendments are clearly noted. o Kept up to date by periodic releases Statutes, Court Rules and Annotations. Your Callaghan Michigan Representative BRUCE D. WHITE 444 W. University Dr. P.O. Box 280 Rochester, Michigan 48063 651-8539 Area 313 ' I 5 1 x fx ,gf N X fi je . 2. ,. ..,..... .. 5 , 'flf ' 'Q' X11 :fa ,zgggagegagagagagaga ' 1 ' f fX12z 2i2ifi25222. . 1555221gsfsfsisaieiiiiiiiiii if QW . 5 fi K'-V-5"w :fB'i 'i3i5 ,-.ff 1 1 ' . ' A 1 215522131525 E:E:Er3rErErE2E1ErErE:Er' 1E151ErE1E1E13rErErE1E2EEEE' ' ff ' J W fs: Ewffifififififi if-f 'K S -' 4, V' H Q5 EEQQEQEQ E3kE5E5E5355E5E5E1I ', j5' .QNQSQEQEQEEEQR .. T A 4' D f 4 - N, " , 2 I ' - -' .1:2112iii535E?E?E5ifEiE5E555E5i5?55"il:,::s2e2i?525222EEis:z:fij"f:f2?flfQEssi2s2i " 1:14. .552535522522252?ii2E2iS'.:s2f 1: 2.Ti'1- 1 E15Ei?QE5E5EQ5555E5253Ee2532if5a55i55E5EE2Eiiii251E" '-Eff' ' .1+5215222EEr:51:35.:rg35:5:3:5:5:3:3:5:g:1:2-'' I ' ,fqfizaQ:5:2:z2fi:zff:::::1:::1:1:::::1:A: 'W ' N ' 332 SOUTI-I STATE STREET, ANN ARBOR ANN ARBUR B the campus bank 139 an oven, nc. EST. 1921 Fine Cloth ing and Fu rnishings 326 S. State St. 41 Adams Avg, E Ann Arbor, Michigan Detroit, Michigan 665-7228 962-1605 GREEN E'S CLEAN ERS Dry Cleaning Shirt Laundry Storage Vault 2 Convenient Campus Locations 1213 So. University 516 E. Liberty FREE CITY WIDE DELIVERY NO 2-3231 140 wfzeff fUfZ6lfJ f' Wynne TH fo E600 O E 5 A 'Q WWURBOR, my . . . quality clothing speaks for itself. ROBERT O'HARA JAMES MARRON ECONOMICS L BORATORY announces another doubIe-action SCORE A unique new Iweavy duty chlorinated warewashing detergent Iior soft to medium or softened water and where prot in soil causes Foaming probIems EXECUTIVE BLDG. ROOM 5 14631 WEST MCNICHOLS RD. DETROIT, MICHIGAN 141 I ,wi PWQ1? II W . -,f 'Z .' - L11 I- 1 I I v X II Q77 IL? I 'E Au' KENT INN IFOUNDED 18691 P H I D ELTA P HI THE INTERNATIONAL LEGAL FRATERNITY 502 EAST MADISON STREET ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN an 7 pez-ilun u Tfafu 7 raierniig 'NAI ' I f up--Huh 1.33 :f c EPSILON CHAPTER UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN LAW SCHOOL B I alia hnia Tfzxfn Qfraierniig W-IM: X 0 +9 is "Eng-L .62"Ip 74 Rafi CHRISTIANCY SENATE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN LAW SCHOOL 1212 HILL STREET ANN ARBOR. MICHIGAN PHONE 662-5614 IBIJI Qlpba alta lain Jfraternitp uf, I" in X4 ii- V 3 if X :II EW Q ssnvncs: TO THE STUDENT A 'rl-IE LAW sc:-Tool A AND THE FROFESSION 42 iewd CIRRQ telephone 663-8701 between 5 P.M.-I2 Midnight' for fast delivery Cminimum order 51.251 After the Movie have a snack at our New Indoor HSIDEWALK CAFE" located at 213 S. State Street O UJAR D O-I-I n fC n .fee Qeamfdgooe ancf9?rzh4mznl 2452 E STADIUM BLVD. AT WASHTENAW ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN Delicious ice cream, candies, and pastries. Peter G. Mekas, new manager , ai ,X i 'W' 'X og i vf A . U 'X I-L:-,4 im f f TJ' "Never mimi the doctor - is there a lawyer in the crowd?" 4 3 W 8' liafribufing Company CLEANING MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT Quality Merchandise and Service We De liver 4400 Conner Ave. Detroit, Michigan 48215 313-822-1850 144 E. Washington Ave. Alpena, Michigan 49707 517-354-2985 fa WWC THE REDWOOD 8a ROSS IDEA Briefly, this is the Redwood Ji Ross idea: We believe men look their best in traditionally styled clothes. Traditional styling stays in style. It is not subject to faddish whims. But even more im- portant-there is comfort. Whether it's in the ojice, in school or at play-comfort means a combination of proper fit, the right fabric, and design know-haw. That's the Redwood J: Ross idea. C Redwood S Ross V CAMERA .VT 5393 tNousnztAt. Auoto-vlsuAL AMATEUR AND PROFESSIONAL ll "ln C ampus Village 1115 S. University NO 5-6101 SHOP 4 ,bl 'rm'-r E1 E SING-ALO G T Eroviioo ' ebzce 1 proprietor Matt'Bimho"Ghutioh tho friendly Yugoslav -'-4 BEER WINE PIZZA PEANUTS PH- ARTISANS Contemporary Crafts and Art Gifts of Distinction 1122 S. University 662-5595 THE PHARMACY Fora ALL YOUR NEEDS MICHIGAN PHARMACY Fountain Pharmaceutical Photo "Party, Stage and Theatrical Make-Up for an Occasions" NO 5-2525 727 N. University - Near Hill Aud. 4 "THE LAWYER' S RETREAT' ' DOMINICK'S Just Across from Law Quad 812 MONROE NO 2-5414 . -'ii B Bmzm 1 Hip BrmgQ4a4i1zc. LITHOPRINTERS Educational 8. Commercial U Textbooks I Yearbooks I Ca fa logs I Brochures Q Pamphlets O Forms Multi-Color and Process Work BINDERY SERVICE Q Hard and Soft Covers Q Plastic Binding O Book Sewing I Punching O Cutting 81 Trimming I Folding 81 Sfifclaing 100 N. STAEBLER RD. TELEPHONE 662 3291 NATIONALLY ADVERTISED MEN'S WEAR AT POPULAR PRICES Complete Formal Rental Service Formalwear by "After Six" TICE'S MEN'S SHOP 1109 S. University CAMPUS VILLAGE fhellillage CHARGE IT! 0 FREE DELIVERY I Prescriptions 0 Cosmetics 0 Men's Toiletries 1112 South University Phone 663-5533 Highest Quality Always 146 - , 6 dy f ,Li 4 fi ' ' :iff tl jfft In ?0'wmm q I , 11 A h , A Q PORTRAITS I f AVV, 2 lWI.- 7 Mil ,", 5 A -4 V I JOB APPLICATIONS .1 14 LI, L, WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHS M vu '1- pv IIAI f 11 PALMER srumo UAHEHWITQWN 51551315515 I J ' A I . 521 E. Liberty Arm Arbor, Michigan IIII I A'NfS'+31 AiH1BUH1:11If I I " ' NO H072 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1966 ganny- morris! -oguingdfon 60. HOTEL SUPPLY BUTCI-IERS 1545 Alfred Street DETROIT, MICHIGAN 48207 OLD HEIDELBERG RESTAURANT German-American Cuisine DINNERS - STEAKS CHOPS - SEA FOOD Entertainment - Wednesday, Friday and Saturday NO 8-9753 211-213 N. Main st. ANN ARBOR, MICH. nights 147 .,Y- I I , - ' ,,,.,f. me ' ' ,. .--zz. ff " .Af ,V ,,,. ,, ,Y...,,,. A .5 , X, M YL iff ,, I " ' " ' , L-N -X 1-.x,9iis,,wi . Y.. '4 - ,,e , - ,.. ff V -, 1 , , .Y ,,, fr ' -f- f . ,..f. f,f,.,:-aS'Ff:,, , Y 'IT' I I I . A? -III r . , 1 ,,I'M,II'v,2. ' IfdII'fMmj M , 1 ,II .' III. f.fc'. n2..g,V I- IIII III? I 'f rf,--',.CfyI.4zfI"', --Q 4 IIN I - . ,fg..." ,aww .E-fn-s Am I, I ,- I , ,. I . Q A" -I I .hz 4 1: 31, ' providing leadership in the fields of thrift and home ownership since 1890 for Washtenaw County Resources over S100 Million ANN ARBOR FEDERALazz'ssz,ezzxI0A4 MAIN OFFICE, LIBERTY AT DIVISION I ORGANIZED 1890 NEIGHBORHOOD OFFICES, STADIUM AT PAULINF I HURON PARKWAY AT PLATT Member Federal Home Loan Bank System Q Fc-de-ral Savings and Loan insur Corporation i Qaiqg ALL PING PONG PLAYERS BUY THEIR BALLS AT. . . THE LAW CLUB STORE FEATURING MEN'S FINE FOOTWEAR" USTIN DIAMOND "WHERE MARGINAL PRICES BUY QUALITY DIAMONDS" TELEPHONE 663 7151 1209 SOUTH UNIVERSITY F1'9T1Ch--ShI'I-DCI' ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN J0hnStOn SL Murphy JOHN L. AUSTIN CERTIFIED APPRAISER GIA . EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT Bass Weeguns VAN BIIVEN SHUES WASHTENAW UPTIBAL LABIIRATIIRY 9 Illia Iqhllllilh 9 PHYSICIANS GLASSES PRESCRTPTIONS FILLED CUSTOM MADE PLASTIC ARTIFICIAL EYES NO 3-9721 Hours - 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Sui. - 9 A.M. fo 'I P,M. Locally Owned 2'I'I E. LIBERTY FRED A. WAARA BERT DOBBS ANN ARBOR 4 ational Bank AND TRUST COMPANY DF ANN ARBOR BANKING since 1893 THE BEST IN MEMBER rmc Visit our brand-new Campus Office corner of William and Thompson FLICK'S BAR -Beer - Cocktails - Liquors ' Wine " Business Men' s Lunch" "Ann Arbor's Friendly Bar" 114 W. Washington 929.21 3050 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor 665-3636 Y' If:-.Wig x ' .V .I - v V .3 .J vii 'I 11" I .Tr Q 1 h::1A uwrlvz 5, all 25 , i-'ii IQ:'f'Ii1 -ii' S- -25155525-.,I4 IS HAPPY TO SERVE YOU Lumber, Paint, Hardware Tools 617 S. Fifth Ave. NO 3-0581 "There is I1 Material Difference FR ITZ KI ENZLE WALTER METZGER Qlllrtzgrfa German illentaurant IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC BEER AND WINE OPEN 4:00 P.M. TO MIDNIGHT-CLOSED SUNDAY 203 East Washington Street Ann Arbor, Michigan 4 CAMPUS CORNER 0040622 Travel Bureau Inc. T329 SOUTH UNIVERSITY AV-ENUE ANN ARBOR, MICHIG..-4 You Midnight Drugstore It is Our Pleasure to Serve Those Connected with the Law School. NO 5-4431 A 5 H L. Thomas Conlin, s. state st. Owner Corner of Packard When You Need the Service of a Drugstore I lm! ,gs If CALL wg, .2 f"" i 'H ff AN IIM' -ali 5 Ip Ty- .T, ,I fi THE QUARRY I T? jx' Prescriptions I Photo Supplies Sz Service awyers 1 G nsurdnce 320 S. state 663-4121 G9fP0I'5tiOn Compliments EXCELLENT CANTONESE FOOD l Old German Restaurant LEO PING F ,S "Ann Arbor's Finest" 52, 118 W. Liberty . Beer - Liquors - Cocktails NO 2,0470 ' 120 West Washington Street GOLDEN'S STANDARD TRAVEL INC. 400 Maynard st. 666-3733 John J. Murphy, Mgr. SERVICE COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE 601 Packard Ave. ANN ARBOR NO 3-1633 150 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS CF '66 It Pays To Read A Paperback Book "A Well read student is always a good student" Always on sale at your favorite news-stand 1204 S. University 761-1111 Stofflet News Co., Distributor A Ax I 9 Congratulations to pix nd CLASS or '66, lp Clothing Service Center PROFESSIONAL DRY CLEANING U NIVERSITY ffoffisggnalvgafe AI.TERATIoNs AND MINOR REPAIR 0' fu ea' COIN OPERATED DRY CLEANING no PAcxAnn com OPERATED LAUNDRY TY PEW RITER CENTE R Ann Arbor SHIRT FINISHING N02-4241 FLUFF DRY AND FDLDED LAUNDRY . U Open Evenings WORK PANTS-LAB COATS 613 E. William 665-3763 I 001150 rLowERs AND GIFTS Florists' Telegraph Delivery 334 S. State Street NOrmandy 3-5049 CAMPUS BOOTERY Quality Shoes for Men Featuring BOSTONIANS-FLORSHEIM 304 S. State St. NO 8-6238 FINE CHINA, CRYSTAL, SILVER Spode, Royal Copenhagen Arzberg, Orrefors, La Lique, Leerdam Georg Jensen, Allan Adler JOHN LEIDY SHOP QQIZ Eff smrlz 1343. . Fine apparel for Michigan Men for over 117 years STATE STREET AT LIBERTY 1 5 THE EE Y ' I CHARCOAL HOUSE A-ng Offering LAUNDRY 81 SUPPLY CO. A Combination of Fine Food Convenient Location 338 S. State St. Ann Arbor NO 3-4636 For Linen supply, industrial laundry gl paper products 300 South Fifth Avenue Ann Arbor, Michigan Phone: 66-23-123 QUIT! IIIIIRI Professional Design and Copy Consultant Available. 307 NORTH MAIN STREET QUALITY BAKERY INC. DANISH ROLLS DECORATED CAKE S HOMEMADE BREADS OUR SPECIALITIES ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 347 S,MA1N NO 3-2361 AIR-COOLED MOTORS cf 'sb .MIME VOLKSWAGEN - PORSCHE STANDARD SPECIALIZED MAINTENANCE SERVICE .lr 7' . ,.,,, se rvIce ! ' I FRIENDLY, DEPENDABLE SERVICE E IT ATLAS TIRES, BATTERIES 936 N. Main Ann Arbor BIACCESSORIES Tel, NO,-mandy 5.0051 s. UNIVERSITY a. FOREST PHONE No. 8-9168 I UNIVERSITY FLOWER SHOP SAM 5 STORE GLADYS PRoERocK, OWNER HAS LEVIS GALORE FLOWERS Fon ALL OCCASIONS. For Gals and Guys Member of Florist Telegraph Delivery 554-49 UD Levis Sta-Prest 66843095 7 NICKELS ARCADE Trouser 956.98 up 66545037 122 E. Washington NO 3-8611 152 "HOB" GAINSLEY E TIRES BATTERIES ON O NGE X HUR L U bowling - dining I cocktails "Friendly Service" So. University at Forrest Ave. Dial 663-6933 320 E. Huron St. Ann Arbor, Michigan NO 3-3765 Your Host HE NRY PLAT T SINCE IBB6 GENERAL HARDWARE din .5 PAINTS ! HI? I Sheet Metal Supplies Q . I 2 I' ,ll Nf A.-. Y' R! ' Q A 1' f I , SCHLE KER HARDWARE "Your Downtown General Hardware" 213 W. Liberty 662-3265 AM EIQICAN TITLE COM DANV OF WAS!-ITENAW Title Insurance Throughout Michigan 220 HURON VALLEY NATIONAL BANK BUILDING CORNER FIFTH AVENUE AND WASHINGTON STREET ANN ARBOR. MICHIGAN 48108 PHONE 665-8831 S TEAK and SHAKE Char-Broiled Steaks for Fine Flavor 1313 S. University Campus Village SMDKERS LADIES LEATHER NEEDS TDILETRIE5 GDCIDS LAAQISOII EDWARDS Specialty Shop 9 NICKEL5 ARCADE NEI B 6659 ANN ARBOR. MICHIGAN PIPE CENTER 1233 S. University Ave. Ann Arbor, Michigan Visit us in our new location in University Towers for the most complete and unique collection of pipes and tobaccos. .7 ,pf 'rf T Gllllzm lm 7-lI'1f I+ Er, fly? II I I ,- ' ' I I lllz I Registered Jewelers American Gem Society 16 Nichols Arcade Ann Arbor, Mich. 3 M O E L A u N D R Y Defroii 10, Mich. S , ,Quafify fwozfi-ggzomfzf Sazuics eatuea 4 208 South First Street-NOrmcandy 2-0916 RESTAURANT - HOTEL - BAR - CAFETERIA Ann Arbor, Michigan EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES Q DAILY PICK-UP Sz DELIVERY Prof. Steinheirner says, ". . .if there's one place section 2-314 of the U.C.C does not apply it' s RALPH'S MARKET" The Home of Fine Food for Thought Open 'Til Midnight-7 Days a Week 709 Packard NO 5-7131 63 1 U 775410: Gil, 7 211 SOUTH FOURTH AVENUE ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 663-0101 THANKS FOR YOUR PATRONAGE If your hair ii no! beroming lo you, You .should be rowing lo UI. uegfzscializifzg in efiffaffzi cfeazom duh" TUWN 81 CAMPUS BARBERS 5213 E. w:Li.1AM5 . MAYNARD HOUSE Op T 1 A Hllzfsrl in .,-Lfiiiz Ailyfiriyn en i M - sun. si Holidays Tin Midnight ti's5s':iii1iiii' .HHN Km UOUOR, BEER, WINE, CHAMPAGNES, IMPORTED FOODS, GROCERIES -X COMPLIMENTS MINOR N TUNE UPS OF REPAIRS BRAKES Mechanic On Duty Towing Sz Road Service Complete With Wrecker 668-9276 NO 3-0424 I , I Bill s Gulf Service 522 E. Liberty 600 Packard Ann Arbor . . at Hill Students Welcome Ann Arbor, Mlchlgan 54 BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE on mabzfsbaect "GOOD LUCK" Lawyers of '66 LEE'S BARBERS East University Your Favorite Shop One Day Dry Cleaning Open 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Mon. through Sat. Check Our Lower Prices Best Wis hes to the Class of 1966 University Laund romcxt 1327 S. University CORNER Dm sez-0198 Schlan defer DN SU. UNIVERSITY 1' N1E,E,Z2l3,ESADE sasa wAsHTsNAw I ANN Anson 0' N0 NEAR ARBORLAND 'gave ers FOREIGN NO 3-8597 N0 5-9105 1113 SOUTH UNIVERSITY ANN ARBDR MICHIGAN Ann Arbor's Oldest Travel Agency CENTUR Y LOUNGE 208 West Huron Street Ann Arbor, Michigan TELEPHONE 668-9732 Pk Dancing on Weekends s. Donald C. Meyers Mr. and Mr Proprietors I-IURON VALLEY NATIONAL BANK "Where every customer is imp ortant " TELEPHONE: 761 -2211 125 SOUTH FIFTH AVE. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 155 COLONNA STUDIOS, INC 340 WESTBURY AVE. CARLE PLACE, N.Y. OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS TO THE 1966 QUAD PROOFS ARE KEPT ON FILE INDEFINITELY AND MAY BE ORDERED AT ANY TIME. 156 I .l,.1 5-455. LAW UDUIAXHDIRANUEILIE Y - i 5 i 11 W , K ,K L27 ri' 1 . 'f -mf? " '- 'F , . 1. , Yi -. 1 V . 4, fe sw- ' . -f V I. - A 1,4-.1-. 7' ..7-. writ' 'W' ff . U F1 ' . .'A if -- "7 . . r' ' "'-' ' ' 1 . fi H. K " 'gif -- fff - 1- 3,-mi xA., , ..- "ry 4 Q'h 1, ' . , 2.:.-W-ff '1,yw4- ,j ywiFff,, -' 'f'fi2"'Pf., ' f A st S ', .HIJLI 'Lf-J' : :HV - I,-,1.. Ji' V . ,- 'Q I' . f ' J 1: .Y 1 21.34, f' ,- gf fflfiaif. 3 fin?-X X """' 'L""6'f'f"."' u" " '? F . .f,,j,A4J.,lkgg gli' ' I 6. -,,.5',--,ff:,a5c VL ,TM If ..,,,,, .,. L.,N,. .. , r t ,y,A:,- '51, 4.4 . L ,QI -5 A Eff, rv in M Aflfqy 1 I :qw -1 frar: I f y.sQ,.VU43fA ff .,f,, 5 I' 11 lv fl " 'Wg' A' W7 14"'7fg. 'N ' .. fl? J-7'.1'1" "T 1 : ' 'N F' A x I'-1 'S-1 , fl" ff-ff-4 "' " 4 " 132721 '32 'f'l.'x+ , L' . H . cn' g xl .-,:. ' L mf-V . - -,Q-1. jf i gms? 5 1' T xl, .4 f' xii' ' , 4- 1 ' ff -7. ,' . W ' A Q A L ,,,, rdf .1 .. Hn, 1-ff, n7f"5dtr,,,.. Nj , . H - U P fog - 1 1. rf ' , A ima . ig wr -v ' . .::-fmff1?,?f4 -A sg h p, V- .f fd K - V f V 4 ,- . 'L Y.. H -pf lf 7 fL.J,.!-3 MI.-2, nf. N 2- I g 3-. ,... , ,fu k g"" bf- , .:1,,-zf"'..Q.f rf6,f7.f- Zfgdf -fi cs: -'- I wf , 1 , . ' '-DN ' '- VI' -' '2 , '13-."f. q +,f'IL'v " fx, f. ' ' 1 ' y ' 1 A :L Y Dghi -,I - -.'.'-tm ' -if J : . .fugf fy'-J, A L2-41? If fy- i A . f . X L 5, ,, J' ' w' 1. . "' :A - l5"!Aif - 4agf'Qf,fQ'?g: ,ef2f2:,". ' 'I 1' 1, I M-H15 .' 1, fy' . -, ' -jx.. - -, .u 4' ,. 1 , - " ' L, rv' - an ,ff-y ,Qi ea J-:Q HOVNW -. . - i..' ,..- ----v V. - Hain :Til-- I 9, ' V ,jr - -I-A' , k ,iz 4 1k4h,g1,,l,'4Ai?- gf?'!,QlL,?f ' V! gp WW Nm A 'f ff r T' 7 f-" . 7'-'l f 'V I :JY Qi0,f,' 4 'f .QW " ' ,Hg My ?f43.,"' 1.0 ffQ,1"f?-j'fl". - 'z'f5"fT:s?'-i ff' 'I 1 f ' ."':' ' -J f' I ' ' " "4" "f., . . .' ', ' ., ' I ""' sn," ,. W w- . 5- "- Ei , - "l"'gM-'."y fxggiilz . .V Y, 5-235 .-1 5' ' 'iff .' W1 ',.:x,I1I-'.' ' . . .1 - T --v 131 , I fr- - - 'M , fy!! 5-.-nf. , -f -1..- fr 1 , V rv N W -1 ,w, ' ,J L-1 -! ' H 2-:I fm" f " ', , ' , f" fzfi' ' N uk, Q f 5 fi-4 'if .QA j:5"f V - .J -- . , 7' 1 Ill , -j,- , 1 .v 1 l -V 1 I. .r YJT, 'I . 4 ml- -r- ,1 1 . , . fn - , - ft - f lil ,' njmpy f' ,I ' .9 1, -,-4, .flff 1 Ml- 1 ik XS 5' 1 , ' ',- - 3""f3f ', - 41 32? 1 ' 23315 1 'U 3 W 'Q"! ' .v'5"" . ww: wi: G u n + 1 Q21 Q N . 7154 W f' W W : .w-,,v1LU.,.L 'I -A -I gl ,, ,1 V' .. 4 k- F 3. ,ie ., - - ,L -1.-, .., A . ..- V nf- , if 41,4 1 Q ,gg fs,-li, ' ,f,.g5Qf.4,-,efvf P!! ! it.. 3 I H I l,, . A5 I5 . iris? , by fl .5 ll xr., , ' '. - ' ,N T 7 13 NNW- "nfl 'T' 5 . ' "' ' Vi? 'Q' 'i Pa ,1 " fi:'14"5?7 g XNMH' ' Avril. f 1 45" Q - +' 'F.f-fi-W f A, '. 1. Fxrudwfm 'T . " 1 f '. wff -, . 1--3isf4'3 p Teffi 'f '., :E .L fl! .1 . . , -, Sh .,,A4 , f wg awk' 1 ' J ,S-2.111 ' ..."p?1" 5' ' '..f1.,3L3'H . - V. ' .p gh-' Af. ' f-:- 'Ulf' 1' ,HH I rm 41'-."'Ta If 'I wnyvg. .M I k 3.-:pat-1 1 , 4' v, .1 Qi! Y Y LI r ,- 2 5' Msg 'Jill ,uf ,Q- ,'.'sz55 LQ, I 1 ,i -Q4- , . fi ff a . - " . vm1'L' ff wifi' 4 m f' .. - ..11 ..,.f4 ,Q ffm.':l .p- 1. ,- D E, . Al fc S, ,Q 1,1 -5,5 V . ,T2"f ' ' . Q.EL Q. ' ,Ta 'h Tllil-IM -.-f:'ZT7I'-L.-'I'...,'fC.' Ag. ,,, ,-..LJ...1.' 1- -"" T"" ' ETF7' gg,-f-4. ...Q -.:e- if '-V-rw i ' 1'1" if 'ff,'. "- flip.- 'I' ' - ' J" . z , U C A H .. h :fr-1.3-53,4-,.4.:,-,,v,? wiw5 l-......:i-T4'5fYA u--ivilf.l.g..,, - lL A w.,.W?lT-7 , M I 1 -ZA. 1 V 7' fi P3 ,LL-f: -L A -I QHIF' I 'I , .' ' -- Ty. ., ' - .- V -'iz fvfgg' Riff, V-,y -U4-1 "- Q" , -,mr ' V541-5 gm. :T 514.-.E, Y - .1 ' Y Y - A, jr 1 gf,--gg ' 1" .3 S"f,,,,d - 1- Li, 'I nf, 'fng!?'L? ?L aP1" "'f'-1 .. 'y - ,..- A1 YE- sgjlgloyga 1 --4" ,Xu I X - 95-upfwrjr ' '-ii +2 'H ,L- ' -" - ' -- ff ' - rf A : Q -- . 4, h " , 'Q' 7 ' -T-L..'Eg, --Ng ,,:.3f , , .K --J' Q-::.:,l.L,Ej",f531 ' N Elf pq.-, , S- 4, Al? fmegqaiii-47. t5..g:L,3-,,1g..i- K ' A , fx - ..+.-.ix...qm ' ' --' , . -...Q E0-, Je sf' UTEIRSlTITY IDU? MULUPUUKEAN 1

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1966, pg 17

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