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1 ,-,mu . ,, xv, ,f.'. AA V , 3l.?,,,, G.-1 'FA .kwa f an V.-Q M4-..,-ff ., j.ff'QQ5,g "3f,,m', rm I .A . r .mi ,Aim f J -' .WNV """-ml? 5 5- Q I V 7 ,, ,Am Lv, if ' ,Q 'ff-Lf . m " ., . , 4 KEIXHW Kg - K . "Q, x w ' . ,i i ,LQ ,Mk I 'If ' 'mf 5,1 'Eff N' ' - ,fx ,i 1' y ajft V ff aw? qfsih 'L+ 2 1,5 W X am w J , V , ' Q . , ' an .v 4- , NH f -i nn., .a if -4 ' ':m,5C3'if "GH WU ' ' W 's " Wzuxew? ni. 1 v n J., .nn ff -f- 'Ai Y r -if fri? my 1 , HE, 4 ,J ., , m mg. VJ, ,. 'r ' v- ,, id A Z , wffm ' ' M ' M K V . .. , fs J V Q JL I! ve-+1 5,4 .- 5 'fl I fi ,,.Q 3 ,, t,,,:V.gAg , ,V 4 f ff " nf' K 6? N, 4 fc 1 I uw' 'M' ' ' ,Q , f x 'L K Y, ' mf ' 1, U .gklw-.V , 4' ' 'QQ' ' 'fih U" W 'f',21""d'i- A Pm 1 pw 1 'I . 1 W' 'Vg A W . ., gp, W ni 1 wwf' ' mi- .40 , Qs: . -, s. THE OU UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN LAW SCHOOL ANN ARBOR MICHICAN JUNE 15 1957 PUBI ISI-IED BY 'I HE SI UDLNFI B AR ASSOCIA I'ION IR XNK FREMON1 REED Edltor ROBERT S ROSENEELD Buamcss M m lgcr 3 THE CHARACTER OF THE LEGAL PROFESSION DEPENDS ON THE CHARACTER OF THE LAW SCHOOLS THE CHARACTER OF THE LAW SCHOOLS FORECASTS THE FUTURE OF AMERICA T HE date of publication of this small volume marks not only the graduation ceremonies of the Law Class of 1957, but the twenty-third anniversary of the dedication ceremonies of The Law Quadrangle, on the hfteenth of June, nine- teen hundred and thirty-four, made possible by the generous contributions of the late William W. Cook. The Law Quadrangle comprises The Lawyers Club, erected in 1924, The john P. Cook Build- ing, erected in 1931, The Legal Research Library, erected in 1931 with additions in 1956, and Hutchins Hall, erected in 1933, and named after an honored alumnus, professor, dean, and pres- ident, Harry B. Hutchins. This publication, taking its name from these cloistered halls, was initiated by the Student Bar Association during 1951-52. Volume VI presents a pictorial record of the Law School during its ninety-eighth year, proof that Mr. Cook did not exaggerate when he believed that this institution could be made a great center of legal education and of jurisprudence for the good of the public. The editor was privileged to know the late Henry Moore Bates, Tappan Professor of Law and Dean of the Law School, who did so much to bring the hopes and purposes of Mr. Cook to fruition, and it is to his memory that this volume is dedicated. F.F.R. 4 THE L W QUADRANGLE X x NX. XR -x, K 6 vw? Aww, ,ua A . M 'AN V 5 "",l,W av There is time for serenity and reflection upon our high purposes, followed usually by the trek to the library and utilization ol' some of the 300,- 000 tomes available therein. 6 'iw QA ,jam .M V A., md, ' hi" . ,W , 1 ,MA 'Www A ,f '-,..,i. A A K , 1 R Q- wimv ,Q V, -4. ,Q ww., fax H556 gggmxywg an-1 if '1 , t vfffs.. - x f-N .4 The magnihcence of Gothic architecture portrays the quality of Mr. Cook's ideals in The Lawyers Club, along South University, through thc Cen- 8 x 'V J. -f,. '-4' tml Arch, to thc Legal Research Librzlry and Hutchins Hall, from State Street :md from thc top of thc Union. 9 FACULTY To Gothic nizngnificrncic oi' exterior and niodcrn convenience within must bc added thc high czllihrc and rcputzition of the lncn cxpounding thc law. The cxccllcncc of Lhc Fzncuhy nmkcs Lhc I,:iw School of thc University of Michigan intcrrnzltionzilly known. 10 EDWIN BLYTHE STASON Dean and Professor of Law Dean Stason was born in 1891. He attended the University ol' XNisconsin where he received his A.B. degree in 19133 three years later he received the degree olf S.B. from the 1X'Iassachusetts Insti- tute ol' Teehnologyg and in 1922 11C g1'21dllflilCd from the University of Michigan Law School the top in his class with a degree. He prac- ticed law for two years in Sioux City, Iowil, Wltll the hrm of Stason SQ Stason. His profound career as an educator was begun in 1917 when 11C WHS an instructor of electrical engineering for one year at the University ol' Pennsylvaniag from 1919 to 1922 he was an assistant professor of electrical engineering at the University of Mich- igan. He has been a professor of law here since 1924, provost ol' the University from 1938 to 19114, and dean ol the law school since 1939. From 1929 to 1935, he was the secretary of the Michigan State Bar Association. Currently he teaches the course in Administrative Tribunals. He has published casebooks on Municipal Cor- porations Q1935j and Administrative Tribunals 119375. -0253 I 'Uv-vu-w....,,.,,,W. EDSON R. SUNDERLAND Professor Emeritus of Law H Born in 1874, Mr. Sunderland attended the University of Michigan, from which he received his A.B. 'in 1897 and A.M. in 1898. I-Ie attended the University of Berlin from 1895 to 1896, and the University of California from 1898 to 1899. He received tl1e degree of LL.B. in 1901 from the University of Michigang and was awarded an LL.D. in 1933 by Northwestern University and in 1929 by Wayne University. From 1901 to 1904 he was an instructor in the University of Michigan Law School, assistant professor of law from 1904 to 1906, professor of law from 1906 to 1927, professor of law and legal research from 1927 to 19411, professor emeritus since 1944. He has published Pleading, 31 Cyc. 1-7785 Process, 32 Cyc. 412-5713 Cases on Common Law Pleadingg Cases on Code Pleadingg Cases on Trial and Appellate Practice, and Cases and 1Nlateria1s on judicial Administration. He was the President of the Association of American Law Schools in 1930. RALPH W. AIGLER erty, Banking, and Bills and Notes. JOHN BARKER WAITE Professor Emeritus of Law Born in 1882, Mr. Waite received his A.B. in 1905 from Yale University, and LL.B. in 1907 from the University of Michigan. He practiced law in Toledo from 1907 to 1912. He taught at the University of Michigan from 1912 to 1951, and has been professor emeritus of law since 1952. He has published Patent Lawg Law on Sales, Cases on Criminal Law and Procedureg Patent Law Casesg Criminal Law in Action: Waite on Sales, and The Prevention of Repeated Crime. 12 Professor Emeritus of Law Born in 1885, Mr. Aigler received his LI B from the University of Michigan in 1907. He practiced law in Chicago with Rosenthal 8: Hamill I-Ie was an instructor in law at the University of Mich igan from 1908 to 1910, assistant professor of law from 1910 to 1912, and was a professor of law here from 1912 to 1954. From 1954 to 195f' he was professor of law at The Hastings College of Law, and he is presently professor of law 'lt the University ol' Arizona, College of Law whcrc he is teaching the course on Bills and Notes I-Ie has published casebooks on Bankruptcy Prop EDGAR NOBLE DURFEE Professor Emeritus of Law Born in 1882, Mr. Durfee received his A.B. in 1904 from Harvard College, attended the University of Michigan from 1905 to 1906, and received his J.D. in 1908 from the University of Chicago. He practiced in Detroit with Canfield 8: Canheld and as Drake 84 Durfee for 2M years. He was an associate professor of law at the Law School of the Universtiy of Idaho from 1910 to 1911, professor of law at the University of Michigan from 1911 to 1952, professor emeritus of law since 1953. He has published Cases on Mortgages, and Cases on Equity. 7 1 1 ' X Q BURKE SHARTEL Professor of Law Born in 1889, Mr. Shartel received his A.B. in 1911 and his -I.D. in 1913 from the University of Michigan, and the degree of in 1919 from 1-Iarvard. In 1953 he was awarded an honorary '1.D. from Heidelberg University in Germany. From 1913 to 1917 he practiced law in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He taught in the University of Illinois Law School in 1919-20, and has been teaching at the University of Michigan Law School since 1920. 1-Ie is presently teaching the courses in jurisprudence, Introduction to Law and Equity, and Medical Iuris- Jrudence. 1-Ie is the author of "Our Legal System and How It Operates." 1 13 2 -4.,,+ ' 1 ! PAUL ALLEN LEIDY Professor Emeritus of Law Born in 1888, Mr. Leidy received his A.B. in 1909, A.M. in 1911, and J.D. in 1924 from the University of Michigan. He practiced in Toledo with Miller 8c Brady from 1924 to 1925, and with Miller, Brady, Yager ik Leidy from 1925 to 1926. He was a professor of law and secretary of the Law School at the University of Michigan from 1926 to 1952, and has been professor emeritus of law since 1953. HOBART COFFEY - Professor of Law and Director of the Law Library Born in 1896, Mr. Coffey graduated from Ohio State University with an A.B. in 1918. He received the degrees of LL.B. in 1922 and j.D. in 1924 from the Uni- versity of Michigan. He attended the University of Paris in 1924-25, the Uni- versity of Berlin in 1925, and the Uni- versity of Munich in 1926 and 1928. He was the assistant law librarian at the University of Michigan in 1925-26, pro- fessor of law and law librarian from 1926 to 1943, and professor of law and direc- tor of the law library from 1943 to date. He teaches the courses in Admiralty and Domestic Relations. 14 JOHN P. DAWSON Professor of Law Born in 1902, Mr. Dawson received his B.A. degree in 1922 and his j.D. in 1924 from the University of Michigang he attended Oxford University in England from 1924 to 1927 and received the degree of D.Phil. from Oxford in 1930. He was admitted to practice in Michigan in 1924, was an assistant professor of law at the University of Michigan from 1927 to 1930, associate professor of law from 1930 to 1936, and has been professor of law since 1936. He was visiting professor of law at the University of Chicago in 1955, and at Harvard in 1956-57. From 1942 to 1945 he was on leave, serving as Chief Counsel in the Rent Section of the Office of Price Administrationg Chief of the Middle East Division, Foreign Economic Administrationg Acting Regional Economic Counselor for the Middle East, State Department, and Director of the Foreign Trade Administration of the Greek Government during 1947-48. This year Mr. Dawson will become professor of law at Harvard University. 15 1N1l.l.IAM WIR'1' l5l.l1Mli Professor of Mr. Blunle was horn in 18951. lle attended the Law Dt'lJ1ll'lI11Cl1l of Clunlherland University in 19151-lfl, the University ol' London for the sunnner term in 1919 and received his A.1i. degree from Texas Christian llniversit' in 19211, and his 1 J, Ur' , . U .l . . . . . 1,I,.11. in 1.1-1 and S.11.13. in 1.128 from the llnlverslty ol Nliclngan. He was adlnitted to practice in Texas in 1911, practiced at lfort XVorth and Dallas fronl I ,-. - - .- . 19111 to 1911, and at Iforth XVorth lrom 192'r to 19211 He was '1 professor in thc i-. .-. . mia .. Comparative Law School of China in Shanghai from 1920 to 192-1 and Dean from 1921 to 1924 and from 1926 to 1927. lle was assistant professor of lm nd .. 1'1l of legal research at the University of Michigan from 1928 to 1932, :associate pro lessor of law and of legal research from 19512 to 19313, professor of law and ol legal research from 1936 to 19111, and professor of law since 19-11. He teaches Civil Procedure and the Seminar in American Legal History. He was the editor ol Transactions of the Su Jrenle Court of the '1'erritor of Michi fan 1805-36 fi vols. , 1 1' lv Cases and Statutes on Pleading and lloinder, and Cases and Statutes on -Iuris diction and judgments. He is the author ol' American Civil Procedure. . r D Y I I W M nw , nc., 16 JOHN EVARTS TRACY Professor Emeritus of Law Bron in 1880, Mr. Tracy received his A.B. in 1901 from Maryville College, Tennessee, which also awarded him with an LL.D. in 1921. He attended the University of Wisconsin Law School, and was admitted to practice in Wisconsin in 1904, in Michigan in 1907, in New York in 1920, and in Illinois in 1925. I-Ie practiced law in Wisconsin from 1904 to 1907, in Michigan from 1907 to 1917, was the assistant director of the Bureau of Exports in the War Trade Board in 1918, practiced law in New York from 1920 to 1925, and in Illinois from 1925 to 1930. He was a professor of law at the University of Michigan from 1930 to 1941, professor emeritus of law Since 1942. He is the author of Tracy on Cor- porate Foreclosures, Receiverships and Reorgan- ization Q1929jg the volume on Corporate Pro- cedure in Fletcher Cyclopaedia of Corporations Q1932,g Hints on Entering the. Practice of Law clgggpj and Cases and Materials on Evidence 419385. LAYLIN K. JAMES Professor of Law Born in 1893, he received his A.B. in 1918 and his .I.D. in 1923 from the Uni- versity of Michigan. He served as a Sec- ond Lieutenant with thc Field Artillery of the United States Army. He practiced in New York City from 1923 to 1926 and from 1943 to 1945. He taught at Lewis Institute in Chicago from 1920 to 1921, was assistant professor of law at the Uni- versity of Pittsburgh from 1926 to 1928 and was professor of law from 1928 to 1929. Since 1929 hc has been professor of law at the University of Michigan. He teaches Business Associations, and Corporate Organization and Finance. I-Ie has published Cases and Materials on Business Associations. 81+ +V LEWIS MALLALIEU SIMES Floyd Russell Mechem University Professor of Law Born in 1889, Mr. Simes attended Southwestern College from which he received his A.B. in 1909g he received his Ph.B. in 1912 and in 1914 from the Uni- versity of Chicagog .I.S.D. in 1927 from Yale Universityg and LL.D. from South- western College in 1937. I-Ie practiced in lN1issoula, Montana, from 1917 to 1919. From 1919 to 1922 he was professor of law at the University of Montanag professor of law at Ohio State University from 1922 to 1932, and Sterling research fellow at Yale University in 1926-27. He has been professor of law at the University of Michigan since 1932. I-Ie teaches Trusts and Estates, Fiduciary Administration, Future Interests, and the Seminar in the Institution of Property. I-Ie is the author of the treatise on the Law of Future Interests, Cases on Future Interests, Cases on Fiduciary Administration, Cases on Trusts and Succession, Handbook on Future Interests, Public Policy and the Dead I-land, Problems in Probate Law, and Parts I and IV of American Law of Property. 18 ln Q1-1' as HESSEL EDVVARD YNTEMA Research Professor of Comparative Law Born in 1891, Mr. Yntcma attended Hope College, receiving his A.B. in 1912 and A.M. in 19153 he received the degrees of A.M. in 1913 and P11.D. in 1919 from the University of Michigang B..-X. Qurisj in 1917 from Oxford Universityg and in 1921 from Harvard University. He was an instructor in Political Science at the Univeristy of Michigan from 1917 to 19203 lecturer in Roman Law and Comparative Jurisprudence at Columbia University from 1921 to 1922, assistant professor from 1922 to 1924, associate professor from 1924 to 1928. He was pro- fessor of law at Johns Hopkins University from 1928 to 19333 visiting professor of law at the University of 1XIichigan from 1933 to 19343 professor of law from 1934 to 1947,'visiting professor from 1947 to 19483 professor of law at Yale University from 1947 to 19483 and research professor of comparative law at the University of Michigan since 1948. He teaches Conflicts, and '1'11eories of Public Law Seminar. 19 'JUNK - 1' nz, W3 .ifliiff 41 """"'- 4 MARVIN L. NIEHUSS Professor of Law and Vice President and Dean of Faculties of the University Born in 1903, Mr. Niehuss received his A.B. in 1925 and his LL.B. in 1930 from the University of lvlichigan. He was admitted to practice in Michigan in 1933 and in Illinois in 1934, and practiced in Chicago from 1934 to 1935. He was an instructor in Economics at the University of Michigan from 1928 to 1929, in- structor in Real Estate and Research Associate in the Business School from 1930 to 1933, instructor in law from 1933 to 1934, associate professor of law from 1936 to 1943, professor of law since 1944, and Vice President of the University since 1945. Since 1952 he has been Vice President and Dean of Faculties. 4' 'vi- I PAUL G. KAUPER Professor of Law Born in 1907, Mr. Kauper received his A.B. degree in 1929 from Earlham College, and his in 1932 from the University of Michigan. He was admitted to practice in Indiana in 1931, in New York in 1936, and in Michigan in 1946. He practiced in New York City from 1934 to 1936. He was a part time instructor in law at the University of Michigan in 1934, assistant professor of law from 1936 to 1939, associate professor of law from 1939 to 1946, and professor of law since 1946. I-Ie was on leave of absence from 194-2 to 1945 with the Pan American Petroleum Sc Transport Co., Legal Dept., New York City. He teaches Constitutional Law, Municipal Corporations, and Taxation. 1-Ie has published Cases on Constitutional Law. 20 RUSSELL A. SMITH Professor of Law and Associate Dean of the Law School Born in 1906, Mr. Smith received his A.B. degree in 1929 from Grinnell College, and his J.D. in 1934 from the University of Michigan. He was admitted to practice in New York in 1936 and in Michigan in 1946. He practiced in New York City from 1934 to 1937. He was an instructor in mathematics at Doane College from 1929 to 1930, assistant in mathematics at Grinnell College from 1930 to 1931, assistant professor of law at the University of Michigan from 1937 to 1940, associate professor of law from 1940 to 1946, professor of law since 1946, Secretary of the School from 1946 to 1956. He teaches Creditors' Rights, Labor Relations Law, and Labor Standards Legislation. He has published Cases and Materials on Labor Law. He was on leave from 1942 to 1945 with Pan American Petroleum Sc Transport Co., Legal Dept., New York City. ' .-mt shi WILLIAM W. BISHOP, JR. Professor of Law Born in 1906, Mr. Bishop received his A.B. degree in 1928 and j.D. in 1931 from the Uni- Law versity of Michigan, attended Harvard School from 1928 to 1929 and Columbia Uni- versity Law School from 1938 to 1939. He was admitted to practice in Michigan in 1931 and before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1941. He practiced in New York City from 1935 to 1936. He was Research and Teaching Assistant at the University of Michigan Law School from 1931 to 1935, professor of law since 1948. He was a lecturer in Politics at Princeton from 1936 to 1938, Assistant to the Legal Advisor in the State Department from 1939 to 1947, Visiting Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania from 1947 to 1948, Visiting Professor of International Law at Columbia University Law School in 1948. He was the Legal Advisor for the U. S. Delega- tion to the Council of Foreign Ministers and Paris Peace Conference in 1946. I-Ie was the Assistant Reporter, Harvard Research in Inter- national Law from 1932 to 1935. He is the author of International Law, Cases and Materials f1951, '53j. He was a Contributing Editor for the Annual Digest of Public International Law Cases from 1931 to 1941. He has been on the Board of Editors for the American Journal of International Law since 1947 and was Editor-in- Chief from 1953 to 1955. He teaches Interna- tional Law, Admiralty, and Conflict of Laws. GEORGE E. PALMER Professor of Law Born in 1908, Mr. Palmer received his A.B. degree in 1930 and J.D. in 1932 from the University of Michigan, his LI,.M. in 1940 from Columbia University. He was admitted to practice in Indiana in 1932, and practiced in Indianapolis from 1932 to 1939. He was an assistant professor of law at the University of Kansas from 1940 to 1942 and associate professor of law from 1945 to 1946. He was an associate professor of law at the University from 1946 to 1951, and has been professor of law since 1951. He was an Attorney for the UPA in 1942, Assistant and Associate General Counsel for the OPA from 1943 to 1945, and an Attorney for the Department of Justice in 1945. He teaches Restitution, Trusts and Estates. S. CHESTERFIELD OPPENHEIM Professor of Law Born in 1897, Mr. Oppenheim received his A.B. in 1918 and A.M. in 1920 from Columbia Uni- versity, did graduate study at the University of Michigan from 1921 to 1923, and received his J.D. degree in 1926 and S.J.D. in 1929 from the University of Michigan. He was admitted to the Bar in Michigan and in the District of Columbia. He was an instructor in economics at the Uni- versity of Michigan from 1921 to 1926, teaching and research assistant to the Dean of the Law School from 1926 to 1927, assistant professor of law at George Washington University from 1927 to 1930, associate professor of law from 1930 to 1940, professor of law from 1940 to 1952, Acting Dean for the Winter Term of 1948, Executive Officer from 1948 to 1950. I-le has been professor of law at the University of Michigan since 1952. He was Faculty Editor-in-Chief of The George Washington Law Review from 1942 to 1946. 'He teaches, Federal Anti-Trust Laws, Unfair Trade Practices, Seminar on Federal Anti-Trust Laws, and Seminar on Unfair Trade Practices. He has published Cases on Trade Regulations 09361, Suppl. f1939jg The National Transportation Policy and Inter-Carrier Competitive Rates 1194515 Cases on Federal Anti-Trust Laws f1948jg Cases on Unfair Competition Q1948 ed.jg Unfair Trade Practices-Cases, Comments and Materials fl950j 5 Price and Service Discrim- inations Under the Robinson-Patman Axct U94-91 . He is an Editor in the Trade Regulation Series. He was the Co-Chairman of the Attorney- Genera1's National Committee to Study the Anti- Trust Laws, from 1953 to 1955. FRANK E. COOPER Part Time Professor of Law Born in 1910, Mr. Cooper received his A.B. degree in 1931 and J.D. in 1934 from the University of Michigan. He was admitted to practice in Michigan in 1934. He has practiced in Detroit since 1934 where he is a 1ne1nber of the firm of Beaumont, Smith and Harris. He teaches Administrative Tribunals and Legal writing. MARCUS L. PLANT Professor of Law Born in 1911, Mr. Plant received his BA. in 1932 and M.A. in 1934 from Lawrence College, and j.D. in 1938 from the Univer- sity of Michigan. He was admitted to practice in Mfisconsin in 1939, in New York in 1946, and in Michigan in 1950. He practiced in Milwaukee from 1938 to 1941 and from 1943 to 1944, with the OPA in Washington, D.C., from 1941 to 1943, and in New York from 1944 to 1946. He has been a professor of law since 1946. He teaches Torts, Corporate Organizations, and Bills and Notes. He is the author of Cases on Torts 119531 . 23 CHARLES W. JOINER Professor of Law Born in 1916, Mr. Joiner received his B.A. in 1937 and j.D. in 1939 from the State University of Iowa. He was admitted to practice in Iowa in 1939. He practiced in Des Moines from 1939 to 1947. He was with the Army Air Force Training Command from 1943 to 1944. He was a part-time lecturer at the Des Moines College of Law in 1941, assistant professor of law at the University of Michigan from 1947 to 1949, associate professor of law from 1950 to 1952, professor of law since 1953. He teaches Practice Court, Civil Procedure III, Jurisdiction and Judgments, Sales, and Introduction to Civil Procedure. He is the author of Civil Procedure, Trials and Appeals, and joint author of Cases and Statutes on Civil Procedure, Cases and Statutes on Jurisdiction and Judgments, and Introduction to Civil Procedure. x V . 'rt L. HART WRIGHT Professor of Law Born in 1917, Mr. Wright received his A.B. in 1939 and LL.B. in 1941 from the University of Oklahoma, and LL.M. in 1942 from the University of Michigan. He was admitted to practice in Oklahoma in 1941. He was a lecturer in Business Law at the University of Michigan from 1945 to 1946, lecturer in law from 1946 to 1947, assistant professor of law from 1947 to 1950, associate professor of law from 1950 to 1953, and professor of law since 1953. He teaches Federal Income Tax, and Federal Estate and Gift Taxes. He served from 1942 to 1946 in the Field Artillery where as a major he commanded an F.A. Battalion. He was a Law Member of the General Military Court in Austria from 1945 to 1946. He was a Consultant to tl1e Commissioner of Internal Revenue during the summer of 1956. 24 ALLAN F. SMITH Professor of Law and Director of Legal Research Born in 1911, Mr. Smith received his A.B. degree in 1933 from the Nebraska State Teachers College, his LL.B. in 1940 from the University of Nebraska, his LL.M. in 1941 and S.j.D. in 1950 from the University of llflichigan. He was admitted to practice in Nebraska in 1940 and in Michigan in 1950. I-Ie was an acting associate professor of law at Stanford University in 1946, assistant professor of law at the University of Michigan from 1947 to 1950, associate professor of law from 1950 to 1953, and professor of law since 1953. He teaches Conveyancing, and Property. He is the author of a treatise on Personal Life Insurance Trusts, co-author of Cases and Materials on Property 09511 , The Law of Future Interests 09565. He was the Senior Attorney for the OPA from 1941 to 1943, a First Lieutenant in the U. S. Army from 1943 to 1946, and Chief Counsel for the OPA in 1946. 1 . 1ef.g,,.,,.g,, A SAMUEL D. ESTEP Professor of Law and Director of Legislative Research Center Born in 1919, Mr. Estep received his A.B. in 1940 from Kansas State Teachers College, and his in 1946 from the University of Michigan. He was admitted to practice in Michigan in 1946, and practiced in Detroit from 1946 to 1948. He was an assistant professor of law from 1948 to 1951, associate professor of law from 1951 to 1954, and professor of law since 1954. 1-Ie teaches Legislation, Constitutional Law, and Securtiies. He served in the U.S. Navy. 25 JOHN W. REED Professor of Law Born in 1918, Mr. Reed attended Kansas City QMo.j Junior College from 1935 to 1937, and received his A.B. in 1939 from Wfilliam -Iewell College, his I.L.B. in 19112 from Cornell, and his 1.I..M. in 19119 from Columbia University. He was admitted to practice in Missouri in 19112, and in Michigan in 1953. He practiced in Kansas City, Mo., from 19112 to 19116. 1-Ie was an associate professor of law at the University of Oklahoma from 19116 to 19119, associate professor of law at the University of Michigan from 19119 to 1953, and professor of law since 1953. He teaches Evidence, Pleading and Joinder, jurisdiction and Judgments, and the seminar in Legal Education. 1-Ie was the Editor-in-Chief of the Cornell Law Quarterly from 19111 to 19112, Faculty Advisor of the Oklahoma Law Review from 191.17 to 1911-8. He is the co-author of Cases and Statutes on Pleading and Joinder 09521, Introduction to Law and Equity Q1953j. ii .. , K 1: ,adjs 12 'Q , 1. . , . x J V1 fW"Sw'1 ROY I.. STEINHEIMER, NIR. Associate Professor of Law and Admissions Officer Born in 1916, Mr. Steinheimer received his A.B. in 1937 from the University of Kansas, and his 1.13. in 19110 from the University of Michigan. I-Ie was admitted to practice in New York in 1941, and in Michigan in 1951. He practiced with Sullivan Sc Cromwell in New York City. He was an associate professor of law at the University of Michigan from 1950 to 1956. He teaches Bills and Notes, and Sales. 26 EDMOND F. DeVINE Part Time Assistant Professor of Law Born in 1916, Mr. DeVine received his A.B. in 1937 and J.D. in 1940 from the University of Michigan, and LL.M. in 1941 from Catholic University. He was admitted to practice in Michigan in 1940. He was a partner in the firm of DeVine 8c DeVine in Ann Arbor from 1946 to 1954, Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for VVashtenaw County from 1947 to 1952, and Prosecuting Attorney since 1953. He was a lecturer in Criminal Law at the University of Michigan from 1949 to 1952, assistant professor since 1952. He teaches Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, Practice Court, and Drafting Legal Documents. He was with the F.B.I. from 1941 to 1943, and was a Naval Air Combat Intelligence Officer from 1943 to 1946. 1 1 l 1 l I fi ra-,,..r 1 WILLIAM BURNETT HARVEY Associate Professor of Law Born in 1922, Mr. Harvey received his A.B. in 1943 from XfVake Forest College, and his J.D. in 194-9 from the University of Michigan, and attended the University of Heidelberg from 1955 to 1956. He was admitted to practice in the District of Columbia in 1949, and was an associate of Hogan 8: Hartson in Washington, D.C., from 1949 to 1951. He was an assistant professor of Naval Science and Tactics at Tufts College and the University of Kansas in 1946, lecturer in law at the Uni- versity of Michigan School of Business Administration in 1948, professorial lecturer in law fpart time, at George 1'Vashington University Law School in 1950, assistant professor of law at the University of Michigan from 1951 to 1954, and associate professor since 1954. He teaches Contracts, and jurisprudence. He was with the U.S. Navy from 1943 to 1946. 27 XVILLIAM PIERCE Associate Professor of Law Born in 1921, Mr. Pierce received his A.B. in 1947 and J.D. in 1949 from the University olf Michigan. I-Ie was admitted to practice in Michigan in 1949. I-Ie was an associate with the New York Law Revision Commission from 1949 to 1950. He was the Assistant Director of the Legislative Research Center at the Uni- versity ol' Michigan Law School from 1950 to 1953, assistant professor of law from 1951 to 1953, associate professor of law and associate director of the Legis- lative Research Center since 1953. He teaches the Legislative Problems Semi- nar, and Atomic Energy Law Seminar. He is the editor of Current Trends in State Legislation. He was with the U. S. Army from 1943 to 1945. LUKE KING COOPERRIDER Associate Professor of Law Born in 1918, Mr. Cooperrider received his BS. in 1940 from Harvard College, and his j.D. in 1948 from the University of Michigan. He was admitted to practice in Ohio in 1949, and practiced in Cleve- land from 1948 to 1952. He was an assistant professor of law at the Univer- sity of Michigan from 1952 to 1955, associate professor of law since 1955. He teaches Restitution, and Torts. He was with the United States Army from 1941 to 1946. ,Ky 2 f f B. GEORGE, JR. Associate Professor of Law Born in 1925, Mr. George received an A.A. degree in 19117 from Kansas City junior College, his A.B. in 19119 and in 1951 from the Uni- versity of Michigan. He was admitted to practice in Missouri in 1951 and in Michigan in 1952 and before the Board of Immigration Appeals in 19511. I-le was with the Richmond County Investigation in New York City from 1951 to 1952. He was an assistant professor of law at the University of Michigan from 1952 to 1955, asso- ciate professor of law since 1955. I-Ie teaches Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and Secur- ities. He was with the 100th Inf. Division from 1943 to 19116. This last year has been on leave at Kyoto University in Japan as a Fulbright Re- search Professor and as a lecturer under the Ford- Hnanced .Iapanesc-American Program for Coop- eration in Legal Studies. -staff w-t .lv-gg milf ARTHUR M. SMITH Lecturer in Patent Law Born in Scott, Indiana, in 1903, Mr. Smith re- ceived his A.B. in 19211 and LI..B. in 1926 from the University of Michigan. He was admitted to the bar in Michigan and Illinois in 1933, and before the United States Supreme Court in 1942, In 1937 he was the secretary-treasurer and in 1939 the president of the Michigan Patent Law Association. He has been a lecturer in Patent Law at the University of Michigan since 1952. He is the author of Patent Law, Cases, Comments and Materials U95-lj, and Supplementary Ma- terials in Patent Law 09531 . He practices patent law in Dearborn. OLIN L. BROWDER, JR. Profesosr of Law Born in 1913, Mr. Browder received his A.B. in 1935 and LL.B. in 1937 from the University of Illinois, and an S.J.D. in 1941 from the Univer- sity of Michigan. He was admitted to practice in Illinois in 1939, and practiced in Chicago from 1938 to 1939. He was with the Legal Department of the TVA in Knoxville from 1942 to 1943. He was an instructor in Business Law at the Uni- versity of Alabama from 1939 to 1940, assistant professor from 1940 to 1941, assistant professor of law at the University of Tennessee from 1941 to 194-2, professor of law at the University of Oklahoma from 1946 to 1953, and professor of law at the University of Michigan since 1953. He teaches Property, and Future Interests. He was a co-author of the American Law of Property Q1952j. He was with the Federal Bureau of In- vestigation and the U.S. Department of Justice from 1943 to 1945. Kr. ALFRED FLETCHER CONARD Professor of Law Born in 1911, Mr. Conard received 11is A.B. in 1932 from Grinnell College, attended the State University of Iowa from 1932 to 1934, received an LL.B. in 1936 from t11e University of Penn- sylvania, an LL.M. in 1939 and J.S.D. in 1942 from Columbia University. He was admitted to practice in Pennsylvania in 1937, and practiced in Philadelphia from 1936 to 1938. He was a visiting assistant professor at the University of Missouri in 1938, assistant professor at the Uni- versity of Kansas City from 1939 to 1942, associate professor of law at the University of Illinois from 1946 to 1951, professor of law from 1951 to 1954, and professor of law at the University of Mich- igan since 1954. He was visiting professor of law in California in 194-7, in Texas in 1952, and in Michigan in 1953. He teaches Creditors' Rights, Business Associations, Corporate Reorganization, and Comparative Law of Business Associations. He has published Studies in the Law of Eease- ments and Licenses in Land, Cases on Agency and Employment Relations, and Costs of Administer- ing Reparation for Wo1'k Injuries in Illinois fco- authorj. I-Ie was with the Army, O.S.S., from 1943 to 1945, with the OPA from 1942 to 1943, and with the Office of the Alien Property Custo- dian from 1945 to 1946. RICHARD VANCE WELLMAN Assistant Professor of Law Born in 1922, Mr. Wellman re- ceived his A.B. in 1947, his JD. in 1949 from the University of Michigan. He was admitted to practice in Ohio in 1949, and practiced in Ohio from 1949 to 1954. He teaches Real Property, and Personal Property. He WHS with the United States Army from 1943 to 1946. NMA J' ' at ' 1 .is X: ' 'Wifi .- ', Zfffflb 4' .. , . s r' I I. x JACK RICHARD PEARCE Assistant Professor of Law Born in 1918, Mr. Pearce re- ceived his A.B. in 1940 from De- Pauw University, and his LL.B. in 1947 from Harvard. He was admitted to practice in New York in 1948, and practiced in New York City from 1948 to 1955. He has been an assistant professor of law at the University of Michigan since 1955. He tecahes Contracts and Contract Remedies. He was clerk to the Hon. Justice Augustus N. Hand, U.S.C.A., 2nd Circuit, from 1947 to 1948, editor of the Harvard Law Review from 1941 to 1942 and from 1946 to 1947. He was with the U. S. Army from 1943 to 1946. ERIC STEIN Associate Professor of Law Mr. Stein was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, July 8, 1913. In 1937 he received his J.U.D. degree with distinction from the Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague. Thereafter he practiced law for a brief period before being taken into the Czechoslovakian Army. After release from military service he came to the United States where he enrolled in the University of Michigan Law School in 1940. H received his j.D. degree in 1942 from the University of Michigan. Late in 1942 he joined the United States Army and was assigned to the Division of Military Intelligence. In July of 1943 he was SCI1t overseas to engage in intelligence work in North Africa, and later in Italy. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal and the Order of the Italian Crown. After discharge from the Army in 1946 he became a member of the staff of the United States Department of State, first in the International Security Office, and later with the United Naions Affairs Bureau. He has been an associate professor of law at the University of Michigan since 1955. He teaches Law of Atomic Energy, International Law, Law of International Trade, and Comparative Law. ROY FRANKLIN PROFFITT Assistant Professor of Law Assistant Dean of the Law School Mr. Proffitt was born in 1918. He attended the University of Nebraska where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration in 1940. During Wforld War II, he served in the United States Navy, holding the rank of Lieutenant Commander, U.S.N.R., at the end of the war. He received his J.D. degree from the University of Michigan Law School in january 1943. After a brief period of practice with the hrm of Miller, McKinley ik IValsh, in Greeley, Colorado, he joined the faculty of the University of Missouri School of Law, where he eventually was promoted to the rank of professor. As technical adviser to the Missouri State Senate Criminal Law Revision Committee from 1951 to 1954, Mr. Proffitt assisted the Missouri General Assembly in making significant changes in the substantive criminal law in that state. At Michigan, as assistant Dean, Mr. Proffitt has taken over the administration duties hitherto performed by the secretary to the Law School, together with the handling of the scholarship and student aid program. In addition, he teaches a portion of the Hrst-year course in Criminal Law. RINALDO L. BIANCHI Assistant Professor of Law Born in 1924, in Highland Park, Michigan, Mr. Bianchiwas taken by his parents, in 1939, to their native Italy. There he was educated in the elementary schools and eventually in the University of Pisa Law School, where he received the degree of Doctor of Jurisprudence in 1947. Subsequently he returned to the United States where he earned his B,A. in 1951 and his M.A. in 1952 from VVayne Uni- versity, and his in 1955 from the University of Michigan. He was an instructor and assistant to the dean from February to july of 1956, assistant adviser to foreign students, and assistant professor of law since 1956. He teaches Torts, Atomic Energy Law, Creditors' Rights, and Comparative Law. 32 N Picture not available. GABRIEL NATHANIEL ALEXANDER Visiting Lecturer in Labor Law Born in 1910, Mr. Alexander received his A.B. in 1930 and LL.B. in 1933 from the University of Michigan. He was with the law firm of Alexander 8: Alexander in Detroit from 1933 to 1948. From 1942 to 1944 he was also an inspector of machine parts with the Glenn R. Martin Company in Detroit. From 1948 to 1954 he was impartial umpire for General Motors Corporation, UAW. During the period 1950 to 1954 he also served as an instructor in Labor Law and Labor Arbitration at Wayne University Law School. During 1952 he taught a course in Collective Bargaining for the University of Michigan Extension Service. In 1954 he was an attorney and arbitrator in Detroitg and in 1955 he was a visiting professor in Labor Law and Labor Arbitration at New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations in New York City. Since that period he has resumed practice of law in Detroit. He teaches the Seminar in Labor Law. KONRAD ZWEIGERT Visiting Professor of Law Born in 1911, Prof. Dr. Zweigert was formerly professor of law at Tuebingen, and is now professor of law at Hamburg. He has been associated for several years with the Max Planck Institut fur auslaenclisches und internationales, founded by Dr. Ernst Rabel Qformerly the Kaiser Wilhelm lnstitutj . He is author or co-author of German works and articles, chiefly in the held of comparative law. He repre- sented Germany at the London Congress for Unihcation of Law in 1950. He was visiting professor for one year at Georgetown University Law School in Washing- ton, D.C., and was for a period a member ol' the German Constitutional Court. He teaches Principles of Comparative Law and the Seminar on The Rule of Law QDue Processj. 34 C. HAMSON Visiting Professor of Law Born in 1905, Mr. Hamson was educated in St. Louis, Turkey, and at Cardinal Vaughan's School and Trinity College, Cambridge, Englandg Entrance and Senior Scholar in Classics: Clasical Tripos, Part I, 1925, Part 11, 1927 Qdistinctionjg Davison Scholar, Harvard Law School from 1928 to 19295 Linthicum Foundation Prize, Northwestern University in 1929g Yorke Prize in 19325 LI..B. in 1933 from Trinity Collegeg LL.M. in 19355 Fellow of Trinity College since 1934. He became Barrister-at-Law, Gray's Inn, in 19325 was a lecturer at Trinity in 19343 reader in Comparative Law in 19495 professor of Comparative Law since 1954. He served in the War of 1939-19453 was commissioned in the Army in 19403 detached for service with S.O.E.g in the Battle of Crete in 19415 a P.O.W. in Germany from 1941 to 1945. He was Sec. Gen. Adj. Comite International de Droit Compare in 19493 membre du Bureau in 19545 Hamlyn Lectures on Conseil d'Etat in 1954. He is a Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur. He teaches British 8c French Legal Methods Compared and the seminar on The Rule of Law QDue Processj. as qv, fx? . -1 rig ' :u 35 GRADUATE STUDE any graduate students wish to become teachers ol' law. Others, teaching law, seek to extend their learning. Some wish to specialize in particular legal subjects, the better to lit themselves for the law's practice. Perhaps some merely thirst lor knowledge for its own sake. I-Iowever moved, the student linds in the graduate program ol' the Michigan Law School grist for his mill. The domestic graduate enriches his knowledge ol' law as a social science through the courses in jurisprudence and Comparative Law. His foreign Counter- part is exposed to the methods ol' the common law and their manifestations in concrete cases. Yet it is a master's thesis or a doctoral dissertation which is mistress of the graduate student's hours. Original research and writing dominate his program of study. fl 1 in f at , gi. ,- fi M qw, W vi' 36 'Sf 4 0,9 -up-f -any if n QS? gi, in 4 :If 5 , in uri -. ,isa 5G 4 wx I ,- 1 ,, ' f'fWi2l'W3.:.1', f ,i iv' 'A fi1f2'153sE1'lf:54 H . -'Q 'l f 'TJ' ' MVT? wif J 'i f raises .mf HERMINIO BUENAFE ALCID Quezon City, Philippines A.A., LL.B., San Sebastian College IAGQUELINE JEANNE BERTHELOT Dijon, France Licensee en Droit Diplomee d'Etudes Superieurcs dc Droit Public et Prive Universite de Dijon GIUSEPPI BISCONTI Ravenne, Italy Doctore cn Giurisprudenza University of Rome LL.M., Louisiana State University ERWIN A. ELIAS Ann Arbor, Michigan B.S., LL.B., Marquette University TOSHIO FUETO Nyshigsuji, Tokuyama City, japan LL.B., LL.M., Tokyo University Professor of Law MAX HILDEBRAND Weisbaden, Germany Rechtsreferendar Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe Universitat FrankfortfMain HANS JURGEN HELMUT JAEGER Miinchen-Schwabing, Germany Rechtsreferendar University of Munich FRIEDRICH KLAUS JUNGER Gedern, Hessen, Germany Rechtsreferendar Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe Universitat Frankfort!Main 37 a' X, ,W ' I mx 1 l A L i atm, , I ' MZ - swat A rel 'Q 1 2 ' , Wi, 4. ,K 4, , ,M W, , pi ' it 41 + A : -,v,.:. Q I Q4 .: 2 a f A K iq mf lwyly V , :fiat , f f Q'- 7 MOHAMED SAMIN UDDIN KHAN Karachi, Pakistan B.A. QHon.j, Sindh University, Karachi LL.M., Southern Methodist University Linco1n's Inn LEI, SHAO-LING HO-Ping Tungla, Taipei, China LL.B., National Fuh Tan University JUAN GUILLERMO MATUS-VALENCIA Valparaiso, Chile Licenciade en Ciencias Juridicas y Sociales Universidad de Chile LL.M., Southern Methodist University Professor of Law FRITZ W. REICI-IERT-FACILIDES Bremerhaven, Germany A Rechtsreferendar Dr. iur., University of Hamburg KEISHIN SUNAKAWA Miyakes, The Ryukyus LL.B., Kyoto University, Japan RYO TAIRA Tokyo, Japan LL.B., Keio University, japan JAMES BERNT UEBERHORST Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B., LL.B., University of Michigan KOMGRICH VATANASATHEON Nakornratsema, Thailand LL.B., University of Thaminasat 38 if y 1 Q 49 1 ag. 2112 ' .fa ,, 'S as fax '15 S NIOR CLASS To the third year law student the approach of june Fifteenth may mean a great relief that his endeavors have been successful, but the reward is a difficult one, for his work is only beginning. Looking back, it is hard to select one or two memories that would be representative of the last three years. However, probably the most important aspect of the senior year was the opportunity to come in closer contact with the faculty through seminars and to actually handle a negli- gence case in Practice Laboratory. ' if L 5 I "" ,- filer ' X if i 'pixma LJ- A , ' -, i g I! v ...i ,.,v,? !, i -az,-I J : M V ,.,V , .,,' , A H 2 ,. ,....a.,.: s - ......,,. ABOVE: The Seminar in Theories of Public Law conducted by Professor Yntema. ISELOW: Pleading a motion for new trial before "Judge" DeVine, the last lap in the Practice Laboratory work. 39 CLASS O I95 President DONALD JAY DeYOUNG Grand Rapids, Michigan A.B., Michigan LEE NORMAN ABRAMS Chicago, Illinois A.B., Michigan ROBERT T. ACHOR Flossmoor, Illinois B.A., Yale EDWARD C. ADKINS Emerson, Iowa B.S., U.S.N.A. MARY JEAN ANDERSON New Era, Michigan B.A., Michigan State WILLIAM M. APGAR Front Royal, Virginia A.B., Princeton 'Q CHARLES YV. ARDERY, JR Noblesville, Indiana B.A., Wooster X DAVID L. BAILEY 32 . ,fy A Manistee, Michigan ,L " In E A.B., Michigan WILLIAM R. BALPH, JR. New Castle, Pennsylvania B,A., 'Washington 8c Jefferson GLYNN DALE BARNETT Pontiac, Michigan B.Mus., Michigan JOHN ARTHUR BEACH Syracuse, New York A.B., Syracuse .IAMES D. B. BECKETT Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B., Michigan GEORGE E. BENKO, IV Croswell, Michigan A.B., Albion FRED BENSON Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B., Earlham IIERBERT A. BERNHARD Ann Arbor, Michigan B S E.E., Newark M.A., Columbia 4 Y , g ' DWAYNE MCALPINE BERNER f' Elgin, Illinois B.A., Lake Forest .IACOB BERNSTEIN Oyster Bay, New York A.B., Rochester HARRY N. BLUM Shaker Heights, Ohio B.B.A., Michigan f ia H JACK LAURENCE BORST , ,Rf V B A Michigan State A,M,,MiC1-,igan ' -.51 Y 'jg' HUGO EDOUARD BRAUN, IR. YY . I wa .ii I Dearborn, Michigan Saginaw, Michigan B.A., Yale IIAMES CLAUDE BRAY Flint, Michigan A.B., Michigan DAVID F. BRECK Ann Arbor, Michigan B.A., Michigan State .IAMES A. BRIGGS Columbia City, Indiana A.B., DePauw 5? ? My 4,1 vw. , 'Wa' , we L C Wh' .r I 1, lf' 1a fi W5 PI-IILLIP C, BROUGHTON Dayton, Ohio B.A., Bowling Green THOMAS P. BROWNE, JR. 5958. 10"- ,V ii ,fig ' M is-'li x ll! 1 i Ov' .gn K 'vi ...AW 4' ..-vi' All f 1 I ...nn . wl- D " 1 if y E SHERMAN HOXVARD CONE Roslyn, New York B.S., Holy Cross ROBERT G. BUTLER, III Elwood, Illinois A.B., Haverford CHARLES S. CADNVELL, JR. LaGrange, Illinois B.S., Notre Dame .IOHN KEMPER CANNON Ann Arbor, Michigan B.A., Yale DAVID F. CARGO Manchester, Michigan A.B., M.B.A., Michigan ROBERT C. CASAD Wichita, Kansas A.B., M.A., Kansas GEORGE JOHN CASPAR Columbus, Ohio Ohio State ROY H. CHRISTIANSEN Royal Oak, Michigan A.B., Michigan EUGENE H. CIRANNI Dearborn, Michigan A.B., Michigan WILLIAM J. COLLINS Bethlehem, Pennsylvania B.A., Lehigh North Muskegon, Michigan B B A Michigan 351. rn ' vp 'Q DANIEL F. COUGHLIN, JR, Lexington, Massachusetts A.B., Tufts KENNETH B. CUTLER Pontiac, Michigan B.B.A., Michigan RICHARD EARL DAY Denver, Colorado B.S., Pennsylvania JERRY LEE DesJARDINS Owosso, Michigan A.B., Michigan JOHN R. DETHMERS East Lansing, Michigan A.B., Hope MARTIN MYLES DOCTOROFF Newton Centre, Mass. A. B. Harvard NATHAN BARRY DRIGGERS Detroit, Michigan B.B.A., M.B.A., Michigan fr E8 1, T I5 i f g A-5 t t ,wg A Nr if 1? FRANCIS B. DRINAN Saginaw, Michigan A.B., Michigan RALPH H. DYVAN, JR. X'Vashington, D.C. A.B., Michigan LOREN JOHN DYKSTRA Grand Rapids, Michigan -X B. Calvin RODCER THOMAS EDERER Akron, Ohio B.A., Akron JOHN ATEN ELDEN Shakti Heights Ohio ' BA Amherst 3, ', as I4 ff: 1- ,.,. 099 I Nfl-f A f 'viii ,frvvm Q 3. 'QS 1' r ' i K :iii 1 , " 'fail If fl v F in ' :gi ik' .Yu ai' X 'Ny STERLING J. EMERSON Washington, D.C. A.B., California LEROY EUGENE ENDRES . . J B iv'-4 Decatur, Illinois ' """" A.B., M.A., Ph.L., S.T.L., St. Louis LYNN EDWARD EPSTEIN Detroit, Michigan A.B., Michigan RALPH H. ERICKSON Egg Harbor, VVisconsin B.S., Lawrence THOMAS S. ERICKSON Duluth, Minnesota B.A., Carleton EUGENE CHARLES EWALD Flint, Michigan 'f B.A., Michigan State ROSCOE HORACE FALES Lewiston, Maine A.B., Bates EUGENE JOSEPH FARRUG Ypsilanti, Michigan B.B.A., Michigan JOHN HOXLEY FILDEXV Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan A.B., Michigan MARY C. FISHER Detroit, Michigan A.B., Middlebury GERALD ANTHONY FIX Mandan, North Dakota B.A., St. John's PHILIP A. FLEMING Chevy Chase, Maryland A.B., Cornell JOHN FRANCIS FOLEY Birmingham, Michigan B.S., Georgetown FREDERICK IV. FRALEY, III Cleveland, Ohio A.B., Princeton MARVIN D. FRANKEL Wcst Hempstead, New York A.B., Michigan ROBERT E. FREMLIN Milford, Michigan B.S.E., Michigan JAMES P. FRIED MAN Cincinnati, Ohio A.B., Michigan STEPHEN G. FUERTH Detroit, Michigan A.B., Michigan THOMAS L. GADOLA Flint, Michigan B.B.A., Michigan RICHARD W. GATES Columbia City, Indiana A.B., Michigan BERNARD M. GELBER Brooklyn, New York A.B., Michigan CHARLES N. GLASS Chicago, Illinois B.S., Illinois PAUL ALAN GOLD Chicago, Illinois B.S., Illinois GEORGE W. GRANGER Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B., Michigan :N - f 'av-'I 55 - R.: , ,Q " 'F-'I f p ' . g . f ? N .fl ' I WHITMORE GRAY Monroe, Michigan A.B., Principia FRANCIS R. GREBE lf f Rochester, New York 1 A.B., Rochester ARTHUR G. GREENBERG Lincolnwood, Illinois A.B., Illinois DAVID CHARLES GRIER Plymouth, Michigan A.B., Albion ALLAN WI GROSSMAN Detroit, Michigan A.B., Central Michigan ROBERT DEAN GUY Muncie, Indiana A.B., Michigan HENRY H. HANCOCK Paris, Tennessee B.S., Tennessee EDWARD C. HANPETER St. Louis, Missouri A.B., Cornell .IAMES R. HANSON Fremont. Nebraska A.B., Oberlin DONALD M. HASKELL Toledo, Ohio B.A., Wooster 'IOHN R. HATHAWAY Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B., Michigan RODERICK D. HAYES Lansing, Michigan B.A., Michigan State -4 . 0 -fe ,A 4, .V X t Q -'vas A N . , . Q - A , -'K.3??' .-,rgflmw .- .wr '--K 1. I ...Ngjfsw g -Svw-4..q " ,-fi' , . H, . , .1-,, rgift-'tai tif: .F . I ,:.. fl 4 'uw ' v ' 1 . , 'mmf 351 ,f""'-Q ' KENNETH H. HAYNIE Chicago, Illinois A.B., DePauw JOHN DAVID HERBERT Wlaslnngton, D.C. A.B., Princeton EIDWIN H. I-IOCHBERG Brooklyn, New York Syracuse HENRY M. HOGAN, JR. Birmingham, Michigan A.B., Holy Cross WS' N-..-I Y 4 lpn gn- 'rnoixms IAMES HUGHES Y ' 5 ' h QR Detroit, Michigan A.B., Detroit RICHARD M. I-IUGHEY Moorepack, Michigan A.B., IfVestern Michigan EVERETT L. HUIZENGA Morrison, Illinois A.B., Calvin ROBERT M. HUNZIKER Montclair, New Jersey B.A., Amherst ARTHUR T. IVERSON, JR. Ann Arbor, lXfIichigan A.B., Michigan PAUL R. JENKINS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A.B., Princeton LIVINGSTONE M. JOHNSON Pittsburgh, Pennsylvzmiu B.A., Howard CHARLES LAMB JOHNSTON Uniontown, Pennsylvania A.B., Michigan 'Pav qu- W Ns! , 5,2 y f Q n-0 955: N id' qi' 'K , 'f- HOWARD KAHLENBECK, JR Fort Wayne, Indiana B.S., Indiana 1 2 , I C DAVID KAUFMAN f Franklin Square, New York A.B., Michigan 3, ,.i, ? u ,gjgqg 55, ERIC EMIL KAUMA 4 . ,M ff- ,,, ' "E" ""' ""' ' Chassell, Michigan S .aa ,,.,..m ,, T 5 '41-M-fa, '1-- ' B.A., Michigan State WGS: 35? . ' .., 3" R f M ,i -.,'. , , , -Q . ..,,,.? KENNETH C. KELLAR, JR. Lead, South Dakota B.B.A., Michigan Q1 'fu-'B '31 if. CHARLES E. KELLER Dearborn, Michigan A.B., Princeton 5. PHILIP L. KENNEDY Hinsdale, Illinois ' 'WT' 'C 'l 'z,,-'ig' 2. j-M3125 B.S., Northwestern .- w. .1 TJQSHQQ, he mf , rig, Q , rn, .1-t .Sli 1: if Ll? fzf fr X DON HERBERT KENNEY if Detroit, Michigan A.B., Michigan ng, ' JAMES JOHN KILSDONK Detroit, Michigan A.B., Detroit RICHARD C. KING Hutchinson, Kansas B.S., Northwestern ROSS ALBIN KIPKA Cleveland Heights, Ohio B.A., Yale ' GEORGE KIRCOS Detroit, Michigan A.B., Michigan SIDNEY C. KLEINMAN Detroit, Michigan A.B., Michigan ROBERT L. KNAUSS Dctroit, Michigan A.B., Harvard JAMES JOSEPH KOBZA Muskegon, Michigan B.A., Sophia fTokyoJ RICHARD F. KOHN Chicago, Illinois A.B., Michigan RICHARD L. KOZLOWSKI Wyandotte, Michigan B.A., Michigan State FRANK M. LACEY Detroit, Michigan B.A., Toronto QCanaclaJ ARTHUR F. LAMEY, JR. Billings, Montana B.B.A., Michigan CARL F. LaRUE Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B., Harvard ROGER ALAN LAW Grand Rapids, Michigan B.S., Michigan ROBERT E. LAWSON Detroit, Michigan A.B., Michigan LATHAM B. LAWTON, JR Caspar, W'yoming B.S., Wyoming JAMES A. LEAVENGOOD Lansing, Michigan B.A., Michigan State RONALD S. LIEBER Michigan City, Indiana B.S., Indiana ROBERT ALLEN LINK Detroit, Michigan B.S., Wayne JAMES BRUCE LINVILLE Columbus, Ohio A.B., Ohio Wesleyan ARTHUR T. LIPPERT, JR Saginaw, Michigan A.B., Michigan DAVID D. LODWICK Excelsior Springs, Missouri B.A., Iowa Wesleyan KENNETH E. LONG Kalamazoo, Michigan A.B., Western Michigan GEORGE WING TAT LOO Honolulu, Hawaii B.S., Hawaii WILLIAM R. LUNEY Peoria. Illinois B.S., Northwestern I GEORGE F. LYNCH Toronto, Canada B.S., Michigan ANGUS G. MacDONELL Metairie, Loulsiana B.S., Yale HAROLD O. MacLEAN, JR. Santa Barbara, California B.A., Yale KENNETH G. MACKNESS Detroit, Michigan A.B., Michigan FREDERICK MAHAN Charleston, West Virginia A.B., Gettysburg ROGER CARL MARKHUS Toledo, Ohio B.B.A., Michigan J. DAVID MARKS New York, New York A.B., Michigan DAVID H. MARLIN Sharon, Pennsylvania A.B., Michigan MONTE KING MARSHALL , ff. , 3 'ap 5? il ii -f , f Flint, Michigan 1 A.B., Michigan s 4' Q P ,495 g 'V .9 ROBERT ANDREW MARTIN ' , y '5 IE' Pvs I ' Detroit, Michigan db, ' A.B., Dartmouth 1 A, I J.. l W' 4 ,MK s, ALLEN ITSURO MARUTANI l-lilo, Hawaii A.B., Michigan YVILLIAM G. MATEER Lake Charles, Louisiana A.B., Gettysburg NVENDELL E. MATHEWS, R. Cleveland, Ohio A.B., Ohio DONAID DEAN MEYERS Rugby, Noi th Dakota B S Noi th Dakota Agricultul il GEORGE E. MONTGOMERY Detroit, Michigan A.B., Michigan FRANK R. MORRIS, Jackson, Michigan BA Yale LLOYD D. MORRIS Eden, Michigan B A Michigan State 4 s , , y 7. X 5 1: X , I ii li I - r , , I. , itll ' Sd" nfl-no I vi' fl 1,727 X11 N F if . I L lk S Q23 was f- , I zf' fxivfa If 'E f R IO- X y?,Q,, CYRIL MOSCOW Detroit, Michigan A.B., Wayne DAVID LEE NELSON Ishpeming, Michigan B.S., Northern Michigan HOWARD N. NEMEROVSK1 Oak Park, Illinois B.S.E., Michigan E. WILLIAM OAKLAND Duluth, Minnesota B.I.E., Minnesota CHARLES D. OLMSTED Ann Arbor, Michigan B.S.F., Michigan JOHN T. OLTMAN Grand Rapids, Michigan B.S.E., Michigan STUART DAVID ORMAN Detroit, Michigan A.B., Michigan A ji 3' x if ., it . 1 I L14 . x N J.. in - 6 1 fwxfv.-'lf X v ., tx B6 CHARLES BENJAMIN PARK 'Q ' Raleigh, North Carolina B.S., North Carolina State WALTER J. PARKER, JR. Grosse Ile, Michigan B.S.Ch.E., M.S.E., Michigan RONALD RAY PENTECOST Cleveland Heights, Ohio B.A., Michigan State JULES MARTIN PERLBERG Marion, Indiana B.B.A., Michigan RUDOLPH MAX PLANERT Bad Toelz, Germany A.B., Kalamazoo 52 Kb s 59' 49 -a t Q' . .6 A A 5 'li f ff J 'X X K JAMES E. POHLMAN Columbus, Ohio A.B., Oberlin JAMES MORRIS PORTER Cleveland, Ohio A.B., John Carroll LAXVRENCE K. POSNER Chicago, Illinois A.B., Roosevelt THOMAS F. QUINN, JR. Saginaw, Michigan A.B Aquinas ALAN RAYWID Washington, D.C. A.B., Duke FRANK F. REED, II Riverside, Illinois A.B., Michigan THEODORE H. RENO Detroit, Michigan A.B., Michigan DON L. REYNOLDS Lodi, Ohio B.A., Baldwin Wallace DALE IVILLARD RHOADES Manchester, Michigan B.A., Michigan State JOHN TYLER ROGERS Detroit, Michigan A.B., Wayne DONALD B. ROSENBERG New York City, New York A.B., Michigan ROBERT ROSENFELD Detroit, Michigan B.S.E., Michigan SQ I 1' iv 'Vw .sqm Q' Q rg. new 'P' . 'Q J Q17 S Q-J Y A , f"3'f!.! X , , Y Q I Y A slut' I We 5 , M821 S its ak Q EMS." L XJ K. 1 . ? HERBERT JOHN RUSING Detroit, Michigan A.B., Wayne JAMES F. SAMS Bay City, Michigan B.S., Northwestern .IOHN M. SAYLOR Grosse Pointe, Michigan B.S.Ch.E., Detroit -IOHN PAUL SCHAEFER Rochester, New York B.A., Yale RICHARD ALAN SCHEER Brooklyn, New York A.B., Harvard ROBERT DEAN SCHULER Huntington VVoods, Michigan B S Northwestern 1 uw' "'1"""' ' 'mm 1 V "rr-f , I ,lf-fl2m. NORMAN SCHWARTZ Detroit, Michigan A.B., George Wfashington RAYMOND L. SCODELLER Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B., Michigan EDWARD EMMET SHEA Detroit Michigan A.B., Detroit THEODORE I-I SHIFF III Evanston, Illinois B.S., Illinois FRANCIS MCC. SMALL, JR. E Altadena, California A.B., Knox GERARD CHARLES SM ETANA New York, New York B A C C N Y 7 I L., 4 9? 1:2 AWHXN ROBERT W. STEELE X A ROBERT SNYDER, JR. Lyndhurst, Ohio A.B., Oberlin ANTHONY GEORGE SOSICH Detroit, Michigan A.B., Michigan BYRON LEE SPARBER Gary, Indiana B.B.A., Michigan Lansing, Michigan X B.A., Michigan State JACK D. SWEET Whitmore Lake, Michigan N B.A., Michigan State EARL TERMAN Cleveland Heights, Ohio B.S., Arizona RICHARD P. TINKHAM, JR. Hammond, Indiana B.A., DePauw JAMES MYER TOBIN I Columbus, Ohio .-x.B., M.s.c., Dartmouth THOMAS FRANCIS To1s1N if Washington, D.C. A.B., Princeton V 2 LEONARD TOBOROFF -Ielfersonville, New York A.B., Syracuse WILLIAM C. TODIA Cleveland, Ohio B.S., Xavier -IOHN CARLETON TOWER B.S.B.A., Northwestern Evanston, Illinois ffif Q' -B 'f 'fl'-2,1 at r f W ,, AM, A X l . l " gut l , r 1 -Yvfif 0 au. 9 -Rt U i'. ,is gi L . J :,, -f-,.- . -i s "I-F'-'iq ,mg 'S f ,,.s ist, S dl Q 'WW I .gil If Q . N. 'Sf s!llY",' it x fi It K YP' ,lg I get as .I xi ? 'xx-.Q S my . ' - ' Wt' "T"-'Q "aa: -x.' . Wx. Xi? " y si: E-were. , , -,,F.g.53!,' .- H. , :ww ', ' "' 3.,i:i. ffm' iii f ef ,X if -. -,gs ks- f .ffff 5 L I -iff 322155 .- - S,-E, ig x 3 ,,, I GERALD TUCHOW Detroit, Michigan A.B., Wayne CHARLES R. VALENZA Rochester, New York B.M., M.M., Rochester DAVID P. VAN NOTE Lansing, Michigan B.A., Michigan State JOHN T. VERGEER Grand Forks, North Dakota A.B., Hope CHARLES S. WAGGONER, II Grosse Pointe, Michigan B.B.A., M.B.A., Michigan INGRID EVA WAHLE Philadelphia, Pennsylvania A.B., Temple JEROME KARNES WALSH, JR. Kansas City, Missouri A.B., Georgetown R. WILLIAM WARD Cement City, Michigan A.B., Albion JOHN NELSON WASHBURN Hanover, New Hampshire A.B., Dartmouth A.M., John Hopkins CHARLES A .WASSERMAN, JR. Dayton, Ohio B.A., Northwestern BARRETT S. WAYBURN Huntington Woods, Michigan B.B.A., Michigan ROBERT BRADLEY WEAVER Leipsic, Ohio B.B.A., Michigan 'ii -vs- 'lui f "GL JOHN MONTGOMERY WEBB Sewickley, Pennsylvania , B.S.E., Princeton . , ij ROBERT BYRON NVEBSTER Birmingham, Michigan A.B., Michigan ALBERT DUNCAN WI-IITAKER Fort VVayne, Indiana B.A., Yale -IOHN L. YVILSON Hartville, Ohio B.A., Mount Union XVALTER F. XVOLF, JR. Cincinnati, Ohio B.A., Ilfoostcr PAUL BASIL WOLFE Rockaway, New Jersey A.B., Kenyon RICHARD R. WOLFE Chicago, Illinois B.S., Oklahoma A. 8: M. 'lv I P li STANLEY MITCHELL XVYNN ' Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B., Michigan LLOYD BENNETT YOUNG Detroit, Michigan A.B., Michigan .IOI-IN AUGUSTUS ZIEGLER u., - St. Clair Shores, Michigan A.B., Michigan RONALD GENE ZOLLARS Dearborn, Michigan A.B., Hillsdale .1 YT' RICHARD R ZUKOWSKI South Miami, Florida B S C DePaul we 'Q 'E'- X J 'L 3? iv .ar .MW qu Y -za JLI IOR CLASS THE AIUNIOR is pressed from all sides into a dual role: Ruth Barrons manages to brief Z1 case or two while preparing for a date. MORE AND MORE responsi- bilities keep piling up: the date problem having been satisfied, Rod Willcox has his hands full in this ease. 58 PRESIDENT and shepherd of the llock is faithful Chuck Ger linger. C35 f RELAXED SOMEWHAT after the Hrst year, the junior becomes more intimate with his profes- sors: Oppy is cornered at Goke's. RELIEVED that the hatchet never fell in his case, Gene Hart- wig has a friendly chat with Sam Estep. T H I S RELATIONSHIP be- comes closer as some juniors, like Fritz Brace, serve as research as- sistants for the faculty. PLACEMENT became another aspect of the curriculum: Blair Crownover, Loyal Bemiller, John Foster and A1 Dewey keep tabs on summer possibilities. THE TRANSITION was made from the common law to stat- utes: heavy research by A1 Ger- main kept L. Hart confused. 1 SUCCESSFUL CAMPBELL Hn- alists jim Feibel, Gil Wanger and John Lewis check on some of the Hner points with Case Club Judge Bob Webstrir. NOT ALL Law Review tryouts do their research in the stacks: Dud Chapman, Phil Jacobus, Tom Hoya and Bob Kapp found that cases could be tossed down in other places. FRESHM N CLASS I EB JERRY BADER, President. . soon starts the freshman lawyer appre- ciating his library and its opportunities NM A for full-bodied research and develop- Xb V I ment of lawyerblike techniques: Ai' Professor Coffey's orientation course HEAD.... HEART. .. . HANDS NIU! ll J, .J . 'FEI .L SQ , ax' .mf "lf F1 rsi' Per Su-M5 62 because BU Y u 2. YQJNEV me if 5 TLIN5 x-xivi cl SzgT:nesl'0f' And Roger Hindman, A.M."', C0nCll1CfS an ivy-type discussion on the Rule Against Perpetuities to an enthralled QD audience. " Afte The orientation continues apace . . . . The freshmen leam not to mix sweet with dry, Cook with Kappa. . . . fter the orientation week excitement ol 3556.89 bills at Overbeck's, Rovinski v. Rowe, Dean Stason's timely wel- come warning in re cans, and the University's personal greetings via registration, a somewhat befuddled but eager class of 1959 settled down to the more serious tasks of learning the operation of our legal system. Somehow the hodgepodge of married men, unmarried ladies, veterans and perennial schoolboys soon began to emerge from the dusty inner sanctum ol the library and indulge in the various social activities ollered by The Law Club and the outside world of Ann Arbor. Chief among these activities was our innovation of "The Last Blast," which saw scads of bashful Hrst year lawyers meet with hundreds ol charming coeds over punch and crumpets in the Law Club lounge and basement- an event acclaimed by all, not the least of whom were Mrs. Georgia Peavey and Mr. H. james Koehler. Having attempted with questionable success to cope with case club briefs and judges, and with the first combined mystery of prelims, the class of 1959, still eager if lrazzled a bit, welcomed diversions of "Suppressed Desire" and "W7igge and Robben, ex- change dinners, glee club concerts, and "Chancellor's Ball." The formation of a Committee to Investigate the Implementation of an Honor System, along with Psurls, Glee Club, SBA, the rousing of Res Gestae from the dead, and The Quad, took prominent parts in the extracurricular held. Wle watched the "pros" play ping pong, joined in basketball, hockey and other mostly seden- tary sports, and tried in vain to cheer the rest of the 80W whose heads fell from the Harvey hatchet, as post mortum to the midyear farce. 63 LIFE among the licorice stick set features Carmine de Brosnahan and an exclusive soiree. VERB OR NOUN, the embryo lawyer learns the meaning of "C0urt." If I fs' K' ' 1 , Xm-:gf - . Q - -. 1 REVOKE Q l f gr Z 2 Z' The advent of spring saw us pity the incoming midyear frosh, as they tuned a puzzled ear to Joiner's music, and begin to explore the wisdom of the evil cans. The imminence of the horrors of that final week in June did not dim the glories of coffee dates, blanket picnics in the Arb, kite-flying and pcnny-pitch- ing in the quad, and birthday parties in the P-Bell. "Grease Ball" lured us into illusory hope that all could not intellectually be in vain. After all there would not be room for all in Law Review, and maybe we'd see the hnals of Campbell Competition instead. The coming of spring turned the undergraduate-law-library users' minds to other than bookish pursuits, and we eagerly sought chairs in which to prepare the outlines for that final dreaded week. That final week? YVith President Jerry Bader faithfully leading, as a reasonably prudent first-year Wfolverine lawyer in the same or similar circumstances, that final week came and went so fast we did not know or care what had hit us. I , y 1. tin, .ky A qs., s L, A Q ,f X IRS 'W fwttfrn 'I' Q 5:11 if . tif' X 1' E 1 iilsfs' 5 if Q N ff V' ., ,. ii 'hi BRIAN KELLY. He wears his anonymity well .... BARTENDERH! 65 'Q ACTIVITIE Courting Justice in thc Temple ORDER OF THE COIF 'E he most ancient of all honor societies, the Order of the Coif, originally a forensic institution dating back to the thirteenth century in England, evolived out of a tight little group of distinguished jurists who would select new members from the ranks of the apprentices, who had to prove their superior ability by pleading a real action' in old Norman French. If these apprentices passed the test, they were initiated by a ceremony not unlike the coronation of royaltyg they were awarded the coif, a tight-fitting cap, which was worn constantly, even in royal presence. Judges were taken only from the Order. Today, the Order of the Coif is a national law school honor society, founded for the purposes of encouraging legal scholarship and advancing the ethical standards of the legal profession. Its members are selected by the faculty from the upper ten per cent of the September, February and June graduating classes, based upon the grade averages at the end of the fifth semester. The election and initiation ceremonies are held during the spring of each year. TEN PER CENTERS. STANDING: Mssrs. Lynch, Gray, Day, Whitaker, Fix, Manuel, Haynie, Gold, Casaclg SITTING: Mssrs. lfipka, Webb, Lacey, Butler, Steele, Tobin, Moscow, Nemerovski ROBERT GEORGE BUTLER, III GEORGE FREDERICK LYNCH ROBERT CLAIR CASAD EDWARD ALBERT MANUEL RICHARD EARL DAY CYRIL MOSCOYV GERALD ANTHONY FIX I-IOXVARD NORMAN NEMEROVSKI PAUL ALAN GOLD HAROLD HENRY PLASSMAN WHITMORE GRAY RICHARD JOSEPH RIORDAN ROBERT EMMETT HAMMELL MARTIN FRANK ROSTON EDWARD CARL HANPETER ROBERT NVILLIAM STEELE KENNETH HARLAN HAYNIE JAMES PATRICK TANNIAN PAUL ABELARDO HEINEN JAMES MYER TOBIN ROSS ALBIN KIPKA JEROME KARNES WALSH, JR. FRANK MICHAEL LACEY JOHN MONTGOMERY WEBB ALBERT DUNCAN WHITAKER 67 MICHIGA LAW REVIEW EDITOR-IN-CHIEF WHITMORE GRAY, of Michigan ASSOCIATE EDITORS EDWARD C. HANPETER, of Missouri DAVID L. NELSON, of Michigan FRANK M. LACEY, of Michigan GEORGE F. LYNCH, of Ohio JAMES M. TOBIN, of ohio JEROME K. WALSH, JR., of Missouri ROBERT C. CASAD, of Kansas ASSISTANT EDITORS JOHN A. BEACH, of New York NATHAN B. DRIGGERS, of Michigan THOMAS S. ERICKSON, of Minnesota GERALD A. FIX, of North Dakota ROBERT E. HAMMELL, of Michigan KENNETH E. HAYNIE, of Illinois ROSS A. KIPKA, of Ohio JULIAN LINDE, of New York WILLIAM R. LUNEY, of Illinois EDIIVARD A. MANUEL, of Illinois CYRIL MOSCOW, of Michigan ROBERT W. STEELE, of Michigan JOHN M. VVEBB, OfP61'l7'LSyl1!Cl7'llIl A. DUNCAN WHITAKER, of Incliana JOHN A. ZIEGLER, JR., of Michigan LEE N. ABRAMS, of Illinois HERBERT A. BERNHARD, of Michigan RICHARD E. DAY, of Colorado RODGER T. EDERER, of Ohio STERLING EMERSON, of Disl. of Columbia ROBERT I.. KNAUSS, of Michigan WILLIAM G. MATEER, of Louisiana MICHAEL A. MCNERNEY, of Ohio HOWARD N. NEMEROVSKI, of Illinois JULES M. PERLBERG, of Indiana JAMES M. PORTER, of Ohio JOHN L. WILSON, of ohio SENIOR EDITORS: REAR: Mssrs. Knauss, Whitaker, Webb, Luney, Ederer, Bernhard, Fix, Nemerovski, Manuel and Porter, MIDDLE: Mssrs. Day, Erickson, Beach, Ziegler, Kipka, Wilson, Abrams, Steele, Perlberg and McNerney5 FRONT: Miss Ruth Gray, Mssrs. Casad, Tobin, Walsh, Gray, Lacey, Nelson, and Miss Eleanora Eckert THE RED PENCIL CORPS: STANDING: Mssrs. Lynch, Casad, Nelson and Gray, Editor-in-Chief, SEATED: Mssrs Welch, Lacey, Cooperrider and Tobin FACULTY ADVISORY BOARD LUKE K. COOPERRIDER, Chairman LAYLIN K. JAMES JACK R. PEARCE JOHN VV. REED MANAGING EDITOR RUTH GRAY THE Law Review boys spent another busy year grinding out notes and comments. Thanks to the efforts of all concerned, the March issue was able to make its appearance in March. Members of the Upper Stall have worked long and hard in the rarihed atmosphere of the fourth lloor of Hutchins Hall at their assigned task of making sure that each writer's work is covered with the proper number of relevant and irrelevant comments and corrections when it is handed back to him for another try. Since this is their only function, the Stall' fand the Editorj go at this job with perseverance and a good deal of relish. Undaunted by these machinations, however, the writing side of the stall managed to produce at excellent quality and quantity levels for volume 55. QSee 55 Mich. L. Rev. 1 et seq., 1956-57.5 This year's Junior Class produced the largest group of tryouts ever to go through the Review indoctrination program - almost 60. During the course of the year the members of the group produced some excellent material in spite of all the hurdles created by diligent Associate editing. In the spring semester they embarked - very successfully - on a program of advance sheet reading and case selections. Although it was reported that some members of the group thought that they were in a training course for VVest Digest writers, the experience con- stituted a substantial and much-needed addition to the tryout program. Under the competent guidance of George Lynch, the Review engaged in an active social program during the year, sparked by the Tea and a picnic outing in the fall, a series of monthly luncheons for the senior stall, and climaxed by the Banquet for all members of the Review in May. 69 STLIDE HENRY H. HANCOCK Vice President ROBERT B. YVEBSTER President, The Lawyers Club JOHN A. BEACH Presiding Judge, Case Clubs VVHITMORE GRAY Editor-in-Chief, Law Review T BAR ASSOCIATIO BOARD O lf DIRECTORS JOHN D. HERBERT President -.V DONALD DE YOUNG Senior Class President CHARLES D. GERLINGER Junior Class President GERALD L. BADER, JR. Freshman Class President Non-Voting lXlCll1lJCI'SZ ALBERT GERMAIN Secretary-Treasurer CHARLES E. KELLER Chairman, Legal Aid Society ROGER A. LAW Manager, SBA Bookstore FRANK F. REED Editor, The Quad DONALD D. MEYERS JERRY P. BAUGH Chairman, National Placement Chairman, ALSA Publicity EGON M. GROSS JOHN T. KEI-IOE Chairman, ALSA Insurance Editor, Res Gestac H. JAMES KOEHLER ROBERT ROSENFELD Chairman, Honor System Business Manager, The Quad ' DIANE SMALLEY President, SBA Auxiliary THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS. STANDING: Mssrs. Reed, Rosenfeld, Kehoe, Koehler, Keller, Gerlingerg SITTING: Mssrs. Bader, Webster, Hancock, Herbert, Germain and De Young. 70 F 15 11 5 I .img ' Y- rims its-'Y Q -13 f- J' . I S wg. - Q fa 23:2 'L f 39 -it 1851 I g' If ' - B -'Foil' X! ' 1' LECTURE SERIES included a rousing free-for-all by Irving Goldstein of the Chicago Bar, shown above between John Herbert and Henry Hancock. RES GESTAE. STANDING: Fred Furth, Mike Ryan, Frank Carringrong SITTING: Kevin Smee and John Kehoe, Editor. SBA BOOKSTORE con- tinued its money-savmg operations under the management of Rog Law, shown at right with his predecessor, Spider Webb. x .. . ,mm vi THE QUAD. STANDING: John Kehoe, John Tower, Scott Hodes, Peter Knowltong SITTING: Bob Rosenfeld Business Manager, and Frank Reed, Editor. JOHN BEACH Presiding Judge JOHN F ILDEW Bates JAMES LINVILLE Campbell ALAN RAYWID Carpenter GERALD FIX Champlin PAUL JENKINS Christiancy CHARLES SWAN Clark DUNCAN WHITAKER Cooley ROBERT WEBSTER Day ' HARRY BLUM Fead 1956 HENRY M. CAMPBELL COMPETITION. LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Benson, Charles Renfrewg Hon. Henry M. Butzel, former Associate Justice, Michigan Supreme Courtg Hon. Thomas F. McAllister, Circuit Judge, U.S.C.A., 6th Circuitg Justice Tom C. Clark, Associ- ate Justice, U.S. Supreme Courtg Hon. Edward Lumbard, Circuit Judge, U.S.C.A., 2nd Circuitg Professor S. Chesterfield Oppenheimg Richard Madden and Norman Gaar. 1 .. LW, ,. , CASE LLIB SENIOR IUDGES: REAR: Mssrs. Grossman, Jenkins, Luney, Filclew, Blum, Nemerovski, Webster, Abrams, FRONT, ON THE WOOLSACK: Mssrs. Steele, Swan, King, Linville, Beach, Wilson, Whitaker and Fix. THE Case Clubs olf the School are moot courts before which student members argue cases as though before an appellate tribunal. The earliest record of a Case Club at the University ol lN'Iichigan is that ol the Cooley Club, dated 1923. It had sixteen members. Moot court compe- tition predates the organization of the Cooley Club, but il other Clubs existed, their records have not been preserved. In 1925, the Marshall, Kent, Story and Holmes Clubs were organized and a program ol' interclub competition was established. There are now eighteen Case Clubs named after distinguished lXfliehigan jurists, each having a permanent organization continuing from year to year. Up to twenty-four incoming freshmen are assigned to each Club in the hrst week olf school, and they ordinarily remain in that Club for their two years in the Case Club system. WILLIAM LUNEY Fletcher ROBERT STEELE Grant EDWARD ADKINS HOWARD NEMEROVSKI Graves SIDNEY KLEIN MAN Hutchins ALLAN GROSSMAN Knappen MONTE MARSHALL Knowlton RICHARD KING Montgomery JOHN WILSON Rogers GEORGE KIRCOS LEE ABRAMS Woodward 1957 CAMPBELL COMPETITION FINALISTS Lee Abrams and James Feibel, Petitioners, against ohn. ugene Wanger, Respondents. U1 -. 4 ' im! x u 1 1 , ilk. I n ir . K . - I, 'ff j, L 1 Y ' U MMM ' z. sk' M,-'1,,..,qffEg,w g 7 ww' , W N, . ,tq fbf ,4,f?,n4,. X cfm we 1 'Qi 4 1.4 ,awk "4"-321' 114' ,sv w 1 m I I. -I. '1 1 Y' 5 J " 1 gv S ,A I 1 A. - Xxil ., .ng A .mlm ,I ., , E6 W . Q A, N - 'Q f 'ral .1 Aw. 'Dfw X' .,y.' 'F 4 'W . 4331- ,V M-,gm ' if Xlgh -iz g ,X ,5?Qafv-wg-i. wwf? 2411 ruff:-, Q, - 0 I- YV4 A .ke 'Q '.:vf:-' .,.fv P4 A sf' 5 - fx-2 - . . Q 7 fN': 74 4 , 2 ' f' L.: L .A g r .A A f- .5 'W' f. .Lgwgf 4 ' ' f .t!.' -2- .. --2 .+.- f.M,5?'5 .f '95 f "'1 -'wif' 'iffv :"'9'f5' " iw- 'V "M . 'A A H ' N' f"7'. " 921 '- P. '- xi i? 7gi!2fif9':gf???Kvff'2lxflff?Sf'1f V I r M 9 7 ' "fl ' l"'- . ' ' ' f'-25' '5'1'i": S,-- vw:":Q,4.Q-.w " ,". . , X AQAAW M57 "R kt rwv-iivqi.. A.,W45, ,L 4 ,g - - A- . Q I, ,mu f. Mqlafzgbz, 3,-, Q4 I .M--5,50 , , ,. N A ,, 'Sill Kwik my ,,,.u,, ,- ' T7 ,Z 5 .. - .:!."3:3' Srfwn 3 ,hull 'f'A -W--M5M" is --.......- 'fs ...M--.. ..., "' .,, pm.. a . , Y 1 W.'s 4 if P' 1? , ig. fMK ' s wi ,Q -Q. -comma--1 -Q Q1--N--,, '- - ,,j--. ,M 5' fu 1 Q w xi Q e A ,5 I . ---r . , 5 f'1m7il"i"' .. .,,,,,-. , I sf, ..t,,,..,N.,vf'f..2i' WITH SPRING the Club members' fancy turns to kite-Ilying, penny-pitching, or just watching the coeds parade by at the noon hourg others turn to more vigorous pursuits, tennis, golf or sailing. rl A l Q ' QQNQ-,ln li 7 LEGAL RESEARCH leads one to many interesting places. Early in the fall many legal beagles can be found chasing a brown pigskin over a verdant fifty yard area, fondly termed a gridiron. Last season the l,aw Club team completely ballled its opponents, who never succeeded in reaching paydirtg nor did the lawyers scoreg but due to their defensive manoevres, they closed the season with an impressive 3-l record. The winter months saw the volleyball team come through in the third place playoffsg but the hoopsters went down before the PADS in the second place playolls. The Law Club's bid for a hfth consecutive championship in ping-pong was also stopped cold by the PADS. Still undeter- mined and something to shoot for are the results on the baseball diamond. And if this, too, comes to naught, there is some dis- cussion of forming a Law Club cricket team. 76 IT TAKES ALL KINDS and within the cloislcrcd hulls may bc found saints Qabovcj and sinners Qbclowj. SJ X E: if Y-na' 77 - N 3 LAW CLUB GLEE CLUB: REAR: Mssrs. Shea, Gray, Muir, Blackall, james, Reichenbach FRONT: Mssrs. Chang, LaFuze, Padwe, Slye and Bruckerg MISSING: Ms sts. Dieterich, H. Dilworth, Majores, Markhus and Valentine COMBINED CONCERT with Martha Cook Glee Club at thc Christmas Musicale. MOST POPULAR of the Law Club affairs are the Open Houses, for which debonair A1 Raywid has a keen nose and a staunch stomach. '79 PECIAL EVENTS AMONG the visiting lecturers sponsored by the SBA was Conor O'Brien, the Irish Free State delegate to the United Nations, who spoke on the dual crisis of Hungary and Suez. VARIOUS PHASIZS ol' the legal profession was the topic of a panel discussion on March I2 in which S. Elden supported individual practice, Clan Crawford, jr., upheld the small law lirnn, Hobart Taylor, -Ir,, spoke in favor ol' the Government trial lawyer, and Stratton Brown defended practice with the large law Hrm. 80 .-"',f,iv THE GREATEST Sl-IOYV ON EARTH, with Irving Goldstein of Chicago giving a demonstration of his methods in teaching trial technique, was of so much interest that Room 100 over- flowed, and some of our Hnest products wilted under his hazing. -1:4 l MOST AWAITED EVENT of the year, how- ever, is St. Patrick's Day at the P-Bell, for there is many a Kelly and Sullivan and Pawloski amongst us, and their thirst is unquenchable. 81 I x 1 ' M W r 1' '9"'. " I , -...L --sa mg! -1. S L' fir- .' iid! 1 E252 AN OLD RIVALRY was resumed this year when a well-organized band of six slipped past the Engineer guard at tl1e League and successfully marched off with the old and battered Slide Rule in order to advertise Chancel1or's Court. Sus- pecting that the Engineers would retaliate after having lost face, the Rule in Slide's Case was quietly returned, but this did not prevent a whitewashed T-square from appearing the next day in the middle of the quad, to the horror of the dean. OUR XVORK would not be done without recording the historic event pictured belowg penny-pitching has become a cherished institution. tn, NP ,' "5 " ..,,3'.' ' K-,:"i1-lfCuj"4i1A ' -vw' , , .A ...qwit ws . -4, -if' , 'Q , . wg' i , '- f -, ,..f-'- v 1. . 9--3 -- ,,,glv""' 'K 5554-..3.:?"' 'i -gg 'if' 82 .e 5 S HLA -f Claws-1 ,3 B-5fIlIII5f!3"I?Zi P LIRFS The Ann Arbor Surf Board Riding and Moun- tain Climbing Society is a traditional organiza- tion of law students who enjoy singing, for p leasure, for the inhrin, and for proht. Its repertoire ranges from songs we like to sing to songs we like to sing. Occasionally it Hts in one the audience likes to hear. Nevertheless, the Psurfs have become synonymous with the best in entertainment across the campus. 83 RON PENTECOST Director JOHN HERBERT TI-IEMI MAJOROS First Tenors BOB BROWN LOYAL BEMILLER JERRY IGL Second Tenors SAM CARPENTER BOB ELLIOT DICK BRUNN Baritones DICK KABAKER BILL ROONEY JIM CHAPEKIS Basses NOT SITTING THIS ONE OUT. ON FOOT: Mssrs. Beach, Shehan, Webster, Pohlman, Nemerovski, Blum, Whitaker, Small, Steele, Dwang MOUNTED: Mssrs. Lynch, llanpeter, Gray, Ziegler, Fleming, Zollars, Raywid, Wilson, Tobing CROSS-LEGGED: Mssrs. Fildew, Kipka, jenkins, Linville, Marshall and Luney. SENIORS John Beach Harry Blum Ralph Dwan John Fildew Phil Fleming 'Whit Gray Paul Jenkins Ross Kipka Jim Linville Bill Luney George Lynch Monte Marshall Nemo Nemerovski Jim Pohlman Al Raywid Bill Shehan Mac Small Bob Steele Jim Tobin Jerry Walsh Bob Webster Dune Whitaker John Wilson John Ziegler Ron Zollars JUNIORS Harry Baldwin Chuck Gerlinger Gene Hartwig Tom Hoya Dean Lewis john Lewis john Morrow Gerry Rapp Mike Scott Tom Troycr BARR! TERS '10 fix 42? 'gf WIN- ll II URIC, JR., a sometime unicorn in the garden, fattens up for the 1956 Crease Ball. ,az Cllll ON THE wt stttxffll only one Shopping day 'til .LJIGGE wicca-Z + ROBE XVINNER ol the hrst and only sports car race through the corridors of Hutchins I-lall, Barrister VValsl1 has decided to retire the Hamlin MG for posterity. omposed of 35 upperclassmen who possess various and sundry academic and social talents, in addition to black string ties, the Barristers have been conducting semi-annual law library bell-ringing sessions Qin one library or anotherj since 1904. In addition to sponsoring a pre-party and a dance each semester, NVigge Ek Robbe in the fall, Crease Ball in the spring, and putting out an annual publication olf somewhat questionable merit, The Raw Review, the Barristers make a yearly ,contribution to the operation of the Case Clubs, and they have established a S5250 scholar- ship which is awarded each fall to a deserving member ol' the senior class in the law school. The Society's constitution states that the object "shall be the social and professional ad- vancement ol' its members and ol' the law school." And while this basic objective has changed little over the years, particular traditions have Colne and goneg the black string ties, for example, did l10t make their lirst appearance until 19117. Each spring the members select ten men from the junior class to perpetuate the group the fol- lowing fall, and in the l'all those ten elect an additional hlteen. 1591 IA! ll ISGS! Henry Baldwin Jim Beaman Jim Briggs Dick Buford Bob Burns Jolm Cannon Roy Christianson Dan Coughlin PHI DELTA PHI KENT INN 15311 OFFICERS JERRY WALSH President CHIP SHELTON Treasurer JOHN DETHMERS Secretary TOM LEITHAUSER House Manager RALPH DXIVAN Historian Phil Jacobus Don Jaeobusse Charles Jolmston Ken Kellar Ross Ki pka Bob Kirchgessner Dick Langs Carl LaRue John Morrow Steve Moyer Bob Nederlander Nemo Nemerovski Hal O'Connell Ray Olson Jim Pohlman Gerry Rapp Sring JIM POI-ILMAN JOHN TUCKER JOHN DETHMERS TOM LEITHAUSER RALPH DYVAN Rod XVilcox Jim X'Vills mm ,A 'iii Ns .Q President XValsh Fred H ovde George Karch John Ziegler Jim Kennedy Dick Zukowski Russel Kinnel Brewster Blackall Vic Krupman John Boyles Bill Leighner Frank Bracken Bill McKenzie Bob Branigan Alex MacMillan Ken Cutler Dick Day John Dethmers Ralph Dwan Henry Eckhart Bob Elliott John Fildew Phil Fleming Floyd Fraley Bob Greenberger John Herbert Jim Humphreys Bob Hunzicker Chuck Irvin Art Iverson John Baity Roger Law Tom Leithauser Dean Lewis John Lewis Jim Linville Bill Luney George Lynch Bob McAlister Bill McCarty Angus MaeDonell Frank MacLaughlin Hal MacLean Don Meyers Dan Miller Frank Morris Bill Shehan Chip Shelton Mac Small Don Smith Phil Smith John Snyder Mike Stroup Joe Sullivan Dick Tinkham Jim Tobin Emmet Tracy John Tucker Jerry Walsh Bill VVaugaman Barry X'Vayburn 86 George Buchanan Jolm Conlin Bill Cooley Don Dalman Harry Martens Carl Meyers Don Miller Dave Nixon Jolm Emens Roger Furst Dave Genger Paul Graeey Caspar Grathwahl Charles Heard Garry Heher Dave Henry Ned Heppenstall Max Hildebrand Paul Hirt George Parker Gerry Prescott Fritz Reichert Dave Rollins Tom Rowe Mike Scott Dave Smalley Hilary Snell Dick Stubbe Bill Tell Max Valentine Bob XfVeinbaum ,Xi :ag President Polilmztn ,IOC Sullivan Qon the floor as usualj and friends partake of Il little Sunday afternoon banjo playing with all thc trimmings. ,I X ,Xi 'lm MADISON STREET WHO'S WHO? LEFT, REAR: Mssrs. Luney, Heard, Heppenstall, Karch, Langs, D. Lewis, Bracken, Emens, llovde, Coughling MIDDLE: Mssrs. Iverson, Linville, Day, jacobusse, Beaman, LaRue, Johnston, I-lunziker, Branigang FRONT: Mssrs. Henry, F. Fraley, Boyles, Cooley, Kipka, Grathwahl, Bufford and Briggs. RIGHT, REAR: Mssrs. Dethmers, Miller, Hirt, MacLean, Fildew, Tobin, Inverson 2d5 MIDDLE: Mssrs. Snell, Christiansen, Valentine, Kennedy, Krupman, Martens, G. Parker, Prescottg FRONT: Mssrs. Snyder, Nederlandcr, Nemerovslci, P. Smith, Pohlman, Ziegler, Wills and Weinbaum. J ' 1 my W4 -.0 4 I , yu 'J' I JAINQSI7 I3AI1iii1IBI15L CHAQEE 1 Fall OFFICERS Spring rg: RON ZOLLARS justice HANK HOGAN J -I ?': HANK HOGAN Vice Justice GIL WANGER WALLY WOLF Clerk BILL CARLSON A GERRY PADWE Treasurer JERRY PADWE W05- JON DESENBERG Niarshal GERRY IOL JIM KILSDONK Rushing Chairman JOHN KEHOE Justice Zollars Harry Asch Tom Croxton Dick Hamilton Chet Lawrence Dick Rosenthal Roger Babb Irv Curry Gene Hartwig Jim LC21VCI1g00d Monty Reed Dick Baenen Jon Desenberg Tony Haswell Stu Lerman Mike Ryan Bill Biilph Harry Dilworth Peter Hay George Marti John Schaefer JCTYY Bflugh Ray Dittrich Hank Hogan Bob Martin Ed Shea John Beach Marty Doctorolf Wolfgang Hoppe Bill Mateer Bill Slye George Benko Barry Driggers Tom Hoya Bill-Matheson Kevin Smee George Bennett Frank Drirlan Tom Hughes Budd Maxlield Gerry Smetana Fred Benson Mort Berlield Stan Bergman Herb Bernhard Ralph Boches Dave Breck Bill Brehl Tom Browne Ed Bureau Bob Butler Art Byrne Don Carlin Bill Carlson Tom Carstens Dud Chapman Ken Christiansen Bruce Cook Dave Crocker Blair Crownover Rodger Ederer Jack Elden Joe Erdman Gene Ewald Gene Farrug Jack Fingerish Gus Fichera Gerry Fix Hugh Fletcher Fred Fraley Lynn Fromberg Mal Frombcrg Dexter Galloway Dick Gates Joe Gemignani Roger Golden Frank Grebe Jim Hall Al Haller Dick Hughey Gerry Igl Don James John Jeandrevin Bob Kapp John Kehoe John Kelly Jim Kilsdonk Bruce King John Kline Bob Knauss Jim Koehler Harry Krause Chris Krueger Dick Kurland Frank Lacey Dick Lafuze Art Lamey Tom Lang Kent McKee Marty McKevitt Jerome Meeker Bill Meikle Bob Mitchell Ron Modlin Jim Moore George Montgomery Lloyd Morris Roger Needham Dave Nelson Bill Oakland Joe O'Neal Dave Ong Gerry Padwe Bruce Parsons Lou Perlmutter Phil Placier John Powell Lee Snyder By Sparber Bob Steele Earl Terman Tom Tobin Bob Trinkle Dave VanNote John Vergeer Bob Volpe Gil Wzlnger Mike Watts Bob Webster Steve Weinstein Dunc Whitaker Len Wilcox John Wilson Wally Wolf Dick Wolfe Ron Zollars iz Olin L. Browder V Alfred F. Conard Iusticc Hogan FACULTY Rinaldo Bianchi B. J. George, Jr. , Charles W. Joiner William R. Leslie jack R. Pearce Marcus L. Plant john W. Reed Richard V. Wellman L. Hart Wright Hessel E. Yntema THE WORLD'S FOREMOST LAW FRATERNITY: LEFT TO RIGHT, REAR: Mssrs. jeandrevin, Berfield, Carstens, Hughey, Bureau, Bernhard, Haller, Boches, Hamilton, Balph, Benson, Hoya, Kilsdonk, H. Dilworth, Terman, Lacey, Powell, Meikle, Morris, J. Koehler, Hall, Mitchell, Lerman, Blank, Marting STANDING, Mssrs. M. Fromberg, Crownover, Brehl, Hoppe, Igl, Carlin, Browne, Fletcher, Eclerer, Fraley, Grebe, Fix, Ewald, McKevitt, Volpe, Vergeer, VanNote, Rosenthal, 89 Montgomery, Tobin, Christiansen, Watts, Knauss, Weinstein, Wolfe, Modlin, Ryan, SEATED: Mssrs. Erdman, L. Fromberg, Croxton, Benko, Desenberg, Padwe, Hogan, Wanger, Carlson, Bergman, James, Asch, Reed, Galloway, Fichera, P. Koehler, Breck, Leavengood, Sparber, Smetana, McKee, Placier, Slye, Krause, Maxfieldg SQUATING: Mssrs. Marti, W. Wolf, Lamey, Parsons, Smee, Moore, Perlmutter, Wilcox, Shea, Kehoe and Oakland. 1 5 DELTA THETA PHI OFFICERS !!'!"'v ' wr- s IQIQ TONI GADOLA, Dean JACK NVEBB, Secretary A K JINI SAMS, Vice Dean CHUCK GERLINGER, Bailill DON DODGE, Treasurer LOYAL BEMll,I.ER, Tribune Dean Gndoh I-IARDING XVILLIAMS, Master of the Ritual Bill Apgar Jerry DCSJil1'dinS Don Haskell Bob Lewis Rob Schuyler Charlie Ardery Don DeYoung Ken I-Iaynic Dave Lodwick Henry Sheldon Bruce Bailey Ev Dilworth Bob Higgins Bob Logan Dave Shute Dave Bailey Don Dodge Clinton House Ed Lyons Dave Smith Loyal Bemillcr Dick Donahue John Hurley illllCllll Majoros Dick Sith Dwayne Berner Ron Bieke Dick Bilby Dick Bourbon Bill Bowser Barry Branch Phil Broughton Roger Brosnahan Dave Brower Bob Brown Malcolm Campbell Charles Cadwell Bob Casad Jim Chapekis john Chase joe Defley Tom Donahue Tom Erickson Roscoe Fales Sal Fauci john Foley John Foster Tom Gadola Paul Gaston Al Germain Chuck Gerlinger Norman Goetzke George Granger Whit Gray John Grimm Joe Cruel Hank Hancock Dave Huthwaite John Jackson Marten Jenkins Paul Jenkins Tom Joseph Howie Kahlenbcck Chuck Keller Brian Kelly Bernie Kennedy Barry King Dick King Ronald Kull Dan Learned Wfayne Leengran Louis Lemp Carlisle Lewis 90 Monte Marshall Dick McClurg I-Iannes Meyers joel Mills Chuck Moore Pete Obbard Charlie Park Ron Pentecost Carl Peterson joe Pilkington Bob Ritchie Tom Reinstadtler George Richards Tom Rose l-Ierb Rusing .lim Sams Iohn Souther ifoe Spellman George Stewart Bill Stodghill -lack Sweet -.Iohn Swinford -Aloe Thatcher john Toomey George 'Frubow Ed Walker Ulohn VVatson Roger WVatson .lohn Webb Harding Williams Tom Wyncoop Ben Young C . , , I , x . The height of sopllistication appears to bc in cvi shown toward cvcryonc clsc's date, but this makes dance by the IIIILICSI. il most suucsslul panty HILL STREET MAINLINE. LEFT, REAR: Mssrs. Dodge, Carpenter, D. Smith, Pilkington, Sheldon, H. Meyers, Bilby, Bourbon, Logan, jackson, P. jenkins, M. Ienkinsg MIDDLE: Mssrs. Apgar, Fauci, Hurley, B. Bailey, Branch Sams, Gray, R. King, E. Dilworth, Desjardins, Swinfordg FRONT: Mssrs. Ritchie, Majoros, Brosnahan, Casad, Webb, T. Erickson, Gerlinger, Gadola, Bemiller, Walker, Young and Kull. RIGHT: SITTING: Mssrs. Williams, Gra Hancock, Chapekis, Defley, Lemp, Foley and Fales. 91 yn 1926. Glynn Barnett Blair Benjamin Jack Bernstein Bill Collins Sherm Cone Bernie Gelber Marv Gerber ,Ben Goff TAU EKEILQU. RH0 F2111 OFFICERS spring Y. Q SID KLEINMAN Chancellor BILL COLLINS 'r', JIM KOBZA vice Chancellor Bois HOERNER ' ' DICK KOHN Master of the Rolls BARRY KROLL TONY SOSICH Bursar I-IANLEY GURWIN JACK BERNSTEIN Historian WOLF HABER ' Chancellor Collins Hanley Gurwin Eric Kauma Dave Nlarks Wally Handler Sid Kleinman Dan Nlillg Bill Seils Wolf Haber Jim Kobza -Iohn Oltman John Shepherd Scott Hodes Dick Kohn Stu Orman l-Ierb Solomon Bob Hoerner Lee Kramer Lyle Parr Tony Sosich Alan Horowitz Barry Kroll Jules Perlberg Barry Stulberg Frank Jacobs Larry Kron Bob Rosenfeld joel Tauber Livy johnson Stu Lefstein Len Schwartz jerry Traum Dick Kilbilker Dave Lewis Norm Schwartz Ed York INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD. REAR: Mssrs. Cone, Lewis, Rosenfield, Parr, Hodes, Kabaker, Gelber, N. Schwartzg MIDDLE: Mssrs. Horowitz, Stulberg, llandler, Oltman, York, Kramer, Mills, Goff, johnson, Perlbergg FRONT: Mssrs. Seils, Benjamin, Bernstein, Sosich, Kleinman, Collins, Hoerner, Kroll, Gurwin and Haber. Chancellor Kleinman F 5 ...-p 'Q' A rr n address by Mr. Justice Edwards ol the Michigan Supreme Court on some A of the psychological aspects of juvenile cases highlighted the TER Home- coming Dinner-Dance. A month later the group made a very informative tour of the Detroit circuit and federal court system. And on another occasion it had the privilege ol discussing the problems of juvenile crime with an ollicial of the Washtenaw County Juvenile Court. These events recall only a few ol the legally oriented events of the fall program, which also included cocktail parties and numerous evening social functions-pleasant diversions from academic headaches. 92 KAPPA BETA PI ANN MIDDLETON, President MARY ANDERSON, Secretary PATRICIA STODDARD, Treasurer DICTUM DOLLIES. ACROSS THE BOARD: Mary Anderson, Louise Milligan, Ruth Barrons, Marilyn Morris and Ann Middleton. 31? sv " 1 '-"5 i g Mary Anderson Ruth Barrons Suzanne Berman Jacqueline Berthelot Mary Fisher Ann Middleton Louise Milligan Marilyn Morris Patricia Stoddard Barbara Mlapner TOASTMASTERS INTERNATI ONA PHI ALPHA DELTA TOASTMASTERS CLUB asf kiig.. by Fall OFFICERS Spring GEORGE BENKO President DON JAMES maggie GIL WANGER vice President JOE O'NEAL I DON JAMES Secretary-Treasurer BILL MEIKLE MOMENTARILY JOE O'NEAL Sergeant-at-Arms FRED BENSON SPEECHLESS STANDING: Mssrs. Kilsdonk, MODIS, Koehler, Lacey, Slye, Terman, Padwe. Volpe, Fix, Reed, Ederer. Wanger, Smetana, Wolf, Hogang SEATED: Mssrs. Breck, Benson, Meikle, james, Benko and O'Nea1 George Benko Fred Benson Dave Breck Rodger Ederer jerry Fix Hank Hogan Don James jim Kilsdonk Jim Koehler Frank Lacey Bill Meikle jim Moore joe O'Neal Gerry Padwe Monty Reed Mike Ryan Bill Slye Gerry Smetana Earl Terman Bob Volpe Gil Mfanger Wally Wolf Within thc Quad, Beauty that Knows no Season 94 Q 1 ,, - ' jigs F. if.: : any iii A f Anti W W. . . r- 'Fry Q-eg . Q A ' W i'?M'Lf f A R bs Xb, ,UF ' I . rdf' ..., ,Q nd V H y if N'f'f"fs- , ffm V ll, , ,,,,, ' 5 , my.- W, W , My W' ' - ,'Mf - ' ' M. L 9 Cl .- -1,1 W .- 3 A ' ' 3 2 X ' -V U ,Q,,j'1Y?"'w,fj K' Y, Z - . H' U , , my , E , A., x , - it gy, , ' '4- ' ' V 1 ' 'K V ' P, L W SCHOOL DIRECTORY ABBOTT, WILLIAM R.,Il 512 NW 2nd, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma ABDELLA, HYKEL JAMES 715 Lawrence, Ann Arbor, Michigan ABRAMS, LEE N. 431 West Aldine, Chicago, Illinois ABRAMS, STANLEY P. 131-79 228th St., Laurelton, New York ACHOR, ROBERT T. 904 Bruce, Flossmoor, Illinois ADAMS, WALTER L. 3 Crescent Place, Middletown, New York ADELMAN, JOHN A. 460 Roland, Grosse Pointe, Michigan ADKINS, EDWARD C. R.F.D. 01, Red Oak, Iowa AITKIN, ROBERT E. 2565 West Ellsworth, Ann Arbor, Michigan ALCID, HERMINIO B. 120 Iriga, Quezon City, Philippines ALLEN, JOSEPH C., JR. 501 East Howard, South Bend, Indiana AL-SHAWI, KHALID A. 1444 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, Michigan AL-SHEHABI, MOHAMMED W. B08 Monroe, Ann Arbor, Michigan ANDERSON, HUGH B. 1602 Northwood Apartments, Ann Arbor, Michigan ANDERSON, MARY JEAN Route 01, New Era, Michigan ANGERINE, CHARLES E. 301 N. State, Evergreen, Colorado APGAR, WILLIAM M. P.O. Box,127, Front Royal, Virginia ARDERY, CHARLES W., JR. Route ill, Box 226, Noblesville, Indiana ARMSTRONG, PETER 1434 Washington Heights, Ann Arbor, Michigan ARNOVITZ, THEODORE M. 651 North King Street, Xenia, Ohio ASCH, HARRY M. 24 Avalon Road, Garden City, New York ASHWORTH, JOHN L. 624 Girard Avenue, Marion, Ohio ATHENS, THOMAS C. 621 Irving Place, Duluth, Minnesota ATHERLY, DARST B. 1229 Whlte Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan BABB, ROGER S. 73 Mt. Prospect Street, Bridgewater, Massachusetts BABITZ, PAUL B. 102 Grand View, Elmira, New York BACHMANN, PAUL M. 846 Rosewood, East Lansing, Michigan BADER, GERALD L., JR. 121 Webster Woods, Webster Groves, Missouri BAENEN, RICHARD A. 816 1st Avenue, So., Jamestown, North Dakota BAILEY, BRUCE E. 16 Trinity Court, Huntington, New York BAILEY, DAVID L. 123 McKee, Manlstee, Michigan BAITY, JOHN C. 415 Nob Hill Place, Ann Arbor, Michigan BAKER, RICHARD S. 3430 Oakwood, Pittsfield Village, Ann Arbor, Michigan BALDWIN, HENRY D. Redding Ridge, Connecticut BALPH, WILLIAM R., JR. 300 Hazelcraft, New Castle, Pennsylvania BANNASCH, RICHARD F. 1223 Hill Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan BARNETT, GLYNN D. 184 Norton Avenue, Pontiac, Michigan BARR, JOHN M. 1321 Grove Road, Ypsilanti, Michigan BARRONS, RUTH P.O. Box 442, Wheaton, Illinois BAUGH, JERRY P. 446 BEACH, JOHN A. 315 BEAMAN, JAMES C. BEATTY, RICHARD H. BECKETT, JAMES D. B. Roosevelt Drive, Evansville, Indiana Mosley Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan Route 02, Parma, Michigan 15128 Terrace, Cleveland, Ohio 1443 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, Michigan BEEBE, RALPH T. 5932 North Riverview Drive, Kalamazoo, Michigan BEMILLER, F. LOYAL BENEDEK, RICHARD S. 549 W. Cook Road, Mansfield, Ohio 1694 Monroe Avenue, New York 57, New York BENJAMIN, BLAIR D. BENKO, GEORGE E., IV 89 North BENNETT, GEORGE T. BEN-RUBIN, JACK 267 Blanche, Plymouth, Michigan Howard Avenue, Croswell, Michigan 804 Logan Street, Helena, Montana Wrlghts Village, 113 B Circle, Lodi, New Jersey BENSON, FRED The BERFIELD, MORTON BERDICK, MARLAND L. Lawyers Club, Ann Arbor, Michigan 706 West Oak, Carml, Illinois 1300 W. Huron, Ann Arbor, Michigan BERG, DAVID C. 513 7 BERGMAN, MAX H. BERGMA N, STANLEY N. th Street, N., Callrton, Pennsylvania 4918 Walnut, Kansas City, Missouri 535 Pequot Avenue, New London, Connecticut BERLIN, STANTON H. 247 E. Chestnut, Chicago, Illinois BERMAN, SUZANNE KLAME 400 West Glenaven, Youngstown, Ohio BERNHARD, HERBERT A. 408 Nob Hill Place, Ann Arbor, Michigan BERN ER, DWAYNE M . 1678 Northwood Apartments, Ann Arbor, Michigan BERNSTEIN, JACOB 97 East Main Street, Oyster Bay, New York BERNSTEIN, NEWTON B. BERTHELOT, JACQUELINE BIEKE, RONALD J. BIELING, HARRY R., JR. 746 Collingwood, Detroit, Michigan Dijon, France 1237 Ollvla, Ann Arbor, Michigan 32 Bromleigh Road, Stewart Manor, New York BILBY, RICHARD M. BIOFF, ALLAN L. P.O. Box 569,Tucson, Arizona 404 Nob Hill Place, Ann Arbor, Michigan BISCONTI, GIUSEPPE BLACKALL, BREWSTER BLUEMLE, ROBERT L. BLUM, HARRY N. Vla Marsala 96-B, Rome, Italy 89 High, Bristol, Connecticut 518 East Mitchell, Phoenix, Arizona 3305 Ardmore Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio BOCHES, RALPH E. BOER, ROGER BOHMART, JOEL 1400 N. Sheridan, Waukegan, Illinois 575 Lawndale, Holland, Michigan 1059 Union Street, Brooklyn 25, New York BONADIO, ANTHONY M. 1106 Pearl Street, Port Huron, Michigan BOOTH, JAMES C. A 124 Park Place, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan BORRELLO, LEOPOLD P. 911 S. Warren, Saginaw, Michigan FRIENDLY GREETINGS and all G 0 0 D W I S H E S to the UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION in its enterprising publication 5 THE 3 QUAD West Publishing Co. St. Paul 2, Minn 97 BORST, JACK L. 24401 New York, Dearborn, Michigan BOURBON, RICHARD W. 2909 Rittenhouse Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. BOWSER, WILLIAM E. 428 Negley, Butler, Pennsylvania BOYLES, JOHN D. 1064 Gladstone, Grand Rapids, Michigan BRACE, FREDERIC F., JR. 212 W. Union, Greenville, Michigan BRACKEN, FRANK A. 10 Berwyn Road, Muncie, Indiana. BRADLEY, HOMER S., JR. P.O. Box 245, Keene, New Hampshire BRANCH, BARRY K. 1014 Woodside, Fllnt, Michigan BRANDT, HAROLD 302 South 18th Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania BRANIGIN, ROBERT M. 611 South 7th Street, Lafayette, Indiana BRANNON, JAMES S. 1107 N. North, Peoria, Illinois BRANSILVER, EDWARD 2222 Hoagland, Fort Wayne, Indiana BRAUN, HUGO E., JR. 928 South Forest, Ann Arbor, Michigan BRAY, JAMES E. 2863 Parklawn, Brighton, Michigan BRECK, DAVID F. 547 S. Ashley, Ann Arbor, Michigan BREHL, JAMES W. 424 Locust Avenue, Washington, Pennsylvania BRIGGS, JAMES A. Route 47, Columbia City, Indiana BRIX, CHRISTIAN L. . 532 Forsythe, Calumet City, Illinois BROSNAHAN, ROGER-P. 6816 Cherokee, Kansas City, Missouri BROUGHTON, PHILLIP C. 253 Wroe Avenue, Dayton, Ohio BROWER, DAVE J. 194 River Avenue, Holland, Michigan BROWN, PAUL W. 875 S. First Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan BROWN, ROBERT E. 1617 Brooklyn Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan BROWNE, THOMAS P., JR. 28 The Hemlocks, Roslyn, New York BROWNING, CHARLES H. 2088 Tremont Road, Columbus 21, Ohio BROWNING, PHILIP M. 535 Packard, Ann Arbor, Michigan BRUCKEN, ROBERT M. 2025 Braewlck Drlve, Akron 13, Ohio BRUNN, RICHARD C. 1063 Parkside Drlve, Alliance, Ohio BUCHANAN, GEORGE S., JR. - Box 27, Cody, Wyoming BUFORD, RICHARD H. Box 423, Mount Vernon, Illinois BUITEWEG, JOANNES Lekstraat 98, Amsterdam BUREAU, EDWARD D. Main Street, Salmon Falls, New Hampshire BURGESS, PHILIP H. 13412 Wilshire, Detroit 13, Michigan BURKE, FREDERICK B. 4000 University Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa BURKHART, WILLIAM H. 605 Cumberland, Park Ridge, Illinois BURNS, DEAN A. 22 Prospect Street, Newport, Vermont BURNS, ROBERT N. 16520 Washburn, Detroit, Michigan BURROWS, RICHARD C. 207 Michigan Avenue, Dowagiac, Michigan BURTON, JAMES L. 3328 Norwood, Ann Arbor, Michigan BURTON, MARION B. 326 East Madison, Ann Arbor, Michigan BUTLER, ROBERT G., III 311 East Madison, Ann Arbor, Michigan BUXBAUM, DAVE C. 1845 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, New York BYRNE, ARTHUR P. 107-18 135th Street, Rich. Hill, New York CADWELL, CHARLES S., JR., 909 Country Club Drive, LaGrange, Illinois CALKINS, DANIEL H. B48 Tappan, Ann Arbor, Michigan CAMPBELL, CALVIN A., JR. 1210 West Park Drive, Midland, Michigan CAMPBELL, MALCOLM, JR. 9834 South Winchester Avenue, Chicago, Ill. CANNON, JOHN K. 2381 Plnecrest, Ann Arbor, Michigan CAPLAN, DAVE F. 3926 Washington, Welrton, West Vlrglnla CARGO, DAVE F. Route ill, Manchester,Michlgan CARL, LARRY C. 2316 Pittsfield Blvd., Ann Arbor, Michigan CARLIN, DONALD W. ' 556 Johnson, Gary, Indiana CARLSON, C. WILLIAM, JR. 241 8th Street, Renovo, Pennsylvania CARNES, THOMAS M. 1200 East University, Ann Arbor, Michigan CAROWITZ, RONALD E. 2736 Argus, Grand Rapids, Michigan CARPENTER, SAMUEL D. 136 North Congress Street, Athens, Ohio CARRINGTON, FRANK G., JR. 3890 Peakland Place, Lynchburg, Virginia CARROLL, BRUCE K. 224 South'Thayer, Ann Arbor, Mlchlgan CARSTENS, THOMAS J. 911 Forest Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan CASAD, ROBERT C. 705 Oakland, Ann Arbor, Michigan CASARI, GUEO J., JR. Route 06, Box 230, Greensburg, Pennsylvania CASH, ALBERT D., JR. 3773 Erie, Cincinnati, Ohio CASPAR, GEORGE J. 1076 Abbleshlre, Lakewood, Ohio CAYO, RONALD J. 155 Parker, Benton Harbor, Michigan CELLA, ROBERT F. 15498 San Juan, Detroit, Michigan CHANG, SAMUEL B. K. 91-A Kawananakoa Place, Honolulu, Hawall CAHPEKIS, JAMES P. 808 Ludlngton, Escanaba, Michigan CHAPMAN, DUDLEY H. Bowman Drive, Greenwich, Connecticut CHASE, JOHN M., JR. 1364 Geddes Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan CHAUDHRY, M. ANWAR cfo Dr. Aziz, Block 7, Sargodha, Pakistan CHRISTIANSEN, ROY H. 535 South Division, Ann Arbor, Michigan CHRISTIANSSEN, K. G. 709 North Blanchard Street, Wheaton, Illlnols CIRANNI, EUGENE H. 4583 Greenfield, Dearborn, Michigan CLARY, JACK R. 621 South Forest, Ann Arbor, Michigan CLIPPERT, CHARLES F. 2473 Longfellow, Detroit, Michigan CLUBOK, ARTHUR S. 19488 Mark Twain, Detroit, Michigan CLUM, LEWIS L., JR. 1452 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, Michigan COEY, DAVE C. 2007 B Northwood Apartments, Ann Arbor, Michigan For The Discerning Man A Ab D 99 EVERYTHING for THE LAWYER at .I-l' l THE OVERBECK BOOKSTORE 1216 South University Avenue TELEPHONE: NO 3-4436 100 COLLING, LEE J. 104 Macomb, Manchester, Michigan COLLINGE, JARED E. 1468 Leany, Muskegon, Michigan COLLINS, JOHN G. 61 Vine Road, Larchmont, New' York COLLINS, WILLIAM J. 715 Oakland, Ann Arbor, Michigan COLLINS, THOMAS E. 4635-42 Avenue, S., Minneapolis, Minnesota CONE, SHERMAN H. 114 Ruddlman Drive, N., Muskegon, Michigan CONLIN, JOHN W., JR. 714 South State Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan CONNELL, JOHN G. 3508 Brookvlew Road, Rockford, Illinois CONRAD, DIETER 23 Bachstrasse, Heidelberg, Germany CONTE, EMMETT J. 848 Tappan, Ann Arbor, Michigan CONVERSE, DANIEL K. Standlsh, Michigan COOK, BRUCE M. 136 Bayside Drive, Clearwater, Florida COOK, BYRON J . 169 Liberty, Belleville, Michigan COOK, GEORGE R. 4365 Audubon, Detroit, Michigan COOKAS, HARRY J. 172 Phoenix Terrace, Springfield, Massachusetts COOLEY, WILLIAM H., JR. 1228 Westmor Road, Winnetka, Illinois COOPER, PETER 18105 Fairfield, Detroit, Michigan CORCORAN, PETER 17 West Hannum Blvd., Saginaw, Michigan COREY, JOHN W. 166 W. Center, Sanford, Michigan CORNELL, J. MARTIN 512 Hoover, Ann Arbor, Michigan COUGHLIN, DANIEL F., JR. 52 Dexter Road, Lexington, Massachusetts CRANE, T. CARSON 2915 Lenox, Birmingham, Michigan CRISS, ROBERT D. 2110 Commercial Street, Mingo Junction, Ohio CROCKER, DAVID G. 311 Garfield, Chelsea, Michigan CROWNOVER, A. BLAIR 2215 Delaney Place, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania CROXTON, TOM A. 2050 Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati 30, Ohio CROWTHER, JAMES E. 2318 Parkwood, Ann Arbor, Michigan CURRY, IRVING G., l'll 502 Ballard, Ypsilanti, Michigan CUTLER, KENNETH B. 2830 Voorheis, Pontiac, Michigan DA LMAN, RONALD L. 610 State Street, Holland, Michigan DARNELL, RAMON C. 3036 Temple Street, Muskegon, Michigan DARR, RICHARD C. ' Route 02, Fremont, Ohio DAVIS, CHARLES W. 437 South Filth Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan DAVISSON, JAMES R. 2635 Pittsfield Blvd., Ann Arbor, Michigan DAY, RICHARD E. 1447 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, Michigan DE BOER, ROBERT J. 1223 Hill Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan DEFLEY, JOSEPH E., JR. 8044 Paxton Avenue, Chicago, Hllnols DE GRAW, RONALD J. 115 North Pier, Saint Joseph, Michigan DELANA, WILLIAM G. 479 Greenwood, Glencoe, Illinois DE NICOLA, JOSEPH T. 215 East Mulberry, A1blon,Mlchlgan DENISON, ROBERT F. 2935 Eaton, Shaker Heights, Ohio DEPPEN, JOHN P. 6701 West 36th Avenue, Wheatrldge, Colorado DESAI, PRAFUL R. 1170127 Dharne Mansion, Revenue Colony, Poona 5, India DES CHENES, ALEXANDER M. 16895 Fielding, Detroit, Michigan DESENBERG, JON P. 19902 Stratford, Detroit, Michigan DES JARDINS, JERRY LEE 640 First Street, Owosso, Michigan DETHMERS, JOHN R. 623 Kensington Road, East Lansing, Michigan DEWEY, ALLEN C., JR. 522 Monroe Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan DE YOUNG, DONALD J . 505 North Dlvlslon, Ann Arbor, Michigan DE YOUNG, WILLIAM F. 2659 Boulevard Drlve, Grand Rapids, Michigan DIANA, JOSEPH A., JR. 2215 Packard Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan DIETERICH, THOMAS A. 1112 South East Rlver Road, Aurora, Illlnois DILWORTH, HARRISON P., III 775 Osceola Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota DILWORTH, EVERETT K. 775 Osceola Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota DITTRICH, RAYMOND J., JR. 310 E. L Street, Iron Mountain, Michigan DOCTOROFF, MARTIN M. 1356 Geddes Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan DODGE, DON F. 9627 Manor, Allen Park, Michigan DOLAN, PHILIP G. 2522 E. Newberry Blvd., Milwaukee, Wisconsin DONAHUE, RICHARD P. 1324 Balfour, Grosse Polnte, Michigan DONAHUE, THOMAS J., JR. 1324 Balfour, Grosse Pointe, Michigan DONEGAN, JAMES W. 411 S. Ashley Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan DOWD, JOHN C. 1435 Broadway, Ann Arbor, Michigan DOYLE, JOHN D. 3320 Bronson Blvd., Kalamazoo, Michigan DRAKE, LESTER J. 13355 River Road, Utica, Michigan DRIGGERS, NATHAN B. 14583 Penrod, Detroit, Michigan DRINAN, FRANCIS B. 113 S. Mason, Saginaw, Michigan DUNLAP, ROBERT 7710 2nd Street, Dexter, Michigan DURHAM, LEE B., JR. 124 W. Hoover, Ann Arbor, Michigan DWAN, RALPH H., JR. 5020 Linnean Avenue, Washington, D. C. DYKEMA, STEVEN L. 946 Santa Barbara, SE, Grand Raplds,Mlchlgan DYKSTRA, LOREN J . 1117 Granger Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan ECKHART, HENRY W. 2286 Indiana, Columbus, Ohio EDERER, RODGER T. 371 Hampshire Road, Akron, Ohlo EL-ADAWI, GALAL 42 Elensls, Alexandria, Egypt ELDEN, JOHN A. 13660 Falrhlll Road, Shaker Heights, Ohlo ELDRIDGE, MORTON T. Claridge Farms, Pine Plains, New York ELIAS, ERWIN A. 1010 Arbordale, Ann Arbor, Michigan ELKES, TERRENCE 1263 Commonwealth Avenue, New York City, New York ELLIOTT, ROBERT H., JR. Star Rte., Versailles, Missouri EMENS, .101-IN R., II 25 Meadow Lane, Muncie, Indiana EMERSON, STERLING J. 1032 Vaughn, Ann Arbor ENDRES, LE ROY E. 331 Thompson Street, Ann Arbor EPSTEIN, LYNN 18106 Cherrylawn, Detroit, ERDMAN, JOSEPH 2047 61st Street, Brooklyn 4, ERICKSON, RALPH H. 2211 Packard Street, Ann Arbor, ERIC KSON, TOM S. 705 Oakland, Ann Arbor, EVAN, WILLIAM R. 418 East Washington, Detroit, EVERETT, RICHARD D. 1613 White, Ann Arbor, EWA LD, EUGENE C. 532 South Fifth Street, Ann Arbor, FABIAN, JOSEPH C. , Michigan , Michigan Mic hlgan New York Michigan Mic hi'gan Mic higan Michigan Michigan Route ffl, Box 32, Schererville, Indiana FAIRCHILD, NATHAN T. 712 Madison Place, Ann Arbor, Michigan FALES, ROSC OE H. 132 Montello, Lewiston, Maine FARRUG, EUGENE J. I 16017 Charlton, Ann Arbor, Michigan FAUCI, SALVATORE A. 1863 W. 13th Street, Brooklyn, New York FEHER, LADISLAS F. 20 Broadway, Passaic, New Jersey FEIBEL, JAMES B. 880 S. First, Ann Arbor, Michigan FERG USON, DUDLEY M. 6201 W. Lake Road, Erie, Permsylvanla FICHERA, AUGUST P. 2211 Packard Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan FILDEW, JOHN H. 1105 Harvard Road, Grosse Pointe, Michigan FINGERSH, JACK N. 620 East 74th, Kansas City, Missouri FISCHER, CARL W., JR. 3423 Carpenter Road, Ypsilanti, Michigan FISHER, MARY C. R.D.l, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania FDC, GERALD A. 210 First Avenue, N.E. Mandan, North Dakota FLEMING, PHILIP A. 1105 Cornwell Place, Ann Arbor, Michigan FLETCHER, CA LVERT H. 15695 Woodland Drive, Dearborn, Michigan FLINK, ALAN J. 1530 Sheridan, Bronx, New York FOLEY, JOHN F. 185 Euclid, Birmingham, Michigan FOLPE, LAWRENCE A. 330 Charles, New Kensington, Pennsylvania FORREST, CHARLES A. 15857 Evanston, Detroit, Michigan FOSTER, CHARLES W. 365 Redmond, S. Orange, New Jersey FOSTER, JOHN L. Quarton Road, Bloomfield, Michigan FRALEY, FREDERICK W., III 17300 Shaker Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio FRANKEL, MARVIN D. 622 Buxton, W. Hempstead, New York FREMLIN, ROBERT E. 714 South State Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan FRIEDMAN, JAMES P. 3854 Spring House Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio FROMBERG, LYNN W. 2223 W. Farwell, Chicago, Illinois FROMBERG, MALCOLM H . 2223 W. Farwell, Chicago, Illinois FUERTH, STEPHEN G. 16644 Monica, Detroit, Michigan FUETO, TOSHIO Nishitsujl, Tokuyama City, Japan FUNAKI, .JAMES TAMIO 324 Miles Street, Ypsilanti, Michigan FURST, ROGER C. 905 Stuart, Wilmington, Delaware FURTH, FRED P. 15201 Broadway, I-larvey, Illinois GABIANELLI, EUGENE J. 60 Jewett, Ansonia, Connecticut GADOLA, THOMAS L. 1222 Pershing, Flint, Michigan GAINER, RONALD L. 141 Durand, East Lansing, Michigan GAINES, HARRY A. B60 S. Waterman, Jacksonville, Florida GALIEN, JOHN, JR. 264 W. 15th Street, Holland, Michigan GALLOWAY, E. DEXTER, JR. 1165 Ware Ct., Willow Run, Michigan GARBER, JAMES N. 336 East Madison, Ann Arbor, Michigan GARDINER, LESTER R., JR. 2666 Packard, Ann Arbor, Michigan GARRANAH, M. WAHID Z. 8 Talaat Harb., Cairo, Egypt GARVEY, JOHN L. 118 College Place, Ypsilanti, Michigan GASTON, PAUL K. Bishop Road, Saline, Michigan GATES, RICHARD W. R.R.6, Columbia City, Indiana GELBER, BERNARD M. 809 East Kingsley, Ann Arbor, Michigan GELDER, JOHN W. 917 Edgewood Place, Ann Arbor, Michigan GEMIGNANI, JOSEPH A. 1708 Pauline Blvd., Ann Arbor, Michigan GENGER, DAVID L. 307 Trumbull, Warren, Ohio GEORGIANA, JOSEPH S. 46 E. Broad, Blbbstown, New Jersey GERBER, ELIOT S. 2315 Calvert Street, Detroit, Michigan GERLINGER, CHARLES D. 307 South Dakota, Sioux Falls, South Dakota GERMAIN, WALLACE M. 51 Avenue B, Bayonne, New Jersey GERRARD, ALLEN S. 1508 W. Greenleaf, Chicago, Illinois GILBERT, JOHN W., JR. 2611 Concord, Flint, Michigan GILLESPIE, PHILIP G. 422 Shenley, Erie, Pennsylvania GILMORE, THOMAS F. 1006 Seneca, Wllmette, Illinois GILMOUR, ALLAN D. Barnet, Vermont GLASS, CHARLES N. 418 North Division, Ann Arbor, Michigan GLASS, BRADLEY M. 1705 Maryfield, Ann Arbor, Michigan GOETZKE, NORMAN D. 825 South First, Ann Arbor, Michigan GOFF, BENJAMIN A. 326 Mulholland Drive, Ann Arbor, Michigan GOLD, PAUL A. 621 Waveland, Chicago, Illinois GOLDEN, ROGER F. 1439 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, Michigan GRACEY, PAUL C. 2010-B Northwood Apartments, Ann Arbor, Michigan GRAHAM, JEROME J., JR. 3240 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Illinois GRANGER, GEORGE W. 2901 Heather Way, Ann Arbor, Michigan Peler M. Knowlton Licensed Insurance Underwriter EMERALD FARMS DELAWARE, OHIO MUTUAL 0F IIEW You "FIRST IN AMERICA" The Mutual Lih Insurance Company of New York 103 GRATHWOHL, CASPER O. 522 Grant, Niles, Michigan GRATRIX, DONALD E. 5855 Kendal, Dearborn, Michigan GRAY, WHITMORE 448 North Macomb, Monroe, Michigan GREBE, FRANCIS R. 691 Merchants, Rochester, New York GREENBERG, ARTHUR G. 1437 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, Michigan GREENBERGER, ROBERT A. 360 Forker, Sharon, Pennsylvania GREENE, RICHARD T. 2735 South Wagner Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan GRIER, DAVID C. 569 North Harvey, Plymouth, Michigan GRINTON, ALBERT E. 3555 Oakwood, Ann Arbor, Michigan GROPMAN, JEROME 2094 Honeywell, New York, New York GROSS, EGON M. 1885 Fuller, Ann Arbor, Michigan GROSSMAN, ALLAN W. 15761 Lesure, Detroit, Michigan GRUEL, GRANT J., JR. 7 Winchester, Lakewood, New York GRUNAWALT, RICHARD J. 452 Wentworth, Battle Creek, Michigan GURA, LEON I. 17317 Roselawn, Detroit, Michigan GURWIN, HANLEY M. 16623 Princeton, Detroit, Michigan GUY, ROBERT D. . 1721 Pauline, Ann Arbor, Michigan HAASCH, ALAN K. 2240 South State Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan HABER, WOLF 1443 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, Michigan HACKETT, WILLIE B. 17861 Wexford, Detroit, Michigan HALL, JAMES J. 712 Allegan, Saugatuck, Michigan HALLER, ALBERT A. Manchester, Michigan HAMILTON, RICHARD A. 2414 Detroit, Toledo, Ohio HAMMELL, ROBERT E. 2725 West Ellsworth Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan HAMMOND, JOHN T. 208-212 Robinson Bldg., Benton Harbor, Michigan HAMZA, MAHMOUD H. 4172 W. Kalamazoo, Lansing, Michigan HANCOCK, HENRY H. 601 East Wood, Paris, Tennessee HANCUFF, LOREN E. - 33110 Grand River, Farmington, Michigan HANDLER, WALLACE 18645 Wildemere, Detroit, Michigan HANPETER, EDWARD C. 6220 Westminster Place, St. Louis, Missouri HANSON, JAMES R. 603 Indlanola, Ann Arbor, Michigan HARDIES, ROBB H. 821 Hampton, Grosse Pointe, Michigan HARDWICK, GEORGE Q. R.F.D. 01, Rochester, New Hampshire HARFELD, DAVID I. 1921 Shenandoah, Richmond, Virginia HART, JOSEPH K. 1138 Cadillac, Grand Rapids, Michigan HARTWIG, EUGENE L. 3391 W. 158th, Cleveland, Ohio HASKELL, DONALD M. 7660 Ann Arbor Street, Dexter, Michigan HASWELL, ANTHONY, JR. P.O. Box 980, Dayton, Ohio HATHAWAY, JOHN R. 917 Greenwood, Ann Arbor, Michigan HAY, PETER H. 29280 Brookshane, Birmingham, Michigan HAYDON, GEORGE R., JR. 631 Westover, Kansas City, Missouri HAYES, RODERICK D. 1003 W. Genesee, Lansing, Michigan HAYNIE, KENNETH H. 1448 Washington Heights, Ann Arbor, Michigan HAYS, FRANK M. 1144 N. Bever Street, Wooster, Ohio HEARD, CHARLES W. 221 Oenoke Ridge, New Canaan, Connecticut HEATH, FREDERICK W. 6961 Drexel, Dearborn, Michigan HEHER, GARRETT M. 42 Peadlcaris, Trenton, New Jersey HENDERSON, ROBERT J. 1438 Whlte, Ann Arbor, Michigan HENRY, DAVID B. 711 West Florida, Urbana, Illinois HENSON, ARNOLD 108 Ardsley, Scarsdale, New York HEPPENSTALL, EDWARD M. 6815 Edgerton, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania HERBERT, JOHN D. 1846 Stadium Place, Ann Arbor, Michigan HETRICK, WILLIAM H. 532 Jackson, Fremont, Ohio HETTINGER, PHILIP J. 2207 North Adams, Hutchinson, Kansas HEYSINGER, JACK D. 1721 North 26th, Kansas City, Kansas HIGGINS, ROBERT R. 385 E. 18th, Brooklyn, New York HILDEBRANDT, DUANE M. 2499 E. Michigan, Ypsilanti, Michigan HILDEBRAND, MAX 96 Rhelnstrasse, Wiesbaden, Germany HILLIS, JAMES F. 714 Henry, Ann Arbor, Michigan HINDMAN, ROGER S. 17 Stanton, Milton, Pennsylvania HINES, DONALD A. 1037 Rebecca Road, Lansing, Michigan HIRSCH, BARRY 333 West 86th, New York, New York HIRT, P. STANLEY, JR. 26 Bellevlew Avenue, Mt. Clemens, Michigan HOCHBERG, EDWIN H. 726 South Main, Ann Arbor, Michigan HODES, SCOTT 5555 South Everett, Chicago, Illinois HOERNER, ROBERT J. 1448 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, Michigan HOGAN, HENRY M., JR. 826 South Main, Ann Arbor, Michigan HONDA, YUK10 A. P.O. Box 265, Lanai City, Hawaii HOPPE, WOLFGANG 24631 Union, Dearborn, Michigan HOROWITZ, ALLAN 194A Donor, East Paterson, New Jersey HORTON, FOREST W., JR. 579-43rd, Oakland, California HOWE, NELSON S. 903 North Clinton, St. Johns, Michigan HOUSE, CLINTON C. 21930 Harding, Oak Park, Michigan HOVDE, FREDERICK B. 1708 Northwood Apartments, Ann Arbor, Michigan HOYA, THOMAS W. 1825 East Beverly, Milwaukee, Wisconsin HUGHES, THOMAS J. 12629 Sorrento, Detroit, Michigan Complete Athletic Outfitters Purchase Camera . . .- if" Moe Sport Shops its NOrmancly 8-6972 HAROLD S. TRICK lp-l 1116 S. University, Ann Arbor 711 North University NO 8-6915 'Z Purchase from llpurchasell Q 334 South Stote Street L 0 U N S E 1122 South University gifts flowers and gifts Q,+YtE'B4'Q, lEE'S BARBERS if ill' '40 6,-z-' 611 EAST UNIVERSITY Meow-"' We extend best wishes to some of Uatlnrn - Qllnthirrn - Iliurntnhzrn 1119 So. University Avenue ' our BEST customers I for Law Books and Student Supplies New B O O K S Used For oll schools ond departments at FOLLETT'S w A H R ' 5 ST T St TN HUM "Michigon's Oldest ond Most Complete o e . ci . 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'I I , mr- ,hz A in-x ,did qfmcffgimi, t.,. 1., R4-rr Ag-'M' gf ' . - ss- 1 '34 - A , ' , f' N V ' N ., ngxalw 5 "1 R p,.Q,,, A-.n A. :R .-FW., Q Ri 442 Ann Arbor's Busy Book Store THERE Must BE A REASON 1 i, A 'fe 03' An . n Arbor Del RIO PIZZERIA Michigan open at 4 p.m. daily Complete Dinners Served till Midnight Fridays and Saturdays till 2 a.m. Fgy' TQke.QU1' Service OF 1957 122 W. Washington Call: NO 2-9575 106 HUGHEY, RICHARD M. Moorepark, Michigan HUIZENGA, EVERETT L. 718 Monroe, Ann Arbor, Michigan HUMPHREYS, JAMES A., JR. 532 Third Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan HUNZIKER, ROBERT M. 53 Glenwood Road, Upper Montclair, New Jersey I-IURLEY, JOHN E. 40 West Delhi, Ann Arbor, Michigan HUTHWAITE, DAVID P. 527 West Iroquois, Pontiac, Michigan IGL, GERALD H. 1948 Del Moro, Klamath Falls, Oregon IRELAND, CURTIS D. 1461 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, Michigan IRVIN, CHARLES E., JR. . 619 East University, Ann Arbor, Michigan IVERSON, ARTHUR T., JR. 1 1815 Pauline, Ann Arbor, Michigan IVERSON, JOHN I. 540 Packard, Ann Arbor, Michigan JACKSON, FREDERICK A. 1030 Arbordale, Ann Arbor, Michigan JACKSON, JOHN H. 602 W. Rollins, Columbia, Missouri JACOBUS, PHIL 1396 Elm, Plymouth, Michigan JACOBS, FRANK D. 2424 Putnam, Toledo, Ohio JACOBUSSE, K. DON 50 East 15th, Holland, Michigan JAEGER, HANS J. H. 39 Franz Josefstrasse, Munich, Germany JAMES, DONALD E. 1911 Commonwealth, Kalamazoo, Michigan JAMES, WILLIAM J. 810 Minneapolis, Soo, Michigan JEANDREVIN, JOHN T. 203 5th, S.W., Strasburg, Ohio JEGEN, LAWRENCE A., III 2535 73rd, Chicago, Illinois JENKINS, PAUL R. 439 Sulgrave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania JENKINS, MERLE R. 1700 Northwood Apartments, Ann Arbor, Michigan JENKINS, MARTEN R. 439 Sulgrave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania JOBIN, ROBERT E. 8600 Pearson, Oak Park, Michigan JOHNSON, DAVID W. 2002-B Northwood Apartments, Ann Arbor, Michigan JOHNSON, HUGH C. 155 North Green, New Richmond, Wisconsin JOHNSON, LIVINGSTONE M. 1131 Ross, Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania JOHNSTON, CHARLES L. 44 South Mount Vernon, Uniontown, Pennsylvania JONES, EDWARD A. 1004 Balfour, Midland, Michigan JOSEPH, THOMAS B. 4680 Swartlant, Saginaw, Michigan KABAKER, RICHARD Z. 5000 South Cornell, Chicago, Illinois KAHLENBECK, HOWARD, JR. 333 South Division, Ann Arbor, Michigan KAPP, ROBERT H. 6724 North Richmond, Chicago, Illinois KARCH, GEORGE F., JR. 3041 Warrington Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio KATZ, MELVIN I. 1657 St. Johns Place, Brooklyn, New York KAUFER, ALVIN S. 118 First Avenue, Kingston, Pennsylvania KAUFMAN, DAVID 1721 Pauline, Ann Arbor, Michigan KAUMA, ERIC E. Chassell, Michigan KEHOE, JOHN T. 5500 W. 70 Terr., Kansas City, Missouri KELLAR, KENNETH C., JR. 837 East University, Ann Arbor, Michigan KELLER, CHARLES E. 24800 Fairmont, Dearborn, Michigan KELLY, BRIAN J. 2465 Chicago Blvd., Detroit, Michigan KELLY, JOHN D. 605 Reeves Drive, Grand Forks, North Dakota KELLY, LAWRENCE M. 2465 Chicago Avenue, Detroit, Michigan KELLY, MICHAEL F. 609 Chestnut Street, Cloquet, Minnesota KELLY, THOMAS P. 8 Mayfair Road, Morris Plain, New Jersey KENNEDY, BERNARD J. 901 Ferry Avenue, Niagara Falls, New York KENNEDY, JAMES P. 7304 Burrwood, St. Louis, Missouri KENNEDY, PHILIP L. 332 Elm, Hinsdale, Illinois KENNEY, DON H. 541 South Division, Ann Arbor, Michigan KERASTAS, PAUL W. 8846 Manor, Detroit, Michigan KERSTEN, EDMUND C. 516 East Day Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin KESTENBAUM, M. ROBERT 279 Neptune Avenue, Brooklyn, New York KHAN, MOHAMED SAMIN Sherpore House, Sldhva Road, Karachi 5, Pakistan KHARBAS, DA TTA S. Loni-Kalbhor, Poona, India KILSDONK, JAMES J. 18244 Berg Road, Detroit, Michigan KING BRUCE S. 900 Smith, Lansing, Michigan KING, BARRY L. EI Pancho Court, Bay City, Michigan KING DOMINIC B. 509 West Sussex, Missoula, Montana KING, JACK B. 4115 Farnam Street, Omaha, Nebraska KING, LAWRENCE P. 219 Audubon, New York City 33, New York KING RICHARD C. 1817 East 30th, Hutchinson, Kansas KINNEL, RUSSEL J. 1439 East Park, Ann Arbor, Michigan KIPKA, ROSS A. 1719 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio KIRCOS, GEORGE 8366 Thaddeus, Detroit, Michigan KIRC HGESSNER, ROBERT A. 1538 Franklin, Grand Rapids, Michigan KIVETT, CHARLES H. 5231 North Illinois, Indianapolis, Indiana KLEIN, M. MARK 1735 Commonwealth Avenue, Brighton, Massachusetts KLEINMAN, SIDNEY C. 707 Church Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan KLINE, JOHN R. 1427 5th Avenue, Fargo, North Dakota KNAUSS, ROBERT L. 1107 South State, Ann Arbor, Michigan KNOWLTON, PETER M. Emerald Farms, Delaware, Ohio KOBZA, JAMES J. 10080 John R. Street, Whitmore Lake, Michigan KOCH, RICHARD F. 6019 North Pointe, St. Louis, Missouri KOCH, DONALD J. 550 Harriet, Flint, Michigan KOCHER, WALTER W. 548 South Broadway, Tarrytown, New York KOEHLER, H. JAMES 620 Vinlta Avenue, Akron, Ohio KOEHLER, PHILIP J. 415 East 52nd Street, New York Clty, New York KOHN, RICHARD F. 516 A Barry, Chicago, Illlnols KOHN, HARRIS D. 516 A Barry, Chicago, Illinois KOMIVES, PAUL J. 18286 Cheerylawn, Detroit, Michigan KOZLOWSKI, RICHARD L. 1658 Northwood Apartments, Ann Arbor, Michigan KRALICK, RICHARD L. 6564 East Michigan Avenue, Sallne, Michigan KRAMER, ARNOLD L. 19352 Coyle, Detroit, Michigan KRAUS, CHARLES K. 3225 Coquellas, Terr. Ch. Ch., Indiana KRAUSE, HARRY D. 324 Thompson Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan KRITT, WILLIAM 140 Apple Avenue, Benton Harbor, Michigan KROLL, BARRY L. 934 Dewey, Ann Arbor, Michigan KRON, LAWRENCE B. 19200 Lucrene, Detroit, Michigan KRUEGER, HANS C. 47650 North Territorial Road, Plymouth, Michigan KRUPMAN, VICTOR S. 2421 Traymore Road, University Heights, Ohio KUCIE, THOMAS T. 1635 East Maple Road, Royal Oak, Michigan KULL, RONALD L. 1503 Washburn, Topeka, Kansas KURLAND, RICHARD 324 Thompson, Ann Arbor, Michigan KUTCHINS, HERBERT 6420 Maynada, Coral Gables, Florida LA BRIE, LAWRENCE J. Forest, Rye, New York LACEY, FRANK M. 15803 Littlefield, Detroit, Michigan LADAS, PAUL M. 86 Hamilton, Muskegon, Michigan LAFUZE, RICHARD H. R.R. 3, Liberty, Indlana LAMEY, ARTHUR F., JR. 2623 Pittsfield, Ann Arbor, Michigan LANDIS, EDWIN C., JR. 80 Bullman, Philllpsburg, New Jersey LANG, THOMAS J. 539 Packard, Ann Arbor, Michigan LANGS, RICHARD J. 1762 Iroquois, Detrolt, Michigan LA RUE, CARL F., JR. 2940 Fuller, Ann Arbor, Mlchlgan LAUER, THEODORE E., JR. 2801 Pittsfield, Ann Arbor, Michigan LAW, ROGER A. 349 Auburn, Grand Rapids, Michigan LAWRENCE, CHESTER C. 7707 Hartwell, Dearborn, Michigan LAWSON, ROBERT E. 4349 Hunt, Wayne, Michigan LAWTON, LATHAM B. 333 Packard, Ann Arbor, Mlchlgan LEARNED, DANIEL C. 2385 Plainview, Saginaw, Michigan LEAVENGOOD, JAMES A. 539 Woodland, Lansing, Michigan LEDAKIS, GUST ANGELO 1130 East Huron, Ann Arbor, Michigan LEENGRAN, WAYNE 221 North Delphia, Park Ridge, Illinois LE FSTEIN, STUART LEI, SHAO-LING R. 535 Packard, Ann Arbor, Michigan 1 Lane, 18 Sect 2, Ho-Ping Tungla, Taipei, China LEIGHNER, WILLIAM I-l. 407 Nob Hill, Ann Arbor, Michigan LEIPPLY, GERALD R. 2550 Berk, Cuyahuga Falls, Ohio LEITHAUS ER, THOMAS R. LEMP, LOUIS E. LERMAN, STUART G 80 Lakeshore, Grosse Pointe, Michigan 1627 Joestlng, Alton, Illinois ' 2406 Euclid, Syracuse, New York LEVINE, BERNARD W. 3397 Sedgwick, New York City, New York LEVINE, LAWRENCE E. LEWIS, DEAN S. 56 Rlpplewater, Massapequa., New York 6054- East Chicago, Sturgis, Michigan LEWIS, CARLISLE C., JR. LEWIS, DAVID L. LEWIS, JOHN F. 855 South First, Ann Arbor, Michigan 601 University NW, Atlanta, Georgia 68 South Prof., Oberlin, Ohio LEWIS, ROBERT K., JR. LIBIN, JEROME B. LIEBER, RONALD S. 331 Prospect, Lake Bluff, Illinois 522 West Roscoe, Chicago, Illinois 2055 Tremont, Michigan Clty, Indiana LIEVENS, R. ROBERT LINDE, JULIAN J. LINDER, RONALD J . LINK, ROBERT A. 1032 Church, Ann Arbor, Michigan 824 Henry, Ann Arbor, Michigan 2331 Riverside, Dayton, Ohio 18710 Indiana, Detroit, Michigan LINVILLE, JAMES B. 1805 Pauline, Arm Arbor, Michigan LIPPERT, ARTHUR T., JR. LISLE, DONALD C. LODWICK, DAVID D. LOGAN, ROBERT L., LOGAN, JAMES F. LOHR, GEORGE E. 119 North Michigan, Saginaw, Michigan 115 South Connecticut, Royal Oak, Michigan 741 Magnolia, Excelsior Springs, Missouri JR. 217 Wyoming, Cincinnati, Ohio 719 North Madlson, Ann Arbor, Michigan 1452 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, Michigan LONG, KENNETH E. 3383 Oakwood, Ann Arbor, Michigan LONGO, NICHOLAS A. LOO, GEORGE W. T. 36 Green, Putnam, Connecticut 1203 Palama, Honolulu, Hawaii LOUCKS, ROBERT L. 15 Emmons Court, Wyandotte, Michigan LUCIANO, ROBERT P. 146 8 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, Michigan LUCYSHYN, PETER S. LUNEY, WILLIAM R. Rt. 3, Homer, Michigan 1708 West Sherman, Peoria, Illinois LUNDSTROM, CHARLES C. LYALL, LEONARD A LYNCH, GEORGE F. LYNESS, ALAN R. 230 Arbutur, Manlstique, Michigan I 15390 Cruse, Detroit, Michigan 344 South Ashley, Ann Arbor, Michigan 18901 Sorrento, Detroit, Michigan I Pretzel Bell "A Michigan Tradition" CARLSON PHARMACY I I I2 South University NOrmandy 3-5533 Prescriptions Carefully Compounded S U N D R I E S FOUNTAIN SERVICE Specially Designated Distributor For Michigan Liquor Control Commission Chatter Box soo SOUTH STATE Good Food land Good Coffee! BERMUDA CAFE 808 South State Street H O U R S : Daily and Saturdays 7:00 a.m. to l:O0 a.m. Sundays 9:00 a.m. to I :OO a.m. LUMBARD'S UNIVERSITY DRUG 1225 South University Avenue Congratulations to the Class of 1957 TICE and WREN cion-ies Fon MEN 1107 South University Ann Arbor Campus Opticians Optical Service for the Campus Area NOrmandy 2-9116 240 Nickels Arcade Gust above Van Bovensl Tried the Rest - Now Try The Best l Compliments Old German Restaurant "Ann Arbor's Finest" I2O West Washington Street LYONS, EDWARD T., JR. MC ALISTER, ROBERT B. MC CARTY, WILLIAM R. 1621 Drexel, La.nslng, Michigan 168 Montelaln, Circlevllle, Ohio 408 South 4th Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan MC CLURG, RICHARD F. MAC DONELL, ANGUS G. Route 07, New Castle, Pennsylvania MC CREADY, WILLIAM H. 1121 Packard, Ann Arbor, Michigan Quaker Bridge Road, Osslning, New York MC GEOUGH, ROBERT S. MC KEE, KENT E. MC KONE, MICHAEL M. Route 02, Chardon, Ohio 304 Monroe, Delta, Ohio MC KENZIE, WILLIAM M., JR. 310 Miller Road, Peoria, Illinois MC KEVITT, MARTIN O., JR. 12543 Greenwood, Blue Island, Illinois 738 West Washington, Jackson, Michigan MAC LEAN, HAROLD O., JR. MAC LAUGHLIN, FRANCIS J., JR. 202 Essex Lane, Davenport, Iowa 1100 Goldsprlng Road, Santa Barbara, Calif. MAC MILLAN, JOHN M. MC NERNEY, MICHAEL A. MAHAN, FREDERICK 13303 Sussex, Detroit, Michigan 15 Crosby Street, Berea, Ohio MACKNESS, KENNETH G. 15050 Stahelin Road, Detroit, Michigan MAC MILLAN, ALEXANDER 2059 Wealthy, Grand Rapids, Michigan 217 Truslow, Charleston, West Vlrglnla MANN, PETER M. MANUEL, EDWARD A. MARBLE, JOHN H. MARKHUS, ROGER C. MARKOWITZ, LEWIS H. MARKS, J. DAVID MAJOROS, THEMISTOCLES 4290 Olnker Road, Saglnaw, Michigan MALCOLM, CHARLES F., JR. 14897 Sprlngarden, Detroit 5, Michigan 2391 Plnecrest, Ann Arbor, Michigan 801 East Huron, Ann Arbor, Michigan 127 West Hoover, Ann Arbor, Michigan 3927 Rushland, Toledo, Ohio 829 Arch Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan 1805 Pauline Blvd., Ann Arbor, Michigan MARKSTROM, WILBUR J. MARLIN, DAVID H. South Haven, Michigan Kimberly Apartments, Boyd Drive, Sharon, Pennsylvania MARSHALL, MONTE K. MARTENS, HARRY MARTI, GEORGE W. MARTIN, ROBERT A. 1426 Woodcroft, Fllnt, Michigan 2306 Groveland, Bay City, Michigan Route 46, Saginaw, Michigan 612 Church Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan MARUTANI, ALLEN I. MASON, GEORGE E. MATEER, WILLIAM G. MATHESON, WILLIAM Y. MATHWICH, RONALD L. 208 Kaplolanl Street, Hilo, Hawall Route 41, Rlga, Michigan 2335 Fernwood, Ann Arbor, Mlchlgan 460 Barry Avenue, Chicago, Illinois MATHEWS, WENDELL E., JR. 10514 Miles Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 117 South 7th Avenue, Wausaw, Wisconsin MATTA, JOHN A. 512 Green Street, Brownsville, Pennsylvania MAXFIELD, GUY B. 819 East Un1versity,Ann Arbor, Michigan MEEKER, JEROME D. 523 '7th Avenue, SE, Jamestown, North Dakota MEIKLE, WILLIAM M. cfo Standard Printing Co., Celina, Ohio MERCER, ROY C., JR. 276 Emmons Blvd., Wyandotte, Michigan MEYERS, DONALD D. 702 Oakland, Ann Arbor, Michigan MEYERS, HANNES, JR. 1267 Shettler Road, Mussagow Heights, Michigan MEYERS, CARL G. 2709 Inwood Drlve, Toledo, Ohio MICHAEL, LEROY, JR. West View Drive, Plum Lake, Athens, Georgia MIDDLETON, MARTHA ANN I 25 Ohio Avenue, Wellston, Ohio MILLER, DANIEL L. R. 210 Mohawk Drive, Erie, Pennsylvania MILLER, DONALD W. 730 Spring, Ann Arbor, Michigan MILLER, JOSEPH A. 75 East 21st Street, Brooklyn, New York MILLIGAN, LOUISE H. 1425 Tolma, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania MILLS, DANIEL C., JR. 336 East Madison, Ann Arbor, Michigan MILLS, JOEL I. 1101 Janes, Saginaw, Michigan MILLS, WILLIAM R. Dexter, Michigan MILTENBERGER, R. H., III 529 East Stroop, Dayton, Ohio MITCHELL, ROBERT F. 331 Page, Morencl, Michigan MOBERG, PHILLIP B. 1106 Norman, Ann Arbor, Michigan MODLIN, LOWELL R. 302 West Davis, Ann Arbor, Michigan MOEHLMAN, HERMAN 20132 Ward, Detroit, Mlchlgan MOHL, CHARLES G., II. 1335 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, Mlchlgan MONTGOMERY, GEORGE E. 19410 Hershey, Detroit, Michigan MOORE, CHARLES C. 1515 Northwestern, Lafayette, Indiana MOORE, JAMES A. 7674 Ann Arbor, Dexter, Michigan MORGAN, DAVID J. 64-11 99th, Forest Hllls, New York MORMAN, WILLIAM H. 210 Marlborough, Detroit, Mlchlgan MORRIS, FRANK R., JR. 2008 Frleze Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan MORRIS, LLOYD D. Box 6, Eden, Michigan MORRIS. MARILYN ROSE 1898 Barnes, Eden, Michigan MORROW, JOHN H. 2800 11th Court, Birmingham, Alabama Moscow, CYRIL 1444 West Liberty, Ann Arbor, Michigan MOYER, RALPH S. 131 South Cannon, Lansdale, Pennsylvania MOZINSKI, MELVYN I. 6539 North Sacramento, Chicago, Illlnols MUIR, WILLIAM K., JR. 211 Ridge, Detroit, Michigan MULLIGAN, JEROME 1711 Haven, Ann Arbor, Michigan NACK, LOUIS A. 807 South Bench Street, Galena, Illlnols Town ond Country Room Old Ann Arbor Room Michigon Room WEBER'S SUPPER CLUB FINE FOOD BEER AND WINE Specializing in Steoks, Seo Food Chicken, Lobster NO 3-8578 US-12-Two Miles West of Ann Arbor HOLIDAY HOUSE, new Motel Court Recommended by AAA IN ANN ARBOR IT'S THE CLUB IDAIUCIIUG Fri. 81 Sat. Nights VFW CLUB MEMBERS and GUESTS Vocals by Mary Lou 314 E. Liberty NO 2-3972 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1957 From The TV-I'II-FI RECORDS 300 South Thoyer N0 2-2500 When you toke out thot Mortho Cookie for coftee, remember THE FOUR PREKETES BROTHERS SUGAR BOWL For Half Cl Century Ann Arbor's Finest STEAKS - CHICKENS -- CHOPS 109-111 South Moin Street NO 2-1414 7 a.m. to I a.m., Fri. 8. Sat. til 2 a.m We most cordially invite you to stop In and try on The Official Michigan Law School Rings Immediate Delivery - Accurate Sizing Complimentary Engraving L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY 132.1 S. University Phone 3-1733 Ann Arbor's Leading Cleaner TGreene's Microclean fwith Soliuml CLEAN UNDER THE MICROSCOPE CALL NOrmandy 2-3231 DAY OR NIGHT 516 East Liberty Street NOrmandy 3-4119 Witham Drug Company 601 S. Forest Ave. at S. University B E E R A N D W I N E Fountain Service DELTA DRUG 818 SOUTH STATE Drugs-Cosmetics-Prescriptions MORRILL'S 314 South State Street T Y P E W R l T E R S OFFICE FURNITURE AND SUPPLIES Photographic Supplies Sundries Slnce l9O8 FLETCHER - MACK DRUG CO. 0 4572 en Since' 1848 Men's Apparel STATE STREET AT LIBERTY 324 South State Street "SERVING MICHIGAN FOR OVER SEVENTY YEARS!" NAST, WILLIAM I-I., JR. 615 East 2nd Street, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania NAVIDZAELEH, BUICK 1917 Washtenaw Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan NEDERLANDER, ROBERT E. NEEDHAM, ROGER A. NELSON, DAVID L. 11534 Byron, Detroit, 1103 North Penna, Lansing, Mic higan Michigan 782 North Academy Street, Galesburg, Illinois NELSON, DAVID A. Route ill, Box 772, Ishpemlng, Mic hlgan NEMEROVSKI, HOWARD N. 8221 Delongpre, Los Angeles 46, California NEWMAN, BRIAN J. NICHOLAS, socRA'rEs NIxoN, DAVID L. 714 NORD, MELVIN NORRIS, WILLIAM R. NORTHROP, DAVID H. 2305 Ridgewood Avenue, Alliance, Ohio 104 Linden Blvd., Brooklyn, New York South State Street, Ann Arbor, 17600 Pinehurst, Detroit, Route 83, Charlotte, 2705 Whitemore Lake Road, Ann Arbor, OAKLAND, E. WILLIAM OBBARD, PETER B. 1001 East Huron, Ann Arbor, Michigan Mic hlgan Michigan Michigan Michigan 422 Qxver Road, Skwlckley, Pennsylvania O'CONNELL, HAROLD P. 230 East Delaware Place, Chicago, Illinois OLMST ED, CHARLES D. OLSON, RAYMOND, JR. OLTMAN, JOHN H. OMDALEN, MILAS K. 1745 Westridge, Ann Arbor, Mlc higan 605 Valley, Glencoe, Illinois 508 Benjamin, Ann Arbor, Michigan 424 Fifth Avenue, S.E., Minneapolis 14, Minnesota O'NEAL, JOE E. ONG, DAVID N. 704 Fourth Street, Marietta, Ohio 9429 Main Street, Whitmore Lake, Michigan ORMAN, STUART D. osx-uno, JAMES x. PADWE, GERALD w. PAI, TEH-cHAo 17329 Indiana, Detroit 21, Michigan 50 Koele Way, Wahiawa, Oahu, T.H. 1001 Bay Drive, Miami Beach, Florida 402 Chun-Hwa Road, Hsinchu, Tawlan, China PAINE, WILLIAM D. PAPAZICKOS, CHRIS G. Intewale, New Hampshire 608 Centennial, New Castle, Pennsylvania PARK, CHARLES B. PARK, JAMES A. 1326 Rand, Raleigh, North Carolina 805 Michigan Avenue, Benzonia, PARKER, GEORGE E., III 171 Lewiston Road, Grosse Pointe, PARKER, RICHARD N. 1584 Kirtland Drive, Ann Arbor, PARKER, VALENTINE F. 1647 Avondale Avenue, Ann Arbor, PARKER, WALTER J., JR. PARR, LYLE PARSONS, BRUCE N. PASCOFF, PASCAL J. PATTERSON, WILLIAM 19314 Parke Lane, Grosse Ile, 17600 Roselawn, Detroit, 114 Linden, Big Rapids, 7025 Hartwell, Dearborn, 8120 Frith, Richmond, Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Mic higan Michigan Michigan Mic hlgan Michigan PAWLOSKI, JOSEPH P. RR 442, Wayland, Michigan PENZIEN, EUGENE C. 1105 South State, Ann Arbor, Michigan PENTECOST, RONALD R. 801 West Madison, Ann Arbor, Michigan PERDIX, E. GEORGE 1745 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan PERLBERG, JULES M. 1007 Jeffras, Marion, Indiana PERLMUTTER, LOUIS 50 Gordon Road, Waban, Massachusetts PERRY, BYRON M. 23850 South Woodland, Shaker Heights, Ohio PETERS, JOHN C. 313 Seventh Ave. West, Webster, South Dakota PETERSEN, CARL O. 2319 Allen Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania PEVEN, CHARLES 901 Spruce, Dowagiac, Michigan PIERCE, ROBERT 92 Davis, Brookline, Massachusetts PILKINGTON, JOSEPH H. 2601 Scottwood, Toledo, Ohio PIVNICK, RONALD P. 147 Andover Street, Hartford, Connecticut PLACIER, PHILIP R. 333 Belleview, Chillicothe, Ohio PLANERT, RUDOLF M. 2065 Day Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan PLIMPTON, RALPH L. Mount Hope, Wisconsin POHLMAN, JAMES E. 109 South Stanwood Road, Columbus, Ohio POLLACK, LAWRENCE W. 833 East University, Ann Arbor, Michigan POMPADUR, MARTIN I. 226-5th, Stamford, Connecticut PORTER, JAMES M. 824 South Main 141, Ann Arbor, Michigan POSNER, LAWRENCE K. 6729 Bosworth, Chicago, Illinois POWELL, JOHN F. 10 Rochingham Drive, Toledo, Ohio PRESCOTT, GERALD J., JR. 1522 West Paterson, Flint, Michigan PREWOZNIK, JEROME F. 5700 St. Lawrence, Detroit, Michigan PURDY, CARROLL F., JR. 608 Berlin Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania PUTNAM, GEORGE W. 107 4th Street NE, Massillon, Ohio QUINN, THOMAS F., JR. 1200 Janes, Saginaw, Michigan RADER, ROGER F. 202 Cayuga, Storm Lake, Iowa RAPP, GERALD D. 524 Elm, Aim Arbor, Michigan RAY, JOHN D. 721 Brooke, Ann Arbor, Michigan RAYWID, ALAN 4535 Winoom Place, Washington, D.C. REED, DAVID Q. 5236 Cherry Street, Kansas City, Missouri REED, FRANK F., II. 247 Shenstone Road, Riverside, Illinois REES, JOHN E. 923 West Street, Emporia, Kansas REGAN, MICHAEL J. 5124 Aldrich, Minneapolis, Minnesota REICHENBACH, JOHN C. 20 Vernon Drive, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania REICHERT-FACILIDES, FRITZ 8 Blessuamisk, Bremerhaven, Germany REINSTADTLER, THOMAS J., JR. Cochran Road, Pittsburgh 28, Pennsylvania REISIG, DONALD L. 1472 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, RENO, THEODORE H. 511 Chalmers, Detroit, REYNOLDS, DON L. 1884 Miller Road, Ann Arbor, RHOADES, DA LE w. 116 Macomb, Manchester, RICHARDS, GEORGE R. 909 Helen, Midland, RITCHIE, ROBERT A. 1435i- Broadway, Ann Arbor, ROBERTS, GEORGE P. 609 Hill Street, Ann Arbor, ROBERTS, RICHARD K. 1506 Jewett, Ann Arbor, ROBERTS, RICHARD N. 425 Cross Street, Ann Arbor, ROBINSON, JACK L. 1102 West Cross, Ypsilanti, ROEMELE, EUGENE C., III 306 Shelby, Frankfort, ROESCH, RICHARD R. 344 Eight Street, Ann Arbor, ROGERS, JOHN T. 9235 Agnes, Detroit, ROLLINS, DAVID L. Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Kentucky Michigan Michigan 900 Cantrell, Nashville, Tennessee ROSE, THOMAS C. 1420 Henry, Ann Arbor, ROSENBERG, DONALD B. Michigan 226 Mt. Hope Avenue, New York, New York ROSENFELD, ROBERT S. 135-35 228th Street, Laurelton, Queens, New York ROSENTHAL, RICHARD S. 7824 Gannon, University City, ROWE, THOMAS A., JR. Missouri 975 Hamilton, Palo Alto, California RUBY, RICHARD P. 1316 Arbor View, Ann Arbor, RUDY, ELMER C. 1516 Jewett, Ann Arbor, RUSING, HERBERT J. 825 South lst Street, Ann Arbor, RUTH, C. PALMER Michigan Michigan Mic hlgan 457 Overlook Drive, Alliance, Ohio RYAN, MICHAEL J. 50 Stegman Street, Jersey City, North Dakota. RYAN, THOMAS B. 18637 Littlefield, Detroit, SABIN, FREDERIC H. Mlchlgan 1862 Sherman, Evanston, Illinois SALLADE, GEORGE W. 728 Onondaga, Ann Arbor, SAMS, JAMES F. Michigan 2131 6th, Bay City, .Michigan SANIN-GREIFFENSTEIN, JAIME Apartado Aereo 1480, Medellln, Colombia, S. A. SAYLOR, JOHN M. 1429 Kensington, Grosse Pointe, SCHAEFER, JOHN P. Mic hlgan 1109 South State Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan SCHAPS, RONALD T. 3532 North Hamilton Avenue, Chicago 18, Illinois SCHEER, RICHARD A. 100 West 42nd Street, New York, New York SCHIPPEL, JOHN E. 1338 Rosemary, Detroit, SCHNEIDER, DOUGLAS N. 1116 Norman Place, Ann Arbor, SCHREIBER, DOBBY 1141 Cornell, Muskegon, SCHULER, ROBERT D. 521 Linden, Ann Arbor, SCHUYLER, ROB R. Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan 1727 North Ogden Drive, Hollywood, California SCHWARTZ, NORMAN 333 Packard, Ann Arbor, Michigan SCHWARTZ, LEONARD B. 2515 Davidson Ave., New York, New York SCHWEMM, JOHN B. 240 Elm Road, Barrington, Illinois SCODELLER, RAYMOND L. 745 Miner Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan SCOTT, MICHAEL 2332 Parkwood, Ann Arbor, Michigan SEILS, WILLIAM G. 917 Greenwood, Ann Arbor, Michigan SENDA, TADAO 150 Mita, Meguroku, Tokyo, Japan SEWELL, ROBERT G. 2 Curtland Circle, Madison, Wisconsin SHAEVSKY, MARK 4051 Richton, Detroit, Michigan SHAFFER, RICHARD A. 4980 Marine, Chicago, Illinois SHEA, EDWARD E. 15469 Santa Rosa, Detroit 38, Michigan SHEI-IAN, WILLIAM R. 1212 Brooklyn, Ann Arbor, Michigan SHELDEN, HENRY D. 904 Whittier Road, Grosse Pointe, Michigan SHELTON, MURRAY N., JR. Harrysbourg, Dunkirk, New York SHEPHERD, JOHN H. 19176 Manor, Detrolt, Michigan SHIFF, THEODORE H., III 1427 Elmwood Avenue, Evanston, Illinois SHUTE, DAVID 3415 Westwood, Dearborn, Michigan SINGER, RICHARD I. 18292 Steel, Detroit 35, Michigan SINGER, EUGENE M. 73 Leicester Street, Port Chester, New York SLYE, WILLIAM R. 1445 Edgewood Circle, Jacksonville, Florida SMALL, FRANCIS M., JR. 1180 Rublo Street, Altadewa, California SMALLEY, DAVID R. 3413 Norwood Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan SMART, J . L. 353 Carrie Street, Soo, Michigan SMEE, KEVIN M. 504 West Savannah, Detroit 3, Michigan SMETANA, GERARD C. 35 West 82nd Street, New York 24, New York SMITH, DAVID Y. 225 Merrlweather, Grosse Pointe 36, Michigan SMITH, DONALD W. 4717 Graceland, Indianapolis, Indlana SMITH, GERALD M. 420 Robert, Ferguson, Missouri SMITH, NORTON R. 416 West 62nd Terrace, Kansas City, Missouri SMITH, PHILLIP E. 2952 Parkside Drive, Flint, Michigan SMITH, WAYNE R. 119 Clinton, Petoskey, Michigan SNEL, DIRK D. 41 Poplar Avenue, Pompton Plains, New Jersey SNELL, HILARY F. 451 Evergreen Street, East Lansing, Michigan SNYDER, JOHN J. 1704 North Lincoln, Robinson, Illinois SNYDER, LEE H. 1731 Northwood Apartments, Ann Arbor, Michigan SNYDER, ROBERT J., JR. 1683 Northwood Apartments, Ann Arbor, Michigan SOLBERG, THOMAS A. 919 Lake Street, Alexandria, Minnesota SOLOMON, HERBERT W. 1191 Central Avenue, South Hempstead, New York XI' x Mdtiidn 00144, 5dl46ZWl:CA NOON LUNCH OR EVENING SNACK LUNCH AND FOUNTAIN SERVICE 709 North University Ave.-Ann Arbor, Mich. SINCE '29 AT 709 N. U. 66 99 Cmfnuf 00144, gif-'rfeb dt DINE AND DANCE BURGERS 'TILL 2 A.M. 115 SOSICH, ANTHONY G. 13314 Kllnger, Detroit 12, Michigan SOUTHER, JOHN B. Board of Trade Bldg., Portland, Oregon SPARBER, BYRON L. 1114 Lutz, Arm Arbor, Michigan SPELLMAN, JOSEPH P. 3420 Newkirk Avenue, Brooklyn, New York SPIELDOCH, S. GILBERT 2301 Klngsburry Street, St. Louis, Missouri SPRINGE, HENRY H., JR. 319 North Broadway, Leavenworth, Kansas STALKER, ROBERT D. 3087 Cottage Grove Drlve, Ann Arbor, Michigan STEELE, ROBERT W. 1717 West Shia, Lansing, Michigan STEVENS, WADE C. 249 Milford, East Lansing, Michigan STEWART' GEORGE C' 1106 owen, sagmaw, Michigan STEWART, ROBERT J. 727 South State Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan STODDARD,' PATRICIA A. 70 Glen David Cres., Toronto, Ont. STODGHILL, WILLIAM W. 1322 South Forest, Ann Arbor, Michigan STOFFEL, DONALD L. Lake Bracken, Galesburg, Illinois ST. OUGE, RONALD J. 845 Cass Ave., Klngsford, Michigan STOUMEN, KENNETH A. 36-11 Henry Hudson Parkway, Bronx, New York STRAUSS, ALFRED C. KTA, Prome Court, Rangoon, Burma STROUP, NATHANIEL W. , North Terrace, Culver, Indiana STUBBE, RICHARD K. 215 Highland, Findlay, Ohio STULL, JOHN M. 3910 Ingersoll, Des Moines, Iowa STULBERG, EDWARD B. 17503 Pralrle, Detroit, Michigan SUGARMAN, ROBERT S. 701 Maplewood Drive, Lima, Ohio SULLIVAN, JOSEPH D. 4045 Kenny Road, Columbus, Ohlo SUNAKAWA, KEISHIN 373 Hlgashlnaka, Hlrara-City, Mlyakos, The Ryukyus SWAN, CHARLES V. 539 Central Avenue, Superior, Nebraska SWAN, HENRY M. 1721 Northwood Apartments, Ann Arbor, Michigan SWANSON, STOAKLEY W. Lake Road, Menasha, Wisconsin SWEET, JACK D. 11616 East Shore Drive, Whitmore Lake, Michigan SWINFORD, JOHN M. I 440 East Plke Street, Cynthia, Kentucky SWORMSTEDT, JAMES E. 507 South Fifth Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan TAIRA, RYO 3182 Midorigaoka, Meguroku, Tokyo TANCER, ROBERT S. 915 West End Avenue, New York, New York TAUBER, JOEL 1121 Norman Place, Ann Arbor, Michigan TEIGLAMD, JOHN F. 1201 Mason, Toledo, Ohio TELL, WILLIAM K., JR. 2305 South Main, Findlay, Ohio TERMAN, EARL 2577 Overlook, Cleveland Heights, Ohio THATCHER, JOSEPH B. 1902 Franklin, Portmouth, Ohio THEUERKAUF, HARRY W. R.R. 41, Box 243, Menominee, Michigan THIBIDEAU, PHILIP A. THOMAS, JOHN E. 83 Cedar, Wyandotte, 1427 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, THOMASSEN, PIETER G. V. 2115 Woodside Road, Ann Arbor, THORNBURY, THOMAS G. 1684 Northwood Apartments, Ann Arbor, THORPE, PHILIP C. 5118 Park Lake Road, Lansing, TINGLE, JAMES O. Mic hlgan Mlchlgan Michigan Mic hlgan Michigan 2 Normal Avenue, Billings, Montana TINKHAM, RICHARD P., JR. roam, JAMES M. 7109 Klnker, Hammond, Indiana 1319 South State Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan TOBIN, THOMAS F. 3328 Mt. Pleasant, Washington, D.C. TOBOROFF, LEONARD TODIA, WILLIAM C. Jeffersonvllle, New York 2735 Warren Road, Cleveland, Ohlo TOOMEY, JOHN M. TOWER, JOHN C. 104 Roak, Auburn, Maine 819 Roslyn Place, Evanston, Illinois TOWNSEND, PAUL H TRACY, EMMET E. -2511 Pittsfield Blvd.,Ann Arbor, Michigan 54 Kerby Road, Grosse Pointe, Michigan TRAUM, JEROME S. 513 Wyomine, South Orange, New Jersey TRINKLE, ROBERT S. TROYER, THOMAS A. Plant City, Florida 964 South 58th Street, Omaha, TRUBOW, GEORGE B. 304 Garfield, Battle Creek, TRUE, GEORGE O., JR. 1811 Pauline, Ann Arbor, TUCHOW, GERALD TUCKER, JOHN C. TUPPER, GERALD D. 3307 Tyler, Detroit, Nebraska Mic hlgan Michigan Michigan 424 Greenleaf, Evanston, Illinois 1320 River Road, Ypsllantl, TURNER, LESTER N. TYLER, DAVID M. 3249 C Street, Dexter, 1742 Northwood Apartments, Ann Arbor, TYLER, RICHARD A . 19216 Ferguson, Detroit, UEBERHORST, JAMES B. 1303 Forest Avenue, Ann Arbor, UTSCHEN, THEODORE M. 737 Packard, Ann Arbor, VALENTINE, MAX E. VALENTINE, REGIS E. Mlc hlgan Michigan Michigan Michigan Mic hlgan Michigan 501 Lewis, Bedford, Iowa 311 South McKinley, Alliance, Ohio VALENZA, CHARLES R. 1413 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, VALLEC ORSA, VIC TOR 1748 Northwood Apartments, Ann Arbor VAN ATTA, JAMES D. 13994 Northlawn, Detroit, VAN LEUVEN, ROBERT J. 2018-B, North Campus, Ann Arbor, VAN NOTE, DAVID P. 1720 Delevan, Lanslng 15, VATANASATHEON, KOMGRICH Michigan , Michigan Michigan Michigan Mlc hlgan 2701 Hoodley Place, N.W., Washington 8, D.C. VAUGHN, ROBERT A. 7710 Second Street, Dexter, Michigan VERGEER, JOHN T. , 316 Cornell Street, Grand Forks, North Dakota PHI DELTA PHI PHI ALPHA DELTA BEST WISHES DELTA THETA PHI TAU EPSILON RHO VINCENT, DWIGHT H. 1425 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, Michigan VOLPE, ROBERT P. 211 Ridgefield Street, Hartford, Connecticut VORSANGER, ROBERT M. 260 Enble Street, Enblewood, New Jersey WADLEIGH, THEODORE 123 Campbell Street, Manchester, New Hampshire WAGGONER, CHARLES S. 835 South First Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan WAHLE, INGRID 922 South State Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan WALCH, WILLIAM S. 711 W. Broadway, Sedalla, Missouri WALKER, EDWARD K. 609 East Chlcago, Elgin, Illinois WALSH, JEROME K., JR. 6508 Jefferson, Kansas City, Missouri WANGER, EUGENE G. 602 Jenlson, Lansing, Michigan WAPNER, BARBARA ELLEN 549 Shoemaker Road, Elklns Park, Pennsylvania WARD, R. WILLIAM 909 Packard, Ann Arbor, Michigan WARNER, RICHARD B. 128 Pomeroy, Pittsfield, Massachusetts WARNER, ROBERT H. 6564 East Michigan Avenue, Saline, Mlchlgan WARSHAUER, WILLIAM 2441 Randall Road, Ft. Wayne, Indiana WASHBURN, JOHN N. 28 East Wheelock, Hanover, New Hampshire WASSERMAN, CHARLES A. Dayton, Ohio WATSON, JACK L. , 69 Indlan, Beloit, Wisconsin WATSON, RICHARD M. C. Box 180, Crystal Falls, Mlchlgan WATSON, ROGER T. 422 State, Traverse, Michigan WATTS, PROSSER M., JR. 321 East Market, Huntington, Indiana WAUGAMAN, WILLIAM J. 253 Merriweather Road, Grosse Pointe, Michigan WAYBURN, BARRETT S. 26506 Hendrie, Huntington Woods, Michigan WAXMAN, MARVIN 523 Packard, Ann Arbor, Michigan WEAVER, ROBERT B. 812 Mary Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan WEBB, JOHN M. 721 West Washington Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan WEBER, ALAN 115 Ogden Avenue, White Plains, New York WEBER, HARRY A., JR. 3419 North Penn, Indianapolis, Indlana WEBSTER, ROBERT B. 423 West Frank, Birmingham, Michigan WEIGEL, RAINER RUDI 1003 Packard, Ann Arbor, Michigan WEINBERG, RICHARD B. 35631 Farragut, Wayne, Michigan WEINBAUM, ROBERT C. 17320 Northlawn, Detroit 21, Michigan WEINSTEIN, LEWIS 18214 Parkside, Detroit, Michigan WEINSTEIN, STEPHEN A. 576 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York WELCHLI, ROBERT 348 Provencal, Grosse Pointe, Mlchlgan WESTPHAL, JOHN H. 2663 Pittsfield Blvd., Ann Arbor, Michigan WHITAKER, A. DUNCAN 4230 Beaver, Fort Wayne, Indiana WHITE, JAMES A. 527 North Main, Ann Arbor, Michigan WILCOX, LEONARD A., JR. 1519 Abbott Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan WILENZIK, MARVIN Barnesboro, Pennsylvania WILKINSON, MYRL O. 501 West 5th, Clare, Michigan WILDCOX, RODERICK H. 272 Ashbourne Road, Columbus, Ohio WILLIAMS, HARDING D. C., JR. 4664 Guayaquil, Ecuador WILLIAMS, JOHN P. 8241 Riverview Road, Brecksvllle, Ohio WILLIAMS, PAUL A. 3310 Michigan, Grand Rapids, Michigan WILLS, JAMES G. 901 Rosewood, East Lansing, Michigan WILSON, BRUCE O. 74 Alice Ave., Pontiac, Michigan WILSON, JOHN L. Box 163, Hartvtlle, Ohio WILSON, JAMES E. 1120 Washtenaw, Ypsilanti, Michigan WINQUIST, THOMAS R. 7788 Northlawn Drive, Rockford, Michigan WINTERS, LAWRENCE R. 300 Frances, Flushing, Michigan WISE, WILLIAM J. 217 Franklin, Waukegan, Illinois WITKE, ARNOLD R. 211 North Washington Street, Ypsilanti, Michigan WOLBER, JAMES E. 17511 Prairie, Detroit, Michigan WOLF, WALTER F., JR. 1121 Omenna Park, Cincinnati, Ohio WOLFE, PAUL R. 54 Mountain Avenue, Rockaway, New Jersey WOLFE, RICHARD R. 1430 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Illinois WOLFF, KURT J . 600 West 164th Street, New York 32, New York WOODEN, WILLIAM P. 1458 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, Michigan WRIGHT, JERRY G. 2293 West Tacoma, Clawson, Michigan WYNN, STANLEY M. 915 East Ann Street, Ann Arbor, Mlchlgan WYNKOOP, THOMAS M., JR. 1035 West Drayton, Ferndale 20, Michigan YAKER, BARRY D. 3791 Glendale, Detrolt 38, Michigan YOCCA, NICK E. 1871 Vlrnan Kay Circle, Ann Arbor, Michigan YORK, LYLE E. 415 Upland, Bay Village, Ohio YOUNG, L. BENNETT 16603 Shaftsbury, Detroit, Michigan YOUNGERS, MARION A. 1727 Charlton, Ann Arbor, Michigan ZEPH, ROBERT 24 Multord Street, Hempstead, New York ZIEGLER, JOHN A. 32000 Laff., St. Clair Shores, Michigan ZIEGLER, WILBERT L. 838 St. James, Park Hills, Kentucky ZIMMER, PETER L. 2590 Woodsdale, Lincoln, Nebraska ZINN, FRANK K. Route 02, Marshall, Michigan ZOLLARS, RONALD G. 21725 Hamor, Dearborn, Michigan ZUKOWSKI, RICHARD R. 6320 Sunset Drive, South Miami, Florida ZWICKY, MARLIN P.O. Box 449, Ypsilanti, Michigan ZYFERS, GERALD J. 124 Oxford Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts Urnlaal Spulnllnh GOWAQOS BDOUTCRS Mn Aslan, mlrluqm

Suggestions in the University of Michigan Law School - Quad Yearbook (Ann Arbor, MI) collection:

University of Michigan Law School - Quad Yearbook (Ann Arbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1896 Edition, Page 1


University of Michigan Law School - Quad Yearbook (Ann Arbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


University of Michigan Law School - Quad Yearbook (Ann Arbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


University of Michigan Law School - Quad Yearbook (Ann Arbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


University of Michigan Law School - Quad Yearbook (Ann Arbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 71

1957, pg 71

University of Michigan Law School - Quad Yearbook (Ann Arbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 49

1957, pg 49

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