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mi BIS 1982 University of Miami Coral Gables, Florida Volume 56 University of Miami Coral Gable? Florida 33124 OFFIC6 OF TH€ PR65ID6NT P.O. Box 248006 305-284-5155 .s October 21, 1981 Dear Students: I am honored to be the fourth president of the University of Miami. In its relatively brief history, this University has been a place of astonishing achievement. Under the leadership of my predecessors, most recently Henry King Stanford (who joins me in wishing you well) , our University has become among the leaders in many fields. Like its environment in South Florida, the University enjoys exceptional potential for continuing growth in quality and strength. It is a time of exciting transition. High among the advantages of the University of Miami is its student body. Universities are no better than their faculties and students, and ours is no exception. I have had the great pleasure of getting to know many of you during my first months here. Among my disappointments as President is that I did not meet more of you who are graduating before you left. Fortunately, my opportunity to have that pleasure is not gone. Your association with our University will be life-long. We are proud of you. I look forward to following your careers wherever you may go. My colleagues on the Board of Trustees, on the faculty and in the administration and staff join me in wishing each of you well. Edward T. Foote, II ETF:ac iKfl, 2 Opening «— iJr Mcam, JUI. W Opening 3 4 Opening McGinl«y Opening 5 6 Opening BUHOfllVWCMM I .• I MtGrty I McG Opening 7 Changes in Latitudes Changes in Attitudes I took off for a weekend last month just to try and recall the whole year All of the faces and all of the places Just wonderin ' where it all disappeared But I didn ' t ponder the problem too long I was hungry and went out for a bite Ran into a chum with a bottle of rum And I wound up drinkin all night It ' s these cha Nothing Oh but yesten So I can ' t loo, There just to. And I don ' t tfii, With these changeslWTatitudes Changes in attitudes nothing remains quite the same With all of our runnin and all of our cunning It we couldn ' t laugh we would all go insane If we couldn ' t laugh we would all go insane If we weren ' t all crazy, we would go insane. Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes (words and music by Jimmy Buffett) © 1977 Coral Reefer Music Outer Banks Music BMI B Opening HmnKsu«%s fl 10 134 3QQ 415 Sid Sevitz Editor Lisa Marion Associate Editor Sandra Lee Van Dine Copy Editor Robin Berke Maggie McGinley Photography Editors Amy Jacoves Academics Editor Amy McKendrick Activities Editor Kenny Schindler Athletics Editor Andrew Sinetar Organizations Editor Debbie Goldkind Lesa Pender Senior Editors Andrea Angelo Staff Co-ordinator Bl Opening A friendly welcome Co the University of Miami. Academics The academics section is composed of students and faculty as well as a special six page feature on the new U.M. president, Edward T. Foote. Activities and University life The year ' s activities at U.M., with features on Carni Gras, Homecoming, concerts and a few surprise features as well. Athletics The year in Hurricanes ' sports with features on all U.M. athletic teams. A special " game by game " section has been dedicated to the 1 9S1 football Hurricanes — the best " non-bowl " team in the country. Organizations The various organizations that make up U.M. play a vital role in the campus community, and are featured in this section. mors The class of 1 9B2 is presented in this section. The posed portraits of the seniors are contrasted by the addition of campus cadids. Also included in this section is the senior index. Closing A farewell to U. M. in color and black and white; the section, and the book, closes with a farewell wish from a famous celebrity. The 1 982 IBIS was printed by the Hunter Publishing Company, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Press run was S300 copies of 432 pages each. Paper is 80 Gloss Enamel. Headlines and body copy are set in Eurostile Extended Roman. The Alma Mater; " Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude " ; and " Survive " are printed in Baskerville Italic. Senior Portraits were photographed by Varden Studios of Rochester, New York. Additional specif iciations are available upon request from IBIS, Box 248121, Coral Gables, Florida, 33124. Copyright by the 1 982 IBIS staff, Library of Congress Card, Catalogue number S3-1 5 " 729. Published under the supervision of the Board of Publications and Sid Savitz, Editor 1 982. Concents 9 U.V . VI m Foote Sets Immodest Goals For U.M. 1 2 Foote UM President Edward Thaddeus " Tad " Foote II came to the University as " the newest student on this campus. " Much homework was done in order for him to fully understand how U.M. operates, and to discover its strengths as well as its weaknesses. While studying, Foote kept in mind his " immodest goals for this University — this place ought to be one of the greatest Universities in the world. " Foote ' s high aspirations for the University are not unrealistic and he says: " It can happen if people believe it can happen. " In striving for these goals, Foote plans to develop programs that will attract top students and faculty. " To bring in a top flight scholar or student here is an extremely satisfying thing. " " The most enjoyable and interesting part of my job is students. Students are why we ' re here. They ought to work hard and have fun, " he says. Foote said that the high points of his career are those when he has been involved with students. Before coming to U. M. , Foote was involved with students as the dean of the Washington University Law School. Prior to 1 9 " 73, when he became dean, he was the Vice Chancellor, General Counsel and Secretary to the Board of Trustees. Foote graduated from Yale University and received his law degree from Georgetown University Law Center. Before entering Law School, he was a reporter for the Washington Daily Nawa and Washington Star newspapers. " I love journalism, " Foote said. " I think it has a great role to play. " Foote says that he brings to U. M. " a lot of hope and confidence. " " I hope I bring some new ideas and a fresh outlook, " he said. Some of Foote ' s " new ideas " have been to reorganize the structure of the administration. Foote said that before one can make any major changes in the University, the administration must operate with maximum efficiency. Thus, he worked to establish the " leanest, most efficient administrative structure possible to support the academic mission. " He emphasized that it is important to evaluate and reevaluate how the University works. When Foote was inaugurated on December A, 1 981 , he outlined his future plans and ultimate goals for U.M. When the Board of Trustees elected President Foote, he became the " newest student on this campus. " He evaluated the University and set up his plans for U.M. ' s future. One might say that upon his inauguration, he was no longer a student, but a graduate ready to take on and lead the University of Miami. By Amy Jacoves Fooce 1 3 m Presidential Inauguration; December A, 1 981 " This is one of the greatest moments in the history of our University, " said Chairman of the Board of Trustees James McLamore at the inauguration of Edward Thaddeus CTad) Foote, li as the fourth President of the University of Miami. On this day, Friday, December 4, 1 9B1 , representatives came to U.M. from around the world and almost every state to honor Foote and the University of Miami in a fantastic display of pageantry and honor. " We pause today to recognize an outstanding University, not an individual, " said the newly inaugurated President. Foote described his Inauguration as " a big day in my life. " He stated, " I owe a great amount to the three presidents who preceeded me. I don ' t know the first two, but I do know, and respect and admire President Stanford. He will be an inspiration to me always. " Foote said that he plans to continue to work towards Stanford ' s rendezvous with greatness. " He asserted that " there is no room for mediocrity " and that " the role of the faculty must remain central. " In addition, Foote said that Task Forces headed by the members of the Board of Trustees would extensively evaluate different departments of the University and make recommendations for improvements. " Plans for comprehensive beautification, consistent with available sources, will begin, " the President said. He commented that this University should be a place of " unrivaled beauty. " Other exciting plans for the University were also revealed in Foote ' s Inaugural speech. He said that he plans to place a lot of emphasis on improving the Business School, " especially in international business. " Emphasis will also be placed upon the Rosentiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, the Medical and the Law Schools, the School of Music, the Nursing School, " where a transcultural program " will be established, and in the areas of languages and humanities. " The University of Miami will be a magnet for scholars and students around the world, " Foote said. Foote also announced that an anonymous one million dollar donation had been given to the Medical School, But that ' s not all: " I announce today the acquistion by the University from the Federal Government, 1 OB acres fo valuable property in South Dade County adjacent to the Metrozoo. That land, previously loaned to the University has been approved for transfer. After months of 1 A Inauguration .That U.M. Public Raiaciona study, a distinguished consultant to the State System has confirmed recommendations by other experts that a new School of Public Health should be established at the University of Miami with strong connections to public health programs in the State System. This will be, Foote revealed, the twenty third such accredited school in the U. S. , and will be modeled after a similar program at Cornell University. Lastly, but certainly not least, Foote announced plans to build a " North South Center at the Biltmore hotel. This institution will be devoted to exchanging ideas in South America, " he proclaimed. Following Foote ' s presentation, one thing was sure: the University is indeed a growing and changing University. In the words of Undergraduate Student Body Government President Bill Mullowney: " If you ' re impressed with the strides in the past 55 years, just wait to see what strides we ' ll make in the next 55 years. " By Amy Jacoves U.M. Publ.c Inauguration 1 5 + ' n..v.rn .;£iiii !m miimi, w A picture of Chief Justice Charles Hughes, painted by his Grandfather Martin Harding, hangs on the wall in his office. Harding was a Presbyterian Minister who became a well-known artist. He painted the picture of Hughes for Yale University, and for some reason, perhaps many, Yale did not take the photo. " That ' s why it ' s here in the family, " says Foote, as he speaks of his grandfather ' s work with pride. He speaks of his new home, city, and University with the same feeling. " Miami feels like home already. We Che and his wife Roberta] plan on being here for a long time, " Foote said. " Miami is a place of extraordinary vitality and it ' s exciting to have a University in the middle of it. " Mr. and Mrs. Foote have three children: Julia, 1 6; Willie, 1 3; and Thaddeus, S. During the first few months in Miami, Mrs. Foote stated that " we have been trying to settle in personally as well as professionally. " She stated that she would " like to become involved with the University and get to know as much about it as possible. " Another one of Foote ' s joys is his 1 93D Model-A Ford Coupe. " This car is four years younger than the University of Miami, " he stated. Since U. M. is a relatively young University, Foote feels there is a lot of opportunity for growth. Due to the changes which take place daily in the Miami area, many changes will also take place in the University. " We are here together in a state of trans ition. U. M. is not entirely clear about what should be down the road. " Some of the questions that face the University are whether to focus on its graduate programs, undergraduate programs, or research. Whatever the future holds for U.M., Foote will be prepared to lead the way. Our school ' s future is in the capable hands of a fine leader. By Amy Jacoves . J tt . 1 B Foote tia d 9etto know ,shi si93Q r years Miami ' he ' ng University, nityfop ' hlch take place Ganges will V. ' We are ns °n. U.M, i s hou| dbedown 3n s that face F ocus on its iuate ,n U.M.,Foote ' ■ Our school ' s )f a fine leader. cor " Foote 1 " 7 Clarence G. Stuckwisch, Provost and Executive Vice President Dr. Clarence G. Stuckwisch has been devoted to the University of Miami for the past fourteen years. He will be retiring June 1, 1982. " Those fourteen years have been the most enjoyable in my life, " says Stuckwisch. Stuckwisch came to U.M. in 1 968 to serve as the chairman of the Chemistry Department. In 1 9 " 72, he was appointed to serve as Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Research. He worked for the University in that position until he was appointed to serve as the Interim Provost and Executive Vice President under the newly appointed President Foote. Stuckwisch said that the most satisfying part of his job as Dean of the Graduate School is " bringing in new faculty and seeing them develop. " It is also extremely satisfying for Stuckwisch " to observe the progress students make and to see them take their part in the world. " The former Dean is proud of the Inter-Departmental Ph. D. program that was established in 1 9 " 75. This gives outstanding graduate students the opportunity " to get a degree in more than one area. " Stuckwisch H 1 says that it has opened the door for many students who wish to study here at U.M. As Provost and Executive Vice President, Stuckwisch ' s duties include the overall academic operations of the University, academic services, budgeting, and working closely with the President to plan the future direction U.M. will take. There are many challenges that he faces in his new post. " The real challenge is to try to look ahead and develop excellence in the University. " Stuckwisch has enjoyed his years at the U.M. and " having a hand in the development of the University. " But, as he says: " It ' s time to go onto other things. " I ' m looking forward to retirement. I have no regrets having been here, but I looked forward to having the time to pick and choose the things I want to do rather than being tied to a rigid schedule. " Stuckwisch has served the University well during the past fourteen years, and plans to spend his retirement doing the things that he enjoys. By Amy Jacoves o " .- 1 S Stuckwisch niversity well and plans to things that he On January 7, 1 982, Dr. William Butler completed his BOOOth day as the Vice President of Student Affairs here at the University of Miami — he came to U.M. on August 1 , 1 365. He says that " in reality the time has gone by very quickly. " Butler takes pride in the many changes that have taken place at U.M. which enhance student life. " Throughout my administrative career, I ' ve always looked for ways to help students, " he said. When Butler came to U.M. the University had virtually no student life. When the weekends rolled around all the students were gone, leaving the campus without any life. In 1 967 and 1 BBS, the 960 and 1 BBS Complexes were built, the Campus Sports and Recreation was built, and later basketball, tennis and raquetball courts were added. All of this tremendously improved student life. In the early 70 ' s, the Ratherskeller was added to U.M. Thus, the sixties saw a change in University life. Butler also places great emphaisis on financial aid for students and serves as chairman of the Florida Student Financial Aid Commission. " I use this opportunity as much as I can to help students at U.M. in expanding federal and state aid in time of decreasing aid, " he said. Butler takes pride in the fact that " our financial aid program was a 351 million a year program and now it ' s a $43 million dollar per year program. " In addition to all of this, Butler has begun the SEAL (Student Earn and Learn] off-campus employment program. This is a new program for students who " may want to Dr. William R. Butler; Vice President for Student Affairs test the waters before plunging into full-time careers. " Through the program, students will be able to earn money while attending school. Butler rallied support for the program from several off campus agencies who donated funds. Though Butler ' s administrative activities keep him quite busy, he has taught at least one course each semester since the fall of 1 365. He feels that this is very important because it keeps him in constant contact with students, and the lack of this contact causes " many administrators to lose sight of their main goal involving student development — primarily education. " Butler strongly asserts that " you don ' t have a university without attention to the quality of life outside the classroom. " By getting students involved in campus activities the retention rate of students will increase. " The extent to which we can get students will retain students. " This has been Dr. Butler ' s goal on U.M. ' s campus and he plans to continue work towards expanding the University and improving student life. Why would an individual devote his life to helping students grow and learn. " It does my heart good to see students develop and become the leaders of tomorrow, " he says. " I enjoy the personal contact that I ' ve had with the students. " I ' ve enjoyed not only these B.OOO days Ceach day is different], each one has really been an exciting adventure . . . I ' m grateful that I was able to find the niche that keeps me young and exciting, " says Dr. Butler . . . so are we. By Amy Jacoves Student Affairs 1 9 William B. Sheeder, Dean of Students Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs There is more to learning than just book knowledge. The learning experience includes becoming involved in campus organizations, activities, and learning about yourself and others. Dean William B. Sheeder, assistant to the vice president for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, works to " enrich the total educational experience at the University of Miami. " Sheeder is an " advocate for students. " As Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs, Sheeder works on strategic planning for departments in the Student Affairs division. He is the designee, for the Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. William Butler, to the President ' s Dabinet. The departments which Sheeder works with include: the Rathskeller, Student Union, Student Activities, Dampus Sports S. Recreation, as well as other organizations that serve students so that they can " enjoy their total experience at the University. " Working with students is " invigorating " as he sees students grow, develop and mature. " Those aspects of his job that involve " working directly with students are more satisfying " than when he " works without them. " " The contact with students makes me thrive. " Sheeder serves on many standing committees of the University such as the Energy Task Force, Student Activity Fee Allocations Committee CSAFACD, Student Orientation Service CSOSD, and the Wellness Task Force. Since physical fitness and health are very important to Sheeder, he derives " personal satisfaction " from the Wellness Task Force, which works " behind the scenes " to review programming ideas for Lifelines, CSR, and SAGA Food Services. " The decision you make Cfor health] will influence the quality and quantity of your life. " Sheeder is a recipient of the Presidential Physical Fitness Award, as well as many other honors related to fitness. He has received many other recognitions such as Who ' s Who In American Colleges And Universities, 1 9BO; International Who ' s Who In Community Service, 1 9BO; and Directory of Distinguished Americans, 1981. In addition to all of these honors, Sheeder was asked to write the Introduction to the Guide to the Most Popular and Most Exciting Colleges, published by Baron ' s Educational Series, which was released in the fall of 19B1. In his introduction, Sheeder develops the rationale of attending large university and the advantage of a large university. UM, Sheeder said, " can offer to our students more than less established universities. " Dean Sheeder has devoted his time to students and they, as well as the entire University, have grown because of his efforts. By Amy Jacoves 20 Student Affairs William Sandler, Dean of Student Personnel A dedicated hand worker, with U.M. students always in mind — these r e only a few words to describe the Dean of Student Personnel and Associate Dean of Students, William W. Sandler, Jr. In 1 962, Dean Sandler came to the University of Miami, from Penn State University, to assume the position of Residence Hall Coordinator. He held that position for two years and then became Assistant Dean of Men; in 1 964 he was promoted to Associate Dean of Men. Dean Sandler left the University of Miami in 1 96 " 7 to assume the position of Dean of Men at Pacific Lutheran University in Washington State. He returned to U.M. about one year later and soon became Dean of Men. In 1 9 " 71 , when the Dean of Men ' s Dffice and the Dean of Women ' s Office consolidated. Dean Sandler became the Dean of Student Personnel. Since obtaining this job, Dean Sandler has always tried to apply the philosophy of discipline when working with students. " Discipline can be very helpful and constructive. " During the past years, Dean Sandler has been actively involved with students and with student programs. He is on the Union Board of Governors, Advisor to Baachus, Advisor to the Interfraternity Council, and Executive Secretary of the U. M. Lecture Series. By Dianne Regeldo Student Affairs 21 Maureen Short, Associate Dean of Students Maureen Short was born in Rochester, New York. In upstate New York, she attended the State University College at Genesco, where she majored in Speech Pathology and Audiology. While at Genesco, Maureen was a resident assistant for the Mathematics and Science dormitory. She enjoyed being an R.A. and her experience paved the way to what she would be doing in the future. In addition to being an R.A. , Maureen worked a number of jobs [three to four) at a time in order to put herself through college. In 1 9 " 76, this truly exceptional lady acquired her masters degree in Education at the University of Miami. She was then hired as the Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Development Programs. Then, in 1 9 " 79, Maureen became the Associate Dean of Students. Presently, Short is involved in a number of programs at the University. Among these, the Leadership Training Program is a very popular. Participants in this go on a workshop for leadership. One must apply in order to be selected. Acceptance is based on past leadership experience, future aspirations and current involvement on campus. There is also another program, which is less intense, the Human Potential Seminar. Short ' s main goal in preparing these communication seminars is to improve assertiveness and decision-making. She lets the participants actually " run " the program, and acts as an overseer. You need a special personality to sit back and watch your own program develop . . . and the students as individuals develop. " Mo " relates to her students at their level, as a friend and yet receives a certain respect from the students due to the fact that she has so much to offer them. Maureen says that she really enjoys her job. It provides a variety of challenges and responsibilities. Short is also the editor of the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook and the Hurricane Watch, a newsletter that is sent to parents to keep them informed about U.M. happenings. In addition to all this, Maureen finds time to teach two courses on campus: Interpersonal Communication and the Psychology of University Adjustment, PSY 1 OO. This course was established through the Dean of Students office by Short, and the Department of Psychology to provide entering freshmen with theory and skills which could enable them to adjust more easily to campus life. Short says that her job as Associate Dean of Students requires a large amount of student contact. From the students ' feedback, she designs programs to meet their specific needs. When Mo began to work at the University, she said that she wanted " to help enrich the college experience " as she had been enriched. It is clear that Maureen Short has definitely added to the lives of students at the University of Miami. By Nora Leon 22 Student Affairs Km Susan T. Peters, Associate Dean of Student Personnel The saying around campus about students who party too much is that they ' re on the " five-year plan. " Susan T. Peters came to U.M. as a freshman in 1 9 " 71 . That places her on the ten-year plan and still counting. However, the cause of this phenomenon is not excessive partying, but rather a genuine love for the University of Miami. Ms. Peters, commonly known as " Dean Sue " , received her bachelor of education in 1 975 and now is the Associate Dean of Student Personnel. The main part of her job consists of major disciplinary investigation and hearings for the 1 1 ,000 member undergraduate student body. These hearings and investigations are something she really enjoys doing. " I love working with students, being able to influence them in a positive manner. " Discipline is the major part of her job but some of her other activities revolve around her various positions such as: Advisor to Panhellenic Council, National Executive Director of Rho Lambda, and president of the Miami Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority Alumnae Association. She also works with the: University Wellness Task Force, Womens Intercollegiate Athletic Committee, and Student Life Calender Committee. Dean Peters enjoys the contact she has with a broad range of students. Dean Sue feels the most important things a student can leave the university with are " a better understanding of people and a better awareness of onesself . " Dean Sue sees one of her better qualities as enthusiasm. " I ' ve been at the university for ten years in various positions and I ' ve been enthusiastic about the work involved in each of them. " Her job related goals include putting a stop to vandalism, doubling the number of girls in sororities, promoting Greek Unity, and promoting the Wellness Task Force. Eventually she would like to get a Ph. D. in higher education or go to law school. However, she feels there ' s no need to rush into these things — " I still have plenty of time. " By Ruth Kamlot Student Affairs 23 Jerry E. Houston, Assistant to the Dean of Students Jerry E. Houston, assistant to the Dean of Students, is an active administrator, but more importantly he is a concerned educator. He is concerned with the " tragedy of today ' s education " and is chanelling that concern through programs and organizations such as: the student tutoring service, Student Orientation Service, United Black Students, the Presidental Breakfast Series, Speakeasies, and the " Last Lecture Series " . He feels that today ' s student should leave the university with an understanding of how a complex system, such as the " real working world " , actually functions. He emphasizes his sadness for the disillusioned student, who has no realistic concept of life outside of the university. The Dean of Students office offers various programs to " complement the academic classroom experience for under-graduate students. " These programs help to get the student involved in activities to help prepare them for life on and off the university campus. Dean Houston was involved as a student at the University and encourages such involvement in every student, be it greek life, McGinley academic, or social organizations. While a student here at the university, he was active in organizations such as Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., Intramural Boxing, Miami Black Arts, and United Black Students. In fact, when ten students were taken to jail for a sit-in, lay-in at the Ashe Building Dean Houston was among them. Dutside the university, Dean Houston is your everyday normal person. He has been happily married to his " best friend " , Dheryl for five years and has no intention of altering this state of bliss. His talents are many; not only is he a devoted husband, but he ' s also an accomplished artist and carpenter. The position of Assistant to the Dean of Students requires a person who is open-minded, empathetic, and a good listener. Jerry Houston possesses all of these qualities and more; he has the ability, through a unique mixture of informality and respect, to make a student feel totally at ease when conversing with him. In essence, Jerry Houston is, and always will be, a true friend to the student. By Lisa Mar-ion 24 Student Affairs ■ Frieda M. Apple Staff Coordinator; Student Personnel Deans Office Everybody loves apples; they can be warm and juicy on cool and crisp, but they ' re always good to eat. When you walk into the Student Personnel Deans ' Office, the first " object " you lay eyes on is an apple, Mrs. Frieda M. Apple. So, too, everybody loves Mrs. Apple, however she ' s more of the warm and juicy type, smiling, friendly, always with a joke, and always willing to help. Mrs. Apple, who started working at U.M. on March 6, 1 961 as a secretary to the Dean of Women, is now the staff coordinator for the Student Personnel Deans ' Office. When asked why she applied for her original job, 21 years ago, she replied, " They advertised for a mature person; my husband said they wanted old ladies, so I should go apply. " Her present job includes administrative and clerical duties for the sororities and fraternities and several of the honoraries as well as budget preparation for the entire office and secretarial duties for Dean Peter Starson. Mrs. Apple started working with Panhellenic Council and the sororities from her first day in 1 961 . She added the fraternities and the Interfraternity Council to her duties in 1 9 " 75, and ever since has loved it. " Two-thirds of my work is with the sororities and f raternaties; they ' re my kids. " Mrs. Apple describes a typical day as " spending half my time on the phone. I have the same problem as students — when I have to find the answer to something, I have to contact five or six different offices. I really sympathize with students. " However, Mrs. Apple doesn ' t enjoy peace and quiet. " When I come in, in the morning I start one thing very neatly on my desk and before the day is through I ' ve got 500 other things on my desk that I ' ve stopped and started, but I love it; I don ' t enjoy it as much when it ' s too calm. " What does Mrs. Apple do when she ' s not in the office? " I like to read and crochet; I write poetry, but my main hobby is my husband; we ' ve been married forty years. " Mrs. Apple, who was initiated into Phi Sigma Sigma sorority in 1 971 , has also been tapped into Rho Lambda, a sorority honorary, and Order of Omega, a fraternity honorary. By Ruth Kemlot Student Affairs 25 Honors Program In 1 95 " 7, the University of Miami ' s faculty organized its first " courses in honors " and established what is now known as the " Programs in Honors and Privileged Studies. " The original schedule of only four classes has expanded to about 65 courses each year. Mrs. Barbara Clark, the program ' s administrator since 1 970, said that presently, " there are about 250 students enrolled in honors courses each semester; and that the program is able to accept a greater number of students each year. " In this case, more quantity does not mean a sacrifice of quality. Mrs. Clark emphasizes that " the academic level of incoming freshman accepted into the program has gotten increasingly better. " To even be considered for acceptance into the General Honors Program, an incoming freshman must have scored at least a 1 200 on the SAT ' s and be in the top ten percent of his high school class. Why would anyone subject themself to such rigorous demands? Well, there are many benefits for a student in the Honors Program, and evidently they are attractive enough to recruit and maintain the University ' s most superior students. Honors studies enable the more capable students to plan work consistent with their backgrounds and abilities and to avoid repetition and routine. Small classes of no more than twenty students replace the usual lecture hall classes with a hundred or more students. Open discussion, with some of the University ' s top professors, replaces the usual " lecture-take-notes " regimen. One of the brightest aspects of the program is the Honors Students Association CH.S.A. ). H.S.A. was created by honors students for honors students. The organization is governed by an executive board of elected honors students. The executive board, along with various committee chairmans, organize events such as: lecture series, social gatherings with professors, an annual trip to Disney World, beer sales at the Orange Bowl, and many other special events. This year ' s executive board — Dave Auslander, Sandy VanDine, Karen Rudy, Tere Trout, and Eric Leiberman — have been enthusiastically working to expand the activities of H.S.A. For example, H.S.A. was actively involved in Homecoming for the first time in many years. Other big events were: the " Sleeping Bag Seminar " , during which H.S.A. hosted honors students from other schools for a three day exchange of ideas; and the participation of H.S.A. members in the National Conference of Honors Students, in Omaha, Nebraska, as well as the Regional Conference, in New Orleans. The Honors Program and H.S.A. have much to offer the gifted student. So if you are interested in expanding your horizons — take the challenge — and join the fun! By Sandy VanDine 26 Honors Program Dr. James L. Ash, Jr., Honors Dean The University of Miami ' s administration has dedicated itself to " the pursuit of academic excellence " . Since the Honor ' s Program is a cornerstone of the University ' s academic programs, the administration saw the need to appoint a dean of the Honors Program who is capable, far-sighted, and an enthusiastic individual. They found such characteristics in Dr. James L. Ash, Jr. , the former chairman of the Department of Religion. Dr. Ash is quick to point out that an Honors Program is not just some sort of academic luxury, but an integral and necessary component of any university. As he says: " I am convinced that the best way to insure the future success of this university is to expand our efforts to recruit and retain superior students. The Honors Program is the ideal instrument to attain this goal. " Dr. Ash brings to his new position an almost unbridled optimism that the University of Miami ' s Honor Program can be one of the finest in the nation. His goals for the program include: " a broader curriculum with more honors sections of popular courses, the involvement of some gifted and inspiring faculty members, who are not presently teaching in the Honors Program, better housing, and more privileges for honor students. " Dr. Ash also emphasizes that in order for these proposed improvements to be effective, it is essential to have student input which is strongly considered. In congruence with his theory, Dr. Ash makes himself highly accessible to students and informs students of his ideas either through letters or meetings, such as an informal gatherings with the Honor ' s Students Associations ' executive board or a discussion session at a regular H.S.A. meeting. The Honors Students, along with many other people on campus, are convinced that with a director as dynamic as Dr. Ash, the Honors program will experience much growth and prosperity in the very near future. And, perhaps more importantly, this growth will undoubtly benefit the academic climate of the entire University. By Dave Auslander and Sandy VanDine Honors Program 27 Dr. Carl E.B. McKenry — Dean of Business School Everyone has heard of the " man who has everything " — how lucky he must be! Well the University of Miami ' s School of Business is lucky enough to have as its interim dean, " the man that has done [practically] everything, " Dr. Carl McKenry. When last year ' s dean, Dr. Gary Walton, announced that he would not be staying on at the University of Miami, an " in-house " search immediately began to seek the most capable professor for the position. Once McKenry, who was at that time chairman of the department of General Business Management, was considered, the search could have ended. McKenry could offer what no other candidate could — experience, and lots of it. " I have served at so many different administrative capacities here at the University, that perhaps I was the most knowledgeable about the workings of the Business School, " commented McKenry. He continued, " I ' ve been here a long time. I ' ve worked my way up the ladder. I started in 1 956 as an Assistant Professor of Management, then I was promoted to Associate Professor of Management and Law, then Professor of Management and Law, and in 1 977, I was appointed Chairman of the General Business Management Department, and finally, this year I became the Dean of the entire Business School. " Now that McKenry has the interim Deanship, which bestowes upon him all the powers of a regular dean, but implys that the position is temporary, his greatest challenge " is operating under severe budgetary limitations. " Although the school ' s budget was in the red when McKenry became Dean, he is convinced that " with the necessary cuts the budget can be in balance by the year ' s end. " Dean McKenry is also striving to better the school ' s academics and he believes " the key to this is aggressive recruiting of well-qualified students. " McKenry commented, " Presently, we are the only accredited Business School in South Florida, and I would like to build on that. We have the potential to become one of the best in the nation. " " We are a much better University than we give ourselves credit for, " stated McKenry. " I think it ' s an injustice to the U.M. to compare us to Harvard, Yale, or Princeton. We are us, we are unique, we are different. We don ' t have 300 years of tradition dragging behind us. We can change with the times. " McKenry is also very active at the Law School and Center for the Aging. He has published several articles, most of them dealing with his specialties — aviation and transportation law, and the law and the elderly. As busy as he is, McKenry ' s involvements at the U. M. are not restricted to those dealing with his work and colleagues, he actively works with more than five student organizations including: Phi Beta Lambda Business Society, the Varsity Debate team, S.A. F.A.C., WVUM, and the Student Publications Board. Indeed, the Business School is lucky to have such a person as Carl E. McKenry, Jr. as interim dean. In fact, there are many people, students and faculty alike, who believe that the school would be even luckier should Dean McKenry be considered to stay on permanently. By Sandy Van Dine Their 2B Faculty - " ■ Schoc; ;1 Dr. Frank C. Stuart, History Dr. Frank C. Stuart teaches a two pant Development of Western Civilization course that, in recent years, has given the University of Miami and the History Department world-wide attention. It is a television style lecture course that traces the evolution of man through a unique use of carefully researched scripts, authentic artifacts, vintage film, and on location scenarios. The Universal College, a group of major universities, believes that Dr. Stuart ' s program is the best in the country; the group even approached him to compile a World Civilization course along the same lines as History 131 and 132. Stuart received his Bachelor of Arts at the University of New Mexico, a Masters at the University of London, and his Ph. D. at New Mexico. He began teaching at the University of Miami in 1 969, specifically to produce a Western Civilization course. Stuart is a self-taught lecturer who wrote and researched the bulk of the 84 scripts that make up the course. The course stresses dynamic individuals and the roles they have played in the course of history. " By associating visuals with what the student hears, " says Stuart, " one can more effectively learn and retain the information. " The course begins with growth and development of primitive man, follows his progression along the banks of the Nile and Tigus-Euphrates Rivers and the Mesopotamian and Phonecian Civilizations, traces the rise and fall of both the Greek and Roman empires, and sets the stage for the European invasions and expansions. Part-two C1 32D takes up where 131 left off, at the important bridge between the formation of the nation states and the beginning of intense European rivalries. The British Reformation and the French Revolution are brought to life, as are World Wars I and II. Entire lectures are dedicated to each of the major world powers, as well as smaller nations such as Sweden, Norway, and Europe ' s " success story, " Switzerland. The impact of European expansion and the effects of industrialism and revolution upon Western society are major themes underlining part-two of the Development of Western Civilization. Stuart has designed the course, which he also produces, in such a way that all viewpoints are presented in survey form. The horrors of Nazi Germany under Adolph Hitler and Italy under Mussolini are balanced against the world peace policies followed by Great Britian ' s Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt of the United States. One lecture in particular, The Nazification of Germany, contains excerpts from Triumph of the Will, one of the greatest progaganda films ever compiled. An eerie silence permeates the Learning Center each time this lecture concludes. It is the unique combination of such moving visuals and actual historical accounts that make this history course so successful. The department can boast of an " BO percent plus " positive student reaction. The area of Humanities on the University curriculum has Dr. Stuart ' s Development of Western Civilization to thank for renewed interest in the dynamic individuals that have left such lasting imprints in the annals of world history. By Steve Boyer Faculty 29 m Dr. Edward Wheatley, Marketing Since Junior High School, he has always enjoyed a challenge. Whether it was music, on his involvement as a student leader, he has thrived on improving himself and meeting people. He is Dr. Edward Wheatley, Chairman of the Marketing Department in the School of Business Administration. Since 1 968, Dr. Wheatley has been a respected educator and a true friend to his students. As he puts it, this door " is always open to a student in need. " Dr. Wheatley believes the most important lesson he has learned as an educator is " humanity " . " It is harsh reality to really know the limits of your own knowledge, " stated Wheatley. Over his fourteen years at the University of Miami, Dr. Wheatley has seen many changes in the Business School. The most pronounced is the type of faculty and the increasing expectations of the Business School on them. " Today ' s faculty not only has to teach, but are also expected to get involved in research and publishing, contributing to the development of knowledge. " Wheatley feels that these rigorous demands on the faculty are good for the reputation of the university. " Greatness of a university can best be built by recruiting and maintaining superior faculty as well as students; and that is exactly what the Business School is doing now. " Dr. Wheatley has just finished a book, " Marketing Professional Services " that should be published by 1 982. At present, his book, Modern Marketing, co-written with Dr. Edward J. Fox, former dean of the School of Business, is used in all of the Introductory Marketing courses at the U.M. Wheatley sees a " distinct turn to greater student motivation, interest and involvement in all aspects of college life. " He added, " the trend has reversed from the Vietnam sit-ins and the early 1 9 " 70 ' s " do your own thing concept. Today ' s students are interested in careers and self-development. Leadership groups are coming back; more people are willing to be challenged and grow, along with enjoying life. " When asked if he had any advice for students, his reply was " yes, a lot of advice! " Foremost, he believes that one should get a good liberal education. Quite simply " students should pursue general education seriously, it is crucial to one ' s development to learn about literature, other cultures, and the lessons of history. " Wheatley also believes that students should " get involved and prepared for their careers as early as their Junior year in college by seeking out challenging courses and preparing for internships relating to your planned profession. " Wheatley also advises students not to be " afraid of change, " he explains, " try new areas, and don ' t be afraid to fail. Take chances and follow instincts. And most of all, " Wheatley emphasizes, " don ' t rush through college; ' smell the roses ' , you will never have the chance to experience this phase of your life again. " By Steve Renick 30 Faculty Dr. Robert Tallarico, Psychology McGinley Experiment. If one could describe the chief academic activity of Dr. Robert Tallarico, the word experiment would be sufficient and appropriate. Psychology and Statistics are a way of life for Dr. Tallarico. Before entering college, Dr. Tallarico experienced an exciting life as an Armed Forces veteran. After serving as a sailor on a PT boat in World War II, he, like many other academically inclined servicemen of the day, entered college. As an undergraduate at Occidental College, Dr. Tallarico became interested in Psychology during his sophomore year. Dr. Tallarico began teaching at the University of Miami in 1 956. During his career at the University of Miami he has seen two decades of students come and go. When asked to compare the students at the University of Miami in the 1 960 ' s to those of the 1 9 " 70 ' s and 1 98Q ' s, Dr. Tallarico describes the student body of the 1 960 ' s as turbulent and radical in contrast to that of the 1 970 ' s and 1 9BO ' s which he describes as more academic with a " need to become educated in order to reach their goals in life. " A proud husband and father, Dr. Tallarico has no regrets that none of his four daughters decided to pursue careers in the field of Psychology. A soft spoken and somewhat humorous person, Dr. Tallarico expressed his satisfaction with his daughters career choices, " If they ' re happy, then I ' m satisfied. " Dr. Tallarico asserts that since his arrival at the University of Miami he has never changed his teaching technique. Standing strong on this conviction, he said, " teachers must have standards of academic excellence and must remain constant. Students must also reach those standards. " By Amy McKendrick Faculty 31 Dr. H.P. Schultz, Chemistry There is always one unforgettable professor in a student ' s academic career, and for those students enrolled in chemistry courses that person is Dr. H. P. Schultz. Dr. Schultz is that rarity who enjoys students, as well as his subject area. While his enthusiasm for chemistry is great, his concern for students is just as strong. Dr. Schultz is delighted when his students excel, and he has even been known to bring roses to those students with perfect test papers. With some motivation how can a student not like not love chemistry, and Dr. Schultz too! If you have never been fortunate enough to be enrolled in Dr. Schultz ' s chemistry class, you don ' t have to look for him among the test tubes of the chemistry lab; you can see him biking across campus, or if you are an early riser, you can find him swimming laps at Mathenson Hammock. He is the perfect blend of scholar-athlete. Dr. Schultz is nationally known in the field of chemistry, and has published numerous books and articles. Presently this is his thirty-fifth year of teaching at the University of Miami, where he heads the Dhemistry Department. He is immensely involved in University activities and administrative responsibilities. While all of this is quite impressive, it is only part of the personality of Dr. Schultz. After all, there are many distinguished professors on the U.M. campus. What makes Dr. Schultz so special is his genuine concern for his students and his over-whelming love of chemistry. His primary talent is for taking the fear out of chemistry and putting the fun into it. Memories of U.M. will blur and fade with time, but for those who were lucky enough to have encountered Dr. Schultz, he will be that one unforgettable professor. By Tere Trout 32 Faculty p ler try vn in the field d numerous fts is his the University Chemistry involved in istrative essive, it is only Schultz. After ed professors skes Dr. ie concern for Iming love of is for taking the jng the fun into and fade with lucky enough to he will be that Dr. James S. Clegg, Biology " Science is never really disappointing; individuals pursue science much like composers pursue music, with a creative insight for their art. " Such discernment displays but a fragment of the personality of the total man. James S. Clegg is a vibrant, intelligent, and sincere individual who has been a part of the University of Miami Science Department since 1 962. It is difficult to picture this interesting and complex person as a high school student interested mainly in basketball. However, after realizing life ' s importance while in the Army, James Clegg decided to attend Pennsylvania State University Cin his home state) for his Bachelor ' s Degree, and John Hopkins for his Ph.D. in Biology and Biochemistry. Accepting a position at the University allowed Professor Clegg relative freedom to pursue his research and encourage future scientists. " Teaching and research are very important — top priority — everything else is second. " Professor Clegg emphasizes that there must be a healthy interaction between teachers and students. Moreover, he feels this interaction may enhance the enjoyment and satisfaction that is generated from understanding the puzzles of science. Although Professor Clegg is a dedicated scientist, he is definitely not a man of the proverbial " all work and no play " ; he enjoys strumming his six-string and banjo, and the " natural " life of camping, hiking and travelling, or the subtle satisfaction of a good conversation. From the complexities of his research on the " physical properties of intra-cellular water " to his clearcut overall view of science (that you just have to ask the right q uestions), Professor James Clegg is certainly an asset to the University of Miami. By Lisa Conti .._ Faculty 33 ' Dr. Arlene Brett, Education Dr. Arlene Brett, a warm caring person, is one of those unique professors who extends such a personality to their teaching. For those students enrolled in the School of Education, Dr. Brett has been a friend as well as a dedicated professor. Said one education student, " Dr. Brett seems to really understand her students ' needs and is willing to help in whatever way she can. " In addition to working with graduate student teachers, Dr. Brett serves as a member of the Primary Education Council of Florida. She was appointed to this position by Governor Graham. As a council member, she oversees the enforcement of the primary education laws in the various counties. Dr. Brett commented, " We have been very effective with enforcement because we also control the primary education budget. " Dr. Brett is also the director of Duck Duck Goose, an educational children ' s television program. Her job is to " meet with the producers of the show to check the suitability of the material. " She was hired for this position because of her renown expertise in primary education. Just from this partial listing of Dr. Brett ' s activities and short note on her personality, it is easy to understand why the School of Education, as well as the entire University, is proud to be able to claim Dr. Brett as " part of their team. " By John Lee and Sandy VanDine Dr. Charles Longino Sociology He shot Pavrotti in Tosca, and almost speared Milnes in Nabucco. He researches characteristics and mobility of the aging, as well as being a concerned teacher of his students. He is Dr. Charles Longino, Associate Professor of Sociology here at the University of Miami. Dr. Longino has been a professor here at U.M. since 1977. He graduated with his Bachelors degree from Mississippi College in 1 9BQ, his Masters degree in Sociology in 1962, and his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina in 1 9B7. When asked why he chose the field of sociology, Longino replied that sociology " was a general field with many opportunities at the time. " Upon receiving his Bachelors degree, Longino realized he really need some type of specialty. The area of Gerontology, study of the aging, was chosen by accident. " My father was approaching retirement age and he was looking for alternate locations for retirement. I began to wonder where retired people do tend to relocate and what motivates them to do so. It was just good timing. " Dr. Longino has done a comparative study of retirement communities for the Social Security Administration and a study on where the elderly are relocating for the National Institute on Aging. As well as being an accomplished social gerontologist, Dr. Longino is an avid fan of opera. It wasn ' t until he moved to Miami in 1 977 that he really became involved in opera. Dr. Longino explains that his interest in opera came about when he sought to expose his children to the fine arts. It began with some plays at the Ring Theater as well as other cultural art events. " I heard an advertisement about the Miami Opera Company and I found that the Barber of Seville and Sampson and Delilah were two of the operas being performed. I bought tickets for the family and since then, I ' ve been hooked. " This past year his involvement with opera has expanded to a different role. When he went to pick up his season tickets for the H0 ' 34 Faculty tnJk Miami Opera Company, he heard that " supers " were needed for one of the bigger productions of the season, Nabucco, starring Shernill Milnes. That was all he needed to get started. After consultation with his wife, he decided to become a " super " . In Nabucco, Longino played a Babylonian soldier, complete with full armor and strap-on sandals. However, his first dress rehearsal was not without occurrence. " The sandals were made one size fits all, " explains Longino, " and it was difficult to walk because the sandals would flop around. It became a real problem when one part of the act called for the group of soldiers to run down these steep steps carrying a long spear. " This is when a near disaster occurred. " As I was running down the stairs, these floppy sandals caused me to lose my balance; I was very concerned about regaining my balance because I was heading straight towards Sherrill Milnes, the star of the show. " Longino did regain his composure before reaching Milnes, but it was close. When Milnes signed Longino ' s program, he wrote: " To Chuck, thank you for allowing me to finish the show, Sherrill Milnes. " Because of his participation in Nabu cco, Longino was chosen to be a ' super ' in Toaca starring Luciano Pavrotti. In this role, he once again played the part of a soldier, but this time he was part of a firing squad which shot Pavrotti. This opera was probably most memorable to Longino because of one certain event. " Pavrotti did not show up until the third dress rehearsal, which was right before the show, " explained Longino. " It seems no one told him that we were going to use blanks for the firing squad scene. " Pavrotti was deathly afraid of blanks because just a couple years prior, he was hit in the knee with schrapnel from a blank. When the final scene came, the firing squad shot at Pavrotti; and instead of hearing twelve " clicks " , he heard twelve noisy " booms " with fire and smoke escaping from the barrels. Pavrotti acted out that scene, but as soon as the curtain fell, he got up and was furious. " It was the only time during the whole engagement I saw him angry or upset, " added Longino. Along with his other interests, Longino ' s greatest concern is his students and being a devoted teacher. " Faculty educators have a serious obligation to their students. " Longino feels that the faculty " must respect students and must challenge them; the teacher that respects the students ' ability the most is the one that is the hardest on them. " " There is an aspect of teaching that is so rewarding; it comes from the obligation of taking the students seriously. Students must be treated as people with real problems. There is a tendency of educators to get so involved in their own careers that they miss the growth process of a student from scared freshmen to secure senior; this is the ultimate reward of teaching. " By Steve Renick Faculty 35 Dr. David Gordon, Communications While serving as interim Chairman of the Department of Communications, Professor David Gordon found the position to be quite enjoyable when dealing with people, and rewarding with the opportunity of moving pet projects ahead. However, he points out that the detail and time involved in serving as a department head can also be frustrating. Professor Gordon explains that the department ' s priority projects are: searching for faculty expertise in areas where there is currently no specialization; upgrading equipment; and improving student quality. Also, several needed curriculum changes were made concerning courses offered — some were brought down levels and others were created due to necessity. While the department is striving to join the top ranks of leading communication departments throughout the country, Professor Gordon sees the launching of a Graduate School in Communication, as well as a separate Communications School, apart from the School of Arts and Sciences, as essential improvements needed to achieve such a goal. Before coming to the University of Miami two years ago, Professor Gordon taught for t welve years at Northwestern University. While at Northwestern, Professor Gordon was involved with the Residential College, where students and faculty are exposed to each other in a relaxed academic atmosphere in the dorm. For example, " Sherry Hour " gave students and teachers a chance to get to know one another without roles becoming involved. Professor Gordon particularly enjoyed the informal atmosphere at the school, " Everyone was considered equally; no one was interested in titles. " By Inger Fowlkes 36 Faculty ic atio ns David Kent, Photo-Communications ftion, as well i School, apart :iences, as i to achieve sity of Miami jon taught for University, sor Gordon ai College, exposed to ic atmosphere ;rry Hour " chance to get les becoming rtjcuiariy :re at Che red equ ; n0 David Kent, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Photo-Communication sequence in the Department of Communication, joined the U.M. faculty in 1 3 " 72. Mr. Kent received his B.F.A. Degree from the University of Florida in 1 964, and his M.F.A. from Yale University in 1 9 " 75. " The Photo-Communication program is intended to be a part of the liberal arts tradition, challenging the student to combine varied experiences through a visual medium, " explains Professor Kent. The program includes: beginning, intermediate, and advanced photography along with Photojournalism. One of the nicest things the program has to offer is an internship to second semester seniors. " Through the intership experience, we are able to place students in a professional setting appropriate to their interests, " commented Kent. Students have taken internships at such places as the Miami News, Neighbors Magazine, and with local studio photographers. Despite the decrease in enrollment at U.M., the enrollment in Photography has increased each semester. Professor Kent adds, " I think it ' s important that students be informed and educated in a wide area of human concerns, and I believe the students are realizing that photography is one mean through which an awareness of these concerns can be expressed. " Professor Kent credits the department ' s success to the effort and interest of Assistant Professor Michael Carlebach, Instructor Robert Heller, and laboratory superviser Candace Barbot. As for the future of the program, Professor Kent stated " that it will eventually become a major for the serious students, and plans have been made to include two new courses, a graphics and a color documentary class. " By Maggie McGinley McGinley Faculty 37 Dr. Lester Goran, English An acclaimed writer, competent professor and caring friend — these are just a few words describing Professor Lester Goran. As a professor in the English Department, Goran teaches Contemporary Literature and advanced creative writing with the well known Issac Singer. Goran grew up in the slums of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He lived in a predominantly black neighborhood. He was poor, white and different; he survived. Virtually an o er night success, Goran has not forgotten his past. He recalls those days with fond memories. In 1 9BO, Goran ' s first novel The Paratrooper was published. The book was widely reviewed and received best seller status in many foreign countries. Since the publication of The Paratrooper, Goran has created seven additional works of literature. His most recent success, This New Land, has sold over 500,000 copies. This best seller is the first book of a series. The second novel of the series, Covenant: with Tomorrow, will be released this year. In addition to the series, Goran is also working on a large historical novel. Goran graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. He became an instructor at the University of Miami in 1 SBO; by 1 974, he was promoted to a full professor. Since coming to U.M. Goran has been nominated several times for the best professor award. This semester, Miami Dade will be honoring Goran as a Distinguished Visiting Professor, an award bestowed upon such great professors as Marya Agleou, Bernard Malamud, and Edward Albee. Despite his busy schedule, Professor Goran always finds time for his friends. A particularly close comrade is the legendary Issac Singer. The extraordinary writer has been working with Goran in compiling a number of literary compositions. As a friend, Goran is a sincere, warm individual. He is forever willing to exchange personal views concerning the sentimentals found in life. He has remained a humble man despite his huge success and is grateful for what opportunities have come his way. By Eve Boertlein 3B Faculty N« BT«ftltnESWW» « English Professor us friends. A the legendary iry writer has ompilmg a )n s. As a friend, ividual. He is jrsonal views found in life. He despite his huge hat way. Isaac Bashevis Singer, English Among the highly talented faculty members of the English department, one man stands out above the rest. For the past four years, Issac Bashevis Singer, the 1 9 78 Nobel Prize Winner for Literature has taught Advanced Creative Writing with Professor Lester Goran. The graduate level class meets once a week for four hours. Its purpose is to advise and criticize the works of the young writers. To his students, and all aspiring writers, Singer offers the advice that he himself follows. He advises to always have a real topic or theme and a real passion to write the story; also he explains that " one should always have the conviction or illusion that he is the only one who can write the particular story. " Singer maintains the belief that there are no literary prodigies. One must learn to write; and by following Singer ' s advice and by constantly writing one can learn to write well. Not only does Singer enjoy his classes and the climate here in Miami, he is extremly fond of working with Professor Goran. The two have developed a binding friendship, and Singer feels that through Goran, he is receiving the secular education he never obtained. An immigrant to the United States, Issac Singer was born in Radzymin, Poland. As a child he lived in a shetel, commonly known as a ghetto. Being the product of a long line of Rabbis, he attended and graduated from a Rabbinical seminary in Warsaw. Against his parents wishes that he become a rabbi, Singer came to America in 1 S35 to seek a career as a secular writer. Throughout the years Singer has created numerous literary works. Among his books are: Satan in Goray; Gimpel the Fool; The Spinoza of Market Street; In my Fether ' e Court; and Enemies a Love story. His works center around the Polish Jew. At one time, all of his creations were written in Hebrew. He wrote in his native tongue until he realized that the group of Yiddish readers were getting older and older and they were leaving behind fewer children who knew the language. He then began to translate his literature for all to read. Singer ' s exquisite ability in expressing the U. M. Public Relations written word has given him many literary awards. The Louis Lamed Prize, The Agon Gold Medal, grants from the National Book Award for children ' s literature, and the 1 978 Nobel Prize for Literature are just a few awards presented to Issac Singer in honor of his great literary talents. Singer has no regrets that fame and fortune has come late in his life. He feels it is " not healthy for a writer to become famous when he is too young; one should have to struggle a little — it helps build character. " Issac Singer has a deep passion for the human life. He is a lover of life and all living things. He describes himself as a student of human individuality. His ability to express himself has made him one of the superior writers in the literary field. Yet, despite his fame and fortune his pale blue eyes reflect the image of a man content with his work. But, more importantly, Issac Bashevis Singer is a man at peace with himself, a characteristic not often found in the world today. By Eve Boertlein Faculty 39 m Zelda Lipman, Premedical Advisor Perhaps the most well known member of Alpha Epsilon Delta, the premedical honor society, is Zelda Lipman; she certainly is the busiest. Mrs. Lipman is the premedical advisor, a position she has had since December of 1 374 when the full time position was created. Her job roles include: coordinating the recommendation process for students seeking admission to health related graduate schools CMedical, Dental, Veterinary, Optomery, Podiatry, etc.], publishing a yearly updated guide to premedical studies serving as a resource center for students, and working as the operational arm to the premedical committee. During the time Mrs. Lipman has served as premedical advisor, she has helped developed a post baccalaureate program in premedical studies, brought a sense of continuity to the the premedical process, and has become a liason between the University of Miami and other schools. Mrs. Lipman regularly informs her students, whom she describes as " bright, active, and motivated, " of current trends in the premedical process and changes in medical school policies. Premedical students are well aware of the thoroughness and care Mrs. Lipman shows to them: taking the time to go over their curriculum, answering questions, and helping them with the application process. Her rewards are intangible ones; the knowledge that she can make recommendations to the students in obtaining their goals; the high rate of acceptance into professional schools of the students she works with; and the fact that the premedical process works in achieving the goals for which it was designed. By Eric Lieberman Kfr% 40 Faculty li ™ Advisor ft Judy Wallace, Communications e University 3, Lipman whom she motivated, " ical process slides, aware of the sman shows iver their i, and helping is, Her i knowledge itions to the i; the high ional schools and the fact rks in wa s designed. In 1 963, Judy Wallace left a lucrative careen in broadcasting and came to the University of Miami. Today she is one of the Department of Communication ' s major assets. For the past twenty years, Wallace has coupled her practical experience with a growing devotion to teaching. " You realize that you are enjoying what you are doing when you find it easy to get up in the morning, " Wallace said. After graduating from Rutgers College, Wallace began working for the New York Radio circuit, and eventually became an experimenter in the field of television broadcasting. Wallace is leaving the University in the summer for a one year sabbatical. She intends to write a textbook entitled " Acting for the Camera, " which will be published by Rrentice-Hall. By Scott Rixford Faculty 4 1 vamrnmrnmammm Mentschikoff Retires, Her Legacy Continues . . . U.M. News Bureau This year a fine educator and legal scholar will be retiring from the University of Miami. Dr. Soia Mentschikoff first came to U.M. as a visiting professor and advisor. She became dean of the U.M. Law School in 1 9 " 74. To say that Mentschikoff improved the School tremendously would be an understatement. " We are in the top 1 5 percent of the nation, maybe even the top 1 O percent of the nation, " Mentschikoff said. When Dr. Henry King Stanford, former president of the University of Miami, brought Mentschikoff to UM, he was committed to making the Law School one of the University ' s " Tower ' s of Excellence. " Mentsch ikoff met this challenge by working to develop a good working library and to bring in fine students to the school. Secondly, she focused on bringing in a " first-rate dedicated faculty " who were willing to focus on education and were " diverse in their interests. " She accomplished all of these things and more. The School developed programs in estate planning, taxes, a Master of Comparative Law program and the Trial Advocacy Program (TAP), " which was only the beginning of other craft programs, " Mentschikoff said in an address to the Board of Trustees. The success of the School is a reflection of this unique woman, who has not only shaped and contributed her talents and genious to our School of Law, but to the Law itself. Dr. Mentschikoff was one of the principle drafters of the Uniform Commercial Code, which modernized the law of contracts on the sale of goods. She was an assistant reporter to the Uniform Revised Sales Act and was the Associate Chief Reporter. Her husband, the late Karl N. Llewellyn, was the Chief Reporter, " so it was convenient, " Mentschikoff said. Some people said that Mentschikoff took Llewllyn ' s elaborately stated ideas and made them recognizeably simple to understand. She brought into the UCC, the concepts of good faith and of serving all men in the area of commercial law. U.M. News Bureau A2. Faculty This is her specialty. Upon graduating from Columbia University Law School in 1 937, she worked with the top law firms in New York in the areas of labor relations, arbitration, and acted as a consultant to firms and companies in various matters, especially the UCC. She was a visiting professor at Harvard Law School from 1 9 l 7-1 9-49 and a professor at the University of Chicago Law School, where she served on various committees. At Columbia University she served on a special study of Denesan Pueblos, including the preparation of codes fo r several countries, including Santa Ana and Santa Domingo. Mentschikoff has received honorary Doctors of Law degrees from ten Universities and is a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation. The list goes on — and so will Dr. Mentschikoff. .sw " She is leaving U.M. having left her indelible mark upon the University, she will not be forgotten. This is not so much a profile, but a tribute to a woman who has transformed and added so much to all that she has devoted her life to. Mentschikoff said that upon retiring, she is looking forward to doing nothing. " I ' ve been teaching since 1 951 . The least I ' m entitled to is a sabbatical. " What does the future hold for the U.M. Law School. First a new dean, Claude Sowle, who is the former president of Ohio University. He will take over the deanship when Mentschikoff retires. She has the utmost confidence in the new dean, and in the future of the law School. " I think it will continue to grow; I have no doubt, " Mentschikoff said. Yes, the Law School will achieve even greater heights, for the legacy of Dr. Soia Mentschikoff will be a part of the University of Miami forever. By Amy Jacoves Faculty 43 U.M. ' s Rising Star In 1 9 " 7 " 7, Cyrus Jollivette became the Director of Public Affairs. In January 19B2, Jollivette was appointed as the Executive Assistant to the President of the University, Edward Thaddeus Foote II. Jollivette has moved quickly up the ladder of success at U.M. It is not surprising when one considers his background. He graduated from C.W. Post University with a degree in Business Administration, received his Master in Business Administration in 1 9 " 70 from Long Island University and received his Law degree from the University of Miami in 1 9BO. Upon graduation from Post, he became a graduate assistant in the R esidence Halls " which got me involved in Student Affairs. " At Post he served as the Assistant Dean of Students and was the Director of Men ' s housing. He decided to return to his native Miami to practice journalism. He served as the Managing Editor and Business Manager of the Miami Times, where he " got to do a little bit of everything. " He presently moderates and produces the weekly television show, Black Perspective, on Channel " 7. Jollivette has done a great deal of work in the media and in the area of higher education. He says that higher education is where he belongs, and he especially enjoys his new role. " It ' s a lot of fun representing the University, " he said. Jollivette describes his new position as Chief of Staff as " directing the operations of the President ' s office. " Jollivette says that he also feels that it is important to get involved in the community. He is chairman of the Board of Trustees of Public Health Trust of Dade County which is the governing body of Jackson Memorial Hospital. In addition to all of this, Jollivette has served as Senior Advisor to the Board of Publications this past fall. When he was appointed as the President ' s Executive Assistant, he had to leave that post. " I enjoyed that. That was one of the best things I ' ve ever done ... It was a special experience for me. " Though everyone on the Board of Publications is sorry to see him leave, the entire University is happy that he is continuing his success here at the University of Miami. By Amy Jacoves AA Faculty Panhellenic Honors Professors UM News Bureau ■ University On Wednesday, February 1 " 7, 1 9B2, the six national sororities of the Panhellenic Council, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Chi Omega, Delta Gamma, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Sigma Delta Tau held their annual Apple Polishing Party. The highlight of the affair was the presentation of the annual Panhellenic Professor Award. Dr. John Masterson of the Communications Department was the proud recipient of this year ' s award. He was highly acknowledged for his outstanding qualities of fairness and expertise above the classroom knowledge in his subject. The Apple Polishing Party is a traditional event where each sorority girl invites a professor of her choice to attend an afternoon reception at the Panhellenic Building. The purpose of the reception is to demonstrate to the faculty and administration that sorority women are very concerned with academics. The educational process plays an important role in the foundation of each sorority. Sorority life does not diminish the value of academics, but instead creates a learning atmosphere where sisterly love and personal growth are fostered. It is a way to experience the college education both in and out of the classroom. Although this year ' s traditional event was dampered by the weather, the spirits of the girls and the attendance of the guests have never been better. Among the distinguished guests in attendance were President Foote, Dean Susan Peters, Dean William W. Sandler, Dean William Sheeder, Dr. William Butler, Dean Evelyn Barritt, Dean Carl McKenry, Steve Ash, Dean Gerald Felz, Sharon Clark. Dean Clarence Stuckwisch, and all academic deans or there designees. This year ' s program was planned by the intersorority chairman of Panhellenic, Margret Ballou. The main part of the program was the presentation of white and red carnations to president ' s honor roll and dean ' s list sorority women, respectively. The Dean of each school or his representative honored the girls by announcing their names and by individually presenting each of them with a f lower. The informal gathering gave the girls a chance to socialize casually with their professors and meet other professors in their departments as well. By Dianne Regalado ii_ Apple Polishing 45 Bill Mullowney The Undergraduate Student Body Government can work effectively only if the leadens know what they are doing and have the experience to " get the job done " . Bill Mullowney, this year ' s USBG President, has all of the fine qualities necessary for a good leader. As a freshman, Bill became involved in Sigma Chi Fraternity and went on to hold various positions within the Interfraternity Council, including IFC Senator. Bill became an active part of the Senate and nan fon Tneasunen to USBG, in 1980-81. As Tneasunen, Bill had to make sune that the USBG Loan Agency was nun effectively. In 1 981 , he nan fon Pnesident and won. In addition to his involvement in USBG, Bill senved as a lifeguand at the Whitten Student Union Pool, fnom 1 978-8D. When asked if he enjoyed this job, Bill nesponded, " I neally did enjoy being a lifeguand; it was diffenent fnom all my othen activities. " Bill also is a member of the Order of Omega, Inon Annow and was selected fon Who ' s Who in Amenican Colleges and Univensities. Marina Angleton Manina Angleton feels quite at home at a podium whethen she is giving a speech henself on intnoducing the next guest speaken. Manina is this year ' s Chainpenson of the U.M. Lectune Senies, which bnings in top talents fnom all oven the countny, such as Gene Roddenbenny, the cneaton of Star Trek. Roddenbenny pnesented a lectune about his " cneation " and shaned some of the gneatest " bloopens " of the Star Trek pnoduction. Also Senaton Binch Bayh and Howand Phillips, fnom the Monal Majonity pnesented a debate on whethen on not the Monal Majonity is " night " . In addition to hen ovenwhelming duties with the Lectune Senies, Manina senves on the Union Boand of Govennons, is Vice Pnesident of the Pne-Law Hononany, and was tapped into Qmicnon Delta Kappa. Last yean, Manina was elected to senve as Vice-Pnesident of the USBG. Duning hen sophomore yean she senved as Ants and Sciences Senaton fon the USBG and Chainpenson of the Community Affains Committee of the Senate. Manina, who is a sisten of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sononity, hopes to attend law school upon gnaduation. One can be sune that she will achieve highest heights in all hen futune endeavors. ■46 Students an-. L T t ju H g wiua g aajp»llj j—M imjj g nMBiMM Jason Haikara If you were to ask Jason Haikara what the University of Miami has contributed to his life, he would probably answer The Miami Hurricane. Although he has been involved in other activitities, he feels that the Hurricane is the only one of any major significance. " As the Spring Semester Editor of the Hurricane, I have a huge interest in the Arts and, if I have learned anything from my years in movies or theater in one capacity or another, " Haikara explained. After graduation, Haikara intends to take a number of chances and, if worse comes to worse, he ' ll go into journalism. However, " I ' d rather be involved in the creative end of entertainment than reviewing the final product. I have had a couple of ideas for movie scripts in my head for a few years and maybe one of these days I ' ll get them down on paper, " Haikara commented. His goal is to be as respected in his field as Katharine Hepburn is in hers. " Hepburn has reached a level in the entertainment industry that no one else has ever achieved. Her name denotes longevity, class, and intelligence, as well as a profound desire for excellence. If I can reach for what she stands for I ' ll consider myself successful, " Haikara explained. Haikara plans to move from Miami to New York or Los Angeles because, as he explained, " I ' d rather be broke in New York or L. A. than bored in Miami. " Lydia Lopez The spring semester ' s Business Manager of the Miami Hurricane is quite a brilliant young lady majoring in Public Relations. She is the president of the Public Relations Student Society of America and a member of the Florida Speech Communication Association. Lopez was honored as the outstanding Junior in Public Relations last year. She is the secretary of Delta Theta Mu Honor Society, treasurer of Golden Key Honor Society, a member of Phi Kappa Phi, a Merit Award recipient, and a Henry King Stanford Scholar. She has a cumulative grade point average of 3.972. " The experiences I ' ve had at the Hurricane have allowed me to gain first hand knowledge about the business world. Although it ' s been a big challenge, it is one I would take over again without hesitation, " said Lopez. Upon graduation, Lydia plans to be a Masters in Business Administration. There is no doubt that she will be one of the finest M.B.A. ' s on the market. Students 4 7 mm. Dennis Turner Dennis Turner is a senior majoring in Broadcasting and Spanish. Dennis has also gotten very involved in campus broadcasting media. He is the producer and co-anchor of the Video Tape Services and the U.M. Update News Program, which is seen on WLRN-TV Channel 1 " 7. He was also a producer and anchor at WVUM on campus and served as its Operations Director. Dennis is the recipient of the Harry Rich Scholarship for broadcasting students, and is a teacher ' s assistant for the producing and directing classes here at UM. He was tapped into Alpha Epsilon Rho, the Honorary Broadcasting Society, and has served as its Vice President and President this past year. In addition, Dennis was named to Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Upon graduation, Dennis would like to pursue a career in Broadcast Journalism working as a reporter; eventually he would like to move into management. " I enjoy talking to people and learning new things. Journalism affords people to become involved in the community and to grow with it, " Dennis explained. The world of broadcasting and journalism can certainly be sure that they have a " star " coming their way. Jeffrey Becker Jeffrey Becker, a public relations major, has been involved in just about every aspect of the University of Miami. He served as a Resident Assistant for three years, served on the Undergraduate Student Body Government Supreme Court his sophomore year, and was Chief Justice for the following two years. He was on the Carni Gras security force, the Homecoming Executive Committee, and was the Chairman of this year ' s Homecoming festivities. He has been involved in Mahoney Pearson Dorm Government and is a member of the Public Relations Sequence Advisory Group. An individual involved in so many areas of campus is bound to get an award or two. Not so with Becker; he ' s received many more: Golden Key, Programming Award for 1 968 Complex, Iron Arrow Honor Society, and Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges and Universities. It is obvious that Jeff will encounter only success in all of his future endeavors. k Miami. tonaic off N( tea Wirsef- 48 Students napr, has been if the University of iistant for three : Student Body jhomore year, ana wo years. He was e Homecoming Chairman of this as been involved in itandisamembe- • jvisory Group. ire as of campus is ; so wfch Becker; =y, Programming w Honor Society .! American Colleges ! gr only success in Donald S. Fletcher, a native Jamaican, who now resides in Miami, was never involved in high school extracurricular activities. However, things certainly changed when Donald came to college. Since entering the University of Miami, Donald has become involved in many different student organizations. He is the president of the United Black Students CU.B.SJ, a member of the N.A.A. C. P. , as well as the Organization for Jama ican Unity, Black Lawyers of Tomorrow, and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Donald is also president of the Black Business Society and is a Resident Assistant at Eaton Hall. Donald, who is a triple major in Finance, Economics, and G.B.M., hopes to go to law school after graduation. His life goal is to build a model city in Miami. Donald offers some advice to all students, " Be yourself, teach yourself, and most importantly, love yourself. " Mitchell A. Levy Thousands yearly are seeking their Bachelors in Business Administration, yet few have the wide variety of activities and honors that Mitchell A. Levy has received in his four years here at the University of Miami. Levy became involved as a photographer and writer on the Hurricane Newspaper and the Ibis yearbook his freshman year. He was also a member of the Ultimate Frisbee Team. During his junior year, Levy got involved in the Undergraduate Student Body Government Executive Cabinet; he served as a Undersecretary for the Press Committee. In addition, he was involved in the Student Orientation Service, the American Marketing Association, and was a disc jockey at WVUM. Levy is presently serving as a USBG Business Senator and Vice President of Personnel and Organization Affairs for the Student Faculty Board. He has been honored with the University of Miami Merit Award, Golden Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Mitch Levy has worked here at the University of Miami and one can be sure that he will not slow down in graduate school. After receiving his MBA, Levy would like " to do consulting work while teaching a course or two at a university. " Donald S. Fletcher Students 49 Ray Vaughan The man behind the " voice of the University of Miami, " WVUM, for the fall semester of 1 981 was Ray Vaughan, the radio station ' s General Manager. Prion to serving as General Manager, he served as station engineer C1 9BO), traffic director C1 9 " 79D, and disc jockey C1 9 " 7B1 In addition to his duties as General Manager of WVUM, Ray is a Rathskeller Engineer, a Student Orientation Service CSOSD staff member, and an engineer for WVTS in Miami. Some of Ray ' s honors include Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, and Alpha Epsilon Rho, the Communications Honor Society. Ray also has the privilege to serve as student representative to the University of Miami Board of Trustees. Glenn Hutton Glenn Hutton, a Communications major, is the talented individual who is serving as the General Manager of the " Voice of the University of Miami " , radio station WVUM. Prior to his selection as General Manager, Glenn was a disc jockey, staff announcer, and production technician. He also wrote and produced a weekly rock and roll news program, and has served on the station ' s executive board as Music Director and Program Director. " I ' ve gained more experience and knowledge by working at WVUM than in the classroom, " Glenn said. In addition to his work at WVUM, Glenn is hosting and producing a video rock show, which will be aired weekly on the Video Tape Service. Currently, he is hosting a talk show on WNWS 79D AM. Glenn says that he plans to continue working in the broadcasting field because " a 9 to 5 job would drive me nuts; broadcasting keeps you on your toes. " Glenn plans to seek a career in sales management. And, although, we are sure Glenn will do well in whatever field he chooses, it seems inevitable that he will someday be a successful professional in some aspect of broadcasting. 50 Students Ed PozzuoN I rajor, is the tie General srty of Miami " , lection as Genera: I taff announcer, rote and s program, and e board as Music nowledge by oom, " Glenn said. Slenn is hosting nch will be aired urrently, he is AM. ue working in the job would drive me toes. " les management, ill do well in inevitable that he sional in some " Being involved in the Greek system can help an individual grow both emotionally and intellectually, " commented Lisa Abeloff , president of the Panhellenic Council. Lisa, a senior, has been involved in many different activities on campus. She is Secretary of Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice President of Chi Omega, and a member of Rho Lambda. Lisa was voted the most Outstanding Sophomore and Junior Woman of the Year by the Sorority Council. This year she was selected to Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities. Lisa has achieved all of this and more, while maintaining a 3. 3 average in her major of speech communication. Upon graduation, Lisa plans to get a Masters, and eventually a doctorate, in Speech Communications. She would like to be an independent communications consultant for business firms. Lisa ' s advice to students is " to get involved in the many different aspects of campus life in order to make the best out of your years in college. " He ' s only a junior, and yet, Ed Pozzuoli has been involved in many student activities and has received many awards and honors during his three years at the University of Miami. His activities include: Inter-fraternity Council president, Editor and founder of The Torch, Student Government Undersecretary of Community Affairs, and Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. Some of the honors Ed has received are: initiation into Omicron Delta Kappa and Iron Arrow; and he was also selected for Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities. Ed hopes to go on to law school and eventually become a lawyer. He has many accomplishments of which to be proud, and with still one year to go, who knows in what else Ed will become involved. Pozzuoli explains his " over indulgence " in student activities, " I love to get involved; without student activities, school would be only half as fun and not very interesting. " Lisa Abeloff I Students 5 1 Craig Matt ox Craig Steven Mattox has been involved on the University of Miami campus since his freshman yean. He became a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity and within one year, Craig was elected as the Fraternity ' s President. After becoming President, Craig was appointed to be AEPi ' s representative to the Interfraternity Council. In 1 9B1 , Craig was selected to serve as the Council ' s Vice-President. While serving as Vice President for IFC, Mattox became the University of Miami mascot; the IBIS bind Sebastian. Yes, the man behind the mask at all of the football games, both home and away, is Cnaig Mattox, whom the U.M. can be truly pnoud. In addition to all of these activities, Cnaig has had time to wonk on the Homecoming Executive Committee, Minor Disciplinany Hearing Panel, and as Vice-President of Special Projects for Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society. He is also a member of the Interfraternity Leadership Society, Order of Omega, and Inon Annow. Cnaig is a business majon, with hopes of obtaining a job which will allow him to deal with many types of people. Cnaig commented, " Such a position would enable me to stimulate the development of others, as well as myself. " Steve Renick Clean cut, well mannered, and nicely dnessed — these ane the impnessions one gets when finst meeting Steve Renick. However, Steve ' s inner virtues are even more striking and impressive. Steve, a senior business major, has made a kind of personal commitment to himself — to become actively involved in as much as possible and to always give his best. This philosophy has certainly paid-off for Steve, who, last year, was honored with the Mr. Future Business Executive Award at Phi Beta Lambda Business Society ' s state competition. Steve, U. M. ' s Phi Beta Lambda Chapter President, who was responsible for reactivating the organization, went on to place sixth at the national competition. Some of Steve ' s other honons and activities have been: Pnesident ' s Honon Roll; Dean ' s List; Newton B.T. Roney Awand for Leadership; University of Miami Honor Scholarship; Golden Key Honor Society; Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society; Notary Public (State of FloridaD; Pre-legal Society, Vice-President; Copy writer, IBIS; etc . . . Steve plans to attend law school next semester and hopes " to practice in some area of corporate law. " Also, he would " like to go into executive management and eventually start a business. " But most of all, Steve added, " I want to enjoy life and settle down somewhere in the country-side, where I ' d like to raise a family. Hopefully, all of my future business endeavors will satisfy my high need fon achievement, howeven, I feel that my family and home will provide my real success in life. " 52 Students P : ily dressed - wren first jve ' s inner virtues A js made a kind of a become actively a always give his Dff for Steve, whc Future Business a Business U.M. ' s Phi Beta s responsible for 3 n to place sixth a: j activities have 3 Ust; Newton diversity of M iam or Society; W jblic (State of sident; Copy next semester afliorate law " ltwe manage « most of a». settle down jpe |-d like to ratse j ness sn j| me i D vide my r Nazih B. Hardin Nazih B. Hardin: More than just a student. Nazih, from the Middle East has led several lives. He grew up and was educated in the small country of Lebanon. He also served in the Lebanese army. He then studied one year at a medical school in Paris. France. He came to Miami in 1 973 and started at the University in 1 9BO. With this background, it seems appropiate that Nazih would be elected as President of U.M. ' s Council of International Students and Organizations CC.O. I.S.O.). The goals of CO. I.S.O. are to bring together all international students and their various organizations. " We are a unique organization which provides an outlet for all cultures to gather and interact, " Nazih said. Some events that C. O. I. S. O. has sponsored are: International Week; United Nations Day; and Sponsor-a-Child Cthey adopted an eleven year old boy from Edcuardor). Some of Nazih ' s other involvements are: Student Activities Committee; French Club President; Pi Delta Phi French Honor Society; and Financial Committee for International Students. Nazih intends to receive his Master ' s in Civil Engineering in 1 984. His goal in life to " to be happy and content with life, while living in a happy, healthy society. " Kim Pasternak This May, the U. M. ' s first class of physical therapist majors will graduate with their bachelor degrees; senior Kim Pasternak will be among the distinguished graduates. Kim, a transfer student from Florida State University, came to the U. M. when she heard that a physical therapy program was being created. She thought that it would be both interesting and challenging to be a part of a brand new program; now she looks forward to the day when the program is flourishing and widely acclaimed, so that she may say, " I was a student of the very first graduating class — I helped put this program on it ' s feet by being interested and involved in it. " Kim also works at the South Miami Hospital, where she says she is " gaining invaluable experience. " Her job at the hospital has enabled her to become more familiar with the practical aspects of her future occupation. In addition to this, Kim also works with a " 70-year old blind woman in South Miami. Kim feels this work has been especially rewarding and has influenced her to consider geriatrics as a specialization. When not involved with her work or classes, in which she has maintained a 3. 5 G. P. A. , Kim is active with her sorority Delta Gamma. Only time will tell how U. M. " s physical therapy program will fare, however, it certainly has got off to fine start when it can boast of Kim Pasternak as being one of its first graduates. Students 53 Simon Weisenthal; Nazi Hunter The University of Miami Lecture Series was proud to present the famous Simon Wiesenthal to a capacity crowd at the Ibis Cafeteria on January 19, 1 982. Wiesenthal has been tracking Nazi criminals since 1 94 " 7, two years after his release from Janowska concentration camp, and considers his work as not only a payment to those who died, but also as a warning to the living. " I see my work as a warning for the murderers of tomorrow, " he said. Wiesenthal ' s organization, The Jewish Documentation Center, has been responsible for bringing many Nazis to trial, perhaps the most famous of which was Adolph Eichmann. Wiesenthal feels the Nazis were not war criminals, just criminals. These criminals were SS men who killed people in the ghettos and in the camps at no risk to themselves. " So it cannot be called a war crime; people should know this, " said Wiesenthal. He also expressed his warnings about the more than 1 DO organizations in the United States that supply Nazi, anti-semetic, and anti-democratic literature all over the world. Wiesenthal said that his two greatist wishes are to see Dr. Joseph Mengele captured [which he feels will be very soon] and Raoul Wallenberg released. By Mary Cnonin and Greg Lundeen 54 Speakers Star Date: October 15, 13B1 " Beam us back to the Starship, Scotty, " the infamous line so often used by Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise, is just one of the quotes remembered by the many " Trekies " . On October 15, 1981, the University of Miami Lecture Series presented Gene Roddenberry, the director, producer, and creator of Star Trek. Along with humorous anticdotes about the TV series, Roddenberry presented the audience with films depicting the behind the scenes " bloopers " and a segment never aired on public television. Roddenberry also spoke of the movie, Star Trek, a box office success. The wide acclaim given to the movie provoked Paramount to release a second motion picture. However, Roddenberry will not be producing the sequel. He has stipulated that those involved in producing the next movie will not be able to change the prevailing Star Trek Philosophy of " life is a precious thing. " Roddenberry also assured the audience that all of the regular cast members, along with new ones, will be present in the second motion picture. He did mention, however, 1 L 1 • M tA v — _ , I 1 - HHMf m mm M IV! i lUlWHUMIi ' —j ■ M WNW8 790AM1 f ■r I ••• m ,1 that Leoneard Nemoy no longer wants to portray the character of Mr. Spock. Roddenberry believes that the ideas used in Star Trek are things the average human being has always been dreaming of. He acclaims the success of both the television series and the motion picture to the idea that " just because something is different does not mean that it is necessarily bad. " So, in other words, let your mind wonder; your wildest dreams may make you a fortune someday. By Eve Boertlein Speakers 55 Is the Moral Majority Right? " Is the Moral Majority right? " This question was debated by Birch Bayh, a liberal and former Senator from Indiana, and Howard Phil lips, president of the Conservative Caucus, on November 5, 1 981 , at the University of Miami Law School. Professor Dennis Lynch of Pre-law Studies was the debate moderator. In his 1 " 7 years as U. S. Senator from Indiana, Birch Bayh has gained national prominence as the Senate ' s leading proponent of Constitutional rights and the development of alternative energy while working to represent the concerns of the individual taxpayer. Phillips, a graduate of Harvard College, has been national director of the Conservative Caucus, a non-partisian grass roots lobby with 300, OOO members, since its founding in 1 9 " 7 4. TCC has organized nation wide campaigns in opposition to the surrender of U.S. interests at the Panama Canal and the Carter-Brezhnev SALT II treaty. The debaters discusses various topics including: whether involvement of religious groups in politics violates separation of 56 Speakers The Combatants Howard Phillips Birch Bayh III -J i ■ 111 HIM CvB church and state; prayer in schools, abortion, and increased spending on arms control. However, the most discussed topic of the evening was regarding the correctness of the Moral Majority. Phillips insisted that the " Moral Majority " is a lobbying organization; members of it are politically involved, just like members of liberal organizations are politically involved. It is not a religious organization. It includes people of different faiths or of no particular faith, but we share the same view on political policies. " Bayh interjected, arguing that the " Moral Majority takes a narrowly defined view of the scriptures and thinks that if others do not see things their way, they won ' t go to Heaven, much less the Senate. " CBayh lost his Senate seat in 1 980 after being declared an unsuitable candidate by the Moral Majority.] Phillips assured the audience that the " Moral Majority " never accused Bayh of being immoral. " All great organizations have been fueled by a cause. The Moral Majority is concerned with such things as crime, high taxes, pornography, and the morality of the United States. They don ' t have a desire to impose morality or harm anyone; just a desire to defend their rights. " Bayh retorted that although the Moral Majority never call him immoral, their national secretary and Indiana chapter President Reverend Dixon publicly called him unholy. " They will say anything in order to blackball someone; " Bayh continued, " I don ' t mind that though. We ' ve had that kind of politics since the beginning of the Republic. What incenses me is that they say they do it in the name of God. " The debate, which was sponsored by the U.M. Lecture Series, ended with questions from the audience. The questions were intriguing and the answers debatable, but all in all, it was quite an interesting and enjoyable evening. By Sandy Van Dine Speakers 57 wumaxmmwMm Lifelines, For the Healthier You Lifelines is the sum total of all programs at the University of Miami which contribute to the development and support of the whole you. It is important to note that Lifelines involves many campus and non-university organizations. The idea behind all Lifelines programs is to inform and promote an attitude of healthy living in such areas as physical and mental health awareness, nutrition, music and dance therapy, stress management and caring. During the 1 981 fall semester a number of very successful programs were offered to the University population, the first one being " A Time to Care Week. " During this week, events were presented that were relevant to all aspects of health and recreation, including a kick-off breakfast at which former Dolphin player Tim Foley spoke on healthy living. " A Time to Care Week " was followed by one of the most successful programs Lifeline has had. Lifeliners set out to inform the entire campus about drug and substance abuse and concluded the week with the " Great American Smokeout, " sponsored by the American Cancer Soicety. This is the one day of the year that smokers are asked to stop smoking for twenty-four hours. To publicize this day, Lifelines organized a funeral procession, complete with a coffin and a skeleton inside and the University of Miami Jazz Band. The procession wound its way through the campus, encouraging smokers to throw their cigarettes into the coffin. To finish the semester, Lifelines organized programs and lectures dealing with the problems of stress. This was quite timely as it coincided with finals week. Also, a CPR class was held in which nearly 1 OO students and faculty were certified in CPR. The spring semester offered programs dealing with sexuality and contraception. " Lifelines ' Spring into Health Week " included the University of Miami ' s Health Fair, during which free blood screening and other such tests were offered to the students and community. Also included were Jazzercise classes on the patio an concerts by the University of Miami Jazz Band. It was a wonderful way to end the semester and a time to be enjoyed by all. The underlying theme that has made Lifelines so popular is that it asserts that life should always be enjoyed to the fullest and that learning to be healthy can and should be fun. Lifelines covered every aspect of a healthy lifestyle this year and has truly encouraged the students to get in touch with a healthier you. By Mark Eisenbeng • ' J i » 58 Lifelines I GREAT AMERICAN SMOKEOLTT ■ - T. I F E L I N E SL JL J THE UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI PROGRAMS DEVOTED TO THE WHOLE YOU Lifelines 53 Get to know Yourself with Student Development Programs Dean of Students Office Ten years ago, the same " private foundation " Cand they wish to stay that way] that donated 1 .2 million dollars to the development of the Lane Sports and Recreation Center, mysteriously granted the University 20, OQO dollars a year to offer Student Development Programs to undergraduates. Coordinated and sponsored by the Dean of Students Office, the Human Potential Seminar CHPSD and the Leadership Training Program CLTPD are available to students once each semester. A staff that consists of faculty, administrators, and former seminar graduates spend a weekend workshop at an off -campus retreat location. For $1D Cthe foundation pays the difference] 35 or 40 students, broken into four groups of approximately ten, are Dean of Students Office BO SDP »ir» lu I-trr 5 H— « ■ IfeflHM . -- «■ - w . , - - - w. . - .—-. 49 ■•— • ■•• »■ ■r — •- . • • lev- --■ ■ Dean of Students Office exposed to three threehour sessions per day, geared toward obtaining an increased understanding of yourself and others in the HPS, and in the case of the LTP, skill development pertaining to leadership. It is advised that HPS be taken first because of its generalities that benefit everyone. Discovering who you are, what influenced you to become the person you are, what your strengths are, how to set goals, and how to communicate more effectively are the major emphases of the program. In a relaxed, non-threattening atmosphere, an equal amount of male and female students participate in discussions, exercises, and drills in order to become more aware of themselves and others, thereby increasing confidence, self-esteem, and direction — the three most common strengths students say they gain from the program. The LTP is extremely valuable for those who want to obtain positions of leadership on campus or in future careers. Concentrating on your own personal leadership style, ways of motivating yourself and others, handling conflicts, and making decisions are the topics many of the leaders you see today on campus discovered when they went through the program. Both the HPS and the LTP, as a rule, don ' t guarantee anything, but evaluations made by students having participated in them show that towards the end of the workshop, SOP o of the students saw a " very positive change in others. " In a time when students are " groping for career decisions, " says Dean Short, the Development Programs clarify " the problem of not knowing where you ' re going, by helping you see where you are, " which, in turn, helps you reach your potential. By Inger Fowlkes .of " 3 SDP 61 ! ' • If I ' • III ■jflfl l— ■!! ■ ■ - ■ activities activities Si university life U.M. Alive with Spirit Top: A New feature was added to Homecoming 1981 — Mr. U.M. Opposite: The many faces of Homecoming. s 64 Homecoming 0K McGtnley Homecoming 65 " University of Miami: Alive With Spirit " — a theme that was most appropriate for homecoming of 19B1. From the opening ceremonies, there was an aura of greatness — a greatness that carried through the entire week. Somehow, everyone knew that Homecoming 1981 was going to be very special. Not in recent years has Homecoming been anything quite like this year ' s. From the selection of Miss University of Miami to the Homecoming Dance, from Sports and Recreation to Jello wrestling, there was something for everyone to get involved with, and get involved they did! A wave of spirit never witnessed before swept the students, faculty and administrators. Everyone did his part. From the Greeks to the Independents, from the dorms to the apartments, no one was left out. It was a week that will stand in our memories for the rest of our lives. There were so many people that were responsible for the success of Homecoming, but foremost on that list is the Homecoming Committee, without whom none of this could have been possible. This group of students toiled long hours to make this Homecoming the best ever. A special thanks should be given to the entire Homecoming staff, and added appreciation to Overall Chairman Jeff Becker and Associate Chairman Laura Leavy. Credit should also be given to the students, faculty and administrators of the University of Miami who helped U.M. come alive with spirit the entire week of homecoming. And finally, we can not omit praising our terrific football team! ! A team who totally dominated " number one " Penn State. A team without whom a totally successful Homecoming would not have been possible. A team that will probably go down in history as one of the University of Miami ' s greatest. In our minds, the 1981 team will always be Number One. After we leave our alma mater and pursue our careers, this homecoming will always remain in our minds. We will not remember the year 1 981 for Reagan ' s Tax cut, or even the launch of the Space Shuttle, but for the year the University of Miami beat Penn State and had the best Homecoming ever!!!!! By Steve Renick SB Homecoming jl % I rl!!! Opposite: The U.M. Cheerleaders in the Homecoming Parade. Top: Homecoming floats portrayed many aspects of U.M. Football. Bottom: Not even rain could dampen the spirit at this years Homecoming Parade. . Homecoming 6 " 7 m Top and Bottom: The boat burning and fireworks are Homecoming highlights. Opposite: The many faces and events of Homecoming. 68 Homecoming McG-nlty McGinloy McGmloy 3 nd fineworlcs «C McGmley Homecoming 69 Hurricane Howl A m •?!•■ ' r MM k_. fcfiar f WS k v ■ lJH 7 7 ■ ) .iljiH .v ? j ; ' «HHHP Ki jrfr k i S R $$MLg$ £% r BBK r fiMF ,|s,v B ■T k H m £f l -- : r " i - ' i V- B» ■ ' ' ' m -- ' 1 " ' ■ ' fess? Ke ■- si P ' -l 1 , 8k : H(B ■he I y . 1 F M 1 ■ ik II " fi 3 v H II J7 1 1 ■ Br J H ff H ■ Top Left: The Commodores played and the Orange Bowl grooved. Top Right: The Beach Boys know who ' s number one — the Canes. Opposite Top: U.M. Cheerleaders give the Beach Boys a hand. Opposite Bottom: A Commodore in action. 70 Homecoming L -c the Orange o ' s number e the Beach action. C Levy Homecoming 7 1 The Beach Boys and Commodores Rock the Orange Bowl Top: The Beach Boys California sound was a winner in Miami. Opposite Top and Bottom: Despite the absence of Lionel Richie, the Commodores were a hit at the O.B. i 72 Homecoming ■ « idones 3 Bowl » — - • i . -•- V • % f %, 7» • a • p» tr • • • " • ' : " i ' f £ S s3 ? 5pv ' ' " - ' ' ' v ' ' ' ' (- r - " " ' v v r ' 4 1 ■■ H | mra Jk £ 4 1 - H Ml,-- 4R, ft • ' •f " P I s -W %s 1 A J ft - - 5sr 5§ ■r ■ B ■ LI ■ ' 1 " . ' ■ ' i - : .! r ' . ly B J BBk t B B i id was a ; ne absence of : = -.atre .■».! Homecoming 73 w Halloween Spirits invade U.M. Top: Evil looking witches and a whatchamacallit. Bottom: A Halloween favorite ■ — the Playboy Bunny. Opposite Left: Words cannot describe this original costume Opposite Right: Pizza anyone? tVn 74 Halloween -L ■ ■¥.■ ■;■ Washington Woehmgton , ' ,9-r.r- Halloween " 75 " 76 Halloween Ksreiaebeng ;« " Opposite Top: Halloween was made even more interesting this yean because of the Homecoming Masquerade Ball. Opposite Bottom: Killer Bees at the Ball. Top Left: Coneheads are always a popular Halloween costume. Top Right: Talk about five o ' clock shadow. Bottom: You see almost anything if you look long enough. Halloween 7 7 Music Happenings 7B Concerts Opposite Top: A U. M. favorite, The Front. Opposite Bottom: New Wave Music of the Vapors. Top: Lonnie Liston Smith played his jazz music in the Ibis Cafeteria. Concerts 79 Levy I BO Concerts a • ' ) - - ' ft W r -- Opposite Top: Santana Opposite Bottom: Peter Frampton Top: Rock and Roll with a legend, Peter Frampton Bottom: Carlos! Concerts B 1 m Relax and Enjoy Midday Recess Midday Recess is a weekly event that brings fine local talent to the U.M. Patio on Friday afternoons, such well-known acts as Skin Tight and the Front, as well as a variety of other rock, pop, jazz, latin and religious bands play one to two hour concerts in a wide-open fashion. It is not a rigidly structured event that demands constant attention, but instead, students can catch a few songs on their way to classes, enjoy a couple of numbers while they ' re eating lunch, op just drop by during their spare time. Through the efforts of coordinator Theo Sofia, PACE, and promotional assistance from Miller Hi-Life and the Miami Hurricane, Midday Recess draws consistantly large audiences. Sofia, an entertainer himself who won last year ' s Gong Show, does the promoting and production of Midday Recess. He contracts with Fantasma, PACE, and other promoters, books the various acts, and makes available press releases and publicity. Very often Bar-B-Q ' s are offered in conjunction with SAGA Food Services during the shows. Miller Beer supplies visors and frisbees and other paraphenalia during the shows; and Video Tape Services CVTS] provide sound systems when the bands don ' t bring their own. Among the bands that have made appearances on the Patio are the rock group Break of Day, Jazz musician Jeff Kirk and pop music enthusiast Tim Foley. Next semester ' s calendar includes performances by the Billy Marcus Quintet, a fine jazz ensemble that has attracted national attention, and the hard rocking Zimeron. Also in store is a rock bash that promises to rival last years " Battle of the Bands. " By Steve Boyen i s S2 Midday Recess J. Midday Recess S3 JIM w» Franken and Davis at Gusman Hal No matter how far back one ventures into the archives of Saturday Night Live it can be said that Al Franken and Torn Davis have been there from square one. In an exclusive interview, the duo was surprisingly straightforward and candid about a spectrum of subject matter ranging from Ronald Reagan to Chevy Chase. Ibis: Many of the original Saturday Night troupe got their starts with Second City and National Lampoon. Where did the two of you get your start? Franken: The first place we ever performed publically together, besides our high school, was a place like Second City in Minneapolis, a fourth or fifth city; it was a real poor excuse for a Second City, but we always did stand-up together instead of improvisation . . . We met in high school in the chapel. We went to this, it was supposed to be a Protestant boy ' s school, but they let Jews in to keep the academic standing high, so they allowed me in. They had chapel in the morning, since it was a Protestant school, and we used to do stuff in chapel. I: Do you think that Saturday Night Live was a little too risque when it first went on the air? F: No ... in television it ' s almost impossible to be risque, but you can be real cheap as evidenced by shows like Fridaya. And we were cheap, but we weren ' t too risque, at all. We had problems with the censors every week. I: What were some of the worst problems with the censors? D: The biggest problem is that we never got to do anything on Guyana Cthe Jonestown Massacre]. F: That was the biggest problem you [Tom) had. You ' d have problems with them because, every once in a while, you ' d hit a certain area where their sensitivities were so much different than yours. Most of the stuff you could kind of discuss with them and you could agree or disagree on the basis of some reason they might have had. Every once in a while they ' d be real weird . . . they ' d cut something we ' d really want on badly, but we ' d understand why they cut it . . . We wrote this thing which was a David Suakind Show where the theme was that all his guests were S4 Franken and Davis people who wanted to kill Ted Kennedy . . . and it was really just a black piece about a type of insanity. When people, at least in this country, get shot, it ' s for no real political reason. It ' s always by somebody like Hinckley or Chapman. So, we went into the censor ' s office . . . and he said he didn ' t believe that we had written this, and that it wasn ' t funny. Then we, over the next hour or so, convinced him it was funny and we had him laughing, but he said no, we couldn ' t do it. He said that if Ted Kennedy was shot the day after it was aired (laughing), it would be possible that NBC could lose its license. You had to see his point. He was absolutely right. D: If you were ever going to censor something, it would be for those reasons. F: Most of their thinking was always corporate; how much trouble would they get in with the affiliates — that ' s what their thinking was as opposed to some moral justification of censorship. At least we convinced him it was funny. I: Was there a different atmosphere among the regulars on the show after Chevy Chase left? F: When Chevy left, we still had a tremendous abundance of talent, and we missed Chevy, but everyone else was Beyer beginning to emerge more anyway, especially Danny CAykroydl And then we got Billy CMurray) . . . so it really wasn ' t a blow to the show at all. The show didn ' t lose any momentum. But when Danny and John left, it did. I: 1 9BO was the year of Al Franken. What is 19B1? F: No, no, the 1 9BO ' s is the decade of Al Franken, so 1 9S1 is year two of the " Al Franken Decade " . I: What do you guys think of Reagan? F: He ' s so stupid ClaughingD ... I don ' t think they this programs) are going to work. He did the classic thing which he promised — to balance the budget, increase military spending, and cut taxes, and he can ' t do all three and we ' re going to find out very soon that he can ' t do all three. D: You have to admit that he ' s done better than everybody gave him credit for . . he even looks good. Just to look that good he has to be ... smarter than Carter was. By Howie Burns Franken and Davis S5 JJLm " There ' s More to the Rat Than Happy Hour Top: The Rat at a typical Happy Hour. Opposite Top: Rat Manager Lew Yagodnik lets the " brew " flow. Opposite Bottom: A Rat favorite, Heineken Promo Night. ' - " v.-- B6 Rat tour Washington jr. sgodnik lets the Heineken Promo The U.M. Rathskeller, the campus pub, provides a wide variety of music, entertainment and weekly events for all students to enjoy. A valid U.M. ID gives you access to Monday night football on the wide screen, Wednesday ' s Dance Night, Thursday ' s " Rock Si Roll " night with live bands each week, as well as Friday ' s infinitely successful 4:30-7:00 p.m. " Happy Hour. " The Rat stocks a good supply of both domestic and imported beers, and three different types of wine. There ' s always at least one " Promo " night each month at the Rat, with reduced beer prices and give-aways. Other special events over the years have included the Gong Show, the Halloween Party, Sope Opera Happy Hour and the U.M. football " 5th Quarter. " Whether you ' re meeting some friends or celebrating an intramural victory, the Rat is a great place to relax and have some fun. By Steven Boyen Washington Rat B7 w Washington Top and Bottom: U. M. students relax at Happy Hour. Opposite: The Rat offered great entertainment this yean. Opposite Top: Pappa John Creach played his " fiddle " to a packed Rat. Opposite Bottom Left: The mellow sound of Livingston Taylor was also heard at the Rat. Opposite Bottom Right: The highlight of the fall semester — the irreverent music of John Valby, alias " The Doctor of Dirt. " t- ' Was h i ngton BB Rat WiiW Berk. Rat B9 Get the Most Out of Your Dorm The room is filled with sweating bodies, barbells, and the latest exercise equipment. Some of its inhabitants are overweight and flabby, while others are human replicas of the Incredible Hulk and Wonder Woman. Is this the studio for the Richard Simmons Show? No. It ' s the newly created PM Pump Center, one of the many programs designed by Residence Halls to improve the quality of student life on campus. The variety of services and educational programs provided by Residence Halls effectively addresses the individual needs of the diverse student body at the University of Miami. An example of such services is the multipurpose Great Lounge, located in the Mahoney Pearson Complex. Every conceivable activity has been presented in the Great Lounge — everything from Yom Kippur services to the unforgetable fraternity parties sponsored by Omega Psi Phi. As a result of these major improvements the bored and discontent dormitory student is an endangered species at the University of Miami. Students no longer have to tolarate incompatible roomates. With the new programs created by Residence Halls, a student can simply escort his roommate to the activity which strikes his fancy and keep the room to himself for hours, even days! By Avanian " Amii " McKendrick 90 Dorm Life m w Opposite: Exercisers work out in the Pesrson Mahoney Pump Center. Top: Dorm music can be found in ail shapes and sizes. Bottom Left: Dorm Rooms are great places to study if you can have some quiet. Bottom Right: Late night munchies? How about a snack from the lobby vending machines, found in all the U. M. dorms. Dorm Life 91 Munching out at the Bagel Emporium t i " Good afternoon, isn ' t it a lovely day? May I help you? " Such is a typical greeting received upon entering the softly lit deli Bagel Emporium. Just across U. S. 1 from the University of Miami, this little deli offers an alternative to on-campus dining. Established in 1 9 " 75, the Bagel Emporium has enjoyed six years of serving U. M. students; owner Paul Jacobs describes the university crowd as " hungry and friendly. " Bagels, cheeses, lunch meats, salads, fruits, kosher foods and reasonable prices draw in the groups of students from the University of Miami, where courtesy is extended by both worker and customer. The Bagel Emporium itself is appealing to students because it is small and personal Cand the smell of freshly made bagels is nothing to walk away from!] It has charm in its neatness and decor. It may serve students as a romantic little hide away, or a practical dining place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or that late night snack to break up the monotony of studying. In essence, the activity and personality of the University of Miami crowd at the Bagel Emporium is as interesting and varied as the items on the menu. When asked if he had any comments to make about the U.M., owner Paul Jacobs emphatically replied, " Yes, I ' m glad it ' s there! " By Lisa Conti « «r S2 Bagel Emporium • Opposite Page: DM students enjoying their bagels. Top. Bottom Left: Members of the Bagel Emporium crew. Bottom Right: Owners, Paul and Myra Jacobs. Bagel Emporium 33 Dadeland Mall Offers It All! wp ■■ i 34 Dadeland Mall Pepperoni pizza, Jordache jeans, western boots, stylish haircuts — where does the U.M. student head when he needs any of these? — to Dadeland Mall, of course. Dadeland Mall is the U. M. students ' one-stop shopping center. One of the main attractions of the mall is the many varied eating places. The hungry guy or gal — and what student isn ' t hungry? — can satisfy his appetite with an almost endless array of goodies. The pizza lover heads for Cozzoli ' s while the weight conscious co-ed seeks out the Salad Garden or the Golden Greek. For that special date, Victoria Station is a favorite. Le Crepe offers the atmosphere of a real French sidewalk cafe, and the apple cinnamon crepe with a bottle of wine is quite an experience for even the most sophisticated. For dessert, a stop at Palm Beach Confectioners is a must, and if that doesn ' t satisfy the sweet tooth, Haagen-Dazs and Sip-n-Dippity Ice Cream Shops are other alternatives. Fortified now for serious shopping, U.M. students have the fashion world at their finger tips. For the " woman of today " the latest clothes can be found in the many small shops lining the mall, such as Casual Corner, Foxmoor, Body Shop, and Young Sophisticates. Jordan Marsh, Burdine ' s and Baron ' s offer the latest in menswear. No shopping trip is complete without a stop at Pop Tops for a t-shirt of one ' s own creation. Music aficionados are happy, too, at Oadeland Mall. Music Makers, Spec ' s, and Radio Shack offer the latest in stereo equipment, tapes, and records. And for the true-blue bookworm — happiness is an afternoon at B. Daltons or Waldens. So when that check comes from home, and it ' s a rainy afternoon or a long, lazy weekend, the U.M. student has his home away from home — Dadeland Mall. And if there ' s any money left, mom and dad may even get a postcard from Miami. By Tere Trout Opposite: Shoppers teke s quiet moment to • themselves. Top: Dadeland ' s unique atmosphere is enhanced by the scenery. Dadeland Mall 95 Check Cashing The anxieties of college students are abundant. There is so much to worry about: adjusting to campus life, grades, exams, even the state of world affairs. These are all pressing issues. Amidst all this, students at the University of Miami are thankful to involve themselves in something as simple and worry-free as check cashing. As the need for money is everpresent, University check cashing is indeed a convenience. This service is performed both in the Ashe Administration Building and adjacent to the Bookstore in the Student Union. If you come at the right time you could be done in a mere AO minutes CWaiting ratings are as follows: 30 minutes — Excellent; 40 minutes — Good; 50 minutes — Fair; One hour — Poor]. Thursdays are very busy because work study checks are issued and Graduate students usually cash their checks at the end of the month. (This would imply that anyone attempting to cash a check on a Thursday at the end of the month should have their head examined]. In addition to being a necessity, check cashing is often the social event of the day. Students waiting in line can converse with their friends passing by. Tellers enjoy their job because they get to meet such a diverse group of students, all with the same problem Ca financial deficit]. Also, when you ' re cashing a check, remember to simle, because pictures are taken, regardless of how your hair looks. Because check cashing is so well handled on campus Ceven better than registration], students have little cause for concern. If money becomes tight, though, you can always borrow from your roommate or write home, and if all else fails, we ' ll see you in line! By Barry Gelman .-•■• »• " " " " ,£ « I ■ K llll ■I ' IT ■■■■■ nr iSss BhSh ||85 36 Check Cashing Union Breezeway ' ■».- m i ■ ! . sis: liaaai IB I ■ S3 ixaa i ■ ■■■■■ta- »■!■■■■ !■■■■ ■ ■•■■ ■ I ■«■ ■ ■■■»■- ■■■■■■■■» «t Deutschiai fc " » Opposite Top and Bottom: Students wait in line to get that much needed cash. Top and Bottom: The Breezeway is always buzzing with activity. In the Breezeway, the walkway between the Student Union patio and the bookstore, one can find the hustle and bustle of student life. During the beginning of a new semester the Breezeway is especially buzzing with activity. Various student organizations represent themselves here to the wide-eyed freshmen and to the skeptical upperclassmen. As the Breezeway is centrally located, it is convenient for students to stop by between classes. The only requirement for reserving space in the Breezeway is that the profits, if any, " will be utilized by the students, " says Ray Bellamy, director of the Breezeway. Of course, the vending of any merchandise has to be approved by the bookstore. Mr. Bellamy and the people of the Breezeway have no judiciary powers; rather they oversee the operation to make sure that the guidlines of this university are enforced. It is the sponsoring organizations ' responsibility to decide what is in good taste, and it is up to the students to decide whether it is desirable or not. By John Lee Breezeway 37 Tilt! McGinley Where does a U.M. student go to relax after a difficult test on just a tough day of classes? The Student Union game room is one of the perfect places on campus to unwind and release the bottled steam. In addition to bowling lanes and pool tables, the game room offers a variety of amusements ranging from the classic pinball machine to the most modern electronic games. For a brief moment students can forget about the pressures of classes and test their manual dexterity against such electronic games as Space Invaders, Pac Man and the sophisticated multi-colored Defender. For a quarter a game, it can ' t be beat. Besides providing an afternoon of fun, the game room is probably the cheapest 98 Game Room entertainment on campus. So when you need to work off some extra tension, or if you are just in a competitive mood — stop by the game room and indulge in some good old-fashion fun or the latest in technological recreation. By Tere Trout and Sandy VanDine Left: An intenae pinball game. Right: The new craze, " Video gamea! " Opposite: Peering over the pool tables. Relaxing at the Game room .A ■.-■ u. McOnley Game Room 93 w The FAMOUS U.M. Pool Sun and H 2 o, the principle constituents of life, are definitely not overlooked at the University of Miami. Nestled amidst a bustling inner city known as the Student Union, the U.M. pool offers an escape from class to class tensions, For four bits, a student may purchase his way into this luxury and soak in some rays. The pool is a place for relaxation and sport, where there is found a sea of scantly covered tanned flesh bordering the inviting cool and clean water. This is a literal Doonesbury haven of professional tanners, Hawaiian Tropic, Bain de Sole and the latest swimwear. Lounging out while meeting students from all over the globe, or taking advantage of study time while enjoying the ' scenery ' , or simply mellowing out to the music of WVUM are all attributes of pool life. The pool itself could almost be the object of Ponce de Leon ' s pursuit. Crystal clear, the water accomodates enthusiastic sportsmen and the general crowd as well. Students can take in laps for exercise or serious training in the Olympic sized lanes, or enjoy the four foot bathing and " fooling around " . Toward the middle of the pool, perched upon their stations, sit the guardians of life, alert to the ominous diving platforms and the happenings Top: A typical U.M. sun worshiper. in the diving pit. A double gainer with full twist off the high platform is certainly a beautiful sight when executed correctly. And for the less daring there are low diving boards that are quite interesting to experiment with and to learn fundamentals. For fashion, for fun, and for frolic, the University of Miami pool is obviously the place to be. By Lisa Conti 1 oo Pool Marriage: U.M. Style - with full twis: y a beautiful And for the boards that ie nt with and frolic, the ouslytheplaK An oft asked question after the intensession break is, " What did you do during your holiday vacation? " Most of the answers are of the common variety, but for Sondra Gradus Pierce and Hunter Pierce, intersession break 1981-82 will always hold treasured memories. On Saturday evening, December 26th, Sondra CU.M. class of ' SOD and Hunter CU.M. class of ' 82D were married in a beautiful ceremony at the Eden Roc Hotel on Miami Beach. The wedding, which had a winter wonderland theme, was attended by more than 1 50 guest from such distant places as Mexico and England. After the wedding, the honeymoon couple took a luxurious seven-day cruise aboard the Sun Viking. Still basking in the excitement of their recent wedding, Sondra and Hunter are a truly happy two-some. December 26th will forever be a special date for them; the day they became one. Their years at the University of Miami will always be remembered with shining smiles and sparkling wedding bands! By Sid Savitz Top: Maid of Honor Amy Heathen Pierce, Hunter and Sondra, and Beat Man Sid Savitz. Bottom: The happy couple say good-by as they prepare to go on their Honeymoon cruise. AJIot ' b Studio Student Wedding 101 m Clean Vehicle, Clean Mind On any given Saturday afternoon the outside of the dorms looks more like the local car wash than a student residence hall. Everybody has to wash the South Florida grime off their vehicles. During the week an awful lot of dirt can accumulate on a car; after all, it seems to rain dint in Miami, doesn ' t it? Sometimes a washer actually has to wait in line for a spot to wash the car. This waiting turns the U. M. car wash into a social event. Naturally some thirsty washers break out the cold brews to make the wait worthwhile. There are times when so many cars are being waxed that it begins to smell like the " Turtle Wax " factory rather than the University of Miami. Washing styles vary from dorm to dorm, and from washer to washer. In general, however, the best W W ' s [washers and waxers) live in Pearson Hall. It also seems that people with ' vettes have the all around best style. Many schools have students who are good in one thing or another — U.M. specializes in car washing. After all, we have to keep those cars looking " Show room new! " By Sid Savitz Top: A typical U.M. Student washing her car. Opposite: U.M. Co-ed takes her chance with a washing machine, will it work? . . . 1 02 Car Washing urt Tides In, Dirts Out? The U.M. laundry rooms are more than just a place to clean your clothes. They are also meeting places, study rooms, and almost anything students want them to be. Each dorm is equipped with its own laundry room to handle the students that reside in that particular area. This would work well if everybody did not wait until Sunday to wash their clothes. On Sunday, a laundry ticket is the hottest item in town. Waits of a half hour or more for a washer are not uncommon. The rooms would also be able to handle the large numbers of students if the equipment always worked at full capacity. This is usually not the case however. There is almost always one to two machines broken and on rare occasions it can even be worse. One time, for example, five of the twelve Mahoney-Pearson Hall dryers were out of service. This obviously creates a back log. Another problem with the laundry rooms at U. M. is the availability of laundry tickets, or rather the unavailability of laundry tickets! It seems that the ticket machines are always empty on Sunday night when you want to do laundry. With these problems, a person is almost tempted to take his clothes off campus. But this is not necessary. Successful clothes washing depends on one thing; planning ahead. If you plan ahead by purchasing laundry tickets during the week and you plan to do your laundry on a weekday, you will have little problem getting the job done. By Sid Savitz Mllliiiiiiit, ; , ' mm Wnld Laundry Room 1 0S lW r»«TWMM ' fl Coconut Gr ove Day — 1 981 Miami Hurricane Grove Day has become one of the favorite traditions of U. M. students. Originally organized to introduce U.M. students to this interesting pant of Miami, Grove Day has become a happening of pure fun and enjoyment. For the sophisticated and fashion concious with a big budget from home, the Mayfair is a must. The clothing shops offer the latest and chicest fashions, with something to appeal to every stylish co-ed. After the shopping spree, the Mayfair has charming restuarants and lounges for relaxing. The Ginger Man is a favorite with the young sophisticated Miami crowd, and Faces can ' t be matched for dinning and dancing. The Grove also offers a variety of cultural events. The Players State Theatre at the Coconut Grove Playhouse presents serious theatre to culturally thirsty south Floridians. Production range from heavy classical drama to light modern comedy. Students are offered a full season subscription discount. Physical fitness enthusiasts have found a home in the Grove, too. Roller-skating is a favorite pastime, and Peacock Park offers a " vita course " to help the U. M. student stay in shape. In addition, sailboats can be rented at the marina for an afternoon of fun or frustration, depending upon one ' s nautical ability. The Grove sponsors several marathons a year, bicycling being one of the favorites. Horse back riding is also acceptable; even the police use this method of transporation. Although all of this alone is enough to attract the U.M. crowd to the Grove, students are offered discounts at over forty Grove establishments, including boutiques, restaurants and cafes. Futhermore, live bands entertain the crowd in Peacock Park, and transportation from the campus to the Grove is free. Grove Day is truly an experience that shouldn ' t be missed and for the U.M. students it so affordable it can ' t be refused. So if you missed Grove Day this year, be sure to be there next fall! By Tere Trout v 1 OA Grove Day rt Opposite A familiar sight n the Grove — an outdoor cafe. Top: The Mayfair — Home of great shops and restaurants. Bottom: Shoppers at one of the many Grove art shops. Grove Day 1 05 mm Something ' s Fishy at the Seaquarium! Top: Lolita, the killer whale, and friend. Opposite: The original " Miami Dolphins " in action. 1 06 Seaquarium McGlnley The Miami Seaquarium, located on the Ricenbacker Causeway, is one of Miami ' s most popular tourist attractions. The Wometco Industries attraction annually attracts over a million visitors. It is no wonder, the Seaquarium is an enjoyable full day adventure. The attractions at the Seaquarium are varied, to say the least. A visitor can see everything from killer whales to exotic birds. A visit to the Seaquarium has to include a stop at the " Top Deck Show, " where the original Miami Dolphins can be seen in action. This troop of high flying dolphins features Moose, a twenty-five year old dolphin who was the first dolphin born in captivity. The next stop, The Golden Aquadome Show, features an amusing show put on by trained sea lions. The highlight of this show is " What ' s My Lions, " during which five people from the audience are chosen to try to train a seal. A television star also calls Seaquarium his home. Flipper, the world ' s most famous dolphin, performs daily in his own stadium, along with a few friends Cboth human and dolphin]. Included in the Flipper Stadium is the set from the Flipper T. V. show. If one attraction at the Seaquarium had to be selected as the highlight, the " Whale Bowl " McGmley would have to be a top choice. The " Whale Bowl " show features Lolita, the giant killer whale, who never fails to dazzle her audience. She waves her tail and fin at the audience and even plants a kiss upon her trainer ' s cheek. Yet, Lolita ' s biggest feat is a twenty-three foot high jump out of the water. Needless to say, Lolita returns to the water with a " Big Splash " ! The Seaquarium has even more to offer than these great shows. There is a relaxing monorail ride around the entire park, which affords the rider not only a view of the Seaquarium, but of neighboring Key Biscayne, Cape Florida, and Biscayne Bay as well. Also found at Seaquarium is the " Lost Islands " attraction. This is a man-made tropical haven for nearly extinct birds. Exotic fish and rare turtles swim and breed in the pools of this wildlife sanctuary also. The Miami Seaquarium has many faces. It is one of those rare tourist attractions that is educational as well as entertaining. Located only fifteen minutes from campus, it is a great place to spend a relaxing afternoon away from classes. Any visit to the Seaquarium is sure to be enjoyable. By Sid Savitz Seaquarium 1 C7 w Top: Flipper and friends wave hello. Bottom: Not only fish can be seen at Seaquarium. Opposite Top: The " Lost Islands " feature many exotic species of birds. Opposite Bottom: Flipper, the worlds most famous dolphin. « % 1 0B Seaquarium Ji M I McOnley Seaquarium 1 0S I Metnozoo Opens With a Roan! Fifteen miles south of the University of Miami is one of the most enjoyable places to spend an afternoon: the newly built Metrozoo. The zoo, although still in the process of expansion, is one of the largest zoos in the country. At the Metrozoo there are no bars or cages; only moats separate the people and the wildlife. Exotic animals such as spotted hyenas, hudus, and lemurs live and breed as freely as in nature. The zoo also has the standard lions, tigers and bears, and one could spend an hour watching the graceful and adorable Gibbon monkeys at play. For a closer look at some of the animals there are viewing caves where you can look at a menancing gorilla eye to eye. For the incurable shopper the zoo boasts several giftshops as well as a simulated Malayan village. Elephant rides are available for the intrepid and there is a free flight show in the zoo ' s amphitheatre. Since the zoo is growing daily each trip is a new experience. A free flight aviary and an airconditioned monorail are both scheduled to open this summer. In 1 983 an African lobe will be opening, adding 1 OO acres of desert and jungle to the Metrozoo. Whether you are an animal lover or not, there is something for everyone at the zoo. So have a wild time; your first trip won ' t be your last. By Tere Trout 1 1 Q Metrozoo fcjhi L ■■■ ■ % Opposite: Monkeys at play. Top: Bengal Tigers relax in a natural setting. Bottom Left: Elephant Ride Bottom Right: The " queen of the jungle " a female lion. Metrozoo 111 w " Saturday in the Park " The son9 Chicago 5661 Lotion. Top: Relaxing on the shore of Biscayne Bay. Bottom: The Frisbee can be used for almost any game, including football. Opposite Top: A young Park-goer enjoy ' s his lemon freeze. Opposite Bottom: Bicycles, Biscayne Bay, and a picnic lunch — Paradise Found! 112 Parks The song " Saturday in the Park " by Chicago seems to come to life in Coconut Grove. At Kennedy Park and Peacock Park, one can do just about anything for recreation. Whether it is Frisbee, jogging, volleyball or just a leisurely picnic, the Grove Parks are the place to be. The Grove Parks are special because of their location. A friendly game of touch football just seems much better when played on a field, such as Kennedy Park which overlooks Biscayne Bay. Kennedy Park also is the home of the only Frisbee Golf course in the local area. Jack Nicklaus may be able to beat Pebble Beach, but even he would have a hard time on the Frisbee Course. Another feature that makes Kennedy Park so special is its Vita-course. Jogging can be done almost anywhere, but jogging along the Vita-course is a healthy experience. The exercises along the course promise to improve the physiques of the most out of shape people. Peacock Park which is located closer to the heart of the Grove is another spot to relax and have fun. A softball field also adjacent to Biscayne Bay, tennis courts, and ' a wide open field are just some of the things to be found at Peacock Park. Whether you engage in something traditional, or try some of the latest in fun and recreation, the Grove Parks are the place to do it; so pack a lunch and have a picnic next to Biscayne Bay — and most of al have a great time! By Sid Savitz . i Parks 113 ■« Ease On Down to the Ring Theatre The prophet Muhammad once stated something to the effect that if the mountain won ' t come to Muhammad, then Muhammad will go to the mountain. The Ring Theatre, in the same spirit of the prophet, also reasoned, " If the University of Miami won ' t go to Broadway, then Broadway will come to the University of Miami. " Thus, the Ring Theatre ' s 1 381 -1 9B2 Season featured highly acclaimed plays and musicals, most which at sometime have appeared on Broadway. The University of Miami was entertained by grand performances of such productions as Tennessee Williams ' " Sweet Bird of Youth, " David Mamet ' s " A Life in the Theatre, " Moliere ' s " Tartuffe, " Neil Simon ' s " California Suite, " and th Tony Award winnning musical " The Wiz. " The Ring closed 1 981 out with a bang with its production of " The Wiz. " " The Wiz, " a soulful version of " The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, " was excuted by the University of Miami ' s Drama department with great artistic skill. Students were involved in all aspects of the musical, from costumes to special effects. The unforgettable performances by Dawnn Lewis [Dorothy], Rodney Williams (Scarecrow), Billy Raul Williams CLion), and Mike Miller [Tinman] made " The Wiz " one of the most highly acclaimed plays ever produced by the Ring. Based on the book by William F. Brown, " The Wiz " retains all of the essential characters and situations of the " All-American " story of Dorothy, Toto, and her friends, the Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Tinman. However, the wholesome, Kansas based " The Wonderful Wizard of Oz " is transformed into a funky, hip " Ease On Down the Road " musical which takes place in the " Big Apple. " The unselfish time and dedication given by the students and faculty of the Drama, Music, and Dance departments was evident in each production at the Ring. All those involved should be commended for a job well done — a standing ovation well deserved! By Avanian " Amii " McKendrick 114 Ring Theatre 1 ■ ' " _■ " . :r ' . Opposite: " The Wiz " at the Ring Theatre. Rodney Williams as Scarecrow, Billy Paul Williams as the Lion, Dawnn Lewis as Dorothy and Michael Miller as the Tinman. Top: Andy LeClair, Joe Morgan, Gerve Stephens and Richard Shankman as the Yellow Brick Road. Bottom: Lisha Sutton as Aunt Em and Eucas A. Wells as Uncle Henry. Ring Theatre 115 imam j niTnrimnm ■!»■ n Top: In a scene from " Anything Goes " Saundra Santiago as Reno Sweeney is escorted by crew members. Bottom: Pat Gross and Jennifer Ankrom in a scene from " The Miracle Worker. " Opposite Top: Kristian Truesen as Father and Marilyn Schnier-Berman as Rose in a scene from " Gypsy. " Opposite Bottom: Jack Metzger as Sheridan Whiteside pleads to Victoria Fnohlich as Maggie in " The Man Who Came to Dinner. " 116 Ring Theatre !r.rv " " , Ring Theatre 117 im A Culture United Top: A call for unity. Bottom: The teaching of a culture must start at a young age. Opposite: U. M. students get a taste of native African music. Washington 1 1 8 Black Culture Month . I " .V i- ' .l ' i ' JT . ' .V ' .1 ,■.«-. " Washington During the month of February, all activities of the black student body pivoted on the theme " African-American History: Blueprint for Survival. " This marked the first observance of Black Culture Month at the University of Miami. The months activities commenced with a very inspiring opening ceremony which featured speeches by President Foote, the King of the Yoruba Tribe and Black Culture Month Chairperson, Barbara Johnson, and a lively and vivacious dance performance by the Yoruba tribe of South Carolina. Other functions included lectures, plays, concerts and social events featuring notable Blacks from all areas of the world. The observance of Black Culture Month provided the Black student body the opportunity to share its unique and impressive cultural and historical background with the entire University community. It also furnished a wealth of knowledge about the untold and unregocnized contributions of Blacks to all civilization. Dianna Williams, vice-president of the United Black Students organization, effectively interpreting the theme of Black Culture Month stated: " A knowledge of the African-Americans culture provides a history of a nation. The survival of a nation rests on the survival of our history. " By Avanian " Amii " McKendrick Black Culture Month 119 Washington 1 20 Black Culture Month ,■ 7 ' ■■ :.■■■. ijr — -- ' ,■••-■ a ' ♦fl N l f Washington Opposite Top: The Yoixiba tribe of South Carolina demonstrate native African ceremonies. Bottom Left and Right: Speakers at the Black Culture Month Opening Ceremonies. This Page: Various views of the Miss Black U.M. Pageant. Washington Black Culture Month 121 Bud Super Sports With a background of cloudy skies and a twenty-four foot inflatable Budweiser been can, the fifth annual Budweiser Super Sports competition took place on the U.M. intramural fields. On Friday, October 9th, the games began with " Hot-shot Basketball " . To play " Hot-shot " , each team selected a male and a female member to shoot a basketball from different spots on the court. The more difficult the shot, the more points it was worth. At the end, the points for both participants were added together. Volleyball was the next activity of the day. The competition was tough and many of the fourty teams were quickly eliminated from this game. Immediately following volleyball was the " Six Pack Pitch In " . Participants in this were required to toss six empty Budweiser cans into a barrel. This could possibly become the " All-American " sport. Continuing on Saturday, October 1 Oth, the rest of the games were played under rainy skies. The day ' s activities included an BBO-relay run, canoe races in the Lake Osceola, and finally, the obstacle course. After the days events were completed the teams ' points were totalled and the top six teams were selected to participate in the tug-of-war finals. The winners, PKA fraternity, received Sony Walkmans, Clydesdale mugs, and of course, cases of Bud beer. By Debe Adams H 1 22 Bud Super Sports i Opposite Top: Participants relax with a can of Bud, the extra large size. Opposite Bottom: Ready! Set! Go! . . . Top: Passing the baton. Bottom: Super Sport Superstars. McGintey i Bud Super Sports 1 23 1 24 Bud Super Spores Sh- . » tie McGinlev Opposite Top: A clean pass of the baton is the key to running a relay race. Opposite Bottom: Shooting the rapids? Top: Volleyballer attempts a spike. Bottom: Beer can toss for accuracy. McGtnley Bud Super Sports 1 25 » Fun For a Good Cause, Greek Week Warm-Up 1 981 h 1 26 Greek Week Warm-Up EU.V U Ml 1 ' Bayer !»-=•• Picture the Student Union Patio on a sundrenched Saturday afternoon with over a hundred people running around, sitting on balloons, rolling eggs with their noses, chugging warm soda, jumping rope and playing hopscotch. Why would U. M. students spend their time doing these things? On November 21 -22, 1 9B2, more than 20 organizations entered the Greek Week Warm-Up to raise money for cancer research and have a good time. The Warm-Up, which was co-sponsored by the Greek Week Executive Committee, and Schlitz Beer Distributors raised over 35600 for the Stephen Andrew de Young Leukemia Foundation, which is affiliated with U.M. ' s Medical School. The Warm-Up, which was a preview to Greek Week 1 9S2, consisted of Saturday ' s fun relay race and a Special Events Night at the Rathskeller on Sunday. Greeks and Independents took part in the festivities, bought Greek Week Warm-Up T-Shirts, won mirrors and lamps from Schlitz and drank lots of beer. All in all, it was a fun way to raise money for a good cause and unite many student organizations. By Ruth Kamlot Greek Week Warm-Up 1 27 U.M. Comes Alive at Carni Gras Carni Gras, the largest college carnival in the South, is eagerly anticipated each year by U.M. students. Rides, games, contests, food, music, and special attractions all add to the festive spirit. While not all U.M. students can travel to the Mardi Gras and share in the varied activities. The Carni Gras also receives community support with attendance averaging almost 10,000 people a day. The carnival is held annually on the intramural field on San Amaro Drive. Students organizations and clubs sponsor game and food booths. Special events and contests, such as dancing and kissing contests, are open to all, and amusement rides, like the Himalaya, add to the excitement. There is something for everyone, and everyone attends. But Carni Gras is not just for fun. Student organizations raise money to fund their yearly projects, which often include donations to their favorite charity. Approximately forty per cent of the proceeds are used for the improvement of student facilities on campus. Thousands of dollars are raised annually with a record high of. $48,000. Sponsoring such a carnival is a colossal task. The Carni Gras committee, composed of approximately twenty students, is responsible for the over-all organization of the carnival. This includes such diverse activities as publicity, security, tickets, layout, supplies, and general co-ordination. Obviously the committee must expend a great deal of time and energy to make the carnival a success, and what a success it is! As the carnival expands and improves each year, so does students participation. The Carni Gras is now a treasured tradition with U.M. students. By Tere Trout I 1 1 Top: Clown faces and balloons are a sure sign that Carni Gras has arrived. Opposite: You can see almost anything at Carni Gras. 1 2B Carni Gras :3: ' rr 3 at Car™ V—Toraa Cami Grea 1 S3 1 30 Carni Gras UUINK " h eUULL Cami Gras 131 1 32 Carni Gras ;.«v.- .a, Cami Gres 1 33 V i V M " w % I -«••■ " , yr - athletics athletics mw Baseball ' 81 : Another Shot at the Top II Top: Leftfielder Mike Kutner readies for action. Bottom: A battle of green and orange, the ' Canes vs. the Florida A. and M. Rattlers. 1 36 Baseball r . . " « s for action, nge. the ' Canes Top: Lefthander Danny Smith in action. Bottom: In 1981 the ' Canes spelled relief G-O-O-S-E Browning. Baseball 1 37 K. Top: Mike Maude shows his homerun swing. Bottom: Hurricane catcher Frank Castro in action at the College World Series. Opposite: Neal Heaton at the College World Series, where he suffered his only loss of the 1981 season. When the University of Miami baseball team returned from the college World Series in Omaha in 1 980, Hurricane fans thought never again would there be a chance to win a national championship. Once again they were so close yet so far. Another trip to Omaha was really too much to ask for — especially with the heart of the team departing. The experts said the hitting of Matt Tyner could not be replaced. They said the pitching of Neal Heaton, Bob Bastian, and Jeff Morrison was unsurpassable; and the double play combination of Paul Hundhammer and Ross Jones was probably the best ever. But the experts forgot who the brains behind the Miami baseball program was. Ron Fraser, the wizard of college baseball, would not accept a " rebuilding year. " He went shopping for certain items and found exactly what he needed — a second baseman, a shortstop, a centerfielder, a rightfielder, a number-three starting pitcher and a top-notch relief pitcher. Miami ' s 1 9B1 opening day roster would seem like a bunch of no-names at best. The season started out in top-notch fashion as Ron Fraser convinced ESPN to 1 3B Baseball T-srar bring USC, the Yankees of college baseball, east of the Mississippi River. No one thought the Hurricanes could stand up to the Trojans but the " Canes sent them back to California without a win. That was the spark that set off a season of thrills. The Hurricanes went on to reel off 21 victories in a row, finally losing to Miami of Ohio, 4-1 , in their twenty-second game. The streak included series sweeps of USC, Florida State, South Florida and Indiana State. After the loss, the Hurricanes returned to their winning ways and won another 1 8 games in a row, including sweeps of Maine and Michigan, both 19B1 College World Series teams. Individual performances were impressive, to say the least. Junior " southpaw " Neal Heaton was simply amazing enroute to All-American honors. " Heater " finished the season 1 6-1 — his only loss coming in the elimination game at Omaha. He averaged more than a strike-out an inning and on one occasion struck-out 23 Indiana State batters to establish a new U. M. record. Heaton also went fifty-one consecutive innings without giving up an earned run. Heaton ' s battery mate, junior Frank Castro, set new home run and RBI records as he slammed 1 " 7 home runs and had 70 runs batted in. Freshman sensation Scott Parsons was almost invincible at homeplate. Parsons batted .398 on the year while demolishing the record for hits in a season. He banged 1 02 base hits, the first Hurricane to hit the century mark. Junior righthander Mike Browning was nicknamed " the Goose " because of his likeness to the Yankees Rich Gossage. Browning ' s looks and arm may have reflected " the Goose, " but his antics resembled those of Al Hrabosky — the " Mad Hungarian. " Browning was a true crowd-pleaser while setting a new record for saves, chalking up a total of 1 1 . One other individual who was quite impressive during the 1 981 season was " Super Sub " Sam Sorce, who can play all nine positions — and did — in one game!! What did all of this fine play amount to? Simply, another trip to Omaha and the College World Series. However, again the Hurricanes fell short, as the hitting of Oklahoma State and Texas proved too much for Miami to handle. But a successful season was still in order. A final record of 61 victories and only ten losses was the best ever for Miami. And more importantly, Miami shattered the NCAA attendence mark, drawing a total of 1 38, 489 fans to Mark Light Stadium. The single game mark was broken 3 different times with the new record set at 6. 688, on a night when fans were permitted to sit on the field. Seven Hurricanes signed professional contracts following the 1981 season: Heaton [Indians]; Browning [Yankees]; Castro [Padres]; first baseman Alex DeJesus [Expos]; third baseman Mike Pagliarulo [Yankees]; centerfielder Tom Gil [Pirates]; and pitcher Brian Silvas [Indians]. By Alan Karmin Baseball 1 39 i Top: Skull session with Coach Fnazier. Bottom: " Safe at third! " Opposite Top: Mike Kutner and The Chicken, CKutz is the one on the right]. Opposite Bottom: The Chicken in action. 1 AO Baseball TX 5 " The Chicken " Baseball 141 Ron Frasen — The Wizard of College Basebal w One day last winter a salesman for a top sporting goods manufacturer stopped by the University of Miami Baseball Office to sell Ron Fraser equipment. Within 15 minutes, U.M. ' s head coach had convinced the salesman to give 75 pairs of shoes and dozens of t-shirts to the Hurricanes at no charge in exchange for promotional favors. The salesman left the office beaming, thinking he had gotten the best part of the deal. But that ' s the way Fraser does business. He is a shrewd 44-year old businessman who gets his job done without stepping on any fingers. He works out of an office that is fancier than the University president ' s. It emulates a room in the Hall of Fame with its B1 awards, 3B pictures and 39 souvenir bats. But there has been so much more to Fraser ' s life in the 1 3 years he has coached U.M. baseball than a track record which speaks for itself: 7Q4 career victories Cthird among active coaches); a . " 733 winning percentage; five College World Series berths; triple NCAA Coach of the Year honors in 1 374 from Sporting News, Adirondack-Rawlings and the American Association of College Baseball Coaches; three European Championships and three times named European Coach of the Year C1 3BO, -62,-73]; the only World Amateur Championship in America ' s history in 1 373 and named World Amateur Baseball Coach of the Year; three time NCAA district Coach of the Year C1 374, -77, -BO); and only the second man to receive the Suparstar Award from Collegiate Baseball in recognition of outstanding dedication and service, Hall of Famer Lefty Gomez the first recipient. He is a well-respected community leader. Fraser is on the Executive Board of the United Way, coordinating that organization ' s special events and athletic activities. He is on the Board of Directors for the First City Bank of Dade County and works with the Police Benevolent Association and Big Brothers — Big Sisters of Greater Miami. He is also the chairman of the Luekemia Drive in South Florida. He is a devoted family man. Fraser has turned down several professional offers, including one last year that would have made him Vice-President in charge of minor league operations and scouting for the New York Yankees, because he has three teenage daughters he feels he should be at home with. He is a salesman. Fraser is capable of getting people to do things they wouldn ' t think of doing for others. One day Ted Williams stopped by for lunch and to play tennis. By the afternoon, Fraser had Williams, perhaps the best hitter in baseball history, giving batting instruction to his players. He is a showman. In 1 377, Fraser staged a 355000-a-place dinner on the infield of Mark Light Stadium, his million dollar baby that puts more minor league ballparks to shame, to honor those who had donated money to his program. Violinists and harpists strolled 1 AS Baseball ■ ) shsrne, . s trolleC the bases as the guests dined on crab fingers, caviar, and other delicacies prepared by four internationally-known chefs. Goldfish swam in free-form pools. The event drew national acclaim, and today Fraser is still introduced at many functions as the man who put on the S5.QOO dinner. He is a winner. Fraser has never had a losing season. On opening day of Mark Lig ht Stadium in 1 972, the coach hired a parachutist to land on the infield in a U.M. uniform. Winds were high that day and the skydiver landed about five miles up U. S. 1 in the Suniland shopping center. Never one to be associated with a loser, Fraser made the diver pay his way into the ballpark. Fraser has taken the Hurricane program from the doormat to the virtual pinnacle of its kind. It is not going unnoticed. Each year, the Hurricanes attract national attention. Regular season games are broadcast on both AM and FM radio. Select games are televised live on cable television and to inaugurate the ' 81 season, Fraser put together the greatest TV package in the history of regular season College Baseball, inducing ESPN to nationally televise all three games of a special series against Southern California. Fraser also has his own twice-daily radio coaching show. But one of the few things Fraser, a migrant from Nutely, N.J. via the Netherlands where he directed baseball programs from 1 9BQ-B2, has missing from his resume is something he wants most — a World Series championship. " But I don ' t feel so bad, " he said. " Nobody in the Southeast has won it since 1 955 and we ' re really newcomers to the scene. We didn ' t start giving scholarships until 1 9 73. " Things haven ' t always been ritzy in the Hurricane baseball camp. Fraser ' s first salary was $2,200 and he had to direct activities at the Coral Gables Youth Center to earn enough to put food on his table. His office was a cubicle in the corner of the lockerroom. There he taped balls, nailed broken bats and bagged popcorn and peanuts for sale at games. Fraser drew attention to the U.M. program through promotional gimmicks. He painted his bases different colors and had team members wear green gloves. Today he often speaks nationally on fund raising and marketing of college baseball. But in the past few years, Fraser hasn ' t used many gimmicks. He hasn ' t had to. His program generates interest through winning. In 1 9BO the Hurricanes set an NCAA record for season ticket sales with 1 ,627. In ' B1 they sold 2,41 2 — a national record again. " I ' ve worked so hard for 1 9 years to put everything together; have put my blood and whole life into it so it ' s hard to leave, " said Fraser. " Most people only remember this as a good baseball program but it has been built from nothing. I remember. " Fraser is constantly in need of new challenges. Last year he attempted a first in college baseball history by trying to raise enough funds to support his own program. On one night, the famed San Diego Chicken came from the West Coast to entertain fans at Mark Light. There were money scrambles, car give aways and even a bathing suit day. Eventually Fraser will run out of challenges at U.M. and will move on. But he has everything going for him here and it will take quite an offer to entice him. " If the right offer came at the right time, sure I ' d leave, " he said. " But it would have to be a great one. I ' m settled here and would like to stay. " By Gary Ferman Beseball 1 43 HP Splashy Ladies — Womens Swimming and Diving ■ 4C j »• i . . i m M ..-A - • t 4H , 1 44 Women ' B Swimming and Diving wing Coach Ray Wood ' s women swimmers and divers are on their way back back to national prominence. After winning consecutive National Championship in 1 3 76 and 1 3 " 7 7, the Hurricanes slid back to No. 1 9 in 1 3 7B, but have been on a steady climb s ince. Finishing No. 1 3 last year, the Canes took dead aim at a No. B ranking. Led by 1 2 time Ail-American Kate Mortell ' s nine first place finishes, the Hurricanes ran their record to 3-0 by taking three road meets. Back home, Miami jumped all over the Crimson Tide of Alabama to bring their record to an impressive -4-C However, Miami ran into a Buzzsaw at Austin losing by 20 points to the No. 1 ranked Texas Longhorns. Florida State later took advantage of Miami ' s illness and handed the ' Canes their first loss at home, despite gallant efforts by Mortell and Sharon Shockely, who finished first in two events each, and senior diver Lisa Sharp. Sharp established a school record by scoring 23B. B5 points in the three-meter dive, shattering her own previous U.M. record of 2B5. 1 5 set last year. By John Claude de la France Bayer Opposite: The Lady ' Canes show their " stuff " . Left: Donna Shuman on the way down. Right: Sheri Horvitz heads towards the water. Women ' s Swimming and Diving 1 45 Aquamaniacs — Men ' s Swimming and Diving Miami put together five impressive wins versus a one-point loss to open its season and improve on its pre-season number one national ranking. Coach Diaz seems to call on a different performer each meet to pull off the big win for the Hurricanes. World record holder Jesse Vasselo has not lost in any of the meet events he has entered this year, while diver Lenny Layland has been making his run at a place in Miami ' s fine swimming history. Layland was at his best against the Florida State Seminoles, scoring a pair of nines, on a 1 O point scale, in the 3-meter dive to power the ' Canes passed their rivals from upstate. Tennessee handed Miami its lone defeat, while the ' Canes romped Alabama, Auburn, FSU, Indian River, and South Carolina. By Jean Claud de la France 1 46 Men ' s Swimming and Diving Beyer Men ' s Swimming and Diving 1 47 Swinging Into Men ' s Golf Norm Parsons has a knack for developing winners. When he was the U.M. women ' s golf coach, he led the ladies to the national championship. Nona he is taking the men ' s team towards that same goal. With golfers like Bill Wrobbel and Nathaniel Crosby, it is only a matter of time before U.M. finds its place in the sun, so to speak. During the fall semester, junior Nathaniel Crosby stunned experts by winning the United States Amateur, the most prestigious amateur golf tournament in the world, in sudden death overtime. Wrobbel, U.M. ' s number one golfer, fired a one under par 28 " 7 to capture the prestigious Dixie Amateur tournament held in Key Biscayne at the beginning of the spring semester. Wrobbel, a senior, edged out Lee Rinker of Alabama in the final day of competition, while other team members placed among the top 25 of a field of 1 " 7C A fine start for a talented team on its way to fame. By Jean Claude de la France v 1 AB Men ' s Golf s. i ' i .uv ' v ' -ri; ' r u ' .. ' . Opposite: Dixie Amateur Channpion Bill Wrobbel shows his championship form. Top: Miami golfers John Fallot, Evan Schiller. Bill Wrobbel, Johnny Dapelt and Todd Roberts all participated in the Dixie Amateur. Bottom: United States Amateur Dhampion Nathaniel Crosby. Men ' s Golf 1 43 Teeing Off On Women ' s Golf The Lady ' Canes in action. Top Left: Michele Berteotti Top Right: Gina Hull Bottom: Donna Cusano Opposite Left: Sandy Stubbe Opposite Right: Penny Hammel sam ( 1 50 Women ' s Golf - ttt i Though Coach Lesly Holbert predicted that this would be a rebuilding year for the Women ' s Golf team, the young Hurricanes have shown surprising consistency during the fall semester. Patti Rizzo left for the LPGA pro tour, but UM found a new leader in senior Betsy Barret, who was selected as the team ' s captain by her peers. Barret quickly justified the confidence of her teammates by shooting two rounds of " 72 ' s and one round of 74 to capture the individual title at the Beacon Woods Tournament in New Port Richie, Fl. The scone was good enough to give Miami the Team Championship as well. C. Levy Early in the spring semester, Barret, Michele Berteotti, and Sally Quinlan all qualified for the Dorothy Challenge Cup Amateur Open. Barret, who made it all the way to the semi-finals, went head on with teammate Berteotti in the quarter-finals. " It was no fun at all playing against my teammate, " said Barret. Nonetheless, the senior won, but lost in later rounds to the eventual tournament champion. " We have a very good chance of qualifying for the NCAA Tournament, " Barret said. She explained her reasoning, " We may be a young team, but we have got a tremendous amount of dedication — and that ' s what counts! " By Jean Claude de la France Women ' s Golf 151 im A Little Round Ball — Women ' s Basketbal C. Levy After winning the 1 9B1 Florida State Championship and attaining a record of 24-15 last season, the Miami Hurricanes women ' s Basketball team returns this season with a more experienced team. Returning are four of last year ' s starters: Sylvia Wilson, Joyce Taylor, Robin Harmony and Lorretta Harvey. Also returning are letter winners Gwen Harris, Dana Hunter and Juli Pier. " With four starters back and our top substitutes returning we are already ahead of last year, " said coach Lin Dunn. The ' Canes also have five new players who, as coach Dunn predicts, " will show great potential. " Jill Poorman, a S ' 1 " forward, will be back after red shirting last season. The junior earned All-State honors two years ago before injuring a knee last year. The Hurricanes strong points offensively are inside attacks by 6 ' Sylvia Wilson, B ' 1 " Jill Poorman and B ' 3 " Donna Mapp. Defensively, the team boasts a quick running attack. Sylvia Wilson, who plays center position, is one of the ' Canes top players. A two time All-State player and the first Florida player to receive All-Region honors, Sylvia has yet to reach her potential. She has improved her strength and quickness through-out the season and has established herself in the 1 52 Women ' s Basketball rr-TTTrr ; C. Levy Opposite Left: Sylvia Wilson goes up for two. Opposite Right: Donna Mapp goes oven the Florida defender for a Pasket. Top Left: Gwen Harris attemps a jumpshot. Top Right: Donna Mapp drives to the hoop. Bottom: Sylvia Wilson looks for the redound. region as an imposing inside threat. Sylvia ended last season with a 21 point average per game, as well as a rebound average of 1 2 per game. Opponents can no longer take the Hurricanes for granted; they enjoy winning too much. Previously, Miami won only 40 games over a six year period. However, since Lin Dunn has taken over as coach, the ' Canes have tallied a total of 53 victories in just three years. After successfully capturing the championship title last year, one can be sure the ' Canes will be back for more in " E32. By Khybie Jones C Levy Women ' s Basketball 1 53 Spike " — Women ' s Volleyba With Joyce Taylor as the only returning starter from the team that won the Regional Volleyball Championship last year, Coach Sheryl Holt knew that this would be a rebuilding year. The young Hurricanes squad got off to a slow start and did not recover in time for the State Tournament in Tallahassee. Despite the additions of Junior College All-Americans Sue Gillie and Lori Beckely, injuries grounded the team. Miami dropped its first two matches before recovering to win two of the last three at the Regional and State Tournaments. Three U.M. players were honored with All-State recognition: Taylor, Gillie, and junior Marissa Cakmakci. By Jean Claude de la France Left: Miami-Dade player blocks Sue Gille ' s shot. Right: Barbara Bienman in action. h Left Jo ■M-stretcnec T »«0ltJui Bottom: jj,. Won. 1 5-4 Women ' s Volleyball - ■ ' .. ' ' ...■ " ' " I " ' irv ' JL ' iT , ' ' :.. ' - " j C. Levy Women ' s Volleyball 1 55 (( Love Match " Women ' s Tennis When U. M. women ' s Tennis Coach Ann Goldman left her position at the beginning of the year, she left behind a solid program of national prominence. Coach John Hammill, who took over, fully recognizes this, " I realize how lucky I am to step into a program that is nationally recognized. " The Hurricanes, who finished last season with a number seven national ranking, are destined for even greater things this year thanks to Goldman ' s fine recruiting program. Tops among the new recruits is Cathy Mayo, a freshman out of Miami and a winner of the City of Miami ' s Outstanding Female Athlete of the Year. Her impressive credentials also include a top 20 national ranking in the 1 8 and under category. Also, transfer Mary Dailey added a new dimension to Miami ' s attack. Dailey, a junior who played number two and three singles at the University of South Florida, is a fine aggressive player and should bring some excitement to the courts this season. By Jean Claude de la France • 1 56 Women ' s Tennis StX s: snnis W ' v The Lady ' Canes show their style. Opposite Top: Beverly Alder Opposite Bottom: Mary Oaily Left: Jami Golder Right: Marlin Noriega C. L»vy ♦ n (faSCO- we " . WomerVa Tennis 1 57 (( Ace " Men ' s Tennis The men ' s tennis team in action. Top: Christo Steyn Bottom: Gary Barnett Opposite Top: Brian Levine Opposite Bottom: Nick Badenhorst L ML ' m mftM9 f m J B| 1 - ■ | 1 5B Men ' s Tennis ;..v- ■ The big purse of the pro-tennis circuit beckonned, and gone is Fred Sauer, the UM ' s number one player last season. However, Coach John Hammill has found an able replacement in Christo Steyn, who has the potential to lead the team. Inexperience is the Hurricanes only flaw, as there are many young but talented players on the team. So far, the talent has far outweighed the inexperience, as demonstrated in a 9-0 season openning romp over Florida Atlantic University. Brent Badenhorst and Andy Garcia both showed fine form and good poise during their first matches. Freshman Brent Pirow, who hits a Bjorn Borg-like topspin, also proved to be a very promising player. Miami ' s schedule, which includes nearly all of the top 20 teams in the nation, will be a test of character for the young squad; but, said Coach Hammill, " We ' re not afraid of competition. This is the big test to judge how we ' ll fare. " By Jean Claude de la France McGintay Men ' B Tennis 1 59 ( Soccer, A Kick in the Grass " A new head coach and a drop from Division I to Division II could well be " just what the doctor ordered " for the University of Miami men ' s soccer team. The new man at the helm is Coach Ozzie Selent whose bold prediction seem to be the team ' s main motivating force. " I will be different, " he said, " I want to make the people realize that there is a University of Miami soccer team. I want to make the UM a powerhouse in soccer. " His confidence is spreading like an epidemic among the team leaders. " This season we are not primarily freshmen. We have a lot more experienced players, " said junior forward Ralph Lynch from Scotland. Lynch is one of four captains on the team. Others are: Jay McCutcheon, a junior goalkeeper; Luisi Vitalini, a forward from Rome, Italy; and Gil Peters, a junior who tried out for the U. S. Qlympic Soccer team. U.M. ' s new legion of foes include defending Division II Champs Tampa University and Florida Atlantic University. " Soccer is a game of spice, like making a stew, " Selent said. The team ' s international flair and good attitude, along with Selent ' s enthusiasm may just be the right ingredients. By Jean Claude de la France MARK LIGHT BALL STRIKE AT BAT 12 3 156 , VISITOR MIAMI Home of the H i fi Top: Goal tender directs the action. Bottom: Heading the ball out of danger. Opposite: Soccer action is fast and furious. 4 1 60 Soccer i • V. r, " ' I ■ ., . - •■ _p Soccer 161 Here Come the Hurricanes s 1 62 Football ssvwaw es T a I 40 ' Canes-Gators History With Miami ' s win oven the Florida Gators this year, the Hurricane seniors can proudly say that they were unbeaten by Florida throughout their college career. Miami ' s seniors swept the Gators four times in a row. Previous to the arrival of the class of ' 82, Miami had lost to the Gators seven times in a row. This losing-streak dated back to 1371. Although The ' Canes have now won twenty-one games against the Gators, Florida still leads the series by one game. However, if the " Canes continue their winning ways — they are sure to soon lead the series. Opposite: Coach Howard Schnellenberger leads the ' Canes into the 1 9B1 season. Top: Fans show their love for the Gators. Bottom: Quarterback Jim Kelly has his own ideas about the Gators. Football 1 63 mm 1 64 Football Top: Wide receiver Larry Brodsky and offensive tackle Frank Fnazier come off the field after the offense stalls. Bottom: Coach Schnellenberger studies the ' Canes. Opposite: Senior place kicker Danny Miller kicks the Hurricanes into 1 981 . It ' s Miller Time! Before e crowd of " 73, £31 " 7, the University of Miami Hurricanes opened the 1981 season with a 21 -20 victory over the University of Florida. Danny CBig Foot] Miller boomed a school-record 55 yard field goal to give the Hurricanes a stunning one point victory. Ironically, Schnellenberger had not planned to go for a field goal; but Miller approached the coach and convinced Schnellenberger to let him kick. The coach commented after the game, " The only thing I could do was pray; and I said my favorite prayer when Danny attempted his kick. " At one point during the game, the only thing the ' Danes did not have was God ' s blessing. With 5: A3 remaining in the third quarter and Florida leading 14-1 1, starting quarterback Jim Kelly went down with a serious leg injury. Although Kelly did not return to the game, backup quarterback Mark Richt came through with clutch passes to Rocky Belk Ca 55 yard touch down pass) and to tight end Glenn Dennison. n 1 66 Football ■JEfr, IBIS " Player of the Game " Danny Miller Danny Miller ' s field goal heroics earned him the first IBIS " Player of the Game Award. " The senior from Glewiston, Florida hit a dramatic fifty-five yard field goal with forty-one seconds left to give the ' Danes a one point victory over Florida. 1 Opposite: Quarterback Jim Kelly unleashes a bullet into the secondary, as a Gator watches helplessly. Top: Miller boots the ' Danes to their first victory of the season. Bottom: The ' Danes rejoice after Florida ' s desperation field goal attempt fell short. Miami Florida 21 20 Football 1 67 HM III L 1| 1 BS Football Uli t Opposite Top: Jinn Kelly attempts to walk off his injury. Op. Bottom Left: From MVP to coaches aide — Mike Geodeker. Op. Bottom Right: David Jefferson is helped off the field, after being injured. Top: Ron Lippett and Tim Flanagan close down the Gator attack. Bottom: Cheerleaders in action. Football 1 69 ■ It ' s Miller Time Again! Defense Holds Top: Mike Rodrigue and Fred Marion stand at attention for the " National Anthem " . Opposite Top: Play on the line of scrimmage can be difficult at times. Opposite Bottom: Lester " The Molester " Williams and Coach Schnellenberger. McGinley The Hurricanes made it two in a row with a 1 2- " 7 victory over the University of Houston. Miami managed to come up with their second win over Houston in the past two years. Danny " Big Foot " Miller kicked four field goals to account for all of Miami ' s points. The Hurricane defense tamed the Cougars all night long as Houston was unable to score on offense. Houston also had a great defensive game. And although the ' Canes offensive line was inept, Coach Schnellenberger emphasized that the Cougar ' s defense warranted much praise. " They really came to play. " For Kelly, it was the second game this year in which his performance fell far below his brilliant form of 1 9SD. Houston ' s only score came on a Kelly interception by Reggie Vonner who ran 40 yards for the touchdown. 1 70 Football -gj h IBIS " Player of the Game " Lester Williams Lester Williams is the " Player of the Game " for his great defensive play against the Houston Cougars. The preseason All-American candidate kept the pressure on the Cougar quarterbacks all night long contributing three quarterback sacks, fourteen tackles and one fumble recovery. Miami Houston 12 7 Football 171 mm nw Allen StudioB Top: ' Canes show their muscle. Bottom: Mark Rush and his patented over the top hurdle. " » ! °P: Qusr- 1 72 Footba ll - " ' -■ .vr. ' JASJCWA .!. - JJt »m9u Allen Studios Top: Quarterback Kelly behind his " wall of steel. " gdover J Football 1 73 The Eyes of Texas Were Upon Us! m jggflflflHT 1 H i»nj Texas Miami 14 7 Allen StudiOB Top: Kelly sets up to throw, while Texas All-American Kenneth Sims breaks through the offensive line. Opposite: Wide receiver Larry Brodsky celebrates the touchdown that was not to be. It was a ( Canes s did c Univerv 1 7 A Football -£ ' . Us! Allen Studios i exas through tte IBIS Player of the Game Larry Brodsky Larry Brodsky ' s clutch catches have earned hii " Player of the Game " honors against the Texas Longhorns. Brodsky caught five passes and scored the ' Canes only touchdown. :s y It was a game that most thought the ' Canes should have won, and although they did come close, the clock ran out with the University of Texas ahead. The final score was 1 A- 7. The play that proved to be fatal for the Hurricanes, at first, looked brilliant. Kelly threw a touchdown pass to senior receiver Larry Brodsky in the right corner of the end zone; however, the play was called back for holding. It was, to say the least, a very questionable call. Freshman guard Alvin Ward was called for the penalty against All American candidate Kenneth Sims. On the next play from scrimmage, Kelly once again attempted to hit Brodsky but the pass was picked off at the one yard line of Texas to stall the rally. Seven plays later, Texas marched 99 yards downfield to take a " 7-0 lead. Miami came right back when Kelly hit Brodsky in the end zone for a 32 yard scoring strike. Unfortunately, Texas also came back and scored another touchdown to make the final score 1 A- 7. Football 1 75 nHMBHR ' Canes Crush Commodores, as Kelly Dominates l! Miami 48 Vandenbilt 1 B Top: Hurricanes come out smokin ' against Vandy. Opposite Top: David Jefferson and Isaiah West stop the Vanderbilt running back. Opposite Bottom: Coach Schnellenberger holds a meeting with tightends Glen Dennison, Mark Cooper and Andy Bamata. 1 " 76 Football The ' Canes finally brought all aspects of their game together during their victory over Vanderbilt. For Miami, this game was an opportunity to give their second string some playing experience. Coach Schnellenberger was pleased with his team ' s performance, " We bounced back strong after last week ' s loss. A lot of people thought our team would be down, but we showed great spirit and beat a good Vanderbilt team. " UM quarterback Jim Kelly had another stellar performance completing 11 of 14 passes for 1 99 yards. The Miami offense contributed 299 yards in the air and 243 yards on the ground. It was a total effort in which Smokey Roan, Chris Hobbs, Mark Rush, Speedy Neal, Keith Griffin, Gary Breckner, and Albert Bentley all performed superbly. The victory improved the Canes overall record to three wins and one loss and placed them in the top 1 5 in the nation. against Vandy. Isaiah West nerger holds a Ma McQnley Football 1 77 IBIS Player of the Game Jim Kelly Jim Kelly showed the form that made him a pre-season All American candidate, hitting eleven of fourteen passes for 1 39 yards. Kelly picked the Commodores secondary apart all game long. Top: The " Canes and the Commodores rough it up in the Orange Bowl. Bottom: Jim Kelly hands off to fullback Chris Hobbs. Opposite: Defensive end Tim Flanagan tells the crowd the story against Vanderbilt. 1 VB Football ■MnHBBHUaUM Deja Vu, Bulldogs Defeat the ' Canes ' £ ■•- Top: Hurricane Greg (Brown) wipes out Mississippi States quarterback. Bottom: Larry Sugarman of Newswatch 1 O interviews the Mississippi State Mascot. Opposite: Miami ' s offensive line gave Jim Kelly plenty of time to throw. Miss St. Miami Allen ' b Studio 1 BO Football .cm . , J IM8U IBIS Player of the Game Dave Stewart Dave Stewart has become a solid lineman for the Hurricanes over the past two years. The Senior who hails from Rexford, New York has been one of the keys for Miami ' s Junior Quarterback Jim Kelly ' s ability to get off the pass. Big Dave has protected Kelly time after time and against Mississippi State it was no exception. For this quality play, Dave Stewart is this weeks IBIS Player of the Game. The University of Miami football team suffered their second loss of the season against the Mississippi State Bulldogs. It was the second yean in a row the Bulldogs shattered the ' Canes hope of cracking the top ten. For the Hurricanes, the game was marred by many penalties and very questionable calls by the referees. Jim Kelly had another fine game, completing 20 of 41 passes for 267 yards. Larry Brodsky and Mike Rodrigue also continue to show great form in receiving the ball. Despite the loss, the Hurricanes defense performed well, holding the Bulldogs to fourteen points. J Football 1B1 ■mmn U.M. Clobbers East Carolina Allen ' s Studio Allen ' s Studio The University of Miami football team got their first win on the road with a 31 -6 victory over East Carolina in Greenville, North Carolina. " We got win number four and our first on the road this year and a chance to look at alot of different players, " said Miami coach Howard Schnellenberger. Junior Quarterbacks Jim Kelly and Mark Richt combined for 252 yards of passing to help Miami bring home the win. All of Miami ' s receivers got a hand in the victory with Glen Dennison leading the way with three receptions for 50 yards. Rocky Belk had one reception for a 54 yard touchdown; Larry Brodsky had three catches for 45 yards; Mike Rodrique had 4 7 yards in two catches; and Lawrence Thompson had one catch for a 2D yard touchdown. ¥ Right: Senior linebacker Scott Nicolas surveys East Carolina ' s offense. Left: Mark Rush Opposite Top: Glen Dennison making one of three catches against East Carolina. Opposite Bottom: Bob " Fuzzy " Nelson leads the defensive surge. 1 BS Football IBIS Player of the Game Glenn Dennison Glenn Dennison made a clutch catch against the Florida Gators in the first game of the season that paved his way into the starting line up. Since then he has been one of the quarterback ' s main targets. The Sophomore from Beaver Falls. Pennsylvania, had another three catches against East Carolina to once again prove his valuability. Dennison ' s three catches amassed fifty yards and for this Dennison has been selected IBIS Player of the Game. Allen ' s Studio hand in the ig the way ds. Rocky yard ;hree catches 4 47 yards in impson had own. js surveys 3 one of three jn leads e Miami 31 E. Carolina 6 Allen ' s Studio Football 1 B3 " Another 1 Bites the Dust " wr It was the climax to a great homecoming as the Miami Hurricanes upset the 1 ranked team in the nation, the Penn State Nittany Lions, 1 " 7-1 A. A Jim Kelly to Larry Brodsky SO yard touchdown strike sparked the win for Miami. The game, which was seen by over fifteen million people on ABC national television, featured quarterback Jim Kelly at his best. Ironically, the junior, from East Brady, Pennsylvania, was recruited by Penn State coach Joe Paterno to play linebacker; however, Kelly felt he was a quarterback by trade and turned down Paterno ' s offer. The defense, which has been spectacular all season, had one of its finest games, holding the Nittany Lions scoreless three times when they were inside the Miami ten yard line. " This victory is a major step forward for our team, " commented Schnellenberger; he continued " we came out; we played physical; we did what we had to do early in the game. I told our guys that this would be the win of a lifetime, something they would remember always. " Miami Penn St. 17 14 1 B4 Football Cl«y IBIS Player of the Game wu Fred Marion In this game against the then 1 team in the nation, Fred Marion proved why he is the 1 defense back in the nation. And what a better way to show his ability, by intercepting two Penn State passes on national television. Marion ' s interceptions came at very crucial times, when the Nittany Lions were threatening to overtake Miami. The Senior from Gainsville, Florida continued to show why he is the defensive backfield leader. In recognition of his superior performance against Penn State, Fred Marion has been named IBIS Player of the Game. Opposite: Lester Williams applies the ' " Canes Crunch " , as Penn State ' s coach, Joe Paterno, watches from the sideline. Bottom: Mark Rush searches for the elusive opening. C Levy Football 1 S5 Top: As Greg LaBelle punts, James Boone handles a would-Pe punt blocker and Greg Zuppala heads downfield. Bottom: Tony Chickillo and Isaiah West pressure the Penn State quarterback. Opposite: Tim Flanagan celebrates with Larry Brodsky, after Brodsky ' s BO yard touchdown catch. 1 8B Football i3t. ■Bmnn ■ I 1 . — . — .11 Il.TTTT-T 3 heads C. Levy Football 1 8 Miami Dumps F.S.U The University of Miami football team showed that once again they could handle adversity as they defeated Florida State 27-1 9 in Tallahassee. For the Hurricanes it was the end of one of the most whirlwind weeks in the history of collegiate football. After defeating number one seated Penn State the previous Saturday, the ' Canes learned of the NCAA probation, imposed on them late Monday night, prohibiting them from making a bowl appearance in 1 981 ; despite this, the ' Canes were able to regroup and scalp the Seminoles. The win also gave Miami the " dubious distinction " of being the State champions of Florida for the second straight year. " In the 23 years that I ' ve been coaching, J don ' t think that I ' ve ever been as proud of a team as I am of this team, " said U.M. coach Howard Schnellenberger. Ouarterback Jim Kelly had perhaps the finest afternoon of his collegiate career throwing the ball 273 yards and running for several key first downs. " If he doesn ' t make All-American then whoever is selecting is making a bad choice, " said Schnellenberger. This win o er Florida State, left Miami at 6-2 and one step closer to cracking the top ten. Allen ' s Studios Top: Scott Nicolas downs FSU quarterback Rick Stockstill Opposite Top: Rocky Belk hauls in the reception Opposite Bottom: Speedy Neal celebrates a Oanes touchdown Miami FSU 27 13 1 BS Football jX IBIS Player of the Game Speedy Neal This could be called the game where a particular guy named Speedy showed his true colors. The big Sophomore fullback from Key West, surprised alot of people against the Seminoles with his pass catching ability. Neal showed that once he catches the ball he can be a very dangerous weapon. Speedy took short yardage passes and turned them into big gains. For his outstanding running and receiving performances against Florida State University, Robert " Speedy " Neal has been chosen as the IBIS Player of the Game. Allen ' s ScuOo , Foocbell 1 eg The Peach Bowl, Revisted Miami VPI 21 14 Top: Wide receiver Larry Brodsky Scores a touch the hand way. Opposite Top: Bob " Fuzzy " Nelson pursures VPI quarterback, Steve Casy. Opposite Bottom: Jim Kelly slides for yardage 1 90 Football ili The Hurricanes made it four wins in a row with a 21-14 victory oven Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl. For Miami, it was a victory that was not impressive as those of the weeks before, but none the less, it was win number seven. The game looked like it was going to be a blowout in the first quarter, as Miami kicked off and than recovered the football on the runback — via a V.P.I, fumble. Three plays later, Quarterback Jim Kelly hit senior wide-receiver Mike Rodrigue for 1 " 7 yards in the end zone to give Miami the lead. The ' Canes continued the scoring in the first quarter when Kelly once again found one of his receivers in the end zone, this time senior wide-receiver Larry Brodsky, as the ' Canes made it 1 4-0. Virginia Tech then showed that they were better than the fourteen point spread as they marched BO yards downfield to make the score 1 4- 7. The Hurricanes scored again as " Speedy " Neal ran three yards up the middle to make it 21 - " 7. V.P.I, later scored to close the gap but the Hurricanes defense " hung tough " for the victory. . Football 191 V IBIS Player of the Game Lorenzo " Smokey " Roan , The year 1 981 has not been the best of seasons for Lorenzo " Smokey " Roan. The Senior running back has taken a great deal of criticism for not gaining the " Big " yardage. Against Virginia Tech, Smokey had his best game of the season, gaining B " 7 " big " yards on 1 " 7 carries. For his play against the Hokies, Smokey Roan has been chosen as the IBIS Player of the Game. u Top: Halfback Keith Griffen gets ready to " stiffarm " VPI defenders Bottom: Smokey Roan in action Opposite Top: Kelly ' s pitch goes to the second back, Chris Hobbs. Opposite Bottom: Full back Speedy Neal ground out yardage. 1 32 Football i the second v Neal 9 round Foocball 1 33 ' Canes Overcome the Cold to Down N.C. State Chris Hobbs had one of his finest games as a Miami Hurricane against North Carolina State; for his efforts he has been awarded the IBIS Player of the Game Award. Hobbs, a senior from Tallahassee, Florida, and five year Hurricane, rushed for 69 yards on ten carries, including a 22 yard romp, to help Miami clinch the victory. Wolfrj 1 SA Football ■ ' » l jame t games as a polina State; for ie IBIS Player 1 of from Hurricane, s, including a 2 2 e victory. Opposite Top: Fred Marion leads the ' Canes defensive drop. Opposite Bottom: Chris Hobbs rumbles for some of his 69 yards. Top: Don Bailey and Frank Frazier hold off the Wolfpack defensive pressure. Bottom: Mark Rush, after his first touchdown. The Hurricanes were able to survive the cold weather and the Wolfpack in getting their eighth win of the season in Raleigh, North Carolina. Miami played the game in the coldest conditions they have encountered all season; temperatures dipped below 40 degrees Cand that is much colder than it sounds, especially when you are used to playing in the BO degree weather of Miami]. A welcomed surprise was the aggresive and effective play of the ' Canes offensive attack, which proved to be the winning difference. Senior fullback Chris Hobbs had his best game of the season, and Junior halfback Mark Rush continued his fine play over the second half of the season by scoring two touchdowns to pace Miami and bring home the win. Miami 14 N.C State B Football 1 35 ' Canes Smash Stumbling Irish Top: ' Canes defensive back Ronnie Lippett in action. Opposite Top: Against Notre Dame, Jim Kelly broke George Mira ' s 1 8 year old record for most passing yardage in a career for a U.M. quarterback. Opposite Bottom: The Orange Bowl scoreboard tells it all! Miami 3 7 Notre Dame 1 5 1 SB Football It can be said, without a doubt, that the UM Hurricanes really enjoyed demolishing Notre Dame 37-15. The Hurricanes scored right away and didn ' t let up until the final gun sounded. By some, the game was called the " Leftover Bowl " , in reference to the fact that the game was played the day after Thanksgiving. However, for the Hurricanes it was bigger than a bowl game, as more than 1 5 million people watched the game on national television. Jim Kelly, the ' Cane ' s quaterback sensation, picked up his second ABC most valuable player of the game award this season by completing 1 7 of 25 passes for 264 yards and two touchdowns. Both of Kelly ' s premier pass receivers Larry Brodsky and Mike Rodrigue displayed their brillance as their four year college careers came to a close. The victory turned out to be a sweet revenge for the entire squad as Miami had been beaten badly the last few years by the " Fighting Irish " . »JA X Winston Lights 9N0 DAME WQQ U MIAMI 30 OWNM | TO 60 BALL ON MS OTR ™ KELLY ' S OUR HERO !! tor 3 mi had 5 by the Foocball 1 97 ysavvM Top: Irish defenders stop Smokey Roan. Bottom: U. M. trainers attend to the injured Glenn Dennison. Opposite: The ' Canes had plenty to cheer about in 1381. IBIS Player of the Game Mike Rodrigue Mike Rodrigue has been a mainstay for the Hurricanes during his entire four years at the University of Miami. The Tallahassee native passed up offers to play at F. S.U. in order to come to U.M., where there was a possibility that he could play quarterback. During his first two seasons, Mike did play some quarterback, however, Rodrigue was switched to wide receiver for the 19B1 season. His stellar play at wide receiver against Notre Dame has earned Mike Rodrigue the IBIS player of the game award. 1 98 Football It was a Season of Cheers and Tears Everyone should have figured an opener like the Gator game would create a very wild and different type of season for Miami. Danny Miller ' s 55 yard field goal with 49 seconds left in the game, started Miami on it ' s winning way. The ' Canes 21 -20 victory oven Flondia was just the beginning. Throughout the remainder of the season, Hurricane players were constantly breaking records. Scott Nicholas, the star linebacker set a new alltime record for the most unassisted tackles, previously set by former Hurricane star Ted Hendricks. Jim Kelly, Larry Brodsky and a host of others, also set records for their respective positions. The only damper, other than two tough losses, put on the ' Canes outstanding season was a brutal punishment established by the N.C.A. A. Because of some minor violations committed over the past five years, Miami was prohibited from playing in a bowl game this season. Although the graduating seniors will always have a sad memory about the bowl game they never played but much deserved — they will have some sweet thoughts about the rest of the season. The ' Canes beat the number one ranked team, Penn State, and captured the Florida State Championship by defeating both the University of Florida and Florida State University. Their final record of 9-2 was good enough to rank the ' Canes Sth in the nation at the season ' s end. All football copy by Kenny Schindlen Football 1 39 •w- Here ' s to the Seniors: 43 Larry Brodsky 90 Tim Flanagan 79 Frank Fnazier 33 Chris Hobbs O 37 David Jefferson 31 Fred Marion 1 Dan Miller i J J 91 Bob Nelson BB Scott Nicolas $ . -J Q L 46 Lorenzo Roan 47 Fred Roberts B Mike Rodrigue BO Dave Stewart 73 Lester Williams aOO Football U.M. Hit With NCAA Probation Chr s Hobbs C. Levy November 3, 1 981 is s day that will go down in history here at the University of Miami, but not in a pleasant way. That was the day that the NCAA announced their findings against Miami. A day that turned the thrill of victory into the agony of defeat for it was only three days before, that the howling Hurricanes knocked off 1 Penn State and affirmed that they belong in the Nations Top 1 O. But on this day the celebration stopped. The NCAA found the University of Miami guilty of recruiting violations. For this, the football team must be punished said the NCAA. For their violations the Hurricanes became ineligible for a bowl this season. Miami can now only recruit 20 players instead of thirty this year. An assistant coach received a private reprimand. In addition, Miami now will be under probationary attention for two years effective November 2, 1 981 . Were the NCAA sanctions fair? Probably not for the violations were of a minor nature, and were spread out over six years. When realized, they were stopped but none the-less, fourteen Seniors will not participate in a post-season bowl. A bowl that was deserved and earned. By Kenny Schindler Top: President Foote discusses the NCAA sanctions at a news conference, as Coach Schnellenberger looks on. I _ Football 201 M On the Road Top Left: Hurricane players board their Eastern Airlines chanter jet bound for Raleigh, North Carolina. Top Right: At the hotel, the Hurricanes receive some Southern hospitality. Center Left: Tony Chickillo, Gary Breckner and Tony Fitzpatrick relax on the hotel ' s indoor putting green. Center Right: Scott Nicolas attracts a crowd when he plays a video game. Bottom: Jay Brophy and John Heritscko have a training table dinner. 202 Football With the Hurricanes M 1 Top Left: Pre-game preparations begin at the hotel, as Mike Moore has his ankles taped. Top Right: Quarterbacks Jim Kelly and Mark Richt discuss strategy with quarterback coach Earl Morrall. Center Left: Hurricane players await the bus ride to Carter-Finley Stadium where they are to play the N.C. State Wolf pack. Center Right: The pre-game workout. Bottom: The plane ride home to Miami. A special thanks to Coach Howard Schnellenberger, Ron Steiner and the entire Miami Hurricanes team. Football 2Q3 w LJ11 UIMIVERSITY OF MIAMI Football P.O. Box 2481 67 Coral Gables, Florida 33124 Telephone (305) 284-3822 Dear Students: In recalling the 1 98 1 football season my most vivid memories bring to mind the overwhelming sense of togetherness that we all shared. It was a year that saw the football program mature. There were good times such as Danny Miller ' s 55-yard field goal to win the Florida game. And the there was the disappointment of a last-minute touchdown called back against Mississippi State. There was the thrill of beating No. 1 Penn State on national TV and then the immediate disappointment of the NCAA ' s decision that prevented our team from playing in a bowl game. The 1981 Hurricanes had that special ability to turn a possible negative situation into a positive. They overcame problems and improved each week. And the community noticed. The support our team received at the games, at pep rallies and just walking through campus each day, helped make ' 81 something very special. A spirit developed. Pride. And that spirit led to more victories, more enthusiasm and more great memories for all of us. Perhaps it was the determined nature of the 1 981 team that will be most remembered — their ability to play up to their potential week after week against probably the toughest schedule in school history. But more than just the scoreboard results, the 1 98 1 team enjoyed the game. And their zest for the season never waned, but rather intensified. It spread throughout the campus and the City, then the State and finally ABC-TV called the Miami Hurricanes the nation ' s Cinderella team of the year. It was a season that will certainly be recalled many, many years from now. It was a season that provided a mark against which future teams must be judged. It set a high precedent for both performance and community involvement. The final game of the season against Notre Dame became our bowl game. It was designated as the Hurricanes Partners for Youth Classic. ABC televised the game throughout the country Thanksgiving weekend. More than 50, OOO fans were there too as our seniors led us to one of the most complete and important victories in UM history. It wasn ' t actually a bowl game, of course, but it seemed that it was. The excitement of the entire week, the intensity of our players ' effort and the electric atmosphere during the holiday season made it something special. The final score of 3 " 7-1 5 and the complete domination of Notre Dame by our squad added an exclamation point to the season and re-established the Miami program in the minds of millions of people in America, better than nearly any bowl game could have. The 1981 season that we all shared is now one of the richest elements of our athletic heritage. Twenty years from now we will still be able to recall the emotions of both success and disappointment that produced final triumph and inspired one of our greatest seasons. And we will recall how the team, the campus and the City shared in the achievements, shared in the pride of the success and came together as never before. Sincerely Howard Schnellenberger Head Football Coach University of Miami 20 4 Football a.T-iv i m j3 " 1 33124 ling Who ' s Who Among U.M. Athletes Scott Nicolas, Football Scott Nicolas is one of the most well-liked members of the Hurricanes football team. His teammates respect him for his dedication and hard work on the field, and when not playing football, they enjoy Scott ' s friendship and company. Scott, a graduating senior, played at the linebacker position for the past four years. One of his most memorable games occurred during his sophomore year, when U. M. beat Penn State. Scott was one of the game ' s heroes, collecting 26 tackles and leading the spectacular defensive attack. For Miami, the victory was the beginning of a journey to national prominence. For Scott, the game was an opportunity to really use his talents and show everyone what great potental he has. Well, that was two years ago and since then Scott has had many other outstanding performances. " He ' s the kind of player who gives 1 1 OP o all the time, " commented a teammate. Scott has certainly made his mark in the halls of Hurricane football, and he is sure to do the same for some professional team. The U. M. standout is hoping to be drafted to the National Football League this year. As Scott said, " I ' m ready to give my all to any pro team that would like to draft me. I ' ve really enjoyed my years here; I ' ll never forget my teammates, coaches, or the times we ' ve had together — but now it ' s time to move on. " Sports Information Larry Brodsky, Footbal Larry Brodsky knows what it is like to be a winner. During his high school days, Larry was part of the South Florida powerhouse Hialeah-Miami Lakes football squad. Larry had lots of talent and knew that he wanted to play football at the college level, so he began searching for the perfect school at which to start his college career. Well, with a little help from the Weatherman, Larry ended up at U.M., despite the fact that the Hurricanes could not boast of being a football powerhouse. You see, Larry had grown too accostumed to Miami ' s sunshine and glory; he was not willing to sacrifice the warm weather — not even to play for a better football team. Larry came to the U. M. with the understanding that he would be part of a rebuilding team; he liked the idea — he realized it would give him an " excellent opportunity to grow in pace with the team. " Larry and the team have both come into fine form. The Hurricanes have gained national prominence, and, after a record setting season as wide receiver, Larry has been looked at by more than one pro football scout. What does our " Sunshine Boy " have to say about this? Apparently locale is no longer a priority for Sports Information Larry, who desparately wants to play pro-ball. " I ' m not really in a position to be selective. I wouldn ' t mind playing for any team, anywhere — even if it were 30 degrees below with five feet of snow on the ground. " Who ' s Who 205 w Sylvia Wilson, Basketball Sylvia Wilson, one of U.M. ' s top women basketball players, started her basketball careen in a most unusual way — as a starter on the Haines City High School ' s boy ' s junior varsity team. She averaged 1 2 points and 1 O rebounds per game. Hen involvement with ginls sports was just as impnessive, as Sylvia neceived most valuable playen awands fon volleyball, tnack and shotput. Since coming to the U.M., Sylvia has maintained the same standand of excellence she showed duning hen high school caneen. She is a two time All-State playen and was the finst Flonida playen to neceive All-Region honons. The force behind Sylvia ' s outstanding athletic penfonmances is hen belief in henself. When asked what advice she would give to othen athletes tnying to make a college team, Sylvia commented, " You must have confidence in younself and believe you can do it. A failune is a penson who never tried. " Sylvia is a junior majoning in Physical Education. Hen goal is to play pnofessional basketball in Eunope. Aften that she plans to put hen degnee to use and become a coach and teachen. U.M. Sport Information Kate Mortell, Swimmer Enengetic Kate Montell, a memben of the Univensity of Miami ' s Women ' s Swim team was inspined to swim by hen mothen, an Olympic medalist. Also, Kate swims because she feels it is a God-given talent and she should use it to the best of hen ability. Kate, who comes fnom Nonwalk, Conneticut placed in the All-Amenican backstnoke event. Kate is sixth on the all time list of All-Amenicans at U.M., eanning the honon twelve times. She placed fifth in the 50-yand backstnoke, 1 2th in the 1 OO-yand backstnoke and 1 5th in the 2QO-yand backstnoke. Kate is a junion majoring in Health. Hen goal for the near future is to get her degree and become the nation ' s top backstnoken. UMScorarfa iuT 20B Who ' s Who ■ ■ - ■ ■ ■ ■ — I — ' Sam Sorce, Basebal U. M. SponCB Information " Who ' s on first? What ' s on second? I don ' t know ' s on third! " For the U. M. baseball team, the answer is simple, Sam Sorce! Being common knowledge that few ball players can skillfully play at more than one position, it is a rare delight to find a man, like Sorce, who excells in playing all nine positions. His phenomenal athletic ability has, no doubt, made him an asset to the team. Sorce, a finance major, transferred at the end of his sophomore year from Penscola Jr. College. As a senior, his future aspirations lie in playing professional baseball. During the past two years Sorce has seen a noticeable change in the team. Last year Miami was more experienced. Not only in playing the game but in playing at the University. Sorce describes playing at U. M. as like playing on a professional team. After games, the players sign autographs, in addition to receiving massive coverage by the media. The team also makes several public appearances. Sorce feels that this year, some of the players need more experience in handling the publicity and pressure that comes from playing at U.M. Sorce certainly has adjusted well to all the extra pressures; obviously his playing has not been affected. Describing himself as " versatile, " Sorce has control over what ever position he plays. His presence on the field no longer requires such questions as " Who ' s on first? " or " What ' s on second? " , but rather " Where is Sam? " Nathaniel Crosby, Golf V 1 The media calls him " Bing Crosby ' s Boy. " Hurricane golf coach Norm Parsons and players call him Nat. The rest of the world knows him as the 1 SB1 U.S. Amateur Open Champion. Twenty year old Nathaniel Crosby has that same love for golf that his father, the late Bing Crosby, hsd. However, Nathaniel is trying not to ride on anyone ' s " coattails " ; he is building a name for himself — and he is doing it with style. He has that rare quality every coach in every sport looks for in an sthlete: the ability to come through under pressure. This was demonstrated during the final round of the U. S. Amateur Open when Nathaniel trailed by two strokes — with millions viewing on national television. He came through. Crosby rallied to force a sudden-death play-off and he won! The California native then enjoyed his moment of " the thrill of victory, " celebrated in a fashion typical of his gregarious personality, jumping with joy and embracing his caddy with thanks and appreciation. Nathaniel is expected to be one of the main forces on U.M. ' s golf team during his remaining seasons here; certainly, Coach Parsons will look to Crosby for leadership and experience next year. C. Levy Who ' s Who 207 f ( The ' Dream ' Season " Everything seemed to occur overnight. When the semester started this fall, students noticed a rather unusual sight. Suspended majestically over Lake Osceola, was the nearly completed Mory Tessman Arena. Tessman arena was to be the home of the new University of Miami mens basketball squad. The neemergence of mens basketball occured under unusual circumstances, to say the least. An anonymous donor agreed to finance the entire program, as long as the arena to be built was named Mory Tessman Arena. The team was put together at the last minute, but it was a respectable team, none-the-less. The team was coached by Hoops Walker a former star at Miami-Dade Community College. Walker whipped his team into shape and he saw immediate results. The season opened on the road against the University of South Florida and the ' Canes rolled to a big victory, by a score of " 73-50. For the ' Canes, defense was the key to victory. The team rolled to three more victories on the road before the home opener against the University of Notre 20B Mens Basketball ►N ■ K»»i» !VSO ' - 1$ T Dame. A sell-out crowd saw the ' Canes upset the " Irish " " 71 - 70 on a last second basket by Dribbles Willamson. Once again the defense was the difference. The ' Canes continued undefeated, readying themselves for a show down with perennial powerhouse UCLA. The game, a double overtime affair, was finally won by U.M. when Hurricane guard Tiny Cohen hit a miraculous half court shot at the buzzer. The B4-B3 road victory, clinched a spot in the NCAA national tournament. The ' Canes easily won the Eastern Regional, by beating the University of North Carolina in yet another thriller. Miami hoopsters won the game because they were able to control the boards, out re-bounding the heavily favored Tar Heels on the offensive and defensive ends. It was on to the final four, for the " Cinderella ' Canes " ; along with DePaul, Duke, and Notre Dame. In the semi-finals, the ' Canes crushed the Blue Demons of DePaul by a score of 1 06-73. Freshman center, Dunk Johnson led the ' Canes into the finals, scoring 40 points and hauling down 1 " 7 rebounds. The " Canes victory, coupled with Notre Dame ' s victory over the Duke Blue Devils set the stage for a re-match between the " Irish " and the ' Canes. In the final, Notre Dame was out for revenge and came out storming. They attempted to " fast break " Miami to death, but the young Hurricane team held strong. At half time, the score was even, 41 -41 . The game see-sawed back and forth throughout th second half, with the " Irish " tying the game up in the final seconds, sending the game into overtime. The game went into a third overtime when suddenly, the clock boomed midnight. After the last bell chimed, Notre Dame found themselves on the court with five mice, and back on Lake Osceola there was no arena to be found, simply a giant pumpkin afloat. By Sid Savitz Opposite Top: The home of the Hurricanes, magnificent Mory Tessman Arena atop Lake Osceola. Opposite Bottom: Dribbles Williamson displays his famous talent. Left: Tiny Cohen shows his ball handling skill. Right: Dunk Johnson scoring two of his forty points against the DePaul Blue Demons. Mens Basketball E09 Intramurals Offer Fun and Competition — •V I Top: Intramural quarterback gets the ball away, though the defender gallently attempts to block the pass. Opposite Top: " Soccer is a kick in the grass. " Opposite Bottom: On the run with the pigskin. 21Q Intramurals on e ball away, dcs to block ie grass. " tie pigskin. Intramural sports are memorable events for all those student-athletes who indulge in this wild and crazy " extra-curricular activity " . Whether it be " touch " football, coed softball, bowling, or some other popular sport, there ' s something for everyone and everyone has fun. Campus Sports and Recreation organizes leagues in each sport and campus championships are held at the end of each respective season. Although the games are all for fun and pleasure, the competition is often as stiff as what is found at the varsity level. The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, pain, joy, laughter, and tears — these emotions and feelings can all be experienced from becoming involved. Intramurals not only relax the mind and exercise the body, but they add excitement to an ordinary day — to many, intramurals are the best enter- tainment around. By Sid Savitz and Sandy VanDine Intremurels 211 r Top: Softball is one of the most popular intramural sports. Bottom: Soccer player on the attack. Opposite: Basketball intramural action is fast and furious. Gradus E m- " I Hf 212 Intramurals Intromurels 213 Intramural pring 1 981 214 Intramurels afciv. iwiuunTcnB O 81 Intramural Champions — Fall 1 98 FALL SOFTBALL Open — Tent City HOLIDAY BASKETBALL TOURNEY Open — Women Spartans LABOR DAY SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT — UMAC MMING VI Intromurols 215 1 981 Hurricane Football Team State Champs Fire Row: John Kontodiakos, Julio Cortex, Danny Knichel, Rodney Bllinger, David Deakins, Chris Hobbs, Smokey Roan, Jeff Davis, Mark Richt, Stanley Shakespeare, Jorge Blanco, Fred Foyster, Scott Nicolas, Keith Cleveland Second Row: Ronald Harris, Joe Kohlbrand, Ken Oliver, Rocky Belk, Joe Mantione, Ken Sisk, Juan Perez, Keith Griffin, Tony Fitzpatrick, Gary Breckner, Darin McMurnay, John Smatana, Greg Jones, Fred Roberts, Alvin Ward Third Row: William Butler, Jerome Postell, Jay Brophy, Chris Hembnough, Greg Brown, Albert Bentley, Greg LaBelle, Dan Miller, Tony Griffin, Don Bailey, Willie Martinez, Mike Rodrigue, Jim Kelly, Larry Brodsky, Lenny Moore, Mark Rush, Bob Nelson, Mark Cooper, Tony Chickillo Fourth Row: Leon Evans, Kevin Fagan, Andy Dickerson, Isaiah West, Juan Comendeiro, Tom Gaskins, Brett Masters, Eric Foss, Keith Walker, Bill Welch, Ian Sinclair, Andy Baratta, Ronnie Lippett, James Boone, Clem Barbarino, Lawrence Thompson, Willie Martinez, Willie Lee Broughton, Lester Williams, Dewey Forte Fifth Row: Rick Cochran, Brad Cockrum, Bob Hays, John Henitscko, Mike Moore, Greg Zappala, Kyle Vanderwende, David Heffernan, Frank Frazier, Speedy Neal, Ed Hudak, Tim Flanagan, Fred Marion, Glenn Dennison, Fred Robinson, David Jefferson Coaches First Row: Gary Stevens, Bill Trout, Joe Brodsky, Tom Olivadotti, Hubbard Alexander, Mark Trestman, Earl Morrall Second Row Carmen Grosso, Harold Allen, Kim Helton, Howard Schnellenbergen, Mike Rodriguez, Christ Vagotis Mike Archer hit Dm fa iWWrora, Oar Momson, Jef Kssprzak Oar. Gallagher, M Browning, Eoo 216 Teams ■ 1981 Hurricane Baseball Team Cl!.: iHobbs, Nicolas, ie. Ken Sisk, g Jones, jgh, Greg odrigue, Jin Row; Leon ■s, Eric rtarino, owiRick ide, David red Sports information First Row: Kevin Bryant (Assistant Manager), Mitch Seoane. Charlie Paglianulo. Doug Shields, Calvin James, Bill Wrona, Danny Smith, Bert Jordan, Tony Barquin Second Row: Walt Pomerko (Trainer), Sam Sorce, Jeff Morrison, Jeff Wilpon, Norm Kirkpatrick, Mike Kutner, Mickey Williams, Frank Castro, Tom Gil, Mike Kasprzak Dan Canevari (Graduate Assistant Coach) Third Row: Tim Schaffer (Head Manager), Terry Gallagher, Mike Pagliarulo, Neal Heaton, Brian Silvas, Rob Biagini, Scott Parsons, Mike Maude, Mike Browning, Eddie Escribano, Alex DeJesus, Skip Bertman [Assistant Coach), Ron Fraser (Head Coach) 1981 South Regional Champions Final Record B1 wins 1 O losses Teams 217 asm »r Men ' s Swimming And Diving Team First Row John Behrens [Trainer), Kin O ' Brien, Andrey Aguilar, Ralf Brookes, Lane Hudson, Steve McFarland [Diving Coach), Charlie Hadgson [Assistant Coach) Second Rom Bill Diaz [Coach), Jay Rosol, Grant Whitcomb, Lenny Layland, Matt Gribble, Kirt Wienants, Chris Wick Third Row Jeff Lichtler, Norm Schippert, Jan Vandersluis, Jesse Vassallo, Mike NcCloskey, Juan Caro, Brad Uthe, Not; Pictured Yves Sluszny 21 B Teams fat R«K Me Graveline, Sy n Schuster, Lyry Coach) Women ' s Swimming and Diving Team Rosol, Grant i Schippert, szny First Row: Melissa Rossie, Sharon Herzog, Lois Daigneault, Lisa Dunlap. Megan Wright Second Row: Gigi Graveline, Sylvie Kennedy, Barbara Shockey, Kate Mortel. Thire Row: Lisa Sharp. Sherri Horvitz, Sara Schuster, Lynn Robbins, Donna Schuman. Not Pictured: Ray Woods CCoachD, Steve McFarland [Diving Coach} 1 Teams 213 Men ' s Golf Team First: 31ow: Scott Mathies, John LaMonica, Kick Gingold, Matt Ribakoff, Steve Savor, Steve Hull, Second Row: John Schild, Todd Roberts, Matt Avril, Evan Schiller, Nathaniel Crosby, Ed Weber, Bill Wrobbel, John Pallot. Not Pictured: Mike McGrath, Mike Kaczwara Clay 220 Teams IBS ■ ' » ' .1 P! Women ' s Golf Team icond I John Gina Hull. Donna Cusano, Sally Quinlan, Besty Barrett, Cindy Stubbe, Marion Maney, Michele Berteotti, Penny Hammel. Teams 22 1 Women ' s Basketball Team First Row: Gwen Harris, Li sa Ehrman, Joyce Taylor, Jill Poorman, Kris Lichtenwalner, Robin Harmony, Sylvia Wilson, Donna Mapp, Carolyn McCarthy, Juli Pier, Dana Hunter, Deb Marshall, Loretta Harvey. 223 Teams U Eb Women ' s Volleyball Team 1 L- Firafc Row: Lori Beckley, Cheryl Smith. Julie Wagomon. Second Row: Sandy Huffer, Joyce Taylor, Sue Gillie, Shari Haan, Mildred Palomino, Marissa Cakmacki, Barbara Bierman. Teams 223 Women ' s Tennis Team •m First Row: Marlin Noriega, Bev Adler, Claur-e Lardner Second Rom : Coach John Hammill, Cathy Maso, Gail Curtin, Mary Dailey, Chr-ista Van Der Walt, Cathy Richman, Jannie Golder, Coach Ian Duvenhage. 224 Teams ■mJ MMMM WMJIWIUCKW Men ' s Tennis Teai McGinley First Row : Barry Golob, Andrew Garcia III, Andres Fanjul, Brian Levine, Nick Badenhorst. Second Row: Coach John Hammill. Brent Pinow, Christo Steyn, Steve Kirson, Craig Campbell, George Mallinckrodt. Teams 225 trnKuma Soccer Team First Row: Luigi Vitalini, Raymondo Azan, Luis Vargas, Tim Lyons, Unknown, Jay McCuteheon, David Villano, Bill Epstein, Jim Elder, Captain Second Rom : Greg Laing, Kevin Hendrix, Unknown, Steve Johanson, Devon Brookes, Neil Boylan, Reynaldo Rivas, Pierre Apollon, George, Unknown, Jean Third Row: Dzzie Selent, Coach; Harold Desdunes, Paul Judge, Tracy Mednick, Howard Senior, Kerry Smith, Ralph Lynch, Colin Talma, Nan Galvis, Jerry Trimble, Captain; Jim Wetterling, Coach Not Pictured: Jonathan Berkman Rifle Team 2SB Teams .- George R. Gallet eon, David Steve Jean Third Kerry Smith, ' ictured: Sports Information Deportment 5 | July " 7, 1909 — June 10, 1981 This athletic section is dedicated to George R. Gallet for his intense, loyal and undivided devotion to the University of Miami as Sports Information Director since 1 337. In his forty four years at Miami, Gallet helped pave the way for twenty-two All- Americans. Gallet 227 HHIWIWIMITi— IIUW iMMUUmUMh UUUII b i: ' TS1 organizations organizations twmmua W " Undergraduate Student Body Government Officers Richard M. Lawrence, Treasurer, Armondo J. Rodriguez; Speaker Of The Senate; Joy Hodges, Vice President; Bill Mullowney, President i 1 23Q USBG k £ hi] mm Cabinet First Row Joyce Burton, Amy Jacoves, Gina Rodriguez, Stacy Lipner, Jerilyn Gray, Elisah Lewis Second Row Colin Gabay, Eddie Pozzuoli, Mitch Richman, Theo Sofia, Tanya Ceccato, Mania Cullell, Paul Satty, Michelle Carroll, Suzanne Turk Third Row Mike Schoenfeld, Stuart Bergen, Chnis Coffman, Ina Shapino, Mane Cannon, Jim Pellissien Council Of Chairpeople First Row Banbana Stevens, Secnetany Of Public Relations; Evelyn Tonnes, Secnetaty Of Univensity Affains: Stacy Wein, Secnetany Of Community Affains; Lucy Salas, Secnetany Of Academic Affains Second Rom Aunelio Quinones, Speaken Pno Tempone; Suzanne Jean, Secnetany Of The Senate; Armando Rodriguez, Speaken Of The Senate; Bnenda Smith, Parliamentanian; Oliver Morales, Coordination Committee USBG 231 U.S.B.G. Senators First Row Valerie Giles, Jaene Garcia, Suzanne Jean, Lucy Salas, Stacy Wein, Mary Ostrovsky Second Rom Aunelio Quinones, Mark Cheskin, David Coulson, Roy Kobert, Oliver Morales, Craig Montz, Brenda Smith, Carlos Llorente, Eric Lieberman, Larry Baum, Armando Rodriguez First Row Laura Amaro, Wendy Frieman, Lesa Pender, Debbie Moyer, Barbara Lent, Evelyn Torres Second Row Joost De Quack, Keith Chambers, Barbara Stevens, Scott Wood, Yvette Torres, Mitchell Levy, Lisa Deutsch, Hugo Fernande z 232 USBG , Supreme Court Justices Bayer tacyWem, d Coulson, We, Eric Steve Resnick, Letrice Rowell, MarCicia Baghdonian, Chris Skeete Elections Commission f Fip«t Row Sylvia Rosabal, Avarian " Amii " McKendnick, Linda Lurie Veitia, Laura Patallo Second Row Teri r, 3arDara USBG 233 «HH ■inTwi—im Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity First Row: Greg Clough, Gary Adler, Erik Payne, Sharon Popkin, Larry Stoff. Second Row: Matt Ryan, Mark " Capt. Squid " Schroeder, Jerry Curry, Scott Batcheller, Bob Baird, Belly Bosco, Lori Griffith, Rande Fogelman, Erich Lachmann, John Kuretski, Joe Pisegna. Third Row: Rich Berlant, Eric Springs, Glenn Rickard, Paul Susza. Not Pictured: Ken Chun, Jorge Perez, Eric De Freese, Bennett Radcliff, Sherre Berkowitz, Karen Nason, Pam Mathews, Vicki Anderson, Brth Perry. 234 ATD ■lUSJUL ULlim ILWILVPIU.J Delta Gamma Sorority li I PL First Row; Kim Pasternack, Eileen Renyolds, Sherri Kleiman, Tammy Branscum, Cindy Beamish. Second Row: Joyce Huard, Yolanda Perlberg, Susie Mullian, Lisa Laughton, Toni Pellerito, Marianne O ' connell. Third Rom : Linda McLoughlin, lleana Perez, Rita Garcia, Margi Garcia, Julie Ankerman, Lourdes Domingo, Jennifer Gallaher, Kris Ross. Fourth Row: Beth Abbott, Eileen DiValerio, Dawn Rodak, Lisa Hardy, Lois Lindenbaum, Patti Sikowski. Seniors: First Row: Kim Pasternack, Eileen Renyolds, Sherri Kleiman, Tammy Branscum, Cindy Beamish. Second Row: Wendy Frieman, Yolanda Perlberg, Susie Mulligan, Lisa Laughton, Toni Pellerito, Marianne O ' Connell, Delca Gamma 235 Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity « First Row George Schulte, Ira Shapiro, Joel Chaifetz, Kink Hanum, Peter Younge, Mascot Hoover Second Row Dan Coar, Damon Habibe, Steve Blalovk, Phillip Noret, Jose Jalil, Santiago Alvaredo, Reynaldo Garcia, Craig Heyne Third Row Bob Pearsoll, Kevin Worthley, Gary Fleming Fourth Row Guy Skellinger, Richard T. Cerpa, Mark Citrin, Greg Savel, Oliver Morales, Ewan Moffet, Geoff McNight Not Pictured Michelle Bithorn, Gail Condon, Pam Dappelt, Lisa Hohne, Lisa Ventry, Joseph Doyle, David Blank, Jim Drisadt, Kim Kagelaris, Lori Roth, Bridget Gillis, Joni Silvestri, Lynne Ventry, Jill Zeagan FintRowVa Shapiro, Pete f V Flrtt " 0 C8 236 TKE ■ ™ Officers Oldermen First Row Mark Citrin, Geoff McNight. Guy Skellinger Second Row Oliver Morales, Ira Shapiro, Peter Younge, Greg Savel, Robert Pearsall, Craig Heyne Little Sisters Fire Row Caroline Brady, Kathy Lewis, Gary Fleming, Mindy Glenn, Tracy Elms Second Row Sue Klein, Diane Mclntune, Julie George, Chris Swanson Third Row Doris Perdomo, Joan Appelbaum, Teri Festa TKE 237 nivwwnaa Chi Omega Sorority First Row Kelley O ' Shaughnessy, Patty Toro, Cindy Sue Ginsburg, Ivie Levy Second Row Leslie Feaster, Kim Palmer, Stacey Sklan, JoAnn Llera, Vicky Neiner Third Row Amy Baker, Lea Toppino, Rochelle Fulton, Grace Guadiz, Minta Quinantes, Lori Shyer Fourth Row Helen Theofilopoulos, Ellen Beumer, Many Ostrovshy, Julie George, Ellen Q ' Grady Frit Row V Daw Nick Sea M We Cam 3s-£e=.: Johnson, Psu Pledges First Row Linnie Morgan, Gladys Loza, Maria Gavira, Janine Ondash, Barb Wojewoda Second Rom Unknown, Nancy Ghristianson, Terry Drouilhet, Sue McCarthy, Elisa Olderman Third Row Shaun Arnold, Ellen Zafus, Jill, Fran Bockneck, Armondo Rodriguez 23B Chi Omega Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity Second TiWBow Lon Shyer orge, Ellen First Row Maria E. Cullell, Silvia M. Sorondo, Teri Martinez, Susan Dreyer Second Row Nick Scata, Evelyn Torres. Teresa Shepherd, Tanya Ceccatto, Stacy Lipner, Michelle Carroll Third Row Armando Rodriguez. Richard Lortina, Alessandro Abaltz, Gilbert B eauperthvy, Scott Meyer. Rick Little, Bill Scherer, Tom Zakielarz, Olitch Johnson, Paul Satty, Vicente Berdayes, Ernie Martinez, Aurelio Quinones Janine aanson, aun Arnold, Officers Armando Rodriguez, President; Ernesto Martinez, Treasurer; Thomas Zakielarz, Predential; Scott Meyer, Coors Secretary; Mitch Johson, Vice President; Aurelio Quinones. Predential; Nicholas Scata, Rec. Secretary Alpha Sig. 233 Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority First Row Dream Men; Joseph Pisegna, Larry Stoff, Steven Panitch, David Hincle Second Row Joyce B. Soeder, Advisor; Marion Waskover, Amy Jacoves, Co-Rush Chairman Pledge Mom; Susan Stoff, Treasurer; Jennifer Botnich, Soendra Piligian, Elisah Lewis Third Row Kim Blake, Rande Fogelman, Melanie Simbenkoff, Sharon Levy, Caryn Sukolsky, Co-Rush Chairman; Julie Cohen, First Vice President; Benay Bloom, Donna Rosman, President Not Pictured Eve Boertlein, Susan Aldrich firttRowWer Miller, Alice 80 Willman, Hillary Rob Schwartz, Robins, Chip G Fourth Row V Marie Louise S Officers Joyce B. Soeder, Advisor; Amy Jacoves, Pledge Mom Co-Rush Chairman; Julie Cohen, First Vice President; Susan Stoff, Treasurer, Donna Rosman, President 240 AE Phi Sigma Chi Fraternity icond Row eMom; im Blake, an; Julie ive Boertlem, First Raw Wendy Frieman, Gary Fitzgerald, Eddie Beliveau, Jon Milanese, Kim Tameo, Tom Milanese, Andy Miller, Alice Burroghs, Tom Groneman, Second Row Andy Friedman, Barb Shockey, Cathy Conlin, Josh Willman, Hillary Smith, Julio Varela, Cathy Cleworth, Sharmane Dent, Third Row Fred Liebkeman, Raul Ceide, Rob Schwartz, Stewart Konigsberg, Lou Lambiase, Eric Dieckman, Mike Kruk, Bill Klein, John Wilson, Rich Robins, Chip Gebner, Marianne Hobeck, Paul Buhler, Mike Minardi, Rich Barrow, Bill Matevich, Craig Williams Fourth Row Max Matiauda, Dennis Lyons, Chris Murphy, Warren Bascome, Greg Heitman, Frank DaSilvia, Marie Louise ScHiavone, Ron Simmers, Bruce Suckert, Mike Linden, Ted Sondergard Stoff, ka Sigma Chi 241 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority First Row Lesa Pender, Belinda Parish, Avanian McKendrick, Second Row Dianna Williams, Vicky Pearcey, Teresa Richardson-Brown Third Row Wanda Whigham, Belinda Small, Debra Peevy, Carolyn Pounds, Anna Ramsey, Martha Taylor 242 Alpha Kappa Alpha A i sfl Sigma Delta Tau Sorority yap ■ i I " - w M ' 14 vvfn ■ Pl 4 . . xS?.- First Row Karen MacPherson, Renee Stein, Karen Rosenthal Second Row Stacy Wein, Helen Sinai, Cheryl Dextradeur, Cindy Swerdlow, Karen Greenberg, Betsy Skuller, Laurie Cohen, Judi Darrow, Elaine Conrad, Third Row Kathy Yancey, Helen Purdon, Betsy Miller, Donna Goldberg, Lori Barron, Teresa Galardi, Lisa Barron, Cindy Prizant, Sandi Miller, Deborah-Jo Essrog, Beth Salkin, Rene Rosen Not Pictured Debbie Chibnik, Lori Joy Gold, Robyn Kundin, Vicky Burgman, Amy Wisotsky, Amy Brown, Robin Shapiro r Executive Board Stacy Wein. First Vice President; Sandi Miller, President; Elaine Conrad, Second Vice President; Deborah-Jo Essrog, Treasurer SDT 243 Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity FintRow: ' Rodnguez, E ThirdRow: : .58 ' ' . ' = ' , ' First: Row Celeste Siblesz, Dianne Conroy, Chris " Diaz " , Kathy Yanis, Karen Rosenthal, Donna Schaum, Laura Leavy, Miguel Campa Second Row Carl Couric, Bob Goldman, Margi Garcia, Les Gilman, Carol Vallandingh, Willie Mussallann, Mike Anderson, Mark Salerno, Gretchen Wirshing, Rosemary Menditto, Susan MacMahon, Nannette Mantecon, John A. Cassarl, Greg Kay, Glenn Berger Third Row Scott " O " O ' Steen, Andrew Fisher, Brian Muff, Aldo Ray, Lovie Andreson, Guido Stone, Scott Mendelson, Wayne Russell, President; Bird " Popeye " , Bake Cook, M.C. Bird " Clint " , Garry Fenne, Jamie Jones, Ed Gross SAA Pike ..-£ " il.. ' . . ' • T Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority First Row: Tracy Finduna, Fern Gellman, Jaimie Allen Second Row: Diana Rudzitis, Gina Rodriguez, Barbara Lent, Craig DuBois, Mary Carnegie, Nicky Hoo, Patty Battard Third Row: Rosemary Fagnani, Margie Ballou, Jody Kalman, Wendy White, Suzanne Jean, Mary Kichefski, Leslie Voogd, Karen Diamond, Marianne Hobeck Officers First Row: Fern Gellman, Recording Secretary, Sweetheart Chairman; Jody Kalman, Pledge Trainer; Margie Ballou, President; Nicky Hoo, 1 st Vice President Second Row: Barbara Lent, Panhellenic Representative; Tracy Findura, Public Relation Philanthropy; Leslie Voogd, Treasurer, Mary Carnegie, Social Chairman KKG 245 ST Rho Lambda Panhellenic Honorary First Row: Amy Jacoves, Wendy Fnieman, President; Jody Kalman, Sec-Treasurer; Elaine Conrad, Vice President; Lisa Abeloff. Grace Guadiz. Second Row: Rosemary Fagnani, Michelle Caroll, Sandi Miller, Lori Shyer. Not Pictured: Julie Ankerman, Betsy Miller, Karen Doernerv Michelle Fulton, Anne Lehaute, Helen Theophilopoulus, Kim Palmer. 246 Rho Lambda ,» J W Panhellenic Association f 9 First Row: Lisa Abeloff, Sandi Miller, Beth Abbott, Barbara Lent, Elaine Conrad, Vicki Neiner Second Row; Patti Toro, Dianne Regalado, Amy Jacoves, Jody Kalman, Eileen Reynolds, Margaret Ballou, Susan T. Peters, Advisor, Sandra Piligian, Mary Ostrovsky, Donna Rosman, Betsy Miller, Michelle Carroll, Avarian McKendrick Panhellenic Council Beth Abbot, Treasurer; Barbara Lent, Corresponding Secretary; Sandra Piligian, Recording Secretary; Dean Susan T. Peters, Advisor; Betsy Miller, Vice President; Lisa Abeloff. President Panhellenic 247 •3F COISO First Row: Julio Hidalgo, Joost de Quack, Georges Issa, Laura J. Amaro, Daniel Elie, Jeff Hurst. Second Row: Laura Morgan, Advisor; Nazih Hardan, President; Roman Martinez, Treasurer; George King, Ass ' t. Advisor; Mark Cheskin, Anna Lopez, Alonso Castellanos. Third Row: Victor Restrepo, Colin Gabay, Vice President. 248 COISO Latin American Students Association First Row Manuel Teodoro. Manuel Torayo Gonzales, Milton Martinez Pana, Maria Elena Greco, Felipillo " Casanova " Carrion, Ricardo Arevalo, Esteban Pinto Second Row Alonso Rumba Castellanos, Maria Anonima, Maria dela Costa, Gonzalo el gato Davalos, Lucho Punk Ceballos, Eduardo Mariachi Lichi, Carlos Cel Presidente) Chedick, Third Row Fernando Picasso Nunez, Debbie Ojos Lindos, Cristina do Brasil Rio, Jorge " Faces " Martinez, Paula Chama, Roman D.J. Martines, Ruby Santa Esmeralda, Jimi Estadistico Salcedo III, Clarisa Santos, Andres Kiko Rodriguez, Piedad Esperanza Fourth Row Nazih Lebanon Hardan, Suzie Peru, Antonio Borondizhiz, Mario Intelectual Anonimo, Ernesto Punk II Adames, Angel Cielos Claros, Pepito Discos Fuentes, Vivian Along, Orlando " Landi " Silva » Officers First Row: Ana Lopez, General Coordinator; Alonso Castellanos, Business Manager Second Row: Felipe Carrion, Vice President; Carlos Chediak. President; Arian Benefit, Ass ' t. Public Relations; Manuel Teodoro. Public Relations lasa 24a The Shotokan Karate Club w r rf i n te. l At ti r i ' tf First: Row: David S. Lomax, 2 Kyle Brown [President); Dubay J. Atassi, 1 Kyle Brown; Matt Richardson, Brown; Thomas A. Natiello, Brown; Djamel-Eddime Laoisset, A Green; Laura Worthylake, Green; Lee Robertson, Green; Cesar Lozano, Orange; Rumi Abaraprapha, Orange; Don Kinsey, Orange Second Row: Master Shigeru Takashina, CChief Instructor Sixth Dan — Chairman South Atlantic Karate Association) Black; John Luebke, White; Ted Zalta, White; Roger Dunham, White; Mitch Marcus, White; Nejmeddine Amor, White; George J. Perez, White; Jose Luis Sulbaram, White; Fattah Kazerooni, CFirst Dan — Past PresJ Black Third Row : Aka Patrice, White; Denise Chong, White; David May, White; Noelle Bowles, White; Degra Fortney, White; John Fortney, White; Anthony Stewart, White; Lawrence Rubio, White SB; Jesus Armas, White; Lorraine Mounts, White; Cassandra D. Williams, White Fourth Row: Ibrahim Alsarham, White; Jane Silver, White; Ruth Perou, White; Charlie Mattos, White; Amy Gardner, White; Joseph Bober, White; Henrietia Dickson, White; Jacqueline Berger, White; Abderlrahman Khaled Alloush, White; Darren Nacht, White; Barbara Mozayeny, White fintRwr-a Carratala, Ncr n Alvarez P Dr.JamesNa Presdenti. Br se--: : =:.- 25D Karate .■ " " A.;- • ■.,- v-irz Judo Club w 3 rthylake, ley. xjth tiite; White; xg, Anthony t Perou, , White; ra First Row: Haizura Abdul-Karim, Cesar Balda, Gonzalo Perez, Mariana Herrera. Leslie Canratala, Nor Pazala Ahmadziani, Zulkifly Abdulla Second Row: Bill Sattin, Tony Baylis. Alan Alvarez [President], Fernando Rodriguz. Ramy Mahmoud, Fauzi Jamaudin Third Row: Dr. James Nearing (Faculty Advisor], Will Haslup, Adriano Montex, Scott Kurth (Vice President], Brian Feinberg, Marty Meyer, Pete Sprague, Fernando Lama, Dr. James Nearing, Faculty Advisor Not Pictured: Dr. Heriberto Garcia, Bth Degree Black Belt _ Judo 251 • WS M ™— - Delta Sigma Pi j First Row Richard Lawrence, Jenny Sanchez, Simon Smith, Gina Marti, Eddi Cosio, Amy Guitterez, Glenn Carter, Elaine Norton Second Row Rick Knighton, Stuart Bergen, Michael Schoenfeld, Ernesto Apostolo, Michael Salzverg, Jose Soto Third Row Bob Hays, Arthur Wee, Richard Landi, Albert Trelles, Jorge Guerra, Eduando Stern, David Toman, Craig Kalil 252 Delta SigmB Pi n- ' .-wa Executive Board Photo Richard Lawrence, Raul Cosio, Emilio Solernou, Simon Smith, Arthur Wee, Ernesto Apostolo, Eduardo Cosio Fall Executive Board Raul Cosio, Emilio Solernou. Rudy Pittaluga, Jr. . Patti Booher, Eric Scop. Alex Casanova Delta Sigma Pi 253 ■R 8 Organization For Jamaican Unity 1st Row: Marcia Gooden, Jacqueline Weise, Delroy Webster, Jamile Munajj, Jeff Hurst, Sydene Hardware, Faithlyn Bartley, Carlos Dick, Bernard Cooper, Michele Morrison, Raymond Lee Snd Row: Suzanne Graham, Brainard Miller, Jacqueline Bailey, Patrick Peters, Pia Watkins, Ruth Forrest, Dahlia Rose, Caroline Anglon, Helen Steers, Suzanne Charlton, Kim Rickman, Janice Sessing, Devon Brooks, Sandra Stoddart, Keris Hooker, Judy Wadsworth, Vernon Hendricks, Peter Brooks, Julian Benjamin 3rd Row: Paul Goodall, Howard Duperly, Carol Campbell, Francis Brawn, Bernard Henry, Allyson Hall, Viviene Tai-Kong, Maxine Simpson, Kathryn Fraser, Annette Johnson, Robin Williams, Mark Roberts 4th Rom : Christopher Hooker, Gary Coombs, Anthony Dowie, Dennis Martin, Mark Ellis, Gerald Provost, Robert Bedasse, Olivia, Everisto Moseley, Karl Francis, Mark Delapena, Raymond Azan, Michael Ferguson Firti Row: - ajperty, Pres flour, Pete- E Onentatior-C 254 O.J.U. « Ci Not Pictu Simpson, q, Stephen Be , Executive Committee First Row: Raymond Lee, Public Relations Officer; Marcia Gooden, Vice President; Howard Duperly, President; Michele Morrison, Secretary; Bernard Cooper, Treasurer; Second Row: Peter Brooks, Entertainment Committee Chairman; Janice Sessing, Orientation-Chairperson; Dennis Martin, Sports and Recreation Officer. Not Pictured Michael Lake, Kevin Hill, Calvin McKenzie, Peter Brown, Lisa Chen, Cheryl Simpson, Gary Simpson, Cheryl Gayle, Stephanie Young, Max Earle, Colin Gabay, Denise Chong, Caroline Pussey, David Rowe, Donna Chuck, Hugh Anglin, Roger Nelson, Patrick Scott, Richard Alexis, Tony, Cynthia Morrison, Ruth-Anne Wynter, Donna Walters, Michael Auden, Stephen Bell, Errol Lushnie, Richard Edwards, Horatio Fenton, Donald Fletcher, Sandra Haughton, Walter Wilson, Sandra Lyn-Sue. O.J.U. 255 w Pne-Legal Society Officers Gerald Heinz, Treasurer; Linda A. Singer, Library Chairperson; Raquel A. Rodriguez, Vice President; Paul M. Fires, President; Edward J. Salnik, Vice President; Marlene Garcia, Editor of Undergraduate Law Review; Sharon Kleinfeld, Secretary Jerilyn O. Gray, Sara O ' Bannon, Marcia Soto, Amy B. Karan, Shelley R. Niceley, Mara B. Levin, Robert Masud, Scott Wood, Jeffrey A. Jonas, Glyn H. Ellis, Mark A. Hendricks, Mitch Richman, Marlene Valero, Maria R. Marcus, Susan Greifer, Dymphna Stakenas, Linda Volum, Roland Kirrm, John Dul, John de Leon, Jose L. Murillo, Jose de la O, Casey A. Fundaro, Stacy Wein, Laura Morilla, Ada Llerena, Steve Rickman, John Chiarenza, Dave Cox, Lazaro Claro, Dana Corbo, Ross Faber 256 Pre-Legal Society American Marketing Association n V ;. Officers First: Rom : Robin Gerofsky, President; Tracy Norris, Secretary. Second Row: Jeff Minogue, VP Membership; Marlene May, Newsletter Editor; Cindy Gabler, Treasurer; Harry Rimm, VP Promotions. Committee Chairpersons: Fabio Gutwaks, Finance; Steven Moser, Promotions; Nadine Pierre-Louis, Career Opportunities; Eric Scop, Tour. Members Members: Jerry Alpern, Ricardo Arevalo, Amy Anderson, Eduardo Beregovich, Lisa Beregovich, Sherri Berkowitz, Joseph Bober, Steven Borisman, Peter Bennett, Peter Benstock, Pablo Bared, Wendy Brown, Steven Bard, Nicolette Cardinelli, Jo Aynne Corrao, Michael Caputo, Carlos Chediak, Jose Cristin, Steve Conn, Kathleen Coppola, Walter Dunajick, Robert Dannenbaum, Karin Dukanauskas, Julie Evans, Lourdes Ermer, Celia Estrada, Ronald Fedoryk, Karen A. Fitzgerald, David Follett, Nancy Freedman, William Frazer, Myra R. Gomez, Larry Goldberg, Fannie Gavcovich, Cathy Goodkin, Jeff Grossman, Beatriz Gurian, Edward J. Gernhardt, Robin Sue Granatoor, Joann Goover, Amy Hecht, Martin Herman, Juli Hirsch, Nancy Helman, Marianela Hernandez, Brett Kaplowitz, Lynne Kasser, Ida Kaufman, Judy Kreston, Pablo G. Lara, Mitchell Levy, Robin Marks, Kathryn Madafferi, Regina Maltese, Jeff Mandell, Elena Marangos, Craig Mattox, Shobhanan Menon, Janice B. Milan, Jackie Pollack, Victor Hugo Padron, Don J. Pascale, Hunter Pierce, Oscar Pina, Linda Pollack, Jon Alan Pence, Jo-Ann Perlmutter, Isabel Quintero, Bernard Romero, Maritza Romero, Lori Rosen, Garrett Schaefer, Robert Schwartz, Tina Simcox, Peggy Scirocco, Bradford Sandler, William J. Snihur, Jr. , Maxine E. Simpson, Les Sutherland, Mark Sweet, Keith Truppman, Thomas J. Tyler, Doreen Williamson, Jody Wecker, Rick Wood, llene White, Marion Waskover, Carolyn Zorn. AMA 257 Mllllllil—lll IM United Black Students First Row Arthur Hammond, UBS Student Advisor; Yvonne Williams, Treasurer; Donald Fletcher, President; Ingrid Williams, Dianna Williams, Vice President; Billy Hardeman, F.B.S.B.U.A. Rep. Second Row Sandra Matthews, Clarevelle Chevallier, Valerie Williams, Jacque Jones, Anna L. Ramsey, Felicia G. Jones, Curtis Horton Third Rom Barbara Johnson, Chairperson For Black History Month; Jeff McClendon Miss Black U.M. Finalists Valerie Williams, Second Runner Up; Jacquie Jones, Ms. Black U. of M.; Anna L. Ramsey, First Runner Up; Clarelle Chevallier, Ms. Congeniality 25B UBS Microdots " , Donald nan, Williams, jare First Row John McGolan, Chris Stonick, Bill Estevez, Gayle Wald Second Row Dave Bova, Karl Henek, Chuck Ronshager, Larry Staczyck, John Dickerhoff, Jim Gesiotto Third Row Chris Fox, Bill Urguhart, Tom Frechette, Mike, Dave Horman, Kevin, Clayton Clark, Dubrow, Don Mercer Fourth Row Bridget Gillis, Geof Roberts, Bob Agrusa, Frank Riccadeli, Finebery, Gina Molinaro, Mike Toback, Jeff Dubrow, Efrain Cuellar Fifth Row Carla Nemerof, Scott Wood, Ken Lise, Trish Fay, Tracy Cardwell, Joe Lomgo, Hugh Berlow, Terry Cardwell, Mike Molinaro, Ted Sondergaard, Sue Goodman, Bret Carson Sixth Row Ernie Gesiotto, Jim Metcalf, Bob Reed, Jeff Becker. Kari Joslyn, Dave Vitaconte, Scott Seigal, Dave Karbasian, Jim Masco, Mike Hamilton SS| MS. 7, Dots 253 MHH Golden Key National Honor Society Executive Board Lydia Lopez, Treasurer; Frazier White, Advisor; Raquel A. Rodriguez, President; Paul M. Fires, Vice President; Marianne O ' Connor, Secretary Fall 1 3B1 Initiates Robert Agrusa. Shirley Aguirre, Victoria Ahmadilar, Alexsandra Alfonso. Karen Allen. Sanford Altman. Betsy Alvarez, Jesus Alvarez, Maria Alvarez, Martha Alvarez. Andrew Ambrosio, Juliet Ankerman, Ana Areces, Lynne Bailey. Marianne Banigan, Jeanette Barkan, Craig Barker, Carmen Barres, Karrie Bataskov, Scott Batcheller, Karen Baust, Michelle Baylis. Maria Bergouignan, Sally Born, Diana Boruchin, Ernesto Brana. Pedro Brasac. Richard Brener, Daniel Brizuela, Donna Buell, Roxanna Buntix, James Buzaki, Jean Cabillot, Ana Calleja, Felix Canino, Maria Capo, Alejandro Casanova, Leonardo Childs, Mark Citrin, Victoria Cole, Linda Colson, Kristen Comstock, Rolando Conesa. Leslie Connor. Elanine Conrad. Jamie Cooper. Margaret Cornelius. Cathleen Currie, Maria Currier, Betsy DeFalco. Richard DeMaria, Yvonne Demsky, David Diamond, Marie Didriksson. Gonzalo Dorta. Ana Duarte. John Dul. Gyln Ellis, David Epstein, Aline Etchart. Julie Evans, Rafael Fajardo. Alina Falcon, Terry Fein, Hilary Feinstock, Gaetano Ferlazzo, Barbara Ferreiro, Richard Fiocco, Jennifer Fox, Jurge Fuentes. Ingrid Galianes, Susana Garcia. Amy Gardner, Jose Gay, Tracy Gaynor, Tracey Geffin, Robin Gerofsky, Joy Gittin, Brenda Glaser, Alan Glover, Michael Gold, Ellen Goldstein, Lourdes Gomez, Juan Gonzalez, Raul Gonzalez, Jeffrey Goodman, Genevieve Graveline. Peter Greenwell, Sarah Greer-Belt. Kathy Gregolet, Beatriz Gurian, David Hargreave, John Hart, John Hart, Kirk Harum. Gerald Heinz, Karl Henck, Martin Herman, Marianela Hernadez, Jeff Herr, Oswaldo Herrera. Lewis Himelhoch, Sharon Hinson, Nicole Hoo. Teresa Hood, Katherine Horstman, Paul Hutson, Vita lacovelli, Herminin Ibarra. Sunanda. Lisa Jackson, Amy Jacoves, Kevin Jonas, David Jones, Loise Kappel, Patricia Kattan, Ida Kaufman. Laura Kedzie, Jerome Kimbrough, David Kisor, Scott Kisrow. Joseph Kissane, Susan Klein. Stuart Koenigsberg. Alan Kopischke. Karen Kouri, Marie Kuren. Ernet Lashlee. Brian Lawrence. Ira Levin, Dawn Lewis, Derek Lichota, Eric Lieberman, Loise Lipsett. Gustavo Llerena. Carlos Llorente. Susan Liss. Jose Loredo. Donald Loyd, Patricia Lynch, Carol MacMurray, Alba Maffessanti, S. Mehdi Mahdavian, Kevin Mallory. Paul Marina, Jose Martinez, Janet Matson, Linda McLoughlin, Grace Medeiros. Mary Medeiros, Christel Meininger, Michael Metry, Betsy Miller, Michelle Miller. Reymundo Miranda, Naresh Jethanand Mirchandani, Thomas Mitchell, Francisco Montes, Craig Montz. Andres Moreno. Maria Maya, Jodi Murphey, Karen Nason, John Newitt, Peggy Nickerson, Michael Northrup, Tami Novick, Bertha Olazabal. Leon Dldak, Juan Oramas, Kimberlee Osburn, Mary Anne Ostrovsky, Marcia Packard. Janine Parsons. Donald Pascale, Tonimaria Pellerito. Mark Peterson, David Phillips, Mark Pikur, Andres Pimstein, George Pita, lina Polichetti. M. Lourdes Pupo, Thomas Quinn. Isabel Quintero. Helene Raisman. Sara Ramirez, Vicente Ramos, James Randolph, Robert Reed, Aurelio Rey. Raul Ricardo, Robert Rickel, Edmund Rigby, Omart Robaina. Julio Robla, Anne Marie Rodriguez, Todd Roebuck, Jeffrey Ronci. Lisa Rosenstein. Perry Rosenstein. Sharon Rosenzweig, Michael Russell, Miguel Sainz, Lucia Sales. Edward Salnik, David Salzburg, Sherri Samberg, Lourdes Sanchaz, Rolando Sanchez, Timothy Sander. Eleanne Sanson-Teran, Miguel Santamarina. Drlando Santana, Maria de Jesus Santovenia, Luis Sarmiento, Diane Sawamoto, Mark Schneidman. Lorynne Schreiber, Catherine Schrier. John Schutawie. Ronni Seiderman, Susan Semonis. William Sharra, Lawrence Signori. Cheryl Simpson, Linda Singer, Betsy Skuller, Cheryl Smith, Eric Smith. Evan Spevak, Esther Sterental, Ronald Stone. Jill Stover, John Szpak, Andrew Tabatchnick. Leslie Tan, Raymond Tindell, Keith Truppman, Bienvenido Tucen. Manuel Utset, Rosa Vento, Ofelia Villalonga, Henry Wandt, Stacy Wein, Andrea Weinstein, Geraldine Weiss, Michael Weiss, Robin Williams, Susan Woolston, Cristina Xirau, Catherine Young, Patricia Young RrttRow ' -s CwVaiiaxjn Nelson Ortiz. teiedis, h Qarxe, are- i 260 Golden Key EkUUNKMMi International House Bo MJ arez, ten, Diana billot, jmstod, alco, sten, •d Din Jeffrey t, John h, son, Amy Scott wence, ), DonaW et eymindo I jmas, n, David usman, Robaine, iael ny arioto, Lawrence Jill aVento, n Cnsona McGinley First Row Trish Battistin, Simon Wolfson, Joost De Quack, Mike Kaiser, Cesar Balda, Roxann Hitchens, Carol Vallandingham, Joyce Burton, Joy Hodges, Fiona Roache, Georges Issa Second Row Patrick Peters, Nelson Ortiz, Susan Rosenbluth, Daphne Nartinez, Noelle Bowles, Wendy Lewengrub, Dahlia Rose, Savina Vassiliadis, Ronald Goldstein, Eduardo Valdes, Ted Montessantos, Gerald Fritz, Diane Morrison, Steve Clarke, Karen Morad, Gerald Provost Third Row Anthony Malakates International House 261 Eaton Hall and Apartment Area Dorm Government First Row: Laura Kedzie; Brad Sokol; Stephanie Ross; Greg Lundeen; Gussie Walter; Nelson Ortiz. Second Row: Brainard Miller; Connie Casillas; Ned Stetson; Liz Francisco; Rahe Wallace. Officers Brad Sokol, Fall ' B1 President; Gussie Walter, Vice President; Gregory Lundeen, Spring ' 82 President; Stephanie Ross, Secretary. Not Pictured: Tom Mier, Treasurer. 262 Eaton Hall ■■ 1 9GB Dorm Government Walter; First Row: Debbie Van Haur, Dawn Keiper. Second Row: Scott Siegal, Treasurer; Claire Hairas, Adam Wilson, Graduate Advisor; Bente McEntaffer, Pam Mathews, Carol Goldberg, Vice Pres. Third Row: Clarelle Chevalier, Mike Canslate, Bennet Coleman, Dave Lipari, Robert Kaplan, James Peet , Mary De Rose, Gino Scialdane, President; Fourth Row: Steve Conn, Kevin Gilbo, Bill Short. Andy Ward, Dave Karbasian, Paul Jacobsan Executive Committee esident; ss, Carol Goldberg, Vice President; Gino Scialdane, President; Scott Siegal, Treasurer; Adam Wilson, Grad. Advisor " 6B Government 263 I Union Board of Governors First Row: Marina Angleton — USBG, Michelle Carrali — USBG, Jo Vasquez — Staff Coord. Union, Geneniene Larsen — Alumni Relations, Amy Muise — Chairperson UBOG, Roger Fry — SAGA, Ronald Newman, Faculty Representative. Second Rom : Randy Starr — RHCC, Carlos Gonzalez — Roadrunners, John Bawarowsky — GSA, Jackie Parker — SAGA, Joe Pineda — Director Union, Ray Bellomy — Asst. Director Bldg. Mgnt. , John Stofan — Programing Director Union Activities, William Sandler — Director Student Personal Deans, Careos Chediase — CDISO, Diane Williams — Office Holders, Nick Paleneda — Law School Representive, Ken Lise — Program Council Representive. 264 UBOG Campus Tour Guides PS, c. r -Law Gary Adler, Stuart Bergen, Robyn Berman, David Blank, Kathleen Brace, Anne Carner, Alison Cohen, Michael Coppola, Kirk Harum, Linda J ames, Michael Johnson, Peter Lomonaco, Mary Ann Maletta, Grant Mason, Oslvaldo Mesa, Jeff Mishkin, Debra Moyer, Dale Pritchett, Manuel Rapkin, Trudy Ryan, Eric Scope, Anslie Merle Stark, Eduardo Stern, Caryn Sukolsky, Mona Usdin, Eduardo Valdes, Norman Waas Tour Guides 265 SP Roadrunners Commuter Club First Row: Alex DeGuzman, Carolina Farkas. Second Row: Shelley Nicely, Peter Lott, Suzanne Bunkhalten, Marty Schmid, George Axiotis, John Alvarez, Kristin Tomonto, Maricela Medina. Third Row: Angeo Hernandez, Steve Frantzis, Tina Payne, Milda Medina, Ivette Amoro, Anna-Mana Farkas, David Guttierez. Fourth Row: Adam Oppenstein, Danae Marrero, Carlos Gonzalez, Beatriz Llano, Dayli Manrero, Consuelo Casillas, Keith Astuto firttflow: -e- Marrero — Tpo NotPieturttt Mark WisQy, Be ManteRoongjf fchterg Ce l», Hilda F-y ' . Jatoe G 266 Roadrunners •w Officers alter, :rez. ;uelo First Row: Alex DeGuzman — Vice President, Second Row: Danae Marrero — Sec, Dayli Marrero — Treasurer, Third Row: Carlos Gonzalez — President, Beatriz Llano — Vice President. Not Pictured: Mark Wisby, Bob Simon, Craig Montz, Yvette Pena, Buzz Goss, Laura Morilla, Yvette Perez, Marite Rodriguez, Liluli Buntinz, Julie Levitt, Nirma Hill, Jaene Garcia, William Sanchez, Marc Schulberg, Celilia Rodriguez, Joe Gallagher, Eduardo Vimeres, Ozzie Mesa, John Lehr, Elizabeth Lehr, Hilda Franco, Lucy Pineiro, Silvia Escobar. Dawn Rodak, Michele Gold, Obdulia Garcia. Joy Reiter, Jackie Galicia, Joseph Chalom. Gina Rodriguez. RoBdnjnners 267 Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society Officers Mark Younge, Treasurer; Dean Peter Starson, Advisor; Sandra L. VanDine, President; Toni Kramer, Secretary; Tere Trout, Vice President; Steve Bayer, Historian. 1981 Spring Initiates Carlos L. Almaguer, Jacqueline Alvarez, Ernesto Apostolo, Linda A. Apriletti, Aida Arbesu, Kevin Anney, Mark E. Bajuk, Eduardo Barrosa, Dina S. Bechof, Sheila Benfield, Irma Bermudez, Susan M. Bishop, Antonia Blanco, Steven Boyer, Charles Brown, Christine Cales, William Cascioli, James Cerceo, Maureen Chin Loy, Maria Collazo, Lois Cooksey, Tracey Cooper, Cynthia Coppolino, Robinson Cueto, John Dalton, Liliana DeLera, Rosa de Varona, Mania Delgado, Susanna Oiago, Maritza Diaz-Silveira, Maria Englander, Sandra Fairman, Higinio Fernandez, Isabel Fernandez, Lourdes Ferrer, Edelle Field, D. Myra Frau, April Gadinsky, Joseph Galli, Julian Garcia, Peggy Gazzola, Steven Georgerian, Bridget Gillis, Julio Gonzalez, Oavid Graham, Michael Gray, Henrietta Gurri, Wendy Halpern, Donald Hashagen, Jill Herscovitch, George Issa, William Kerlin, Heidi Kerpsack, Edward Kipreos, Elizabeth Kitrell, Toni Kraft, Toni Kramer, Ana Landa, Elizabeth Lehr, Paul Levy, Beatriz Llano, Leonardo Lopez, Jr., Marilu Madrigal, Esther Marin, Lizette Morad, Maria Moreno, Laura Morilla, Dove Morissete, Jose Murillo, Leslie Myers, Mirna Nunez, Raquel Drtega, John Oudens, Robbin Paskel, Maria Perez, John Perloff, Jane Perrault, Sharon Phillipps, Christopher Pierce, Sergio Pineiro, Ada Placeres, Maria Portuonda, David Provencher Jr. , Christine Reinke, Matthew Ribakoff, Eugene Rodriguez, Georgina Rodriguez, Susan Rosales, Kristine Ross, Madeleine Ruiz, Angela Sabates, Michael Saccente, Adrian Santana, Greg Savel, Michael Schaffer, Kimberly Shepherd, Russell Shikami, Sally Spitz, Maria St. Pierre, Mindy Stein, Susan Stoff, Christianne Strang, Jan Stromme, Christine Stroup, Kristin Tomonyo, Israel Vainstein, Patricia Varco, Julie Varela, Patrick Wong, Jose Yanes, Deborah Yezulinas, Mark Young, Alex Poplazic, Barry Gelman, Tere Trout, Sandra VanDine, Maria Duarte, Edwin Soler-Aran. h 1 3B1 Fall Initiates Miguel Abdo, Jose Abreu, Anthony Alatriste, Julio Aldecocea, Mayade Almashat, Carlos Aparicio, Richard Bonitati, Ana Bernardino, Arturo Brito, Teresa de Torres, Mark Eisenberg, John Fish, Paul Fisher, Karl Francis, Carlene Frohreich, Wendell Gaertner, Gonzalo Garriga, Glenn Gerena, Alfredo Gonzalez, Barbara Gonzalez, Craig Green, Carlos Guanche, Jose Guethon, Timothy Hill, Richard Hodges, Michael Hodkin, Blanca Jacomino-Lorenzo, Jonas Johansson, Mark Johnson, Mitchell Johnson, Patricia Justo, Sandra Kuhn, Aaron Lorgerbaum, Ruth Maclean, Stacy Mitchell, Maria Narcis, Adia Dlivera, Rafael Oritz, Mary Portela, Steven Rhodes, Deborah Richter, Yamile Rivera, Lori Santiesteban, Salvatore Senzatimore, Anthony Sorensen, Catherine Steele, Diana Tavel, Steven Thomson, Ellen Venzer, David Vogel, George Wooming, Sandra Zembacchs, William Sandler. 26B Alpha Lambda Delta 19B1 Spring Initiates 1981 Fall Initiates 1981 Fall Initiates i Alpha Lambda Delta 269 Circle K First Row: Lisa Grizzard, Secretary; Cindy Baghdoian, Treasurer; Alma Sanjur, Vice President. Second Row: Bob Agrusa, President; John Sinclair, State Historian. First Row: Dawn Allison, Cindy Baghdoian, Alma Sanjur, Lisa Grizzard. Second Row: Gene Lorden, Fred Soco, Alberto Rodriguez, Bob Agrusa, John Sinclair, Cecil Lettis. Third Row: Wendy Sands, Chris Hooker, Tony Stewart, Carmen Leon Officers frit Bow-cd SranSemons techer, Jar« First Row — Bob Agrusa, Pres. ; John Sinclair, State Historian Second Row Lisa Grizzard, Secretary; Cindy Baghdoian, Treasurer; Alma Sanjur, Vice Pres. 270 Circle K Alpha Psi Omega First Row Hope Jasper, Lisa Felcoski, Mai Shendan, Rosa Langschwadt, Oscar Castillo, Cinthia Rodman, Susan Semonis, Tom Kouchalakos Second Row Dr. Hank Diers, Felipe Martinez, Dawn Lewis, Robin Fletcher, James Randolph, Billy Altfield, Andy LeClair, Jerry Ross, Eileen Walsh [ Alpha Psi Omega 271 imummvmama Scuba Club m : MQm, First Row Dempsey Schell, Greg Segallis, John Tabor, Ann Coningsmark, Janet Bohac Second Row Tom Crusan, Bob Fniel, Larry Dick, Kurt Jacobsen, Angie Slater ■■HE V . " v. 272 Scuba Club c : Hurricane Skiers k k Tom McGinloy First Row Steve Fischl, Brian Antonoff, Edie Knowlton, Joe Levine Craig Townsend Second Row Edie Sachs. Gary Salzman Third Rom Hewey Maffat, Peter Herzog, Ayman Malfeit, Craig Grossenbacher, Jay Brussels Officers Craig Townsend, President, Edie Knowton, Sec; Patty Anderson, Sec; Lori Burrows, Treasurer Board Members Craig Grossenbacher, Mike Susskind, Rick Knighton, Byron Antonoff Boat Supervisor Joel Burrows . - Hurricane Skiers 273 Hurricane Honeys fl I First Row: Stacey Sklar, Maricie Pender, Monica Walden, Angela Trusclair, Robin Salton, Suzanne Turk, Dawn Rodak, Vickie Pearcey, Co-Captain; Khybie Jones. Second Row: Karen Mac Phenson, Julie Dunham, Public Relations; Robin Schachtee, Angela Fundaro, April Gadinsky, Many Carnegie, Inger Fowlkes, Bunny Funches, Andrea Lewis, Sharon Shula. Third Row: Suzy Wilkoff, Advisor; La ' Cheryl Taylor, Sandra Matthews, Martha Martin, Laura Bailey, Kathi Giampetro, Jamie Allen, Cindy Coppolino, Carolyn Marsiasz, Margie Ballou, Marianne O ' Connell Candy McConley, Toni Pellerito, Player Relations. Not Pictured: Karen Baust, Captain; Carolyn Kubiak, Treasurer; Shirley Broadnax, Erica Coots, Lisa Marion, Teresa Galardi, Jenna Hoffman, Eileen Levin, Cindy Prizant, Linda Porter, Karen Rosenthal, Melanie Solomon, Leslie Voogd, Barbara Wosewoda. Put Row Vxv»s Treasurer; 8«ean HToni Bores BertmanNg 2 " 74 Hurricane Honeys m Miami Sugarcane Batgirls ome of the Hurricanes Firet Row Andrea Martino, Public Relations; Tricia Fay, Captain; Linda Porter, Co-Captain; Kim Merritt, Treasurer; Second Row Jodi Zweben, Tricia Watson, Jennifer Schofield, Julie Dunham, Toni Pellerito, Marina Yong, Toni Boreisha Third Row Lori Nadler, Terri Martinez, Angela Fundaro, April Thompson, Kim Tomeo, Jan Bertman Not Pictured Alicia Nicolas, Hillian Fernandez, Dawn Rodak, Marci Glick Sugsrcanes 275 University Rathskeller Rathskeller Management Staff Yolanda DiMaggio, Head Cashier; Wayne Coy, Assistant Mgr. ; Lewis Yagodnik, Manager; Robert Smith, Asst. Mgr. ; Frank Ricciardelli, Dana Corbo, Asst. Head Doorman; Bonnie Rado, Germaine Guerrier, David Auerbach, Leslie McGinnis, Office Mgr.; Sunny Montalno, Michael Caputo, Head Doorman; Bjorn Anderson, Bret Carson Rathskeller Bar Staff Tracy Mednik, David Auerbach, Marisela Zamudio, Cynthia Camacho Ha Scott, Evelyn Badano, Stacy Mitchell, Carol Adamek, Patricia Vitale, Debra Weinberg, Steven Schindlen, Robin Levin, Robert Morrissey, Hugo Fernandez, Robert Smith, Head Bartender; Charles Shapiro, Kevin Warren, Frank Ricciardelli, Glen Mack, Millie Reynolds, Anthony Vitagliano hthtkaHar Floe Itfaamfe .:A--e 5,:- : jfctoyOMn : ::=-ce :-: =:■:■= " -: ' ' Vitagliano, Dave 276 Rathskeller Skelter Heao aung ■ Rathskeller Floor-Door Staff Ana Penaranda, Everrett Price, Bret Carson, Jorge Guerra, Stacy Mitchell, JoAnne Taylor, Gail Gustufson, Robin Levin, Hun Seng Chao, Diana Kamenai, Anthony DiPrima, Greg Louks, Michael Caputo, Dana Corbo, Bart Pesa, Lydia Somohano, Lisa Lange, Julie Poitras, Kim Gladding, Cindy Cowan, Frank Ricciardelli, Dino Perroti, Jim Montembeault, Steven Smith, Kurt Sung, Mark Aprigliano, Rich DeAngelis, Dean Botes, Kevin Forbes, Brian Weston, Tony Vitagliano, David Brown, Ralph Buffalo, John Sharland, Cindy Kaplan ■k, Head is, Office ret Carson Scott, Steven ■h H d Evelf Rathskeller Kitchen Staff Jay M. Korn, Hugo Fernandez, Kevin Warren, Greg Jones, Tim Barna, Bart Pesa, David Hixon, Head Chef; Jerry Dixon, Craig Vance, Ken Ryan, Ed Driscoll, Charlie Shapiro, Everrett Price, Anthony Vitagliano, Jim Wenner, Bob Brown, Mark Heinz, Robert Rotunno, Zellamerica Besselieu, Willie DelPino, Anthony DiPrint, Jerry Yurkowski, Eric Kulz, David Auerbach, Aramis Martinez, Rich Cerpa, Kurt Sung Rathskeller 277 Rathskeller Advisory Board tar Sports Ai Sofia, Moa First: Row Bennet Kaufman, Past Chairman Second Row Karen Mason, Vicki Neiner, Leslie McGinnis, Roger Paul, Second Semester Chairman; Chuck Canfield, Theo Sofia Third Row Bart Pesa, Father Frank Lechiara, Dana Carbo, Mike Johnson, Lou Yagodnik, manager; Eric Springs, Hugo Fernandez 27B RAB Student Union Program Council First Row Susan Cony, Graduate Representitive; Geoff Roberts, Special Events Chairman; Jody Kalman, Indoor Sports And Recreation; Jeff Dubrow, Overall Chairman Second Row Kenny Lise, Publicity Chairman; Theo Sofia, Midday Recess Chairman; Cindy Heaster, Film Chair-man; John Stofan, S.U.P. C. Advisor ihiara, SUPC 273 Psi Chi Psychology Honorary First Row Grisel Alonso, Dr. Tallanico, Mary Ciniano, Herminia Ibarra Second Row Yvonne Dizack Demsky, Nancy Place, Maria Theresa Rodriguez, Marlene Valero, Mark Friedman, Micbelle McLaughlin, Mary Ellen Medeinos, Navesh Mirchandani Third Row Giselle Harrison, Dayli Marrero, Jadish Soni, Maria Dorta-Duqe, Rebecca White li ' " ' i Utter First Row Vagce Sacond Row - :- Martha Esptn, Os Officers Grisel Alonso, President; Herminia Ibarra, Vice President; Dp. Robert Tallanico, Advisor; Navesh Mirchandani, Treasurer; Marlene Valero, Secretary Pint Row ' 5 ' 1 ' - Helfep z ' 8 o ft 2SO Psi Chi Alpha Kappa Psi Urtter m Yvonne iedman, Firet Row Maggie Carvajal, Niurka Caraballo, Loundes Ermer, Gary Telleria Jackie Alvarez Second Row Richard Heller, Mkie Young, John Ermer, Robert Abreu, Ray Rocha Third Row Martha Espin, Oscar Gonzalez, Lourdes Menendez, Marc Schulberg, Manlene Valero Officers ■H ' First Row Marlene Vlaeno, Lourdes Ermer, Jackie Alvarez, Second Row Ray Rocha, Mike Young, Richard Heller Alpha Kappa Psi 2B1 Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Phi E i Sandy Zembetfe. Esther Marin Ar» Quintero. Mcnae Guethon, Cart06 1 W-Mashat, Gee; n Grisel Alonso, David Atkins, Branco Avanic, Matthew Avril, Robert Barrett, Jasmine Basha, Steven Benson, James Buzaki, Avelino Car-ide, Alejanfro Cassanove, Mayank Chattree, Alessandra Cimatti, Phyllis Cleveland, Philip Cole, Janet Curtin, Kathleen Davies, Ana Duarte, Julie Anne Evans, Terry Fein, Hilary Feinstock, Jill Fisher, Cheryle Friedman, Susana Garcia, Maria Garcia-Sellek, Joy Gitten, Robert Glatki, Alfred Hanson, John Robert-Hart, Karl Henck, Lorraine Hoffman, Teresa Hood, Herminia Ibarra, Alan Johnson, David Jones, Roland Kaplan, Sandra Kuhn, Walter Langston, Susana Laos, Anne LeMahaute, Eduardo Lichi, Derek Lichota, Gustavo Llerena, Maria Lopez-Castro, Patricia Lynch, Alba Maffessanti, Michele McLoughlin, Rose Mantell, Christina Mendoza, Jodi Murphey, George Nicholas, Per Nordby, Leon Oldak, Brian Pincket, Joseph Pisegna, Belen Pita, Mario Pupo, Steven Renick, Janet Ritenbaugh, Alina Rodriguez, Maria Rodriguez, Raquel Rodriguez, Sharon Rosenzweig, Timothy Sander, Vivian Sellers, Sumon Sinha, Stanley Tonkonogy, Bienvenido Tucen, Margaret Updike, Phyllis Vecchione, Ana Vizcaino, Tanja Wayne, Laurie Wheeler fci 2B2 Phi Kappa Phi Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Honor Society " • i Sandy Zembachs. Eddie Field, Marie St. Pierre, Stacy Mitchell, Miguel Abdo, Liz Lehr, Lizette Morad, Esther Marin Ana Landa, Jose Abreu, Michael Schaffer, Betsy Kaplan, Bruce Fletcher, Lillian Quintero, Michael Schaffer, Erin Cullen, Anthony Acatriste, Eduardo Cosio, Scott Becker, Jose Guethon, Carlos Amaguer, Craig Green, Sharon Meit, Pearl Bress, Maria Bulnes, Hildegard Al-Mashat, George Woo-Ming, Lizette Morad mine iyank sen Davies, Redman, lohn t Johnson, e 3, . Jodi ggna Belen jpigueZ, Sinha, i Vizcaino. Officers Tony Kraft, President; Orlando Santana, Vicr President; Kristin Tomonto, Treasurer; Russ Shikami, Secretary Phi Eta Sigma 2B3 mimmuimmmiimmsmBamm Air Force R.O.T. C, Officers I U U II 1 i Firat; Row: R. Williams, J. Benitez, J. Martineau, M. Ruffley, A. Decker. T. Turner, R. Blume Second Row: B. Kraus, D. Willingham, C. Fisher, Z. White, M. Brown, O. Deluque, O. Brooks, D. Fitzgerald Third Row: D. Baumann, S. Vautrain, W. Malec, J. Maxey, J. Droste, G. Maltese, J. Sandoval, G. Costales Fourth Row: T. Harrold, D. Bishop, T. Lake, R. Nelson, C. Belfield, E. Villavicenzo 4 Firtt Row Pc:e- flow Pedro Atero Seorge Perez, El ' I ' I ' I ' I II Not Pictured E. Aceudo, A. Anderson, S. Blaylock, E. Dieckman, G. Ledoux, A. Lorenzo, T. Miller, M. Rivera, R. Rotunno, J. Stuff, H. Williford onZenoz, J eQTaoa 284 ROTC I Drill Team First Raw Robert Higgins, Laura Smith, Wanda Hughes, Allan Truesdale, Second Row Pedro Atencio, Eduardo Acenedo, Robert Kinkland, Ed Gonzalez Third Row George Perez, Eduardo D. DeJesus, Timothy Davis, Sostene Melgarez Row: low: Row:T itunno, Colon Guard Raldon Zenoz, Mario Guerrier, Bertram Maskiell, Sobnino Angel, Rene Pineda, Jorge D. Tapia ROTC S85 A Flight 111! 1 00 1 II 1 Utt 1 U 1 00 i (I 00 1 (1 1 00 1 1! 11 I u ■ 1 _ jT iUJ in! as iOfi !l!l! IB First Row Charles Teddy Harris, Luis Ramon Fuentes, Laura Jean Nadeau, Nereida Perez, Julie Skokan, Enrique Sanracino, Eduando A. Villaveeneid Second Row Hugo Padilla, Kenneth Turkno, Kelli Marian, Asael Cantillo, Anthony Michaels, Robert Closius Third Row Larry Dick, Pascual Oswald, Thomas Hildebrandt, Gustavo Diz, Scott Burnett Fourth Row Joe Peloso B Flight ! First Row Jesus Rodriguez, Bonita Floyd, Gheamease Kelley, Evelio Suarez, Michael Simeone, Luis Perez, Nelson Ortiz Second Rom Alfred Phillips, Jay Steffens, Doug Kauten, Frank Martinez, Bob Anguish, Louis Cala Third Row Ricardo Crim, Robert Stearns, Linda Snider, Leonard T. Ruan, Ernesto Pena, Kurt Wagner SBB ROTC J Ll I! Li I! I! I! I QUI! I Li tl I! I I! 111! HE ! C Flight Firet Row Kevin Kraus, Kim Balkema, Marina Sergas, Jorgo Cobelo, Chris Hutson Second Row Wanda Johnson, Larhonda R. Smith, Pedro Luis Puerto, Mike Lyons Third Row Jose A. Mata, Don Gallagher, Paul Judge I, Kevin MacGinnis, Donald Stevenson D Flight Firet Element Dana D. Evans, Adalberts S. Vega, Jorge H. Romero, David L. Orr, Rogelio Figuerda Second Element Vernon Wegemen, Robert Carrow, Tom Cruzan Third Element Gerard A. Dublin, Michael E. Plitnikas, Liliana Lorenzen, Jose Castillo RQTC 2B7 ■tf Jesus Student Fellowship First Rom Steve Klimacek, Chris Lane, Dennis Sullivan, Morella Pomas, Daryle Dunnings Second Row John D. Modica, President; Chu-Ming Wong, Allison D. Walton, Laura Smith. Jerri K. Moore, Tracy L. Moore Third Rom Loni Grant, Neymer Maiz, Ann Decker, Carolyn Angwin, Kevin Whatley, Debbie Nelson, Secretary; Ann Thomos, Ed Maina Fourth Row John Gage, Ernie Aguilar, Greg Lampkin, Money Keeper; Jeff Oleson, Joe Paulovkin, Joe Nixon » Scott Tt Ann Gautee, Betty G Gorr ez, Felw Car LagcSdvaTn F I1 981 Office 2B8 Jesus Student Fellowship Beta Alpha Psi Bayer Debbie Goldkind, Arnie Perez, Fernando Fernandez, Roxanne Buskey, Daisey Naya, Alina Jurado, Teresa Miller, Sana Ona, Mania Del Galud, Raul de la Campa, Shenny Rothfield, Rita McLellan, John Dul, Manty Schwantz, Scott Taylon, Rogen Alten, Richand Romanoff, Susan Liss, Janine Pansons, Linda Tagen, Liz Welogonslea, Mania Mussman, Manina Iglesias, Rau Ricando, George Gulisano, Olga Acivedo, Rafael Benmud, Ann Gaulee, Betty Gnanja, Milagnos Linanes, Loundes Sanchez, Geonge Pita, Manlene Mantinez, Loundes Gomez, Felix Canino, Mania Alvanez, Jim Kanten, Geonge Sanchez, Giselle Dias, Julio Vanela, Belinda Pannish, Jejus Lago, Silvia Tnavieso, Juan Gasanova, Jim Buzaki, Janet Segal, Iggy Leung, Don Schneidman, Joe Longo, Ken Nahman, Leon Oldak, Angela Lucas, Cathy Young Fall 1981 Officers: Jose Gutstein, Pnesident; J.C. Campuzano, Vice Pnesident; Tim Sanden. Vice Pnesident; Mancelino Itunney, Tneasunen; Lisa Diamond, Secnetany; Gnegg Sessa, Newsletten Editor Spring 1 985 Officers: Ken Nahman, Pnesident; Angela Lucas, Vice Pnesident; Tim Sander, Vice President; George Milo, Treasurer; Cathy Young, Secretary; Ignacio Leung, Newsletter Editor Beta Alpha Psi 2B9 ■ SAFAC First Row Lydia Lopez, Don J. Pascale, Barbara-Ann Stevens, Paul B. Goodall Richard M. Lawrence, Andrew L. Furgatch, John Zanyk Second Row Marc Cannon, 2SO SAFAC " « ■ Rf «Bow; Fren ch Club First: Row Carlos Chediak, Isabel de Luis, Nazih B. Hardan. Christina S. Ubing Second Row Lilia Babe, Grace Santiago, Madeleine Ruiz, Ana Maria Casteneda, Alina Mart, Lourdes Perez, Isabel Fuentes Third Row Francisco Magana, Mania DelCarmen Capo, Debbie da Silva. Alba Maffessanti, Ania Diaz, Martina Lerma, Mariann Moore, Zackarie Hakam Fourth Row Alonso Castellanos, Denis B. Maloket, Suzanne Martinez innon, Officers First Row Debbie Da Silva, Treasurer; Lourdes Perez, Treasurer; Alba Maffessanti, Secretary; Lilia Babe, Vice President Second Row Zackarie Hakam, Publicity; Christina S. Ubing, Coordinator; Nazih B. Hardan, President; Mariann Moore, Publicity; Denis Malaket, Publicity French Club 291 kVHimmwmmui tu Student Rights Agency 2S2 SRA Paul Satty, Sam Galpin, Roy Kobert. Carlos Llonente, Kelly O ' Shaughnessy. Paula Field. Amy Karen, Eddie Robinson, Befctie Fern, Amy Mursten, Tanya Ceccatto, Stacy Lipner Absentees Joseph DeLuca, Missy Parsons, Karen Fitzgerald, Linda Volum, John de Leon, Andrea Dericho SRA 293 Student Orientation Service First Row: Oliver Morales, Jim Kanter, Jaene Garcia, Armando Rodriguez, Michelle Carroll, Jorge Gonzales, Consuelo Cassillas Second Row: Jill Estep, Chris Pierce, Bill Scherer, Marlene Valero, Julio Plutt, Aixa Diaz Third Row: Amy Mursten, Nirma Hill, Laura Patallo, Paul Satty, Stacy Lipner, Sue Jean, Cindy Coppolino, Gilbert Beauperthuy Fourth Row: Aurelio Quinones, Scott Meyer, Joseph Strazza, Keith Chamber, Shirley Broadnax, Ritchie Lucas. Brenda Smith, Brett Kaplowitz, Guy Sharra, Raldon Zenoz Coordinator Staff First Row: Keith Chamber, 1 968 Coordinator; Ritchie Lucas, Asst. Program Coordinator; Armando Rodgriguez, Program Coordinator; Jim Kanter, Eaton Hall Coordinator Second Row : Michelle Caroll, Asst. Program Coordinator; Consuelo Casillas, Off Campus Coordinator; Jeane Carcia, 960 Coordinator Third Row : Stacy Lipner, Mahoney Pearson Coordinator; Marlene Valero, Off Campus Coordinator Not Pictured: Advisor Maureen Short Not Pictured: Maureen Short, Advisor; Richard Accorto, Santiago Alveredo, Joan Appelbaum, Teresa Bolet, Kathy Brace, Alex Bretus, Marjarita De La Torre, Joost DeQuack, Lisa Deutsch, Martha Diaz, Hugo Fernandez, Ed Hart, Roy Kobert, Joann Llera, Lisa Marion, Juan Martin, Teri Martizez, Reene Reuse, Omart Robaina, Lucy Salas, Silvia Sorondo, Evelyn Torres, Gayle Wald FintRowM, e ; NckStegitiBf Mar «a Pack o, j 29-4 SOS Carni Gras Executive Committee First Row Mike Rosol, Cindy Heaster, Loni Roth, Tim Goodman, Stephanie Ross Second Row Scott Wood, Nick Stieglitz, Bill Estevez, Joe Longo, Gussie Walter, Ken Lise Third Row Geof Roberts, Greta DeRaffle. Marcia Packard, Amy Murstem, April Breslan, Vicky Jo Neinen, Carla Nemerof Cami Gras 235 Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Honorary Fir«t Row: Martha Bejan, Geisha Jimenez Second Row: Armando Royero, Jesus Diaz, Irma M. Becerra, Dagoberto Quintana, Eric Spniggs, Gaby J. Salem, Diana Toytell, Stewart Berkowitz, Ernesto Brana II Third Row: Andres Moreno, Esteban C. Madan, Howard Ray Ferguson, Martin E. Holmes Fourth Row: John Weisend, Wendy Treiber-Holladay, Claudio Traslavina Officers: John Weisend, Treasurer; Ernie Brana II, Secretary, Dagoberto Quintana, President, Eric Spniggs, Vice President 236 Tau Beta Pi Nursing Students Association Jesus Diana Esteban sisend, First Row Barbara Hilliard, Rec. Secretary; Robin Svirsky, Robin Lichtman, Historian; Gail Peech, Second Row Alicia Daniels, Lesley Bird, Treasurer; Barbara Fritts, President; Mindy Bleuel, Second V.P. Third Row Lee Conte, Editor; Brad Paschke, Delphine Tolbert, Florida Nursing Student Association Student Nurse Of The Year Not Present Kathy Brill, First V. P. ; Mary Lou Fraumeni, Coon. Secretary; Donna Goldberg, Nominations Chairperson; Wendy Freidman, Nursing Senator U.S.B.G. it Nursing Student 237 S Public Relations Club First Row: Marcia Gooden, Sec.ATreas.; Ana Lacal, Nat ' l. Liaison; Ruth Stone, V. P. Programming; Loni Rosen; Ellen Shupak; Ada Palles. Second Row: Manuel Teodoro; Tom Semioli; Lydia Lopez, Pres; Dr. Donald Vance, Advisor; Ritchie Lucas, V. P. Publicity; Jeff Ronci; Elizabeth O ' Reggio Wilson. Dr. Edmund lAXx dsEdtonNaml fymcnde igff ' ,! Mw; Wilier- M BtarlFallUydal 298 Public Relations Club Board Of Publications in Donald McGirH«y Dr. Edmund Midura, Communications; Andrew L. Furgatch, Hurricane Business Manager [Fall); Sid Savitz, Ibis Editor; Norm Parsons, Campus Sports; Dr. Ronald Newman, English; Sharon Hinson, Sigma Delta Chi; Raymonde Bilger, Financial Advisor; Dr. Carl E. B. McKenry, Chairperson; Dr. Cyrus Jollivette, Senior Advisor; William Mullowney, U.S. B.G.; Jason Haikara, Hurricane Editor (Spring); Debbie Wilker, Hurricane Editor [Fall); Lydia M. Lopez, Business Manager (Spring) Board Of Publications 293 Miami Hurricane Newspaper First Row: Jason Haikara, Debbie Wilker. Second Row: John Dudens, Martha Martin, Howie Burns, Mark Cheskin. Third Row: Gina Molinaro, Eric Scop, Ana Areces, Mariana Penalta-Sharp, Andrea Lieberman, Lourdes Fernandez, Jeannie, Ari Quirch, Charles Lavin. Fourth Row : Bill Urquhart, Georgettaj, Scott Rixford, Jim Roth, Barbara Stevens, Ken Freifeld, Stu Bayer, Al Lipay, Mary Cronin. Debbie Wilker, Fall Editor, Jason Hoikara, Spring Editor 300 Hurricane Hurricane Business Staff me Bums, Andrea i3rt, Mary First: Row Mark Sweet, Assistant Production Manager; Vivette Danon, Salesperson; Debbie Fenlise, Production Staff; Debbie Ferlise, Salesperson; Lydia M. Lopez, Business Manager Spring Second Row Mark Cannon, Salesperson; Anlene Watts, Staff Coordinator; Andy Furgatch, Business Manager Fall; Ada Palles, Assistant Classifieds Manager Office Personnel; Charles Lavin, Classified Ads Manager Andrew L. Furgatch, Fall Business Manager; Lydia M. Lopez, Spring Business Manager " ■ " = EdW Hurricane 301 m WVUM, SO. 5 FM Mackenzie Keen AlanKarmn, " WVUM JOCKS First Row Rande Fogleman, Paul Quealy, Keith Astuto, Second Row Mackenzie Kearny, Mitch Levy, Andy Gury, Fran Cartine, Dave Dweck Third Row Allice Jacobson, Barry LeFfler, Robin Schwartz, Kattie Bowman, Glenn Richard, Greg Miller, Fran Blneley Fourth Rom Glenn Hutton, Debbie Ferlise, Norman Waas, Richard Benlant, Roger Paul, Gary Adlen, Paul Sussa, Kurt Berge 3Q2 WVUM Executive Board Mackenzie Kearney, Richard Berlant, Glenn Rickard, Ray Vaughn, Glenn Hutton, Alan Karmin, Rande Fogleman News And Sports Flr«t Row Norman Waas, Barry LeFler, Ratty Puzio, Andy Gury Second Rom Alan Karmin, Andy " Dandies " Sinetar, Craig Baskin, Sheri Miller, Allison Brooke Cohen. Michelle Blackwell. Jeremy Lang, Mike Wellman WVUM 303 1 382 IBIS Yearbook Staff Sid Savitz, Editor-in-Chief Lisa Marion, Associate Editor Maggie McGinley, Co-Photo Editor Robin Berke, Co-Photo Editor Andrew Sinetar, Organizations Editor Kenny Schindler, Athletics Editor 304 IBIS cor Josh Hayes. Art Editor Debbie Goldkind Co-Senior Editor Lesa Pender Co-Senior Editor IBIS 305 Advisors and Friends Edward T. Foote, President William Butler, Vice-President, Student Affairs i r ji it a i ' r Raymonde Bilgen, Financial Advisor Cyrus Jollivette, Senior Advisor Rick Artman, Ombudsman Arlene Watts, Staff Coordinator 306 IBIS I First Row: Amy Heather Pierce, Executive Personal Secretary to the Editor; Tere Trout; Sandy Van Dine, Copy Editor; Lesa Pender, Co-Senior- Editor; Avarian " Amii " McKendrick, Activities Editor; Amy Jacoves, Academics Editor Second Row: Andrew " The Sinman " Sinetar, Organizations Editor; Ruth Kamlot; Mitchell Levy; Elisa Olderman; Stu Bayer; Eve Boertlein; Mark Eisenberg Third Row: Cory Schechter, Co-Mascot; Sid Savitz, Editor-in-Chief; Jennifer Schechter, Co-Mascot Fourth Row: Steve Renick; Josh Hayes, Art Editor; Jean Claude de la France, Maggie McGinley, Co-Photo Editor; Gayle Wald; Robin Berke, Co-Photo Editor; Greg Lundeen, Staff MVP; Andrea Angelo, Student Staff Coordinator; Andrew Furgatch, Business Manager CFallD; Lydia Lopez, Business Manager CSpringD Not Photographed: Lisa Marion, Associate Editor; Kenny " Whaaat " Schindler, Athletics Editor; Debbie Goldkind, Co-Senior Editor; Caryn Levy; Breton Washington; Sondra Pierce; Hunter Pierce; Fred Savitz; Daniel " Big Daddy-o " Savitz; Morris " Cat " Savitz The Staff of the 1 982 IBIS extends a special thank you to: The Board of Student Publications; Dr. Carl McKenry, Raymonde Bilger, Cyrus Jollivette, Dr. Edmund Midura, Dr. Ronald Newman, Norm Parsons, Andrew Furgatch, Lydia Lopez, Debbie Wilker, Jason Haikara, Sharon Hinson and William Mullowney. Sharon Clark, Angela Durruthy and the entire News Bureau for their continued support. The people at Hunter Publishing Company; J. B. Edwards, Rod Hunter, Sue Poovey, Mark Kuhlberg and Belinda Timberlake. Joel Siegel, Stan Young, Carl Tandoi, Donald Bilgore and the entire staff of Varden Studios. John Palledino and Michael Deer, our senior portrait photographers. Tom Dotschay, Nick Dotschay, George Campbell, Paul Jacob and everybody at Sunset Photo, Inc. — the offical color lab of the 1 982 IBIS. Bagel Emporium — the official bagel of the IBIS staff. Joe Pineda, John Stofan, Ray Bellamy and all the people who run the Student Union. Brenda Livingston, the keeper of the photo equipment. Arlene Watts, for always being there when we needed help. Bill McDonough, for single handedly saving our senior section. The people who run the Union Snack Bar, for providing us with burgers, fries, and cokes that helped us through all our deadlines. Any organization that realized that ten dollars was not a valid reason for staying out of the Organizations Section of the book. Coach Howard Schnellenberger and his Miami Hurricanes, for providing a season of thrills. Ron Steiner, Karl Schmitt and Scott " The Flash " Atwell of Sports Information. Sylvia Allen of Allen ' s Studios, whose road game photos made our football season " click " . Those special friends who were always a shoulder to cry on when things got rough. IBIS 307 m ISAMIL A. ABDULLA MEN Miami, FL SUSANA ABESADA-TERK PPA Miami, FL SANDRA BETH ABRAMSON MKT Southfield. Ml ROBERTO E. ABREV IFM Miami, FL RASSOUL M. ABTAHI PT Miami, FL AHMED I. ABU-SHQSHAH MEN Miami, FL OLGA E. ACEVEDO ACC Hialeah, FL JAMES RANDAL ACKLEY MSG Moline, IL ERNESTO B. ADAMES MKT Coral Gables, FL SAUL ADLER MKT Miami, FL CLARE DIANE AGOSTINI EED Hialeah. FL ABDULA2IZ S. AIMASHARI ECO Miami, FL ANA MARIA AIZCORBE IFM Miami, FL FADHEL A. AL-BAGHLI ECO Kuwait THABET H. AL-BAGHLI lEN Miami. FL 31 ABD-ALB f tL ABDULHAMEED M. AL-BAGSHI CEN Miami, FL AHMED M. AL-BAKER lEN Miami, FL JASSEM M. AL-BANNAI CEN Miami, FL MAHAMMAD ALBANOON AEN Miami. FL ABOULMUHSEN E. ALEAID EEN Miami. FL EDUARDO ALEMANY BCS Puerto Hico Seniors ALB- ALE 311 BRIAN MICHAEL ALEO BIQ So. Weymouth, MA CORA ALFARO MKT Hialeah Gardens, FL VICTORIA MARIA ALRARO MTH Puento Rico TAYSEER A. AL-FEELI CEN Miami, FL SALAH YOUSOF AL-FULAIJ lEN Miami, FL ABDULAZIZ A. ALGORANISS CEN Miami, FL SYEN S. ALHABSHI ACC Coral Gables. FL FAIZ A. AL-HAJLAN CEN Miami, FL SAAD SALEH AL-HOWAR AEN Miami, FL ABDULAZIZ M. AL-JARBOA CEN Miami, FL FAYEZ M. AL-JASSIM PPA Miami, FL CRAIG E. ALLEN MKT Lauderhill, FL WALEED R. ALMARSHOD CEN Miami. FL HAMAD IBRAHIM AL-MAZROU AEN Miami, FL NAJI MAHAMED AL-MUTAIRI ARC Miami, FL I. I 312 Seniors ALE-ALM 1 SALEH A. AL-MUTAWA ARC Miami, FL AYMAN A. AL-MUZAINI CEN Miami, FL ABDUL-WAHAB ALI AL-NAQI lEN Miami, FL YUSUF JASEM AL-OBAID EEN Miami, FL GRISEL ALONSO PSY Miami, FL ILIANA ALONSO PSY Miami. FL JERRY STEVEN ALPERN MKT Lido Beach. NY MOHAMMED M. AL-SAIHATI AEN Miami, FL MOHAMMED A. ALSAKER CEN Miami. FL ABDULLAH A. ALSHEIKH CEN Miami, FL FAHAD M. ALSHUABI CEN Miami, FL WILLIAM IRA ALTFIELD DRM Miami. FL ABDULLA A. AL-THUWAINI lEN Miami. FL RHONDA CAROLE ALTICE COM Andover, MA CARLOS ANDRES ALVAREZ MEN Ft. Lauderdale. FL Seniors ALM-ALV 313 CARLOS M. ALVAREZ ARC Miami. FL JESUS DOMINGO ALVAREZ COM Miami, FL MARIA CRISTINA ALVAREZ ACC Miami. FL RAFAEL ALVAREZ EEN Hialeah. FL ALI ABDULLAH AL-ZABEN EEN Miami. FL LAURA J. AMARO IFM Hialeah, FL ANDREW JOSEPH AMBROSIO MME Commatch, NY MOJTABA AMINOLROAYA-YAMINI CEN Miami, FL LUCETTE A. ANDONIE ART Miami. FL MARINA ANGLETON COM Miami. FL BEGONA M. ANGOITIA FIN Coral Gables, FL LISA KAREN APPLE ART Coral Gables. FL LEWIS EMMANUEL ARCHER MUS Miami, FL ANA ISABEL ARECES ENG Miami, FL MIGUEL ARECHABALA MEN Miami. FL 314 Seniors ALV-ARE niwtHHnnftfc ' w t ' i JOSEPH MICHAEL ARENA PT Slinger Lands. NY RICARDO JAVIER AREVALO FIN Miami. FL JEANETTE ARGUELLES ENG-PS Miami, FL TODD ANDREW ARMBRUSTER GBU Midland. Ml KIMBERLY J. ARMEN PSY Lebanon, NH LEYLA A. ARNER Holiday, FL MELISSA ARNEY ENG Blue Springs. MO DARON JOHN ARNOLD FIN Poulsbo, WA HOMAYOUN ASADIPOUR ARC Miami, FL MORTEZA ASGARI-MAJD lEN Homescead, FL PETER PAUL ASHTON, III MEN Miami. FL SILAS JOHN ATSALIS MKT Hyannis. MA DELLA JUDE ATTISANI UND Miami. FL DAVID GLENN AUERBACH COM White Plains, NY MICHELLE TRACI AUGUST POL Kendall, FL Seniors ARE-AUG 315 JGEEBORBflnra SUSAN AVILES IFM Miami, FL MATTHEW EDWARD AVRIL ACC Vero Beach, FL GEORGE MARK AXIOTIS MEN Miami, FL THOMAS QUINTON AYERS GEN Miami, FL LILIA M. BABE CHM-FRE Hialeah, FL BARBARA ANN BADGLEY ENG Miami, FL AMY CAROL BAKER ART Rsndolph, MA CESAR A. BALDA FIN Ecuador PAMELA SUSAN BALIN UND Marmora, NJ DAVID BARNETT BALTON ARCVMassapequa, NY BARRET LEE BANBERGER UND Baltimore, MD MARIANNE BANIGAN FIN Mountain Lakes, NJ PAULA HELEN BARACH COM Boca Raton, FL ROSA MARIA BARBEITO COM Miami, FL STEVEN BARD MKT Old Westbury, NY 31 B Seniors AVI-BAR I PABLO R. BARED IFM Coral Gobies. FL RAMON MANUEL BARRERA CHM Corel Gables. FL ANA MARGARITA BARRERO PSY Hialeeh. FL ROBERT E. BARRET FIN Miami. FL FRED A. BARRIOS ARC Miemi, FL USA ANN BARRON HMS Shaker Heights. OH RAYMOND JOHN BARROWS CHM Miami, FL HUSNI M. BASRI AEN Miemi. FL KARRIE LEE BATASKOV CHM Miami Lakes. FL VICKIE MARIE BATTLE MTH Green Cove Springs. FL DANIEL D. BAUMANN MEN Mismi Beach. FL TED FRAND BAWOROWSKY FIN Miami, FL MICHELLE MARIE BAYLIS EED Pembroke Pines. FL PHILLIP B. BEAUCHAMP FIN Rutland. VT IRMA MARIA BECERRA EEN Miami, FL Seniors BAR-BEC 317 31 B Seniors BEC-BEN a-. £v - • -.-» j CATHERINE ANNE BENSON NUR Ft. Lauderdale. FL JODY B. BENTOFF ART Shaker Heights, OH JAIME E. BEREGOUICH MKT Miami. FL CLAIRE ORLEE BERGER PSY No. Miami Beach, FL OAVID E. BERGER CHM Cleveland, OH DEBORAH AIMEE BERGER IFM Newton, MA EDWARD DAVID BERGER PPA Plantation, FL SCOTT ANDREW BERGER BIO Davie. FL ROBIN G. BERKE COM Marlboro, NJ CAROLE I. BERKOWITZ COM Livingston, NJ SHERRI ILEANE BERKOWITZ MKT Mt. Prospect, IL STEWART ALLAN BERKOWITZ MEN Miami, FL MARK RANDY BERMAN BlO Cincinnati. OH STEVEN BERNSTEIN GBM Cedarhurst, NY MARIO G. BERUVIDES MEN Miami, FL Seniors BEN-BER 313 HART AN CLAYTON BIELEY PSY Miami, FL DOUGLAS E. BISSI ARC Coral Springs, FL ROBIN S. BLEECKER COM Cortland. NY FRANK BLOTNEY, JR. BUS Bridgeport, CT ROCHELLE KAREN BLUME MTH Cinna. , NJ JOSEPH E. BOBER MKT Coral Gables, FL JANET L. BOHAC ENG Miami, FL TERESITA BOLADO SPA Miami, FL DEREK J. BOLAN PSY Miami, FL BARABARA ANN BOND COM Ft. Lauderdale, FL KAREN FIELD BOND MSC-BIO Grand Rapids, Ml JOANNE M. BONNERT EED Miami, FL PATRICIA LYNN BOOHER GBM Coral Gables, FL STEVEN MICHAEL BORISMAN ACC Coral Springs, FL ROBERT WAYNE BOTTORFF PSY Leisure City, FL , I 32Q Seniors BIE-BOT MAHDI SALEH BOUKHAMSIN AEN Miami, FL LADY LOURDES BOULLON MEN HiBleah. FL CYNTHIA GAIL BOXER MKT Oeerfield Beach, FL DEBRA EILEEN BOZANIC SIO-CHM-ART Miami, FL ERIC JOEL BRAUNSTEIN MTH Hallandale, FL APRIL ANNE BRESLAW PSY Bowie, MD LORI JOY BREVIC HMS Clifton. NJ CHRISTINE FLECK BREY NUR Brookline, MA LOURDES FLORA BREZO COM Miami, FL HEIDE BETH BRILL MKT Lawrence. NY KATHY S. BRILL NUR Miami, FL HELAINE BRISKMAN EED Riverdale. NY SHIRLEY LYNETTE BROADNAX MKT Atlanta. GA REID WILLIAM BROCKMEIER ARC Hillsdele. NJ SCOTT HAMILTON BRODEIR MTH New York. NY Seniors BOU-BRO 3S1 ANNIE S. BRODSKY MKT Spring Valley, NY ELISABETH ANN BROUGHTON MSC-BIO Litcleton. MA KENNETH DOUGLAS BROWN IFM Starnford, CT TERESA R. BROWN GBM Miami, FL ARMANDO THOMAS BULACIA ARC So. Miami. FL SUSAN IRIS BULKIN FLM Miami, FL ALFREDA BURGESS lEN Pompano, FL CINDY ELISA BURGMAN SOC Miami, FL SUZANNE JANE BURKHOLTER EDU Miami, FL ALVUH S. BURLINGAME MSC Shelc er Island. NY HOWARD ANDREW BURNS COM Spring Valley, NY STEPHANIE ANNE BURROUGH MTH Miemi, FL ROXANNE JEANETTE BUSKEY ACC Miami, FL DORANA BUSTAMANTE MA Coral Gables, FL BARRY KENT BUTLER BlO Pennsauken. NJ 322 Seniors BRO-BUT IBBftfc I I Ml MICHAEL EUGENE BUTLER CHM Ft. Lauderdale. FL MALCOLM STUART BUTTERS GBM Hollywood, FL SUSANNA RENEE BUZAKi ACC Hollywood. FL LUISA MARIA CABALS BIO Miami, FL ESPERANZA ELENA CACERES lEN Hialeah, FL LEONARD DAVID CAHN GBM Narberth. PA LEONARD JUAN CAMPANIONY lEN Hialeah. FL JAMES ARTHUR CAMPBELL PPA Hollywood. FL JUAN CARLOS CAMPUZANO ACC Coral Gables, FL WILFREDO CANDELARIA PE Miami, FL DEENA C. CAPALBI FRL Washington. DC JULIA LYNN CAPPS EED Miaml. FL MICHAEL R. CAPUTO MKT Levictown, NY ARLES CAHBALLO BIO Miami, FL JAVIER CRISTOBAC CARBONELL EEN Miemi, FL Seniors BUT-CAR 323 CHRIS JAMES CAREY GBM Briarcliff Manor. NY RONDA KAY CAREY GBM Miemi, FL JEFFREY C. CARIELLO GBM Locust Valley, NY JOEL MARTIN CARLSON BIO-COM Northfield, MN LESLIE RAQUEL CARRATALA FIN Miami. FL DENISE M. CARRERO GBM Miami, FL LUIS E. CARRILLO FIN Coral Gables, FL ADOLFO CARRION MTH Conal Gables, FL FELIRE CARRION IFM Coral Gables, FL MICHELLE MARIE CARROLL COM Coral Springs, FL BRET J. CARSON CEN Audubon, NJ ALBERT A. A. CARTENUTO, II MA Lowell, OH VIRGINIA ANN CARUCCI PSY Bumont, NJ ALEJANDRO MANUEL CASANOVA IFM Miami, FL JUAN A. CASANOVA ACC Hialeah. FL 324 Seniors CAR-CAS ALONSO CASTELLANOS ECO Miami, FL OSCAR JESUS CASTILLO DRA Hialeah, FL JOSE L. CASTRILLON MEN Hialeeh, FL Seniors CAS-CAS 325 TERESITA CARMEN CELA HMS Miami, FL REGINALD ALBERT CHAUVET MEN Miemi, FL CARLOS E. CHEDIAK IFM Miami Beech, FL DEBRA ANN CHERNOW HMS Brooklyn. NY IRENE ANTIONETTE CHILDS MUS Miemi, FL GREGG CHISLETT ARC Miami, FL HOWARD EDWARD CHUBBUCK, JR. PPA Elizabeth. NJ JEFFREY CHUDOFF GBM Cinnaminson, NJ DONNA LUCIA CIALDELLA PT Yonkers, NY MICHAEL CIESLINSKI MKT Brookfield. Wl ALESSANDRA CIMATTI MTH Surrey. Englend STEPHEN CLAFFEY EEN Leuderhill. FL CLARISSA COELLO IFM Miami. FL SUZANNE COELMO GBM Glencoe, Wl BARRY LEWIS COHEN ECO Little Neck, NY 326 SeniorB CEL — COH 1 ■ •- • sca-7 , tj ' DANIEL A. COHEN IFM Miami Beach, FL JANE E. COHEN EED Bethpege, NY JULIE FAITH COHEN MUS St. Petersburg. FL EVAN M. COLE UND Miami, FL TOYIA ANN COLLENBERGER EED Miami. FL MEREDITH C. COLLINS NUR Danvers, MA KRISTEN SINCLAIR COMSTOCK PSY Belmont, NC ROLANDO CONESA ARC Miami, FL MICHELE ANNE COOPERMAN SOC Plainview. NY KATHY A. COPPOLA MKT No. Bellmore. NY LINDA J. CORLEY COM Northbrook, IL MARIA BIBIANA CORTINAS CHM Coral Gables. FL LOURDES CORVO MTH Miemi, FL JOSE RAUL COSIO MKT Miemi. FL DAVID W. COUTTS FIN Morrison, NJ Seniors COH — COU 3S7 ERNESTINE L. COX GBM Miami. FL DAVID R. CRAW COM Trumball, CT YDLANDA MARIA CRESPO SPA Miami. FL ANNAMARIE CROLE ANT Hialeah. FL RONALD J. CROSIER MSC-GEO Glens Falls. NY ANA MARGARITA CRUZ ECO Miami, FL MARTIN A. CUADNA CEN Miami, FL BEATRICE M. CUERVO MTH Miami, FL VIVIAN C CUESTA PSY Miami, FL MARIA BEATRICE CURRIER UND Miami, FL TERESA ELAINE CURTIS MKT Miami, FL IZZAT ABDULLA DAJANI MTH Miami, FL JOANNE DALOISIO EED Fairlawn. NJ ALICIA ANN DANIELS NUR Carol City, FL ROBERT DANNENBAUM. Ill MKT Mendham, NJ 32B Seniors COX-DAN HUSAIN M. DASHTI ARC Kuweit LINDA DASS MTH MiBmi, FL BRUCE ALLEN DAVIS FIN No. Miami, FL PAUL CLIFFORD DAVIS FIN No. Dartmouth. MA WARREN C. DAVIS. JR. UND Decator. GA PETER C DEFALCO GBM Coral Gables. FL JOHN ROCKWELL DEFANTI MSC-BIO Wakefield. Rl RAUL A. de la CAMPA ACC Miami, FL ZULEIKA DE LAS PAZAS lEN Miami. FL ROSA M DE LA CIERVA MTH Key Biscayne. FL MARIA CARMEN DEL CALVO ACC Miami, FL HUMBERTO DE LA RUA BIO Miami, FL ARMANDO ADOLFO DELGADO CHM Miami. FL ARMOND JOHN DELLA-VOLPE UND Ft. Pierce, FL ISABEL de LUIS ECO Coral Gables. FL Seniors DAS-DEL 323 YVONNE IZSACK DEMSKY PSY Miami. FL DAVID A. DENNIS UND Hollywood, FL SCOTT R. DePIETRO BIO Falconer, NY SUSAN M. DESISITO MT Melrose. MA GREGORY DAVID DETTOFF GEL-CHM Portland, IN CHRISTINE H. DIAMOND BIO Miami Shores. FL LISA JEYNE DIAMOND ACC Miami, FL JESUS DIAZ EEN Miami, FL RICHARD ROBERT DIAZ GBM Miami, FL MARIE DIDRIKSSON PP A Sweden BETTY LYN DIEKNEIT PSY Fair Haven, NJ JAMES C. DIEROLF BIO Marco. FL CARLOS A. DIESELDORFF MEN Miami, FL LOURDES MARIA DIEZ-RIVAS ART CorBl Gables, FL ANA CRISTINA DIGWEED MSC-BIOA enezuele 330 Seniors DEM-DID MICHAEL THOMAS DIPIETRO FIN Miami. FL BONNIE LYNN DOLEGA NUR Sarasota, FL WILLIAM HENRY DDLLMAN HIS Miami. FL MARIA A. DOMINGUEZ PPA No. Hibiscus Island. FL SHARON BETH DORFELD NUR Miramar, FL MICHAEL V. DORIAN GBM Bloomfield Hills. Ml KAREN JUNE DORNER COM Coral Gables. FL MERYL STARR DRESCHER RET Coral Gables, FL MARK WILLIAM DREWS MUS Milforxi. Ml SCOTT L. DRIZIN CHM Miami, FL SUSAN JOY DRUKMAN CHM Miami. FL TRACEY M. DUBIN COM Miami Beach, FL ALAIN DUBOIS COM No. Miami Beach. FL JOHN ALBERT DUL ACC Oaklawn. IL ROSALIE ANDREA DUNCAN IFM Huncingcon. NY Seniors DIP-DUN 331 mmmmaamsm PAUL EDWARD DUNN ARC Montvale. NJ RONALD LEE DUPLER POL Hudson, NH GARY JOHN DURDQCK EEN Manheim, PA MINDY JIL EASTMAN PR Tifcon, GA WILLIAM DANIEL ECKLEY ARC Woodbury, NJ TERRY EDELMAN CDM Brooklyn, NY 332 Seniors DUN-EDE 1P1 iri SHARI EOELSTEIN MKT Monsey. NY GUL EGE lEN Miami, FL RANDI J. EINBINDI HPH Englishtown, NJ STEVEN DANIEL EISENBERG ACC No. Miami. FL MARLEN E. ELIAS GBM Miami, FL RICHARD A. ELIAS PPA Coral Gables, FL CLAIRE E. ELLERMAN COM Coral Gables, FL ELIZABETH GAIL ELLIS ART Miami, FL ABBAS E. EMAMI UNO Miami. FL MICHAEL ENTENBERG CHM Surfside. FL LOURDES D. ERMER MKT Miemi Lakes. FL JAMES D. ERNST MSC-BIO AHington Heights, IL EDDIE ESCRIBANO GBM Miami. FL KHALIL ESKANDARI UND Miami. FL ILEANA M. ESPANA lEN Miami. FL Seniors EDE-ESP 333 LUCIA M. ESPINO-HERNANDEZ IFM Miemi, FL NORMA E. ESPINOSA PPA Miami, FL DEBORAH-JO ESSROG GBM Randellston, MD JURINE EVERTSZ GBM Coral Gables, FL GEORGE EULOGIMENOS GBM Miami, FL JOSEPH FABER COM Bethany, CT ROSEMARY CLAIRE FAGNANI CHM No. Miami Beach, FL TERRI J. FALCONI EED Cenonsburg, PA MANOOCHE HR FALLAH-MOGHADDAM CEN Miami, FL ELUCE R. FARBER COM Baltimore, MD MITCHELL JOSEPH FARR CHM Miami, FL SHARON H. FEILER EC Sunrise, FL HILARY SUSAN FEINSTOCK HIS Miami, FL ROBERT J. FELDMAN FIN Woodbury, NY CYNTHIA A. FENELL CIS Wint., OH 33-4 Seniors ESP-FEN JANET MARIA FERGUSON ACC Miami, FL BEATRICE IDA FERN POL Miemi, FL VINCENTE AUGUSTQ FERNANDEZ lEN No. Miami Beach, FL GERARDO FERRARI FIN Miami, FL JEAN M. FERRELL EC Coral Gables, FL JEFFREY LEE FERRIER BIO Nornistown. PA RICHARD HAYES FERRO EED Miami, FL BARBARA ROBIN FESHBACH DRA No. Bay Village, FL ANTONIO FIGUEROA EEN Miami, FL CALVIN HORATIO FINLAY SOC Rapidan. VA JOHN ANDREW FINNIN EED So. Chicago Heights, IL PAUL MARK FIRES UND Miemi, FL RICHARD FISCHER FIN Miami, FL CHARLES HAROLD FISHER MTH Miami, FL MARIA ELENA =LEITAS EED Hialeah, FL Seniors FER-FEN 335 SUSAN M. FLEMING BIO Miami, FL ROBIN DAY FLETCHER DRA Miami, FL DAVID FLINT GBM Miemi. FL JORGE ALBERTO FLOREZ GBM Miami. FL SUSAN E. FLYNN GBM St. Petersburg, FL RANDE L. FOGELMAN COM Middletown, NY JAMES L. FOLCIK GEO Warren, Ml CLAUDIA M. FORMAN COM Miami, FL HILDA CARMEN FRANCO EED Miami, FL MARIETTE FRANCOIS CHM Miami, FL NADINE JACINTO FRANCZYK CHM Ft. Lauderdale. FL LAURI ROBIN FRANK SED Woodbury, NY LISANDRO FRANKY CEN Corsl Gables, FL WILLIAM K. FRASER IFM Ft. Myers, FL MARYLOU FRANCES FRAUMENI NUR Brooklyn. NY 336 Seniors FLE-FRA ANA DAYSI FREAY Bid Miami, FL BETH MARCY FREEDMAN COM Metawan, NJ NANCY BETH FREEDMAN MKT Miami Beach, FL GONCALO SOUSA FREITAS CEN Miami Beach, FL LYNN RUTH FREYTAG EEN Pembroke Pines, FL LESLIE ANN FRIEDMAN EED Hollywood, FL CHERYL ELLEN FRIEDMAN HIS No. Miami Beach, FL NANCY YUETTE FRIEDMAN COM St. Loius. MO ROBERT JEFFREY FRIEDMAN ACC Short Hills. NJ JEFFREY RUSSEL FRIEFELD CHM No. Miami Beach, FL WENDY A. FRIEMAN NUR Kendall. FL JORGE A. FUENTES FIN Miami, FL ROCHELLE ANN FULTON CHIWMiami, FL ANDREW LAWRENCE FURGATCH FIN New York, NY CYNTHIA MARY GABLER MKT West Patterson, NJ Seniors FRE-GAB 337 WBMBM ROBERT STUART GAILEY PT Coral Gables, FL TERESA LYNN GALARDI GBM NewporC. CA ALEX R. GAUNDEZ AEN PuerCo Rico ANIBAL ANDRES GALINDEZ ECO Miami, FL BRUNO VINCENZO GALLO CHM Hallandale, FL LAWRENCE GEORGE GARATTI FIN Dix Hills, NY MARIO A. GARCIA GBM Coral Gables, FL RICARDO E. GARCIA GBU Coral Gables, FL REYNALDO J. GARCIA ARC Miami, FL BASILIO GARCIA-SELLER CHM Miami. FL MARIA B. GARCIA-SELLEK MUS Miami. FL JONATHAN C. GART GBM Ft. Lauderdale, FL ANN ELIZABETH GAULKE ACC Stamford. CT FRAN GELMAN MKT Scarsdele. NY MICHAEL D. GEREN MEN Naples, FL 33S Seniors GAI-GER msMmmmBm mwm Seniors GER-GIT 333 BRIAN CRAIG GLANTZ FIN Atlentic Beach, NJ ROBERT J. GLATKI CHM No. Grafton. MA SUSAN LOIUSE GLENNON EED Freehold. NJ LISA RAE GLICKSTEIN PSY Highland Park, IL DONNA FAYE GOLDBERG NUR Wilmette, IL JERI RAE GOLDBERG COM Leuderhill, FL DEBBIE JANE GOLDKIND ACC Silver Spring, MD JEFFREY NEIL GOLDSTEIN GBM Jericho. NY LONN1E JAY GOLDSTEIN GBM Roslyn, NY FARHAD GOLZAR UND Coral Gables. FL ANN GOMEZ MTU Coral Gables. FL MAYRA RAMONA GOMEZ PSY Miami, FL MOHAMMED HASSIAN GONEEM EEN Miemi. FL ANA E. GONZALEZ PSY Miami, FL AYDA GONZALEZ CHM Miami Beach, FL 340 Seniors GLA-GON JUAN ALBERTO GONZALEZ EEN Hieleeh. FL ANGELA M. GONZALEZ BIO Hialeeh, FL RICARDO CRISTOBAL GONZALEZ CHM Miami, FL MARIA E. GONZALEZ-ZENOZ ACC Miemi. FL MARCIA IONIA GOODEN COM Miami, FL GARY STEVEN GOODMAN FIN Boynton Beach, FL SANDRA JEANNE GOODMAN GEO Bloomington, IL STANLEY GOOSMAN PT Hollywood. FL TERRY SIMONE GOSIER NUR Coral Gabl es. FL ROBERT JAMES GRANT MME Wilmingcon, DE MARIA T. GRECO IFM Coral Gables, FL ANN THELMA GREEN lEN Miami, FL RENAE MARIE GREEN IFM Honeoye. NY TAMMY JANE GREEN ENG Lauderhill, FL JANET E. GREENBAUM EEN Miami, FL Seniors GON-GRE 341 ' AMY SUE GREENBERG PE Shrewbury, NJ CYNTHIA REBECCA GREENBERG ART Hallandale, FL ILENE H. COREENE FIN Cleveland. OH SARAH GREER-BELT COM Miami, FL THOMAS A. GROSS ENG Miami, FL BLANCA GUERRERO-LOPEZ lEN Miami, FL KATHLEEN THERESA GUILLORY GBM Miami, FL ROBERT E. GUNN COM Miami Springe, FL LORI GUTERMAN COM Tamarac, FL JOSE MIGUEL GUTSTEIN ACC Miami, FL AMALIA MARIA GUTIERREZ GBM Miami, FL ROBIN DENISE HABER IFM Plainview, NY JASON ZACHARY HAIKARA COM St. Petersburg, FL PETER C. HALL PHI Glenside, PA SUSAN FRANCES HALL DED Petterson, NJ 342 Seniore GRE-HAL ■ JAMES HALLETT GBM Shaker Heights, OH JACQUELINE D. HALLIFAX ENG-COM Kenona, NY GARY ALAN HALMAN SOC PaliBades. NY DORI HALPERN MKT New Orleans, LA CAROLE CLAUDETTE HAMILTON PPA Okehumpka. FL ALFRED S. HANSON SA Miami, FL LISA DORMAN HARRIS COM Miami Beach, FL GISELLE L. HARRISON PSY Hollis Hills, NY JENNIFER LUNCH HARRY COM Washington. DC JOHN JOSEPH HART MSC-BIO Kensington, MD BARBARA ELLEN HARVEY NUR Miami. FL JORGE ANTONIO HASBUN lEN ' Miami. FL LAURA HAYNES BIO Miami, FL CYNTHIA M. HEASTER PR Barrington, IL AMY CAROL HECHT COM Bronx. NY Seniors HAL-HEC 343 JAMIE HEILICHER GBM Minneapolis. MN GERALD JEFF HEINZ FIN Oaklawn, IL NEAL ROSS HELLER COM Ft. Lea, NY RICHARD ALLAN HELLER FIN Miami, FL KARL GORDON HENAK GEO Highland. MD MARTIN HERMAN IFM Miami Beach, FL ELENA HERNANDEZ BIO Miami, FL EMILIO HERNANDEZ CHM Miami, FL JOSE ANTONIO HERNANDEZ EEN Miami. FL MIGUEL ANGEL HERNANDEZ ACC Hialeah, FL RICARDO L. HERNANDEZ ARC Miami, FL RAMIRO WILSON HERNANDEZ ARC Hollywood, FL GERMAN HERNANDEZ-OMANA GEO Garacas DONNA JEAN HESS PT Miami, FL LOUS WILLIAM HIGIER PPA Gloversville, NY V 3AA Seniors HEI-HIG ■bh bk msmm BARBARA LYNETTE HILLIARO NUR Miami, FL JULI M. HIRSCH MKT West Bend. IN CHARLES ALAN HIRSCHMAN GBM Jacksonville. FL JOY LYN HODGES COM Richmond, VA JENNA KATHERINE HOFFMAN EED Miami, FL MARK ALAN HOFFMEISTER GBM Miami, FL TERESA A. HOOD GEO Miami. FL MELBA N. HOOVER EED Coral Gables, FL GABRIELA E. HOROWITZ MKT Hallandale. FL JAMIE SUE HOROWITZ MTH No. Miami Beach, FL ROSALYN VANESSA HUDSON MKT Miami, FL JUDY E. HUFFMAN SOC Park Ridge. IL HERMINIA M. IBARRA PSY Hialeeh, FL ALVARO J. IGLESIAS PPA Hialeah, FL MARINA LAURA IGLESIAS ACC Miami Shores. FL Seniors HIL-IGL 345 JOHN AZIZ ILTER CEN Miami Lakes. FL ROSS JOSEPH IMBBUGLIA PPA Wallington, NJ MARCELINO ITURREY ACC Miami, FL JANET BERNICE IVANIER GBM Hollywood, FL ROBERT L. JACKOWITZ GBM Lsuderhill, FL ALETHA JAMETTA JACKSON GBM Opa Locks. FL 346 Seniors ILT-JAC it MARSHA H. JACOBS PSY Hallandale. FL NANCY LEIGH JACOBS SOC Miami, FL KURT ROBERT JACOBSEN MA Miami, FL MDHAMED OMER JADULLAH ARC Miami, FL MICHAEL DAVID JALBERT MKT Cleerweter, FL COLIN JAMES. JR. SOC Opa Locka. FL SCOTT B. JANCO COM Upper Saddle River. NJ BARBARA JEFFREY UNO Miami. FL DAVID A. JENSEN GBM Bay City. Ml OMAR JIMENEZ FIN Hisleah, FL JANICE J. JIRICEK GBM South Bend. IN ALAN OSCAR JOHNSON UND Lake Worth. FL HENRY JOHNSON ARC Miami. FL JAMES E. JOHNSON NUR Miami. FL MICHAEL A. JOHNSON GBM Florhsm Park, NJ Seniors JAC-JOH 347 1 BARBARA ANN JONES NUR Coral Gables, FL LUANNE ELIZABE TH JONES PT Miami. FL MICHAEL JONES COM lslip, NY KARI LYNNE JOSLYN MSA Midland, Ml ALINA M. JURADO ACC Miami, FL ISSAM A. KAAKI AEN Miami, FL JOHN JOSEPH KAKANIS UND Miami Beach. FL JAVAD KAN I CEN Miami, FL BARBARA ALISON KAPLAN GBM Dunwood, GA RONALD L. KAPLAN GBM Coral Gables, FL BRETT W, KAPLOWITZ CHM Potomac. MD MARWAN KAMAL KARAM CEN Miami, FL MARIA-TINA KARAMANLAKIS ART Miami, FL AMY BETH KARAN HIS Miami, FL ALAN KARMIN COM Sayneville, NJ 3AB Seniors JON-KAR STEPHEN F. KAROL ARC Jackson, NJ MATTHEW ROBERT KARST GBM Angola. IN LARRY KASKEY HPRA Vestchester. PA ROGER KATCHEN COM Linvingston, NJ BENNETT G. KAUFMAN MUS Baltimore, MD ALIREZA KAVOUSIFARD CEN Miami, FL SHARLENE ANNE KAYNE HPR Miami, FL FATTAH DAZEROONI ARC Coral Gables. FL MACKENZIE KEARNEY COM Arlington, VA PHILIP SCOTT KELLER GBM No. Hudson. FL STACY BETH KELLER EED Framinghem, MA COLLEEN F. KELLY MKT Coventry. Rl STUART L. KESSELHAUT GBM W. Orange. NJ FARAH KHODKAH AEN Miami. FL MARY ALEXIS KICHETSKI PR Miami. FL Seniors KAR-KIC 3-49 m . BETTY JANE KIMBLE PSY Springfield, VA JEROME JACK KIMBROUGH MSJ Jacksonville. FL KIMBERLEY DYE KINKEAD GEO Lexington, KY BRUCE BAXTER KIRK MKT Middletown. CT SCOTT L. KISROW MSA Nashville, TN JOSEPH THOMAS KISSANE HIS Miami, FL SHERRI LU KLEIMAN EED Miami, FL SHARON IRIS KLEIN ENGA alley Scream, NY STUART KLEIN MA Spring Valley, NY SHARON LEA KLEINFELD ENG No. Bay Village, FL DENISE SCHWARTZ KLUPT ACC Lauderhill, FL RICHARD M. KNIGHTON MKT Pt. Waahington, NY JAY KOPELMAN COM Tampa, FL STEVEN JOSEPH KOPSON CHM Boca Raton, FL ALI ILTEKIN KORKMAZ MEN Tunkey 35Q Seniora KIM-KOR MITCHELL PAUL KORUS ENG Coconut Grove. FL GEORGE W.D. KOUSOULAS ARC Bethesda. MD BETTY S. KOVALSKI ART Bal Harbour. FL RANDY KRAMER HPR Miami, FL RICK ANTON KRAUSE MUS Lincoln, NE MAJORIE S. KREISBERG COM Roslyn Heights, NY LESLIE LOU KRENSKY ENG Miami. FL JUDY ELLEN KRESTON MKT Wilmington, DE MICHAEL S. KRUK CEN Douglassville. PA LORI B. KUDEVIZ MUS Miami, FL SANDRA MARIE KUHN ENG Miami, FL ERIC WILLIAM KULZ BIO Elmwood Park. IL MURRAY S. KUNIS MUS Chicego. IL DIANE MARA KUPPERBERG EED Ft. Lee. NJ LUCY MIKULICIC KUSUANOVIC GBM Miami, FL Seniors KOR-KUS 351 ANA LOURDES LACAL PR Miami, FL ERICH E. LACHMANN GBM MiddleCown, NY MANFRED F. LADWIG ARC Miami, FL JESUS ANGELES LAGO ACC Hialeah SHELLEY ANN LAIBSTAIN UND Norfolk. VA WALTER RAMON LAND ARC Miami, FL JEREMY M. LANG COM Oxford, England WALTER JAMES LANGSTON, III GBM Oneario. Canada SUSANA E. LAOS IFM Miami, FL ANA ESTHER LARA PSY Miami, FL WILLIAM A. LARAIA MTH No. Babylon. NY ADIELA LAVIN IFM Miami, FL MARCY P. LAWRENCE GELLIS EED Miami Beach, FL RICHARD M. LAWRENCE PPA Miami. FL JOSEPH PAUL LAZON HIS Palm Beach, FL 352 Seniors LAC-LAZ Seniors LEB-LEI 353 ANNE R. LEMEHAUTE IFM Miami. FL CAROLYN MARIE LENIHAN SOC Congus, NY GEORGE WILLIAM LENTZ MA Blue Island, IL ARCADIO LEON EEN Pembroke Pines. FL CONNIE MARCELA LEON NUR Miami, FL MATTHEW GILBERT LEOPARD BIO Kenmore, NY MARLINA LERMA ART Miami, FL MICHAEL ALAN LERNER NKT Oix Hills, NY EILEEN KAREN LEVIN COM Miemi, FL ALLEN MARC LEVINE ECO Maiden, MA BRIAN H. LEVINE ECO Coral Gables, FL CAROL T. LEVINE ARC Parica, NJ IVY MARIE LEVINE MUS Miami, FL JOSEPH MARTIN LEVINE GBM Wayne. NJ KAREN S. LEVINE ENG Palm Springs, FL 354 Seniors LEM-LEV y ' : _1 ' ' Ml. ■ ■ MARGIE F. LEVINE EED Miami, FL RICHARD MARC LEVINE GBM So. Fallsburg, NY IVIE ELLYN LEVINE PSY-SOC No. Miami, FL MADELYN JEAN LEVY ART Mlami Beach. FL MITCHELL A. LEVY MTH Philadelphia. PA VIRGINIA BRENDA LEVY IFM Miami, FL DAWNN JEWEL LEWIS MUS Brooklyn. NY WILLIAM JAMES LEWIS GBM Roxbury, MA SAUL BENJAMIN LEWIS GBM Miami. FL MARCO ANTONIO LEYTE-VIDAL CHM Miami. FL EDUARDO LICHI CHM Hallandale. FL MICHAEL KEITH LINDEN PSY Pittsbungh, PA JACK K. LINDSEY MSC-BIO Rydal. PA MARY ELLEN LIO HMS Bellaair, FL ALAN J. LIPAY COM Miami, FL Seniors LEV-LIP 355 - SUSAN JANE LISS ACC Livingston, NJ MANUEL R. LLANO PPA Hialeah, FL RAFAEL LLEONART PSY Hialeah, FL GUSTAVO LLERENA ENG Hialeah, FL CARLOS MANUEL LLORENTE ECO Miami, FL LITA YUETTE LLOYD ART Miami, FL JAMES JOSEPH LOCKER GBM New Rochelle. NY PAULA JEAN LOCKETT CEN Belle Glade, FL JOHN RICHARD LOMBARD BIO Miami, FL JOSE MANUEL LOPEZ BIO Miami. FL JOSE RAUL LOPEZ MUS Miami. FL LYDIA MARIA LOPEZ COM Coral Gables, FL MARIA C. LOPEZ-CAS TRO MDT Corel Gables. FL ANA MARIA LOPEZ-GOMEZ CHM Miami, FL GREGORY E. LOUCKS IFM Glastonbury. CT 356 Seniors LIS-LOU DEBORAH ANN LOVELL EED Crescent City. FL DON PHILLIP LOYD FIN Monroe. Ml KATHIE PATRICIA LUBA COM MBnitoba, Canada RITCHIE HARLAN LUCAS COM Miami, FL ROBIN LUKACS GBM Miami, FL GREGORY NEIL LUNDEEN MSC-BIO Athens, TX ROBERT A. LUPE GBM Schenectady. NY PATRICIA GRACE LYNCH MTH State College, PA GINA G. MACHADO EED Hialeah, FL BRENDA M. MACKAY MUR Miami, FL MARGUERITE ANNE MAGGS PSY Holmdel, NJ S. MEHDI MAHDAVIAN CEN Miami. FL TYLER W. MAHLER PSY Miami. FL PREM H. MAHTANI EEN Miami, FL JEFF R. MANDELL GBM Margate, FL Seniors LOV-MAN 35V MOHAMMED A. MANEE UND Miami, FL ALEXIS V. MANEIRO MTH Cor-al Gables, FL LISA JOY MANN PSY Cherry Hill, NJ PAUL MANOLAKUS UND Pompano Beach, FL ROSE T. MANTELL BGS Coral Gables, FL ELENA M. MARANGOS MKT Depew, NY YOLAINE MARIE MARCELIN CHM Miami, FL PHYLLIS A. MARIANI APE Media. PA LISA LUCILLE MARION ACC Joplin, MO STEVEN W. MARK PSY Dayton NJ MARK BERNET MARRAN FIN Madison, CT VIELKA E. MARRE GBM Miarni, FL JORGE ALBERTO MARTIN. JR. ACC Hialeah, FL MARTHA CARMEN MARTIN COM Hialeah ALFREDO F. MARTINEZ FIN Coral Gables. FL 35B Seniors MAN-MAR U . GINELDA MARGARITA MARTINEZ SPAA enezuela MILTON MARTINEZ GBMVenezuele REBECCA C. MARTINEZ CHM Miami, FL ROMAN MARTINEZ IFM Venezuela ANA MARTIN-LA VIELLY PPA Miami, FL LYNN CATHERINE MARTINO PPA Westfield, NJ GEORGINA MARIA MARTY IFM Miaml. FL SILVIA MASEDA HIS Miami. FL GERALD L. MASTERSON CSC San Antonio, TX ROBERTO MASUD FIN Miami. FL ELLEN MATOWIK MUS Sparta, NJ CRAIG STEVEN MATTOX MKT Lancaster. OH MARLENE MAY COM Miami, FL KAREN A. MAZZOLA ENG Clifton, NJ JAMES JOSEPH MCATEER GEO Allison Park, PA Seniors MAR-MCA 353 MARYANN MCCABE COM Arlington, MA STEPHEN JAMES MCCLINTOCK EEN Katonah, NY LESLIE PETERS MCCOMSEY DRA-COM Toms River, NJ ANDRE IAN MCDONNAUGH UND New York THERESA MARIE MCDONOUGH COM Canton. MA MARGARET JANE MCGINLEY COM Bsrringcon, IL ft « 3BO Seniors MCC-MCG H d f ;ri 1 8 KEVIN CHARLES MCINTYHE MKT W lmecte, IL SHERRI B. MCIAMED MKT Miami. FL JANET R. MCKEEVER MKT Margate. FL CLAUDE MICHAEL MCKENZIE MUS Coral Gables. FL MICHELE VALERIE MCLOUGHLIN PSY Miami, FL MARGARET MCNARY ACC Mismi, FL MARICELA MEDINA PSY Miami, FL MOHAMMED H. MEHMADI EEN Miami. FL MARIA PEIDAD MELEUDEZ MKT Miami, FL MARY CARMEN MELLON EED Miami, FL MARTIN TED MELTZER PSY Coconut Creek, FL RONNI IRENE MALTZER NUR Miemi. FL ALBERTO EDUARDO MENDEZ CHM Key Biscayne, FL NORMA MENENDEZ COM Miami. FL DON R. MERCER MEN Akron, OH Seniors MCI-MER 361 STUART SAMUEL MERMELSTEIN ECO Hollywood, FL JOSE MESA GBM Miami, FL MICHAEL N. METRY REL Coral Gables, FL LILLIAN E. MILA FIN Miami, FL JORGE ANTONIO MILANES ACC Miami, FL ANDREW M. MILLER COM Cincinnati, OH GREGORY JOHN MILLER ARC Titusville, NJ MANDY ELIZABETH MILLER SPA Miami, FL MICHELLE MILLER MED Skokie, IL A . tlBl ROSE CHERYL MILLER EED Miami, FL SANDRA LOUISE MILLER GBM Norfolk, VA TERESA ELAINE MILLER ACC Miami, FL WENDY S. MILLER MKT New York, NY SCOTT G. MILO CHM Plantation, FL PATRICK K. MILSOP MSA Larchmont. NY 3SS Seniors MER-MIL STEFFI ANN MINNIS GEQ Bamingcon, NJ ASDRUBAL JOSE MIRABAL MEN Coral GableB. Fl_ MANUEL B. MIRANDA MEN Hialeah. FL REYMUNDO JESUS MIRANDA MEN Miami. FL BINA P. MIRCHANDANI COM Mlami, FL NARES H J. MIRCHANDANI GBM Coral Gables, FL THOMAS CLIFTON MITCHELL MUS lndianapolis. IN MARIA CARMEN MITROPOULOS CHM Hialeah, FL KATHRYN M. MODAFFERI IFM Rockaway, NJ LOURDES M. MOLLER ENG Miami, FL CHRISTOPHER L. MONAHAN ANT Washingcon, DC CATHY SUE MONROE HMS Royal Oak. Ml KAREN JOYCE MONSCHEIN MUS Cleveland. OH IRENE BELKYS MONTERO EED Hialeah, FL CRAIG LEE MONTZ ECO Miami, FL Seniors MIN-MON 363 VELMA MOORE NUR Miami, FL EUSEBIO MANUEL MORA ARC Miami, FL LUIS RICARDO MORALES MUS Costs Rica DANIEL L. MORAN MEN Ft. Lauderdale, FL JOHN MICHAEL MORAN GBM Key Biscayne, FL DYAN MICHELE MORASKI PSY Winsted, CT MINERVA C MORELLA NUR Miami. FL NARGOT MORGAN GBM Bolivia MARK WILLIAM MORGAN PSY Miami, FL PEDRO FERNANDO MOROS EEN Coral Gables, FL MICHAEL THOMAS MORRIS CEN Wilmingeon, MA SCHERI MORLAINE MORRIS NUR Miami. FL NATHAN DELOYD MOSS PE Miami, FL CATHY LORRAINE MOUNTS CIS Carol City, FL WILLIAM J. MULLOWNEY IFM Miemi, FL 364 Seniors MOO-MUL Ml » ' . « ARTORO J. MUNIZ IEN Miami. FL EDUARDO MUNIZ CSC Coral Gables. FL FRANCESCA MARIA MURATORI POL Coconut Grove, FL PATRICIA A. MURILLO NUR Miami, FL BRETT RICHARD MURPHEY MUS Des Moines, IA GORDON CHARLES MURRAY PPA Carol City. FL MARK SCOTT MURRAY ENG Boca Raton. FL SHEILA ANNE MUSCHETT MEN Miami. FL MARLA BETH MUSSMAN ACC No. Miami, FL CRAIG G MYERS COM Pittsburgh, PA JOHN HAROLD NAGLE MSC-BIO Fall River, MA RICHARD PAUL NAHER MSC-CHM Marion. OH KENNETH NAHMAN ACC Miami Beach, FL MARC ANGELO NAPOLITANO IFM Miami. FL ANWAR ALI NAQI CEN Miami, FL Seniors MUN-NAQ 365 1 DAISY NAYA UND Miami, FL EASTON O. NELSON, JR. COM Miami, FL LORI A. NELSON PE Thornton, IL CARLA SERVIN NEMEROF GBM Ft. Lauderdale, FL JOEL DAVID NEUMAN CHM Hollywood JOY ALICE NICOLAU NUR Miami. FL ALAIN JACQUES NISENHOLE PSY Margate, FL OMAR ENRIQUE NOGLERA MUS Miami. FL PER HARALD NORDBY GBM Norwey CINDY ANN NORKUS NUR Longboat Key, FL CLARICE ELLEN NORTHCUTT ACC Miami, FL MICHAEL DRISCOLL NORTHRUP FIN Jackson, Ml TAMI NOVICK PSY Plainview, NY TYRONE NUBBS HPR Atlanta, GA DAVID ANDREW NUTTER MME Miami, FL ' 4 Bl f • 4 %m mm y MM v - s LM r mkm jPT i 1 366 Seniors NAY-NUT a NAOMI ADASSA NWADIKE NUR Miami, FL MARIANNE MARIE O ' CONNELL EED Davie, FL JOSE ANTONIO OLIVE EEN Miami. FL DAISY M. OLIVERA COM Miami. FL JOHN JOSEPH OLMO GBM Miami Springs. FL ELIZABETH HELEN OLSON COM Wall. NJ Seniors NWA-OLS 367 r PETER D. ONDI MKT Miami, FL STEPHEN MARTIN ONUSKA MME Coral Gables, FL ADAM OPPENSTEIN CHM Miami. FL KEVIN DAVID QBABONE GEDAA akefield, Rl MEHMET SUPHI ORAL MTH Golden Isles. FL JUAN E. DRAMAS ENG Miami, FL MITCHELL SUTTON ORCUTT COM Potomac. MD OSCAR EMILIO ORTEGA EEN Miami, FL ERIC OTERO MTH Miami, FL HENRIETTA JO PACE NUR Miami. FL ALVARO JOSE PACHECO MKT Cosca Rica LAURA PACHELO PRATO PSY Miami, FL ELMAN ANDONY PADILLA ART Miami, FL JOSE A. PADILLA Miami, FL OTTO ANTHONY PAIER ARC West Springfield, MA h 36S Seniors OND-PAI I i MASSOUD I. PAKRAVAN IFM Miemi. FL KIMBERLY J. PALMER HIS Hobe Sound. FL STEVEN L. PANITCH MTH Glencoe. IL WILLIAM C. PAPPAS MKT Monrie. CT TERRY JAMES PARKS EEN Pembroke Pines, FL BELINDA PARRISH ACC Bronx, NY JANINE H. PARSONS ACC Miami. FL KIMBERLY SUZAN PASTERNACK EED Miami, FL JOSEPH A. PASTORELLI MUS Bridgeville. PA HAROLD ROBERT PAUL UND Pittsburgh, PA VICKIE RAEANN PEARCEY GBM Bradenton, FL ERROL JOSEPH PEART MEN Miami. FL PAUL ANTHONY PEART MEN Miami. FL DEBRA ANN PEEVY GBM Homestead. FL MARK T. PELLICORI DRA Coral Gables. FL Seniors PAK-PEL 369 EC AURORA J. PENA FIN Miami, FL LESA DENISE PENDER GBM Mianni, FL DALE LA RAY PENDRY CEN Beckley. WV CAROL ANN PEREIRA GBM Miami, FL VICKY SUZANNE PEREIRA ARTYMiami. FL LAZARA PERERA lEN Miami, FL ROSA OLGA PERERA FRE Miami. FL ANTONIO MARIO PEREA EEN Miami. FL ARNALDO PEREZ ACC Miami, FL FRANCISCO J. PEREZ EEN Coral Gables. FL LOURDES MARIA PEREZ FRE Miami. FL PATRICIA A. PEREZ ART Miami. FL ELENA MARIA PERNAS SPA Miami, FL THOMAS DAVID PHILLIPS SOC-ARC So. Miami. FL HUNTER A. PIERCE ACC Pepper Pike. OH 370 Seniors PEN-PIE ilt NANCY K. PIERRO POL Manchester, CT ANDRES LEONEL PIMSTEIN MKT Miami Beach. FL CARLOS J. PINIELLA PSY Miami, FL DORA PINER UNO Miami, FL JOSEPH PISEGNA BIO-REL Mtami. FL BELEN M. PITA ECO Miami. FL RUDOLFO PITTALUGA ECO Miami, FL NEIL L. PLOTKIN PPA Lauderhill, FL LINDA B. POLLACK MKT Pittsburgh, PA JAY SHELDON PORTER MTH Silver Spring, MD DAVID PARKLEY POWELL GBM Wilmington. DE DANIEL G. PRATT COM Hopkinton, MA THOMAS JOHN PRIGNANO CHM Boynton Beach. FL ROSE MARIE PRINCE NUR Lauderdale. FL WENDY KAREN PROJAIN ART Syosset. NY Seruors PIE-PRO 371 JUAN DAVID PUGA EEN Miami, FL LOURDES M. PUPO NUR Hialeah, FL CARLOS ALBERTO PURAS HPR Coral Gables. FL ROBERT WARREN PURCELL IFM Hamilton Square, NJ PATRICIA PUZIO COM Miami. FL THOMAS JOHN PUZNIAK AEIWFox Chapel, PA CHARLES LEE PYRON GEO Oarmont, PA DEBRA A. QUINONES ART Miami, FL ANA MARIA QUINTERO NUR Coral Gables, FL CATHY LEE RACICOT COM Rosendale, NY IDA RABINOVICH-DOBKIN EED Miami, FL BENNETT JAMES RADCLIFF MKT Palm Beach, FL HELENE BRENDA RAISMAN SOC No. Miami Beach, FL JERRY PETER RALLO FIN Smithtown, NY ROLANDO RAMOS MKT Ft. Lauderdale, FL 372 Seniors PUG-RAM il I KAREN ELIZABETH RAPALLO NUR Medford, MA DANIEL E. RASKOSKY tEN Corel Gables. FL SAMEER B. REDHWAH UND Arabia PETER D. REES ECO Uniondale. NY CHRIS J. REILLY GBM Garden City. NY MAUREEN ELIZABETH REILLY NUR Miami, FL STEPHEN EARL RENICK GBM Hollywood, FL DONNA FRAN REPHON PPA Miami Beach, FL AHRELIO A. REY ARC W. Miami, FL MADELINE M. REYES HIS Miami, FL EILEEN MARY REYNOLDS HlS Coral Springs. FL STEVEN CRAIG RHODES BIO Hialeah. FL ARLEEN ELIZABETH RICE PSY St. Croix DOROTHY RICHARDSON-GOMES PE Miami, FL MITCHEL BRAD RICHMAN GBM Havertown. PA Seniors RAP-RIC 373 EDMUND ST. GEORGE RIGBY GBM Nassau, Bahamas DONNA AMELIA RILEY EED St. Augustine, FL JULIO RIPOLL ARC Miami, FL GLORIA M. RISKIND SOC Miami. FL VIVIAN MARY RIVERA ECO Miami, FL GEOFFREY D. ROBERTS. JR. CEN Boxborough, MA -f i «• r 374 Seniors RIG-ROB +. SONYA LAUREN ROBINSON MUS Glendale. Wl JOSEPH S. ROCA ENG Hialeah. FL MIKE SCOTT RODRIGUE GBM Tallahassee. FL ALINA RODRIGUEZ MTH Miami, FL BRUCE RODRIGUEZ HPR Miami, FL CECILIA YVONNE RODRIGUEZ ENG No. Miami Beach. FL LISABET RODRIGUEZ IFM Miami, FL MARIA A. RODRIGUEZ PSY Coral Gables. FL MARIA ELENA RODRIGUEZ UND Coral Gables. FL MARIA TERESA RODRIGUEZ PSY Miami. FL PEDRO B. RODRIGUEZ CHM Hollywood. FL RAQUEL AURORA RODRIGUEZ PPA Miami, FL EDDYMAR ROJAS MAA enezuela RICHARD IVAN ROMANOFF ACC New Rochelle, NY BERNARD ROMERO GBM Miami. FL Seniors ROB-ROM 375 MARITZA VERENA ROMERO IFM Miami, FL CHARLES STUART RQNSHAGEN MSC-BIO Or(ando. FL DAHLIA ALISON ROSE PSY Bronx, NY DEBRA MICHELLE ROSENBERG PSY Sunrise. FL SHARON ANN ROSENZWEIG COM Miami, FL WALTER ROSHETSKI COM Yonkers, NY STEPHANIE LOUISE ROSS GEO Olay. NY SUSAN ANN ROSTHAL COM Miami, FL ELYSE ANN ROTH HPR Miami, FL LINDA ROTH-CORTINA COM Coral Gables, FL JOHN PATRICK ROULETT GBM So. Miami, FL TOD R. ROY GBM Waterford, Ml iii ARMANDO MIGUEL ROYERO EEN Miami. FL JEFFREY STEVEN ROZENBERG MED Briarcliff Manor, NY RENEE LYNN RUBIN HPR Wilmetce, IL ■ ' m 3 " 7B Seniors ROM-RUB • " r - SUSAN GRACE BUCH COM Winter Haven. FL KAREN M. RUDY MTH Wappingers Fall. NY SIDONIA JOSEPH RUSSELL EEN Miami. FL MICHAEL RUSSO CEN Trenton. NJ MARIO AGUSTIN SABATES CHM Hieleah. FL GHAZI D. SALAMAH CEN Miami, FL FRANKLIN RAMON SALDIVAR EEN Carol City. FL BRANDON R. SALL GBM Mt. Vernon, NY MARK KEVIN SALLEY SED Laurel, MD DAVID BRUCE SALM MKT Kings Point. NY LUIS MANUEL SALMONES lEN Miami Beach. FL SYLVIA MARILYN SALQUEIRO APY Miami, FL SHERRI ROBIN SAMBERG GBM Miami. FL ARNOLD B. SAMOTNY ECO Wilmette. IL NAOMI L. SAMTER MSC-GEO Milwaukee, Wl Seniors RUC-SAM 377 B » PIUS KOROBE SANABANI MEN Nigeria IGNACIO EDUARDO SANCHEZ CEN Miami. FL LOURDES MARIA SANCHEZ ACC Hialeah, FL LUTGARDA EUGENIC SANCHEZ FIN Miami. FL RAFAEL MARIO SANCHEZ MEN Miami, FL TERESITA LOURDES SANCHEZ MKT Coral Gables, FL VIRGINIA SANCHEZ PSY Miami, FL WILLIAM JOSE SANCHEZ ECO Miami. FL TIMOTHY GOERGE SANDER ACC Miami, FL BRADFORD J. SANDLER FIN Boca Raton. FL STACY ANN SANDLER EED Philadelphia. PA MARIANNE LYNN SANDS PSY Miemi. FL WENDY GALE SANDS ACC Nassau, Bahamas ALMA ROSA SANJUR CHM Miami Beach. FL MARIA VICTORIA SANTA MARIA EEN Hialeah. FL 37B Seniors SAN-SAN »._ kl ) m LISSET ROSARIO SANTANA EEO Miami Shores. FL RORY JOHN SANTANA CEN MiBmi. FL COLORIA ANN SANTIAGO CIS Miami, FL GRACE C. SANTIAGO FIN Lauderhill, FL AIDA OLIVETTE SANTONI IFM Dominican Republic ANN MARIE SANTORO PSY Pnovidence. Rl GEMMA I. SANTOS HIS Miami, FL CAROLA HEIDE SANZ ACC Key Biscayne, FL BARBARA J. SARRAIN CHM Miami, FL STEVEN J. SAUBER UND Miami Shores, FL VINNI ANN SAVASTA MKT Clifton, NJ SIDNEY R. SAVITZ EDU Commack, NY DIANE L. SAWAMOTO NUR Miami. FL ADEL SALEH SAYAR EEN Miami. FL TIM EVAN SCHAFFER COM-BUS Miemi, FL Seniors SAN-SCH 373 SHARON R. SCHECHTER GBM Miami Beach, FL MARY LOIUSE SCHIAVONE PSY Howell, NJ DEBORAH SCHILLING ART Miami, FL KENNETH JAY SCHINDLER COM Matawan, NJ STEVEN H. SCHINDLER FIN Bronx, NY LARS M. SCHMEKEL MA Miami, FL MARTHA JANE SCHMID ENG Wooster. OH THOMAS CHARLES SCHMIDT GEO Rockville, MD MARIA CARIDAD SCHNAEDELBACH PSY Miami. FL ROBIN NANCI SCHNEIDER HPR Framingham, MA CHRISTINA M. SCHOLTE-UBING COM Coral Gables. FL DOUGLAS BENJAMIN SCHRAGER COM Miami. FL MARK E. SCHURDAK MSC-BIO Bound Brook, NJ ETHEL SCHUSTER FRE Mianni, FL JUDITH MARIE SCHWAUE MED MettJchen, NJ ■I " 5 3SO Seniors SCH-SCH 4i » I I LOUISE F. SCHWARTZ NUR Great Neck, NY ROBERT MARK SCHWARTZ GBM New Hyde Park, NY CAROLINE ANN SCOLLARD COM Miami, FL MARCIA E. SCOTT HPR Miami. FL SANDRA C. SCUOTTO EED Miami. FL GEORGE GEOFFREY SEARLE FIN Sworthmona. PA Seniors SCH-SEA 3B1 w AHMAD SEDAGHATPISHEH CEN Miemi, FL HECTOR F. SEHWERERT HIS Dallas. TX THOMAS JOHN SEMIOLI PPyValley Scream, NY HOWARD B. SENIOR. Ill BIO Miami, FL DORA ANN SERRALLES FIN Coral Gables, FL PATRICK FAUSTO SERRANO GBM Miami, FL PHYLLIS JO SHALET HMS Prairie Village, KS BONNIE J. SHAPIRO EEN Miami. FL IRA EVAN SHAPIRO IFM New City. NY LORI KIM SHAPIRO EED Miami, FL TINA JILL SHAPIRO NUR Jericho. NY MARIANA PERALTA SHARP COM Miami, FL NEIL STUART SHECHTMAN CHM Miami Beach, FL SCOTT MICHAEL SHEERIN MED New Bedford, MA WILLIAM SHELAPINSKY HPR Charleroi, PA 382 Seniors SED-SHE 1 j V- THOMAS DEMPSEY SHELL. JR. MSC-BIO Elizabethton, TN TERESA ANN SHEPHERD PSY Ypsilanti. Ml ANN MAI SHERIDAN MUS Charleston. SC BARRY TED SHEVLIN ACC Miemi Beach, FL MASOUD SHOJAEE EEN Miaml, FL LDRI J. SHYER SOC White Plains, NY ORLANDO ESTABAN SILVA BIO Miami, FL MARC ALLAN SILVERMAN GBM Coral Gables. FL MELANIE LISA SIMBERKOFF ART Garden City, NY MICHAEL M. SIMMONS GEOrTracy City. TN ALISA J. SIMON ARC Coral Gables, FL ROBERT JEFFREY SIMONSON GBM Hollywood, FL MAXINE ELESIA SIMPSON IFM Miami, FL ANDREW ALAN SINETAR GBM Lido Beach. NY ELLEN SUSAN SINGER MKT W. Blommfield, Ml Seniors SHE-SIN 3B3 LISA M. SIROLLI ENG Key Largo. FL MICHAEL M. SISSKIND GBM Roslyn Harbor, NY STEPHEN C. SKAKANDY FIN Tequesta, FL BETSY J. SKULLER SOC Buffalo. NY BELINDA A. SMALL MKT Dallas, TX BRENDA LOIS SMITH COM Pensacola. FL EARROL ANDY SMITH MEN Alus, FL KENNETH MOORE SMITH AEN Conal Gables, FL SIMON MARTIN SMITH GBM West Palm Beach, FL SANDRA KAY SMOKLER CDM No. Miami Beach. FL BRUCE SNYDER GBM Yardley, PA THEODORE CHARLES SOFIA GBM Harrison. NY DALE R. SOGGE MEN Coral Gables, FL BRADLEY H. SOKOL FIN Stamford. CT LISA ANNE SOKOL COM Coral Gables, FL 1 3B.4 Seniors SIR-SOK Ulk CYNTHIA J. SOLOMON FIN Miami Besch. FL MELANIE ELIZABETH SOLOMON GBM Great Neck. NY JORGE M. SURI lEN Miemi. FL JOSE MIGUEL SOTO GBM Miami, FL JOSE MIGUEL SOTO PSY Miami, FL SAM C. SPENNACCHIO MUE Rochester, NY SALOMON SREDNI FIN Miami Beach. FL MARSHALL EPHRAIN STAUBER CHM Miami Beach, FL WILLIAM E. STETLER PSY York, PA WALTER ELIOT STEVENS CEN Miami, FL MARK A. STICH MED Miami. FL LAWRENCE BERNARD STOFF EEN Miemi. FL CHRISTOPHER EDWARD STONICK COM Clancon. PA BRADLEY JAMES STRANIGAN FIN Jemestown, NY JOSEPH PHILIP STRAZZA FIN Harrison. NY Seniors SOL-STR 3B5 JOHN ROBERT STUFF CHM Buffalo. NY GUILLERMO SUAREZ BIO Miami. FL SHARON BETH SUCHMAN PR Harrison. NY MOHAMED J. SULAIMAN CEN Miami, FL YASIN JAFFAR SULAIMAN CEN Miami, FL JUDY MAUREEN SULLIVAN ENG Northbrook, IL SALLY JEAN SURGENOR ART Ormond Beach, FL SCOT GAINES SUTTON MTH Savannah, GA LAURA JULIA SWEARINGEN COM Ft. Lauderdale, FL MARK A. SWEET MKT Malden, MA HASSAN TABATABAIE EEN Miami, FL MARZ1EH TABRIZI CEN Miami, FL SANDRA D. TAKETOSHI MSC-BIO Miami, FL MARIO SAMSON TALANA EEN Miami, FL LUISA ILEANA TALAVERA EED Puerco Rico 3BB Seniors STU-TAL 1 jfPv l % A, p H m w BPL €m W — J F WrA uft mK . ; H « JHH ■ l» MAURICIO J. TAMARGO HIS Miami. FL BRUCE STANLEY TANNER GBM Plant City, FL JOSEPH DONALD TANSEY GBM Portland. ME MAYDA CARIDAD TAPANES MUS Coral Gables. FL SUE TAUBER FIN Miami Beach. FL SCOTT IRA TAYLOR ACC No. Miami Beach, FL ALINA MARIA TEJEDA FIN Miami. FL PATRICIA ANNE TENNERIELLO ENG Miami. FL MARYLYNNE TERRILL COM Miami. FL JAMES OTO THOMAS IFM Miarni, FL HELEN DOLORES CHM Hackectstown, NJ CAROLYN P. THOMPSON PSY Miami, FL JUANITA C. THOMPSON HMS Miami, FL ARNO WILLIAM TILLES MEN Hollywood. FL ANGEL P. TILLMAN GBM Miami. FL Seniors TAM-TIL 387 — — — — — — — — — — MICHAEL JAY TQBACH GBM Blauvelt, NY DELPHINE OPHELIA TOLBERT NUR Hastings. FL KIM B. TOLSON GBM No. Miami, FL BRIAN RICHARD TOOMEY GBM Parlin, NJ LEA MARIE TOPPING- GBM Key West, FL JULIUS N. TORELLI CHM Plantation, FL £ 3BB Seniors TOB-TOR tf». I II I I I DIEGO A. TORO FIN Miami, FL PATRICIA ANN TORO IFM Miramar, FL EVELYN TORRES MUS Rochester. NY LANDY LARITZA TORRES UND Miami. FL MELBA TORRES EED Miemi, FL CRAIG ROBERT TOWNSEND GBM Columbus. NJ SUE A. TOWNSEND MKT Bronxville, NY SILVIA A. TRAVIESO ACC Miami, FL SUSANNA TRAVIESO PSY Miami, FL GALEN EDWARD TREADGOLD UND Oklahoma City. OK WENDY ANN TREIBER-HOLLADAY EEN Miami, FL ALBERT N. TRELLES ACC Miami, FL ANGEL FRANCIS TRIANA BIO Hialeah, FL JERRY E. TRIMBLE CHM Hollywood. FL JAMES MICHAEL TULLY GBM Miami, FL Seniors TOR-TUL 3B9 YASAR OGUZ TURKEL lEN lstanbul. Turkey DENNIS D. TURNER COM Ft. Lauderdale. FL MARTY R. TURNER PPA Miemi, FL LYNN H. TYMAN COM Lauderhill, FL SUZANNE MARIE UNSWORTH UND Sanford. FL MONIA USDIN GBM Springfield, NJ SUSAN M. UTKUS IFM Pennsauken, NJ OFELIA MARIA UTSET BlO Plantation, FL MARLENE P. VALERO FIN Miami, FL REZA VALIKHAN EEN Miami, FL RICHARD R. VAN FOSSEN MEN Morristown. NJ JULIE E. VARELA ACC Miami, FL BEATRIZ CRISTINA VARGAS COM Miami, FL WENDY ANN VARTANIAN MUS Miami, FL BEHJAT VAZIRI EEN Miami, FL fi 33Q Seniors TUR-VAZ ISABEL CRISTINA VAZQUEZ GBM Hialeah. FL WILLIAM S. VEAZEY BlO Puerto Rico PHYLLIS THERESA VECCHIONE FIN Lauderdale Lakes, FL SELMA S. VEZIROGLU ECO Miami, FL LORENZO VIEITO HIS Coram, NY ILEANA ALEIDA VILA BlO Coral Gables. FL ROSA MARIA VILLANUEVA CHM Miami. FL JEFFREY D. VOGEL CIS Merrick, NY BART JAY VOLOSHIN GBM Woodbndge. CT MONICA GWEN WALDEN COM Philadelphia, PA VALERIE CASSANDRA WALKER GBM Miami, FL JOSEPH J. WALSH UND Somerville. MA MARY E. WALSH COM Miami. FL DONNA ANN-MARIE WALTER BIO Miami, FL MARIANNE WALTER GEO lndianapolis. IN Seniors VAZ-WAL 331 HANS DAVID WALTERS BID House Springs, MO JOSEPH F. WAPINSKY COM Pottsville, PA DOROTHY ANN WARREN HIS So. Miami, FL KEVIN JOHN WARREN HPR Goshen, NY PAMELA JAYNE WARRE N COM Miemi, FL NASSER K. WASHAH UND Miami, FL MARION S, WASKOVER MKT Whitestone, NY JOSEPH ADAM WASSELLE BlO Lauderdale by Sea, FL TRICIA ANN WATSON ART Miami, FL AMY HARRISON WEATHER GEO Miami, FL CHARLES C. WEBB MUS Ghicago. IL ALLAN WEBERG MUS Sterling, VA MARY AGNES WEBSTER ENG Miami, FL DIANA WECK COM Miami Beach, FL JOEY SUE WECKER MKT Plantation, FL f 332 Seniors WAL-WEC • ' JILL ROBIN WEIN EEO Bedford, NY ROBIN MELISSA WEINBERGER COM Forest Hills, NY ALICIA LYNNE WIENER CHM Delray Beach. FL RUTH ELLEN WEINER COM Overland Park, KS ANDREA MINDY WEINSTEIN AED Maplewood, NJ WENDY LYNN WEISBROD COM Miami, FL JOHN GERALD WEISEND. II MEN Miami. FL LUCY ELIZABETH WELLS MUS Miami, FL THOMAS HAYDEN WESSEL PPA Miami Lakes, FL KIMBERLEE RENEE WESSINGER SED Coral Springs. FL DIANE PAULA WESTEN MSC-GEL Tuckehoe. NY MARC S. WEXLER GBM Abi ngton. PA LAURIE J. WHEELER ART Wilmington, DE GEORGE ROBERT WHITE, III PPA Norwich, CT ILENE DEBRA WHITE MKT Westport. CT Seniors WEI-WHI 333 JOHN DARLING WHITE ENG Edgewater, FL JACK M. WHITE MKT Connellsville, PA MARK RANDAL WHITEHALL FIN Marathon, FL JOHN L. WHITEHEAD, III lEN Miami, FL VINCENZO WHITFIELD EEN Chipley, FL ROBART ALAN WHITING GS Eau Gallie, FL LEE WILEY WICHMANN MME Miami. FL ELIZABETH WIELOGORSKA ACC Pittsburgh, PA DEBORAH WILKER COM Miami. FL JAMES E. WILKINS HIS Morehead City, NY WILLIAM H. WILLARD HlS Pottsville, PA DIANNA ROSELLE WILLIAMS ENG Charleston, SC IVER E. WILLIAMS ARC St. Thomas, VI STEPHANIE JILL WINGFIELD HMS Miami, FL SUSAN MARGARET WINKLER EED Coral Gables, FL 394 Seniors WHI-WIN i GRETCHEN T. WIRSHING GBM Miami, FL ABRAHAM WOLOZNY MEN Honduras ALYSON LEE WOODS MUS Jacksonville. FL SUSAN ANN WOOLSTON ECO Winchnop. ME NATASHA D. WRIGHT COM Miami, FL BILL E. WROBBEL GBM Tampa, FL ALAN CRAIG YAFFE FIN Dix Hills. NY HASSAN ALI YAGHTIN AEN Miami, FL MASAMI YAMAMOTO PPA Hialeah. FL GEORGE D. YAO FIN Miami, FL ANETTE YELIN LAN Skokie. IL TERESITA YUSTE EEN Miami, FL ELLEN LOUISE ZAFIS ACC Wilmington, DE ALFREDO ZAGALES GBM Miami. FL MARISELA ZAMUOIO EED Hollywood. FL Seniors WIR-ZAM 3S5 MANUEL DE ZARRAGA CEN Miami, FL PAMELA SUE ZEITCHICK ART Coral Gables, FL WILLIAM A. ZENGELER UND Lantana. FL SHAHRAM ZIBA UND Miami, FL SHERI JAN ZIMMERMAN MKT Cherry Hill. NJ PAUL S. ZINNI MSC-BIO Des Raines, IL ! 396 Seniors ZAR-ZIN H a ■ 1 MICHAEL A. ZITO CDM New Haven, CT JOY CAROLYN ZORN MUS Pompano. FL HARRY H. ZUCKER GBIWTamanac, FL MARISOL ZUNIAGA lEN Carecas. Venezuela ERNESTO SURBARAN SOC Miami. FL YEK-YEK ZYSCHMOOSHKIE GBM Bedrock, ORK Seniors ZIT-ZYS 397 SENIOR INDEX ABDULA, ISMAIL ALEAID, ABDULMUHSEN ABRAMSON, SANDRA B. ABREV, ROBERTO: Alpha Kappa Psi, Pre-Legal Society. ABTAHI, RASSOUL M.: Vice President of Physical Therapy Club. ABUSHOSHAH, AHMED T. ACEVEDO. OLGA E. : Beta Alpha Psi, UM Honor Scholarship. ACKLEY, JAMES RANDAL: President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, President. MUGS, RA, TA, HPS Facilitator. ADAMES, ERNESTO R. : Vice President Venezuelan Student Assoc. ADLER, SAUL AGOSTINI, CLARE DIANE: Dean ' s List, Golden Key. AIMASHARI, ABDULAZIZ S. AIZCORBE, ANA MARIA: Dean ' s List, Student-Faculty Board Secretary. AL-BAGHLI, FADHEL A. AL-BAGHLI, THABET HUSSAN AL-BAGSHI, ABDUL HMEED ALBANOON, MOHAMMAD AL-FULAIJ, SALAH Y. AL-BAKER, AHMAD M. ALEMANY, EDUARDO ALEO, BRIAN MICHAEL ALFARO, CORA ALFARO, MARIA VICTORIA AL-FEELI, ABDUL TAYSEER ALGORANISS, ABDULAZIZ ALHABSHI, SYED SHEIKH AL-HAJLAN, FAIZ A. AL-HOWAR, SAAD AL-JARBOA, ABDULAZIZ AL-JASSIM, FAYEZ MISHARI ALLEN, CRAIG: Lacrosse Club. AL-MAZROU, HAMAD AL-MUTAIRI, NAJI MOHAMED: Dean ' s List AL-MUTAWA, SALEH ABDUL G. AL-NAQI, ABDUL-WAHAB A. AL-OBAID. YUSUF JASEM ALONSO. GRISEL: Alpha Lambda Delta, Psi Chi President, FEC, Golden Key, Delta Theta Mu, Dean ' s List, Phi Kappa Phi, President ' s Honor Roll. ALONSO, ILIANA ALPERN, JERRY STEVEN: American Marketing Assoc. , Intramural Officer. AL-SAIHATI, MAHAMMED AL-SHUAIBI, FAHAD AL-THUWAINI, ABDULLA A.: Scuba Diving Club. ALTICE, RHONDA CAROLE: Dean ' s List ALTFIELD, WILLIAM: Merit Scholarship, Drama League Scholarship, Dean ' s List, Ring Theater Productions, Alpha Psi Omega, Drama Honors. ALVAREZ, CARLOS A. ALVAREZ, CARLOS M. LAVAREZ, JESUS DOMINGO: Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, College Register, French Club, FEC. ALVAREZ. RAFAEL: Golden Key, IEEE, President ' s Honor Roll, Eta Kappa Nu Secretary. ALVAREZ. MARIA CRISTINA: Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Lambda Delta. AL-ZABEN, ALI ABDULLAH AMARO. LAURA J.: COISO Secretary, L.A.S.A., USBG Academic Affairs Comm. AMBROSIO, ANDREW J. : Marching Band, Karate Club, Eaton Government, RA, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List. ANDONIE, LUCETTE A. ANGLETON, MARINA: Lecture Series Chairman, Vice President USBG, USBG member. Pre-legal Society, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Arts and Sciences Senator. APPLE, LISA ARCHER, LEWIS E. ARECES, ANA ISABEL: Roadrunners, Chi Omega, HSA, Hurricane Staff, Hurricane Asst. Copy Editor, Presidential Scholarship, President ' s List, Dean ' s List. ARECHABALA, MIGUEL: SAE, ASME. ARENA, JOSEPH M. : Physical Therapy Club, Intramurals, PT Treasurer. AREVALO, RICARDO J. : American Marketing Assoc. . COISO Speaker. ARMBRUSTER, TODD ANDREW ARMEN, KIMBERLY ARNER, LEYLA: Marching Band, TauBeta Sigma, Golden Key, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma. ARNEY, MELISSA: RA, University Scholar, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Alpha Lambda Delta, Golden Key, Dorm Government. ARGUELLES, JEANETTE: Dean ' s List. ARNOLD, DARON JOHN: President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Minor Disciplinary Hearing Panel. ASADIPOUR, JOMAYOUN ASGARI-MAJD, MORTEZA ASHTON III, PETER PAUL AT SALIS, SILAS JOHN: Ludway ' s Regular. ATTISANI, DELLA JUDE: Golden Key. AUERBACH, DAVID GLENN: A E Rho. WVUM, Rathskellar. AUGUST, M. TRACI: USBG Cabinet Comm., USBG Student Affairs, Attorney General ' s Office. AVILES, SUSAN AVRIL. MATTHEW EDWARD: President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Varsity Golf. AXIOTIS, GEORGE MARK: Roadrunners, AIAA, ASME. BADGLEY, BARBARA ANN BAKER, AMY CAROL: Chi Omega Rush Chairman, Chi Omega Historian. Comm, BEHAR, 398 Senior Index Ml -a: J BALDA, CESAR ALBERTO C. : Soccer. Judo Club, International House Sport Coordinator. BALIN, PAMELA SUSAN BALTON. DAVID BARNETT: Bowling League. BAMBERGER. BARRETT LEE BANIGAN, MARIANNE: HSA, Treasurer Honors Dorm, Presidential Scholarship, Dean ' s List. BARACH, PAULA: Alpha Epsilon Rho, Phi Kappa Phi, Pre-legal Society. BARBEITO, ROSA M. BARD. STEVEN: AMA. BARED, PABLO R. : UM Lifeguard, AMA, ASHRAE. BARRERA, RAMON MANUEL: Phi Kappa Phi, Orange Key, Golden Key, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Delta Theta Mu, Honor Scholarship. BARRERO, ANNIE: Dean ' s List. Chemistry Club. Roadrunners. BARRET JR.. ROBERT E. BARRIOS. FRED BARRON, LISA ANN: Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll Sigma Delta Tau, HSO. BARROWS, RAYMOND JOHN: Dean ' s List, AED, Chemistry Club, Biology Club, FEC, Runner ' s Club. BASRI, HUSNI BASRI. HUSNI MAHMOUD BATASKOV, KARRIE L. : Delta Theta Mu. AED. University Scholarship, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. BATTLE, VICKIE MARIE: Secretary Gospel Choir, Black Kittens, Secretary UBS, UM Cheerleaders Co-Captain. BAUMAN, DANIEL D. : Tau Beat Pi. Pi Tau Sigma, AFROTC Scholar, Golden Key, Presidential Scholar, Dean ' s List. AME, American Military Engineers. BAWOROWSKY, TED FRANK BAYLIS, MICHELLE MARIE: Dean ' s List, President Honor Roll. BEAUCHAMP, PHILIP B. : Dorm Government, WVUM. BECERRA, IRMA MARIA: Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Mortar Board, Golden Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta Mu, Alpha Lambda Delta, IEEE, IEEE President. BECK, DEBORAH: Hurricane Honey, Public Relations Comm. BECKER, JEFFREY S. : RA, Supreme Court Justice, Homecoming Chairman, Homecoming Community Relations Chairman, Public Relations Advisory Group, Golden Key. Alpha Lamda Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma Sweetheart. BEERE, BRIAN: ZBT. BEHAR, STEVEN SAM: DJ at WVUM. BENDECK, ANNETTE MARIE BENOIT, SHERYLANNE: Psi Chi member, Dean ' s List, Displinary Panel. BENSON, CATHERINE: Kappa Kappa Gamma Pledge Trainer, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List. BENTOFF, JODY: President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List. Hurricane Production Manager, Art Department Honors. BEREGOVICH. J. EDUARDO: AMA. BERGER, CLAIRE: Pre-legal Society. BERGER, DEBORAH AIMEE: Ski Club, American Marketing Association, Campus Sports and Recreation, Athletic Promotions. BERGER. DAVID: Dean ' s List. Chemistry Club. Fencing Club. BERGER. EDWARD DAVID: Dean ' s List Pre-legal Society, Dorm Allocations Comm., Student Government, Dorm Government. BERGER. SCOTT ANDREW: Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Golden Key, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Speakeasies, Intramurals. BERKE. ROBIN GAIL: IBIS Photography Editor. IBIS Staff. Photography Club, Hurricane Watcher. BERMAN, MARK RANDY: HSA, Intramurals. BERKOWITZ, CAROLE I. : Ski Club. BERKOWITZ. SHERRI ILEANE: Little Sister ATO. AMA, Sailing Club, Bowling League. BERKOWITZ. STEWART A. : Pi Tau Sigma. BERNSTEIN. STEVEN: Ultimate Frisbee. BERUVIDES. MARIO G. : Alpha Lambda Delta, ASME. BIELEY, HARLAN CLAYTON: Dean ' s List. Psi Chi. Health Awareness Week, Hunger Project. BISSI, DOUGLAS E. : Lambda Chi Alpha, AIA. BLOTNEY JR., FRANK J. BLEECKER, ROBIN BLUME. ROCHELLE KAREN: AFROTC Scholarship, AAS, National Sojouners Award, American Legion of Valor. BOBER, JOSEPH E. : Dean ' s List, AMA. Delta Sigma Pi, Student-Faculty Board. BOHAC. JANET L. : Secretary Scuba Club. BOLADO. TERESITA DOND, BARBARA ANN: Dean ' s List. BOND, KAREN FIELD: Tau Beta, Phi Kappa Phi, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Presidential Scholar. BANNERT. JOANNE: Dean ' s List. BOLAN, DEREK J.: Phi Mu Alpha, Delta Theta Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. BOOHER, PATRICIA LYNN: Dean ' s List, Delta Sigma Pi. BOTTORFF, ROBERT WAYNE BOULLON, LADY LOURDES: ASME, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Golden Key. BOXER, CYNTHIA G. BOZANIC, DEBRA EILEEN: Dean ' s List, Hurricanettes, Homecoming Queen Finalist, UBOG, Lambda Chi Alpha, College Register, Delta Delta Delta. Rho Lambda, Theta Sigma. BRAUNSTEIN, ERIC JOEL BRESLAW, APRIL ANNE: Alpha Lambda Delta. President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Carni Gras Comm., Sailing Club, Pre-legal Society, JYA. BREVIC, LORI JOY: Dean ' s List. Human Services Club, Social Service Volunteer. BREY. CHRISTINE F. BREZO, LOURDES F. : Hurricane Staff. Dean ' s List. BRILL. HEIDE BETH BRILL, KATHY S. : Student Affairs Comm. . Student Nurse of the Year, NSA Vice President. BRISKMAN, HELAINE: Dean ' s List. Hurricane Ski Team, Hurricane Ski Team Secretary, ROTC, Riflery. BROADNAX, SHIRLEY LYNETTE: UBS. Hurricane Honey, Special Events Comm. , Kappa Sweetheart. Inspirational Gospel Choir. Senior Index 393 BROCKMEIER, REID WILLIAM: Golden Key, Dean ' s List, Phi Kappa Phi, USBG Facilities Planning, President ' s Honor Roll, Campus Beautification Comm. , Tau Beta Phi. BRODER, SCOTT HAMILTON BRODSKY, ANNIE BROWN, KENNETH D. : Lambda Chi Alpha, Soccer. BROWN, TERESA R. : Alpha Kappa Alpha, UBS. BULACIA, ARMANDO THOMAS BULKIN, SUSAN IRIS: Speakeasies. DJ at WVUM, VTS, Little Sister ZBT. BURGESS, ALFREDA BURKHALTER, SUZANNE: Roadrunners, Miss Congeniality, Sweetheart Phi Sigma Kappa. BURL1NGAME, A.S. BURNS, HOWARD BURROUGH, STEPHANIE ANNE: Phi Kappa Phi. BUSKEY, ROXANNE: Dean ' s List, GA Assoc. , College Register, Golden Key. BUTLER, BARRY K. BUTTERS, MALCOLM: President ' s Honor Roll. Dean ' s List, Golden Key. BUZAKI. SUSANNA RENEE CABALS, MARIA LUISA: University Scholarship, Golden Key, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, FEC, Biology Club. CAHN, LEONARD DAVID CAMPANIONY, LEONARDO J. : APM, AIIE. CAMPBELL, JAMES ARTHUR: Honors Program, Airborne, Beta Alpha Psi, Delta Theta Mu, Boxing Club, Ranger School Graduate. CANDELARIA. WILFREDO CAPALBI. DEENA C. CAPUTO, MICHAEL, R. : AMA. CARBALLO. ARLES CARBONELL, JAVIER CRISTOBAL: FEC. CAREY. RONDA KAY CARIELLO. JEFFREY CARLSON, JOEL MARTIN CARLOS, CAMPUZANO JUAN: Dean ' s List, Alpha Lambda Delta, Golden Key, Beta Alpha Psi Vice President. CARRATALA, LESLIE RAQUEL: Dean ' s List, Honor Scholarship, Varsity Rifle Team. Intramurals. CARRERO, DENISE M. : Dorm Government, International House President. CARRILO, LUIS E. CARSON, J. BRET: Civil Engineering Honor Society, Alpha Lambda Delta, Intramurals, Rathskellar. CARROLL. MICHELLE MARIE: Homecoming Exec. Comm. , SOS Asst. Coordinator, SRA, UBOG, Rho Lambda, USBG Member. CARTENUTO, ALBERT ANTHONY ALEXANDER CARUCCI, VIRGINIA ANN CASANOVA, ALEJANDRO M. : President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Delta Sigma Pi Chancellor, Vice President, Chairman, School Council Curriculum Board. CASANOVA, JUAN CASEY, CAROL J. : Alpha Lambda Delta, Golden Key. Psi Chi. Delta Theta Mu, Mortar Board. CASILLAS, CONSUELO: Roadrunners, SOS, FEC. CASPER, KATHERINE ROSE: Chi Omega Vice President, Pledge Trainer, Minor Disciplinary Board, SOS, SSC, Public Relations Club. CASTELLANOS, ALONSO: LASA. CASTILLO, OSCAR J. : Dean ' s List, College Super Sports Competition, All-Star Cast Ring Theater. CASTRILLON, JOSE L. : President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List. CAVEY, CHRISTOPHER J. CELA, CARMEN TERESITA: Golden Key, Dean ' s List. HSO, President ' s Honor Roll. CHAUVET, REGINALD ALBERT: President Amateur Radio Club, ASME, French Club, Council of Club Presidents. CHEDIAK, CARLOS E. : LASA President, Board of Governors International Students, French Club. CHERNOW, DEBRA ANN: HMS, Dean ' s List. CHILDS, IRENE ANTOINETTE: Honor Scholarhship, Dean ' s List. CHISLETT, GREGG: ARMY ROTC. Scabbard and Blade President. CHUBBUCK JR., HOWARD E. CHUDOFF, JEFFREY: Hurricane Staff. CIADELLA, DONNA LUCIA: Physical Therapy Club. CIMATTI, ALESSANDRA: Election Commissioner, President ' s Honor Roll. CLAFFEY, STEPHEN: Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Mortar Board Golden Key, President ' s Honor Roll. COELLO. CLARISSA COELMO. SUZANNE COHEN, BARRY L. COHEN. DANIEL A.: Hurricane Ski Club, Dean ' s List. COHEN, JANE COHEN, JULIE FAITH: Hurricane News and Entertainment Writer, WVUM Radio Host. Miss UM Finalist, SEC. COLE, EVAN COLLENBERGER, TOYIA ANN COLLINS, MEREDITH C. COMSTOCK. KRISTEN S. : HSA. Orange Key. Open Door, Prefidential Scholar. CONESA JR. . ROLANDO: Sigma Delta, Tau Beta Pi, Golden Key, Brownell Award, Best 4th Year Design. COPPOLA, KATHY: Marketing Club. COREENE, ILENE H.: Dean ' s List, Phi Eta Sigma, Rho Lambda, Golden Key, Mortar Board, Sigma Delta Tau, Sigma Delta Tau President and Chairman. CORLEY, LINDA JEAN CORTINAS, MARIA BIBIANA: AED, FEC, Dean ' s List. CORVO. LOURDES: Golden Key. COSIO, J. RAUL: Delta Sigma Pi, Pre-legal Society, American Marketing Assoc. , Rowing Club, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, FEC. COUTTS, DAVID W. COX, ERNESTINE: Spanish Club. CRAW, DAVID R. : Intramurals, Dean ' s List. CRESPO, YOLANDA MARIA: Presidential Scholarship, Table Tennis Club Vice President, French Club. CROLE, ANNAMARIE CROSIER, RONALD J.: Tau Kappa Epsilon, DJ at 400 Senior Index u«« WVUM, Carni Gras Exec. Committee, Carni Gr-as Security, Geodyssey. CRUZ, ANA MARGARITA: Dean ' s List. Alpha Lambda Delta, Golden Key, FEC, College Register, Lifelines. CUADRA. MARTIN ALEJANDRO: ASCE. CUERVO, BEATRIZ M. : Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Beta Gamma, Dean ' s List President ' s Honor Roll, UM Honor Scholarship, Golden Key. CUESTA, VIVIAN C. : FEC, Psi Chi. CURRIER. MARIA BEATRICE: Biology Club, SOS, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Tri Beta, Dean ' s List. CURTIS. TERESA ELAINE DAJANI, IZZAT A. DALOISIO. JOANNE DANIELS. ALICIA: UBS DANNENBAUM III, ROBERT DASHTI. HUSAIN DASS, LINDA DAVIS, BRUCE ALLEN: Dorm Government, Rathskellar. DAVIS. PAUL CLIFFORD DAVIS JR.. WARREN C. DEFALCO. PETER C. : Phi Mu Alpha. Marchind Band. Jass Vocal Ensemble, Singing Hurricanes. DEFANTI. JOHN ROCKWELL: Presidential Scholar. DE LA CAMPA, RAUL AUGUSTO: Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, FEC, Beta Alpha Psi, Golden Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Lambda, Student Faculty Board, Newsletter Editor. DE LA CIERVA. ROSA DELLA VOLPE, ARMOND JOHN: Dean ' s List. DE LUIS. ISABEL: French Club, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Portuguese Club. DE LAS POZAS, ZULEIKA: Society of Women Engineers President, AIIE, Manager of Miami Engineering Magazine. DE LA RUA, HUMBERTO: FEC, Golden Key, Lifelines. DELGADO. ARMANDO A. : FEC, Pre-Dental Students, CECIL, Intramurals. DEL CALVO. MARIA DEL RIO JR.. ARTURO DEMSKY. YVONNE IZSACK: Golden Key, Dean ' s List, Psi Chi, Departmental Honors. DENNIS, DAVID A. DESISTO. SUSAN M. : Kappa Kappa Gamma, MET Club. DIAMOND, CHRISTINE H. : RA. Drama Club, Volleyball, Dean ' s List, Scuba Club. DIAMOND, LISA: Beta Alpha Psi. DIAZ, JESUS: Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beat Pi, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List. DIAZ, RICHARD R. : Baseball Varsity, Intramurals. DIDRIKSSON, MARIE: Dean ' s List. DIEKNEIT, BETTY LYN DIESELDORFF, CARLOS A. DIEZ-RIVAS, LOURDES DIGWOOD, ANA CRISTINA DIOCLETIAN, GEORGE W.D. KOUSOULAS: President ' s Honor Roll, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Orange Key, Golden Key, Honors Student, AIA Treasurer, ARP Student Council. HSA, Dean ' s List. DIPEITRO. MICHAEL THOMAS: Dean ' s List, Pre-legal Society. DOLLAMN. WILLIAM HENRY: Dean ' s List. DOLEGA. BONNIE LYNN: Sugercanes. Ski Team. DOMINGUEZ, MARIA A. : Dean ' s List. Pre-legal Society, Circle K. Business Fraternity. DORFELD, SHARON BETH: NSA, Alpha Epsilon Pi. DORANA, BUSTAMANTE R. DORNER, KAREN: President Kappa Kappa Gamma, Rho Lambda, Panhellenic Rush Chairman, Hurricane Honey, COSO, Lectrue Series, MDHP. Greek Week Exec. Comm. , USBG Senator. DRESCHER, MERYL S. : RA, President Alpha Sigma Epsilon, Dean ' s List. Lifelines. DREWS, MARK W. : Dean ' s List, Golden Key, Marching Band, Karate Club, WVUM. Delta Chi. DRIZIN. SCOTT L. DRUKMAN. SUSAN JOY: President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key, Delta Theta Mu. HSA. DUBIN. TRACEY M. : IBIS Staff. Public Relations Club. DUBOIS. ALAIN: Film Association, Dean ' s List. DUL. JOHN A. : University Scholar, President ' s Honor Roll, Beta Alpha Psi, Vice President Phi Beta Lambda. HSA. DUNCAN. ROSALIE ANDREA DUNN. PAUL EDWARD: AIA President and Treasurer, Carni Gras Chairman. SEA Home Coming Chairman, President of School of Engineering and Architecture. DUPLER JR. , RONALD L. : University Scholar, Dean ' s List President ' s Honor Roll, President Pi Sigma Alpha, Teaching Assistant, Golden Key, RA. DURDOCK, GARY JOHN: Eta Kappa Nu. IEEE. EASTMAN, MINDY JIL: Dean ' s List. ECKLEY, WILLIAM DANIEL EDELMAN, TERRY EDELSTEIN. SHARI: Varsity Cheerleader. EGE, GUL: Dean ' s List, Alpha Phi Mu. EINBINDER, RANDI EISENBERG, STEVEN E. : Dean ' s List. ELIAS, MARLEN E. ELIAS, RICHARD A. ELLERMAN, CLAIRE ELLIS. ELIZABETH GAIL: Delta Delta Delta, Dean ' s List, Greek Week Committee, Homecoming Committee. ENISON, ELISA JOY: MUGS. Dorm Government. Hillel, Sailing Club, Tour Guide. Pre-legal Society, Public Relations Club. ENTENBERG. MICHAEL: Presidential Scholarship, Dean ' s List. ERMER, LOURDES D. : Alpha Kappa Psi, AMA. ERNST, JAMES J. ESCRIBANO, EDDIE: Baseball Team. ESFAHANI, ABBAS E. ESSROG, DEBORAH JO: Sigma Delta Tau, Snow Ski Club. EULOGIMENOS, GEORGE: Dean ' s List. EVERTZ. JURINE Senior Index 401 UK -- FALCONI, TERRI: Dean ' s List, CEC. FARBER, ELYCE R. : Dean ' s List. FARBER. JOSEPH: Ski Club, Baseball, Hurricane Staff, Dean ' s List. FAGANANI, ROSEMARY CLAIRE: Dean ' s List. Rho Lambda President, Kappa Kappa Gamma Social Chairman, USBG, Hurricane Honeys, Greek Week, Chemistry Club, Biology Club. FALLAH-MOGHADDAM, MANOOCHEHR FARAH, KHODKAR FARR, MITCHELL JOSEPH FEILER, SHARON H.: Honor Scholarship. FEINSTOCK, HILARY: Pre-legal Society. FENELL, CYNTHIA A. : Dean ' s List. FERGUSON, JANET MARIA FERRELL, JEAN M. : Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. FERRO, RICHARD HAYES FERRIER, JEFFREY L. : Intramurals, TA. FERN, BEATRICE: USBG, Pre-legal Society. FERNANDEZ, VICENTE A. : Dean ' s List, AIIE. FESHBACH, BARBARA: ZBT Little Sister, Ring Theater Productions, Dean ' s List, SOS, Alpha Lambda Delta. FIGUEROA, ANTONIO: Dean ' s List, Ethics Board, IEEE, FES. FINLAY. CALVIN H.: Pre-legal Society, Sociology Club Vice President, Black Lawyers of Tomorrow, Dean ' s List. FINNIN, JOHN A.: Golf Team. FIRES, PAUL MARK: Pre-legal Society Presid ent, Omicron Delta Epsilon President, HSA, Golden Key Vice-President, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Roadrunners, LTP, Public Relations Club, USBG. FISCHER, CHARLES H. : AFROTC Scholarship. FISCHER, RICHARD FLEITAS, MARIA E. FLEMING, SUSAN FLETCHER, ROBIN D. FLINT, DAVID FLOREZ, JORGE ALBERTO A. FLYNN, SUSAN E. FOGELMAN, RANDE L. : Little Sister ATO, AEPhi, WVUM, Bowling Club, Bowling League. FOLICK, JAMES L. FORMAN, CLAUDIA MARGOT: Hurricane Honey. Bat Girl, WVUM Sportcaster, Delta Delta Delta, Baseball Promotions Assistant. FRANCO. HILDA C. : Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key, Roadrunners. FRANCZYK, NADINE J. FRANK, LAURI: Council for Exceptional Children. FRANKY, LISANDRO: ASCE. FRAUMENI, MARY LOU: Alpha Epsilon Pi Sweetheart, Dorm Government, NSA Secretary. FREAY, ANA DAYSI FREEDMAN, BETH M. : Golden Key, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. FREEDMAN, NANCY FREITAS, GONCALO SOUSA: Honor Society of CES. FREYTAG, LYNN RUTH: Delta Theta Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Pi Sigma, Golden Key, IEEE, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. FRIEFELD, JEFFREY: Dean ' s List, Honor Society. FRIEDMAN, CHERYL FRIEDMAN, ROBERT JEFFREY FRIEDMAN, LESLIE ANN: Alpha Sigma Epsilon, ZBT Little Sister, Dean ' s List, Alpha Lambda Delta, SOS, USBG, Intramurals. FRIEMAN, WENDY: Delta Gamma. Sigma Chi Little Sister. Rho Lambda, NSA, Greek Week Chairman, Dorm Government, USBG Senator. FUENTES, JORGE A. : Dean ' s List. FULTON. ROCHELLE ANN: Chi Omega President, Rho Lambda, Union Board of Governors, Marching Band Flag Corps. FURGATCH, ANDREW L. : Hurricane Business Manager, IBIS Business Manager, Chairman Student Activity Fee Allocation Comm., Board of Publications, Karate Club, AMA, Pre-legal Society. GABLER, CYNTHIA MARY: Sailing Club, USBG Election Commission, Dorm Government, AMA Treasurer, RA, Lifelines. GAILEY JR., ROBERT S. GALARDI, TERESA LYNN: Sigma Delta Tau. Lambda Chi, Hurricane Honey, Hurricane Skiers. GALINDEZ. ANIBAL GALLO. BRUNO V. : FEC Treasurer. Biology Club, Chemistry Club, Intramurals. GARATTI, LAWRENCE G. : Dean ' s List. GARCIA, REYNALDO J. GARCIA, RICARDO G. GARCIA-BELISMELIS, MARIO GARCIA DE LOS SALMONES, LUIS M. : AIIE. GARCIA-SELLEK, BASILIO: Dean ' s List. GARCIA-SELLEK. MARIA B. : Music Scholarship, Honor Scholarship, Merit Award, Henry King Stanford Scholarship, Alpha Lambda Delta, Golden Key, Phi Kappa Lambda, Phi Kappa Phi, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. GART: Dean ' s List UM Honor Scholarship GELLIS. MARCY PAMELA LAWRENCE GEREN, MICHAEL: Intramurals, Football. GERING, MARGERY ANNE: Golden Key, Basketball, Dean ' s List. GEROFSKY, ROBIN: AMA President, Gymnastics, Pre-legal Society, Council of Presidents, Student Faculty Board. GERSHAN, RONALD L: Pre-legal Society, USBG. GESIOTTO, ERNEST J. : Biology Club, Chemistry Club, AED. GINSBURG, CINDY SUE: Chi Omega, Circle K, Intramurals. GITTIN, JOY RANDY: HSA. Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, TA. GLANTZ. BRIAN CRAIG: Pre-legal Society, AMA, Student Faculty Club. GLATKI, ROBERT JOSEPH: Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Theta Mu, Golden Key, Presidential Scholar, Chemistry Honor Society. GLENNON, SUSAN L. : Dean ' s List. GLICKSTEIN, LISA RAE GOLDBERG, DONNA FA YE: Sigma Delta Tau, 402 Senior Index Mi BACCHUS. Lifelines Executive Board, NSA. GLENNDN, SUSAN L. : Dean ' s List. GLICKSTEIN, LISA RAE GOLDBERG, DONNA FAYE: Sigma Delta Tau, BACCHUS, Lifelines Executive Board, National NSA. GOLDBERG, JERI RAE: USBG Cabinet, WVUM Executive Board, Open Door, Lifelines Associate Coordinator, Circle K. GOLDKIND, DEBBIE J.: Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Senior Editor IBIS, Dean ' s List. GOLDSTEIN. JEFFREY: Marching Band. GOLDSTEIN, LONNIE JAY: Dean ' s List, Guardian Angels, Carni Gras. GOLZAR. FARHAD GOMEZ, MAYRA RAMONA: Dean ' s List, AMA, FEC. GONZALEZ, ANA E. GONZALEZ, ANGELA M. : Pre-Med Honor Society, Biology Club, pean ' s List. GONZALEZ, AYDA: AED. GONZALEZ, JUAN ALBERTO: IEEE. Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Golden Key. GONZALEZ, RICARDO C. : FEC President, Pre-Dental Students Vice President, SOS, American Chemistry Society. GONZALEZ-ZENOZ. MARIA E. : Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi, Pre-legal Society, College Republicans. GOODMAN, SANDRA JEANNE: Delta Delta Delta, Dean ' s List, President Geodyssey, Carni Gras Executive Committee, Homecoming, Swim Team. GOODEN. MARCIA I.: Public Relations Club, UBS, NAACP. GOODMAN. GARY STEVEN GOSIER, TERRY SIMONE: AFROTC, NSA, Dean ' s List GREEN, ANN THELMA: Society of Woman Engineers, AIIE. GREEN, RENAE MARIE: RA, Dorm Government, LTP. GREEN, TAMMY: Dean ' s List, Miami Film Club. GREENBAUM, JANET E. GRECO, MARIA TERESA: Alpha Lambda Delta, Court Justice. GREENBERG, AMY SUE GREENBERG, CYNTHIA REBECCA GOOSMAN. STANLEY: Physical Therapy Club President. GREER-BELT, SALLY: President ' s Honor Roll, Golden Key, Professional Tennis. GROSS. THOMAS: Dean ' s List. GUILLORY, KATHLEEN T. GUNN, ROBERT E. GUTERMAN. LORI GUTIERREZ. AMY GUTSTEIN, JOSE MIGUEL: Beta Alpha Psi President, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma. FEC, Dean ' s List President ' s Honor Roll. HABER, ROBIN: Student Entertainment Committee. HAIKARA, JASON: Hurricane Editor, UM Speakeasies, Golden Key, SEC. Public Relations Club, Deans List, President ' s Honor Roll. HALL, PETER C. : Dean ' s List. Phi Kappa Phi. Golden Key, Alpha Lambda Delta. WVUM. HALL. SUSAN F. : Marching Band, Dansemble. HALLETT III, JAMES: Runners Club. Varsity Track. Varsity Cross Country. HALLIFAX, JACQUELINE: Dorm Government. Yearbook Staff, Hurricane Staff, Open Door, Dean ' s List, University Scholar, Honors Student. Privileged Studies Program. HALMAN. GARY A. : President Sociology Club. Ping Pong Team, HPS, Intramurals. HAMILTON, CAROLE CLAUDETTE: Dean ' s List. RA, Gospel Choir. Pre-legal Society, Political Science Honor Society. HANSON III. ALFRED S. : Marching Band. Tau Beta Sigma, Golden Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. HARRIS, LISA DORMAN: Yearbook Staff, News Photographer. HARRISON, GISELLE L. : Dean ' s List, Pre-legal Society, Bowling Team, UM Timette, Scuba Club. Intramurals, HPS, Homecoming Chairperson, Dorm Government, Psi Chi. HARRY, JENNIFER LYNCH: Dorm Government. HART. JOHN JOSEPH: Dean ' s List, Sailing Club, MUGS, Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta Mu, Beta Beta Beta. HARVEY, BARBARA HASBUN, JORGE A. HAYNES. LAURA HEASTER. CINDY: Homecoming Executive Comm., Carni Gras Executive Comm. , Program Co uncil, SOS, Dorm Government. HEILICHER, JAMIE HECHT. AMY CAROL: Cross Country Team, AMA. HEINZ, GERALD J. : Golden Key, Pre-legal Society Treasurer, Dean ' s List. USBG Senator. HELLER, NEAL R. : Hurricane Staff, Dean ' s List. HELLER. RICHARD ALLAN: Phi Theta Kappa. HENCK, KARL G. : SEC, Rathskellar, RA, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Theta Mu, Phi Kappa Phi. Golden Key. HERMAN, MARTIN: Dean ' s List, Golden Key, AMA, Latin American Association. HERNANDEZ, ELENA: Dean ' s List. Kiwanis Club, Pre-Dental Society. Biology Club, FEC. HERNANDEZ. EMILIO: Golden Key, Alpha Epsilon Delta. HERNANDEZ, JOSE A. : President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Sailing Club, Tau Beta Pi. HERNANDEZ, LUCIA M. ESPINO HERNANDEZ. MIGUEL A. HERNANDEZ, RICARDO L. : Dean ' s List. HERNANDEZ, WILSON R. HERNANDEZ-OMANA, GERMAN HESS, DONNA HIGIER, LOUIS WILLIAM SCHINE HILLARD, BARBARA: NSA Honor Society, International House Member. HIRSCH. JULI: Golden Key, Alpha Lambda Delta. AMA, Dean ' s List. HIRSCHMAN, CHARLES ALAN: Varsity Football. Vice-Pres ident Gridders Club, USBG Senator. HODGES, JOY LYN: Dorm Government, Omicron Delta Kappa, USBG Vice-President, USBG University Affairs Secretary. Senior Index 403 HOFFMAN, JENNA K.: Delta Delta Delta, Bat Girl. Hurricane Honey. HOFFMEISTER, MARK ALAN HOOVER. MELBA N. HONIK, ABRAHAM WOLOZNY HOROWITZ. GABRIELA E. HUDSON. ROSALYN VANESSA HUFFMAN, JUDY: Dorm Government. Scuba Club Vice-President, Dean ' s List, Sociology Club Secretary, Co-Chairperson ' SB Week. IBARRA, HERMINIA M. : Psi Chi Vice-President, Delta Theta Mu. IGLESIAS, MARINA LAURA: FEC, USBG, Beta Alpha Psi, Golden Key. ILTER, JOHN AZIZ: ASCE President, CE Honor Society, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key. ITURREY, MARCELINO: Dean ' s List, Beta Alpha Psi Treasurer. IVANIER, JANET BERNICE: Pre-Legal Society. JACKOWITZ, ROBERT L. : FUBAR, Dean ' s List, Phi Gamma Delta, Intramurals. JACKSON, ALETHA JAMETTA JACOBS. MARSHA H. JACOBS, MANCY LEIGH: President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Hillel. JACOBSEN, KURT R. : President Scuba Club. JADULLAH. MOHAMMED O. JALBERT, MICHAEL DAVID JAMES JR., COLIN JASSEM, AL-BANNAI JEFFREY, BARBARA ELIZABETH: Sigma Alpha lota President, Secretary, Chaplain, Delegate, EAI Sword of Honor, National Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. JENSEN, DAVID A. : Varsity Golf. JIMENEZ, OMAR: Golden Key. JOHNSON, ALAN OSCAR JOHNSON, HENRY: Alpha Phi Alpha, NAACP President, AIA, U.S. Army Officer, UBS. JOHNSON, JAMES E. : NSA. JOHNSON, MAICHAEL A.: President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Beta Gamma Sigma, Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key, Alpha Lambda Delta, Rathskellar Advisory Board, Intramurals, Y-Men Social Club. JONES, BARBARA JONES, LUANNE E. JONES, MICHAEL JURADO. ALINA M. : Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Golden Key, Phi Kappa Phi. KAAKI, 1SSAM A. KAKANIS, JOHN JOSEPH: Pike House. KAN I, JAVAD KAPLAN, BARBARA A. KAPLAN, RONALD L. KAPLOWITZ, BRETT W. : Alpha Epsilon Pi, Secretary, Vice-President, Pledgemaster, Rush Chairman, Social Chairman, Greek Week Chairman, IFC Secretary, Vice President, Attorney General, Alpha Lambda Delta, Golden Key, Who ' s Who, Order of Omega President, USBG. KARAMANLAKIS, MARIA-TINA: Dean ' s List. UM Honor Scholarship. KARAN, AMY BETH: Golden Key, Pre-legal Society, Honor Scholarship, SRA, Flammang Scholarship. KARMIN, ALAN: WVUM Sports Director, AERHO. KAROL, STEPHEN F. : ARP, Yearbook Staff. KAROUN, MARWAN K. KASKEY, LARRY: Dean ' s List President ' s Honor Roll, Intramurals. KATCHEN, ROGER: VTS. KAVOUSIFARD, ALIREZA KAUFMAN, BENNETT G. : Dean ' s List, SEC, Rathskellar Board Chairman. KAYEN, SHARLENE: Alpha Sigma Epsilon Vice-President, Dean ' s List, SOS. KAZEROONI, FATTAH: President Karate Club. KEARNEY, MACKENZIE: President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Phi Delta Theta Sweetheart, WVUM Executive Board, Sailing Club, IBIS Staff. KELLER, PHILIP SCOTT: Dean ' s List, MDHP. KELLER, STACY BETH: Vice-President SEC, Dean ' s List, UM Scholarship. KELLY. COLLEEN F. : Ski Club, AMA, Assistant Advisor Lacrosse Club. KESSELHAUT, STUART: Intramurals. KHALIL. ESKANDARI KICHEFSKI, MARY: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Student Activity Fee Allocation Comm. , Hurricane Honey Captain. KIMBLE, BETTY JANE: Dean ' s List, Homecoming Comm. KIMBROUGH, JEROME JACK: President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Joan Handleman Sadoff Award, Henry King Stanford Award, Merit Scholarship, Open Door, National Dean ' s List. KINKEAD, KIMBERLY D. : Geodyssey Treasurer, Vice-President Soccer Team, Dean ' s List, Kappa Kappa Gamma. KIRK, BRUCE B. : Dean ' s List, Intramurals, Ski Club. KISROW, SCOTT L. : Dean ' s List, Singing Hurricanes, Phi Mu Alpha. KISSANE, JOSEPH THOMAS: Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Golden Key, Pre-legal Society. KLEIMAN, SHERRI: Alpha Sigma Epsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, CEC, Dean ' s List, Delta Gamma. KLEIN, SHARON IRIS: Dean ' s List, Pre-legal Society. KLEIN, STUART: Dean ' s List. KLEINFELD, SHARON: Pre-legal Society Secretary, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. KLUPT, DENISE SCHWARTZ KNIGHTON, RICHARD M. : Dorm Government, Scuba Club, Ski Club. Board of Directors Ski Club. KOPELMAN, JAY: Intramurals, Wrestling Club, Varsity Cheerleader. KOPSON, STEVE J. KORKMAZ, ALI ILTEKIN KORUS, MITCHELL PAUL: Dean ' s List, Pre-legal Society. KOVALSKI, BETTY KRAMER, RANDY: Chairperson of the PM Pump Center, Recreational Specialist. KRAUSE, RICK A.: President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s AOA Senior Index llfe List, Golden Key. KREISBERG, MARJORIE S. : SOS. Yearbook Staff, Film Club. KRENSKY, LESLIE LOU: Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Golden Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta Mu. KRESTON, JUDY ELLEN: AMA. KRUK. MICHAEL S. : Sigma Chi, USBG, Scuba Club. KUDEVIZ, LORI B. : Student Council Rep. KULZ. ERIC WILLIAM KUHN. SANDRA MARIE: Honors Program. KUNIS, MURRAY S. KUPPERBERG, DIANE MARA: Council for Exceptional Children, SOS. LACAL. ANA LOURDES: Mortar Board, Public Relations Club. LACHMANN, ERICH E.: Alpha Tau Omega Treasurer. Scuba Club. LADWIG, MANFRED LAGO, JESUS A.: Beta Alpha Psi LAIBSTAIN, SHELLEY ANN: Tennis Team, Dean ' s List, Suntanning. LAND, WLATER RAMON: AIA, Dean ' s List AIA Scholarship. LANG, JEREMY M. : Dean ' s List, Honor Scholarship, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Hurricane Staff. WVUM, WVTS, CA. News Director, WVUM-Sp. B2 LANGSTON III, WLATER JAMES: Golden Key, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List. LARA, ANA ESTHER: College Register, Dean ' s List, Peer Advisor, FEC, Roadrunners, MUGS. LARAIA. WILLIAM A. : Dean ' s List. LAOS, SUSANA E. : President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, LASA. Golden Key. LAVIELLE. ANA MARTIN LAVIN. ADIELA: Honor Scholarship. LAWRENCE, RICHARD M. : Pi Sigma Alpha. Phi Alpha Theta, Dean ' s List, Golden Key, Pre-legal Society, Tour Guide, Delta Sigma Pi Vice-President, Hurricane Staff, Academic Planning Council. LAZOU, JOSEPH PAUL LEBLANC, STEPHEN CRAIG LECLAIR, MICHELLE ROSEMARY: Geodyssey Vice-President, Dean ' s List, Soccer. LEE, PATRICE A. : Presidential Scholar, Honor Scholarship, RA, Scuba Club. LEE, RAYMOND S. : Golden Key, Pre-dental Society, Dean ' s List President ' s Honor Roll. LEIBOVITZ, BARBARA L. : SEC Chairperson, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister. LEIFER, AMY: Dean ' s List. LEMEHAUTE, ANNE: Kappa Kappa Gamma Vice President, Delta Sigma Pi, Panhellenic Rush Chairman, Rho Lambda, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Chi Little Sister. LENIHAN, CAROLYN M. LENTZ. GEORGE WILLIAM LEON, ARCADIO: Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Dean ' s List. LEON, CONNIE LEOPARD, MATTHEW GILBERT: Honor Scholarship, Vice-President Biology Club, MUGS. LERMA, MARLINA: Dean ' s List, French Club. LERNER, MICHAEL ALAN: AMA, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. LEVIN. EILEEN KAREN: Cheerleader, Hurricane Honey. LEVINE, ALLEN MARC: Dean ' s List, Tour Guide, Chairman Parking Appeals. LEVINE. BRIAN: Tennis. Golden Key, Intramurals. LEVINE, CAROL T. : Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Batgirl. LEVINE, IVY MARIE: Dean ' s List, Sigma Alpha lota Vice-President, Editor, Phi Mu Alpha, Honor Scholarship, Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Miss Miami 2nd Runner Up, Miss UM 3rd Runner Up. LEVINE. JOSEPH MARTIN: Vice-President Ski Club, Lacrosse. LEVINE, KAREN S. LEVINE, MARGIE F. LEVINE. RICHARD M. : Scuba Club. LEVY, IVIE ELLYN: Chi Omega Chairman. Open Door. Rho Lambda. LEVY, MADELYN JEAN: Dean ' s List. LEVY, MITCHELL A. : USBG Cabinet. Yearbook Staff, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Mortar Board, Golden Key, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who ' s Who, Alpha Lambda Delta, Honor Scholarship. LEVY, VIRGINIA B. LEWIS, DAWNN: Dean ' s List, Alpha Psi Omega, Music Honors Society, Ring Theater Productions. LEWIS, SAUL BENJAMIN: USBG, Carni Gras Chairman, AEPi Chairman, Historian AEPi. LEYTE-VIDAL JR. . MARCO LICHI, EDUARDO: Golden Key, Dean ' s List, Homecoming Chairman, USBG. LINDEN, MICHAEL KEITH: Open Door. SRA. USBG, Psy Chi, Sigma Chi. LINDSEY, JACK K. : Dean ' s List. LIO, MARY ELLEN: Karate Club. Catholic Student Ministry, HSO. KIPAY, ALAN J. : USBG, USBG Senator, SOS Coordinator, Dorm Government, Allocations Committee. LISS, SUSAN JANE: Carni Gras Chairperson. SEC. USBG Senator, Beta Alpha Psi, Mortar Board, Dean ' s List President ' s Honor Roll, Alpha Lambda Delta. LLANO, MANUEL R. : Honors Program. LLEONART, RAPHAEL A. : Golden Key. Dean ' s List, FEC. LLERENA, GUSTAVE D. : President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Delta Pheta Mu, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pre-legal Society. LLORENTE. CARLOS MANUEL: FEC Senator, SRA, Pre-legal Society, Golden Key, Phi Eta Sigma. LLOYD. LITA YUETTE LOCKER, JAMES J. : ASPi Vice President. LOMBARD, JOHN RICHARD LOPEZ, BLANCA M. LOPEZ, JOSE RAUL LOPEZ-GOMEZ, ANA M. : Presidential Merit Award, Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta Mu, Golden Key, Biology Fellowship. LOUCKS, GREGORY E. : EAE President. Order of Omega, Dean ' s List. LOVELL, DEBORAH ANN: Dean ' s List, NAACP, . Senior Index 405 Council of Exceptional Children. LOYD, DONALD P. : Dean ' s List. LUBA, KATHIE PATRICIA: Dean ' s List. Swim Team. LUCAS, RITCHIE HARLAN: Editor-in-Chief Hurricane, Vice President Public Relations Club, Miller Beer Representative, Columbia Motion Pictures Representative, Who ' s Who, Omicron Delta Kappa, College Register, Miller Beer Campus Marketing Award, Marketing Dept. ' s Advertising Award. LUKACS, ROBIN LUNDEEN, GREGORY N. : Golden Key, Dean ' s List. Marching Band, Dorm Government, IBIS Yearbook. LUPE JR., ROBERT A. LYNCH. PATRICIA GRACE: Presidential Scholar, Dean ' s List, Angel Flight, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Theta Mu. MACHADO. GINA G. MACKAYB.. BRENDAM.: COISO, International House, Lifelines. MAGGS, MARGUERITE ANNE: President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Pre-legal Society, Intramurals. MAHDAVIAN, S. MEHDI MAHLER, TYLER W. MAHTANI. PREM H. MANDELL. JEFF: AMA, Pre-legal Society. MANEE, MOHANNED ABDULLAH MANEIRO, ALEXIS MANN. LISA JOY MANOLAKOS, PAUL MANTELL. ROSE T. MARANGOS, ELENA M. MARCELIN, YOLAINE MARIE MARIANI, PHYLLIS ANN: Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister, President, Vice President, Intramurals, Easter Seal Telethon. MARION, LISA L. : Inner Ear, Kappa Sweetheart, UBS, Miss Black Univ. of Miami, Public Relations Comm. , IBIS Associate Editor, USBG Cabinet. SOS. MARK, STEVEN W. MARTIN, MARTHA C. : Sigma Delta Chi. MARRE, VIELKA MARTIN JR., JORGE A. MARTINEZ, ALFREDO MARTINEZ, GINELDA M. MARTINEZ, MILTON: Latin American Students. MARTINEZ, REBECA C. : AED. Delta Theta Mu, Golden Key. MARTINO, LYNN MARTY, GEORGINA MARIA: Delta Sigma Pi Secretary, Faculty Chairman, FEC, Portuguese Club, Dean ' s List, School Cuuriculum Board. MAR VAN, MARK B. MASEDA, SILVIA MASOUD, SHOJAEE MASTERSON. GERRY MASUD, ROBERTO: Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma, Pre-legal Society, FEC, Dean ' s List, Honor Scholar. MATOWIK. ELLEN: Sigma Alpha lota, National Dean ' s List, Dean ' s List. Marching Band, RA. MATTOX, CRAIG STEVEN: Alpha Epsilon Pi President, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, IFC Vice-President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega, AMA. MAY, MARLENE: Alpha Lambda Delta, Golden Key, Dean ' s List, Honor Scholarship, FEC, Hurricane Staff, Update, AMA Editor. MAZZOLA, KAREN A. MCATEER, JAMES JOSEPH: ATO, Geodyssey, Geological Society. MCCABE, MARYANN: Dean ' s List, UM Speakeasies, RA, Intramural Refferee, HPS, Homecoming Comm. MCCLINTOCK, STEOHEN JAMES MCCOMSEY, LESLIE PETERS: Delta Delta Delta, Hurricane Honey, Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister, Dorm Government. MCDONNAUGH, ANDRE: USBG, Strictly Business. SOS, Inner Ear Coordinator, NAACP, Kappa Alpha Psi. MCDONOUGH, THERESA MARIE: Dean ' s List, Flammang Scholarship. MCGINLEY, MARGARET JANE: Scuba Club, USBG Senator, Photo Editor IBIS, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. MCINTYRE. KEVIN CHARLES: Dean ' s List, Hurricane Slaes Representative. MCKEEVER, JANET R. MCKENZIE, CLAUDE MICHAEL: Wind Ensemble, Marching Band. MCLOUGHLIN, MICHELE VALERIE: Biology Club, Golden Key, Pre-legal Society, Psi Chi, Delta Theta Mu, Mortar Board Historian, Sociology Club, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. MCNARY, MARGARET MEDINA, MARICELA: Roadrunners, Alpha Phi Omega, French Club, FEC. MELAMED, SHERRI B. MENDEZ. ALBERTO E. MELTZER, MARTIN: IBIS Photographer, Hurricane Staff, Pre-legal Society, Dorm Government, USBG Campaign Comm., Intramurals. MELTZER, RONNI IRENE: Dean ' s List, National NSA, Sigma Theta Tau. MERCER, " DON " : Senator USBG, Microdots. MERMELSTEIN. STUART SAMUEL MESA, JOSE F. METRY, MICHAEL N. MILANES, JORGE ANTONIO MILLER, ANDREW M. MILLER, GREGORY J. : Ultimate Frisbee, WVUM. MILLER, MANDY ELIZABETH: President Pi Delta Phi, CASAA Scholar, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, COISO Cabinet Member, Henry King Stanford Scholar. MILLER, MICHELLE: Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean ' s List, National Dean ' s List. MILLER, SANDRA LOUISE: Sigma Delta Tau, President, Rho Lambda, Phi Beta Lambda, Greek Week Executive Committee, Alpha Epsiion Pi, President, Alpha Epsilon Pi Sweetheart. MILLER. TERESA ELAINE: Beta Alpha Psi, Golden Key, Dean ' s List, AICPA, Honor Scholarship. MILLER. WENDY S. : Honor Scholarship. milo. 1 Wphal 40S Senior Index L MILO. SCOTT G. : Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. Alpha Lambda Delta. MILSOP. PATRICK K. MINIMIS. STEFFI ANN MIRABAL. ASDRUBAL J. MIRAMDA. MANUEL B. MIRANDA, REYMUNDO JESUS: Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi. MIRCHANDANI, BINA: COISO, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean ' s List, Roadrunners, Miss UM Finalist. MIRCHANDANI, NARESH J. : Dean ' s List President ' s Honor Roll, Merit Award, Alpha Lambda Delta, Psi Chi Treasurer, COISO, WVUM DJ. MITCHELL, THOMAS CLIFTON: Honors Program, French Club, Jazz Band, Hurricane Staff, COISO, Dean ' s List. MITROPOULOS. MARIA DEL CARMEN: Dean ' s List, UM Scholarship, College Register. AMA, Diving Team. MODAFFERI, KATHRYN M. MOHAMMED, ALSAKER MOHAMMED, GONEEM MOHAMMED, MEHMADI MOLLER. LOURDES M. : Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Hurricane Entertainement Editor. MONAHAN, CHRISTOPHER L. : Lacrosse, Dean ' s List. MONROE, CATHY SUE: Human Services Organization. MONSCHEIN, KAREN JOYCE: RA, Marching Band, Symphony Orchestra. MONTERO, IRENE BELKYS: Dean ' s List, FEC. MONTZ. CRAIG LEE: Dean ' s List, Golden Key, Phi Eta Sigma, President Pre-Law Honor Society, Psi Chi, Omicron Delta Epsilon. Phi Beta Lambda, USBG, Roadrunners, Pre-legal Society. MOORE. VELMA MORA, EUSEBIO M. MORALES, LUIS RICARDO MORAN. DANIEL L. MORAN, JOHN MICHAEL: Sigma Chi, Runners Club, American Italian Club, Dean ' s List. MORELLA, MINERVA COCOS MORGAN, MARGOT: Dean ' s List. MORGAN, MARK W. MOROS, PEDRO FERNANDO MORRIS, MICHAEL T. MORRIS, SCHERI MORLAINE: Captain Hurricanettes, NSA, Dean ' s List. MOSS. NATHAN DELOYD MOUNTS, CATHY LORRAINE: Alpha Kappa Psi, UBS Black Kittens, Basketball, Gospel Choir, Marching Band, Strictly Business, Band Most Outstanding Award. MULLOWNEY, WILLIAM J. : Sigma Chi, Kappa Kappa Gamma Sweetheart, IFC Senator, USBG Executive Cabinet, USBG Treasurer, President, SAFAC, Intramurals, Board of Student Publications, LTP, Campus Sports Advisory Committee. MUNIZ. ARTURO J. : Dean ' s List. Alpha Pi Mu. Phi Delta Theta. MUNIZ, EDUARDO MURATORI, FRANCESCA: Phi Theta Kappa, French Club, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key, Henry King Stanford Scholar. MURILLO, PATRICIA A. MURPHEY, BRETT R. MURRAY, GORDON CHARLES: Roadrunners. UBS. Dean ' s List, MAP, TKE Honors, Black Lawyers of Tomorrow President. MURRAY, MARK: Hurricane Staff, WVUM DJ, WVTS Production Assistant, Karate Club. MUSSMAN, MARLA: Beta Alpha Psi. Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean ' s List, Zeta Beta Tau, Sigma Delta Tau. USBG. MUSCHETT, SHEILA MYERS. CRAIG G. : President USO, Film Assoc. . President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Lambda Delta, TA, Leisure Recreation Instructor. NAGLE, JOHN HAROLD: Dorm Government. Dorm Allocations Committee, Dorm Senator. Board of Governors, Hurricane Staff, MUGS, Dean ' s List. NAHER. RICHARD P. : Dean ' s List, Intramurals. MUGS, Scuba Club. NAHMAN. KENNETH: Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Alpha Lambda Delta. Beta Alpha Psi. NAPOLITANO. MARC ANGELO NAOI, ANWAR NAYA, DAISY: President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma. NELSON JR., EASTON O. : AERho, TA, Manager of Film Studio. NELSON, LORI: Basketball, Softball Team. NAMEROF, CARLA SERVIN: Carni Gras Executive Committee, Dean ' s List. NEUMAN, JOEL DAVID: President Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice-President Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Delta Theta Mu, Golden Key, Alpha Epsilon Delta, President ' s Honor Roll. NICOLAU. JOY ALICE: NSA. NISENHOLE. ALAIN NOGUERA. OMAR E. NORDBY, PER HARALD: Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key, Outstanding Business Law Student. NORKUS, CINDY ANN NORKUS. CINDY ANN: NSA, Sailing Club. Intramurals. NORTHRUP. MICHAEL DRISCOLL: President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Marching Band, Alpha Kappa Psi. NOVICK. TAMI: Dean ' s List, Psi Chi, Golden Key. NUTTER, DAVID NWADIKE, NAOMI O ' CONNELL, MARIANNE M. : Delta Gamma. Golden Key, Sigma Chi Little Sisters, Dean ' s List, Hurricane Honey. OLIVE. JOSE ANTONIO: President ' s Honor Roll, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu. IEEE, EEN Honor Award. OLIVERA, DAISY M. : Hurricane Staff, Sigma Delta Chi Officer, French Club, Yearbook Staff, News Commentator, Alpha Sigma Chi, Miss UM Finalist. OLMO, JOHN: Dean ' s List, Golden Key. OLSON. ELIZABETH HELEN: Miss UM Finalist. Tri Delta, Honor Scholarship, Gymnastics, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List. ONDI, PETER: Intramurals. ONUSKA, STEPHEN: Marching Band, School of Senior Index 407 Music Student Council, Frisbee Club, SEC. CPPENSTEIN. ADAM: Chemistry Honor Society, Golden Key, Alpha Lambda Delta, Roadrunners President, Union Board of Governors, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List. OHABONE, KEVIN DAVID: Dean ' s List. ORAL, MEHMET SUPHI DRAMAS, JUAN E. : Dean ' s List, Golden Key, Pre-legal Society, President ' s Honor Roll. OROUTT, MITCHELL SUTTON: Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. ORTEGA, OSCAR: Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE. PACE, HENRIETTA J. : NSA. PACHECO, ALVARO JOSE PADILLA, ELMAN ANDONY PADILLA, JOSE A. : USBG Senator, Speaker Pro Tempore, Council of Chairpersons, Soccer, FEL, Pre-legal Society. PAIER JR., OTTO A.: President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Honor Scholarship, ASC, Campus Tour Guide, Open Door, SEA-Ethics Board, Honor Scholarship. PAKRAVAN, MASSOUD PALMER, KIMBERLY: Chi Omega Treasurer, Alpha Epsilon Pi Little Sister, Homecoming Executive Comm. , Carni Gras Executive Comm. , Greek Week Executive Comm., Panhellenic Council, Union Board of Governors, Rho Lambda. PANITCH. STEVEN L. : ZBT, IFC, Greek Week Executive Committee, SOS, Intramurals, Best Pledge. PAPPAS II, WILLIAM C. PARKS, TERRY JAMES: Eta Kappa Nu. Tau Beta Pi, Presidential Scholar, National Merit Scholar. PARRISH, BELINDA: Alpha Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Psi, UBS, Strictly Business. PARSONS, JANINE H. : President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Speakeasies, Honors Day, Newsletter Editor. PASTERNACK, KIMBERLY SUZAN: President ' s Honor Roll, Delta Gamma, Dean ' s List, Physical Therapy Club. PASTORELLI, JOSEPH A. PAUL, HAROLD R. : Rathskellar. PEARCEY, VICKIE RAEANN: Alpha Kappa Alpha. Co-Captain Huricane Honies, Strictly Business, UBS. PEART. EAROL J. PEART, PAUL A. : AMA Student Ethics Board. PEEVY, DEBRA A. : Gospel Choir, Alpha Kappa Alpha. PELLICORI, MARK T. : Dean ' s List. Drama Scholarship, Honor Scholarship. PENA, AURORA J. : FEC, Dean ' s List, Honor Scholarship. PENDER, LESA D. : Alpha Kappa Alpha President, Marching Band, USBG, Senior Editor IBIS. Alpha Kappa Psi, NAACP Sevretary, UBS, Hurricane Honey. PENDRY, DALE LA RAY: Tau Beta Pi. Golden Key, Civil Engineering Honor Society, Presidential Scholar, Dean ' s List. PEREIRA. CAROL ANN PERERA, ROSA OLGA PEREIRA, VICKY S. : Dean ' s List. PERERA, LAZARA: Society of Woman Engineers, AIIE. PEREZ, ADOLFO A. CARRION PEREZ, ANTONIO MARIO: Phi Theta Kappa, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Golden Key, IEEE, Dean ' s List. PEREZ, ARNALDO: Golden Key, Beta Alpha Psi. PEREZ, FELIPE CARRION: COISO Sports Director. PEREZ, FRANCISCO JAVIER PEREZ, LOURDES: French Honor Society, French Club, Treasurer. PEREZ, PATRICIA A. PERNAS, ELENA MARIA: Dean ' s List. PHILLIPS III, THOMAS DAVID: University Scholar, President ' s Honor Roll, USBG. HSA. Folk Choir, ASC AIA, UM Dansemble, ODK, Orange Key. PIEDAD, MELENOLEZ MARIA PIERCE, HUNTER A. : Pre-legal Society. AMA, President of FUBAR, Intramurals, USBG Governor, Dean ' s List, Hurricane Staff, IBIS Staff. PIERRO, NANCY KATHLEEN PIMSTEIN, ANDRES LEONEL: President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Phi Beta Lambda, Intramurals. PINER, DORA: President ' s Honor Roll, Council for Exceptional Citezens. PINIELLA, CARLOS J. PISEGNA, JOSEPH: Presidential Scholarship, HSA, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Theta Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key, Beta Beta Beta. PISHEH, AHMED S. PITA. BELEN M. : Golden Key. PITTALUGA. RODOLFO: SOS, Alpha Lambda Delta, IBIS Staff, Delta Sigma Pi, Dean ' s List. PLOTKIN, NEIL L. : Dean ' s List, Pre-legal Society. POLLACK, LINDA: Dean ' s List AMA. PORTER, JAY S. POWELL, DAVID B. PROJAIN, WENDY PRATT, DANIEL G. Intramurals. PRATO, LAURA PACHECO PRATT, DANIEL PRIGNANO, THOMAS J. PRINCE, ROSE MARIE: Hurricane Honey, Hurricanettes, NSA. PUGA, J. DAVID: Eta Kappa Nu, UM Honors Scholarship. PUGH, JULIA CAPPS PUPA, M. LOURDES: Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean ' s List, Presidential Honor Roll, Academic Excellence, NSA. PURAS, CARLOS A. PUZIO, PATRICIA PUZNIAK JR., THOMAS J. PYRON JR. , CHARLES L. QUINTERO, ANA MARIA QUINONES, DEBRA A. RABINOVICH-DOBKIN, IDA: Dean ' s List, Registration Worker. RACICOT, CATHY LEE REDCLIFF, J. BENTLEY: WVUM DJ, Sailing Club, USBG, Bowling League, Alpha Tau Omega. RAISMAN, HELENE BRENDA: Dean ' s List. President ' s Honor Roll, Golden Key. •40B Senior Index ■ m MbtL dl ( I RALLO, JERRY RAMOS. ROLANDO: President ' s Honor Roll. Golden Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Lambda, Beta Gamma Sigma. RAPALLO. KAREN RASKOSKY, DANIEL E. REDHWAN, SAMEER B. REILLY. CHRISTOPHER J. : Lacrosse President. REILLY. MAUREEN E. : Lifelines, NSA. RENICK, STEPHEN EARL: President Phi Beta Lambda, Speakeasies, Dorm Government, Dean ' s List, Vice-President Pre-legal Society. REPHUN, DONNA RAYNOLDS. EILEEN MARY: President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Delta Gamma President, Rho Lambda, UBOG. RHODES, STEVEN CRAIG: Dean ' s List, Pre-Dental Club. RICE. ARLEEN E. RICHARDSON-GOMES, DOROTHY E.: Who ' s Who, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa. Golden Key, USBG, UBS, Alpha Sigma Epsilon, NAACP, Basketball. RICHMAN, MITCHEL B. : Sigma Chi. Dean ' s List, Pre-legal Society, Public Safety, Karate Club, USBG. RIGBY. EDMUND ST. GEORGE: Beta Gamma Sigma. President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Honor Scholarship. RILEY. DONNA AMELIA RISKIND. GLORIA M. RIVERA, VIVIAN MARY: President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, FEC, Secretary FEC, Golden Key, French Club. ROBERTS, GEOFFREY D. : Dorm Government, ASCE Treasurer, Homecoming Executive Comm. , Karate Club, Intramurals, CEHS. ROBINSON. SONYA: Dean ' s List, UM Symphony. ROCA, JOSEPH S. RODRIGUE. MICHAEL SCOTT: Football. RODRIGUEZ. ALINA: University Scholar, President ' s Honor Roll, Delta Theta Mu, Golden Key, Honor ' s Student. RODRIGUEZ, BRUCE RODRIGUEZ. CECILIA YVONNE RODRIGUEZ, LISABET: French Club, FEC. RODRIGUEZ, MARIA A. : Pre-Dental Club, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, FEC, Biology Club. RODRIGUEZ, MARIA TERESA: Psi Chi, Delta Theta Mu, Roadrunners, Dean ' s List. RODRIGUEZ, MARIA ELENA: Alpha Lambda Delta. RODRIGUEZ. PEDRO B. : FEC Executive Board, Biology Club, Dean ' s List, Chemistry Club. RODRIGUEZ. RAQUEL A. : Presidential Scholar, Honors Student, Delta Theta Mu, Golden Key, Pre-legal Society Vice-President, President ' s Honor Roll. ROJAS. EDDYMAR ROMANOFF. RICHARD IVAN: Delta Sigma Pi President, Carni Gras. Tour Guide. USBG. Beta Alpha Psi, Dorm Government. ROMERO, BERNARD: Alpha Lambda Delta, Golden Key, UM Scholarship, Pre-legal Society, AMA, Dean ' s List. ROMERO. MARITZA B. : AMA, Dean ' s List. RONSHAGEN. CHARLES STUART: Sailing Club Officer, Microdots. ROSE. DAHLIA ALISON: International House Award. ROSENBERG. DEBRA M. : Golden Key, Alpha Lambda Delta, Psi Chi. ROSENZWEIG. SHARON ANN: Delta Theta Mu. Nu Kappa Tau, Phi Kappa Phi. Golden Key. Vice-President Film Association, Film Series. ROSHETSKI. WLATER: WVTS. ROSS. STEPHANIE LOUISE: President MUGS. Geodyssey Treasurer, Sailing Club, IBIS Staff, Dorm Government, Alpha Lambda Delta, Omicron Delta Kappa, University Scholar, Dean ' s List. ROTH. ELYSE A. : Golden Key. Pump Club. ROSTHAL, SUSAN ROULETT, JOHN PATRICK ROY. TOD R. ROYERO, ARMANDO MIGUEL ROZENBERG, JEFFREY S. : Dean ' s List, Intramurals. RUA DE LA, HUMBERTO: Dean ' s List, Golden Key, Lifelines, FEC, Intramurals, Pre-dental Club. RUBIN, RENEE LYNN RUCH, SUSAN GRACE: Dean ' s List, Sigma Delta Chi. RUDY, KAREN M. : HSA Treasurer, University Scholar, Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Kappa Phi. Delta Theta Mu. RUSSELL. SIDOWIA J. RUSSO, MICHAEL: USBG Senate, SOS, ASCE. Microdots. SABATES. MARIO A. : AED, ALD, Dean ' s List, Intramurals. SALAMAH, GHAZI D. SALDIVAR, FRANKLIN R. SALGUEIRO, SYLVIA MARILYN SALL, BRANDON R. : Dean ' s List. President ' s Honor Roll. SALLEY, MARK KEVIN SALM, DAVID B. SAMBERG, SHERRI ROBIN: Dean ' s List. President ' s Honor Roll, Israel Action Comm., Hillel, Jewish Student Union, Pre-legal Society, Golden Key. SAMTER. NAOMI: Dean ' s List Golden Key, Sailing Hurricanes. SANABANI, PIUS KOROBE SANCHEZ, IGNACIO E. : Vice President CEHS. Secretary ASCE, Dean ' s List. SANCHEZ, LOURDES M. : Beta Alpha Psi. Pre-legal Society. SANCHEZ. LUTGARDA E. SANCHEZ. MARIA VIRGINIA SANCHEZ, RAFAEL MARIO: Pi Tau Sigma. Dean ' s List. SANCHEZ, TERESITA L. SANCHEZ, WILLIAM JOSE: Golden Key, Phi Eta Sigma, Pre-legal Society, SEC. Roadrunners, Intramurals. SANDER, TIMOTHY GEORGE: Vice-President Beta Alpha Psi, Dean ' s List. SANDLER, BRAD: Golden Key. AMA. SANDLER. STACY: Council of Exceptional Children. Senior Index 409 SANDS, MARIANNE LYNN: Delta Delta Delta, Lambda Chi Little Sister, Marching Band, Dean ' s List. SANDS, WENDY GALE: Key Club, Organization for Jamaican Unity. SANJUR. ALMA R. : Alpha Epsilon Delta, Golden Key, Circle K, FEC. SANTA MARIA, MARIA V. SANTANA, LISSET: Dean ' s List. SANTANA, RORY JOHN SANTIAGO, GLORIA ANN SANTIAGO, GRACE C. : French Club, International House. SANTONI, AIDA OLIVETTE: Homecoming Executive Comm. Dean ' s List, USBG. SANTORO, ANE SANTOS, GEMMA I. SANZ, CAROLA SARRAIN, BARBARA J. : Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Honor ' s Student, Priviledge Studies. SAUBER, STEVEN J. : Dean ' s List National Dean ' s List, Synthisizer Ensemble, Conductor. S A VAST A, VINNI A. SAVITZ, SIDNEY R.: Dean ' s List, Dorm Government, Golden Key, IBIS Yearbook Clubs Editor, Associate Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Pre-legal Society, FUBAR-Co-Founder. SAWAMOTO, DIANE L. SAYAR, ADEL SALEH SCHAFFER. TIM EVAN: Baseball. SCHECHTER, SHARON R. SCHIAVONE. MARY LOUISE: Hurricanette, Tau Beta Sigma, Mortar Board, Sigma Chi Little Sister, Hurricane Honey. SCHILLING, DEBORAH SCHINDLER, KENNETH J.: WVUM Continuity Director, Sportscaster, WVUM, Hurricane Staff, Dean ' s List, Athletics Edi tor — 1 SB2 IBIS Yearbook. SCHINDLER, STEVEN H. SCHMEKEL, LARS M.: USBG, Dean ' s List, Hurricane Staff. SCHMID, MARTHA JANE: Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Roadrunners. SCHMIDT, THOMAS C. : Karate Club. SCHNAEDELBACH, MARIA CARIDAD: Pre-legal Society. SCHNEIDER, ROBIN NANCI: Tennis SCHRAGER, DOUGLAS BENJAMIN: Pre-legal Society, Zeta Beta Tau, IFC. SCHURDAK, MARK E. : Golden Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Scuba Club, Research Assistant. SCHUSTER, ETHEL SCHWAUE, JUDITH M.: Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean ' s List, Chi Omega Secretary, Intrarnurals. SCHWARTZ, LOUISE F. SCHWARTZ, ROBERT MARK: Dean ' s List. SCHWERERT, HECTOR F. SCOLLARD, CAROLINE: Dean ' s List. SCOTT. MARCIA E. SCUOTTO. SANDRA C. SEMIOLI, THOMAS: Dean ' s List, Public Relations Club. SENIOR, HOWARD: Soccer Team, Memorial Scholarship. SERRALLES, DORA ANN SERRANO, PATRICK F. SHALET, PHYLLIS J. : Student Entertainment Comm, Human Services Organization, Dean ' s List. SHAPIRO, BONNIE J.: IEEE, SWE. SHAPIRO, IRA E. : Tau Kappa Epsilon, Order of Omega Treasurer, BACCHUS, Campus Tours, Circle K. SHAPIRO. LORI KIM: Phi Eta Sigma, Rho Lambda, Golden Key, Mortar Board, Sigma Delta Tau, Sigma Chi Little Sister, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SHAPIRO. TINA SHARP, MARIANA P. : Hurricane Staff, Sigma Delta Pi. SHECHTMAN, NEIL STUART: Dean ' s List, Golden Key, Biology Club, Honors Scholarship. SHEERIN, MICHAEL SCOTT: President Med. Tech. Club, Intramural Athlete of the Year, Vice-President Sigma Alpha Epsilon, IFC, CSR Advisory Board. SHELAPINSKY II, WILLIAM: Dean ' s List. SHELL, THOMAS DEMPSEY: Golden Key, HSA. Scuba Club Treasurer, RA. SHERIDAN, ANN MAI: Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Psi Omega, Dean ' s List. SHEVLIN, BARRY TED: Pre-legal Society. USBG, SOS, Dean ' s List. SIMBERKOFF. MELANIE LISA: IBIS Staff. SIMMONS, MICHAEL M. : Dean ' s List, President Geodyssey. SINETAR, ANDREW: WVUM Sportscaster, FUBAR, IBIS Organizations Editor. SIROLLI, LISA M. : Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. SISSKIND. MICHAEL M. SKAKANDY, STEPHEN C. SMALL. BELINDA A. : Alpha Kappa Psi, Strictly Business, Gospel Choir, NAACP, UBS. SMIDH, BRENDA LOIS: SAFAC, COSO, Who ' s Who, Omicron Delta Kappa, UBS, USBG, MDHP, Lecture Series, Marching Band, SOS. SMITH, EARROL ANDY: ASME. SMITH, KENNETH MOORE SMOKLER, SANDRA KAY: Dean ' s List. President ' s Honor Roll, Pre-legal Society, Speakeasies, Golden Key, Honor Scholarship. SMITH, SIMON MARTIN A. : Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Student Faculty Board, Academic Affairs Committee. SOFIA, THEODORE C. : Special Event Secretary, USBG, Program Council, Rathskellar Advisory Board, 1981 Honorary Award, Outstanding Service Award. SOGGE, DALE R. : President Pi Tau Sigma, Vice-President Tau Beta Pi, Soccer, Council of Presidents, Scuba Club. SOKOL, BRADLEY H. : Dorm President, Student Faculty Board, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Allocations Committee. SOKOL, LISA ANNE: WVTS. SOLOMON, CYNTHIA J. : Dean ' s List. SOLOMON, MELANIE E. : Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Little Sister Zeta Beta Tau, Homecoming, Hurricane Honey, Hurricane Staff, Batgirl, Carni Gras Committee, Jackson Memorial Volunteer. A 1 Senior Credits ■HBrat Hra BK 3av.j.,K n- SORI, JORGE MANUEL: AIEE. SOTO. JOSE M. SOTO, JOSE MIGUEL: Dean ' s List. Jackson Memorial Volunteer. SPENNACCHIO. SAM C. : RA. SREDNI. SALOMON STAUBER. MARSHALL E. : Golden Key, Dean ' s List. STETLER. WILLIAM E. STEVENS, WALTER ELIOT: Tau Beta Pi. ASCE. Civil Engineering Honor Society. STICH, MARK STOFF, LAWRENCE B. : Alpha Lambda Delta. Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Golden Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. STONICK, CHRIS: Microdots, AERho, Golden Key. Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, NATAS, Comedy Show Winner. STRANIGAN, BRADLEY JAMES: Golden Key, Phi Beta Phi, Beta Sigma Kappa, President ' s Honor Roll. Dean ' s List. STRAZZA, JOSEPH PHILIP: SOS, Public Safety, Bowling Club. STUFF, JOHN R. : Presidential Scholar, AFROTC, Delta Theta Mu, Phi Kappa Phi. SUAREZ. GUILLERMO SUCHMAN, SHARON BETH: Dean ' s List, Dorm Government. SULAIMAN, MOHAMED SULAIMAN. YASIN J. SULLIVAN, JUDY M. : Ski Club. Dean ' s List. SURGENOR, SALLY JEAN: Dean ' s List. SUTTEN, SCOT GAINES: Presidential Scholar, Honors Program, Dean ' s List, Intramurals, Gino ' s Lounge. SWEARINGEN, LAURA J. SWEET, MARK A. : Dean ' s List, AMA, Hurricane Staff, Carni Gras. Intramurals-FUBAR. TABATABAIE, HASSAN TABRIZI, MARZIEH TAKETOSHI, SANDRA TALANA, MARIO SAMSON TALAVERA. LOUISA ILIEANA TAMARGO, MAURICIO TANNER, BRUCE S. : SEC. Kappa Alpha Psi. Strictly Business. TANSEY, JOSEPH DONALD: Dean ' s List, EAE. TAPANES, MAYDA C. : Color Guard, Hurricane Staff, International Student Services, International House, TBS. TAUBER, SUE: Alpha Kappa Psi. Vice-President AIESEC, Phi Beta Lambda, Dorm Government, Dean ' s List, Student Faculty Board, Homecoming Executive Board. TAYLOR, SCOTT I. : Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Beta Gamma. Presidential Scholar. TEJEDA, ALINA MARIA: Elections Commission. Homecoming Committee. TENNERIELLO. PATRICIA: President ' s Honor Roll. Dean ' s List. TERK-ABESADA, SUSANA TERRILL, MARYLYNNE: President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Communications Honor Scholarship, Intramurals. THEOFILOPOULOS. HELEN DOLORES: Chi Omega Treasurer, Panhellenic Council Secretary, Rho Lambda Treasurer. Homecoming Executive Committee. Greek W eek Executive Committee. THOMAS III. JAMES O. THOMPSON, CAROLYN P. THOMPSON. JUANITA C. TILLES. ARNO WILLIAM TILLMAN, ANGEL P. TOBACK. MICHAEL JAY TOLSON, KIM B. : Captain Timettes, Dean ' s List, Little Sister SAE, Dorm Government, USBG, Carnis Gras Committee. TOOMEY, BRIAN RICHARD: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Wrestling Club. TOPPINO, LEA MARIE: Color Guard Captain, TBE. MDHP, Hurricane Honey, President of Women in Management. TORELLI. JULIUS N.: Alpha Lambda Delta. Golden Key. Alpha Epsilon Delta. TORO, DIEGO A. TORO. PATRICIA ANN: Dean ' s List, Alpha Lambda Delta. Golden Key, Mortar Board, Marching Band, Tau Beta Sigma, Chi Omega, Hurricane Staff. TORRES, EVELYN: USBG Senator, Director Miss UM, Homecoming Court. Vice-President School of Music Student Council. TORRES. LANDY LARITZA: Council for Exceptional Children, Dean ' s List. TORRES, MELBA: Dean ' s List. TOWNSEND, CRAIG R. : President UM Ski Club. TOWNSEND, SUE A. : Hurricane Honey, Manager Men ' s Swim Team, Hurricane Ski Club. TRAVIESO, SILVIA A. : Dean ' s List Honor Scholarship. Beta Alpha Psi. TRAVIESO, SUSANNA TREADGOLD JR. . GALEN EDWARD: Delta Theta Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Golden Key, President Delta Theta Mu, Singing Huricanes, Geology TA, Asst. Director of Radiocarbon Dating, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. TREIBER-HOLLODAY WENDY ANN: Tau Beta Pi, Research Assistant Chemistry. TRELLES, ALBERT N.: Pre-legal Society, Delta Zigma Pi. TRIMBLE, JERRY E. : Captain Soccer, Presidential Scholar. TULLY. JAMES MICHAEL TURKEL, YASAR OGUZ: Vice-President Turkish Students. TURNER, MARTY R. : Black Lawyers of Tomorrow, Pre-legal Society, USBG Newsletter, Council of Presidents, Miami Achievement Program. TURNER, DENNIS D. : WVUM. Alpha Epsilon Rho. Alpha Lambda Delta. TYMAN. LYNN M. UNSWORTH. SUZANNE MARIE: CEHS, SWE Treasurer, ASCE. USDIN, MONA: Dancercise, Tour Guide, Public Relations Club, Hillel. UTKUS, SUSAN M.: Dean ' s List. Senior Credits 41 1 UTSET, OFELIA M. : Dorm Government, Vice-Governor Apt. Area. VALERO, MARLENE: Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Psi Chi, Golden Key, Alpha Lambda Delta, College Register, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Alpha Kappa Psi Secretary, SOS, Roadrunners. VALIKHAN, REZA VAN FOSSEN, RICHARD R. VARELA, JULIE E. : Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, USBG, Yearbook Staff, Dean ' s List. VARGAS, BETTINA VARTANIAN, WENDY VAZIRI, BEHJAT VAZQUEZ, ISABEL CRISTINA VEAZEY, WILLIAM S. VECCHIONE, PHYLLIS T. : President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Alpha Lambda Delta, Golden Key, Nu Kappa Tau, Mortar Board, Bache and Co. Scholarship, Honor- Scholarship, RA, Rookie RA of the Year, Dorm Government, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister, Sisters of Minerva. VEZIROGLU, SELMA VIEITO III. LORENZO: FEC Historian, Pre-legal Society, Roadrunners, Runners Club, Alpha Phi Omega President, Dean ' s List. VILA, ILEANA: Alpha Epsilon Delta Historian, Secretary, Golden Key, Beta Beta Beta, FEC. VILLANUEVA. ROSA MARIA: FEC. Phi Eta Sigma. VOGEL, JEFFREY: Alpha Epsilon Pi Treasurer. VOLOSHIN, BART JAY: Golf. WALDEN, MONICA GWEN: Hurricane Staff, Hurricane Honey. UBS, Film Club. WALEED. ALMARSHOD WALKER, VALERIE CASSANDRA WALSH, JOSEPH J. WALSH, MARY E. WALTER, DONNA WALTER, MARIANNE: Dorm Government, Hurricanette, Carni Gras Executive Comm. , President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List. WALTERS. HANS DAVID: Dean ' s List, Honors Program. WAPINSKY, JOSEPH F. : Phi Mu Alpha. WARREN, DOROTHY ANN WARREN. KEVIN J. WARREN, PAMELA JAYNE WASHAH, NASSER WASKOVER, MARION S. : AEPhi Treasurer, Hurricane Staff. WASSELLE, JOSEPH ADAM WATSON, TRICIA A. WEATHERS, AMY HARRISON: Scuba Club, Geology Club. WEBB, CHARLES C. : Dean ' s List. WEBERG, ALLAN WEBSTER, AMRY AGNES WECK, DIANA: Public Relations Club. WECKER, JODY SUE: Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, AMA, Pre-legal Society. WEIN, JILL ROBIN WEINBERGER, ROBIN M. : Intramurals, SAE Little Sister President. WEINER, RUTH ELLEN WEINSTEIN, ANDREA MINDY: Mortar Board, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, President Art Assoc, Art Festival Committee. WEISBROAD, WENDY LYNN: Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Theta Mu, Pre-legal Society, Sailing Club. WEISEND II, JOHN G. : Honors Program, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Scuba Club, MDHP. WELLS, LUCY ELIZABETH: UM Symphony Orchestra, Studio Jazz Orchestra. WESSEL, THOMAS H.: Pre-legal Society, Dean ' s List. WESSINGER, KIMBERLEE RENEE: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Appellette Board, Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister, PiKA Dream Girl. WESTEN, DIANE PAULS: Honors Society, RA, President MUGS, Secretary USBG Academic Affairs. WEXLER, MARC S. : Beta Alpha Psi. Student Faculty Board, Pre-legal Society, Honors, Dean ' s List, Ski Club. WHEELER. LAURIE JILL: Golden Key, Varsity Cheerleader, Sigma Chi Little Sister. WHITE, ILENE D. WHITE, GEORGE R. : Golden Key, Political Science Honorary, Open Door. WHITE, JOHN D. : Scabbard and Blade, ROTC, Dean ' s List. WHITEHALL, MARK WHITEHEAD III, JOHN L. : AIIE Vice-President, Florida Engineering Society. WHITEFIELD, VINCENZO WHITING, ROBART ALAN: Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Gamma Sweetheart. WICHMANN, LEE WILEY: Phi Mu Alpha, Marching Band, Wind Ensemble. WIELOGORSKA, ELIZABETH: Golden Key, Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Beta Lambda, Dean ' s List, College Register. WIENER, ALICIA L. : University Scholar, Alpha Lambda Delta, Golden Key, Phi Kappa Phi. Phi Kappa Phi Vice- President, Delta Theta Mu, HSA. WILKER, DEBORAH: Runners Club, ZBT Little Sister, Hurricane Editor-in-Chief, Board of Publications, Mortar Board, Golden Key, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who, WVUM Radio Show, Women ' s Commission, Hurricane Executive Consultant, SOS. WILKINS, JAMES E. WILLARD II, WILLIAM WILLIAMS, DIANA R. : Pre-legal Society, WVUM DJ, Black Lawyers of Tomorrow. Union Board of Governors, UBS Vice-President, Alpha Kappa Alpha, LTP, Dean ' s List. WILLIAMS, IVER E. WINGFIELD, STEPHANIE JILL: President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, HSD President. WINKLER, SUSAN M. Roll. Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor WIRSHING, GRETCHEN T. WOODS, ALYSON LEE: Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Pi Lambda Kappa, Music Educators National Conference. WOOLSTON. SUSAN A. : Dean ' s List, AIESEC, Hurricanettes, Omicron Delta Epsilon. WROBBEL, WILLIAM: Golf. 412 Senior Index M ■» ■ YAGHTIN. HASSAN ALI YAFFE, ALAN YAMAMDTO, MASAMI: Dean ' s List. YAMINI, MAJTABA AMINOLROAY YAD, GEORGE D. YELIN, ANETTE: USBG Treasurer, SAFAC, CASAA, Peer Advisor, SAE Little Sister President, French Club, Pi Delta Phi Secretary, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma. YUSTE, TERESITA: Vice-President Florida Engineering Society, IEEE, MEAM Assistant Manager, Alpha Lambda Delta, Golden Key. ZAFIS. ELLEN LOUISE: Chi Omega, Sailing Club. Bowling League. ZAGALES. ALFREDO: Presidential Scholar, Honors Program, Alpha Lambda Delta, Honors SA, Dean ' s List, Delta Sigma Pi. ZAMUDIO, MARISELA: Dorm Government, RA. ZARRAGA, MANUEL DE ZEITCHICK, PAMELA ZENGELER, WILLIAM A. ZIBA. SHAHRAM ZIMMERMAN, SHERI JAN: Little Sister Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ZINNI, PAUL S. : Dean ' s List. ZITO, MICHAEL: AERHO. ZORN, CAROLYN JOY: Golden Key, AMA, National Dean ' s List. ZUKER. HARRY H. : Intramurals. ZURBARAN, ERNESTO Congratulation to the Class of from the 1 982 IBIS Yearbook Staff Senior Index 413 An Index, of the Content Variety AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Abeloff 51 Academics Section 1 0-S1 Activities Section 62-1 33 Alpha Epsilon Phi 240 Alpha Kappa Alpha 342 Alpha Kappa Psi 381 Alpha Lambda Delta 368 Alpha Sigma Phi ' " Alpha Tau Omi AMA Angleton A Apple. . . A p|r- 0 : Apple Poli V Ash Athletics 5Cth3fl Bagel Emporium Baseball. . ' Sk ' ijvyl Team laske Mens . . . Women ' s Team . Bat Girls Becker . . Beta Alpha Psi Black Cult Month . . .- V Board of Publications Brett " " Wv BreezevyWtfVK; Bud Superepoi Butl ' eT iTKvi ccccccccccccco Carni Gras.. 1 28-1 33 Grod p j jg J S Car Washing " Changes in I nt-.iti,|ri.«ft , , _ — i Check CashinQ. fQw •WVAv-r Chi Omega . . . $$ AJ§of _gs;3t? Circle K 5 vV 7 2 " 70 Clegg ? x C $iN;- Closing Coconut G n o tu g O 5iS£ 1 0S ConcerteTtTT. . . _. , .,- ... _v ' 2B-S2 DDDDDDODDI Dadeland _ J354. Delta Gamma 335 Delat Sigma Pi 252, 253 Dorm Life 90, 31 EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Eaton Government 363 FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Faculty 28-4 1 Fletcher 53 Football 1 62-20-4 McKenry 2B Mentschikoff 42, 43 Metrozoo 11 O, 111 Midcrodots 344 Midday Recess S3 Moral Majority Debate. . 56, 57 Mullowney 46 Franken and Davis . . . . 84 552 142, 143 LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LAS 343 Laundry Room 1 03 Levy 4g Lifelines 58, 53 Lipman 40 Longino 34, 35 Lopez 47 MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Mattox 52 SAEAG Pfr-r: 330 SandlBEV , • • 21 SjStSilEz. " Club Seaquarium 1 0E Senior Index 333-41 3 Senior Section 30B-41 3 Sheeder 20 5hort 22 Sigma Chi 24 1 Sigma Delta Tau 243 Sixty-eight Government . . . 263 Ski Club 273 Soccer 1 60, 161 Team 336 SDS 334 Speakers 54-57 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx no xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY no yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy no zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 414 Content Index I J .264 1256 Some Closing Thoughts From the " Sidman " . . . Before this book closes out, I ' d like to take care of some unfinished business. I have quite a few personal thank you ' s to do, so without any further ado here they are. Lets start out with my professional thanks and then we will work down to a more personal level. I ' d like to thank the Board of Publications for giving me the opportunity to be editor of the IBIS. It hasn ' t always been an easy job Ccome to think of it, it was never an easy job!], but looking back I ' d have to say that the pleasure was worth all the pain. A special thanks must go to my advisor, Raymonde Bilger who is an absolute delight to work for. I hope that we can do it again sometime. I must also thank the two people who taught me everything I needed to know about putting out an IBIS, my predecessors Bonnie Israel and Judy Dan; and Judy, thanks for always being just a phone call away. To my staff, what can I say? We did it, and did a pretty good job while we were at it. You all did a super job, but a few of you stood out from the rest. Maggie and Robin, you two were superb — I don ' t think any other photo editors could have survived without a darkroom for an entire semester. Amy J. , I ' m so glad you decided to leave the Hurricane and join our party. You really added life to our Academics section. Amy M. Calias " Amii " , alias Avarian], you certainly were a pleasant surprise. We may not have always seen eye to eye, but if I had to start another yearbook staff I would want you to be on it. Andrea Angelo, you were a staff coordinator who responded to her job above and beyond the call of duty. You were always there to lend a helping hand — and to be a friend. If I had to pick a staff M.V. P. , it would have to be Greg Lundeen, a class guy who is also a pretty good photographer. Whenever we were in a bind we knew that we could count on Greg to pull us through. Another person who deserves much thanks is Josh Hayes whose artwork played a major role in this IBIS. There are two other staff members who I have yet to mention, Organizations Editor Andy Sinetar and Athletics Editor Kenny Schindler. When I chose you guys to be on my staff people told me that I was making a mistake having friends on my staff. Well let the world know, you guys did a terrific job. I am proud to have had you on my staff and, more importantly, proud to call you my friends. Earlier, on the IBIS page, we thanked those friends whose shoulder ' s we could cry on when things got rough. Well I ' d like to mention a few of these people. Jeff Schmidt is my oldest friend from home. We have been friends for over a decade. He is still someone I know that I can count on in a tight spot. Then there is the Pierce clan. Hunter, you are my oldest and dearest friend at U.M. Sondra, you and Hunter are such great friends, I don ' t know what I would do without you two. Last but not least there is Amy Heather Pierce, a real great person who is a great deal of fun to be with. Lets wind this up with some thanks for the Savitz family. Uncle Lenny, thanks for always being here when I needed someone — you are truely special to me. To my brother Fred, thanks for showing an interest in this yearbook — an interest that nobody forced you to have. Finally, thanks to my dad — Daniel Savitz. What can I say to you except thanks for everything. I know these last few years have been tough for you, yet you never once waivered. So as I say farewell to the IBIS and start my search for " Margaritaville " I just want to say that its been a great honor being Editor of this IBIS and I hope that everyone who looks at this book will really enjoy " experiencing " the University of Miami ... in Coral Gables! " The Sundance, Southbound and down — 1 0- 4 " Closing 415 4W play the stereo loud m v When I ' m away from the maddening crowd Smokin ' iokin ' Clowns we all are Sometimes I kinda get reew$t : " ' |i When I recieve my monthly telephone bill ut you say it and I ' ll pay it ause it just helps me to ive stay alive ' Till I see you again Survive stay alive Can ' t say where it ends Clouds lift and there are mountains be een awhile since I ' ve seen any snow Chillin ' so thrillin so good to be back Feels nice to be home for awhile Let ' s sip champagne till we break into We ' ll go dancin ' romancin ' Cause you ' re the reason I Survived stayed alive Through the thick and the thin Survice stay alive When will it all end But my bags ain ' t upa use I ' ve got to go bi But I know we ' ll both Survive stay alive Through the thick and Survive stay alive Until it all ends Survive stay alive When will it all end Survive stay alive e you again Survive (words and music by Jimmy Buffett y Michael Utley) © 1979 Coral Reefer Music BMI Crealey Music ' ' i ■416 Closing ft cisss Closing 417 Hi ■41B Closing M ♦ •:■:-• j Closing 419 ■420 Closing I ' • Closing 421 ' «-,, 422 Closing tm mi " } %£ " ; ■-.■:■■. . » Closing 423 424 Closing Closing 425 r i ■426 Closing tf il0f V Closing AST7 , " ' " : -- ' » 42B Closing ftfch — McGinley Closing 423 430 Closing s Veingard g J Closing 431 .J ■ I. WW 432 Closing Alma Mater Southern suns and sky — blue water Smile upon you, Alma Mater; Mistress of this fruitful land, With all knowledge at your hand, Always just, to honor true, All our love we pledge to you. Alma Mater, stand forever, On Biscayne ' s wondrous shore. Words by Wm. S. Lampe Music by Christine Asdurian - gj: i j, 1 • jiMmBB B ■pPBfeMW r Cfl H ? j tjysLt - - - -» r . -

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