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Bonnie L. Israel, Editor « Judy E. Dan, Associate Editor James E. Reed, Photography Editor Ellen M. Mulligan, Assistant Photography Editor Jaquehne HaUifax, Copy Editor Melody Watral, Seniors and Academics Rebecca White, Activities Christopher Floro, Sports Sid Savitz, Organizations R A R Y ;cnIve5 mH f m ' lfWfffm, ■ipippHilliPPI - ' ■•• ' ■ ' " ■ ' ■ ' -Hl ' iriWi ' ' j k! . « (7; ??!; l TTiTfiT ' !? ' - ' !;- ! ' : i i]?3x j v7y [ " -n ' ' »i« IBIS University of Miami Coral Gables, Florida Volume 54 m lli « m CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 6 ACTIVITIES CLUBS y ATHLETICS SENIORS INDEX CLOSING 18 82 182 278 366 386 .■ iK. ' i-.i-.hit tt. ' .i iLiiiaa:. j ' ■ ffffr TTT ™ " l. ' ■TW ' T ' - " " " ff!- ' i« w w " P wiP ijp«« »PWP» jpiP W 1 " imTiB III ■ I | ? WW «» " PP iBPf ilrJ piPWJW WHP ■:; i 1 «W»««raOi " «WWSaWBO(!W »B»q«WiiM m i . I A Registration mmmmk 1 17 c ( n ..y rr ... 1 ■ 18 J f activities: 19 Election 79 20 ' A a WVUM The second floor of the Student Union is the home of one of the largest organizations on campus and the only one regulated by the federal government — Uni- versity of Miami ' s campus radio station, WVUM, 90.5 on the FM dial. WVUM, which is run entirely by students, broad- casts programs geared to the diverse and unique inter- ests of a large university community. The music played is a mixture of rock, jazz, rhythm and blues, disco and classical — something for every music lover. As for the non-musical aspects of a radio station, WVUM fea- tures talk shows as well as news and sports. The sports reporting is, of course, highlighted by the play-by-play coverage of UM ' s baseball and football games. ' 22 msmmm 23 sdH 1 ' Sly Fox Larry Gelbart ' s " Sly Fox " , an updated version of Ben Johnson ' s classic satire on human greed, " Volpone " , opened the Ring Theatre ' s 1979-80 season. Set in San Francisco ' s Barbary Coast, the comic effect is typical of the American slapstick burlesque era. The play centers around Foxwell J. Sly, played by Carlos Valdes-Dapena, a lifelong con-artist who spreads the rumor that he has less than a week to live. With the help of his wily accomplice Able, played by Avi Hoffman, he convinces three gullible and greedy townspeople that they will be his sole heirs. The three, who are ultimately fleeced out of their money by the slippery pair, also sacrifice their integrity in hope of the inheritance. For example, when Sly covets the wife of one of his hopeful legatees, the usually inflamed-with-jealousy husband quickly agrees to sacrifice her virtue to greed. Another disinherits his son to gain the cherished fortune. The third, a crooked lawyer, defends Sly against the charge of rape. This lawyer is so money-mad " ... he ' d defend bank robbery as a crime of passion. " The hapless townspeople were played by Pal Albano, Joey Fortine, Felipe Martinez, Michele Franco, James Randolph and Marilee Warner. The production was directed by John Chase Soliday. The colorful turn-of-the-century scenery and costumes were designed by Kenneth N. Kurtz and Roberta Baker respectively. Community and student response to the Ring Theatre production of " Sly Fox " proved overwhelming. After a total sellout of tickets, an additional performance had to be scheduled. I 24 25 Coconut Grove I J I ifif laif Gr, 26 1 One Saturday in September UM students did not head for the beach, although the weather was typically glorious for South Florida. Instead they headed for a unique area of South Florida. The streets and sidewalks were crowded. Businesses were open and selling was enthusiastic. An easy feeling of happiness was enjoyed by everyone. Music, laughter and the smell of a variety of foods filled the air. A whole day of entertainment was planned for the Second Annual University of Miami Celebrates Coconut Grove, sponsored by USBG, SEC and PACE. The celebration began with free transportation to the Grove from the University. The continuous bus service ran from 10 am until 1 am. Once in the Grove it was bargains galore: many stores and restaurants offered dis- counts to students with UM ID ' s. Students who enjoyed roller skating could rent skates for an hour or skate their troubles away all day. After skating or shopping many people journeyed to Peacock Park for uninterrupted music and entertainment. The featured performers included the UM Jazz Band, the BG Ramblers, Peter Harris, and Robert Waugneux. The area was filled with people watch- ing the bands while they entertained. The skies were filled with baseballs, foot- balls and frisbees. Lemonade vans awaited thirsty students as the sun shone brightly. The infamous " Rocky Horror Picture Show " was offered to UM students at a discount later in the afternoon. The ' academic diversions ' continued until late in the evening and students got a taste of the Grove ' s nightlife. Whether it was their first visit to the Grove, or their hundredth, UM students proved they know how to celebrate. HWMi!i BH M i sl9f 9 L " 1 " ' -J B k) ' J H 27 Wheels 28 29 r " - I TELEPi REST ROOfv . - 1 H ; OB In the 1960 ' s, segregation referred to the highly emotional issue of separation of black and white Americans. W e have come a long way from " separate but equal. " In the 1970 ' s, segregation refers to another minority group, separated not by emotional issues, but by physical obstacles — the physically handicapped. A small step which we hop over without a thought can be a major obstacle to someone in a wheelchair. A flight of stairs can become a mountain to a person who must use braces and crutches to walk. However, with more people becoming aware of the problems of the handicapped, and new laws designed to help them, we are continuing to make molehills out of mountains. .-i " ' , A. . ,( _ rX ' In almost every building on campus, changes can be seen. Ramps leading into many classroom and resident buildings are now commonplace. Parking spaces for the disabled are placed near all major areas on campus. The faculty and staff try to accomodate many students by scheduling classes on the ground floor, or in buildings with ramps and elevators. The handicapped student has become an integral member of the campus community. They are accepted by their peers for their abilities, not their disabilities. As we enter the 1980 ' s, we still have a long way to go. We can only hope that someday the need for special accommodations for the handicapped will be completely realized. Until then, however, we must continue to help the handicapped to become not separate, but equal. 4 ' ' ,: -V J 30 5 i Superman . . . Figaro . . . Oh, God! . . . Hooper . . . Magic Flute . . . Grease . . . " Evening with Canon " ... A Clockwork Orange . . . Grease . . . " Evening with Canon . . . A Clockwork Orange . . . Heaven Can Wait . . . The Texas Chainsaw Massacre . . . Xaia ... A Star Is Born . . . Blazing Saddles . . . Madame Dery . . . Days of Heaven . . . The Goodbye Girl . . . Up in Smoke . . . Diary of a Lover . . . Tokyo Story . . . The Big Fix . . . Midnight Express . . . ; Capicorn One . . . Eyes of Laura Mars . . . Close Encounters of the Third Kind . . . Dog Day Afternoon . . . The Exorcist . . . Straight Time . . . California Suite . . . Jaws . . . Every Which Way But Loose . . . Monsieur Verdoux . . . French Film Festi- val .. . Spirit of the Beehive . . . Saturday Night Fever . . . The Donkey Skin . . . The Late Show . . . Magnum Force . . . The Invitation . . . Oh Lucky Man . . . Return of the Tall Blond . . . The Grateful Dead . . . Easy Rider . . . Le Magnifique . . . Eraserhead . . . Martin . . . The Man Who Fell To Earth . . . Nea . . . Sandakan 8 . . . Outrageous . . . Down . . . Dupont Lajoie . . . Alpha Beta . . . Jimi Hendrix . . . Garam Hawa . . . Swami . . . Anathan . . . Small Change . . . Strongman Ferdinand . . . Mastersingers . . . Wrong Move . . . Czar and Carpenter . . . Narold and Maude . . . Der Freischutz . . . Women . . . Wozzeck . . . Fritz the Cat . . . Touch and Go . . . Free Woman . . . Hispanic Heritage Week . . . Green Wall . . . Fritz the Cat . . . Touch and Go . . . Free Woman . . . Hispanic Heritage Week . . . Green Wall . . . Chuquago . . . Tommy . . . Angel . . . Exterminating Angel . . . Celine and Julie . . . Warriors . . . Great Expectations . . . David Copper- field . . . Oscar Wilde . . . The Importance of Being Ernest . . . Gone with the Wind . . . Wuthering Heights . . . Madame Curie . . . Iphigenia . . . Viva Italia! . . . Nashville . . . Groove Tube . . . Sleeper. . . The Passenger . . . Night of the Living Dead . . . Where ' s Poppa? . . .Bananas. . .Love and Death . . . Emmanuelle . . . The Devils . . . Janis . . . Young Frankenstein . . . Carnal Knowl- edge ... All the President ' s Men . . . The Married Woman . . . The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea . . . Judge Roy Bean . . . The Omen . . . On the Waterfront . . . Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde . . . Alice Doesn ' t Live Here Anymore . . . Macbeth . . . Lost Horizon . . . Little Big Man . . . Animal Crackers . . . Such a Gorgeous Kid . . . The Abdication . . . The Four Hundred Blows . . . Girlfriends . . . Psycho . . . Roseland ... La Strada . . . Black Lagoon . . . Shoot the Piano Player . . . Five Easy Pieces . . . Black Orpheus . . . King of Marvin Gardens . . . The Servant . . . Through A Glass Darkly . . . The First Time ... La Femme Qui Pleure . . . Adieu, Voyages Lents ... La Chanson de Roland . . . Les Feux de la Chandeleur . . . Raphael Ou le Debauche . . . Leopold Le Bien Aime ... La Traque ... La Sucre . . . King of Hearts . . . Ruling Class . . . The Music Lovers . . . Night of the Living Dead . . . Performance . . . Victory at Sea . . . Chloe in the Afternoon . . . The Gold Rush . . . Listz O ' Mania . . . To Die in Madrid . . . Pocket Money . . . Day for Night . . . Nights of Cabiria . . . Blind Husbands . . . Hiroshima, Mon Amour . . . Spiral Staircase . . . Pink Flamingos . . . The Ruling Class . . . Persona . . . Last Year at Marienbad . . . Brief Vacation . . . Death in Venice . . . Los Olvidados . . . Muriel . . . The Front . . . Viridiana ... La Guerre Est Finie . . . Tristana . . . Passion of Anna . . . And Now my Love . . . The Passion of Joan of Arc . . . Murmur of the Heart . . . The Steagle . . . Elvira madigan . . . The Two of Us . . . 31 Student Union 32 J There is a vast complex set in the approximate center of campus. It includes an Olympic size swimming pool, a large patio, a breezeway, two cafeterias, a bookstore, a post office, and a two-story building. It is the very nucleus of student activity. It is the Norman A. Whitten Student Union. The first floor of the Student Union is dominated by a large common room which contains an information desk, a television and seats, and Ping-Pong tables. It is almost impossible to walk through this area without being hit by a Ping-Pong ball. It is equally hard to pass by without being amazed by the number of people who have time to sit and watch Bonzana as you cram for a midterm on your way to class. Besides having Ping-Pong tables for the students of the University, the Union also has bowling lanes. For some, bowling is the opportunity to take out their frustrations on the pins, but others bowl just to have a good time and get a little exercise at the same time. Another popular recreational area is the billiards room. Some individuals are seen playing by themselves to brush up on their skills. The majority, however, are usually engaged in a match that they think of as the ultimate display of their skills. Yet another room devoted to providing an outlet for hard-working students is the game room. The pinball machines and foosball tables are found here. This section is probably noisier than bowling and billiards put together. The loud bleeps of the machines and the shouts of the zealous pinball machinists caa be heard from some distance away. Luckily for the students who ex- pend their energy in the game room, the Eye is directly across from the game room — with-in hearing distance of the pinball machines as a matter of fact. Of course, the Eye has many other patrons besides the gameroom people. It serves the more collegiate menu of hamburgers, french fries, and milkshakes. This gives the meal card holder a welcome rest from cafeteria food, as well as serving those who do not have meal cards. Another place for those not on the meal plan, as well as those who are, to get a decent meal is the IBIS cafeteria. This cafeteria is also frequented by faculty members. Here the pace is so slow and peaceful that some students study for their next class while eating. 33 i ZJOC too 34 N The Union makes provisions for meal card holders in the upperclassmen cafeteria known as the Hur- ricane. Many students spend their entire freshman year dreaming of the day when they will be able to eat in the Hurricane. Actually the greatest difference between the Hurricane and the other cafeterias is just that — no freshmen are allowed to eat in the Hur- ricane. The breezeway is an interesting, and between classes, crowded and noisy part of the Union. Organi- zations often set up tables along the sides to sell every- thing from tickets to T-shirts. Bulletin boards also line both sides of the breezeway. The Student Union provides us with the University Bookstore on the logical assumption that everyone likes to or needs to shop every once in a while. The bookstore is the most frequented part of the Union. Books and supplies are not the only things sold. Many students find it relaxing just to browse around the bookstore picking up a good buy every now and then. Just a little beyond the bookstore is something that every UM student is well aquainted with — the check cashing window. It is truly amazing how inconvenient such a convenient service can become at certain times — Friday afternoons for example. The atmosphere of the second floor of the Student Union is a little more subdued than that of the first. In addition to the International Lounge where lectures are often held and the Flamingo Ballroom where meetings, classes 35 and sera: offices: Students Homeco And it The Unt possible: I i 36 and seminars are often held, the second floor of the Student Union houses many important student offices: WVUM, COISO, the Roadrunners, Afro Center, the Federation of Cuban Students, Graduate Students Association, Environment, Orange Key, the Mortar Board Room, Omicron Delta Kappa, Homecoming and Carni Gras Committees. And it is from the second floor of the Student Union that USBG operates. The Undergraduate Student Body Government governs, represents, and makes laws for the undergraduate university community. USBG also makes possible many services: faculty evaluation, voter registration. Student Rights Agency, a gripe line, bicycle ren- tals, student emergency loans, and SEC. Student Entertainment Committee is an agency of USBG. It is responsible for the major con- certs on campus, the free movies held at the Beaumont and the an- nual Grove Day. SEC works closely with the Homecoming and the Carni Gras Committee also. The Miami Hurricane, the campus newspaper, and the IBIS Yearbook also operate from the second floor of the Student Un- ion. Both of these publications are written and edited by students. In return for furnishing some kind of memorablia for the year and relaying campus, regional, and national news these students gain journalistic skills that might have otherwise been impossible. The Student Union is appropriately named, for if there is one feature of the campus which draws the students of the University of Miami together, it is without doubt the Whitten Memorial Stu- dent Union. 37 Bookstore 38 _X- _ . i ' J 39 speakers Vincent Bugliosi, a nationally famous prosecutor and author spoke in March at the Ibis cafeteria. The Los Angeles prosecutor of the bizarre Manson murders, and author of Till Death Us Do Part, as well as the famous Helter Skelter, is also a 1956 alumnus of UM. Bugliosi went on from UM to become one of the most successful prosecutors in Los Angeles criminal courts. His record of 105 criminal courts. His record of cutors in Los Angeles criminal courts. His record of 105 criminal convictions out of 106 felony jury trials before the Manson case is spectacular. It was this spectacular record and career which served as a model for the T.V. series, " The D.A. " starring Robert Conrad. Bugliosi ' s book Helter Skelter: the True Story of the Manson Murders was on the bestseller list for 50 weeks, and Till Death Us Do Part was the Literary Guild selection in August, 1978. Bugliosi, who spent 600 hours preparing the final arguments for the Manson case, believes the difference between winning and losing a crimi- nal case to be the time spent on that case. He also firmly believes that the reason there aren ' t more convictions for crime are the inadequacies of the prosecutors and not the law. During the course of the night Bugliosi spoke of the possiblility of the Manson gang getting paroled. " I think they will get out sooner or later. Definitely. Even Manson. Maybe in another 15 years. " Benjamin C. Bradlee, executive editor of the Washington Post and author of Conversations with Kennedy and That Special Grace, spoke to a crowd of approximately 500 students, faculty and community members in September. Bradlee, who was editor over Bernstein and Woodward of Watergate fame, chose as his topic " The Power of the Press. " He did not talk of Watergate, but instead chose anecdotes from the administrations of Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. Bradlee devoted the majority of his remarks to the areas of national security, politics and personal lives. Bradlee summed up his lecture by commenting that in the newspaper business " there are a lot of complicated decisions and we anguish over them. " A lively question-answer session took place after the formal lecture; topics covered ranged from " Deep Throat " to Ted Kennedy and from Doosebury to Supreme Court decisions. 40 r -T T m m 1! UM Hosts Mexican President i period thesis, it famealx nglitsof Mt h dej road of c; i in thf " tiler, con •I ' fection. Tliisato 3s an inter, lar honor f 42 I It takes at least four years of hard study to get the University of Miami to hand out a degree. However, the Doctor of Laws Honoris is rather unique — as is the man to whom it was awarded in October, Jose Lopez Portillo y Pacheco, President of Mexico. In a ceremony at Gusman Hall, UM President Henry King Stanford presented President Portillo with the award. Dig- nitaries present included Dr. George Wise of the Center for Advanced Studies, former Florida governor Reuben Askew, Florida Senator Richard Stone, and a special representative of President Carter. After receiving the award President Portillo expressed re- gret that the degree was not accompanied by a commensurate period of study. " If I would have written the doctoral thesis, it would have been on the subject of the change that came about after the reformation, in which ideas of the rights of man evolved, " President Portillo said. President Portillo also discussed the " roads to follow " when deahng with the future. He believes that one, the road of careful planning in international cooperation, can aid in the quest for greater world peace. However, the other, continued parochialism, can only lead in the opposite direction. This attitude, which certainly exemplifies UM ' s position as an international university, is what made it such a particu- lar honor for the University of Miami to welcome so distin- quished a world figure as President Portillo. 43 Carni-Gras 44 il 45 % M 46 47 48 i J Disney World J._,ft ' «t ' Band of the Hour I B ND OF THE HOUR CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA Band Band Tokyo Pep Rally Homecoming special Events I! V " Homecoming Pamela Morrow Crowned Miss U.M. Homecoming Dance Homecoming " Around the World in Eight Days, " Homecoming 79, actually spanned an 1 1 day period. It all began on Wednesday, October 10th, with the crowning of Miss UM 1979. The third annual Art Festival, held Friday at noon on the patio, was followed by the History Contest and the Night of Comedy on Saturday and Poster Judging and Special Events Night on Sunday. Monday through Wednesday the annual Blood Drive was held in the Flamingo Ballroom. Wednesday night the annual parade, whose theme was " Wonders of the World, " was held. Thursday ' s pep rally and boat-burning set the mood for the final activities. The dance, held on Friday and featuring Kenny Rankin and M.C.ed by comedian Michael Marlin, was followed by the big clincher on Saturday — the climatic 19-8 football victory over the Boston College Eagles. After competitions testing poise, personality and talent, freshman Pamela Morrow was declared Homecoming Queen 1979- The pageant was supervised by the reigning queen, Candy McConley. In the stiff competition between ten finalists Laura Weiss and Evelyn Torres were named first and second runners-up, respectively. Pam, a little sister at SAE, the fraternity which sponsored her, won a $500 scholarship in addition to the prestige of representing UM at Home- coming and other functions. One of the innovations in this year ' s Homecoming celebrations was a queen exchange program between UM and Michigan Tech. Mar- garet O ' Brien, Snow Queen from Michigan Tech, was present during our activities and Pam travelled to Michigan ' s Winter Carnival in Jan- uary. Pam plans on becoming an actress and her dramatic monologue in the talent competition reflected her promising skills in her chosen profession. She represents UM well and presided over the Homecom- ing festivities with great charm. Although it may have the greatest potential for displaying UM tal- ent to alumni, students and the community, the Art Festival remains one of Homecoming ' s least reknown activities. Its youth contributes somewhat to this anonymity since it has only been in existence three years. However, it is expanding constantly and this year ' s Fes- tival was the largest ever. Ten artists contributed a total of 24 pieces but the lack of quantity in no way diminished the quality of the works displayed. The Art Festival offers talented UM artists an opportunity to display their works; hopefully it will become one of Homecoming ' s major as- pects. " A Night of Comedy, " run in cooperation with the Rathskeller and the Program Council, was held after the History Contest on Saturday, October 13th. It featured Allan Lubel, winner of the Rat ' s search for Best Comedian, Bob DiVerde and a group of professional entertainers. Special Events Night was held at the Rat the following evening. Over 500 students cheered as their representatives participated in a number of bizarre contests, ranging from the 63 66 limbo to beer chugging to pizza and pie eating. Both nights at the Rat turned out to be humorous evenings of rowdy entertainment for par- ticipants and spectators alike. T-shirts, juice, cookies and self-satisfaction rewarded all who ven- tured into the Flamingo Ballroom to donate blood during the three day blood drive run by the Mount Sinai Medical Center Blood Bank. Participants also earned Homecoming points for the group they rep- resented, and prizes were awarded to each organization that donated more than 25 pints of blood. Mount Sinai representatives warmly greeted all would-be donors, who were only allowed to give blood if they had the proper iron count, were in good health, with approved medical history, age and weight. An unprecedented 500 pints of blood were donated at UM due to excellent participation on the part of students, staff, and faculty. Over 8000 spectators watched as numerous floats, decorated cars, bands, and other attractions travelled down Ponce de Leon in UM ' s 53rd annual Homecoming Parade. President Stanford served as Grand Marshall and Art Fleming of Jeopardy fame emceed the event. The parade took the Ponce de Leon route instead of the traditional Miracle Mile route to increase accessibility for UM students. The Egyptian pyramids, the Wright Brothers ' first flight, the Moscow Olympics, and the realm of Neptune were among the many " Wonders of the World " represented by the creative floats and cars. The Band of the Hour followed Queen Pam Morrow while many high school bands performed highly spirited dances and music. At the parade ' s conclusion. Art Fleming, who emceed the College Competition held the night before as well as the parade, said, " I was very much impressed with the parade. Having been involved with many professional parades, many of them don ' t hold up to what we have here. The enthusiasism was terrific. " Eight PM, Thursday, October 18th, the patio was filled with excited fans, a rowdy band, and Coach Schnellenberger and the Hurricane football team. The annual Homecoming pep rally and boat burning was well underway. The stage was filled with the cheerleaders, guest speakers, the Coach, the team, and some exceptionally enthusiastic members of the band. Coach Schnellenberger and many of the team members made speeches, and everyone got psyched for a great victory the next day. The night ' s highlight occurred after the speeches and cheers and shouts. Hun- dreds of students surrounded the lake as the Hurricane mascot riding in the Ski Nautique set the boat in the middle of the lake ablaze. As the flaming boat glowed radiantly from the middle of Osceola, the ski boat rapidly circled the lake, splashing the crowd into an even greater degree of excitement. On Saturday, October 19th, the Fountainbleu Hilton, one of the most exclusive hotels on Miami Beach, hosted the 1979 Homecoming Dance. The dance was sponsored by the Student Entertainment Committee and, of course, the Homecom- ing Committee. The variety of entertainment offered included well-known vocalist Kenny Rankin, " The 20th Century Juggling Fool " Michael Marlin, and Soundtrack Enterprise ' s music. A Viennese breakfast was served following the dance. John Stolfi, as chairman of Homecoming Committee, did quite a job. His respon- sibilities included keeping the entire operation functioning. He was supported by a hardworking and persevering committee. r L ,( H 67 kUt ' - Sculpture Race m towers Jown I then yi Sculpt! said Ri ment ' s of the! good i( The andov ' the kid use ih( projeci thew Eighi Thecc I paid fo: 5200, a paint, " Tlie: Jkm cottrse ' i k tace 68 If you were strolling around Dickinson Drive and the towers one morning in late October and almost got run down by a mass attack of weird looking contraptions, then you were witness to the First Annual Amphibious Sculpture Race. " It was a stroke of genius on the part of Bill Ward, " said Ron Fondaw, professor of the Sculpture Depart- ment ' s three dimensional design class. Ward is the head of the Sculpture Department and thought it would be a good idea for a project in the 104 class. The class had to build vehicles that would run on land and over water, " It was fun for everybody, and it gave the kids a chance to weld and braze, and to learn how to use the machinery in the shop, " Fondaw said. " The project took on a snowball effect. The closer it got to the race, the harder everybody worked. " Eighteen vehicles were officially entered in the race. The competition was divided into three categories: pedaled, chain-pedaled and pushed. The race was spon- sored by the Sculpture Department, but the students paid for any materials they needed. " Some spent up to $200, and others paid as little as $2.50 for a can of spray paint, " said Fondaw. The race started at 11 a.m. on the 27th of October. The racers lined up at the Sculpture Annex. The race course was estimated at one mile, with 85 yards of water to cross. " We made a day of it, " Fondaw said. " We started off with a drivers meeting and got lined up for the race. Then we came back and had some beers and cleaned up, then we went home for awhile, then we came back for the Ceramic Sculpture Halloween party. It was great " he said. The fun and laughter was contagious. People gathered along the race route to cheer on the contestants, and the best part was when the contraptions dove blindly into the lake. Even though some lost a tire or never made it to the finish line the effort was worth it for all the fun that went along with the race. __ 69 Bucket of Beer 70 li 1 V 71 Turkey Trot 73 Karla Bonoff 74 Vassar Clements 75 Greek Week Warm-Up ' 76 ' W ' " ' " 77 4a muj Halloween S 78 1 " 79 Weekend trips Monthly phone bills Cutting class Borrowing things Campus security Crandon Park Perrier water " Mork and Mindy " Umbrellas Xerox copy machines Archie Bunker Liquid paper Blue exam books 1972 undefeated Dolphins Lou Saban Karen Quinlan Vietnam The AyatoUah Big Daddy ' s Cat hats The old athletic building Your SAT scores Hurricane David Lenny and Squiggy Clogs " The Exorcist " Roller skates Take-outs Flip flops 250 Cokes " Superman — The Movie " The pep club Master locks Spirit ribbons Your Homecoming queen The Dean of Students " Walk for U " Western Civ Anita Bryant The USBG president ERA Farrah Fawcett Disco Gerald Ford The Panama Canal issue Burt Lance Watergate Elvis Presley The tuition rally " Star Wars " John Travolta The oil shortage The Shah of Iran The first test tube baby DC 10s THINGS WE Patti Hearst The Son of Sam The return of Apollo 13 Charles Manson The energy crisis Lynard Skynard Your prom date The sock hop 8 o ' clock classes South Dixie Highway Campus parking The Turkey Trot Mrs. G ' s column The 50 50 rebate Keg parties The Ken Chun article WVUM Laundry tickets Zip code 33146 Vending machines Lake Osceola Campus security The Beatles The revival of rock Marshall Majors The Playpen The MARS program Visions The Kansas concert Blimpies Check cashing n " Roots " wl The Bagel Emporium The Guyana Massacre " Battlestar Gallactica " Gay rights Annie Hall Finals Schnellenberger Spring break UM beat Penn State The BeeGees homecoming Togas False fire alarms The CSR Iniraniu Electror Acadein Levis Rugby s Meal a Palmetti Nations Comput Charlie Saturdai Doroth) RedSo) Hurncai 500 woi MarkS[ Plaifora Miami I Muhami Being bi Late nig Ever stu Speedin, Sassoon Vandalii OlgaKc leRa Noveh ' Qiangin Miracle Carepa( Domino Hie Eye Letters f The Met hii Summer AIhgator Carni Gi TheUnii The Iran YlOO Florida ' s fraternit: ' ' arlfinei 80 FORGET Intramurals Electronic games Academic advising Levis Rugby shirts Meal cards Palmetto bugs National Honor Society Computer cards Charlie Chaplin Saturday Night Live Dorothy Hamill Red Sox vs Yankees Hurricane shutters 500 word themes Mark Spitz Platform shoes Miami Beach Muhammed Ali Being broke Late night snakes Ever studying? Speeding tickets Sassoon clothing Vandalism Olga Korbit The Rock Novelty T-Shirts Changing your major Miracle Mile Care packages Domino ' s 100 Pepsi The Eye Letters from home The Memorial building Zeta 4 Summer orientation Alligator Alley Carni Gras The Union Patio The Iranian Crisis YlOO Florida ' s Turnpike Fraternities and sororities Parking tickets Leisure Rec Skateboarding , Graduation " The Band of the Hour " Qualudes Inoperant elevators " Chicago " — the musical Floor meetings Cafeteria food The Homecoming dance Your RA ' s name Registration Grove Day The athletic deficit Kissinger The head cheerleader Three Mile Island Dorm policies " Suntan U " The first pep rally The Tokyo trip Sadat — Begin Jogging The Miami Hurricane The IBIS bird Your freshman English prof Gloria Vanderbilt jeans The Rathskeller The Yearbook Editor Topsiders Firebirds, Trans Ams and Cameros Snow in ' 76 " Star Trek " 2 pencils " Rocky " Painter ' s pants Your student I.D. " Jaws I and 11 " JAPs John Wayne Losing your room key The Mr. Bill Show Loggins and Messina Your freshman year Donny and Marie Bing Crosby The Blues Brothers The NY Blackout Animal House Senior portraits Bobby Riggs Report covers Posters and pin-ups Bruce Jenner Airplane tickets 81 I V ? ; K • 1 .- J ' 82 ' !) ! ffiwiy " - ORGANIZATIONS 83 mm INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Mike Miller Jim Holmes John Green David Panitch Bill Mullowney David Thomas Scott Spages Tony Torres Aurelio Quinones Craig Mattox Willy Dominguez 1 Stuart Sisisky Porfirio De La Cruz James Fields 1 Robert Weeren Steven Panich Doug Ayers Phillip Noret 4 Paul Heffron 1 Andy Miller 1 Bill Mullowney Porfirio De La Cruz Brett Kaplowitz Jan Royland Paul H. Cohen Steve Muchnock Scott Spages Tom Robertson 84 ones uez a Cruz Kim Palmer Lori Shyer Elizabeth Chibnik Donna Goldberg Irene Beaumer Kathy Casper Helen Theofilopolus Sandi Miller Marty Schmidt Randi Gruenstein ALPHA EPSILON PI Lou Zelezink Paul Salver Arthur Greenfeder Craig Cphya Steve Weissman Craig Mattox Richard Lovell Jeff Vogel Don Karsten Stuart Scarbrough Alan Kapiske Jon Wasserman Rich Schubert Brett Kaplowitz Jon Green J. P. Hanson Steve Horowitz Mark Weiss 85 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Mark LaFerrara Teri Veitia Tricia Ahumada Laura Patallo Peter Alonso Ken Brown David Corey Tom Van Popering Brent Langley Erik Hund Robert Whiting Ric Kirby 86 g I .♦a Elaine Conrad Brenda Nason Deb Bozaniz Marrianne Sands Scott Sweeney Scott Spagis Xavier Barquet Doug Blow Robert Wee re n Carlos Costello Joseph Hemphill Ronald Young Kenneth Trevorrow Mark Frenkel 87 li.w! ' PHI DELTA THETA " 5 .1 88 i Hank Klovekorn Porfirio dela Cruz Dale Stickell Andy Menendez Milton Martinez Bart Stovicek Harvey Margolin Scott Kurth Craig DuBois Sergio Mendes Paul Heffron Dave Scholz Nick Tompkins Amy Muise Melanie Simberkoff MacKenzie Kearney Lori Murray Natalie Sigillito Marion Freidin Jose Fong 89 l.ul " SIGMA CHI Eric Piekman Mike Minardi Bill MuUowney Karl Gouthor Andy Miller Brondow Desmond Mark Bruwdt Mitch Ricttman Dave Buince Jamie Day Mark Feller Alfonso Valdes Steve Coffe Joe Schullo Frank Desilua Dave Dressier Paul Sardella Charel Cassaselli Phil Gibson John Morton Dallas Levory Mark Alton Kinch Jeffer Tory Standish John Strickroot 90 _L ' William Matavich Nick Morbito Phil Caggiano Brian MuUoney Tom Lunak Eddie Costella Rich St. Dennis Ceasar Bard Bob Head Kim Arwett Kim F. Muzzy Donna Mond Judy Mond Bettsey Muzzy Phil Caggiono Robin Muzzy Sawet Bascome Nick Morbito Lori Shapiro Ilean Green Dave Bunce Alice Burroes Kris Cowell Kelly Flintstone 91 ikur SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Todd Bigler Bob Morrissey J.E. Sessions Mark Mavon Shawn Arnold Robin Weinberger Greg Loucks Doug Wheaton Patty Toro Scott O ' Neill Artie Fox Mark Philbrick Bruce Scrimgeour Priscilla Kelly Randall Roth Edward P. McNally Brian Lowe Diana Rudzitis Kathy Flannery Lisa Hardy Karen Baker PI Guillermo Dominguez Paul Cohen Brian J. Toomey Rick Clegg Bill Sanderson Tom Buhr Evelyn Muzzy Nick Muzzy Eric Bruno Pam Morrow Mark Koglman Rich Fischel Rich D ' Emilio Louis Solomon Ray Galeazzi John Norander Rick Grunjnger Oliver Heydasch Evalani Bagayas Duane Beatty Kenny Feldman V 92 PI KAPPA ALPHA Tim Scully John Paccione Jimmy Holmrs Holly Margrath Bob Norris Kevin Breault Scott Epstein Robert Nelson Peter Van Antwerpen Frank Citteli Brian Tompkins Mark McQuitty Martha Freeman Dave Miller Bob Goldman Charlie Bartz Mike Landy Jackie Filanino Dan Maddox Chris Mattern Alan Hayes Jon Shisler Debbie Caruso Michael Bartz Gary Cooper Brian Muff Kim Wessinger Tommy Heydet Peter Hamm Tim Stone 93 ik GREEK WEEK Rich Bezold Ilene Greene Kevin Cuffe Julie Robinson Steve Panitch Brett Kaplowitz Patty Wilson Tom Richardson Helen Theofilopoulos Ken Vogel Edward P. McNally David Panitch Sharon Wulforst 94 ! ' , Avria Bultz Ana Salazar Nancy Freinberg Julie Robinson Vicky Corrigan DELTA GAMMA Debbie Mathews Marianne O ' Connel Denise Murphy Lisa Hardy Kelly Muzzy Eileen Reynolds Wendy Frieman Ileana Riveron Cindy Beamish Nancy Ferguson Tammi Jones Judy Torres Gina Robinson Missy Koch Joyce Huard Kathy Giampetro Julie Anetoorman Diane Leiden Pam Morrow Joanne Alfono Tammy Branscom Debbie Henley Sarah Mcllheran Sherri Kleinman Ana Salazar Auria Bultz Julie Robinson Nancy Frieinberg Martha Freeman Alice Burroughs Vicky Corrigan 95 PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA 4,«jr Larry Lapin Robert Remek Larry Reeves Alan Sharps George Matous Doug Wyatt Peter DeFalco Greg Rahming Ramon Dominguez Raul Melo Dwayne Butler Dave Welton Sam Anderson Danny Green Mike Braz Dr. Raymond Barr Dan Beeman Ken Fire Robert Lozada Kip Sullivan 96 ALPHA EPSILON PHI « -, t MS :o ng ler 1 n Caryn Sukolsy Sue Aldnch Donna Rossman Elisah Lewis Lilliam Sklaver Pam Meyers Robin Marks Cathy Benway Jackie Clark Marion Waskover Sue EUert Norman Wass Mike Jacobson Jay Morris Susi Eckstein 97 b KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Sue Desisto Anne Lemehaute Tracy Harrington Wendy White Bonnie Resnick Karen Dorner Joen lannucci Lisa Anderson Rosemary Fagnani Karen Kaplen Jody Kalman Anita Somani Sam D ' angelo Lisa Wall Karen Baust Nicky Hoo Pauline Schwartz Megan Wolfe Sally Crookes Mary Kichefski Sherry Wengatz Audrey O ' Shaney Marianne Hobeck Margaret Ballou Jackie Filannino Beth Harris Roxanna Cox Cesar Baro Jan Royland John Sciullo Troy Standish Andrew Kelton Carol Pas kne Let bivHi ReiieeD( ]m Im Jdckllei k Df SIS fa Do hm Ai 98 Carol Passinisi Anne Lemehaute Tracy Harrington Renee Dryfoos Joenn lannuci Michelle Carroll Sue Desisto Karen Dorner Marina Angleton Wendy White Jeri Resnick Brenda Hardy Krista Seyler Lisa Anderson Bonnie Resnick Cathy Benson Rosemary Fagnani June Chapman Karen Young Kim Wessinger 99 j L SIGMA DELTA TAU Lisa Sugarman Liz Chibnik Jillian Leipzig Betty Sonne Elaine Conrad Ilene Green Lori Shapiro Maria Mussman Betsy Miller Shelly Sitrin Beverley Pogoff Donna Goldberg Teresa Galardi Jill Caplan Debbie Ratoff Stacy Wuilfe Anne Hurwitz Irene Teplicki Tracy Ailyn Laxman Sandi Miller Robin Star Sandra Hamburger Suzanne Lidov Lisa Barron 100 i Lee Ramsay Arnaldo Delgado Martha Subias Donna Marrone Brett Nichols Shari Goldberg Robin Bennett ALPHA KAPPA PSI Evan Bromley Jack Dyer Eric Seidel Andra Digoia Lee Ramsay Deidre Macmahon Sara Oliva Lourdes Dergen Jackie Rosch Belinda Parrish J. Mark Miller Martha Subias Donna Marrone Belinda Small Bonnie Saretta Marisa Gonzalez Shari Goldberg Maria Flores John Ermer Gary Nelson Mark Schulman Brett Nichols Arnaldo Delgado Jeff Ketcham 103 jL PI TAU SIGMA F. Kubler — President N. Loredo — V. President T. Olsen — Advisor J. Catz — Chairman L. Poteat T.N. Veziroglu B. King P. Fernandez D. Schatmer C. Tomonto J. Hoffman D. Levenson — Secretary il 104 ■r ASME Kau-Fui Wong C. Tomonto — President J. Catz — Chairman L. Poteat — Advisor E. Florestante T.N. Veziroglu N. Loredo A. Elbassuoni F. Kubler T. Olsen J. Sheffield M. MaHnowski — V. President D. Schattner — Secretary R. Tomonto — Pro. Chairman K. Hugh B. King P. Fernandez H. Wiseman T. Ourhaan G. Jarp — Treasurer W. Spurney G. Del Forn 105 CIRCLE K Cecil Lettis Jimmy Pujol Harry Pepe John Sinclair Frank Meaner Dawn Allison Cindy Ginsburg Martha Baghdoin Shari Fiscl |l Willie Sparr Joann Hoover Leon Wiznitzer Louis Schiff Fred Suco Richard Reid Terry Elliot Frances Novick Alicia Wiener Jamie Katz Jennie Aucello Gene Lorden Julianne Flick i I 106 -•F DELTA SIGMA PI Joseph Handy Glenn Carter Robert Day Alex Casanova Alfredo Zagales Simon Smith Jason Marx Steven Wasserman Carter Hammer Crecencio Ruiz Michael Serotte Maria Baez Luis Delgado Terry Fires Greg Mevs Joanne Farfan Steven Linch Eugenia Booth Saul Lewis 107 HOMECOMING 79 Brian Esmay Mary-Beth Anthony Jan Royland Traci Laxman Tom VanPopering Katie Mulcahy John Stolfi Rae Gross Bill Esteuez Renee Dryfoos John Stofan Candy McConley Jane Lacy Maria Baez 108 i ▼r 79 i I 109 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Cathy Hickey Sharon Schuster Elaine Shook Betsy Miller Suzy Mehlinger Marion Waskover Tracy Harrington Debbi Henley Karen Dorner Louise Mills Vicky Civile Rochelle Fulton Stacy Wulfe Traci Laxman Jody Kalman Sherry Wengatz Michelle Carroll Jan Burnside Donna Sosman Caryn Sukolsky Jill Caplan Susy Eckstein Dawn Cully Catherine Benway I 110 Stacy Wulfe Traci Laxman Vicky Civile Audrey Schlau Dawn Cully Jan Burnside Irene Beumer Susy Eckstein Suzy Mehlinger Tracy Harrington Louise Mills RHO LAMBDA 111 tkii !•)- ' •Vonic-. ' ' " " " " i A- rt " l ° ' «9eUiOM- ' " ' « ' " ' ' ° " ' PROGRAM COUNCIL 44 Caron Gargano Jean Padden Tina Cosgrove Cicille Hayles Carlos M. Gamazo Chris Wuerthner Denis Farley John Stofan Jose Velez 112 mUgnn gjnyg The IBIS staff would like to acknowledge the tremendous service Open Door provides. Out of respect to each individual that Open Door helps and each of their volunteers we will not publish the names of the individual workers. OPEN DOOR 113 Maria Canet Vicky Behar Naresh Mirchandani Donald Teplitz Teresa Rosario Irene Baisman Maritza Mendoza Dr. Paul Neumann Eloisa Montoya Sandy Ross Jill Fisher PSI CHI 114 - V Alberto Perez Chris Ishee Ron Narhbar Jim Hallett Chris Colonnese Jim Warmowski Bennett Braverman Jon Block Mark Bodkins Larry Vieito Eric Spriggs Seth Ehrlich Karen Rapallo Joe Regan Stan Lambert Bea Fernandez Irene Browne Andy Segilman Bruce Bell Mark Malinowski Scott Cohn Karl Guenther Dwayne Wilson Melamie McCoy Mike Milakovich Luciano Nienes Duane Beatty Mike McAleenan Karen Snyder Mary Beth Anthony Porfirio De La Cruz Sue Greer RUNNERS CLUB 115 ROADRUNNERS i ' ' " Bill Burkhalter Delia Lopez Larry Veito Maricela Medina Lee Ramsay Debbie Popadak Kevin Rappaport Mark Wisby Neil Reilley Connie Casillas Milda Medina Angle Fernandez Adam Oppenstein Anna Areces Franklin Reynolds Peter Glaskowsky Brad Simon Liluli Buntix Mike Joslyn Alex Deguzman George Axiotis Marty Schmitd i 116 John Stolfi Susan Kruszewski Armando Rodriguez Bruce Cohen Killeen Kress Muzzy Tom Van Popering Bob Knapp Victoria Corrigan Joseph Pineda Idania Garcia Melissa Arney Daryl Evan Trawick SAFAC 117 SSTF- John Stofan Traci Laxman Marianne Walter April Breslaw Susan Liss Cathy Benway Derek Ross Katie Mulcahy Daryll White Carlos Hazday Steve Machnick Benny Goodman Lori Bergman Gary Marks .- A — . — . — . - . - Mike Rosol CARNI GRAS -c s. II 118 Maria Escribano Kim Wessinger Tracy Cardwell BATGIRLS Darcy McCrumb Tricia Watson Kathy Herman Kathi Giampetro Karen Brust Missy Koch Kathy Pontes Julie Dunham Selene Botona Kim Wessinger Maria Escribano Tracy Cadwell Sally Crooks Pricilla Seim Karen Statman Terry Cardwell Stacy Sher Carol Levine Patty Wilson Stacey Wein Claudia Foreman Laure Kedzie 119 120 SCUBA CLUB Dempsey Schell Jay Morris Judy Huffman Ron Parks Sue Kruszewski Mike Lampert Mark Poalarz Tom Gardella Janet Radimski Robert Holland Amy Withers Alex Davidson Doug Gurney Alicia DeArmas Alberto DeArmas Dan Bowline Sue Stark Philip Geib li ns iffman ■ks iszewski unpen John Weisand Thurman Jackson Duane Beatty Susi Hidalgo Oubey Atassi Dick Rothwiller Craig Barker Edie Knowlton Vikki Shaw Bob Roseman Linda Bell James Bercaw Michael Bethal Janet Bohac Liz Bootle Patty Brennan Alvah Burlingame Steve Clough Robert Cooke Cynthia Cowen Geoffrey Crump Chip Davis Mary Ellen Feeney Larry Foreman Calvin Froehlick Lauri Fundaro Mike Gallagher Robin Gehrhardt Steve Gelfuso Robin Gilman Larry Good kin Dave Griffith Giselle Harrison Mitch Harvey Ronald Hatfield Mark Hayman Kirk Hines Woody Dudley Kurt Jacobsen Brian Johnson Jeff Kenney Mary Ann Koth Jay Lacy Barry Lederman Mike LeGauIt Ken Lord Billy Lowman Jack Marsen John Mitchell Adrien Moger Ted Mohler Mike Mulligan Rick Naher Steve Pancoast Jim Papirtis Joel Prickett Norm ProUer Tom Quinn Clifford Rassweiler Bonnie Resnick Steve Riley Janice Schneider Judy Shaw Stephen Spoar Maggie Stanley Betsy Starr Bart Stovicek Lance Traves Doug Tucker Meghan Walsh Ruth Walton Mark Werheim Brad Westergreen Scott Wot)d Ira Work Bill LeBlanc W , il II 121 122 I 123 ii 124 ' ' Rochelle Sklar Gary Glickman Frances Novick Anne Thomas Jan Kelly Karen Schon Dawn Allison Tara Solomon Joann Hoover Yolanda Ramerez Otto Paier Ira Shapiro Robert Schuster Sharon Gruzen Harry Pepe Lew Yagodnik Alan Hirsch Tim EUenbogen Ian Goldmunz Darryl Manual CAMPUS TOURS 12S STUDENT RIGHTS AGENCY Elaine Shook Steve Muchnick Candace Saiz John Stolfi Katrina Hughes Halston " Muzzy " Hughes Marc Robinson Armando Rodriguez Harry J. Hoesch III Jonathon Smith w- 126 IL TT ■ SOCIETY OF WOMEN ENGINEERS I Audrey Green Jerilynn D. Gray Ann T. Green Esperanza Caceres Lidia E. Martinez Dorothy Brown Prof. Carl Kromp Maria-Elena Pernas Maria Eugeia Rodriguez Christina M. Gonzalez Roberto Munoz Aleksandra Chancy Beatriz M. Bezos 127 WVUM Kenny " Huddle " Rich Berlant Alan Karmin Dave Lemmon Bob Swart Morry Tessman Schindler W l fsps ■ vWL ' l bj|Hw- - fl ■ ir A 1 1 ' - ' 1 M ■ B J At mil i2 1 W M ' H 1 1 - X " V ' wl Rich Berlant Dave Rindone Michelle Blackwell Maria Albisu Doug Green Kathie Muzzy Dennis Turner Mike Frankel Joani Edick Mandi Moss Milton J. Fisher 128 Doug Green Kenny Schindler Milton J. Fisher Maria Albisu Bob " Bear " Mordente Charlie Fairbanks Judie Tumaroff Dave Rindone Ray Vaughn Baby Bear Ken Dr. Funk Gholson David H. Banner Rich Kolko Barney V.I. FUntstone Jay Tobias Kleinman Dave Scholz Steve Teplis Sam Hooper Russell Martin 129 CHEERLEADERS J.V Kathy Jones Kathy Pontes Julie Bonchack Suzi Beinhorn Jan Burnside Patty Heydet Scott Leiser Jon Whalen Widd Lyman Oliver Bryant Kevin Cuffe Marriane Kopie Bill Rojas Marc Jimenez 130 J.V. CHEERLEADERS Julie Dunham Gary Fenton Wendy Block Brad Paschke Marc Cannon Larry Mintz Darcy McCrumb Bob Goldman Beth Muzzy Lori DeRemer Kathy Giampetro Bl JESUS STUDENT FELLOWSHIP fj ■ Marta Toro Carla Toro Bridgette Scott Manon Scott Edith Sloan Mandy Clay Clarissa Neely Donnie Scott Plinio A. Toro Don Scott Vincent P. Natah Debra Natah Hiane Pozir James McCoy Richard Kinehte Sharron L. Odom Mable Jones Drew Freeman David Swenk 132 Jeff Oleson Drew Freeman John DiModica Douglas Martin Plinio A. Tur Tania Ngrnandez Patricia Dougherty Paul Dougherty Judy Cataneo Tony Cataneo Sherry Patterson Rick Patterson Marta Toro Rick Patterson John Natati Sherry Patterson Marlene Blowers Carmen Santana Anne Thomas Tania Hernandez Joe Paulovkin Kathy Touring Tony Cataneo Judy Cataneo Chris Lane John DiModica Gretchen Helbig Douglas Martin David Horner Patricia Dougherty Jeff Oleson Paul Dougherty Greg Mlacfer Joe Nixon Hi RATHSKELLER BUI MANAGERS Rosemary Jett " Coach " Greg Kramer Dave Hixon C.T. Gregiore Mike Rarus Lewis Yagodnik Louis Olinto Lou Dykes Al Kofoed " Yank " Ryan " i u 134 ■ - V T»P itrwB III FLOOR DOOR STAFF C.T. Gregoire Karen Baker Dave Brown Bret Carson Cal Froelch Jamie Leonhardt Charlie Schmidt Pam Taylor Cindy Cowan Ahson Hesell Fred Seidler Martha Harding Christina Hirschhorn Yvette Torres Brian Weston Lauri Cherylstein Tammy Larro Germaine Guerrier Anne Jacobs Kathy Pienkowski iL- 135 BAR STAFF James " Yank " Ryan Bob Smith Scott Jacobs Mike Rarus Bob Hey Leslie McGinnes Lou Dykes Art Levng Neai Camera Milli Reynolds Ila Scott Dean Myers Bob Kiley Judy Castellano Alfred Mora Lori Davies Erin Lunch Livia Theodoli Rundi Dolan Rick Keller JoyAnna Misenti KITCHEN STAFF Bill Leo Kevin D ' Angiohllo Sue Woolston Bart Pesa Bob Agrusa Andrew Villa Guy Chabot Alberto Alzamora Jerry Ramirez Dave Hixon Dave Averbach Mike Femino Ned Clarke 136 f I KITCHEN STAFF Jim Young Joe Morris Greg Loucks Robbie Rotunno John Norander Dave Sharp George Weiss " Fu " Cecere Dave Cummings Bill T. Garry Fenner Dave Hixon Lewis Yagodnik Kevin Warren Bob Morrissey Dave Brown 137 5p Gary Gartenberg Maryann Malitto Karen Kahan Nan Narkowitz Jimmy Radogna MAHONEY PEARSON GOVERNMENT Nan Markowitz James Radogna Gary Gartenberg Karen Kahan Marc Wais Maryann Maletta Lisa Green Garrett Schaefer Barbara Fields Susan Kauffman Brenda Hardy Sandee Takeshoti Holly Simpson Cindy Gabler Debbie Rosenberg John Nagle Diane Margolis Carol Wolfe 138 ' W )N Karen Murphy William Pangman Johanna Drickman Bernadette Alliet Beth Nadorff Xavier Barquet Eric Baumel Juan Sanchez Victoria Corrigan Fens Amaye-Obu John M. Stolfi Kristen Comstock Cathy Hickey Sandra Castro Michael Hsu Allan L. Altholz James Jeffers ORANGE KEY K Sandra Castro Johanna Drickman Bernadette Alliet Beth Nadorff 139 Lee Ramsay Frank Acosta Robert Atallo Richard Artman Cynthia Barnett Richard Berman Lisa Berry Marina Blanco Mindy Bockstein Ana Maria Bradley Alina Cascante Daniel Chernau Michael Chisner Neal Cohen Dian Dames Ruthanne Deakin Scott Eisen Suzanne Ellert Claudia Faulkner Allison Feldman Karen Firestein Patricia Fletcher Karen Formeister Cheryl Fose Edward Fox Tammy Fox Kim Fuller Belina Garazi Myron Goldberg Joyce Goldenberg Armando Gonzalez Susana Gonzalez Betty Grundwerg Marion Heller Michael Hsu Diana Joseph Stephen Klimacek Gary Kodel Francis Kubler Jacey Leon Gustavo Licea James Liwerant Jeffery Loewer Jose Lopez Sarah Lopez-Luis Rosalina Lorie Jeanete Lucki Thomas Lunak Lorraine Lynch Janice McBeath Margaret McCrystal Maritza Mendoza Marianela Morejon Luis Musa Gary Nellis Terilee Olin Robert Parker Russell Patera Thomas Prignoli Julio Ramirez Hatin Abo-Al-Samh Bonnie Rentschler Laura Riso Russell Sabbag Ana Salazar John Samuels Juan Sanchez Madelyn Schere Nancy Shapiro Ana Shub Donna Silverman Suzanne Turner Julio Varona Edna Wehby Judith Weinstein Mark Wooster Ileana Zapatero Julie Zelikoff Kenneth Zeibelman Deborah Zirbser Clara Rodriguez Yolanda Mellon Gregg Matous Helene Galanti Judie Tumaroff Julie Robinson PHI KAPPA PHI 140 [I I 141 I 142 143 STUDENT HEALTH ADVISORY COMMITTEE HUf Sharon Pollock Dr. Eugene Flipse Marc Friedland Margy Sidles Victoria Corrigan Steven Obenauf Mitchell Fingerhut John F. Martin Lisa Greene James R. Carlson Saul Arber Jayne Taylor Steve Sinoway Brenda Macay Cecille Hayles 144 HURRICANE HONEYS Cheryl Rafferty Janice Brutton Kathy Pontes Vickie Pearcey Diane Williams Terry Cardwell Lisa Wall Lynn Muzzy Laura Pivacco Jenna Hoffman Tina Huttoe Rose Prince Karen Baust Darcy McCrumb Kathy Finney Sue Weinstien Darlene Taylor Pat Brock Lori DeRemer Mary Kichefski Lisa Carter Kathi Giampetro 145 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA John Stolfi Victoria Corrigan Anthony Atala Ileana Rodriguez Bill Coombs John Fenton Loudes Wolf Susan Colley Dr. Ivan Hoy Dr. Donald Randolf Dr. Agustin Recio Dr. D. Randolph Dr. W.I. Hoy Jeff Morrison Nestor Loredo Walter Davis John Stolfi Steve Muchnick Bill Coombs Anthony Atala Bradley Felier Agustin Recio Cristina Gonzalez Marianela Morejon Phillip Clements Brenda Nason Victoria Corrigan Julie Robinson Lourdes Wolf 146 •: i PA MUGS ir Sandee Taketoshi Terri Drouilhet Kevin Hill MaryAnne DeFir Stephanie Ross Ann Marie Rocha Marjorie Kirby O. Tunc Kaymak Diane Weston Jorge Vazquez Mary Schuler Michael Karcher James R. Ackley Judy Teichler H. Duane Neubauer Joseph J. Benz Terri Drouilhet Diane Weston Mary Anne DeFir Stepanie Ross Ann Marie Rocha Sandee Taketoshi Marjorie Kirby 147 ETA KAPPA NU Russell Sabbag Myles Richards Jose Lopez Robert Tedder Mark Richards Gaby Salem Ricardo Fernandez Gary P. Font Dr. Agustin Recio Arturo J. Rodriguez Michle Costa Rafail Gatica Mario J. Galliano Carlos De Cardenas Rafael Gatica Mario Galliano Gary P. Font Dr. Agustin Recio Carlos De Cardenas Gaby Salem 148 ■c 7 I RATHSKELLER ADVISORY BOARD Dee-Dee Drinks Bob Dutcher Mindy Weinburg Gregory Kramer H H Gregory Kramer H John Stofan H Mindy Weinburg H Dee-Dee Drinks H Wendy Fine " S H Oliver Bonnert H Vinnie Barreta ' Mm mm 1 Pete Lampone bhb s Bob Dutcher m -:- H Dr. Robert Moore KkLu. ■ Star Ryder 149 PRE-MEDICAL SOCIETY William Phillips Julio Sanchez Glenn Pomerantz William Coombs Bruce Fletcher Carlos Diaz Jose Guitian Gary Kodel Maite DeLamerans Maria Calzadilla Mike Owens 150 if Brian MacMahon Maria Dorta-Duque Kathy Wessinger Thurman Jackson Jeff Weiser Lourdes Marcet Rebecca Martinez Maria B. Cortinas Nasser Atala Cathy Benway Victoria Corrigan Sandra Castro Lorraine Katz Brent Kerger 151 x:rp ' :nui Rene Palamino Ana Catasus Jorge Rodriguez Armando Rodriguez Bill Coombs Laurdes Wolf Maite deLamerens Ileana Llorente Lillian May Dr. Agustin Recio Maria B. Cortinas Lourdes Maret FEC Esperanza Fernandez Gloria Vidana Carlos Gamazo Elena Buigas Vivian Rivera Annabel Perez Irma Camejo Aimee Nunez Emma Lastra Maite DeLamerens Marina Iglesias Carolina Montero Olando Silva Lourdes Wolf Ana Catasis Armando Rodriguez Lourdes Marcet Maria Cortias Loudres Gairido Teresito Ortiz Marisa Gonzalez Jorge Rodriguez Rene Palomino Ileana Llorente 152 NURSING STUDENTS ASSOCIATION 153 - TF J. Daich J. Palka A. Casorava F. Jacobs S. Ross A. Oppenstein 0. Jubis M. Sabates J. Julien L. Stoff 1. Bequerra ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA J. Palka E. Jacobs M. Valero O. Utset J. Neuman ., ;;J( •r vI 5 - ' ' !; «--: i :■- 154 M. Diaz E. Havan M. Brandon M. Blanco S. Chao M. Dorte-Duque M. Miller R. Dela Campa J. Morales G. Alonso D. Dennis J. Machado K. Tan P. Toros R. Garfinkel D. Turnip S. Berger O. Utset J. Neuman S. Milo J.C. Campuzano K. Rudy M. Valero L. Sanchez M. Levy L. Babe J. Torrelli 155 156 A ; :?b " T t. y . ,1 BETA ALPHA PSI Tony Testa Jose Fernandez Steven Sarett Fernando Zulueta Judy Novack Ari Delgado-Botill Pilan Abuin Nelson Lane Joan Morales John Fenton Robin Bennett John Estes Maria Fernandez Mark Krauss Fatimma Rassi Jose Misrahi Rebecca Surplus Michael Levine Charlene Karanian Keith Taylor Bill Hirni Ana Gamundi Laura Freyes Jeanette Lucki Ileana Llorente Brett Lurie Piifi ■inerti- r 11 ' i Mark Boomgarden Beverly Smyle Terri Costello Lisa Berry Maria Hernandez Joseph Cusmano Maria Cacenes Allan Murgatroyd Maria Abuin Jose Alcaraz Jorge Rodriguez Silvia Gonzalez Larry Manning Mike Nunez Tom Lunak Pat Finerty 157 " ETP MORTAR BOARD ¥: Susana Eckstein Victoria Corrigan Marc Friedland Ileana Rodriguez Matty Koerce Alina Garcia Guy L. Casacel Gregory Holmes Maureen Short Dick Lovell Scott Cohn Christine Kay Kathy Wessinger Jamie Colby Daniel Kalboc Susan Garbose Tom Richardson Danny J. Green Cheri Fose Juhe Robinson Ahcia Cervera Patti Heidler Jamie Martin 158 P -J. t Warren Solomon Stanley Thornton Gregory Norman Ronald K. Morris Keith L. Crawford Randall Darling Gary K. Lewis David L. Wilson Warren C. Davis Michael A. Green Iver E. Williams ALPHA PHI ALPHA ,. -. » 159 IEEE f " .I,;- COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN Sonia E. Hodge Teresita Berndes Catherine Giles Sandi L. Heilbron Vilma R. Batres Frances Novick Randi Kadis Silvia Garcia Karen Lonsky Randi Gruenstein Carol Wergeles Susana Eckstein Terlesa LaNea Cowart Karen Firestein Deborah A. Rosemond Margarita Du Breuil Liliane Khafif Cecilia Nunez Amy Dewyer Barry Jones Tina Cosgrave 160 IEEE 1 H ' R Kr.- Y A A % ■ k x-ni|yM ¥ 1 Wf I: __ — - I Hamid R. Zahedi Victor R. Fernandez Jose Iturbe Arturo J. Rodriguez Mario J. Galliano Gary P. Font Mariaelena Pernas Karen Rudy Jose Moran Gilbert Quinones Luis Lopez Juan F. Caraballo Myles W. Richards Gaby J. Salem Mark Richards 161 ALPHA SIGMA PHI Doug Ayers Jorge Dorta Duque Armando Rodriguez Jr. William A. Perez Frank Lopez Aurelio Quinones Steve Gittings rir2 162 w 1 ?■ HURRICANE SKIERS HI Mike Novack Steve Turk Gary Kranich Dennis Mann Steve Addler Steve O ' beirne Mike Morris Owen Tunney Edie Knowles Francine Dambrosio Mike Long Sally Mienik Bruce Cohen Fraser Van Asch Joe Levine Joe Moonwalk Carole Berkowitz Julie Dropplet Bill McQuire Steve O ' beirne Francine Dambrosio Owen Tunny Jim Munson 163 k«CJl TAU BETA PI David Shattner Marina Bianco Roberto Munoz Cliristina Gonzalez Arturo J. Rodriguez Georgina M. Bravo Jose Tarafa Jose Mjares Prof. Carl Kromp Dr. Agustin A. Recio H 164 ' o L PHI BETA SIGMA Russell C. Martin David E. Thomas Harvin A. Loyd Errol K. Hammond Arthur L. Hammond Owen May James Fields U.B.S. Arthur Hammond Dawn Riely Owen May Harvin Loyd Micheal Stevens Keith Hinton Wayne Coy Tony Wedderburn Russell Martin 165 k«£jp GOLDEN KEY Wi. JMWA Frasier White Pat Finerty Betty Mortenson Mike Chisener Karl Friedhoff Jim Lewis f 166 ; ! I 167 USBG ■ John Stolfi Nellie Koury Joan Muzzy Susan Koury Ritchie Lucas Katrina Hughes Carlos Hayzday Joy Hedges Brenda Nason Brenda Hardy Brad Feuyer Eliana Blanco Diana Weston Tom Van Poppering Paul Nohack Robin Wilson Vinny Varetta 168 w Senate Linda Newsome Kate Mulcahy Michelle Carroll Jamie Allen Rebecca Radin Benny Goodman Karen Snyder Jo-Aynne Corrao Lourdes Wolf Tony Blank Michael Serotte David Wilson Linda Mehrens Bill Coombs Karen Dorner Bill Mullowney Karen Fisher Alan Rubin Jose Padilla Marina Angleton Armando Rodriguez Cinda Houtsma Dan Kalbac Denise Duda Nancy Weill Amy Jacoves Mike Chisner Manuel Ramos Glenn Pomerantz Ronald Kaplan Bob Alinovi Scott Schwartz Armando Trull 169 SOS Alan Rubin Armando Rodriguez Allan Lipay Holly Byer Nancy Weill Brena Harvy Stacy Lipner Consuelo Casillas Marina Angelton Jose PadiUa Adys Acosta Jorge Armely Fraser Van Asch Douglas Ayers Evelyn Badano Lisa Barron Ellen Borchers Ron Bradley Raul DeLa Campa Michelle Carnell Ana Catasus Elizabeth Chibnik Cheryl Chipner Chris Coffman Frank Cullen Alex Deguzman Jorge Dorta-Duque Karen Dorner Denise Duda Macdonald Felder Bruce Fletcher Leslie Friedman Carlos Gamazo Phil Gibzon Donna Goldberg Alina Gonzalez Susan Greifer Brenda Hardy Oswaldo Herrera Oscar Hevia Joy Hoges Amy Jacoves John Jusino Killen Kress Frank Lopez Juan Martin Joy Anna Misenti Lee Mitchell Brenda Nason Karen Nason Steve Panitch Aurelio Quinones Rebecca Radin Lee Ramsey Scott Schwartz Pauline Schwartz Brad Simon Jordan Starr Lisa Sugama Marlene Valero Ray Vaughan Marilee Warner Naci Weill Lourdes Wolf 170 ... 960 GOVERNORS John Gult Mike Piccirilli Tom Duquette Scott P. Kaiser Bill Rumage Dan Luisttrader Robert Weiss Jim Langston Jamie Cooper Pat Finerty Mary Downey Brian Todd 171 HURRICANE I Harry Rimm Jane Marcus Amy Jacoves Gigi Otero Kevin Hawkins Jill Meyer Lourdis Mailer Maria Vega Chris McCuUoch Ritche Lucas Debbie Wilker Brian Gart Gary Ferman Lori Barrist Peter Hamm Laura Weiss Lloyd Tennen Marc Webster Terry Fein Jill J. Stone Don Lawson Christopher Floro Jeffrey M. Weiss 172 ll (B 000 LUCK i ,1 I 173 A Special Thank You: George Southworth There exists, in a corner on the third floor of the Merrick building, a small office. The majority of students at the University of Miami are probably unfamiliar with the room, lined with books on one side and lighted by large windows on another, but to Communications students, and even more, print journalism students, it is a very important place on campus. It is the office of Professor George Southworth. George Southworth first started teaching at UM on a part-time basis in 1952. He switched to full-time in 1968. 1980, his 28th year, is also, unfortunately, his last. Professor Southworth is retiring. Professor Southworth has been a lot of different things to a lot of different people during his years at UM. Besides teaching — the courses he has taught include Communications 101, History of Journalism; Communications 111, New Reporting; Communications 301, Ethics of Journalism; Communications 341, Newspaper Editing — George Southworth advises all Communications students in the print journalism sequence and advises the Board of Publications. As advisor of the Board of Publications Professor Southworth says, " I like to be available 24 hours a day. " If the Hurricane or Ibis editors have a problem it is to George Southworth they go — sometimes at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. The Board of Publications meets once a month, and special meetings are sometimes called. Professor Southworth is always there. Some people might consider such a schedule strenuous, to say the least; but George Southworth sees it in a different light. For a man who worked on the Miami Herald for 17 years on almost every job there is, including police reporter, assistant city editor, Latin American editor, news desk, and Travel editor, " overworked " has a slightly different connotation than for ordinary mortals. For a man who was a foreign correspondent for the Chicago Daily New Service for two years, and who has traveled in over 32 countries in that capacity, a workload and its weight, are seen from a rather different perspective. In 1947, George Southworth graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois with a Bachelors degree in Latin American Affairs. A native Illinoisan, Professor Southworth first became interested in Latin America when he served in the Division of Latin American Affairs in the Office of Navy Intelligence in World War II. He changed course in midstream, however, and got a Masters degree in Journalism from Indiana University in 1950. He explains, with a perfectly straight face, that the expense accounts of the foreign correspondents he knew attracted him. George Southworth ' s retirement is more of a shift of emphasis in the career he has always pursued — communications — than a traditional " turning out to pasture for a well-deserved rest abdication, although no one can deny that the rest would be well-deserved. Professor Southworth, who has, of course, written countless news articles as well as many short works, is awaiting developements on his first full-length novel, now in two publishing houses. George Southworth says simply, " If I live, I guess I ' ll write. " 174 BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS Dr. Carl McHenry — Chairman Dr. Ronald Newman Harry Rimm Paul Novack Dr. Elden Rawlings George Southworth Jeffrey Weiss Robert Knapp Norm Parsons Mrs. Raymonde Bilger Bonnie L. Israel Kimberly Enright 175 1980 IBIS STAFF Bonnie L. Israel ditor-in-Chief Judy E. Dan Associate Editor There were times when it wasn ' t easy and we would like to thank these people for always being there to hold us up. " Mom and Dad " Louis W. Olinto Jeffrey S. Johnston George Southworth Raymonde Bilger Janet Reynolds James C Hunter AH Section Editors 176 «--«tA 177 178 If 179 180 Alan Fergunson Sid Savitz Melody Watrol Brian Gart Stephanie Ross Michael Geller Burt Borkan Eric Baumel Ellen Mulligan John Brantley Larry Signori Tony Huets Jim Reed Melanie Simberkoff Paul McKeon Mackenzie Kearny Beckie White Jackie Hallifax Frank Citelli Chris Floro 181 I 1 tr 182 r " I I ATHLETICS 183 MEN ' S TENNIS Nick Badenhorst Mike Brunnberg Sergio Campos Ian Duvenhage Andres Fanjul Brian Levine •Stewart Sarnia Fred Sauer Christo Steyn Lettermen Head Coach; John HammiU 1979: Ranked I6th in nation; Record 18-4 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Sandy Wells Pat Bentoski Betsy White Joyce Taylor Barbara Castineira Dana Hunter Deborah Jackson Lori Nelson Dottie Richardson Sue Hartman Jill Poorman Sylvia Wilson Letter Winner Head Coach: Lin Dunn 1979: Record 10-13 VOLLEYBALL Pat Bentoski Joyce Taylor Mildred Palomino Kathy Lloyd Sue Hartman Mary Jo Smith Lucy Binhack AUison Holland Patricia Guerra Linda Marick Lisa Morelli Marta Guinea Susan Wegner Letter Winner Head Coach: Cheryl Holt 1979: Second place finish AIAW Region III Championships; First in state 184 FOOTBALL i Dan Miller John Swain Jeff Davis Greg LaBelle Mike Rodrigue John Smatana Michael Pontes Mark Richt Mark Smith Jim Kelly Jim Joiner i James Boone James Bigbie Ronnie Lippett Brian Eastburn ■■! Rocky Belk Gregory Anderson Taylor Timmons li Malcolm Simmons l| Mike Goedeker Gene Coleman Jerry Pope 1 ■ ' Pat Walker ! f ! Chuck Hirschman i f Pierre Hodges % David Jefferson t Fred Marion ,,- Herb Jackson Chris Hobbs Tony Fitzpatrick Johnny Kontodiakos ' John Daniels John Peasley Leroy McDonald 1: Danny Brown Larry Brodsky j Fred Roberts i Gary Breckner ■ Lorenzo Roan David Deakins Jerome Jones Mark Rush I ' " 1 i ■ !; ' 1 1 i 1 Chris Duffy Jim Toula Tom Carnes John Canei Pat Magee Jeff Sallinger Jim Pokorney Mozell Axson Clem Barbarino Art Kehoe David Stewart Donald Bailey John Fenton John Ferguson Chris Davis Greg Zappala Scott Nicolas John Heritscko Ed Hudak Tony ChickiUo Lester Williams Steve Grady Charles Cook Darryl Sutphin Bob Hays Frank Frazier Jay Brophy Paul Lafferty Broderick Bolton Jim Burt Andy Baratta Mark Cooper Glenn Dennison Leon Evans Rick Roughen Tim Flanagan Bob Nelson Pete Upperco Gregory Brown Russ Service Barry Gonzalez Head Coach: Howard Schnellenberger WOMEN ' S TENNIS Bev Alder Cindy Ballentine Amy Ehrenreich Susan Gibson Michelle Harris Retba Human Claire Lardner Cathy Maso Laura Starr Christa Van der Walt Letter Winner Head Coach: Ann Goldman 1979: Ninth at AIAW Nationals; Record 19-6 185 WOMEN ' S SWIMMING DIVING MEN ' S Vanessa Bullock Julie Capps Joan Chestley Lois Daigneault Lyn Davis Jody Ford Madge Gibbons Genevieve Graveline Sheri Horvitz Moira Houston Julia Knowles Melinda Lyverse Kelly McCormick Kate Mortell Cathy Selig Lisa Sharp Letter Winner Head Swimming Coach: Ray Woods Head Diving Coach: Steve McFarland 1979: Finished I6th place at AIAW National Championships SWIMMING DIVING BASEBALL Gary Abraham Roy Botsko Ricky Burrell Steve Charest Frank DaSilva Chris Grantham Lane Hudson Dana Kurty Lenny Layland Helmut Levy Greg Louganis Mike McGovern Ken Murtagh Jim Oppenborn Doug Porto Rich Talley Etienne Van Der Merwe Jan Van Der Sluis Rolf Wilken Chris Williams Eric Wyszkowski Carl Zillier Head Coach: Bill Diaz 1979: Placed 12th in NCAA Nationals Danny Smith Ross Jones Matt Tyner Matt Minium Mike Kutner Mike Maude Leigh Gullette Dave Bisceglia Paul Hundhammer George Reyes Wally Egnatuk Tony Barquin Frank Castro Bob Bastian Gary Ross Neal Heaton Lou Burmester Terry Gallagher Rob Biagini Rick Del Giudice Mike Pagliarulo Eddie Escribano Alex Dejesus Jeff Morrison Dave Ferguson Head Coach: Ron Eraser 1979: Finished 9th place at NCAA Nationals; Record 55-9 Head I ■5:Seve, 186 .... WOMEN ' S GOLF MEN ' S GOLF :aa Betsy Barrett Pam Elders Alana Frey Debbie Hoffman Kym Jennings Jill Jerauld Kathy Lawrence Lin Miller Sally Quinlan Carolyn Reinhard Patti Rizzo Liz Waynick Letter Winner Head Coach: Lesley Holbert 1979: Seventh place finish at Nationals SOCCER Carlo Acutis Jim Corrandino Jim Craffery Nathaniel Crosby Bill Hadden Terry Hashimoto Brad Hopkins David Jensen Vernon Lockhart John Pallot Todd Roberts Bill Wrobbel Lettermen Head Coach: Dr. Richard Thomas Zoltan Aradi Cesar Balda Frank Blanco Neil Boylan Mito Bulacia Bill Cormack Willy Dominguez Jim Elder Christopher Floro Doug George Jeff Kelly Ronnie Macklin Jim Orchard Gil Peter Amir Razzaghi Saeed Shoraka Kerry Smith Jerry Trimble Paul Van Beuren Richard Williams Ed Wright Lettermen Head Coach: Brian Killeen 1979: Record 7-7-1 187 New Hecht Center Houses Athletics ' ■-:Qi: -■V ii.. .i .;, ■ 188 • 5 w3 ' mci . 189 TS MEN ' S AND WOMEN ' S SWIMMING AND DIVING FRONT ROW: Carl ZiUier, Lane Hudson, Mike McGovern, Roy Botsko, Lenny Layland. MIDDLE ROW: Dana Kurty, Helmut Levy, Gary Abraham, Rolf Wilken, Frank Dasilva, Jan Vandersluis, Ricky Burrell. BACK ROW: Eric Wyszowski. Etienne Vandermerwe, Chris Grantham, Doug Porto, Steve Charest, Jim Oppenborn, Rich Talley. Missing: Greg Louganis. 190 »U BACK ROW: Lois Daigneault, Kate Mortell, Moira Houston, Vanessa Bullock, Madge Gibbons, Melinda Lyverse. FRONT ROW: Joan Chesley, Lyn Davis, Genevieve Graveline, Cathy Selig, Julia Knowles. Missing: Jody Ford. Julie Capps, Kelly McCormick, Sheri Horvitz, Lisa Sharp. 191 192 1»- ■ I I a I 193 ' ' ■s l» I i 194 ' --■ . T i i sar; 195 rCJit 1979 Golf Team I Front Row: Vernon Lockhart, Bill Hadden, Jim Craffey, John Fallot, David Jensen, Bill Wrobbel. Back Row: Assistant Coach John McCauley, Brad Hopkins, Nathaniel Crosby, Carlo Acutis, Todd Roberts, Terry Hashimoto, Jim Corradino, Head Coach Dr. Richard Thomas. 196 197 k«2CJ T Hashimoto Top Finisher N ' : M fH •4 ' s 01 i : ss f ; .r:r:-.:::;; Xi-Qi ' ' - . av- " " f " W irn rm, i 198 199 jL If a man can indeed be judged by the company he keeps, then the new University of Miami head football coach Howard Schnellenberger must be branded above all else as a winner with integrity. Schnellenberger, a 1956 graduate of the University of Kentucky, became University of Miami head football coach on January 8, 1979, succeeding Lou Saban, who resigned to become head coach at Army. Schnellenberger ' s coaching pedigree is a veritable Who ' s Who in the profession, having been associated as a coach with four of the most distinguished football figures and two of the winningest coaches in the history of professional and college football of the past quarter century — Don Shula, Bear Bryant, Blanton Collier and George Allen. " Howard Schnellenberger did a great job for the Miami Dolphins, " said Shula. " He is a fine organizer, he has a good knowledge of the game and he does a good job in preparation and presentation. Howard is an excellent coach and an excellent person. " Schnellenberger ' s association with football ' s household words dates to his own playing days in his native Kentucky. There he was an All-State basketball player at Louisville ' s Flaget High, recruited by Bear Bryant to play football for the University of Kentucky. In 1955, Schnellenberger earned Ail-American honors at end. Two seasons of pro football in Canada followed and Howard served one year in the U.S. Army before embarking on the coaching career that begins its third decade at UM. In 1959, Schnellenberger and Shula joined the staff of Blanton Collier at Kentucky, for two years assisting under the man many regard as " The Coaches ' Coach. " Howard left his alma mater in 1961 to rejoin forces with the Bear, starting a very successful five-year stint as an assistant to Bear Bryant at the University of Alabama. Bryant entrusted the Alabama offense to Schnellenberger, and the Bear ' s old student proved brilliant at the head of the class. During the Namath era, 1962 to 1964 , the Tide posted records of 10-1, 9-2 and 10-1. The 1964 edition showcased Namath in Ail-American form and was named National Champions by Associated Press and United Press International. " I ' ve known Howard since high school, and I have nothing but respect for him, " said Bryant. " He did a fine job at Alabama and he has what it takes to succeed — he has a great football ming and he ' s got guts. Howard Schnellenberger is a class person. " 200 ' r Howard Schnellenberger 201 C«J Football 202 _-J 11 ' - 1 • 1 JO »;.« , - I . , - cCJ Tokyo- 1979 ' mf 204 J f . i 1979 Football Team Front Row: David Deakins, Jeff Davis, Gene Coleman, Ronnie Lippett, Greg LaBelle, Malcolm Simmons, Dan Miller, John Smatana, Lorenzo Roan, Michael Pontes, Paul Lafferty, Chris Hobbs, Rocky Belk, Larry Brodsky, Mike Rodrigue. Second Row: Tim Flanagan, James Boone, Fred Roberts, Chuck Hirschman, Taylor Timmons, Gregory Anderson, Pierre Hodges, Charles Cook, John Daniels, Tony Fitzpatrick, Gary Breckner, Mike Goedeker, James Bigbie, Pat Magee, Jim Pokorney, Jeff Sallinger. Third Row: Art Kehoe, John Heritscko, Jim Burt, Gregory Brown, Bob Nelson, Lester Williams, John Fenton, Rick Roughen, Scott Nicolas, John Ferguson, Mozell Axson, Bob Hays, Pat Walker, John Swain, Greg Zappala, Barry Gonzalez, Nick Chickillo. Fourth Row: Steve Grady, Broderick Bolton, Frank Frazier, Mark Cooper, Clem Barbarino, Randy High, John Canei, Tom Carnes, David Jefferson, Fred Marion, Jay Brophy, Darryl Sutphin, Ed Hudak, David Stewart, Jim Toula, Mark Rush. Back Row: Donald Bailey, Glenn Dennison, Brian Eastburn, Jim Kelly, Mark Richt, Jim Joiner, Jerry Pope, John Peasley, Herb Jackson, Mark Smith, Andy Baratta, Leon Evans, Russ Service, Pete Upperco, Dan Miller, Chris Duffy. 206 mm - - 207 I ' ' ijc .. ' - Si Sj ewoafiiJ - M» i t . »»» i « w i i ■ 208 t- 209 K s 210 Sri " ' % ri r V ' Ik. fi ' » ' CC«I. 1979 Women ' s Volleyball Team Front Row: Joyce Taylor, Kathy Lloyd, Susan Wegner, Sue Hartman, Allison Holland, Marta Guinea. Back Row: Lucy Binhack, Patricia Guerra, Linda Marick, Mary Jo Smith, Pat Bentoski, Mildred Palomino. Missing: Lisa Morelli. 212 I ■ ' l in If iw:Lacf 213 First Trip To Regionals In UM History 214 i ! ; i 215 Sue Hartman is a busy person. Besides carrying a double major, Sue is on three varsity women ' s teams — basketball, Softball, and volleyball. Sue has been a member of both basketball and softball teams since her freshman year. Volleyball, however, is a different ball park. Dedication proved to be the determinant in this particular sport. She began her volleyball career in her sophomore year at UM. She has been a member of the varsity team ever since. She was selected UM ' s Outstanding Female Athlete for 1978-79, and in addition was the MVP for the softball team in 1979. If her college years are anything to go by, staying active is one of the many things Sue has accomplished. Steve Rogul, a native of Toronto, Canada, started playing tennis seriously at the age 16 after sustaining a broken leg while playing hockey, his country ' s favorite sport. In the ' 78 season Steve posted the best record among the UM starters, finishing with an 18-2 singles record. Last season his personal record was 16-5. " After the Nationals, I hope I ' ll be representing Canada in Mexico City in July, and I ' ll be there again in September for the World Student Games. " His immediate plans are to play full time for the next two or three years. " If I don ' t do well then I can always go on to Graduate School. " Steve plans to make his home here in South Florida because he has grown accustomed to the climate and the people. " It ' s been a good experience, and I ' ve really enjoyed it. From here on I ' ll just play it by ear. " Pat Walker, UM student and football player, or more accurately, UM junior and Hurricane wide receiver, is the type of player that any football team would be eager to boast of. It is no accident that he currently holds the NCAA record for the most yards. As Pat is a junior, he has had the opportunity of playing under both Coach Lou Saban and Coach Howard Schnellenberger. He says that the transition was not a particularly difficult one even though the two coaches employ totally different methods. According to Pat, Coach Schnellenberger is a tough disciplinarian who really makes the players work, while Coach Saban ' s disciphne was almost non-existent and he did not require much effort from the team. The 1979 Football season proved to Pat and also the nation that he was indeed a great receiver. He was first on the receiver ' s list in yardage, with 625. Pat, who is a HPR major and has hopes of playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has one more year with the Hurricane football team. He expects the coming year to be a tremendous one, for both the team and himself. 216 i Julie Capps, a UM junior majoring in Education, is a very talented student. Julie is one of the best divers the Hurricane swimmers have had in a long time. Julie attributes her success at diving to her early start in gymnastics. Upon high school graduation, she received numerous college scholarship offers. She chose Miami because of its excellent coaching staff. Julie has gained All- American honors while at UM, and last year finished seventh on the one-meter. She has also been a finalist at the AAU Nationals for the past four years. When Julie leaves, Miami will suffer a definite loss. James Joiner, a junior wide receiver for the Miami Hurricanes, proved to " Mr. All-Purpose " this past football season. Jim, like his counterpart Pat Walker, had a sensational year at the receiver-flanker position. In addition to his receiving chores, Jim also led the team in kick-off returns. His yardage on reverses, although amounting to only 83 yards, proved to be very valuable at crucial points in Miami ' s games. It was on kick-returns that he gained the most yards. He returned 19 for a total of 454 yards. His longest return of 65 yards was against the mighty Tide of Alabama. He concluded the year with the most yardage for all-purpose running. His total for the season amounted to an impressive 830 yards. Equalling or surpassing his 79 season totals will be an even greater achievement for Jim who now has one season remaining. From a personal and team standpoint we wish Jim the best in his next and final season. Melinda Lyverse, of the Hurricane swimmers, is one of many fine UM women scholar-athletes. Melinda is on the verge of becoming Miami ' s all time. Ail-American. A senior from Louisville, Ky., she has gained All-American honors seventeen times in three years and needs only four more mentions to take over the top spot in school sport. This achievement will stand for both women and men. Melinda is obviously a big meet swimmer who excels in sprint freestyle. She has not only been an individual success but she has also been an integral part of UM ' s success in relay events. She is a member of four record-setting relay teams at UM. The records include — 400 Medley Relay (AIAW) 1979, 200 Freestyle (AIAW) 1979, 400 and 800 Free (AIAW) 1978. Melinda falls in the category of many other excellent senior athletes. Their athletic talents, and their scholastic presence will be missed by everyone. 217 Li BASEBALL 55-9 218 ■iwgwMW . aM i«r... ' ' ' y-. 219 220 _jL TOP TEN IN WORLD SERIES I 221 i 222 u I • 223 L i ■a 224 Lffa I!;-,. Soccer r«»J ' ' Swimming and Diving U ' JE- __ Football L. I Ui p % 1 : U i " ' ij ' ■ » ■ I l I W, H V f I O I : . 1 I 6 Tennis Tennis i 1 , BK: 1 ' v m -pp Dale Lewis, last year ' s head coach of UM ' s men ' s tennis team, is the winningest coach ever in the history of college tennis. Throughout his illustrious career, Lewis amassed an incredible 493 victories against 52 loses, a 90 percent success average. His tenure at Miami came to an end last season, however, when he retired as the head coach of the University of Miami ' s Hurricane tennis team. Lewis came to the University of Miami in 1958 after coaching nine successful years at Indiana University, three of which led to Big Ten Championships. While at Indiana he was selected president of the Big Ten Coaches Association, He was also president of both the NCAA Tennis Committee and the College Tennis Coaches Association of America. Over the 2 1 years that Lewis coached at Miami, the team never had a losing season, and finished among the elite at the NCAA Championships. Only on two occasions were the " Canes not ranked in the top 10. In 13 of the 21 years at Miami Lewis ' teams finished in the top five, with second place finishes in 1965 and 1975. Coach Lewis considers his relationship with college tennis somewhat of a marriage. " I ' ve been DALE LEWIS MOST SUCCESSFUL TENNIS COACH IN HISTORY married to college tennis for 30 years, and I ' ve enjoyed every minute of it, " he says. In addition to the many wins that Lewis acquired, he possessed the longest winning streak in the history of collegiate tennis. The streak began in 1958 and ended during the 1964 season, a record extending through 137 straight victories. Through the years he came to know many players. " I ' ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting, coaching, and getting to know the many young players that have come and gone through the years, " reminisces Lewis. Lewis plans to remain connected with tennis. " I ' m not about to resort to the old rocking chair, " he says, " but I will be officially retired as the head coach at UM. " Lewis usually gave lessons in addition to coaching the ' Canes. He has continued to do this, as they are not as demanding. John Hamill, the present head coach, worked closely with Lewis in the 1978 season, as he was to become UM ' s head coach this year. " The players have grown accustomed to John, as he has been working frequently with them, and I foresee no problems, " Lewis said at the time of the transition. Hamill is one of the many All-Americans that played for Lewis during his years with Miami. Over the years 14 players have gained All- American status under Lewis ' tutelage. Lewis doesn ' t feel that there has been any decline in the Miami teams in recent years. It is his opinion that the NCAA has simply made it more difficult than before in only choosing a limited number of teams from across the country. " Now they, the NCAA, only choose 16 teams from across the country, with only two coming from the Southeast. Last year, although considered a rebuilding year, we stood a good chance of making it to the Nationals, " Lewis remarks. Besides coaching at UM, Lewis has also coached the United States Junior Davis Cup Team to nine world titles. " I look forward to hearing bigger and greater things in the future about Miami ' s men ' s tennis team, " Lewis says. i 241 1979 Men ' s Tennis X «r - ' f Jf flff Left to Right: Coach John Hammill, Fred Sauer, Ian Duvenhage, Stewart Sarnia, Mike Brunnberg, Christo Steryn, Brian Levine, Nick Badenhorst, Andres Fanjul, Sergio Sampos. 242 i ■ »«l l li IM W ,L._ 243 m m W f n n i 245 1979-80 Women ' s Tennis Team Coach Ann Goldman, Amy Ehrenreich, Susan Gibson, Cindy Ballentine, Bev Alder, Cathy Maso, Claire Lardner, Christa van der Wait, Retha Human, Laura Starr, Assistant Coach Donna Fales. Missing — Michelle Harris. 246 v::- ' f WHf ' - ' -.-l i ssjim i i I ner, 247 Mf mmi »j» « • wA " »VW«» i iW0 f f ' ii M.,i m , J y mw immmm , ' 7.VW?. ' 1 248 249 ' «»«l Soccer Team Top Row: Assistant Coach Jim Wetteriing, Paul VanBeurer, Ed Wright, Bill Cormack, Jeff Kelly, Zoltan Aradi, Kerry Smith, Steve Cox, Jerrt Trimble, Head Coach Brian Killeen. Middle Row; Ronnie Macklin, Jim Orchard, Neil Boylan, Willy Dominquez, Mito Bulacia, Frank Blanco, Gil Peter, Saeed Shoraka, Amir Razzaghi. Front Row: Manuel Saguel, Richard Williams, Jim Elder, Doug George, Cesar Balda, Christopher Floro. Missing: Diego Handel, Tom Ferchets. i ■I- i: 250 _ — IL hi I m i Smidi, O e 251 irr «.ig. ' « 5 V • •■y» - k I 253 1979 Women ' s Basketball Head Coach Lin Dunn, Sandy Wells, Betsy White, Dana Hunter, Sue Hartman, Lori Nelson, Jill Poorman, Sylvia Wilson, Dottie Richardson, Barbara Castimeira, Joyce Taylor, Deborah Jackson, Pat Bentoski, Graduate Assistant Coach Ann Owens. 1 I 254 mmm Ann L. 255 Boxing V 256 Karate 257 Ping Pong • •••••• •«zi:!:: " » ' ! • ■•••••••••••••••••, ••«»»ti • •••••••:::::;:.• ) • 1 • 1 •! !• 1 1 • 1 1 • 1 1 • 1 • • • • • • • • • • t, ll 258 T 259 Water Skiing 260 — T i ji -JlgLag. . Ill lllJii ' -1tM I 261 Frisbee I i: 262 1 i 263 Bowling 264 1 F s ) Sm 265 r 266 « --4. r Rugby f 267 William A. Lane Campus Sports and Recreation i 268 w m 269 ■«« t ' l= CSR Offers Various Facilities 270 wr 271 Walk For " U " I V " t ' . 272 wr ' ■ ' »kl 273 f INTRAMURALS 274 --k 275 — I The dream of an on-campus football stadium has been endorsed " in principle " by university officials. In I960, Jack Harding, UM ' s Athletic Director, is quoted as saying, " I think the salvation of college football in competition with the pros is in having a limited capacity stadium. It would be better for the students and the alumni. " In May, 1979, Howard Schnellenberger, head football coach, brought these arguments as well as the promise of profit, to the Board of Trustees in a proposal for a 42,000-seat, $4.8 million, on-campus stadium. Since then the stadium, its possibility, its probability, its certainty, has been subject to the conjecture of the entire university community. As the situation now stands, all that is needed is the acceptance of the full Board of Trustees, and the money. The 4.8 million dollars that will be needed could be a problem. However, Coach Schnellenberger foresees no insurmountable difficulty in recruiting the sum and has " several donors in mind. " The stadium will occupy approximately two thirds of the Hurricanes ' present football practice site: the area facing San Amaro Drive between the Hecht Athletic Center and the Mark Light Baseball Stadium. Present plans calls for an eight lane track inside the stadium, and space for a basketball stadium. Thus not only would the football team benefit, but the possibility of track and basketball programs here at our alma mater is created. When Coach Schnellenberger first introduced his proposal he was hopeful that the Hurricanes would be playing the 1980 season on campus. Delays have made that hope doubtful. But the dream lives on. 276 « — fc Football Stadium A Dream Coming True? 277 SENIORS 279 Cecil Abraham Chemistry Linda Abramson Judaic Social Studies Gail Ambromitis Athletic Training Adys Acosta English History Frank Acosta History Patrick Addeh Industrial Engineering Irving Adler Finance Naresh S. Advani Business Management Org. Mozi Pere Agara Electrical Engineering Mona Ager Fine Arts April Ah Leong Psychology Bijan Ahmadi Civil Architectural Engin. Abdulrhman Ahmed Architecture Ashour H. Ahmed Architectural Engineering Shabib N. Al-Ajmi Mechanical Engineering Eidrus A. Albar Architectural Engineering Antonio E. Albistu Architecture Maria A. Albisu Communications Charlotte Crystal Albury Computer Science Tammi Turkey Cooking Jose Alcaraz Accounting Stephen B. Alder Marketing Maria Aleman Computer Science J. Ricardo Alfonso Psychology 280 nr {} J. Rodolfo Alfonso Psychology Hani Elsayed-Ali Electrical Engineering Leo Paul Alicastro General Business Ralph P. Allen, III Business Management Org. 1 i WELCOME DAVID »• Hurricane David Freshmen entering the 1968-960 complexes in the fall invariably ask the question — " What are those funny shutters on the windows for? " The University of Miami nearly found out over the 1979 Labor Day Weekend. Hurricane preparations began early the week before, with emergency meetings held by residence halls staff, physical plant and the administration. Physical evidence of " hurricane possibilities " appeared early that Friday, with the shutters going up on the library and the taping of windows all over the Student Union. There was a general air of excitement among the student population as " David " edged nearer and nearer to the Dade Broward coastlines. " Hurricane parties " sprang up all over. Residents slept in the hallways of the Mahoney-Pearson complexes to avoid the danger of flying glass from their unshuttered windows. Many fell asleep Sunday night — to the sound of the wind whipping around outside — and woke-up Monday morning to hear that David had passed us by and was making his way Northward. While the UM Physical Plant workers breathed heavy sighs of relief at the lack of damage to the University, the prevailing mood among the student population was disappointment. Many of the students seemed to feel cheated out of their chance to witness the effects of a hurricane. The more sensible were happy that we were spared the onslaught that David was prepared to deliver. We may not have experienced the actual impact of David, but he taught us a lesson — that administration and students can work together in the face of a crisis. 28t Rathskeller Greg Kramer The University of Miami is fortunate to have Greg Kramer as the Manager of the Ratslceller. He has been the manager here for two years. Greg graduated from the University of Miami in 1975 with a Bachelors Degree in Education and received his Masters of Education in 1977. He has worked with the Rat since the opening day, and his jobs have ranged from kitchen employee to the night manager. Greg ' s hobbies and interests include observing and participating in all aspects of sports, especially golf, hockey and racketball. Greg ' s duties are a day to day operation. He is responsible for the programs, personnel, purchasing and supervision. The Rat is a non-profit, educational organization. Greg thinks that one of the rewarding aspects of managing the Rat is to help organize a party, or cater a function, and knowing when it ' s all over, that the staff has done a great job. He is a hard worker and many would testify that the Rat runs smoothly. However, Greg would like to improve some of the Rat ' s publicity and develop more organization within the establishment. In addition to managing the Rat, Greg works with the Alcohol Awareness Task Force. He is married and is a chapter advisor for the TKE Fraternity. We all consider the U of M ' s Ratskeller to be a unique and important addition to the campus, and we all have to thank Greg Kramer for helping to make it one. Ahmed A. Allerez Architecture Bernadette Alliet Chemistry Pedro F. Alvarez Alonso Architecture .Allan L. Althoiz Marketing Jesus Alvarez Electrical Engineering Fens Alex Amaye-Obu Biochemistry Chemistry Samuel D. Anderson, Jr. Music Education Albert Andux Computer Science Anthony John Annone Biology Mary Beth Anthony Int. Finance Marketing Alexander Aquino Chemistry Felipe Jose Aragon Psychology 282 ¥ 1 i Maria Teresa M. Arango Business Management Org. Carlos J. Arboley Finance Rosy Arcano Elementary Mid. School Ed. Debra Lynn Aria Accounting Mercedes V. Arjona Systems Analysis Debra April Aronowitz History English Kimberly Arnett Secondary Education Enio Arrietta Industrial Engineering Maribel Alvarez Arrietta Biology Jean Asmar Chemistry French Mirella Assin Computer Science Nasser Jonathan Atala Chemistry Robert Alan Atallo Economics Dubay Jawdai Atassi Electrical Engineering Mary L. Atkins Business Management Org. Jeffrey Aube Chemistry Kenneth A. Averack Chemistry Mark Azzolina Computer Science Jeffrey Scott Babischkin Microbiology Maria Teresa Baez Int. Finance Marketing Iva Bailey English Education Debra Bakely Psychology Jacqueline Maria Bales Psychology Sociology Curtic Ball Marketing 283 Cynthia Ballentine Recreational Therapy Barbara Ann Balogh Communications Gary W. Bangs Nursing Lori Bankendorf Human Services Marvin Adam Bankier Accounting Toni Bannamon Nursing Scott Palmer Banneret Biology Alberto Barbon Chemistry Ivonne Barrera Architecture Lori E. Barrist Journalism Pol. Pub. Affairs Maria Barlett Music Education William D. Barnes Accounting Linda C. Baron Communications Wendy Leigh Baron Recreational Therapy Ronna L. Barovsky Psychology Jairo David Barsalio Industrial Engineering Linda Gail Barton Nursing Jay H. Bashein Finance Steven Lee Batchelder Business Management Org. Susan C. Batura Psychology Bus. Management Gail Baumrin Marketing Raymond E. Becker, Jr. Electrical Engineering CSC Scott Becker Chemistry Mercedes B. Beffa Marketing JohnS York, is ' " SnideniSeiw HomecofflinS work-jcii ' upikeelenw lasbtocoa " Homecooi Homecooiigl thelCoiiiffl Noiasroiisl ioes. 284 Homecoming John Stolfi, a rwenty year old second semester junior majoring in Business Management, from Long Island, New York, is the man behind our homecoming festivities. John was elected chairman of Homecoming 79 by the Director of Student Services, the President of Panhellenic, last year ' s Homecoming Committee, and USBG. He is a self acclaimed work-acholic, but his co-workers refer to him as a nut. Stolfi ' s job as chairman of Homecoming first involves setting up the elements of Homecoming and then delegating certain tasks to committees. The ultimate responsibility of Homecoming, however, falls on John. He received his Homecoming fever and know how last year when he served on the 78 Committee. Not astonishing though, is Stolfi ' s philosophy, get active, get involved, and enjoy life to the fullest which is exactly what he does. Victoria Behar Psychology Scott Robert Behman Communications Marketing Susan Regina Beinhorn Health Physical Education Charles Raymond Belva Biology Antonio Yecid Benavides Mechanical Engineering Randi S. Bennett Elementary Education Robin E. Bennett Accounting Barbara Rose Berger Marketing F.B. Berhane Industrial Engineering Helen A. Bernstein Accounting Lisa Catherine Berry Accounting Irene Beumer Int. Finance Marketing Beatriz M. Bezos Civil Engineering Eric Billings Mathematics Warren R. Bittner Math A n th ropology Melanie Blaisdel Elementary Education 285 Francisco-Tavier Blanco Economics Tony Blank Finance Thomas M. Block Management I sis A. Bober Psychology Mindy A. Blockstein Politics Public Affairs Sibyl A. Bodamer Psychology David Bodenhamer, Jr. Finance R. Noel Bolinger Business Management Org Off Campus Dadeland i Three may be a crowd, but it ' s cheaper! Take three UM Rugby players and one nice apartment behind Dadeland and you ' ve got the makings of a madhouse. Among the activities they engaged in include a T-shirt factory. Two of the guys were making shirts for the Thanksgiving " Santo Domingo Tour " that the Rugby Club was embarking on and the products literally covered the living room and hallway floors. Just watching three big guys trying to step around the shirts was a sight to behold! Mark Donnelly, Ed Kline, and Mark Parsons co-exist in a .; spacious three bedroom apartment in the Bermuda Village y complex across the canal from Dadeland. The three met I through the UM Rugby Club all were looking for a place to live and decided three was cheaper than one. Finding a three bedroom furnished apartment was difficult but they lucked out. When asked why they liked living in the area, replies were varied, but location was the major factor. It ' s close to a campus and to Pantry Pride to keep them supplied with beer. Most would envision a battle zone with three guys living together, but they manage to keep the place relatively neat-provided the T-shirt factory is not in production. Everyone cleans up their own mess — eventually. All in all it ' s not a bad set up for three wild and crazy guys! Ladies beware 286 .— -m ; ree eswere Arturo D. Bolivar Mechanical Engineering Broderick Bolton Physical Education Juliane Christina Bonchack Human Services Chyrel Y. Boney Elementary Education Karen J. Bookman Elementary Education Carole Boothe Marketing Burton Borkan Finance Scott Borman Marketing Gilles Bouchacourt Mathematics Elaine A. Bradbee Geography Ana-Maria M. Bradley Journalism Communications Juanita Bradley Business Computer Systems Virginia Bradley Art Kevin B. Bradshaw Music Merchandising Thomas P. Branch Civil Engineering Cathy Brand Economics Nancy Joyce Branden Politics Public Affairs Christopher Brandon Business Management Org. Rodester Brandon Music Education Liza K. Brandt Politics Public Affairs Barry Michael Brant Accounting John D. Brantley B iology Chemis try Tim Brantley General Business Georgina M. Bravo Civil Engineering 287 Paul Brevda Accounting Michael Ross Britan Communications Leonardo Brito Business Management Org. Mona Brody Ceramics Art Education Dorothy Brown Electrical Engineering Gretchen Brown Psychology Orlando Brown Music Merchandising Janice Lee Bruton Speech Communications Robert W. Buhl Accounting Jonathan Burg Chemistry Biology Wendy Lynn Burns Communications Janet L. Burnside Marketing Dawn Burr English Robert J. Burrows Marine Science Biology Michael Roger Busatto Biology Pablo Caballaro Electrical Engineering Tony M. Caballero Architecture Alicia C. Cabrera Nursing Miguel Angel Cabrera, Jr. Architecture Jordan Scott Cain Philosophy Pre-Law Cottee V. Caldwell Art Janet Lynn Calwell Nursing Fredrick A. Callis Business Management Org. Michael Calyore Biology Marine Science in 288 Tf English Dr. Skipp The room was lined with books of Hemingway, Faulkner and Twain, a ten-speed bike rested in the corner and a delicate teacup perched itself on the desk. Dr. Skipp spoke of his " Sailing to the south. " Dr. Skipp, who has been teaching English at the University of Miami since 1961, was born in Manhattan and grew up in Long Island. A Lt. Colonel in the United States Air Force, Dr. Skipp worked in the Pentagon as Special Assistant to the Vice Chief Staff of the Air Force. After twelve years of Service, Dr. Skipp took to the sea. In 1953, after he resigned his Air Force commission, Dr. Skipp sailed with his wife and two sons, ages seven and one, to Miami. A rather soft spoken gentleman. Dr. Skipp also told of his Carribean " cruise " on his sailboat. He said he was " captivated with sailing to far away places. " In 1969, Dr. Skipp and his family of three boys, sailed from Miami to St. Thomas to Martinique, Dominica, Antigua, and the Windward and Leeward Islands, to name a few. His sailboat ' s name was " Cariban " which means native of the Carribean. When he spoke of his sailing in the wide, open sea, he said " sure, it ' s scary but it makes life vivid. " Dr. Skipp and his family lived on a sailboat for 20 years before coming ashore to Coconut Grove. He described living on a sailboat as a " living machine. You have to have everything in its place. " Dr. Skipp moved his family to land in 1975 because the children were getting bigger and the sailboat living was getting " a litde impractical. " Does he miss the sea. ' Dr. Skipp said he likes to sail occasionally but he ' s " comfortable in the Grove. " Dr. Skipp received his BA in English at Colgate in 1940, his Masters at UM in 1958, and his Doctorate from Duke in 1962. He said he has taught everything but his specialty, American Literature from the 1920 ' s to the 1950 ' s. Currently, he is writing a critical works book of James Dickey, the poet. Dr. Skipp said he " loves teaching " and offers his advice to all students — " Learn to read. It ' s something you can take with you all through your life. " Carlos A. Calzadilla Chemistry Maria de Lorento Calzadilla Biology Glenn Camche Polidcs Public Affairs Susan Candia Accounting Patricia E. Canete Psychology Daniel C. Canevari Health Physical Education Andrew Capone Business Management Org. Carlos Cardenas Electrical Engineering 289 USBG Paul Novack Did you know that you can see the President anytime he has free appointment space? The president of USBG that is. The president of USBG is Paul Novack, 21, a native Miamian majoring in General Business. Paul ' s qualification stems from a long list of past experiences in USBG. One of the major services instituted under Paul ' s administration was the gripe line. The gripe line is a 24-hour-a-day telephone line for registering complaints about housing, faculty, administration, billings and any other concerns. Paul, a senior, says that the one thing that never fails to get him involved is an individual offending the rights of others. When asked about his hobbies, Paul seems baffled. His first response is that he does not have time for hobbies, but he gives the matter a httle more thought and decides that he Ukes to spend the little free time he does have relaxing with his family friends. Bruce D. Carlino Business Management Org. Artie E. Carr Psychology Sociology Luis A. Carrasco Mechanical Engineering Godfrey A. Cartwright Business Management Org. Debbie A. Caruso Human Services Guy L. Casaceli Accounting Sandra C. Castro Chemistry Orlando J. Catala Art Jeffrey David Catanach Economics Maria Emma Caviria Political Science History Elena Royo Cadeno Elem Early Childhood Biling Ed. Satit Chairoongruang Marketing June Marilyn Chapman Psychology Steven P. Charest Marketing BMO Thomas Alan Chelko Music Merchandising Cynthia Caryn Chen Languages 290 Daniel Chernau Arts Sciences Gen. Study Melanio Julian Chiu Architecture Marika Diane Christ Communications Michael Christakis Chemistry Cindy L. Christensen Nursing Craig W. Christiansen Int. Finance Marketing Donna Christmas Communications Kenneth E. Christoff, Jr. Finance Victoria A. Civile Nursing Constance M. Clare Communications David B. Clarke Architectural Civil Engin. Beth A. Cochran Motion Pictures Television Neal Richard Cofman General Business Arleen J. Cohen Communications Bruce E. Cohen Finance Donald T. Cohen Accounting Paul Hurston Cohen Finance Robert S. Cohen Marketing William G. Cohen Finance Scott A. Cohn Accounting Jamie N. Colby Accounting Charles M. Colella Marine Science Catharine Collins Arts Sciences Gen. Study Rosendo Jesus Colomar Social Studies 291 Frank Anthony Consoli Geology Michael R. Centre Architecture Linda S. Cook Sociology William F. Combs Biology Susan Cooper Nursing Mark D. Cooperman Finance Patrick S. Cope Marine Science Geography Bruce E. Corben Accounting Juan Carlos Corrarello Chemistry Michele Costa Electrical Engineering Terri A. Costello Accounting Laura Gene Coulter General Business Mary Susan Coulter Economics Pan Thomas Courtelis Civil Engineering Wayne Michael Coy Economics Jim Craffey Business Management Org. Luis Cruz General Business Rosy Idalia Cruz Int. Marketing Finance Eloisa Cuadrado Int. Marketing Finance Christine J. Cunningham Business Management Org. Angela Ceil Curreri Fine Arts Ceramics Joseph V. Cusamo Accounting Finance David Paul D ' Eugeno Communications BMO Roay Del Dago Int. Finance Marketing BMO 292 Dian Denise Dames Music Applied Voice Donna Lee Daniels Accounting Gilbert L. Dannehower, III Marketing Shari Dee Danziger Elementary Early Childhood Ed. Kim Sinh Dao Biology Zsuzsanna Darai Biology Diana Dascal Architecture Carmen Rocio Datore Elementary Education Cynthia L. David Public Relations Psychology Sharon Anne Davidson Business Management Org. Robert Earl Day Finance Management Robert H. DeArmond Computer Science Barbara de Villiers Speech Hearing Science Ruthanne Deakin English Bonnie B. Dearborn Geology James F. DeChant f Geology THE MIAMTIHURRICANE UM Med School Wins Pot Grant liaini jNews ' t U iur . Iix rnf ' fviin Jmimali I ISA PmtidrnlinI ll |M-riil S|H-alks On HMkMM THEMIAMll HURRiCANE Hurricanes ( riish Reds 24-12 II „„l. Mm7i: I II Itl f.i.l. I...M I.VX)() r.K lHill Fans Walr i U » fiir i 1 lliilfliim ' ■ laiif nl VsililM I.V III " W .isliiii liMi IN» I l lilor Prt ' tUdttiluil Sfttrth Ikn lira.ll.-. S|Mak ..I I M ' ' • ' " ' « lu rnl E S pOftS ,,nl. ImI Uint aim (.immI llnitk hor f; ' .V « a I k .■ Pin g! Pon g! Ping! lalJf Trnnis Tuiklrs Tho-1 u ' iiiiril.iiiM iiI l 293 Mary Anne DeFir Geology Rassul Dehgan Civil Engineering George Del Forn Mechanical Engineering Maite de Lamerens Biology Mark Howard Delapenha Economics Ani Delgado Accounting Management Arnold (Dito) Delgado Finance Rick A. Del Giudice Accounting Damien Dellabough Communications Maria De Los Reyes Psychology Frank J. Demandt Architecture David Ian Dembrow Chemistry Coconut Grove Off Campus Ik ■■pionut Grove. Ihose two words conjure up a variety of images — from the quiet, laid back attitude shared by most residents to the high rise luxurious atmosphere projected by the lucky(?) few. Living " in the Grove " a fantasy for some, is a reality for many UM students. Sometimes it seems that every car one sees in the Grove has a " C " sticker on the bumper. Lyn Grady, a senior Public Relations major, is one UM student who enjoys living in the " low-keyed, anything goes " atmosphere the Grove has to offer. Lyn, who hails from Annapolis, Md., has lived in Coconut Grove ever since she transferred to UM from Tulane two years ago. " . . . the whole ideaof living off campus means that most of us are forced to live within a budget . . . this really teaches you how to manage money — the value of a dollar. The dorms are an artificial atmosphere, a little world unto themselves . . . living away from campus makes you more dependent upon yourself for entertainment. " " The Grove is a quiet, private area to live in . . . the people here are friendly, and it ' s a diverse community. Granted there is the crime possibiUty but you get that everywhere. The area is nice — you can walk to most things and there are lots of recreational facilities available, rennis, the Vita Course, saihng . . . you never get bored living here — and if you do, it ' s your own fault. " Lyn and her roommate share a two bedroom duplex between Bird Road and Coconut Grove proper. The building is surrounded by ferns and trees providing that tropical atmosphere much of the Grove is noted for. It ' s easy to see why so many people leave other areas of Dade to escape to Coconut Grove. V 294 Jennifer Thumann Dempsey Communications George Denis Accounting Julie R. Denis Communications Susan Jo Denis Speech Hearing Science Brahim Derder Industrial Engineering Marisel Deschamps Psychology Maura Brigid Devereux Biology Angel E. Milanes Diaz Architecture Monica Alvarez Diaz Architecture Andrea E. DiGioia Music Merchandising Vincent DiPalmo Business Management Org. Siross Djavadian Civil Engineering Dyana Dluz Economics George D. Donovan Finance Enery M. Dorta Architecture Angelica LaKay Dowdy Business Management Org. Lorraine Maria Anna T. Dowdy Biology Nicholas J. Drance, Jr. Psychology English James H. Drass, III Chemistry Johanna Drickman Chemistry Margarita DuBreuil Excep. Cit. Elem. Education Karin A. Dukanauskas English Robert Reynold Dutcher, Jr. Computer Science John Andrew Duwelius Geology 295 John Stephen Dzienkowski Accounting Lynn Elizabeth Easley Communications Susana Eckstein Elementary Early Childhood Ed. Robert W. Egan Biology Chemistry Math Beth Robin Eglowstein Marketing Christopher Eldredge Electrical Engineering Wayne Kenneth Elkins Business Management Org. Susan Patrice Ellert Chemistry Grace D. ElHs Psychology Sociology Kenneth D. Ellman General Business Faiz Elmadi Civil Engineering Edward Neil Eisner Finance Agu Emmanuel Chemistry Pre-Med Ana M. Escagedo Economics Maria Eugenia Escagedo Int. Finance Marketing French Frank Escobar f Pre-Med k Virginia Espina Speech Communications Celia Rose Estrada Biochemistry Chemistry Jeannie Etter Nursing Stephanie Susan Evans Marketing Daniel R. Everts Mechanical Engineering Samuel W. Faber Music Merchandising Layla Fadel Accounting French Suzanne Faiber Nursing Universiiy. ' P 296 Commun ica tions ..mmmniamM Dr. Rawlings Dr. Elden Rawlings, a man of many talents, and much experience, has a new job. He is the new chairman of the Communications Department. It was at Syracuse University that Dr. Rawlings began his teaching career. In addition to his many other credits, he was chairman of the journalism departments at Minnesota State College, Texas Christian University, and Syracuse University. At the University of Miami, besides his many other duties, he teaches news reporting classes. Even with his many responsibilities here at the University of Miami, Dr. Rawlings is still very active in journalism on a national level. He has received the high honor of being president elect of the American Society of Journalism School Administrators. He is also chairman of the Teaching Standards Committee of the Association for Education in Journalism. Dr. Rawlings main task here at the University of Miami is to see that the individual programs of the department develop as much as possible and gain accreditation. He also sees an urgent need to raise funds for the research faciUties and much needed equipment. In his free time. Dr. Rawlings enjoys writing for newspapers, playing golf and tennis, snorkling and football. Dr. Rawhngs has two sons, one working in advertising in Dallas and the other a senior at Wichita University. His wife works in the public relations department at Florida Power and Light. Dr. Rawlings is a man of diversified talents and experience. His plans for the Communications Department promise to lift it to new heights. Charles Fairbank Communications Simon Falic Accounting Ronald Familiar Geography Claudia Faulkner Marketing Judy L. Feder Physics Math Deborah Feigenbaum Elementary Early Childhood Ed. Ana M. Fernandez Marketing BMO Ana Maria Fernandez Elementary Education Jeanette B. Fernandez English Jose Pablo Fernandez Accounting Maria A. Fernandez Accounting Maria Elena Fernandez Marketing French 297 COISO Brahim Derder Brahim Derder is a young man who enjoys swimming, volleyball, tennis, and oil painting in his spare time. Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for many others, free time is something he has very little of. For Brahim is the president of COISO, the Council of International Students Organization. He was elected president by over 2000 International students. Under Brahim, COISO sponsors a coffee night every Wednesday in an effort to better relations between American and International students. COISO is also responsible for the annual International Week on campus. Another project that Brahim is working on in an official capacity in his fight to suspend the proposed fee some feel should be levied on International students because of the additional paperwork they create. Probably the most difficult part of Brahim ' s position is remaining neutral when students discuss controversial issues. Brahim plans to return to Algeria with a degree in Pedro E. Fernandez Mechanical Engineering Alina T. Ferrer Architecture Jose A. Ferrer Int. Finance Marketing Bradley S. Feuer Chemistry Judith Linden Fields Nursing Marc Howard Fields Economics Angel Figueredo Psychology Nancy Figueroa Computer Science Wendy Fine Business Management Patrick M.J. Finerty Accounting Carl Frederick Fiorentino Computer Science Terry Ellen Fires Finance Frank W. Fischer Marketing Shari Lynn Fischl Marketing Lori Amerine Fisher Microbiology Gracite Fishes Marine Science engineering and he also plans on returning to Miami for his Masters Degree. COISO intrigues him because he things that it poses an interesting challenge in dealing with students with different backgrounds and opinions. 298 FT s 1 rhis that II i June Elizabeth Fisher Communications Milton J. Fisher Communications Linda Fitzpatrick Communications Eric Flattery Accounting Systems Analysis Vylinda Flemister Secondary Math Education Julianne Flick Speech Hearing Science JoAnne Flom Marketing Carlos Armando Flores Chemistry Carlos Manuel Flores Architecture Eugene Florestant Mechanical Engineering Hector A. Fluriach History Rosa Chia Fong Biology Larry Foreman Business Management Christopher J.S. Forman Communications Cheryl Fose Music Education Tammy Jean Fox Psychology Victoria Lynn Foyt French Spanish Michael A. Frayler Physical Education Angela L. Fredrick Public Relations Mari Jayne Marie Frederick Broadcast Journalism Amy Freedman Elementary Education Drew James Freeman Marketing Nancy Ellen Freinberg Sociology Irwin W. Friedland Electrical Engineering 299 Jeri Sue Friedman Psychology Maria R. Froio Sociology Communications Polly S. Fromson Journalism Marilyn D. Gadson Nursing Laura Patricia Gaffney Psychology Pol. Pub. Affairs Helene H. Galanti Elementary Early Childhood Ed. Manuel Gustavo Gallardo Architecture Mario J. Galliano Electrical Engineering Carlos M. Gamazo Sociology Communications Belina Garazi Accounting Susana Garazi Int. Finance Marketing Susan B. Garbose Psychology Addi C. Garcia Communications Alina D. Garcia Chemistry Angela M. Garcia Spanish Manuel Paul Garcia Politics Public Affairs Maria Eugenia Garcia Architecture Barbara R. Gardere Communications Carolyn Gargas Nursing Gary Joseph Garson Drama Brian K. Gart Politics Public Affairs Gary Gartenberg Business Management Org. Donald Dean Gates, II Communications Rafael E. Gatica Electrical Engineering raejtd 300 Caridad Hidalgo-Gato Architecture Hilton Jay Geartner Int. Finance Marketing Andrew Gerstein Accounting Mostafa Ghasghai Business Management Org. Linda Ginsberg Economics Business Admin. Joseph S. Girmonde General Business Eilyn Glanz Elementary Early Childhood Ed. Leslie Fern Glenn Markedng Medicine Nursing r Nursing students are probably one of the most " invisible " group of students at the University of Miami. Oh yes, occasionally you might see one of the " yellowbirds " (as they are known at Jackson Memorial Hospital), rushing across campus, but a UM nursing student (UMNS) really doesn ' t get to spend too much time on campus . . . Everyone thinks Mondays are bad, but they can be horrendous for a UMNS-wake-up between 5:30-6 am so you can be at the hospital no later than 7 am . . . instructors and staff devour tardy students. You can find UMNS just about anywhere in the hospital: up in Obstetrics coaching mothers through labor, on the Pediatric floors dodging the wheelchair races, in the Emergency Room drawing blood and starting IV ' s, etc. etc. etc. Most people don ' t realize that legally, nursing students are held responsible at the level of an RN, so they ' ve got to be on their toes all the time. UMNS experience 2-3 days a week of clinical experience either in the hospitals or out in the community. Add to that 8-12 hours of classes, an indescribable amount of paperwork (ask one about Care Plan and she might have a breakdown in front of you), reading, and practicing ... a weeks worth of time fills up very easily. Incredibly enough, many nursing students also work part and full time jobs (eg. Practical Nurses, Dialysis Technician, Work-Study jobs) and pursue advancement in other areas of interest (er. Ballet, Dancing, Sailing). Sometimes it seems that a requirement of the UM School of Nursing for its students is that they maintain some untapped source of energy to be called upon at a moments notice. However, ask any one of these students and she he will probably admit that all the nervous physical stress and strain are worth it in the end. It takes a special kind of person to become a good nurse; caring and compassionate, yet still retain the ability to be objective in the face of a crisis. A senior student sums up her feelings, " . . . one of the hardest things about being a nurse is having to be strong when there ' s hardly any strength left — no one can teach you how to deal with a family when they have a loved one who is seriously injured or has died . . . and it never gets easier. Guess you ' ve got to have a strong will to make it over the rough spots . . . It ' s helping patients and their families through periods of illness and disruption that makes nursing worthwhile. " 301 Amy M. Gold Recreational Therapy Debbie L. Goldberg Communications English Larry A. Goldberg Accounting Lee B. Goldberger Business Rondee Goldfein Politics Public Affairs Sharon Golen Marketing Juan V. Gomez Industrial Engineering Libia Isabel Gomez Biology Blanca Gonzalez- Abraham Economics Alfredo Gonzalez-Delfino Civil Engineering Emilio L Gonzalez-Rangel Chemistry Armando J. Gonzalez Electrical Engineering Business I Dr. Allen At the time, 1 had no place better to go than law school. " So says Dr. Jeffrey Allen, professor of Business Law. Even though he wanted to become a professional baseball player at the time, Jeffrey Allen went to law school because his friends were going there. An accounting major at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Dr. Allen went to the Law Schools at NYU and George Washington University. Dr. Allen, although mainly inactive, is a member of the bar in New York, New Jersey and Florida. Graduated from law school, he worked at United Artists as an associate corporate attorney. After working as a trial attorney and as an associate at Grabow, Verp and Rosenfelt, Dr. Allen went into private practice. He believes a lawyer should have a keen mind and an ability to relate to people. Dr. Allen has wanted to teach since he was twenty and in 1974 the University of Miami gave him his chance. He has taught since then, except for a nine month leave of absence in 1978 when he went to Asia, India, the Philippines and Greece. Dr. Allen, is a handsome, well-built thirty year old and is very athletic. He enjoys swimming, tennis and is a member of the Miami Ultimate Frisbee Team. He asserts that " frisbee will succeed football. " Dr. Allen beUeves that every student who " gets there and puts the effort in " should get at least a passing grade. He also likes his students to ask questions he can ' t answer offhand. He researches the answer and tells the students later the next class. " If not, it would become a bore. " I 302 Hilda Maria Gonzalez Int. Marketing Finance Julie Ann Gonzalez Speech Hearing Sciences Lourdes A. Gonzalez Architecture Vivian Gonzalez Biology Medical Technology Lawrence M. Goodman General Business Thea Gorlovsky Communications Tine Gosgrove Education Deborah Gotlinsky International Finance Beth F. Gottesfeld Physical Education Marc S. Gottlieb Communications Sondra M. Gradus Communications Lynnette M. Grady Public Relations Comm. H. Dillon Graham, HI General Business Michele Lynn Gray Recreational Therapy Louis Keith Graziano Architecture Danny J. Green Music Education Sharon Elaine Green Sociology Arthur A. Greenfeder Finance Steven Greenspan General Business C.T. Gregoire Physical Education Robert W. Griffith Architecture Lynn Patricia Groendyk Music Education Spanish Andrea GroU Sociology Jill L. Gross Finance 303 Sharon Rae Gross Politics Public Affairs Beth Grossbard Broadcast Journalism Pamela Ellen Gruber Psychology Randy Lynn Gruenstein Varying Exceptionalities Josette I. Guerrier Sociology Isabel Guevara Nursmg Julio C. Gundian, Jr. Chemistry Lori Gunn Public Relations Candace A. Haberkorn Finance Seyed Haj-Assadollas Mechanical Engineering Mehdizade Haj jar-Mohammad Civil Engineering Daniel Halberstein Architecture Joseph Paul Handy Business Management Org. Barbara Lynn Hanley EngUsh Robier A. Hanna Civil Engineering Joyce E. Hardeman Special Ed Varying Excep. Floyd A. Hardy-Henry Chemistry Tracy A. Harrington Special Education Clarence B. Harris Religion Biology Michele Harris Foreign Lang. Spanish Susan Merrick Harrison Human Services Leslie Harwood Communications Broadcasting Keith Haymes Communications Viki A. Heid Music Therapy 304 »r " IBIS Yearbook Judy Dan k 1 ' This year ' s Associate Editor of the IBIS yearbook is Judy Dan. She is a junior Communications major from West Palm Beach who enjoys writing and is a dance enthusiast. Judy was the Copy Editor of the yearbook last year and decided she really .enjoyed it and wanted to continue. She feels that this is her way to contribute something to the University of Miami that benefits everyone. To get the position of Associate Editor Judy had to prepare a presentation before the Board of Publications and convince them that she could handle the job. Her major duty is to work with section editors and the Editor-in-Chief. She has to help in coordinating activities and inform other editors of their responsibilities. Below the editors are many dedicated students striving to create a quality yearbook. The satisfaction Judy gets through working with the yearbook is a feeling of accomplishment and pride. She feels it is a good experience working with and for other people. r Her goal is to " put out a book that reflects UM and makes students proud they go there. " Judy wants to look at the book, be proud that she worked on it, and know that she did the best job she could. Patti J. Heidler Psychology Reginald Henderson Communications PPA David Brian Henkle Civil Engineering Jon M. Herasimchuk Finance Glen A. Herman Biology Clarivel Hernandez Music Therapy Maria Elena Hernandez Accounting Spanish Santos Jose Hernandez Industrial Engineering Sara B. Hernandez Accounting Thomas Joechim Hess German Pol. Pub. Affairs Charles A. Hibnick Biology Cynthia Barnett Hibnick English Literature Lola M. Hicks Nursing Beverly Hinton Broadcast Journalism William R. Hirni Accounting Alan Jay Hirsch Accounting y J; 305 Andrew R. Hoder Finance Deborah Hodges Nursing Debra Lynn Hoffman Human Services James Curtis Hoffman Speech Communications Gregory DeVeaux Holmes Music Theory Composition Peter Holowachuk Business Management Org. Cindy Lu Homier Marketing BMO Allen J. Honey Mechanical Engineering Pamela Anne Horbal Drama Arthur J. Horowitz Business Management Org. Fredric Horowitz Psychology Sarah Horowitz Marketing Check Cashing Lines, Lines, Lines Seems Hke all we ever do around UM is stand in line for something. There are lines at registration, lines in the Post Office, lines to get into the Pool, lines in the cafeterias . . . the list is endless. Probably the most tedious, yet " tolerated " line is the one that extends along the front of the Bookstore. Of course we ' re referring to that infamous line — Check-Cashing. There can ' t be anything much more heart stopping than rounding the corner from the Breezeway toward the bookstore and seeing that line extending three quarters of the way down the side of the building. Since most of us don ' t head for the check cashing window until we are down to our last penny, all you can do is get in line and hope the girl working is speedy that day. It ' s amazing how much the people in line grumble and complain while waiting to get their greenbacks yet they all manage to smile and say thank you when their check gets cashed. The major improvement this year in our check cashing service has been the continuity of service. Instead of closing the window for coffee breaks and lunch — and it always seems to happen just when you get to the window — now someone-j comes in and relieves the cashier. Still, there is that line Of course, if we didn ' t stand in that line, we would never be able to spend those much appreciated " presents from home. " I 306 _ — , . i i line for re. Of ■Cashing, gtta jooitstore (ay down 1 for the jenny, all is speeiiy key all isbing if dosing ys seems never 1 ; I : Steven H. Horowitz Business Management Org. Elaine Margot Horwich Judaic Studies History Wayne Horowitz Accounting Peter R. Ho-Tung Chemistry Michael I. Hsu Finance Karl Hugh Mechanical Engineering Michael Hugh Business Management Katrina A. Hughes Psychology Sociology Joanne Hunt Psychology Robert L. Hutchens, H General Business Athena Elaine Huttoe Communications Stephen J. lanuzzi Psychology Sociology Carolina Ibarra Business Management Org. Mirtha Ibarra Medical Technology Alberto Iglesias Anthropology Angelo A. Iglesias Computer Science Rosa C. Iglesias English lyabor Mercy Iredia Sociology Edward O. Irele Architectural Engineering Linda S. Isaacs Nursing Eric Isicoff Politics Public Affairs Bonnie L. Israel Public Relations Lilian A. Izaguirre Medical Technology Mary Ann Jacob Elementary Early Childhood Ed. 307 Diane Jacobson Elementary Education Richard Marshall Jackson Communications Suzanne M. Jacque Finance Robert R. Jankovich General Business Debra A. Jaques Psychology Catherine Javech Nursing Nels C. Jensen Business Management Org. Jill Judith Jerauld General Business Marc Daniel Jimenez Speech Communications Louis J. Jiricek Economics Laurie K. Johnson Nursing Darryl Edward Jory Biology Diana J. Joseph Finance BMO Clyde A. Joyce German English Danielle Kaiser Public Relations Jayne Kamin Photo Communications Hossein-Kani Civil Engineering Donna Lynn Kanter Elementary Early Childhood Ed. Francis John Karas Business Management Org. Roxanne Karp Speech Hearing Sciences Alexander John Karpis Architecture Sonia Castaneda De Kaslow Industrial Engineering Lisa Beth Kates Marketing Brian S. Kauch English Economics 308 T John Malki Kawa Civil Engineering Christine H. Kay Communications O. Tunc Kaymak Marine Science Biology Ivonne Rovira Kelly English Pol. Pub. Affairs Michael P. Kelly English Pol. Pub. Affairs Sharon Kay Kendrick Psychology Jeffrey N. Kenney Chemistry Robert Emmet Kenney Biology Communications Sam Bornstein In Room 325, Merrick, there sits a man with more fournalism experience than any textbook could ever teach. The man is Sam Bornstein, former executive editor of ' The Boston-Herald, " a major metropolitan newspaper in Boston. Mr. Bornstein graduated from Boston University with a journalism degree and then worked as a general assignment reporter. He points out that " in those days you had to dig everything out. " But after 41 years in the newspaper business, Mr. Bornstein retired and moved to Florida with his wife. He also has a son who is a doctor in San Francisco, a married daughter in Maryland and rwo grandsons who are the apples of his eyes. Mr. Bornstein has been living in Florida for three years now and he says he has adjusted very well to the Floridian way of life. He is a detective story buff and an avid shuffle board player. The warm Florida weather was one of the main reasons for the Bornstein ' s move to the South. Mr. Bornstein has been teaching journalism at the University for his three years in Florida. This year, unfortunately, will be his last, as a result of a 65 mile drive from his home on Delray Beach. His philosophies on teaching journalism are the basis for the book which he is currently writing. The book is " to prepare the young reporter for his first assignment. " Mr. Bornstein says journalism students " must know how to work with their editors and how to handle their assignments. " Mr. Bornstein with a smile on his face says that his teaching experience has been " most gratifying. " He was " pleasantly surprised with the enthusiasm of the students. " He says students do want an education. " They have made teaching interesting, stimulating and exciting. " Recalling the experience of being editor of his college paper, " The Boston University News, " he said that he had " one thing in common with todays college student, " 1 spent more time on the newspaper than on school. " But he stresses, " The primary goal should be education. Everything else is secondary. " Most importantly, he says of the journalism student, " It must be a labor of love. You ' ve got to make up your mind that you want to do this more than anything else. " 309 Allison I. Kessler Human Services Jeff Terry Ketcham Business Management Org. Stuart R. Kevin Graphic Design Liliane Khafif Excep. Cit. Early Childhood Ed. Janine Yasmin Khan Biology Amy Kilberg Marketing Kevin King Film Christopher T. Kipp Marketing Gary J. Klein Accounting Bertha Klepach English Peter A. Kline Mechanical Engineering Lorraine L. Klose Business Management Org. Hurricane Bob Knapp You know all those countless ads you ' ve skimmed over in the Hurricane. ' ' ?? As Business Manager of the Hurricane, those ads are the responsibility of Bob Knapp. Walk into the Hurricane Business Office and you ' ll probably find Bob at his desk or at the layout table. If he ' s not surrounded by people asking him questions he ' ll probably be talking on the phone or designing the artwork for yet another advertisement. The first two syllables of his title (Bus-i) accurately describe Bob ' s extracurricular career at UM. It seems as though Bob has been involved in more than his share of responsible positions: President of RHCCC in 1976, Director of Electoral Affairs for USBG in 1977, President of I960, Resident Assistant in 1968, and as SEC Chairman he helped us to bring us memorable concerts in 1978-79. Bob thrives on responsibility and under pressure situations. Bob, who comes from Mahopac, NY, was an Architecture major, but has changed his major to Marketing. He eventually wants to work in the creative department of an advertising agency. If you have ever seen some of his ads you know he should have no trouble securing such a position. . We can all be thankful for people such as Bob who are willing to handle the responsibilities of positions such as Business Manager and able to do it well. We hope we will have others capable of filling shoes like his when he ' s gone! 310 Linda Jean Knorr Nursing Gary Steven Kodel Biology Pre-Med Tony Kolega Geology Richard J. Kilko Communications Matty e A. Koonce Elementary Early Childhood Ed. Nicholas Lampros Kontos Architecture Planning Daniel B. Kopelov Biology Lori Kovalle Physical Education Gary R. Kranich Marketing Susan Anne Krant Psychology Alan Mitchell Kratish Accounting Mark Neal Krauss Accounting David Nathan Krechel, III Pre-Med Killeen M. Kress Communications Debra B. Kreiff Broadcast Journalism Richard Kringstein Business Martha Angela Kromp Recreational Therapy Steven Wayne Kruger Business Computer Systems Francis Lawrence Kubler Mechanical Engineering Renee Kuczynski Speech Hearing Foreign Lang. Robert J. Kulas English Pre-Law Rhonda Hope Kushner General Business Joseph D. Kusnick Architecture John M. Kusters Int. Finance Marketing 3U 1 Regina Kusuma Systems Analysis Ahmed A. Kuwaihes Electrical Engineering Stephanie Joy Ladin Sociology Cindy A. Lain Business Management Michael Allen Lampert Economics Mari Lane Nursing Karen Ray Lansky Varying Excep. Elementary Ed. Jessie J. Larson Chemistry Deborah S. Lasky Painting Warren Lawler Communications Traci AUyn Laxman Music Therapy John W. Leach Business Management Kevin Leibowitz Communications Jana Lekach Economics Judaic Studies William Ramon Lemos Economics Jacey Horn Leon Elem. Ed Mid. School English Ginger Lerner Polincs Public Affairs J. Henry Lesmes Biology Andrew Jay Levenson Business Management Org. David Wayne Levenson Mechanical Engineering Michael Gary Levine Accounting S. Robert Levine Business Management Org. Robert K. Lewis Marketing Robert S. Lidor Business Management Org. I t I ' 1 f i L r 1 312 ' ' »« ttHii ' fiui Stat THE MIAMI HURRICANE liSBG Splits $100 Rebate imm x : Stiuh ' ttts ,4i .S. « hirvlnnnh I Sluilt ' iil ' •Hill I Ik iiimkIjIs T » ltM n ' Hs4 ; CO -- ' THEMIAMI HURRKANE l» « Hvliirnx To LM ft -xican President Visits UM (Vrli». II.. I V «— ' Oi rtw iMid Jeffrey M. Lieberman Computer Sciences Accounting Denise Light Finance Maria Del Pilar Lima Chemistry Steven A. Linch Marketing Management Deborah Lindberg Music Merchandising Jacob J. Linhart Sociology Christina Lee Little Graphic Design Christie Lizette Chemistry Mathematics THE MIAMI fhWHWJMMt LM ' lriist«« ()K Class U iio a»i« | : . „ (...J, ft% k.A m Punchrng I , M P Goes Modem Wllh Mumh =s-- rs ssi Virt lH»nili I x| I mI. ' -. Ill | i . ■s ssis rS?. M Saga Director Fired Monday ' rowning Man Retcued From Lake te J—st SZjf. II On riw IroM Clara Yanitsa Llodra Chemistry Steve LoBell General Business Miguel Sikaffy Lobo Industrial Engineering Jeffrey B. Loewer Applied Music Michael J. Long Accounting Mark J. Longval Biology Chemistry Luis Lopez Electrical Engineering Maria C. Lopez Elementary Early Childhood Ed. 313 Budget Glendon Cardwell There is, here at the University of Miami, an administrative position with the title of Director of Planning and Budgeting. The man who fills this prestigious position is Mr. Glendon Cardwell. In addition to his career, Mr. Cardwell, who received his undergraduate degree from the University of Louisville, is currently working on his MBA at UM. As Director of Planning and Budgeting, Mr. Cardwell gets involved with practically anything that has to do with budgeting. But his major job is to coordinate the five year plan, which is a projection of the budget for the next five years. Mr. Cardwell is married and has three children. His wife is a homemaker, who recently started working as a seamstress. His son is a junior at Palmetto High and his identical twin daughters are seniors majoring in accounting here at UM. Mr. Cardwell, who is originally from Kentucky, says that he came here because he thought the job would be interesting and challenging, and good for his career development. He things that the contact that he has with various people is what makes his job interesting. His contact with students is usually through USBG. He regrets this limited contact and attributes it to the fact that his office is outside of campus. The students who do know him seem to have a great regard for him, at least if the plaque he was awarded by USBG last year is any indication. Mr. Cardwell says he loves his job because it covers such a wide range of duties and there is never anything routine. However he does say that if he were given the opportunity to change any aspect of his position the amount of meetings he, has to attend would definateiy be cut. Robert C. Lopez Business Management Org. Ricardo Lopez-Tatis Economics Biology Emma Lopo Elementary Early Childhood Ed. Nestor J. Loredo Mechanical Engineering Beatriz Lorenzo Marketing Rosalina Lorie Elementary Ed Mid. School Math Richard C. Lovell Accounting Aimee Lubliner Elem. Ed. (Infants Toddlers) Amy Catherine Lufkin Sociology Thomas E. Lunak Accounting Jonathan Bruce Lurie Business Management Org. Lorraine Ann Lynch Elementary Early Childhood Ed. 314 w lltJ ' tO Melinda E. Lyverse Nursing Kathleen Ann MacAdams Marketing Deirdre MacMahon Finance Iliana Quintero Machado Microbiology Michael P. Maher Communications TV Film Bonnie Laurie Mahoney Nursing Farshad- Malekmarzban Business Management Org. Brenda Mann Nursing Dennis R. Mann Accounting Ester J. Mann Biology Christina Manners Human Services Merlyn J. Manrique Industrial Engineering Donna Ann Mansolillo Elementary Exceptional Ed. Patricia Marcello Business Management Org. Lourdes M. Marcet Biology Orlando Marciates Industrial Engineering Cynthia P. Marcus Sociology Jane L. Marcus Marketing Diane L. Margolies Marketing Mavme Il ne Marin Communications Joy Alana Marks Elementary Early Childhood Ed. Charles F. Martello Chemistry Doris Martin Industrial Engineering Jamie Beth Martin Human Services 315 Wayne H. Martin Electrical Engineering Richard J. Martinelli Public Relations Martha I. Martinez Elementary Ed Mid. School Math Lee Mason Human Services John P. Masseria Electrical Engineering Phyllis Massio Communications Steven F. Mattocks General Business Meredith Amy Maynard Exceptional Citizens Education Peter Mayotte Biochemistry Chemistry Mary Catherine McAlpine Art Art Education Janice Marie McBeath Philosophy PPA Denise A. McCalla Business Management Org. Steven McClatchey Business Management Michael Kirkwood McConnell Architecture Margaret McCrystal Phys. Ed Athletic Training Norris H. McDonald General Science Education Bette J. Mcintosh Elementary Education Andrea E. McKenzie Biology Douglas William McKenzie Architecture Paul V. McKeon Finance John Douglas McNeish Biology Christopher J. McNevin Biology Jacqueline McPhaul Finance Mark Carroll McQuitty Biology 316 0m TeacheM mother vanous h kvl Nursing I eda McKenry Teacher, student, nurse, business woman, feminist, wife, mother, and human being, Leda Mae S. McKenry is a remarkable member of the University of Miami family. An associate professor of nursing, Leda teaches courses ranging from introductory classes up through applied nursing classes. There are two related areas within the field of nursing in which Leda is especially interested. One is anthropology and the other is health administration. She would like to " be in a position to make some changes in our health care system, to offer the best health care to health care consumers but without destroying their cultural base, without trying to change them. " This is a brief and simple description of Trans-Cultural Nursing. Leda has plans to offer a course of Trans-Cultural nursing with another faculty member. It would combine the perspectives of anthology and business with those of nursing. While she teaches in the School of Nursing, Leda is enrolled as a student in the School ot Business. She is working of her Master of Business Administration degree and looks forward to receiving her doctorate eventually. Leda would like to see more women in decision making roles in the health care system. She supports the right of all to work to their potential, and respects the decision of women who do not wish to pursue an active career. Leda received her bachelors degree at the University at the University of Miami. She then traveled to New Orleans, and after that California where she earned her masters degree at the University of California at San Francisco Medical Center. It was while she was here that she discovered her interest in anthropology, and she did post graduate work in that field at Berkeley. Leda has taught at Miami-Dade Community College and at various hospitals around the country. She hopes to get into health administration sometime in the future. In working with the community, Leda has her students two days a week at Mercy Hospital. She is also on the Board of Directors of the Coconut Grove Family Health Clinic, a multi-cultural facility, and is on the Advisory Board of the South Dade Home Health Service. In addition to all this, she is a management consultant for a New Orleans firm. In her precious free time, Leda enjoys weaving, fiber crafts, cooking and camping. Her husband. Dr. Karl McKenry, is the chairman of the management department at the University. They are the proud parents of six children. Although she has a busy schedule, Leda Mae S. McKenry always finds time to help people less fortunate than herself She is certainly a credit to the nursing profession and all it stands for. Frank G. Meaner Accounting Estella R. Mederos Sociology Suzy Gene Mehlinger Communications PubHc Relations Linda Ann Mehrens General Business Jose A. Melendez Architecture Jeffrey Robert Meltzer Accounting Denise Marie Menard Communications Film TV Ann Mendelson Psychology 317 Jim m .— - »r " WVU Milton Fisher WVUM attracted Milton Fisher to Miami and now he ' s attracting Miami to WVUM. One of the main reasons Milton decided to attend the UM was the fact that it had its own radio station. Since he has been General Manager of the station, both the work force and programming hours have more than doubled. He took charge of a 30 person team that broadcast 12 hours a day, six days a week, and has expanded to 75 people who keep WVUM on the air at all times. His success is not just beginner ' s luck. It stems from the vast experience he ' s gained in working a variety of jobs. His credits at WVUM include working on sports, news, traffic director, continuity director, news and public affairs director, and as a disc jockey prior to his job as station manager. He also found time to intern in the newsrooms of Channel 4 and WGBS. A senior Communications major and a self proclaimed sports freak, Milton feels his job has given him more than just practical experience; it has taught him how to tolerate differing opinions and how to deal with beauracracy and its everpresent " red tape. " Exerting so much time and effort on his job has left him litde time to himself but has strengthened WVUM immensely. All of his experience, at WVUM and outside of it, has given Milton the expertise needed to excel as General Manager and he should easily be able to fulfill his future plans of working in radio. Ana Teresa Mendez-Peix Graphic Design Andres Menendez, Jr. Speech Communications Richard L. Merick Music Merchandising i Lirida Ann Meschkow Weaving Sculpture Sharon Hope Messer Geology Jacqueline Messner Music Merchandising F. Gregory Mevs Accounting Charles Alan Michelson Architecture Jose Antonio Mijares Electrical Engineering Deborah Miller Sociology Irving S. Minnaker - Finance Larry T. Mintz Psychology lib i i 318 - ■v f Jeffrey Robert Mistarz Finance William C. Mobley Biology Adrian Carlos Moger Chemistry Vilma Batres Molina Special Elementary Education Donna Mond Marketing Eloisa Carolina Montoya Psychology Michele G. Moore Nursing Diego M. Mora Economics Angela G. Morales Sociology Carmen L. More Drama Marianela Morejon Industrial Engineering Lisa Morelli Biology Medical Technology Robert Morhaim Fipance Jay Elliot Morris Computer Science Nancy Sue Morris Nursmg Finlay W. Morrow, Jr. Marketing Betty Marie Mortenson Chemistry Robert L. Morton Music Education Roberta M. Moskowitz Psychology Kate Mulcahy Creative Writing Ellen Mulligan Communications Carlos Munoz-Bustamante Electrical Engineering Carmen E. Munoz Biology Roberto Munoz Industrial Engineering 319 John S. Murphy Psychology Steven Murphy Chemistry Richard Murtagh Accounting Natalia M. Musa Medical Technology Emil A. Nacierio, Jr. Politics Cora E. Nadorff Chemistry Karen Lynne Nalette Nursing Beryl Needelman Art Photography Gary A. Nellis Art Andrew K. Ness, Jr. Architecture Holly Beatrice Nester Psychology Sociology Michael Adam Neulander Pohtics Public Affairs Lee N. Newman Business Administration Hong Nguyen T. Computer Science Gary Alfred Donald Nichols Geography Karen K. Nichols Computer Science Dzidra Nogueira History Jorge A. Noste Architecture Paul D. Novack General Business Judy Mae Novack Accounting Frances Ann Novick Varying Excep. Elementary Ed. Cecilia Nunez Special Education Miguel (Mike) Nunez Accounting William J. O ' Connell Marine Geology 320 fell ktm i r Lecture David Frost The IBIS Cafeteria was full the night in late January when David Frost addressed the students at the University of Miami. Frost commanded the affection of the UM audience as he spoke of the various personaUties he has had the pleasure — or displeasure — of interviewing. Frost had a few things to say about Richard Nixon. For example: " We were able to peel off more layers than we had originally hoped. He (Nixon) was so unaware of the impact of what he was saying. Nixon told me he wouldn ' t want to be a Soviet leader. ' They never know when they ' re being taped, ' he said. " Frost hosted his own show on American television in the late ; sixties. The show was a weekly interview program where the ; host misted over some incisive questions that enticed some guests to supply more information about themselves than they- may have offered otherwise. , For instance Arthur Godfrey once confided on the program : that his sex life had improved since he had been sterihzed. " That ' s what I aim for, " Frost said, " for a man to feel comfortable enough on my stage to say, ' Want to know a secret.- ' " What is David Frost ' s secret? " I don ' t know what I ' m doing right " , he said, " but I hope it goes on. " Thomas J. O ' Connor, Jr. Business Management Org. Ninfa Emma Ocampo Education Olatunji Ojeranti General Business Lilliam Olemberg Drama Louis W. Olinto Psychology Elizabeth Oliver Psychology PPA Teresita Ortiz Journalism Margarita Suzette Osborn Journalism i. 321 estaence tialls George Shoffner of George Shoffner may be consiclered the " ring leader " student residents. As director of Residence Halls, he encounters problems from roommate incompatabihty to malfunctioning vending machines. His day starts sometimes at 7:30 am and may not end until 11:00 pm. He is a social director, a problem solver, and even an interior decorator. Last summer over six hundred thousand dollars was spent in restoring residence halls. In the past two years the University of Miami, under Mr. Shoffner ' s direction, has spent two million dollars on hall renovations. A major problem in redecorating the halls stems from money appropriations. This year, the fate of the married student ' s apartments will be decided. The administration, a bit wary of spending money on buildings over thirty years old, must make a decision soon on whether to abandon or restore them. Mr. Shoffner ' s main concern is with improving the quality of student life on campus. Mr. Shoffner is careful to make sure that the present resident hails ' programs are designed to involve the incoming student. Programs in recreation, crafts and education, as well as employment are George Shoffner ' s major concerns. He believes that a student ' s life in the halls should posess a common goal, a goal of learning through experience. Mr. Shoffner is not a new arrival to college residence lifestyles. Before coming to the UM, in August of 1977, he was the Director of Student Life at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He, his wife Chris, and their four year Fred Ostrove Finance Beth R. Ostrow Psychology Sylvia Otero Accounting Glenn M. Ott General Business Yvon L. Outten General Studies World Affairs Michael H. Owens Biology Julio Ozores Biology Chemistry Jacqueline Ann Pacacha Architecture old son. Brad, are actively involved in campus activities. Their home in Perrine is only a short distance from the University. Besides the necessary business of the day, which leaves very little spare time, George Shoffner makes it a point to always allot time to discuss problems with students. The feelings and opinions of students are the best guide to conditions on campus. Mr. Shoffner coordinates the services of housekeeping, food service, and the physical plant to make sure that students ' needs are met. He is always concerned with providing the best services and accomodations for the student resident. While the Hilton and Sheraton may call upon several speciahsts to handle their problems, our Mr. Shoffner copes most effectively with the multitude of problems that arise day to day in the world of Residence Halls. Margaret E. Padron Psychology David Allen Page Psychology John G. Palenicek Biology Rene Palomino, Jr. Accounting I R i: I 322 -« v William A. Pangman Politics Public Affairs ENG David B. Panitch Marketing Michele Adrienne Park Speech Pathology Audiology Katherine C. Parker Nursing Glenda Sue Parris Pre-Med Chemistry Psychology Raul Pena Psychology Sociology Cruz Daniel Penalver Electrical Engineering Harry Pepe, III Chemistry Eduardo M. Perez-Herdrich Architecture Hector Dari Perez Architecture Laura M. Perez Architecture Octavio Dorta Perez Industrial Engineering Ann Perry Biology Wanda N. Persons Communications Broadcasting David C. Persson Marine Science Joseph L. Petrole Finance Belinda M. Phillips Recreation Therapy William Gary Phillips Chemistry Michael Piccirilli Business Computer Systems Alberto Pinedo Civil Engineering Amadea Pino Architecture Raul L. Pino Psychology Chemistry Juan M. Pintado Architecture Marco Antonio Herrero Pinto Biology 323 Meletios Platon Civil Engineering Karen S. Pober Elementary Education Lourdes M. Pons Psychology Kevin J. Poole Computer Science Kathryn A. Porfiri Marketing Shirlien Ann Porter Nursing Douglas William Michael Porto Business Computer Systems Mark Pottorff Business Management Org. Helen I. Presas Accounting French Rosalind S. Pressman Architecture Edward Harold Pritchard, III Psychology Bruce Jeffrey Prince Marketing John A. Prior Biology Eulalia L. Preoenza Elementary Education Russell Purvis Systems Analysis Brian A. Py Finance Lester H. Quam Sociology Kathleen Quinn General Business Karen R. Quintero Nursing Marci Rabinov itz Communications Janet Radomski Computer Science Julio Orencio Ramirez Accounting Medardo Ramirez Industrial Engineering Manuel A. Ramos, Jr. Chemistry ' wp Md etcS litsasjfe, 324 r Lee Ann Ramsay Music Engineering Sondra Thea Raphan Elementary Education Robin L. Rapkin Accounting Steve Mark Rapoport Art Katie Rashed Education Diane E. Raymond Nursing Christopher E. Reardon Finance Manuel A. Reboso International Finance Hugo Reiter Architecture Ariel Remos Music Robin D. Resler Music Engineering Bonnie Ann Resnick Marketing Eating Bagel Emporium What ' s a bagel? This is an honest question asked by many people when they first see the sign " Bagel Emporium " over in the University Shopping Center. For those of us who ' ve practically been brought up on bagels, this question borders on the absurd. But then, what is a bagel?!? To the boring and mundane, a bagel is nothing more than a bread doughnut — something to put butter and jelly on and eat like an English muffin (although they are more difficult to fit into the toaster!) To those with half-way developed taste buds, a bagel can be the tasty basis to a slew of culinary delights. This is where the " Bagel Emporium " comes into focus . . . Walk into the place and it resembles a cross between a delicatessen and an arbor where ladies hold their afternoon tea parties. Seems like whenever you walk into the place, though, finding a seat is an accomplishment in itself. This eatery offers eight varieties of bagels and a seemingly endless choice of what to have put on your bagel. Granted, when most people think of bagels, they associate them with lox and cream cheese. A valid assumption — but for those who just can ' t seem to get into the rather strong taste of Nova, they can have a Pizza bagel, Munchee Cheese on a bagel, Shrimp Egg Tuna Chicken Salad on a bagel, etc. etc. etc. Something to please even the pickiest of eaters. " Bagel Emporium " has been around for five years now, and it ' s a safe assumption that at least 85% of the people who have lived on campus while at UM have braved the traffic of US 1 to sample the delights of this fantastic spot. That must mean something: the food is good, prices reasonable, and for many UM students — it ' s like a taste of home! 325 Larry Revit Music Engineering Tech. Adrians M. Ribas Psychology Michele Rich Marketing Mark N. Richards Electrical Engineering Myles William Richards Electrical Engineering Thomas Richardson Business Management Org Diane Rifkin Human Services David Rindone Communications Stephen G. Rittenberg General Business Sofyna Riyanto Electrical Engineering Jeffrey John Roberts Biology Audrey V. Robertson Marketing Chemistry Keeping physically and professionally active, Dr. Harry P. Schultz, Organic Chemistry professor as well as Chemistry Department Chairman, maintains an impressive record of accomplishments. As a member of the American Chemical Society, he has chaired the Miami Subsection, the Florida Section and the Florida State meeting. Most notably, however, he was the General Chairman of the National ACS Meeting in the spring of 1967. His other participation in the ACS has included work on national committees and service as a National Councilor. He is also a member of the Florida Academy of Sciences and numerous honorary societies. According to testing conducted by the ACS Division of Chemical Education, Dr. Schultz ' s organic chemistry class scored 18% higher than the national average. On the MEDCAT, Tests taken by medical school applicants, including many chemistry students, UM ' s average was 8.6, while the national average was only 8.4. Keeping the Chemistry Department up to the excellent standards it has achieved leaves Dr. Schultz little time for research. However he has still managed to publish 47 scientific works since 1946 when he earned his PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Schultz keeps physically tit by jogging everyday and frequently swimming. Also his habit of riding a bike instead of driving a car contributes to his good health. He has been married 36 years and is the father of two daughters and a son. He is an exciting man with many diversified interests and numerous publications. He divides his energy and talents among a variety of activities and still manages to keep the UM Chemistry Department qualitatively and quantitively well above the national average. For this he is to be congratulated. 326 - ■v I bts Arturo Robinson Architecture Julie Robinson General Business Marc S. Robinson Chemistry Jane Robles Nursing Leonard Roca Biochemistry Jorge Enrique Rodriguez Accounting Ileana Rodriguez Psychology Maria Cristina Rodriguez Biology History Maria Eugenia Rodriguez Industrial Engineering Mirta Rodriguez English Concepcion Rodriguez Psychology Lourdes Rodriguez-Lombard Marketing BMO Lusetha A. RoUe Marketing Phillip Anthony Ronca Politics Peter Rood Accounting Teresa J. Rosario Psychology Deborah Alina Rosemond Elementary Education Marsha Beth Rosenbaum Sociology Wendy Rosenblum Sociology Parviz Roshani Electrical Engineering Kevin Meyer Ross Chemistry Sandra Ross Psychology Shari A. Ross Special Education Heidi Ann Rosz Nursing 327 L- Albert V. Roth Finance Economics Raegan Rachelle Rothchilde Sociology Marc L. Rothenberg Architecture Amy Sharon Rothman Nursing Andrew Rothstein Finance John P. Roulett Business Management Org. Gerald W. Rowley Business Management Jan Royland Finance Ira Rubnitz Music Engineering Aleta Renne Ryder Public Relations Russell A. Sabbag Electrical Engineering Giseha Sabertschnig Nursing Terry Sablon Art Tania Sacre Civil Engineering Yasemin Sagiroglu Business Management Org. Ana Maria Salazar Biology Sobeira Saldivar Chemistry Theodore M. Salzman Marketing Nancie Ann Samet Marketing Julianne Sampley Music Education Jordan Samter Chemistry Psychology Edgar E. Sanchez G. Mechanical Engineering Juan Antonio Sanchez Biology Rey Sanchez Music Theory Composition ffC 328 IT SEC Tim Whipple Most students have trouble taking a full schedule and keeping their grades up. Not only does Tim Whipple have a 3.9 average, he is chairman of the Student Entertainment Committee. When he was appointed Chairman, he had an idea of what the job was, but he wasn ' t prepared for the problems at UM. Doing shows at a college is always a problem, and Miami ' s location exacerbates this problem. With all these problems to deal with, why would anyone want to be Chairman of the Student Entertainment Committee, a job with long hours and no pay. For Tim Whipple, a 21 year old Music Merchandising Major, being head of SEC gives him a chance to practice his career. He wants to do concert promotion and artist management. He picked UM because of its progressive music program and the financial aid package. He was the ticket and stage manager, and for 3 years the assistant manager, or UM ' s Gusman Hall. He gets to meet people in the music business and tries to learn from them. Tim believes that music must be varied in order to be enjoyable. He has only one criteria for judging music; " Is it good? " Although he ' s had problems here — promoters taking advantage of him and the ever-present specter of rain — he believes that this is for him. " I ' ll always be a frustrated musician. I ' ll always want the lights and the glitter, but I enjoy being in the music business on the other end, too. " Yolinda M. Sanchez M. Marine Science Biology Wendy J. Sanberg Education Meryl Sandman Education Marie Celeste Saporito English Mary Sapori Spanish Luz Angela Sarmiento Economics Maria C. Sarmiento Architecture Dennis K. Savatski Electrical Engineering Cammiile A. Savickas Elementary Mathematics Stewart B. Sawyer Finance Philip V. Scandariato Fine Arts Stephen S. Schaefer Biology Chemistry Carol S. Scharf Architecture David K. Schattner Mechanical Engineering Michael Peter Schiff Marketing Richard A. Schipsi Politics Public Affairs 329 Religion Dr. James Ash Dr. James L. Ash is the new Religion Department Chairman. He has been a teaching professor here at Miami since 1977. He has taught courses from Introduction to Religion to History of Christianity to Religion and American Culture. He previously taught religion at Oregon State University. The University of Miami is fortunate to have such a well qualified professor. He earned a BA from Abilene Christian College and in 1972 received his masters in theology from Southern Methodist University. Also, he received his second masters from the University of Chicago in 1974. Two years later, he added to his credit a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. Dr. Ash feels that the University of Miami has two main assets: location and potential. He sees Miami as a booming region and feels that this school can grow with the city. Also, he says, " Miami has the aspirations to become a quality institution. " Dr. Ash hopes the Religion Department can facilitate the latter by enhancing a quality name for the School of Arts and Sciences. He feels confident about that statement because the Religion Department has more than doubled in the last two years. Dr. Ash hopes to enrich the department and the faculty. The Religion Department is going to be more responsive to the needs of the community and will be working with the scholars of the community. Plus, this summer the department is planning a trip to Israel. Dr. Ash feels that religion is neglected as an academic discipline at Miami in contrast to other universities and institutions. But here the increases in enrollment are large and there is certainly room for advancement and growth. Michael J. Schissel Computer Science Audrey E. Schlau Nursing Christopher John Schlegel Biology Art Sharon Schlessinger Nursing Thomas Carl Schmidt Business Edie Schneider Speech Hearing Science Karen Schon Sociology Psychology Moises L. Schuster Economics Wayne Mark Schuster Music Andrew Schwarz Finance Aaron Schwarz Biology Howard I. Schwartz Chemistry rtfa0 -J 330 Lisa Thyra Schwarz Nursing Psychology John E. Sciullo Marketing Andrea V. Scott Business Management Org. Claudette Sylvia Seaman Music Barbara Seerman Communications Carol Ann Seetai Business Management Org. Eric Matthew Seidel Marketing BMO Mojtaba SeifoUahi Architectural Engineering David Seigel Music Education Craig D. Seitz Finance Andrew L. Seligman Marketing Sam S. Selmar Finance David L. Semple Accounting John I. Senile Art Lloyd Mark Seppe Business Management Org. Judith Seppen Finance Mayra L. Serra Nursing Krista Seyler Elementary Education Musa Mahmud Shahin Civil Engineering Zahir Shahzada Marketing Abdulreza Amirzade Shams Civil Engineering Hamid Shantiai Civil Engineering Marc Shapiro Marketing Mitch Shapiro Marketing 331 Philip M. Shapiro Applied Music Keith Sharack Biology Merrill Ann Shaw Economics Tammie Shayne Marketing Williatn L. Shea, Jr. Finance Elizabeth A. Sheets Communication Scott L. Shenfeld Finance William L. Sheridan, III Marketing Marshall R. Shimasaki Int. Finance Marketing Sharam Shirkhani Economics Elaine Ann Shook Music Philosophy Hamid Shoraka Systems Analysis Rory Craig Shur Business Management Org. Beverly Cindy Sicherer Chemistry Margaret D. Sidles Biology Richard Mark Signori Applied Music Craig Ira Silberschlag Applied Music David Allen Silva Accounting Sharon Hope Silver Sociology Donna Silverman Finance BMO Helene Gail Silverman Nursing Bess E. Siman Creative Writing Rene Arturo Simon Finance Jodi Beth Simowitz Elementary Early Childhood Ed. 332 r i B Garfield H. Simpson Chemistry Computer Science Mary Ann Singewald Marketing Stuart Jay Sisisky Business Management Org. Mitchell Small Psychology eating Off Campus What to do when it ' s 10 pm and your stomach is growling because the cafeteria selections were more than you could face and your funds are running low? No problem . . . you can either hit the nutritionally deficient vending machines conveniently located in the lobby of each dorm OR you can venture out into the fast food world that surrounds the UM campus. Hungry students have a choice between burger, pizza, chicken and submarine sandwiches . . . all within walking distance of campus. Of course, if you are of the lazy variety (or afraid to venture outside alone after dusk), a few places will even go so far as to deliver your food directly to you; if you will meet them in the lobby. Seems like forever that Dominoes has been bringing its ' wares to the ravenous and munchie-struck . . . pretty popular pizza, if all the boxes in the trash cans each morning are any indication. And Blimpies is more than willing to bring you one of their creations — although we all must be careful lest the goodness of their food turns us into " Blimpies. " For those who addiction is one of the offerings under the ■golden arches, " you ' ve got to con someone with a car into driving down US 1. To those whose need is so strong as to actually trudge down to McDonald ' s, you probably work off the calories on the round trip. " Whopper " fiends have it the easiest — Burger King is right across Dixie Highway from Mahoney-Pearson. There you can revel in Whoppers and fries to your heart ' s content. Fast foods may not be the greatest for the waistline, but they keep us going through term papers and exams . . . and keep us from starving on the cafeteria food! 333 THE MIAMlvHURRKAISC Slanlor.1 ()i(l.i-s Ai ailiuoiil Task Fone Diahgiw ' 7 ' } CalU ' d To Ontci l4 ii i a.= =.c:-JS: Oo HmImM IHE MIAMI HUHFUCANb l i .... H.illi... .H.ll..I rir Wss UM Crmcned : pSS S StanfortI uils Bath Club Over Snub -;u -:;; ;r.»--; I On th« InsM •» ivnMrni ' nunniv.Hnc I U Ih-iiU r.. I llif irvnl Drummi ' r l)ri t ' s Draw Donor lUinxl ' m; i (Jampus Light ing Plan Delayed SS.iSl S ' |l i-( si leiilial .S-arcli (! iMliniK ' OiiSiluHluIe s H x " ! Oa th lnsld« Richard A. Smith, III Sociology Susan Gena Smith Communications Jeffrey S. Smolka Politics Public Affairs Michael Smulevich Management Science BMO Beverley N. Smyle Accounting Irene Solent Business Management Org. Tracey Solodar Graphic Design Pamela Lee Solol Business Management Org. Michael Tyrone Solomon History Richard Jay Solomon Anthropology Candido Sosa, Jr. Accounting Natividad Soto Architecture David C. Southard Business Management Org. Willy Sparr Marketing Robert F. Spataro Architecture Allison LaVene Spearman Psychology Sociology 334 Ti tor ft„i Oiiikt Jejuan D. Spence Chemistry Biology Lloyd P. Spielsinger General Business Roxanne Stachelek Art Painting Jordan R. Starr Finance Christa A. Stathopoulos Mathematics Richard Allen St. Denis Psychology English Adam B. Steinfeld Communications Donald Bruce Steinfeld General Business Michael D. Stevenson Biology Wayne E. Steward Computer Science Adrienne Lynn Stewart Nursing Robert L. Stier Business Leo Houston Stith, Jr. Marketing Ronald J. Storto Finance Robert J. Stremmel Geography Martha Jane Subias Business Management Org. Cindy Kathleen Suppa Sociology Pol. Pub. Affairs Richard Abayomi Surakat Business Finance Lera L. Swann Science Mathematics Joseph Dennis Swartz General Business Cynthia J. Swink Speech Hearing Sciences Raymond Samson Talana Art Grap hic Design Carolina Maria Tamayo Int. Finance Marketing Jose Armando Tamayo Int. Finance Marketing 335 Mahmoud H. Tamer Mechanical Engineering Angelo Joseph Tarantino Business Management Org. Peter Tavernese, Jr. Industrial Engineering Jane Ann Taylor Marine Science Geology Mitchell Taylor Business Management Org. Lloyd Barry Tennen Communications David Tenzel Psychology D. Anne Thomas Sociology Psychology Karen B. Thompson Sociology Emily Thuroczy Journalism John Ticktin Psychology Lorena Tinedo Biology J Herman Tirado Civil Engineering Charles V. Tomonto Mechanical Engineering Robert J. Tomonto Mechanical Engineering Timothy Robert Tonachio Hospital Administration Mayra M. Torres Elementary Early Childhood Ed. Emmie Torricella Foreign Languages Comm. Regina Ann Tortoriello General Business Rudolfo Prio Touzet Int. Finance Marketing Richard Tramontana English Communications Wendy Treiber Chemistry Ines Triay Chemistry Thomas S. Triwedi Psychology I Tc w ottered » " -; bard 10 «a ' loaDons ' a«¥P sijaJeili ' i Bruce Berbei comes 10 1 ' ' ' BttsinessDeji graduation in Ai ciiangeofieaiffl Tomteisi Leisure Rectso isincyi Clarion CoB , ihati looks forward to College Siudflit! RebecaAnii. i il I 336 1 il (re Rec Tom Weis, Bruce Berbert The fine courses offered this year by the Leisure Recreation Program were made possible through the efforts of Directors Bruce Berbert and Tom Weis. The program offered a wide variety of courses ranging from drink mixology to slimnastics. The program ' s Directors worked hard to make it the outstanding success it was. It took many hours to round up the course instructors and arrange locations for the classes. All the elements needed to make any program a s uccess were there. All courses were interesting, educational and fun. Bruce Berbert and Tom Weis made this year one of the best the program ever had. Bruce Berbert, originally from Silver Springs, Maryland, comes to the University of Miami looking for a Masters of Business Degree and a Marine Atmospheric Degree. Upon graduation in August of 1980, he hopes to work with a major chemical company as an industrial manager. He misses the change of seasons and hopes to return to the Northeast. Tom Weis is in charge of the athletic division of the Leisure Recreation Program. He is in charge of selecting programs including tennis. Tom was reared in a small town in Pennsylvania called Port Allegany. He graduated from Clarion College, Clarion, PA., and taught special education in his home town. He hopes to receive a Master ' s Degree in Education here at the UM. He likes the Miami area and looks forward to a career in Intramural Recreation or in College Student Services. He and his wife, Sandra, daughter Rebecca Ann, age five, and son Matthew James, two weeks old, lives in Miramar. This means traveling long distances daily back and forth to the University. He enjoys spending what little free time he has with his family and occasionally squeezes in a tennis match or a game of basketball. It took teamwork and a great deal of effort to make the Leisure Recreation Program the success it was. Bruce Berbert and Tom Weis had that rare mix of teamwork and effort needed to make any program a success. The UM ' s faculty and students have reason to be proud of Bruce Berbert and Tom Weis. Susan Marie Trosch Marketing Jeff Tucker Architecture Lisa Tulgan Elementary Early Childhood Ed. Judie Tumaroff Fine Arts General Studies Andrea Turk Finance Betahari G. Tusin Architectural Engineering Dennis Udwin Architectural Civil Engin. Eduardo Ulioa General Business Liliana R. Valdes Chemistry Math Nadia L. Valdes PoUtics Public Affairs Jose Valecillos Industrial Engineering Marvin T. Valentine Public Relations 337 Thomas B. Van Poperin , Psychology Griselle Velazquez Art History Martha A. Velazquez Anthropology Art History Victor M. Velazquez Political Science Sociology Juan-Carlos Verdeja Chemistry Jane E. Vickers Elementary Education Gloria A. Vidana Politics Public Affairs Melanie Vidger Communications Carlos Jose Villanueva Accounting Finance Alvaro J. Villegas Industrial Engineering Gonzalo L. Villena Marketing BMO Jorge A. Villena Int. Finance Marketing BMO HSA ,__ Joe Durnell What organization represents 500 students, publishes its own literary magazine, strives for higher quality education and sponsors intramural teams that consistently excel! The Honor Students ' Association does, and its president, Joe Durnell, must keep the entire conglomerate organized. Joe is a junior Systems Analysis major from Springfield, Ohio, who obviously has a lot to handle. He feels HSA ' s primary goal is to improve conditions for the Honor students and toward this end he works with faculty and students to find how they view the program, and what they want from it. He has had recent success as the Honors curriculum has expanded in the last year and a half, and after discussions with the President, Provost, and other administrators, the program ' s budget has increased. However, neither Honor students in general, nor Joe Durnell in particular survive on all work and no play. HSA sponsors many parties and social events, usually revolving around apartment building 22, which is the home of some 80 Honor students. The Purple Threads, who represent HSA in every sport of intramural competition, exert themselves in sports with the same intensity with which they attack their courses. Last year ' s all-around men ' s team took first. Besides keeping this complex group together, Joe Durnell is active in USBG and belongs to Orange Key and Beta Alpha Psi. He enjoys sports and statistical analysis. He is pleased with HSA ' s flexibility and openness to new ideas and new members. He welcomes any suggestions for improving HSA and all « students who wish to join it. J r 11 ' 338 esits rionanil held, iA ' s idents tofind lit. He the one 80 HSAin : tlieir tooellis jAlpta isedwitt Zil Fernando Vivas Industrial Engineering Michael Volk Accounting William Vollmann Electrical Engineering Mark Arthur Walker Biochemistry Patrick F. Walsh Art James T. Warmowski Music Merchandising Bonnie L. Wasserman Elementary Early Childhood Ed. Steven Wasserman Marketing Melody Ann Watral Nursing Michael J. Weber Business Management Org. Edna Wehby Economics Susan Weinstein Excep. Cit. Elementary Ed. Jodi V. Weisfeld Marketing Alex J. Weiss Religion Elaine Weiss Nursing Jeffrey Mark Weiss English Roberta Weiss Nursing Lawrence J. Weldon Civil Engineering Joyce R. Welsh Geology Mario Werbin Chemistry Carol Wergeles Varying Exceptionalities Mark D. Werheim English David Alan Werner Business Administration 339 Kathy Wessinger Chemistry Steven D. Westphal History Scott K. Wheaton Health Physical Recreation Daryll H. White Biology Scott Whitney Music Engineering Technology Brian Lance Williams Communications Chiquita Shonnae Williams Psychology Sociology Kevin Anthony Williams Communications Kim Charmaine Williams Early Childhood Education James Wilmot Architecture Dwayne La, Frantz Wilson Chemistry Nursing Erwin James Wilson Communications Mark J. Witkind Speech Hearing Sciences Sandra Jean Witmer Marketing M. Lourdes Wolf Business Management Org. Susan J. Wong French Tzewan Wong Chemistry Hugh Lee Wood, Jr. General Business Dottie Works Public Relations Clive D. Wright Electrical Engineering Teresa L. Wright Nursing Sharon Wulforst Physical Health Education Maria-Cristina Wyler Psychology Zee Terriann Wyche Politics Public Affairs 340 r n ■■■ 900 t Martin Diaz Yabor Graphic Design Hassan- Ali-Yaghtin Civil Engineering Lewis Henry Yagodnik Psychology Andrea Yellen Psychology Mario Ricardo Yi Psychology Karen Elizabeth Young Communications Film Michael Wayne Young General Business Robert M. Yurkanin Politics Public Affairs Farid Hassein Zagzoug Electrical Engineering Hamid Reza Zahedi Electrical Engineering Laurie Susan Zamren Business Management Ileana E. Zapatero Biology Nouraddin Zarifi-Dizaji Mechanical Engineering Maria T. Zarraga Psychology Julie Zelikoff Graphic Design Alamdar Ziba Civil Engineering Kenneth S. Ziebelman Finance Rhonda Zimberg Elementary Education Mark Zink Biology Deborah J. Zisquit Judaic Studies History John Christopher Zito Systems Analysis Brad A. Zuckerman Communications Journalism Fernando J. Zulueta Accounting 341 »l Flea Market i i- ' i j 342 r 343 --.s«k ' 344 T Students Bargain y 345 . b --»?«. Chicago?? 346 347 Alex Haley " ' h Tt%s y l MiA 348 Rocky at UM L 349 Julian Bond 350 ,J r Don Wright ■ ' i i ' i ( 351 352 [ " ' ' National News Council 5 ' ii 353 I Tuition Rally 354 «jir« ■■ " I ) 355 Suntan 356 357 Dorm Life IJ ' i ' i ' ' - 2 »WM 358 1 11 359 Campus Life 360 --4. W 361 If " Studying 362 ,ri 363 J._ Some fifty years ago a young boy in Georgia delivered The Atlantic Journal, leaping along the low stone walls in fi-ont of the houses along his route. It seems that Tom Sawyer is not the only character in history, who oh-so-carefuUy making his way along the tops of fences, disdained to travel along the common sidewalk. That newspaper boy was Henry King Stanford, " the King " of the University of Miami. And while Dr. Stanford does not share in Tom Sawyer ' s famous mischief, he does, very definitely, share a few of his other traits. The most obvious of these would have to be his impressive command of the English language. Dr. Stanford has never been known to persuade his friends to whitewash a fence, but anyone who has ever heard him speak to a group of people would not doubt his abiUty to do so. Dr. Stanford, a trim figure at 5 ' 9 " and approximately 160 pounds with piercing blue eyes behind glasses and a shining dome of a head, is equally at ease in his office, sitting back in a chair and being interviewed by a nervous student for the yearbook, or in front of 50 students in a pin-striped suit with a carnation in the lapel addressing a question from a Jamacian student as to why more international students aren ' t being admitted to the Medical School. He is a soft-spoken man, with a slight Southern accent. He gestures naturally with his hands. His speech is generously sprinkled with amusing anecdotes from his childhood or his experiences as the president of a large, private institution of higher learning, and he is never at a loss for a word. Also like Tom Sawyer, Dr. Stanford exudes a charisma unique to himself Dr. Behram Kursunoglu, Director of the Center of Theoretical Studies and a personal friend of Dr. Stanford ' s marvels at what he calls " such an endowment of human charm. " According to him, Dr. Stanford is able to make instant friends; he likes people and people like him. Mrs. Robert Simms, Assistant to the President at UM, describes Dr. Stanford as " the perfect Southern gentleman who ' s at home anywhere. " Dr. Stanford categorizes himself as a " born, inveterate, ingrained extrovert, " and says that he " never sees anybody who seems to be a stranger. " Dr. Stanford is often on a plane somewhere. It ' s harder to think of a place he hasn ' t been to than one that he has. As a young man, he studied for a year at the University of Heidel- berg in Germany, witnessing the rise of Nazism and the effect it had on academic freedom. This profoundly influenced him to form very strong opinions on the role of universities in society and their relationship to the government. As an educator Dr. Stanford lived with his family — his wife and four children — in Turkey for a year. He was the head of a program sponsored by New York University. He ' s been to South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Orient and the Soviet Union. Dr. Stanford always wanted to travel. As a young man he dreamed of joining the Foreign Service. He was too young to take the test before he traveled to Germany, and by the time the exam was given again after he returned he was caught up in teaching. This eventually led to his becoming the president of a university — first Georgia Southwestern College in Americus, 1948-50; then Georgia College at Milledgeville, 1953-56; and Birmingham- Southern College, 1957-62; until, finally he came to the University of Miami in 1962. This strenuous career was and is possible because Dr. Stanford, again like Tom Sawyer, is possessed of a remarkable energy: Tom for getting out of work and Dr. Stanford for accomplishing it. And accompUsh it he has. Within his presidency, the University of Miami has grown to include the Center for Advanced International Studies; the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Evolution; the Center of Theoretical Studies; the Center for Urban and Regional Studies. The Institute of Marine Science expanded to become the School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. The list of new buildings is even more impressive than the Ust of new programs. It includes: buildings on the Medical School campus and the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science; the Arthur A. Ungar Computing Center; an expanded Student Union; the James M. Cox, Jr. Science Building; the 1968 and 960 Complexes; the Joseph and Sally Handelman Institute of Recorded Sound; the Rathskeller; the Maurice Gusman Concert Hall; the William A. Lane Campus Sports and Recreation; an additional Law School Library. A second floor was added to the Bertha Foster Memorial Music Building and the Hecht Athletic Center was enlarged. Sitting in his office and staring out of his office window. Dr. Stanford muses. He has been the president of the University of Miami for one third of its existence — 18 years out of 54. He has been the president of a university for 32 of his 64 years. Dr. Henry King Stanford, traveler, speaker, educator, " Southern gentleman, " and the man who " never sees anyone who seems to be a stranger, " shares yet one more characteristic with Tom Sawyer, boy and American institution. As surely as Tom is remembered with joy by those who come to know him throughout the pages of Tom Sawyer, Dr. Stanford will be remembered with joy by those who have come to know him at the University of Miami. . J. ,. - cQ M ' X X- ' . »-v ' - =% ' ? C X, H ' V ., ' t . , ri.r.S " :. ,. f . 366 J i ! index: i.f 367 :1 - ' abromw-V ' ' .-: Triui« Dtts ACOSTA; Soaen ri . WM acostaJ; AOa ' ADVANIN - AGAiA.Mi Sgena 5 ' - AGER.MO AHlfONt AHMADU HooixSoo ' - •■- AlBbH ' .- ' ' ™ AlBlSL ' ,. Pwiiieii!. ' - " ™ Repweooo " - AUUHV.OW AICAIIAI]02 SchoWuf.Dai ' AIfllAN.)iAll AU ONSOJU Honor Sooen, Si AlfONSO.jK Honor Soa n,i AHMID.ABDl AHMED. ASHO Al-AJMLSHAI AU,HAXIELS. ' Nu-VP,T«B RoLDcmilM, AIICASIM,U Qib,BiilMlii AUZN.UUH USBCL ' nltnec AllodDomCoa ALVAIIE,J1H ALUEBEJNj DomGoiRai ALVAREZ AlO ALTHOIZAU JemceSootn.i (kMipFai Mxknii|Aw Gn,Mirdiii|I iDinuitils ' ilVA?,7 " ' Honor booffi, HooonSocfii, ANDERSOX ANDlTCjua CompijiefQi ANNOMAN ANTHONY, 1 S»i«,Ho(i«i) ikonej-Pat, AQUINO, AU DtMiLx ARAGON,fE FtC ABRAHAM, CECIL: Miami, FL; Delta Theta Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key Honor Society, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Vice-Pres. American Society of Prc-Dental Students ABRAMSON, LINDA E.: Southfield, MH ABROMITIS, GAIL LYNNE: Middletown, RI; Student Athletic Trainer, Dean ' s List ACOSTA, AD ' VS MARIA: Miami, FL; Newspaper, History Honor Society, USBG, Young Democrats ACOSTA, FRANK: Miami, FL ADLER, IRVING A.: Miami, FL ADVANI, NARESH S.: Hialeah, FL AGARA, MOZI PERE: Miami, FL; Tennis, Soccer, Social Secretary — Nigerian Student Association of Miami AGER, MONA: Miami Beach, FL AH LEONG, APRIL: Miami, FL AHMADI, BIJAN: Miami, FL; Tau Beta Pi, Golden Key National Honor Society, Karate Club ALBISTU, ANTONIO E.; Miami, FL ALBISU, MARIA A.: Miami Beach, FL; Alpha Epsilon Rho — Vice President, UM Honor Scholarship, Hurricane Newspaper 1978 — Editorials, WVUM 1977-79 DJ, Music Director, News Director, Video Tape Services, French Club 1978, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Representative AERHO Nat. Conven. ' 78 ALBURY, CHARLOTTE CRYSTAL: Nassau, Bahamas; Ski Club ALCARAZ, JOSE: Miami, FL; Beta Alpha Psi, FEC, UM Honor Scholarship, Dean ' s List ALEMAN, MARIA: Miami, FL; Honor Scholarship 1978-80, Dean ' s List Spring 1979, Computer Club ALFONSO, J. RICARDO: Miami, FL; Psi-Chi National Psychology Honor Society, Senior Honor Society, FEC, Kiwanis Club ALFONSO, J. RODOLFO: Miami, FL; Psi-Chi National Psychology Honor Society, Senior Honor Society, FEC, Kiwanis Club AHMED, ABDULRHMAN; Miami, FL AHMED, ASHOUR H.: Mecca, Saudi Arabia AL-AJMI, SHABIB N.: Miami, FL ALl, HANI ELSAYED: Cairo, Egypt; Honors Program, HSA, Eta Kappa Nu — VP, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, IEEE ALICASTRO, LEO PAUL: Deer Park, NY; Pre-Legal Society, Ping Pong Club, Basketball, Bowling Softball IM ALLEN, RALPH P. Ill: Haddon Heights, NJ; SEC, Resident Assistant, USBG Undersecretary for Student Affairs, Intramurals, Residence Halls Allocations Committee Advisor ALVAREZ, ALVAED A.: Hialeah, FL; AIA Student Chapter ALLIET, BERNADETTE: Rochester, NY; HSA, Honors Scholarship, Dorm Government, Orange Key, Orange Key President ALVAREZ ALONSO, PEDRO F.: Miami, FL ALTHOLZ, ALLAN LEWIS: Huntington, NY; Orange Key Honor Service Society, Golden Key Nat. Honor Society, Exxon USA Scholarship Fund Awardee, UM College Bowl Team, VP American Marketing Assoc, Minor Disciplinary Hearing Panel, LTP, HPS, Carni Gras, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Dean ' s List, Basketball Intramurals ALVAREZ, JESUS: Miami, FL AMAYE-OBU, EONS ALEX; Coral Gables, FL; Golden Key National Honor Society, Mortar Board National Honor Society, Orange Key Honors Society, Dean ' s List ANDERSON, SAMUEL D., JR.: Ft. Uuderdale, FL; Warden of IMA 1978-79, President of IMA 1979-80 ANDUX, ALBERT J.: Deptford, NJ; UM Honor Society, UM Computer Club — VP, Dean ' s List ANNONE, ANTHONY JOHN: Toms River, NJ ANTHONY, MARY-BETH: Canonsburg, PA; Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister, Homecoming Executive Committee, Dorm Government, Mahoney-Pearson Governor ' s Council Secretary, Running Club, UBOG AQUINO, ALEXANDER: Miami, FL; SOS, Kiwanis International, Dean ' s List ARAGON, FELIPE JOSE: Miami, FL; Biology Club, Pre-Dental Assoc, FEC ARANGO, MARIA TERESA M.: Coral Gables, FL ARBOLEYA, CARLOS J.: Miami, FL; International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi — Treasurer, FEC, City of Miami Youth Advisory Board ARCANO, ROSY: Miami, FL; Alpha Sigma Epsilon, Dean ' s List ARIA, DEBRA LYNN: Upper Saddle River, NJ; President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List ARJONA, MERCEDES V.: Coral Gables, FL ARONOWITZ, DEBRA APRIL; Miami, FL; Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lamda Delta, Golden Key, President ' s Honor Roll, Newspaper, Judaic Studies Award ARNETT, KIMBERLY; Homestead, FL; Hurricanette ' s, Sigma Chi Little Sister, Delta Phi Epsilon VP, Dean ' s List ARRIETA, ENIO: Maracaibo, Venezuela ASMAR, JEAN: Coral Springs, FL; Phi Kappa Phi, National Dean ' s List, Delta Theta Mu, Golden Key, Presidents Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, French Club, UM Honor Scholarship ASSIN, MIRELLA: Bogota, Columbia ATALA, NASSER JOHNATHAN: Coral Gables, FL; French Club — Pres. Treas, Flying Club — VP Pres., Student Activities Fee Allocation Comm., Golden Key Honorary Society, Mortar Board Honor Society — Treas., AED Pre-Medical Honor Society, Chemistry Club, Biology Club, TKE Fraternity — Sec, President ' s Award 1975-77, Dean ' s List. ATALLO, ROBERT ALAN: Sunrise, FL; HSA, Delta Theta Mu, Omicron Delta Economics Honorary — Pres., Open Door Team Leader, Tutor, Student Academic Service Center — Peer Advisor, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll ATASSI, OUBAY JAWDAT: Miami, FL ATKINS, MARY L.: Miami, FL; Active Member of UBS Black Kinens AUBE, JEFFREY: Miramar, FL AVERACK, KENNETH A.: Jericho, NY AZZOLINA. MARK: Philadelphia, PA; AFROTC BABISCHKIN, JEFFERY SCOTT: Miami, FL BAEZ, MARIA TERESA: Coral Gables, FL; Delta Sigma Pi, USBG Cabinet, Beta Gamma Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Golden Key Honor Society, French Club, Homecoming ' 79 Executive Committee, SAFAC, Academic Planning Comm. BAILEY, IVA: Kingston, Jamaica BAKELY, DEBRA L: Vincentown, NJ BALES, JACQUELYN MARIA; Orlando, FL; CCB, Campus Crusade, Alpha Angel, UBS, 1st Runner-up Miss Black U of M BALL, CURTIS: Miami, FL; Sigma Chi BALLENTINE, CYNTHIA: Montville, NJ; Tennis Team (1976-78), Women ' s Intramural Representative, Dean ' s List BALOGH, BARBARA ANN; Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, Roadrunners, German Club — Sec. BANGS, GARY W.: Coconut Grove, FL; Nursing Honor Society, Nursing Student ' s Ass ' t, Pres. Honor Roll, UM Rowing Team — Sec. BANKENDORF, LORI; Creve Coeur, MO; Dean ' s List, College Register BANKIER, MARVIN ADAM: Champaign, Rl; Pres. Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Pre-Legal Society — V.P. BANNAMON, TON I: Miami, FL BANNEROT, SCOTT PALMER: Valencia, PA; Scuba Club, Intramural Basketball Football, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta Mu, Pres. Honor Roll BARBON, ALBERTO: Miami, FL BARRERA, JVONNE: Miami, FL BARRIST, LORI E.: Miami Beach, FL; Hurricane — News Ed., Sigma Delta Chi, Pi Sigma Alpha, Golden Key National Honor Society, Mortar Board BARTLETT, MARIA M.: Pompano Beach, FL; Singing Hurricanes — Ass ' t Cond. Opera Workshop — Master, Chamber Singers II — Stu. Con., Concert Choir — Stu. Con., Jazz Vocal II Ensemble — Stu. Con., Jazz Vocal I Ensemble, Special Service Award (Music), Phi Mu Alpha Si nfonia Honorary little sister, Sigma Alpha Iota, Sigma Alpha Iota — Ed. ( ' 79- ' 80), Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Sweetheart, M.E.N.C. BARNES, WILLIAM D.: Miami, FL; Beta Alpha Psi, Hurricane Skiers, Dean ' s List. BARON, LINDA C; Alamo, CA; Hurricane Staff Writer, AEPi Little Sister, Sailing Club, Water Skiing Club, College Register BARON, WENDY LEIGH: Miami, FL 369 m BARORSKY, RONNA L.: Sunrise, FL; Liberal Ans Peer Aavisor, Open Door Peer Counselor, Drama Club, Fencing Club, Student Government Planning Committee BARSALLOJ, JAIRO DAVID: Santiago-Veraguar, Panama; AIIE Member — Co-Chairman, International Week 79, Panama Student Organization — Coordinator BARTON, LINDA GAIL: Miami, FL; Alpha Lambda Delta BASHEIN, JAY H.: Great Neck, NY; Dean ' s List, SoftbaU Intramurals BATCHELDER, STEVEN LEE: Fairfax, VA; Yearbook Photographer BATURA, SUSAN C: N. Mass., NY; Beta Gamma Sigma, Psi Chi, Dean ' s List BAUMRIN, GAIL: Tamarac, FL BECKER, RAYMOND E. JR.: Park Ridge, IL BECKER, SCOTT: Miami, FL; Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Phi Theta Kappa, Dean ' s List BEFFA, MERCEDES B.: Miami, FL BEHAR, VICTORIA: Miami Beach, FL; Psi Chi — VP, Senior Academic Advisor (PSY), Senior Honors in Psychology, Golden Key Honor Society, F.E.C., Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll BEHMAN, SCOTT ROBERT: Miami, FL; Intramurals, Outstanding U of M Athletic Achievement Award BEINHORN, SUSAN REGINA: Williamson, W.VA; Varsity Cheerleader ni- ' 79). Senator of Education ( ' 78-79), Bat Girl ( ' 77) BELVA, CHARLES RAYMOND: Oil Trough, AR; Dean ' s List, AROTC, Pershing Rifles, Golden Key Honor Society BENAVIDES, ANTONIO YECID: Miami, FL BENNETT, RANDl S.: Poughkeepsie, NY BENNETT, ROBIN E.: Philadelphia, PA; Dean ' s List, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Inner Ear Peer Counseling BERGER, BARBARA ROSE: Short Hills, NJ BERNSTEIN, HELEN A.: Cedarburst, NY BERRY, LISA CATHERINE: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, Presidents Honor Roll, Honors Student, Beta Alpha Psi BEUMER, IRENE: Trenton, NJ; Volleyball Softball Intramurals, Chi Omega Sorority — Treas., Pledge Director, Room Chairman, Homecoming Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer of Pledge Class, Standards Board, Rho Lambda Panhellenic Honorary, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister, AMA BEZOS, BEATRIZ M.: Coral Gables, FL; American Soc. of Civil Eng., Fla. Eng. Soc, Federation of Cuban Students, Society of Women Eng., Association De Estudiantes Larinoamericanos De Arquitectura Ingenieria BILLINGS, ERIC: Miami, FL BITTNER, WARRE N R.: Key Biscayne, FL; AFROTC, Dean ' s List BLAISDELL, MELANIE: Delmar, NY; Dean ' s List BLANCO, FRANCISCO, JAVIER: Miami Lakes, FL; Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, UM Varsity Soccer Team — Cap ' t BLANK, TONY: Miami, FL; IBIS Photography Editor, Hurricane Staff Photographer, USBG Business Senator, MDHP Panel Member, Budweiser College Representative, Off-campus South Senator BLOCK, THOMAS M.: St. Pete, FL; Mahoney Pearson Governors Council, Resident Assistant, President ' s Committee on Drug Use BOBER, ISIS A.: Coral Gables, FL; Dean ' s List, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Psi Chi BOCKSTEIN, MINDY A.: North Miami Beach, FL; Hillel, Pre-legal Society, Delta Theta Mu, Golden Key Honor Society, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Israel Action Committee, Phi Sigma Alpha, Nat ' l Pol. Science Honor Society, Phi Kappa Phi, College Register BODAMER, SIBYL A.: Hudson, FL; Honor Student BODENHAMER, DAVID JR.: Washington, DC; Sigma Chi, Dean ' s List BOLINGER, R. NOEL: Shelbyville, IL; Dean ' s List BOLIVAR, ARTURO, D.: Miami, FL BOLTON, BRODERICK: Ft. Myers, FL; Football, Baseball BONCHACK, JUL IANE CHRISTINA: HoUiston, Mass.; Varsity Cheerleaders — Cap ' t, Sugarcanes — Co-Cap ' t. Hurricane Honeys, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Campus Crusade for Christ BONEY, CHYREL, Y.: Clermont, FL; S.A.S.C. Peer Advisor Tutor, Tour Guide for UM, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, USBG Senator for Education BOOKMAN, KAREN J.: Dumont, NJ; Dean ' s List BOOTHE, CAROLE: Coral Gables, FL BORKAN, BURTON: Miami, FL; IBIS Yearbook BORMAN, SCOTT: Miami, FL BRADBEE, ELAINE A.: Underbill, VT; Honor Student, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Delta Phi Alpha — VP, The College Register, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Golden Key Honor Society, Biology Club, Hurricane — Ass ' t Copy Ed. BRADLEY, ANA MARIA M.: Miami, FL; Delta Theta Mu — VP, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Golden Key Honor Society BRADLEY, JU ANITA: Tampa, FL; UM Dance Corps., Strictly Business Program, UM Gospel Choir BRADLEY, VIRGINIA: Birdsboro, PA BRADSHAW, KEVIN B.: Los Fresnos, TX BRANCH, THOMAS P.: Morristown, NJ; Dean ' s List BRAND, CATHY: Sarasota, FL BRANDEN, NANCY JOYCE: Miami, FL BRANDON, CHRISTOPHER: Miami, FL; Int ' l Week Committee — Co-Chairman, Council of Int ' l Students Cabinet BRANDON, RODESTER: Homestead, FL; UM Marching Band, Music Education Nat ' l Council, UM Symphony Orchestra, UM Wind Ensemble BRANDT, LIZA K.: Lockport, NY BRANT, BARRY MICHAEL: Miami, FL; Outstanding Accounting Student, Golden Scroll Award, American Academy of Achievement, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key Honor Society, Pre-legal Society — Pres., Open Door — Team Leader, Pre-Legal Programs Advisory Board — Co-founder Student Representative, Counseling Center Advisory Board — Student Representative, Beta Alpha Psi, Hurricane — News Writer BRANTLEY, JOHN D.: San Antonio, TX; Biology Honor Society, Honor Society, Golden Key Honor Society, IBIS ' Yearbook photographer. Privileged Studies, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll BRANTLEY, TIM: Miami, FL BRAVO, GEORGINA M.: Miami, FL; American Society of Civil Engineers Outstanding Member Award, Glaser Award — Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Society of Women Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers BREVDA, PAUL: NY, NY; Dean ' s List, Beta Alpha Psi, American Marketing Association BRITAN, MICHAEL ROSS: Plantation, FL; ZBT, IFC Representative — Executive Council — Member at Large, Greek Week Committee — College Bowl Chairman, Order of Omega, Dean ' s List, Iron hanger, SOS, Leadership Training BRITO, LEONARDO: Miami, FL BRODY, MONA: Miami, FL; Golden Key Honor Society, Art Honors, Dean ' s List, NAEA, DAEA BROWN, GRETCHEN: Miami, FL BROWN, ORLANDO W.: Aberdeen, MD; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia BRUTON, JANICE LEE: Mt. Gilead, NC; Resident Assistant, Hurricane Honey BUHL, ROBERT W.: Coconut Grove, FL; Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma BURG, JONATHAN: Miami, FL; AEDC, Delta Theta Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, President ' s Honor Roll, Open Door, Tutoring Center — Dir. BURNS, WENDY LYNN: Library, PA; Dean ' s List, Board of Governors (Apt.) Intramural Sports, Allocations Committee, Ski Club BURNSIDE, JANET L.: So. Bend, IN; Delta Gamma Sorority — Pres., Varsity Cheerleaders, Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister, Panhellenic, Rho Lambda, Hurricane Honey BURR, DAWN: Miami, FL; Golden Key Honor Society, Alpha Lambda Delta, Resident Assistant, AFROTC, President ' s Honor Roll BURROWS, ROBERT J.: Hudson, OH BUSATTO, MICHAEL ROGER: Pembroke Pines, FL; Deans List BUSTAMANTE, CARLOS MUNOZ: Miami, FL; Presidents Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Mu, Golden Key Honor Society, IEEE — Vice-Chairman, Sailing Hurricanes CABALLERO, TONY M.: Hialeah, FL; Dean ' s List CABRERA, ALICIA C: Hialeah, FL; Dean ' s List CABRERA, MIGUEL ANGEL: Miami, FL CAIN, JORDAN SCOTT: Miami, FL CALDWELL, COTTEE V.: Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Kappa Alpha Psi CALDWELL, JANET LYNN: Pittsburgh, PA; Mortar Board, Hurricane 370 Honeys, Varsity Cheerleader, Batgirls, Resident Assistant CALLIS, FREDRICK A.: Southold, NY CALYORE, MICHAEL: Naples, FL; Deans List CALZADILLA, CARLOS A.: Miami Beach, FL CALZADILLA, MARIA DE LORETA: Plantation, FL; Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Honors Student, Alpha Epsilon Delta — Historian, Chi Omega Sorority, Circle K Club, Orange Key Honor Society, F.E.C. — Sec, Intramural Basketball CAMCHE, GLENN: NY, NY; Dean s List. Pre-legal Society CANDIA, SUSAN: Miami, FL CANETE, PATRICIA E.: Miami, FL CANEVARI, DANIEL C: Millerton, NY; Baseball, Deans List, Intramurals, Official Intramurals, Supervisor CAPONE, ANDREW: Belmar, NJ; Deans List, President ' s Service Award, Professional Business Fraternity — VP, 960 Board of Governors, Programming Committee — Chairman, C.E.A.O., Ludways Duffy ' s Hall of Fame CARLINO, BRUCE D.: Massepequa, NY CARR, ARTIE E.: Weirsdale, FL; Outstanding Young Men of America, Registerof Prominent College University Students, POLEMARCH — Pres., Kappa Alpha Psi, Panhellenic — Pres., NAACP CARRASCO, LUIS A.: Falcon, Venezuela CARTVCRIGHT, GODFREY A.: Nassau, Bahamas; Bahamian Student Assoc. — Treas. CARUSO, DEBRA A.: Sparta, NS; Dean ' s List, Phi Kappa Alpha Little Sister — VP ( ' 77), Pres. ( ' 78) CASACELI, GUY L.: Avon, NY; Mortar Board — Pres., Sigma Chi — Treas., Sec, Beta Alpha Psi, Dean ' s List, CSR — Supervisor, ICEC, USBG Senator CASTRO, SANDRA C: Miami, FL; Orange Key — Sec, Golden Key Honor Society, Delta Theta Mu, AED, Phi Kappa Phi, Honor Students Assn., President ' s Honor Roll, Deans List, The College Register CATALA, ORLANDO J.: Miami, FL CATANACH, JEFFREY DAVID: St. Croix, Virgin Islands CEDENO, ELENA ROYO: Miami, FL CHAIROONGRUANG, SATIT: Bangkok, Thailand CHAPMAN, JUNE MARILYN: Plantation, FL; Kappa Kappa Gamma — VP, Psi Chi, Mortar Board, Golden Key Honor Society, Delta Theta Mu, Resident Ass ' t, President ' s Honor Roll CHAREST, STEVEN P.: Miami, FL; Varsity Swim Team CHELKO, THOMAS ALAN: Miami, FL CHEN, CYNTHIA CARYN: Bannockburn, IL; Dean ' s List, Pi Delta Phi CHERNAU, DANIEL: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, Honors program. Judaic Studies Book Award, Phi Kappa Phi, Karate Club CHIU, MELANIO JULIAN: Miami, FL CHRIST, MARIKA DIANE: Miami, FL; Presidents Honor RoU, Dean ' s List, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Golden Key Honor Society CHRISTAKIS, MICHAEL: Boca Raton, FL CHRISTENSEN, CINDY L.: PennYan, NY; Nursing Students Association CHRISTIANSON, CRAIG W.: Barrington Hills, IL CHRISTMAS, DONNA: Miami, FL; Resident Assistant, Jesus Student Fellowship, Pre-legal Society CHRISTOFF, KENNETH E. JR.: Pittsburgh, PA CIVILE, VICTORIA A.: Miami, FL; Chi Omega Sorority — Executive Board, Rho Lambda Panhellenic Honorary — Pres., Nursing Students Association, Road Runners, Dean ' s List, The College Register, Greek Week Executive Committee CLARE, CONSTANCE M.: Miami, FL; College Communicators in Broadcasting — Treas. CLARKE, DAVID B.: Attleboro, Mass. COCHRAN, BETH A.: Springfield, OH COFMAN, NEAL RICHARD: Miami, FL COHEN, ARLEEN J.: Enpt, NY; Dean ' s List, College Communicators in ■ Broadcasting I COHEN, BRUCE E.: Woodmere, NY; Hurricane Skiers — Pres. I COHEN, DONALD T.: Hallendale, FL I COHEN, PAUL HURSTON: PikesviUe, MD; Sigma Alpha Epsilon — Pres., VP, Order of Omega, Theta Sigma, Carni Gras — Finance Chairman, Inter Fraternity Council — Pres., VP COHEN, ROBERT S.: Boca Raton, FL COHEN, WILLIAM G.: Kings Point, NY COHN, SCOTT A.: Floral Park, NY; Beta Alpha Psi, Mortar Board, Golden Key Honor Society, Pre-legal Society, Runner ' s Club, USBG — Undersec. of Student Services, Nighrwatch Bike-Boat Loan Program Director, Parking Appeals Board COLBY, JAMIE N.: South Miami, PL; Hurricane — Production Mgr., Editorial Writer, Account Exec, Homecoming Committee — Miss U of M, IBIS Yearbook Writer, Beta Alpha Psi, Mortar Board, USBG Senator, Pre-legal Society, S.O.S., Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority, Miss U of M Finalist, Golden Key Honor Society, EAT UM at 15 COLELLA, CHARLES M.: Danvers, MA; Dean ' s List, Pre-legal Society, C.I. A.O., Eaton Hall Board of Governors COLLINS, CATHARINE: Miami, FL; Ring Theatre — Master Electrician, Lighting Designer COLOMAR, ROSENDO JESUS: Miami, FL CONSOLI, FRANK ANTHONY: Hialeah, FL; Geodyssey — member CONTRE, MICHAEL R.: Pascoag, RI COOK, LINDA S.: Bethlehem, PA, President ' s Honor Roll, Deans List, Golden Key Honor Society COOMBS, WILLIAM F.: Miami Lakes, FL; Delta Theta Mu, USBG Senator, Monar Board, Alpha Epsilon Delt a, EEC, Honor ' s Program, Phi Kappa Phi COOPER, SUSAN: Miami, FL COOPERMAN, MARK D.: Plainview, NY; Basketball, Softball COPE, PATRICK S.: Towson, MD; UM Lacrosse, Intramurals CORBEN, BRUCE E.: Valley Stream, NY; S.O.S., Lambda Chi Alpha — Treas., Executive Comm., Beta Alpha Psi, Carni Gras — Finance Chairman COSTA, MICHELE: Vicenza, Italy; EKN — member COSTELLO, TERRI A.: Brigantien, NJ; Beta Alpha Psi, Golden Key Honor Society, Dean ' s List, UM Bowling Team COULTER, LAURA GENE: Miami Springs, FL COULTER, MARY SUSAN: Miami Springs, FL; Dean ' s List, Economic Honor Society COURTELIS, PAN THOMAS: Miami, FL; F.E.S. — Treas., American Society of Civil Engineers COY, WAYNE MICHAEL: Mt. Vernon, NY; UBS — VP, Rathskellar Staff CRAFFEY, JIM: River Vale, NJ; UM Golf Team — Letterman CRUZ, ROSY IDALIA: Miami Place, FL CUADRADO, ELOISA: Hialeah, FL CUNNINGHAM, CHRISTINE J.: Miami, FL; UM Pep Squad CURRERI, ANGELA CEIL; Hollywood, FL; Student Potters Quild — VP, President ' s Honor Roll CUSMANO, JOSEPH V.: Boca Raton, FL; Beta Alpha Psi, Presidents Honor Roll, Pre-legal Society D ' EUGENIO, DAVID PAUL: Miami, FL; CoUege Register, Alpha Epsilion Rho Southeast Regional Representarive, Leadership Training Program, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Committee, CBS-TV Sales-Research Department, IBIS Yearbook, Pi Kappa Alpha DAGO, ROSY DEL: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, College Register, Alpha Kappa Psi Carni Gras Co-Chairman DAMES, DIAN DENISE: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, Golden Key, Sigma Alpha Iota, Zeta Phi Beta DANIELS, DONNA LEE: Miami, FL; Beta Alpha Psi, Deans Ust, College Register, Bowling Team Officer DANNEHOWER, GILBERT L. Ill: Edison, NJ; Football DANZIGER, SHARI DEE; Spring Valley, NY DAO, KIM SINH: Coral Gables, FL DARAI, ZSUZSANNA; Miramar, FL DASCAL, DIANA: Miami, FL; Orange Key, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pres. Tau Beta Pi DATORRE, CARMEN ROCIO: Miami Beach, FL DAVID, CYNTHIA L.: Aliquippa, PA; Cheerieader, College Register, Swim Team Timette, Eaton Hall Board of Governors Secretary, Galactic Observers Founder and President 371 %- DAVIDSON, SHARON ANNE: Syracuse, IN DAY, ROBERT EARL: Cranston, RI; Chi Omega Owl Man, Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi: Social Chairman, Fund-Raising Chairman DEARMOND, ROBERT H.: Sarasota, FL; Sailing Club, Air Force ROTC DEVILLIERS, BARBARA: Miami, FL; Presidents Honor Roll, Deans List, NSSA DEAKIN, RUTHANNE: Miami, FL; Honors Program, Presidents Honor Roll DEARBORN, BONNIE B.: Coral Gables, FL; GTU, Golden Key DECHANT, JAMES F.: Miami Beach, FL DEFIR, MARY ANNE: Virginia Beach, VA; Honor Scholarship, Honors Program, HSA, Marine Undergraduate Students, Geodyssey Secretary, Biology Club, Intramurals, Concert Choir, Sailing Club, Galactic Observers DEHGHAN, RASSUL: Miami, FL DELAMERENS, MAITE: Miami, FL; Intramurals, College Register, Alpha Lambda Delta, HSA, French Club, Director of Athletics EEC, VP Alpha Epsilon Delta DELAPENHA, MARK HOWARD: Miami, FL DELGADO, ANI: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List , Presidents Honor Roll, College Register, Golden Key, Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Secretary Beta Alpha Psi DELGADO, ARNALDO (DITO): Hialeah, FL; Zappa Zeta Beta, Golden T-Square Award, American Institute of Architects, Career Information Jamboree Steering Committee, Alpha Kappa Psi: VP, Carni Gras Representative DEL GIUDICE, RICK A.: Cicero, IL; Deans List, Presidents Honor Roll, Beta Alpha Psi, Baseball DELLABOUGH, DAMIEN: Coconut Grove, FL DEMANDT, FRANK J.: Miami, FL DEMBROW, DAVID IAN: Miami, FL; Computer Club DEMPSEY, JENNIFER THUMANN: Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Dean ' s List, IBIS Yearbook DENIS, GEORGE: Miami, FL DENIS, JULIE R.: Miami, FL; Deans List, Bowling Team DENIS, SUSAN JO: Miami, FL DERDER, BRAHIM: Reguain, Algeria; Pres. COISO DESCHAMPS, MARISEL: Miami, FL DEVEREUX, MAURA BRIGID: Montrose, CO DIGIOIA, ANDREA E.: Deer Park, NY; Honor Scholarship, Band of the Hour, Secretary The Italians, Secretary Delta Phi Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Psi, Intramurals DIPALMO, VINCENT: Cherry HiU, NJ; Swim Team DLUZ, DYANA: Greenwich, CT; Swim Team, Pre-Legal Society, Dean ' s List DONOVAN, GEORGE D.: Kalamazoo, MI; Pi Kappa Alpha, Dean ' s List DORTA, ENERY M.: San Juan, Puerto Rico DOWDY, ANGELITY LAKAY: Miami, FL DOWDY, LORRAINE MARIA ANNA THERESA: Kingston, Jamaica; College Register, USBG Senate, COISO, Karate Club, Pres. OJU DRANCE, NICHOLAS J. JR.: Palm Bay, FL DRASS, JAMES H.: Bal Harbour, FL DRICKMAN, JOHANNA L.: Largo, FL; Presidential Scholar, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, HSA, Orange Key, Wind Ensemble, Biochemistry Club, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Delta Theta Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Medical Honor Society DUBREUIL, MARGARITA: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Golden Key, FEC, Council for Exceptional Children, Honor Scholarship DUKANAUSKAS, KARIN A.: Leisure City, FL; Dean ' s List, IBIS Yearbook DUTCHER, ROBERT REYNOLD JR.: Delran, NJ; SOS, Dorm Government Chairman of Homecoming DUWELIUS, JOHN ANDREW: Terre Haute, IN; Geology Club, Geography Club DZIENKOWSKI, JOHN STEPHEN: Ft. Lauderdale, FL; VP HSA, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Exxon USA Business Scholarship, Rachlin and Cohen Accounting Scholarship, President Award for Outstanding Honor Student, Orange Key, Honors Program, USBG Senate: Mahoney Pearson seat. Chairman Academic Affairs Committee, Acting Speaker EASLEY, LYNN ELIZABETH: Victoria, Australia ECKSTEIN, SUSANA: Coral Gables, FL; President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Rho Lambda, Golden Key, CEC, Mortar Board, Alpha Epsilon Phi: Assistant Pledge Mother, Treasurer, Rush Counselor, Rush Chairman, Ritualist, Scholarship Award EGAN, ROBERT W.: Key Biscayne, FL; Fencing Club ELDREDGE, CHRISTOPHER: Miami, FL ELKINS, WAYNE KENNETH: Dresher, PA; Dean ' s List ELLERT, SUZANNE PATRICE: Miami, FL; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Epsilon Phi Rush Chairman ELLIS, GRACE D.: Miami, FL; Karate Club, Bowling League ELMADI, FAIZ J.: Tequciqalpa, Honduras; Pres. Arab Students, VP Honduras Students, VP International Students ELLMAN, KENNETH D.: Miami Beach, FL ELSNER, EDWARD NEIL: Jericho, NY EMMANUEL, AGU: Miami, FL; Tennis Team, Soccer Team ESCAGEDO, ANA M.: North Miami, FL; Dean ' s List ESCAGEDO, MARIA EUGENIA: North Miami, FL; Pi Delta Phi ESCOBAR, FRANK: Miami, FL; Intramurals ESPINA, VIRGINIA: Miami, FL; Caribbean Studies Club, Pre-Legal Society ESTRADA, CELIA ROSE: Coral Gables, FL; Deans List, Honor Scholarship, Delta Theta Mu, Golden Key ETTER, JEANNIE: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA; Student Nurse of the Year, Cheerleader, Hurricane Honey, Historian Student Nurses Association, Sigma Theta Tau EVANS, STEPHANIE SUSAN: Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Dean ' s List EVERTS, DANIEL R.: Miami, FL; Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, Golden Key, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Florida Engineering Society FABER, SAMUEL W.: Miami, FL FADEL, LAYLA: Coral Gables, FL FAIBER, SUZANNE: Miami, FL; SNA FAIRBANKS, CHARLES: Key Largo, FL; WVUM Music Director FALIC, SIMON: Miami, FL FAMILIER, RONALD: San Jose, Costa Rica FAULKNER, CLAUDIA A.: Miami, FL; Golden Key FEDER, JUDY L.: Miami Beach, FL; University Scholar, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Honors Program, Privileged Studies, Hillel FEIGENBAUM, DEBORAH: Hollywood, FL FERNANDEZ, ANA M.: Miami, FL FERNANDEZ, ANA MARIA: Miami, FL; Phi Theta Kappa FERNANDEZ, JEANETTE B.: Miami, FL; Pre-Legal Society FERNANDEZ, JOSE PABLO: Hialeah, FL; President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Honor Scholarship, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi: Pres., VP FERNANDEZ, MARIA ELENA: Coral Gables, FL FERNANDEZ, PEDRO E.: Miami, FL; Tau Beta Pi, ASME FERNANDEZ, MARIA A.: Miami, FL; Beta Alpha Psi FERRER, ALINA T.: Miami, FL FERRER, JOSE: Miami, FL FEUER, BRADLEY S.: Coral Springs, FL; Golden Key, Biology Club, Omicron Delta Kappa, Youth Representative to College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Association, HSA Chairman Social and Cultural Affairs, Dean ' s List, Honors Program, WVUM Advisory Board, Host USBG Forum and UM Tonight WVUM, Hillel, USBG: Senate Arts and Sciences seat. Chairman Select Committee on PubUc Safety, Executive Director and Secretary Public Safety Affairs FIELDS, JUDITH LINDEN: Miami, FL; Student Nurses Associarion FIELDS, MARC HOWARD: Miami, FL FIGUEREOD, ANGEL: Miami, FL FIGUEROA, NANCY: Miami, FL FINE, WENDY: West Hempstead, NY; Campus Tour Guide, Rathskeller Advisory Board FINERTY, PATRICK M.J.: Alex, VA; Phi Eta Sigma, Dean ' s List, HSA, Golden Key, Beta Alpha Psi, Karate Club, Intramurals, IBIS Yearbook, 960 Dorm Government: Treasurer, Allocarions Committee, Pres.; 372 USBG Senate 960 seat. Resident Advisor FIRES, TERRY ELLEN: Miami, FL; Deans List, Pre-Legal Society, Delta Sigma Pi: Chapter Efficiency Index Chairman, VP FISCHER, FRANK W.: Geinharser, Germany: US Germany Fulbright Scholarship, International House Organization FISHER, LORI AMERINE: El Paso, TX; Omicron Delta Kappa, Lambda Sigma, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Army ROTC Cadet Battalion Commander FISCHL, SHARI L ' VNN: Sunrise, FL; Deans List, American Marketing Association, Circle K: Secretary, Historian, Awards Chairman FISHER, JUNE ELIZABETH: Miami, FL; 960 Board of Governors, Captain JV Cheerleaders, Alpha Phi Alpha Little Sister FISHER, MILTON J.: LouiviUe, KY; General Manager WVUM, Omicron Delta Kappa, Theta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Hurricane Columnist, Dean ' s List, MC Homecoming Parade FITZPATRICK, LINDA: East Rockaway, NY FLATTERY, ERIC: Miami, FL; Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Alpha Psi, Dean ' s List FLEMISTER, VYLINDA: Homestead, FL FLICK, JULI ANNE: Miami, FL; Circle K. Golden Key, National Student Speech and Hearing Association FLOM, JOANNE: Harrisburg, PA FLORES, CARLOS ARMANDO: Miami, FL FLORES, CARLOS MANUEL FLORESTANT, EUGENE: Miami, FL FLURIACH, HECTOR A.: Miami, FL FOREMAN, LARRY: Morton Grove, IL; Treasurer Scuba Club, Resident Assistant FIORENTINO, CARL FREDERICK: Miami, FL FORMAN, CHRISTOPHER J. S.: Sands Point, NY; Deans List FOSE, CHERYL: West Seneca, NY; Dean ' s List, Band of the Hour, VP SMENC, Golden Key, Monar Board, Pi Kappa Lambda, Sigma Alpha lota: Chaplain, Pres. FOX, TAMMY JEAN: Girard, OH; Pre-Legal Society, Golden Key, Sigma Eta Mu, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Phi Eta Sigma FOYT, VICTORIA LYNN: Miami, FL; Hurricane Staff, French Club FRAYLER, MICHAEL A.: Miami, FL FREDRICK, ANGELA L.: Orlando, FL FREDERICK, MARI JAYNE MARIE: Miami, FL FREEDMAN, AMY: Murgate, NJ FREEMAN, DREW JAMES: Miami, FL FREINBERG, NANCY ELLEN: Miami Beach, FL FRIEDLAND, IRWIN W.: Hollywood, FL FRIEDMAN, JERI SUE: South Miami, FL FROIO, MARIA R.: Syracuse, NY FROMSON, POLLY S.: Shaker Heights, OH; IBIS Yearbook Photographer, Sigma Theta GADSON, MARILYN D.: Jacksonville, FL; Nursing Students Assoc, Alpha Kappa Alpha GAFFNEY, LAURA PATRICIA: Miami, FL; Pre-Legal Society GALANTI, HELENE H.: Atlanta, GA; Golden Key Honor Society, Summa Award GALLARDO, MANUEL GUSTAVO: Miami, FL; Tau Beta Pi Honor Society GALLIANO, MARIO J.: Miami, FL; Eta Kappa Nu — Pres., Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, IEEE, Golden Key Honor Society GAMAZO, CARLOS M.: Hialeah, FL; FEC — Treas. Corresponding Sec, USBG-UBOG Rep., Sociology Club, Student Activities Film Series GARAZI, BELINA: Miami, FL; Beta Alpha Psi, Golden Key Honor Society GARAZI, SUSANA: Bay Harbor, FL; Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean ' s List, International Marketing Association GARBOSE, SUSAN B.: Athol, MA; SOT — Corresponding Sec, 2nd VP, Parlimentarian, Derby Day Chairman, Open Door Team Leader, UM Women ' s Commission, Mortar Board, UM Karate Club, UM Sailing Club, Hurricane Columnist GARCIA, ADDI C: Caparra Terrace, R.P.P.R GARCIA, ALINA D.: Chicago, IL; Delta Gamma, Delta Theta Mu, Golden Key Honorary, Mortar Board, ATO Little Sisters GARCIA, ANGLEA M.: Miami, FL GARCIA, MANUEL PAUL: Miami, FL; Pre-Legal Society, Deans List GARCIA, MARIA EUGENIA: Miami, FL GARDERE, BARBARA R.: Miami, FL; UM Honor Scholarship, Alpha Kappa Alpha, UBS — Advisor to the President GARGAS, CAROLYN: Wausau, WN GARSON, GARY JOSEPH: Miami Beach, FL; Dean ' s Ust GART, BRIAN K.: Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Pre-Legal Society, Pi Sigma Alpha, Hurricane Photo Editor, UM Honor Scholarship, Student Right ' s Assoc, National Honor Society GARTENBERG, GARY: Spring VaUey, NY; Dean ' s List, Honor RoU, MPRGC — Treas. GATES, DONALD DEAN II: Alexandria, VA GATICA, RAFAEL E.: Miami, FL; Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu — Treas. GATO, GARIDAD HIDALGO: Miami, FL GEARTNER, HILTON JAY: Winter Park, FL; Hurricane Ski Team GERSTEIN, ANDREW: Brooklyn, NY; President ' s Honor Roll GHASHGHAI, MOSTAFA: Tehran, Iran GINSBERG, LINDA: Miami, FL GIRMONDE, JOSEPH S.: Miami, FL GLANZ, ELLYN: Northbrook, IL; AE Pi Little Sister — President GLENN, LESLIE FERN: Short Hills, NJ; Am. Marketing Association — Sec. Pres. GOLD, AMY M.: Rochester, NY GOLDBERG, DEBBIE L.: Harrisburg, PA; Deans List, Hurricane Writer GOLDBERG, LARRY A.: Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Dean ' s List GOLDBERGER, LEE B.: Miami, FL GOLDFEIN, RONDEE: Hallandale, FL; Pre-Legal Society GOLEN, SHARON: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, ZBT Little Sister, Hurricane Spons Writer GOMEZ, JUAN v.: Miami, FL GOMEZ, LIBIA ISABEL: Catia, Caracas, Venezuela GONZALEZ-ABRAUHAM, BLANCA E.: Miami, FL GONZALEZ-DELFINO, ALFREDO: Caracas, Venezuela GONZALEZ-RANGEL, EMILIO 1.: Union City, NJ; Dean ' s List, Biology Club, Pre-Med Honor Society GONZALEZ, ARMANDO J.: Miami, FL; Tau Beta Pi GONZALEZ, HILDA MARIA: Rio Piedras, PR; Dean ' s List GONZALEZ, JULIE ANN: Miami, FL; Presidents Honor Roll, NSHSA GONZALEZ, LOURDES A.: Miami, FL GONZALEZ, VIVIAN: Miami, FL GOODMAN, LAWRENCE M.: Kings Point, NY GORLOVSKY, THEA: Farm. Hills, MH GOTLINSKY, DEBORAH: Miami Beach, FL; Pi Delta Phi GOTTLIEB, MARC S.: Huntington, NY; WVUM, Hurricane Sports Writer, Intramurals GOTTESFELD, BETH F.: Miami, FL GRADUS, SONDRA M.: N. Miami Beach, FL; Pre-Law Society, IM Bowling Team — Captain GRADY, LYNNETTE M.: Annapolis, MD GRAHAM, H. DILLON III: Coral Gables, FL; Pre-Legal Society GRAY, MICHELE LYNN: Miami, FL GRAZIANO, LOUIS KEITH: Hammonton, NJ; Resident Assistant, Governor ' s Council GREEN, DANNY J.: Surfside, FL; UM Music Scholarship, Presidents Honor Roll, National Dean ' s List, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia — VP, Recording Sec, National Delegate, Liason Officer, Student Music Educators Nat. Conf — FL St. Pres., Treas., Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, College Register, USBG Senator, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, UM Chamber Singers — Mgr., Choral Club Pres. GREEN, SHARON ELAINE, Miami, FL; Alpha Kappa Alpha— Dean of Pledges, VP Pres., NAACP, UBS, Phi Beta Sigma Stars — Uttle Sister GREENFEDER, ARTHUR A.: Miami, FL; Deans List, AE Pi — Pres., Treas., Rush Chairman, UM Varsity Golf Team GREGOIRE, C.T.: Miami, FL; Tau Kappa Epsilon GRIFFITH, ROBERT W.: Miami, FL; President s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List ASC AIA, Student Council 373 J:. m GROENDYK, LYNN PATRICIA: Cedar Grove, NJ; Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Kappa Lambda, Sigma Delta Pi, Golden Key Honorary, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi My Alpha Sweetheart, National Dean ' s List GROLL, ANDREA: Wilmington, DL GROSS, JILL L.: Hollywood, FL; Presidents Honor Roll, Orange Key, Dean ' s List, College Register, ZBT Little Sister GROSS, SHARON RAE: Miami, FL; Presidential Scholar, HSA — Sec, Pre-Legal Society — Sec, Homecoming Exec. Committee, Apt. Area Board of Governors GROSSBARD, BETH: Hollywood, FL; Deans List, CCB, Women in Broadcasting, Pre-Legal Society, Communications Honor Society GRUBER, PAMELA ELLEN: Fair Lawn, NJ; Resident Advisor, UM Band of the Hour GRUENSTEIN, RANDI LYNN: Paramus, NJ; Dean ' s List; AE Pi Little Sister GUERRIER, JOSETTE I.: Miami, FL GUEVARA, ISABEL: Miami, FL; Nursing Student ' s Assoc. — Treas. Level Representative GUNDIAN, JULIO C. JR.: Miami, FL; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key Honor Society, Biochemistry Club GUNN, LORI: Miami, FL HABERKORN, CANDACE A.: MerrillviUe, IN; Golden Key National Honor Society HAJ-ASSADOLLAH, SEYED: Miami Lakes, FL; Presidents Honor Roll, Deans List, ASME HALBERSTEIN, DANIEL: N. Miami Beach, FL HANDY, JOSEPH PAUL: Miami, FL; Delta Sigma Pi — Pres., USBG Elections HANLEY, BARBARA LYNN: Hialeah, FL; Pre-Legal Society HANNAH, ROBEIR A.: Boca Raton, FL HARDEMAN, JOYCE E.: Homestead, FL; Deans List HARDY-HENRY, FLOYD A.: Kingston, Jamaica; Pre-Dental Society, CO. I. CO., Organization for Jamaican Unity HARRISON, SUSAN MERRICK: New Kensington, PA HARRIS, MICHELE: Kingston, Jamaica; Dean ' s List, Pi Delta Phi, Sigma Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Women ' s Tennis Team HARRIS, CLARENCE B.: Miami, FL; UBS, NAACP, UM Gospel Choir — Pres., Baptist Student Center — VP, Outreach Fellowship Chairman HARRINTON, TRACY A.: Glen Ellyn, IL; Kappa Kappa Gamma — Treas., Marshall, Panhellenic Delegate, Panhellenic — Pres. VP, Rho Lambda, Batgirls, College Register HARWOOD, LESLIE: Short Hills, NJ HAYMES, KEITH: Miami, FL; Alpha Epsilon Rho, UM Honor Scholarship HEID, VIKI A.: Miami, FL; SOS, Manager of Concert Choir HEIDLER, PATTI J.: Harleysville, PA; Mortar Board, Golden Key, Resident Assistant HENDERSON, REGINALD: RI HENKLE, DAVID BRIAN: Springfield, NJ HERASIMCHUK, JON M.: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, Golf Team, Intramurals HERMAN, GLEN A.: Brooklyn, NY; Dean ' s List, Biology Club, Scuba Club HERNANDEZ, CLARIVEL: Rio Peidras, PR; Honor Scholarship, Dean ' s List HERNANDEZ, MARIA ELENA: Coral Gables, FL; Deans List, Pre-Legal Society — VP, Beta Alpha Psi, President ' s Honor Roll HERNANDEZ, SANTOS JOSE: Caracas, Venezuela HERNANDEZ, SARA B.: Miami, FL; Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key National Honor Society, President ' s Honor Roll, D ean ' s List HESS, THOMAS JOACHIM: Setauket, NY; Pi Sigma Alpha— Pres., Delta Phi Alpha, Dean ' s List, Scabbard and Blade Honor Society, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Army ROTC HIBNICK, CHARLES A.: Morton Grove; Resident Assistant, Student Government, Dean ' s List HIBNICK, CYNTHIA BARNETT: Miami, FL; MPGC Governor, Resident Assistant, Pre-Legal Society, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll HICKS, LOLA M.: Miami, FL; Deans List HINTON, BEVERLY: Miami, FL; WVUM HIRNI, WILLIAM R.: Miami, FL; Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Golden Key Honor Society, Dean ' s List HIRSITT, ALAN JAY: Miami, FL HODER, ANDREW R.: Holmdel, FL HODGES, DEBORAH: Homestead, FL; NSA, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, College Register, National Dean ' s List HOFFMAN, DEBRA LYNN: Wellesley Hills, MA; Women ' s Golf Team HOFFMAN, JAMES CURTIS: Miami, FL HOLMES, GREGORY DEVEAUX: Oxon Hill, MD; Mortar Board, Studio Fusion Director Co-Originator HOLOWACHUK, PETER: Wayne, NJ HOMLER, CINDY LU: Glen Cove, NY; AIESEC, Student Transnational HONEY, ALLEN J.: Miami, FL; FES — VP, President ' s Honor Roll HORBAL, PAMELA ANNE: Northampton, PA; Drama Council — Pres., Alpha Si Omega — VP, Ski Club, Phi Delta Theta — Little Sister, Ring Theater HOROWITZ, ARTHUR J.: Miami, FL HOROWITZ, FREDRIC: Kingston, NY HOROWITZ, SARAH: Hallandale, FL HOROWITZ, STEVEN H.: Miami, FL HORWICH, ELAINE MARGOT: Alexandria, VA; Jazz Dance, Israel Action Comm., Hillel HORWITZ, WAYNE: Hollywood, FL HO-TUNG, PETER R.: Miami, FL; Pre-Med Society, C.O.I. S.O., Organization of Jamaican Unity, College Register HSU, MICHAEL I.: Coral Gables, FL; Orange Key, Golden Key Honor Society, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Delta Sigma Pi HUGH, KARL: Miami, FL HUGH, MICHAEL: Miami, FL HUGHES, KATRINA A.: Briarcliff Manor, NY; 1968 Board of Governors, USBG — Sec. of Special Events, Sociology Club Member, IBIS Yearbook Staff, Deans List, SOS HUTTOR, ATHENA ELAINE: Miami, FL; Delta Delta Delta— Pledge Trainer, Reference Chairman, College Register, Hurricane Honeys, Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister, Rho Lambda HUNT, JOANNE: Sidney, NY; Marching Band HUTCHENS, ROBERT L. II: High Point, NC; Pi Kappa Alpha Frat., Hurricane Flyers lANUZZI, STEPHEN J.: Miami, FL IBARRA, CAROLINA: Westbury, NY IMBARRA, MIRTHA: Miami, FL IGLESIAS, ALBERTO G.: Miami, FL IGLESIAS, ANGELO A.: Miami, FL IGLESIAS, ROSA C: Miami, FL; President ' s Honor Roll, EEC, Miami Bookfellows Scholarship IREDIA, lYABOR MERCY: Miami, FL IRELE, EDWARD O.: Coral Gables, FL ISAACS, LINDA S.: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List ISICOFF, ERIC: N. Miami Beach, FL; Phi Eta Sigma — Pres., Alpha Lambda Delta, Pre-Legal Society, Pi Sigma Alpha — VP, Phi Kappa Phi Golden Key Honorary ISRAEL, BONNIE L: Gilford, NH; IBIS Editor 1979, 1980, Activities Editor, Sigma Theta Honorary, Who ' s Who in American College Students, Board of Pubhcations 1979-80 IZAGUIRRE, LILIAN A.: Miami, FL JACKSON, RICHARD MARSHALL: Chicago, IL JACOB, MARYANN: Sound Beach, NY; Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Intramural Bowling, Flammang Scholarship JACOBSON, DIANE: Paramus, NJ; Dean ' s List JACQUE, SUZANNE M.: Miami, FL JANKOVICH, ROBERT R.: Ft. Lauderdale, FL JAQUES, DEBRA A.: Madison, NJ; Angel Flight JAVECH, CATHERINE: Miami, FL; NSA-RAP Editor Second VP JENSEN, NELS C: New Canaan, CT JERAULD, JILL JUDITH: Ft. Meyers Beach; Women ' s Varsity Golf Team 374 ■-Wl JERAULD, JILL JUDITH: Ft. Meyers Beach, FL; Women ' s Varsity Golf Team JIMENEZ, MARC DANIEL: West Miami, FL; Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Presidential Scholar, Honors Student, Varsity Cheerleader, Dean ' s List, Presidential Honor Roll, Campus Crusade for Christ JIRICEK, LOUIS J.: South Bend, IN; Band of the Hour, Pre-Legal Society JOHNSON, LAURIE K.: Fort Washington, PA JORY, DARRYL EDWARD: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List Biology Club, Karate Club JOSEPH, DIANA J.: Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Orange Key, Golden Key, Academic Affairs — Sec. Undersec, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, S.A.F.A.C, Faculty Senate Student Relations Committee JOYCE, CL ' YDE A.: Louisville, NC KAISER, DANIELLE: Miami, FL KAMIN, JAYNE: Miami, FL; Hurricane IBIS Yearbook Photographer KANl, HOSSEIN: Miami, FL KANETER, DONNA LYNN: Fresh Meadows, NY; Dean ' s List KARAS, FRANCIS JOHN: Bloomfield, CT KARP, ROXANNE: Plantation, FL; Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll KARPIS, ALEXANDER JOHN: Miami, FL; UM Intramural Official, SOS, Apartment Area Board of Governors, Architecture Student Council KASLOW, SONIA CASTANEDA DE: Tachira, Venezuela KATES, LISA BETH: Elberon, NJ KAUCH, BRIAN S.: Miami, FL; Lambda Chi Alpha, Karate Club, Carni Gras Exec. Comm. KAWA, JOHN MALKI: Amman, Jordan KAY, CHRISTINE H.: Lanarkshire, Scodand; Mortar Board, Golden Key, Hurricane Sportswriter, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Tennis Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship, Women ' s Tennis Team Manager KAYMAK, O. TUNC; 12 Mir, Turkey KELLY, IVONNE ROVIRA: Miami, FL; Hurricane News Editor Copy Editor, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Theta Mu, Monar Board, University Scholar, Young Democrats — Pres. KELLY, MICHAEL P.: Hialeah, FL KENDRICK, SHARON KAY: Miami, FL KENNEY, JEFFREY N.: West End, NC; University Scholar, AED, President ' s Honor Roll KENNEY, ROBERT EMMET; Garden City, NY; Alpha Lambda Delta, Orange Key, Delta Theta Mu, Beta Beta Beta — Pres., Pro Temp, Dorm Governor, HSA — Treas., President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Purple Threads — Intramural Team, Intramural Official KESSLER, ALLISON I.: Palham Manor, NY KETCHAM, JEFF TERRY: Coral Gables, FL; Pi Kappa Alpha — Frat., Alpha Kappa Psi, Delta Delta Delta Sweethean KEVIN, STUART R.: Hewlett HBR., NY KHAFIF, LILIANE: Bal Harbour, FL KHAN, JANINE YASMIN: Kanio, Jamaica KILBERG, AMY: Danbury, CT; Intramurals, Apt. Board of Governors KING, KEVIN; Wayne, PA; Hurricane Editor, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Dean ' s List KIPP, CHRISTOPHER T.: Upper Montclair, NJ KLEIN, GARY J.: Leaminster, MA; Resident Assistant, M-P Government Council, SEC Concert Security, Intramurals KLEPACH, BERTHA: Miami Beach, FL KLINE, PETER A.: Miami, FL KLOSE, LORRAINE L: North Miami, FL; Radio Amateur Club KNORR, LINDA JEAN: Miami Shores, FL; Presidential Honor RoU, Phi Theta Kappa, Phi Lambda, Who ' s Who KODEL, GARY STEVEN: Miami, FL; Alpha Epsilon Delta — Pres., Biology Club, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll KOLKO, RICHARD J.: Miami, FL; Phi Delta Theta, WVUM, VTS. Student Government KOONCE, MATTYE A.: Miami, FL; Mortar Board, Nu Kappa Tau Honorary, UM Honor Student KONTOS, NICHOLAS LAMPROS: Miami, FL; Dean s List, Hurricane Skiers KOPELOV, DANIEL B.: Miami, FL KOVALLE, LORI: Miami, FL; Tennis Team KRANICH, GARY R.: Worchester, MA; Hurricane Skiers, Marketing Club, Motorcycle Club, Board of Directors of Hurricane Skiers KRANT, SUSAN ANNE: Norwood, MA KRATISH, ALAN MITCHELL: Miami, FL; Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key, Beta Alpha Psi, President ' s Honor Roll, Nova Science Fiction Club KRAUSS, MARK NEAL: Brooklyn, NY; Dean ' s List, Achievement Award — Dade County AICPA KRECHEL, DAVID NATHAN 111: AUentown, PA KRESS, KILLEEN M.: Rochester, NY; SAFAC — Sec, SOS, USBG — Public Relations Comm., Gripeline, Parking Appeals Committee, Assistant Sports Editor KRIEFF, DEBRA B.: N. Miami Beach, FL; Alpha Epsilon Rho— Sec, CCB, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, College Register KRINGSTEIW, RICHARD: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List KROMP, MARTHA ANGELA: Miami, FL; President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List KRUGER, STEVEN WAYNE: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, College Register KUBLER, FRANCIS LAWRENCE: Miami, FL; Departmental Honors Program, Phi Kappa Phi, Orange Key, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Phi Theta Kappa, Pi Tau Sigma — Pres., Tau Beta Pi — Pres., Golden Key, SEA Council of Presidents KUCZYNSKI, RENEE: Miami Beach, FL KULAS, ROBERT J.: Miami, FL KUSHNER, RHONDA HOPE: Hauppauge, NY; Hurricane Ski Club, Intramurals, WVUM KUSNICK, JOSEPH D.: Miami, FL KUSTERS, JOHN M.: Curacao, NA KUSUMA, REGINA: Jakarta Barat, Indonesia; Dean ' s List KUWAIHES, AHMED A.: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia LADIN, STEPHANIE JOY: Maitland, FL LAIN, CINDY A.: Port Jervis, NY LAMPERT, MICHAEL ALLEN: N. Palm Beach, FL; SOS, Resident Assistant, Scuba Club, Dean ' s List, Golden Key Honor Society, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Film Society — Pres., USBG — Elecrions Commissioner, Voter Registration, Senior Assoc. Justice LANE, MARI: Miami, FL; UM Scholarship, Student Nursing Association LANSKY, KAREN RAY: Atlanta, GA; Dean ' s List, Zeta Beta Tau Little Sister LARSON, JESSIE J.: Miami, FL; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Golden Key, Phi Theta Kappa LASKY, DEBORAH S.: Chicago, IL; Honors Student Association LAWLER, WARREN: Miami, FL; SaiUng Club, Hurricane Newspaper, CCB LAXMAN, TRACl ALLYN: Forest Hills, NY; Sigma Delta Tau — Pres., Recording Sec, Assist. Pledge Mom, Philanthropic, Alumni Homecoming Chrmn., Songmaster, Panhellenic Rep., Intersorority Relations Rep., Rho Lambda — VP, Dean ' s List, SOS, Alpha Epsilon Pi Little Sister, Homecoming Exec. Comm., Leadership Training Prog. LEACH, JOHN W.: Indianapolis, IN; Alpha Kappa Psi, Alpha Tau Omega, Hurricane Editorials Columnist LEIBOWITZ, KEVIN: Spring Valley, NY; Intramural Football LEKACH, JANA: Miami, FL LEMOS, WILLIAM RAMON: Miami, FL; President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, National College Register LEON.JACEY HORN: Miami, FL; Golden Key, Alpha Sigma Epsilon — Historian, Publicity, Photographer, Social Activities, Dean ' s List LERNER, GINGER: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List LESMES, J. HENRY: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, CPR Instructor for Am. Heart Association LEVENSON, ANDREW JAY: Winthrop, MA LEVENSON, DAVID WAYNE: Miami, FL; S.E.A., Dean ' s List, Pi Tau Sigma, Florida Engineering Society, American Society of Mechanical Engineers LEVINE, MICHAEL GARY: Miami Beach, FL; USBG Parking Authority Rep., Golden Key Honorary LEVINE, S. ROBERT: Worcester, MA 375 rZ-mrmi - LEWIS, ROBERT K.: Chicago, IL; Intramurals, Floor Governor LIDOV, ROBERT S.: Highland Park, IL LIEBERMAN, JEFFREY M.: N. Miami Beach, FL LIGHT, DENISE: Miami, FL; ZBT Little Sister Sweetheart, UM Baseball Statistician LIMA, MARIA DEL PILAR: Miami, FL; Pre-Med Honor Society LINCH, STEVEN A.: Highland Park, IL LINDBERG, DEBORAH: Glenwood, IL; National Deans List, Golden Key Honorary, Dean ' s List, Ring Theater, Marching Band LINHART, JACOB J.: N. Miami Beach, FL; UM Honor Scholarship, Dean ' s List LITTLE, CHRISTINA LEE: Miami, FL; Deans List LIZETTE, CHRISTIE: Miami, FL LLODRA, CLARA Y AN ITS A: Miami Lakes, FL; AED, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll LOBELL, STEVE: Kings Point, NY LOBO, MIGUEL SIKAFFY: La Ceiba, Honduras LOEWER, JEFFERY B.: Angola, NY; Presidents Honor Roll, Dean ' s List LONG, MICHAEL J.: Lockport, NY; UM Hurricane Skiiers — President LONGVAL, MARK J.: Dedham, MA LOPEZ, LUIS: Miami, FL; Chairman of IEEE, SEA — VC, FES LOPEZ, MARIA C: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, Alpha Sigma Epsilon LOPEZ, ROBERT C: Miami, FL LOPEZ-TATIS, RICARDO: Medellin, Columbia LOPO, EMMA: Miami, FL; Phi Eta Sigma, Deans List, President ' s Honor Roll, FEC LOREDO, NESTOR J.: Miami, FL; President ' s Honor RoU, Pi Ta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Golden Key Honorary, Pi Tau Sigma — VP, FL Engineering Society, American Society of Mechanical Engineers — Treas. LORENZO, BEATRIZ: Miami, FL LORIE, ROSALINA: Hialeah, FL; President ' s Honor Roll, Phi Theta Kappa LOVELL, RICHARD C: Miami, FL; Alpha Epsilon Pi — Pres., Treas., Pledge Trainer, Order of Omega, Beta Alpha Psi, Carni Gras — Finance Chairman, Theta Sigma, CSR Official Field Supervisor, Mortar Board, Greek Week Executive Committee LUBLINER, AIMEE: Jericho, NY LUFKIN, AMY CATHERINE: Frederick, MD; Pre-Legal Society LUNAK, THOMAS: Dea Plaines, IL; Sigma Chi — Pres. Treas., Delta Gamma Anchormate, Beta Alpha Psi, Order of Omega, Dean ' s List LURIE, JONATHAN BRUCE: White Plains, NY; Tennis Team LYNCH, LORRAINE ANN: Cherry Hill, NJ; Honors Program, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Orange Key, Golden Key Honorary, HSA, Angel Flight LYVERSE, MELINDA E.: Louisville, KY; Swimming All-American MACADAMS, KATHLEEN ANN: Milford, CN; AIESEC President, Intramurals, Ski Club MACMAHON, DEIRDRE: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, Hurricane Skiers MACHADO, ILIANA QUINTERO: Caracas, Venezuela MAHER, MICHAEL P.: Trenton, NJ MAHONEY, BONNIE LAURIE: Hollywood, FL; Nursing Students Affairs Comm. MALEKMARZBAN, FARSHAD: Miami, FL MANN, BRENDA: Miami, FL; Sigma Theta Tau Nat. Nursing Honor Society MANN, DENNIS R.: Coral Springs, FL MANN, ESTER J.: Miami, FL; President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Alpha Theta Mu Honor Society, Phi Lambda Pi Honor Society, Golden Key National Honor Society MANNERS, CHRISTINA: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List MANRIQUE L., MERLYN J.: Caracas, Venezuela MANSOLILLO, DONNA ANN: Miami, FL; Delta Delta Delta MARCELLO, PATRICIA: Bridgeton, NJ MARCET, LOURDES M.: Miami, FL; UM Honor Scholarship, Dean ' s List, VP of FEC, Director of Activities — FEC MARCIALES, ORLANDO: Sna Cristobal, Venezuela MARCUS, CYNTHIA P.: Norwood, MA; Deans List, Pre-Legal Society MARCUS, JANE L.: Surfside, FL; USBG Sophomore Senator, President ' s Task Force Committee, Hurricane — News Editor, Production Manager, Photographer, Assistant News Editor, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities Colleges 1979-80 MARGOLIES, DIANE L.: Rockville Centre, NY; American Marketing Association, Secretary of MPRGC MARIN, MAYME ILENE: Miami, FL; Chi Omega Sorority, Open Door, Waterskiing Club, Sailing Club, College Communications in Broadcasting, WVUM, Alpha Epsilon Pi Little Sisters, Alcohol Education Task Force, Minor Disciplinary Hearing Panel MARKS, JOY ALAN A: Miami, FL; Alpha Sigma Epsilon — Vice President, Social Activities, Publicity Chairperson MARTELLO, CHARLES F.: Oak Lawn, IL; Dean ' s List, Pre-Dental Officer, Student Activities Film Series Chairman, Chemistry Club, Road Runners MARTEN, DORIS: Miami, FL MARTIN, JAMIE BETH: Roslyn Estates, NY; SOS, USBG Senate, Mortar Board — Treas., Orange Key, Pi Deha Kappa Honorary, Dean ' s List, Academics Community Affairs, RATask Force, M-P Government MARTIN, WAYNE H.: HoUywood, FL MARTINELLI, RICHARD J.: Yonkers, NY; USBG — Senator, Speaker of the Senate, Dean ' s List MARTINEZ, MARTHA I.: Miami, FL MASON, LEE: Miami, FL; Student Government 1976-77 MASSERIA, JOHN P.: Miami Beach, FL; Student Member IEEE and ACM, Eta Kappa Nu — Spring 1980 MASSIO, PHYLLIS: Mt. Vernon, NY MATTOCKS, STEVEN F.: Norwood, NJ MAYNARD, MEREDITH AMY: Sea Gin, NJ MAYOTTE, PETER: Miami, FL; University Scholarship, President ' s Honor Roll, Honors Program, Dean ' s List, Phi Kappa Phi MCALPINE, MARY CATHERINE: Coral Gables, FL MCBEATH, JANICE MARIE: Homestead, FL; HSA, Delta Theta Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, President ' s Honor Roll, Pre-Legal Society MCCALLA, DENISE A.: Miami, FL; UM Pep Squad 1977-79 MCCLATCHEY, STEVEN: South Hempstead, NY MCCONNELL, MICHAEL KIRKWOOD: Williamson, NY; American Institute of Architects — Student Chapter, Resident Assistant MCCRYSTAL, MARGARET: Miami, FL; SAFAC, CSR Advisory Board, President ' s Committee on WIA, PEK, President ' s List, Dean ' s List, Orange Key, Golden Key, Alpha Lambda Delta MCDONALD, NORRIS H.: Nassau, Bahamas MCINTOSH, BETTE J.: Jackson, MH MCKENZIE, ANDREA E.: Kingston, Jamaica; COISO, Org. of Jamaican Unity MCKENZIE, DOUGLAS WILLIAM: Brookfield, CN; Pi Kappa Alpha, Order of Omega, Kelsey Sponsmanship Award MCKEON, PAUL V.: Midlothian, VA; Dean ' s List, IBIS Yearbook Copy Staff MCNEISH, JOHN DOUGLAS: Easthampton, MA; Biology Club, Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball MCNEVIN, CHRISTOPHER J.: Somerset, NY; Delta Theta Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, University Scholar, President ' s Honor Roll, Scuba Club, Sailing Club, Environmental Law Society, HSA, Intramural Football Softball MCPHAUL, JACQUELINE: Miami, FL MCQUITTY, MARK CARROLL Miami, FL; Pi Kappa Alpha — Secretary MEANOR, FRANK G.: Sunrise, FL; Circle K — Pres. Treas., Minor Disciplinary Panel, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma MEDEROS, ESTELA R.: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll MEHLINGER, SUZY GENE: Lauderhill, FL; Carni Gras Chairman, SEC, Lecture Series, Rho Lambda, Who ' s Who Among Student ' s in American Colleges and Universities, Theta Sigma, Delta Lambda Epsilon Sorority — Pres., V.P., Rush Chairman, Panhellenic Rep., Pledges on Parade Chairman MEHRENS, LINDA ANN: Sioux Falls, SD; USBG Sen., Academic Affairs Comm. MELENDEZ, JOSE A.: Rio Piedras, PR; Dean ' s List, Member of AIA MELTZER, JEFFREY ROBERT: Williamsport, PA; Intramurals, I 376 University of Miami Bowling Team, Guys Dolls Bowling, Thursday Mixed Bowling MENARD, DENISE MARIE: Bronx, NY; Alpha Epsilon Rho, Lecture Series Committee, IBIS Yearbook Staff, Hurricane Newspaper, Dean ' s List, Beaumont Cinema Staff, VTS, Committee on Student Org. — Sec, Elections MENDELSON, ANN: Pittsburgh, PA; Dean ' s List MENDEZ-PEIX, ANA TERESA: Miami, FL; UM Honor Scholarship, Golden Key National Honor Society, FEC, French Club, Who ' s Who Among American Student, Outstanding Student Award, Presidential Scholarship Semi-Finalist, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Phi Lambda Honor Society MENENDEZ, ANDRES JR.: Miami, PL; Pre-Ugal Society, Phi Delta Theta, Circle K. MERICK, RICHARD L.: Randolph, MA; Dean ' s List, Phi Mu Alpha Professional Music Fraternity, Chess Club MESCHKOW, LINDA ANN: Clifton, NJ; Chi Omega Sorority, Sailing Club, Alpha Epsilon Pi Little Sister, Hillel, Mixology Leisure Course MESSER, SHARON HOPE: Miami, FL MESSNER, JACQUELINE; Cocoa Beach, FL; National Dean ' s List, American Guild of Organists MEVS, F. GREGORY: Port-au-Prince, Haid; Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Sailing Club, Pre-Legal Society, Dean ' s List, Golden Key Honor Society MICHELSON, CHARLES ALAN: Miami, FL; AIA Student Chapter MIJARES, JOSE ANTONIO: Miami, FL; Tau Beta Pi — Pres., Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key Honor Society, Chairman of School of Engineering President ' s Council, Alpha Lambda Delta, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List MILLER, DEBORAN: Woodmere, NY MINNAKER, IRVING S.: Jericho, NY MINTZ, LARRY T.: New Milford, NJ; Hurricane Skiers, UM Student Trainer, UM Cheerleader, Desk Assistant 1968 MISTARZ, JEFFREY ROBERT: Northbrook, IL; Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll MOBLEY, WILLIAM C: Miami, FL; Deans List, Listed in CoUege Register MOGER, ADRIAN CARLOS: Miami, FL; Alpha Lambda Delta, Golden Key National Honor Society, Dean ' s List, SOS, Scuba Club, National Student Register MOLINA, VILMA BATRES: El Salvador MOND, IX)NNA: Metuchen, NJ; Sigma Chi Sweethean Little Sister, M-P Governors Council, American Marketing Assoc, Dean ' s List MONTOYA, ELOISA CAROLINA: Miami, FL; Psi Chi MOORI, MICHELLE G.: Ardsley, NY; Nursing Students Association, Dorm Activities Council MORA, DIEGO M.: Medellim, Columbia MORALES, ANGELA G.: Miami, FL MORE, CARMEN L.: Coral Gables, FL; Dean ' s Ust, French Club, Delta Theta Mu, FEC MOREJON, MARIANELA: Miami, FL; AIIE — Pres., Alpha Pi Mu — VP, Society of Women Engineers — Sec-Treas., Undersecretary of Community Affairs — USBG, Tau Beta Pi MORELLI, LISA: Los Alamos, NM; Varsity VoUeyball — 4 yrs., Delta Theta Mu, Phi Kappa Phi MORHAIM, ROBERT: Miami, FL MORRIS, JAY ELLIOT: HaUandale, FL; Scuba Club — Treasurer MORRIS, NANCY SUE: Chicago, IL MORROW, FINLAY W. JR.: Mountain Lakes, NJ; Marketing Club, Motorcycle Club MORTENSON, BETTY MARIE: Miami, FL; President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Golden Key Honor Society — VP, Alpha Epsilon Delta — Sec, Delta Theta Mu MORTON, ROBERT L.: Syosset, NY; Chamber Singers — Manager, Mortar Board — VP, M.E.N. C, E)ean ' s List, Singing Hurricanes MOSKOWITZ, ROBERTA M.: Plantation, FL; Hurricane Skiers MULCAHY, KATE: Hampton, NY; Delta Delta Delta Sorority — Pres., Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister, Panhellenic Publicity Chairperson, Homecoming Publicity Chairperson, Program Council Publicity Chairperson, Theta Sigma Founder VP, Rho Lambda — Sec. Treas., USBG Arts Science Senator, Hurricane Writer, Carni Gras Executive Committee MULLIGAN, ELLEN: Miami, FL; Hurricane, IBIS MUNOZ, CARMEN E.: Miami, FL MUNOZ, ROBERTO: Miami, FL; AIIE — VP, Tau Beta Pi — Corresponding Sec, Alpha Pi Mu, G.K.N.H.S., l.P.C, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll MURPHY, JOHN S.: Tampa, FL; Presidential Scholar, Debate, Psychology Academic Advisor, Dean ' s List MURPHY, STEVEN: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, IBIS Photographer, Hurricane Photographer, Athletics Photographer MURTAGH, RICHARD: Larchmont, NY MUSA, NATALIA: Miami, FL NACLERIO, EMIL A. JR.: South Miami, FL NACLERIO, EMIL A. JR.: Bayside, NY NADORFF, CORA E.: New Albany, IN; HSA, Orange Key, Intramurals, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Theta Mu, Honors Student, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List NALETTE, KAREN LYNNE: Miami, FL; Tennis Coun Queen — Captain, Baptist Campus Ministry NEEDELMAN, BERYL: Philadelphia, PA; Dean ' s List, Orange Key Society, Photography Editor — Hurricane, IBIS Yearbook NELLIS, GARY A.: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, IBIS Photographer NESS, ANDREW K. JR.: AnnapoUs, MD; Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Wesley Foundation, Lutheran Student Movement, Methodist Student Movement, Mortar Board NESTER, HOLLY BEATRICE: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll NEULANDER, MICHAEL ADAM: Miami Beach, FL; Army ROTC Scholarship, Distinguished Military Student Graduate, Golden Key National Honor Society, Minor Disciplinary Hearing Panel, Pres. Scabbard and Blade National Honor Society NEWMAN, LEE N.: Islamorada, FL NGUYEN T., HONG: Miami, FL NICHOLS, GARY ALFRED DONALD: Redding, CN; Lacrosse, A.C.L.U., M-P Board of Governors, Eaton Board of Governor, Yearbook Editor Staff, Student Allocation Committee, Science Fiction Club, Galactic Observers, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Intramurals NICHOLS, KAREN K.: Miami, FL NOGUEIRA, DZIDRA: Brazil; Chi Omega Sorority — Treasurer, Suite Chrmn., Panhellenic Rep., Intersorority Relations Chrmn., Solicitations Committee, Baptist Campus Ministry NOSTE, JORGE A.: Miami, FL NOVACK, PAUL D.: Surfside, FL; USBG President NOVACK, JUDY MAE: Beachwood, OH; Beta Alpha Psi, Editor of Fraternal Publication NOVICK, FRANCES ANN: WHB, NY: Grcle K NUNEZ, CECILIA: Miami, FL; Deans List, Delta Kappa Pi, Golden Key National Honor Society, CoUege Registrar NUNEZ, MIGUEL (MIKE): Miami, FL; Presidential Scholarship, Exxon Scholarship, Dean ' s List, Presidential Honor Roll, College Register, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Pre-Legal Society, Scuba Diver O ' CONNELL, WILLIAM J.: O.P., IL O ' CONNOR, THOMAS J. JR.: Ridgewood, NJ OCAMPO, NINFA EMMA: Miami, FL OJERANTI, OLATUNJI: Coral Gables, FL OLEMBERG, LILLIAM: Miami Beach, FL OUNTO, LOUIS W.: Bronx, NY; RathskeUer, Intramurals, IBIS Yearbook OLIVER, ELIZABETH: Ft. Lauderdale, FL OSBORN, MARGARITA SUZETTE: Miami, FL; Free-lance reporter for Veritas OSTROVE, FRED: Miami, FL OSTROW, BETH R.: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List OTERO, SYLVIA: Miami, FL; Tau Beta Pi, Beta Alpha Psi, Dean ' s List OTT, GLENN M.: Great Neck, NY OUTTEN, YVON L.: Hollywood, FL OWENS, MICHAEL H.: Key Biscayne, FL; President ' s Honor RoU, Dean ' s List, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Hurricane Staff, Biology Club OZORES, JULIO: Miami, FL; Alpha Epsilon Delta, ACLU, Young Democrats, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll 377 .i!. - J " PACACHA, JACQUELINE ANN: Yonkers, NY; UM Scholarship, SOS, Resident Assistant, Mahoney Pearson Governors Council PADRON, MARGARET E.: Coral Gables, PL; EEC PAGE, DAVID ALLEN: Miami, FL PALENICEK, JOHN G.: Detroit, MI; IBIS Photographer, Biology Club PALOMINO, RENE, JR.: Miami, FL; Deans List, Beta Alpha Psi, UM Honor Scholarship, Pre-Legal Society, Director of Athletics of EEC, College Register of 1980 PANGMAN, WILLIAM A.: Waterford, WI; Full tuition Debate Scholarship, Varsity Debate Competition, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Phi Kappa Phi, Orange Key Honor Society, Golden Key National Honor Society, Delta Theta Mu, The College Register, Commissioner Student Rights Agency, Committee on Student Organizations, Pre-Legal Society, Honors Program PANITCH, DAVID B.: Glencoe, IL; WVUM Newscaster, Hurricane Sports Writer, Order of Omega, Chairman Campus Sports and Recreation Advisory Board, Co-Chairraan Greek Week, 1980; ZBT: Brother, Treasurer, Vice President, Homecoming Chairman, Carni Gras Chairman PARK, MICHELE ADRIENNE: Miami Beach, FL; Deans List PARKER, KATHERINE C: Miami, FL; NSA, Co-Chairman NSA, 1979-80 PARRIS, GLENDA SUE: Miami, FL; Lecture Series Board, Vice President UBS, USBG, French Club, Biology Club, Retendon Committee, SOS, Open Door PEN A, RAUL: Miami, FL; President ' s Honor Roll, Varsity Soccer Team, All-State Team, Golden Key Honor Society, Dean ' s List PENALVER, DANIEL CRUZ: Barcelona, Venezuela PEPE, HARRY III: Hollywood, FL; Vice President Circle K, Campus Tour Guide, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Dean ' s List PEREZ, HECTOR DARI: Rio Pliedras, Puerto Rico; Dean ' s List, Carni Gras, Student Representative USBG PEREZ, LAURA M.: Miami, FL PEREZ, OCTAVID DORTA: Araqua, Venezuela PERRY, ANN: St. Petersburg, FL; Golden Key Honor Society, Phi Kappa Phi, Rho Lambda, Environment Club, Tri Delta, Court Queens, Hurricane Honeys PERSONS, WANDA N.: Washington, D.C; Alpha Epsilon Rho National Broadcasung Honor Society, College Communicators in Broadcasting, Campus Tour Guides, Dean ' s List PERSSON, DAVID C: Boonton, NJ PETROLE, JOSEPH L.: Miami, FL PHILLIPS, BELINDA M.: Kingston, Jamaica; Dean ' s List, Swimming Team PHILLIPS, WILLIAM GARY: Miami, FL; President ' s Honor Roll, Phi Kappa Phi, Biology Club, Circle K, Golden Key National Honor Society, Alpha Epsilon Delta PICCIRILLI, MICHAEL: East Hanover, NJ; Sailing Club, Scuba Club, 960 Dorm: Government, Floor Governor, Allocations Committee, Environment Committee, Homecoming Committee PINO, RAUL L.: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, President ' s List, Resident Assistant PINTADO, JUAN M.: Miami, FL PINTO, MARCO ANTONIO HERRERO: San Jose, Costa Rico PLATON, MELETIOS: Athens, Greece POBER, KAREN S.: Brooklyn, NY PONS, LOURDES M.: Miami, FL; Pre-Legal Society, CoUege Register, Dean ' s List POOLE, KEVIN J.: Stomford, CT PORFIRI, KATHRYN A.: Coral Gables, FL; Sailing C lub, Road Runners PORTER, SHIRLIEN ANN: Miami, FL; Honor Code Council for School of Nursing, Nanonal Honor Society of Nursing, Vice President Nursing Student Association PORTO, DOUGLAS WILLIAM MICHAEL: Bloomingburg, NY; Swimming Team POTTORFF, MARK: Coral Gables, FL; President Flying Club, Rifle Club PRESAS, BELEN I.: Miami, FL; President ' s Honor Roll, Deans List, President of French Honor Club PRESSMAN, ROSALIND S.: Miami Beach, FL PRITCHARD, EDWARD HAROLD III: Columbus, OH PRINCE, BRUCE JEFFREY: Plainview, NY; Tennis Team, Basketball and Softball Intramurals, Football Team, Volleyball Intramurals, Water Skiing Club, Pre-Legal Society, Dean ' s List PRIOR, JOHN A.: Miami, FL; Intramural Football, Pre-Medical Society, Alpha Epsilon Delta Honor Society PROENZA, EULALIA L.: Miami, FL PURVIS, RUSSELL L.: Miami, FL; The College Register, Cum Laude Candidate PY, BRIAN A.: Elm Grove QUAM, LESTER H.: Ft. Lauderdale, FL QUINN, KATHLEEN: AUentown, PA QUINTERO, KARAN R.: Miami, FL; President Nursing Student ' s Association, Sigma Theta Tau National Nursing Honor Soc iety, Sigma Theta Tau Student Representative, Nursing Student ' s Association Representative for Student Affairs, UM ' s Women ' s Commission RABINOWITZ, MARCI: Bronx, NY RADOMSKI, JANET: Coral Gables, FL RAMIREZ, JULIO ORENCIO: Miami, FL; Scabbard and Blade National Honors Society, Pre-Legal Society, ROTC Army RAMIREZ, MEDARRDO: Tachira, Venezuela RAMOS, MANUEL A. JR.: Plantation, FL; Honors Program, Presidential Scholar RAMSAY, LEE ANN: Hialeah, FL; Alpha Kappa Psi Secretary, Sigma Alpha Iota Treasurer, Roadrunner Treasurer, Carni Gras Committee, Circle K, SOS, Golden Key, President ' s Award for Outstanding Service, Campus Tours, Phi Eta Sigma, Dean ' s List, Alpha Lambda Delta RAPHAN, SONDRA THEA: North Miami, FL; Delta Sigma Pi Little Sister, Honor Scholarship, Marching Band, Dean ' s List RAPKIN, ROBEIN L.: Miami, FL RAPOPORT, STEVE MARK: Portsmouth, VA; Hurricane Photographer RASHED, KATIE: Miami, FL RAYMONE, DIANE E.: Hialeah, FL REARDON, CHRISTOPHER: Miami, FL REBOSO, MANUEL A,: Miami, FL; National Honor Society REITER, HUGO: Miami Beach, FL; Dean ' s List REMOS, ARIEL: Miami Beach, FL; Dean ' s Ust RESLER, ROBIN D.: Rochester, MN; Mortar Board, Golden Key, Phi Mu Alpha Historian, Dean ' s List RESNICK, BONNIE ANN: Chicago, IL; Dean ' s List, Kappa Kappa Gamma: Vice President, Corresponding Secretary, Public Relations Chairman, Fraternity Education CHairman REVIT, LARRY: Harrison, NY; School of Music Special Service Award, School of Music and Gusman Concert Hall Sound and Recording Engineer, Studio Manager — Gusman Hall, Student Union Audio Operations Director, Dean ' s List RIBAS, ADRIAN A M.: Miami Beach, FL; Delta Delta Delta, Sigma Chi Little Sister, Rho Lambda Theta Sigma Honorary, Open Door, Greek Week Executive Committee, Pre-Legal Society RICH, MICHELE: New Rochelle, NY RICHARDS, MARK N.: Delray Beach, FL; Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu RICHARDS, MYLES WILLIAM: Delray Beach, FL; Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Dean ' s List RICHARDSON, THOMAS: Lagrange, IL; Sigma Chi, Mortar Board, Order of Omega, Orange Key, Greek Week Executive Committee RIEKIN, DIANE: Woodmere, NY; Eaton Hall Governor, 960 Governor, SOS, Dean ' s List RINDONE, DAVID: Andover, MA; WVUM Sports Director RITTENBERG, STEPHEN: BrookUne, MA ROBERTS, JEFFREY JOHN: Hollywood, FL; Deans List, Presidents Honor Roll, Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Medical Honorary Society, Golden Key Honor Society, Intramural Football and Softball, Eaton Hall Governor ROBERTSON, AUDREY V.: Kingston, Jamaica; International Students Organization, UBS ROBINSON, ARTURO: San Juan, Puerto Rico ROBINSON, JULIE: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, Honors Programs, Mortar Board, Presidential Honor Roll, Presidential Scholarship, Golden Key, Carni Gras Executive Committee, Greek Week Executive Committee, Rho Lambda, Delta Gamma: Vice President, Activities Chairman, Historian; Anchor Splash Chairman, Sigma Chi Little Sister Treasurer 378 y ROBINSON, MARC S.: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, Commissioner Students Rights Agency, Homecoming, Carni Gras, Presidents Honor Roll ROBLES, JANE: Minneapolis, MN; Student Nurse ' s Association, Senior Banquet Committee RODRIQUEZ, JORGE ENRIQUE: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, Beta Alpha Psi, Honor Scholarship, EEC Director of Activities, Pre-Legal Society, College Register RODRIGUEZ, ILEANA: Miami, FL; Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, FEC, Psi Chi, COISO, National Hispanic Scholarship, Honor Scholarship, Dean ' s List, Golden Key Honor Society, College Register RODRIGUEZ, MARIA CRISTINA: Miami, FL; Presidents Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Golden Key National Honor Society, Alpha Delta Epsilon Pre-Medical Honorary Society, FEC RODRIGUEZ, MARIA EUGENIA: Miami, FL; Alpha Pi Mu, FEC RODRIGUEZ, MIRTA: Miami, FL; Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Sigma Epsilon RODRIGUEZ, CONCEPCION M.: Miami, FL ROLLE, LUSETHA A.: Miami, FL RONCA, PHILLIP ANTHONY: Miami, FL; Deans List ROOD, PETER: Miami, FL ROSARIO, TERESA J.: Miami, FL; Psi Chi, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll ROSEMOND, DEBORAH ALINA: Miami, FL; President ' s Honor Roll ROSENBAUM, MARSHA BETH: Newport News, VA ROSENBLUM, WENDY: Scursdale, NY; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister, 960 Dorm Government ROSHANI, PARVIZ: Miami, FL ROSS, KEVIN MEYER: Universiry City, MO ROSS, SANDRA: Miami, FL; Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Golden Key, Psi Chi, President, Delta Theta Mu, Senior Advisor for Psychology Department, Honors Program, HSA, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll ROSS, SHARI A.: Miami Beach, FL; Program Council, RHCCC Representative, 960 Dorm Government, Homecoming Chairman, Carni Gras Executive Committee, Hurricane Honey, RAB Alternate, USBG, SOS, David Wilkie Day ROSS, HEIDI ANN: Miami, FL; Student Nurses Association, College Register ROTH, ALBERT B.: Miami, FL; Deans List, Pre-Legal ROTHCHILDE, RAEGAN RACHELLE: Sebring, FL; Delta Delta Delta, Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister ROTHENBERG, MARC L.: West Orange, NJ ROTHMAN, AMY SHARON: Miami, FL ROTHSTEIN, ANDREW: Livingston, NJ ROULETT, JOHN P.: Palm Beach, FL ROWLEY, GERALD W.: Ft. Lauderdale, FL ROYLAND, JAN: New Milford, NJ; Inter-Fraternity Council Treasurer, USBG Senator, Homecoming Executive Comminee, Order of Omega, Theta Sigma, Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Vice President, House Accountant; Carni Gras Finance Committee RUBNITZ, IRA: Miami, FL; Hurricane Entertainment Photojournalist, Gusman Concert Hall Recording Studio Staff RYDER, ALETA RENEE: Norfolk, VA; USBG Campaigns, Rathsfcellar Advisory Board, Campus Tour Guide SABBAG, RUSSELL A.: Miami, FL; President ' s Honor RoU, Dean ' s Ust SABERTSCHNIG, GISEHA: Miami, FL SABLON, TERRY: Miami, FL; Honor Society SACRE, TANIA: Miami, FL SAGIROGLU, YASEMIN: London, England SALAZAR, ANA MARIA: Miami, FL; Delta Gamma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Orange Key, Secretary Panhellenic SALAZAR, ANA MARIA: Miami, FL; Alpha Lambda Delta, Orange Key, Secretary Panhellenic, College Register, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Delta Gamma: Vice President, Public Relations Chairman SALDIVAR, SOBEIRA: Miami, FL; Biology Club, Biochemistry Club, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll SALZMAN, THEODORE M.: Miami, FL; American Marketing Association, Executive Vice President AIESEC SAMET, NANCIE ANN: Camp Hill, PA; Apartment Area Board of Governors, Intramurals, IBIS Yearbook Staff SAMPLEY, JULIANNE: Cocoa, FL; Squad Leader Marching Band, National Dean ' s List, Golden Key, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Music Educator ' s National Conference: Secretary, Treasurer SAMTER, JORDAN: Miami, FL; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Golden Key SANCHEZ, EDGAR E.G.: Tachiro, Venezuela SANCHEZ, JUAN ANTONIO: Hialeah, FL; Presidents Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Delta Theta Mu, Orange Key, Golden Key, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Gamma SANCHEZ, REY: Miami, FL; President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List SANCHEZ, YOLINDA M.M.: Valencia, Venezuela SANDBERG, WENDY J.: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List SANDMAN, MERYL: Garden City. NY; Dean s Ust, President ' s Honor Roll SAPORITO, MARIE CELESTE: Chagrin Falls, OH; Dean ' s List SARMIENTO, LUZ ANGELA: Bogota, Colombia; Dean ' s List SARMIENTO, MARIA: Coral Gables, FL; Dean ' s List SAVICKAS, CAMILLE A.: Muskegon, MI SAWYER, STEWART B.: Holmdel, NJ SCANDARIAG, PHILIP V.: Ft. Lauderdale, FL SCHAEFER, STEPHEN, S.: Miami, FL; Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Golden Key, Outstanding Academic Achievement Award, Honors Program, Dean ' s List SCHARE, CAROL S.: Livingston, NJ SCHATTNER, DAVID K: Mt. Pleasant, SC; Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, University Scholar, Florida Engineering Society, Secretary American Society of Mechanical Engineers, HSA, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key, Tau Beta Pi National Engineering Honor Society, Cataloger SCHIFF, MICHAEL PETER: Miami, FL; Hurricane Entertainment writer, American Marketing Associauon, Chancellor Delta Sigma Pi, Dean ' s List SCHIPSI, RICHARD A.: Miami, FL SCHISSEL, MICHAEL J.: Miami, FL; Air Force ROTC, Golden Key, Dean ' s List SCHLAU, AUDREY E.: Glen Cove, NY; Rho Lambda, Band of the Hour, Chi Omega: Vice President, Pledge Trainer SCHLEGEL, CHRISTOPHER JOHN: North East, MD SCHLESSINGER, SHARON: Chicago, IL; Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll SCHMIDT, THOMAS CARL: Eureka, CA SCHNEIDER, EDIE: Miami, FL; Golden Key SCHUSTER, MOISES L.: Canagena, Colombia SCHUSTER, WAYNE MARK: Voorhees, NJ SCHWARTZ, ANDREZ: Great Neck, NY SCHWARTZ, AARON: Miami, FL; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Golden Key, Zeta Beta Tau, Intramurals, 960 Board of Governors SCHWARTZ, HOWARD I.: Coral Gables, FL; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Delta Theta Mu, Sigma Delta Tau Sweetheart, USBG Arts and Science Senator, Ski Club, HSA Intramurals, Zeta Beta Zau: Social Chairman, Executive Council SCHWARZ, LISA THYRA: Mountclair, NJ; Historian Student Nurses Association, Circle K, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Graduated Cum Laude SCIULLO, JOHN E.: Pittsburgh, PA; Sigma Chi, Greek Week SCOTT, ANDREA V.: Miami, FL; Deans List SCHON, KAREN BETH: Manhattan, NY; Deans List, President ' s Honor Roll, Homecoming Queen, Campus Tour Guide, Honorable Mention Award Panhellenic Council Glamour Magazine Search for Beauty Contest at UM, Miss Muzzy, Pre-Legal Society, Sociology Club, Carni Gras Committee, Hurricane Staff, Hillel SEAMAN, CLAUDETTE SYLVIA: Coral Gables, FL; Dean ' s List SEERMAN, BARBARA: Woodmere, NY; College Communicators in Broadcasung, Delta Sigma Pi Little Sister, Hurricane Staff SEETAI, CAROL ANN: Valsayn, Trinidad SEIDEL, ERIC MATTHEW: Montclair, NJ; Theta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi: President, Vice President, Treasurer SEIFOLLAHI, MOJTABA: Miami, FL SEIGEL, DAVID: West Hartford, CT; Dean ' s List SEITZ, CRAIS D.: Howard Beach, NY SELIGMAN, ANDREW L.: Pon Washington, NY; Bowling League, Mahoney Pearson Dorm Government SEMPLE, DAVID L; Miami, FL; Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Delta Theta, College Register 379 SOPPE, MARK LLOYD: Miami, FL; Superstar Winner SEPPEN, JUDITH: Pittsford, NY; President ' s Honor Roll, Golf Team SERRA, MAYRA L.: Miami, FL SEYLER, KRISTA; Camp Hill, PA; Deans List, Kappa Kappa Gamma Secretary SHAHIN, MUSA MAHMUD: Amman, Jordan; Deans List SHAHZADA, ZAHIR: Karachi, Pakistan; Commendation Award Marketing Department, Karate, Soccer, Swimming Teams SHAPIRO, MARC: Miami, FL SHAPIRO, MITCH: Miami, FL SHAPIRO, PHILIP M.: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Contemporary Music Ensemble SHAW, MERRILL ANA: Pleasant Valley, NY; HSA, Golden Key, Dean ' s List SHAYNE, TAMMIE BETH: Springfield, PA SHEA, WILLIAM L. JR.: Miami, FL SHEETS, ELIZABETH A.: Nokomis, FL SHENFELD, SCOTT L.: Miami, FL; Karate Club Pre-Legal Society SHERIDAN, WILLIAM L. Ill: St. Petersburg, FL; Dean ' s List, Hurricane Staff, Golf Team SHIMASAKI, MARSHALL R.: Stockton, CA; AIESEC SHIRKHANI, SHAHRAM: Coral Gables, FL SHOOK, ELAINE ANN: Easton, CT; Sigma Alpha Iota, Phi Delta Theta Little Sister, The College Register, Graduated Magna Cum Laude SHORAKA, HAMID: Miami, FL SHUR, RORY CRAIG: Pepper Pike, OH; RHCCC Vice-Chairman, 960 Dorm Government: Vice-President, Homecoming Chairman; Campus Tour Guide, Treasurer Alpha Kappa Psi, Presidential Service Award SICHERER, BEVERLY CINDY: Coral Gables, FL; President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Golden Key, Biology Club, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta Editor, Phi Eta Sigma SIDLES, MARGARET D.: Centerville, lA; Honors Program, Presidential Scholar, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, National Merit Finalist, Delta Delta Delta, Resident Assistant, Hurricane Honey SIGNORI, RICHARD MARK: Miami, FL SILBERSCHLAG, CRAIG IRA: Balrimore, MD SILVA, DAVID ALLEN: Lawrence, MA; Beta Alpha Psi SILVER, SHARON HOPE: Miami, FL; Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Kappa Delta SILVERMAN, DONNA: Pompano Beach, FL; President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Treasurer Orange Key SILVERMAN, HELENE GAIL: Floral Park, NY; SOS, Intramural Softball SIMAN, BESS E.: Pottstown, PA SIMON, RENE ARTURO: Teguligalpa, Honduras SIMOWITZ, JODI BETH: Parsippany, NJ; Dean ' s List SIMPSON, GARFIELD H.: Kingston, Jamaica; OJU, COISO, Karate Club, Soccer Team, Pre-Medical Society SINGEWALD, MARY ANN: Westpon, CT; Resident Assistant SISISKY, STUART JAY: Petersburg, VA; Vice President HiUel, Order of Omega, Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Herald, Correspondent, Vice President, President SMALL, MITCHELL: LauderhiU, FL SMERLING, LISA: Herkimer, NY; Dean ' s List SMILEY, JEROME: Ft. Lauderdale, FL SMITH, LESLIE ANN: Johnstown, OH; Hurricane Skiers SMITH, RICHARD A. Ill: Miami, FL; Golden Key, UBS, Sociology Club, Civic Chorale SMITH, SUSAN GENA: Miami, FL; Deans List SMOLKA, JEFFREY S.: Trenton, NJ; Pi Sigma Alpha, Young Democrats SMULEULCH, MICHAEL: Miami, FL SMYLE, BEVERLY N.: Miami, FL; Beta Alpha Psi SOLENT, IRENE: Ann Arbor, MI SOLODAR, TRACEY: Cranford, NJ SOKOL, PAMELA LEE: Glen Ellyn, IL SOLOMON, MICHAEL TYRONE: Miami, FL; Scabbard and Blade Honor Society SOLOMON, RICHARD JAY: South Orange, NJ; Intramurals, Community Health Clinic, Teachers Assistant in Anthropology SOSA, CANDIDO JR.: Miami, FL; Golden Key, Beta Alpha Psi, Pre-Legal Society, USBG Elections Committee, Intramurals, Dean of the Business School Honor Roll SOTO, NATIVIDAD: Coral Gables, FL; Dean ' s List, UM Scholarship, Tau Beta Pi SOUTHARD, DAVID: Troy, NY SPARR, WILLY; Miami, FL; AMA, Circle K SPATARO, ROBERT F.: Middle Village, NY SPEARMAN, ALLISON LAVENE: St. Louis, MO; UBS, Chairman Black Culture Week, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi Kitten, Inner Ear SPENCE, JEJUAN D.: Miami, FL; President UBS, Lecture Series Representative USBG, Student Financial Aid Committee Representative, Who ' s Who Among American College Students, Karate Club, Inspiration, African and Modern Dance Club SPIELSINGER, LLOYD P.: Billyn, NY STACHELEK, ROXANNE: Kensington, CT STARR, JORDAN R.: Davie, FL; Pre-Legal Society, Marketing Club STATHOPOULOS, CHRISTA: Boca Raton, FL; President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, The College Register, SOS, Sailing Club, Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister, Biology Club STEINFELD, ADAM B.: LauderhiU, FL STEINFELD, DONALD BRUCE: Ft. Lee, NJ STEVENSON, MICHAEL D.: Newark, NJ; Kappa Alpha Psi STEWARD, WAYNE E.: Miami, FL STEWART, ADRIENNE LYNN: Coral Gables, FL; MDHP, UBS, Army ROTC STIER, ROBERT L.: Bloomfield, NJ; Intramurals STITH, LEO HOUSTON JR.: St. Louis, MO STORTO, RONALD J.: Pittsford, NY STREMMEL, ROBERT: Boyton Beach, FL; Swimming Team SUBIAS, MARTHA JANE: Hollywood, FL SUPPA, CINDY KATHLEEN: Wildwood, NJ; Pre-Legal Society SURAKAT, RICHARD ABAYOMI: Miami, FL SWANN, LERA L.: Nassau, Bahamas SWARTZ, JOSEPH DENNIS: Miami, FL SWINK, CYNTHIA J.: Monaca, PA; Sugar Canes, Hurricane Honeys, Band of the Hour Flag Corps TALANA, RAYMOND SAMSON, Miami, FL; Art Club Coordinator TAMAYO, CAROLINA MARIA: Miami, FL TAMAYO, JOSE ARMANDO: Miami, FL TAMER, MAHMOUD H.: Miami, FL TARANTINO, ANGELO JOSEPH: Pompano Beach, FL TAVERNESE, PETER JR.: Greenlawn, NY TAYLOR, JANE ANN: Coral Gables, FL; SASC, Dean ' s List, Affirmarive Acrion Committee, Honor Scholarship, Geology Field Scholarship, Miami Geological Society, Family Student Housing Association, Teachers Assistant in Geology TAYLOR, MITCHELL: Miami Beach, FL TENNEN, LLOYD BARRY: Stroughton, MA; Hurricane Staff, Wvum Staff, Society of Professional Journalists, College Communicators in Broadcasring TENZEL, DAVID: Miami Beach, FL; Presidents Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Biology Club, Scuba Club, Gymnasrics Club, Boxing Club THOMAS, D. ANNE: Miami, FL; Sociology Club, UBS, Jesus Students ' Fellowship, Dean ' s List THOMPSON, KAREN B.: Eleuthera, Bahamas; Secretary Bahamian Students Association, Secretary Treasurer Sociology Club THUROCZY, EMILY: Miami, FL; Golden Key, Presidents Honor Roll, Dean ' s List TICKTIN, JOHN: Arizona Circle, AR TINEDO, LORENA: Maracay, Venezuela TIRADO, HERMAN: Miami, FL; Secretary ASCE TOMONTO, CHARLES V.: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, President of the Student Secrion American Society of Mechanical Engineers, President of the Student Section Society of Automotive Engineers, Pi Tau Sigma, Florida Engineering Society TOMONTO, ROBERT J.: Miami, FL; Program Chairman ASME, 380 Florida Engineering Society, Dean ' s List TONACHIO, TIMOTHY ROBERT: Islip, NY TORRES, MATRA M.: Miami, FL TORRICELLA, EMMIE: Miami, FL TORTORIELLO, REGINA ANN: St. Parsippany, NJ TOUZET, RODOLFO: Miami, FL; Deans List, Sigma Chi TRAMONTANA, RICHARD: Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Golden Key, Pre-Legal Society, WVUM Staff TREIBER, WENDY: Hollywood, FL; Honors Program TRIAY, INES: Miami, FL TRIWEDI, THOMAS S.: Leonardo, NJ; Golden Key, Deans List, President ' s Honor Roll TROSCH, SUSAN MARIE; Pompano Beach, FL TUCKER, JEFF: Miami, FL; Lacrosse TULGAN, LISA: Norwalk, CT TUMAROFF, JUDIE: Newton, MA; Station Manager WVUM, Secretary Omicron Delta Kappa, Graphic Design Award, Art Scholarship, UM Scholarship, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, College Communicators in Broadcasting, Hurricane Staff TURK, ANDREA: Cape Coral, FL; Deans Ust TUSIN, BETAHARI G.: Jakarta, Indonesia UDWIN, DENNIS: Herzlia Petuach, Israel ULLOA, EDUARDO G.: Miami, FL VALDES. LILIANA R.: Miami, FL VALDES, NADIA L: Miami, FL VALECILLOS, JOSE: Zulia, Venezuela VALENTINE, MARVIN T.: Miami, FL VAN POPERING, THOMAS B.: Southold, NY; Lambda Chi Alpha — Pres. Sec, Exec. Committee Greek Week, Executive Comm. Homecoming, Pep Rally Boat Burning Chrmn., USBG — Treas., Omega National Honorary VELAZQUEZ, GRISELLE: Coral Gables, FL; French Club, Art Club — Treas., Dean ' s List VELAZQUEZ, MARTHA A.: Miami, FL VELAZQUEZ, VICTOR M.: Santurce, PR VERDEJA, JUAN-CARLOS: Coral Gables, FL; Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Theta Mu, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Chemistry Club, University Scholar, Honor Society, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List VICKERS, JANE E.: Miami, FL VIDANA, GLORIA A.: Miami, FL; Pre-Legal Society VIGDER, MELANIE: Akron, OH VILLANUEVA, CARLOS JOSE: Miami. FL; Deans List, Presidents Honor Roll, Pre-Legal Society, FEC VILLEGAS, ALVARO J.: Ft. Lauderdale, FL VILLENA, GONZALO L.: Miami, FL VILLENA, JORGE A.: Miami, FL VIVAS, FERNANDO: M mi, FL VOLK, MICHAEL: Miami, FLVT Beta Alpha Psi VOLLMAN, IILLIAM: Metuchen, NJ; President ' s Honor Roll, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, wwvum, sailing Hurricanes WALNKER, MARK ARTHUR: Miami, FL; Biochemistry Club— Pres., Biology Club, Honors Program, RICANE Skiers WALSH, PATRICCK F.: Lavalette, NJ WARMOWOWSKI, JAMES T.: Chicago, IL; UM Runners Club — Pres., WVUM Disc Jockey, Sigma Alpha Epsilon WASSERMA AN, ONNIE L.: St. Louis, MO; Dean ' s List, Alpha Epsilon Rho WASSERMAN, STEVEN: HMollywood, FL WATRAL, MELODY ANN: Suffern Park, NY; President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Sigma Theta Tau t — tnational Nursing Honorary, Golden Key National Honor SociietyNursing Student ' s Association — Recording Secretary, Senior Academic Editor — IBIS WEBERN, MICHAEL J.: Miami, FL; Dean ' s Ust, Hurricane — News Editor, Lecture Series Commmitt, Homecoming Exec. Comm., Phi Delta Theta WEHBY, EDNA M.: Tiami, FL WEINSTEIN, SUSAN: Edison, NJ; Deans List, Hurricane Honey, IBIS Yearbook WEISFELD, JJODM: Woodbury, NY; Saihng Club, College Register WEISS, ALEX J.: Miami Beach, FL; Theta Deha — Pres., Delta Theta Mu WEISS, ELAINE: Miami, FL; Nursing Student ' s Association WEISS, JEFFREY MARK: Miami, FL; Hurricane — Sports, Editorial, Managing Editors, Sigma Delta Chi, USBG Lectureship Committee WEISS, ROBERTA: Miami, FL; Bowling, Nursing Student ' s Association WELDON, LAWRENCE J.: Brockton, MA; Tau Beta Pi WELSH, JOYCE R.: St. Petersburg, FL; Geology Club, Scuba Club, Student Orientation Service, Dormitory Gov., Intramurals, Dean ' s List WERBIN, MARIO: Miami Beach, FL; Chemistry Club, Biology Club, Honors Program, Scuba Club WERGELES, CAROL: Solana Beach, CA WERHEIM, MARK D.: Buffalo, NY WERNER, DAVID ALAN: San Pedro Sula, Honduras WESSINGER, KATHY: Coral Gables, FL; Mortar Board, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Medical Tech. Club — Pres. Sec, Alpha Lambda Delta — Treas., " Hurricanette, " Biology Club, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Little Sister WESTPHAL, STEVEN D.: Mary Ester, FL; Army ROTC, Dean ' s List, Scabbard and Blade Honor Society, Distinguished Military Student WHEATON, SCOTT K: Miami, FL; Phi Epsilon Kappa, Football, CSR Supervisor WHITE, DARYLL H,: Jacksonville, FL; Resident Assistant, Biology Club, Geodessey, Student Development Allocations Committee WHITNEY, SCOTT: Tampa, FL; Phi Mu Alpha, Music Engineering Technology, Student Council Representative WILLIAMS, BRIAN LANCE: Montgomery, NY WILLIAMS, CHIQUITA SHONNAR: Cairo, GA WILLIAMS, KEVIN ANTHONY: Orange, NJ; Alpha Epsilon Rho, SEC Member, Organization of Jamaican Unity, UBS — Sec. of Communications, WVUM — Advisory Board, Kappa Alpha Psi, College Communicators in Broadcasting — VP WILLIAMS, KIM CHARMAINE: Miami, FL; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority WILMOT, JEAMES: RockviUe, MD; Sigma Alpha Epsilon — Pres., Order of Omega WILSON, DWAYNE LA, FRANTZ: Miami, FL; Runners Club, Inspirational Gospel Choir, B.C.M., S.N. A., R.N. Group, Curriculum Committee Member School of Nursing, Summer Health Careers Motivation Program WILSON, ERWIN JAMES: Hallendale, FL; Communications Honor Society WITKIND, MARK J.: Coral Gables, FL; Open Door Staff Member, Dean ' s List, Florida Laryngectomy Society — Scholarship Recipient, UM Student Speech Hearing Assoc. — VP WITNER, SANDRA JEAN: Miami, FL WOLF, M. LOURDES: Miami, FL; USBG Senator, FEC: Pres., Sec, Treas., SOS, Intramurals, Omicron Delta Kappa, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, UM Honor Scholarship WONG, SUSAN J.: Miami, FL WONG, TZEWAN: Miami, FL; Biology Club, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Biochemistry Club — VP WOOD, HUGH LEE JR.: Miami, FL WORKS, EXJTTIE: Ft. Lauderdale, FL WRIGHT, CLIVE D.: Miami, FL WRIGHT, TERESA L.: Miami Shores, FL WULFORST, SHARON: Hollywood, FL; Homecoming Queen Finalist, SoloTwirler, Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority — Pres., VP, Resident Assistant, Pho Lambda Honorary, ' Tau Beta Sigma Honorary, Band of the Hour Dance Corp — Captain, Greek Week Chairman, Dorm Government WYCHE, ZOE TERRIANN: Miami, FL; Dean ' s List, IBIS, A.C.L.U., UM Honor Scholarship WYLER, MARIA CRISTINA: Miami, FL YABOR, MARTIN A. DIAZ: Eastchester, NY YA GHTIN, HASSAN-ALI: Shiraz, Iran YAGODNIK, LEWIS HENRY: Miami, FL; Rathskeller Staff, American Society of Pre-Dental Students — Treas., Dean ' s List, Intramurals, Admissions Office Tour Guide, President ' s Award, Psi-Chi Honor Society 381 SUB J E C T I N D E X — A — Activities 18-81 Alpha Epsilon Phi 97 — G — R — Alpha Epsilon Pi 84 Golden Key 166, 167 Rathskeller 134-137 Alpha Pi Epsilon 102 Golf, Men ' s 196-199 RAB 149 Allen, Jeffrey 302 Greek Week 76, 77 Rawlings, Elden 297 Alpha Kappa Psi 103 Greek Week Committee 94 Registration 16 Alpha Lambda Delta 154, 155 H Rho Lambda 162 Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Sigma Epsilon 159 111 104 Haley, Alex Halloween Health 348 78, 79 145 Road Runners Rugby Runner ' s Club 116 266, 267 115 Ash, Dr. 330 Hecht Center 188, 189 S — Athletics, Color 225 Homecoming 60-67 Schnellenberger, Howard 200-201 — B — Homecoming Committee 108, 109 Scuba Club 120-123 Bagel, Emporium 325 Hurricane David 281 Sculpture Race 68,69 Band 54-59 Hurricane Honeys 144 Senior Index 369-381 Baseball 218-224 Hurrican Skiers 163 Seniors 182-381 Basketball 254,255 Hurricane Staff 172, 173 Shoffner, George 322 Batgirls 119 — 1 — Shultz, Dr. 322 Beaumont Cinema 30, 31 IBIS 176-181 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 92 Beta Alpha Psi 156, 157 IEEE 161 Sigma Chi 90,91 Board of PubUcations 174, 175 IFC 84 Sigma Tau Epsilon 100 Bond, Julian 350 Intramurals 274, 275 Skipp, Francis E. 289 Bonoff, Karla 74 Introduction 6-16 Sly Fox 24, 25 Bookstore 38, 39 Soccer 226, 227, 250-253 Bornstein, Sam 309 -J- Society of Women Engineers 127 Bowling 264, 265 Jesus Students 132, 133 Sports Index 184-187 Bradlee, Benjamin 40,41 — K — Kappa Kappa Gamma Karate Stadium 276, 277 Bucket of Beer Bugliosi, Vincent 70, 71 40,41 98,99 257 Stallone, Sylvester Stanford, Henry King Stolfi, John 349 364, 365 285 — C — Knapp, Bob 310 SAFAC 117 Campus Life 360, 361 Kramer, Greg 282 SEC 124 Cardwell, Glendon 314 I SOS 170 Carni-Gras 44-49 — 1- — Lambda Chi Alpha 86,87 Student Rights 126 Carni-Gras Committee 118 Lewis, Dale 241 Student Union 32-37 Check Cashing 306 Studying 362-363 Cheerleaders 130, 131 — M — Suntan U 356, 357 Chicago 346, 347 Mahoney Pearson 138 Swimming and Diving 190-195 Chi Omega 101 Mortar Board 158 Swimming, Diving, Color 228, 229 Circkle K 106 MUGS 147 Clemins, Vassar 75 -T- Closing 385-400 — N — Table of Contents 4, 5 Coconut Grove 26, 27, 294 National News Council 352, 353 Tau Beta Pi 164 Council of Exceptional Children 160 960 Novack, Paul 171 290 Tennis, Men Tennis, Women 238-240, 242-245 236, 237. 246-249 CSR 268-271 Nurses 153,301,317 Things We Forget 80,81 — D — Dan plana — O — Title Page 3 286 Off-Campus 321 Tour Guides 125 Dan, Judy Delta Gamma 305 95 Omicron Delta Kappa Open Door 146 113 Tuition Rebate Turkey Trot 354, 355 72, 73 Delta Sigma Pi 107 Orange Key 139 U- Derder, Brahim 298 Organizations 82-181 USBG 168, 169 Disney World 50-53 — P — V- Dorm Life 358, 359 Panhellenic 95 Volleyball, Women ' s 212-215 E — Phi Beta Sigma 165 Election 20, 21 Phi Delta Theta 88,89 — w- Eta Kappa Nu 148 Phi Kappa Phi Phi Mu Alpha 140-143 96 Walkathon Waterskiing 272, 273 260, 261 — F — Photography Copy Credits 384 Wheels 28, 29 Fast Food 333 Pike 93 Whipple, Tim 329 FEC 152 Ping Pong 258, 259 Who ' s Who 216, 217 Fisher, Milton 318 Pi Tau Alpha 96 Wresthng 250 Flea Market 342-345 President of Mexico 42,43 Wright, Don 351 Football 202-211,230-235 Program Council 112 WVUM 22,23 Frisbee 262, 263 Psi Chi 114 WVUM Group 128, 129 382 P H O T O G R A P H Y Jim Reed 4,5, 10, 11, 14, 14,20,21,24,26,27,28,40,41,42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 5 1, 52, 53, 60, 62, 63, 64, R.S. Straub 254,255 68, 70, 74, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103, 108, 109, 112, 114, 115, 118, 119, 121, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 132, 133,134, 135, 136, 137, 138, Claire Everman 139, 140, 141, 142, 143, 150, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 250, 259, 356, 357 172, 173, 188, 189, 190, 191, 194, 196, 197, 214, 227, 243, 248, 249, 257, 262, 263, 268, 269, 270, 271, 325, Al Fergunson 349, 350, 351, 352, 354, 355, 356, 358, 362, 364, 365, 12, 15, 228, 269, 282 386, 387, 390, 394, 395, 396, 397 Chris Mattern Gary Nellis 148, 160, 161, 290, 230,234,235 Mitch Levy Ellen Mulligan 13, 333, 346, 347, 349, 388, 389, 398 33, 34, 35, 36, 53, 66, 68, 69, 106, 113, 116, 152, 192, 193, 259, 289, 298, 302, 305, 309, 313, 317, 330, 342, Peter Lipshultz 343, 344, 345, 356, 357, 360, 361, 362, 363, 392, 396 16, 60, 348 Brian Gart Christopher Floro 22 226, 248 Sam Wong Lillian May 33, 37, 117, 172, 173, 225, 230, 233, 234, 264, 265, 27 266.267,310,358,359,391,399 John Brantley Michael Yagodnik 28, 29, 326, 363 6, 32, 37, 120, 121, 306, 387 Tim Sayer John Utz 314,322 25 Eric Baumel Rob Ressler 28, 285 54, 56, 57, 58, 59 Raegan Rothchild Mike Owens 67, 272, 273 198, 199,250,251 Gayle Walde Rich Rothman 78, 79, 318, 360, 361 194, 195, 198, 199, 244, 245, 249 Jayne Kamin Frank Citelli 196, 197 208, 209, 210, 211, 254, 255, 256, 257 204,205,208,209,210,211 Harry Rimm Mark Leslie 200, 201, 204 206, 207, 388 Mandy Woods Kevin Crowley 104 206, 207, 297 Bob Holland Max Carle 122, 123 212,213,215 Steve Murphy Bill Michelin 7,8,9,52, 53, 55, 60, 62, 63, 64, 188, 189, 194, 195, 242, 243, 249 202, 203,227,231,252,253,260,261 383 ■■ -M The 1980 IBIS Staff would like to thank the following people for their help and cooperation. Alex Mary Lohmar Rick Artman Dr. Carl McHenry Bagel Emporium " missing envelopes " Dr. Stephen Beebe Dr. Ronald Newman Ray Bellamy Organizations Samuel Bornstein Norm Parsons Campus Sports Gail Pech Michael Carlebach Don Peters Julie Denis Joseph Pineda Domino ' s Pat Poretto J.B. Edwards Ed Ralicki Kimberly Enright Dr. Elden Rawlings Evelyn the Operator Barbara Reed John Flannigan Room Reservations Polly Fromson Harry Rimm George Gallet Jerry Ryan Barb Gardere SAFAC George from Yearbook Associates Michael Shaw Hunter Publishing Company Tom at Sunset Photo Marsha Jacobs UBBS Floyd Jett Union Janitors David Kent Tom Weis John Lerch Etienne Werner Mark Leslie Mandy Woods Brenda Livingston Yearbook Associates The name of " Muzzy " was used throughout the Organizations Section to identify the Unknown. i»4 i .h 386 ' T 387 i ■-. i mini ' ■«!«! «. " yc= 388 389 !« " -i,i- ' 390 i 391 F ■ 392 393 395 i UQiiMHiP ' " r MI AM I NF,W HAMPSH EJ :3?n If .,„,-iii 1 396 I I 397 ■ J,. . i 398 y 399 ■ Stj M • Winston-Salem HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY • North Carolina James C. Hunter, Souttieastern District Manager 400 ' -«S;i. t I- IBIS The 1980 IBIS was printed by Hunter Publishing Company, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Press run was 6300 copies, of 400 pages each. Dust jacket is printed on 100 Gloss Enamel paper. Paper is 80 Dull Enamel except index which is Dove Grey Vellum. HeadUnes and body copy are set in Garamond, bold and italic. Senior portraits were photographed by Yearbook Associates of Miller Falls, Massachusetts. Additional specifications are available upon request from the IBIS, Box 248121, Coral Gables, Florida, 33124. Copyright by the 1980 IBIS Staff, Library of Congress Card, Catalogue number 53-15729- Published under the supervision of the Board of Publications and Bonnie L. Israel, Editor 1980. ' ' - si rm : ■ii ' issw r - « f E? " : ' UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI ' ' »» .-,

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