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(i nXnlcrcz Uy of y [LamL LLniiTEZ Ciu of : {uxmL Ibis 1979 Volume 53 Activities 10 Loggins 36 Organizations 72 ACTIVITIES 10 Carni-Gras 12 Rathskeller 16 Pep Rally 22 Residence Halls 28 Concerts 34 Key West 38 Halloween 40 Carousel 42 Homecoming 44 Parade 44 Dance 46 Pageant 48 Lowe 54 Budweiser 60 Current Events 70 ORGANIZATIONS 72 Greek 74 Fraternity 74 Sorority 86 Honor Societies 96 General Interest 101 Publication 1 52 SE The 1979 IBIS was printed by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, Texas. Press was 6000 copies of 352 pages each. The cover is SMB-13 letterpress printed. Endsheets are brown with a special die-cut design. Paper is 80 enamel except for 4 color pages which are 80 chrome-coat paper. All division pages are line-shots. Standard headlines are in Times Roman. Body copy is in Times Roman. Senior portraits were photographed by Yearbook Associates of Miller Falls, Massachusetts. Additional specifications are available upon request from the IBIS, Box 248 1 2 1 , Coral Gables, Florida. 33 1 24. Copyright by the 1979 IBIS Staff, Library of Congress Card Catalogue number 53-15729. Published under the supervision of the Board of Publications and Bonnie L. Israel, Editor 1979. The cover picture was taken by Sam Wong. The art conversion was done by Phil Scandariato. ACADEMICS V- Who ' s Who 162 Hurricane Center 168 Mugs 170 Jazz 172 Computer Center 174 Fagin 176 Study Abroad 177 Communications 178 SENIORS 182 SPORTS 290 Athletes 292 Women ' s Diving 294 Women ' s Swim 296 USF Meet 298 Women ' s Golf 300 Women ' s Volleyball 302 Women ' s Tennis 304 Kaleidoscope 305 Frisbee 321 Men ' s Swimming Diving 322 Soccer 324 FootbaU 326 BasebaU 332 Golf 336 Tennis 337 Intramurals 338 SENIOR INDEX 340 CLOSING .344 Academics 160 Jazz 172 Seniors 182 Spoils 290 Fo6tt aU30e I I I I ( ffatiuiiis. . 1 i f 1 R N I G R A S 12 s. hathaway s. hathaway 14 A R N Come one, come all, to the nation ' s largest college carnival, CARNI-GRAS! For three fun-filled days, the intramural field is trans- formed into a fantasyland where things you ' ve never dreamed of happen . . . put your friends in jail for a quarter, win a pizza for being a good kisser, and maybe find out what lurks in your future! The frats, sororities, organizations and depart- ments man the booths and make sure that not even a spring shower will stop the fun. w. balanoff 15 Rathskeller. . . 16 m. leslie In the beginning the University of Miami created the Rathskeller. And the octagon shaped building stood void, dark and without purpose. In time the doors were opened to welcome the students who came to partake in food, wine and pleasure. And on the first day of the academic week, the University of Miami said that there must be entertainment to attract all who enjoy sports. A seven foot television screen was erected in order for Monday night football to be presented. And all the athletic minded folk gathered together to drink alcohol, get rowdy and cheer for their favorite football team. And the University of Miami saw that this was profitable. The University of Miami saw that a day was needed for recuperation and study. The second night was chosen for this task. Although the students did not choose to conform to this law, the University of Miami made an honest attempt. And the University of Miami saw that this was advantageous. On the third night the University of Miami said, " Let there be a night where the alcohol bring forth abundantly every moving creature that hath life and they shall move to the sound of Disco. There will be drinking, singing and Disco dancing for those who wish to " shake their booty. " And the University of Miami saw that this was favorable. 17 RathskellerRathskellerRathskellerRathskeller 18 RathskellerRathskellerRathskellerRathskeller And the University of Miami said, " Let the beer be divided so that on the fourth night the thirst of the students will be quenched by the chosen brand. This night will be so named Promo Night. And the Rathskeller will be filled with an exuberant group of students with the need to consume the amber brew. " And the University of Miami saw that this was lucrative. 19 RathskellerRathskellerRathskellerRathskeller I. bilchelder After a long treacherous week, the University of Miami saw that a time was needed for all students to come together and forget for a short time their tension and fatigue brought upon them by professors and hard work. Before the sun sets on the fifth day, Happy Hour will begin. Again juice from the grape and barley will flow until problems are drowned or the " Freebird " is heard amongst all. And the University of Miami saw that this was beneficial. I. balchclder 20 RathskellerRathskellerRathskellerRathskeller And the University of Miami created the Harmonious voice of creation in the image of hve bands. And the band ' s duty would be to replenish the souls with music that would have dominion over the mood of every living thing that inhabits the Rathskeller on the sixth night. And the University of Miami saw that this was entrancing. After six nights of the creation of the Rathskeller, the University of Miami ended their work and set aside the seventh day for rest. And the University of Miami saw that this was needed. 21 PEP RALLY The shouts of " Yamma Yamma " could be heard throughout the campus on September 2 1st as the first pep rally of the season was held on the patio. Under the leadership of Scott Leeson, the student body turned out to cheer on the football team. Preceding the rally, students were treated to a variety of special events. SAGA food service sponsored a barbeque, during which students were entertained by a rock band, and performances by both the karate and diving clubs. Also making appearances to wish the team luck were Mayor James Dunn of m. Icslie Coral Gables and UM President Henry King Stanford. But the highlight of the evening was the arrival of Lou Saban and the football team, along with the cheerleaders, Sebastian the Ibis and of course the Band of the Hour. Topping off the evening after yelling themselves hoarse, students eagerly waited to hear their number called in the raffle for trips to New Orleans and dinners at local restaurants. The rally had to come to an end, but the spirit is still alive in the " Go CaneS " t-shirts, the deflated balloons and the cheers everyone remembers through the entire year. 22 t. wong kslie 23 5.won( PEP s.won( 24 PEP PEP PEP PEP PEP [■■■■■■■■■■■M ■■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■ zznn I 3r. Kuz a i ft Orij inal Savannah Band rVii«w««»w»»w»Tr ■ f ■■■■■■■■■■ ■irT ...i I If " now, modern, American music " is what you go for, the Dr. Buzzard ' s Original Savannah Band is the group for you. September 7 found the Band performing on the Patio in the first stop of a nationwide tour. They are best known for the disco and pop release " Cherchez la Femme, " which was a major hit in the Spring of 1977. 26 T O V E It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in mid-September. Shops were crowded and parking spaces scarce. In many ways it was a typical day in Coconut Grove, but something was different. A feeling of festivity filled the air along with strains of music and the aroma of Cozolli ' s pizza. It was not a normal day in " the Grove " and the many multi-colored balloons that were floating around told the story . . . University of Miami Celebrates Coconut Grove — September 16, 1978. The first annual " Grove Day " was well under way, thanks to the co- sponsorship of the USBG and PACE (Performing Arts for Community and Education, Inc.). The day began with a morning of shopping at the number of stores that offered discount bargains to students with Uof M IDs. An afternoon of music, fun and friends followed at Peacock Park. Country, disco and the jazz of the University of Miami concert jazz band offered a variety of music for everyone, as they lounged in the sun enjoying the company of friends. As the sun began to set and shade overtook the afternoon rays, the jazz band continued until it was time for the activities to end. But wait — that was not all. The evening was to bring even more excitement and enjoyment. Discount movies at the Grove Cinema and free beers at Monty Trainer ' s were available and the free transportation back to campus continued until I a.m., so that everyone could soak up a little bit of the Grove nighdife. All in all it was a pretty full day with enough to keep even the liveliest individual quite busy. Back at the dorm, it was either on to more partying, or for the weary ones, a good night ' s sleep. That was the first annual " Grove Day " — and what more is there? — the expectation of " Grove Days " to come. T U B E 27 R E S H I A D L E L N S C E J. reed EATON EATON EATO N EATON EATON EATON EATON EATON EATON EATON EATON EATON E ATO j. reed 28 i siaKi J tf • - r xl JC " t ■Tk . ir ' s. K A j. reed ATONEATONEATONEATONEATONEATONEATONEATONEATONEATONEATONEATONEATO Last year the Residence Halls Office faced many closed floors and many double rooms which were single on every floor. The number of students living on campus was not enough to cover the vacancies. Responding to this problem, radical changes in dorm Eolicies were instituted in an attempt to ring the students back to campus. An outstanding number of students returned to dorm life this year, causing a housing shortage. The overflow of students was solved by the use of temporary housing at the University Inn and Howard Johnson ' s. They were then gradually moved to campus housing. What were the changes that inspired this renewed interest in campus hving? Residence Halls has provided the students with a number of different lifestyles, and created more special interest areas. j. reed 29 The 1968 Complex has been designated to hold almost 100% freshman students in two different towers. Separate floors have been created for marine biology, nursing, presidential scholarship, limited visitation and quiet study areas. The purpose of this was to create a freshman dorm to make it easier for them to adjust to college life, to keep students on campus and increase their GPA ' s. Residence Halls feels that by putting people together who share similar interests they can accomplish these goals. The 960 Complex is a mix of freshmen and upperclassmen and houses males and females on alternate floors in both towers. Special features include quiet study floors. Mahoney Pearson consists of a majority of upperclassmen and some freshmen, with men and women arranged in opposite wings of each floor. Both halls have a quiet study area and limited visitation floors. A special interest feature is the third floor of Mahoney, which consists of art and architecture majors. Eaton Hall is designed only for upperclassmen, with males and females living in alternate suites. MAHONEY PEARSONMAHONEY PEARSONMAHONEY PEARSONMAHONEY PEARSONMAHO j. reed 30 j. rccd ir PEARSONMAHONEY PEARSONMAHONEY PEARSONMAHONEY PEARSONMAHONEY A j. reed 31 j. re«d 960 1 968960 1 968960 1 968960 1 968960 1 968960 1 968960 1 968960 1 968960 1 968960 1 968960 1 968960 The real changes which lured students back to campus were policy changes. More freedom has been given to the students in terms of room modifications. Refrigerators were brought out of the closet and onto the desk, and industrious students can paint and build lofts to suit their individual needs. There ' s a place for everyone on the UM campus, and it ' s nice to see that the students are finally discovering this and making dorm life an important part of their college experiences. j. reed 32 BLACK CULTURE WEEK 33 KEY WEST i m. Icslie 3S " " " ' J ' K 39 40 g, fenlress 41 X 42 43 HOMECOMING From a victorious football game to the largest University of Miami Homecoming parade to the recognition of many Alumni, Homecoming 1978 proved to be one of the most successful in the University ' s history. The Homecoming 1978 theme was " University of Miami, This is your life, " taken from the popular television show. Through the use of costumes, posters, parade, house decorations and other special events University of Miami " Life " was well portrayed. The theme for this years Homecoming parade was " Famous Alumni and Their Achievements. " University of Miami ' s famous Alumni include Jerry Herman, Tina Louise, Grace Slick, and University of Miami football greats. Chuck Foreman, George Mira, and Ted Hendricks. These alumni ' s achievements were portrayed on various floats. Pi Kappa Alpha took first place with their float representing Jerry Herman ' s achievements. This year ' s parade proved to be most successful with over two hundred entrants. r. Treund r. rreund . frcund 44 I t r. Treund r. Treund • A F F A I R O N T H E B E A C H g. feniress 46 47 Miss University Of Miami K E I T H S T R O U P The University Lecture Series presented Keith Stroup, founder and director of NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. On September 6, 1978 Stroup founded NORML after receiving his law degree from Georgetown Law Center in Washington, D.C., and after serving two years as staff counsel with the National Commission on Produce Safety. NORML is a nonprofit, lobby group seeking the decriminalization of private possession of marijuana and its cultivation for private use. NORML does not encourage the use of marijuana. It does, however, feel that such use is a person ' s individual choice permitted in a free society. They maintain and support a policy of discouragement toward the abuse of all drugs, including alcohol, tobacco and marijuana. The organization believes that a policy of removing penalties for the user reduces unnecessary harm to both society and the individual, places less of a burden on the judicial system and saves tax dollars. j-reed j. reed j. reed 40 BILLY HAYES The Beaumont Cinema came alive in late October when Billy Hayes spoke to a near capacity crowd. " Midnight Express, " a prison term for escape, is also the name of Hayes ' best selling book that chronicled his ordeal in a Turkish prison for possession of hashish and his ultimate escape. Hayes ' visit here coincided with the release of the Academy-award nominated movie based on his book. Hayes was sentenced in 1970 to 30 years confinement. In 1975, he escaped this confinement. Hayes felt that whether he escaped or was captured and killed, he would finally be free. Hayes told the crowd that he found out the hard way that " the American Constitution does not fit into a passport. " He stressed that the one thing he wanted people to realize is that you should always understand what can happen to you. There were only a few changes in the movie than what Hayes had written in the book. The only major change was that the movie emphasized the prison life whereas the book emphasized his dramatic escape. Hayes stated the transition when he returned to America was " strange but beautiful. " He had no desire to do anything but see, smell and taste everything. " I know it ' s cliche, but I really didn ' t appreciate things until I didn ' t have them anymore. " Hayes described the movie as " a graphic example of what is happening in the real world. " He feels the film was directly responsible for the prisoner exchange program the U.S. and Turkey engaged in 43 days after the film ' s showing at the 1978 Cannes Film Festival. Billy Hayes has certainly proven something to himself and the rest of the world. But all that really matters is, as Hayes says, " I am free again. " 50 " YITZAK RABIN In March, former Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzak Rabin spoke to over 1000 people in the Ibis cafeteria. The topic of his speech, co-sponsored by the Hillel Jewish Student Center, was " Peace in the Middle East: Reality or Fantasy. " He received two standing ovations and continual applause throughout the speech. He talked of the Palestinian problem, the Arab-Israeli conflict and peace negotiations in the Middle East. As Rabin spoke a protest by the Iranian Students Association and the Organization of Arabian Students took place outside the Ibis on the Union patio with the permission of the authorities. Shouts of " go home " continued during Rabin ' s entire speech, but did not disturb Rabin or his attentive audience. r f 51 GUSMAN HALL The University of Miami is rich in the respect of containing an optimum in concert facilities. Maurice Gusman Concert Hall is located on the outskirts of campus on Miller Road and is recognizable by the fitting orchestra pit shaped architecture. This modern structure contains the best acoustics of any hall in the country. Not only can one hear perfectly from any of the 600 seats, but the performers are visible from each and every seat. Musical programs are widely varied, as is the crowd the concerts attract, from on and off campus. Features spread from classical to jazz, and contemporary to avant-garde, but the schedule always includes the University of Miami Orchestra. The School of Music plans 150 concerts by the end of the year. Music majors have the opportunity to study traditional and progressive music, which their concerts denote. All student and faculty programs are free admittance, which is part of the attraction. Although the hall is only three years old, it is a fantastic representation of the cultural opportunities open to University of Miami students. Visit Maurice Gusman Hall and get the feeling of authentic concert excellence. Take advantage and enjov. 52 53 The Lowe Art Museum offers the University and community an opportu- nity to view not only paintings, but tex- tiles, sculptures and pottery. A variety of exhibits are offered throughout the year including works by faculty and students. LOWE ART MUSEUM 54 Guatemalan textiles, Oriental ceram- ics and Indian Art are only a few of the many exhibits offered. We are fortu- nate to have such opportunities offered to us by as fine a facility as the Lowe Art Museum. LOWE ART MUSEUM 55 LEISURE j. palenicek j. palenicek 56 i RECREATION }. palenicek 57 MADRIGAL DINNER On December first and second, the University of Miami held its second Madrigal Dinner. Madrigal dinners are a tradition from sixteenth century England. UM ' s own Madrigal Dinner was complete with fanfares, jesters, brass ensembles, the boar ' s head and, as a climax to the meal, a flaming plum pudding. The Music Department can be congratulated on making the annual affair a great success. g. bianco g. bianco 58 BUSINESS The Golden Spike was driven into the ground on November 29th launching the construction of the new School of Business Administration. The five story building is scheduled for completion in 12-15 months. Donations from George Jenkins and the estate of Elsa and William H. Stubblefield made the building possible. The School of Business, founded in 1929, has grown tremendously since then. If current events are any indication then their growth has just begun. 59 BUDWEISER SUPERSTARS I t MgP ' " x_ ud igSl 61 MIRELLA ASIN COLOMBIA Originally from Florence, Italy, Mirella Assin transferred here from Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia and is studying computer science. Mirella came to Miami for a number of reasons. She saw more opportunity for practical study of her chosen field. In Colombia there was only one University which offered adequate studies in computer science and their facilities were not sufficient for the number of students. Mirella feels that the United States is technically and economically more capable of providing the necessary facilities for her field of study. She also felt the need to be on her own and Miami was the logical choice. It is close enough to Colombia and her family with the added convenience of relatives and friends from Bogota who have come to live in this area. Mirella has found that it is difficult to come to school and leave her family behind, but she feels it is necessary to achieve the education she desires. As far as settling in Colombia after she finished school, Mirella is not committed. She intends on going to graduate school and her choice of a final settling place will hinge on the type of job she finds. She prefers to leave her mind open to the great number of possibilities that are open to her. Working with computers requires logic and this appears to be one side of Mirella. She is organized and has a need to know where she is headed. She has set goals for herself and has set out to achieve them. Mirella enjoys writing about her feelings and socializing with those around her. Living on campus has provided her with the fundamental opportunities necessary to become involved and integrated into University life. She has studied jazz dance and has become involved in sports. She sees the opportunity for varied experiences in Miami in terms of people, career and just plain good times. 62 FATTAH KAZEROONI IRAN Fattah Kazerooni, better known as Kaz, is a junior in the School of Architecture. Kaz comes to us from a background of Iranian origin and British influence. The desire to develop his independence and to attain a British boarding school education took him from his home in Tehran to Durham and then later to London. His decision to study architecture necessitated his coming to the United States to attain the emphasis on design he desired, as opposed to the British emphasis on the sciences. Miami became the place to be. as the school of architecture provides course work in design from the very first semester. Why did Kaz choose architecture over the sciences? " Architecture is a lot more satisfying to me in that I am creating something and in any project a part of myself goes in. It is directly people-related: one is dealing with the relationship between people and the environment; satisfaction from the work is immediate. " His dorm room is an example of these feelings. The elaborate design of the loft his roommate Mark and he worked to design and build creates an atmosphere of closeness which draws people to them. Kaz ' s attitude toward life itself is people oriented. He gives generously of himself to his friends and positive attitudes and respect are basic parts of his character. This he feels is a direct result of his parents ' influence. Even though they are many miles apart, there is and always has been a high level of mutual affection and respect between them. Kaz has always been a sportsman, with experience in rugby, rowing and track and field, to name a few. In the past two years karate has become his consuming sport. As President of the Karate Club it has become a very important part of his life at UM, second only to his studies. Karate has already become a " little short of religion " for him, and he finds it to be " the most complete physical sport that I have ever participated in with as much, if not more, effect on my mind as body. Both are strengthened together. It provides control and more responsiveness physically and mentally. I have also been given the opportunity to train with and follow a person who has reached an extremely high level of this physical and mental achievement. " m. leslie Though his only physical contact with Iran in the last nine years have been his yearly visits, Kaz is quite sure he will go back there to live. He says that " having been in the Western culture for such a length of time and having experienced its many aspects and values, I have established my own judgement of them independently and as compared to my own culture. At the same time as I have acquired these values I have come to the conclusion that by no means are all of them necessarily ideal. In other words, I would say that I have not lost my Iranian identity. " Kaz maintains a great affection for his native land, and has a great respect for its culture and history. Iran is rich in music, art, architecture and particularly literature and poetry — one of Kaz ' s particularly favorite aspects. He is obviously disturbed about Iran ' s present problems as his family and relations are living through it, and Iran is after all, still home. He feels that the present situation is too complicated to have an obvious answer and his utmost wish is that the outcome of this turmoil will be a peaceful and democratic state. I 63 RAINBOWS The winner of the 1978-79 UM Drama Department New Play Contest was " Rainbows " selected from more than 400 scripts submitted nationally. Written by Sam Harris and Charles Moster. " Rainbows " is a musical concerning a young man ' s search for meaning in his life, and the importance of living one ' s life to the fullest. " Rainbows " was a special production of the Ring Theatre, utilizing the talents of UM ' s own resources. The production was entered into the American College Theatre Festival with a later showcase showing in New York City. The Drama Department should be commended on a prize-winning performance of a prize-winning play. J- recti 64 Human Potential Seminar The Human Potential Seminar — what is it and who does it? In technical terms, HPS is a positively oriented human development course which is composed of a series of specific activities designed to help people develop greater self-regard and regard for others. Or, in other words, it is a great weekend off campus that usually results in new friends, insights and skills. This year, the HPS is part of a pilot program being conducted by the Dean of Students Office, aimed at increasing the retention of students at UM. Attitudes of the students towards the University will be measured before and after HPS to see if this type of program has any affect on influencing students to remain at UM. Small group exercises such as peak experiences, value auction, strengths and goal setting are combined with constant feedback, leading one to return to campus with an improved outlook on people and life in general. p. hcaly 65 We Care About " U " Week I The ducks of Lake Osceola had company when the Student Union sponsored canoe races and rentals during " We Care About ' U ' Week " The ski club took up where they left off and demonstrated that it is possible to walk on the waters of Lake Osceola. These were only two of the many activities sponsored during the spring, and proved that, in fact, it is " only the beginning " . KeyholeDuf fys 1 9thHoleLudway j. recd J. reed i 68 KeyholeDuf f ys 1 9thHoleLudway j. reed J- reed m Steve Martin — Let ' s Get Small Holocaust on TV Annie Hall sweeps Oscars Vanessa Redgrave speaks out at awards Patti Labelle on campus Black Culture Week International Week Edith Rolle — Miss Black UM National Gay Blue Jeans Day Anita Bryant Goodbye Allan, Hello Alicia TROPIC article Canoe Rentals Housing in Motels Fit-Trail , Village People on Patio Keith Stroup Speaks Coconut Grove Day Senior Pictures Mork and Mindy BattlestarGallactica Ali defeats Spinks irdj Pope John Paul I dies Pope John Paul H - Polish Pope elected Midnight Express Isaac Singer wins Nobel Prize Animal House Sadat and Begin at Camp David with Carter Billy Hayes on campus Kenny Loggins on the Patio Tuition drops — $85 Shipley-no jokes America 2-night cancelled I Second Panama treaty approved Atlantic City goes Las Vegas Summer Session starts FINALS Homecoming — Vandalism at Konover, Pike wins Street Dance New Logo for UM Nightwatch James Dickey speaks Football team finishes 6 ' Til People ' s Temple — Mass suicide in Jonestown Saban Resigns Playboy writes about Miami .% New Business school begins work Pineda named Student Activities Director Schellenberger appointed new head football coach Superman -■-■ »« ;■- ' . p;rri; — - - , •I " - ' (L 7 anizaiion± First Row: Louie delaAguilero, F. Robert Weeren, Mike Miller, Kenny Brown, Lynn Austin, Brenda Nason, Kim Dunn, Fidel Hen- riquez, Robert Whitting, Tom Dibert, Scott Spadges. Second Row: Craig Spellman, Erik Hund, Don Cantrill, Tom VanPopering, Scott Jacobs, Ron Young, Nelson Conde, Carlos Castello, David Corey, Xavier Barquet. Not Pictured: Mary Ann Sands, Vicky Feurgeson, Richard J. Kirby, Jim Corry, Doug Bissi, Ron Bradley, Peter Mat- thews, Ron Dupier, Ken Treverrow, Jim Stinnett, Mark Frenkel, Steve Gelfusco. 74 K 75 First Row; Dave Semple, Cindy Bemish, Mike Weber, Dave Scholz, Moshe Wulaski. Second Row; Benny Goodman — Spring President, Krista Kurth, Chris Crystal, Dave Stikeil, Rich Kolko, Larry Kety, Ed Martinez. Third Row; Billy Ross, Profirio 77 Alpha Epsilon Pi First Row: Jane Marcus, Scoop Shapiro, Danna Goldberg, Sue Curtis, Linda Baron, Ellyn Glanz, Kim Ferdenand, Lisa Lee. Second Row: Larry Herman, Craig Mattox, Michael Brees, Craig Czepyhal, Steve Childs. Third Row: Jon Green, Steve Block, Steve Weisman, Kent Smith, Rich Lovell, Lou Zeleznik, Barry Nedelman, Nick Kaltsis, Danny Salzverg, Art " Foodfeeder " Bob " Bub " Shoemaker. Fourth Row: Hank Riffelmaker, Bob Lidov, J. P. Hansan, Brett Kaplowitz, Pat Kiulehan, Kent Smith, Olin Williford. Phil Bernhardt, Mat Mooney. Fifth Row: Steve Cohen. Not Pictured: Paul Salver, Mark Gorden, Mark Klieman, Randi Gruenstien, Ellen Levine, Michele Rich, Irene Tepliki, Steve (Hosk) Horowitz. 78 Alpha Tau Omega First Row: Weezy, Wes Wingfield, Joy Back, Alina Garcia, Greg Klovie, Jody Torres, Ken Chun, Goofy, Wendy Friedman, Maureen Keady, Joe Gomes. Second Row: Bennett Radcliff, Doug Green, Doug Abernathm, Tony Torres, Fritz Riveron, Mark Sandhouse, Tod Seminoff, Carl Freid hoff, Mark Shalter, Brian Gibbs, Ruben. Standing Bottom; Jim McAteer. Standing Top: Mike Miller. 79 Kappa Alpha Psi First Row: Bruce Tanner — Vice-President, Cottee Caldwell — Histo- Keeper of Exchequer, Michael Williams. Fourth Row: Bruce James — rian. Second Row: Glenn Carter, Ricky Smith — Dean of Pledges. Third Keeper of Records. Not Pictured: Andre McDonnaugh, Oliver Bryant, Row: Antonio Junior, Artie Carr — Polemarch, Michael Stevenson — Dr. Robert H. Waters — Advisor. 80 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Front; Sherri Berkowitz, Priscilla Lee, Donna Sibbert, Sandy Goodman. First Row: Mark Philbrick, Ed McNally, Brian Toomey, Ron Cangemi. Bruce Scrimgeour, Bud Stockton, Paul Ciccarelli, Mils Mayo, Willy Dom- inguez, John Gibson, Todd Bigler, Bill Hillberg, Bob Morrisey. Second Row: Dave Stevens. Paul Adler, Gregg Louckes, Paul Cohen, Tom Hess, Tom Buhr, Jim Warmowski, Jon Royland, Mark Lenkoski, John Palka, Steve Ferguson, Chris Fox, Van Lee, Wilfred Whitney, Jay Tansey, Pete Goodridge, Rick Clegg, Eric Bruno, Mark Koggman. I 81 First Row: Dawn Culley, Sneakers, Greg Herman, Joyce Quinn, Linda Dilatush, Dave Slack, Rich Milinese, Judy McGuilicudy, Guy Casceli, Leslie Mccomsey. Second Row: Tom Lunak. Rich St. Denis, Jamie Dry, Andy Miller, Nick Morabito, Dave Bodenhamer, Dot Kaas, Ceaser Baro, Ed Castella, Arlene Landrie, Donna Fischer. Judy White, Jamie Harter, Michele Licata. Third Row: Mike Minardi, Kevin Cuffe, Jim Riffe, Marc 82 Zeta Beta Tau First Row: Robin Gimiette, Bonnie Rosenbaum, Marsha Rosenbaum, Debbie Willar, Sandy, Renee Britar, Joni Kaplan, Sheri Yanell, Nancy Freinberg, Jenny Harry. Second Row: Unknown, Brian Beere, Matt Leone, John Bernhale, Mike Britan, Sabrina Stern, Jamie Tagran, Unknown, Leslie. Third Row: Howie Schartz, Tony Lampert, Scott Lasky, Rob Skolnick, Jon Ker, Tiny, Kap, John Bandis, Unknown, Roc- helle, Steve, N ' Huv, Sid. Fourth Row: Jake, Chuck Keller, Scott Esin, Fink, Todd Orensky, Gary Goodman, Scott Orth, Jon " BJ " Felix, Al Cohen, Joe Orth, Jay Harry, Marc Fields, Judge, Gl enn Siesser, Steve Feigolas, Keith Levine, R2D2. First Row: Marc " Judge " Mager, Mike Finkelstein, Scott Eisen, Dave " Jake " Jacobs. Second Row: Jon " BJ " Felix, John " Kap " Kaplan, Ken " Tiny " Vogel. 83 D E L T A S I G M A P I First Row: Michael Schiff, Steven Ferriera, Maria Baez (Mary Bays), Joseph Handy. Second Row: Steven Wasserman, Carter Hammer. Steven Linch, Joseph Hvard, Donald (Peaches) Davis, Bob Day, Danny Jay Salzverg. Not Pictured: Steven (Chutzpah) Greenspan, Carlos Arboleya, Michael Serrote, Luis Delgado, Arturo Fernandez, Udo Stolarczuk, Marc Eichberg. Johnny Evans, Luky Fontana, Sandy Jukel, Bill O ' Dwayer, Edward Mar- golis, Jason Marx. I F C First Row: Dave Panitch, Sneakers, John Stolfi, Steve Munchnik. Second Row: Jon Kaplan, Mike Miller, Lee Korotzer, Dave Bes- ser, Mike Britan. Third Row: Jeff Trocia, Mike Finkelstein, Tom Lunak, Dean Wm. Sandler, Bill Matevich, Dave Scholtz, Rich Lovell, Jill Steinberg, Doug Dierdan, Andy Pinon. M First Row: Lee Sherman, Wendy Rosenblum, Anette Yelin, Deb- bie Withington, Debbie Estis, Susan Colley, Susan Ebeling. Second Row: Starr Struver, Irene Beumer, Barbara Leibowitz, Nancy Friedman, Paulette Bogan, Phylis Vecchione, Sheri Zimmerman, Liz Tunney, Priscilla Sarin. Not Pictured: Beth Freedman, Sandy Goodman. Evalani Bagayas, Roni Klein, Patty Wilson. 85 First Row: Sandy Goodman, Jenna Hoffman, Claudia Forman, Fran Meli, Leslie McComsey. Second Row: Arlene Landrie, Eva Pikarsky, Margy Sidles, Debbie Babinski, Katie Mulcahy, Anne Kaplan, Deb Bozanic, Adriana Ribas. Third Row: Greg Herman, Dawn Cully. Mary Cravens, Nikki Foster, Beth Bullock, Pat Hayes, Liz Ellis, Judi McGillicuddy, Paul Mazzapica. Arlene G. Silver. Not Pictured; Mary K. Noonan, Cindy Sutow, Debbie Cohen, Bonnie Wasserman, Hope Schienhotz, Eve Lefkowitz, Margie Wyman. Joey Drickman, Joy Marks, Gail Pech. 87 First Row: Maynee Marin, Lisa Abeloff, Mirla Quirantes, Kathy Hickey, Schwalge, Arietta Nicholle, Kathy Casper, Irene Beumer, Helen Theotel- Kim Dunn. Maria Padreda, Maria Dorta-Duque. Second Row: Elsa San- opoulas, Starr Strever, Nancy Maurer. Third Row: Audrey Schlav, Vicky tiz, Linda Meschkow, Janie Housh, Susan CoUey, Maggie McGinley, Lori Civilie, Nancy Bentley, Cindy Ginsburg, Dzidra Noguerra, Roshelle Ful- Shyer, Sue Ebeling, Amy Santino. Third Row: Donna Conuzzi, Judi ton. 88 1 I 89 First Row: Beth Kemp, Carol Passanisi, Ruthann Hurwitz, Lynn Sado- Cindy Malcomb, Wendy White, Michelle Paul, Anne LeMehaute, Robin sky. Sue DeSisto. Second Row: June Chapman, Tracy Harrington, Lynne Winter. Not Pictured: Roni Klein, Patty Wilson, Michelle Carroll. Rusty Kresse, Karen Domer, Marina Angleton, Mimi Lusskin, Lisa Anderson, Saslow, Brenda Hardy. 90 J(- ■• Left Front Three: Jill Shapiro, Jeannie Skarponi, Faustina Bullard. Right Front Three: Amy Konig, Lisa Abeloff, Cathy Hickey. First Row: Joan lannucci, Tracy Harrington — Vice-President, Arietta Nicholl, Michele Rich — Treasurer, Ana Salazar — Recording Secretary, Joyce Bauman, Vicky Civile, Nancy Lanard, Mrs. Brown, Jill Steinberg. Second Row: Louise Mills — Advisor, Judi McGillicuddy — Corresponding Secretary, Karen Waters — Presi- dent, Nancy Maurer, Suzy Mehlinger, Donna Comuzzi. R H O L A M B D A First Row: Suzy Mehlinger. Jeannie Skarponi, Gail Carman, Traci Laxman, Roni Klein, Linda Dilatush, Jan Burnside, Shelley Seny- itko. Second Row: Arietta Nicholl — Treasurer, Vicky Civile, Bob- bie Brown, Jill Shapiro, Michele Rich, Jill Steinberg, Donna Comuzzi — President, Joyce Bauman. Third Row: Louise Mills — Advisor. Joan lannucci, Karen Waters, Nancy Maurer. Not Pic- tured: Katie Mulcahy, Lisa Silverman. 91 92 First Row: Arlene Silver, Amy Jo Newman, Joy Marks, Karyn Sis- kind. Jacey Leon, Lori Shapiro. Second Row: Dean Klineman, Mrs. Klineman, Sue Ebeling, Charmaine Young, Rosemary Alpha Epsilon Delta First Row: Julio Ozores, Eysa Marquez, Luis, Ms. Zelda Lipmann, Iliana Lourdes Gallinal, William Coombs 111, Ignacio Armas, Elliot Hinkes, Zapatero, Jeff Roberts, Nasar Atala, Edward Abrahms, Scott English. Tony Cantwell, Helena Igra, Douglas Dew, Christina Frexes. Elizabeth Second Row: Keith Heckman, Jorge E. Rodriquez, Lourdes Marcet, Triana. First Row: David Lotufo — Treasurer, Eysa Marquez — Historian, Ms. guez — President, Dr. Carl Snyder — Chairman of Premedical Commit- Zelda Lipmann. Second Row: John Hill — Vice-President, Jorge Rodri- tee. 93 94 B E T A First Row: Jose Fernandez, Steven Jarett — Faculty Representa- tive, Terri Costello, Terri Kornicki, Marisa Corona, Zena Inden, Leslie Hawley, Maria Hernandez, Anne Bray, Russ Brown. Second Row: Lourdes Rios, Ana Mosuuera, Pilar Abuin, Patty Denten, Pam Mullins. David Silva, Mike Kosnitzky, Celia Swarez. Third Row: Victor Vidal, Maria Abum, Aleida Arrazcaeta, Mercedes Tercilla, Jose Alcarez, Allan Murgatroyd, Jeff Breslow. Fourth Row: Fran Alperstein, Elvia Vila, John Cheslick, Geno Valdes, Allan Kratish, Richard DelForn, Harold Baur, Tony Castro. A L P H A P S I A L P H A First Row: Ana Gamundi, Maite DeLamerens, Maria E. Cabrera — President, Paula Lockett — Vice-President, Alina Cascante — Secretary, Lisa Singer — Treasurer, Kathy Stacom. Second Row: Lillian May, Mary Brandon, Joanne Edick, Unknown, Jeanette, Kathy Shoemaker, Unknown, Ana Catasus, Rose Shea, Unknown. Third Row: Unknown, Mark, Roberto Masud, Jennifer Wenson, Luisa Lorenzo, Unknown, Unknown, Carol Levine, Isia, Mike Chisner, Gregg Matous, Unknown, Mark Wooster, Juan Sanchez, Unknown, Adrian Moger, Joann Hoover, Unknown, Eloisa. Not Pictured: Beverly Sicherer — Editor, Ley la Amer — Historian, Dean Loise P. Mills — Advisor. L A M B D A D E L T A 95 • :r:rTCin-»iT ' MT»j ' j " ffn D E L T A P H I A L P H A First Row: Markus Struller, Barbara Balogh, Simon Smith. Second Row: Shelley Melahn, Dr. B. D. Webb, Christa Betz, Sharon Saf- fron, Lourdes M. Armada, Joanne Edick, Sandra Robinson, Rosi Fitzgerald, Dagmar Smith, Edna Golan. D R A M A C O U N C I L First Row: Chris Chisholm, Neil Einleger. Second Row: Debbie Fames Cartwright. Magid, Mary Lee Warner, Larry Kety, Lara Hamill. Third Row: 96 First Row: Johanna Drickman, Deborah Katz, Sandra Castro, Robert Atallo, David Schattner, Thomas Phillips, Cecil Abraham, Ivor Scop, Manuel Ramos — Treasurer, Catherine Benway. Sec- ond Row: Stuart Lipman, Shari L. Vaughan, Fran Wasserman, Kathy Jeffers, Teresa Nunenkamp, Bradley Fever, Merrill Ann Shaw, Ofelia Utset, Tara Solomon, Jeffrey Weiser, Mark Zink, Robert Lazada, Anthony Riso, Dave Lemmon — President. Third Row: Mark Temples, Mark Berman, Rudy Noriega, Naomi Sam- ter, Jeffrey Easthck, James Keith, Dempsey Shell, Hans Walters, Patrick Finerty, Susan Drukman, Mary DeFir, Maria Calzadilla, Helen Friedman, Ileana Blanco. Fourth Row: Michael Cerri, David Matthew, Eric Baumel, Unknown, James McCoy, Michael Chisner, Rae Gross — Secretary, Robert Hirshon, George Kou- soulas, Nadine Betts, Jeffrey Garvin, Joseph Dumell — Vice-Presi- dent, Karen Rudy, Catherine Hickey, Mark Wooster, Scott Gold- kin, Unknown. 97 Omicron Delta Kappa ) ' Kneeling: Sir Etienne De Puch, Vincent Oma- chonu. Jim Bohnsack, Lee Butcher — President, Dr. Hank Diers, C. Rhea Warren. Standing: Dr. JuHa Morton, Juan Samoza, Betty Lou Nicco- laides. Dr. W. Ivan Hoy — Faculty Secretary, Waher Ellis — Vice President, Sandra Santiago, Vicki Corrigan, Dr. Charles Tate — Faculty Advisor, Arthur Hertz, Debora Turner, Karen Waters, David Lutofo, Dr. Eugene Clasby, Alicia Cervera, Don Kreuger, Mike Flicker, Karen 98 99 First Row: Diana Dasgal, Roberto Munoz, Marienela Morejon, Arturo Rodriguez, William Sanfiel, Jose A. Mijares — President. Second Row: Francisco Chvy, Rafael Garcia, Carlos deGardenas, David Brewer, David Shattener, Mario Galiano, Hani Elsayed-Ali, Mariha M. Blanco, Edward Rodriguez, Manuel L. Mijares Sumaya Bradawil, Dr. A. Recio — Advisor, Abel Malic. 100 Butcher, Nancy Lanard. Fourth Row: John Stofan, Joe Romanowski, Dan Salzverg, Jon Tepper, Sheri Katz. Not Pictured: Dana Cuffe. 101 Caleb Fab Nangibo, Barbara Pender, Benard Smith, Jame Shephard, Lesa Ferrell, Errol Peart, Michael, Kevin Wilhams, Russell Mar- tin, Clarence, Daryl Trawick. Fourth Row: Anna Price, Unknown, Jean-Patrice Kadja, Nancy Thomas, Winston J., Beverly Wright, Antonio Junior, Marceli Jackson, Cottee Caldwell, Nina Williams, Andre McE onnaugh, Oliver Bryant, Arthur Ham- mond, Richard Lewis, Jocheley Hugen, Glen Carter, Merissa Williams, Unknown. Fifth Row: Unknown, Randy Edes, Hollis Mills, Jerry Huston, Reginald Henderston, Benbelia Campbell, Donna Christmas. 102 103 " Andy " Anderson, Lou Dykes, Jorge Klignbart, Joe Kosieroski, John Cheslick, Bob Batdorf, Nancy Moyer, Bob Smith, Wayne Coy, Mike Hamilton, Bob Birch, Bob Hackney, Leslie McGinnes, Jerry Ryan, Jack Richard, Dee Dee Drinkss. Sixth Row: Greg " Coach " Kramer, Mike Rarus, Matt Rapicinski, Nick Errichetti, Jim " Yank " Ryan, Dean Myers, Gil Fentress, Bob Hey, Lou Olinto, Al Kofoed. 104 105 First Row: Stacy Wulfe, Larry Pleskow, Jill Steinberg. Second Row: linger, Udo Stolarczuk, John Stolfi, Julie Robinson, Bill Matevich, Susan Kevin Cuf fe, Leslie Berger, Lisa Silverman, Benny Goodman, Suzy Meh- Liss, Arlyn Rayfield, Dana Cuffe. 106 M P Governors Council First Row: Barbara Fields — Treasurer, Jim Radogna — President, Chairperson. Second Row: Geri-Lee Degennaro — Vice-President, Diane Karen Kahan — Publicity Chairperson, Nina Petrillo — Homecoming Margolis — Secretary, Nan Markowitz — Secretary. First Row: Liz Chibnik, Karen Kahan, Barbara Fields. Second Row: Margolis, Nina Petrillo. Third Row: Jim Patterson — Advisor, Jon Bar- Geri-Lee Degennaro, Nan Markowitz, Florie Brizel, Lyn Johnson, Diane rist, Slavik Litvenko, Mark Frigola, Jim Radogna. 107 First Row: Debbie Popadak, Ingrid Martinez, Delia Lopez, Joan Car- mova — President, Mark Zickefoose — Vice-President, Lee Ramsay — Treasurer, Deborah Himelhock — Secretary, Consuelo Casillas. Second 108 A C L U First Row: Clyde Joyce, Zoe Wyche, William Balanoff, Toshinori Hoshi. Second Row: Dr. Benjiman D. Webb — Advisor, Julio Ozores, David Bennett, Don Hafele, Gary Nichols. Not Pictured: Diane Morgan, Adriaan Arends, Barbara Pender, Richard Ber- man, Ivonne Rovira, Donna Christmas, Jeff Weiss, Kathy lervilli, Gina Demangone, Professor Mansfield — Advisor. A M E R. S O C. O F M E C H. E N G G. First Row: George Jarp, Paul Peart, Karl Hugh, Carlos Almeida, April Ray — Secretary and Treasurer, Michael Zarrillo — President, Dr. Larry Poteat — Advisor. Second Row: Alan Honey, Stuart Bridges, Unknown, Mark Malinoski — Vice-President, Bill Spumy, Peter Kline, Carlos Abunassar, Carlos Aldana, David Schatner. 109 First Row: Gene Lorden, Harry Pepe, Jean L-Amazzn, Dawn Alli- son, Dirk Kuyper, Phil Freed. Second Row: Dave Lotufo, Julie Flick. Shari Fischl, John Sinclair, Joann Hoover, Carole Bieder- man, Richard Reed, Mike Chisner, Jose Fernandez, Susan Obel- ing. Third Row: Rick Artman — Faculty Advisor, Sheila Torres — Secretary, Valerie Martin — President, Frank Meanor — Trea- surer, Cecil Lettis — Kiwanis Advisor. no I First Row: Dave Rindone. Doug Green, Leslie Harwood. Second Row: Barbara Seerman, Perri Mann, Heather Bischoff, Renee Tiefenbrun, Joanne Edick. Third Row: Juhanne Byington, Allan Hersh, Unknown, Richard Reid. Bill Keane. Not Pictured: Kevin Williams, Connie Clare, Donna Comuzzi, Amy Hyslop, Mayme Marin. Ill 112 113 First Row: Meryl Allawas -r- President. Second Row: Sharon Wul- forst, Ray Sculky, Esther Tebele — Vice-President, John Wichert, Andrea Czilstein. Third Row: Bill O ' Connell, Mindy Wineburg — 114 First Row: Morty Aroll, Vicki Drucker, Lentiy Durdiwini, Mindy Valancy, Rick Veingard. Second Row: Sharon Weinlauf, Gary Marks. Third Row: David Feder, Elisajoy Enison, Fern Samek, Debbie Rosenberg, Scott Kurtzman. Fourth Row: Elaine Hor- wich, Alicia Wenner, Helen Friedman, Michelle Talonn. Fifth Row: Bill Hall, Bob Land. Not Pictured: Beth Peso, Lee Marshall, Illeen Gubemick, Marshall Hirsch, Milton Fisher, Stewart Ber- kowitz, David Greenzweig, Mitchel Rotholz, Rhonda Silver, Stuart Sisisky, Sharon Gruzen, Lori Feinstein, Lisa Marion. lis First Row: Manuel Mijares, Adalberto Vara, Jose Larrinaga — Vice Chairman of Student Affairs, Jose A. Mijares, Rolando Mar- tinez — Vice Chairman of Community Affairs, Abel Mallo — Graduate Student. Second Row: Phil Butson, Luis Lopez, Julio Barrionuevo — Secretary, Mario Galiano, Reinaldo Llano — Chairman, Prof. Jack Sells — Counselor, Dean Norman Einspruch — Dean of the School, Dayton Snyder — Chairman Miami Profes- sional IEEE, Kamal Yacoub Chairman Electrical Engineering Dept., Romulo Rondon — Graduate Student, Ubaldo Valdes — Graduate Student. Third Row: Dave Menker — Treasurer, Brent Langly. Armando DeLeon — Editor, Carlos Bustamante, Benja- min Vargas. J E S U S s T U D E N T S F E L L O W S H I P I First Row: Lorey Thompson, Sheree Patterson, Angle Okowjie, Anne Thomas, Gretchen Helbig, Unknown, Unknown. Second Row: Joe Polovkin, Unknown, Joe Paulovkin, Jeff Olson, Paul Daugerty, Patricia Daugerty, Doug Martin. Third Row: Martha, Rick Patterson, Tony, Carla, James McCoy, Butch, Unknown, Kevin. 116 First Row: Cathy Benway — Secretary, Phillip Freed — Treasurer, Deborah Himelhoch — President, Linda Rubin — Convention Secretary. Second Row: Neil Fleischer, Elliot Skeete, Peter Glas- kowsky, Mark Ercolin, Dawn Allison. Third Row: Hank Riffle- macher, Tony Udell, Jane Deisler, Sharla Rabin. Not Pictured: David Lisa — Vice-President, Michael Sclafani, Peter Goodridge, Jeffrey Weiss, Randall Ficher, Rita Brodzky, Bob Entel, Gary Nichols. 117 First Row: Danny Green — Vice-President, Douglas Scherer, Ramon Dominguez, Lee Wichman, Lynn Groendyk — Sweet- heart, Rob Resler, Kenneth Fire — Corresponding Secretary, Raul Melo, Robert Lozada. Second Row: Kip Sullivan — Trea- surer, George Manning, Larry Reeves, Jose Duenan, Darrel M. Ayers Jr., Jeffery Pines, Jerry Rosenbusch, Louie E. Langley IIL Third Row: Joseph Perez, David Welton — Recording Secretary, Samuel D. Anderson Jr. — Warden, Alan V. Sharps, George E. Powell Jr., Douglas Wyatt, Ken Fuchs — Historian, Roger Bemis — President. Not Pictured: Dr. Raymond Barr — Faculty Advisor. 118 First Row: Alberto Perez — Treasurer, Jim Warmowski — Presi- dent. Mike McAleenan. Second Row: Bryan Lavigne, Sue Greer, Karl Guenther, Mary Beth Anthony, John Rogers, Dwayne Wil- son. Third Row: Scott Cohn, Matt Richardson, Jim Hallett, Porifi- rio De La Cruz, Stu Bridges, Cathy Brand, Charlie Mitchell. Not Pictured: Ben Braverman, Sally Ehm, Debbie Wilker, Anna Fuentes, Margarita Osbom, Lisa Allan, Caroline Troise, Todd Orensky, Chris Colonnesse, Alan Kagan, Bob Pederson, Annette La Greca, Robin Winter, Bob Cahill, Jon Coby, Silvia Hernandez. 119 First Row: Camille Marder, Karen Thompson — Secretary-Trea- dall Wayne Rappaport — Vice-President, Kayode Ajayi. Not Pic- surer, Sharon H. Silver, D. Anne Thomas, Alberto G. Iglesias. Sec- tured: Barbara Foley, Kathy Brow, ond Row: Richard A. Smith, D ' Arcy Cannava — President, Ran- 120 First Row: Robin Schwartz, Mark Witkind — Vice-President, Cera Almeida, Andrea Caplan, Linda Smith, Julienne Fhck, Ellen Weiner — President, Dr. Sinko — Faculty Advisor, Debra Gun- derson — Secretary, Alisa Lasky, Robin Feingold, Patti Schever, Bettye Douglas, Elyse Spatz, Pat Gilkeson, Ana Gorfinkle, Karen Waters, Trina Gould, Dr. Sullivan. Third Row: Renee Betancourt — Treasurer, Joanne DeiSanti, Leslie Taffin, Dr. Shea — Dept. Chairman, Esther McVoy, Julia Johnson, Kaji Cartwright, Harriet Applebaum, Gretchen Williams, Michelle Parks, Mariela Marti- nez, Mary Grace Hechter, Maggie Carmona. s p E E C H H E A R I N G S T U D E N T A C T I V I T I E S First Row: Jon Tepper, Karen Synder, Dana Cuffe, Arlyn Ray- field, Jane Lacy. Second Row: Bart Whiting, Jack Wargo, John Stofan. 121 First Row: Kenny Schindler, Dave Rindone, Judy Tumuroff, Andy Sapiro, Sam Hooper, Simone Matzer, Ray Myers, John Maria Albisu, Doug Green, Joannie Edick, Debbie Goldfield, Mil- Mclntyre. Third Row: Bruce Griffin, Bob " Bear " Mordente, Seth ton Fisher, Stephen Kay. Second Row: Dave Diamond, Alan Kar- Mann, Ray Vaugham, Dave Lemmon, John Masterson, Jim min, Steve " Snake " Riveria, Art Kelly, Jonathen Isen, Dave Reign, Vaught. Randy Gerstenblatt, Charlie Fairbanks. 122 123 First Row: Jackie Rosch, Dr. Stephen Nord — Advisor, Steve Leth — President, Tina Frenzel — Treasurer, Eric Seidel — Vice-Presi- ient. Second Row: Pito Delgado, Ann Pompe — Master of Ritu- als, Barry Nedelman — Pledgemaster, Donna Marone, John Fos- ter, Gardener Moulton, Mark Schulman, Ken Miller, Sam Green- stone, Rosy DelDago. 124 125 Top Row: Lawson, O Reilly, Shankman, Tilney, Molina, Djabayane, Willingham, Vasquez, Froeschele, Trawick, Sellers, Blume, Lichtman, J Gardner, Stuff, Taborda, Confort. Second Row: Saylor, Diaz, Placensia, Moye, Green, Gerwitz, Tz Espino. Moon, Dehort, Wilson, Brake, Taggert, Alvarado, Benisvy. Third Row: 126 Antonio Pala — Cadet Coips Commander, Victor Reyes — Deputy Com- mander for Support, Cheryl McKinney — Cadet Corps Vice Commander, Daniel Orchowski — Squadron I Commander, Glenn Strong — Athletics Officer. Ronnie James — Comptroller, Joseph Widmayer — AAS Com- mander, Alfonso Munoz — Squadron II Commander, Stefan Wesolowski — Squadron I Executive, John Keufmann — Administration Officer, Mark Sholz — Deputy Commander of Operations, Albert Alan — Inspec- tion Officer, Warren Siegel — Information Officer. First Row: Debby Jaques, Cheryl Blade, Marilyn Artache, Rich Conforti, Joseph Widmayer, RosaUnd Lem, Mary Cook. Second Row: Joe Frehl- ing, Billy Songer, Shelly Blume, Bruce Lichtman, Eve Boertlien, Chris Cantwell, Lewis Taborda, Brian Moye. Third Row: Warren Siegel, Daryl Trawick, Tony Djabayane, Howard Benevy, Jeff Berry, Mike Schissel, Victor Reyes, Donna Farfan, Antonio Pala. Fourth Row: Douglas Cochrane, Mike Shea, Joe Ford, Cheryl McKinney, Alan Garder, Ronald La Porte, John O ' Reilly, Mana Espifio, Capt. Barral. 127 First Row: Karen Quintero — Corresponding Secretary, Melody Ann Watral — Recording Secretary, Karen Raley — President, Jeannie Eher — Student Nurse of the Year, Marcy Ber- kow — Treasurer, Cathy Chowning — RAP Editor. Second Row: Karen Olsson, Debbie Hodges, Audrey Schlav, Lisa Sharf, Marcy Chernick, Pat Seabrooks, Carol Zimmern, Geri Long. Third Row: Vicky Civile, Yvelte Dejesus, Gail Pech, Shirlien Portor, Jeanne Sepaniak, Margie Goldstein, Debbie Ferrell — First Vice-President, Linda McKeney — Academic Con- sultant, Ronald Nackson. Not Pictured: Ken Kirsner — Second Vice-President. t 128 Kevin King — Second Semester Hurricane Editor, Joshua Dann — First Semester Hurricane Editor, Bonnie Israel — IBIS Editor, Business Manager Student Publications. 129 HURRICANE First Row: Janet Reynolds, Kevin King — Edi- tor ' 79, Lloyd Barry Tennen, Josh Dann — Edi- tor ' 78, Joe Click, Chris Crystal, Jodi Bodin, Mike Weber, Beryl Needelman. Second Row: Jamie Colby, Cindy Vova, Bill Kaczaraba, Lori Barrist, Al Ferguson, Joyce Bauman, Tom Morey, Ilien Muller, Porfirio De La Cruz, Harry Rimm, Amy Wain. Third Row: Stu Mehler — Business Manager, Ritchie Lucas, William Ross, Mina Socares, Bob Kneeley, David Chiefa, Albert Pimienta, Michelle Yehle, Jane Marcus, Sari Shapiro. First Row: Phyllis T, Vecchurie, Karen Berkowitz, John Nagle — Vice- Presidenl. Bill Estevey — President. Jamie Byington — Secretary, Brenda Nason — Treasurer, Marc Lee Wais — Government Advisor. Second Row; Kelly West, Jackie Hallifax, Betty Kimble, Jeffrey Becker, Lisa Abeloff, Marianne Waller, Lisa Fleming, Devin Macnow, Dawn Alano, Giselle Harrison. 112 open Door The IBIS staff would like to acknowledge the tremendous service Open Door provides. Out of respect to each individual that Open Door helps and each of their volunteers we will not publish the names of the individual workers. First Row: Monica Fenelon — Secretary, Beth Kemp — Treasurer Second Row: Louanne Hoffman — Co-Captain, Patty Heydet Captain U Hurricane Honeys First Row: Claudia Foreman, Amy Meyers, Ruthann Hurwitz, Robin Third Row: Patty Heydet, Darlene Taylor. Cindy Swink. Sue Weinstein, Kupersmith Sue Shoflick, Jenna Hoffman Second Row: Janice Bruton, Laura Pivaco, Scarlett Singleton. Louanne Hoffman — Captain, Giselle Arsenault — Captain, Beth Bullock, Margy Sidles, Kathy Fontes First Row: Cindy Moors, Juli Byington, Tom Brunstetter, Tod Seminoff n6 m m. Soriano J. reed 138 f : t 140 i J. baunijfi 142 J. kumin i j. reeJ 144 145 { I d. porrello i a. meverson J. reed pak-iKick 150 I s. murphv EDITORS EDITORS EDITORS ■iiS ' rfS dHMtf " " Ilien Muller — Academics Judy Dan — Copy Stuart Mehler — Business Manager 152 EDITORS EDITORS EDITORS Pat Healy — Activities n I t Chris McCulioch — Staff Coordinator 153 EDITORS EDITORS EDITORS Brett Levetown — Sports Don Hafele — Seniors 154 EDITORS EDITORS EDITORS Gary Nichols — Organizations William Balanoff — Associate, Bcinie Israel — Editor, Mike Rarus — Senior Bicycle Winner 155 ADVISORS ADVISORS ADVISORS. President Henry King Stanford Raymonde Bilger — Financial Advisor Janet Reynolds — Student Publications Coordinator 156 I j DVISORS ADVISORS ADVISORS William Butler — Vice President of Student Affairs George Southworth — Senior Advisor Rick Artman — Asst. Vice President of Student Affairs 157 x « « « ♦ J- ♦ PHOTOGRAPHERS Sieve Abrams Peier Barcelo Lee Batchelder Joyce Bauman Dan Blake Geraldo Blanco Tony Blank Julie Blumenthal Lee Bookman Valene Clifton Debbie D ' Angelo Gil Fentress Richard Freund Adis M. Garcia Steve Hathaway Clyde Joyce Jayne Kamin Chip Leavitt Angel Li Wendy Livingston Dror Maier Craig Moon Marcia Mur Steve Murphy Gar Nellis John Palenicek Pete Pappas Debra Porretto COPY STAFF Meg Bradley Jackie Clark Pat Finerly Jacqueline Galicia Barbara Gardere Jackie Hallifax Patriecia Henno Marcy Lawrence Jim McDonough Marianela Morejon Nancie Samet Michelle Slomovitz Barbara Reed Cindy Vova Zoe Wyche Jim Reed Robin Rheingold Harry Rimm Lisa Silverman Sue Weinstein Sam Wong ARTISTS Porfirio De La Cruz Phil Scandariato Herb Westphalen II First Row; Unknown, Wendy Burns, Pat Finerty, Angel Li, Sam Wong, Gary Nichols, Gerry Blanco, Pat Healy Second Row; Dan Blake, Brett Levetown, Judy Dan, Don Hafele, Chris McCulloch Third Row; Marcy Lawrence, Ilien Muller, Pete Pappas, Porfirio De La Cruz, Lee Batchelder, Barbara Reed, Jim McDounough bonnie 1. Israel, editor William 1. balanoff, associate editor university of miami box 248121 coral gables, floriaa 33146 305 284-6385 158 I never believed them when they told me how many times I would be in the Ibis office and actually see the sun rise over the Union. I never imagined how many things could go wrong, how many times I would get angry or upset, how impossible things seemed — especially when it always seemed like there wasn ' t any money (or should I say never enough). But, I certainly found out. This past year I was a terrible girlfriend always ranting, raving and expecting miracle cures, I was an awful daughter; never writing and always calling Dad for advice. I was a terrible roommate always receiving millions of phone calls usually between 3-4 A.M. However I have learned alot about myself. My dreams and aspirations have been trimmed and shaped. I have learned alot about Communication with and between other people. I learned that you can ' t do it all yourself but when it comes down to the end you have to do it yourself. I love the Ibis, I wouldn ' t have given up any moment or second of this past year. I learned a tremendous amount and there are certain people who were always there to hold me up. Very special thanks to my parents, Louis, Chris and Janet for believing in me. JsXJtyMjJL Special Thanks To: Louis Olinlo Janet Reynolds Chris McCulIoch Raymonde Bilger George Southworth To all the Editors: Thank you. Rick Artman Mr. and Mrs. Balanoff M.A.Baldwin Dr. Stephen Beebe Ray Bellamy Julie Blumenthal Jim Bohn Samuel Bomstein Pat Bourque Michele Braithwaite Dr. William Butler Dr. Donald W. Calhoun Rich " Sweetness " Caspar Alicia Cervera Valerie Clifton Joshua Dann Evelyn the " Operator " The " Eye " George Gallet Gary Glickman Lester Goran Jackie Hallifax Patty Henao Louanne Hoffman The Hurricane Hurricane Center Paul Israel Nancy Johnson Greg Kramer Marcy Lawrence Ginny Less Linda in Petersburgh Nancy McRoberts Stuart Mehler Ronald Newman Karen O ' Connor Joseph Pin eda Patricia Porretto Ed Ralicki The Rathskeller Staff Robert Redick Barbara Reed Room Reservations S.A.F.A.C. Nancy Samet Dr. Harry P. Schultz Jan Senior The Co-Opera tive Seniors Judy Sheppard Student Activities Graduate Assistants Taylor Publishing Company Darlene Taylor Thompson Photo Lab Ken Thornberry Allen Thurston The Union Janitors Sue Weinstein J. G. Weisand Jennifer Wenson Frazier White Yearbook Associates 159 C7faacis.niia± WHO ' S WHO . . . William L. Balanoff Julie Bonchack Lee Butcher Editing a yearbook combines many of one ' s resources and also requires perseverance, conscientious thinking, organization, and an incredible sense of responsibility. An individual with such qualities is Associate Editor of the IBIS yearbook. Bill Balanoff. Bill, a sophomore majoring in chemistry, has been involved in yearbook activity since his high school days. When he entered UM as a freshman he immediately joined the IBIS staff; and was appointed Academic Editor. Now as a sophomore he ' s serving as Associate Editor and enjoying every minute of it, even the hard work. " When writing a yearbook, the editor is supposed to assume an objective nature about the work being done, " Bill said. Things such as business, writing, photography, and graphics fall under individual editorships and it ' s Bill ' s job to try to coordinate it all. The sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, and the silent appreciation of the students make it all worthwhile, but the most important reward is that, in Bill ' s words, " It ' s a lot of fun. " m. leslic She ' s the kind of person who would be asked to do an American Express Card commercial. Everyone, at UM at least, knows her face although they may not know her name. Her name is Julie Bonchack and she ' s the Head Cheerleader. Julie was elected to her position by the members of the squad and her main administrative duty is the organization of try-outs. Where did Julie get her expertise? Well, probably the most significant factor is her spirit. But in addition, Julie has had three years of ballet and last summer she studied gymnastics. Also this last summer, with another girl and two men from the squad, Julie attended a cheerleading camp in Tennessee. But Julie is more than a cheerleader. She has been involved in the Sugar Canes for two years, co-captain for one year, and the Hurricane Honeys for three years. She is in Delta Gamma. Julie is a Human Service major and after graduate school hopes to make a career of counseling abused children. d. deangelo Behind our fantastic Homecoming Week of activities there is a person who bears the immense responsibility of making sure it all works as well as it does. Dedicated, hardworking and extremely courageous that person is Lee Butcher. Lee was chosen for his position of Homecoming Chairman after a series of interviews with the Director of Student Services, the President of Panhellenic and last year ' s committee. The interview included a presentation of his ideas, and a question and answer session. Lee ' s duties include acting as a liaison between the administration and the Homecoming committee, preparing a budget, outlining committee jobs and choosing committee members. He is aided in these responsibilities by the Associate Chairman whom he appoints and also by the Director of Student Activities. Lee states that his major reward is the sense of satisfaction he receives from a job well done. When it gets down to the bottom line, the only thing left to say is " Thanks Lee. " 162 Alicia Cervera Joshua Dann Bruce Griffin Meet a twenty year old Psychology major who came to the United States from Cuba when she was three years old. She enjoys water skiing, the theatre, and loves to dance. Who is she? Alicia Cervera, our Undergraduate Student Body Government President for the 1978- 1979 school year. Elected in the spring by the undergraduate student body, Alicia ' s experience as a cabinet member and secretary of academic affairs last year well qualifies her to head the Executive branch of the student government. The Executive branch heads off the three branches. Legislative, Judicial and the Supreme Court of the USBG. Alicia was the main force behind Grove Day which exposed UM students to the community and the community to UM students. It is under her administration that the plan for a security service and a formal entrance was founded. She says " the entrance way will create a whole beginning of belonging. " Alicia remarked that USBG President " is an exciting and challengingjob, a beautiful experience to get involved with such a magnificent establishment. " Our President gives us a word of advice; " Don ' t just get an education — question it! " A Joshua Adam Dann, who hails from Westport, Connecticut, is the person who makes sure the Hurricane comes out on campus twice a week. As Editor-in-Chief, he is responsible for insuring the campus community that they are receiving all important news and information. The 22 year old senior is a history and English major, who came to UM in the second half of his freshman year. Since coming to UM, Josh has served as treasurer of the Mahoney Pearson governor ' s council, USBG senator from Eaton Hall and Alumni secretary of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. In addition he was founder of the " brief but successful " Mahoney Pearson student security force in 1976. Josh ' s goals for the Hurricane are simple; he wants it to be a " readable, significant newspaper. " " And, " he adds, " win the Pacemaker. " One thing we are all very proud of at the University of Miami is our radio station, WVUM. A lot of credit goes to the general manager, Bruce Griffin. A 27 year old Air Force veteran from Connecticut, Bruce majors in communications. His special interest in broadcast journalism and his experience in the field are the main factors that gained him his position. As general manager, Bruce does not do too much airwork as his other duties take up a good majority of his time. One of his responsibilities is a seat on the executive board of WVUM. He is also responsible for the organization and administration of a university radio station dedicated to giving news of clubs and sports around campus in addition to playing music and reporting news from the rest of the world. Bruce plans to look for a job in a radio station in Connecticut to further his career, and all of us here at UM wish him a happy and successful career. WHO ' S WHO . . . David Hinkes A LouAnne Hoffman Bonnie Israel " Factually it ' s the biggest, best and least expensive interest organization on campus. Anyone who wishes to refute the above statement better prepare for verbal conflict. " So says David Hinkes in speaking of UM Pre-Legal Society. Dave, a senior, is majoring in Politics and Public Affairs and holds the office of President of the Society. The Pre-Legal Society is an undergraduate organization on campus which serves to unite all pre-law students in a common pursuit of law school information and acceptance requirements. The most important activity sponsored by the Society is the practice LSAT which they administer free to all members. They also sponsor speakers, field trips, law school library tours, court observances, socials and an end of the year banquet. The Society boasts approximately 150 members who pay a five dollar per year membership fee. Membership is open to anyone. Dave was elected president by the Society during elections held last spring. He supervises all activities and co-ordinates the actions of the Society. So all aspiring attorneys and any other interested student should be a member of the Society. As Dave Hinkes says: " Having been in the Society since my freshman year for one not to be a member is inconceivable. " Many of us have seen the cheerleaders at the football games but most of us don ' t realize that there is another group of girls supporting the teams in their own way. The Hurricane Honeys and Batgirls, both under the leadership of LouAnne Hoffman, do as much for the teams behind the scenes as the cheerleaders do out front. Hurricane Honeys ' main purpose is to help the football coaches with recruiting prospective high school players. The Hurricane Honeys answer any questions the new players might have and act as escorts when they visit the campus. They also work in the press box during the games and serve as hostesses at cocktail parties after the games. What the Hurricane Honeys do for the football team the Batgirls do for the baseball team. They help the umpires, retrieve foul balls and pick up bats. LouAnne feels that working with the Hurricane Honeys and Batgirls has been a rewarding experience. She has had the opportunity to meet many interesting people in addition to visiting such places as South America, Georgia and New Orleans. So next time you see the cheerleaders on the field think of all the girls behind the scenes doing their part to support the teams and promote school spirit. Every spring, the IBIS, UM ' s yearbook, is finished, published, and handed out, free of charge, to the student body. Curious souls must wonder just exactly who is behind t his mammoth task of compiling a yearbook, who sheds the inevitable sweat and tears? Well, of course, this " who " is more than one person. The IBIS staff includes many dedicated and devoted students. But heading this staff, and deserving special recognition, is the Editor-in-Chief, Bonnie Israel. Bonnie is a junior here at the University of Miami with a major in Public Relations. Her involvement with yearbook publication goes back to her high school days in New Hampshire where, as a senior, Bonnie served as Editor-in-Chief. As Editor-in-Chief, Bonnie does her best to promote enthusiastic student involvement in the yearbook. She reports that her position requires a great deal of patience and total dedication. If past performances are any kind of a prediction, Bonnie is sure to have a successful and productive career ahead of her. 164 Bob Knapp David Lemmon Jr. Bill Matevich Who is the most important person next to the Secretary of the Treasury? SEC chairman at UM, of course. The chairman of the Student Entertainment Committee, Bob Knapp, had to mal e a presentation before, and be interviewed by, the USBG representative, the Director of Student Activities, and SEC before he was appointed to his position. Why all the fuss? Since Bob is in charge of the $92,000 budget the SEC is allocated, and only $ 1 2,000 of it is automatically distributed, ($6,000 to lectures and $6,000 to Homecoming), the position calls for a person who is capable, responsible and experienced. So Bob. capable, responsible, and experienced was chosen. His past offices as President of RHCC in 1976 and Director of Electoral Affairs for USBG in 1977 gave him the necessary expertise the position of SEC chairman requires. Bob ' s duties include the organization of the SEC committee, researching the availablity of groups we would all like to see. and the production of shows of general and specific appeal. Having to control and allocate so much money is a great responsibility. We should be thankful for people like Bob Knapp who do it and do it so well. A d. deangelo Dave Lemmon, a sophomore here at UM, is this year ' s President of HSA. Dave hails from Largo, Florida (which is near Tampa for the many out-of-staters) and was elected to his position in April of 1978. What is his position? President of HSA. Yes. but what is HSA? HSA, standing for Honor Students Association, is a social and service club existing here on campus for Honor students. HSA has its own newspaper. The Phoenix and its own intramural team, the Purple Threads. Usual activities include such things as trips to spots of local interest (Viscaya, the Serpentarium), beach parties, a trip to the Keys and atiother to Disneyworld. It can be a lot of fun as Dave, who was very active last year as well, will testify. His major is Communications; his special interests lie in Film and Broadcasting. After graduation, Dave hopes to go into the field of sports broadcasting (he presently works at WVUM with Sports and News) or possibly film direction. Fortunately, though, there are two more years that Dave will be with UM and HSA before he leaves to make his undoubtable fame and fortune. Interfraternity Council is a governing body for all the social fraternities. It controls them by setting down rules and regulations to be followed in addition to what the University of Miami has already handed down. But who controls the IFC? His name is Bill Matevich and he ' s a senior from Chicago holding a double major in Accounting and BMO. The IFC is composed of six officers with elections being held every year in February. The only prerequisite for an aspiring candidate is that he be a member of a fraternity. Fraternities, under the direction of the IFC, participate in various activities. These include: IFC night at the Rat, Carni Gras, Homecoming, various charities, and an annual blood drive. Their future goals include increased membership, more publicity, and perhaps a weekly column in the newspaper. Bill has learned a lot about handling people through his involvement and has learned more than he could have by just attending classes. Fraternity life has had a great effect on his life at UM, and he believes frats are the easiest way to get involved. Bill does get involved and any organization he gets involved in is lucky to have him. 1 4 165 WHO ' S WHO . . . Stuart Mehlar Suzy Mehlinger Vincent Omachonu A d. deangclo Hurricane Business Manager. Siuart A. Mehler, is the man whose responsibility it is to take care of the advertising for the paper. The pubUc relations advertising major is a senior and comes from Long Island. He has attended UM since his freshman year and has been active since that time. He has been a member of the admissions club, the marketing admissions telephone and recruiting committee and SAFAC. He began as an ad sales representative at the Hurricane, and last year served as General Manager before being elected by the Board of Publications to his current post. Stuart ' s goal as Business Manager is to " work cohesively with the editor and his staff, and to give students the opportunity to work in a professional atmosphere. " There is a philosophy that underlies many of Stuart ' s actions. " I like to look for uncomfortable situations and make them comfortable. " is ? d. deangelu This year ' s chairman of Carni Gras, Suzy G. Mehlinger, put in a lot of time in making the carnival a huge success. She has been active in many aspects of campus life throughout her college career. As a freshman she worked helping a presidential candidate ' s campaign and served as intramural representative in her dorm. She has also been a floor governor and RHCCC representative for 960. The latter position took her to a national residence halls convention in the summer of 1977. Last year Suzy served as chairman of Carni Gras. She also helped in the restoration of the Omega chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon, in which she was vice- president and currently serves as Panhellenic representative. One of Suzy ' s major goals for Carni Gras was to be able to contribute to the Paul Yarak fund, which pays for capital improvements on campus. " I want to prove that Carni Gras is an activity that should not be overlooked and not be abolished because it is something the students can benefit from. " Suzy believes UM has a lot to offer its students. " In a school this size you can just book it for four years or you can book it, become involved and enjoy UM too. " There are almost 1,000 students representing 77 countries right here at UM. Although each country has an individual organization for students from their country, the central committee for all international student organizations is COISO, the Council of International Students and Organizations and the head of COISO is Vincent Omachonu, a senior majoring in industrial engineering. The basic function of COISO is to promote an understanding and culture among international students and expose students from the United States to the many aspects of other cultures. Elected to his position through the votes of all the international students, Vincent has helped COISO to achieve these goals. International Week has become an annual affair; its object being " to convert differences in culture to a common basis for unity. " Vincent is an obvious choice to head such an organization. He was also the 1978 recipient of awards honoring him as both the outstanding engineering and international student of the year. In Vincent ' s words COISO ' s job is " informing the American people what the various countries stand for and the similarities and differences that do exist. " it ' 3 166 Joe Vossen Karen Waters Edith Williams Almost every student remembers his first day on campus. Overwhelmed by the new experience, most students are greeted by a white t-shirt with the green letters SOS on the back, a big smile, and the very welcome words: " May I help you? " The Student Orientation Service provides services extending from moving students into dorms to helping out at registration, all designed to help the new student get settled. Coordinator of SOS for 1978, Joe Vossen, pointed out that " The purpose of SOS is not only to help make the transition of the new student to college life, but also to show the availability of campus resources to the student, " states Joe. In addition to the fall, SOS provides summer weekend programs allowing new freshman students to register and meet people before arriving in the fall. NSSOP allows the student to establish bonds which will remain with him for the rest of his four years in Miami. SOS is a rewarding experience both for those who are new students and those working as volunteers. As Joe says: " Working SOS has helped me mature and grow and hopefully some of this has rubbed off on my associates and on students that I ' ve helped. " Speaking out for the Panhellenic Council is Karen Waters, who serves as president. Panhellenic is the governing body of all the social sororities. Composed of the president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer, in addition to two representatives from each sorority; the Council coordinates all the various activities of the sororities. All member sororities participate in the activities and sponsor such things as: Interview and resume writing. Leadership Training, and Self-defense. After this a banquet is held and awards are given for excellence in both activities and academics. Karen is originally from New York and is a senior majoring in Speech Pathology and Audiology. She stresses involvement and firmly believes that, " It ' s very important to learn as much as you can not only in the classroom but by being involved in student activities. " Karen sums up sorority and Panhellenic life by saying, " Sororities foster leadership, scholarship, and friendship in all human endeavors. We have a lot of fun, good friends, good times — all ' ogether. " Edith Williams is a very busy student. A junior here at UM with a dual major in Marine Science and Geology, Edith is the President of United Black Students. UBS, which boasts a membership of approximately 400 here on our campus, is a well rounded organization which deals with the many different aspects of college life, including career planning, tutorial services and of course, basic college survival. BOSS, standing for Black Orientation Student Services, is one of the newer programs and deals with new student attrition and retention. Even with her heavy involvement in campus organizations and her dual major, Edith has always maintained a high academic standing. She also had the honor, during her freshman summer, of being one of the first undergraduate students to have the opportunity of working in the Oxygen Isotopic Lab. As for her career goals, Edith hopes to work either for NASA or a national oil company. There can be no doubt that she will succeed, regardless of what she tries. Florida and hurricanes are two words that have become almost synonymous, and living in Florida means that the chances of having to go through a hurricane are greatly increased. In fact the Miami area experiences, on the average, one hurricane every seven years. All of the warnings of approaching storms come from the National Hurricane Center, a major office of the National Weather Service, located in the Arthur A. linger Computing Center. The Center is responsible for coastal areas from Texas to Maine and for several areas along the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. The Hurricane Center ' s work occurs for the most part from June through December; the hurricane season. Their warning operations begin once a storm is detected. This detection is the first step in their defense operation. Storms are detected through the use of a weather satellite, which photographs weather conditions every 30 minutes 24 hours a day. If a potential hurricane is detected flights gather additional information. As the storm intensifies and approaches land, it is tracked by a coastal based radar network. The Hurricane Center continues following the movements of the storm, hurricane conditions occur when the winds are at least 74 miles per hour, tides are high, and waters are rising. Once a storm reaches enough strength to be called a hurricane and poses a threat to a coastal area the appropriate advisories are given. A Hurricane Watch is issued when hurricane conditions threaten within 24 to 36 hours. HURRICANE C 168 E CENTER d. maier A Hurricane Warning is issued when hurricane conditions are expected within a period of 24 hours or less. Once the warning is issued actions to protect life and property should be taken. All hurricanes are dangerous, but some are more so than others. Hurricane forecasters divide hurricanes into five categories based on their potential destructive power. The first is a minimum hurricane and five is the worst possible. In categorizing hurricanes, forecasters take into account the winds and the storm surge factor. A storm surge is a general rise in sea level beginning deep at sea. The low barometric pressure and strong winds around the eye of the hurricane raise the ocean level higher than the surrounding water forming a " surge " of water as much as 50 miles wide. As the hurricane moves closer to shore the ocean depth decreases and the surge rises to as much as 20 feet or more above normal sea level. The storm surge is the worst part of a hurricane. It is responsible for the massive flooding and destruction along the shorelines hit by a hurricane. Hurricanes are storms of terrible violence. In fact they are known as " The Greatest Storm on Earth. " Loss of life and property from hurricanes can be lessened only by being prepared and by heeding the warnings of the Hurricane Center. For those of you who live in constant fear of the threat of a hurricane, it is comforting to know that the watchful eye of the National Hurricane Center, whose main concern is the protection of lives and property from the ravages of hurricanes, is located right here at the University of Miami. I MUGS The lure of the sea has always held a fascination for the UM student. Now, thanks to a new program, the UM student can study this aspect of the earth. The Marine Science Program combines the traditional sciences, of biology, chemistry, geology, and physics, with a progressive curriculum dealing with the marine environment. The application of the classic fields and the introduction to oceanography, provided by the program, gear the undergraduate student to the diversity of his or her chosen field. The university is ideally situated in an area which lends itself to the study of the marine environment. A sub- tropical climate and circulation of the finest graduate marine school in the United States; the Dorothy H. and Lewis Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (R.S.M.A.S.) is both a research facility and area for higher studies. The University also maintains and operates two ocean going research vessels for extensive study of the marine environment. Founder and director. Professor Ceasere Emiliani, works with faculty and students in a continuing effort to expand the program, and one can usually find him bubbling over with enthusiasm about the program. Co- coordinator Professor Donald De Sylva guides in-coming freshmen through the introductory course, and instills a sense of responsibility for their undergraduate careers. Academic advisor, Ms. Jillian Prince, counsels students through their ensuing four and half year venture. However, not all the program is hard work, and no play: the Marine Undergraduate Student Club, better known as M.U.G.S., provides a social outlet and a sense of comradery needed to enjoy the long trek ahead. It ' s nice to know that UM students now have an opportunity not available to many — a chance to increase and enhance their understanding of the deep sea. j. reed j. reed 170 ■■.iJ.lljMi;lipjJ!tipyi4 ,J,,WL. |I l !l, l i l .,|L|LHl I j. reed j.reed j.reed 171 d. deangelo Not many University of Miami students are aware of the ultratalented musicians we have in our midst. Probably the most prominent of these are the members of UM ' s Concert Jazz Band. The internationally known band still remains virtually unknown in Miami circles. Under the direction and leadership of Whit Sidener the jazz band has contributed to the decline of the image of Miami that has been foremost in many musician ' s minds until now. Never considered a major cultural influence, Miami has often been thought of as a " musician ' s graveyard. " But thanks to the University of Miami and the tremendous music program, including the jazz program, this image is turning around. Much of the credit for this image change goes to the faculty, which includes five actively performing professional musicians and a number of graduate assistants. The program includes courses in jazz improvisation, jazz theory, jazz keyboard, jazz arranging and composition, film scoring and jazz pedagogy. In addition, prominent musician-performers, such as Gerry Mulligan and Louis Bellson, serve as " artists-in-residence, " offering seminars and personal tutoring, allowing UM students to obtain an invaluable education. Another outstanding feature is the weekly jazz forum. Here local, touring or faculty groups are highlighted, allowing students to hear recognized jazz groups first hand. The Concert Jazz Band is only one of the features of the jazz program. Other ensembles include the Studio Orchestra of strings and singers, guitar ensembles and twenty different jazz quartets or quintets. All ensembles rehearse several times a week and it is this type of dedication that makes the jazz program something that cannot be overlooked. The facilities that the University has built up have also contributed to the increase in the jazz program. These include the Foster Building Jazz Center, a large studio used for rehearsing and recording, several piano equipped rooms, two keyboard laboratories, and, of course, Gusman Hall. With jazz music fast becoming even more popular than ever it is nice to know that Miami has what is considered to be one of the foremost bands in the world. The entire Studio Music and Jazz Program is something to be proud of, but we should all take special pride in, and special note of, the Concert Jazz Band. With award winning appearances at the Montreuex Jazz Festival, a Middle East tour, and two LP ' s behind them, they have an assured place in the world of jazz music ahead of them. I 172 d. deangelo d. deangeto 173 174 Although so me students don ' t even reahze where the Unger Computer Center is, computers play a big part in campus life. Every student has filled out computer cards or test forms, but most don ' t understand the machines that process them. Computer language, a combination of English and algebra, is easy to learn and once learned, any student can carry on a conversation with a computer. They have the ability to both speak and understand English and there is not an area of knowledge at this time that is not utilizing digital computers. There are two rooms plus a lab for computer use in the center. On the campus in general are dozens of computers, but the best and newest is the UNIVAC system. Worth two million dollars, this system also has the ability to play Bach on a radio with percussion included. Every note can be seen from the lights that flash while they ' re played. If the future of the world lies in computers, we can rest assured that UM is well-prepared. 175 DR. HELEN FAGIN " . . . This is one of the very few college courses I have had in which I was able to learn something worthwhile and valuable on a personal level. It strongly impressed upon me the importance of what it means to be a moral and responsible human being, especially in the kind of world in which we live today . . . Thankyou for teaching me so much. " Nancy Bloch Not many literature courses teach you as much about morahty and man as they do about Hterature. But UM is fortunate to have such a course in Literature of the Holocaust. The teacher of the course is Dr. Helen Fagin, herself a survivor of the Holocaust. Dr. Fagin is well qualified to teach the course. She has served on the staff of UM ' s English department since 1968, and was recently appointed acting director of Judiac Studies. She remains on the English staff teaching only her Literature of the Holocaust course. In 1978, Dr. Fagin received the Holocaust Memorial Award for her paper " Hell Translated: A Survivor ' s Approach to the Holocaust. " The paper consists of two parts: a personal look backward at her experiences and another section dealing with the teaching of the course. Her own experiences include seeing her parents taken to a crematorium and helping one of her sisters escape through a hole in a ghetto wall. Survival during the Holocaust involved such means as living on false papers, working in labor camps, and even joining a convent if it meant survival. But more than anything Dr. Fagin remembers the never ending running, hiding and persecution. But she will only go so far in telling of her experiences. " They stop at the threshold of hell. " The class is offered only in the fall semester because the experiences are still extremely painful for Dr. Fagin but she is determined " to rise above an emotional approach to concentrate on teaching a positive moral lesson. " That lesson is morality. Dr. Fagin wishes to help the student " discern the humanity and inhumanity " behind the actions of the Nazis during the Holocaust and through that be able to better understand his own standards of judgement; perhaps even revise some personal prejudices he may have acquired over the years. Dr. Fagin doesn ' t guarantee her students answers to all their questions but most of them find they discover their own answers. The course was initiated after twenty years of silence on Dr. Fagin ' s part so " I could use my Holocaust experiences in a way which would not only make my survival more meaningful, but would help bring a better understanding of it to new generations. " d deaogelo Thanks to people like Dr. Fagin many of us are learning more about ourselves and those around us. This is Dr. Fagin ' s hope. " One of the strongest motivators of individual survival for victims of the Holocaust, " she says, " was to tell it to the world, so all men would know. " 176 STUDY ABROAD If you are seriously considering studying abroad, then the Study Abroad Information Counter in the Whitten Student Union is the place to go. It ' s the first stop and first phase of an improved program to aid and encourage student involvement in spending a semester or summer studying in a foreign country. Reference materials on hand include brochures, catalogs, posters, and handbooks of study abroad agencies, societies and associations. A list of UM faculty and staff members with special interests and experience in foreign countries is also available so that students may consult with them. To assure that students receive credit for the program in which they enroll, they may also pick up an " Information on Study Abroad " document that lists recommended procedures, a study abroad approval form and Basic Facts on Foreign Study from the Institute of International Education. As a rule, undergraduates are advised to participate in an organized foreign I study program sponsored by a U.S. or foreign institution or by a recognized . ' private organization. These sponsors, whether domestic or foreign, usually ♦- provide or assist in arranging for living accommodations, transportation and other essentials. It is desirable to have a 3.0 cumulative average, but this is not an absolute , requirement. Most study abroad programs in a foreign language require a , i minimum of two or more years of language prior to going abroad. Howeverrt program is not given in the English language, an intensive language program is M iSr usually given at the host institution prior to the beginning of the term You may wish to study abroad during the summer to better your choice of the Jf jr ' . -y " 1 country and the study abroad program. Most summer programs are for six credits ;• •, Vs over a period of six to eight weeks, and are study-travel concentrating in one i ' ' country or in a gfoup of countries. The courses aft usually of the general and survey type — literature, geo- politics, sociology — and are generally offered in English and not in the foreign language. However, foreign language study ifeftlifcMttiM a$u|M ner s tudy abroad programs. ' L ' ' 11 il (i r ' !Sn!f ' f ' " f!! Wl Dr. Robert Allen, Dean of the School of Continuifig Studies, Who heaoedm University ' s Standing Committee on Study Abroad, says the UM encourages ' international education in two ways: study abroad for students, and bringing students and faculty from other countries to the Universit i iil, " ■ " :soi It to I ' ' " " » I " " " ' ' " I " " ■ ' . iWM(rii|iniiwamBMf««Mi mNiiiiMiiiifiiiipiiuiwifnHii III 177 Cynthia Cidre Everyone dreams of going to Hollywood and being a movie star, right? Not exactly. Some people dream of going to Hollywood and writing screenplays. And some people make that dream come true. Such is the case with Cynthia Cidre, a 21 year old graduate student in English here at UM. Cynthia was one of ten students chosen nationwide to participate in a sixteen week screenwriters ' workshop at Columbia Studios in Burbank, California. Columbia will pay for the students ' roundtrip transportation, lodging and meals for the first week and then a $250 per week salary. During this time the students will each write a screenplay which will hopefully be bought by Columbia for production. Cynthia was first nominated for the workshop by UM communications professor Paul Nagel Jr., who teaches scriptwriting. She had taken two of his courses as an undergraduate and was selected on the basis of writing examples, a short biography and references. Cynthia is now studying nineteenth century Victorian literature. One of her regrets is that she will have to leave the two freshman English courses she has been teaching. She feels that because of her love for teaching she would like to make it her life ' s work. Whatever career Cynthia chooses, scriptwriting or teaching, there can be little doubt that she will do her alma mater proud. m. teslie i ' S- ' 1 ' 2 ' 1 ' IfVl " 1 ftli HHHI r M 4 ' ' B-kt f ' HW " T nNiV I SkM. A -ltL- ilh 4 ' fvf ij) n ' H I ' l ' ■ " ' 9 ' ' " " ft l. IB K j ttTfM l : • aMf- ' A i B I ' nt ' ' I - ii j; «! r H ■ ■H | H|| . ■ ' ■ " ■ 1 1 ' Hf l H H Ba ' v1 Li 1 I H BiL H H(i — m. leslie 178 ill m. teslic Let ' s Communicate Communications is an essential part of human existence. The University of Miami ' s Communications Department helps to develop our understanding of the social and economical significance of communications media. On-campus there are television, radio and motion picture studios available. We have well- equipped laboratory facilities such as processing equipment for still photography, a variety of motion picture cameras, film editing equipment, provisions for motion picture sound recording and mixing, and television installations. The communications department offers students two degrees; either a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in Communications or a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in broadcasting or film. The University of Miami offers an internship program for several of the qualified communications students. These students must be career oriented and willing to work in their field of interest. They discuss their work with their professors, and are required to write scholarly papers. The internship insures the students of work experience. By the time they are ready to graduate, these students have little difficulty finding jobs because they have made some valuable contacts. Mr. Paul Nagel is one of the many fine communications teachers, as well as a script writer. When asked if he enjoys teaching his reply was, " Of course! " Mr. Nagel is the coordinator of motion pictures for the students. He says that many of the teachers in this department teach what they love and love what they teach. Ms. Judith Wallace is another fine communications teacher. She feels that communications is an industry and area that utilizes many various talents. Ms. Wallace says the communications students are enthusiastic and " Driven to do it! " There is much potential to be found in fields such as cable, satellite, and industrial along with thousands of jobs to be obtained with a minimum of a college degree. The courses in communications at the University of Miami are varied, and have much to offer college students. 179 Ronald Feinberg, assistant professor of the Drama department, stands a tall six feet eight inches. He teaches a wide variety of courses: drama, acting for non-majors, introduction to theater and film, acting for majors and play writing. A native Californian, Mr. Feinberg went to Menlo College in California and then transferred to Stanford University, where he received his bachelor ' s degree. He was number " 37 " on his collegiate football team for whom he played defensive tackle. Nineteen years later Mr. Feinberg decided to further his education at California Southern University of Northridge. This is Mr. Feinberg ' s second year of teaching. His wife is a graduate student at UM and his ten year old daughter attends Westlab school. Before teaching Mr. Feinberg was a guest speaker at many different colleges. He made his decision to teach seven years ago, but was unable to fulfill his hopes until last year. For the past twenty-five years Mr. Feinberg has been an actor, director, and writer for television, stage and films. He has done one hundred guest star roles. He spent two years on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, in which he portrayed the character of H. B. Johnson, whom he created. He is the voice of Eyore the donkey in Winnie the Pooh cartoons, and has done many other voices for Hanna-Barbera productions, one of which is Scooby Doo. Mr. Feinberg chose to teach at UM mainly because he likes the students and finds the staff easy to work with. The feeUngs are mutual, and we would like to wish him continued success in the future. 180 R O N F E I N B E R G 181 , £ ZtOTi ii AB Adel Abbasi I EN David H. Abrams PSY Maria Abreu ARC Maria A. Abuin ACC Pilar Abuin ACC Amin Abunassar EEN Carlos A. Abunassar MEN Thomas Acito COM-CIN 184 AIv Adys M. Acosta HIS ENG I Lourdes Acosta MKT Elizabeth F. Adland NUR Kayode Ajayi soc Ross Albertson COM Carlos E. Aldana MEN Paul C. Alexander MKT 185 AIv Francine Alperstein ACC Helen Alpert MME m. leslie Roberto Alvarado BMO Steve Alvers HPR Michael G. Alvord HIS Nancy Amaro-Assuncad COM Lilian Amiguet PSY Joseph Aminoff ECO 186 Mi AR Silvia Anderhub EED Miriam Anderson APY Carolina Andino ECO Leonard Antolczyk BMO Meryl Lee Allawas HIS Miguel A. Antonetti MEN Andrew Applegate BIL Patricia Arango SPE Joseph Argenta ARC Lourdes M. Armada LAN Leon Armstrong. Jr. CSC Dalia R. Arocha ARC 187 AR i rnr ' ' Lori B. Aronwald SEM Jonathan E. Arostegui ACC Aleida Arrazcaeta ACC Gisele Arsenault PSY SOC Richard Ashman MEN David J. Autore ACC Regina Azicri EED Cindy D. Babcoclc NUR Wynne Babycos EED Oliver S. Bailey PHY Thomas Baker COM Mindy Bakst GBU BA Debbie A. Baldwin ARC Andrew Bandklayder BMO m. ieslie Ranjit K. Banerjee ARC Isabel Barbachano ART Peter Barcelo, Jr. PHY Sumaya Bardawil ARC Lynn Barlow FIN BMO Mindy Barlow COM-PR 189 BA Jorge Barros CEN B ■ m t f 1 W Robert C. Barry, Jr. PPA l mh s- i Sandra Barth-Ross EDU Luann P. Barton PSY ENG Robert M. Basara GBU Jorge A. Bassett MKT Lynn Bates soc 190 BE Harold C.Bauer, Jr. ACC Joyce E. Bauman COM-PR Stephen S. Bauser FIN Steven Bay PPA JUS Alvaro Becerra MKT Zvonimir Belfranin CEN Roger Bemis II MUS David K. Bennett PSY f Lawrence Benson PSY 9 m Mr ■ r r f Leslie Berger MKT Andrea M. Berken COM-JOU Gary Steven Bernstein FIN 191 David Lee Besser APY Eduardo E. Bilbao ACC John Binkley ARC Susan Bird MTH John S. Birnhak IFM EHzabeth Bishop COM Donna Blalt SOC Stephen Jay Block GBU tBO Kenny M. Blum FIN " " ™ ' " -- " ' Sidney Bochner GBU Ray Bodiford PPA Luis A. Bolivar EEN Peter A. Bonanni FIN Janet Laurie Bond BIL Lee M. Bookman COM Gladys M. Borges MIC BO Fariba Borjian CSC Anita Bonna Bormel ACC Matilde M. Botamborda ARC Cecilia Botero HAS Sylvia Botero ARC Abdullah Bou-Qammaz lEN Mustapha Bouriachi lEN William M. Bouyer COM Douglas Bozotis BMO James P. Bracken EDU Frances Bradley MET Denise Brandom PSY 194 Julia A. Brandt HIS Andy Breakstone ACC Lisa Marie Breglio BIL Steve Breitkreuz FIN CSC Jeffrey Breslow ACC Stuart F. Bridges MEN Les Brockmann MUE Rita Brodzky PSY Susan Brooks COM-JOU Kathleen A. Brow SOC Miriam M. Brown SEM Orlando Brown MME 195 BR Russell J. Brown ACC Rhonda Buc k SOC JUS Lillian Bru IFM Ellyn D. Brugnetti FIN Steven J. Bukowski BIL CHM Jodi S. Budin SEM Beth Bullock NUR 196 11 Yolanda C. Burgos CHM Scott Andrew Burin COM Carol M. Burke SOC Freda Burstyn MET Carlos Bustelo ARC Harold L. Butcher HIS Carmen L. Butler BMO Philip D. Butson EEN Wf • -i. L « L H I HPIHI nB« IDnSsniHI IsSb Scott R. Byers ECO Toni Alice Byron EED Stacey B. Cabot SEM Lourdes Cabrera COM II 197 €A Phil Caggiano GEO Steven D. Callif GBU Donna Calvelli NUR Margarita Camara SPE p I l l ■ w » ■ . " ■■ B Bruce Alan Campbell BMO Hilda Campuzano EED Sylvia Cancela PSY SOC Patricia E. Canete PSY SharynCantin PSY SOC Tony Cantwell CHM Mayra F. Capote BIL Henri J. Cardoso ARC 198 CA Chris Carlson MEN Gail M. Carman EDU JoanCarmona SPE Darline R. Carrillo BMO ¥ John Canillo FIN Rosamaria Casanova FIN Charles Rickey Casser FIN Muriel Lise Catherwood MEN 199 :CE: Cynthia Cerrone FIN Alicia C. Cervera PSY Edward J. Chandler, Jr. BIL CHM Wayne E. Chaplin ACC Susan Chamizon GBU Ranga R. Charyulu BIL CHM Cynthia L. Cheng GBU FRE John D. Cheslick MAS Nourdine Chettouh lEN John S. Chevallier PHI Raphaete C. Chiappetta ARC 200 Jeff Chivers BMO Craig W. Christiansen IFM Armand Christopher, Jr. ARC Francisco L. Chuy ARC Dale Cohen BMO Debra R. Cohen NUR Gary Cohen ACC Gary Cohen ACC Jacki Cohen EED Susan Cohen EED William G. Cohen FIN I CO Susan Beth Colley BIL Donna Maria Comuzzi COM-BDC Nelson Joseph Conde PSY Joanne Constantine ACC Jeffrey R. Coop wood DRA Juana E. Cordoba BMO Vilma E. Cordoba PSY Marisa Corona ACC k 202 » Julio Coto CEN Martha A. Crawford MTY f j Richard J. Cronenberger ARC Peter M. Cronig FIN Chris Crystal BMO Ross Cunningham MKT I cu Robert Curtis MSJ Cindy Cutler IFM David Cutler FIN Joel R. Daigle ACC Harvey M. Dana MKT Kathleen Maria Daniels BIL Don T. Davis FIN Donald Davis NUR George M. Davis BIL Kevin H. Davis BIL Lynda Davis BGS Vivian Perez De La Mesa HIS 204 ' V DE Lidia De Leon COM Cheryl Lee Degroff HPR Richard Del Forn ACC Cynthia Dean SOC Diane C. Deighton PPA Frank J. Delaorra MKT Douglas Dearden GBU Charlotte A. Degenlesh NUR W i D£ r Maria E. Detgado EDU Mario Arturo Detgado BIL Martha E. Delgado ACC Julie Delman MKT Carlos Diaz ARC Fanny H. Diaz ACC Pedro Diez ARC DO Elizabeth Dibianco IFM Ralph A. Digiacomo CHM Stephen Dierking CHM Kingsley Dike PSY Francisco A. Diez-Rivas FIN ECO Linda J. Dilatush EED ICC Ron Ditorro CHM J. Adriana D ' La Rotta ARC Joseph Martin Dobkin SOC Carlos Manuel Dougnac ARC DR Myron Drywulych BIL Michael Durham IFM Neil C. Dubin BGS Patricia Dzikowski PPA Michael Craig Dudley BCH Dean Ross Eaker MKT ; : " .t:SiJ!-?$ ' X ' y% ........... •.. - John E. Drake FIN I Elise B. Eaton ENG 208 i " " kf M Johnson Edosomwan lEN Jean C. Edwards MEN EV: Laurie Ehrlich CEN Marc J. Eichberg ACC Larry D. Epstein CHM Marisel Elias EED Randi S. Epstein MKT Elaine Engelberger EED Celia Rose Estrada BCH CHM Thomas Warren Engle MEN Elena Evans CSC FA Julian H. Falgons CEN Ellen Fancher MED Edward H. Prankhanel SOC Roy Farach CEN Nunzio Fazio DRA Julie Feigeles ACC Ami Feitelson SEM Pedro Fernandez MEN James L. Ferraro ACC Steven D. Ferre ira BMO Deborah H. Ferrell NUR 210 FI Frances Diane Fields CHM Sanford A. Finkelstein PSY Rosa Figarola ECO Cheryl M. Fisch SEM Richard Filippi HIS Neal Fisher IFM Neil H. Fleischer PPA Deborah R. Fleischman MKT Jack Fleischman lEN Michael Fleming COM 212 FR Steven Mark Fletcher BIL Michael A. Flicker PSY Barbara Foley soc David H. Follett GBU Luciano Fontana ACC Edwina Forciarz HPR Deborah Ford ACC Nikki Renee Foster NUR tni A Wendy L. Foster ART Maria C. Franco EED Wendy Fran klin CHM Dirk G. Franzen CHM X. FR Melva L. Fraser PSY Richard Alan Freund COM Cristina Frexes BIL Patricia J. Frexes CEN Man Michael A. Friday EEN Ilisa Gayle Fried MTH Debra Friedman SEM Helen Anne Friedman REL Patti Friedman ACC Kenneth Fuchs MTC Miriam Futemick SOC JUS Laurie Anne Gaberman ENG 214 Silvia Garcia- Vieta ARC Oscar Garcia, Jr. MAS Yolanda Garcia ARC «■ m. leslie 215 GA Mary E.Gardner BIL Richard J. Gardner CHM Mark S. Garfinkel FIN Renee M. Garrard EED James Garvey ACC Jeffrey L. Garvin BIL Rosemarie D. Gascoigne HIS Rosalind Gatto ENG Karen Geisler EED Beth Renee Gelfand EED James P. Gennesse GEG Robin Gerl HUM 216 GL Brad Gerson GBU Alan Gilbert ARC Michele Glass FIN Saeed Ghandeharioun MEN Tamara Ginsburg EED Paul K. Glasser ARC Vahid Ghaneharioun lEN Mohammad Mehdi Ghomeshi ECO I GIv Barbara Lee Gluckson GBU JenyW.Gold FIN Lori P. Goldman ART Lori Beth Goldstein ACC Suzanne Goldstein PSY Jean Golian ARC Edgar C. Coldston GEO Alisa Jan Golomb BED Edward Gomez BMO FIN Jose R. Gomez EEN Jorge L. Gomez FIN Manuel Gonzales, Jr. BMO Cristina Maria Gonzalez CEN Herminio F. Gonzalez CEN Jorge Gonzalez CHM Reinaldo L. Gonzalez DRA I! eise Granado BIL SOC GO Rodolfo L. Gonzalez ARC Ida Green SEM Scott L. Gordon FIN Darcy Greenberg NUR Trina A. Gould SPE Kenneth Greene FIN Steven Allan Greenspan MKT Sam J. Greenstone FIN David Greenzweig ENG Lm 220 GIJ Philip Groen MKT Bruce Griffin COM Richard Frank Grosso Jr. ACC Manuel Guerra CHM PSY Gloria Griffin EED Annie R. Gruber MKT Frank J. Guida Jr. BMO Linda Grisbaum FIN Robert Grunglasse BMO ::«! Bili liikWi M J M Lourdes Guigou DRA GU Tayeb A. Guima EEC Elizabeth A. Guseila MTY MED Edward Haas BMO Mitchell J. Haber MKT Jill Hacker MKT John C. Haley ART Donald W. Hafele PPA John D. Haleman GEO Paul R. Hanson SEM Debbie Hartunian BMO Norbert Hausner ARC Jonathan H. Hawkins GEO Leslie M. Hawley ACC m HA Charles A. Hayman GEO Patricia A. Healy PSY Sharon Lee Heil EDP Julie Heimbinder HIS Joan Helms ART Susan Y. Hendler MK.T Susan Hercher PSY Allan Heres MIC 224 :t HO Juan A. Hernandez CEN Maria R. Hernandez ACC Marta Hernandez HIS Norma Hernandez ACC Blanca C. Herrera-Torres EED Allan Hersh COM Dave Hill GBU Deborah Ann Himeloch CHM David M. Hinkes PPA Doris E. Hirsch EED Louanne M. Hoffman EED 225 HO Peter A. Homes COM Mary Ann Horn PSY Steven Horvitz GBU Suzanne Houston NUR Rina L. Hoyt ECO Nancy Hrzenjak COM Joseph R. Huard, Jr. FIN Elaine V. Humphries MED EED Amy F. Hyslop COM Helena I. Igra CHM LAN Zena Inden ACC 226 IZ Fortune Iruene COM Lori Isaacson CWR Elaine Ives MED Alina Izquierdo ACC 227 Robert L. Jacobs PSY George Jarp MEN Charles Jayson ACC Gaylis A. Jensen MTY 228 «ro Falah Jhail I EN Julia Johnson SPE Marjorie Johnson SOC-CRl rtai ' Ted D. Johnson PPA John P.Jones III IFM Suzan C. Jones DRA Wendy A. Jones CEN Gabriela Jorquera CSC Michael Josephs ACC Jay Joslin ARC Nancy C. D. Joss Knowles GEG 229 «ro Lisa Joubert EDP Sandy Jukel GBU Antonio Junior soc Bill Kaczaraba COM PPA Elliot Kalick ACC Laurie Kalman GEO Hossein Kani CEN I? ' i ,5; fH Laura Ellen Kaplan PPA Lisa Kaplan EED Stewart Karger BMO Blanca F. Karr MET 230 KA William M. Karr ARC Maria T. Kattan ARC Bruce Katz BMO Marc Katz FIN - V V. i Adesemo Kajode Kathi Lynne Kegris EED Ana M. Keller NUR Jennifer B. Kemp EED 232 KI James L. Kendall MKT William Kender COM Donald J. Kennedy MKT Neal Kent MED Karen Kersey SOC ENG Richard A. Kesten JUS Lawrence Kety DRA John Keutmann BIL Houshang Khabari ARC Kazem Khavandegaran MAS Ronnie Khoshnood GBU Robert P. Kiley ACC 233 KI Jeffrey W. Kirk MAP Patricia Ann Kitchen soc Roni Klein GBU Andrea Knapp MTY Robin Knipp GBU Lynne M. Kondracki BIL Mark Knobel HIS I em Komicki ACC ■j K. J 1 yF ' H iii 1 w 1 Nikki Koch BIL Diane L. Krakower SEM 234 LA Michelle Kruger EED Dirk Kuyper BIL CHM Jack La Voice MKT Janet A. Kuhn NUR Harlan L. Kurtizky ARC Beth Kushner EED Charles Latshaw MKT Douglas Layne FIN Eva F. Lazan HIS Robin Leavey PSY SOC 236 Sylvia Ledesma CSC Faith M. Lee PPA Ken Lee CHM 237 LE Scott Kenneth Leeson PPA Lisa S. Lehman MKT Lesley Beth Lein MKT Richard Lemarbre BIL Jaymie M. Leob HPR Manuel Leon ARC 238 Matthew E. Leone COM LE Harvey Lesan CHM Steven Lesnick ART Steve T. Leth FIN ► IvE Steven Levine HPR Michael Levinson BMO Susan R. Levit ACC Melissa Jean Lewald PSY James E. Lewis BIL Patricia Lewis soc Raquel Lezcano ARC Stuart Lichtman PSY Gail Lindquist HPR Jacquelyn C. Linton MKT Stacey E. Lippman PSY 1 1 240 Barbara Sue Lipton MKT LO no ■ Wendy L. Livingston COM James M. Liwerant CEN i -;r " - r--f Reinaldo Llano EEN Alberto Llorente ARC Cheryl Thompson Lloyd ACC Dana Lofton HPR 241 Orestes L. Lopez ARC Luisa Lorenzo FRE David G. Lotufo BIL CHM Louis Louk Jr. BIL 242 MA Rowena Luna ARC Alina M. Lynne PSY Mike J. Machin EEN James T. Macht ARC Richard G. Maclure MIC Carole Maggiore GBU 243 MA Michael Apg. Magnotto BMO Dena L. M jett MKT Arlene Major EED Robert Malinowski BIL Abel L. MaUo EEN George A. Manning, Jr. MEN Camille Marder soc Harvey Margolin DRA ' V. 244 MA Gustavo Marquez BIL Janice Mars BMO fcKSSSi Jorge Martin ENG HIS Valerie Martin ENG HIS Beatrix Martinez PPA FRE w. Ijvingston Efrain Martinez DRA 245 MA Juan Martinez CHM Milton E. Martinez MKT Neida C. Martinez MKT COM Rolando D. Martinez EEN Cindy Marx COM SPE Stephen Alan Matchelt BIL CHM William J. Matevich ACC BMO S ' ■ 1 Is w m Nancy Louise Maurer NUR Bob Mayes COM-SPE Milford Mayo Jr. GEO Altomease Mays EED 246 li) I Scott McCulloch PSY Carol McDougle MKT Scot I B. McEvoy HPR Stephen McGarry ARC 247 MC Charles McGee MED Robert E. McNally BMO Stuarl A. Mehler COM-PR ' y- ■ Stephen S. McGraw PSY Lynn Susan McPheron NUR Suzy Mehhnger COM-PR Robert McHenry BMO Marie McPherson MTH Frances Lourdes Meluza COM CWR 248 Graciela Menendez CSC Martin G. Meyerson soc MI Marjorie Milberg ART David Menker EEN Manuel Mijares EEN Corinne Miller GBU Kenneth D. Miller FIN Denise R. Mincey BMO Barbara Minzner soc Jesus A. Miranda CSC 1 Kathleen Ann Mitchell HPR Carlos Moas BIL William G. Mitchell, Jr. MAP Cindy Moeller SEM i Scott Monaghan COM MO Antony Guy Monrose CHM BIL PSY Doros Montessantos MEN Sharon Ruth Moore ACC Thomas Moore COM Nicholas Morabito FIN Peggy Jo Moradito SEM EED Henry A. Moreno ARC Adriana Moreton NUR Jefferson D. Morgan BIL CHM 2SI ■ H w MO MO Ana M. Mosquera ACC Scott Moster MKT Gardner N. Moulton, Jr. BMO » . Nancy C. Moyer EED 12 II 25? MV Sahib Muhammadkasem BMO Dean Myers MKT Patty Mulvihill MSC Rebecca Naistaidt COM Maria 1. Najera BMO Bijan I. Nakhjavan CEN Caleb Vic Nangibo COM PPA Kevin D. Narain ACC i -1 254 1 o Barry E. Nedelman BMO Elizabeth M. Nelson HPR Susan R. Neustadt ART Doug Newbold MKT Gayle L. Newman ART Arietta N. Nicholl BMO Michele Nickles soc Alexander R. Noble, Jr. COM Glenn Nortman FIN Karyn L. Novack BMO Michael Noval PSY o Loraina M. Novoa SEM EED Kris L. Oaks BMO Tomas Ogazon I EN Jill Ogushoff SEM EED Maria J. Ojeda ACC Joaquin Oliu EEN Joyce A. Olsen MSC BIL Vincent K. Omaghonu I EN Mary Orenstein MKT Stanely Howard Orner MKT Joseph Oru COM Bradley Orvieto IFM if 256 PA Victor H. Padron ECO COM Barbie Painter COM Katherine R. Pallet EED Barbara Palley PSY Keith Pallo PPA Elizabeth J. Palman MET Cynthia Palmer COM-JOU 1 ' " " mwKK 1 , ■ 4. v m I i HI HI k w%2Sl - M Norman A. Palmeri CHM Victor J. Palmieri CEN Katherine Palumbo ENG Laurence Pamer COM 257 PA Scott M. Panzer BIL Ghazar R. Papazian MEN Pete Pappas ARC Anna C. Parkhill NUR John Michael Pasko BMO David R. Pawlowski FIN BMO 258 PE Amy Pearson soc Christine Peel EDP Lawrence A. Pellerito GBU Nancy Pelowski BIL Susana Perales FRE PPA Jacqueline Perchick COH-PHO Gregg J. Percival EEN Lourdes Perez Perkins COM Edgardo Perez ARC Eduardo Perez ARC Elizabeth Perez COM-BRD JOU 259 PE Gerianne Peterson EDP Karen T. Pfister AEN Steve E. Petrillo CSC Kyra Pflucker PSY Jeryl Jaye Pfost NUR Olga Phelan CEN Marcia Phoenix SOC William Piamtedosi PSY 260 i PO Christopher L. Piantone FIN Robert L. Pietro FIN Eva Pikarsky EED Robert Pilafian MED Gema Maria Pinon FRE PPA Frank J. Pita Jr. EEN James Plaster ARC Richard Wayne Platls GBU Lawrence I. Heskow HPR Ann Pompe ACC Hilda M. Ponce ARC Louis S. Pontecorvo MED 261 « - PO Jeanine Rene Porter ACC Newton P. Porter PPA Fernando Portuondo ACC Carter Jay Posner ACC BMO Joseph D. Pozzuoli ARC Doreen Priscilla Pratt COM Fern Pravder NUR Mary Ellen Puma ART Joseph Quinn BMO Lourdes Quiros SEM pl 262 RA Eric Radomsky ECO Robert Rajsich HPR Alicia M. Ramon SEM Carlos A. Ramos III IFM Pedro Pablo Ramos ARC Ricardo Ramos ARC Alberto Ramudo ARC Abbey Rasnow LAN April P. Ray MEN BernardE. Ray III BIL 263 Delerme Raynald COM Ellen Redick NUR RA Jesse A. Reffler EDP Jerold Joseph Reibman PHI Wayne Reichenthaler HIS Bruce Rein ARC 264 RI • 11 i ' Z i f$ . IB; t| Iv iJLfcM Victor Reyes CSC Stephen Richman GBU Cyrus Rezaie MEN Judi Rieder ART Jay Rind MKT ACC Lourdes Rios ACC Carlos M. Rippes FIN Anthony Riso CHM 265 RI Maria E. Rivas ENG David Rivera EGN Lizzette E. Rivera FR£ Steve Rivera MAP Ricardo Riveron PSY Diana Rizikow EDU Beverly S. Roach NUR Juan C. Robaina IFM Jane Robles NUR Alina Rodriguez ARC Jorge Ernesto Rodriguez MME Jose Rodriguez BIL 366 RO Raquel A. Rodriguez HIS Jesus N. Rodriquez CHM Violetta Rodriguez CHM Scott H. Rogovin PPA 1 v Steve Rogul BMO Lillian Rohr CSC Edith Rolle COM-PR Melissa Ann Rolle I EN 267 RO Marta Romaguera CSC Franklyn M. Roman FIN Joseph E. Romanowski BMO Roberta Michelle Romeyn PSY Carl Victor Rongo MKT Michele Roselle GBU Veronica Roselle ART Ilene Rosen PSY i Alex Rosenberg MKT George Rosenwasser PHY BIL William Ross GBU Oleva Roth IFM 268 RU: Stuart B. Rothman MSC BIL Jeffrey Lee Rothstein MME Lauren Rotondo PSY Debra Rovin COM Michael A. Rowland IFM Mark Rubin BMO Joel Rube ART Mitchel Rubin GBU Jatnie Ruben BGS Elizabeth O. Ruf PPA 269 v, RU David J. Ruiz I EN Christina M. Sabatelli COM-PR Rocky Rumenick HPR - Gerald Lane Sacra PPA Ana Salvatierra PSY Danny J. Salzverg COM Albert Samama EGN Julianne Sampley MED k 270 SA Jose Antonio San Martin GBU Angel F. San Roman CHM Jorge A. Sanchez ACC Sybil SanUs SOC Alejandro SanJorge CHM Eddie Santiago HPR KIsa Santi PSY F.duardoC. Santos PPA Sass Philip BCH CHM Alber Sassan-Mangoli ARC Theresa Saunders COM 271 •«r SA: Steven L. H. Savola IFM Stuart Schimtnel ACC Mark W. Scholz CHM Debra Schenin APY Susanne Schlackman ECO Douglas J. Scherer MUE Vickie L. Schlanger EED Nancy J.Schmus MKT Frank Schramm BIL Meg Schulberg COM Gary Schumacher GBU 272 David Schwadron SH Andrew C. Schwartz HPR Raymond L. Sculky PPA Robert Seitz ARC Charles W. Sell PPA David A. Seehafer BIL Shelley Ann Senyitko IFM Suzanne M. Serra HPR Gadelay D. Serralta LAN James Seymour MAP Victoria E. Shanke MKT 273 Edward I. Shapiro CHM Stephen G. Sheffield CEN Ivy Shore BGS Deborah Sharpe EED Lori Sherman EED Nisrin Shurdom ENG Neal Sheerer ART Jonathan K. Shisler GBU Jayne Siegel MKT Ruth Sheefer SEM EED 274 :SL . Scott Silpe ACC Arlene G. Silver HPR PSY Jane L. Silver EED Teni Silver ART Lisa I. Silverman COM-PR Rona Simon sbc Alicia E. Simons CEN Karyn Ann Siskind EED Jeannie D. Skarponi ART Carlos Sklaver CHM Dave Slack HIS 275 SM " tl J David Smelser FRE 1 I K ' I 1 ik i Dagmar U. Smith BIL Lorna Smith BIL Craig Lamont Smestad CHM Donald D. Smith ACC Sharee M. Smith BIL Marcel J. D. Smels BIL w B » SK T J B ' y ' h Fabia Inez Smith MAP Susan A. Smith COM Eli beth M. Smillie MSB Karen Snyder BED i 276 i SP Fern M. Solan NUR Gustavo Solano MEN Justo Soler ACC Maria D. Solemou PSY SPA Elyes R. Spatz SHS Richard Somerfeld MKT BMO Robert A. Speike BMO Sharon Sorger COM Sarah A. Sprufero BMO Kurt Sparks BME WilHam Spumy MEN 277 ST Pat Stapleton EED Lisa Ann Stavrides MED Vickie Stein EDP Jill Steinberg SOC Richard D. Stephens BIL Leslie Eileen Stern PHI HIS Lori Stevens SEM Michael A. Stevens ACC Julio Stiefel, Jr. HAS Lori Stipp EDU Udo M. Stolarczuk MKT Kathleen Ann Stout NUR 278 I ■mi SU: I Idell A. Strachan NUR Lynn M. Strauzer MKT Starr Anne Strever EED Timothy Strohbach COM Wendy Sugarman COM Markus Struller BCH GER Jon M. Studner ENG Roberto Suarez CEN Robin Suirsky HPR Mary Sullivan ART Cindy Sutow NUR 279 HrS SW: Daniel A. Swietlik COM Orosman Tamayo PPA Marcia Taragano EED Katherine C. Tauchen MTY Darlene Taylor EED ' .■ - ;• C. A V ■ W ■... Vivian Taylor PSY SOC Warren Douglas Taylor COM Denise Tescher SOC Brenda Lee Testa SOC Rosa Pinto Tezanos SOC HAS Mint Muzzy NUT I : 280 Sheila M. Torres CHM m n R U r- r 1 V J Herman D. Tirado CEN Diane Trainor ECO 281 TR Susanne Trainer NUR Lizanne Tredwell IFM Oscar Trevilla ARC Elizabeth Alice Triana CHM IP I is » ■! 1 W z- ' i 1 4 ' ' ■-■ " Asdur Trif f ENG George D. Trummell HIS Diana Tsifopoulos PSY Rafael Jose Tua lEN Jeff Tucker ARC Judie Tumaroff ART Marc S. Tunick ARC Debora J. Turner PPA 282 Stergios Tzermias MEN Yaghoub Vahdat ARC Annando Ubals ARC Liliana J. Valderrama ECO Eugenio M. Valdes a Acc Isabel Vals ENG Carl Van Etten ART Adalberto Vara EEN 283 w m WA Phyllis Wallach MKT Susan M. Walsh SOC Mark Wallisa BMO Robin Ward FRE SPA Brian A. Walsh ARC John S. Wargo EEN David L. Walsh PPA Robert E. Weber, Jr. GBU Susan Weinstein BMO Hillary Weiss EED Steven Weiss CHM 2M WI Linda M. West BGS Herbert Westphalen, III ART Sarah M. Whitaker GEO Edward Philip White, Jr. CSC Michael Williams MTH Joe Widmayer CSC Nina-Dawn Williams PPA Gretchen Williams SPE Olin Daniel Williford, Jr. BIL Leslie H. Williams BIL Alan Winter AGO 285 - VA Armando Varela MEN Benjamin Vargas EEN Maria Vassilaros EED Mark Velasquez I EN Karen Velikopoljski BMO James A. Vermilyea PSY Anthony G. Vertullo ACC Ana Viamonte BIL Victor Vidal ACC Elvia Vila ACC Marilza Vila CHM Octavio Vilches BMO 286 WA Jorge Enrique Villa MEN Lois Viola MKT Charles Viscito GBU Susan B. Vogel MKT Scott Voorhees BIL Joseph Vossen CSC CHM Cindy Shan Vova MKT BMO Andrew Wachs |! MTH CSC Barbara Wagner EED Patricia Christine Walker EDU Fern Wallach soc :87 wV_ " WI Melinda Beth Witt PSY David R. Witzig MME Sandra L. Wollowick ART Susan Joy Wolman IFM Peter Wolpert BMO David S. Wong ARC " ■r-»: ..-•» B|| T 91 Tzewan Wong CHM Moussa Yaghoubian BMO Michael Yaros ARC Eduardo Yi BEN Charmaine Young EED Daniel Young I EN 288 ZV: Irwin M. Zagoria ACC Abbye Zakarin NUR Michael Zarrillo MEN imtmmS£ - Ava Zaken MET Deborah Zalkind BMO Jeffrey S. Zemlock GBU Mark L. Zickefoose MKT Robert J. Zinsmeister HPR Abolghasem Zolfaghari AEN Stuart Jay Zuckerman ACC 289 r, . ::htlOZi± Who ' s Who. . . Steve Alvers O. J. Anderson Mark Batten Steve Alvers has played tight end for the Hurricanes for2 ' 2 years. He ' s a transfer student from Taft Junior College in California. He ' s always had a strong affection for the game of football, dating back to his days in high school in North Miami Beach. Steve has positive plans to become a professional football player for any team that gives him the chance. Being from the Miami area. Steve has a slight preference to play for a team in a warm climate. But. like Steve says, " you go where they pick you. " Steve is graduating from the U. of M. with a physical education degree and plans to teach at the college or high school level, if his plans for the pro-draft don ' t fit in with his future. Steve will surely be missed by the Hurricane team for his valuable service over the years. O.J. Anderson, Miami ' s all-time leading rusher, has been the team ' s spearhead on offense. The offensive machine was built around the record-breaking fullback. With the help of his teammates O.J. and Company posted a 6-5 win-lose record, the best season since 1974 and only the second winning season in the past 1 1 years. Some of Otis ' accomplishments this season were: all-time leading rusher with 224 carries for 1,266 yards, first 1,000 yard rusher in school ' s history, eight 100 yard games out of eleven, and two 100 yard kick-off returns for touchdowns. These were but a few of O.J. ' s record shattering performances during the 1978 football season. Besides breaking and setting many records for the ' Canes, O.J. was also named A.P. ' s South- Eastern Running Back of the Week and A.P. ' s All-American Honorable Mention. His credentials prove him to be a valuable prospect in the professional draft. The people associated with the ' Canes football team in every way will always remember O.J. Anderson and his exciting days as the man who gave us his own brand of excitement. Mark Batten is one of the ' Canes strong pitchers and has posted an impressive 21-8 career record with the team. The game that stands out in Mark ' s mind is the game against Southern Illinois on March 24, 1978. On that day Mark pitched his team to a tournament victory that enabled coach Ron Fraser to win his 500th career coaching victory for the powerful ' Canes. Mark hopes his future is to be with one of the professional baseball teams. He has no preference as to what team. Wherever he goes to play ball, he ' ll be missed by the ' Canes team tremendously. 292 I Randy Guerra Rob Rajsich Don Smith Randy Guerra. a junior from Linden, N.J.. twice won the Miami Hurricane ' s Athlete of the Week award in the " 78 season. Randy is a star player on the baseball team — and in m ore than one capacity, too. This athlete pitches, plays first base, can outfield and is a dynamite potential hitter. Also during the " 78 season. Randy broke the Hurricanes ' career high runs- batted in record of 142 with a two- run homer against Mercer University of Atlanta. Randy also really impressed some professionals — namely Tony Perez and Dick Williams — during an exhibition game with the Montreal Expos. Randy has decided that if whoever drafts him at the end of this season, makes a good enough offer he will sign. And if not. well, he ' ll just hold tight here at Miami. As the man says. " It ' s not a bad place to be. " WE certainly won ' t be upset if he stays. Rob Rajsich is one of a select few students at the University each year, that has enough time, ambition, and enthusiasm as well as talent to play two varsity sports. " I learned to budget my time " . Rob said. " In the fall it ' s not that bad. but in the spring, now that ' s a different story. I would go to classes, to football, to eat. to change clothes, and to play baseball! And to top it off. when there was a double-header I was in real trouble! " Rob played varsity football and baseball for the ' Canes. His position on the football team was a punter and on the baseball team a relief pitcher. During the spring semester Rob spends seven to eight hours a day practicing football and baseball. When asked what his most memorable event was in either varsity sport, one stands out in his mind; his kick in the Kansa.s- Miami football game. " I could feel it the whole way. I ' ll never forget that punt, it was a 79yarder. It just felt so good. " Wherever Rob goes after graduation, he ' ll have the satisfaction of saying he completed his university career on both the football and baseball fields and had the time to complete his major. Our hats are off to you Rob Rajsich and good luck to you and your future. Don Smith is one of the best known of the Hurricanes. Don has played left defensive tackle for the ' Canes for all four years. He ' s been on the varsity squad ever since his freshman year. During the four years with the ' Canes Don has built-up an impressive record for a college football player. He ' s been named the team ' s M.V.P. and received honorable mention on the A.P. ' s All-American Team last season, and this .season Don ' s been named on the Kodak and Sporting News All-American Teams, as well as playing for the Grey team in the Blue-Grey game, playing for the East in the East- West game, and playing as a senior in the Hula Bowl. With this kind of recognition, there shouldn ' t be any reason for Don not being drafted into the professional league. Losing a man like Don. the Hurricanes will miss out on an outstanding player. 293 WOMEN ' S Swimming Diving I First Row: Lisa Sharp, Cathy Selig, Julie Olson, Julie Capps, JoAnn Grant, Joan Chesley, Lynn Davis, Cindy Leigh Second Row: Belinda Phillips, Ann Walling, Jo Melchior, Vanessa Bullock, Melinda Lyverse, Lois Daigneault, Alison Hespell, Kathie Luba, Sylvie Deschamps sequence by t. crystal 294 I 295 296 It ' s not hard to understand why the University of Miami ' s Women ' s Swim Team is suffering a slow start this year. First, the Hurricane swimmers acquired a new head coach Ray Woods. Woods has tai en the place of former Coach Charlie Hodges who guided former teams to several A.I.A.W. swim titles. Secondly, this year ' s swim team has been plagued by illnesses and academic pressures. Thirdly, the women ' s swim team began recruiting later than usual because of a transition in their coaching staff. This season the team has been able to recruit several freshman swimmers from Canada and Great Britain. The biggest problem for Woods is that she must blend these girls together to work as a single team unit. We want to wish lots of luck to Captain Sylvia Deschamps, Meiinda Leyberse, Joan Chesly, Julie Capps and the rest of the Lady Canes. i ■miiL »i » ' " j.,tcJ 297 298 J. reed 299 300 11 WOMEN ' S GOLF First Row: Lesley Holbert Second Row: Alana Frey, Betsy Barrett Under the direction of Leslie 4olbert. her first year at coaching the .ady " Canes, " the young UM golf quad showed great promise. The gal golfers in their first outing, he Pat Bradley tournament, had an )verwhelming42 stroke victory. In this larticular outing the UM team set the ournament record, a total of 887. .eading the Lady " Canes " to victory vas Sarah Le Veque (a freshman) who lad a 221 total. Sarah was followed :losely by her teammates, Pam Elders a sophomore), who had a score of 222, knsv Barret and Patti Rice, who lied Third Row: Nancy Thompson, Sarah LeVeque, Debbie Hoff- man, Jill Jerauld, Kathy Lawrence, Liz Waynick, Pam Elders, Lin Miller, Patti Rizzo for third with a total of 223. In their second tournament, the Lady Seminole Championship, the women ' s golf team extended their record to 2-0 by winning the invitational by 33 strokes. This time Pam Elders was UM ' s low individual, 70-73-79, a total of 223 for the 72 holes. In the next tournament, the gal golfers failed to win for the first time this season, taking 4th place in the Nancy Lopez Tournament. Following the Nancy Lopez Tournament, the Lady " Canes " were off to the Lady Gator Invitational held at the University of Florida, Gainesville. After a disappointing opening round, finishing 9th that day, the lady golfers came back strong on the third day to capture 4th place. Even though the Lady golfers were plagued by injuries in their final tournament, a healthy team will return next spring to a full schedule. It is hoped by the coach and the team that they will win every tournament on their schedule, particularly the AIAW National Championship, thereby obtaining the National title for 3 consecutive years. 301 VOLLEYBALL 302 i L TO R: 1st row: Coach Holt, Deb Jackson, Kathy Mitchell, Helene Skolnick, Sylvia Burley, Marion Waskover, Suzanne Serra, Marci Bogner (Mgr.). 2nd row: Sarah Holt, Allison Holland, Debbie Grafentin, Lisa Morelli, Kathy Lloyd, Barbara Castiniera. Not pictured: Sue Hartman. The University of Miami ' s Women ' s Volleyball team experienced a new beginning this year. For the first time in the school ' s history the volleyball team has a full time coach, Cheryl Holt. Holt, who has previously coached on the high school and college level, accepted the challenge of building the UM team into a national contender. It was a young team this year for Holt with only four returning seniors. However the team had some depth with outstanding younger players like Allison Holland, a sophomore, and Kathy Mitchell, a transfer student. The fact that she was able to use full scholarships for recruiting purposes aided Holt in building her team. Although the team ' s record was 16- 19 for matches and 45-50 for total games played, the Lady ' Canes made respectable showings in the tournaments they participated in by placing in the finals of the Florida State and Jacksonville Invitationals. What the team lacked in experience they made up for in aggressive play and a great deal of enthusiasm. Though the season consisted of ups and downs for the team, it appears that through the experience and practice of this past season the ' 79 Lady ' Canes will be formidable opponents. 303 WOMEN ' S TENNIS First row: Allegra Pero, Amy Ehrenreich, Robin Fell, Laura Starr, Vicki Beggs. Second row: Ann Goldman — Coach, Chris Kay, Michelle Harris, Susan Gibson, Bev Alder, Wendy Burkhart. 304 305 MEN ' S TENNIS 306 307 308 IWUKW. ' t ' _ X " WkSlBfcJfr.- --J " ' " -, MQTT- -. ' aWBii _ - . ' ? . ' ICi ' 309 310 311 J r 4 " K. 312 313 314 tH :,x - :,tf, w:,mvfmmKJsmsfmsm!amiissiimm ssm» 315 316 317 318 J. kamin 319 LACROSSE 320 FRISBEE Ultimate Frisbee was first organized on the UM campus in the spring of 1978 by Captain Gary Vescio and his Co-Captain Glenn Birubauw. Ultimate Frisbee originated in New Jersey at Columbia High School in 1969 and not long after in 1973 it was an intercollegiate sport. Residents of both California and New England took up the sport immediately. The game itself is played on a field 60 yards in length and 40 yards in width. The team consists of a seven man squad. The object of the game is to complete a pass into the end zone. The most unusual thing about the game is that there isn ' t any officials. All calls are completely based on the honor system. This system works well for them because even though all the players are playing to win, they are there to have a good time. Although last years ' team did not begin until mid-February, they were able to finish fifth in their league and fourth in the state championships. This years ' Miami ultimate team is expected to make it to the states again and this time we feel they can win it all. 321 SOCCER Silting: Chris Casseiia, Richard Williams, Feth Braham, Zvonimir Belfranin. KneeUng: Paul Van Beuren, Tony Pardo. I rank Blanco, Enrique Mercadal, Willy Dominquez, Robert Alders, Robert Thomas, John Crosthwait. Standing: Jamal A. Shurdom — Coach, Roger Wilks — Assistant Coach, Kris Oakes, Zoltan Aradi, William Cormack, Edward Wright, Raul Pena, Kerry Smith, Mark Moore, John Barry, Brian Lilleen — Coach. The soccer season was successful with the Hurricanes finishing with a record of 9-5-1. Throughout the season there seemed to be many outstanding players. Mito Bulancia kept the midfield moving and was able to control the consistency of the entire team. Although goalie Raul Pena had to leave the team early in the season both Ed Wright and Doug George did a fine job filling in as goalies. Enrique Mercadal and John Crosthwait both strikers, had very fine seasons. A solid defense was played by Kerry Smith, Bill Cormack, Zvonimir Belfranin and Zoltan Aradi. The offense was led by Mark Taylor and Frank Blanco who kept the team moving all year with precision passing and strong midfield play. Brilliant performance was sparked by Feth Braham. In his fourth season Braham has scored 69 goals and 71 assists — a school record. All of these facts helped contribute to a successful season and proved Miami to be a formidable opponent for any team. 324 j. kamin 325 F O O T B A L L 326 )m[ i - :. ►SK ■• ' . w» ' Sa.P! I ' ) • L V Tom Carnes, John Canei, Pat Magee, Jeff Salinger. 5th row: Jim Pokorney, Mozell Axsom. Clement Barbarino, Don Kreuger, David Stewart, John Fenton, John Fer- guson. Larry Pfohl, Karl Monroe, Scott Nicolas, McKinney Griffin, Charles Blox- som. 6th row: Tony Galante, Randy High, Lester Williams, Mark King, Don Smith, Johnny Evans, Tom Sedley, Robert Hays, Frank Frazier, Steve Alvers, Paul Laf- ferty. 7th row: Broderick Bolton, Jim Burt, Steve Grady, Mark Cooper, Jim Toula, Tim Flanagan, Bob Nelson, Pete Upperco, Nat Strowbridge, Barry Gonzalez, Jim Browning, Pat Millican. 8th row: Coach Bill Trout, Coach Harold Allen, Coach Mike Archer, Coach Len Pontes, Coach Ron Sbrissa, Coach Jerry Anderson, assist- ant Trainer Harry Everett. K F O O T B A L L M5 J. kamin 327 Miami football reached new heights in 1978 as the Hurricanes ended the season with a winning record. Coach Lou Saban deserves much of the credit for such an impressive season. In only two seasons Saban has begun the immense task of rebuilding the team. One of Saban ' s major approaches was to use the freshman players to give them experience and by the end of the season they were playing like experts. Highlights of the Miami season were a 16-14 victory over San Diego State, a 22-21 spine-tingling win over the Gators, and 17-15 over Auburn. 328 ; ilajiii Many great individual stars were in the Miami cast. Some of the best were running back Ottis Anderson, defensive tackle Don Smith, and quarterback Ken McMillan. Anderson was the team ' s leading ground gainer with 1,266 yards rushing; Don Smith the University ' s Ail- American player. The winning season is the first since 1974, the second winning season in 1 1 years, and the first season since 1966 in which the last three games of the season were won. 329 330 r. freund 331 BASEBALL Sitting: Mike Kutner, Dave Bisceglia, Chuck Keller, Bobby Estrada, Rich Pazo, Rick Diaz, Dino Gale, Leigh Gullette, Steve Riese, Walter Brooks. Kneeling: Frank Castro, Lou Duarte, Eddie Escribano, Alex De Jesus, Randy Guerra, Mark Batten, Rob Rajsich, Neal Heaton, Ron Batter, Mike Pagliarulo, Matt Tyner, Paul Hundhammer. Standing: Ron Eraser — Head Coach, Howie Shapiro, Rick Gankofskie, Tony Brewer, Dan Canevari, Alfredo Rodriquez, Rick Del Giudice, Jeff Morrison, Gary Ross, Paul Hammonds — Assistant Coach, Skip Bertman — Assistant Coach, Not Pictured: Ross Jones, Pat Patterson. 332 j. kamin 333 J. kamin 334 Tremendous is the word for the University of Miami Baseball Team which bounded into the Atlantic Regional NCAA baseball tournament on the crest of a 44-9 record. When the tournament was over the Hurricanes ' record expounded at 48-10. The U of M justified its No. 3 ranking in the nation by winning the NCAA Atlantic Regional tournament. The Hurricanes were consistent winners throughout the year and held the NO. 3 ranking most of the season. Brilliant pitching was one of the factors. The team ERA was 2.15. The defense was always consistent and often fascinating. The home run slack was taken up by Randy Guerra (11); Joe Squilla (9); Wes Robbins (7). The Hurricanes stole 169 bases. Miami finished with eight of its regulars batting .275 or better. Fifteen times during the 53 regular season slate, Miami came from behind to win. On eight other occasions, it broke ties to achieve victory. That ' s more than half of the 44 overall victories. j. kamin 335 MEN ' S GOLF I First Row: Buck Luce, Jimmie Brothers, Steve Volovar, John Pallet, Bill Hadden. Ben Norris, David Jenson, Coach The University of Miami ' s men ' s golf team has proven themselves to be strong contenders for first place in any tournament they play in. Even with only four golfers returning, the Hurricane linesmen made the ' 78- ' 79 season one of their most productive. At the head of this year ' s squad was junior Terry Hashimoto. He obtained medalist honors at the Trojan Oaks Classic, and has been a consistent low scorer for UM. John Fallot was never far behind Hashimoto. Even though Fallot is still a freshman his consistency in all tournaments has made him a contender for the number one spot and a valuable team addition. Albert Evers, a senior, is continuing to show a solid game, while junior Jim Craffey and sophomore Bill Hadden are becoming experienced in Coach Thomas ' s system and are fast Second Row: Frank Mellet. Jim Craffey, Brad Hopkins, Scott Chisholm, Dennis Wood, Vem Lockhart, Bill Wrobbel becoming valuable contributors. Also battling for spots in the starting line-up are transfer student Vern Lockhart and freshman Dennis Wood. Waiting in the wings Thomas has seven freshmen ready to challenge. The team has accomplished quite a bit in the past year. They finished sixth among 44 teams in the Foxfire Ail- American Classic; fourth for the second straight year in the Florida State Intercollegiate; third at the Miami Beach Invitational; and won the 14 team Trojan Oaks Classic at Troy, Alabama. Coach Thomas acknowledges that the team is young, but he says, " Golf makes you grow up in a hurry. " UM ' s golf team is growing into a team that will become a challenger for the number one spot in all tournaments they play. I i 336 MEN ' S TENNIS First row: Steve Rogul, Sergio Campos, Brian Levine. Second row: Paul Lee, Ian Duvenhage, Sterwert Samia, Dale Lewis — Coach. 337 INTRA- MURALS 33 ;- v ♦-- r. freund 339 ABRAMS. DAVID H Jcncho. NY Stitdcal KifhU Agenc). Commiuioiicr. Vice Oiairmin, Ctuinnin. Minor Diicipliniry Hearing Panel. Sclcciion and RrvKw Conmiition. Union Board at Covcnion, Parting Auihoniy, Maho- Be -PearM nGovernot ' i Council. Awardi: Eicdkncc in DcptoT Le|at Affairs. OuUUndintCom- BiiKKioer lor SRA. ABREL MARIA J : AIA ABIIN. MARIA A : Miami- Fl PmHknt ' i HoBOf Roll. Deani List SchocI of 8 ei . Beu Alpha Pu. Phi Kappa Phi NaiHini[ HoAM ' Sockiv ABl IN. PILAR Miami. FL , .. - Pmident ' t Honor RolL Dean ' i e1 . Phi Kappa Phi NalKinal Honor S| ABLNASSAR.AMIN J: ABLNASSAR. CARLOS aJ AC1TO. THOMAS P : Pul ACOSTA. ADYSM ADEYEMO. KAYOOEO Opa-Locka. FL AOLAND. ELIZABETH F Chevy Cbaic. MD Ddu nil Epiilon. Treasurer AHMAD. HAMZAH Miami. FL AJAYI. KAYODE MiamL FL Dcan ' t Lni ALBERTSON. ROSS South Norvalk. CT BENSON LAWRENCE Great Neck. NY BERGER. LESLIE F Miami Beach, FL Carai Grai An Ditecior — Cbairtnan ol Special Eveau Honccoain| — Rouract, Pmident of tbc Little Stttert of Delu Sigma Pi - Swectbean of Dtlu Sigma Pi — Fall. Sludenl Eatcrummcnt Commit lee Member BERKEN. ANDREA M Mauapcqua Park. NY Zcu Scu Tau Litik SisIct. Alpha Epsikin Rho Honorary. WVUM ReporWr. Iniemihip WTVJ Newt, lalcmtbip WPLG News BERNSTEIN. GARYS: Rumion.NJ EmcuIivc Commillcc. WO Board o( Govemori. Lacrosse Club, Alpha Kappa Psi Business Frater- uty. Prestdeni ' s Service Award. Tour Guide. Pre-Lcgal Society. Duffy ' s Social Club. Happy Hour Rcfubr BESSER DAVID L Miami Beach. FL Tau Kappa Epsilon Fralcmily Member BILBAO. EDUARDOE Coral Gablci. FL BINKLEY.IOHN F Columbus. IN BIRD. SUSAN A. Kingston, Jamaica Dcao ' s LisL Prmcipat ' s Honor Roll. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Delu Thela Mu, Sailing Club BIRNHAK, iOHN S.: Coral Gables. FL Zeta Beta Tau Brother. L ' M Lacrosse, Mikeman Varsity Cheerleaders, Mahoney -Pearson Gover- nors Council. Gardner- Harper Commission. Student Onentalion Service, Leadership Training Program Human Potential Seminar - Freshman Orientation Retreat Seminar, President ' s Break, Fast Program, Big Brothers AssociaUon, USBG Advisor to the President, Study Abroad Program Supervisor, Assislani Coordioalot Men Student Summer Oncntation Program BISHOP, ELIZABETH L : CUrendon Hills. IL BLATT, DONNA Bays»de, NY BLOCK. STEPHEN J : Miami. FL Alpha Epsilon Pi. Prc-Legal Society BLL ' M KENNY M Scarsdale. NY APO Fraternity BLt ' HM.STEPHANIE Kingston. MS Prtsidcni ' s Honor Roll BOBROW. JACK H Kensington. MD Dean ' s LisL Newspaper Staff ■OCHNER, SIDNEY Miami. FL Z«ta Beta Tau Fraternity Brother. President Social Oiairmsa. aBd Little Staters Chairman BOD1FORD. RAY Miami. FL BOLIVAR. LUISA VENEZ BONANNI.PETER A Trenton. N J Phi Delu Tbcu. Parting Appeals Board. Economic Society. Pre-Lcgal Socicly. Finance Society. Softball latcrmurals BOND.JANETL,: NewYork.NY Dean ' s LisU Biology Club, Apartment Area Governor, Alpba Lamda Delta Honor Society BOOKMAN, LEE M Locust Valley. NY IBIS Yearbook BORGES. GLADYS M Miami. FL Federation o( Cuban Students, Campus BeautificalHin Committee BORJIAN, FARIBA Tehran, Iran BORMEL. ANITAC Balumori, MD BOTAMBORDA. MATILDE M.r Miami. FL Tau BetaPi, Association of Latin American Students uf Architecture and Engineering BOTERO.CECILIAE : Bogou. Colombia BOTERO. SYLVIA M Miami. FL AIA Student Chapter BOt-QAMMAZ. ABDULLAH A Kuwait BOL ' RIACHI. MUSTAPHA Algiers, Algeria BOLTER, WILLIAM M : Miami, FL College Communicaiots in Broadcasting BOZOTIS, DOUGLAS: E. SetaykeL NY BRACKEN. JAMES P,: La Cr oaie.WS Woo Turkey Trot 1976. 1977 IT " " BRADLEY. FRANCES Mi| BRANDOM DENISE E PresKtenl ' i Honor Roll, Dean ' s Chi Secretary. Coordinator ol Sen BRANDT, JULIA A BREAKSTONE. ANDY R: BRECLIOLISAM BREITKRENE.STEVENJ| Baptist Campus Ministry, PrcsidcA ■RESLOW. JEFFREYS: Hurricane Staff Member, dent Government BRIDGES. STUART F Vestal. NY UM Photo Club (president). Society of Aul Engineers, AFROTC BROCKMANNLESK Troy. MS BRODZKY, RITA: Miami, FL Ntwa Scwncc Fiction Cub BROW. KATHLEEN A : Ughthouse Pi., FL Circle K . Socioiogy Club (Vice-President), Student Union Program Council. Eaton Hall Board of Governors, Yearbook Committee, Students Oncntation Services BROWN. MIRIAM M Nassau. Bahamas Dean ' s LisL Council tor Eiceptional Ind, Bahamian Students BROWN, ORLANDO W Aberdeen, MD Phi Mu Alpha Sinphonia. Band of the Hour BROWN. RUSSELL J CUrencc. NY Beta Alpha Psi (treasurer). OmKron Delta Epsilon Member BROOKS. SUSAN E Bay Harbor. FL Zca Beta Tau Little Sister. Greek Week Eiccutive Committee, Homecoming Executive Comm. lee. Pre. Legal Society, President ' s Honor Roll. Dean ' s List, Sugarcanes. Baseball Team Public of Governor . HPS. LTP. Psi Mortar board Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gan Engineers, American Society ol Mechanici ic Rel- BRU. LILLIAN: Miami. FL Federation of Cuban Students BRUGNETTI, ELLYN D.: Miami Lakes. FL A.I.S E,C . A M,A„ U of M Sailing Oub BRUSCO,GEORGEW : Pittsburgh, PA BUCK. RHONDA E Rochester. NY Judaic Studies Scholarship. Jewish Studies Book Award BUDIN.JODIS: Miami. FL L£C (Newsletter Editor), Miami Hurricane (AdverliBng Manager) BUKOWSKI. STEVEN J W Paierson, NJ SOS, Cami Crat, Homecoming, Intramural Spons, Tn Beta National Biology Honorary. Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Theia Mu BULLOCK, BETH A W Palm Beach, FL Tn Delu Soronly (Pmidenl and Social). Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister, USBG Nursing Sen tor, SNA, Hurricane Honey, Reudeni Assistant — Pearson Hall BURGOS, YOLANDAC Miami Beach. FL Dean ' s LisL French Club, Pi Delu Pbi (French Honor Society). Roadrunners. Federation of Cuban Students BURIN. SCOTT A,: Miami, FL Dean ' s List. Sigma Alpha Epsilon (Vkc- President), Best Athlete S A E BURSTYN. FREDA Miami Beach. FL Delta Sigma Tau Psi Little Sisters, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Umbda Delta Delta Theu Mu BURKE.CAROLM Virgin Islands Dean ' i List Pre- Legal Society. Sociology Club. Recipient of UM Honor Scholarship BUSTELO. CARLOS Miami, FL BUTCHER HAROLD Llronwood, Ml Four Year Army ROTC Scholarship. Naiiooal Society of Perilling Rifles Military Fraterniiy - Pledge Class President Regimental Operations Officer, Regimenul Drill Meet Officer RegimenUl Inspection Team, Regimclal EiecuUve Officer, Nalional Society of Scabbard and Blade Military Honorary Vice President Distnguishcd Military Student, Tau Kappa Epsilon International Fra- tcmiiy — Pledge Cla« President Top Chapter New Member, Historian. Sergcani-at-Armt. Chap- Uin, SecrcUry, Vice-Prcsidcni, Socul Chairman, House Chairman. Rush Chairman. Order of Omega Fraternity Honorary Vice President Omicrcn Delia Kappa — National Leadership and Scholastic Honor Society - Vice President for Selections. Pmident Freshman Onentalion Retreat Seminar. Cami Grai Committee Training Program, Homecoming Committee Training Program. Studeni Activity Fee Allocation Committee, Cami Gras Executive Committee Security, Homecoming Committee Pep Rally Boat Burning, Cami Gras Eiecutive Committee Sccu- nly. Homecoming Executive Committee - Overall Chairman, Dean ' s List BEMIS II. ROGERS SanJose.CA Nauonal Dean ' s List Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonian Fraternity Warden. Histonan, President, Sccic- Ury. Sludenl Music Educators National Conference, Mortar Board, Honor Society, Pi Kappa Lambda Honor Society. Squad Leader. Band ol the Hour — Band Captain, Dean ' s List, Presi- dent ' s Honor Roll BUTLER, CARMEN L Panama French Club. Scuba Divers Club, Humcane Skiers, Sailing Hub BUTSONPHILIPD Miami.FL Eu Kappa Nu. I E E £,, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List BYERS, SCOTT R Ene, PA Sigma Chi Fraternity, OmKron Delta Epsilon BYRON, TON I A Ddta Delta Delta Soroniy, Rush Chairman Cousal for Exceptional Children, Cami Gras. Governor ' s Council. D D W Club CABRERA. LOURDESC Miami. FL CAGGIANO.PHILPR Miami. FL SOS. SLP, HPS, FORS, Scuba Club. Geodystey. Oiemistry Club. 960 Governor. Italun CIttb. Intramural Supervisor. Elections Commissioner, Homecoming CALLIF. STEVEN D : Miamt FL UM Life Guard. Student Council. Cami Gras Commltce. Homecoming Float. Intermural Sports, Lowe An MuKum Member. Theatre of the Performmg Arts Member, Dean ' s List ODK, Mortar Board, Friends of the Ring. Enteruinmcnl CommillM CALVELLI, DONNA A, Memtt Island. FL Dean ' s List Studeni Nurses Association CAMARA. MARGARITA: Miami, FL CAMPBELL BRUCE A : Homntead. FL CAMPUZANO, HILDA Miami. FL Student Government Spanish Heritage Week, Fashion Coordinatoc, Dean ' s List CANETE. PATRICIA E Santiago. Chile CANT1N,SHARYN: Brooklyn, NY Dean ' s List Studeni Academic Advising Services, Leadership Training Program, Planetary Citi- CANTWELL, TONYL,:MiamLFL Pmident ' s Honor Roll. Dean ' s List A. ED Pre-Mcd Honor Society. Chemistry Oub CAPOTE. MAYRAF Miami.FL FEC CARDOSO, HENRI 1 Flutbiog. NY CARLSON. CHRISTOPHER M,: Dover, NJ Florida Engipeenng Society . American Society of Mechanical Engineers CARMAN, GAIL M.: Fayelteville. NY Ddu Gamma Soronty, Alpha Lambda Delta, Humcane Honey, Sugarcane, Rho Lambda. Dean ' s Lmi CARMONA. JOAN M Toms River. NJ Roadrunncrs (president). Union Board of Govemon. Miami Speech and Heanng Association. Circle K. M D H P . Programs Council. Minor Disciplinary Heanng Panel CANCELA SYLVIA: Miami Beach. FL Psi Chi Naiioaal Honor Society in Psychology (Vice-President). Psi Chi President. Mortar Board. Phi Kappa Phi. Phi Eu Sigma. DclU Tbcu Mu. Alpha Lambda Delta, President ' s Honor List Dean ' s List Sociology Club, Psychology Department Advisor. Senior Advisor, Roadrunncr CARRILLO, RHODAD Coral Gables. FL SOS, Road Runners, AISEC, Cami Gras, Puerto Rican Assoc CARULL0,J0HN P Spnnglield, PA Football, Lacrosse. Sailing Club CASANOVA. ROSAMARIA Tegucigalpa, Honduras Prtstdenl ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Honduran Oub Member, Car Rallyin UM Assisunt, Modem Dance Club CASSER. CHARLES R Englewood. NJ WVUM Radio Sution (News Director). IBIS Yearbook, Humcane News Suff (Reporter and Photographer), Admissions Tour Guide. Dean ' s L»t Intramural Sporu Represenutive. Dorm Government, President ' s Service Award CATHERWOOD, MURIEL L Macon, GA Society of Women Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Resident Assistant For 460Complei CER RONE, CYNTHIA A, Lighthouse Pt, FL CERVERA. ALICIA C Key Bucayne, FL Psi Chi. Orange Key. USBG Sccreury of Academic Affairv US B G Arts and Sciences Sena- tor. USBG President CHANDLER. EDWARDJ Jr : Sumfofd,CT Chcmstry Club, Research Assisunt to S,W Fox and T, Nakashima at U of Ms Institute lor Molecular and Cellular Evolution CHAPLIN, WAYNE E : Bay Harbor, FL Phi Kappa Phi. Beu Gamma Sigma. Beu Alpha Pst Alpha Lambda Delu, Pre-Legal Society, Intramural Football. Dean ' s List President ' s Honor Roll time ). Phi Beta Sigma CHARNIZON, SUSAN G Pompano Beach, FL Dean ' s LisL I BIS Yearbook Suff, Delu Sigma Pi Little Sisters CHARYULU, RANGA R Miami. FL Tn-Beu Member CHENG. CYNTHIA L : Louisville, KY Dean ' sListSOS. 960 Board of Governors, French Oub. Alpha Kappa Psi CHERNEY.DEBRAL Miami.FL Deans List CHESLICK.JOHN D : Naplev FL BcU Alpha Psi Member, Beu Gamma Sigma Member. Rathskeller Sutf. President ' s Honor Roll. Dean ' s List CHETTOUH, NOURDINEC : Algierv Algena CHEUALLIER,X)HNS Coconut Grove. FL CHIAPPETTA, RAPHAELE C: Miami. FL CHIVERSJEFFH Coconut Grove. FL CHRISTIANSON.CRAIG W : I President ' s Honor RolL Dean ' s Li CHRISTOPHER, ARMAND. T, Student Chapter AIA, Arrhiteciui CHUY. FRANCISCO ' UM Honor Scholarship. Tau Beui Institute of Architect Pre-Legal ' COHEN, CARAL: N, Mu Resident Assisunt - Eaton, Intra) COHEN. DALE PSkokte, President ' s Award. Dorm Govemmi COHEN, DEBRAR Liocolm Alpha Epsilon Phi - Recording S _ Deans List Bowling League (2nd place trophyl. Nursing Students Association COHEN.GARYH : Woodmen.NY Intramurals - Tennis. Football. Racquet Ball COHEN, GARY: Bctbpage, NY Dean ' s List Pre-Legal Society COHEN,JACKIL Great Neck, NY COHEN, SUSAN Chen Hill. NJ COHEN. WILLIAM G.: Kings Point. NY Guide Society. A. I, A. — Amencan Sports Protest Board. SOS Hut eSkiei COLLEY, SUSAN B, New Orleans. LA Dean ' i List President ' t Honor Roll. Delu Theu Mu. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister (vice-pres- ident secretary, treasurer). Chi Omega Soronly, BBB. Homecoming Independent Spinl Chairman. Biolog) Club COMUZZLDONNAMARIA Cherry Htll. NJ Chi Omega Sorority — Vice-Preaident Executive Board. Personnel Chairman, SUndards Board. Homecoming Chairman. Best Pledge Award. Highest Big and Little Scholarship. Chi Omega Scholarship Recipient Panhellenic Represenutive, Panbellenic Rush Chairman. Diabetes Tele- thon Chainnan, U of M Womens Commission, WVUM Advuory Board, Channel 7 Intern, Rho Lambda Vice President College Communicators in Broadcastg CONDE,NELS0N J NewYort.NY Mahoncy -Pearson Governor ' s Council. Constitution Committee, Residential Academic Program- ming. Student Inilulion IVogrami. Residence Assistant Mahoney Pearson Complex, UM Rep- resenutive at Flonda Resident Assisunt Conference Fall 197; and 1976. Residence Halls Central Coordinating Council Publicity Chairman, Constitution Review Chairman, Undergraduate Stu- dent Body Govemmeni Senator, School ol Arts and Sciences, Scnaloi, Junior Class, Chairman, USBG Senate Committee on Studeni Services. Supreme Court Assocute Justice. Attorney Gen- eral, Studeni Onenution Service: New Student Summer Orientation Service. Assisunl Program Coordinator, Program Coordinator, UM Represenutive ai National Orientation Diiectoi ' i Asso- ciation - Convention in Fall 1976, University Standing Committee on OnenUlion Member. Lambda Cbi Alpha Fraternity: Vice President Homecoming Representative, IFC Represenutive. Inlcrfratcniity Council — Rush Chairman — Helped Develop 1977 Rush Booklet Greek Week Executive Committee Olympic Day Chairman, Homecoming 197S Chairman Selection Commit- tee, Health Center Advisory Board. Panicipant Leadership Training Program. Participant and Faciliutor Human Potential Seinar, Freshman OrwnUlion Retreat Seminar Development Com- mittee, Facihutor: Freshman OncnUlion Retreat Seminar, Student Activities Hotline Suff, Order of Omega Sccreury -Treasurer. Archontcs Society: Secteury President Treasurer, Who ' s Who Among Students in AmerKan Univet ties and Colleges, Iron Arrow Honor Soctely. Rotoract — Founding Member, Dean ' s List CONST ANTINE. JOANNE: PUnulton. FL Beu Alpha Psi COOPWOOD, JEFFREY R ChKago.lL USBG - Attorney General, ftathsekller Advisory Board. Debate Team. Ring Theater, President ' s Award. Speakeasies, WVUM Talk Show Host News Reporter, Critic -at- Urge, Humcane Con tnbuting Columnist, Assistant Coach. Debate Team. Greater Miami International Opera Associa- tion, Biccnicnnial Youth Debate Sute Champion CORDOBA, JUANAE,: Dean ' s List CORDOBA, VILMA E,: Miami. FL Honduran Students Member (sccreury) CORONA, MARISAR Miami.FL Deans List FEC, Beu Alpha Psi CORTINA, CARLOS E: Miami.FL Assisunt to the President FEC Financul Advising CASTA, JOSEPH S Falls Church. VA Dean ' s List President Honor Roll, Humcane Skydivcr Psi-Cbi COSTOFF. MICHAEL J : Antioch. IL COTO.JULIOR, Hialcah,FL CRACCHIOLO, JANINE T Coconut Grove. FL Alpha Phi Omega Nauonal ServKe Fraternity. Sigma Delu Chi Society for Profeuional Journal ists. Hurncane Suff Wnler. ReligK n Teacher. FrenchClub CRAIG, WILLIAM D Homewood. IL Phi Beu Sigma. Honors Program. C oncert Choir. Chamber Singers 11 CRANE. PAULA L,: New Castle. PA Dean ' s List. Dance Corps. Delu Delu Delu. Float Chairman. Pledge Trainer. Rho Lambda, Sigma Chi Little Sister, I BIS Yearbook SufI, Court Queens CRAWFORD, MARTHA A Miamt FL CRONENBERGER, RICHARD J,: Notthboto, MA Golden " Tee " Square. James E Branch Scholarship. Ethic CommitlM, Heanng Board for School ol Engineering and Architecture, Leadership Trainit Propam, USBG Senator for SEA. Faculty Evaluations. Council ol Prcsidcnu for SEA. Architecture Club of Miami. Chairman of Architec- ture Student Council, Editor of " Architecture in Miami " . Cami Gras Environment Club. Set Up Crew Studeni Union. Thursday Night Mixed. HistoTK Amencan Building Survey, Dean ' s List CRONIG. PETER M Vineyard Haven, MA CROSBY. WENDELL R Detroit Ml Pre-Legal Society, USBG Treasurer CRYSTAL. CS, Jenkintown. PA Feature Editor of Miami Humcane - also columnist Packing Appeal Committee. Intramural CURTIS. ROBERT F Sevenna Park. MD Dean ' s List — Spnng CUNNINGHAM, ROS5J Columbus, OH CUTLER,CINDYD:Mumi, FL Homecommg. Cami Gras, Humcane, WVUM CUTLER, DAVID M Wyncote. PA DAL HOUSE -GASCOIGNE, ROSEMARIE A Kmplon. JAM COIS0(S«creury, Treasurer) DANA, HARVEY M Newton Centre. MA DANIELS. KATHLEEN M.: Miami, FL DAVIS, DONALD E : LeisureCiiy. FL DAVIS, DON T : Lake Park, FL Resident Assisunt Senior at Large Senator, Univervty Affairs Committee. Delu Sigma Pi (Tret- sum), Dean ' s List DAVIS.GEORGEM HoUywood.FL Dean ' s List Alpha Tau Omega. BBB. BEB. SOS DAVIS. KEVIN E : Balbmore, MD LacToue. UM Healthboard, UBS DAVIS, LYNDA A,: Fl, Lauderdale. FL DIAZ. FANNY H Mumi.FL DEAN.CYNTHIAD Coral Cable , FL DEaRDEN.DOUGLASC ViUanova. pa Pi Kappa Alpha (Rush Chairman, Treasurer) DECENTESH. CHARLOTTE A Oak Park, IL PrcMdesit Honor Roll. Dean ' s List. Band Flag Corps. Student Nunes Association DEGROFF,CHERYLL: Baldwmsville. NY DEIGHTON. DIANE L Kmpioa, MA Supreme Coun Justice, Pre-Legal Society, Pi Sigma Alpha (Secretary. Treasurer) DELAORRA, FRANK J,: Mumi, FL American Marketing Association DE LEON, LIDIA M N. Mumt FL Pmulents Honor Roll. Deaji ' i List DELERME, RAYNALD: CarolCily. FL Dcu ' s List DEL FORN, RICHARD: I Beu Alpha Phi DELGADO. MARIA E.i Miam| Dean ' i List Pre Law, French Oub DELGADO, MARIO A.: Mum| Biology Oub DELGADO, MAR t HAL PR. Pre-Lcgal Society. FEC DELMAN, JULIE L VnlmingiMt.OE DENTEN, PATRICIA Kappa Kappa Gamma. Beta Alpha I DESCHAMPS, SYLVIEG-1 ' Dean ' s List Swimming Team (All , D ' LAROTTA. J ADRIANA Mumi, FL DIAZ.CARLOS Miami. FL DIAZ. MARIA E Mumi.FL Dl BIANCO. ELIZABETH M Orange. CT DIERKING. STEPHEN D.: St. Petersburg. FL DIEZ, PEDRO Hialcah.FL SaihngClub DIEZ-RIVAS, FRANCISCO A CoralCabkt.FL Uiuvertity of Miami Honor School Scholarship, Florsda Realtor Aisocution Scholarship, [lean ' s List DIKE. KINGSLEYC:Nig(TU DILATUSH, LINDA J : Cranbury. NJ Ddu Gamma. Rho Lambda. Sigma Chi Little Sisters. President List Dean ' s List DITORRO, RON Upper Darby. PA DOBKIN JOSEPH M Piiuburgh, PA Dean ' s List President ' s Honor Roll, DclU TbeU Mu Honorary Orange Key Honorary, Sociology Club. Intramural Softball, SOS, Dorm Boor Governor. USBG Elections Worker, Dade County Electtoni Worker, SEC Secunty, Drama Council, Geology Club. UM Honor Scholarship, Roa- dmnners, Pre-Lcgal Socicly (Publicity Committee) DOUCNAC, CARLOS M Hollywood, FL DRAKE,JOHNE. MumtFL AIESEC DUBIN,NEILC,:NY DUDLEY, MICHAELC Muroi. FL Dean ' s List President ' s Honor Roll. Alpha Lambda DelU, DelU ThcU Mu. Alpha Epsilon Delta DUNCANSON. ROBERT A Dumant NJ Dean ' i List Sailing Club (Sccreury). Biology Club. Dorm Government Represenutive DURHAM. MICHAEL: Wn isville Beach. NC DZIKOWSKl. PATRICIA A Buffalo. NY Dean ' s List DIGIACOMO, RALPH A : Mumi Beach. FL Alpha Epsilon Delu, Biology Club, Chemistry Oub EAKER, DEAN R : Bayside. NY Dean ' s List EATON, ELISEB: Norwich. NY Board ol Governor . Pre-Legal Society EDOSOMW AN. JOHNSON A : Mumi, FL Amencan Institute of Industrul Engmeen (Prcstdenl). Industrial Enginccnng Ntwsgram (Editor). Coiso News Letter (Editor), Nigerian Studenu Association (SecrcUiy), Tutor Intensive English BasK Math, AmerKan Institute of Induttrul Enginecnni (Vice- Pre idem) EDWARDS, JEAN C: Kingston Jan EHRUCH, LAURIE CoconuiCrove FL EICHBERCMARCJ : ,_____, . DHu Sigma Pi Fraternity, BeU AlJBHHHHily Rol Club (Treasurer). School Council Committee. Resident Assisunt Pre - .- — EINLEGERNEIL DramaCouncit (President), Alpha Pu Omtpi {ft«sidenjj ELIAS. MARISEL Mia Alpha Sigma Epsilon, Studeni Govem»eM.| ttaniclVilage Week. Fashion Show Coordini Federation of Cuban Students iiin8HJ|| « ' in A octiypn. Program Council Culture Com mil tec ENGLE. THOMAS W; Drexegj Pi Kappa Alpha. Prnidenl ' s Honor M ENCELBERGER. ELAlNfe EPSTEIN. LARRY D. BalUmore. MD Dean ' sList President ' s Honor Roll. PresKlenl ' sServKe Award. Tour Guide. American Pre-Dental Soctely. Dorm Government Intramural Sport RepronUtive. Ddu Tbcu Mu Honor Fraternity EPSTEIN RANDIS: FairUwD.NJ Amencan Marketing Association. IBIS Yearbook. DtlU Sigma Pi Little Sisters, Dorm Govem- ESTRADA. CELIA R: Coral Gables. FL Honor Scholarship. [ ean ' s List, Member of Delu TheU Mu Honorary Society EVANS. ALBERT, Mumi. FL Varsity Golf Team EVANS, ELENA: VENEZ FALCONS. JULIAN : Miramar, FL FANCHER, ELLEN J Mtn Ukes, NJ Resideni Assisunt. Music Educators National Conferenct emors. LTP, HPS, SOS, Dean ' s List FANKHANEL, EDWARD H Rio Piedras. PR WVUM. Music Aviation, Running, CB Radio, Guitar. Juv Sigma Alpha loU. 960 Board olGov- nile Counseling. Jesus Sludenl Fellow- 1 Roll, Orange Key. Homecoming, Cami Gras, Roa- la Sigma I, Pre-Legal Society, Beu Alpha P Nmming. Lile Guard at UMhMl CABOT, STAGEY B l-ong IsUnd. NY FARACH, ROY R : Miami, FL FAZIO. NUNZIO M : Mumi. FL USBG Senate. Dean ' s List. PresKlents Hi drunners FEIGELES. JULIE: N Miami Beach. FL Presidenis Honor Roll. Dean ' s List Beu Alpha Pst. Beu Gai FEITELSON. AMI S Philadelphia. PA FERNANDEZ. MAURA J,: Huleah. FL Honor Roll. Dean ' i List FERNANDEZ, PEDRO E Mumi, FL FERRARO,JAMESL CosCob.CT Supreme Court Justice, Sigma Alpha Epsilon (T (Accounting) FERREIRA,STEVEN D Somerset MA Ddu Sigma Pi (Presideni), School ol Business : Council ol Chairpersons. Selection CommitU Council of Presidents FERRELL, DEBORAH H Miamt FL Curriculum Committee, Student FERRELL, LESA A Silvc FERRI.THOMASB: Ramsey] Pi Kappa Alpba FICALORA. F RAN K P : Foi Dean ' s List Pre-Lcgal Society, Intiai FIELD.JUDITH A Sunnse. i,,,,,., ■,-„„_- Phi Eu Sigma, UM Chamber Smfin. UM P nshin clebral Choir, Miss Umversily ol Mii FIELDS, FRANCES D Chemistry Club, UBS FIGAROLA.ROSAC C or.lJPMi». - . Pre-Legal Society (Sccreury). W H WnRWRT CI Lambda Delu - Freshman Honor Society FILIPPI, RICHARD J Miami. FL Conriicl Simulation Society (President). XO. Pershing RiHes U-16, Phi Alpha Theu FINE. RHONDA: Miami, FL FINKELSTEIN, SANFORD A : Creve Lover, MO FISCH. CHERYL M : Suten IsUnd, NY Dean ' s Lisl FISHER.NEAL A, NewYork.NY AIESEC FISICHELLA, ANTHONY P : Brooklyn. NY FLEISHER.NEIL H Pembroke Pines, FL Pi Kappa Alpha. Pre-Legal Society, NOVA (SecrcUry). Young Dcmocrali FLEISCHMAN, DEBORAH R Hollywood, FL Beu Gamma Sigma, Alpha Lambda [ elu. Presidents List Dean ' s Litt. ZBT (Little Sister, Swed- heart) FLEISCHMAN, JACK S Uma. Peru AilE FLEMING, MICHAEL A. A Miami. FL Scuba Club (Treasurer. Safety OfTicei) FLETCHER, STEVEN M Mumi, FL Presidents Honor Roll. Deans List, Phi Kappa Phi. Delu TVu Mu, Alpha Epsilon Delts. Phi tia Sigma. Alpha Lambda Delta. Biok Club, Oiemistry Oub. SOS FLICKER, MICHAEL A : Rockaway, NJ Mahoney Pearson Govemor ' Council (Govemor, Program Committee Chairman, Treasurer. Homecoming, Cami Gras), Archonies Society, SOS (Ai t Program Coordinator Mahoney-Pear- Opera Workshop, Concert Chairperson lor Program Council, Alpha 340 M MMt Uuk Suprniiot). Siudnii Rittiii At«Ky K HP5 FOLEY. lAIIBARA H fori WalioB Btach. H Omm ' ) Lttt SacHi4i | Ctuh. Tutw Fixrign SiudcnU. Ptii Thru Kappa FOLLFrr DAVID H Mnairw. LA SlfMChl FORCIARZ bOWINAA Buflalo NY RackMlull Clyti Rachnttall iBireBotali. Ruanen Club FORDO£MRAHF PUauiKM. FL FOSTERNIKKIR FOSTFR.WFNDYL LootB h ' Y Stadeai An Sko STAG iPrcudcBtl FRANCO MARIA r Hukab. FL Dm I Lmi FRANZCN DIRKG Boca RaioB. FL AEO Dcaa ' t I ul Prtwlrnu H. FRASFR.MtlVAL C.n.l I ..h l« .n. FREIND. RIt HARD A P Timu».NJ FRFXES.C ' ltlSTINAM . HoBof Piofrim Hi niM Slutlr l •katLFrtiKhClub AEI) Dflu 1 FREXLS PAIRICIA J (or Alpha L»mUit Delia. Fcdciatxxi Dbbb t LuL MCf FRIDAY. MICHAEL A M «n - ri FRIED. ILISA C Howard Beach.! FcderaiHM of Cuban Siu- Womcn EogiBccn. Tau Btia Pi. FRIEDMAN. DEBRA L CH SOS FRIEDMAN HELEN A Bayudt.NY Hoeon Sliwlrai Aiaoctaiion, TWu Ddu |S«CT«taiy). icwuh Slitdcnl Auociabon (Vkc-Pt«u- dcBil. I Bivenii) Service Dcpannxni Rcpmenuiivc. Hilkl Caainunily Board. Pmidenti Honor Rod, Dtan ' i Lni FRIEDMAN. PaTTI J N Miami Beach. FL DcBn ' i Lhl Beta Alpha Pu FLICHS. KENNETH D Sunrae. FL I Mu Alpha SinFonia iPretidenl. CorreipoBilinB Sivrttary). Pi Kappa l.ambda. UuflarboarJ, IroB Arrom.Oniioon IVIU Kappa. Wbo ' i Who. OiiwtldCompoiiUon Award American Band- Hen Aun TheixkHt Newman Memorial SchoUnbip. ScbooJ of Muik Siutleni Council. Band o( the Hour (Sum FL ' TERNICK. MIRIAM A Miami. FL FRANKLIN. WENDY Mumi. FL Morur Board S(creur l. COISO Repreieauiive on UBOG, Sccreiary lo PrciidenI ol COISO. Study Abroad Commilln. Peer Advuor and Tulor. Orpnizalion ol JamaKan Students (Trea- GABERMAN. LAURIE A Fairfield. CT EaiOB HaD {Sccreuryl. tmversly ATrairv Siudeni GovcmnKnt. USBG ' i Auitunu (Vice-Preii- dcail. AuHlaai Pep Rally Chairman. Work lor Royal Caribbean Cruite Linei. PrcMdenl ' ) Honor Roll GALAMAGA. MARYC Miami. FL PitCbi. Ne ipapcf GALANTE. ANTHONY South Salem. NY Football GARCIA. MARY L Miami. FL GARCIA. OSCAR Coral GaMet. FL FcderatioB a1 Cuban Studenti GARCIA. RAFAEL Miami. FL TaukcuPi GARCIA. YOLANDA A. Miani. FL CARCIANAVARRO. VICKY N Mum . FL GARCIA-VIETA. SILVIA E Mum.. FL Tan B«u Phi GARDNER. MARY E Piiurord. NY GARDNER. RICHARDJ N MumiBeach.Ft GaRFINKEL. MARKS Spnnf Valley. NY 1 } Caritcy ScboUrahip. SOS. Honored by Motur Board. Intramural Football. Intramural Soft- ball, lairamural Rackeiball GARVEY.JAMESC WoeceMcr.MA Saihnf Club. Iniramurali GARVIN. JEFFREY L PilUburth. PA naural Sporti Tn Beta. Biotocy Oub, Honor Sludenl ' i Auocialion (Prcitdrntl. Prcttdcni ' t HoMor Roll. Oranie Key GATTO, ROSALIND Brooklyn. NY BBB ' t Lhl RftKjence Halli Governor. CIAO (Vice-PreiKkiiK. Pre- Legal Sociely CEISLER. KARENS Philadelphu. PA GELFAND. BETHR Si Mary i. PA School Newipaper Hurricane SufT CENESSE. JAMES P Miami. FL Dcan ' i Litt. Roadrunnen. Circle K.CampuiToun. Gamma Theu Epukin GERL. ROBIN F Lighthouie Pi . FL Eaton Hall Board oF Governon. Phi Eu Sigma GERRaRD RENEEM : Dfaahran.SARAB GERSON BONNIE H Dallai.TX ZBT Fraternity Litile Sttteit (Preiidentl, 1977 Homecomin| Commiilw, SASC Peer Adv.ior, MPS PanicipanL Pre-Legal SocMiy. Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eu Sigma. Pti Chi. Dclu Theta Mu. Orange Key Morur Board. Dcan ' i Uit. Pr«»idenl ' i Honor Roll GERSON. BRAD T HighUnd Park. IL GHANDFHARIOl N.VAHID Miami. FL GHASDFHARIOLN SAEED Muai. FL EBg)DBenng Honor Sooeiy Tau Beta Pi CHOMESHI MOHAMMADM Miami. FL Prnxtmri Honor Roll. Dean ' i Lui GILBERT. ALAN H Miami. FL AlA GINSBLRG TAMARAL Ft Uudcrdak Ean ' t LitL MorUr Board GLASS MICHELE A Englex Dcan ' i LiiLPretidenri Honor R ' GLASSERPALLK GLLCKSON. BARBARA I GOLDMAN. LORI P GOLD.JERRYW WarwKkJ GOLDSTEIN. LORI B Eaii | SOS. RegiitratKin Wort GOLDSTEIN. SUZANNE H . DHu nil Epulon (Treasurer. Socul ChaM GOLDSTON. EDGAR C IllOSurf SfaoplCo-owneri. Member 1 1 10 Surf Team. Thrcc-M B Sebaitian Band Mcmbei GOLIAN JEAN Tehran. I R GOLOMB. ALISAJ Princeton. N J GOMEZ. EDWARD Mumi, FL GOMEZ JORGE L Miami. FL Dcan ' i L ill GOMEZ. iOSER Miami. FL GONZALEZ. CRISTINA M Miami. FL ASCLFES DeiniUii OONZALEZ.HERMINIOF Miami.FL ASCE.FES GONZALEZ JORGE A Coral Gablei. FL Alpha Epulon Ddla. Judo Club. Biology Club. Dcan ' i Liit ' ' ' GONZALEZ. JR , MANUEL: Dover. NJ GONZALEZ. REINALDO L : Mumi. FL GONZALEZ. RODOLFOL Mumi. FL GONZALEZ-CARVAJAL MAYRA: Mumi. FL GORDON, scon L Mumi. FL GOLLDTRINAA Huleah. FL Roadrunnrri. Circle K, Mumi Student Speech and Hearing Auoculion. Univenity of Miami Hooor Scholanhip. Dcan ' i Liil GRANADODEISEC Miami Beach. FL Alpha Epiilon Delta. Biology Club Tn-Beu, Federation ol Cuban Studenti, Sociolog} Club GREEN IDA Sunnie Fl Dean ' i LiiLLM Honor Roll GREENBERG DARCYJ Spnng Valley NY SadingClub Siudeni Nuning Auoculion, Delu Dcha Delu GREENE, ANDY P Gleiicove, NY In ' ramuralBaiiethall. Football GREENE. KENNETH E Ne York. NY Humcane Flyer GREENSPAN STEVEN A Miami Beach. FL pKudent ' i Award SAFAC. Delu Epulon Pi. Alpha Epiilon Pi, Sociely for Judaic Studici. SEC. Hillcl. AmeTKan Marketing AtMtctation GREFNSTONE. SAM J Livinptoo. NJ «n " t Lni. Alpha Kappa Pu, Duffy ' i Social Club GREENZWEIG.DAVIDA Mumi Beach. FL »n ' i LttL Hillel GREFF BARRY S EIbkmi.NY he- Legal Sociely GRIFFIN. BRUCE M MnJdleiorni.CT WVLM Geaera) Manager GRIFFIN. GLORIA Mum.FL GRISBAIM, LINDA L Ocean City NJ Kappa Kappa Gamma (Hiitonan. Reguirarl. Dorm Covertior 960. SOS, Alpha Kappa Pu FlagCorpi Marching Band GROEN, PHILIP M Tbe Hague, HOL GROSSO RICHARD F ,JR Wayne, NJ M Board of Govemon, 1961 RHCCC Repreienutive. RHCCC Repreienuiivt on Soliciuiion ComniiiM, RHCCCRepretcntaitveon WVUM Ra hoAdviwr Board GRIBER ANNIE R NWoodmett, NY GRl NGLASSL ROBERT H BraiiLSA Gl ERRA, LOURDESE Coral Gable.. FL « Legal Society FF.C GlERRA, MANl EL L Muau. FL AED(VKe prriKlenti, FECtE litor) Gl IDA JR FRANK J Sfnnglteld.NJ GLIGON I.OURDES Mumi.FL Dean iL 1 1 GUIMA, TAYEB A : Trqwh. UB HAAS EDWARD Mumi.FL HABER MITCHELL J Fort Lee, N J HACKER ilLLP MumiBcachFL Delu S«gma Pi Little Siiter, Pre-Legal Socteiy. Young Democrat!, Humcine Copy Writer Ameri- can Marketing Auocution HAFELE. DONALD W Pearl River. NY Dtaa ' i LiiL Pre-Ugal Society. American Civil Libcrtiei Unioe (Vice-Pteiidenl). IBIS Yearbook iSeawt Edttort. St Auguiune Siudent Center RcprncnUlive. latramurali Football. Baikelhall HALEY. JOHN C Somcrvillt Ni DCBBI LMt HALFMAN. JOHN D Uuagion, MA SaibBg Clab, Hying Hub, Alpha Umbda Delu. Tbeu Mu, Preiidenu Honor Roll. Dcan ' t Li»l. Tcarher ' i Auutant Peer Advooi SASC HAMILTON, MARCIA E Manaui-Amai:ona . BRAZ Dcan ' i LiiL Pmidcnti Honor Roll HANSEN, ERICC E AmbentNY HANSON PAUL R Necdham, MA HARRINGTON. MARTIN D Panama City. PAN Rotary Club iPretidenO. Latin American Siudenti,. CDISO (Vice-Preiident). Dormitory Adviior, Campui PoIkc Officer Varmy Soccer Team (Captain. All ' Suie. All-Afflcrican) HARRIS GORDON K Mumi. FL HARRISON, JANEA Mumi, FL AlA, Dean ' i Liii HAFTl ' NIAN,DEBBIEM GreatNeck,NY HASS MICHAEL I Forni Hilli. NY HAUSNERNORBERTH livcrpod,NY AlA Siudeni Chapter, Photography Club HAWKINS. JONATHAN H ManhaiaeLNY Sigma Chi. I ' M Sailing Hurricanei, Gamma Theta Upulon HaWLFV, LESLIE M Mumi, FL Beu Alpha Pti, Delia Sigma Pi Little Si ten(S«crcUry| HAYMAN.CHARLESA Palchogue.NY HEALLY, PATRICIA A : Enfield, CT IBIS Yearbook (Activiliei Editor). Mortar Board (Vicc-Prciidcnl), Reiideni AuitUnt, Dean ' i Liil. Honon Piogram, Pi Delu Phi French Honor Sociely, Sailing Humcanci. Student Development Programt Facilitator and ParlKipanl HEIL. SHARON L : Falb. PA Dcan ' i Lut Preiidenu Honor RolL Piy-Chi HEIMBINDER. JULIE D Waodmcrc.NY HELLER. RONALDG Miramar lilev FL HELMS, JOAN M Ft Myen, FL Deaa ' i Lut HENDLER. SUSAN Y Philadelphu, PA HERES, ALLAN Eldoa HERMAN. JAMESG |J| Sigma Chi, Dcan ' sLntlFC HERNANDEZ.JUAN A i HERNANDEZ. MARTA Pie-La HERNANDFX MARIA U Beu Alpha Pii. Beu Gamma Si Hpa Pb K Prciidenl ' i Honor Roll HERNANDEZ NORMaI AmerKan Society ol Women Ad KERRERA-TORRES BL| Dean I L III HE RSCHER, SUSAN? HERSH, ALLAN R Livingtoo. NJ Ring Theatre CCB HILLDAVEJ CiBcinnali,OH Intramutab, Dean ' i Lnt HlMELHOtH, DEBORAH A Miami, FL American Sociely of Pre-Denul Siudenii (Secreury, Vtce-Pmideni). Roadrunnen, (SccreUryt. NOVA Science FKtion Club (PrciidenU, German Oub (Prcudenll. Delu Phi Alpha (Vice-Preu- drnil, Honort and Pnvileged Siudiet SiudcnL Preiidenu Honor Roll, Dean ' i L lit. Alpha Lambda Ddu Phi Kappa Phi, Morur Board (Pieudenii, Minor DiKtpbnary Hearing Panel. Appellate Board, Delta Theu Mu. L ' SBG Senator, Merck HanAook Award HINKES DAVID M Mumi. FL Dean ' i Liil Preiidenti Honor Roll, Alpha Lambda DeiU (PaW Preiideni). Pre-Legal Society iPreiidtnil, Marching Band, SOS, Studrni Repreienutive lor the Faculty Pre-Legil Curriculum HIRSCH DORIS E Lowell. MA HOFFMAN LOIANNE M Mumi. FL Ddu DeiU Delu, RboLambda,SugarCane BatprI, Hurricane Honey HOMES, PETER A Ml Vernon. NY Dean ' i LiiL WVUM, Intramural Manager, Circle K HORN, MARY A Coral Gablci, FL HORVITZ, STEVEN A Surfiide.FL ZBT, ZBT Executive Board. IFC PrnKkntt Cabinet, IFC Social Chairman. Humcanc Sporu Sufi, Greek Week Executive Committee. Marching Band HOUGH JANE Coram. NY ChiOmtga. Sigma Alpha Eptilon Little Siiier. Judo Club HOUSTON. SUZANNE F ; Warwick. Rl HOYT RINAL Mumi, Fl. Preiidentl Honor Roll, Dean ' i Liit, Women in EngineenngClub, Young Democrat! HRZENJAK. NANCY H Orlando. FL WVUM Adviiory Board Member, TA Televmon Production HVARD,JR,JOSEPHR Lowell, MA Ddu Sigma Pi, USBG Chief Juuice, Reitdcnt Aiuiuni, USBG Election Commiuion, Sptakeai- m. Rouract HUMPHRIES, ELAINE V Lakeland. Ft Stgma Alpha lou (Pmidcnt, Vice- Preiad est, Trcswrer). Tau Beta Sigma (Hiitorun), Siudeni Muuc Educalcir ' i Naliunal Conference (Sute PreiidenI, Chapler Treaturer), Morur Board. Who ' i Who Among Studenii in AmerKan Univeniliei and Colleges, Alpha Lambda Ddu, Phi Eu Sigma, Band of the Hnui (Beii Bandiman, Squad Uadcr, Women i Rcprctcnuiive). Naltonal Dean ' L Dean ' HYSLOP AMY F Saraiou. FL Women ' iGoir Team. CollegeCommunicalon m Bro catting IGRA. HELENA I Montreal AED Pre-Med Honor Soctcly, Pi DdU PI Honon Program, Preudcm Honoi Roll, Chemulry Club, Circle K INDEN ZENA Mumi, FL Beu Alpha Pii. Delu Sigm Pi. Homecomi4.CamiOn IRIENE FORTUNE L Port HarcouB. NIG ISSACSON. LORI A Lewition. MF IVES. ELAINE C Menden. CT Dean ' i Liti. Concert Choii. Weiky FouDdiiba iry Society. FrcBch Chb (PmMlcnl), m Program, Dean ' i Lnt. Biology Club, IZQL lERDO, ALINA Wharton, Mi I. Howard Unrverwty Internalional Joumatiit in for M uiic Tberapittt I. Initamural jg Sociely SchoUnhip. Society for Ivtl Engmeen. Florida Engineering ) MDCC Engineenng Siudeni JABALI.HAIBA Tcaneck.NJ College Communicaton in Broadcaiting (Trcaiun Award. Naltonal TV Ani and Sciencei JACOBS. ROBERT L CliffinJe Park. NJ Dean tL III JORPGEORGE Miami.FL Dcan ' i L III JAYSON. CHARLES M Mumi.FL JENSEN. GAYLIS A Yuba. Wl Muik School Siudeni Council, National AuocialH JENSEN. JACK J Bayvillt.NJ Scuba Cluh. Apanmeni Area Board of Govcmorv SMAC Commitlec Chain JHAIL, FALAHM Kuwait JOHNSON. JULIA Coral Gablti. FL UM Honor Scholarihip, Miami Speech andTT JOHNSON, MARJORIE Miami, FL JOHNSON, TFDD MaduonOH JONESTHIRD JOHN P Newtown,CT AIESEC JONES, SI SAN ( Phoenii MU Alpha Si Omega, Sigma Alphi I [ kikni LillieS ' -rr JONES, WENDY A Miami. FL Tau Beta Pi (Treaiureil, M. rur Boknl fioxd Women Engmeen |VKe-PreiideSr ° " ° ' ' Society, MDCC Florida Fngineeril ofiheYeai JORQLERA, GABRtELA Mug JOSEPHS, MICHAEL I Foieii Hilli. NY JOSLIN JAYP Southampton. PA Siudeni Chapler Amerxan Iniutute of Archilccli Mahoney-Peanon Retidenl Auiltant. Maho- My-Pcanon Dorm GovemmenL Ralhlkellei Suff JOSS-KNOWLE5.NANCYC Nauau. BA PreiHtenli Honoi Roll Deani Liit, Junior Varwty Swimming. Campui Cruiade for Clinii, Baha- muB Sludenli Auoculion JOl ' BERT,LlSAA Ithaca, NY SOS Dean ' i Lni JUKEL SANDY Cmnamiuon, NJ Lecture Senei Chairman, Ddu Sigma Pi Chancellor, Campui Sponi and Recreation Diiciplinary Board. Eaton Hall Governor Dean ' i Lnt. LTP, OrKnution Peer Adviwr, Pre-Legal Society JUNIOR, ANTONIO S Ungley, IL LBS iVKe-Preiideni), Siudent ServKCi Chairman, Rouraci Club. Resident Auiiunt, Kappa Alpha Pii, Floor Governor KACZARABA.WILLIA] HivTKaac Suff Wmer KALICK Fit loi B v Hl .NY Intramural Baiehai! L.-ihill Baikelhaa Rrni KAIMAS.I Al HI! . »( Oabtel, F 1 KANt HOSSf IN [rhiiii.lR KAPII, ELLEN Nr. ' i. k.NV KAPLAN.LAI R I s MiamiBcaih Phi Eu Sigma, Ddla 1 ' niSJi OkkPfC ' Lcill S. KAPLAN, LISA G 1.H Dean ' i lilt KARGER STEWART A Newton Center. MA KARR BLANCAF Mumi Fl Medical Ttchnohigv dub KARR WILLIAM M S Mumi FL Architectural Student Council Board KATTAN MARIAT Coral GaMei. FL KATZ.BRLICFS New York, NY KaTZ.MAR( Muffli FL Dean ' i L 111 KALTMAN LEES Huleah F I KAVEKATHYI New York, NY KEGRISKATHIL New Cumberland. PA Ddu Gamma Sigma Chi I iltle Siiter KELLER ANAM Miami F I Sigma Tbeu Tau KEMPJFNNIFER B ( oIl OH Kappa Kappa Gamma, Rho Lambda Honorary Sociely, Pi Kappi Alpha Little Snter, Cheer- leader. ( oun Queen. Hurricane Honey KENDAIIJAMFSL Monroeville pa Dcan ' t Lilt Intramural Sporu AIE5EC KFNDFR WI1 IIAM J Mumi.FL KENNEDY DONAI DJ Summit NJ Student Gtnrmmeni Public Rdationi Committee Intramural Floor RepreienUiive, SOS KENT NLALt Wiiiingboru, NJ Nauonal AiiociatKin of Jau Educalon, MENC. Dcan ' i Liit. Univeruty of Miami Concert Jau Band Manager KERSEY, KAREN A Mumi, FL Sociology Honoti Club KESTEN RICHARD A KETY,LAWRENCt P tm Alpha Pii Omega KEITMANNJOHN A Spnl Scuba Club, SOS. RA. AFROTC, Vm KHABARI HOUSHANG Td KHAVANDEGARAN, KAZa KHOSHNOOD, RONNIE Y f KILEY ROBERI P Andove KIRK, JEFFREY W Vm NatKMui Aiwcialion of Jau E,duca Hty Coi Dean ' i Liil KITCHEN, PATRK lA A KLEIN, RONIS Yonken NY Dean ' i Liit. MorUr Board, Phi Eu Sigma, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sigma Alpha Epiilon Liiile Sw- ler UM Honor SchoUnhip, Greek WeekOlympK Day Chairman KNAPP ANDREA Syracuic.NY NAMT. American Guild of Organiiti (Trcaiurer). Dean ' i Liii, Muiic Scholanhip KNIPP, ROBERT M Gibwn liUnd. MD L roue Club, Rathikcller Advuory Board, Studcni Enieruinment Committee, Reudeni Aiiiii- KNOBEL MARK D Oceaniide NY Dean ' i Liii KOCH NIKKI R Huntingdon Valky, PA KODIS KENNETH D AIESEC Intramural Football, Softball KONDRACKLLVNNEM Trumaniburg. NY RA9tOCompk KORNlCKt TERRI Bayude NY Dcan ' t Liii Beu Mphi Pti Delu Sigma Pi Little Siiter KRAKOWIR l r M I Betbcida.MD KRFIH MMAS J()l» B S Orange N J KRl ( l R Ml( HI 1 I i H Fanninglon Hilli, Ml Alpha Pbi Omega (Vice Pretidenll. Campui Tour Guide KRYWULYCH MYRON M Amilerdam, NY KUHN.JANETA Fl Uuderdale, FL Stgma Tbeu Tau, Currxulum Commillec, Student Nunei Auociation. Dcan ' t Lul KUSHNER.BETH E Mumi Beach, FL KURITZKY, HARLAN L Pcciikill, NY KUYPER.DIRKM Sao Paolo. BRAZ Dcaa ' i Lilt. MDHP Circle K. Biology Club LAFON. MICHAEL C Haddonfield. NJ Pmidenti Honor Roll, Dean ' s Lm. Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Dclu, Phi Eu Sigma Ddu TheuMu LANARD NANCY fl Bala-Cynwyd, PA Mabonet- Pearson Governor i Council, Governor Homecoming Co-Ch air man, Cami Grai Co- Chairman, Publicity Commiiiee. Programming Commmec. Rcudcnt Academic Programming. Siudeni Intiutcd Programming. Ouuunding Govemoi, HPS Participant and FaciliUlor. LTP Auertivenesi Training Program. Transfer Siudeni Weekend FacihUlor, Commiitee Training Pro- gramv SOS (Suff, Asusuni Program Coordinator), Univeniiy Services Organiution. Homecom- ing EiecuUve Committee, 1977 Greek Spirit Chairman, 1971 Attocule Chairman, Chairman Selection Committee, Cami Grai Eitculive Commiiiee, MDHP Selection and Review Committee. Ddu nil Epitlon. Rotoraci, Siudeni Righu Agency Commissionei, Siudcnl Righu Agency (Vice- Chairmanl, Mumi Hurricane Feature Wntei. Search and Selection Commiitee for Director of Stu- dent Activities. Student Activities Hotline Coordinalnr, Archonlei Sociely, Residence Hall Honor- ary (Pretidenll, Univeniiy Sunding Committee on Onenution LANGLEY, LOUIE E Willumiport, PA Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonw, MorUi Board. Band of the Hour College Register, Audio Engineering LANGONE, MICHAhl A Hollywood FL Alpha Epiilon Ddu. Pre-Medical Honor Society, Ddu ThcU Mu Honor Sociely LARRINAGA JOSF A Miami.FL Tau Beu Pi (Correiponding Secreury), Eu Kappa Nu (President), IEEE I VKe- Pretidenll. SEED Senator Council of Prcsidenlt, FES, FEC. Dean ' i List LARRINAGA MARIA D Mumi.FL LARSFN ALICFA MonlcUir, NJ AlA (Secretary), Archileclure Siudent Council ReprcMntitive LAS KY SCOTT L Middletown, NJ LATSHAW (-HARI,F.SR Mumi, Fl UVOICE. JACK R Haddonfield. Ni Dean ' i Liii LAYNL DOL ' GLASl Mumi, FL OffKC and Promotional Manager of Video Tape Servicci LAZAN, EVA F Bay Harbor FL LEAVEY, ROBIN D (Tierrj Hill, NJ Mabooey -Peanon Govemon Council (Vending Machine Commiitee), Cami Grai Aliiitani Floor Chairman Mahnnev-Peanon Homecoming Poller Committee. SOS Assisuni Area Coordinator. Open Door LEBOWITZ. DAVID Old Westburg. NY LEDLSMA SYLVIA M San Juan, PR LEE. FAITH M Miami.FL LEESON SCOTT K Mornitown. NJ USBG VKC-Preiident Junior (Pretideni). Dorm Govemi Student Union Board of G School ' i Bcauiificaiion Con LEIN, LESLEY B Yonken. MPGCt Secreury I LEHMAN. LISAS Mumi. LeMARBRF, RICHARD M Intramuiali BH log Club Scuba mcnl Area Allocal Senator Award, Council of Pretidcntt iidcnU Award, Homecoming Committee 1961. Eaton Hall, Intramurats. Raquetball Club. Board of Gover LEONMANliEl Mum LEONE MATTHEW E ZBT. Richard A Jones Scholanhip. UM Honon Schdaiini LESAN, HARVEY C Environmeni FPIRG Teaching Asiisunt, HPS, LTP LESNICK STFVFN H Wesion, MA Besl Pbologiaphet An Dean ' t Liil IFTH STFVF J Miami, Fl Alpha Kappa Pii (PreiidenI) Beta Gamma Sigma, Dean ' s Liil, Preiidenu Honor Roll, Diilrict Five CompeiitHin (Third Place Mr Future Buiineii Executive, Finl Place Economicil LETTMAN ROBERT D Mumi, FL Dcan ' i LiM, Tau Kappa Lptilon (Preiidenu, Pre-Legal Society LEVINE ELLEN B Kingilon.NY Stgma Delu Tau ( Pinideni), Greek Week Eiecutive. Carni Grat Chairman SDT. Rho Umbda. PanhdIenK Council President of Preudenli Council LEVINESTFVEN A Memck, NY Homecoming I Publicil) Chairman. Associate Chairman), Cami Gras lOrganuaiion Liaaon. Etec- utive Committee) LEVINSON MICHAEL Monticello NY Intramuial Represenuiivc, SOS Cami-Gras LEVIT. SLiSAN R Broomall, PA Alpha Phi Omega (Secreury Vice President), l.itile Sisten ol Ddu Sigma Pi (Treasurer), Campui Tour Guide Dean ' i Uit LEWAIDMELISSAJ Hanovei MA 960 Board ofGovernon SOS, Psychology Adviior LEWIS. JAMES E Piitiburgh. PA LEWIS PATRICIA Nauau, BAH LEVY, DAVID Mumi, FL Dean ' i List. Intramural Rcpresenultvc LEZCANO RAOUEL N Mumi Beach, FL LICHTMAN, STUART R Mumi, FL Greek Week Chairman Hurrwane Sporu Writer, Dcan ' i LulZBT, UM Homecoming Committee, ZBT Secreury LINDQUIST CAILE Miami FL LINTON, JACQUELYNC Miami.FL HumcBBe Honcyi (Capum). UBS, FCA, HEP Dorm Counidor, Big Snier of Greaicr Mumu Baptiii Campui Ministry for Siudenu LIPPMAN, STACEY E Scotch PUini, NJ LIPSIIS RANDALL E Levittown, PA Dcan ' i Litl UPTON, BARBARAS Philadelphu. PA UM Photo CluhlPublKity Chairman) LIVINGSTON. WENDY L W Long Branch, NJ Multiple Sclerotii Chairman LIWERANT.JAMESM N Miami Beach. FL Preiideau Honoi Roll, AmerKan Sociely of Civil Enpneeri, Florida Engineering Society, Hilkl LLANO REINALDO Mumi Fl lEEF (President) LLORENTE. ALBERTO Mumi.FL LOEBJAYMIFM Brooklyn.NY ■ iel . Up ar4 Isund Tutor s Lis LOFTON, DANA Wicbiu Ftlli. TX Miami Beach. Da ' Liu.LM HaoorScboUntai) Lapu.OmML-Mum..FL LmiM, L h: Mudu Bc«ch. Ft Prewdou Ho«o. RolL D«B ' t Li.U Alptu Lambda DdU. Pre-U|il Sm 1 imJi. D«rt C: Coni G.blev FL Mpfai Epwloo Dclu (TftaiutCTl O U Jr, L« : Mxou. FL iMrta. A«Mi M Hukah. FL l »— B»»U:Munu. FL I u Bcu Pi OmicroD Dclu Kt lfF LfBC Ai M.: Coral Cabin. FL Pi Dclu Phi. Dclu Thcu Mu. Pbi Kippi Phi. Lambda Ddta I. Sludent f 9 Film Strut (( " hail AISEC dta.Mk J.: Miami. FL ■te.J «aT.: Media. PA ScudcDi Cbaptn I Publicil) JckariC: Miami. FL Bwloo Club. Biocheouitiy Club. German Club. Sailmf Club. Ten Mel 11 111 Cjnit ■-: Old Bethpafc. N Y " 1 - Mktad Am.: FarrcIL PA M «.t CML.:Nc»Yort. NY Deju Sigma Pi Lillle Siilcrv LBS. Alpha Anfeli. M4«. AftMC A.: Coral Cablet. FL ri ■ II Rahot T.: Sayreville. NJ Guyt n ' DoUi Bd Iidr League M B.AWIU: Miami-FL Eu-Kappa So. Tau Bela-Pi, Phi -Tbeu- Kappa. IEEE. AELAI. IPC. FES hWvft. M»t A.: Miami Beach. FL Kanle Club IVkc PreMdcnll. Prciidmi ' i HuotM Rul. Ocan ' t LitL Bela Gamma Sigma, Inlramu- rab l iii, GMi r J.: tlmoou N Y Marketing. Amencao Marteuog Auociation Mmb. pCTri: Albcnwn. NY .oUctt Commutiicalanin Broadca ling|Pmtdenl| " ■ i ' - g - " • Daa ' t LitL L ' SBG Seiutor. L ' mvcrviy Affvn Commiitec (Chairman). ReMarcb Cauaicl. Maim Ptan Commillec. COSO. Rrudeni Aiauunu Phi Mu Alpha. Band of Ihe Hour. American Society o( Mechanical Engineers (Vtci Chairman), Society o( AulomoUve Engineer! (Chairman I. National Society of Profnuanal Engineen «to«tt. CjmBt: Coral Ciblei. FL Suctotogy ClublPreudenll. DclU Thcia Mw trngifc. Hanvy l-i Hallandale. FL Plu Dclu rheia. Drama CoudciL Dcaa ' i Lw MaLS M Fl Mycn.FL 1■ ■ •«■ • Aj Cancaa. VZLA MsvJ krE.: Bay Short. NV Dcaa ' i Lui •T ■ - imam A Wbcchng. WV Ssimmiag 4mita.JmWtL-. Mkami. FL Dcu ' t Lm MMta. Kta L PalauH IL Mwite. Viktie B Miami. FL Campu Tour Director. Circle K (PreudcnL Diilricl Chairman) MS Daocc Commillee. Apt Area Board olGokcmon iSccictsry) mmihii. Bawti EL: Miami. FL Pi Delia Phi. French Club. Prc-Legal Socwty Mv ra. Or : Miami. FL DaaiLsl MlJMl.J— J.:Opal.ocka.FL AED. Alpha Lambda DelM. Dcu ' i LitL EEC (Director of Pubbcity. Mmi a. MiM f.: Miami. FL FEC. AIESIC. Phi Delta Tbeia. Sigma Delu Tau E r«am Mas HMtei. Nt k C: Miami. FL American Marteting Auociabon. Dean ' i Lnt M» «e«.Riln iD.:MiamLFL Dean ' iL»i. IEEE Club Mw Ctariy J.: TappuL N Y L Preudcnrt Honor RolL Homecoming Executive Commi t Show). Intramural! Auociaiion uF Spcec luntcaton. Operator Tor Vutec Tape ServKci. Sludenl Auiitanl in Communicalioni Depar .: Bclbal Part. PA Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Ela Sigma. Beta Bcu Beta. Dcan ' i Lnl. InlramuraU MMrrhA. WBam J.: Chicago. IL iBlcrfratcinil) Council iPreudenL Treaturerl. Finance Chairman ol Cami Grai, Phi Kappa Phi, Beu Atpka Pit. Pre-Legal Society. T Order of the Omega. Dean Wilbam P McCoy Scholarship Award. Signa Chi Fraternity. Dcan ' t Ltst. Inlramwab. Greek Week Commillec. Sccrcury and Trcaium - Sigma Chi ri I I I I I ' 1 •! riMii ' ' Mij ' " ■ u 1 , _ Chi Omega Soronly (Presidcntl B P ' H- ' ' ' Ho(H r Code Com- millce(Studcni Nurse Reptn Mara. B f Eucbd. OH Mmn- ' iMi lui: Homcslead. Zeta nu Beta Soror Mar Jr. MBIiil Manhaa Kj Sigma Alpha Epulon M i ».Sw G Miami 1 Carai Grai Chairman. Pa A uncil [POP RclalioniL Delu Phi Eptikin (Puhcaeaic Jlepre»«nla(1 I Wfceiiu RuaS MHflHBlBce Halb Cenlral Coordina iBg Council (Chairmaol. Ealoa Board of Goven orv %OlBoardorGovenu n. Honecomiag Com- mute. Social Committee. Cami Gru Committee, Pubhcily CommitlMl. UnioB Board ol Gover- norv Intramural Sporti Repreientatrve Miami, FL M.: Miaou. FL Tail Beta Pi (Preadent). Eu Kappa Nu (Vkc Prenknt. Recording S(creur ). IEEE (Vice Preu- dcBil Ommoa Delu Kappa. Phi Kappa Phi. Iron Ami . Dcan ' i Lul. Preudenl ' i Honor Roll. Council ol Prendenu (School o( EngwccnDgand ArdiilccturcJ 11 1, Mvtvte U: Miami Shorei. FL Mto.C«te« C: Bal Harbour. FL H . I ■ D- Soulfa Ocan . NJ Alpka Kappa Pu. Sludenl Govemmcol MbK . Dntec R.J Mumi. FL LBSlTrcaiureil. Dclu Sigma nu Buuneu Fratcmily McCdMb. OvtMtae J- Pearl River. NY Dcan ' i Liu. Geodeuey. Miami GeolotKal Society. MUGS. IBIS Yearbook (SlaTf Coordinator). BK k gyOub KkC K . Batan B.: Miami. FL PttcO Mh. ScMC Miami. FL McDm e. C«a A.: Miami. FL HuTTKane Honcyt, Tn Ddu M(£ «f. ScM Bj LmJo Beacb. NY UM Lacroac All Star WcCa»n.Sli| i ' C-: Reuteniown. MD AlA (ConapoDdulg Secretary) MtCwJr, C a A Hollywood. FL Band of the Hour HcCnau ill|in S.: Atlanta. GA MJUmj. tabin P Warmmiier, PA Mf l). Bakwi f-: Wayoe. NJ GaH Team. Dcan ' t Lst. MDHP. loiramuraU. Dorm Government. RA SclccUon M J fcmia. Lf .: Cincinnati. OH W tf twaa . Mark A.: MiamL FL Dean ' I Lot. Delta Tbcu Mu Honor Socwty. Alpha Lambda DdU rliMiii SMvI A Glen Cove, NY Stadeat PubbcatioDi (Busmu Manager). TV Prcudent ' i Award SAFAC. Board ol Publicaiiona. SOS. Admiaaioa Tekepbooe Campaign and Tour Guide, MarfccungClub Mte . BmtBB J- Pon Chester. NY llfcwIi.Jw—A-: Miami. FL L ' M Football Team Volcyball Team. Basketball Team MK AWa C N WAaboro. NC Jan Vocal 2. Coaccn Choir. Singmg HamcaMa Mml Carta H.: Miami. FL Pi mkH-d SludieL Biology Club. Fedcnuon of Cuban Student! •■ ■ Pari F.: W CaldweU. NJ MarteUng Club. Intiamuial BaikeihalL SoftbalL Saikag CImb h rfte. C tf U: SoutboU. NY Prcndcat! Hoaor RoU. Dcaa ' i LnL CEC Mif ,R— :DalU!.TX Pic-Lcsal SocKty ButDcyOab Maaa. Sfemw a.; M lOMi. FL Chamber Sio n I Unncrsty CmcCborok. Marcha|Bawl.S(a(iDgHurT)caoc .CaaccnCbou, Opera Wort ihop Piiaaa. T C- SpriMfickL NJ IM ChaapMia FoolbaD Team. Baaefaall Mao tam. ScM W Boyaloa Bcac FL HoMtary MiMbtwrt. Key Wen Cnue Maater MaMMHMaa. Dona: Athcai. GR Mm taThbA IVAriM; Miami. FL S«maChi ktwiHH N«r ■: Chtcago. IL lewkat AaoMant. Dorm GoveramcaL Utramurak. SOS AawUat Area C«-ordinaior. CEC III riir Miami Beach. FL Picndtau Hotuif Itol Mb Hawy A Caracas VZ USBG BAe Loan Agency C«ordlMlar. FPIRG PrcMckal. ArchiUcture Club of Miami. Fencmg ■H M.: Miami. FL ai AaaociBUOM. Cabaa Fedcratxi iRoU I. FL imi Beac b. FL Phi Kappa Phu Delu Thetini |on Deff Fu. Circle K. SOS. Biology Club. BowLng Maao. D« Mi A.: Acuihmel. M HnAvfta. Rort: Bogou. COL V.riil Soctei Beu Alpha Pu Etc. Dean ' s I MooHr. ScaM C: Chicago. IL SOS Dcan ' i Lnl li ia. Cv cr N.: Orooo. Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha K, May .. S«ey C: Allcni Pr«idenii Honor Roll. Dean ' i Lii) •IM — PB«y J.: Wilmelle. IL LSBG Senator. Dcan ' i L»L Ski Cli Mytn. Dcaa t Albany. NY Dean ' s LuL Rathilieller Bartender NaiMa . Rchocca I-: Syracuse, NY Omtcroo Delu Kappa. Who ' s Who in Amencao Collcgct and Universities. Mortar Board. Rhu Lambda. Dclu Phi F psilon (Presidenll. Lecture Senei Chairman, Homecoming Executive Com- mittee (Poster Cbaiipcrsonl. Cami Gr as ExccuUve (Orpnization Liaion). 960 Homecoming Chairman. %0 BOG. Eaton Hall BOG (Vice-Prnident). SOS, RHCCC. Pinhellemc Reprcscnu live. Delu Phi F-piilun. Miller Beer Campus Rcprcaenutive. 9«0 Senator. VTS News Sutiun, Lawn Board of Governors. ( Pari la menu nan). SOS Assocuu Coordinator - Ealon Hall LTP. MDHP. Committee Training Program. Delu Phi Epsilon Scbolanhip Chairman. Cofflmunily Campus Council r l m. Marti L: Miami. FL Circle K EISEC. Environment. HuriKane Sulf Sit nm. Wtm L: Cotal Gabks. FL -liig i Cok Vk.: Oau-Pon-Harcourt. NIG Nmata. Kcrla D.: London. ENG Pmidniu Honor Roll. Beu Alpha Pn. NBT Roney ScboUrship - • ■ Bmry E.: Miami. FL Alpha Kappa Psi. Alpha Epiik n Pi. SOS. SASC Water Ski Club. Intramurals. Alpha Sigma Epsikin. Eaton HaU Board of Govemon NcwtoM. Da r- Avalon. NJ ' III aaa Amy J : Rodyn. NY Alpha tpulon Phi (Recording Award. Alpha Sigma Lpsilon I liiimw. Gayto ■_: Woodbury. tkfeaa Aftan N.: Artinglon. Oil Omega (PresidenL Pcrsoond (j bellcnK Council (Recording S Lambda (Treasurer). Rii Eu Sign NkUca.Mk«Mtt:Fi Lauderd Liltle Stsler Sigma Alpha Eptiloo d NoMc. AksM«H ■.: Hohokua. N Pi Kappa Alpha WVLM.Y - Mvy K.: Mumi. FL " MDHP 9t0 Floor Governor. Alpha EptihMi Phi (Pledge Vkc- President Pledge Molltcr. Vicc- rcsideni. Picstdcnt Social Chairman. Outsunding Siller. Fnendifaip Award). USEIG Panhellenic Senator Outsundiog Senaior. Secreury of Sludenl ScrvKn, Chairman oF Sludenl Services Com- miiicc. Chairman of Lnivcrsiiy Aftaira Ccmiibikcc. Rbo Lambda (Prctidenit. Alpha Epsikm Phi Cami Gras Chairman ' IBM CkB L: Woodbury. NY Inler-Soflball and Football NawL Karya: Miami. FL Deu ' iLm NOTaL Mktect S Miami. FL Na«w.L«teMM.: Miami. FL Phi Kappa PhL Alpha Lambda Delia. Pteiidenu Hot n Most Improved Active Legal Society r Roll. Student Council lor Enccplional Cil K Miai L.FL Phi Mu Alpha. UM Marching AIIE (President ). Alpha Pi M u I Sccrcury I. IE Newspai " l - - JH IL: Cliflside Part, NJ Dean ' i List. Council of Elceplional Oti4a.MartaJ.: Miami. FL Dean ' s LuL Bcu Alpha Psi OBa.lmil » Miami. FL O Jayce: CambrMlge. VT Dean ' i LaL Btologj Club. Tau Bond of tlie Hour Flag Corp " ■■ V)M«M K.: Bemi COISO(Preudentl. Industrul EngiDecnng Honor Society ( niiii " Hilij II Bdlmorc. Presidents Honor Roll. Dean ' s Ust Swimming. Lifeguard al L ' M PooL OtcHt «a.Man: Bayside. NY OnkM. BinJij: Miami Shores. FL AlESEC. MDHP. " iDduslnca Tunstica Award " Ok. jMMf O- Ikom. Croci River Suie. NIG d Studies, Nigenan Sii enls AiaocialioD (Presidenl). AERHO - f JfM M.: Piiuburgh. PA SOS 1961 Area Co-ordmator. Student L ' nion Program Council (Chairperson Noonlimc Activi- ties). RathskcUei Advisory Board. Bowling PB «k VkMr H.: Miami. FL L M Hoaor Schotorsbip. Ddla Tbeu Mu. Sigma Delta Chi (Prcudeni). Pre-Lcgal Socwty. Fcdera boo of Cuban SludcntL Roadmnnera. Dean ' i List. Pmidenls Honor Roll r ■ ■ Mmt fl: Liltleloa. CO Studeni Manager -- Beaumool Cinema. Alpha Epalon Rbo. ReudcnL PicsHJenl ' t Award. Hall Govrmmeni- Sludenl Development Programs. Spcakeouei. Rotoocl PiAi. I iki K.: Henry viUe. PA PresKknU Hooor Roll P »y. B« Dj Howard Beach. NY Pnncipab Deans List cMu 1. FL - 960. Dean ' i Luu Pi Stgma Alpha Epsilon. Resident AsstiUnl - r M rfc i r Miami, fl Dean I LisL Biology Club. SOS. Roadninneiv Medical Technology Club e Honor Fralcraity -.Cy- -Mia kFL ■ A.; El- Laudcrdak. FL Plfclii ' l. VkMf J Tomi River. NJ Pi a. Ka nht: Norwalk. CT Dean ' s Lnt. Presidcnu Honor Rotl LavcKC 1.: Sarasota. FL Prtsidenu Honor RoU. Dean ' s Ltst Prnwr. S(sa M.: Purchase. NY Re»deni AssitUnU PTe-Dealol Qub, Dorm GovcriKa, Dufly ' i Social Club. Dean ' s Liil. Intramu- ral Sport Reprtseautivc m L: MumL AmeTKan Society of Mechai Engineenng Society r: Mia uFL Studeni ivities Film Scnet i Dean ' s Lai. SNA P M. Aata M- Olyphanu PAJ PiT-Law Soeiery PaaUa A l. DnrM R SumTi Sigma Alpha EpsUon Ptanaa. Aay Jj Evanml Deaa ' i Honor RoU ulomolivc Eogiiiecn. Flonda .: Mia 11. FL Dcaa ' i Lki. Presidenll Honor RoU P tatlm. L a w — M A Camp Spnngt. MD Rugby Club P«hMnU. Nancy: Birmmgham. Ml Rowknl Asitsual - 1961 PiM. J C- H loleoh, F L American SocKiy of Civil Enginecrv Flonda EngiDccnng Society rwdftk H Mumi. FL Dtam ' i Lot. Bowhng. French Oub, Pi Ddla Phi PBwM«fc.Jl[pifctL: Rodyn. NY rmttr Cnm - Miami, FL Pto«a.E% te MumL FL Tau Bcu Pi. AlA P Na.UaartaV Miami. FL Tnil riiiiia 1 II •• g " " • pMa h McB. VMaa Jj Miami. FL Phi Kappa PhL Dclu Tbeu Mu. Phi Alpha Tbeu e Sl PaaL MN Liilk bier of the Creaccat PMr Sw«M EL: Tuion FaDa. NJ PmM .Ka MT--MiamLFL ASCE (Vice-Pmtdeai). ASWE. FES. Architectural SludeaiCouncU. Ethici Board of ' a " Plicha. Kyta Cj Lioia. Peru PiM. ifvyl i Rocky Poinu NY UM Band of the How Flag Corpa. Sigma TbcU Tau. Tau BcU Sigma. Honor Code Council for Nuning, Phi Kappa Al Dean ' i LiiL Prcsidcnls Honor RoU. Sludenl Nune Amociatioo ilFL (Pre Klenlk Fkinda Engineering Society (Secretary -Trci- ■ SocMty of Civil E tumi. Society of Wofoea EagUMcn Pha lK. Ma «rti C Haautioa. FL Alp4a Ddu Pl Waienkung Oub. Sailing Oub. Socwlogy Cub. Dean ' s List Tciidis. Swim Raquetbal ■ J- Wiacheakr, MA JonwtoaiB. PA Zeu Beta Tau PkM. Rahcft 1-: Pembroke Pinev FL Pftvsk E ' o: Miami. FL Rbo Lambda Monar Board. Ddu Dclu Delia. Alptu L a Delu. ZBT Litik Sisicrs. Dean ■tJ.:Miai L. FL ■ M.:( s. FL Fedeiauon of Cuban Siudcnls (Secretory). Florida Public Inleresi Research Group, Election Commission L SBG CommisBooer. Honors Students Asiocialion. French Club. Pre-Lcgal Soci ely. Dcan ' i Lisl. Prnidenis Honor Roll. Alpha Lambda Ddta. Phi EU Sigma. Morur Board. Ni Kappa Tau. Dclu Tbeu Mu. Pi Delu Phi Pka. ir Fr J.: Hiakab. FL Tau Beu Pi. Lu Kappa Nu. IEEE (Vice- Presidenl). Honon Program. Honor Scholanhip. Presi dents Honoi Roll. Dcan ' i List » D.: Miami. FL W.: Miami. FL xL: Buffalo. NY Campus Tour Guide Cami Gras. Homecoming Pim.A»:RoseUe,IL Alpha Kappa Psl Beu Alpba Psi Paw .HB M.:Miami.FL TauBeU Pi Pit Lam. l« S.: Cheshire. CT Marching Band - ■ ■ ' Mumi. FL Pm . Ncwtaa Pj Miami. FL Orange Key. Pi Sigma Alpha. Omicron Delu Kappa. Beu Gamma Sigma. Scabbard and Blade P»la i. FcfB ia A.: Coral Gables. FL Beu Alpha PslFLC mi Beacb. FL ). Roadrunners, Dean ' i List Lam. AlA. F re- Legal Society. Intramural FootbalL Sofi- Pbmo. Carter J.: Miami Beacb Pa " hi National Honor Society FL area Pwfil. iaacffe D-: Gkns Falls. NY Phi Eu Sigma (Hislorun), Resident ball, lulian Club. Fencing Club Pran. DwM P.: Miami. FL Dean ' s List riM i Fern: N M umi Beach Studeni Nurses Aisociaiion FL PVl.SwaMjMiami.EL Dean ' s LuL Presidents Hooor Ro)y n_a. MnryEBtn: Miami. FL 0 a.i«icphL.: Lindenhum. Qak«k Lanr a O.: PlanutAk Council for Exceptional ilH E ucatun 1 NY i I Roll. Association for Student! in Zeu Beu Tau. G reek God and R tay T Ma d: Tehri - • -J - ■ " ■■ ■ ■• " Campus Crusade For Cbnst. IBIS. B Ra lLJL R«h(rt N.: Phoenu. AZ FoMball. Baseball Rsan. ABcta M.: Coodado, PR Council of E-iccptional Children R M Jr, Cmtoa A.: Mumi. FL tLmmm. P« w P.: Coral Gabtet. FL Golden T-St|uare Award. AlA i: Miami. FL Studeni Counal. AELAI Rama. Mk a «: Sudbury . M A " Abfcry: Qucenv NY Sigma Dclu Tsu. Lillk Sister ol Alpha Epsilon Pi. Dcan ' i List. Soccerclle Ca| Ray.AfrtP.: Miami. FL ASMElSecreury-Treosurerl. Society oF Women Eapneers (Presidenll Ray. Berwrd F.: Lancaster. KY Bikimm RoaeMary: Miami Shores. FL Alpha Sigma Epsilon. Dclu Kappa Pl Brazil ' 76. Dean ' s Lisl Kadkh. EBm I-: Coral Gabks, FL Dean ' s LiiL Presidcnu Honor RolL Cumculum Comnnllec. Editor - RAP tc(a.GaryUv: EICaion.CA Vanity Swim Team. SAFAC. Dean ' s Lul ■dkr. Jcac A.: Danen. CT Young Life r.Wayae: Hiakab. FL M J.: Chicago. tL FL mo. PR e ROTC. Amold Air Society B.CrTw:WinterPart.FL ■II SMffeea P.: Pepper Pike. OH Pre-Lcgal Socicly. Phi Eu Sigma. Presidents Lisu Dean ' s Lnl lk r.J R.:PennVaUcy. PA Presidents Honor RoU. Open Door. UM Sionagc Syskm Rtad. iay ■-: PUinview. NY Dugaa Club iPrestdentl. Dcan ' i List. Skung Club. American Maikcling Aisi R%piB.Ca nM.: Miami. FL Dcas ' iLnL Pre Legal Society. Continuing Studies Cstificale. UM Hurricane Flyers Rka-UmfciM.: Mumi. FL Dean ' s LuL Bcu Alpba Pu Rkn.AMhMyT.:Mumi.FL Alpfe EpsiloB Dttu PresMleniial Hooorv Honors and Pnvikdged Studies Program tl M. Mmte E Miami FL Ddu Tbeu Mu. Pre Legal Society. L ' M Honor Scbokrship. Dean ' s List, PresHJcnl ' i F UMca. DarM S.: Miraraai. FL Urcn. LkaHM EL: Coral Gabks. FL Umtb. I liiiak F-: Rk Piedrai. PR French Club Dean ' s Lisl WVL ' M uuon. Floor Repre- AIA (CoireipoDding Secr i T-J B Dean List. Seme: Award for A il Studeni CouJ kE Mua ki Mu Alpha. V M Band ol the Hour RiMpii. icmn N.: MumL FL Deoa ' i Lul. Honor Scbolarsbips ■» %«l.J« ctL: Mumi. FL Alpha Epsilon Delu (Presdent. Secretaryt. DdU Theu Mu. Alpha Umbda Ddu. FEC. Honor SludenL Prtudenls Honor RoU. Dtui ' i Uit ■a ii. Jaae M-: Miami. FL Fl Uudcrdak.FL J--MumLFL riA W MumLFL t.VMa«:Mumi.FL !: Miami. FL Dcan ' i List. Pnncipal ' i Liil BaVMte. Sca« H.: Ear Rockaway NY Homecoming. Canii GraL Inliamural Baikclball l al Slr« e R.: Toronto. CAN L ' M Tennn Team (Leitcrman. Captain). Dean ' i LisL Presidenu Honor Roll ■«hr. LMon: Bogota. CO Dcoa ' i List. Delu Sigma Pl Hilkl Boat. E« : Mumi. FL Ms. Black Lniversiiy of Miami. UBS (Pubbc Rclaltom Chaupenoa) ■ HdtaH A.: Mumi. FL Socscly of Women Enginecrv AIIE. UBS, Black Killcni Intramural Club (Member. Manager). Intramural Disciplinary Board. Aponmenl Area Boaid of GoverDon TTlBlj I Mv«: Miami. FL Dcna ' iLiM la «. M. FraaUyn: MumL FL Pi«- Legal Society - Jaotpk IL: PUiafKld. NJ MPGC (Programming Chairman. Oaiitaading Governor). Biology Club. Lacrosse Clab. Afcbonics. Maho«y-Peanon Carni Gras. Homecoimng Coawmtkev Homecoming Task Force Co-ordmator, Cami Gras Eucsuvc Board. SludeW Activities Hotline (Anocute Chairmank Mia i Humcanc (Circulauon Maaa t. Homccomug Parade Chairman. Roleract Club. SOS (Programming Chairman - Mabowy- Pearson), SEC Security Force. HPS. LTP. CommillM TraiBiag Program. Residenlul AcadcmK Programming. Sludenl Initialed Progrimi. USBG RecTuitmeni Retention Committee. USBG Elections. RHCCC Film Commiitec. Inlramurali. Uni- vcnity Services OiBaniuuon ■ ■■ija RibMta M.: Sunsbury. CT Raava,Carl V. Key West. FL Deaa ' i LaL Humcaae Flyers Memck. NY Skien !:Mia; lFL aL MumLFL Mortar Board. Studeni Nurtei ««eO. D,:Mi Unr k.FL ■siyCivicChorak Tn Bcu (Preaidenl). Sigma Pi Sigma. Phi Kap|M Pht Tau BcU Pi. Society of Phywc! StlMknls. Bntogy (lub. Cbemwo Club. Honors Studenu Aaaocutwa. AAAS, FASST, PresHJents LiiL Dnn ' t Lisl [.iploraiwn Scbotarsbip. Pnvikftd Stuifee . Honors Program. Alumnut. Annual Fai- ahalchee Inviutiooal Swamp Tiomp ■ WMamN.:Ml Vernon. NY Phi Ddu Theu (Treasurer). Hurricane Business Suff ■a . Otrra B,.: Mumi Beach. FL Alpha Epsdon Phi. Ddu Sigma Pi Link Smct ■ i p«a. S B-- Newton. MA ■a Hta. Mhvy L: Scarsdok. NY Phi Mu Alpha SiDfoaia ■aa lamia A blelroac. MA ' B IB BfoBdcutiD|, HumcBoc Ncwiwnt fa ite.DitraS.: l ' Biv«ra t Cny. MO Dbu ' i Lul Pn-Ut ' Socwiy, Wood krUB| AuociBliuo ■• ■«. LfBBT I.: MmoB PA Dcaa ' i l ai. WKK ' (Sectrur l ■ I ' t Mkteri A.: Cotal C.Bbkt. FT. « tJ S.; IfvtUndOH Ati ScbuUrUiip. Heniy K b| SuBront Prntdcniial ScboUnfaq). Atl Club (PrrudeoL TroiurecL AfwrtmrBl Arta Seuux. HOOovcrwH ■idta. M«t R: MctKMi. PA KAlk. Mat A.: raJ (iabkv L Alpbi [ puluB Pi iScaUDd. C«mi Cm CoaBiilircl. tjlon Hall (Governor. Sevreur , TfCMurer Homaximini ( .•mmillM f uod-Riaisi Cammillcc CfcairauB. Cirai Grw Commitlrc) Irt MIMM K.: WJIumivilk NY MPO laii«muciJSofit all SnuU Bumbcu Coniuluni. ElwUoo Crniril WCKT TV ■Am. Jaate A WilbaaiivUI.. SY a Alpha Lmlc Suui. Wi n ' i ComroiuioB Menibcr. PiSigBi Alpha Prc-Ugal Socmin Pi Kai DoB ' iLut ■— irt k,fackr Mi n» M. V.ftii f«.(h.ll Ph, tpulon Kappa ■■Mi.AfAv: Dit HiUv NY Nc»ipapti InlccD »TVJ K .I)« J.:H alca)LFL Tau Bcu Pi Alpha Pi Mu. AIIE KmKa. Sliftta J.: Sunnic. FL Bcu Alpha Pu y iii». cwiMiM M nuibiBc. Nv HuiTKuc IBIS Pboiocraph«c Humcane Advnttui ClAOfFuuBdci Pmidcnl). Canii Grai — Sptvial E .CBU Sacn. Coriri !_: Cocooul Crccfc. FL ■ M.: MLimi. FL ■:Baockot.THA ai Spnop. FL FrtDck Club, FH . Dtant Lut SAi.W« A.: New York. NY SAws. Om J.: Miami. FL Alpha Fpuk B Pi (PraidcBil. Dclu Sttma Pi (Secmary). Greet Week t.ecuuve Comminet sr ' l Tp " " " " " " " " • ° " " " Execulive rummllee Daace CbainnaB. JFC Reprcienu- SMi Akctl: Sao Piuk . 8ltAZ FPIKG AW " LambUa Delta, Mortar Board. Band ol ibe Hour. Muut Edocalort Na) OBal Conferencr. lSccTCUr . Trcatu kSiiina Alpha loU(Vicc-PreMdm) FEC iTreauiin I. Dcao ' t LiM SMrit. StM C Miami. FL S«rfWL WH_: Miami. FL law Beu Pi Eu Kappa Nu SaB.J««c Alt»B B: Miami. FL S« Manka. iaae A.; Hondurtu. CA SoixciTtam Sm laaaa Aaad F.: Miami. FL Deani Lul AED, Cbcmutr Oub ■■ rt .Mfc: f ElmhuriLNV BaiiMbatl Club. Football Team SMita. EhaM.: Miami. FL ChiOroeja, R 4Jruiinm. Cbem»ir Club. BM k ty Oub Sa«»«. E ur Cj Miami. FL Dcaa ' kLiii. L SBG Scnalur ScBHxalLarp StMB-MaaCaA. After; Miami. FL SaBB. PMIp: Rock Stream. NY BK cbemiiU Club. 0»cmiilt Hub, Kaiale Oub. tairamural T Lot esBii. Football. Sorihall. Dean SmatiL U H. Stera: Freepon. BAH Sdir DrtnT.: HaU. FL Hoi,.« Pribram. Deani Lat. Astbropoloty Teacbing Aiautaol. Uailed Jewish Appeal Campaign hairmaa MDCC. Hillel. luactOiut Alijab Scfeenr. Jata D.: RKhmood. VA Baod . f the Hour. Phi Mu Alpha (7 S e " . Ijmmt M.: Mumi. FL DcM . I »i. PieiKieou Hoaor Roll Deha Gamma. Sifma Ch. Link Mer. Hurricaae Honevi. Audio Engineenni Society lamma. Sifma ( inioi Court. Creek Guddeu. Sifma Chi Derby Day Q Hooor Roll. Dean ' iLiit (Vice-PrcMdeni). Dcpan- IMaSnab iLUM Health Cci Stadeat Righti Agency. Delu Si SdiM c. Vlcklr I.: Wetlbuo. N; Deaa ' t Lai ' Sctoaa. Nawy J Brooktield. Wf Pi Kappa Alpha Uitle Suier. Betafi«BB« SAikMwkW.; Miami. FL Km Force ROTC Safaaaa. FiaA: Melbourai. Fj BmiIok Club. Tn-Beta mental Hooon in Biolofy. Dcai SaJOub DcBB ' tLui y i l L fc u . Caa; J.: Ultle Falh. NJ iBiramiirab. SOS DwM A-: Kinf » Poinu NY ■r. Off Campui Senator. Dorm Govemi ■ «C.:E WiJIuloo. NY ril_: PonCbeiiei. NY Sludeol Govern men I. Dcao ' i Liu. lotrainuralt SaafcAr. DbtU A.: Gladitooe. NJ Rcudeni Aiuitani RatbtkelUr Advuory Board. Biology Club, Scuba Cub tyF Ji. Fnah J.: Miami. FL FEC. Ple-Leial Society Stm. BAin Jj Pilubur(b. PA SdlClBrtMW.:Nomdge.lL Deaa I Lut Pi Sigma Alpha. Phi Eu S«mL Pre-Ugal Sooety, Rendenl Auiauni. Mean Machine Start ., ariky Aw Fairv« Part OH " Tce J " . " ' ' " " " - ' " " ' " " ' ' ' ™ ' " " ° ' P S " dw. Rev w Com- T i,I )L " Govertwr. Pledge, on Par«le Chairman. Co-Ch.irman of Grerk week Oaniz San. S HM M.: San Juan. PR L ' M Vollcybaa Intramural BaiketbaO. Sohball toy D.: Coral GaWet. FL c Miami. FL SiMic Vinarta iL: Frootenac. MO Ddla Phi £p«lon (Recording Secretary. PrtaKlcDi). Ddu Sigma Pi UtiJe Suier. American Mar- ketiai AuociatMB. Rbo Lambda. Dcaai Lim. Recopwed by Morur Board, Intramural SOS Slipkv. mm U L ' tica. NY Dcaa ' i Lul Pmidcnti Honor Roll ipb«iJa: Miami. FL Alpha Epuloe Phi (Prewdenii. PanbellenK a Epulon. ni Kappa Phi .: Devon. PA It Hooryv Delta Ddu Delta I. Rbo Lambda. Preiidenti LiiL Dean " i i ■ " ■■ Society of Civil Enpnecrv Amencan CoDode Jutilulc Shi B. L«rt: Miami. FL Pi Kapfu Alpha (PrcDdeni) ArihLSti G.: l.ake Hiawatha. NJ HttmcBBe HoDcyi. Batgirb. Flag Corp . Tau BcU Si i B«Ma. Ntaita A.; Amman. JOR ShpUayH H.: White Plaint. NY Shfn. CkriB: Columbu. SA DCBBl Lbi S%t, ScMC Ltdo Beach. NY KoidCBl AunUnL Inliimurak S B. Affcw G.; Shaker Hngbta. OH C««mumt, CampusCouBol ( oae.i FPIRG V«.p«.deni». Alpha EpaUon Phi. Alpha .? tp«lon. RHCCt (Secretary. Vice Prewdent). Rota»acu MPCC. UBOG. HPS. LTP Advanced LTP. EJeciKNi CommnaHnt. SOS Sfcer, Jae L: Fairfield. CT Ddta Phi F jufcin. Deaa ' i Liai S»ia. TaNt M.J Weitbury. NY ' » ■ " ■■ B. H I I I 1 1 C Floral Pari. NY Innauial Softball. SOS M aii. Lta L: Bcthcida. MD Frwhrnaa " « ?■ W«k " d.Pfcoiopmpfcy Club. Alpha Ef«k B Ph. (Corre.pond,n, Secretary. n»d Traiae,. Second Vic -Pre«dent. Treaaurer. Vke-Pre« fcBll. Panhellenic Public ReUtion. vt tilTc " " " i " ' M-m, Hurr :aae (Staff Wnter. Contributing Phoiographerl. tBtS y ' ? Editor (oombuting Pfcotograpbar). BaxbaU Yearbook (Coauibutin. Photo.- ZJ I vrfopet o R«ru,.ing Shde Show fo. Football Dep, . Ai-stan. Ed,t« of Recruiu Bmhve for Football Dcpl . Intramural Spom. Can. Graa Euculrve Committee AHa.KMB: Brooklyn. NY Ddta Phi E{ uloa (Vicc-pTeudcsl| SiBM . AldB i:.: Kiapton. JAM American Socwty of CivJ EngmeierKSecfetaryt. Fkmda Encuwrnaa Society S ta .KaTBA.:N Mumi Beach. FL AlphaStgma f-piilon (Pte«deBi). Dcaa-. Lat Pirodenu Hoaoe Rod. Kappa Delta Pi Aapaai Jeaaate D- HampioB. Va a " " H.l Hl»f " ' " ' " ' ' ' ' ' - ° " ' ' ' ' -» ' • Ww Lambda. NAEA Sh to M .Cakag Miami. FL Ho«« Prograa. Pre»deBU Uat. Pra«k«tiaJ ScboUnh . Z«a Beu Tau. Roadnuwm SheLDawF.:Mumi.FL Swaa Ch. iPrtudent Ptedge CUat Utile Suur Advtto.). Chi Oaesa SwMthcwt Sm . DwtM Mj St PelerUmrg. FL Pi Detu Phi, French aub(PrearfeBtl Pre-Legal Socwiy Sari I mM D j AlkaiowB. PA Htaoei Scfcotenhip, Deaa ' t Lsl. Alpte Bcu Si S-« . Cn% 1 M laaL FL Deaa ' i Lm Sai«. Maoi J. D.: Hollywood, FL Deaa ' . L»L SFSA Repreacnutive SaBta. fliAiBh M AcloB. MA SathBg Club, MUGS. PVi tna Kapfs Prewdeal). WVUM Advoory Board, Honor Roll Sal .DapMr IJ.: Miami, FL Ddu Phi Alpha (VKe-PreiHleol) 5a«h.FahtiL: Miami. FL S ik. Cay N J Wettwood, MA A a Epadoa Rho ( PrcudCBL Vi S A-LawiSa. J Nauau, BA SaM.SkwwM.: LaGrange Park. IL Biologj Club, Arm) ROTC. Scuba Hub. Skydiving Club Sari . SwBB A.: Jenry Ciiy. NJ Sayrtcr. Kan F.; Brona. NY Sludml Activitiev SF.C SalM.FtnM.: Teaneck. NJ MtBK C a u ■ A.: Bogou. COL Soccer Team Safar.JBat ; Miaou. FL LBiveiiit of Miami Honor School Cra»L AlCPA Graat. FEC, Selected Member of Beu Alpha iBD.:CoralGablevFL Lbl Piycbolof) Sentoi Adviioi S«b«M, ba K.: Ptanuiion. FL S aa iH I pH . Rkfeafri: Lido Beach. NY Humcaac Writer SBilB. Shna A.: New York. NY S ika. Kat D.: Miami. FL Pmidenu Honor Roll. Deao ' i Litt. Eu Kappa Nu SpMi Elya R Wildwood Creit. NJ Miami SludcBl Speech and Hcanag AtMxiation SfAc. Ra en A.: Sumlofd. CT Bowlmg League S prf u B. SaA A..- Silver Spring. MD Ptr- Legal Society Spvaj. WHm F.: Kanuu City. MO Deaa ' i LaL ASME. ASM. Sigma Alpha Eptilon Deaai rMF.:Miaj I. FL hi ng Band S V T i J B A.: Coral Gabtct. FL Ddu Oelu Delta. Paabelknic Council. Rbo Lambda. Mona Board. Siama Theu Tau Stt rttoi.Lk«A.:Huleah. FL Dean ' i LiiL Sigma Alpha lota (Editor). Muik Educaion National Cunference Mar Sli VkUe:N Woodmerc.NY Sadaha|.JME.: Miami. FL Gk. nub Jan Vocal Eniemble. Roadruanerr (SecteUry. MJlcr Reclamation. Phone Committee t hainnant. Socwlogy Club. Young Democrau. Lowe An Muieum Member. I9U Board of Gov- eriK-r. Program Chairwoman, USBC ElectKin Commutwner. USBG Senate Clerk. USBG Elec- uon lommmion CTiair oman. Electoral Aflam Temporary Director. Florida Union of Jewith Sludenlt Itrad Emergency Fund MkI-Ebi. Seminar, " Tevye and hi. Daughteit " (Suae Man- ager. Properly Duector LmeCoach RouracL Adm,«K a. OffKe Telephone Campaign, Fresh- man Sludenl Acadenuc Serv e. Pee. Advaor. Speakeat t. Intutulion.l Self Study Committee Siudenl Handbook ReviiK-n Commiliee. SOS. NSSOP. LBOG (Parliamenunan). Miami Hum- cane Reponcr LTP. HPS. Student Development Program Developmenl Work. Program Develop- menl In Organisational Developmenl Weekend. Joint Sludenl Govemmenl Weekend Homecoin- lagt ommitiec Training Program. Bicenieamal Commiitee. SEC (Sccreury). Sludenl Union Pio- .-.. p. . ... Calender. Gardner Harper Com- gramtouDciKHallowcen Party Coordiaai milicc (Executive SecrcUry I. Comm Secretary I. Homecoming (Director Coordinator Opening Ceremoai dentuU ProcUmationsl. Cami Gri Eucuuve Coordmatoi. Executive Commiltec. Mutic Coordinator, ture Recreation Clatici. VTS. Sti Commillcc. Designed Spim Brochi dent Organization Directory. Fresl of Sludenl Aciivitm Annual R County Election Regutrai. Fayvj Selection Commilice for Sludenl f. Huionan. Rush Chairwuman. Pari Co- Social Chairwoman. Pledges Workshop Committee Presidenu Coui ■utive Sccreury). tFC (Recording lecutive Commillce. Eiecuiive ted (or Gubernatorial and Preti- if of Commuaily Relations. . Dance Marathon (Executive ( Years). July Fourth Picnic, Lei- kcller Advisory Board Screening •iiiviiies Sludenl Assi.unI (Slu- denl Acuvitiet Night). Selection kcting Suff Coordinator, Oade Rinbcam Productiont. Search and 11 Epailon (Corresponding Secretary . :ommiltee. Greek Week Commiliec n Parade Committee, Presidenll. Panhetlenic (RepreMnUlive. ouoT ' l- iBlenoronly ReUtion.X Alpha Lambda Delu. Orange . Older of the OoJden Leaf, Rho Ijmbda, TTieu [ elu, Mona. Board (Corresponding Sccre- ury j. May A ■ ' ' " oOutstandingPledgeAwud, President. Award, Multiple Scleroti. Commu- te CertifK:aw, Student Aclivittes Depanmenl Certificale. Sludenl ActiviHet Departmeni Liltle Bit ExUa Award. Dean . Lisu UBOG Certif ale. USBG ServK Award and Special Award Cami G™. Committee Awardv Homecoming Commillce Awards. Who ' . Who in American Colleges and tuvenitiet ' lilh i BB. Udwtf Dj Mumi. FL MUGS S«(ra.Lad( E Fl Lauderdale, FL Skr «aB, Lai B.: Brooklyn. NY SWTtB. MUbbI a.: Hopatchang. Ni SlWd Jr. JdB; Mumi. FL SUfV Lwi: Miami. FL Deaa ' t Lbl Presidents Honor Roll u t4 M.: Budd Lake, NJ Ddu Sigma Pi, Carni Grai S«BM. R bM im A Oraage Park. FL CM M ' rehing Band. Sigma Theu Tau. Tau Beu Sigma. Dean " . List. PresKJeou Honor Roll. Stu- dent AfTairs Commiitee, Sludenl Nurtes Auoculioa S«M B. U( A.: Miami, FL SttBMB. Lyaa M.; Fall River. MA Prtsidenti Hooot RoL, Dean ' s LbL Carai Grai. Hurricane Suff S« wu . Saarr A.: Bumi Hills, NY De« ' . List, Cbi Omega. Sigma Alpha Epsdon, Resuicnl Auuunt. Governor ' . Council Inlramu. I I ' i » " " ° " " °™ " " Chairman, Socul Chairman. Sigma Alpha Eps.lon Little Sttters of Minerva (Treasurer). AtaocutHm o( SiudeBis la EducatKia ' — Maih. TtaaAy W.: Miami Beach. FL l«M».: Key Largo, FL ROTC Sanaa. Marim S. N Mumi.FL Ddu Ph. A Aa (Preudeall. Alpha Epsiloa Ddu. Phi Eu Sigma. Gcrmaa aub(Pre«denl) B.ol- of) Club. Cbemutry Hub. Bio -hem Club, COfSO, Nova Hub Slatea. Jaa M.; Uuderfaill. FL Roioraci Oub (Co Tuirmaa Vocatwnal Services CommiiieeL ResKlent AssitUau PretKlents ' J! r ' " !f ' » " °«« " « " " ■ Dt " ' Litt Karate Oub. Speakeasies. Pre-Ugal Soc ty, Admis- uouOtlice TourGuide TT.- North brook. IL Ad For S«i«aBfc Wody M„- Greatneck. NY S M.CIa : Huntingdon Valley, PA t V ZT ' " " ChairmwL Cormpoajtag Secreury, Ruah Counselor). Ddu Sigma Pi Little Sutcr, Numng Student Aaociaooa (BtgSaw) S«((iK. DmM a.: Fairftdd Glade. TN Alpha Eptiloa Rho (Treasuterl. Student Academy Award W» er. Deaas Li»L Wilson Hicks CoDfeiTBce a:Scafvlak.NY Alpha Sigma EpsUon TwA™. la a1»C Virginu Beach. VA Mortar Board. MEP C(Secreu.y). SAI (TreasurerL Harchmg Baad (Squad Leader) Tqisr. Dariav: Mumi. FL HumcaBe Hoaey. Ddu Ddu Ddta. Yearbook Staff Tayla.VlffaKMumi.FL Jwfim. Wants DaailK: Shaker He hts. OH ResKlcBi AuMaat. Humcane (Coairrbuung Colummst). 1961 BCX}. Alpha Epsiloa Rho. Cavalier Magaone (Edilonal Ataitunt. Student Development ProgramaiBg. Circle K. Ward Su (Editor) Tagpa. MiEfeaal Oc« Riverhead. NY Ddu Sigma Pi I V kc- Preudent ProfeasKMal Affairs! J ; : !!;! ' . " !! ' " i f " " : ° Schc .rsh .. JFK MLK Granu Price -W.ierhou-: OrmaL Beu Alpha Psi. Alpha Lambda Dclu r:Mu uFL HSA. Alpha Lambda Ddu Tott. i w ali Lar: Mehoae. MA SocMtogyaub Sooofao a»b. COISO. Freachj TtaaMR Uvk M.: Porto Erwle, TUtB. S Ml: Rxtgefield. CT ■ " logj Ouh (President). Tn- (Trcaswer). Ddu Theu M tlBaaa. Ckatrn C: MuaL FL n M»BB« S D.; Chicaco. IL SOS. IWI BCXi (Trcaaurcf aad Vve-h nM Ba»4 y |. C ryl A TBfeMa, Ma B pa) S.: Mian _ Hamcaac Hoaey, Alpha Kappa Alpha Tl " . R» a C- AtlaalK City. NJ Ow« " Pageaal (C Cluiiperaoa). Draaa CTab. Frc«h Oub. Daace Oub. P, Ddu Kappa CCB TKB.AnaW,: Hollywood, FL i ' - ' - " Tfeada, Haraa D.: Ckiulds. FL Florida EagiBocriag Society. AaMrxaa Society of Civil Eafnatn Ta Jeny B Maaasaai, GA Prrwleal ' i Hoboi RoIL Dean . Uat Tan . WHbm: Hatbrouck Heighu. NJ Pre- Legal Society. Humcane Skivn Tana. SkiflB M Kio PMdras, PR Circle K ( Secretary) r.: Miaa FL HaiKaae HoKy. Readeai Aamat. iBtraaarals. SaMlcBI A tam Commitiae Tn ar. O k Mdloa. NH H-ntaa Sknerv Siadcat Uaioa Pmcraa Couacd. RHCCC Ealoa HaU WOG Tn A Uhmm B North Miami Bnch. FL Pn-L«fBl Soocty Tm K, Owa: Miami. FL AlA Sotdoil Chapter TitaK Elhihi A.; Punu CianU. FL AEO.OpeaDoo Tf«. Aa MuB. FL Tf mil. CMfv D.; WathiBgloa. DC Gcacral aad DepanmenUl Hoaora Prograa. HSA. Honor Scholarship. Pre- Legal Society TM BriM. Dtaa K-- Miaas. FL Tadar.JeC: Syracuse NY Tmi M , Jb V: Miami. L Alpha lambda IVIu. Omicron Dclu Kappa (Secreury). Morur Board (Secrcuryl, Art aad UM Scbulanhip Dean .n Ciiaphic Design Award l«7t WVUM Taikfc. Man S,: Woodmcrc. N Y Tana. Dehara Jj Mumi. FL Homtconmg Eiecuuve ommillee. Dclu Gamma (House Manager. Scbolanbip Chairman. V Pi Sigma Alpha. Dclu Theu Mu. Pre-Legal Society. Deaa ' i Lial. on Student OrgaauaucBi TDjCo(alGables.FL .: Fairfax, VA Deaa t Li.L HumcaiM Skiien L Athens. GR iKh Club Vb Ejm«. Cad: Waklwick. NJ la D.: Great Neck. NY V rh ipi s . Mart .: Mumi. FL FES. AIIE VaK MIriO. tare. M.: Lima. PE Dean ' s Lisl V»a»ye«. Jaacs A.: Clif ton Park. NY Honor Sludents AuocuIiob. PsiCThi. Dclu Tbeu Mu Votafc Aa My C: Port Chester. NY VIBSMB. Abb M.: Mumi. FL ' ' !■■ ? " ' - ' ' ' " " " " " " ' ™«» ' " ). «-M«l Honor Society (S«:reUry). EEC bo rsh,pCom,n,..eej| _ y|_ q4 P-oviX- Pb Kappa Ph fr t " ' t ' " M SammS, (Ch.irmaa of Sludeamr n- utiook. Schokanhip Recipient, fc ™ ViM.Vltta Lj Mumi. FL Dean ' . Lisu Beu Alpha Psi. Pre-L Vh. Drta F-: Mumi. F Beu Alpha Psl FEC Via. htekn: Mumi. F Alpha Epulon Ddu. Delu Theu Mb VlAca. Oetarla: Guaynabo. PR VBa.JattE:.:Mumi. FL Vhite. LA M.: Pomona. N Y Vhd . ChariB V.: Sunrue, F L Va SasM B,: Miami Beach. FL Ddu Sigma P. L.itk S»ter. Dcaas L»t Woaea Taking Care of Buswcu. Pre-Legal Society Vb b. Afaa P Philaddphu. PA Bj Hub (Suff Photographerl. Scaha Oub. Photo Club, Wort m Anatomy and PhysKHogy Vaah tBs . SoMi A.: Marblehcad. MA Water Ski Club. Scuba Club. Biology Club Vaaea. Jweg L: Enfield. CT 960 KX; (VKC-preudenu Floor Governor. Rep. to RHCCa UM Onenuiwn Committee Stu- dent Senate Commiitee on Lntvertily Aflain, SOS (Asaisual Progtam Coordinator lor 960 Pro- gram Coordinator). Dcan ' i List ■■■».- Van. Ctariy Shari: North Mumi Beach. FL P i Eu Sipna. A ha Lambda Dclu. Beu Gamma Sigma. Pre«deors Honor Roll. Dean ' . Lw. HuiTM eiSewi Editor. Copy Editor. Suff). Prc-Legnl Society. Young Democrats a S.: LauderhilL FL Mui I.FL lFL Wafcefc. Fern: Brooklyn. NY Waflacfc. PfeySB: Rockland County. NY Wdfca. Mart S.; Sbdlon. CT Deaa . LuL Inlramurals, American Marketing Aisocialion. Resideni Aisisunt Wai . BflM A.: Glen Falls. NY % r-Squarc Award. AlA Student Chapter. Iniramurals (FootbalL SoflbaU). WrtriL DxM L.: CambTMlgc. MA PPA Niuonal Honor Society. Deaa ' . UaL Intraaunls (FootbaO. BasketbalL SoflbalL OffieulL Pre-Legal Sociely Wrt . Smbb M.; Ogdenaburg. NJ Wad, Rahte T- Peabody, MA FrctKhClub Wavph Jala S - EipyvUle. PA Nauoul Meni Scholar. Deant UsL Purple Threads. Eu Kappa Nu Wawi. Karaa D.: Jencho. N Y PaaheDcBic Council (PreMdeat). Ui ur Board. Rho LamI We a. Ra en E. Jr.; K Will .Ilk. Saa»IL: WAa. HBbtt a.: Wai Orai W«la.S«ncaJ.:Northl College Carnival. Ddu Thet Warn. Ub M Sea ndalc. N Pi Kappa Alpha (Utile Sister. nH.:Mi Board of CMwcmors. USBG Supreme Court luttKc. Mor Heanng AssoculKm. P.: Amilyvillc. NY M M Florida Ciiy. FL Prr-Lcgal Society. Sigma Alplu Epsdoa Wttaaya. Jaaapft P„ ' Mumi. FL ArnoM Air Society. AFROTC. Mortar Board WH Cialikea A.: Mumi. FL MISHA. UBS wahaa. Lcdt K.: Mum. FL WH a. Mktari A JacksoaviBc. FL Kappa Alpha P» wa aa. Ntaa-OBWK Muai. FL Bb ck Onenutioa and Studeat Serv es) Founder and Chairper ,a). UBS(ExecuUve Board. Float- mg toussary) Waihad Jr Oik D- Harruburg. PA Alpha Epsiloa Pu Humcane SkKn. Order of Omega " a. A D.: BcUmore. NY latramuraU (FootbalL BasketbalL Softball) WlK- Melta B.: Baldwia Harhoar. NY -Mui tFL W BB. Saaa« Jar: NonA Mumi. FL Pre-Legal Socwty (Eucuiive Comminec). Zeu Beu Tau (Little Soier). Yearbook (Suffl Wa at. rtna F.: Maptrwood. NJ Waag, DavU: North Miami. FL J eai Freshman Architecture Score. Deaa ' . Lw. AlA. Taa Beu Pu 1971 Yearbook Cover Urngaer. Goldea T-Square Award Wa TarwBB: Mumi. FL Pre-Mod Society. Butogy Club. BK chca«lry CabiVKe-Pnafcal} •.Mini ituaai. huAIAStudeaiChai rfc«rti:Mumi.FL la ' i Lat. Honor KoD. Alpha Lai rtF.:Mu a I Ltn. Mortar Board. IE Hi e-Plcsideat). Alpha Pi Mu (V, ' Protea Board. CSR Adv meat Coaaitteel. Council i-FL Yearbook (Phoiogtapher) Eagiacierug Socwty (Pnaadcat), COISO : SerKs Coamiiiac. lairaaanl Dttcqih- PrraMlcatk COISO (Phoaorapbcr. Eaicr- - (Chaitpcraoal T iprtB. bwta M.: Fait Uwi Matching Baad ZAate. AM Ma nhaaaet Ij Zrtn.AvBSjMu ModKalTecbBolog;yClub(PH Bi). IXu ' s U(l ZAML Ikabarah A_- Bay hMo, ItUnJi. FL Deaa. LiM. Ddu Sigma Pi, u Bet a |( ' ' " " . ' - Pearl Rivci. NY " 343 if

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