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EX LIBRIS 4? ■ —TVT--V ™ TV;i J ' , ipil ■ ' ' F ' . " l II IBIS 1977 ' UNIVERSITY OF Ml CORAL GABLES, FLORID r. :• I - - .-. ' 1l [ ■ s jec v y i - +s ' . ■ V " lS. ' b k v • kv-; • •■ BLE OF CONTENTS- . ;? • . • •• ' • ' • . activities AND FEATURES pp. 30- 73 SENIORS . pp. 74-167 STUDENT LIFE pp. 168-247 ORGANIZATIONS .pp. 170-230 SPORTS pp. 231-247 THIS BOOK IS DEDICATED TO U.S. moving through the wind flying all around us a connecting fire light energy swirl to dance to stars. c.digiacomo MF_ the shadows on the flower are ours- a gift from the sun. c. digiacomo A i l jmm! Mmwm KM vV© w . 3K,: , ' V « « ' e V T " h utumn changes color ' aves resting )on mother 3e knows li stan ■ am the lacomo .j» ' ' •» l V i ' ■ ' . ' •. «ric schimmel I w yt -• ?R I 4 » • • I ■ 1 11 I l| unjvt I i tomorrow is the hope, the wish, it brings another chance to do the undone, to hear the unheard, to speak the unspoken, to repeat the misunderstood. tomorrow one can build that which has tumbled, or that which does not exist. tomorrow one can go and do, or tomorrow one can wait for tomorrow. e. shochet ' . ' . " ■ ,: 1 ! r- -:-- » 1 ■: 3 WT» W — l J| ' ' Onlvrn 1.1 on «y on National t -r I MTT I A £4 ■f ™»w " l " - " i lIppp MIIJIUi LH m •tia ' neil bookman ' ■■I 1W 7 eric schimmel ■ (Sn % w ' m 17 I . - b. roth 18 I a. ferguson 19 • u 20 ). « w b. waltzer 21 22 23 . „ . 24 25 I 26 d. franklin 27 ., JUUUJ . m . .- M , MUM uu,mL » M i«iiMAMAttfaa «i H£l . L i2 j. reed J. reed 28 L j. reed j. reed h m 29 ■■M 1 , $h " » ' ii mhII § 4 BtJ ' S fc.-. S »r- 1 ?- sy iVj ) ? ■% • A. foR • ACTIVITIES AND FEATURES 32 .J NEW STUDENT SUMMER ORIENTATION PROGRAM - 33 34 35 iiMMMimndiiiiiMiniiiiiiiiii inimiiirtiiiitiiimtiiiiiMiii 36 STUDENT ACTIVITIES NIGHT 37 _ ,. -■ ,. .■.■-L.-aL . iiiS 38 39 ... o c o o BUZZY LINHART ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA 40 AMAZING RHYTHM ACES 7} O O 3 O PETER TOSH 41 __ , : 42 .,L . tony blank 43 tony blank STEPHEN STILLS 44 V- evelyn seiden 45 ■M tony blank FRANK ZAPPA " ::•..-:. 46 47 48 49 jim reed 50 tony blank ' ' ■-: •■ ' .; - tony blank tony blank donna franklin 51 evelyn seiden CLOCKWISE: Debbie Cohen at Second Annual Blood Drive; Janet Wailerich crowned Miss University of Miami; Legs Contest sponsored by Pi Kappa Alpha; Winners Phil Kellerman and Friends, at Eaton Hall ' s Car Ralley; Spirit at the game-UM won over Boston College, 13-6. evelyn seiden 52 Julie blumenthal o m o O © tony blank 53 Student Activities sponsored " Who ' s Who in the Administration " . Pictured are James Robinson (Assis- tant Vice-President for Developmental Affairs), William Butler (Vice-President of Student Affairs), and William B. Sheeder (Dean of Students). Jonathan robins 54 Alpha Kappa Psi invited William E. Simon (Secretary of the Treasury) to speak before the student body. Pictured with Simon is Dr. Henry King Stan- ford. Drawn T Jonathan robins 55 Ji 1976 Presidential Elections Chaos in the Wake of the Flood After Watergate, the Republican party had about as much hope as a snowball in hell. Still, the process of democracy must run its course, and a mock election confirmed Jimmy Carter, " common man " , the thirty- ninth president of the United States of America. The implications, however, are more significant than they appear. America during the Bicentennial Year was a coun- try in search of a particular personality to reassert. The selection of " Johnny Horizons " , rugged pioneer, as the Bicentennial symbol established a certain trend toward agrarian ideals; so did the soda pop bottles, cereal and detergent boxes, and innumerable other items of buy- centennial kitsch that abounded through the summer months. The political atmosphere bore a telltale odor of mildew as candidates clothed in homespun virtue even spoke of a return to " normalcy " . The Democratic party played its hand safely. Their only chance of losing lay in the selection of any form of radical or corruptible character: Richard Nixon and his fellows had heightened the anathema in which were held these two erstwhile essentials for political success. " What we need, see, is a down-home type, maybe a preacher ' s son or a farmer like .. ' .. " The Republican ' s only hope lay in the power of in- cumbency. If the two parties could be rendered in- distinguishable from one another, the incumbent would hold the upper hand. " Well, if they get themselves a senator from Minnesota, and we get ourselves a senator from Kansas, then that ' s about even, and then . . . . " Gerald Ford, though, was Nixon ' s hand-picked successor, and the public was not buying any more of that. What the public did buy was a big smile, a simple philosophy, and a straightforward human being. Carter was just the right type: a farmer (even if the business is worth a million-and-a-half dollars); an anti-technologist (even if his Secretary of Defense is a nuclear physicist); a man of the cloth (even especially if his congregation bars a black minister). He even knew which countries in the world were Soviet and which were American; Ford didn ' t seem too sure. In the 1976, Watergate elected the Democrats, the Bicentennial elected Carter, and America elected the image that made it what it is today. Dennis W. Menard photos by Julie blumentha 56 " •IN. L LU a pv - _S, I 1 i «! ;.V M photos by tim mcafee 57 CO Q LU 58 brandon roth 59 Y UNSUNG HEROES dion scolnick 1 p " ■ » 1 -uti L k r TI 60 MRS. G: WOMAN ON THE GO Who is Mrs. G? A biology teacher, a registered nurse, an author, a mother, a sex guru, and, to top it all off, a full-time counselor. Now fifty, Marion Grabowski has been involved in the University of Miami since 1960, first as an English and presently as a biology instructor. Her Hurricane editorials are flooded with such problems as con- traception, unwanted pregnancies, or V.D., and with questions ranging from suicide to rape. She spends a great deal of time counseling and making referrals. " I do it, " she says, " because I love students. I think they are the most beautiful people in the world. " " Interacting with students, " continues Mrs. G, " is fascinating. I am so impressed. The future of the planet is perfectly safe. " This captivating Anatomy and Physiology teacher maintains that students are more mature today than they were five or ten years ago, but that the problems of human sex have not really changed since pre-historic man. " Students, " Mrs. G muses, " leave home com- munities with fairly good morals. In college they en- counter freedom for the first time. They are plunged into a future that is uncertain. " Mrs. G believes that the last five years have brought " a trend toward more sustained relationships, people caring for each other, and more open friendships. " " I write, " continues the UM sexologist, " because I think students have a right to know the facts. " She stresses that " most important is to be yourself. Do what is comfortable to you. " Mrs. G believes that most people just need someone to listen to them. As a teacher, Mrs. Grabowski is tough. Her office is a madhouse. " Youngsters, " the guru of sex points out, " do not hesitate to call me in the middle of the night for an emergency. " Mrs. G began a column in the Hurricane after be- ing hounded for about a month by a Hurricane editor. Her column, once published, was an instant success: students find it easy to talk with this sort of Mother Nature figure about sexual problems. " I ' ve learned a great deal from young people, " admits Mrs. G. " I hope they ' ve learned as much from me. " Mrs. G ' s first book, CELEBRATION OF LOVE, will be published in early Spring. The goal of the book is " create an island of beauty in a world of chaos, " explains Mrs. G. Two more books are soon to come. " I am very busy. I do not exactly lead a dull life, but if a day had thirty-six hours instead of twenty-four life would be much easier. " Mrs. G answers all her letters herself. If she needs an expert ' s advice, she does anything to make sure the information is correct. " You wouldn ' t believe the stories I get! " What is Mrs. G? Incredible, vivacious, and bluntly open. She is more than a psychologist—she is a reliable advisor. " If you are uncomfortable with yourself, then to hell with morals! " Mrs. G — a step ahead of the rest. bonnie Israel 61 «r 62 1 - V julie blumenthal tony blank Wl O 3D m 63 64 65 DAVID WILKIE OLYMPIC WINNER What is an athlete, but a human idealized? The victor of a moment, the best in the world, only to be replaced in time by yet another face, another name. It is the mo- ment which counts. Not to win, but to swim: that is what mattered to David Wilkie. The medals, the admiration, the fame, were merely the gar- ments concealing the greater man beneath them; the truest glory springs from within. We honor in David Wilkie that which stirs in the heart of humanity: desire, intent, fulfillment. Let us here present know ourselves for all that we are; may those who are to come know us by those we now es- teem. denis w. menard v TheUt part of UM jors. The co jazz styles. arranging, | jazz pedag become M auditions. to having n becoming rr Sidenei musical ider sounds of tr sound. " Thetra Montreux Ji judged the I the United i Europe and 66 JAZZ PROGRAM -- ONE OF THE TOP THREE IN THE NATION The University Jazz Program, which has been a part of UM for thirteen years, has one hundred ma- jors. The courses of study are jazz piano, analysis of jazz styles, improvisation, film scoring, jazz styles, arranging, jazz composition, jazz guitar theory, and jazz pedagogy. Students from other schools can become Jazz Band members if they pass all the auditions. Conductor Whit Sidener is looking forward to having more women members, since they are becoming more liberal in music. Sidener said, " Our Jazz Band has its own musical identity. A lot of the other colleges imitate the sounds of the big bands, but we try to have our own sound. " The troupe this past summer participated in the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. They were judged the most outstanding of thirteen bands from the United States. This year the band plans to visit Europe and Honduras. The Jazz Band is self-funded, raising money through performances in the Miami area with such respected musicians as Gerry Mulligan, Joe Willimas, and others. SEVENTH SIGN, an album composed and recorded by the band and faculty members, represents the creativity and musical ability of the band. " I think that there is more of an interest in jazz than there was four or five years ago, " Whit Sidener commented. " Some colleges tend to stick with traditional music, but the administration at UM promotes the Jazz Program one hundred percent. It is the nature of any art to try always to improve. I doubt that the Jazz Band will ever be without room for im- provement, but compared to the others we are very talented. " Chandra kearse donna franKlln 67 CO DC O Q_ CO 111 LU CO LU 68 • - alan ferguson 69 70 ■ - fu -i all photos by jlm hayes 71 evelyn seiden ' MM — -m-mimam w ,. I x i ' t s • y » alan ferguson 72 evelyn seiden Jaime galindo 73 s awr — — - — — — n 76 UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA 33124 OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT Dear Graduating Seniors: You who are graduating this year bear the distinction of being monbers of the first class of the University ' s entrance into the second half of its first century. Having celebrated the completion of the first " Fifty Fabulous Years, " as the Homecoming Committee titled them, those of us who are remaining — faculty, administrators and students — are challenged to keep bright the torch lighted by the founders and the first students and carried farther along the road to distinction by each generation, including your own. We are proud of our students and of our alumni, whose ranks you will soon be joining. Many of you have achieved honors in your endeavors during your university years. As alxmni you will be among many thousands whose careers have brought honor to themselves and to their Alma Mater. We hold you in high esteem for many reasons, among them being two traits snared by your predecessors over the past fifty years: high aims and the perseverance to attain them. For our part, we who remain shall endeavor, as did our predecessors, to keep this a university of which you will always be proud. Since ely y ou |s Hei President Stanford ac A private, independent, international university An equal opportunity employer Richard G. Adderley, BED Ana M. Aguilera, BBA ImoJ. Akpaetl, BS Lori V. Albe, BS Kirra a— - 78 w William H. Albornoz, BBA Barbara J. Albury, BED Frances M. Aldrich, BA Evelyn L. Aldridge, BS ir ' ?;.!:• Jose Alvarez, BSIE ri V . Albe, BS Kim B. Antol, BS Elizabeth W. Almy, BS Abbas A. Al-Qattan, BS Louis J. Amodeo, BBA George Ancheta, BS Steven J. Antonoff, BBA Luis S. Arcacha, BA Susan Anthony MlldaG. Arias, BED 79 80 Harold T. Archer, MME AlexW. Asble, BSN Andrew S. Axelrod, BA MichaelJ. Arkin, BA Diane T. Asprocolas, BS ShlomoAttas, BBA Stephen A. Avellone, BA Angel M. Avila, BBA Sue Avis, BA Vivian M. Ayan, BBA Constance E. Ayers, BBA Judd A. Aronowitz, BA Luis E. Arritola, BBA,BA Jane M. August, BS Jaffa B. Await, BA Jeane Babrove, BBA 1 1 - - Roberts. Badanes, BED Howard S. Bader, BA Miriam E. Baez, BA George P. Bahadue, BA.BS donna franklin Matthew J. Bajkowsky, BA Patricia M. Balzarini, BA Charbel Barakot, BBA Garry M. Bardo, Jr., BA Terry J. Barker, BED 81 William E. Barkins, BS David S. Beach, BFA 82 Lois H. Baron, BFA if Eileen K. Barr, BBA Elizabeth Barry, BED Mark Beale, BA Rodrigo E. Becdach, BBA Christopher V. Becker, BS n 8r(W]R Anthony Bello, BBA Abram Berens, BS mmmmmm Sharon J. Berg, BA David R. Bergen, BS :■ • ' :: Janet L. Berger, BED Michael S. Berger, BGS Toby L. Berlin, BBA Jacqueline G. Berman, BA Herman R. Bermudes, BBA William L. Bernard, BS Eric L. Bernstein, BBA Felice Bernstein, BA 83 Jacqualyne Bernstein, BS Anthony Biasillo, BS Mary Anne Biddiscombe, BA Judy Bigio, BS m Glenn M.Boo " Carl M. Bilotti, BED Stacy L. Bira, BBA Randy R. Bittman, BA Seth Bixson, BFA DiMILBftl Steven J. Blaha, BA William E.Blair III, BA JohnC. Blakley, BS Debra E. Bleier, BED Jeffrey D. Bradley Alynda Bletchman, BED Robin S. Blumenreich, BSN Ned Bolgiano, BS Janice S. Booke 84 Glenn M. Bookman, BFA David G. Bouckhuyt, BBA Ernest J. Bowe, BED Kimberly A. Bowman, BSN Jeffrey D. Bradley, BBA deborah dawson Roosevelt Bradley, BA Joy J. Brahm, BED Daniel J. Brams, BBA Audrey L. Branson, BBA 85 i Steven J. Brecker, BMMM Deborah A. Bregman, BSN Miguel A. Brito, BS Cindy J. Brodax, BBA Penny J. Bregman, BED Valerie R. Breindel, BSN y.y; Jeffrey S. Brody, BBA jonathon robins Sharon Brooks, BBA Shelley Brooks, BED Barbara L. Bro« Yvonne EBw 86 »f- Barbara L. Brown, BED Cheryl J. Brown, BED Jeffry R. Brown, BBA Mary K. Brown, BED Yvonne E. Brown, BSN Bruce B. Brownson, BBA fii ' • Karen D. Budniak. BBA Raymond R. Burke, BA ctr ' : " " - Gwenda M. Burkhardt, BA Peter A. Buschbaum, BA.BA Rita E. Bustos, BS Scott B. Butnick, BA EduardoA. Calil, BA Patrick B. Callahan, BBA Maria F. Camafreita, BS Isabelle Camille, BS 87 88 Jorge L. Campana, BS Maureen P. Carey, BSN Dominic V. Carrera, Jr., BBA 1!, Clifford J. Canovi, BS Herbert A. Cantor, BBA Pamela E. B. Cargill, BFA David Caridi, BS Maria E. Carreras, BS Rinaldo J. Cartaya, BBA Dana J. Caruso, BA Lena L. Castaneira, BS Carlos A. Castro, BBA, BA Noel R. Card, BA Richard J. Caron, BBA Bonnie S. Carter, BA Victoria D. Catz, BED Ana Man CM Barbara E Cr jw btSD r sr ' .. Ana Mari Cauce, BA Micheal S. Cease, BBA Graciela M. Celaya, BED Andrea M. Cerny, BMED Stephen K. Chaifetz, BED tony blank Sunmung K. Chan, BBA Raymond F. Chase, BBA Steven A. Chasens, BA Steven E. Chavoustie, BS 89 Teresa J. Clark, BBA Robin Coel, BBA 90 Pedro A. Cofino, BBA Audrey J. Cohen, BED bill quinn Hannah L. Cohen, BFA _ L. Christie, BED Jill B. Cohen, BMED Stephen Cohen, BBA Steven J. Cohen, BSAE K. JeanandaCol, BS Robert G. Cole, BS Darlean Coleman, BMED John T. Coleman, BA Marian A. Connor, BS Pattricia M. Crack, BS 91 Charles J. Crandell, BA Shelia L. Creque, BED Jorge L. Cuberto, BS John A. Cuccialll, BS Ronald D. Cuza, BSCE Robert S. D ' Angelo, BA Ngan P. Dao, BSN Jon S. Davidson, BBA Richard H. Davis, BBA Sherry L. Davis, BS Fay S. Deal, BED Maurice J. de Almeida, BS Gina Debe, BS Mark A. DeCrosta, BS Rosemary DeDonato, BSN 92 K? Alexandra de la Campa, BBA Emll Delgado, BS Joseph P. DeMayo, BBA Maurice L. Oemers, BBA j. de Almeida, BS eve, w ■ " Mary R. Desmond, BED Marilyn DeVivo, BSN Juan G. Diaz, BA Reginald W. Dickerson, BBA Deborah A. Digiacomo, BM 93 Clairdaymian L DiGiacomo, BSED JohnS. DiMura, BMED Tim P. Dirsmith, BS Craig M. Dixon, BA Jeff F. Doerzbacher, BS Kathleen A. Dolan, BA LaniO.OoT Lawrence J Dr bill quinn Steven J. Domozick, BBA Joan G. Donohue, BA Stephanie M. Dorner, BM 94 fl M. Dixon, BA Lani D. Dorrell, BED Nicholas E. Dowrey, BMM Verta L. Dozier, BBA Sharon M. Drass, BAA Lawrence J. Driscoll, BED Roger H. Ducey III, BBA Brian A. Dullaghan, BA Nga V.Duong, BSN t ,;;.• Marilyn C. Durant, BED Joseph Dzienkowski, BCS Susan D. East, BS Earl R. Eastman, BA Ruth D. Edney, BBA 95 »■■■■■■ Edward T. Edwards III, BA Jeffrey K. Effinger, BA John B. Eischen, BBA Janet L. Eldridge, BS Gary E. Elgort, BS Alan Ende, BED Terri A. Engel, BA Hassan Entezari, BS Richard A. Esman, BA Jorge R. Exposito, BA Shane H. Faber, BM Steven F. Fabijanski, BS Paula A. Fahrenholz, BED Luis A. Falcon, BA Paul J.Fallat, BA Rick E. Farrick, BBA 96 EI| %B$ Wayne Faulkner, BS Stephen D. Federlein, BBA Mindy L. Feinstein, BA Robert Feldman, BS . Farrick, BBA Charles J. Fernandez, BS Jorge L. Figueras, BBA Karen J. Fine, BS Joseph R. Finke, BA 97 I HB Laura M. Fontana. BBA DouglasS. Forney, BBA Robert G. Forst, BBA Leslie A. Fox, BA f Maria T. Fraga, BBA Reina Franco, BA Carol L. Frand, BME EdieA. Frand, BED Donna L. Franklin, BA C. Eben Franks, BS Ann E. Freeman, BMED George H. Freeman, BBA M " 1 Steve Friend, BBA Jon A. Frost, BA Jay R. Fuchs, BBA Diane P. Gabana, BED . Fox, BA Elise Gabay, BSN Lori E. Gabriel, BED MindyS. Gaines, BED Edward E. Galka, BBA 99 Richard D. Garcia, BA Karen S. Garelick, BFA Greg A. Garlich, BBA Stevens E. Garnett, BSIE Samuel F. Garrido, BSCE Steven M. Garron, BS Lawrence D. Ginsberg, BS Robin S. Ginsburg, BED Joy A. Gladsen, BA Barbara A. Gold, BFA Mark S. Gold, BBA EllenS. Goldberg, BED »,-! :•• Mitchell J. Goldberg, BARCH Sylvia Goldblatt, BA Genessa D. Goldsmith, BFA EarleW. Goldstein, BMED 100 Goldstein, BMED Douglas M. Gertner, BA Maria B. Getzov, BM AnnM. Giblin, BFA Susan M. Gillott, BA 101 Helayne Goldstein, BA Lee H. Goldstein, BA Joann Goltzer, BED Andres S. Gomez, BA RobertG. Greer Jesus M. Gonzalez, BS jim hays Henr A.Grc Armando F. Gonzalea-Vinas, BBA Henry J. Goodfriend, BA Stacey J. Goodwin, BA Robert C. Goran, BA 102 ' .■I Norman P. Goulet, BARCH Micheal R. Graves, BBA Carey Green, BS Lynda M. Green, BED jnim Henry A. Grichuk, BS Rhonda L. Abes-Grichuk, BA Alan M. Grotenhuis, BS Bari S. Gross, BBA Mary A. Grover, BA Lynn S. Guarch, BED Dayle L. Gullen. BSN EmilieB. Gurian, BED 103 nn Judy M. Gutowski, BSN Murray J. Haber, Jr., BBA Lorraine C. Haertel, BSN Sandra S. Hageman, BSN Mohsen Hakimi, BS Alden J. Halpern, BBA Marcilia Halley, BBA Nancy J. Halliday, BFA Gordon A. Hambrick III, BS Paul E. Hammonds, BED Philip M. Hamsey, BS Diane A. Hanawalt, BS Maureen D. Hannon, BA Micheal Harac, BARCH Meryl A. Harley, BS Richard Harris, BA 104 Kim E. Harrison, BS Robert L Harshbarger, BS Paul J. Hartigan, BA Tom E. Hartman, BFA gary ba rdo David M. Hartzler, BSES, MBA Blair K. Hayes, BFA James A. Hays III, BA Robert J. Hedeman, BBA William G. Heffner, BBA 105 Norman A. Heholt, BBA Sheree L Hellenga, BBA Penny M. Heller, BMED Anne E. J. Hemingway, BS Meryl M. Htfl PalricaL -e. r Armando E. Hernandez, BS davld neyland Elaine C. Hernandez, BS Marcelo C. Hernandez, BBA Victor M. Hernandez, BS Laurence A. Herrup, BBA Jeffreys. Hi •: • 106 Meryl M. Hersh, BED Tana R. Hershfield, BBA Richard E. Hess, BS Glenn B. Hetzel, BBA Patricia L. Hevia, BBA Ann C. Hibbard, BSN Robert C. Hickey, BS Guy H.Hickman, BS Loekito R. Hidajat, BBA David W. Hill, BFA Mark J. Hill, BM Stephen C. Hiotis, BBA Jeffrey S. Hindlemann, BBA Kirk H. Hipps, BSCE David C. Hisey, BBA Robert A. Hitz, BA William J. Holmes, BBA Brad J. Holstein, BA Micheal D. Horowitz, BS Michael K. Hosrom, BSEE William R. Hossfeld, BS Jon W. Horwitch, BS Maria H. Horwitz, BED Jerry D. Hubshman, BA Valerie A. Jackson, BA David J. Jacoby, BBA Sylvie I. Jacobus, BA Susan F. Jaffe, BA 108 ir07!. Marc-Arthur Jean Louis, BA Jennifer T. Jeffries, BA Dawn P. Jenkins, BED Rosemarie Jett, BA jonathon robins Robert C. Johann, BBA Cynthia L. Johns, BED Cynthia C. Johnson, BBA Maryanne Johnson, BA Luther D. Jones, BA 109 Juliette A. Hokin, BSN Karen B. Holland, BFA Richard W. Jones, BA Maria F. Kace, BA pmmi Margot K. Kaijala, BS eric p. schlmmel d».i «r MarcS. Kaminer, BA Janna M. Kamins, BA Gayle L. Kaminsky, BA Stephen J. Kaminsky, BBA ' " - ' ■■ ' ■■-. 110 April M. Kammerl, BED Larry E. Kantor, BM Andrew D. Kaplan, BBA Genelle A. Kaplan, BED Pamela M. Karas, BA Dorothy A. Karl, BS Regina A. Kattan, BA llona A. Katz, BA David A. Katzman, BBA Susan L. Katzman, BM Stanley R. Kava, BS Lisa J. Kaye, BED Eva Keller, BA Philip L. Kellerman, BED Gail L. Kellog, BED Brian P. Kelly, BS 111 It. ■ ■ Eileen A. Kepper, BA Shahrzad Khosravi, BSIE Willard H. Kile Jr. BS V. R. KimreyJr.,BBA I Brian R. King, BA, BS Deborah S. King, BBA JohnM. King, BS Darrell L. Kirk, BSEE Andrew L. Kirsch, BBA MindyA. Klein, BED Lewis A. Klein, BA Richard D. Klein, BBA ■ Mm Steven N. Kling, BSN Cindy Klotz, BS R. Kevin Klotz, BA Percival A. Knowles, BA AmyB.Kow 112 Leigh A. Kobelin, BS William A. Koenigsberg, BBA Justin M. Kohn, BA Grant C. Kominek, BBA neil bookman neil bookman John E. Kopson, BBA f 1 .- ' - . Rita R. Kornbluth, BA Amy B. Kosloff, BBA Lynne Kosnitzky, BED Denis J. Kowalski, BS Joy Kramer, BBA 113 hi Susan Ft. Kramer, BED Robin L. Kranz, BS Edward J. Kransy Jr., BS Walter P. Kropp, BS " W » ' M Teresa A. Kuhn, BSN Jonathan robins NaiKyD UrC Mohammed A. Kurehchian, BS James J. Kuretski Jr., BS Horacio R. Lacayo, BS Gigi M. Lacks, BA 114 MaryAiy, Sherry L. Ladd, BED Darcy H. LaFountain, BBA Rene E. Lamar, BA Melinda L. Lambert, BBA Nanette S. Lampl, BFA Peter A. Lampone, BA Beth Landman, BBA Bruce E. Landry, BBA m robins Nancy D. Landstein, BA AnneM. Lang, BA Zan Lang, BED Richard C. Lapham, BED Mary Ann LaRock, BA Gregory P. LaRosa, BBA Christopher A. Larsen, BA Cheryl A. Lassoff, BA 115 Oswaldo E. Lastres, BS Michael A. Latzes, BBA Karen L. Lawson, BA Larry Lebedin, BBA Eloy G. Lee, BS Harry A. Legatt, BA Ronald D. Lehmann, BA Gary D. Leigh, BA Carl R. Lemieux, BS Amy E. Lerner, BM Miriam G. Lesnick, BA Darci A. Lester, BED Phyllis S. Levin, BED Eris H. Levine, BBA Wayne Peter Levine, BA Cheryl Y. Levy, BED 116 Richard A. Levy, BBA Esther Maria Lew, BBA Pamela Joy Leydig, BBA Lydia Liberati, BBA v,»r eric p. schimmel Jeff Lichter, BBA Joni B. Lieberman, BED Margaret C. Light, BED Rachel R. Likover, BS Frank R. Lima, BBA 117 2 J If Sheryl L. Linden, BS Kathleen Link, BS Robert A. Linke, BS Mark C. Lombardo, BFA Manuel R. Lopez-Dominguez Collazo, BA tony blank Russell L. Loring, BS Daniel M. Lorusso, BA Colin E. Lowe, BA Mary J. Lowery, BA Cyi»a 118 Cynthia L. Lowth, BA Jeffrey T. Ludlam, BS Daniel D. Luisi, BS Nancy M. Lukowsky, BED WlftH Malka Maayani, BA brandon roth Nancy J. Mace, BED Cynthia L. Machleit, BFA Nancy J. Maddocks, BED John F. Magnin, BBA Sean L. Maher, BA 119 Jay R. Mahler, BS Daniel Majchrzak, BS Kevin J. Malady, BED Dean N. Manconi, BA IM 1 Arthur H. Manes, BA Lizette Manfredlz, BA Richard A. Manzini, BSEE Lillian Manzor, BA Joel Marchettl, BM Harriet W. Marcus, BED Kenneth I. Marcus, BBA Eve B. Marlnoff, BED n Edward I. Markovlch, BS Luis A. Martinez, BBA Myrlam B. Martinez, BBA lleana M. Marty, BED 120 ini.BA Michele A. Maslon, BS Irvine L. Mason, BS lleana Masud, BED Dary M. Matera, BA r,BA Kerry W. Mathers, BM ED 3d, BED «o " y blank Deborah L. Mathews, BS Susana May, BS Stephen L. Mccaskie, BSCE Nancy McDonnell, BA Kevin J. McGarlty, BA 121 Donald M. McGetrick, BBA Jim D. McKay, BBA Lydia M. McKenzie, BED Asha McKinney, BA n— m Kevin McMahon, BA dion skelnik nLUw David D. McPherson, BS Mattie K. McQueen, BED Debra D. McVicker, BA Michele Means, BS 122 KathyS. Mechanick, BED Debbie L. Mednikoff, BS Leslie A. Meehan, BED Mike Meersman, BBA Frances Megias, BED Carole L. Meisler, BS Stephen A. Melnick, BS Diane Mercure, BBA Clyde L. Messerly, BARCH Sandy K. Michel, BA Susan Michelson, BS Georgia M. Mignott, BA Milica M. Milakovich, BA Jacobo J. Milgram, BS LiliM. Milian, BFA Arthur R. Miller, BS 123 T " PaulS. Miller III, BARCH JohnW. Mina,BS 7 Fb¥J Caren N. Mitchel, BA Marcia E. Modzelewski, BED Jacquelyn A. Moore, BA Mark J. Minervino, BBA Cassandra Mitchell, BED Laraine J. Mittleman, BED Sandra J. Moore, BM Joni E. Mintz, BED Teresa F. Mixon, BA Susan E. Moore, BM l»i»n Leonard Moran, BFA Bruce B. Morecroft, BBA Blanches. Morel, BED Bonnie J. Morgan, BA JoAnn M. Morina, BBA m,BA WilliamS. Morris IV, BS Thomas R. Morrison, BED Catherine C. Morse, BA |lm hays Eileen L. Mouley, BBA Amy L. Moyer, BA Frank L. Moyer, BS Valerie L. Muelhausen, BS Jill E. Mulder, BA 125 .I1f - ToniA. Mulitz, BED Terry L. Munz, BBA Pam K. Murphy, BED Lori R. Mutnick, BBA Fran fw 1 i-r- ' - ' - Joseph F. Nascimento, BA jim hayes Luis E. Naya, BARCH Ross L. Neidorf, BFA Sarah Neham, BM Mark A. Nelson, BS Susan j. o 126 Fran Nerenburg, BS Nancy C. Newman, BSN David L. Neyland, BS Cathy L. Nichols, BA Annette M. Nicorvo, BSN Andrea Nissim, BED AnneM. Noble, BA Susan M. Norton, BBA r-M: Diana G. Nosti, BA Ben H. Novack Jr., BA Jill A. Nussinow, BBA Gordon C. Nyquist, BS Susan J.Oakley, BA Barbara L. Oberman, BBA Lawrence G. Oliver, BS Steven F. Osinski, BA 127 ' • " Fern J. Pachter, BS Claire M. Padien, BFA Agnes M. Pagan, BA Ricardo Pages, BS Debra Palazzo, BA Dana B. Palley, BFA Carol E. Palmer, BED OlgaB. Palmer, BA John D. Pappas, BA Philip C. Paravano II, BA Felix Pardo, BARCH Mitchell C. Paris, BA Clifford I. Parker, BA Altheal. Pashman, BED Gayle D. Patterson, BBA Dave F. Paulsen, BBA, BS r 9 L : 128 Vincent G. Pavese, BBA Sonia M. Pawluc, BA Rebecca A. Payne, BED Michael S. Pearlson, BBA evelyn seidan Joel R. Perez, BBA Margie L. Perez, BFA Oscar C. Perez, BARCH Manuel Perez-Benitoa, BBA Amy B. Perlman, BFA 129 John Pickering, BM Laurie B. Pierson, BED Daniel L. Pilato, BA Patricia J. Pilon, BM p. i:: . ;i 130 Alina Pina, BA Susan E. Pinder, BS Mina Pineiro, BA Etel E. Pinon, BARCH Felisse B. Pinsky, BSN Thomas C. Piper, BARCH Ellen T. Plattner, BA Katharina F. Poerschke, BA - " Jules J. Polachek, BM Jeffrey R. Polan, BA Steven W. Pollack, BA Thomas Pollara, BBA » Philip C. Pollen, BS Fred Jay Popper, BARCH John R. Porfiri, BARCH Scott B. Portman, BS 131 Frances A. Poulakidas, BBA Haydee C. Prado, BA Richard J. Preira, BBA Diane E. Preston, BBA Fred Vincent A. Preziosi, BBA Cheryl A. Prigoff, BBA Laura M. Pruna, BBA Charlotte W. Pugh, BSN Alberto Puig, BSCE Pamela J. Pujais, BA Gustavo A. Pupo, BA David G. Puppolo Patty K. Purita, BBA LindaJ.Raab, BED Rafael J. Ramirez, BS Mohammad F. Rasekhi, BS " auiW 132 Fred A. Reali Jr., BS Paul Redfearn, BA Douglas A. Reed, BA Lori E. Reed, BA Mark J. Reinecke, BA Christopher D. Renegar, BARCH Irene R. Renner, BED Lillian J. Reyes, BA 133 Norma J. Richardson, BED Thomas R. Riekert, BA Raul E. Rios, BARCH Eduardo Riusech, BBA Alfred H. Rivera, BS Esther R ! Kip M. Robbins, BFA Julie blumenthal Sergio A Roc Michael G. Robbins, BS Alvan E. Roberts, BBA Margaret Roberts, BA Jonathan I. Robins, BFA N ' k.Aoto 134 Blossom E. Rochester, BED Sherri L. Rodman, BED Carlos A. Rodriguez, BARCH Eduardo Rodriguez, BBA Esther R. Rodriguez, BA Maria G. Rodriguez, BA Miguel A. Rodriguez, BA Rafael Rodriguez, BED Sergio A. Rodriguez, BSEE Gary S.Rogak, BBA Suzanne L. Rogers, BBA Teresa A. Rogers, BED Wendy Zee, Rohrkaste, BA Timothy F. Rolewicz, BA Helen C. Rolle, BED K. Charles Romanowski, BARCH 135 IH ■i ■» AIJ. Romeo Jr., BBA Mayra Ron, BA Scott W. Root, BBA NJ Hal A. Rose, BBA mif Amy L. Rosenberg, BFA Linda S. Rosenberg, BED Lisa M. Rosenthal, BS TomasA. Rosas, BED Sheri A. Ross, BS Brandon L Roth, BBA Donna A. Roth, BS Richard J. Roth, BBA MktaM Mary J. Rouch, BA Sylvia Rozier, BBA Mark F. Roswell, BBA Leslie J. Rubenstein, BED 136 Jay J. Rubin, BS, BA Mark H. Rubin, BS Richard w. Rudolph, BA Barry Rudnick, BBA Sandra L. Rush, BA James D. Ruskin, BS Rosalna Sackstlen, BM 137 Yasmine M. Safille, BED Lawrence G. Sahler, BS Felicia M. Salazar, BA Thomas D. Saler, BM Jose A. Saimones, BSEE eric p. schlmmel Ware: Si- Christopher W. Saltmarsh, BS John W. Salustro, BARCH Philips. Samuels, BBA Henry J. Sanchez, BS LtM 138 Maritza A. Sanchez, BA Peter J. Sandberg, BBA Adrienne D. Sanders, BA Duane D. Sanders, BS Sandra L. Sanders, BS Barbara A. Sanford, BA Maria C. San Jorge, BS Mirta C. San Martin, BA Wayne E. Santia, BS Ann R. Saraceno, BA Robert Sarnack, BS Lisa A. Saul, BA Randolph B. Savitz, BBA Maureen C. Sawyer, BBA James S. Scappaticcio, BA Maria B. Schaffer, BA L_ 139 Robert RSei William J. Schilkie, BS Linda D. Schneider, BA Phyllis A. Schneider, BA Robert E. Schneider, BBA Gaiety D. Sen ■ L ' ' ■ i ' ■ 1 mtgm M ■ fl xL 1 Jt lil Daniel D. Schoenman, BS Rudolf W.Scholz, BBA David J. Schroeder, BA Linda S. Schulman, BA LMKA.atapt Alan M. Schwartz, BS Mark S. Schwartz, BA Monique M. Sculfort, BED Betty J. Seabrook, BA 140 Robert B. Seader, BA Evelyn S. Seiden, BFA Elena B. Selez, BA Deborah F. Senyitko, BED Linda A. Shapiro, BED ■ Nadine L Sharpe, BS John F. Shaughnessy, BS, BS Anne E. Shaw, BA Karen R. Shelly, BSN mm 141 Jill L. Silver, BAS eric p. schimmel MncrAfti Barbara R. Silverman, BBA SolG.Siman, BA Robert T. Simmons, BA SydneeR. Singer, BM 142 Angela M.Sist, BAAE Paige E. Skirpan, BS James R. Skrak, BS Theresa E. Skripps, BED William P. Slagle, BSME Lynda B.Sloan, BED Gary R. Slonim, BBA Michael Slovich, BBA Robert G. Smith, BBA Sandra G.Smith, BBA Warren H. Smith, BM Kenneth D. Snell, BS 143 ft_ k " Glenn W. Snelling, BBA Royal E. Snyder III, Esquire, BFA Jon H. Soeder, BFA.BS Hilda A. Solernov, BA Cynthia Solomon, BED John R. Spaar, BS Teresa A. Spagnola, BS Donna A. Spamer, BA Guy R. Sparks, BS, BS Charles B. Spencer, BBA Lola J. Spence-Ward, BED mm IvlL if- Howard K. Spieler, BS 144 Marc A. Spiewak, BBA James E. Spirito, BSIE Morry W. Spitzer, BBA Christopher W. Stater, BAAE _ David L. Steed, BA DebraP. Stein, BA Robert J. Stein, BS Jill E. Steinberg, BA $ Playboy Mark Hartlzer and Student Body President Susan Havey. Lynn M. Stevens, BED r.BAAE Michael J. Stewart, BFA Kelvin H. Stirn, BA Bonnye R. Stitt, BS Charles W. Stock, BA il MI 145 Arthur C. Stokey, BS Cindy J. Stroller, BED Pamela L. Striewig, BBA Richard R. Stout, BA Jennie Strauss, BM Donna H.Sr KennetriS Sew brandon roth Patricia B. Stuart, BBA Norma Suarez, BA Michael E. Sullivan, BBA MarilynS. Sum, BED 146 Donna H. Summers, BBA Linda M. Suskauer, BED Mindy B. Suskin, BBA Jeff rey B. Sussmane, BS Kenneth S. Sussmane, BA Laurie A. Swanson, BS Peter J. Swift, BARCH Natalie A. Sydor, BA Feizollah Taghioff, BSCE Pamelas. Tambor, BM lleana J. Tandron, BS Leslie J. Tannenbaum, BA Dixie A. Tate, BA Lori Y. Taub, BBA Robert Jay Taylor, BBA Bonnie R. Teitelbaum, BM 147 Alfonso C. Tello, BS Arthur E. Terdoslayich, BBA David R. Thayer, BSEE Probyn Thompson III, BA GeneGTuC Douglas Litledt, BS Oscar Toledo, BSEE lllene R. Tombank, BA Kenneth E. Tookes, BBA Joni B. Topolosky, BED Kimdung T. Tran, BSN 148 Deborah A. Tormala, BSN DeniseM.Tosado, BA AsgharTowfighi, BSIE wjw Gene G.Tudor, BS r 1 JefferyJ. Tufano, BFA Charles T. Turner, BBA rick Jones ■ 1 Henry L Ughetta Ml, BARCH Lydia M. Usategui, BS, BA Juan F. Valtetsiotis, BSEE Athanasios E. Varypatis, Paul D. Velasco, BBA John P. Viani, BBA BSCE, BSME 149 150 Susan A. Von Zamft, BS Malcolm Vosbikian, BBA Matthew J. Voschin, BBA Jeffrey W. Waddell, BA Geraldine G. Walker, BED Thomas R. Walker, BBA tart K- " " I Cflhl 1 jim reed Carol R. Ward, BS Thomas M. Watchorn, BBA Alan J. Watson, Jr., BS im read n vej. Laurie K. Waxman, BFA Patricia A. Weaver, BA Edward G. Weiner, BA Carole M. Weiss, BA Earl W. Weiss, BS JohnD. Weiss, BBA Camilla L. Weiss, BA Lynda E. Wellens, BA Linda F. Wiener, BS James D. Wigglesworth, BARCH Cynthia F. Williams, BA Bruce M. Williams, BS 151 Marvis D. Williams, BED Sue A. Williams, BED Annette D. Williamson, BBA Jeff A. Williamson, BA View R. Y« Pv ; ¥ Valerie Wilson, BA StanD.Winsten, BA Gregory P. Wittpenn, BS Sheree L. Wohl, BED Paul t Za Carol L. Wolkenberg, BA Cheryl A. Woolery, BBA Marilyn A. Wong, BARCH Patricia A. Worth, BA Nancy! Z» Nancy R. Wortman, BS 152 Beverly A. Wright, BA Robert C. Wyatt, BS Sheree B. Yellin, BED J JudyUZa Victor R. Yespica, BBA TaharZahzeh, BS Harvey Zaken, BBA Cindy L. Zehrer, BSN Nancy J. Zisquit, BA nell bookman Jann B. Zlotkin, BA Judy R. Zook, BA Debbie A. Zuckerman, BED Valerie Zundell, BA Charles J. Kaufmann, BED 153 SENIOR INDEX NALO, MARJORIE - Morristown. N.J. - Music ■ st, School of Music ' s Student Council. SI, ALIREZA - Tehran, Iran - Civil Engineering ■ ngine ring.Society. Renseler Medal Winner. lBRAMSQN. RONA A. - Deal Peak. N.J. - Special Educa- ABRONSKI ALAN D. - Cherry Hill. N.J - WVUM Staff. ' Ut K ACKERMAN, LESLEY A. - PoughkeepsK Writing. AOASE, STEVE - Linden, N.J Accounting. ADDERLEY, RICHARD Q. - Nassau, Bahamas - Physic Education. AGUILERA, ANA M. - Miami, Fla. - Accounting - American Marketing Association, Federation of Cuban Students, Beta Alpha Psi. E2(y - 2jbL S AKPAETI, IMO J. - Iwok. Nigeria - Chemistry - Alpha Ep- sllon Delta; Soccer, Track, Drama. ALBE, LORI V. - Coral Gables, Fla. - Chemistry - Delta Theta Mu, Alpha Lambda Delta. Alpha Epsiion Delta, American Society of Pre-Dental Students (President). Dean ' s List, Presidents Honor Roll. yT . ALBORNOZ. WILLIAM H. - Coconut Grove, Fla - Accoun- ting - Karate Club. Federation of Cuban Students ALBURT, BARBARA J. - Nassau, Bahamas - Education. ALDRICH, FRANCES M, - Miami Shores, Fla. - French, Spanish - French Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, American Institute of Architects. ALDRIDGE, EVELYN L. - Opa LOCka, Fla. - Early Childhood. AL-FADALAH. AHMED M. - Kuwait, Kuwait Civil Engineering. ALLEN, PAUL J. - Cockeysville, Md. - Civil Engineering, Physics - University Multidisplinary Accident Analysis Team, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigmi Pi Sigma, Physics Honor Society, Dean ' s List, Presidents Honor Roll. Privileged Studies Degree Program. ALMY. ELIZABETH W. - Sherborn. Mass. - Biology - Alpha Epsiion Delta (Secretary), Biology Club, Eaton Hall Board of Governors, Dean ' s List. AL-QATTAN. ABBAS A. - Miami, Fla. - Industrial Engineering. ALVAREZ, JOSE - Miami, Fla. - Industrial Engineering - AIIE. AMODEO, LOUIS J. - Miami. Fla. - Business Management. ANCHETA, GEORGE - Miami, Fla - Chemistry - Hurricane Skiers, Chemistry Club. ANTHONY, SUSAN - Wooster, Ohio ANTOL, KIM B. - Chicago, III. - Geology. ANTONOFF, STEVEN J. - New York, NY. - Economics - American Marketing Association (Treasurer), Student Organization Services, Brasil ' 76, Economics Club. ARCACHA, LUIS S. - Miami. Fla. - Architecture - American Institute of Architects. A. I.E. A. ARIAS, MILDA G. - Miami. Fla. - Special Education - Association of Students in Education, r S ARCHER, HAROLD T. - Gaitnersberg. Md. - Music Merchandising - Concert Choir, (Vocal Jazz, Apartment | Governor. H|Cg XL; ' K ARKIN. MICHEAL J. - Riverdale. N.Y. - Communications ARONOWITZ. JUDD A. - Miami, Fla. - History - Phi Alpha Theta. Alpha Phi Omega, Roadrunners, Dean s List. ARRITOLA, LUIS E. - Miami, Fla. - Accounting, lonomics, - Dean ' s List, Delta Sigma Pi, Pre-Legal lociety ASBLE. ALEX W. - Coral Gables, Fla. - Nursing - Dean ' s List, Student Nurses Association, School of Nursing Curriculum Committee. ASPROCOLAS, DIANE T. - Skillman. N.J. - Biology. ATTAS. SHLOMO - Miami Beach, Fla. - Accounting. AUGUST. JANE M. - Scotch Plains. N.J. - Special Educa- tion - Dean ' s List, Presidents Honor Roll. AVELLONE. ANTHONY S. - Lambertville, Mich. - Com- munications - Dean ' s List, Homecoming Parade Com- mittee, Carni Gras Publicity, Residence Halls Board of Governors. USBG, College Men In Broadcasting. WVUM Advisory Board of Directors. WVUM Disc Jockey, Sigma Delta Chi. Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee, Board of Student Publications (Business Manager), AERho. AVILLA, ANGEL M. - Santurce. Puerto Rico - Business - Sigma Chi, Alpha Delta Pi Sweetheart. AVIS. SUE - Staten Island. N.Y. - English. AWALT, JAFFA B. - Darien, Conn. - Communications. AXELROD. ANDREW S. - Weston, Mass. - General Studies. AYAN. VIVIAN M. - Miami. Fla. - Accounting. AYERS, CONSTANCE E. - Coral Gables. Fla. - Accounting - Task Force, 960 Government, Resident Assistant, BABROVE. JEANE - Brown Deer, Wis. - Business - Fen- cing Association (Vice-President. Treasurer), Alpha Ep- siion Pi Little Sisters, JDL Chairperson, lota Chi (Presi- dent, Pledgemom, Secretary), Panhellenic (Secretary). BADANES, ROBERT S - Miami Beach, Fla. - Social Studies - Dean ' s List. Presidents Honor Roll, Students For Jackson (President). „ y| BADER, HOWARD S. - Monsey, N.Y. - CommunicaticHJ Eaton Hall Governor, Gamma Theta Epsiion, Beaumonl Halt Cinema (Manager) BAEZ, MIRIAM E. - Miami, Fla. - Marketing. BAHAfJUE GEORGE, P. - Hialeah, Fla. - Chemistry. Psychology - Alpha Epsiion Delta (Vice-President). Delta Theta Mu (Executive Board). Federation of Cuban Students. BAINBRIDGE, SUSAN 1 - Orchard Park, N.Y. - Sociology. BAJKOWSKY, MATTHEW J, - Rockaway. N.J. - Accoun- ting. 9 » flH BALZARINI, PATRICIA M. - Dedham, Mass. - Anthropology - Biology Club. Anthropology Club, German Club, Photography Club. Marching Band, Symphonic Band. Associate Member Smithsonian Institute. BARAKAT, CHARBEL - Miami. Fla. - Finance - Arab Stu- dent Organization, israeti Student Organization. BARDO, GARRY M. JR. - Millville, Pa. - Communications - Band of the Hour, Alpha Epsiion Rho (Treasurer, Vice- President). Ibis Yearbook. BARKER, TERRY J. - Miami. Fla. - Special Education - Angel Flight (Vice Commander). BARKINS, WILLIAM E. - Miami, Fla. - Chemistry. BARON. LOIS H - Miami, Fla. - Ceramics. BARR. EILEEN K. - Brooklyn, N.Y. - General Business - Hillel. Phi Sigma Sigma, Alpha Epsiion PI Little Sister, Floor Governor. BARRY, ELIZABETH E. - Brockton. Mass. - Elementary Education - Dean ' s List, Sigma Phi Nothing. BASS. ELIZABETH M. - Washingtonville. N.Y. - Art. BARTNICK, BRENDA L. GRESS - Coral Gables, Fla. - Art. Psychology - Glee Club, Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta Mu, Dean ' s List. Presidents Honor Roll. BEACH, DAVID S. - Miami, Fla. - Communications - Video Tape Services Technical Director. BEAL, MARK J, - Miami, Fla. - Sociology - Biology Club. Roadrunners, Environment, Campus Crusade For Christ. BECDACH, RODRIGO E. - Quito. Ecuador - Economics. BECKER, CHRISTOPHER V. - Miami. Fla. - Biology - Alpha Epsiion Pi. Biology Club, Orange Key, Soccer. BECKER. WILLIAM - Fords, N.Y. - Geography - Gamma Theta Upsilon, Phi Delta Theta. BECKHAM, DANIEL E. - Orlando, Fla. - Music. BELAGA, MARGO A, - Baltimore, Md. - Psychology. BELANSKY, BARRY L. - Pittsburgh, Pa. - Accounting - Campus Sports and Recreation Supervisor, Intramurals Official. Student Rights Apartment Governor, S.E.C. Security. BELLO, ANTHONY - Miami, Fla. - Accounting. BERENS, ABRAM - Miami Beach, Fla. - Chemistry - Alpha Epsiion Delta, Phi Theta Kappa. BERG, SHARON J. - Coral Gables, Fla. - Geography - Baptist Campus Ministry, Campus Crusade For Christ, Dean ' s List, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Vice-President), Intercollegiate Women ' s Swim Team (75-76 National Champions), Intramurals (75-76 Champions). Presidents Honor Roll. BERGEN, DAVID R. - Cutchogue, N.Y, - Biology - 960 Government. 960 Resident Assistant. BERGER, JANET L. - Special Education. BERGER, MICHEAL S. - Levlttown, N.Y. - General Studies - intramurals; Basketball, Bowling, Football, Softball. BERLIN, TOBY L - Rydal, Pa. - Business - Carni Gras Committee (Chairperson), Homecoming Committee, Stu- dent Entertainment Committee (Chairperson). BERMAN, JACQUELINE G. - North Miami Beach, Fla. - Communications - College Women In Broadcasting. BERMUDES. HERMAN R. - Saipan, Ml. - Business Management and Organization. BERNARD, WILLIAM L. - St. Louis. Mo. - Biology - Sigma Chi Fraternity. BERNSTEIN, ARTHUR S. - Rochester, N.Y. - Business Management Marketing. BERNSTEIN, ERIC L. - Lake Worth, Fla. - Politics and Public Affairs - Dean ' s List, Student Orientation Service (Supervisor), Apartments Governors Council. BERNSTEIN, FELICE - Lauderhill, Fla. - Psychology. BERNSTEIN. JACQUALYNE - North Wlldwood. N.J. - Chemistry - Open Door Staff, Biology Club. BIASILLO. ANTHONY - Ithaca. N.Y. - Psychology - In- tramurals; Football, Volleyball, Softball. BIDDISCOMBE. MARY ANN - Cape Coral, Fla. - Sociology - SAFAC Committee. Sigma Phi Nothing (Secretary). Women ' s Varsity Tennis Team, Intramurals Represen- tative. BIGIO, JUDY - Hallandale. Fla. - Psychology. BILOTTI, CARL M. - Staten Island. N.Y. - Physical Educa- tion - Intramurals, Phi Epsiion Kappa. Ski Club. BIRA. STACY L, - Hewlett. N.Y. - Accounting. BITTMAN, RANDY R. - Clifton, N.J. - Spanish - Dean ' s List, Leadership Training Program, 960 Residents Assistant, Carni Gras participant. fl B BIXSON. SETH M. - North Valley Stream, N.Y. - Cinema - Actors Community Theatre. Ring Theatre, Union Board ot Governors, USBG. Zeta Beta Tau, Environmental Com- mittee. BLAHA, STEVEN J, - Baltimore, Md. - Communications - Sigma Delta Chi, UM Film Society (Secretary. Treasurer). BLAIR, WILLIAM E. Ill - Coral Gables, Ha. - Speech and Hearing. B l 8LAKLEY. JOHN C. - Miami. Fla. - Computer Science - Biology Club, Geology Club, Environment, Anthropology Club, Minor Discipline Hearing Panel. MDHP Selection and Review Committee, MDHP Appellate Board, Pre-legal Society. Phi Eta Sigma. Carni Gras Organization partici- pant, Homecoming Boosters, Intramurals, Delta Theta Mu, ' hi Kappa Phi. USBG, Student Union Program Council (Chairperson), Student Orientation Service (Task Force), Students Association (Executive Committee). Rathskeller Advisory Board, Multiple Sclerosis Dance Marathon (Chairperson), Orange Key Honor Society (Vice- President, Advisor) Roadrunners (Vice-President. President). Bicentennial Committee, Student Union Board of Governors (Chairperson), Order of the Golden Leaf, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who ' s Who Among Students In American Universities, Association of College Unions International (Chairperson of Florida, Regional Chairper- son, member of Region 6 Steering Committee), Dean ' s List, Presidents Honor Roll. Campus Social Consultant for Gallo Wines. University Parking Study Committee, Multi- ple Sclerosis Board of Directors (Student Representative). BLEIER, DE8RA E. - Bayside, N.Y. - Education American History - Little Sisters of Sigma Alpha Epsiion (Vice- President) BLETCHMAN. ALYNDA - Orange. Conn. - Education. BLUMENREICH, ROBIN - East Headow. N.Y. - Nursing - Student Nurses Association. BOLGIANO. NED - Baltimore, Md - Physics. Math - Purple Heads? BOOKE. JANICE S. - Lido Beach. N.Y. - Batgirls. Timettes. BOOKMAN, GLENN - Elkins Park. Pa. - Communications - WVUM Staff. Hurricane Staff, Ibis Yearbook Photo Staff, Ski Club. BOUCKHUYT, DAVID G. - Lakewood. N.Y. - Business Management - Flying Club, Sailing Club. BOWE, ERNEST J - Freeport, Bahamas - Elementary Education - Presidents Honor Roll. SStt? BOWMAN, KIMBERLY A. - Rockford, III. - Nursing. BOYAR, DANIEL M. - Los Angeles, Calif. - Finance - Pre- Legal Society, Pi Kappa Alpha (President), " Speakeasy Program, " Young Democrats (Executive Vice-President), Homecoming Selection Committee (Chairperson), Faculty - Senate Committee to Deal Effectively With the Board of Trustees, USBG; Fiscal Committee (Chairperson), Senator (Fraternity Row). Outstanding Senator for 1976. BRADLEY, JEFFREY D. - Oxford, Conn. - Economics - Dean ' s List, SOS. BRADLEY, ROOSEVELT - Tampa, Fla. - Politics and Public Affairs - United Black Students. BRAHM, JOY J, - Peekskill. N.Y. - Special Education. 8RAMS, DANIEL JAY - Palm Beach, Fla. - General Business. BRANSON, AUDREY L. - Miami Beach, Fla. - Accounting - Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Stgma, Beta Alpha Psi, Presidents Honor Roll, Dean ' s List. BRECKER, STEVEN J. - Vlneland, N.J. - Music Merchan- dising - Dean ' s List. Phi Mu Alpah, UM Band ot the Hour, Orange Key, Slnfonia Professional Men ' s Music Fraternity. BREGMAN, DEBORAH A. - Atlanta, Ga. - Nursing. BREGMAN, PENNY J. - Atlanta. Ga. - Health. Physical Education and Recreation - Dean ' s List. Presidents Honor Roll, Resident Assistant. Phi Epsiion Kappa, TTKA. Volleyball. BREINDEL, VALERIE R. - Miami Beach, Fla. - Nursing - Student Nursing Association. BRINGARDNER. TIMOTHY B. - Painsville, Ohio - Biology. BRITO, MIGUEL A. - Miami, Fla. - Chemistry - Federation of Cuban Students. Dean ' s List. Presidents Honor Roll. BRODAX, CINDY J. - Tamarac, Fla. - International Finance and Marketing - Resident Assistant, Sigma Alpha Epsiion Little Sisters, AIESAC. BRODIE, SUSZANNE J. - Miami Beach, Fla. - Broadcast Journalism - Dean ' s List. Sigma Delta Chi, College Women In Broadcasting, AERho, Ibis Yearbook (Sports Editor, Photo Staff), Pre-Legal Society, Hurricane Staff, Video Tape Services. BRODY, JEFFREY S. - Miami Beach, Fla. - Accounting. BROOKS. SHARON - Coral Gables. Fla. - Finance. BROOKS. SHELLEY - Milton, Mass. - Elementary Educa- tion. BROWN. BARBARA L. - Miami, Fla. - Special Education - Council for Exceptional Children. BROWN, CHERYL J. - Coral Gables, Fla. - Special Educa- MM - tion, Elementary Education - Kappa Delta PI (President). Environmental Society, ASE. BROWN. JEFFRY R. - Miami. Fla. - Business • Graduated on time. BROWN, MARY K. - Jacksonville. Fla - Special Education. Elementary Education - Theta Delta, Council tor Excep- tional Children. Association of Students in Education. United Black Students. UBS Gospel Choir. OWN, YVONNE E. - Jamaica, West Indies - Nursing. iOWNSON, BRUCE B - Alexandria, Va. - General isiness - International Oceanographic Foundation. Smithsonian Associates. Navi. BUDNIAK. KAREN D - Laurel Springs. N.J. - Accounting - Carni Gras Hostess, Tennis Court Queen. BURKE, RAYMOND R. - Landsdale, Pa. - Psychology. Communications - Apartment Area Board of Governors (Vice President). Amateur Radio Society (Administrative Director). Academic Advisor, Peer Counselor, Presidents Honor Roll. BURKHARDT, GWENDA M. - Atlantic City, N.J. - History- Resident Advisor, HurricaneHonayrtfSBTjBSenator, Stu- I dent Rights e««TC5mnfcsioner). Pre-Jrgal Society. BAUM. PETER A. I Spring City, Pa • Biology Chemistry -Bailing Club. I BUSTOS, RpA E. - MiamlJFIa. - Bi oloov. bhfimtflgjj BUTTOCK, fcojj B Miami. Ha. - Communications - WVUM Staff. Society ot Professional Journalists, In- tramural Referee £ ■. CALIL. EDUARDO A. - Miami. Fla. - Architecture - AELAI CALLAHAN. PATRICK B. - Hollywood, Fla. • Business Ad- ministration - Baseball team. CAMILLE. ISABELLE - Brooklyn, N Y. - Chemistry - French and German Honors, Honor in General Scholastics. w - CAMPANA. JORGE L. - Hialeah, Fla - Chemistry - Dean ' s List. Chemistry Club, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Federation of Cuban Students. Hl rA CANOVI. CLIFFORD J. - Highwood, III. - Geology - Sigma Chi Fraternity. tew— CANTOR. HERBERT A. - Coral Gables, Fla. - Accounting. CARD. NOEL R. - Alexandria. Va. - Communications - Dean ' s List. Presidents Honor Roll. CAREY. MAUREEN P. - Waterbury, Conn. - Nursing. CARGILL. PAMELA E. B. - Parkesburg. Pa. - Grap Design. CARDI. DAVID - Miami Beach. Fla. - Sociology. CARON. RICHARD J. - Biddeford. Maine - Marketing CARRERA. DOMINIC V. JR. - Bethesda. Md - General Business - Hurricane Skiers (President), CARRERAS, MARIA E. - Hialeah, Fla. - Biology - Phi Kap- pa Phi. Delta Theta Mu. Honors Program, French Club, Federation of Cuban Students, Biology Club. CARTAYA. RINALDO J. - Miami. Fla. - Finance. CARTER, BONNIE SUE - Ft. Lauderdale. Fla - Psychology. P %T CARUSO. DANA JO - Monongaheta. Pa. - English - Dean ' s List. AEPI Little Sister, UM Modeling. Hurricane Staff. CASTANEIRA. LENA L. - Miami. Fla - Chemistry. CASTRO. CARLOS A. - Coral Gables, Fla. - International Finance and Marketing - Pre-Legal Society, Federation of Cuban Students. American Marketing Association. Senior Supreme Court Justice. Dean ' s List CATZ, VICTORIA D. - Miami, Fla. - Elementary Education. CAUCE. ANA MARI - Miami. Fla. - Psychology, English - Orange Key Honor Society. Alpha Lambda Delta (Presi- dent Senior Advisor), Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta Mu H, " i an. Sportswriter. Honors Student Association. CEASE. MICHAEL S - Miami. Fla. - Finance. CELAYA. GRACIELA M. - Miami. Fla. - Math Education CERNY. ANDREA M. - New Miltord, N J. - Music Education - Sigma Alpha lota. UM Band ot the Hour. CHADWICK. BARBARA E - Auburn. N.Y. - Com munlcations - College Women in Broadcasting. CHAIFETZ, STEPHEN K. - North Miami Beach, Fla - Special Education - Kappa Delta Pi. _ CHAN, SUNMUNG K - Miami, Fla. - business Manage- ment and Organization. CHASE, RAYMOND F. - Albany, NY. - Accounting - Dean ' s List, Beta Alpha Psi, Hurricane Skiers. CHASENS. STEVEN A. - Margate City, N.J. - Geography - Scuba Club. Water Polo. CHAVOUSTIE. STEVEN E. - Miami. Fla. - Chemistry - Delta Theta Mu (President). Phi Kappa Phi. Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Minor Disciplinary Panel, Intramural Football. CHELWICK. THOMAS J. - Greenwich, Conn. - Biology CHICVARA. PATRICIA M. - Miami, Fla. - Accounting - Beta Gamma Sigma, Dean ' s List, Presidents Honor Roll. CHIEFA. CYNTHIA I. - Plantation. Fla. - Chemistry. English - Deans List, Orange Key. Alpha Epsilon Delta. USBG (Secretary of Academic Affairs, Senate Parliamentarian, UBOG Parliamentarian). Biology Club. Student Represen- tative to Faculty Senate. CHRISTIE. EARTHA L - Miami. Fla. - Special Education - Council tor Exceptional Children. CHUCK. JUDINE M. - Kingston 3. Jamaica - Marketing - Council for International Students. A.E.I.S.E.C. CLARK. TERESA J. - Hialeah, Fla - Accounting - Dean ' s List. Presidents Honor Roll COEL. ROBIN - North Miami Beach. Fla. - Accounting - Pi Sigma Alpha. COFINO. PEDRO A. - Miami. Fla. - Accounting - Dean 8 List, Beta Alpha Psi (Corresponding Secretary). COHEN. AUDREY J. - Philadelphia. Pa. - Special Educa- tion - Alpha Delta Pi. Kappa Delta Pi. Intermurals Representative. COHEN. HANNAH L. - Miami, Fla. - Drama - Drama Coun- cil. Alpha Si Omega. Student Theatre Arts Committee. Ring Theatre. Mortar Board. COHEN. JILL B. - Roalyn, N.Y. - Music Education. COHEN, STEPHEN - Tamarac, Fla - Finance COHEN, STEVEN J. - Rochester. N.Y. - Architectural Engineering - Student Entertainment Committee. Urban Environmental Corps (Founder President), ■ Pri hysics Honor Sc cholarship hkosh Wis. - Che sics. Biology, ty, Privileged listry. - Drlando, Fla. -Music Ed N.J. - Biology — COL. K JEANANDA Chemi: Edlesi National Merit COLE. tOBERT G. - O: COLEfv»N. DARLEAN Alpha Kappa Alpha. c COLEMAN. JOHN T. - Asbury P Kappa Alpha. CONNOR, MARIAN A. - Norwich. Conn. - Biology. CONNORS. JOHN W. - Miami, Fla. - Business - Tau Kap- pa Epsilon (President) Army ROTC Scholarship. Scabbard and Blade Honor Society. Omlcron Delta Kappa. Order ot Omega (President). Greek Week (Special Events Chairperson), Speakeasies. Alpha Delta Pi Sweetheart. Distinguished Military Graduate. CONROY. BRUCE R. - Arlington Heights, III. - English, COSTALES. NOEL H. - Miami, Fla. - History. COTTON. TERRI S - Potomac, Md. - Special Education - Council for Exceptional Children (Vice President). Association of Students in Education. COUZINS. JAMES J. - Cincinnati, Ohio - Chemistry. COWELL, DEBORAH J. - Northampton, Mass - Economics. CRACCHIOLO. JAMES M. - Boca Raton, Fla. - Finance - Dean ' s List, Beta Alpha Psi. CRACK. PATTRICIA M. - Coral Gables, Fla. - Marketing - A.I.E.S.E.C. (Secretary of Solicitations). CRANDALL, CHARLES J. - Miami, Fla. - General Studies. CREQUE, SHEILA L. - Coral Gables. Fla. - Special Educa- tion - Music Club, Lantern Club, Peer Advisor. CUBERO. JORGE L. - Miami, Fla. - Chemistry - Alpha Ep- silon Delta, Federation of Cuban Students, CUCCIA, JOHN A. Ill - Hollywood. Fla. - Politics and Public Affairs - Roadrunners. CUZA. RONALD - Miami, Fla. - Civil Engineering. D ' ANGELO. ROBERT S. - Middletown, N.J. - Com- munications - Sigma Chi Fraternity (Vice-President, Social Chairman), AFROTC, Dean ' s List DAO. NGAN P. - Saigon, Vietnam - Nursing. DAVIDSON, JON S. - Oakhurst. N.J. - General Business - Circle K (President. Lieutenant Governor, Secretary Treasurer), UM Speakeasies (Newsletter Editor), Minor Disciplinary Hearing Panel. Who ' s Who in American Universities Colleges. Multiple Sclerosis Dance Marathon (Executive Committee). Campus Tour Guide. Leadership Training Program. Human Potential Seminars. DAVIS, RICHARD H. - Darby. Montana - Business - Flying Club, Floor Governor, Photography Club. DAVIS. SHERRY L. - Luthervllle, Md. - Biology - G.T.U. Honors Society. DEAL. FAY S. - Cordele. Ga. - Early Childhood Elementary Education - Presidents Honor Roll Dean ' s List. Delta Kap- pa Pi. H m DE ALMEIDA, MAURICE J. - Plantation, Fla - Chemistry. Business Management and Organization - Roadrunners. OEARING. JAMES - Miami. Fla - Psychology - Dean ' s List - Psychology Director of Advisois, Apt Area Board of Governors DEBE. GINA - Brooklyn. N.Y. - Chemistry. DECROSTA. MARK A. - Hollywood, Fla - Biology. DE DONATO, ROSEMARY - Northport. Fla - Nursing - Student Nursing Club. Switch Board of Miami. DELA CAMPA, ALEXANDRA - Miami. Fla. - Political Science - French Club, Hurricane Skiers, Young Republicans. DELGADO, EMIL - Miami. Fla. - Chemistry - Chemistry Club. N.O.A.A. N.H.E.M.L. DEMAYA. JOSEPH P. - Staten Island. N.Y. Business Management and Organization. DEMERS, MAURICE L. - Miami. Fla - Accounting. DENUCCI. NANCY J. - Youngstown. Ohio - Systems Analysis - Alpha Lambda Delta. Alpha Tau Omega Little Sisters. Alpha lota Oelta (President). DESMOND. MARY - LaCrosse, Wis - Elementary Educa- tion - Kappa Kappa Gamma. Rho Lambda Honorary DESSLER, HARVEY J. - North Miami Beach. Fla. - Biology - Dean ' s List. American Society of Pre-Dental Students (Vice President). Biology Club. Environment! OEVIVO, MARILYN - Bronx. N.Y. - Nursing. DIAZ, JUAN G. - Hialeah, Fla. - Hispanic-American Studies. ■ DICKERSON, REGINALD W. - Daytona Beach, Fla. - Politics and Public Affairs - United Black Students (President), Program Council. DIGIACOMO. DEBORAH A. - Valley Stream, NY - Music Therapy - NAMT National Association of Music Therapists. DIGIACOMO, L. CLAIRDAYMIAN - New Rochelle. NY - Elementary and Middle School Education - Ibis, TTKA Lit- tle Sister, Dean ' s List, Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society DIMURA. JOHN S. - Largo, Fla. - Music Education. DIRSMITH. TIM P - Highland Park, III. - Biology - Swim Team. DIXON. CRAIG M. - Miramar. Fla. - Conn. - Geology vice. Geodyssey. isburg, Pa. - Bioli hi Kappa Phi. Orai mural Representai ironment! SASC Peer • Swampscott. Mass. - Spanish DLUGOS JJJhREiA A - Miltor urals. SI dent Orientation DOERZBAO :R, JEFF F. - Gri Chemistry - privileged Studies. Key. Tri Beta Delta Theta Mu. Ini Honors Studfnts Association. El DO K KATHLEEN A Open Door, LTD. HPS DOMOZICK, STEVEN J. - Westfield, Mass. - Economics. DONOHUE, JOAN G. - Miami. Fla. - Broadcast Journalism - Alpha Epsilon Rho (Secretary. Regional Director) Hurricane (Entertainment Editor. Editorials Editor. City News Editor). College Women in Broadcasting, Sigma Delta Chi (Public Relations Director). DORNER. STEPHANIE M. - Miami, Fla - Music DORRELL. LANI D. - Homestead. Fla. - Elementary Educa- tion - Delta Gamma. Gamma Mu. ASC. DOWREY, NICHOLAS E. - Mamaroneck. NY. - Music Merchandising - Deans List. DOZIER, VERTA LEE - Daytona Beach, Fla. - Marketing - American Marketing Association. DRAS S, SHARON M. - Ocean City. N.J. - Architecture - American Institute of Architects, Kappa Kappa Gamma (Treasurer) Little Sister of Sigma Chi. DRISCOLL. LAWRENCE J - Pittsburgh. Pa. - Special Education - Association for Students in Education. DUCEY, ROGER H. Ill - Scituate. Mass. - International Finance and Marketing - AIESEC, Hurricane Skiers. DULLAGHAN, BRIAN A. - Plantation, Fla. - Economics - Delta Theta Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, Karate Club. Pnviledged Studies. DUONG. NGA V. - Saigon. Vietnam - Nursing. DURANT, MARILYN C. - North Miami Beach. Fla - Elemenlary Education, Early Childhood Education - Kap- pa Delta Pi. Association for Students in Education DZIENKOWSKI. JOSEPH - Warwick, R.I. EAST, SUSAN D. - Berwyn. Pa. - Biology - Dean ' s List Woman ' s Intercollegiate Basketball. Intramurals (Football, Volleyball). Biology Club. EASTMAN, EARL R. - Key Biscayne. Fla - Finance ECKERT. TERRY R. - Music. EDIS. VICKIE L. - Miami. Fla. - Psychology. EDISON. MICHAEL G. - Hillston, Mass - Physical Educa- tion - Phi Epsilon Kappa, Dean ' s List. EDNEY, RUTH D. - Coral Gables. Fla. - Business - American Marketing Association (President) EDWARDS. EDWARD T. Ill - Latrobe, Pa. - Geography - AAG, Gamma Theta Upsilon. EFFINGER, JEFFREY K, - Wittman. Md. - History - Tau Kappa Epsilon (Treasurer). Scabbard and Blade. Army- ROTC Scholarship. EISCHEN. JOHN J. - Pompano Beach. Fla. - General Busiriess ELDRIDGE. JANET L. Program, Intramurals. ELGORT. GARY E. - New Hyde Park, N.Y. - Mechanical Engineering - Phi Tau Sigma (President, Treasurer), Tau Beta Pi. Presidents Honor Roll. American Society of Mechanical Engineers ENDE, ALAN - Bronx, N.Y, - Physical Education - Pi Ep- silon Kappa. SEC Security, Intramurals (Basketball. Soft- ball, Football), Basketball Club. ENGEL. TERRI A - Lawrence. N.Y - Communications ENTEZARI, HASSAN - Miami, Fla. - Mechanical Engineer- ing - American Society of Mechanical Engineers. American Automotive Society. American Society of Professional Engineers. ESMAN. RICHARD A. - Brightwalers, N.Y. - Business - Alpha Epsilo n Pi. Fencing Club, Intramurals EXPOSITO. JORGE R. - Opa Locka. Fla. - Politics and Public Affairs - Phi Ro Pie (National Vice President). Debate. Pre-Legal Society (Executive Committee). French Club. Federation of Cuban Students. FABER, SHANE H. - Miami. Fla. - Studio Music. Jazz. FABIJANSKI. STEVEN F. - Westchester. III. - Biology. FAHRENHOLZ. PAULA A. - Columbus. Ohio - Special Education - Kappa Kappa Gamma. FALCON. LUIS A. - Miami, Fla. - Architecture - Association de Estudiantes Latinos de Arquitectura e Engeniena. FALLAT, PAUL J. - Syracuse, N.Y. - Communications - Phi Kappa Phi. Alpha Epsilon Rho. Winner of Lee Waller Scholarship. Dean ' s List. Presidents Honor Roll. FARRICK, RICK E. - South Deerfield. Ma. - Finance - Elkhart. Ind. - Sociology - V.I. P. 155 RWi mm ™ 156 Dean ' s List, Floor Governor, Intramurals. Homecoming Participant. HV FAULKNER, WAYNE - Conshohocken, Pa. - Biology • 1975 Jack M. Kefsy Intramural Sportsmanship Award, in- tramurals (Official, Participant). FEDERLEIN, STEPHEN D. - Lewiston, NY. - Accounting - Residence Halls Central Coordinating Council (Vice President). AABOG (Vice President), Sigma Alpha Epsilon (Social Chairman, Secretary. Chapter Accountant), Varsity Cheerleading, Delta Gamma Sweetheart. FEINSTEIN, MINDY L. - Oceanside, N.Y. - Com- munications - College Women in Broadcasting (Secretary). 5 FELDMAN, ROBERT - Miami, Fla. - Chemistry - Baseball Scholarship, K w FELICE, DONALD w. - Srewerton. N.Y. - Music Merchan- dising - UM Band of the Hour (Drum Major), University Services Organization, Phi Mu Alpha (President). FERGUSON, DEBORAH J. - Kansas City. Mo. - Art. FERNANDEZ. CHARLES J. - North Miami, Fla. - Computer Science. FlGUERAS. JORGE L. - Miami, Fla. - Accounting - Dean ' s List. FINE, KAREN J. - Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. - Nursing - Rho Lambda. Delta Phi Epsilon. WJi FINKE, JOSEPH R - Northport. N.Y. - Accounting. FISHER, LESLIE G. - Skokie, III. - Elementary Education, Early Childhood - Student Orientation Service. FISHER, NATASHA J. - Miami. Fla. - Psychology. FITZGERALD, MICHAEL P. - Miami, Fla. - Politics and Public Affairs - Phi Mu Alpha Smfonia (Historian), Band of the Hour ( 1 st Lt. Trumpet Section Leader, Squad Leader), 1975 Homecoming Executive Committee (Orange Bowl Coordinator), Homecoming 1976 (Associate Chairman), Carni Gras (Finance Committee). Singing Hurricanes, Chamber Singers. FIX, JAMES E. JR. - Orlando, Fla. - Geography - Sigma Chi, Soccer. Dean ' s List, Presidents Honor Roll, Gamma Theta Upsilon. FLETCHER. MARLENE S. - Miami. Fla. - Biology - Alpha Lambda Delta. Delta Theta Mu, Phi Kappa Phi. Beta Beta Beta, Dean ' s List, Presidents Honor Roll, Alpha Epsilon Delta. Biology Club, Student Orientation Service. FLORES. DANIEL - Miramar, Fla. - Business Management and Organization - Debate, Pre-Legai Society. Federation of Cuban Students. FONTANA, LAURA M. - Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. - Accounting. FORNEY, DOUGLAS S. - Harnsburg, Pa. - Business Management and Organization. FORST, ROBERT G. - Fort Lee, N.J. - General Business. FOX, LESLIE A. - Philadelphia. Pa. - Politics and Public Af- fairs - Dean ' s List, Presidents Honor Roll, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pre-Legal Society. FRAGA. MARIA T. - Coral Gables, Fla. - Accounting - Phi Kappa Phi, Betta Gamma Sigma, Federation of Cuban Students, Beta Alpha Psi. FRANCO, REINA - Miami Beach, Fla. - Early Childhood. Elementary Education. FRAND. CAROL L. - North Miami Beach, Fla. - Mechanical Engineering - Honors Program, Dean ' s List. Presidents Honor Roll, Tau Beta Pi (Corresponding Secretary), Pi Tau Sigma (Secretary). Hillel House Political Action Com- mittee. FRAND. EDIE A. - North Miami, Fla. - Special Education - Dean ' s List, Council for Exceptional Children, Association for Students in Education, Upward Bound. FRANKLIN, DONNA L. - East Aurora, N.Y. - Speech. Com- munications, Photography - Hurricane (General Manager), Lecture Series. USBG. Ibis and Hurricane (Photographer). FRANKS. C. EBEN - Plymouth, Mass. - Geology - Sailing Club. Geology Club 3 (Jr. Secretary). Geology Club 4 (Vice President). FREDERICKS. MARK - N. Miami Beach, Fla. - Accoun- ting Business - Dean ' s List. FREEMAN, ANN E. - Carmel, Ind. - Music Education - Orange Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta Mu, Dean ' s List, Presidents Honor Roll. Campus Crusade for Christ. FREEMAN, GEORGE H. - Carmel. Ind. - Business Ad- ministration. FRIEND. STEVEN H. - Yonkers, N.Y. - General Business - Dean ' s List. FROST, JON A. - Westport, Conn. - Communications. FUCHS. JAY R. - Richmond, Ind. - Politics and Public Af- fairs - Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GABANO, DIANE P. - Winfield, Kansas - Elementary Education - Dean ' s List, Assoc, for Students in Education. GABAY, ELISE - Brooklyn. N.Y. - Nursing - Dean ' s List. Circle K, Student Nurses Association. GABRIEL, LORI E. - Rumson. N.J. - Early Childhood and Elem. Education - Dean ' s List, Assoc, for Childhood Education. JBk GAINES. MINDY S. - Milwaukee, Wis. - Early Childhood and Elem. Education. GALKA, EDWARD E. - Auburn, N.Y. - Business - U.M. Karate Club. GARCIA. RICHARD D. - Arlington. Va. - Communications - WVUM. Univ. Services Organization (Treasurer. President). Photo Club. Resident Advisor. Archontes. GARELICK, KAREN S. - Hollywood, Fla. - Drama - Tau Kappa Epsilon Little Sister (Vice President), Alpha Psi Omega, Speakeasies, Drama Council, Presidents Award. GARLICH, GREG A. - Kirkwood, Mo. - General Businei Swim Team, Diving Team (Captain). GARNETT, STEVENS E. - Coral Gables, Fla. - Industrial Engineering - Tau Beta Pi (Pres.), Amer. Institute of In- dustrial Engineers (Vice Pres.), Orange Key Honor Society, AELAI. Fla. Engineering Society. U.B.S., Dean ' s List. GARRIDO. SAMUEL F. - Virginia Gardens, Fla. - Civil Engineering - Florida Engineering Society. Amer. Society of Civil Engineers. GARRON, STEVEN M. - Miami. Fia. - Computer Science- Air Force R.O.T.C. GINSBERG. LAWRENCE D. - Miami. Fla. - Chemistry I Alpha Epsilon Delta. Delta Theta Mu, Biology Club, Chemistry Club. Student Academic Services (Peer Councelor). GINSBERG, ROBIN S. - Milton. Mass. - Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister. GLADSDEN, JOY A. - Miami, Fla. - History - Delta Theta Mu, Young Democrats, Dean ' s List. GOLD, BARBARA A. - Baltimore. Md. - Art - Sorority Sister. tt uKk Ajf lB GOLD, MARK S. - Great Neck, N.Y. - Finance - Presidents Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Urban Environment Core. GERACI. JANA R. - Vineland, N.J. - Education. GERTNER, DOUGLAS M. - Miami, Fla. - General Studies. GETZOV, MARLA 8. - Longmeadow, Mass. - Music Therapy. GIBLIN, ANN M. - Lakewood. Ohio - Art. GILLOTT, SUSAN M. - Miami. Fla. - Psychology - Dean ' s List. Delta Delta Delta. Royal Poinciana Queen. Hurricane Skiers, Roadrunners. GOLDBERG, ELLEN S. - Roslyn, N.Y. - Elementary Educa- tion. GOLDBERG, MITCHELL J. - Maplewood, N.J. - Architec- ture. GOLDBLATT. SYLVIA - Union, N.J. - Politics and Public Affairs - Prelegal Society, Political Science Honor Society. GOLDSMITH. GENESSA D. - Phila.. Pa. - Drama - Archontes, Alpha Psi Omega. Dean ' s List, Theatre Design. GOLDSTEIN, EARLE W. - Waltham, Mass. - Music Educa- tion - Dean ' s List, Music Educator ' s Nat ' l Conference. GARTENBERG, JANICE M. - Spring Valley. N.Y. - Special GASSAWAY, JEANNIE L. - Pittsburgh, Pa - Economics. GEDRIS, GERARD R. - Grand Rapids, Mich, - Geology. GELINAS, CELESTE M. - Chicopee, Mass. - Elementary Education. GENTILE, NICHOLAS J. - Miami, Fla. - Political Science - Roadrunners (Treasurer), American Marketing Assoc (Treasurer). Student Gov ' t. GOLDSTEIN, HELAYNE - Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. - Com- munications. GOLDSTEIN, LEE H. - Hollywood. Fla. - English - Scuba Diving. Tennis. Lacrosse. GOLTZER, JOANN - Havertown. Pa. - Speech Pathology Audiology - Carni Gras. Residential Academic Programming. Student Orientation Services, Nat ' l Student Speech and Hearing Assoc. (Sec.) Arts and Science Steering Requirement Committee. GOMEZ, ANDRES S. - Miami, Fla. - HAS - Phi Alpha Theta (History), Fed. of Cuban Students. Pre-Legal Society. Geography Honor Society. GONZALEZ, DIONISIO M. - Miami, Fla. - Ind. English. GONZALEZ, JESUS M. - Coral Gables, Fla. - Chemistry - Dean ' s List. GONZALEZ-VINAS. ARMANDO F. - Bloomfield. N.J. - Ac- counting - Dean ' s List. GOODFRIEND, HENRY J. - New York. N.Y. - Com- munications Film. GOODWIN, STACEY J. - New Haven, Conn. - English. GORAN, ROBERT E. - Coral Gables, Fla. - Politics and Public Affairs. GOULET, NORMAN P. - Biddeford, Maine - Architecture - Zeta Beta Tau (Sec), American Institute of Architects. GRAVES, MICHAEL R. - San Jaun, Puerto Rico - Business - Tau Kappa Epsilon (Pres.. Vice Pres., Sec). Air Force R.O.T.C. Dean ' s List. GREEN. CAREY - Miami, Fla. - Chemistry - Lab. Assistant at V.A. Hospital. GREEN, LYNDA M. - N. Massapequa, N.Y. - Education - Dean ' s List, U.M. Honor Scholarship, Intramurals. Hurricane Skiers. Kappa Delta Pi. Biology Club. Hillel. Peer Advisor, Apt. Gov ' t., A.S.E.. C.E.C. (Vice Pres.). GREENBLATT. ROBERT G. - Miami. Fla. - General Business. GREEN. DEBRA C. - Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. - Accounting. GREENSPON, DEBORAH G. - Munster, Ind. - Physical Education - Hurricane Honeys. Sockettes (Officer), President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Intramurals, Track Intermural Champion, Timettes. Varsity Track P.E.K., Alpha Lambda Delta, GREENSTE1N, EDWARD A. - Albany. N.Y. - General Business. GRICHUK, HENRY A. - Rosenberg, Texas - Biology - Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. GRICHUK. RHONDA L. ABES - Merrick. N.Y. - Com- munications - Miami Hurricajrje (Copy Editor). Dean ' s List. GROTENHUIS. ALAN M. - Gaithersburg, Md. - Biology - Dean ' s List. GROSS, BARI S. - Short Hills, N.J. - Economics. GROVER. MARY A. - Wehrheim, W. Germany - Psychology - Student Academic Advisor, Psychology Ad- vising (Director), Student ' s Rights Rep., Volleyball In- tramurals. Peer Counselor. GUARCH, LYNN S. - Miami, Fla. - Elementary Education - President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Kappa Delta Pi, Assoc, of Students in Edu . Phi Kappa Phi. GULLEN. DAYLE L - Klinger Lake, Mich, - Nursing - Dean ' s List, Leadership Training Program, President ' s Honor Roll, Sigma Theta Tau, Hurricane Skydivers, Hurricane Skiers. GURIAN, EMILIE B. - Miami. Fla. - Elementary Education - Sigma Phi Nothing. GUTOWSKI, JUDY M. - Coconut Grove. Fla. - Nursing I President ' s Honor Roll. HABER, MURRAY J. JR. - Nashville, Tenn. - Business. HAERTEL, LORRAINE C. - North Lauderdale, Fla. - Nur- sing - Student Nurses Association, Honor Code Council (Level 2 Nursing Representative), 960 Dormitory Student Government (Treasurer, Floor Governor South Tower). HAGEMAN. SANDRA S. - Miami Beach, Fla. - Nursing - Student Nurses Association, Singing Hurricanes. HAKIMI, MOHSEN - Tehran. Iran - Business. HALPERN, ALDEN J - New York City, N.Y. - General Business. Marketing. HALLEY. MARCILIA - Coral Gables. Fla. - Accounting. HALLIDAY. NANCY J. - Summit, N.J. - Art. HAMBRICK, GORDON A. Ill - Pensacola, Fla. - Biology, Chemistry - Dean ' s List, Biology Club, Delta Theta Mu Honorary. Tri-Beta Biology Honorary, Singing Hurricanes. HAMMONDS, PAUL E. - Ft. Pierce, Fla. - Education - Baseball Letterman. HAMSEY, PHILLIP M. - Miami, Fla. - Chemistry. HANAWALT, DIANE A. - Hawthorne, Fla. - Physics - Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Pi Sigma. HANNON, MAUREEN D. - Astoria, N.Y. - Art - Dean ' s List, Honor Student Association, Orange Key Honor Society (Historian), U.M. Film Series. Open Door, Admission Of- fice Tour Guide. %l tpP HARRAC, MICHEAL - Miami, Fla. - Architecture. HARLEY, MERYL A. - Amityvllle, N.Y. - Geography - In- tramurals, Gamma Theta Upsilon. HARRIS, RICHARD - Cedarherst, N.Y. - Psychology. HARRISON, KIM E. - East Falmouth, Mass. - Biology - Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Theta Mu. Orange Key Honor Society, Delta Gamma, Beta Beta Beta (Vice-President), Biology Club. f§t £iti HARSHBARGER, ROBERT L. - Plainfield. III. - Biology - Scuba Club. HARTIGAN. PAUL J. - Miami. Fla. - Accounting. HARTMAN, TOM E. - Miami, Fla. - Film - Alpha Epsilon Rho, Winner of Student Regional Academy Award for " Black Sunday " Film Documentary. HARTMANN, HARRY J. - Miami, Fla. - Psychology. HARTZLER, DAVID M. - Annandale. Va. - Engineering Science, Business Administration - Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honorary, Hurricane Flyers, Dorm Government. Resident Assistant, Graduate Assistant, Roadrunners. HAYES, BLAIR K. - Springfield, Va. - Communications - Alpha Epsilon Rho (President), Phi Eta Sigma, Video Tape Services (Director), Beaumont Cinema Student Ad- ministrator. r HAYS, JAMES A. Ill - Hialeah, Fla. - Communications - MIAMI HURRICANE Photo Staff, IBIS Yearbook Photo Staff, ROTC Cadet. HEDEMAN, ROBERT J. - Great Neck, N.Y. - General Business - Pre-Legal Society, Urban Environmental Corps (Manager). HEFFNER. WILLIAM G. - Celina, Ohio - Business Manage- ment - Golf. HEHOLT, NORMAN A. - Red Hills. Jamaica - Economics. HELLENGA. SHEREE L. - Michigan City, Indiana - General Business. HELLER. PENNY M. - North Miami Beach, Fla. - Music Education - SMENC, Chamber Singers, Phi Kappa Phi. HEMINGWAY, ANNE E. J. - Miami Beach, Fla. - Biology - Orange Key Honor Society, Environment (President), Ibis Staff, Biology Club. HERBERT, KAREN J. - Crantord, N.J. - French - French Club. HERNANDEZ. ARMANDO E. - Miami, Fla. - Civil Engineer- ing. HERNANDEZ, ELAINE C. - Miami. Fla. - Chemistry - Tau Kappa Epsilon Little Sister (Sweetheart) HERNANDEZ, MARCELO C. - Atlanta, Georgia - Finance. HERNANDEZ, VICTOR M. - Hialeah, Fla. - Elementary Education. HERRUP, LAURANCE A. - Miami, Fla. - Accounting - Homecoming 1975 (Chairperson). HERSH. MERYL M. - Lakewood, N.J. - Elementary Educa- tion. ' ,r «!ny . ■ mj. HERSHFIELD. TANA R. - Miami, Fla. - Accounting. HESS. RICHARD E. - West Islip. NY. - Computer Science - Air Force ROTC. Marksmanship Ribbon. Second Honors Award-Four Oak Leaf Clusters. Dean ' s List. Outstanding Air Force ROTC Junior (1976) HETZEL. GLENN B. - Hollywood, Fla. - Accounting. HEVIA, PATRICIA L. - Coral Gables, Fla - Accounting HIBBARD. ANN C - Winnetka. III. - Nursing. HICKEY. ROBERT C. ■ Baltimore. Md - Physics - Honors Program. Dean ' s List. HICKMAN. GUY H - Miami Shores. Fla - Chemistry - Phi Kappa Phi. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Delta Phi Alpha. Phi Eta Sigma. HIDAJAT. LOEKITO R. • Semarang. Indonesia - Business. HILL. DAVID W. - Coral Gables. Fla. - Art - Faculty Award Painting, UM Student Show 1976 HILL. MARK J. • Miami. Fla - Music Theory-Composition - Dean ' s List. PT-sident s Honor Roll HIOTIS. STEPHEN C - Mountainside. N J. - Economics - President ' s Honor Roll, Beta Gamma Sigma. Phi Kappa flfctaw " " " " HINDLEMANN. JEFF S. - Denver. Colo. - Economics - USBG, Homecoming Committee. Lamda Chi Alpha. HIPPS. KIRK H Miami. Fla. - Civil Engineering - American Society of Civil Engineers (President), Florida Engineering Society (Vice-President). HISEY, DAVID C - Levittown, Pa. - Finance - Intramurals- Football, Softball HITZ. ROBERT A - Fairhaven. N J. - Business Manage- Peoria. III. - Nursing. dfl| North Miami Beach, Fla. - Elemen- HOKIN, JULIETTE A HOLLAND, KAREN B. lary Education. HOLMES. WILLIAM J HOLSTEIN. BRAD J ■ Miami. Fla. - Accounting. Clifton. N J. - Geography HOROWITZ. MICHAEL D. - Jersey City. N.J. - Biology. HOSROM. MICHAEL K. - Miami, Fla. - Electrical Engineer- ing " -. ' . HOSSFIELO, WILLIAM R. - Kentfield. Calit. - Civil Engineering. HU RWITCH. JON W. - Miami Beach. Fla. - Chemistry. HORWITZ. MARLA H. - Hollywood, Fla. - Elementary Education - Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. Leadership Training Program. Association of Students of Education. SOS. HUBSHMAN. JERRY D. - Scranton. Pa - History. HUSSLE. JEANANN C. - Coral Gables. Fla, - Elementary Education - Phi Lambda Pi. Kappa Delta PI (Secretary), Dean ' s List. IBATUAN. PAUL - Miami. Fla. - Computer Science - A O IGLESIAS. RAMON G. - Miami Shores. Fla. - Chemistry - Federacion of Estudiantes Cubanos, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Presidents Honor Roll. Dean ' s List. IVOSKA. FRANK M. - OuBois, Pa. - Biology. Chemistry. JACKSON, VALERIE - Hollywood, Fla. - Psychology - Dean ' s List. JACOBY. DAVID - Riverdale, N.Y. - Politics Public Af- fairs - Alpha Phi Omega. Intramurals. JACOBUS. SYLVIE - Forest Hills. N.J. - French - Dean ' s List. Swimming. Yoga. JAFFE. SUSAN - North Miami Beach, Fla, - English - Chi Omega (President). Delta Theta Mu, Phi Kappa Phi. RHO Lambda. Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. LOUIS MARC-ARTHUR. JEAN - Brooklyn, N.Y. - French - Chairman of Haitian Action Committee (U8S). Coiso (Vice- President). Dean ' s List. Supervisor (Drama) Upward Bound. JEFFRIES. JENNIFER - Rangeley, Maine - Com- munications - WVUM, German Club. JENKINS. DAWN P. - Camp Hill. Pa. - Special Education - Alpha Lambda Delta. Kappa Delta PI Education Honorary, Orange Key Honor Society. Marching Band Hurricannette Dance Corps. Homecoming Executive Committee Pi Kap- pa Alpha (Little Sister). Council for Exceptional Children. University o( Miami Baseball Sugar Cane. Dean ' s List. President ' s Honor Roll. JETT. ROSEMARIE - Miami. Fla. - Communications. JIMENEZ. EMMA H. - Miami, Fla. - Business - Dean ' s List. JOHNSON. ROBERT - Highland Lakes. N.J. - Finance. JOHNS. CYNTHIA L. - Brownsville. Pa. - Elementary Education. JOHNSON. CYNTHIA CURRY - Atlanta, Ga. - Business Management Organization - Dean ' s List. JOHNSON. MARYANNE - Coral Gables. Fla. - French - French Club (Officer). JONES. LUTHER " SIGMA " - Miami. Fla. - Broadcast Jour- nalism - Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity (President). United Black Students (Vice-President). Band of the Hour, Inter- fraternity Council. Sigma Delta Chi (President). Order of Omega National Honor Society. Black Panhellenic Coun- cil, The Miami Hurricane (Feature Writer). Ibis. WVUM, United Black Students. Homecoming. Carni Gras, Black Culture Week JONES. RICHARD W. - North Miami. Fla. - Politics S Public Affairs - Sigma Chi Fraternity. Hurricane (Photographer). Ibis Yearbook (Photo Editor). Campus Advance (President). KACE. MARLA FERN - Morris Plains. N.J - English and Judiac Studies KAGAN. SAUL R. - Plainview. NY - Finance - Dean ' s List. AIESEC Miami. Golf Team KAIJALA. MARGOT K - Bolton. Maine - Biology - Biology Club. Geology Club. Resident Assistant KAMINER. MARC S - Mt. Kisco. N.Y. - Communications KAMINS. JANNA M. - Houston. Tex. - Communications - College Women in Broadcasting. Dean ' s List KAMINSXY. GAYLE L. - Hartsdale, N.Y. - Art. KAMINSKY. STEPHEN J - Niles. III. - Business - Hockey. KAMMERL. APRIL M - Bricktownship. N.J. - Elementary Education - 960 Complex (Governor). KANTOR. L ARRY E. - Bethlehem, Pa - Music Merchan- dising - Dean ' s List. KAPLAN, ANDREW - Hewlett Harbor. N.Y. - Economics - Dean ' s List. Intramurals. Big Brothers of Greater Miami, Pre-Legal Society. KAPLAN, GENELLE A. - Memphis, Tenn. - Health. Physical Education and Recreation. KARAS. PAMELA M. - Dayton . Ohio - Psychology KARL. DOROTHY A. - Key West. Fla - Biology - Resident Assistant. Beta Beta Beta (Secretary, Treasurer). Biology Club. Human Potential Seminar, ' |fS£ KATTAN, REGINA A. - San Pedro Suls. Honduras - Jour- KAUFMAUM. CHARLES J. - Norwalk. Conn - Physical education - Sigma Chi Fraternity, Phi Epsilon Kappa Honorary, Alpha Delta Pi (Sweetheart). Hurricane Skiers. Student Entertainment Committee. KATZ, ILONA A. - Hollywood, Fla. - Psychology KATZMAN. DAVID A. - New Haven, Conn. - Accounting - Beta Alpha Psi. Zeta Beta Tau. Alpha Kappa Psi. Pre- Legal Society KATZMAN. SUSAN L. - North Miami Beach. Fla - Music Therapy - Dean ' s List. KAVA, STANLEY R. - Miami, Fla. - Computer Science. KAYE. LISA J. - New York, NY, - Elementary Education - S.A.C.U.S. Dean ' s List. KELLER, EVA - Fort Lauderdale, Fla. - Broadcasting - Hurricane (Entertainment Writer. Sports Writer). WVUM (Newscaster. Reporter). KELLERMAN. PHILIP L. - Douglaston, N.Y. - Education - Open Door. Resident Assistant. Dean ' s List. President ' s Honor Roll. KELLOGG. GAIL L. - East Orange, N.J. - Elementary Education - Delta Sigma Theta (President). Sorority Representative to the Panhellenic Council. Association of Students in Education, United Black Students KELLY, BRAIN P. - Naples. Fla. - Biology - Tri Beta. Delta Theta Mu. Pi Delta Phi. Phi Dappa Phi, Honors Program. KEPPER. EILEEN A. - Evanston. 111. - English - Orange Key, Archontes, SOS. Leadership Training Program, President ' s Honor Roll. KHOSRAVI, SHAHRZAD - North Miami, Fla. - Industrial Engineering KILE, WILLARD H, - Bloomsburg. Pa. - Chemistry - American Society of Pre-Dental Students. KIMREY. Jr. V.R. - Miami. Fla. - Finance. KING. BRIAN R. - Washington, D.C. - Philosophy I Psychology - Open Door (Advisory Board), Dean ' s List, Student ' s International Meditation Society (President). KING, DEBORAH S. - Valley Stream. N.Y. - Marketing - Drama. KING, JOHN M. - Philadelphia. Pa. - Biology. KIRK. DARRELL L. - Tampa, Fla. - Electrical Engineering - Electrical Engineering Honor Society, Dean ' s List, Elec- trical Engineering (Recording Secretary). KIRSCH. ANDREW L. - New Rocheile. N.Y - Management. KLEIN. MINDA A. - Fayetteville. N.Y, - Elementary Educa- tion - Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. Sigma Chi Little Sister, Association for Childhood in Education, South Florida Association for Children Under Six. Association for Students in Education. KLEIN. LEWIS A. - Wilmette, III. - Finance. KLEIN, RICHARD D. - Valley Stream, N.Y. - Business Management Organization. KLING. STEVEN N. - New Rocheile, N.Y. - Nursing - Ski- ing, Kite Flying, Dancing, Sailing. KLOTZ. CINDY - Clifton. N.J - Sociology. KLOTZ, fl. KEVIN - Miami, Fla. - Accounting - USBG (Elec- tions Commissioner, Associate Justice). Delta Sigma Pi (Vice President), Alpha Phi Omega (Vice President), Dean ' s List. Beta Alpha Psi. KNOWLES. PERCIVAL A. - Nassau. Bahamas - General Business - Swimming. KOBELIN, LEIGH A. - Miami. Fla. - Chemistry - Honors Program. Alpha Epsilon Delta. German Club. Chemistry Club. KOEHIGSBERG. WILLIAM A. - Lido Beach. N.Y. - ' " Marketing - Pre-Legal Society. Marketing Association. KOHN. JUSTIN M. - Cleveland. Ohio - Communications. KOMINEK. GRANT C. - Wilmette. III. - Economics - Sigma Alpha Epsilon (Secretary). KOPSON. JOHN E. - Fort Lauderdale. Fla. - International Finance and Marketing - Phi Eta Sigma. Dean ' s List. President ' s Honor Roll. ALSER (Vice President, President) Phi Kappa Phi National Honorary, N.B.T. Roney Award. KORNBLUTH. RITA R. - Fair Lawn, N.J. - English. KOSLOFF. AMY B. - Bala Cynwdd. Pa. - Marketing. KOSNITZKY. LYNNE - Spring Valley, N.J. - Elementary Education Early Childhood - Dean ' s List. Association ot Students in Education. KOWALSKI. DENIS J. - Pittsburgh. Pa. - Biology - Honors Program. Open Door. Orange Key, Biology Club, Beta Beta Beta. Delta Theta Mu. Alpha Epsilon Delta. In- tramurals. Dean ' s List. KRAMER. JOY - Rockvllle Centre. N.Y, - Marketing - American Marketing Association, Pre-Legal Society. KRAMER. SUSAN R. - Miami, Fla. - Spanish. KRANZ. ROBIN L. - New Rocheile, N.Y. - Psychology - Dean ' s List. Hurricane. Orange Key. EBOG. KRASNY. JR. EDWARD J. - Trenton. N.Y. - Biology - Phi Eta Sigma. Tn-Beta, President ' s Honor Roll. Deans List, SOS, Honor s Program, intramural Board. KROPP, WALTER P.. - Mamaroheck, N.Y. - Geology - Dean ' a Ust. Geology Club. Biology Club. Scuba Club. Science Fiction Club. Intramural Softball. KRUEGER, KATHRYN L - Coral Gables. Fla. - Nursing. KUHN, TERESA A Camanllo, Calif. - Nursing - Dean ' s si President ' s Honor Roll. Honor ' s Dorm (Secretary) KUREHCHIAN. MOHAMMED A - Tehran, Iran - Industrial Engineering - AIIE, International Students. KURETSKI. JR. JAMES J. - Fort Lauderdale. Fla Engineering - ASCE Student Chapter. LACAYO. HORACIO R. - Managua Nicaragua Economics. ij H LACKS, GIGI M. - Brooklyn. N.Y. - Communications - Sta dent Entertainment Committee (Associate Chairman). D.J WVUM. College Women in Broadcasting (Secretary), LTP Carni Gras. LADD. SHERRY L. - Enfield. Conn, - Elementary Education - Association ot Students in Education - Council on Early Childhood. LAFOUNTAIN. DARCY H. - Rumson, N.J. - International Finance and Marketing - Thomas E. Flynn Annual Award (1976). AIESEC (President), Motar Board (Vice-President). Omicron Delta Kappa. Orange Key. Alpha Kappa Psi Little Sister (Vice-President). Sigma Alpha Epsilon Littie Sisters. Leadership Training Program, Resident Advisor 1968 Complex, Swim Team Timettes. LAMAR. RENE E - Miami, Fla. - Politics and Public Affairs - Dean ' s Lisl. Honor Scholarship LAMBERT, MELINDA L. - Prairie Village. Kansas - Ac- counting - Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gramma Sigma, Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Angel Flight. LAMPL. NANETTE S. - Coral Gables, Fla. - Art. LAMPONE. PETER A. - Dix Hills. New York - Economics - Hurricane Skiers, Hurricane Divers. Miami Hurricane Salesman, Sigma Phi Nothing, LANDMAN, BETH - Roslyn Heights. New York - Accoun- ting - Beta Alpha Psi. LANDRY. BRUCE E. - Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida - Politics and Public Affairs LANDSTEIN. NANCY D. - Havertown, Pa. - Journalism - Hurricane Staff Writer. Dorm Government. LANG, ANNE M. - Rochester. N.Y. - Biology - Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister. LANG. ZAN - Miami Beach. Fla - Speech Pathology - National Student Speech and Hearing Association (President). Academic Peer Advisor, Dean ' s List, Little Sister Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity. LAPHAM. RICHARD C. - Manlius. N.Y. - Physical Educa- tion - Lacrosse Club. LAROCK. MARY ANN - Club, Camping Club. LaROSA, GREGORY P. SSI Ithaca. N.Y. - History - Sailing Hartsdale. N.Y, - Finance. LARSEN, CHRISTOPHER A. - Miami. Fla. - Politics and Public Affairs - Tau Kappa Epsilon (Treasurer) Soccer Team (Captain). Army ROTC. LASSOFF. CHERYL A. - West Hartford. Conn. - English - Urban Environmental Corps. LASTRES. OSWALDO E. - Melrose Park. III. - Biology - Biology Club. LATZES. MICHAEL A. - Philadelphia. Pa. - Business Management - Zeta Beta Tau, IFC Representative. Pre- Legal Society. Dean ' s List. LAWSON. KAREN L. - Coral Gables. Fla. - Music Therapy. LEBEDIN, LARRY - New York. N.Y. - Marketing, LEE, ELOY G. - Miami, Fla. - Electrical Engineering. LEGATT, HARRY A. - Great Neck, N.Y - Communications - Dean ' s List. U.M. Fencing Association (President). Alpha Epsicon Pi (Pledgemaster. Vice-master), Lane Recreational Center Building Advisory Committee. SRICF Member. RAP Committee. Jewish Defense League (Treasurer). LEHMANN. RONALD 0. - Hollywood. Fla. - English - Dean ' s List. President ' s List. U.M. Honor Scholarship, LEIGH. GARY D - Hoopeston. III. - English - College Republicans. LEMIEUX. CARL R. - Saco. Maine - Chemistry - Honor ' s Program, Dean ' s List. Biology Club. LERNER. AMY E. - Bronx. NY, - Music Therapy - Dean ' s List. 157 n 158 LESNICK, MIRIAM G. - Coral Gables, Fla. - Com- munications - French Club, Cuban Federation. Photo Club. LESTER, DARC! A. - Pittsburg, Pa. - Special Education. LEVIN, PHILLIS S. - Norfolk, Virg. - Education. LEVIN. ERIS H. - Chicago. III. - Marketing - Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. LEVINE, WAYNE P - Coral Gables, Fla. - English French - President ' s Honor Roll. Dean ' s List, Phi Kappa Phi. LEVY, CHERYL Y, - Miami Beach, Fla. - Elementary Education. LEVY, RICHARD A. - Miami Beach, Fla. - Accounting - Army ROTC - Distinguished Military Student, Comman- ding Officer, Pershing Rifles (Treasurer), Scabbard and Blade Battalion Operations Officer, Orange Key Honor Society. Oicron Delta Kappa. LEW, ESTER M. - Miami, Fla. - Accounting - Dean ' s List, Circle K, Beta Alpha Psl. Phi Kappa Phi. LEYDIG, PAMELA J. - Lower Burrell, Pa. - Marketing - Alpha Delta Pi, Sigma Chi Little Sister, Circle K Club, 1FC Hostess, Intramurals, AIESEC. LIBERATI, LYDIA - Upper Darby, Pa. - Marketing - American Marketing Association. LIBERMAN, STEVE M. - Montreal, Canada - Psychology - Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, Intramural Baseball and Football. LICHTER, JEFF - Lincolnweed, III. - Accounting - Honor Roll, Innertube Water Polo (Champion). UEBERMAN, JON B. - Miami, Fla. - Education. LIGHT, MARGARET C. - Palm Coast, Fla. - Elementary Education - Delta Gamma Sorority. LIKOVER, RACHEL R. - Cleveland. Ohio - Biology - En- vironment, Biology Club. Alpha Lamda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Aquarerverts. LIMA, FRANK R. - Chicago, III. - Finance - Karate Club, Real Estate Scholarship. LINDEN, SHERYL L. - Dix Hills. NY. - Computer Science - Dean ' s List. LINK, KATHLEEN - Ormond Beach. Fla. - Biology. LINKE, ROBERT A. - Naples, Fla. - Microbiology. LOMBARDO. MARK C. - Trenton, N.J. - Art - Dean ' s List. LOPEZ, CALLEJA JAVIER - Miami, Fla. - Marketing - Honor Roll, Budd Manager Scholarship Award, Federation of Cuban Students (Director). LOPEZ, DOMINGUEZ COLLAZO R. - St. Louis, Mis souri - Communications. LORING, RUSSELL L. Hamilton. III. - Biology. LORUSSO. DANIEL M. - Boston, Mass. - Biology. LOWE. COLIN E. - Hollywood. Fla. - Communications - President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List. Phi Kappa Phi. LOWERY. MARY J. - Hialeah, Fla. - Speech and Hearing Sciences - National Student Speech and Hearing Associa- tion. Little Sisters of Tau Kappa Epsilon. LOWTH, CYNTHIA L. - Houston. Texas - Geography - Hurricane Skiers. LUDLAN. JEFFREY T. - Swampscott, Mass. - Biology, Chemistry. LUISI. DANIEL D. - Elmira, N.Y. - Biology - Biology Honor Society, Biology Club, Pre-dental Club, Dean ' s List. LUKOWSKY, NANCY M. - Bergenfield, N.J. - Special Education. LUND, JANET S. - Coral Gables, Fla. - Communications - Student Orientation Service, Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority (Secretary and President), Sigma Chi Little Sister (Secretary), Panhellenic Council. Rho Lambda Society. Dean ' s List LUPOVICH. STEVE - Montreal. Quebec - Accounting - Dean ' s List, Varsity Golf Team. LYNNE, JUDY - Oak Park. Michigan - Business Admlnistratlon-Hlllel. MAAYANI, MALKA - Coconut Grove, Fla. - English - Sigma Tau Delta. MACE. NANCY J. - Eden, N.Y. - Elementary Education - Sailing Club (Treasurer). MACHLEIT. CYNTHIA L. - Detroit, Mich - Art - Student Government, Tour guide for admissions. MAODOCKS. NANCY J. - Westfield, N.J. - Physical Educa- tion - Dean ' s List, PEK. MAGNIN. JOHN F. - Paris. France - Mahoney Pearson Hall (President). Floor Governor, Karate Club, Sky Diving Club, Basketball. MAHER, SEAN L. - Newport, South Wales - Geography - Dean ' s List, ODK, Swim Team (All American 1975, t976). MAHLER, JAY R. - Miami, Fla. - Accounting. MAJCHRZAK, DANIEL - Coraopolis, Pa. - Biology - Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Theta Mu, SOS (Area Coordinator), Archontes. Beta Beta Beta, Dean ' s List. MALADY, KEVIN J - Willlamsville. N.Y. - Education - Karate Club (Vice-President), Education Honor Society SOS. MANCONI, DEAN N. - Lower Burrell, Pa. - International Marketing and Finance. MANES, ARTHUR H. - Penbroke Pines. Fla. - Politics and Public Affairs - Chief Justice of the Student Supreme Court. Student Representative to the Faculty Senate, Resi- dent Assistant, Pre-Legal Society, Dean ' s List. MANFREDIZ, LIZETTE - Miami. Fla. - Art History. MANZINI, RICHARD A. - Coral Gables, Fla. - Electrical Engineering - Eta Kappa Nu (President), Tau Beta Pi, I.E.E.E. MANZOR, LILLIAN - Miami. Fla. - Languages - Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, French Club, Italian Club (Vice- President), Sigma Delta Pi (President), Honor Students Association. MARCHETTI, JOEL - Meriden, Conn. - Music Therapy - Karate Club. School of Music Student Council (Secretary). MARCUS, HARRIET W. - Pittsburg, Pa. - Elementary Education - President ' s Honor Roll. C.E.C., A.S.E. MARCUS, KENNETH I. - Woodmere, N.Y. - Marketing. MARINOFF. EVE B. - Rockville. Centre, N.Y. - Elementary Education. MARKOVICH, EDWARD I. - Miami, Fla. - Biology. MARTINEZ. LUIS A. - Miami, Fla. - Finance. MARTINEZ, MYRIAM B. - Coral Gables. Fla. - Accounting. MARTY, ILEANA M. - Miami, Fla. - Elementary Education - President ' s Honor Roll. MASLON, MICHELE A. - Miami, Fla. - Sociology - J.V. Cheerleading. Varsity Cheerleading, Sigma Phi Nothing (Social Chairman. Secretary). MASON. IRVINE L. - Hollywood, Fla. - Biology. MASUO, ILEANA - Miami, Fla. - Elementary Education - Dean ' s List. Association of Students in Education. MATERA. DARY M. - Marathon, Fla. - Communications - Hurricane. MATHERS, KERRY W. - Naples, Fla. - Music Education - Band of the Hour, Sigma Alpha lota. Speakeasies. Music Educator ' s National Conference. MATHEWS, DEBORAH L. - Casselberry. Fla. - Accounting - Delta Sigma Phi Little Sisters (President). MAY, SUSANA - Miami, Fla. - Chemistry - Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta Mu, Honor Society, Federation of Cuban Students, President ' s Honor Roll. McCASKIE, STEPHEN L. - Euclid, Ohio - Civil Engineering - Tau Beta Pi. American Society of Civil Engineers. Florida Engineering Society. MCDONNELL. NANCY - Miami. Fla. McGARITY, KEVIN S. - Rosemont, Pa. - History - U.M. Swimming Team (All American 3 years). McGETRICK, DONALD M. - Danbury. Conn. - Business Management and Organization - Hurricane Skiers, S.O.S. McKAY, JIM D. - Ocean City, N.J. - Finance - Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Order of the Golden Leaf, Mateos Raiders, Hurricane Skiers, Solar Enterprises. McKENZIE, LYDIA M. - Nassau, Bahamas - Elementary Education. McKINNEY, ASHA - Miami, Fla. - Sociology - Jr. Varsity Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader (captain). United Black Students. MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES A. - Warren, Michigan - Biology McMAHON, KEVIN - Mountain Lakes, N.J. - Com- munications. McPHERSON, DAVID D. - Lincoln, Mass. - Biology and Chemistry. McOUEEN. MATTIE K. - Lake Wales, Fla. - Physical Education - University Band of the Hour (Flag Corp). Association of Students In Education. McVICKER, DEBRA D. - Muncie, Ind. - English - Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta Mu, Alpha Lamda Delta, Gamma Theta Upsilon. MEANS. MICHELE - Punxsutawney. Pa. - Biology - Dean ' s List. MECHANICK. KATHY S - Port Chester, N.Y. - Elementary Education. MEDNIKOFF, DEBBIE L. - Ocean. N.J. - Nursing - Dean ' s List, Student Nurses Association. MEEHAN, LESLIE A, - Managua, Nicaragua - Art Educa- tion - Resident Assistant, NAEA Chapter Member. MEEYSMAN, MIKE - Moline, III. - General Business. MEGIAS, FRAUCES - Miami. Fla. - Biology Education - President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Kappa Delta Pi, Honor Scholarship. MEISLER, CAROLE L. - Cleveland, Ohio - Nursing - President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Honor Code. MELNICK. STEPHEN A. - Princeton. N.J. - History - Resi- dent Assistant, Carni Gras (Exec. Committee), Minor Disciplinary Hearing Panel, S.O.S . Intramurals, Rathskeller Entertainment Committee. MERCURE, DIANE - Montreal. Quebec, Canada - Accoun- ting - Woman ' s Golf Team, Beta Alpha Psl, Beta Gamma Sigma, Delta Psi Kappa. MESSERLY, CLYDE L. - Rockville, Md. - Architecture - Orange Key Honor Society, Tau Beta Pi Honor Fraternity, U.S.B.G. (Senator). MICHEL, SANDY K, - Hialeah, Fla. - Finance - Debate Team. USBG. Speakeasies. MICHELSON. SUSAN - Miami, Fla. - Medical Technology. MIGNOTT. GEORGIA - May Pen. Jamaica - Speech Pathology - Union Board of Governors. SAFAC (Secretary), Ibis Yearbook (Organizations Editor), USBG (Elections Commissioner, Secretary). MILAKOVICH. MILICA M. - Kansas City, Missouri - Sociology - UM Honor Scholarship. President ' s Honor Roil, Women ' s Intercollegiate Volleyball MILGRAM, JACOBO J. - Caracas, Venezuela - Systems Analysis - Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. MILLIAN, LILI M. - Miami, Fla. - Graphic Design. MILLER, ARTHUR R. - Port Chester. N.Y. - Chemistry - Resident Assistant, Archontes, Leadership Training, Inter- murals, Circle K. MILLER, PAUL S. Ill - Fairfield. Ohio - Architecture - Sigma Chi Fraternity, American Institute ot Architects. MINA, JOHN W. - Dania. Fla. - Chemistry - Sigma Ap Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. S.O.S., Leadership Training Program. Human Potential Seminar, Greek God (76), Chi Omega Sorority Sweetheart. MINERVINO, MARK J. - Ocala, Fla. - General Business - PreLegal Society. MINTZ, JONI E. - Livingston. N.J. - Special Education - Association tor Childhood Education, Student Council for Exceptional Children, Student Education Association. MITCHEL. CAREN N. - Fair Lawn, N " .J. - English - Dean ' s List. President ' s Honor Roll, Ibis (Photopher). MITCHELL, CASSANDRA - Birminghan, Ala. - Special Education. MITTEMAN, LARAINE J. - Miami, Fla. - Physical Education - Intramurals (Basketball. Softball. Football. Tennis). MIXON. TERESA F. - Augusta, Ga. - Broadcasting - College Women in Broadcasting (President), Dean ' s List, WVUM Staff, Beta Beta Beta. MODZELEWSKI, MARCIA E. - Hollywood, Fla. - Science. MOORE, JACQUELYN A. - Randolph, N.J. - Politics and Public Affairs. MOORE, SANDRA J. - Randolph. N.J. - Music - Resident Assistant, Concert Choir, Accompanying, Dean ' s List, Feminists ' Discussion Group. MOORE, SUSAN E. - Jacksonville, Fla. - Applied Music - Open Door, University of Miami Symphony Orchestra. MORAN, LEONARD - Miami, Fla. - Art. MORECROFT, BRUCE B. - Rome, N.Y. - Finance - Dean ' s List, Delta Sigma Pi (President, Vice-President). MOREL. BLANCHE S. - Lighthouse Point. Fla. - Special Education - Dean ' s List, Association for Students in Education. MORGAN, BONNIE J. - Atl antic City, N.J. - English - Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. MORINA. JO-ANN M. - Haverstraw. N.Y. - Accounting - Resident Assistant, Beta Alpha Psi (Vice-President), Hurricane Honey, Italian Club. MORRIS, WILLIAM S. IV - Dar-es-salaam. Tanzania - Biology - Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Pershing Rifles. MORRISON, THOMAS R. - Wallkill. N.Y. - Recreational Therapy - Intramural Manager; Football, Volleyball, Basketball. Softball. MORSE, CATHERINE C. - Pittsford, N.Y. - American Studies - Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society. Women ' s Intercollegiate Golf Team. MORSE, HAROLD E. - Woodcliff Lake, N.J. - Business Management - Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity (President, Fall 1976). MOULY, EILEEN - Coral Gables, Fla. - Accounting - President ' s Honor Roll. Dean ' s List, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Alpha Psi. MOYER, AMY L. - Clearwater, Fla. - English - Panhellanic (President, Vice-President), Delta Delta Delta, Alpha Tau Omega (Sweetheart), Rho Lambda. MOYER, FRANK L. - Philadelphia. Pa. - Biology. MUEHLHAUSEN, VALERIE L. - Smyrna. Georgia - Biology Chemistry - Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Medical Honorary. Dean ' s List. MULDER, JILL E. - Warren, N.J. - Sociology - Scuba Club, S.O.S.. Carni Gras, Media Services. MULITZ. TONI A. - Chevy Chase, Md. - Special Education - Student Council for Exceptional Children (president), Association for Students In Education, Dorm Governor. MUNZ, TERRY L. - Homestead, Fla. - Accounting - Women ' s Golf Team. Alpha Lambda Delta. Beta Alpha Psi. Omicron Delta Kappa. MURPHY, PAM K. - Springfield. III. - Art Education. MUTNICK, LORI R. - Bay Harbor Islands, Fla. - Marketing. NARQUIS, CLIFFORD T. - Naperville, III. - Chemistry. NASCIMENTO. JOSEPH F. - Dracut, Mass. - General Business - USBG (Senator), Sailing Club. NAYA. LUIS E. - Miami. Fla. - Architecture. NEIDORF. ROSS L. - Miami. Fla. - Drama - Alpha Phi Omega. NEHAM. SARAH - Miami. Fla. - Music - Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Alpha lota. NELSON, MARK A. - McKeesport, Pa. - Physics, Mathematics - Honors Program, J. M. Honor Scholarship. Roadrunners, Purple Threads, intramurals. Dean ' s List. NERENBURG. FRAN - North Miami Beach, Fla. - Biology. NEWMAN, NANCY C. - Northport, N.Y. - Nursing. NEYLAND, DAVID L. - Colorado Springs, Colo. - Applied Physics. NICHOLS. CATHY L. - Princeton Jet., N.J. - Sociology. NICORUO, ANNETTE M. - South Amboy, N.J. - Nursing - Student Nurses Association. Student Affairs Curriculum Committee, Hurricane Staff. NIEVES, MARTIN R. - Guaynabo, Puerto Rico - Music Theory and Composition - Dean ' s List. NISSIM, ANDREA - Willingboro, N.J. - Early Childhood Elm. Education - Alpha Delta PI (Secretary), Sigma Chi Little Sisters. " Wire. NOBLE, ANNE M - Port Washington. NY - History, Politics and Public Aftairs - Delta Delta Delta (Treasurer. Social Chairman), Dean ' s List, Rho Lambda. Mortar Board. Leadership Training Program. Greek Week Ex- ecutive Committee, Hurricant Honeys, MIAMI HURRICANE Staff Alpha Tan Omegl Little Sisters NORTON, SUSAN M. - Miami. Fla - Marketing - Dean ' s List, Delta Sigma Pi Little Sister, Eaton Hall Resident Assistant. Leadership Training Progrim. American Marketing Association. Pre-Legal Society, Roadrunners, Yoga Class. Young Democrats. Chabad House. Hilld- Jewisti Student Center, Feminist Club. NOSTI. DIANA G. - Miami, Fla. - French. Spanish - Spanish Honor Society. French Club. NOVACK. BEN H. JR. - Miami Beach. Fla. - Com- munications - Dean ' s List. President ' s Honor Roll. NUSSINOW, JILL A. - Woodbury. NY. - Marketing. NYQUIST. GORDON C. - Birmingham. Mich. - Psychology • Campus Crusade For Christ. Theta Delta, Sigma Chi. lota Tau Alpha Italian Honor Society. OAKLEY. SUSAN J. - South Miami. Fla. - Psychology. OBERMAN. BARBARA LYNN - Coral Gables. Fla. - General Business OLIVER. LAWRENCE - Bayside. NY. - Biology - Open Door. Biology Club. OSINSKI, STEVEN - Fairlawn, N.J. - Journalism - United Student Body Government (Vice-President), Student Entertainment Committee. Rathskeller Advisory Board. Sigma Phi Nothing (President). Omicron Delta Kappa Honorary. Hurricane (Reporter). Alpha Epsilon Phi (Sweetheart). PACHTER. FERN J. - Allentown. Pa. - Psychology - Stu- dent Orientation Service, Circle K Club (President). Resi- dent Assistant PADIEN, CLAIRE M. - Wruk. Rl. - Drama - Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll. Alpha Psi Omega. Alpha Lambda Delta, Tau Kappa Epsilon Little Sister (President). Tau Kappa Epilson Sweetheart. Drama Council. Drama Com- mittee on Production. Credit Evaluation. Miss University of Miami 76. First Runner-Up Greek Goddess 76. PAGAN, AGNES MARY - Miami, Fla. - Journalism - Sigma Delta Chi (Secretary, Treasurer), Dean ' s List. Pre-Legal Society, Federation de Estudiantes Cubanos. Director of Publicity. Hurricane. PAGES, RICARDO - Miarrii, Fla. - Chemistry - Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta Mu (Sec), Alpha Epsilon Delta. President ' s List, Dean ' s List, Minor Disciplinary Hearing Panel. Football Intramurals. PALAZZO. DEBRA - Yonkers, NY. - Spanish PALLEY, DANA B. - Worcester, Mass - Communications - WVUM (News Director). Sigma Delta Chi (Vice-Pres.). Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Epsilon RHO. PALMER, CAROL E. - North Bay Village. Fla. - Elementary Education - Dean ' s List. PALMER. OLRA B. - Miami. Fla. - Communications - Delta Theta Mu, College Women in Broadcasting. PAPPAS. JOHN D. - Cedar Grove. N.J. - Communications - Alpha Epsilon Rho. Hurricane and Ibis (Photographer). PARAVANO, PHILIP C. - Hatboro, Pa. - Marketing - Scuba Club. PARDO. FELIX - Miami. Fla - Architecture - Tau Beta Pi, American Institute ol Architects Student Chapter. Asocia- cion de Estudiantes Latinos de Arquitecture e Ingeneria, Alberto Tapia Ruano Architect ' s Award. Oean ' s List. President ' s Honor Roll. PARIS. MITCHELL C. - Sunrise. Fla. - English. PARKER, CLIFFORD I. - Miami. Fla. - Marketing. PASHMAN. ALTHEA I, - Long Beach. NY. - Physical Education - Varsity Softball (1976), Resident Assistant 960 Complex, Phi Epsilon Kappa. PATTERSON. GAYLE DONNAY - Miami, Fla. - General Business - Alpha Kappa Psi. PALKSEN. DAVID F. - South Miami, Fla. - Accounting and Systems Analysis - President ' s List, Dean ' s List, Alpha lota Delta (Pres.). Beta Gamma Sigma. Phi Kappa Phi. Biology Club PAVESE, VINCENT G. - Plainview, N.Y. - Accounting - Stu- dent Orientation Service (Coordinator). Resident Peer Counselor, Apartment Governor. PAWLUC. SONIA M - Miami, Fla. - Communications - Dean ' s List. PAYNE. REBECCA A. - Habor City. Calif. - Elementary Education. PEARLSON. MICHAEL S. - Miami, Fla. - International Finance and Marketing. PEIRCE, JEFFREY B. - Ashland. Md - Biology - In- tramurals (Football. Basketball, Softball). PEREZ. JOEL R - Miami. Fla. - Finance. PEREZ, MARGIE L. - Naranja, Fla. - Ceramics. PEREZ. OSCAR C - Miami, Fla. - Architecture. PEREZ-BENITOA. MANUEL - Miami. Fla. - Accounting. PERLMAN, AMY B. - Short Hills, N.J - Art - Student Rights Agency. Resident Advisor. PERLMAN, GAIL B - Tamara. Fla. - Sociology PERRY. LILLIAN R. - Miami. Fla. - Education PERUYERA. ISABEL S - Miami. Fla. - Accounting - Beta Gamma Sigma. Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Kappa Phi. PEZZUTI. JEFFREY L - Rumson. N.J. - General Business PHILLIPS. JOHN R. - Belize. Belize Central America - Chemistry - American Society of Pre-dental Students. Council of Inter national Students Organization. PIATONE. PAUL C. - Morrlstown. Pa - Politics and Public Affairs - Student Supreme Court. Students Right ' s Com- mittee. Senate Rules Committee. Zeta Beta Tau, Alpha Kappa Epsilon. PICKERING. JOHN A. D. - Toronto. Ontario Canada - Music - Music Ensembles. Undergraduate Assistant, AuJOoi of two Percussion Texts, lather of 16 month old daughter. PIERSON, LAURIE B - New Preston. Conn - Elementary Education - Dean ' s List. PILATO, DANIEL L. - Webster. N.Y. - Politics and Public Affairs - Sigma Phi Epsilon (Vice President). PILON. PATRICIA J. - Clearwater, Fla. - Music Therapy - Symphony Orchestra. Motarboard. Sigma Alpha lota (President, Vice President. Sword ol Honor Award), Resi- dent Assistant (1968 Complex). PINA. ALINA - Cientuegos, Cuba - Political Science PINDER, SUSAN E. - Nassau, Bahamas - Biology - Alpha Epsilon Delta. Student Orientation Services. Alpha Lamb- da Delta, COISO. PINEIRO, MINA - Miami, Fla. - Psychology. PINON, EYTER E. - Mayaguez, Puerto Rico - Architecture - Tau Beta Pi. American Institute of Architects. PINSKY. FELISE B - Miami, Fla. - Nursing. PIPER, THOMAS C. - Coral Gables, Fla - Architecture - Sigma Alpha Epsilon. PLATTNER, ELLEN T. - Cincinnati, Ohio - Geography. POERSCHKE. KATHARINA F. - Miami. Fla. - Sociology - Alpha Lambda Delta (Treasurer), Phi Eta Sigma (Sgt ol Arms), Delta Zeta, U. of Miami Tour Guide. Biology Club. Environment Club, U. of Miami Honor Scholarship. Dean ' s List. POGLIANICH, NIVES A. - Jersey City, N.J. - Special Education - Dean ' s List. POLACHEK. JULES J. - St. Cloud. Fla. - Music. POLAN. JEFFREY R. - Miami. Florida - Psychology - Carni Gras. Bowling League U.M Cinema Club, Chabbad. POLLACK, STEVEN W. - No. Miami Beach, Fla Com- munications. POLLARA, THOMAS A. - Miami. Fla. - Management POLLEN. PHILLIP C. - Miami. Fla. - Biology. POPPER. FRED J. - No Bay Village, Fla - Architecture - Chairen Architectural Student, Advisory Council. PORFIRI. JOHN R. - Coral Gables, Fla. - Architecture - American Institute of Architects (Tre asurer. Lecture Com- mittee Chairman), Golden T-Square Award. PORTMAN. SCOTT B. - Surfside, Fla. - Chemistry - Dean ' s List. POULAKIDAS. FRANCES A - Morton Grove. III. - Marketing - American Marketing Assoc, Hurricane News (Copy. Staff). Dean ' s List. PRADO. HAYDEE C. - Miami. Fla. - Psychology - Phi Kap- pa Phi. Deans List. PREIRA. RICHARD J. - Ft. Lauderdale. Fla - Accounting - Beta Alpha Psi. Dean ' s List, Tau Kappa Epsilon. PRESTON, DIANE E. - Penfield, N.Y. - Marketing. PREZIOSI. VINCENT A. - Union. N.J. - Intern ' l Finance and Marketing - Dean ' s List. AIESEC, Student Rights Agency, Delta Sigma Pi. PRIGOFF, CHERYL A. - Chattanooga, Tenn. - Marketing - Undergrad. Student Body Gov ' t (Senator. Environment Club). PRUNA. LAURA M. - Miami. Fla - Finance - AIESEC, American Marketing Assoc, COISO. PUGH, CHARLOTTE W. - Kettering. Ohio - Nursing. PUIG, ALBERTO - Miami, Fla. - Civil Engineering - Amer. Society of Civil Engineers (Secretary), Fla. Engineering Society. AELAI. PUJALS, PAME LA J. - Bridgeton. N.J - Broadcasting. PUPO, GUSTAVO A. - Miami. Fla. - Com- munications Journalism - Miami Hurricane (Editor). Sigma Delta Chi (Vice-President), WVUM (Producer: News). Dean ' s List. Leadership Training Program, UM Radio Society, Federation of Cuban Students, Board of Student Publications. PUPPOLO. DAVID G. PURITA, PATTY K. - Margate. Fla. - Accounting - Kappa Kappa Gamma (President. Vice President, Marshall), Rho Lambda (President). RAAB, LINDA J. - Miami Beach. Fla. - Elementary Educa- tion - Intramural Sports. RAMIREZ. RAFAEL J. - Hialeah, Fla. - Industrial Engineer- ing. RASEKHI. MOHAMMAD F. - Miami. Fla. - Civil Engineer- ing - American Concrete Institution. American Society of Civil Engineering. American Society of Professional Engineers. REALI. FRED A - Youngstown. Ohio - Psychology - Sigma Chi Fraternity. REDFEARN. PAUL E. - Lake Worth. Fla. - International Finance and Marketing - AIESEC. REED, DOUGLAS A. - Glastonbury, Conn, - Com- munications REED. LORI E. - Coral Gables. Fla. - General Studies REGAN. PATRICK W. - Miami. Fla. - Marketing - Dean ' s List. American Marketing Association. REIFLER. SCOTT A. - Poughkeepsie, NY - Economics - Rugby Team. REINECKE. MARK J. - Elmhurst, III - Psychology - Dean ' s List. Resident Assistant. Board of Governors (960 Complex). RENEGAR. CHRISTOPHER D - Leisure City. Fla. - Architecture - Dean ' s List, Tau Beta Pi (President). American Institute of Architects (Treasurer), Homecoming Float - Miami Riverfront Development Competition. RENNER. IRENE R. - Bay Harbor. Fla. - Elementary Education Early Childhood - University of Miami Honor Scholarship. Dean ' s List. REYES, LILLIAN J. - Clearwater. Fla. - Politics - Homecoming Oueen. Varsity Cheerleader (Co-Captain). Delta Gamma Sorority (President). Bat Girl, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister (President), Greek Goddess, Orange Key. Rho Lambda Honorary. Politics Honorary. Phi Kappa Phi. RICHARDSON. NORMA J. - Tampa. Fla. - Special Educa- tion - Campus Crusade lor Christ RIEKERT. THOMAS R - Erie. Pa. - Computer Science - Sigma Chi Fraternity. RIOS. RAUL E. - Coral Gables. Fla. - Architecture - American Institute of Architecture (Regional Director), A E.L.A.I. Member. A.I.AVA.S.C. Service Pin, Fla Student Assistant Grant. RIUSECH. EDUNVOO - Miami. Fla. - Business Manage- ment and Organization. RIVERA, ALFRED H. - Miami Shores. Fla. - Chemistry - President s Honor Roll. Dean ' s List, Delta Theta Mu Honor Fraternity. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Federation ol Cuban Students. ROBBINS. KIP M. - Miami, Fla. - Communications - Alpha Epsilon Rho. Cum Laude. ROBBINS. MICHAEL G. - N. Miami Beach, Fla. - Chemistry - Open Door Volunteer. Dean ' s List. President ' s Honor Roll ROBERTS, ALVAN E. - Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. - Politics and Public Affairs - Honor Roll, Campus Champions Innertube Water Polo. ROBERTS, MARGARET - Coral Gables, Fla - Fine Arts - Chi Omega Fraternity, Little Sisters of Minerva. Panhellenic Council ROBINS. JONATHAN I. - Arberne, NY. - Photography - Ibis (Photographer). ROCHESTER. BLOSSOM E. - Jamaica. W.I. - Speech and Hearing National Student Speech Hearing Association. Council for Exceptional Children. RODMAN, SHERRI L - Framlngham, Mass. - Special Education - VIP. Program. Volunteer work with Emotionally Disturbed Children. RODRIGUEZ. CARLOS A. - Miami. Fla. - Architecture. RODRIGUEZ. EDUAROO - Miami. Fla - Accounting - President ' s Honor Roll. Dean ' s List. RODRIGUEZ. ESTHER R. - Miami, Fla. - Elementary and Early Childhood Education. RODRIGUEZ, MARIA G - Miami Beach, Fla. - English RODRIGUEZ. MIGUEL A. - Miami. Fla. - Psychology - Delta Theta Mu. Psi Chi. Phi Kappa Phi. Chemistry Club (Treasurer). Circle K. President ' s Honor Roll. Dean s List. RODRIGUEZ, RAFAEL - Miami, Fla. - Social Studies RODRIGUEZ. SERGIO A. - Miami. Fla. - Electrical Engineering. R08AK. GARY S. - Skokle. Ill - General Business. ROGERS, SUZANNE L. - Coral Gables, Fla. - Accounting - Beta Alpha Psi. ROGERS. TERESA A - St. Petersburg, Fla. - Education - Dean ' s List ROHRKASTE, WENDY Z. - Homestead. Fla. - Psychology. ROLEWICZ. TIMOTHY F. - Miami, Fla. - Psychology ROLLE, HELEN C - Nassau, Bahamas - Elementary Education Early Childhood Education. ROMANOWSKI K CHARLES - Pittsburgh. Pa - Architec- ture - Tau Beta Pi, A. LAVA S C, Orange Key. ROMEO. AL J - Valley Stream. N.Y. - Accounting - Delta Sigma Pi (Social Chairman), Beta Alpha Psi. RON. MAYRA - Miami. Fla. - Communications - Ibis Year- book. ROOT, W. SCOTT - Murrysville. Pa. - Economics ROSE, HAL A. - Chicago, III. - Marketing - Hurricane Skiers. Intramurals. ROSENBERG. AMY L. - Great Neck. N.Y. - Art - Dean ' s List. Resident Assistant. ROSENBERG. LINDA S. - Roslyn. N.Y. - Elementary Education ROSENTHAL. LISA M. - Hartsdale, N.Y - Biology ROSES. TOMAS A. - Miami. Fla. - Physical Education. ROSS, SHERI A - Van Nuys. Ca - Business Administra- tion ROTH, BRANDON L. - Great Neck, N.Y. - General Business - Ibis Yearbook (Photographer). Pre-Legal Society (Chairman). Student Rights Agency (Com- missioner), AIESEC (Chairman). Reporter and Photographer - Hurricane. ROTH. DONNA A. - Miami. Fla. - Biology Chemistry - 159 EC Hurricane Flyers, Biology Club, Teaching Assistanship - Chemistry. ROTH, RICHARD J. - Miami, Fla. - Finance - Dean ' s List. ROUCH. MARY J. - Miami Springs, Fla. - Russian. ROZIER, SYLVIA - Miami, Fla. - Accounting - Beta Alpha Psi Fraternity, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. ROZWELL, MARK F. - Rochester, NY. - Management - Hurricane Flyers (President). Campus Sports Recrea- tion (Student Chairman), Council of Presidents. RUBENSTEIN, LESLIE J. - Palm Beach, Fla. - Elementary and Early Childhood Education - Guys and Dolls Thurs- day Mixed, Bowling. jM RUBIN. JAY J. - Chemistry Psychology - Residence Hall Gov ' t, Peer Counselor, Student Development Programs Seminars. Hospital Volunteer, City of Hope Charity Organization, Weight Lifting, Tennis, Tenor Sax- ophone, Alpha Epsilon Delta. President ' s Honor Roll. Dean ' s List. RUBIN, MARK H. - Swampscott, Mass - Chemistry - Ski Club RUDOLPH, RICHARD W - Hunt. Valley. Pa. - Com- munications. RUDNICK. BARRY - Wilmington, Del. - Business Manage- ment and Organization. RUHLY, SALLY L. - Mt. Lakes, N.J. - Anthropology. RUIZ, ANA L. - N. Merrick, N.Y. - Art Education - Delta Delta Delta Sororfty (Service Projects Chairman. Activities Chairman. Pledge Class President), National Art Educa- tion Association, Leadership Training Program, Resident Advisor - ' 68 Complex, Homecoming Court, Federation of Cuban Students. Bat Girls, Pre-Legal Society, Student Rights Commission Officer RUSH, SANDRA L. - Rockaway, N.J - English. RUSKIN, JAMES D. - Miami, Fla. - Chemistry - Alpha Ep- silon Delta (Historian). SACKS. JEFFREY M. - Mendham, N J. - Geology - Geodessy Geology Club, Biology Club, Phi Delta Theta (Officer). SACKSTEIN, ROSALINA R. - Miami, Fla. - Applied Music - Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Kappa Lambda Music Honorary, Sigma Alpha lota (Corresponding Secretary), UM Symphony Orchestra, UM Chamber Singers II. UM Contemporary Ensemble. SAFILLE, YASM1NE M. - Miami, Fla. - Elementary Educa- tion - Association of Students in Education. Dean ' s List. SAHLER, LAWRENCE G - Pittsford. N.Y - Biology. SALAZAR. FELICIA M. - Hialeah. Fla. - Architecture - American Institute of Architects Student Chapter, Associa- tion de Estudiantes Latinos de Arquitecture e Ingenieria (Board of Directors). ■.. ' : ' SALER, THOMAS D. - Wauwatosa. Wis. - Music Educa- SALGANIK, TERRY S. - Baltimore, Md. - Computer Science - Orange Key. Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kap- pa Honor Society, Women ' s Varsity Tennis Team. SALMONES. JOSE A - Miami Beach, Fla. - Electrical Engineering - Florida Engineering Society, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Dean ' s List. SALTMARSH, CHRISTOPHER W. - Jacksonville. Fla. - Biology, Chemistry - National Merit Scholar, Honors Scholarship, Dean ' s List, Presidents Honor Roll, Alpha Ep- silon Delta, Delta Theta Mu. Undergraduate Student Body Govt. SALUSTRO. JOHN W. - Cranlord. N.J. - Architecture. SAMUELS, PHILIP - Monsey. N.Y. - Marketing. SANCHEZ, HENRY J. - Hato Rey, PR. - Biology. SANCHEZ, MARITZA A. - Union City, N.J. - Psychology - Dean ' s List, Intramurals; Bowling. Homecoming Queen Contest. SANDBERG. PETER J. - North Miami. Fla. - Accounting - Dean ' s List. Presidents Honor Roll. Beta Gama Sigma Honor Sociely, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Honor Fraternity. SANDERS, ADRIENNE D. - Margate. N.J. - Sociology - Dean ' s List, Social Director. SANDERS, DUANE D. - Cincinnati. Ohio - Biology - UM Honor Scholarship. Honors Program, Biology Club. Tri- Beta Biology Honorary. Dean ' s List, Presidents Honor Roll. SANDERS. SANDRA L. - Tampa. Fla. - Speech Pathology - National Student Speech and Hearing Association. SANFORD. BARBARA A. - Coral Gables. Fla. - Political Science. SAN JORGE, MARIA C. - Miami, Fla. - Chemistry. SAN MARTIN, MIRTA C. - Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. - Psychology - Psi Chi Psychology Honorary, German Club, Mortar Board; Certificate of Commendation, Dean ' s List, Psychology Advising Program (Director), Peer Advisor and Senior Advisor. SANTIA, WAYNE E. - North Scituate, Mass. - Computer Science - Dean ' s List. Presidents Honor Roll, Arnold Air Society. AFROTC (Commander), Intramurals; Football, Softball, Table Tennis, Band of The Hour, Orange Key, Carni Gras participant. Homecoming participant. XKE. SARACENO, ANN R. - Hollywood. ' Fla. - Psychology. Creative Writing - Dean ' s List, Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta Mu. SARNACK, ROBERT A. - Rochester, N.Y. - Biology - Space Cadets. SAUL, LISA A. - Miami Beach. Fla. - English - Dean ' s List, French Club (Officer). SAVITZ. RANDOLPH B. - North Woodmere, N.Y. - Finance - Pre-Legal Society (Co-Chairperson), Honors in Dept. of Legal Affairs. Student Rights Agency (Comm.). SAWYER. MAUREEN C. - Milford, Conn. - Economics. SCAPPATICCIO, JAMES S. - Coral Gables, Fla. - Psychology - Dean ' s List, Urn Honor Scholarship, Depart- ment of Psychology (Research Assistant, Academic Ad- vising, Senior Honors). SCHAFFER, MARLA B. - Brookville, N.Y. - Psychology. SCHAMPAN. GEOFFREY, B. - Edina, Minn. - Psychology - Open Door. SCHERTZER, IVAN A. - Miami Beach. Fla. - Sociology - Pre-Legal Society (Chairperson of Executive Committee). Dean ' s List. SCHILD. DAVID A. - Escondido. Calif. - Geography - Dean ' s List. Hurricane Flyers, Gamma Theta Upsilon. SCHIMMEL, ERIC P. - Harrison. N.Y. - Communications - Ibis Yearbook (Editor), Miami Hurricane Staff (Writer, Photographer), Rathskeller Advisory Board (Secretary), Student Entertainment Committee. Board of Publications. SCHILKIE, WILLIAM J. - Union City. N.J. - Chemistry - Presidents Honor Roll. Debate Team, American Society of Pre-Oental Students, Chemistry Club. SCHNEIDER. LINDA D. - White Plains, N.Y. - Sociology. SCHNEIDER. PHYLLIS A - Miami. Fla. - Sociology. SCHNEIDER. ROBERTE. - Kansas City. Mo. - Accounting. Finance - Dean ' s List. H r SCHOENMAN. DANIEL D. - Mansfield, Ohio - Biology - Alpha Epsilon Delta Honor Society. Beta Beta Beta Honor Society, Dean ' s List, Biology Club, Hurricane Flyers. SCHOLZ. RUDOLF W. - Mountainside, N.J. - Marketing. SCHROEDER. DAVID J. - Gloversville, N.Y. - English - Dean ' s List. English Honors. Rathskeller, WVUM (Disc Jockey). SCHULMAN, LINDA S. - Great Neck, N.Y. - Psychology - Intramurals Representative, Sailing Club. SCHWARTZ. ALAN M. - Miami. Fla. - Chemistry - Zeta Beta Tau, Dean ' s List, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Interfraternity Council (J udicial Com- mittee Chairman). r SCHWARTZ, MARK S. - Lido Beach. N.Y. - Com- munications - Phi Eta Sigma. Environment!, WVUM Sports Staff. | SCULFORT. MONIQUE M. - Westwood, N.J. - Art Educa- tion - Dean ' s List. Sailing Club, National Art Education Association. SEABROOK. BETTY J. - Jacksonville, Fla. - Politics and Public Affairs - United Black Students (Secretary), Young Democrats, University African Dance Movement, Univer- sity Gospel Movement. Executive Cabinet of Student Government (Secretary of University Affairs). SEADER. ROBERT B. - East Meadow, N.Y. - Business Ad- ministration. SEIDEN, EVELYN S. - Coral Gables, Fla. - Photography, Art - Swim Team ' Timette ' , Ibis Yearbook (Photographer). Hurricane (Photographer). Red Cross Water Safety Instructor, Lifeguard. SELEZ, ELENA B. - Philadelphia, Pa. - Communications - Alpha Lambda Delta. Sigma Delta Chi (Secretary). Stu- dent Orientation Service. Dean ' s List, Presidents Honor Roll, Miami Hurricane (News Editor, Copy Editor). SENYITKO, DEBORAH F. - Fairview Park, Ohio - Physical Education - Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sisters (President). Phi Epsilon Kappa, Hurricane Honeys, Greek Week Com- mittee. SERRALTA, GADELAY D. - Miami, Fla. - Elementary Education. Early Childhood. SHAPIRO, LINDA A. - Oakhurst, N.J. - Special Education - Alpha Epsilon Phi (Social Chairperson). Student Rights Committee, Dean ' s List. SHARPS, NADINE L. - Queens Village. N.Y. - Hurricane (Copy Desk). SHAUGHNESSY, JOHN F. - Miami. Fla. - Biology, Chemistry - Alpha Epsilon Delta (Treasurer), Dean ' s List, Presidents Honor Roll. Biology Club. SHAW, ANNE E. - Coral Gables, Fla. - Sociology - Delta Delta Delta, Hurricane Honeys (Captain). SHELLY, KAREN R. - Coral Gables, Fla. - Nursing. SHERWIN. LOUIS L. - Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. - Political Science - Karate Club, Dean ' s List, Pre-Legal Society. SHLADOVER, ELLEN L. - Baldwin, N.Y. - Medical Technology - Dean ' s List. Biology Club. Medical Technology Club. Intramural Sports. SHOOSTINE, JEFFREY H. - South Huntington, N.Y. - Politics and Public Affairs - Dean ' s List. Presidents Honor Roll, Phi Kappa Phi, Pre-Legal Society, USBG (Election Commission), Minor Disciplinary Hearing Panel, Selection and Review Committee For Minor Discipline. SIEGMEISTER. DIANE - Great Neck. N.Y. - Elementary Education - Dean ' s List. Carni Gras Hostess. SIEJA, CHERYL A. - Elmhurst, III. - Business Management and Organization. SILVER, JILL L, - North Franklin, Conn. - Psychology - Cir- cle K. Leadership Training, Human Potential Seminars. AE, AIESEC. SILVERMAN, BARBARA R. - North Miami. Fla. - Marketing - American Marketing Association (President). Florida Public Interest Research Group (Vice-President), Roadrunners, USGB (Senator), Direct Mail Marketing Scholarship. SIMON, SOL G. - ( " Scoop " ) - Pottstown, Pa. - Com- munications - WVUM (Sports Director), Sigma Delta Chi (President), Student Board of Publications, Orange Key Honor Society, Supervisor For Campus Sports and Recreation. SIMMONS, ROBERT T. - Coral Gables. Fla. - Biology. SINGER. SYDNEE R. - Scarsdale, N.Y. - Music Education - Marching Band. USBG (Secretary of University Affairs), Mortarboard. Archontes, Sigma Alpha lota Music Frater- nity (Chaplain). S.O.S.. 960 Coordinator. SIST, ANGELA M. - Tresckow. Pa. - Architectural Engineering - American Society of Civil Engineers. American Institute of Architects. Florida Engineering Society, Society of Women Engineers. SKIRPAN, PAIGE E. - Monessen. Pa. - General Business - Delta Gamma, TTKE Little Sister, Varsity Cheerleader. SKRAK. JAMES R. - Chicago, III. - History - Sigma Chi Fraternity, Hurricarre Skiers, Phi Epsilon Kappa Honorary, Delta Delta Delta (Sweetheart), Student Entertainment Committee, Intramural Football All-star Team. SKRIPPS, THERESA E. - Pittsburgh. Pa. - Physical Educa- tion - Dean ' s List, Presidents Honor Roll, Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi. SLAGLE, WILLIAM P. - Houston, Tex. - Mechanical Engineering - American Society of Mechanical Engineers (President). Florida Engineering Society, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma. SLOAN, LYNDA B. - Seaford. N.Y. - Special Education - Association of Students in Education. Council For Excep- tional Children. Student Rights Agency, Student Orienta- tion Service. SLONIM. GARY R. - Buffalo. N.Y. - International Marketing - Special Projects Committee (Chairperson). A.I.E.S.E.C. SLOVICH. MICHEAL - Independence, Ohio - Accounting - Intramurals. Dean ' s List, Presidents Honor Roll. Beta Alpha Psi Honorary. SLOVITT, NANCY A. - Seaford, N.Y. - Special Education. SLOVY. LAWRENCE S. - Flossmoor, III. - Business Management and Origanizatlon. SMITH. CHRISTOPHER J. - Springfield. Ohio - Biology - F,$K (Vice-President, President), Biology Club, Water Polo Club, Dean ' s List. SMITH, MARY H. - Campobello, S.C. - Nursing - Representative Scholastic Standing Committee, Dean ' s List, Presidents Honor Roll. SMITH, ROBERT G. - Greenport, N.Y. - Accounting - iin. SMITH, SANDRA G. - Coral Gables, Fla. - General Business - Dean ' s List, Intramurals; Volleyball, Football, Track, Softball, Alpha Kappa Alpha (Tamiouchos, Parliamentarian). SMITH, WARREN H. - Newark, Del. - Music - Music School Student-Faculty Council, Band of The Hour. SNELL, KENNETH D. - Oconomowoc. Wis. - Chemistry. SNELLING, GLENN W. - Dewitt, N.Y. - Business Manage- ment and Organization - Hurricane Skiers. SNYDER, ROYAL E. III. ESQUIRE - Wescosville. Pa. - Drama - Phi Eta Sigma, Orange Key (V ice-President in charge of Tapping), Alpha Psi Omega. Campus Crusade For Christ, Baptist Campus Ministry, Lutheran Student Movement. Dean ' s List. SOEDER. JON H. - Oakland. Calil. - Art. Biology - UM Art Scholarship, UM Honors Scholarship, Presidents Honor Roll, Planetary Citizens (President), N.S.F. Studies Grant for Entomological Research For South America. Circle K, Int. (Lt. Gov. Dist. XIII Cal-Nev. Ha). SOLERNOU. HILDA A. - Miami. Fla. - Sociology - Alpha Lambda Delta. SOLOMON. CYNTHIA - Baltimore. Md. - Human Services. SPAAR, JOHN R. - Reading, Pa. - Geology - Resident Assistant. Peer Counseling, S.O.S.. Circle K, Scuba Club. Leadership Training, Geodossey. SPAGNOLA, TERESA A. - Chicago. III. - Geography - Ma- jorette, Flag Corp, German Club, Dean ' s List, GTU (Secretary). SPAMER, DONNA A. - Pittsburgh, Pa. - Psychology - Biology Club, Dean ' s List, Women ' s Swim Team. SPARKS, GUY R. - Coral Gables, Fla. - Biology, Chemistry - Dean ' s List, Presidents Honor Roll. SPENCER, CHARLES B. Ill - Bronxville, N.Y. - Accounting - American Marketing Association. SPENCE-WARD, LOLA J. - Coral Gables, Fla, - Elemen- tary Education. SPIELER, HOWARD K. - Flushing, N.Y. - Biology. SPIEWAK. MARC A. - Hallandale, Fla. - Accounting - Delta Sigma Pi. SPIRITO, JAMES E. - Manchester. Conn. - Engineering - American Institute of Industrial Engineers, Society of Manufacturing Engineers. SPITZER, MORRY W. - Miami, Fla. - Accounting - Delta Sigma Pi (Chancellor), Roadrunners (Treasurer), Orange Key Honor Society (Treasurer), USBG (Senate Parliamen- tarian), Nova Science Fiction Club. STATER. CHRISTOPHER W. - Rio Piedras, PR. - Architectural Engineering - Puerto Rico Olympic Sailing __. West Allenhurst, N.J. - Politics and Medellin. Columbia - Music Team. STEED, DAVID L. - Jones Boro, Ark Affairs - Honors Dorm Governor, (Business Manager). s STEIN. DEBRA P. - Miami. Fla. - Mathematics - List STEIN, ROBERT J. • Miami Beach, Fla. - Chemistry. STEINBERG, JILL E. - Miami, Fla - Sociology - Roadrunners (Secretary), Multiple Sclerosis Dance Marathon (Music Coordinator). USBG (Election Commis- sion Chairperson), Student Union Program Council. Freshmen Student Academic Peer Advisor, institutional Self-Study Committee, Union Board of Governors. " Speakeasies. " Student Activities Student Assistant. Gardner-Harper Committee (Executive Secretary), Homecoming Executive Committee, Delta Phi Epsilon (President). Leadership Training Program, Video Tape Services. Carni Gras Executive Committee, Orange Key. Rho Lambda. Theta Delta. Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta. Student Orientation Service. Student Entertainment Committee (Secretary). Who ' s Who In American Univer- sities and Colleges. Presidents Award, Phi Sigma Sigma (May A, Brunson Outstanding Pledge Award). Student Ac- tivities Dept. Award. UBOG Award. Homecoming Carnl Gras Award. Dade County Election Registrar. Tevye and His Daughters " Student Play (Stage Manager). STEMPEL, RICHARD C. - Miami, Fla. - Civil Engineering. STEVENS. LYNN M - Oakhurst. N.J - Physical Sal - Phi Epsilon Kappa. STEWART. MICHEAL J. - Ft Lauderdl Design - Museum Advisory Board. STIEGLITZ. ALAN - Rye, H T - Communicatio STIRN. KELVIN H, - Cleveland, Ohio - Communications - Video Tape Services (Technician). STITT, BONNYE R. - Birmingham, Ala - Mather Mortar Board (Historian), Phi Kappa HI, Monor Disciplinary Apellate Board, Student Orientation Service. United Black Students. STOCK. CHARLES W. - South Miami. Fla. - Biology. Chemistry - Dean ' s List. ,f STOKEY. ARTHUR C. - Wetohung, N.J - CSC. STOLLER, CINDY J. - Dallas. Tex. - Education - Sigma Delta Tau Sorority. STOUT. RICHARD R. Public Affairs. STRAUSS. JENNIE Literature. STRASHUN. MARCY - Fort Lee. N.J. - Special Education - Teachers Association. Council For Exceptional Children. STRIEWIG, PAMELA L - Camp Hill, Pa ' - Business Management - Certificate of Merit: Management Con- sulting, Management Dept. STUART, PATRICIA B. - Villanova, Pa. - Marketing. SUAREZ, NORMA - Miami, Fla. - Mathematics Education - Roadrunners (75-77 Intramural Representative), Phi Kap- pa Phi, Delta Theta Mu. Alpha Lambda Delta (Vice- President). Federation of Cuban Students, Honors Program, Intramurals (75 Foul-Shooting Champion). Bicy- cle Race Champion (75 and 77). SULLIVAN. MICHEAL E. - East Moline. III. - Business Management and Organization - Delta Sigma Pi (Secretary. Social Chairman). Carni Gras (Publicity Chairperson), Alpha Phi Omega (Pledge Class President). Baseball Team SUM, MARILYN S. - Salamnca. N.Y. - Special Education - Dean ' s List, Presidents Honor Roll, Sailing Club. SUMMERS. DONNA J. H - Hammond. Ind. - Business Management and Organization. SUSKAVER. LINDA M. - Long Beach. N.Y. - Elementary Education. Early Childhood Education. SUSKIN. MINDY B. - Brooklyn. N.Y. - Marketing. SUSSMANE, JEFFREY B. - New Brunswick. N.J. - Chemistry - Iron Arrow (Medicine Man). Presidents Honor Roll. Band of The Hour (Band Captain. Drillmaster), SAFAC. Phi Mu Alpha. m SUSSMANE. KENNETH S New Brunswick, N.J. - Politics and Public Affairs - Delta Theta Mu, Pi Sigma Alpha, Phi Mu Alpha. Band of the Hour. Dean ' s List. SWANSON. LAURIE A. - Ft. Meyers. Fla. - Civil Engineer- ing - Tau Beta Pi. Dean ' s List. Presidents Honor Roll. Florida Engineering Society. Ski Club. American Society of Civil Engineers. SWIFT, PETER J. - Saginaw. Mich. - Architecture. SYDOR. NATALIE A. - Glen Ellyn, III. - Foreign Language - Delta Gamma (Vice President. Rush Chairperson, Scholarship and Rituals Chairperson), J.V. Cheerleader, Sugarcanes-Batgirls (Captain), Orange Key Honorary, Phi Kappa Phi. Pre-Legai Society, Dean ' s List. Ukranian Club. Russian Club, Presidents Honor Roll. Miss Miami 76. TAGHIEFF. FEIZOLLAH - Tehran, IririL Civil Engineering. TAMBOR. PAMELA S. - Miami. Fla. - Applied Piano Music - Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Alpha lota. Phi Kappa Phi. University Symphony Orchestra. TANDRON, ILEANA J - Miami, Fla. - Alpha Epsilon Delta. German Club (Vice President). TANNENBAUM, LESLIE - Miami. Fla. - Sigma Delta Chi. Delta Sigma Pi. Omlcron Delta Kappa Carni Gras Ex- ecutive Committee 77. Hurricane Newspaper (News Editor. Entertainment Editor) Dean ' s List. TATE, DIXIE A. - Winter Park, Fla. - Communications - Dean ' s List, Entertainment Writer (Hurricane) Hurricane TAUB. LORI Y. - Miami, Beach, Fla. - Marketing. TAYLOR, ROBERT - Bradenton. Fla. - Marketing - Sigma Alpha Epsilon. TEITELBAUM. BONNIE R. - St. Louis. Mo- Music Educa- tion - Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Kappa Phi, Music Educators National Conference TRUESDALE. SUSAN L. - Berkeley Heights. N.J. - Marketing - American Marketing Association TELLO. ALFONSO C. - Pembroke Pines, Fla. - Civil Engineer - American Society of Civil Engineers TERDOSLAVICH, ARTHUR E - Maywood, N.J - Marketing - President ' s Honor Roll. Dean ' s List. Beta Gamma Sigma. Phi Kappa Phi, Environment, American Marketing Association. Miami Hurricane (Production Manager). THAYER. DAVID R. - Chevy Chase. Maryland - Electrical Engineering. THOMPSON, PROBYN - Somerset. N.J. - Politics and Public Affairs - U.S.B.G. (Senator, Speaker Protempove). Alpha Phi Alpha. Order of Omega. Rathskellar Advisory Board (Chairman). Speakeasies, Air Force R.O.T.C. T1EDT. DOUGLAS L. - Miami. Fla. - Chemistry - Delta Theta Mu, Dean ' s List. TOLEDO. OSCAR - Miami, Fla. - Electrical Engineering - Fla. Engineering Society. Institute of Electrical and Elec- tronic Engineers. Eta Kappa Nu. TOMBANK, ILLENE R - Hamden. Conn. - Speech Com- nunications. DOKES. KENNETH E - Opa-Locka. Fla. - Accounting. TOPOLOSKY. JONI B - Columbus, Ohio - Elementary Education. ' aV j TORMALA, DEBORAH A. - Lake Worth. Fla. - Nursing - Alpha Lambda Delta (Secretary). Student Nurses Assoc. (Secretary). Sigma Theta Tau, Delta Phi Epsilon, President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s List. TOSADO, DENISE M. - Rio Piedras. P.R. - Public Relations - Resident Assistant, University Services Organization (Vice-President), Archontes (Secretary. Treasurer), TOWFIGHf. ASGHAR - North Miami, Fla. - Industrial Engineering. fri-fj TRAN, KIMDUNG T. - Coral Gables. Fla - Nursing. - TRASOBARES, ALINA H - Miami, Fla. - Architecture -j A.E.L.A.I.. (Board of Directors). American Institute of Architects. TRESSER, SUSAN - Hollywood, Fla -Chemistry, French - Honors Program, Student Academic Advising (Peer Ad- visor). Hlllel, ' Community Publications. " TUDOR. GENE G. - Hialeah, Fla. - Chemistry. TUFANO, JEFFERY J. - Schenectedy, N.Y, munications - AERho. TURNER, CHARLES T. - Birmingham. Ala. - Marketing. UGHETTA, HENRY L. Ill - Scarsdale. N.Y. - Architecture - American Institute of Architects Student Chapter. URBAUER, MARIANNE - Forest Park. III. - Biology - Dean ' s List. i sfi USATEGUI, LYDIA M. - Miami, Fla. - Chemistry, Psychology - Federation of Cuban Students, Alpha Ep- silon Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Psi Chi, Delta Theta Mu. Orange Key. Dean ' s List, Presidents Honor Roll. VALTETSIOTIS, JUAN F. - Coral Gables. Fla. - Electrical Engineering. VARYPATIS. ATHANASIOS E. - Coral Gables, Fla. - Civil Engineering - COISO. VELASCO. PAUL D. - Chile - Business. VIANI, JOHN P. - Lake Park, Fla. - Finance - Dean ' s List Pre-Legal Society, Environmental Club. VON ZAMFT. SUSAN A. - Miami. Fla. - Psychology. VOS8IKIAN. MALCOLM - Miami. Fla. - Accounting. VOSCHIN, MATTHEW J. - Williamstown, N.J. - Business Management and Organization - American Marketing Association, Sailing Club. WADOELL. JEFFREY W. - Chicago. III. - Communications - Lambda Chi Alpha, Miami Rugby Club. WALDMANN, ALISA A. - Ft. Lauderdale, Fla - Economics. Politics - Dorm Government. Lecture Series, Political Science Honorary, Academic Hearing Panel. Pre-Legal Society. 3 WALKER. GSBALDINE G - St Thomas. Jamaica W.I. - Social Studies. WALKER. THOMAS R. - Miami, Fla - International Finance and Marketing - Alpha Phi Omega (President), Brasil 76 (Vice-President). WARD, CAROL R. - Homestead, Fla - Math WATCHORN, THOMAS M. - Miami, Fla. - Management ,. WATSON, ALAN J. Jr. - Joppatowne, Md. - Architectural ' Engineering - Army ROTC Scholarship. WAXMAN. LAURIE K. - Chicago, III. - Painting - Student Rights Agency, USBG Special Service Award. WEAVER. PATRICIA A. - Orlando. Fla. - Drama. WEINER, EDWARD G. - Peabody. Ma. - Psychology - Pfil Kappa Phi. Mahoney Pearson Complex (governor). Stu- dent Orientation Services. Leadership Training Program. Phi Eta Sigma, Campus Sports and Recreation (Super- visor). Intramurals (Official). Archontes Society. WEISS, CAMILLA L. - Sutfern. N.Y. - Psychology WEISS, CAROLE M - Miami Beach, Fla. - Politics and Public Affairs. WEISS. EARL W - Miami. Fla - General Business - Dean s List. WEISS. JOHN 0. - Melrose Park. III. - Insurance. WELLENS, LYNDA E - South Miami, Fla - Art - Phi Lamb- da Pi. Phi LKappa Phi WEST, MICHEAL E. - Spring Arbor, Mich. - Drama - Drama Council. Ring Theatre. WESTBROOK. MARIAN K - Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. - Business Management. Marketing - Dean ' s List. WHEATON. CYNTHIA W - West Miami, Fla - Psychology - Dean ' s List WIEDMAN. HUGH E. - Traverse City. Mich. - Biology - Dean ' s List, Biology Club. Hurricane Skiers, Parachute Club WIENER, LINDA F. - Livingston, N.J. - Biology - Environ- ment. Intramurals, Tri Beta. WIGGLESWORTH, JAMES D - Northfield. III. - Architec- ture - Sigma Chi, American Institute ot Architects. Band of the lfl ka l ' BKS WILLIAMS. CYNTHIA F. - East Palatka. Fla - Politics and Public Affairs - Mortar Board, Political Science Honor Society, Union Board of Governors. Minor Disciplinary Panel, Alpha Kappa Alpha (President), Student Faculty Committee, Dean ' s List. WILLIAMS, BRUCE M - Gainsville, Fla - Chemistry. Biology - CMS, Glee Club. Concert Band. WILLIAMS. MARVIS D. - Lakeland. Fla - Elemenatry Education and Early Childhood - Delta Sigma Theta (Vice- President), Association ot Students in Education (Ex- ecutive Board), Hurricane Honey. United Black Students. Panhellemc Representative. WILLIAMS, SUE A. - Troy, Pa. - Early Childhood and Elementary Education - Sigma Chi (Sweetheart). Panhellenic (President). Alpha Delta Pi (President). Rho Lambda, Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Univer- sities. B WILLIAMSON, ANNETTE D. - Miami. Fla. - Finance - Zeta Phi Beta. JU WILLIAMSON, JEFF A. - Coral Gables. Fla. - English. Creative Writing - Alpha Epsilon Rho Omega Chapter. UM Film Society (Vice-President). UM Student Food Co- op (President), Hurricane (Contributing Entertainment Writer). Beaumont Cinema (Projectionist). WILSON. VALERIE H. - Opa-locka. Fla. -Communications - Hurricane (Sports Writer) WINSTEN, STAN D. - Rockville Centre. N.Y. - Political Science - Pre-Legal Society (President), Dean ' s List WITTPENN, GREGORY P. Ft Meyers Beach. Fla. Chemistry - AED. Phi Kappa Phi. Purple Threads. WOHL. SHEREE L. - Monsey. N Y. - Elementary Educ a- WOIKENBERG, CAROL L. - South Miami, Fla. - Sociology. WOOLERY, CHERYL A. - Glendora, N.J. - Accounting. WONG, MARILYN A - Schenectedy N.Y. - Architecture - American Institute of Architects (President), Resident Assistant 68 Complex. City of Hallandale Merit Award For Design. SOS. Timettes, Golden T-Square Award. WORTH, PATRICIA A. - Salisbury. Mass. - Speech Com- munications - Pi Kappa Aloha Little Sisters. AIESEC, WORTMAN. NANCY P. - Spring Valley. N Y. - Sociology - VIP Program. Intramurals. WRIGHT, BEVERLY A. - Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. - Politics and Public Affairs - Dean ' s List. USBG Supreme Court Justice. United Black Students. Alpha Kappa Alpha WYATT. ROBERT C. - Acton, Mass - Biology - Tn-Beta Honorary (President), Mahoney-Pearson Dorm Council. Intramural Sports. f lr B YELLIN. SHEREE B. - Farmington, Conn - Special Educa- tion - Dean ' s List. YESPICA. VICTOR R. - Coral Gables. Fla. - Accounting. ZAHZEH. TAHAR - Tlemcen. Algeria - Industrial Engineer- ing, ZAKEN. HARVEY - North Bellmore. NY. - Accou Beta Alpha Psi (Treasurer). ZEHRER. CINDY L - Swanville. Minn. - N Presidents Honor Roll. Dean ' s List. «•] ZIAJKA. PAUL E - Utica. N.Y - Biology. Physi J Beta Beta. Sigma Pi Sigma. Privileged Studies. V ZIMMER. ROBERT J. - Rochester, N.Y. - Economics - Dean ' s List. Intramurals. H ZISQUIT. NANCY J - East Providence. R.I. - Graphic vM Resident Assistant. fj ZLOTKIN. JANN B. - New Egypt. N.J - Communications - WVUM. SEC (Assistant Chairman! Hurricane. Ibis.CBS Representative. Spamerte. D A w , R 4 R. ZOOK. JUDY R - East Hartford, Conn. - Speech and Hear- ing. % ♦» - 1 ZUCKERMAN. OEBflA A. - Providence. R.I. - Education ZUNDELL. VALERIE - Coral GatHee. Fla - Speech and Hearing - NSSHA. American Speech and Hearing Association. P . . . new faces ... 8 am classes . . . filling out cards in triplicate . . . fighting bureaucracy . . .long lines . . . parties next door when you ' re trying to sleep . . . Happy Hour at the Rat . . . How ' s it going . . . What ' s happeining . . . more lines . . . scrounging for a lounge chair at the pool . . . doing anything instead of studying . . . change machines. . .WVUM. . . being awakened by the ROTC drills . . . sitting in on the wrong class . . . wishing you were home . . . lobby rats . . . checking the weather back home . . . being glad you ' re here . . . 162 donna franklin 163 tony blank . . . lumpy beds . . . communal bathrooms . . . broken elevators . . . loud stereos . . . ordering piz- zas . . . cashing checks . . . catching the rays . . . football games at the Orange Bowl . . . roommate roulette . . . lunch lines ... a choice between leftover lef- tovers or ptomaine poisining . . . losing your I.D. . . . Sun-Tan-U Shirts. . . getting locked outwear- ing only a towel . . . doing all your reading on the last night . . . first floor of the library . . . every other seat . . . test procters . . . com- puter grades . . . dropping a class 164 taytum, steve vocmo 165 evelyn seiden . . . finding someone nice . . . wining and din- ing at Burger King . . . similar tastes . . . bigger phone bills . . . staying up all night to watch the sunrise . . . exchanging " Vaso- grams " . . . boning up on Mrs. G . . . last se- cond jitters . . . breaking up . . . counting the days . . . needless worry . . . making up . . . partying late and sleeping later . . . parting kisses . . . write-soons . . . last looks. a.e. roberts, III 166 ' •■ «it c brandon roth 167 DELTA SOCIETY . Aylward |a E. B, J. Buk ' ft. Goldb W. Hig [J. Kress Luster ,Reed antos, Jr. Ranees Serantes Dott J. s erman ?ter B. Wevttrau net M. Wa erich t id L. Wals Jr. 1 |y A. Zasloff bile Blumenthal |IV|a Cancela Sarman Carrodegua: Fred Chikovsky Annlfe Calmer Diana DasVal Mary Ester D Douglas Dyioi dichael Du tin Debora Tina Patrici a Fre ' i es Garvi mbda Delta is a NATIONAL HONOR h honors high scholastic achievement ' ir$ year in college. Membership in Alpha s open to all freshman students who lastic qualification. The purpose of the stated in the constitution is to promote and a high standard of learning and to perior scholastic attainment among the udents in all colleges and universities. activities Alpha Lambda Delta sponsors al events, raises money for charities, and conducts oring service. Ann Pompe Sara Puga Ramon Ricondo Jorge Rodriguez Laura Russo Julianne Sampley William Sattin Kirk Schoeman Sheila Torres Suzanne Turner Ana Viamonte Cindy Vova Leslie Wertheim Joe Widmayer Steven Zeichner Mary Ann Schuder Charles Sell Susan Simons Gary Stoloff Georgina Tercilla Mindy Bakst Scott Britan Freda Burstyn Thomas Byrd Gerald Cahill Richard Ferchaud, Jr. Leslie Fox Maria Frexes David Goldberg Jay Kolman Richard Newman Marjorie Porter Carlyle Williams BETA GAMMA SIGMA HONORARY BUSINESS SOCIETY NOR merit ilpha who (the note ndto J the lilies. isors ducts OFFICERS Prof. James W. Foley - President Ms. Donnie M. Reiss - Vice President Mr. Benjamin B. Walters - Secretary-Treasurer mdo guez » mpiey tin nan st m heim yer diner Jchuder ons I ercilia st i rtyn nil rtaud, J ' . n swman orter lliams INITIATES HONORARY MEMBER Arthur H. Hertz HONORARY FACULTY MEMBER Donald R. Johnson, Ph. D. GRADUATE STUDENTS Lourdes Alonso Susan Butler Ann Fisher William Hess Douglas O ' Connel Richard Parisen George Robertson and ace dministratii caAon in th fo««L integr s this pur g4s ave ™ oW s American Finblly n 193. in Beta wamma Sigme f MBmiVhapter. Bet! nd f ps itn embelrs ii In 1907, the founders of Bet forth the purpose of the societ; reward scholars students of busin vancement of e business, and to business operatio Through the but other major dja Gamma Sigma Jlasj recognized by ie Schools of Bupntssi ble for mem The Uni was fou Semest UNDERGRADUA1 Carmen Adai Raul Alvarez Robert Anderl?r Kenneth Barn; Patrick Barron Steve Basha Francisco Blanc Audrey Branson Lewis Chapman Patricia Chicvara Mark SJBqnroy Victor CpBia Edwardfcepd Maria ■ Frad Patrick . Ga Allen GBtmail Luis F. ■ernindd Richardm. Minsj StephenWiAis Richard m. Kauffn; Monika Kirvyan Allan K k Geoffref D Melindf Lai Gillian lord Deniseft-ue Melvinfc. Mann Raul MYrmol Diane Msrcure Clifford l ller Vicki Mitcfell Eileen Mo Jane Moy Estalle Nahm James CHearrf David F. Paulse Isabel Peruyera Richard S. Pipkin Ralph Polachak ai o Ii n.Jto ai ir iigmi set} !ncciulage and imeVA am ng jrompipMhe ind pcjeAce lOiduV ie of ise lias pldLe. II istiV hoi enUlyW clanc 1 B€ ot societ otegra [ere eligi- 01 Florida, hkSprir De b a R PuyaWic Josefina Rigol y nertino Rodrig isellA 3ozen iter Si ndberg larles " Savoca Ar hur T ardoslav. Cr pies T»rre 1 Th Imas Wieleba He fryE. vounJ Ge ry Zie aer lez, JUL! ean Edward J. kssociJ Dean t Benjamin B. Assistant DeaJ Aud ey Da )r. Wlliam . La )r. Nithol A. Glapkowsky, r. Jalmefl W. ? DpnafAA. ' ox. ers idsea ley Ker Ver Dr. Ja fDr. Th Dr. Ci a Zafcr amfes C. adak ' anpteinh it Robots I A. ShitVey s A. Sawer as A. Nalello E. B. Mct4n ner ukowskal Dr. IrAin Kruger Dr. William G. Heu Dr Malcolm Golde son 171 RHA DELm HAPTER OFFIG£BS MA TH JAJUPSILON GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY De Blij r. Alderman rof. Kreske Dr. Owre Mark Banta Barbara Thiele Bruce Lichtenstein Stephen Gibbons Bill Becker Dr. Hehr OMICRON DELTA EPSILON ECONOMICS HONOR SOCIETY Omicron Delta Epsilon, the economics honor society, is an inter- national organization with 253 chapters in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and South Africa. Omicron Delta Epsilon seeks to recognize scholastic achievement in economics, to promote closer ties between economics, students, and faculty and to facilitate the exchange of information and views on economic matters. Undergraduate students are eligible for membership if they have an overall grade-point average of ' B ' or better, and if they have a ' B ' or better average in at least twelve credit hours of economics. Graduate students who maintain a ' B ' or better average are also eligible for membership. Candidates must be persons with high ethical and professional standards. No one, however, is denied membership on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, or national origin. MEMBERS Leonard L. Arnaiz Servia B. Bugallo Brian A. LjypG reene indolph Schleef James A. Stoclj Gary Zeiglg 173 ILON DELTA OR SOCIETY e n. apiapue vic John V. stiaughriewy Elizabeth Vfhemcatk yi JameslD. MusKioryHwlc lleana II. anopm - Mtyvffl Coordinator Barry pLfEpef - wdcuXve Board Advisor Dr. G»oroJ |aiJ tculty Advisor President asurer Secretary John Lori Atye Elizabe Bernardrtji George Zubin Bal Abram BeH Leslie Bern: Jerome Ira |win Bosa MrVuel Brito TimWiy Brofcks FrankVl. Busse Jorge Viis Campafa Jose H. lCanfllo Pedro CalyajMl Steven E. fchlvous|ie Natalio J. Oheniak Cynthia Isabel Cljiefa ' llhon Bruce uhapy : jrew Cohe RidWrd Coopertjia k PeterTl Crisera ames DeVoing rmen C. nernande; Rd erto J. Fe andez MarlVne Fletch Fred Yreedman Richar B. Furloi ?amela . Gallag anciscoWaarcia TeVy Garn Sco Gasiorel Lawrance D. Gi .DaiseGranado touglaV G. Greene PeW FV3rom Hector C. Ramos Alfred H. Rivera Eugene Albert Rivera Lourdes Rivero Irma Rey Jorge Rodriguez Julio Rodriguez Carol G. Rosch Robert Rosen Neil E. Rosendranz Jay J. Rubin James D. Ruskin N. Bradford Ruthberg Christopher Saltmarsh Philip Sanchez Kenneth Schiffmann Ruth Schobel Daniel Dean Schoeman Lynn T. Schumacher John F. Shaughnessy Calvin B. Sher lleana J. Tandron Douglas Tiedt Maria Tiffany Lourdes Maria Trigo Gene Tudor Kelly Thomas Ludia Maria Usategui Peter Vanhouten Luisa M. Vazquez Raul Vila Anthony M. Visalli Lewis Weinberger Caryle Williams Gregory P. Wittpen Robert B. Wise PHI LAMBDA PI Women ' s Scholastic Society OFFICERS Mary Pond - President Barbara Sims - Vice President Jane Marchi - Vice President Claire Mohel - Vice President Antoinette Schenk - Secretary Hilda Dietrich - Treasurer Florence Baskin - Chaplain Mary Natiello - Historian Louise Mills - Faculty Adviser Phi Lambda Pi is Greek fraternity, foulde Louisiana State UnJ er organization is to erJbou scholarship among Ino social contacts amoig mirr honorary fraternity m m based upon definite sc MEMBERS Sharman E. Allen Aphrodite Alexandrakis Florence Baskin Deborah Bazzone Rena F. Borovay Barbara Dean Hilda Dietrich Malinda Eades Arcie Ewell Ann D. Freeman Pauline Hevia Susan Himburg Ethel Johnson Kathryn Lancas Antoinette LePage Judith Leysdon Elizabeth Licht Jane Marchi Barbara McManus Frances G. Megias Claire W. Mohel Ruben De Leon Patrick Gannon Carmen Rebello Lillian Reyes Michael Zimmerman ELIGIBLE MEMBERS FOR FALL, 1976 Ellen R. Berkson John W. Edwards Mark S. Embree Thomas J. Fernandez Deith A. Lovendosky John E. Mufson Dawn C. Nereim Anne Noble Gary H. Nunes A R SOCIETY a Alpha is the national political science ty. To be considered for membership a stu- have completed at least twelve credit hours ir g and Public Affairs and have maintained a 3.0 ave rage both overall and in the field of politics. At the University of Miami, Pi Sigma Alpha, Delta Pi Chapter, has over the years invited distinguished speakeT»yto address its membership and honored guests. Among such speakers have been the public defender, (|;ounty manager, county commissioners, n, outstanding scholars, and public ad . In addition, panels, seminars, and specia have been held from time to time to allow to exchange views with faculty and professionals from various fields. Richard A. Remmert Betty J. Seabrook Louis Sherwin Jeffrey Shoostine Thomas Spulak David L. Steed Carl S. Walton Carole M. Weiss Steven Werner Wayne E. Winter Cynthia Williams James J. Breen Thomas A. McCarter Gordon Taylor FACULTY Ross Beiler Leon Goure JoAnn McGeorge Bernard Schechterman Gustave Serino Vergil Shipley Rodney Stiefbold Thomas Wood Clyde Wooten Robert Zuckerman 176 " SIGMA PI SIGMA PHYSICS HONOR SOCIETY ipastu- it hours eda3.0 s, a, Delta guished lonored OFFICERS Jerry F. Magnan - President Debra L. Haentjens - Vice-President John F. Donahue - Secretary William F. Moore - Treasurer The purpose of this chapter shall be the advance- ment and diffusion of knowledge of the science of physics and the encouragement of student interest if, physics throughout the University and surrourj fng communities. I special to allow ty and MEMBERS Henry Diaz Jose Conosa Lawrence Howkins Dustin Woodbury Michael G. Hunter James Byrne Mark Hartzler Tim Moore Barry Citron Donald Waffel Isloy Ro iguez Franc cc Ferng Robyr Webb, Dem Andej Robert Hickey Paul Allj Adams Jeananda Col Diane Hanawalt Barry Cuffe Jbio 177 PHI ETA SIGMA FRESHMAN HONOR SOCIETY 13 OFFICERS Andrea Lynn Schechterman-President, Secretary Scott Britan-Vice President Loretta Faulstich-Treasur er Katharina Poerschke-Seagent at Arms Joseph Pozzuoli Mr. Thomas Papino TT-Faculty Advisor The Natio tablished in 1 excellence am tunity for stud, join other si academics. A achieve a 3 freshmen yiar members. Altivi e presentation] of Sigma is a mem Societies aid there ar 130,000 mfmbfcrs throu onor Socie courages shmen high on th nWersi aHo e uri a(e o lQi clu teeteher er of Ve ass ofPhfEfcSigl nd rewarps aci d pr vidfs an holafetic attainr caripusAp pr of Milmi, ItAdentl the fist piriikl of to lecoVne lifeti shmerltutoVngVnd th£ he yearVawaW wii Eta ation o CollV|4 Nonor ver 1ofe chapters a d lfeme ut theSount " . ' . Peggy Bickimer Sylvia Cancela Jesus Carrodeguas Amy Sue Chanaon Yan-Keung Cheung Fred Chikovsky Lian Caryl Colsky Diana Dascal Ernesto De La Fe Cheryl De Groff Debra Dennis Hugo Diez Lyn Ellis Lori Fein Judy Field Anne Fisher Luciano Fontana Randy Fox Fina Frenzel Manuel Garcia Robin Gerl Bonnie Gerson Walter R. Gillette III Antonio Ginard Evelyn Ginsberg Linda Gurstein Lisa Heroux Randi Hirshberg Roni Klein MEMBERS James K Mark Kra ' Brian D. feu Michael David La Suzanne liftpe Ramon Lftrat Stephen llatVhe Arietta NicVoir Steven Pidleo Eva Pikars AvfllnWMno MichaellrfNqdl Steplejvfiich RanforwRio )nd( DeiKk Ross Maly tin $ f ChlrleJ S Alilia Simtnons RoVal E. Snyder Jaime feui Stove MartuslStViller Diane Train Diana vkfier BACK ROW. to Coy Lar r , .■■ ' ■ Sandler. Wayne ROW: Fred Mr KareniMaria JoseprVAnthoi Carl Wi Dr. Jo A m vie Dr. Harry Wcl likdpoiski Vpllal prge 1 F ROW; Bo, S ' Fountain St GailFf «dtader( derr PP O DO D m J3 o m BACK ROW: Rick Decamp, Dave Case, Bill Mc- Coy, Larry Urenn, Joe Pineda, Tom Rebel, Bill Sandler, Wayne Carson, Rick Condon. MIDDLE ROW: Fred Morris, Father Minnich, Andy Kirsh, Alan Lubel, Jon Conners. FRONT ROW: Roy Greenblatt, Jeff Craner, Andrew Meyer, Wayne Brinster, Paul Holbrook, Gary Ramey, Probyn Thompson. 33 03 O O FRONT ROW: Bonnye Stitt, Jon Tepper, Dar- cy La Fountain, Sue Ann Karger. BACK ROW: Gail Freidlander, Celita Morris (Advisor) Terry Salganik, Lynn Schewe , Cynthia Williams, Stevens Garnett, Rick Superstein, Claudia Rogers (Advisor). 179 LU Q CO CL LU X Q. LJLJ o o CO DC o Q LU LU DC Q_ Barry A. Lessner (Executive Board Advisor), George P. Bahadue (Vice- President), Elizabeth Wheelcock Almy (Secretary), James D. Ruskin (Historian), Carol G. Rosch (President), John F. Shaughnessy (Treasurer), lleana J. Tandron (Activity Coordinator), Dr. George Clarke (Faculty Advisor). 180 fer|, raor). BACK ROW: Professor Jackson Sells, Frank Pita, Albelardo Blanco, Ramiro Ramirez, Jr., Blanca Delgado, Oscar Toledo, Pablo Salazar, Rafael Menendez. FRONT ROW: Richard A. Manzini, (President), Miguel A. Bravo, (Vice-President), Manuel Mijares (Recording Secretary), Darrell Kirk ((Corresponding Secretary). NOT PICTURED: Pedro Diaz (Treasurer). o m O H JJ U 0) O O o I— m m E m 7s ■ Q m m 33 CD 3£ BACK ROW: G. Rosenwasser, V. Lee, C. Chester, A. Abassi, E. Pinon, F. Marquez, M. De Young, R. Cronenberger, P. Manqis, L. Lordi, G. Elgort, C. Messerly, L. Swanson, R. Hoffman, W. Slagle, A. Rodriquez, R. Gill. S. McCaskie, H. Delgado, G. Diaz, T. Salt, F. Pita, D. Kirk. L. Lima, R. Manzini, M. Braro, Dr. J. Sells (Advisor), Dr. A. Recio (Advisor) P. Salazar, A. Bianco, J. Plana. FRONT ROW: A. Kleinman, M. Bouklief, C. Marion (Treasurer), C. Frand (Correspon- dent Secretary), S. Garnett (President), L. Veiga (Vice- President), B. Delgado (Recording Secretary), A. Rogue, Prof. C. Kromp (Advisor), Felix Pardo. NOT PICTURED: R. Ramirez (Cataloguer), C. Renegar, J. Fagin. 5 H 2 c K S 5 m o S 2 z o CO o o m 181 TT UJ O DC O 0) CO o DC 2 LU LU o 7! DC K O O 2 LU LU LU LL o O DC LU 1- 1- O 3 LU h- _j LU co Q BACK ROW: Karen Moran, Steve Zeichner, Dom Karisti, Frank Patton, Larry Miller, John Davidson, Terri Diamond, Larry Martinez. FRONT ROW: Fern Pachter, Tyson Turner, Doramary Hartmann, Steve Weiss, David Lotufo, Ester Lew. NOT PICTURED: Jesus Carrade- quas, Mike Rodriques, Kathleen Chicco, Marc Paller, Rita Brodzky, Rick Artman (Advisor). BACK ROW: Dr. P. Liu, G. Sallathe, Dr. Jackson Sells, Blanca Delgado, R. Ramirez, J. Lopez, R. Manzini, A. deLeon. FRONT ROW: R. Menendez, M. Mijares. BACK ROW: | n G % Sibley i( (Chairman), Steph « S 1 trrespdeni j p, Caltabiano (Ei K 182 :■; 3; £. ' r: ! ; • ■fPBCNJ W w 1 (it 3 4 1 1 « i. i - - | ' 1 BACK ROW: Terry Percy (Advisor), Barbie Painter, Holly Englander, Aida Johnson, Saul Arnold, Dom Caristi, Rick Condon. MIDDLE ROW: Jon Tepper, Nasser Atala, Joe Huard, Rick Superstein. FRONT ROW: Kerry Mathers, Probyn Thompson, Jon Davidson. NOT PICTURED: Alice Ashmore, John Conners, Jeffrey Coopwood, Karen Garelick, Alan Marcus, Sandy Michel, Karen Moran, Margarita Osborn, Marshall Steingold. CO m m CO m CO o O DO ■o CO c DO CD m 30 O m BACK ROW: Isaac Stern (Foreign Correspondent), George Sibley (Chief of Protocol), Glenn Sorge (Chairman), Stephen Nuell (Director), Nancy Newman (Health Welfare Consultant), Steven J. Cohen (President Founder). FRONT ROW: Jerry Caltabiano (Exec. Admin.), Robert Hedeman (Chief Manager), Abby Meisler (Campaign Director), Mark Gold (Treasurer), Susan Hirschman (Chief Manager), Abby Meisler (Campaign Director), Mark Gold (Treasurer), Susan Hirschman (Public Relations), Debbie Lichter (Historian), Debbie Blumenfeld (Secretary). 183 . Q CO CC oc o o z m cc i- LU LU o 2 (D 1- u. DC O Q_ Julie blumenthal BACK ROW: Don Connolley, Chris McNiven, Marty Osinski (G. A.), (President), Pam Sacherman (Secretary), Ray Burke (Vice- Ed Pino, Barry Goldenberg, Cynthia Machleir, Sandy Lenhardt, President). Jim Bahder. FRONT ROW: Brad Cohen, Michael Ornstill 184 BACK BO Silver. to State. I $-=:• ROW i Amy Jo N ClB, Mel jonathon robins " D m " 0 CO Burke (V« BACK ROW: Lisa Schwartzenberg, Eve Margol, Arlene Silver, Robin Straus, Kyle Rabin, Max Shinefeild, Nina Strauber, Cindy Sutow, Karen Waters, Lee Anne Warner, Jill Shapiro, Suzie Haperman, Paula Shuman. MIDDLE ROW: Allie Roth, Steve Osinski, Susie Eckstein, Ellen Jaffe, Amy Jo Newman, Meyrl Sandman, Debbie Cohen, Ruth Chiz, Michele Lanza, Lisa Silverman, Robin Wintraub. FRONT ROW: Gretchen Brown, Ellen Schochet, Traci August, Wendy Cohen, Mary Noonan, Jodi Klein, Bobbie Brown (Advisor), Andrea Peltz, Linda Gudelsky, Suzanne Lippe. NOT PICTURED: Joyce Bauman, Linda Shapiro, Martin Waas, William Pianadosi, Bob Foley, Mark Wynnemer. 185 TT jonathon robins CO cc LU CC Q o cc BACK ROW: Ron Hitzfield, Debbie Himelhoch, Joe Echevarria. MIDDLE ROW: Steve Shagrin, Sherry Schlessinger, Joan Car- mona, Marcelino Albuerne, Trina Gould, Diane Lopez, Darleen Carrillo. FRONT ROW: Rick Walker, Ed Deppman (Treasurer), Ruthann Shepard (Secretary), John Blakley (President), Steve Browdy (Vice-President), M ' cile Wilcox. 186 PHI BETA SIGMA ! " :■•::•: I BACK ROW: Mike Martin (Treasurer), Douglas Hammond (Secretary), Andrew Jones (Graduate Advisor), Luther Jones (President), Sloan Davis. FRONT ROW: Valda Dawson, Vyki Walls, Beverly Mathis (Social Chairman), Vylinda Flemister (Secretary), Debra Koon, Donna Grooms, Saddie Sands, Nancy Thomas (President). Phi Beta Sigma is known at the University of Miami as the Gentlemen ' s fraternity. It is the nation ' s most prominent black fraternity, with a membership of 100,000 worldwide. Sigma uses this force for the advance- ment of knowledge as ex- pressed in their motto: " Culture for Service and Service for Humanity. " The objective of P hi Beta Sigma is to bring back the original concept of the founders and become a mov- ing force in the black com- munity with the sisters of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Sigma at the University of Miami is moving toward a new dimension in humanistic regard for one ' s fellow man. I, Sieve Valda Dawson, Vyki Walls, Beverly Mathis, Vylinda Flemister, Debra Koon, Saddie Sands, Donna Grooms, Nancy Thomas, Olivia Bell, Janie Mac Keith, Judy Ann Murdith, Phyllis Cunningham, Annette Williamson, Beatrice Jones, Bisbee Whit- ford, Janice Thomas, AC Mays, John Stroman, Nathaniel Bryant, Tommy Crescent, Gary Jones, Mike Martin, Joe Posted, Donnie Cunningham, King Solomon, Andrew Jones, George Davis, Sloan Davis, Dan McNeil, Joe Tatum, Bobby Baker, Douglas Hammond, Luther Jones. 187 111 X o I BACK ROW: Sue Borcher, Elsa Santiz, Arietta Nichol. MIDDLE ROW: Sue Jaffe, Vicki Ceville. Heidi Bardsley, Dziedra Noquelrda, Barb Deuchler, Cindy Chambers, Meredith Milds, Don- na Commuzzi. FRONT ROW: Jeanne Current, Peggy Roberts. 0_ LU Q 0_ 0_ BACK I Levy. V SMnbi Tar D Dawn Jenkins, Lynn Guarch, Sharon Silver, Cheryl Brown (President), Harriet Marcus (Historian), Audrey Cohen, Jeaneene Hussle. 188 Jonathan robins o z Q m m - BACK ROW: Royal Snyder III, Sue Neuberger, Richard Levy, Wayne Santia, Scoop Simon. MIDDLE ROW: Jill Steinberg, Joe Pineda, Cindy Chiefa, Andrea Schechter- man, Dennis Manien, Jose Cantillo, Maureen Hannon, Morrey Spitzer, Alberto Berritz. FRONT ROW: Ed Depp- man, Ron Hitzfield, Diane Lopez, Clyde Messerly, Dom Caristi, Barbara Deuchler, Sharon Silver 189 Jonathan robins LU O X Q_ m BOW: =••■: BACK ROW: Mike Miller, Jim Clarke. FRONT ROW: Mark Case, Eric Urben, Mark Parsons, Joe Gomes, Gregg Davis, Rik Pepe, Doug Storts, Peter Cullen, Scott Zolke, Paul Hoibrook, Joe Mancuso, Dave Forsyth. NOT PICTURED: George Davis, Bill LeCuyer, Guy Phelan, Jeff Michaelson, Frank Mitrosky. 190 FOURTH AC Shock. Kafr Crarj A ., LiSe s= , | «% D m ■ BACK ROW: Cheryl Mexic, Karen Slovy, Donna Rich, Dena Hirschberg, Diane Jaffe, Holly Young. MIDDLE ROW: Michelle Rich (Corresponding Secretary), Ellen Levine (2nd Vice-President), Kathy McPhee (1st Vice- President), Sue Ann Karger (President), Nina Polah (Recording Secretary and 4th Vice-President), Laurie Samuel Rush (3rd Vice-President), Cindy Stoller (Treasurer). FRONT ROW: Julie Schubiner, Missy Koseff, Shelly Wexler, Sara Zion, Beth Brown, Sara Luskin. m o m o m o m FOURTH ROW: Bethany Sands (Alumni Advisor), Amy Shock, Kathy Stapp (President), Beth Bullock, Paula Crane, Janie Hembree (Treasurer), Helen Williams, Barb Little, Sally Stoddart. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Peters, Susie O ' Malley, Carol McDougal, Anne Noble (Social Chairper- son), Dave Falet (Sweetheart), Susan Qlllot, Fred Reali (Sweetheart) Amy Moyer, Kate Mulcahy. SECOND ROW: Robin Chalmers, Tom Tomlinson (Sweetheart), Joni Helms, Ange Shaw, Darcy Greenberg, Lynne Schewe (Pledge Trainer), Debbi Shulman, Pam Murphy. FIRST ROW: Ann Perry, Eva Pikarsky, Cheryl Silverstein, Kathy Close, Donna Martell, Tina Huttoe, Lisa Bohn. 191 — ' jonathon robins BACK ROW: Lloyd Barry Tennen, Bruce Griffen, James Janoff, Bill Keane, Rick Pepe, Lauren Fine, Sevena. THIRD ROW: Dan Raab, Susan Nachwalter, Scruffy Friedman, Doug Green, Dave Rindone, Nancy McCartney, Mike Hodgson, Cin- dy Sasso, Robert Berger, Brad Evans, Gabe Balsamo, Ross Block, Scoop Siman, Cuddles Cohen, Jerry Porter. SECOND ROW: Kim Jaeger, Milton Fisher, Chuck Casser, Dennis Menard, Roland Trinka, Al Abronski, Dana Palley, Pete Randell, Dave Schroeder. FRONT ROW: Art Richardson CO LU cc LU CO Al Gangemi, Maureen Hannon, Charles Martello, Margarita Osborn. 192 «%rj 5 I - 7s " 0 BACK ROW: Sandra Cox (Ivy Leaf Reporter), Darlean Coleman (Dean of Pledgees), Cassandra Mitchell (Grammateus), Sandra Smith (Tamiouchous). FRONT ROW: Joanne Ullrich (Anti-Basileus), Cynthia Williams (Basileus), Sylvia Plather. o c DO z m Z DO N 03 _l H - o 0) z m DO o m CO BACK ROW: Rich Garcia, Nassar Atala, Scott Whittemore. MIDDLE ROW: Nada Comanche, Denise Tosado, Cindy Sasso. FRONT ROW: Sebastian, Rick Strul, Gertrude. NOT PIC- TURED: Barb Powelly, Jon Seighman, Probyn Thompson, Casandra Mitchel. i_ 193 rrnr o (5 LU E 9 LU Q CO 1 BACK ROW: Robert Berg, Amy Pearlman, Dave Abrams, Harold Clarke. FRONT ROW: Steven Shagrin, Gwenda Burkhart, Brandon Roth. Marvis D. » Kellogg (Pr» BACK ROW: Robert Berg, Amy Pearlman, Steven Schencker, Andy Light. MIDDLE ROW: Steven Shagrin, Frances Dellnko, Dave Abrams, Chip Reichanthal, Marshall Steingold, Gwenda Burkhart. FRONT ROW: Peter Sandberg, Vinnie Preziosi, Brandon Roth, Harold Clarke. 194 »»CK ROW; J °se Alvarez, aa dar i.VfflcefrtOmac I Marvis D. Williams (Vice-President), Gail Kellogg (President), Anita Phelps (Secretary). NOT PICTURED: Rochelle Moss (Treasurer), Delma Owens. Gwenda BACK ROW: Alicia L. Arango, Almassian Reza, Vahi Ghandeharioun, Mehmet Alemdar, Mohammed Boukelif, William Ochipa, Mohammed Kurehcian. MIDDLE ROW: Jose Alvarez, Allan N. Kleinman, Steve Garnett, Jim Jor- dan, Vincent Omachonu, Mohammed A. Kurehcian, Angela G. Ergon, Cecil Marion. FRONT ROW: Dionisio Gonzalez, Veronica Cervera, James E. Spirito, Oussama H. Qawasni, Asghar Towfighi, Melissa A. Rolle, Professor Carl Kromp, Alfredo Bild. D m CO o m 5 m o CO o -. m h m m So 195 196 sirs ' Jonathan robins CO LU Q CO o DO Q LU I- BACK ROW: Owen May, Juanita Bradley, Willie Bell, John Iszard, Kevin Ross, Theo Bell, Greg Norman (Secretary of Education and Culture), Michael Stewart, John Evans, Reggie Dickerson (President), Luther Jones (Vice-President). FRONT ROW: Mike Welch, Jejuan Spence, Wanda Person, Barbara Gardere, Glenda Walker, Robin Bennett, Adrienne " Coochie " Stewart, Betty Seabrook (Secretary), Kevin Williams. K k n D m CO CD BACK ROW: Al Romeo, Charles Bass, Jorge Hernandez, Kevin Klotz, Mike Sullivan, Marc Eichberg, David McKay. MIDDLE ROW: Andy Kirschner, Marc Spiewak, Max Kuniansky, Gary Brown, Rick Superstein, Ed Margolis, Bruce Solomon, Luciano Fontana, Tom Nichols. FRONT ROW: Bill O ' Dwyer, Bob Aronson, Bruce Morecroft, Neil Gevlrtz, Vincent Preziosi, Oscar Rivera, Fernando Aran. NOT PICTURED: Jon Tepper, Wayne Rassner, Lenny Brill, Ernie DeLaFe, Morry Spitzer, Danny Marder. in, Barbara jXooctiie " ims. r D H m H i™ — i m CO CO CO CD m CO " 0 BACK ROW: Tara Brockway, Nina Polak, Cin- dy Sutow, Jill Hacker, Debbie Zalkind, Pam Lednicky, Zena Inden, Freda Burstyn, Debbie Miller, Lillian Rohr. FRONT ROW: Susan Vogel, Sue Levit, Sandy Olen, Leslie Tannen- baum, Debi Matthews, Debbie Gold, Lisa Jacobson, Leslie Berger, Michelle Joseph. 197 X CO o z DC LU o o o Q DC O 00 CO o FOURTH ROW: Jim Weiscopf, Walt Gillette, Joey Vossen, John Halfman. THIRD ROW: Billy Yu, Chris Saltmarsh, Lori Bodner, Pat Healy, Ellen Funcher, Denise Brandon, June Fisher, Teri Housley, Mary Reil, Scott Cadiff. SECOND ROW: Eric Seidel, Dana Rose, Steve Tagliatela, Sam Thompson, Suzy Mellinger, Jeff Miller, Bobo Naistadt. FIRST ROW: Jeff Sturkey, Shari Ross, Cindy Cheng, Armand Christopher. 198 . donna franklin 199 brandon roth LU CD LU N FIFTH ROW: Scott Weisburd, Chris Piantone, Rich Newman. FOURTH ROW: Michael Latzes, Leslie Adler, Neil Goldsmith, Steve Weinstock, Arthur Brand, Dave Cohen, Randy Licht- man, Roy Greenblatt, Paul Piantone, Jaime Colby, Lew Rafel, Neil Rosenkranz. THIRD ROW: Steve Motzno, John Coats, Rich Rodman, Steve Rosenfeld, Steve Horvitz, Michael Pearlson, Gary Light, John Birnhak, Mike Stonehill, Todd Holland, Don Cohen, Joey Glick, David Tenzel, Sharon Golen, David Jacobs, Mike Britan, Bruce Frank, Debbi Fleishman, Dave Sherman, Elliot Winter, Michael Raab, Steve Silvers, Ronnie Segal, Jill Gross, Robert Rosen, Zachary Metric, Scott Garawitz, Andy Berken, Larry Moscow. SECOND ROW: Louis Behr, Sheri Levinson, David Panitch, Helen Weiner, Debi Zalkind, Karen Geisler, Lori Weiner, Bonnie Seidman. FIRST ROW: Bonnie Gershon, Judy Samuels, Miriam Ornstein, Amy Kroungrould. 200 — 1 1 o m z a o o 3D BACK ROW: Tom Bonner, Dr. Malcolm Kahn, Dr. Barry Zwibelman, Joyce Maddox, Jeff Mack, Dr. Edward Rappaport. FRONT ROW: Dr. Arthur Bruckner, Maureen Hannon, Kathy Dolan, Vic Vuckovic, Dr. Yvonne Oudry. o o m CD m 00 O a o C z=, m CD BACK ROW: Lee Rubin, Olga Palmer, Val Wilson, Suszanne Brodie, Nadine Sharpe, Judie Williamson, Joan Donahue. FRONT ROW: Michele Bradley (Vice-President), Mindy Feinstein (Secretary), Terry Mixon (President). NOT PICTURED: Barbara Chadwick (Treasurer), Stephanie Shaw, Marjorie Porter. 201 rz LU CL CD CO BACK ROW: Jim Wielgos, Paul Cohen, Tom Buhr, Gary Kaloja, Chris Fox, Carl Walton, Mark Linkowski, Matt Stevens, Jay Fuchs, Scott Maconell, Van Lee, Jay Taylor, Bob Schwartz, Tom Byrd, Grant Kominek, Tom Yardley, Bill Krahl, Mike Schmidt, Harry Morse, Wayne Carson, Steve Federlyne, Dick Norman. MIDDLE ROW: Cheryl Wilson, Beth Bullocks, Janet Wallerick, Scott Burin, Randy Roth, Jim Wilmot, John Mina, Terry Housley, Bill Morris, Bill Butterfield. FRONT ROW: Cindy Chambers, Peggy Roberts, Lillian Reyes, Roni Klein, Wendy Rosen- blum. CD 0_ 0_ 0_ FOURTH ROW: KM: Win Pi Avellone, Pal i Robbins. SECOf Mtxon. Mara N BACK ROW: Eloise Ruiz, Anne Musgjerd, Leslie Fiedler, Janet Lund, Patty Wilson, Patty Moorman, Karen Young, Jeanne Singer, Jim Regan, Mary Des- mond, Pat SanPedro, Beth Griley, Karen Koetzle, Sharon Drass, Patty Purita, Krista Seyler, Joan lanuc- ci. FRONT ROW: Cheri Cox, Kim Whitlow, Roni Klein, Sharon Flipse, Joanna Gaines, Tracy Harrington. NOT PICTURED: Diane Black, Lynn Kresse, Paula Fahrenholz, Teresa Forrestel. 202 tony blank ! ■•- ' ± A tr e. S3 ? u ir v ' f 4 lf £r T£w £iM k S • r 1 i r- Tl rn ■d J3 O FOURTH ROW: Larry Lenoff, Brad Evans, Jeff Tufano. THIRD ROW: John Pappas, Dana Palley, Scoop Siman, Steve Avellone, Paul Kanlewskl, Dave Beach, Jeff Williamson, Kip Robbins. SECOND ROW: DeeDee Pavlik, Olga Palmer, Terri Mixon, Mara Niedenthal, Donna Franklin, Mlchele Bradley, Kelley Stirn, Steve Johnson. FIRST ROW: Paul Nagel (Ad- visor), Blair Hayes (President), Joan Donahue (Secretary), Judie Williamson (Treasurer). NOT PICTURED: Gary Bardo (Vice-President), Mike Bittner, Larry Wallenstein, Alan O ' Neal, Bill Keane, Pam Cone. 203 111 o BACK ROW: Helen Adkins, Rosalind Lem, Lambert. FRONT ROW: Robin Bennett, Debbi Sue Borcher, Heidi Bardsley, Capt. James Jacques, Cheryl Bade. Barrall (Advisor), Tricia Totaro, Melinda o o LL BACK ROW: James McDonough, Gary Bardo, Donald Martino, James Hays. MIDDLE ROW: Mike Graves, Probyn Thompson, Richard Hess, Darrell Kirk, Rene Morales, Dennis Porter, Steve Kirk, Paul Ibatuan. FRONT ROW: Roger Ducey, James Couzins (Corps Com- mander), Wayne Santia. 204 .Gary Hays, ' robyn BACK ROW: George Navarini, Don Leger, Joe Widmayer, Wayne Santia. MIDDLE ROW: Frank Sharkany, Steve Scala, Tony Pala, Don Martino, Capt. James Barrall (Advisor). FRONT ROW: Mike Wassel, Paul Ibatuan, Mike Dargus, Den- nis Porter (Commander), Kevin Castleberry, Azeez Shamiyeah. 30 o D J3 Com- photos by gary bardo 205 DC LU LU : CO X I- DC Q DC o GO cc o CO Q LL CO DC LU LU CO DC Left to Right; Probyn Thompson, Jef- frey Coopwood, Unidentified, Marty Osinski, Steve Osinski, Joe Pineda, John Blakely, Sandra Santiago, Eric Schimmel, Firoze Andrythe. Left to Right: Share Gottstein, Nedley Clarke, Peter Gray, Skip Shildkamp, Greg Kramer, Jeff Lieberman, Al Romeo, Dave Swiecinski, Yank Ryan, Yolanda Dimaggio, John Cheslick, Dennis Manieri, John Pac- cione, Debbie Barron, John Pacuch, Claire Padien, Phil Tumolo, Terry, Knapp, Mark Geirla. 206 V io. Eric D m BACK ROW: Vyck Levine, Alice Burroughs, Olga Toro, Kathi Kegris, Belisa Barbachano, Judie Tumaroff, Jeannie Skarponi, Steve Federlein, Jan Burnside, MIDDLE ROW: Shelly Senyitko, Karen Shea, Karen Kolb (Treasurer) Dot Kaas, Susie Nixon, Lois Boylston, Debbie Turner, Pam Peterson, FRONT ROW: Paige Skirpan (Vice-Pres.), Lilian Reyes (President), Nathalie Sydor, Dana Medoro, Linda Dilatush, Wynne Babycos, Gail Carman, Evangelina Perez, Julianne Bonchack, Patricia Heydet (Secretary). NOT PIC- TURED: Dorlnda Rust, Janet Tobia, Margret Light, Debra Denauskas, Moira Connelly, Lauren Cole, Lucida Owler, Alice Ashmore, Jan Caldwell. dien, Phil 207 ■EJ- LU Q CO cc CO I g ° ° s CO 9 o U- CO O l- Z LU O Q |- 3 H rr co uj z s| o julie blumenthal BACK ROW: Mary Beth Stowe, Jim Weiskopf, Bill Douglas, Mark Beal, David Scoffield, Frank Adams, Randy Johnson, Gordy Nyquist, Steve Legge, Jon Iverson, Wayne Dozier, Steve DeBardelaben. MIDDLE ROW: Jeff Kaler, Nico Drance, Vickie Hembree, Bruce Williams, Olivia Williams, Bob Bartikowsky, Norma Richardson, Anne Freeman, Sean Maher, Rich Schwartz. FRONT ROW: Andy Knowles, Denny Seraltg, Stephanie, Sharon Berg, Nancy Joss, Mary Marshall, Margie McGonigal, Georgette Andonie. tf jrtinWdeyP (Executive Direct Steinberg. Fern P peter van houten FOURTH ROW: Victor Padron, Carlos Porteia, John Albornoz, Juan Carlos, Lopez-Calleja, William Albornoz, Ruben Penaranda, Alfredo Mar- ti, Adalberto Portugues, Tom Rebel, Manuel Guerra. THIRD ROW: Susana May, Lourdes Marcet, lleana Rodriguez, Natividad Soto, Carlos Gamazo, Mary Lozano, Jose Lopez-Calleja, Hugo Diez, Gladys Diaz, Aida Bao, Avelino Pinon, Alber- to Penalver, Robert Mills, Edward Peron. SECOND ROW: Aurora Penalver, Cristina Frexes, Vicky Corrigan, Olguita Garcia, Maite Arguelles, Ana Maria Samitier, Marialina Dominguez, Eysa Marquez, Silvia Savage, Lourdes Wolf, Ezequiel Delgado, Millie Figueredo. FIRST ROW: Gladys Bonges, Emilio Bustillo, Margaret Padron, Leonar- do Viota, Lourdes Mallo, Raul Murciano, Enrique Aguilr, Ana Salvatierra, Miti Delgado, Juan Mar- tinez, Chiqui De Yurre, Lili Perez, William Nodal. 208 p Suzanne brodie I, Norma enny oss, Mar ndonie. John Blakley (Chairman), Faire Radcliffe (Executive Director), Steve Browdy, Jill Steinberg, Fern Pachter, Susan Lipson i Vicky s. Ana isa , Leonar- Enrique A Mar- n Nodal. (Advisor), Carol Rosch (Vice Chairwo- man), Jackie Rosch, Jon Davidson (Vice Chairman), John Shaughnessy. Julie blumenthal o a o c z 1 " CE M IMITT H " 0 m m m j3 0) O H r " I m o J3 z O CO 0) a O 3D O m m i— h m ■ © j,. 209 00 o o z LU DC FIRST ROW: Warren Herbert, Maryanne John- son, Lisa Saui (Treas.), Clara Mendoza (Publicity Sec.) Nasser Ataia (Pres.), Diana Nosti, George Exposito (Vice Pres). SEC OND ROW: Maria Wolf, Janine Cracchiolo, Lillian Manzor, Yolanda Burgs, Isis Bober. THIRD ROW: Ben Peraza, Marai-Eugenia Debado, Lydia Scharpf, Carlos Vega, unidentified, unidentified. FOURTH ROW: Lourdes Wolf, unidentified, Miriam Baez, Alina De la Fuente, Gloria Gonzalez. FIFTH ROW: Frances Muscarella, Gene Bathe, Cheryl Troiani, Maria Frexes. SIXTH ROW: Carmen Butler, John Thomas, Warren Hibberd, Lillian Nigaglioni, Alina Herrerd. U_ o N o DC O (f) - LU Q DO cc FRONT flOW: £ Sedeiman. G C E Borbuer. S H 210 FRONT ROW: Abduhah MulaHussin (Kuwait), Yahya M. Hujeij (Palestine), Falah Jhail (Kuwait), MIDDLE ROW: Abduhah Alkhrbash (Libya), Ahmed Fadaleh (Kuwait, Carola Ibarra, Lbruhim Faris (Kuwait), Qusama Owasmeh (Jordan). BACK ROW: Mahmud Dahab (Palestine), Salah Behbehani (Kuwait), Marwan M. Hujeij (Palestine), Salem Quatween (Libya), Hamzah Ahmad (Kuwait), Adel lesa Abdulah (Kuwait), Jamal Shurdom (Jordan). tony blank FRONT ROW: B. Goldberg, J. Padin, B. McGuire, B. Nedelman, G. Davis, M. Rubin, S. Streitfeld. MIDDLE ROW: E. Borbuer, S. Horowitz, R. Lovell, M. Bushin, D. Menker, S. Maloney, S. Greenspan, J. Weiskopf. BACK ROW: R. Synder, J. Castaline, R. Burt, K. Smith, O. Williford, M. Brees, D. Reinmund, S. Linen, G. Trigger, S. Rosenfeld. I " " 0 m 211 o o o C ) DC O Z DC LU o CD z O CO DC LU CL - LU Z O x SIXTH ROW: Mike Flicker, Ed Wiener, Dave Clifford, Sandi Chizner, Steve Schencker, Sally Ketchum. FIFTH ROW: Jamie Martin, Henry Moreno, Rhonda Linet, Dave Abrane. FOURTH ROW: Vicky Fulk, Nancy Lanard, Ray Ciafardini, MaryBeth Anthony, Chuck Hibnick. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Lucas, Nicki Valme, Mitch Rubin, Donna Kuzynski, Tom Block. SECOND ROW: Sue Ann Karger, Sass Flickenschild, Steve Shagrin, Sharon Wulforst, Chuck Lombardo, Arlene Silver. FIRST ROW: Bill Lanting, Scott Gartner, Joe Romanowski, Tim Gaffney. 212 Officers: Steve Shagrin (Vice-President), Gayle Wagner (Secretary), Ray Ciafardin (President), MaryBeth Anthony (Secretary), Mike Flicker (Treasurer) 1 tony blank tony blank 1 •I a n fJO-OoT O.J II 4± i V ■■■■ y.V . ,7-- -, 7 Anthony 213 214 CO z o I- o m Q DC o CO LL CO BACK ROW: Robert Redick (Student Affairs Rep.), George Southworth (Senior Advisor), Scoop Siman (Sigma Delta Chi Rep.), Lester Goran (Faculty Rep.), Steve Avellone (Business Manager), Susan Havey (USBG President), Alan Marcus (Hurricane Editor). FRONT ROW: Eric Schimmel (Ibis Editor), Michele Braithwaite (Communications Rep.), Dean R. C. Benitez (Chairman of the Board), Janet Reynolds (Bookkeeper, Student Publications), Raymonde Bilger (Financial Advisor). EncSchimnK SMAn v BACK ROW: Jon S. Davidson, A. F. Gonzalez-Vinas, Steve Avellone, Tom Rebel, Nasser Atala, Brad Gregg. FRONT ROW: Ed Deppman, Mary Anne Biddiscombe, Georgia Mignott, Rick Superstein. NOT PICTURED: Steven Greenspan, Robert Smith. i 1 CK flOfr | fil %fa, Tnjge, , 9 ■te Bratthwaite i ft. C. Benitez et Reynolds fas], Raymonfle Eric Schimmel (Editor, Ibis Yearbook), Steve Avellone (Business Manager), Joyce Bauman (Assistant Editor, Ibis Yearbook), Alan Marcus (Editor, Miami Hurricane). T PICTURED: BACK ROW: Bo Carofano, Rich Larks, Art Terdoslavich, Dary Matera, James Ferguson, Alan Krutish, Paul Ginsburg, Rick Remmert, Stewart Mehler, Skip Griffin, Jeff Shank. MIDDLE ROW: Frank Suarrez, Rick Straub, Craig Trigger, Ivonne Rovith, Unidentified, Isidro Gar- cia, Leslie Tannenbaum, Cindy Vova, Steve Avellone, Holly Englander, Unidentified, June Marcus, Suzanne Brodie. FRONT ROW: Alan Marcus, Mary Neil Cynthia Chiefa, Jaime Galindo, Steven Garwood, Eric Schimmel. NOT PICTURED: Tony Blank. CO a m ■d c r; O H O z 0) J3 o z m 215 TZ» LU (f) (f) o LU z O DC z o LL O DC LU J t o o o o o CO D 0_ FOURTH ROW: Bruce Deutsch, Mark Grogan, Larry Londi, Felicia Salazar, Gary Rucker, Eytel Pinon, Wayne Lee. THIRD ROW: Rick Cronenberger, Fernando Mar- quez, Judy Fagin (Corresponding Secretary), Keith Waller (Recording Secretary), Joe Argenta. SECOND ROW: Jan Hochstim (Faculty Advisor), Marilyn Wong (President), James Drago (Vice-President). FIRST ROW: John Salvstro (Publicity Chairman), Pat Ficaro, Paul Dunn, Clyde Messerly (Social Chairman), Felix Pardo. BACK ROW: Dave Case, Pete Lampone, Mr. Ed Coll, Mr. Les Smith, Mr. Bruce Heard, Mayor Robert Knight. FRONT ROW: Mr. William Sheeder, Brad Cohn, Jill Steinberg (Exec. Sec), Judge James Dunn, Jon S. Davidson, Dom Caristi (Chairman). taieH 216 , CD CO - m J3 00 O O 7s Tl A BACK ROW: Steve Osinski, Peter Lipschutz, Joyce Bauman (Assistant Editor), Denis Menard. (Copy Editor). MIDDLE ROW: Steve Avellone (Business Manager), Evelyn Seidan, Suzanne Brodie (Sports Editor), Eric Schimmel (Editor), Brandon Roth, Georgia Mignott, Clairdaymian DiGiacamo, FRONT ROW: An- drea Schecterman (Senior Section Editor), Deborah Dawson, Donna Franklin, Jonathan Robins. NOT PIC- TURED: Tony Blank, Bill Waltzer, Mayra Ron, Julie Blumenthal, Bonnie Israel. i. Jon S- Anne Hemingway, Rick Jones, Pam Streiwig, Denise Menard, Joyce Bauman, Wesley Morgan, Dan Voss. 217 CO z CO o LU LU I- co Q Z I- cc 218 FRESHMAN YEAR - Hello Mom; HELP! - Broken Elevators - Twelfth Floor- Al Wolk- ' Marty ' s Little Brother " - 1968 Complex Zoo- Frat Parties- Intramurals- Glen Rigney- 284-6147- Disneyworld- JAP Power- Bumping-Miami Hurricane- SEC-A lot of new friends, that would be there for a long time SOPHOMORE YEAR-Eaton Hall- Bruce Lichtenstein- Mean Carrie Green- 284-3500 (Easy to remember)-Coed (Glad-bag and Cindy)- Backrubs- Denise, my RA and psychoanalyst- " 2 miles daily " - Do I Look Fat- AL ROMEO - to Shelley, my love always Mom- the IBIS Bunch- Delta Sigma Pie parties, thanks guys- ZBT - The Rise and Fall of Sigma Phi Nothing, one brother gives it life, and the other takes it away- Hyperactivity- ODK Honorary - Sigma Delta Chi- Larry Rogak, a buddy who I never call, so I ' ll name-drop here- Jai Lai- Emily Blier, I mean Debbie- Owen- Homecoming with Leslie- Jon Farrow, Let ' s hit the Beach- 1800 club- No more meal plan- PARTY!!! -Me run for Vice President, You ' re Kidding? - Marshall who? -I Won! -Josh. Auto-train with Geri, b y the time we get to Orlando- Summer School, Yeech! SENIOR YEAR-The Best- Early Graduation- The Bermuda Villas- My own bedroom- Bruce Glen - Trouble - Ava darling, I love you face- Greg Pape-Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority, I love you - Cindy Sutow- RAB- " Steve ' s Older Brother " - DREW, you ' re a second brother- Senate Meetings- Andy, Mark, Don, you ' re all dynamite- Telling 5,000,000 people a secret that only they know- JAY Taylor- Arlene, you ' re like a sister- Playboy Club- a BUDGET- LSAT ' s- THE PARTY THE EVICTION?- Lubel, I like your smile Holly too - LAW School- And to everyone, who I haven ' t mentioned, my love and thanks for what have been the greatest years of my life. i ' k Freshman Year - Where am I? - Placement Tests - Floor Relays - Floods - 1 1 o ' clock Showers - Bash - Vellowitz - Podelly - Space Cadets - 509 - Ice Skates - AEPi - Dirty Harry - Colonel - Our Only Henry - Butch and Sundance - Maggie May - Hirschbienal - Shaving Cream - Fashion Schools - Woodstock - King Crimson - Walkathons - Frog Races - Inaugural Balls - Handy Diandy - Piggy - Bonnie and Clyde is not boring - Sweden House - Dil - Bye Bye Miss American Pie - Bottle Rockets - Elevators - Pop Corn Machines - Skirp - Beer Please - Howie ' s Monkey - Floor Governor - Ivan the Live in - Night Gallery - Fire Drills - Magical Mystery Tours - Incardona - Contra assets - Yeast Tabs - Float on by - Whats an R.A.? - Good Times Sophomore Year - The Pines - Joel Man - Gator - The Randalls - Party Anyone - Ryan - Sunday Night Movies - World Series - Chinese Restaurants - Baked Hamburgers - Grilled Cheese Daily - Football Workouts - Intersession - Port Charlotte - Cheerleading? - Ra Ra - Kangaroos - Numphs - Matheson Hammock - Scanzeroo - Surprise Party - Ice Tea at the Rat - Olsen ' s Legs - Sympathy For The Devil - Gail - Sandy - Karen - Shoot a Beer - Vitamin Pills - Wrestling With Gordon Solie - Friday Night B Ball - Last House On the Left - Good Times Junior Year - Lower The Drinking Age - Trysting Place - Yamma Yamma - Sigma Phi Nothing Whats That? - Yellow Closets - Have Some Fun Tonight - J. Geils - All Campus Football Champs - Miami over Texas - Pool Parties - Vote for Colonel - Eve - Nassau - 27 - Flavia - Rut - Fat Bonnie - Spring Break - Steak and Brew - U.N.C. - Beach Parties - Terry - Charlie - Liz - Paint Fights - Orange Bowl - Baseball Games - Water Fights - Mud Baths - Freedy - Presidential Plaques - Passover - Crandon - Intramur- als - Seventh Heaven - Hungadungas - Rathskellar - Go Dolphins - Happy Hours - Race Cars - Great Times Senior Year - The Summit - Yeah Henry - S.D.T. - 402c is the Place to Be - Truth - Dumass - O.D.K. - Nik Nik - Notre Dame - Shelley - Football - Hickey - Tequilla - Who ' s Who - Boheme - Minker - Cycling in St. Thomas - Manhattans - Moses - Doc - Horseback Riding in Haiti - Sigma Once, Phi Twice, Sigma Phi Nothings Nice - G.A. Jobs - Graduation - Marriot - H.K.S. - Billy Joel - Unknown Student - Drewsome - Wham Bam - Carni Gras? - Basketball - 880 yd. Dash - Frosty ' O - Skit Skat - Paint Wars - Watergate - Fair Lawn Swim Team - Almost Heaven - Fires - Great Times Graduate Years - 23N - Sharon - " The Office " - Grad. Classes - Martys ' Cone - Uncle Elmers - Mink a Dink - Homecoming - Greek Ball - Raymond - J.C.G. - The Count - Joya - Lee - Howe - Ironside - Cats and Dogs - Apartment Area 1 and Eaton Hall - Iron Arrow Always - Shmushie - RAB - Nebraskas Nice - Hurricane Warnings - Mellow out - Super Bowl - Damage Meetings - Artemus - Ratie tat tat - Miss Vicks - Daisey Jane - Good - Randi - Emar - Wulfie - 4.0 - CPA - Monte - Rufus - Cold Nights - Archontes - Great Times - Great Memories - ALWAYS. 219 _ -I DC O CO LU LU DC O != O O LU o LU X LU Wher his ind ' alone, flickers-AI man lear his own others in torch b 1 everlastirv BACK ROW: Yale Galanter, Dave Goldberg, Leslie Tannenbaum, Marc Binder, Steve Levine, Karen Waters, Lauri Friesner, R. Arlyn Rayfield, Perry Levine, FRONT ROW: Steve Melnick, Frank Benetende, Steve Shagrin, Patti Stith, Andrew Meyer (Chairman), Jull Stinberg. NOT PIC- TURED: Jim Cracciolo, Steve Federlien, Lee Butcher, Jeff Miller. Them 220 When man kindles his individual torch alone, the torch flickers-ALONE. When man learns to kindle his own torch among others in harmony, the torch becomes an everlasting glow S S jVhN bIWeYCHA.RM, 107 RAY BELLAMY — « " " — 109 ROOM RESERVATIONS 124B JACK MAURER 143 FRED MORRIS «•«■« ' - 1S3 WILLIAM DIAZ •• 224 V T S ?24A MARIANNE CLARKE ?28 JOSEPH PINEDA UNION DIRECTOR ?32 KAY WHITTEN t«aift " Wffln " ?3SA STUDENT ACTIVITIES RECEPTION • 8E ?36B TOM REBEL " » —•» " •• " • " " ,no UHSKELLER DENNIS MANIERI »»••• 00 INFORMATION DESK ORGANIZATION ROOMS 45 FEDERATION OF CUBAN STUDENTS 102-4 WVUM ■07 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA PHI MU ALPH Ml ROADRUNNERS MSA MULTI ORGANIZATION OFFICE M3B GAY ALLIANCE M3C WVUM M4 AFRO CENTER !16 C I S !2I HURRICANE PUBUCATION !25 CARNI GRAS HOMECOMING I !29 IBIS YEARBOOK ' 33 IRON ARROW !37 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA 40 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ' 41 MORTAR BOARD DO m II, Andrew NOT PIC- erlien, Lee Orientation . . . freshmen . . . happy hour . . . RAB . . . popcorn . . . spirit . . . Orange Bowl . . . Miller Beer . . . tapping . . . screening committees . . . Who ' s Who . . . contracts . . . candlelight procession . . . looking for it . . . sno cones . . . coun- ting tickets . . . Almost anything goes . . . World ' s longest banana split . . . con- ferences . . . Roadrunners . . . IOB . . . classes . . . Honors . . . Iron Arrow . . . traditions . . . Boat Burning . . . rainy days . . . game machines . . . UBOG . . . minor Discipline . . . finals . . . ACU-I . . . in- tramurals . . . problem parking . . . lockers ... 45 hour dance Marathon . . . wheelchair basketball . . . canoe races . . . world ' s longest hoagie . . . Recreation for Life Week . . . meetings . . . graduation. The moving finger writes, and having writ moves on; Nor all your piety nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all your tears wash out a word. omar khayyam I- LU X I- I- _l LU Q X CL Rick Ouziel, Dean Marconi, Jeff Sacks, Arthur Stokie, Michael Galati, Kenny Campbell, Ritner Day, Harvy Margolin, Mark Salonger, Ed Gambella, Mitchell Yukon, Bill Berman, William Becker, Jeff Walaski, John Turnbull. NOT PIC- TURED: William Ross, Jr. o o CO Pete Cofino Dr. Hi. Boy Greg Wells, Will Collins, Jamie Harter, Rick Jones, Dave Dodenhammer, Larry Jones, Bill Matevich, Tom Lunak, Dave Follett, Dana Coffee, Sue Nixon, Ed Castella, Paul Mazzaplica, Marcha Davis, John Edwards, Doug Hertel, Greg Lynch, Tom Richard- son, Charlie The Cook, Moira Connely, Kathy Kegris, Marty Cohen, John Woods, Donna Mond, Fred Reali, John Knoff, John Sciullo, Rich Milanese, Bob D ' Angelo, Tom Linson, Janie Hem- bree, Steve Graves, Jack Hawkins, Dot Kaas, Jeff Fix, Gary Ramey, Bill Bernard, J. P. Baar, Janice Bruton, Bob Co hen, Angel Avila, Greg Hemmings, Lisa Caplan, Denis Wrist, Tim Vito, Kathy Close, Donna Martell, Adriana Ribas, Ton Riekert, Lanette Scherr, Risa Lewit, Rick Klein, Guy Casaceli, Greg Herman, Rick Defaut, Cheri Win- ton, Bob Cunningham, Angie Perez, Jim Arminio. 222 SACK ROVi p «e Cofino KIDDLE R( K BaieM Sh o,Jo l»»(ie Si a tonski, ft Wcure, Ti in, William NOT PIC- 00 m H TI c ) Pete Cofino (Corresponding Sec. Dr. H.L. Royer (Faculty Advisor), Harvey Zaken (Treasurer), Margaret Izeluk (President). I Jeff . Baar. Janice reg Hemmings. , Katfiy Close. -i Biekert, Clein, Guy wt, Cheri Win- (Z. Jim Armmio t BACK ROW: Harvey Zaken, Margaret Izeluk, Pete Cofino, Myriam Martinez, Maria Fraga. MIDDLE ROW: Dr. H.L. Royer, Jeff Lichten, James Cracchiolo, Michael Slovich, Armando Gonz alez-Vinas, Willy Eonesa, Melvin Shapiro, Joe Echevarria, Marriana Temple, Lourdes, Cagigal. FRONT ROW: Kim Lusinski, Olga Toro, Ether, Lew, Emma Jimenez, Ana Aguilera, Vivian Ayan, Diane Mercure, Teresa Clark, Gloria Acevedo. NOT PICTURED: Daniel Capobianco, Arthur Feinberg, Terry Munz, Steve Osagbul, James Sears, Gary Zeigler, Gillian Lord, Joanne Morina, Steve Adose, Patricia Chicvara, G.L. Corbin, Hilda Dietrich, Rodger Dumar, Neil Gevirtz, Alan Paul Gold, Kevin Klotz, Robert Moss, David Paulsen, Richard Preina, Peter Sandberg, Isaac Sharband, Malcolm Vosbikten, Alan Atlas. 223 o o o I DC BACK ROW: Ann Sprague, Susie Mehlinger, Joe Vossen, Bob Knapp(- President), Rob Carlson, Don Connolley. FRONT ROW: Ray Welty, Vicki Oppenheim, Steve Shagrin, Arlene Silver (Vice-President), Robin Suirsky, Diane Trainor. NOT PICTURED: Mark Shumaker, Jeff Sturkey, Brenda Laufer, Shirley Good, Marc Katz, Brad Cohen. Q DO o X DC FIFTH ROW Dean Mills.. IjPuftaKi Kathy Stapp nice Ashmi ;:: " ' ■ S Paige Skirpon, Lillian Reyes, Nathalie Syndor, Dot Kaas, Roby Carpenter, SueAnn Karger, Karen Fine, Lisa Schwartzenberg, Patty Purita, Anne Shear, Janet Lund, Mary Desmond, Amy Moyer, Advisor Louise P. Mills. KROW: ' esponji hVice.p„ 224 o o p i - i - m z o in Suirsky. KO: Mark enda La . rad Cohen. FIFTH ROW: Susan Jaffee, Unidentified, Dean Mills, Janet Lund. FOURTH ROW: Pat- ty Purita, Kate Zakenoff, Dzidra Noqueira, Kathy Stapp. THIRD ROW: Shelly Senyitko, Alice Ashmore, Cindy Stoller, Hillary Zaenchik. SECOND ROW: Lisa Schwartzenberg, Paige Skirpin, Dot Kaas, Sue Ann Karger, Karen Fein. FIRST ROW: Karen Waters (Corresponding Sec), Arietta Nicholl (Recording Sec), Laurie Samuel (Vice-President), Amy Moyer (President), Sheri Cox (Treasurer). 05 05 H 05 C O D o lh BACK ROW: Sandy Hageman, Kathy Stout (Corresponding Secretary), Marcia Welcovitz (2nd Vice-President), Susan O ' Malley (President), Bonnie Tate, Kathe Buchanan (1st Vice Pr -,ident), Maran Collins, Susan Aviles, Annt -orvo, Mrs. Pat Seabrooks (Faculty Consi RONT ROW: Charlotte Degentesh, Janet i tecording Secretary), Cindy Bab- cock, Mary Anne Schuder, Joan Billingsley (RAP Editor), Jeryl Pfost, Anna Wasserman, Lois Janavey, Nancy Beck (Treasurer), Pam Pedersen. NOT PICTURED: Ms. Terry Gesse (Faculty Consultant), Cindy Christensen, Kim Stover (Historian), Robin Blumenreich, Valerie Breindel. J3 m 225 a LU CO X CL Ray Faiola, Karen B. Miller, Jeffy Ross, Lisa Captain, Royal E. Snyder III, Archie N. Waugh O o o cc Q Cheri Maugans, David Goodman, Archie Waugh, Rocky Echevarri, Ray Faiola, Micheal Williams, Neil Einleger, Sally K. Albrecht. NOT PICTURED: Bob Ankrom 226 o m 0) o -z. — 1 K m a ID m H 2 H H rn z m m BACK ROW: Toby Berlin (Chairperson), Denis W. Menard, Mrs. Kay Whitten (Ad- visor). MIDDLE ROW: Jamie Janoff, Ron Dawson, Larry Robertson. FRONT ROW: Jon Boles, Howard Rosenbaum. 7s T3 m CD BACK ROW: Frank Gal, John Connors, Lee Butcher, Eric McDonnell, Joe Devine, Robert Mills, Bob Rickel, Kris Osterman, Newten Porter, Cindy Swink, Dan Benike, Mary Ann Miller, Claire Pa- dien, Jeff Effinger, Hugh Vasquez, Susan Barnes. FRONT ROW: Richard Beltz, Ranger, Jim Ungvary, Grace Mincer, Karen Garelick, Payyt Rollands, Nancy Delong, Lynne Collatrella. NOT PICTURED: Joe Mancuso, Rick Condon, Bert Pierson, Chris Larsen, Elaine Hernandez. J 227 LU DC O LU DC od CO DC O CL CO CO SACK BO 1 1 jjsan Gart " sangarakii Me. MIDI •oshizo Mc Cornelius h Campus Sports Recreation Staff: BACK ROW- Karl Alys Whealin, Janet Coker.Judy Eisler, Sue Peters, Skoog, Norman Parsons, Greg Kramer. FRONT ROW: Isabella Hutchison. W.A. Lane Campus Sports Recreation Ad- visory Committee; BACK ROW-Karl Skoog, Dwight Clasby, Jos e Cantillo, Isabella Hutchison, Norman C. Parsons. FRONT ROW: Miguel Estevez, Lin Miller, Dean Fink. 228 — 1 1 4 BACK ROW: S. Takashina (UM Instructor), Dr. Natiello, Susan Garbose, Jory Darryl, Len Reuss, John Reis, Mindy Ryan, Rick Brink, Unidentified, Khusner, Emmanuel Tsangarakis, Brian Dullaghan, Stanley Stanczyk, Bill White. MIDDLE ROW: Fattah Kazerooni, Elena Castillo, Yoshizo Moriwaki, Nadir Tabti, David McPherson, Cornelius Henderson, Michael Ackerman, Firpo Garcia, Carlos, Almeida, Kurt Anderson, Robert Burg, Thomas Hess. FRONT ROW: Miguel Estevez, Makoto Takizawa, John Albonnoz, Candido Rodriguez, Bill Albornoz, An tonio Solis, Mark Malnik, Karen Dorvdahl, Carmen Sanz, Lourdes Mazor, Unidentified, Thomas Chelwick, Margarita Gurri, Drew Kreegel, Kevin Malady. Sue Peters. I CO o H O m CO CO O o Japan Karate Association: Y. Saito, 3rd Degree B.B., S. Takashina, 6th Degree B.B., Y. Yaguchi, 7th Degree B. B., M. Ueki, 7th Degree B.B., M. Tanaka, 6th Degree B.B., N Hayakawa, 5th Degree B.B. 229 CO LU O DC LU CO LU CL o LU Q This fall semester marked the beginning of VTS second year as a University service with the capability of producing quality video tapes of an in- formative, promotional, and entertaining nature. VTS is a self-supporting organization, under the auspices of Student Ac- tivities, dedicated primarily to serving University of Miami student organi- zations. In the past, VTS has produced a wide variety of tapes for many of the clubs, fraternities, and student ac- tivities at the University. VTS has also produced a number of instructional tapes for academic departments. Included in these are studies of the manatee, behavior modification in dolphins, and interviews with leading scientists working on the energy crisis. Video is truly a tool of the future. The potentialities are vast and for a large part still unexplored. We are ex- tremely fortunate to have a video-tape system at our disposal: using such a system for any purpose can be extremely interesting and enlighteining. V.T.S. Director Blair K. Hayes V.T.S. Technical Direc- tor David Beach - LJJ o o CO o Q DC rr LU " Ham radio? Oh, that. It ' s been around for a long time. I ' ve heard of that. Yeah, you know, playing with tubes and stuff . . . . " The Amateur Radio Society is a campus club bound by a common in- terest. Today, ham radio is a multifaceted hobby with its emphasis on service: to other enthusiasts, to beginners, and to the com- munity. Just ask a ham for help, and he will delight in the opportunity to be of ser- vice. Wherever your interests lie, ham radio can serve to round out the college ex- perience. After you graduate, who knows where it could lead you? Some are interested in just talking with a friend in Ghana, Africa; others take pride in relaying emergency messages, and still others feel a thrill as they transmit via the two satellites which amateur radio has in orbit. The club promotes the University of Miami at semi- annual conventions attended by thousands. It brings honor to the Univer- sity through operation of emergency networks as well as in the everyday operation of the station. The membership of the University of Miami Amateur Radio Society, K4HYE, is proud to represent the school in this its ' Fiftieth An- niversary. Michael Kravit WA4ZIE 230 BACK ROW: Pat Heydet, Lanette Scherr, Janie Hem- bree, Beth Bullock, Darlene Taylor, Cheri Cox, Mary Stirling, Joanna Gaines, Kerby Selmer, Marrie Baron, Constance Clare. MIDDLE ROW: Gail Carman, Beth Gibbs, Scarlett Singleton, Janice Bruton, Beverly Ware, Shari Ross, Debi Greenspon, Sally Stoddart, Jeanne Etter, Julie Bonchack. FRONT ROW: Jacquelyn Linton, Ruthann McFarlane, Diahann Miller, Renee Weiner (Captain), Ann Shaw (Captain). NOT PICTURED: Gloria Boynton, Brenda Brown, Jan Caldwell, Regina Davis, Marian Frederick, Elizabeth Griley, Louanne Hoffman, Sharon Kendricks, Veronica Linton, JoAnn Morina, Gail Ragan, Linda Rayam, Dorothy Richardson, Sadie Sands, Jeannie Skarponi, Dixie Tate, Janet Tobia, Margery Tibbetts. o m m 3D r m o m 30 CO Jeannie Etter, Mac McFadden, Sharon Saffron, Ronnie Segall, June Fisher, Susan Beinhorn, David Richardson, Cindy David, Scott Panzer. 30 po O -z. m i O z m - CO 3D ■ CO H 231 CO DC LU Q LU _J DC LU LU X o CO DC TOP: Lillian Reyes, Patty Heydet, Paige Skir- pan. BOTTOM: Steve Federlein, Asha McKinney, Andy Kirsch, Julie Bonchack, Michael Helfrey. NOT PICTURED: Walker Armstrong, Andy Houck. Julie Bonchack, Patty Heydet, Asha McKinney (Captain), Lillian Reyes (Co-Captain), Paige Skir- pan. 232 CO CO o m m H z CD CO BACK ROW: Debbie Grafington, Debbie Baker, Lisa Morelli, Libby Cook, Sue Farver, llleana Tellechea. FRONT ROW: Suzanne Serra, Sarah Holt, Marci Bogner, Kim Schooley. NOT PIC- TURED: Wendy Foote, Dottie Richardson. m m z 5 CO BACK ROW: Coach Shula Feuer, Barbara Castineria, Wendy Foote, Mandy Hotchkiss, Deb- bie Baker, Susan Hartman, Margaret McCrystal, Chandra Caffey. FRONT ROW: Sheila Lee, Liz Surowitch, Barbara Rubin, Nancy Segall, Kim Lusinski, Marci Bell. NOT PICTURED: Dottie Richardson. 41M11I w ' ■ ■ ' ' " ■ " Women ' s volleyball and basketball are beginning to get more recognition. I ' ve been here tor 3 years and its definitely come a long way. But it will be a long time after I leave before the right amount of recognition will be granted. " Wendy Foote 233 L l ' 1 r " ' yy 7 ,4 — til - r 234 rick Jones " The only bright spots for the Hurricanes were some of the individual players ' performances. " FOOTBALL Think of some college football teams that strike fear into the hearts of opponents. Try, maybe Pittsburgh . . . Notre Dame . . . Nebraska . . Colorado . . Penn State . . . Houston . . . Florida . . . Boston College . . . Duke. Playing two or three of these top teams can cause nightmares. Just ask any player or coach on the University of Miami team, because they tackled every one of these squads this past year. As a result of the rigorous schedule, the Hurricanes suffered through a 3-8 season. Seven of the eight games lost by the ' Canes were against teams that saw post-season Bowl action, an Indication of the caliber of Miami ' s grid opponents. The year started out to be one of the most promising when the ' Canes romped to a 47-0 triumph over traditional rival Florida State. It looked as if Miami had forgotten their losing past and had opened the door to a brighter future. That door was slammed shut when the ' Canes travelled to Boulder to meet the Big Eight champion University of Colorado. An over-confident Hurricane team began a four game losing steak as the Buffaloes coasted to a 33-3 victory. Hopes for a winning season diminished as Miami suffered a heartbreaking 17-9 defeat at the hands or perennial powerhouse Nebraska. Miami ' s lustre continued to fade as they lost 36-14 to Helsman Trophy winner Tony Dorsett and number one ranked Pittsburg. They then surrendered to an unheralded Duke team, 21-7. The season which had begun with high hopes had culminated in frustration and bitter disappointment. A murderous schedule buried all rebuilding hopes of head coach Carl Selmer, who was dismissed after the dismal 3-8 outing. Next year the nightmare begins all over again for new head coach Lou Saben, as he has to build a team comparable to such powerhouses as Ohio State. Alabama, Notre Dame, Penn State, Florida, Georgia Tech, and Kansas. Well, maybe next time. Dan Voss evelyn seidan tony blank 235 Left to right: FRONT ROW-Steve Martell, Chris Dennis, Jesus Miran- da, Bill Cesare, George Mason, Bob Ballin, Frank Glover, Brian Selmer, Jeff Palmer, Fred Azrak, Gralyn Matthews, Dave Robinson, E. J. Baker. SECOND ROW-Joe Bettencourt, Brian Eastburn, Larry Cain, Fred Pumphries, Clarence Latimer, Gary Tokarski, Gene Coleman, John Turner, Tim Morgan, Joe Kempe, Eldridge Mitchell, Kevin Roberts, Brian Ferguson. THIRD ROW-Herb Jackson, Manny Reyes, Craig Cosden, Willie Jenkins, Gregg Wallick, Rick Valerio, Earl Monroe, George Halas, Brad Burgess, Ken Johnson, Woddy Bennett, Rocky Rumenik, Ray Ganong. FOURTH ROW-Ottis Anderson, Greg Aldrich, Tim Probisco, Jo hn Sikich, Bob Hastings, Jeff Skulas, Scott Moree, Phil Miller, Ralph Tezanos, Bill Garbizo, Ralph Boyle, Tom Sedley, Don Kreuger. FIFTH ROW-Manager Steve Klein, Scott Snead, Dusty Jay Eg «. Miked " », Mich SIXTH R01A » Evans. Bolton, flic SEVENTH R ,!t . Glenn y Craig Uckson, Jay Egan, Steve Golding, James Standifer, Karl ■ v lerio Ea r onroe, Mike White, Frank Makarevich, Charlie Bloxsom, 1m, e Toner, Michael Crapp, Larry Brown. SIXTH ROW-Eddie Edwards, Doug Bullock, Don Smith, )hnny Evans, Dennis Breckner, Bob O ' Gara, Don Latimer, rad Bolton, Ricou deShaw, Mike Adams, Dennis Jackson, andy Edens. SEVENTH ROW-Charlie Claude, Mike McNichols, Phil jgust, Glenn Hill, Ron Walker, Pete Upperco, Richard I Aldrich. I Skulas, f Snead, Dusty Russell, Larry Wilson, Bill Lehman, Barry Gonzalez, Jim Browning, Rich Ferchaud. EIGHTH ROW-Head Coach Carl Selmer, Assistant Coach Pat Ruel, Assistant Coach Jim Walden, Assistant Coach Ed Washington, Assistant Coach Jerry Wamsley, Assistant Coach Jack Westbrook, Weight Trainer Steve Bliss, Assistant Coach Harold Allen, Assistant Coach Bob Herndon, Assistant Coach Bill Proulx, Assistant Coach Arnie Romero, Assistant Trainer Harry Everett, Trainer Walter Pomerko. ?1 Bx jM . ■C7 M Gavin Long, our pit- i rZE- T cher from California,) 15-0 last year. 1 " Last year we ranked in the top 10, and we have the same team this year. It ' s an exciting ball club because we have more speed this year. The big thing we are hoping for is the NCAA regional tournament. " Coach Ron Frasen 238 00 C ) m DO s year. It ' s ing we are on Frasen BACK ROW: Coach Ron Fraser, Skip Bertman, Humberto Acosta, Joe Chaney, Rich Feldman, Rob Feldman, John Masucci, Art Brand, Doug Green, Coach Dave Scott, Coach Paul Hammonds. MIDDLE ROW: Wes Robbins, Russ Hansen, Mark Batten, Tony Vila, Augie Ruiz, Erol Akchurin, Rick Montoni, Steve Lerner, Terry Gallagher. FRONT ROW: Broderick Bolton, Dave Knott, Jim Maler, Gavin Long (All American 1976), Randy Guerra, Scott Paradise, Pat Callahan, Rob Gill. 239 BACK ROW: Jeff Zirulnick (Assistant), Jamal Shurdon (Assistant Coach), Steve Manzi, Tony DiPrima (Manager), Douglass Law- son, Raul Pena, Bobby Claflin, Chris Dennis, Vinny Ziccardi, Ira Goldstein, Bill DeBoehmler, Brian Killeen (Assistant Coach), Head Coach Dr. Richard Thomas. MIDDLE ROW: Steve Logan, Renato Peruzzi, Brian Mealey, Chris Larsen, Mike Wenof, Frank Blanco, Francisco Garcia, Jack Uribe. FRONT ROW: Rudy Nichleny, Godfrey Cartwright, Jim Wetterling, Daryl Utvich, Eddie Halberstein, Jorge Costa, Jerc Diamond, Chris Corcoran, Kris Klefos. 240 ■ 4 m i Corcoran, B . It is a difficult task indeed to follow an exciting act, whether it be on a stage or an atletic field. The University of Miami soccer squad found that out the hard way in 1976. The previous season saw the Hurricanes enjoying their best record ever: thirteen wins against two losses. During this past year, however, the booters ' hopes appeared too high for their skills to match as they ended the campaign with an even 5-5-1 record. The Hurricanes ' slide is correctable, nevertheless. Head coach Dr. Richard Thomas, entering his fifth year as director of the University ' s soccer program, looks to tie together the loose ends that impaired his team ' s progres- sion. Thomas especially wants to reorganize his strikers, who had tallied an incredible seventy-six goals during the 1975 season; in 1976, their production slumped to just thirty-one goals. Much of the pressure rested on the feet of Miami ' s two All-State players, Bobby Claflin and Feth Braham, who combined their talents to register twenty-five of the ' Canes ' goals. The tandem led Miami in the early going as the team jumped out to a 4-2 mark, supported by a tenacious defense that allowed only five goals during that stretch. With injuries to goaltenders Chris Larsen and Raul Pena the team became lackadasical, though, and sur- rendered twenty goals in the final five contests. Injury also sidelined defender Chris Corcoran, who went down early in Miami ' s season in a loss to Eckerd College. That loss broke the Hurricanes ' home unbeaten skein at twelve games. Corcoran, tabbed as last year ' s most improved player, will replace goalie Chris Larsen as co-captain this season with Bobby Claflin. Claflin and Ira Goldstein were honored as this year ' s most valuable players. All these fine athletes should form a solid nucleus in 1977 as the Hurricanes shoot for a spot in the NCAA playoffs, a possibility that just a few short seasons ago seemed light years away. Stephen Logan 241 T l LU CO LU Iff Ik L BACK ROW: Melissa Briley, Dawn Frady, Jodi Yambor, Robin Brannman, Abbe Masel, Debbie Massie. MIDDLE ROW: Belinda Phillips, Sylvie Deschamps, Pam Kirk, Joanne Atkinson, Barbara Foulke, Dana Lof- ton, Sharon Berg. FRONT ROW: Coach Charlie Hodgson, Debbie Graffentin, Janet Freudenstein, Dyana Dluz, Melinda Lyverse, Suzannne Fahey, J.B. Buchanan, Ruth Ann McFarlane. Melissa Briley placed 7th in the 10-meter platform diving event at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. In high school Janet Buchanan won all American award for the 1 00 yard breast stroke. Here at the University of Miami she broke the record in the 50 yard relay with a time of 29.9 and no one has topped it yet. ptniere. Sea John Wsh. u Coach McGartty. A 242 tali Tom Gen i ' e m z to to m Me ienstein, Fahey. J.B BACK ROW: David Brooks, Gary Rees, Peter Ler- piniere, Sean Maher, Mike McMullen, Bob Stremmel, John Wish, Kirk Peppas, Steve Pomerantz, and Assis- tant Coach Charlie Hodgson. MIDDLE ROW: Kevin McGarity, Andy Cohen, Paul Nasiby, Del Guyer, Doug tony blank Porto, Larry Wiggins, Kevin Burns, Richard Talley, Tony Magill, Head Coach Bill Diaz. BOTTOM ROW: Frank Woodward, Duncan Cleworth, Gary Abraham, Andy Knowles, Tom Cole, Greg Garlich, Dan Olson, Ray Knox. B £- lC 1 mTujJflH m Q m tooI Janet ■nerican aware st stroke. Here 3 f Miami she i the 50 P 99 and no one Coach Tom Gompf, Dan Olson, Greg Garlich, Gene Mclntyre, Abbe Musel, Melissa Briley. " I feel that diving is more an art than it is a sport. Everyone has their own style. Diving is my form of self-expression. " Greg Garlich 243 LU o o CO Z LU i BACK ROW: Cathy Morse, Lin Miller, Debbie Hoffman, Carolyn Hill, Amy Schock, Terry Munz, Diane Mercure and coach Norman Parsons. FRONT ROW: Mary Lawrence, Cindy Kessler, Sarah LeVeque, Vikki Staton, Sherrie Keblish and Judy Seppen. " This year we are ranked in the top four in the Nation and we are looking forward to a high finish in the Nationals. So far in the major tour- naments we came in 1st twice and 2nd once. " Coach Norm Parsons " I know we can beat any team in the nation. . .my goal is to qualify for the LPGA tour because I enjoy traveling, meeting peo- ple, and playing the competition. " Kathy Morse I 1 BACK ROW 244 m z O o m m BACK ROW: Andy Lipnick, Brian Rothaus, Tom Whittelsey, Art Greenfedder, John Andrachak, Steve Golliher, Terry Hashimoto, Mike McDonald. FRONT ROW: Dr. William G. Heuson, Ray Coay, Lou Butter- mark, Christopher Harries. " We ' re a very strong team this year. On a day where they all play up to their potential, they ' ll beat any team in the nation. " Coach Dr. William G. Heuson " I don ' t know if I play a role. I just try to show a competitive spirit and let my actions and scores talk for me. " Steve Golliher 245 CO z z LU I- co z LU BACK ROW: Paul Curtain, John Henk, Lance Dennette, Ron Myers, Joe Etinne, John Virgin, John Geraghty. FRONT ROW: Benito Schon, Coach Dale Lewis, John Eagleton. " I feel very confident this year ' s team will finish in the top 7 in the nation. John Eagleton is number one on our team and we ' re expecting a big year from all the players this season. " Coach Dale Lewis " I love playing tennis for many reasons. The main reason is the individuality of the sport. When others mess up it doesn ' t affect my game. Out of respect for my opponent I try not to show any emotion on the court. I don ' t feel there is room for bad attitudes in the game. " John Eagleton 246 MCKROI flOW: Chri Savitt. Cine o m z H m z z 0) : Lewis, John BACK ROW: Isabella Hutchison, Laurie Kovalle. MIDDLE ROW: Christine Kay, Suzanne Lippe, Kim Sands, Betsy Savitt, Cindy Ballentine, Lynn Epstein. FRONT ROW: Amy Ehrenreich, Sally Zasloff, Jody Applebaum, Ellyn Feld- man, Allegra Pero, Terry Salganik. The UM women were undefeated, 17-0, in dual match play last season and have an overall 53-2 record. They hold the FAIAW 1975-76 state champion title and finished fifth at USTA inter- collegiate nationals last June. " To be number one on a team is what everyone wants. I want to be number one and I try my hardest. Tennis demands full concen- tration in order to reach the top. 95% of the game and all its strategy depends on concen- tration. " Jodi Applebaum 247 tony blank 248 bill waltzer 249 s 30 bill waltzer 250 . - r-tfr IH quinn . Wn fi ' •-Tfi ap-jitfi -StH •1 ■ ■; C W " WC »«• • ' « W i; ( " Y -WOONlW - w SNOW « W ' " " »• £ 1 « I Q F ' ,NO HER? Hfe — A. i 251 glenn bookman 252 253 1 1 — evelyn seiden 254 iC m V alan ferguson 255 r e. schimmel 256 ■M - « ' ■ Dm» e. seiden J 257 258 I k 259 j. robins 260 1- r Obins e. schimmel r. jones 1L_ 261 T- W e. seiden 262 _ 263 I 1 e. schimmel j. reed 264 ' ■ schimmej e. schimmel 265 r nB aj i rf W » 5 — -. V Ji §1 » F ' •• L»J! 266 I robins 267 TTZZ 268 j. Ut2 r 270 j. blumenthal 271 j. utz 272 ■BBB j y - " " jfj " V M ' b. waltzer 273 j. reed I 274 275 J. hayes t - 276 H»W p. lipschutz a. ferguson 277 278 279 _ g. bardo 280 1 1 ibrt 281 J n i ' I 282 I 0 1 283 284 m- — , • jon robins J 285 jim reed evelyn seiden 286 tffi 287 ! ' . " ■ ' Fjgq|g . jdi$ ' ■ ■ ' --SBr iW ' saNfif fl ' " ' ' ' : ' ■. W 1 9i 1 JH y " ' ■■■■■■■■■■nc. an 1 V ■1 1 u J ■■■■■■■■■1 M % ?« 1__ w Ibbm . B j! ' l _i .;f , ' :f ' ■ : ' : " ' ' ,!| -; ' j:l ■■ ' ' ■ , ' i: sandy day blue waters shimmer bathing in the warmth emerging from the coolness seashells gather in the hand. c. digiacomo things, occurring so strangely, in such a fashion as to make it impossible fade the blue-golden hued strings adorning the lyre. pick up your spade and play it! where have the lily-voiced birds flown away to? why haven ' t they returned? speaking from his lowly perch above all, he struck his fist on the desk and shouted: " why me?!?! " a.e. hemingway IM ■■■■«■■■■■■■■■■■ r enc schimmel r- —IIM— 1 --. -sSr - lswHi -.„ ps • - v . ««-• ' 4 L " " - " " - ■- ' - " " M r. . ' U ■ : v ■■ . i j t •■■ ' " 3 2T ■ » BK A ! ■tt -« 8 , . m P w » MIL iiiii III II ! ' linn 1 »i " • eric schimmel t ■ngMHMBBHf I L« i H H jiriMiHfiiMM ' t ' lA;-:-r;; ' -Mii J {■ w : «m GENERAL INDEX ACTIVITIES Amazing Rhythm Aces Buzzy Linhart Canni Gras Car Rally Electric Light Orchestra Halloween Homecoming Peter Tosh Registration Steven Stiles Student Activities Night Student Summer Orientation Program Who ' s Who in the Administration William E. Simon, Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Zappa FEATURES Amateur Radio Society David Wilkie-Olympic Winner Dorm Life Leisure Time Sports Mrs. G-Marion Grabowski Presidential Campaign Stanford, Henry K. Trends University Jazz Band Unsung Heroes Video Tape Services SENIORS p.41 p.40 pp.38-39 p.55 p.40 pp.48-51 pp.52-53 p.41 pp.34-35 pp. 44-45 pp.36-37 pp.32-33 p.54 pp. 54-55 pp.46-47 p.230 p.66 pp.62-63 pp. 56-57 pp.76-77 pp.58-59 p.67 p.60 p.230 Senior Portraits Senior Index pp.75-153 pp.154-161 HONORARY ORGANIZATIONS Alpha Epsilon Delta pp.174 Alpha Lambda Delta Beta Gamma Sigma Circle K Eta Kappa Nu Gamma Theta Upsilon Mortar Board Omicron Delta Epsilon Orange Key Order of Omega Phi Eta Sigma Phi Lambda Pi Pi Sigma Alpha Sigma Pi Sigma Tau Beta Pi ORGANIZATIONS Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Epsilon Pi AFROTC American Institute of Architects Alpha Epsilon Rho Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Tau Omega American Institute of Industrial Engineers Angel Flight Apartment Area Board of Governors Arnold Air Beta Alpha Psi Blakely, John Board of Publications Campus Crusade for Christ Campus Sports 180 p. 170 p.171 p.182 p.181 p.172 p.179 p. 173 p.189 p.179 p. 178 p.175 p. 176 p.177 p.181 Recreation p. 228 Canni Gras Executive Committee p.220 Cheerleaders, Jr. Varsity p.231 Cheerleaders, Sr. Varsity ' p.232 Chi Omega p.188 College Women in Broadcasting p.201 Community Campus Council p.216 Delta Delta Delta p. 191 Delta Gamma p.207 Delta Sigma Pi p.197 Delta Sigma Pi Little Sisters p. 197 Delta Sigma Theta p. 195 Drama Council p. 226 Federation of Cuban Students p.208 Film Series p.192 French Club p.210 Hurricane Honeys p. 231 Ibis Yearbook p.217 IEEE p.182 Kappa Delta Pi p. 188 Kappa Kappa Gamma p.202 Mahoney-Pearson Governor ' s Committee pp.212-213 Miami Hurricane Multiple Sclerosis Dance Committee Open Door Organization of Arab Students Osinski, Marty Steve Panhellenic Council Phi Beta Sigma Phi Delta Theta Pre-legal Society Ratskeller Advisory Board p.215 p.209 p.201 p.210 pp.218-219 p.225 p.187 p.222 p.209 Ratskeller Staff RHCCC Rholambda Roadrunners SAFAC Student Entertainment Committee Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi Sigma Delta Tau South Atlantic Karate Association Speakeasies Student Nurses Association Student Publications Student Rights Agency Tau Kappa Epsilon United Black Students University Services Organization Urban Environmental Corps WVUM Zeta Beta Tau 960 Board of Governors SPORTS Baseball Basketball, Women Diving Football Football Squad Golf, Men Golf, Women Soccer Swimming, Men Swimming, Women Tennis, Men Tennis, Women Volleyball, Women P. Cy ; ---V ■ ' " . " -v.- ' 3 - ' ;- p.183 p.192 p.200 pp.198-199 pp.238-239 p.233 p.243 p.235 pp.236-237 p.245 p.244 pp.240-241 p.243 p.242 p.246 p.247 p.233 i EDITOR ' S NOTE Another year, another Ibis. We hope this one is the best ever. There are so many hundreds of people to thank for their time and energy and I have thanked many in other places around the book. Here I ' d like to thank my associate, Joyce Bauman for her unending dedica- tion. It ' s been a long, strange trip and I could never have made it alone so the myriad helpers must go unnamed. I wish the best and most exciting futures to all of my brothers and sisters here at the University of Miami. In ending, I would like to say that without the infectious inspiration of Bill Maguire, this ole boy would be a dropout still. Congratulations, graduating seniors. May the light of love and happiness shine on you always. Eric P. Schimmel Editor, Ibis 77 - ' 4HH SPECIFICATIONS Press Run: 6,000 Number of pages: 308 Paper Stock: 80 lb. Gloss Enamel Ink: Black Four-Color: 32 Pages; Type C Prints Headline Styles: Helve tica Type Styles: Helvetica Cover: Four-Color Lithograph on Chambroy Material; 160 pt. Binders Board; Rounded and Backed with Headbands. End Sheet: Artwork-Black And White; Blind Embossed Publishers Representative: Bill Wolfe, WH Wolfe Associates Printing: Walsworth Publishing Co. Professional Senior Portraits: Burdine ' s Photo Studio Copyright by the 1977 Ibis Staff, Library of Congress Card Catalogue number 53-15729. Published under the auspices of the Board of Student Publications and Eric Schimmel, Editor 1977. Ill ■■ IBIS 1977 Editor- Eric P. Schimmel Associate Editor- Joyce Bauman Business Manager- Steve Avellone Copy Editor- Dennis W. Menard Assistant Copy Editor- Myra Ron Art Editor- Robin Rehrer Senior Section Editor- Andrea Schecterman Sports Editor- Suszanne Brodie Organizations Editor- Georgia Mignott This book copyright 1977 by Eric P. Schimmel and the Board of Student Publications of the University of Miami. Library of Congress Catalog number 53-15729. All rights reserved. PHOTOGRAPHERS Eric P. Schimmel Julie Blumenthal Alan Ferguson Jon Robins Bill Waltzer Brandon Roth Jim Reed Tony Blank Evelyn Seiden Gary Bardo Jon Utz Glenn and Neil Bookman Peter Van Houten Jim Hayes Rick Jones Peter Lipshutz Jann Zlotkin Tim McAfee Bill Ouinn nSiriKS I 01 Raymonde Bilger, Janet Reynolds. Ray Bellamy, Coach Diaz. Burdines ' Photography Studios, William H. Wolfe Associates, Dennis Manieri, SEC, Tim McAfee, Bill Quinn. Rainbow Color Lab, George Gilette, Joe Pineda. Harlan Gladstein, George Kaslow, Coconut Grove Gazette. George Southworth. Meher Baba. Rosebud. Don. Pat. and special thanks to Jeanne, George Monahan, Sandy Pukel, Alan Parker, Dr. Richard Bohn, Lynn Auer- bach. ARTWORK Ruthanne Sheppard-Front Endsheet Wesley Morgan-Cover Design Division Pages Paula Doubleday-Honorary Organization Designs Deborah Dawson COPY Clairdaymian DiGiacomo Dennis Menard Anne Hemingway Chandra Kearse Ellen Schochet Bonnie Israel Dan Voss Stephen Logan INVALUABLE ASSISTANCE James Hoffman. Richard Adderly. Lynn Meredith. Sheryl Mex- ic. Chad Bohn. Jaime Galindo. Eve Margol. Dr. Ronald Stander. Dr Stan Rapoport. Mr. Michael Schimmel. Mr. Mrs. Herbert Schimmel. The Bauman Family. Stuart Markus. Richard Feder. D.D.S.. Pierre Patrice Mattia. David Schroeder. Probyn Thompson. Pam Striewig. Denise Menard. Kurt Ellen Schimmel. Illene Thombank. Frazier Jean White. David Kent. Michael Carlebach. Bill Sue Maguire. lam Maguire. Jeffrey Entin. Rick Artman. HI WALSWORTH M»rc«liM, Me.. D.S.A. 9 . ' ' « i- «» m ««a M|H|MP!ppm! I I «ftr • (itft (» •awsr

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