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ti 7- tit ti Via-g it Upon the reroinntent)ntion of the 3.fnruitu tin the N.nree of with ult the ritihto.honorkt. 5: thereunto appertztinhnj. -fin witneo uthrreaf.the oral of the lInnicrevito nub the ohynitureo of theIreoient zu0 the Bran nee hereunto affixtb. 1 3itten ut Conti G3nhteo.3florittn,on map 4,1975 NM ik. " WC solid thumps resounded through the length of the Boeing 727. The pave- ment of Miami ran along under the belly until the lights at the end of the runway turned into buildings. His eyes darted, nervously checking the faces of the other passengers. He disembarked and strode into the flourescent lobby, following along behind hundreds of others with coats and baggage. The ad hoc parade finally terminated in the main lobby and the descent began. A deep, low hum of noise drummed through the floors as thousands of people wandered around like electrons bumping into each other. The carousel turned and turned until it finally gave him what he wanted. Bag in hand, the doors opened and he was assaulted by the thickness, the heaviness of the air rich with humidity. Going up and down the curbstones with his eyes, he surveyed the people waiting for ground transpor- tation. There were many with the same destination as his. 11 t. 1 _alit a.rt -A 1 7 A rt PP A sA I I MSS Ain ' t NI controversy es-en now raging over whether the foreign language requirement should be dropped is both saddening and illuminating, as it shows a lack of understanding on the part of the students as to what a ing another language aids one in un- derstanding the medium in which our thoughts are expressed. At the same rime, reading the literature of another culture in the language in which it was written not only in" Stfutts one in the thought processes and heritage of another culture, but exposes the mind to thoughts. which, no matter how welt trans- lated into English, lose in the process something of their nuances. Refusal to attempt another language argues not merely a narrow mind but cul- tural chauvinism of the most brutal MM. In what will theoretically be the informed voter of a wealthy and powerful nation such an attitude is inexcusable. university is for. and an unwilling- ness or inability on the part of the faculty to explain it. A university is not. or at any rate should not be, a trade school, except nominally on the graduate level; its concern is not the teaching of marketable skills, nor of facts which when interlarded with everyday speech can pass for knowledge. The university is not even in any strict sense a teaching vehicle for actual knowledge, assum- ing such a thing exists; rather, it is a forum in which students learn, gen- erally at the college level and more particularly at the graduate level. the means or processes of thought. Some form of thought, of course, is present even in the most untutored mind, but it is impossible to make a rational or aincal analysis of any value in any subject unless the mind has been sharpened to it. To this end the leaching of facts is to some degree necessary, for without the know- ledge of what has gone before, of past mistakes and achievements, progress of any kind is impossible. facts are only useful, however, in- sofar as they supply a basis for analysis; the learning of facts is not an end in itself. In this context the teaching of foreign languages is not mere in- dulgence but outright necessity. Most foreign languages have con- tributed in some way to the de- velopment of our own; hence, learn. " Lc? Mat ma al !Pt !at- On a slightly more practical level, those who intend to live or work in or near any of the country ' s major cities cannot be unaware that the large and growing Latin population will soon make bilin- gualism the necessity elsewhere that it already is in Miami. I should be ashamed to point out such self-evident features of foreign language instruction were it not that the correspondence in the Hurricane displays a wide- spread lack of such elementary urxlerstanding. Much of what I have said will, of course, fall upon deaf ears; the current under- graduate student body had the misfortune to mature at a lime when rational thought was in dis- repute and when the for edu- cational was in lull swing. Unfortunately, the untutored mind does not know what is re- levant and what is not, and, childlike, tends to reacts for the pretty mental playthings rather than what is useful or purposeful. this tendency is sadly aggravated hete; independent observation bolstered by the attrition figures published in the Hurricane would suggest that a large part of the stu- dent body is composed of func- tional illiterates, byproducts of the mistaken notion that everybody is entitled to or in need of a college %. " education, who are naturally hap. pier at the idea of training them- selves to think independently. My interest in the controversy. as I already posse ' s a BA drom a school with a two-year language requirement), and am now attend- ing the law School, is a further debased academic reputation for the college at large which will in- evitably affect the value of the dip- loma I receive. Even if the students cannot un- derstand the reasons for foreign language instruction, the faculty will hopefully remain steadfast and not, by acquiesence to de- mands for its cessation, lose a de- cisive battle against this school ' s tip too well deserted country club reputation. Daniel Ethan Abraham tag: dl Smogs asas El 31 % , (kr am. ' etsct, uni S. or eo, gast Hi 1 " ' cr Alrall11111 " icj1 ; i P re- - -- tifiZalk bra -_a " -ri , 4 " i ( WIC2 If W7 I I ks4 sCiIto t_ " ' is= II k_ I PP tsir 17 Ion= rev morn insgin flit nil :i 4 , UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI CORAL. GABLES. FLORIDA 33125 orncr OF THE PIRESMENT Dear Graduating Seniors: This year ' s Itmeccming thane, " Shades of Yesteryear, " caused me to ponder how our graduating seniors this year will remember their university and their experience on this campus 25 years from now. Those of you who have been here the traditional four years, entered the University as the tempestuous ' 60s ended, a decade marked by swirling floodwaters of change. In my annual report for the year 1965-66 when student protest was gaining mcmentun, I remarked: ' Routh imparts to every generation a kind of pristine enthusiasm, a blessed naivete. The white charger is always there, waiting for youth to mount. And youth is always convinced that it will slay dragons, never tilt windmills. " I am glad to observe now that our students of the ' 70s have lost none of their enthusiasn and they are still mounting white chargers, but with a different style. Instead of charging off in all directions on unbridled mounts, they seen to possess a maturity not shared by the more militant of the unsettled sixties. Students are still exhorting administrators, and administrators are listening, more closely, and more importantly, in a far better atmosphere of reason, good will, trust and cooperation. As you go forward in your respective careers, it is my hope that as the years add new experiences and greater maturity, you will remember with increasing nostalgia the learning years of your youth on this campus. And I hope you will want to return, each Homeccodng, to share with your fellow alumni and alumnae, the " Shades of your Yesteryears " here. Sincgrely yours A private, independent, international university An equal opportunity employer He Kin tanf rd President e " 4 " " " ;- " ' " " . " " I I I wan, n. 5.1.. BARCH toben 5. Amen INCE Ilk. I ABA IA A Ann,. RA Cimet. Allan Bs I n P. %In anofve RAW ANA,. RS Raft. ' OMAR EUGENE H. ABELL. . Miami, Florida . . . UM Fencing Club, G.T.U. WARREN D. ACKER . lesington, Massachusetts . . . A.I.A.. Tau Beta PE Hurricane ELLEN L. AGIN ... Merrick, New York . . . Theta Della GISELA ALBERT .. Hialeah. Florida POSIEPli P. ALEXANDER . . . Miami. Florida . . . Pi Tau Sigma, Anwrican Society of Mechanical Engineers FELIPE A. ALVAREZ . .. Miami. Florida . . Phi Sigma Alpha. Political Science Honorary VAN E. ANASTASIOU Fort Lauderdale. Florida .. . President ' s Honor Roll. Delta Theta Mu. Phi Kappa Phi. Iniramural" . Pre-Legal Society ROBERT S. ANGELL . Mineola, New York MARK A. ANTISZ Basonne. New lersey . .1. SBG: senator. Vets Club. s Tommy( le Club. Ukra man American Club ILEANA M. ARAMBURU ... Long Beach. New York ROBERT ARMSTRONG . Vaml Florida . . . R.O.T.C.. Arnold Air Society. Sigma Alpha iNlogi JOHN D. ARRINGTON ... Miami. Florida ri STEVEN F. WALTERS ... Brookville, New Yak ANDREW WASHOR ... Moth Bellmore. New York . . . Pre-Legal Society. SOS. Dearis List. Intramural ROBERT S. WAYNE . . . Miami. Florida . . . Ski Club, %WUM. American Siudenis for Israel CHAN YAT" TUNG ... Kowloon, Hong Kong CAROLE I. YOUNG . . Needham. Massarhuseto.. . . To Beta. Biology Club LOSE A. YUMET Humacho, Puerto Rico ROBERT A. ZARRILLO ... Miami. Florida . . . Biolocy Club. Dean ' s List. S. ience Fiction Club, Phi Alpha Theta IANET L. ZENDLE . . Glen Cove. New York . . Dean ' s List Nett. 1. W.M. SBA Cam ' . I. VOW. Sc Andrew WS ? ICS b. A. Vernet IS Ruben " R.AAI asnfin 11.6 ( Mn lit. lunt fr. MartI I male II II) Itiat a Pita Iliwr Abs 0. Ails. it Seer. R. Saw At IvRr t. Wire SKI Gus W. hew IS leen 0. Baker PA lab 0. ken in Owen t. wdn.R IA Ramie 1). SOW to URA t lam OSA In snow to Thome G. Mu 11 ARCH VIC i06.1 A Sewe r k ALAN D. ATLAS . Highland Park, Illinois JORGE R. AVINO ... Miami, Florida . . . Tederalion of Cuban Students. ASCE JEFFREY BAKER . . . Brecksville. Ohio. . Intramurals CHANDRA BARDWELL ... Ridgefield, Connecticut . . . Rho LarnIxta. Alpha Della Pi, Intramurals, 960 Dorm Council BRITTA BARRY . . . Marble head. Massachusetts . . . Phi Sigma Sigma FAY BATSON . . . Kingston, lantaica .. French Club. COISO STANLEY R. BAUM . . Union. New lersey . . . Student Enter. tainment Committee: chairman GUY W. BEAVEN ... Baltimore. Maryland . . . UM Lacrosse, Rugby, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Phi Nothing. Biology Club. USBG. SOS. R.O.T.C. RANDY D. BEERS . . . Clearwater. Florida RONALD D. BELIN. . Ottawa. Ontario . . . Dr. Jack Kelsey Sportsmanship Award. Tau Kappa Epsilon: President. Delta Delta Della THOMAS BELTZ . . . Lehighton. Pennsylvania . . . Lambda Chi Alpha VICTORIA A. BENSON . . . Hillside. New Jersey r2 re i biro P. Wetting RA tame. H. %%talc., elk Onns NM, R 10 seal P. %MA. Wm. I. Yontr. tovv N. Wachnotl, Sabi. H. Wenn " 4 P.OrwL H Wthan lham t. Neinlir ILIA tdmood Veawnon Sit AIDA M. VRIBE Mum. Eh boat . PR...Rh In flimor Roll. Dean ' s Lan" ;" " " " ' .- " .. " " Theta Mu. L s:;:. " " " " it Gras JEFFREY P. Yale.. AN I 1pha Phi 0," " " ," .,,arnt WILLIAM L. SS F KU BUD:ORA D. NI Iv. I, D, II I) Olt I :owe. Pentmhoull.t . . et I ' .I II If . . lAbotibrulge. " " " FAMES II. %11()R I O " ,..... ' ." " " EDWARD WILKINSON. . . D.( mg PATRICK WILSON . . 1(1111,1. Mtnnesora " " " " . wilator. %peak" ( pro t ,,,,, .4 hairpeoon NEAL P. WITTE LS Mixti: Beat l" Florida . . . Delta Theta Mu. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Orange Rev ROGER M. WACHNICKI . . 01(1 Cre" nuith. Connettiruz . Intramural. Peel Nan IIA John A. Said OA Amy I. Apt IA I. Rance gloom " ID GA F. Po... BA faldinti" XA HMI% A. Mwk 111 Itsir ase PEARL BERLIN .. . Pennsauken. New jersey . . . Dean ' s Lip. President ' s I lows Roll. Sailing Club NANCY J. BLACK . . . Chicago, Illinois PATRICE BLOOM .. Lakewood, New jersey PAUL BLOOMBERG . . . Owings Molt Maryland . . . Delta Theta Mu. Phi Alpha Theta. Phs Kappa Phi, Pre-Legal Society CINDY E. BLUM . . Long Beach. New York HARVEY K. BODANSKY . . . Kensington, Maryland People Helping People: treasurer. German Club JOHN A. BOND . . Port Washington. New York . Homecoming. USBC: university affair.. student rights commission. Cami Gras, Anthropology. Geology. Chew. Club LISA L. BOVA . . Greenwich, Connecticut . . . Delta Sigma Pi GUY E. BOWER . . Miami. Florida . . Y.O. CLIFFORD S. BRAHM . Peekshill. New York . . . Orange Key. Beta Alpha Psi. Alpha Kappa Psi. Intramurals HETTY J. BRAUNSTEIN . . . Havertown. Pennsylvania HARRY BRICK ... Medford. New Jersey RV ' its n Ink. B. TrJvcr" R. t lame I. Ime SSA Gem D Ilk lobo T. sant. RBA Robert I. VAHaman SSA %ator Vega BA cabers I. SSA Rovnutie V. %WM nnl BSI Rodotlo " ilanno B ARC H H Vonlintig IRA NOELLE T. IRAN ... Saigon, South Vietnam . . . Omicron Delta Epsilon, Mortar Board LESLIE B. TRAUGER ... Souderton, Pennsylvania . Tau Bela Pi, Amed. I can Society of Civil Engineers JAMES E. TRICE . . . Homestead, Florida . . . Phi Theta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Scabbard and Blade, R.O.T.C. Scholarship, Iron Arrow GREGG D. TYE ... Palmdale, California ... UM Vanity Swimming Team, Dean ' s List, Orange Key. Swimmer of the Year. All.American Swimming JOHN T. VARGA . . . Eason, New Jersey ROBERT J. VA RTANIAN . . . Garden City. New York ANTHEA VASILIOU ... Flushing. New York . . . Council foe Exceptional Children NESTOR VEGA . . . Miami, Florida . . . A.I.A. ROBERT R. VERCHOTA .. . Miami, Florida ROSEMARIE V. VINCENT . . West Palm Beath, Florida .. . Dean ' s List RODOLF0 VILARINO . . Miami. Florida .. . IA., Golden T" Square JOHN T. VONLONTING . . Clearwater, Florida . .. Dean ' s List, President ' s Honor Roll, Alpha Beta Psi, Pre" Legal Society Sal Mal iita MEI Si., ' S. Pea NIA Auden I. Conpbell I TO I hroe. Nunn 10. Nartura Kfunwne KA Rohe., SM A. ?auto ' . BA Nand,. A KA kart r. Burke. Ir. MIA CHESTER BROWN .. Miami, floistia JEFFREY BROWN . . Edison, Ness p.n.- . . . Alpha Phi Omega. German Club A. PAULINE BROWNE . . . Coral Gabli.. Florida ... Dean ' s List, Phi Lambda A BARBARA BRUMME . Miami, Florida . . UM Band of the Hour. R.O.T.C.. Track Club MARK BUBAR Darien, Connecinto ... AISEC, Archon , Resident Advisor, Hurricane; advenhing salesman DEBRA BUJALSKI .. Fort Lauderdale. Florida THERESA BURIA . Miami, Florida JOHN BURKE IR.. . . Hagentcnyn, Maryland SANDRA V. CALVIN . . . Miami. Florid,, . . . SOS, V1n UM; disc jockey, promotion. ROBERT CAMERON . . . Vienna, Vu ginia . . . Phi Kappa Phi. Pi Kappa Lambda. Honors Program. UM Brass quintet Symphony Orchestra. Symphonic Wind Ernemble AUDREY CAMPBELL . . . Tid1 11 Florida . . . Phi Beta Sigma KATHL FEN CAMPBELL W.--! Hempstead, New York wa mole G. Una II Io IkelaanIn I. SW BA Lm t. Smartt Off Andre. Cintrovn %amid R. Swanton IA $ Take OA Eric Teela 11A Nano t. Theron 11.1.4 lanhialm lothishoge Lawn 1. Iowa P. 11A Kw STEPHENS Sevilla, Spain Delta Theta Mu DIANE STERN East si.ihne, Illinois. . . Intercollegiate; volleyball, Roadrunner.. Delta Psi Kappa, Cami Intramurals; softball, basketball. football BENJAMIN STONE .. . Miami Ach. Florida LEO SUAREZ .. . Hialeah. Florida . . . Tau Bela Pi. Eta Kappa Nu. -i" lite Key. IEEE; treasurer ANDREA SUSSMAN ... Miami. Florida . SOS. :A. I ' M; promotion, VIP, Upward Bound Program MICHAEL SWANSON .. . tiii.ona, Wisconsin CARLISLE TALBOT Miami. Florida TILL TAYLOR . . Livingston, New Jersey ... Homecoming. Delta Theta Mu. Pia Chi. Rho lambd.i, Hurricane; reporter ERIC TEDER . . . %Sliming:on, Delaware . .. Flying Club NANCY THEROUX . . . East Lansing, Michigan . .. Sigma Theta Tau YOSHIAKI TOSHISHIGE ... Coral Gables, Florida TAMES TOWELL . NAM, New Jersey MAI t Matthew Corn IA I Awn. shoot sane IL Ca. ItA Id...Sr ( a" tr. x. Ir. I. (..t, K ' . its C.S114 S. (lumbers IA Iptrn G Oupasas BB t BSC1 Itolsrts .. (Isnnet Bt Can Ownnsan BA LISA CANTLIN .. . tsndhum, (Thin MATTHEW CAPERS ... Varnyille. South Carolina I. THOMAS CARLSON . . . 01.1 Greenwich. Connecticut . Dean ' s List. UM Fishing Club SANDI CARP . . Milton. Massachusetts . .. Phi Kappa Plu,l)elta theta Mu. Sig n.: Pr. Dean ' . Lust, President ' s Honor Roll EDUARDO CASO . . %tam. Florida I RIC CATZ . . . Coral Gable., Flonda . . . Ph, Kappa Ph.. Alpha I psi Inn Deny r. .r" rri va, President ' s Honor Roll JOY CAVAGNARO . fol. " r ' rs I MA CHAMBERS. . . Princeton, New terse: JOHN CHAPMAN . Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Delta Delta Dena GARTH (11H.A.101% ry tinhanus ... COISO. ASCE ROBERT CHERNET SAiranyn, Hw e. .Alpha Epsilon Rho; president. MUM; operations director, Photography ( CARY CHRISMAN . . Williamsport. Pennsylvania Thorne of the little league wouln series) . . . spOtIs direclor Ma. Mit de Detwa r Surv.on I EU !ant . MA " hed.t vNith Rh Robe. t I Kea? Sal SS 11.nald samabet STEVEN SILVERMAN . . . Miami. Florida ... Orange Key; president. Omicron Delta Kappa; secretary. Beta Gamma Sigma. UM Young Democrat,. MC; Sleeker of the Senate. senator. Delta Sigma Pi. Lecture Series; chairman EDWARD SIMONE . . North Miami, Florida DEBRA SIMPSON . . . Miami, Florida LAWRENCE SMEDER . . . Coral Gables, Florida . .. lamIxla Chi Alpha SHEILA SMITH . . Mums. Florida SUSAN SOLINS . . . North Miami Beach, Florida . . . Intercol- legiate; tennis. Campus Spore. and Recreation Dept. CHARLES SOMMER .. . Bayside New York SERGIO SOTOLONGO . . . Miami, Florida ... Pi Sigma Alpha ROBERT SPANO . Robinswood. New York KENNY STALL .. . Dayton. Ohio . . . Honors Program, Order of Omega, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, cheerleader RONALD STAUBER . .. Miami Beach, Florida . . . delta Theca Mu, Phi Kappa Phi. Alpha Epsilon Delta STAN STEFANSKI .. . Hialeah. Florida . . . Dean ' s (WW. Waif. BID Maly I Lwrah AS. AA Ilt" Rafael J. lonlre(as SBA WAIN A. Coopoyman I to lunette ( (Awl, BMA r. I chw fps liwoott (Isti 14.14-u I (411... gephol 51 (dun ( (+AA, Ii511 Wed W. (.Mw ors .me. T. (an OM( 41. " I - JUNETTE CHUCK ... Kingston. 1.11711114 . . COISO TIMOTHY CLARK Miramar. Florida . . . President ' s Honor Roll. Delta Theta Mu, Inuamurals CYN I tit G. CLAYTON . . . Hialeah. Florida PHILLIP E. CLEMENTS . Hialeah, President ' s Honor Roll. Honors Program, Delia Theta Mu. Phi Kappa Phi. 0111r( Delta Kappa. Theta Delta STEPHEN COAN ... Hull. Massachusetts . . . Band of thi Hour, %O Dorm Council, Hurricane; reporter FRED COHEN . . . Long Beach. Nev. York . . . Dean ' s List RESEKKAH COHEN . . New Orleans, Louisiana . . . Drama Council. Alpha Psi Omega. Dean ' s List THELMA COLLINS . . . Miami, Florida RAFAEL CONTRERAS . . . Coral cables. Florida LESLIE COOPERMAN . Ness York. New York . . . Sigma Phi Nothing. I.V. Baseball Team, Basketball Club, In tramurals, Dean ' s List JAMES CORDOVA . . . Nokomis. Florida ... Eta Kappa Nu. Homecoming, IEEE. EEC JAMES CORN . . . Brooklyn, New York ... Swim Club, Sailing Club. 0.51 instructor. SOS Randal samnit BA CaraA ndunid II In San 1. Week 810 hoe Schradiberg OA nate A %Pond IA, SBA Beanit r P. Shamlnotne IA Ink Lupien IA lent" 5. Shin B 10 Ididd Slaraman lA Won IL Leman SSIII R011e% I I. wart WM Mond I. 1 4etall BA RANDALL L. SCHMIDT . . . Naperville. Illinois SARAH G. SCHMID . . Wooster, Ohio . . . Kappa Della Pi; president, Phi Kappa Phi NANCY L. SCHNEIDER .. . Cincinnati, Ohio . . Kappa Kappa Gamma LYNN SCHWARTZBERG ... Hous- ton, Texas .. . Deans List, NSSHA, Zeta Bela Taut hole sister JORGE S. SEGARRA . . . Miami, Florida . . . French Club; treasurer, Psi Chi BERNICE SHAINHOUSE . . . Brooklyn, New York . . . Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta Mu, Dean ' s List, Presi- dent ' s Honor Roll LOIS I. SHAPIRO ... Coral Gables. Florida . . . Hurricane: reporter, Inirarourals, PreAdeni ' s Honor Roll, International Dance Club JOYCE E. SHAW . . . Coral Gables, Florida . . . Dean ' s List. Hurricane Honey; captain, Sigma Chi Ode Sister. Della Delia Delta. Intrannuals HILDY SHEINMAN .. . Lynbrook, New York . . Theta Delta. USBG. 960 Dorm Council. SOS, Leadership Training JAMES SHERMAN . . . Lebanon. Pennsylvania ROBERT SHORT ... De- catur. Georgia . . . Band of the Hour DANIEL E. SIEGEL . .. Belmar. New Jersey 1 Ms Rem L. Crislal SA Louth A. 0 ' AinbroLiA IS ' ,Inge Si.Coker . fr. 8511 kora t. Dame.. Is RONDA CORVIN Miar ' h, Florida LISA COSGROVE . . Little Rix Arkansas tau Kappa Epsdo PETER COYNE . . . Cynwyd. Pennsylvania .. . TPIRG. Cami Gras. Dorm Rpe.. Homecoming RAQUEL CROITORU ... Bogota, Columbia . . . Deans List. Orange Key. Biology Club, Chemistry Club, Science Fic- tion Club ROSS CRYSTAL . . . New York, New York . . . Zeta Beta Tau: president. Orange Key, Prelegal Society, Sigma Delta Chi, SWUM; news anchorman. USBG; senator VICENTE CUBERO IR.. . . Miami. Florida ... HUE JOHN CUDDIHY . . . Miami, Florida - .. Dean ' s List, USBG; associate justice. Hurricane: columnist FREDERICK K. CUNNINGHAM . . . Somerville, New tersest JANICE CURTIN . . Morrestown. New lersey ... Honors Program CHRISTEL DAILEY . . . Homestead, Florida ... SNA JOSEPH D ' AMBROSIO . Trenton. New lersey ... Intrarourals. Gamma Theta Upsilon. Scuba Club KAREN DANIELS . . . Southern Pines, North Carolina . - . Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Beta Beta. Biology Club VkLi I. SDI. 11D todpiseianew. Ir. " ID .d A. ' SDI EA Swat At Sauselets IA PDpharce %AA lui knA h Ss I wen, Ataveta Al JACK ROTH ... Sands Point. New York . . . Intramural baseball VICKI SACHS ... Toms River, New Jersey SAYD MOAT . . . Afghanistan PATCHAREE SAKUL" CHAIVANICHI . . . Bangkok, Thailand MARSHA E. SALLES ... Miami, Florida ... Dean ' s List SHELLY D. SALTER .. . LaGrange, Illinois . .. Kappa Kappa Gamma JANET L. SANDLER ... Newport News. Virginia . . . NSSI1A. President ' s Honor Roll RODRIGO SANTOS 1It.. . . Miami, Florida SUZANNE M. SAUNDERS . .. Rochester, Nov York . . . French Club, Pi Delta Phi. Dean ' s Let EUGENE SCANZERA .. Shore Acres, New Jersey . . . Varsity Cheerleaders; co-captain, Resident Advisor. Homecoming Psi Chi, Sigma Phi Nothing SANDRA A. SCHAYER Millburn. New Jersey DAVID C. SCHERER . . . Fort Lauderdale. Florida Dorm 1 Dolled Am hJru I la Hon" Rr Rome A. Dd Mence. If. IM mad. I. th.s. eaU Rain 1. De44nce. It atty., 1.1)retun SID Oritt A. OnAilR 10 Icovvelb D. Dubbin BSA IP tihatual EDWARD DAVIS . . Riverside. Conner to in BARBARA DICKLER ... Alexandria. Loul,iana . Alpha Epsilon Phi, Rho Lambda, %YVON,. Dean ' s List. Golf Team DONN DeHART ... Vineland. New lersey " . . UM Band cd the Hour, Iron Arrow. Orange Key. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia PEDRO DELA HORRA ... Miami, Florida ROCCO DEL MONACO, ... Miami. Florida . R.O.1.C.. Intramural, MARK DeNUCCI . Youngoowo. Ohio ... IEEE. SWUM. Track Club, Alpha Tau Omega ARTHUR DISKIN ... North Miami Beach. Florida . . . Orange Key, Phi Kappa Phi. Della Theta Mu, Alpha Epsilon Delta SYLVIA DIEZ" TIERNEY ... Coral Gables. Florida . .. Sigma Delta PI. Pi Delta Phi ROBERT DOLLINGER . . . Miami Beach, Florida . . . UM Band of the Hour, UM Symphonic Band. Pre-Medical Society. Delta theta Mu KATHRYN DREBUS . . . Wilton. Connecticut . . Mortar Board, Rho Lambda. Orange Key. Delia Delta Delta DAVID DRUBIN . . . Maplewood, Nov lebey KENNETH DUBBIN . . . Coral Gable, Florida . . . Alpha Kappa Psi Ruder RBA t Jiff gull de (Penedo Al ornlance I. It...sick AN wiFrlle Rphert.. GA Pamela if Rd. VS% Panda D. Row NIA Itplunl r. amen W. lace Itmenbers RID ANN RHAME . . . Millville. New lersey . . . MESH:. Tennis Club BEVERLY ROSENBLUM . . Indianapolis. Indiana . .. Phi Sigma Sigma. Tau Kappa Leadership Training ALBERTO RUDER . . . Miami Beach. Florida . . . Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Kappa Phi, Orange Key. Dean ' s List, Omircon Delta Kappa CATERINA RUIZ de QUEVEDO . . . Coral Gables. Florida ... Phi Lambda Pi CONSTANCE RUS. SICK ... Minneapolis, Minnesota . . . Dean ' s List, Psi Chi MICHELLE ROBERTS . . . Hollywood. Florida . . . Delta Theta Mu. Orange Key. Psi Chi, Dean ' s List ANA ROCA . . . Miam. Florida ... Psi Chi. Sigma Delta Pi. Women ' s Commission, French Club, Hurricane; columnist. Dean ' s List YSEL RODRIGUEZ . . . Miami, Florida PAMELA ROHS. .. Cincinnati, Ohio . . . Orange Key. Sigma Theta Mu, President ' s Honor Roll. Deans List BRANDA ROSE . . . Florida Alpha Psi Omega RICHARD ROSEN . Commack. New Jersey . . . Dean ' s Liu, G.T.V.. Intramurels. Swimming Team JOYCE ROSENBERG . . Milton. Massachusens ACE; vice president (1.11cS I. MLR 815 larl (We. " IS Can 1. Mayo IBA Lobar. 0. Irituce ( hrnl" I 55. 55 lit" ntla N. barn IN( Da" kl S. Own. IS IS lass AS 14m1 P. I hshe 855 (mo. I lekhr. S II) Ikboreh L 040 0 KM (nano I. flINIAlift 851 Mr d .1. CLIFFORD F. DUKE ... Miami, Fllunkl . . Alpha Kappa Ps.; ore-orient USBG. Roadrunners, Pre-Legal Society, Sigma Phi Nothing GARY A. DUMAS . . . Fon Lauderdale, Florida . . . Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi, Dean ' s lot CHRISTY DUQUETTE . . . Murrysville, Pennsylvania . . . UM Diving learn, Biology Club DAVID S. DWYER . . . Wonder Lake. Illinois . . . Orange Key. President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s list. Hurricane Skiers DANIEL P. EHMKE ... Coral Cables. Florida .. Dean ' s List. Orange Key DEBORAH ELLIOTT ... Andrews. Indiana . . . Sigma Alpha Iota. Mortar Board, Orange Kev. Phi Kappa Phi ion. EPSTEIN . . . Revere. Maryland . . . SAFAC. Baseball and Soccer Team BARBARA ERICKSON . . . Canal Zone, Panama ... Dean ' s List, University Services Organization, Scuba Club, Christ- ian Science Organization LACINDA EVANS . . . Pon Carbon, Pennsylvania . . Singing Hurricanes, Majorette TED FASS ... Rockville Centre, New York CAROL FELSHER . Queens. New York CESAREO FERNANDEZ . . Florida int Plasm BA San D. Bohan BSS Richard A. Pula ' IBA (ado. A. Panel. ID CAHon 1. Prime Its ante t. Rabako n BA Pamela B. BAHIA B ID Itohon P. 11.mns" mm BM. IS Casoltm H. Ind AO Unterwe A. Ittah IA Gat M. Reiter Bit .41 11lIlli M. Ind. ' IBA VIRGINIA PLANAS . . Miami, Florida NANCY D. POLIAKIN . . Riverdale. New York RICHARD A. PCFLLACK . . . New York. New York . . . Alpha Beta Psi, Resi- dent Advisor. Leadership Training, Pre-Legal Society CARLOS PORTELA . . . Miami. Florida . . . Cuban Federation of Students SHARON PRICE. . . Glendora, CaElomia ... Chi Omega, Student Nurses Association DANIEL RABAKON Albion, Michigan PAMELA B. RANDALL . . . Needham. Massachusetts ROBERT P. RASMUSSEN . . . Freeport, New York . . . Phi Mu Alpha, Pi Kappa Lambda Star CAROLYN H. READ . . . Key Biscayne, Florida LAWRENCE REILLY ... Wil" Iingboro, New jersey . .. Pre" Legal Society, G.T.U.. Hurricane Skiers, UM Young Democrats GARY REITER ... North Miami Beach, Florida . . . Dean ' s List Amen. can Marketing Association MARGARET M. REYDEL ... Miramar. Florida Seth link KS M ' s P. forken BS MY M. linkeltlein BID when P. leech Its. At " tan S. Mae MA Cast I. hinds- BA Kann I. I kw IAA Imm . Inniman B it) Merman D. Daman ID Stephanie I. Garber BA Sheila flint II ID OmM Ga1unle4 KA BETH FINK . . . Clifton, New Jersey CHERIE FINKELSTEIN . . . Miami Shores. Florida ... NSSIIA, ASHA HENRY FISCHER ... Palm Beach, Florida ... Alpha Kappa Ns WILLIAM FISSE . . . Plainview, New York . . . Orange Key, Resident Advisor. Hurricane; sports editor, assistant sports editor TERRENCE FLANAGAN .. . Mineola. New York . President ' s Honor Roll. Dean ' s List. UM Honor Scholarship. Intramurals SHEILA FLINK . . . New York . . . President ' s Award. Anne A Breve Award, Archoolth Residential Honor Society, leadership Training, ()pen 1)oor. Resident Advisor. Student Education Association; president JOHN FORLIZZI . . Arlington. Massachusetts WILLIAM FRECH . . . Cornwall, New York ... Judo Club. Intramurals. Rugby and Football Club, Alpha Kappa Psi. Track Club CANDY FRIED- MAN . . . Cranford. New Jersey . . . Sigma Delta Tau. Orange Key. Resident Advisor LYNN FRIEDMAN . . . South Orange, New Jersey STEPHANIE GARBER . . . Silver Spring. Maryland DAVID GARFUNKEL . . . Savannah. Georgia . . . Sigma Phi No- thing, Hurricane; column, ' , MUM: newscaster Al WI It. Pr GnmaN I. Oven B ARCH lephante Onwl B In Andrew (Marne SSA Dawd I. Ostwlaid BBA (lade. V.. " tab.., Ie. 11I Ivdilt A. Intel B II) lows.% W. 1%4 ad Al A.Iwon. I. Mtn CIA Wye. R Kane IA rwi I P.M too. 8. GREGORY OLSON . . Albecon, New Jersey ... Order of Omega. Lambda Chi Alpha STEPHANIE ORENT . . Homecoming. Greek Week ANDREW OSBORNE . .. Gastonia. North Carolina . .. Beta Alpha Psi. Orange Key. Cann Gras, VSBG: senator. Union Board of Governors. Dean ' s list DAVID OSTERLAND ... lido Beach. New York . . . Union Board of Governors. Greek Week; to-chairman, RAB CHARLES PEABODY, IR.. . . Florida . . . Preadenl ' s Hong Roll. Dean ' s List. Orange Key. Alpha Kappa Psi, Roadrunners RENATO PEREZ . . Miami. . Epsilon Tau Lambda. Eta Kappa Nu. IEEE. FES IUDITH PERKEL . nun. New York . . . Floor Rep.. Chamber Theatre. Open Door JOSEPH PICARD . Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ALYSON PIMP . Chevy Chase. Maryland . ," ,I id JAMES PIRONE . Oceanside. New York . .. Alpha Psi Omega. Drama Council Rep. VINCENT PISCIOTTA . . Cherry Hill, New jerse. AROL PITT . . . South Miami, Florida ... Phi Lambda Pi. Epsilon Tau Lambda. donors Pro grain. Peer Counselor itmeedi Corn US DMA R. Gamow EA 0,4 I. (,),. ..n Si " f..rlamlinl 10, David A. Coodeirrun SBA tort I. Gorden IA I I...Fr, II II) MARILYN GFROW . . Miami. Florida FRANCIS GIANOLA . . . Madison, New terms ' ... Pre-Legal Society, Dean ' s List KENNETH GILLIS . . . Miami Beach. lorida HUGH GILMORE . . . Miami. Fkwida . Orange Key DAVID GLASSMAN . . Wyncote. Pennsylvania ... Dean ' s list. UN Honor Scholarships STEVEN GOLDBERG. . New Rochelle, New York GLENN GOLDMAN ... Matawan, New . . . WVUM ISABEL GONZALEZ . . .Miami. Florida ... Honors Student Pm Chi, Orange Key. Peer Counselor DAVID GOODELMAN . Atlan. tic City. New Jersey LORI GORDON . . . York, Pennsylvania . . . Chi Omega; secretary. Rho lambda: president, Orange Key, Resident Advi" Or ANA GRANA . . Miami, Florida ... Federation of Cuban Students MICHAEL GREENBERG . . New York, New York ... President ' s Honor Roll, Pi Chi Sala IN re " r" I Hake H. Malan % ID Nenil SA Robed %amain IS Idiom A Mn SBA litullier It. Slogan. KS 4M1 Nastenbt. AB Hap I. Morn. PA Genet0104n Sc Debbie 1. Wrthiell BA an A MORA SA OMON MISMAN ROBERT B. 111 (.1.4 I " HEATHER R. %%DREHER III I IORRI II. 101.I.ANDS " iqa ( henimn DI1(1:11 I Vu R1 NR1 ( %RI II() II IUI RD( un.1 ;,:ht Ply Reza s )1 I MEMBER (1 (Y11 (. N. " CI II (IIikIIA Vat ItLA Oa Ma 11,1 X (dr, oprl 14 III 11..b. .c.ns. Ilk IBm 0. Ham II ID ahid M. B Mai ' Said u. listIrman WM Icanr, I S Iu.n IS IS" ulf I. netts BID ArkYdrs I. Hennwe Linn S. thrvimbenc BA I lat P. 114masofsi MI5 4 011 Ifirmhbron 861 KAREN GREENSPAN .. . New Rochelle, New York... Rho Lambda, Sigma Delia Tau. Association for Childhood Education BETSY GROSS ... Briarcliff Manor, New York . . . President ' s Honor Roll ELLEN HABER ... Nashville, Tennessee . . . Dean ' s list. Orange Key DAVID HARPER . . . Atlanta, Georgia . . Omicron Delta Kappa. Chairman Gardneri farper Commission. tamIxla Chi Alpha. UM Rep to Coral Gables City Commission. Dept Awards for Leadership DAVID HARTMAN . Miami, Florida . . Symphony Orchestra. Dean ' s List, IM track CLARK HAMMOND Toledo, Ohio . . . Sigma Phi Nothing. Waler Polo IENNIFER HAUGEN . Foil Lauderdale, Florida JAMES HAYES . Union. Nebraska . President ' s Honor Roll, Phi Kappa Phi, Pre-Legal So( idly MICHAEL HELFREY ... Sinclaineille. New York . . . Alpha Epsilon Pi ARISTIDES HENRIQUEZ ... North Miami. Florida . . IEEE LYNN HERZENBERG . Atlanta. Georgia . . . MUM. Sigma Delta Chi SCOTT HIRSCHBEIN. . . Lido Beach. New York . . . Alpha Epsilon Pi: president Order of Omega, Hurricane; sports writer, circulation manager Fri It 1 grow Mt( is IN I %IA Ira 80 it SWIM S. WC111 2a AB Tanis 1 211AnA.Saach1 2 SA DASH I. P.WiaNsSfy SBA Sauk! 1 2. Wirt 11% Mania R. Weider BA Sharon 1. Miller BS ludv N. Mendekahn IA Smith 1 2.11on BA 1taAllin n. Misnaret MAI Alla1 21 2 I. Miranda SSA M. McCOY . . . New Canaan, Connecticut . . . Varsity Swimming Team STEVEN S. McGILVRA . .. Hollywood. Florida . . . Phi Kappa Phi. Delta Theta Mu. President ' s HMOS Roll DANIEL I. McSWEENEY . . . Suffern, New York MAR- TIN R. MEISLER . . . Brooklyn, New York JUDY M. MENDELSOHN .. . East n...n Meadow. New York . . . Kappa Delta Phi FRANKLIN D. MEYNAREZ . . . Miami. 1 Florida . . . Eta Kappa Mu, Tau Beta Pi JOHNS. MIKINA . . . Coral (Able,. Florida " TANIS E. MILLARES-SANCHEZ . . . Hialeah. Florida .. Delta Sigma Phi. Alpha Lambda Delta DONALD W. MILLER .. . Beachwood. New leNey SHARON E. MILLER . .. Nitro, West Virginia . . . Dean ' s List SANDY L. MILTON . . . Rodyn. L SIM New York ALFONSO F. MIRANDA... San loan. Puerto Rico " " " Michael C.. If" Set Is FF A. Mame " ED lemsth M. Hum SAE( II Anthem, I. lankel SSC( Istrick N. Imo... S ID Muck A. loom 11.4 Imo lavas IA Raba. C. Pernlipm ES Sattma I lis Lath A. MILLaart P. Matal M. Sakmatt SS lanai loltmon " ID MICHAEL HUNTER . . . Miami Springs, Florida . . . Honor Students Society, Sigma Pi Sigma, Society oi Physics MICHAEL HUSSLE . . Coral Gables, Florida .. . Cheerleader. American Institute of Architects. Architectural Exchange Student to Swit- tedand PATRICK IACOVINO ... Waterbury, Connecticut . . . National An Educa- tion A " on. Dade County An Teachers Association LYNN INGRAM . Glen " Kappa Kappa Gamma. Psi Chi. Open Door BARBARA ISAACSON " Illinois STEVEN JACKOWITZ . . . Miami, Florida . . . Golf Team. .7.11r. Committee JILL JACOBSON . . . Newburgh. New York ANTHONY " IA% 1K Avon Lake. Ohio . . . Leadership Training, Summer Exchange to Eng. .and, ASCE Student Scholarship MARCIE A. IANLJSZ . Jackson. Michigan ROBERT JERNIGAN . . . Coral Gables. Florida KEITH JOHANSON . . Boston. Mas- sachusetts NAOMI JOHNSON . . . Miami. Florida . . . Phi Kappa Phi, Epsilon Tau Lambda, Phi lantlxla Pi. Roadrunner. " 1 an= DunsId S. tow SBA Rir I. tune Brave D. Manor BS Win, %bins. MBA lerrota Mann BS iktabeth (. Alasmarenn BAN Ibtalleth M. Alarlon AB lo.e I. maainet BM Alma I %tithe.. BA lame. W. W(mtn AB MARIA" ELENA LOPEZ ... Coral Cables. Florida . . . Pi Delta Phi. Orange Key. French Club. Omega Tau Alpha. Dean ' s List DONALD LOVE ... Edmonton. Al- berta. Canada RIC L. LUCGE . . Key Biscayne. Florida BRUCE MANNE . . . North Miami Beath. Florida JEFFREY MARCUS ... Waximere. New York . . . Dean ' s AIESEC. Intramurals, TERESITA MARIN . Miami. Florida SUSAN .% MARKOVITZ . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ... SOS ELIZABETH MARMAREL- LIS ... Roslyn, New York .. . Student Nurses Association ELIZABETH MARTIN . . . Miami, Florida . . Dan ' s List. Delta Theta Mu JOSE MARTINEZ . . . Mexico City, Mexico ALMA MATHEWS . .. Miami. Florida ... USBC; senator, Student Semites. Academic Affairs; chairperson JAMES W. McCANN Miami, Florida al MIS MIMI Ma -usti Pars 1.1agmbra II to Daman I. lone. BSC ' Can M. Iwo nit 1" " " " ine Ica.11 IS (. enr... Baba., SA Barba. I. hop " 10 Weedy I. gals S Id AnItea I. tat All Sandra t. grah keeleit 11114 Atm" h" nu I Libel WS William I. 4.1ri.ndwr.id1 41." PETER JOHNSTON Naples. Florida . . Sailing Club, Cm honnwnt!, Orange Key DUNCAN (ONES Damascus. Maryland ... l)ean ' s Leg. Ent Beta Pi. Pre-Legal Society GUY IORCYK . New Hot . Pennsylvania .. . Student Emenainrnent Committee. Inuannuals, .VIE FRANCINE ;OVAL . . . Derby lien. Vermont ... Delta Zeta. Gamma 7au Upsilon GLENN KAGAN . . . Brooklyn. New York . . Hurricane: photographer. Ibis Yearbook. Producer and Director for Hillel Dramatic Productions. SOS BARBARA KARP . . . Lakewood. New ewes WENDY KATZ . . . Neddham, massat husetts ANDREA I. KAYE . . Miami Beach Florida ... Hurricane; reporter and copy desk. Ibis Yearbook; production. Sigma Oelta Chi, secretary. Oean ' s List SANDRA KEITH . .. Miami Springs. Florida RANDY KERTESZ . . . Beachwood. (Thin ... President ' s Award. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ABRAHAM KIBFL . . . Memphis, Tennessee WILLIAM KLEINSCHMIDT . Highland Park. Illinois Dean ' s List. President ' s Honor Roll. Bela Alpha Psi. Pre-legal Society. Roadrunners. UM Computer Services. UM Honor Scholarship steads I. La111" I law! I. Wood IS ItiiKard S. law... AS Mart lictenuo Iu Garr G. Idieun Catiwtisbe (San SA wale 11 lent. S ID 1641 1. LhAssgas SA Ittovwd I Int, as %Inns II I,. An I 110. I len, MI %Ion If I opl, 111 " t,, ' - " - BRENDA LAUFER ... Baysidts. New Yotk .. . Resident Advisor. Guys and Dolls Bowling, Leadership Training RICHARD LAWSON . . . Newport News, Virginia GARY LEHMAN . . . Naples, Florida ... Phi Kappa Ph., Delta Theta Mu, Orange Key. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Honors Student Association, Dean ' s List. Chemistry Club MERLE LEMLER ... Baltimore. Maryland . . . Association of Childhood Education International; president HOWARD LEVEY . West Orange. New Jersey . . .Cami Gras; publicity. Hurricane; sports writer HARVEY LEVIN . . . Coral Gables, Florida DANIEL LICCIARDI . . . Danbury. Connecti cut . . . Dean ' s list MARK LIEBER- MAN . . . Rockville Centre, New York CATHERINE LINDSAY . . . Collingdale, Pennsylvania . . . Hurricanette. Chi Omega VICKI LIVINGSTON . . West Long Branch, New Jersey .. . Homecoming Queen Finalist. Orange Key. President ' s Honor Roll. Dean, list. SOS. Hurricane Honev STEVEN LOCHTE .. Bristol. New York . Swimming Team ALAN LOPATA .. . Ness York. New York , . ; " CS illtj _NNW 7 -- Dog I. DAD BSA 4htla. 48 Paul H. KolleflAn BA Hot, I. koppel 884 %tut Keil Ilk Wtmut l Ittnall B I 0 Panel. Kum. 84 (arl" I. romp BS Diet Chtune %wan 8A Pen II I. loll S% Bands L. Linde. BID luullurt luteset B. FRANK KNIES .. Clark, New Jersey SHELLEY KOEILLING . . Miami. Florida PAUL KOLTERIAHN ... Westfield, New lersey . Carni Gras, Student Athletic Trainer HOLLIS KOPPEL . Brooklyn. New York . . . Sigma Delta Tau. Orange Key. Rho lambda, Delta Theta Mu NANCY KOTT . . . Freehold, Nov Kuser ... Dears t o. Sociology Club: president WYNNE KOVALL . Teaneck, New lens PAMELA KRAUSS ... North Miami, Florida . . . Roadrunners, Environemtnl, Intramural, CARLA KROMP . Florida . . . Sigma Theta Tau. Phi Kappa Phi, President ' s Honor Roll DING CHEUNC KWAN ... Hong Kong . . . Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Della Epsilon PETER LAI FAIT . .. Kingston. lamaica . . . Biology Club. COISO RANDY LANDES . . North Miami, Florida IONATHAN LANDWER . . . Illaronton. Illinois t nI PCP r A I ame B. Kopech knono." tai OK holm NM Irmo. BMrmx1 8A ; (argon K. Kramer NW Rae Am Keit. BBk HAMM. R. 1.rohlf" ' flea. A. I enoultedle 13. lD Rinke tommlo B to Voillturn O. Kovach BMW Kitty( he nt w a 14 Gave Ian Wang BID ROBERTA E. KOLBER . . . Seaford. New Yak ELAINE 8. KOPtCKY . . . Flagler Beach, Florida .. Alpha Epsilon Della. Sugarcane., I.V. Cheerleader. Sigma Phi Nothing, SOS KRISTIE KOSINSKI . . . Rye, New York WILLIAM D. KOVACH . . Glen Ellyn. Illmoi. GREGORY K. KRAMER . . . Weymouth, Ma.sachir.etts . .. Tau Kappa Epsilon; president, vice president RAE ANN KRIER .. . Cedar Grove. Wis- consin FRANCIS KUFROVICH . . .Mahm(w City. Penaylvania . . . Honors Prat- rani, MUM, Hurricane; reporter, Homecoming. Carpi Gras VERONICA LAI . . Kingston. Jamaica MARIA-CRISTINA LAIONCHERE . . Havana. Cuba . Dean lit. French Honorary, Iota Tau Alpha GAYE E. LANDSBERG . . . Brooklyn, New York HELENE R. LANSTER ... Miami. Florida . . . Phi Lambda Pi SUSAN A. LASSOURREILLE . . . Hollywood. Florida . . Deans IVA. Presidenrs Honor Roll Gail f. lathirolo " ID Monk Ira SM Wilton. K. bomb AN moL C. te,...on BSA 41pwa t" ogn" lobo. lo lkMry BA Ilarbar" " L.Ar,b BA Hat H. Inevrat " 11) lane-Mn tar BM 444 Al 1 Ian It robed A let BM( LLL St Itchrrl KS% GAIL LASHINSKY ... Flushing. New York . . . Alpha Epsilon Pi: little sister. Dean. Lila WILLIAM LATADY . . Hingham. Massachusetts . . . Phi Alpha Theta. Leader- ship Training, Cami Gras, Elections Commission, USE) SUSAN LAVIONE ... Florida ROBERTO LEE . . . Hialeah, Florida BARBARA LEIBOWITZ . Burlington, New Jersey ELYSE LEVENSON ... Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania DEBORAH LEVI . . Miami, Florida . . . UM OrcheUra. UM Concert Chorus MARK LEVINSON . Binghamton. New York . .. Hillel Community Board ROBIN LICHTER ... Flushing. New York ACK DESERT ... North Versailles. Pennsylvania . . . Aloha Kappa Psi, American Ma rkeling Association, lntramurals IANE" MARIE LITZ . . Bristol. Pcnnsyl. vania ADA LLUHI. . . Miami, Florida . . . Pi Delta Phi, Sigma Delta Pi. French Club % Cm Anna fataBwa BA Mawr Jowl ISA Spat A. hood BS Swan I. Krona IBA taut D. Kap BM Sas H. Badman St Pad Kart KS LOMAS H. Kamm HA Grate Al K4 IA Vakrk I. Daum BA Antneth M. Dana BS Sal kn ' ala BA ANS ALINA fORAJURIA ... Hialeah, Florida ... Delia Theta Mu. Psi Chi, Dean ' s President ' s Honor Roll ARTHUR JOSEPH . . . Chicago, Illinois SUSAN IUNOD . . . Cincinnati, Ohio . . . Sigma Theta Tau; president, Leadership Training, Presi- dent ' s Honor Roll, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi SUSAN KARDEVAN .. . Philadelphia. Pennsylvania . . Rho Lambda; tre.nurer, Orange Key. Mortar Board; president, Delta Delta Della RENEE KARP ... Long Island. New York . . . SOS. Student Council KURT KAUFMAN . . . Ballwin, montana . . Alpha Tau Omega, Leadership Training, Biology Club PATTI KAYE . . . Philadelphia. Pennsylvania . . . Dean ' s List LEONARD KELINSON . . . Rock Island, Illinois ... American Marketing Association GEORGE KETTNER Mamaroneck. New York VALERIE KIMSON . . . Monmouth function, New lersey . . . Delta Delta Della, Rho Lambda. Dean ' s List KENNETH KLEMOW. . . Hatelton, Pennsylvania . . . Orange Key. Dean ' s List LORI KNIGHT Southfield. Michigan .. Scuba Club. Open Door, Photography Club: president (Urfa I. Iva h BSII lobed I. wed IA sAn.t N Amu $ 10 Humberto 0. Aartirret BS Joan Lombard M Valium1. Manson BA Enrique loon tit Mary Mmief BA CluchAtt L. Labe. Bak Witham L. maid. I,. BS Maret" IL letell" II (WAWA. S. MIA. IA MAN LOMBARDI . . . Miami. Florida ... President ' s Honor Roll, Dean ' s Lict. Women ' s Commission, Orange Key. Sigma Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta Mu ENRIQUE LOPEZ . . . Miami, Florida . . . Federation of Cuban Students, IEEE. Florida Engineering Society CHARLOTTE LORBER . . . Miami Beach, Florida MONICA LOVETT . . . Roslyn. New York . . . Dean ' s List. Volleyball, Summon CHARLES LYNCH . . . Arnold. Maryland ... AllE: president. FES ROBERT MALER . . . Miami Beach, Florida . . . Phi Sigma Kappa WILLIAM MANSON ... Detroit. Michigan MARY MARIER . . . Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania ... Iota Tau Alpha, French Club. Intramurals, French Honorary Society WILLIAM MARKET, IR. . . . Tyrone. Pennsylvania ELIZABETH MARKS . . . Coral Gables. Florida . USBG: senator. Delta Sigma Pi Little Sister NINA MARRA . Edison. New Jersey . . . Alpha Phi Omega, Orange Key. Kappa Delta Phi HUMBERTO MARTINEZ . Holgium, Cuba . . . Dean ' s List, UM Honor Scholarships DI " n N.rph Ittdoke B. %lona lermaano B, I Inn ar.Lo li" N., BA ith:n Web. 11 10 Todd B. la IS Idand N. lanlonla BBA Rolm I. riles IS louttc" IA [Owl Inlynvin BS% Mated N. laiwarn, le. Si (Tool. larva IA JOSEPH HYDOKE . Patmenon, Pennsylvania . . . Beta Beta Beta. Biology Club MARIA IERACHITANO ... Fon Lauderdale. Florida . . . Delta Gamma JAMES IROVANDO .. Meriden. Connecticut MARK ISAIA . . . Miami, Florida ROBIN JACOBS. . . Miami, Florida . . . Delta Della Delta. Carol Gras. Hurricane Honey, Orange Key. NSSFIA, Leadership Training TODD MIFF .. . Davie. Florida ED- WARD IANKOVIC . Eau Norwalk, Connecticut . .. Resident Advisor. Water Polo, Intramurals ROGER JEFFREY . . . Margate, Florida JAY JIUDICE . . . Poughkeepsie, New York ... AIESEC ETHEL JOHNSON . . . Coral Gables. Florida . .. President ' s Honor Roll, Student Nurses Association, Sigma Theta Tau; vice president, treasurer, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa. Epsilon Tau Lambda ROBERT JOHNSON, IR.. . . Wilmington, Delaware . . . Election Commission, SAFAC, US(): president CLEO IOLLIVETTE . . . Miami, Florida Vad 440 %Ar Rob . L. Wan SSA MARLA M. Malan SA Ant Ma Donnell KA. IAA:Alta P. Mt loan SA %OUR. Attains BSA (AotAna Med0 BSA Roan ( . Usithek SSA (Aka R. Matiefacs B 10 Brian R. Miller SA Hearatt f Mao BRA strAt adsaa PEDRO MARTINEZ . . . Florida . Federation of a uban Students, Institute Of Electrical and Electronic Engineers ROBIN MAYERS . . . Brooklyn. New York . . Bela Alpha Psi. Dean ' s List MICHAEL McCANN . . . Glenwood Landing. New Yak . . . Honors Program, Honors Dorm Council. Environment!, Resident Advisor, SOS NANCY McDONNELL . .Milmont Part Pennsylvania . . Student Nursing Or. ganisation THADDEUS McKINON . . . Miami. Florida . . . ABE STEPHEN MEARNS . . Memphis. Tennessee SHERRY MELIN Gables. Florida GEORGINA MERLO . . . ()pa Laka, Florida . . . Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Kappa Phi. Harry Wade memorial Scholarship KEVIN ACCHAELS . . . Matawan. New Jersey . . . Alpha Kappa Psi. Civic Chorale. Men ' s Glee Club, Intramural. COVEN MIKULEWICZ .. . Clarence. New York BRIAN MILLER ... St. Paul. Minnesota . .1.15BG HENRIETTA MILLER . . . Murfreesboro, Tennessee . . . AMA Society lir de Ur ir More A. aormAla Marie I. Mott IAN S, had P. )Olaf MICII Irina. I Wine. " 10 Man Law MxIFI I 11) Teti Hawks IS Lavin S Coalman MR " II) IM.kwto, 51. VA Shetyl 1. Ilrnr h BS %Ken I. Km As Novo 1. Phowite 011111111111.115WP flgerrflrElIr IIIIIMMII LEWIS S. GRUTMAN . . . WesIbury, Nov York RICHARD P. HALECK . . . Hialeah. Florida DELORES M. HARRIS . . . Miami. Florida . . . Psi Chi, Phi Lambda Pi BRUCE A. HAMILTON .. . Langhorne, Pennsylvania . . . Alpha Kappa Psi. American Marketing Association MARY SUSAN HAIGHT . .. District Heights. Maryland . . . Intercollegiate: basketball, softball. Iniramurals: softball, volleyball. football, Roadrunners. Carni Gras SCOTT L. HAVSY . .. East Rockaway, New York . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon. SOS. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Orange Key. Honor Society LESLIE H. HECHT . . . Englessood. New Jersey TERENCE L. HELMERS . . . Miami V " " Springs. Florida . . . Chemistry Club SHERYL A. HERSCH . . . Bellmore, New York MARIE T. HICOCK . .. Hialeah, Florida .. . Sigma Theta Tau. Orange Key, Stu. dent Nurse Association, 1.V. Cheerleader, Della Zeta TERI M. HORWITZ . . . Si IIMIMp Louis. Missouri . . . Delta Gamma, Intramural. SCOTT L. HURWITZ . . . Roches- ter. New York 1ka pita Ma ILA " I" Pben it " " " tker SS% Anne ' I. Moan.. NM wits I. st;r1in thek" 1. Monk. 114 !ha, R Mat Art SA (km I. Wen SW Mien I. Wen ass Tip I. %re RS 1 Man Henan S ID Mad. " 6410 IS SUSAN MILLER ... Harrisburg, Pennsylvania STEPHEN MINKER ... Shamokin, Pennsylvania . . . Sigma 1% Nothing. Zeta Beta Tau. Alpha Kappa Psi. Homecoming. Grecian Ball Chairman. President ' s Award, Intramurals JUDITH MIRKIN . . . Longmeadow. Massachusetts DIANE MITCHELL . . . Coral Gables. Florida . . . Phi Lambda Pi. Women Anise Its Time MARY MONAGLE . " Miami. Florida MARV MORGAN . Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania . . . Orange Key. Resident Advisor. Hue Oran. Deans List ALBERT moRydm ... Miami Beach. Florida . . . Orange Key. Phi Theta Kappa. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Federation of Cuban Students ANNE MORRI- SON Han:shut Pennsylvania . . . Delia Delta Delta. Union Board of Gover- nors. Sigma Epsilon. Alpha Kappa Psi. Rho Lambda, Roadrunners SHIRLEY MOSLEY . West Palm Beach. Florida GLENN MYERS ... Delray Beach. Florida PHILIP NEE " " " Margate. Florida MARCIA NIETO . Florida Ta C: Ault_ asohn Calleland e. Itaert, I. (atone BS (arid L cia.n. BID barbs Marl CladVess B ID Andre% M Goldberg BS Raquel M Gnntakr Karen S. Gork Wn, II ID 1 .erla I (Auden SSA Andrea O. (oren BM Oaod I Greene BS Nal CAROLYN C. GILLELAND . . Miami Beach, Florida KAREN 1. GILEOTTE . Key Biscayne, Florida . .. Bowling CAROL 1. GLASSER . . . Jericho, New York .. Sigma Della Tau. Pi Delta Phi. Kappa Delta Pi HARLAN M. GLAIDSTEIN . . Lincelnwoocl, . . . Hurricane; photographer, Ibis Yearbook ANDREW M. GOLDBERG . . Long Beach. New York. . . Residenl Advisor Intramural., Dean ' s List LINDA S. COMER .. . Miami. Florida . . . Epsilon Tau Lambda. Honor Society RA EL M. GONZALEZ . . . Bauta. Cuba . . . Alpha Lambda Delta. Della Theta Mu, Sigma Delta Pi. Phi Kappa Phi. Pi Delta Phi. Dean ' s List, Resident ' s Honor Roll KAREN S. GOODLERNER . . . Jericho, New York ... Dean ' s List PAMELA 1. GORDON .. . East Meadow. New York ANDREA D. GREEN . . . Melrose Park. Pennsylvania ... Sigma Deha Tau, Singing Hurricanes. Chamber Singers, Concert Choir DAVID J. GREENE . . . Timonium, Maryland RICHARD E. GRIMM .. . Florida tat Sall Ma leve-a A. Snman I I II Leta (. Solanclef 0.14.141 VI MA, ZIA (Mad A Olin BSA Bone C. 0(.18A %any A. ()senor BA Wain n. 0.1.knii IPA Am. Palma " fr. Om. M. Maki BID Pwert EV I Lain T. Men B ID el " . TERESA NORMAN . . . Mayaguez, Puede. Rico LINDA NYLANDER . . . Miami. Florida . . . orange Key, Judo Club DANIEL OCHY . . . Coral Gables, Florida .. Varsity Soccer Team. SOS. Carpi Gras EDWARD OKIN. Wiest Orange. New Jersey BRUCE ORA . . . Pompton Plains, New lersksy NORMA OROVITZ . . . Miami Beach, Florida ... Phi lambda Pi MARTIN OSINSKI Fairlawn. New lersev Varsity Cheerleader. Sigma Phi Nothing: founder and president. RAB, Sigma Della lau, Omicron Delta Kappa AMY PALMER . . . Coral Gables, Flotida . Dean ' s list DONNA PELSKI ... Coral Springs Florida ... NSSIIA. Dean ' s List IOSE PEREZ DE CORCHO. . . Opa ka, Florida . . . American Society of Civil Ingineerk Federa- tion of Cuban Students. FES SUSAN PETERS . . . Louisville. Kentucky . . . alpha Lambda Della, Phi Kappa Phi. Mortar Board. Rho Lambda. Orange Key. Swim learn FRANCISCO PIGNA . . Coral Gables, Florida . C0150. Pre-Legal Society: trea- surer. Den ' s list IP tin F J Is -Ater to. A. lirepon. BA Suun D. IWO:win B ID town C. 111 Meld t II) Andre.. O. Ilookey eA (ba.pal. Ikon 11s Simph S color A. Alatool I. lrederirl. At lain D. Iriedvoon t ID Itober1 A. Friedman SA SnurrA (. Cordon OSA Clifford Norman I. ((Soo OKA ROY A. FIRESTONE . . Florida . . WVU" : Station Manager, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta Mu. Delta Sigma Chi. President ' s Honor Roll SUSAN D. FISHBEIN . Philadelphia. Pennsylvania . . . Della Delta Delta. Hurricane Honey. Leadership Training LENORE C. FITZGERALD ... Dean ' s Kappa Della Pi ANDREW D. RUSHER . . " Colonia. New leney ... USBG: senator. Della Theta Mu. Orange Key. Phi Kappa Phi. President ' s Honor Roll GIA FLYNN . . . Dauphin. Pennsylvania . . " Sugarcane. Della Gamma STEPHEN S. FOWLER . . . Winfield. Alabama . . . Y.O. MICHAEL T. FREDERICKS .. . North Miami Beach, Florida . .. Chess Club. Roadrunners. UM Young Democrats LAINE D. FRIEDMAN . . . Memphis. Tennessee . . . Orange Key, Phi Sigma Sigma, Election Commission. Cam Gras ROBERT FRIEDMAN . . . Miami Beach. Florida KENNETH G. GARDNER . . West Hempstead, New York ... USBG: president, senator. Lambda Chi Alpha. Order of Omega CLIFFORD GERMANO . . . Miami Beach. Florida NORMAN GETSON . . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Beta Alpha Psi. Orange Key Ira taw ELA SbeRev Hoe 1110 Mier I. Pond KS Pm. A. Pisani IS lawn I. Pinks Holm I. Pirate I ID chnitint ChirsIPI 116 pm WHIP AI PI . i. PS IA Mrl.nn PoAD OA Paquin. taiga IMP IS Simla r. Ponca 6., Gan M. Rauletattml, % SHELLEY PINE ... Yonkers, New York . . . Pre-Legal Society. Dean ' s List, Minor Disciplinary Hearing Parte! PETER PISANI . . . Rarnson, New Jersey . . . Gamma Upsilon. Hurricane Sky Divers HELEN PISSAMOS. . Miami. Florida . . . Phi kappa Phi. Education Honor Society, President ' s Honor Roll BRYAN PITTS . . New Bedford, Massachusetts MARGUERITE-LYNN POGGI . . . Oakdale, New York LINDA POLLOCK ... Miami. Florida . . . SNA, Sigma Theta Tau. Phi Lambda Ft melon Tau Lambda. Orange Key. Omicron Delta Kappa. President ' s Honor Roll MARY POND . . . Trenton, Missouri .. , Phi Lambda Pi LAURIE PUFFER .. . Upper Saddle River, New Jersey . . . NSSHA CHRISTINE QUEST. ... Petionville. Haiti JOSEPH RAIA ... Little Neck, New York ... Dean ' s List, Pre-Legal Saves Omicron Delta Kappa, Iota Tau Alpha JOAQUIM RASGADO . . . Rio de Brazil . . . All-State Soccer, Tennis Team; captain, All-American Tennis GARY RAUTTNSTRAHCH ... Hamburg. New York ... Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Alpha Psi, Sigma Phi Nothing r. irt:;igt A Al 0 II flue " ,:te n. hall P. Mgr 85 lithenbourn to Urban. 1. (Mein IA Orb... Ina 11.5 Infer IBA !Mud.. I Dub an. he MCI! V. Fan. 8511 vskriel.11.tato we Wane C. lend SSA M. trine. Its Michele fink HS ION D. DUQUETTE . . . Shreveport. Louisiana ... Alpha Kappa Psi: vice presi- dent. Roadrunners. Sigma Phi Nothing SCOTT P. EDGAR . . . Pittsburgh. Pennsyl- vania .. . Anthropology Club SONDRA EICHENBAUM . Hollyworgl. Florida BARBARA L. EPSTEIN . . . Brookline. kia" Nachunits . . Alpha Lambda Delta. Delta Theta Mu, Orange Key. Hurricane; reporter. Open Door, Freshmen Peer Ad- Vise f. leadership Training DEBRA (NOV . . . Downingtown, Pennsylvania .. Beta Alpha Psi DAVID DEFER . . . Broomall. Pennsylvania ... Carni Gras Execu- tive Committee, SOS. Flying Club DOUGLAS I. EWAN . Eric, Pennsylvania . . G.T.U., French Club JORGE V. FARRA ....Miami.Florida . . . Tau Bel) Pi. ALLE. VALERIE FATIGATI . . . Cecil, Pennsylvania . . . Alpha Lambda Delta. Honors Program. Honors Student Association, Biology Club. Little Sisters of Miner. " , I.V. Cheerleader GEORGE C. FENCL . . . Titusville. Florida . . Alpha Epsilon Pi; treasurer RICHARD M. FERNANDEZ . . . North Miami. Florida MICHELE FINK ... Clifton, New Jersey a Si AM SIN Michael F Rnahatil S Ow. Rolnick AB linens C. R.... OA toil. F. BNNN Mte 0. Rabies.. IN Mu 14..therkw, RA n 11,hr1Jor as 1. RoceellS11 %Yrs in S. tow BSI! Dune Ittnabln B CO F7 7T F Pr MIN C ' CAROLYN REDDICK . . . Miami, Florida .. UBS. Baptist Campus Ministry MICHAEL REINHART ... Silver Spring. Maryland Orange Key. Dean ' s list, Scuba Club. Cheerleader. Resident Advisor DIANE E. RENNICX ... Brooklyn, New York ... Sigma Delta Chi. Hurricane; Entertammem Editor, Assistant News Editor. Ibis Yearbook; produrhon. Dean ' s Lis], College Women in Binulcasting, UM Film Society LORENA REYES . . . Hialeah. Florida COLIN ROBINSON . . . North Bellmore. New York ... Orange Key. Phi Mu Alpha, Deans List, Band of the Hour lULIE ROBINSON . . . Scarsdale, New York . . . Resident Advisor, Dean ' s List. UM Film society ELLEN ROBBINS . . . Merion. Pennsylvania . .. Dean ' s List NORA RODRIQUEZ . .. Miami Springs. Florida . . . French Honorary Club. French Club. Sigma Alpha tota, Spanish Honorary Club CARY ROHRKASTE , . Homestead. f bifida CARLOS ROQUE . . . Miami. Florida . Epsilon Tau lambda MARVIN ROSE . Florida . . . AVE DIANE ROSENBERG . . . IImaH, New York . Orange Key. Delta Psi Kappa. Roadrunners. Intramural. Samoa G. CA Grow NA Pal R. Deeded NIA Ong De am II ID Gears I. Poems IS IWna w. nelit.wk. IS Gotha dr W. IA Don.nia g mode ISIS Mob I- Duna AB %Una I h. Wsudal IS PanhArl IN. Owls ISA 111Amea A Oukb.1 155 %Alum A. INnan. IRA SAMUEL G. DeGROSE . . Manville. New Jersey ... Dean ' s List PAUL R. HNERT . . St. Petersburg Beach, Florida . . . Intramurals BLANCA M. DELGADO . Miami, Florida . .. Deans List GRAZIELLA Re LUIS . . . Coral Gables. Florida .. Orange Key, Pi Delta Phi. French Club. Omega Tau Alpha, Dean ' s list MARIA A. 01A" MASV1DAL ... Coral Gables. Florida . . Orange Key, AIESEC, Benjamin Green Award MICHA EL W. DOHERTY . . . Mandeville. Jamaica . . . Resident Advisor; Mahoney Hall BEVERLY B. DORFMAN . . . Havertown. Pennsylvania GEORGES P. DREMEAUX ... Queens. New York ... Intramurals DOMINICK R. DRUDA . . . North Miami, Florida LINDA I, DUGGAN .. . Somemille. New Jersey ... WUM; General Manager, Traffic Manager, Alpha Epsilon Rho. Who ' s Mlin in American Colleges and Universities. College Women in Broadcasting: vice President, ortar Board. Phi Kappa Phi BARBARA A. DULEBA . . . Fast Meadow. New York . .. Leadership Training WILLIAM A. DUNGAN .. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania . . . Beta Alpha Psi. Phi Kappa Phi, Prelegal Society Anne Lau) Lk Cyr.Di. M. S.Dman II ID Su ante m. An SA Sheila G. San ' Gan SKI. PA twit I. Senn NA BRIAN ROSSA . . . North Miami, Florida ... Dean ' s list SYLVIA RUBIO . . Miami. Florida . . . Dean ' s Liu. ACE CARLOS RUIZ de QUEVEDO . . . Coral Ga. bles. Florida . . .A1A ANNE RUSSO . . . Miami. Florida . . . Dean ' s List. President ' s Honor Roll SUZANNE RYDER . . . Roslindale. Massachusetts . . . German Honorary GARY SACKS ... Miami. Florida . . . President ' s Honor Roll. Dean ' s list PATCH. AM SAKULCHAIVANICH ... Bangkok. Thailand SALVATORE SALAMONE . Schenectady, New York ... Phi Epsilon Kappa THOMAS SALIT . Miami. Florida . Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi CYNTHIA SALZMAN ... Miami, Florida . . . Alpha lambda Delia. Roadrunners. Kappa Della Pi, Orange Key, Hurricane: ports writer. Tennis Court Queen. President ' s Ho nor Roll. Dean ' s List SHEILA SANI . . . Key Biscayne. Florida . . . Phi Kappa Phi. Della Theta Mu, Dean ' s list. President ' s Honor Roll LAURIE SARVER . . . Clifton, Nev. jersey . . . Dean ' s Lot, President ' s Honor Roll. Woman ' s Scholastic Honor Society AIR Hope AI. Coulee BS Laken. II. Conn IS heel A. Crew; l AtCI" Ihwuld R. (new. Awl Minvel ( .sn gas Ma( ( Inum 610 !weft AL Cullen II ID uremia Cuneeappuen IS lows A. D ' AeaSesee BS lAste I I. Walk 0 elk Dale. (al Ito.. I. has MS HOPE At COSDEN . North Miami Beach. T Imola KARLENE H. COWAN . . Kingstown. Jamaica . CO ISO; president WAN A. CRESPI . . . Miami, Florida . . . American Institute of Architects DONALD R. CROWE . . . Cherry Hill, New Jersey .. Tau Beta Pi; secretary. Pi Tau Sigma: president. ASME; vice president. SAE MANUEL WAN . . . Miami. Florida IOHN C. CIJCIJZZA " . . Brooklyn, New York . . . Phi Epsilon Kappa. Varsity Baseball Team FRANCES M. CULLEN . . . Key Largo. Florida . . . Captain Vanity Cheerleaders. Orange Key. Kappa Delia Pe, Phi Kappa Pi. Alpha Delta Pi MARCIA T. CUNNINGHAM ... Timberlake. Ohio JOSEPH A. D ' AMBROSIO . Neptune. New Jersey . R.O.T.C., Arnold Air Society, 960 Homecoming and Cami Gras DARRYL I. DAMICO . . Smithtown. New York . . . Student Entertainment Committee. SOS KAREN A. DAVIS .. Franklin, Indiana . . . Della Theta Mu, Phi Lambda Pi TERESA L. DAY . . . Colum" bus. Indiana . . . Hurricane; reporter, Open Door, Psi Chi. Dean ' s List I Awn., AI Puri NA horn A Ara... r. Aka B. Sabo us Bernard I. Slvir Cs ISAAPA Satin All Soda I. Shaw " ID Alan Ackwaleld Is Itebrca Shapiro " II) licAtt Sabot Any:run SA (Asti I St, rah. BSI( Macias Nasf" L 04A Mil Fan P sawstet S Kr Ip ' 14 aka ILA stra ' LUELLEN SAW" UDDIN . . New York, New York THOMAS SCHAEF ... Univer- . ' I C ' ty. . . . DeanN List IOYCE SCHECHTERMAN Nvanu. Florida.. . Epsilon Tau Lambda. Phi lambda Pr RISA SCHLAM . Fairlawn. New lersct .. . Dean ' s l id ALAN SCHOENFELD Coral Cables, Florida . . . ludo Club, Dean ' s List JOANNE SCHRIFT ... Miami Lakes, Florida . . . Alpha lambda Della, Delia Theta Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, Orange Key. President ' s Honor Roll, Chinese Cultural Appreciation Society IOHN SCHUSTER . . . Elyria, Ohio IOHN SECTOR . . . nb bany. New York ... Scuba Club. Biology Club. Environment! DENSE ' SERRALTA . . . Miami, Florida BERNARD SHAIR . . . Hollywood. Florida .. . Phi Ha Sigma. Delta Theta Mu, Mpha Epsilon Deka, National Meril Scholar REBECA SHAPIRO. . Hollywood. Florida SANDRA SHAW ... Pearl River. New York . .. Dean ' s List re M (itelfres S. I !ernes. IIS Virginia Is (Ion. Sc Alt, SI. (ohm IS Paul S. ( 4sen " 55 0,hid N. (expo. S Sikh, (()dew OA pin A Coneltga) San (Dna MR KATHY I. CIBULA ... ()range Park. Florida . . Delta Delta Delta. National student NUM, Association JANET E. CLARKE . . Hillside, New Jersey .. Psi Chi. Orange Key. UM Honor Society GEOFFREY S. CLEMENS ...Semitic, Pennwl. vania VIRGINIA S. CLUNE ... Imksadville, Florida BRADLEY M. COHEN . . I lollysytxxl, Florida . . President. Honor Roll. Dean ' s List. AID. PAUL 8. COHEN . . . Stolch Plains, New Jersey, Floor Rep., WVUM Spores Reporter, Intramural Sports SANDRA M. COHEN . Buencn Aires. Argentina . . Honors Program. Phi Kappa Phi. Delta theta Mu DENISE A. CONAHAN . . . Bethlehem. Pennsylvania . . Lambda Chi Alpha. Education Senator for USBG. Homecoming Special Events Chairman, Cami Gras Executive Sec Intearatemity Council, Cup and Dolls Bowling League DAVID N. COOPER .. . Fairlawn. New Ieney . . Hurricane flier. MICHELE CORDEAU . . ..Merrillville. Indiana ... Dean ' s List JOAN CORICH staniord. Connecticut SAM CORVELLI . Warren. Ohio INS Beta I. Shn SSA Ihken lex hoe II.Mt Memo. i. It Simonet LM !Undone Slates IA Henn I. feameelelel BOA ia M. Sant 8 ID r.ercen Span S. n JANET SHERKOW . Milwaukee. Wisconsin . . . Phi Sigma Sigma. Cami Gras. Alpha Psi Omega, Greek Week ROSALIE BYRNE SHIVERS . . Drexel Hill, Pennsyl- vania BETSY SHULKIN . . . Newton, Ma sachuscits DENNIS SILVER ... Haver- town. Pennsylvania ELISSE SIMONARO. . . Alexandria, Virginia . . . Music Therapy Club, UM Scholarship THEODORE SIMON . . . Sarasota. Florida ... Big Brother VIRASAKOI SIRITHIENTHIONG . . . Bangkok. Thailand MICHELLE SMITH .. Bethesda. " aryland . . . Sigma Della Tau KATHLEEN SOCHOR . . . Valley Stream New York . . Marching Band HENRY SOMERFELD . . . Long Beach. New York . USK:: senator, ItCebUICf. supreme court justice SAFAC. Alpha Epsilon Pi, Order of Omega, Hurricane Skiers. Omicron Della Kappa. Orange Key. Sigma Phi Nothing JILL SONTAG . . . North Miami Beach, Florida GREGORY SPANCAKE . . Plattsburgh, New York radii I... ( a nt at e Mg. ' v Y. ' . A la" anaich Jratullo IIS kneph R. ( hotethlo. RR% 0 (app Joanne r Isonnol SS Snip Cana. kilter Ctrl BS Irate. (Mania IA KetiaI. Caplet BA Hoare I. (Uenkt BOA Con PASQUALE CANTORS... Pemberton. New Jersey ISA CARABALLO . . Hialeah. Florida . . . Della Sigma Pi. Beta Alpha Psi; WrIltify. Dean ' s LARRY 0. CAPP " " Miami. Florida ... Psi Chi SERGIO C. CARTAS . ...Miami. Florida FRANCES CATANIA ... Miami. Florida . . . Alpha Thera Beta. Sigma Alpha Iota KEVIN F. CAULEY. . . Kensington, Maryland VIRGINIA A. CAVANAUGH . . New Smyrna Beach. Florida JOSEPH K. CHORNASKY . . Baltimore. maiyland JEANNE CHAZANOFF ... Woodmere, New York . . . Advisory Board to the Dean for the School of Nursing. Community Board at Mille!. Council al !Thiel, Co-Srwial Chair- man for Pearson" Mahoney Complex, Co-Chairman for Art Festival JEFFREY W. CHELL . . . Brooklyn Center, Minnesota . .. Omicron Delta Kappa, Iron Arrow. Honor Sludents Association. Men ' s Residence Ibll Association. Archontes, In. tramurals HOWARD I. CHERNICK .. Brooklyn, Now York . . . Bowling GARY W. CHRISTMAN . . (kilning, New York . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon Fr.! VI Yr David I. Slain IA yr YrrJnet BA knit Sepik, SS Ca B. Soot S. Stein SA Rawl N. Son.i. Ion Cliektim Swint; OA JOEL STAGER . . . Erie, Pennsylvania . Bela Beni Beta, Biology Club. Swim Team DAVID STANLEY . . . Berwyn, Pennsylvania GAIL STRAUSS ... Plainview, New York RORY STEIN . . . Noah Miami Beach, Florida JANICE STERNER ... Miami. Florida . . . Delta Theta Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, R Sigma Alpha. Phi Lambda Pi JAMES A. STOCKFISH . . . Morton Grove. Illinois ALI% STRAIJIER ... Fall River. Mas- sachusetts . . . Hurricane: reporter. College Women in Broadcasting, SOS, Carni Gras, Dean ' s List JESSIE SUPPUCE ... Boordan, CortiauiPrince, Haiti ROBERT SUTNICK . . Miami Beach Florida . . . LISBG: senator CHRISTINA SYGNECKI .. Corton-on" Hudson, New York .. " Dean ' s List ROBERTO TARAFA ... Miami. Florida DAVID TECOSKY ... North Miami Beach Florida . . . Open Door. Peer Counselor. Delta Theta Mu, Orange Key. Leadership Training num. f It L Robert 1 Worm a " RC11 Aswle ea InaeitAl IA Ian sR Snarl. Al WerdrA Ard Ile Mane Cameros 1110 Sad( ( Amp UM DOUGLAS R. BROWN . . Nutley, New lersex ROBERT L. BROWN . . . Miami. Florida ANDREA G. BRUMBERG ... Roanoke. Virginia . . . ASHS, Pearson Hall Council LAMES It BRYAN ... Fort Myers, Florida . . . UM Honor Scholarship, MUM News, Ninths( lion S Public Affairs DEBORAH S. BUCHWALD . Miami Beach, Florida . . . Orange Key, Dean ' s list, President ' s Honor Roll. Sigma Alpha Eta, Chamber Theatre, NSSIIA IGNACIO BUNSTER. JR.. . . Santiago. Chile . A.I.A. ERIC BURKE . . North Merrick. New York . . . Dean ' s list MARGOT BYRD .. Huntington. New York . . . Dean ' s List DIANE CAMERON . . Miami. Florida . . . ACEI CAMP C. WARD . . . Georgetown. Maryland . . singing Hurricane. DOUGLAS A. CAMPBELL . . . Darien, Connecticut . . . DeaW. List. President ' s Honor Roll. Gamma Theta Upsilon ROBERT L. CANNON . . . North Miami Beach. Florida . . . Dean ' s Litt NASSTIA: vice president rams I. ' ,MIMI, IS )4C0" 111 K. fun SBA marjorkr C. them. IPA lantana.. rrl Tale. ICS NOM. Talmo NA latpbe. VA...weft bed Irate. MA %ANTI I. Var ai II In Da, ist 1. Traub IS %Wats. Va.. MA Anne Irma IBC Creme Snout. eta r ENRICO TERMINE . . . Brooklyn, New York . Dean ' s List. Alpha Epsilon Delta; sire president. Chemisrof Club; president, SOS. Allied Health Association MARIORIE THOMAS . . . Coral Gables, Florida . . . Phi Kappa Phi. Theta Delta. Musk Honor- ary, Chic Chorale PATRICIA TOTARO . . . New Canaan. Connecticut ... Chi ()mega, Angel Flight; administrative officer, executive officer. rush chairman. Media ali .. austrint NEIL TRAGER . . Boston. Massachusetts . . . Dean ' s list. Intramural, DAS ' ID TRAUB . . . Lakewood, New jersey . . . Dean ' s list, Intramuralc ANNE 4 is -" CARO Beta Alpha Psi. Delta Sigma Phi STEPHEN TROY . . . Itomeroming, era Beta Tau LAWRENCE TYLER . . Miami. Florida STEPHEN VAC- vanhasset. New York . WVL:si. Sigma Chi NOREEN VARSACI Nr Jersey . . . Chi Omega MADELAINE VASA . . Denver, Colorado .. dew s 1.a. Alpha Laml,da Delta. Psi Chi GEORGE VAZQUEZ . . . Coral Gables, Florida . . Beta Alpha Psi AV. n... gloom BSA Nom SA B. Renee " . Slum II 0 kenneth A. Sunni x. tolwei K. tlianlinun Sit) tray tlN 04v bedew BS p up: .St. MUCK! . Hialeah. F lori(13 ERICK I. BLOMQVISI Winn. I " . . . Orange Key, Beta Alpha Psi. Sigma Chi STEVE M. BIOOM . mum. I nn(la GAILYN P. BLOUNT . .. Intramural Rep.. Intercollegiate Basketball. March. ing Band RENEE S. BLUM ... Long Beach. New York . . . Dean ' I WI I v. Donor Scholarships KENNETH A. BOHNERT .. . East Ruthenord, Sigma Phi Nothing. Intramural Spurts BRUCE A. BOOKBINDER . . Marwick. Rhode Island . . . Dean ' s List, Hurricane Flyers; vice prmident LOAN F. BOYD . . Miami, Florida . . . Phi Kappa Pr. Pm Chi. Phi Lambda Ps, Delia Theta Mu. Epsilon Tau Lambda WILLIE MAE BRADLEY . . . Copeland. Florida ... Candidate fog Homecoming Queen ROBERT W. BRANTMAN . . Sych.set. New York . . . Varsity Soccer. Phi Epsilon Kappa. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Student Athlete Award LINDA F. BRAZ . . Miami. Florida . . . Simm Alpha Iota; vice president, Band of the Hour, Singing Hurricane,. Phi Mu Alpha CINDY L. BRODESS . . Cleveland. Ohio . . . Student Orientation Staff dial tie MR IS then R 4446 Ira S1 4444" 41 ban ire SA 0.1441 1 Ann " (.4 Mmes R. SYRIA SA Than.. 1. Wen4hns. Sin AAA I %me. RA Mel A. %ea N. ID PEP DREW VELLA . . Dernaresi, New recces. . Carni Gras; chairman, sigma P" Nothing. Cheerleader, Biology Club. Gamma Thera Upsilon FRANK VICE . . . ton. Ohio... Campus Crusade 10. Christ, Dean ' s List, R.O.T.C., ()range Key. Arnold Air Society DAVID VICTOR . Miami. Florida MICHAEL VINES. . " Spring New York .. . Dan ' s Ito. Honor Program. lecture Series Committee, Phi Alpha Theta. Orange Key CHRISTOPHER VUIAN ... Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania LYNN WEINBERG . Plainfield. New gibes IRA WEISBURD .. Mums Beach, Florida TAMES WELSH ... Hialeah. Florida THOMAS WENTLING IR. . . Greensburg. Penno. lyania CAROL WEST . . . lighthouse Point. F !twirl.] ... SOS THELMA WHITE . . . Bristol. Virginia STEVE WIEDERLIGHT ... New Milford, New . . . Intramural.. Zeta Bela tau Fir 1th aeaeG 0. suo.n Bas lank tlatancank. 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Phi Lambda Pi W.W. Wank k VAN 11.1.the B. mire 0.5 bk ( lAinnetle BS Dibble A. Your BA 14. B. Nittamun 111 Stn( Bc S. Howard 501th IS Stott H. San Al Budd. I. Walsh BS lima A. is BOA LILLIE WILLIAMSON .. . Miami. Florida LYLE WINNETTE . . . Plano, Texas . Intramural,,; basketball, football, softball, volleyball S. HOWARD WITTELS . Miami Beach. Florida . . . Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta Mu. Alpha Epsilon Delta PATRICK WAISH North Bergen. New jersey . . . Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta MucBiology Club WOODY WARRICK . . . Grosse Pointe City, Mir higan . . Karate Club, DeaWs List GEORGE WATTERS ... Xenia. Ohio . . Honors Program HIYOL YANG . . . Miami, Florida DEBBIE YORKE . Canonsburg. Pennsylvania . . NSSHA, Angel Flight SCOTT YOUNG . . . Miami, Florida . . . Open Door, Society. Orange Key LOUIS ZANI . . . Miami, Florida DENISE ZEIDNER ... Jericho. New York Mt, 11 aLsinreleieJl I LflINS warn. AdderIn 85 lobed F. Ainbleder 114 Ineoque I. Alegre. WS WA. I Alluhnlet M. Cater Aanslopotolos tut Nan I AMA. II I) Laurence Asuakee IA limb Amalie.. II ID A.mdl 5, Wade H. AatioxIce IA GORDON H. ABER ... Buffalo. New York . . . Sigma Chi, Golden Horseshoe ROWENA ADDERLEY . . Miami. Florida ... UB5 ROBERT E. AINBINDER . . Bellmore. New York ENRIQUE E. ALEGRET . . . Miami, Florida ... . F . vice president. R.0.7.C., F.F.C. MARLA L. ALTSCHULER ... Miami. Florida GEORGE ANAGNOSTOPOULOS . . Athens. Greece. .. HKN ELIZABETH I. ANNA . Deptford. New Jersey . . . Sailing Club, Orange Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta amnia Sigma MARY I. ANGELO . . . Coral Gables. Florida LAWRENCE ANZALONE .. . Toms River. New Jersey ELENA ARMENTEROS . . . Miami. Florida ROBERT L. ARNDT . .. Hamilton, Ohio . . . Intramurals. R.0.7.C. WADE H. ARRINGTON . . . St. Louis. Missouri . . . Psi Chi. Orange Key. UM Karate Club Li II: t4i L " ? ' S PEARSON ---- MAHONEY HALLSGOVERNMENT 4 EATON HALL BOARD Of GOVERNORS 46. Worley, Guy NathiO, Bert Hersh, Chuck Parisi, Levine, hl Dornb, lam Ganz, Bill Perry k Gibbons, ec Richie Solon, Pete Moos, lac Melly CdOgailin3, Paille Meagher, Stu Badner, Steve Rosenthal, Bill brine LOWE ART MUSEUM Donna Kay, obi, 1. Bandit, Dave Thompson, Carol Hotchkiss Facially Exhibition, 19th Century American Topographic Painting. A Bookbinding Exhibition, Time and Transformation, Washington Albion Retrospective. UM Art Dept. Student Exhibition, UM MFA Exhibition, Ancient Permian Pottery " " 4 NO " r- -1,- ra iir il I " T I g I 1 1 1 .11111 1 a 1 I 1 IN I I I I I MI i 11 .1 . , ' - t: ' Z , " , f -IN " If BETA ALPHA PSI Norman Gehon, Greg Nichols, Karl Schulte, George (Mit, Mrs. George Quit, Dean Fos, Mn. Fos, Jerry Marcus, Mrs. Marcus, Dr. HI. a ; 3 ' t t " A 1 3 i ; . V II ' t 4 -- , f v - a a 11; i; .." 7 ;Z.( ' ' - ' .. 4, " :, ; I .7 :1 ," " 4 ' : ' ' " 4044 i it r` Ca ' : iii N-+Ek limi felc satli a a f .x... " 4; 6i10. ALPHA DELTA PI (han dy Bardstell, Lisa Panzarino, Susie Williams, Karen Rust, Pam Polak, Fran Cullen, Pam Leudig, Leigh Mansberger, Marina Alessandrini, Denise Longo, Vicki Campbell, Patti Hartman, Lan; Kathy Zakrolf, Carleen Roy, Andrea Nissim, Carol Frank, Judy Soknnon, Pam Gallagher, Mary Pal Morris, Cary Ann George STUDENT ENTERTAINMENT COMMITITE termite lefferies, ton Baum, Robert Miller, Dudley B. Buffalo, Whitten McKenry, Kerins Ken Gardner, Marlene fllsx, Dave Crowther, Kay Marty Cohen, Sandie Birnbaum V , " UNIVERSITY SERVICES ORGANIZATION Bill Lauds, lauve Metcalf, Mon Bedell, Russ Hoffman, Cindy Sasso, Rob lohnson" Rich Garda, Barbara Erikson VARSITY TENNIS loagim Rasgado, Octavio Martinez, Alvaro Fi1101, lohn Fagleton, Gary Seymour, Donnie Myers, Coach Dale Lewis, Asst. Coach Joe GloNub . I. 7411111SI WOMEN ' S SWIM TEAM Barbara Agnew, Dania Aramburu, Melissa Barrett, fenny Bade, Sharon Berg, Wendy Bernhard, Melissa Briley, lane Buchanan, ' ,quinine Clement, Ann Amelia Drewry, Barbara Ann Foulke, Pat Hines, Adele Laurent, Nina McInnis, Doreen McAdams, Kathy McCauslin, lane O ' Keefe, Sue ?elm, Susan Petrillo. Louise Pfeifer, Michelle Plotkin, Andrea Schechterman, Nancy Stevens, Denise Wrist, WI Vambor r -re - - TT Fl 111 As nr" ' 2 8 81 8.888Ers. -: " CA C) rTI r -4 --4 A BOARD OF STUDENT PUBLICATIONS R.(. Benito . Rid Adman, Christine Ay lcraft, Sally Baker, Churl( Bortnick, Kenny Gardner. Raymonde !Niger, tester Goran, Norman 8. Koski, Bruce Pinner, George Soulhoorth, David Imps, Judith Wallace, lames Daly. lim Hollander tilIRRIC Alit HONEYS ;anis Roseriidants, Mary Stirling, Cindy Wilson, Ann Whitten, Karen Rust, Susan fishbein, lacquhne Senyitko, Deborah Senyitko, Renee Weiner. Dinthla kkbecS, LindaSmith, Robin Delius Mattie McQueen, Cada lankstry, Susan Neither ' s , Nancy Rocca, Catty, Dildees, Marjorie Solana, Wendy Abbo t t, Anita e Sheps, Deborah Knott, Dianne Deians Marion Oegentesh, Gtaciss Hard , Annhaw, Robin jacobs, LAWS( ' Metcalt, Stalky Matthew, Mae Shaw . : . .. ' ' ' ' ' " --.. . ALPHA EPSILON PHI Mayor Shinefield, Lori Ronne, Barbaro Decider, Paula Schuman, Linda Raab, Penny Glaser, Bobbie Brown, His. Tascb, Adele Besner, Lynn Levitt, Susan Jacobs. Lisa Schwa:Isenberg. Marlene Marcus, Swan Wass, Barbara haute, Linda Shapiro, Susie Wikkr, Adriane Steinberg, Lisa Ben, Susan Jacobs, Rhonda Rose, Anne Simon WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL TEAM Cathy Barnhardt, Gailvn Blown, Marcy Bogner, Wendy Cohen. Susan fast, Cathie Ellyn, Ruth hamhank, Susan Farber, Wendy Foote, Sue Goklstein, Sue Haigh ' , Patricia Hartman, Jacquelyn Holmes, Mary Pal Monk, Michele MOM, Linda !Cavan ' , Linda Ross, Barb Rubin, Lynda Santiago, Marcella Sot, Laurie Taft, Michele Irifiro AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDUST. ENGINEERS Orrick Lynch. (Melia Martinez, Guy lorcyk, Prof. Carl Kromp, Dr. T.M. Khah51, Dr. C. Kurucz, Octavio Rivero, Ana Llano. loe Kibel, Marvin Rose, Thomas Hare, Virasakd Sirithienthon Steve Fowler, Serge farra, Steven Garnett, Alfredo UMW, Cecil ion, Ben Shuster, Kud Diesher, Howie Hunter, A Chernitsky" Chris Lynch, Fred Sayeg, Phillip McKinon, A. Momayezzadeh AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS PHI DELTA THETA Brom ( ampbot (hut4 Gary WoBe. Bruce Relye. Bob lingerer, Arnold leavilh - " I ZETA 414 od 1 17 4-1. ZETA BETA TAU 0 4 t Itne 1. ( 4.41 ZETA BETA TAU 1 iinIETIRt 4%c -en ' imaseistik " I Leopold arez, Tom Salt, Neal Stetson, Professor 1. Sells, Gary Goldberg, George Moser - - - al , TED HENDRICKS - UM HALL OF FAMP TED N ' 7 ' " frt., It ' " a e - ' I -j " eei " : - iP . ' I 4. 1,1-. Tr: 22-:..w., - tr . r - 6: a. at " a Z CA t TOMO 1-4-t- ' - " m I riliMeal It 2.0 " a ar : " nt 50 itt,,:etket " .e, L 5 " a : 1 I I 4At rare r Sig t :AM E ' ArV ,S. : " ra kr: ; , r.riIt 14 a a ;Jet -% 4;, 4,15- 4;.q, ..;:c;,, ; 17.6 :PS IP , 2 ' Crs.e.u.. 1 411t; ik-ri:t t% 1-4.07,4.... 4 tr 0- ,,. ; ' 4 a " fie is, 1 9 - ' ?? t" 41 -3 ttrao tr3U1 4 6? " 9 ' VARSITY FOOTBALL Dave Sydnor, Tim Morgan, Clarence Latimer, Brian Selmer, Ray Ganong, Alan Reynaud, Ralph laranos, Cary Tokarski, Bill Goodrich, Bill Lanham, Om Sullivan, Jimmy Pinkston, Dare Bango, Greg Capella, Rod Huffman, liary Baker, Wilmore Ritchie, Willie lenkim, Charlie Claud, Larry Bate., Don Martin, lose Gonzales, Bruce Wohlieb, Mike Archer, Jim Rundorff, Ralph Boyle, Jack Eisenhower, Bob Ballin, Sam Campoli, Bruce Ely, Terry Ely, Craig Cosden, Booker Cope, Ed Carney, Witt Beckman, Ed Krysak, David Thompson, Ernie lones, Roger Haines, Steve Ludwig, tHery Wilson, Rick Kyle, loe Wysock, Tony Raiola, Bob Duggan, Lee Von Stein, George Demopolous, Rick liddel, Mike Dirancisco, Steve Golding, Frank Makarevich, Bert Camut, Eldridge Mitchell, Gregg Wallick, Dominic Pisani, Steadman Scavella, Clarence Corker, Rubin Carter, Woody Tho mpson, Phil Iredale, Larry Wilson, Doug Bullock, Mike Felrow, fell Palmer, Kevin Looram, Ron Streeler, John Jackson, Scott Siefert, Joe Bettencourl, Frank Glover, Dennis Jackson, Mike Daly, Rich Griffith., Mike Adams, Mike Latimer, Steve SUrcantorlio, Eddie Edwards, Chuck Wagner, Charlie Moss, Dave Murphy, lay Egan, Jim Clough, Kirk Curilla, Tom Kumpa, Pete Walsh, Bob Hastings, John Canino, Oscar Robinson, Mike Krol, Ted Gawronski, Eric Beasley, Paul Herschel, Dennis Stec kner, Gary Dunn, Bill Capraun, Dennis Harrah, Dickey Hall, Bill Sharpe, tarry Brown, Coach Campbell, Coach Walden, Steve Klein. Waller Ponserko, Coach Elliott, Coach Wamsley, Coach Selmer, Coach Herndon, Coach Reed, Coach Allen A 6 , C Frt. ' 910 ' ot .s.:cp;n VI e: atetV . be.. SO ' tS fOO: CtS t - " 100....1 .6110 U 21 ( 1241 " C914; Ctr ' I " -" 4 SteThi 7:01; 0.). ( " V) 1. 00 " 492 . CS Op te 14161 1.- ome, otow M. " " :r UM BATGIRLS . " iv, e " 1" " I. " " . e t " " 41. " " " ' " " e e , " " " " ., " " Cal., " 11. " . ' 4,0 .... " " " .... 1 ' I CARNI GRAS COMMITTEE Orev. Vella, David fele, Henry Somerteld, Kathy McPhee, ;eclat Sentra. f rentr Steve Atelnic, Alan Richard, Paul Kolterlahn, %inward Winnernan, lobn Bond. ' Toby Berlin, Gnome Guilder, Ed Braverman, tarn WINO " r. g - r- 1111 e ALPHA KAPPA PSI lack Tithed, Bruce Hamilton, Henry Fisher, Clifford Duke, Ion Duquette, Clifford Brahm, Dr. Thor Bruce, Anne Noble, Beta Singer, Sherry Alala, Liz Moll:, Jackie Moore, Sharon Brooks, fill Grusrnack, Karen Baden, Luis Maria, Dr. Manfred Ledford, Wayne Abadie, Kevin Michaels, Barry Hotte, Robert Kirsca, William Stepp, Edward Niedz, Tom Eaton, Gary Ratdenstrauch, Charles Peabody, Paul Schwartzkopf, Russ Kartee, Millain Escasedo, Marc Rota, Andy Seigel, Andy Silva, loe Corey, Joe Sposa, William Erects, Alan Richard, Jon Cunning, Kenny Dubbin .. " .:-)1..I" st LL r2 ' KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA ti: Berkley, knot lund Patty Anita, Dorothy Speidel, Sharon Dr Fahrenholz, CindY Cross, Pat Katie Clouser, Tina Buck, Shelly Salter. Ann Kirk, say Higham, Teresa TorresPtel,Denni Hill, httrY esmond, kanne linger, Sue Peters, Nancy tevens, Ian Baranowski, Hanor Schneider, Lynn Ingram, Cray Kinsey, Gail Eby. Susan Womouist Kathy Shelley. John Bond, Marlene Fishbach, Terry Elena Selez, Stephen Cogn, Adrian Steinberg, Al lents, Dana Palley, Andy Pargh, Val Shams, Dr. Dandeneau. Michelle Oppenheimer, Brenda Solid, Frank Kufroyirh, Tony Verdesca, Roy Firestone. Ron Crystal, Bruce Hoffman, Barbara Decider, Lynn Herzenberg, Scoop Simon, Marcee Taman. Dave Pokrns, Andrea Kaye, Diane Remick, Chuck Bortnid, ay Goldstein, Bruce Posner ti vs " SIGMA DELTA CHI ; V I 1 -.111 :rt.. ' VP " fri it " ir It 7 WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL TEAM Carol Sokol Cindy Chambers, Ann Morrison, Jeanne Curant, Lori Gordon, Susie Williams, Cindy Mulkern, Barbara Jaffee, Debbie Palter, Brianne Looby, Christy Castellano, Dean Louise P. Mills, Hawn Fugazzi, Lynn Schewe, Sue Newberger, Susan Waas, Barbara Decider ,:araaaisiiiiis ff t " ft a --- AitreA f trPr 79 1. " . 3 I ' y Ai; AKA CHAMBER SINGERS Lisa Nappi, Anabel Parra. Penny Heller, Jeanne Current, Roberta Buz, canine Carey, Marvis Marlin, Sharon Mutter, Rachelle Nelson. Carmen Lundy, Mary Jane Bowles, Ted Desario, Barry Lindley, Mark Aliopoulios, Dale Erwin, Cud Mc Konly, Al Richardson, Keith ' Lynes, left Banta, Eddie Rackley, Kevin Beaird, Ray Watson, Gary Fry, Mark Stalling. Robert Gown 4 I." .11a:tr. of) r- , pi ' WOW Oancy. Karen Dunning, Gail tobbie ' wino, ad, De Joanne lohmon, Sherrie Kebrob, Cindy Kessler, hnn laughKrs, G Mari Lawrence, Diane %%euct, loan hlesset,Sue Staduloolch, Shelly Savage, flinor Witman, ' Ivry Williams SIC! der - TENTH FLOOR, 1968 COMPLEX George Starnas, Wade Frame, Paul l(anieuski, Mark Lyons, Mark John Guidry, Mille Slovick left Thompson, Gun, Barn. Muller, Nadir lloulzares Gabe Balsam) Fedor , Mike Dilknan. David ge.roth. kW Dee, Mark West SIGMA PHI NOTHING Al Richardson, Scott Parini, Steve thinski, Karen Orent, Shelly Maslen, Paul Cohen, Linda Shapiro, Ed Kelly. Paul Lisa Ben, Jill Taylor, Eugene Stanzera, Ken Bohnert, Gary Rautenstrauch, Tom Teufel, Anthea Vasiliou, Andy Osborne, Jim Hickey, Barry Hotte, Kathy Perko, La Cooperman, Joel Miller, Elaine Kopecky, Wayne Abadie, Steve Terry Skrippi, Liz Barry, Pam Poky ' s. [mink Gurian, Don Limy. George Levin+, Cliff Duke, Samera Berbanil, David Garfunkel, Aron Podell, Mike Skupen, Connie Pruett, Mike Aleyander, Jim Mioduch, Charlie Say aca, Sandy Corvera, Jamie Houseworth, Perry Berger, be Ritterhouse, Al Wolk, Linda Brat, Rick Boykin, Steve Jackowitr, Drew Vella, Stuart Blake, Kathy Buchanan, Randi Hanover, Guy Beaven FLORIDA ENGINEERING SOCIETY Pedro del Sol, Leo Suarez, James Cordon, Derick Lynch, Vicente Casio, Douglas Best, Neal Stetson, George Anagnostopoulos, Aristides Henriques, Tom Salt, George Moser, Gary Goldberg. Tom Moser, Kirk Hips, Michael Ferrante, Pphelia Martinez, Ronald Hooper, Sarah Zimmerman Mho Wang. Neal Stetson, Joseph Hsu. Professor kromp, Georgina Diaz-Riancho, Sarah Zimmerman, ludilh Fagin, Diana Rubiano, Ofelia Martinez, Karen Hoffman. Donald Crowe, Reinaldo Andreu, Jorge Tatra, Leo Suarez, Marty Ross, Donald Watztl, Tony fankek, Duncan loom, Ralph Gahl, Brent Trauger, Howard Szhifferdec her, Pedro Pedroso TAU BETA PI te Ed lieff Steve Klitzner, Mimi, Dave fiteetem G Carfunlmi, Marte Dean Foy, R Mitchel " tarty Wallenslein. eoff fisher Brenda Sufick, Bill Froggatt, n, oss Work Bill Keane, conifer Jefferies, Rawh Sansone, ete Rick P% Ror e" 14 " de %Ran, Steve moretti, Rik Pepe, Cus Pupo, Dan Best, Chuck Bortnick Stoop Cad Perlman, Patti Lamour, Lee Strasser, Ferry. Cedalye, Karen Cultte, kickie edal, Marc Sue Jacobs, Ron Ned, Any Pargh Lon Wake, Rawls Sansone, Mark Linda, Tom Riggs, Ronnie Bryant Julie toffee. Margaret Hanson, Gina Minot, Mona Fiance, Teresa Day, Gisele Arsenault, Kathy Poerschke, Christine Carpitano DELTA ZETA Ordira Davis, Karen Hibbard, Karen Maine IRON ARROW PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Sloe thly, MY Gokicletn, ()avid Pokress, losh Sills, Rick McCarthy, Andy Machover, Bill Quinn, Sue Miller ENTERTAINMENT STAFF below!, ()l" ft. Rennok lrhoaro 10 4N Bruce Lehr, Valeri Elena Selez wy. (Marc , Ida Sobie, Steve Oyintoi, e Stra raunan, Lynne Schesve. David Sieber " " - -" -" ._ COPY DESK Barbara Chadwick, Ann Noble, David Sieber, Nadne Sharp, Gloria Smith, Lynne Schove, Jell Shenk NEWS STAFF VI ' at _ass_ THE MIAMI HURRICANE UES S OFFICE Om Dah , Bo Catotano, f ott, terdoslasich, B SII" I lanet Reynolds, Bonnie Nay EDITORIAL STAFF hone Sclhase, Shenk, Avy Goldstein, Bruce ehr, Goria Smith, Dave Stops, Om Hollander, L Mee Stephens, Richard McAtoms, Mrs. G. SPORTS STAFF Gloria Smith, Eva Keller, Bruce G ferry Tepps, Dave Pokiest, A Rena. on. cc LI CC ell I V1130 N011Sd3 V14111 1 : ROADRUNNERS Neal Wood, Paul Schwarzkopf, Cliff Duke, Id Deppman, Jim Johnson. Bart Bloom, Mark Bea Doug Best, Andy Irani, Walter Hysc4I, Dick Mugar, Tom Riggins, John Bond, Tom Nichols, Richard Gokklein, John Blakely, Scott English, Kathy McPhee, Adriana Redo, Cindy Salzman, DeLia Perez, Marie Cavallo, Diane Rosenberg. Slew (bawdy, Chuck Peabody, Laura Garcia, Merry Spilzer SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA MYNA EPSILON Steven Hod10,80) BrantMan, Ken tall, Marty Ross, Paul Del Newo John Wuchner, Bill Morris, Phil Oumuresq, Raymond Marino, Cindy Tooley, Marty Ross, Bobby Brantman, Torn Piper, Ken Stall, John Wyne, Steve Howhen, Ed Smudgy, Jim McKay, Jeff Gardner, Jim Wiegos, Rod Stockton IM A ALPHA EPSILON Dave McKay, Richard Cooper, f rank Zupan, Wayne Bri Mike Findlay, Randy Kertesn nster, Scott Wilkenson, lelman,14abeeh George, Paul Del Negro, MCP gandOlph, Nede Debbie looser, Lillian Reyes, Pam Robs, Brent McFarlane, Don %%note BIOLOGY CLUB Nolan Altman, Mike Andreiko, Saul Arnold, Ralph Arwood, Bruce Atwood, Bob Balaban, Pat Balzarini, Mark Beal. Chris Becker, Barton Berkowitz, Cori Biro. Mark Boehm, Brian Buanoky, Diane Brasure, Barbara Brodack, Margaret Brooks, Randall Brown, Steve Bushee, Patricia Flynn, Michael Carlton, Vijay.a Chartist Cherokee Joe Claxton, Jorge Cono, Susie Coyle, Raquel Croituru, Shelley Cutler, Karen Daniels, Lisa Davis. Patti Dean, Kevin Decker, Jane Deisler, Gyoa Dicosoia, Lynn Dierking, Carlos Dumois, Katrina Tactic, Doug Ellison, Vat Fatigati, Gene Ferri, Marlene Fletcher, Nancy Forbush, Roxanne Fynboh, Lawrence Ginsberg. Alan Grotenhois, Don Harbrick, Jay Harker, Kim Harrison, Tom Hartmann, Charles Heath, Paula Helm, Anne Hemingway, Carol Hewes, Frank lvoska, Andrew Johnson, Dave Johnston, Laurie Kalman, Nikki Katzman, Walter Kropp, Thomas Kula, Ed Kundahl, Geoff Lebanon, Steve LaRusso, Daniel Luisi, Jorge Marcos, Charles Martello, Jonathan Mattes, Stew Moretti. Doug Morrison, Judith Moyel, Kathy Mulherin, Bruce Neville, Linda Ny tinder, Charles O ' Connor, Paul Olin, Paige Patty, Dot Peck, Eric Perle, Robert Quinn, Alan Richard, Mark Ridgway, Loundes Roig, Donna Roth, Kim Rudolph, Laura Santucci, Ann Schabner, Hank Schlottnsan, Richard Seifert, Robert Sheuker, Val Skinner, Chris Smith, Sharee Smith, Bob Spengler, Joel Stager, jack Stone, Anne Sommers, Mary Ann Szymczrk, Jessica Tarczynski, George Terihakmec, Steve Thoung, Chuck Truscolt, Kathy Van Bell, Russell Vandeveloe, Jorge Marco Vitiello, Elizabeth Vogt, Pat Walsh, Anne Wanamaker, Steve Westing, Linda Weiner, Marion Yas, Carole Young, Robed Indite The U.M. Biology Club has an open membership to all students who are Interested in the life sciences. The purpose of the Club are to promote the dissemination of scientific truth and investigation of life sciences, to encourage scholarships, to assist and give aid in bringing about preservation of our natural resources, and to involve all of it ' s members in becoming participants in the programs, meetings, and activities of the Club. The activities of the club include field trips to Sanibel Island, the Dry Tortugas, Corkscrew Sanctuary, Pigeon Key, a fossil hunt and a swamptromp in the Florida Everglades. The Biology Club also has several picnics a year and it sponsors guest speakers from various science related fields. The Biology Club has also set up a library containing over 500 books. these books are available to all science students. BETA BETA BETA Karen Daniel ' , Doug Morrison, Raquel Croitoru, Carole Young, Mike AndreAto, Bob Andrei ' , Bob Balaban, Vicki Bearskin, Ernie Daly, Lane Deister, Sue Galloway, Joe Hyduke, Dave Johnston, Susan Kayar, Cathy Salmons, Ann Sthabner, John Shannon, Pal Stager, I.M. Vrieze, Michael Carlton, Vijaya Charyulu, Susan Coyle, lames Doubek, Valerie Fatigati, Roxanne Fynboh, Ion " Hartman, Denis Kowa ski, Geoff LeBaron, Kathy Mulherin, Robert Quinn, Anne Summers, Pal Walsh, Robert Zarrillo, Nick Mauro I r os laver, Drew Vella, Marty Oqnski, Jim HicpeiftraeysauLenteiSctinevormaa. VARSITY BASEBALL %S ill Km ' ,man, Luis Braude. Steve Breslot, Mike BrigantY. INN Brost, ltm Crusts, Omar DeMola, Rick D ' Innocenzio, Vaughn Flick, lohn Fulgham, Paul Hammonds, let Hare!erode, 8iN Hattis, Tom Holliday, Elston Howard. Stan Iakubowski, Dave Knott, Wayne Krenchiki, Steve Lerner, Phil LoMedico, Chris Lynch, Bill Ma!pas, George Miller, Om Milone, Rick Nicholson, Marls O ' Malley, Hugo Rams, Bob Roth, Gary Samo, Ron Scott, Kim Steps, lose Vega 1 NOVA SCIENCE FICTION CLUB Torn Waffler, Adam Kessler, Bill Feuer, Marc Engel, Noel Card, Jane Deisler, Debbie Rose, Hal Koss enski, Nikk Katzman, Steve Fawcette, Carol Matuszewski, John Hepp, Don Gillette, Robert Stearns, Victor Vincent iv!IIIT:ii.;, E I! ' i .0.11 tr " PRE-LEGAL SOCIETY Danny Bandklayder, Alan Mark Roth, Mark Ligot, Atlas, Paul Knessi, Charles tones, Gigi Chalfin, ;elf Hindleman, Sloe tiimelfarb,Stan Winston,Sanford Finkelstein, loyce lacobs" Lewis Klein, Ruth Ellen Woods, Maureen Hannon, Margaret Riots ' , Barbara Caly. Mike Benhardt, othy Kass, Michael Zimmerman, Sylvia Goldblot, Scott Sutler, Michael Siherman, Shostine, Marcia Rafael Corneas, Richard Locks, Elliot Finkel, leffmelsteM, low Ban RE-LEGAL SOCIETY PRE-LEGAL SOCIETY Wend, Rubenstein, Sally Bake,lose Agnes A Mar Pagan, Maria rrnas, Sy v V.sles, Luis nnals, Bruce os Encincna, faint Gomez, Limy Misieviez, Thomas Rigins" tarry Reilly, Don Gillette, Robert Be,,,,, Martin Si, And Washor, Frank Patna, Dave Morabito, Paul Dr. Lawrence Allen, Advisor RE-LEGAL SOCIETY Bob Blumenthal, Scott Hirschbein, Rob Dundon, Tom D ' Aguanno, Wayne Mellish, David Osterland, Chris Becker, Alan Meyers, Mike Ilethey, Steve Spindel, Gail lashinsky, David Massey, Gary ' Casio., Russ Sande, Ed Braverman, Bill Quinn, Harry legatt, Randy (yam, Pete .Magidoff, Mary Anne Biddiscombe, Patty Rot hman, Sherry Richman, Dave Schaefer, Dave Jackson, Sharlene Pont ALPHA EPSILON PI Li " 4fc tore Sr lt- 4147 " " WENT UNION BOARD OF GOVERNORS loseph PIlleth, Ray Bellamy, Ken Gardner, Dave Osterland, Andy Osborne, Stewart Shaw, Eve George Hess, Jim Levine, William Sandler, Carolyn Garwood, James Foley, Scott Weisburd, Howard Winniman, Alec Stephens, Ken Nederosl, Sue Larson, Stewart Shaw, Robert Levy, Gillian Lord, Georgie Angones, Jeanette Hauskr I ALPHA EPSILON RHO Robert Cluernet, Lee Biondi, Lynne Auerbach, Keith Grulke, Sally Baker, Mike Billow, Patti Bock, David Crowther, Ross Crystal, Linda Duggan, Roy firestone, Guy Garner, Bill Frogatt, Greg Koster, Rick Peters, Rick Phohner, Mickey Pulco, Julie Robinson, Bruce Posner, Barbara Schwartz, lois Shapiro, Sheiks Wet Wer, Paul Nagel, Jr. A CHI iiniu. Jamie Wegglesworth, Paul Miller, Russ Clarke, Don Brannan, john Fdoards, Marty Cohen, Rick ;risk Rick Wokolt. Chris Ramey. Vince lohm. Forrest Hudson, Hook Frank, Angel Avila, Rick Klein, :(laths, Tom Rickert, Steve Gran " , Bob D ' Angelo, Ryan Rodbro, Clint Albright. Sieve Vaccaro. lien Sweeney, Carol Richmond, John Rolls, Dan McSweeney, Gary Graham, Jeff Fiy, Cliff Carom ' . Chuck ann, Rick Closer, Gordir Myquist, Jim Skrak, Stew Demotic ' , Mark Woodruff, Jim Hickey, Wlaker strong, George Ruit. Carol Frank. Lisa Panzarinn, Pam Gallagher, Andrea Nissim, Karen Rust, Kathy IcCormick, Tani Sari, Gloria Hardouin, Sue Killrell, Karen Dilliplane. Susie Williams, Denise Wargo, :arleen Roy, Sharon Draw, Kim Bustield. Janet Lund. Rhoda Hass. Maria Cason, Marina Alewindrini Here are a lisi of the accomplishments and memories of these three men: Accounting Honorary Beta Alpha Psi . Associate Justice, Supreme Court . Alpha Epsilon Pi Members, President, Treasurer, Secretary. member-at-large . Carta Gras Finance Chairman . Miami Hurricane Circulation Manager ... Greek Week. Overall Co-Chairman ... Hurricane Sportswriter . Intedratemilv Council Treasurer . Intramural Official . . Aron Arrow ... Omicron Delta Kappa . Orange Key ... Order of Omega, President and Vice-president . Order of the Stiller . . Rathskellar Advisory Board . . Recipient of the Interfratemity Council Outstanding Man Award . . . Recipient of Interfratemity Council Service Award. . .SATAC Chairman . Ski Club Treasurer . . Union Board of Governors . . USBG Treasurer " WileS Who of Students in American Colleges and Universities... flight 9 . . . Gino ' s pizza . Artie f isher . . Curly .. Shane . . . Mimi ... Charlie . . Buckeyes Eleuthera . the great escape . , tong Beach High School marines . Miami vs. Adelphi curtains . . . the fifth Boor great book scandal . Hesho ' s snow removal . Uncle Al ... Great Windstorm Sue Rose Basketball Marathon ... Showerthon ... Remuda Ranch ... Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . MVT . Henry ' s lemon thebash . . . Kinky and Curly . . Shelley and Ellen . . " I don ' t see no money " ... no writing on the minutes what ' s a Lambda? . A female pencil . classes of 68. 71, and 75... Sherrie Christie . . . the fishbowl ... Erdley . Gail Moak lied . . . clown lady . . . Belgian waffles , . . Harry, Dick and Al . . . Mr. Ancga ... Greenway Rd. plus one . Ralph who? Satirized sehmoory . operation reentry " " " Phil ' s girlfriend ... Tampa trippers . Busch Gardens ... killer football . . . the only way ... the Teke bell ... Bob ' s Barricades . . Happints is MP.. . Paul Evans . . . Dave Hertz! . . Monkey Jungle Passover Seder Innen . . Rudolph the red nosed Mook leaving in Sanitary clown by December . . Ernestine. . . Mackey Airlines " " Rainbow Village " " happy tour ... lido Blvd . Chippy ' s . the 011ieburger . Henry ' s midnight campaign . Hank. Oscar and Hash ... Miller ' s ear . Ann Boardwine . the Summit . . . 1531 Brescia Red Road rampage ... Snarl! pats ... Woo San Amaro . streaking . 4210 club . fahn ' s PIKS ... King Kong . . . Bob Columbo . walkathon ... property of Stott Mulch et... the doidy man . . the colonel... illegal phones . .661.0961 ... the tonight Show ... 2714642 . Ohio State . . . 6644532 . . Alma Mater stand forever .. . " 4 1.11.111" WailIMIS 1 W 3 - 1.0 (ON. lil III la ON. _ ---:- ape " L-s I x-sair .,.r" r V v -- , N q 1 4 s : En it ye V - VOLUME 49 " I see thousands and thousands of little pictures. " EDITOR BRUCE C. POSNER IBIS 15 ASSOCIATE EDITOR AVRAM H. GOLDSTEIN ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT HARLAN M. GLADSTEIN PHOTOGRAPHERS BRUCE POSNER AVY GOLDSTEIN LEAPIN ' LARRY GREENE STEVE TLSTY SUE MILLER MICHAEL SKOLNIK BILL QUINN PETER LIPSCHULTZ JOSH SILLS RICK McCARTHY HARLAN GLADSTEIN NICK JENKINS HARVEY SHAW CRAIG CROSSLEY LYNNE AUERBACH SUSZANNE BRODIE ANDREW MACHOVER CARLOS ESCALLON GLENN KAGAN DAVID L. POKRESS VALERIE STRAUSS PRODUCTION BRUCE POSNER AVY GOLDSTEIN HARLAN GLADSTEIN DIANE RENNICK BRIAN FLOYD LYNNE AUERBACH SPECIAL THANKS NORMAN KOSKI JANET REYNOLDS EDWARD GHANNAM TRICIA SAMPLE ELLIE GOLDSTEIN MARC COHEN DANIEL ETHAN ABRAHAM BARBARA KERR LES PRICE MAURICE OAKLEY ALAN KRIEGER MIKE BURKE CHUCK BORTNICK RAYMONDE BILGER Not For Circulation This Book Belongs To: Name Age Address Phone COPYRIGHT 1975 BY BRUCE C. POSNER AND THE STUDENT BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI, CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. NO PART OF THIS BOOK AND POSTERS MAY BE REPRODUCED IN ANY FORM OR MATTER WITHOUT THE EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE EDITOR OR STUDENT BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS. PRINTED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BY HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY, WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA LIBRARY OF CONGRESS CARD CATALOG NUMBER 53-15729 THIS BOOK IS DEDICATED TO YOU " I I ' ewe: It. k Itm " ." 4. ' 1 ' 1 , ,,. ' -, Nit c:Ctiz: $ t. 5: , , " 3+ - h ' it: ," , . " v- !di!. " " " " I " 1 V. A.. 1i. 1: 1 ' 1.. 1. 1. I I, 1.. " 1 k

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