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 - Class of 1974

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LIBRARY Change is the ultimate origin of art. Reactions and accommodations to crises are filtered through tech- niques and materials and become self-expression. What does form matter? Self can be expressed in many ways. UM ' s art department has looms, kilns, machine tools, presses, a foundry, and photographic equipment. Our music students embrace classical music, jazz, rock, and folk. Theatre? UM has its own. Recitals, art and photography shows, plays all student work and all available right on campus, if you know where to look. But these things are just the forms of what is important self-expression. The energy crisis? Yes, it will make a difference. Less power for electrical instruments. Shortages of mater- ials and equipment. But the energy crisis will also force us to rely upon ourselves, to look at our lives in new ways, to find new uses and methods. We ' ll have to reconsider everything. New lifestyles, new at- titudes, new art forms, new materials and techniques. The forms will change, but self-expression will be stimulated, not stunted. Our reactions to the energy crisis may make 1974 the year of self-expression through art. The energy crisis is change, and change is the origin of art. Just aluminum foil. No pins, no tape, no string, no staples, no rubber bands. And you ' ve got to do something with it. Make something out of it. This just-foil-and- make-something-with-it is a traditional as- signment in the Art Department. An exer- cise in seeing materials differently, a method for considering techniques in new ways. And as it turns out, aluminum foil isn ' t just aluminum foil. Foil is also an ex- pression, a material, a means. And occa- sionally a mushroom. ; - 10 11 14 15 An exploitation of surrealism An idea within an idea A concept within a concept 16 wml s;W:xM WN im III . .p v V VV 17 LEIDObCOPE KALEIDOSCOPE KALEIDOSCOPE KALEIDOSCQ )PE KALEIDOSCOMiMI OPE KALEIDOSr fct A LEIDO flMy ,IDOSC QPE H m H tlDOS |DOSCOPE KA ALEIDOSC ' OPE KA lDOSC PE KA lDOSC Ml DOSCI OPE KAL EIDOSC OSCOPE KALEIDOSCOPE KALEIDOSQ KALEIDOSCOPE KALEIDOSCOP OSCOPE KALEIDOSCOP LEIDOSCOPE K KAL OSCOPE K; E KALEIDO EIDOSCOPF, LOPE KALEIl LEIDOSCOPE KALEIDO ALEIDOS OSCOPE K E KALEIDOS E KALEIDOSi KALEIDOSCOPE KALEIDOSCOP DOSCOPE KALEIDOSCOPE E KALEIDOSCOPE KA )OSCOPE KALEIDO E KALEIDOSCOPE lDOSCOPE KALEID ' E KALEIDOSCOPE K KALEir, IDOSCOPE K KALEIDOSCOPE COPE KALEIDOS ' ' LEIOOSCOPE PE KALEID UIDOSCOP SCOPE KALEIDPS IDOSCOPE KO KALEI OSCOI ALEI SCOPE ALEID r EIDOSCI f KALI U)SC( OPE KALEIDO EIDOSCOPF OPE KALE LEIDOSCOPI sCOPE KALEIl SCOPE KALEIDOSCOP 18 19 " the spiro " A Spiro (as in Agnew) is a musical instrument used to play up free telephone calls anywhere in the world. This one has since been confiscated. 20 21 22 23 98P %r . - " -. iX%r Kr i $ ,. ; ;; -.. r ; ; f ,.- ' -v;;. r j yi Z r m- m 26 27 28 29 30 31 X ' f 3 33 35 pensive thought and contemplation . 37 _ n PI , often turn intended hours of study . . . I ftfllHMHl AHBHB , 40 . . . into blissful hours of sleep The lounge on the second floor of the Student Union. A place for a trip into yourself. Escape from grades and papers. Dream of your pros perous future. Confront what you will not face awake. Sleep. Sleep. A time for rest and unrest, A time for sorrow and joy, A time for dreams and realism, A time for wealth and poverty, A time for hunger and satiety, A time for stress and serenity, A time for youth and age, 42 I TSMfi LIV i k -. ' %J A time for beauty and ugliness, A time for strength and weakness, A time for health and sickness, A time for faith and doubt. 43 RM ISKfiE GHfti .STOP COMPLAINS- THI ?014 IMPEACH NIXON NOW mmm mmm : Jj " 44 47 I 48 49 50 51 52 I 53 54 55 56 t - 57 58 59 sportsmanship 60 , 61 62 63 I or the continuing saga of life in the dorm 65 I I ft. 66 . 67 68 69 70 71 F 72 u.m. world of entertainment " in concert " I 73 r 74 a thriving culture Rock. Pop. Folk. Jazz. Experimental. Country and Western. Rhythm and blues. Soul. It ' s all music. All a way of feeling, a way of being, a way of experiencing. Music makes life closer, as it explains, remembers, and predicts. We count our years by songs and lyrics. 75 richie havens 76 .,, 77 lily tomlin 7 vmce vance mt i i 4 South Florida? Not just the sweetness of the air early in the morning green air that smells of leaves and of clean, wet dirt. The tangled vines and trees in the Grove screening yards and alleys against the silver sun are only part of it. Warm days sailing blue with thin, fluffy clouds and sudden cool winds add to it. In the Everglades it ' s quiet bird cries over the still water. What else? Baking sun as you lie on crackling sand. Short twilights with glassy water. Glimmers from the transparent blue of Biscayne Bay. Dawn making Miami Beach and Star Island and Hibiscus Island rosy. Sparkling, gray rain that starts without warning and stops just as suddenly. Tropical trees seen through white fog. Colors bleached or brightened by the brilliant light. The keys dots of blinding green dropped in the ocean. Soft air and dampness. That is South Florida. sol the air ft of leaves and trees in against the Jays sailing cool Kinds j cries over i you lie on assy water. scayneBay. Island and , that starts T Cached or s _ dots o! ioft air and 82 . : q. springtime both semesters? a. yes, plus an added attraction, a simulated monsoon. 83 south florida ' s lush, yet delicate vegetation 84 1 ilion is exemplified by the state flower, the hibiscus 85 miami: the airport city where many come 86 i BS I -, J5 3E ! T- r and many go 90 . I ' .- , - 91 94 rei I but those who remain 95 see miami the magic city c 98 99 100 101 - 102 iiuiiniiu no,,, .Jr. ' ' ' - " r - + - iH - - . r u r 108 109 I 112 the everglades . . r 114 115 naples 116 li 117 121 123 124 125 126 127 . r I 128 i. .1- 129 ' 130 what we can do is try something new that is, if you ' re crazy, too Jefferson airplane 131 I JIH I 132 133 ( ' I ' }. tj . .: - 134 135 136 v - 138 139 CO m Of. 22 El O O to coco m 11 m m CD Q 0) CC f ccco 81 _l CO LLJ(3 00 73 ' h-LL m LL1 Q) JO -I CO 0 oo LLJ LU CO CD CO d ' o ._ II m m X o o CO m co- LJJ UJ-g O i? CC o coco m 5 _i LLJZ O UJ _i cc LLJ Q Q LU._- m LLJ CD 51 OCQ s %n a) LLJ .0 LLJ O 140 CO CD ro Si tu- tu -Jo OT3 El co Q.I m o CO DC LU Q LU LL CO CD CO LU DC co Q) LU _ _l " c -J O mif CD O LU ) M DC coco LU CO m . o E LU - SE DC co m O d S com co m - z o CO CD OC co LUT3 Z ' C DC O LU 1 141 i CO CO UJ. co % E D 10. Q LU CD Z 0- CO UJ .JO o 0) co DC Q. LLCO . o O 5 LU til COZ O gc c to CO m-o LJJ J5 9- to Q o fei LU " ICD CO to Li. to c o 5 E si CC to LUl CO CC UJ Q o c UJm CO to co ,_- f . 4- Luf So o Q.OC Q LU CD CC UJ UJ CO- to z - 2 cc.t: U.Q. m o IS to CD 0- UJ CO zg- Q 0) LU to co CD I O to coil o _- ol Q UJ CD 3r LU 0) i| UJ . -s o 142 co CO DC LU LU LL CD . . c Q_ _0 I CO 2o tro m N LU LU CD Si O 5 Q LU CO cc o LU - COg s o 2 o CD I- cc X I- m CD T3 LU 1 E 03 CD O Q LU Z LU g LU O E il Q LU CD LU LU CD Z LU CO . 0) C 5 to CD 03 CC en LU co CO Q. zm 2 O Q LU CO CD Z to CO o 1 LU 5 O crz LU . o 1 DC_I LU CO CO o cc u. LU . iS CO o o Z co T3 _l ' C CO O I 143 LL CD CO z ' Q o LU O T D " ? co CO m O CD DC-F 1 1 Q HI m to I-T3 z c o O s o QO m CD CO LLJ O DC O TO CD " U O o " - Q Q) ' Z c -i ' t CC 0) co m DC 01 8| Q D Sf E.2 QQ- _i On. ro ' c " , (0 CO c m S 00- CD CD Q LU I LU Z| o S coo. coco DC 0) oz m r si Q c II O to 144 o CD O . CC ' c 2 1 CO a cc - UJ g It; cc CO F X- CO j 0 CO 0) CC i- Q UJ CO 1! CO II QO LU CO f OJ 0) " tn o CLI m m b c LU ' w 11 5 mg c CC = 03 m Z C 5! LUCO II CD 145 m CO LLJ _. il CO CO o tr m co ._ O co m cc fl- at ) a LU m LU O o II m _i LU P 2 LL CC CO CO Z CO 0 QO DC a to CO m DC -3 of II tr CD CO co 5 z o - " " S O 146 00 DC III COG; o _- II CO z LU CO X o LU W b- cr o 1 LU 111 co CD cn 3=1 x o HLU LLJ - m i? 1 CD co xl oz 7 0) -Q m 5 0 DCLU D) c o CD _l CO _l 3 CO Q LU CD O cr.! -3 CD X Q. CO , O 0) o LU 3 CD 0) CO CO LU CO - " I . CO O 147 CO m - o O J 5 LU CO 3s z CO CD " O ' I CO CLCL LU CD - LU 8| E il m tr Oo m- _l 0) LUZ _J . O 55 O i CO 5 m cc LLT o LJJ D) 02 LU LU w m LU O Q O . 0) DCZ O CO-g Z LL tr -D O 55 o-S . Q- CO Q.- 1 dr x o Q.Z 148 m m CO o o LU-g .- - CO HI _l 0 DC LU 0) CQ- G95 Z Q) oz CO C3O CO m i UJ Q I CO LU Q Q c CO m CD Q LU o OCI- co CD LU 5T in O 55 O cc o LU cc CC CD Q) DC co CD co o " - -K Lu Q. LU II LL O 5 zco CO . 3T 31 LUCL Q . I LU II Q 149 Q LU m co io Q- 3 p Q co w -; ro Q.. m Q o CICO co Z 0) O co LU 5 o o cod CO m ots o QC S2T3 Q LU co 0:8 31 DC C x oo CO m N O O QE CO N LU ID O oo m CD to 1 LU O WE O-d O o 03 ;g co (DLL CQ - LU O LU ' E Q LU O oz m oc -5 O o CO 5 D o trx CD O O " - C LU i- 5 LU O CL_I Q LU , m w - 0) LU DC 0) 8s CO to = CO? 150 ZO to; 3$ : ' ' A -J CO O C2 LU 0) V V SA?I " - 1 yy y o ffl K ffl DC C! (0 O CO CD i-m co._ E (0 O trz O CO CD CO LU Q) LU C cc o OQ CD ' S cr o LU ; i_ O LU LU CO m co co - OQ co 1) CO z o 0 CO CO Q DC I. 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NO 25 . 0) 12 03 p ' i- LU en O) . c CO co CC CD HO- li i 2 oca CO to CO O CO CO DC -I J CO LL 162 CD cc p O CO _l f) O uj _l ' 3 O O DC- 1 OCO CO CD LU ? to So O.E 1 CO m z LU DC O El LU CO Q O LUQ: m xf 01 LU-= 11 I V TO LUC 3 O COZ CO O m CC 03 LU O _l I O LULU - 36 CD LU 8S QCQ CO m o o a. O-c " m LU m _ D) 3 LULU CO DC n ? O co E (0 m 5 DC " LU J2 LUQ. m m N O - CO CO Q o . II ODC LU ' F Q. ii m LU Z I LU Q - ' 163 CD CO Q) UU CO -I ' D - (0 I- o coco Q LLJ m co CO ;u c .tu- rn - m-g Q LU m LU . " - LL O LU - co DC LU - CD O 02 DCCQ CO m N o CO CD LLJ O , DC 3T O w LU (D -iTg _i to Q LU m o DC O _- ' CO m to " tO 1 CO m 8s z o LLJ o coo CQ E UJ CD CD 0) -5 LU 0) -I 5 . o zco DC 0) CQZ Q LU m II 05 CO 0) O 0) 164 CD m O 2 O LU. m " - o 03 o LU CD o iz 3! 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T3 !2I I Q) 1 00 m Q 5 Q Q) S CO i 2 Ou- co CO o: O O Q en O o E2 111 CO CO m co co o -lu. uu . II CO m -I C 3 CO II Q O) LU Q CO CO . 0) il zo cc -3 c I O h- o o m is 10 CO CO N .2 o QU- 169 CO CO - QL DC I I cd O 2 15 CO CD . cc o LLI CO 0) 00 o co 13 0) cdO -T3 C LL 4- " - E ra ' c CO " , to U.Q. LU CO LU c o T3 O) C 01 co (5 CO if DC CD c 0) . c ' CO o DC DC co QE 11 Q LU CO Q _l O w doJ ' co CO 170 m d o) LU CO Z c CO CO LJJ o " - B _l Q) cc o O CO E CO O.C LU t CC O U.Z m LU if . o h-CO i cn X Oco CO 3 CO I! COO CO z i ' LU d I- co coz Q LL m a? Q CD O CD b z cocc 171 CO CO o g m m o en o CO Ol CO O m m - CD o? co LLJ LL 1 OS m LU CO Q.OQ N CO CD DC LU 2 LU I z. LU O. Q. O UJ co CO T3 CD H 0) CD C0._ OE LU m N OC co 02 2 o CD CC LU _l Q. 0. LU Q- co LU LL _l . E 2: CO O 5 UJ O LUS QLU CD O DO 172 CD tr LLJ O . O CO co- 00 o z 5 Q_ I Q) oz CD CO i o _i c Q. c . o 0 o cci CD _l O 0 O o CL to LU " O LLJ m 173 OQ | ' " 5 ii =) c O o 0_O cd r . LJJ co eg ' c CO si UJ C y cc. . Q_ 0 zt UJ CO Uco to T3 w 1= CO CO o cc _ . co CO CO _l UJ CO COU. cc . LU -C ? CO O " QL DO cc o coo. _ Ii CO CO CO Ii O o Qtf tl 81 co Q 111 CO ceo _1 UL LU . |i oil Q UJ CO 0) CQQ Q UJ m Q UJ CC , Q. CD uj 2? _l CD ujz UJ Q,- UJ CO CO N CO o " - _. LUI CO tf - o Q UJ CO DC UJ , CO CD CO W UJ i cc-5 u s 174 m m LU _i g: ci " - z-= 6| Q 01 2 Q) LU 2 CO O Q) C 1 LUO m _l CO $ ' E X co I- Z " . LU J2 co o S DCQ_ m z 2 O c " _ i s U.CQ Q LU m CO o o DC " 3 LU o m O o _l CO , 51 co.E O = = 0- mg 5 LU O i: COO c CO cog CO a5 Od- or - I CO COI Q LU m LU CO CO o o cc CO o CO m S 2 . QC tO Q- CO 5E coO m m _, fel DC - d! I- p o LU U on 2 Q LU I. i " 2 CO ' J- D O DCLL LU U _l CO _l 0) LUCQ CO = o 176 - co - , to _ or cc CD CO I o CO CO " - 1 o Zu. O - Sr E CO 1 o c CO 0) d| 18 DC-D CD N UJ I O dl o QLJ- | -i CC 0) LUCD 177 CO o CC Q LU CD DC LU o LU I O CO Q LU CQ CO " O DC ' C LU O 0-2 CO c Q.25 IJX D LU m CQ CO O z - LU CO CD o co O o CO 00 h- o LU Q c _i m I O c c LU5 22 LU ( 0 CC en CC QI Q LU CO Q 3T i n UJ V- LU 5 Q LU O O S o COI 11 O 5 COO. LU II " LU. 178 m o 0.2 zee coo. 5 in CO Q = Zc? UJO , _ 0 CO c j o5 0 cc : i- 5 S, c co ' CO m z LU I o o o _i c LU CO I C CO OC-C 01- Q LU m z UJ o CO ' . ' CO 00 CO z-1 o _CD CO co o5 5? UJ CO CE -I Q LU CD O . E D CO J c LU 2 Z O) x 0) OQ-O O 05 _l _l C cr " -P LU LU m CO DC LU II 179 CD CO LLJ COJ2 Jx o5 d8 LJJ CO " el CO _l O S o m cog co co co CO OC- 1 1 o I O) TO - co m Du. Q LJJ LJJ Z. co O d) Eg 1 H Jc Q.O CO co O CO ' C . o LU CO CD , O en DC C LJJ Q CO 00 I CO I m CO LJJ 02 co S 11 Q LJJ CO o _l o CO UJ $i m O cc o O ' E coo Q c " 180 Q LLJ m O ._ O to w k_ D m 5 CD Q) O o UJ CD CO m o z m cc co co._- E co m m Q cc H 3 co.g (0 UJ LU iur i o coz Q 111 m CO CO D C DC co t- CO - CO CCQl UJ . S-c O en OCQ- m cc m z 2 3 co CO " D k. co_o LLJ Q. 8| CCt- 181 m y: N COZ O.C + Z o i N CO LU 111 2 CO LLJ 01 03 -T3 C3.2 11 CO xz .c zS LU 0) LU c I- O CO_I CO CO LU O cc o: . LU ' F co 5 o o " D CC O O m co . S? or-c O a- QCO S| I- CO CO I-T3 co co LU LU O - 1 o LU a) I- C CC C CO m CO m z o CO Q. CO co-o II oo Is - 02 ai oj CC ' E n OQ m m 2 HI cc o 182 CO X. o DC 03 LU-= o CO co CO LJJ i O LU c c Q LU CO DC LU co LU CO E cyj m-D LU 5 0) CQ LU Z 03 s CO o Si CO m DC i- z LU D ' . O m LU Q Z o ro LU C N f I 0) UjQ- LU O Q.Q Q LU CO LU 5 LT m Op ff) LU-5 m m LU 03 LU._- Q LU m 3 a _1 O LU C Si -i 5 wo Cfl CO DC LU _1 LU LU If x Ss LU : QO 184 CD CD II . CD DC.9 tf 111 Q. Uco CO CD 5 ' = CO X Om LU . Z.C LUC -I O uz CD CO K CO LU-g Q co _l c CO co di UJ Q. LU LU CO CO CO . o CO CO LU LU 5 52 _ : i_ o m co 35 -I - " j-j DC C oil CO CO s LU - CO Z o = QZ) m Z c o M LU - LU CO I- O) co E DC E om Q CO Q) LU T3 .DC LU o Z c52 mo CO CO - cn X CD CLQ. LU O CO m Z o CO co CDX 185 m m i DC .;a l O I Pif Q ill CO CO l- ' c I CO CD LLJ CL I " OE x CD . O o o I Ss , CO co m 55 uj- O co d " Z3T X co O o5 m o DC LU CO z 111 JU- c.c DC (0 = U 03 m CD O Q_ CO LU CC o UJ co m m o id CO O) LU NZ . i-i T. a coco CO o m LU if LJJ - ' m CD i c CO to P o CO I- v CO CD co 3 1 il CO o 0 ' DCO CO CO co gg DC 0) 186 tau beta nurses f mm eta sigma panhellenic council ! rho lambda . . . u.s.o. alpha epsilon phi phi delta theta mortor board omega psi phi inter fraternity council f t sigma alpha epsilon pre-legal society university of miami film society alpha epsilon rho i m t union board of governors I ms. communications the ibis staff (touching dave goldstein) ibis art director and coordinator (not touching dave goldstein) the hurricane staff the hurricane business manager and editors wvum staff ? irr x L7 i wvum executives delta delta delta delta sigma pi alpha epsilon delta phi beta sigma zeta phi beta I L C L CL the sugar canes Jj delta gamma V F iS i chi omega sigma chi I. -I 1. beta beta beta u.m. biology club -s- Bui sigma delta tau zeta eta tau alpha epsilon pi phi sigma sigma _ alpha delta pi delta theta mu fiorida engineering society american society of mechanical engineers american institute of industrial engineers institute of electrical and electronic engineers american society of civil engineers omicron delta kappa : l 8 L alpha kappa psi OJDU 228 EXPRESS B KiL B j ,1 ' YOURSELF DECORATE YOUR PAD WITH R POSTERS, PLANTS ARTIFACTS ' " ' T HE WIZZ KID IN CLASS H OUR COMPLETE SELECTION OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES BE SPIFFY IN OUR OFFICIAL U.M. CLOTHING ALL AT YOUR BOOKSTORE THE BOOKSTORE THANKS ALL FOR YOUR PATRONAGE THIS YIAR Bv4Ec39 UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI BOOKSTORE AMERICA ' S NUMBER ONE COLLEGIATE NEWSPAPER urrtran? BRINGING YOU THE BEST IN CAMPUS ' " ,;,., $ ? .. f r f a . NEWS EDITORIAL COMMENT ENTERTAINMENT SPORTS L - s ON BEHALF OF THE EDITORS AND STAFF THE HURRICANE WISHES TO THANK THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI AND HURRICANE ADVERTISERS FOR ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL YEAR IN COLLEGIATE JOURNALISM rs NE LLEGE SERVICES II Linda Reilly Coordinator Shelley Ross Art Director Bruce Posner Graphics Editor Andrea Kaye Production Assistant Diane Rennick Production Assistant Chuck Bortnick Business Manager Fran Bland Organizations Editor Patti Carofano Secretary advisors: George Southworth Senior Advisor Norman Koski Graphics Advisor Rick Gillen . .Financial Advisor photography credits: ED ABLES 83 RAY BERRY 6, 10, 11,13, 96, 98, 120, 135 Bottom CHRIS BRENNAN 1, 7, 8, 9, 35, Top, 36 Right, 37, 51, 54 Left, 55, 65, 82, 84, 85, 93, 94 Top, 97, 100, 102, 103, 118, 23, 240 MARK DEMURO 12, 121, 98 ERIC EPSTEIN 108, 130 AVY GOLDSTEIN 72, 75, 74, 78 GLENN KAGAN 76, 77 DON KORTUM 19, 42, 64, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 99, 110, 116, 119 LEAPIN ' LARRY 40, 41, 44 Right, 63, 79, 45, 63 LISA LIPPTON 50 Bottom SUE ANN MILLER 2, 33, 34, 35 Bottom, 38, 106, 109, 111, 138 BRUCE POSNER 18, 32, 49 Top, 73, 122, 123, 27, 24-25, 29, 30, 32 KEN RATKIEWICZ 4, 5, 16, 88-89, 92, 95, 101, 112, 113, 114, 115, 117 JOHN ROSEN 36, Left SHELLEY ROSS 81 ELLEN SCHATTAER 3 DION SKOLNIK 14, 15, 28, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 132, 133, 134, 135 Top, 136, 137, 7 MARC COHEN Senior Index Art; BRUCE POSNER Senior Photo Flip Section recognition: We extend our thanks to Ken Ratkiewicz, Marc Cohen, Bill Wolfe, and the Board of Publications for their sup- port and assistance. specification: The 1974 Ibis is printed in a quantity of 5,010 copies by Hunter Publishing Company, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The paper stock is 85 pound dull enamel. Color process HP 25. Type styles Buster and Helvetica. Cover paper silver metallic with process blue steel en- graving. The cover may also be used as a sun reflector. COPYRIGHT 1974 by the Student Publications Board of the University of Miami. Printed in the U.S. by Hunter Publishing Company. Library of Congress Card Catalog number: 53-15729 AARONSON, SCOTT M. Band of the Hour, Delta Theta Mir, Alpha Epsilon Delta ABBOTT, GAIL L. Band oUhe Hour; Head Choreographer, Hurricane Honeys ABEL, LELAH AOE: President ACTON DAVID A. Debate Team, Honors Students Association; President, Delta Theta Mu; President, Student Govern- ment, Minor Disciplinary Hearing Panel, Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who, Orange Key, Phi Eta -Sigma Pi Sigma Alpha, Pre-Legal Society, Dean ' s List ADAMS, FRANCIS D. Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Pi Sigma, Florida En- gineering Society; Treasurer, IEEE ADDERLEY, KATHERINE L. Beta Phi Beta; President-; Volunteer for Com- munity Action and the March of Dimes ALCIATH, RICHARD W. Dean ' s List, Hur- ricane Sfciers ALDRICH, JOSE M ' Beta Alpha Psi; President, Alpha ' Kappa Psi; Vice Presi- dent for Activities, Phi Kappa Phi ALLEN, GARY D., JR. ALONSO, MANUEL Pre-Legal Society, Federation of Cuban Students ALPERT, BRUCE L. Lecture Series; Chairman, Academic Affairs Committee, ALTMAN, STEVEN L. ALTON, PATRICE Biology Club AMOR, ILDA Epsilon Tau Lambda, Pi Delta Phi, Phi Kappa Phi AMAYA, JORGE A. American Institute of Industrial Engineers; President, Florida Engineering Society; Executive Board of Directors ANDERSON, CAROLE L. Psi Chi; Vice President, Alpha Lambda Delta; Sec- retary, Delta Thea Mu, Resident Advisor ANDORS, SHARON G. College Women in Broadcasting, WVUMi Traffic Direc- tor ANDREJKO, MICHAEL J. Biology Club; President and Historian, ' Tri-Beta ANDREWS, WILLIE G. Omega Psi Phi; President, Order of Omega ANTHONY, LARRY W. ARBEITEL, DALE ' V.:- ARKIN, BARBARA E. ARNER, AtJCIA FEC ASHLEY, RAYMOND E., Ill ASKEW, HAROLD E. BADEN, HALBERT- D. Big Brothers, ASME; President, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Florida Engineering Society, SAE ; BAILEY, FPANK T. SOS BAINTON, DEBORAH E. CEC.SljM- MON BANCROFT, FREDRICA BARBANEL, GERALDINE Pre-Legal Society, Carni Gras Spirit Week BAUM, FRED S. BEADER, PAMELA S. Fencing Associa- tion;- President, Tri-Beta BECDACH, CARLOS A. BECK, MARGOT E. BE LER, MARY ANN CEC, Dean ' s List BELLICK, MICHAEL Sigma Alpha Eps ' K loa ' ., y. BELLINGER, RICHARD P. Delta Sigma Pi; Treasurer, Pre-Legal, Society BENEDICT, MURIEL A. " SOS, Hur- ric ' anette BENITEZ, DIOSDELINA G. French Club BENNETT, JAMIE N. Dean ' s ist BERGER, ROY J . Hurricane: Editor and Sports Editor, -Who ' s Who " , WVUM; Sports Staff, Delegate to NIA Conven- tion, Board of Publications, Intramurals BERLIN, VICTORIA R. BERNSTEIN, ALAN J. BERTOT, WALTER AIIE ' BETHART, IVONNE M. French Club BLANCO, A ' DRIA i. BLEVINS, ALICE ArfClub, Outing Club BLOCKER, GLORIA UBS, Delta Sigma Theta BdCCUZZI, E. JOHN Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon BOGGIO, BARRY Q. Sigma Pi Sigma BOHAC, ANN E. Fencing; President BONIELLO, DAVID G. Pre-Legal Society BONSANTI, DAWN Glee Club BONTEMPS,- SANDRA A. BOONSHAFT, LINDA BdRGES, ARLINDO A. BORIS, ALEXANDRA BOWES,;MARClA A. Student Nurses Association; President, Sigma Theta, Tau BRADDOCK, GEORGE H., II Debate Team, WVUM, Pre-Legal Society, Bas- ketball , BRADS-HAW, PATRICIA A. Baptist Ministry BRAINERD, RICHARD C. BREIT, JONATHAN G. Golf Team BRENNAN, CHRISTOPHER H. Resident Advisor; Arphonites, Ibis; Photo Editor, Hurricane; Photographer, Order of the Aluminum Screw, Hurricane Skiers BRETSCHGER, JOHN A. BRICKMAN, ART H. v " BRIGHTON, MARY Hurricane Honey.s BROWN, DAVID L. Alpha Epsilon P+; President, Qmicron Delta Kappa, Order ' of Omega, Who ' s-Who, Carni Gras BROWN, JACQUELYNN Tennis, LTP BROWN, JEFFREY W. BROWN, LOTTIE Theta-Phj Alpha . . BROWN, MICH kEL, A. BUCKLEY, PAUL A. Band of-the Hour, ASME; Recording.Secretary BUDNICK, DARWIN . Intramurate BURNS, KAREN M. Biology Club CAMAFREJJA, FAUS ' VlNO M. , . : ' CAMBERT, LYNN Phi Lambda Pi CAPLE, JOHN W., JR. Dean ' s List - t ' . CARDELLA, THOMAS J. CARMICHAEL, DIANA Mt CASSER, MICHAEL CASTELLANOS ' , LIN M. CERTO, FRANCIS A. CHAN, WILLIAM Pi Tau Sigma, ASME CHANSEN, MARGUERITE Phi Alpha Theta, Delta Theta Mu, Pre-Legal Soci- ety. Phi Theta Kappa, Prti Ldmbda Pi CHAO, YUHJUIN R. CHARATZ, JEFFREY WVJDM, Phi Kappa Phi CHASTAIN, -KENNETH W. IEEE, Florida Engineering Society, Tau Beta Pi CHIN, ROBERT G. ' CHITLIK, ELOISE J. Hurricane; Execu- tive Editor, Ibis; Managing 1 and Organi- zations Editor, Who ' s Who, WVUM DEVAT, ROBIN 3. Carni Gras- CICIARELLI, JOHN G. ' . CIPOLLA, LORETTA Band of the Hour; Softball Team CLIFTON, ALBERT Y,, ' JR. COHEN-DAVID R. WVUM: Jazz Per- ' " sonality, Studio Jazz Orchestra Hur- ricane i i ,v " - " V 233 I COHEN, JANICE SUE Homecoming COLELLO, DENA Arnold Air Society COLLINS, JOSEPH P. COLON, JOHNNY Omega Psi Phi, Baseball COLTER, RANDEE S. IFC Hostesses, Phi Sigma Sigma, SUMMON CONKEY, NANCY G. Psi Chi CONOCHALLA, J. ROBERT Delta Sigma Pi COOL1DGE, BAYARD R. IEEE COOPER, HOWARD R. Dean ' s List COOPER, LUTHER R. CORRIGAN, PHILIP ' P. Football Letter- man COSENTINO, CHRISTINE E. CROCKETT, ANDREW B. Alpha Tau Omega; Treasurer, Band of the Hour, A) IE CUBBRLEY, GAYLE S. Motar Board CUSACK, JEFFREY J. BioJogy Club, Angling Club, Alpha Epsilon Delta DANA, PAMELA M. Psi Chi DANESHZADEH, MOHAMMAD DAHN, NGUYEN T. COISO; Dean ' s List DAVIS, JOSEPH J. DEDONATO, RALPH H. Delta Sigma Pi DEL AGUILA, ENA M. Alpha Lambda Delta DELUISE, DIANE K. Delta Qamma, Drama Council, Alpha Psi Omega, Ring Theatre DE MARIO, ROBERT DEMPSEY, PAULA J. Delta Delta Delta, UM Hostesses, Mortar Board, ACE DEPALMA, CHARLOTTE R. SUMMON DEVORE, GENE S. Pre-Legal Society DIAMOND, DAVID Iron Arrow, Who ' s Who, Orange Key, Zeta Beta Tau, Greek Week DIAZ, ROSENDO Alpha Epsilon Delta Dl LASCIO, RUDOLPH M., jft. DOMANSKI, SUE A, Beta Alpha Psi, Sailing Hurricanes, Hurricane Skiers , I DOMINGUEZ, ANGELA C. Psi Chi DONATUCCI, PETER N. Hurricane Flyers DOOLAN, CURTIS W. DORSEY, JOE C. USD: President, SOS, Who ' s Who, SAFAC, Hurricane Flyers DOURNEY, SUSAN M. THurricanette DUCAR, ROBERT ' J. Biology Club, Ka- rate DUGRANRUT, JAMES D. Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Iron Arrow, IEEE DUTRIZ, ANTONl ' o Roadrunners EDELSTEIN, DEBRA S. AAHPER, Gym Club EDMONDSON, BRENDA UBS, SEC EDWARDS, GARY L. Phi Delta ' Theta EDWARDS, MARY BETH Chi Omega EISENBERG, ROBERT WVUM ELIAS, RISE S. Dean ' s List ELMAN, FRANCINE M. , ELSON, KAREN ENGEL, SUSAN J. Homecoming, Carni Gras, Who ' s Who, 960 Hall Council ENSANA, MARYANNE ACE ENTIN, ILENE M. Lecture Series, Hur- ricane, SOS, Ibis, Sigma Delta Chi ERENBURG, JOYCE Kappa Delta Pi ERICKSON, VICTORIA I. Chi Omega, Outing Club, Student Nurses Asssocia- tion ESSON, ALAN S. , EWALD, GAYLE Delta Gamma, IFC Hostess FALK, JACK D. Zeta Beta Tau, Student Government; Senator, Greek Week FAYE, LINDA D. Psi Chi, Dean ' s List ' FELDMAN, ANDREW A. Intramurals FERGUSON, KAREN A. FERNANDEZ, RICARDO Phi Kappa Phi FERNANDEZ, ROSA PCS: Secretary FERRADAZ, JOSE, A. FIELDING, R. CLIVE FIGUERAS, HECTOR A. PCS FINKELSTEIN, SHARON FINLEY, JOSEPHA Cheerleaders, SAE FISCHER, DAVID HSA, USBG, Hur- ricane. Who ' s Who, UBOG, Pi-Sigma Alpha FISCHMAN, JOYCE Outing Club, Phi Kappi Phi, Sailing Hurricanes FITZER, RICHARD Tau Beta Pi; Presi- dent, ASCE, Iron Arrow FLEISCHMAN, JOAN Phi Alpha Theta FLOCK, CHARLES V. AFROTC, Aeros- pace Officers, Iron Arrow, Phi IMpha Theta FLORES, JORGE L. FLORID, GEORGE Delta Theta Mu, Sigma Delta Pi, FONSECA, CHARLES J. Omega Psi Phi; Keeper of Finance FORBES, LAU RIE Delta Phi Epsilon; Vice President, USBG; Cabinet Member FORMOSO, JOSEPH Omicron Delta appa, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi FOSJER, EMMETT USBG: Senator, American Institute of Industrial En- gineers FRANK, LORING J. FRANKS, ARDENE M. FRAU, CECILIA Phi Rho Pi, US Judo federation; Secretary-Treasurer FREDERICKS, D ' AVID Delta Sigma Pi, rni Gras; Finance Committee FREEDLAND, RICHARD C. WVUM:s hief Engineer FREEMAN, SCOTT FRIED, ROSS S. FRIEDENBERG, STEVEN H. USBG: Sentator, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Intramurals; All Campus Football Champion FRIEDMAN, MICHAEL B. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Vice President, SOS ADDY, VIRGINIA SUMMON: Co- ordinator . GAINES, ROBIN L. Bowling League, SOS lARCIA, RENE Young Democrats, Psi hi, FCS, Delta Theta Mu GARCIA, ULISES FCS, IEEE 3ASMAN, ROBIN Gamma Theta Upsi- on 3EORGE, RALPH A. Fencing Associa- ion 234 GERSHENOV, DEMISE Car Parade, CEC GIAMBELLUCA, THOMAS Intramurals GIBBONS, JQHN M., JR. Environment!, UBOG, Iron Arrow, Who ' s Who, SOS GIBSON, ELIZABETH Motorcycle Club, Photography Club, Little Sister of DSP GILBERTI, WILLIAM Pre-Legal Society GLOTTMANN, GLORIA COISO: Secret- ary GOLD, BARRY Judo Club, Scuba Club GOLDBERG, DIANE SNA: Historian, RA ' P GOLDMAN, SHERRY Psi Chi, LTP GOMEZ, CHARLES Sigma Delta Chi, Orange Key, Hurricane: Associate Ed. GONZALEZ, AVELINO PCS: President, IEEE, Eta Kappa Nu.Jau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa GONZALEZ, JORGE Alpha Epsilon Delta PCS GONZALEZ, JORGE L. GONZALEZ-PITA, JESUS Young Demo- crats GORDON, H. STEVEN Beta Beta Mu, Judo Club; Vice President GOTHELF, CONNI Dean ' s List GRBAEL, KEITH R. GRAF, JEFFREY Intramurals GREIFER, STEVEN Delta Theta Mu GREEN, EVELYN B. GREENE, LAWRENCE H. Film Society, WVUM; Promotiorfs Director, Alpha Ep- silon Rho, Who ' s Who, SEC, SOS, Truck GREENHUT, MOLLY G. GREENSTEIN, SHELLEY CEC GREIFER, STEVEN Delta Theta Mu GROSSMAN, RICHARD A. GRUBER, GERRI LYNNE Hurricane: Entertainment Editor, WVUM; Producer GRUBER, MARY E. GUSTAFSON, BRUCE M. GUZMAN, ORLANDO A. HABAYEB, GHASSAN HALLEY, ALINA Alpha Epsilon Delta HAMSLEY, JEFFREY M. HANAN, ROCHELLE ACE, SOS . ' HANSEN, DANIEL Intramurals HARNICK, DONN Swimming Team HAYES, JAMES Alpha Epsilon- Delta HAYES, WILLIAM C. HEAD, ANNE AIESEC, Anthropology Club; Tennis Team, Honors Program HEAP, LESLEY Delta Theta Mu HECHT, VICTOR L. Zeta Beta Tau HELFMAN, GAIL R. HERNANDEZ, JORGE Alpha Epsilon Delta , ; HERNANDEZ, MARGARITA Newman C|ub, AIESEC, French Club, Economics Club HERNANDEZ, TERECITA Newman Club, AIESEC, Fceach Club, Economics Club HESS, PAMELA Delta Theta Mu, Pre- Legal Society, Dean ' s List HETRAKUL..PRATIN HEWES, CAROL A. - , - HIDALGO, OCTAVIO Psychology Ad- visor HOFFER, DIANE French Club, Ring Theatre HOLLAND, SIDNEY D. HONIG, PHYLLIS Hurricane: Editor and Associate Editor, Sigma Delta Chi, Col- lege Women in Broadcasting HORN, LYNDA Alpha Epsilon Phi; Pres- ident, Mortar Board, UM Hostesses, Psi Chi, Phi Kappa Phi., Rho Lambda, Orange Key, Election Commission HOWE, MARGARET M. HUETER, ROBERT Tri-Beta; President, Biology Club, Phi Eta Si gma t Delta Theta Mu, Honors Program HUGHES, FREDRICK W. HUGHES, STEPHEN Honors Program, Intramurals, Bowling League HUNT, THOMAS F., JR. Delta Sigma Pi HYMAN, JOHN A. HYMAN, MIKE J. WVUM: Program Dir- cetor Carni Gras, Homecoming, Pep Club, Who ' s Whq, Orange Key INCHAN, BEATRIZ Delta Theta Mu IRWIN, DAVID Alpha Epsilon Rho, WVUM; Promotions Director IZNAGA, ALVARO C. JACKSON, PRICE A., JR. Open Door, Pre-Legal Society; Vice President, Envi- ronment! Student Rights Committee JACOBS, ELLEN B. Ring Theatre, Alpha Psi Omega, Rho Lambda, Phi Sigma Sigma; Treasurer JAROW, JEFFREY L. Homecoming, Carni Gras, Greek Week; Chairman, Rathskeller Advisory Board, SEC, Pre- Legal Society, Hurrican Flyers, Iron Arrow JOHNSTON, HENRY M., Ill Soccer Team, LaCrosse Club " , Biology Club JOHNSTON, PATRICIA USBG: Senator JONES, DEBORAH, ' Intercollegiate Basketball; Captain, Black Kittens, Kappa Delta Psi, Tennis Team JONES, MARK R. JONES, STEPHEN A, Biology Ciub, Hurricane Skiers JUSKIS, JACUELYN Gamma Theta Up- silon; Secretary KAMINSK Y, ALLEN Pre-Legal Society KANTER, BETSY D. Open Door KASAfSHKO, NADIA M. KASHMER, ANN R. Chi Omega, Angel Flight; Commander, Um Hostesses, Pep Club, Little Sisters of Sigma Chi KASS, CLIFFORD Biology Club, SOS KATZ, DAVID KATZ, FAYETTE Gamma Sigma Sigma; President, Little Sisters of Sigma Phi Epsilon; President, SOS, ACE KATZ, JONATHAN H. Delta Sigma Pi; President, Omicron Delta Kappa KATZ, MARK Intramurals, AIIE KAYAR, SUSAN Skin and Scuba Divers Club, Biology Club, HSA KEITH, SANDRA L. KEKLAK, MICHELE M. KING, SUSAN G. Swimming Team KIRKPATRICK, GARY AFROTC, ODK K1RSCH, LIBBY A. KL IN, ALLAN E. KLEIN, BARBARA L. KLOSTER, CAROL c. Phi Kappa Phi, Psi Chi, Alpha Lambda Delta KOEHLER, DARICE L. 235 I I KOMINEK, KAREN L. Kappa Kappa Gamma KOPECKY, ELAINE Sugarcanes KOPLOWITZ, ARTHUR M. KOREN, JEFFREY Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Theta Mu, Alpha Epsilon Delta KOSINAR, MARY F.. USD, SOS, UM Hostesses, Business Week, Homecom- ing KOURLAND, HOPE Qrange Key, Sigma Delta Tau, Homecoming, Dean ' s List KRESLERrSUE Kappa Delta Pi KROUSE, KAREN B. KUEHLER, CRAIG. Intramurals KUEHNE, BENEDICT USBG: Senator, Pi Sigma Alpha, HSA, Pre-Legal Society KULtGOWSKI, STANLEY A- KUNZ, MARY M. Dean ' s List K JRSUNOGLU, SEVIL Phi Kappa Phi KURTZ, AMY Alpha Epsilon Delta CEC LAFORGE, ALLEN Beta Omicron LAMBERT, LINDA CEC LANE, STEWART LAZARO SHARON Ph1 Kappa Phi LEARN, BRIAN si-ChL, Dean ' s List LEFFE, ROBERTA S. LEGANOA, JULIO ' Alpha Epsilon Delta, FCS, Aerospace Officers LEIBOWITZ, ELLEN C. Lecture Series LEONG, DANIEL Carni Gras; Chairman, Iron Arrow, Orange Key, UBOG LEVIN, HARVEY J. LEVINE, DENNIS P. ' ' LEVINE, GERALD Zeta Beta Tau LEWJS ' , PRINCESS USBG: Senator, .Alpha Phi Alpha, Minor Disciplinary Panel LEWRY, HAROLD AlA, Big Brothers, " Sailing Hurricanes; Commodore LI, LUCILLA Delta Theta Mu, COISO LIBERMAN, RITA Psi Chi, Tau Lambda Ri ' LISS, RANDIE Phi Kappa Phi LIST, IRIS E. Delta Zeta , AWS, Pep Club, Hurricane Skiers, SNA LITTMAN, CYNTHIA Intramurals, SOS LONG, LLOYD Football Team LOOMIS, BRADLEY T u Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Psi, USBG; Senator, Chess Club, Aerospace Officers LOPEZ, TERES1TA Phi Kappa Phi 1.OWENTHAL, JILL B. SOS - LUCAS, NANCY Hurricane LUNDY, HOWARD J. MACGURDY, JOHN A. MACHT, ELLIOT Intrarrturals; Official MACMICHAEL ' CHRIS j. MAGGIO, DORIMDA T. MALER, SANDRA Tau Beta Pi, SAFAC, SOS ' MALIT, BONITA Alpha Lambda Delta; President, HSA, Alpha Epsilon Delta MALMGREN, JEFFREY B. MANGUART, TONY M. Phi Delta Theta MARCHESANI, RONALD A. MABCUS, FA1TH D. MARRACCINI, LINDA USBG: Senator Alpha Epsilon Delta HSA MARTIN, LISA S. MARTIN, MARY ' ACEr FCS, Roadrun- ners ' MARTINEZ,,FELIPE Phi Kappa Phi, FCS MASSARO, MARLENE Hurricane MASSENGALE, JAMES Arnold Air Soc- iety MATALON, ROBERT Beta Alpha Psi , MATUTES, OSCAR E. AlA MAYOR, RAFAEL Delta Theta Mu MCGINTY, ROBERT Alpha Phi .Omega, Pre-Legal Society, People Helping People MEAD, WILLIAM C. MENDOZA, GABRIEL MENENDEZ, JUAN Tau Beta Pi, ASCE MERENSTEIN, YUDITH MERICAN, TUNKY S.J. MERLCAN, YAACOB H. MIGLIACCIO, CHRISTOPHER P. Biol- ogy Club; President, Mu Pi Kappa, SOS MILLS, EDDIE IntramuralsTUSBG, TKE MINTON, ALLEN L. MIRCHICH, MARIA M. Delta Theta Mu MOK, CHAKKIN P ( hi Kappa Phi MOPPERT, JOHN Omicron Delta Kappa; President, USBG, HSA, Debate .Team t :- -,- MORA, ORLAND Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma; President, ASME, Pr)i Kappa Phi MORSE, ' KATHARINE Ch4- Omega, Angel Flight, " Rho. Lambda, Aerospace Officers moses, cathi- sue Sigma Delta Tau; President, Rho Lambda; Vice President MOSS, ROCHE.LLE Omega Psi Phi, UBS, BSP, Leadership Training Prog- ram MOULTON, HUNTER T. Dean ' s List MUDDICK, ERIC SOS " , Intramurals, Homecoming MULLON, EDWARD SUMMON MUNIZ, YOLANDA Alpha Lambda Delta MURPHY, MICHAEL J. MURRAY, JAMES B. , NAGELBUSH, AMY H. NAGER, JEFFREY Scuba Club NAIMAN, JAY A. WVUM NATHANSON, GERRI Little Sister of ICA NAVARRO, MARIA Alpha Lambda Delta NAU, JEFFREY Intramurals NAZIRI, CYRUS NEMEROFF, GAIL Pi Delta Phi - NEWBAD, MARILYN M. CEC NEWMAN, SHARON A. Ring Theatre, Touring Children ' s Theatre, WVUM NEY ' , KENNETH C., JR. Alpha Epsilon Rho, WVUM; Promotions Director NGUYEN, CHUNG T. AIESEC ' NGUYEN, DO KOI NGUYEN-TIEN, THINH Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma NICHOLS, SHARON -A. Delta Zeta, Rho Lambda, Little Sisters of DSP NICKHOU, MOHAMMED COISO, AIIE NOBLE, ARLENE Student Government; Senator NOLAN, STEPHEN J. NOLL, LAUREN A. Singing Hurricanes " Tennis Team, Intramurals NOVAK, FREDI M. O ' GRADY, SUSAN L. OKIN, ELLEN S. OLIVIA, ARCADIO J. FCS OPPENHEIMER, ALLEN M. Tau Beta Pi, AIIE, Israeli Students Organization ORR, GERALDINE C. Delta Delta Delta, Little Sisters of Lambda Chi Alpha ORTEGA, -ltDEFONSO B. Alpha Beta Psi OS-ATINSKI, ELI OSBORNE, DAVE - PAPY, CHARLES C. Pi Kappa Alpha; President, Iron Arrow, Order of Omega, , ! - Alpha Kappa Psi, Homecoming; Chair- man, SAFAC, Who ' s Who PAZ, GUILLERMO R. AIA PECK, JUDITH S ' . ACE PEET, INEZ M. PEPPIER, CHARLES V. Students ' for Muskfe, Pi Sigma Alpha PEREZ DEL RIO, ORLANDO D. PERUYERA, TERESITA I. PCS PINCUS, CHERYL R. Dean ' s List PINEIRO, ROBERTO M. Pi Sigma Alpha Federation of Cuban Students, Pre-Legal Society, Young Democrats, Delta Alpha Mu PINIELLA, CARMEN M. PLIKAITIS, ROBERT A. Dean ' s List, In- tramurals, Outing Club POPKIN, FB0NA M. Hurricane Skiers, Spanish- Club, AIESEC, Student Gov- ernment; Executive Secretary POROBENSKI, BENJAMIN J. Phi Delta Theta; Vice President POETELA, ALBERTO PORTER, CAROLE W. Phi Larrfbda Pf. POSADA, LUIS E. ASME AIAA, Society of Automotive Engineers POUNDS, WENDY B. SOS POWERS, BRIAN C. USBG: Senator, Homecoming Carni Gras, Iron Arrow, Orange Key, HSA, SOS, Debate Team PRED, RANDEE E. Hurricane Skiers PRICE, GLENN K. Hurricane Skiers QUAAS, SCOTT D. Intramurals QUIROZ, ELENA Alpha Epsilon, Delta, Delta Theta Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, HSA RABIN, S.C. RADUTZKY, RACHEL Alpha Epsilon Phi RAFFEL, NANCY A. RAPHAEL, SYLVIA P. Biology Club REILLY, BARBARA S. , ' ' RESSETAR, MELANIE A. RETTINGER, RICHARD Hurricane Flyers HIGHLAND, PAUL A. RICKEL, ALAN S. - ' - RIFKIN, LOUIS RIGGS, SANDRA B. Women ' s Commis- sion RIVERO, FELIPE M. ROBERTS, RICHARD Alpha Eps.itpn.Pi b ROBINSON, GAYLE Panhellenic Coun- - cil, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mortar Board ROCHNOWSKI. TIMOTHY . Debit ' s, " List RODRIGUEZ, JUSTO Pi Tau,Sigma r ASME . ' ,_ RODRIGUEZ, YOLANDA Beta Alpha Rsi ROLLE, JO-ANN Pre-Legal Sdciety, UBS i RODS, MARGARET Kappa Delta Pi,- ACE RODS, SUSAN L. = v ROSEN, EDDI-ANN USBG; Senator and Executive Secretary, Orange Key . ROSENBLOOM, SUE B. SOS ROSENBLUM, ANDREW M. ROSENSTOCK, SKrP SEC, Zeta Beta Tau ROSENTHAL, ROBERT A. lotrarnurals ROSSj SHELLEY Ibis; Art Director, Truck; Editor and Associate Editor - ' . ROTHSTEIN, ROBERT G. ROWIN, FRAN Dean ' s List, SOS Hur- ricane; Entertainment Writer RUBENSTEIN, JUDITH Outing Club RUSHWALD, ROSE ELL ' EN x RUST, MARY G. Delta Theta Mu, Phi Lambda Pi , ., ' RYBpLOWIK, MICHAEL Roadrunners, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Ibis; Darkrpom Manager " -, " RDYLAND, ERIC N. Dean ' s List, Honors -Program, Honors Students Association, Delta Theta Mu SACHS, SHARON, D. Dean ' s List, Chess Club, Pre-Legal Society S ' ACKS, RICHARD H. SADOVNIK, PAULINA Resident Assis- tant SUMMON, Open Door, Committee for the Revision of the Right and Re- sponsibilities .Handbook, Israel v Emergency Fund Campaign SALERNO, PATRICK G. SANCHEZ, FERNANDO, V. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Soci- ety of Automotive Engineers SANCHEZ PETER P. Intramurals SANCHEZ, YOLANDA C. Alpha Lambda Delta, Psi Chi, Delta Theta Mu, Pbj Kappa Phi, Open Door,, Dean ' s ist SAN MARTIN, ROSE :f SANTINI, SANDRA Dean ' SrList, Ahpha Epsilon Delta, lotaTau Alpha, SOS SANTURIO, OCTAVlb A.-AIA SATENSTEIN, LOUIS M., Talent Shows SAUNDERS, JOAN M. French Club SCHECHTER, MICHAELJ. SCHILDKNECHT, DARLEN ' E K. SCHLEIDER, NANCY R. Chemistry Club; Secretary, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Honors Students Association, Young Republicans, Bowl ing League 1, SCHNIER, LINDA SCHOENFELD, BRUCE SCHUHALTER, ELLEN S. Intramural Volleyball, Bpwling League s SCHWARTZ, SLYVIE L.. SCHWEBEL, ANNE SEIBERT; NANCY L. Phi Kappa pw, Resident Advisor SERRANO, ENID M. Gamma Sigma Sigma; Secretary, Federation of Cuban Students, Sigma Alpha Eta SHANKMAN, AN0REW Dean ' s List, Cir ' cle K, Honors Program, Biology Club SHAPIRO, LISA D, SUMMON, Little Sis- ters of Sigma Chi SHEAR, ROCHELLE C. CEC: Secretary SHELOMO-COHEN; DARA AIIE, Florida Engineering Society, ASME SHERMAN, CAROL A. SHRALLOW, JEFFRY A. SHULMAN, ROBIN Pre-Legal Society, Leadership Training Program, Resident Assistant, Dean ' s List , ' , SILVERMAN, LYNN C. SILVERS, LAURIE S. Psi Chi SIMON, ANTONIO S. SKORMAN, LARRY A. SLUCHAK, HAROLD Circle K; Projects Directoi SMITH, EVA R. SMITH, MICHELLE L- WVUM: Advisory Board, Hurricane Skiers SNEAD, PATRICIA D. SpANES, DAVID L. Tau Beta Pi SOKOLOFF, SUSAN R. Little Sisters of Delta Sigma Pi SOLLOSY, KLA RA S. SOS, Hurricane Skiers " SOLOWAY, KATHERINE L. SOMMERS, SUSAN F. SOPKO, WALTER R. ASME ' , v SORGI, JOHN D. SOTO, MICHAEL Vj- " - " . I t SOUTHARD, TJHOMAS H. STEIN, EDWARD A. v STEIN, SHERYL E. Dean ' s List, Delta Theta Mu, Psi Chi STENGEL, MARK A. Pi Sigma Alpha, WVUM, Hurricane STRANG, JOHN R. Eta Kappa Nu; Pres- ident, Tail " Beta Pi, Florida Engineering Society, IEEE STRAUS, SUSAN A. STRAUSS, ROBERT J. Sigma Chi; Pres- ident, Order of Omega STRICOFF, BARBARA S. CEC SUGARMAN, RISA SUE UBOG: Chair- person-, Mortar Board; Historian, USBG; Senator, Delta Phi Epsilon; President SUMNER, ROBERT S. Baseball Team SZCZEPANIK, KATHRYN A. Alpha Larrfbda Delta, Hurricane Skiers, Delta Theta Mu, Pre-Legal Society, Young Democrats, Volunteer Impact Program, Concert Band SZYPSZAK, SUSAN C. Phi Alpha Theta TARGE, MARK R. Ibis: Associate Editor and Assistant Editor, Hurricane: Assis- tant Ne ws Editor, Staff Writer and Col- umnist TASHMAN, LINDA G. Young Republi- cans THOMAS, THEODORE. C. Arnold Air Society; Commander, Hurricane Flyers, Air Force ROTC; Group Officer, in- tramurals THOMPSON, CHARLES H. AIESEC: Planner, COISO; Director THOUNG, STEVEN T. Biology Club THURSTON, DIANE M. Open Dpor; Ad- visory Board, Psi Chi, Psychology Ad- visor, SUMMON? Sailing Hurricanes, Dean ' s List, Skin And Scuba Divers Club TOMAST, DIEGO D. TOROKUEt, ROBERT S. Dean ' s List, UBS, Hurricane Skiers, Hurricane Sky Divers TOURTELLOTTE, GARY H. Lacrosse Club, Skin and Scuba Divers Club TREMBLAY, MILTON A. Air Force ROTC, American Institute of Architects TRUNFIO, ANTHONY F. Resident Assis- tant TUCKWILLER, NANCY L. Ddlta Theta Mu, Honors Program, Leadership Train- ing Program TURNER, BRADLEY Delta Sigma Pi; .Vice President for Professional Affairs URBAN, GAIL A. ' Student Nurses As- sociation; Treasurer, Tau Theta Sigma, Intramurals URBAN RONALD G. Phi Mu Alpha, Band of the Hour; Se tibn Leader, Music Educators National Conference VALENSTEIN, SALLY J. Association for Childhood Education VERNA, RAYMOND E. VILANOVA, SALVADOR A. Swimming Team; Captain VINAS, ROSITA G. - WAGNER, KARIN M. Delta Phi Alpha WALSH, CATHERINE E. Angel Flight; Commander and Executive Officer, Col- lege ' Women in Broadcasting, WVUM; Director of Continuity, Sailing Hur- ricanes, Resident Advisor WARWICK, ALICE L. Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta Mu , WAYNE, , ROBERT. S. WVUM: Sportscaster, Hufricane Skiers WEINER, DEBORAH L. Mortar Board; Secretary, University Services Organi- zation; Vice President, Circle K; Treas- urer, Modern Music Masters, SOS, Carni Gras, Sailing Hurricanes; Secret- ary, Association for Childhood Educa- tion, Dean ' s List WEINRESS, JOAN W. Angling Club; Secretary, IFC Hostesses, Collegiate Council for the United Nations; Corres- ponding Secretary WEtNTRAUB, PAULA S. WEINTRAUB, STEVEN G. WEISJNGER, KAROL G. Phi Sigma Sigma; Vice President, Association for Childhood Education, Dean ' s List WEISSMAN, MARC M. WVUM, Zeta Beta Tau WELLS, SUSAN L. Resident Assistant, Band of the Hour WERMIEL, DAN E.. Dean ' s List WETZEL, PERRY L. WVUM WHEELER, DEBORAH. A. Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Jheta Ma, Phi Kappa Phi; Student Vice President, Honors Program, Bowling League, Honors Dorm; Public Relations, Privileged Studies WHITE, GEOFFREY A WHITE, WENDELL W. Omega Psi Phi- Vice President, UBS WICHINSKY, GLENN E. Tau Epsilon Phi; President and Vice President, Band of the Hour, Interfratemijy Coun-- cil WIENER, BARRY J. Hurricane Flyers, Dean ' s List WIESEL, BONNIE G. SOS, SCEC WILDER, LESLIE S. American Market- ing Association WILLIAMS, DANIEL R. WILLIAMS, PHILIP M.J. Drama Council, Ibis: Drama Critic, Alpha Psi Omega, Ring Theatre WILLIS, LARRY R. Tau Beta Pi; Record- ing Secretary, Eta Kappa Nu, Florida Engineering Society, Sigma Pi Sigma WILSON, CHRISTINE E. WILSON, GLENN D. South Florida Out- ing Club; President, Sailing Hurricanes, American Society of Civil Engineers WIRTH, TIMOTHY R. Student Govern- ment; Senator, Delta Sigma Pi. WITTENBERG, MAURA L. SUMMON, lota Tau Alpha- WOLFE, TENCE S. Sociology Club , WRIGHT, HOWARD E. WYNN, CAROL J. Carni Gras, Vocal Jazz Group, Sociology Club YESPICA, JOSEPHINA A. Beta Gamma Sigma, SAFAC, Roadrunners, COISO, Beta Alpha Psi, AWS; Town Girls YOSHII, SAKAE Tennis Team YOUNG, MARK J. WVUM , YOUNG, PHYLLIS L. Hurricanettes, Un- ited Black Students, Delta Sigma Theta; President ZABAN, ROBERT J. Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta Mu ZANONE, JOHN D. ZEMEL, SHARON N. Council for Excep- tional Children; President 238 239 Annihilation? Well, that might be a bit sensational, but so ' is the problem- For a while the student ' s free- dom of creation and social action has been threatened. The SUMMONS program.was squashed, and so . were the summer and mail-away HURRICANE edk tibhs for writing about H. Last year the student literary magazine was cut. The NEW SPECTATOR is supposed to be a replace- ment but few student contributions are welcome. Next year ' s IBIS yearbook is ' now in question. After copfhg with " a budget this year that ' s one third of what it used to be, the yearbook is shaky. All student publications are for that matter. The student ' s crqativity is being strangled, but one point remains to be stated. Although the student ' s creativity may be temporarily discouraged, it will never be stifled. , .._ , - ,-. ' . V ' ?- . v : ,v ., j . " - - ' 7.. - ' ..-- -f ,-V an anrt|al publication of the university of mi a mi .., . sateai: , r :

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