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ibis volume 44 university of nrtiami COPYRIGHT 1970 Alexander M. Bukhair and the Student Publications Board of the University of Miami, Coral Cables, Florida ALL RIGHTS RESERVED No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or manner without the express written permission of the Editor or Student Board of Publications. Printed in the United States of America Hunter Publishing Company Winston-Salem, North Carolina Library of Congress card catalog number 53-15729 CONTENTS ONE PROLOGUE . 216A SOLAR CALENDAR 217 WOMEN OF THE ZODIAC 293 SPORTS 306 CREEKS RESIDENT HOUSES PROFESSIONALS INDEX EPILOGUE A TRIBUTE TO WILSON HICKS Every photojournalist owes a gutsy chunk of his professional way of life to Wilson Hicks even those one-camera first story editor-baiting art director-hating young misunderstood geniuses who ' ve never heard of Wilson Hicks. Executive Editor at Life during the late 30 ' s and the War years and each of the years until 1950, when standards of excellence within the single shot and the picture story were being established at Life sometimes to be mimicked worldwide by others Hicks laid down the artistic-editorial ground rules by which photo-essays were constructed and judged. It was Wilson Hicks- revered by some, hated by others, respected by most who sat behind his desk, impeccablv dressed, feet often on the desk top itself . . . the old AP newspicture editor, icy-eyed and unbending . . . the man who carried each Life photographer ' s story and battle for identity into the inner sanctum of Life ' s brass. The man who spun slowly in his chair to stare out across the spires of Rockefeller Center into the heart of the stories his photographers were shooting around the world. Hicks, the photo-dreamer who, as far as I know, never shot a picture in his life. Hicks, who was never conned by a padded or rigged-shot whose imagination in pictures and picture stories spanned the spectrum of all that Life offered its weekly waiting audience in those hectic outrageous king-of-the-mountain years. Hicks, who dealt kid-glove or brass-knucks with such diverse individuals as Bourke-White, Capa. Mili, Kessel, Elisofon, Coro, Eisen- staedt. Silk, Parks or Duncan each of us shooting flat-out against the others as though every photo- grapher, on staff or off, was our deadliest foe . . . we were all gunning for those few available editorial pages. Few, very few, when one considered the number of photographers shooting each week for the same space. Hicks, during all of those years, Hicks and no one else, made us a team and the product set the standard for ourselves which we always tried to surpass, a standard in pictures and photo-e and sheer quality badly needed today. Now, Capa, Chim and Bischoff have been killed, a few others have died, some have retired, Parks has broken into films, many have stayed with Life, advertising and television have challenged a handful, Elisofon and I have turned mostly to books, and one or two old- timers have just disappeared. But, no matter where we have gone, regardless of the new horizons or even those old ones that beckon us, we all take Hicks along as our silent co-pilot. Welcome aboard again Wilson . . . I ' ve got the damndest idea . . . David Douglas Duncan A TRIBUTE TO WILSON HICKS i Every photojournalist owes a gutsy chunk of his professional way of life to Wilson Hicks- even those one-camera first story editor-baiting art director-hating young misunderstood geniuses who ' ve never heard of Wilson Hicks. Executive Editor at Life during the late 30 ' s and the War years and each of the years until 1950, when standards of excellence within the single shot and the picture story were being established at Life sometimes to be mimicked worldwide by others Hicks laid down the artistic-editorial ground rules by which photo-essays were constructed and judged. It was Wilson Hicks- revered by some, hated by others, respected by most who sat behind his desk, impeccably dressed, feet often on the desk top itself . . . the old AP newspicture editor, icy-eyed and unbending . . . the man who carried each Life photographer ' s story and battle for identity into the inner sanctum of Life ' s brass. The man who spun slowly in his chair to stare out across the spires of Rockefeller Center into the heart of the stories his photographers were shooting around the world. Hicks, the photo-dreamer who, as far as I know, never shot a picture in his life. Hicks, who was never conned by a padded or rigged-shot whose imagination in pictures and picture stories spanned the spectrum of all that Life offered its weekly waiting audience in those hectic outrageous king-of-the-mountain years. Hicks, who dealt kid-glove or brass-knucks with such diverse individuals as Bourke-White, Capa, Mili, Kessel, Elisofon, Coro, Eisen- staedt, Silk, Parks or Duncan each of us shooting flat-out against the others as though every photo- grapher, on staff or off, was our deadliest foe . . . we were all gunning for those few available editorial pages. Few, very few, when one considered the number of photographers shooting each week for the same space. Hicks, during all of those years. Hicks and no one else, made us a team and the product set the standard for ourselves which we always tried to surpass, a standard in pictures and photo-essays and sheer quality badly needed today. Now, Capa, Chim and Bischoff have been killed, a few others have died, some have retired, Parks has broken into films, many have stayed with Life, advertising and television have challenged a handful, Elisofon and I have turned mostly to books, and one or two old- timers have just disappeared. But, no matter where we have gone, regardless of the new horizons or even those old ones that beckon us, we all take Hicks along as our silent co-pilot. Welcome aboard again Wilson . . . I ' ve got the damndest idea . . . David Douglas Duncan In Tribute . . . Photo-Dreamer Wilson Hicks ' contribution to the evolution of journalism is so great that it is almost im- possible to put it into words. Starting as a re- porter, he progressed to photo editor of the Kansas City Star. In 1937, he went to Life Magazine where in thirteen years he rose to Executive Editor. One need only pick up a copy of Life today to see his amazing influence. He came to the University of Miami in 1955 to take the position of Advisor to Stu- dent Publications, where he has served until this past year. Wilson Hicks, though now re- tired, has not been forgotten. Perhaps his contribution can best be summed up in the words of those who have worked with him and experienced his talent first-hand. " It is a privi- lege to pay tribute to this man of deceptively calm mien, whose tremendous achievements have won him the warm esteem of both his peers and his students " ... Dr. Henry King Standord " His fame as a creative writer stands as history. To those of us who have known him only as an educator his career as an editor was prologue " . . . W.E. Carrett (Asst. Editor-Na- tional Geographic Magazine) " A great teacher " and " a great innovator " . . . Harold Blumenfield (United Press International) " It is his quiet and gentle nudging which has helped me, and many other photographers, along the way to mature photography. Photog- raphy . . . Photojournalism owes Wilson Hicks a great deal " . . . Morris Cordon " a pioneer in the recognition of the importance of visual Communication " . . . Arthur Rothstein (Direc- tor of Photography Look Magazine) " Wil- son Hicks ' intense interest in all people and ideas, his sensitive and understanding view of the world, and his feelings of wonder and pride toward achievements of other fine performers in the communications profession are three of many qualities that have made him an unforgettable man " . . . Fred Myers (Tennessee Valley Authority) . ignorance toboggans into know and trudges up to ignorance again. e.e. cummings The World is a beautiful place to be born into if you don ' t mind a touch of hell now and then just when everything is fine because even in heaven they don ' t sing all the time The world is a beautiful place to be born into if you don ' t mind people dying all the time or maybe only starving some of the time which isn ' t half so bad if it isn ' t you Oh the world is a beautiful place to be born into if you don ' t much mind a few dead minds in the higher places or a bomb or two now and then in your upturned faces or such other improprieties as our Name Brand society is prey to with its men of distinction and its men of extinction and its priests and other patrolmen and its various segregations and congressional investigations and other constipations that our fool flesh is heir to Yes the world is the best place of all for a lot of such things as making the fun scene and making the love scene and making the sad scene and singing low songs and having inspirations and walking around looking at everything and smelling flowers and goosing statues and even thinking and kissing people making babies and wearing pants and waving hats and dancing and going swimming in rivers on picnics in the middle of the summer and just generally ' living it up ' Yes but then right in the middle if it conies the smiling mortician Unvrenre FcrliMiKlii ' tli ' % ' i 1 SH t IK i Drink ialtiman. I Itt Miami ; IBIS CITATIONS Dr. Robert S. Hosmon, Professor of English . . . now sporting a bushy lip insulator . . . known for open, active volley of lymie lyrics instigates a fervent quest for knowledge . . . conservative in appearanc e, open-minded in attitude . . . the university, a place to " learn how to live, not make a living " Dr. Granville Fisher, Professor of Psychology . . . painter, poet, ordained Baptist minister, psychoanalyst . . . charismatic . . . jovial . . . lust for life . . . radiates a love of his subject . . . man of 1,000 faces Father Henry N.F. Minich, Chaplain of Episcopal Church . . . side-burned man . . . endeavors to make the Church more relevent to the times and to the students ... has made the Canterbury House a true center for all ... is this not the true meaning of religion? Dr. David Saltzman, Professor of Physical Science and Biology . . . beaded body . . . Cestalt theory exemplified . . . Moratorium " Commander- In-Chief " . . . cult leader ... a student ' s kind of teacher . . . " not here to judge, but to relate " Mr. William B. Sheeder, Director of Student Activities and Whitten Memorial Union . . . Omicron Delta Kappa . . . Outstanding Young Men of America . . . part time instructor of Human Relations . . . the Union, his camping ground . . . one wonders if he ever leaves . . . has made the Union the students ' haven, not merely a facade Mr. George R. Southworth, professor in Mass Communications ... 20 years a scooper for The Miami Herald, Latin American foreign correspondent ... Phi Beta Kappa . . . advisor to College Publications . . . teaching tech- niques: anecdotes 4- personal experiences +text = more factual, perfected, interesting journalism . . . living proof that " experience is the best teacher " Murray Cohen . . . graduate student in government . . . involved in EVERY phase of student government at Miami . . . informed about everyone and everything at the University . . . Young Republicans ' past president . . . the perrennial, un- recognized man behind the scenes Don Curnutt . . . Tipton, Indiana . . . Physical Education major . . . Varsity basketball . . mar- ried . . . amazing swish-shots excited too often stagnant crowds . . . Midwestern guy . . . strong perserverance, amongst top scoring basketball players in nation . . . excelled academically: Iron Arrow, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities Dave Eshelman . . . Bachelor of Music . . . composer, arranger, performer, judge, clinician, and conductor . . . composes primarily in jazz idiom . . . jazz soloist for Miami Jazz Band, " Orchestration 70 " , U of M )azz Lab I professional career encompasses Sammy Spear Orchestra, various Miami Beach Hotel productions and recording work . . . Dean ' s List every semester, 3.68 cumulative average . . . will travel this summer to Expo 70 in Japan to perform at the invitation of Expo officials Craig Gorson . . . Accounting major . . . Miami, Florida . . . " The Corse " to his proteges . . . distinguished himself in College Publications as Hurricane salesman, comptroller for Tempo, Business Manager Tempo and Hurricane. . -increased size of Hurricane . . . efficient bookkeeping system, " break-even " goal . . . enlarged staff, advertising, subscription and classified depart- ments . . . Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities . . . tyrannical reign, yet irreplaceable to College Productions Cindy Hill . . . Physical Education major working towards Jack Niklaus degree . . . Dean Brunson ' s sidekick . . . Presi- dent of Associated Women Students, two consecutive years . . . revamped curfew rules for women . . . All-American Golfer . . . Mortar Board . . . Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities . . . Dean ' s List . . . student representative to Department of Educational Psychology faculty meetings Maureen Sherman . . . Drama major . . . vice-president Alpha Psi Omega, national dramatics honorary . . . cast in many leading roles including STOP THE WORLD, THE TOY SHOP, A FUNNY THING HAP- PENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM, THE MISER, and FLEA IN HER EAR ... has been active in nearly every University produc- tion during her four years at U of M ... Maureen has added many entertaining as well as cultural moments in Miami Larry Snyder . . . " Doby " . . . ex-Marine . . . the man behind the beard . . . Managing Editor of Miami Hurricane, Editor senior year ... led " Cane " to campus-wide coverage, top standing among its competitors . . . Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Univer- sities ... an objective approach to news, Snyder-style, one that will be hard to match . . . _ u O u a. LU O z X u REVEREND HENRY N.F. MINICH . . . O O LL. O tt O ( I O oe QC LU X U oi I MR. WILLIAM B. SHEEDER . . . 28 r z O P u ee O - H (ft i Q ee, O z Lkl ac O z t- o O _ J U z LU u t J O at O LU LL, O as ( DR. DAVID SALTZMAN 30 o QC O ( ) Sl LU _ O DR. ROBERT S. HOSMON . . . 31 I z QC Z O o ) u Q 33 tmmtm X Q Z u 34 35 . ' x i? r , V ' i - s 4 : . ' X . : V.- v % ' . ' K w ' i- V N v ; ' o ; x ( %v - x X ' N ' ' " ' ' ' ' - vss - lX :Vi. ' V -V S N - -I 1 ' liV ' ii t i z O ) ac O J Q Z - 37 MARIA LUISA ABASCAL B. ED Miami, Florida ALEXANDER ABAY B.S. Bronx, New York ANTONIO ABICANTUS B.S. Miami, Florida PETER F. ABRAMS B.A. Chicago, Illinois WILLIAM M. ACOSTA B.A. Central Islip, New York ROBERT C. ADAIR |R. B.A. Maitland, Florida WILLIAM ADAIR |R B.S. Miami, Florida GEORGE FYKE ADAMS |R B.S. Miami, Florida MARY LEE ADAMS B.A. Shrewsbury, Massachusetts STEVEN JOHN ADLER B.A. Flushing, New York GREGORY S AIELLO B.A. Eau Gallic, Florida EDWARD VINCENT AKACKI B.A. Pine Island, New York 38 VIVIAN MARGARITA ALAYON- ACISTA B B.A Miami. Florida SUSAN ALBERS B ED Cleveland. Ohio PAUL M ALBERTS B.B.A. Miami, Florida RONALD ALBRIGHT B.B.A Bethlehem. Pennsylvania FRANCISCO R ALEMAN B.S.C.E. |AMESC ALEXANDER B.B.A. Miami. Florida Miami, Florida LUAY B ALI B S Baghdad, Iraq ABDULAZIZ AL-KHABBAZ B.S Washington, DC. BARRY SAMUEL ALLEN B.A JEFFREY ALLEN B.A Miami, Florida South Miami. Florida STEPHEN | ALTHOUSE B.F.A. Pleasant Valley, Pennyslvania MARSHA ALTMAN B ED Barbados. West Indies 39 ANA MARIA ALVAREZ B.B.A Miami, Florida EMILIO FRANCISCO ALVAREZ B.B.A Miami, Florida RICARDO ALVAREZ B.S. Cuaynabo, Puerto Rico ALAN L. ALWEISS B.A. Coral Gables, Florida JOHN H. AMANN B.B.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida SHERRY L. AMAZON B.Ed Miami, Florida GENE CURTIS ANDERSON B.B.A. Coconut Grove, Florida RICHAR D K. ANDERSON B.A. Stanford, Connecticut THOMAS MICHAEL ANDERSON B.B.A. Medina, New York HAROLD DOUGLAS ANDREWS B. Ed. Miami, Florida ROBERT THOMAS ANDREWS B.S. Homestead, Florida ANDRES R. ANGULO B.B.A. Coral Gables, Florida 40 CARL D ANSINCH B.B.A. Miami. Florida FREDRICA LEE APPLEBAUM B.S. South Miami, Florida RAY CARTER APPLEBAUM B.B A South Miami, Florida DANIEL JOHN ARENDT B.S. Lincolnwood, Illinois TONI ARENSON B. ED North Miami. Florida TED ARMSTRONG B. ED Miami, Florida i )EAN ELIZABETH ARNOVV B. ED Cold Spring Harbor, New York DONNA JEAN ARONSON B.A. North Miami Beach. Florida RICHARD B ARTMAN B.A Hollywood. Florida 41 RONALD DOMINIC ARCAINI B. ED Pennsaulen, New Jersey MELVIN DENNIS ARMSTRONG |R. B A Stuart. Florida SAM ASHENOFSKY B.A. Brookline. New York G. HOSSEIN ASSACHI B.A. Tehran, Iran DORIS ROBERTA ASTOR B.A. Rego Park, New York LAKSANA ASVAINTRA B.A. Bangkok, Thailand DAVID W ATKINS B.A. franklin Lakes, New Jersey ROBERT MANVILLE AUSTIN B.B.A. Light House Point, Florida LANA H. AYERS B A. Miami, Florida MIREYA BABUN B.M. Miami, Florida MAR)ORIE SUE BACKER B. ED Belmont, Massachusetts NGUYEN BA HIEN B.S. Saigon, Vietnam JANET LOUISE BAIRD B.B.A. Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania DIANE FAY BAKER B. ED Kansas City, Missouri JOANNE ROUNTREE BAKER B. ED South Miami, Florida 42 r I BETSY JANE BALUK B. ED Cleveland. Ohio ANDREW BAN B.A. Flushing. New York SUE ANN BANKS B.B.A. Miami. Florida WILLIAM JOHN BARBER B A Miami. Florida I MARILYN BARKER B.S Miami, Florida |OY deMARTIS BARLOW B Ed. Miami, Florida ELAINE KARIN BARNES B.A. Coral Cables, Florida SUE BARRETT B. ED Cedar Bluff, Virginia SUSAN B BASCH B ED Poughkeepsie. New York FRANCOIS-JOSEPH BAROUKH B.A. Miami, Florida BONITA LEE BASKIN B.S. Chicago, Illinois RICHARD BERNARD BASSETT B.A Coraopolis, Pennsylvania 43 MARILYN B. BAUMWALD B.A. Miami, Florida RICHARD ALAN BEAL B.A. West Mifflin, Pennsylvania WILLIAM BEATRICE |R. . B ED Miami, Florida |OSE MARTIN BECH B.S.E.E. I. Miami, Florida FILENE IOAN BECK B. ED Miami, Florida KARL REED BECKMEYER B.A Nashville, Illinois GAIL BEDARD B.A. Oxford, Massachusetts DIANA BEECROFT B. ED Schaghticoke, New York WILLIAM J. BEINTEMA B.A. Miami Lakes, Florida MARTIN STANLEY BELL B.B.A. Miami Beach, Florida fcr DORIANN ANTELIS BELZER B. ED Sunset Isles, Florida FERRER RAUL BENITEZ B.A Miami, Florida HEATHER GAIL BENNET B.A. Cape Coral, Florida DONNA BENNETT B.A. Auburn, New York HORACE LYNN BENSON |R. B S. Caracas, Venezuela BRUCE BERCER B A Milburn, New Jersey SOMA KRISTIN Hialeah, Florida :LUND B. ED RICHARD H. BERGMAN B.A. Miami, Florida HELEN L BERCOVOY B ED Miami, Florida PENNY |ANE BERK B. ED Miami, Florida RICHARD C. BERK B. ED Long Beach, New York |OAN F. BERKLEY B. ED Larchmont, New York MEL BERKOWITZ B.A. Miami, Florida BARBARA BERLIN B. ED Searingtown, Long Island, New York 45 MADELINE BERLIN B. ED Searingtown, Long Island, New York HELENE BERMAN B. ED Brooklyn, New York JEFFREY BERMAN B.B.A. Hollywood, Florida ROBERT ALAN BERMAN B.B.A. Merion, Pennsylvania RUTH AUGUST BERMAN B.A. Miami, Florida STEVEN ERIC BERMAN B. ED North Miami, Florida MICHAEL DAVID BERNARD B.S.I. E. Miami Beach, Florida STEVEN F. BERNARD B.A. Chicago, Illinois RENA SUZANNE BERND B.A. Arlington, Virginia ANDREA JOYCE BERNSTEIN B. ED Collingdale, Pennsylvania DEBRA ROBIN BERNSTEIN B. ED Baltimore, Maryland EVERETT WEBSTER BERRY III B.S. Kernersville, North Carolina 46 ANDREA WYN BERSON B.M. Miami Beach, Florida NEAL E. BERSON B. Ed. West Hartford, Connecticut DAVID |AMES BEST . B.S.E.E. Miami, Florida LON M. BEST B.B.A. Miami, Florida FERNANDO LUIS BESTARD B.S. Miami, Florida CARLOS A. BETANCOURT B.S.I. E. Miami, Florida SAN TRAN BICH B. ED. Saigon, Vietnam CAROL SANDRA BICKFORD B.Ed Bethesda, Maryland CHERYLL LYNN BIDER B.A. Highland Park, Illinois CLARK J. BIENER B.B.A. Fort Lee, New Jersey WILLIAM BIERMAN B.S. Miami Beach, Florida 47 ELLEN D. BILZIN B. ED. Baldwin, New York EDWARD JOSEPH BIMPSON B. ED. Miami, Florida GERALD B. BIRNBAUM B.S. Madison, Connecticut WENDY ANN BIRNBAUM B. ED Mahopac, New York KATHERINE SUSANNE BISHOP B.A. Springfield, Pennsylvania MARGARET M. BLACK B.A Miami, Florida WILLIAM R. BLAIR B.B.A. LiGonier, Pennsylvania BERTA BLANCO-HERRERA B.A. Miami, Florida PEDRO GUSTAVO BLAZQUEZ BS.E E Miami, Florida DARRYL )AY BLINSKI B.S. Miami, Florida LINDA MARIE BLONDET B.A. Coral Gables, Florida HOWARD L. BLUME B. ED. Bronx, New York SARIDA BLUMENTHAL B. ED. North Miami Beach, Florida 48 i . lARETLA DELORIS BODISM B ED. LINDA BOCAN B ED Miami, Florida Oeveland Heights. Ohio LINDA DIANE BOHLKE B ED Stanford. Connecticut CILDA BOLET . B A Coral Cables. Florida CHARLENE M BOLLINCER B.A. Pueblo, Colorado GEORGE E BOLNER B.S Miami. Florida IOSEPH KEVIN BONACORSA B.A. New Hyde Park, New York ROBERT JOSEPH BONDI B.S Miami. Florida KEVIN SIEBER BONUS B. ED. South River. New (ersey DALE CATO BOSCHETTI B. ED Coral Gables. Florida i WILLIAM STEPHEN BOSSAK B.S. Miami. Florida WHITNEY BOWLES III. B.S Newfoundland. New Jersey 49 STEVEN C. BOWMAN B.B.A. East Berlin, Pennsylvania IOSEPH ROBERT BOYD B.B.A. Miami Springs, Florida SANDRA JILL BOYER B.A. Pottstown, Pennsylvania CRAIG BOZORTH B.A Miami, Florida ROBERT A. BRANDT B.B.A. BERNARD BRAVERMAN B.A. Miami, Florida Miami, Florida |ANE MARIE BRENTON B. ED. lefferson, Wisconsin NANCY ELAINE BREWER B. ED. Miami, Florida MARK W. BRICKMAN B.B.A. Little Neck, New York SHAWN BRICGLE B.A. Miami, Florida LILA CIRANO BRILL B.A. Coral Gables, Florida 50 IAMES H. BRINDLEY B.A. New London, Texas WILLIAM FRANCIS BRISSON . B.B.A. WILLIAM L. BRITTON B.A. Miami, Florida Lakewood. New Jersey MARCOT KRISTINE BRODIE B.A. New York, New York RALPH S. BRONK B.S. Albertson, New York ELLIOT ROGER BROOKS B.A. Hollywood. Florida DANIEL PHILIP BROUSSARD B.A. New York, New York ROSS GARY BROWARNIK B.B.A Miami, Florida DOUGLAS GAUNT BROWN B. ED Miami, Florida HAROLD WILLIAM BROWN B.A. Coconut Grove. Florida IOHNATHON D BROWN B.A. Omaha, Nebraska PAUL G. BROWN B.B.A. Coral Gables. Florida 51 THOMAS FRANK BROWN B.B.A. Miami. Florida WILLIAM F. BROWN, JR. B ARCH Miami, Florida ALAN R. BROWNE B.B A. Miami, Florida WILLIAM BOWKER BROWNELL B.A. Northampton, Massachusetts MARTH FRANCES BROWNING B. ED. Miami, Florida DONALD BROWNSTEIN B.A. Brooklyn, New York JOSEPH C. BUCHINSKI B. ED. Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania CHARLES C BUNKER B. ARCH Toronto, Canada DIANE SHAW BUNTEN B.A. Newton, Massachusetts JANICE DUTCHER BURD B. ED. Miami, Florida WILLIAM EARL BURGER B. ED. West Orange, New Jersey SHIRLEY ANN BUTLER B.A Miami, Florida STEVIA SUE BUTTRAM B.S. St. Louis, Missouri 52 PAMELA BETTIE BUXTON B ED Ft Lauderdale. Florida DONALD BZDYL - B A Chicago. Illinois EDGAR |OSE CABRERA B B A Caracas. Venezuela LILLIAN CABRERA B A Bergen field e v (ersev TERESA LUCRECIA CABRERA B. ED. RAY HENRY CADVVELL B.S Miami. Florida Miami, Florida KATHLEEN CALLAHAN B A Miami. Florida OSCAR B CALLEIAS B ED Miami. Florida PHYLLIS D CALVERT . B ED Jupiter Florida BRUCE C CAMPBELL B B A Belmar. New lersey ADRIANA YOLAND CANTILLO B S Miami. Florida 53 DENNIS DALE CANTRELL B ED Daytona Beach. Florida ALAN M CAPLAN B.A. Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts LINDA SUE CARBONEL B. ED. Hollywood, Florida MARTA A CARBONELL B.B.A. Coral Cables, Florida KERIMA T. CARLES B. B. A. Panama City, Panama STUART R CARLIN B.A. Miami, Florida IAMES PAUL CARNEY B ED. East Providence, Rhode Island LAWRENCE F. CARR B ED. Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania MARGARET CARR B.A. Trenton, New Jersey RAUL | CARRILLO B.B.A Hialeah, Florida ELLEN CARRINCTON B.A. Coral Cables, Florida FRANK R. CARROLL B.B.A. Miami, Florida DIANE CARTUS B. ED. Hialeah, Florida 54 MARY AS E CARUANA B. M Hialeah. Florida DANIEL S CASSEL B ED New York, New York KATHLEEN MARIE CASTILLO B B A Miami, Florida DENNIS ALAN CAVALIER B B A Miami. Florida PEGGY JOAN CEDAR B.A. Hartsdale. New York THOMAS W. CETTA B B A Elmont. New York BRUCE EDWARD CHALKER B S Warren. Ohio PHILIP MILTON CHAMBERS B S Toledo. Ohio ROSALYN CHAMES B.S. Miami. Florida OMAR CHAVEZ B.S. Miami. Florida HECTOR H CHENELLE B S Miami. Florida GAIL G CHEPEMK B A Miami. Florida 55 PETERS. CHIN B ED Westfield, New Jersey GERRY ALLEN CIRULNICK B.A. North Miami Beach, Florida |AMES W. CLARK B.B.A. Dansville, New York WARREN EDWARD CLARK B.ED. Drexel Hill. Pennsylvania LOUISE CLAY B.A. Darlington. South Carolina JONATHON CLAYMAN B.B.A. Miami, Florida PENN T. CLISSOLD B.A. Evanston, Illinois DONNA JEAN COE B A. Miami, Florida WILLIAM COERTNIK B.S.E.E Miami, Florida ANITA IRIS COHEN . B. ED. Bay Harbor Island, Florida BENNETT N. COHEN . B.S West Haven, Connecticut DANIEL C COHEN B.S. Miami, Florida 56 EDWARD COHEN B.B.A. Wyncote. Pennsylvania GAIL COHEN A.S. Chicago, Illinois CERI COHEN B. ED Miami, Florida HARRIET COHEN B. ED. Miami, Florida HENRIETTA COHEN B.A. Miami, Florida |AN COHEN B. ED. Shaker Heights, Ohio RONALD COHEN B.B.A. Northport. New York SHARON COHEN . B ED Miami Beach, Florida VEDA LESLIE COHEN B.A. Woodmere, New York HOWARD COLEMAN B M Miami, Florida ANNE-MARIE COLLINS B.A. Coral Cables, Florida (AMES R COLLINS - B B.A Miami, Florida 57 WILLIAM TERRY COLLINS B.B.A. Winterset, Iowa JOHN |. COLMAN B.A. Miami, Florida MARK COLTRIN B.B.A Lighthouse Point, Florida OSCAR R. COMPAIN B.S. Miami, Florida PAUL CHARLES CONA B.S. Woodhaven, New York ELAINE SHARON CONRAD B. ED Miami, Florida PAULA CONSACRA B. ED. Dunmore, Pennsylvania EDWARD CONSTANTIN B.A. Miami, Florida RENEECOOLEY B.B A West Palm Beach, Florida CARMEN CORPION B. ED. Miami, Florida DOMINGO COSTOYA B.S.A.E. Miami, Florida CARLOS COTO B.S. Miami, Florida 58 CAROLE COTTON B.A. Miami. Florida EDWARD COULTON B.B.A. Miami, Florida LEO COWAN . B.B.A. Miami. Florida |OH CRASSHAW B.A. Miami. Florida SYLVESTER CRIMI B.B.A. Miami, Florida DEAN CRONIN B ED Attleboro, Massachusetts EMILIO I CUADRA B.S Miami. Florida [AMES CUBER B.B.A. Danbury. Connecticut i PHAM THI CUC B. ED. South Vietnam lUDITH CAROL CUENCA B.S.E.E. LUIS CURA B.A. Miami. Florida Bayamon. Puerto Rico 59 PETER S CURCIO B B.A New Canaan. Connecticut DONALD |OE CURNUTT B. ED Tipton, Indiana JOHN P. CURTIN B.F.A. Coconut Grove, Florida BETTY D. CURTIS B. ED. Coral Cab les, Florida ROBERT |. CURTIS B.B.A Bordentown, New Jersey NORMAN L. CUTLER B.A.S. Coral Cables, Florida |OSE CZAKO B.S. Hialeah, Florida RICHARD CZAYA B.A. Taunton, Massachusetts DONALD DACEY B.B.A. Bridgeport, Connecticut CINDY DACQUISTO B.A Thiensville, Wisconsin RAYMOND DACNELLI B.A.S. Flushing, New York 60 ALAN D ' ALBA B.A. Chicago, Illinois FREDERICK DALEY JR B.B.A. Rumford, Rhode Island DOROTHY DALY B.A. WILLIAM C DANCHES B A Huntington Bay. Long Island, New York Miami. Florida MARY LOUISE DANER B.A Mt. Clemens, Michigan KAREN DANIELS B A. Mountain Lakes. New (ersey ' . I LILLIAN DANZICER B.B.A. Miami Beach, Florida MARGARITA DAVIS B.S Coral Cables. Florida ESSAM DARWISH B S (eddah. Saudi Arabia BARBARA DAVIS B S Miami. Florida LYNN DAVIS B.A. Columbus Ohio REACON DAVIS B A Coral Cables, Florida WILLIAM DAVIS B.B.A Nassau. Bahamas DAVID DAVITT B M Miami. Florida 61 FRANK DAWRY B.S. Brooklyn, New York FLORENCE DAWSON B.A. Coral Cables, New York WILLIAM DECKER B.B.A Horseheads, New York WILLIAM DECOSTA B.B.A Somerset, Massachusetts FELIPE DELEON . B.A. Hialeah, Florida CARLOTA DELERMA B.A. Seminole, Florida OCTAVIO DELCADO B.A. Miami, Florida VICTOR DELCADO B.S.A.E. Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico GARY DELLAPA B.S Miami, Florida DONALD DELPLACE B.A. Clair Shores, Michigan PAUL DELSANDRO B.B.A. Forest Hills, New York CHARLES DELUCA B.S. Hialeah, Florida 62 IERRY DENNER B ED Miami, Florida DOUGLAS DENNIS B.B.A. Leelin, New Jersey ROBERT DENNIS BB A Tuxedo Park. New York WAYNE DENNIS B A G ral Cables, Florida I RICHARD DEQUATTRO B.B.A. Arcadia, California ANN DEROSE B ED Miami, Florida PATRICIA DESALVO B A Clen Ellyn, Illinois SERGIO DESCALZO B.S.E.E. Miami, Florida 1 i JOHN DESIENO B A. Mechanicville, New York GLENN DETWEILER B.S. Emporium, Pennsylvania BARRI DEUTSCHER B.A. Wyncote, Pennsylvania ROBERT DEWEY B.A. Cleveland. Ohio 63 SERGIO DIAZ-BRIQUETS B.A. Miami, Florida IRAIDA DIAZ-SALINERO B. ED. Miami, Florida WILLIAM DIBICCARI B.A Larchmont, New York ROBERT DICK B.B.A. Miami Beach, Florida CHAUNCEY P. DICKENS VET. MED. Miami, Florida STEPHEN P. DINNERSTEIN B.B.A. New Haven, Connecticut MARK DICKSON B.A. Valley Stream, New York MAURICE DICKSTEIN B.A. Elmont, New York FRANCES DEPIETRO B. ED. Miami, Florida JOHN DEPIETRO B.B.A. Boston, Massachusetts 64 DENNIS DILL B.B.A Miami, Florida , . ..a.. .- .-.. I RICHARD DIRKS B.S. Miami, Florida BILL DITKOWSKY B.S. Coral Cables, Florida IOSEPHINE DITOMASO B. ED. Miami Beach, Florida RALPH DOBLE, |R. B.A. Miami, Florida BARBARA DOLINSKY B.S.N. Winsted, Connecticut LOUIS DOM EM CO BS Rome, New York MICHAEL DONATO B.A. Delanco, New Jersey KATHRYNE DROBOT B ED Miami, Florida JEANNE DUKE B.B.A Miami, Florida I ANDRE DUKES B.S. Champaign, Illinois GEORGE DUNCAN B.S. Miami, Florida PAMELA DUNDR B. ED. Coral Gables, Florida 65 GREGORY DUNNE B.S. Garden City, New York MARGIE DUNNE B.A. M edford, Massachusetts PETER DUNNE B.A. Miami, Florida DEBORAH DUVALL B. ED. Coral Cables, Florida DIANE DWORKIN B.A. Miami, Florida MARY DWYER B. ED. Geneva, New York RICHARD DWYER B.B.A. Miami, Florida LEWIS KENT EASTMAN B.B.A. Washington, D.C. LILLIAN ECHEVARRIA B ED Miami. Florida JOHN EDWARDS B.S. Miami, Florida THOMAS ECER B.B.A. Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky KAREN ELAM B ED Winter Park, Florida LAWRENCE ELLIOTT B. ED. Miami, Florida 66 STUART ELLISON B.B.A. Bradford, Pennsylvania JONATHAN GREGG ELLSWORTH B.A. Marblehead, Massachusetts IUDITH ELYA B.ED. Lake Forest, Illinois LINDA A. ENZ B.A. Hallandale, Florida LAURENCE EPSTEIN B.M. Miami, Florida ROBERTA EPSTEIN B. ED. Miami, Florida GENE ERDER B.A. Whitestone, New York MARK ERHARDT B.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida DAVID ESHELMAN B.A. Palo Alto, California FRANK ESPINEL B.S.E.E. Miami, Florida ALFONSO ESPINOSA B S. Coral Gables, Florida ILENE ESPOSITO B. ED. Coconut Grove, Florida 67 HARRY EVANS B.B.A. Broomall, Pennsylvania JAMES EWALT B A. Wynnewood, Pennsylvania CHRISTOPHER EXLEY B.B.A. Bal Harbour, Florida ELLIOT FABRIC B.S. Milwaukee, Wisconsin ALBERT FAGANT B. ED. Gloversville, New York PENN FARRINCTON B.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida STEPHEN FARROW B.B.A. Coral Gables, Florida JAMES FAULKNER B B.A. Miami, Florida ELLEN FEDER B.B.A. Albuquerque, New Mexico PETER JOHN FEHR B.B.A. Syosset, New York RICHARD FEHR, JR. B.S. Reston, Virginia 68 MICHAEL FEINBERG B.B.A. ; Miami, Florida |AY FEINMAN B.B.A Brooklyn. New York GLENN FEIT B.B.A. Brooklyn. New York STEPHEN FEITH B.S Miami, Florida RONALD FELDHEIM B S Carol City. Florida IERILYN FELDMAN. B.ED. Miami, Florida |OEL FELDMAN B.S. I.E. Miami Beach. Florida KENNETH FELDMAN B A. East Hills, New York (ON FERDINAND B.B.A. Miami. Florida CECIL FERGUSON B.S Ft Lauderdale Florida CHARLES FERNANDEZ B ED Miami. Florida LEONARDO FERNANDEZ B A Miami, Florida NORA FERRO B A Miami. Florida 69 ANDRE FESKO B.S. Shaneateles, New York ANNETTE FICUCELLO B.A. Brooklyn, New York HAROLD FIELDS B.B.A. New Rochelle, New York ROBERT FILER B.A. Miami, Florida DIANA FINCH B. ED. Miami, Florida DEBORAH FINEBERC B. ED. Miami Beach, Florida LOUIS FINGERHUT B. B.A. Miami, Florida FREDERICK FINLEY B.B.A Rockville Center, New York SANFORD FISCHLER B ED. Miami Beach, Florida ANDREA FISH B. ED. Clifton, New Jersey IACK FISHER B.S. Sandia, Texas LINDA FISHMAN B. ED. Miami Beach, Florida 70 CECILIA FITERRE B ED Miami. Florida JOAN FITZGERALD B ED Boca Raton. Florida RAY FITZGERALD B B.A Darby Pennsylvania CYNTHIA FLANAGAN B. ED Miami, Florida PAUL FLEMING B B.A, West Hartford. Connecticut MARYANN FLYNN . B.M Miami. Florida FRANCINE FODIMAN B.A. Coral Gables. Florida DEAN FOCEL B B A Cranston. Rhode Island PHILIP FONT B.A. Coral Gables. Florida BARRY FORD - B A Newtonville, Massachusetts D. Ford, |r. B B.A Miami. Florida GERALDINE FORTENBERRY B ED Miami, Florida 71 STEPHEN FOSTER B.A. Miami, Florida CRACILEA FOWLER B.A. Miami, Florida JAMES FOWLER B.A. Miami Shores, Florida RICHARD FOX B.S. Coral Cables, Florida DAYLE FRAG IN B. ED. Scranton, Pennsylvania PERRY FRAIND B. ED. Miami, Florida KENNETH FRANKEL B.B.A. Bronx, New York ROSE FRANKEL B. ED. Miami Beach, Florida DENNIS FRANZ B.S.E.E. Hollywood, Florida JOHN FREDA B.A. Miami, Florida FLOYD FREED III B.A. Youngstown, Ohio RICHARD FREEDBERG B.B.A. Salem, Massachusetts 72 ROBERT FREEDMAN B.A. Trumbull, Connecticut BARBARA FREITAC B.B.A Coral Cables, Florida MARTIN FRICK B.A. Coconut Grove, Florida MICHELE FRIED B. ED Miami Beach, Florida FRANCINE FRIEDMAN B. ED. Coral Cables. Florida STEVEN FRIEDMAN B.A. Miami, Florida DANIEL FROELICH B.S.M.E. Miami, Florida LORRAINE FRYE B ED Miami, Florida JO SE FUENTES B.B.E Miami, Florida LUIS FUENTES B.B.A. Miami, Florida FRANCISCO FUERTES B S Miami, Florida KEN FULMORE B S Belleville, New Jersey 73 STEVEN FURST B.A. Ridgefield, New Jersey EDWARD CABRYL B.S.E.E. Barry ' s Bay, Ontario NANCY CABOR B. ED Miami, Florida MARIO CALLO B.B.A. White Plains, New York CARLOS GARCIA B.B.A. Miami, Florida GLADYS GARCIA B. ED. Coral Gables, Florida RONALD CABOR B.B.A Miami, Florida IOSE GARCIA B A. Miami, Florida MANUEL GARCIA B.A. Miami, Florida MARIA GARCIA B.B A. Coral Gables, Florida BENIAMIN GARDNER B.S Opa Locka, Florida GEORGE GARDNER B B.A New Rochelle, New York 74 |OH GARDNER B A Swampscott, Massachusetts )OHN CARIFALOS B S Miami. Florida BERNARD CARTENLAUB B S Hewlett, New York GLENN A. CARVIN B B A East Meadow, New York |OHN GAY, |R B.A. New York City, New York KATE CAY B.A. Ocala, Florida COURTNEY GEE B B A. Miami. Florida RUTH GELLER B ED Miami, Florida STEVEN CERSTEN B B.A Winnetka. Illinois |OHN GIBSON . B B A Miami. Florida MELODY GILBERT B.A. South Fallsburg, New York NORMA CINSBURG B A Chicago. Illinois 75 JAMES GIRITLIAN B.A Miami, Florida ALLAN CITTMAN B.A. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania RICHARD CLASER . B.S. Miami, Florida BEVERLY CLAZER B ED Hollywood, Florida DIANE CLICKMAN B.A. Chicago, Illinois EVERETT CLINES III B.B.A. Coral Cables, Florida BETH CLUCKSTAL B.A. New Hyde Park, New York LEONARD CLUCKSTAL B.S. New Hyde Park, New York KARLA GNAT B. ED. Westfield, Massachusetts MICHAEL GODEK B.B.A. Somerset, Massachusetts FREDERICK GODFREY B.A. Seattle, Washington MIRIAM GODFREY B. ED. Miami, Florida 76 RITA GOLD- B A Miami Beach, Florida ARLEN GOLDBERG B.B.A. New York City, New York |ANE GOLDBERG B ED Coral Gables, Florida SUSAN GOLDBERG B. ED Miami Beach. Florida L GOLDBERGER B. ED. Great Meek. New York MINNA GOLDENBERC B. ED Bay Harbor, Florida MARC GOLDMAN B.B.A Glen Rock. New Jersey ROBERT GOLDMAN B.S New Orlean, Louisiana GARY GOLDMARK B.S.M. Miami. Florida ELLIOTT COLDNER B S Miami Beach, Florida IEROME GOLDSTEIN B.B.A. West Hartford, Connecticut ROBERT GOLUB B.B.A. Miami, Florida 77 FERNANDO GOMEZ B.S Mia mi, Florida NOEMI GOMEZ B. ED. Miami, Florida ANGEL GONZALEZ B.S. Miami, Florida AVEL GONZALEZ B.B.A. Miami, Florida ESTHER GONZALEZ B. ED. Miami, Florida FRANCISCO GONZALEZ- SOLDEVILLA B.A. Miami, Florida JUAN GONZALEZ B.A. Miami, Florida MIRIAM GONZALEZ B.ED. Miami, Florida OSCAR GONZALEZ B. ED. Tampa, Florida HERIBERTO GONZALEZ- QUEVEDO- B.S.EE. Miami, Florida ROBERT GONZALEZ B. ED Miami, Florida CAROLINE GOOD B.A. Coral Gables, Florida 78 CLARE GOOD B.S.N. Miami Beach, Florida KAY GOOD B.S Hillsdale. New Jersey CHET GOODMAN B ED Miami, Florida JEROME GORDON B.A Wyncote. Pennsylvania WENDY GORDON - B.S. Miami. Florida JULIA GORECKI B ED Miami, Florida GERALDINE GOREN B.A. Miami, Florida THOMAS GORMAN B B A Wynnewood, Pennsylvania CRAIG CORSON . B.B.A. Miami Beach, Florida LAWRENCE GOTTLIEB B A Bayside, New York JOCELYN GOUIN B. ED Miami, Florida CAROL COULD B.A. Coconut Grove. Florida 79 ROBERT T GRACE B.B.A. South Charleston, West Virginia JANICE S GRAHAM B. ED Greenville, South Carolina STEVEN GRAHAM B.S. Nashville, Tennessee ROBERT GRAND B.S. Miami, Florida CAROL CRANDI B.M. Evergreen Park, Illinois LAURENCE GRANGE B.B.A. Miami, Florida SALLIE GRANGE B.A. Miami, Florida LOIS GRANT B. ED Coral Gables, Florida STEVEN GRANT B. ED. Southfield, Michigan CAROLYN GRAY B. ED. Miami, Florida ELIZABETH GRAY B. ED. Miami, Florida FRED CRAYSON B ED. Forest Hills, New York 80 IOEL GREEN . B.A Miami. Florida LYNDA GREEN B A Columbus, Georgia PAUL GREEN B ED Fair Lawn, New Jersey BARBARA GREENBERG B ED Elmont. New York HENRY GREENBERC B.S. Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania STEPHEN GREENBERC B.M Stamford, Connecticut ALAN GREGALOT B.S.E.S. Miami, Florida BRADLEY CRECC B B A Palm Beach Gardens. Florida |ACK GREGG B.A. Highland Park. Illinois SHARON GREGG B. ED. Princeton, New Jersey MARILYN CREIFF B ED. New York City. New York 81 DENNIS GREY B B.A Ft Lauderdale. Florida SHARON CRIS B A. New York City, New York STEPHEN CRIZEY B.B.A. Harwich, Massachusetts LES CRODNICK B.A. Maplewood, New Jersey WILLIAM GRONVOLD B.A. Rugby, North Dakota FRAN CROSS B.S. Coral Cables, Florida HOWARD CROSS B.B.A. Miami, Florida |OHN CROSS B.A. Miami, Florida NEIL GROSSMAN B.B.A. Miami, Florida REBECCA CRUBBS B. ED Centerport, New York CHARLES GRUNDER B.A. Clark, New Jersey LES CRUSSGOTT B.A. Brooklyn, New York MARGUERITE GULLY B.A. Chevy Chase, Maryland 82 SOLOMON CULLY - B.S Coral Cables. Florida NEIL CUMENICK B A Chicago, Illinois LYNDA CUNTHER B.A Hungtington. New York RICHARD CUREVITZ B.B.A. Miami, Florida IOSEPH CURRI B.A. Miami. Florida KAREN CUSTAFSON B.ED. Rockford, Illinois RAFAEL GUTIERREZ- GARCIA B.B.A. IRVING HABER B A Cuaynabo, Puerto Rico Miami, Florida KATHRYN HABICHT B A Wakefield. Massachusetts NANCY LEE HACKNEY B. ED Miami, Florida ROBERT HAGERMAN B.B.A. Ft. Myers, Florida DAVID HALBERG B.A. Miami, Florida 83 HOWARD HALBERC B.S. Miami, Florida ELLIN HALBERT B.A. South Fallsburg, New York GLENN HALL B.B.A. Madison, Connecticut WILLIAM HALLENBECK B.A. Ballston Lake, New York IRVING HALPERIN B.B.A. Englewood, New Jersey ROBIN HALPERN B. ED. Oceanside, New York JACALYN HALPERIN B.A. Rochester, New York RONNY HALPERIN B.B.A. Miami Beach, Florida WALID HAMAN B.S.M.E. Baghdad, Iraq PAUL HAMBLET B.A. Andover, Massachusetts . .V x MINETTE HALPERN B. ED. Coral Gables, Florida JERRI HAMBURGER B.S. Bronx, New York 84 UENDY HAMMEL . B. ED. Milwaukee, Wisconsin KATRINA HAMPEL B.A. Ann Arbor. Michigan NGUYEN NCOC HANH B.A. Coral Cables. Florida NEAL HANSEN B.A. Barrington. New |ersev SCOTT HANSEN B.A. West Hartford, Connecticut STEPHEN HANSON B B.A Tivertom. Rhode Island JOHN HARDING B S Coral Gables. Florida MARTIN HARRINGTON B.A. Republic of Panama DIANE HARRIS B.A. Miami, Florida JAMES HARRIS B.B A. Miami, Florida MARC HARRIS B B.A. Cedarhurst. New York BRIANA HARRISON B.A. Orlando, Florida 85 CYNTHIA HASKIN B ED. Miami, Florida LINDA HAUSMAN B. ED Miami Beach, Florida WAYNE HAWKINS B.S. Rockport, Massachusetts JOHN HAYNES B. ARCH Jesup, Georgia ELIZABETH HEALY B.S. Deerfield Beach, Florida RUTH HEATON B.M. ED. Miami, Florida MARC HECHTMAN B.S.M. Miami, Florida DONALD HEIDORN B A. Rockford, Illinois LARRY HEILMAN B. ED Coral Cables, Florida DAVID HEIMANN B. ED. Ridgewood, New Jersey 86 RAY E. HEINLY B.B.A. Pottsville, Pennsylvania RICHARD FREER HEINRICH B.A Rochester, New York BRIGITTA HELLENKAMP B.S. Miami. Florida I AMES HERKIMER B.M. Caledonia New York )OAN HELLER B ED New York City, New York BARD HENDRICKS B A. Miami. Florida IORCE HERNANDEZ B B.A Hialeah. Florida RANULFO HERNANDEZ B B A Miami, Florida CATHY HENRICKSON B ED Southfield, Michigan WINNIE HERNANDEZ B S Miami. Florida ROSA DWORSKY HERR B B.A. Miami. Florida TEENA HERSCHOWSKY B ED. Miami. Florida |ANE HERSHMAN B. ED. Evanston. Illinois LESTER M. HERSHMAN B.S Miami, Florida 87 JOHNNY HERZBERC B.A. Yonkers, New York RICHARD HEUBERGER B.B.A. Chicago, Illinois KATHERINE HEWITT B.A. Miami, Florida IOYCE C HICKSON B ED Naranja, Florida CYNTHIA HILL B. ED. South Haven, Michigan STEPHEN HILL B. A. Falls Church, Virginia STEPHEN D. HINES B.A. Kenilworth, Illinois SUSAN HINKLE B.A. Miami, Florida NANCY HIPSCH B.A. Kansas City, Missouri BARBARA ELLEN HIRSCH B.A. New York, New York IRA L. HIRSCH B.A. Miami Beach, Florida IOSEPH C. HIRSCHBERC B.A. Coral Cables, Florida RICHARD T HIRSH B B.A Dallas, Texas MICHAEL HIRSHON B.A. Brooklyn, New York CHARLES W. HOBART B.B.A. Miami, Florida JOHN HOBBS B.A. Coral Gables, Florida CHRISTIAN M. HOBERC B.S. unj Rrife Huntsville, Alabama CAROLYN E. HODSDAN B.S. Coral Cables, Florida DIANNE HODYKE B. ED. St. Petersburg, Florida IEAN HOLDER B.S. Miami, Florida ROBERT F. HOLM B.S. Coral Cables, Florida CRAIG B. HOLMES B.S. Plaistow, New Hampshire JOSEPH HOLOVACH B.A. Hamden, Connecticut 89 MICHAEL N. HOLT B B.A. Lansdowne, Pennsylvania GEORGE HOPCOOD B. ED. Miami, Florida CRAIG W. HOPKINS B.B.A. Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania WENDY I HOPKINS B.A. Crescent, New York |OHN F. HORM B.S. Miami, Florida DONNA L HORN B. ED. Coral Gables, Florida PATRICIA HORNE B. ED. Miami, Florida BECKY LYNN HOUCHEN B. ED Miami, Florida DUDLEY HOUGHTON B.S.M.E. Norwich, Connecticut ROSS HOUSTON . B.B A Miami Beach, Florida LESLIE M. HOWARD B.B.A. Brooklyn, New York WALTER HOWINCTON B.B.A. Miami, Florida DORIS HOY B.A. Miami, Florida 90 LUTHER W. HOY. |R. B B A Burgettstown, Pennsylvania YUAN MAO HUANG B S Taiwan, Republic of China |OHN D HUGHES B.A Miami, Florida IOSEPH HUMENIK B.B A Garwood, New )ersey RICHARD L. HUNTER B.A. Amityville, New York LEE HUNTING B.S.E.E. Ft. Lauderdale. Florida PHAN THI HUONG B ED Nge-Tung-Chau. Saigon INGEBORG HUTZEL B A Northfield. Ohio IOHAN ERIK HVIDE B.B A Boca Raton. Florida BARBARA EILEEN HYMES B B A Coral Gables. Florida SUE ELLEN IMMERMAN B. ED Merrick. New York RONALD INGRAM B A Miami, Florida 91 BARBARA IPP B. ED. Teaneck, New Jersey HERMINIO IRIZARRY B.S.I. E Miami, Florida MARGARET IRVIN B. ED. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida JANE B. IRWIN B ED. Miami, Florida DAVID ISLITZER B. ED. Carnegie, Pennsylvania WALTER JAAP B.S. Miami, Florida NACHAAT JABRI B.S.C.E. Jawad-Aleppo, Syria ROBERT JAFFE B.S.E.E. Miami Beach, Florida WILLIAM JANZER B.S. Hallandale, Florida DEBORAH JAMES B.A. Battle Creek, Michigan DEAN JAMIESON B.S. Miami, Florida ANNE JARRELL B.A. Falls Church, Virginia 92 |AN JARRETT B.A. New York, New York LYNNE JASSEM B.A. Howard Beach, New York DANIEL JEFFERY B.B A Southgate, Michigan JUDITH JENNINGS B.B.A. Boca Raton, Florida CRAIG IENSEN B.S.M.E. Boulder, Colorado LADDIE JEZEK B. ED. Lake Clarke, Florida KATHLEEN JICKS B. ED. Miami, Florida ALICIA JIMINEZ B. ED. North Bay Village, Florida FREDERICK JOHANSON B B.A. Hartford, Connecticut GUY JOHNSON B.S.C Lockport, Illinois HARRY JOHNSON B.B.A. Bethany, Connecticut 93 MARTHA JOHNSON B. ED. Miami, Florida PEGGY C. JOHNSON B.A. Coral Gables, Florida HARRY JONES B.B.A. Miami, Florida BARBARA JOSEPHS B.A. Miami, Florida RITA JUNCADELLA B.A. Coral Gables, Florida THOMAS JURAN B. ED. Edgemere, New York JOHNATHON KAHN B.S. Flushing, New York JAN KALAS B.S.A.E. Jackson Heights, New York ROBERT KALEIDA B. ED. Miami, Florida ARTHUR KALINSKI B. ED. Miami, Florida ANGELLA KALKAS B.A. Dayton, Ohio WILLIAM KALLISH B.A. Harrison, New York ' KAREN KAMINSKY B. ED. South Fallsburg, New York 94 DANIEL KANE B.S. Miami Beach. Florida MARLEY KAPLAN B.A. Deal, New Jersey STEVEN KAPLAN B A Margate City, New )ersey ZAN TAMAR KAPLAN B S Miami, Florida CAROL KAPNER B.A. Valley Stream. New York MICHAEL KARCH B B A Buffalo. New York PATRICIA KARLAN B.A Miami. Florida (ANICE KARP B ED Miami Beach. Florida h RAYMOND KASPAR B B A Coral Cables. Florida RICHARD KASPAR B.B.A. Coral Cables, Florida KAREN KASS B.A Skokie. Illinois 95 PAUL KASTIN B ED New York City, New York IAN KATZ B.S. Miami, Florida LAWRENCE KATZEN B.S. Miami Beach, Florida ANDREA KATZMAN B. ED. Miami Beach, Florida SHARON KATZMAN B. ED. New Haven, Connecticut |OHN KAUFMANN B. ED. Miami, Florida MARGARET KAUFMAN B.A. Orange, New Jersey VLADIMIR KARAN B.A. Caracas, Venezuela MARY ELLEN KEARNEY B. ED. Brunswick, Georgia GLORIA KEETI B.A. Cleveland, Ohio ROBERT KELLEY B.B.A. North Attleboro, Massachusetts KELLIHER B.B.A. Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts CHARLES KELLY B.A. Miami, Florida PATRICK KELLY B.B.A. Miami Springs. Florida OLIVIA KEMPTON B ED Andover, Massachusetts BENJAMIN KENAGEN B.A Miami, Florida CAROL KENDALL B A West Palm Beach. Florida fi.Jffi WILLIAM KENNEY III B ED Miami. Florida BRUCE KERN B.A. North Woodmere, New York SHELDON KERPER B.S.M.E. Brooklyn, New York PAT KERR B.A Chatham. New lersey SUSAN KESSLER B. ED Miami Beach, Florida FREDERICK KILLMAR B.S. Lewiston. New York CAROL KING B.A. Miami, Florida MATHEW KING. |R B.B.A Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 97 MICHAEL KING B.B.A. Miami, Florida JEFFREY KIRSCH B.A. Highland Park, New lersey KATHERINE KLEIN BM ED Great Neck, New York LINDA KLEINDIENST B.A. Huntington, New York FRANCINE KLIBANOW B. ED. Chicago, Illinois ROBERT KNAPP B.B.A. Highland Falls, New York LINDA KNEE B. ED. Hungtington, New York IOHN KNIGHT B.A Moundsville, West Virginia MICHAEL KNOELKE B.S. Pensacola, Florida REXFORD KOCH B.B.A. Miami, Florida STEVEN KOLLIN B.S. Miami Beach, Florida MICHAEL KORNBLUTH B.B.A. Miami, Florida 98 ELLEN KORNFIELD B ED Miami. Florida CAROL KOROTKIN B A. Coral Cables. Florida LESLIE KOTEL B B A Bayside. New York KAREN KOUSALEOS B A Miami, Florida . ELIAS KOUSTEFANOW B.B.A. Miami, Florida MICHAEL KOVINS - M.M.E. New Hyde Park. New York CHARLINE KRAKAUER B ED Roslyn Heights. New York IAMES KRIEBEL B.B.A. Miami, Florida MICHAEL BRADLEY KRIVACEK B B.A. Coconut Grove, Florida GARY KRONENGOLD B A Miami. Florida ROBERT E KROLL B.A Miami, Florida IEAN KRUEGER - B.A Miami. Florida 99 JEFFREY KRULL B.A. Henlett Harbor, New York MARCY KUCELMAN B.A. Pensacola, Florida DIANE KULIN B.A. Detroit, Michigan SALLY ANN KUNKIE B.A. Skokie, Illinois |OHN A. KUNZMAN B.B.A. Plainfield, New Jersey ROSALIND KURLAND B. ED. Miami, Florida ROCHELLE KUROCHLIAN B.A. Fairfield, Connecticut ARTHUR KURTZ B.A. Miami, Florida - WENDY KURTZ B. ED. Great Neck, New York HOWARD KUSENS B.S.I. E. Miami Beach, Florida STEVEN KUSNICK B.S. Miami, Florida SUSAN C. KUTCHIN B. ED. Chicago, Illinois 100 I GLORIA ANNE LACHAPELLE B.A. Miami, Florida ROBERTA SUE LACRITZ B A Taunton, Massachusetts IOAN LACOULIS B ED. Andover. Massachusetts HOWARD G LAI RE B S Miami. Florida RICHARD ALLEN LAMOS B.SM.E. Miami. Florida ILENE E. LAPINSOHN B.A. Coral Gables, Florida i JOYCE N. LAMPKIN B ED Perrine. Florida DAREL ARTSON LAPERRIERE B.S. Miami. Florida PIERRE LAPIERRE B.B.A. Coral Gables, Florida CHARLOTTE AILDA LAMBERT B ED Hope, Rhode Island BARRY LEE LANE B.S. Miami, Florida LEON ARTHUR LANN B B.A. Miami, Florida 101 BARBARA LASH B. ED Miami, Florida IOANNE MARGARET LAUTEN- SCHLAGER B A. North Plainfield, New Jersey SALLY LAWN . B. ED. Miami, Florida DEBORAH LAWRENCE B B.A. Miami, Florida TOM C. LAWSON B.S. Rockford, Illinois GAIL ANNE LEACH B.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida |ORGE | LEAL B.S. Miami, Florida EVELYN LEAVITT B. ED. Worcester, Massachusetts FONDA LYNN LECHT B.A. Providence, Rhode Island KAREN ELIZABETH LEECH B.A. Arlington, Virginia HAROLD GAVIN LEEDY B.S.E.E. North Miami, Florida SHARON LYNN LEMO B. ED. Miami, Florida 102 EMILIO M LEONARD B A. Miami. Florida |ACK R. LEONARD B.B A Miami. Florida ROSA MARIA LESCANO B ED Miami. Florida DAVID STEPHEN LESKO B B A kohnson Oty. New York CHARLES STEPHEN LEVE B.A. Northbrook, Illinois DANIEL W. LEVIN B.A Trenton. New Jersey KAREN NAN LEVIN B.B A Shaker Heights. Ohio VEDA MARA LEVIN . B A Miami. Florida i ARLENE LEVINE B.S. Pompton Lakes. New jersey ELI |. LEVINE B.B. A. North Miami Beach. Florida )OEL A LEVY B.B. A. Q)ral Cables. Florida 103 PHILLIP R LEVY B B A Miami. Florida GLORIA SUE LEWIS B. ED. Miami, Florida RUSSELL R. LIEROLD, |R. B S.E.E. Miami, Florida NELLIE LIEU B.B.A. Vancouver, Canada IANINE A. LINDLOFF B.A. Wyckoff, New Jersey ROBERT ADAM LINEEN B.B.A. Rocky Hill, Connecticut STEVE LIPAWSKY B.B.A. Coral Cables, Florida STUART PHILLIP LIPINSKY B.B.A. Miami, Florida SHELLEY R. LIPSON B.A. Miami, Florida MARTIN LITZLER B.S.M. Miami, Florida RUSSELL P. LIVERMORE B.B.A. SUSAN DARLENE LIVERMORE B.A. Hialeah, Florida Carnegie, Pennsylvania PATRICK |. LIVINGSTON B. ED. Miami, Florida 104 CARLOS |OSE LIZARDI B ED. Miami. Florida MANUEL LOBO JR. B.S.E.E. Miami, Florida PORFIRIO LOBO B B A juticalpa. Honduras R KATHLEEN LOEFFLER - B.A. Pnramus New lersey ISC EM LOIACONO B.B.A Miami. Florida ANITA SANTINE LOMONICO B.S Elmont. New York HARRY RUSSELL LONTZ B.B.A. Richmond. Indiana CRAIG S LOOSEMORE B.B.A. Miami. Florida BIEURERIFX) LOPEZ B ARCH Hialeah. Florida CARLOS Cl LOPEZ ]R B ARCH Miami. Florida ENRIQUE I LOPEZ B.B.A Miami, Florida MIGUEL ANGEL LOPEZ B B.A. Miami, Florida 105 WALTER R. LOPEZ B.S. Panama, Republic of Panama GARY L. LORD B.S. Valley Stream, New York ILSA ). LORD B.A. Valley Stream, New York JOSEPH DAVID LORENZ B.B A. Deltona, Florida IEFFREY C. LOTT B.S. Stow, New York DARDA D. LOURIE B.A. Miami Beach, Florida HARRY WILLIAM LOWE B.S.E.E. Key Largo, Florida MARITZA LOYOLA B. ED Miami, Florida DARLENE CANDACE LUDWICK B.A. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania ROBERT PAUL LUDWIG B. ED. RICHARD |OSEPH LUKASON B.B.A. North Miami Beach, Florida Worcester, Massachusetts 106 PAUL LUSKIN B.A. North Miami, Florida ; - SLZASSE LVOSS B. ED. Uest Hollywood, Florida ROBERT JOHN LYSAK B A Seaside Heights, New Jersey RONALD BRUCE MACED B A. Flushing, New York LEONARD MACSAMEN B.A. Bel Air. Maryland MICHAEL DANIEL MAHADY B. ED. East Patterson, New Jersey THOMAS FRANK MAHLSTEDT B.B.A. Ridgefield, Connecticut ROBERT MAIZEL B.B.A. Miami, Florida CLIFFORD EVAN MAKEN . B S Miami, Florida DAVID MICHAEL MALAVENDA B ED Miami. Florida CHARLES R. MALER. JR. B ED. East Patchogue. New York CAYLE MAMELETZI B ED New Hyde Park. New York 107 JUAN CARLOS MANARICUA B ED Miami. Florida LAUREN NATALIE MANKET B. ED. Mi,imi, Floridd RANDALL C. MANNING B.B.S. Miami, Florida LEWIS |OEL MANN B.A. Natick, Massachusetts IAMES MICHAEL MANSKY B.B.A. Pittsford, New York ROBERT ARTHUR MANN B.A. Shaker Heights, Ohio EDWARD PAUL MARA B.A. Centerville, Massachusetts PHILIP MICHAEL MANNING B.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida RALPH MICHAEL MARCANTONIO B.B.A. Coral Gables, Florida BARBARA |OAN MARCY B.A. Greene, New York SANFORD HARVEY MARKS B.B.A. Woodsburgh, New York |OAN MARIE MARTENS B. ED. Haywood. Virginia FLORENCE DAVIES MARTIN B.S. Miami, Florida 108 KATHR ' lN KELLS MARTIN B A Hartford. Connecticut BARBARA LYNN MASON B A Pennsauken. Ne Jersey VALERIE R MARTIN B A Miami. Florida ROBERTO MODESTO MARTINEZ B.A Miami. Florida MICHAEL DAVID MASER B.A Falls Church. Virginia FRANCES ROSEMARY MASSAD B. ED Holden. Massachusetts ALAN MATHEWS B.B.A V ' arren. Ohio HORACE MATHIS II B.S.C.E Miami. Florida CLYDE BR ADMAN MATHURA B A Port of Spain. Trinidad IUDYE MASON MAY B.A. St. Petersburg. Florida NANCY SUE MAYERSON B ED Milwaukee. Wisconsin LAMES | MAYO B.B.A. Plainview. New York 109 NANCY L. McAFFEE B.A. Miami, Florida PATRICK W. McBRIDE B.S. Miami, Florida ROBERT McCAMMON B.B.A. Miami, Florida THERESA McCAUCHAN B.S. Coconut Grove, Florida MICHELE LYNN McCLENDON B. ED. Miami, Florida RICHARD HENRY McCLINTOCK B. ED. Hanover, New Hampshire BRIAN FRANCIS McCOLCAN B.A. Tonson, Maryland JOHN ROBERT McCONAUCHA B.S. Louisville, Ohio ALBERT A ' DAIRE McDANIEL B.B.A. Manchester, Jamaica MARCO SMITH McDERMOTT B.B.A. Newburg, New York CHERYL B. MCDONALD B.S. Renfrew. Pennsylvania 110 EDWARD McCAREY McDONNELL B.A Baltimore, Maryland JAMES McCAUCHAN B.I.S. Ithaca. New York JAMES H. McCINNIS B.M.E. Columbus, Indiana ANN MARIE MclNTIRE B.ED. Newport New Hampshire MARVIN JAY MclNTYRE B ED Clifton. Virginia LISA ROBERTA McNAB B.A. Schenectady. New York IEFFREY A. McNALLY B. ED Ft. Lauderdale. Florida ROBERT A McNICOLL B B A Coral Cables, Florida ROBERT H McQUACE B.B.A. Miami, Florida NANCY McWILLIAMS B A. Short Hills, New Jersey ROY MECHANIK B.A. North Plainfield. New Jersey JACQUELINE ELENA MECOUCH B ED Coral Cables, Florida RAMON A. MEDINA B.S Hialeah. Florida 111 JOHN FRANK MEEDER B.S Lake City. Pennsylvania VICKI RAE MEIER B. ED. Miami, Florida IEFFREYMEISLER B.B.A. Miami, Florida ROBERT VICTOR MEMMOLI B.A. Orlando, Florida WILLIAM CARL MEMMOLI B.B.A. CHARLES E. MENDINHALL, |R. B.S. Orlando, Florida Wilmington, Delaware IOAQUIN R. MENENDEZ B.S. Miami, Florida ANNE MARIE MERNER B.A. Towaco, New jersey RICHARD ARTHUR METCALFE B.S. Peoria, Illinois EDWARD HENRY MEYER B.S. Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania |OHN LAWRENCE MEYER B.S. Sao Paula, Brazil ROBERT HENRY MEYER B.B.A. Coral Cables, Florida 112 STEVEN A. MEYER B. ED Lincolnwood. Illinois JOSEPH F. MIBELLI B.S.E.E. Miami, Florida CAROLYN ANN MICAL B.A. Miami, Florida GERARD | MICAL B.B.A. Miami, Florida SHARON ANN MICKENS B. ED. Miami Shores, Florida ROBERT M. MILBERC B B.A. Cairo, Georgia LOURDES MARGARITA MILCIUNAS B S Miami, Florida ELIZABETH P. MILLARD B.A. Miami, Florida A. MATHEW MILLER B.B A Ventnor. New )ers ' ey ANDREA GERMAIN MILLER B. ED. Ventnor, New Jersey KARLA N. MILLER B. ED Harrison, New York LYNDA ARLENE MILLER B ED. Valparaiso, Indiana 113 MARILYN TERRIE MILLER B. ED Bethesda, Maryland MARSIA LEE MILLER B. ED. Carlisle, Pennsylvania WARREN JAMES MILLER B.S.M.E. Coral Gables, Florida WILLIAM NEAL MILLER B. ED. Norristown, Pennsylvania JAMES VINCENT MILLERICK B.A. Miami Beach, Florida PEGGY L. MILLS B. ED. Miami, Florida ROBERT BELDEN MILLS B.B.A. Sarasota, Florida STEVEN A. MILLS B.S. Louisville, Kyntucky CHARLES MINDINHALL B.B.A. Coral Gables, Florida ARNOLD R. MISHCON B.A. Roslyn, New York SARINA JOYMIZRAHI B. ED. Miami Beach, Florida EDWARD H. MODZELEWSKI B.S. Bordentown, New Jersey 114 . IOSEPH MOCEL B. ED Long Beach, New York |OHN MOHER B ED Brooklyn. New York RICHARD WILLIAM MONAHAN B.A. Glens Falls, New York |. SCOTT MONIER B.A. Hazelcraft. Illinois THOMAS E. MONSKE B B.A. Binghamton. New York RICHARD C MONTVILLE B.A East Islip. New York ROBERT E MOORE. |R B ED Miami. Flor ida NORELIA | MORALES B ED Miami. Florida DOUGLAS LEO MORENCY B.B.A. Hartford, Connecticut THOMAS |. MORGAN B.A. Miami. Florida ISADORO MORfAIM B.S Miami Beach. Florida CARMEN MOROS B.B.A. Caracas. Venezuela 115 WAYNE A. MORRIS B.S. Miami, Florida MARY ALICE MORTON . B. ED. Miami, Florida ANDREW |OEL MOSBERC B B A Forest Hills, New York BARBARA TESS MUELLER B ED Los Catos, California SCOTT ANDREW MULCAHY B.B.A. Tallahassee, Florida SUSAN CAROL MULHOLLAND B. ED. Miami, Florida KAELLYN MUCK B. ED. Lincoln, Illinois JOHN VINCENT MURPHY B.M. Framingham, Massachusetts I TIMOTHY MURPHY B.A. Miami, Florida DENNIS JAMES MUSSER B.A. Clifton, New Jersey BARBARA HELEN NACKLEY B. ED. Miami, Florida 116 JOEL ARNOLD NACLER B.S. Miami Beach, Florida " ft MARIE ANN NAGY B ED Wadsworth. Ohio NORMA |EAN NASH B.S. Sycamore, Illinois MARGARET BETH NEBESKY B.A Coconut Grove, Florida LINDA SUSAN NEDZINSKI B.A West Mifflin, Pennsylvania BONNIE PATRICIA NEIL B A. Wyckoff, New |ersey CONNIE |. NELSON B ED. Miami, Florida PAUL S. NEMETH B.A. North Miami, Florida AVA |AN NEMZIN B ED Chicago. Illinois i CAROL JOYCE NESTOR B.S. Miami, Florida LESLIE V. NEU B.A. Coral Gables, Florida IACQUELYN NEUENDORF B. ED. Fort Lauderdale, Florida 117 MALCOLM HAROLD NEUWAHL B.B.A. Hollywood, Florida ARTHUR EARL NEWMAN B.S. Miami, Florida LAWRENCE SPENCER NEWMAN B.S. Oradell, New Jersey VAN ROT-NGUYEN 8. ED. Gia-Dinh, South Vietnam DIANE LEE NICHOLS B. ED Coral Gables, Florida CORA NIVEN B. ED. Miami, Florida IEFFREY |AY NOBLE B B A Scranton, Pennsylvania LINDA NOBLE B.ED Bloomfield, New Jersey DAVID A. NOGAY B. ED. Reading, Pennsylvania |OSE A. NORIEGA B.S.E.E. Miami, Florida C. ALLEN NORMAN . B B.A. Somerset, Massachusetts CYNTHIA ANN NORMAN B.S.N. Miami, Florida 118 IAMES H. NOROSKI B ED. Munhall, Pennsylvania ' DANIEL PACE NORTHWAY B A B S Miami. Florida RITA FAYE NORTON B ED Miami. Florida PETER WILLIAM NOSEK B.A Chalfont, Pennsylvania UARC HENR 1 . NOVELL B.A North Miami Beach. Florida ROBERT L NOVEY B.B.A. Panama. Panama DAN M OBERHOLTZER B.B.A. Indianapolis. Indiana CARLOS ESTEBAM OBRECON B B A Miami, Florida RONALD H OCHER B.B.A. Clencoe. Illinois PAMELA LYNNE ODEN B.A. Chicago. Illinois : MICHAEL |AMES OESTERLINC B.S KEN OFFENTHER B A Butler. Pennsylvania Bronx. New York 119 KENNETH MICHAEL OCRYDZIAK B.B.A. Allentown, Pennsylvania r BET1Y L. OLD B A. Miami, Florida AMELIA FRANCES OLES B.A. Campbell, Ohio BRIAN PETER O ' NEILL B.A. Syracuse, New York DAVID VICTOR OPPELT B. ED Coral Cables, Florida |AY I OPPER B.B.A. Paterson, New Jersey JOHN FRANK O ' QUINN B.A. Fort Pierce, Florida VAN RODNEY O ' QUINN B. ED. Coral Cables, Florida PAUL M. OREHOVEC B.A. Wickliffe. Ohio LYNNE ORCEL B. ED North Miami Beach, Florida MARC STEVEN ORLINSKY B.A. Hollywood, Florida JEFFREY HOWARD ORLOFF B. ED. Miami, Florida MARC STEVEN ORLOFF B. ED. East Setauket, New York 120 r fv-f CARL E ORRINGER B.A Hollvwood. Florida PAUL STANLEY OSBORN . B A Ne 1onville. Massachusetts GLORIA MARIA OTAZO B.A. Miami. Florida RICHARD ORSHAK B.B.A. Manchester, New Hamshire SUCHINDA OSTAPHAN . B.B.A. Coral Gables, Florida IEFFREY THOMAS OSBORN B.A. White Plains. New York ALAN LESLIE OSBORNE B.S.E.E. Binghamton. New York JAIME FERNANDO OSPINA B.S. Miami, Florida ALICIA M OTAZD B.A. Miami. Florida GARY OVERLAND B.S. Ames, Iowa RONALD S OWCZARYK B.A Binghamton, New York MARC BENNETT PACKER B.B.A. Woodmere. New York 121 VIVAIN TERESA PADRON B. ED. Miami, Florida PETER H. PACE B.A. Niagara Falls, New York MARIA D. PALMA B.S. Miami, Florida CYNTHIA KRISTINE PALMROSE B. ED. Hialeah, Florida ROBERT WILLIAM PANKOE B.S. Camden, New Jersey MARIA MERCEDES PARADELO B. ED Hialeah, Florida MARIA ELAINE PARKER B. ED. Westport, Connecticut KENNETH C. PARNELL B.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida t U I P. GARY PARSON B.A. Endicott, New York RONALD FIELDING PARTEL B.A. Manasquan, New Jersey LUIS PASCUAL B.A. Silver Spring, Maryland DONALD FRANCIA PASTOR B. ED. Miami, Florida 122 ' SlvA PAULINO B A Coral Gables, Florida IAMES PEARL B.B.A. Marblehead. Massachusetts FREDERICK ANDERSON PEASLEY B A. Stamford. Connecticut IEFFREY P. PECK BBS Ft Lauderdale, Florida ROBERT W PEEBLES B. ED Carthage. New York MARGARET FRANCES PEEK B.S. Tampa, Florida BROCK PAUL PEMBERTON B A. Utica. Michigan |OHN B PENDLETON B.S.E.E. Richmond. Virginia SUSAN PERCAL B.A. Miami Beach. Florida ISMAEL PERERA B.S. Miami, Florida LISANDRO O PEREZ B S Hialeah. Florida LONBERTO LORENZO PEREZ B A Miami. Florida 123 SANDER C. PERLE B.S. Coral Cables, Florida DEBORAH H. PERLMAN B.A. Miami, Florida BONNIE CHERYL PESTCOE B.A. Miami Beach, Florida CHARLES DAWSON PETERS B B A Cape Coral, Florida GREGG PETERS B. ED. Saginaw, Michigan BRIAN DOUGLAS PETERSON B.F.A. Belmont, Massachusetts RICHARD ALAN PETERSON B.S.E.E. Miami, Florida PETER PETRIGALA B.B.A. Endicott, New York WILLIAM GEORGE PHARO B.B.A. Wayne, New jersey IAYNE T.S. PHILLIPS B.M. Warren, Ohio 124 LAURA PHILLIPS B.A. New York, New York LOUIS PICA, JR. B.A. Levittown, Pennsylvania BILLY | PICKERING B.B.A. North M iami Beach, Florida CHARLENE B PIERCEFIELD B.S. Maple Shade. New Jersey MAIDA PINERO B.S.A.E. Miami, Florida JOHN LEO PIOTROWSKI B.B A Miami, Florida I THOMAS HENRY PISH B S. San Antonio, Texas DENNIS L. PITTS B B A Miami. Florida KATHLEEN C PLANO B.S Miami. Florida MICHELLE BROWN POACE B ED Chevy Chase. Maryland CARIFALOS |OHN POLEMIS B S Andros. Greece WILLIAM SALVATORE POLICASTRO B. ED. Newark, New Jersey DONALD IRWIN POLLOCK B.A. Miami Beach. Florida MICHAEL A. POMPONIO B B.A South Miami, Florida 125 EDWIN S. PONT B.S. Miami, Florida FAUSTINO POO B.S. Miami, Florida JOHN MORTON POOLE B.A. New York, New York MANUEL POSE B.A. Miami, Florida NIKKI ILENE POSNER B. ED Bronx, New York REBECCA |. POSTON B.A. Manchester, Indiana RAYMOND |. POWERS B.B.A. Pompano Beach, Florida MARSHALL PRESSMAN B.A. Miami Beach, Florida BARBARA E. PRICE B. ED. Yonkers, New York PATRICIA E. PRIEST B.A. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania CHERYL D. PRALL B S. Buenos Aires, Argentina TULLIO PRONI B.A Hollywood, Florida 126 lUAL L. PUIC B.B.A. Miami, Florida MARGARET B. PRINCE B. ED Murfreesboro. Tennessee MARTHA L. PUCKO B ED Miami. Florida HOWARD S. PUTTERMAN B.B A Brooklyn, New York MARY N. QUARLES B.A. Miami, Florida MARK V. QUINLIVAN B A Camillus, New York FRANCISCO J. QUINTANA B.A. Miami, Florida JANICE RABBENE B ED West Babylon. New York CRAIG W RAHN . B.S.E.E. Minneapolis. Minnesota CARMEN T. RAMOS B.S.A.E. Miami. Florida MARSHA C RAPEE B ED Miami. Florida 127 WILLIAM S. RAPP. |R. B.A Miami, Florida ALEX RASHID B.B.A Warren, Pennsylvania ROBERT VAN RAY B. ED Miami Springs, Florida CHRISTINE ELIZABETH LAURA RAYMOND B.A. North Miami, Florida STEPHANIE HENRYKA READING B S Hatboro, Pennsylvania LINDA C REBER B. ED Middletown, Pennsylvania KENIA T. REBOZO B.A. Miami, Florida RUSSELL LING REDHOUSE, |R B S.E.E. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MAXINE REINDORF B.S. Miami, Florida CARL ALAN REITINCER B ED. GEORGE FRANCIS RESCICNO B.B.A Willingboro, New lersey Miami, Florida ROBERT L. REVELEY III B.A. Barrington, Illinois ROBERT EDWARD REYNOLDS B S. Chattanooga, Tennessee 128 ROBERT DANIEL RICE B.A Oak Ridge, Tennessee LYNN LOUIS RICH B A. Miami, Florida |EAN ELAINE RICHARDS B. ED Baltimore, Maryland ALBERT CHARLES RICHARDSON B S. Baltimore, Maryland SUSAN LINDA RICHARDSON B B.A. Miami, Florida Avon, Connecticut JACK BENCT RIISMANDEL B B.A Takoma Park, Maryland PAMELA RILL B. ED Syracuse, New York ARISTIDES RIVERA B.S Miami, Florida IAMES MICHAEL ROBBINS B.B.A Miami, Florida GARY ROBERTS B.B.A. Miami, Florida 129 DAVID ROBERTSON B B.A Hialeah, Florida SUSAN MELANIE ROBERTSON B.A. Manchester, Missouri KARALYN W. ROBINSON B.A. Coral Cables, Florida KENNETH DURWOOD ROBINSON )R. B.A. Miami, Florida PAUL W. ROBINSON JR. B.A. Pequannock, New Jersey LUCRECIA R ROCABERTI B.A. San Salvador, El Salvador LOUIS MICHAEL ROCKMAN B.B.A. Miami, Florida RICHARD RODER B.A. Miami Beach, Florida FRANCISCO ENRIQUE RODRICUES B.A. Miami, Florida JAMES THOMAS RODRIGUEZ B. ED. Miami, Florida JAVIER A RODRIGUEZ B B.A. Caracas, Venezeula OVIDIO PEDRO RODRIGUEZ B.S.C.E Miami, Florida 130 IAMES MATHES ROHDE B.B.A. New Canaan, Connecticut IOSATHON BARON ROLL B A Alphine. New Jersey |OSE F. ROSADO B.A Coral Cables, Florida BELINDA |ANE ROSE B. ED Elmont, New York NORMAN ROSENBERG B.A. Belle Harbor. New York PETER MARK ROSENBERCER B.A. Cresskill. New lersey i DAVID RICHARD ROSENBLATT ' B.A. South Miami, Florida ELLEN BETH ROSENBLATT B ED. Miami Beach, Florida MEL S. ROSENFELD B B A Miami Beach, Florida LINDA CAROL ROSENKRANZ B. ED Miami Beach, Florida PHYLLIS K. ROSENTHAL B.S. Miami. Florida SARAH )O ROSENTHAL B. ED Chappaqua, New York 131 ALIZ ALEX ROSER - B.A Miami. Florida LAWRENCE A. ROSS B.S. Coconut Grove, Florida MARGARET M. ROSS B.A. Miami, Florida MARCO L. ROSS B.A. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan JOHN MATHEW ROST B.A. Pompano Beach, Florida IEFFREY RONALD ROTH B.B.A. Miami, Florida LOUIS KEITH ROTHRARD B.B.A. Westfield, New |ersey ROBIN ROTHSTEIN B. ED. Yonkers, New York BRIAN H. ROTOLANTE B.S. Miami, Florida STUART MICHAEL ROVER B.B.A Plainview, New York IAMES EDWARD ROUSEK B.S. Traverse City, Michigan IUDITH CAROL RUBIN B.A. Hopatcong, New Jersey )OSE M RUIZ B.A. Miami, Florida 132 IOSEPH A RUIZ B A. Coral Cables, Florida NAJIE SABBACH B.S.I.E. Miami, Florida ROLANDO SABLON B.S. Miami, Florida A CY LYNNE SABO B S Pennsauken. New (ersev GLENN ELLIOT SACKS B.B.A. Bayside. New York ALBERT SADOWSKY B S Miami, Florida MARK | SAFFERSTONE B ED Miami. Florida RENA SACER B ED Orange. New Jersey i BEVERLY W. SALKIN B. ED. Miami, Florida RONALD IOEL SALNY B.B.A. Morristown, New Jersey DARENE GALE SALZ B ED Newark. New Jersey 133 NETTIE SALZMAN B ED Miami, Florida GEORGIA SAMUEL B. ED. Miami, Florida GEORGE O. SANCHEZ B.A. Miami, Florida HILDA YARINA SANCHEZ B. ED. Miami, Florida GARY ALAN SANDBERC B.A Cedarhurst, New York DANA M. SANDERS B. ED Rego Park, New York MARIORIE C SANTAYANA B.A. Stanford, Connecticut ANN MARIE SANTINI B.A. Fort Lauderdale, Florida LAWRENCE JOSEPH SANTORA B.S. Stamford, Connecticut EVA |. SARANTOS B. ED. Miami, Florida ANTHONY IOSEPH SAUCHELLI B. ED. Beach Haven Crest, New Jersey ELLEN JANE SAVAGE B. ED. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania PAULA LOUISE SCALINGI B.A. Miami, Florida 134 ROBERT SCHATTNER B.A. Queens Village, New York NORMAN M. SCHEARER B.B A. Miami, Florida IAYNE BEVERLY SCHECHTER . B. ED Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania GLENN BARRY SCHEINER B.A. Rochelle Park, New Jersey IUDITH D SCHIFF B. ED. Miami, Florida RANDI SUE SCHNEIDER B.A. Wantagh, New York ROBERT SCHNEIDER B.A. Miami Beach. Florida ANITA WANDA SCHNEIDERMAN B. ED Suffem. New York RITA ROSS SCHOENBERC B.A Miami. Florida i WILLIAM A SCHOFIELD B B.A. Miami, Florida FREDERICK STEVEN SCHOLZ B.S.CE. Huntington. New York 135 RICHARD B. SCHOLZ B.B. A. Wyckoff, New Jersey ELAINE SCHONBERCER B. ED. Alexandria, Virginia MARGIE PAT SCHULMAN B. ED. Miami Beach, Florida JOHN SCHULTEN B B A. Darien, Connecticut STUART ALLEN SCHULTZ B A. Miami Beach, Florida DONALD EDWIN SCHULZE B.A Golden Eagle, Illinois GREGORY H. SCHUPP B.A. Greenwich, Connecticut KENNETH R. SCHUTT B B.A A. P.O., New York ARLENE SCHWARTZ B.A. North Miami Beach, Florida HARVEY SCHWARTZ B.A. North Miami, Florida IAMES ALFRED SCORDO B. ED. High Bridge, New Jersey DOUGLAS WAYNE SCULL B.S.E.E. North Tonawanda, New York MAE WENDY SEAMAN B. ED. Miami Beach, Florida 136 IAMES R. SEELY B ED Warrendale. Pennsylvania LINDA MAE SEIDE B ED. Saginaw, Michigan IOHN FREDERICK SEIDEL B A Englewood. New (ersey MARK D SEIDEN . B A Miami. Florida PAUL D SEIDENMAN B A Silver Springs, Maryland ELLEN |O SEIDMANN B.A Elkins Park. Pennsylvania ANN CYNTHIA SELEVAN B ED. Miami Beach. Florida STEPHEN CRAIG SELLE B.S. Hialeah. Florida JAMES A. SELLEN B.A. Canton, Ohio VIVIAN T. SERRANO B B A Miami, Florida ELLIOTT MICHAEL SERVER B A Hackensack. New Jersey |OHN W SETZER B.A Miami, Florida 137 FREDERICK IRA SEVIN B.S. Elmont, New York BERNADETTE THERESA SEYMOUR B.A. Miami, Florida MARY CHRISTINA SHAFER . B.A. Potomac, Maryland ARLENE ANDRES SHANE B.A. Miami Beach, Florida MONTY DALE SHANK B.S. Sherman, Texas CLINTON WILLIAM SHANNON B.B.A. Pennsville, New Jersey ARTHUR SHAPIRO B. ED. GREGORY EDWARD SHAPLEY B.A Coconut Grove, Florida Miami, Florida BARRY SHAW B.S. Flushing, New York CHERYL ROBBIN SHA W B. ED. Clifton, New lersey IANET SHAW B. ED. Washington, D.C WILLIAM OTWAY SHEARER B.A. Springfield, Missouri 138 SANDRA SELENE SHECK B. ED Miami. Florida MICHAEL HAROLD SHELOR B.S Roanoke. Virginia DAVID P SHELTON B B A Westboro. Massachusetts GREGORY IAN SHENK B.S. Lincolnwood, Illinois CHARLES PAUL SHENKER B.S. Hollywood. Florida ALAN EUGENE SHERMAN B S North Miami Beach, Florida KENNETH A. SHERMAN B.A. Brooklyn, New York MAUREEN SUE SHERMAN B.A. Linden. New (ersey ROBERT A SHERMAN B. ED Marcus Hook. Pennsylvania EDWARD SHEROTA B.B A. South Miami. Florida IEFFREY M. SHIELDS B B A New York. New York 139 ROBERT WARREN SHIELDS B.S Miami. Florida STEVEN |AY SHULLMAN B.A Miami, Florida MARNI ANN SHUMAN B. ED New York, New York FRANCIS B. SHUTE B.S. Stamford, Connecticut CHARLES SIBLEY B A Angola, New York ROBERT NEIL SIBULKIN B A Manchester, New Hampshire MARK SIEDEL B.A. Miami, Florida EUGENE MARK SEICEL B.B.A. Bay Harbor Island, Florida LYNN A. SIECEL B.A. Shaker Heights, Ohio THOMAS EDMUND SIEMIANOWSKI B.A. Miami, Florida DEANNA SIFF B. ED. Brooklyn, New York 140 ROLINDA MYLES SICEL B.M. New Haven, Connecticut HENRY SIKORSKI B.A. Hempstead, New York ROBERT SILVAGGI B. ED Yonkers, New York MARSHA SILVER B. ED. Coral Gables, Florida PAUL SILVERIO B A. Lyme. Connecticut IEFFREY SILVERMAN B.B A Somerville, New Jersey SAUL SILVERMAN B.B A. Hialeah. Florida BRUCE SILVERSTEIN B.B.A Valley Cottage, New York MEREDITH SIMON B.A. Brooklyn. New York STEVEN SIMON B A New York, New York ROBERT SIMONE B.B.A. East Patchoque, New York ROBERT SIROTA B.A. Patterson, New Jersey EVERETT SKINNER B.S Miami, Florida JAMES SLAVETSKAS B.S.E.E Binghamton, New York 141 JERALD SLIPAKOFF B.B.A. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania JEANNE SLOMAN B. ED. Annapolis, Maryland ANDREW SMITH B.A. Say vi lie, New York BETSY SMITH B. ED. Swampscott, Massachusetts ROBIN SMALL B. ED. Highland Park, Illinois CURTIS SMITH B.A. Ocean City, New |ersey STEVEN SMILES B.A. Fairlawn, New Jersey REGINALD SMITH B.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida ROBERT D SMITH B.A. Miami, Florida ROBERT M SMITH B.A Broomall, Pennsylvania WAYNE SMITH B.S. Miami, Florida WAYNE B. SMITH B.B.A. Miami Springs, Florida 142 WAYNE C. SMITH B.S. Shawnee Mission, Kansas MICHAEL SNYDER B.S. Miami, Florida REBECCA SNYDER B.A Coral Gables, Florida SANDRA SNYDER B. ED. Miami Beach, Florida LAWRENCE SOKOLER B.A North Bergen, New Jersey SUZANNE SOLBERG B.A. Somerville, New lersey CAROLYN SONNEN B.M. Richland. Pennsylvania BRETT SORGE B.B.A. Miami, Florida IAMES SOROKA B.A Westport, Connecticut BEATRICE SOUTHWORTH B. ED Miami, Florida JORGE SOUTHWORTH B. ED. Hialeah, Florida LYNN SPECTOR B ED. Pompano, Florida 143 SUSAN SPERLING B. ED. Coral Cables, Florida MARY SPERONI B.A. Cleveland. Ohio ROBERT SPIEGEL B.B.A. Miami, Florida LARRY SPIERER B. ED. Forest Hills, New York ARLENE SPITZ B. ED. Miami Beach, Florida ROBERT STAHL B.A. Miami, Florida OLIVER STALLINGS B.A. Miami Beach, Florida KATHERINE STAMES B.A. Miami, Florida DANA STAMLER B.B.A. Miami Beach, Florida JOSEPH STANECKI B.B.A. Miami, Florida THOMAS STANEK B.S. Plantation, Florida DANIEL STANTON B.B.A. Huntington, New York 144 . EARL STARKOFF B A Miami, Florida HELEN STEIN B A Miami, Florida MARVIN STEIN B.B.A. Miami, Florida MICHAEL STEIN B. ED Coral Cables, Florida SUSAN STEIN B ED Skokie. Illinois DAVID STEINBERG B.A. Hollywood, Florida RONALD STEM B A Milford, New Jersey JEFFREY STENBER - B.B A Coral Cables, Florida i ALICE STEPHENSON B. ED Homestead, Florida BARBARA STERLING B. ED. Coral Gables, Florida JOAN STERNBERC B.A. Mexico City. Mexico 145 FRED STEVENS B.S. East Falmouth. Massachusetts HENRY STEVENS B. ED. Miami, Florida ARTHUR STEWART B.A. North Stonington, Connecticut GAIL STEWART B.A. Miami, Florida JOHN STINE B.B.A. Plainfield, New Jersey (ULIA STITELER B.B.A. Beaver, Pennsylvania GEORGE STOECKERT B.A. Springfield, Virginia JUNE STONE B.A. Miami, Florida CRAIG STONER B.B.A. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania JOE STOREY B. ED. Cornersville, Tennessee KENNETH STOWE B.B.A. Miami, Florida KENNETH STRAUSS B.B.A. Scranton, Pennsylvania SAMMY F. STRICKLAND B.B.A. Hollywood, Florida 146 BONNIE STROHL B.A. Scranton, Pennsylvania CARMEN SUAREZ B ED. Miami, Florida SANDRA SUAREZ B.B.A. Colon. Republic of Panama DENISE SUBERATI B.A. Miami, Florida RACHEL SUCHAR B.A. Cumano, Trinidad SHARYN SUDDUTH B.M. ED. Miami, Florida IRA SUKOFF B B.A. lamaica. New York MICHAEL SULLIVAN B.A. Chicago. Illinois w ! ROBERT SULLIVAN . B B A Long Island, New York S. PAUL SULLIVAN B.B.A. Guernsey. England HERBERT SUMERFIELD B.S.M.E. Miami, Florida PATTY SUNNESS B ED Miami, Florida 147 ANNSORN SURANCSI B.S.C.E. Cholburi, Thailand WILLIAM CHARLES SUSSMAN B.B.A. Coral Gables, Florida (OANNE SUVADA B.B.A. Miami, Florida SECONDOTAGLIERO- B.S. Rome, Italy SUSAN M. TAGRIN B. ED. Miami, Florida SUSAN B TALBOT B.A. Brightwaters, New York MICHELLE TAUB B. ED. Miami Beach, Florida ROD L. TAYLOR B.S. Lawrence, Kansas DAVID TEDESCHI, |R. B A. Miami, Florida SUSAN LYNN TEIBEL B.A. Buffalo, New York CANDACE K. TEICHMANN B.A. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania WILLIAM A. TELANDER B.B.A. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 148 t DAVID WALTER TERMOTTO B.S Miami. Florida CELESTE JEANNE TESSIER B.S. St. Petersburg, Florida ROBERT JOSEPH TEZYK B.B.A. South River, New Jersey IONATHON COOPER THACHER B B.A. Arlington, Virginia PAMELA |EAN THEOPHILOS B.A. KATHLEEN THIEME B. ED New Providence, New jersey Rome, New York LARRY THOMAS B.A North Miami, Florida VERNON E THOMAS. |R B.B.A. Silver Springs. Maryland I ? IOHN ANDREW THOMPSON, |R. B B.A. Coral Cables, Florida NELDA K THOMPSON B. ED South Miami. Florida LYNNE FRANCES THORNER B ED Roslyn, New York PHAM KIM THU B. ED Saigon. Vietnam 149 WAYNE JOHN TIETZE B.B.A. Teaneck, New Jersey DAVID DORY TILLES B.S. Hollywood, Florida SALLY C. TIMANUS B. ED. South Miami, Florida JAMES TERRY TIMMONS B.S.E.E. Hialeah, Florida IRIS N. TIRNAUER B. ED. Bay Harbor, Florida WILLIAM |AMES TOBIAS B.S. South River, New Jersey ROBERT LEO TOMAN B. ED. Hollywood, Florida CUILLERMO P. TOMAS B.S.E.E. Miami Beach, Florida DAVID TOPOREK B. ED. Charleston, South Carolina RICHARD TORREY. B.S. Bedford, Ohio TAMARA D. TOSCANO B. ED. Miami, Florida KENNETH DEAN TOWL B.A. Lexington, Massachusetts 150 THI TAM IRAN - B. ED Saigon. Vietnam WILLIAM R. TRANTER B.B.A. Brigantine, New Jersey |OSE R. TRAVIESO. JR. B.B.A. Miami, Florida VERNON F TREMBLAY B.A. Miami. Florida PEDRO LUIS TREVIN B.S.E.E. Miami. Florida LOUIS |. TRIPOLI . B.A. Solvay. New York |OHN M. TROUSDALE B.M Monroe, Louisiana |OHN EDWARD TRUE B.B.A. Warrensburg, New York ! ANN BETH TRUPIN B. ED Riverdale, New York BRUCE ALAN TUCKER B S North Miami Beach. Florida CERALDINE TUCKER B. ED Miami, Florida 151 IVAN M. TUCKER B B.A Warrensville Heights, Ohio |OSE TUDELA B.S. Miami, Florida BONNEY H. TUNNELL B.A. Georgetown, Delaware ROBIN WOHLSTADTER TURK B. ED. Miami Beach, Florida |ON CLYDE TURTLE B.A. Rockville Center, New York AVERY A. UGENT B.A. South Miami, Florida WENDY SUE UNGER B.A. Miami, Florida ENRIQUE URIZAR B.B.A. Coral Gables, Florida STEPHEN F. VALDES B.A. Coral Gables, Florida GREGORY |. VALERIO B.B A. Norristown, Pennsylvania ERIC VAN TATENHOVE B. ED. Roseland, New Jersey |AMES BUTLER VASS B. ED. Annandale, Virginia THOMAS A. VATER B.B.A. Corapolis, Pennsylvania 152 |OSE ALBERTO VELARDE B S. Miami, Florida ALOHA SATO VELLA B.S Miami, Florida SUZANNE MARIE VENHORST B.A Miami, Florida HECTOR SILVINO VERACARA B.S.M.E. Miami, Florida DES- 1 IAMES VESCIO B B.A Binghamton, New York PATRICIA ALEIDA VIDALES B.A. Miami, Florida MICHELE VIDOR B.A. Hartsdale, New York PELEYO A. VIGIL B. B.A. Miami, Florida !. CHARLES LAWRENCE VINSON . B.A. Doraville, Georgia BARRY VITOW B.A. Brooklyn, New York ALAN EARL VOLLWEILER B.B.A. Dobbs Ferry, New York DOUGLAS VOSS B B.A Coral Gables, Florida 153 GEORGE JOSEPH VRANEKOVIC B.A. Euclid, Ohio BARRY LEE WAGNER B.A. Salisbury, Maryland VIVIAN WAISBEIN B.A. Hallandale, Florida CAROL A. WALSH B.A. Miami, Florida CRAIG EDWARD WALSH B. B.A. Berlin, Connecticut PATRICIA WALTERS B.A. Miami, Florida DONALD EUGENE WALTON B. ED. Commak, New York )OHN ANDREW WARCO B. ED. Clifton, New Jersey IAMES ROBERT WARNER B.M Kilgore, Texas RICHARD C WARWICK B.S. ED. Miami Springs, Florida MAYRA S. WASHINGTON B.A. Miami, Florida ELLIOTT WAXMAN B.A. Baltimore, Maryland 154 DARRELL WEAVER. |R. B.B.A. Armonk, New York HAROLD JESSE WEAVER B B.A. White Springs, Florida 1AMES O. WEBER B B.A North Charleroi, Pennsylvania SALLY MARIE WEBER B ED Miami, Florida PAUL VESPER WECENER B. ED Miami, Florida ROBERT S. WEINCAST B ED Brooklyn, New York BARBARA T. WEINKLE B.A. Coral Cables, Florida |OY GAIL WEINSTEIN - B. ED Miami, Florida LEONARD WEINSTEIN B.A. Miami, Florida PHYLLIS ELLEN WEINSTEIN B. ED Newton, Massachusetts RUBY RUTH WEINSTEIN B.ED. Miami, Florida SHERIDAN WEINSTEIN B.S. Miami, Florida 155 STUART A. WEINSTEIN B.A. WENDY SANDRA WEISBERC B. ED. Teaneck, New jersey North Miami Beach, Florida LEONARD B WEISELBERG B.B A. Glen Falls, New York MARK ALAN WEISINCER B.B. A Miami, Florida CAROLE MARCIA WEISS B. ED Miami, Florida LUIS N. WEISS B.S.E.E. Miami, Florida THOMAS ANDREW WEISS B.A. Albany, New York MICHAEL WEITZMAN B.A. North Miami Beach, Florida IANET L. WELCH B. ED Lake Forest, Illinois GERALD TIMOTHY WELCOM B.A. Hialeah, Florida EILEEN MARY WELLER B.A. Miami, Florida IAMES R. WELLS B.A. Manhasset, New York 156 MELODIE JEAN WENCRIN B.A. Parma, Ohio MARION ELIZABETH VVESCHE B ED Miami, Florida NANCY LEE WESTBROOK B.A. Miami, Elorida ANNE S WESTON B. ED North Miami, Florida MARA BETH WESTON B. ED. Miami. Florida ROBERT B WEVER B S Trenton. New Jersey CAROLYN C WEYMOUTH B S Quaker Hill, Connecticut RICHARD B WHEELER B.S. Chester, Connecticut i MICHELE FRAN WIENER 8. ED Miami, Florida ION M. WILDER B. ED. Miami, Florida WILLIAM R. WILLETTE B.A. Steger. Illinois 157 KENNETH ALLEN WILLIAMS B.A. Matawan, New Jersey RISA MERLENE WILLIAMS B.A. Warren, Ohio WALTER L. WILLIAMS B.A. Miami, Florida FREDERICK H. WILSEN B.A. South Miami, Florida NANCY WILSON B. ED. Orangeburg, South Carolina ANTHONY JOHN WILLIAMS, )R. B.A. New Canaan, Connecticut B. WILLS B.A. Miami, Florida SUZANNE ELIZABETH WILSON B. ED. Tampa, Florida BONNIE SUE WINECAR B ED. Tampa, Florida MICHAEL |AMES WINER B.B.A. Miami. Florida DAVID A. WINTER B.B.A. Miami, Florida LARRY ALAN WITKIN B.B.A. Worcester, Massachusetts DEMISE MADGE WITTLIN B. ED. Bronx, New York 158 ; , IUDITH ANN WOLFSON B.A. Peekskill. New York DENNIS RICHARD WOLINSKY B B.A. Milwaukee. Wisconsin ALBERTO K. WONG B.B.A. Miami, Florida SUSAN BENNETT WOODROME B. ED Elkhart. Kansas BARRY CESE WL ' RST B.S. B A LUIS A. XIQUES B.A. North Miami Beach, Florida Miami. Florida DONNA YACOVINO B.A. Milltown, New Jersey PETER M. YAFFE B.A. Wyncote. Pennsylvania i SUZANNE YARAS B.S.N. Alexandria, Virginia MICHAEL WARREN YASKIN B. ARCH Miami, Florida ROGER WILLIAM YASKIN B.S.A.E. Miami, Florida LOUIS H. YOUNG B.B A. Narberth, Pennsylvania 159 MARSHALL LORNE YOUNG B.B.A. Danvers, Massachusetts ROBERT O. YOUNG B.S. Chevy Chase, Maryland STEVEN YOUNG B.B A. Brooklyn, New York MARA L. ZAND B ED. Chicago, Illinois MICHAEL ). ZARBOLIEZ B.A. Coconut Grove, Florida AVEDIS N. ZARIKIAN B.S.E. Aleppo, Suria MAURICE M. ZARMATI B.A. Miami, Florida KAREN ROBIN ZAX B.A. Surfside, Florida LAWRENCE E. ZEICER B.S. Beachwood, Ohio CONNIE ZEPPIERI B. ED. Mechanicville, New York RONALD |OHN ZERVOUDAKIS B.A. Hempstead, New York PETER G. ZIZAK B. ED. Camden, New lersey 160 rl!TJ fl T m X N r NORBERT ALAN ZUCKERMAN . B.B.A Franklin, Michigan MERRILL SANDY ZUSMER B.A North Massapequa, New York MARVIN HY ZWASS B.ED. Miami Beach, Florida MORRIS PHILLIP ZWICK B.S. Herrin, Illinois 161 R. ABRAMOWITZ Doctorate ROGER BOGCS M.B.A. ANN AIGELTINCER MED. IRENE COHEN Doctorate SUSAN ALDRIDCE M.S. PETER ANDREN MED. ALBERTO DeLEON M.S. BETTY FISHMAN MED. MILDRED GOLDWEBER MED. TRAN ANH LINH MME. MADHAKAR MALHOTRA M.S. 162 D.O MARRERO Ph.D. MED SUDERSHAN MATHAVAN M.S SHAILENDEA SAZEMA M.S. KULAMANI NATARA|AN M.S. ROBERT ROSEN M.B.A. H ROSENBLOCH M.S. LINDA SCHREER MED. ROBERT SIECMUND Ph.D. KENNETH THOMAS MBA DEBORAH THURMAN MED I CIAN TRAN THANH MED. LOUISE YOUNG M.B.A. 163 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda Delta . . membership is based on superior scholastic achievement among fresh- men women . . . purpose is to promote intelligent living . . . eligibility for initiation is a 3.5 av- erage . . . conducts a tutoring service . . . each spring the University of Miami chapter awards the Mae Bernice Jacobs ' Memorial Trophy to the outstanding freshman woman . . . activities include making and selling spirit dolls for Homecoming . . . luncheons for pledging and initiat- ing members . . spring project sponsored by the incoming pledge class . . . upperclassmen remain in the society as collegiate alumnae and as advisors . . . Carol Hall President Graciella Cruz Vice-President Barbara Neff, Kathleen Woody Secretaries Christine Tryk Treasurer Potoula Caralis I . Historian Elena Alamilla Mayra Amoretti Pamela Amundsen Donna Batchellor Brenda Blumin Mary Bollero Starr Borden Marjorie Brown Connie Campbell Leslie Connor Emilia Diaz Regina Driscoll Rosa Fernandez Blanca Figueredo Mary Fiksel Margaret Fischl Mariann Frank Nancy Gabrilove Elvira Garcia Carol Goff Linda Gove Ruthmarie Hempflin 1 M Barbara M. Jackson Maris Kahn Linda Koenigsberg Lenora Laing Kay Lewis Irene Lovitz Nancy McCormack Donna Mann Leslie Massin Alicia Menendez Penny Millard Joan Nelson Olga Petrovic Raquel Puig Angela Reuben June Safran Evelyn Schonfield Betsy A. Smith Robyn Waltman Eileen Weller et Yap ALUMINUM SCREW For meritorious service through their leadership to the University of Miami . . . above ... be- yond . . . around . . . and through the Establishment . . . the following persons were screwed during the 1969-1970 academic year . . . membership in the Order of the Aluminum Screw is open to all of the academic community . . . male . . . female ... or otherwise . . . OFFICERS Marty Weinkle Lon Best Peter Yaffe Rev. Tom Crowder Dr. David Saltzman Richard Burton Dana Mead William Doss Maria Perez Faculty Advisor STUDENTS Ray Almonte Bertha Berriz John Bohm Scott Bressler Alex Bukhair Hazel Bungy Murray Cohen William Diffenderfer Steve Dinnerstein Ted Elwett Mary Fiksel Victor Joel Fischer James Fleming Craig Gorson Craig Gruber Robert Hoffman Linda Kleindienst Richard Krinzman Sally Kunkle Marv Langsam Ira Levy Rod Mackenzie Bruce O ' Boyle Shara T. Pavlow Ira Pollack George Rahal Dennis Richard Glen Sacks Ron Shafran Robert Sherman Ed Shohat Lynn Siegel Wayne Silver Larry H. Snyder Larry Sokoler Lloyd Tannenbaum Vernon Tremblay Lewis Tripoli Don Wade Rocky Walters Robert Weinberg Stu Weiss Thomas B. Wilson III James Yasser FACULTY and ADMINISTRATION Edward Berkell Murray Binderman Dr. William R. Butler Chester Byrd Eugene Cohen Dr. Eugene Coyle Dr. Richard Dandeneau Michael Davis Howard Dubner Bryce Dunham Dr. Granville Fisher James Foley John Galbraith Dr. Armin Gropp Dr. Robert Hively Donald Kubit Gary Martin William Mclaughlin Father Henry Minich George Mitchell Dr. Jack Painter Jan Parsons William Sheeder Warren Spaeth Dr. Henry King Stanford Lanny Streeter Dr. Charlton Tebeau Dr. James Vadakin CHONTES u n i VG i s hontes Society . . . founded at the University of Miami in 1962 . . . recognizes University men who have contributed outstanding leadership and service to the Men ' s Residence Halls Association . . . membership includes graduate and undergraduate students, faculty and staff . . . aids the residence halls in planning workshops, leadership retreats and providing counseling services . . . assists the IBIS yearbook in advertisement and distribution . . . helps sponsor the annual MRHA initiation and awards banquet . . . name of the organization comes from the Greek and means leadership, initiative and service . . . I ' L I ' ihTi. " " es Attebery . . . mw - . President Arthur Choate Vice-President Albert Fagant Secretary-Treasurer James C. Grimm Advisor Roy Aerts Rick Artman Elliott Brooks Richard Burt David Butcher Dr. William Butler Tom Carey Donald Carignan Dean Cronin James Day ft | Richard DeQuatn Elliot Fabric Harold Fields Phil Gazan Robert Holmes Edward Hughes David Islitzer Guy Johnson Robert Keiser James Kimball . : .HO Richard Knigt Robert Lineen Charles Lynch James MacDonald Robert Mills John Milne Paul Orehovac Jeff Page Lawrence Pasquit Carl Retinget Joel Rudy! William Sandier Richard Scholtz Elliott Server Donald Spurlock Dr. Henry King Stanf Thomas Stewart Richard Streeter Harry Thieme - vv. B EPSILON TAU LAMBDA Epsilon Tau Lambda . . . organized to honor the scholastic achievements of adult students . . . encourages scholarly ideals and promotes fellowship among those dedicated to " Education Through Life " . . . eligibility is based upon a 3.0 cumulative average for 30 semester hours in study at the L ni er?it or Miami . . . candidates must be 30 years of age . . . members are classi- fied in four groups: active, honorary, associate and inactive . . . activities include sponsoring guest speakers . . . annual initiation banquet for new members . . . actives number one hundred thirty at present . . . 1 - JH Suzette S. Pope President Courtney Granger. Vice-President Lane Coleman Recording Secretary Mary Jo Morton Corresponding Secretary Frank Anderson Treasurer Drs. Gerit and Edith Schipper Sponsors Sorma K. Rachel Abramowitz Tamara Fani Abrarm r. M. Robert Allen line S. Aren Consuela Arostequi Bell V. Arquinzoni Dr. Melvin L. Becker Louise Bradtke Alice F. Breeding Nancv E. Brooks Laura S. Burgess Linda L. Bver William A. Byrd, Jr. George t. Cadman Virginia M. Carpenter lean Ho l Carson aBttv Cassac Nick C. Cernautan Beatrice Clark Cmdr. Uilbur P. Coll Barbara L. Conl Beulah Cypress Sara Gooke David Anne Margaret Davis Gwendoline de Castro Nancy A. Dohlin Elise O. Drummond Grace DuKViffBV Adrian Anthonv Dunn Mar Ellis ,ther Brooke Engle Carl A. Engman Irene Celeste Fell Hilma H. Fisher Rebecca M. Fisher Kenneth Earl Fox S l ia Fox Pedro M. Gallinar Wanda Gartner Peggy |. Gibble Mildred C. Goldweber Antonieta F. Gorrin Dr. Gerald G. Cvorchin Rov Westley Hamblin Genevieve D. Hav Joanne K. Hecker Fred Woli Heineman Bertha Bryan Henderson Carlos Hernandez Nan H. Hiers Beatrice Hill Geraldine L. Hipp Sarah Helen Hoo Ruth P. Hull O e William Jensen Cecelia Joffee Gloria Dunn Johnson Corinne Kamelhair Frances Maxine Kaufman Rachel Kent Marta R. Kknekom Irvvin Kruger Clarence Langer Genevieve O. Larsen Hugh Le Blanc George Lennox Clyde Bradman Mathura Joan Mayhew Frank McGinn Joan S. McNutt Harriet L. Miller Marv Agnes Monnich Christina W. Needham Mary W. Nichols Phillips E. Nichols Enid Oxle Joseph W. Palmer. Jr. Charlotte A. Polizzi Elaine Cohen Porter Stewart Quinn Willard F. Ray Marilyn Fulham Reed James F. Richards Mabel Richardson Fr. Thomas A. Robinson Belle G. Rockwav Elinor Ka Rosbaugh Dr. Melanie R. Rosborough Lucky G. Roscoe Naomi S. Rosenberg (Catherine P. Rosenblatt Everett Rosenstein Marilyn Ross )eane Rothseiden Norma H. Schmidt Barbara Schoenfeldt Martha Moore Scott Caroline R. Shellenberger Naomi Shuch Barbara Shugerman Renate Skinner Barbara B. Smith Elizabeth I. Smith Nancy Jayne Smith W alkvria Steele Rose T. Steinberg Carmen G. Suarez Goldie Sugar Jane C. Tallman Daniel A. Tarullo Nan P. Tarullo Margaret Jane Thomas Lillian P. Tingler Luis Vazquez Barbara A. Walker Bemice M. Walton Barbara T. Weinkle Virginia White Marva K. Wilbur Art Willens Martha M. Wodric ' Thelma W. Wolper Margaret Wurst IRON ARROW Iron Arrow . . . founded here in 1926 by Dr. Bowman Foster Ashe, first president of the Univer- sity . . . purpose is to recognize men who have rendered truly notable service to the University . . . Indian jackets and tom-tom drums . . . the most impressive tapping ceremony of the University ' s tradition . . . activities this year include sponsoring the President ' s Reception at 1968 Residence Hall . . . Homecoming and Carni Gras formal procession . . . dedication of Medical School . . . Institute of Marine Science Installation banquet . . . rededication of Ashe Building in May . . . John E. Leatherwood, Ml Chief Robert S. Seguin Son of Chief Stephen J. Hill Medicine Man David Wike Faculty Advisor Dr. Taylor R. Alexander Barry Allen Dr. M. Robert Allen Dr. Clifford C. Alloway Martin Arostegui Richard Artman Jamie S. Barkin Dr. Stojan A. Bayitch Dr. John R. Beery David Best Mathew Borek Robert Brodie Wilfred H. Charlton Arthur B. Choate Tony Cline Eugene E. Cohen Alan G. Cotzin Patrick J. Cramer Donald J. Curnutt Dr. Richard Dandeneau Ben E. David C. Bryce Dunham Richard Dunn David DuPuy Dr. Cesare Emiliani John Emm Dr. Shepard M. Faber John A. Fiske Dr. Sidney Fox William Gilchrist, Jr. Michael Gonzalez-Pando Dr. William G. Heuson Hector I. Hirigoyen Dr. Simon Hochberger Dr. W. Ivan Hoy James C. Keegan ' alter Kichefski Dr. C. Harold King Thadius J. Koch, Jr. Otto J. Kraushaar Richard D. Kreske George C. Lachat Richard Lamos Mark L. Lamp! Arthur Laskey Dr. Richard H. Lee Dr. William F. Lee Dale A. Lewis Dr. Carlos R. Lombardo Dr. Eli Larson Dr. J. Calvin Leonard Dr. Frank B. Lucas A. Rodney Mandelstam Robert A. Mann Dr. Murray I. Mantell Dr. Carl E.B. McKenry, Jr. Dr. Archie L. McNeal Fred W. McCall, Jr. Dr. John I. McCollum, Jr. Dr. Samuel P. Messer Jack A. Metzger Dr. E. Morton Miller Warren Miller Rev. Henry N.F. Minich Fred M. Morris Dr. Frank Moya Paul Nagel, Jr. Vester Newcomb Dr. Edward Norton David Ornstein Dr. J. Riis Owre George H. Paff Leroy Pearce Marvin J. Randall Dr. Jack A. Reynolds Richard I. Ridenhour Dr. John K. Robinson Dr. Morris Rockstein Jon Rose Robert Rosen Dr. J. Everett Royer William B. Russell Dr. Gary I. Salzman Dr. Gerrit Schipper Dr. F.G. Walton Smith George W. Smith Sim J. Smith, Jr. Dr. Willis E. Smith Dr. Henry King Stanford Larry H. Snyder Juan Manuel Sorondo Stephen L. Stern Rick Strawbridge Dr. Charles F. Tate, Jr. Charles W. Tate Rod Taylor Dr. Charlton W. Tebeau John M. Trousdale Dr. Carroll V. Truss Dr. James C. Vadakin Benjamin B. Walters Marc Watson Richard Wheeler Dr. H. Franklin Williams Dr. Thomas J. Wood I - MORTAR BOARD National Mortar Board . . founded in 1 J18 at Swarthmore Col- lege . Nu Kappa Tau Chapter installed at the University Miami in 1945 . . purpose is to promote college loyalty a : ad ance the spirit of fellowship among university wome recognizes and encourages high standards of scholarshi, leadership . . . qualifications for initiation include 3.0 cumula- tive average and upper junior standing . . sponsors the annual High School Leadership Conference in conjunction with ODK . . . also sponsors the Student Activities Handbook each fall . I Mi W i - Kf Smith i I r:-: ,|t. ttai ! I in m Sally Kunkle President Suzanne Solberg Vice-President Carolyn Sonnen . . . Recording Secretary Mireya Babun Corresponding Secretary Zan Kaplan Treasurer Mrs. Reginald Brett Mrs. Evelyn Helmick Mrs. Louise Mills . Advisors Linda Sue Bogan Jane Marie Brenton Linda Enz Barbara Freitag Cindy Hill Penny Millard Linda Nedzinski Rebecca Jane Poston Susan Reed Sharyn Lee Sudduth : v. OMEGA ational Order of Omega . . established at the University of Miami in 1959 . . . sole purpose is to honor Greeks . . . membership consists of faculty, administration and those brothers of the University ' s fourteen fraternities who have contributed outstandingly to the Creek system, the campus and the community . . . members are elected twice yearly . . . candidates for initiation must be alumni or active in a fraternity . . . 2.0 cumulative average . . minimum junior status . . . Omega activities include assisting IFC in its campus and community projects . . . Robert Sequin President David Seymour Vice-President Lew Freeman Secretary John Pendleton Treasurer Father Henry Minnich Advisor William Abrash Edward Akacki Martin Arostegui Richard Bergman Scott Bressler Thomas Buist Walter Etting Ray Kaspar George Lachat Mark Lampl Robert Mann Jeffrey Orloff Douglass Quinn Robert Rosen Marshal Rosenberg Robert Shields Richard B. Wheeler OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Omicron Delta Kappa . . . national leadership honor society . . . formed to recognize the achieve- ment of exemplary qualities of leadership and scholarship in men . . . membership is awarded to undergraduate junior and senior men, to facultx and administration . . . initiates must have 2.8 cumulative average and display genuine fellowship and discriminatory service in campus life . . . assists the University in carrying out important functions . , . co-sponsors the annual High School Leadership Converence in conjunction with Mortar Board . . . traditional sponsor of Homecoming . . . Robert Rosen President Richard Artman V ice-President Dr. W. Ivan Hoy Faculty Secretary Fred Hillman Treasurer Dr. Charles F. Tate, Jr Advisor [ imSa STUDENTS Michael Abrams George Adams Martin Arostegui Jamie Barkin David Best Nelson Castellano Bruce Chalker Arthur Choate James Dean Benjamin DeQuattro Robert Dorlon Richard Dunn John Emm Elliot Fabric Jon Ferdinand Robert E. Ferencik, Jr. lames Gwin Robert Hart Hector Hirigoyen Craig Jensen Daniel Kane Maurice Labelle George Lachet Richard Lamos Mark Lampl John E. Leatherwood III Warren Miller Malcolm Neuwahl Steven Oppenheim David Omstein John Pendleton Raymond Powers Hugh Quinn Thomas Rebel Charles Richard Rolando Sablon Robert Shields Lewis Silverman Stephen Stern David Stoler Rod Taylor " r I. FACULTY and ADMINISTRATION Dr. Tavlor Alexander Dr. M. Robert Allen Dr. Clifford Alloway Paul Apt Dr. Strojan Bayitch K. Malcolm Beat Dr. John BeecuMM Matthew Borek Dr. Ralph Bover Dr. William Butler Wilfred Charlton Dr. James Cle g Eugene Cohen Ben Da id James DeLong Bryce Dunham Or. Shepard Faber farl Fien r. Granville Fisher r. Thomas Flipse i. Neil Freeman r. Gerald Govorchin . Armin Gropp drew Gustafson Dr. Uilliam Heuson Or. Clarence Idvll Walter Kichefski Dr. Harold King Dr. William C Knopf Dale Lewis Dr. Mur ray Mantell Fred McCall Dr. John McCollum Dr. Carl McKenry Dr. Archie Me Meal Samuel Messer Dr. E. Morton Miller Dr. Alfred Mills Dr. Frank Mo a Dr. Daniel Murray V ' ester Newcornb Dr. Grover Not ' zel Dr. J. Riis Ovvre Arthur Phillips Harry Price Dr. Jack Reynolds Dr. John Robinson Dr. J. Everett Rover Dr. Douglas Saperstein Marshall Saperstein Dr. Gerrit Schipper Jackson Sells William Shea William Sheeder Dr. F.G. Walton Smith George Smith Dr. Stanley Smith Dr. Edward Sofen Hugh Sowards Dr. Henry King Stanford Charles Tate Dr. Charlton Tebeau Thomas Thomas Dr. Carroll Truss Dr. James Vadakin David Wike Thomas Wills Dr. H. Franklin Williams Dr. Thomas Wood Dr. Howard Zacur ORANGE KEY )range Key . . . originally instituted in 1960, now being re-organized after two years of inactivity . . . recognizes outstanding undergraduate student leaders . . . serves to encourage and promote student leadership and interest in campus life ... membership is open to freshmen and sophomores who have a 2.5 cumulative average . . . formal tappings, election of officers and service activities soon to be resumed . . . If ' tA it _ Jfl i ' X : tekW B Howard Winniman Advisor Debbie Aronson Scott Bressler Alexander Bukhair William Council John Crawford Robert Drake Robert Dorian John Emm Mary Fiksel Lou Freeman Carol Hall Nancy Handler Mark Krasnow Sue McCarthy Shara Pavlow Ira Pollack Vernon Tremb Robyn Waltman Stu Weiss ira JL s;. PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma . . . national freshman scholastic honor society . . . encourages and rewards high scho- lastic attainment among first-year men in colleges and universities across the country ... a 3.5 cu- mulative average is required for initiation . . . the fraternity has provided a number of valuable ser- vices to the University since its inception . . . instituted the first campus lectures which have developed into a major annual activity . . . established and sponsored the first Honor ' s Da . . . major function is the distribution of the ' How to Study " booklet during freshmen orient Ronald Delans President John Benedict Secretary Marwood Anderson Treasurer John Benedict Historian Dr. J. Ben Stalvey Faculty Advisor Francisco Angones Donald Barren Benjamin DeQuattro George Eisman Barry Fleisher James Flinn Gary Fox Charles French Sheldon Goldstein David Hinds Steven Jarett Mark Krasnow Eric Mellencamp Wayne Morris Scott Nadel Richard Patterson Eugenio Pickardo Anthony Pietrofesol Jeffrey Rich Craig Richer! Dennis Scott Terry Schricher David Shields Marshall Tashman Walter William Lenwood Woodbury Steven Wuest KAP Phi Kappa Phi ... the highest intellectual and scholastic honor at the University of Miami . . . " the love of learning rules the world " . . . fosters the significant purposes for which institutions higher learning have been established . . . members are selected from all academic depart- ents . . . only those students with a 3.5 cumulative average are tapped . . . juniors must be in ,e top five percent of their class . . . seniors in the top twelve percent . . . graduate students, culty and administration members may also qualify . . . initiation ceremonies are held twice yearly . . . FALL AND SPRI Sonia Alcazar Ana Alejandro Mary Alloway John Alterman Charles Arnett Barry Asm us William Atwill Jeffrey Augenstein Peter Baljet Lesley Barling Susana Benezra Joseph Bergnes, Jr. Harvery Bernstein David Best Allan Bloom Ronald Bradshaw Donald Bzdyl Robert Cardullo Charlotte Cassorla Ralph Cerrato Bruce Chalker Helen Charney Charles Citrin Dennis Clark Renee Cooley Joanna Cruse Carol Cubberley Beulah Cypress Andres Delgado Octavio Delgado Linda Divincenzo Helen Donnell Steven Ecker Livia Foyo Susan Froehling Maria Gale Maurice Garcia Manuel Garcia-Fidalgo Gayle Glatzer Edward Golden Jf L Dr. E. Morton Miller K .- 4k ; " President Dr. H. Franklin Williams President-Elect William Page Student Vice-President Benjamin F. Thorn Treasurer Blake King Journal Correspondent G INITIATES, 1969 Gary Goldmark Allyn Golub William Gonyea Courtney Granger Dorothy Greene Judith Greene Mark Greene John M. Harding Samuel Harris Dayna Hart Freddie Hillman W. Ivan Hoy Barbara Hymes Craig Jensen Henry Kahn Zan Tamar Kaplan Karen Kay Rac hel Kent Monte Klein Rosalind Kurland Behram Kursunoglu Oanh-Liet Sanh Lieu Myatt S. Lipscomb, Jr. Marguerite Lloyd Myron Lubell Ivan Major Carole Marcus Francis Marshall Richard Merkin David Michelson Philip Mirmelli Julia Morton Oliver Murray Malcolm Neuwahl Winthrop Nystrom Gloria Otazo Enid Oxley Katherine Ownbey Olga Pader William Page Frances Parker Emile Pearce John Pendleton Suzette Pope Raymond Powers Francis Pridgen Alice Puyot Sharon Rapaport Peter Ray Angela Reuben Jonathan Rose Marilyn Ross Mark Roth Beverly Rowan Frances Sachs Barry Schlenker Betty Schmidt Alan Sherman Joel Siegel Saul Silverman Jack Smith Carol Stanley J. Harold Stanley Eyda Suarez Russell T. Swain, Jr. Kathryn Sweeney Alan Torppa Edward Waldron Eileen Weller Paul Zilioli Diane Zimmerman WHO ' S WHO Who ' s Who Among Students . . . founded in 1934 . . . purpose is to recognize those outstanding college students who have distinguished themselves through service to their university and the community . . . candidates are officially recommended by their university and then selected by the organization . . . students are selected on the basis of high scholarship, leadership, cit- izenship, and a promise of future accomplishment . . . must be juniors or seni one thousand colleges and universities across the nation are represented in Who ' s is an honor that students can be proud of throughout their lives . . . aport to se ,s George Adams, Jr. Rick Artmai J)avid Best Brenda Blumin Michael Braz Patrick Cramer Donald Curnutt Robert Dorian Harold Fields Mary Fiksel Craig Gorson Alicia Groves David Halberg Minette Halprin Katrina Hampel Stephen Hill Daniel Kane James Kimball Sally Kunkle Roberta Lacritz Veda Levin Norman Manasa Timothy Meany Warren Miller Paul Orehovec Margaret Peek John Pendleton Lawrence Pyle Eliott Server Barbara Smaliridge Suzanne Solberg Vincent Strawbridge Larry H. Snyder Rodney Taylor John Trousdale Suzanne Venhorst Stu Weiss James Yasser ijin, F ' enev Iron nnjn WHO ' S WHCH 3MON6 L STUDNTS, SENIOR INDEX ABASCAL, MARIA LUISA ABAY, ALEXANDER Newman Club ABIANTUS, ANTONIO ABRAMS, PETER F. Zeta Beta Tau, President, Intermural Swim Champion, Intramural Pool, Human Relations Committee member ACOSTA, WILLIAM M. University Service Organization, Homecoming Committee, Dean ' s List ADAIR, ROBERT C. Lambda Chi Alpha, Intramural Assistant ADAIR, WILLIAM JR. ADAMS, GEORGE FYKE |R. Tau Beta Pi, President, Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Eta Sigma, Florida Engineering Society, President and Vice President, Engineer- ing School Activities Committee, Presi- dent, Miami Engineer Magazine, Cir- culation Manager, Dean ' s List, I.E.E.E., Vice President, Pi Mu Epsilon, Who ' s Who among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges ADAMS, MARY LEE Gamma Sigma Sigma, Vice President, and Secretary ADLER, STEVEN JOHN AIELLO, GREGORY S. Dean ' s List, French Club AKACKI, EDWARD VINCENT Sigma Phi Epsilon ALAYON-ACOSTA, VIVIAN M. Beta Alpha Psi, Dean ' s List ALBERS, SUSAN Alpha Delta Pi, U. of M. Hostess, Vice President and Treas- urer ALBERS, PAUL M. ALBRIGHT, RONALD ). Ping Pong Club ALEMAN, FRANCISCO R. ALEXANDER, JAMES G. Delta Sigma Pi, Dean ' s List ALI, LUAY B. Organization of Arab Students AL-KHABBAZ, ABDULAZIZ ALLEN, BARRY SAMUEL Delta Theta Mu, Dean ' s List, Honors Program, Iron Arrow ALLEN, JEFFREY ALTHOUSE, STEPHEN J. Dean ' s List ALTMAN, MARSHA Kappa Delta Pi, Hillel Foundation, Dean ' s List, A. C.E.I. ALVAREZ, ANA MARIA ALVAREZ, EMILO FRANCISCO Beta Alpha Psi, Dean ' s List ALVAREZ, RICARDO-GUAYNABO ALWEISS, ALAN L. Beta Beta Mu, Economics Club, Marketing Club, Man- agement Club, Young Democrats AMANN, JOHN H. AMAZON, SHERRY L. ANDERSON, RICHARD K. Alpha Kappa Psi ANDERSON, THOMAS MICHAEL American Marketing Association ANDERSON, GENE CURTIS Sigma Chi, Inter-fraternity Council, Treas- urer, Greek Week Chairman, Sigma Chi President ANDREWS, HAROLD DOUGLAS Dean ' s List ANDREWS, ROBERT THOMAS ANGULO, ANDRES R. ANSINGH, CARL D. Sigma Phi Ep- silon, Secretary APPLEBAUM, FREDRICA LEE Dean ' s List, Sigma Alpha Eta, Treasurer, Phi Lambda Pi APPLEBAUM, RAY CARTER Alpha Epsilon Pi ARCAINI, RONALD DOMINIC Dean ' s List ARENDT, DANIEL JOHN President of Adams House ARENSON, TONI ARMSTRONG, TED ARNOLD, MELVIN DENNIS JR. ARNOW, JEAN ELIZABETH Phi Delta Pi ARONSON, DONNA Theta Mu, Dean ' s List JEAN Delta ARTMAN, RICHARDS. Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Dean ' s List, Archontes Society, Scabbard and Blade, Army ROTC SAM Forensic Soc- ASHENOFSKY, iety ASSACHI, G. HOSSEIN ASTOR, DORIS ROBERTA ASVAINTRA, LAKSAN A ATKINS, DAVID W. AUSTIN, ROBERT M. JR. Alpha Delta Sigma, American Marketing Associa- tion AYERS, LANA H. BABUN, MIREYA Sigma Alpha lota, Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Lambda BACKER, MARJORIE SUE Gamma Sigma Sigma; President, N.A.E.A., Re- sident Advisor BAHIEN, NGUYEN Tau Beta Pi, H.K.N. 8AIRD, JANET LOUISE Delta Zeta, American Marketing Association BACKER, DIANE FAY Delta Phi Ep- silon, Little Sister of the Shield, A.W.S. Floor Representative BAKER, JOANNE ROUNTREE BALUK, BETSY JANE BAN, ANDREW Sigma Alpha Mu, American Marketing Association, Alpha Sigma Delta BANKS, SUE ANN Beta Alpha Psi, Gamma Sigma Sigma BARAN, SUSAN PATRICIA Delta Zeta; Treasurer, Angel Flight, Home- coming Committee, Chairman, Pan- hellenic BARBER, WILLIAM JOHN BARKER, MARILYN Commuter Bowl- ing League BARLOW, JOY deMARTIS Delta Gamma BARNES, ELAINE KARIN German Club, Zeta Tau Alpha BARRETT, MARY SUE AC E.I. BASCH, SUSAN B. A.C.E.I. BAROUKH, FRANCOIS JOSEPH BASKIN, BONITA LEE Delta Phi Ep- silon, A.W.S., U.M. Hostess, 730 East Representative, Dean ' s List BASSETT, RICHARD BERNARD BAUMWALD, MARILYN B. Dean ' s List, Alpha Lambda Delta, Psi Chi BEAL, RICHARD ALAN Phi Eta Sig- ma, Scabbard and Blade, Economics Club, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Dis- tinguished Military Student, Dean ' s List BASSETT, RICHARD BERNARD BAUMWALD, MARILYN B. Dean ' s List, Alpha Lambda Delta, Psi Chi BEAL, RICHARD ALAN Phi Eta Sig- ma, Scabbard and Blade, Economics Club, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Dis- tinguished Military Student, Dean ' s List BEATRICE, WILLIAM JR. Phi Theta Kappa, Epsilon Tau Lambda, Dean ' s List BECH, JOSE MARTIN BECK, FILENE JOAN BECKMEYER, KARL REED Kappa Sigma; Secretary, Pre-Legal Society; Treasurer, Young Republican ' s So- ciety, Philosophy Club, Kappa Sigma; Outstanding Scholar Award, Greek Thymes; writer BEDARD, GAIL ANN Secretary for IBIS Yearbook BEECROFT, DIANA BEINTEMA, WILLIAM J. BELL, MARTIN STANLEY BELZER, DORIANN ANTELIS BENITEZ, FERRER RAUL BENNET, HEATHER GAIL Intercon- tinental Club; Secretary, Council of International Students Organization; Secretary, Collegiate Council for the United Nations; Secretary BENNETT, DONNA BENSON, HORACE LYNN JR. BERGER, BRUCE BERGLUND, SONIA KRISHNA BERGMAN, RICHARD H. Tau Epsi- lon Phi; President, Treasurer, Executive Council, Inter-Fraternity Council, Ju- nior Class Representative to U.S.G., Miami Engineer; Advertisement Man- ager BERGOVOY, HELEN L. Dean ' s List BERK, PENNY JANE BERK, RICHARD C. Zeta Beta Tau, Dean ' s List BERKLEY, JOAN F. BERKOWITZ, MEL BERLIN, BARBARA BERLIN, MADELINE BERMAN, HELENE BERMAN, JEFFREY Delta Sigma Pi, I.B.O.C., Dean ' s List BERMAN, ROBERT ALAN Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Epsilon Pi, American Marketing Association, Intramurals; football, baseball BERMAN, RUTH AUGUST BERMAN, STEVEN ERIC Sigma Alpha Eta; President BERNARD, MICHAEL DAVID BERNARD, STEVEN F. Homecoming Committee BERND, RENA SUZANNE Chi Ome- ga; President, Activities Chairman, Soc- ial and Civic Service Chairman, His- torian, Derby Day Chairman, Gamma Alpha Chi; Treasurer; Panhellenic Council, Greek Week Committee, Pres- ident ' s Council of Panhellenic, Greek Lines, Women ' s World; Associate Edi- tor BERNSTEIN, ANDREA JOYCE BERNSTEIN, DEBRA ROBIN N.A.E.A. BERRY, EVERETT WEBSTER III Sig- ma Chi, Freshman Baseball BERSON, ANDREA WYN Sigma Alpha lota BERSON, NEAL E. House Governor, M.R.H.A. BEST, DAVID JAMES Iron Arrow, Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Beta Pi; Vice-President, Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Commander, Arnold Air Society, Aero Space Of- ficers, Dean ' s List BEST, LON M. Dena ' s List, Phi Sigma Delta, University Forum, Carni Gras Committee BESTARD, FERNANDO LUIS Chem- istry Club, Association of Cuban Stu- dents BETANCOURT, CARLOS A. Ameri- can Institute of Industrial Engineers BICH, SAN TRAN BICKFORD, CAROL SANDRA Resi- dent Advisor BIDER, CHERRYLL LYNN Young Democrats, Secretary, IBIS Yearbook BIENER, CLARK J. BIERMAN, WILLIAM Photographer; IBIS Yearbook, Hurricane BILZIN, ELLEN D. A.C.E.I. BIMPSON, EDWARD JOSEPH BIRNBAUM, GERALD B. Governor; Blank House, Wilson House, Gov- ernor ' s Election Board, Program Coun- cil BIRNBAUM, WENDY ANN BISHOP, KATHARINE SUSANNE Dean ' s List BLACK, MARGARET M. Kappa Kappa Gamma, U.M. Hostess, Inter- fraternity Council Hostess, R.O.T.C. Princess BLAIR, WILLIAM R. BLANCO, HERRERA BERTA BLAZQUEZ, PEDRO GUSTAVO BLINSKI, DARRYK JAY Chemistry Club BLONDET, LINDA MARIE Newman dub, N.E.A. BLUME, HOWARD L. Zeta Beta Tau BLUMETHAL, SARIDA Phi Sigma Sigma BODISM, JARETLA DELORIS BOGAN, LINDA Panhellenic; Vice President. Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents at American Colleges and Uni- versities, Mortar Board. Rho Lambda; Secretary-Treasurer. Sigma Delta Tau; Secretary. Union Board of Governors, Women ' s Disciplinary Committee, Men ' s Disciplinary Committee, Dean ' s List, Election Board, Mary B. Merritt Citation BOHLKE, LINDA DIANE BOLET, GILDA BOLLINGER, CHARLENE M. Fencing Club, Campus Crusade BOLNER, GEORGE E. BONACORSA, JOSEPH KEVIN BONDI, ROBERT JOSEPH BONUS, KEVIN SIEBER BOSCHETTI, DALE CAT BOSSAK, WILLIAM STEPHEN Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pre- Medical Honorary, Delta Theta Mu. University Services Organizations, Circle K, Chemistry Club BOWIES, WHITNEY III. Alpha Kappa Psi BOWMAN, STEVEN G. BOYD, JOSEPH ROBERT BOYER, SANDRA JILL BOZORTH, CRAIG BRANDT, ROBERT A. BRAVERMAN, BERNARD BRENTON, JANE MARIE Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mortar Board, Orange Key, Panhellenic Council, R.O.T.C. Princess, Junior Varsity Cheerleader BREWER, NANCY ELAINE BRICKMAN, MARK W. Manage- ment Club. University Lecture Series Committee BRIGGLE, SHAWN Christian Science Organization. French Club, Men ' s Glee Club BRILL, LILA CIRANO Phi Lambda Pi BRINDLEY, JAMES H. Hurricane Skiers, Young Democrats, French Club BRISSON, WILLIAM FRANCIS Dean ' s List BRITTON, WILLIAM L. BRODIE, MARGOT KRISTINE BRONK, RALPH S. Marketing Club BROOKS, ELLIOT ROGER BROUSSARD, DANIEL PHILIP BROWARNIK, ROSS GARY Alpha Delta Sigma, American Marketing As- sociation BROWN, DOUGLAS GAUNT BROWN, HAROLD WILLIAM BROWN, )ONATHON D. Zeta Beta Tau BROWN, PAUL G. Zeta Beta Tau; President BROWN, THOMAS FRANK Resident Advisor, Varsity Soccer BROWN, WILLIAM F. JR. BROWNE, ALAN R. BROWNELL, WILLIAM BOWKER Tau Kappa Epsilon BROWNING, MARTHA FRANCES BROWNSTEIN, DONALD BUCHINSKI, JOSEPH C. Varsity Football BUNKER, CHARLES G. BUNTEN, DIANE SHAW BURD, JANICE DUTCHER BURGER, WILLIAM EARL Soccer, House Governor, Debate Team; Co- Captain, lai Alai Club BUTLER, SHIRLEY ANN U.B.S., Black Sisters for Progress BUTTRAM, STEVIA SUE BUXTON, PAMELA BETTIE N.A.E.A. BZDYL, DONALD Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta Mu CABRERA, EDGAR |OSE CABRERA, LILLIAN Dean ' s List CABRERA, TERESA LUCRECIA A.C. E.I., Dean ' s List CADWELL, RAY HENRY Sigma Chi, Marching Band, Concert Band CALLAHAN, KATHLEEN CALLEIAS, OSCAR B. CALVERT, PHYLLIS D. Marching Band, Little Sister of Alpha Tau Omega, Tau Beta Sigma CAMPBELL, BRUCE C. CANTILLO, ADRIANA YOLAND Chemistry Club; Secretary CANTRELL, DENNIS DALE Varsity Basketball CAPIAS ALAN M. CARBONEL, LINDA SUE Gamma Sigma Sigma; Secretary, Summons Program CARBON ELL, MARTA A. Dean ' s List CARLES, KERIMA T. CARLIN, STUART R. Dean ' s List CARNEY, (AMES PAUL CARR, LAWRENCE F. Sigma Phi Ep- silon; President, Vice-President, Out- standing Fraternity Man 67-68 CARR, MARGARET Gamma Theta Epsilon, Little Sister of Sigma Phi Ep- silon; President, Hall Representative CARRILLO, RAUL I CARRINGTON, ELLEN Dean ' s List CARROLL, FRANK R. Photographer; Miami Hurricane. Delta Sigma Pi; President CARTUS, DIANE Chi Omega; Social Chairman, Vice-President, Little Sister of Pi Kappa Alpha, Pep dub; Vice- President CARUANA, MARY JANE Symphony Orchestra, Cello Ensemble. Concert Choir, Sigma Alpha lota CASSEL, DANIEL S. CASTILLO, KATHLEEN MARIE CAVALIER, DENNIS ALAN Alpha Kappa Psi, Management Club CEDAR, PEGGY JOAN CETTA, THOMAS W. A.S.C.E., M.R.H.A. CHALKER, BRUCE EDWARD Dean s List, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Theta Mu, Beta Beta Beta, Sailing Club, Intra- murals. Phi Kappa Phi CHAMBERS, PHILIP MILTON CHAMES, ROSALYN Dean s List. Israeli Club CHAVEZ, OMAR ANGEL Pi Sigma, Dean ' s List CHENELLE, HECTOR H. French Club CHEPENIK, GAIL G. Alpha Epsilon Phi. President, Alpha Epsilon Phi; Vice- President. Rush Chairman. Dean ' s List CHIN, PETER S. CIRULNICK, GERRY ALLEN Dean ' s List CLARK, JAMES W. CLARK, WARREN EDWARD Sigma Alpha Epsilon, I.F.C Scholarship Chairman, Intramurals CLAY, LOUISE S. Sigma Kappa; Vice- President, Panhellenic Representative, Christian Science Organization; Vice- President, Secretary-Treasurer, French Club, Minnie Hoffman Ross Interfaith Scholarship CLAYMAN, IONATHON Phi Epsi- lon Pi CLISSOLD, PENN T. Sailing Club Dean ' s List COE, DONNA JEAN Dean ' s List, Drama Guild, Alpha Psi, Omega COERTNIK, WILLIAM M. B S E E Dean ' s List, Eta Kappa Nu. Pi Mu Ep- silon COHEN, ANITA IRIS A.C.E.I., Phi Sigma Sigma, Hillel, Young Demo- ctats COHEN, BENNETT N. Resident Ad- visor, House Governor COHEN, DANIEL C. Intramurals COHEN, EDWARD E. COHEN, GAIL COHEN, GERI JANE A.C E.I. COHEN, HARRIET S. COHEN, HENRIETTA Gamma Sigma Sigma; Vice-President, Dean ' s List COHEN, JAN YVETTE Alpha Epsilon COHEN, RONALD A. Karate Club COHEN, SHARON RENE A.C.E.I., Town Girls COHEN, VEDA LESLIE Dean ' s List, A.W.S., 730 East Council, U.M. Hos- tess, U.S.G., Hillel COLEMAN, HOWARD HENRY COLLINS, ANNE MARIE COLLINS, JAMES R. COLLINS, WILLIAM TERRY COLEMAN, JOHN J. Sailing Club COLTRIN, MARK STEVEN COMPAIN, OSCAR R. CONA, PAUL CHARLES CONRAD, ELAINE SHARON Dean ' s List, Drama Guild CONSAGRA, PAULA CONST ANTIN, EDWARD COOLEY, RENEE JANEEN Phi Kappa Phi, Dean ' s List CORPION, CARMEN G. Dean s List COSTOYA, DOMINGO HIRAM COTO, CARLOS O. I.F.C, U.S.O.. Sigma Chi COTTON, CAROLE COULTON, EDWARD I. Delta Sigma Pi COWAN, LEON BENJAMIN U M Sports Car Club; President CRANSHAW, JOHN ARTHUR CRIMI, SYLVESTER JOHN CRONIN, DEAN V. Soccer Team, Baseball Team, Intramurals CUADRA, EMILIO |. Deans List. H.K.N. CUBER, JAMES JOSEPH CUC, PHAM THI CUENCA, JUDITH CAROL CURA LUIS ALBERTO CURCIO, PETER S. Phi Delta Theta CURNUTT, DONALD JOE Varsity Basketball, Iron Arrow, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univer- sities and Colleges CURTIN, JOHN P. Dean ' s List CURTIS, BETTY D. CURTIS, ROBERT J. Dean ' s List CUTLER, NORMAN L. CZAKO, JOSE IGNACIO Pi Sigma CZAYA, RICHARD DACEY, DONALD Debating Team, Management Club DACQUISTO, CINDY Delta Delta Delta, Corresponding Secretary, Ser- vices Project Chairman, Marshal I.F.C. Hostess, Sigma Chi Sweetheart Court DAGNELLI, RAYMOND D ' ALBA, ALAN Alpha Epsilon Pi DALEY, FREDERICK JOSEPH Kappa Sigma; Treasurer DALY, DOROTHY ELLEN DANCHES, WILLIAM C. Tau Kappa Epsilon DANER, MARY LOUISE Newman Club DANIELS, KAREN DANZICER, LILLIAN RUTH Women ' s Business Association; President, Amer- ican Marketing Association DARWISH, ESSAM Organization of Arab Students, Ping Pong Intermurals, American Society of Civil Engineers DAVIS, BARBARA JEWEL Concert Choir, M.E.N.C. DAVIS, LYNN SPENCER Kappa Kappa Gamma DAVIS, MARGARITA 8. Chemistry Club DAVIS, REACON KYLE Sigma Nu DAVIS, WILLIAM GEORGE Alpha Tau Omega, Junior Interfraternity Council Representative DAVITT, DAVID FRANK DAWRY, FRANK PETER Environment Club, Intramural Football, Handball, and Volleyball DAWSON, FLORENCE C. Inter-con- tinental Club; Secretary, Japanese and American Club; Secretary, Miami Engineer; Secretary, Gamma Theta Upsilon DECKER, WILLIAM H. DECOSTA, WILLIAM DeLEON, FELIPE ERNESTO DeLERMA, CARLOTA German Club, Chemistry Club DELGADO, OCTAVIO A. Phi Kappa Phi, Dean ' s List DELGADO, VICTOR MANUAL DELLAPA, GARY |. DELPACE, DONALD E. JR. DELSANDRO, PAUL ROBERT Phi Delta Theta; Intermurals DELUCA, CHARLES L. DENNER, JERRY DAVID Alpha Kap- pa Psi DENNIS, DOUGLAS RUSSELL Fresh- man Basketball DENNIS, ROBERT BANIGAN DENNIS, WAYNE E. A. I. A. DeQUATTRO, RICHARD DeROSE, ANN M. Phi Lambda Pi, Dean ' s List DeSALVO, PATRICIA A.W.S., Hall Representative, Food Committee, C.T.U. DESCALZO, SERGIO HUMBERT I.E.E.E. DeSIENO, JOHN A. DETWEILER, GLENN LEE DEUTSCHER, BARRI A. IBIS; Copy Editor, Hurricane; Assistant Copy Edi- tor, Young Democrats, New Party, U.S.G.; Undersecretary of Academic Affairs, Carni Gras, Dean ' s List DEWEY, ROBERT DIAZ-BRIQUETS, SERGIO Psi-Chi DIAZ-SALINERO, IK All A DiBACCARI, WILLIAM ]. Dean ' s List DICK, ROBERT A. Tau Epsilon Pi DICKENS, CHAUNCEY P. Mascot of IBIS Yearbook DICKSON, MARK F. Pre-Law Society DICKSTEIN, MAURICE-ELMONT WVUM News DILL, DENNIS JAMES DINNERSTEIN, STEPHEN P. Out- standing member of Dorm, President of Dorm, M.R.H.A. Executive Com- mittee, U.E.C. Chairman, Whitten Union Program Council, Entertainment coordinator SUSGA, IBIS Citation, Entertainment Committee; Secretary, Homecoming Committee, Spirit Week Executive Council DiPIETRO, FRANCES LINDA Dean ' s List DiPIETRO, JOHN Delta Sigma Pi, A.M.A. DIRKS, RICHARD ALLEN Phi Sigma, ASM.E., Air Force R.O T.C. Dean ' s List DITKOWSKY, BILL ALLEN Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Delta Theta Mu, Chemistry Club, Russian Club, Dean ' s List DITOMASO, JOSEPHINE L. Dean ' s List DOBLE, RALPH W. JR. DOLINSKY, BARBARA PEARL DOMENICO, LOUIS JOSEPH Gamma Theta Upsilon DONATO, MICHAEL R. DROBOT, KATHRYNE J. A C.E.I Dean ' s List DUKE, JEANNE MARIE DUKES, ANDRE COX Alpha Chi Omega DUNCAN, GEORGE T. DUNDR, PAMELA JEAN Dean ' s List DUNNE, GREGORY JOSEPH R.O. T.C., WVUM DUNNE, MARGIE-MEDFORD DUNNE, PETER J. Dean ' s List DUVALL, DEBORAH SUSAN Kappa Kappa Gamma; Vice President, Dean ' s List DWORKIN, DIANE Association for Childhood Education DWYER, MARY MARGARET Res- ident Advisor, Girl ' s Varsity Golf Team, Dean ' s List DWYER, RICHARD SANTRY EASTMAN, LEWIS KENT ECHEVARRIA, LILLIAN EDWARDS, JOHN P. Eta Kappa Nu; President EGER, THOMAS R. ELAM, KAREN SHERYL Resident Advisor, Beta Beta Beta ELLIOTT, LAWRENCE Band of the Hour ELLISON, STUART HAL Tau Epsilon Phi, Kelsey Intramural Sportsmanship Award, Foster House; President, MRHA senate, Hurricane Sportswriter, Oly- mpic Day, Chairman of Greek Week, " Hanging Day " committee ELLSWORTH, JONATHAN GREGG Lambda Chi Alpha, IFC Representative, Secretary, IBIS; Assoc. Editor, Dean ' s List ELYA, JUDITH ANN ENZ, LINDA A. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mortar Board, Orange Key, Rho Lambda, Pi Delta Phi, Sigma Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister, Army ROTC Princess, IFC Hostess, U.M. Hostess EPSTEIN, LAURENCE N. EPSTEIN, ROBERTA GOELD A.C.E.I. ERDER, GENE A. |udo Club, WVUM ERHARDT, MARK CHARLES Lambda Chi Alpha ESHELMAN, DAVID HARRY Dean ' s List ESPINEL, FRANK Tau Beta Pi; Cor- responding Sec., Eta Kappa Nu Treas- urer, I.E.E.E., F.E.S., E.S.A.C., Pi Delta Phi, Pi Mu Epsilon ESPINOSA, ALFONSO IGNACIO ESPOSITOR, ILENE JOANNE EVANS, HARRY CLAY Sigma Chi EWALT, JAMES ROSS Pi Kappa Alpha, Junior IFC, Management Club EXLEY, CHRISTOPHER ROBERT FABRIC, ELLIOT ARNE Alpha Ep- silon Delta, Omicron Delta Kappa, M.R.H.A., Board of Publications, Jud- icial Board; Executive Director, 960 Judicial Board; Chairman, Pre-Legal Society; President FAGANT, ALBERT D. M.R.H.A., Phi Epsilon Kappa; Pledgemaster, Scab- bard and Blade, Archontes; Secretary- Treasurer, M.R.H.A. Library Award, Who ' s Who Among Students in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges FARRINGTON, PENN DUNLOP Tau Kappa Epsilon; President, Vice-Presi- dent. Secretary, Chaplain FARROW, STEPHEN EDWARD FAULKNER, JAMES D. American Marketing Association, Management Club FEDER, ELLEN FEHR, PETER JOHN A.S.C.E., M.R.H.A. FEHR, RICHARD PAUL FEINBERG, MICHAEL S. FEINMAN, JAY ALLAN FEIT, GLENN W. FEITH, STEPHEN MONTE I.E.E.E. FELDHEIM, RONALD PETER FELDMAN, JERILYN FELDMAN, JOEL KENNETH Alpha Epsilon Pi, A.I. I.E., Band of the Hour FELDMAN, KENNETH A. Varsity Golf Team, House President FERDINAND, JON JAY Dean ' s List, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Alpha Theta, Orange Key, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Honors Program, Organizations Editor 1969 Yearbook FERGUSON, CECIL B. Dean ' s List FERNANDEZ, CHARLES FERRO, NORA C. FESKO, ANDRE JAMES FICUCELLO, ANNETTE Sailing Club, U.M. Batgirl FIELDS, HAROLD T. U.S.C., U.B.S.; President, Vice-President, Resident Advisor FILEP, ROBERT DONAL Dean ' s List, Alpha Psi Omega; President, Phi Eta Sigma FINCH, DIANA ROSEMARY Little Sister of Alpha Kappa Psi FINEBERG, DEBORAH JANE FINGERHUT, LOUIS FINLEY, FREDERICK B. Dean ' s List, Intramurals; Football, Softball, La- crosse Club, President Rhodes House FISCHLER, SANFORD FISH, ANDREA JILL Dean ' s List FISHER, JACK STERLING Scabbard and Blade Society FISHMAN, LINDA JOY A.C.E.I. FITERRE, CECILLA E. Dean ' s List FITZGERALD, JOAN JOHNSTON FITZGERALD, RAY Phi Delta Theta FLANAGAN, CYNTHIA ANN FLEMING, PAUL A. Alpha Kappa Psi FLYNN, MARYANN ELIZABETH Pi Kappa Lambda, Sigma Alpha lota, Dean ' s List FODIMAN, FRANCINE Dean ' s List, Hurricane, Tempo Staff FOGEL, DEAN M. Marketing Club FORD, BARRY J. Phi Epsilon Pi FORD, D. NORMAN FORTENBERRY, GERALDINE U.B.S., Black Sisters for Progress, Hurricane; Staff Writer FOSTER, STEPHEN W. FOWLER, GRACIELA M. Dean ' s List FOWLER, JAMES L. Gamma Theta Upsilon, German Club, Economics Oub, Management Club FOX, RICHARD ALAN Dean ' s List FRAGIN, DAYLE M. Dean ' s List, Phi Sigma Sigma; Secretary, Scholarship Chairman FRAIND, PERRY PRESTON Dean ' s List FRANKEL, KENNETH CHARLES Sig- ma Alpha Mu FRANKEL, ROSE Dean ' s List FRANZ, DENNIS PETER I.E.E.E., F.E.S. FREDA, JOHN Young Democrats, Intramurals; Tennis FREED, FLOYD III. FREEDBERG, RICHARD EVAN FREEDMAN, ROBERT P. FREITAG, BARBARA JO Gamma Alpha Chi; President, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta; Vice-President, American Marketing Association; Sec- retary, A.I.E.S.E.C.; Vice-President, Dean ' s List FRICK, MARTIN K. Sigma Nu, Amer- ican Marketing Association FRIED, MICHELE FRIEDMAN, FRANCINE FRIEDMAN, STEVEN MARK FROELICH. DANia FRYE, LORRAINE P. C.E.C. FUENTES, )OSE MARINO FUENTES, LUIS A. FUERTES, FRANCISCO FULMORE, KEN ROSCOE C.C.U.N., M.R.H.A. Council, Student Activity Committee FURST, STEVEN Tau Epsilon Phi CABRYL, EDWARD WALTER I.E.E.E, F.E.S. GABOR, NANCY APPLEBAUM Dean ' s List CABOR, RONALD STEVEN GALLO, MARIO Resident Advisor. Alpha Epsilon Pi GARCIA, CARLOS E. Dean ' s List GARCIA, GLADYS L.A.S.A.. A.C.E.I., FE.C GARCIA, JOSE W. Phi Eta Sigma, Dean ' s List GARCIA, MARIA D. Women ' s Busi- ness Association, Federation of Cuban Students GARCIA, MANUEL ENRIQUE GARDNER, BEN)AMIN F. Omega Phi Psi. United Black Students GARDNER, GEORGE JOSEPH GARDNER, JOHN GARTENLAUB, BERNARD Karate Club GARVIN, GLENN A. Sigma Alpha Mu; Exchequer. Alpha Delta Sigma, American Marketing Association, Chess Team GAY, JOHN JR. GAY, KATE HETHERINGTON Kappa Kappa Gamma; Outstanding Pledge; Outstanding Active; Assistant Cor- responding Secretary, Assistant Trea- surer; Second Vice President, Orange Key Honorary; Vice President, Varsity Cheerleader, J.V. Captain, Associated Women Students Representative to U.S.C.. Student Activity Fee Alloca- tion Committee, Student Organiza- tions Committee, U.S.C. Traditions Committee, A.W.S. Central, Council. Resident Advisor GEE, COURTNEY M. Phi Sigma Kappa; Treasurer GELLER, RUTH JANET Association for Childhood Education, Delta Phi Epsilon GERSTEN, STEVEN Tau Epsilon Phi; Pledgemaster; Rush Chairman; Vice President. Inter-fratemity Council, University Entertainment Committee GIBSON, JOHN KENNETH Scabbard and Blade, Beta Beta Beta. R.O.T.C. GILBERT, MELODY S. Hurricane Staff. Undergraduate Student Govern- ment GINSBURG, NORMA GIRITLIAN, JAMES SARKIS ' List Dean ' s GITTMAN, ALLAN GLASER, RICHARD PHILIP Chem- istry Club GLAZER, BEVERLY SYBIL Council For Exceptional Children GLICKMAN, DIANE L. GLINES, EVERETT STETSON Lambda Chi Alpha; Vice President, Interfra- ternity Council; Vice President. Enginnering School Activities Com- mittee; Vice President GLUCKSTAL, BETH ELLEN Dean ' s List, Delta Phi Epsilon; Treasurer, Executive Council. I.F.C. Hostess. Art Staff of Miami Engineer Magazine; Art Chairman. Tau Epsilon Phi Sweetheart Court GLUCKSTAL, LEONARD Tau Epsilon Phi, Neophyte Representative. Execu- tive Council; Recording Scribe GNAT, KARLA C. Homecoming Queen ' s Contest Committee. Cami Cras GODEK, MICHAEL JOSEPH Alpha Kappa Psi; Vice President, Manage- ment Club; President GODFREY, FREDERICK D. Honors Program, German Club, Ski Club. MRHA; Senator, President, and Gov- ernor GODFREY, MIRIAM FANSLER Phi Lambda Pi. Dean ' s List GOLD, RITA Delta Tau Kappa, Sci- ence Honor Society. Dean ' s List GOLDBERG, ARLEN J. Dean ' s List. All Campus Football and Baseball GOLDBERG, JANE ELIZABETH Gamma Sigma Sigma GOLDBERG, SUSAN LINDA Dean ' s List, A.C.E.I. GOLDBERGER, LYNN ELLEN Dean s List, A.C.E.I. GOLDBERGER, LYNN ELLEN A.C. E.I., Little Sister of Alpha Epsilon Pi GOLDENBERG, MINNA L. Phi Kappa Phi. Dean ' s List GOLDMAN, MARC S. Dean s List, A.I.S.E.C. GOLDMAN, ROBERT Freshman Swim Team, Varsity Swim Team, Resi- dent Advisor, Ski Club. Fishing Club GOLDMARK, GARY BRUCE Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi. Pi Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, American Society of Mechan- ical Engineers. Miami Engineer Mag- azine Writer, Dean ' s List GOLDNER, ELLIOTT WILLIAM GOLDSTEIN, JEROME D. GOLUB, ROBERT LEON Manage- ment Club GOMEZ, FERNANDO ALEJANDRO Dean ' s List, Tau Beta Pi. Eta Kappa Nu GOMEZ, NOEMI GONZALEZ, JULIAN Tau Beta Pi, Pi Sigma GONZALEZ, AVEl A. Dean ' s List GONZALEZ, ESTHER GONZALEZ-SOLDEVILLA FRANCISCO A. Pi Delta Phi, French Club; Dir- ector of Publicity GONZALEZ, JUAN GERARD Federa- tion of Cuban Students, A. I. A., Tau Beta Pi, E.S.A.C, Dean ' s List GONZALEZ, MIRIAM GONZALEZ, OSCAR Varsity Foot- ball, Phi Epsilon Kappa GONZALEZ-QUEVEDO, HERIBERTO GONZALEZ, ROBERT GOOD, CAROLINE ANN Delta Gamma; Panhellenic Representative, College Board GOOD, CLARE GOOD, KAY LYNETTE Alpha Chi Omega; President, Resident. Advisor, Sailing Club GOODMAN, CHET Sigma Alpha Mu. Council for Exceptional Children GORDON, JEROME LOUIS Alpha Epsilon Pi. Hurricane; Columnist, U.S.C. ; Assistant Vice President, As- sistant President GORDON, WENDY LEIGH A.W.S judicial Board, Chemistry Club, Dean ' s List GORECKI, JULIA MARILYNN GOREN. GERALDINE A. Alpha Lambda Delta. Delta Theta Mu, Angel Flight GORMAN, THOMAS J. Kappa Sig- ma. Deans List. Freshman Student Council GORSON, CRAIG FREDERIC Alpha Epsilon Pi. Tempo Magazine; Busin- ess Manager. Student Directory; Edi- tor and Business Manager. Hurricane; Advertising Salesman. Comptroller, and Business Manager GOTTLEIB, LAWRENCE GOUIN, JOCELYN YVETTE GOULD, CAROL LYNN Singing Hurricanes, College Board, Freshman Homecoming Princess, Dean ' s List GRACE, ROBERT T. Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Kappa Psi. Sailing Club GRAHAM, JANICE S. Phi Sigma Sig- ma; Bursar, Marshal, Parliamentarian. Historian, A.W.S. Judicial Board. Young Democrats GRAHAM, ROY STEVEN Resident Advisor GRAND, ROBERT ALAN Chemistry Club. Russian Club GRAND), CAROL PHYLLIS Sigma Alpha lota; President, Tau Beta Sigma. Alpha Theta Kappa. Dean ' s List, Cham- ber Singers, Concert Choir, Band of the Hour, M.E.N.C, School of Music Student Council. Young Republicans GRANGE, LAWRENCE H. GRANGE, SALLIE A. GRANT, LOIS CLAIRE A.C.E.I. GRANT, STEVEN P. Sigma Alpha Mu. Dean ' s List GRAY, CAROLYN |. (MRS.) Phi Lambda Pi GRAY, ELIZABETH JOYCE Com- muter Women Students; Vice Presi- dent, Alpha Theta Kappa; Vice Presi- dent, Newman dub; Secretary GRAYSON, FRED Phi Epsilon Kappa GREEN, JOEL ALAN Alpha Delta Sigma GREEN, LYNDA SUE GREEN, PAUL STEVEN Tau Epsilon Phi. Phi Epsilon Kappa. Creek Cod GREENBERG, BARBARA SUSAN Freshman Student Council, American Marketing Association GREENBERG, HENRY NATHAN GREENBERG, STEPHEN Tau Epsilon Phi. Dean ' s List, Band of the Hour. Lyre Man of Alpha Chi Omega GREGALOT, ALAN B. Tau Beta Pi. A.S.M.E.. A.I.A.A.. N.S.F.-U.R.P.. F E.S GREGG, BRADLEY CUMMINGS Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi, Sports Car Club GREGG, JACK RICHARD Alpha Ep- silon Rho, WVUM; Continuity Dir- ector, Happy Volkswagon Owner GREGG, SHARON M. A.C.E.I.. Sports Car Club, Dean ' s List GREIFF, MARILYN Dean s List GREY, DENNIS T. GRIS, SHARON SOPHIA Food Com- mittee. Pearson Hall Secretary. Food Representativ e to Central Council GREZEY, STEPHEN ERNEST " M " Squad, Intermural Coif, Basketball. Volleyball GRODNICK, LES Tau Epsilon Phi; Scholarship Chairman GRONVOLD, WILLIAM A. Scabbard and Blade. Pershing Rifles, WVUM GROSS, FRAN E. Sigma Alpha Eta GROSS, HOWARD PAUL GROSS, JOHN RAYMOND GROSSMAN, NEIL W. GRUBBS, F. REBECCA GRUNDER, CHARLES S. Resident Advisor GRUSSGOTT, LES Alpha Phi Omega. Hillel Foundation GULLY, MARGUERITE TROIANO Sigma Kappa; Secretary. Gamma Sig- ma Sigma, Dame ' s Club, Hurricane Reporter GULLY, SOLOMON JOSEPH III Aero- space Officers Honorary Society; Operations Officer. Finance Officer, Arnold Air Society; Special Duties Officer GUMENICK, NEIL RANDALL Phi Epsilon Pi; Rush Chairman, Assistant Pledge Master, I.F.C. Representative, Little Sisters of Destiny Co-founder, Hurricane Reporter, Student Court Deputy. Alpha Delta Sigma, Drama Guild, Ring Theater Productions. Choral Union, Operation Amigo Housing Chairman. Homecoming Pub- licity, Carni Cras Publicity GUNTHER, LYNDA PAT Delta Gam- ma, I.F.C., College Board. Home- coming Committee, Dean ' s List GUREVITZ, RICHARD STANLEY Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Alpha Psi GURRI. JOSEPH ALBERT Kappa Sigma GUSTAFSON, KAREN A. GUTIERREZ, GARCIA RAFAEL HABER, IRVING I. Research As- sistant Psychology Department HABICHT, KATHRYN L. HACKNEY, NANCY LEE HAGERMAN, ROBERT A. Dean ' s List, Psi Chi; Parliamentarian, Honors Program HALBERG, DAVID JOSHUA Chief lustice, Undergraduate Student Gov- ernment, Supreme Court HALBERG, HOWARD JOEL HALBERT, ELLIN HALL, GLENN PORTER Golf Team HALLENBECK, WILLIAM CHARLES HALPERIN, IRVING M. Zeta Beta Tau HALPERIN, JACALYN L. USC, Young Democrats, CCUN HALPERIN, RONNY ). HALPERIN, MINETTE President; Rho Lambda, President; Alpha Epsilon Phi, Alpha Theta Kappa, Correspond- ing Sec.-Panhellenic, Secretary; AWS HALPERN, ROBIN L. Dean ' s List, Young Democrats HAMAN, WALID K. HAMBLET, PAUL COBURN HAMBURGER, JERRI LYNN Phi Sig- ma Sigma, Panhellenic Representative, Resident Advisor HAMMEL, WENDY ELAINE HAMPEL, KATRINA DANIELLA Orange Bowl Princess, President-Delta Gamma, Homecoming Queen and Court, NCA A College Football Queen, President-lnterFraternity Council Hos- tess, Vice-President-AWS College Board. HANH, NGUYEN NGOC HANSEN, NEAL HENRY HANSEN, SCOTT RUSSELL HANSON, STEPHEN KIRK Alpha Delta Sigma, American Marketing As- sociation HARDING, JOHN M., JR. Varsity Soccer, Sigma Pi Sigma, Delta Theta Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Dean ' s List HARRINGTON, MARTIN D. Resi- dence Hall Advisor, Pres. -Latin Ameri- can Club, Pres. -Rotary Club, Council of International Student Organization, Secretary-AIESEC, Sec. Treas. -Man- agement Club, Governor-Van Buren House, and Director Van Buren House, All-State Fullback-Varsity Soccer Team, Co-captain Soccer Team, Central Amer- ican Representative-Latin American Club HARRIS, DIANE HARRIS, JAMES ALAN Zeta Beta Tau HARRIS, MARC DRU Tau Epsilon Phi, IFC, Spirit Chairman, Homecoming Committee, " Hanging Day " Commit- tee and Chairman HARRISON, BRIANA PORTE R.A., Chairman-International Students for 730 East, French Club, Alpha Tau Kappa, Slaters Food Committee, Speech Organization HASKIN, CYNTHIA MARIE HAUSMAN, LINDA ANN A. C.E.I. HAWKINS, WAYNE WENTWORTH HAYNES, JOHN JESUP Band of the Hour, American Institute of Architects HEALY, ELIZABETH A. Second Vice- Pres. Student Klurses ' Association RUTH M.E.N.C., U.M. HEATON, Symphony HEICHTMAN, MARC HENRY A.S. M.E., A.I.A.A., Pi Sigma, Tau Epsilon Phi, Advertising Manager, Associate Editor, and Editor-in-chief-The Miami Engineer, E.S.A.C, F.ES. HEIDORN, DONALD JOHN HEILMAN, LARRY WILLIAM HEIMANN, DAVID French Club, Sail- ing Club, Karate Club, IBIS Photo- grapher HEINLY, RAY E. American Marketing Association, Football HEINRICH, RICHARD FREER Pres - Sigma Chi, Greek God HELLENKAMP, BRIGITTA Dean ' s List, Delta Phi Alpha,-Sec., and Treas- urer, and Vice-President, Alpha Ep- silon Delta, Scapel Reporter, German Club President, Chemistry Club His- torian, Psi Chi, Gamma Theta Upsi- lon HELLER, JOAN HENRICKSON, CATHY A.C. E. I., Alpha Delta Pi HERKIMER, JAMES GREGORY UM Band of the Hour, Amateur Radio Society HERNANDEZ, JORGE HERNANDEZ, RANULFO EDUARDO HERNANDEZ, WINNIE M. Psi Chi HERR, RONA DWORSKY Little Sister-Alpha Kappa Psi, Business Week Committee, Co-chairman Luncheon Committee HERSHMAN, JANE SUSAN President Pro Tempore, USG Council, Sr. Rep- resentative USG, Sec. of Traditions USG, Chairman Spirit Week, Treas- urer-AWS, Editor Campus World, Hur- ricane Reporter, Tennis Team, Basket- ball Team, Softball Team HERSHMAN, LESTER MORTON Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Beta Beta Beta, Delta Theta Mu, Chemistry Club, American Chemical Society, Army ROTC Achievement Award, Deans List, Phi Kappa Phi HERSCHOWSKY, TEENA HONEY HERZBERG, JOHNNY HEUBERGER, RICHARD JAMES Alpha Epsilon Pi HEWITT, KATHERINE JAN HICKSON, JOYCE G. Phi Lambda Pi HILL, CYNTHIA Outstanding Sopho- more Woman, Golf Team, Mortar Board, Alpha Tau Kappa, Sr. Rep. to USG., Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities, AWS-presi- dent, Vice-Pres. of Mahoney Hall, Floor Representative Mahoney Hall HILL, STEPHEN J. Iron Arrow,-Medi- cine Man, Pres. -University Services Organization, Carni Gras, Adminis- trative Chairman, Who ' s Who Among Colleges and Universities HINES, STEPHEN D. HINKLE, SUSAN Dean ' s List HIPSH, NANCY ELAINE HIRSCH, BARBARA ELLEN USG Sec- retary of Women ' s Affairs HIRSCH, IRA L. Young Republican Club HIRSCHBERG, JOSEPH G. Perishing Rifles HIRSH, RICHARD T. House Gov- ernor, MRHA HIRSHON, MICHAEL PAUL Tau Ep- silon Phi HOBART, CHARLES WILLIAM Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Kappa Psi, Man- agement Club, I.B.O.C., Circle K, American Marketing Association HOBBS, JOHN HOBERG, CHRISTIAN MICHAEL Honors Program, Deans List HODSDAN, CAROLYN EDWINA Delta Delta Delta HODYKE, DIANNE HOLDER, JEAN FELICE HOLM, ROBERT FREDERICK Deans List, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Theta Mu HOLMES, CRAIG B. Young Repub- lican Club, Intramural Tennis and Bowling HOLOVACH, JOHN JOSEPH HOLT, MICHAEL N. Phi Delta Theta HOPGOOD, GEORGE A. Football Team HOPKINS, CRAIG W. Swimming Team, Lambda Chi Alpha, Intramurals HOPKINS, WENDY JOYCE HORN, JOHN FREDERIC President A.S.M.E., Vice-Pres. A.S.M.E., Treas- urer U.M. Veterans Club HORN, DONNA L. HORNE, PATRICIA ANN A.C.E.I. HOUCHEN, BECKY LYNN Delta Gamma, -Recording Secretary and Rush Chairman, Little Sister Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sweetheart o Sigma Alpha Epsilon, IFC Hostess HOUGHTON, DUDLEY Hurricane Skiers-Vice President, Show Director, Team Captain; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Miami Eng- ineer Magazine, Intermural Sports HOUSTON, ROSS GARY Dean ' s List HOWARD, LESLIE M. HOWINGTON, WALTER J. Sigma Nu, President of Pledge Class, Var- sity Football HOY, DORIS LAMBERT Sigma Kap- pa, Homecoming Executive Com- mittee, Vice-President Theta Delta, Second Vice-President, Sigma Kappr HOY, LUTHER WILLIAM Treasurer Young Republicans Club HUANG, YUAN MAO HUGHES, JOHN D. HUIDE, JOHAN ERIK Vice-Pres. Management Club, Vice-President Alpha Kappa Psi, Business Week HUMENIK, JOSEPH EUGENE HUNTER, RICHARD L. WVUM Radio Operations Director and Pro- gram Director, Alpha Epsilon Rho, French Club, Radio-TV Guild HUNTING, LEE. Tau Beta Pi Re- cording Secretary, Eta Kappa Nu, Bridge Correspondent HUONG, PHAN THI HUTZEL, INGE8ORG Chi Omega HYMES, BARBARA EILEEN Dean ' s List, Mae Bernice Jacobs Memorial Trophy-Outstanding Freshman Wo- man, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta-president, Delta Theta Mu-vice president, Cited for Service by AWS, Beta Beta ' Mu- Secretary, and president. Hurricane Reporter, IBIS assistant 1969, Little Sister of Alpha Kappa Psi, Economics Club, USG, Academic Honors Day Luncheon Chairman IMMERMAN, SUE ELLEN Sigma Delta Tau, Kappa Pi, Dean ' s List,, N.A.E.A. INGRAM, RONALD RICARDO Dean ' s List IPP, BARBARA IRIZARRY, HERMINIO L. A.I.I.E., F.ES. IK IN, MARGARET IRWIN, JANE B. 4.C.E. ISLITZER, DAVID L. JAAP, WALTER Veteran ' s Associa- tion; Vice-President JABRI, NACHAAT A8DEL JAWAD Pi Mu Epsilon JAFFE, ROBERT ALLEN JANZER, WILLIAM C. LEE.; Presi- dent, Eta Kappa Nu JAMES, DEBORAH THOMPSON Kappa Kappa Gamma; Vice-President, Interfraternity Hostess, Kappa Sigma Sweetheart JAMIESON, DEAN N. JARRELL, ANNE MARIE Zeta Phi Eta; President, Alpha Epsilon Rho; Secretary JARRETT, JAN ELAND Delta Delta Delta; Pledge Trainer, Vice-President, Chaplain JASSEM, LYNNE JUDY JEFFREY, DANIEL WILLIAM Dean ' s List, American Marketing Association JENNINGS, JUDITH LOUISE Dean ' s List, Alpha Delta Pi, U.M. Hostess, American Marketing Association, Wo- men ' s Business Association JENSEN, CRAIG ALLEN Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Psi, Dean ' s List JEZEK, LADDIE DENNIS Alpha Tau Omega, lunior Varsity Baseball, Var- sity Baseball JICKS, KATHLEEN PHYLLIS Psi Chi, A.C.E.I., Dean ' s List JIMENEZ, ALICIA N. Phi Lambda Pi JOHANSON, FREDERICK ROWLAND Young Democrat ' s JOHNSON, GUY VERNON Freshman Basketball, A.S.C.E., Tau Beta Pi JOHNSON, HARRY L. Delta Sigma Pi; Treasurer, Hurricane; Advertising Manager, I.B.O.C. JOHNSON, MARTHA ANN JOHNSON, PEGGY G. Dean ' s List JONES, HARRY EUAN Sigma Phi Epsilon JOSEPHS, BARBARA LYNNE JUNCADELLA, RITA M. Dean ' s List, Honors Program, lota Tau Alpha; Vice- President, French Club JURAN, THOMAS PAUL KAHN, JONATHON KALAS, JAN JOSEPH Dean ' s List, Sigma Nu, A. I. A. KALEIDA, ROBERT DAVID Pi Kappa Alpha. Phi Eta Kappa KALINSKI, ARTHUR A. Alpha Tau Omega, Dean ' s List KALKAS, ANGELLA DIANNE Kappa Kappa Gamma, Interfraternity Hostess, Runner-Up Greek Goddess KALLISH, WILLIAM SCOTT KAMINSKY, KAREN LOIS A.C.E.I., Summons Program KANE, DANIEL HARVEY Dean ' s List, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta; President, Delta Theta Mu, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Epsilon Pi, U.S.G. Supreme Court, Honor Council, Chem- istry Club KAPLAN, MARLEY JOAN KAPLAN, STEVEN I. KAPLAN, ZAN TAMAR Dean ' s List, Honor Program, Mortar Board; Treas- urer, Alpha Lambda Delta; Secretary, Beta Beta Beta, Mu Alpha Theta, Delta Theta Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, Sailing Hur- ricanes KAPNER, CAROL LEE Sigma Delta Pi. Honors Program, Resident Advisor, Dean ' s List KARCH, MICHAEL H. KARLAN, PATRICIA CARIE KARP, JANICE CLAIRE Dean ' s List, Hillel, S.E.A., A.C.E.I., Young Dem- ocrat ' s KASPAR, RAYMOND JACK Kappa Sigma; President, Social Chairman, I F.C. ; Judicial Board, Kappa Kappa Gamma Key Man, Homecoming Ex- ecutive Committee; Greek Lines; Writer, Greek Week Spirit Committee, WVUM; I. F.C. Reporter, Presidents ' Council KASPAR, RICHARD JACK Kappa Sigma. Delta Sigma Pi; I.B.O.C. Rep- resentative, I.B.O.C.; Vice-Chairman, Business Week 1970; Chairman, U.M. Representative to National Leader- ship Conference KASS, KAREN KASTIN, PAUL R. KATZ, IAN KATZEN, LAWRENCE B. Zeta Beta Tau, Dean ' s List KATZMAN, ANDREA M. Phi Sigma Sigma; Rush Chairman. Sailing Hur- ricanes, S.C.E.C, Young Democrat ' s, A.W.S. Judicial Board KATZMAN, SHARON LYNN Delta Phi Epsilon, A.C.E.I. KAUFMAN, MARGARET E. KAUFMANN, JOHN H. K-U AS. VLADIMIR MIGUEL KEARNEY, MARY ELLEN KEETI, GLORIA PHYLLIS Gamma Sigma Sigma KELLEY, ROBERT PAYNE KELLIHER, JOHN KELLY, CHARLES R. Sigma Chi, American Marketing Association KELLY, PATRICK JOSEPH M.R.H.A. Track Team KEMPTON, OLIVIA Alpha Chi Omega; Vice-President KENAGEN, BENJAMIN KENDALL, CAROL LYNN Newman Club, U.S.O.; Secretary KENNEY, WILLIAM CHILD III. KERN, BRUCE M. KERPER, SHELDON Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Dean ' s List, A.S.M.I.E., A.I.A.A. KERR, PAT BETH Singing Hurricanes KESSLER, SUSAN KILLMAR, FREDERICK BRIGHT KING, CAROL KING, MATHEW C. JR., Mark eting Club KING, MICHAEL JOSEPH Dean ' s List KIRSCH, JEFFREY L. Sigma Phi Ep- silon; President KLEIN, KATHERINE S. Dean ' s List. Ring Theatre, Singing Hurricanes, Con- cert Choir KLEINDIENST, LINDA E. Sigma Kappa; President, Theta Sigma Phi; President, Young Republican ' s, Mah- oney Hall Council, Hurricane, Greek Tymes; Editor KLIBANOW, FRANCINE F. Alpha Epsilon Phi; Social Chairman, Treas- urer, Pledge Trainer, Zeta Beta Tau; Sweetheart, junior Panhellenic Repre- sentative, Dean ' s List KNAPP, ROBERT JOHN Dean ' s List, Phi Delta Theta KNEE, LINDA Sigma Delta Tau KNIGHT, JOHN RICHARD M.R.H.A. Points Committee, Awards Commit- tee, 960 Judicial Board, Governor; Lincoln House, Young Republicans, U. M. Clee Club, Archontes Society KNOELKE, MICHAEL WALTER Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Dean ' s List KOCH, REXFORD R. KOLLIN, STEVEN KORNBLUTH, MICHAEL Tau Epsilon Phi KORNFIELD, ELLEN H. A.C.E.I. KOROTKIN, CAROL KOTEL, LESLIE ). Delta Phi Epsilon KOUSALEOS, KAREN Gamma Sigma Sigma; Corresponding Secretary, Sig- ma Alpha Eta KOUSTEFANOU, ELIAS S. Hurricane Skiers KOVINS, MICHAEL IRA Intramurals. Marching Band KRAKAUER, CHARLINE KRIEBEL, JAMES Delta Sigma Pi KRIVACEK, MICHAEL BRADLEY Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Dean ' s List, Young Republican ' s Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma. Honors Pro- gram KRONENGOLD, GARY BERNARD KROLL, ROBERT E. III. KRUEGER, JEAN H. KRULL, JEFFREY KUGELMAN, MARCY I F.C. Hostess, College Board KULIN, DIANE French Club KUNKLE, SALLY ANN Delta Gamma; Vice-President. Mortar Board; Presi- dent, Psi Chi, Junior Varsity Cheer- leader, U.S.G. ; Senior Representative. Orange Key, Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities KUNZMAN, JOHN A. Tau Epsilon Phi; Social Chairman KURLAND, ROSALIND Phi Kappa Phi, Dean ' s List KUROGHLIAN, ROCHELLE D. KURTZ, ARTHUR M. Delta Sigma Pi KURTZ, WENDY ELLEN KUSENS, HOWARD BRUCE A.I.I.E. Dean ' s List KL SNICK, STEVEN JOEL Alpha Ep- silon E)elta, Dean ' s List KUTCHEN, SUSAN GAYLE LA CHAPELLE, GLORIA ANNE Delta Delta Delta, Tau Beta Sigma, Band of the Hour LACRITZ, ROBERTA SUE I.F.C. Hostess, President 1968 Dorm, U.S.G. Senior Class Representative, A.W.S. Central Council LAGOULIS, JOAN LAIRE, HOWARD G. LAMOS, RICHARD ALLEN Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sig- ma; President, Hurricane Skiers, Phi Eta Sigma, Dean ' s List LAMPKIN, JOYCE N. LAPERRIERE, DAREL ARTSON LAPIERRE, PIERRE IBIS; Photo- grapher LAPINSOHN, ILENE E. A.W.S. Central Council, Commuter Women ' s Students LAMBERT, CHARLOTTE HILDA LANE, BARRY LEE Eta Kappa Nu, I.E.E.E. LANN, LEON ARTHUR LASH, BARBARA Delta Phi Epsilon. A.C.E.I., U.S.G.; Assistant Vice-Presi- dent, Secretary to Traffic Court LAUTENSCHLAGER, JOANNE M. LAWN, SALLY A.C.E.I., Delta Phi Epsilon LAWRENCE, DEBORAH B. Dean s List, American Marketing Association LAWSON, TOM C. Alpha Phi Omega LEACH, GAIL ANNE LEAL, JORGE Chemistry Club. Honors Program LEAVITT, EVELYN LECHT, FONDA LYN Dean s List LEECH, KAREN ELIZABETH Kappa Kappa Gamma. Recording Secretary, House Chairman LEEDY, HAROLD GAVIN LEMO, SHARON LYNN A.C.E.I. LEONARD, EMILIO M. judo Club LEONARD, JACK R. Deans List LESCANO, ROSA MARIA Pi Omega Pi; Secretary LESKO, DAVID STEPHEN Newman Club, American Marketing Associa- tion LEVE, CHARLES STEVEN Varsity Baseball, Hurricane; Assistant Sports Editor, WVUM LEVIN, DANIEL W. LEVIN, KAREN NAN Gamma Alpha Chi. Hurricane Skiers, Intramurals. Phi Epsilon Pi Little Sister, A.I S. E.G. American Marketing Association LEVIN, VEDA MARA A.W.S ; Vice President. Alpha Theta Kappa. U.S.G. Cabinet, Union Board of Governors. Disciplinary Committee. WVUM Radio Advisory Board, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges LEVINE, ARLEEN Honors Program, A.W.S.; Floor Representative. Millard Fillmore Society LEVINE, ELI J. Alpha Delta Sigma. Management Club, American Market- ing Association LEVY, JOEL A. Drama Club. Intra- murals, Hurricane, Pep Club LEVY, PHILLIP R. Sigma Alpha Mu Army R.O.T.C. LEWIS, GLORIA SUE Dean s List LIEBOLD, RUSSELL R. JR. Tau Beta Pi, Pi Kappa Alpha, Eta Kappa Nu. I.E. E. E.. Miami Engineer LIEU, NELLIE Dean ' s List LINDLOFF, JANINE A. Kappa Pi LINEEN, ROBERT ADAM Resident Advisor LIPAWSKY, STEVE LIPINSKY, STUART PHILIP Beta Alpha Psi; President LIPSON " , SHELLEY R. Sigma Alpha Eta LITZIER, MARTIN W. Pi Sigma; Vice-President, A.S.M.E.; Treasurer, President, A.I.A.A.; Vice-President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, F.E.S., Intra- murals; Football. Softball LIVERMORE, RUSSELL P. American Marketing Association LIVERMORE, SUSAN DARLENE Kappa Sigma Sweetheart LIVINGSTON, PATRICK J. LIZARD), CARLOS JOSE LOBO, MANUEL JR. I. E.E.E. LOBO, PORFIRIO LOEFFLER, KATHLEEN R. N.A.E.A. LOIACONO, VINCENT LOMONICO, ANITA SANTINA LONTZ, HARRY RUSSELL Alpha Tau Omega, Arnold Air Society, M.R.H.A., I. E.E.E. LOSSEMORE, CRAIG S. LOPEZ, BIENVENIDO E. LOPEZ, CARLOS C. JR. Tau Beta Pi LOPEZ, ENRIQUE J. LOPEZ, MIGUEL ANGEL LOPEZ, WALTER R. LORD, CARYL. Phi Epsilon Pi; Treas- urer LORD, ILSA J. Ring Theatre, Tempo, Traffic Court Judge LORENZ, JOSEPH DAVID Beta Alpha Psi, Dean ' s List LOTT, JEFFREY C. LOURIE, DARDA D. Singing Hur- ricanes LOWE, HARRY WILLIAM Scabbard and Blade LOYOLA, MARITZA A.C.E.I., Dean ' s List LUDWICK, DARLENE CANDACE Alpha Chi Omega LUDWIG, ROBERT PAUL LUKASON, RICHARD JOSEPH LUSKIN, PAUL Tau Kappa Epsilon, A.D.S.; Regional Vice-President, I.B. O.C., Pre-Law Society, I.F.C.; Public Relations, Greek Lines; Business Man- ager, Hurricane; Ad Manager LYONS, SUZANNE Phi Lambda Pi, Dean ' s List LYSAK, ROBERT JOHN Fencing Club, Hurricane Sailors MAGED, RONALD BRUCE Phi Epsi- lon Pi MAGSAMAN, LEONARD JOSEPH Tau Kappa Epsilon, M.R.H.A. MAHADY, MICHAEL DANIEL MAHLSTEDT, THOMAS FRANK Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Intramurals; Track MAIZEL, ROBERT Delta Sigma Pi MAKEN, CLIFFORD EVAN Dean ' s List, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Chemistry Club MALAVENDA, DAVID MICHAEL Attended Peace Rallies MALER, CHARLES RALPH N.A.E.A. MAMELETZI, GAYLE N.E.A., Gamma Sigma Sigma; Treasurer, Intramurals, Resident Advisor MANARICUA, JUAN CARLOS MANKET, LAWREN NATALIE Alpha Epsilon Phi MANN, LEWIS JOEL IBIS; Photo Editor, Resident Advisor, judicial Board Chairman MANN, ROBERT ARTHUR Sigma Alpha Mu; Vice-President, Alpha Ep- silon Rho, WVUM; General Manager, Greek Lines Advisory Board MANNING, PHILLIP MICHAEL MANNING, RANDALL C. MANSKY, JAMES, MICHAEL Beta Beta, Beta, Hurricane Skiers, Intra- murals, Hurricane Sailing Team MARA, EDWARD PAUL MARCANTONIO, RALPH MICHAEL MARCY, BARBARA JOAN MARKS, SANFIRD HARVEY MARTENS, JOAN MARIE Zeta Tau Alpha; Treasurer, Vice-President, Dean ' s List, Disciplinary Committee, Pep Club; Treasurer, Little Sisters of Alpha Kappa Psi, Delta Sigma Pi; Rose Queen, Newman Club MARTIN, FLORENCE DAVIES Beta Beta Beta, Little Sisters of Alpha Kappa Psi; President, Army R.O.T.C Princess MARTIN, KATHRYN N.A.E.A., Kappa Pi, Newman Club, Program Council MARTIN, VALERIE R Resident Ad- visor MARTINEZ, ROBERTO MODESTO MASER, MICHAEL DAVID MASON, BARBARA LYNN Alpha Chi Omega, Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister MASSAD, FRANCES ROSEMARY A.C.E.I. MATHEWS, ALAN Pi Kappa Alpha MATHIS, HORACE F. Ill A.S.C.E MATHURA, CLYDE BRADMAN Phi Eta Sigma, Epsilon Tau Lambda, Delta Theta Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, Psi Chi, Dean ' s List MAY, JUDYE MASON Resident Ad- visor MAYERSON, NANCY SUE MAYO, JAMES J. Freshman Baseball, A.D.S., U.M. Bowling Team MCAFEE, NANCY L. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Treasurer, Little Sister of Kappa Sigma, Kappa Sigma Sweet- heart Court McBRIDE, PATRICK W. Dean ' s List, Phi Eta Sigma, A. I. I.E., Aero Space Officers Military Honor Society McCAMMON, ROBERT Sigma Alpha Mu McCAUGHAN, THERESA McCLENDON, MICHELLE LYNN McCLINTOCK, RICHARD HENRY Hurricane Skiers; Treasurer, Scabbard and Blade Society; Treasurer McCOLLGAN, BRIAN FRANCIS McCONAUGHA, JOHN ROBERT Beta Beta Beta, Phi Eta Sigma, Dean ' s List McDANIEL, ALBERT A ' DAIRE Soccer Team, C.C.U.N. McDERMOTT, MARCO SMITH Sig- ma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart, Little Sis- ter, Marketing Club MCDONALD, CHERYL B. Little sis- ters of Alpha Phi Omega, Gamma Theta Upsilon, judicial Board MCDONNELL, EDWARD MCCAREY McGAUGHAN, JAMES C. McGINNIS, JAMES H. Singing Hur- ricanes, Concert Choir, M.E. N.C. MclNTYRE, ANN MARIE A.W.S. judicial Board MclNTYRE, MARVIN JAY McNAB, LISA ROBERTA Dean ' s List McNALLY, JEFFREY A. U.S.O., Seb- astian the Ibis, Homecoming; Boat- burning Committee McNICOLL, ROBERT A. McQUACE, ROBERT H. McWILLIAMS, NANCY Alpha Chi Omega, Sports Car Club MECHANIK, ROY Sports Car Club MECOUCH, JACQUELINE MEDINA, RAMON A. Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, I. E.E.E., Dean ' s List MEEDER, JOHN FRANK MEIER, VICKI RAE MEISLER, JEFFREY American Market- ing Association MEMMOLI, ROBERT VICTOR MEMMOLI, WILLIAM CARL MENDINHALL, CHARLES E. JR. Intramurals; Baseball, Football MENENDEZ, JOAQUIN R. I E.E.E. MERNER, ANNE MARIE METCALFE, RICHARD ARTHUR Beta Beta Beta MEYER, EDWARD HENRY MEYER, JOHN LAWRENCE Dean ' s List MEYER, ROBERT HENRY Dean ' s List MEYER, STEVEN A. Phi Epsilon Kappa; President, Historian, Carni Cras; Administrative Committee MIBELLI, JOSEPH F. Deans list, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi MICAL, CAROLYN ANN Delta Zeta, Little Sister of Alpha Kappa Psi, I.B.O.C., Newman Club MICAL, GERARD ). Alpha Kappa Psi; President, Vice-President, New- man Club, I.B.O.C., Management Club MICKENS, SHARON ANN Little Sis- ter of Alpha Kappa Psi, Air Force Angel Flight, Newman Club MILBERG, ROBERT M. Sigma Alpha Mu; Recorder Mil C I U N AS, LOURDES MARGARITA Alpha Epsilon Delta, Dean ' s List MILLARD, ELIZABETH P. Dean s List, Kappa Pi; President, Mortar Board; Historian, Alpha Lambda Delta, U.S.O.; Publicity Committee MILLER, A. MATTHEW MILLER, ANDREA GERMAIN A.C.E.I. MILLER, KARLA N. Intercontinental Club, CO. I.S.O., Intramurals; Ping Pong MILLER, LYNDA ARLENE Delta Phi Epsilon MILLER, MARILYN TERRIE College Board MILLER, MARSIA LUE Phi Delta Pi, Intramural Representative MILLER, WARREN JAMES Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Sigma; Treasurer, Pi Mu Epsilon, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Col- leges and Universities, Air Force R.O. T.C.; Superior Performance Award, Distinguished Military Cadet, Arnold Air Society, A.S.M.E., Dean ' s List MILLER, WILLIAM NEAL MILLERICK, JAMES VINCENT In tramurals; Football MILLS, PEGGY L. U.B.S., Black Sisters for Progress; President, Re- sident Advisor MILLS, ROBERT BELDEN Resident Advisor MILLS, STEVEN A. Young Republi- cans, Chemistry Club, American Chemical Society MISHCON, ARNOLD R. MIZRAHI, SARINA JOY N.A.E.A. MODZELEWSKI, EDWARD H. MOGEL, JOSEPH MOHER, JOHN Phi Epsilon Kappa, Resident Advisor, Dean ' s List MONAHAN, RICHARD WILLIAM Scabbard and Blade MONIER, J. SCOTT Honors Program, Sports Car Club, Dean ' s List MONSKE, THOMAS E. Intramurals; Football, Basketball, Swimming, Home- coming Committee MONTVILLE, RICHARD C. MOORE, ROBERT E. MORALES, NORELIA L.A.S.A., French Club MORENCY, DOUGLAS LEO Lambda Chi Alpha MORGAN, THOMAS ). MORJAIM, ISIDORA Alpha Epsilon Delta, Chemistry Club, Dean ' s List MOROS, CARMEN L.A.S.A., Busi- ness Women ' s Association MORRIS, WAYNE A. Dean ' s List, Phi Eta Sigma; President, Chemistry Club, Honors Program MORTON, MARY ALICE Dean ' s List MOSBERG, ANDREW JOEL MUCK, KAELLYN Delta Gamma, Angel Flight, Air Force Military Ball Queen 1969, Sigma Alpha Eta, Dean ' s List MUELLER, BARBARA TESS Alpha Chi Omega; Vice-President, Honors Program, Little Sister of the Shield, Angel Flight MULCAHY, SCOTT ANDREW Foot ball, Management Club MULHOLLAND, SUSAN CAROL Phi Delta Pi; Editor, Program Council, Dean ' s List, Intramurals, Mahoney Hall Council MURPHY, JOHN VINCENT Sigma Phi Epsilon, Swimming Team, Singing Hurricanes, Band of the Hour MURPHY, TIMOTHY Hurricane, Aerospace Officers. New Party MUSSER, DENNIS JAMES NACKLEY, BARBARA HELEN A.C.E.I. NACLER, JOEL ARNOLD Alpha Phi Omega: President, Hillel; Vice-Presi- dent NACY, MARIE ANN Zeta Tau Alpha, Band of the Hour, Tau Beta Sigma; President, Sigma Alpha Eta NASH, NORMA JEAN NATARAJAN, K.R. NEBESKY, MARGARET BETH NEDZINSKI, LINDA SUSAN Gamma Sigma Sigma. Mortar Board, Alpha Theta Kappa, A.W.S.; Publicity, 730 East: Vice-President, Hurricane; Writer, Tempo; Assistant Business Manager. Intramurals NEIL, BONNIE PATRICIA Judicial Board. Drama Guild, Resident Advisor NELSON, CONNIE |. Singing Hur- ricanes, Chamber Singers, Delta Delta Delta NEMETH, PAUL S. NEMZIN, AVA JAN Sigma Delta Tau NESTOR, CAROL JOYCE Gamma Theta Upsilon, Chemistry Club NEU, LESLIE V. NEUENDORF, JACQUELYN MARIE Sigma Kappa, 730 East Council, Young Republicans, Floor Representative, S.E.A., Sigma Kappa: Pledge President, Rush Chairman, Social Chairman NEUWAHL, MALCOLM HAROLD Beta Alpha Psi; President, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Gamma Sigma; Student Vice-President, Phi Kappa Phi, Dean ' s List. I.B.O.C. NEWMAN, ARTHUR EARL NEWMAN, LAWRENCE SPENCER NGUYEN, VAN ROT NICHOLS, DIANE LEE Kappa Kappa Gamma NIVEN, CORA NOBLE, JEFFREY JAY NOBLE, LINDA MEREDITH Kappa Kappa Gamma NOGAY, DAVID A. G.M.O.C. NORIEGA, JOSE A. NORMAN, C. ALLEN Intramurals NORMAN, CYNTHIA ANN Tau Theta Sigma, Dean ' s List NOROSKI, JAMES H. Dean ' s List NORTHWAY, DANIEL PAGE Canter- bury House NORTON, RITA FAYE Dean ' s List NOSEK, PETER WILLIAM Gamma Theta Upsilon; Vice-President NOVELL, MARC HENRY Chemistry Club NOVEY, ROBERT L. Pi Kappa Alpha; Rush Chairman, House Chairman OBERHOLTZER, DAN M. Sigma Chi, I.F.C. OBREGON, CARLOS ESTEBAUM Dean ' s List OCHER, RONALD H. ODEN, PAMELA LYNNE Delta Gam- ma; Secretary, Varsity Cheerleader, Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart, Inter- fraternity Council Hostess. College Board OESTERLING, MICHAEL JAMES Alpha Tau Omega, Dean ' s List OFFENTHER, KEN Hurricane; Sports- writer OGRYDZIAK, KENNETH MICHAEL OLD, BETTY L. S.C.E.C.; Treasurer, Phi Lambda Pi, Sailing Club OLES, AMELIA FRANCES Delta Zeta; Vice-President, Rho Lambda, Psi Chi; Secretary, Panhellenic, U.M. Hostess, U.S.G. Disciplinary Com- mittee, Dean ' s List O ' NEILL, BRIAN PETER OPPELT, DAVID VICTOR OPPER, JAY I. American Marketing Association O QUINS, JOHN FRANK O ' QUIN V VAN RODNEY OREHOVEC, PAUL M. Resident Ad- visor, Archontes Society, House Presi- dent ORGEL, LYNNE Intramurals. Hall Council ORLINSKY, MARC STEVEN Sigma Alpha Eta; Vice-President ORLOFF, JEFFREY HOWARD Tau Kappa Epsilon; President, Hurricane; Managing Editor, .Advertising Editor, IBIS 69: Photo Editor, U.S.G.; Secre- tary of Community Affairs, I.F.C. Coun- cil, Dean ' s List. U.S.G. Council ORLOFF, MARC STEVEN ORRINGER, CARL E. Dean ' s List ORSHAK, RICHARD OSATAPHAN, SUCHINDA OSBORN, JEFFREY THOMAS Gamma Theta Upsilon OSBORN, PAUL STANLEY OSBORNE, ALAN LESLIE OSPINA, JAIME FERNANDO F.E.S., L.A.S.C.A., A.I.I.E., E.S.A.C, Varsity Soccer OTAZD, ALICIAM. Honors Program, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Theta Mu, Pi Mu Epsilon, Dean ' s List OTAZO, GLORIA MARIA Phi Kappa Phi. Honors Program, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean ' s List OVERLAND, GARY Philosophy Club OWCZARYK, RONALD S. Young Republican Club, Hurricane Skiers, American Marketing Association PACKER, MARC BENNETT Dean ' s List PADRON, VIVIAN TERESA A.C.E.I., Dean ' s List PAGE, PETER H. Lambda Chi Alpha PALMA, MARIA D. Dean ' s List PALMROSE, CYNTHIA KRISTINE PANKOE, ROBERT WILLIAM I.E.E.E. PARADELO, MARIA MERCEDES Phi Delta Pi. French Honor Society PARKER, MARIA ELAINE Delta Gamma; Scholarship Chairman, As- sistant Rush Chairman, Little Sister of Lambda Chi Alpha; President PARNELL, KENNETH G. PARSON, P. GARY PARTEl, RONALD FIELDING Sail- ing Club, I.F.C., Lambda Chi Alpha, Greek Week Committee, Pep Club, GREEK LINES; Advisory Board PASCUAL, LUIS F.C.S.. L.A.S.A., CCU.N. PASTOR, DONALD FRANCIA PAULINO, SUSAN PEARL, JAMES Tau Epsilon Phi, American Marketing Association, Philosophy Club PEASLEY, FREDERICK ANDERSON PECK, JEFFREY P. Intramurals; Dean ' s List, Sailing Club, Water Ski Club PEEBLES, ROBERT W. Intramurals PEEK, MARGARET FRANCES Delta Zeta; Scholarship Chairman, Presi- dent, Panhellenic Council; Secretary, Treasurer, Rho Lambda, A.W.S., Alpha Theta Kappa, Women ' s Disciplinary Committee, Outstanding Jr. Sorority Woman 1969 PEMBERTON, BROCK PENDLETON, JOHN B. Phi Epsilon Pi; President, Treasurer, Secretary, I.F.C. ' Treasurer, Carni-Gras 68; Publicity, Publicity, Cami Gras 70 Chairman, Homecoming 68; Special Events PERCAL, SUSAN PERRERA, ISMAEL Eta Kappa Nu PEREZ, LISANDRO Dean s List, F.C.S.. Newman Club; Treasurer. Inter- continental Club; President. Inter- national Student Festival ' 69; Chairman PEREZ, LOMBERTO LORENZO F.C.S., Antorcha; Editor, Dean ' s List PERLE, SANDER C. Phi Epsilon Pi. Chemistry Club PERLMAN, DEBORAH Dean s List, Phi Kappa Phi PESTCOE, BONNIE CHERYL Dean s List PETERS, CHARLES DAWSON Alpha Kappa Psi, Hurricane; Business Co- ordinator PETERS, GREGG PETERSON, BRIAN DOUGLAS Phi Epsilon Pi. Intramurals PETERSON, RICHARD ALAN Eta Kappa Nu. I.E.E.E., F E.S. PETRIGALA, PETER JON PHARO, WILLIAM GEORGE Kappa Sigma; Treasurer PETERSON, RICHARD ALAN Eta Kappa Nu, I.E.E.E., F.E.S. PETRIGALA, PETER JON PHARO, WILLIAM GEORGE Kappa Sigma; Treasurer PHILLIPS, JAYNE T.S. Dean ' s List, Sigma Alpha lota, IBIS; Assistant Se- nior Section Editor PHILLIPS, LAURA FAITH Zeta Phi Eta, Dean ' s List PICA, LOUIS Dean s List PICKERING, BILLY T. American Marketing Association PIERCEFIELD, CHARLENE B. PINERO, MAIDA PIOTROWSKI, JOHN LEO PISH, THOMAS HENRY PITTS, DENNIS L. PIANO, KATHLEEN C. PO AGE MICHELLE BROWN POLEMIS, JOHN Varsity Soccer. International Student: Chairman. Hellenic American Club; President POLICASTRO, WILLIAM SALVATORE POLLOCK, DONALD IRWIN Phi Theta Kappa. Dean ' s List POMPONIO, MICHAEL A. U.M Sports Car Club, Management Club PONT, EDWIN STEPHEN Alpha Ep- silon Delta. Beta Beta Beta, Chemistry Club. German Club, Honors Program POO, FAUSTINO AS ME POOLE, JOHN MORTON V. Dean s List POSE, MANUE V. POSNER, NIKKI ILENE Phi Delta Pi: Vice-President. Intramurals POSTON, REBECCA JANE Kappa Kappa Gamma. Mortar Board. Delta Theta Mu, Senior Panhellenic; Treas- urer, Resident Advisor POWERS, RAYMOND JOHN Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Kappa Phi Delta Sigma Rho. Tau Kappa Alpha. Debate Team. Dean ' s List PRALL, CHERYL DIANE PRESSMAN, MARSHALL Beta Beta Beta, Psi Chi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Delta Theta Mu PRICE, BARBARA E. PRIEST, PATRICIA ELLEN PUIG, JUAN LUIS Pi Kappa Alpha. Army R.O.T.C PRINCE, MARGARET Hurricane Skiers. Alpha Chi Omega. Dean ' s List PUKO, MARTHA LANE PI TT ER M AS, HOWARD STEVEN QUARLES, MARY NELL Chi Omega. Army R.O.T C Princess. Pep Club. Young Republicans. Young American ' s for Freedom QUINLIVAN, MARK VINCENT QUINTANA, FRANCISCO JAVIER RABBENE, JANICE Delta Zeta RAHN, CRAIG W. IEEE; President. A.I.A.A.. E.S.A.C. RAMOS, CARMEN TERESA ALA RAPEE, MARSHA CAPLAND Alpha Epsilon Phi, Sigma Alpha Eta RAPP, WILLIAMS. JR. RASHID, ALEX Drama Club, U.S.C.; President, Dean ' s List RAY, ROBERT VAN RAYMOND, CHRISTINE ELIZABETH French Club READING, STEPHANIE HENRYKA Psi Chi, A.W.S., 960 Dorm Council, Dean ' s List REBER, LINDA G. Dean ' s List, Kappa Kappa Gamma REBOZO, KENIA T. Dean ' s List Pi Delta Phi, French Club REDHOUSE, RUSSELL LING Dean ' s List REINDORF, MAXINE American Mar- keting Association, Hillel, Women ' s Business Association REITINGER, CARL ALAN M.R.H.A. House Governor, Elections Commiss- ion Chairman RESCIGNO, GEORGE FRANCIS REVELEY, ROBERT L. III. Scuba Club REYNOLDS, ROBERT RICE, ROBERT DANIEL Epsilon Phi; Athletic Chairman, and Executive Council RICH, LYNN LOUISE RICHARDS, )EAN ELAINE RICHARDSON, ALBERT CHARLES Sports Car Club; Secretary-Treasurer RICHARDSON, SUSAN LINDA Little Sister of Alpha Kappa Psi RIISMAMDEL, JACK BENGT Kappa Sigma; Social Chairman RILL, PAMELA Phi Delta Pi, Sigma Delta Tau, Orange Key, Rho Lambda, U.M. Hostess RIVERA, ARISTIDES ROBBINS, JAMES MICHAEL ROBERTS, GARY E. Alpha Kappa Psi; President, Management Club; Vice- President, I.BO.C, Business Week; Photographer, American Marketing As- sociation, Council of Presidents, Na- tional Distinguished Service Award Alpha Kappa Psi ROBERTSON, DAVID ROBERTSON, SUSAN MELANIE Zeta Phi Eta, A.W.S.; Chairman Rules Re- vision, Mahoney Hall Floor Repre- sentative, Women ' s Apartment Area; Treasurer ROBINSON, KARALYN W. ROBINSON, KENNETH DURWOOD U.S.O., Young Republicans, Program Council, Program Council; Assistant to Public Affairs Chairman ROBINSON, PAUL W. JR. Dean ' s List, University Entertainment Com- mittee, U.S.G.; Secretary, W.V.U.M.; Disc lockey. Promotions Director ROCABERTI, LUCRECIA R. French Club, Dean ' s List, F.C.S., Newman Club ROCKMAN, LOUIS MICHAEL RODER, RICHARD Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma Alpha Mu, Rifle Team RODRIGUEZ, FRANCISCO ENRIQUE Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Ep- silon, Dean s List, Economics Club RODRIGUEZ, JAMES THOMAS Dean ' s List, Circle K, Alpha Kappa RODRIGUEZ, JAVIER A. Alpha Kappa Psi, International Coordinator, Intercontinental Club, Intramurals, C.C.U.N. RODRIGUEZ, OVIDIO PEDRO A.S.C.E. ROHDE, (AMES MATHES Dean ' s List ROLL, JONATHON BARON Dean ' s List ROSADO, JOSE F. Psi Chi, F.C.S., Torch; Staff ROSE, BELINDA JANE ROSENBERG, NORMAN ROSENBERGER, PETER MARK Dean ' s List, Alpha Delta Sigma; House Treasurer ROSENBLATT, DAVID RICHARD Lecture Series; Lt. Governor ROSENBLATT, ELLEN BETH ROSENFELD, MEL S. ROSENKRANZ, LINDA CAROL ROSENTHAL, PHYLLIS K. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Chemistry Club ROSENTHAL, SARAH J. Hillel, Young Democrat ' s, A.C.E.I., C.E.C ROSER, ALIZ ALEX Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, Management Club, A.I. I.E., Sailing Club ROSS, LAWRENCE A. ROSS, MARGARET M. Sigma Alpha Eta ROSS, MARCO L. ROST, JOHN MATHEW Delta Phi Alpha, Eaton Hall; Judicial Board, Ski Club, Scuba Club ROTH, JEFFREY RONALD ROTHBARD, LOUIS KEITH ROTHSTEIN, ROBIN Intramurals ROTOLANTE, BRIAN H. Dean ' s List, Phi Eta Sigma, Arnold Air Society, Aerospace Officers Military Honor Society, Air Force R.O.T.C. ROVER, STUART MICHAEL Young Democrats, Management Club ROVSEK, JAMES EDWARD RUBIN, JUDITH CAROL Program Council, Cheerleader RUIZ, JOSE M. Pi Kappa Alpha, French Club; President, A.I. I.E. RUIZ, JOSEPH A. Phi Alpha Theta SABBAGH, NAJIE F.E.S.; Vice Presi- dent, A.I.E.E., F.C.S., E.S.A.C. SABLON, ROLANDO FELIPE Florida Engineering Society; President, E.S. S.A.C.; Vice President, Tau Beta Pi, A. I. I.E., Honor Council SABO, NANCY LYNNE SACKS, GLENN ELLIOT Tempo; Business Manager, Consulting Editor, Accounting Club, Board of Publica- tions, Dean ' s List SADOWSKY, ALBERT SAFFERSTONE, MARK J. Pi Kappa Alpha, U.S.C. Supreme Court, As- sociate lustice, University Disciplinary Committee SAGER, RENA SALKIN, BEVERLY W. Phi Lambda Pi SALNY, RONALD JOEL Zeta Beta Tau SALZ, DORENE GALE AC El. SALZMAN, NETTIE SAMUEL, GEORGIA SANCHEZ, GEORGE O. Scabbard and Blade SANCHEZ, HILDA YARINA SANDBERG, GARY ALAN SANDERS, DANA M. IBIS; Senior Section Editor, Hurricane; Staff Writer, English Club, Dean ' s List SANTAYANA, MARJORIE C. SANTINI, ANN MARIE Alpha Chi Omega, Dean ' s List, Young Republi- cans, Newman Club, Hurricane Staff SANTORA, LAWRENCE JOSEPH SARANTOS, EVA J. Student Edu- cation Association, Dean ' s List, Phi Rho Pi, Phi Theta Kappa, A. C.E.I., U. of M. Symphony Orchestra SAUCHELLI, ANTHONY JOSEPH Intermurals SAVAGE, ELLEN JANE Student Coun- cil for Exceptional Children; Secre- tary, Sailing Club SCALINGI, PAULA LOUISE Delta Zeta, Hurricane; Copy Editor and As- sistant Copy Editor, Commuter Wo- men Students, Honors Program, Na- tional Journalism Fraternity, Dean ' s List SCHATTNER, ROBERT S( HEARER, NORMAN M. Delta Sig- ma Pi; Historian SCHECHTER, JAYE BEVERLY Delta Phi Epsilon; Corresponding Secretary, Homecoming Chairman, A.W.S. Coun- cil, Program Council SCHEINER, GLENN BARRY SCHIFF, JUDITH D. Delta Phi Ep- silon SCHNEIDER, RANDI SUE Rules Re- vision Committee SCHNEIDER, ROBERT Varsity Soccer SCHEIDERMAN, ANITA WANDA University of Miami Wind Ensemble SCHOENBERG, RITA ROSS Phi Lambda Pi, Zeta Phi Eta, Dean ' s List SCHOFIELD, WILLIAM A. Dean ' s List SCHOLZ, FREDERICK STEVEN Lamb- da Chi Alpha, Dean ' s List SCHOLZ, RICHARD B. Archontes Society SCHONBERGER, ELAINE SCHULMAN, MARGIE PAT Delta Phi Epsilon, A. C.E.I. SCHULTEN, JOHN SCHULTZ, STUART ALLEN SCHULZE, DONALD EDWIN SCHUPP, GREGORY H. Sigma Chi, University Services Organization, Karate Club SCHUTT, KENNETH R. SCHWARTZ, ARLENE Phi Epsilon Pi, Little Sisters of Destiny; President, Sweetheart of Phi Epsilon Pi, French Club, Young Democrats SCHWARTZ, HARVEY SCORDO, JAMES ALFRED Lambda Chi Alpha SCULL, DOUGLAS WAYNE I.E.E.E SEAMAN, MAE WENDY SEELY, JAMES R. Varsity Football Team, Phi Epsilon Kappa SIEDE, LINDA MAE Deans List SEIDEL, JOHN FREDERICK SEIDEN, MARK D. Young Repub- licans SEIDENMAN, PAUL D. SEIDMANN, ELLEN JO Alpha Epsi- lon Phi, I.F.C. Hostess, Little Sister of Kappa Sigma SELEVAN, ANN CYNTHIA Young Democrats, A. C.E.I.; Recording Sec- retary SELLE, STEPHEN CRAIG SELLEN, JAMES A. SERRANO, VIVIAN T. Beta Alpha Psi, Newman Club, Women ' s Business Association SERVER, ELLIOTT MICHAEL MRHA; Outstanding Representative and Vice President, Henry J. Sikar Man of the Year, Who ' s Who among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Archontes Society SETZER, JOHN W. WVUM, Dean ' s List SEVIN, FREDERICK IRA Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chemistry SEYMOUR, BERNADETTE THERESA SHAFER, MARY CHRISTINA Alpha Chi Omega; Recording Secretary, Ski Club; Corresponding Secretary, Jud- icial Board, 1968 Complex SHANE, ARLENE ANDREA Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Delta Phi, Sigma Delta Pi, Phi Gamma Nu, Dean ' s List, Distinguished Juniors, French Club, Spanish Club SHANK, MONTY DALE SHANNON, CLINTON WILLIAM SHAPIRO, ARTHUR Alpha Phi Omega SHAPLEY, GREGORY EDWARD Sig- ma Chi; Secretary and Editor, Hurri- cane; Associate Editor, Tempo Photo Editor, Logos; Editor, Student Repre- sentative to Alumni Board, Russian Club SHAW, BARRY SHAW, CHERYL ROBBIN SHAW, JANET Alpha Delta Pi, Little Sister of Minerva, I.F.C. Hostess SHEARER, WILLIAM OTWAY Re- sident Advisor, Dean ' s List SHECK, SANDRA SELENE SHELOR, MICHAEL HEROLD M R. H.A., Sports Car Club SHELTON, DAVID P. Hurricane Skiers; President. Ski Team Captain, American Marketing Association SHENK, GREGORY IAN Chemistry Club SHENKER, CHARLES PAUL Dean s List, Alpha Epsilon Delta; Secretary, Tempo; Circulation Manager, Chem- istry Club, Phi Eta Sigma, Honors Pro- gram. Delta Theta Mu SHERMAN, ALAN EUGENE SHERMAN, KANNETH A. Zeta Beta Tau SHERMAN, MAUREEN SUE Alpha Psi Omega. Ring Theater SHERMAN, ROBERT A. M R.H.A.; Secretary, Director of Study Center, Pershing Rifles, U.S.G.; Director of Public Relations. Varsity Soccer SHEROTA, EDWARD JR. Delta Sig- ma Pi SHIELDS, JEFFREY M. Veteran ' s Club; Vice President. Volleyball Team SHIELDS, ROBERT WARREN Dean s List. Tau Kappa Epsilon; President, I.F.C ; Treasurer, Alpha Epsilon Delta. Phi Eta Sigma, Chemistry Club, Omic- ron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega. Delta Theta Mu SHULLMAN, STEVEN JAY Delta Sigma Pi SHUMAN, MARNI ANN Dean ' s List SHUTE, FRANCIS B. SIBLEY, CHARLES Sigma Phi Epsi- lon SIBULKIN, ROBERT NEIL SEIGEL, EUGENE MARK SIEGEL, LYNN A. Phi Alpha Theta; President, Alpha Theta Kappa; Presi- dent. Intermural Representative of the Year. 1 966-1 967, Camma Sigma Sigma; Sergeant at Arms, 730 East Hall Rep- resentative. A.VV.S. Representative to U.S.C., Commuter Women Students SIEMIANOWSKI, THOMAS E. N.A.E A SIFF, DEANNA Skiing Club SIGEL, ROLINDA MYLES Singing Hurricanes. Symphonic Band, Con- cert Choir SIKORSKI, HENRY SILVAGGI, ROBERT G. Sigma Alpha Mu; Vice President and Pledge Master SILVER, MARSHA SUSAN SILVERIO, PAUL W. SILVERMAN, JEFFREY ALAN Enter- tainment Committee, Tau SILVERMAN, SAUL HERSCHEL Phi Eta Sigma. Beta Alpha Psi. Beta Cam- ma Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Dean ' s List SILVERSTEIN, BRUCE MICHAEL SIMON, MEREDITH JUNE Psi Chi. Clinical Experience Program; Dir- ector, R.O.T.C. Princess, Pershing Rifle Princess SIMON STEVEN M. SIMONE, ROBERT Pershing Rifle, Scabbard and Blade, Distinguished Military Student, Judo Club SIROTA, ROBERT ALLEN SKINNER, EVERETT A. SLAVETSKAS, JAMES IEEE SLIPAKOFF, JERALD EDWARD Dean ' s List SLOMAN, JEANNE Little Sister of Minerva, A. C.E.I. SMALL, ROBIN CHERYL Alpha Ep- silon Phi; President of Pledge Class, Best Pledge, Junior Panhellenic Rep- resentative SMILES, STEVE M. SMITH, ANDREW HENRY SMITH, BETSY J. Student Faculty Representative SMITH, CURTIS LEE Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pledge Class President, Re- corder, Vice President. I.F.C. SMITH, REGINALD C. Band or the Hour SMITH, ROBERT D. SMITH, ROBERT M. SMITH, WAYNE ALLEN SMITH, WAYNE B. Delta Sigma Pi, Management Club SMITH, WAYNE GUERNSEY Area Council Representative SNYDER, MICHAEL D. Veterans As- sociation, President SNYDER, REBECCA SUE Pi Delta Phi. Dean ' s List SNYDER, SANDRA LEE SOKOLER, LAWRENCE ARTHUR Hurricane; Sports Writer, Assistant Sports Editor, Sports Editor, Managing Editor SOLBERG, SUZANNE KAREN Sigma Alpha Tau; Secretary, U.S.O.; Sec- retary and President, Mortar Board; Vice President. Cam! Cras Commit- tee, Orientation Committee SONNEN, CAROLYN RUTH Sigma Alpha lota. Pi Kappa Lambda, Mortar Board. Dean ' s List SORGE, BRETT ALLEN Alpha Kappa Psi. Social Chairman. Swimming Team, Cami Cras, Management Club, I.B. O.C.; Curriculum Evaluation, Rep- resentative. Alpha Kappa Psi; Social Chairman, Business Week SOROKA, JAMES Lambda Chi Alpha, IBIS; Staff Photographer SOUTHWORTH, BEATRICE M. AC E.I. SOUTHWORTH, JORGE C. SPECTOR, LYNN ELLEN Pershing Rifle Princess SPERLING, SUSAN SANDRA SPERONI, MARY CATHERINE SPIEGEL, ROBERT SPIERER, LARRY Resident Advisor, Council for Exceptional Children, Vice President SPITZ, ARLENE A.C.E.I.. Florida Reading Association STAHL, ROBERT A. Sailing Hurricanes, Summer Commodore; Recording Sec- retary STALLINGS, OLIVER Hurricane Sports Writer STAMES, KATHERINE Chi Omega, Camma Alpha Chi STAMLER, DARA GARY Alpha Ep- silon Pi; Treasurer and President STANECKI, JOSEPH A. U.S.C. STANEK, THOMAS J. STANTON, DANIAL R. Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer STARKOFF, EARL Freshman U.S.C. Representative. Orange Key. Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Sigma Alpha; President. Dean ' s List. University Discipline Committee. Honors Program STEIN, HELEN GENTRY STEIN, MARVIN Delta Sigma Pi, Pershing Rifles, Collegiate Council for the United Nations, Young Democrats STEIN, MICHAEL STEIN, SUSAN Sigma Delta Tau. Council for Exceptional Children. Ekisi Korai, A.C.E., U.S.C., Dean ' s List STEINBERG, DAVID JAY WVUM STEM, RONALD LEON Phi Alpha Theta, Track Club; Vice President STENBER, JEFFREY LYNN Alpha Kappa Psi STEPHENSON, ALICE M. Interna- tional Club, U.S.C.. S.E.A.. A.CE.I. Dean ' s List STERLING, BARBARA GAIL STERNBERG, JOAN ELIZABETH STEVENS, FRED SHERMAN Pi Up- silon Alpha STEVENS, HENRY Q. Pre-Law So- ciety, Camma Theta Tau STEWART, ARTHUR GARY Deans List STEWART, GAIL WESLEY Newman STINE, JOHN Club, M R.H.A. STITELER, JULIA A. Accounting Club. American .Marketing Association STOECKERT, GEORGE IAN Young Republicans, Scabbard and Blade. Gymnastics Club. Entertainment Com- mittee STONE, JUNE ADAMS Phi Lambda Pi. Dean ' s List STONER, CRAIG ALAN Lambda Chi Alpha; Treasurer. Pledge Trainer. Executive Committee, Correspondent STOREY, JOE LARRY Dean s List STOWE, KENNETH IAN Dean ' s List STRAUSS, KENNETH American Mar- keting Association STRICKLAND, SAMMY F. STROHL, BONNIE FAY Honors Program. Dean ' s List SUAREZ, CARMEN G. Phi Lambda Pi; Corresponding Secretary, Epsilon Tau Lambda SUAREZ, SANDRA L. Intercontin- ental Club. Latin American Student Association, Council of International Students Association SUBERATI, DENISE C. SUCHAR, RACHEL Camma Sigma Sigma SUDDUTH, SHARYN LEE Kappa Kappa Camma, Orange Key, Mortar Board, Program Council, Association of College Unions; Chairman of Region IV, Who ' s Who among Students in American Colleges and Universities SUKOFF, IRA EDWARD SULLIVAN, MICHAEL JOSEPH SULLIVAN, ROBERT DENNIS judi- cial Board SULLIVAN, S. PAUL Soccer Team, Hurricane; Sports and Staff, Deo Cratias SUMERFIED, HERBERT JR. A S M E A.I.A.A.. F E.S.. Pi Sigma SUNNESS, PATTY Deans List, A.C.E.I. SURANGSI, ANUSORN B S C E SUSSMAN, WILLIAM Alpha Kappa Psi; Vice President and Public Re- lations, Beta Alpha Psi, Opera Work- stop. I.B.O.C, S.A.F.A.C . Sailing Club SUVADA, JOANNE TAGLIERO, SECON DO ANTONIO TAGRIN, SUSAN M. TALBOT, SUSAN B. French Club TAUB, MICHELLE B. Phi Sigma Sig- ma. Pep Club. A.CE.I. TAYLOR, ROD L. Dean ' s List, Omic- ron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Var- sity Football, Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Colleges and Uni- versities TEDESCHI, DAVID JR. TEIBEL, SUSAN LYNN A.W.S.; Jud- icial Board TEICHMANN, CANDACE K. Dean s List TELANDER, WILLIAM ANDREW Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi, Sports Car Club TERMOTTO, DAVID WALTER Chem istry Club. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Dean ' s List TESSIER, CELESTE JEANNE Alpha Kappa Psi Little Sister TEZYK, ROBERT JOSEPH THACHER, IONATHON COOPER Phi Delta Theta. Varsity Soccer. M.R. H.A.; President, Hurricane Skiers. Scabbard and Blade THEOPHILOS, PAMELA THEEME, KATHLEEN Intramurals THOMAS, LARRY Christian Science Organization THOMAS, VERNON Sigma Nu; Pledge Class President. R.O.T.C.. Intra- murals THOMPSON, JOHN ANDREW Chess Club. Pre-Legal Society THOMPSON, NELDA K. Phi Lambda Pi THORNER, LYNNE FRANCES Sail- ing Club; Commodore, Camma Alpha Chi. Kappa Pi THU, PHAMKIM TIETZE, WAYNE JOHN American Marketing Association TILLES, DAVID DORY TIMANUS, SALLY C. A.CE.I. Dean s List TIMMONS, JAMES TERRY. I.E.E.E., A.I.A.A., F.E.S., E.S.A.C, Amateur Radio Society TIRNAUER, ITRISN. TOBIAS, WILLIAM )AMES TOMAN, ROBERT LEO TOMAS, GUILLERMO Dean ' s List, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi TOPOREK, DAVID TORREY, RICHARD Phi Delta Theta TOSCANO, TAMARA D. TOWL, KENNETH DEAN Economics Club TRAN,THITAM TRANTER, WILLIAM R. Intramurals TRAVIESO, JOSE R. JR. Beta Alpha Psi TREMBLAY, VERNON Dean ' s List, Tempo; Associate Editor TREVIN, PEDRO LUIS TRIPOLI, LOUIS J. U.S.C.; Attorney General, Governor; Adams House, M R.H.A.; Parliamentarian, Vietnam Moratorium Committee TROUSDALE, JOHN M. Phi Mu Alpha; Recording Secretary, Outstand- ing Member, President, Band of the Hour; Captain, Staff Member, Iron Arrow, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities TRUE, JOHN EDWARD Dean ' s List, Beta Alpha Psi TRUPIN, ANN BETH TUCKER, BRUCE ALAN Phi Eta Sig- ma, Delta Theta Mu, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Honors Program, Dean ' s list, Chemistry Club, U.S.G.; Traffic Court justice TUCKER, CERALDINE Phi Lambda Delta, Dean ' s List TUCKER, IVAN M. Dean ' s List, Amer- ican Marketing Association TUDELA, JOSE TUNNELL, BONNEY H. Judicial Board TURK, ROBIN WOHLSTADTER TURTLE, JON CLYDE M.R.H.A.; Rep- resentative, IBIS 68, Intramurals UCENT, AVERY A. German Club, Russian Club, French Club UNCER, WENDY SUE URIZAR, ENRIQUE VALDES, STEPHEN F. Phi Alpha Theta VALERIO, GREGORY J. Intramural Football, Basketball, Baseball VAN TATENHOVE, ERIC Phi Epsi- lon Kappa, Dean ' s List VASS, JAMES BUTLER VATER, THOMAS A. Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi, " M " squad, Mah- oney Area judicial Board, Intramural Sports VELARDE, JOSE ALBERTO F.E.S., A.S.C.E. VELLA, ALOHA SATO VENHORST, SUZANNE MARIE Kap- pa Kappa Gamma, Honor Council, Pi Delta Phi, R.A., Little Sister of the Cresent, College Board, 1968 Home comine Oueen, Miss Hosoitalitv 1969 VERGARA, HECTOR SIIVINO.i A.C. President, A. I. A. A. Treasurer, Pi Sigma, A.S.M.E., Tau Beta Pi, Florida Engineering Society Treasurpr VESCIO, JAMES VIDALES, PATRICIA ALEIDA VIDOR, MICHELE Dean ' s List VIGIL, PELAYOA. VINEOR, MILDRED A. Dean ' s List VINSON, CHARLES LAWRENCE Sen- ator M.R.H.A., Football, Sigma Chi, Homecoming Chairman VITOW, BARRY VOLLWEILER, ALAN EARL IBIS Photographer and Hurricane Photo- grapher, Photo Editor Hurricane VOSS, DOUGLAS M. Sigma Phi Epsilon VRANEKOVIC, GEORGE JOSEPH Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta WAGNER, BARRY LEE WAISBEIN, VIVIAN Hall Repre- sentative of 730 East, Young Demo- crats, International Club WALSH, CAROL A. Childrens Theatre-Pinocchio, Ring Theatre-Edu- cation of Hyman Kaplan, MFA play- Christopher Columbus, Costume as- sistant WALSH, CRAIG EDWARD WALTERS, PATRICIA WALTON, DONALD EUGENE Tau Kappa Epsilon WARGO, JOHN ANDREW Com- mander-Aerospace Officers Military Honor Society WARNER, JAMES ROBERT Phi Mu Alpha Secretary, School of Music Student Council, Dean ' s List, Dia- mond Man-Alpha Delta Pi WARWICK, RICHARD C. FES., I.E.E.E. WASHINGTON, MAYRA S. Dean ' s List WAXMAN, ELLIOTT Gamma Theta Upsilon WEAVER, DARRELL JR. Soccer Team WEAVER, HAROLD JESSE Beta Alpha Psi WEBER, JAMES O. WEBER, SALLY MARIE Dean ' s List WEGENER, PAUL VESPER Dean ' s List, Student Council for Exceptional Children WEINGAST, ROBERTS. WEINKLE, BARBARA T. Dean ' s List, Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Theta Mu, Phi Lambda Pi, Eta Tau Alpha, Phi Alpha Theta WEINSTEIN, JOY GAIL WEINSTEIN, LEONARD WEINSTEIN, PHYLLIS ELLEN A.W.S., A. C.E.I., Co-captain Basketball Team, Volleyball Team, Sailing Club, Tennis Club, Sports Car Club WEINSTEIN, RUBY RUTH A.C.E.I., Dean ' s List WEINSTEIN, SHERIDAN Sigma Kappa WEINSTEIN, STUART A. Dean ' s List, Philosonhv Club. Spnsitivitv Research WEISBERG, WENDY SANDRA Stu- dent Education Association WEISELBERG, LEONARD B. WEISINGER, MARK ALAN WEISS, CAROLE MARCIA WEISS, LUIS N. WEISS, THOMAS ANDREW WEITZMAN, MICHAEL Sports Car Club WELCH, JANET L. Delta Delta Delta.-President, Vice-President, Treas- urer, Rho Lambda-Vice-President, Phi Delta Pi, Little Sister of Lambda Chi- Vice-President and Secretary WELCOM, GERNALD TIMOTHY Pi Sigma Alpha-Vice-President, Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, German Club, Dean ' s List WELLER, EILEEN MARY Alpha Lam- bda Delta-Treasurer, junior and Sen- ior Advisor, Delta Theta Mu-Treasurer, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Alpha Theta WELLS, JAMES R. WENGRIN, MELODIE JEAN Army ROTC Princess, Dean ' s List, Spirit Week Queen Candidate, French Club, IBIS Senior Section Editor WESCHE, MARION ELIZABETH WESTBROOK, NANCY LEE Sigma Alpha Eta, Kappa Delta Pi, Psi Chi, Epsilon Tau Lambda, Phi Lambda Pi- Corresponding Secretary, N.E.A., Honors Program WESTON, ANNE S. Akin Award for Oral Interpretation WESTON, MARA BETH Dean ' s List, Alpha Lambda Delta, Band, Orchestra WEVER, ROBERT B. Vice-President Sigma Alpha Mu WEYMOUTH, CAROLYN G. Chi Omega Treasurer, AWS Student Coun- cil, Judicial Board WHEELER, RICHARD B. IFC , Lambda Chi Alpha-Rush Chairman, House Manager, Gamma Theta Up- silon, Senior Class Representative to USG., Homecoming House Chairman, Carni Gras Administrative, President Pep Club, Iron Arrow, Omega Delta Delta Delta, College Board, IFC Hostess WINEGAR, BONNIE SUE A. C.E.I., Secretary, Summer Youth Enrichment Program WINER, MICHAEL JAMES Dean ' s List WINTER, DAVID A. Dean ' s List, Delta Sigma Pi WITKIN, LARRY ALAN USC Mark- eting Club WITHIN, DENISE MADGE Hillel Foundation WOLFSON, JUDITH ANN Dean ' s List WOLINSKY, DENNIS RICHARD Management Club, Debate Team, Honor Scholarship, Collegiate Coun- cil, UBOG., Dean ' s List, Certificate of Merit, Phi Epsilon Pi WONG, ALBERTO K. WOODROME, SUSAN BENNETT UM Hostess, Delta Delta Delta, Little Sister of the Shield WURST, BARRY GENE XIQUES, LUIS A. Economics Club YACOVINO, DONNA W.A.A. Club, Little Sister-Sigma Phi Epsilon YAFFE, PETER M. Co-ordinator Viet- nam Moratorium Committee, Com- mittee or Student Organizations, Un- dergraduate Student Government (USG)-Executive Assistant. Hurricane Photographer and Collumist YARAS, SUZANNE YASKIN, MICHAEL WARREN B A R.C.H. YASKIN, ROGER WILLIAM YOUNG, LOUIS H. Phi Epsilon Pi Vice President and Pledge Master YOUNG, MARSHALL LORNE Amer- ican Marketing Association, A.D.S. YOUNG, ROBERT O. YOUNG, STEVEN Vice Superior Phi Epsilon Pi ZAND, MARA L. A.C.E.I., Dean ' s List WIENER, MICHELE FRAN . A C.E.I. ZAR8OLIAS, MICHAEL J. . WILDER, JON M. Dean ' s List WILLETTE, WILLIAM Tau Kappa Epsilon WILLIAMS, KENNETH ALLEN Intra- mural Football, Baseball, Basketball, Billards, Bowling, ROTC All-Star Foot- ball Team, House President, Treas- urer, MRHA Representative to USG, Resident Advisor WILLIAMS, RISA MARLENE WILLIAMS, WALTER L. Dean s List, Psi, Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Philosophy Club WILLIAMS, ANTHONY JOHN JR., Phi Delta Theta WILLS, B., Gamma Sigma Sigma Advisor WI LSEN, FREDERICK H. House Governor, judicial Board, Jai-alai Club WILSON, NANCY Bowling League, Graduate Advisor for Pearson Hall WILSON. SUZANNE ELIZABETH ZARIKIAN, AVEDIS N. Pi Sigma, F.E.S., Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Presi- dent, A. I. A. A., Intercontinental Club, A.S.M.E. ZARMATI, MAURICE M. ZAX, KAREN ROBIN French Club ZEIGER, LAWRENCE E. Dean ' s List, Young Democrats; Secretary, Treas- urer, Psi Chi ZEPPIERI, CONNIE ACE I ZERVOUDAKIS, RONALD JOHN ZIZAK, PETER G. ZUCKERMAN, NORBERT ALAN Dean ' s List, Intramurals; Canoeing Champion, Tennis Champion ZUSMER, MERRILL SANDY ZWASS, MARVIN HY Gamma Theta Upsilon ZWICK, MORRIS PHILLIP Tau Kappa Epsilon; Chaplain, Foreign Language Club, Chemistry Club, Dean ' s List Arts and Sciences . . . established in 1925 ... in fall semester, 526 students . . . classes opened in the Anastasia Building . " grad- uates with degrees will have had a sound liberal arts introduction to the major fields of human knowledge " . Dr. McQuitty, dean Business Administration . . . 1929 . . . accredited by the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business . " prepares men and women for positions of leadership " . . . provides excellent pre-law training . . . majors in accounting, business education, economics, finance, general business, government, marketing ... Dr. Bock, dean Continuing Education . . . previously, the Even ing Division . . . reorganized in 1964 . . . founded in 1926 ... Dr. Allen, dean . . . supervises all evening, Saturday, and late after noon classes . . . more than 400 courses . . . two regular and two summer semesters Education . . . 1929 . . . " each undergraduate curriculum emphasizes three types of work: 1 ) general or cultural courses ... 2) professional courses in education and ... 3) course: leading to mastery of subjects taught " ... Dr. Beery, dean . . . majors in education: administration, curriculum, and instruction educational psychology; elementary education; health and physical education; recreation, industrial education Engineering . . established in 1947 . . . architectural engineering, civil engineering, electrical, mechanical, and industrial engineering, and engineer ing science . . . " school places emphasis on dealing with unstructured situations " . . . dean is Dr. Knopf Graduate School . . 1941 ... Dr. Harrison . . . " integrated program of advanced, specialized study " . . . subject to all requirements of the University graduate majors lead to Masters degree Honors ... Dr. Hively . . . admission by invitation . . . general or departmental honor: " provide challenge and expanded study for qualified superior students " Advanced International Studies . . . only six years olc . . . units are Institute of Inter-American Studies, Research Institute for Cuba and the Caribbean, NDEA Language and Area studies Center, and Program for Latin American Studies Abroad . . . most activities on graduate level ... Dr. Harvey Law . . . 1938 . . . Dr Lewis i s dean . . . day and evening division ... no specific course is needed to enter . . . " designed to deepen the knowledge and understanding of law in its broad interrelationships " . . . graduates only Marine Sciences . . . 1942 . . . renamed in ' 61 ... Dr. Smith . . . located on Virginia Key . . . particularly suited to Miami ' s climate and life ... 5 acre tract . . . radiation lab ... controlled en- vironment building . . . Physical Science Wing Medicine . . . 1952 . . . first located in Coral Cables . . . moved to Jackson Memor- ial Hosptial ... Dr. Warren, dean ... 80 students in each freshman class . . . 90% legal residents of Florida Dean of Men . Mr Sandier . . . " assistance to all men students in developing their academic and social attitudes and skills " . . . responsible for disci- pline problems Molecular Evolution ... Dr. Fox . . . one of the newest departments . . . studies origin and evolution of biological systems . . . applicant should have earned his degree in chemistry, biology, geology, or another natural science Music . . . one ol Miami ' s first . . . 1926 . . . applied, church, conducting, education, literature, merchandising, therapy, studio and jazz, theory, and composition ... Dr. Lee . . . " four stated objectives: 1) attain skills and proficiency of an artist ... 2) develop talent ... 3) trair teachers ... 4) help students acquire discriminating tastes " Nursing . . . Mrs. Buchanan . . . Royce Building at Jackson Memorial Hospital . . . " preparation for professional nursing practice " Dean of Students ... Dr. Cennett ... six departments . . . dean of men . . . dean of women . . . housing office . . . campus chaplains . . . international student advisors . . . resident student development . . . speaks in behalf of all six departments and confers with the V.P. . . established in June, 1969 Center for Theoretical Studies . Dr. Kursunoglu, director . . . theoretical natural sciences, and history and philosophy of sciences . . . lectures at graduate and post graduate levels ... no courses of its own . . . temporary and permanent memberships available Center for Urban Studies . . . Jan- uary 1, 1969 ... Dr. McKenry, director . . . " develop and coordinate university programs in the field of urban studies and urban af- fairs " . . . interdisciplinary programs are administered by a supervisory committee Dean of Women ... Dr. Brunson . . . " strives to assist women students in developing their full stature as persons " . . . counsel and advise women students . . 187 " - - -si.w. ._--- -_ -,_, afefeyfes itoeL-s? - ! W: $ (SI ec LU f A z LU Q !7 LU D 0. O ac o u- z z 2 DC Z LU MRS. RUTH L WERT . . . SECRETARY OF THE UNIVERSITY 191 t 1 o: u- u. I- z LU Q DC o z LU O (A LU DR. WILLIAM R. BUTLER 192 LL. U z DC o z LU Q ae Q. LU U MR. EUGENE E. COHEN . . 193 z O LU Z Z LU Q a. LU U M 06 a -i s t z I i " U 5 . 0. 12 LU 194 I J Of u LU - z LU o LU oe 5 MR. WILLIAM W. SANDLER JR DEAN OF MEN 1 i DR. NICHOLAS D. GENNETT . . . DEAN OF STUDENTS o ' v v se v ' X ' ' .- jy , tvft y$ BfcV ' -r V A V% V I v xV %? S x-r y V.V ' AV.V " ft: ' t t _ V. ft -. y vv v yw Vv%V I -. ,v, CD m$ , tfXvv.A V ' Vrf ' A V ' ' r mw .VA7A ! " VAW;; , X }JA. i . II Q OQ O o o u z DR. ROBERT H. BOCK 200 u 1 - z LU U oe Q 3 H I 201 DR. BEHRAM KURSUNOGLU . . DIRECTOR OF THE CENTER FOR THEORETICAL STUDIES 2 in z eo ac I- z LU u oe z LU U at U oi O n , . ' O s Q O O z u _ O oo oa z. z O DC 206 z Of LU Z 3 z O O X u X I- z a. O z U K oe J O oe O z O DC O - oa O 207 o o Ikl X z z O oi O 208 209 I ) _ u z LU U 5 X - z te. O O u o z s o (j oe O ;l i, " W o o O O OS O u _ as 5 X O LU Z c as Q 212 i o o z u s -z. o 213 o z z u_ o o o X (J z (J z I z X u CO C CO ( ) ac : ' ? - . . Jum . . . turn . . . turn . . " . an end to a season ... no more horoscopes O yearbooks ,- orprojfes ... the megaphopes have all been taken away . . degrees given .and the mosqTiitos a e coming . some wax remains . . . and a few hangovers probably ... no tears though-. peace still neds a chance - ? nd ' -it about the Rlark .and SpiTro Agnew . . . and freedom? our revolution wiH go on -. . . mayb . " Sthe summer m - va . besides, the pollutiorv Ifl still be here next year . . bu.t for now, we rjj|use and w ... the " Rock " is empty and stftl . . . fear is sparkling on the lake . . and the mosquitos are coding ... Ttits is the Dawning ... ALEXANDER MICHAEL BUKHAIR i Editor-lois 1970 . iy IU Alexander M. Bukhair. Jonathan Ellsworth . . . Don Allen Michael CCBryon .... Dennis Mitchell Nancy Handler Stephen Feller Robyn Waltman Melodic Wengrin Rina Cohen Gail Bedard Cherryll Bider layne Phillips Patricia Metsopulos . . Andrew Katz . . Edit . . . . Associate Editor Photography Photography . . Business Manager Activities . Layout and Sports Organizations Seniors Copy Secretary Secretary Assistant Fashion Coordinator . . Assistant PERSONNEL Copy . . Leslie Silverstein. Barbara Fields. Paul Sullivan. Proofreader . . . Linda Carpen- ter Husband of Proofreader . . . Kenneth Carpenter. Chaplain . . . Hank Kline. Censor . . . Cyn Zarco Token . . . Nancy Handler Mascot . . Larry Snyder. Narc . . Don Allen. Vocals . . . Maria Parker andSkritter Wengrin. Note: The editors would like to mention at this time Nancy Handler ' s stirring Jew ' s harp recitals and T.S. Phillips powerful trombone solo that were such an inspiration to us all. with special thanks to |im Soroka. whose existence we spent the entire year trying to justify . . but failed. -: -. a . - ' - m Alexander M. Bukhair. lonathan Ellsworth . . . Don Allen Michael O ' Bryon . . . . Dennis Mitchell Nancy Handler Stephen Feller Robyn Waltman Melodie Wengrin . . . . Rina Cohen Gail Bedard Cherryll Bider layne Phillips Patricia Metsopulos. . Andrew Katz Editor . . . . Associate Editor Photography Photography . . Business Manager Activities . . Layout and Sports Organizations Seniors Copy Secretary Secretary Assistant Fashion Coordinator . . Assistant PERSONNEL Copy . . . Leslie Silverstein, Barbara Fields, Paul Sullivan. Proofreader . . . Linda Carpen- ter. Husband of Proofreader . . . Kenneth Carpenter. Chaplain . . . Hank Kline. Censor . . . Cyn Zarco. Token . . . Nancy Handler. Mascot . . Larry Snyder. Narc . . . Don Allen. Vocals . . . Maria Parker and Skritter Wengrin. Note: The editors would like to mention at this time Nancy Handler ' s stirring Jew ' s harp recitals and T.S. Phillips powerful trombone solo that were such an inspiration to us all, with special thanks to )im Soroka, whose existence we spent the entire year trying to justify . . but failed. of the age of gal twelve houses . . . twelve signs . . . ten planets = solar reading . . . lunar reading . . . reading of the Ascendant . . . this is the age of unselfishness . . . humanity . . . harmony . . . world peace . . . brotherhood . . . idealism . . . change . . . trust . . . fraternity . . . AQUARIUS . . . let the sun shine . . . first on Virgo . . . sign of the virgin . . . virgin school year . . . conflict of earthiness and in- tellectual ism . . . President ' s reception . . . sensitive . . . susceptible to change . . . The Byrds . . . perseverance . . . self-centered . . . sorority rush . . . world of their own . . . chaste . . . Vanilla Fudge . . . virginal thoughts . . . Faculty Baroque Trio . . . passionless . . . spinsters and bachelors . . . love-in . . . efficient . . . industrious . trustworthy . . . Julian Bond? . . . materialis- tic ... disoriented . . . registration . . . generally nega- tive . . . snobbish. . . orientation . . . give and demand measure for measure . . . tuition increase . . . modest . . . retiring . . . parking ticket moratorium . . . quiet . . . a claustrophobic tendency . . . opening of the dorms . . . unusual success . . . literary ability . . . Hurricane . . . this is the dawning of Virgo . . . the dawning of the semes- ter ... the dawning of involvement? . . . the marriage of Virgo and Aquarius brings a marriage of the establish- ment-minded and the peace-loving innovator . . . this year brings change worked in the framework of social structure . . . the cusp of Virgo and Libra . . . introduc- tion of justice . . . balance . . . harmonv . . . twelve houses . . . twelve signs . . . ten planets = solar reading . . . lunar reading . . . reading of the Ascendant . . . this is the age of unselfishness . . . humanity . . . harmony . . . world peace . . . brotherhood . . . idealism . . . change . . . trust . . . fraternity . . . AQUARIUS . . . let the sun shine . . . first on Virgo . . . sign of the virgin . . . virgin school year . . . conflict of earthiness and in- tellectualism . . . President ' s reception . . . sensitive . . . susceptible to change . . . The Byrds . . . perseverance . . . self-centered . . . sorority rush . . . world of their own . . . chaste . . . Vanilla Fudge . . . virginal thoughts . . . Faculty Baroque Trio . . . passionless . . . spinsters and bachelors . . . love-in . . . efficient . . . industrious . . . trustworthy . . . Julian Bond? . . . materialis- tic ... disoriented . . . registration . . . generally nega- tive . . . snobbish . . . orientation . . . give and demand 217 o (J J- at O O O X z LU 219 220 VANILLA FUDGE . . . versatility and imagination under the influence of Mercui 422 THE BYRDS 224 THEBNDi CHAMBER SINGERS 225 226 . . harmony . . . balance . . . justice . . . September 24 - October 23 . . . Libra . . . social demand . . . mental detachment . . . most passionate sign of the zodiac . . . U.M. Symphony Orchestra was temporate and intellec- tual . . . passionate . . . pep rally . . . Derby Day. . . every sign has its seamy side . . . Julian Bond again? . . . Olctoberfest . . . may sometimes fritter away a lifetime, even if done quickly . . . well-liked . . . Herbie Mann . . . TKE bell ... air of fallen grandees . . . Sam and Dave . . . two make for harmony of voice and balance . . . Beware the Ides of ... your personal health is in danger . . . fight to keep from fighting . . . and ' you can ' t determine foreign policy in the streets ' . . . why not create a silent majority ... of ' impudent snobs ' ? ... for the justification of ... 45,000 . . . numbers ... or names ... or people . . . Sacrifarcial, isn ' t it? ... no money for test tubes ... no office space for the geography department . . . let ' s put on an off-Broadway play? . . . better not . . . what will the parents say ... want to save the world? . . . " Smile on your brother " . . . 227 O z HERBIE MANN 230 RBIESWSN TURLY RICHARDS Q LU Z LU O ' o 3 u. LU HL 5 u CO 233 " all we are saying " . . . are names and names . . . and all we want is ... a rock full of answers . . . and " I already know there are dead " . . . " my best friend is " ... a com- mie ... a fascist pig ... a label . . . but more must die and listen to speeches and someday we will all be ... " heroes and hypocrites and free " . . . because it ' s so un- believably real that Miami could care about . . . war . . . and classes . . . and music . . . and bras ... or the lack of them . . . and maybe even names . . . and " where have all the " . . . songs . . . and candles . . . and tears gone? . . . and who put all the stars out? ... will wax melt into blood? . . . and will America the Beautiful ever . . . " give peace a chance " ? . . . ever . . . ever . . . HE bns . . . asmsn bns esmsn 9is . . . " gnivsa 9is 9w MB " ybBsils I " bns . . . ai9wans k u) boi E . . . ai Jnsw 9w -moo E . . . " ai bnsrrt Jesd ym " . . . " bssb 9is sisrlJ won l sib Jaum siom Jud . . . Isdsl 6 . . . iq JaiDast 6 ... sim . . . 9d MB Iliw sw YBbsmoa bns asrbssqa oJ nsJail fans -nu oa a v Ji 9auBD9d . . . " 991 bns agJiioogyrl bns a9oi9rl " IBW . . . Juods 9iBD bluoo imsiM Jsrto IESI Y ' dEV9il9d 9rlJ 10 ... asid bns . . . oiaum bns . . . a9aasb bns . . . 9i9riw " bns . . . agmsn n9v9 9dyEm bns . . . m9rlJ o )DE| aiE9J bns . . . aglbnsD bns . . . agnoa . . . " 9riJ ME 9VErl XEW Iliw . . . SJuo aiEJa 9rlJ ME Juq orlw bns . . . $9no 9riJ EDii9mA Iliw bns . . . Sboold oJni Jbm 19V9 . . . 19V9 . . . r v 93nErb E 9DE9q 9vi " . . . 19V9 234 235 238 239 240 ll- wfe pr m % : --. . SStaete-i " ' . : M is ' Romeo Juliet inarylovestoi in -. 1 ft D - seli- ot n Viet Nav iS(X spa hips flun ings past cess jslu inlal atrif isai 244 Scorpio . . . Oct. 23-Nov. 22 ... invites extremes of either love or hate, devotion or loathing . . . tyrannical . . . overbearing . . . loyal . . . courageous . . . love of luxury . . . intensely realistic . . . large sexual appetite . . . inclined to excess ... no matter how much love and attention he receives, the Scorpio man will always suspect deceptive conditions are working against him . . . philosophical . . . Timothy Leary . . . exacting . . . Scorpions are extremists in all senses . . . enigma of a violent temperament and a fine constructive mind . . . true comprehension of life . . . astute ... to them, everything is a battle . . . AWS Leadership Workshop . . . able to grasp and master any subject . . . even singing . . . personality invites quarrels, criticism, and tumult . . . Janis Joplin . . . prolific people . . . devious . . . the creative Scorpio can slowly gain over the years while Neptune transits Scor- pio . . . Sam and Dave Revue . . . physically hardy . . . most common crimes committed by Scorpions are those of sexual per- version, passion, over-indulgence in drinks and drugs . . . often give money through inheritance ... at best, love impulses are for the preservation of the race; at worst, extremes in sexual practices . . . withstand hysteria . . . very hard to unbalance a Scor- pio . . . Homecoming . . . control worry very well . . . uncanny occult understanding of the unknown . . . innate understanding of moods and impulses . . . make good " searchers " ... in any position, except that of absolute leadership, the Scorpio discloses qualities that hardly any active person could bear for constant and progressive association . . . ruled by Pluto . . . the planet of death and regeneration . . . reform takes the form of penitence . . . penitence in the age of ... ardent reform . . . sacrifice their self-interest to render service to their fellowmen . . . Margaret Mead . . . speaks before Congress and advocates the legalization of marijuana . . . Pluto in the eleventh house brings international flavor to social life and relationships . . . make friends with a Viet Cong . . . Draft Lottery . . . the figure of the Scorpio woman is sometimes grandly voluptuous . . . mouth is sensual . . . Miss Navel Contest . . . spiritual and creative growth in this age . . . forecast for Nov. 21 ... concentrate where progress is possible . . . progress to Sagittarius . . . the centaur . . . half-horse . . . half-man . . . sign of Sagittarius . . . active interest in sports and outdoor activities . . . women are the ' Diana ' type . . . cultured mien . . . subject to sudden illness . . . sign rules the hips and thighs . . . one of the old age signs of the Zodiac . . . mind is mature, farseeing, and practically imaginative . . . far- flung enterprise . . . Sidney Fox lectures on the moon rocks . . . ideal qualities of vision, practical power, and human sympathy . . . " get-rich-quick " of the Zodiac . . . Saturn is in Sagittarius until 1970 . . . tighten finances . . . Uranus in the ninth house lightens the load of Saturns transit . . . with Pluto, comes the promise of future success . . . Charles Evers . . . vague long- ings and confused emotions working below the surface . . . call for mental discipline and courage . . . somewhat discouraged by past two years of lucklessness ... Art Linkletter . . . publicity and deep, fundamental changes in career promise acclaimed suc- cess . . . Friday, Dec. 5, is a lucky day . . . Jefferson Airplane . . . great sense of fitness . . . women are stunning . . . Frederic Stor- aska lectures on how women may protect themselves against assault without the use of a weapon . . . travel which is organized in late November will have a stimulating effect on you . . . companions are inclined to praise and produce gifts . . . Agnew takes a trip . . . the 20th brings good prospects for romance . . . more conscious than usual about appearance and the ' aura ' of sur- roundings . . . Christmas in preparation . . . surroundings change as vacation arrives . . . marriage of Sagittarius and Capricorn is a union of optimism and pessimism . . . indicative of the age? 245 . ' ill i HOMECOMING 1970 . . . twelfth degree of Scorpio . . . vitality and a scattering of life forces are products of an extravagant nature. 247 - - - z UJ LU o z O u O o O o z CO V NAVEL CONTEST Miss Navel Trudy Dolnick . . . Runners-up: Joy Timmons, Diane Peterson, Lynn Gunther, and Marty Darling. 250 - 252 c " TO - - 41 TO C +_ O o o. o. c OJ DC o ' 5. o u s- " o Q c " 5 g OJ 253 254 256 i 257 V 3 a. _ ' c - s? o - O in _0j u -O 0) E o TJ I o c ra o vt -D O C _c ro E ; 5 u d X Q. 3 a; 5 -D O , O 3 . 00 = , ( ) 3 . 2 1 U I 5 ' -1 o I c D re " 8 j c OJ c O o t 3 C O o ' - ro C ' DO -a c ro in o 262 : Ol 0 a o CD u DC C fO - Q. E rs 2 3 Capricorn . . . December 22-January 19 . . . last of the earth signs | ... ruled by Saturn . . . practicality and responsibility . . . cold? I ... innate desperate need for love and affection . . . conscious 1 of obligations toothers . . . Christmas Vacation . . . most busi- nesslike of all the signs . . . pragmatic . . . objective . . . methodi- cal . . . Exams . . . conservative . . . virtually tireless . . . Aquarius I ... January 21-February 19 ... versatility, expression, resistant to change, wide variety of interests . . . Aquarius is ruled by the planet Venus, the symbol of newness and abrupt change . . . most independent sign in the zodiac, quick to assimilate and originate . . . Registration . . . have patience, forevision, modera- tion . . . versatility . . . most typically to be agitating for the restoration of a monarchy . . . " Cod bless Spiro Agnew " . . . faith in the future, happiest when left to own devices . . . tolerant, success as a leader . . . Strawberry Fields . . . Richie Havens . . . spirit of independence, like to get done . . . how to achieve a goal . . . Ralph Abernathy . . . Friday the 13th . . . superstitious . . . Ashe Building closed . . . Black Protest . . . meaningfulness . . . goals gained? . . . resent restrictions . . . Sammy Davis . . . break with tradition . . . independent workers for social reform ... prize what is new and unusual . . . quagmires of reality . . . potent vibrancy . . . Armaggedon . . . free of demands . . . " Ifs A Beautiful Day " . . . enjoy it, soak it up, articulate . . . Basket- ball-LaSalle . . . first to run to the aid of the underdog, not easily turned back, strong stubborn streak, determined . . . Resident Riots . . . doers, very good at sports . . . work, careers and success drives, things practical . . . succeed as writers, scientist . . . Busi- ness Week . . . the Water-Bearer " carries that weight " . . . Capricorn . . . December 22-)anuary 19 ... last of the earth signs ... ruled by Saturn . . . practicality and responsibility . . . cold? | ... innate desperate need for love and affection . . . conscious of obligations to tohers . . . Christmas Vacation . . . most busi- nesslike of all the signs . . . pragmatic . . . objective . . . methodi- cal ... Exams . . . conservative . . . virtually tireless . . . Aquarius . . . January 21-February 19 ... versatility, expression, resistant to change, wide variety of interests . . . Aquarius is ruled by the planet Venus, the symbol of newness and abrupt change . . . most independent sign in the zodiac, quick to assimilate and originate . . . Registration . . . have patience, forevision, modera- tion . . . versatility . . . most typically to be agitating for the restoration of a monarchy . . . " God bless Spiro Agnew " . . . faith in the future, happiest when left to own devices . . . tolerant, success as a leader . . . Strawberry Fields . . . Richie Havens . . . , spirit of independence, like to get done . . . how to achieve a goal . . . Ralph Aberqathy . . . Friday the 13th . . . superstitious . . . Ashe Building closed . . . Black Protest . . . meaningfulness . . . goals gained? . . . resent restrictions . . . Sammy Davis . . . break with tradition . . . independent workers for social reform ; . . . prize what is new and unusual . . . quagmires of reality . . . ; potent vibrancy . . . Armaggedon . . . free of demands . . . " It ' s A Beautiful Day " . . . enjoy it, soak it up, articulate . . . Basket- ball-LaSalle . . . first to run to the aid of the underdog, not easily turned back, strong stubborn streak, determined . . . Resident Riots . . . doers, very good at sports . . . work, careers and success ; drives, things practical . . . succeed as writers, scientist . . . Busi- Q. X " c CO T3 C ro 01 D ro _c ro DC B Z O _C 2 O LL. O 00 oo REVEREND RALPH ABERNATHY 268 The twenty-fourth day of Aquarius . . . " We ' re tired of all the Bullshit! ' 269 Uranus rules faith in the future and a desire for abrupt change. 271 272 RING THEATER PRODUCTIONS. . . " A FLEA IN HER EAR 274 275 ' A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM ' Resident Riot 278 t i ec (J oe 280 - x t 282 283 284 Pisces . . . February 19-March 27 ... baffling contradictions . . . sensitive . . . intuitive . . . dreamy? . . . intemperate, ill-tempered liars? . . . fish swimming in opposite directions . . . " Time Has Come Today " . . . Chambers Brothers . . . closely associated with feel- ing . . . responsive to things of emotional significance . . . high degree of spirituality . . . Collegiate Council for the United Nations . . . responsive, flexibility . . . Basketball Season Wind-Up . . . sentimentalist, high degree of spiritual motivation . . . adaptability . . . Timothy Leary . . . especially susceptable to hallucigens . . . sounds of silver tones . . . very fertile imagination . . . frequently successful . . . environment is rapid and fluctuating, analagous, responsive to different stimuli . . . Cam! Gras . . . give very gener- ously to charities . . . quality of imagination . . . flair for advertising . . . seeker after sensations . . . men are sensualists, great imagi- nation . . . women, diamonds are her best friend . . . Greek Week . . . tendency to think in abstract terms . . . you want to create, to do, to help . . . Aries . . . March 21-April 20 ... the Ram . . . planet Mars . . . straight forward and hardworking . . . head-strong and impatient . . . Spring Recess . . . powerful creative drive inspires innovation . . . Contrasts in Culture Week . . . tendency toward volcanic emotional outbursts can be checked through self-discipline . . . ambition and quick-thinking make for forceful leadership . . . U.S.G. Elections . . . mercurial sex drive . . . imaginative and satisfying lover . . . thrives on adventure and short-lived romances Taurus Ap ril 21-May 20 . . . Earth sign, most conservative sign of the zodiac . . . even, stable pace . . . obligations scrupulous- ly met hard work achieves any goal . . . Nina Simone . . . strength, eager to please those who employ them and respond . . . en- joys pleasures of being aroused, highly erotic ... 48 hours Mystery Jam, Jethro, Spirit, Pacific Gas and Electric Company . . . Taurus rules the throat . . . makes sure that your guests enjoy the very best . . . music has a great appeal to you . . . " what ' s it all about " Alfie . . women marry for money, overspend, searing passion . . . will ultimately achieve your goal by diligent application and patient effort Black Culture Week . . . guided by good, true, beautiful . . . sample, experiment, materialistic love for the best Sports Car Rally . . . tension, experimentation . . . Finals . . . Cancer . . . Leo . . . complete zodiacal cycle . . . The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius . . . 285 t Voices of an age . . . Timothy Leary, Lord Carradan, Sammy Davis Jr. 286 287 c l - 288 o J 175 c Z 01 -= 2 CO i - 289 290 n. - I I Seek and ye shall find . . . among the pages about the confront the Star Gazer, or he who relies upon the Heavens to guide him through life, seek the lovely forms . . . seek the garments they wear . . . find the future in fashion ... in fun ... in believing in more than what shines from above . . . seek and ye shall find ... Pat Metsopulos . . . sociology major from New Jersev ... Pat glides along her Jer- sey shores when home wearing her personal star-sprinkled wraps . . . her last year here at Miami ... )une Safran ... a New York lovelv who could wear the Statue of Liberty Crown . . . sophomore majoring in French, the language of the people who gave New York her statue ... Anne Mendelsohn . . native of Maryland . . . coming to Miami for her second year and bringing with her all an Aries can . . . stability in thought and fashion ... Mildred Hall . . . Miami ' s own ... a beautiful one from the City Beautiful . . . her looks as light and wispy as a feather cloud Diane Kuhen . . . junior from Maryland . . . her major is elementary education, a field for simplicity in style and dedication in endeavor ... Joanne Kelsey ... a Cables beauty . . . majoring in art education . . . her third year at UM ... art takes form both on canvas and on Joanne Jeanne Sloman . . . education major from Maryland . . . graduating this year with a future filled with promise and rewards ... joy Timmons . . . Quaker State beauty . . . freshman majoring in sociology . . . former Miss Navel contestant is free, frivolous and full of life ... Merrie Jen Brenner . . . Pre-law student in her sec- ond year . . . that tall, lithe New York look is sure to bring order to any convening court ... Ronna Goldman ... a Chicago sophisticate . . . second year at Miami ... Beth Nebesky . . . long-haired lovely to entice any sports fan ... Peggy Donahue . . . Mid-Western girl . . . from Nevada, the Casino State . . . junior majoring in mass communications . . . Peggy ' s communications are starry and warm . . . seek and ve shall find . . . seek again, in love . . . in life ... in fashions from above ii-itf 1 M . Us - ' -: 0) D c 3 do c C ' DO (0 E LU U i D TO V -C -a c ro _ 0) - TO E TO 2 a 01 o u c o u oc o J- u. 5 c o oc c TO 0) oc c 1 TO a TO (J (J 1 c _o ' 4-J TO re o u ro LU 298 0) o u fS (J 299 LEO . . . eminently able to lead and inspire 300 LIBRA ... A basic instinct to bring harmony into all situations. with P e D f 303 o o I o 0) T3 C ro . I I o c 0) u c I u c 304 - fi l L 306 308 309 310 t " " 1 - . ' - 311 f -f + a UP 313 316 317 318 a o I o 0 -C T3 0) L_ fO U 319 I ' il 322 323 324 FSU vs. Miami . . . " When UM comes out on the field the Orange Bowl is going to slant to one side " . . . Bill Cappleman evens it out . . . Pytel starts . . . Teal finishes DEEfense . . . but thats only half the game . . . Tony Stawarz . . . Where were you when we needed you? . . . 14-13 . . . three minutes left . . . DEEfense . . . You can ' t be tired . . . offense . . . three plays and a punt . . . Let ' s do something original like an Off-Tackle play . . . FSU 16-UM 14 NCS vs. Miami . . . Pytel starts and finishes . . . " I ' ve got my number one quarterback " . . . defense puts the pressure on ... Pytel has plenty of time ... at last . . . heat fells the Wolf- pack . . . " Goodbye Charlie " ... Dr. Stanford drinking buttermilk . . . Defense finally gets a little rest . . . second half UM takes it all ... NC fades fast . . . UM 23-NCS 13 LSI) vs. Miami . . . " I ' d rather not use two quarterbacks " . . . this time he tried three . . . Number one offense held 56 minutes . . . then . . . UM offense gives it away . . . Defense deserved better . . . goodbye Charlie . . . Pytel . . . Teal . . . Cochrane . . . Pytel . . . " You can ' t win when you ' re trying not to lose " . . . LSU 20-UM Memphis State vs. Miami ... " I tried Pytel, and he didn ' t work out; I tried Teal and he didn ' t work out, so I brought Cochrane in " . . . Cochrane starts against Memphis . . . Never confused in huddle, but took time calling plays . . . Very good Tiger defense . . . two or three bad breaks ... 54 yard touchdown pass puts down Miami . . . " Upset of the Year " . . . Memphis State 26-Miami 13 TCU vs. Miami . . . Win this one for Coach Tate . . . Kelly Cochrane . . . finally a quarterback . . . mind over matter for first victory . . . Opalsky and Best ... 117 yards . . . when we really needed it ... super soph Judy betrayed by own receivers . . . TCU says UM hits as hard as Ohio State . . . How come we ' re not number one? . . . two TD ' s too much for TCU . . . Tate carried off field . . . Hello Charlie . . . UM 14-TCU 9 Houston vs. Miami . . . Parker claims fans have been unfair to us ... a ballgame to remember . . . offense shines . . . scores almost at will ... so does Houston . . . UM leads 36-30 until final seconds . . . then . . . Tate ' s tears said it all ... but Canes played their hearts out . . . still not enough . . . Houston 38-UM 36 Navy vs. Miami . . . Bottom Ten Navy leads 10-0 . . . but sleepy Hurricanes woke up eventually ... 66 yard pass Cochrane to Schmidt ... 33 yard Opalsky run busts open game . . . execution good . . . " If Cochrane would act like Cochrane instead of Namath, he ' ll be great " . . . mistakes sink Navy . . . Miami 30-Navy 10 Alabama vs. Miami . . . Homecoming at ' Bama . . . temperature in 40 ' s . . . " Tide went over, around, and through ' Cane defense " . . . 28-0 lead at half-time . . . ball control - Alabama 102 plays to Miami 63 ... how can you score without the ball? . . . you can ' t . . . let ' s try to forget . . . Alabama 43-UM 6 Wake Forest vs. Miami . . . lack of togetherness is UM problem - Stone . . . Cochrane has all day to throw . . . offensive line great . . . Bellamy grabs 66 yard rebound pass . . . Kalina 38 yard TD aerial . . . Deacons demoralized . . . Charlie happy . . . amazing . . . ' Canes put it together . . . Miami 49-Wake Forest 7 Florida vs. Miami . . . " We played a hell of a ballgame up to the last five minutes " . . . the story of the season . . . Sullivan fantastic . . . but . . . Cuban Comet better ... 62 yard run breaks Miami . . . goodbye Charlie . . . 70,934 witnesses . . . defense deteriorates . . . gaping holes . . . Florida 35-Miami 16 Kline, Trout, Opalsky drafted . . . Pytel, Schoten- heimer transfer . . . Smith and Lawrence leave Iowa for Miami . . . coaches realign . . . what next? . . . 325 326 327 328 329 330 331 SOCCER . . . Association Football . . . the real football? . . . the seven hundred year-old universal game . . . Pele . . . George Best . . . Bobby Carlton . . . Sheffield Wednesday . . . England, World Champions . . . Soccer UM style . . . esoteric . . . enigmatic . . . blood and guts . . . amateurish . . . field condition atrocious . . . raped by pigskin protagonists ... a real mess . . . Practice ... 4-6 daily . . . sweat . . . ache . . . jump . . . run . . . push ... fly . . . always accompanied by the Band of the Hour . . . squad eventually numbers 26 ... the soccer " lovers " ... or the lovers of soccer . . . Coach Lewis predicts 6-3 season . . . final re- cord is 7-4 . . . best season statistically since ' 63 ... Biggest crowd in three years (200 souls) attends season opener . . . Miami defeats Dade-North 4-3 ... Steve Siegel im- presses as does John Zwy ... Florida Southern beaten 3-1 ... Zwy scores two goals . . . witness KKK meeting in Lakeland ... Dade- South crushed 7-0 ... Pete Boetsma scores! . . . Dean Cronin barely misses from 70 yards . . . Lewis runs the bench . . . team morale high . . . Peter Holmquist and Landon Clayman combine superbly ... Fly to Jacksonville . . . want this game badly . . . badly beaten, outhustled by Dolphins 4-2 ... first loss ... fly to Atlanta . . . customs officers surly bunch . . . Cox Carlton Hotel ... (.5 star) . . . pep talk . . . poker . . . Butch . . . go-go girls . . . Chicken and Ham sandwiches . . . two drink mimimum . . . This is soccer . . . Beat . . . Great win . . . everything falls beautifully into place . . . team plays as a team . . . Steve Mansell nifty . . . Mark Hamilton and Wilfredo Ramirez shine . . . Bruce Carter gets bloodied . . . Florida Presbyterian . . . routine ... 4-0 ... University of South Florida . . . nationally ranked team . . . professional looking . . . skill- fully coached . . . thoroughly drilled squad . . . outclasses Hurricanes in every department 4-1 ... Florida Southern ' s Moccasins again ... a rather easy 2-0 victory ... Six wins two losses so far ... four shut-outs . . . Martin Harrington a Rock of Gibraltar . . . Peter Holmquist a most improved player . . . Stetson stars speedy Nigerian . . . Tex Weaver keeps him occupied except for a lapse in communications with goalkeeper Sullivan . . . Right Jack! . . . Miami wins 5-1 ... Next is Rollins , a vastly improved team . . . Hurricanes fail to score . . . Rollins tar and feather Hurricanes 5-0 ... No way back to Chicken Salad . . . Team starts to fall apart . . . depression sets in ... players quit . . . just Juan of those things? . . . Finally Jacksonville once more and dissension . . . Dm beaten 4-3 in a close game . . . Noteworthy performances: Polka dot soccer balls ... Fly out of state . . . field neglected . . . Co-captains Harrington and Sullivan lose toss five times in a row . . . next season: Two new assistant coaches? . . . Active recruiting? . . . Field will no longer resemble lunar landscape?. . . Athletic Department will show some interest? . . . Students? 332 334 . 335 I 340 341 343 344 345 346 Basketball ... To Dinner Key or not? . . . Willie sets goals . . . Curnutt confident . . . " 26-0 " potential . . . Oh, really? . . . heart- stopper . . . 62-60 win over Biscayne . . . officials help Miami blow Steel Bowl . . . Curnutt 46 ... tournaments MVP . . . now to UCLA . . . annihilation 127-69 ... we tried . . . Hurricane Classic . . . mistakes . . . mistakes . . . mistakes . . . lost both games . Curnutt sidelined kidneys . . . Canaday and Allen good inside . . . running and passing better . . . Miami 93-Bucknell 88 . potent offense showing . . . slowly approaching .500 mark-5 6 ... but ... again annihilation . . . twice . . . UM 63, FSU 104 . . . UM 87, Jacksonville 121 ... Curnutt 36 against Centenary . . . two wins . . . Hustler impresses . . . struggle towards .500 . but ... Maravich bombs . . . record now 7-11 ... biggest crowd of year against FAMU . . . 1,203 . . . Curnutt guns 42 ... Allan 25 . . . Canaday 22 ... Canes 118-FAMU 111 ... fall at Houston 118-98 before 10,345 . . . foul trouble . . . Curnutt dazzles LaSalle ... 34 points . . . Fox may come to Miami . . . " team spirit drags " . . . " cagers have no soul " . . . look back with disappointing memories Baseball . . . Lights? . . . footballers playing baseball? ... run ... practice . . . throw . . . sore legs . . . stiff arms . pulled muscles . . . Hope for good season . . . pitching staff well stocked . . . topnotch schedule . . . Florida State four times . Georgia Tech . . . Tulane . . . NCAA bid? no coaches allowed . . . Borzecki and Garvey named captains . . . Sugar ' Canes again ... 14 strong . . . lovely ladies of the diamond . . . opening exhibition loss to Miami-Dade North ... 4-1 ... Borzecki and Monte in trouble ... but held . . . Cameron didn ' t ... tie Cuban pros 2-2 ... defeat Miami-Dade South 5-3 ... Muelhausen, Popi, Bat- taglia pitch UM to win . . . allow three hits . . . Fraser pleased with team Tennis ... the winningest team at Miami ... Pat Cra- mer captains to 16-2 in ' 69 ... Cramer and Luis Garcia undefeated in singles . . . Cramer the complete player . . . Garcia the artist on court . . . Steve Siegel the hustle undefeated in doubles . . . Papa Sven Ginman brings the family over . . . first match against Florida . . . rain stops play ... 3-3 tie . . . last match against Florida . . . lose 6-3 ... Trinity also overcomes Hurricanes . . . ifs news when the team loses . . . overall record 423-29-8 . . . this year sees new faces . . . Raz Reid serious sportsman from South Carolina . . . Eddie Dibbs local boy ranked fifth Junior in nation . . . plunging necklines on court . . . Canettes enter scene . . . coed umpires call the score . . . things are looking up ... Prediction . . . Hurricanes will be undefeated in 1970 . . . depth will be the telling factor . . . ' Canes will win the NCAA Championships at Salt Lake City . . . Dibbs and Reid will surprise Cramer and Garcia will outclass . . . Seigel, Ginman, and Ben Bishop will out-hustle . . . results will be outstanding . . . hope so Swimming . . . " Aren ' t we only as good as we can buy today " . . . lack of depth . . . not spirit . . . females top Barry . . . " This year I seem to really care " -Meade . . . takes two firsts . . . Miami 86-Miami-Dade 19 ... Meade leads again . . . upset! . . . Miami 68-Evensville 45 ... Semester break . . . poor physical shape . . . fall to Tulane . . . 59-54 . . . regain strength . . . UM sinks Rice ... 83 to 27 .. why must Alabama always annihilate us? ... football, swimming, everything . . . UM 37, Alabama 75 ... finish season with two wins . . . still mediocre season . . . but . . . wait until next year Cheerleaders . . . student apathy . . . lack of administration support . . . " does anyone really care? " . . . Sam resigns . . . " do we really exist? . . . Florida State 16. . Miami . Louisiana State 20 Memphis State 26 Miami 14 uston 38 ni 30 Alabama 42 Miami 4 Florida 35 Final record ' . ' .ami 14 Carolina State 13 Miami Miami 13 Christian 9 M ami 36 .avy 10 v.iami 6 ' . jike Forest 7 v ami 16 4-10 Louisiana State (Baton Ron- Miami Louisiana State (Timberlane C.C New Ori- Miami IS Biscayne 3 Miami 10 1 3 Rollins 7 Florida Intercollegiate February 20-21 Ball State h 10 Otterbein Tournamerr ' ' in h 24 mi Invitational March 30-31 Cape Corallnvitat , il 1-4 em Intercollegiate Miami 86 6 ' ichigan 65 Miarn; fej " Florida Southern 82 . . . Tulane 64 83 1 64 a I rei m 105 onda State 104 103 116 Tulane 105 98 gon State 86 Miar- Duqui erdine 91 Setor Ohio 99 :, ouston 118 . . ami 103 i Sta- Jacksonville 108. Final record Southern Methodist M -ni-Dade 19 - :. .tinsville 45 Penns Miami 48 Yale p York State 40 Arrv . Southern Illin ' Mi ' mi 31 Kalamazoo M ' .mi 46 Georgia Tech R Princeton M imi 37 Florida State Miami 51 Florida ;.-. ,-mingham Southern 43 Georgia Tech 49 Rollins W3 Florida State Trint Florida . th Carolina Indiana Rhode Island 95 ugari ' ' mi 63 v -mi 87 Center BASEBALL Florida Southern 92 Miami 88 Florida Miami 90 Biscayne Miami 84 Tampa M Ill Armv. ' . ' ;mi 86 Florida Statt mi 81 Penn State Biscavne College 60 Rutgers Pittsburgh 67 Ohio State . ni 88 higan Statt M,.;mi 69 Connecticut Miami 90 Playoff s 84 re Dame. M mi 69 Colgate N ' .;mi 74 Michigan Stati -il 88 Colgate . ' mi 98 higan Stair Houston 118 re Dame LaSalle % South Florida ' . imi 86 Florida Southt v.jmi 90 Biscayne W -mi % Stetson . ' .-mi 97 Tulane DH Tulane Georgia Tech Florida. Rollins Biscayne e Country Oub of Miami 4 Florida Str-tt- Miami 2 Flonda ' February 28 : rch 7 ch 10 18-19 March 21 March March 25 : h 26 March h 31 r ril 1 nl 17 . .April 22 . . April 25 h 6-7 ch 10 13-14 March 19-20 . Marcr March 23 ch 25 rch 26 ch 27 -ch 28 ch 30 xh 31 April 1 April 2 April 3 April 4 .ril 6-7 . April 10-11 April 17-18 -.aril 19 -:iril 20 Apr. Apri 3 1-2 Slav 8-9 Interfraternity Council . . . governing body and voice of all the social fraternities . . . represents the fraternities collectively to the administration . . . creates a system whereby the fraternities are able to serve themselves and the community . . . co-ordinates fra- ternity programs and activities . . . co-sponsors Greek Week . . . Grecian Ball featuring Wayne Cochran at the Fountainbleau . . . annual Blood Drive . . . administers rush . . . held a block party open to the campus in September . . . annual IFC retreat held in Islamorada IFC Hostesses . . . chosen by the men of IFC for their beauty, poise and pleasing personalities . . . assist IFC in sec- retarial capacities . . . must spend one hour a week in the IFC office . . . act as hostesses in the individual houses during rush . . . aid the fraternities in bid acceptance . . . participate in Greek Week . . . attempting this year to raise money for IFC scholarships . . . hostess rush is held twice yearly Alpha Epsilon Pi ... " living together " since 1954 . . . brothers are active in all facets of campus life . . . placed sixth in football intramurals . . . awarded third place for their Homecoming float . . . outstanding social events this year included a formal in Key West . . . all-campus Casino Night ... Big Brothers of America Christmas Party . . . tied for first place in the Pizza Eating Contest at Pappy ' s . . . Topless Party held off-campus featured bare-bosomed waitresses Alpha Tau Omega . . . first fraternity to be founded after the Civil War . . . founded nationally in September of 1865 . . . local chapter established in 1953 active in all campus functions . . . retired the intramurals swimming trophy after placing first three years in a row . . . won intramural i bicycle race . . . sponsored several original social activities throughout the year . . . Yard Party taxed female ingenuity as dates con-i structed costumes for themselves and the brothers from two square yards of cloth per couple . . . Casino Party offered each couple $1000 " hard cash " to begin the evening and make their fortunes . . . ATO brother Art Linkletter appeared on campus in December to speak on drugs . . . Miami chapter recognized by National as Most Improved in Scholarship for a steady increase in scholarship ; ability over three years Kappa Sigma . . . established at the U of M in 1939 ... placed in finals in almost all intramural sports com- , petitions . . . reputed to hold some of the wildest parties on campus . . . sponsors Little Sisters Christmas Party . . . " Sweetheart " and " Black and White " formals . . . took thirty boys from the Monenare School for the Emotionally Disturbed to Crandon Park Zoo i . . . helped renovate a section of St. Francis ' Hospital for a rehabilitation clinic Lambda Chi Alpha . . . first place overall Home- coming winner . . . active in intramurals . . . tied for first place in boxing . . . took seconds in handball and third in football ... en- tertained the children at Variety Children ' s Hospital with Christmas caroling . . . social events this year included roller skating party Mountain Dew party . . . Magical Mystery Tour party . . . main social event is the annual Spring Formal Phi Delta Theta local chapter established in 1929 . . . founded on the principles of friendship, sound learning and recitude . . . second year on cam- pus . . . now an important power on Fraternity Row . . . participated in Community Service Day . . . provided outstanding leader- ship for the entire fraternity system in IFC President Tim Meaney . . .active in all major campus programs Phi Epsilon Pi ... found- ed locally in 1929 . . . one of the few national fraternities to offer a thorough career-counseling service by established professional alumni . . . leads Fraternity Row in scholarship . . . participates actively in all phases of campus life . . . " Hooked Navy " in Home- coming and captured the second-place float award . . . held a Christmas party for underprivileged children on board one of the brother ' s boats . . . sponsors a Hallowe ' en party . . . Christmas party . . . annual " Grain Is Great Grovel " Pi Kappa Alpha " brotherhood through experience " . . . established locally in 1940 . . . provides and encourages activity in University life . . . social functions include annual Christmas party . . . Dream Girl Formal and Weekend . . . Valentine ' s party . . . annual Founder ' s Day Ban- quet held March 1 to celebrate national founding . . . community service through yearly Big Brothers of America Christmas Party for fatherless boys Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . local chapter founded in 1946 ... entered all intramural sports events . . . 352 weatWi tor first p auOmegi on in Reached sinDecai nsdnlq ral sports won first place in track . . . sponsors annual Christmas party at Variety Children ' s Hospital . . . offers a variety of social programs . . . South Sea Islands Party featured native dress and roast pig ... Toga Party was fashioned after Roman orgies- with wine, cheese and grapes . . . Champagne and Check Your Pants Party startled unsus- pecting dates as each brother was required to display colorful boxers . . . annual Fall Weekend centers around Homecoming activities Sigma Chi . . . founded locally in 1942 . . . emphasis this year on social functions . . . sponsors annual Derby Day . . . Alumni Dinner in Dec- ember . . . Wizard of Oz Party . . . Sweetheart Week- end . . . fund-raising for national quarters . . . awarded second place overall in Homecoming this year Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . local chapter organized in 1949 . . . active in all intramural sports . . . serves the community through sponsorship of boys from Kendall Home in football and baseball games, barbeques . . . house suf- fered setback as February 5 fire destroyed a suite of rooms and all facilities and personal possessions in them . . . traditionally participates in Homecoming . . . Carni Cras . . . Creek Week . . . social highlight of each year is the May Queen of Hearts Ball and selections of the fraternity ' s sweetheart Tau Epsilon Phi . . . " TEPS are TOPS " . . . sponsors annual orphan Christmas party . . . several water skiing parties held . . . Drive-In Movies held at the house with matresses thrown on living room floor . . . annual Halowe ' en costume bash . . . social highlight is spring Sweetheart Formal at the Hilton Plaza Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . local chapter established 1949 . . . first year in present house . . . firstplace overall in Spirit Week . . . Public Service Weekend . . . Toys for Tots Zeta Beta Tau . . . Variety Children ' s Hospital Christmas Party . . . money for muscular distrophy . . . intramural football championship . . . annual Blue and White Formal Weekend is highlight . . . tops in Greek division for Spirit Week and Homecoming ... -!- i_ D in ill r ro - Ufi r Qj " . ra 2 o OJ c 2 IP (0 OS o - o o LU I " (J rf = E -5 Si c w u c 1) INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL 354 Bottom Row: Tim Meaney, Judy Banka, Jan Gallagher, Marty Shar- ron, Debbie Aronson, Anne Mendle- sohn, Laurie Liffchin, Don Wexler. Middle Row: Tim Choate, Kathy Fuller, Pam Dundr, Mary Reynolds, Diana Kuhen, Kathy Keenan, Debbie Rodriguez, Caroline Crocker. Front Row: Stet Glines, Nancy Levinson, Cindy Dacquisto, Patricia Redman, Jane Royer, Sarina Lenzi, Jan Zipp, Roberta Lacritz (President). IFC HOSTESSES 355 r JLrf t . AEn ALPHA EPSILON PI Thomas Hirsh Master Jon Ferdinand Scribe Robert Fishman Treasurer Eric Salem Pledge Master Mitch Adler Andy Anthony Mike Bell Mark Ben-Asher Steve Berman Alan Bredt Neil Carver Jay Charno Alan D ' Alba Charles Dente Wayne Dijacomo Ray Dranoff Robert Eisenstadt Neil Frank Randy Gitess Gary Goldin Mark Goldstein Charles Gottesman Mitch Graham Jed Heller Paul Herman Mark Ivankin Phil Koplin Larry Kravitz Farley Losowick Joel Marcus Jon Morris Scott Mutchler David Pearlman Cris Richards Ken Rosenblum Doug Schendorf Scott Scher Eric Shlem Mitch Simon Mark Starkman Mark Symons Robert Tepper Don Wexler Cliff Wolf Fred Zohlman X, f ATS2 ALPHA TAU OMEGA John Derickson Worthy Master Frank Andreone Worthy Chaplain Doug Casey Keeper of the Exchequer Robert Schisano Keeper of the Annals Karl Kellar Worthy Scribe John Blancoe Wally Braun Robert Briggs Robert Ciroco Ken Clagett William Clapp William Davis Peter Doubleday Donald Ewald Charles Hobart David Humes William King Wayne Loats Edward Morrissey William Morrissey Art Murmane Michael Osterling Donald Paight Eric Petiprin Robert Ramsayer Charles Schildhauer Raymond Smith Daniel Stanton David Wallser Charles Walton Kevin Wurzer ; K2 KAPPA SIGMA Ray Kaspar President Greg Owens Vice-President Karl Beckmeyer Secretary Fred Daley Treasurer 361 Jeff Bertkau Fred Bigham Jim Burton Chuck Cuffs Don Cordts Keith Drummond Jerry Eastman Glen Falk Phil Frapwell Jim Gallagher Dave Gardner Jim Garvin Tom Green Ken Guidera Wayne Gwilliam Bob Hackney Rick Kaspar Russ Kelly Rick Law Ralph Mastrangelo Fred Mayer Bill Miller Tony Miller Chuck McKinley Owen Mclaughlin Geoff Miningham David Myers Ken Murray Mike O ' Conners Bill O ' Hara Joe O ' Hora Carey Orr Bill Pharo Tom Resop Jack Riismandel Jim Sanders Jerry Weber David Zimmerman r.Mi AXA LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Terry Brown President Stet Glines Vice- President Reid Brown Ritualist Mike Drinkwine Treasurer Craig Stoner Pledge Trainer Gene Apa Ronald Baker George Bay Robert Bigham Jerry Biondo Richard Blound Jeffrey Blum Jeff Booth Steve Bobak Bill Boyd Mike Burns Al Carreno Daniel Corrigan David Dorner Ken Dunn Ray Duros James Estler David Firit Rock Flaherty Jeff Frohner Ron Foose Stet Glines Robert Grace James Heaton Craig Hopkins Joseph Liddy Joseph LoCicero Mike Maquire Alan Mastin Dennis McCue Stuart Mclntyre Doug Morency Richard Olds Pete Page Craig Priest Robert Riber Walter Rick Ray Rollins Neil Rosenack Timothy Schrader James Scordo Robert Seguin Chuck Siddall James Soroka Dan Soukup John Spenceley Tom Stockwell Dave Tanner Doug Thornell Dave Torelli Rimmy Vidzuinas Al Waters Rick Wheeler , i-sr Ji m . ' . IW PHI DELTA THETA Thomas Buist President Thomas Tolisano Vice- President Richard Donley Secretary Steve Moore Treasurer Robert Link Pledge Master Gary Allen Robert Bacisn Anthony Barletta Alan Bialkowski )oe Boyce Raymond Carr Robert Clobus Peter Curcio Kim Delbridge Paul Delsandro Mike Ellis Raymond Fitzgerald Wayne Flipse Steve Gaunt Bruce Hebel Michael Holt Peter Juvet James Kunc Roger Lambert Gary LeVan Lawrence Lindquist Gregory Meany Timothy Meany Kenneth Moretti Scott Mundrick Joseph Nitti Tary Nixon Charles Parker Randy Pel ley Don Peterson Dennis Popp Lawrence Pyle Kenneth Riley David Schagel James Snyder Dean Stone Bruce Strickland John Thacher James Thomas Richard Torrey Richard Trower Brandt Ward Kenneth Wesole Tim Whistler Larry Wilson FL AB4A Ml OEII PHI EPSILON PI Stephen J. Baker Superior Fred Koehl Vice-Superior John Miller Secretary John Pendleton Treasurer Richard Wilson Pledgemaster Ronald Beacham Jeffrey Coleman William Cummings Steve Ellis Mike Exelbert Barry Fleisher William Fluezlan Barry Ford William Freidman David Goldstein Elliot Goodman Alan Kaplan Robert Kaplan Daniel Kane Mel Krueger Victor Lucas Robert Schneider David Stoler Kirk Wacker Tit. 1 IIKA PI KAPPA ALPHA Bill Hartman President Gary Montano Vice-President Vince Rado Secretary Jim Howayeck Treasurer Craig Anderson Dave Barr Bill Boisvert Mike Burris Charles Carricarte Jeff Connors Jim Coughlin Paul Debianchi Tim Donnon Bob Dorlon Larry Edwards Bob Ehrman Mark Eitt Jim Ewalt Doug Fraser Tony Ferngren Frank Ciglio Mike Healy Ken Ingham Alan Jost Dudley Katz John Kenny Charles Kollar John Kubat Skip Kuchenmeister Jim Kurtz Ken Lameiras Mike Lavin Sandy Lazar Gary McCormick Mike McDonald Ted Moser Gill Mott Frank Olivo John Orfe Mike Phillips Juan Puig Dennis Ratchup Jeff Resnick Jim Robinson Mark Safferstone John Shebat Tom Shrader Rob Smith Ron Stone Steve Stull Steve Sunkel Mike Sweet Lindsey Thomas Tom Thomas Joe Vick John Vitale Kent Vreeland Paul Verre Steve Wallace Dave Winn Steve Zamkov - .=$ ,- . 2AE SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Mike Lulu President Pat Dvvyer Vice-President Jim Brozo Secretary Dan Carroll Treasurer Bryan Payne Warden John Biddulph Jeff Bolmeyer Jim Bozek Steve Buck Steve Buescher Chat Campbell Tim Choate Nick Christin Warren Clark Pat Cooksey Tom D ' Amico Phil Darby John Devney Tim Evans Mark Farris Gary Fowlie Mike Gerry Gary Getsinger Gary Hale Doug Hassell Dan Hickey Bill Hunt Dave Johnson Phil Keagy Ken Lahey Fred Leckie Rick Loy Tom Mahlstadt Pete Mattila Ron May Jack McCoy Mario Helfa Doug Mercatoris Malcolm Mittag Bill Munz Doug Neil Tom Nudo Roger Otto Tom Patterson Paul Principino Jon Reynolds Greg Rich Craig Rickert Tony Romeo Bill Rood Hayes Roth John Schwartz Jim Searle Craig Sherrill Larry Silver Curt Smith Tom Spruance Lars Thurman Doug Weyrick Jay Wilson Jay Ziv ._ _ v SIGMA CHI Gene C. Anderson President Richard L. Donati Vice-President Gregory Shapely Secretary Frank Ash Clark Treasurer Dave Allen David Belcher Roger Boiling John Clark Gene Clyde Phil Collins Jack Conn Steve Edelstein Pete Einstien Dana Galloway Robert L. Greenwalt James Houck George Kline Harrison Kline Gary Loftus Terry Magueri Dan Oberholtzer Paul Padlick Jim Page Mike Pearson Doug Quinn Robert Rackdeschel Bill Robinson Donald Rozell Robert Ruth Gary Ryan Gregory Schupp David Seymour Terry Sgite Robert Stewart Bernard Tapocik Richard Tocci James Vass Keith Vines Anthony Williams John Zanek 2OE SIGMA PHI EPSILON Edward Akacki President J. Randall Bard Vice-President John Relyea Recording Secretary Joseph Mancuso Correspondent Robert Dowling Comptroller Carl Ansingh Scott Avery Barry Boehmer Robert Bosco William Bottiggi Arnold Pope Burr Richard Burtscher James Byers Lawrence Carr Mark Crotty Michael Decker Thomas English Robert Fidler Royce Finnie William Kennedy Foster Harry Jones Michael Kanter Ronald Karpel Robert Lesser Lesli Lipski Jay Lunt James Lyle Joseph Mancini Charles Notabartolo Michael Page Richard Patterson Peter Paul Steven Plotkin Ronald Prague Stephen Rockabrand Durland Lee Ryckman James Schneider Joseph Seigel David Selby Terry Sim Alan Sterner David Suway Mark Theimens Walter Vohdin Douglas Voss Steven Walzer Kenneth Wason Kevin Watterson Gardner Whitney Richard Yonge Andrew Zimmerman c: TEO TAU EPSILON PHI 9 mr j ' y ' - % v Len Balducci President Ken Lancaster Vice-President Howard Zusman Correspondent Bernie Siegel Recording Secretary Ron Jacobs Treasurer Al Andrews Mike Axelrod Rick Bassini Richard Bergman Joe Bruno Steve Chayken Stu Ellison Norm Feingold Steve Furst Lee Cantz John Gardner Steve Gersten Lenny Gluckstal Jerry Gorde Paul Green Les Grodnick Jack Haitkin Stacy Hornstein Mark Jacobs John Kunzman Alan Krystal Howie Lipson Wayne Merdeth Mike Mintzar Nick Paturzos Steve Prince Sam Roth Jeff Saul I Bill Schmergel Stu Shapiro Don Siegel Jeff Silverman Jeff Smith Barry Taylor Jim Toncos Alan Tucker Dave Yell in Al Wallen WJF t %4. C ' ' V R ! r, v .-V ' .: TAU KAPPA EPSILON A ' M 1 Sim Jeffrey H. Orloff President Robert F. Farris Vice-President William Willette Secretary Christian W. Brown III Treasurer John Rose Pledgemaster Clement Bello Jay Bergen Jeffrey Brown Bill Brownell Jim Cantrell Skip Carleton Alfred Cataldo Paul Conrad Dennis Durante Greg Eichstaedt Alan Epstein Penn D. Farrington Murry Foster III Richard Fraelick Frank Gallagher Bruce Goldstein Danny Hall Bob Haroutunian Frank Helti Bob Hill Allan Hoffman Gerry Hoy Chai Imsureau Wayne Jordanek Don Joy Al Joyce Ed Kelliher Paul Luskin Al Mac key Leonard Magsamen Dennis Margolis Terry Markel Harry Martel Chuck Mittnacht Ronald Moore Glenn Mosher Peter Petrigala Clif Placke Scot Posner Steve Ralph Les Schneider Bob Schofield Fred Sevin Bob Shields William Simmons John Soderman Alan Steinberg Dave Swanson Don Walton Conrad Wedding William Wiley Morris Zwick 380 ZBT ZETA BETA TAU Paul Brown President Larry Solomon Vice-President Gene Stern Secretary Norman Levin Treasurer Stu Alexander Steve Bernard Paul Bloom Howard Blume Stan Braverman Ira Bregman Jon Brown John Byrne Andy Carver Charlie Custin William Dooley Brian Dorr Greg Dorr Lou Freeman Max Fynke William Garnet Donald Garson Harry Gel bard George Ginsburg Harry Click Jeff Golding Mike Com berg Steele Green Paul Kimelman Brad Kolton Steven Krull John Kushner Steven Levy Michael Linet Larry Lotterman Robert Manas Jeff Mayer Herb Orlansky Jeff Orley Jeff Perimeter Ron Rachetsky Robert Rosenthal Jeff Roth Bruce Rubin Irl Rubin Gary Siege I William Siegel David Smith Ed Strong! n Robert Sturn Mark Susskind Scott Swerdlin Eric Thai Mark Vinakoor Jack Weiner Jeff Werner 382 Panhellenic Council . . . provides central organization for all social sororities . . . promotes high standards of fellowship and participation in campus activities . . . honors individual achievement . . . supports two adopted children overseas . . . annual sorority workshop will feature " The 70 ' s - A Time for Us " . Jr. Panhel- lenic . . . founded at the University of Miami in 1965 . . . created to promote better understanding between sorority actives and pledges . . . membership consists of two representatives from each pledge class and the pledge trainer Rho Lambda . . . Panhellenic honorary . . . honors sorority women for leader- ship, ability, loyality, excellence in service . . . taps junior and senior women Alpha Chi Omega . . . " Together Let Us Seek the Heights " . . . second overall in Derby Day . . . participates in Song Fest . . . Easter Seal Foundation . . . Creek Week, Carni Cras . . . lyre-shaped pin symbolizes music, friendship, scholarship, unity Alpha Delta Pi ... " We Live for One Another " . . . second in Derby Day, Greek division . . . participates in Greek Week, Homecoming, Carni Gras Alpha Epsilon Phi . . . " Multa Corda, Una Causa " (many hearts, one purpose) . . . lilly of the valley . . . Homecoming float placed second . . . active in Derby Day, Greek Week, Carni Gras Chi Omega . . . first national sorority at the U. of M. . . . advances sincere learning and scholarship . . . established Carni Gras . . . sponsors EOPI Children ' s Christmas Pary . . . faculty tea . . . first donation to Love Art Gallery Delta Delta Delta . . . " Let Us Steadfastly Love One Another " . . . established perpetual bond of friendship . . . promotes beneficial relation- ships between the fraternity and the university . . . active in P.O.P . . . Delta Haven . . . Boat Party Delta Gamma . . . stresses scholarship and leadership . . . cream rose . . . offers community service in work to conserve sight and aid the blind . . . sponsors Anchor Splash . . . participates in Greek Week, Derby Day Delta Phi Epsilon . . . awarded the Presidential Cup for spirit . . . sponsors a spring formal Delta Zeta . . . since 1939 . . . Killarney rose . . . emphasis on service . . . supports a patient at Carville Institute in New Orleans . . . works in conjunction with the National Association of Hearing and Speech . . . sponsors Rose Ball and Luau Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . fleur de lis . . . boasts many campus queens . . . active in Homecoming, Pledges on Parade, Carni Gras, Greek Week, Derby Day . . . stresses scholarship . . . promotes better relations between the campus and the community Phi Sigma Sigma . . . " Aim High " . . . Ameri- can Beauty rose . . . sponsors fashion show . . . Panhellenic Ball . . . took first place for House Decorations in Homecoming Sigma Delta Tau . . . promotes the ideals of sisterhood . . . high scholastic achievement . . . loyal devotion . . . yellow tea rose and the Greek torch . . . involved in Homecoming, Carni Gras, Greek Week . . . Boat Party . . . 383 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Front Row: Minette Halpern (Corresponding Sec.), Maureen Garrigan (Vice-President), Barbara Smallridge (President), Bar- bara Brin (Recording Sec.), Becky Poston (Treasurer). Second Row: Margaret Peek, Kay Good, Kathy Jones, Linda Kleindienst, Linda Draus, Gail Fletcher, Amy Brodkin, Barbara Gibert, Kathy Hampel, )une Boothby. Back Row: Jane Brenton, Elaine Burka, Chery Rachesky, Linda Kushner, Brenda Blumin, Susan Dughi. Q CO O x as Minette Brown (President), Jan Welch Linda Bogan (Sec.-Treas.), Margaret Peek, Cissy Oles, Sabra Holmes, Fran Klibanow, Barbara Decker, Brenda Blumin, Sally Kunkle, Kathie Hampel, Rebecca Poston, Sharon Suddath, Linda Enz, Linda Draus, Pam Rill. Front Row: Leslie Silverstein, Diane Sherkow, Harriet Rolnick, Rayna Raulerson, Corinda Carford. Middle Row: Pat Pearson, Mandy Bates, Linda Dunn, Karen Wasko, Darlene Ludwick. Back Row: Patti Rosen, Linda Kramer, Kathy Wilson, Ann Arn- ett, )ann Taylor. z z - te. O z v . " ' - ' , V XV AX12 ALPHA CHI OMEGA r Kay Good President Barbara Mueller Vice-President Christie Shafer Recording Secretary Rena Rubenstein Correspondent Ellen Rosen Treasurer Jill Capone Paula Duckworth Andre Dukes Susan Engel Mary Frenchette Aleta Gulden Olivia Kempton Darlene Ludwick Nancy McWilliams Susan Miller Margaret Prince Ann Marie Santini Roberta Santini Barbara Smallridge Sarah Jean Smith Mona Templeton n ' lt , r ' Ml? ' ' AAH ALPHA DELTA PI 389 Linda Drau President Mary Dolaway Vice-President Cathy Henrickson Recording Secretary Gail Perry Correspondent Judy Jennings Treasurer Sally Alsfelder Ann Arnette Lesley Bade Yvonne Blanco Connie Carmichael Jane Clasby Ginny Davison Susan Dughi Ruth Edwards Toni Favazza Elaine Ingram Cindy Johnson Tia Karte r Joanna Kelsey Anita Konglebeck Margie Leach June McCarter Susan McCarthy Kevin McNeilly Carol Marsh Linda Ormes Sherry Overholt Karen Piorkowski Barbi Quinn Cindi Robinson Paula Smith Denise Suberati Jan Taylor 1FT IS AEO ALPHA EPSILON PHI AAOA- EWAON Minette Halprin President Elaine Burka Vice- President Lauren Manket Recording Secretary Carole Fidelman Correspondent Debi Zomleffe Treasurer Vicki Adel Nadine Alter Rana Epstein Mary Ann Frank Ellen Frish Ronnie Furlong Laura Cabe Sue Carber Linda Gerson Robin Gilbert Karen Goldberg Marilyn Goldfarb Ronee Kaplowitz Bette Kay Lynn Klein Ronnie Klein Bessy Klepach Fran Klibanow Louise Jay Cindy Levinson Brenda Magazine Leslie Marcus Barbara Milkman Judy Moss Joanne Muroff Susie Newman Janie Post Ellen Seidman Sara Selfman Karen Shapiro Ellen Shniderman Robin Small Michele Wagner Andrea Willens 9ft1 " 1 (! as; . , , . to CHI OMEGA Kathy Jones President Pat Phillips Vice-President Rosalie Elliott Secretary Camille Sicari Treasurer Mary Nell Quarles Pledge Trainer Rene Bernd Nicki Boyd Caroline Crocker Dede Cummings Susan Ellis Maureen Garrigan Pam Hallabeck Inge Hutzel Nancy Jacobs Nancy Logan Lucy Morris Cela Mouguin Cathie Park Rayna Raulerson Michele Schuh Pam Spates Linda Strongman Donna Tangel Cathy Tilton Karen Wasko .. -. $, . . BBS; IV ' . ' . ' l 394 AAA DELTA DELTA DELTA Jan Welch President Jan Gallagher Vice-President Diane Dechert Recording Secretary Marj Holden Treasurer Muffie Allport Lorna Arnold Sue Bankoff Vicki Carr Janan Conn Vicky Cordes Cindy Dacquisto Ellen Dobro Mary Beth Donahue Colleen Duffy Sondra Feldmaier Lyda Cierhart Barb Gilbert Susan Gray Sabra Holmes Jan Jarrett Geri Kerridge Gloria LaChapelle Barb Latta Mary Merck Judy Nadzick Vicky Nelson Diane Peterson Kim Schmidt Marti Sharron Jenny Steiner Lynne Thornton Claudette Tylock Mary Wagner Sharon Webb Sandra Whiddin Jan Wilder Jan Zipp Ar DELTA GAMMA Katrina Hampel President Sally Kunkle Vice-President Pam Oden Recording Secretary Kaellyn Muck Correspondent Susan Davidson Treasurer De Ann Allen Sunni Beakly Rhonda Bentler Janice Bionda June Boothby Dotti Burlew Susan Gary Marty Darling Peggy Donahue Carol Erickson Lynn Cunther Suzy Cwinner Karen Herried Linda Heintz Becky Houchen Jill Jones Lynn Kaplan Sue Krete Sally Laying Sarina Lenzi Janice Long Lynn McGilrray Beth Millar Leslie Neskow Cindy Nordin Maria Parker Pat Pearson Debbie Rodriguez Patty Rosen Betsy Suero Helena Taylor Beth Walters Lindy Weisbaum Lois Williams Kathy Wilson Janet Woodward AOE DELTA PHI EPSILON Linda Kushner President Marlene Oneot Vice-President Cheryl Rachesky Recording Secretary Faye Scheckter Correspondent Ellen Sherman Treasurer Andrea Asher Helene Bernstein Bonnie Bloom Linda Chernosky Maureen Davidson Janis Donner Beth Cluckstal Shelley Colding Ronni Cordon Gail Creenberger Bonnie Krimsky Barbara Lash Sharon Lerou Joni Miller Jan Neubaurer Karen Rabinowitz Harriet Rolnick Susie Schechter Judi Schiff Diane Sherkow Peggy Simon Randy Snyder Jill Tepper Halle Wasserberger Karen Weiss Barbara Wendell Suzi Wolf 1 fc I . _. .- r - " A V ' - . . %x w AZ DELTA ZETA f Margaret Peek President Janice Rabbene Vice- President Carol Terio Recording Secretary Jacki Dardenne Correspondent Susan Baran Treasurer Janet Baird Lynn Baker Mary Ann Bellomo Susan Bishop Patricia Blanche Barbara Brin Weze Caiazzo Corinda Carford Diane Daughter Susan Flagg Ida Gayden Gail Gazeley Kari Grant Mary Lowey Linda May Natalie Millington Janice Monaldi Amelia Oles Margie Pflum Pat Redelsheimer Alicia Robinson Paula Scaling! Melanie Selb Debbie Shane Geralyn Smith Dottie Utley Diane Weaver Cathy Williamson Leslie Wright ' Jf SL-I , n, -- ' 3 AC w- ' KKT KAPPA GAMMA GAMMA Jane Brenton Debby Duvall Karen Leech Missy McAfee President Vice-President Recording Secretary Treasurer . Amy Acheson Linda Benge Peggy Black Nancy Brownstein Charlene Cherry Dianne Crawford Linda Enz Debbie James Angie Kalkas Cyndee Kayhart Diana Kuhen Mary Logan Diane Nichols Linda Noble Cindy Osterman Susie Phillips Rebecca Poston Mary Reynolds Angie Sollenberger Sharon Suddath Lynn Van Fleit Susan ne Venhorst 1 PHI SIGMA SIGMA Gail Fletcher Denise Wider Dayle Fragin Anita Cohen Melinda Adler President ' Vice-President Recording Secretary Correspondent Treasurer Idelle Block Robin Blumenfeld Barbara Brode Heidi Ecker Sheller Eder Susan Friedman Jan Graham Randye Goldstein Jerri Hamburger Sheryl Hurvitz Maria Kadet Susan Kamins Fern Katz Andi Katzman Jodie Klaube Cheryl Knopf Linda Kramer Rikki Kuzner Barbara Lindenbaum Pat Mellow Pat Netter Marie Reitzes June Sachs Terri Sachs Esta Shaber Leslie Silvestein Candy Sitomer Phyllis Sorlan Ronnie Stolzer Michelle Taub Roberta Taub Raina Witzberg Valerie Zorbbon i..ta ' ' v r S i (5 i - -- ' |, SAT SIGMA DELTA TAU Brenda Blumin Marsha Orwitz Nancy Handler Secretary Robyn Cowan Helene Celler Debbie Aronson Faye Barton Linda Bogan Amy Brodkin Debbie Brown Dayle Burland Suzy Cohen Margy Cooke Gloria Cooper Patty Cross Jane Darling Barbara Decker Trudy Dolnick Carole Doull Susan Celbard Beth Hendler Janice Horwitz Fran Isseks Bonnie Jaffee Marty Kelfer Peyton Knee President Vice-President Recording Correspondent Treasurer Betsy Land Lorie Lifschin Betsy Markey Anne Mendelsohn Gail Mosler Ellen Nemrod Allison Newman Marsha Newman Bobbie Paster Holly Roisman Pam Rill Evelyn Shearer Paula Slan Arlene Tannenbaum Nancy Viener Cindy Volinsky Don Wexler Shelley Wohl Cathy Wolf Carol Ziman Hurricane . . . bi-weekly publication . . . captures all top campus news in words and pictures . . . ' Cane Editor Larry Snyder and IBIS Editor Alex Bukhair ' s coverage of the Washington Moratorium in November highlighted the year . . . Astrodome football cov- erage in color photos a peak for the sports staff . . . Black students and DSC made headlines easy for the news staff . . . upstage and backstage coverage of the Joplin Airplane gigs . . . on-the-scenes photo staff catches the news at its breaking points . . . sophisti- cated makeup and layout add to a fine physical look ... a professional job by future journalists Tempo ... a youthful staff re- sounding its cry against war, human suffering and political injustice . . . graphic rhythms nestled within the arts of photography, fiction, essay and poetry . . . Donovan ' s etchings appeared with a pacifistic moratorium stand in October . . . autumn ' s spirit was revealed in award-winning photography of children . . . towards May, a shift in perspective ... a more subdued magazine style . . . at last, Tempo realized what could be said for DM and for America . . . first defiantly, then subtly as an artistic portrayal of man in his universe IBIS ' 70 . . . Aquarius dawns on a new insight in student publications . . . leaving tradition ten miles behind . . . bold layout and copy stream . . . meeting the 70s with a new approach to liberal expression ... all that is sincere is valid is meaningful is real . . . nude is real . . . the resident student comes of age as IBIS recognizes apartment and residence hall houses for the first time . . . many long hours spent to fuse events and moods into a free-flowing statement of the year . . . photographers create a visual kaleidoscope of fast-paced happenings . . . simple realities . . . once-only moments and major news breaks . . . IBIS 70 ... an awakening of creative, professional journalism in Miami ' s annual ... at last Board of Publications . . . advisory body to student publications . . . composed of administrators, faculty, student leaders and editors of the Hurricane, IBIS and Tempo . . . selects the editor, associate editor and business managers of the three major publications WVUM . . . the Voice of the University of Miami . . . began to broadcasting in May, 1968 . . . provides the student body with programming of special interest to the University com- munity . . . program innovations this year included original radio dramas ... a six-hour radio super-rock festival . . . controversial phone-in talk shows . . . highlights of the year were special remote coverage of Carni Cras . . . exclusive broadcasting of Hurricane baseball games ... a bi-weekly series of half-hour interviews with President Stanford . . . The Great Grapefruit Hunt of 1969 . . . future plans call for an increase in power to 1,000 watts and the possibility of becoming stereo USG . . . Undergraduate Student Government 70 ... an experiment in student power . . . heads Jim Yasser, Marty Weinkle and Stu Weiss protested " faculty stag- nation " and " lack of progressivism " in the administration . . . single most important goal has been the establishment of a self-de- termining student body responsible only to itself . . . instituted bail-bond program . . . succeeded in freeing upperclassmen from mandatory board plan . . . revised search and seizure policy . . . added 1200 parking places on campus . . . abolished $8500 in out- standing parking fines . . . proposals for new USG constitution and revised academic calendar still unresolved . . . sponsored an outstanding concert series featuring the Jefferson Airplane . . . Richie Havens . . . Janis Joplin . . . The Byrds . . . Vanilla Fudge . . . Sweetwater . . . VP Weinkle and Peter Yaffe ' s October Moratorium proved that UM students are not apathetic to the cause of peace . . . " power to the people AWS . . . Associated Women Students . . . governing body for resident and commuter women students . . . promotes social and cultural activities . . . administers on matters pertaining to dress and certain aspects of behavior . . . spon- sors the Rules Revisions Committee to study regulations affecting women students . . . hosted AWS State Day . . . sponsors lecture . I (Snvderaro series . . . co-sponsor of Resident Riot . . . individual hall councils provide active programming for residents in each area . . . par- ticipates in Homecoming and Carni Cras . . . promotes academic excellence through scholarship committees MRHA . . . Men ' s Residence Halls Association . . . governing body for male students living on campus . . . represents resident men individually and ...sopte- collectively to the administration . . . fosters a spirit of fellowship and unity through the activities of the apartment and residence ithful staff 15. hall houses . . . sponsors Resident Riot in co-operation with AWS . . . represents the resident on such issues as parking . . . discipline jhotograptit search and seizure policy . . . board plan . . . revised women ' s visitation policy . . . revamped Judicial Appeals Board, allowing the resident to appeal to fellow students rather than the Dean of Men Resident Houses . . . appearing as formal organizations in zine style the I BIS for the first time this year . . . consist of on-campus apartments and floor divisions in the residence halls . . . provide a com- travalofrc " plete range of intramural and social events for residents . . . promote enthusiastic participation in Spirit Week . . . Homecoming . . . Carni Cras . . . houses work to give the individual resident student a sense of identity and involvement on campus Commuter ... Women Students . . . " get involved " . . . since 1962 . . . sponsored by AWS . . . represents women students living off campus . . . sponsors Thanksgiving project for local orphanage . . . Christmas party for the underprivileged . . . Easter party . . . orientation pro- gram for freshmen women ... Alpha Theta Kappa . . . nationally founded at the University of Miami . . . honors women who give outstanding leadership and dedication to AWS . . . prepares and distributes AWS handbook for women students . . . requirements ,..;.. for membership are sophomore standing ... 2.3 cumulative average . . . significant service to AWS AWS Fashion Council . . . rep- resents appropriate dress standards on campus . . . sponsors fashion shows throughout the year . . . Council members act as hostesses for the annual AWS-MRHA Resident Riot Phi Lambda Pi ... national honor society for married women . . . members must have a 3.0 average . . . sponsors scholarship programs for married women returning to college . . . annual information center for register- ... ,., ing students . . . co-operated in CCEW ' s " My Lady Fair " program encouraging women to renew their education . . . Invitational Rush O f lyes ' ' Tea and Luncheon held yearly ... a friendly atmosphere for women returning to the campus scene UBOG . . . Union Board of n to(156? Governors . . . permanent standing committee of the University . . . composed of student leaders and administration . . . responsible diiate Stuti " for conducting Whitten Union affairs in an efficient and orderly manner . . . sponsors social, cultural and academic activities throughout the year Program Council . . . active since 1967 . . . schedules cultural programs for the University . . . plans the dates and times for movies . . . lectures . . . dances . . . cultural activities Honor Council . . . standing committee holding jurisdiction .over all violations of the U of M Honor Code . . . composed of four representatives from the faculty . . . two from the administra- tion . . . eight students ... all are appointed by President Stanford . . . Council has the power to initiate all changes in the Honor Code CCUN . . . Collegiate Council for the United Nations . . . promotes interest and better understanding of international affairs . . UM delegations attended model UN assemblies in St. Louis, Milwaukee and New York . . . sponsors UN Day during Interna- tional Student Week Debate Team . . . active program for thirty years . . . purpose involves training in the art of argument . . . ; provides intercollegiate forensic competition . . . UM Debaters were finalists in the Dixie Classic at Wake Forest . . . finalists in the Peach Tree Tournament at Emory University and the University of Florida Tournament . 409 : I i v. ;1 Hurricane Staff Front Row: Linda Kleindienst (News Editor), Iris Horowitz, Ed Lang (Asst. Sports Editor), Jerry Hart (Associate Editor) Larry Snyder (Editor), Craig Gorson (Business Manager), Chuck Jones (Advertising Manager). Second Row Scott Bres- sler (Sports Editor), Jim Fiskel (Asst. Entertainment Editor), John Riley, Barbara Fields Asst. Advertising Manager) Dottie Mefford (ABM), Buzz Birnbach (Photo Editor), Frank Heltai, Roni Barone (Classified Manager), Shara Pavlow (Executive Editor), Dave Croelinger. Third Row: Cyn Zarco (Entertainment Editor), Randy Pope, Bob Hart Bill Lizew- ski, Barbara Wooden, Elizabeth Ostroff, Fran Taradash, Lew Matusow, Jefferson Brattle, (Garbage Detail) Mark Ber- man (Asst. News Editor), Ken Ratkiewicz. U D X O TO D_ TO TO s TO X OJ c k_ TO O) CUD TO C 05 a c c o c l o U 412 TEMPO MAGAZINE 413 rW JK .i . . V ; 7d i ., , I- ' V 4 ' u rS- . ' fc% i I JfRff ' -s x . d a lll (C .. C 01 o -5; Oj s. ?: -= . re 2 - o tt.E 1 1 O " D - c r , re i c D ro S 2 ( 3 E n ' u O ui v. QJ ' Q. sJh.-ia L...u_S-3 c o u_ 5; uu TO Q o i .ti ra -a CD r CQ D_ ' N ' C - P5 416 Left to Right: William Sheeder, Mary Fiksel, Larry H. Snyder, Robyn Waltman, Nancy Handler, Dr. R.C Benitez, Glenn Sacks, Norman Koski, Lester Goran, William Muff, George Southworth. (not pictured, Alex M. Bukhair) s Z o y _ CO Q. _ O O CO 417 Disc Jockies: Front Row: Bill Cronvold, Pat O ' Brien (Chief Engineer), Bruce Townsend, I.M. Stevenson. Middle Row: Dave Williams, (Operations Director), Ron Stuart, Jack LaMont, Paul Robinson, Phil Miller, Shely Leshner (News Director), David Jaye, Pat Potter, Jay Arnold. Back Row: John Emm (General Manager), Ron Andrews. 418 Maif lave. Pat 5 News Staff . . . Front Row: Bill Rich, Ed Lang, Mike Wolf, Jim Flanagan, Don Wexler, Allan Gregg, Shely Leshner, John Harris, Scott Soble, Beth Stein, Bob Spindler, Angela Carrington, Val Gardner, Ann Clark, Lynne Adamec, Melody Coren, Marilyn Greene. Back Row: Barry Miller, Chuck Walker, Steve Asmond, John Gross, Dave Steinberg, Ray Badini, Elliot Scherker, John Miller, Pepper Gould, Dave Sanders. UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT GOVERNMENT Council . . . Seated: Ira Pollack, Debbie Arenson, Tobi Cohn, Lee Freedman, Elliott Messing. Middle Row: Lou Tripoli, Amy Brodkin, Ray Carr, Steve Berger, Jane Hershman, Barry Taylor, Elliott Fabric, Peter Sokoloff, Lynn Siegel, Diane Daughetee, Eddie Akacki. Back Row: Harold Fields, Roberta Lacritz, Sally Kunkle, Don Wade, Bill Diffenderfer, John Dohm. 420 421 P ?rv- ' The many faces of )im Yasser 422 AWS EXECUTIVE COUNCIL TO _ DC E " -- u a ta ,_ .. Ol " o 423 u z 3 O u Z LU U Seated: Toni Favazza, Sue McCarthy, Lynn Kaplan, Cookie Cotrell, Patricia Redmond. Standing: Lynn Siegel, Dana Walthall, Carol Hall, Anne Mendelsohn. Front Row: Joy Timmons, Cookie Cotrell (Vice-President), Carol Hall (President), Marilyn Crowl (Secretary), Penny Melvin. Back Row: Jessica Rittler, Rosie Coren, Sarah Selfman, Cindy Llyod, Susan Newman, Donna Gilberti, Hazeline Mance. 424 O u ec -: X i Left to Right: )udy Lungeon, Hedy Broatman, Liz Sirof, Marcie Rheim, llene Lasky, Joanne Schwartz, Blynn Garland, Nadine Alper, Arlene Katz (Vice-President), Regina Piccolo (Secretary), Patricia Redmond (President). Front Row: Lee Binkowitz, Penny Hooz, Bette Shore, Janice Arrott, Dana Walthall, Mira Jacobs, Beverly Sabo. Back Row: Sheila Cooper, Barbara Quinn, Lorrie Konopka. 425 ' I O) CO 03 Lv H . li 0; O SJ - ' C " ' 7. O O K E Z LU . " r, Q ' 5 jj_ O Q; x C 3e z CO X at at O ot O O Seated: (L to R) Elliott Messing, Pepper Gould, Al Minuskin. Standing: Elliott Fabric, Al Cole, Scott Osborne. Front Row: (L to R) Richard Mer- win, Scott Osborne, )oe Caliette, William Stroh. Second Row: Carl Retinger, Larry Asako, John Crawford, Dan Christensen, Neil Roth. Back Row: Randy Davis, Glenn Pedersen, Jerry Hirsch, Paul Lynner, Jeff Sawlan, Al Minuskin, Dave Oser. 427 GARFIELD HOUSE 428 429 HOOVER HOUSE 430 431 JACKSON HOUSE LINCOLN HOUSE 432 433 MADISON HOUSE 434 435 SMITH HOUSE TRUMAN HOUSE 436 437 WASHINGTON HOUSE COMMUTER WOMEN STUDENTS mff. Advisor Dr. Lynn Bartlett Members Mary Dean Margaret Dunn Elizabeth Gray Cindy Hill Veda Levin Susan McCarthy Linda Nedzinski Lynn Ann Siegel Marion Tillotson Susan Woodward ,-,.,-.-1 J r I Officers Marian Tillotson President Elizabeth Gray- Vice- President Susan Woodward Corr. Secretary Barbara Neff- Rec. Secretary Grace Cruz Treasurer Miss Morton Advisor Mary Dean Historian Debora Wooten Chaplain Members Chris deCastro Julie DeRosa Geri Kerridge Sue Moore Lynn Siegel Leslie Steffen Mona Templeton Karen Zinner AWS FASHION COUNCIL Officers . . . Anne Mendlesohn (President), Carole King (Vice-President), Amy Brodkin (Secretary) . . . Members . . . Deb Brown, Sue Cohen, Trudy Dolnick, Caroline Good, Fran Isseks, Cindy Johnson, Susan Kapner, Hollie Kay, Joanna Kelsey, Diana Kuhen, Sirena Lenzi, Janice Long, Leslie Neskow, Rita Pierce, Mary Reynolds, Patti Rosen. o GO Executive Board: Consuelo Arostegui, Barbara Beckerman, Libby Fussell, Gloria Johnson, Bette Kersta, Dorothy Love, Nancy McPherson, Lillian Pendleton, Mer- cedes Pistole, Thelma Rieless, Vivian Rosen, Carmen Suarez, Marva Wilbur, Marge Wurst. 440 5 -c TO 1| " 5 in ' C 9 1 - TO O TO (O Q. SJ 0) 4- tO c " ' OJ 2 c 0) O := QJ c " - CQ DC OJ 3 0) Q. C O TO O " LO Q. c TO TO- i: : 2 - . . TO " It H m a) E a) S -a. o u Q TO E E ftj rv br C : 2 0.85 s c M a re = $ S|E 3 D . o. r: q q - u z 3 O u 06 (J O ee 441 Front Row: Dean Marjorie Abrams, Suzanne Venhorst, Bonnie Forman, Potoula Coralis, Dr William Pardo. Back Row: Abram Zapp, Dan Kane (Chairman), Dean William McCoy. Executive Board: Jacobo Szapiro (Chancellor), Ray Almonte (President), Marvin Stein (Vice- President), Roldano Fernandez (Vice-President), Heather Bennet (Recording Sec.), Albert Mc- Daniel (Historian), Lisandro Perez (Treasurer). 442 D o u O O 8 = w LU I- P - u o o Top: Richard Merwin, Raymond Preiss, Elliot Sherker, Raymond Powers, Dr. Robert Olian. Bottom: James Cilbride, Martin Remland, Gary Goldstein, Joel Remland, Robert Crawford, Owen Ricker, Mr. James Williamson. 443 COISO . . . Council of International Student Organizations . . . composed of the president of the various international organiza- tions on campus . . . co-ordinates and represents the entire international student body . . . active in all major campus functions . . . took first place Homecoming 1969 float trophy in the independent division . . . sponsored Homecoming Queen Sabine Theodas . . . co-sponsored open-campus mixer in conjunction with DSC New Party . . . youth party formed to take a stand on issues not re- solved by the national Democratic and Republican Parties . . . activities are centered around ending the war . . . pollution . . . poverty programs . . . picketed Nixon ' s Key Biscayne home in November to protest the war in Vietnam . . . worked in both the Octo- ber and November War Moratoriums . . . also involved in campus issues . . . currently working to extend drop and add policy for seniors . . . investigating violations of voluntary class attendance policy . . . advocates power with the administration and faculty rather than over them Black Sisters for Progress . . . one of the newest organizations on the Miami scene . . . formed to meet the social and affiliative needs of the growing black population on campus . . . promotes knowledge and interest in the affairs of black people . . . participates in various tutorial programs . . . works to instill pride in the black people of the University community Hillel Foundation . . . the center of religious and social life for DM Jewish students . . . provides a quiet atmosphere for learning and meditative thought . . . sponsors an active social program . . . holds picnics . . . parties . . . Sunday brunches Newman Asso- ciation . . . Catholic organization open to all University of Miami students . . . helps to foster Christian fellowship in the University community . . . sponsors various liturgical, social, educational and apostolic activities . . . took first place in Homecoming Float, independent division Christian Science Organization . . . formed for those students with a sincere interest in following scientific and religious teachings . . . works to reinstate primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing . . . sponsors Christian Science lectures by world-traveling speakers to exchange new ideas and viewpoints Alpha Phi Omega and Little Sisters of Alpha Phi Omega . . . service organization founded on campus in 1935 . . . activities this year included aiding in freshman orientation . . . visited Youth Hall . . . participated in the Channel 2 Charity Auction . . . UNICEF . . . offers tours of the campus for the admissions office Gamma Sigma Sigma . . . national service sorority . . . established at the University in 1952 . . . requirement for membership is the willing- ness to work for others . . . thirty hours of service required per semester . . . sponsors Spring Formal . . . banquet at the Carillon Hotel . . . collects food baskets for needy families USO . . . University Services Organization . . . " the impossible we do immediately; miracles take a little longer " . . . activities include aiding the University during registration . . . orientation . . . Homecoming Boat Burning . . . Carni Gras . . . Parents ' Weekend . . . provides academic advising . . . UM mascots Circle K . . . service organization founded to aid the University and the community . . . established locally in 1968 . . . annual activities include participation in Home- coming and Carni Cras . . . Dade County Youth Fair . . . Goodwill Drive . . . Channel 2 Charity Auction UM Hostesses . . . official student hostesses for the University . . . membership is open to University women with minimum upper freshman standing and a 2.3 cumulative average . . . activities this year included greeting visitors to the U of M . . . ushered at concerts and special functions . . . greets visiting football teams at Miami airport Pep Club . . . promotes school spirit and enthusiasm for University sports pro- grams . . . membership is open to all full-time students . . . sponsors annual Talent Show . . . sells dinks to incoming freshmen . . . sponsors pep rallies . . . participates in Homecoming and Carni Gras UM Sports Car Club . . . organized in 1967 . . . meeting ground for people interest in sports car activities, promotion and experience . . . sponsored a car at the Daytona 24-Hour Continental Race . . . sports car rallies held this year included Oktoberfest . . . November Nightmare . . . March Magical Mystery Tour ... In the Heat of the Noon . . . May Mind Bender Hurricane Skiers . . . organized in 1960 . . . promotes interest and ability in water skiing . . . gives performances on Lake Osceola . . . performs in the Homecoming Boat Burning . . . participates in Carni Gras . . . major social event was trip to Cypress Gardens . . . placed second overall in the Florida Intercollegiate Tournament Cheerleaders . . . provide color and excitement at all home football games . . . basketball games . . . also serve in community work and publicity for the University . . . represent the U of M at benefits . . . luncheons . . . Tropical Race Garden . . . tryouts are held each March for the squad of six women and four men Band of the Hour . . . serves an important role in the spirit and activities of the University of Miami . . . performs at half-time at home football games . . . travelled to the Astrodome to play in the U of Houston game . . . activities officially begin each year at the traditional " Famous First " rehearsal . . . Band also performs at pep rallies . . . dedications . concerts . 444 BLACK SISTERS FOR PROGRESS ... BLACK SISTERS FOR PROGRESS ... BLACK SISTERS FO. BLACK SISTERS FOR PROGRESS ... BLACK SISTERS FOR PROGRESS ... BLACK SISTERS FOR PROGRESS O O ae h- a. 5 in tt O 5 in U. J UJ i i se Of ae O UJ 7i S CL .t J Q ec O _J co ae S y V) Of ae UJ VI i i 175 UJ c U u i _ CO ee O y l ac C , ac 2 UJ a. x in y- Vt LU u ae Ud OS tft O OB 0. S G VI O UJ _ ae ) in O c LU ae 1- a. s- y ae ae vi _ r i i ae U ae Ul - _ CQ V) U cc BLACK SISTERS FOR PROGRESS BEACK SISTERS FOR PROGRESS BLACK SISTERS FOR PROGRESS . . . BLACK SISTERS FOR P y O o Q aod voi SDUSIS X3vi8 ssaaooad HOJ SHJISIS JVTS sssaooad DOJ siuisis xivis ssmooMd HOJ sajisis o aod saaisis )3via ssaaooad aod sausis )iDvia ssaaooad aoj saaisis )Dvia aod saaisis )iDvia ssaaooad MOJ saaisis MDvia ssa Doyd aod saaisis o VI - m 90 i o o 90 m V) 09 r- n 90 O o S R vi H m 70 5 i = s s 5 i O 2 O 3 m SO ; 90 m B M (j) S " " i o 90 . 90 O 90 X r . H r m 5 i i in S s o O " t 90 rn O wi O VI VI Front Row: Flora Mitchell, Sandra Williams, Peggy Mills, Bernice McDade, Judith Williams. Second Row: Layunice Swanson, Queen Cunningham, Beverly Bell, Patricia Barnes, Karen Williams, Kathy Ingraham, Elaine Brown, Andrea Sweeting, Rene Wilcox, Hazel Bungy, Ceraldine Hollingsworth, Betty Butler, Retha Sally, lackie Hawkins. z o z LU X Front Row: (L. to R.) Rabbi Simeon Kobrinetz, Nikki Diamond, Lenny Nagler, Mark Lubin. Second Row: Terri Sachs, ]udy Bloom, Vice-President; Frimette Borenstein, President. Not Pictured: Margi Weinberger, Tres.; Maria Cohen, Sec. 448 z u O 1 1 _ z z O N Z o Q O _ u z u V) z z u Alex Abay (Pres.), Betsy Cray (Sec.), Edward Meigs (Tres.), Amy Ache- son, Mirtha Alonso, Robert Ander- son, Begona Berroeta, Margaret Baldwin, Araceli Cantero (Coor- dinator), John Colao, Timothy Czerniac, Maria de Medina, Mary Dean, Donald Forthsythe, Barry Ennis, Barbara Jameson, Margarita Hernandez, Teresita Hernandez, Ralph Irizarry, Carolyn Kendall, Joseph King, Missy Linnert, Joseph Lowe, Debby Byrnes, Kathy Lynch, Patricia McCuinness, Nghi Nguyen, Jack Norris, Charles Notabartolo, Rene Ortiz, Thomas Petrus, Ginny Caddy, Guy Sabol, Vivian Ser- rano, Marian Tillotson, William Toth, Michael Treni, Kenneth St. John, Waldo Mesa-Schiveyer, Sue Moore, Kris Zachman, Michael Black, Nova Olaco, Fr. James Briggs (Chaplain), Fr. Joseph Angelini (Chaplain). Pam Spates (Tres.), Larry Thomas, Toni Hall, Jim Higman, Jane Cun- ningham (V. Pres.), Peter Whit- church (Sec), Louise Clay (Pres.), Shawn Briggle, Spencer Kingsbury t 449 1 O z Q. 11 10 2 -1 2 c o Q.S u re ns OJ U a: c - -- O .0 5 h- z re -! " N = 4- QJ 15 t O C m D QJ CQ o tn " r- c OJ . 0 " D OJ " Jf o re JK ut f 3 oj " oc ' c - 2-6 -C _Q u_-z: i re c c i; c 3 S o 10 U v Q c.2 5 x i-5. j: ; c LU i2S5| 5 .E J 6 O X t c c re re o S5 E. 2- E-a a. X E ui OJ -111 8uN.| _j ea ' il LL. " - re C se. o o ,_- c Q - d; TO LU H- " 5 Z S 5 . c c J75 o; o o LU _i 2326 4) " o a; re 3 s|l CQ D CQ 5 GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA Members: Mary Lee Adams, Betty Awad, Sue Banks, Cindy Blitt, Linda Carbonel, Melody Coren, Potoula Caralis, Marilyn Greene, Lisa Gottlieb, Elissa Hecker, Karen Kousaleos, Charlene McManus, Gaule Mame- letzi, Kathee Marie, Lynn Mollov, Linda Nedlinski, Beth Progowski, Gina Reinhardt, Cee Rodriguez, Rachel Suchar, Debbie Troiano. Officers: Mary Lee Adams V. President, Karen Kousaleos Cor. Sec- retary, Linda Nedzinski President, Rachel Suchar V. President, Linda Carbonel Rec. Secretary, Gayle Mameletzi Trea., Sue Banks- Alumni Secretary, Lisa Gottlieb Historian, William Constant Sweetheart. 452 z O N (J Ot O j- a: z Officers: Suzanne Sol berg Presi- dent, Richard Tocci V. President, Carol Kendall Secretary, Elliot Goodman Treasurer. Members: William Acosta, Bob Chason, Leslie Chernikoff, Mark Danielson, Jackie Freidman, Edna Green, John Grode, Sally Hazenbush, Ann Marie Klap- per, Iris Kopitko, Toni McCrary, Jeff McNally, Dottie O ' Brien, Fifi Quintan, Pam Spates, Susan Strous- berg, Rick Strul, John Sullivan, Bob Waltman, Lynn Weissman, Char- lene Wurch. UM HOSTESSES Front Row: Kathy Keenan, Mary Ellen Bollero, Irne Trionfetti, Francis King (Sec- retary), Debbie Brown, Susan Chaff in (Vice-President). Middle Row: Arlene Stoler, Lorrie Konopka, Cissy Oles, Bar- bara Brin, Beth Bernstein, Candra Busse. Back Row: Sofia Pappatheodorov, Susan Albers (President), Marilyn Pozo. Left To Right: Tony Parodi, Harry On- wake, Jerry Kaufman, Inaki Saizarbi- toria, Segundo Fernandez, Cilberto Llanes, Jud Kurlancheek, Phil Keene, Jeff Anderson, Dave Copeland. Not Pictured: Belle Ballinger, Beth Ballinger, Sweet- hearts. u C U 454 PEP CLUB Left to Right: Mrs. Kay Whitten, Richard Wheeler, Diane Curtis, Edward Akacki, Alicia Groves, Rick Rudner. %?4 ! ' M T Ir l ' . _ )j i i CO U U in O a. Left to Right: Bob Hustead, Steve Diehl, Bill Telander, Brad Gregg, Sherry Gregg, Dennis Klosz, Rob Panish, Mike Pomponio, Bucky Johns, Leo Cowan President, Bill Struckman Activities Chmn., Gerry Kuehner, Charlie Richardson Sec-Trea., Wayne Kruse, Steve Martin V. President, Lynne Panish, Steve Spiegelman, Joe Hirsch- berg. Not Pictured: Mark Welch. mponio. BucbJ Mies CbJ ne Kruse, tat] n, |oe Hirsdvl HURRICANE SKIERS HURRICANE SKIERS HURRICANE SKIERS HURRICANE SKIERS HURRICANE SKIERS 457 CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: Susan Anderson, Kate Cay, Alicia Groves, Pam Oden, Pat Barnes, Nancy Weitkamp. Not Pic- tured: Frank Clark, Gary Ryan. J.V. Cheerleaders: Lynn )udy, Cyndee Kayhart, Kathy Scherer, DeeAnn Allen, Sandye Jendras, Fran Isseks. 458 m m , 460 THE BAND OF THE HOUR 461 AIA . . . American Institute of Architects . . . organized on campus in 1959 . . . purpose is to establish communication between architecture students and the profession, the campus, the faculty . . . open to all students interested in a career in this field . . . sponsors the annual Barge Race on Lake Osceola . . . drew up the plans for the proposed Rathskeller Florida Engineering Society . . . engineering service organization . . . promotes professionalism in all schools of engineering . . . local chapter is chartered with Florida Engineering Society and with the National Engineering Society . . . projects include compiling the Engineering Student ' s Handbook . . . represents the University of Miami at local high school College Nights . . . participates in the School of Engineering Big Brother Program . . . social activities include Homecoming and Carni Gras . . . the Engineers ' and Architects ' Ball . . . Field Day AIAA ASMC . . . American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics . . . professional engineering organization . . . open to all students in this field . . . promotes the principles of aeronautics and astronautics . . . American Society of Mechanical Engineers . . . establishes professional awareness and fellowship . . . membership limited to engineering majors in good scholastic standing AIIE . . . American Institute of Industrial E ngineers . . . professional society founded nationally in 1948 . . . active in several programs on and off campus . . . participates in intramurals . . . sponsors field trips, picnics, lectures, parties . . . aids the Industrial Engineer- ing Department during registration . . . most important contribution has been the semi-annual faculty-student Gripe-In . . . students and faculty meet to discuss problems concerning course material and graduation requirements Pi Tau Sigma . . . founded in 1967 . . . gained national status this year . . . serves as honor society for mechanical engineering students . . . promotes outstanding char- acter and scholastic ability . . . participates in the joint Honor Society functions . . . currently striving to implement a program of assistance to undergraduate engineering students American Society of Mechanical Engineers . . . strives for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge of the theory and practice of mechanical engineering . . . presents professional awareness and fellow- ship . . . both graduate and undergraduate students of good academic standing may join the society . . . open to all engineering school students Eta Kappa Nu . . . honors outstanding scholarship and exemplary character in students of electrical engineering . . . junior class initiates must be in the top third of their class . . . seniors must be in the top quarter . . . offers tutoring program to under-graduates . . . Initiation Banquet held annually IEEE . . . Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers ... a professional interest group . . . established at the U of M in 1963 . . . provides professional and social programs . . . sponsors field trips, guest speakers, Christmas Party, faculty-student chicken dinner and softball game . . . active in intramurals Tau Beta Pi ... honors those students who have distinguished themselves by outstanding scholarship in the field of engineering . . . admits those students in the upper eighth of the junior class or the upper fifth of the senior class . . . initiation banquet and ceremonies held twice yearly . . . one of the highest honors awarded to engineering students on campus American Chemical Society . . . U of M student affiliates of the national professional organization . . . promotes the scientific and educational advancement of chemistry and chemical eng- ineering . . . provides many social and professional activities . . . lectures . . . initiation banquet and picnic at Matheson Hammock Beta Beta Beta . . . national biological honorary society . . . encourages establishing a record of excellence in the life sciences . . . promotes scientific investigation and understanding of the natural world . . . sponsors field trips to Pigeon Key, the Everglades, Big Cypress Swamp . . . initiation banquet held yearly . . . pre-requisites for membership are a 3.0 average in biology and 2.8 overall 462 Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . encourages high scholastic achievement among premedical students . . . recognizes those who have main- tained a 3.0 average in their premedical curriculum and 3.0 overall . . . promotes contacts between premedical and professional medical groups . . . activities include films, participation in Homecoming and Carni Gras Tau Theta Sigma . . . established on campus in 1960 . . . strengthens commitment to the ideals and purposes of the profession of nursing . . . recognizes superior scholar- ship and leadership qualities in nursing students . . . fosters high professional standards . . . participates in annual Nursing Honors Banquet Delta Theta Mu . . . honors the highest scholastic achievements of students in the arts and sciences . . . recognizes out- standing students, faculty and members of the community for their contributions to the arts and sciences . . . entrance requirements for sophomores is a 3.8 cumulative average . . . upperclassmen must have a 3.5 Beta Alpha Psi . . . honor society for accounting majors . . . stimulates interest among accounting students, C.P.A. ' s and the profession . . . initiates must have a 3.0 in accounting and 3.0 overall . . . activities include participation in Homecoming, Christmas party, initiation banquet Alpha Kappa Psi ... pro- fessional business fraternity . . . the largest business fraternity in the United States . . . fosters scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounting and finance . . . promotes courses leading to degrees in business administration . . . membership is open to those maintaining a 2.5 average . . . professional program features prominent speakers and field trips . . . participates in Home- coming and Carni Cras Little Sisters of Alpha Kappa Psi ... first women ' s organization to be recognized by Alpha Kappa Psi Pro- fessional Business Fraternity . . . open to all women " desiring to learn more about the business world " . . . participates in all Alpha Kappa Psi activities Delta Sigma Pi ... national business honorary . . . organized in 1948 at the U of M . . . encourages scholar- ship and fellowship among business students . . . members must have a 2.0 cumulative average . . . activities include a professional lecture series . . . tours of the local business establishments . . . Rose Dance sponsored in April . . . initiation banquet given at the Playboy Club Gamma Alpha Chi . . . the only national advertising fraternity for women . . . local chapter established in 1950 . . . membership open to women interested in advertising, art, marketing, and mass communications who have a 2.5 average . . . spon- sors field trips . . . participates in Business Week . . . advertises for other groups on campus . . . establishes contacts with profes- sional members of the community Management Club . . . organized in 1963 . . . provides business students with a forum in which they may interact with professional members of the community . . . sponsors field trips . . . guest lectures by outstanding Miami businessmen American Marketing Association . . . largest organization in the School of Business Administration . . . promotes interest in the professional growth and advancement of science in marketing . . . stimulates scholarship of students in the market- ing curriculum . . . fuses academic and business marketing interests . . . sponsors monthly Marketing Speakers Program . . . con- ducted Hurricane readership survey Inter-Business Organization Council . . . Coordinates the projects and activities of the twelve member organizations of the School of Business Administration . . . sponsor of Business Week 1970 . . . also sponsors the Faculty- Student Mixer . . . IBOC Banquet . . . Curriculum Evaluation Committee Pre-Legal Society . . . new organization on campus this year provides a place where potential lawyers may meet with future colleagues . . . learn more about law schools and careers in law . . . any interested undergraduate may join . . . activities include guest lectures from the field of law . . . participation as ob- servers at Law School Moot Court . . . counseling services for potential lawyers . . . 463 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS STUDENT CHAPTER 464 u O ( u z z 3 o 5 o " TfHVTH Top Row: Na ) ' b Sabbagh (Vice President), Eugene Fernandez, Faustino Poo (Secretary), Rolando Sablon (President). Kneeling: Benigno Alvarez (Treasurer). Bottom Row: Hector Vergara, Ron Lutsky, Jaime Ospina, Alfredo Gonzalez, )ose Gregorio, Herminio Irrizari, Pepin Gatiesa. Kneel- ing: Ediston Munoz. O z Q Z t i Z Z u Front Row: Lily Howard, Carlos Martinez, Rolando Sablon. Middle Row: Carlos Betan- court, Herminio Irizarry, Mike Lewis, Edison Munoz, Jose Gregorio, Benny Alvarez, Ron Lutsky. Back Row: Marvin Rose, Jose Ruiz, Najib Sabbagh, Jaime Ospina, Faustino Poo, Alfredo Gonzalez, Steve Rosenfield, Antonio Olivera, Howard Gilbert, Dennis Morris ' Front Row: Mark Hechtman, Angel Chavez, Martin Litzler, Hector Uergara, Prof. Theo- dore Olsen, Dr. Suresh Chandra. Back Row: Sheldon Kerper, Craig Jensen, Warren Miller, Dick Lamos, Herb Gutten, Gary Goldmark, Herb Summerfield. o in 466 Front Row: (L. to R.) Dr. Chandra, Professor Frohlich, Richard Dirks, Dr. Plass, Marc Hectman, Dennis Brabac, Dr. Adt, Martin Litzler, Angel Chavez, Gary Coldmark. Second Row: Gary Hamilton, Richard Lamos, Faustino Poo, Dudley Houghton, Dr. Lee, Robert Nelson, John Horn, Angel Gonzalez, Robert Amoroso, Alan Gregalot, Sheldon Kerper, Herb Sumerfield. Rear: Daniel Froe- lich, Warren Miller, Hector Vergara. Not Pictured: Prof. King, Prof. Olsen, Dr. Veziroglu, Craig Jensen, Craig Rahn, Ahmad Moccari, Terry Timmons, Dave Brilbeck. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS ; x j $ j 467 u z O U O z u oc t- u " a. a. H UJ I.E.E.E. Standing: Craig Rahn, Dan Mudgett, John Edwards, Steve Feith. Sitting: Edward Gabryl, Robert Pankoe, Russell Redhouse, Howard Rosenbloom, Richard Warwick, Robert Jaffe, Russell Liebold, Nguyen Ba Hien, Richard Peterson. Front: Jose Suarez. Eta Kappa Nu Front Row: Joseph Mibelli, Lee Hunting, Barry Lane, Russell Liebold, Fernando Gomez, Emilio Cuadra, Frank Espinel, Oscar Vila, Guillermo Tomas, Robert Lowe. Second Row: Harold Leedy, Ivan Major, Jose Suarez, David Best, Ramon Medina, George Andrews, Edward Truillo, William Coertnik, Julio Garcia, James Dean, Nguyen Ba Hien. Top Row: John Edwards, Guillermo Gonzalez, Professor Sells, Dr. Condom, Bruce Curran, Ismael Perera, Richard Peter- son, James Slavetskas, Dan Mudgett. 468 a. co Brothers: Lee Hunting Rec. Secretary, Frank Espinez Corr. Secretary, Oscar Vila Treasurer, Pedro Mon- torro Cataloguer, Craig Jensen V. Pres., George Adams President, Jose Castro, Martin Litzler, Prof. Jack- son Sells, Advisor, Hector Vergara, David Best, Scot Nichols, Alan Gregalot, Richard Moser, Russell Liebold, Ramon Medina, Dr. Augusto Condom, Angel Gonzalez, Sheldon Kerper, Carlos Lopez, Carlos Martinez, Dan Mudgett, Herbert Gutten, Donald Acton, Carlos Tarafa, Fernando Gomez, Warren Miller, Guillermo Tomas, Rolando Sablon, Gavin Leedy, Gary Goldmark, Juan Gonzalez, Julio Garcia, Joseph Mibelli, Ivan Major, Dr. Agustin Recio, Richard Lamos, Nguyen Ba Hien, Thomas D ' Amico. u O y LU X u z LL O z LU O Front Row: Brigitta Hellenkamp, Clifford E. Maken, Coral Nestor, Carlota deLerma, Edwin Pont, Sofia Pappatheodorou. Second Row: Dr. A. P. Mills, Faculty Advisor, Albert Sadowsky, Peter Allinson, Otis Kitchen, Potoula Caralis, Robert Grand. Third Row: Eileen Block, Ian Katz, Kurt Friedman, Marshall Pressman, Starr Borden, Dennis Alters, Margarita Davis. Fourth Row: Jean Marachi, Simon Cohen, Isidore Morjaim, Alfonso Caminas, Charles Shenker, Daniel Cohen, Dennis J. Hamilton, Stephen Steilberg, Richard Fox. Fifth Row: Steven Kusnick, Lester Hershman, Stanley Braverman, Bill Ditkowsky, Luis Henriquez, Bill Cohen, William Bossak, Andy Fleisher, Dan Kane, David Fritsch, Tom Dahlan. Back Row: Amery Wirtshafter, President, Mike Knowlke, Vice President, Adriana Cantillo, Secretary, Rolando Fer- nandez, Treasurer. 470 Q O _ Q. I CL 01 C- _ u c O E = is - t ID re c a; _o; Q a; u_ iJJ ? O !5 re ' ' ' " fin _ - tw t } - Q re O gpi -. c 1 5 ro - J .i C u ' - ro D - ' cr c I re O _re g " a) Jr - E o c $co!!. o 5 D cf OJ - U Bljjl Ll_ l 1 " O LJ re-z: __ - o.y I S " 5 o 01 . - ' g - ra S cr- C-CC:-TOUC-- regE |5-NC -S ?P_ ro ' .Cuj .33 Q 1= c i- OJ E 01 CO $ C- 2 I c c W c re re o ro v c re c TAU THETA SIGMA . . . Anne Muschett, )ann Hesse, Cynthi Norman. BETA ALPHA PSI . . . Front Row: Bill Sussman (Treas.), Sue Banks ' ! Vivian Serrano (Sec.), Emilio Alvarez, Mai Glanz, Steve Kollin, Tort 1 Vater, Bill Schofield. Back Row: Richard Gurvitz, Harold Weavenj Stu Lipinsky (President), Robert Curtiss, Malcolm Neuwahl, Samrrr Strickland, John True, Dennis Dill, Avel Gonzalez, Saul Silvermar (Vice-Pres.). DELTA THETA Ml) . . . Seated: Jean Marachi, Marilyn Baumvvald Karl Kellar, Paula Scalingi, Audrey Frank, Marty Weinkle, Barbar, Weinkle, Anne Syrcle. Standing: Lester Hershman, Potoula Coralis Steven Dollar, Barbara Hymes, Fatih Eileen Block (President) Charles Shenker, Bruce Tucker, Judy Bagatti, Dan Kane, Bill Ditow sky, Bill Bossak, Cecil Ferguson, Maria Gale, Jan Merman, Marshal Pressman, Lillian Cabrera, Donald Churchill (Vice-Pres.), Myrn; Webb. 1 J- - _ ALPHA KAPPA PSI First Row: Kathee Marie, President of Little Sisters, Richard Curevitz, Treasurer, Michael Godek, Vice President Pledge, Gary Roberts, President, William Sussman, Vice President Efficiency, Raymond Powers, Secretary, Betty Hahn, Sweetheart. Second Row Dr Wil- liam Landsea, Faculty Advisor, Robert Berman, Eric Mailman, Thomas Vater, Charles Henriques, Roy Lafontaine, Erik Hvide, Dr. Rob- ert Bock, Dean. Third Row: Dr. James W. Foley, Felix Tejera, Michael Blynn, Jeffrey Stenber, Paul Fleming, Witney Bowles, Dr. Wil- liam Heuson. Fourth Row: Steven Skolnick, Robert Bell, Joseph Turner, Robert Jordan, Robert Lewis, Dennis Cavalier, Kenneth Thomas, David Crooks. Fifth Row: Joe Huppert, Joseph Weinberg, Brett Sorge, Javier Rodriguez, Robert Lipsitz, Charles Hobart, Wal- ter Foyt. Not Pictured: Brad Krivacek, Steven Ceonobyl, Gerald Mical. 474 LITTLE SISTERS OF ALPHA KAPPA PSI Left to Right: Pam Spates, Linda Rosenberg, Sharon Mickens, Celest Tessier, Kathee Marie President, Ann Roberts, Susan Miller, Roberta Woxler, Rona Reichelle, Betty Hahn, Debbie Hageman, Cecile Rodriguez, Susan Richardson, Cindy Medeiros Secretary, Diane Finch Vice-President; Not Pictured: Joan Martens. Top Row: James Alexander, Edward Coulton, John DiPietro. Middle Row: Frank Carroll (President), Steven Shullman (Senior Vice-Pres.), William Martire (Vice-Pres.), William Telander (Sec.), Brad Gregg (Tres.), Dr. Virgil Shipley (Advisor), Norman Schearer, Wayne Smith, Mario Callo, Andy Gerry, Steven Kaplan, James Krie- bel. Robert Maizel, Nick Meyers, Bruce Nabat, Thomas Regan, Allen Rosser, Bruce Smith, Glenn Smoller, Marvin Stein, Leonard Temple- man, Ken Tobin, David Winter, Robert Branciforte. 476 V . 477 a sal CL to (V C 0) .E S - S U - 2cS I C O O - ,_-= 0) w - a; AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION Front Row: Robert Rosen (Presi- dent), Randy Thrall (Ad. Vice- Pres.), Karen Wasko, Priscilla Khouri, Michael Cidseg, Ralph Bronk, Barbara Freitag (Sec.), Second Row: Paul Crier (Treas.), Kevin Melervy, Carl Bentz, Mark Freedman, Mark Wisher, Kenneth Cohen, Mark Nankin, Susie Grusmark; Back Row: Roy Lafontaine, Gary Rein- hardt (Pro). Vice-Pres.), James Vescio, Thomas Anderson, Max- ine Reindorf, John Swiman, William Forbes, Duck. ; .-J Sitting: Charles Hobart (Chairman), Richard Kaspar (Vice-Chairman), Dr. Robert H. Bock (Faculty Advisor), Betty Hahn (Secretary), Helaine Samuels, Barbara Freitag, Rona Herr. Standing: Robert Rosen (Dean ' s Rep- resentative), Gary Lynn, Warren Schwartz, Martin Harrington, Michael Blynn, William Sussman, Brett Sorge, Gary Roberts, Bern- ardo Bestard, John Herr, Lillian Danziger. Not Pictured: Howard Greenberg, Kathleen Marie, Malcolm Neuwahl (Treasurer). INTER-BUSINESS ORGANIZATION COUNCIL 1 I 480 - - 03 03 u u-U-5 - .2 E __ fO LU CO C - S.E E l l C fO U 3 6s = ac !ff Hi - 4 _ I Angel Flight . . . beauty and charm help promote interest in the Air Force . . . actively serves AF-ROTC and local Air Force units . . . , ,icav visits patients at Homestead Space Center . . . hostessing at events held in the Marine Stadium . . . acts as color guard for home ... football games . . . serves the University as information guides during registration Arnold Air Society . . . established at the Uni- versity in 1950 . . . recognizes AFROTC cadets who have a 3.0 cum in ROTC and 2.25 overall . . . aids in the development of Air Force officers . . . promotes a better understanding of the tradition and concept of air power . . . promotes American citizenship Aerospace Officers . . . honor society for future Air Force officers . . . develops leadership, citizenship and comradeship among Air Force cadets . . . sponsors lectures and discussions relevant to the aerospace world . . . participates in Homecoming parade . . . acts as color guard at home football games Army Princess Corps . . . helps build interest and morale in the Army ROTC cadets . . . chosen for their beauty, poise and interest in the activities of ROTC . . . Princesses must have sophomore standing and a minimum 2.3 average . . . participate in the annual Military Ball . . . ROTC picnic . . . Operation Sunshine Army ROTC Officers ... all are seniors in the ROTC program . . . rank is based on academic and leadership performance . . . officers are responsible for drill exer- cises and for field training at South Campus ... all officers will be commissioned as second lieutenants in June and from there to active duty in various branches of the Army Scabbard and Blade . . . national military honor society . . . recognizes outstanding leadership and scholarship in advanced Army ROTC cadets . . . society selects only those juniors and seniors who have a 3.5 average in military science and a 2.5 overall . . . sponsors annual Military Ball . . . endeavors to foster co-operation among military organiza- tions . . . increase interest in military affairs . . . " It is better to die on our feet than to live forever on our knees " Alpha Epsilon Rho . . . national radio, television and film honorary . . . membership requirements are a 3.0 average in mass communications, 2.0 overall, and outstanding work in the field of broadcasting . . . co-hosted AERho National Convention this year . . . winner of two awards in the National Television-Radio-Film Production Competition . . . sponsors annual Awards Banquet for mass communica- tions students Phi Alpha Theta . . . national history honor society . . . membership consists of students with a 3.5 average in twelve hours of history and 3.0 overall . . . meetings and lecture series open to the public . . . hosts annual banquet to recognize those student obtaining high academic achievement in the field of history Psi Chi . . . national honor society in psychology . . . en- courages high scholastic ideals among members . . . promotes the advancement of research in psychology . . . sponsors colloquims - : with prominent speakers . . . among the guest lecturers this year were Sir John C. Eccles, 1963 Nobel Prize winner . . . Dr. Edith Lord, former advisor on mental health in Africa . . . students are also invited to present their research to the society . . . awards are given for creativity and competency in such work Sigma Alpha lota . . . international professional fraternity for women in the field of music . . . strives to raise the standards of productive musical work among women students . . . promotes the development of music in America . . . serves the community by performing for children ' s homes, hospitals and nursing homes . . . co-sponsors the Annual All-American Concert in Co-operation with Phi Mu Alpha . . . participates in the Annual Composers ' Contest . . . holds monthly 482 musicals free of charge and open to the public Gamma Theta Upsilon . . . honorary society for geography students . . . require- ments for membership are a 2.5 average in geography and 2.0 overall . . . provides geographical experiences outside the classroom promotes fellowship among those students interested in the field of geography . . . sponsors field trips and lectures . . . annual initiation banquet Theta Delta . . . honor society for students in religion . . . founded at the University of Miami in 1957 . . . deve- lops friendship and fellowship among those committed to fulltime religious work . . . promotes service on the college campus and in the community . . . members must be of upper sophomore standing with a 2.75 average and be active in religious work . . . spon- sors dinners honoring outstanding religion students ACEI . . . Association for Childhood Education International . . . strives for the education and well-being of children . . . promotes continued professional growth of teachers . . . brings into active co-operation all groups concerned with children in the school and the community . . . informs the public of the needs of children in the school system . . . sponsors annual membership drive . . . participates in state conference and county functions . . . Breakfast-Fashion Show sponsored by the Dade County ACEI Phi Epsilon Kappa . . . professional physical education fraternity . . . initiates must hold a 2.5 cumulative average . . . fosters research in the fields of health education . . . physical education . . . recreation and safety educa- tion . . . facilitates the exchange of information gained throughout the world concerning physical education . . . promotes sound community understanding leading to adequate support of educational programs Phi Delta Pi ... national physical education honorary for women . . . local chapter established in 1954 . . . promotes the progressive development of physical education . . . develops leadership among students in this field of education . . . membership requirements are a 2.0 average overall with a 2.5 in physical education courses Pi Omega Pi ... national honor society for students in business education . . . promotes high scholar- ship and professional standards among teachers of business education . . . members must maintain a 3.0 in business education . . . holds monthly business and social meetings . . . sponsors an annual Homecoming breakfast Pi Delta Phi ... national French hon- orary . . . local chapter organized in 1952 . . . eligibility is based on a 3.0 average in French courses . . . encourages the study of the French people, their culture and heritage . . . initiation ceremonies held annually French Club . . . organized to promote in- terest in the French language and culture . . . membership is open to any student taking French . . . main objective of the club is bringing French films and plays to Miami . . . this year ' s feature was " Manage de Figaro " Delta Phi Alpha . . . national German honor society . . . recognizes and encourages achievement in the study of the German language and literature . . . membership requirements are a 3.0 cumulative average and a 3.8 in German . . . initiation ceremonies conducted annually German Club . . . formed to encourage study of the German people and their language . . . any student taking German or familiar with the language is invited to join . . . 483 x o OPERATIONS u O _ O z u _ LL. o - s o ac Above: Front Row: Dave Simonpetri, Dave Best, Eric Johnston, Jerry Foster, Dean Dodson, Phil Brown, Jeff LaDage, Ken Grove, Mike Graham, Randy Willich, Brian Rotolante. Back Row: Bruce Killips, John Wargo, Pat McBride, Scott Nichols. Upper Left . . . Front Row: Carole Israel, Joan Fitzgerald. Middle Row: Darby Goodman, Linda Ormes, Warren Mil- ler, Susan McCarthy, Susan Baran. Back Row: Phil Brown, Sharyn Straitiff, Dave Simonpetri, Jackie Dardenne, Jerry Foster, Sharon Mickens, Dave Best. Bottom Left . . . Front Row: Jim Portz, Scott Nichols, Walter Bryce, Laurie Curtis, Pat McBridge, Michelle Wagner, Chris Weltschett, Brian Rotolante. On Steps: Sandy Lipkin, Andi Latla, Suzanne Gray, Eric Johnston. Cam Mahaffey. 485 A x M V S I x V = A v v .V . .V . ,v O u ( ) 1 1 O z a. u H o ac First Row: Mary Nell Quarles, Valerie Vogel, Cathy Ohnesorge, Mercy Garcia. Second Row: Cynthia Whiting, Jennifer Ross, Panzy Hendrix, Mary Mitchell, Mary Anne Berge, Kathy Miggins, Caroline Crocker, Charlene Cherry (Commander) )an Wilder, Roslyn Dunn, Jodi Straughn. Back Row: Debra Butler, Martha Bean, Cathy Brelsford, Nancy Jacobs, Dorothy Mason, Lucy Morris. Not Pictured: Natalie Millington, )oanna Davies, Barbara Pope, Sabra Holmes, Sophia Pappatheodora. 486 Q U Allder, Commander - Colonel Arndt Mueller; Officers - John Allison, Richard Artman, Richard Beal, George Bishop, Cuillermo Boladeres, John Boles, Charles Carricarte, Mark Coltrin, Randy Davis, Robert Diedrich, David Eastham, George Eicher, Mark Fabian, Jack Fisher, Barry Frederickson, Rene Garcia, John Gibson, William Gronvold, Robert Hart, Thomas Hoge, John Holmes, Kenneth Ingham, John Kutchak, Phillip Levy, Thomas Marshall, Randall Millican, Richard Monahan, Michael Neff, Kenneth Olsen, Richard Peratoni, Juan Puig, George Sanchez, Daniel Santos, James Schneider, Thomas Scott, Robert Simone, George Stoeckert, Gary Taksier, Jonathan Thacher, Gregory Valerio, Ronald Williams. 487 T UJ Q CQ C z o Oi CQ CQ u I ) Front Row: John White, Terry Stickel, Ken Gibson, Robert Rachlin, Bob Drake, Lloyd Green, Phil Brown, Greg Walton, Clark Wockenfuss, Daniel Zinn. Back Row: John Boles, Bob Simone, Jon Thacker, George Bishop, Dick McLintock, Rick Beal. : z : : : . o ee o. Front Row: Anne Jarre! I Secretary, Ric Moore President, Laura Phillips First Vice-President. Second Row: John Emm, Jack Gregg, Chris Banks Second Vice- President, Paul Nagel Advisor, Sheldon Leshner Treasurer, Hal Rubenstein. Top Row: Eric Messersmith, Rick Hunter, Rick Stevens, David Haas. 489 PSI CHI Front Row: Bennet Glazier, Winnie Hernandez,?! Marilyn Baumwald, Nancy Westbrook, JoseJ Rosado, Cynthia Adamo, Ed Martino, Anthon Sabatasso (President), Pamela Long, Cobyj Francis. Middle Row: Walter Williams, Robert Hagerman, Fred Metcalf, Lynn Hamilton, Richard Harrington, Dr. Fred Newman (Advi- sor), William Wyatt. Back Row: Barry Schwartz] (Secretary), Richard Nichols, Alan jacobson, Bob Blinn, Elizabeth Fussell. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Front Row: Vicki Holtzman, (Vice-Pres.), Diane Dechert, Andrea Berson, Anita Cas- tiglione (Corr. Sec.), Susan Lane, Carol Grandi (President). Back Row: Leto Demarco, Nancy McCormack, Janice Feld, Alina Mustelier, Molly Beukema, Lorraine Fleming, T.S. (assistant ?). 491 f GAMMA THFTA 1IPSILON Front Row: Jeffrey Osborn, Debora Pattersob, Henry Stevens. Middle Row: William McCuire (Faculty Advisor), George Eisman (Vice- Pres.), Peter Nosek (President), Carol Nestor (Secretary), Eris Stone (Treas.)- Back Row: Caroline Shellenberger, Cherly McDonald, Margaret Carr, Patricia DeSalvo, Florence Dawson, Randy Willich, Brigitta Hellenkamp, Steve Creer, John Truitt. a; ,-A Sl j| ' r- O T! -- o - X c u 3 TO- 5,2 V 3 t, u LTI . TO - Q in t JU -c c .- -3f .CQ O .. _i ac J " = O J5 Q 2 TO -h oj -O . .h CQ TO -C. J " C fl j - ,-: D w - ( Jii _Q r IllsSogl (j- ' ' t; c- 2 " aJ ' 1; c i i - i.-- - TO TO J fl T! 3J ' -B D Q o O u c_o; ra -Z O- ii. 9 . - " c-5 2 z. O u O o o z _ z u O " 0) U O $ fi o " TO PHI EPSILON KAPPA Front Row: Tom Lynch, Steven Meyer (President), John Moher (Historian), Tom Cook. Back Row: Dave Silk, Cliff Deem, Gene Com- berg, Al Fagant (Secretary), Robert Kaleida (Pledge Master), Courtney Gee (Treasurer). _ LU - LU 5 O Back Row: Linda Bridson, Susan Grigsby (w. ball). Donna Batchellor, Bonnie Beattie, Martha Escudero. Front Row: Ida Cayden, Marsy Miller, Nikki Posner. ' W ' Left To Right: Robert Ochs, James W. DeLong (Sponsor), Valerie Atkins, Constance Patsavos, leannine Fisher (President), Carrol Waggoner, Rosa Les cano, Mary Agness Swartz. FRENCH CLUB . . . Officers: Jose Ruiz (Pres- ident), Francis Vante (Vice-President), Carole Frish (Treasurer), Albert Raffanel (Advisor). Members: Sandra Alvarez, lean Marie Borno, Jean Gourd, F. Edward Kuncar, Christian Marinoff, Sabine Theodas, Christine Wel- scheff. BETA GAMMA CHAPTER OF PI DELTA PHI Front Row: Kenia Rebozo, Maria Paradelo, Carolyn Kelso, Alicia Menendez, Angela Reuben (Pres.). Second Row: Mary Winston, Michelle Fiorentino, Elena O ' Neill, Marika Lancaster, )une Safran, Linda Ormes. Third Row: Leonard Muller, James Sherry, Edward Kuncar, Albert Raffanel. Fourth Row: James Vernadoe, Reuben Y. Ellison (Advisor), Ed- ward Lanius, Andre Briand. 496 U z ee. o Z s. O 497 SPECIFICATIONS The 1970 Ibis is produced in a quant ity of 7,500 copies. The book is printed through the offset lithography process by Hunter Publishing Company, Winston-Salem, North Caro- lina. The paper stock is 80 pound " SST " Vellum Text, white by the Simpson Lee Paper Company. Type for the 1970 Ibis is 10 point Optima for text copy, with the index and biog- raphies in 8 point. The color for the portfolio and fashion scenes is color-separated from 35 m.m. and 2 1 4 x 2 1 4 , transparencies. The cover is manufactured by King Craft Cover Division of Kingsport Press, Kingsport, Tennessee. The Ibis is quarter bound in black rayon flocking, with the slip case and spine of the book in Interlaken Pyroxylin, AVI 905- white. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The editors would like to acknowledge the efforts and con- tributions of Norman Koski, William Muff, George South- worth, and the members of the University of Miami Board of Publications. PHOTO CREDITS Don Allen . . . pages 20,31,190,191,196,197,199,200,204,205, 206,211,21 4,220,221 ,224,229,230,231,233,236,237,238,239, 243,244,257,258,259,327,360,366,367,390,391,416,418,419, 428,432,440,441,497 Dane Taylor . . . pages 24,26,27,28,29 Mike Segal . . . page 3 Judy Bagatti . . . page 19 Buss Birn- bach . . . pages 30,193,224,244 Allan Vollweiler . . . pages 242,250 Jack Costello . . . pages 198,207,226,227,257,311,316 Bernard Aller . . . pages 7,221,225,241,247,248,250,254,256, 308,323 Jim Soroka . . . pages 188,209,228,232,235,282,353, 358,359,362,363,370,371,372,372,378,379,382,396,397,402, 403,406,407,423 Kolman Rosenberg . . . pages 252,256,283, 309,310,313 Lew Mann . . . pages 218,219,256,257,385,394, 395 Eliot Derdak . . . pages 244,246,249,256257,419,481 Bruce Bartoo . . . pages 1,4,5,6,10,11,12,14,15,16,17,18,21,22, 23 Mike O ' Bryon . . . pages 256,257,317,344,345,346,347, 404,405,416,474,479,481,484,388,389,398,399 Ray Malamed . . . pages 203,208,210,213,222,441,476,485 Mike Neff . . . pages 254,255 Bill Bierman . . . pages 223,248,249,312 Ken Ratkiewicz . . . pages 221,247,257 Bob Hoffman . . . page 240 John Hamilton . . . page 256 Photo Center . . . pages 212,280,281 Miami News . . . Sports foldout NASA . . . die cut 498 Honoraries ORGANIZATIONS INDEX Aerospace Officers Honorary Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Epsilon Rho Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Lambda Delta .... 164 Alpha Theta Kappa . Aluminum Screw 165 Arnold Air Society . . 484 Beta Alpha Psi 473 Beta Beta Beta 471 Delta Phi Alpha Delta Sigma Pi 476 Delta Theta Mu 473 Epsilon Tau Lambda 167 Eta Kappa Nu 468 Gamma Alpha Chi 478 Gamma Theta Upsilon . . 492 Iron Arrow 168 Mortar Board 169 Omega 170 Omicron Delta Kappa 171 Orange Key 172 Phi Alpha Theta . . 492 Phi Delta Pi 495 Phi Epsilon Kappa ... - 494 Phi Eta Sigma 173 Phi Kappa Phi 174 Phi Lambda Pi 440 Pi Delta Phi 4% Pi Omega Pi 495 Pi Tau Sigma 466 Psi Chi 490 Scabbard and Blade 488 Sigma Alpha lota 491 Tau Beta Pi 469 Tau Theta Sigma 472 Theta Delta 1 493 Who s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 175 Fraternities Interfraternity Council 354 IFC Hostesses 355 Alpha Epsilon Pi 356 Alpha Tau Omega 358 Kappa Sigma 360 Lambda Chi Alpha 362 Phi Delta Theta 364 Phi Epsilon Pi 366 Pi Kappa Alpha 368 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 370 Sigma Chi 372 Sigma Phi Epsilon 374 Tau Epsilon Phi 376 Tau Kappa Epsilon 378 Zeta Beta Tau . . . . 380 Sororities ' Panhellenic Council 384 f k. Panhellenic Rho Lambda . . 385 Jackson House 431 Lincoln House 432 Little Sisters of Alpha Kappa Psi 475 Little Sisters of Alpha Phi Omega 450 Madison House 434 Management Club . . 478 McKinley House 433 Men ' s Residence Halls Association 426 New Party - 44$ Newman Association 449 Pep dub 455 Pre-Legal Society 491 Program Council 441 ROTC Princess Corps 486 Smith House 435 Tempo 412 Truman House 435 Undergraduate Student Government 420 Union Board of Governors 441 UM Hostesses 454 UM Sports Car Club 455 University Services Organization 452 Washington House . 437 WVUM ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' . ' . ' .419 Alpha Chi Omega 386 Alpha Delta Pi 388 Alpha Epsilon Phi 390 Chi Omega, t 392 Delta Delta Delta 394 Delta Gamma 3% Delta Phi Epsilon 398 Delta Zeta 400 Kappa Kappa Gamma . 402 Phi Sigma Sigma 404 Sigma Delta Tau - . . 406 Interest Groups Alpha Phi Omega 450 American Chemical Society 470 American Institute of Architects 464 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics 465 American Institute of Industrial Engineers 466 American Marketing Association 479 American Society of Mechanical Engineers 467 Angel Flight 484 Army ROTC Officers 487 Association for Childhood Education International 493 Band of the Hour -. . 460 Black Sisters for Progress 447 Board of Publications 417 Cheerleaders 458 Christian Science Organization 449 Circle K 454 Collegiate Council for the United Nations 442 Commuter Women Students 438 Council of International Student Organizations 445 Debate Team 443 Florida Engineering Society 465 French Club 4% Gamma Sigma Sigma 451 Garf ield House 428 German Club 497 Harrison House 429 HEP Program ' ' . 445 Hillel Foundation 448 Honor Council 442 Hoover House 430 Hurricane 410 Hurricane Skiers 457 IBIS 414 Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers 468 Inter-Business Organization Council . . 480 The Alumni Association extends congratulations to its new members, the Class of 1970. You are about to end the associations which have been formed over your years on campus, but we invite you to begin a new association with us, to continue your old acquaint- ances and to form new ones. Many of you will remain in the Miami community; others will go back to hometowns or become estab- lished in new ones. Contacts through the Association will provide you the opportunity of making friends in any one of the fifty United States or in the thirty-five foreign countries where DM graduates reside. We hope that you will continue your interest in your Alma Mater. We note, with pride, the increasing participation of alumni in our efforts to support the University for our mutual benefit and look forward to your joining with us in developing even more meaningful programs. There are no dues for member- ship; your initiation is graduation. The channels are open. We need your talents in a variety of jobs - - whether in planning a College Night program in New Jersey, working on a Homecoming committee, manning a phone during the spring campaign, or joining a football trip from Memphis to Atlanta! You know where we are; help us keep in touch with you. Keep the Alumni Office advised of your whereabouts, and don ' t hesitate to ask for information on alumni projects. We are pleased to welcome you to active parti- cipation in the future of the University of Miami. Walter Etling, President General Alumni Association 1970 We could soy: Here, in the dawning of a new day, as you leave these hallowed halls and look out upon the peaks and valleys of life... " But we won ' t. We ' ll just say, " best wishes! ' National Airlines hen you want a fine portrait to record forever with charm and dignity the important events of your life, come to the Photograph Studio of your Official Photographer . . . r cdo itllwJv FLORIDA Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1970 ! ' S 503 Why not make money where you can enjoy it? Florida has the ingredients for both. Take income. Did you know that Florida ' s total personal income will double during the next ten years a 106 percent increase? That ' s one of the highest rates of any state in the nation. Florida is unique. Besides her tropical climate, and booming tourist industry, she ' s the fastest growing major state in the country. The past five years have brought 3340 new plants and plant expansions to Florida. And no wonder residents come by the thousands every month; Florida has space an increasingly precious commodity nowadays. Florida is the site for Walt Disney World, tomorrow ' s motion picture industry, and the launching pad for Atlas, Gemini, and Apollo. Florida can also be your launching pad. % FLORIDA POWER LIGHT COMPANY HELPING BUILD FLORIDA IUIBIVV OOO ' OE ue M 3Joui aqj aAjas oj - ajnjnj jno ainseajd e ssaujsnq jno noA SUIAJSS OZ61 )o ssep suouB|n}Bj8uo3 c p b g " n g 3_ O 3 I q ci e v " 8 1 n. congratulations class of 1970 serving you our business ... a pleasure . . . our future ... to serve the more than 30,000 c E 5 5 505 mmm Wm ' - ' ' ' --.-. . , .. . . ' - - -:_-. 508 509 euun|OA

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