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LIBRARY LIBRARY K Minn % " r- ' " v . " - ' t . - ' . . ?. - , . C j ; t v- -f .- if ' " -.;. happenings 96 activities 134 sports 1 84 academics 230 organizations 284 graduates 360 ads index . 424 neil carver editor in chief sandra beck associate editor david stoler managing editor jeffery orloff photo editor bud bukhair business manager barri deutscher copy editor bob dorlon sports editor jon ferdinand organizations editor dana sanders graduates editor ricardo d ' jean academics editor michael wray assistant photo editor production assistants bob haroutunian linda marling carol zipser eric salem donna mann christy moore vicki kohl melody coren Christine swetman thomas p. juran torn conroy larry shore judi marden MASSACHUSETTS SUNFUN . ' - S j t LL 12 -mr-f ' 17 1 I - i Y 3 1 3 25 ' -- Itill- ' 27 30 31 1 ' ' v - . :; r. 32 , I ! 1 I I 1 I I I I 1 ' " , J r IKJ l l s KWk 5 ' 43 mam V fc . . , - . (. m , . s I J t t ' - ..-L SWL H! J, Hir jNMJ K . - u- IM:MM fC MIVERSI or MIAMI 58 I n r 60 61 64 65 I MS Ofc f. , m I m I l MMH m 71 73 - 77 fc RANSCRIPTS r L 80 81 1 83 I 87 SERVICE VEHICLES I 88 I I I I 3 91 93 d asas Wiinc ofmiai unai ami ' s henry the served the ished I in dedication dr. henry king Stanford it is usually impossible to select one man as a singularly indispensable motivating force behind the life of a university, at the university of miami he can be selected without hesitation, unanimously regarded as the reason for mi- ami ' s growth in size and respectability is dr. henry king Stanford. the brief seven year ' s dr. Stanford has served as president has brought national rec- ognition to startling improvements and unique advancements in the academic field of the university. the university ' s endowment has tripled and the campus physical structure has con- tinued to grow at an eye-catching pace. the rapport which dr. Stanford has estab- lished with students is unequaled at most universities, he is sensitive to the needs of the student body and the individual student, his monday morning breakfasts, open to any student, attest to his continued interest in the pulse of the students, he never hesitates to take time to chat with anyone who stops him on one of his frequent jaunts across campus, the university of miami is indeed fortunate to have retained dr. Stanford as its president, if the next seven years of dr. Stanford ' s admini- stration resemble the first seven years, the university of miami cannot help but become a university nationally outstanding in its aca- demic character. with extreme appreciation for his services and contributions, the yearbook staff sincere- ly dedicates the 1969 ibis to the president of the university of miami, dr. henry king Stanford. 95 ' ' ' : " . ' ? ' spirit week chairman marv langsam is surrounded by an array of beauties as he briefs the candidates for 1968 spirit week queen spirit week includes parents ' weekend for the first time, spirit week festivities in- cluded a parents ' weekend to acquaint par- ents with the university of miami campus, spirit week chairman marv langsam noted that parents ' weekend was a huge success and will become an annual affair. major events included the spirit week queen contest, which was won by junior nancy frank, the mystery event, won by pi kappa alpha which collected over 800 Ibs. of canned foods for needy families in the miami area, and the car parade, won by zeta beta tau. also, sigma delta tau was awarded the overall high spirit trophy. sigma delta tau and zeta beta tau tied as winners of spirit week after a mild dispute concerning penalty points. the week ' s excitement culminated with a one-sided defeat of eighth-ranked Isu in the orange bowl. nancy frank is the university of miami ' s 1968 spirit week queen. hurricane footballers " bag a tiger " in traditional hurricane howl skits displayed by fraternities, sororities, and dorm houses. 1: gertrude, Sebastian the ibis ' girlfriend, is introduced at football game; 2: miami ' s hurricanes succeed in humiliating Isu ' s tigers, 30-0; 3: winning float sub- mitted by zbt for spirit week parade; 4: sporadic rain failed to disperse spirited miami fans. sx holds hats for derby day sigma chi was almost forced to throw in its hat before derby day even got off the ground this year, due to a cartoon published in the derby day booklet, panhellenic responded as a unit and withdrew their support from the annual sorority competition. a last minute attempt to cover the " ques- tionable " cartoon with a sticker was consid- ered by the offended sororities as unsatis- factory. despite this action, and considerable finan- cial loss, derby day was held with only the 960 women ' s tower to compete. 102 103 , homecoming 1968 homecoming 1968 was officially ushered in with the traditional odk bellringing on the patio as each year of urn ' s 42 was tolled, preceding the u.s.g. concert was the announ- cement of the homecoming queen suzanne venhorst, and her court, chosen for the first time by the student body. highlighting this year ' s homecoming week was the reunion of the class of ' 48, the home- coming parade, long recognized as one of the top five such parades in the nation, the traditional boat-burning on lake osceola fol- lowing the mock trial and " hanging " of ala- bama and a host of other colorful events. with an expanded entertainment budget, the 1968 homecoming dance presented two fine soul groups in the biggest social event of the fall semester, the two hour " mitch ryder soul revue " and " the soul survivors " provided the major entertainment during the evening at miami beach convention hall with " your father ' s mustache " providing the inci- dental music. dampening somewhat the all-too-success- ful week was the drowning of the hurricanes by the tide of alabama as miami lost its homecoming game in the orange bowl. ' ir 19 14 7 104 106 108 ors 1968 homecoming queen and her court: I. to r. jan Jones, melodie mantell, queen Suzanne venhorst, kathy hample, kathy wellows. alabama is hung in effigy by i.f.c. 110 biggest mouth in the south, jim fleming, made a special homecoming appearance. 111 greek week greeks rallied to the call as greek week 1969, aimed at promoting spirit, competition and contributions to the community within the greek system officially began with the traditional campus car parade, marathon run and torch lighting. greek god paul green (A) and goddess June boothby (A) reigned over the activities which included a college bowl, skit night, Olympic day and various fund raising drives, the grecian ball culminated greek week and featured the entertainment of Jackie wilson and the prolifics. athletic events 112 I boxtops not worth premium the concert by the boxtops was neither the most exciting nor the most professional to be performed on the student union patio, the students who had arrived early to get seats were met with poor acoustical equipment, very little concert time and the not-so-funny antics of the performers. the repetoire of the boxtops proved to be only their own songs, such as their hit, " the letter " , being a new rock group, the boxtops ' entire show lacked length and polish. the boxtops might be a good group, but that night they weren ' t worth the premium. , platters shine at animal show the scheduled animals ' concert drew an estimated crowd of 5,000 students, the audi- ence was there, the animals weren ' t. informed at the last minute that the animals refused to play on the union patio, an emer- gency meeting was called by the university of miami entertainment committee, when no agreement could be reached, the audience was informed that a law-suit against the ani- mals was inevitable. the platters, another recording group on tour in miami, were contacted by the enter- tainment committee and they agreed to fill in for the contract-breaking animals, even af- ter waiting over two hours for the concert to begin, the audience was so appreciative that they greeted the platters with enthusiastic applause. an entertaining and extremely professional show was the bill of fare for the evening, among the songs heard were most of the platters ' golden hits such as " smoke gets in your eyes " and " the great pretender " , the concert was brought to a close amid stand- ing ovations and echoes of " encore " . ' sweethearts of soul " move miami audience rock and soul were brought together on the same stage as peaches and herb per- formed the first concert of the season for the university of miami. due to rain, the concert was moved from the union patio to the ibis ballroom where an unprecedented two shows were given. singing such hits as " close your eyes ' " and " for your love " , peaches and herb displayed their talents as vocalizers and comediennes, student participation was included in their highly professional act as the concert season, and audience, was rocked to its feet. ' . v s . ' VN. ! grass roots turn on audience at concert urn students turned out " en masse " on the student union patio and braved " winter " temperatures to rock with the grass roots in concert. for two solid hours rapport existed as the group produced great sound, beat and ban- ter, an invitation for students to participate in an on-stage jam session was the high point of the concert and was readily accepted. joking " when in doubt, play a hit " , the group performed such songs as " live for to- day " and " midnight confessions " but there was no doubt about it by the end of the eve- ning the grass roots had turned on the crowd. 119 rhodes brothers please parents the rhodes brothers played to a capacity audience during parents weekend in October, this local group has been pleasing miami crowds for many years and has recently ap- peared on several t.v. programs. the parents and students were delighted by the dancing, vocalizing and impersona- tions of the rhodes brothers, the entire show was structured around audience participation which proved highly successful. 120 121 II 1 1 gaseous cassius blows little steam about black power former world heavyweight champion muham- mad ali, perhaps better known as cassius clay, lectured to a capacity audience in the ibis cafe- teria on february 20. the 27-year-old boxing champion was an Olympic gold medal winner in the light heavy- weight division in 1960. he turned professional in 1960. muhammad ali is as famous for his vocal prowess as for his boxing ability, he has variously been called " gaseous cassius " , " louisville lip " and " cassius the brashest " , most recently he has been in the news for his conflicts with the draft. His lecture pertained to black power and sep- aratism. 122 123 ginsberg preaches, " do your own thing " with the appearance of alien ginsberg it may well be said that " do your own thing-ism reached a new high (pardon the pun) at the university, or was it an all time low? it all depends on whom you ' re asking, one thing is for certain, though, and that is that the " serv- ant of the suffering masses " by all means did his own thing before the usual over-flowing crowd on the student union patio. ginsberg ' s own distinctive style of free verse poetry plus a tibetan mantra thrown in here and there were, to say the least, pro- vocatively different, hats off to the entertain- ment committee for providing the students with another colorful program, was it good? the answer to that lies deep within each in- dividual wh o attended; if you want to find out, ask them. 124 125 Claudius sees all tells all . in a speech to a capacity crowd, claude kirk panned the democrats and blew his own horn for " law and order " , kirk discussed the small appropriations allocated by the demo- crats to combat the war on crime, stated that he would ask for more money and planned to introduce a bill to assist the victims of criminals. answers to a lengthy question and answer session following his speech covered such varied topics as disrespect for police, re- habilitation of prisoners and state police consolidation. kirk closed his speech by stating, " one nice thing about being governor is that you don ' t have to fight every war. " luckily for kirk, you don ' t have to win every one as ... he came . he saw . . and left. 128 gregory implores: " clean-up system " an estimated audience of over 5,000 stu- dents filed into the ibis cafeteria to listen to a speech by dick gregory, noted comedian, author and civil rights worker. mr. gregory directed his comments to the young people of the country by saying, " this is the most morally polluted, insane nation on this earth . . . you have to solve the problems . . . thanks to us old fools, we left you with all the problems and no tricks. " obviously against the system, mr. gregory called himself, " ... a stool pigeon, i ' m rat- ting on the system, i ' m going to keep telling on the system until you young folks straighten it out. " following a standing ovation, mr. gregory went outside to the student union patio where he held an informal question and answer ses- sion for the benefit of those who were unable to get into the ibis cafeteria for the formal presentation. 129 from babies to bombs spock preaches peace capacity crowds were the rule rather than the exception during u.s.g. ' s 1968-9 lecture series, and any one of the more than 4,000 people who jammed into the cafeteria for the fourth program can attest to this fact. dr. benjamin spock, one of the most controversial figures of our time, began his critique on the american " system " in no uncertain terms. launching his attack on issues ranging from our " illegal and immoral " involvement in Vietnam, to Chicago and the disorder of mayor daley and his police force, spock pleaded with the youth of america to save the country from the disease of anti-communism, spock ' s lecture was not received with little reaction, throughout his speech there were constant interruptions of cheering as well as some heckling from a conservative group of cuban students bearing signs such as " we don ' t want traitors " . placing much faith in today ' s youth, he urged tomorrow ' s leaders to " support law and order based on justice. " - . WDONT WANT 130 pp william f. buckley speaking to a capacity crowd, the person- ification of american conservatism, william f. buckley, classified the three areas of disorder in america as being discourtesy, denial of democratic process and crime. basing his premise on the idea that " a true liberal is one who will defend the rights of a conservative " , buckley proceeded to run the gamut from the reagan-yale controversy to the oft-criticized Chicago convention where he expressed the opinion that if daley had sup- ported a mc carthy-ted kennedy ticket, he would have come out smelling as sweet as the flowers of the hippies. 133 the ring theatre 136 5 1. the devils; 2. carnival; 3. the devils; 4. carnival; 5. carnival. rehearsal and direction: essentials in the theater 138 children ' stheatre company the children ' s theatre company presents pinocchio, delighting young audiences. 139 1. hamlet; 2. the royal hunt of the sun; 3. the royal hunt of 3 the sun; 4. hamlet; 5. hamlet; 6. Julius caesar. 140 shakesperean theatre 142 lowe art gallery adds |to community culture the joe and emily lowe art gallery has proven itself to be an integral part of the art program of the university of miami since its founding in 1952. with more than 25,000 works of art, it serves the greater miami area as its leading museum. chief among the special gift collections is the samuel h. kress collection, consisting of 39 works primarily from the Italian renaissance, important paintings by such masters as tintoretto and bellini can be viewed in the impressive kress collection. other strong collections at the lowe gallery are the virgil barker collection containing famous american historical art work, the oriental collection containing jade sculpture and an extensive print collection. the separate barton wing houses a beautiful collection of primitive southwestern textiles and related american indian art. in addition to seminars, studio workshops and children ' s art classes, the lowe gallery provides a sales and rental gallery to the miami community. 144 I I 147 whitten memorial student union office of student activities student life has always revolved around the student union, where relaxation and in- tellectual stimulation abound, the office of student activities coordinates student clubs, honoraries, and activities such as homecom- ing, also serving all students, this year, the two offices are combined into a central, co- ordinating office a well run, organized hub for all facets of student interest. 1. mr. william sheeder, director of the whitten union and director of student activities; 2. mr. william vaught, associate director of the whitten union and student activities; 3. mr. Chester a. byrd, associate director of the whitten union and student activities. 149 program council program council (seated I to r) gail b. marantz, jerry bohne, presi- dent, mrs. kay whitten, advisor, lenora moss, alice spohn, carolyn levitt. (standing, I to r) sharyn sudduth, Judy rubin, murray cohen, bill pondelicek, sieve lipawsky, rob kaupin, vice-president, andrea mantell, valerie fox. fte. u.b.o.g union board of governors (seated, I to r) george lachet, dean n. gennett, linda bogen, ed shohat chairman, gayle holden, mr. william sheeder, (standing I to r) dr. d. goenig, mr. j. brown, mr. j. galbraith, mr. j. Jackson, jim kimball, torn wilson, michael abrams, alan Sherman. 150 singing hurricanes hosting a " new look " of turtlenecks, boots and miniskirts, the sing- ing hurricanes, under the new direction of don muller, sang and danced their way through their musical endeavors. in the past, the troupe has toured europe and the pacific, appeared on national television and recorded an album of their musical experi- ences. marching band expending more energy in more hours of participation than any other ensemble of the music school, members of the marching band, directed by fred mccall, must keep churning out pagentries for the halftime show during foot- ball season. to be a member means the toting of somewhat awkward instruments, sitting in rainy stands, marching, practicing and wearing heavy uniforms, but to the members, the re- ward goes far beyond the earning of one credit hour. wind ensemble not actually classified as an orchestra nor as a symphonic band, the um symphonic wind ensemble, originated and di- rected by frederick fennell, differs from the above categor- ies in that it has no doubling of parts, the wind ensemble strives to place only one play- er to a part, unlike the sym- phonic bands which have en- tire sections delegated to a part. since the beginning of the um wind ensemble in 1965, it has consistently been rated as among the top such ensem- bles in the nation. 152 symphony i the university of miami has the whole of life within its confines, and it has its own symphony orchestra, conducted by frederick fennell. while the orchestra is a filling, lis- tening experience and is an extension of some of man ' s greatest ideas, it is also a university class, in its broad repertory it presents a prime exposure to great music and its challenges, for the students of the school of music. when you listen to the sounds of the symphony, these are the sights you ' ll see . executive board, (I to r) minette halpern, suzanne kuhn, Cindy hill, dr. lynn bartlett advisor, jane hirshman. aws established to promote the best interests of the individual woman student, the organiza- tion of associated woman stu- dents provides social and cul- tural advantages and reports and enforces matters relating to certain aspects of the be- havior of its members. contained within a.w.s. is the a.w.s. council which is the policy-making body for stu- dent government pertaining to women students and has this past year been actively peti- tioning for the reformation of women ' s curfews. central council - central council front row roberta la critz, second row pat Jacobs, veda levin, third row anne mendelsohn, lyn siegal, johnnye cotrell, fourth row sue sponnoble, margaret peek, toni favazzo, mary ann tillotson, back row suzy robertson, Janet roslund, molly smith, karen o ' neil, sue wooderd. 154 96O council 960 council (I to r) front row linda spitznek, pat phillips secretary, tonio favazza president, sue mccarthy vice-president, debbie pat- terson treasurer, dianne dechert. back row janis horowitz, renee petrovits, Stephanie beubis, sherry troum, pat purvin, tina chiofald, gail lowenstein. 73O council 730 council (I to r) front row rona reichelle, mrs. anne brett advisor, sharon gris secretary, gail deneberg president, linda nedzinski vice-president, briana harrison treasurer, johnnye cotrell social chairman, helanie samuels publicity chairman, back row patricia Jacobs, lynn ann siegal, bonnie forman, margaret cohen, betty fishman historian, Janet roslund corresponding secretary, barbara engesser, Virginia keane, stormy leach, vivian waisbein, ellen siepser, mary charbonneau, Jerri hamburger. 155 1968 council 1968 council (I to r) front row Joyce rifkin, wilma scholoff, cindy levinson, robbie la critz president, candy hirsh, judy rubin, natalie millington. back row terry rubin, bernice mcdade, laurie gordon, phyllis sadler, vicki carr . college board college board front row Caroline good, debbie rodreguez, lynn gunther, anne giba, adele zolot, alicia groves, treasurer, karen piorowski, secretary, kathi hampel, vice-president, amy brodkin, mara brown, louise waiters, back row elaine doyle, carol king, suzanne venhorst, elaine burka, trudy dolnik, terrie miller, anne mendelsohn, Joanna kelsey, joy forman, lynn lasarow, sheryl stubbs, lesley kluchin. 156 mrha executive council (I to r) Jim kimball, sec- retary; tim choate, president; vince bor- ghese, director of finance; elliot server, vice-president. being the main governing body for those male students residing on campus, the men ' s residence halls association proposes to promote the best interests of the individual male student of um, to foster a spirit of fellowship and unity among the residents of the houses and to increase their sense of responsibility toward each other through participation in m.r.h.a. activities. composed of legislative, judicial and executive branches, this past year has seen a new experi- mental program under m.r.h.a. president tim choate which recently provided for women ' s visi- tation privileges in the male living quarters, in addition to this were the passage of recommenda- tions concerning the university ' s search and seizure policy and further investigations into the ever-present cafeteria and parking problems. 157 cabinet cabinet (I to r) lou tripoli, John fraska, torn good, not pictured bruce o ' boyle, frank faragalli. P archontes archontes (I to r) front row tim choate, al fagant. second row richard knight, pete evertz, elliot server, Jim kimball, rick schultz. back row bob holmes, rick artman, lawrence pasquini, vince borghese. governors governors (I to r) front row peter meyer, mark krasnow, jphn fraska, william burger, lloyd tannenbaum, robert keiser, William diffenderfer, bruce lebuno. back row don carringan, keith harring, ron dagoni, skip tripoli, Joseph fischer, jim fisgus, dennis cevitilla, george rousseau, bob hutchins. 159 undergraduate student government emerging as a truly effective organization in the university community, the undergraduate student government, under the able leader- ship of mike abrams, took many needed and long-awaited steps in the right direction, one of the most important bills to go through u.s.g. in its ten year history was the self- abolition of the board of review, this, along with the formation of the new supreme court, could have far-reaching implications. other accomplishments of the abrams ' ad- ministration appear to be the introduction of a pass-fail option system, possible changes in the cut-policy and midterm policy, support in the move to abolish women ' s curfews, and the creation of a junior cabinet to train under- classmen in the workings of u.s.g. the concert series proved to be one of the best as miami was host to such groups as " the grass roots " and " peaches and herb, " while an excellent variety of famous and eru- dite lecturers made this year ' s lecture series one of the most informative, as um students were brought face to face with such contro- versial figures as william f. buckley, dr. ben- jamin spock and dick gregory. the changes initiated during the past year are just the first steps in the many to be taken by u.s.g., but by giving the undergraduate student government a more effective voice in university matters, they may have started the long-awaited process of updating the entire concept of student government on our cam- pus. michael abrams, president alan Sherman, vice-president r- 1 . IV F council 1. freshman representatives (I to r) John dohm, barry taylor, irene trionfetti, bill council!, 2. sophomore representatives stuart weiss, robert dorlon, peter hill, not pictured jim yasser. 3. senior representatives richard wheeler, sharon garman, not pictured mark lampl. 4. ifc representative mark kalish. 5. junior representatives richard bergman, bruce dresner, martin weinkle. 6. m.r.h.a. represen- tative skipp tripoli I ca " cabinet cabinet, (I to r) gary turner, andreas gomez, Steven rubenstein, dan Schwartz, cindy ploch, alan Sherman, michael abrams, thomas rebel, marvin langsam, veda levin, harold Stanley, norm manassa. president ' s staff president ' s staff, (I to r) mike cothran, stu rose, alan Sherman, michael abrams, thomas rebel, dave halberg, rich fabian. ira levy, program director, and bob mann, station manager, discuss program planning. wyum turns on miami campus after seemingly endless, frustrating delays, the university of miami ' s fm radio station began broadcasting in may, 1968. a special marathon broadcast " turned on " miami ' s campus to w vum. this year, under the direction of bob mann, station manager, and ira levy, program direc- tor, wvum instituted a full time, diverse pro- gram schedule, wvum ' s programming includ- ed interviews with personages as gover- nor claude kirk and dick gregory. in addition, current events were analyzed in broadcasts produced in conjunction with federal govern- ment programs, but, of course, music and news, directed to the university of miami ' s students, remained the staple of the radio station. wvum personnel expect future program- ming to gain greater finesse and appeal to a larger range of the student body. disc jockeys rick hunter, jack lament, j. j. Jeffreys and dave Williams international disc jockey ashford hosts wvum ' s good music show, in background. 164 wvum sports staff: dave sanders, director denny trease, and marc d. blum. wvum instant action news staff: ray malamed, ken wright, John emm, Steve benson, mike hamilton, maurice dickstein; at front typewriter, dave Steinberg; in middle, glen corillo. ll 165 166 um hostesses um hostesses (I to r) front row melodie mantell, lynn balmer, susyn mclaughlin president, Jeanne martin vice-president, hazel bungy, Jackie hawkins corresponding secretary, second row suellen firestone, peggy black, Janet sue rabinowitz, alicia groves, barbara small- ridge, monday carroll, cissy oles. back row jane Stewart, June boothby, mary alice goetz, lynn blanton, cindi lutze, karen hesch, pam norton. not pictured Judy Jennings, lesley harris, susan albers, susan anderson, lyn brooks, linda enz, sailee frey, rita winick. : I. M debate under the able leadership of coach robert olian and his team of assistants, the um de- bate squad continued to pile up impressive victories on the intercollegiate circuit. this year the intercollegiate debate topic was " resolved: that executive control over united states foreign policy should be signifi- cantly curtained. " this season the um squad entered tourna- ments at such places as brandeis university and harvard and concluded the debate sea- son with the regional championship followed by the national championships. over the years the um debate squad has compiled an enviable record in intercollegiate competition and is ranked as one of the best in the nation. 168 1. wayne silver. 2. harold Stanley. 3. gary goldstein. 4. James gilbride. 5. edward shohat. 6. joel remland. 7: ed kaye. 8. elliott sherker. 9. dr. j. robert olian, coach. 10. dennis richard. 11. phil gerson, assistant coach. 12. mr. jamal Williamson, administrative assistant. 13. owen ricker. 14. ray powers. intramurals an extension of the student activities office, the in- tramural program was begin in 1947 t o inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork in competitive activities. organized on both team and individual basis to encourage maximum participation, the program is suited to the needs, interests and available time of the students on campus and annually bestows upon win- ning participants various medals and trophies. joseph pineda, director of men s intramurals miss Isabella hutchison, director of women s intramurals donald hart, director of intramurals I publications miss betty baderman, associate director of publications in his twelve years as advisor to student publica- tions, mr. wilson hicks has watched and advised the staffs that have put out the newspapers, magazines, and yearbooks of the university of miami. his career has touched all forms of mass media, leaving his valuable imprint on each. starting his career in the newspaper field as a reporter, he soon rose to such positions as assistant Sunday editor, associate magazine editor and photo editor on the kansas city star. from there he moved to the associated press where he eventually rose to the position of executive editor. in 1937, he went to a little known photo-magazine, namely: life, during his thirteen years with the pub- lication, he ran the gamut from associate editor to executive editor. after five years of semi-retirement, mr. hicks ac- cepted his faculty position with um in 1955 and in addition to his position as director of university pub- lications, he created and taught a course in photo- journalism. serving as an advisor to several publications throughout the nation, he also conceived the idea of the miami conference on communication arts, which draws editors, writers, and photographers from all over the nation. his life thus far reads like an excerpt from who ' s who in america, which indeed it does, it is very hard to compress such a vitally significant career into a few paragraphs, it is impossible to put mr. hicks into words for he ' s put so many others into both words and pictures. mr. wilson hicks, director of publications and advisor to student publications thomas b. wilson, III., editor victor fischer, managing editor greg shapley, fall photo editor mary fiksel, associate editor tempo, the undergraduate student maga- zine of the university of miami, has undergone a steady transformation, as one of the literary focal points for campus life, it has existed as a photo magazine, a humor magazine, a gen- eral interest magazine and emerged this year as a literary magazine, its purpose has been to reflect on the changing times in which the student finds himself and the ways in which he reacts to these times, it is published six times a year and distributed to all university of miami students. s ' :- mark wethli, art director wayne silver, consulting editor ed shohat, staff writer; fran fodiman, secretary dennis richard, executive editor 1 craig gorson, fall business manager; glenn sacks, spring business manager bud polley spring photo editor, mike neff, ray malamed F a hurricane bob fabricio, fall editor sieve nagin, spring associate editor pam amlong, spring editor Imda klemdemst, news editor larry sokoler, fall managing editor frank murray, fall managing editor barry munchik, fall business manager jeff orloff, summer managing editor, spring advertising manager acting as spokemen for the university of miami ' s many factions is no small tasks, but miami ' s many factions is no small task, but fall editor bob fabricio and his staff and spring means a small task force, tackling their jobs with the true professional spirit, both staffs managed to put together one year of the fin- est miami hurricanes the university has ever seen, concise, accurate, provocative report- ing, coupled with interesting, controversial editorials were the hallmarks of this year ' s hurricane. who says it takes pros to turn out a pro- fessional newspaper? J1 hurricane staff (I to r) front row bill biermanm, bruce rubin, gerry fortenberry, melani van petten, paul luskin, cynthia zarco, bob fabricio, marjorie gross, barbara geiser. back row greg shapley, pamela amlong, scott bressler, bob haroutunian, mike neff, alan vollweiler, erika enright, frank murray. bruce rubin, fall news editor scott bressler, fall and spring sports editor -; ;;; ' - ;; tj: J . james page, associated press editor cynthia zarco, spring copy editor -I ! greg shapley, spring associate editor larry snyder, spring managing editor 175 paul luskin, advertising manager sue sponnable, fall copy editor erika enright, entertainment editor mike neff, assistant photo editor craig gorson, spring business manager melani van petten, assistant news editor craig peterson, spring news editor ' ' david issacs, spring assistant sports editor 176 photographers steve jackson mike neff william bierman 1=4 larry then 177 BLUSH EASILY,. )U EMBARASS EASILY,. YOU ARE NOT 18 YEARS OLD,. VELY ADULTS ONLY V ibis dedication, hard work and long hours are all important requirements for the completion of any yearbook, but needless to say, the ibis is not just " any yearbook " . imagination, talent and a penetrating look at not only the people and faces but also the controversies and issues which deeply in- volve us all make the ibis more than just a pictorial essay of the academic year. inspiring the staff and coordinating their efforts, editor neil carver had the imagination and the drive to tip the scales, and turn a yearbook . . . into the ibis. dave stoler, managing editor sandy beck, associate editor neil carver, editor barri deutscher, copy editor jon ferdinand, organizations editor ricardo d ' jaen, academics editor alexander bukhair, business manager bob dorlon, sports editor graduates staff (I to r) carol zipser, donna mann, Christy moore, vicki kohl, melody coren, and dana sanders (seated), graduates editor ike w - 182 mike wray, assistant photo editor eric salem Christine swetman linda marling torn conroy, larry shore thomas p. juran % ' Pit k to the casual observer the place of ath- letics at the university of miami during the 1968-69 academic year would seem strange indeed, many fine athletes in all sports are produced, but the support shown these teams is virtually nil. hardly 40,000 people went to the hurricane homecoming clash with ala- bama in the orange bowl, an event which should have filled the stadium, hurricane quarterback david olivo has commented that he likes to play in the orange bowl, but doesn ' t think much of the fans who boo the team at the very time they need support. the basketball team, which has one of the nations top scorers on its squad, also has its problems with the fans, there aren ' t enough of them. minor sports at miami would really amaze the casual observer, or at least those sports which are still here, many sports were once a part of this campus, including track and wrestling, but have since been cut for financ- ial reasons, lacking the funds for scholarships, the minor sports often cannot attract top tal- ent to improve the sport, which suffers as a result, a poor record draws few fans, which can spell disaster for the sport, will soccer be the next sport to feel the financial ax? and if it does, will anyone care? there are other oddities in the realm of athletics at the university of miami. the intra- mural program has finally managed to acquire the field lights it needs to carry on a more active program, but where are the lights for the equally deserving baseball team and its ' field? nighttime games would certainly in- crea se attendance at all home games, which are sometimes called because the sun has set. it has been suggested that the baseball team play any night games on the now lighted intramural field, the effect would be about the same if the football team were made to play on the baseball field, and only play af- ternoon games in the hot miami sun. it just isn ' t feasable. 3-c . 1 3 nofe perhaps the biggest mystery of all is that of a fieldhouse, or lack of one, at this insti- tution, with a few exceptions, every major college in the country has its own gymnasium, a student paying $825 a semester should be able to graduate on his own campus, and re- turning to basketball, does anyone seriously doubt that students wouldn ' t go to see a good team play if it were free and within walking distance? perhaps those that do doubt it are in the majority, or are at least holding the purse strings. in many schools sports are on a definite up swing, with the new state school in dade county opening in the near future with lower tuition, with the increased costs of running a university, and miami ' s lack of endowment, will sports maintain their current level on this campus? or will they eventually boil down to only four outlets: football, basketball, base- ball, and intramurals? the future of sports at miami ultimately rests with the students enough students that care. otis mooney leroy pierce m harold sawyers c. t. hewkgey waiter kichefski II varsity football schedule miam 8 northwestern .L 10 georgia tech southern California louisiana state ' Virginia tech 6 auburn 48 Pittsburgh enn state alabama florid head coach charlie tate 1968 varsity football team front row: buddy watson, tony stawarz, david olivo, david teal, bill deross, lew pytel, Charles parker, gregory perez, dean stone, emmett elliott, bog abbott. second row: Charles richard, rod taylor, ken hutcherson, steve schapp, John acuff, barry fred- rickson, oscar gonzalez, Vincent opalsky, Charley Jamison, hank Collins, dennis hackett, dennis popp, ken chrusniak. third row: Jim huff, phil tracy, gary thompson, don brandy, John barnett, paul Schmidt, jack chauvet, jay wilson, joe lapointe, paul manard, dick sorensen, bob czipulis, James mckenzie. fourth row: kerry woolum, george hopgood, brian mccolgan, James Schneider, jerry pierce, James chaltas, Charles fullerton, bob taylor, John flynn, mike turner, james Washington, allan folkins, wiley matthews. fifth row: robert trocolor, arnold butkus, larry wilson, karl skoog, ray singer, robert carlin, bill trout, torn colip, dieter matthes, ray bellamy, joe schmidt, tony cline, ray heinly. back row: rick strawbridge, van golmont, david kalina, John green, ted hendricks, James seely, fred stransky, bob diedrich, scott mulcahy, bob miller, junior bates, james betterly. neil schmidt larry wilson front row: kelly cochran, scott mundrich, william allison, gary mick, bruce Strickland, robert blank, second row: george dominquez, ralph cooper, michael riley, thomas sullivan, lou erwin, Stanley bujalski, kenneth white, third row: louis barocas, 1968 freshman football team richard romer, Steve robey, david Johnson, daniel woodard, gerry mccormick, richard trower, andrew dorn. back row: steve parr, steve gaunt, albert palewicz, John barlow, bowman dunn, kevin griffin. 191 running back vince opalsky grinds out tough yardage against the wildcats. oscar gonzalez speeds through an opening in the northwestern line. sophomore ray bellamy slips by northwestern defenders on a sideline pass pattern. hurricanes slam nw,28-7 offense was the dominating factor of the game as the hurricanes sailed past north- western, 28-7, in the season ' s opener at the orange bowl, it was sweet revenge after last season ' s 12-7 loss at the hands of the wild- cats. few people could remember when a miami team had displayed such offensive power, quarterback david olivo fired for three td passes, equaling a um record, olivo connect- ed with split-end dave kalina on an 11 yarder in the first quarter for an early 7-0 lead, but wildcat quarterback dave shelbourne passed 35 yards to tie the game 7-7 at the half. this was the score until a nine minute period bridging the third and fourth quarters saw miami strike for 21 quick points, olivo hit reserve tight-end rick strawbridge with third period touchdown tosses of four and eleven yards to make it 21-7. a hand-off to vince opalsky from the two yard line provided the final td. the hurricanes proceeded to run out the clock, giving head coach charlie tate his first opening game victory at home. 192 headed for disaster is tech ' s qb larry goode at the hands of all-american ted hendricks. leaving a trail of georgia tech players in his wake, junior running back vince opalsky carries for a long gain against the yellowjackets. ' canes slip by tech, 10-7 georgia tech ' s head coach bud carson and miami ' s charlie tate both agreed that each half was " two different games, " and so they were, as the hurricanes slipped by the yellow- jackets, 10-7, at grant field in atlanta. tech managed 199 yards offensively in the first half, which turned out to be their total offensive production at game ' s end. appropri- ately, tech ' s only score came in the first half on a three yard quarterback-keeper. a pair of third period fumble recoveries set the stage for miami ' s offensive thrust, ten plays after linebacker John barnett ' s recovery of a tech fumble, vince opalsky dived over from the one yard line to score the touch- down, jim huff ' s game-winning field goal from the 27 yard line came after a ted hendrick ' s fumble recovery at the yellowjacket 21 yard line, withstanding desperation bombs by tech ' s quarterback, miami held on for its second win in as many games. bob abbott (25) and ted hendncks confront all-american halfback o. j. Simpson as he leaps for yardage. offensive line coach jack prater talks with his unit while the defensive squad attempts to hold the trojans. tight-end John green is upended by an Isu defender after a short pass reception. use overpowers miami, 28-3 while the near-capacity crowd of over 71,000 had its attention on o. j. simpson, the rest of southern cal ' s explosive offense dis- played its worth as the trojans powered past the hurricanes, 28-3, at the coliseum in los angeles. when miami held simpson to 14 yards in his first eight carries, the trojans took to the air as use quarterback steve sogge connected on a 28 yard pass play in the first period for a 7-0 lead. in contrast, the hurricane offensive unit couldn ' t handle the more experienced and aggressive use defense, drives to use ' s 5, 20, 33, and 17 yard lines were halted as miami went scoreless in the first half, the hurricane ' s only score came in the third period after safetyman charlie parker recovered a simpson fumble at the use 37. four plays later, jim huff split the uprights from 29 yards out to make it 14-3. southern cal registered two more touchdowns, however, as the hurricanes dropped their first game of the season. kti 194 hurricanes rip Isu, 3O-O the hurricanes proved that their offense was better than use had made it look a week earlier as miami smashed Isu in a 30-0 rout before 40,000 fans in the orange bowl, quar- terback david olivo fired for two touchdown passes while specialist jim huff kicked three field goals to hand the eighth-ranked tigers their first defeat of the season. with the tigers failing to blitz, olivo flipped a 22 yard touchdown pass to split-end dave kalina while vince opalsky ' s plunge from the two combined to add 14 quick points to the Scoreboard, huff ' s 27 yard field goal made it 23-0 with 5:38 remaining in the third quarter. the final score was the result of a three yard td pass from olivo to reserve tight-end rick strawbridge in the fourth quarter, set up by a fake field goal attempt, the offensive production, as evidenced by the score, con- vinced everyone that the hurricanes finally had an offense. place kicker Jim huff makes the try for three points as the hurricane line holds off the Isu rush. 195 hurricanes tame vpi, 13-8 it was defense vs. defense as the hurri- canes halted Virginia tech, 13-8, before 37,000 partisans in the orange bowl, while miami traveled up and down the field, netting 349 yards as compared to minus 30 rushing and 92 passing for tech, vpi held the hurri- canes to one touchdown and two field goals, all in the first half. quarterback david olivo fired a ten yard td pass to tight-end dave kalina while jim huff booted a 27 yard field goal for a 10-0 first quarter lead, huff kicked another 27 yarder early in the second period to give miami a 13-0 halftime edge. it appeared as if the hurricanes were going to have their second shut-out in as many games until the final 28 seconds of play, when reserve tech quarterback larry kushner made a one yard plunge over left tackle for the score, though deprived of a shut-out, miami was now 4-1 at the half-way p oint of the season. fullback John acuff runs for daylight past the vpi defense. crashing into the vpi line, sophomore back bob best finds the going rough. 196 p t tigers blitz canes, 31-6 it was one of those days when nothing went right, as the ninth-ranked hurricanes were humiliated, 31-6, before a standing room only crowd of 45,000 at auburn, what was billed as a great defensive battle turned into a rout before 20 minutes had elapsed in the first half, as auburn racked up a 21-0 advantage, auburn linebacker bobby Strickland opened the scoring deluge by racing 36 yards for a first quarter td on an intercepted dave olivo pass. coach Charlie tate had expected auburn to use a gambling blitz against olivo, but not with such startling success, the tigers ' four defensive linemen dropped olivo for a total loss of 99 yards, miami ' s lone touchdown was the result of a 49 yard drive in the third quarter, climaxed by vince opalsky ' s run from four yards out for the score, the attempt for two points was missed, however, and for the hurricanes, it was the end of a short stay among college football ' s top ten. unable to avoid the blitz, quarterback dave olivo is dropped behind the line of scrimmage by the auburn line. swamped by the auburn pass defense, sophomore ray bellamy still makes the catch. given the time to pass, quarterback dave olivo struck for 16 completions in 23 attempts during the first half against the panthers. 822- too 23 ya noi rfh ties away yards in on plays canes maul panthers, 48-0 snapping back from the humilation passed out by auburn the previous week, the hurri- canes guaranteed their fifth victory in seven games by destroying the toothless Pittsburgh panthers 48-0, before 37,000 in the orange bowl, the game wasn ' t even as close as the score indicated, as almost the entire hurri- cane bench was used in the second half of the game, quarterback lew pytel fired a 46 yard td bomb to ray bellamy in the third quarter for the first varsity score of either athlete, place kicker jim huff kicked two third quarter field goals to run his season total to nine, a urn season record. during the first half scoring deluge, quarter- back dave olivo guided miami on scoring drives of 70, 60, 51, 74, and 69 yards, as the offensive line provided the blitz protection lacking against auburn, pitt ' s deepest pene- tration, to the miami 21, was ended by an interception as the panthers were held score- less for the first time this season. 198 lions tame hurricanes, 22-7 the loss of a key defensive player and penn state ' s determination handed the hurricanes a 22-7 loss at the hands of the orange bowl- bound nittany lions. going into the game as the nation ' s no. 2 team in rushing defense, miami lived up to advance notice by restricting penn state to 29 yards on the ground in the first half and nothing on the Scoreboard, but with the loss of the hurricanes ' left-end tony cline late in the second quarter, state began to pound away at this weakened area, picking up 198 yards and three touchdowns in the process, in one period, the lions ran 13 consecutive plays at miami ' s left side, which was about as far as they could get from all-american ted hendricks ' right side of the line. the upset-minded hurricanes jumped to a quick 7-0 lead when quarterback dave olivo connected with a 78 yard td bomb to flanker ray bellamy on a third-and-one situation from the miami 22 yard line, unfortunately for the hurricanes, it was the end of their offensive production, but not penn state ' s. senior John acuff attempts to run through the lion defense. cutting for daylight past the penn state line is sophomore fullback gary thompson fullback steve schaap breaks into the alabama secondary for a short gain. art lento tide swamps hurricanes, 14-6 the bomb and the interception gave the crimson tide of alabama the needed points to beat miami, 14-6, before a crowd of 44,000 in the orange bowl, statistically, the game was even, with miami having a slight edge in total yardage, neither team could move on the ground, which was the key to the tide ' s victory, when the hurricanes threw the ball, it was usually alabama which brought it down as ihey made six interceptions to stop miami ' s penetrations, alabama ' s mike dean raced 69 yards to the goal with a fourth quarter lew pytel pass while a 73 yard bomb by tide quar- terback scott hunter provided the other ala- bama score. the hurricanes managed a face-saving touchdown when bobby best cracked two yards off-tackle late in the fourth quarter, climaxing a 35 yard drive set-up by middle guard jerry pierce ' s interception, but by then it had become obvious that miami was not going to any bowl this year. catching a 55 yard bomb from quarterback david olivo, flanker ray bellamy shakes loose the defender and heads for daylight deep into florida territory. vince opalsky dives for the touchdown. florida stuns miami, 14-10 miami faced its arch-rival before a crowd of 55,800 at florida field and came out second best in the final game of a disappointing sea- son for both teams, for the hurricanes, it was their third loss in three games, and left miami with a 5-5 season record. outclassed in the first half, florida battled back for two second-half touchdowns to upset miami, 14-10. breaking three tackles, the gators ' larry smith streaked into the end zone on a six yard run for the winning score with 2:38 left in the game. miami ' s points came in the first half, as vince opalsky lunged four yards for the td to climax a drive highlighted by a 55 yard bomb from quarterback david olivo to flanker ray bellamy. jim huff capped a 71 yard drive by kicking a 27 yard field goal to give the hurri- canes a 10-0 halftime lead, unfortunately, it wasn ' t enough, as the clutch run by the gators ' larry smith ended miami ' s three game winning streak in the traditional series. 201 it was the year of a frustrated offense .... frustrating year for miami when the final whistle had sounded, sig- naling the end of a long afternoon at florida field, miami ' s 1968 football season had come to a close, the Christmas holidays would be spent at home rather than in preparation for the bow! bid which never came, instead, hurricane fans could only ponder at what might have been, if only tony cline hadn ' t been injured in the penn state game, if only jlabama hadn ' t returned that intercepted pass for their second and game-winning touch- down, if only florida ' s larry smith hadn ' t broken three tackles to cover those last six yards to miami ' s goal, coaches and fans alike will be able to ponder these points in the rela- tive calm which follows a 5-5 season, but for those who look to the future, there is always hope, after all, just wait until next year! _ and a rough and tumble defense I florida had the ball on a fourth and goal situa- tion late in the third quarter, the gators had marched 88 yards, but on the crucial play were denied the score, as one might expect, ted hendricks was in on the saving tackle. the " mad stork " , at 6 feet 8 inches and 222 pounds, is hailed as the greatest all-time football player and athlete in the university ' s some 40 years of existence, he is the all-purpose, all- skills defensive end. hendricks constantly dump- ed the would-be-passers or harried them into throwing interceptions, he has shattered miami ' s tackling records into oblivion, and is the hurri- canes ' ace fumble recovery man. in three years, he has made 350 tackles and has set a new all- time fumble recovery record, this past year over 75% of miami ' s opponents ' offensive plays were run away from hendricks ' end. ted ' s consensus all-american ratings read like a who ' s who for college football, naming him to their all-american lists were such noted organizations as the asso- ciated press, united press international, look magazine, coaches ' all-america, sporting news, nea, new york daily news and many less well- known organizations, a consensus all-american three years in a row, number 89 will be retired this year from the miami roster when hendricks graduates, in the words of head defensive coach wait kichefski, " there ain ' t ever been one like him ever . . ever " . the fearsome symbol of miami ' s defense at work ted hendricks . . . all-american I ' canes are dynamite from the opening kick-off until the final gun sounded, the hurricanes showed they were still tops, even when finishing second in sev- eral tough contests, this feeling wasn ' t limited only to the team, as more students and or- ganizations than ever before participated in spirit week, homecoming activities, and pep rallies throughout the season, although stand- ing behind the team during their defeats, it became easier to rally behind the hurricanes through consistent victories as the season progressed, proving that canes are dynamite. a hurricane td deserves special praise from our cheerleaders 204 Sebastian and friend model the latest in um football wear. in control of a spirited situation is pat taylor. soccer victory hopes fade after compiling an even record in what was considered a rebuilding year in 1967, soccer coach dale lewis and the hurricane booters were anxious for the arrival of the 1968 sea- son, the return of several key lettermen and talented players who learned the game in their native countries provided the reason for this optimistic feeling, co-captains guy beauvoir and henry mora were both returnees from the 1967 squad as was jimmy ospina, contributor of five goals in the 1967 season, these stars were expected to supply the ef- fective offense needed for a successful cam- paign, on the defensive side, the canes had an outstanding goalkeeper in england ' s paul sullivan while torn brown provided valuable assistance at his fullback position. unfortunately, the hurricanes were not able to put everything together in their quest for a winning season, the team looked good in tying the university of south florida ' s defend- ing state champions in the home opener, but when they took to the road they found the going tough, by mid-season it was obvious that the team would have a losing season, however, even in a losing cause, it was ob- vious that the canes have learned to play the rugged, aggressive style of soccer which could bring them a state championship in the near future. mi am i university of rollins colle tetson uniVerj florida southern college acksonville university florida southern college Diversity of south florida rollins college mjP Jacksonville university front row: bob Sherman, dick rudner, mark hamilton, harvey alexander, co-captain henry mora, Jorge pimstein, Juan fernandez, burton, second row: james ospina, ed luczymski, John third row: coach dale lewis, darrell weaver, martin harrington, peter holmquist, brent brewington, juan campino, paul sullivan, landon dayman, bruce carter, terry feldlem, asst. coach leigh fairbank. harding, scott smith, torn brown, co-capt. guy beauvoir, dean cronin, pete boetsma, bob Schneider, larry phillips, brent coleman. 206 coach dale lewis discusses the team ' s strategy with peter holmquist. ! . front row: torn masters, John osbourne, don curnutt ,mike hutslar, torn green, dave roddy. back row: assistant coach dick hickox, willie alien, ron welch, dennis cantrell, jerry Stevenson, wayne canaday, head coach ron godfrey. looking determined, sophomore ron welch attempts to out manuever his tulane opponent. head coach ron godfrey assistant coach dick hickox w w " _ ' ll " to out varsity basketball schedule miami 84 florida state 62 florida 71 lasalle 72 alabama 77 yale 92 maryland 72 Pittsburgh 76 illinois 89 bucknell 61 tampa 81 florida state 94 Jacksonville 79 tulane 87 florida southern 98 stetson 84 hawaii 92 morehead state 83 stetson 94 florida a m 89 loyola 95 tampa 74 miami (ohio) 95 Jacksonville 86 florida state starting gaps, road games result in average season when rusty parker and billy soens, second and third respectively in team scoring and rebounding last year, completed their senior year, head coach ron godfrey knew he had tremendous holes to fill in his starting line-up. but these gaps were slow in filling, as the hurricane cagers dropped their first four games enroute to an average season, it wasn ' t until the marshall tournament, when miami beat a highly rated yale team, that the hurri- canes finally came of age. don curnutt, who broke all sophomore scoring marks at miami in the 1967-68 season with a 22.7 averag e, was one of the reasons for this comeback, the 6-2 guard proved to be one of the best scoring threats anywhere, primarily an out- side shooter, curnutt was not fouled as fre- quently as some of the other top scorers in miami history, but his accuracy from the free throw line is seventh best for one season at miami. jerry Stevenson, a 6-7 forward and 6-6 willie alien were two of the keys in taking rebounds from the opposition, both were also reliable scorers, senior torn masters proved to be an able back-up man for the forward position. sophomore forward willie alien stretches to make the rebound. players go to many lengths to get the ball. pivoting at mid-court, guard John osbourne looks to a teammate to release the ball. taking the rebound away from a bucknell player is center wayne canaday. a, time-out finds coaches ron godfrey and dick hickox discussing their strategy with the players. moving in for the lay-up is forward wilhe alien. 213 as the 1968 season continued, it became obvious that second year coach ron godfrey was having his problems, at times his team could play with the best, but there were also times when this was hardly the case, most of the team found their way into games some- time during the season, torn green became curnutt ' s counterpart at guard, although mike hutslar was a strong contender for the posi- tion with his ability to get the rebound, junior college transfer John osbourne and dave roddy also put pressure on the starters for the guard position, juniors dennis cantrell, tallest man on the squad, and wayne canaday, a junior college all-american, gave coach ron godfrey pleasant choices for the center posi- tion, sophomore ron welch, back-up man for the center position, helped the cane cagers with his rebounding skill. faced with a trying schedule of 11 road and 13 home games, the cagers showed a marked improvement in their last nine games, all of which were on home courts, with several re- turning lettermen, the team can anticipate a better record next year. wayne canaday makes a two point attempt against Pittsburgh. primarily an outside shooter, guard don curnutt was one of the team ' s top scorers. analyzing errors during a brief time out is a key to victory bucknetl ' s torn Schneider is unable to prevent willie alien from scoring. 215 swimming team rebuilds another losing season was the pre-season prediction for the hurricane swimmers, but the final analysis proved otherwise, as the swim team finished with a 4-3 record, oddly enough miami ' s victories were mainly on road trips, starting out with a mediocre 1-3 record, the varsity swimmers returned from a late season road trip against the citadel, clemson, and georgia tech without a single loss, in win- ning its first meet against miami-dade north the team broke an eleven game losing streak stretching over the last two years, individual bright spots on the team included senior bob coleman and junior thomas meade. cole- man sparked the team with record breaking victories in the 50 and 100 yard freestyle events, torn meade will be the man to replace coleman next year. with the addition of four more teams to next year ' s schedule, future prospects look bright, hopefully the hurricanes can stay out of the losing streaks they have had in the past and improve upon their over-all record of this year. swimmers race not only against themselves, but the clock in relay events. front row: roger blatc hford, allan randall, bob osborn, chas. ham- mett, mike morabito, gregory jordt, torn meade. second row: coach lloyd bennett, bill barber, alien bamble, hugh mcbride, John hein- rich, don ewald. third row: bret sorge, Jonathan roop, tony baker, jerry talbot, bob coleman, John o ' neal senior bob coleman has been the team ' s outstanding swimmer for the last two years. swimming schedule univ.of south fla 67 bethany college 53 miami-dade north 27 univ. of alabama 62 the citadel 39 clemson 35 georgia tech 35 ncaa championships starting the event correctly is a key to winning roger blatchford concentrates on his form. diversity keys intramurals with an expanded agenda the " ... aim of the intramurals program this year is increased partici- pation " , according to intramural director donald hart, six sports have been added to men ' s intra- murals in recent years, i.e., wrestling, riflery, golf, badminton, horseshoes, and paddleball, bringing the total number of activities in the program to twenty-one, additional programs will be included when students demonstrate genuine interest, con- tinued expansion in intramurals is expected and anticipated until there is more than 95% of the student body taking part, currently over sixty- five organizations are participating, in the fraterni- ty division a strong pike house is a major con- tender for the president ' s cup, although AXA. te , 2X, and ZBT are not far behind, railey house is the independent leader, but van buren, Cleveland and hayes are making this a close race too. woman ' s intramurals have also grown rapidly in recent years, with the inclusion of tennis, basket- ball, and volleyball in the program, teaberry house is a likely choice for the number one spot, but liita, wilson house, gamma sigma sigma, and 730-first floor should not be counted out of the running. men ' s intramurals top ten pi kappa alpha railey van buren lambda chi alpha tau epsilon sigma chi oc iveland zeta beta au hay sif phi women ' s intramurals top ten teaberry liita wilson house gamma sigma sigrm 730 first floor delta zeta 730 third floor 730 fourth and sixtb floors 1968 sixth floor sigma delta tau 219 football is the largest of the intramural sports. concentration is the key to pool competition. 220 the center of action in any football game diving skill requires long hours of practice. canoeing is one sport of mutual involvement front row: sieve siegel, ben bishop, luis garcia, esteban fillol, John hament, joe bouquin, stan shanbron. second row: coach dale lewis, torn hauser, fred graber, dave hill, payton watson, sven-eric ginman, capt. pat cramer. miami tennis schedule florida Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 2 michigan state ale 1 army 2 southern Illinois o southern illinois o georgia tech 4 princeton 1 notre dame notre dame florida state georgia tech georgia , . southern methodist trinity . . . .W rollins florida . M ncaa championships ason complete to aprll netters continue to win maintaining their long tradition of winning the hurricane netters started off the season on a high note and stayed there throughout, as expected the opening match against florida on home courts and the return match in may were two of the highlights of the season, especially the match between miami ' s pat cramer and florida ' s armstead neely. a senior from south africa, cramer was the team ' s key man during the season, luis garcia held down the number two spot, with the other four berths being keenly contested, under the leadership of coach dale lewis last year ' s team saw fifteen victories against three de- feats, this year the team proved equally capable, remaining one of the few national powerhouses in varsity sports at miami. -mill concentrating on her opponent ' s serve is cissy, booke. , ' , fl luis garcia was one of the team ' s most consistent performers. demonstrating her skill is gladys hudson. jane hershman opens the match with a strong serve. L ( 225 russ helwig illustrates his putting stance at the biltmore golf course. doug fraser concentrates on following his ball. 26 Vz 14 1 2 11 11 18 1 2 14 10 1 2 16 12 17 biscayne ... Vz ball state 19 Illinois , 7 baldwin-wallace 2 1 2 michigan 7 - Illinois university of the south . P hope . . . ' . ' .... J alma 1 season complete to April golfers meet with success as professor of finance serving in his 13th year as hurricane golf coach, dr. heuson con- tinues to produce teams which maintain high figures in the victory column, coming off a highly successful 18-4 1968 record, the 1969 golf team was no exception, although lacking scholarships the team has many skilled links- men upon which it depends, among the top players are doug fraser, russ helwig, glenn hall, rich drager, tony haderer, and roberto drager. beginning with fall practice and a 72-hole qualifier, the nine varsity linksmen face a schedule consisting of 16 meets, included in the season is the annual u of m invitational golf tournament, jointly sponsored by the uni- versity and the city of coral gables, a 72-hole event, the tournament is one of the longest in- tercollegiate golf events in the u.s., attracting more than 300 competitors representing over 30 colleges and universities. the 1969 woman ' s golf team is made up of four returnees from last years successful squad, which finished second nationally, heading the squad is senior cynthia hill, jan elias, mary dwyer and sandra thomas com- prise the rest of the team, and were all key reasons for the success of the woman ' s golf team. front row: rich drager, russ helwig, howard swartz, cary watson, glenn hall, back row: coach heuson, doug fraser, dave agner, richard mccarthy, wesley bunce. glen hall warms up before the meet with a few practice swings. VISITORS N h f m " ; ' front row: bob taylor, ed bravo, pete pushkar, chuck helmstetter, chuck leve, jim gianini, ed young, jim newhouser. second row: tony barletta, joel green, neal monte, cliff deem, rich miller, dave petruilo, hitting sparks team the university of miami baseball squad faced a tough 43 game schedule but were optimistic about having a successful season, the reason for this optimism was apparent when the canes won 10 of their 12 pre-season games, the pair of losses were to a cuban all- star team which featured several professional ballplayers, the um nine avenged these losses by beating the all-stars three times, during this period the canes had a team batting average of over .300 and scored more than seven runs per game, this year ' s team could well be the best hitting team in the nation. heading the hurricane attack will be co- captain larry pyle. pyle ' s all-american cre- dentials last year included six home runs and a .316 average, larry was the first round draft choice of the new york yankees in January, catcher george maduro can be counted on to do a standout job behind the plate, other vet- erans included ed bravo at second base, cliff deem at third, ed garvey at first, laddie jezek in right field, and chuck leve in left field, the key man on the pitching staff will be torn lehman. lehman finished the season last year with a record of 12 wins and two losses. coach ron fraser, in an effort to bolster attendance and team morale has formed a group of eye-catching batgirls. all of this adds up to good season and hopefully a spot in the ncaa tournament. 228 ralph maza, ed garvey. back row: coach ron fraser, george maduro, larry pyle, torn lehman, torn borsecki, laddie jezek, ferris frence, mike larkin, coach floyd baker receiving the congratulations of his teammates after a home run is cliff deem. i torn varsity basebal Miami JL 8 florida . 5 florida . 2 florida florida 2 florida south 15 florida so 11 michigan michiga cinJIWM michigan state army . . j. .1 i Cincinnati Pittsburgh 2 2 ian state . . UBf 4 Colgate Colgate m ma f v william rflry pace pace biscayne jgouth florida uth florida rTW florida florida stetson stetson rollins rollins biscayne biscayne tampa season complete to April 2 torn lehman winds-up for the pitch. second baseman ed bravo connects for a base hit. the new sugarcanes are obviously a big hit with the crowd. 230 larry pyle received honors as miami ' s only all-american baseball player. Mtt a handshake is in order while rounding the bases on a home run. am, the president I K here he comes again here he comes again, head high and smiling shakin ' down the world, playin ' it cool. he smiles as though he never been hunted by the crowd, beaten by all the fools. think of all the men who never knew the answers think of all of those who never even cared, still there are some who ask why who want to know, who dare to try. every now and then we meet that kind of man here he comes again and now he ' s gone, rod mckuen, listen to the warm il r " ' r % . IV this field of academics (D Q. 3 0) recruitment to public offices by competitive examination, or on the basis of educational qualifications, only brings about a real equality of op- portunity if those of equal ability have equal chances of preparing themsel- ves for the public service by obtaining the necessary diplomas or the neces- sary training for the entrance exami- nations, in practice, therefore, the se- lection of individuals for the higher civil service, as well as for many other high status occupations, takes place, for the most part, at the point where individuals are selected for higher education, and the history of institu- tions of higher education shows that they have been largely reserved for individuals from the upper strata of society, indeed, they have had a pre- eminent role in perpetuating class dif- ferences which could no longer be maintained by inequalities in civil and political rights, t. b. bottomore, the administrative elite 238 science science tells you the means, but not the end. science tells you the cause of your choice, but not whether it is the right choice. science may help you map the pattern of your past choices, but cannot tell you wheth- er to choose to adhere to the pattern of the past. science fashions beliefs, not attitudes. you can ' t get the " ought " from the " is " . you can ' t get the " prescriptive " from the " descriptive " . 240 241 " ... and raising my eyes a little I saw on high aristotle, the master of those who know, ringed by the great souls of philosophy. all wait upon him for their honor and his. i saw socrates and plato at his side before all others there, democritus who ascribes the world to chance, diogenes, and with him there tales, anaxagoras, zeno, heraclitus, empedocles. and i saw the wise collector and analyst dioscprides, i mean, i saw orpheus there, tully, linus, seneca the moralist, euclid the geometer, and ptolemy, hippocrates, galen, avicenna, and averrohes of the great commentary. i cannot count so much nobility; my longer theme pursues me so that often the world falls short of the reality " , dante alighieri, the inferno music school " the content of music is not so clear-cut as that of literature or the visual arts: that is why music lends itself so freely to abuse as a means of blunting the edge of consciousness. " " ... the future development of music will be determined by the degree to which it expresses a new attitude, a new sense of life, a new intelligence, a new collective: the attitude, the sense of life, the intelligence and the collective of the working class. " ernst fischer 244 hamlet " ... now see that noble and most sovereign reason, like sweet bells jangled, out of tune and harsh; that unmatcht form and feature of blown youth blasted with ecstasy: o, woe is me t ' have seen what i have seen, see what i see! " Shakespeare 246 profess 248 fTCM9ro MMm r ntwsnurrsorns mo ? ' MDNHStnvmtor MS IKtKf WDM K StOJO .MS ' _ " one of the most ringing replies came from a child of no more than eight who walked with her mother one day in a demonstration. An amused policeman leaned down to her and said with mock gruffness: " what do you want? " the child looked into his eyes, unafraid, and gave her answer. " f ' eedom, " she said. she could not even pronounce the word, but no gabriel trumpet could have sounded a truer note. " m. I. king, why we can ' t wait professor: good, let us arithmetize a little now. pupil: yes, gladly, professor. professor: it wouldn ' t be too tiresome for you to tell me . . . pupil: not at all, professor, go on. professor: how much are one and one? pupil: one and one make two. professor: (marveling at the pupil ' s knowl- edge) oh, but that ' s very good, you appear to me to be well along in your studies, you should easily achieve the total doctorate, miss. ionesco, the lesson 249 business administration in the economic and social life of the united states, this direction of business enterprise and his participation in informal social group- ings give him a significant place in com- munity life. " " social pressure plus the constan of the business organization of which part direct the behavior of the executiv the world appropriate to the defined role. if his behavior conforms to the role, so- ciety rewards him with " success " , it would " nish him with " failure " should he deviate DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM NANNIL BIT BINtlTV ITO CHANNI L CMK POSITION MEG UCTION COUNTED lu o COUMTCD STOHAGE H Lfll CCUMUI TO INOCI A INOfl (MOfX C I.- M till! ADDMISt II . tan CVCll TlMf ' 0 1(0 cev t-o I OlO I TAUT COUMTIt ' machines should think M ' ll CTk MIOI it CM CM if clothing is an extension of our pri- vate skins to store and channel our own heat and energy, housing is a collective means of achieving the same end for the family or the group, housing as shelter is an extension of our bodily heat-control mechanisms a collective skin or garment, cities are an even further extension of bodily organs to accommodate the needs of large groups. modern engineering provides means of housing that range from the space capsule to walls created by air jets, some firms now specialize in providing large buildings with inside walls and floors that can be moved at will, such flexibility naturally tends towards the organic, human sensitivity seems once more to be attuned to the universal cur- rents that made of tribal man a cosmic skindiver. m. mcluhan, understanding media ' ill Illl Ill ill I [I : nursing school , thy cold white snowie nunnery, which, as thy mother, their high abbesse, sent their bodies backe againe to thee, as thou hadst lent them, cleane and innocent, though they have not obtain ' d of thee, that or thy church, or i, should keep, as they, our first integrity; divorce thou sinne in us, or bid it die, and call chest widowhead virginitie. donne, the virgins when dr. de luisi came in, i was cleaning the poor boy ' s face; he kept on throwing up and still under the effects of the anesthetics, but the doctor saw him anyway and asked me not to leave his bedside until he was well awake. the parents are next door, the good woman is not used to these things, and the old man looks like a rag. come on, paul, throw up if you wish and complain all you want, i am here, yes, of course i am here, the poor boy is still asleep but grabs my hand as if he were drowning. he must think i am his mother, all of them believe that; it ' s so monotonous. cortazar; miss cora evening division HIM; 11 1. ii OIIK i: HOIKS ,M()N TIIIIOUCII THUIIS II .1(1.,.,, TO S (Hip.., AM) I. !) |im TO II 00pm 261 HI I " I.H.tlll.m " M MICH i in, rrun Ml Illlll k 10 I 263 O O O (0 D cti 73 05 O) r 1 a the graduate " but what does ben see? he gapes a lot, but never looks more than bewildered by what ' s going on. he certainly can ' t articulate any sort of protest, all he knows is that he wants his future to be " well . . . different ... " he really sweats to get that word out, but he doesn ' t seem capable of going further, when he ' s troubled, he stares into his bed- room aquarium. nothing is going on in his head, but because he ' s " mixed-up " , as he says at one point, and abused by his parents, audiences cluck over him and rush to give him credit for under- standing anxieties that are actually beyond his grasp. " Stephen faber estelle changas film quarterly 265 leadership " it is necessary to abandon the theory of the " leading avant-garde " to adopt another much more simple, much more decent and honest of the active minority which plays the role of the permanent fermenting agent, en- couraging action without claiming to lead . . . " daniel cohn-bendit (interview with sartre, June 1968) t .WJ no ritual had yet been established for pla- cating these conflicting forces, in those years no precious children were sacrificed to the god of the storm in order to win his favor, nor was the hideous wild boar given human blood in order to assuage his enmity, there were no altars to the rain, nor temples to the god of day who regularly conquered night, men had not yet discovered that the forces of the world could be propitiated by con- scious acts of subservience; many times in the preceding two hundred thousand years the cave had been deserted when food sup- plies in the region diminished, but when the animals returned, the apelike men came back, too. they were attentive to the com- mands of nature, and they watched for omens, but they were not slaves either to the spirit of the storm or to its warning omens. michener, the source 268 DANGE1 I) SHARKS WILL if Til BY SOUND SOURCE 4UTH|ED PERSONNEL ONLY a boat of sandalwood and oars of magnolia: at both ends sit " lutes of jade and pipes of gold. " pretty singing girls, countless flagons of sweet wine, o let me follow the waves, wherever they take me. i am like the fairy who rode away on a yellow crane, aimlessly i wander, following the white gulls, the songs of chu-ping still shine like the sun and moon: of the palaces and towers of the ch ' u kings no trace is left on the mountains, with a single stroke of my pen i shake the five mountains, the poem finished, i laugh my delight is vaster than the oceans, if riches and fame could last forever, the nan river would flow north-westward to its source. li po, boating song 269 $ a fly on my nose? ' ' " " i -. ? 1-, k, BL . i a nation that prides itself on scientific achievement and universal education and aspires to greater cultural and intellectual heights can afford to spend considerably more for facilities that serve the deepest needs of young and old alike, business firms no less than private individuals. Gilbert Highet puts the case for public libraries in his volume, man ' s unconquerable mind, in these terms: " the smallest local collection of books " , says he, " may contain unique treas- ures or inspire a genius, every library is an assertion of man ' s durable trust in intelli- gence as a protection against irrationalism, force, time and death, a town or church or school without an adequate collection of books is only half alive. " mitchell gordon, sick cities ' ' " concern with healing alone would never have brought about scientific medicine, let alone an over-view of the world of life. scientific medicine emerged only when the streams of physical, chemical, and biological knowledge merged and when two new visions of man appeared, namely, man as a physico- chemical system in a homeostatic equilibrium with the environment and man as an organism interacting with other organisms. " a rapoport H school of medicine 275 276 " i remembered an old story of jack london ' s in which the hero, knowing that he is con- demned to freeze to death in the icy land of alaska, leans against a tree and decides to end his li fe with dignity. this is the only image i remember. agitated and short of breath, ponce ap- proached me. he had a wound, apparently through the lung. he told me he was wounded, and, indiffer- ently, i showed him that i was, also. for a moment, i was alone, stretched out, waiting for my death. " ernesto " che " guevara reminiscences of the cuban revolutionary war I .j HI is . 277 " bene, bene, bene, bene respondere: dignus, dignus est intrate in nostro docto corpora " moliere law school old man: and now, with the permission of your majesty i will address myself to all of you, ladies, young ladies, gentlemen, little children, dear colleagues, dear compatriots, your honor the president, dear comrades in arms . . . old woman: and little children, . . . dren . . . dren . old man: i address myself to all of you, without distinction of age, sex, civil status, social rank, or business, to thank you with all my heart. old woman: to thank you . . . old man: as well as the orator . . . cordially, for having come in such large numbers . . . silence, gentlemen! old woman: silence, gentlemen . . . old man: i address my thanks also to those who have made possible the meeting this eve- ning, to the organizers . . . old woman: bravo! old man: to the owners of this building, to the architect, to the masons who were kind enough to erect these walls! . . . ionesco, the chairs V f 1 - ' " ' " jjllHl: the profession of the law does not imply large ownership; but since no taint of useful- ness, for other than the competitive purpose, attaches to the lawyer ' s trade, it grades high on the conventional scheme, the lawyer is exclusively occupied with the details of predatory fraud, either in achieving or in checkmating chicane, and success in the profession is therefore accepted as marking a large endowment of that barbarian astute- ness which has always commanded men ' s respect and fear. veblen. the theory of the leisure class ' a thought don ' t let it drop it will bury us! 283 . .- ' ,: " ' ' ' ' ' - ' w IB- . interfraternity council the interfraternity council is the supervisory and governing body over the fifteen national fraternities at the university of miami. its most specific function is to establish and administer rules governing rushing, pledging, and initiation, but more importantly, the i.f.c. is the unifying spirit behind the fraternities; di- recting their energies toward an improved atmosphere on the urn campus. the " greeks " have always offered their services and talents to the university and local community, this past year, the i.f.c has rededicated its greek week blood drive to our " little greek " timmy strobach, a hemophiliac and have been underwriting a series of programs for the big brothers of america. the greeks have also provided outstanding leadership in the areas of student government, publications, the arts, and in- tercollegiate athletics, and led the way in promoting homecoming, carni gras, and spirit week. george lachat president tim meany vice-president front row: (I to r) bill logan, mark lampl, John rhoades, richard bergman, ben carangie, lou berdoll, sam meitin. second row: ken langcaster, rob ferris, Jeff orloff, lee bijou, bill rehfield, torn hassel, rick smoler, craig gruber, lou freeman, ed akacki, barry ford, back row: John zanek, dick heinrich, mike wager, John street, scott bressler, george fantozzi, eric petiprin, bob seguin, neil gumenick, ron partel. ::::::::::::::::::!: Si i : jon ellsworth secretary John pendleton treasurer marc kalech u.s.g. representative ralph mastrangelo member-at-large interfraternity council hostesses is an organization composed of women who assist the interfraternity council in its social services and duties. chosen by the i.f.c. executive council and requiring a 2.2 average for membership, the duties of the girls includes assistance at the various fraternity rush par- ties. i.f.c. hostesses front row: (I to r) marlene onrot, robbie lacritz, becky houchen, kathy smith, kathy katz secretary, katrina hampel president, jan welch v. president-treas., angle kalkas, ronnie milstein, alicia groves, lucille blomain. back row: janine baker, linda enz, debbie james, suzy gwinner, nancy frank, candy block, Janice biondo, george lachat pres. of i.f.c, cindy dacquisto, pam grizzell, Janet shaw, lynn lasarow, peggy black, pam dundr, Janet gallagher, mary jo braman. till HI panhellenic council panhellenic council unites the thirteen national sororities of the university of miami in order to gain cooperation and cohesion in promoting the ideals and standards held by " greeks " , but it is more than a governing body, although it does act as a supervisor of the activities of the sororities, panhellenic encour- ages excellence in all fields of endeavor among the sororities, but more importantly it honors achievement on the individual level. council officers for 1968-69 were linda bogan president; barbara smallridge vice-president; mar- tha kern recording secretary; margaret peek corresponding secretary; minette halpern treasurer and their advisor was may brunson dean of women. front row: linda bogan, dean may brunson, barbara smallridge, margaret peek, minette halpern, martha kern, second row: brenda blumin, carol copeland, carol hall, jerry hamburger, aida tomas, jody edelman, Jan welch, lois smith, cissy oles. back row: janet roslund, kay good, katrina hampel, linda draus, sue gwinner, susan dughi, elaine burka, debbie James, fern kittay, nancy goldberg. atedto ing be pledge; ideas c for sr. ship is tatives the plei work it rho lambda created to promote the ideals of panhellenic, rho lambda honors those girls who have exhibited outstanding leadership and loyalty to their sorority and panhellenic. pre- requisites for eligibility are 2.3 average, jr. or senior standing, and the carrying of a minimum of 12 credits. front row: aida tomas, Janet roslund, president; nancy goldberg. second row: margaret peek, Julie wardecher, laura harland, sue wolf, minette rial- pern, sue sponnoble. back row: ron- nie milstein, lois smith, linda bogan. jr. panhellenic founded at um in 1965, the jr. panhellenic association was cre- ated to promote better understand- ing between sorority actives and pledges, strengthening of fraternal ideas and training of its members for sr. panhellenic work, member- ship is composed of two represen- tatives from each pledge class and the pledge trainer, for outstanding work its members won the certifi- cate of merit from the dade county department of youth service. front row: r. roof, rec. sec.; c. carmichael, treas., r. poston, pres.; h. bernstein, v.pres.; c. good, corresponding sec. second row: d. aronson, I. lipshin, a. sollenberger, m. noonan, I smith, third row: c. rachesky, e. burka, r. small, f. klibinow, k. smith, fourth row: I. mills, advisor; c. mouquin, j. model, c. steel, n. millington, c. terio, s. sponnoble. back row: I. strongman, I. kliendienst, r. jackowitz, r. nitzberg, g. fletcher, t. chiles, j. cardillo, j. jarrett, I. noble. 289 _ 1 J8L Hi f;t 1. randy gittess 2. mark nankin 3. Steve bretholtz 4. phil koplin 5. thomas hirsh 6. andrew anthony 7. larry kravitz 8. glen goldberg 9. gary Schneider 10. fred zaccagnini 11. cliff wolf 12. elliot gingold 13. mike zuckerman 14. neil carver 15. alan d ' alba 16. mark hendler 17. neil frank 18. bruce dresner 19. fred zohlman 20. alan bredt 21. david guskin 22. joe pallant 23. jon ferdinand 24. richard baltimore 25. jerry gordon 26. mark goldstein 27. mark lampl 28. bob fishman 29. e dward lotstein 30. frederick smoler 31. mitch blum 32. philip segal AETT alph ilon pi lambda deuteron chapter torn buckley neil frank mark symon thomas hirs " president vice-pres. secretary treasurer 290 A X A 1. bonnie smith 2. lucy rader 3. cynthia conn 4. nacy avery 5. brenda ingerham 6. christy moore 7. lynn leining 8. ellen rosen 9. cynthia ploch 10. darlene ludwick 11. susan enqle 12. rena rubenstein 13. barbara smallridge 14. barbara nenhoff 15. honey green 16. karen miller 17. ann marie santini 18. chery boyd 19. barbara pope 20. 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" Secretary treasurer 315 the 1. paul luskin 2. gerry hoy 3. don walton 4. chuck wittnacht 5. conrad wedding 6. al mackey 7. chris brown 8. jim cantrell 9. tim carter 10. glen moser 11. warren allard 12. terry markel 13. bill brownell 14. jay bergen 15. bob shields 16. steve earll 17. bill willette 18. marv langsam 19. al Joyce 20. danny kind 21. jeff orloff 22. clemente vasquez- bello 23. rob farris 24. greg eichstaedt 25. wayne jordanek tau kappa epsilon gamma delta chapter 1949 bob shield I president penn farrington vice-pres. rob farris jay bergen secretary treasurer particif nisltar nihel 316 the little sisters of tau kappa epsilon is a self- governing body affiliated with the gamma delta chapter of tau kappa ep- silon. the girls attend all fraternity functions, and help in activities such as rush and homecoming, the miami chapter of little sis- ters was founded in 1966. front row : (I to r) donna barnett, marta elton, judye may, barbara plante, linda seltz. back row: karen mackey, Judy bell, vicki milner, joline pagoda, diane sherkin. little sisters of Z0E the little sisters of sigma phi epsilon fraternity was organized this year to further the interests and pur- poses of .the brothers and their chapter, they have participated at various functions which have included rush and homecoming, they also acted as hostesses and helped the brotherhood in raising funds. front row: linda noble, maggie carr, melodie mantell, jan french. back row; dotti outley, margot mcdermott, kay bachman, natalie millington, June wennick, Jill capone, sue sexol. iron arrow russell ehasz chief michael tryson medicine man michael abrams iron arrow recognizes those men who have rendered truly outstanding service to the university and to be tapped for membership is the " highest honor attained by men " at the university of miami. founded in 1926 by the first president of the university, dr. bowman foster ashe, iron arrow taps outstanding men twice a year and includes among its local members dr. henry king Stanford, president of the uni- versity. John goonen nat grayson Stephen haas dr. ralph harris Stephen hill ivan hoy samuel messer Wallace mcmurray paul nagel, jr. robert neff vester newcomb joel parks richard swann dr. Charles tate, jr. William c. vaught dale willoughby dr. h. franklin Williams Stephen wittwach John beery jay berliner w. h. charlton william dismukes shepard faber randy femmer thadius koch irving jacoby c. harold king otto kraushaar John leatherwood michael leone ted peck r. i. ridenour John robinson joe schubart henry king Stanford Stephen stern . 318 omicron delta kappa is a national honorary fra- ternity formed to recognize and encourage the exem- plary character and superior quality in scholarship and leadership. besides being the traditional sponsors of home- coming week, the men of odk also conduct a leader- ship conference of outstanding high school students in the attempt to instill responsibility in future college students. prerequisities for admission to this organization are a 2.8 scholastic average and outstanding campus lead- ership qualities. omcron delta kappa Joseph schubart william sheeder henry king Stanford Stephen stern dr. charles f. tate, jr. michael tryson william c. vaught michael leone president randy femmer vice president John leatherwood secretary Stephen hass treasurer hector hirigoyen historian taylor alexander advisor michael abrams richard artman John beery david best w. h. charlton timothy choate martin cohn w. p. dismukes robert eckert shepard faber robert ferencik dr. ralph harris samuel harris (red hillman ivan hoy irving jocoby harold king george lachat mark lampl leonardo lopez archie mcneal e. m. miller samuel messer robert neff vester newcomb arthur phillips richard ridenour robert rosen mark roth John vinsant, jr. dr. w. dean warren h. franklin Williams dale willoguhby eric wolf clifton yap 319 mortar board, the only national honor society for senior women, recognizes and encourages leadership, service and scholarship and advances the spirit of service and fellowship among university women, a freshman orientation tea, publication of the student activities booklet and a rental robe service are among the varied projects sponsored by the board. mortar board aida tomas president janet roslund v. president lyn brooks treasurer ohvia- fisher mary goetz janis paul bonnie smith laura harland corre. secretary anne brett advisor sandra beck lucille blomain lois smith eyda suarez elizabeth taylor penny wertz 320 who ' s who " scholarship, leadership, participation in educa- tional and extra-curricular endeavors, and general promise of future success in creating a better society, " are the qualities exemplified by the students chosen to represent the university of miami in who ' s who in american colleges and universities, these students serve the university of miami in many areas, from stu- dent body president and editors of publications to those accomplished in athletics and the fine arts. roberto fabricio donald ezrin albert fagant sharon garman mary goetz michael leone doris mogilefsky alan Sherman edward shohat lois smith michael abrams John acuff linda bogan lyn brooks timothy choate luis gonzalez John goonen Stephen haas alicia juarrero suzzanne kuhn susan sponnoble sharyn suddath elizabeth taylor aida tomas penny wertz 321 phi kappa phi scholastic honorary founded, university of maine, 1897 miami chapter, 1954 officers president vice-president secretary treasurer journal correspondent student vice-president .dr. melanie rosborough dr. e. morton miller . . .ernest m. mccracken benjamin f. thorn John i. mccollum alicia juarrero mary alloway John alterman Charles arnett harvey arnold Jeffrey augenstein lesley barling John beery harvey bernstein david best marguerite blanks anne brett esther brown donald bzdyl diana cartaya janet cassady charlotte cassorla ralph cerrato wilfred charlton helen charney dennis Clark irene cohen barbara conley Silvia cornelison carol cubberly Stephen cypen beulah cypress amy dansky andres delgado dorothy denman w.p. dismukes loyal domning Steven ecker Charles eyre helen fagin mary folsom livia foyo phyllis franklin susan froehling marla gale julio garcia manuel garcia-fidalgo sharon garman gayle glatzer gary goldmark mildred goldweber all yn golub William gonyea ada gordon marion gordon mary gotfraind dorothy greene Judith greene mark greene w.l. halstead samuel harris dayna hart james hausam elaine herman arthur hertz suzanne higgins simon hochberger helen james craig Jensen gloria Johnson archie jones jack jutte henry kahn corinne kamelhair marlene kann zan tamar kaplan florence kay karen kay blake king c. harold king helen king Stephen koehl mary lake william lane marguerite lloyd emmett f. low, jr. alexander manning janet mccardel ralph mcginnis robert mcnicoll mario mere brian meringpff richard merkin alfred mills richard millstein Stewart mirmelli julia morton Oliver murray robert neff anita oser katherine ownbey enid oxley william f. page sophie pappatherodrou billee pearce emile pearce John pendleton janet pitts nina postlethwaite francis pridgen sharon rapapprt margarita recio mary ann reed linda rigot harry robertson marilyn ross rochelle ross carol anne rossi mary jean rossi Steven rubenstein jane rubin gerri schipper mark schwartz herbert seamans raul shelton alan Sherman gary shinn alan sigman henry king Stanford larue storm eyda suarez richard suarez goldie sugar russell swain, jr. c.w. tebeau aida tomas alan torppa edward waldron barbara walker waiter walker h. franklin Williams Clyde wooten spencer wu paul zilioli 322 established for the purpose of recognizing those fraternity men who have contributed sig- nificantly to the greek system and the campus, the order of omega bi-annually taps and initiates outstanding greeks and representatives of the administration and faculty, ac- tivities included the sponsor- ship of greek week and as- sistance to i.f.c. projects. omega Stephen hass secretary-treasurer William abrash andy edelman shepard faber ted peck thomas rebel r. i. ridenour robert rosen John goonen president mark lampl v. president george lachat michael leone robert mann father henry minich Joseph schubart alan sherman robert seguin william c. vaught 323 phi lambda Pi friendship, education and serv- ice for women are the aims of phi lambda pi, honorary fraternity for married women, requiring a 3.0 average for membership, the fra- ternity furthers its aims through its annual orientation coffee, initia- tion luncheon and membership tea. bette kersta president dr. lynn bartlett advisor martha klovekorn vice president elizabeth fussell vice president suzette pope secretary barbara walker treasurer libby baskin beulah cypress annalane harris gayle glatzer roberta hershoff dr. joan humphries Judith logsdon dorothy love kathryn lowery suzanne lyons margarita martinez-azoy valerie olson diane perry elaine porter vivian rosen josefina sanchez-pando marta sierra rose Steinberg mary Stevens carmen suarez mary suddath Virginia white 01 iiiing : JlltWl tie rt 324 phi eta sigma is a freshman honorary whose pri- mary requirement is the attainment of an " a " average during the first year of school. established for the purpose of giving service to um through academic means, this honorary provides the only academic tutoring service on campus. phi eta sigma wayne morris president david robertson secretary harvey bernstein treasurer Jeffrey augenstein Steven ecker jon ferdinand rolando fernandez andrew fleisher gary goldmark fred hillman hector hirigoyen mike knoelke bradley kriyacek michael leone oanh-liet lieu thomas ligas randy makovsky Clyde mathura david nicholas brian rotolante Steven rubinstein nikos saligaros bruce tucker John vinsant warren wacher 325 delta theta mu delta theta mu, high- est honorary at urn, pro- motes the seven liberal arts and provides a bond for students in the field of arts and sci- ences, qualifications for election vary according to class rank but schol- astic excellence and the importance of the hu- manities are stressed, the presentation of an- nual awards at gradua- tion and the sponsor- ship of various cultural activties are among the traditional events of this professional liberal arts organization. b. weinkle, r. winnick, s. benezra, a. o. tazo, b. hymes, e. vidana, e. weller, e. block, n. richardson, a. citron, I. kessel, dr. g. schipper, c. mathura, d. kane, h. Stanley, d. Churchill, b. ditkowski, I. hallman, j. lyon. established to honor scholastic achievement of freshman girls, alpha lambda delta requires that a first year student attain a 3.5 average to become eli- gible for membership, events this year included a Christmas party, academic honors day luncheon and fund-raising for homecoming. alpha lambda delta front row: olive horton, advisor; mary fiksel, pres.; leslie connor, sec.; marian tillotson, katherine lewis, treas.; Constance Campbell, historian, back row: faith block, elvira garcia, ellen weller, angela reuben, gail marantz, b. hymes, annette citron, nancy mccormack, dede cummings, penny millard. leadt . 326 the beta eta chapter of sigma alpha eta attempts to promote interest and aid learning experiences in speech pathology and audiology. all students inter- ested in these fields are eligible for membership and monthly meetings are supplemented with guest speak- ers. (I to r) sherri poliakoff, president; marsha rapee, Steve berman, marie nagy, trudy sigal, laurie merman, vice-president; mrs. hirsh, advisor; mildred kurland, sharon colhavic. sigma alpha eta scabbard and blade scabbard and blade is the nation ' s highest military honorary, only those outstanding army rote cadets with leadership and scholarship qualifications are taken in- to scabbard and blade, all applicants must be juniors who have a consistent 3.0 average in their military studies and a 2.5 academic overall average. front row: s. gonzalez, g. ogden, b. derrick, sec.; h. lowe, treas.; j. rine, pres.; k. bell, jr. back row: e. wolf, g. Sanchez, d. mona- han, r. barger, g. kokus, r. beal, r. artman, d. zinn, t. good, back row: major e. bleduy, j. white, g. bishop, d. lofthus, d. lowenthal, n. hartman, jr., g. stoeckert, r. hart, t. Johnston. 327 epsilon tau lambda " education throughout life " is the motto of epsilon tau lambda, whose purpose is to encourage adult education, re- quiring 30 years of age, 30 credit hours and a 3.0 cumu- lative average, epsilon tau lambda ' s promotion of scho- lastic achievement culminates in its annual spring banquet and honors day. officers: (I to r) lane coleman, re- cording secretary; elizabeth smith, president; suzette pope, v. president; bea dark, corresponding secretary. to promote integrity on the um campus and to review all cases of academic violations of the honor code are the major tasks of the honor council, to be eligible for appointment, a student must be at least a second-semester sophomore with a 2.5 average. honor council left to right: nicholas d. gennett, may a. brunson, rolando sablon. blake king, suzanne kuhn, mary alice goetz, Stephen haas, chair- man; ivan matusek, daniel kane, carl h. snyder, suzanne venhorst, louise p. mills. 328 alpha epsilon rho winner of four awards in the national student radio-tele- vision-film production compe- tition, alpha epsilon rho, na- tional radio, t.v. and film honorary fraternity, requires an overall average of 2.0 and a 3.0 average in mass com- munications and outstanding work in the field, established to promote broadcasting, the fraternity annually hosts a stu- dent-broadcaster banquet and a homecoming alumni lunch- eon. front row: p. nagel jr., advisor; j. kazmark, regional representative; e, enright, sec.; r. sill, pres.; d. koyle, v. pres.; I. taylor, treas.; d. mcintosh, second row: a. jarrell, j. keegan, r. manchester, d. greist, i. levy, j. souza, back row: d. trease, r. hunter, r. mann, e. grimes, j. neill, r. calabrese, r. whitman, j. gregg. nationally founded at um, alpha theta kappa recognizes and honors outstanding wo- men in the organization of associated women students, prerequisites for membership are sophomore standing, 2.3 overall average and dedi- cated service to a.w.s. front row: sue sponnoble president, joann roberts, nancy goldberg. sec- ond row: aida tomas, laura harland, cindy hill, veda levine. back row: marilyn nolle, Janet roslund, sue kuhn, pat ferrazano. alpha theta kappa 329 alpha epsilon delta, international premedical honor society, honors those students with high leadership and scholastic qualities, formed to stimulate an ap- preciation of the importance of premedical education in the study of medicine and to promote contacts be- tween premedical and medical groups, the society was the recipient of the leukemia society award, membership is by invitation only. Irving jacoby president John vinsant secretary randy makovsky treasurer michael horowitz historian severiano alvarez, jr. alpha epsilon delta raphael fernandez herman fountain lester hershman brigette hellinkamp daniel kane robert shaw Charles shenker robert shields dr. b. h. snyder carlos stinger Jeffrey augenstein daniel belgrair barbara bradley thomas ebersole Steven ecker mike knoelke richard koenigsberg Clifford miken marshall pressman michael robinowitz bruce tucker richard turbin george vranekovic warren wacher paul zilioli beta alpha psi, the national honorary for accounting majors was founded at the university of miami in 1962. its prime pur- pose is to stimulate interest in accounting as a career and all of its professional enterprises, to be considered for member- ship, one must have an overall average of 3.0 in accounting and a 2.8 average overall. beta alpha psi oilda gonzales corres. secretary Steven rubinstein rec. secretary harold royer sponsor Stewart mirmelli treasurer louis benevides sue herman courtenay granger John kutchak hugh landis michael leone howard rosen juan santalo saul silverman alberto vega victor vega Steven oppenheim president malcolm neuwahl v. president nicholas bogpiovits cecelia caudill Olivia fisher ronald george Silvia gonzales stuart lipinsky phyllis michael manuel pereira ralph polcari suzette pope front row: h. bernstein, sec.; I. roden, pres.; j. inguanzo, treas.; j. sells, advisor; f. lucas, advisor, second row: c. garcia, j. groo, s. kerper, g. fader, r. neff, p. nicander, I. sanh oanh-liet. third row: c. Jensen, r. crews, d. best, I. stephan, j. gonzalez, j. benson. back row: I. gonzalez, g. michel, k. schang, t. derringer, g. adams, g. aguirre. tau beta pi is an engineer- ing honor society recogniz- ing those who have distin- guished themselves by scholarship and outstand- ing behavior in the field of engineering. sponsoring the queen ' s contest at the engineer ' s ball, the engineer ' s break- fast and serving as ushers at graduation, tau beta pi admits those individuals in the upper one eighth of the junior class or in the upper one fifth of the senior class. eta kappa nu established for the purpose of honoring outstand- ing scholarship and exemplary character in electrical engineering, eta kappa nu is the organization for elec- trical engineering students. to be eligible to participate in the annual initiation ceremonies and banquet, a member must be either in the top quarter of the junior class in electrical engi- neering or in the top third of the senior class. front row: f. lucas, ass ' t dean; p. nicander, j. benson, e. perez, g. aguirre, corre. sec.; I. stephan, pres.; dr. a. recio, faculty ad- visor; d. best, second row: j. groo, g. adams, g. michel, I. rodon, I. gonzalez, r. crews, b. curran, g. mcleod. back row: c. garcia, j. inguanzo, t. d ' amico, I. sanh oanh-liet, f. espinel, r. neff, c. barfield. 332 sigma alpha iota membership in sigma alpha iota is comprised of those women students interested in the development of music in america and strengthening the bond of musical understanding between this country and the world, requiring a 3.0 average in music and outstand- ing accomplishments on an instrument, activities an- nually include an all-american concert, a student com- posers concert and contributions to various musical charities. laura harland president vicki holtzman v. president Judith hirsch corres. secretary karen samach rec. secretary )anu maryann flynn carol grand! isabel Ordonez eyda suarez jamce sweatt treasurer Carolyn sonnen chaplain mireya babin Janice feld 333 i beta beta beta beta beta beta, the biology honorary, is dedicated to stimulating sound scholarship, promoting the dis- semination of scientific truth and encouraging investi- gation in the life sciences, during the semester the group participates in numerous field trips in order to apply principles learned in class. front row: r. skinner, c. steiner, j. leal, n. richardson. second row: I. garbarini, z. kaplan, b. garland, c. shrouds, third row: r. warren, b. walker, j. cphen, w. wacher, e. oppel, p. schmahl. fourth row: k. gibson, r. dively, d. nudes, a. gilbert, dr. t. alexander, advisor; j. hackman, v. pres.; a. rand, secretary; a. crook, pres. back row: ma. waiters, b. bradley, b. dishong, m. feland, s. Johnston, not pictured: r. hart. beta gamma sigma beta gamma sigma, national business school honorary, requires senior members to attain a 3.5 aver- age and to rank in the top 10% of their class with juniors to rank in the top 4%. since its founding at the university in 1957, activities have traditionally included an initia- tion banquet held during the spring semester. front row: benjamin b. waiters, wilhelmina h. zukowska, james j. carney, jr. back row: marvin davidson, kermit I. roberts, roy james hensley. 334 pi delta phi pi delta phi is the national honorary, which not only honors those students of the french language who have maintained a 3.0 average in all french courses, but more importantly is continually encouraging a more de- tailed and interesting study of the french people, its cul- ture and its heritage. front row: c. e. cutie, p.a. strue- big, treasurer; h. hirigoyen, presi- dent; angela reuben,- secretary; s. benezra, vice-president, second row: t. cohn, g. held, d. plasencia, I. kaufman, s. venhorst, f. gon- zales. third row: m. garcia, c. kelso, m. foote, c. conn, back row: dr. r.y. ellison, dr. l.r. muller, dr. w.p. dismukes, c. morris, f. espinel. - pi sigma alpha, the national honorary for political science majors, requires for membership a 3.0 average in government and an overall average of 3.0. in its ef- forts to promote interest in this field of endeavor, the miami chapter participated in the ratifications of chap- ters at numerous institutions throughout the nation, and invited guest lecturers which included the noted expert on china, dr. fairbanks from harvard. front row: e. petiprin, dr. r. zuckerman, a. Sherman, president; a. gonzalez, v. pres.; dr. j.b. stalvey, dr. t.j. wood, advisor; dr. v.a. Shipley, t. scott. back row: b. diamond, dr. b. schechterman, m.g. myers, k. ownbey, f. rodriguez, sec.-treas.; j. celio, e. starkoff, m. ortega, b. gordon, e. shohat. pi sigma alpha 335 phi alpha theta present on the urn campus since its organization in 1951, the delta alpha chapter of phi alpha theta annually hosts a banquet to give recognition to those who obtain high academic achievement in the field of history, membership is limited to those students with a 3.5 average in history and a 3.0 overall. front row: (I to r) dr. gayle braden, e. vidava, barry godek, v. pres.; a. mcnulty, pres.; dr. d. koenig, d. denman, m. landy. second row: f. sachs, s. rubin, m. love, I. segal, mrs. wipprecht, e. lampe, m. thmuelson, h. jacobstein. back row: c. kritzer, dr. c. w. tebeau, r. santos, m. greene, dr. m. davis, j. richards, r. harris, dr. c. h. king, c. weeker, capt. mudarra, h. polster, b. mckennen, w. smith, dr. govorchin. not pictured j. ferdinand. :=: : r :- " dealing i r: tours con idvertisir front row: m. solomon, I. blomain, r. kent, a. goldberg, j. fisher, b. fleming. back row: b. berroeta, m. cook, m. squibb, j. delong, sponsor; v. atkins, m. chewning, c. waggoner, c. patsavos. pi omega pi the delta beta chapter of pi omega pi, national business teacher education honor society, highlighted the past year with monthly business and social meet- ings and a homecoming breakfast, symbolized by a lamp of learning, pi omega pi requires that a member rank in the upper 35 percentile of his class. 336 tau beta sigma tau beta sigma, national honorary for bandswomen, attempts to serve the band by promoting its spirit to the university and by recogniz- ing outstanding bandswo- men. membership is limited to those with two semesters of band experience and a 2.5 average, activities of the gamma epsilon chapter of um include publication of the band directory, teas, fund-raising projects and an annual band banquet. front row: I. laing, m. goetz, e. rosen, g. lachapelle, a. stoler, j. meisel. second row: b. Johnson, sec.; I. harland, rec. sec.; v. ander- spn, v. pres.; mr. f. mccall, ad- visor; m. nagy, historian; j. jarmer, pres.; k. lomach. not pictured: I. blanton, p. calvert, treas.; c. walk- er, v. holtzman, j. sweatt. gamma alpha chi is a professional honorary de- signed to promote the role of women in advertising, dealing with the four aspects of journalism, adver- tising, marketing and art, gamma alpha chi conducts tours concerned with the above four areas and handles advertising campaigns for various groups on campus. gammaalphachi front row: (I to r) lynne thorner, parliamentarian; lynne hixon, v. pres.; barbie freitag, pres.; ilene lapinsohn, sec. back row: jane andrews, janet gallagher, kathy stames, susan bulbin. helaine Samuels, sandy goldstein, karen levin, nikki diamond. 337 phi mu alpha robert ferencik president " brotherhood above personal in- terest " signifies phi mu alpha sinfonia fraternity whose purpose is to ad- vance the cause of music in america. completion of 12 academic credits and a 2.0 overall average entitles members to participation in the hurri- cane howl, all-american and songfest. Charles lee walkup corres. secretary tim brown rec. secretary fred hillman treasurer robert brodie member-at-large dean anderson Jose bianco michale braz mike carrier Charles chaillet, jr. dan cermeno kenneth moses douglas phifer samuel pilafian michael roberts mark sassaman waiter de hart leon dixon greg Isaacs partick lowry William lowry dean schafer waiter teal al torrente maurice truss michael uffenorde tmmm 338 placing first in carni gras and second in the homecoming floats was alpha kappa psi, professional business fraternity, although or- ganized to promote higher ideals in business, social activities in- cluded participation in homecom- ing, carni gras, field trip, beach parties and an annual banquet. alpha kappa psi irwin kruger president james reiter v. president garnet sankeisingh secretary dr. William landsea advisor mike blymn oscar cucurullo anthony j. dziuba thomas farnkoff paul fleming Joseph florenzano bernard garnick mike godek arthur j. goldstein richard gurewitz w. c. hawkins dr. w. g. heuson bradley krivacek michael lambright robert lewis raymond powers robert rosen r. m. schwinger albert serrao ron sever roger sheffeid bill sussaman felix tejera 339 delta sigma Pi to foster the study of business and the encourage- ment of scholarship are the goals of delta sigma pi, professional business fraternity, as membership re- quirements maintain that one must be a business major with 24 credits and a 2.0 average, recipient of first place at carni gras, delta sigma pi also partici- pated in business week ' 69, homecoming and the an- nual rose dance. marc I. mervis president anthony matarazzo v. president barry asmus jr. v. president harry ludwig secretary arthur albert Jim alexander Jeffrey berman John black neal broidy ronald dall frank carroll harris chernoff dennis chung John di pietre Charles eyre arlex fritz mario gallo b. gregg felix herring neal hochester lawrence la bella luis lasa j. leone b. maizel phil marracciai John martire r. mcgough willberto melendez nick meyers john miller harold moskowitz s. ojalvo John piznak marie rodney y : . " ; e. sherota Steven shullman w. smith michael taylor william telander Steven trachtman 340 phi delta pi phi delta pi, formed to provide a national physical education af- filiation for women, de- velops leadership and promotes the progres- sive development of physical education, to become a member, one must be a major in this field with a 2.0 overall average, a 2.25 average the previous semester and a 2.5 av- erage in physical edu- cation courses. front row: s. Williams, j. sandier, p. rafter, s. grigsby, sec.; d. sellinger, b. schnei- der, I. bridson; pr -sident, r. stolzer, treas.; n. posner, v. pres. back row: s. I. boyer, m. escudero, j. hersh- man, g. denenberg, p. rill, s. mulholland, j. lassoff, j. bernstein, mrs. c. sample, advisor. phi epsilon kappa front row: dr. brownholtz, advisor; oscar gonzalez, Charles parker, jim little, keith harring, v. pres.; al fagant, jay kinder, pledge- master; richard gans, steve myers, historian; John moher, al schlecter. back row: Jim seely, van o ' quinn, marty Zimmerman, pres.; torn cook, bernie forte, bob kaleida, al shepper, richard divaio, gary barker, sec.; Courtney gee, treas.; al randall, fred grayson, stu katz, karl skoog. homecoming, carni gras, and founders day were the prominent events of phi epsilon kappa, profes- sional physical education fraternity, eligible to join are those students majoring in phys. ed. with a 2.5 average and the conviction that " friendship hath power " . 341 a. i. a. the promotion of architecture is the primary pur- pose of the um student chapter of the american in- stitute of architecture, open to all students interested in pursuing a career in this field, the chapter diversi- fies its interests by its annual jaunt down lake osceola during the annual barge race . d. moser, j. garcia, r. ciarmello, e. small, r. terrier, p. vander- klaauu, j. pepper, w. butler, t. ford, c. turner, p. pergakis, r. groelinger, m. conrad, p. Stevens, I. bellinson, I. zakevich, f. vin- vent, b. amerosa, t. neivel, g. ginzberg, c. rodriguez, s. feller, j. kruse, j. swartz, j. hochstim, j. macintyre, j. brotherton, c. zampino, a. may, r. capolla, d. dean, f. mccune, d. soanes, c. ramos, g. Schmidt, j. foti, r. gpnzales, r. diaz, r. yaskin, b. brown, m. pinero, g. posada, d. lapoint, j. castro, m. mullane, c. lopez, c. yap, f. farranda, t. neminsky, a. taylor, b. martinez, j. hanes, I. smith, a. geta, h. gray, j. bennett, s. davis, r. ehasz, r. hernandez, d. springsteed, b. ricci, c. poore, c. smith, d. Schuster. the american society of civil engineers enables students in this field to develop the process of making professional ac- quaintances and to develop attitudes in- trinsic to the profession, the um chapter of the a.s.c.e was the sponsor of this year ' s regional a.s.c.e. convention and the recipient of the gibbs hydraulics award. front row: (I to r) a. coscuella, f. alonzo, r. santa cruz, secretary; m. mejido. second row: p. pratt, e. fernadez, r. coates, vice-president; I. cushman. back row: w. o ' fallen, k. schang, president; n. whitman, dr. w. fogarty, advisor; p. carreno, h. jabali. front row: (I to r) b. alvarez, r. spitz, j. Steinberg, j. wagman, v. pres.; I. correa, s. jacobson, treas. second row: c. martinez, corre. sec.; b. dacks, pres.; t. haslip; a. tioe, h. mora. back row: r. lutsky, w. stetson, recording sec.; g. weber, b. macias, jr., a. carreras, b. weber, faculty advisor. a. i. i.e. enrollment in the department of industrial engi- neers provides eligibility for membership in the um chapter of the american institute of industrial engi- neers, recipient of the all-sports intramural award for the school of engineering, the a.i.i.e. attempts to promote the i.e. profession on campus. front row: (I to r) dr. s. Chandra, dr. s. lee, h. bernstein, g. fader, m. litzler, a. zarikian, m. faxas, h. sumerfield. second row: j. wag- man, t. olsen, dr. t. veziroglu, a. pejarredonda, a. carbonell, j. czako, g. gilbert, b. dacks. third row: j. horn, f. bloom, m. gleman, d. garcia, c. Jensen, dr. r. radt, j. poce, w. miller, g. weber, b. stetson, back row: p. nellessen, r. spitz, r. amorose, s. kerper, e. zabaleta, m. hechtman, h. gutten, g. goldmark. a.i.a.a. a.s.m.c. the american institute of aeronautics and astro- nautics is a professional engineering organization open to all students in the field, and was organized to promote the principles of aeronautics and astronau- tics. the um section of the american society of mechan- ical engineers establishes a professional awareness and fellowship and presents a proper perspective of engineering work and membership is limited to those engineering majors in good scholastic standing. 343 I I " I 2 t " the student chapter of the urn institute of electrical and electronic engineers is a professional interest group open to all engineering students, boasting a national membership of 20,000 students since its origi- nation in 1950, its agenda includes guest speakers and industrial field trips. front row: (I to r) n. ba hien, I. sanh oanh-liet, b. greenberg, r. burns, c. alvarez, j. inguanzo, c. rahn, sec. treas.; j. alvarez, v. pres.; j. timmons, pres.; j. sells, advisor; f. andracchi, w. lott- mann, h. oginz. second row: c. e. garcia, c. garcia, p. nicander, m. hernandez, I. rosas-guyon, i. major, d. best, m. farinas, r. jaffe, j. ross, g. ferrer, I. sacerio, d. plotkin, r. Warwick, back row: I. rodon, c. poole, g. adams, I. leon, I. fiore, I. gonzalez, g. sham- blin, b. curran, r. crews, g. aguirre, g. michel, c. barfield, s. jacobson. the council for exceptional children was organized to promote professional standards of high order and to promote programs designed to attract students into the profession of special education, service projects the co-sponsorship of the special education lecture series, and a may banquet occupied the social calen- dar of the um chapter of the c.f.e.c. front row: m. walker, I. eyer, I. monchek, a wolfer, sec.; I. choisser. second row: w. Williamson, n. hackney, I. nagorski, d. craft, pres.; e. levine, m. davis, p. krantz. back row: m. goldfine, b. fishman, c. anderson, m. mchugh, v. pres.; n. rosenbluth, j. fusaro, r. hames, e. golden, state pres.; I. frye, j. missonellie. ill 6 S m 344 n.a.e.a. the urn chapter of the national art education asso- ciation is open to all students planning to become fu- ture art instructors, the purposes of the association are to promote the study of the teaching of art, to encourage research and experimentation and to hold public discussions and programs. front row: a. rosenbaum, Judith sellers, b. j. penkerton, s. meziaki, carol visser, s. harris, s. immerman. second row: c. maler, d. pastor, p. buxton, b. wallach, c. gould, r. blumenthal, p. eichinger, dr. m. m. landis, advisor; j. richard. back row: t. siemianowski, e. simonson, h. summers, h. leblanc, j. goday, b. bystock, j. watkins. s.n.a. jres the student nurses ' association is a pre-profes- sional organization for those students registered in the school of nursing, inculcating the highest professional standards in its members, the association donated its time to community service projects and capped mem- bers at the traditional honors banquet. front row: m. Stevenson, advisor; h. schwartz, treasurer; m. shin- dell, president; c. norman, corre. sec.; b. boss, v. pres. second row: b. kilpatrick, r. stern, b. dralnick, c. garner, r. staley. back row: n. antonius, r. winick, j. rabinowitz, p. bross, a. fried, j. biondo, k. swanko. 345 1 i U a.c.e.i front row: (I to r) f. dipietro, t. wieland, dr. m. I. harby, advisor; k. kaminsky, rec. sec.; w. woolf, pres.; r. serben, v. pres.; I. dubb, treas.; dr. m. I. lake, co-advisor; m. lambersky. second row: I. birnbaum, b. gam, p. home, m. cohen, p. klein, s. goldsmith, m. hoffman, a. cohen, b. sokal, c. henrichson, j. ronci, a. skop, s. barrett, b. pustilnik, b. walker, third row: e. bean, m. zand, s. rosenbaum, s. rosenthal, p. hubacher, g. cohen, b. winegar, r. epstein, m. goldweber, j. wolfson, k. drobot, b. poliner, v. white, back row: e. jaye, a. greene, I. fishman, b. fishman, n. burger, j. redmond, m. mckinney, i. massarsky, I. hausman, s. shores, v. succup. conferences, prominent speakers and fashion shows highlighted the social events of the associati on for childhood education international, open to those with an interest in children, the a.c.e.i. has, since 1930, been working for the education and well-being of children from the ages of two to twelve. S.6.81. since its beginning in 1950, the university of miami student education association has grown into one of the largest organizations on the um campus, it has strived to promote the teaching profession in all of its many aspects. (executive board) front: patricia Jacobs, president, second step: sharon rapaport, vice president, third step: tewart mirmelli, executive secretary, fourth step: bill maynard, executive treasurer. 346 J front row: joel nagler, 1st v. pres.; frimette borenstein, sec.; alan cotzin, pres.; Judy bloom, treas.; les gruss- gott, 2nd v. pres. second row: rabbi simeon kobrinetz, director hillel foundation; Judith cohen, margi wein- berger, torn lawson, marla cohen, sherryl kadushin. third row: sarah rosenthal, cecile rodriquez, steven m. simon, ann selevan, nikki diamond, back row: freda zetoony, rachimim samueloff, mutchmk rachni, sandy higgins, larry arem, raymond zetoony, Sheldon goldstein. hillel the hillel foundation provides a place where Jewish students can re- lax, study and seek in- struction in Judaism, it is dedicated to prepar- ing members for active participation in the Jewish community and for teaching them the basic values and ideas of Jewish tradition, highlighting hillel ' s cal- endar of events are holi- day services, dances, and guest speakers. the Christian science organization is for those stu- dents with a sincere interest in following scientifc and religious teachings, the sponsorship of Christian sci- ence lectures given by world-traveling speakers as- sisted the organization in its attempts to reinstate primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing. front row: toni hall, anne dark, f. ellen lane, pres.; louise clay, sec.-treas.; linda Johnson, v. pres.; pamela spates, back row: r. youngblood, s. d. kingsbery, peter whitechurch, dan grant, fredric webb, James higman. Christian science 347 glee club sing-ins, Christmas caroling and a spring concert marked the um glee club ' s first year of organization, welcoming any fulltime student with a cumulative aver- age of 2.0 and a serious desire to socialize through singing, the glee club attempts to promote friendship and goodwill through the medium of song. front row: s. cogan, v. frischer, m. cahill, s. michals, m. greene m. coren, j. wennik, t. silverman. second row: b. gordon, m. blum t. bradley, m. braz, pres.; r. phillips, v. pres.; t. good III, sec. m. gaylor, treas.; e. rappolt, c. mcdonald, m. cohen. back row m. vffonorde, j. labov, r. artman, a. dettbarn, j. aquino, r. knight d. islitzer, e. galloway, r. fischer. c.c.u.n the collegiate council for the united nations was founded at the university of miami to promote the prin- ciples of the united nations charter. in march the university served as host to students from colleges all over the united states for c.c.u.n. ' s model united nations. ten students from the university of miami were sent as delegates to the national model united nations that was held in april. front row: (I to r) cecelia rodriguez, corres. sec.; glenda nukesell, rec. sec.; jacobo szapiro, pres.; murray cohen, treas.; ruth wein- stein, dennis richards, 2nd v. pres. second row: annette citron, michelle weltscheff, lenora moss, dave stern, Johnson oladunni. back row: edward shohat, marvin stein, lawrence keeler, bob loughlin, kifah bey osman, albert mcdaniel. 348 pep club + ' left to right: diane car tus, v. pres.; bob seguin president; j. sheehan secretary; joan marteus treasurer; John ellsworth exec. v. president. cheerleaders front row: Kate gay, sue anderson, jane Stewart, back row: sue cotton, randy vaughn, lyn brooks, pat popivchak. I WET little sistersof golden lion the little sisters of the golden lion are the feminine social counterparts of alpha epsilon pi fraternity and are chosen by the fraternity itself, though in its first year of organization, duties have ranged from assistance at the aepi fraternity rush to the hosting of a donut breakfast for the brothers. front row: nancy goldman, robyn cowan, president; susan kross, lisa abady. second row: carol zipser, sue goldberg, vicki kohl, mara brown, marsha orwitz, heiene geller, larry boxer, brother representa- tive, third row: cindy ploch, roberta levenson, treasurer; cindy volinsky, laurie lipshin, priscilla falke, hollie kaye. little sisters of minerva front row: linda enz, Janet shaw, pres.; becky houchen, v. pres.; marty weaver, sec.-treas.; susan palette, back row: sheryl stubbs, sharon Johnson, linda Clayton, margaret stuart, Jeanne sloman, jane dran- itzke. a Christmas party for needy children enlisted the assistance of the little sisters of minerva as they func- tioned as social counterparts to the brothers of sigma alpha epsilon fraternity, requiring a 2.0 average and fulltime attendance at um, the sisters assist the brothers in their campus and community activities. 350 :; ' " : ' - - little sisters of octagon chosen by the brothers of sigma alpha mu, the little sis- ters of the octagon promote the sammy name on campus, basic requirements consist of a 2.0 average, fulltime enroll- ment at the university and the ability to have the motto " kept secret " . front row: I. ruffer, b. coffey, I. ra- gone, d. mccleod. second row: w. hammel, sweetheart and v. pres.; j. bloom, pres.; j. altman, advisor; m. mckinney, treas.; m. altman, sec- retary, back row: h. cohn, I. dubb, m. theiss, c. jackson, m. chase, r. bijou, g. bruckner, h. fishman, absent. begun by the um chapter of alpha kappa psi, the little sisters is a unique organization in that there is none other like it. hoping to grow to national propor- tions, the little sisters propose to emphasize the role of women in business as well as to assist the brothers of alpha kappa psi in their endeavors. front row: k. marie, sweetheart; b. hahn, pledge chairman; d. martin, president; s. pope, v. president; p. fogle. back row: b. keller, r. reichelle, r. dworsky, c. madeiros, historian; a. roberts, c. tessier, d. finch. little sisters of alpha kappapsi 351 I I i n i V i management club organized for the purpose of promoting managerial ideals, the management club requires only that a business student profess an interest in this aspect of the field and a desire to attend lectures given by prominent guest speakers. front row: e. shults, a. alweiss, c. hobart, v. pres.; I. sweet, publicity chairman; c. caudill, sec.-treas.; s. trachtman, pres.; r. dall, w. melen- dez. back row; r. golub, o. cucurullo, g. mical, m. harrington, m. godek, m. lambright, r. prieto, r. rosen. chemistry club picnics, banquets, guest lecturers and movies provide the activities of the student affiliates of the american chemical society, accessible to all chemistry majors, the organization promotes the scientific and educational advancement of chemistry and chemical engineering. front row: g. lavin, b. hellenkamp, p. rosenthal, s. pappatheodorou, c. g. stuckwisch, chairman of chem. dept.; a. mills, faculty advisor; j. vinsant, pres.; t. ebersole, v. pres.; a. alejandre, sec.; a. wirt- shafter, treas. second row: m. schneebalg, p. mirmelli, b. gordon, r. fernandez, e. pont, w. wacher, I. hershman. third row: r. fernan- de , c. shroads, d. kane, c. shenker, r. turbin, r. makovsky, m. pressman, j. merman, fourth row: b. brad!ey, d. hamilton, p. lind- sey, w. morris, b. tucker, m. knoelke, g. sulcs. back row: r. collier, d. knapp, s. cohen, r. koenigsberg, s. ciereszko, m. anderson. 352 young republicans the university of miami young republican club has as its purpose to expose to the students the philosophy and political machinery of the republican party, in order to prove its effectiveness and to get the purpose across, they have brought many outstanding spokes- men of the republican party to our campus. front row: p. lindsey, j. smith, p. welsh, c. shroads, a. santini, r. santini, g. walker, s. higgins, i. mackenzie. second row: m. cohen, s. cernobyl, s. dehart, r. burton, b. meek, m. salgo, i. lossee, c. holmes, r. santos, j. Crawford, h. omwake. back row: r. knight, e. joice, c. gruber, k. millerick, b. breckilhan, r. heim, luther hay, s. leshner, r. almonte, dr. heuson. gam math eta upsilon front row: p. nosek, sec.; j. wright, pres.; r. ritzman, treas.; r. mings, faculty advisor; w. selmi, v. pres. second row: j. thillman, c. nestor, c. shellenberger, o. tisdale, c. hartmann, c. mcdonald, g. eisman. back row: c. dooley, j. fowler, j. hyrd, m. whitehouse, f. durgin, r. wheeler, j. gartner, g. mitchell. gamma theta upsilon is a professional fraternity for those interested in the field of geography with geo- graphical experiences provided by related profes- sional projects and field trips, to be eligible to join, a student must have a 2 5 grade average in geography and a 2.0 overall. It. col. taylor Johnson col. eric wolf It. col. glen ogden It. col. norman hartman r.o.t.c. officers ken bell Joseph albert silvano gonzalez torn frantz tim bennett torn baber marc shideler richard quirk robert astrom John regan alan shrater greg dunne robert hart james rme robert mann bruce derrick robert pino robert prokopec 354 r.o.t.c. princesses chosen for beauty, poise and interest, the prin- cesses of the army rote boost the morale of the cadets by participating in drill practices, recruiting new mem- bers, sponsoring charities and drives and act as official hostesses for army rote functions, ranging from the entertainment of " wounded " soldiers to the selection of queen of the princesses. eliza berman peggy black charlene cherry cynthia chapla sue cotton ficers Joanna davies sandy evans davi martin sabra holmes dorthy mason Jeanne martin commander capt. fairbanks advisor susan oldham sophie papatheodora Joanne roberts judy robinson lydia santiesteban bonnie smith mary taylor aida tpmas melodie wengrin jan wilder 355 _ arnold air society and angel flight allison farley commander penny wertz commander " the warrior who cultivates his mind polishes his arms " is the apt motto of the arnold air society, whose threefold purpose is to further the concepts of the united states air force, to promote american citizenship, and to encourage teamwork among afrotc cadets, the outstanding women of angel flight have successfully pro- moted interest and service in the air force through their annual service to the university and community. major robert conlin advisor philip brown dede cummings linda draus donald ezrin joan martens warren miller david nichols linda ormes pat pearson susan baran kathryne bently david best James boyd david brooks maureen garngan dolores gray Clyde heckert kaellyn muck card marsh mark roth brian rotolante Ms sanchez waiter Schneider Janet walsh 356 pershing rifles drill competition, culminating in an awards ban- quet, highlighted the activities of company u-16 of the perishing rifles, organized in honor of general pershing, members must maintain a 2.0 average and have satisfactorily completed the pledge program, be- lieving that " there is no substitute for victory, " the pershing rifles promote the highest ideals of the military profession. company commander Cornell newcombe Joseph karpchuc david leifer mark levine eric mellencamp edwin o ' dell michael Vecchione gene whitehouse eileen brockway diane daughetee Jan Jones raymond badini wayne brown bob drake Jeffrey hays henry jacobson eddie shutt eugene smith marvin stein david torres Jerome trapp alice karipis linda nollenberger pat redelsheimer chaidi venegas 357 alpha phi omega alpha phi omega, national service fraternity is geared for the development and promotion of service to th e campus, community and nation, the motto of the organization " leadership, friendship and service " is put into practice through participation in various charity drives, tutoring, and campus events such as homecoming, spirit week and carni gras. front row: b. weber, advisor; j. nagler, m. covert, president; a. zuckerman, t. lawson, rec. secretary; b. dacks, corr. secretary, second row: r. mcdonald, c. martinez, d. ratner, s. jawitz, h. lusk, r. lutsky. back row: m. braz, second v. pres.; m. lever, r. almonte, g. nelson, b. alvarez, r. spitz, w. wacher. gamma sigma sigma gamma sigma sigma is the national service organi- zation for women and was established on the university of miami campus in 1952. requirements for member- ship include a 2.0 average and general interest and desire for service in helping the university and community. front row: e. hecker, alumni secretary, r. sucher, rec. secretary, g. mameletzi, v. pres.; I. nedzinski, president; h. cohen, v. pres.; s. herman, treasurer; p. Jacobs, back row: m. adams, m. backer, j. goldberg, c. rodriquez, j. stock, sweetheart; k. kousaleos, I. gotlieb, I. carbonci, I. siegel, p. caralis. 358 : ' .: front row: m. pound, k. robinson, f. alvarez, j. smith, t. shafer. second row: c. wurch, e. millard, n. evans, p. welsh, marty cas- chion. third row: r. tocci, r. wright, f. quintans, s. tram, fourth row: j. detweiler, c. Kendall, j. mcnalley, b. garland, j. friedman, s. stousberg. fifth row: d. rubin, j. dover, p. spates, i. kopitko. back row: p. petrilli, v. pres.; s. solberg, sec.; s. hill, pres.; p. fischer, treas.; w. vaught, faculty advisor. university services organization service to the student body, faculty and adminis- tration occupies the time of the university services organization, winner of the carni gras services award, USO was selected as the outstanding campus organi- zation for 1968 by okd. the services of the organization range from assistance at orientation to aid at the spring elections. 359 __ seniors eniors seniors seniors seniors seniors seniors seniors seniors seniors ibis citations ibis citations are awarded to graduating seniors who have contributed outstanding leadership, scholar- ship, and service to the university of miami. dennis richard bruce dresner ... alan sherman lois smith mrs. livia foyo randy femmer elizabeth taylor thad koch steve nagin barry lee wasman steve dinnerstein ed shohat I mike katz peter andren 366 russ ehasz rw w, m W- Steve rubenstein a. rona yircali 367 school of arts and sciences m. abrams w. ackerman III I. acosla I. alvarez-diaz I. amoroso |. augenstein m. axelrod : n. benson k. bentley w. bentley j. berns w. bierman 368 m. bitter m. bitz I. biuera black-carvette s. cakouros r. calabrese cassorla-daunno f. Chavez III a. chenelly, Jr. d. chereton s. colhavic m. collado r. collier I. conable p. connell J. conochalla r. consuegra s. cook I. cordova g. cornejo j. cornel! r. cotton b. cowdrey J. dalton j. dasburg t. daunno 370 d avis-fern an dez b. dresner b. drogowski c. farina a. farley a. fau! e. faxas s. feinsilver r. feldstein i. fell r. femmer r. fendelman d. ferguson c. fernandez c. g. fernandez m. fernandez r. fernandez f. fernandez w. fernandez 371 ferradaz-gould i. ferradaz p. ferrazzano i. terrer g. lirestone h. fisher f. flink b. ford r. forman s. forman r. glazer g. fournier w. frangquist w. frantz n. freise n. fried p. friedlander t. gallaudet III I. garbarini p. garbe J. gaztelu m. genovese r. george d. gerald d. gerard r. gies r. gilde |. godoy b. godek m. goetz i. goferyou b. goff f. golfman a. gomez a. gonzalez h. gonzalez y. gonzalez b. gordon 372 r. gordon r. gagnon I. garcia s. garman k. garvin d. gauntlet! p. gazan g. glatzer g. goldberg t. goldring J. gould gouveia-herbst s. greenberg v. greenberg k. greenwood w. greenwood d. greist h. grimshaw m. gross d. grossman c. gruben c. gustalson J. Hackman a. Harris f. harris b. Harrison g. Harvey g. heath 373 d. heimann I. hendricks h. Hamilton c. herbst hermelin-johnson e. hermelin m. hershman s. hill e. hillman c. hitter I. hixon d. Modes e. holt c. holland a. hollenberg m. horowitz s. horwitz o. Houston e. houtkin o. hudson J. humphries |. Johnson J. Johnson I. Johnson 374 h. landis juarrerd-leipsig m. kann I. kaltman I. kaplowitz a. karipis p. kassel k. katz o. kaye ). kazmark J. kearns h. kedes d. keith J. kelly w. king h. king III d. kinsey I. kish d. knapp r. knapp n. knight r. koch, Jr. .p. kochanski r. koenigsberg n. koft h. kossman I. kotler p. krainso ' n I. kranert t. kirdlo c. kritzer J. kushlan g. lachat m. lampl w. lank la sala g. lawson J. leary 375 r. lee c. leining k. kay m. kelsode t. kemper e. koch d. koyle h. kozlowski I. lancialx t. leipsig leon-mayer I. leon b. levine m. levine c. levitt r. levy I. lewis n. lewis a. litz v. maness w. mankel e. mantadakis a. mantell m. mantel! r. mantella p. marraccini j. marcelin c. marcus a. marrero J. marshall f. martin r. martin mayer-hewman . mckeown s. tnclaughlin hieves-reih b. paris b. peck m. nolle parks d. north n. novinson s. oblas d. olmsted v. olson k. o ' neal ). parrino s. patz j. paul ). m. paul e. paullin h. pazos r. perkins jr. g. pelo d. pilla I. pinckney c. pintado n. pitnick c. ploch p. poller s. popivchak h. posner r. post J. powers r. procopec a. puyot m. quinlivan p. ragone a. rand a. rappaport d. raymond 378 t. rebel p. reichenbach s. rein IMOI J. roberts J. roslund r. sandier romensnyder-selmi jr J. remensnyder h. reynolds reznick d. rickert k. rickert Jr. m. rigg J. fine m. roberts m. robinowitz v. rockney s. rodkin e. rodriguez m. s. ross J. roth p. rothstein J. rowser d. ruff a. ruiz de villa p. ruopp s. sadkin i. salenfriend f. Salisbury g. Sanchez r. sanford w. satin ]. saull p. schmahl d. Schwartz r. Schwartz e. schwenzfeier s. seelig 379 p. segal f. ruff I. sanchez r. sawyer b. scheinberg w. schiller b. schlenker r. seguin w. selmi, Jr. serafiho-swire I I. siegel r. sill J. simon k. simon e. simonsen s. sisk I. slomowitz w. small b. smith J. smith m. smith a. smithline r. soil r. scott I. speichler m. spindell e. spinetta s. sponnoble r. standhardt w. stein J. Steinberg I. Steinberg s. stern j. Stewart J. c. Stewart r. stoecklein m. stotter J. street k. strehle s. strnad I. struck r. stunin s. stutman suberati e. suglia g. sulcs, Jr. k. sweeney c. swetman k. swire 380 a. tarbox I. tingler r. turbin tarbox-vinsant jr k. tarnove e. taylor m. tedesco f, tejera m. thorn h. thillmann c. timmer r. turek J- vazquez m. vaszuez f. tocco a. tomas a. torppa k. toler w. troup III a. trujillo k. trager r. turner g. vagias m. valenzuela f. vargas |. vargas d. trease g. vass a. velasco a. velez d. vered 381 J. victor J. vinsant, jr. von jany-zuckerman k. von Jany e. woody I. wright w. wacher r. wagner j. walsh m. waiter ). wardecker I. warnke e. weber w. Webster d. weinstein ]. wetdon b. worgul b. wright m. waiters p. wertz c. wuest p. yantz c. young j. zeller 382 p. zilioll r. waiters r. wickens d. winsten a. wirtsnalter r. wisenbaker |. wright d. Zimmerman d. zuckerman school of business w. aaron b. aaronoff ). abromovitz a. acevedo m. ackerman a. albert ' e. andersen r. arnold r. asher b. asmus r. astrom r. ayre p. altman k. babowicz |. bagg w. babasiak r. barger |. barnes a. baze ]. bean c. beckerman I. berdoll g. bersin b, bergman r. btachley n. boboiovits w. bogolub a. bolanos m. bratton b. brazinski t. brodnik g. brumage |. bunting I. bustamante r. buzza c. cancelliere r. Carlson r. carson c. carvette I. casper c. caudill e. cepero e. Charles j. charney h. chernoff d. chung 383 cifaldi-forbes s. citaldi c. citrln r. Clifford r. clobus |. cohen r. Collins r. confessore k. cooper Crawford o. cucurullo p. cummings r. dall d. dannenhauer r. davenport ]. davies d. dawson I. delisa I. de los sanlos e. dennison jr. I. dearden a. de la vega w. derr n. diamond r. diamond g. diaz s. dickstein k. drucker r. dubin a. dziuba I. edelman w. egolf s. einhorn w. ellis p. entwistle evert |r. t. farnkoff r. feo r. ferranti o. fisher b. flynn w. foden 384 b. forbes foutel-johnson r. freedman f. friedlander d. friedman j. gutmacher s. halsband J. hamberger j. hand ]. hart n. hartman w. hawkins J. herr f. herring c. hogg h. hovet s. Jayson t. Johnson Johnson Ill-mckechnie w. Johnson III m. kalech p. Kane s. kanotf r. kaplan r. kaplus a. kellert ]. kelly d. kind J. kiner g. king J. king J. kirschmann m. knopp J. kohut t. kolakowski g. kramer s. kramer d. krathen I. kruger o. kruise I. la belle J. lacayo o. lacayo t. lehman J. leone m. leone d. levin b. levitz r. lewis j. linden v. llopis m. lloyd p. longstreth j. lopresto r. luddy h. ludwig p. tuna r. malzo a. manning k. martin a. matarazzo g. may I. mazzoli d. mcdowall m. mcewen r. mcgough m. mckechnie 386 J. miller J. orlow r. miller mckinstry-pedreira J. rfickinstry r. rnedina ). meldola w. melendez p. menocal d. menton m. mervis J. meskiel p. mitchcll a. montadas e. monto d. nichols m. nichols d. nolan b. northstein r. nowell r. michalak r. mickelson s. mirmelli v. mirzy ]. mora h. mosicowitz b. moyer b. munchick g. musumeci g. noyes a. o ' hanley s. oppenheim m. orstein d. osterman r. pakan J. pallant 387 I. paul J. pearl r. pedreira pedroso-salomon J. potler r. preisine r, prielo a. raisbeck J. regan Jr. r. reisman h. rettger r. root k. rolland tn. rosenman h. rosen d. ross m. roth s. rubinstein r. ruggles J. saenz e. 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Winston J. wohlsteter v. vega r. wagenlander a. waiters b. walton d. warner s. wolfson m. wright w. wynperle r. yakin a. yircali a. yoss 390 s. zak r. zook t. truong d. wayer r. wolman e. zuker school of education s. aaronson s. abbess t. abrams h. aronson J. baker a. banks d. barkas g. barker c. benkaim a. bennett Jr. j. berglund b. callaway J. cannon h. carew a. carneiro p. carter r. cavico r. cerrato s. clark I. choisser d. ciment t. Clayton c. cohen g. cohen 391 m. cohen s. cohen c. coleman collins-elrod m. collins c. congdon b. conley e. corbo a. cotzin a. curnutt e. curry w. curtis b. cypress 3. dansky s. dean I. deeds e. delvalle g. denenberg m. depalo b. depaola : -. I. dranow s. drapper k. drimmer I. dubb k. dunn I. eads g. eisman c. elfenbcin j. elias b. elrod 392 ely-go Id smith b. fleming p. foley b. forte J. fox J. s. fox t. fox h. fraind e. fraser m. goldberg n. goldberg m. goldsmith s. goldsmith " e. glasson gold weber- james m. goldweber ). golub m. gonring f. gonyea m. gonzalez s. goodman J. goonen Jr. d. gray b. grayson f. green d. greene m. greene c. greve c. gross s. gully ). gutkin m. guttenmacher b. hale s. halpert w. hargreaves k. barring c. harris I. harris r. hershoff m. e. hoftman m. hoffman t. holcomb p. hubacher r. Jalle p. James jaye-licht e. Jaye m. Johnson p. Jones r. kaleida k. kaminsky J. kandell p. keane g. keen J. kinder |. klapmeyer n. klein p. klein c. klempp s. kolinger r. kowalsky s. kozubovich j. krasner e. kravitz J. krutchik m. kutfner m. lambersky s. langer m. langsam j. lassoff I. lauredo a. ieboss e. leffler - b. lerman c. liberman m. licht littman-oberman m. llorens g. loret-de-mola n. manning |. martin I. martin J. marvin k. masef i. massarsky c. mauger m. mcallister s. medeiros meisel J. milue r. milslein I. mintz c. miranda I. mirman m. missirlian c. mittnacht d. mogilefsky g. morrison s. moscowitz ogden-saltman g. ogden m. okun s. oppelt b. oppenheim k. osteryoung w. pacetti s. palette - I. robins a. rodriguez J. ronci e. rosbaugh v. rosen n. rosenbluth a. roth c. rudner . ruscio g. ryden m. sabarese s. sachs a. sailer 397 I. pasquini a. roxy g. saltman sandberg-touby p. sandberg J. sandier c. schaeffer g. schaffer d. schafield r. schmid b. Schneider e. Schumacher r. schwanenfeld b. Schwarzkopf r. schweitzer e. sellinger r. serben a. Shapiro m. Shapiro r. Shapiro s. sharpex] r. Shelley a. shepper v. shutt e. silkes b. sill c. silver m. silverstein s. simon r. sinotsky a. skop r. slotnick I. smith b. sokol r. so low c. sonenberg b. sonnenfeld s. spaulding J. stark c. steele c. stratton h. strauss g. sugar n. tonks e. touby toural-zuker h. vreeland r. walls b. walker i. wayne m. weaver r. weinberg I. weingarden I. weintraub m. weisberg m. werstak m. zequeira m. Zimmerman I. zuker school of engineering adams g. agulrre f. alonso c. alvarez f. andracchi c. barfield h. bernstein e. berounsky d. bingler r. burns ]. campino a. carbonell p. cerreno I. correa a. cosculluela J. ezebiniak g. denbeaux t. derringer g. fader g. fantozzi rn. faxas I. fiore g. (errer Jr. j. freire c. garcia c. e. garcia d. garcia garcia j. garifalos g. gilbert 1. gonzalez I. a. gonzalez m. hann ). Hernandez J. inguanzo y. kachioff r. koehler o, lieu 400 lottmann-zabaleta o. menedez g. michet r. nell a. penarredonda e. perez d. plotkin J. poce J. rodriguez I. rosas-guyon j. sacerio c. samayoa r. santa cruz k. schang g. shinn s. singer r. spitz w. stetson m. still r. suarez q. tham e. zabaleta school of architecture r. wensing II 402 school of nursing a. fleischmann a. fromkin c. garner r. goldstein |. ish b. kilpalrick |. knowlcs n. lamar t. taposki c. leahy . Vincent d. woesteholf e. zawislak 403 school of music r. tremblay 404 graduate school r. abramowitz g. anderson n. bhandari I. eyer I. fried w. fried m. fusaro g. halber t. Johns r. klempp a. pappas s. pappatheodorou . stehmer w. Stevenson a. taylor r. abalia, pedro pablo; miami, fla.; b.s. in math. abay, alicia maria; miami, fla.; a.b. in Spanish; iota tau alpha v.-pres., sec. abraham, laurence f.; Chicago, ill.; a.b. in his- tory; tau epsilon pi. abrams, michael ,,- flushing, n. y.; a.b. in government; pi kappa alpha pres., omicron delta kappa, omega, orange key, usg pres.; jr. rep., state chairman of florida students for kennedy, young democrats board of direc- tors, dean ' s list 1, 3. ackerman, william Joseph; atlantic city, n. j.; b.s. in history. acosfa, jesus roy; miami, fla.; a.b. in economics. adair, douglas; hallandale, fla.; a.b. in psy- chology; dean ' s list 2, 3. ades, robert abady; Washington, d. c.; a.b. in american history; lambda chi alpha, phi alpha theta, intramural activity director, ifc council, greek week comm. alayon, magaly; miami, fla.; b.s. in medical technogoly. alayon, rina; miami, fla.; b.s. in medical tech- nology. alejandre, ana maria; miami, fla.; b.s. in chem- istry; alpha lambda delta, pi mu epsilon, dean ' s list 1, 3. allard, james leo; hialeah, fla.; a.b. in govern- ment. allard, warren Joseph; burlington, vt.; a.b. in geography; tau kappa epsilon. alleade, guillermo tederico; milledgeville, ga.; b.s. in chemistry. alllson, daniel roberts; seaford, n. y.; b.s. In math. alvarez jr., frank severiamo; tampa, fla.; b.s. in chemistry; alpha epsilon delta, dean ' s list 2. alvarez-dlaz, juan jose; miami, fla.; a.b. in psychology. amorose, louis anthony; hollywood, fla.; b.s. in industrial management. ancona, sally merrill; miami, fla.; a.b. in mass communications. anderson, donna lean; Washington, d. c.; a.b. in mass communications. andrews, jane prentice; greenwich, conn.; a.b. in english; chi omega, gamma alpha chi. antoni, Joyce marie; freeport, bahamas; a.b. in english; young democrats of dade county, aws dorm council, international festival 1968 comm. chairman, ccun delegate, resident ad- visor, Colombian club. ashby, jannie lee; fredericksburg, va.; a.b. in mass communications; delta gamma. aspley, sue lynn; glasgow, ky.; a.b. in history; alpha lambda delta; dean ' s list 3. augenstein, Jeffrey stuart; n. miami beach, fla.; b.s. in chemistry; alpha epsilon delta, delta theta mu, phi eta sigma, dean ' s list 3. axe rod, michael Charles; roslyn, n. y.; a.b. in mass communications; tau epsilon phi rush chairman, pledgemaster. baker, joanne dawn; sanford, n. c.; a.b. in psychology. balsam, peter eldredge; nashua, n. h.; a.b. in english. banks, robert william; conshohocken, pa.; b.s. in biology; sigma chi, scabbard and blade, rote, ifc member at large, dean ' s list 4. baran, susan patricia; a.b. in psychology; delta zeta. barling, lesley ann; westfield, n. j.; b.s. in bi- ology; alpha lambda delta, delta theta mu, dean ' s list 1, 3. carry, michael edward; spring valley, n. y.; a.b. in history. bartlck, philip richard; miami, fla.; b.s. in math; texaco scholarship; dean ' s list 1, 2. baskin, libby lee; miami, fla.; a.b. in art history; epsilon tau lambda, phi lambda phi. bastholm, thomas george; miami, fla.; b.s. in chemistry. bechtold, a an robert; miami, fla.; a.b. In speech. beck, sandra gale; mckeesport, pa.; a.b. in english; alpha lambda delta, delta theta mu, phi kappa phi, theta sigma phi pres., mortar board, orange key, hurricane copy editor, staff writer, ibis assoc. editor, usg record- ing sec., dean ' s list 1, 2, 3. beitscher, Stanley alien; n. miami beach, fla.; b.s. in math; alpha epsilon pi, student govern- ment rep., young democrats, ifc, hillel founda- tion, swim team. belgrair, daniel paul; franklin square, n. y.; b.s. in chemistry; phi eta sigma, alpha epsilon delta, dean ' s list 4. benezra, susana; miami, fla.; a.b. in french; alpha lambda delta, delta theta mu, pi delta phi, v. pres., french club sec., Israeli student organization sec., dean ' s list 4. benson, neal ted; hyannis, mass.; a.b. in psychology. bentley, kathryne creighton; Virginia beach, va.; a.b. in speech pathology; sigma alpha eta, dean ' s list 2. bentley, william anthony; miami, fla.; b.s. in biology. berns, jay leo; new york, n. y.; a.b. in history, sigma alpha mu, phi eta sigma, dean ' s list 1, 2,3. bierman, william Jeffrey; miami beach, fla.; b.s. in math; ibis and hurricane photographer. bitter, monica wendy; hollywood, fla.; a.b. in biology; gamma sigma sigma recording sec., corresponding sec. bitz, margaret marie; miami, fla.; a.b. in psy- chology; delta delta delta, alpha lambda delta, delta theta mu, phi kappa phi, singing hurri- canes. bivera, leslie ann; miami, fla.; a.b. in history. black, jr., John william; miami, fla.; b.s. in math; delta sigma pi. bloom, barbara; new york, n. y.; a.b. in psy- chology; dean ' s list 3. bonavito, pascal s.; buffalo, n. y.; b.s. in biolo- gy- borak, jon stuart; Chicago, ill.; a.b. in history. bournstein, mariann jane; n. miami beach, fla.; a.b. in art education; kappa pi, national art education assoc., dean ' s list 2, 3. bowens, James r.; hialeah, fla.; a.b. in psy- chology. boxer, lawrence jay; ozone park, n. y.; a.b. in history; alpha epsilon pi, social chairman, advisor to little sisters, my friend comm., box club assoc., and good luck. bradley, barbara miller: west palm beach, fla.; b.s. in chemistry; beta beta beta, alpha epsilon delta, chemistry club, american chemical assoc., french club, dean ' s list 1, 2. braman, mary jo; lakewood, O hio; a.b. in psy- chology; alpha delta pi, um hostess, ifc hos- tess. braverman, bernard; miami, fla.; a.b. in so- ciology. braze, Juliana susan; miami, fla.; b.s. in chem- istry; alpha lambda delta. brenner, elaine phyllis; coral gables, fla.; a.b. in sociology. brooks, lyn evalyn; miami, fla.; b.s. in math; alpha lambda delta, delta phi alpha, delta theta mu, pi mu epsilon, mortar board, orange key, varsity cheerleader, um hostess, dean ' s list 2. brotman, karen p.; verona, n. j.; a.b. in art education. brown, emily louise; miami, fla.; a.b. in english. brown, marcia louise; scarsdale, n. y.; a.b. in elementary education; delta zeta, aws judiciary board, resident adviser. brown, jr., James Wellington; honolulu, ha- waii; b.s. in chemistry; dean ' s list 1, 2. bugdai, marjorie ann; trenton, n. j.; a.b. in sociology; little sisters of pi kappa alpha sec.-tres., dean ' s list 3. bulbin, susan andrea; roanoke, va.; a.b. in art history; gamma alpha chi, kappa pi. burnham, ronald emerson; palm beach, fla.; b.s. in biology. butler, kevin david; coral gables, fla.; a.b. in sociology; arotc, pershing rifles exec, officer, south miami jaycees. buttari, lilia m.; miami, fla.; a.b. in Spanish. cahill, jr., John william; mattoon, ill.; b.s. in chemistry; lamba chi alpha. cakouros, Stephen a.; miami, fla.; a.b. in rus- sian. calabrese, robert Joseph; west long branch, n. j.; a.b. in mass communications; alpha epsi- lon rho, dean ' s list 3. caldwell, sallie r.; s. miami, fla.; a.b. in mass communications; chi omega, gamma alpha chi, uso. caneio-bello, emilio; miami, fla.; b.s. in biology. cannon, david price; upper montclair, n. j.; a.b. in american civilization; dean ' s list 3. caprez, charles w.; Chicago, ill.; b.s. in human relations; varsity swim team, resident advisor. caraganis, nicholas John; dracut, mass.; a.b. in english. carney, jr., dennis Joseph; Pittsburgh, pa.; a.b. in psychology. caruana, albert gasper; hollywood, fla.; a.b. in government; young democrats, dean ' s list 2. carvette, katharine gold; jenkinton, pa.; a.b. in sociology; dean ' s list 2, 3. cassorla, charlotte maureen; miami, fla.; a.b. in english; kappa omega, phi kappa sigma, theta sigma phi, delta theta mu, hurricane staff writer, dean ' s list 1, 2, 3. chang, patricia; Jamaica, west indies; b.s. in chemistry; uso. 406 MB , ; Si! chap a, cynthia ann; lorain, ohio; a.b. in mark- eting; army rote princess. chafes, howard; hudson, mass.; a.b. in com- mercial art; alpha epsilon pi, alpha delta sigma. chavet III, florencio r.; miami, fla.; a.b. in sociology; gamma theta upsilpn, ndea award, intercontinental club, dean ' s list 3. chenelly jr., andrew; rochester, n. y.; a.b. in sociology; lambda chi alpha. chereton, david; miami beach, fla.; a.b. in psychology; student investigation comm.; young democrats, young republicans, dean ' s list 2. ciereszko jr., leon Stanley; norman, okla.; b.s. in geology; dean ' s list 3. ciment, paul; coral gables, fla.; a.b. in govern- ment; alpha phi omega, young democrats, hillel foundation. cohen, Judith anne; miami, fla.; a.b. in so- ciology; beta beta beta, kappa delta pi, usg traditions comm. sec., hillel foundation sec., dean ' s list 1, 3. cohn, bennett Steven; hollywood, fla.; a.b. in history. colasanti, arthur r.; fayetteville, n. y.; a.b. in general business. colhavlc, sharon marie; milltown, n. j.; a.b. in speech correction; sigma alpha eta, dean ' s list 3. collado, mary jean; miami, fla.; a.b. in art history; federation of cuban students. collier, robert barton; batavia, ohio; a.b. in biology; mrha senator, judiciary board, chem- istry club, dean ' s list 2, 3. conable, lynda dianne; morristown, n. j.; a.b. in art. conn, cynthia sherle; orchard lake, mich.; a.b. in french; alpha chi omega, french club, in- tramurals. connell, patrick Joseph; hialeah, fla.; b.s. in math. conochalla, John thomas; simsbury, conn.; a.b. in english; alpha chi rho. consuegra, rafael; miami, fla.; a.b. in art. cook, sara lucinda; sao paulo, brazil; a.b. in psychology; chi omega. cooper, selden trancis; weaverville, n. c.; a.b. in history and philosophy; phi alpha theta, woodrcw wilson fellowship nominee, varsity track and field team letterman, orange bowl in- vitation track meet shot put winner, dean ' s list 1, 3. cordova, luis s.; miami, fla.; b.s. in chemistry; american chemical society, urn chemical so- ciety, dean ' s list 4. corneio, george ' .; coral gables, fla.; a.b. in economics. Cornell, John michel; pawcatuck, conn.; a.b. in history. cotton, reva sue; lindenhurst, n. y.; a.b. in art; jv cheerleader, varsity cheerleader co-capt., army rote princess. cowdrey, bruce Cameron; burlington, conn.; a.b. in fine arts; alpha chi omega carnation man, usg activities office manager, assistant to usg pres., spirit week exec, comm., public relations comm., traditions comm., parents weekend comm., bulletin board comm. chair- man. cox, -nodes a an; Washington, d.c.; a.b. in art. crouse, william mark; san marine, calif.; b.s. in chemistry; alpha tau omega, swim team, dean ' s list 2. dalton, jane patrida; belmont, mass.; a.b. in history. dasburg, jean alice; miami, fla.; b.s. in math; alpha lambda delta. daunno, theodore will am; little falls, n. j.; a.b. in bioloby and english; hurricane business staff, swim team, dean ' s list 3, 4. daw ' s, rollin, vere; pittsburbh, pa.; a.b. in psychology; sigma alpha epsilon. de armendi, consuelo m.; miami beach, fla.; a.b. in french. dec, mark michael; auburn, n. y.; a.b. in psy- chology. deleguardia, richard anthony; east rochester, n. y.; a.b. in mass communications; lambda chi alpha. demme, david scoff; princeton, n. j.; a.b. in english. dennison, cherry ann; brecksville, ohio; a.b. in Spanish; delta gamma. devendort, ross raymond; long island, n. y.; b.s. in biology; dean ' s list 2. diamond, william arthur; n. miami beach, fla.; a.b. in government; alpha epsilon pi, phi sigma alpha; young democrats tres., dean ' s list 2, 3,4. diaz, manuel c.; miami, fla.; a.b. in hispanic- american studies. dinber, linda elizabeth; miami, fla.; a.b. in ger- man; delta phi alpha v. pres., dean ' s list 2. dinken, barney michael; miami, fla.; a.b. in english. dodson, harry mcmillen; riverside, calif.; a.b. in government; tau kappa epsilon, young re- publicans, dean ' s list 2. dorrick, ion bruce; miami, fla.; b.s. in chem- istry; um honor scholarship, army rote scholar- ship, scabbard and blade. downey, Stephen thomas; Syracuse, n. y.; a.b. in history. dresner, bruce michael; dumont, n. j.; a.b. in economics; alpha epsilon pi v. pres., ifc assistant rush chairman, omicron delta epsilon, um certificate of meritorious service, academic affairs comm., lecture series comm., pres. cabi- net, usg pres. assistant, um safety comm., usg rep. to susga convention, usg rep. to dining hall co-ordinating comm., student eval- uation comm. corresponding sec., german club, junior class rep., student union food comm., usg administrative assistant, student court deputy, blood drive chairman ifc, dean ' s list 3. drogowski, beth anne; hollywood, fla.; a.b. in sociology. drown, lawrence earl; ipswich, mass.; b.s. in biology; phi epsilon pi, hurricane reporter, homecoming assistant chairman of publicity, pep club, operation amigo, dean ' s list 2. durgin, frank lawrence; hyattsville, md.; a.b. in geography; gamma theta upsilon. eber, robert Chester; miami, fla.; a.b. in phi- losophy and english; cross-country team, track team, dean ' s list 1. ebersole, thomas m., bainbridge, pa.; b.s. in chemistry; alpha epsilon delta, dean ' s list 2. egert, Joyce helen; miami, fla.; a.b. in so- ciology; dean ' s list 3. e off jr., herbert barker; largo, fla.; a.b. in government; hellenic-american club pres. elpern, I. victor; etters, pa.; b.s. in accounting; dean ' s list 3. engler, thary blauvelt; madison, n. j.; a.b. in englisn; chi omega sec., chapter correspon- dent. ersay, d ' ana pepe; miami, fla.; a.b. in philoso- phy; college board. everfz, pefer heinz; west orange, n. j.; a.b. in history; archontes, resident advisor. evans, robert John; ardsley, n. y.; b.s. in biolo- gy; beta beta beta, newman club. evans, sfeve Joel; pottstown, pa.; b.s. in bi- ology. evanyke, michael andrew; Warwick, n. y.; a.b. in history. eyl, william robert; hollywood, fla.; b.s. In geology. tabricio, roberto c.; miami, fla.; a.b. in govern- ment and journalism; hurricane editor, fed- eration of cuban students. talk, glenn phillip; miami shores, fla.; a.b. in history; kappa sigma. farina, carolyn marie; morristown, n. j.; a.b. in sociology. farley, allison Joseph; n. miami beach, fla.; a.b. in political science; commander arnold air society commanders staff, aerospace officers military honor society, usg cabinet. taul, ardell richard; miami, fla.; a.b. in eco- nomics; army rote scholarship. faxas, emilio rafael; miami, fla.; b.s. in chem- istry. teinsilver, samuel; paxton, mass.; a.b. in math. feldstein, richard warren; Philadelphia, pa.; a.b. in management; zeta beta tau, dean ' s list 1. fell, Irene celeste; miami, fla.; a.b. in american civilization; epsilon tau alpha, pi lambda phi, dean ' s list 1, 2, 3, 4. femmer, randolph h.; st. louis, mo.; a.b. in psychology; omicron delta kappa v. pres., homecoming chairman, spirit week chair- man, mrha chairman, attorney general, usg board of review, student union board of gov- ernors, pep club, usg traditions comm sec., usg elections board, dean ' s list 1. tendelman, richard david; university city, mo.; a.b. in mass communications. ferguson, david b.; nashville, tenn.; b.s. in sociology; phi delta theta, mrha senate, stu- dent union board of governors, student union games comm., chess team. ternandez, carlos enrique; miami, fla.; a.b. in psychology and sociology; fcs, young republi- cans. ternandez, carlos g.; miami, fla.; b.s. in chemistry. ternandez, miriam; miami, fla.; a.b. in account- ing. 407 fernandez, rafael o.; miami, fla.; b.s. in chem- istry; alpha epsilon delta, phi theta kappa, chemistry club, french club, acs, beta beta beta, dean ' s list 1, 2. ternandez-quevedo, francisco; miami, fla.; a.b. in Spanish. fernandez, william edward; coral gables, fla.; b.s. in biology. ferradaz, Irene c.; hialeah, fla.; a.b. in english; dean ' s list 1. ferrazzano, j. patricia; east Kingston, n. h.; b.s. in medical technology; alpha theta kappa, beta beta beta, iota tau alpha historian, mortar board recording sec., aws central council corresponding sec., women ' s world, dean of women ' s disciplinary board, newman assoc. sec. aws counselor, dean ' s list 2. terrer, ignacio Javier; miami, fla.; b.s. in chem- istry. firestone, glenn h.; miami beach, fla.; a.b. in history; alpha epsilon pi, young democrats. fisher, hilma hannah; key largo, fla.; a.b. in government. flink, frederick forrest; miami springs, fla.; b.s. in chemistry; chemistry club. ford, carry Joseph; newtonville, mass.; a.b. in government; phi epsilon pi. forman, ronald craig; jackson, miss.; a.b. in psychology. forman, Stephen lay; wyncote, pa.; a.b. in sociology; young republicans, national teach- ers association, dean ' s list 1. fournier, gerald c.; springfield, mass.; b.s. in biology. frangquist, william arthur; lake forest, ill.; a.b. in psychology; chi gamma iota. frantz jr., william thomas; haddonfield, n. j.; a.b. in g eography; sigma nu, distinguished mil- itary student. freise, norma gertrudis; miami, fla.; a.b. in Spanish; dean ' s list 1, 3. tried, herbert allan; n. miami beach, fla.; b.s. in physics; zeta beta tau, dean ' s list 3. friedlander, paul a an; coral gables, fla.; a.b. in marketing; sigma alpha mu, usg assis- tant to pres., operation amigo fla. state chairman, honorary student national chairman, orientation comm. gagnon jr., rene arthur; manchester, n. h.; a.b. in english. gallaudet III, thomas hopkins; birmingham, mich.; b.s. in general business. garbarini, linda mary; union, n. j.; a.b. in bi- ology; delta zeta, historian, pledge scholar, beta beta beta, dean ' s list 3. garbe, patricia ann; wayne, n. j.; a.b. in art history. garcia, lettie r.; miami, fla.; a.b. in english; zeta tau alpha, alpha kappa psi little sister, greek week committee, hurricane reporter. garman, sharon flyn; miami beach, fla.; a.b. in philosophy; alpha lambda delta, delta theta mu, phi kappa phi, alpha theta kappa, usg senior rep., aws college board, aws c entral council, tempo fashion editor, ibis copy edi- tor, dean ' s list 1, 2, 3. garvin, keene j.; malvern, pa.; b.s. in chem- istry. gauntlett, dorothy r.; miami, fla.; b.s. in chem- istry. gazan, philip leonard; mahanoy city, pa.; a.b. in psychology; resident advisor, jack m. kelsey sportsmanship award. gaztelu, jose m.; ft. lauderdale, fla.; a.b. in Spanish. genovese, mary fane; hialeah, fla.; a.b. in english literature. george richard a.; coplay, pa.; a.b. in finance. gerald, donald cohen; Washington, d. c.; a.b. in commercial art; aia student chapter. gerard, dominique pascal; miami, fla.; b.s. in biology; core-member, intramurals. gies, ronald william; west palm beach, fla.; a.b. in drama. gel de rubio, ferdinand; miami, fla., a.b. in chemistry. glatzer, gayle carity; miami, fla.; a.b. in psychology; delta theta mu, phi lambda pi, international reading assoc., student council for exceptional children, dean ' s list 2, 3. glazer, richard a an; w. hartford, conn.; a.b. in government; usg, dean ' s list 4. godoy, iose antonio; miami, fla.; a.b. in fine arts. godek, barry waiter; hialeah, fla.; a.b. in history; phi alpha theta v. pres., dean ' s list 2. goetz, mary alice; miami, fla.; a.b. in art his- tory; kappa kappa gamma, tau beta sigma, mortar board, orange key honor council, home- coming junior class princess, poinciana queen, um hostess, solo baton twirler. goetzman, robert gerald; youngstown, n. y.; b.s. in government; pi kappa alpha, debate. golf, bonnie lynn; chepachet, r. i.; a.b. in art; kappa pi. goldberg, glen z.; Philadelphia, pa.; a.b. in psychology; alpha epsilon pi, um safety comm., usg sec. of international affairs, aca- demic affairs comm., spirit chairman. goldring, thomas; miami beach, fla.; a.b. in mathematics; delta theta mu, pi mu epsilon, dean ' s list 2, 3. golf man, feme ellen; coral gables, fla.; a.b. in sociology; alpha epsilon phi. gomez, andres alfredo; miami, fla.; a.b. in his- tory-hispanic american studies; antorcha news editor, symposium of the americas chairman, usg sec. of international affairs, federation of cuban students v. pres., usg latin american peace corps program coordi- nator, who ' s who in american colleges and universities, delta theta mu, dean ' s discipli- nary comm., collegiate council for the united nations tres., assoc. of Israeli students hon- orary member, national convention ccun first place team, new politics. gonzalez, alfredo alfonso; miami, fla.; a.b. in government-economics; pi sigma alpha v. pres., phi eta sigma, delta theta mu, dean ' s list 1, 2, 3. gonzalez, hector pablo; hialeah, fla.; a.b. in psychology; dean ' s list 4. gonzalez, yvette marie; miami, fla.; a.b. in philosophy; dean ' s list 2. gordon, bruce a an; pompano beach, fla.; b.s. in chemistry; pershing rifles national military honorary, physics honor scholarship, song- fest, glee club, diving club, chemistry club, circle " k " , army rote drill team. gordon, robert bruce; no. miami beach, fla.; a.b. in pre-law; men ' s disciplinary comm., phi rho pi, band of the hour, debate team, hurri- cane staff writer, tempo, young republicans, university public relations staff, dean ' s list 4. gould, iacquelyn; cheverly, md.; a.b. in art; mahoney hall council v. pres., aws central council. gouveia, willain f rands; miami, fla.; a.b. in history, dean ' s list 1. gray, gregory oscar; ft. lauderdale, fla.; a.b. in Spanish; sigma alpha mu. green, leslie richard; no. miami beach, fla.; a.b. in history; tau epsilon phi, young demo- crats. green, linda karen; coral gables, fla.; a.b. in history. greenberg, sharon; miami beach, fla.; a.b. in psychology. greenberg, vivian ray; Seattle, wash.; a.b. in journalism. greene, bruce e.; miami, fla.; b.s. in chemis- try. greene, leona n.; miami, fla.; a.b. in mass communications. greene, mary lynn; greene, n. y.; a.b. in eng- lish; alpha chi omega, alpha theta kappa, resident advisor. greenwood, kenneth kyle; rockledge, fla.; b.s. in biology and chemistry; wesley foundation, baptist student union. greenwood, william herman; newport news, va.; b.s. in chemistry; alpha tau omega, dean ' s list 2, 3. greist, douglas John; miami, fla.; b.s. in mass communications; alpha epsilon rho, publicity comm., usg. grimshaw, herbert James; slingerlands, n. y.; b.s. in biology. gross, marjory marie; miami, fla.; a.b. in mass communications. grossman, diane; Jackson heights, n. y.; a.b. in sociology. gruber, craig Charles; Stanford, conn.; a.b. in history; pi kappa phi, young republicans pres., v. pres., treas., house gov., sec. gustafson, carl oscar; shelter island, n. y.; a.b. in mass communications. naas, Stephen howard; shaker heights, Ohio; a.b. in English; phi epsilon pi, omicron delta kappa tres., omega sec., tres., orange key pres., iron arrow, honor council chairman. hackman, john clement; delray beach, fla.; b.s. in biology; beta beta beta v. pres. hamilton, harriet grace; ft. lauderdale, fla.; a.b. in psychology; kappa kappa gamma public relations officer, uso public relations. ham ' s, annalane; miami, fla.; b.s. in elemen- tary education; alpha chi omega, phi lambda Pi. harris, faye m.; miami, fla.; a.b. in mass com- munications; alpha epsilon rho, radio-tv guild, dean ' s list 3, 4. harrison, barbara joan; ft. lauderdale, fla.; a.b. in english, delta zeta. harvey, george harold; perrine, fla.; a.b. in sociology. heath, georgene; vero beach, fla.; a.b. in eng- lish; Spanish club, young democrats, hurri- cane reporter, dorm pres. heimann, david; ridgewood, n. j.; a.b. in mass communications. hendricks, theodore paul; miami springs, fla.; b.s. in math; kappa sigma, orange key, circle " k " , football. 408 0 lta iiey- herbst, charles Wallace; ft. lauderdale, fla.; a.b. in drama. hermelin, ellyn a.; shaker heights, Ohio; a.b. in history. hershman, mark howard; brooklyn, n. y.; a.b. in history; tau epsilon phi, ifc rep., homecom- ing comm. hill, Stephen lames; falls church, va.; b.s. in chemistry; uso pres., v. pres. hillman, freddie a an; miami beach, fla.; a.b. in history; phi mu alpha, phi eta sigma, delta theta mu, omicron delta kappa, dean ' s list 3. hitter, carolyn; miami beach, fla.; a.b. in Spanish. hixon, lynne s.; miami, fla.; a.b.; gamma alpha chi. nodes, donna claire; miami, fla.; b.s. in bi- ology; beta beta beta. hoff, edward van; miami, fla.; b.s. in chem- istry; chem club, sports car club. holland, carol jean; miami, fla.; a.b. in drama. hollenberg, a an daw ' d; belle harbor, n. y.; a.b. in history; tau epsilon phi. horowitz, mlchael elliot; no. miami beach, fla.; b.s. in chemistry; alpha epsilon delta his- torian, american chem. soc., honors advisor ' s comm, dean ' s list 1. horwitz, Stephen noah; miami beach, fla.; b.s. in chemistry; tau epsilon phi, chem. lab. in- structor, um dept. of surgery research tech- nician, dean ' s list 2. houston III, ogden king; miami, fla.; a.b. in german; kappa sigma sec., delta phi alpha, order of the purple thread v. pres. houtkin, enid-ann harriet; san juan, puerto rico; a.b. in mass communications; zeta phi eta tres., hurricane staff writer, dean ' s list 3. hudson, ofelia martin; miami, fla.; a.b. in Spanish. humphries, John william; miami, fla.; b.s. in chemistry. hutchinson, william n.; holly wood, fla.; a.b. in history. hutton, gregory francis; hackettstown, n. j.; b.s. in geology. ingram, talbott denmead; little silver, n. j.; b.s. in management. iorizzo, mary jean; brooklyn, n. y.; a.b. in geography; gamma theta upsilon, program council sec., Italian club, nea, fea. jacobson, a an frank; Portland, maine; a.b. in psychology; alpha epsilon pi. jacoby, Irving; miami beach, fla.; b.s. in chem- istry; phi eta sigma, alpha epsilon delta pres., delta theta mu, phi kappa phi, omicron delta kappa, iron arrow, young democrats, chemistry club, american chem. soc. aaas, hurricane reporter, graduation " with gen- eral honors, " dean ' s list 1, 2, 3. iansen, Jeanne culbertson; manhasset, n. j.; a.b. in art history; alpha delta pi. iarmer, Jeanne marie; miami, fla.; a.b. in psychology; tau beta sigma best pledge, v. pres., pres., fillmore band scholarship, band of the hour, concert tour band, concert choir, french club, resident advisor. jasper, stuart paul; miami, fla.; a.b. in govern- ment; phi epsilon pi, hurricane assoc. edi- tor, honors program comm. v. chairman. jervis, jeannie r.; miami, fla.; a.b. in mass communications. Jimenez, jesse m.; miami, fla.; a.b. in history. johnson, dennis ray; armonk, n. y.; b.s. in biology. Johnson, James raymond; rochester, n. y.; a.b. in finance; lambda chi alpha, intramurals. Johnson, John doane; dexter, n. y.; b.s. in physical education; alpha chi rho. Johnson, linda jo; hatboro, pa.; a.b. in mass communications; gamma alpha chi, Christian science college org. v. pres. Johnson, william leonard; hialeah, fla.; b.s. in math; afrotc-general dynamics award for out- standing basic cadet, sons of the american revolution award for outstanding advanced cadet. juarrero, alicia; coral gables, fla.; a.b. in philosophy; alpha lambda delta flame editor, phi kappa phi v. pres., delta theta mu sec., pi delta phi, junior and senior advisor, out- standing sophomore girl, mortar board his- torian, magna cum laude, graduation " with general honors " , honor council, dean ' s list 1, 2, 3, 4. kann, marlene susan; miami, fla.; a.b. in biology; delta theta mu, phi kappa phi, magna cum laude, academic honors day, dean ' s list 1, 2, 3, 4. kaltman, laurence; miami beach, fla.; a.b. in psychology; dean ' s list 1, 2, 3, 4. kaplowitz, lee howard; new york, n. y.; a.b. in psychology and sociology. karipis, alice; miami, fla.; a.b. in Spanish; zeta tau alpha pres., i.t.a., princess corps. kassel, phyllis Sharon; n. bellmore, n. y.; a.b. in psychology. katz, kathy; south miami, fla.; a.b. in art; delta phi epsilon tres., ifc hostess, sweet- heart of tau epsilon phi, dean ' s list 1. kaye, octavia marina; miami, fla.; a.b. in his- ibis, english club ccun, sea, dean ' s list 1, 2, 3. kay, octavia marina; miami, fla.; a.b. in his- tory; gamma theta upsilon, hellenic-american club, student education assoc. kazmark, Jeffrey hayes; rochester, n. y.; a.b. in mass communications; alpha epsilon rho regional representative. kearns, james michael; miami, fla.; a.b. in math. kedes, harriette t.; hartford, conn.; b.s. in medical technology. keith, dale richard; detroit, mien.; a.b. in psy- chology. kelly, jane gordon; Washington, d. c.; a.b. in mass communications; chi omega pres., sec., panheilenic council, drama guild, young re- publicans, angel fljight. kelso de montigny, a an richard; miami, fla.; a.b. in fine arts. kemper, terence george; coral gables, fla.; a.b. in psychology. king, william lawrence; miami, fla.; b.s. in chemistry; alpha tau omega. king III, howard james; middle river, md.; b.s. in biology; tau kappa epsilon, dean ' s list 3. kinsey, daw ' d John; hialeah, fla.; a.b. in speech. kish, Joseph michael; ocean city, n. j.; a.b. in government. knapp, daw ' d s.; coral gables, fla.; b.s. in biology and chemistry; alpha epsilon delta, delta theta mu, chemistry club. knapp, richard; sunnyside, n. y.; a.b. in mass communications. knight, nancy lynn; milwaukee, wise.; a.b. in sociology; delta zeta. koch, elizabeth conklin; homestead, fla.; a.b. in french. koch jr., robert magoon; falls church, va.; a.b. in sociology; sigma pi. kochanski, paul hilger; jersey city, n. j.; b.s. in chemistry; arnold air society. koenigsberg, richard terry; miami, fla.; b.s. in chemistry; alpha epsilon delta, chemistry club. koft, norman; miami beach, fla.; a.b. in his- tory. kossman, harriet g.; miami, fla.; a.b. in art; kappa pi. kotler, lawrence mark; miami, fla.; b.s. in chemistry. koyle, daw ' d charles; Ontario, Canada; a.b. in mass communications; alpha epsilon rho. kozlowski, henry francis; new york, n. y.; a.b. in biology. krainson, paul michael; coral gables, fla.; b.s. in chemistry; young democrats, chemistry club. kranert, lawrence francis; stony brook, n. y.; a.b. in history; sigma alpha epsilon. kridlo, thomas nicholas; n. Versailles, pa.; a.b. in english. kritzer, craig herbert; n. miami beach, fla.; a.b. in history; tau epsilon phi, phi eta siama, phi alpha theta, young democrats ex. coun- cil, dean ' s list 1, 2, 3, 4. kushlan, james anthony; miami, fla.; b.s. in biology and chemistry; tau kappa epsilon, beta beta beta, chemistry club, young demo- crats, phi eta sigma, sds, dean ' s list 3, 4. lachat, george charles; levittown, n. y.; a.b. in psychology; pi kappa alpha, omicron delta kappa, phi eta sigma, orange key, pres. ifc, dean ' s list 1. amp , mark lawrence; norristown, pa.; a.b. in economics; alpha epsilon pi pres., omicron delta kappa, omega v. pres., ifc sec., senior rep. usg. lanciaix, linda k.; marco, fla.; a.b. in english; kappa kappa gamma. landis, hugh wendell; auburn, pa.; a.b. in ac- counting; beta alpha psi, dean ' s list 2, 3. lank, william charles; ft. lauderdale, fla.; b.s. in marketing; lambda chi alpha. la sala, John; eastchester, n. y.; a.b. in so- ciology. lawson, george bernhard; binghamton, n. y.; b.s. in management. leary, John francis; huntingdon, pa.; a.b. in government rote, dean ' s list 4. lee, robert ronald; miami, fla.; b.s. in chemis- try. leining, carol lynn; rockaway, n. j.; a.b. in elementary education; alpha chi omega. leipsig, terry lee; Chicago, ill.; a.b. in account- ing; advertising mgr. tempo. leon, . ' eopoldo daniel; miami, fla.; b.s. in elec- trical engineering, ieee. levine, bernard m.; maplewood, n. j.; a.b. in history; dean ' s list 2. levine, madelyn; whitestone, n. y.; a.b. in Spanish. 409 levitt, carolyn f.; Syracuse, n. y.; a.b. in psy- chology; program council public relations chairman, hurricane, entertainment comm. levy, ronald lee; coral gables, fla.; a.b. in psy- chology; hurricane photography. lewis, lenora lean; coraopolis, pa.; a.b. in english education; young democrats, sta, foreign relations club. lewis, neale howard; miami beach, fla.; a.b. in economics. litz, a an; miramar, fla.; a.b. in english; uni- versity services organization. loeb, carol r.; selma, alabama; a.b. in psy- sigma delta tau. lowrance, charles william; concord, n. c.; a.b. in psychology; ibis organizations ed., young republicans. lustbader, susan heidi; livingston, n. j.; a.b. in sociology. lynch, william 1.; milton, mass.; a.b. in man- agement. makovsky, randy david; miami beach, fla.; b.s. in chemistry; phi eta sigma. alpha epsilon delta, delta theta mu, phi kappa phi, dean ' s list 1, 2,3. malamed, raymond mark; havertown, pa.; a.b. in psychology; wvum news staff, hurricane, ibis. malkowski, John adma; dumont, n. j.; a.b. in history; phi alpha theta, young republicans. mallo, Isabel mercedes; cocoa beach, fla.; b.s. in math. maness, Virginia lee; winter park, fla.; a.b. in art history; dean ' s list 2, 3. mankel, william charles; des plaines, ill.; b.s. in biology. mantadokis, eleni d.; athens, greece; a.b. in history and government; hellenic-american club pres., dean ' s list 1, 2, 3. mantell, andrea eila; miami, fla.; a.b. in eng- lish; program council, dean ' s list 4. mantell, melodie candice; miami, fla.; a.b. in sociology; sigma phi epsilon, little sister of sig ep, psychology club v. pres. maniella, roxanne; cortland, n. y.; a.b. in art. marraccini, philip John; miami, fla.; a.b. in general business; delta sigma pi, aquinas newman center pres. marcelin, jorge; miami, fla.; b.s. in chemistry. marcus, carole lynn; coral gables, fla.; a.b. in sociology; delta theta mu, dean ' s list 2, 3. marrero, anibal; coral gables, fla.; b.s. in chemistry; dean ' s list 1, 2. marshal!, jane adeline; cohasset, mass.; a.b. in english. martin, florence davies; miami, fla.; b.s. in biology; little sister alpha kappa psi, rote princess. martin, robert alan; brockton, mass.; a.b. in political science; tau epsilon phi, rote, young democrats. martinez, beatriz maria; miami, fla.; a.b. in french; alpha kappa nu mortar board, dean ' s list 1, 2, 3. masters, thomas craig, Indianapolis, ind.; a.b. in management; basketball team. marthy, george p.; coral gables, fla.; a.b. in sociology; dean ' s list 3. matusek, Van; falls church, va.; a.b. in history; phi delta theta, omega, dean ' s list 2. maurizi, thomas emit; n. miami beach, fla.; a.b. in history. mayer, david alan; yonkers, n. y.; a.b. in mass communications. mayer, gerald alien; miami beach, fla.; b.s. in chemistry. mayer, gerard francis; glenview, ill.; a.b. in finance; sigma chi. mccaig, bonnie elizabeth; saugerties. n. y.; a.b. in history. mcconnell, kaylee; akron, ohio; a.b. in biology. mcdonald, kathleen; miami, fla.; a.b. in govern- ment; mortar board, alpha lambda delta, new- man club sec., usg academic affairs comm. mcguire, bonnie mary; loma de la palma, mex.; a.b. in mass communications; theta sigma phi, zeta phi eta. mcintosh, douglas lloyd; st. Petersburg, fla.; a.b. in mass communications; alpha epsilon rho, phi kappa phi, delta theta mu, hurricane entertainment editor, dean ' s list 1, 2, 3, 4. mckeown, lynn trances; akrpn, ohio; a.b. in sociology; delta zeta, dean ' s list 3. mclaughlin, susan I.; miami, fla.; a.b. in art; u.m. hostess pres. mcneal, michael .; lexington, ohio; b.s. in biology. melnick, Jeffrey b.; miami, fla.; a.b. in mass communications. mendez, carmen; fairview park, ohio; a.b. in government. menendez, maria teresa; coral gables, fla.; a.b. in Spanish. merz, richard c.; staten island, n. y.; b.s. in geology. michelson, david nathaniel; south miami, fla.; a.b. in psychology; phi eta sigma, dean ' s list 4. miller, edward lawrence; tucson, arizona; a.b. in english lit. missirian, melanie; coral gables, fla.; a.b. in business ed. moll, maria r.; sarria, fla.; a.b. in Spanish. montano, robert Joseph; framingham, mass.; b.s. in psychology. morales, bradley earl; miami, fla.; b.s. in math; band of the hour. morales, nancy graciela; Caracas, Venezuela; a.b. in psychology. moskowitz, ira paul; north miami beach, fla.; a.b. in philosophy; veterans assoc. moss, lenora .; south miami, fla.; a.b. in ele- mentary education; commuter women ' s assoc. moy, jean angle; sarasota, fla.; b.s. in biology. murdaugh, william rhett; Charleston, s. c.; a.b. in history. murphy, william .; far rockaway, n. y.; a.b. in history; dean ' s list 2, 3. myers, john robert; brooklyn, n. y.; a.b. in psy- chology; dean ' s list 3. nail, nancy lynn; miami, fla.; a.b. in history. nathan, susan Joyce; glen ridge, n. j.; a.b. in psychology. neat, susan ann; port Chester, n. y.; a.b. in geography. negrin, magdalena; miami, fla.; a.b. in psy- chology. nenoff, barbara ann; greensburg, pa.; a.b. in english; alpha chi omega sec., jv cheerlead- ing, french club. newman, Judith Williamson; branford, conn.; a.b. in sociology; alpha chi omega, aws floor rep., social comm. pres. nieves, alvar I.; coral gables, fla.; a.b. in sociology. nolte, marilyn janet; coral gables, fla.; b.s. in medical technology; sigma kappa, alpha theta kappa, cws pres., dean ' s list 3. north, dennis herbert; clearwater, fla.; a.b. in economics; sigma alpha epsilon. novinson, noel armand; n. miami beach, fla.; a.b. in psychology and philosophy; dean ' s list 2,3. oblas, Steven d.; little neck, n. y.; a.b. in his- tory; alpha epsilon pi, baseball team. olmsted, david randolph; binghamton, n. y.; a.b. in history. olson, valerie vollrath; kohler, wis.; a.b. in russian; phi lambda pi. o ' neal, karen lee; melville, n. y.; a.b. in soci- ology; aws election chairman. o ' neill, brian peter; Syracuse, n. y.; a.b. in sociology. oppel, ellen marie; coral gables, fla.; b.s. in biology; beta beta beta, dean ' s list 1. o ' quinn, John frank; ft. pierce, fla.; a.b. in psychology. ozer, neil Steven; miami beach, fla.; b.s. in biology and chemistry. pages, francisco lose; miami, fla.; b.s. in chem- istry. pakowitz, Stanley carl; miami, fla.; a.b. in finance. pappy, richard wesley; malvern, pa.; a.b. in government; kappa sigma. parker, francos ann; Washington, d. c.; a.b. in english; delta delta delta. paris, barbara ann; Cleveland, ohio; a.b. in mass communications; sigma delta tau, wvum, gamma alpha chi, zeta phi eta, semi-finals homecoming queen. parks, joel; miami, fla.; a.b. in drama. parrino, Joseph; tampa, fla.; b.s. in chem. pafz, staven brent; york, pa.; a.b. in mass communications. paul, jane; harrison, n. y.; a.b. in english. paul, am ' s m.; miami beach, fla.; a.b. in eng- lish; delta theta mu sec., alpha lambda delta, phi kappa phi, mortar board, program council, hurricane, dean ' s list 1, 2, 3. pavelin, ellyn dorothty; evanston, ill.; a.b. in english. pazos, hilda maria; miami, fla.; a.b. in soci- ology. peck, bradtord b.; peaks island, maine; b.s. in zoology. perkins, jr., robert mitchell; phoenix, md.; a.b. in drama. pero, gall leslie; miami, fla.; a.b. in art history; kappa kappa gamma. pilla, dominick Joseph; Jacksonville, fla.; a.b. in sociology; young republicans, veterans assoc. pinckney, lehman james; monterey, cal.; a.b. in psychology; dean ' s list 1. 410 pintado, celia e.; miami, fla.; a.b. in psy- chology. pitnick, nancy caryl; harrisburg, pa.; a.b. in psychology, dean ' s list 3, 4. ploch, cynthia agnes, stony brook, n. y.; a.b. in art; alpha chi omega, little sister of alpha epsilon pi, u sg sec. of internal affairs. poller, peter stephan; miami beach, fla.; a.b. in fine arts; kappa pi v. pres., hansen publi- cations award, 1968. popivchak, Stephanie patricia; carnegie, pa.; a.b. in political science; alpha delta pi, varsity cheerleader captain, pep club, homecoming executive comm. posner, harold; miami, fla.; a.b. in history. post, robert m.; miami, fla.; a.b. in history; ski club, young republicans. powers, Josephine theresa; ormond beach, fla.; a.b. in english. prokopec, robert Charles; horseheads, n. y.; a.b. in history. pujol, juan luis; hialeah, fla.; a.b. in psycholo- gy; international student festival co-chairman, chess club, intercontinental club, international club, regional games rep. puyot, alice jane; Washington, d. c.; a.b. in english, dean ' s list 3. quinlivan, mark Vincent; camillus, n. y.; a.b. in history. ragone, peter william; west hempstead, n. y.; a.b. in history; sigma alpha mu. rand, alison cutting; east patchogue, n. y.; b.s. in biology; beta beta beta sec. rappaport, a an henry; miami, fla.; a.b. in his- tory; tau epsilon phi historian, scribe, scholar- ship chairman. raymond, diane helen; no. miami beach, fla.; a.b. in english. rebel, thomas paul; ann arbor, mich.; b.s. in biology; sigma chi v. pres.; pledgemaster, sec.; usg treas., student activity fee alloca- tion comm.; earn! gras ass ' t chairman, uec, union board of governors, tradition room comm. chairman, ifc coop. comm. chair- man, dean ' s list 2. reichenbach, paul John; ft .lauderdale, fla.; a.b. in german; delta phi alpha pres., treas., aerospace officers military honor soc. rein, Steven; coral gables, fla.; b.s. in psy- chology, dean ' s list 3. remensnyder, James raquet; saginaw, mich.; b.s. in biology. reynolds, holly susan; ossining, n. y.; b.s. in biology. reznick, lee alien; bal harbor, fla.; a.b. in po- litical science; dean ' s list 2. rickert, donna claire; s. miami, fla.; a.b. in sociology. rickert jr., kenneth wilson; miami, fla.; a.b. in english. rigg, matthew vassar; kingsport, tenn.; a.b. in economics; pershing rifles sec.-treas., dooley house social director, russian club. rine, james marshal!; detroit, mich.; b.s. in geology, phi eta sigma, scabbard and blade pres., dean ' s list 1, 2. rivas, mario luis; Charleston, s. c.; b.s. in chemistry; international club, intercontinental club. roberts, joanne hildegarde; miami, fla.; a.b. in history; aws pres., alpha theta kappa pres., usg council, union board of governors, union expansion board, army rote princess, urn women ' s bowling team, newman club, russian club. roberts, marc preston; glenhurst mpls., minn.; b.s. in chemistry; zeta beta tau, dean ' s list 2. rabinowitz, michael Stephen; miami beach, fla.; b.s. in chemistry; phi eta sigma v. pres., al- pha delta pres., dean ' s list 1. rockney, vaughn duane; bethesda, md.; b.s. in physics; phi eta sigma, pi mu epsilon, dean ' s list 1. roditi, Charles; Caracas, Venezuela; a.b. in government. rodkin, sharon beth; massapequa, n. y.; a.b. in art. rodriguez, edilberto otto; miami, fla.; a.b. in history. romeu, aura .; miami, fla.; a.b. in psychology. roslund, Janet elizabeth; elizabeth, pa.; b.s. in geology; sigma kappa, alpha lambda delta, who ' s who, alpha theta kappa, rho lambda, mortar board, panhellenic council pres., dean ' s list 1. ross, marilyn .; no. miami beach, fla.; a.b. in american civilization; phi lambda pi, kappa delta pi, delta theta mu, epsilon tau lambda, phi kappa phi, dean ' s list 4. ross, michael Stewart; plymouth, mich.; a.b. in english and german; pi kappa phi. roth, Jeffrey paul; sandusky, Ohio; a.b. in speech. rothstein, pamela; lynbrook, n. y.; a.b. in english. rowser, Jacqueline frazier; miami, fla.; b.s. in english; delta sigma theta, who ' s who, dean ' s list 2. ruff, donna beth; miami beach, fla.; a.b. in art history, kappa pi, hurricane staff, dean ' s list 3. ruff, trances rachel; spartanburg, s. c.; b.s. in biology; alpha lambda delta, dean ' s list 1, 2. ruiz, de villa, amada; miami, fla.; a.b. in psy- chology; fed. of cuban students, alpha lambda delta, dean ' s list 1. ruopp, paul h.; danbury, conn.; b.s. in geology; sigma phi epsilon. saari, robert william; painesville, Ohio; a.b. in music. sadkin, Stephen martin; miami beach, fla.; b.s. in general business. salentriend, ilyse ann; dyersburg, tenn.; a.b. in art. Salisbury, Jessica Irene; opa locka, fla.; b.s. in chemistry. sanchez, george; vero beach, fla.; a.b. in mass communications; dean ' s list 1, 2. sanchez, luis; miami, fla.; a.b. in government; alpha tau omega, arnold air society, aerospace officers military honor soc., young democrats, usg cabinet, afrotc, sigma alpha tau. sandier, roberta sandra; miami, fla.; a.b. in english; alpha epsilon phi, eta beta rho, dean ' s list 1. sanford, richard a an; brooklyn, n. y.; a.b. in Spanish; iota tau alpha. satin, wendy alice; miami beach, fla.; a.b. in art history, dean ' s list 1. saull, leffrey Stephen; brooklyn, n. y.; a.b. in history; tau epsilon phi; outstanding fraternity man, judiciary comm. sawyer, ronnie-lee; silver spring, md.; a.b. in human relations, young democrats, hillel, aws, uso, concert choir, dean ' s list 3. scheinberg, bruce Joel; north mia mi beach, fla.; a.b. in english; tau epsilon phi, sweet- heart of delta phi epsilon, ifc rep., scribe. schiller, william Joseph; wexford, pa.; b.s. in sociology; kappa sigma. schlenker, carry richard; rockaway, n. j.; a.b. in psychology; phi eta sigma, delta theta mu, french club, dean ' s list 1, 2, 3, 4. schmahl, patricia ann; ft. lauderdale, fla.; b.s. in botany; beta beta beta, delta phi alpha. Schwartz, daniel s.; miami, fla.; a.b. in speech; pi kappa phi chaplain, young democrats pres., usg attorney gen., ccun v. pres., varsity debater, dean ' s list 1. Schwartz, richard e.; great neck, n. y.; a.b. in mass communications, dean ' s list 2. schwenzfeir, emily alien; ft. lauderdale, fla.; a.b. in biology. seelig, samuel alvin; north miami beach, fla.; a.b. in biology; alpha epsilon delta, int ' l pre- med honor soc., dean ' s list 2. segal, philip c.; albany, n. y.; a.b. in econom- ics; alpha epsilon pi. seguin, robert Stephen; arlington, va.; a.b. in geography; lambda chi alpha v. pres., gamma theta upsilon, m squad, ifc rep., athletic chairman, activities chairman, rush book edi- tor, carni gras-layout chairman, assistant ad- ministrative chairman, outstanding service award, spirit week co-chairman, uao treas., tours chairman, pep club pres., french club. selmi jr., william; coral gables, fla.; a.b. in geography; gamma theta upsilon v. pres., dean ' s list 3. serafino, pasquale vincent; hollywood, fla.; a.b. in history. sever, Charles ronald; palatine, ill.; a.b. in fi- nance; alpha kappa psi. Shapiro, hermine Inez; parsippany, n. j.; a.b. in english; dean ' s list 2. sharpe, jr., thomas q.; coral gables, fla.; a.b. in psychology; phi mu alpha. shaw, robert Joseph; miami, fla.; b.s. in chemis- try club, junior court deputy, dean ' s list 3. Sherman, alan edward; miami beach, fla.; a.b. in government; alpha epsilon pi, pi sigma alpha pres., phi eta sigma, omega, usg v. pres., g. e. college bowl program um team member, us naval academy foreign affairs con- ference um delegate, ifc rush book editor, scholarship chairman, um local honor scholar- ship, dean ' s list 1, 2. sherman, richard louis; miami, fla.; b.s. in bi- ology; ibis and hurricane photographer. shore, larry; Philadelphia, pa.; a.b. in philoso- phy; hurricane sports writer, urn-sports pub- licity writer, dean ' s list 1. seigel, lynn ann; shaker heights, Ohio; a.b. in history and government. sill, ronald newman; flint, mich.; a.b. in mass communications; phi epsilon pi, alpha epsilon rho pres. simon, Jeffrey carlton; westport, conn.; a.b. in biology. simon, kenneth martin; coral gables, fla.; b.s. in physics; delta theta mu, phi eta sigma, pi mu epsilon. 411 simonsen, erik; miami, fla.; a.b. in art educa- tion. singer, steven michael; glen cove, n. y.; a.b. in history; alpha epsilon pi, usg public rela- tions comm. sisk, susan ana; oak lawn, communications. II.; a.b. in mass slomowitz, tarry jay; pompano beach, fla.; b.s. in zoology; alpha epsilon pi. small, William henry; yarmouth, maine; b.s. in math. smith, bonnie ann; miami, fla.; a.b. in art; alpha chi omega treas., alpha lambda delta, kappa pi, mortar board, town girls, " hurricane honey " , army rote princess corps sec. treas., rote queen ' s court, french club, mahoney hall corresponding sec., women ' s disciplin- ary comm., chess club, dean ' s list 1. smith Jeanne elizabeth; w. miami, fla.; a.b. in english. smith, molly lackey; naples, fla.; a.b. in art; mahoney hall council, women ' s apartment council pres., sailing hurricanes, aws cen- tral council. smithline, a an; north bellmore, long island, n. y.; intramurals, war protest, sds. soil, richard s.; miami, fla.; a.b. in foreign lauguages; phi eta Sigma, dean ' s list 3. soff, ronald charles; coral gables, fla.; a.b. in mass communications. speichler, louis; n. miami beach, fla.; a.b. in psychology. spindell, michael s.; hollywood, fla.; a.b. in sociology; intramural rep., house pres., sena- tor, mrha. young democrats. spinetta, elissa c.; Washington, d. c.; b.s. in marketing. sponnoble, sue; Johnstown, n. y.; a.b. in mass communications; delta zeta v. pres., guard, master of the ritual, parliamentarian, philan- thropies chairman, province pride, alpha tau kappa pres., aws central council, orienta- tion chairman, nominations and elections chairman, woman ' s world editor, hurricane copy editor, hurricane evaluation comm.; parents ' program advisory comm., 960 plan- ning comm. standhardt, robert theodore; miami, fla.; a.b. in philosophy. stein, wilma; miami, fla.; a.b. in psychology. Steinberg, joni susan; miami, fla.; b.s. in math; alpha epsilon phi, phi mu epsilon sec., pan- hellenic scholar, scholars and fellows, aiie, acm, dean ' s list 2, 3, 4. Steinberg, linda sue; miami beach, fla.; a.b. in psychology. stern, Stephen I.; miami, fla.; a.b. in english; theta delta pres., tempo managing editor, dean ' s list 2, 3. Stewart, jane marie; western springs, ill.; a.b. in art; alpha delta pi, cheerleader, urn hostess, college board. Stewart, John Christopher; ft. myers, fla.; a.b. in american civilization. stoecklen, ronald george; camp pendleton, calif.; b.s. in biology; sigma alpha epsilon. sfoffer, michael david; Chicago, ill.; a.b. in mass communications; wvum operations di- rector. sfreef, John david; scituate, mass.; a.b. in hu- man relations; lambda chi alpha pres., sec. strehle, kenneth r.; Philadelphia, pa.; b.s. in chemistry; phi eta sigma, delta theta mu, marching band, concert band, symphonic band, concert choir, brass choir, resident ad- visor, dean ' s list 1, 2, 3, 4. strnad, susan; riverside, ill.; a.b. in biology. struck, lynn; north haledon, n. j.; a.b. in eng- lish; alpha delta pi, tempo assistant editor. strunin, robert joel; miami, fla.; a.b. in govern- ment; young democrats. stutman, steven carl; Jackson heights, n. y.; a.b. in history. suberati, John Charles; paterson, n. j.; a.b. in psychology; sigma chi. suglia, edward a.; westwood, n. j.; a.b. in his- tory; sigma alpha epsilon. sulcs jr., george; miami, fla.; b.s. in chemistry. Sweeney, kathryn ann; miami, fla.; b.s. in bi- ology; alpha lambda delta, delta theta mu, film society sec., dean ' s list 2. swetman, Christine marie; ft. lauderdale, fla.; a.b. in english; tempo managing editor. swire, kenneth; miami beach, fla.; b.s. in biology. tarbox, arthur richard; belmont, mass.; b.s. in chemistry; mrha senate, house pres. tarnove, kenneth cecil; pompano beach, fla.; a.b. in religion. fare , charles franklin; miami, fla.; b.s. in chemistry; alpha epsilon delta. taylor, elizabeth harvey; scituate, mass.; a.b. in mass communications; alpha epsilon rho, alpha theta kappa, zeta phi eta, mortar board, who ' s who in american colleges and universi- ties 1968, mahoney hall council floor rep., rec. sec., pres., whitten union program coun- cil sec., chairman and social chairman, uni- versity entertainment comm., army rote princess. tedesco, margaret barbara; albany, ga.; a.b. in audiology and speech pathology; delta zeta parliamentarian, treas., sigma alpha eta, sigma phi epsilon sweetheart court, whitten memorial union hostess and information girl. re era, felix c.; hialeah, fla.; a.b. in economics; alpha kappa psi, dean ' s list 1. thorn, margaret dianne; n. miami, fla.; a.b. in psych ology. thillmann, John h.; rochester, n. y.; a.b. in geography; gamma theta upsilon. tingler, lillian pearl; miami, fla.; a.b. in soci- ology. timmer, c. elroy; ft. lauderdale, fla.; b.s. in botany. focco, francis paul; stone ridge, n. y.; a.b. in history; alpha tau omega. tomas, aida del carmen; miami beach, fla.; a.b. in Spanish; phi sigma sigma, rho lambda, sigma delta pi, delta theta mu, alpha lambda delta, alpha theta kappa, mortar board pres., panhellenic scholar, rote princess, dean ' s list 1, 2,3. torppa, a an james; maynard, mass.; a.b. in philosophy; dean ' s list 2, 3. fore;-, karen olivia; titusville, n. j.; a.b. in eng- lish. troup HI, william James; hagerstown, md.; b.s. in biology. trujillo, araceli; catonsville, md.; a.b. in Span- ish. tuccitto, michael william; n. miami beach, fla.; a.b. in mass communications. turner jr., benjamin Worcester; coral gables, fla.; a.b. in history and sociology; phi alpha theta, dean ' s list 2. trager, kenneth bruce; Portsmouth, va.; a.b. in economics. trease, dennis g.; miami, fla.; a.b. in mass communications; alpha epsilon rho, radio and television guild v. pres., wvum radio sports director, dean ' s list 2. turbin, richard martin; surfside, fla.; b.s. in chemistry; phi eta sigma, alpha epsilon delta, phi kappa phi, um scholarship, um dept. of chem. letter of commendation, dean ' s list 1,2,3. turek, ronald j.; downers grove, economics. II.; b.s. in turner II, robert ernest; leominster, mass.; b.s.b.a. in industrial management. vargias, georgeanna thalassites; miami, fla.; a.b. in english; sigma kappa. valenzuela, mario; Colombia, s. a.; b.s. in bi- ology; Colombian club. vargas, felix luis; newburgh, n. y.; b.s. in bi- ology. vargias, ose luis; newburgh, n. y.; b.s. in pre- med. vass, george william; annandale, va.; a.b. in psychology; kappa sigma, phi eta sigma, dean ' s list 1, 2. vazquez, ose german; bogota. jlombia; a.b. in ecomonics; alpha phi omegr atin american students assoc., Colombian clu , newman club, intercontinental club, ccun. vazguez, martha alicia; bogota, Colombia; b.s. in chemistry, and psychology. velasco, albert; tampa, fla.; b.s. in chemistry, ve ez, arnaldo; miami, fla.; a.b. in government. vered, dan; miami, fla.; b.s. in math; pi beta mu, dean ' s list 2. victor, barry douglas; huntington station, n. y.; a.b. in psychology; intramural boxing and wrestling champion, varsity soccer, resident advisor. victor, John r.; salem, n.h.; a.b. in government. vinsant jr., John ezra; coral gables, fla.; b.s. in chemistry; alpha epsilon delta sec., chair- man mass communications comm., phi eta sigma, delta theta mu, phi kappa phi, beta beta beta, german club, usg tutor, " upward bound program " tutor, chemistry club membership comm., american chem. soc. student affiliate pres., student court deputy, m squad, presi- dent ' s council, rote exemplary leadership certificates, uso student advisor, ben novack foundation scolarship, bateman scholarship, dean ' s list 1, 2, 3. von ' any, kathryn ann; miami, fla.; a.b. in psy- chology; delta theta mu. vuona, paul henry; Worcester, mass.; a.b. in art. wacher, warren; miami, fla.; b.s. in chemistry; beta beta beta, phi eta sigma, alpha epsilon delta, alpha phi omega, young democrats, chemistry club, hillel foundation, um sports car club, dean ' s list 2. wagner, robert dark; miami, fla.; a.b. in per- sonnel management. walsh, janet anne; rumson, n. j.; a.b. in art; angel flight treas., gamma alpha chi. waiter, mary ann; bolongo bay, St. thomas, v. i.; b.s. in biology; beta beta beta, delta theta mu, phi kappa phi, sailing hurricanes, intra- murals, resident advisor, dean ' s list 1, 2, 3. waiters, marilene e.; webster, n. y.; a.b. in english; chi omega. waiters, robert steven; miami beach, fla.; a.b. in psychology; army rote. wardecker, julianne; lombard, ill.; a.b. in soci- ology; delta gamma, little sister of the maltese cross, rho lambda. 412 marnke, george frederick; skokie, ill.; b.s. in biology; dean ' s list 4. weber, edward thomas; milwaukee, wise.; a.b. in sociology. webster, waiter crosley; buffalo grove, ill.; b.s. in biology; theta chi, orange key. weinstein, deni sue; Chicago, ill.; a.b. in art; sigma delta tail, gamma alpha chi, aws college board pres. weldon, Judith suzanne; miami, fla.; a.b. in french; delta theta mu, phi kappa phi, pi delta phi, iota tau alpha, dean ' s list 3, 4. wertz, penelope lou; miami, fla.; a.b. in math; chi omega v. pres., sec., pledge trainer, angel flight administrative officer, exec, of- ficer, commander, little sister of the maltese cross, afrotc military ball queen, mortar board, who ' s who among students in american col- leges and universities, fla. state diving cham- pion, us women ' s nat ' l. diving championship finalist, s.e. us regional diving champion, homecoming queen finalist, dean ' s list 3. wickens, rebecca Joyce; mt. Clemens, mich.; a.b. in commercial art. Williamson, Jeffrey neal; miami, fla.; a.b. in government. wilson, daniel f rands; miami, fla.; a.b. in drama-english; drama guild pres., treas., sil- verstein memorial award. wilson, steve; miami, fla.; a.b. in business. wing, gregory brian; Jupiter, fla.; b.s. in chem- istry; pi kappa phi. winsten, donald arthur; yonkers, n. y.; a.b. in mass communications. wirtshafter, amery ray; s. miami, fla.; b.s. in chemistry; alpha epsilon delta, beta beta beta, honor scolarship, uso, chemistry club pub- licity comm. chairman, american chem. soc. student affiliates treas., m squad, student court deputy, german club, dean ' s list 2, 3, 4. wisenbaker, robert shearod; miami, fla.; b.s. in geology. wolfson, david alexander; miami beach, fla.; a.b. in sociology. woody, edward ronald; silver springs, md.; b.s. in chemistry; tau kappa epsilon. worgul, basil viadimir; woodhaven, n. y.; b.s. in biology; beta beta beta, Jackson house volleyball team mrha trophy. wright, barry h.; hialeah, fla.; b.s. in math. wright, John wayne; miami, fla.; a.b. in geogra- phy; gamma theta upsilon. wright, lisa clilt; tampa, fla.; a.b. in psychology. wuest, Catherine; lake worth, fla.; a.b. in psy- chology; intramurals, dean ' s list 1. yantz, phyllis marilyn; miami, fla.; a.b. in Spanish. young, carole henry; miami, fla.; b.s. in biolo- gy; beta beta beta. zeller, jane elizabeth; oneida, n. y.; a.b. in english; dean ' s list 2. zilioli, paul anthony; miami, fla.; b.s. in chemis- try; dean ' s list 2. Zimmerman, diane; miami beach, fla.; a.b. in philosophy; departmental honors in philoso- phy, general honors degree, tulane public re- lations comm., scrapbook chairman, urn hon- ors comm., junior year abroad (u. of Vienna), philosophy club v. pres., sec.; dean ' s list 1, 2, 3, 4. zuckerman, daniel phillip; n. miami beach, fla.; a.b. in psychology-philosophy. aaron, wllliam; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in govern- ment. aaronoff, barry neal; n. y, n. y.; b.b.a in fi- nance; alpha epsilon pi pledgemaster. abromovitz, Joseph glen; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in marketing. ace edo, armando gregorio; hialeah, fla.; b.b.a. in accounting; phi kappa phi, beta alpha psi, dean ' s list 3. ackerman, mark donde; mckeesport, pa.; b.b.a. in finance; um entertainment comm., union program council, dean ' s list 3. albert, arthur Joseph; clarks green, pa.; b.b.a. in government; delta sigma pi, alpha delta sigma, circle k, debate team, ccun, um lecture series, rote cadet major, brigade, usg tradi- tions comm., dink court, assistant to the pres., special assistant to the pres., certificate of merit, plaque of appreciation, pres. Stanford ' s parent advisory comm., usg certificate of meritorious service. alma, ramon antonio; santo domingo, domini- can republic; b.b.a. in economics; interna- tional club, intercontinental club. altman, paul bernard; barbados, west indies; b.b.a. in economics; sigma alpha mu pres., chess team. andersen, eric michael; coral gables, fla.; b.b.a. in marketing. arnold, robert martin; rochester, n. y.; b.b.a. in marketing. asher, richard george; howard beach, n. y.; b.b.a. in marketing. asmus, barry kent; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in ac- counting; delta sigma pi, beta alpha psi, beta gamma sigma, plantation foods inc. award, dean ' s list 3, 4. astrom, richard stig; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in fi- nance; sigma chi. ayre, richard vaughn; boulder, colo.; b.b.a in marketing. babowicz, kenneth Joseph; utica, n. y.; b.b.a. in finance. bagg, john leonard; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in mar- keting; phi delta theta. banasiak, waiter; hinsdale, ill.; b.b.a. in finance. barger, robert edward; hialeah, fla.; b.b.a in management; scabbard and blade. barnes, James andrew; maplewood, n. j.; b.b.a. in marketing. bazel, a an; hpllywood, fla.; b.b.a. in manage- ment; dean ' s list 3. bean, Jonathan david; niantic, conn.; b.b.a. in general business; alpha tau omega, rote. beckerman, cheryl yvette; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in marketing. berdoll, louis richard; Springfield, ill.; b.b.a. in finance; phi delta theta. bersin, gary; perth amboy, n. j.; b.b.a. in ac- counting. beymann, brad m.; san antonio, texas; b.b.a. in management; sigma alpha mu, usg, nra, dean ' s list 3. blachley, robert james; Chicago, ill.; b.b.a. in marketing; phi delta theta dorm v. pres. bogoiovits, nicholas; islip, n. y.; b.b.a. in ac- counting; beta alpha psi. bogolub, william lanoesman; Chicago, ill.; b.b.a. in general business. bolanos, alvaro; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in personnel management. bratton, melvin douglas; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in general business. brazinski, bartholomew paul; elizabeth, n. j.; b.b.a. in general business. brodnik, timothy james; ft. lauderdale, fla.; b.b.a. in marketing; lambda chi alpha. brumage, gary lynn; kodiak, alaska; b.b.a. aerospace management; sigma alpha tau. bunting, Joseph paul; Pittsburgh, pa.; b.b.a. in accounting; phi delta theta. bustamante, luis; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in market- ing. buzza, richard porter; bethel park, pa.; b.b.a. in general business; um sports car club, hustlers, intramurals. cance liere, Charles shaw; b.b.a. in finance. mckeesport, pa.; bethel, conn.; b.b.a. carlson, robert waiter; in marketing. carson, robert edward; barrington, r. L; b.b.a. in marketing; sigma alpha epsilon. carvette III, Charles william; jenkintown, pa.; b.b.a. in finance. casper, larry ion; hialeah, fla.; b.b.a. in ac- counting. cavdill, cecelia jane; miami, fla.; b.b.a in ac- counting; beta alpha psi, management club sec., interbusiness org. council, dean ' s list 3. cepero, elroy g.; coral gables, fla.; b.b.a. in management; kappa sigma, track team, fed- eration of cuban students. cernuto, terence f.; pleasant, pa.; b.b.a in management. chevy chase, md.; Charles, eric Jonathan; b.b.a. in marketing. charnay, Jeffrey bruce; plainview, n. y.; b.b.a. in government. chernoff, harris ronald; miami beach, fla.; b.b.a in marketing; delta sigma pi, chess club v. pres., convention rep. chung, dennis patrick; beverly hills, Jamaica, w. i.; b.b.a. in finance; delta sigma pi, iboc. citaldi, Stephen richard; briarcliff manor, n. y.; b.b.a. in finance. citrin, Charles a an; miami beach, fla.; b.b.a. in accounting; beta alpha psi, dean ' s list 2. Clifford, ronald m.; Indianapolis, ind.; b.b.a. in marketing; sigma chi, freshman class pres., singing hurricanes. clorus, robert dale; new castle, pa.; b.b.a. in economics; phi delta theta, ifc rep., sea. cohen, ieff richard; little neck, n. y.; b.b.a. in finance. collins, richard w.; miami, nance. fla.; b.b.a. in fi- confessore, richard ralph; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in accounting. cooper, kenneth ronald; deerfield, ill.; b.b.a. in management. Crawford, james vernon; coral gables, fla.; b.b.a. in management; young republicans. cucurullo, II, oscar; santo domingo, dom. repub.; b.b.a. in economics; alpha kappa psi, 1968 exec. comm. for international student ' s week, chess club tres., chess club pres., pres. of the latin american student ' s assoc., Colombian club v. pres., collegiate council for the u. n., management club, intercontin- ental club, french club, council of interna- tional students organizations, aiesec. 413 peter; orange, n. j.; b.b.a. in cummings, patrick paul; seneca falls, n. y.; b.b.a. in finance; alpha chi rho. dall, ronald ernest; garfield hts., Ohio; b.b.a. in marketing; delta sigma pi. dannenhauer, daniel george; mckeesport, pa.; b.b.a. in general business; alpha phi delta. davenport, richard b.; hamburg, n. y.; b.b.a. in general business. davies, John emmet; coral gables, fla.; b.b.a. in marketing; dean ' s list 2, 3. dawson, david Charles; wayne, n. j.; b.b.a. in management; sigma chi. dearden, lloyd arnold; parmer, mass.; b.b.a. in marketing. de la vega, alicia s.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in accounting. delisa, John marketing. de os santos, luis m.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in accounting. dennison, earl William; dorer, n. j.; b.b.a. in accounting. derr, w. harris; highspire, pa.; b.b.a. in man- agement; sigma alpha tau, hurricane, ibis, management club. diamond, nikki melinda; daytona beach, fla.; b.b.a. in marketing; alpha kappa psi, young democrats sec., ibis, hillel, gamma alpha chi, iboc. diamond, roberta band; n. miami beach, fla.; b.b.a. in management; dean ' s list 2. diaz, guillermo }.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in ac- counting. dickstein, Stephanie; coral gables, fla.; b.b.a. in marketing; delta phi epsilon. drucker, kenneth bruce; brookline, mass.; b.b.a. in government; sigma alpha mu. dubin, richard William; hallandale, fla.; b.b.a. in management; delta sigma pi. dziuba, anthony Joseph; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in management; alpha kappa psi. edelman, leonard; melrose park, pa.; b.b.a. in marketing. ego , william h.; red bank, n. j.; b.b.a. in economics; dean ' s list 2. einhorn, Stephen warren; n. y., n. y.; b.b.a. in marketing; lambda chi alpha. ellis, william henry; douglasville, pa.; b.b.a. in finance. entwistle, philip lloyd; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in management. evert, jr., samuel harry; bloomsburg, pa.; b.b.a. in industrial management; lambda chi alpha, management club, civil engineering club, pep club. tarnkoff, thomas Charles; guttenberg, n. j.; b.b.a. in marketing; alpha kappa psi, young republicans. feo, ralph; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in industrial en- gineering. ferranti, robert g., bethpage, n. y.; b.b.a. in finance; business club. fisher, olivia ann; nassau, bahamas; b.b.a. in accounting; kappa kappa gamma tres., alpha lambda delta, orange key, mortar board, pro- gram council, angel flight, dean ' s list 1. flynn, barry John; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in ac- counting. fogden, waiter george; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in management; national teacher corps. forbes, betty carol; borger, tex.; b.b.a in business ed.; hurricane skiers, concert choir. fouteh, garth c.; coral gables, fla.; b.b.a. in government. trangiosa, Joseph a.; fairview, n. j.; b.b.a. in management. fraska, John Wallace; Springfield, mass.; b.b.a. in management. freedman, andrew; cedarhurst, n. y.; b.b.a. in marketing. freedman, rober; coral gables, fla.; b.b.a. in management; management club, dean ' s list 2,4. friedlander, faye c.; coral gables, fla.; b.b.a. in accounting; phi sigma sigma. friedman, david ross; hollywood, fla.; b.b.a. in marketing; alpha epsilon pi, dean ' s list 2. ga ; ' s, guillermo; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in ac- counting. gallardo, fernando; san Juan, puerto rico; b.b.a. in management; lambda chi alpha, hurri- cane, ibis. garcia, carlos p.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in ac- counting. garnick, bernard; Chicago, ill.; b.b.a. in fi- nance; alpha kappa psi. gettis, lawrence william; miami beach, fla.; b.b.a. in accounting; zeta beta tau. giamarino, nick c.; cedar knolls, n. j.; b.b.a. in management. gibbons, James patrick; Pittsburgh, pa.; b.b.a. in marketing; golf team. gilbert, edwin arthur; Jefferson, n. y.; b.b.a. in industrial management. glanz, maly; miami, fla., b.b.a. in account- ing; tau kappa epsilon. goldstein, arthur .; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in ac- counting; alpha kappa psi. gomez, martha g.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in ac- counting; fed. of cuban students. gonzalez, silvano felix; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in industrial management; rote, scabbard and blade. gordon, James a.; new vernon, n. j.; b.b.a. in general business. grabow, Steven hunt; hewlett harbor, n. y.; b.b.a. in finance. granger, courtenay I.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in accounting; beta alpha psi, epsilon tau lamb- da, dean ' s list 1, 2, 3. gray, russel; bronx, n. y.; b.b.a. in marketing; phi delta theta. green, John david; newark, n. j.; b.b.a. in fi- nance. grossman, marc; plainview, n. y.; b.b.a. in finance. grotz, dale Charles; dayton, Ohio; b.b.a. in management; sigma chi. groves, charles w.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in man- agement; veterans org. gundee, howard norman; Chicago, ill.; b.b.a. in marketing; alpha epsilon pi. , gutmacher, jon h.; westfield, n. j.; b.b.a. in government. halsband, Steven thomas; e. greenwich, r. i.; b.b.a. in business management; young demo- crats, hillel. hamberger, john richard; auburn, n. y.; b.b.a. in marketing; alpha delta sigma. hand, Jeff; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in accounting. hart, fames francis; bethlehem, pa.; b.b.a. in marketing. hartman, norman a. je.; ft. meyers beach, fla.; b.b.a. in management; resident advisor, scab- bard and blade, rote, dean ' s list 3. hawkins, william c., coral gables, fla.; b.b.a. in management; alpha kappa psi. herr, John land is; general business. lancaster, pa.; b.b.a. herring, felix I.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in finance; delta sigma pi. hogg, charles francis; gloucester pt., va.; b.b.a. in government. hogvet, hollins; new canaan, conn.; b.b.a. in finance. holslag, John frank; levittown, pa.; b.b.a. in marketing. hooker, Stephen lynn; tuscola, ill.; b.b.a. in marketing. ives, marshal! g.; atlantic beach, n. y.; b.b.a. in finance. Jacobs, alexander john; Philadelphia, pa.; b.b.s. in marketing. jamal, asif dawood; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in ac- counting; rote. janssen, arwin John; balboa, canal zone; b.b.a. in marketing. jayson, steven m.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in finance; alpha kappa psi. iohnson, thomas donnelley; ft. lauderdale, fla.; b.b.a. in finance; sigma chi. iohnson, w. p.; coral gables, fla.; b.b.a. in marketing; phi delta theta. kalech, marc bruce; bayside, n. y.; b.b.a. in government; tau kappa epsilon, usg, ifc, mrha, assoc. justice usg traffic court. cane, phillip myer; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in ac- counting; sigma alpha mu. kanoff, s. Joel; clifton, n. j.; b.b.a. in finance; dean ' s list 3. kaplan, robert paul; fort lee, n. j.; b.b.a. in business management. cap us, robert a an; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in fi- nance; zeta beta tau. kellert, arthur bruce; new haven, conn.; b.b.a. in economics. kelly, John Joseph patrick; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in finance; alpha kappa psi, russian club, arnold society of air cadets, dean ' s list 2, 3. kind, danny roger; glen ridge, n. j.; b.b.a. in economics; tau kappa epsilon, rote, ski club. kiner, jack; coral gables, fla.; b.b.a. in market- ing; phi beta lambda. king, george bianco; queyon city, Philippines; b.b.a. in marketing; afro-asian club tres. king, James howard; birmingham, ala.; b.b.a. in marketing. kirschmann, jack w.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in marketing; sigma chi. knopp, martin irvin; miami beach, fla.; b.b.a. in finance; tau epsilon phi. kahut, John waiter; linden, n. j.; b.b.a. in economics; tau kappa epsilon. kolakowski, thomas James; south river, n. j.; b.b.a. in management; management club. kramer, gordon m.; miami beach, fla.; b.b.a. in general business; alpha kappa psi. kramer, steven m.; coral gables, fla.; b.b.a. in finance. krathen, david howard; hollywood, fla.; b.b.a. in transportation management. kruger, irwin; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in manage- ment; alpha kappa psi pres., epsilon tau lambda, management club, phi theta kappa. karnov, peter m.; park ridge, ill.; b.b.a. in management. la belle, lawrence Joseph; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in accounting. 414 lacayo, a me; managua, nicaragua; b.b.a in economics; intercontinental club exec, comm., residence hall staff. lacayo, octavio; diriamba, nicaragua; b.b.a. in marketing; international student club. lehman, thomas howard; buffalo, n. y.; b.b.a. in marketing; lambda chi alpha, orange key, baseball. leone, Joseph vincent; lawrence, mass.; b.b.a. in accounting; delta sigma pi, rote, young democrats, management club, iboc. leone, michael Steven; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in accounting; zeta beta tau, omicron delta kap- pa, iron arrow, omega, orange key. levin, dennis howard; Chicago, ill.; b.b.a. in accounting. levitz, barry rivhard; Oakland, n. j.; b.b.a. in management. lewis, robert gene; Philadelphia, pa.; b.b.a. in finance; alpha kappa psi. linden, Jeffrey michael; yonkers, n. y.; b.b.a. in accounting; tau epsilon phi tres. llopis, vincente rafael; coral gables, fla.; b.b.a. in marketing. lloyd, marguerite phyllis; miami, fla.; b.b.a. finance; dean ' s list 3, 4. longstreth, paul scoff; buffalo, n. y.; b.b.a. in in general business. lopresto, Joseph m.; great neck, n. y.; b.b.a. in accounting; social comm., young demo- crats. luddy, robert edward; whitman, mass.; b.b.a. in marketing. ludwig, harry I.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in gov- ernment; delta sigma pi sec. una, paula maria; carolington, Ohio; b.b.a. in aviation management; management club. malzo, raymond g.; queens, n. y.; b.b.a. in finance; dean ' s list 1, 2. manning, anthony f rands; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in management. martin, kenneth Steven; levittown, n. y.; b.b.a. in personal management; alpha phi omega, afro-asian club, intercontinental club. matarazzo, anthony patrick; nashua, n. h.; b.b.a. in personal management; delta sigma pi iboc, young democrats, intercontinental club, management club. may, george b.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in market- ing. mazzpli, lincoln; vineland, n. j.; b.b.a. in fi- nance; veterans club. mcdowall, douglas duncan; peoria, ill.; b.b.s in marketing. mcewen, michael winsor; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in management. mcgough, robert h.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in management. mckechnie, michael douglas; natrona heights, pa.; b.b.a. in economics. mckinstry, John ' .; wayne, pa.; b.b.a. in marketing. medina, raul juan; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in ac- counting; beta alpha psi. meldoia, Janice Scarborough; de witt, n. y.; b.b.a. in economics. melendez, wilberto; coral gables, fla.; b.b.a. in general business; delta sigma pi, manage- ment club. menocal, pedro r.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in ac- counting. menton, denis w.; upper montclair, n. j.; b.b.a. in marketing. mervis, marc leonard; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in management; delta sigma pi pres., manage- ment club, iboc, pres. council. meskiel, John francis; hudson, ohio; b.b.a. in management; sigma chi, management club. meyer, don carl; ellicott city, md.; b.b.a. in general business. meyer, kurt lorenz; ellicott city, md.; b.b.a. in general business. michalak, raymond edmond; great neck, n. y.; b.b.a. in economics; phi sigma kappa. mickelson, richard d.; rochester, n. y.; b.b.a. in marketing; zeta beta tau, ibis, hurricane, wfun, homecoming comm. miller, John michael; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in bus. management; delta sigma pi. miller, ronald allan; stony point, n. y.; b.b.a. in marketing. mirmelli, Stewart mark; miami beach, fla.; b.b.a. n accounting; beta alpha psi, beta gam- ma sigma, young democrats, iboc. mirzy, veriene wanda; I. i., n. y.; b.b.a. in marketing; french club, aws judge, usg sec., mortar board, dean ' s list 1, 2. mitchell, patrick f.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in fi- nancing. montadas, alfredo m.; miami, fla., b.b.a. in marketing management; dean ' s list 3. monto, edward a.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in market- ing. mora, juan alberto; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in in- dustrial management. mosicowitz, harold edward; elmsford, n. y.; b.b.a. in marketing; delta sigma pi. moyer, barry lee; bakerstown, pa.; b.b.a. in marketing. munchick, barry michael; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in marketing, psychology; delta sigma pi v. pres., hurricane. musumeci, gregory robert; n. y., n. y.; b.b.a. in marketing. nichols, dennis drew; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in accounting. nichols, michelle moran; carmel, n. y.; b.b.a. in marketing, aws judge. no an, dennis h.; ho-ho-kus, n. j.; b.b.a. in marketing. nothstein, brenda kay; trexlertown, pa.; b.b.a. in general business. nowell, raymond neal; holiday, fla.; b.b.a. in finance; sigma chi. noyes, geoffrey Clyde; holden, mass.; b.b.a. in marketing; american marketing assoc., hur- ricane bus. mgr. ohanley, allan Joseph; Chicago, ill.; b.b.a. in marketing. oppenheim, Steven phillip; surfside, fla.; b.b.a. in accounting; beta alpha psi pres., hurri- cane, inter-business org. council, business week, tempo. orlow, jay; n. miami beach, fla.; b.b.a. in fi- nance; dean ' s list 4. ornstein, morton jay; n. miami beach, fla.; b.b.a. in accounting. osterman, david Christopher; williamsville, n. y.; o.b.a. in management. pakan, richaro allan; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in accounting. pallant, Joseph I.; miami beach, fla.; b.b.a. in finance; alpha epsilon pi sec., cosac comm., academic affairs comm. paul, lawrence; schenectady, n. y.; b.b.a. in government. pearl, John douglas; boca raton, fla.; b.b.a. in finance. pedeira, robert; coral gables, fla.; b.b.a. in marketing. pedroso, ramiro alvarez; coral gables, fta.; b.b.a. ; n marketing. peivso, henry; ft. lee, n. j.; b.b.a. in account- ing. petraitis, marlene m.; willow grove, pa.; b.b.a. in marketing. phillips, kenneth mark; milton, mass.; b.b.a. in finance. pino, robert raymond; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in marketing; alpha tau omega, rote. polcari, ralph edward; union city, n. j.; b.b.a. in accounting; beta alpha psi. polito, andrew Joseph; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in personnel management. pope, suzette s.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in ac- counting; phi lampba pi, beta alpha psi, order purple thread, epsilon tau lambda, dean ' s list 2. potler, jay a an; Philadelphia, pa.; b.b.a. in marketing; alpha delta sigma. preisine, robert max; cinn., ohio; b.b.a. in marketing. prieto, ramon ernesto; dom. republic; b.b.a. in management; management club. raisbeck, archie; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in market- ing; delta sigma pi. redo, mary lou; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in market- ing. regan, jr., John Joseph; massapequa park, n. y.; b.b.a. in marketing; kappa sigma pledgemas- ter, rush chairman, usg senior rep., I ' apache, scabbard and blade, pershing rifles v. pres. reisman, richard a an; camp hill, pa.; b.b.a. in marketing. rettger, harry Charles; churchhill, pa.; b.b.a. in accounting. ribas, Jose emilio; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in ac- counting; phi eta sigma, fed. of cuban stu- dents, dean ' s list 1, 2. ridaura, victor; Caracas, Venezuela; b.b.a. in marketing; international club pres. rep. to mrha, ccun v. pres., r. a. mahoney hall, alpha phi omega, antorcha reporter, hurricane re- porter, management club. riediger, kathryn knowles; lauderdale-by-the- sea, fla.; b.b.a. in marketing; chi omega, angel flight, little sister of lambda chi alpha. robbins, richard e.; b.b.a. in marketing; alpha epsilon pi. rodman, Jeffrey martin; scarsdale, n. y.; b.b.a. in public relations; zeta beta tau, homecoming, greek week, carni gras comm. rodney, ann marie; longmeadow, mass.; b.b.a. in marketing; gamma alpha chi, delta sigma pi, rose queen. rodriguez, bertha m.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in accounting. rogers, patricia karen; elizabeth, n. j.; b.b.a. in finance; phi gamma nu, gamma sigma sigma, dean ' s list 3. roof, ramsay jo.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in busi- ness education; sigma kappa, little sister of alpha kappa psi, sailing club, aws rep. rolland, kenneth b.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in accounting. rose, stuart paul; miami, fla.; usg ass ' t. to the pres., m-squad, spirit week comm.; field house comm., young democrats v. pres. rosenman, murray I.: miami beach, fla.; b.b.a. in business. rosen, howard, donald; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in accounting; beta alpha psi, dean ' s list 4. ross, danny ' .; s. miami, fla.; b.b.a. in market- ing; tau kappa alpha. 415 rosso, robert james; springfield, mass.; b.b.a. in marketing; sigma chi. roth, mark lawrence; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in man- agement; arnold air society. rubinstein, Steven Stanley; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in accounting; beta gamma sigma, phi kappa phi senior advisor, phi eta sigma, orange key, beta alpha psi recording sec., men ' s dis- ciplinary comm., um lecture series comm. chairman, usg academic affairs sec., um aca- demic year calendar comm., um registration advisory comm., dean ' s list 3. ruggles, richard thomas; fairfax, va.; b.b.a. in marketing. saenz, Jaime; medellin, Colombia; b.b.a. in in- dustrial management. Salomon, eric 1.; Hudson, n. y.; b.b.a. in man- agement; intramurals, student union aid. Salomon, mark a an; hudson, n. y.; b.b.a. in personnel management. sandier, elliott jay; n. miami beach, fla.; b.b.a. in management; army rote. sands, norma janette; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in accounting. sankersingh, garnet anthony; bolivar, Vene- zuela; b.b.a. in economics; alpha kappa psi sec., phi eta sigma, intercontinental club, man- agement club, dean ' s list 1. saunders, roger lloyd; roslyn, n. y.; b.b.a. in economics; alpha chi rho, iota phi. savinon, douglas; santo domingo, dominican republic; b.b.a. in business. schagane, susan jane; flint, mich.; b.b.a. in economics. Schneider, gary david; east patchogue, n. y.; b.b.a. in finance; alpha epsilon pi, alpha kappa psi. Schneider, jon marc; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in government; sigma alpha mu. schroeder, duke; jenkintown, pa.; b.b.a. in mar- keting; kappa sigma v. pres., track team, management club, interfraternity council rep., um high hurdle record. Schwartz, barry michael; syosset, n. y.; b.b.a. in marketing. schwartz, stuart james; e. orange, n. j.; b.b.a. in marketing; tau delta phi. schwinger, robert michael; miami springs, fla.; b.b.a. in marketing; alpha kappa psi. schwister, wayne w.; menomonee falls, wise.; b.b.a. in general business; sigma alpha mu. Sherman, robert edward; manasguan, n. j.; b.b.a. in accounting. seidle, michael a an; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in finance. serrao, albert .; Syracuse, n. y.; b.b.a. in economics; alpha kappa psi. shraler, a an robert; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in ac- counting; sigma alpha mu, beta alpha psi. shults, edward a.; Williamson, n. y.; b.b.a. in general business; management club. siebel, william raymond; coconut grove, fla.; b.b.a. in management. silverman, Sydney Irving; trenton, n. j.; b.b.a. in marketing; program council, dean ' s list 3. simpson, rosemary m.; mckeesport, pa.; b.b.a. in finance. Sinclair, david norwood; wallingford, conn.; b.b.a. in finance; lambda chi alpha corres- ponding sec., greek week committee. Simmons, michael thomas; Indianapolis, ind.; b.b.a. in finance. slonneger, frank m.; lancaster, pa.; b.b.a. in marketing. smyler, henry ira; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in aero- space management. solomon, marilyn c.; miami beach, fla.; b.b.a. in business ed.; uso, alpha kappa psi little sisters. sortor, gary Stephen; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in economics; hurricane, tempo magazine, usg public relations, dean ' s list. springel, Joseph; laurel springs, n. j.; b.b.a. in general business. stagnato, raymond k.; bronx, n. y.; b.b.a. in finance. stankunas, edward ' .; pitt., pa.; b.b.a. in fi- nance; sigma alpha epsilon. stetkovich, daniel Stephen; franklin, n. j.; b.b.a. in finance. Steinberg, edward; far rockaway, n. y.; b.b.a. in marketing. Steinberg, ronald Steven; glen cove, n. y.; b.b.a. in personnel management. stephan, arthur f.; lagrange, ill.; b.b.a. in management. stern, lawrence a an; spring valley, n. y.; b.b.a. in marketing. sfewarf, gary a an; york, pa.; b.b.a. in eco- nomics; phi delta theta. Stirling, kent hansen; rector, pa.; b.b.a. in marketing, alpha delta sigma. sfone, a on charles; niagara falls, n. y.; b.b.a. in finance; afrotc. suarez, felix }.; rio piedras, puerto rico; b.b.a. in general business. Shapiro, ronald n.; lighthouse point, fla.; b.b.a. in finance. suarez, jesus; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in economics. sulem, louis e.; amsterdam, n. y.; b.b.a. in management. sweet, lawrence howard; vestal, n. y.; b.b.a. in management. tavss, fames martin; n. miami, fla.; b.b.a. in finance. ray or, michael douglas; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in marketing; delta sigma pi. teillon, lance william; berwin, pa.; b.b.a. in marketing; kappa sigma guard, house man- ager, intrafraternity council rep., marketing club, russian club, greek week co-chairman Olympic day. temple, jr., william charles; brant beach, n. j.; b.b.a. in general business. terry, richard f.; mechanicsburg, pa.; b.b.a. in general business. tiemeyer, theodore n.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in finance. tier, a an r.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in government. timpe, conrad; kinnelon, n. j.; b.b.a. in market- ing. trachtman, steven carl; coral gables, fla.; b.b.a. in management; alpha epsilon pi, delta sigma pi, management club pres., inter-business organization councilman. trade, simon k.; mt. vernon, n. y.; b.b.a. in finance; tau epsilon phi, management club. trauman, Stephen joel; coral gables, fla.; b.b.a. in marketing; alpha epsilon pi. truong, thi bao-van; paris, f ranee; b.b.a. in economics. udomphol, rangsit; bangkok, thailand; b.b.a. in management. vega, albert eon; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in ac- counting; beta alpha psi, dean ' s list 3. vega, victor manuel; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in accounting; dean ' s list 4. wagenlander, robert louis; chagrin falls, Ohio; b.b.a. in industrial management. waiters, ann louise; raleigh, n. c.; b.b.a. in personnel management; alpha delta pi. walton, bernice m.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in gen- eral business; epsilon tau lambda, dean ' s list 3. warner, david routson; coral gables, fla.; b.b.a. in finance; dean ' s list 3. wayer, dennis a an; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in aerospace transportation management. weber, charles eugene; miami beach, fla.; b.b.a. in finance. weinblatt, allan; brooklyn, n. y.; b.b.a. in management. white, william thomas; Stanford, conn.; b.b.a. in economics; pi kappa phi office warden, french club, young republicans club chair- man. wigfield, jr., Vincent p.; camp hill, pa.; b.b.a. in accounting. Williams, richard f.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in busi- ness; delta sigma pi, dean ' s list 1. Williams, ronald edward; newton, mass.; b.b.a. in management; delta sigma pi, management club, dean ' s list 3. wilner, norton Samuel; pitt., pa.; b.b.a. in marketing; v. pres. of dorm, house, manage- ment club. wilson, bruce a an; west haven, conn.; b.b.a. in marketing; alpha delta sigma. winston, andrew everett; clearwater, fla.; b.b.a. in government; 960 student jud. board. wohlstetter, John charles; n. y., n. y.; b.b.a. in finance; union mon. night scratch league sec. ' 66. wolfson, sandra ann; lakeland, fla.; b.b.a. in marketing; sigma delta tau, gamma alpha chi v. pres. wolman, roger leslie; douglaston, n. y.; b.b.a. in general business. wright, milton bosley; reisterstown, md.; b.b.a. in management; pi kappa alpha v. pres., management club, young republicans club. wynperle, william t.; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in man- agement and finance; lambda chi alpha, sigma alpha tau. yakin, ronald a.; monticello, n. y.; b.b.a. in accounting. yircali, ahmet rona; miami, fla.; b.b.a. in man- agement; afro-asian club pres., intercontinen- tal club v. pres., ccun, iesec, coiso v. chair- man, dean ' s list 2. yoss, a an david; howard beach, n. y.; b.b.a. in marketing. zak, steven allan; n. y., n. y.; b.b.a. in political science; phi epsilon pi. zook, richard riebe; coral gables, fla.; b.b.a. in economics; pi kappa phi treas., pres., pro- peller club treas., young republicans treas., circle " k " , interfraternity council public rela- tions, greek lines editorial board. zuker, edward earl; chestnut hill, mass.; b.b.a. in finance; alpha epsilon pi, usg rep. 416 til il d ::; ea;i;e- . pw, aaronson, susan terry; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; town girls, democratic club, report- er for hurricane, scroll paper editor, hillel member. abbess, Suzanne helen; dewitt, n. y.; b.ed. in art ed. abrams, tamara f.; miami, fla.; b.ed. in english; n.e.a., f.e.a., kappa delta pi, epsilon tau lambda. aronson, hollace ruth; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. baker, janine lynn; orlando, fla.; b.ed. in ed.; delta gamma, dream girl of pi kappa alpha, ifc hostess, little sister of shield. banks, aaron paul; mamaroneck, n. y.; b.ed. in social studies; mrha, intramurals, young democrats 3, 4. barkas, daryt e.; franklin square, n. y.; b.ed. in speech; sigma alpha eta. barker, gary paul; miami, fla.; b.ed. in physical ed.; phi epsilon kappa, track and cross coun- try teams. beatty, mary Josephine; jupiter, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. behm, bonnie francos; phila., pa.; b.ed. in elem. ed. benkaim, carole; scranton, pa.; b.ed. in ed. bennett, jr., andrew lawrence; s. miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; the lieutenant editor. berglund, ingrid linnea; miami, fla.; b.ed. in english. berglund, son a kristina; hialeah, fla.; b.ed. in social studies. berlinsky, roberta lynne; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. bernstein, Judith fay; blencoe, ill.; b.ed. in physical ed.; phi delta pi, intramurals, hurri- cane skiers. birnbaum, linda t. I.; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. blanton, lynn ruth; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; tau beta sigma rec. sec., u.m. hostess, solo majorette 1, 2, 3, 4. blomain, lucille ruth; clarks green, pa.; b.ed. in business ed.; delta zeta, mortar board, little sister pi kappa alpha, interfraternity coun- cil hostess, little sister alpha kappa psi. blonstein, ellen kleeman; n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed. blumenthal, robin Jill; miami, fla.; b.ed. in art. boggio, robert edward; miami, fla.; b.ed. in math. boros, andrew h.; miami, fla.; b.ed. in second- ary ed.; sigma phi epsilon. bradley, John warren; cicero, n. y.; b.ed. in biology. brake, ruth ellen; miami, fla.; b.ed. in english. bravo, edgar robert; miami, fla.; b.ed. in social studies. bump, susan r.; adirondack, n. y.; b.ed. in english. burger, william earl; west orange, n. j.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; soccer 2, 3, 4, golf 1, 2, debating team 1, 2, 3, 4 co-capt. 4, van buren house governor 4, dean ' s list 2, 3, 4. burnside, John fredrick; miami, fla.; b.ed. in physical ed.; phi epsilon kappa, circle k. butler, maureen; rochester, n. y.; b.ed. in eng- lish; usg, aws, mahoney hall council, apart- ment council, program council, ski club, sail- ing club. butler, richard allan; allendale, n. j.; b.ed. in general science. cabassa, jesse; miami, fla.; b.ed. in social science. callaway, betty ellen; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; acei, fea, ira. cannon, jaymee ives; ft. lauderdale, fla.; b.ed. in Spanish; dean ' s list 2, 3. carew, hewry g.; corpus christi, texas; b.ed. in physical ed.; varsity football, army rote. carneiro, leo anita; miami, fla.; b.ed. in busi- ness ed. carter, phyllis m.; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; pledge of alpha epsilon phi, college board. cavico, robert r.; miami, fla.; b.ed. in social science; sea 2, 3, 4, young democrats 4. cerrato, ralph Joseph; miami, fla.; b.ed. in geography; kdp, dean ' s list 2, 3. dark, Stephanie greer; morristown, n. j.; b.ed. in ed. choisser, lucy; eldorado, ill.; b.ed. in special ed.; delta gamma, little sister of the shield, dream girl court of pi kappa alpha, jr. class rep. to usg, delta gamma scholarship chair- man and pres., greek wk. exec, board. ciment, denise sandra; n. miami, fla.; b.ed. in social studies. Clayton, linda lee; toms river, n. j.; b.ed. in elem. ed. cohen, cynthia laura; mobile, ala.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; delta phi epsilon, aws judicial court judge. cohen, gloria sue; yonkers, n.y.; b.ed. in elem. ed. cohen, margaret .; Stevenson, md.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; sigma delta tau, aws recognition, women ' s discipline comm., res. advisor, aws counselor, sigma delta tau v. pres., sec., uni- versity lecture committee, usg, nea, ira, young democrats, ad noc comm. cohen, susan; miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; ace I. coleman, III, curtain robert; ft. lauderdale, fla.; b.ed. in physical ed.; alpha tau omega, varsity swimming team. collins, maryesme; middlefield, conn.; b.ed. in elem. ed. congdon, cynthia lee; reading, mass.; b.ed. in elem. ed. conley, barbara I.; coral gables, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; phi kappa phi, dean ' s list 1. corbo, eileen e ' gilda; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. cotzin, alan gordon; holyoke, mass.; b.ed. in social studies; hillel v. pres. 2, pres. 3, 4. curnutt, artha lea; tipton, ind.; b.ed. in elem. ed. curry, esther Isabel; miami, fla.; b.ed. in busi- ness. curtis, william fames; bordentown, n.j.; b.ed. in secondary ed. cypress, beulah; miami, fla.; b.ed in elem. ed.; phi lambda pi, epsilon tau lambda, dean ' s list 2. dansky, susan ann; miami, fla.; b.ed. in special ed. dean, sharon marie; belvedere, n. j.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; alpha delta pi, nea, french club, panhellenic council. deeds, lois jayne; hollywood, fla.; b.ed. in eng- lish; phi theta kappa, dean ' s list 2. delvalle, eladio; hollywood, fla.; b.ed. in busi- ness ed. denenberg, gail; monroe, n. y.; b.ed. in physi- cal ed.; phi delta pi, 730 e. residence pres. de palo, michael waiter; miami, fla.; b.ed. in social studies; phi kappa phi, who ' s who, phi theta kappa, dean ' s list 1, 2, 3, 4. de paola, bernadette ann; hollywood, fla.; b.ed. in english. devtsch, patricia erica; great neck, n. y.; b.ed. elem. ed. diemer, nanette robin; n. miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in elem ed. diener, joel barry; brooklyn, n. y.; b.ed. in physical ed. dinwiddie, pamela jo; breenwich, conn.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; delta gamma, ifc hostess, rote princess, little sister of lambda chi alpha, delta gamma house corp. chairman. de vaio, richard Joseph; boston, mass.; b.ed. in physical ed.; phi epsilon kappa. doherty, Judith barbara; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. dranow, linda bari; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; ass. for childhood ed. int. drapper, selara louise; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. drimmer, kay louise; lima, peru; b.ed. in elem. ed. dubb, louise hetty; fort lauderdale, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; aws counselor, ass. for childhood ed. int. treas., little sister of sigma alpha mu, sea. dunn, kenneth james; wayne, n. j.; b.ed. in social science; lambda chi alpha. eads, linda jean; miami, fla.; b.ed. in business ed. easton, John william; mamaroneck, n. y.; b.ed. in art ed. eisman, gerald bruce; miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in history; alpha epsilon pi. elfenbein, Chester a an; coral gables, fla.; b.ed. in speech pathology; sigma alpha eta, umsc, young democrats, sea. e ' as, Janice marie; grand rapids, mich.; b.ed. in physical ed.; phi delta pi, women ' s golf team. elrod, barbara ann; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; young democrats, ace. ely, george Justin; shaker heights, Ohio; b.ed. in social studies; sigma phi epsilon. epstein, deborah; miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. 417 evans, francine carol; n. miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in business ed. evilsizor, John e.; west palm beach, fla.; b.ed. in social science; pi kappa alpha. ewe , diann; orlando, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; nea, ace I, little sister of the maltese cross, dean ' s list 2, 3. felman, eileen sandra; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; young democrats. farley, f ranees m.; detroit, mich.; b.ed. in elem. ed. ferris, dina; mt. vernon, n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed. fingerhut, barbara ann; north miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; dean ' s list 3. fisher, jane helene; miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; dean ' s list 3. fishman, betty diane; spring valley, n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; mahoney hall council, int. reading ass., floor rep., snea, aws, nea, council for exceptional children, ass. for childhood ed. inter., 730 e. hall council, scec newsletter, fla. student ed. ass., hillel. fleischman, f ranees; toms river, n. j.; b.ed. in elem. ed. fleming, barbara jane; miami, fla.; b.ed. busi- ness ed.; dean ' s list 4. loley, patricia ann; waltham, mass.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; delta gamma. forte, oernard Joseph; levittown, n. y.; b.ed. in physical ed.; pi kappa alpha. fox, janis brenna; miami, fla.; b.ed. in social studies; dean ' s list 1. fox, joan susan; miami, fla.; b.ed in business. fox, thomas edward; union, n. j.; b.ed. in eng- lish; basketball manager, hurricane sports columnist. fraind, henry charles; miami, fla.; b.ed. in ed. fraser, evelyn m.; e. newport, n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; dean ' s list 1. freedman, nancy ellen; prov., r.i.; b.ed. in elem. ed. friedman, nancy; coral gables, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. gam, barbara Joyce; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. gans, rlchard Steven; medford, mass.; b.ed. in physical ed.; phi epsilon kappa. garcia, marie genevieve; hialeah, fla.; b.ed. in french; pi delta phi. garrido, maria Virginia; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; fee., nea. garrigan, kevin James; boston, mass.; b.ed. in social science; phi delta theta. geier, sharon renee; highland park, ill.; b.e.d in elem. ed.; sigma delta tau, nea, sdt treas., panhellenic council treas. glasson, ellen linda; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; sigma delta tau; aws hall rep., usg big sis- ter, sigma delta tau assistant social chair- man. gnat, karla christa; westfield, mass.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; zeta tau alpha, homecoming exec, comm., carni gras ' 69, retreat III. godtrey, iohn clarke; westwood, mass; b.ed. in physical ed. goldberg, adrienne gail; atlantic city, n. j.; b.ed. in business ed.; sigma delta tau, college board, chi omega pi. goldberg, marc charles; hudson, n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; soccer 3, baseball 2, hurricane howl 3, 4, me for community chest dr. 2, song fest 3, dean ' s list 1. goldberg, nancy lynn; k. c., mo.; b.ed. in business ed.; delta phi epsilon treas., pres., aws jud. court judge, alpha theta kappa. goldsmith, miachael Jeffrey; atlantic beach, n. y.; b.ed. in math; sigma alpha mu. goldsmith, sue ellen; atlantic beach, n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; council for exceptional chil- dren, asst. for childhood ed. int. goldweber, mildred c.; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; phi kappa phi, kappa delta pi, phi lambda pi, epsilon tau lambda, acei, dean ' s list 3, 4. golub, joani I.; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; tempo staff, hurricane skiers, nea, childhood ed. asst. gonring, mary ann; west bend, wise.; b.ed. in elem. ed. gonyea, francine c.; coral gables, fla.; b.ed. in english. gonzalez, maria lulsa; miami, fla.; b.ed. in english. goodman, suzanne gail; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elm. ed.; sea, dean ' s list 1. goonen, jr., John Joseph; orlando, fla.; b.ed. in social studies; alpha tau omega, interfraterni- ty exec, council, undergraduate student gov ' t., order of omega pres., greek week ' 68 chair- man. gray, do ores nan; miami, fla.; b.ed. in ed.; zeta tau alpha member chairman pledge trainer, jr. panhellenic pres., student gov ' t. susga. grayson, bruce evan; coral gables, fla.; b.ed. in biology. green, fredda lee; linden, n. j.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; delta phi epsilon sec., v. pres., aws student counselor, dean ' s list 3. greene, dorothy deal; south miami, fla.; b.ed. in art. greene, mark sheldon; coral gables, fla.; b.ed. in social studies; phi alpha theta, phi kappa phi, young democrats. greve, cheryl ives; ft. lauredale, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. gross, carol kresberg; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. gully, solomon Joseph; coral gables, fla.; b.ed. in social studies; aerospace offiicers honor society finance officer, supply off., ops. off., chaplain, arnold air society spec, duties off. gutkin, jean barbara; brooklyn, n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed. guttenmacher, marlene kolber; miami, fla.; b.ed. in art; tke little sister, law wives, naea, nea, fea. hale, barbara wohl; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; acei pres. halpert, susan abby; coral gables, fla.; b.ed. in elm. ed.; ibis ' 67 organizations editor. hargreaves, william thomas; miami, fla.; b.ed. in art; student religious liberals pres., nat. art ed. asst. v. pres., sea. harring, keith steven; lakeville, conn.; b.ed. in physical ed.; phi epsilon kappa, beta sigma gamma, mrha, miami hurricane sports writer, dean ' s list 1. harris, carlyn anne; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. harris, leslie a.; Chicago, ill.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; u. of m. hostess sec., rote princess, aws. hershoff, roberta sue; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; alpha epsilon phi, phi lambda pi, dean ' s list 2. hetson, arden laurie; fort lee, n. elem. ed. b.ed. in hlad, gregory michael; n. Versailles, pa.; b.ed. in elem. ed. hoff, carol jean; bethesda, md.; b.ed. in ed. hoffman, miriam e.; miami, fla.; b.ed. in social studies; ibis asst. org. edit. 2. hoffman, myra; n. miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; alpha epsilon phi, kappa delta pi ed. hon., dean ' s list 2, 3. holcomb, thomas m.; lansing, mich.; b.ed. in secondary ed. hubacher, paula ann; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; dean ' s list 2, 3. hughes, mary floyd; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; chi omega, recording sec. panhellenic. hurd, paula jean; east greenwich, r. i.; b.ed. in physical ed.; delta zeta, phi delta pi. hutzler, Susannah joy; martinsburg, w. va.; b.ed. in speech correction; sigma alpha eta, prof, speech and hearing asst. jackowitz, ronnie rochelle; n. miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; delta phi epsilon, aws jud. court judge; delta phi epsilon social chairman, pledge trainer. Jackson, vivian marie; Wilmington, ill.; b.ed. in english; newman club. jaffe, ruth phyllis; phila., pa.; b.ed. in elem. ed. james, phillip gerald; miami, fla.; b.ed. in ed. aye, eylona baldinger; coral gables, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; ace, sea. Johnson, maryann; river edge, n. j.; b.ed. in business ed. ones, pamela; rochester, n. y.; b.ed. in physi- cal ed.; delta zeta. kaleida, robert david; Pittsburgh, penn.; b.ed. in physical ed.; pi kappa alpha. kaminsky, karen I.; south fallsburg, n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; assoc. for childhood ed. int re- cording sec., summons program. kandell, ; ' dana; great neck, n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed. keane, patrick Joseph; river grove, ill.; b.ed. in art; amer. institute of architects, nat. art ed. assoc., fla. ed. assoc. keen, gail hope; brooklyn, n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; dean ' s list 4. keesler, diana florence; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. 418 ' .:: :K frenf, rachel k.; miami, fla.; b.ed. in ed.; pi omega pi pres. kerper, phyllis le rae; wash., d. c.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; delta zeta. kinder, jay; lynbrook, n. y.; b.ed. in physical ed.; phi sigma delta, phi epsilon kappa. klapmeyer, John edward; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. klein, nancy ingrid; shaker heights, Ohio; b.ed. in elem. ed.; honor student, hall rep., faculty associate program chairman, young republi- cans club v. pres., pres., sec., aws judge, dean ' s list 3. klein, paula andrea; riverdaly, n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed., hillel, sea. klempp, carol miller; miami, fla.; b.ed. in ed.; alpha delta pi, little sister of sigma alpha epsilon, u. of m. hostess. kolinger, susan katherine; riverside, ill.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; chi omega, young republicans, sea. kowalsky, richard bruce; miami, fla.; b.ed. in social studies. kozubovich, Sharon lee; wanamassa, n. j.; b.ed. in english; delta zeta. krasner, jill wendy; coral gables, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. kravitz, ellen; n. miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; mortar board recommendation, dean ' s list 2. krutchik, Janet lee; n. miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in english; english club, hurricane contributor. kuttner, marilyn dorf; miami, fla.; b.ed. in social studies. lambersky, marilyn dee; cherry hill, n. j.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; asst. for childhood ed. int., dean ' s list 3. anger, sharon grossman; coral gables, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; alpha epsilon phi pres., alpha lambda delta pres., rho lambda, orange key; mortar board, dean ' s list 1, 2. langsam, marv; miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in secondary ed.; tau kappa epsilon historian, chaplain, activities chairman, spirit week chairman, usg sec. of traditions, sea, hurri- cane staff, union program council, publicity director, recreation director. lassoff, iody kaye; w. hartford, conn.; b.ed. in physical ed.; sigma delta tau, phi delta pi, dean ' s list 3. lauredo, leticia d.; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. leboss, andrea toni; n. y., n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; delta phi epsilon house manager, sec. leffler, elise francine; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; nea, acei, ira, fea. lerman, barbara susan; flushing, n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; alpha epsilon phi. lerner, Stephanie loan; forest hills, n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; dean ' s list 1, 2, 3. levine, eileen; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; acei, ira, dean ' s list 3, 4. levine, karen me ; miami, fla.; b.ed. in speech correction; student council for exceptional children, sigma alpha eta, kappa delta pi, dean ' s list 1, 2, 3, 4. levy, edgar herbert; rochester, n. y.; b.ed. in social studies. lewis, marsha rae; linden, n. j.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; assoc. for childhood ed. int. liberman, Charles neil; west orange, n. j.; b.ed. in social studies. licht, mark a an; waltham, mass.; b.ed. in phy- sical ed.; kappa sigma social chairman, scholarship chairman, v. pres., foster house pres., dean ' s list 2, 3. liftman, francine; new brunswick, n. j.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; sea, ira. llorens, marisol; miami, fla.; b.ed. in french; pi delta phi. loret de mo a gustavo; miami, fla.; b.ed. in social science. lynn, sharon kay; s. bend, ind.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; dean ' s list 3. man , aca yn denise; forest hills, n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed., nea, sea, fea. mann, linda ann; cranston, r. i.; b.ed. in so- cial studies. manning, noel; waithao, wash.; b.ed. in art; naea, acei. martin, Jeanne b.; miami, fla.; b.ed. in art; princess corps v. pres., um hostess, usg, lec- ture series comm., aws, queen ' s court military ball. martin, lyn marie; miami, fla.; b.ed. in physical ed.; phi delta pi. marvin, janet louise; hyannis, mass.; b.ed. in elem. ed. masef, kerry april; scarsdale, n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; ace. massarsky, kene susan; Clifton, n. j.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; sea, acei, tempo model. mauger, c laire audrey; lakewood, n. j.; b.ed. in english; delta delta delta. me allister, marlene sue; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. medeiros, sandra lee; hollywood, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; zeta tau alpha. meisel, joan katheryn; hollywood, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; tau beta sigma, solo twirler with " band of the hour. " milne, John a.; webster, n. y.; b.ed. in physi- cal ed.; baseball 1, 2, soccer 2, 4, homecom- ing, hurricane staff, songfest 2, 3, dean ' s list 3. milstein, ronnie joy; westbury, n. y.; b.ed. in art ed.; phi sigma sigma pres., rho lambda, naea pres., panhellenic greek week chair- man. mintz, lois lynn; morristown, n. j.; b.ed. in elem. ed. miranda, carol; miami, fla.; b.ed. in ed. mirman, laurie gale; brooklyn, n. y.; b.ed. in speech pathology and audiology; drama guild v. pres., social director, historian, acting sec., sigma alpha eta v. pres. missirlian, melanie; coral gables, fla.; b.ed. in business ed.; delta zeta. mittnacht, Charle s george; Warwick, r. i.; b.ed. in physical ed.; tau kappa epsilon. mogilefsky, doris; elkins part, pa.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; sigma delta tau v. pres., rho lambda sec., treas., orange key, aws cor- responding sec. morrison, gale sheritt; coral gables, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. moscowitz, shelley; miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. murray, patrick Joseph; new london, conn.; b.ed. in special ed.; phi epsilon pi. muzyka, karen joy; river grove, ill.; b.ed. in elem. ed. napp, larry tredrik; miami, fla.; b.ed. in so- cial studies; varsity baseball. neff, jr., herman samuel; s. miami, fla.; b.ed. in ed.; dean ' s list 1, 2. nembach, dorothy lorraine; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; alpha epsilon phi. norton, pamela elizabeth; annandale, va.; b.ed. in ed.; um hostess. oberman, charlene; n. miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in business ed. ogden, glenn allan; hialeah, fla.; b.ed. in so- cial studies; scabbard and blade, kappa delta pi, dean ' s list 1. okun, margot rose; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. oppelt, sharon linn; coral gables, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. oppenne m, befsy anne; marblehead, mass.; b.ed. in english; english club. osteryoung, karen sue; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. pacett, wilma elise; ft. laud., fla.; b.ed. in history. palette, susan valerie; leonardo, n. j.; b.ed. in art; delta gamma, little sister of minerva, sweetheart of sigma alpha epsilon, interfra- ternity council hostess. pasquini, lawrence John; 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baseball team, dean ' s list 4. rabin, marilyn h.; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; acei, ira, dean ' s list 3, 4. rabinovitz, donna beth; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; nea, aws, council for exceptional children publicity chairman, fea, childhood ed. assoc. rafter, pamela lynn; miami, fla.; b.ed. in phy- sical ed.; phi delta pi. rapaport, sharon diane; miami, fla.; b.ed. in speech; delta phi epsilon, kappa delta pi, phi kappa phi, sigma alpha eta, sea v. pres., dean ' s list 4. redmond, John c.; coral gables, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; sea, urn veteran ' s assoc., assoc. for childhood ed. reitman, arlene an fa; millville, n. j.; b.ed. in elem. ed. reichwald, eileen Janice; n. miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. reiziss, howard .; orangeburg, n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; dormitories social chairman and director, dean ' s list 4. richard, james ' .; shelbyville, ind.; b.ed. in art. rieger, dale lyn; miami, fla.; b.ed. in speech correction; sigma alpha eta, debate squad 3. robbin, Judith anne; 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e. rockaway, n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed. schafield, deborah hicks; key west, fla.; b.ed. in engiish; dean ' s list 2, 3. schmid, reinhold gotthar; miami, fla.; b.ed. in physical ed. Schneider, barbara susan; brooklyn, n. y.; b.ed. in physical ed.; phi delta pi treas., hillel treas., dean ' s list 3. Schumacher, elalne t.; miami, fla.; b.ed. in ed. schwanefeld, rachel; miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in Spanish. Schwarzkopf, barbara jean; miami, fla.; b.ed. in math. Schweitzer, ronald h.; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. sellinger, donna francine; hollywood, fla.; b.ed. in physical ed.; phi delta pi pres. serben, roberta ' .; n. y., n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; acei chairman, young republicans ' club, nsta. Shapiro, arthur; wantagh, n. y.; b.ed. in social studies; alpha phi omega. Shapiro, marsha carol; miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. Shapiro, rosalyn susanne; e. Chicago, ind.; b.ed. in ed. sharpe, shelly macy; miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; acei corresponding sec., dean ' s list 3. shelley, ronni kudan; miami, fla.; b.ed. in speech correction. shepper, a an es e; miami, fla.; b.ed. in physical ed.; phi epsilon kappa. shutt, Virginia ellen; watertown, mass.; b.ed. in elem. ed. silkes, etta s.; Jamaica estates, n. y.; b.ed. in social studies. sill, bena adele; huntingdon valley, pa.; b.ed. in special ed. silver, carol diane; bristol, conn.; b.ed. in elem. ed. silverstein, michele yvette; miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; delta phi epsilon, hillel, fea. simon, susan joy; hollywood, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. sinofsky, rita; paterson, n. j.; b.ed. in elem. ed. skop, adena joy, coral gables, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; assoc. for childhood ed. int. slotnick, richard a an; bronx, n. y.; b.ed. in physical ed. smith, lois Julie; new hyde pk., n. y.; b.ed. in biology; delta delta delta pres., mortarboard, orange key, rho lambda honorary, panhellenic council publicity chairman, um hostess, home- coming queens chairman, sigma chi sweet- heart court, army queen ' s court. sokol, barbara susan; n. miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. solow, rosalyn .; pitt., penna.; b.ed. in art; dean ' s list 3. sonnenfeld, bonnie sandra; endicott, n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed. sonenberg, carolyn anne; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; dean ' s list 3, 4. spaulding, susan diane; s. miami, fla.; b.ed. in special ed.; alpha delta pi, little sister of tau kappa epsilon, council for exceptional chil- dren, assoc. for childhood ed. int., dean ' s list 3. stark, Jeffrey bruce; n. y., n. y.; b.ed. in phy- sical ed. steele, cathy; miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in engiish; nea. stratton, charles stuart; miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in ed. strauss, helene barbara; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. sugar, goldie; miami, fla.; b.ed. in art; phi lambda pi, phi kappa phi, dean ' s list 2. susner, deborah regina; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. taylor, michael .; great neck, n. y.; b.ed. in engiish; alpha epsilon pi pres., usg sec. of public relations, interfraternity council jud. board, young democrats, cosac. tellefsen, frank I.; staten island, n. y.; b.ed. in physical ed.; phi epsilon delta, golf team. theodore, faith diana; belmont, mass.; b.ed. in elem. ed. tiderman, Joyce; garden city, n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed. tohnm barbara anne; miami, fla.; b.ed. in speech and social science. tonks, norma kay; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. touby, ethyl lynne; miami, fla.; b.ed. in art; dean ' s list 3. toural, mercedes; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. tripp, cheryl ann; alliance, ohio; b.ed. in engiish; sea. tuch, kenneth martin; miami, fla.; b.ed. in eng- iish; band ' 65- ' 68. valente, jane ellen; staten island, n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; alpha chi omega. vann, sharyn linda; miami, fla.; b.ed. in social studies. vari, jacquelyn conway; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; alpha delta pi. videll, jerry seymour; miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in social studies. 420 w ' sser, carol lynne; hialeah, fla.; b.ed. in art; alpha lambda delta, phi kappa phi, nat. art ed. assoc. sec., uso. vreeland, herbert henry; hialeah, fla.; b.ed. in ed. walls, rita dawn; larchmont, n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed. walker, barbara a.; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; phi kappa pi, phi lambda pi treas., epsi- lon tau lambda, acei, dean ' s list 3. wayne, ilene Joyce; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; sigma delta tau treas., v. pres. weaver, martha jean; uniontown, ohio; b.ed. in elem. ed.; delta gamma, ifc hostess, little sister of minerva, dean ' s list 1. weinberg, rhea; forest hills, n. y.; b.ed. in social studies. weingarden, lois ivy; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed. weintraub, linda baum; opa locka, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; economic opportunity grant, fed- eration of women ' s clubs scholarship. wells, nancy redeen; alexandria, va.; b.ed. in elem. ed. weisberg, michele dobrin; shaker heights, Ohio; b.ed. in elem. ed.; jud. board of 730 e. res. hall. werstak, marjory Sloan; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; dean ' s list 1, 4. white, Virginia wasner; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; epsilon tau lambda, phi lambda pi, acei. wilder, jo anne; coral gables, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; delta phi epsilon, seminole copy editor, homecoming, sea, ace. wilson, ann leonard; key biscayne, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; kappa kappa gamma. wise, Judith nancy; miami, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; acei 4. wolf, susan karen; lakeland, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; delta phi epsilon pres., recording sec., member at large, tau epsilon phi sweet- heart court, rho lambda, panhellenic represen- tative to aws, dean ' s list 2, 3. woltson, sandra carol; houston, texas; b.ed. in english. wolin, robert Irederick; hialeah, fla.; b.ed. in english. woolf, wendy ruth; miami beach, fla.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; acei pres. yampol, gail a.; n. y., n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed. young, suzanne; scarsdale, n. y.; b.ed. in elem. ed. zequeira, maria cristina; miami, fla.; b.ed. in art; kappa pi nat. art honor society; phi kappa phi honor certificate, nea, nat. student ed. assoc., dean ' s list 3. Zimmerman, martin; oak park, ill.; b.ed. in physical ed.; phi epsilon kappa pres., swim- ming 1, dean ' s list 3. zuker, linda flatto; wellesley hills, mass.; b.ed. in elem. ed.; dean ' s list 1, 2, 3, 4. adams, david I.; mismi, fla.; b.s.c.e. in civil engineering. aguirre, gerardo; miami, fla.; b.s.e.e in electri- cal engineering; pi delta phi, eta kappa nu, ieee, french club, dean ' s list 3. alonso, fernando lose; havana, cuba; b.s.c.e. in civil engineering; asce, fes. alvarez, carlos a.; miami, fla.; b.s.e.e in electri- cal engineering. andracchi, frank James; far rockaway, n. y.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering; ieee. barfield, calvin e.; hialeah, fla.; b.s.e.e in elec- trical engineering; eta kappa nu, ieee, pres. amateur radio society. bernstein, harvey I.; south miami, fla.; b.s.e.e. in engineering science; phi eta sigma tres, aiaa pres., pi mu epsilon, esac tres.; tau beta pi sec, omicron delta kappa, pi kappa phi, american society of physics students. berounsky, edward Charles; coral gables, fla.; a.b. in architecture; aia. bingler, douglas james; furlong, pa.; b.s.m.e.- b.s.e.e. in mechanical engineering; alpha tau omega. burns, richard alien; miami, fla.; b.s.e.e in elec- trical engineering; sigma chi, ieee, amateur radio EOC. campino, juan t.; miami, fla.; b.s.c.e. in civil en- gineering; soccer team. carbonell, alfredo maximiliano; havana, cuba; b.s.m.e. mechanical engineering; asme, sae. carreno, pablo lose; belle glade, fla.; b.s.c.e. in civil engineering; fee, asce. correa, luis r.; cali-valle, Colombia; b.s.i.e. in industrial engineering; alpha phi omega tres., aiii v. pres. consculluela, alviro ricardo; coral gables, fla.; b.s.c.e. in civil engineering; fes, asce. czebiniak, John franklin; binghampton, n. y.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering. czebiniak, Stephen w.; binghampton, n. y.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering. dacks, barry Clifford; miami, fla.; b.s.i.e. in in- dustrial engineering; alpha phi omega, aiie pres. deribeaux, gustavo andres; miami, fla.; b.s.c.e. in civil engineering; dean ' s list 1. derringer, terry a an; miami, fla.; b.s.c.e. in civil engineering; tau beta pi, dean ' s list 1. fader, gary bruce; scarsdale, n. y.; b.s.m.e. me- chanical engineering; pi sigma v. pres., aiia pres. asme, sea v. pres., esac, fes. fantozzi, george victor; elmhurst, ill.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering; kappa sigma, who ' s who, track scholarship, outstanding fraternity man in 1967-1968. faxas, manuel m.; miami, fla.; b.s.m.e. in me- chanical engineering; tau beta pi, pi sigma, pi mu epsilon, asme, sae, aiaa, fes. fiore, iQuis; coral gables, fla.; b.s.e.e. in elec- trical engineering. terrer, gabriel arnulto; miami, fla.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering; tau beta pi, eta kappa nu, pi mu epsilon, phi eta sigma, ieee, esac, dean ' s list 1, 3. freire, Jorge de Jesus; miami, fla.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering. 421 garcia, carlos; miami, fla.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering; ieee, dean ' s list 3. garcia, carlos e.; hialeah, fla.; b.s.e.e. in elec- trical engineering; ieee. garcia, douglas; miami, fla.; b.s.m.e. in me- chanical engineering. garcia, Julio enrique; hialeah, fla.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering; tau beta pi, eta kappa nu tres., dean ' s list 3. garitalos, John g.; andros, greece; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering; hellenic-american club pres., ieee. gilbert, gabriel gui lermo; coral gables, fla.; b.s.m.e. in mechanical engineering; pi sigma tres., sec. gonzalez, linn Isaac; miami, fla.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering. gonzalez, luis alberto; miami, fla.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering; tau beta pi, eta kappa nu, pi mu epsilon, phi kappa phi, dean ' s list 1,2,3,4. hann, marcus; coral gables, fla.; b.s.c.e. in civil engineering; fes sec., asce sec., newman ctr. hernandez, Jose; miami, fla.; b.s.c.e. in civil engineering; dean ' s list 2. inguanzo, Jose luis; hialeah, fla.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering; tau beta pi, eta kappa nu, ieee. kachioff, yuval; miami beach, fla.; b.s.m.e. in mechanical engineering; pi sigma. koehler, russel kent; devon, pa.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering; eta kappa nu, ieee, dean ' s list 1, 3. lieu, oanh-liet sanh; giadinh, south Vietnam; b.s.e.e. in quantum electronics; phi eta sigma, pi mu epsilon, fes, ieee, dean ' s list 1, 2, 3, 4. off nan, wayne gregory; watchung, n. j.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering; ieee. major, Van; miami, fla.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering; phi theta kappa, ieee, dean ' s list 1, 2, 3, 4. mcleod, glenn alexander; Washington, d. c.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering; ieee, dean ' s list 2. mejido, manuel; miami, fla.; b.s.c.e. in civil engineering; fes, dsce. menendez, otviedo t.; miami, fla.; b.s.m.e. in mechanical engineering. michel, gary lee; hialeah, fla.; b.s.e.e. in elec- trical engineering; tau beta pi, eta kappa nu, pi mu epsilon, ieee, fes. neff, robert hovis; coral gables, fla.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering; tau beta pi, eta kappa nu, omicron delta kappa, phi kappa phi, iron arrow, dean ' s list 2, 3, 4. penarredonda, alberto manuel; miami, fla.; b.s.m.e. in mechanical engineering; asme, sae. perez, ernesto; miami, fla.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering. plotkin, donald; coral gables, fla.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering; ieee. poce, jose ' .; miami, fla.; b.s.m.e. in mechani- cal engineering; asme, fes, nasa research assist. rodriguez, juan antonio; hialeah, fla.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering; tau kappa epsilon. rosas-gupon, luis isidro; miami, fla.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering; ieee. sacero, lose luis; miami, fla.; b.s.e.e. in electri- cal engineering; dean ' s list 3. samayoa, camillo cesar; miami, fla.; b.s.i.e. in industrial engineering; aiie, fes, fcs. sanfa cruz, ralph albert; hialeah, fla.; b.s.e.e. in civil engineering; asce sec., fes. schang, kenneth warren; miami, fla.; b.s.e.e. in civil engineering; dean ' s list 3. shinn, gary dark; pittsfield, ill.; b.s.e.e.-b.s.m.e. in electrical engineering; eta kappa nu, phi kappa phi, phi eta sigma, dean ' s list 1, 4. singer, stepha bernard; miami, fla.; b.s.e.e. in civil engineering. spita, ricardo; lima, peru; b.s.i.e. in industrial engineering; alpha pi omega, a.i.i.e. stetson, william amos; miami, fla.; b.s.i.e. in industrial engineering; aiii, fes. sf;7 , mary margaret; miami, fla.; b.s.m.e. in mechanical engineering; zeta tau alpha, aws golf team, aiaa, esac, fes 730, e. hall v. pres. suarez, rodolfo antonio; miami, fla.; b.s.m.e. in mechanical engineering. tham, quang thanh; miami, fla.; b.s.m.e. in me- chanical engineering. tio, alberto; hialeah, fla.; bsie in industrial en- gineering. uhde, robert Christy; mia mi, fla.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering; ieee. weinberg, mona; coral gables, fla.; b.s.m.e. in mechanical engineering; dean ' s list 2, 4. wellman, robert donald; miami, fla.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering. whitman, richard alien; miami, fla.; b.s.e.e. in electrical engineering; chief engineer wvum- fm. zabaleta, emilio; miami, fla.; b.s.m.e. in me- chanical engineering. basulto, jose jesus; coral gables, fla.; b. arch, eng. in architectural engineering. beilinson, les dennis; miami beach, fla.; b. arch, in architecture; aia. bennett, John waldon; coral gables, fla.; b. arch, in architecture. ehasz, russell dennis; roslyn, n. y.; b. arch in architecture; sigma chi pres., sec., iron ar- row chief, son of chief, who ' s who, home- coming chairman, parade chairman, usg, ifc jud. board, aia, sweet heart tri-delta. faranda, frank robert; yonkers, n.y.; b. arch, in architecture; pi kappa alpha, amer. institute of architects student chapter. ford, jr., thomas henry; york beach, maine; b. arch, in architecture; amer. institute of archi- tects, nat. institute of architectural ed. com- petition. garcia, Julian iesus; hialeah, fla.; b. arch in architecture; student chapter of amer. institute of architecture. gonzalez, ricardo; miami, fla.; b. arch in archi- tecture; alpha phi omega v. pres., treas., sweetheart gamma sigma sigma, amer. in- stitute of architects student chapter, esac. katz, jose; miami, fla.; b.s.a.e. in architecture; aia, fes. o ' fallon, ralph william; miami, fla.; b.s.a.e. in architectural engineering; fes, aia, newman club, asce. posada, forge luis; miami, fla.; b. arch in architecture; aia. vanderklaauw, peter martin; miami, fla.; b. arch, in architecture. wensing II, richard alien; coral gables, fla.; b. arch in architecture. boss, beth ann; miami lakes, fla.; b.s.n. in nursing; tau theta sigma, dean ' s list 3. dralnick, barbara ann; n. miami, fla.; b.s.n. in nursing drawbert, mary jean; springfield, ohio; b.s.n. in nursing; alpha chi omega, sna. farber, sondra lee; atlanta, ga.; b.s.n. in nurs- ing; rote princess. fleischmann, arlene carol; montvale, n. j.; b.s.n. in nursing; college board. fromkin, ava lynda; miami, fla.; b.s.n. in nurs- ing. gamer, cheri mangel; kenilworth, ill.; b.s.n. in nursing. goldstein, randy marion; plainfield, n. j.; b.s.n. in nursing; phi sigma sigma pres., aws hall rep., sea, sna, hillel. ish, Jacqueline b.; clifton, n. j.; b.s.n. in nurs- ing; alpha delta pi, um hostess, greek week comm. kilpatrick, bridget rodelle; miami, fla.; b.s.n. in nursing; zeta tau alpha. knowles, Judith celeste; key west, fla.; b.s.n. in nursing; sna treas., asn, dean ' s list 2. lamar, nelia loan; miami, fla.; b.s.n. in nursing; sna, saling club, newman club. laposki, toni; beaver falls, pa., b.s.n. in nurs- ing; sigma kappa treas., sna. leahy, cynthia anne; jax., fla.; b.s.n. in nursing. lewis, monique adele; miami, fla.; b.s.n. in nursing. metzker, debra lynn; wilm., del.; b.s.n. in nurs- ing; alpha epsilon phi, sna, ifc hostess. newbold, tamar I.; coral gables, fla.; b.s.n. in nursing. dentz, mary e.; mechanicsburg, pa.; b.s.n. in nursing; sna. robinson, nancy lean; west nyack, n. y.; b.s.n. in nursing; delta gamma, angel flight little colonel, na. shindell, marsha lynn; savannah, ga.; b.s.n. in nursing; sna pres., dean ' s list 1. smith, marilyn cecile; miami, fla.; b.s.n. in nursing; delta gamma, little sister of the mal- tese cross, sna. sfern, ruth miriam; miami, fla.; b.s.n. in nurs- ing; tau theta sigma, dean ' s list 2, 3. vincent, susan Joan; miami, fla.; b.s.n. in nurs- ing; sna v. pres. woestehoff, diane leslie; pitt., pa.; b.s.n. in nursing; sna. zawislak, edward waiter; evergreen park, ill.; b.s.n. in nursing. aerts, roy brian; st. Petersburg, fla.; b.m.e. in music ed.; arcontes society, band, campus man editor, young republicans, mrha house governor, symphony orchestra. cam , rosa castiel; miami, fla.; b.m.e. in music ed.; sigma alpha iota, menc. dwyer, Virginia anne; hialeah, fla.; b.m.e. in music ed. fold, fanice susan; miami, fla.; b.m. in music; sigma alpha iota corresponding sec. chap- lain, sergeant at arms. glow, daniel richard; ft. lauderdale, fla.; b.m. in music. harland, laura lynn; w. palm beach, fla.; b.m.e. in music ed.; delta zeta v. pres., sigma alpha iota pres., mortar board, tau beta sigma treas., recording sec., rho lambda, alpha theta kappa, little sister of alpha tau omega, sym- phonic band, maching band of the hour, concert choir, aws, dean ' s list 3, 4. harris, samuel ronald; miami, fla.; b.m.e. in music ed.; zeta beta tau, phi mu alpha, pi kap- pa lambda, orange key, music educators nat. conf. pres., dean ' s list 1, 2, 3, 4. hutchinson, robert paul; miami, fla.; b.m.e. in music ed. kirby, patricia anne; miami, fla.; b.m.e. in music ed.; delta zeta, omicron delta, sigma alpha iota, menc, nea. letendre, maxine louise; miami, fla.; b.m.e. in music ed. liu, Judith .; coral gables, fla.; m.m. in musi- cology. moreau, Janet ruth; miami, fla.; b.m.e. in music ed.; phi kappa phi, pi kappa lambda, dean ' s list 2. olson, lames carl; minneapolis, minn.; b.m. e. in music ed.; band of the hour, symphonic band, concert band, brass choir, concert choir, dean ' s list 3, 4. ordonez, Isabel rosario; miami, fla.; b.m. in applied music; sigma alpha iota, pi kappa lambda, dean ' s list 2, 3. plaskoff, robert I.; miami, fla.; b.m. in music; phi epsilon pi, orange key, traditions court, operation amigo committee. roberts, ronnie wayne; key west, fla.; b.m. in music merchandising. sachs, wendy r.; atlanta, ga.; b.m.e. in music ed. sassaman, mark bruce; surfside, fla.; b.m. In music; phi mu alpha, dean ' s list 3, 4. suarez, eyda theresa; coral gables, fla.; b.m. in applied music; mortar board, sigma alpha iota, dean ' s list 1, 2, 4. teal, waiter a.; danvers, mass,; b.m.e. in music ed.; menc. band. tremblay, robin edward; miami, fla.; b.m.e. in music ed.; menc, marching band, concert band. 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Joseph; huntington, n. y.; m.e. in special ed.; pi kappa alpha, gamma theta upsilon, hurricane staff writer, cec, dean ' s list 1. halber, gloria evelyn; rochester, n. y.; m.e. in guidance and counseling; assistantship. Johns, themis r.; coral gables, fla.; ph.d. in psychology. klempp, ray a an; miami, fla.; m.b.a. in market- ing; sigma alpha epsilon. manos, maryanne; miami, fla.; m.e. in educa- tional research. miller, claire b.; miami, fla.; m.f.a. in art. miller, Janice sue; s. miami, fla.; m.e. in read- ing; phi lambda pi. morse, timothy; brookline, mass.; m.b.a. in finance. pappas, anthony John; miami, fla.; ph.d. in chemistry; chemistry honors. pappatheordorou, sofia; miami, fla.; ph.d in chemistry; little sister pi kappa alpha, phi kap- pa phi, delta phi alpha, pi mu epsilon sec. treas., delta theta mu sec., chemistry club, amer. chemical society, rote princess, ibis princess, hellenic amer. club pres., v. pres., sec. fitter, minion; miami beach, fla.; m.d., s.d. in law; phi delta epsilon. rosen, a an; coral gables, fla.; m.e. in educa- tional research. salom, rosa lorraine; miami, fla.; m.s. in indus- trial engineering. satuloff, barth; miami shores, fla.; m.b.a. in ac- counting; phi delta sigma. shubart, Joseph; pitt., pa.; m.e. in personnel administration; omicron delta kappa pres. shuffield, wllliam Charles; Jackson, tenn.; l.l.m. in law; phi alpha delta. stehmer, leslie Joseph; mt. vernon, n. y.; m.b.a. in finance. sfevenson, william robert; coral gables, fla.; m.e. in school administration. fay or, jr., arthur eugene; miami, fla.; m.b.a. in management. truong, thi bao van; pans, f ranee; b.b.a. in economics, m.a. in international affairs; dean ' s list 4. trushin, barbara yagoda; miami beach, fla.; m.e. in guidance. Winston, Judith r.; milw., wise.; m.e. in guid- ance and counseling. wolfer, anna b.; coral gables, fla.; m.e. in special ed.; cec sec., dean ' s list 4. 423 I V Yl! m . - ' ' " " , rv r ' ' r-r rr - fr : :,K : I, it; : I ;; , in 3,... . . ,;,.. . . general index a aaron, w. 383, 406 aaronoff, b. 386, 406 aaronson, s. 391 abady, I. 311, 350 abay, a. 368 abbess, s. 391 abalia, p. 368 abbott, b. 190, 194 abraham, I. 314, 368 abrams, m. 150, 160, 163, 318, 319, 321, 363, 368 abrams, t. 391 abrash, w. 323 abromowitz, r. 405 abromovitz, ). 383, 406 acevedo, a. 406 ackerman, d. 309 ackerman, m. 383, 406 ackerman, w. 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III. 370 chenelly, a. Jr. 370 chereton, d. 370 chernoff, h. 340, 383 cherry, b. 314 cherry, c. 307, 355 chewning, m. 336 chiles, t. 289 chiofalo, t. 155 choate, t. 157, 159, 319, 321 choen, i. 405 choisser, I. 301, 344, 391 chusniak, k. 190 chung, d. 340, 383 Churchill, d. 326 ciarmello, r. 342 ciereszko, s. 352 cioreszko, i. 370 cifaldi, s. 384 ciment, p. 370 citrin, c. 384 citron, a. 326 claggett, h. 292 claggett, k. 292 Clark, a. 347 Clark, b. 328 clark, f. 310 427 HAIL AND FAREWELL BRIGHT COLLEGE DAYS ..WHAT ' S NEXT? You ' ve earned your diploma. It has been a long road. And now you are ready to put what you have learned into practice. Look around Florida first. Here are expanding opportun- ities for well-trained, action-minded young people. As the nation ' s fastest growing major state, Florida holds a bright future for college graduates with talent and ambition. We are justly proud of the graduates of Florida schools and universities on our Sunshine Service team who are making our slogan a reality. . . " Helping Build Florida. " FLORIDA POWER LIGHT HELPING BUILD FLORIDA 428 COMPANY cl-ga dark, s. 391 Clark, w. 306 clay, I. 313, 347 dayman, J. 300 dayman, I. 206 Clayton, i. 391 Clayton, I. 350 Clemens, a. 293 Clifford, r. 384 cline, t. 190, 199, 202 clobus, r. 384 coates, r. 342 cochran, k. 191 coffey, b. 351 cohen, a. 309, 346 cohen, c. 391 cohen, g. 346, 391 cohen, h. 358 cohen, J. 347, 370, 384 cohen, marla 347 cohen, markaret 155 cohen, murry 150 cohen, peggy 311 cohen, s. 352, 391 conn, b. 370 conn, m. 319 colasanti, a. 370 colchiro, J. 311 cole, b. 310 coleman, bill 302 coltman, bob 216, 317 coleman, brent 206 coleman, c. 391 coleman, I. 328 colhavlc, s. 370 colhavic, s. 327 colip, t. 190 collado, m. 370 collier, r. 352, 370 Collins, h. 190 Collins, m. 392 Collins, r. 383 conable, I. 370 condts, d. 294 confessore, r. 384 congdon, c. 392 conley, b. 39? colin, r. 356 conn, c 370 conn, c. 291 conn, a. 310 connell, p. 370 Connor, I. 326 conochalla, J. 370 conrad, m. 342 conroy, t. 183, 302 consuegra, r. 370 cook, m. 336 cook, s. 370 cook, t. 341 cooper, g. 311 cooper, k. 384 cooper, r. 191 cooper, s. 370 corbo, e. 392 Cordova, I. 370 I corillo, g. 165 ! cornejo, g. 370 I Cornell, J. 370 t cornik, a. 309 I correa, I. 343 I coscuclla, a. 342 cothran, m. 163 t cotton, r. 370 cotton, s. 349, 355 I cotrell, J. 154, 155 i cotzin, a. 347, 392 ' coughlin, J. 302 councill, b. 162,310 cowan, r. 350 i cowdrey, b. 370 ; cox, r. 370 I craft, d. 344 Cramer, p. 223 Crawford, ). 353, 384 crews, r. 332, 344 | cronin, d. 206 arouse, b. 292 crouse, w. 370 i crumm, s. 305 cucurullo, g. 352 cucurullo, o. 339 I cuffs, c. 294 ! cummings, d. 297, 326, 356 J cummings, p. 384 curnutt, a. 392 curnutt, d. 209, 214 curran, b. 332, 344 curry, e. 392 Curtis, w. 392 cururuico, d. 384 cushman, I. 342 cypress, b. 324 cypress, b. 392 czako, j. 343 czipulis, b. 190 d ' alba, a. 290 d ' amico, t. 332 dacks, b. 343 dacquisto, c. 287 daley, f. 294 dall, r. 340, 352, 384 dalton, j. 370 dannenhauer, d. 384 dansky, s. 392 dardenne, J. 305 rlaris. t. 306 darker, m. 301 darling, J. 311 dasburg, J. 370 dauer, e. 308 daughetee, d. 357 daunno, t. 370 davenport, r. 384 davidson, m. 303 davidson, s. 301 davies, ]. 355, 384 davis, b. 292 davis, m. 336, 344 davis, r. 371 davis, s. 342 davison, v. 293 dawson, d. 384 derez. c. 332 d ' j ' ean, r. 6, 181 de armendi, c. 371 de la vega, a. 384 de los santos, I. 384 de mario, v. 292 dean, d. 342 dean, s. 293, 392 dearden, I. 384 dablmetier, J. 300 dec, m. 371 dechert, d. 155 decosta, d. 312 deeds, I. 392 deem, c. 228, 302 dehart, s. 353 de hart, w. 338 deleguardia, r. 296, 371 delgado, a. 405 delisa, J. 384 delvalle, e. 392 demme, d. 371 denenberg, g. 155, 341, 392 denman, d. 336 dennison, c. 371 dennison, e. 384 depaola, b. 392 deross, b. 190 derr, w. 384 derrickson, J. 292 derringer, t. 332 detweiler, J. 359 devendorf, r. 371 deutscher, b. 6, 180 deluca, t. 296 dewtsch, p. 392 di pietre, ]. 340 di vaio, r. 341 diamond, n. 337, 347, 384 diamond, r. 384 diamond, w. 371 diaz, g. 384 diaz, m. 371 diaz, r. 342 dickstein, m. 165 dickstein, s. 384 diedrich. b. 190 diener, J. 392 diemer, n. 392 dijulio, d. 296 dinger, I. 371 dinken, b. 371 dinnerstein, s. 366 dinwiddle, p. 301, 392 dipietro. f. 346 dismukes, w. 318, 319 ditkowski, b. 326 divaie, r. 392 dixon, I. 338 dodson, h. 371 doherty, J. 392 dohm, J. 162 dolaway, m. 293 dolnlck, I. 156, 311 dominquez, g. 191 donahue, p. 301 donati, r. 310 donner, J. 303 donnon, t. 302 dooley, c. 353 dorlon, b. 6, 162, 181 dorn, a. 191 dorr, b. 315 dorrick, b. 327, 354 derrick, J. 371 doull, c. 311 dover, J. 359 downey, s. 371 doyle, e. 156 dowling, r. 312 drager, richard 227 drager, roberto 227 drake, b. 357 dralnick, b. 345, 403 dranitzke, |. 350 dranow, I. 392 drapper, s. 392 drawbert, m. 403 drawn, I. 371 draws, I. 293, 356 dresner, b. 290, 162, 362, 371 drinkwine, m. 296 drimmer, k. 392 drobot, k. 346 drogowski, b. 371 drucker, k. 308, 384 dubb, I. 346, 351, 392 dundr, p. 287 dunn, b. 191 dunn, k. 392 dunne, g. 354 durgin, f. 353, 371 dwyer, m. 227 dwyer, v. 404 dziuba, a. 339, 384 e eads, I. 392 eastern, J. 392 eber, r. 371 ebersole, t. 330, 352, 371 ecker, s. 325, 330 eckert, r. 319 edelman, a. 323 edelman, J. 311 edelman, I. 384 edison, j. 308 edison, m. 314 edmunos, b. 308 edwards, a. 405 egert, J. 371 egolf, w. 384 ehasz, r. 318, 342, 402 eichinger, p. 345 einhorn, s. 296, 384 eisman, g. 353, 392 elfenbein, c. 392 elias, J. 227, 392 elliett, h. 371 eliiott, e. 190 ellis, s. 300 ellis, w. 384 ellison, s. 314 ellsworth, J. 296, 349 elpern, v. 371 elrod, b. 392 ely, g. 393 emm, J. 165 engier, t. 371 engle, s. 291 engier, m. 297 enright, e. 175, 176, 329 entwistle, p. 384 enz, I. 165, 287, 350 epstein, rhoda 295 epstein, richard 308, 393 erickson, c. 301 erwin, I. 191 escudero, m. 341 espinel, f. 332 evans, f. 393 evans, g. 310 evans, n. 359 evans, s. 355 evert, s. 384 evertz, p. 159 evilsizor, J. 302, 393 ewald, d. 217, 292 ewalt, J. 302 ewell, d. 393 eydenberg, J. 293 eyre, c. 340 eyer, I. 344, 405 ezrin, d. 321, 356 f faber, s. 318, 319, 323 fabian, r. 163 fabricio, r. 174, 175, 321 fader, g. 332, 343 fagant, a. 157, 321, 341 fairbank, I. 206 faigen, ). 295 talk, g. 294 falke, p. 350 fantozzi, g. 286 faragalli, f. 158 faranda, f. 342, 402 farber, s.,403 faries, J. 291 farina, c. 371 farihas, m. 344 farnkoff, t. 339, 384 farley, a. 356, 371 farley, f. 393 faul, a. 371 favazza, t. 154, 155 faxas, e. 371 faxas, m. 343 feingold, p. 303 feinsilver, s. 371 feld, J. 333, 404 feldlem, t. 206 feldstein, r. 371 fell, i. 371 feller, s. 342 felman, e. 393 femmer, r. 318, 319, 364, 371 fendelman, r. 371 feo, r. 384 ferdinand, J. 6, 181, 290, 325 ferencik, r. 319, 338 ferguson, d. 371 ferguson, t. 301 ferradaz, i. 372 ferrazano, p. 329, 372 ferrer, g. 344 ferrer, I. 372 lerris, d. 393 ferris, r. 286 fernandez, c. 371 fernandez, c. g. 371 fernandez, e. 342 fernandez, J. 206 fernandez, m. 371 fernandez, r. 330 fernandez, rolando 325 fernandez, t. 371 fernandez, w. 371 (idler, b. 312 fien, J. 307 fiksel, m. 172, 326 fillol, e. 217 finch, d. 351 fingerhut, b. 393 tinkle, s. 308 fiore, I. 344 firestone, g. 372 firestone, s. 165 fischer, v. 172 fisher, h. 372 fisher, J. 336, 393 fisher, o. 307, 320, 331, 384 fishman, b. 155 fishman, h. 351 fishman, I. 346 fishman, robert 290, 344, 346, 393 fleiscner, a. 325 fleischmann, a. 403 fleischman, f. 393 fleitell, n. 306 fleming, b. 336, 393 fleming, J. 111 fleming, p. 339 fletcher, g. 289, 309 flink, f. 372 florenzano, j. 339 fluchere, m. 308 fluellen, b. 300 flynn, b. 384 flynn, J. 190 llynn, m. 333 flynn, t. 312 toden, w. 384 fodiman, f. 173 fogle, p. 351 foley, p. 393 folklns, a. 190 foose, r. 296 forbes, b. 384 ford, b. 286, 300, 372 ford, t. 342, 402 forman, b. 155 forman, ]. 156, 301 forman, r. 372 torman, s. 372 forschett, m. 291 forte, b. 341, 393 fortenberry, g. 175 foti, J. 342 fountain, h. 330 fournier, g. 372 foutel, g. 385 fowler, J. 353 fox, ]. 393 fox, J. s. 393 fox, t. 393 fox, v. 150 foyo, mrs. I. 364 fraind, h. 393 trangiosa, J. 385 frangquist, w. 372 frank, nancy 99, 287, 307 frank, neil 290 frank, r. 314 frankel, k. 308 trankel, r. 303 frantz, w. 372 fraser, d. 226, 227 fraser, e. 393 traser, r. 228 fraska, J. 158, 385 fredrickson, b. 190 freedman, a. 385 freedman, n. 393 freedman, r. 385 freeman, I. 286 freise, n. 372 freitag, b. 337 trench, f. 228 trench, J. 307 frey, s. 165, 295 fried, a. 345 tried, h. 315, 372 fried, I. 405 fried, w. 315, 405 friedlander, f. 385 triedlander, p. 372 friedman, d. 385 friedman, h. 295 friedman, J. 359 friedman, n. 393 triedman, s. 309 Iritz, a. 340 fromkin, a. 403 frye, I. 344 lullerton, c. 190 lusaro, j. 344 fusaro, m. 405 fussell, e. 324 g gabe, I. 295 gagnon, r. 372 gaines, I. 310 gallagher, James 294 gallagher, Janet 287, 337 galbraith, mr. J. 150 galis, g. 385 gallaudet, t. III. 372 429 !! ' ( d - f ! The First National Bank of Miami Coral Way National Bank The First National Bank of Miami Springs Affiliates of Southeast Bancorporation, Inc. Members: Federal Reserve System, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 430 ga-ha gallardo, f. 385 gallo, m. 340 gam, b. 346, 393 gans, r. 341, 393 garbarini, I. 372 garbe, p. 372 garber, s. 295 garcia, a. 294 garcia, c. 332, 344, 385 garcia, c. e. 344 garcia, d. 343 garcia, e. 326 garcia, m. 393 garcia, ]. 342, 400, 402 garcia, I. 217, 225, 372 gardner, d. 294 gardner, J. 314 garifalos, j. 400 garland, b. 359 garman, s. 162, 321, 372 garner, c. 345, 403 garnet, w. 315 garnick, b. 339, 385 garrett, m. 300 garrido, m. 393 garrigan, k. 393 garrigan, m. 297, 356 gartner, j. 353 garvey, e. 228 garvin, g. 308 garvin, k. 372 gaunt, s. 191 gauntlet!, d. 372 gay, k. 349 gazan, p. 372 gaztelu, ]. 372 gee, c. 341 geier, s. 311, 393 geiser, b. 175 geller, h. 311, 350 genovese, m. 372 gennett, n. d. 150, 328 george, r. 331, 372 385 372 372 310 169 314 293 gerner, e gerald, d. gerard, d. gerardi, t. gerson, p. gersten, s. geston, c. geta, a. 342 gettis, I. 385 gianini, ]. 228 giba, a. 156 gibbons, J. 385 gibbs, d. 295 gies, r. 372 gilbride, ]. 169 gilbert, e. 385 gilbert, g. 314, 343, 400 gilbert, k. 295 gingold, e. 290 ginman, s. 223 ginzberg, g. 342 gittess, r. 290 gladstone, a. 308 glamaring, n. 385 glanz, m. 385 glasson, e. 393 glatzer, d. 372 glatzer, g. 324 glazer, b. 315 glazer, r. 372 gleman, m. 343 glines, s. 296 glow, d. 404 gluckstal, b. 303 godfrey, ). 393 godfrey, r. 208, 209, 212, 214 goday, ). 345, 372 godek, b. 336, 372 goddis, b. 292 goetz, m. a. 165, 320, 321, 328, 337, 372 goetzman, r. 372 goff, b. 372 goldberg, a. 336, 393 goldberg, g. 290, 372 goldberg, j. 358 goldberg, m. 393 goldberg, n. 289, 303, 329, 393 goldberg, s. 350 golden, e. 344 goldfarb, m. 295 goldfine, m. 344 goldman, n. 350 goldmark, g. 325, 343 goldsmith, m. 308, 393 goldsmith, s. 346, 393 goldstein, a. J. 339, 385 goldstein, g. 169 goldstein, m. 290 goldstein, r. 309, 403 goldstein, sandy 309, 337 goldstein, Sheldon 347 goldweber, m. 346, 394 golfman, f. 372 golmont, v. 190 golub, J. 394 golub, r. 352 gomberg, g. 315 gomez, a. 163, 372 gomez, m. 385 gonring, m. 394 gonyea, f. 394 gonzales, ]. 332 gonzales, I. 332 gonzales, I. a. 400 gonzales, o. 331 gonzales, r. 342 gonzales, s. 331 gonzalez, a. 372 gonzalez, h. 372 gonzalez, I. 321. 344, 400 gonzalez, m. 394 gonzalez, o. 190, 192, 341 gonzalez, r. 402 gonzalez, s. 327, 354, 385 good, c. 156, 289, 301 good, k. 291 good, t. 158, 327 goode, I. 193 goodman, e. 300 goodman, p. 300 goodman, s. 394 goonen, j. 301, 318, 321, 323, 394 gordon, b. 352, 372 gordon, J. 290, 385 gordon, I. 156 gordon, m. 314 gordon, r. 372 gorman, t. 294 gorson, c. 173, 176 gotlieb, I. 358 gould, c. 345 gould, J. 372 goulding, r. 314 gouveia, w. 373 gnat, k. 393 graber, f. 223 graham, j. 309 granger, c. 331, 385 grant, d. 347 grandi, c. 333 green, ). 385 gray, d. 356, 394 gray, g. 313, 373 gray, h. 342 gray, r. 385 grayson, b. 394 grayson, 1. 341 grayson, n. 318 green, f. 303, 394 green, h. 291 green, joe 228 green, John 190, 194 green, I. 373 green, p. 314 green, t. 208, 214 greenberg, b. 344 greenberg, s. 314, 373 greenberg, v. 373 greene a. 346 greene b. 373 greene d. 394 greene j. 305 greene I. 373 greene m. 336, 373, 394 greenwalt, b. 310 greenwood, k. 373 greenwood, wm. 292, 373 gregg, b. 340 gregg, ]. 329 griest, d. 329. 373 greve, c. 394 grien, ]. 385 griffin, k. 191 grigsby, s. 341 grimes, c. 329 grimshaw, h. 373 gris, s. 155 grizzell, p. 287, 301 groelinger. r. 342 groo, J. 332 gross, m. 175, 373 grossman, d. 373 grossman, m. 385 grotz, d. 385 groves, c. 385 groves, a. 156, 165, 287 gruber, c. 286, 304, 353, 373 grussgott, I. 347 gully, s. 394 gumenick, n. 286, 300 gundee, h. 385 gunn, c. 314 gunther, I. 156, 301 gurewitz, r. 339 gurri, J. 294 guskin, d. 290 gustafson, c. 373 gutkin, J. 394 gutmacher, j. 385 gutten, h. 343 guttenmacher, m. 394 gwinner, s. 287, 301 haas, s. 300, 318, 319, 321 323, 328, 373 hachman, j. 373 hackett, d. 190 hackney, r. 294 hachney, w. 344 haderer, t. 227 hahn, b. 357 haitkin, ]. 314 halber, g. 405 halberg, d. 163 hale, b. 394 hale, g. 306 hall, c. 313 hall, g. 227 hall, t. 347 hallman, I. 326 halpern, m. 154, 289, 295 halpert, s. 394 halsband, s. 385 hamburger, ]. 155, 309, 385 hament, |. 223 hamerick, J. 292 hames, r. 344 hamilton, d. 352 hamilton, h. 307, 373 hamilton, mark 206 hamilton, mike 165 hammett, c. 217 hammel, w. 351 hampel, k. 109, 156, 287 hanes, j. 342 hand, ). 385 handler, n. 311 hann, m. 400 harby, dr. m. I. 346 harding, J. 206 hargreaves, w. 394 harland, I. 289, 320, 329, 333, 337, 404 haroutunian, b. 6. 175, 178 harring, k. 34, 394 harrington, m. 206, 352 harris, a. 373 Harris, c. 394 UTJtX w for tomorrow ' s portraits come to Your Official Photographer. . . where the skill and care gained from years of experience assure you of the fine portraits you want at the great moments of your life... 432 ha-le harris, f. 373 harris, 1. 165, 394 harris, m. 314 harris, dr. r. 318, 319, 336 harris, s. 319, 345, 404 harrison, b. 155, 373 hart, d. 170 hart, J. 385 hart, r. 179, 327, 354 hartman, b. 302 hartman, n. 327, 354, 385 hartmann, c. 353 harvey, g. 373 haslip, t. 343 hassel, d. 306 hassel, t. 286, 302 hauser, t. 223 hauserman, j. 294 hausman, I. 346 hawkins, J. 165 Hawkins, w. c. 339 hay, I. 353 hays, J. 357 heath, g. 373 hechtman, m. 343 hecker, e. 358 heckert, c. 356 heinrich, d. 286, 310 heinrich, ). 207 heim, r. 353 heimann, d. 373 heinly, r. 190 heintz, I. 301 hellinkamp, b. 330, 352 helmstetter, c. 228 helwig, russ 226, 227 hendler, b. 311 hendler, m. 290 hendricks, t. 190, 193, 194, 199, 203, 373 henrichson, c. 346 herbst, c. 373 helman, c. 295 herman, s. 331, 358 hermelin, e. 374 hernander, J. 400 hernandez, m. 344 hernandez, r. 342 herr, J. 385 herreid, k. 301 herring, f. 340, 385 hershman, J. 225, 341 hershman, I. 330, 352 hershman, m. 374 hershoff, r. 324, 394 hesch, k. 165 hetson, a. 394 heuson, dr. w. g. 339, 353 hewgley, c. t. 190 hewitt, b. 307 hobart, c. 352 hochester, n. 340 hochstim, J. 342 nodes, d. 374 hofl. c. 394 hoff, e. 394 hoffman, m. 346, 394 hogg, c. 385 hoke, c. 293 holcomb, t. 394 nolden, g. 150 holland, c. 374 hollenberg, a. 374 holmes, b. 159 holmes, c. 353 holmes, s. 355 holmquist, p. 206, 207 hooker, s. 385 holslag, J. 385 holtzman, v. 333, 337 hopgood, g. 190 horn, ). 343 home, p, 346 hornstein, s. 314 horowitz, J. 155 horowitz, m. 330, 374 horwitz, s. 374 horton, o. 326 houchen, b. 287, 301, 350 houstoun, e. 374 hovel, h. 385 hoy, d. 313 hoy, i. 318, 319 hickey, d. 306 hickox, d. 208, 212 hicks, mr. w. 171 higgins, s. 347, 353 higman, J. 347 hill, d. 223 hill, c. 154, 227, 329 hill, s. 318, 359, 374 hill, p. 162 hillman, e. 374 hillman, f. 319. 325, 338 hirigoyen, h. 319, 325 hirsch, c. 156 hirsh, |. 333 hirsh. t. 290 hirshman, j. 154 hitter, c. 374 hixon, I. 337, 374 hlad, g. 394 hubacher, p. 346, 394 hudson, g. 225 hudson, o. 374 huff, |. 190, 193, 195, 196, 198, 201 hughes, m. 297, 394 humphries, dr. J. 324, 374 hunleen, m. 294 hunter, r. 164, 329 hurd. b. 394 hutcherson, k. 190, 404 hutchinson, w. 374 hutchison, mrs. i. 170 hutslar, m. 208, 214 hutton, g. 374 hutzel, i. 297 hutzler, s. 394 hymes. b. 326 hyrd, J. 353 i rmmerman, s. 345 ingerham, b. 291 ingham, k. 302 ingram, t. 374 inguan, J. 400 inguanzo, J. 332, 344 iorizzo, m. 374 Isaacs, d. 176 Isaacs, g. 338 ish. J. 293, 403 isseks, f. 311 ives, m. 385 Jabali. h. 342 Jacobs, a. 385 Jacobs, p. 154, 155, 346, 358 Jacobs, r. 314 jacobson, a. 374 jacobson, h. 357 iacobson, s. 343, 344 jacobstein, h. 336 lacoby, i. 318, 319, 330, 374 Jackowitz, r. 289, 303, 394 Jackson, c. 351 Jackson, v. 150, 394 jade, r. 344, 394 Jamal, a. 385 James, a. 307 James, d. 287, 307 James, p. 394 iamison, c. 190 ann, s. 399 ansen. J. 293. 374 Janssen, a. 385 ja.mer, J. 337, 374 Jarrell, a. 329 Jarrett, J. 289 Jasper, s. 374 jaye, e. 346. 395 jayson, s. 385 Jeffreys, J. J. 164 Jennings, J. 165 Jensen, c. 332, 343 (ervis, J. 374 Jezek, I. 228 imenez, ]. 374 ohns, t. 405 ohnson, b. 337 Johnson, d. 191, 306. 374 Johnson, J. 296, 374 Johnson, I. 347 Johnson, m. 395 Johnson, s. 350 Johnson, t. 354 Johnson, torn 310 Johnson, w. 374, 386 Johnson, w. III. 386 Johnston, dave 292 Johnston, don 292 Johnston, t. 327 joice, e. 353 Jones, Jan 109, 303, 357 Jones, Jill 301 Jones, k. 297 Jones, p. 395 jonik, s. 297 Jordt, g. 217 Juarrero, a. 321, 375 juran, t. 183 kachioff, y. 400 kado, v. 302 kadushin, s. 347 kalech, m. 386 kaleida, r. 302, 341, 395 kalina, d. 190, 192, 195, 196 kalisch, m. 162 kalkas, a. 287, 307 kaltman, i. 375 kaminsky. k. 346, 395 kandell, J. 395 kane, d. 326, 328, 330 kane, p. 308, 386 kanoff, s. 386 kann, m. 375 kaplan, b. 300, 386 kaplus, r. 386 kaplowitz, I. 375 karam, t. 294 karins, J. 301 karipis, a. 357, 375 karnov, p. 386 karpchuc, J. 357 karter, s. 293 kaspar, r. 294 kassel, p. 375 katz, f. 309 katz, J. 402 katz, k. 287, 303, 375 katz, martin 315 katz, mike 366 katz, s. 341 katzman, s. 303 katzmon, a. 309 kay, k. 375 kaye, e. 169 kaye, h. 350 kaye, o. 375 kaupir, r. 150 kazmark, j. 329 kazmark, J. 375 keane, p. 395 keane, v. 155 kearns, J. 375 kedes, h. 375 keegan, j. 329 keen, g. 395 keenen, k. 307 keesler, d. 395 keagy, p. 306 keith, d. 375 kelfer, m. 311 keller, k. 292 keller, r. 351 kellert, a. 386 kelley, |. 297, 375, 386 kelsey, J. 156, 293 kelsode, m. 375 kemper, t. 375 kempton, p. 291 kendall, c. 359 kent, r. 336 kent, r. 395 kerper, p. 395 kerper, s. 332, 343 kersta, b. 324 kessel, I. 326 kichefski, w. 190 killeps, b. 304 kilpatrick, b. 345, 403 kimball, J. 150, 157, 159 kind, d. 386 kinder, J. 341, 395 kiner. J. 386 king, b. 328 king, c. t. 156 king, dr. c. h. 336 king, c. h. 318 king, e. 292 king, g. 386 king, h. 319, 375 king, J. 386 king, I. 295 king, w. 375 kingsbery, s. d. 347 kinsey, d. 375 kirby, p. 404 kirschmann, J. 386 kirsch, d. 314 kirsh, I. 295 kish. |. 375 klapmeyer, J. 395 klein, I. 295 klein, n. 395 klein, p. 395 klein, p. 346, 395 klein, r. 295 klempp, c. 395 klempp. r. 405 klibinow, f. 289 klibanow, f. 295 kleindienst, I. 174, 289, 313 klovekorn, m. 324 kluchin, I. 156 knapp, d. 352, 375 knapp, c. 375 knee, p. 311 knight, n. 375 knight, r. 159, 353 knoelke, m. 325, 330, 352 knopp, m. 386 knowles, J. 403 kobrinetz, rabbi s. 347 koch, e. 375 koch, r. Jr. 375 koch, t. 318 kochanski, p. 375 koehler, r. 400 koenig, d. 336 koenig, dr. d. 150 koenigsberg. r. 330, 352, 375 koft, n. 375 kohl, v. 350 kohut, j. 386 kokus, g. 327 kolakowski, t. 386 kolinger. s. 395 kollinger, s. 297 kongelbeck, a. 293 kopitko, i. 359 koplin, p. 290 kossman, h. 375 kotler, I. 375 kousaleos, k. 358 kowalsky, r. 395 koyle, d. 329, 375 kozlowski, h. 375 kozubovich, s. 305, 395 krainson, p. 375 kramer, g. 386 kramer, s. 386 kranert, I. 375 krantz, p. 344 krasner, J. 395 krathen, d. 386 kraushaar, o. 318 kravitz, e. 395 kravitz, I. 290 kridle, t. 375 kriete, s. 301 kritzer, c. 336, 375 krivacek, b. 325, 339 kross, s. 350 kruger, i. 339, 386 kruse, J. 342 kruitchik, J. 395 kubat, J. 302 kuchenmeister, s. 302 kuffner, m. 395 kuhen, d. 307 kuhn, s. 154, 321, 328, 329 kunkle, s. 301 kurland, m. 327 kurn, m. 297 kushlan, |. 375 kushner, J. 315 kushner, I. 303 kutchak, J. 331 kuzobovich, s. 395 la bella, I. 340, 386 lacayo, J. 386 lacayo, o. 386 lachapelle, g. 337 lachat, g. 150, 287, 319, 323 la critz, r. 154, 156, 287 laing, I. 337 lake, dr. m. I. 346 lamar, n. 403 lambersky, m. 346, 375 lambright, m. 339, 352 lamont, |. 164 lampe, e. 336 lampl, m. 162, 286, 290, 319, 323, 363, 375 lancaster, k. 314 landis, h. 331, 375 landis, dr. n. n. 345 landsea, dr. w. 339 landy, m. 336 lane, f. 347 langcaster, k. 286 langer, s. 295, 395 langsam, m. 98, 163, 395 lank, w. 375 lapinsohn, i. 337 lapoint, d. 342 la pointe, J. 190 laposki, t. 403 larkin, m. 228 la sala, J. 375 lasa, I. 340 lasarow, I. 156, 287 lassoff, J. 341, 395 laub, m. 309 lauredo, I. 395 lavin, g. 352 lavin, m. 302 lawson, g. 375 lawson, t. 347 leach, m. 155, 293 leahy, c. 403 leary, J. 375 leatherwood, J. 318, 319 leblanc, h. 345 leboss, a. 395 lee, r. 375 lee, dr. s. 343 leech, k. 307 leffler, e. 395 lehman. t. 228, 229, 386 leidel, g. 294 leifer, d. 357 leining, c. 375 leining, I. 291 leipsig, t. 375 leon, I. 344, 376 leone, J. 340, 386 leone, m. 315, 318, 319, 321, 323, 325, 331, 386 lerman, b. 395 lerner, s. 395 leshner, s. 353 leskovee, c. 300 letendre, m. 404 leve. c. 228 levin, d. 386 levin, k. 337 levin, v. 154, 163, 329 levine, b. 376 levine, e. 344, 395 levine, k. 395 levine, m. 357, 376 levine, n. 315 levinson, c. 156 levinson, r. 350 levitt, c. 150, 376 levitz, b. 386 levy, e. 395 levy, I. 164, 329 levy, p. 308 levy, r. 376 433 ' Everything for the Student ' directly opposite twin dormitories on s. dixie hwy. headquarters for review materials and outlines. ORIGINAL JEWELRY BY LEO UNUSUAL KINGS THE EFt phone mo 1-7411 1136 south dixie highway coral gables 46, florida Compliments of . A t V_x Rational " Full Service Bank- Member Federal Reserve System F.D.I.C. 5750 Sunset Drive Telephone 667-5511 JtrniqR RESTAURANTS ( IT ' S A WISE THAT TAKES ADVANTAGE OF OUR EARLY DINNER SPECIAL Anyone who gives a " hoot " about fine food, great service and sensible prices will find our Early Bird Dinner Special a real treat. Hours 4.00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. (Monday fo SofyrJoyJ Sunday 1:00 p.m. to 4.-00 p.m Congratulations to the GRADUATING CLASS SP le-pa lewis, d. 206, 207, 223 lewis, k. 326 lewis, I. 376 lewis, m. 395, 403 lewis, n. 376 lewis, r. 339, 386 liberman, c. 395 licht, m. 395 I lev, o. 325, 400 lilschin, I. 289, 311, 350 ligas, t. 325 linden, J. 314, 386 lindsey, p. 352, 353 lipawsky, s. 150 lipmsky, s. 331 lipfield, s. 311 little, J. 341 littman, f. 396 litz, a. 376 litzler, m. 343 liu, J. 404 liwush, a. 294 llopis, v. 386 llorens, m. 396 lloyd, m. 386 loeb, c. 311, 376 loftus, d. 327 logan, m. 307 logan, w. 386, 306 logsdon, J. 324 lomach, k. 337 longstreth, p. 386 lopez, c. 342 lopez, I. 319 lopresto, J. 386 loret-de-mola, g. 396 losee, i. 304, 353 lotterman, I. 315 loffmann, w. 344, 401 lotstein, e. 290 love, d. 324 love, m. 336 lowe, h. 327 lowenstein, g. 155 lowenthal, d. 327 lowery, k. 324 lowrance, c. 376 lowry, p. 338 lowry, w. 338 lucas, f. 332 lucason, d. 296 luczymski, e. 206 luddy, r. 386 ludwlck, d. 291 ludwig, h. 340, 386 lulu, m. 306 luna, p. 386 luskin, p. 175, 176 lustbader, s. 376 lutsky, r. 343 lutze, c. 165 lyle, ). 312 lynch, w. 376 lynn, s. 396 lyons, s. 324 lyon, J. 326 m macias, b. Jr. 343 macintyre, J. 342 mack, d. 292 mackinzie, r. 353 mac pherson, s. 294 madeiros, c. 351 maduro, g. 228 mahl, |. 396 mailing, I. 6 maizel, b. 340 major, I. 344, 401 maken, c. 330 makovsky, r. 325, 330, 352, 376 makurd, g. 228 malamed, r. 165, 173, 178, 376 mallencamp, e. 357 maleh, c. 345 malkowski, |. 376 mallo, i. 376 malstead, t. 306 malzo, r. 386 mameletzi, v. 358 manard, d. 190 manassa, n. 163 manchester, r. 329 mancuso, J. 312 mankel, w. 376 manket, I. 295 mann, I. 178, 396 mann, r. 164, 323, 329, 354 manness, v. 376 manning, a. 386 manning, n. 396 manos, m. 405 mantadakis, e. 376 mantell, a. 150, 376 mantell, m. 109, 165 376 mantella, r. 376 mapes, r. 296 marantz, g. 150, 326 marcelin, j. 376 marcus, c. 376 marcus. I. 295 marie, k. 351 marks, J. 314 marlin, I. 183 marracciai, p. 340, 376 marrero, a. 376 marra, t. 306 marsh, carol 293, 356 marshall, J. 376 martens, J. 349, 356 martin, b. 314 martin, d. 351, 355 martin, (. 376 martin, J. 165, 355, 396 martin, k. 386 martin, I. 396 martin, r. 376 martinez, b. 376 martinez, r. 342 martinez, c. 343 martinez-azoy, m. 324 martire, J. 340 marvin, |. 396 masef, k. 396 mason, d. 355 massarsky, i. 346, 396 masters, t. 208; 209, 376 matarazzo, a. 340, 386 mathura, c. 325, 326 mathy, g. 376 matthes, d. 190 matthews, w. 190 matusek, i. 328, 376 mauger, c. 396 mauger, r. 292 maurizi, t. 376 may, a. 342 may, g. 386 may, I. 305 mayor, d. 376 mayer, g. 376, 377 maynard, b. 346 maza, r. 228 mazin, e. 314 mazzoli, I. 386 me allister, m. 396 me bride, h. 217 me craig, b. 377 me call, f. 337 me call, r. 296 me earthy, s. 155, 293 me cleod, d. 351 me colgam, b. 190 me connell, k. 377 me cormick, g. 191 me cormack, n. 326 me coy, ). 306 me cue, d. 296 me cune, I. 342 me dade, b. 156 me dinald, c. 353 me donald, k. 377 me dowall, d. 386 me ewen, m. 386 me guire, b. 377 me guire, m. 296 me gough, r. 386 me hugh, m. 344 me intosh, d. 329, 377 me kechnie, m. 386 me kennen, b. 336 me kenzie, j. 190 me keown, I. 377 me kibben, k. 307 me kinney, m. 346, 351 me kinstry, j. 387 me laughlin, o. 294 me laughlin, s. 165, 377 me leod, g. 332, 401 me manus, d. 308 me marthy, r. 227 me murray, w. 318 me nalley, ). 359 me neal, a. 319, 377 me nulty, a. 336 me Williams, n. 291 meade, t. 216, 217 meek, b. 353 medeiros, s. 396 medina, r. 387 meitin, s. 286, 315 meisel, ]. 337, 396 mejido, m. 342, 401 meldola, j. 387 melendez, w. 340, 352, 387 melnick, ]. 377 mendelsohn, a. 154, 156, 311 mendez, c. 377 menedez, o. 401 menendez, m. 377 mengesser, b. 155 menocal, p. 387 menton, d. 387 mercatoris, d. 306 merman, j. 352 merman, I. 327 mervis, m. 340, 387 merz, r. 377 meskiel, J. 387 messer, s. 318, 319 metzker, d. 403 meyer, d. 387 meyer, f. 294 meyer, J. 315 meyer, k. 387 meyers, n. 340 meziaki, s. 345 mical, g. 352 mlchael, p. 331 michaels, h. 302 michalak, r. 387 michel, g. 332, 344, 401 michelson, d. 377 mickelson, r. 387 mick, g. 191 milburg, r. 308 millard, e. 359 millard, p. 326 miller, a. 296 miller, b. 294 miller, bob 190 miller, c. 377, 405 miller, e. 379 miller, j. 300, 340 miller, ]. m. 387, 405 miller, Jill 307 miller, Joan 303 miller, k. 291 miller, p. 308 miller, r. 228, 387 miller, t. 156 miller, w. 343, 356 millington, n. 156, 289, 305 mills, a. 352 mills, lee 314 mills, louise 328 milner, v. 309 milstein, r. 287, 289, 309, 396 milue, j. 396 mings, r. 353 minich, father h. 323 mintz, I. 396 miranda, c. 396 mirman, I. 396 mirmelli, p. 352 mirmelli, s. 331, 346, 387 mirzy, v. 387 missirlian, m. 377, 396 missonellie, ). 344 mitchell, g. 353 mitchell, p. 387 mittnacht, c. 396 model, J. 289 mogilefsky. d. 311, 321, 396 mogough, r. 340 moher, J. 341 monahan, d. 327 monchek. I. 344 montadas, a. 387 montao, g. 302 montao, r. 377 monte, n. 228 monto, e. 387 mooney, o. 190 moore, c. 291 mora, h. 206, 343 mora, ). 387 morabito, m. 217 morales, b. 377 morales, n. 377 moreau, j. 404 morr, 206 morris, w. 325, 352 morrison, g. 396 morrissey, e. 292 morse, t. 405 moscowitz, s. 396 moser, d. 342 moses, k. 338 mosher, b. 300 mosicowitz, h. 387 moskowitz, h. 340 moskowitz, i. 377 moss, j. 295 moss, I. 150, 377 mouquen, c. 289, 297 moyer, b. 387 moy, |. 377 muck, k. 301, 356 mueller, b. 291 mudarra, capt. 336 mulcahy, 190 mulholland, s. 341 mullane, m. 342 munchick, b. 174, 387 mundrich, s. 191 murdaugh, w. 377 muroft, ). 295 murphy, t. 302 murphy, w. 377 murray, f. 174, 175 murray, k. 294 murray, p. 396 musumeci, g. 387 muzyka, k. 396 myers, j. 377 myers, r. 302 myers, s. 341 n nagdeman, d. 294 nagel, p. 318, 329 nagin, s. 174 nagler, |. 347 nagorski, I. 344 nagy, m. 327, 337 nankin, m. 290 nail, n. 377 napp, I. 396 nathan, s. 377 neal, s. 377 nedzinski, I. 155, 358 neff, m. 173, 175, 176, 177 neff, r. 318, 319, 332, 401 neff, h. jr. 396 negrin, m. 377 neil, d. 306 neill, |. 329 neivel, t. 342 nellessen, p. 343 nelson, s. 292 nembach, d. 396 neminsky, t. 342 nenoff, b. 291, 377 nestor, c. 353 neuendorf, j. 313 neureuter, j. 304 neuwahl, m. 331 newbold, t. 403 newcomb, c. 357 newcomb, V. 191, 319 newhouser, j. 228 newman, J. 291, 377 newman, m. 302 nicander, p. 332, 344 nicholas, d. 325, 356, 387 nichols, m. 387 nieves, a. 378 nitzberg, r. 289, 309 nixon, m. 307 nobel, I. 289, 307 nolan, d. 387 nollenberger, I. 357 nolle, m. 313, 329, 378 noonan, m. 289 norman, c. 345 north, a. 378 northstein, b. 387 norton, p. 165, 396 nosek, p. 353 novinson, n. 378 nowell, r. 387 noyes, g. 387 oberman, c. 396 oblas, s. 378 o ' boyle, b. 158 o ' brien, f. 292 o ' dell, e. 357 o ' fallen, w. 342 o ' fallon, r. 402 ogden, g. 327, 354, 397 oginz, h. 344 o ' hanley, a. 387 o ' hara, wm. 294 ohn, h. v. 351 ojalvo, s. 340 okun, m. 397 oldham, s. 355 oles, c. 165, 305 olian, dr. j. r. 169 olivo, d. 190, 195, 196, 197, 198, 199, 201 olmsted, d. 378 olsen, t. 343 Olson, j. 404 Olson, v. 324, 378 omwake, h. 353 o ' neal, ]. 217 o ' neal, k. 154, 378 o ' neill, b. 378 onrot, m. 287 opalsky, v. 190, 192, 193, 195, 197, 201 oppel, e. 378 oppelt, s. 397 oppenheim, b. 397 oppenheim, s. 331, 387 o ' quinn, J. 378 o ' quinn, v. 341 ora, b. 292 ordones, j. 404 ordonez, i. 333 orfe, ). 302 orlansky, h. 315 orloff, j. 6, 174, 179, 182, 286 orlow, ). 387 ormes. I. 293. 356 ornstein, m. 387 orwitz, m. 350 osborn, r. 217, 292 osbourne, J. 208, 211, 214 ospina, j. 206 osterling, m. 292 osterman, c. 307 osterman, d. 387 osteryoung, k. 397 owens, g. 294 ozer, n. 378 pacetti, w. 397 page, J. 175, 310 page, p. 296 pages, 1. 378 pakan, r. 387 pakowitz, s. 378 palette, s. 301, 350, 397 palewicz, a. 191 pallant, J. 290, 387 pappas, a. 405 pappatheodorou, s. 352, 355, 405 pappy, r. 378 paris, b. 378 par is, p. 311 435 parker, c. 190, 194, 341 parker, f. 378 parker, r. 209 parks, ]. 318, 378 parr, s. 191 parrino, J. 378 partel, r. 286 partridge, s. 300 pasquini, I. 159, 397 paster, b. 311 pastor, J. 345 patsavos, e. 336 Patterson, d. 155 Patterson, r. 312 patz, s. 378 paul, janis 320, 378 paul, Jim 378 paul, I. 387 paul. p. 312 paullin, e. 378 pazos, h. 378 pearce, e. 397 pearl, J. 314, 387 Pearson, p. 301, 356 peck, b. 378 peck, t. 318, 323 pedreira, r. 387 pedroso, r. 388 peek, m. 154, 289, 305 peivso, h. 388 pejarredonda, a. 343 pelleriti, c. 307 penarredonda, a. 401 pendleton, J. 300 penkerton, g. j. 345 pentz, m. 403 pepper, J. 342 pere, h. 397 pereira, m. 331 perez, e. 401 perez, g. 190 pergakis, p. 342 perkins, r. Jr. 378 perry, d. 324, 397 perry, g. 293 Peterson, b. 300 Peterson, b. 300 Peterson, c. 176 petiprin, e. 286, 292 peto, g. 307, 378 petraitis, m. 388 petrilli, p. 359 petrovits, r. 155 petruilo, d. 228 pfitzenmeier, d. 293 phano, bill 294 phifer, d. 338 Phillips, a. 319 Phillips, k. 388 Phillips, I. 206 Phillips, m. 302 Phillips, p. 155, 297 pierce, J. 190, 200 pietrofesa, a. 397 pilafian, s. 338 pilla. d. 378 pimstein, J. 206 pinckney, I. 378 pineda, |. 170 pinero, m. 342 pino, e. 397 pino, r. 354 pinsky, w. 397 pintado, c. 378 pino, r. 388 piorkowski, k. 156, 293 pitnick, n. 378 piznak, |. 340 plaskoff, r. 404 ploch, c. 163, 291, 350, 378 plotkin, d. 344, 401 plotkin, s. 312 poce, J. 343, 401 podlich, s. 310 polcari, r. 331, 388 poliakoff, s. 327, 397 poliner, b. 346 poliner, e. 397 polito, a. 388 pollack, ira 304 poller, p. 378 polley, b. 173, 178 polster, h. 336 pondelicek, b. 150 pont, e. 352 poole, c. 344 poore, c. 342 pope, b. 291 pope, s. 324, 328, 331, 351, 388 popivchak, p. 293, 349 popivchak, s. 378 popp, d. 190 porter, e. 324, 397 portes, d. 311 posada, g. 342 posada, J. 402 posner, n. 341 posner, h. 378 post, r. 378 poston, r. 289 potler, J. 388 pound, m. 359 powers, ). 378 powers, roy 169 powers, raymond 339 pratt, p. 342 pratt, r. 292 Prague, r. 312 preisine, r. 388 pressman, m. 330, 352 prieto, r. 352, 388 price, I. 397 price, m. 292 prince, m. 291 prince, s. 314 prokopec, r. 354, 378 proto, ]. 304 pucci, r. 397 pujol, J. 378 purvin, p. 155 pushkar, p. 228 pustlnik, b. 346 puyot, a. 378 pyle, I. 228, 231 pytel, I. 190, 198, 200 quinlivan, m. 378 quinn, d. 310 quintans, f. quirk, r. 354 rabbene, j. 305 rabin, i. 397 rabinovitz, i. 397 rabinowitz, ). s. 165, 345 rachesky, c. 289 rachni, m. 347 rader, I. 291 radt, dr. r. 343 rafter, o. 397 rafter, p. 341 ragone, I. 351 ragone, p. 308, 378 rahn, c. 344 raisbeck, a. 388 ramos, c. 342 rand, a. 378 randall, a. 217, 341 randolph, m. 312 rapaport, s. 346, 397 rapee, m. 327 rappaport. a. 378 ratkiewicz, k. 304 raxsayer, b. 292 raymond, a. 378 raymond, r. 310 rebel, t. 161, 163, 323, 378 reber, I. 307 recio, m. 388 redelsheimer, p. 305, 357 redmond, J. 346, 397 regan, J. 354, 388 rehfield, b. 286, 304 reichelle, r. 155, 351 reichenbach, p. 378 rein, s. 378 reichwald, e. 397 reisman, r. 388 reiter, |. 339 reitman, a. 397 pa-ro rettzes, m. 309 reiziss, h. 397 remensnyder, j. 379 rerrtland, j. 169 reshefsky, r. 315 rettger, h. 388 reuben. b. 315 reynolds, ). 307 reynolds, h. 379 reynolds, |. 306 reznick, I. 379 rhoades, J. 286 ribas, J. 388 riber, r. 296 ricci, b. 342 rich, J. 314 richard, c. 190 richard, d. 169, 173, 362 richards, |. 336, 345, 397 richardson, n. 326 ricker, o. 169 rickert, a. 379 rickert, k. jr. 379 ridaura, v. 388 ridenour, d. 301 ridennur, r. i. 318, 319, 323 rickert, c. 306 riediger, k. 388 rieger, d. 397 rifkin, J. 156, 295 rigg, m. 379 riismandel, J. 294 riley, m. 191 rill, p. 311, 341 rine, J. 327, 354, 379 fitter, m. 405 ritzman, r. 353 rivas, m. 379 robbin, ). 397 robbins, r. 388 roberts, a. 351 roberts, J. 329, 355, 379 roberts, m. 338, 379 robertson, d. 325 robertson, s. 154 robey, s. 191 robins, I. 397 robin, m. 311 robinowitz, m. 330, 379 robinson, John 318 robinson, Judy 355 robinson, k. 359 robinson, n. 301, 403 rockabrand, s. 312 rockney, J. 379 436 V " a 1 si a S " t " .M V am. an I B ' M I M kM a Congratulations from a friend. NATIONAL 437 roddy, d. 208, 214 roden, I. 332 roditi, c. 379 rodkin, s. 379 rodney, a. 388 rodman, J. 315, 388 rodney, m. 340 rodon, I. 344 rodriguez, a. 397 rodriguez, b. 388 rodriquez, c. 342, 347, 358 rodriquez, d. 156, 301 rodriguez, e. 379 rodriguez, ]. 401 rogers, p. 388 rolland, r. 388 rollins, r. 296 romer, r. 191 ronci, J. 346, 397 roof, r. 289, 313, 388 roop, J. 217 rosas-guyon, I. 344, 401 rose, s. 163, 388 rosen, a. 405 rosen, e. 291, 337 rosen, h. 331 rosen, r. 319, 323, 339, 352, 388 rosen, v. 324, 397 rosenbaum, a. 345 rosenbaum, s. 346 rosenbluth, n. 344, 397 rosenlield, h. 314 rosenthal, p. 352 rosenthal, s. 346, 347 rosenman, m. 388 roslund. J. e. 154, 155, 289, 313, 320, 329, 379 romey, I. 379 ross, d. 388 ross, J. 344 ross, m. 379 ross, m. s. 379 rosso, b. 310, 388 roth, a. 397 roth, h. 306 roth, ). 315, 379 roth, k. 397 roth, m. 319, 356, 388 roth, s. 314 rothstein, p. 379 rotolante, b. 325, 356 royer, h. 331 roupp, p. 312 rowlands, b. 308 rowser, ). 379 rubin, bruce 175 rubin, burt 300 rubin, d. 359 rubin, J. 150, 156 rubin, s. 336 rubin, t. 156 rubinstein, r. 291 rubinstein, s. 163, 325, 388 rudner, c. 397 rudner, d. 206 ruff, d. 379 ruff. f. 379 ruffer, I. 351 ruggles, r. 388 ruiz de villa, a. 379 ruopp, p. 379 ruscio, a. 397 russo, r. 397 ruth, d. 310 rychman, d. 312 ryden, g. 397 saari, r. 379 sabarese, m. 397 sablon, r. 328 sacerio, J. 401 sacerio, I. 344 sachs, f. 336 sacks, g. 173 sachs, s. 397 sachs, t. 309 sadkin, s. 379 sadler, p. 156 saenz, J. 388 safier, a. 397 sahn oanh-liet, I. 332 salem, e. 183 Salenfriend, i. 379 salgo, m. 353 saligaros, n. 325 Salisbury, J. 379 salom, r. 405 Salomon, e. 388 Salomon, m. 389 salon, m. 308 saltman, g. 397 samach, k. 333 samayoa, c. 401 sample, c. 341 Sampson, c. 302 samueloff, r. 347 Samuels, h. 155, 337 sanchez, g. 327, 379 sanchez, I. 356, 379 sanchez-pando, J. 324 sandberg, p. 398 Sanders, dana 6, 182 sanders, dave 165 sandier, e. 389 sandier, J. 341, 398 sandier, r. 379 sands, d. 312 sands, n. 389 sanford, r. 379 sanhoanh-liet, I. 344 sankeisingh, g. 339, 389 santa cruz, r. 342, 401 santalo, J. 331 santiesteban, I. 355 santini, a. 291, 353 santini, r. 291, 353 santos, r. 336, 353 sassaman, m. 338, 404 satin, w. 379 satuloff, b. 405 saull, J. 314, 379 saunders, r. 389 sauter, m. 305, 398 savinon, d. 389 sawyers, h. 190 sawyer, r. 379 scalingi, p. 305 schaap, s. 190, 200 schaeffer, c. 291 schafer, d. 338 schaffel, c. 295 schaffer, c. 398 schafield, d. 398 schagane, s. 389 schallet, m. 302 schang, k. 332, 342, 401 schechter, J. 303 scheider, g. 389 scheinberg, b. 379 scheumann, b. 311 schiff, J. 303 schildhauer. c. 292 schiller, 2, 379 schipper, dr. g. 326 schisano, r. 292 schlecter, a. 341 schmahl, p. 379 schmid, r. 398 Schmidt, g. 342 Schmidt, J. 190 schmidt, n. 191 schmidt, p. 190 schneebalg, m. 352 Schneider, b. 206, 341, 398 Schneider, g. 290 Schneider, j. 190 Schneider, j. 312. 389 Schneider, r. 303 Schneider, w. 356 scholl, c. 302 schottenstein, t. 295 schroeder, d. 389 schubart, J. 318, 319, 321, 405 Schumacher, e. 398 schupp, g. 310 Schuster, d. 342 schuttz, r. 159 schwanenfeld, r. 398 Schwartz, b. 389 Schwartz, d. 163, 379 Schwartz, h. 345 Schwartz, J. 306 Schwartz, r. 379 Schwartz, s. 389 Schwarzkopf, b. 398 Schweitzer, r. 398 schwenzfeier, e. 379 schwinger, r. 339, 389 schwister, w. 389 seeley, J. 341 seelig, s. 379 seely, J. 190 segal, I. 336 segal, p. 290, 379 segal, w. 315 seguin, r. 286, 323, 349, 379 seidle, m. 389 selby, d. 312 selby, r. 296 selevan, a. 347 sellers, J. 345 sellinger, d. 341 selli.iger, e. 398 sells, J. 332. 344 selmi, w. 353, 379 senecal, m. 294 serafino, p. 380 serben, r. 346, 398 serrao, a. 339, 389 server, e. 157, 159 sever, c. 380 sever, r. 339 shaber, e. 309 shacet, d. 303 shafer, t. 359 shalkop, r. 306 shamblin, g. 344 shanbron, s. 223 Shane, d. 305 Shapiro, h. 380 Shapiro, r. 389 shapley, g. 172, 175 sharpe, t. 380 shaw, J. 287, 293, 350 shaw, r. 330, 380 shayne, r. 311 shebat, J. 302 sheeder, mr. w. 148, 150, 319 sheehan, j. 349 sheffeid, r. 339 sheilds, r. 330 shellenberger, c. 353 shenker, c. 330, 352 shepper, a. 341 sherker, e. 169 Sherman, a. 150, 160, 163, 321, 323, 364, 380 Sherman, c. 303 Sherman, r. 206, 380, 389 sherota, e. 340 sherrill, c. 306 shideler, m. 354 shienberg. b. 303 shindell, m. 345, 403 shinn, g. 401 shoaf, c. 313 shohat, e. 150, 169, 173, 321, 366 shore, I. 183, 380 shores, s. 346 shrater, a. 354, 389 shroads, c. 352, 353 shroeder, d. 294 shuffield, w. 405 shullman, s. 340 shults, e. 352, 389 shutt, e. 357 sico, t. 306 sidall, c. 296 siebel, w. 389 siegel, d. 314 siegel, I. 154, 155, 358, 380 siegel, s. 223 siemianowski, t. 345 siepser, e. 155 sierra, m. 324 sigal, t. 327 siken, s. 314 sill, ron 300, 329, 380 silvaggi, b. 308 silver, I. 306 silver, w. 169, 173, 363 silverman, s. 331, 389 Simmons, m. 389 Simon, J. 179, 380 simon, k. 380 simon, s. 347, 398 simonson, e. 345, 380 Simpson, r. 389 Sinclair, d. 389 singer, r. 190 singer, s. 380, 401 sinofsky, r. 398 sisk, s. 380 skoog, k. 190, 341 skop, a. 346, 398 sloman, J. 350 slomowitz, I. 380 slonneger, f. 389 slotnick, r. 398 small, e. 342 small, r. 289, 295 small, w. 380 smallridge, b. 165, 291 smith, b. 291, 320, 355, 380 smith, c. 342 smith, d. 315 smith, elizabeth 328 smith, eugene 357 smith, J. 353, 359, 380 smith, k. 287, 289, 301 smith, I. 289, 320, 321, 342, 364, 398 smith, marilyn 301, 380, 403 smith, molly 154 smith, s. 291 smith, scott 206 smith, v, 291 smith, w. 336, 340 smithline, a. 380 smoler, f. 290 smoler, r. 286 smyler, h. 389 sneider, d. 300 snyder, dr. b. h. 330 snyder, c. 328 snyder, I. 175 soanes, d. 342 soens. b. 209 sokaloff, w. 309 sokal, b. 346, 398 sokoler, I. 174 sokoloff, w. 156 solberg, s. 359 soil, r. 380 sollemberger, a. 289, 307 Solomon, I. 315 Solomon, m. 336, 389 solow, r. 398 sonnen, c. 333 sonenberg, c. 398 sonnenfeld, b. 398 sorensen, d. 190 sorge, b. 217 sortor, g. 389 sott, r. 380 souza, J- 329 spates, p. 347, 359 spaulding, s. 398 speichler, I. 380 speranza, b. 302 Spiegel, r. 314 spindell, m. 380 spinetta, e. 380 spitz, r. 343, 401 spitzner, I. 155 spomn, a. 150 sponnoble, s. 154, 176, 289, 305, 321, 329, 380 springel, j. 389 springsteed, d. 342 ro-ta spruance. t. 306 spurlock, d. 304 stagnato, r. 389 stames, k. 297, 337 standard!, r. 380 Stanford, dr. h. k. 318, 319 stankunas, e. 306, 389 Stanley, d. 294 Stanley, h. 163, 169, 300, 326 stark, |. 398 stawartz, 190 steel, c. 289, 293, 398 stefkovich, d. 389 stehmer, I. 405 stein, b. 311 stein, m. 357 stein, w. 380 Steinberg, d. 165 Steinberg, e. 389 Steinberg, |. 343, 380 Steinberg, I. 300, 380 Steinberg, r. 324, 389 steinfeld, e. 308 steinfeld, I. 308 stern, g. 315 stern, I. 389 stern, r. 345, 403 stern, s. 318, 319, 380 stephan, a. 389 stephan, I. 332 Stephens, c. 297 stetson, w. 343, 401 Stevens, m. 324 Stevens, p. 342 Stevenson, m. 345 Stevenson, |. 208. 209 Stevenson, w. 405 Stewart, g. 389 Stewart, J. 165, 349, 380 still, m. 401 stinger, c. 330 Stirling, k. 389 stock, J. 358 stockwell, t. 296 stoeckert, g. 327 stoecklein, r. 380 stoler, a. 337 stoler, d. 6, 180, 300 stoltzer, r. 309, 341 stone, a. 389 stone, d. 190 stoner, c. 296 stotter, m. 380 stousberg, s. 359 stransky, f. 190 stratton, c. 398 strawbridge. r. 190, 192, 195 street, j. 286, 296, 380 strehle, k. 380 Strickland, b. 191 strongman, I. 289 strnad, s. 380 strongman, I. 297 struck, I. 293, 380 Stuart, m. 350 stubbs, s. 156, 350 stuckwisch, c. 352 stunin. r. 380 sturdevant, j. 296 stutman, s. 380 suarez, c. 324 suarez, e. 320, 333, 363 suarez, f. 389 suarez, j. 389 suarez, r. 401 suberati, j. 380 succup, v. 346 sucher, r. 358 suddath, m. 324 sudduth, s. 150, 307, 321 sugar, g. 398 suglia, e. 380 sules, g. 380 sulem, I. 389 Sullivan, p. 206 sullivan, t. 191 sules, a. 352 sumerfield, h. 343 summers, h. 345 sunkel, s. 302 susner, d. 398 sussaman, b. 339 swanko, k. 345 swann, r. 318 swartz, h. 227 swartz, J. 342 sweatt, |. 333, 337 sweeney, r. 380 sweet, I. 352, 389 swetman, c. 183, 380 swibe, k. 380 t talbot, J. 217 tanenbaum, a. 311 tangle, d. 297 tapoich, J. 310 tarbox, a. 381 tarnove, k. 381 tale, Charles f. 318, 319, 381 tate, Charlie 190, 192, 193, 107 tavss, J. 389 taylor, a. 342, 405 taylor, b. 162 taylor, e. 320, 321, 381 taylor, m. 340, 355, 389, 398 438 UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Post Office Box 8053 Coral Gables, Florida 33124 The purpose of your Alumni Association is to promote the welfare of the University and establish and nurture a mutually beneficial relationship between the University and its alumni. Welcome to the preservation of old friendships and the develop- ment of new ones in your University of Miami Alumni Association. Ted Hendricks, Jerry Pierce, and Sebastian greet youngsters at Alumni Family Night, a Homecoming tradition. Emphasis in 1968 was on the formation of alumni clubs, now organized in: ATLANTA BROWARD COUNTY CHICAGO JACKSONVILLE LOS ANGELES PHILADELPHIA SAN DIEGO SAN FRANCISCO SARASOTA TAMPA WASHINGTON, D. C. . . . and in the Greater Miami Area: CORAL GABLES, METRO MIAMI, MIAMI BEACH, NORTH DADE, NORTH MIAMI, SOUTH DADE, WEST MIAMI. The list will continue to grow in the next few years, adding clubs in areas where there are a number of interested alumni. Contact the Alumni Office for information about plans for your town or the name of your local club chairman. : M :: Alumni volunteers and club leaders enjoy a moment of levity during Homecoming ' s Leadership Conference, designed to bring interested alumni up to date on the University and its progress. 1 M I 9 M ! r:. M lass 439 T " " congratulations class of 1969. we enjoyed serving you during your college career, we welcome the opportunity to serve the more than 30,000 alumni of the university of miami. the university of miami bookstore (owned and operated by the university of miami) p. o. box 8086 coral gables, florida 33124 ta-zu taylor, p. 205 taylor, robert 190, 228 taylor, r. 190 teal, d. 190 teal, w. 338 tebeau, dr. c. w. 336 tedesco, m. 381 teillon, I. 294, 389 tejera, f. 339, 381 telander, w. 340 tellefsen. f. 398 temple, w. 389 tepper, |. 303 terrier, r. 342 terio, c. 269, 305 terry, r. 390 tessier, c. 351 thai, e. 315 tham, g. 401 theiss, m. 351 then, I. 177 theodore, f. 398 thillman, J. 353 thmuelson, m. 336 thomas, I. 302 thomas, s. 227 thompson, g. 190, 199 thorn, m. 381 tho nell ; d. 296 thorner, I. 337 tiderman, J. 398 tie, a. 343 tieraeyer, t. 390 tier, a. 390 tillotson, m. 154, 326 timmer, c. 381 timmons, J. 344 timpf, c. 390 tingler, I. 381 tio. a. 401 tisdale, d. 353 tocci, r. 310, 359 tocco, f. 381 tohm, b. 398 tomas, a. 289, 320, 321 309 329 355, 362, 381 tonks, n. 398 tonnarly, h. 301 torelli, d. 296 torppa, a. 381 torrente, a. 338 torres, d. 357 toter, k. 381 touby, e. 3S toural, m. 399 townsend, s. 294 trachtman, s. 340, 352, 390 tracte, s. 390 tracy, p 190 trager, k. 381 trapp, :. 357 traum, s. 359 trauman, s. 390 trease, d. 165. 329, 381 trionfetti, i. 162, 301 tripoli, I. 158, 162 tripp, c. 399 trocolr, r. 190 troum, s. 155 troup, h. w. III. 381 trout, b. 190 trower, r. 191 trujillo, a. 381 trulla, r. 294 truong, t. 390, 405 trushin, b. 405 truss, m. 338 tryson, m. 318, 319 tuccitto, m. 381 tuch, k. 399 tucker, a. 314 tucker, b. 325, 330, 352 turbin, r. 330, 352, 381 turek, r. 381 turner, b. 381 turner, c. 342 turner, g. 163 turner, m. 190 turner, r. II. 381 u udomphol, r. 390 uffenorde, m. 338 uhde, r. 401 utley, d. 305 vagias, g. 313, 381 valente, J. 399 valenzuela, m. 381 van fleit, I. 307 van petten, m. 175, 176 vanderklauw, p. 342, 402 vargas, f. 381 vargas, j. 381 vass, g. 381 vazquez, J. 381 vaszuez, m. 381 vaughn, r. 292, 349 vaught, w. c. 148, 318, 319, 323 359 Vecchione, m. 357 vega, a. 331, 390 vega, v. 331, 390 veiner, n. 311 velasco, a. 381 velez, a. 381 venegas, c. 357 venhorst, s. 109, 156 328 vered, d. 381 veziroglu, dr. t. 343 victor, b. 381 victor, J. 381 vidana, e. 326, 336 videll, j. 399 vidzivnas, r. 296 vines, k. 310 Vincent, s. 403 vinvent, I. 342 vinsant, J. 319, 325, 330, 352, 381 visser, c. 345, 399 volinsky, c. 311, 350 vollweiler, a. 175, 179 von Jany, k. 382 voss, d. 312 vuona, p. 382 vranckovic, g. 330 vreeland, h. 399 vreeland, k. 302 W wacher, k. 300 wacher, w. 325, 330, 352, 352 wagenlander, r. 390 wager, m. 286, 302 waggoner, c. 336 wagman, J. 343 wagner, r. 382 walls, r. 399 waisbein, v. 155 walker, b. 324, 346, 399 walker, c. 337 walker, g. 353 walker, J. 297 walker, m. 344 walkup, c. I. 338 wallach, b. 345 walsh, J. 356, 382 waiter, m. 382 waiters, a. 390 waiters, I. 156, 293 waiters, m. 382 waiters, r. 382 walton, f. 292 waltors, b. 390 wardecker, j. 289, 301, 382 warner, d. 390 warnke, I. 382 warren, dr. w. d. 319 warrow, k. 178 Warwick, r. 344 Washington, J. 190 wasserburger, h. 303 watkins, J. 345 watsBn, b. 190 watson, c. 227 watson, p. 223 watterson, k. 312 wayer, d. 390 wayne, i. 399 weaver, d. 206 weaver, m. 301, 350, 399 webb, I. 347 weber, b. 343 weber, c. 390 weber, e. 382 weber, g. 343 weber, jack 315 weber, jerry 294 Webster, w. 382 weckerly, s. 301 weeker, c. 336 weinberg, m. 401 Weinberger, m. 347 weinberg, r. 399 weinblatt, a. 390 weiner, J. 315 weingarden, I. 399 weinkle, b. 326 weinkle, m. 162 weinstein, d. 382 weintraub, I. 399 weintraub, n. 306 weisbaum, I. 301 weisberg, m. 399 weiss, g. 309 weiss, s. 162 welch, r. 208, 214 welch, J. 287 weldon, ). 382 weller, e. 326 wellman, r. 401 wells, n. 399 welsh, p. 353, 359 wendel, b. 303 wengrin, m. 355 westervelt, m. 293 wensing r. II. 402 wertz, p. 320, 321, 356, 382 werstak, m. 399 weston, d. 308 wethli, m. 172 weymouth, c. 297 wever, b. 308 weyrick, d. 306 wheeler, r. 162, 353 white, J. 327 white, k. 191 white, v. 324, 346, 399 white, w. 390 whitechurch, p. 347 whitehouse, g. 357 whitehouse, m. 353 whitman, n. 342 whitman, r. 329 whitten, mrs. k. 150 whittman, r. 401 wickens, r. 382 wieland, t. 346 wigfield, v. jr. 390 wike, d. 191 wike. |. 293 wilder, d. 309 wilder, ]. 355, 399 willens, a. 295 Williams, d. 164 Williams, dr. h. f. 318, 319 Williams, r. 390, 404 Williams, r. e. 390 Williams, s. 341 Williamson, c. 305 Williamson, c. 305 Williamson, mr. J. 169, 382 Williamson, w. 344 willicombe, c. 294 willoughby, d. 318, 319 wilner, n. 390 wilson, a. 399 Wilson, b. 390 wilson, d. 382 Wilson, k. 190 wilson, I. 190, 191 wilson, s. 382 wilson, t. b. III. 150, 172 winegar, b. 346 wing, g. 382 winick, r. 165, 316, 345 Winston, a. 390 winsten, d. 382 winsten, J. 405 wipprecht, mrs. 336 wirt shafter, a. 352, 382 wise, J. 399 wisenbaker, r. 382 wittwach, s. 318 woesteholf, d. 403 wolf, e. 319, 327, 354 wolf, c. 290 wolf, s. 289, 303, 399 wolfer, a. 344, 405 wolfson, d. 382 wolfson, J. 346 wolfson, s. 311, 390, 399 wolin, r. 399 wolman, r. 390 woodard, d. 191 wooderd, I. 163 wooderd, s. 154 woody, e. 382 woolf, w. 346, 399 woolum, k. 190 worsky, r. 351 Wright, J. 353, 382 wray, m. 6, 177, 183 wright, b. 382 wright, J. 353, 328 wright. k. 165 wright, I. 382 wright, m. 390 wright, r. 359 wuest. c. 382 wurch, c. 359 wyce, r. 404 wyckoff, J. 293 wynperle, w. 390 yakin, r. 390 yamron, s. 311 yap, c. 319, 342 yaskin, r. 342 yasser, J. 162 yircali, a. 390 yoss, a. 390 young, c. 382 young, e. 228 young, I. 300 young, s. 300, 399 youngblood, r. 347 zabaleta, e. 343, 401 zaccagninl, f. 290 zak, sieve 390 zakevlch, I. 342 zamplno, c. 342 zan, m. 346 zanck, j. 286 zarco, c. 175 zarikian, a. 343 zawislak, e. 403 zeller, J. 382 zequeira. m. 399 zetoony, f. 347 zetoony, r. 347 zilioll, p. 330, 382 Zimmerman, d. 294, 382 Zimmerman, m. 341, 399 zinn, d. 327 zipser, c. 6, 280 zir, J. 306 zohlman, t. 290 zolot, a. 156 zomleffer, d. 295 zook, r. 390 zuckerman, d. 382 zuckerman, m. 290 zussman, h. 314 zuker, e. 390 zuker, I. 399 441 You can put off plastics for a year. VISTA photo credits BLACK AND WHITE John ashford: 164-1. William bierman: 8-1, 44-1, 46-1, 55-1, 84-1, 100-1, 101-1, 109-1 110-2 122-3, 123-1, 130-2, 131-2, 132-2, 133-2, 150-1, 163-1, 183-1, 194-1 195-1, 196-2, 204-1, 205-3, 208-1, 209-1, 212-1, 213-1, 214-1, 395-1. neil carver: 2-1. elliott derdak: 106-1, 107-1, 110-1, 114-1, 152-1. Jeanne duke: 33-1. bruce goldstein: 112-1, 123-1, 124-1. robert haroutunian: 9-1, 14-1, 33-2, 56-1, 73-1, 74-1, 85-1, 98-1, 128-1, 129-2, 148-1, 149-1, 236-1, 244-1, 280-1, 281-1, 292-2, 364-1, 386-1 424-1. robert hart: 7-1, 28-1, 38-1, 39-1, 42-1, 49-1, 58-1, 66-1 67-1 70-2 71-1, 98-1, 116-1, 179-1, 184-1, 186-1, 187-1, 188-1, 190-1, 192-2, 202-1, 203-2, 206-1, 207-2, 244-1, 229-1, 330-1, 334-1, 362-1, 381-1. hoffman: 178-1. sandy levy: 35-1, 36-1, 120-2, 121-1, 248-1. ray malamed: 42-1, 43-1, 45-1, 100-1, 162-6, 163-2, 164-2, 178-1, 182-1, 183-1, 394-1. lew mann: 3-1, 12-1, 13-1, 15-1, 21-1, 24-1, 28-1, 29-1, 30-1, 34-1, 40-1, 42-1, 43-1, 44-1, 56-1, 59-1, 68-2, 69-1, 74-1, 80-1, 88-1, 89-1, 90-1, 92-1, 93-1, 118-2, 119-2, 130-1, 134-1, 154-2, 172-1, 174-4, 175-4, 176-8, 178-2, 179-1, 180-4, 181-3, 182-1, 183-1, 218-4, 219-1, 220-3, 221-2, 224-1, 225-2, 233-1, 246-1, 266-1, 284-1, 373-1, 376-1, 381-1, 382-1, 384-1, 387-1, 388-1, 390-1, 392-1, 396-1, 403-.1 404-1, 405-1,448-1. bill moss: 37-1. michael neff: 83-1, 84-1, 362-1. 399-1, 400-1, 401-1, 402-1, 1-1, 4-1, 6-1, 7-1, 14-1, 29-1, 34-1, 42-1, 66-1, 71-1, 115-1, 124-1, 125-2, 177-2, 194-1, 275-1, 354-2, 360-1, Jeffrey orloff: 21-1, 24-1, 33-2, 34-1, 49-2, 50-3, 56-1, 58 69-2, 71-1, 73-1, 74-2, 75-1, 76-3, 77-3, 78-1, 82-1, 83 89-1, 90-1, 94-1, 95-2, 112-1, 114-1, 117-1, 142-1, 143-1, 146-2, 147-2, 148-1, 149-1, 160-1, 170-3 198-2, 202-1, 204-1, 207-1, 223-1, 228-1 238-2, 239-2, 240-2, 242-1, 246-1, 247-1 255-2, 256-2, 257-1, 258-2, 260-1, _. 261-1 268-3, 270-1, 271-1 ,272-1, 273-2, 274-1 283-1, 370-1, 374-1, 377-1. 171-2, 229-1, 249-1, 262-1, 275-1, 174-1, 230-2, 252-2, 263-1, 276-3, 1, 60-1 1, 86-1 144-1, 179-1, 231-2, 253-1, 264-1, 64-1, 87-1, 145-2, 183-2, 235-1, 254-3, 265-1, 277-2, 278-2, bud polley: 48-1, 125-1, 126-2, 166-1, 172-4, 173-5, 178-1, 179-1, 189-1. Schneider: 169-1. greg shapley: 102-3, 103-2, 174-1. richard Sherman: 187-1. jeff simon: 117-1, 126-1, 127-1, 181-1. bennett stern: 234-1. sandford thiessen: 12-1, 38-1, 72-1, 81-1, 393-1, 403-1. alan vollweiler: 106-1, 107-2, 113-2, 166-1, 174-1, 260-1, 266-1. ward: 174-1, 250-1, 251-1. don wilkins: 189-1, 405-1. ken worrow: 100-1, 104-1, 105-1, 161-1. michael 99-2, 154-1, 169-7, 289-2, 299-1, 309-1, 327-2, 343-2, 358-2, wray: 104-1, 155-2, 175-2, 290-1, 300-1, 310-1, 328-2, 344-2, 359-2, 10-1, 14-1, 36-1, 37-1, 39-1, 40-1, 46-1 105-1, 108-1, 109-2, 111-1, 150-1, 151-3, 156-2, 157-1, 158-2, 159-2, 161-1, 166-1, 177-1, 183-1, 209-1, 236-1, 237-1, 286-3, 291-1, 292-1, 293-1, 294-1, 295-1, 296-1, 301-1, 302-1, 303-1, 304-1, 305-1, 306-1, 311-1, 312-1, 313-1, 314-1, 315-1, 316-1, 329-2, 332-2, 334-1, 335-2, 336-2, 337-2, 345-2, 346-1, 347-2, 348-1, 349-2, 350-2, 362-2, 363-4, 364-4, 365-4, 366-4, 367-4. , 47-1, 152-1, 167-2, 287-5, 297-1, 307-1, 317-2, 341-2, 351-2, 98-1, 153-2, 168-8, 288-1, 298-1, 308-1, 326-2, 342-2, 352-2, COLOR William bierman: 210-1, 212-4, 213-2, 215-1. robert hart: 17-1, 22-1, 26-2, 27-1, 32-1, 66-1, 62-1. ray malamed: 51-1, 54-2, 57-1. lew mann: 22-1, 54-1, 61-1, 216-3, 222-2. michael neff: 22-1, 25-1, 54-2. Jeffrey orloff: 18-1, 19-1, 20-1, 23-1, 51-2, 52-1, 57-2, 224-3. michael wray: 31-1, 210-3, 214-2, 215-1. COVER ARTWORK BY MARA BROWN 443 electronic equipment co. oves you " III I M : :: :- : I - : :: - til ill III It 4 r. U u. a ELECmONIC EQUIPMENT CO INC 2701 NW 42 AVENUE PHONE 635-0421 444 organizations index fraternities honoraries interfraternity council 286 ifc hostesses 287 alpha epsilon pi 290 alpha tau omega 292 kappa sigma 294 lambda chi alpha 296 phi delta theta 298 phi epsilon pi 300 pi kappa alpha 302 pi kappa phi 304 sigma alpha epsilon 306 sigma alpha mu 308 sigma chi : 310 sigma phi epsilon 312 tau epsilon phi 314 zeta beta tau 315 tau kappa epsilon 316 sororities panhellenic council 288 alpha chi omega 291 alpha delta pi 293 alpha epsilon phi 295 chi omega 297 delta delta delta 299 delta gamma 301 delta phi epsilon 303 delta zeta 305 kappa kappa gamma 307 phi sigma sigma 309 sigma delta tau 311 sigma kappa 313 alpha epsilon delta 330 alpha epsilon rho 329 alpha kappa psi 339 alpha lambda delta 326 alpha theta kappa 329 arnold air society 356 beta alpha psi 331 b eta beta beta 334 beta gamma sigma 334 delta sigma pi 340 delta theta mu 326 epsilon tau lambda 328 eta kappa nu 332 gamma alpha chi 337 honor council 328 iron arrow 318 mortar board 320 omega 323 omicron delta kappa 319 pershing rifles 357 phi alpha theta 336 phi delta pi 341 phi epsilon kappa 341 phi eta sigma 325 phi kappa phi 322 phi lambda pi , 324 phu mu alpha 338 pi delta phi 335 pi omega pi 336 pi sigma alpha 335 rho lambda 289 scabbard and blade 327 sigma alpha eta 327 sigma alpha iota 333 tau beta pi 332 tau beta sigma 337 who ' s who 321 interest groups a.i.a 342 a.i.a.a a.s.m.e 343 a.i.i.e 343 a.c.e.i 346 alpha phi omega 358 angel flight 356 a.s.c.e 342 c.c.u.n 348 c.f.e.c 344 cheerleaders 349 chemistry club 352 Christian science 347 gamma sigma sigma 358 gamma theta upsilon 353 glee club 348 hillel 347 i.e.e.e. . 344 jr. panhellenic 289 little sisters of the golden lion 350 little sisters of alpha kappa psi 351 little sisters of minerva 350 little sisters of the octagon 351 little sisters of sigma phi epsilon 317 little sisters of tau kappa epsilon 317 management club 352 n.a.e.a 345 pep club 349 r.o.t.c. officers 354 r.o.t.c. princesses 355 student education association 346 student nurses association 345 u.s.o 359 young republicans 353 445 , m I m m win if Hf FLORIDA 108-5229 SB SUNSHINE STATE 69 t L a Not For Circulation

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