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The Swv-I ibis fgantalus loculatorb of Amecnca belongs to the lvfl family CC'15c0nidaeJ. See WOOD Ill!- g 'i B1 1947 UNIVERSITY 0 F M I A M I CHRI-ll HABLES, FLUHIDA .Q , X f ii, WM, W .W wa MW W. ,ww WW T0 THE FRU H IT IS TO You-the freshmen-that this 1947 Ulais is dedicated . . . . your numbers made up the largest freshman class in a 21-year period of growth . . . in your hands lies the power to mold the future of the University . . . you started your college where modernistic structures were being built on virgin land . . . you will be the first to begin to reap the fruits of expansion . . . you will be the founders of new campus traditions . . . you are a class largely composed of veterans reaping the educational benefits of a victorious nation . . . you will be the first to realize the feeling of a permanent home. i i 3 5 ,,11T-1- Coming of I for the University of Miami' meant more than reaching a majority . . . A 21-year-old dream materialized from dormant architectural plans . . . Classes were held in the first of the modernistic buildings located on the new Niain Campus . . . Activities spread to envelop two other areas, South Campus and 20th Street housing locale . . . Enrollment figures soared from 3,850 to 7,334 . . . The llniversity was rated among leading institutions on the basis of trained and experienced faculty, efficient size of classes, and an accredited academic standing . . . Nation-wide interest was aroused by the Q increasing intensity of the l-lurricane sports program . . . This was a significant year in the Llniversity's growth-a year of transition. n Contents DOLORES PAPY, Editor-in-Chief GORDON PRED, Bvusivzess Wlanzagei' IRENE ERICKSON, 7VIa11agi11g Edilor ROBERT SWEET, .411 Editor ' MARTI-IA MARTIN, Associate Ediior ADMINISTRATION gl FACULTY I 19 W CLASSES . , 30 SPORTS . . 1113 PINE ARTS . . . 144 ORGANIZATIONS 1. . 155 IJ FEATURES . ..18S BEALITIES . .- . 212 ff? L9 FRATERNITIES . . . . 226 ADVERTISING . . . . 274 NM CN THE PASSING of one of the University's most colorful and best-loved figures, Dr. El- mer V. Hjort - school officials, faculty, and students paused Monday, December 9, in fond tribute. Dean of South Campus at the time of his death, this energetic, good-natured man, who had been associated with the University for ten years, was former Dean of the College' of Liberal Arts and head of the chemistry de- partment. At a time when the University had an enrollment of 1,000 students and most people lacked faith in its possibilities, this man of vision did not hesitate to voice an opinion concerning a strong confidence in the insti- tution's future. His belief, augmented by an enjoyment of life in Florida, caused Dr. Hjort to become deeply rooted here. This tall, distinguished, grey-haired man had just begun to see the realization of that future when he died at the age of 55. Serving the University as chairman of the scholar- ship, graduate, and curriculum committees, he kept in close contact with the Main Campus while converting the Richmond Naval Air Base into a 2,700-acre campus for freshmen. Dr. Hjort, born and reared on an lowa ffarm, came from a long line of teachers, his mother having taught in Sweden. He was one of eight children, six of whom entered the teaching profession. Dr. Hjort received his bachelor of science degree from William Penn College, Qskaloosa, lowa, in 1912. To that he added a doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh in 1924, having studied at the Universities of Akron, Chicago, and lowa, as well as lowa State College and Drake Uni- versity. He was a member of the American Chemical Society, Phi Lambda Upsilon, na- tional honorary chemistry fraternity, and Sig- ma Xi, which is devoted to the promotion of scientific research. He served a year in the URI!-KNI Army Chemical Wfarfare Service in 1918. Wliile studying for his master's degree, Dr. Hjort taught chemistry and later was city chemist for Akron, Qhio. He also taught English to European immigrants. h Prom 1924 until 1936 he taught at the University of Pittsburgh where he became an associate professor. During that time Dr. Hjort experimented with the development of tear gas protective devices and better methods of manufacturing blueprint paper. He per- fected an ultra-violet microscope illuminator which is used to cover still and motion pic- tures taken through a microscope. Among his published works are books on micro-inorganic chemistry and the application of general chem- iistry to dentistry. During the war he had numerous offers to enter industry, but teach- ing continued to be his first love. Dr. Hjort had many interests other than academic - farming and cabinet making among the most prominent. He lived quietly with his devoted wife and daughters, Edith and Nettie Belle, in their South Miami home which he built entirely himself. A keen sense of humor was characteristic of this ruddy, blue-eyed man of Swedish de- scent, in or out of the classroom. Familiar to students were his rolled-up sleeves, his closely- cropped hair, his manner of pacing the platform during a lecture, and his favorite question at every step of the laboratory ex- periments, 'fWhy?', There was greatness in the personal quali- ties of the mind and heart of this man. His personality revealed that he would like to be remembered-parading in his Seminole jacket at Iron Arrow tapping-nabbing a student attempting to leave lab via the window- placing his signature on letters of commen- dation to students making the Deanis list-as a living part of the University. DH. ELMEH V. HJURT L. As The Ibis Flies North Campus , THE SEAT OF LTNIVERSITY operation since its beginning, the North Campus became linked with new areas of activity this year. The unprecedented enrollmentfound operations of the University of Miami extended to embrace three campuses. Administration officials kept up routine matters of bookkeeping and registration on the second floor of the Anastasia Building while students performed lab experiments below. The University cafeteria, also located on the ground floor, was a common meeting place for the executives and teachers, as well as students from the North Campus Law Building. Main Campus HERE LIES THE NEWLY developed University of Miamijs center oflearning. . A fleet of war-time busses coming from the North and South Campuses rumbled into the midst of the Uiniversityjs expansion program located in the Riviera section of Coral Gables. The functionally designed architecture of the first new building stood in direct contrast to the temporary quonset-type frame structures. Up to 4,000 cars streamed in daily over the two-mile stretch from North Campus to fill every bumper's width in the parking lots. South Campus A PINE-STUDDED GROWTH surrounds the wide open spaces of South Campus. 'l-lere approxi- mately 5 00 freshmen students began college life at the reconverted Richmond Lighter-than- Air Naval Basewhich lies 12 miles south of the lvlain Campus. College life became a full one for these students who developed the advantages of their temporary location to the fullest degree. 'D 'Q 'av . fu ilt I M 0 'SAN UUTH an qv URTH W E W, 'ff A :Z mfg: X f S S 3 3 X 3 ? 2 Z ri X S as Z ES if S is is l Z S f? 5? S S . 4' Yifyjil an F 1, ig: Urns '65, '-iQ? 'lk X ' V ,?ig,A.,v, 3 ,, . A sk , rf 1. . - xff fZfS1aQ'f:aSx3 ,. asf' V162 , af f 0. 1- 2 r. ,. ,I vw -fvk 'gm M13 04. mf XE! www, 'W qw ' ,...,'L rc? Mga-fa-' ff! if 3- fs .u -QA'-, A .. - +-f iw, I ,x- NM A g , . , ff,,,., . ,, .6 . ' ' -JN' I I '-f. 6 , Q qv, I 4 1 5 - wZ'E,,'?:'. ' K' cf 3317, Hg 5 f ' . .QQ 'rx ' . , W , Nsfkg- 3- ' ,. gy 5 Ka 2, 5 5 , f ,f S Q ,.., ay : M ' ,igtwifw x W 2 MTX' 2 4? A? 1 '45-Q - "M ff, .1, "f1'ff'v'.'-' ff' ar zy'4,W?1".- Q5 . .W 3 ' 423' ' . ,J VK Awzffprgf' J' ,Affgf ' S 53' 225 "f f ' J: " , 41'J?fVS7M1'f - ff' 6' Xv'wfES lf "" W- 'T'-V I " i' . ' - A ,Q 'W 'w WMV " ,Wi'fw6hsf1':' 'W'gTsf'ff'53XfWf'1?M -E45E7f7?7f7 .fl N 2, ' 174 E4x.gts.g ips ., pg, y.,,.x,. ,f.x,,v, M wg? A 5 V1-351 , X5 Vg .K . - .X-,,f, f - - . . x , -N: ay 4 , Q fy , Y -,ZB-jh 'sqm-2, Vi,ffE,JQ,4,Zg1 ,jN?g,,' Q 1 ,, Mm Qv A ky , Nw-'Q x A i 5, . , , , I ,q4, , , ,. ,1 W, P M x W -V 'K if H Aflfbfv QW-3,55 f ff 3' e' ' ' .fx -.fx-?hZ,3'1.i ' ,wgrw 13 'fm ff 1, 4 -.1 V ,L L, 0' ,wxjl-, Y , ,X ,ff-'. ww Ni- 9 , ' ,55.Ygvj'2" gf ' ' ? s .,x,,75 ' " . ,Sir-A of' V f ' K I., 42. '?1'Q"f '27 - - Q1 .Nw sg up , Q W A. 'f-wmv" ',,--,T-M' ,gn iJ'g.: , ii,.WZ ' , X XX' 'viiqw f' WQU' 2 'Q I A , A. . mifiwf - 'H' QFESWM1-Q, , gh if ' N fr f L3 K H A N ' aw, ,..., wggfls fm,-M g ' " I' lik ff- ff I 1 1. ' mv' if C ' QQZA. gf I - - ' H fit' -' 'M M' ff-fx S M , "" S 1 'f if fx yf ', 1 K' 1 if'?3?35'x T" V ,. 'W -JW" ' 'A ' f?-P Sw '-I A A f ' 'ff 0, fs p w A ., , ,, , , x . K, ,Y -. W wfw J' ,A ,- Av A my " . N ' X g 46 1, " ,3,,Q?y,' VW? " ' MQ if f v,g,4,.. x1 f, W . , 'W' , :a.g,,5g."fv4.f5'f 3 , A , L NH YN, W ' , 'X , 'f 2 ,A Km 1 ' ., " ' 5 .- - X . Q My Y , W 52 'A v ' QW V f " ' fy 12 ,.x'?wrix , ..,. . , ..,.V . W, M, ,. A 1 KM ,S - w fi N ff I :A dp fy, , . My u bf '92 ,Q SW 2 ,fi xl , , .M - 4,2 . ZW, 'gg A fx:-',.,g5, V Q Vf'mf " ',-:,X Tv fr , i Nw rf' wk- -'I : Nm' . wg , 1 .,, 5, ' 5 . 1, t ,gy J Q-Q.. af W gf'-' ' .Q s' 7 ,W 1 X502 1-M ,gi -.K -by if ', , 11 1 . W f, S 1 is Siivua Q flwsi , N' v Q Q., 1 x X gvfgi . nm A wwf.-mxxmWmMwM,N xWa ? fl 3 5 X ,, M5 11 X H1 1 if 9: 51 ii ff 21 41 ZX ,., Z Zi gi 9, 3 A Ex 6 Q.. S 1? is i 1 2 45 Z N S N YQ W R x S x Z X if S i F Hervey Allen ' Rafael Belaunde Victor Andres Belaunde Roscoe Brunstetter Charles H. Crandon Oscar E. Dooley jr. julian S. Eaton George C. Estill Edmond A. Hughes G john Oliver LaGorce William I-I. McKenna Thomas C- MHYCS J- Lamar Paxsou Daniel I-I. Redfearn McGregor Smith Arthur A. Ungar Board of Trustees U61 Herbert C. Craft Gilbert Grosvenor Bascom H. Palmer George E. Whitten Vincent D. Wyman Not Pictured : Virgil Barker Robert Pentland, jr N. B. T. Roney THE PRESIIJENTS MESSAGE THIS HAS BEEN ANOTHER year of progress for our University. 'NW e have seen the student body expanded to more than 7,000 in all divisions. A new school has been added, as well as several new departments. Research in several fields has been instituted or expanded. The faculty has been more than doubled in number, and thousands of new volumes have been added to the libraries. The first per- manent building on the Main Campus has been completed, and we are start- ing on an important new housing project. The year has been characterized by a fine spirit of cooperation and goo d scholarship. All of this, however, is only a beginning. Working together-students, fac- ulty, administration, community -much more can be achieved next year and through the years to come. To the students of 1947, in these times of world confusion and frustration, my message is: Believe in yourselves and in others. Hold to your intellectual honesty and your freedom for ali. 'Working together, you can make the future bright with promise for yourselves and for the generations who follow you. BOWMAN F. ASHE PRESIDENT ,G 0 f f o Qi an ff X .f M45 " 'fi flaw ' I A., W? dmini trati e .Officers i I X fl 6 W s .:. ' an , . 1 N 4, -sS'jJ K - A .1 'N-eeffe-A off- . .za is f tk 5 ' 1 A A 1 Y.. 2 :ff X 5 f ' .,-2525152552353 4-sv? YWIC4 .vi. 'J i::. f. lft sl: -Pr ' ' ' ' 2:s:s:-IQ'-'- 39? se ,ziiffs-7 Mi -'-.2 ,err M fwvfi ff':2K..g4f?,1 sr iw' 45 he-:W :-A f. -'P ' ' ,., ""kkk .wa --:Jn ':.E,a::'.. .5-sa r ' ' '-"-iw 1 'WW:I"5" ' 7',ff' " - A "iv X. x .ns 1 ... f V12 1 f A 3 .. 1... .- - , FH L . rag -. ' " f riff J'J:..: .. if 1- ,Q ,, V rx , ., ..,.,, A ina jay F. I W. Pearson 'Vice-President William J. Hester Secretary ' Sidney B. Maynard fTreasarer - Charles Doren Tharp Dean of Administration Harry I-I. Provin Director of Admissions K. Malcolm Beal Registrar Dennis B. Welsh Director, Expansion Program Franklin Harris Director, Public lnformaiion john j. O'Day Properly Manager john F. Erb Auditor' J. Riis Owre Dean of the graduate Sdlnool I-I. Franklin Williams I Dean of tloe College of Liberal Arts Ernest M. McCracken Dean of the School of Business Jlclminisiraiion Charles R. Foster, lr. Dean of the School of Education Russell A. Rasco Demi of the School of .Cam john H. Clouse Dean of the School of Erzgineerirzq Joseph Tarpley Secretary of the School of Wlusic William P. Dismukes Dean of the Division of Adult Education J. M. Parmelee Director of Undustrial Training F. C. Walton Smith Director of the Wlarine Eahoratory Foster E. Alter Dean of Wien Mary B. Merritt Dean of 'Women William C. I-larkius Librarian BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 0 Tirst row: R. Bruce Ledin, Frank J. Rimoldi, Floyd S. Shuttlesworth, Dr. Taylor R. Alexander, Dr. Cordon C. Cunter, Dr. E. Morton Miller. Second row: Dr. Robert W4 Hanks, Dr. Robert H. Williams, Ll. H. Williams, Dr. Charles C. Davis, Dr. julian D. Corrington, Dr. F. C. Wal- ton Smith. LANGUAGES 0 fFirs1 row: Mrs, Melanie R. Rosborough, Sidney B. Maynard, Dr. J. Riis Owre, Dr. William P. Dismukes, Jose A. Balseiro, Pedro R. Hiribarne, Dr. Berthold C. Friedl, Second row: Mrs. Aileen M. Topping, Lee Edden Butterfield, Henry Y. Wilson, Robert D. Rafferty, Albert N. Cole, Miss Laura Top- ham, Miss Gloria de la Vega.. JOURNALISM, SPEECH, GEOGRA- PHY, ART o first row: Richard D. Kreske, Vernon Cordry, Dr. Norman R. Buchan, Dr. Ray- mond Van Dusen, Clayton C. Campbell, Denman Fink. Second row: Dr. W. H. Heicher, XVI. F. Shaw, James S. Penny, James L. Julian, Don Salisbury, Will- iam L. Shea. HISTORY 0 First row: Claude Babin, Dr. lone Steusse Wright, Miss Eva Thomas, Dr. Harold King, Dr. Duane Koenig. Sec- ond row: Vaughn Bornet, Dr. C. W. Tebeau, Joseph Tierney, Dr. Nathan Shappee, Dr. Will- iam Munson. Y College of liberal Arts BOASTING THE LARGEST ENROLLMENT, the School of Liberal Arts demanded additional breathing space for its unprecedented number of some 2,500 students. ln answer to this call, a 21-year-old dream materialized on January 2, when students passed under ladders and dodged paint- ers on the way to classes in the first new building. Dr. H. Franklin Williams, former history department professor, succeeded the late Dr. Elmer V. Hjort as dean of the school. Ninety-nine sections of freshman English, compared to 11 of a year ago, indicated the expansion necessitated by the influx of veterans and other students on the first year level. I The journalism department had a completely new staff with Dr. N. R. Buchan as senior member. A newcomer to the School of Liberal Arts was the home economics de- partment, which offered a complete four-year course for future homemakers under the direction of Dr. Ruth C. Clouse. Ultra-modern equipment made the white kitchen laboratory a show place. HOME ECONOMICS 0 Left to right: Mrs. Adaline S. Donahoo, Dr. Ruth C. Clouse, Miss Rose McLeod, Mrs. Helen G. Bardelmeier. CHEMISTRY o Left to fight: Dr. Warren H. Steinbach, Dr. Donald H. Cook, Dr. Edward J. Cvlackin, Dr. jackson Sickles, Dr. C. P. Tebeau, Dr. H. B. Huddle. PHILOSOPHY AND 'PSYCHOLOGY o Left to right: Granville C. G. Fisher, Paul L. Merrill, Dr. Gerrit Schipper, Dr. Leon B. Slater, Mrs. james Alcock. ENGLISH 0 First row: Dr. Clark M. Emery, Dr. Helen L. Garlinghouse, Mrs. Luellen Hauser, W. Scott Mason, jr., Miss Mary B. Merritt, Dr. William L. Halsted, Mrs. Natalie G. Lawrence, J. Ralph Murray, Ewing Anderson, John L. Rouse. Second row: Ben C. Norgress, Mrs. Josephine P. Kuns, john A. Penrod, john M. Adams, Dr. George K. Smart, Dr. W. H. Robinson, Miss Joan McElligott, Dr. James H. Warner, Robert M. Way, Robert S. Ward. Third row: james S. Penny, W. Ralph Nelson, Paul R. Yarck, Robert A. Moore, Paul S. Sawyer, Don Louthan, Dr. Millet Henshaw, John I. McCollum, Jr., Richard H. Martin. DRAMA o Left to right: Gilbert Williams, Hilmar j. Sallee, james O. Costy, Sydney Head, Frederick H. Koch, jr. I23l chnnl of Engineering Block 92 on Main Campus was occupied by men and a few women, all finding use for the T-square, drawing board, and the slide rule. Before the year was over, the School of Engineering, newest campus edition, drew 500 students. Plans for the four-year curricula in mechan- ical, electrical, and industrial engineering were approved on January 1 by the Board of Trus- tees. First introduced in 1942, engineering science was also offered. Headed by Dean J. H. Clouse, who was on leave of absence in civilian industry during the war, the engineering faculty consisted of nine members. Prior to his teaching assign- ment here, Dean Clouse was an engineering instructor at Notre Dame University, Oregon State, and the University of Arkansas. i241 Left to right: Dean John H. Clouse, Willard Hubbell, I. C. Brownell, Dr. Maurice C. Holmes, Evan T. Lind- strom, Jackson Sells, H. Horton Sheldon, William lsh- man, R. E. Nesbitt, Dr. Warren H. Steinbach, Murray Montell. Within the next year, the school hopes to establish an electronics laboratory in addition to the existing machine shop. ' Bob Sutter tinkers in the machine shop. chnnl of Music' MAIN CAMPUS was mindful of the Music School's presence when voices and instruments unknowingly competed with professors for lecture "notes" A series of student recitals was sponsored by the Student Association, a self-governing body within the school. This two-year-old organization functioned under the leadership of Wfilliam Schweitzer, president, Jerry Cohen, vice-president, Richard Myers, trea- surer, and Gerry Rasmussen, secretary. The School of Music faculty, headed by Mr. Joseph Tarpley, secretary and acting dean, was increased to 24 this year. Music advisor was Dr. l-larold Bauer, pianist and lecturer. Two new organizations found their way into the school roster. The University Band was organized with James Schrodt and Edward Clarke conducting during the first Tirst row: Lina Coen Van Lier, Miss Mary B. Ellison, Maxwell Lepper, Harold 'Bauer, Dr. Arturo di Eilippi, Ralph Roth, Secretary joseph Tarpley. Second row: Dean Emeritus Bertha Foster, Franklin Harris, Sam Durrance, Frederic Youngfelt, Henry Gregor, James Schrodt. Tlnird row: Robert Reinert, Thomas C. Collins, William J. Lee, Gerard I-Iaft. joel Belov sounds out a new measure and second semesters, respectively. The Band played during the football season and present- ed several concerts in the spring. Gerald l-laft directed the newly organized Chamber Music Society in a series of five concerts at the Coral Gables Congregational Church. Guest artists included l-lenry Gregor, the music faculty, and other prominent Niiami musicians. East wing view of the U-shaped Law School building which houses the second largest law library in Florida, class- rooms, and a "moot" court laboratory. chool of Law A PRIMA FACIE CASE of increased interest in governmental affairs was evidenced by the record enrollment of 3 37 law students. Several classes were held in a near-by temporary building due to the overflow. 'First row: William J, l-lester, Dean Russell A. Rasco. Second row: john C. S. Stephenson, Dr. Ernest C. Lorenzen, Dr. Floyd A. Wright, Robert A. McKenna, Ralph C. Binford. y ffm.m11-I1 w,wm.i.m- Outstanding achievement of the year was the Miami Law Quarterly, issued jointly in February by the Dade County Bar Associ- ation and the University of Miami School of Law. Dean Russell A. Rasco reported that it is the only one of its kind in the Southeast. New courses added to this year's curric- ulum were aviation law fand admiralty. Ad- ditions to the law school faculty were Dr. Ernest C. Lorezen, Mr. john C. Stephenson Ill, and Mr. Ralph C. Binford. Mr. Binford is in charge of the law library which ranks as one of the largest in the South. R To prepare students for their profession, the University law school uses the "case" sys- tem. Future lawyers spend their study hours over thick volumes preparing briefs for the next day's "court sessionfj Already one hundred and fifty University law graduates are practicing in the Miami area. chnnl of Education HFLORIDA WILL have no teacher shortage if the 356 students enrolled in the School of Education practice their profession within the state,', remarked Dean Charles R. Foster, Jr. Courses offered in the school attracted not only the education majors but students from PHYSICAL EDUCATION o Left to right: Dave Wike, Mrs. Catherine Sample, Willis E. Smith, Dr. William Steers. Tirst row: Miss Marion Davis, Miss Adah E. Shuflin, Mrs. Myrna L. Cox, Samuel P. Messer, Dr. Charles Peters, j. M. Parmelee. Second row: Miss Luelle Shaw, Eugene E. McCarty, Jr., Mrs. Vera B. Adams, Mrs. Crystal Maders, Mrs. Adaline S. Donahoo, Willis E. Smith, Miss Faith Cornelison, Dr. John R. Beery, Miller A. F. Ritchie, Dean Charles R. Foster. other schools as Well. Taking a lead among educational institutions, the University estab- lished a full-time professorship in intercultural education this year. Graduate students were given the oppor- tunity to specialize in remedial reading, pre- school training, and school administration. The newest methods in teaching were ap- plied by internship students at Merrick Demonstration School. Practice teachers in- terested in secondary school work were wel- comed in most of the Miami area high schools. I Approximately 65 to 75 per cent of the teaching positions in the schools in this vicinity are held by University of Miami graduates who automatically qualify for Florida teach- ing certificates. l271 School of Business Administration POTENTIAL INDUSTRIAL MAGNATES, financial wizards, C. P. Afs, and secretaries swamped the School of Business Administration in the fall. Nearly Q,000, the greatest number in its history, enrolled with a B. B. A. in mind. MATHEMATICS 0 Below, first row: James J. McLaughlin, Dr. Mayme Logsdon, Dr. Herman Meyer, Dr. Elizabeth LeStourgeon, William Gaylor. Second row: Forrest Adams, Wayman L. Strother, Robert C. Strong, Clarence Reich, Clarence M. Ablow. Tirst row: Miss Augusta O'Neal, Mrs. Betty M. Ber- man, Mrs. Luellen Hauser. Second row: Dean Ernest M. McCracken, Dwight L. Gentry, Conley R. Adding- ton, Dr. Victor W. Bennett, Dr. Harold A. Frey, James J. Steiner, Ralph Williams, Leon Moses, Dr. Wade P. Young, M. R. Garcia-Mora, Dean Emeritus John Thom Holdsworth, Dr. James J. Carney, Jr., Gustave Serinojbird row: Dr. J. Ben Stalvey, Robert Downes, Dr. J. Maynard Keech, Dr. I-I. O. Boord, Richard E. Strahlem, Dr. Glenn A. Scott, Dan Steinhoff, Ir., Rol- lin E. Miller, Dr. Grover A. Noetzel, Howard Zacur, Daniel Monaco, Ross Beiler, Dr. D. R. Larson. "Accounting was very popular with the studentsf' said Dean Ernest M. McCracken, "and rightly so, for accounting majors grad- uating from this school are being sought by local businessmen as never beforefi Mr. Con- ley R. Addington, chairman of the depart- ment, announced that more than 1 ,5 00 were in accounting courses for the spring semester. Although the latest addition to the business school, the government department boasted an enrollment of more than 2,000 'students Individual study of local business was assigned to students in advanced marketing courses, and field trips were made to such establishments. Most of the students enrolled in secretarial studies were co-eds, but a surprising number of males struggled over typing and shorthand. A Division of I-hlult Education POR THOSE INSPIRED by interests that varied from Russian to aviation, but had to wait 'til nightfall to start the quest, the Division of Adult Education kept the lights burning. Adults wishing to supplement former training, individuals working toward a college degree, or regular students not able to attend day classes participated in the program. Lectures were held at the North and Main Campuses. Sports minded adults who were able to at- tend day classes, were provided courses in sailing and fishing. Though a few hours of lec- ture were required, most of the semester con- sisted of practical experience with the boat and the tackle. Mr. Vernon Cordry was sailing instructor, and Erl Roman was in charge of the fishing classes. These adult courses, which drew 1,500 evening division students, were under the di- rection of Dr. Xlifilliam P. Dismukes, who INDUSTRIAL TRAINING o Uiirst row: William W. Ishman, Percy C-illmor, I. M. Parmelee, R. W. Johns. Second row: jack Mitchell, Robert L. I-lardt, Forrest S. Roberts, Jr., Charles R. Howell, Howard B. Knight, Patrick J. Reynolds. I replaced Dr. Charles D. Tharpe. As Director of Industrial Training, J. M. Parmelee pro- moted a program for tradesmen and technol- ogists. The division sponsored the Institute of Literature, the Institute of Science, and Lec- tures on Religion with nationally famous authorities as guest speakers. The Annual Dade County Teachers' Institute and the Annual Conference on Federal Taxation wel- comed both students and community leaders. Dr. Alexander, head of the botany depart- ment, adjusts a slide in a quota-filled adult di- vision night class. l29I ? 4 lf- , -'Iii 5 S 7 S Z Z L 6 ' -1 gl, '- s- ,, 55gLi.:"ft7-,L., x., -: 1 . .o.: -'x ,f x ,,.. - fi +3 - I -,. wxqgx. - iw-L-,:, - -Ks,-.. l -'X , ..-,WL f' 1,-1 f' ' . G ., A fa . tw Q9 W- 121 . Mu. . , is . f '- Q '41 f ,I . -- . , -jf .e. r El? '42 . . A P 4 'Z' 422 . 1' ,,-SE W' 5 1 of ' i.9.!y. ,463 iizyi W - 1 - ah, , - , , y-g-if, gg: ' -sl . ef: ,airs-saga, ' 3132" ' -'L -, "1 ...:7l1:, t N .. fG2?L?2i1- "'f71'f"f-.4.L""-" -' 'a:j::,- GST! ' iam -anna 4 M-afdidisrmwrfhpwar s J- - - '21 , 'if-'fr'-'A-' ,190 -:gi g ua?-k.i, i, . - . a-:,l...:l- .in eps . ex K .45 ,. . ggi ."lf1- s ' '..:'r .MEY gi ' "- ' l 3. 'i' Bt ' ""'4"1'l'I " ' ' -- -ssif'M'ai-'s ---asia, -, .,-.. - ssc ie - ' -1 F- L .. ,F 44- I, lx., --., I --v-c-2:1 1- A .-, ' 4. :aus x 75,1 f ,..g,,s.-- BUUT THE 15 nm WITH RELUCTANCE the seniors donned their caps and gowns as they cast their eyes towards the modernistic University that had begun to take form. A Perhaps the chief common ground shared by members of the class of 347 was their goal -a diploma, for this class is a collection of war veterans who lacked a few credits-young married women who decided they could sup- plement housework with more learning- transfers, many of whom came from distant points, and those curiosities who began here as freshmen. It's this last group who remembers the "hey dayn of fellows in V-5 khaki and V-12 blue and white. The trimester system had every- one so confused that freshmen did not know whether to attend meetings of the class of ,46 or 347. Enrollment so greatly exceeded the estimate that only half the green youngsters were supplied with dinks, while the rest pro- ceeded to kill "stone cold deadu any previous ruling about freshmen not using the patio. An epidemic of marriage casualties hit, and University women left on a momentis notice to follow their husbands around the country. Most of the civilian fellows who had recently I-321 N become 18 were trying to breeze through a bit of college before the draft caught them. The outstanding class project was a variety assembly with music by the V-12 swing band. V-123s stepped into most of the offices with Don Singletary as president, Charles Allen, vice-president, Carl Larrabee, treas- urer, and Gloria Harpe, secretary. Alice Cook, Alton Baugh, and Bill Gibson voiced freshman views in the Senate. With the ar- rival of the March trimester, new officers who took over were: V-12 Ken Tarbell, president, Henry Troetschel, vice-president, Edith Shier, secretary, Jocelyn Nave, treasurer, Margaret Blue, Bill Frost, and V-12 Bob Pretat, sen- ators. University growing pains became evident during this group's sophomore year. Class- rooms had a way of playing a game of "now- you-see-me-now - you - don'tn as carpenters built and tore down partitions at will. As sophomore president, 'NW alt Etling sought to enforce freshman rules. Bill Bozeman served as vice-president, Geraldine Carpenter, secretary, Alba Mero, treasurer, Robert Lee Carter, Ken Tarbell, and Howard Shaw, senators. March winds again brought an 3 f as 'FZ Senior class officers learn the graduation plans from Margaret Blue, president, right. Others: Marion Hasty, treasurer, Sally Haas, secretary, and Pat McChan, vice-president. election with Bob High as top man, assisted by V-12's and Alba Mero, who was re-elected to office. Freshman-Sophomore Field Day found the sophs victorious. The semester system was a welcomed change as were vet buttons on civilian lapeis in the fall of 345. Junior Prom chairman, Charlie Franklin, former president of the junior class, lined up two orchestras for the affair at the Frolics Club. Class political issues were settled by President Dick Cerstein, also a returnee, Betty Bacco, vice-president, Sally Haas, secretary, Marian Hasty, treasurer, Gloria Johnson, Anabel Lee, Janice Cvreen- field, and Mike Levine, senators. ' Mindful of the Llniversity's future, the group left a gift of savings bonds to be used for the Student Union Building. No wonder the class of '47 remarked, "Nly, how this place has changed. The University became of age about the same time we did!" '41 twtzigi JA dir? -4156 Mnafl-.QF 39 fi sf? ll. AL Us A51 F94-1, -gE.f..:,,. air, .gag J:-1 'j .1 .- , -V A . - + . "iv 4' H... I ' .J 6 -,gig 1 . .Vx . .A . . .. pm- .- fl , .nn 'Q . as P , -fe-f -, . . 43" gg..-,ef sg-Q. f i- 'QI use Q ' 1:57-,,,,-,s -x,-, 5.51. Af , ,I 1' xi,-43 g - ' 5 wie. -. ,fe L' - fl 'f-451: ...N M-af ' .Ria-54 .' f,grg1tJ954.,i:',' - ,,,:...:.4s,53f Q1 .,7, -'art 1'-1 4 - .. :Q -' . -af - ' :af ' 1454. X " 1' V 5-haeffr-.s . ' ,. V. -2- -!-- '-paw n- -ye: ,-,.,, 1 Li ., . ..:... N - - 7. - ,-- y- pf ,h t Q .- I. A -1 wg Y , gf f . s 1 -Nikkei? 1.3. A 5 -f -...,.. 1 . ue . . -'-: -2115-ug .2 ' -A' 4. rr- .Truss -. Sf. 4 .: -farm-11-. , . 1. ,..4. 1-e.a5" '51-1-t'ti:T5T'e5 fn:-wha . 1, .- . i K. -Q. L '5F4"L'P' 5 "--xf'!"'i -' -5 F 1 "4fa'1 1'-+'e.."':'i"J99f L' "ei,-jg-'t sv - eff: ' ' Tenn: 'w ' ' ifi afe - .M ' W.: r - - "Mfr Q Exif? . A ' Wea? .im , Wifi? w'gT3'fg: -A -41404, .5 U FSF, -13.33 '+:,a,!w .Q Mg.. - 'W'-"i . ' ' -:iw ' 'A H'-.' . V 3- if i 5,3 Z: F331 Ill ' Abrams Adler Ashe Ackerman Alvin Avery Addison Applebcxum Bacco Sam Abrams B.B.A. Miami, Tla., Tau Epsilon Phi. Business. Charles Otto Ackerman, Jr. B.B.A. Miami, Tla., Veterans Association., Busi- ness, Economics. James Colborn Addison B.S. Miami Beach, Tla., Kappa Sigma. Physics. Alfred K. Adler B.B.A. Red Bank, N. j., Phi Epsilon Pi, Whois Who, Iron Arrow, Pres., "M" Club, Treas., Pres., Student Association, V. Pres., Soph- omore Class Treas., Junior Class Pres., Basketball, Football. Economics. Betty Harriet Alvin B.B.A. Coral Qables, Tia., Alpha Epsilon Phi, Treas., Hillel, Social Chairman, Senate Finance Committee. Accounting. Bernard Applebaum B.A. Miami, Tla., Transfer, University of Flor- ida, University of Pennsylvania, Ohio State, Psychology Club. Psychology. Norman Arthur Ashe B.B.A. Kaukauna, 'Wis., Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres., Alpha Kappa Psi, Inter-fraternity Council, Senate. Business. Martin F. Avery, Jr. B.B.A. Coral Qables, Tla., Transfer, University of Florida, Phi Delta Theta, Alpha Kappa Psi. Economics. Betty V. Bacco B.B.A. Tron Ylflountain, Nick., Transfer, University of Michigan, Kappa Kappa C-amma, Pres., Panhellenic Council, junior Class V. Pres., Freshman Election Board, Chairman. Busi- ness, Economics. Albert Barouh B,A, 7-iaumza, Cuba, Transfer, City College of New York, Sigma Delta Pi, Pres. Hispanic. Elizabeth Bartlett B.Ed. Dwiami, Tia., Transfer, Stetson University, Sigma Kappa, Canterbury Club. Elementary Education. ' Rowland Elias Bayles B.B.A. jlfliami, Tla., Transfer, Stetson University, Delta Sigma Phi. Economics. Sonia D. Becker B.Ed. Qllerion, Pa., Transfer, Pennsylvania State College, Debate Club, 3-lurricane, Women's Residence Council. Education. Gloria Elaine Bernstein B.A. Nia:-iii Beach, Tia., Transfer, University of Wisconsin, Alpha Epsilon Phi. Covernment. Robert Julian Bilger B. B.A. Miami, Tla., Sigma Chi. Accounting. Arthur Norris Bishop, Jr. B.B.A. Beaumont, Tex., Transfer, Southern Metho- dist University, Alpha Kappa Psi, Pres. Business. Sydelle Block B.Ed. Soutb Tallsburg, N. Ill., Transfer, Buffalo State Teachers College. Education. ' Warren Bloomfield B.S. Wliami, Wla., Transfer, 'New York Univer- sity, University of Akron. Physics. Barouh Becker Bishop Bartlett Bernstein Block Bcxyles Bilger Bloomiield 2.7 S. Margaret Blue B.A. Ylliami, ffla., Chi Omega, Pres., Who's Who, Nu Kappa Tau, Sec., Lead and Ink, Fresh- man journalism Award, Ulvis, Editor, U-lurrb cane, News, Service, Managing, Associate Editor, Senate, YWCA, Senior Class Pres., Panhellenic Council, Pres., BSU, Sec., V. Pres., Pres. journalism. A Orville Martin Boggs B.B.A. Clay, 'W. Va., Transfer, Glenville State Col- lege. Accounting. Alice Emily Bowlan B.A. Commerce, Qa., Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Treas. History. James David Brendel B.B.A. Eos Angeles, Calif., Kappa Sigma, Account- ing Honors, Management Honors. Account- ing. Herbert l. Brody B.S. Pittsburgh, Pa., Transfer, Lehigh Univer- sity, New York University, Pi Lambda Phi. Engineering Science. Geraldine Ann Brooke B.Ed. Miami, Tla., Transfer, Western Washing- ton State Teachers College. Education. Donald H. Brown B.S. Miami, Fla., Transfer, University of Con- necticut, Kappa Sigma, L,Apache. Chem- istry. Rene Brunet W B,B,A, U-lamina, Cuba, Sigma Chi. Business. Barbara Ann Bull B,Ed, Richmond, Undiana, Transfer, Earlham Col- lege, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Education. E331 B11-19 Brendel Bfgwn Boggs BT0dY Brunei Bowlcxn Brooke Bull Ill , I D Y 47 Caldwell Caplin - CGSSY Cullman Curnahcm Cafes Canter .- Cmgqd Chumbless Roscoe Eugene Caldwell B.B.A. Tlfliami, Tia., Transfer, University of Flor- ida, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Psi, YMCA, Methodist Club, Commerce Club, Young Democrats Club, Veterans Association, Business. Iva Mildred Callman B.Ed. Kansas City, No., Transfer, Pittsburgh State Teachers College. Education. Connie Jill Canter B.A. Cincinnati, Ohio, Transfer, University of Illinois, Phi Sigma Sigma, Social Chairman. Psychology. Leonard Caplin B.B.A. Wliami, Tla., Pi Lambda Phi, Iron Arrow, V. Pres. Business, Economics. R. Leland Carnahan, Ir. B.B.A. Wliarni, Tia., Kappa Sigma, Treas., Band. Economics. Dorcas Jean Casad B.Ed. Wliami. Tia. Education. A Virginia K. Casey HA.. Coral gables, Tia., Transfer, Maryland Uni- versity, Sigma Kappa, Sigma Alpha Iota, Sec. Psychology. Louis Thayer Cates B.B.A. Wliami, Tia., Transfer, Clarion State Teach- ers College. Accounting. Elizabeth S. Chambless B.Ed. Niaini, Tia., Education. l371 Ill 0 Chusin Clifford T. Cohen Cherry B. Cohen Cohn Christopher M. Cohen Coker Judith Benette Chasin B.A. Miami Beach, Tla., Transfer, University of Colorado, Psychology Club. Psychology. Fred Cherry - B.S. Brooklyn, N. 3'., Mathematics. l Phyllis Kathleen Christopher BA. Wliami, Tia., 'Chi Omega, V. Pres., Nu Kap- pa Tau, Freshman Honors, YWCA. Soc- iology. John Coodridge Clifford B.A. Pensacola, Tla., Transfer, Miami Univer- sity. History. Bryna Ruth Cohen , BA. Wliami, Tla., Psychology Club, Hillel. Psy- chology. Marian Doris Cohen BA. Miami Beach, Tla., Transfer, Florida State College for Women. Social Studies. Thelma jean Cohen BA. Wliami, Tla., Transfer, University of North Carolina, fHurrica11e, Psychology Club, Hil- lel. English. Stanley Daniel Cohn B.B.A. New Work, N. Jf., Accountingf james William Coker B.A. Coral Qalvles, Tla., Transfer, Cordon Mili- tary College, Kappa Sigma. Psychology. Roberta Collier B.A. Vlflimni Beach, Tia., Transfer, University of Alabama, University of Mexico, Jhis, Fac- ulty Editor. journalism. Eugenia T. Connell B.A. Newport, R. 7., Transfer, Pine Manor Jun- ior College, Delta Gamma, Newman Club, WAA, Sec. English. Joe L. Coppedge B.B.A. Ylfinmi, fFla., Transfer, University of Flor- ida, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Psi, V. Pres. Business. Mary O'Neal Couric B.S. Miami, Tin., Zeta Tau Alpha, Guard, Pres., Panhellenic Council, V. Pres., Canterbury Club, YWCA. Chemistry. ' Frances Coury B.S. Ylliami, Tia., Pi Kappa Alpha, Treas., Pres., Newman Club, Pres., Who's Who, Foot- ball. Chemistry. Don Aitman Crawford B.S. Cleveland, Ohio, Transfer, Dennison Uni- versity, Phi Gamma Delta. Science. Bernice Dacks B.A. Wliami, Tia., Sigma Delta Pi, V. Pres., Nu Kappa Tau, Psychology Club, IRC, Sec., Spanish Club, Hillel. Spanish. Irwin Frank Davis B.B.A. Wliami, Tia., Transfer, University of Florida , Pi Lambda Phi. Accounting. Nancy Estella Davis B.Ed. Martins Terry, Ohio, Transfer, Muskingum College. Education. Collier Couric Ducks Connell Coury I. Davis Coppedge Crawford N. Davis 2.7 Harry Pyott Day B.A. Qrand island, Tia., Transfer, University of Florida. Political Science. Norma Deaton B.A. ilfiami, Tla., Chi Omega, Treas., Senate, Ubis. Sociology. . Delano Delaplaine B.B.A. Yliiami, Tia., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Business. Edward E. Delaplaine B.B.A. Wliami, Tia., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Business. Heber James Distelhurst B.A. Summit, N. J., Transfer, Drew University. Government. Rita Louise Dorner B.Ed. miami, Tia., Newman Club. Education. Raymond Melvin Dunn B.A. Port jeruis, N. D'., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Who's Who, "M" Club, Football. History. Victor Eber B,B,A, Miami Beach, Tia., Transfer, City College of New York. Accounting. Dorothy Joyce Edelson B.A. Wliami Beach, Tia., journalism. E401 6 Day D. Delcxplaine Dunn ' Dectton Distelhurst Eber I E. Delciplaine Dorner ' Edelson G i l 1 O V 5.7 Edmondson Erickison Ezell Etling Ervin Focus Eisnor Esplin Feinstein 1 Harold S. Edmondson B.A. Akron, Ohio, Transfer, University of Akron, Pi Kappa Epsilon. Speech. ,- Walter Boreman Etling, Jr. B.A. Nutley, W. j., Kappa Sigma. Economics. William John Eisnor B.B.A. illiami, Tia., Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Psi, lron Arrow. Business. Elma lrene Erickson HA, Wliami, Tia., Transfer, University of Geor- gia, Lead and lnk, Quill, 7bis, Managing Editor, fHur1'icr1ne, IRC, Lutheran Club. journalism. Jesse Preston Ervin B.B.A. Wliami, Tia., Transfer, Georgia School of Technology. Accounting. Elaine Esplin B.B.A- 7Vliami, Tia., Transfer, Florida State College for Women, Canterbury Club. Business. Betty Anne Ezell A HA- Louisuille, Kentucky, Transfer, University of Kentucky, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Soc- iology. Erederick William Eaas B.B.A. Beliebille, N. j., Transfer, Villanova College, Kappa Sigma. Business. Edward Feinstein B.B.A. Wliami Beach, flila., IRC, Chairman, Bas- ketball, Boxing. Economics, Business. ' M11 Ill Ficorrrottc Fleming Foster Fischer Fliegler B. Fox Flaumcm Forbes L. Fox Cfloria Martinez Ficarrotta . B.Ed. Tampa, Tia., Transfer, University of Tam- pa. Elementary Education. Betty ,Jane Fischer - B.Ed. Bronxuille, N. 34, Transfer, Oswego State Teachers College, Kappa Delta Pi,,New- man Club. Education. Marie Flauman B.A. jacksonville, Ulla., Transfer, Florida South- ern College, Hillel, MICA. English. l-larry David Fleming, Jr. B.B.A. Miami, Tlaf, Transfer, University of Florida, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, L,Apache. Manage- ment. Esther Fliegler B.A. Miami Beach, Tia, Transfer, University of Arizona, Sigma Delta Pi, Sec. Spanish. Virginia Forbes B.A. Wliami, Tia., Zeta Tau Alpha, Pres., Social Chairman, Historian, Newman Club, YWCA, IRC. History. Martha-Lou Foster B.Ed. Wliami, Tia., Zeta Tau Alpha, Treas., YWCA, BSU, Majorette. Education. Beatrice Sarah Fox B.A. Atlantic City, ZN. j., Mu Beta Sigma, Uni- versity Artists Club. Art. Louis Leonard Fox B.B.A. New york City, N. 3'., Transfer, City Col- lege of New York. Accounting. Charles Curtis Franklin B.B.A. Nashville, Tenn., Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres., Student Association, Pres., Freshman Class Pres., Sophomore Class Pres., junior Class- Pres., Iron Arrow, Lead and Ink, Wliois Wfho, junior Prom Chairman, 7-liirricane, Managing Editor, Editor, llizis, Sports Editor, Young Democrats Club. Economics. john Comfort Fritz B.S. Yliiami, Tia., Transfer, Georgia School of Technology. Mathematics. William Prescott Frost B.S. Beiinington, WI., Senate. Engineering Science. Paul S. Furman Miami Beach, Tia., Transfer, University of Florida, Pi Lambda Phi, lnter-fraternity Council. Sociology. Mary Andrew Galatis B.B.A. illiami, Tia., Delta Zeta, Newman Club, This, U-luwicane, YWCA. Business. Morton Jay Galowitz B.A. Brooklyn, TN. Dl., Phi Epsilon Pi, Dean's List, Debate Council, Varsity Basketball Mgr., Ybis, U-lurricane, IRC. Economics. Marion Catherine Gerhardt B.B.A. Miami Beaclo, fla., Majorette. Business. Richard -Earl Gerstein B.B.A. ilfliami, Tia., Transfer, University of Pitts- burgh, Phi Epsilon Pi, Pres., junior Class Pres., U-lurricane, flbis, Inter-fraternity Coun- cil, Hillel. Economics. Robert Arie Gideon, lr. B.S. Wliami, Tia., Transfer, Georgia School of Technology, Kappa Sigma, Pres. Engineer- ing. i Franklin r Furmcm Gerhctrdt Fritz Gctlcxtis Gerstein Frost Gulowitz Gideon v7 Emi: Carl Ginsburg B.A. New york, N. DK, Transfer, Union College, Wagner College, Cornell, Kappa Sigma Alpha. Psychology. Nathan Ginsberg B.B.A. Kansas City, No., Transfer, Kansas City junior College, Honor Roll. Accounting. Marion Gold B.A. 'West Palm Beach, Tia., Alpha Epsilon Phi, Sec., Panhellenic, Hillel. Psychology. shaky Bea Gaia BA. Miami, Tia., IRC, Philosophy Discussion Group. Economics. Harold Goldstein B.A. Peabody, Wlass., Tau Epsilon Phi, Scribe, Cheer Leader. Government. Gordon William,Gouwens B.B.A. fldomewood, YH., Transfer, Thornton junior College, Northwestern University, Rensse- lear Polytechnical Institute, Alpha Kappa Psi, Warden, Chaplain. Accounting. Helen Ruth Graubert . B.A. Miami, Tia., Transfer, Park College, MICA, Swimming Team. Sociology. Janice Morley Greenfield BA. Wliami, Tia., Alpha Epsilon Phi, Theta Al- pha Phi, Sec., Lead and Ink, Senator, Psy- chology Club, Hurricane, Ubis, Majorette. Psychology. , Douglas Stewart Griffin B.B.A. Coral gables, Tia., Transfer, Emory Uni- versity, Sigma Chi, Alpha Kappa Psi. Busi- ness. ' l44l C- Ginsburg S. Gold Graube-rt N- Ginsbefq Goldstein Greenfield M. Gold Gouwens . Griffin Ill O r EIEQ Horus Hasty Hickman Hancock Hawkes High Hctrl Heyword Hodgels Sally Jean Haas B.B.A. Coral Qables, Tia., Transfer, Michigan State College, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Treas., Dean's List, junior Class Sec., Senior Class Sec., IRC. Economics, Business. Eugene Anderson Hancock B.Ed. Wliami, Tla., Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledge Mas- ter, V. Pres., Pres., "MU Club, Football, Track, Inter-fraternity Council, L'Apache, Senator. Physical Education. Betty Lee Harl B.A. Vlfliami, Tia., Transfer, Ward-Belmont School. History. Frances Marian Hasty B.A. Coral Qables, Fla., Transfer, Stephens Col- lege, Chi Omega, IRC, V. Pres., Pres., YWCA. Psychology. Alex Drum Hawkes B.A. Urlottlton, Wie., Transfer, Orlando Junior College, Mu Beta Sigma, Portuguese Club, Pres. Botany. Ioan Alice Heyward B.A. 7l1iami, Tia., Chi Omega, Sec., Sigma Delta Pi, Sec., Nu Kappa Tau, Newman Club, Pres., Senate, Dean's List, YWCA Cabinet. Spanish. Edwin Hickman, Jr. B.A. Slfliami, fFla., Sigma Chi, Whols Who, Al- pha Phi Omega, Pres., Phi Mu Alpha, Sec., Warden, V. Pres., Pres., YMCA. History, Science. Robert King High B.A. Chattanooga, Tenn., Transfer, University of Chattanooga, Lambda Chi Alpha, Treas., Pres., Sophomore Class, Pres., Freshman Class V. Pres., YMCA, Pres., Sigma Delta Pi, IRC, BSU, Who's Who. English. Ralph Leslie Hodges, Ir. B.A. Dtmellen, N. fl. Art. l45l Ill Hoffman Howell Hurwitz H012 Hunt Irwin Howard Hunter F. Jackson Katherine Louise Hoffman B.B.A Coral Qables, Tia., Transfer, Indiana Uni- versity, Kappa Alpha Theta, Stray Creeks I V. Pres., Westminister Fellowship Club, YWCA, Dean's List, Who's Who. Busi- ness, Economics. Nancy Evangeline Holz B.S Coral Qables, Dila., Chemistry Honors.So- Chemistry. Frank Allan ,Howard B.A Coral gables, Tia., Transfer, Miami Uni- versity, Sigma Chi, Historian, Pro-consul, Deanls List. History. Gerald Lanier Howell B.Ed Wliami, Tia., Transfer, University of Florida Education. Frederick Glen Hunt, Jr. B.A. Miami, Fla., Transfer, Southwestern Mis- souri State. Speech. Caroline Banks Hunter BS. Coral gables, Tla., Chi Omega, Nu Kappa Tau, Chemistry ,Honors, Sec., Mu Beta Sigma, Freshman Honors, Student Associa- tion, YWCA, Sec., Westminister Fellow- ship, Treas, -Pres., WAA. Chemistry. William Hurwitz B.A 7V6Sf1'Vlff'liSl6l', Nd., Transfer, George Pea- body College, IRC. English. Felix Irwin B.B.A. Belair, Nd., Transfer, Citadel, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Economics. Florence Keathley jackson B.Ed. Wliarni, Fla., Zeta Tau Alpha, Methodist Club, YWCA. Education. ciety, V. Pres., Westminister Club, Treas,, Mu Beta Sigma, YWCA, Archery, Club. WW john Northen Jackson B.S. Ylfliami, Tia., Transfer, University of Flor- ida, Northwestern University, Sigma Chi. Zoology. Roy Jacobson B.Ecl. 'Watertown 'Wis., Transfer, University of Wisconsin. I-Iistory. Harvey James B.Ed. Savannah, Qa., Sigma Chi, M Club, Who's Who, Football, Basketball, Baseball. Physical Education. Robert Jamison B.B.A. Miami, fFla., Business. Gloria Pauline Johnson ' B.A. Chicago, Ull., Transfer, Brenau College, Zeta Tau Alpha, Treas, Corres. Sec., Rush Chairman, Psychology Club, YWCA, Sen- ate. Psychology. Sydney Irving Iosepher B.B.A. Miami Beach, Tia., IRC, Basketball, Base- ball, Tennis, junior Prom Chairman. Ec- on omics. Eugene George Iupin B.Ed. Pittsburgh, Pa., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, M Club. Physical Education. lluckson Jamison Iupin I Icxcobson Iohnson KCIGb1'11Ck Icxmes Iosepher D- KCKPICIH Myrtle Louise Kaebnick B.B.A. Carlisle, Perm., Transfer, Drexel Institute, Albright College, Deanis List, Canterbury Club, Treas., YWCA. Economics. Dan Kaplan B.B.A. Bayonne, N. fl., Transfer, Syracuse Univer- sity, Phi Epsilon Pi, I-Iillel, Pres., Quarter- backs Club. Marketing. 42 Philip Kaplan B.Ed. Brooklyn, W. Dj., Tau Epsilon Phi, "M" Club. Physical Education. Emory Kasprzyk B.Ed. Qlen Lyon, Pa., Transfer, Pennsylvania State Collegej Phi Kappa Gamma. Physical Education. Harold Katz B.B.A. New Work, TN. Jf., APO, Orchestra, Glee Club. Business. Renee Katz B.A. Brooklyn, N. Df., Transfer, Brooklyn Col- lege, MICA. Government. Lee Katzman B.B.A. Utica, N. DK, Psychology Club. Business, Economics. Selma Katzman B.Ed. Utica, N. T., 'Psychology Club. Social Studies. Richard Kearns B.B.A. Miami, Tia., Transfer, University of North Carolina. Economics. 7 s Geraldine Beaven Kerr B.Ed. U-lazard, Ky., Transfer, University of Ken- tucky, PEM Club, Sec.-Treas. Physical Edu- cation. Wanda Joyce Kesinger B.B.A. jlfliami, Tla., Transfer, Florida Southern Col- lege, Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, WAA, V. Pres. Marketing. V E431 P. Kaplan R. Katz Kearns Kqsprzyk L. Katzmorn Kerr H, Katz S. Kcttzmcm Kesinger lil r ill! Kirsch Kostik Kfugel' mein Kotkin Kuhl Kline Kowcdchuk KUITZ Irma Kirsch B.B.A. Passaic, N. QI., Transfer, University of New York. Business. Harry Herman Klein B.A. Nortlnbergen, W. J., Transfer, University of Southern California, Phi Epsilon Pi, Rec. Sec., Dean's List, Mu Beta Sigma, Psy- chology Club, Hillel, IRC, Debating Coun- cil. Pre-Medicine. , Frances Helene Kline B.A. Forest fl-fills, N. 35, Transfer, New York University, Theta Alpha Phi. Drama. Robert Kostik B.B.A. Miami, Tla., Transfer, University of Iowa, Pace Institute. Accounting. Charlotte Kotkin BA. Wliami, fFla., Delta Phi Epsilon, Lead and Ink, Pres., 7-Iuwicane, Editor, Ibis, Spanish Club, Psychology Club, Florida Intercol- legiate Press Assoc. Officer, Snarks. jour- nalism. Bette Kowalchuk B.A. Miami, Tia., Delta Tau Alpha. Art. Elizabeth Frances Kruger B.A. Baldwin, N. 3'., Chi Omega, Ibis, YWCA, IRC, Psychology Club, U-larricane, Luth- eran Club, German Club, Spanish Club, Modern Dance. Psychology. Donald Glen Kuhl B.B.A. Coral gables, Fla., Sigma Chi. Economics. Eileen George Kurtz B.Ed. Ocean City, N. j., Sigma Kappa, Corre- sponding Sec., Pres., YWCA, Newman Club, Honor Roll. Commercial Education. I4-91 Ill Landrum Leon Levy Lee Leopold Locke Lemlich Levine Lonergcrn John William Landrum B.B.A. 7-larlan, Ky., Transfer, Centra College, Kap- pa Sigma, Pres., Inter-fraternity Council, Pres. Economics. , Anabel Lee B.B.A. Point Pleasant, 747. Va., Transfer, Ohio State University, Delta Zeta, Pres., Panhellenic, Senate, Tbis, Canterbury Club, YWCA. Economics. Q Helen Rita Lemlich ' B.A. Miami, Uila., Transfer, Brooklyn College, Deanis List, Hillel. History. Arnold Leon B.B.A. Brooklyn, N. Df., Transfer, University of New York. Business. A Renee Luria Leopold B.Ed. Brooklyn, N. DJ., Transfer,,Brooklyn Col- lege. Education. Nlichael Levine , B.Ed. New york, N. W., Transfer, Savage School of Physical Education, Phi Epsilon Pi, APO, Psychology Club, Pres., Physical Education Club. Education. Betty Jane Levy B.B.A. Chicago, Ull., Transfer, University of Wis- consin, Carleton College, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Riding Club, Hillel. Accounting. I Marjorie Stein Locke B.A. Carmi, 7ll., Transfer, Whitworth College, Sigma Kappa, Historian, YWCA, Psychol- ogy Club, Congregational Christian Group, V. Pres., Sec. Sociology. William Kenneth Lonergan B.B.A. Be1111ingto11, Vt., Sigma Chi, Pres., Inter- fraternity Council, Treas., "Mu Club, Ath- letics Manager, Newman Club, Who's Who. Economics. Loretta Alice Lund ' B.A. Chicago, Ull., Transfer, DePaul University, Alpha Omega, Newman Club, IRC. His- tory. Roberta Ames McCahill B.B.A. Ylfiiami, fFla., Kappa Kappa C-amrna, Whois Who, YWCA, V. Pres., Student Assoc., Treas., Womenis Residence Council, V. Pres. Economics. Robert McDougal V B.B.A. Oconto, 'Wis., Transfer, University of Wis- consin, Pi Kappa Alpha, "MD Club. Econ- omics. Lee McFarlane B.S. Camden-on-Qauley, 'W. Va., Transfer, Uni- versity of West Virginia. Botany. Joseph P. McCfhan, Jr. B.B.A. Miami, Tia., Pi Kappa Alpha, Senior Class V. Pres. Business, Economics. Walter McGrady, Jr. B.B.A. Charlotte, iN. C., Transfer, Pfeiffer junior College, YMCA, IRC, Track. Government. Babette Malakoff B.A. New york, W. Dj., Transfer, University of New York, Cornell, Phi Sigma Sigma, Hil- lel, Psychology Club. Psychology. Joseph Malek B.A. Miami Beach, Tia., Transfer, Detroit Insti- tute of Technology, IRC, Hillel, Psychology Club. History. Bernard Charles Manheim B.B.A. Syracuse, N. W., Transfer, Syracuse Uni- versity, Sigma Alpha Mu, Pres. Accounting. I A 3 2 i 3 S 5 f fl 3 if ? ? Z Z' 4 4 if 3 A 3 4 Q S 1 u. Lund McFarlane Mctlctkoif McCahi1I McGhc1n Malek McDougal McGrady Manheim I :si Richard Mann , B.B.A. Plailaclelplaia, Penn., Transfer, Ohio State University. Business, Economics. Martha Jane Martin B.A. Wliami, Fla., Transfer, Florida State Col- lege, Pi Beta Phi, Stray C-reeks, Dean's List, 7l7is, Assoc. Editor, U-larricane, Quill, Westminister Fellowship. English. Una Lee Massey B.A. Stratford, Conn., Transfer, Yale Drama School. Drama. John Mell B.Ed. Sauannaln, Qa., Sigma Chi, "Mn Club, V. Pres., Football, Basketball. Physical Edu- cation. Harry George Meng B.Ed. Belleville, Ull., Transfer, Southern Illinois Normal University, Tennis Team. Physical Education. ' Alba Maby Mero B.B.A. Miami, Tla., Delta Zeta, Treas., Sigma Del- ta Pi, Freshman Class Treas., Portuguese Club, V. Pres., Cheerleader. Accounting. Charles l-laden Metcalf B.S. Lakeland, Tla., Transfer, North Carolina State College, Chemistry. Barbara Meyer BA, Wliami, Tla., Transfer, Carleton College, Sigma Delta Pi, junior-Senior Prom Queen. Spanish. James Meyer ' B,B,A, Slliarni Beach, Fla., Transfer, University of Florida, Kappa Sigma, L,Apache. Econom- ics. , If521 2 w 5 X 5 Z s 5 S MCIDII Mell Metcalf W Martin Meng B. Meyer MCISSGY Mero I. Meyer , Ill 0 7 Q37 Miller Momtazi Moseley Mirell Montgomery Murortori Mixon Morcxles Oehler WWW Jacqueline Crth Miller B.A. Rockville Centre, N. DC, Transfer, Oberlin College, Delta Cvamma, YWCA, WAA. Sociology. Michael Mirell B.B.A. Wliami, Tla., Transfer, Ohio State Univer- sity. Economics. William T. Mixon B.S. ilfliami, Tla., Transfer, University of Flor- ida, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Deanls List, Mu Beta Sigma. Chemistry. Farhang Momtaz B.A. Teloemn, Umm, Transfer, Lafayette College. Economics. Helen Chipman Montgomery B.S. Wliami, Wa., Mu Beta Sigma, Sec., Archery Club, Westminister Fellowship, YWCA, Sec, Zoology. Beatrice Eleanor Morales B.S. ilfliami, Tia., Mu Beta Sigma, Chemistry Honors, Historian. Chemistry. Joy Anita Moseley B.B.A. Wliami, Tia., Transfer, Stephens College, Kappa Kappa C-amma, fl-Iurricane, Adver- tising Manager, Business Manager, Lead and Ink. Business, Economics. Mario Alexander Muratori B.B.A. Treeport, E. 7., N. Di, Transfer, Hofstra College. Economics. Bette Jane Oehler B.A. Coral gables, Tia., Delta Zeta, Panhellenic, V. Pres., Christian Science Club, Sec., Treas., Pres. Sociology. E531 6 O'L9gry Porpy Pearson Pqblo Pcttton Pellegcxtlcx Pczllot Paulsen Pero 'Joseph Timothy 'DJLeary B.A. Brooklyn, N. Df., Transfer, Rochester Uni- versity. History. Herbert S. Pablo, Ir. B.S. illiami, Tla., Transfer, Duke University, Chemistry Honors. Chemistrya Norton'S. Pallott . B.B.A. Miami Beach, Tla., Transfer, University of Florida, Pi Lambda Phi, lnter-fraternity Council, Pres., Dean's List. Business Ad- ministration. Dolores lola Papy B.A. Niang, Tla., Transfer, Florida State College , Kappa Alpha Theta, Homecoming Queen, "M" Girl, Whois Who, Lead and ink, Quill, Tlarricane, Feature Editor, Ubis, Man- aging Editor, Editor, Stray Creeks, V. Pres., Westminister Fellowship. Journalism. Dorothy Jane Patton B.A. Erwin, Tenn., Transfer, Tusculum College, Zeta Tau Alpha. Drama. Carl E. Paulsen B.B.A. Evanston, 7llinois, Transfer, DePaul Uni- versity, Delta Sigma Pi. 'Marketing Cordie Lester Pearson, Jr. B.Ed. Wlianti, Tla., Transfer, Duke University, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Track, Dean's List. Physical Education. Hector Louis Pellegatta B.B.A. illiami, Tla., Alpha Kappa Psi, Sec. Eco- nomics. George Theodore Pero B.B.A. Niarni, Tia., Economics. Charles Samuel Perry B.B.A. Tiflon, QQ., Transfer, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Phi Delta Theta, Stray Cvreeks. Business, Economics. . Lindy Pessin B.A. Hartford, Conn., Transfer, University of Connecticut, Psychology Club, Hillel, In- terfaith Council, Chairman, MICA,,V. Pres. Sociology. Marcia Cynthia Pessin B.A. fHa1'tford, Conn., Transfer, St. Joseph Col- lege, Trinity College, Women's Residence Council, Social Chairman, Psychology Club, Interfaith Council, MICA, Hillel. Sociology. Robert L. Pitt B.S. miami, Tia., Transfer, Georgia School of Technology, Sigma Chi. Engineering. Shirley Mae Polonofsky B.Ed. Steubenville, Ohio, Transfer, Ohio State University, Delta Phi Epsilon , Hillel, Horseback Riding Club. English, Psychol- Ogy. Pablo E. Pons B.A. 7-latorey, Puerto Rico, Sigma Chi, Pledge Master, Historian. History. Gordon D. Pred B.A. Eyona, Nehr., Transfer, University of Ne- braska, Sigma Alpha Mu, Pledgemaster, Pres., APO, flhis, Business Manager, 7-lurri- Cane, Hillel, V. Pres., Inter-fraternity Coun- cil, Veterans Association, Treas., Psychol- ogy Club, Hucksters, Iron Arrow, Lead and Ink. Psychology, , Joseph Bernard Prime, Jr. B.S. Wliclmi, Tia. Physics. Franklin 'Raflo B.B.A. miami, Tia., Transfer, City College of New York. Accounting. Perry Pitt Pred L. Pessin Polonofsky Prime M. Pessin Pons Rcxilo 1 r .--E. if lrwin Raskin B.B.A. Zlliami, Tla., Mu Beta Sigma, Chemistry Honors, Pres., lron Arrow. Accounting. Geraldine D. Rasmussen B.M. Wliami, Tla., Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sec., Music Chairman, Sigma Alpha lota, Treas., Editor, Nu Kappa Tau, Band, Symphony, Chorus, Student Music Association, Sec., Hurricane. Music Education. Elizabeth Ann Ray B.A. Undiana, Pa., Transfer, Mary Baldwin Col- lege. Mathematics. Thomas james Ray B.S. Coral Qables, Tla., Transfer, Miami Uni- versity, Sigma Chi. Physics. Lorren William Reel B.B.A. Canaan, Conn., Transfer, Marshall College, Ubis, Hurricane. Economics. Thomas Renedo BA. Dlfliarni, Tla., Sigma Chi, Pres. Spanish. Donald Kevin Reynolds B.B.A. Chicago, Tll., Transfer, Northwestern Uni- versity, Alpha Delta Phi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Pres., Stray Greeks, Sec. Business. Eleanor Mizer Reynolds B.B.A. Coral gables, Tla., Transfer, Florida State College, Pi Beta Phi, Stray Greeks, Christ- ian Science Club. Economics. Grover C. Reynolds B.B.A. jacksonville, Tla., Transfer, University of Georgia, Pi Kappa Alpha. Accounting. l5f6l S fli H li i Rflskin T. Ray D, Reynolds Rasmussen Reel E. Reynolds E. Ray Renedo G. Reynolds. Ill, Ji e Robbins Root Rosenbloom Rfvberis C. Rosen Rosenblum Robinson M- ROSS!! Rothenberg LeRoy Alvin Robbins B.B.A. iifliami, Tia., Transfer, University of Flor- ida, Pi Lambda Phi. Accounting. Richard Gorry Roberts B.B.A. Detroit, Mich., Iron Arrow. Business, Eco- nomics. Peggy Katheline Robinson B.A. Niaini, flila., Transfer, Florida State College, Phi Mu, Stray Greeks, University Artists Club, Pres., This. Art. Betty Rackley Root B.A. Miami, Tia., Transfer, University of Geor- gia, Zeta Tau Alpha, Quill. journalism. Carl K. Rosen B.B.A. New york, N. 35, Transfer, City College of New York, Sigma Beta Alpha, Veterans As- sociation. Accounting. Marilyn Jeanne Rosen B.A. Cincinnati, Ohio, Transfer, University of Illinois, Phi Sigma Sigma, Panhellenic. Psychology. Maurice Rosenbloom B.B.A. Ylfliaini, Tia., Sigma Alpha Mu, Ulvis, Busi- ness Manager, Veterans Association. Busi- ness. Sheila Fay Rosenblum B.A. 7Vlia1ni Beach, Tia., Sigma Delta Pi, Treas., Psychology Club, Horseback Riding Club, U-lurricane. Spanish. David Rothenberg B.A. Detroit, Nick., Phi Epsilon Pi, 7-lurricane, Psychology Club, Hillel. Psychology. E571 QA Ill Q Bouth Ruzomberkcx Scnstre Rubovsky Samuelson Schenck Rust Saroith Scher Frederick Bennett Routh g B.A. 'Wycmdotta Wlicb., Transfer, Central Michi- gan University, Senate, APO, Veterans Association. History. Victor K. Rubovsky BS. Wliami Beach, Tia., Transfer, Georgia School of Technology, APO, Chemistry Honors. Chemistry. Robert L. Rust B.A. Miami, Tia., Transfer, Wheaton College. History. Edward Ruzomberka B.B.A. Nillbale, Penn., Sigma Chi, Iron Arrow, Football. Business. f john A. Samuelson B.B.A. Plattsburgh, N. 31. , Transfer, Plattsburgh State Teacher's College, Tennis Club. Man- agement, Personnel. Howard Sarath B.Ed.' New york, NLT., Transfer, New York University. Physical Education. Julian Sastre B.B.A. Havana, Cuba, Transfer, University of Havana, Sigma Chi. Business. Stanley Arthur Schenck B.B.A. New Work, W. 3'., Phi Epsilon Phi. Market- ing. Stanley Scher B.B.A. Wliami, Tia., Transfer, University of Flor- ida, Pi Lambda Phi, Sec. Business. Joseph Schrebnick B.A. 'West Palm Beach, Tia., Transfer, New York University, Hillel. History. Thacker May Selden B.S. Coral Qalvles, Fla., Transfer, Carleton Col- lege. Chemistry. Myril Seltzer B.A. Philadelphia, Pa., Transfer, University of Michigan, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Rush Chair- man, Social Chairman, Sec., Psychology Club, -French Club, Hillel. Psychology. Catherine Emily Shaddick B.A. Coral Qables, Tla., Zeta Tau Alpha, Theta Alpha Phi, Panhellenic, Sec., Student As- sociation, Treas., fl-lurricane, YWCA, Can- terbury Club, Senate, This.. journalism. Caryl June Shapiro B.A. New Rochelle, N. 3'., Transfer, Ohio State University, Hillel, Council, Spanish Club, Psychology Club, MICA, Tennis Club. Spanish. Jay Shiff B.B.A. Tostoria, Ohio, Transfer, Ohio State Uni- versity, Tau Epsilon Phi, Vice Chancellor, Student Association, Treas., Basketball. Bus- iness. b Edith Shier B.A. Miami, Tia., Mu Beta Sigma, Lead and Ink, Freshman Class, Sec., Majorette, Hurricane, This, Psychology Club, Hillel. Psychology. Patricia Ann Shipman B.A. Louisville, Ky., Transfer, University of Louisville, Newman Club. English. David Cv. Sidebottom, Ir. B.B.A. Wleadville, Wlo., Transfer, Northwestern University. Accounting. Schrebnick Shaddick . Shier Selden Shapiro Shipman Seltzer Shiff Sidebottom Y ...7 Dorothea Skinner BA- Niami, Tia., Nu Kappa Tau, Pres., Psy- chology Club, Treas., YWCA, Program Chairman, Young Democrats Club, IRC, Sec., Treas. Political Science. Stephen Robert Slager B.B.A. Chicago, Tll., Sigma Chi. Economics. Cibson Smith, Ir. B.B.A. illiami, Ufla., Pi Kappa Alpha, Treas., Lead and Ink, Tbis. Economics. Marilyn Soclof B.Ed. Pensacola, Tla., Transfer, Sophie Newcomb College for Women, Phi Sigma Sigma, Pres., I-Iillel, Religious Chairman, Clee Club, IRC. Education, Social Studies. Charlotte I. Starnm B.S. South Haven, Mich., Transfer, Northwest- ern University, Delta Delta Delta, Stray Creeks, Pres., Uelurricane, Editor, IRC, Pres. Chemistry. Mathilda Erances Stark B.B.A. 7v4icm1i, Tia., Delta Zeta, Publicity Chair- man, Rush Chairman, V. Pres., flbis, Sorority Editor, Tlurricane, Newman Club, YWCA. Business, Economics. M. Lee Starr 'B.B.A. New Work, N. 3'., Phi Epsilon Pi, V. Pres., Freshman Class Pres., Senate, Lead and Ink, Veterans Association, I-Iillel, Inter-fraternity Council. Business, Journalism. Paul Stein B.B.A. Pittsburgh, Pa., APO, Veterans Association. Economics. Leon Stern HS. Bermzrdsuille, N. J., Transfer, Brooklyn Col- lege of Pharmacy. Chemistry. l60l Skinner SOCIOI Stark Slcxger Stdmm Stein smifh starr Stern m I I 47 Stevens Sweet ' Tale Stolove Swenson Tecxii Summers Symonette Teitelbczum Eris Stevens B.B.A Coral gables, Tia., Westministei' Fellow- ship, IRC, YWCA, Volleyball. Business Economics. Muriel Stolove B.A. Wliami, Tia., IRC, MICA, U-lurricane. His- tory. Richard L. Summers , B.A. 5l"lia111i, Tia., Pi Kappa Alpha, Sec., West- minister Fellowship, Basketball. History-. Robert Sweet B.B.A. Miami, fFla., Transfer, University of Toledo, Sigma Alpha Mu, Inter-fraternity Council, APO, Lead and Ink, Hillel, Veterans Assoc- iation, Ubisj Art Editor, fflofsam, Managing Editor, Hucksters. Business. Patricia Eleanor Swenson B.M. Wliami Shores, Tla., Transfer, Drury Col- lege, Zeta Tau Alpha, YMCA. Voice. Zelda Jeanne Symonette B.B.A. Nassau, Bahamas, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Treas., YWCA. Economics. Louise Pauline Tale B.S. ilfliami, Tia., Chemistry Honors, Sec. Chem- istry. O. Dale Teaff , B.A. 7WcKeesport, Pa., Transfer, University of Florida, Palm Beach junior College, Kappa Sigma. History. Esther M. Teitelbaum M.A. S. Clayton, No., Transfer, Washitigton University. Education Cvuidance. H511 I Ill ' Totte Vacccrro Walker Tretten Van Zandt Weaver Tucker Vecxch Wells Edward Louis Totte B.B.A. New fl-laverz, Conn., Transfer, junior Col- lege of Connecticut, Sigma Chi, Newman Club, Fencing. Marketing Jack Russell Tretten ' B.A jlfliami, Fla.-, History Honors Society. History. ' Ruth Warren Tucker B.A Columbia, Tenn., Transfer, Ward-Belmont, Chi Omega. Sociology. james William Vaccaro B.B.A. Scranton, Pa., Transfer, University of Penn- sjdvania, Sigma Chi, "M" Club, Sec. Ac- counting. ' Priscilla Ann Van Zandt B.Ed. Miami, Tia., Transfer, Florida Southern College, Alpha Chi Omega. Education. Lowell Nafe Veach B.A. Ylliami, flila., Sigma Chi, Tribune, Theta Alpha Phi, Sec., V. Pres., Christian Science Club, V. Pres., Band, YMCA. Drama, Physics. Marian Gwendolyn Walker B.A. Halls, Tenn., Transfer, Blue Mountain Col- lege, Spanish Club, Wesley Foundation, IRC. Spanish. Donald C. Weaver B.B.A. Coral Qables, Tia., Alpha Kappa Psi. Ac- counting. John Thomas Wells B.B.A. Ylfliami, Tla., Transfer, University of Florida. Management. Ruth Warren Westerdahl B.Ed. Coral Qables, Tia., Kappa Kappa Gamma, YWCA, Archery Club, Psychology Club. Education. Barton A. Westerlund B.B.A. 5lli11neapolis, 5Wi11Yl., Transfer, University of Minnesota. Economics. Cvloria Wilson Wiley B.A. flfliami, Tla., Quill, U-lur1'ica11e. Journalism. Carroll Gerard Wille ' B.A. 'Wynnewood Pa., Transfer, Muhlenberg College. History. Catherine Theresa Williams B.A. Nimni, Tla., Transfer, Barry College, Sigma Kappa, Sec., Social Chairman, Panhellenic, Psychology Club, Newman Club, YWCA. Psychology. Leonard Wolf B.B.A. ilfliami Beach, Tia., Transfer, University of Florida, Pi Lambda Phi, Hillel, IRC, Dean's List. Law. Elliott Bernard Wollman B.A. Brooklyn, N. D'., Transfer, Knox College, Columbia University, Sigma Alpha Mu, Theta Alpha Phi, Pres., Snarks, Pres., APO, Sec., Mu Beta Sigma, Veterans Association, Sec., IRC, Psychology Club, Fencing. Eng- lish, Education. Hayes Brandt Wood B.B.A. ilfliami, Fla., Transfer, Emory University, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Accounting. Winifred Wilson Wood e B.A. South Orange, iN. J., Transfer, University of Pennsylvania, Snarks, U-lurricane, Ubis, Vet- erans ,Association, Sec. Economics. Westerdohl Wille Wollman Westerlund Williams H. Wood Wiley Wolf W. Wood 47 Woodard Wright Worris Wynns Worth Youngs SEN IDRS Nut Pictured Stephen J. Adams 'l7e11ice, Tla, Rafael Aguayo Miami, Tia. James NW. Alcock Osteruille, Mass. Walter L. Almond Tliiami, Tia. james S. Anderson Coral Qahles, Tla. i641 Zeffert Frank W. Andrews Coral Qahles, Tla. Edison E. Archer Zlliami, Tia. Fredric I-l. Ashe Wliami, Tla. George W. Baker Bacyras, Ohio George R. Ball Berkshire, TN. Di. John Barli, jr. California, Pa. John Carlisle Woodard, Jr. B.B.A. 'West Palm Beach, Tia., Transfer, Palm Beach Junior College, Phi Mu Alpha Sin- fonia. Business, Stanley Joseph Worris, Jr. B.S. - New york, CN. Di., fihis, Tiarricane, French Club. Chemistry. Roslyn Worth B.A. Brooklyn, N. T., Transfer, Brooklyn College, - Sigma Delta Pi. Spanish. ' Leonard Gerald Wright B.B.A. Wloultrie, Qa., Transfer, Georgia School of Technology, Phi Delta Theta, Stray Greeks. Business, Economics. ' s Martha Frances Wynns B.A Dickson, Tenn., Transfer, Ward-Belmoiit, Chi Omega, YWCA. Sociology. Joseph P. Youngs, Jr. B. A 'West S7-lauen, Conn., Tlurricane, Circula- tion Manager, flhis, Psychology Club, New- man Club. Psychology. Ruth R. Zeffeft B.A Miami Beach, Tia., Music. Frederick M. Bayer Riviera Beach, Tla. john B. Bennett 4 Coral Qahles, Tla. Jack F. Bensen U-lollywood, Tia. jack H. Bloese Battle Creek, Wlich. Woodrow Bochicchio Miami Beach, Tla. Benjamin W. Boesch Coral Qahles, Tia. joseph E. Bogart Miami, Tla. Stanley Bornstein Miami, Tla. Harold Botkin St. Marys, Ohio Betty Lue Brown Miami Springs, Tla. Nicolaus Bruns, jr. Brooklyn, N. 3'. Milan Buchan Conemaugh, Pa. Ronald A. Cain Miami Springs, Tla. Charles N. Carr Miami, Tla. Charles G. Clarke Coral Qahles, Tla. Max J. Cleveland Punta Qorda, Tla. Richard Cohn jersey City, W. j. Paul H. Collins Miami, Tla. Raymond I. Collins Miami, Tla. William W. Cook Coral Qahles, Tla. Raymond M. Craig Miami, Tla. James E. Cryan Trenton, W. fl. Martha Cutler Miami Beach, Tla. William P. Dale, Jr. Arlington, Mass. Phillip E. Dalton Louisville, fKy. Richard M. Dash Minneapolis, Minn. John C. Davidson Miami, Tla. jim P. Demos Tlliami, Tla. Frederic C. Denham Miami, Tla. James E. Doyle Lake 'Worth, Tla. Joseph E. DuBrin Miami Beach, Tla. Frederick G. Eisley Palmyra, W. Gloria Erlich Miami Beach, Tla. William-L. Etheredge Miami, Tla. Estelle Ettman Brooklyn, N. 31 Walter T. Etzel Miami, Tla. Rex J. Faust South Miami, Tla. Charles Fernandez Tampa, Tla. Arlene Finesman Toronto, Ohio Glenn Franklin Miami, Tla. E. J. Fridrich DeTunialQ Springs, Tla. Robert Fuerst 7l"lia1ni, Tla. Bernard Fuller Miami Beach, Tla. John Getzman Ylfliami, Tla. Elaine Glass Detroit, Mich. Paul Gliedman 7Nletoha1'glJ, N. IV. Sophie Goldenberg Pensacola, Tla. Eloy Gomez Miami, Tla. Louis Goodman Tlliami, Tla. Richard S. Greenbaum Miami Beach, Tla. Norbert J. Gribin New york, N. D'. Norma S. Haas Coral Qahles, Tla. James N. Hadler Miami, Tla. Caroline H. Haft Coral Qahles, Tla. George Anne Harbeson Coral Qahles, Tla. John Hardeman iliiami, Tla. Joseph T. Harmuth Brialgeoille, Pa. Richard R. Harris Slliami, Tla.- Louis W. Henderson Miami. Tla. Robert E. Henshaw Miami, Tla. Eddie Herr Work, Pa. Edgar H. Hess Miami, Tla. Jack Stewart Holmes Miami. Tla. William L. Hoss 'West Palm Beach, Tla. William Hurwitz 'Westminister, Md. Hal L. Johnston Montebello, Cal. Cornelia L. jones A Miami, Tla. Loria L. Judson New Dforle, N. Di. James L. Kalleen, lr. Coral Qahles, Tla. William H. Karo Coral Qahles, Tla. Alphonso L. Kasulin Tlazelton, Pa. James R. Keefe Miami. Tla. James L. Kees Miami, Tla. Herman Kirschner Cincinnati, Ohio Selma Kowal Coral Qahles, Tla. John E. Kruse Lakewood, Ohio Joseph Krutulis Miami, Tla. Jack Kurtz fhlandford, Conn. Humes T. Lasher Pitts, Pa. lone Lauderdale fliernanolo, Miss. Hugh C. Lester Tt. Eauclerclale, Tla. jim C. Lipscomb Coral Qahles, Tla. Laura F. McCawley Coral Qahles, Tla. Sam K. McCormick Coral Qahles, Tla. W l tt 1 I , if tl. li i N it i. lt i l it ti i l l l 1 l t be E661 Upper left: Louisianajs governor is given the key to the city at the LSU game by Kappa Emma Lou Bourne . . . Pre-game bonfires encourage the football team to "get hot" on the gridiron . . . Peppy Ann Childress presents the Campus Charity Drive cups for the largest contributions to Pi Kappa Alpha, represented by Cvene Han- cock, and Iota Alpha Pi, represented by Audrey Epstein . . . Blueprints must be followed by students with "big plans" . . . Dr. Dismukes finds out whether or not his students can conjugate . . . A member of the "silver fleet" which carries students to and from the three campuses. Lower left: University football enthusiasts welcome home their victorious Hurricane team from the Villanova tussle . . . 500 block serves as an outdoor study hall between classes and as a picnic ground during lunch hours . . . tlppef right: Students studied to the rhythm of the hammer and saw while construction of the modernistic classroom buildings boomed overnight . . . Frosh rat caps hit the air at the sound of "Touchdown Tommyl' during the close-fought Detroit game . . . Students scramble for precious class coupons during registration-that's K. Malcolm Beal, Registrar, looking through the fHes in the foreground. H371 E i 4 i K 6, 5 V 5 f 3 4 Q 2 E a I if S 2 . E Junior class officers stopping in the shade to discuss plans for the Junior Senior Prom are: Mary Flynn, vice-president, Joyce McCluney, secretary, Mike Levine, president, and Eleanor McConnell, treasurer. E THE Jll IOP. JUNIORS LOOKED FORWARD to another year of "class expansionj' to parallel with the Universityis bounding growth. From the first day of classes in October, suggestions were under way to make the' Junior Prom the most successful in the Universityis history. Plans soon disclosed the time-May 3-and the place-Bayfront Park Auditorium. Efforts were not in vain-judging by the mass turnout, colorful decorations, a famous band, the gala atmosphere that prevailed from beginning to end, and the popular t'Empress" who reigned cerernoniously over the festivities. Junior supervisors ,lack Masla and Annette Jones acted as co-chairmen of the affair, backed up loyally by President Larry Levine, Paul Corrington, Cliff Schuler, and Gladys Novack. Sub-seniors gave the sophomore class something to "shoot atv in the way of 'fprom"-enading. "Star brightsn among class members in- cluded: Martha Dunn, serving as president of the Y XV C A . . . I-lope Ellen Tanenbaum, gavel-wielder for Panhellenic Council . . . Dark-haired Colleen Delaney, Sweetheart of Kappa Sigma. . . Marvin Green who "put .the paper to bedi' as U-lurriccme editor . . . Blonde Bette jo Wilson, wearer of U of M colors in the statewide contest for Seminole Beauty Queen at the University of Florida. Attaches to the president were Mary Flynn, vice-president, Joyce MCCluney, sec- retary, Eleanor lVlCConnell, treasurer, and Gene l-lancock, Hope Ellen Tanenbaum, and Annette Jones, class spokesmen at Senate meetings. E701 SYDNEY ADLER Miami, Florida RONALD E. AGER Miami Beach, Florida EUGENE A. ANDERSON Wichita, Kansas NAOMI W. ANDERSON Clearwater, Florida SHIRLEY L. ANDERSON Chicago, Illinois PAUL L. ANDRE Coral Gables, Florida GEORGETTE ANDREWS Cambridge, Ohio CHARLIE ANGELUS Savannah, Georgia EDWIN D. AULT Barberton, Ohio ANN AVERY Miami Beach, Florida WYLA R. BALDWIN Fort Wayne, Indiana WILLIAM C. BATES, JR. H Lincoln, Illinois GORDON E. BELL Lansing, Michigan MORRIS L. BELL Clinton, North Carolina ' JOHN B. BENNETT Miami, Florida DENESE N. BERG Baltimore, Maryland MARJORIE D. BERMAN Miami Beach, Florida ' DoRomY V. B1RNB'AuM Miami Beach, Florida ROBERT L. BLACK Coral Gables, Florida ROSEANNE BLACKSTOCK Miami, Florida THOMAS W. BLACKWELL Argo, Illinois BRENDA E. BLUMENFELD Baltimore, Maryland BENJAMIN W. BOESCH Coral Cables, Florida EDWARD J. BOCOWSKI Miami, Florida MARY E. BOUDREAU Coral Cables, Florida EWINC BOYD Jacksonville, Florida RUTH C-. BRADDOCK- Binghamton, New York THOMAS E. BRIDCER E. Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania ANNA MAE BRITT Coral Cables, Florida BETTY LUE BROWN Miami Springs, Florida JACK N. BROWN Miami, Florida LUCILLE ALENE BROWN Miami, Florida CHARLES E. BUKER Miami, Florida BETTY M. BUTLER Miami, Florida EDWARD ,JOSEPH BUTLER East Providence, Rhode lsland JOHN E. BYRNES Miami, Florida HENRY CABALLERO Tampa, Florida GEORGE H. CAMPBELL Detroit, Michigan JEANNE J. CANN Miami, Florida CLEMENTINE CARLAFTES Miami, Florida I7ll 'Q' l721 MARY L. CARLOCK Miami, Florida N. ELAINE cATo Miami, Florida E CLARENCE S. CAUCHRAN Fayetteville, Tennessee BARBARA J. CHAFFEE Miami, Florida ROBERT D. CHAMBLESS Miami, Florida , ' BEN H. CHANCE Chicago, Illinois CAROLYN CHERRY Miami Beach, Florida JOHN V. CHRISTIE Coral Gables, Florida WILLIAM G. CHURCH Rochester, New York CHARLES G. CLARKE Coral Cables, Florida ALLEN C. CLEMENTS Miami, Florida MAX J. CLEVELAND Punta Gorda, Florida ARTHUR M. COHEN Miami, Florida CERALDINE M. COHEN Miami Beach, Florida HENRY M. 'COHEN Miami Beach, Florida V LAWRENCE J. COHEN Cleveland Heights, Ohio MYRON COHEN Brooklyn, New York ONALEE COHEN Glen Cove, New York SAMUEL COHEN Richmond, Virginia RICHARD COHN Jersey City, New Jersey JOSEPH S, COLLINS I Miami, Florida I PAUL. H. COLLINS Miami, Florida DOLORES COMELLAS Freeport, New York JAMES DFCONDON Coral Gables, Florida HELEN CONKLING u Miami, Florida BETTY JUNE COOK Coral Gables, Florida JACQUELINE M. CORDES Coral Gables, Florida -PAUL CORRINCTON Coral Gables, Florida SARINO COSTANZO Coral Cables, Florida JAMES PAUL COUSINS Miami, Florida GORDON N. CRAIG Ft. Lauderdale, Florida ' RUTH CURY Norton, Virginia MARTHA CUTLER Elmhurst, New York HOWARD E. DAHL Bloomer, Wisconsin PHILLIP E. DALTON Louisville, Kentucky WILLIAM H. DAVIES Miami, Florida JANE G. DAVIS Miami, Florida THOMAS DAVISON Scranton, Pennsylvania AUDREY DAVY Miami, Florida CHARLES L. DECARLO Rochester, New York l73l I741 COLLEEN DELANEY Miami, Florida ALINE V. DELLINC Coral Cables, Florida JIM P. DEMOS Miami, Florida HELENE S. DIENER Baltimore, Maryland SHIRLEY L. DIETZ Miami Beach, Florida ' SYDNEY P. DIMMIG . Coral Cvahles, Florida CAROL A. DOMZALSKI Detroit, Michigan JAMES H. DORRIS Miami, Florida KEITH DOYLE Curtis, Nebraska MARTHA K. DUNN Coral Gables, Florida JAMES F. ECKHART Miami, Florida CECILLE A. EDELMAN New York' City, New York JOYCE L. EDWARDS Gibson Island, Maryland HOWARD F. EISENBERC New York City, New York DAVID ELDREDGE Miami, Florida SHERMAN ELLIS Jersey City, New Jersey ARTHUR G. ERDMANN,.JR. Chicago, Illinois JANE-ARTHUR ETHERIDGE Miami, Florida WILLIAM S. EWING Lake Worth, Florida KATHERINE R. FEGER Palm Beach, Florida ABRAHAM B. FEINSTEIN Springfield, Massachusetts NANCY FELDMAN Sea Isle City, New York LLIIGI FERRANTE Bellaire, Ohio HERBERT FISHER Brooklyn, New York CORINNE FISCHLER New York, New York MARY FLYNN Hialeah, Florida ELOISA FONTANET Havana, Cuba ,IACQLIELINE FRANKLIN Miami, Florida LEONA I-I. FRIEDMAN Miami, Florida JOAN A. FRYMARK River Forest, Illinois BERT B. GANS I Brooklyn, New York LLOYD GARDNER Miami Beach, Florida EMMETTE GATHRIGHT El Dorado, Arkansas BARRIE GEDDES Miami, Florida ALIDREY E. CELB Miami Beach, Florida GERALD L. GERSTEIN Miami, Florida PAUL GLASEL Coral Gables, Florida PEARL C-. GOLD Miami, Florida THELMA L. GOLDFIELD Miami, Florida RYCA GOLDMAN Harrisburg, Pennsylvania l75l l701 HARVEY M. GOLDSTEIN Brooklyn, New York MARVIN GOLDSTEIN Lakewood, New Jersey RLITI-I C. GOLDSTINE Chicago, Illinois ALENE GOODMAN Miami, Florida AUDREY LOIS GORDON New York, New York 'PHLLLIS M. GORDON . Miami, Florida LLOYD GRAVES Miami Beach, Florida ELSIE M. GRAY Leesburg, Florida MURIEL I. GRAY Miami Beach, Florida MARVIN M. GREEN Miami Beach, Florida MARTIN GREENBAUM Miami Beach, Florida RICHARD GREEN BALIM Miami Beach, Florida NORMA S. HAAS Miami, Florida STEVE F. HAMILTON Miami, Florida 4 JOSEPH T. HARMLITH Bridgeville, Pennsylvania GERALD S. HARRIS New York, New York RICHARD R. HARRIS Miami, Florida HARRIET E. HART Miami Beach, Florida HENRY H. HAWTHORNE, JR Miami, Florida HENRY W. HAYDEN III Owensboro, Kentucky JOI-IN M. I-IAZOURI Jacksonville, Florida ROBERT E. HENSHAW, JR. Miami, Florida MARILYN C. HESS Pensacola, Florida LOUISE HILL Miami, Florida CEORC-E P. HIRONIMUS Stuart, Florida EDITH C. HJORT Miami, Florida JACK S. HOLMES Miami, Florida ' WILLIAM L. HOSS -West Palm Beach, Florida DONALD E. HOUSTON Miami, Florida BETTY RUTH HULBERT St. Louis, Missouri ROBERT L. HUMPHREY Baltimore, Maryland - MARCVE F. HUMPHRIES Ft. Lauderdale, Florida FRANK J. HURST Lake Worth, Florida EDWARD R. INJAYCHOCK Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania IRENE JACOBS Miami, Florida , -AIDA JAMES Miami, Florida AMOS JOHNSON, JR. Miami, Florida ANNETTE JONES Miami, Florida EDWARD H. JONES, JR. Miami, Florida PRESTON B. JONES Miami, Florida I ,... . ... I . gall -..Wm I I Tgg fwm ,iv E771 el? '3 E731 BETTY F. JOSEPH New York, New York EILEEN F. KAGAN Chicago, Illinois JACK H. KEELE Coral Gables, Florida THELMA KI-IOYAN Miami, Florida IRWIN KIMAN Q New York, New York . MARY JANE KIMPER Chicago, Illinois I ' CHARLES D. KIRK Miami, Florida CARL J. KISH South Bend, Indiana IRENE R. KITCHIN New Britain, Pennsylvania ARTHUR J. KLINE Miami Beach, Florida SHIRLEY R. KNOLLER Beverly Hills, California BEVERLY P. KOCH Miami, Florida HAROLD P. KRAVITZ Atlantic City, New Jersey EDWARD C. KREUTZ Miami, Florida SOPHIA I. LAGOWITZ Long Branch, New Jersey DONALD F. LANE Hamden, Connecticut MARY P. LANE Birmingham, Alabama FRANKLIN D. LAWRENCE Palmyra, New York MARY ANN LECALLEE Panama City, Florida HARRY R. LENHOFF Miami, Florida DONALD C. LESTER Ft. Lauderdale, Florida HUGH C. LESTER Ft. Lauderdale, Florida BARBARA LEVALLY Chicago, Illinois LAWRENCE LEVINE New Carden Hills, New York MINN IE LEVY Miami, Florida EDWYN E. LEWIS New York, New York EDWARD H. LILLYA Q Salem, New jersey CHARLES T. LLOYD West Palm Beach, Florida ARDYS MAGNER Miami, Florida MILTON MAMBER Miami Beach, Florida ALEXANDER J. MARASCO New York, New York BURTON MARKS Miami Beach, Florida EDWARD A. MARSHALL Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania SAM A. MARZELLA Bellaire, Ohio JACK MASLA Forest Hills, New York MARJORIE B. MATHIS Miami, Florida LAURA F. MCCAWLEY Coral Gables, Florida JOYCE S. MCCLUNEY Miami, Florida ELEANOR J. MCCONNELL Miami, Florida 5 IRMA B. MCDONALD Hazond, Kentucky l79l Q if of nm If JAMES G. MCELROY Homestead, Florida MARION MCEWEN I Miami, Florida .IOI-IN M. MCGUIRE Coral Cables, Florida NANCY MCMULLEN Coral Gables, Florida JUNE E. MCPI-IERSON Miami, Florida ' ARTHUR P. METZC-ER Brooklyn, New York JACK H. METZGER Miami Beach, Florida KENNETH M. MEYERSON Miami Beach, Florida MEL H. MICHAELS New York, New York GLORIA S. MICHELSON Miami, Florida RAY A. MILLER Chicago, Illinois BARRIE S. MINOR Miami, Florida I. J. MINOR Red Bank, New Jersey DAVID R. MOLDAN New York, New York ANGELA MORRA Chicago, Illinois MARILYN MUNDY Miami, Florida LORRAINE H. MULLER Coral Gables, Florida I EILEEN E. MURPHY Coral Gables, Florida JEAN LEE MYERS Miami, Florida FRANK C. NAGY Detroit, Michigan HERBERT S. NEILINC-ER Miami Beach, Florida 5 JLIDITI-I R. NELSON Miami Beach, Florida, PALILA NESBIT Albuquerque, New Mexico GLADYS R. NOVACK Brooklyn, New York PEGGY O'BRIEN ' ' Miami, Florida V Y JOSEPH O'KEEFE Miami, Florida JAMES c, OLIVER Miami, Florida F A JOAQUIN OSSORIO Iviiami, Florida CHARLES I-I. PARKER Miami, Florida VICTORIA M. PARKINSON. Coral Cables, Florida V F v JACQUES R. PALILEN Miami Beach, Florida H-OWARD BQ PEARL ' Miami Beach, Florida JESSE PEARL Miami, Florida A A SALLY-W. -PETERS-A -. ' Miami, Florida E JAMES -C. -PI-II-LLIPS V F Miami, Florida E J ELI-GENE POE - Miami, Florida I BOBBY JOYCE POWERS . Lakeland, Florida BARBARA PRENTIS Detroit, Michigan I CLARENCE P. PRICE Q Miami, Florida LEWIS E. PRICE, JR. Miami, Florida ' N I 3 I l I H :Il pl I 'il fir, I 'I ELEANOR QLIARTIN Miami, Florida MARY S. RANCKN Miami, Florida IEAN E. RASCO Coral Gables, Florida ADA B. RAWLS Mulberry, Florida ANNA S. REED Munice, Indiana X LLOYD R. REES Miami, Florida CLARENCE A. RILEY Louisville, Kentucky DONNA V. RIPPEY Harrison, New York CHARLES M. ROBERTS Umatilla, Florida FLORENCE Cv. ROBERTS Miami, Florida JOHN A. RUFFLEY Coral Gables, Florida BARBARA L. SACHNOFF Jacksonville, North Carolina ROGER L. SAXON Miami, Florida MALCOLM H. SCHAFFER Bradley Beach, New jersey NEIL H. SCHIFF Miami Beach, Florida WALTER B. SCHILLING Miami, Florida WARREN P. SCHILLING Miami, Florida KATHERINE SCHMITZ Coral Gables, Florida . HAROLD A. SCHULER, JR. - Miami, Florida EDITH R. SCI-ILILMAN Miami Beach, Florida MADALAN C. SCHLILMAN fi Coral Gables, Florida HENRY H. SCHLILTE, JR. ,Q 9 Miami, Florida N 2 JEAN L. SCHLILTZ Coral Gables, Florida LEONARD SCHWARTZ Miami, Florida WILLIAM SCHWARZMAN Miami Beach, Florida PAT SELLERS Miami, Florida RODOLFO SEQLIEIRA Havana, Cuba ' ROBERT E. SEYLER Milford, Ohio STANLEY A. SEYMOUR, JR. Miami, Florida WALTER M. SHENKO Erwin, North Carolina RUTH B. SHERMAN Miami Beach, Florida MELVYN SI-IIPLEY Hollywood, Florida GEORGE M. SIMON Miami Beach, Florida SHELDON M. SIMONS Brooklyn, New York ROBERT SLATKO Philadelphia, Pennsylvania JACK W. SLOTCHIVER Walterboro, South Carolina GLENN SMITH ' Miami Beach, Florida CARL V. SMITH Statesville, North Carolina CHARLES F. SMITH Q Miami, Florida CHARLES S. SMITH Miami, Florida if 'ft W ,A Q I E341 KATHRYN L. SNYDER Warsaw, Indiana JOHN H. SOBECK Luzerne, Pennsylvania MARGARET ANN STERRITI' Hollywood, Florida ADELE l. STONE Miami, Florida KAY SULLIVAN Coral Gables, Florida ' WARREN P. SUPOVITZ I Lewiston, Maine BARNETT A. SUSSMAN Harrisburg, Pennsylvania EDWARD H. SWANKO Perth Amboy, New Jersey ESTHER J. SYM Miami, Florida HOPE ELLEN TANENBAUM Miami, Florida ROSLYN E. TARADASH Coral Gables, Florida ABRAHAM J. TARLOW New York, New York ' JEAN C. TARRANT Portland, Oregon GEORGE TAVANTZIS Detroit, Michigan MARJORIE THOMPSON Hollywood, Florida ROBERT L. TOWLES, JR West Palm Beach, Florida MARGARET ANN TURNER Miami, Florida MARTHA L. UPSHAW Coral Gables, Florida WILLIAM V. VIGKERY Miami, Florida K JACK L. WADDELL Miami, Florida STANLEY WALLMAN Miami Beach, Florida MARILYN A. WARD Coral Cables, Florida MINDEL E. WARFIELD Miami Beach, Florida DAVID M. WATSON, JR. Abington, Pennsylvania JAMES B. XVEEKS Haines City, Florida IRVING WEINER New York, New York SOL WEINSTEIN . Morristown, New Jersey DOROTHY C. WEISMAN Newton, Massachusetts IRENE WENTZEL King, Pennsylvania BETTY JANE WHEELER Miami, Florida - REGINA L. WHITAKER Coral Cables, Florida CAROL WHITE Coral Cables, Florida, SHELTON WHITTLE Columbia, South Carolina JUNE L. WILLE Chicago, Illinois JAMES K. WILLIAMS, JR. Miami, Florida KENNETH E. WILLIAMS Miami, Florida BETTE JO WILSON Miami, Florida K CHARLES D. WILSON Miami, Florida HAROLD I. WINTER Miami, Florida VEETRESS ANN WOOD Adrian, Michigan E351 Miami, Florida RICHARD ZION Camera h Juniors LAUREL ABELSON-Brookline, Mass. JOAN ABRAHAMS-Brooklyn, N. Y. JOSEPH P. ADAMS-Miami, Fla. WILLIAM ADDISON-Miami Beach, Fla. JULIA AHLMAN-Miami Beach, Fla. ERWIN ALLEN-Miami, Fla. EMERSON ALLSWORTH-Miami, Fla. SONJA ANDER-Baltimore, Md. EDWARD ANDERSON-Brooklyn, N. Y. . FRANCISCO ANSA-PEREZ-Opa Locka, Fla. WILLIAM ARDEN-Morristown, N. J. LIBBY ARKIN-Miami Beach, Fla. A EDWARD BAHRET-Poughkeepsie, N. Y. MICHAEL BAKER-Richmond Hill, L. I. STEPHEN BAND-Brooklyn, N. Y. ANIBAL BARROSO--Toa Baja, P. R. HAROLD BAUMANN-Miami, Fla. ARTHUR BEN-Miami, Fla. NORMAN BERMAN-Boston, Mass. CHARLES BERNDT-Miami, Fla. ROBERT BERTHOLD-Miami, Fla. HAROLD BESSELL-New York, N. Y. IRVING BESSER-Chicago, Ill. JOAN BETTS-Miami, Fla. CHARLES BIGLER-Miami, Fla. ROBERT BILGER-Miami, Fla. BETTY LOU BIPPUS-Wheeling, W. Va. DOROTHY BIRNBAUM-Miami Beach, Fla. KENNETH BOBROWSKY-Yonkers, N. Y. LESTER BOHM-New York, N. Y. HUGH BOTTELSON-Miami, Fla. EDWIN L. BOTTS-Miami, Fla. HAROLD BOUDREAU-Miami, Fla. THERESA BOUYEA-Plattsburg, N. Y. CRAIG BOWEN-Miami, Fla. FRED BOWEN-Miami, Fla. CHARLES BOWKER-Miami, Fla. MARY BOYD-Jacksonville, Fla. ANGELINE BRATICH-Gary, Ind. EDWARD BRETZ-Swarthmore, Pa. GEORGE BROCKWAY-West Palm Beach, Fl HENRY BROUNER-Miami Beach, Fla. l331 R. JERROLD BROSILOW-Chicago, Ill. CLAIRE BROWN-Miami, Fla. JOSEPH L. BROWN-Miami, Fla. ROBERT C. BROWN-Miami, Fla. THOMAS BRUMLIK-Miami Beach, Fla. DOROTHY BUTLER-Coral Gables, Fla. SELMA BYER-Miami Beach, Fla. LEMUEL BYRD-Hamlet, N. C. JOHN BYRNE-Hollywood, Fla. FRANK BYRON-Waltham, Mass. LUTHER CAGLE-Miami, Fla. JOHN CANFIELD--Miami Beach, Fla. HARRY CARIFIO--Haverhill, Mass. BURGONNE CARNES-Miami, Fla. ROWLAND CHAPMAN-Miami, Fla. THOMAS CHAPMAN-Miami, Fla. JIMMIE CHAPPAS-Savannah, Ga. EUGENE CHASTAIN-Bradenton, Fla. MARTIN CHERNIN-Miami, Fla. EDGAR CHESTNUT-Miami, Fla. ALBERT CISEK-Amsterdam, N. Y. WILLIAM E. WOOD Miami Beach, Florida ROBERTA I. WOODARD Youngstown, Ohio STANLEY CLARK-West Palm Beach, Fla JOSEPH CLEMENTE+Miami, Fla. MANUEL COLLAZO-Miami, Fla. WILLIAM COLSON-Miami, Fla. WILLIAM CONNER-Atlanta, Ga. BETTY JUNE COOK-Coral Gables, Fla. WILLIAM COOK-Portland, Me. TOBY COOPER-Miami Beach, Fla. ALFRED COSENTINO-New York, N. WILLIAM COUCH-Louisville, Ky. SHERWOOD COURTNEY-Miami, Fla. ANNA CRANE-Miami, Fla. RICHARD CRAWSHAW-Miami, Fla. MICHAEL CRIMI-Brooklyn, N. Y. JAMES CROOKS-Miami, Fla. KATHARYN CROWDER-Miami, Fla. MAME CSORDOS-Miami, Fla. DON CUDDY-Binghampton, N. Y. EDWARD CUDEN-Atlantic City, N. J. SEYMOUR CURLAND-Bronx, N. Y. WILLIAM CURRIE-Newark, N. J. Y I ALBERT CURSON-Miami Beach, Fla. DAVID CURTIS-Kendall, Fla. GUY CUTOLO-Miami, Fla. SEYMOUR DAVIDSON-Miami, Fla. LEONARD DAVIS-Miami Beach, Fla. C. E. DAWSON-Miami, Fla. EDWIN DAWSON-Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. PAUL DE GUENTHER-Miami, Fla. BENJAMIN DELSON-New York, N. Y. RICHARD DEMARS-Miami, Fla. EDWARD DESMOND-Dorchester, Mass. GILBERT DEUTCH-Miami Beach, Fla. JOSE DIAZ-San Juan, P. R. ANTHONY DIMEO-New York, N. Y. JAMES DOBSON-Miami, Fla. EDWARD DOE-Jacksonville, Fla. RUTH DOORBAR-Highland Park, N. J. ALICE DORN-Miami, Fla. ROBERT DOUGLAS-Miami, Fla. GEORGE DRAKE-Miami, Fla. SEDWICK DUCKWORTH-Orlando, Fla. THOMAS DUFF-Miami, Fla. JAMES DUNAWAY-Miami, Fla. JACK DUNCAN-Tacoma, Wash. CHARLES DUNN-Miami, Fla. JAMES DUNN-Miami, Fla. KENNETH DUNWORTH-Ft. Lauderdale, FRANCIS DURANT-Gulfport, Fla. OWEN EARLY-Miami, Fla. MILTON EBER-Miami, Fla. HOWELL ECKLES-Ojus, Fla. CLIFFORD EDWARDS-Miami, Fla. CATHERINE ELDER-Staten Island, N. Y. FRED ELLIOTT-Miami, Fla. ROBERT ELLISON-Miami, Fla. AUDRY EPSTEIN-Brooklyn, N. Y. DONALD FAIRBAIRN-Miami, Fla. LOREN FELDMAN-Brookline, Mass. PATRICK FERRO-Miami, Fla. HENRY FISCHER-Hollywood, Fla. GORDON FISHER-Miami, Fla. MICHAEL FISHER-Gary, Indiana DANIEL FOLEY-Miami, Fla. BETTY FOLKER-Garden City, Mich. MARTIN FORMAN-Bronx, N. Y. CLYDE FOSTER-Miami, Fla. CHARLOTTE FRANK-Miami Beach, Fla. MARY FRANK-Miami, Fla. MORTON FRANK-Miami Beach, Fla. GERALD FRANKLIN-Miami, Fla. JOHN FRANZEN-Miami, Fla. WARREN FREAS-Miami, Fla. ARTHUR FREEDMAN-Coral Gables, Fla. DORA FREEDMAN-Coral Gables, Fla. BRUCE FREIS-Jackson Heights, N. Y. STANLEY FRENCHEK-Miami, Fla. MORTIMER FRIED-St. Albans, N. Y. ABRAHAM FRIEDMAN-Bronx, N. Y. Fla. LAWRENCE GAETA-Revere, Mass. GEORGE GALLAGHER-Valley Falls, N. DONALD GARDNER-Miami, Fla. JOSEPHINE GASPER-Miami, Fla. GILBERT GEDDES-Miami, Fla. CHARLES GEHM-Miami, Fla. SAUL GENET-Miami Beach, Fla. Y. GERALDINE GERREN-Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. MARJORIE GERSTEIN-Miami, Fla. EDGAR GETSEE-Tampa, Fla. ROBERT GILMAN-Rahway, N. J. BURTON GINSBERG-Miami Beach, Fla. CORINNE GIOIS-Miami Beach, Fla. JUNE GLASSBERG-Brooklyn, N. Y. ADELE GODDARD-Miami, Fla. ROBERT GOESER-Coral Gables, Fla. LEONARD GOLDSTEIN-Augusta, Ga. LAWRENCE GOODMAN-Allston, Mass. NORVAL GRAY-Miami, Fla. NORBERT GRIBIN-New York, N. Y. JESSE GRIFFEN-Miami, Fla. FRED GRIMMIG-Miami Beach, Fla. EDWARD GUESS-Alexandria, Va. DRED GUNION-Coral Gables, Fla. MARVIN GUSSOW-Miami Beach, Fla. JOSEPH HACKNEY-Clewiston, Fla. BARKET HADDAD-Lancaster, Pa. ARTHUR HAGAN--Savannah, Ga. JOHN W. HALL-Miami, Fla. LOUIS HALL-Miami, Fla. THOMAS H. HALL-Miami, Fla. JOHN HARDEMAN-Miami, Fla. OSA J. HARP-Miami, Fla. NOLAN HARRIGAN-Long Island, N. Y. RICHARD M. HARRIS-Rahway, N. J. WILLIAM HARRIS-Miami, Fla. RAYMOND HARRISON-Elizabeth, N. J. ROSLYN HARTEVELD-Cincinnati, Ohio JOHN HASSLER-Miami, Fla. EDWARD HAUCK-Miami, Fla. FRANK HAVLICEK-Miami, Fla. ALEX HAWKES-Miami, Fla. ELSE HAYES-Melbourne, Fla. ROBERT HEAGAN-New York, N. Y. JAMES HENSHALL-Miami, Fla. WILLIAM HERENDEEN-Miami, Fla. ROBERT L. HICKEY-Miami, Fla. RAYMOND HIGDON-Miami, Fla. GEORGE HILDEBRAND-Larchmont, N. LOUISE HILL-Miami, Fla. ROBERT M. HILL-Marion, Ind. RICHARD HITTLEMAN-New York, N. KENNETH HODGES-Miami, Fla. WILLARD HOERST-Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. JOEL HOGELAND-Miami, Fla. JANE HOLLY-Miami Beach, Fla. ARNOLD HOLSTINE-Evansville, Ind. DANIEL HONOROF-Miami, Fla. Y. Y. I371 Q Il 'I I II 'If .I In .,, I I I I .II I ,. I I I. I I ,I I I I I I The Suphnmnres SOPH SPIRIT underwent a slight jar this year as students trudged to classes in temporary wooden buildings instead of the familiar North Campus halls. The roar of dump trucks and shouts of workmen greeted the sopho- mores on their first day of "college in the rough." Llnwilling to admit their own be- wilderment, these new upperclassmen ex- ercised authority over the green frosh. Blazing the trail of activity was Frank Stokes, class president, who urged freshmen to wear their dinks or-'tbeware of the sophis vengeance." Second in command was Vice- president Sally l-lunter, while Jane Durrell, secretary, kept pace with the minutes. Cuard- ing the treasury was Peggy Jacobsen, and Senate members, Sue Carnahan, Rosalie I-lill, Sally Ritt, and Ann Childress acted as class spokesmen. l-lighlight of sophomore activities was the mldurkey Trotj' inthe Ponce gym, Early arrivals watched the class officers and other Sophomore Class President Frank Stokes seems mighty pleased over the fact that his fellow officers are both lovely and capable. Left to right: Jeanette Irwin, execu- tive counsellor, Sally Hunter, vice-president, Peggy Jacobson, treasurer, and Jane Durrell, secretary. loyal members, Jeanette lrwin, Red Robbins, and Eddie Johnson, scatter hay and bring in live chickens to give the dance a farm atmos- phere. l-lelen Cason, door prize winner, walked off with her Thanksgiving dinner, a live turkey. Sophomores helped gather scrap lumber for the bonfires, while cheerleaders Nancy Gram- ley and ldelle Babcock led snake lines into the Cables before football games. As chairman, sophomore Ann Childress made a success of the Campus Charity Chest drive. Chairman of "Yu Big Sister activities was Louise Peeples. Mid-semester freshmen were not forgotten when sophomores honored them with a "Wel- come Dancew at the South Campus, featuring "free eatsu and the Richmond band. Herbert Aber Eileen D. Alpert Charles E. Ayers B255-EI-IG I. Barnett M. C. Acenbrack Frances L. Alsobrook Eston Ayers Gwendilyn E. Barnhill Dcm D. Acosta William R. Alvin ldelle M. Babcock Michael I. Battle, Ir. Icy C. Adams Frieda I. Ankus Marilyn I. Bailit Edith D. Bayne Iulia Ahlman Smsan E. Archer 'Neil V. Barbe Caryl Beatus Erwin Allen Selma Arienoif Donald B. Barmack Iulian R. Benjamin Iames A. Bennett Donald F. Benoit Betty H. Berke Iohn C. Berliner Charles Bemdt, Ir. Bettye Bemey Margaret M. Betterton Betty F. Black Phyllis B. Blair Robert F. Bloch Vivian S. Bloodworth Ioseph M. Boggs Iames H. Bolden T. R. Bottomley Harold Boudreau Lucille Boule Helene R. Bourget Bobbye L. Bradley 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 E. E. Bratagan Barbara R. Bronstein Edward T. Bush Miriam Brauner Barbara Brovsm Mary W. Butler F. Brcxuntstein Charles Brown Selma D. Byer Eleanor Bream Arthur T. Bruggisser Frank B. Byron Alicia Bredsiord Elsie B. Burdin Iohn W. Cage Lowell Brodsky Iacqueline P. Burke Iohn Cahill Norma Carlin Vernon R. Carlisle Gloria Carlo Mary Sue Camahan Nicholas M. Cestari Harry I. Chadderton Earl C. Chestnut Mary A. Cleiman Olin Cooper Edgar H. Chestnut Barbara E. Cohen Toby Cooper Ann Childress Iulian A. Cohen Hal Copeland Samuel I. Cili Melvin D. Cohen Mathilda Corbly Albert A. Cisek Muriel Cohen Frederick Comfield Stanley H. Clark Walter E. Collier George Corrigan 'fn "QT Ioyce Cortland Ioan E. Cummings Carroll Dawn Leonard Covcm Seymour E. Curland Betty U. Dawson Willoughby Cox Albert A. Cunson Gene DeCastro Myrle Cross. Ir, Iohn P. Cusano Emily R. Deckelman Herbert Crowl Elaine Danziger Thomas O. Dekle Y Edwin Cryer Ivan C. Davis Henry W. Delling Ingrid R. DeMarco Mario I. DeMarco Iohn I. Dermigny Thad A. Delsmond Bobbie Diamond lack I. Diamond Ruth L. Ditto Caroline I. Drumrr ond Iames L. Dobson, Ir. Kenneth W. Dorn Donald D. Doughty Beverly B. Douglas Kenneth R. Downs Ruth E. DuPerrieu Iane Durrell Martha Ebstein Barbara L. Ehrlich Mickey R. Einhorn Donald Eisenberg Morton Eisenberg Marilyn Eiserustat L. Iack E11 Kenneth O. Elliott Irving M. Ellis T. E. Ellis, Ir. Ieanne E. Fleishman P. D. Espuinaldo Marilyn M. Foerster Robert H. Falls Cynthia I. Fogle Lorraine Felten Charles M. Forman H. A. Fenner Martin S. Forman Caroline Fisher Babette L. Frankel Shadrach I. Franklin Robert W. Fremont Irwin S. Futertars Ioe Garrett Kenneth D. Gathings Don Gerhard Marjorie I. Gerstein Shirley L. Goldstein Melvin L. Green David B. Ghaul Edyth A. Goll Sheldon Greenberg Alfred E. Gilliam Enrique Gonzales Betty I. Griffin Adele H. Goddard Nancy A. Gramley Gail D. Grossman Herbert S. Goldiield David Graver Iames B. Gwin Bennett Goldman William S. Gray Mary E. Hagman Cecilia V. Hall Elmer H. Hall Duncan'H.allock Audrey Hankoii Theron,,B. Hanley James R, Hanfsen E' . 4,2 . "Vs .Q i. 2. Harry I. Harbert Lucy A. Hicks Betty A. Harding Rosalie M. Hill Ken C. Hawkins Gitta Y. Hoflerman A, Heermance, Jr, Robert F. Holland Roger L, Henshaw Ellis Hollurns, Jr. Roberta Heyman Charles B. Holzer Elizabeth I. Horlamus Martha A. Horlamus Frances M. Home Harriet R. Horwitz Merle E. Holaling Al Hudson Sally Hunter Barbara L. Hutner Barbara J. Hyed Jeanette A. Irwin Mary A. Isaac Bruce H. Isaacs Fleeta A, Iverson Tobie Y. Jacohskind Margaret R. Jacobson Richard E. Jensen Janice D. Jester Leroy H. Johnson Nina Faye Johnson Bert W. Kaufman James N. Kahn Morris Kay Edward R. Kairis Chadwick H. Kaye Dolores S. Kanstoroom Muriel A. Kaye Norman Kaplan J0l'1Il 5- Kemp William P. Kap? ICIY P- Kel-ld-Tick Dorothy Kenton Edward L. Klar William I. Landsman Sylvia Kesinger Gene I . de Kligmann Sarah M. Lane Allen Kessler Dorothy I. Knapp Benjamin Langleb Richard Kinney Charles B. Knighton, Ir. Anita B. Larson Alvin Kirtland Robert H. Kobrin Sol Lass Elaine Kitias Collier Landress Mary Lee Arlene I-l. Levere David Levine Sue L. Lewis Dorothy E. Liese Harold Liqhtman Ernest Limmiatis Ralph Litwack Richard Logan Leon Lonstein Charles S. Love Arthur B. Lowe Leonard A. Lubin Ethel Lukacs Anne MacDonald Douglas K. MacVicar Edward M. 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Schuh Seymore Shapiro Sydelle S. Silver Wesley L. Southerlcmd William Stanton Betty Lee Stapp Arthur B. Stark Maxine Stein Alvin H. Stelle Betty Iane Stelle Audrey Lou Stern Millie C. Stewart Frank C. Stokes Iudy R. Stone Lenore S. Stramer Lee A. Stuhl Robert Sullivan Leon Sultan Marion Susskind Susan Sweet Ioseph P. Symons Carole Tannen Melvin Taylor Myron Taylor Sally Taylor Robert Tepper Earl E. Thery M. B, Thompson Mary Thomson Edmund Thornton Betty Paige Todd Leonard E. Treister Martha lane Tucker William L. Tucker Sarah D. Turner Blanche Tyler Analou Udcnsin Sydelle M. Unger Norvin N. Van No: Connie Van Orden David Lee Varner Charles R. Vickers Ed C. Vining Louis Vitolo trand David I. Vogt Maxwell Waas Gerry Waldman Dorothy R. Walker Iewell A. Waln Lorayne P. Watson Donald S. Weinstein Betty lane Weir Eugene l. Weiss Ioyce C. Whelan Mary lane Wilder William N. Wilkes Harold L. Williams Merriel D. Williams Shirlee l, Wills George Wilson Samuel Wolfson Marian S. 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Bassett Robert Bauer Andrew B. Baykowsky Herbert Baylin Raymond A. Beardslev Gilbert Becker Otto P. Becker Selwyn J. Bein Robert G. Belle Robert I. Bender Joseph P. Benza David R. Berger Paul R. Berglund William K. Berglund Charles J. Beringer Irwin Berkowitz Zelda M. Berlin Murray Berliner Alvin Berman John D. Bernreuter Morton Bernstein Paul S. Bernstein William P. Berry Janeth Beyer Ira I. Bigman James L. Bishof Charlotte K. Black J. T. Blackard Joab L. Blackmon Maurice V. Blair James A. Blalock Jerry Blank William J. Blatchley Irwin J. Block Jack R. Blumberg Edward H. Blumenthal Elaine C. Bobrow Gene M. Boeringer George C. Bolden Paul V. Bolich Gaspare R. Bonsignore Margaret L. Booth Joseph A. Boothroyd Dorothy R. Boss Emily W. Bourne Alva Bowden Robert L. Bowman Edward E. Boyar Robert W. Boyce Mason W. Boyd Robert P. Boyer Francis A. Brady Russell T. Brady Shirley H. Bramlett Charles B. Brand Paul J. Brannen Joseph Breiner Alan H. Brenner Joseph Brescia Charles Bretholtz Paul Briefer Louis T. Brinson Duncan E. Britt Marvin Brodsky William N . Brood Jr. Gloria Joyce Brooks Louis U. Brooks Betty Jane Brown James J. Brown Raymond J. Brown Richard L. Brown Sylvester C. Brown Arthur Browne Lawrence Browning Harold L. Bryan Talmadge A. Buchanan Irene Budner Murray Bullard Joseph J. Buonassi Wfilliam Burgess William Burrell - Isabel Burstein Albert Butterfield Joanna Byers Howard L. Byrnes Gustav A. Byrom Ralston E. Byrum fRobert F. Cage Francis A. Calhoun Edward J. Campbell Malcolm Campbell Wallace Campbell Toba Camnitz Anthony Caramagno Adriana Carauacci Marilyn Carlin Virginia M. Carlucci Waldo S. Carmichael Bert R. Carraway Anthony Carrero Aaron Carroll Dawn V. Carroll Robert E. Carroll ' Charles N . Carver Alfred E. Castillo Harold Casty Q Charles P., Cella James Chadbourne George H. Chism J. 'W. Christie Barbara Christmas Randy N . Christmas Charles Chuckrow Joseph Chuprevich Samuel Cili Marshall Clagett James W. Clark William R. Claypool John F. Cleary Lawrence Clemente Frank R. Cline Donald E. Cobb Paul R. Cobb Albert N. Cohen Harold Cohen Myron Cohen Norman Cohen Sidney Cohen Stanley Cohen Wfiliiam H. Cohron Marilyn Coleman David J. Collins Nilda A. Colorado Edward Comas Larry B. Cone James T. Conley Marion Conley Calvin C. Connell Arthur K. Connolly Howard F. Cook Raymond D. Cook Stanley E. Corkhill Leon Cornfield Paul F. Coughlin William B. Couric James P. Covalt Gordon Coventry Robert W. Coyle James D. Craig Douglas I. Craven james Crawley john E. Criswell Earl C. Crooks Raymond C. Cropper Robert F. Crosson Norman E. Crouch -Iames XV. Crowl James B. Culbertson Stuart D. Currier joseph Dabkowski L. Dahlstrom Martin J. Dain Arnold D. Daniel Roscoe E. Dann lr. Ken Danzer Arthur H. Davies Arnold S. Davis Cecil D. Davis lr. Donald D. Davis Robert W. Davis Allan P. Deckelbaum George Dellisco David J. DeNoon George DeNisco Louis R. DePalma Dolores F. Derrico Anthony De Vincenzo Robert I. Dezen Robert Diaz jr. Carlo DiBuono Roger A. Dick Michael F. Disponzio Allen R. Dickhous Dorothy Ann Dixon Korine M. Doliva Philip P. Donenfeld James F. Donovan Blanche M. Dorfler Roland Dorl Martha Dorman Nicholas Dotoratos Richard Dougherty Donald E. Douglas Lewis W. Douglas Henry I. Dreyfus George O. Drew Meir Drubin Mary E. Drummond Leonard Dudziak Byrd V. Duke Harry N. Dunaway Hope E. Dundas Arthur W. Dunlop Betty Dunn Harwell D. Dunn Carl A. Dye Evelyn Eagle Omega East Mildred E. Eaton Seymour Edelstein Bernard Ehrens Preston H. Eisensmith Marilyn Eisenstadl Bernard S. Elliott lrwin Engel Henry E. Engstrom Paula R. Fadem Wiliam H. Entrekin Robert L. Erb Donald K. Erlangei Seymour Esbin Paula R. Fadem Leslie Fairmont William F. Fann jr. Guy A. Farina ,Judith Feinberg Theresa Feinberg Sanford N. Feinman Melvin Feit Miriam Feit Robert Feldman Stanley Ferguson Theodore Ferrigno J. Roberts Ferris Ralph Finello Arthur Fingerhart jacob M. Finkel Edward Finkelstein Arthur R. Finney Dolly Fishbein Rudy B. Fischer NValter Fischer Lester Fisher Lester Fishman Margaret Flanagan john W. Fleming Samuel Fletcher Michael P. Flynn Orin G. Fogle Thomas Folliard Durwood Foshee Charles S. Foster Bruce L. Fox Edwin Fox Gilbert A. Frank Johanna Frank Norman Franklin Barbara Frantz Wiliam T. Frantz Amedee Fremont Karl G. Frese Robert K. Frese Edward Fuerst Robert Gaffney Henry Gaggstatter David Gans Frances I. Garcia john Gascoigne Warren Gates Tom G. Gato Paul W. Gaunt Marion B. Gee Richard Gerken Richard J. Gerrity Lenora Gerstman Mervin Gertler Fred E. Giachino Marvin B. Gibber Warren Gibson Neil Gilbride Marian R. Ginsberg Arthur Gladstone Louis Glass Albert Gleiberman Ralph A. Goberna Bert C. Gold Sidney Gold Arthur Goldberg Martin Goldberg Richard Goldberg Roslyn Golden Lisbeth Goldenberg Jerome Goldman Mitchell M. Goldman Stanley H. Goldstein Christopher Gonos Eugene G. Gonzales john W. Goodman Leon Goodman Walter Goodman Seymour Gopman Charles A. Gould Lochard F. Gracey john M. Grathwohl Richard C. Greathouse Harold Greenberg Robert B. Greenberg Shirley Greenberg Herbert J. Greenspahn Marvin M. Greer William B. Grimm Gordon Grodd Harold Groger Teresa A. Grossberg Grace Grossman Charles Gruber Paul C. Gulas George Gwin Murray Haber Harold R. Haffner Austin K. Haldenstein Allyn H. Hale Bobby M. Hale - Carl J. Hall James W. Hall Virginia S. Hall Duncan Hallock Estell Halpern Stanley Halpern Pat Halprin Benton R. Ham Kan A. Hames Gloria Hamilton H. W. Hamilton Robert L. Hamrick Melvin B. Handelsman Muriel Harding James T. Harrington Joseph Harrington Ernest L. Harris Fred T. Harris Herbert I. Harris Betty J. Harris James S. Harris Stanley R. Harris Burton Harrison Doris J. Hart Richard T. Hart Paul C. Hartwell Gerhart Hartwig Catherine D. Haveland John E. Hawkins Calvin J. Hawthorne Robert W. Hayes Richard J. Hays William Q. Hays Clifford H. Heinzel Avrom A. Heller Harold Heller Macy E. Heller William F. Hembree William R. Hendrick XValter L. Henry Douglas Hewson Arthur L. Higbie Robert R. Higginson Louise Hill William A. Hill Joe H. Hillard James L. Hiss Emery H. Hixon Viviane Hodash Robert F. Hoerger Erwin A. Hoffman Francis R. Hoffman Arthur T. Holloway Charles M. Holmes Dorothy Ann Hoplins Irene Horn joseph Horovitz Meade H. Horton Leo E. Houch Robert E. Houch I-larry A. Hourwitz William V. Howland Frank W. Hubler Harold A. Hudson Robert F. Hudson Van P. Hulmes fl0ll V X x 4 4 A' J '. ...,. 44 Q T' .fi .1 4 :. 4 4. 'fi ALA! '74 .wal 5... . - --F 4 af .4 -,gr Lg " we. . ' Z-Q H' 4 .- 'E i155'?f'7!Q-f' ' f ' L.. .wif-?' ' ' , 4 ' f -1 ' 5, W" . '. .. 51 H -" K x . 'E uf' 44: L ff: ' ' 4 , , 1325" ' ' 33 335, N .. Q - 4 ' ' : 'J ' 4 R . 4. : ff? ' " -.-- ...ff :' 2' f ' . . 'Ffa' X. ' . .4 ' 4 . - :F-V . .:. 11. i 4 '-' ' '-ii? .443 N' ' -I-5 :WH 1 3 Ii? sg, m ' .1 ,-'za 'L : . 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F ig " If : L 'A-1. i l l . . . High school graduates with the ink still damp on their diplomas . . . Students coming from around the globe . . ALL with one goal in mind-that of higher learning. 'M f I , Af W-MW J fmv FRU H a ound w x Kg NK 6 S xx , ,1,Q i.. 'S the CLUCIQ mug Q' W fx wx 1650. Freshman class officers Mike O'Brien, president, Toni Lopez, secretary, and Hugh Wood, vice-president, formed a huddle to make plans for their three- thousand fellow classmates. THE FRE HM N THE corn MINERs or '49 had nothing on the 546-'47 frosh class when it came to "pio- neering spiritf' The Hrushi' was on when 1,838 former Clis returned to boost the en- rollment to a record number of 3,516 U of M frosh 'fprospectorsi' will not be at a loss for telling tales of their adventurous col- ege days. They will readily recall the sound of the workman's pick striking the coral rock- the glistening of the white Florida sand-the laying of the foundation for the first new home-the roar of rollers crushing rock. Il061 Not forgotten will be the hearty welcome given by the "YM big sisters at a Friendship Tea when school opened in October. The Panhellenic Tea and the IFC Smoker also promoted a friendly atmosphere before "rush" season began. ' Far out in front of other entrants, the Presidentis Reception Dance made the Coral Cables Country Club holder of "The Thick- est Settled Territory" title. Scattered green dinks were worn at the be- ginning osf the school year by humble brother S ,nv ? 1 1 ' I, q . ""'2'rQ- -Y ---f. 5.1 'ff J' 1 v in ..x :.,4,,- X.-. I-3 ,E '!?'6,3!Z!f,n. . , " jk . L' H .. X .5 1 1 sm - 'L .' -' 1'f3-?:ff5?'5Q.:,i'f4'4i-L' ,Z j ' T .3 .-Q, ' il--Cl U ,n"fpIp2,f1y,-3 'j . ,A Eglin -B .g r-'yawn La'-'e A " TX-if-,i::f'L"Li'7'f3"""3kx. K ,- - .f - - " . '- "Ak i" .- --'-'M ffl .'95':w-- fi N .. , L2-Qri55Ff" -. W'-ws . . , -t-:-..'.,gs,l1+Q-fig is., " T 'Qvr'f,:s ' ' . ' - "'ni-v-'45-'X n :HF fa '- ,!.21'V-.Q-J., fu .... , 'fs-. , a- V g ,, ,- ag , fl--Q ,a-Ji:--,gx,,4,., I x -1. , 4 LM. S ,s-.',,, . T f---T QW 'f,.14yQQ"'4'57fg, 41-,,ELz3j ,?i'2lg,,,v' -- e::?: . "" ' " ' 1 ' '25 'ia' 'N -'ffxls Jw. in ,. . , -f .wife fp- Qitatl 4 - f, ,L l. iws.i,,, , V-. 58,999.- -, a-. :.. -,f--f -- .L , 1., -. ',M.:.5:i4Qg,kqfQ-,y.-.1 1 --Quan, .fu if-,, I . ' "'f5'1"?aif9?fai5j-Q4:52 1. 0 "'4i in "i.?f.'i- .4111 .ff-if.f'd1 ' .. .A rats in due respect to exalted sophomores or "project supervisorsfj Buttoning gradually became a thing of the past, and dinks only made their appearance "en massei' in the frosh football cheering section. Cables residents knew a game was in the air when frosh cheerleaders Eddie Richardson, Cwen, Cooper, Winnie Burton, and Mary Ann Robertson led the pre-game snakelines into the middle of town. "Strikes" were not in order when frosh were called on to build bonfires before the games. Actives knew they could usually put their fingers on "inactive', frosh pledges dealing another hand at "Barracks N o. 411, or CYe Ole, Slop Shopl. These same draftees were largely responsible for pasting crepe paper on Homecoming floats. Freshmen Toni Lopez and Bill Bradford turned their profiles to win the f'Most Hand- some Couplev award at the Kappa Sig rush party. Later on in the semester newly chosen Pike pledges selected Betty Bowers as 'fSoror- ity Pledge Queeni' at a formal dance. Another feted freshman was Rita Wfeiss who walked off with the coveted title of "lVliss University of Miami" at the TEP dance. Concluding the year's festivities was the "King and Queen Ballf' an annual event held this year at the Coco Plum Womanis Club. The crowning of golden-haired Toni Lopez and Carol Johnson, who received loving cups, highlighted the evening. Leading the exploration party for the year was frosh President Mike 0'Brien who had left the same post in 541 to join the Navy. Keeping record of class findings was Secre- tary Toni Lopez while Treasurer Leonard Aronoff guarded the "gold". Senate spokes- men included lwilliam Kerdyke, Frank Guil- ford, Eddie Richardson, and Sam Rabin. Sam Alter, with the feminine aid of co-eds Wini- fred Burton, Jean l-layes, and Mary Ann Robertson, planned the social gatherings. And so, as the first year of Hpioneeringu ended and new Usettlersn replaced the old, frosh decided they would 'istrike their claimi' and see what gold lay in 'tthem pinesf, Q-,New Perfeeto L. Amansee Philippine 751:25 Arthur Courshon Wliami Beach, Tlorida Thomas Duff , illiami, Tlorida Quentin T. Eldred Miami, Florida Bernard Fuller Wliarni Beach, Florida Joe Wynne Gorman Tl. Lauderdale, Tlorida Frederick S. Grossberg Wliami, flglorida George Napoleon jahn jersey City, New jersey G. Kenneth Kemper Niami, fFlorida John Read Lake Qlfliami, Tlorida Martin Lemlich Wliami, flilorida Phillip lvledvin Coral Qables, Tlorida Santiago Paniello, Jr. Tampa, Tlorida August: Charles Paoli' Hollywood, Tloricla Forrest 0. Rogells Palmetto, U-'loricia Lucille Snowden Coral Qables, Tlorida Thomas L. Tatham Wliami, Tlorida Charles l-l. Wakeinaii, Ir Wliami, Tlorida William Leonard Wood jeanette, Pennsylvania ff! AG' UNDER Mervyn L. Abrams 'West Palm Beach, florida William P. Arnold Wlianii Beach, florida Jackson L. Bailey Wliami, florida Aaron Barken Ylrliami Beach. florida Manfred Berliner Wliami, florida Charlotte K. Black Wliami Beach, florida Irwin J. Block , Wliami, florida David M. Bloomberg 5'Vlia1ni, florida Richard Booth Coral gables, florida Albert M. Borkin Wliarni, florida Eli Breger 7l'lian1i Beach, florida Roy H. Brooks Wliami, florida Arthur Brugisser illiami, florida Eduard Butler Lllliarni. florida Arthur Carlson Wliarni, florida Jose Catarineau Miami, florida John V. Christie Coral Qables, florida Oakley B. Cline Coral Qalzles, florida Lester E. Clowar a Bradenton, florida Burton Cohen Wliarni Beach. florida jack Courshon Wliarni Beach, florida Sheldon Courshon Wliami, florida Thomas Davidson Scranton, Pennsylvania Delano Delaplaine Wliarni, florida GHAIJS joseph M. Detrio .Cong Ysland, New Diorle Susan Dillon illiaini, Florida james C. Dougherty Ylliami, Florida David Drucker Wliaini Beach, Florida' james S. Dunn Ylfliami, Florida Neil J. Dunn Steuhenuille, Ohio Paul G. Durkin Scranton, Pennsylvania Julius Erstling Ylfliaini, Florida William S. Ewing Lake 'Worth. Florida Gertrude E. Faillace Fort Lauderdale. Florida Charles Fernandez Tampa, Florida Marshal N. Feuer 7VZia1ni Beach, Florida Martin Finklestein Wliami, Florida John W. Fleming Fort Lauderdale, Florida Frank Freeman Wliaini Beach, Florida Morton Galowitz Coral -Gables, Florida Bruce Geisinger Froy, Ohio Saul Genet Wliaini Beach, Florida Irving Geringer Wliaini Beach, Florida Herman Goldberg, Wliaini Beach, Florida Herbert S. Goldfield Wliaini, Florida Willi am Goldstein Ellenville, New York Leo Greenfield Wliarni Beach, Florida Elmer NW. Gross Wliaini, Florida A Joseph Heard Miami, Tlorida' Edith M. Held Miami Beaclo, fliloricla Robert K. High Chattanooga, Terinessce William J. Huffman Coral -Gables, Florida E. Hunter Miami, florida Robert Jamison Miami, Tlorida Renee Katz Brooklyn, New Diorle Arthur R. Kent, lr. Miami, Tloricla Norman Kent Miami, Tlorida James I. Keough Coral Qables, Florida Seymour D. Ketive Miami Beaclo, fFlorida Seymour M. Kimmel Miami Beacla, Tlorida John E. Kirk Tort Lauderdale, Tlorida Harvey L. Klein Miami, Tlorida Irwin E. Kott Miami Beaclo, Tlorida Benjamin Kovensky Miami, Florida Rhoda P. Krupka Miami Beacla, Tlorida A Robert E. Kurtz Miaiiai, Florida Stewart F. LaMotte Tort Lauderdale, florida Frances Lasky Miami, Tlorida julian G. Latham Miami, Florida Bertan Loebel Miami, Tlorida Albert C. Lowery Miami, Florida Joseph W. Malek Miami Beach, Tlorida Georgette Mandis Coral Qables, Florida Morris Marlin Coral Qables, Florida Roberta A. McGahill Wliaini, Florida Donald G. McGlellancl Lafayette. flndiana Honore S. McKeown 'West Palrn Beach, Florida Gershon Miller Miami -Beaclo, Florida James J. Munley Qettysburg, Pennsylvania Freda Narkin Springfield, Wlassaclausetts Charles L. Nelson Wliami, Florida Edmund W. Newbold Wliami, Florida Manuel Qdze Wliami, Florida M. H. Offner Coral Qalales, Florida Thomas G.'0ldham Coral Qalvles, Florida A. Perry Ombres Wleaduille, Pennsylvania Saul Pascul , Wliarni Beaclo, Florida George Patterson A Wliami, Florida Albert Paull Wliarni Beach, Florida Ray l-I. Pearson Wliaini, Florida August J. Pereno 7Vlia1ni, Florida Leo Pollack Wliami Beacln, Florida Joseph E. Price Miami, Florida Beatrice M. Propp 'West Palm Beacla, Florida James S. Rainwater Wliami, Florida Jack Rapoport Wliarni Beacla, Florida WMV-20494, ily " wake, L L Peter T. Ribaudo Coral Qahles, Florida William L. Robinson Wliami, Florida Maurice Rosenbloom Coral Qalwles, Florida Seymour Rosenfield Chicago, illinois Bertley Sager Wliami Beach, Florida A. l. Seher Wliami, Florida Arnold Slome Wliami Beach, Florida Charles Snowden 7llia111i, Florida Francis D. Soheck Coral Qahles, Florida Thomas Spraggins Ylfliami, Florida l-l. D. Staiman Miami, Florida B. Bradley P. Steinback Vlfliami, Florida Harlan Street 7lflia111i Beach, Florida Kirk Sullivan Coral Qahles, Florida I-l. S. Tanger Flfliami, Florida Helen C. Tanos Wliami, Florida Richard G. Taylor Ylliarrii, Florida Will S. Temple flirioxaille, Ferinessee Moie J. L. Tendrick Wliami Beach, Florida Monrad R. Thul, Ir. Coral Qahles, Florida Richard Touhy Ylliami, Florida William W. Trick Ylfliami, Florida Morton B. Ulman Kew Qarderis, New york Edwin I-l. Underwood Ylfliami, Florida Lowell N. Veach Fl-liairii, Florida Joseph A. Von Arx Coral Qalnles, Florida Lucille M. Von Arx Coral Qahles, Florida jake l. Watson Flollyivood, Florida Doris E. Wfeinstein St. Jlugastiiie, Florida Leonard O. Weinstein Fifliarai Beach, Florida Peter E. Xllfinegar Coral Qahles, Florida I. Edward Worton iiflelrose, ilrlassiiclausetis LA 1 f is f .A ,.,., - I I r s ' 1 , if ff LR f Yi x X' is N ff s . ,I . .i if ,M .. A .aa , WW, f ax- ,. -. . ww diafffiz . F X .ff .. .,v. z . .raid i., V ii . if ' F .. . ,,.i,,ff1 . 4. .. .- .WVWWW M X ww , . .. ,, i. . Q s . he Ffa , .sts X ' ef, - ai X Sf rx Wifi' cgi'- A , . ff Zi " Q.. RWE" -.fisf ,. 5- 3-. . 5 ,.,,..., i ,V sv --Vf R : . s - - -:if ii-"li tif?-f 'f i. V Q i ' W' ,.... i -. I ' f, 21 . . f aks: ie: ' 'wr Z,6,,,.,, - r F . A. F Af' ff'tfZ'.f--if ' '3'1.4 3 't , . 1 XNMW .Mikie Aww " lfffa ,afariracfaaf . Q . fad, x V, ,A .1 'Hb 1 . Frank S. Cannova' Flollyiuood, Florida John C. Dauber A Wliami, Florida Ann Rose Denio 7i1iaini, Florida Robert M. Haverfield Bonita Springs, Florida Wfyatt H. Johnson Coral Qahles, Florida Otto B. Kiehl, Ir. Coral Qahles, Florida Prank M. Kosek Coral Qahles, Florida Donald C. McClelland Lafayette, fladiaiia John C. McGrath Coral Qahles, Florida Emerico Nemes Filiami, Florida Joseph A. Perkins F Wliaiiii, Florida Harry W. Prebish South Bead, Fndiaiia ,lohn I. Ruff Ylliami, Florida Robert E. Smith Wliaiiii, Florida Bill Stephens Coral Qahles, Florida TUBE T -- UT PICTURED Arthur Sweet illiami Beach, Florida Prank A. Taylor Coral Qahles, Florida Alec Wallace illiairii, Florida Richard B. Adams Flliami, Florida Alfred K. Adler Red Barile, Nero jersey Paul L. Andre Miami, Florida lack Ankus illiaiiii Beach, Florida Edward J. Arden Ylfliami Beach, Florida John C. Attwood Wliami, Florida Phillip C. Barnhill Slliaini, Florida William C. Bates Lincoln, Flliriois Victor D. Baughman Ylfliami, Florida Prank L. Belsante Neiuarle, New jersey Rynn Berry South ilfliami, Florida lack S. Block illiami Beach, Florida Robert L. Bloomberg Ylfliami, Florida William I. Booher Coral Qahles, Florida William C. Boone Miami, Florida John P. Booth, Jr. Coral Qahles, Florida Julis Bottleson Fliami, Florida Joseph A. Boyd Flialeah, Florida Prank T. Brockett Fitasoille, Florida James A. Buchanan Flfliami, Florida jack Buchsbaum Flliami Beach, Florida Park H. Campbell Wliaii-ii, Florida Hugh M. Carrier Ylfliami, Florida Stanley M. Chase Zliami, Florida james S. Chaves Santa Fe, New Flflexico Francis J. Christie Coral Qahles, Florida Raymond A. Coleman Ylliami Beach, Florida fx Xu LC?-M Sfmzzi H1211 7-lead Coach jack il-lardiwg THE 1946 season marked the tenth suc- cessful year for jack Harding, head football coach and athletic director at the University. ln that decade his Hurricanes have made the imposing record of 52 wins, 25 losses, and 2 ties. His coaching staff had grown from one assistant, present Line Coach Hart Morris, to seven-his team manpower from 30 to llO. ' Spike" Harding The past season also saw his team 'come through a difficult schedule with the impres- sive record of eight wins and two losses, these defeats being to the powerful LSU and North Carolina teams. Coach Harding played college football at the University of Pittsburgh under two of the most noted men in the profession. Coached by "Pop" Warner in ,23, he spent the ,24 and 125 seasons under the direction of Jock Sutherland who once called Hard- ing "the smartest quarterback ever to play for me." He emerged from this training with a sound knowledge of the game and a firm belief in the single wing formation. "jock,'J as many of his close friends call "Spike', Harding, spent his first professional season with the International Baseball League as a shortstop. Returning to football the next year, he became head coach at St. Thomas College, now the University of Scranton. He remained there until the fall of ,37, the year he accepted the Hurricanes' invitation. Coach Hardingjs career was interrupted after the '42 season when he was commis- sioned in the Navy. Returning to the Uni- versity in the fall of J45, he coached the Hurricanes to their great season of eight wins, one loss, one tie, and on to their famous 13-6 victory in the Orange Bowl. Coach Harding has built his team from an Kunknownn to one of high national rating. He has put the University of Miami on the football map. u - , MW ,I 15,49 2 " ffl " ' J fe w t .-'s ' 13ff Q 1 4 5 'D ax i ic ,Q ,,, 4 4 K 5 G a x if X lx has , its ff 'X W t 39 j f Inf X 20: IM ge, 4 33' Xie? 4 fs 2 4 Q 4 X. .Wi . fg wig? 2 we ef 53 bum X M . N s 2 r y at 1 fm at ,CU X1 f S 31,3 4' f W I 4 it ,i r x P af 20 9 2 41? U lx ' , Q , f, ,ff ax x 2 3 :fl Q 4 rg aes X 54 X 'll 5 3 3 M4 if W 1 ' Z H jp 4 ' x if N JO " 4 , x ,t t M Y X 234: Q "X 1 Q ff: ' A 0 - if Q I Qw f t ..- 'V -.W-. ll h' t If HART Nl0llIlIS-Line Couch . . . Originally from Bellaire, Ohio . . . Woli an all- American position as guard while at Pitt . . . Entered the Navy after the '42 season as a lieutenant . . . His '4l line earned distinction of being best in nation on defense. EDDIE DUNN-llaclificld Couch . . . Came to us from Port Jervis, N. Y .... Acted as head coach during '43 and '44 seasons while Harding and Morris were in the Service . . . Rated high as a football scout . . . Still holds record in ground gaining at the University. VVALTEIR KICIIEFSKI-End Couch. . . . Played high school ball in Rhinelander, Wis .... Re- membered as outstanding end for the University in '37, '38, and '39 . . . Member of Iron Arrow and Wl1o's Wlio . . . Bursts with pride over his South Campus athletes. "INEC" DAYTGN - Trainer . . . New Yorker dubbed as a "city slicker" . . . Checks all aches and pains of University athletes . . . Received instruction at the Swedish Institute of Physiotherapy , . . Served in the Navy as athletic trainer . . . Returned to the University in '45 in time for the Orange Bowl victory. TQDNY CIANCI-Tackle Coach and Assistant Line Couch . . . Hails from Conshohocken, Pa .... Graduated from University of Florida in '42 . . . Was a member of the only Florida squad to beat Miami three years in a row . . . Led Gesu High School to Catholic State Championship in '43 . . . Joined the staff of his former rivals in the fall of '44, ,V W W - ,N , Wi, ,. .QV 41:0 iff ' ' 3, ,. QQWYQ 2,333 fiat 3 5 424 6 Z 4 2 9 3 Aix 2 giimg if X 6454239 ag f 0 Q wwe It -1 ' U Q,-M 'Q '- 22 has 1..f-We-1, , me 3 f ' f are 29 trzagesawe 0 332 " 'V 4. sit? Q eb gnw f Z: 0 ,Q 4 Wx 1 , a 4 dmv f , 4 Q x 4 4 4 f ', 'iw a J! 9 1 Mfg ef QV f ia. ,Q 6 H tp V 4 Q ff a ' rim ,, , 410' M, Q -4, A ,gy ' - f f Yagi? , . Q i , V239 ,,a.,5? 3,5 , M ,fp , 4 9 4 1 ,MZM QS ,V V, Q pf? Aff' if Q' W egg M 0? ,Z 0 0 A w ,Mm 6 is a-4,?', 2 1 '25 X gr 'YA 3' ff if 5 Xi, ,y y O we 2 Maefyii I f f 4- . 1 . , ' ' are - ' - f" .. , .' N 1 .Q-?. 'Q' Top left and Wlorris, Eddie Kicbefski-, Bill Cizmci. down: 7-tart Dunn, 'Walter Dayton, Tony Ill9fl '46 Grid easnn Co-Captains fliarry Qbaul and "Bulldog" Frantz. THE 1946 EDITION of Hurricane gridmen came through the most grueling schedule in the history of the University of Miami with flying colors. Last yearis Orange Bowl champions, together with several pre-war gridsters, plus outstanding material from various service teams combined to garner eight wins out of a ten-game schedule. The season's finale found the Hurricanes rated among the nationis top 25 teams by many of the syndicated football analysts. For the second year in a row victory over the Gators netted the state championship. The two losses suffered by this yearls gridmen came at the hands of North Car- olina and LSU, both of which played in bowl games on New Yearjs Day. Victories were chalked up over William and Mary, TCU, Florida, Chattanooga, Miami of Ohio, Villanova, Washington and Lee, and Detroit. Five players who concluded their college careers in the last game of the season against Detroit were Dave El- dredge, Phil Kaplan, Ray Dunn, Gene Hancock, and Vic Mell. At the conclusion of the season the distinction of win- H201 ning the Phi Epsilon Pi fraternity trophy, annually awarded to the all-opponents choice of the outstanding lineman and back, went to Harvey James and Bob McDougal, respectively. Harry Ghaul and David Eldredge traveled to Montgomery, Alabama, to participate in the annual Blue-Grey game between the North and South. . 'Qi W V M, 946 HURRICANE SQUAD 0 First row: Ed Sherman, Eddie Ruzomberka, Charles Skalaski, Ray Dunn, Joe Blair, Morris Klein, Al Adler, Mario Delvlarco, Luigi Eerrante, Sam Marzella, George Carifio, Ken Hawkins. Second row: Inky Mazejka, John Mell, Jay Kendrick, Steve Makuka, Gene jupin, Ernest Settembre, Bill Frantz, joe Tatol, Bob Mc- Dougal, Harvey james, Eddie Maloof, Dick Gerrity, Andy Musante, Harry Ghaul. Third row: Bill Krasnai, Hal Johnston, Dick Pollock, Frank Lehn, Ed Moyer, 'Arthur Saey, Charles Snowden, Hal Schuler, Tony Yovicsin, -loe McNulty, Robert Sutter, Don Kennedy, Ed Hauck. ffourtla row: Carl Mosso, Pete Lipchik, Keith Doyle, joe Krull, John Derrnigny, Don Jones, Gene Hancock, Bill Eisnor, Ed lnjaychock, Bob Bowman. gi 1 .IJMWWM i:i' :giM .. ,,,,,, H M .W 214. DIIADII, 33 - ClIATTANO0GA, 13 The I-lurricanes pounded xtheir way to a 33-13 victory over a game Chattanooga squad with Ed lnjaychock con- tributing a 98-yard run after he intercepted a Moccasin aerial. A few minutes later a blocked punt enabled l-larry C-haul to plunge from the 3, and the count was 14-O. Late in the second quarter Roberts broke through for a Chattanooga tally. Chattanooga scored again in the third period, but the conversion was wide, giving Miami a '1 -point lead. The H'canes bounced hack, and an aerial from ,Johnston to Novak was good for a tally. Late in the game Johnston scored again through the line, and Mosso went 39 yards off tackle for the final six-pointer. NIIABHI, 261 -- TCU, H2 ' The Hurricanes bounced back from their North Caro- lina defeat to down the Horned Frogs from TCU by a score of 20-12. Davey Eldredge contributed runs of 50 and 63 yards as he sparked the local victory. Midway through the first period Davey went 50 yards on a double reverse to put the l-l'canes out in front, 6-0. just after the second quarter got under way, Eldredge went 63 yards again but a penalty nullified the score. Rl 1 1 l T -F A few minutes later, interference on a forward pass gave Miami the ball on the visitor's 17. A lateral from Ghaul to Johnston and a forward pass to Hauck account- ed for the second touchdown. Ed lnjaychoclc broke loose in the third period and sprinted 62 yards before being hauled down on the TCU 3. Later Bob McDougal plowed over the tally. The I-lorned frogs scored once in the second period and once in the final stanza. NIIADHH, A345 1 WV. EIIHG! L., 26.9 Witlm virtually every able-bodied player on the squad seeing action, the H'canes trampled Xiffashington and Lee by a 40-20 count. Miami moved 74 yards to score early in the first period. Hal Johnstonis aerials led the way to the IO from which point Bob McDougal banged over in two tries. The visi- tors came back to score, but their conversion was bad. The H'canes retaliated and led by McDougal and Eldredge they marched some 57 yards to the 1 from which point Johnston scored the TD. Early in the third stanza Miami scored on an aerial from Johnston to Novak, the play covering 45 yards. The fourth local marker came as the result of a 53-yard power drive with Bowman hitting pay dirt from the 3. But the I-I'canes weren't through yet. Johnston threw U-lurliug fl-Tal romps against 74faslJirzgto1f1 and Zee Top: 'William and Wlary stranglehold subdues 7-lurricrme. Bottom: 7VlcDougal gives Britt of N. C. a "nickle ride." ga 38-yard pass to Eldredge who made a fine catch on the dead run and eluded the only General in sight. The Final Miami touchdown was the result of a blocked kick by Mazejka. Bill Krasnai smashed over from the 5. DIIABII, 13 - YV. and DI., 3 The seasonls opener saw a record-breaking throng of 31,000 jam the Orange Bowl as the lrlicanes came roaring back to a second-half win over a potent squad of lndians, The Hurricanes looked somewhat sluggish throughout the first half, being on the short end of 3-0 count early in the third period. The three points were the result of a field goal from the 13-yard line after three line bucks by, the Indian backs had failed to gain any yardage. Aroused by the opponentls lead, the l'l'canes struck back with Bob McDougalJs line smashing and I-lal John- ston's passing. The first touchdown was the result of a 23-yard aerial from Johnston to Vic Mell. McDougal was responsible for the second tally bucking over from the 12. NOR'l'II CAIHJLINA, 21 - MIAMI, 0 A little too much Wlusticej' led the Tarheels from North Carolina to a 21-0 victory over the l-ljcanes. "Choo-Chooj' scored one touchdown on a 65-yard gallop and contributed mightily to his team. The fourth play of the game saw justice go around his right end on a scoring jaunt, aided by some outstanding down-field blocking. The conversion was good and the I-llcanes trailed, 7-0. Carolina scored once more in the first quarter with Justice accounting for 32 yards on two tries. The final IM Tarheel tally came in the third period with Cox scoring after a drive that featured you-know-who-justicelfo The Hurricanes sole scoring threat came in the final period when Hal Johnston passed and ran some 75 yards only to have the drive stalled on the North Carolina 13. U. 0F MIAMI, 20 - MIAMI U., 17 The "battle of confusionv found the Hurricanes notch- ing their sixth win in seven games as they defeated a well- coached eleven from Oxford, Ohio, by a score of 20-17. The Hurricanes marched 87 yards to gain their iirst score. The drive was featured by a 29-yard aerial from Johnston to Yovicsin. Harry Chaul smashed over from the 1 and added the extra point to put Miami in front, 7-0. ,The visiting Miami came right back to score and convert, tying the ball game. A field goal for the visitors put them ahead, 10-7, early in the second period. Following the kickoff, Krull and McDougal sparked a H'cane drive that ended with Ed Injaychock going over from the 9-yard line for the second local touchdown. Chaul made it 14-10 as he split the uprights. McDougal went eight yards for the final H'cane tally after our Miami had driven 38 yards. The Redskins managed to score once again before the final gun. MIADII, 20 - FLORIDA, I3 With some 2,000 H'cane students in the stands, the local eleven staged a second-half comeback at Gainesville to retain its state championship. With the Gators putting up a valiant struggle, it took some top-notch power foot- ball to defeat them, 20-13. Top: Krall loalted after a substantial gain against Miami U. Bottom: fHarricanes retain state claampionslaip at 'University of florida. RIIAIII, 26 - YILLANUVA, 21 5 An underdog Miami eleven journeyed to Philadelphia to upset a favored Villanova team, 26-21. The game was a real thriller featuring a 109-yard runback by a Miami kickoff and a 13-yard touchdown jaunt by Ernie Settembre, 273-pound H'cane tackle. Harry Chaul was responsible for the first H'cane score as he battered over from the 3 following his 46-yard jaunt through left tackle. Villanova came back to score, making the count 7-6 with Miami on the short end. There were three touchdowns in the last three minutes of the first half. Hal johnston's pass to Andy Novak carried some 30 yards and then McDougal went over standing up for the tally. De Marco broke through and chased Wolff of Villanova back to his 5. 4 On the way down Xllfolff tossed blindly into the air-Settembre snatched the ball on the 13 and carried it into pay dirt. Then came the 109-yard return by Polidor for the Wildcats. Miamiis final tally was the result of a recovered fumble on the 26 when Krull and Chaul teamed to pick up the yardage and scored from the 2. The Wildcats scored once more and threatened throughout the final quarter. Led by Center Harvey James, the local forward wall refused to be out- charged, and their superlative play yielded victory. IWIANII, 21 - Detroit, 7 The seasonis finale found the H'canes rallying to gain a 21-7 decision over Detroit University in a rough and tumble fracas. On the second play of the game a Titan halfback namgfl Haley slipped through right guard and went 41 yards for a touchdown. Midway in the second period the locals marched 43 yards for a scoring mark with Mosso plunging over from the 1 for the tally. The try for the extra point was good and the half ended with the score tied, 7-7. just after the second half began, a bad pass from center by Detroit was recovered for Miami on the visitor's 10. Krasnai bucked over for the score. The final tally of the season went to Joe Krull on a line buck from the 1. Top: Qloaul smasloes for first down against Villanova. Bottom: Camp- bell breaks up Detroit pass. ESU Tiger famed by Krull. Miami's first score was the result of a pass from John- ston to Novak, the play covering 56 yards and a TD. A 27-yard punt return set up the first Florida score. The try for conversion was bad, and Miami led, 7-6. However, Griffin returned a Miami punt 97 yards be- hind some great blocking to score again for the Gators and give them the half-time lead of 13-7. The Hurricanes drove 78 yards to a touchdown soon after the second half opened. Krull and Krasnai carried the brunt of the drive, aided by a 20-yard sprint by Gene Hancock. Krasnai went over for the score. Ghaul added the conversion and Miami led, 14-13. Hancock and Krasnai alternated on a touchdown drive that found the latter going over from the il as time ran out. LSU, 249 -- MIIAEII, 7 A fighting Miami eleven dropped a heart-breaker to a powerful band of LSU Tigers by a score of 20-7. A capacity crowd of some 33,000 saw the Hurricanes dis- play their best football of the season. The first score was by LSU following a 64-yard drive in which the Tigers demonstrated that they were masters of the "TW The Hurricanes came back in the second quarter to provide the game's greatest thrill when Hal Johnston took a quick kick on his own 25. He raced 70 yards and then lateralled to Vic Mel for the tally. A great catch of a forward pass set up LSUis second touchdown. The Hurricanes spent the last period vainly attempting long passes that failed to click. Finally one of Johnstorfs heaves was intercepted and returned to Miami's 4 from which point the Tigers pushed over their final score as the game ended. S is "B" squad runs play against varsity. D Hurricane "B" quad RANKING TWELFTH in the nation on "B" squad listings, the first University of Miami 'tBaby Canesw finished its season undefeated. The team, consisting of more than a score of freshmen with a sprinkling of sophomores and juniors, was handled by three men exper- iencing their first coaching jobs: Ed CRedD Cameron, star of the 1945 Grange Bowl champions , Joe Krutulis, end of Little All- American fame in 1941, and John CRedD Tobin, scat-back of the 1940-1941 seasons. The opening contest against MacDill Eield was won by the one-sided score of 40-0. With the score 33-O at half time, the remainder of the game saw all substitutes in action. Stand- outs of the game were Pete Kouchalakos, triple-threat halfback, and Don Cobb, power- ful running wingback. Qthers who excelled were Ken Hawkins, Art Dunlop, and Ed Sullivan. For their second game the 'tB,' squad ven- tured to Valdosta, Ceorgia, where they met ll28j the powerful Georgia Tech "B" squad in a charity game. The contest ended in a 14-14 deadlock. Each time, the baby Hurricanes had to come from behind to tie the count. The educated toe of Ken Hawkins split the up- rights for extra points. The mighty kicking of Leo Hauck was a great factor in keeping the Hurricanes out of serious trouble. ln the final game of the season, the "BU squad travelled to Tampa where they defeated the University of Tampa by the score of 20-6. The highlight of the game was the opening play, a pass from Kouchalakos to Cobb cov- ering 52 yards for the first score. The re- mainder of the evening saw the hard running of Arthur Davies keep the Hurricanes on the offensive. f The Hurricane "B" squad, ending the season with two wins and a tie, was given much credit by Coach Jack Harding for keeping the varsity in good form for the powerful foes they encountered. Top: University band members show off bright new uniforms and talented Nann Wick- wire to onlooking crowds. Bottom: "Touchdown Tommy" is guarded by energetic cheer- leaders, Winnie Burton, Nancy Cramley, C-wen Cooper, Idelle Babcock, Hope Tanen- baum, Mary Ann Robertson, Chuck Behrens, Paul Collins, Eddie Richardson, Paul Silverman. Cheer eaders BONFIRE CROXVDS and spirited co-eds that ral- lied to UM cheers . . . The mystery of the bonfire burned too soon . . . Snake lines and street dances . . . Homecoming and the floats that fell apart on Flagler St .... The time when cheers hit a high and the stage broke through . . . Nancy, Paul, and Chuck return- ing from Villanova still bursting with energy to find sweaters awaited all squad members. . . . Times all of UM spirit could not persuade "Touchdown Tommy" to go off at the right time . . . Thanks to the University for the PA system . . . Kitty Bobjs drilling . . . ll M Band VKHEP, Two, THREE, EouR,', heard on the Quarterback Field for the first time since '41 . . . Thrilled Orange Bowl crowds with the rhythm of drums and the strains of old football tunes . . . White "good humor suits" made way for orange and green uniforms . . . Kept time for acrobat-majorettes, Nann Wickwire, Colleen Delaney, Virginia Allsworth, and Mikie Gerhart . . . Gave out with "CH We Co Into The Wild Blue Yonderi' at All-Ameri- can Air Maneuvers . . . Played untiringly on Army Day . . . Bandmaster Schrodt and Clark quoted: "Wherever there's music, we'll be." 11291 ' A ixtexa, Aie 1 - . N,- If M- Q at 'A A2 . A , X .gs ,jp g f X, Epi, 5 ,V 'M' un fglaovf-5 PICTURE A JANUARY AFTERNOON spent by a University of Miami student sailing on Bis- cayne Bay-soaking up the sunshine on the golf links-shooting baskets on an out-door court-returning a Nsmashn across the net- or even taking an invigorating dip in the warm currents of the Gulf Stream. Hurricane boxers donned their gloves to spar with the "sun- beamsi' while gridmen exercised on beaches. Basketball and football intramurals made for frat competition as students wearing sun- glasses and Hcottonsn cheered from the side- lines. 11301 Sorority girls clashed in volleyball and basketball, at the same time acquiring en- viable tanned complexions. Racquet-wielders were well equipped with sun Visors, while golf enthusiasts trod the heavy winter grass. The University of Miami can proudly boast one of the few college sports programs of its kind in the country. Here sports-minded students can become "sun-kissedi' all year round. Never could it be said that students suffer from a vitamin "DD shortage while taking part in the "sun sports." 0men's Intramurals AMID LONG RANGE recoveries, accurate place- ment serves, and diagonal passes, Chi Dmegas racked up a 15-7, 15-8 victory over the Ham- iltonian Independent team. Led by Ann Childress, Betty Ruth Hul- bert and Caroline Hunter, Chi O's ranked top position in their league. Claiming honors for the second league were the Hamiltonians paced by Mary Vance, Gloria Erlich, and Mickie Einhorn. Zeta Tau Alpha and Alpha Epsilon Phi tied for third place. Basketball Competition was keen -on the basketball courts this year as teams fought long and hard before yielding to the power of the Hamiltonian Independents. Cheered on by large crowds the teams battled spiritedly. A two-division tournament brought the winners and runner-ups in each division to a round robin play-off. Closely matched, the Hamiltonians and Delta Zetas took point for point, the former winning by a slim margin of 10-9. Third and fourth positions went to Sigma Kappa and Chi Omega, respectively. Medals were presented to the first and second place winners. Delta Zeta, top scoring sorority, is the year's guardian of the cup which must be won for three consecutive years before there is permanent possession. Pacemakers for the Hamiltonians were: Gloria Hamilton, captain, Bunny Selden, Mary Vance, Gloria Erlich, Vivian Lock- hart, Esther Sym, and Mickie Einhorn. Baseball "Spring practice" meant saddles, blue ijeans, and the cracking of bats for sorority Top to bottom: Hamiltonian basketball champs dis- play winning smiles . . . A D Pi's go to bat in softball practice . . . Chi Ois win top laurels in volleyball in- tramurals. and independent teams. Every available inch of ground on the North Campus was trans- formed into a "diamond" over night. Ably coached by male stars, teams pro- vided a series of closely fought round robin games for the spectators. Top to bottom: Fraternities warm up for gridiron com- bats . . . Pi Lambs starred in football intramurals . . . Looks like a "homer." 11321 en' Intramurals TEN FRATERNITY TEAMS divided into two leagues with the playoff going to Pi Lambda Phi claiming a seasonal record of five wins with no setbacks. The Pi Lamb's came up against the winner of the "AU league, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and took them into camp handily, 30-6. The SAE,S had encountered close opposition in a post-season playoff with Kappa Sigma and Lambda Chi Alpha to determine the winner of the "AU league. "A" LEAGUE Worx Lost Sigma Alpha Epsilon 5 2 Kappa Sigma 3 2 Lambda Chi Alpha 3 2 Tau Epsilon Phi 2 3 Zeta Beta Tau 0 4 "B" LEAGUE Pi Lambda Phi 5 0 Sigma Chi 4 2 Pi Kappa Alpha 2 2 Sigma Alpha Mu 1 3 Phi Epsilon Pi 0 5 WITH TALENT GALORE on all fraternity teams, basketball intramurals provided the keenest competition on the outdoor courts in many a season. Teams were grouped into "A" and "B" leagues, the final play-off consisting of a three-game series between winners of both leagues. Pi Lambda Phi captured the HA" division laurels while Pi Kappa Alpha demonstrated its ability in annexing the "B" division crown. It was a nip and tuck battle in the finals as the Pi Lambs edged out the Pikes, 25-24, in the first game. The Pi K Ass retaliated to win the next two games, 37-31 and 30-27, cop- ping the basketball intramural trophy for the fourth straight year. Twentieth Street Vet Housing team defeated the Main Campus champs by a close margin of 35-34 in a post- season game. n Outstanding among players for Pi K A were Don Pink and Durand Holladay, while Allan Nlarcus starred for the Pi Lambda Phi's. Other fraternity stand-outs were Ereeman Jackson, Sigma Alpha Epsilon , lim Bennett, Sigma Chi, Jack Kill, Kappa Sigma, and Kenny Rosenfield of Tau Epsilon Phi. Won Lost Pi Kappa Alpha 10 fl Sigma Alpha Epsilon 8 3 Sigma Chi 8 3 Sigma Alpha Mu 7 4 Lamba Chi Alpha 6 5 Phi Epsilon Pi 6 5 Alpha Epsilon Pi 6 5 ' Tau Epsilon Phi 6 5 Kappa Sigma 5 6 Nu Sigma 4 7 Zeta Beta Tau 0 11 WITH THE APPEARANCE .of new fraternity representatives on campus, competition in the inter-fraternity softball league proved to be close and hard fought. ln addition to the inter-fraternity competi- tion, a series of games was played representing teams from Twentieth Street Vet Housing, the North Campus dormitories, and the South Campus when candidates for all teams had turned out "en massefi Competition was keen on the outdoor basketball courts . . . Top scoring Pike hoopsters have a victorious season. Kneeling: Betty Ruth Hulbert, june Kirchman, Barbara Scofield, Doris Hart. Standing: Coach Mercer Beasley, Tony Vincent, Alan Richardson, Bill Turner, Charley Lundgren, Bud I-Iart, Bruce Johnson. D WITH A NUMBER of shutout wins to their favor, Hurri- cane netmen tallied a notable series of victories in col- legiate competition. Twice the University of Florida bowed to the I-Iurricanes, 9-0. Playing in Baton Rouge, the U of M varsity players scored a 6-0 win over LSU, three of the matches being rained out. Georgia Tech lost in the match at New Orleans, 7-2. The Hurricanes were defeated, 3-6, by the stroke of Tulane. The first half of the homeeand- home matches gave the University of Miami two more wins-Rollins at Winter Park, 6-3, and Florida Southern at Lakeland, 9-0. Three members of the United States Davis Cup squad made the fourth annual University of Miami Invitational Tennis Tournament an outstanding net event of the 346-147 season. Over 1,000 spectators watched .lack Kramer defeat William Talbert, a fellow "Davis Cupperf' Kramer had previously downed Fran- cisco Segura in the semi-final round, while Talbert swept past Gardner Mulloy, University tennis Tenni coach, in three hard-fought and thrill-packed sets. Doris Hart, member of the Hurricane women's varsity team and Forest Hills runner-up of last year, captured the women's title by winning over Shirley Fry, ranked seventh in the country. Led by Captain Bud Hart, the University of Miami Tennis Club entry in the newly-formed South Florida Tennis League went through the winter season to gain top honors. Other members of the varsity included Charlie Lundgren, Eastern Intercollegiate Doubles champ, Bruce johnson, Bill Turner, Tony Vincent, and Alan Richardson. Another "first" this season was the formation of a women's varsity net team headed by Doris Hart, Barbara Scofield, ranked sixteenth in the country, and Betty Ruth Hulbert, rated seventeenth. The trio downed the Rollins College team in two exhibition matches and participated in major net events in the country. Hart and Scofield are the present National Indoor Doubles champions. g:i1'5f row: Mike Silver, Wlanager, Norvin Van Nostrand, Red Burrell, Al Day, Bill Kelsey, Tom lwen, Tom Mumford, George Valentine, Ralph Finello, Coach Tom Lamar. Second row: Larry Cohen, Bob Caffray, Don Brooks, Charlie Small, Capt. john jorgenson, john Booth, Bill Evans, Norman Ratiner. imming THE LIN1vERs1Tv SWIMMING TEAM, temporary victim of the war, splashed down the lanes this vear to again regain its stride. Com- petitive swimming had been in a state of inertia for the past ten years. Coached by Tom Lamar, University student and active swimming enthusiast, the tankmen organized into a small but' powerful aggregation. Lamar made the Universitv's first invasion into a stronghold of the Southis swimming world, downing the University of Georgia, 43-30. Victories followed over Auburn, 43-22, jack- sonville Naval Air Station, 55-20, Miami Naval Air Station, 582- ISM, and the Tally Gators, 592 - HM. The nucleus of the team was composed of Captain johnny Jorgensen, Bill Burrell, johnny Booth, and Andy Antonellis. Jorgen- son, former Dartmouth swimmer, held New York AA U titles and Denmark Swimming Association championships. Burrell, holder of Midwestern and New England titles, is a member of the "All Service, All American" squad as a middle distance swimmer. Reigning over the sprint events was former Yale swimmer, Johnny Booth, Antonellis was New England champion and elected in '42 to all-American fame as a long distance swimmer. Completing the line-up were Larry Cohen, developed as the team's breast stroker, Jack Brown, governing the back stroke events, and Bob Caffray, reining up the slack for both the medley relay and the free style relay. Bill Kelsey and Jack I-larris filled the gap created by the diving events. University aqua beauties Out-Swam all other Southern collegiate teams in the National Telegraphic Meet. Cynthia Pogle and joy Fitzsimmons, owners of many national blue-ribbons, swam away with several more when they broke four Southern regional records. Swan glides and butterfly breast-strokes of the UM mermaids boosted the moral of GI spectators in exhibitions given at the Pratt General hospital. 11351 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE CANES OPPONENTS 38 Fla. Southern 37 Fla. Southern 36 Florida 39 Florida 28 Florida 28 Florida 5 3 Tampa 52 Tampa 44 Miami U. ,CANES OPPONENTS 61 Boca Raton 43 53 Tampa 25 82 Tampa 36 57 Cincinnati 54 55 Fla. Southern 43 61 Fla. Southern 43 69 Pensacola NAS 50 64 Pensacola NAS 36 61 Morehea 39 Tulane 46 Stetson 74 Stetson 11361 dT. 54 Stetson 41 44 Stetson 3 8 68 Banana River 48 1 ,243 1 ,034 .. Basketball THE YEAR '46-'47 marked the return of full-scale var- sity basketball to the University of Miami with the team amassing a total of 1,243 points to the oppon- ents, 1,034. A schedule consisting of top-flight Florida college and service teams, in addition to three out-of-state col- lege squads, was arranged for the Hurricane hoopsters. Using a fast-breaking offense with a man-to-man de- fense, the dribblers compiled a record of '18 wins and 6 defeats. The team started splitting a series with Florida South- ern College but retaliated with a two-game win from the University of Florida. Following the home series with Florida, the cagers traveled to Gainesville for a return engagement with the Universityjs arch rival. Playing away from home and missing several key men, the Hurricanes twice fell victims to the Gators. In the following series, a team that had not scored over 40 points in any one game came to life and took the University of Tampa Spartans into camp, 53-27 and 52-34. A road trip for the U-M cagers resulted in splitting two games, bowing to Miami University of Oxford, Ohio, and upsetting the highly favored Morehead State Teachers College. The Orange Bowl, scene of many Hurricane grid- iron victories, was transformed into a basketball arena. A portable court was erected in front of the south stands, and "basketball under the stars" became a reality. Sclmler tosses ra loigb pass over Tulanes bead e trounced the varsity, 60-39, in the first part double-header that saw West Texas State edge irman in the second contest. second double-header was postponed because of tent weather, and the game was transferred in- to a local high school gymnasium. Here the 'is-men" took Cincinnati in a close CO11teSt, 57-54. other double-headers were cancelled because of er uncertainties. : Hurricanes met with their last reversal of the r season in the next game, losing to the Stetson 's, 53-46. The following night saw the start of i's 12-game winning streak. Undaunted by the us night's loss, the Hurricanes bounced back to L 74-50 decision from the same aggregation. ee road games followed, one at Boca Raton Army ase and two at Tampa. In the second tussle at 1 the season's high in scoring was reached when am amassed 82 points. Hurricanes then downed Cincinnati in the game ally scheduled for the Orange Bowl. vther road jaunt was made to return Florida South- trip here, and the squad came back with two victories added to their growing string. Miami d Florida Southern, 55-43 and 61-43, at Lakeland. eries at home preceded the last road tour of the with 69-50 and 64-36 victories being chalked up t Pensacola Naval Air Station. ing to the road for the last time, victories were over Stetson at Deland and Daytona Beach. fason was concluded with a win over Banana River Station, 68-48. ow: Wlaitey Campbell, Larry Quillan, Kal Lulsky, Siman, Qerry Winestein, Ylfiilee Tislner, Abe Tried- Second row: Larry Bouglcvner, Manager, Faul .d, Bill Jacobs, joe 7l'lci7Nlulty, Lou Edwards, 1 Schuler, Ervin 7lJaclJ, jerry Keougb, jolm "Red" Asst. Coach. Bob "WhiteyJ' Campbell sparked the team throughout the year with a total of 266 points, averaging 12 per game. Against Cincinnati "Whitey'J compiled 28 points, a school record. High scorers along with "Whiteyl' Campbell were: Abe Friedman, 192, Gerald Weinstein, 168, Tony Yovicsin, 115, Lou Edwards, 106, and Hal Schuler, 101. Edwards, returning at the start of the second semester, played only in the final eight games, averaging 13 points per contest. Following the season, the squad, accompanied by coaches Hart Morris and john "Red" Tobin, journeyed to Bowling Green, Kentucky, to represent the Georgia- Alabama-Florida district in the Southern lntercollegiate Athletic Association Tournament. In the finals Western Kentucky Teachers College, six time winner of the SIAA title, made it seven in a row by downing the Hurricanes, 55-46. Guard Tony Yovicsin and forward "Whitey" Campbell were selected on the all-tournament team. ilmcln and Sclnuler match liao more points Come Ilnroagb the laasleet. Ralph N . Wachob IN MEMUBIAM "WE HAVE not only lost a great athlete, but a wonderful friend." This tribute from Track Coach Lloyd Bennett expressed the sentiments of faculty and students alike when they learned of the untimely death of the 26-year- old University track star, Ralph N. Wachob, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Wfachob of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A heavy storm was responsible for the crash of his Navy TBM plane in the Ever- glades on March 16 during a routine train- ing flight from Tampa to Miami. Wachob, a freshman in the School of Busi- ness Administration, was anchorman on the University mile relay team which won the Boston AA Games and placed second at Mel- rose. His athletic accomplishments were H331 excelled only by his record in World War ll. He enlisted in the Navy on August 15, 1940, and served as an aviation machinist mate until June 1943. As a V-5 cadet, he received preliminary training at the Univer- sity of Texas and pre-flight at the University of Georgia. l-Ie was commissioned an ensign, April 21, 1945, at Pensacola and served aboard the USS Tarawa. Upon his release from the Navy in June of 1946, he joined the Naval Reserve at Master Field, Cpa Locka, Florida. With the death of Ralph Wachob, the Uni- versity lost an individual who well repre- sented the qualities of mind and body which go to make up the outstanding student and the valuable citizen. Tirst row: Monte Wolford, Bob Yoxall, Bob Clayton, Lum Willard, Sam Lacinia, Bill Troth, Gene Lundsford. Second row: Coach Lloyd Bennett, Charles Holzer, Bill Rawls, Raleigh Stapleton, Earl Moore, Tommy Madison, Bob McLeod, Al Hudson, Jim Murray, Bill Etheridge, Ylflmiager. Track POUNDING THE CINDERS in three of the nationis top intercollegiate track meets, the Hurricane speedsters established a mile relay team that ranked with the better quartets in the country. The team opened the most successful track season in the University's history by taking third place in the Philadelphia Inquirer Invita- tional Meet at Convention Hall on January 24. The relay squad came back the following day to win in the Knights of Columbus Meet at the Boston Garden by nosing out Seton Hall, who had been victorious over the Hurri- canes the night before. A week later the cin- dermen placed second in the Millrose Games at Madison Square Garden, New York. The first leg of the quartet was Raleigh Stapleton, Miami AAU 1946 100 - yard open champ. Second leg was Bob Clayton, winner of the state 100-yard dash champion- ship at Miami high, who passed the baton to speedy Clyde Wfillard, third leg. Anchor man was Al Hudson, 100 and 200-yard Elorida state champ. Coach Lloyd Bennett has a roster of track and field men to draw from: versatile Bob Yoxall, Eastern Inter-scholastic 220-yard re- cord holder with a time of 23.0 seconds, finishing third in the national high school wrestling championships, and lim Bennett, whose 6-foot 316-inch high-jump and 12- foot 31,6-inch pole valt are Florida state high school records. Bill Troth and Al Hudson H391 Boxing Team, left to right: Coach Billy Regan, Art Saey, Leo Hauck, Sal Villante, Bill Eisnor, ,lim Duffy, Max Cleveland, Bill johnson, and jimmy Demos, Captain. l l 1 l Boxing THE 1947 HURRICANE PUGILISTS sparrecl through an im- pressive seasonal record of five wins, only losing to Wisconsin by a count of 4V2 to 3 352. A trip-hammer left hook paid off for Art Saey who copped the National Intercollegiate Heavy- weight championship. Led by Coach Billy Regan, the Hurricane team chose letter-man Jim Demos as captain. Starting with a record turnout of 75 candidates, Regan produced a squad that amassed a spectacular string of victories. The tearnis first gamepf the season ended with a thrilling 4161 3V2 victory over Penn State. Against Catholic University in Washington, D. C., three days later, the Regan-men pounded out a 5-3 win. After handing a 4 W-SVQ defeat on a team of fighting lack- sonville NAS sailors, the Hurricanes traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to conquer the Colden Gophers , 5 W-QVQ. Fresh from their win over the University of Minnesota, the Miami mittmen tangled with the University of South Carolina to hammer out a 42-SVQ victory. The season ended with a single Hurricane defeat-that pummeled hy Wisconsin. Top to bottom: Eisnor, Gerritts, Johnson, Hauck. Baseball BATTING AVERAGES and pitching records be- came as familiar as history dates to baseball fans of. the 547 season, one of the Univer- sityjs most impressive years of sports history. Coach Eddie Dunn put the finishing touches on baseball candidatesthrough preliminary practice. With the return of last year's squad plus the current seasonal talent, a wealth of good material was on hand. The team line-up included top-notch pit- chers l-lambleton, Sherman, Kissell, Rose, Clark and Schoedinger. Behind the plate it was a battle among Monashin, Peters, and Cer- rity. At first base Kairis and Harrison alter- nated. On the keystone sack Wfashkowitz and I-lultman held sway. ln the hot corner Raymond and Kelley vied for position, and at shortstop NLCElaney and Kouchalakos were "fighting it outf' ln the outfield the top three choices were Ferguson, Novak, and long ball hitter l-larry Chaul, with Lison, Reed and Tatol filling in as alternates. Top 1 l-lambleton, Bur- rell, Rose, pitchers. Bot 10111: Cerrity, catcher. First row: l-lillard Herzog, Edward Kairis, Paul Waskowitz, Paul l-loltman, Bill Burrell. Second row: Harry Cvhaul, Dick Cerrity, Charles Kelly, Al Monashkin, Robert Peltz, Paul I-Iarrison, Dick Berryman, Larry Kissell. Third row: Coach Eddie Dunn, Charles Peters, John Fergueson, Ed Shoedinger, John Rose, Lee Wilson, Denny l-lambleton, Robert Mulhern, Eddie l-lerr, Manager. Coach Alter briefs two of his stars before a match. Left to right: Devany, Besselink. Tront: Parks practices driving. - Golf GREENS WERE CROXVDED with student spectators when the University's crack golf team exhibited polished chip shots and drives in the collegiate matches held during the year. The climax of the season came when Dave Sullivan walked off with the 10th annual Southern Intercollegiate Golf championship. in the Athens tournament which continued from April 17-19. In the fall, University golfers led by Coach Foster Alter, dean of men, launched on a victory streak de- feating the Miami Country Club, Pratt General Hospi- tal, and Banana River Naval Station teams. The ,Canes suffered their first defeat by a close margin of 14-13 in the LSU homecoming round. Spring putting for the University golfers began April 7 when they downed Rollins College, 182-82, at Winter Park. Another victory followed over, Stetson in Deland to a tally of 25-2. In the Gainesville contest the Gators bowed to the Hurricanes, 19-8. Three days elapsed before the Hurricanes again met the LSU Tigers to suffer defeat, 152-112, in Baton Rouge. The return match with Stetson on April 26 netted the UM golfers another win, 232-32. The final stage was set on the Miami links for a return match with Rollins on May 3. Medalist in the qualifying rounds for the fall matches was Bob Seyler. Tommy Parks qualified' for the spring rounds. Albert Besselink, former New Jersey golfer, reaffirmed his golfing reputation when he broke all former records with his great round of 63 in an unofficial match at the Coral Gables Country Club. With Robert Conroy as manager, other men who posted qualifying scores to gain varsity rank were Ollie Kay, Harold Byran, and Richard Wynn. Alternate members: Daniel Hayes, john Larkin, Robert Keller, and Harold Bilheimer. Bob Conroy exhibits his best form to fellow clulasters. Left to right: Tommy Parks, Bud Post, Al Besselinle, Pat Deuany, jack Larkin, il-larold Bryan, Ted DOf211'lL11'lO- uiclo, j. U-l. Eclwards, Dick Wise, Danny U-layes, Robert Keller, Dick 'Wyr1r1e, and Coach Dean Foster Alter. CLUB NOT PICTUHED Bill Frantz Pete Kouchalakuls Ed Sherman Steve Adams Dick Gerrity Irnie Mazejka Charles Snowden Ierry Blank Art Hagan Carl Mosso Vince Spinelli Bob Bowman Ed Hauck Andy Musante Bob Sutter Bob Campbell Bill Iohnson Andy Novak Iohn Tobin George Carifeo Blackie DiBuono Jim Duffy Dave Eldredge Hal Iohntston lim Kees lay Kendrick Don Kennedy Dick Pollack Don Salisbury Hal Schuler Cecil Settle Norm Wayne Dave Wike Lee Wilson Tony Yovicsin Dolores Papy M-Club Sponsor Al Adler Charles Angelus Manny Berliner George Corrigan Mario DeMarco lim Demos Sam Derrnigny Keith Doyle Ray Dunn Lou Ferrante Harry Ghaul Gene Hancock Al Hudson Ed lnjaychock Harvey lames Gene Iupin Ed Kairis Phil Kaplan Ken Lonergan Sam Marzella Bob McDougal Vic Mell Ed Moyer George Pero Iohn Pilafian Tom Price Pat Price Ed Ruzomherka Milton Samuels Ernie Settembre Phil Sistik Cy Sobeck Charles Skalaski lim Vaccaro Shelton Whittle ll431 N-Z Nqwg Qmfsg f, W r g 1 I , Q XX Q N .. Wwfffix , Nm. ' f A W? mm wqznx AW' was as mm 22 Z3 'LW 7 M 7 Qjnll, . 'K 7 'f .ye ffm A 4 ww O 1 1 'Q We , ii? AER Eviiii' Wax fy mf f-A 5' W W1 Literature PEACE-TIME INTERESTS were elected for this year's programs of University Institutes at- tended by both the student body and the community at large. Now under the direction of Dr. Charles Doren Tharp, dean of admin- istration, and Mr. Virgil Barker, University trustee, Institutes have been adapted to meet prevailing conditions of the years. Due to the tremendous increase in the student enrollment, the program was presented in separate Insti- tutes to appeal to a more specialized audience. The Institute offered six lectures, bringing to this area some of Americais most outstand- ing writers. Paul Engle, poet and novelist, discussed "Poetry and Peoplen and "Poetry Now." An authority on American folklore, Ralph Boggs, professor of Spanish at the University of North Carolina, chose "Anglo- American Balladry and Poetsn as topics. "The Poet in Any Worldi' and "Poetry in Limbo" were the afternoon and evening lec- tures of Edward Davidson, head of the de- partment of English at Washington and Jefferson College. Science HPUBLIC HEALTH PROBLEMS ofthe Tropicsn was this year's theme of the Institute of Science which sponsored scientific specialists 11461 Ralph Boggs, Edward Davidson and Paul Engle speakers at the Institute of Literature. Winter Institutes who spoke non-technically but with authority. The program, under the direction of Dr. E. Morton Miller was as follows: Dr. L. L. Williams, Ir., Medical Director, U. S. Public I-Iealth Service, spoke on "Malaria Control as an International Problemfi "Nutrition and Agricultural Problems in the Netherlands Indiesv was discussed by Dr. VI. J. Qchse, professor of tropical botany, Uni- versity of Ivliami. The topic chosen by Dr. L. T. Coggeshall, chairman of the medical department at the University of Chicago, was C'Eilariasis in Re- turning Service-Men-Is It a Public I-Iealth Problem? 'cNutrition in Relation to Public I-Iealth in the West Indiesv presented by Dr. Lydia I. Roberts, chairman of the home economics department at the University of Puerto Rico, held wide interest. Religion PROTESTANT, CATHOLIC, and Jewish view- points on "Man's Social Responsibility" were represented in this year's lectures on religion. Speakers were: Dr. Paul Elbin, president of West Liberty College , Eather Cyril Burke, professor of philosophy and religion at Barry College , and Rabbi William Rosenblum, president, Synagogue Council of America. 0 U Q Hispanic Institute "A PANoRAMA or THE Other Americasn was created for the students, faculty, and gen- eral public at the ninth annual series of in- formal lectures sponsored by the Hispanic- American Institute March 25 through May 5. :'Strangers cannot live side by side mutu- ally indifferent or hostile, and survivef' Dr. I. Riis Gwre, director of the Institute, stressed in the opening session of this year's expanded program. Designed to give a birdis eye view of our neighbors of Hispanic America, this year's non-technical series included illustrated geography and art lectures, as well as a music lecture-recital of works by Hispanic-Ameri- can composers. Cther talks treated the history, sociology, economics, politics, edu- cation, and literature of Hispanic-America and Inter-American relations. The program was as follows: "The Creo- graphy of Hispanic American-Dr. I. Riley Staats, professor of geography, University of Miami. "The Americas Look at Each 0theru--- Professor jose A. Balseiro, professor of Span- ish, University of Miami. "Sociological Problems of Hispanic Ameri- ca,U Dr. Richard Behrendy, professor of in- ternational affairs and chairman of area studies, Colgate University. UA View of the History of Hispanic Amer- ica"-Dr. Ione Steusse Wright, lecturer in Hispanic-American history, University of Miami. "The Music of Hispanic American- Jr"-, I Joaquin Nin-Culmell, Cuban pianist and composer on the faculty of Williams College. "The Economics of Hispanic Americaf' "The Place of Politics in Hispanic-American Life," 'iHispanic-America in the World of Today and Tomorrown-Dr. A. Curtis Wil- gus, professor of Hispanic-American History, Cfeorge Washington University. "Education in Hispanic American-Dr. I. Sanchez, professor of Latin-American educa- tion, University of Texas. 'IThe Literature of Hispanic America"- Professor Jose A. Balserio, University of Miami. "The Development of Latin American Art"-Dr. Robert C. Smith, associate profes- sor of art, Sweet Briar College. Other contributions of the Hispanic Insti- tute are: Administration of the major His- panic-American studies, advising V foreign students and administrating their curricula, and advising North American students who plan to study in Hispanic America. The His-- panic Institute also publishes the University of Miami Hispanic-American Studies and maintains an exchange of books and periodi- cals with Latin American countries. l1471 HCREAM IN YOUR COFFEE, s1R?U Ring Thea- tre intermission time in the Rotunda signified a pause for refreshment by enthusiastic audiences. This is only one of the unique features offered by the University Playmakers who are under the direction of Mr. Frederick Koch, jr., associate professor of drama. "Revival of the past is better than recrea- tion of the news, . . . a debatable statement, but one taken to heart in the University of Miami Ring Theatre. For this theatre, the second of its kind in the United States, is al- most an exact replica of the Elizabethan play- house of Shakespearejs day. The stage is located in the center of an 114:11 Beverly Quinn and George johnson, stars of "Claudia" read over the program for the next Ring play, "Accent on Youth." Rl G HE THE octagon-shaped room on the second floor of the Administration Building. This room was constructed and used during the war for RAF navigation training. The parachute which tents the ring is a particularly appropriate ceiling. Surrounding the stage on the main floor and in the two galleries are seats accom- modating approximately 225, giving the effect of an informal gathering in a living room. Booked months in advance, the "RingH operated five nights a week with Friday and Saturday nights open to the public. On club nights, organizations in the community were given exclusive performances. "Rini, plays were planned for the summer. ,L 4 LS 3 E., 'Z as - V ' ' V: -XQSQW A ww? , QS" . 1 X. X . 2 .1 1 1 .Q X .jwv 4:35- QQ ff' 'YW ' "" ""' 1, ' P I I I , 4 ' 'Y l g x a mg? 253255 ' , T? 4 . ., 2 r wx x Z. 4 112 I Ax 1 pf Curtain call in "Three's a Familyf' Left' to right: Pat Devaney, Joe Polvino Paul Silverman Dorothea Skinner Alberta Bervh Charles Rich Collier Landress lnvrid DeMarco Pat Adair Mildred Wfare Bill Brannum, Chaddy Chapman Bill Cvrimm, Nancy Peeples. Center: George Campbell THREE CT THREE-ACT "THREE's A FAMILY" by Phoebe and Henry Ephron was presented in December under the direction of Mr. Gilbert D. Williams, assistant professor of drama. The scene of the comedy featuring "what to do with baby in a housing shortage" was set in a New York apartment. Most of the play's action' occurred in the living room of Sam and Frances Whitaker, who were played by Collier Landress and lngrid DeMarco. Alberta Bergh and Charles Rich, Jr., portrayed the juvenile roles of Kitty and Eugene Mitchell. Adelaide was played by Nancy Peeples. The supporting roles included Paul Silverman as "Archie,' Whitaker , Dorothea Skinner, his wife Hazel, and Dorothy Adair as Frances Whitaker. "Golden Boyn by Clifford Odets, the second of the three- act pllays to be given during the year, opened on April 7 in the Cardboard Theater for a six-Cay run. Robert l-lorton was cast as Joe Bonaparte, violinist who becomes champion prize fighter. Joe Polvino portrayed Mr. Bonaparte, the Golden Boy's father, while Frank Stein played the role of :Tom Moody, fight manager. Above: Actor Rich turns make-up man to assist Campbell. Below: Matthew Scaglione adjusts the moonlight for a "Colden Boy" love scene. -2' 5 PATRICIA 'IRAVIIRS 'Uiolinist ER I0 SUNDAY AF'I'ERNOON,.NOVEMB MONDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER II IOSEPI-IINE ANTOINE Lyric Soprano SUNDAY AFTERNOON, DECEMBER S MONDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 9 1, WIIIIANI IIAPEII. Rirmist SUNDAY AFTERNOON, IANUARY I9 MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY '20 RAF AI: I IAG ARES Tenor SUNDAY AFTERNOON, FEBRUARY I6 MONDAY EVENING, FEEBRUARY I7 OW ARD IIANSON DR. I-I Quest Conductor-Composer SUNDAY AFTERNOON, MARCH I6 MONDAY EVENING, MARCH I7 IESIIS NIARIA. SANROMA ,6 fav Riamst SUNDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL I3 AONDAY EVENING, APRIL I-I mphon This year saw the University of Miami Symphony Grchestra greatly honored by the presence of Dr. Howard Hanson, director of the Eastman School of Music and a foremost American composer, as conductor of the fifth Concert in the series. Dr. Hanson's Sym- phony No. 2 the "Romantic" held the place of honor. The sixth concert with the orchestra pre- sented the brilliant pianist Jesus Maria San- roma in a performance of the Paderewski "Piano Concertof' Hollywood, Elorida, heard the University Orchestra on December 17 in a program which included the works of Grieg, Weinberger, Dvorak, and Von Wfeber. Again this year the .orchestra held a series of young peopleis concerts, designed for the younger music lovers in Miami. The annual Christmas pre- sentation of Handel's great oratorio "The Messiah!! was a great success under the direc- tion of Dr. Modeste Alloo and Mr. William Lee, directoriof the University Chorus. The recital series this year was consider- ably expanded and brought return engage- ments of several artists heard last year as well as many new ones. Gyorgy Sandor, Hun- garian pianist, and Tossy Spivakovsky, the brilliant young Russian violinist, gave the first of two recitals. Mr. Spivakovsky was Concerts accompanied by Irving Gwen and his pro- gram included works by Badi, Viotti, Cop- land and Paganini. Henriette Michelson, pianist, held the third recital, playing com- positions by Brahms, Schumann, Debussy, Ravel and Chopin as well as the " Sonata in CU by Mozart. Mischa Elman paid his annual visit to the Miami recital stage, accompanied by Wolfgang Rose. The Trapp Eamily Singers pleased Miamians with songs by Palestrina, 'hiozart and Morley. Especially delightful were the little folk songs "Early Dne Morn- ingi' and "The Yodels from The Austrian Alpsf, The Gordon String Quartet in three concerts on Eebruary 2, 3, and 4, proved even more popular this year than last. ln addition to the regular engagements for the recital series, the appearance of Jose and Amparo lturbiiwas arranged. WW ith customary flourish, the two pianists played a program including the Mozart "Sonata in D" and the "Rhapsody in Blue" by Gershwin. Muriel Kerr, American pianist, repeated her initial success of last year in an interpretation of the music of Bach, Schumann, Ravel, Chopin and Liszt. The final artist on the series was Maggie Teyte, British soprano. A large share of the credit for the success of this season goes to Mrs. lvlarie Volpe, business manager of the Symphony Drchestra. 11531 University Chorale STRAINS of "Begin the Beguinei' followed by the "Battle Hymnn drifted into the reserve library and nearby classrooms when the new- ly formed University Chorale met three times weekly. Forty voices were under the direction of Mr. William J. Lee, who taught voice and con- ducted professional groups before becoming associated with the School of Music. The group presented a 15 -minute program of ancient Christmas carols over station XWIGD in December. A recital in April was greeted with Hbeaucoup den enthusiam. Later a tour was made of neighboring cities. Male voices set a tempo of their own dur- ing the year when the Men's Cflee Club was formed. For the Spring Music Festival,-they presented "Testament of Freedomfj Randall Thompson's modern cantata for male voices based on the writings of Thomas jefferson. Accompanist for both groups was Annie Laurie Lee, wife of Director Lee and noted pianist and instructor. first row: Albertine Kenyon, Anita Willianls, Alice Arnold, jean Rasco, Meline Kulhanjian, Margaret Ann Turner, Vivian Bloodworth, Aida James, Charlotte Beile, Gwen Strong, Hermine Rothstein, Annie Laurie Lee. Second row: Howard Fox, R. Watson Dutton, James Hansen, Robert Young, Marilyn Bailit, Patricia Dawson, ldelle Babcock, Billie Clark, Barbara Poerster, Williani Lancer, Sam Thatcher, Robert Harrington, Henry Shavel, Lawrence Rafield, William J. Lee, Director. Third row: Gordon Ricker, Ronald Scholer, James Brame, Pat Rawson, james C-winn, Edward Oka, Leonard Napp, David Thurman. Below: University Symphony Orchestra. 2 fi STILL LIFE by frank Seiler CHARACTER STUDY by Ludwig Queretie CODIS CHILDREN by Ludwig Queretfe TUBE T HT WHARF SCENE by Leonard De Longa .QL ,y 1 I f si X V I' H - I "1 N, I fi MANGROVES by Peggy 'Warner p f , ' ,Gf'k9fl'11Q R- Af' 7 5 MJ CJVQQX? if wx yxx xx Q W li , , , 1 Q2 V Egfr., me ive WDGDRD W C-'Ls 191 F ,A C Q .AVI Q f I L ,Q I A-sf ibm, . fggfw 5179: f' ca il a B.: ' 1'1m'm.5 we Umar, -Nmmcwa E?fnZzfC'af5z.AL, IDA 5k.2LaUf"K,, S'JA'T'RiCK C NGN ,505 D AN JV ED HEEQALD AM H!2H7Jii.E2F5f3.2'! L 'ff 'i!!if3Tv?C2 p a 'zar cv yu QQV J Q ln ig N4 X2 'mi K 3--1 , S"' .-- , :!!fs ... i Q? . . .Lf ,N ,N Hx - Har Warm if .QXQEWQ cl , 1'a1f , 53353 Q , , pfffffb RlC.HMON.D AUSTIN RQXSCCJ 4-3 s ff 'V W CQ H,XPT I5' R fl ' , W! L?m'f mi W Ll M1611 ', R M1iMi5f' .R5 HQXIRES SN !f'xCLE,Mif X Xxxk YF 3 L 1.2: xp-2, Nw: wry sz? MSW X 4 Q -, QM? Kauai 4355 - X . . fl . -,NN5,:4U.,:. . kk MX " as , A La 2 f we-avg, H '-ki! ' Harold Toiqer 1 'NU BETA EPSILUN Nu BETA EPSILON, national law fraternity, became active on campus this year. lnstallation of the Theta Chapter was held on December 8 at the Sands l-lotel, Miami Beach. Mr. A. D. G. Cohn, grand chancellor of Nu Beta Epsilon and member of the bar in Atlanta, officiated. N u Beta Epsilon, one of the largest national law fraternities, was founded at Northwestern University in 1918. Chapters are located in 28 leading law institutions throughout the country, and alumni clubs are active in most of the major cities. Main events of the year included a gala New Year's party, a pledge smoker, and a dinner dance given in April when the Theta Chapter was host to the Grand Council. Officers: Gershon S. Miller, chancellor , l-larlan Street, vice-chancellor, Julius Erstling, scribe, Arnold Scher, ex- chequer, and Saul Genet, marshal. 11591 Mervyn Abrams David Bloomberg Arthur Courshon Iulius Erstling Louis Falk Bernard Fuller S lGen t cru e Leo Greenfield Seymore Ketive Seymore Kimmel Martin Lemlick Philip Medvin Gershon Miller lack Rcipoport Arnold Scher Hczrlcm Street larnes Carter Charles Clarke Thomas Collins Robert Calwell A Clarence Caughran Robert Denk - Karl Eining Ivan Griffith Iames Hansen Edward Hickman Howard Higgins Roy Iostono Robert Iones Harry Lenholf Charles Lloyd "Wa X M, i we V ggi. b ' A If weep j V- Q i g i 2 61 ig Iohn Wynn George Barton Tod Dekle R. W. Dutton Herbert Hartman Robert Hickey Iohn Kruse Ralph McGiboney Richard Mayens Tillman Pearson Alfred Sutter Iohn Woodard ll601 Edward Pickle Paul Ray lack Roberts Herboth Ryder Edward Swankls PHI MU ALPHA UNE OF THE OLDEST national fraternities on the campus is Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, honorary music group for men. Although inactive during the war, the music fraternity was reorganized last spring with added vigor to carry out its ac- tivities. V ' Annual affairs of the fraternity that have been renewed are the Phi Mu Alpha Songfest, the "Swingfest" dance, and the All-American Concert. Officers: Ed Hickman, president and supreme councilman , John Lowe, vice-president, Clarence Caughran, secretary, Robert Hickey, treasurer , Ed Baumgarten, historian, and Till- man Pearson, warden. Roberta Woodard Bertha Wright NOT PICTUBED Katherine Brown Geraldine Cohen Katherine Crowder Iean Rasco Mary Louise Thomson Elizabeth Vavilofi Lucille Brown Virginia Casey Barbara Foerster Marilyn Foerster Edith Hjort Aida lames 1QELenore Ioiiey Isabel Kaminski Annie Laurie Lee Betty Murray Geraldine Rasmussen Margaret Ann Turner IGM!! ALPH C IDT SIGMA ALPHA IOTA, womenis honorary musi- cal fraternity, lists among its members a host of internationally known artists, including Lily Pons and Helen Jepson. Membership of the Sigma Chi chapter, founded in 1926, is restricted to students who major or minor in music and meet other re- quirements. Pledges who received cups for outstanding achievement were Lenore Joffey on the basis of scholarship and Barbara Fo- erster, who was chosen best all-round pledge. Officers for the year: Margaret Ann Tur- ner, president 7 Marilyn Foerster, correspond- ing secretary, and Virginia Casey, recording secretary. Advisors: Mrs. Frances Bergh, instructor in music, Mrs. Wfilliam Lee, Mrs. Raymond Wallace, and Mrs. Ralph Polwell. 11611 Paul Andre A Charles Ayers Harold Boudreau William Church George Corrigan Gordon Craig Thad Desmond William Kerclyk Michael Levine Edward Lewils Burton Loebl Sammy Martin Herbert McCawly David Moldan Robert Patton Robert Phillips Gordon Pred William Schwarzman Iohn Sobeck Frank Stokes LPH PHI ll EG SERVICE is the keyword of the Alpha Phi Omega national men's fraternity. The members of APO successfully com- pleted two projects this year-the APO used bookstore and the bus stop on Main campus. On the social side, APO sponsored a Founder's Day banquet on December 15 and a beach party between semesters. Basic membership requirements are an ll621 Robert Sweet Louis Vitolo Carl Warner Elliot Wollman W. D. Wight NOT PICTURED Rodney Post Seymore Sussman Donald Broder Theron Hanley Samuel Thatcher E. T. Sutherlin William Segal affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America and the completion of an individual service project. Officers: Frank Stokes, president, George Corrigan, vice-president, Cordon Craig, sec- retary, and Mike. Levine, treasurer. Faculty advisors: Dr. Julian Corrington, associate professor of zoology, Dr. James J. Carney, professor of finance , Poster E. Alter, dean of men, and Harry H. Provin, director of ad- missions. ' Earl Thery NOT PICTURED David Eldredge Robert Mayes Ullpache 'TOSTRENGTPHHJANDcenmntnnerfnuenntyrdanondnpsand to bring about a better understanding of various fraternal problems are the aims of the 25 black-shirted members. Five members from each of the University's five Gentile fraternities make up the roster of Miamigs chapter of a nation- wide organization. lncmnnwtwkhthdrdnmisdwrnmnbmssonmvmatdnkwr apparel which they wear on formal occasions. A spokesman laughingly admitted, "We're here to have fun and promote inter-fraternity spirit. We have no secret orders or ritualsfj Rather than have events of their own, the members prefer to have informal gatherings before going to one of the fraternity dances Herirnassef' Officers, first semester: Charlie Brown, president , l-larold Boudreau, vice-president, and Robert Holland, secretary- treasurer. New officers elected February: Jimmy Meyer, presi- dent, Bob Mayes, vice-president, and George Corrigan, secre- tary-treasurer. Paul Andre Charles Ayers Harold Boudreau Charles Brown George Corrigan Harry Flemming Elmer Hall Eugene Hancock Edward lones William Murray Iarnes Meyer Art Neubauer Robert Nelson Mike O'Brien Clarence Riley Sam Williams Mac Roper Philip Silstik William Stung Robert Sullivan lloaj . first row: Art Bishop, lack Ruffley, Bob Mayes, Dudley Mercer. Ieconrl row: Gene Caldwell, Roger Saxon, Gordon Gouwens, joe Ioppedge, Charles Kirk, Elroy Gomez, Sydney Dimmig. Scaled: Frances'Klein, Lester Moore. Standing: Irwin Kiman, Manny Berliner, Janice Greenfield, Charlotte Frank, Fred Koch, jr. Alpha I-Zappa Psi A STUDY OF TI-IE co-operative plan for the School of Business was made by Alpha Kappa Psi, national business fraternity. The co-operative plan en- ables students to alternate class work and outside practical experience during the school year. A survey of the opin- ions of the business men in the Miami area was taken on this question. One of 63 national groups, the Beta Pi chapter was established at the University in 1941. Officers: Art Bishop, president, lack Ruffley, vice-president, Dudley Mercer, treasurer, Bob Mayes, secre- tary, and Bob Goeser, master of ritual. Faculty advisor: Dr. James J. Carney, professor of finance. Theta Alpha Phi To Fosrek A wider appreciation of drama among University students is the main goal of the Florida Beta chap- ter of Theta Alpha Phi, national honorary dramatic fraternity. T Those persons who have taken an active part in a number of dramatic productions, in addition to meeting certain national requirements, qualify for membership. Officers: Elliott Wfollman, presi- dent, Charlotte Frank, vice-president, Lester Moore, treasurer, and Janice Greenfield, secretary. Faculty advisor: Fred Koch, associate professor of drama. A Honorary faculty members of the speech and drama departments: Dr. C. Raymond Van Dusen, Mr. James Costy, and Mr. Gilbert Wfilliams. Pi Kappa Delta The Florida Beta chapter of Pi Kappa Delta, national debate frater- nity, is one of the 173 active chapters located in some 37 states. A person must participate in five decision de- bates, winning three, or must take part in six non-decision contests in order to fill membership requirements. Project of the fraternity was a de- bate -tournament centered around a humorous topic. The national question of the year discussed by the fraternity was-"Resolved: That labor should be given a direct share in the manage- ment of industryfi Officers: Edwyn Lewis, president, Fred Routh, vice-president, and Har- vey Klein, secretary-treasurer. Faculty advisor: Donald C. Sprague, assistant professor of speech. Debate Council A re-activated Debate Council came back with added vigor this year to set an imposing record of 15' favorable decisions out of 16 intercollegiate de- bates. Participating in the Azalea debate tournament held in Mobile, Alabama, both the negative and af- firmative teams placed fourth. The new iecture hall on Main Campus was opened when the af- firmative team defeated a negative side from New York University in March. This debate was the first to be broadcast over WBAY. Qfficersz Edwyn Lewis, president , Fred Routh, vice-president, and' lim Eckhart, secretary-treasurer. Coach: Donald C. Sprague, assistant profes- sor of speech. Left lo riglnlz Harvey Kline, Ed Lewis, Fred Routh, Donald Sprague, Conch. Left to right: jim Eckhart, Lewis XVougerman, Harvey Kline, Harry Michaels, Ed Lewis, Fred Routh, Caroline Drummond, Donald Sprague, Coach. r - --- -- Sealed Lorraine Muller, Bobbee Meyer. Standing: Bob High, Nitza Mendez Bernice Dacks, Tom Renedo. ' Spanish Club fFi1'st row: Dolores Kanstoroom, Sue Reed, Connie Van Orden, Lee Goodman, Audrey Gordon, Rene Leibovitz, Maria Gonzales, Lillian Unger. Second row: Steven Lubway, john Travis, Neil Kolb, Beverly Kosch, Eu- gene Anderson, Mrs. Aileen Moore Topping, William Turner, Bernard Applebaum, Miss Gloria De La Vega, Thomas Campbell, Frank Gilman. Sigma Delta Pi Members of Sigma Delta Pi, honoraty Spanish fraternity, enjoyed fellowship and Spanish cooked foods at an annual banquet given at the El Toledo. Scholarship and other national requirements must be fulfilled to qualify for fraternity membership. Programs were planned in conjunction with the Spanish Club to promote hispanic culture. Gfficers serving were: Bernice Dacks, president, Joan I-leyward, vice-president, Nitza Mendez, secretary, and Lorraine Mul- ler, treasurer. Faculty advisor: Pedro R. l-iiribarne, associate professor of Spanish and Portuguese. wifi-IEN CECILIA DUENAS, noted Colombian coloratura soprano and University student, sang in her native tongue at the first meeting of the Circulo l-iispano, she began a pro- cession of profitable programs which the club conducted throughout the year. Among the guests were Senorita Margarita Estrada, Mex- ican teacher who gave a talk on native sports, and Miss Joyce Davlin, an American student who spoke on Mexican archeology. The club welcomes those with an interest and background in Spanish. Officers: Audrey Gordon, president, Lee Goodman, Vice-president, Louis Gilbert, sec- retary, and Betty Seifert, treasurer. Sponsor: Robert D. Rafferty, Spanish instructor. German Club T I-I E R E L A Y IE D EXPERIENCES of returned veterans who saw occupational duty in Germany and Austria enriched the meetings of Der Deutsche Verein. The campus German Club was founded in 1928 by Wfilliam Von Tan- gelm, one of the earliest contributors to the University. Qfficers: William Zeeman, presi- dent 5 Gustav Mortl, vice-president, Irene Horn, secretary, Wfilliam Rawls, treasurer, and Joseph Adams, program chairman. ' French Club NPARLEZ-VOUS FRANCAIS?H Students of the world's diplomatic languages who were mem- bers of the French Club viewed slides of scenic landmarks in France and North Africa at one club meeting. Giving explanations in French, R. D. Raf- ferty, assistant professor of Spanish, displayed his magical powers at another session. Mme. Nouel, a Parisienne and guest of the French Club, described her harrowing experiences in France during the German occupation, com- pleting the series of programs. Nlrs. Gabriel Clark, of French descent and a resident of Coral Gables, also contributed to the activities of the club. Seated: Irene Horn, William Zeeman, William Rawls, Mrs. Melanie R. Rosborough, faculty advisor. Standing: William Von Tangelm, Britton Wagstaff, Mrs. W. Von Tangelm, Art Roth, james E. Souitherlancl, Homer Scheirer, Sophie Arnold, I-lelen Sauran, Mrs. Kenneth Taylor, Mr. Kenneth Taylor, Dolphus Lambert, Mrs. joan C. Knoche, Daniel Shaw, Albert Reed, Frank Byron. Officers: Thomas Campbell, president, Mary Louise Carlock, vice-president, Lucille Boule, secretary, and Sylvia Schwartz, trea- surer. Tirst row: Dr. William Dismukes, advisor, Lucille Boule, Mary Lou Carlock, Thomas Campbell, Sylvia Schwartz, Mrs. William Dismukes. Second row: Marian Susskind, Pat Into, Norma Into, Carolyn Sudakow, Irene Wentzel, Vivian Bloodworth, Barbara Mizer, Dolly Isaac, Mr. Henri DeRonchi. Third row: Warren Gates, Clifford Edwards, Stanley Worris, Manny Berliner, Martin Mar- tel, Edward Guess, Miss Barbara Mullan, Miss Laura Topham. Robert Barrett, Cordon Craig, Jr., Sam Thatcher, Jr. N. . M, First row: Sarah Lane, Marilyn Mundy, Sylvia Shaw, jo Wilburn, jane-Arthur Etheridge, Mrs. H. O. Shaw, jackie Miller, Peggy Jacob- son, Alice Bowlin, Sally Hunter. Second row: Mrs. D. Welsh, Alicia Brelsford, Louise Peeples, Sue Reed, Martha Dunn, Miss Rosalie Oakes, Sue Carnahan, Betty Murray, Dorothea Skinner. YMCA DISTINGUISHED AS one of the ori- ginal organizations on campus, the Young Men's Christian Association is a voluntary, non - sectarian group whose aim is 'to develop religious values among the students. Dances were sponsored every other week at the Y's meeting place in Coral Cables. ln conjunction with the YW- CA, a marriage clinic was scheduled in April which presented Dr. Paul C. Popenoe, one of the foremost author- ities in this field. An annual project of the YMCA was the Easter service presentation. Officers: Cordon Craig, president , john Gornick, vice president , Samuel Thatcher, secretary-treasurer, and Curtis Coodson, chaplain. Advisory committee chairman: Dr. H. Franklin Williams, Dean of the School of Lib- eral Arts. YWCA VALLIABLE CONTRIBUTIONS to the YWCA "Religious Tolerationi' pro- gram were made by Chaplain Richard Leavry of Pratt General Hospital, Rabbi Max Shapiro of Beth David Temple, and the Rev. Dr. C. Roy Angel of Central Baptist Church. Varying from this general theme, Hope Thayer, founder of the Hope Thayer Personality Institute in Chica- go, spoke on "Your Personality." Monthly pot luck suppers enabled the cabinet members to plan the Sun: day breakfast get-togethers and church visitation programs. Officers: Martha Dunn, president, -lane Wensley, vice-president, Sally Hunter and Jane Arthur Etheridge, secretaries, Alice Bowlin, treasurer. as Histor Honors WITH RENEWED INTEREST AND vitality, the History Honors Society resumed an active role. Majors having 15 hours in history above the freshman level with a "B" average fulfill the membership requirements. Honors as- sembly is the scene of the tapping. Graduate history students are welcomed. Gut of the 30 members in the society under -the leadership of Jack Tretten, ll are in- structors in the history department. ffirst row: Phyllis Christopher, Gerry Rasmussen, Betty Ruth Hulbert, Hope Tanenbaum, Margaret Blue, Dolores Papy, Caroline Hunter, Nancy Holz, Bobbye McCahill, Joan Heyward, Helen Montgomery. Second row: Ben Kovensky, Harvey James, Ken Lonergan, Ed lnjaychock, Bill Etheridge, Ray Dunn, Hal Schuler, Sydney Dimmig, Roger Saxon, Al Adler. fFirst row: john McCollum, Pablo Pons, Manfred Ber- liner, Mary Flynn, Muriel Stolove, Loretta Lund, Vir- ginia Forbes, joseph Malek, Robert Marshburn, jr. Second row: Arthur Roth, Albert Dannenhirsch, Frank Howard, Carroll Wille, Richard Summers, Frederick Routh, ,lack Tretten, Who's Who Alfred Adler Frederick Bayer Margaret Blue Phyllis Christopher Francis Coury Sydney Dimmig Raymond Dunn William Etheridge Charles Franklin Richard Cerstein joan Heyward Edwin High Robert High Katherine L. Hoffman Nancy Holtz Betty Ruth Hulbert Caroline Hunter Edward lnjaychock Harvey James Benjamin Kovensky William Landrum James Lipscomb William Lonergan Roberta MCCahill Alba Mero Helen Montgomery Dolores Papy Percy Pitts Geraldine Rassmussen Roger Saxon Hal Schuler Dorothea Skinner Charlotte Stamm Seated: Miss Mary B. Merritt, Dorothea Skinner. Standing: Phyllis Christopher, Margaret Blue, Caroline Hunter. Not Pictu-real: Bernice Dacks, Norma Deaton, joan Heyward, Nancy Holz, Beatrice Morales, Geraldine Rasmussen, Annette jones, Hope Tanenbaum, Margaret Ann Turner, Miss May A. Brunson, Counsellor. Standing: Richard Roberts, Bill Eisnor, Irwin Raskin. Kneeling: Leonard Caplin, Al Adler. Not pictured: james Demos, Frank Howard, Charles Franklin, Harvey James, David Kraslow, Cordon Pred, Elliott Segher- man, Jack Tretton, Fred Cvunion, Rodney Post. A 6 Nu Kappa Tau A PEACH SCARF is draped over the shoulders of those tapped for Nu Kappa Tau, womenis honor society. Limited to women of junior and senior rank, the society recognizes outstand- ing merit on the basis ofyleadership, scholarship, and character. This year, the group, ledby Presi- dent Phyllis Christopher and Secretary Margaret Blue, contributed its efforts toward assisting in school elections-and womenis orientation. Faculty members of Nu Kappa Tau are sponsors Miss Mary B. Merritt, dean of women, Mrs. Melanie Ros- borough, associate professor of Ger- man, and Mrs. Natalie Lawrence, associate professor of English. Iron Arrow NAMES OF those chosen by lron Arrow, menis honor society, are etched on a large bronze plaque in the library. Students are tapped each year in Honors Assembly on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and sports- manship. Distinctive of the group is the Seminole tribe dress worn during the ceremony. Qfficersz Al Adler, chief, Leonard Kaplin, son of the chief, and Richard Roberts, medicine man. Faculty tribe members: Ernest M. MCCraken, dean of the School of Business Administra- tion, Dr.: J. T. Holdsworth, dean emeritus , Edward Dunn, assistant football coach, and Walter Kichefski, end coach. S Chemistry Honors AN EXTENSIVE PROGRAM including field trips, motion pictures, and lectures was prominent on the Chemistry Honor Societyis calendar. Founded in November 1934, the Society lapsed into a period of inactivity during the war. President Tillman Pearson, largely re- Mu Beta Sigma THE CAROLINIAN SOCIETY, now known as Mu Beta Sigma, honorary biological frater- nity, has grown up with the University. To increase an interest in the fields of Zoology and botany, meetings were held each week when a noted speaker addressed the biologists. By coordinating several field trips each year with movies and diving expeditions for marine specimens, the fraternity contri- buted to the collection of species used in the laboratories. Recent plans of the group include the es- fFirsl row: Beatrice Morales, Nancy Holz, Louise Tale, Peggy Jacobson, Edward Comas, Tillman Pearson. Second row: Warreii H. Steinbach, Fred Cunion, john McGuire, Victor Robowsky, Herbert Pablo, jay Owens. sponsible for the reorganization of the Society, wrote a new constitution. Other officers: Nancy Holtz, vice-presi- dent, Louise Talley, secretary, and Fred Gun- ion, treasurer. Advisor: Dr. Warren Stein- bach, professor of chemistry. tablishment of a library of biological litera- ture. For eligibility, each member must have at- tained l2 semester credits of biological scienecs with a "BU average. Gfficers: Ted Bayer, president, Noble Mason, vice-president, Aline Delling, secre- tary' Helen Montgomery treasurer, and I f Ardys Magner, historian. Tirst row: Beatrice Morales, Helen Montgomery, Noble Mason, Ted Bayer, Ardys Magner, Florence Roberts. Second row: Aline Delling, Herman Doochin, Ann Meckel, Nat Buchwald, Dave Kramer, Harding Boehme, I. Q. Tierney, Karl Kramer, Larry Isham, Frank Hurst, Robert Turner, Caroline Hunter, Albert Schwartz. Left to right: Martha Dunn, Margaret Blue, Manny Berliner, and Dolores Papy. M 2 Defi' to right: Henry Troetchel, Mr. Ralph Nelson,-Winnie Wood, Margaret Wood, Les Moore, Mrs. Natalie Lawrence, Nathaniel Buch- wald, Margaret Blue, Annette Jones. Lead And Ink UPPERCLASSMEN WHO have done outstanding work on University publi- cations are annually tapped for Lead and Ink, honorary journalism frater- nity. Emblem of pledgeship is a lead printeris slug worn around the neck on a black and white ribbon. h The aim of Lead and Ink is to foster higher standards of journalism and to recognize students who have complet- ed two semesters of meritorious work on the staff of either the U-lurricane or the Ulvis. Officers: Charlotte Kotkin, pre- sident, and Lee Starr, treasurer. 1 Snarks WINNERS IN national writing contests were among the members of Snarks, honorary literary society. Annette Jones won a national short story con- test, while Elliott Wfollman had win- ning contributions in two poetry con- tests. New members. are admitted upon acceptance of two manuscripts over 1,500 words in length. Active mem- bership in the creative writers' group depends on submitting manuscripts for criticism. Gfficersz' Lester lvloore, president, and .Annette Jones, secretary. Advisor: Mrs. Natalie Grimes Lawrence, as- sociate professor of English. Young Delnocrats THE DONKEY SYMBOL is the guiding light of the newly-organized Young Democrats Club. The club's policy is not to attempt to influence campus politics, but rather to interest young men and women in political affairs of the city, state, and nation. With free transportation offered to and from Miamfs City l-lall, the club sponsored a drive for the registration of prospective voters. ' President Jim Eckhart was largely instrumental in the organization of the politically-minded group. Other of- ficers: George Hollahan, vice-presi- dent , George Nicholas, secretary, and ,lohn Sobeck, treasurer. I-hnerican Legion THE DAMON RUNYON CHAPTER of the American Legion was installed on campus Eebruary 7 by the Dade County Guard of l-lonor. Projects on which the group began work included headquarters facilities, a Legion Memorial on campus honor- ing University students killed in the Service, and the organization of a women's auxiliary. Robert -Downes, assistant professor 'of economics, acted as faculty advisor for the 44th college campus post. Group chaplain was Rev. Joseph L. Brown, ex-serviceman and ordained Miami minister. George Nicholas was post commander, assisted by other officers, lim Eckhart, Barry Davis, Dave Watson, and Homer Short. First row: John Sobeck, George Nicholas, Jim Eckhart, George Holla- han, jim Dunn. Second row: Homer Short, joan Nicholas, Don Davis, Betty Ruffley, Dave Watson. iTbird row: Joe Murphy, Bob Bader, Mort Orbach, Frank lmand, Jack Ruffley, Stew Lamont. Tirsl rom: jim Eckhart, Dave Watsoli, Barry Davis, Homer Short Roger Struck, Rev. joseph T. Brown, joan Nicholas, Alfred Nicholas Stan Raski. O11 platform: Post Commander George Nicholas. l-1-M-m, .,,,,,,Y,,.,, -. Jw. . ..- .Y , ip Psychnlog Club SEVERAL PROMINENT SPEAKERS were featured on the agenda of the Psycho- logy Club. Mr. Granville Fisher, pro- fessor of psychology, and Dr. Jesse Spirer, professor of'sociology, discus-. sed the l-lierensi case and criminology, respectively. Mrs. Boris Sidiswlectured on Hliducational Methods in Child Psychology," and Mrs. Charlotte Lei- bel spoke on the 'fCharacter Analysis of l-landwritingf' i Films were shown involving the experimental and clinical actions of human beings and animals. ' Tirst row: Bryna Cohen, Dr. Slater, Mr. Granville Fisher, Dorothea Skinner. Second row: joe Youngs, Sid Needleman, Angela Morra, Judy Chasin, and Phil Dalton. Third row: jack Benson, Michael Le- vine, I-larold-Bessell, A. J. Jones. Interfaith Council W lN ORDER to better understand the varied re- ligious beliefs, the Inter-Faith Council was formed this year under the chairmanship of Lindy Pessin. Cn Thanksgiving Day a candle-light pro- gram was presented, followed by a film on "Brotherhood" During "Brotherhood Week'i , - is ff-.Na ' ' , . ,, 4 44 3 friday. 3,3 .,.'1 .-'K 1 - X . 'X 777 ,.. I ., y-: : gn if in Officers: Mike Levine, president, Jack Benson, vice-president, Angela Morra, secretary, and Dorothea Skin- ner, treasurer. of of of of Barry College, and Rabbi William Rosen- bloom, president of the Synagogue Council of America, as guest speakers. Membership consists of representatives from the religious groups on campus. the council and the National Conference Christians and Jews sponsored a series lectures featuring Dr. Paul Elbin, president West Liberty College, Father Cyril Burke 1. 4 .:. ..... 'C' f 1 , I f gs , L . 3 Y.. ,4 W ,Y WGA.. , i 2,1 Z . I s. -1-"' W . ' fe X 'f f f X X ', W f 9, S if .. , s-.- f -g,.:1J ,.,. ,, W Q X 0 E' ya, X X f 3' fsww-.zf:. .,,5j,'- Jef X syxx 1' s R f ,X X s -N i W -. , f fu e 0 , ,, X Ab sf f . -Eff .AW Q. 4 4 ggi, f X ,ff ,. X ig ' X ' N X fff? I t ' - X W S R44 2 ' 5 Elks WV S f Q f M164 W js g ' X' iq , W X A 4 XV Q Q f f fx W i ya., 53552 " ,Q 2 H, ..:.-..f.,:-5::Z,,.,.-I , .L Vps: f f A' fI5'fZ 6g Xw!,4f4figfMi we , X g 2 , M. K f W X Wwizwf f f .FS ass -2 ss ' ' ,iw ' li X lSsf Aa. g.f :,, f ny 4 Cffff fg if Wy. iq :ss Nfflfg 4 5, 1 is I i N Q X W Mfff.f'fs f f tiff 1 f f ff W f v Nw aww- nw 2 M I if 5 fr W f aw- X X . R N- W2 , v . f , ,f M .ff fsifq Q .4 is, i Q QW? R vs sl Q 'Sidi f, Z iff ,f ww M' 3 f 11z::N'3f l'5"'ifi'ffiz?ifgf:3iE'y as s f if 4 ' J s E XZ! Ziyi? 4 4 " ' ' 'eff VC ' f 9 iifwfmmzliix N ff'6s'1iZg3"2ai s , 2 f 1 f uf N. ut i fi f fi S is 5E,5yfi1'?5zH1 , i 4 2 W . - .. fy H .,,.. 1 L f 1 . Tum xozuz Ed Atkins, Pat KK , fire.: f ffif g ,V ' . . . . L Shipman, Lindy Pessin, A .... ,WM , 4 , - " ' C El 1' O l EI'1glES, BH1'lJ2l1'3. Y Z , W4 xy SQ! ,j7ff,, f ., .5 if ,':-,, 1, Mlzer' 'Second row: Sue fl g A' E . . i E Reed, Carol Ffyef Sue "-"' ' A N ' R . . 'f f, ,J -.-i ,m!,, fc ri- X 1 bfi A A 7 .- '-9:71124 - U1 2 N - n H 4 1' i i Levinson, Dick Rogers. , , 9'1,,,, r A . f sf ' , -' " Q p f- '-" f v 1 L ' . f 1 Z ,2i2.a'2iw',w-5r'flff!S3-'if N W ' ' 1: . ff f cv , 1, I Fit'-1:1 . . ,,1fp,f!.i- f n f ,-gym,2fjZ'Q5:2,f5n 4135? -4 if it ..: .i ii ..: , fx . 2 ,,.' . J . " " I- L 41 2 Y ? 2?-ff 2 Muff Z Ziff?-I 1 ' f X330 ' - .. . fe: .1 - sa., .V WfX 1.. f i- - Z' ' ' ....... il' Lg 1 :-.M Trout rom, left to right: jean Wailes, joan Latta, Diane Rubinow, l-Iazel jacob, jury 'Cross, Pat Martin, Nann Wiclcwii'e, Bunny Silberman, Peggy Csordas, Arlene Cluckstern. Second and third rows: Dorothy Dixson, Marjorie Berman, Lillian Mueller, Doris Carpenter, Mil- dred Mueller, Kay Seger, Jeanne Johanson, Georgianna Veeder, Mickie Einhorn, Clorianna Kuhn, Rozanne Cal- umbeck, Gloria Erlich, Pat I-lershon, Margaret Booth, Charlotte Saari, Nancy Riviere, Cynthia Pinto, Betty Ruth Hulbert. ' W0men's Residence Council PAJAMA PARTIES, Sunday night music hours, and informal dances directed by the Wfomenis Residence Council made dorm life gay for University co-eds. ln addition to planning San Sebas- tian social activities, Women's Resi- dence Council, made up of two repre- sentatives from each class, acted as the official governing body for the dormi- tory. A glimpse of college dorm life was provided the publicat an open-house gathering when prizes were awarded to the Htidiesti' rooms by the council. Officers: lane Arthur Etheridge, president, Bobbye McCahill, vice- president , Caroline Tanner, secretary, and Betty Levy, treasurer. Advisor: Mrs. Lillian Slack, assistant house director. - v PEM Club GRANGE, GREEN, Ann XYXHITE emblems worn on white uniforms identify the women physical education majors belonging to PEM club. I Qualified to serve as referees, scorekeepers, and timekeepers, PEM. Club members directed women's intramural sports. Officers : Irma McDonald, president , Betty Nancarrow, vice-president, Peggy Csordas, treasurer, and Betty Kerr, secretary. Faculty advisor: Mrs. Catherine Sample, physical education instructor. fl-'irst row: Bobbye McCahill, Carol Tannen, Betty Levy, jane A1 thur Etheridge, Marcia Pessin, Marjorie Thompson. Second row Sally Ritt Marion Cold, Jean Taradish, Rosalind Perlish, Sonia Becker Trout row: Bernice Dacks, Marilyn Mundy, Shirley Gold, Norma Deaton, Frieda Ankus, Eris Stevens, Bar- bara Anderson, Harry Lubar. Second row: Mr. Beiler, Ed Lewis, Gladys Tepper, Sally Hunter, Irene Erickson, Phyllis Christopher, Marion Hasty, Mitch Sandler, Jim Eckhart, Dr. Koenig, Jldvisor. i . 1- ak' ffirsl row: Ruth Belov, Neal Kolb, Audrey Gordon, Lillian Unger. Second rom: Mimi Brauner, Jerry Lllkiss, Lou Glaser, Lindy Pessin, Russell Butler. l H C CURRENT WORLD-WIDE issues were discussed by members of the international Relations Club, which conducted a campus poll on vital national and international questions. A series of lectures featured talks by Dr. Victor Andres Belaunde, University trustee, and the Reverend Joseph Barth, former Llni- versity professor. Officers: Charlotte Stamm, president, suc- ceeded by Marion Hasty , Edwyn Lewis, vice-president, and Bernice Dacks, secretary- treasurer. Co-counsellors: Dr. Duane Koenig, assistant professor of history, and Mr. Ross Beiler, assistant professor of government. MICA To PROVIDE soc1AL,cultural, and athle- tic activities for University students not affiliated with social fraternities or sororities is the goal of the Miami In- dependent Campus Association formed last fall. Meetings held twice a month featured prominent speakers. - Officers: Neal Kolb, president, Lindy Pessin, vice-president, Audrey - Gordon, recording secretary , Ruth Be- lov, corresponding secretary, and Louis Glaser, treasurer. Advisor: Mr. Daniel Monaco, government instructor. Seven council members were elected at large from the organization. Baptist Student Union BSU DELEGATES crowded on Grey- hound busses three times during the year to take part in conferences held throughout the state. But on campus, activities were spurred on by Mr. . Harold Massey, new student director. The yearns program included a vo- cational emphasis week, a barn party and waffle supper, Ridgecrest social, Mother Goose Banquet, and a nut- squirrel picnic. The Club' worked in conjunction with Wfestminster Fellow- ship in establishing a daily prayer meeting on campus. Gfficers: lvlargaret Blue, president , Frances Horn, enlistment vice-presi- dent, Betty Murray, social vice-presi- dent , Roseanne Blaclcstock, devotional vice-president, Christine Richards, secretary, and Frank Nagy, treasurer. Canterbury Club TUESDAY NIGHT was "supper timen for Epis- copal membersof the Canterbury Club. St. Phillip's Church was the scene of these fellow- ship gatherings when Bible teachings were discussed. Convention delegates brought back in- teresting and valuable information from the state conference at Avon Park, Fla. The Rev. Tirst row: Joan Rakowsky, ' Myrtle Kaebnick, Robert Kes- terton, Allison DeFoor, Rev. N. R. Davidson, Paula Nes- bit, Sydney Dimmig, Betty Lee. Second row: Anita Gay, Barbara Anne Newning, David Vogt, Lois Gilbert, Marjorie Norris, W. Daniel Hanford, Rosemarie Vitolo, Barbara E. Barclay, Elaine Esplin. Third row: John D. Arnold, Norvin Van Nost- rand, Louise Hill, Victor Taggett, Wyla Baldwin, Fred Williams, William jenkins, Evelyn Bogash. Seated: Sue Carnahan, Betty Murray. Second row: Chuck Brown Gloria Hamilton, Margaret Blue, Don Altmix, Martha Dunn, Tommie West. Third row: Harold Massey, Ray Brown, Jennings Featherstone Bill Sellers. Nathaniel Davidson supervised the student service projects, lending helpful advice to Episcopal students taking part in parish work. Cfficers: Paula Nesbit, Al DeFoor, Robert Kesterton, Sydney Dimmig, and Bob Patton, executive council , Aanabel Lee, secretary, and Myrtle Kaebnick, treasurer. ' t Faculty advisors: Dr. Wfilliam Dismukes, professor of romance languages, and Dr. Lester Wfheeler, professor of education. Tirsl row: Joseph Heard, Jeannette Clark, Jeanne Johanson, Charles Altschul, Le- , nore Joffee, B e t t y Brown, Lowell Veach. Second row: Stanley Seymore, Carol Frye, Mrs. Arnold Volpe, Os- car Wilsen, Thomas Martin, Irvin Leswing. Third row: Wayman Engles, Mrs. Ruth Fisher, Ann Richey. Chrlstlan SClBHCB,,,clUh Tl-IE FOURTH ANNUAL Christian Science lecture occupied the attention of all Christian Science Club members in preparation for John Sammons, promi- nent lecturer in the United States and abroad. The guest speaker addressed University students on the topic of "Christian Science, a Religion of Works." Officers: Joe l-leard, president, Lowell Veach, vice-president, Erwin Leswing, treasurer, Jeannette Clark, secretary, and Carol Frye, membership chair- man. Seated: Harry Klein, Betty Alvin, Betty Levy, Dan Kaplan, Morty C-alowitz, Marilyn Soclof. Standing: Stanley Saffron, Bernie Marks, Caryl Shapiro, Bernie Mandler, Lindy Pessin, Mindell Warfield, Sally Ritt, Dr. Albert Michels. Hillel VARSITY NIGHT climaxed the parties and programs that rounded out the year at l-lillel l-louse. Prominent among these events was an inter-faith "Christmas - Chanakauhv celebration and radio broadcast with members of other religious groups participating in the playlet. The Federation drive in March was topped off with a victory dance when Alpha Epsilon Phi and Phi Sigma Sigma were awarded cups for raising the largest funds. Movies on Tuesday started each week at l-lillel l-louse, followed on Wfednesday by the IVSA panel or ln- tercollegiate Zionist Federation of America. Thursday brought open house with parties, dancing, and holiday celebrations while religious services were held .on Friday evening. Gfficers: Dan Kaplan, president, Betty Levy, vice-president, Irene Ja- cobs, secretary, Morton Cialowitz, treasurer. Lutheran Club A STUDY of the Lutheran church and its doctrines was made by club mem- bers under the guidance of the Rev. C. J. Sutorius, pastor of the St. james Evangelical Lutheran Church. Dis- cussions included the significance of baptism and holy communion services. Miss ivlable Wfinston, national Lutheran student worker, visited with the group and assisted in the laying of plans for future work on the campus. Officers: lvlarilyn Hess, president , Karl Thomas, treasurer , lvlartha Hor- lamus, secretary, and Elizabeth Hor- lamus, publicity chairman. Left to right: Martha Horlamus, Elizabeth I-Iorl-amus, Rev. Carlton Sutorius, Lorraine Muller, Irene Erickson, Marilyn Hess. Wesley Foundation Disrinotiisrieo Pensonauries appeared on the guest speaker program of the Wesley Foundation, Methodist student organization. Dr. Richard T. Baker, author, editor, and for- eign correspondent, spoke on "ParadoXes of Our Timesf' !X pronnnent vidtor arousnag the interest of the Foundation with his colorful dress was Dr. Eddy Asirvathim, head of the department of political science at the University of Madras. Qther activities held this year included an all-student program presented during Brotherhood Wfeek entitled "This Thing Called Brotherhood." Monthly dinner meet- ings were enjoyed by members, and student conferences were widely attended. Officers: Mac Roper, president, Eneida Martinez, vice-president, and Edna Lou MC- Davit, secretary and personnel chairman. First row: Kay Collier, Georgette Andrews, jose- phine Wilburn, Ruth Tur- ner, Jacquelyn Brogdon, Mary Ann Bullock, Betty Butler. Second row: Eneida Martinez, Harry Hammer, Mack Roper, Dave Steele, Andy Carmichael, Augus- tina Duran, Betty I-Iowett. I1191 fFir5l row: George Shaffer, Milton Ossorio, Aline Delling, Helen Montgomery, Alyce Gene Lanier f Nancy Gramley, Annette Jones, Sam Martin, Rev. Bob Marsh- burn. Second row: Dolores Papy Mildred Penland, Peggy Jacob- son, Vivian Bloodworth, Marilyn Mundy, Elsie Burdin, Lucille I Westminster Fellowship CHOP, SLIEY was popular on the menu of the Westminster Fellowship suppers. Chief supervisor was the new student director, the Rev. Robert Marshburn, graduate of Prince- ton Theological Seminary. He spent several years as a missionary in Lima, Peru, before taking up his post at the University to lead Bible discussions and fellowship programs. Under the leadership of Annette Jones, the group joined forces with the Baptist Stu- dent Union in fostering noon-day prayer meetings on campus. Dther officers: Sam Martin, vice-presi- dent, Jane Arthur Etheridge, secretary, Nancy Holtz, treasurer, Nancy Gramley, membership, Frances Sheffield, publicity, Dick Burnt, social, Alyce Gene Lanier, pro- gram, and jim Gwinn, music. Stansell, Naomi Anderson, Sally Hunter, Harry Craig,' Sheldon Kosey. Third row: George Gwin, Ed Kenny, Matilda Corbly, Marion Hasty, Dick Berndt, Gilbert Geddes, Curtis Good- son, Brook Dunwoody, jim Gwin, Dick Summers. Newman Club UP IN TIME for sunrise, Catholic Newman Club members met for communion service and breakfast one Sunday a month. A beach party followed at Matheson Hammock. ln the evening the group returned to St. The- resais Church for a fellowship hour. Other Club events included a hay ride and Weiner roast at the North Miami Riding Academy. Members gave an Easter party for the orphans of St. Ioseph's Villa. Gfficers: Cy Sobeck, president, Bill Ker- dyke, vice-president, Betty Ann Harding, secretary, Jack Cahill, treasurer, Joe Murphy, publicity, Ed Atkins and Pat Shipman, inter- faith representatives, and lim Daughtery, social. Advisor: Father Francis Trainor, as- sistant pastor at the Church of the Little Flower. First row: Frank Coury, Rev. Bucko, Father Trainor, Betty Ann Harding, Loretta Lund, Ralph Buechel. Second row: Mary Lou Carlock, jackie Alexander, Ev- elyn Bogash, Agnes Gransden, Madeleine Munroe, Noreen Mc- Graw, Mary Lou Gegan, Cath- erine Williams, Beatrice Yonnese, Ana Salazar. Third row: Charles King, Frank McGee, Nicolaus Bruns, lim Eckhart, Frank Fra- tantonio, Francis Cashin, Paul Duchen, joe Endman, Terry m,,mH,m ,,,,,,,,,, -, W VJXI, -ww-H ,B W, W Scherick, Cv Sobeck, Tourth Left to right: Jerry Wright, Marilyn Ward, Marion McEwen, Dorothy Walker, Lamar McKey, Paul Cor- rington, Lucy Ann l-licks, Sam. Perry, Dolores Papy, Barbara Mizer. tra Greeks CAMPUS STRAY GREEK organization tucks under its wing members of national sororities and fraternities not represented on campus. Composed of 34 active members from 16 Greek letter groups, it is the only social organi- zation at the University having both men and women members. Following a written constitution, the Stray Creeks also boast an emblem-that of the broken Creek shield cemented together by a Stray Cfreek banner. Social get-togethers for members and dates gave an opportunity for inter-fraternity spirit. Opa Locka Naval Air Station was the scene of one informal gathering at the home of Sue Morehouse. lvlonday night meeting place varm ied between several of the members' residences. Scientific bridge systems were tested weekly at Stray Greek sponsored tournaments where refreshments were served and prizes awarded. The spring, formal at the Am-Vets Club in April climaxed the year's socials. In University activities Stray Greeks placed third in the Campus Charity Chest drive and third in the volleyball tournament. Officers: Barbara Mizer, president , Jerry Wright, vice-president, Nancy Riviere, sec- retary, Paul Corrington, treasurer , Dotty Walker, art chairman, and Martha Martin, Hurricane reporter. Advisors: Dr. William Dismukes, professor of romance languages, and Miss Eva Thomas, history instructor. Stamm was fl-lurricrme editor . . . Scofield ranks sixteenth in the women's national tennis singles . . . Hoffman wore the crown of Chi Cmega Carnival queen and was runner-up to "Miss University of Miami" . . . Nancy Riviere was a winner of the intramural swim- ming meet . . . Martin served as This associate editor: . . Papy was Ubis editor, Homecoming queen, and M Club Girl . . . Avery, McEwen were members of the flbis staff. ' flllll The Ml Ml Top: Ritt, Stamm, Erymark, and Gold in a copyreading session. Niclclle: Brelsford and Edwards scan Hurricane hot off the press. Bottom: Moseley knows it pays to advertise. - Q: K 1 is gn? tr - tml tw I 5 . -amff Z - XXYSIGMQ X555 , S i f l . . . 1- N ' tw-'ill warm at i G Sfglfftluf w'?,vA'tt:tx7l3B' .tmf 1 ft ei I I iff , t I t 5 s S236 wdgtiwnstfazlcnb fu e ., W- 1,1 Wgxwgwqmex is If t vi V ..M",, Wt' s 1 Charlotte Stamm, Ealitorsin-Chief EALL SEMESTER CHARLOTTE STAMM .....,....,..,....,....,..,.,...,,,,,,,,.,, ,, .,,-,.,.,,,,,,,.,,,. Editor-in-Chief MARVIN GREEN ......... ..... M anaging Editor SAI-I-Y RITT ,....,...,.v.. ..... .......... N e ws Editor DAVE KRASLOW .....r .....T,. ......... S p orts Editor MARTHA DUNN ,.... ....... O rganizations Editor MANNY ODZE ..... . ,.,,., Business Manager IOY MOSELEY ....,. Advertising Manager BILL ALVIN ...- .................. ......, C irculation Manager VEHNON CORDRY ....... - ......... . ...... ......,. .........,........,....,..,.... F a culty Advisor Reporters: Gene de Castro, Ruth Bdlov, Vernon Paul, Mayr Galatis, Hal Morris, Elmer Hall, Mathilad Stark, Gladyis Novack, Martha Martin, Marian Ginsberg, Alicia Brelsford, Thomasina West, George Chamberlin, Dorel Marks, Bernyce Badanes, Tobie Iacobtskind, Ioseph Morris, Ann Ellis, Feature Statt: Marguerite Michaud, Thelma Cohen, Howard Eisenberg, Paul Sawyer, Cliff Heinzel, Ann Meeks. Sports Staff: Donn Cuddy, Ed Oka, Gene Asher, Stan Saffron, Holmes Braddock, Norma Haas, Ierry Braverman, Arthur Roth. Photographers: Ed Taylor, Tom Butler, Duncan Qook, Stait Artists: lim Covalt, Dick Shlehstein, R. Wills. Editorial Assistants: Iohnnie Iohnfson, Ed Iones, Bill Sellers, Ioan Frymark, Ioyce Edwards, Hal Morris, Advertising Statt: Earl Brussel, Sidney Adler, Muriel Stolove, Circulation Staff: Herbert Ives. Manfred Odze, Business Manager ff! E Marvin Green, Editor-in-Chief SPRING SEMESTER MARVIN GREEN .,--V , ,,,,,,,.... Editor-in-Chiei CLIFF HEINZEI. .....,. ---. N SWS Editor Sports Editor DON CUDDY .,... ,Staif Artist DON CASE ..,,.....,,,...........fA....,V,.. ,-v,A -4,----. ----- MARTHA DUNN, RUTH BELOV ,,,,,,. ,,.,.. O rganizations Editors HAL MORRIS .,-,,A,4,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, ,A,, ,,.A....... E d i toriai Page VERNON CORDRY ...,A ..... F aculty Advisor BUSINESS STAFF IOY MOSELEY ,,,,,,.., ,.... , , ........ Business Manager SYDNEY DIMMIG .......,..,..,,.,,.. -. ,.......,...,, Advertising Manager L. KRUPSAW, M. WARNER ......., ,..... E xchange Editors HERBERT IVES ,A,,..,....,,,..,..,,.,,,. ..,.... C ircuiation Manager BROADCAST STAFF IACK MASLA, GLADYS NOVACK ...... ....,. N ews IULIAN OUINN. MIKE BAKER ......,,,,.., ,,,,,,, S ports joy Moseley, 'Business Manager HUHHICI-KN DAVE KRASLOW .......,... ........ M anaging Editor Top: Kraslow checks proof . . . Ad "executive" Dim- mig relaxes after ads for the week are in . . . Depart- ment editors C-iachino, Cuddy, Belov, and I-Ieinzel scan big news breaks for the week . . . Dunn, Epstein, Cohn, and Ives approve of make-up. A is ,JZ 2' "'fiy75?4 f 1" ,Iii N A si Q1 717 ' Lia J ffm' db g F Dolores Papy, Editor-in-Cbief 0 , Cordon Pred, Business Wlanager ' Ibis Staff DoLoREs PAPY, Editor-in-Claief GORDON PRED, Business Wianager IRENE ERICKSON, Managing Editor ROBERT SWEET, flrt Editor MARTHA MARTIN, flssociate Editor SYDNEY ADLER, Advertising Wianager ANNETTE JONES, feature Editor RICHARD GERSTEIN, Sports Editor MARY FLYNN, Tine Jlrts Editor ROBERTA COLLIER, Faculty Editor SYDNEY DIMMIG, Organizations Editor PAUL COUSINS, Portrait Editor MAYNETTE AVERY, Beauty Editor JOHN MCGUIRE, fraternity Editor MATHILDA STARK, Sorority Editor JOHN Qu1NN,Soutk Campus Editor FRED FLEMING, Plaotograplaer DR. NORMAN R. BUCI-IAN, Tacuity Jldvisor Fred Flemm g Photographer . X Erickson, Wlanaging Editor , Martha Martin, Associate Editor STAFF ASSOCIATES : EDITORIAL: Rosalie Hill, Bobbye Bradley, Vincent Spinelli, Martha Dunn, Manfred Berliner, Victor Tutan Margaret Blue, Jack Phillips, Walter Etling, Charles Franklin, Marilyn Mundy, Helen Conkling, Catherine Shaddick, Mary Frank, Alyce Gene Lanier, Ann Avery Marion McEwen, Adele Goddard, Gloria Cohen, Harold Greenberg, Sydney Schwartz, Nina Faye johnson, Tom mie West, Stanley Saffron, Dorel Marks, Dolores Der rico, Sonya Danbaum, Stanley Saffron, Rodney Post Hal Morris, Sydney Schwartz. ART: Loren Reel, Peggy Robinson, Albert Curson Sylvia Selevan. BUSINESS: Barbara Musset, lack Waddell, William Parker, Sam Rabin, Winifred Wood, Audrey Epstein William Chastain, Edward Klar, Abner Solomon PHOTOGRAPHY: Richard Cox, Don Case Edwin Taylor David Moldan, Raymond Taylor, David Antebi Bob Sweet, Jlrt Editor, Bland Bowers, Printer ALTHOUGH the opposing parties aren't termed Democratic or Republican, Student Association elections are conducted in much the same manner as national campaigns. 'fWhat bloc are you in?J' is as commonplace as the weather during election epidemics. After petitions bearing countless signatures are turned over to the election board, the campaign is officially on. Simultaneously, posters appear everywhere. Candidates sud- denly change from hermits to Heverybodyis palsf' Campaign speeches can be summarized by the "Duzi' motto-each candidate promises to do everything. The "big day" arrives. Everywhere the voter is greeted by candidates, fraternity brothers, sorority members, and cousins all popping the proverbial "Have you voted for Smoe yet?,, Everywhere the voter is reminded flllfll - The tudent to cast his ballot. The Hurricane, signs on blackboards, and PA systems all prod him. Candidates may win by majority vote in the primary or face a final poll. With victors announced, peace again returns to the cam- pus, and all resume a normal life-except the janitor whose following days are spent sweeping up the now worthless campaign literature. With new officers installed, the wheels of the Senate begin to turn. The Senate, com- posed of four senators from each class and four additional members elected from the Law School, meets twice a month. The Stu- dent Association president leads Senate dis- cussions while the other officers perform their respective duties. The Senate appropriates money for stu- dent activities, both for school projects Association and social affairs. This year the Senate took hold of the reins in guid- ing numerous campus drives, such as the Campus Charity Chest and World Student Service Fund camgaign, Homecoming activities, including the bonfires and the float motorcade in the Grange Bowl, enlargement of the Slop Shop, a University song-writing contest, installation of recreational rooms and furniture, and the amend- ment of the student constitution. Officers who made up executive department of the Student Associa- tion were: Charlie Franklin, president , Al Adler, vice-president, Elsie Gray, s e c r e t a r y, and Bobbye McCahill treasurer. Sue Carnahan, a sopho- more senator, replaced Elsie Gray the second semester. Left io right: Rosalie I-lill, Mary Lou Roberts, Sue Carnahan, Frank Guilford, Bill Kerdyk, George Kemper, Fred Nesbitt, Harlan Street, Tom Tatham, Elsie Gray, Charlie Franklin, Al Adler, Bobbye McCahill, Mike Levine, Gloria johnson, Janice Greenfield, Irwin Kiman, Annette Jones, Ann Childress, and Sally Ritt. McCahill, Adler, Gray, and Franklin take time out for "the pause that refreshes." Q E E GM , , M E-j Wmizuzw kv Wx A UF Sd: Ve E S ? 2, I 2 I I I I I I E 3 1 I mi-ig ' T w 4 Q A s 'wg '- XX AWA x b I .e:s:::s:::a:a-a 2- f ' x 2 ' f 0 7 '7 mv , M Ska ,vi 9 if xv , , M V2 M if X4 f N 6 xwpy -, Q NN f. JW Aw, ,, J , - wg A X. X 1 K XR 1 1 x qi, ,, 72 ,qv ggi , .H ' ,.-W' .M- ..-1'W"' ' - -.., ' f - '.f,,. ..1-.,,-,,.-5.--ffw-:-3.-gil--?4,,,. . ' 4 -V.-Cif19.jgfQ25V?f-.Qi?5jig.5,:xjQ-'x55'fifig? ' 9 1 ,..'Jf,aig?,z:f21".,..f. ,g55:g3.,:,,,fF,.,.1j':.-gfrf , Q ?,iQ-Sfgfis. - . . L.3"Tf"ff-.fag iraq.-'-'r'3 Q- ' " I k- l w , , , ,, .',,,:': - ' - - '- Lisa.: F 3 .i:.w5445.2-.2-.tgsa . A ff- " , ,- .Q .15-411: -1, -,cgffm-1" Q '- , . Ny, 'Q A- 115.-f 5'---.Lf ,, 31'm52.5K'9'.i?,?5i52?ff J -we . . . - : 'f3?-QFENLJV'-.f9I?'f ,ig - K . ' ' ' Q., ti - LQQNJ '-P 23' - -S T-A-. ,- - ,n . ." F - -2-tgp -9-im-5 ' . 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V .-fn., 4.-L---1-, - ..'- - - J,--' z' -- - - ' ' - - Qafnizi ,igf-:fi F1551 5221 -- Y:-kanji . LQ. -2 ', 2 J--..-Zi.-15-1-.1 1. ia? ' : " '2 ' .+QggQ,l"5i4iE 5g?fj9fE'fif.5?i3:i+Ql5' ' ' '- -- " wg -. "'ffvg:.':1,Q:5:-.iqzgi " ' '--'X-g'.,,5.:4u5, ' x 4"ff9?'v: 32.3.5 'J-six!-31' l iff: -w, J ., ,.. -TR, ,WV 1-:gin-, .., .. Tiff- :Ml ?ufgt,f-E : -, f 1.. ' S151 , -- H , . 1. . . ,, 1 wx-,.,qH 'envy ' 1. . vw "'-. 'W,1- -tk --. .x Egg,-, 55:4-1. .5 .K ' -- 1':'x'?ia"--'Full s-grey'-'::',l 1 45 . ky .54-,u-, Y ,, Xl EX -'L ':, fl Q, ,,, X. . .4., 11, -, , Km- , . ---.-as . . .1 is ,, -- 1-5 ' :.41.,12., - -f up .wb -.zz 1 '. 's.,- - .-Je-6.9 . ., Maw -' ' - 2 wiv.-.-, -.- -g-2,11 s. . .1 - A ., 5. 1, --: ' rt '- E- ' R ' .V , ., X 1 it-If 'fgl Q 5 o oife "EAST IS EAST, and West is West, but never the twain shall meetfj Rudyard Kipling would have been left aghast could he have seen the cosmopolitan University of Miami. Attracting scholars from all over the world, the University has become a melting pot at the crossroads. Here mingle a scion of an old ruling family of lran with a Texas rancher or a Wisconsin dairy maid. ' - South America lends its Latin touch by sending seven sons. , Two London students traveled from the East while from the western part of the globe came four natives of Oahu, Hawaii, and the Philippines. Escaping the icy blasts of Alaska and three Canadian provinces, five journeyed southward. Three from Panama and Trinidad, rep- H. 1 ,X . .P-f . ,.,-,QQ . . - . H.--,. Y..., . .4 .. ., .,N,,.., 4' w . fn.. , . 4 1. 'R-H - -- -.L .I-9. ', Q.. 1"51-:E-L resent the warm equatorial climes. Closer to home than the many who came from the i neighboring state of Georgia, are the 36 students of Puerto Rico and Cuba. 2 2 "Nu Forty-five states are represented in the University's enrollment of nearly 7,000. .1.:.:: . 'gfif "fag : Q ' -. 5- X lain: f9W?'. - .. . 2, .31 137, Q: -if ,. Florida-3,444 ' "f?'P? New York-5 57 . -- 4. '--a'3.g:J. --4v412g5Tj-2-:'7' iii, ul . -fii15gf::jgs5, .ggi-35.112, New jersey-200 ' - . .:- - ' - ---. 'Rf :HT 11- :J iiiiifibin -1'fffv3.:i:' - 1:1 .W - .gsaw Pennsylvania-185 - .f:,q-fa1.:..1. g . '5 "" ' 9 '7 1 ' ,A M2-SSHChuSetfS-127 S - -. Ha '-'--T':'a?!w 'fir' F- ' ' - ' . - f t f' 111111015-95 -gf, ' -q,5l2j::'jil,J:'.1i' CODHECt1CUti64 Ll BA . - "T1? ' i-Q5 0150-51 , I V . 'jgx 3' . ,Q?fB35i,f7r , ,!.'i'Hi:' - T - a , Geofgla 46 .. ""l"."'ff ' ' ' "f1i'l.55i Michi an-38 if -- - 1-4- ll im?" T '- Tenneisee 33 f T0 . , ,g A - Q, 'EP . . .-,, ,5 35,t :,.L - f 5, ..- 7972" g,gQfgl'wQ5-r, North CaI'0l1na-27 - -my-1 frfeie- t. . afffw . - .. a s-s ' Indiana-24 3:15,-'gfitf--'-2"'f Q'a5""f' 'U P ie.-'L-F-5:15-" , , ., '-' 1 . 1. 3--,2f"E:!3-nik: J" PM 4 -zz.,-.,:.f--49549 ' --. - fe -. f 2-'ffii-i?E5'f5faJi'2 i DAD F ' r-'i":?T5f9i'?'-?l'2-HL K'-mfUCkY-24 ff .. Q e -'bi 2?xpPft- fwffgw- Egifts . .... .asf-fs,a Maryland-22 " are-Z ,' 4 - - ,-, Ja:a.q,. - ., waz..-L , r-qq,g3gg-5g,f,ggg'faq4gffss3,ie.a.sg1- West Vila iniailg . w w . ggi- YJ-4 Q 2,--Q.-'Q' ,- ig: -1,"jjgif'.,,,11?+- ,f 1.4.1 Qty., . . ., 5 . Missouri-18 '-:.,.1: 1-4gfsv..'..,' 3 ..:ui3-'- j .:'is-'Avfi'Q'n,j-if.,-9913.5G-'.'--P53 , , , I LA H 3 Virginia-17 --. ' ' '2g-"-!- 1-if., lv - - Alabama-16 l , - California-13 I, ., 1 54g:,1.P,-gQ,t53fg:'s,r,a55.1g,jQg-Egea.. A 'f' 97- 1- Q.. .335A5i.'fff -.z.?7'i5-T53-fit?Iii'-1553 South Carolina-13 f,-ia-fisiggi'-Aiea sr. LUMB'A District of Columbia 1-eiliaafifamf 2. - ' . . , ,F , Louisiana-10 ,.,'5q5f'Tge',.1ii,s:P2ggQ,122452: 4 ' . . ,- ' -.""-'-"' if-15-71. .xr-4 lx W if ,ju , M Rhode Island-10 ,' ' ,.:t-f:1- Y , , - jan:--,1 f ft l .' 1-'-.ka-w'1,-,,:. - " ,. 5511 . Sl 'Fav 3 Minnesota-8 E J , ' '1 L W ?-Q1 ..-L11g,1' .yi'1 . -5:54--til 1155- 'sf . - if ' - 5 ' ' 0,21 --51 TCX3918 Mm-, T . NU Ng ' W, , 7 5 . , 'ES,.-sc 'ai ai"f-i!i,i2:E?'TL'j I ' isconsin- ' ' A k 5 2 fr- 1 .- , 3 -.J ..t, ,, .L - . Iowa-3 rl . 1 'P-----1155 .2 Mississi i-4 fl! is . .,. , 'ff ' pp . rl" fig ? ' -- -- s . Q L New Hampshire-4 1--Sl . , 111 ..-:11gi.Q:f44f ,, qggsif M -. Om-ana-3 .- Nebraska-3 :'- .ti New MeYiC0-3 4 Washington-3 'I " ' " '-L " - 'a 'j-.-,-t.'fzpj,.-jgqfm-I' ,gptj1i7gE,Ef5,::-agrvffwi7,5a3,j3gEL,i:hw--.-5315532gQgf'55gQ ""2'97qh, Q- ,H f-:.r?f". - .js wr' ' ' -.11-'ag T ' Delaware-2 ' ' -Q- 'ff .4 - eg X ' f F' Kansas-2 i Idaho, North Dakota, Oklahoma, - Oregon , South Dakota, Vermont, 'T--y .:-rj-.-gi :Figs-.f.j av 11" - -' ,r ,. , 1 l . r i 2 and Wyoming-1 lu fx' Y. 1 1 L li 36 a w 11 W I ,I v I The auth, that is . . . THE YEAR 1945 and the end of Wforld War ll found many Glis eager to return to the classroom. Universities all over the country began to expand and to make way for the education-hungry veterans. Quonset huts were set up as housing facilities at some col- leges-Army and Navy barracks for others. This was an era of learning, and the universi- ties as well as the Government pitched in to help Cl Joe. The University of Miami, one of the fastest growing institutions of learning in the nation, also set about preparing an expansion pro- gram to accommodate veterans. Use of the Richmond Naval Air Base was granted by the Government to absorb the overflow. The base was well-equipped-for the Navy-but not for the college student trying to forget his former military environment. The initial enrollment on South Campus in November came close to reaching the 500 mark. The majority of these students were taken aback. They had an idea that college life was out of this world . . . coeds . . . dances . . . sports. They had not stopped to realize the difficulties created all over the country by the sudden influx of veterans clamoring for an education. Yes . . . the first week found many students wanting to go home and try their luck at an- other school. A few did-but the majority decided to make the best of the situation. South Campus lies about 12 miles from the Main Campus and 18 miles from Miami, The transportation problem was partly solved Top to bottom: Freshmen relax in the Richmond Slop Shop . . . Men keep freshmen dorms spic and span . . . Chef over the cook pot . . . Breeze staff nods approval ton last edition . . . Chow hall during a lull . . . Ping Pong champs in action. Top to bottom: No girls allowed in this typing class . . . The living is easy in former BOQ lounge . . . Three freshmen collaborate on a physics formula . . . Dillon's the man in a heated campaign . . . Local Richmond fire chiefs welcome student helpmates . . . Richmond l2001 students import female talent to reign as queen . . . This block wanted Shore . . . Local gossip is passed on at "Red, barbershop. by a bus system, but the chief difficulty re- mained-lack of recreational facilities. Being great sports lovers, these freshmen looked around the vacant fields. The outdoor basketball court was cluttered with pebbles. . . the tennis courts were dug up . . . the football field was piled high with weeds. It was not long, though, before these facili- ties were put into shape. The outdoor basket- ball courts were plowed and packed . . . the football field and the volleyball courts were weeded . . . a baseball diamond was set up and the tennis courts were groomed for use. South Campus put on a new, colorful dress. A group of men got together . . .found an old football, formed teams and played against each other. Some played basketball and pitched horseshoes. An indoor basketball court was established and an outdoor boxing arena. lntramural football, basketball and bowling leagues were formed. Pool and ping pong tournaments were held. South Campus var- sity softball, baseball, track, and basketball teams were matched against top teams in the Miami area. Walter Kichefski, present end coach and former varsity football star, became the athletic director. ' A weekly mimeographed news sheet called the Breeze was put out by the journalism class. l-lere the South Campus men read about local news and happenings. It recommended "student governmentn and set forth a plan whereby the government association could be formed. Yes . . . the South Campus became a self- sustaining unit offering veterans a well-round- ed education. "College life is what you make it" . . . and they made it . . . and liked it. Richmond students enjoy facilities in the ex-navy recrea- tion hall . . . Top to bottom: Pool room expert takes careful aim for crack shot . . . Boxing enthusiasts work out with the "one, two" . . . Bowling alleys are large and modern in the "rec" hall . . . Well kept tennis courts provide for year-'round outdoor sunshine. The tm' of Expansion VITAL CI-IANCES that have taken place last year, this year, and those that will take place next year have been more fundamental and far-reaching than thoseof any other three-year period of the University's history. The University of Miami has been an institution marked by change since its beginning in 1926. All students know of the original plans for the University and how conditions voided the hopes of starting classes in a well- developed and well-rounded institution with superb, modern facilities. Sometimes early disappointments de- stroy an institution, sometimes they work for the best. Many feel that the University of Miami of today is a superior institution with a brighter future than it would have been had the original plans been realized. ln 1926 the University of Miami opened in one tem- porary building without dormitory facilities-with an enrollment about equal in number to our present regular faculty-with an indebtedness instead of an endowment -and with a nation working up to its last spree before the great depression. The first 19 years of change coupled the growth of the institution with the Universityls efforts to establish itself as an accredited institution of higher learning. The accumulation of the physical facilities necessary to accomplish growth was a slow but steady process. During the school year of 1945--16, the University's full time enrollment jumped from 1,750 to 2,500 with all classes being held in the main Anastasia Building on North Campus, in the Law School buildings, and in the Granada Worksliop of the School of Music. These build- ings were supplemented by dormitories filled to capacity, including the San Sebastian, the Santander, the Stohn Top cmd around: Student Activity Building: Aerial View of Vets Housing in Foregroimd, Fine Arts Building Opposite: Entrance Foyer oi Lecture Hall: Front View of Lecture Hall: Entrance to North Wing Classroom: Aerial View of Classroom Buildings: Veterans Housing. group, the new Navy dormitories, the French Village, and Lejeune Dormitory. Here with turmoil, crowded conditions, and much discomfort to all concerned, a har- assed administration considered its 245 acres of pros- pective new campus, on which stood only the original unfinished building. ln the spring of 1946, the Board of Trustees decided to go ahead with the erection of a new classroom build- ing on the Main campus with the expectation that it would be ready for occupancy by October 1. They also gave approval for the use of temporary buildings to be furnished by the Government. All science laboratory changes were made between the close of the spring semester of 1946 and the open- ing of the first summer session. During the summer, library space was expanded, and equipment was pro- cured for the new laboratories. ln June actual work began on the construction of the new classroom building. Because of delays in obtaining Government permission to secure the temporary buildings, orders were placed July 10 for lumber. During August and September, 28 of these temporary buildings were constructed on the Main Campus to provide the additional space needed. During the second summer session classes were suddenly transferred to the Main campus. ' During the few days between the second summer session and the opening of the fall session, the School of Music was moved from the Granada Shops to the Main campus. Also during the summer the University major administrative offices were moved from the San Sebastian to the Main Anastasia building. ln cooperation with the Federal Government, 900 single men and 150 married veterans were accommodated in buildings at the 20th street Army Air Field. On September 1 the University signed a Navy contract leasing the Richmond lighter-than-air Naval Base. Dur- ing October, reconversion provided classroom space and housing for approximately 500 freshmen starting classes on November 1. By November 1 the University's en- rollment had mounted to 5,600 students on its North, Main, and South campuses. A fleet of 30 busses served as transportation between four major centers of housing and instruction. Immediate plans for the year of 1947-48 include the moving of several Navy buildings to the new Main cam- pus. These buildings will be equipped to serve as an additional major restaurant, an administrative office building, a new chemistry laboratory, and new physics and biology laboratories. If plans are successful these buildings may be amplified to permit all instruction in fthe biological sciences in 1947-48 to be given on the Main campus. Near the biology laboratories a green- house with adjoining greenhouse seeding plots to be used for research in horticulture is expected to be built. Ele- mentary laboratory instruction will be carried on at South campus where present plans also call for the set- ting up of a new freshman chemistry laboratory. Throughout the summer and possibly early fall, the University will construct S5,000,000.00 worth of permanent housing on the Main campus. This housing will consist of over 500 apartments available for fami- lies or student groups. A major restaurant and club house to be located on the lake which is now being dug should be completed in early autumn. The University is now constructing the first baseball diamond on its new athletic field and hopes are high that by next autumn the athletic area on the new campus will be well under way. The University will expand its engineering facilities and in October will offer the third year of engineering training. Certainly the student who enrolls at the University of Miami in the autumn of 1947 and who knew the Uni- versity in the autumn of 1945 will agree that the changes that have taken place at this institution over a three- year period have been unusual, even for the University of Miami. -jay F. Pearson, 'Vice Presitienl -1 4-X"c. "fz25'P' K" ' -Ld, . .ref 1:41 1.--L . t 2 , -...W N, A 1. U ., . pr',,,. .,. .v,a. A-ffemsf .J 'W-fa-.1-,,.,...,- L, -M www. ik? HN 45 -.M ZX Aww X? M ,Q X25 84+ QI wig 5955 Communit Life FOURTEEN MONTHS AGO the Ferry Gommandl d an ed Glis 36 hours out of Germany at the zoth Street locale. Today the air base has been converted into a self-sufficient village by community-minded University vets. A typical day for ex-Gl students George and Joan Nicholas pictured from top to bottom: George helps with breakfast dishes to make 830 classe . s . . . Joanis washday is made easier at the self-service laundry . . . Joan and George leave their studies to attend Wednesday night choir practice . . . Post Office also serves for gossip ex- change Geor e d . . . g an Joan drop in for a coke at the former GI P-X Cnow the "corner drugstorenj . . . Joan checks over repairs made hy the local shoe shop . . . George and Joan return to the "comf orts of homei' after a hard day at school. Emerges at 20th . freed ,,. ,, A , - , f2,2.,,..?'l'- 311. ASW' 'WEE' A SWE? its-15 E Q-its ' ua 'W SF' Bett C0-ed at ll M Top to botio1n:West view of San Sebastian dormitory . . . joeis picture lends inspiration . . . "Susie!! He does have a friendln . . . A hand of bridge in the san Sab patio . . . "Signing outn for a dinner date is ha dormitory rule for Betty Co-ed. I. G Q ,,,, Vo V I f Joy no bottom: Sunday music hour . . . Bunks save r space and make dorm life more fun . . . "Was Mary planning to wear this?" . . . Modern architecture new University trend . . . Daisy won't mind if I drop in for a chat. Ei Top to bottom: Anastasia dorm has a homey atmos- l2081 phere . . . "I-lere's the towel you forgot" . . . Satur- day morning and the living is easy . . . Tuning in on a University sponsored show over WBAY . . Q A busy street in French Village. Top to bottom: Vets relax to concentrate . . . "Lift to the Main Campus, buddy?" . . . A letter from Mom l209l . . . Home of the gridiron heroes . . . Letls see if itls in this drawer . . . Football boys pile into lnkyjs car . . . View of Anastasia dorm. Ey':.Jr Wllllplne X7 5 G s V2'nff'7 R Ve 'll 'O 0 V ' ,. 0?'?'Qs-Qpfofefffnf SW Ggewwf W, 'YIM tal"5nVld t' ' fb 6, 9,912 33630 f' ?: Yoxau, Crip 6 Q? gm o 'OT' ,E - 6 , 'A rngawlgx . Qw0HiiEeX.' a was ss 445, S, 5eQ1i,f' fheX' an g Qgsgl QWQLQQ R, 43 y nfl JO Zqox " 6' awhe NHMQ I A KL fr' 'X Wd iq' LQUYXAW sv giliifht is .451 S931 Q, fbxmsihii lQ ss 4 Hp - vp .sfiffilty A ' V Qwfvy a P' fs"11f4ifflSxgi e'aY N N f 59 92525 ewexsweex QV 56? Biablm 2- V fa' vm M0631 5536315511 Gu, E "'7wi:.?o2i:1'?fihiEE'lu11g.42DK f 2 s wegeag 'HCI 2 ggfriS6gN 4imfLh: gf ':'5: A A tljdl . '1l40n'res-1fIe C :E S -vb. 8513.53 fa f1-- cy Q thgiflz Iv. Rlfbmag 65811, Jlf i . QQ , o ,Saio gmrnises qrlgj 'fm s 5 quad P75 25 in gg? 99' xl? HSM?-i.5f'fv'ZES 555 dfalll wollffi' Q E E I E Q .Q QR .,,,f iid J' is -A ' - -Q s 'Q M 5 Qlwilh UM 9 Riffs. gg 3 lux OW d. a hiaraF?1' ,X 15 bog' V H , , fa ... Fourth faftj 7 VVILZQEQEEE ff:.:. ., -M m.,,,, A -sw 6 2, gg, QE gsm?-Q 121 .E o?gg115g3 ff fanipgn Lashes 2 '333bafflZS3LnM'?ff2f 3313 lxsqlewer f .furedu Annoimfsg 46 'lf wi sr- 1" 'b ,LQQHQ We A 3222 - rixegrxng r Qgouncedls S ,a Ql -K ,fit I S' Q1 tkffedflfs ie ss QI Lqhcaffjpgs Tr?-ms Or,,uSfig5i,. X9 QfigmfgillthiifirCe05zi5Qg?2iSF5:aCf!2 sz may ssfss ffiifbfifs 01 V5 5RQaciEi?53flff,C?0f,jhZ1113f Eiishoiid 1503, M S 4' rss ' '5l2,1.,,,rive Sing? mana ei, 57131 It sfegls toni is a 4--- P r- Most snectacular oftns H Fi DAL 'W 'S.H'ganlf1- OQ1, -:,, A vvedrissiiav, Q Law. School Publishes HQ 'ig ' 5!gQ0XWa6 REVIEW oi Documents Vqj uhh 51 N CL 'H , - hts Q . X er L1 6.1 IS DF' 'KQHHRSX To Play Und g Xsmjlizzl ml glass? if B11 eife ff s ' Rail' IH,-I -I -JP """' ifS,35gi?'7le Dffw x 6 s .ll S XE?l:hc3EcuSieOiS3M7 -fi. Most Q Q gzgg fl glaze 512 hi I I Q S .55 f'55"'5?J'eBuuulll' 9 63. 1-Mm, y 3 3 My 1lV?Z,a Z C3 Q Xdlfjteu UI K Q, Q if 5 'T firm 3390 Jgai 'S amemegl md ,512fw"Q 7 4 fm, ' Wi AS vu Xggifffaqgffv S KM, + Ring Thf:ii 22,:i21E3i3' S iv ,L - - Qlffo, tj, 61' i D 9 ' el IA my Q 53 QD Qgfkxjo Iguchjgcggmj 0 j. 6 1' ' "u' ElTS1 o GH AF' Q fc K' X' U ef, ,V' dgfxlg 6 E fy AO Q PS fafifnfhf QQ' 6jZ Z531fff0f' Sf? " for AJ 5 an W lk, fwfg.. ,mg C 366 Qqqgpiqo WSIG , xus OI U' Q0 6 'Vn C' 5-1q,,,,'UeWr'aYnhit5'Qnb11fQ?2 Gi QQ is 04ggi 222Q??f5 ?QGLgk5 QOEhg53e1??s1"2 f " Q 'A W' 9 I aw Qzfzj Q39 hx t 6 d ls f-so, big ,D 1' 3 6 Wm 3 , 'Q f Sillltuljlllssl' bSCv,5f',,,7 h a ,A 6103 i0n4f,Qifg9'!f?p?! 'W Gen 6' I-Jess - A-il-.I I a O G in ygx Q QQ QQ, A -King t 6 0 , bOm+1fx+Vf.1f2a,,w "-f.,,,.,, -. Qbesgii ' 6 041 656' f' ' 1 " Q11 ff A 1' i ' if gllacg' 'ff 1 by !?2"'Q'.,QgS' P FROGS Tug QANELSQ SW" x, c N' YL Rv I'-,gg 1 fl QQG Xs aff V Vu Sxojwd X cg? Eitihaiifhey. -X , fl- Q 0: C1 5 LQKNSXKNS xo geggxgxv :I SE W WY3362' ,T E 5 5 ' is SY- 4 fu ag 55,3 mg gg N' IP QNX 9 we 2145522 33 RW. 69? . A Us g ' QM Y f S055 4 Q Q O S v Q Qov , I-I-I LA G v 6 gqeigwfs Sgfgfeosiii 52556 ' 0. 2-X3 052: 0 'ay A ' . YO x 5 S ' an Y ,fn 'Pig Vzefvm-1 2 ,- 22,6 9- 'aw : 'fn i -N N9061' Q M1010 AAC. 1 Q Y 1 : Q Q if Cumpusihursdmw T , cmig ed For South A Wm F-ace ,Gators ,g ,..,'mwiZ0?gii, gl' 5, gg' x Q4 X . ii ,f w, L I 1 i w SE 1 1,1 'Jw ,,,, ' Q Sponsored by Sigma Chi f2141 Ann Chi Sponsored by Uni Omega - - W- ..........J l2l5l Y 11 L G l 4 E 1 F W 1 Y I n I i w. 3 1 Stewart Sponsored by Jllplva Delta Jji. f2171 L., ...Q 12131 B arh ara Sponsored by Sigma Jllpka Nu ll., BULXA AHLMA ci by 'Kappa Kappa Spcmsofe CNUEN COOPER Sponsored by Lambda Chi Alpha BETTY BOWERS b Alpha Delta ?i ANN CLEXMAN 1. S igma N Qamma Spoasofaa y MARY cl bi 'KGDDL Spoasore M S Spolfzsored by Delta Zefa ARY CALA TI BARRIE GEDDES Sponsored by Kappa Sigma MARILYN CERSTEIN ANNETTE H Sponsored by Ply! Epsilon Pi OLTZMAN Sponsored by Yola 41,1979 aPz We JAN ICE JESTER Sponsored by Delta Qamma ANNETTE JONES Sponsored by Sigma Jllpba Epsilon WANDA KESINGER Sponsored by Zeta Tau Jllpba ANABEL LEE Sponsored by Delta Zeta PEGGY O'BRIEN Sponsored by Pi Kappa Jllpba PAT POLSON Sponsored bv Alpha Epsilon Ploi CONNIE RONDE Sponsored by Lambda Cbi Jllpba ROSALYN SI-IARAF Sponsored by Uota Jllpba Pi ADELE STONE Sponsored by Pbi Epsilon Pi GWEN STRONG Sponsored by Sigma Kappa fn f 7 ,ncA6',, wr -ww Fm. PATRICIA SWENSON Sponsored by Zeta Tau Jllpba BETTY PAICE TODD Sponsorecl by Delta QCIITIIIILI DOROTHY WALKER Sponsored by Stray Qreelzs MARTIE WARNER Sponsored by Zeta Beta Tau BETTY JO WILSON Sponsored by Sigma Jllpba Epsilon MARTHA WYNNS RITA ZARET Sponsored by Cbi Omega Sponsored by Alploa Epsilon Plat Danny Kaye judge of the ,47 UBUS Beauties BETTER KNOWN as the "Brooklyn Kidj '... Used a puckish sense of humor to skyrocket himself to stage and screen stardom . . . Favorite script writer is wife Syl- via . . . Surrounded by Hbeauti- ful womenn for his 32 young years, his associates dub him a connoisseur . . . Claims his infant daughter will some day seek llais beauty fame . . . When shown a picture of "Charlie lbisn re- marked, "Love that birdln JVM I .1 . .. E r-Q2HK,r11,M 'N Ahef' 'QPFP AMQO 'S' P If W v 2 ., SAN NT Wx AVN SQ 6 jk 2 Ks A o?Kf LDT' L5 my Y I N ' xv I ' Dall, "7 S5 SJW W I we ,ag if 'fo ,ik CR ny, . ,Q 5 Betty Alvin Margie Berman Gloria Bernstein Charlotte Black Barbara Brown Lynn Carlin Norma Carlin Geraldine Cohen Iuoly Deutch Margie Gerstein Marion Gold Ryca Goldman Dorothy Goldstein Ruth Goldstein Ianice Greenfield Lillian Grosls Audrey Hankolf Harriet Hart Tobie Iacobskind Eileen Kagan Betty Levy Adele Lifter Mona Pastroif Pat Polson Barbara Prentis Ioan Rodenberg Myril Seltzer Phyllis Steinbach Audrey Stern Adele Stone Hope Tanembaum Rozalind Taradash Ioan Weidberg Mindel Warfield lpha Epsilon Phi BIRTH PLACE was Barnard College in 1909 ...,Arnvedcm1cmnpusni1938.. ..Levy was vice-president of Hillel and treasurer of San Sab .... 'fanenbaunixvassenator and presided over Panhellenic . . . Warfield was dean of chapter . . . Presented latest styles at University of Miami Fashion Show . . . . l-leld open house for pledges . . . . "Winter Formalu at the Sea lsle, main social event .... Semi-finalists in volleyball .... Ihnah Shore Ddardyn and loan Canun flaunt the green and white .... Favorite flower is lily-of-the-valley. Holding an official "con-fahi' before other actives arrive are Zaret, vice-president, Warfield, president, Alvin, treasurer, and Levy, secretary. 9 Top: Seltzer and Margolis point out a new chapter site to Tanembaum. Below: Taradash, Bernstein, Gold, and Berman help themselves to the chapter candy. NOT PICTURED Sheila Barskin Denese Berg Gloria Cohen Lenore Friedman Marilyn Gerstein Grace Grossman Louise Krupsaul Ioan Langner Isadora Margolis Gladys Novack Sonya Rosen Marianne Rubiner Pearl Sapero Annette Silberman Lucille Turchin Marty Wamer Rita Zaret 12291 E-- 1639 Z 1 fgfl' l ' xl W, .egixw W Z, Maynette Avery Aileen Bauman Nell Black Betty Bowers Mary Ewing Boyd W Betty Dawson Myriha Green Nina Faye Iohnson Phyllis Keefe Martha Knight Anne MacDonald Iecm Mayes Lucille McWhirter Io Ann Oliver Millie Stewart l Mayes, secretary, Roemsch, vice-president, Ewing, l. president, and Boyd, treasurer, beam over the "Wel- N come" write-up given them in the national magazine, the Adelpbian. " 'S rl l230j ri L l L is Wmme Burton Ton Lopez NOT PICTURED Bobbye Bradley lcmet Kruger Ictyne Ziegler Shirley Bramlett leornne Ewing leon Horyes Peggy Riley Frances Roensch Top: Bowers and Mcwhirter find the number while Black lends an open ear to Saturday nite date plans. Below: Bradley, johnson, Dawson, and Ziegler are "all smiles" come Friday and the weekend. Alpha Delta Pi NEWCOMER AMONG Greeks on campus . . . Founded at Berkeley, Calif. in 1904 . . . Bowers captured Pikes' "Best Sorority Pledges, trophy . . . Lopez frosh class queen and secretary . . . Avery was llvis beauty editor. . . Burton led Cheers . . Brad- ley, Zeigler, and Johnson served on the lbis staff . . . Hayes and Burton. were social chairmen of the freshman class . . .Pledges feted at party . . . Featured "Holiday in Havanai' raffle . . . Actresses ,lean Heather and Mary Anderson, Dr. Sara Branham are A D Pi celebrities . . . Colors, azure blue and white . . . Flower, woodland violet. 5... E' Naomi Anderson Margaret Blue Alicia Brelsford Elsie Burclin Iackie Cann Ann Childress Phyllis Christopher Helen Conkling Mathilda Corbly Iackie Corcles Norma Deaton Ruth Ditto Martha Dunn Katherine, Peger, Nancy Gramley Ioy Hafner Betty Ann Harding Marian Hasty Iean Heyward Ioan Heyward Edith Hjort Betty Ruth Hulbert Caroline Hunter Sally Hunter Ieanette Irwin Mary Agnes Isaac Annette Iones Ianet Kniskern Elizabeth Kruger Sarah Lane Alyce Gene Lanier Eleanor McConnell Ann Morrow Lorraine Muller Marilyn Mundy Barbara Mussett Iean Lee Myens Peggy O'Brien Pat Paxton Lorraine Purvis lean Rasco Betty Ridenour Pat Sellers Sylvia Shaw Betty Lee Stapp Ruth Tucker Margaret Ann Turner Ruth Turner Blanche Tyler Martha Upshaw Betty Io Wilson Martha Wynns I 0 Chl llmega FIRST MADE ITS presence known on campus in 1936. . .Founded at University of Arkan- sas in 1895 . . . Jones and Childress were senators . . . Hunter, Christopher, Hulbert, Heyward, and Blue listed in Whois Who . .. Dunne headed YW! . . . Gfficers in religious groups . . . Turner guided SAI . . . Blue, Christopher, Hunter in Nu Kappa Tau . . Jones was Ulffis feature editor, Dunn, fHurri- cane organizations editor . . . Copped Panhellenic Scholarship Cup . . . hlrs. Mel- anie Rosborough and Dean Emeritus Bertha Foster are Chi O faculty members . . . High- lights of the year were teahonoring jose- phine Antoine and "Chi 0 Carnivaln . . . Famous horseshoe wearers are Irene Wicker, Hildegard, Mrs. Spessard Holland . . . Colors, cardinal 'and straw . . . Flower, white carnation. 9 Top: Shaw, Childress, and Hasty beam as they put the intramural cup on 'the trophy shelf "for keeps." Below: Lane and the "wise ol' owlj' look on while Heyward, Hunter, Dunn, and Tyler bid af bridge hand. ' Relaxing between classes in their newly decorated sorority room are: Rasco, secretary, Blue, president, Jones, pledge trainer, Mundy, treasurer, and Hard- ing, vice-president. ' 12331 9? i J 3 'gm' Idelle Babcock Betty Tune Cook ' Edyth Goll Louise Peeplels Vivie Bcryne lean Connell Ianice lester Kay Sullivan Anna Mae Britt Ruth Cury Emelyn Iohnson Susan Sweet Officers who put the local DG chapter on the map are: Cold, scholarship chairmanf Durrell, treasurer, Sullivan, presidentf Bayne, vice-president, and Wild- er, secretary. 12341 Mary Louise Carlock Helen Cason lane Durrell loyce Edwards Mary lane Kemper Barbara LeVal1ey Betty Paige Todd loyce Whelan s ' r Q Ella Clark lane Arthur Etheridge Jacqueline Miller Mary lane Wilder Mary Ann Cleirrzcm Ioan Frymark Barbara Parrot Rosemary Wood NOT PICTURED Billie Clark Iean Hennig Mary Jane McDonnell Rubye Io Pfister Emma Io Youse Etheridge, Curry, Cleiman, and Kemper are dressed and waiting while Connell and Peeples admire Toddjs new lipstick. Delta Gamma WXENT NATIONAL IN 1873 at Oxford! Miss. . . . Newcomer on campus last year . . . Etheridge headed Wfomenis Residence Council . . . Durrell kept tabs on soph min- utes. . .Frymark reported for the U-lurriccme . . . Peeples, Etheridge, and Miller were on YW cabinet . . . Connell was secretary of W7 A A . . . Anchor Cotillion was main social event of the year . . . Faculty mem- ber and close advisor Mrs. Nina l-iarkins. . . Movie colony members Martha Scott and Brenda Joyce wear the anchor . . . Partial to white roses . . . Bronze, pink, and blue are 'sorority colors. Irene Wiener NOT PICTURED Martha Dorman Arlene Finesman Roslyn Golden Arline Iacobson Sylvia Mctrkbreeter Renee Liebowitz Gerry Polland Roslyn Rabin I Lois Wien Wini Wolfe Peggy Bernheim Barbara Bronstein Phyllis Davis Betty Dolgin Barbara Ehrlich Ieanne Fleishman Iudy Freeman Roseanna Galumbeck Marian Ginsberg Arline Gluckstern Dorothea Golden Pat Hershon Irene Iacobs Marilyn Klein Charlotte Kotkin Sophia Lagowitz Toby Leonard Bernice Moss Rosalind Perlish Ioan Perlman Norma Pincus Shirley Polonofsky Ethel Resnick Selma Richman Sally Ritt Barbara Sacknoff Abby Scadron Greeta Schoobe Selma Solomon Maxine Stein Lenore Stramer Carol Tannen Ann Udasen Gerry Waldman Rita Weiss Delta Phi Epsilon NEW YORK U FIRST home in 1917 . . . ln- troduced locally in 1938 . . . Ritt and Perlish were Student Council members . . . Jacobson became Panhellenic treasurer . . . Tannen chosen secretary of Student Council . . . Chairman of the Jewish Federation was Fleishman . . . Open house, dances, and parties kept the members busy . . . Star Paulette Coddard listed on national roster . . . Colors are purple and gold . . . Flower is the pansy. QQ u-'BL Top: Kotkin looks on While Jacobs and Fleishman happily discard old books. Below: Weiss, Kotkin and Shoobe are all ears while Bronstein gives a free lesson on writing love notes. ' D Phi E 347 scrapbook holds interest of officers: Waldman, recording secretary, Jacobsen, vice-presi- dent, Stein, pledge mother , Tanner, president, Ehrlich, corresponding secretary, and Ritt, treasurer. 12371 4:1 fr 'Q' P' Iacqueline Alexander Virginia Allsworth Susan Archer Colleen Delaney Aline Delling Carol Domzalski Anabelle Lee Ioyce McCluney Edna McDavit Katherine Porlick Ieannette Quattlebaum Maihilda Stark Tunning up for songfest practice are: Nesbit, corres ponding secretaryi Oehler, presidentf Du Perrieu I treasureri Delany, recording secretary, and Carna- han, rush chairman. 12381 Mary Ann Bullock Ruth du Perrieu Lucia Lee Miller Mary Louise Thomson Susan Carnahan Mary Galatis Paula Nesbit Nancy Thomson Delta Zeta FOUNDED AT MIAMI, Ohio, in 1902 .... Co-eds organized here in 1939 . . . Soph- omore, junior, and senior senators were Carnahan, Gray, and Lee . . . MCCluney served as secretary of the junior class . . . Delaney chosen "Kappa Sig Sweetheart" .. . Gray elected secretary of student body . . . Lee edited girljs athletics on lbis. . .Wilburn headed freshman YXW . . . Delling claimed secretary and publicity of Mu Beta Sigma . . . Calatis and Stark were on Hurricane staff . . . Stark was This sorority editor . . . Mrs. Natalie Lawrence, Miss Georgia May Barrett, and Mrs. Luellen Hauser were D Z faculty members . . . Pete for the 'Miami, Ghio, football' team highlighted parties . . . Hollywood stars Gail Patrick and Margaret Landry wear the lamp . . . Colors are rose and green . . . Flower, Kil- larney rose. Mary Lou Coll Elsie Gray B. I. Oehler Georgoznne Veeder Catherine Collier Doris Iacoblsen Gloria Ozburn losephine Wilburn NOT PICTURED Connie Cullom Marian Icrckson Bobbie Lou Collins Icme Elmar Ncmcy Peeples Mary Nell Thomason Top: Lee furnishes latest gossip while Galatis gives Stark a manicure. Bottom: Delling keeps the juke going while McCluney and Alexander spring clean to the beat of "Irish Wfasherwomanf' Eileen Alpert Selma Areinofi loyce Baker Dorothy Birnbaum Eleanor Bream Enid G. Breslow Iacqueline Burke Selma Byer Martha Ebstein Cecile Edelman Marilyn Eisenslat Audrey Epstein Thelma Goldiield Gail Grossman Dorothy Kenton Helen Phillips Sue Boemer Rcrrnarcx Rohald Arlene Saks Anita Seidel Rosalyn Siegel Natalie Singer Arlene Titlebaum Rita R. Weiss Iota Alpha Pi FOLINDED AT Normal College, New York, 1903 .... lkmalchapmrinqaHedin'Fdr ruary 1946 . . . Weiss vvalked off with the title, "Miss University of Miami" . . . . "Chancellor,' Epstein, chairman of Hillel house committee, member of flhis staff, Hil- ld EXecunve1Board,StudentC:ouncH,Pan- hellenic Council .... Presented engraved matches to the new Greek organizations . . . Christmas party social event for all sorority pledges .... Staged "Water Wondersl' for benefit of C C C .... Installation formal and banquet .... Proud oftheirme and banners of red and black. f Top: Alpert and Areinoff polish trophies for open house. Below: Grossman, Phillips, and Bream take time out for a quick bite in the San Sab Slop Shop. NOT PICTURED. . Marguerite Grobert Patricia Hcrlprin Elsie Shapiro Welcoming a dance invitation are l A Pi officers Epstein, president, Alpert, vice-president, Eisenstat, recording secretary. Standing : Burke, corresponding secretary, and Goldfield, treasurer. 12411 ,. E Q 5 ul 5 fi ii .1 El s z Iulia Ahlman Betty Bacco Barbara Barnett Eugenia Barnhill Alice Bowlan Barbara Bull i Dawn Carroll Pat Devcmey Anne Ellis Betty Ezell Louise Fitzgibbon Mary Flynn Sue Harrison lane Hemphill Rosalie Hill Isabel Kamenski Virginia Lacy Mary Frances Lane Joy Moseley Geraldine Rasmussen Ruth Richardson Mary Louise Roberts Zelda Simonette Elizabeth Shaw Gold loving cups provide the setting for Kappa of- ficers: Moseley, pledge captain, Meckel, standards chairman, Bacco, president, l-laas, treasurer, and Rasmussen, personnel chairman. 12421 lane Davils Pat Haley Virginia McCall I-iappa Kappa Gamma ESTABLISHED in 1870 at Monmouth Col- lege, Ill .... University embryonic stage in 1938 .... Rasmussen SAI officer and sec- retary of Student Music Association .... Haas, Flynn were junior and senior class officers .... Hill was sophomore senator . . . . Moseley chosen fl-lurricane advertising manager and business manager .... Flynn edited Uhis fine arts .... Rasmussen and MCCahill listed in Whos Who .... Pre- sented annual "May Formal" dance . . . I-lill, This assistant managing editor .... Ciering reigned as Sigma Chi "Queen of Clubsn .... Kappa lime-lighters include Patty Berg, Nlargaret Speaks, Dorothy Canfield Fisher .... Wfearers of the key prefer light and clark blue .... Fleur-de- lis is favorite. Gwen Cooper Betsy Daviis Agnes Granston Sally Hass Marjorie Mathis Roberta McCahil1 Patricia West Ruth Westerdahl NOT PICTURED Lilian Balseiro Emmy Lou Bourne Doris Hart Cornelia Iones Ann Meckle lean Woodward Top: Hill and Lane congratulate new Kappa presi- dent, Margie Mathis. Below: Clean-up committee after a chapter party, Flynn and McCahill. fbi Ioan Blum Brenda Blumenfeld Nita Bookstauer Gloria Brooks Florence Braunstein Toba Camnitz Constance Cantor Betty Cohen Muriel Cohen Onalee Cohen Toby Cooper Martha Cutler Elaine Danziger Bobbie Diamond Sue Diener Pearl Dorsey Nancy Feldman Carolyn Finegold Estelle Halpem Dorothy Knapp Shilrey Knoller Flora Levin Suzanne Levinson Babette Malakoff Paula Mark Barbara Pearlman Doc Pearlman Marilyn Rosen Sylvia Selevan Sydelle Silver Marilyn Soclol Betty Spears Lorrayne Watson Dorothy Weisman Phi igma igma liumreaCIoLLEoElnrdipkmein1913 .... Local Beta Theta on this year's welcome list .... Sue Levin and Brenda Blumenfeld on This staff .... President Marilyn Soclof presided as l-lillel religious committee chair- man .... Crowded calendar featured Founders lDay Banquet, open house for pledges, lvlatheson l-lammock picnic, col- lection campaign for Children's Cardiac Home, Campus Varsity Show, and instal- lation dance and banquet .... Celebrities include lrma Phillips and Gloria Stroock. . . Colors, king blue and gold . . . Partial to the American beauty rose.- L. . 0 1 - , - ., .X Top: Cantor and Diamond check upon chapter files. Below: Brounstein supervises while Diener experi- ments with new hair-do for "Empress" Watson. NOT PICTURED Corinne Cohen Estelle Ettmoin Therescr Feinberg Elaine Glass Shirley Krinskey Della Pcice Phyllis Platt A Sybil Quitt Mildred Rosenzweig Isobel Rubin Sonya Scher Iackie Stern loom Wulkenberg Musing over a new humor magazine are Diener, treas urer, Soclof, president, napp, pledge-mother, Weis- man, vice-president, and Cohen, corresponding sec retary. 12451 'FUN Betty Bartlett Betty Berney l Mary Blake Marjorie Caraker Doris Carpenter Ioyce Cortland Mary Hyer Eileen Kurtz Marjorie Locke Iulie Markus Katherine Marsh Patricia Oxtoby Kay Seger Ruth Temple Marjorie Thompson Regina Whitaker Carol White Catherine Williams Clancing over scrapbook picturing year's activities are Sigma Kappa officers: Whitaker, Triangle cor- respondentj E. l-lorlamus, vice-presidenty Parkinson, presidentj M. l-lorlamus, 2nd vice-president, and Rip- pey, treasurer. f2461 Elizabeth Horlamus Donna Rippey Martha Horlamus Catherine Schmitz Henrietta Fenner Victoria Parkinson Margie Wilson Z NOT PICTURED Gail Batty Virginia Casey Sunshine Clapp Doris Denny Patricia Dick Beverly Hanson Louise Jenkins Betty Iohnston lean Kelley Colette-Mai Mary Messer lean Rauls Betty Roe Betty Lou Scott Gwen Strong Top: "Painting can be fun" say I-Iorlamus and Park- inson as they give the sorority room a new coat. Below: Fenner and Kurtz straighten a new picture in the Sigma Kappa room. i ma appa g H Hum: T1-rem CREST here in 1939, being founded in Maine at Colby College in 1874 . . . . Oxtoby became Vice-president of Young NYfomen's Auxiliary of B S Ll .... Thompson chosen junior representative of San Sab .... "Liza, I-lorlamus was secretary of Lutheran Club .... Siegal won the swim- ming meet .... Elizabeth Peeler and Mrs. Ioan Knoche are on faculty .... Founders, Day luncheon and Christmas tea added to social activities .... Vivian Yeiser Larrimore and Mary Pickford are national Sigmas . . .. Partial to maroon and lavender, also violets. Diane Allen Roseanna Blackstock Ioan Block Mary Beth Boudreau Betty Brown Sue Bulmer Betty Butler Mary Couric Beverly Douglas Virginia Forbes Martha Lou Foster Patricia Grubb Ianet Higclon Louise Hill Frances Horne Frances Horne Betty Howett Edith Iambrina Gloria Iohnson Louise lones Sylvia Kesinger Wanda Kesinger Laura McCaw1ey Nancy McMullen Gloria Michelson Madeline Munroe Barbara Anne Newning Dorothy lane Patton Bobbie Ioyce Powers Sylvia Rawlls Betty Root Betty Huiiley Catherine Shaddick Frances Sheffield Patricia Swenson Sally Taylor Betty lane Wallace Betty Iane Weir Betty Iane Wheeler Barbara Zotter eta Tau lpha FIRST APPEARED at Virginia Teachers Col- lege in 1898 .... Came to the Llnivesity in 1938 .... Shacldick and Johnson served as senators .... Nancarrow served as W A A prexy .... Wallace was on jiurriccme and Ubis staffs .... Patton had feature role in 'fClaudiaD .... Combination "Thanksgiving Birthdayu party was main event of year. . . . Faith Baldwin and Kathryn Reece are among famous national members .... Zetas prefer turquoise blue and steel gray . . . 1 Q 3 I at as C Flower, white violet. -. . Top: Horne and I-lill test for the right shade to match the curtains. Below: Root, Patton, Jo Swenson, and session. Not PICTURED Betty Del Monico Florence Iorckson Evelyn Lowe Georgina Miller Brown enjoy an after-meetin' Betty Norncorrrow Mary Anne Robinson Eileen Scheer Norma Ieun Vern Scoyoe June Wensley Zeta officers taking time out to pose for 7bis camera are: Weir, historian, Couric, president, Mclvlullen, treasurer, McCawley, secretary, and Miller, vice- president. hnson, record I249l Tirst row: Marilyn Soclof, Marilyn Rosen, Betty Bac- co, Hope Tanenbaum, Miss Mary B. Merritt, Florence jackson, Arline Jacobson, Gail Grossman. Second row: Carol Tannen, Kay Sullivan, Betty Oehler, Margaret Blue, Audrey Epstein, Eunice Boyd, Jeanne Ewing. Pan Hellenic Council OFFICERS I President Hope Tanenbaum 'lfice-President Florence Jackson Secretary Mary Flynn Treasurer Arlene Jacobson Program Chairman Unice Boyd Jlduisor l'X4iss Mary B. Merritt 12501 A VARIED PROGRAM of outstanding contribu- tions was noted on the calendar of Panhell- enic Council, governing body of the 11 Greek letter sororities. Financial support of a war orphan was one of the leading projects this year with dona- tions from each of the sororities being pooled for the fund. The Council governs rushing procedures and settles all problems that might arise. The Panhellenic Workshop, open to all sorority women, was held in April for the discussion of such difficulties. Stress is placed on scholarship by the Council which determines the standards. A cup is awarded each year at Honors Assembly to the sorority with the highest scholastic av- erage. A Panhellenic Tea is given at the be- ginning of each semester to introduce rushees and new students to sorority members. lvlembership includes the president, a repre- sentative and an alumnae advisor from each sorority, and the Council advisor, Miss Mary B. Merritt, dean of women. Inter-Fraternlt Council OFFICERS Z 1st Semester: President Bill Landrum Secretary Claud Corrigan Treasurer Kenneth Lonergan Jlcluisor Dr. W. P. Dismukes 2nd Semester: President Robert Slatko Secretary Robert Gideon Treasurer Frank Belsante Jloluisor Mr. Robert B. Downes Tirst row: Fred Cornfield, jimmy Kahn, Frank Belsante, Bob Slatko, Bob Gideon, Paul Skiekman, Herb Gold- field, Larry Levine. Second row: Kenneth Dorn, Tom Renedo, Bob Sweet, Charlie Franklin, Richard Zion, Norton Pallot, Phil Sistik. Third row: George Corrigan, Joe Coppedge, Elmer. Hall, Harold Goldstein. THE WHEEL of Inter-Fraternity Council ran along smoothly due to the effort and co- operation of all fraternities on the University of Miami campus. Following the by-laws of the national organization, the IFC conducted fraternity intramural sports programs. Each fraternity with a representation of two mem- bers has an equal vote in all matters brought before the general governing body. Nu Sigma local was organized in January by eight mem-bers of Sigma Nu national fra- ternity for the purpose of colonizing on the Llniversity campus. A chapter house was established in French Village to serve as a meeting place for the 20 Nu Sigma members and pledges. Three national fraternities welcomed on campus this year were: Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pi Lambda Phi, and Zeta Beta Tau. Others represented are: Kappa Sigma, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Epsilon Pi, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Alphailvlu, Sigma Chi, and Tau Epsilon Phi. .A edits -off N. ff X Jerry Ackerman Robert Bloch Me1vi.n Cohen Myron Cohen Robert Cohen Forman Engelhardt Herbert Goldiield Ben Goldman David Graver Harold Greenberg Leon Gumy Morton Kasman Marvin Kellman Ben Langleb Jerry Lorber Harvey Lowenhor lack Mades Marvin Mandell Bernard Mandler Burton Marks Bernard Marks Franklin Nankin Herbert Russcol R. Schneidkrout William Shmikler lack Slotchvier Harry Smith r Alpha Epsilon Pi CAMEDWOBHNG3HqGNYmkLhmWBMM Nov. 7, 1913 ..., Installed locally on the 33rd nadonal annhwruwy .... PAandkr served ausexecutive officer of Hillel Foun- dation .... Coldfield held office in B,Nai B3Rith .... Made a name in the intramural sports .... Social spotlight on New Year's Eve party for members and guests at "La Bohenmf' Hghowboac' pany for pkdges and alumni .... Colors are blue and gold . . . . Flower is the white carnation. 922 l I hm, M AEPi group displays plenty of school spirit as they gather 'round to practice football cheers. Alums and officers of newly installed AEPi chapter smile over victory in Phi Sigma Sigma varsity show. I2531 Y Iames Addison William Behne Donald Benoit Iames Coker William Craig lames Crawley Iohn Gallagher E Gathright Robert Gideon lack Keele W Landrum S. LeMotte Robert Penter Gene Poe B. Rasmussen William Stang Vannce Stokes Lee Stuhl Fred Blackwell M. DeCarlo G. Graumlich Harry Lennon B. Richardson lohn Tatum W. Blatchley William Dekle William Gray D. Mclntosh Edmund Riley Dale Teaff Donald Brown Robert Brueno H. Caballero W. Cage Samuel Dibert Roland Dorl Kenneth Dorn D. Doughty Iohn Hall W. Hamilton Harry Hammer I. Holmes Iames Meyer Walter Miller Ralph Montford D. Morilson A. Robbins Albet Rosie Bruce Rumph W. Schultz E. Viguera Walter Vaughn lames Weeks H. Williams Kappa Sig officers admire a new trophy. Standing Robbins, secretaryi Cleveland, vice-president. Trout Etling, pledge masteri Dorn, treasurer. Seated: Cid eon, president. I2541 L. P. D. W. R. G. Caputa Esquinaldo Houston Murray Sims Wilson 'l J r- l w L Carnahan lack Chase M. Clagett Max Cleveland W Etlmg Norman Evans William Evans Fred Pass C Ivory Carroll Iohnson V. Katkauskas David Keele I Nance A Neubauer Ted Obenchain Vernon Paul C Skalaski Charles Smith G. A. Spyridon Edwin Stegman NOT PICTURED Ioseph Adams Elkin Barnett Phil Becker William Bozeman Edward Bretz Ralston Bryum Robert Ellison Donald Gray lack Harbon lohn Hawkins Edward Iohnson Letslie Lee Fred Matthews Robert McLaughlin Aubrey Mills lack Peterson William Redelsheimer Bill Ruhnke Carl Smith Robert Sullivan Alfred Swearingen Richard Taylor Thomas Taylor Bill Williams Fred Williams William Yates lack Zeit Kappa igma QRIGINATED AT the University of Virginia in 1869 .... Local Epsilon Beta chapter installed in '39 .... Landrum headed IFC for fall term .... "Kampus King Kapersn meant a good time for all .... "Black and Whitei' formal highlighted the social season . . . .National figures are l-loagy Carmichael, Drew Pearson, Gov. Caldwell, Lowell Thomas .... Babbitt and Kichefski uphold the scarlet, green, and white for faculty . . Flower is lily-of-the-valley. Top: live hounds Smith, Peterson, Craig, and Graum- lich select a platter. Bottom: Taking time out from "G-l-ing" the frat house are Weeks, Harborn, Cab- allero, Evans, and 'RN Charles Berndt Edward Bogowski William. Brarinum Charles Brown Charles Buker Iohn Cahill Robert Carlile Robert Carlisle Nicholas Cestari Harry Chadderton Samuel Cili Claud Corrigan Frank Cosgrove Sarino Costanzo Herbert Crowl William Davies Thomars Davison Charles DeCarlo Thomas Dekle Robert Falls Henry Gonzales Elmer Hall Robert High George Hironomus Richard Holman William Hoofe Amos Johnson Edward Iones Woodward McPherson George McNulty Iarnes Orr Robert Pearce Iohn Pilafian Charles Roberts Robert Scott Lawrence Sena Rudy Sequeira Bill Shafer Charles Smith William Stanton Ernest Thompson William Wood Lamha Chi lpha EPSILON QMEGA ZETA made its home at the University in 1940 .... Brown was "Kampus King" and president of L'Apaehe . . . . IFC minutes were taken care of by Corrigan .... Newman Club treasurer was Cahill .... Ed Jones worked on Ulurricome . . . . Valentine dance presented for the first time since 1943 .... Thanksgiving Eve dance started the socials . . . Faculty mem- bers wearing purple, green, and gold are: Tharp, Mason, Carney, Keech, Dunn, Beadey, IDayton, and liner .... ldarry Truman, Doolittle, and Chester Could don the crest of Lambda Chi, as do Sen. Leif Erikson, Col. "Pappy'J Boyington, and Gardner Mulloy .... Flower is the white rose. if K 2 5 S Z f 3 is Z a E 1 2 iii 5 ,, f Top: Getting set to make fraternity song recordings are Stanton, Cans, Pearce, and Brannun. Bottom: Adding up the IOU's are Cosgrove, McPherson, Davidson, and De Carlo. NOT PICTURED Robert Alderman Iohn Bantten Frank Belsante A1 Chapman Iohn Cleary Art Peavy David Gans Denison Hamhelton Roger Hcxmmon Louis Mendez ' Displaying an oil painting of the fraternity crest are: Buker, treasurer, Belsante, president, Roberts, vice- presiclent, and Bogowski, secretary. I2571 9 sf.: , Q x Q 5 X f 4, . z , .WN ,Q 1 , , f N, , X, .fn ,sg -A gg N? if X A , Q - , f Q? if I Q wmv, 4 iff W J' 71 -. . 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A, , gag i H r ef: ' A 2 ,V . , ,V f .,,, ,,,, 5 1V V, ., A 1 K . - v , A V I f N 5 ,lj x.i.7.:VN ,, X 1:5 i , - V , f - AA X ' A 'Se' ' 4 ,J 'mi . , 'A NV, Qlwfak is ,f , 4 ' - V' ffff'.:,.-2-,..t- 1-av X' ,v F 11:2 ' p . . it , ., m - , ,f ,, g Q V f, ,fa ' -Vffff , 11 'if ,r 'r'fr'f1 ff . f . 1.1 -,V,,,4 'QQ 1s:iQg:cf'gf5i, f, if .5 if . f' Q, 514, if Q A We 'Fifi X 'F 'EYQ T4 V 5 ' A V ' - K reg? - , , xr, if. 5 Q U4 f, ,5 ,cy r ' 4 g fx-5521 it -1:3 g,1aV1 'M ri ,W 2 ', N ,,V , Q . rf 1 or -saggy Vee -frm, "knew M X1Q57?,z::fgs zz! F fi Vg QW, ',,'f -WV :V-gg H ' f ew wk ,z,V,.,tgs K :fi t ei ,, - , ,tai fiflktyflnr . . 1:5-,Vs x--- Vwrs x- ,l ' . , , , , f ,, fy' V , zffffm S ff V ,-x,- , 'V vgf 14 vig , , S xg, . 5WvTNsi3sg' ,ig tfgrge ,, . I .t - 5 , iv ,V F -" Q1 WW,f ff, ' ' ,W ,, VV' , ff - Via iz A wwf I iirvf"f'QXe were XK5WX2'zK3Sf 'V "REQ-W N YY ' . -' ' ' "" 'fm x 'V 93 fe S wa, " X mf -'f 'JL'--Q-Saw A ws V rifnff K 'ex 'N ff"XXEWSSwss,FS 1 9 ,. 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Si r , - 5- v Q -sei n ,,f V K V ,V I L , , , , , , " lW:i2.:1, "ti , M' WV- 'fi ' A 'l':W' 5Vv,vQf'7ff'Il rw? 7? -'ZW 'C W1 fff ff if 'ff' Ji ??7f,V,Q+'L' 'flfff f fk ggifiifkww ff, " 44 0 . , " f Wi, Lex 5 "', , si e ,' , - "5QEp?i'Qf,1N f , , .. - ,r Vi V f V A L Q , ff ,, ,,, It L , 7 f ",,, ' ' c , Vee , , ,... tv' If 4V xg WLC ,rm "--f ' UUE iv"f2ff?fQ5? ,-it ft VM ' 923 ' it ,,-, - Ivan DNS M t - V Stanley cQ1d,mb ,f x K 1, r me ., V, - wwf S' f. f f, " f ff: aw w? , , vw.: V4, 211' 'X ,X , 1 -:mes ' grin ffffx ' ' ' t , , V i V V V Q . ,,., , 31 5, ,:, ,m.fW:r, '26,g Q' iw S is 4 3' , ,' .reig n ' -' MQ '-, ,ifig f rf ,' I . if are ,' I ' Jacques Levcm' ' f V' X St 1 Sch nk f V V, , V- Q V 1- ,. V V , nm x y 5- ,, - V fa, of CU1 GY 9 X"' , f f ' f f Q if , n gfswsy , 'fiif' .' f:6?1fxv1fWw2f ,, - f eirfffew ' f ' if 1, V, g, Jax W , , , f- c x , VV. ,,,, A ., X'A' i ' - ' t , A V 'L V tg- ,Yi-,:1. 1 ,A .,,, ' get , 'fy V Mgmiffw ' , ,, in V f 'Q 4, . 'win t- ls, '53, rm, ' sy' , b q, i V . I, V, ,V ,.f.,.M.n?k 5 3..r.t.z,f...4Qr.f' if r ....... Q., .-., lr. ,,,Qi,f:f J ,. I ..'J:.:.r,, ...-..,.ZN .,..., it-.x.ji,3rtf,,m. rr.. ,Q Alfred Adler Sydney Adler Manifred Berliner Stanley Bernstein Louis Bojan Bertran Burger Herbert Fisher Graham Fried Morton Galowitz Richard Gerstem Paul Glasel Arthur Qoldberg 2, Gerald Harris Daniel Kaplan Bert Kaufman Chadwick Kaye Harold Klein Irwin Kiman Harold Lieber Melvin Michaels lack Pincus Melvm Pollack Dav1d Rothenberg Arthur Sachs Abner Solomon Lewrence Stamen Lee Starr Warren Supov1tz Barnett Sussman Burt Young , Phi E officers seated: Kiman treasurer- Levine , l I I 5, president, Shiekman, vice-president, and Glasel, pledge master. Standing: Klarfield, corresponding secretary, Ellis, recording secretary, Kaufman, par- liamentarian, Klein, Chaplin, and Saks, social com- mittee chairman. I l e N.. rs 6 , ,, ,,,. 1 QQ " --,riser , -. C , - f Al'AA l A fees, . C , g2.f.e- Q' t if'- , f i 'f i 'A 1 , A 'i wt! 2 I6 ,y' V L W. , , 4 Xt t L -' L , , L 2 'Pg' K . kk' N S61 l .g in , ' i nw. . x... 4 .. ., .N im... - Nf'?f'ZA '7 3 W ' C , ,Z A i A , ,y wk SK! 1 Xt X s a Ng? W 1 N X gf ati sea s, as X A X Q SJ f X 1 i t N R? it ,, .eff V ,, W ,i , ,E s Q Q, f.. L fe -x X -19,1 - S ss A v K f 'f we , Q is ri ., W, , vw ff, 4, rf, A 2 fa v t fr .X 6 fys . X 9 f 4 W , -L " , fx f, .,, , it X L s N t . L, i L . - A ,X y, V1 y X K K . me 3 , lk A ,. .., X, , ss- 4,,,sg,,f,, 4 . pf Jr. Q A qfffsxf , - ry 1 .- , . f H , x f -- ' f' If Q31 I 1 3 t A i ' Q ' ' it 5 I i tg EN ff'- if l 'Q A it ,. ? A ffl? L ' lf ' - , U Ml i " ""s Q y ' j vp S1 'Z ' 4 . , 't ., fr 2 f' C 2 , X' e' - L as S as 2, L v 1 t C or fs - X- 'Ns . ,,, , s, . , ,sf f t A T33 , nw. . nity, f ' H ' , reg 7 f . W' ,K , ,i ps ,, , sg. ,IQ ,, . 1 ry, A4 W R, s up- fu ff xwxm ' f " Q 4 i L C, t t . G L L - , - : .. 2, ,,i . ' ., , , W, 'f ' '-.y. ' llififf, ,+"i"I ff'5:.':-12' , ifwff i' ' Selig- -' ..., .Lk E- vi . .., I? ., ne,- 4 , A tg: . ' - - " ' ,, ,wwafc 'f.' K .Q Q, i , ,MN5 W 'WV ,, ' 2 5 p , A V " K' W -X 'w if , , X - 4 X If :fx w iv? 131552 A it i L J 'f ew - A' L Qi ,Q ,mar i X Y L if - 4 1 V: " . i ' t Jw' V Q --wiv? 'if ,,f , as or , 1 , peg, if ,,.,:u Z,,af:.I,:,1h4u.....,,---., 4 , S Q, .,,. . , XX ,H Phillip Donnenfield Howard Eisenberg Marvin Goldstein Solomon Gordon Lawrence Levine Michael Levine Eugene Scott Eli Shapiro NOT PICTURED Eugene Asher Alan Baskin Harold Bessell Earl Brousell Mathew Dubirusky Gordon Einhom William Friedman Herman Gericoff Gerald Gilbert Burt Ginsburg Herbert Goldman Louis Goodman Marvin Hass' Louis Iacobison Michael Klarfield Victor Lange Stanley Levin Iules Levine Shermcm ,, ni.,,, nnv.. , ,f gi Ellis Stanley Halpern j' : Phi E ' b Robert Levine Albert Shaw Robert Lew Donald Lubin lack Nathan Andrew Novack Ierry Olin Martin Perlit Eugene Peters Richard Ratio Lenny Schwartz Robert Seigel Paul Shiekman Benjamin Siedman Harold Sirninoif f Sanford Spiegel Burt Steiger Leon Stern Alvin Weiner Ierry Weinstein Frank Weiss Phi Ep iltm Pi CELEBRATED 431213 ANNIVERSARY since founding at City College, New York . . . l-lad its local beginning in 1929 .... Mem- bers poundedgavel in junior class, Psycho- logy Club, Hillel Foundation, Iron Arrow, and M Club .... Adler vice-president of Student Association .... Two student sena- tors .... Treasurers of APG and l-lillel .... "Spotlight on Sportsi' dance, "Carnation Formalj' main events of social calendar . . . . Wfell-known Phi Eps include Rabbi Wise and Samuel Rosenman, advisor to Truman . . . . Colors are purple and gold . . . . White Carnation is favored. op ps enjoy a oogie session. Bottom: A bi bull session in the frat house. ., , 4, y,,M.,...m'fnm., 5 'awww - ,W ' , , , ,f ,gqgf QQ 'Z' 145' , isi ? F Charles Angelus Norman Ashe William Avery lohn Berliner Martin Black Benjamin Boesch Macolm Botsiord Ellsworth Bratager Iohn Christie Francis Coury Paul Cousins Gordon Craig Allison De Poor Henry Delling James Dezell 'William Eisnor Kenneth Elliott Thomas Ellis Charles Franklin Carl Fromhagen Eugene Hancock Raymond Harrison Kenneth Hawkins I ohn Hazouri ' Roger Henshaw Robert Holland Iohn Hornick Hal lngrnan Richard lensen Charles Kennon William Kerdyk Douglas Kirk Bernal Kirtland Carl Kish Charles Knighton Gene Lewis lack Lexow Arthur Lowe Troy Madison Samuel Martin Frank Mathers Robert Mayes lack Mayo Robert McDougal Ioseph McGhan Barrie Minor Frank Morrow William Morse Herbert Nichols Michael O'Bzien David Pendley Raymond Porter Grover Reynolds Ronald Roberts Robert Robinson Iacob Roozen Iohn Rullley Harold Schuler Homer Short Philip Sistik Frederick Smith Gibson Smith Francis Sobeck lohn Sobeck Richard Summers William Temple Earl Thery Edward Thornton Marvin Tinsley Robert Towles Cecil Trippe Edwin Vihlen Al Watson William Wilkes Merrill Williams Harry Zadikow ll l in l J ,, l 4 li' l t . t. l is l 4 I l i i l l l t l l l l Pi Kappa Alpha INSTALLED LOCALLY astlannna Chnegain 1940 .... Charlie Franklin, Student Asso- ciation prexy, elected to XWho's Who . . . Fink, Eisnor, and Schuler-lron Arrow . . tiancock, Pierdyke, ancl CluHford--stu- dent senators .... Schtder and Cfoury-- Who's Who .... Coury, prexy of New- man Club . Frantz and Ghaul football co-captains .... McGhan, senior class vice- president .... G'Brien, frosh president .... Ruffley and Mayes, Alpha Kappa Psi officers .... Won CCC cup for second straight year .... 'tl-lappyu Chandler and Sinkwich are Pike celebrities .... "Dream Chrf' and HSororny Pdedgen dances hekl Pike social spotlight .... Flower is the lily- ofthe-VaHey .... fknorsaregarnetandcnd gold. la Top: Johnson and Kerdyke are off to basketball prac: tice with hitch hikers Guilford, Bryan, Trippe, and Mayes. Bottom: Bryan, Cromartie, and Guilford shine chapter "brass" NOT PICTURED Richard Adams Samuel Alter Robert Anderson Cameron Badgley Carl Balli Robert Bowman Robert Brown Harold Bryan Donald Burgess Allen Candler Daniel Carmody Charles Carr, lr. Iaznes Chastain Iames Chewning Donald Cobb Earl Cromartie George De Nitsco Stanley Dohrer Keith Doyle Arthur Dunlop Morton Dupree Lee Evarus Donald Fink Roland Fink Glenn Franklin William Frantz Donald Gerrits Harry Ghaul lack Griffith Frank Guilford, lr. lack Helms Douglas Hewson Harry Hinckley Durand Holladay George Hollahan Ralph Ienkins Robert Iensen Raleigh Iohnson Gordon Iones Richard Kenna Louis King Harold Kingery Ioseph Krull Robert Lamons Eugene Lanier Humes Lasher lotseph Lillagore George Litchfield Ralph lVIcCandliss William Marquette Duffield Matson, lr. Edward Moyer Byron Newton Robert Paige Charles Papy, lr. Royce Powell, lr. Charles Quade William Rawls Robert Reese Fred Reschke Whit Robbins Harry Ryder Robert Schulte Clive Shrader Terrell Shracler Walter Smith Esten Southerland Eugene Stevens Richard Swann Thomas Sweeting Cyrus Thompson Iohn Toggweiler Elroy True ' Victor Tutan Stanley Wanklyn William Webb Charles White Thomas Williams lack Wood Pike officers taking a moment out to rest on their laurels are: Guilford, master-at-arms, Mayes, secre- tary, Franklin, president, Trippe, vice-president, and Lamons, pledge master. l26lI 413 qi! 'Cui Iulian Benjamin Herbert Brody Gerald Gerstein Charles Goldstein Norton S. Pallot Leroy Robbins l 262 1 lack Brown Leonard Caplin Larry Cohen Sydney Gordon Melvin Green Sydney Ketive Stanley Scher Neil Schiff Arthur Stark Arthur Courshon Robert Kronowitt Leonard Wolff Pi Lamb officers have a smoke during intermission at Roney Plaza dance. l yu Frank Davis Alan Marcus Richard Zion ernard Fuller Paul Furman rank Marks Nathan Morris NOT PICTURED Arthur August Malcolm Behl Ierry Blank Alan H. Brenner Henry Brenner William Cohen Allan Davis "Buddy" Davison - Thomas Fink Albert Givot Ioseph Glickstein Lee Goodman Herschel Laschell Raymond Halprin Louis Levic Seymore Levin Donald Mazo Howard Mass Irving Pont Leonard Rivkind Herschel Rosenthal Shelly Smerling Robert Traurig Michael Zukernick Pi Lambda Pi NEW MEMBER among campus frat groups . . . . Founded at Yale in 1895 . . . . Intra- mural football champs .... Caplin elected Iron Arrow viceepresident .... Rosen, imember of Iron Arrow .... Sponsored "Miss University of Miami' '... . Roney Plaza dance, social event of the season .... -"Commencement Formalu was yearns finale .... Famous national members-Lelm man, Hammerstein, and Mayer .... Pi Lambs combine purple and gold .... Flower is the woodbine. Top: Gerstein, Glickstein, Kronowitt, and Cohen plan the after game rendezvous. Bottom: Gordon, Caplin, and Leschel scan the bulletin board for scheduled events. - l at Q 4 fx v 'H:V',V , 'V w as f : Q V 1. 1.V ' 'fs-. f - 1 Q, XV - ' - -.ex X, 4- 'fi . -1 . fr Hfxvmw. VX' --1' 21" .W . ifzhss WX ' - ' f' Y V, f' V VM: V " 'X Ye Vw'. Vff - ' ails V. X V, -lt 1 V N Vi" 1' ft r' M Ci " ' A 5 V- A f t VV ' V - 4 f f V - We so 1- -. Ve V' 5 ' 1' 4 lip .gg ' V , . fax- V Xi VX f- 5 ffifrrri 35,1 , V 'V fe- 'ef' : ' ff R ' V x Ve. V 'Q XX V: Va, , . V. :V V, X1 - Xw z e N f V fi ff X' Q i X s .2 ' fre. X. X2 Y' -V 2 f PY N' 1 .. 1 f . 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Z" 'f' lvgpl x-'. Q ' . Z5 ,Q . L 2 'if,D41:f,Q'vfg1f:i' S Q L f flxl 'V .X V " ' '. X, -xxkhfv ,Lf f X 1 V , ' V' " Vo X WV w ff V.,-' V , i s - V , V 1 -.V -V A ' V V V. V VV f 4 .' ' ' f ' V V . . -w f"VVC2 ' Q i f "" -X ' Kgs. . ff gm , V Vg , W m e ff:. Vyi" :Ks as ' f ' N' ,V - ff' li ",f 'X X t ' ,' VV V V' eXiiAsXNy-""sV:' 'L V' so VV!! -5... V, V jf? 'f sf' rf .X C 1 f ' fy X 1 XXX ,f V Vf X ,',.. W . , V' ' sftbi VV L, gmc! V- , 0 , V Vf WjVlf4-f..r.- V fe, ll ' V XV, .ffm V my V , V , ' V f V. 'V F 'L Vff, i:.f.1f ri o . X ' V, X R . , ,, 5 .X I " V V- ' ' M4553 ' ' N- ,f,. V . V A X epip kV 5, ey Vai, 432, ,QV V,4z,4'Vse.,. s2fVVV w -V-V,.ztv.f,'f' ,gh si jsp, VVV - A WV -V V 'X in X ' 4- V VV V- if sf Q-,,VVVe1-,'Vf .. .. V V -ar yy x.x, f,.!V:rVe A V-.W . Vff . VQVV .. -. VV V VV ..,., V . VV M f L. sl V V V. . VV V.4...1,,VVt,3 V V-VV VV VV V. L L 5. 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' ll 3,32 V , A L tV:XXX:: lag " ' -V if A"',,V,f ,VV X 4151 ...' V ,i gg ,V V? . V. .!' 'V , . . V' 7 , ' .iii y , V1Vg, WX? 5675 L I '. ff , , . "ii V "" 'flffg , l A .fi ni -' :V .V 'X- f f .. X VVV' V 5 R " "5 rf-V7 VV' V - .V-'f' 4 f' fmwl VM- ' i i Q44 X9 ' . :Vi ' V V -X V 'VVV X , - V T V f " V f VX 1, , or K X H V' ,',,,V, V' ,,,VV3gq ,M X ' V4 ,573 Xe- - - uf:-,f,V5LVV,,H, " . , V . A 5 -this V .sl 'wwf' V QV X 'V V . Larry Alsobrook Paul Andre Edwin Ault Charles Ayers William Bates Michael Battle Guy Bennett James Bennett Harold Boudreau Logan Boths William Bradford Gene Caldwell William Church Dick Coburn William Colson Richard Condon Ioe Coppedge Willoughby Cox Del Delaplaine Edward Delaplaine Ray Dunn David Eldredge Ioe Erdmann Harry Fleming William Forester Kenneth Gathings Charles Gautier Gene Griffin William Hays Robert Henshaw Charles Irwin Freeman Jackson William Iarnes Robert lamison Gene Iupin lay Kendrick William Kingston Richard Knudson Edward Kreutz Gerald Lalor Richard La Pointe Weldon Lewis Ernest Lirnmiatis Charles Love Morton Lyle Edward Marshall Glenn Martin lohn McGuire Mills McNeel Mickey Mixson Robert Moore Thomas Mumford Embry Murray Bradley Nelson Thomas C. Oldham Iames Oliver William Parker Les Pearson Lee Pridgen I ack Reark Fred Rice Russell Richardson William Robinson Thomas Rushworth Roger Samson Walter Schilling Warren Schilling Robert Schuh Niles Schuh Stanley Scott Charles Snowden Murray Thompson William Tucker Charles Vickers lack Waddell Bud Wheeler Charles Wilson Hayes Wood W. D. Wright igma lpha Epsilon Sons oe MINERVA founded in 1945 . . lnstalled as Florida Alpha in 1946 .... Faculty members who pay their homage to hlinerva are: Ashe, Alter, Rasco, Mc-1 Masters, Tarpley, l-larum, lVlcKenna, Fein . . .Sig Alphs who have become well known: McKinley, Bobby Jones, Dick Powell, Robert Young, Harold Stassen, Rudy Val- lee, and Admiral Towers .... On Campus: Coppedge, vice-president of Alpha Kappa Psi, lltfaddell, feature writer of j'l'ca1f1e, MC Cuire, frat editor on llais, Pitts, Saxon, and Lipscomb-Whois W'ho .... l-loffman, sponsored by the chapter, was selected Chi O Carnival Queen .... Eldredge played in North-South game .... The "Pall Prolics Prevuei' started the social whirl .... Con- tinued with the Christmas dance and initia- tion ball .... Climaxed by the annual Indian Creek formal .... The violet-purple and gold arouse SAE loyalty. SAE officers Schuh, secretary, Coppedge, vice-presi- dent, and Andre, president, pause just long enough for the shutteris click. Top: Wright, I-lenshaw, Kreutz, Haddad, and Also- brook display a "poker face" after seeing their bridge hands. Bottom: Boudreau gives with "Violets" for jackson, Scott, and Hallack. NOT PICTURED: William Arnold Charles Berringer Robert Caffray Robert Campbell William Carter William Chastain Earl Clawson Robert Conroy Douglas Craven Martin Dillon lames Eckhart Walter T. Etzel Thomas Folliard Barkett Haddad Duncan Hallock Edward Hauck Leo Hauck Richard Hefner Robert Hibbs Frank Imand lack Imand Robert Kelly Edward Kenny William Lane Ralph Licker Iames Lipscomb lack McGrath Robert McManus Leo Mudd Ierry Nentwig Percy Pitts Bud Post lames Roche Forrest Rogellls Robert Rowe lack Schanze Iohn Shea lack Vivian Alexander Wallace Thomas Wareng lack Weston David Wood Hugh Wood Richard Wynne Anthony Yovicsin I265l I? it ir rf' David Aniebi Stephen Haber Kenneth Meyerson Marvin Schinagle Melvin Taylor Sheldon Baim Harold Heller David Moldan Sidney Schwartz Alan Tobin Gilbert Becker Bruce lsaaas Albert Monashkin William Schwarzman Elliott Wiesen SAM officers are: Mester, treasurer, Diamond, alumni recorder, Shapiro, pledge master, Landsman, historian, and Pred, president. 12661 Lowell Brodsky Norman Kaplan Herbert Neilinger Seymour Shapiro Carl Warner Sidney Cohen Edward Klar Arnold Cberson Stanley Shapiro Richard Wolfe Stanley Denburg William Landsman Iack Paulen Seymore Summerstein Elliott Wellman 1 S 5 5 7 ,, l lack Diamond ' Ralph Litwack Gordon Pred Robert Sweet Albert Zemlock Saul Genet Leon Lonstein lules Presar Leon Sultan Maurice Greenberg Bernard Manheim Samuel Rosner Robert Swersey NOT PICTUBED Marvin Brodsky Abe Friedman Ierome Goldman Lawrence Mintz Charles Mester lack Paulen Lawrence Simon William Tabachnik Top: "This is no frame-up," Sammies yell. Bottom: The new SAM charter is hoisted. igma lpha u NATIONAL FOUNDING in 1909. . . Installed on campus June, 1946 .... Sammy re- presentative on faculty is Spirer .... National wearers of the octagon are New York State Senator Rabin, bridge expert Charles Coren, Rabbi loshua Liebman, New York sports commentator Marty Clickman .... On Campus: Friedman, End highest varsity basketball scorer 5 Pred, business manager on lhisi Schwarzman, WI Book editorg Sweet, art editor on This, man- aging editor on Tlotsam j Wfayne, president of Vets Association j Wfollman, president of Snarks and Theta Alpha Pi .... Christ- mas holidays featured"l:ounder,s Day Ballj' for the Sammies .... Aster is favorite flow- er of the group . . . Favored colors are pur- ple and white. 4 if sf E Z , wr Ci? ' - I 11" , 'g g 5 .1 it 2 45 ff J' -6 ,, aff l l i of , 45 . Ws,Wf,:y ,fn-3 W W W" R I W, f' J if t ' "ir 4 V . . f 1 rw I If M rg a 'T Q-vm W Wm Iohn Arnold Robert Bell Iohn Bennett Robert Bilger Thomas Bridger Rene Brunet lack Churchill George Corrigan Iames Craig Iohn Dacy james Demos Thaddeus Desmond James Dougherty Charles Dulin loseph Garrett Douglas Gritiin Theron Hanley Frank Howard Alvin Hudson Edward lnjaychgck Iack Iackson Harvey Iames Creighton Iohruson Gustav Iohnson Preston Iones Donald Kuhl Franklin Lawrence Douglass lVlacVicar Vlfilliam Massey Herbert McCawley Iohn Mell Theodore Montmeny Ellis Myers Robert Nelson Edward O'Cor1nor Robert Patton James Phillips Robert Phillips Micajah Pickett William Pickett Robert Pitt Pablo Pons Pat Piice Thomas Ray Thomas Renedo Edward Richardlson Clarence Riley Mack Roper Ed Ruzomberka Julian Sastre Howard Shaffer Vincent Shaffer Stanton Shaffer Steven Sleiger Frank Stokes Edward Totte James Vaccaro Robert Varner Lowell Veach David Watson Shelton Whittle Kenneth Williams Ioseph Worton l l 5 E 0 0 lgma Chl 1855 is CELEBRATED as founding year .... joined local frat groups in 1942 .... Hick- man, Wliojs Wlio member, wielded gavel for APC and Phi Mu Alpha .... Cor- rigan was officer for APU and L'Apache . . . . Stokes was soph prexy . . . . Renewed annual "Queen of Clubsn dance . . "Sweet- heartn dance stole the limelight, crowning Ann Ellis ..,. Sig faculty members are Holdsworth, Koch, Pearson, and Wfilliams . . . . Milton Canifl, john Wayne, and Chester Cleveland wear the cross as do Generals Hurley and Sultan ..,. Wfhite rose-old gold and blue attract the Sigs. Sig officers: Tirst row: I-liss, treasurer, Renedo, presi- dent, T. Larrimore, national correspondent, and C. Larrimore, sargeant-at-arms. Second Row: Corrigan, vice-president, jackson, corresponding secretary, Lawrence, secretary, and iVlcCawley, historian. .4 X ' f hw! K X S X , , ,. ,,, ,, ,. Z N, f, we KM 22,52 X AWXN fe Nfyffis fi get KNAW! it 1, , W s 7 ., . ri i 14515 -v ,, Z, is gas a 'Plz i ' W ff 84. af 3 fd s...-2,-eg,g,A,u U, ,,,.,,-L 35. :5:j,5:..,,..-a.:.-.5 t" r ei r flYf '7lQQ " ' l s F77 4.1. 3 I 'lf l liiiisrs t t t st? - l eg g 5 ll . My rr - , it 3'4" 'ik ' 4 i 2 f f J! ' ggi in li Q , X , an f Q1,,,. l is W yi ,. ,X E s X as . 'L X V2 X 1 xp, at i 333513 ,.i 5 . :Ep ss . ..,:, wi., . , 5, 1, v 3 'li it he f ff' ' Ie XC? XX ef . x XXX? , X , f f rg N 7f we X X Q , to X! X x X ' z .. ,, Q, ,C , 1 .,.. W XS . .vw-1wVf'Wj4 x f 'f , NX 7 . if f 1 v X 2 i v r ijitv gm g. 23 . , ,, af sw Q NQQQ W Q X "fix rift? ' lx xi X' fl Xldfy XX f S, lv if f e 9 QW X 1 ss vf Wt KX 3.52 X ,itil af, 51 is S Y, X ' ll Z f X M I ,eta ... . . w rm f xx-ss x,,,p, x 5 WMU, Qu wfsrzsgm t , 7 . it .,2,,affm,,a.f..N 4 M ax. We " H wa.. .5 wwf -1- " M ,V Q., .1 ,. m sfw f " iff thawte. ,r ss gs 1 ff 2 9 , is X get WZ "'-wh pe lf 1 estaaaaia Y J X -4 e ri it We is 1 ti rf: QM X as R i 6 1155 gg Q W tg,,,.i ,i', ,r,3 W f.,i,,g1, 5 ,j u r ' i s i ,4 2-fAg, z . 3X iris? Z .2 -a , is ' 'T LV' 51 f " 'fi """ . ,,,,,,,Z:s-515. -at M .: . ef f? f x x ,,, ,,., it f ses ts 1 L. .ra Top: Patton gives Richardson and Meyers for the "Sweetheart of Sigma Chi." Bott van, Stevens, and Hiss look the situation 1 NOT PICTURED: Emerson Allsworth Scott Arnold Craig Bowen Frederick Bowen George Brockway Talmadge Buchanan Hugh Carrier Iimmie Chappcis Robert Clayton Lawrence Clemente George Compo Larry Cone William Etheridge Stanley Ferguson William Ford Phillip Gallagher John Hardeman E William Hembree lames Hisis William lacobs William Iohnson lack Jones William Ioyce Alfred Killian Christopher Larimore William Lonergan William Lovett Samuel Miller Ernest Mazejka Melvin Patton Charl Vernc David Arthu Steph Vince Willic Eugei Lewis Georg Georg Charl Richa Robei Clyde I. l I 1'3- S..'r - ,, 'flfi Samuel Abrams Arthur Cogen Burton Cohen Alvin Kaplan Phillip Kaplan Allan Kessler Manuel Odze Edward Oka Arthur Pathman Arnold Slome Bradley Steinbach Gerald Tarlow TEP officers: Saffron, treasureri Pathman, corres- ponding secretaryi Slatko, presidentf Rosenfield, warden, and Levine, recording secretary. 12701 Henry Cohen Robert Kobrin lack Pathman Robert Tepper Richard Cohn Benjamin Kovensky Howard Pearl Morton Ulman Marshall Feuer Donald Kramer Stanley Saffron Maxvyell Wass Q sex 5' irisgw G " f 'NSW ' 1 pf' 1,07 'WVAW' A FA ' R 'Nfl'--.. X 7'3" - ' filfs A 1 l X K A , R f A 'fg,s.5'fffjLf--X " filfymf' f fr.: - ,x1i" Zf7 Q . Y " .f rf: IN-sri Q " W " me Y W ....... . f if 1? V l 'ff' 'Wiff :K NW , 23" fiff W of-T13 "" 'l: '? ZWIE' f' ,, ' ' 'f ff??fr,ll ' L ' amy' I 3 -1 ' lf - , 'ima " Q ' fr' l ...l Harold Goldstein Harvey Goldstein Harold Kravitz David Levine Connie Seidenberg Iay Schiff Donald Weinlstein Solomon Weinstein NOT PICTURED Robert Bauer Robert Bender Ierry 'Bernstein Lawrence Birger Irwin Block David Blomberg Sidney Bronstein Ierrold Brosilow Lenny Cahn Ed Cohen Leonard Davis Herbert Farbish Loren Feldman Robert Feldman Morty Fried Irving Geringer Arnold' Gertner Martin Gettinger William Goldstein Lester Goldstein Norbert Gribin Dan Gurkey Kenneth Halpern Bert Harrison Arron Heller Al Herman Harvey Hourwitz Irwin Huffman Arnold Iacobson Donald Iacobson Robert Kaplan George Harrison Stanley Marcus Robert Slatko Lou Kaufman Richard Keats Bill Koeppel Bert Kossove Bruce Lehman Donald Lieberman Arthur Marcus Donald McClaskey Mel Michaels Larry Newman lay Platt Neil Posmantur Leonard Rivl-:ind Alan Rosen Kenneth Rosenfield Robert Rosenthal Robert Rubinstein Lou Sachs Bernard Saffer Herb Saievitz Morris Samuels Robert Schandloff Herbert Schreider Irwin Schwartz Herbert Sonnenklar Iames Spingarn Arnold Stevens Moie Tendrich David Turofsky Alfred Whalen Herbert Wheeler William Wolfson Tau Epsilon Phi BECAME A NATIONAL frat in 1910 .... 1947 marked the tenth anniversary for Tau Xi chapter on campus .... Victors of the 'fNose Bowl, '.... Slatko was IFC prexy . . Four brothers are on Hurricane staff . . . . "Miss University of Miami" dance at the Latin Quarter was TEP function of the year .... Meyers is only member of faculty at present .... Among prominent men who wear the TEP pin are Benny Goodman and Charlie Spivak .... Lavender and white are frat colors .... Flower is lily-of-the valley. Top: Goldstein, Jacobson, Steinbach, and Saffron burn the midnight oil. Bottom: Fraternal bonds strengthen brothers Art and Bob Shandloff, Burt and George Harrison, Art and Jack Patlnnan at .pledge ceremony. i-7 , lil 'll 331-iv' V ' Alla Ronald Ager William Alvin Donald Barmack Ierome Cohen Frederick Corniield Leonard Covan Martin Derene Irving Ellis Irwin Futerias Marvin Green Martin Greenbaum Richard Greenbdum Austine Haldensteln Herbert Ives Iarnes Kahn Arthur Kline David Leslie Edgar Maltzman Milton Mamber Donald Mayerson Leonard Pearl Samuel Rabin- Charles Sokol Myron Stoii Leonard Treisler Zeta Beta Tau WENT NATIONAL at City College, N. Y., in 1898 .... Alpha Qmega chapter came Miami way in December .... Green offi- ciated as U-l'c.cme chief .... Alvin and lves also on fl-Vcawe stall .... fllois helpmates were Rabin and Treister .... National figures wearing the diamond are Justices Cardoza and Frankfurter, .Governors l-lomer ClllinoisD and Lehman CN. YQ, radio announcer Cecil Brown, and lack Warner of Wfarner Brothers .... 200 guests attended installation ceremonies at Sea lsle .... Bang-up pledge dance ran off smoothly .... Social season climaxed by s C "Spring Formaln . . . ZBT colors are blue and white. N ei eu New , , 1 sf. S .X 4 5'XIff7fi"i55i"'li"i ' 1 adv 4 I 4 14 X X 7 X 9 wa ,. A-M0 "" V e ts 1 .. -" , 1 : , ,, , f . f.-isuzw Q zffxswm ,W 'X A: ,r .,,, ,, S 4 V rw -aa-' f -. sw'-HW- 1' :V Q5 ii Ni Q X wwf- ' ex'-F m e it " rim 'L x -f wW, ??"i',Z 'fi ' ASX 9 1 jbg , c J X K 7 W , A ,, ., if s . -' ass. ' f-x 4522. Top: Leslie, Pearl, Mayerson, and Cohen harmonize over PA system. Bottom: Cornfield, Stoll lves, and Rabin hash over current political issues. NOT PICTURED: Bernard Block Elliot Breslar Sheldon Dobkin Icy Ianoif Ralph Levinson Gilbert Purze Ted Schwurlzman Alcm Sless Gilbert Frank Arnie Groyison ZBT officers: Ellis, treasurer, Mamber, secretary, Kahn, president, D. Greenbaum, vice-president, and M. Creenbaum, historian, preside over first chap- ter meeting. 4 1 N W 1 w T I A. L B' U mC1ifi?ERw ., ,J . M AKLTK h tnulubtm W A YNGLET' M ' AAQ 1 limi - r evict? fl 'f'iQ ff Fmhgrin ann f Lx ' I g v hvrl .Hx W' JO! 1 if L ' X W fl M C6x'O1f4l 966 1.6 Q7'1, 1,1 fHW1J 'J 'M .. -gi , 3 M. S1 N- "??A1s:w seo. N1 sf, QQNS' 45 1 i g f W, 35,4 111191 YAY? 1 E ,, ! A Q. , v,f E .1 5 I 0 N ff K-N 1?e Hen 1 rx I , AHP: V1., ..,,.,, ' Ibnzg ' ' -I if mRCnd9ZfU0l1,s Y iff59m1 ' 'I In ll N ll A 1 n, 1 F Q A .4 .V ...,,. S A i Z.: ' , ' J X2 H L6 Efasux- Q ' A -- 1 , , I ffl ,X ,,. ,.:: Q :::, . 1 I , 1 ,:, q EEDV ,..,4 V , 1 fxuh Q 53,. I Q XA K , , A ' J AIQ: 1 ' Y L 5 '11 3 Q, , ,VV, . uw, V! D Y 05 Riviera Shell Service Z1 ,Th?A H0uw 1 W ,..., -. ,PHONE 411361 H 1 A, A N X. , .,,i, w BROW the Y Wlazfqfhf f.V DERBY M ,A,,,, Q 0 'Q 2.. 'af 3 A 1A. UW fd. L 1 J, b bllfl I, I vw, 4-"'V' vlvr . LUJ S ' V ' asm W- : HAPPY I-IQUR , 6, N f f f , Inc, , ' .X QM' . A , '00 1 nm, i 95 i2 +.x 29 " ' TI , ,N ' , f A A65 LAW , Mlf IRLITV R0 V l PRINTING Wh Wwe . 5 'z 4... H1 X 7 Miami Aivlx 'S l..1 , J! hiii his lrli ?1f -521111 Hospital I7Ql'6fl4 7 2 C0 fn, L9 ue Dm, y LH- 54 L CA W7 . 1 . ' jg H L ly 9 f 4 aww 9 fb 6fZZl0 A' ' L:b'AL 0 , V U I Y ' , I W -N . ,.,,,, 'lor' , Ib rahim , it ' V " aflolzal' Lim of M I , , , . V-..,, . . 1 K V S , , , ' WAIKER A l1xHl1:Al 'II 5, I Q S 7 Q SN KF lbvfilp ., .F V , A J. r 010, A ,W S 4 ,,.x.N .:,: W , ,,A. x,,, , ,j R 1 JE I ,0Q,4'G1Lc'v hi fy V -q.': A A . rg A ,WJ ,yah :M .1 .A,4, 1g,,h?0 , N MR E L RLN1YNr'f 'Mm Q f, Wbwp My Q! ' J '. "11' ':" Q I I nvgl Nqh, ,.VA 'i.- ' kg Ovvr J 'A - WQ-in 6 .4,, fg,2g 5 H: .,,,,, ,,,,N, xA'yx X xbtlx 1- C141 - Wm, .- - II f plh - A318 df "'A -'f2LfI an , Q 2 SU ' ' lj W . M 0 TI? V .M XLLX S V Jllfiyllo Q A ' -- W A f 'V -'1- wx. ,,,. ,, L ZX 'ALKL f ""' W L1.' - 'A"' " f f ,,,, I Ig F, Q TX 'Y V X 1X,,, Q F so 1 .WHY W V .gfi .,,.. dx Wfoff W 'W' N Y 'A A I Q' ' g 'm1 b'l's NA'r10N RITZ N 71' tw I AL BANK ' .CA M, JfR1 ?2eQ f M Off mm 1 Mm Coy' A. Fe f ,.,..,,, , fAV,Ax,A N ,,,M W .,v, , A f il 'v f , f i StIT ff,. . ,x ,M 'Hay diilmrr-',s AQ4:543n'iR 6061 Y ' , a, VW E A' , . b J' V i P-WH ,-. ,,,,.. I A I I Q Jes -.Z W bgfifliifk 14i ng9S Lew, R x1F,4,A,ff:51'5 --4---Q re. H. F. F1s11e1' ,,4 f my 6850141 1 "" 4""' 4 "'A Q - 1',4 .QW -gy ,A I l i I Z la ix li I.. 3 Z E I il 'I FHESHMAN APPEAL Out of the 3,516 frosh who thronged the classrooms, here is a handful as theya were caught waiting at the bus stops for rides . . . dashing between classes . . . propped up in a car studying for a Spanish exam . . . discuss- ing the virtues of the candidates for Student Association president: ' The Question: WHAT APPEALS TO YOU MOST AT TI-IE UNIVERSITY QE MIAMI? This is what they said: BOBBIE COLLINS, Miami, Fla.: "Distributing campaign signs . . . the difference in the atmosphere in the Slop Shop and classes." is 1 I V ' 0 ,L A ..- - - flash ,- ,tccs,. W. , I as , .,,, l f -. '2-', ,,,: .,.. . ffx ffliwf, .. .i.... I g 1 by I , I L, ,e,I I f S A .:., tziz ,.,:, , ,vi .... sm-:ix,1,. ,,. n ':.' ' Aw " 5 Distinctive Flewers i I 2511 PONCE DE LEON I Coral Gables Flower Shop 3 Sf 5 , CAF ETERIA S 3, ,, F1 208 ALCAZAR Just a whisper around the corner from the Cables Theatre SERVING HOURS: ll A.M. - 2 P.M. 4:45 P.M. - 3 P.M. CLOSED SUNDAY lg RAY W,E L C I-Ig, Southwick , Mass.: "Watching the girls with 5 their nice new convertibles driv- ing by . . . participating in sports out here. JEANNE HAYES, Miami, Fla.: "Listening to "I-Ieartachesn play- ing on the Slop Shop juke . . . fraternity and sorority dances softball games? Smcere Salute. . in AQ' I .5203 f .I .N , , , ' fflfva, , 'IK 'fe , , A Maw , . ' 45.33, , 'V 1 Wav, -f 'Size , TO OUR OWN UNIVERSITY TI-IE UNIVERSITY or MIAMI has just completed one of the most progressive years 'in its history-a year that has not only seen the institution with its greatest enrollment but has also marked the development of its new campus. As the institution goes on to greater achievements and glory it carries with it, as always, the sincere good wishes of- THE CITY OF CORAL CABLES I W. KEITH PHILLIPS, Mayor DAVID H. HENDRICK FRANK N. HOLLEY, Jr. ANDREW T. HEALY THOMAS C. MAYES CITY COMMISSIONERS SPORTSWEAR JEWELRY LINGERIE HAND BAGS DANIELS M I A M I 9 S Most Complete Health Food Store GABLES Health Mart 2123 PONCE DE LEON BLVD. PHONE 4-8-3441 Eddie's Barber Shop 2824- Ponce de Leon Blvd. Coral Gables, Fla. MOVIE and CANDID 2 4 H O U R C A M E R A S FILM DEVELOP STUDENT EXCHANGE 144- ARAGON AVE. ' PHONE 4-3595 BOOK EXCHANGE PERSONAL STATIONERY and BOOK MATCHES NANCY PEEPLES, Miami, Fla.: "The men . . . the Slop Shop atmosphere . . . 'specially the hot dogs . . . music from the juke all clay." JOAN CRAMER, Harrisburg, Pa.: "Mr. Esterlineis government course . . . cool new buildings . . . the pine trees." NATALIE BONUCK, Miami Fla.: "Feeling of being a pioneer I out here . . . watching the school grow . . . make-you-feel-at-home atmosphere." HARRY SCI-IAEFER, Miami, Fla.: "The University band . . . Dr. Downes and his humorous stories . . . especially when the female portion of the class is absentfj JEAN TEPPER, Miami, Fla.: "The sailing class I signed up for . . . Pikes are all so amusing and sweet . . . vets showing me pictures of their children." It bv LGR LINCOLN ROAD, MIAMI BEACH MIDNIGH Ol It takes lots of studying to get ahead in school. In the business world it takes plenty of studying, too. How to serve our customers better, more efficiently. How to make their tough jobs easier. How to improve our service and cut our prices so that everyone can enjoy all the advantages of uliving electrically." And just as your studying 'Gpays off" in better grades and a better education . . . our studying pays off in making our state a better, more pleasant, more prosperous place in which to work and live. wi':g1 FILURIDA P0 ' GIIT counwi' G6Peac0clc's cont-aL GABLES BAKERY QUALITY PRODUCTS - - - PHONE 4-9159 2518 PONCE DE LEON BLVD., CORAL CABLES, FLA. CHUCK LBERNDT MEANS SENSATIONAL BUYS SELLS TRADES WE FINANCE - EASY TERMS CORNER LE JEUNE 81 TAMIAMI TRAIL 4-201 S. W. Sth STREET PHONES 4-94-04 - 48-6364 Owned and Managed by CHUCK BERNDT Biltmore Farms 3760 ,BIRD AVE. PHONE 4--1683 GAS-OIL PRODUCTS, inc. NATURAL BOTTLED GAS GAS AND ELECTRIC APPLIANCES RADIUS -and RECORDS PERSONAL RECORDINGS 2603-05 PONCE DE LEON CORAL GABLES NANCY THOMPSON, Miami Fla.: "Newness of the school . . . new traditions to be made in the years to come . . .fthe friendly students and faculty? ROBERT RICH, Miami, Fla.: "Recreation facilities on South Campus . . . future of the Uni- versity . . . the new, modern buildings." MARYANNE BULLOCK, Mi- ami, Fla.: "Talking to people in the Slop Shop . . . confusion in the music school, you know, trying to sing with someone playing a clarinet in one room, and someone playing Chopin in the otherf' PI-IYLLIS KEEFE, Coral Gables, Fla.: "Pike Dream Girl Dance . . . puddles in the parking lot after a cloudburst . . . extensive social life . . . everyone going out of their way to be friendly." CARMEN LOMBARDO, New- ton Center, Mass.: "Exception- ally good sports program . . . good instructors and academic studies." Agfa Glitlllb "fill came :Many writ! I A I ' CA short, short story told chiefly in figures. Reading time: 1 minute, 42 seconds.D ive hundred people lived here 50 years ago. Two Hundred twenty five thousand permanent residents live in Miami proper today - 383,370 in Greater Miami. The telephone and electric power companies are backing with multi-million dollar expansion programs their estimate that 650,000 people will live in Greater Miami by 1956. A 1956 year 'round population of 1,000,000 in Miamiis trading area is forecast by an authori- tative consensus. Qualified authorities estimate that s700,0o0,o0o will be spent in building construction to meet the immediate requirements of Greater Miami - close to a billion dollars in Miami's trading area. Much of this construction is under way now or in the blueprint stage. RIGHT NQIVV DIIABII IS - - No. 1 U. S. passenger port-of-entry, surpassing even New York City. Q1941-46 averages: Miami - 42.17Qp of totalg New York - 34.95W.j Over a half million people entered and left the U. S. via Miami in 19116 alone. - No. 1 U. S. exporter of air cargo. - No. 1 U. S. gateway to Latin American markets. It takes from seven to nine figures - - not counting decimals - - to tell the annual story of Mia1ni's farm products, manufactures, payrolls, bank clearings, retail sales, county and municipal expansion, real estate sales, freight shipments or passenger travel. Actually they all tell the same story: that Miami has come of age industrially - - that Miami is midway in a forward-surging expansion of first importance. 1 Miami is going places-and you're invited to come along! THE CITY 0F MIAMI PERRINE PALMER, Mayor Commissioners - James A. Dunn, R. C. Gardner, Fred W. Hosea Leonard Thomsong City Manager - Richard G. Danner Xvhen you plan your trip with us All-Expense Air Tours to: HAVANA MEXICO NTASSAU MEXICO GUATEMALA RIO Steamships fo Europe Visit or phone us for information Phon,e 48-2646 ' 46-938 Authorized Ag:-nfs. Pan-Amuican Ainuyw, TACA Airways :nd ail Dnmi..Ki: Air Linus oouro-rice psi LeoN'Q,,'js,,'ty-D.,.-'count GABL'E.S Cleaners and Launderers Plaza Valet 2820 PONCE DE LEON BLVD. CORAL GABLES, FLA. Alterations B. L. BERT ABER P1 essing While U Wait Pm Shoe Shine F' Eaifege Eaffee S40 212 ALMERIA AVENUE HOME COOKED IVIEALS SANDYVlCHES'SNACKS EXLELLENT CO NDWICI-IES MADE TO TAKE OUT 3 OWEN COOPER, Miami Springs, Fla.: "Enthusiastic atti- tude of the freshman . . . there's so much spirit . . . response at football games . . . the way people go around touching wet paint on the new building." LAUREL PARIS, Fair Lawn, N. J.: "Posters in the Slop Shop . . . the friendly people around here . . . all the opportunities of meeting persons from other parts of the country." JOE BYRNE, New York, N. Y.: "Love the weather down here . . . . new campus is swell . . . the new buildings are definitely unusual." FRANK STOREY, Tifton, Ga.: "Mrs. Topping, the Spanish teacher appeals to me . . . the informal atmosphere out here between students and profes- sorsf' PAUL COLMAN, Miami, Fla.: "Attitude of the student body 'toward freshmen . . . they cer- tainly tolerate us . . . student cooperation? x ,X ,L 1.x - A - W W - W. --- xv, x-.A. .Ax fx .+. .m ,-, fx ,x .x .x .-. 5 4 A - - 0 11111 111111111111ffff'fff, ,,f ,fn ,,,,f 111 ' lllllf We ,gg ,, ' ... jiiif' f ' ,f 5 f, 4 4 4 4 4 fl -f U" Z if A 4 ,Z X ' 1 Z Z 4 4 f 4 4 " f 1 5 4 . V ' 4 4 I 4 Z rn A 7 Z f 3 Z ,U H ,1 Z 5 R5HTY 5 4 4 4 ' 4 2 M HAMI I 4 . f 4 1 ff 'fi 57526 .616 ,y 'W X, X ,-if ! I 1 2 . 2 -14 c ' ' ' """' flflflyf 4 ,, fffffffffffffff 42 1 2 gy, ,,,,,,,, ffffffffffff f 2 ff' Z N1111111111111 Ill! I , , . 1 1 ' 1 ,111 ,1f"' 1 f ' 2 1 if? 7 ,111ff4!4fv1f"l41' "fl, 1111 f g1 , 'flfciffffuf ,1111ff fyvff ,..,,4,f111111v'f Count Un 1 112 iam' eralh To Keep You Cofnpleifely Informed Florida's Most Complete Newspaper S U M N E R INSURANCE ACENCY Oldest Agency in Coral Gables Es'rABL1sHEn 1926 139 AVENUE ALCAZAR CORAL CABLES, FLA. WENDELI. SUMNER TURNER-EVANS A Sldlfd snmn ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT and SPORT APPAREL 1913 PONCE DE LEON BLVD., CORAL CABLES, FLA. ' Telephone 48-2556 THE ALHAMBRA D RIV E -IN 137 ALHAMBRA CIR. - CORAL CABLES Where Prices ure Reasonable! lVIike,s Friendly Bar 3673 BIRD ROAD Mike Kotkin, Owner 4-9302 JANE ELMER, Miami, Fla.: "Tlotsam signs . . . the U-lurricane . . . 'specially the signs in the Slop Shop that keep you in suspense." JIM MARTIN, Miami, Flag "Getting South Campus started . . . friendly atmosphere even though it is a large school . . . the people always offering to help you.' LUCILLE MCWHIRTER, Mi- ami, Fla.: "A certain Sigma Chi . . . the way Alpha Delta Pi takes up all my time." ROBERT CLAYTON, Miami, Fla.: "Track trips with the team flying to and from Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Chicago, Cleveland . . . the future cam- pus." TONI LOPEZ, Miami, Fla.: "The fact that the school is co-ed . . . the good social life . . . even heard Yale men say they'd like to go here? 0 j lf: N X yas, X I f-rmmnul fi T DUI! ,gy gf ALL THE LUCK IN THE WORLD 9 ., Grads and Undergrcacls :ZSI -b-L:-L We We going fo do a lot of research gffzgi 4,-x:, through the ctissertations ot Aristotle, the wisdom ot Plato anct Barttetfs "Quotations" L.L., Say to you at t is mme' ut in t e en ' it would .111 Lu down to what we sincerely wish tor you --'all ttxe luclz in the worlmln. L M -- had Wort' LT I Q tw advantage ot an opportunity when it appears HP- 'L H 1lm.5i1F5'F3W1 L' 'Q Nm are the factors which will put-you on top. I vu' I V' ' W ' H mass to an A WWII '1" - ,JLU 'Q L " U-L -- L1 EFEEMIL - Joe H Adams Manager - I f S.W.1st Street at 2nd Avenue 0777 fp 1 ' MIAAMI, FLORIDA Shop on U fHIHHEll llllllf 2 ...4,.,A.. . CAR WASHING U-DRIVE-IT BODY AND FENDER WORK p H uskamp Menon ooMPANY 242 ALHAMBRA CIRCLE CORAL CABLES PHONE 48-6591 THE BOOKWORM 214 VALENCIA AVE. PHONE 4-2659 Your Friend at Mealtime THE TERRACE GRILL 214 ALHAMBRA CIRCLE CORAL GABLES JACKIE BORAI-l, Coral Gables, Fla.: "Like to meet new people here . . . beautiful new buildings . . . SAE fraternityf' MELVIN SI-IAPIRO, Chelsea, Mass.: "The way crowded con- ditions are being handled . . . the new campus coming up . . . and the Slop Shop." SARAH SJEXVETT, Miami, Fla.: "The new, modern buildings that are so unusual in comparison to Spanish architecture . . . more available dates than in high school." EDWARD RABINOVITZ, Chel- sea, Mass.: "Sorority and fra- ternity pledges during hell week . . . the leisure time between classes? JACQUES LEVAN, Philadel- phia, Pa.: "Dr. Downes, eco- nomics course . . . understanding professors . . . Phi Ep Pi? .Y Gibeciafisfs in fgDo1f'f1fnaiffLL1fe 7 EIgIerS QLLaZiZy Cg2CZ"LL'l'6S Qineecjfiglni TELEPHONE 4-5478 WE FEATURE COLORED CARTOON MOVIES 1 TO ENTERTAIN THE CHILDREN 133 ALMERIA AVENUE N0 DEPOSIT REQUIRED CORAL GABLES 34, FLORIDA Ask about our special discount to U of M Coeds! 'fx-. ' erhleg, ' td.,i"" '6The Friendly Storev . . . ON THE- MIRACLE MILE 24-1 CORAL YVAY - - - CORAL CABLES CUMPLIMEN TS OF Coral Gables Times Riviera Your C'Ol7llTLllfLily' Newspaper PRINTING BY SKILLED UNION CRAFTSMEN Bliss Travel Service Authorized Airline Ticket Ojice and Coral Gables Only Luggage Shop 2410 PONCE DE LEON BLVD. fPost Oifide Arcadel PHONE 4--7602 THIEL CHEVROLET Sales and Service 2107 PONCE DE LEON BLVD. PHONE 4-0859 , FLABIINGII TIRE C0. 2100 PONCE BLVD. PHONE 4-2717 BILL WOOD, Miami, Fla.: De- sign of the new buildings . . . chemistry courses . . . the beau- tiful girls." JANE HEMPHILL, Bourne, Mass.: "Bridge 'class' in the Slop Shop . . . Ring Theatre productions . . . informality of the school." BARBARA MUSSETT, Miami, Fla.: "Pencil Sharpeners in the new building . . . football games . . . Sigma Chi Sweetheart Dance? A GORDON EINI-IORN, Miami, Fla.: "Unlimited social activi- ties . . . Dr. Steinbachis chemis- try courses . . . people you meet." Dream Alagging M BETWEEN 1924 AND 1928 there was some first rate dreaming done in Miami, and most of it on a business basis. lt is probable that the area boasted SOLZQ of the world's population of professional dreamers. Evidence of it is all around you. Outstanding is the parapetted gate alongside the canal on Red Road. That was to be Central Miami, the very heart of the city of Miami in only a few years. That fI6Z7'fiCZ6ZKl7' one was a "Doc" Dam- mers production. "Doc" was Coral Gables first mayor and one of the best two-fisted dreamers in the business. Late in 1925 George Merrick, founder of Coral Gables and possessor of an en- viable record for turning dreams into reality, came up with another one. It was titled the University of Miami and backed by some of Miami's finest citizens. A campus site was dedicated, buildings planned, and the good dreamers hit their stride, imagining something pretty big-- bigger than Rollins, Stetson, Southern, and who knows, someday maybe as big as the University of Florida itself. The hurricane of '26 was a wicked blow to the boys and a tip-off to the future. When the bottom fell out of South Florida in 1927 little was left. The pieces were picked up by Dr. Ashe and a small group of dogged individuals who have been plugging away ever since. But the dream has got out of hand. Actuality has outpaced it. Our very best '25 ispecie dreamer, even with tongue in cheek, could not have visualized the scope of today's University, nor plotted its future direction. The dreams alagging. Here at the print shop we're doing our best to keep up with it. But its quite an assignment. One we like though. arker ART PRINTING ASSOCIATION PHONE 4-1014 - coRAL GABLES L-----i SINCE 1923 - PHONE 4-9224 - 4-9564 Open Year Round SOLANA HOTEL Fifteen Minutes from Downtown Miami Large Patio 116 ALHAMBRA CIRCLE Central Location CORAL CABLES, FLA. Contact Lenses Visual Training Dr. Leonard M. Glicksin Optometrist 2203 PONCE DE LEON BLVD. PHONE 45390 CORAL CABLES, FLORIDA - D1cT1oNAR1ES - CLASSICS ' EVERY MANS LIBRARY ' BEST SELLERS Everything in books at RAINBOW BOOK SHOP 2319 SALZEDO STREET A Little off Coral Way Phone 4-1539 American Legion BAR and GRILL 0pen to Public STEAKS - CHOPS WINE and BEER LUNCHES BUDWEISER ON TAP Salzedo and Alhambra - Phone 4-9338 F. Y. DENSON, Prop. ' eninrs, Not Pictured Prank H. McDonald Miami, Tla. John R. Mahon St. Louis, Mo. S. L. Mainenti Miami, Tla. Nicholas Marino Colamhas, Qa. Emory Marshall Coral Qahles, Tla. Noble L. Mason Miami Beach, Tla. L. C. Mattson Washington, D. C. Vincent Mitchell Miami, Tla. George Morrison Miami, Tla. Harold L. Newman Miami Beach, Tla. Charles H. Parham Coral Qahles. Tla. Charles H. Parker Miami. Tla. Robert H. Patton Miami, Tla. Raymond Pearlson Miami Beach, Tla. William H. Pearsall Long Usland, W. Di. Howard Post Miami Springs, Tla. Bryant R. Poythress Coral Qahles, Tla. R. I. Prudhome Wheeling, W. 7711. jean E. Rasco , Coral Qahles, Tla. Alfred S. Reid .Cake Worth, Tla. William R. Richardson Coral Qahles, Tla. john E. Riege Platteville, Wis. Beverly R. Robinowitz Miami, Tla. Luis C. Rodriquez Miami, Tla. Mark W. Roe Miami, Tla. Katherine Rohe Coral Qahles, Tla. Maynard B. Rosowsky St. Paul, Minn. Alice R. Roth Miami, Tla. John C. Ruse Coral Qahles, Tla. Betty Rae Russell Key West, Tla. L. J. Schultz Jlthol, Mass. Bobby W. Schwarz Miami, Tla. W. L. Schweitzer Miami, Tla. Barbara A. Scofield San Trancisco, Calif. Elliott Segherman Miami, Tla. Gladys Seidman Bronx, N. Di. l 1 , Q.: ,, THE ER ICE VVho have supplied Miarnians with Fine Photo Engraving for more than Twenty-Five Years have moved to their new home at 49 2 N. W. 22nd Street TELEPHONES 3-2455 9-2620 fun KXQK fic, I ii Routh B. Sherman Miami Beach, Tla. Edward Shlefstein Chicago, 711. Thomas W. Skaggs Miami, Tla. E. Southerland Mianii. Tla. C. H. Spector Miami Beach, Tla. Barnett A. Sussman Tlarrishurg, Pa. E. T. Sutherlin Miami, Tla. Robert E. Sutter Phoenix, Ariz. Florence Cv. Taylor Miami, Tla. Raymond Taylor 17-lialeah, Tla. S. D. Thatcaer Miami, Tla. J. S. Thomas Miami, Tla. K. V. Thompson Miami, Tla. I. Q. Tierney Miami, Tla. John A. Tobin Coral Qahles, Tla. R. D. Toms Nialeah, Tla. Robert H. Traurig Miami, Tla. John A. Travis jackson, Miss. William l-l. Troth Miami, Tla. James C. Upshaw Coral Qahles, Tla. Robert Vaughn Miami, Tla. Stanley Wallman Miami Beach, Tla. Eugene V. Walter Miami, Tla. John B. Warren Miami, Tla. Norman C. Wayne Charleroi, Pa. Dorothy C. Weisman Newton, Mass. R. O. Werlein New Orleans, La. Regina L. Whitaker Coral Qahles. Tla. Clara A. White Miami, Tla. Sheldon D. Whittle Undianapolis, 7nd, Harold I. Winter Miami, Tla. Chester .M. Wolsh Cleveland, Ohio Ann Wood Jlclrian, Mich. Robert A. Woodmansei Miami, Tla. Bertha Wright Miami, Tla. Rita Zaret Miami Beach, Tla. John F. Zipf, Jr. Newark, N. U. Richard Zion Miami Beach. Tla. Q A "AN ATMOSPHERE OF OLD SPAIN" M55 F' bfi' cp f TELEPHONE 4-1065 , asm PONCE DE LEON BLVD. Q ' CORAL CABLES, FLORIDA . ,WI Ahvl ' "bf " A A A . 9. One Of Miamfs Favorite Dining Places 0 I M P 0 ll T E R S Swan!! Daqfime and Zaeaiag 7a456an4 236 CORAL W'AY 7343 LINCOLN ROAD CORAL CABLES MIAMI BEACH PHONE 48-3669 MILEO PHOTO SHOP Camera Supplies 0 Photographic Supplies 2103 PONCE DE LEON BLVD. o CORAL GABLES, FLA. ul ll Ili 0 I' S Not Pictured THOMAS HORKAN-Miami, Fla. CHARLOTTE HORTON-Miami, Fla. MERLE HOTALING-Crescent City, Ill. LEE HOUSTON-Miami, Fla. PARKS HUNTER-Coral Gables, Fla. STANLEY HURD-Miami, Fla. LAWRENCE ISHAM-Miami, Fla. REBECCA JACKSON-Maplewood, N. J. ARLINE JACOBSON-Brooklyn, N. Y. DAVID JOHN-Miami, Fla. MARY E. JOHNSON-Hollywood, Pla. JOHN C. JONES-Miami, Fla. JAMES W. JONES-West Palm Beach, Fla. JOHN JORGENSEN-New York, N. Y. AARON KAHAN-Miami, Fla. WILLIAM KAPP-Miami, Fla. ARNOLD KAUEMAN-Hallenclale, Fla. EUGENE KAUFMAN-Miami Beach, Fla. ROBERT KAY-Toledo, Ohio ROBERT KEENAN-Marblehead, Mass MORTON KEISER-Miami Beach, Fla. MARY J. KEMPER-Chicago, III. JOHN H. KENHART-Bridgeport, Conn. D. D. KENNEDY-Miami, Fla. DONALD F. KENNEDY-Coral Gables, Fla. ALLAN KEPLINGER-Miami, Fla. WILERED KERR-Miami, Ela. ALAN KESSLER-Miami Beach, Fla. CHARLES KETCHUM-Miami, Fla. RICHARD KNUDSEN-Miami, Fla. LEONARD KOLTUN-Miami, Beach, Fla. STAN KOSLOWSKI-Rumford, R. I. PETER KOUCHALAKOS-Lowell, Mass. BILL KRASNAI-Bethlehem, Pa. DAVID J. KRASLOW-New York, N. Y. AARON KRIEGEL-Bronx, N. Y. JOSEPH KRULL-Coral Gables, Fla. FRANK H. KUBLER-Coral Gables, Fla. GLORIANNA KUHN-Coral Gables, Pla. THOMAS LAMAR-Miami, Fla. HARRIET LANG-Forest Hills, N. Y. JOSHUA LANGEUR-Miami, Fla. JOHN LARKIN-Dowagiac, Mich. FRANCES LASKY-Miami, Fla. WILLIAM J. LEE-Miami, Fla. GEORGE A. LEININGER-Cleveland, Ohio EREDERIC LINDER-New York, N. Y. CARL LINDGREN-Goulds, Fla. HAROLD LIPKIN-Harrison, N. J. RALPH LITWACK-New York, N. Y. WILLIAM LIVESAY-Miami, Fla. MARJORIE LOCKE-Miami, Fla. VIVIAN LOCKHART-Haines City, Fla. ELI LOOMIS-Dorchester, Mass. CHARLES S. LOVE-Miami, Fla. ANITA LOVETT-Miami, Fla. ARTHUR B. LOWE--Miami, Fla. CARLTON LOWE-Miami, Fla. MANUEL LUBEL-Miami, Fla. JAMES LUCAS-S. Charleston, Va. CHARLES LUNDGREN-Bloomfield, N. J. ALAN R. LYON-Miami, Fla. JOSEPH J. MCBRIDE-Miami, Fla. JACQUELINE MCCANN-Miami, Fla. FRANCIS MCCARRON-Miami, Fla. . ROBERT MCDOUGAL-Coral Gables, Fla. LYNN McKEARNAN-Northbrook, Ill. LAMAR McKEY-Miami, Fla. WILLIAM MCWHORTER-Miami, Fla. DK. MACVICKER-Miami, Fla. ALVIN MALPASSfMiami, Fla. E. MANDELKERNf-Bronx, N. Y. GEORGETTE MANDIS-Coral Gables, Fla ORVILLE MANN-Columbus, Ohio HARRIET MANNING-Tampa, Fla. ISADORA MARGOLIS-Miami Beach, Fla. E. MARKBREITER-Bronx, N. Y. BARBARA MARSH-Miami, Fla. FREMONT MARSHALL-Miami, Fla. N. P. MARTIN-Miami, Fla. THOMAS MARTIN-Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. J. W. MASTENBROOK-Miami, Fla. NORMA MATZ-Miami Beach, Fla. R .S. MAXEY-Miami, Fla. THOMAS M. MAXEY-Coral Gables, Fla. RONALD MAYER-Miami, Fla. ANN MECKEL-West Palm Beach, Fla. D. E. MERCER-Miami, Fla. CHARLES MESTER-Brooklyn, N. Y. WILLIAM MEYER-Miami Beach, Fla. HENRY MILES-Jacksonville, Pla. WILLIAM MILES-Jacksonville, Fla. ARTHUR MILLER-Chicago, Ill. GEORGINA MILLER-Miami Beach, Fla. MURIEL MILLER-Bridgeport, Conn. AUDREY MILLS-Miami, Pla. IRVING MINER-Dania, Fla. RICHARD MITCHELL-Thomasville, Ga. WILLIAM MITCHELL-Miami Beach, Fla. CHARLES MOORE-Melba, N. Y. THOMAS MOORE-Miami, Fla. WILLIAM MOSELEY-Columbus, Ga. CLAIRE MOSES-Miami, Fla. EPHRAIM MOWER-Unity, Pa. OLDRICK MRAZEK-Miami, Fla. FRANK MUDD-Hialeah, Fla. LEE MUDD-Coral Gables, Ela. SELWYN MULTER-Miami, Fla. JOSEPH MURPHY-Coral Gables, Fla. K. M. MURRAY-Miami, Fla. ANDREW MUSANTE-Bridgeport, Conn. RONALD NANKIVELL-Coral Gables, Fla FREDA B. NARKIN--Springfield, Mass. NORMAN P. NATHANSON-Miami, Fla. SIDNEY NEEDELMAN-Miami, Fla. JEAN NELLENBOGEN-Mia1ni, Fla. ISAAC NEWTON-Earlington, Ky. CHARLES NORMAN-Miami, Fla. MARTHA OJBRIEN-Omaha, Neb. LAELIA OICONNELL-Brookline, Mass. M. H. OPENER-Coral Gables, Fla. EDDIE OHI-Miami, Fla. JOHN ORLEMAN-Miami, Fla. DOLORES OSTROWSKI-Oak Park, Ill. JAY H. OWEN-Miami Beach, Fla. HERBERT PABLO-Miami, Fla. JOSEPH PARDO-Miami Beach, Fla. ROBERT PARENT-Miami, Fla. ARTHUR PARRY-Miami, Fla. G. W. PASCHALL-Memphis, Tenn. ANITA MAE PASTOR-Cincinnati, Ohio JACK PATHMAN-Miami Beach, Fla. WILLIAM PATTERSON-Miami, Fla. EILLEEN PEARLMAN-Spring Valley, N. MORTIMER PEARLMAN-Washingto11, D. DAVID PENDER-Williston, S. C. ROBERT PETERS-Miami, Fla. JACK W. PETERSON-Miami, Fla. PATRICIA PHILLIPS-Miami, Fla. STANLEY PLATKIN-Miami Beach, Fla. RICHARD POLLOCK-Zanesville, Ohio HOWARD POST-Miami, Fla. RODNEY POST-Bronx, N. Y. MCKENDREE PROM-Hialeah, Fla. JOHN PROTIN-Lakewood, N. J. CHARLES QUADE-Elizabeth, N. J. REED QUIGLEY-Flushing, N. Y. ROSLYN RABIN-Miami Beach, Pla. ALFRED S. REID-Lake Worth, Fla. GLORIA REID-Miami, Fla. WALTER REZNEK-Miami, Pla. WILLIAM RHENEY-Miami, Pla. ALLEN RICHARDSON-Glendale, Mo. GUSSIE RICHTER-Miami Beach, Fla. CARLYLE RIPS-Miami, Fla. NANCY RIVIERE-Coral Gables, Fla. RUTH ROBBINS-Yonkers, N. Y. ROBERT ROBINSON-Coral Gables, Pla. WILLIAM L. ROBINSON-Miami, Fla. NOCLAS ROCAWICH-Miami, Fla. C .E ROCHE-Miami Beach, Fla. CHARLES ROGERS-Coral Gables, Ela. CARL ROLNICK-Miami Beach, Fla. CARL ROSE-Bluefield, W. Va. SYLVA ROSEN-Providence, R. I. LAUREL ROSENBAUM-Miami Beach, Fl EUGENE ROSENBLUM-Miami, Fla. JOSEPH ROSENKRANTZ-Miami, Fla. ALAN ROSENSON-Miami, Fla. BEN ROSS-Brooklyn, N. Y. Y. C. a. ELAINE RUBIN-Coral Gables, Pla. BETTY RUFPLEY-Coral Gables, Fla. JUDY SAAL-Miami Beach, Pla. FRANK SANDER-Lakeland, Fla. JOHN H. SANDERS-Miami, Pla. JAMES SAUNDERSwMia1ni, Ela. YALE SAWILOWSKY-Augusta, Ga. JOHN SCHANZE-Miami, Fla. MIRIAM SCHEINBERG--Miami, Fla. KATHERINE SCI-IMITZ--Coral Gables, Pla J. G. SCHOLTENS-Miami, Pla. R. P. SCHUH-Miami, Fla. C. E. SCHULER-Jacksonville, Pla. M. SCHWARTZ-Miami Beach, Fla. RICHARD SHAFEER-Hialeah, Fla. DAVID SHARFF-Miami, Fla. ARLO SHAVER-Miami, Fla. LAWRENCE SHEEKEY-Coral Gables, Pla. WILLIAM SHEEN-West Palm Beach, Fla. VERNON SHEETZ-Coral Gables, Pla. STEPHEN SHELTON-Miami, Fla. LAWRENCE SHERMAN-Miami, Fla. PAUL SHIEKMAN-Miami Beach, Fla. EVELYN SHILAND-Birmingham, Ala. JEAN SHIVELY-Miami, Fla. LOIS SHULDER-Miami Beach, Fla. CAROLINE SHULTZ-Miami Beach, Pla. HAROLD SIMONOPF-Miami, Fla. MARSHALL SIMONS-Brooklyn, N. Y. NATALIE SINGER-New York, N. Y. ALAN SLESS-Margate, N. J. CHARLES M. SMITH-St. Albans, N. Y. LAVERNE SMITH-Des Moines, Iowa WILLIAM A. SMITH-Summit, N. J. WILLIAM W. SMITH-Blytheville, Ark. RUBIN SMULIN-Miami, Pla. WILLIAM SNYDER-Miami, Fla. EDITH SOAR-Miami, Fla. FRANCIS SOBECK-Coral Gables, Fla. ALEX SOLLER-Miami, Fla. HARVEY SONIN--Miami, Fla. VINCENT SPINELLI-Scranton, Pa. ROBERT STANTON-Miami, Fla. WILLIAM STANTON, JR.-Miami, Pla. PAUL V. STEFFAN-Miami, Fla. THELMA STEIN-Mount Vernon, N. Y. FLORA STERNBERG-New York, N. Y. CRAIG STEWART-Miami, Fla. . EDWARD STOFAN-Miami, Fla. JOHN STRAESSLEY-Coral Gables, Fla. JOSEPH STUDWELL-Miami, Pla. RICHARD STURMER-Miami, Fla. HAROLD SUGDEN-St, Petersburg, Fla. DAVID SULLIVAN-Dedham, Mass. SEYMOUR SUSSMAN-Miami Beach, Fla. PAUL SUTTON-Miami, Fla. RICHARD TACY-Knoxville, Tenn. EDGAR TALBERT-Hartsville, S. C. THUSE IN THE KNUW awarded Rawlson's a diploma in decorating with their first home-making problems, and have been relying on the high standard of fabric quality and superior craftrnanship ever since. - SLIP covmas - SPREADS - UPHOLSTERY - CURTAINS 0 DRAPERIES - SHADI-:sl ' VENETIAN BLINDS Both Custom and Ready Made 2 5 114 N. MIAMI AVENUE - PHONE 3-8959 Phone 3-8959 for Free Estimate :g4ffi.?i'W', f 0 at ' YW fig 5 '5 flm f' I 1 3680 CORAL WAY MIAMI, FLA. H eaclquarters for Bulova, Lolngine, Elgin, Gruen, Benrus and Hamilton Watches zgflllkl' ellleffy 60. RELIABLE JEWELERS 225 EAST FLAGLER STREET JOSEPH TAYLOR-I-Iialeah, Fla. PATRICIA TAYS-Miami, Fla. MEYER TENNENBAUM-Miami, Fla. FRANK THOMISZER-Miami, Fla. BEN H. THOMPSON--Miami, Fla. LEO THOMPSON-Coral Gables, Fla. ADAM THOMSON--Miami Beach, Fla. EDWARD TINC-LE--Miami, Fla. NICKI TOLSTOI-Washington, D. C. RICHARD TRECCASE-Miami, Fla. LOIS TRIPLETT-St. Marys, W. Va. DAVID TLIROVSKY-Los Angeles, Calif. PATRICIA LII-ILMAN-Miami Beach, Fla. LILIAN UNCER-New York, N. Y. LAWRENCE VALIC-HN-Miami, Fla. DALE VENNINC1-Mont Rose, Iowa CHARLES VICKERS-Haines' City, Fla. MARTHA VICKERS-Miami, Pla. DAVID VOGT-Flint, Mich. CHARLES WALN-Miami, Fla. LEE WALSH-Winnethee, Ill. ROBERT WALSH-Hialeah, Fla. LARAYNE WATSON-Newark, N. J. WILLIAM WEAVER-Coral Gables, Fla. ROBERT WEBBE-Sebastian, Fla. DONALD WEEKS-Miami, Pla. HARRY WEINER-Miami, Pla. MIRIAM WEISSMAN-Miami Beach, Fla. BARTON WESTERLUND-Minneapolis, Minn JOHN WESTFALL-St. Louis, Mo. WESLEY WHITE-Miami Beach, Pla. HARRY WILLIAMS-New Haven, Conn. MARJORIE WILLIAMS-Miami, Pla. MERRIL D. WILLIAMS-Miami, Fla. OSCAR WILSEN-Miami, Fla. PAULA WITTNER-New Rochelle, N. Y. SAMUEL WOLFSON-Passaic, N. J. THALIA YAFFEY-Miami Beach, Fla. JAMES YARBOROUGH-Miami, Fla. MARTIN YELEN-Miami Beach, Fla. ANTHONY YOVICSIN-Steelton, Pa. GEORGE YOXALL-Miami, Fla. JOYCE ZIMMERMAN-Miami Beach, Fla. JOHN F. ZIPF, JR.-Newark, N. J. .7 , I I -C SAMDS SILVER FLEET Taxi - Baggage - Car Rentals PMIDNE 4-1631 200 CORAL WAY CORAL GABLLES TURN IO THE ALBUM Years and years and years from now, there will come reflective moods in your life . . . times when you will call back fond memories of your school days . . . Dolft pass up use of your foresight on Graduation Day! Start TODAY to exchange your photographs for those of your best friends . . . and in the reflective moods of future years, turn the album! DUPONT BUILDING MIANII 205 LINCOLN ROAD IVIIAMI BEACH N0 appointment necessary Ur Ahffor BETTY CGED is "PICKIN3 CUTTUNQ' The Gingham Shop PLAY CLOTHES DRESSY COTTONS CORIAL CABLES, FLA. UNIFORMS 2140 PONCE de LEON BLVD The Sli E L B 0 li E ON THE OCEAN AT 18th STREET -K OPEN ALL YEAR 1 MILTON M. CHAPMAN, Mangy. Dir. Compliments of MERCANTILE NATIONAL BANK 0F MIAMI BEACH 420 LINCOLN ROAD .JUDSON L. OWEN, Prresident 'R nphnmmres Not Pictured Robert Hutton Frederick C. Hyrne J. N. Ireland Thomas H. Iwen Arthur J. Jackson Curtis R. Jackson William C. Jacobs Doris O. Jacobsen Arnold Jacobson Champney R. Jacobson Veda N. Jaeger William O. Jaeger Robert R. James William E. James William R. Jamieson William Janes Helene Janko Talmadge R. Jenkins Janice Jester Arvid J. Johnson Creighton E. Johnson Edward B. Johnson James R. Johnson Perry L. Johnson William C. Johnson Arthur Jonas Basil E. Jones Gordon L. Jones Jr. Harry L. Jones Jack M. Jones Mary L. Jones Ray L. Jones Terry D. Jones William D. Joyce Jr. Melvin S. Kacher ulius H. Kaiser Jr. Richard H. Kalman Paul T. Kane Herbert H. Kaplan Stanley N. Kaplan Audrey M. Kargle Benjamin Karol Anita H. Kauffman Richard S. Keats Richard H. Keena George J. Keenan Victor J. Keller Charles A. Kelly William T. Kelsey Frank G. Kendall Jack W. Kennedy Oscar A. Kennedy Jr. Richard P. Kenney E. C. Kenny ' Leon G. Kerner William H. Kerpyk Gordon T. Kerr Warren W. Kicklighter Benjamin Kincaid, Jr. Charles J. King I Winton H. King David M. Kingsberg Charlotte B. Kinker Thomas C. Kinnin Jerry Kinsey Calvin T. Kinsman Edward R. Kirkland Donald J. Kirschner Mary C. Kissel Donald M. Kitchin John F. Klaiber S. M. Klarfeld George Klein Julian L. Klein Melvin H. Klinghoffer Mary E. Klyce Jack G. Knapp John C. Knight Herbert B. Knox Richard R. Knudsen William J. Koch Dale G. Koenig Robert A. Kohler Leonard Koltun Robert Koltz Philip Koran Robert D. Korner Edward H. Koton John Krainiak Karl O. Kramer Sanford Kramer Victor G. Kreck Simon Kreindler Wayne R. Kremser Paul F. Kretzschmar Jerome Kuby Donald M. Kuhn George H. Kunde Norman Kupfer Harvey W. Kuzel Richard A. LaBaw Martin B. Ladden Robert H. Lally Robert F. Lamons Ralph L. Lancaster Ernest C. Lander? I Coral Gables Insurance , I ne. Make u Date with Rees or Richard for Complete Insurance REES MARSHAL, President RICHARD A. MARSHAL, V-President 2128 PONCE DE LEON BLVD., CORAL GABLES 0 PHONE 4-0213 were ?,2HLH'5 1 :Qe :i. S T O 222f 5 ,.::2 R AZLE " DRV CLEHDIHG ' ' 2407 PONCE DE LEON BLVD. A CORAL CABLES MIAMFS GIFT CENTER RED qsmgss NT 51 EAST FLAGLER STBEET Victor Lange Joan Langner Grady E. Lanier joseph D. Lanza Taylor C. Larimore Grover L. Larkins Julian D. Latham Sterling F. LaVine Theodore B. Lazarus William J. Leavitt Betty J. Lee Charles W. Leffert Paul A. Leischen Martin Lemlich Corinne L. LeMoon joseph M. Leon Barbara J. Leonard Irwin H. Lesser Russell W. Levanway Flora S. Levin Lenore P. LeVine Arthur Levinson Bertram Levy Weldon B. Lewis Joyce Lichtenstien Ralph M. Licker Harold Lieber Donald Lieberman Doris Light Ruth Light Michael A. Liguori Joseph R. Lillagore Robert L. Lippman Marion F. Lipps Frank D. Lister Robert R. Litchfield E. R. Lodge Burton Loebl Lois C. Loewenstein james J. Loftus Donald Lopez Robert C. Lose Dean Losey Oscar Lotka Robert W. Low Donald R. Lubin L. Lubin joe Luchte Rodney E. Ludder Kenneth E. Luke Roy P. Lund Martin I. Lundy Jack B. Lusk, jr. Robert T. McBride William T. McCain Lucius W. McClellan Donald C. McClosky John E. McCollum Michael H. McCormick Bernard R. McDonald fi jonh E. McDonough Elbridge B. McDuff Francis J. McGee Charles E. McGlothlin J. A. McGunagle Carl E. McKenry, Jr. Robert D. McLaughlin Douglas H. McLeod Edmond L. McMorrough Wiliam S. McMurphy Frank E. McNamara Joseph J. McNulty john A. McRae John MacAvery J. F. MacDonald I John D. Machleid F. Rf Macklin R. K. MacMillian J. W. MacNab M. B. Magonigle R. N . Mainenti John A. Majewski C. D. Majewski Joseph Maltzman Sylvia Maltzman David Mann L. S. Manning Harry Mansfield Shirley Manus Erwin H. Manus Alan I. Marcus Bernard Marcus Lotte Marguliesl J. E. Markette Barrie A. Marks William E. Martin David M. Mason William W. Massey Charles Mathis Doren Maywell M. L. Maxwell Isadore Mayers Ernest Mazejka Peter L. Melius Louis A. Mendez Nitza M. Mendez Bernard Merker Marvin L. Metzger H. L. Michaels E. J. Milberg Mac R. Millan L. L. Miller Ruth M. Miller Sam A. Miller Suzanne Miller Alice A. Mills Nancy Lou Milner Henry E. Minchew Margaret Mitchell Michael Mitchell J. E. Moak james A. Moffitt George Moore G. R. Moore Donald Morison Walter Morrell Frank Morris J. R. Morris Nathan P. Morris Betty Morrison Robert Morrison R. A. Morrissey F. W. Morrow J. D. Morseman G. G. Mortl joseph H. Moseley joseph Moskowitz Bernice B. Moss Carl P. Mosso Richard Moyers Vincent Marzek Lillian Mueller William E. Mundis Albert Muratore Gordon Murk Dennis Murphy Thomas J. Murphy William A. Murphy John H. Murray William C. Murray James E. Murrin R. T. Myers Betty Nancarrow Robert E. Nancarrow Edwin T. N anle Seymour N atkin Jimmy Natsis Irvin Neham Emmett L. Nelson Gerhard S. N entwig Raphael J. N epolitan Sheldon H. Newmark Anne Newport George Nicholas Joan Nicholas Rufus J. Norris Robert J. Novak Adilf Nuchtern Betty L. O'Brien Francis C. O'Brien John P. Onkey Ralph I. Oswald Albertus B. Outlaw Lester M. Overhultz Della F. Pace Sidney Paetro Gregory Pahules Armand G. Painchaud Charles E. Paoli Charles C. Papy Lee Patton Irene A. Patty Sylvester V. Paul Vernon O. Paul Elayne Paulson Arthur H. Peary Richard G. Peck George W. Pecora Mario L. Perez Sergio J. Perez Alexander Pernal Michael J. Persinko Robert L. Patersen Harold E. Petrey Clarence Picaro Walter C. Pierce Gernard H. Pitt Harmon E. Pletzer Morton Plotkin Edward A. Podolak Irwin Podolsky Margot Phoryles Anne J. Pohs Margot Pohoryles Hoover J. Poindexter Anthony Portantino Hope Portocarrero Neil I. Posmantur Ira P. Powers Stanley B. Pratt Jules S. Presar Dennis M. Presnell Enos P. Pride Lilian Pritchett Paul Proud John F. Pryima Gilbert Purze Charles J. Quade Ernest P. Quarterman james S. Quinlan Charles G. Ratomski Julian E. Reddick Irene A. Redstone Robert B. Reese Victor Reiner Nathan Reiss Fred M. Reschke Ronald Ribler Clarence E. Rich William C. Richards Ruth Richardson Selma B. Richman Marna Rifkin Tobe H. Ritwe Nancy 1. Riviere Robert E. Roache Henry W. Robbins Patricia A. Robbins Jack Narvelle Roberts Sidney Robinwoitz James C. Robinson Phillip B. Robinson Richard W. Robinson James R. Roche Lita S. Rodman Evelyn M. Rogers Richard W. Rogers Paul C. Rohm Bette J. Rona Horace B. Rose Alan A. Rosen Betty M. Rosen Ruth Rosenbloom Herschel Rosenthal Sheldon I. Rosenthal Lester Ross Salene Ross Lester D. Roth Selene Ross Lester D. Roth Lorraine Rothbaum James H. Rotherham John C. Rothwell Harmon P. Rowe Gilbert B. Rozran Harold Rubel Theodore Rubel Alvin E. Rubin Sumner W. Rubin Marianne Robiner Tillie Z. Rudelich Renee B. Rudnitsky Herbert S. Russcol William J. Rynearson Charlotte M. Saari Gerald R. Sack Paul J. Safer Bernard Saffer Herbert Saievitz Chester Salberg Edward Salinas Salvador Salinas Siebert F. Saliva Joseph S. Salokan Mary J. Saloom Joanne Saltzman Milton Salzburg lona Salzhauer Maurice Samuels Lucene . Saper Pearl N. Sapero Ronald F. Sapp Arthur J. Sarett Helen M. Sauran Walter A. Saze Matthew Scaglione Charles Schaefer Leonard Schaeffer Albert Schauseil Leroy C. Scheiner Donald G.Schmidt Albert Schneider M. R. Schneider Don M. Schrager C. H. Schultz L. M. Schwartz S. M. Schwartz S. E. Schwartz E. Schwartzberg L. Schwertok Robert Scott Stanley D. Scott John D. Sellers Kenneth L. Seyl Alva D. Seyler George C. Shaffer Robert Shandloff Byron Shapiro Stanley Shapiro Stanley Sharka Robert Shaughnessy Albert Shaw Sylvia B. Shaw Donald E. Shelby Joseph E. Shenan John J. Sheridan Edward M. Sherman Robert Sherzer Greeta Shoobe Richard P. Short Terrell S. Shrader Benjamin Shuman Rosalyn Siegel Francis D. Silas Bruno F. Silay Gerald R. Silver Bernard Silverblatt Nelson Silverman Toby Silverman King S. Simmons Lawrence A. Simon Michael B. Simpson Paul Singer Robert Singer Leo Sirchuk Andrew J. Sitton Charles W. Skalaski Francis Sklar William G. Slater Leon D. Slepow Arnold Slome James F. Smgielski Corrine Smith Edith Smith Fred W. Smith Glenn B. Smith Harry B. Smith Herbert P. Smith Jr. Lewis B. Smith Robert L. Smith Aurum S. Smoler Charles H. Snowden Doris L. Snyder Fred Snyder Arthur Sokolow Henry Solomon Marjorie Solomon Gerald P. Soltz Ben Spezel Adele Spiegel James A. Spingarn Morton D. Spolter Emanuel Sponder G. H. Spooner Lois J. Springer Stanley Sprung Stewart Sprung B. J. Stakemiller Franklin W. Stack Seymour Stahe T. J. Stamp Jr. Herman Steele S. Stefkanos Harry J. Steffans Sherman Steingart Agnes V. Stella George D. Stephan Thelma Stevens William B. Stich Walter Stocker Edward A. Stofan Sam J. Stoler Orville T. Stoll Joseph St. Pierre Gordon A. Strate Roger Street Eugene M. Strul Gordon Stuedler Margaret Sudar Frances Sugar D. J. Sullivan Edward Sullivan E. F. Sullivan Rufus C. Sundie Lee W. Sunshine Philip J. Supple Alfred D. Susu James Sutherland Richard H. Swann Ruth Jeanne Sykes Clayton Symons Thomas C. Taber George V. Taggett John P. Tanner Conrad E. Tanzy Joseph A. Tatol Edwin D. Taylor Joe T. Taylor Edward F. Teigeler Louis Teitelbaum R. W. Theobald P. J. Thomas Wayne R. Thomas William M. Thomas Bennett Thorpe Orin H. Todd Morris Todras R. P. Tomberlin Joan P. Trippe John Trzcinski Richard Tubbs Harlan Tuck Lionel L. Tulin Lucille Turchin Lowell A. Turgeon Raymond E. Turgeon George V. Tutan Alvin I. Tyler Robert J. Llnkrich George B. Valentine Joseph A. Valicenti Keith C. VanDeventer Elliot M. VanRyn James F. VanZandt Richard D. Vaughan Elizabeth Vaviloff Vernon R. Veariel Donald F. Vetromile Francis D. Viering Edward E. Viguera Earl N. Wagner Jean M. Wailes Alice Wainwright Charles A. Wallin Richard R. Walther Janet Wanderer Alfred E. Ward Gwen D. Ward Sara E. Ward Mildred Ware Ruth A. Warren Cynthia Wasserman Calvin P." Watson David S. Watson John W. Watson Lynn B. Watson John H. Watts Jack L. Webb Zair Webb Richard Weed Robert L. Weed Harold R. Weiss Rebozols Complete Auto Service Tires - Auto Supplies - Rf-:capping 3300 S.W. 8th STREET PHONE 4-5636 Williams Chemical Company Miarni's Oldest Manufacturers of Insecticides - Disinfectants - Soaps - Waxes also complete line of cleaning necessities and supplies 555 N.W. 5th Street Miami 36, Fla. ozalid prints drawing materials Biscayne Engineering Co. Y'-Ioward Weiss Jack J. Weiss Jerry Weiss Rhoda Weiss Mitchell L. Weiss Doris J. Weitzman Eileen L. Weitzman Eli Wekstein William B. Wellons Charles O. Wells John I-l. Wentworth Jr. George B. Werk Ray M. Wesson Sam l-l. Wheeler Lewis E. White Robert D. White I-larvin B. Wichman Robert M. Wiley Gloria A. Wilhelm Mansol L. Wilkins Clyde Willard Edna E. Williams George F. Williams Jack Williams Roy S. Williams Paul C. Wilmarth Myron L. Wilner Chalmers R. Wilson I-larold E. Wilson Percy L. Wilson William R. Wlison lran Wolf Winifred E. Wolfe john R. Woodrum Albert I-I. Waight I Elizabeth J. XY! right ' Edward Yazijian Earl B. Yeadaker Jr. Paul l. Yergey Joseph E. Youhouse Leonard l-l. Young lr. Sara Zaias I Byron Zalph Robert E. Zamaok William Ed. Zeeman Sylvia Zesblum Irving Zimmerman Paul A. Zimmerman Katherine W. Zorsch Phylllis Zuckerman 47 N. W. FIRST STREET ual, MIAMI, FLA. , Q E, ,f J X 1 VL blueprints photostats 4 JOE and BEN'S GARAGE Special Discounts to All Students ancl Faculty TIRE and BATTERY SHOP ROAD SERVICE AUTO REPAIRS KLEFEKER SHIPS FANCY FRUIT FROM WHERE THERE ARE TO WHERE THERE AIN'T. BONDED SHIPPERS 1191 NQWQ 22ND STREET GUARANTEED DELIVERY 41 TOM ,S TOASTED PEAN UTS PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES ' CANDY BARS CLARK R. PARKER, Distributor 250 SW. 22ND AVENUE PHONE 48-2333 Compliments of SRAEL 8 JABALY LINCOLN ROAD MIAMI BEACH FLORIDA AT YOUR SERVICE FUR-- HARDWARE PAINT SPORTING GOODS Railey-Milam, Inc. 27 W. FLAGLER STREET TEIL. 3-5421 ain Campu Freshmen Nmrieu-1-ed George Abadias, Panama City, Pan. Marcus Abramovitz, Miami Beach, Fla. Arthur E. Abrams, Bronx, N. Y. Mayer Abrams, Miami, Fla. Meritt Abrams, Miami Beach, Fla. Ruth E. Abrams, Winthrop, Mass. Lenore Abramson, Miami Beach, Fla. Emma Maxine Ace, Miami, Fla. Ierome Ackemian, New York, N. Y. Slyvester P. Adair, Coral Gables, Fla. Leslie M. Adams, Miami., Pla. Richard B. Adams, Miami, Fla. Ruth Adelson, Miami Beach, Fla. Alfred K. Adler. Red Bank, N. I. Corine Adler, Red Bank, N. I. Iack Morton Adler, Red Bank, N. I. Albert E. Ahrens, Lemon City, Fla. Lewis C. Ahrens, Coral Gables, Fla. Vincent Altherghina, Brooklyn, N. Y. Edwin Albom, Miami Beach, Fla. Iames L. Albritton, Miami, Fla. Roy Albritton, Miami, Fla. Iohn W. Albury, Miami, Fla. Harold R. Alderman, New Haven, Conn. Richard I . Aldrick, Miami, Fla. lacquelyn Alexander, Opa Locka, Fla. Perry D. Alexander, Miami Beach, Fla. Robert E. Alger, Coconut Grove, Fla. Angelo A. Ali, Elizabeth, N. I. Diane Allen, Miamiq Fla. Eddie C. Allen, Miami, Fla. Gerald W. Allen, Canisteo, N. Y. Wm. I. Allen, Miami, Fla. Willis M. Allen, Miami, Fla. Chares Alloway, Miami, Fla. Virginia Allsworth, Miami, Fla. Virginia G. Alsobrook, Miami, Fla. Samuel Alter, Bayside, N. Y. Don R. Altmix, Delray Beach, Fla. Dante I. Ambrosio, W. Palm Beach, Fla. Martin R. Amstersen, Brooklyn, N. Y. Roy I. Andensen, Brooklyn, N. Y. Barbara L. Anderson, Auburn, Mass. Charles Anderson, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. George F. Andenson, Hollywood, Fla. Harold W. Anderson, S. Portland, Me. Leighton E. Anderson, Miami, Fla. Richard Anderson, Coral Gables, Fla. Robert R. Anderson, New Bethlehem, Pa. Paul L. Andre' Miami, Fla. Calvin W. Andreu, Miami, Fla. loseph A. Averi, Vintondale, Pa. Maynette Avery, Miami, Fla. Wm. A. Babis, Philadelphia, Pa. Bernyce, R. Badanes, Miami, Fla. Carl W. Badger, Miami, Fla. Cameron I. Badgley, S. Miami, Fla. Ierome Badler, New York, N. Y. Arthur Baer, Chelsea, Mass. David C. Bailey, Miami, Fla. Christopher A. Bains, Augusta, Ga. Eileen P. Baker, Miami, Fla. Iohn A. Baker, Miami, Fla. Ioyce F. Baker, Allerton, Mass. Thomas G. Baker. Geneva, Ohio George E. Balbi, New York, N. Y. F. E. Baldoni, Providence, R. I. Warren M. Ballard, Miami, Fla. Harold Ballin, Miami, Fla. David Balog, Monessenq Pa. Harvey W. Bamman, Mia:mi, Fla. Alfred M. Band, Miami, Fla. Ioyce Banks, Miami, Fla. loyce M. Banks, Miami, Fla. iMichael I. Bantten, Miami, Fla. Robert I. Baracla, Ft. Lauderdale, Pla. Leo Barash, Brooklyn, N. Y. Barbara E. Barclay, Coral Gables, Fla. Ross G. Barfield, Miami, Fla. Aaron Barken, Miami Beachn Fla. Elkin B. Barnett, Miami, Fla. Florence Barnett, Scranton, Pa. Patricia Barnett Miami, Fla. Ray H. Barnett, Miami, Fla. Ellis D. Baron, Miami, Fla. Robert A. Barr, W. Roxbury, Mass. W. T. Barrett, Ir., Miami, Fla. Grover C. Barron, Miami, Fla. Sheila Barskin, Nashville, Tenn. Robert G. Barter, Coral Gablesy Fla. Paul F. Bartling, Miami, Fla. Alan M. Baskin, Miami, Fla. George A. Bassett, Springfield, Mass. Murray S. Bcnst, Miami, Fla. Edith G. Batty, Miami, Fla. Irving Baum, Monticello, N. Y. Aileen Bauman, Coral Gables, Fla. David I. Baur, Meriden, Conn. Bertram Baxt, Brooklyn, N. Y. Donald Y. Baxter, Leesburg, Fla. Burton C. Beal, New York, N. Y. Robert I. Beauchemin, Holyoke, Mass. Edwin G. Beck, Miami, Fla. Audrey Becker, Miami Beach, Fla. Iohn I. Becker, St. Augustine, Fla. Winiired Becker, Forest Hills, N. Y. Cleo H. Bedford, Miami, Fla. David E. Bee, Horner, N. Y. Robert E. Behenna, Miami, Fla. Robert A. Behrens, Miami, Fla. Malcolm S. Behl, Long Beach, N. Y. Wm. R. Beiine, Miami, Fla. loseph A. Behr, Miami, Fla. Iames I. BelBruno, Passaic, N. I. Forrest V. Bell, Homestead. Fla. Gerald Bell, Brooklyn, N. Y. Walter G. Bell, St. Augustine, Fla. Robert L. Belluce, Miami, Fla. Ruth R. Belov, Coral Gables. Fla. Frank L. Belsante, Newark, N. I. Maryanna Bender, Miami. Fla. Edward W. Benjamin, Miami, Fla. Emmett L. Benjamin, Coral Gablels, Fla. lulian R. Benjamin, Miami Beach, Fla. Lee R. Benjamin, Miami, Fla. Charles H. Bennett, Avon Park, Fla. Guy A. Bennett, Miami, Fla. Iames R. Bennett, Miami, Fla. Thomas C. Bennett, Miami, Fla. Tommy W. Benson, Miamix Fla. David D. Bentley, Catlettsburg, Ky. Leonard Berg, New York, N. Y. Albert Berger, Brooklyn, N. Y. Richard B. Berk, Forest Hills, N. Y, Irving Berkowitz, Miami Beach, Fla. Manfred I. Berliner, Miami, Fla. Israel Berman, Brooklyn, N. Y. losephine E. Berman, Miami, Fla. Kenneth L. Berman, Miami, Fla. Lois Berman, Chicago, Ill. Milt Berman, Chester, Pa. Molly Mae Berman, Detroit, Mich. Howard Bembaum, Miami Beach, Fla. Richard B. Berndt, Miami, Fla. Harriet Bernheim, Newark, N. I. Waldo I. Bemreuter, Miami, Fla. Herbert L. Berns, Brooklyn, N. Y. Iack Bernstein, Flushing, N. Y. Ierome A. Bernstein, New York, N. Y. Leonard Bernstein, Miami Beach, Fla. Stanley Bernstein, Plainfield, N. I. Rynn Berry, South Miami, Fla. Harry W. Berryman. Mineral, Va. Richard S. Berton, Helena, Ark. Albert C. Betsselink, Coral Gables, Fla. Wm. Robert Best, Miami, Fla. Haydee C. Bibiloni, Miami, Fla. Margery E. Bickel, Manchester, Tenn. Bert C. Birath, Miami, Fla. Lawrence Birqer, Miami, Fla. Wm. Arnold Bishop, Miami, Fla. Bernard R. Bizekx Coral Gables, Fla. Donald V. Black, Ianesville, Wis. Marion M. Black, Coconut Grove, Fla. Nell A. Black, Miami, Fla. Thomas R. Blacka, Connellisville, Pa. Dick I. Blackburn, Clairton, Pa. Wm. A. Blackburn, Miami, Fla. Frederick Blackwell, Boston, Mass. Alfred H. Blake, Miami, Fla. Gael S. Blake, Great Neck, N. Y. Mary Blake, Miami, Fla. Robert F. Blake. Somerville, Mass. Florence Blanchard, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla Alfred N. Blank, Miami, Beach, Fla. George F. Blanton, Miami, Fla. David Blatt, Lynn, Mass. Wm. D. Bleser, Miami, Fla. Elizabeth F. Blevins, Miami, Fla. Alyis B. Block, Monticello, N. Y. Irwin Block, Miami, Fla. Ioan Block, Coral Gables! Fla. Mitza D. Block, Miami Beach, Fla. Robert L. Bloomberg, Miami, Fla. Thomas C. Blount, Ir., Coral Gables, Fla Leo Bluestein, Miami, Fla. Ioan Doris Blum, Brooklyn, N. Y. Norman H. Blum, New York, N. Y. Leslie Blumberg, New York, N. Y. Robert Blumberg, Miami Beach, Fla. Tom E. Blumenbach,'Coral Gables, Fla. Harold S. Blyn, Miami Beach, Fa. lanet E. Boardman, Miami Beach, Fla. Margaret Boardman, Miami Beach, Fla. Cone Lee Boatwright, Coral Gables, Fla Milton Z. Bobier, Cleveland, Ohio Dolores Bobinsky, Miami, Fla. Harry Boehme, Ir., Coral Gables, Fla. Earl A. Boerger, Miami, Fla. Evelyn Bogash, Bridgeport! Conn. Donald F. Bohnet, Hempstead, N. Y. Louis Bojan, New York, N. Y. Charles E. Boland, Coral Gables, Fla. Wm. C. Bolen, Miami, Fla. Robert W. Bolt, Miami, Fla. Iohn T. Bond, Miami, Fla. Nicholas Bondy. Iohnistown, Pa. Natalie I. Bonuck, Miami,'Fla. Wm. I. Booher, Coral Gables, Fla. Nita Bookstaver, Teaneck, N. I. Russell L. Boone, Miami, Fla. Wm. G. Boone, South Miami, Fla. Alma C. Boothroyd, N. Bergen, N. I. Iacquelyn, C. Borah, Coral Gables, Fla. Albert M. Borkin, lVIiami, Fla. Abraham Bornstein, Syracuse, N. Y. Arthur Bornstein, Middle Villiage, N.Y. Manley Leon Bass, Coral Gables, Fla. BIRNLY PHoTo'E NGRAVING COINS' 'Hal6io1wJ-fuze II52 N.E.FIRST AVENUE' MIAMI ' FLORIDA 'lf Betty F. Bossert, Miami, Fla. Rosalie Ann Boswell, Miami, Fla. Robert S. Bothwell, Youngstown, Ohio M. L. Botstord, Miami, Fla. Iulis Bottleson, Miami, bla. Lawrence Bouchne, Bronx, N. Y. Gerald W. Bouvier, Miami Springs, Fla. Donald I. Bouyea, Plattsburg, N. Y. Frank Perry Bowen, Sandston, Va. Betty Iean Bowers, Miami, l-la. Paul W. Bowers, Miami, Fla. Wm. M. Boyer. Miami, Fla. Grover H. Braddock, Miami. Fla. Barbara A. Bradtield, Miami Beach, Fla. Wm. I. Bradford, Chicago, lll. Harlan I. Brady, Miami, Fla. Iames E. Brame, Coral Gables, Fla. Henry N. Brandon, Miami, Fla. Harry D. Brannon, Miami, Fla. Perry L. Brannon, Miami, Fla. Wm. L. Brannum, Coral Gables, Fla. George W. Brantman, Miami Beach, Fla. Dena F. Braudo, Benton Harbor, Mich. Ierry Braverman, Philadelphia, Pa. Eli Breger, Miami Beach, Fla. Sidney I. Bregman, Yonkers. N. Y. Leonard G. Bremier. Homestead. Fla. loseph I. Brennan. Miami, P10- Allen I. Brenner, Miami, Fla. Arnold Brenner, Brooklyn, N. Y- Carl M. Bresko, North Miami. F10- Elliott Breslar, Miami. F111- Enid G. Breslaw, Brooklyn, N: Y. Ierald Bressman, Newark, N. I. Barbara I. Bridge, Deerfield, Fla. Iean H. Brieier. Miami, Fla. Oliver Bright, Miami, Fla. Sidney Brinberg, Chester, N. Y. Frank T. Brockett, Titusville, Fla. Clemenet R. Brodbeck, St. Marys. Ohio Donald Broder, Bronx. N- Y- Leonard R. Broder. Bronx, N. Y. Lowell B. Brodsky, Newark, N. I. Iacquelyn E. Brogdon. Miami. F101- Robert M. Bromberg, Rockaway. N. Y. Richard Bromwell, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Sidney Bronstein, Chelsea. Mass. Ioseph S. Brooks, Miami, Fla. Roy Howard Brooks, Miami, Fla. Earl C. Brousell, Long Branch, N. l. Bette Ann Brown, Miami Beach, Fla. Doris I. Brown, Miami Beach, Fla. Elmer E. Brown, Miami, Fla. Iack C. Brown. Westiield, N. I. Raymond G. Brown, Tampa, Fla. Robert C. Brown, Miami, Fla. Samuel I. Brown, Miami, Fla. Shirley M. Brown, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Clarence Brownell, Miami, Fla. Albert Ioseph Bruce, Miami, Fla. Raymond E. Bruce, Miamiq Fla. Robert M. Brueno, E. Orange, N. I. Arthur T. Bruggisser, Miami, Fla. Seymour Brumer, Brooklyn. N. Y. Edward E. Bryna, Miami, Fla. Iames C. Bryan, Miami, Fla. Gordon P. Buchanan, Miami, Fla. Iames A. Buchanan, Miami, Fla. Margery Buchanan, W. Newton, Mass. Ralph Buchanan, Younstown, Ohio Rodney B. Buchanann W. Chicago, Ill. Iack Buchsbaurn, Miami Beach, Fla. Marta Buiano. South Miami, Fla. Mary A. Bullock, Miami, Fla. Suzanne Bulmer. Philadelphia, Pa. Thomas V. Burch, Sterlington, La. Bernard F. Burda. Miami Fla. Bertram Burger, Miami, Fla. Donald R. Burgess, Mifsmi, Fla. Dorothy E. Burgin, Deland, Fla. Fred L. Burki, Coral Gables- Fla. Thomas Burleson. Miami, Fla. Adele P. Bumham. Long Beach, N. Y. Iames C. Burns, Philadelphia. Pa. Iohn I. Burns, LaFayette, l.nd. Iohn Burt, Washington, D. C. Dale D. Burton, Miami, Fla. Oscar B. Burton, Sarasota, Fla. Winifred I. Burton, Coconut Grove, Fla. Edward I. Butler, Coral Gables, Fla. Thomas F. Butler, Miami, Fla. Romey Buzlea, Bradshaw, W. Va. Ioseph I. Byrne, New York, N. Y. Richard I. Byrom, Miami, Fla. Francisco Cabasag. Waipahu, Oahu Robert G. Caiiray, Coral Gables, Fla. Iohn I. Cahill, Miami, Fla. Newton Caldera, Managua, Nicaragua Iack Calfee, Miami, Fla. Wm. Frank Callender, Miami, Fla. Alexander Campbell. Caldwell, N. I. Dale T. Campbell, Miami Beach, Fla. Thomas H. Canady, Franklin, Va. Ioe W. Canon. Coral Gables, Fla. Terrence I. Cannon, Miami, Fla. Martin I. Caplan, Chester, Pa. Chester S. Cappy, Miami. Fla. Lewis A. Caputa, Hartford. Conn. Margie Caraker, Miami, Fla. Louis A. Caramatti, Frederick Cardea, Far Rockaway, N. Miami, Fla. Casper Cardinale, Miami. Fla. Harriet I. Cardozo, Chicago, lll. George N. Carifio, Haverhill, Mass. Robert Carlile, Pittsburgh, Pa. Francels I. Carlucci, Miami, Fla. Andrew I. Carmichael. Miami, Fla. Daniel D. Carmody, Waterburv, Conn. C. F. Carpenter, Hollywood, Fla. Doris Carpenter, Miami, Fla. I lim R. Carpenter, Lake Worth, Fla. Ioseph Carrier, Miami, Fla. Hugh M. Carrier, Miamim Fla. Manly E. Carroll, Miami Fla. Robert E. Carroll, Port Iervis, N. Y. loseph L. Carson, Cambridge, Mass. Iames A. Carter, N. Tonawanda, N. Y. Ioe L. Carter, Miami, Fla. Wm. T. Carter, Maplewood, N. I. Amos A. Carterette, Miami. Fla. Robert D. Casavant, Miami, Fla. Donald F. Case, Miami. Fla. Francis L. Cashin, Brockton, Mass. Albert Caskill, Miami, Fla. Lloyd Casner, Harrison, N. Y. Helen V. Cason, Coral Gables, Fla. Edward I. Castaldo, Orange, N. I. Clyde F. Cauthen, Miami, F la. Alvin S. Cawn. Miami. Beach, Fla. Iohn A. Chaffin, Miami, Fla. Leo Chadwick, New Britain, Conn. Leo Michale Chadwick, Miami, Fla. Austin D. Chandler, Norma Z Cha lain Anne R. Chapman, David R. Cha man P . lsidore T. Chariton, Iack Chase, Miami, . p , Albert E. Chapman, Albert E. Chapman, Miami, Fla. Miami Beach, Fla. Coral Gables, Fla. Miami, Fla. Coconut Grove, Fla. Miami Beach, Fla. Flushing, N. Y. Fla. Leonard T. Chase, Worcester, Marss. Stanley M. Chase, Miami, Fla. Peggy Chasin, Miami Beach. Fla. Iames D. Chaistain, Miami, Fla. Rita Chechel, Miami, Fla. Wm. M. Cheney, Miami, Fla. Y. Milton Chesser, Miami, Fla. Phyllis G. Chessler, Dorchester, Mass. Iames Chewning, W. Palm Beach, Fla. Wm. M. Chick. Miami, Fla. Iames B. Childs, Bonitay. Fla. Gregory Chokanis, Miami, Fla. Ralph Christensen, lVIiami, Fla. Francis I. Christie, Coral Gables, Fla. lohn V. Chistie, Coral Gables, Fla. Iames W. Church, Miami, Fla. Iack Churchill, Miami, Fla. Rosebud Churchill, Ft. Worth. Texals Levon L. Chutjian, New York, N. Y. Philip Chawst, Miami, Fla. Michael Ciaburro, Miami Beach, Fla. Eugene I. Ciclci, Bronx, N. Y. Donald L. Cibener, New York, N. Y. Sunny Clapp, Miami, Fla. Billie M. Clark, Cedar Rapids. Iowa Ella C. Clark, Coral Gables, Fla. Iack M. Clark, Miami, Fla. Jeannette Clark, Coral Gables, Fla. Francis T. Clarkson, Coral Gables. Fla Earl S. Clawson, Miami, Fla. Bob R. Clayton, Miami, Fla. Garland L. Clayton, Miami, Fla. Arthur W. Cleveland, Miami, Fla. Carl B. Climer, Miami, Fla. Oakley B. Cline, Coral Gables, Fla. Wilson D. Cline, Miami, Fla. Lester E. Clowar, Bradenton, Fla. Ellen L. Coar, Michigan City, l.nd. Richard H. Cobourn. Hollywood, Fla. Anne Cody, Coral Gables, Fla. Iames M. Coffroth, Miami Beach, Fla. Arline B. Cohen, Miami, Fla. Barbara Cohen, New York, N. Y. Benjamin Cohen, Bronx, N. Y. Betty C. Cohen, Pittsburgh, Pa. Burton M. Cohen, Miami Beach, Fla. David M. Cohen, Miami Beach, Fla. Edward A. Cohen, Alsbury Park, N. I. Edwin H. Cohen, Chelsea. Mass. Gilbert Cohen, Newton Centre, Mass. Gloria H. Cohen, Miami Beach, Fla. Irving I. Cohen, Palm Beach, Fla. Ierome I. Cohen. Miami Beach, Fla. Lawrence Cohen, Iamaica, N. Y. Leila D. Cohen, Miami, Fla. Marilyn Cohen, Brooklyn, N. Y. Marvin R. Cohen, Chicago, Ill. Morton Cohen. Miami Beach, Fla. Nathan B. Cohen, Miami Beach, Fla. Norton R. Cohen, Louisville, Ky. Robert M. Cohen, Forest Hills, N. Y. Roslyn D. Cohen, Allerton, Mass. Sam Cohen. Miami Beach, Fla. Seymour Cohen, Miami Beach, Fla. Sherry Cohen, New Yorkn N. Y. Wm. H. Cohen, Miami, Fla. Phyllis Corrine Cohen, Passaic. N. I. Thomas M. Coker, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Lewis I. Colburn, Hollywood, Fla. Ioseph F. Cole, Miami Beach, Fla. Mary Lynn Cole, Miami, Fla. Ioiseph F. Coleman, Hoboken, N. I. Raymond Coleman, Miami Beach, Fla. Raymond H. Coleman, Brooklyn, N. Y. Mary L. Coll, Coral Gables, Fla. Catherine Collier, Miami, Fla. Benjamin L. Collins, Miami Beach, Fla. Bobbie Lou Collins. Miami, Fla. Marilyn L. Collins, Miami, Fla. U Richard B. Collins, Coconut Grove. Fla Paul E. Colman, Miami Fla. Raoul L. Colon. Emerson, N. I. Robert W. Colwell, Palmetto, Fla. Herbert Comess, Chicago, Ill. Martin Cometz, Miami Beach, Fla. Lambros S. Comitos, Miami, Fla. George L. Compo, Coral Gables, Fla. Wm. A. Compton, Miami, Fla. Michael P. Condry, Miami, Fla. Roger Conklin, Bel.mar, N. I. Louis D. Conner, Atlanta, Ga. Daniel Connolly, Boston. Mass. Wm. A. Connolly, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Wm. H. Conroy, W. Palm Beach, Fla. Iames C. Cook, Miami Fla. Robert E. Cook, Miami, Fla. Robert L. Cook, Miami, Fla. Wayne E. Cook, Miami, Fla. Robert E. Cooney, Miami, Fla. Bemard M. Cooper, Miami, Fla. Gwen Cooper, Miami Springs, Fla. Warren T. Cooper, Miami, Fla. Frank Coplan, Miami Beach, Fla. Hinda Toba Cordish, Miami, Fla. Wm. Ru. Cornell, Washington, Pa. Emil Coronato, Clifton, N. I. Michael I. Coronato, Clifton, N. I. Walter Cortese, Emerson. N. I. Frank Cosgrove. Miami, Fla. Norman F. Cossaboom, Miami, Fla. lose D. Costa, Adjuntas. P. R. lames A. Costello, Miami, Flu, Thomas A. Costello, Miami, Fla. Henry I. Cotman, Cleveland, Ohio Ierome B. Cotten, Miami, Fla. Wm. K. Coulbourn, Miami. Fla. Iack R. Courshon, Miami Beach, Fla. Sheldon Counshon, Miami, Fla. Ioseph G. Coursol, South Miami, Fla. Iameus W. Covell, Coral Gables, Fla. 3 Charles D. Cowing, Winter Haven, Fla. Leonard P. Cbzzubbo, Miami, Fla. Io Laura Craft, Coral Gables, Fla. Wm. H. Craig, Coral Gables, Fla. Edward R. Crain, Miami, Fla. Ioan Cramer, Harrisburg, Pa. Elmer C. Crandell, Chicago, Ill. Ora Faye Cranford, Pahokee, Fla. Robert F. Crawford, Coral Gables, Fla. Earl B. Cromartie, Miami, Fla. Gerald Crowther, Miami, Fla. lames H. Crum, Charleroi. Pa. Herbert A. Cruse, Jacksonville, Ill. Constance Cullon, Miami, Fla. loan E. Cummings, Coral Gables, Fla. Thomas I. Cummings, Coral Gables, Fla. David Britton Cupp, Mifilintown, Pa. Virginia K. Cundy, Coral Gables, Fla. Wm. F. Curran. Miami Beach, Fla. Alton B. Curry, Miami, Fla. lean R. Curry, Miami, Fla. Richard Curry, Miami, Fla. Norman N. Curtis, Allston, Mass. lohn A. Dacy, Coral Gables, Fla. Wilton W. Dadman, Coral Gables, Fla. Silvia Dalmaq, Miami, Fla. Archie I. Damman, Detroit, Mich. Norman Dana, Brookline, Mass. Sonya Danbaum, Miami Beach, Fla. Arthur T. Darby, Covington, Ga. Bert A. Davenport, Coral Gables, Fla. Thomas E. David, Hollywood, Fla. Iohn Davidson, Miami, Fla. Kenneth Davidson, Miami Beach, Fla. Leonard S. Davidson, Miami, Fla. Arthur B. Davies, Miami, Fla. 2 William A. Davies, Miami, Fla. Allan B. Davis, Philadelphia, Pa. Albert H. Cowan, Miami. Fla. Sclwyn Cowan, Miami, Fla. Barbara Davis, Miami, Fla. Betsy Davis, Miami, Fla. Charles E. Davis, Greenwich, Conn. Phyllis Davis, Baltimore, Md. William B. Davis, Coral Gables, Fla. Chester M. Davidson, Miami, Fla. Thomas Davidson, Scranton. Pa. Arthur I. Dawson, Martins Fy, Ohio Patricia Dawson, Miami, Fla. Michael T. Day, Miami, Fla. Alexander C. Day, New York, N. Y. Charles De Bedts, Miami, Fla. Harry De Bee, Miami Beach, Fla. Michael De Carlo, White Plains, N. Y. Richard F. Decker, Coxackie, N. Y. Robert Lee Decker, Miami, Fla. William I. Deem, Artesia, Fla. Michael I. Dettley, Altoona, Pa. Iames A. De Foor, Miami, Fla. Donald De Gabrielle, Plemsantville, N. Francis De Guglielmo, Cam. Mass. George De Iacomo, Miami Beach, Fla. Tod Dekle, Miami, Fla. William C. Dekle, Coral Gables, Fla. Delano Delaplaine, Miami, Fla. Don De Lerma, Miami, Fla. Iohn A. Dellinger, Morganton, N. C Ilene V. DelmarA Miami, Fla. Elizabeth Del Monico, Miami, Fla. Leonard A. DeLonga, Pittsburgh, Pa. Anthony De Luca, Miami, Fla. Anthony Iames De Luca, Miami, Fla. Robert I. Demain, Miami Beach, Fla. Iohn A. DeMarco, Bonton, N. I. Stanley M. Denberg, South Oranae, N Doris Ann Denny, Penns Grove, N. I. August DePiano, Raritan, N. I. Forrest E. DeReus, Winter Haven, Fla. I Greenleaf dir Crosby C0"lF"U"f?I 6071012 JEWVELEIIS CUATS - SUITS 1000 LINCOLN ROAD MIAMI BEACH PHONE 5-3421 DRESSES - BEAUIIYVEAII, 1 The Breakers, Palm Beach 620 5th Ave., Rockefeller Center, N. Y. 1045 LINCOLN ROAD y The Immun' Bowl. I ENF ElD'S CAMERA SHOP V Shippers of Jellies o Crystallized Fruit Pecans ' Fruit 0 Gift Baskets 657 LINCOLN ROAD MIAMI BEACH ' PHONE 58-1221 Everything Photographic 409 LINCOLN RD. MIAMI! BEACH Martin D. Derene, New York, N. Y. Teresita Deliiberio, Caracas, Venezuela Marjorie Derryberry, W. P. Beach, Fla. Camille P. Detrio, Miami, Fla. James R. Detrio, Long Island, N. Y. Joseph M. Detrio, Long Island, N. Y. Judith E. Deutsch, Gary, Ind. William L. Deutsch, Springfield, Ohio Patricia A. Devany, Grosse Ile, Mich, Barbara Devore, Miami Beach, Fla. Hartwell Dew, Miami, Fla. Thomas B. De Wolf, Miami, Fla. James R. Dezell, Miami, Fla. Magdalene Diamantis, N. Rochelle, N. Y. Armando O. Diaz, Miami, Fla. Wilfred Diaz, Miami, Fla. Sam Hugh Dibert, Detroit, Mich. Patricia M. Dick, Miami, Fla. Parker E. Dickerson, Southold, N, Y. William E. Dickerson, Miami, Fla. James A. Dickert, Miami, Fla. Coburn George Dickey, Miami, Fla. Robert E. Dickey, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Gerry Dietz, Miami, Fla. Jack Carroll Dillon, Miami, Fla. Susan Hill Dillon, Miami, Fla. John C. DiPietro, Revere, Mass. Thomas H. Diringer, Brooklyn, N. Y. Howard W. Dixon, Miami, Fla. James A. Dixon, Miami, Fla. James J. Dixon, Barrington, N. J. Virginia Lee Dobbs, Cicero, Ill. Walter J. Dobie, Charleston, Mass. Shedon Dobkin, Long Beach, N. Y. Richard D. Dodge, Jr., Miami, Fla. John L. Doel, Jr. Miami, Fla. Edith L. Doernbach, Miami, Fla. Stanley Dohrer, Miami, Fla. Theodore Dokmanovich, Aliquippa, Pa. John Dolan, Brooklyn, N. YI Bette Dolgin, Toledo, Ohio Lawrence L. Donavan, Miami, Fla. Pearl Dorsey, Long Beach, N. Y. James C. Dougherty, Miami, Fla. Arley B. Douglas, Miami, Fla. Carrier W. Dowling, Miami, Pla. Clarence M. Dowling, Miami, Fla. Richard Downing, Lakewood, N. l. Darrell E. Doyle, Miami, Fla. John W. Dragomier, Evanston, Ill. Chas. Ted Drake, Minneapolis, Minn. Wm. Fred Dreyer, Jr., Miami, Fla. David Drucker, Miami Beach, Fla. Joseph J. Dryja, Cleveland, Ohio Seymour Dubin. Belle Harbor, L. I.,N. Y. Mathew D. Dubinsky, Philadelphia, Pa. George Wm. DuBrewil, Miami, Fla. Robert C. Dudley, Hialeah, F la. Cecilia E. Duenas, Bogota, Columbia Wm. Clarence Duffield, Sutton, W. Va. James P. Duffy, Hartford, Conn. Bill Duke, Miami, Fla. Bert Dukel, Brooklyn, N. Y. Charles E. Dulin, Miami, Pla. Joseph DuMond, Gouldls, Fla. George D. Duncan, Miami, Fla. Neal J. Dunn, Steubenville, Ohio Wm. H. Dunn, Miami, Fla. Leland B. Dunwoody, Coral Gables, Fla. Bernard J. DuPont, Miami, Fla.. Douglas W. DuPuch, Miami, Fla. Harry L.-Durant, Miami, Fla. Milwood J. Durham, Griiiin, Ga. Paul G. Durkin, Scranton, Pa. Stanley J. Dutkin, Miami, Fla. Robert G. Duval, Miami, Fla. Kalman A. Dworken, Bridgeport, Conn. Jonh A. Dwyer, Richmond Hill, N. Y. Marilyn Dwyer, Hialeah, Fla. John T. Dye, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. John D. Dykes, Coral Gables, Fla. David Macl. Earle, Miami, Pla. Sarah E. Eaton, Quincy, lll. Russell B. Eavenson, Miami, Fla. Thomas S. Ebert, M.iami, Fla. Paul E. Eckman, Miami, Fla. Ray Eddleman, Jr., China Grove, N. C. Arthur Edelblum, Miami, Fla. Harry G. Edelstein, Louisville, Ky. Melvin L. Eder, Miami Beach, Fla. Louis E. Edwards, Zanesville, Fla. Michael J. Egan, Hartford, Conn. Robert H. Egan, Tampa, Fla. Clifford H. Eggleston, Miami, Fla. Milton Ehrenreich, Miami Beach, Fla. Louils M. Edwards, Miami, Fla. Gus Eithimiou, Miami, Fla. Joseph M. Ehrlich, Miami, Fla. Bemard Eichenbaum. Miamin Fla. Gordon M. Einhorn, Miami, Fla. Karl G. Ei.nig,Jr., Miami Beach, Fla. Eugene A. Elbert, Miami, Fla. Hairy R. Elden, Miami, Fla. Anita M. Eldridge, Kansas City, Mo. Norman Ellenberg, Kew Gardens, N. Y Bernard Ellinis, Miami, Fla. Helen P. Ellins, Miami, Fla. Amelia Elliot, Miami, Fla. Ellsworth Ellis Jr., Brockton, Mass. Jean T. Ellis, Miami, Fla. Martha Anne Ellis, Coral Gables, Fla. Jane E. Elmer, Miami, Fla. Wilbur E. Elsasser, Tacoma, Walsh. Eugene T. Ely, Miami, Fla. rm ant Office upply Co., Inc. USPECIALISTS IN 0FFlCE SUPPLIESU Students Loose Leaf Note Books and Supplies Sheaffer, Parker, Wfaterman and Euersharp Pens and Pencils IJFFICE FURNITURE 46 S. E. FIRST STREET PHONE 2.0588 COMPLIMENTS OF RICHTEIFS GR U Compliments of JEWELRY CO. WASHINGTON AVE. AT 13th STREET 70 E. FLAGLER ST. ' S43 LINCOLN ROAD Phillip G. Engelberg, Miami'Beach, Fla. Forman B. Engelhardt, Forest Hills, N. Y. Carol Engles, Chicago, Ill. Paul L. Englander, Miami, Fla. Saralee Entin, Miami. Fla. Delories Eppersonn Miami, Fla. Archie Epstein, Coral Gables, Fla. Bernard Epstein, Brookline, Mass. Stanley E. Epstein. Passaic, N. I. Sheryl Ioyce Epstein, Detroit, Mich, Walter Erben, Miami, Fla. Gloria Erlich, Miami Beach, Fla. Robert Erwin, Homestead, Pa. Wm. R. Esterbrook, Miami, Fla. Martha I. Estes, Columbus, Ga. Harold S. Evans, Miami, Fla. Iohn L. Evans, Miami, Fla. Norman E. Evans, Miami, Fla, Samuel VJ. Evans, Miami, Fla. William K. Evans, Miami, Fla. Vim. De Los Fabing, Miami, Fla. Harry Fackenthal, Indianapolis, Ind. Greynold M. Fagan, Miami, Fla. Vincent Fagnani, Miami, Fla. George Fahnestock, Miami, Fla. Peter I. Faillaceq White Plains, N. Y. Ralph M. Falkner, Sawer, Pa. Cleta Falkos, Miami, Fla. Felix A. Fano, Miami, Fla. Lillian Farber, Miami Beach, Fla. Herber A. Farbish, Chelsea, Mass. Gloria Farkas, Miami Beach, Fla. Rudolph Fascell, Miami. Fla. William R. Faust, Miami, Fla. Marilyn Favaloro, Miami, Fla. Edward I. Fay, South Meriden, Conn. I. R. Featherstone, Miami, Fla. Gilbert Feig, New York, N. Y. Allen S. Feinberg, Brooklyn, N. Y. Beverly Feinberggworcester, Mass. Eugene Feinberg, Brooklyn, N. Y. Harriet R. Feingold, Chicago, Ill. Miriam Feinson, Danbury, Conn. Rita A. Feinson, Danbury, Conn. Allan B. Feldman, Miami Beach, Fla. Edith Feldman, Miami, Fla. Charles Feldman, Miami Beach, Fla. Richard I. Fell, Chicago, Ill. Forrest Ferguson, Miami, Fla. Michael Ferrara, Providence, R. I. Edward S. Ferris, South Norwalk, Conn. Stephen Ferris, Miami, Fla. Joseph Ferrol, Detroit, Mich. Wiliam Fetterer, Miami, Fla. Ralph F. Feuchter, Hollywood, Fla. Glen B. Fewell, South Miami, Fla. Cheldon Fiedler, Miami, Fla. George E. Field, Miami. Fla. Richard Field, Lynbrook, N. Y. Warren R. Field, New York, N. Y. Sidney Fielding, Worcester, Mass. Britton Fieldus, Miami, Fla. Ralph F. Fieler, Cincinnati, Ohio Ramona Figurato, Thompsonville, Conn. Iune A. Finder, Chicagon Ill. Ioy Fine, Woodbury, Tenn. Carolyn Finegold, Cincinnati, Ohio Donald L. Fink, Miami, Fla. Roland D. Fink, Miami, Fla. Thomas Fink, East Orange, N. I. M. Finkelstein, New York, N. Y. P. Finkelstein, New York, N, Y. Iohn E. Finney, Washington, D. C. Iames Finnigan, Ble. Harbor, N. Y. Harvey Fishbein, Morris Plains, N. I. David Fischer, Miami Beach, Fla. Bert Fisher, Brooklyn, N. Y. Kenneth P. Fisher, Mobile, Ala. Richard Fishman, Miami Beach, Fla. Terry Fishman, Miami Beach, Fla. Louise Fitzgibbon, Coral Gables, Fla. Ioy Fitzsimmons, Miami, Fla. W. I. Fitzsimmons, Mayfield, Pa. Peter W. Fleming, New York. N. Y. Iosephine Florez, Miami, Fla. Patrick I. Flynnq Miami Beach, Fla. Thomas I. Flynn, Upper Darby, Pa. Barbara Foerster, Miami, Fla. Gerald Fogelman, Reading, Pa. Robert L. Folmar, Miami, Fla. Bob H. Forbeck, Miami, Fla. Alexander Forbes, Teaneck, N. I. Gerald Ford, Miami, Fla. Ielferson Ford, Miami Beach, Fla. William L. Ford, Miami, Fla. Thomas R. Fossey, Miami, Fla Charles E. Foster, Miami, Fla. Eugene B. Foster, Pawtucket. R. I. Iohn W. Fowler, Spartanbury, S. C. Elliot Z. Fox, Miami, Fla. Gregg L. Fox, Miami, Fla. Howard S. Fox, Miami, Fla. Inez Fox, Chicago, Ill. Aurthur R. Fox, Atlantic City, N. I. Keith W. Foye, Steele, N. D. L. I. Francesoni, West Haven, Conn. Iune E. Franke, Cincinnati, Ohio William Franzen, Miami, Fla. Stanley M. Freas. Miami. Fla. H, B. Fredrickison, Traverse City, Mich Frank E. Freeman, Miami Beach, Fla. Norma Freedman, Bronx, N. Y. Iames P. Freeman, Coral Gables, Fla. Iudy Freeman, Darby, Pa. A. Sl. Beck hoes 4-50 LINCOLN RD., MIAMI BEACH 132 ALEXANDER lll'Xl'X AssocnATEs.lNc. PLUDIBING - 011. BUIINEIIS HEATING - VENTILATIDN MIAMI AVE. AT FLAGLER, MIAMI MIAMI - 218 N. E. 6th St., Phone 2-3119 - 2-3110 FT. LAUDERDALE MIAMI BEACH - 1122 16th Street, Phone 5-3456 GODFREY PERELI THE BAMB00 SHUI' 124-4 CORAL WAY J e w e l s , fOpposite Parkway Theaterj ' 821 LINCOLN ROAD MIAMIIS SMARTEST SWEET SHOP MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA ' I NEW YORK ATLANTIC CITY OPEN UNTIL 1 A, M, Eva Mott Freer, Miami, Fla. Edwin C. French, W. Palm Beach, Fla. Marvin Frenkel, Detroit, Mich. Eleanor B. Frey. Miami Beach, Fla. Graham Fried, Crompond, N. Y. Lawrence Fried, Staten Leland, N. Y. Phoebe Friedberg, Highland Park, N. I. Bernard Friedman, Chelsea, Mass. Elaine Friedman, Miami, Fla. L. Friedman, Maywood, Ill. Lenore Friedman, Miami Beach, Fla. Martin Friedman, Miami Beach, Fla. Ruth B. Friedman, Edmonton, Canada Wallace Friedman, Miami Beach, Fla. William Friedman, Asbury Park, N. I. Theo. K. Friedt, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Sal T. Friscia, Morris Pls., N. I. Dolores Fritts, Miami, Fla. Carl Fromhagen, Miami, Fla, Barbara Frumkes, Miami Beach, Fla. Carol O. Frye, Miami, Fla. Iohn B. Frykman, Miami, Fla. Saul Fudim, Lowell, Mass. Frances Fuller, Miami, Fla. Lillian Fuller, Detroit, Mich. Paul R. Fundenburg, Coral Gables, Fla. Robert Funderburk, Miami Beach, Fla. Lowell Fyrolent, St. Petersburg, Fla. Frank T. Gabrin, Uniontown, Pa. George Gaines, Miami ,Fla. Phyllis Galician, Miami, Fla. Estelle Gallagher, Miami, Fla. Iohn Gallagher, Boston, Masls. Phil Gallaaher, Miami Beach, Fla. Thomas Gallagher, Miami, Fla. Malcolm Gallup, Clint, Texas Asher H. Galnick, Chicago, Ill. Morton Galowitz, Coral Gables, Fla. Rozanne Galumbeck, Norfolk, Va. Chrystal Gammage, lVBami, Fla. Iohn M. Gandy, Miami, Fla. Donna Garber, Bloomington. Ill. Evelyn D. Garber, Atlanta, Ga. Frank W. Garcia, Miami, Fla. Louis F. Garcia, Tampa, Fla. Gonzalo Garcia, Coral Gables, Fla. Louis I . Garcia, Miami, Fla. Mauricio Garcia, New York, N. Y. Wallace Garrick, Miami, Fla. William Garris, Brackenridge, Pa. Bernice Garron, Miami Beach, Fla. Ioe B, Garrell, Miami, Fla. M. P. Gasparino, Brooklyn, N. Y. E. K. Garstiriend, Miami Fla. Betty M. Gatlin, Miami, Fla. Iack M. Gatlin, Miami, Fla. Constantine Gatto, Coral Gablels, Fla. Albert N. Geary, Bridgewater, Mass. Mary L. Gegan,-Homestead, Fla. Paul P. Geier, Rock. Beach, N. Y. Sumter K. Geiger, Grn. Cv. Springs, Fla. Bruce Geisinger, Troy, Ohio Robert Gelberg, Miami Beach, Fla. Milton Geller, Brooklyn, N. Y. Stanley Geller, New York, N. Y. A. N. Genesiades, Hollywood, Fla. Leonard Gentil, Coral Gables, Fla. Ioseph P. George, Miami, Fla, Kananie George, Nottingham, Pa. Herman Gerechoff, Asbury Park, N. I. Irving Geringer, Miami Beagh. Fla. Donald P. Gerrits, Miami, Fla. Edward G. Gerrits, Miami, Fla. Marilyn Gerstein, Miami, Fa. Warren Gemtung, Miami, Fla. Arnold Gertner, Miami, Fla. M. A. Gettinger, New York, N. Y. Robert Giacomio, Ozone Park, N. Y. Frank Giannetti, Somerville, Masls. Iohn S. Gibbens. Coral Gables, Fla. Robert Gibbs, Hialeah, Fla. Cynthia Giberman, Miami, Fla. Lois N. Gilbert, Miami, Fla. Robert B. Gillum, Franklin, N. Y, Wm. R. Gilmore, Warren, Ohio Pearl H. Glivan, Warwick, N. Y. Arthur S. Ginsberg, Brooklyn, N. Y. Betty Ginsberg, San Francisco, Calit. Harold Gioielli, East Hartford, Conn. Ronne Giordan, Miami, Fla. Albert Givot, Washington, D. C. Charles Gladu, Southbridge, Mass. Edwin Glasberg, New York, N. Y. Louis I. Glaser, Newport, R. I. Leonard Glaser, Arverne, N, Y, Heath T. Glaiss, St. Petersburg, Fla. Don Charles Glazzard, Lakewood, O Harold A. Glendinning, Miami, Fla. Marguerite P. Glenn, Miami, Fla. hio William Glockman, New Haven, Conn. Arlene Gluckstern, Forest Hills, N. Y. Lorenz Gludovatz, Miami, Fla. Sarah E. Goad, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Iohn F. Godfrey, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Edith May Gold, Chicago, Ill. Glenn P. Gold, Baltimore, Md. Eugene Goldberg, Brooklyn, N. Y. Herman Goldberg, Miami Beach, Fla Ierome Goldberg, Miami Beach, Fla. Lou B. Goldberg, Miami. Fla. Saul Goldberg, New Haven, Conn. Herbert Goldberger, Paterson, N. I. Alva Morgan Golden, Milledgeville, Dorothea Golden, Plainfield, N. I. Ga COIVIPLIMENTS OF HE IA IBEACH IFIRST TEO A BAN C, The Uldest and Largest Bank in Miami Beach CORNER LINCOLN and ALTON ROADS F. LOWRY WALL, President and Chairman of the Board CHARLES H. ALCOCK, Executive Vice President Ioseph Golden, Franklinton, La. Robert Golden, Brooklyn, N. Y. Florence R. Goldfarb, Coral Gables, Fla. Murray Goldfarb, Miami Beach, Fla. Shelva Goldfarb, Rutherford, N. I. Stanley R. Goldiarb, Brooklyn, N. Y. Geraldine Goldfeber, Bronx, N. Y. Herbert S. Goldfield, Miami, Fla. Irwin, Goldman, Brooklyn, N. Y. Marilyn Goldman, Philadelphia, Pa. Marvin S. Goldman, Brooklyn, N. Y. Vema Lee Goldman, Miami Beach, Fla. Dorothy Goldstein, Youngstown, Ohio Gloria Goldstein, Bridgeport, Conn. Lester Goldstein, Miami Beach, Fla. Rebecca Goldstein, MiamivBeach, Fla. Robert L. Goldstein, New York, N. Y. Rosalyn E. Goldistein, Maimi Beach, Fla Sydell F. Goldstein, New York, N. Y. William Goldstein, Ellenville, N. Y. Monte Goldstone, Brooklyn, N. Y. Edithe Golin, Miami Beach, Fla. Emesto Gonzales, Santurce, P. R. Oscar Gonzalez, Santurce, P. R. David C. Goodman, Miami Beach, Fla. Lee G. Goodman, McKeesport, Pa. Murray Goodman, Miami Beach, Fla. Reuben Goodman, Miami, Fla. Robert S. Goodman, Brooklyn, N. Y. Spencer Goodman, Miami, Fla. Curtis C. Goodson, Miami, Fla. Iohn Wm. Goodwin, Brooklyn. N. Y. Martin I. Gordon, Miami Beach, Fla. Robert I. Gordon, Brooklyn, N. Y. Sol Gordon, Plainfield, N. I. Sydney R. Gordon, Miami, Pla. Fred W. Gorman, Orlando, Fla. Albert Gornish, Miami, Fla. Wm. D. Goshen, Miami Beach, Fla. Iames Gotsis, New York. N. Y, Marilyn R. Ckauld, Miami Beach, Fla. Eleanor I. Gour, Miami, Fla. Herman Grabherr, N. Bergen, N. I. Arthur S. Grace, Coral Gables, Fla. Harold E. Grady, Miami, Fla. Lee E. Grafman, Brooklyn, N. Y. Carl R. Graham, Miami, Fla. Harry W. Graham, Philadelphia, Pa. Rhoda Lee Gralla, Brooklyn, N. Y. Agnes C. Gransden, Miami, Fla. Iack Gratz, Miami, Fla. George D. Graumlich, Miami, Fla Robert C. Graves, Springfield, Mass. Donald F. Gray, Hollywood, Fla. Arnold Grayson, Miami, Fla. Ioseph R. Greco, Hamden, Conn. Myrtha T. Green, Live Oak, Fla. Charles H. Greenberg, Miami Beach, Pla. Irving W. Greenberg, Chelsea, Mass. Marvin I. Greenberg, Brooklyn, N. Y. Allan B. Greene, Woodhaven. N. Y. David A. Greene, Miami, Fla. Marion Greene, Miami, Fla. Porter U. Greene, Orlando. Fla. Morris H. Greenfield, New York, N. Y. Shirley P. Greenfield, Miami Beach, Fla. Ronald L. Greentspahn, Chicago, Ill. Robert E. Greenwell, Morganfield, Ky. Walter R. Greenwell, Morganfield, Ky. Pedro I. Greer, Miami, Fla. Carol Gregg, Hollywood, Fla. Hugh A. Gregory, Dania, Fla. Marvin M. Greisel, Bronx, N. Y. Wm. T. Griifenburg, Philadelphia, Pa. Eugene A. Griffin, Detroit, Mich. Iames A. Griffin, Miami, Fla. Iames E. Griffin, Miami, Fla. Sion D. Griffin, Miami, Fla. I. C. Griffith, Miami, Fla. Marguerite I. Grobert, Brooklyn, N. Y. Elmer W. Gross, Miami, Fla. Iudith A. Grass, Brooklyn, N. Y. Lillian Gross, Miami, Fla. Benn Grossberg, Miami, Fla. Bob Grossberger, Miami, Fla. Gloria Grosswirth, Passaic, N. I. Harold E. Grover, Maimi Beach, Fla. Daniel E. Guerra, Concepcion, Panama Lurwig C. Guerette, Miami, Fla, Frank W. Guilford, South Miami, Fla. Daniel M. Gurkey, Miami, Fla. Betty I. Gulas, Miami, Fla. Ira C. Gunter, Rensford, W. Va. Esther C. Gurnee, Miami, Fla. Leon Gurney, Miami Beach, Fla. Harry R. Gustafson, Miami, Fla. Morton I. Gutterman, Miami Beach, Fla Frederick Haas, Miami, Fla. Marvin I, Haas, Miami Beach, Fla, George Haber, Brooklyn, N. Y. Martin G. Haber, Brooklyn, N. Y. Stephen M. Haber, Brooklyn, N. Y. Ioy E. Hafner, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Ioseph Hagerty, Marion, Ind. Wallace L. Hainlin, Miami, Fla. Ruth R. Haith, Ft. Meyers, Fla. Austin K. Haldenstein, New York. N. Y Patricia A. Haley, Coral Gables, Fla. Ioyce D. Halfeldt, Miami, Fla. Everette E. Hall, Miami, Fla. Irwin B. Hall, Riverside, R. l. LeRoy Hall, Miami, Fla. Lynn H. Hall, Miami, Fla. Richard H. Hall, Philadelphia, Pa. F0ssett's Prescription I Pllarmacv 5 "Your Ethical Druggistw The Home of Good Shoes 155 E. FLAGLER ST.,DUPONT BLDG. HUNTINGTON BLDG., S. E. FIRST STREET AND SECOND AVENUE PHONE 2-7691 MIAMI, FLORIDA WE DELIVER DINE and DANCE Under the Stars SKY CLU 3604 W. EIGHTH STREET MIAMI, FLA. .W. C. A. TELEPHONE 3-5933 I 9 ' S bil s CLOTHES 0F CHARIWI 70-76 S. E. lsr STREET Corner Miami, Florida Rosalie Hall, Miami, Fla. David P. Halle, Memphis, Tenn. Edward N. Hallman, Hialeah, Fla. Philip L. Haloff, Brooklyn, N. Y. Bernie L. Halpern, Miami Beach, Fla. Kenneth R. Halpern, Deal, N. I. Melvin A. Halpem, Miami Beach, Fla Denson H. Hambleton, Miami, Fla. Harry S. Hamilton, St. Petersburg, Fla Wm, N. Hamilton, Miami, Fla. Harry l. Hammer, Miami, Fla. Roger W. Hammon, Miami, Fla. George L Hampel, St. Louis, Mo. Walter D. Hanford, Coral Gables, Fla. Zakar Hanoyan, New Haven, Conn. Bendt. H. Hansen, Miami, Fla. Evelyn l. Hansen, Toledo, Ohio Gordon E. Hansen, Iamestown, N. Y. Wm. B. Hansen, Miami, Fla. Iane B. Hanson, Cleveland, Ohio Richard W. Harbert, Fairmont, W. Va. Iohn L. Harborn, Miami, Fla. Albert I. Harding, Miami, Fla. Varnel H. Harding, Miami, Fla. Sarah Harkness, Miami, Pla. Wm. L. Harkness, Miami, Fla. Henry P. Harlan, Pattison, Miss. Robert Harrington, WinstonASalem, N. C. Audrey Harris, Chicago, Ill. Elliot A. Harris, Revere, Mass. Evelyn I. Hansen, Toledo, Ohio lack A. Harris, Miami, Fla. Iames Wm. Harris, Miami, Fla. Iohn H. Harris, Coral Gables, Pia. Tom I. Harris, Homestead, Fla. George I. Harrison, Newburgh, N. Y. Iohn I . Harrison, Pittsburgh, Pa. Sue Harrison, Coral Gables,'Fla. L,- Ray L. Hart, Miami, Flaw Herbert W. Hartman, Washington, Pa. Patricia S. Harvey, Miami, Fla. Robert C. Harvey, Lake Worth, Fla. Ralph G. Hasher, Miami, Fla. Bailey B. Haskew, Miami, Fla. Richard H. Haiskin, Miami, Fla. Seymour Haspel, New York N. Y. Diane M. Hass, New York, N. Y. Kenneth W. Hastings, Miami, Fla. Grover C. Hatcher, Corbin. Ky. Ethan A. Hathaway, Miami Beach, Fla. Bernard Hausman, Miami Beach, Fla. Albert B. Hawkins, New York, N. Y. Blantford Hawthorne, Miami, Fla. Ierry W. Hawthorne, Miami, Fla. Daniel H. Hayes, Fairfield, Conn. Ieanne D. Hayes, Miami, Fla. Wm. I. Hayes, Ir. Cliiton C. Hays, Miami, Fla. Andrew T. Healy, Coral Gables, Fla. Loren B. Heard, Macon, Ga. Wm. L. Heath, Miami, Fla. Hyman Hecht, Miami Beach, Fla. Wm. A. Hecht, Springfield, Ohio Robert I. Heosh, Miami Beach, Fla, Secrest W. Hefner, Miami, Fla. Bernard Heidgen, Rahway, N. I. Donald L. Helirnan, Somerville, N. I. Charles W. Holger, Homestead, Fla. Arnold L. Heller. Salem, Mass. Eleanor Heller, Miami Beach, Fla. Ioyce E. Hellerman, Brookline, Maas. Charles F. Helmly, Miami, Fla. lack Lee Helms, Miami, Fla. Arnold F. Helsten, Duluth, Minn. Iane Hemphill, Boume, Mass. Texas L. Henderson, Miami, Fla. Iean A. Henning, Miami, Fla. Elizabeth Henry, North Miami, Fla. Barbara Henszey, Eureka, Pa. Beverly R. Henszey, Eureka, Pa. Valerie Henszey, Eureka, Pa. Wm. D. Hepburn, Miami, Fla. Marvin Herbert, New York, N. Y. Iames F. Herlihy, Miami, Fla. Evans I. Herman, Newark, N. I. Mauricio Herman, Lima, Peru Richard D. Herring, Miami, Fla. Patricia Hershon, Iamaica, N. Y. Hillard Herzog, New York, N. Y. Iohn H. Hey, Miami, Fla. Edward I. Heyrnan, Miami, Fla. Ieanne Heyward, Miami, Fla. Robert L. Hibbs, Belle Vernon, Pa. Ward B. Hicks, Miami, Fla. Wilbuns Higbie, Bellmore, N. Y. Ianet Higdon, Miami, Fla. Carl I. Higgins, Coral Gables, Fla. Howard E. Higgins, Winter Haven Charles B. Hildebrand, Miami, Fla Rosemary Hileman, Coral Gables, George G. Hill, East Orange, N. I. Robert A. Hill, Coral Gables, Fla. Truman M. Hill, Hialeah, Fla. Mary Rose Hillyer, Havana, Cuba Harry G. Hinckley, Miami, Fla. Nancy Hirsch, Miami Beach, Fla. William C. Hix, Miami, Fla. Nettie Hjort, Miami, Fla. Charles C. Hodges, Miami, Fla. Ena I. Hoenig, Newark, N. I. Gilbert Hoifman, Laurelton, N. Y. Wilbur D. Hofman, Sanford, Fla. Iaseph V. Hogan, Miami, Fla. Howard S. Hogue, Miami, Fla. Fla Fla. A B PIPE A ST EL CG. Pipe-Fittings o Valves o Plumlring Supplies Structural Steel 500 N. W. 5th STREET - MIAMI, FLORIDA - PHONE 3-6211 COMPLIMENTS OF NNER and ANNE , Inc. 1906 PONQE DE LEON BOULEVARD Where the Best Costs Less Alfred C. Holden, Ocean City, N. I. Clarence E. Holland. Coral Gables, Fla. Wesley G. Holland, Miami, Fla. Henry R. Hollender, Morristown. N. I. Richard Holman, N. Caldwell, N. I. Robert W. Holmes, Miami, Fla. Warren H. Holmes, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Annette Holtzman, Boston, Mass. Bruce C. Homan, Miami, Fla. Patricia Homan, Miami, Fla. Robert I. Honchell, Aurora, Ind. Phyllis Honig, Coral Gables, Fla. Wm. I. Hoote, Minneapolis, Minn. Louis C. Hooks, Miami, Fla. Edgar G. Hooper, Miami, Fla. Frank L. Hopkins, Miami, Fla. Ralph S. Hopkins, Miami, Fla. Robert S. Hopler, Keansbury, N. I. losephine M. Horan, Coral Gables, Fla. Frances I. Horne, Miami, Fla. Walter A. Horneman, Ojus, Fla. Franklin M. Horner, Columbus, Ind. Iohn R. I-Iornick. Miami, Fla. Fred W. Hosea, Miami, Fla. Betty Iane Howett, Miami. Fla. Iohn E. Hoyt, Stratham. N. H. Wm. I. Huffman, Coral Gables, Fla. Donald W. Hulmes, Hollywood, Fla. Bruce S. Hunt, Irvington, N. I. William B. Hunt, Mulberry, Fla. Iames W. Hunter, Miami, Fla. Leonard R. Hunter, Miami, Fla. Henry W. Hurd, Duxbury, Mass. Edward Hutchinson, Winter Haven, Fla. Vernon I. Hutchinson, Nutley, N. I. Arthur Huttoe, Miami, Fla. Eleanor Hyman, St. Albans, N. Y. Gerald Hyman, Coral Gables, Fla. Maurine L. Hymani Miami Beach, Fla. Ervin A. Ibach, Philadelphia, Pa. Charles Illion Irvington, N. I. Iohn W. Imaneli, Miami, Fla. Charles W. Ingalls, Miami, Fla. Hal M. Ingman, Miami, Fla. Patricia A, Into, Miami, Fla, Charleis G. Irwin, Miami, Fla. Arnold I. Iselowitz, Bronx, N. Y. Emily A. Israel, Chicago, Ill. Herbert S. Ives, Cleveland Hghts., Ohio Chester S. Ivory, Cynwood, Pa. Mona Iabaly, Miami Beach, Fla. William A. lacks, Meadow Valley. Cal. Annie M. Iackson, Miami, Fla. Emory L. Iackson, Miami, Fla. Iames H. Iackson, Miami, Fla. Louis F. Iackson, Miami, Fla. Raymond W. Iackson, Miami, Fla. Ianice Iackson, Coral Gables, Fla. David N. Iacobs. New York, N. Y. Hazel Iacobs, New York, N. Y. Henry S. Iacobs. New York, N. Y. Ianet B. Iacobs. Englewood, N. I. Donald Iacobtson, Brooklyn, N, Y. Phyllis I. Iacobson, Miami Beach, Fla. Stanley Iacobson, Brooklyn, N. Y. Lenore S. Iacoby, Brooklyn, N. Y, Edith M. Iambrina, Coral Gables, Fla. Wm. Charles Iames, Coral Gables, Fla. Robert H. Iamieson, Miami, Fla. Wm. R. Iamieson, Buchannon, W. Va. Ludwig P. Iannarone, Miami Fla. Iay Ianofi, Coral Gables, Fla. Dwight E. Iarvis, Statesville, N. C. Raymond S. Iarvis, Plymouth. Pa. Henry, E. Iecker, West Milford, N. I. Iustin I. Iecker, West Milford, N. . Munro A. Ieffries, Miami, Fla. Lloyd I. Ienkins, Miami, Fla. Louise F. Ienkins, Camaguey, Cuba Wm. S. Ienkins, Grand Island, N. Y. Richard I. Iennings, New York, N. Y. Walter D. Iennings, Long Lake, N. I. Donald W. Ierome, Miami, Fla. August R. Iettner, Hialeah, Fla. Sarah Iewett, lVLiami, Fla. Lenore Ioifee, Kansas City, Mo. Alieda A. Iohanson, Orlando, Fla. Ieanne M. Iohanson, Miami, Fla, Carlton I. Iohns, Chicago, Ill. Charles, R. Iohnsen, Miami, Fla. Albert I. Iohnson, Hialeah, Fla. Bruce Iohnson, Spring LakeL N. I. Carroll Iohnson, Ballatin, Tenn. Charles D. Iohnson, Elmhurst, N. Y. Eldon R, Iohnson, Miami, Fla. Elmer B. Iohnson, Miami, Fla. Emelyn Aan Iohnson, Miami, Fla. Gustav E. Iohnson, Miami, Fla. Harold E. Iohnson, Stratford., Conn. Iames W. Iohnson, Miami, Fla. Warren C. Iohnson, Miami, Fla. Elizabeth B, Iohnston, Miami, Fla, Roy E. Iohstono, Macon, Ga. Cecil T. Ioiner, Hialeah, Fla. Morton Ionap, Bronx, N. Y. Bruce Iones, Arlington. Ky. Carl W. Iones, Hillburn, N. Y. Francis C. Iones, Ir., Columbia. S. C. Gerald F. Iones, Miami Fla. Keith W. Iones, Miami, Fla. Robert L. Iones, North Miami, Fla. Royal E. Iones, Ir., Hammond, Ind Eugene W. Ioost, Coral Gables, Fla. Elaine Iordan, Nanueis, N. Y. S Q A G S E T H STATIUNEIIY C0., Inc. Everything for the llfiice 53 NORTHEAST FIRST STREET - MIAMI, FLORIDA I Q . I I , A mfaewtdchg ta 'gacid ,4aqt'4c'a9 " CORAL GABLES - MIAIVII SHORES - LITTLE RIVER - COCONUT GROVE Richard A. Iordan, New Haven, Conn. Robert Iordan, Miami, Fla. Carl A. Iorgensen, New Haven, Conn. Lawrence loseph, Atlantic City, N. I. Robert Ioseph, Miami, Fla. Sesyle G, Ioslin, Hollywood, Fla. Bettie M. Iudd, Coral Gables. Fla. Alfred I. Iuliano, Newark, N. I. Lorraine Kahlenberg, Miami Beach, Fla. Isabel I. Kaminrski, Miami Springs, Fla. Marilyn Kandell, Miami Beach, Fla. Ioseph L. Kantor, Coral Gables, Fla. Alfred Kaplan, Miami Beach, Fla. Alvin Kaplan, Chelsea, Mass. Ierome H. Kaplan, Waterbury, Conn. Pearl E. Kaplan, Miami Beach, Fla. Norma L. Karbal, Detroit, Mich. Edward W. Karpinski, Elizabeth, N. I. George T. Karras, Miami, Fla. Iohn Karraxs, Miami, Fla. Morton L. Kasman, Miami Beach, Fla. Arthur Kasper, New York, N. Y. Gloria N. Kass, Greenfield Pk., N. Y. Herbert H. Kass, New York, N. Y. Perry Katelantsky, Miami, Fla. Vitie A. Katkauskas, Miami, Fla. Norman R. Kaufman, Newark, N. I. Louis R. Kaufman, Forest Hills, N. Y. Charles E. Kaune, Passaic, N. I. Iohn A. Kavanaugh, Miami, Fla. Iohn F. Kavanewlsky, E. Norwalk, Conn. Harold T. Kay, Texarkana, Texas Ollie L. Kay, Toledo, Ohio Iohn K. Kazarin, Waukegan, lll. Phyllis M. Keefe, Coral Gables, Fla. David L. Keele, Miami, Fla. Frank Z, Keister, New Cumberland, Pa, Arthur P. Keith, I., Hialeah, Fla. William R, Keller, Cciro, Ill. David F. Kelley, Miami Shores, Fla. lean Kelly, Miami, Fla. Q Robert B. Kelly, Miami, Fla. Marvin S. Kelman, Miami Beach, Fla. Donald F. Kemlein, Miami, Fla. Valerie A. Kendall, Coral Gables, Fla. Warren Kendrick, Miami, Fla. Charles L. Kennon, Miami, Fla. Robert G. Kenny, New York, N. Y. Arthur R. Kent, Ir., Miami Fla. Ioseph G. Kenyon, New Rochelle, N. Y. Gerald I. Keough, Coral Gables, Fla. Robert E. Keppel, Ann Arbor, Mich. Donald M. Kessler, Miami Beach, Fla. Vilma Kestenbaum, New York, N. Y. Robert M. Kesterton, Charlotte, N. C. Seymour D. Ketive, Miami Beach, Fla. Iack H. Keye, Miami, Fla. Dennis F. Kichefski, Rhinelander, Wis. Winfield S. Kidd, Miami, Fla. Stanley C. Kiem, Miami, Fla. Alfred D. Killian, Ir., Miami, Fla. Emil Kemmel, lVl.iami, Fla. Charles C. King, Haverton, Pa. Clarence I. King, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Frank H. King, Miami, Fla. Louis G. King, Miami, Fla. Raymond E. King, Atlanta, Ga. Harold W. Kingery, Ir., L, Geneva, Wis, George Kinloch, Ir., Miami Beach, Pla. Bartha I. Kinsel, Athens, Ohio Philip Kipling, Rochester, N. Y. Iune Kirchmann, Rutherford, N. I. Iohn E. Kirk, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Robert G. Kirkland, Coral Gables, Fla. lay Kirschenbaum, Brooklyn, N. Y. ' Lawrence Kissel, New Haven, Conn. Sheldon Klahr, New York, N. Y. Burton S. Klapper, Bronx, N, Y. George F. Klein, Miami, Fla. Harris L. Klein, Miami, Fla. Harvey Klein, Miami, Fla. Iris Klein, Brooklyn, N. Y. Iordan N. Klein, Miami Beach, Fla. Marilyn Klein, Newark, N. I. Leonrad Kleinman, Miami Beach, Fla. Elaine S. Klenistub, Iohnstown, Pa. Henry D. Klements, Coral Gables, Fla. Walter S. Klements, Coral Gables, Fla. Franklin N. Kingberg, Miami, Fla. Gerald Klugerman, Miami Beach, Fla. Charles H. Knight, Bradenton, Fla. Edwin G. Knight, Coral Gablersi, Fla. Martha I. Knight, Hollywood, Fla. Ianet E. Kniskern, Coral Gables, Fla. Iohn M. Koenit, Miami, Fla. Marilyn C. Kohn, Dayton, Ohio Neal E. Kolb, Miami, Fla. Stanley Kolker, New Rochelle, N. Y. Eli Konigsberg, Iersey City, N. I. Ianet Kopelman, New York, N. Y. Elliot Korn, New York, N. Y. Monroe Korn, Brooklyn, N. Y. Larry Korson, Miami, Beach, Fla. Burton D. Koslsove, Baltimore, Md. Irwin E. Kott, Miami Beach. Fla. Iohn Koudelka, Miami, Fla. Ieannie I. Kovaleski, Tamagua, Pa. Diane L. Koven, Coral Gables, Fla. Donald Kramer, Teaneck, N. I. Robert S. Kramer, Miami Beach, Fla. Theodore Kravitz, New Haven, Conn. Sanford M. Krell, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Robert S. Kresge, Wind Gap, Pa. Rosalye Kretchman. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla DALLAS PABAK BAR and GRILL Food - Liquor - Package Goods ll llllllll 00 CGCKTAIL LUUNGE .BUDDY GOOD and GAIL CONKEY at the Piano - - CONTINUOUS ENTERTAINMENT Q - DALLAS PARK HOTEL, MIAMI AIR CONDITIONED Shirley Krinsky, Brooklyn, N. Y. Robert, New York, N. Y. Ianet E. Krueger, Miami Beach, Fla. Louise Krupsaw, Miami Beach, Fla. Frank I. Kucera, Miami, Fya. Meline Kulhanjian, Miami, Fla. Bemard Kull, Brooklyn, N. Y. Norman E. Kumin, Brockton, Mass. Robert H. Kurland, Miami, Pla. Robert E. Kurtz, Miami, Fla. Allan S. Kushen, Miami Beach, Fla. George Kuzmyak, Brooklyn. N. Y. Mary I. Lacey, Miami, Fla. Virginia I. Lacey, Miami, Fla. Iames E, Lackey, Miami, Fla. Norman K. Ladd, Miami, Fla. Raymond Laden. Miami, Fla. David E. Lair, Miami Springs, Fla. Shirley Lakin, Mattapan, Maiss. Gerald D. Lalor, Miami, Fla. William M. Lancer, New York, N. Y. David L. Lanchester, Miami, Fla. Norman I. Landau, Brooklyn, N. Y. Robert L. Landrum, Miami, Fla. William I. Landsman, Brooklyn, N. Y. Harold R. Lane, Miami, Fla. W. Guy Lane. Miami, Fla. Maurice Lanes, Revere, Mass Howard E. Lange, Miami Beach, Fla. Ierome G, Langer, Miami Beach, Fla. D. Allen Langford, Pensacola, Fla, Leah F. Langford, Miami, Fla. Alice G. Lanier, Miami, Fla. Lewis D. Lanier, Delray Beach, Fla. Frank P. Lanza, Brooklyn, N. Y. Richard A. LaPointe, Hollywood, Fla. Raymond E. LaPorte, Pensacola, Fla. Arnold Largeuer, Long Beach, N Y. Chris C. Larimore, Miami Beach, Fla. Ierry W. Larkin, Eowagiac, Mich, Iohn M. Larkin, Coral Gables, Fla. Charles F. Ldrson, Miami Beach, Fla. Reuben Lasker, Brooklyn, N. Y. Iulian C. Latham, Miami, Fla. Ioan C. Latta, Nashville, Tenn. Gerald Laubentracht, Miami Beach, Fla. Ierry F. Lauck, Coral Gables, Fla. Iune L. Lavin, Philadelphia, Pa. Sanford Lavin, Miami Beach, Fla. Sylvan W. Law, Miami. Fla. Kelisie, E. Lawrence, Miami, Fla. William I. Lawson, Hollis, N. Y. Stanley D. Leach, Miami, Fla. Irwin R. Leben, Brooklyn, N. Y. Irving H. Lebowitz, Miami, Fla. Sam Lechiara. Bradiord, Pa Iames T. Ledtord, Miami, Fla. Bob Lee. Miami, Fla. David E. Lee,iNorwich, N. Y. Ioseph L. Lee, Oviedo, Fla. Leslie M. Lee, Miami. Fla. Keith C. Leech, Zion, Ill. Lawrence D. Leggett, Miami, Fla. Bruce F. Lehman, New Haven, Conn. Herbert I. Lehrhotf, Newark, N, I, Renee M. Leibovitz, Passaic, N. I. Harvey Leichter, Miami Beaih, Fla. Ioseph Leiter, Miami, Fla. Martha E. Leiter, Panama City, Fla, Bamard K. Leiter, Miami, Fla. Melvin R, Lemberg, Atlantic Hglcls., N. I. Laurence LeMoon, Miami. Fla. Angelo Lendo, Miami, Fla. Harry E. Lennon, Ir., Detriot, Mich. Gilbert Lenter, Newark, N. I. Iean Lentin, Chicago, Ill. WW loan I. Lentin, Chicago, Ill. Fred L. Leonard, lVIiami, Fla. Ioseph S. Leonard, Miami, Fla. Loretta Leonard, New York, N. Y. Toby Leonard, Bronx, N. Y. Herschel B. Leschel. Miami, Fla. Billy E. Leslie, Miami, Fla. David N. Leslie, Miami Beach, Fla. Roger L. Leslie. Miami, Fla. Carol Le-ister, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla Irvin Leswing, Philadelphia, Pa. Eddy M. Leukanech, Miami, Fla. Iacques Levan, Philadelphia, Pa. Gladys E. Levenson, Salisbury, N. C Lewis M. Levick, Pittsburgh, Pa. Gladys Levin, Pittsburgh, Pa. Ianice I. Levin, Bridgeport, Conn. Max S. Levin, Miami Beach, Fla. Stanley C. Levin, Asbury Park, N. I. Bernice E. Levine, Baltimore, Md. Carol Levine, Baldwin, N. Y. Edward L. Levine, New York. N. Y. Harris Levine, New York, N. Y. Howard Levine, Miami Beach, Fla. Howard L. Levine, Brooklyn, N. Y. lacob Levine, Miami, Fla. Iules Levine, Miami Beach, Fla. Lila M. Levine, Brookline, Mass. Lowell Levine, Miami Beach, Fla. Paul Levine, Englewood, N. I. Suzanne Levinson. New York, N. Y. Bernard Leviruson, Miami, Fla. Suzanne Levinson, New Yirk, N. Y. Martin B. Levy, Uniontown, Pa. Robert Lew, New York, N. Y. Rosalie Lewin, Washington, D, C Gene E. Lewis, Miami, Fla. Ierome C. Lewis, Mason City, Iowa ?'. Students and faculty alike, turn to The Miami Daily News for reliable information on world attairsgnationai. local and campus news, social events, sports coverage, etc. It is their favorite newspaper by a wide margin. . iii . mm, M577 f 1 I ! KH g it 3 Associated Press. United Press, International D211 News Service, The New York Times Wire and Wirephoto Service. 2 r s M, MIAMI D ILY EWS Florida's Great Evening Newspaper 'Sir' 5.31513-' 1,, ,.,1 gr' r 'if ' 1-"Sri Er,.i. M.8i'f 'E3?EIS'iIi-ESE E25 "'IE'-'HEI , sqz5:a2:s:!:s:. 5:15 iz- iz! I:': , -2319545 :S-A-Q12---rs.. 212: 5 .V .552 E515 A ,,.,.., ,N V .-.'.1:':1:3I3:i:?9' ':'l5:'.-" " ""' .' ' 1: 5: if il. " 'Iii-5:3 :Qi . 'EI' 25' I?-ziiiliizrifg 54.5 113 -.5:5:573i'2ffF?,-.- n"'5'-:'-"'74: 'T it fir'-1-"f" :-: ."'1:1.1,- 4 rvlggtiif -'x1ss:-1335 . ,.3f:- -' i Robert B. Lewis, Ir., Coral Gables, Fla. William D. Lewis, Far Rockaway, N. Y. Iohn H. Lexow, Miami, Fla. Murray B. Libman, Miami Beach, Fla. Rita S. Lieb, Irvington, N. I. Rosalyn Lieb, New York, N. Y. Eli Lieberman, Miami, Fla. Iulian I. Lieberman, Flushing, N. Y. Victor Lieberman, Bronx, N. Y. Lenore Liebman, Chicago, lll. Adela Litter, Miami Beach, Fla. Lucille Limoli, Cleveland, Ohio lack B. Lindeman, Leesburg, Fla. Donald Lindenbaum, New Y01'kf N- Y- Marion L. Lindsay, Arlington, Va. Lyle L. Lingle, Coral Gables, Fla. Muriel Linrsky, Kew Gardens, L. l., N. Y. Alvin H. Lipitz, Miami, Fla. Herbert A. Lipschitz, Brooklyn, N. Y. Celine Litotf, North Bergen, N. I. Robert B. Little, Miami, Fla. William A. Lockard, Miami, Fla. Stanley Loeb, New York, N. Y. Geor i Anne Logan Miami Fla g 1 , . Carmen P. Lombardo, Newton Ctr. Mass. Iohn R. Lombardo, Bexley, Ohio Mary A. Lopez, Miami, Fla. Pedro Lopez, Ciego de Avila, Cuba Ierome H. Lorber, Miami, Fla. Edward C. Lord, Miami, Fla. Roger I. Lorraine Ft. Myers, Fla. Anthony P. Louvis, Summit, N. I, Marilyn Lovenhart, Chicago, Ill. Iean W. Lowdermilk, Miami, Fla. Clarence W. Lowe, Miami, Fla. Harvey Lowenhar, New York, N. Y. Albert C. Lowery, Miami, Fla. Iohn H. Lowery, Ir., Port Iervis, N. Y. Harry Lubar, Philadelphia, Pa. Dolores Luber, Miami Beach, Fla. Leonard Lubitz, Miami, Fla. Alvin Lubov, Flushing, N. Y. Steven L. Lubway, Miami Springs, Fla. Marie I. Lucas, Miami, Fla. Iames D. Lueddeke, Hillside, N. I. Iames S. Lukee, Miami, Fla. Frances I. Lumpkin, Miami, Fla. Ioseph W. Lumpkin, Miami, Fla. Alvin G. Lundquist, Miami, Fla. Eugene L. Lunsford, Miami, Fla. Burton, L. Lurie, New York, N. Y. Margaret L. Lusk., Miami, Fla. Francis, C. Lutirsan, Irvington, N. I. Kal Lutsky, Passaic, N. I. Morton, C. Lyle, Cape May, N. I. Paul A. Lynch, Miami, Fla. Peter R. Lynch, Philadelphia, Pa. Howard Lynn, Wilmerding, Pa, William P. Lyons, Miami, Fla. Claude E. Lytton, Ir., Miami, Fla. Thomas McAndrews, Indianapolis, Ind. Robert B. McCambridge, Miiimi, Fla. Richard McConaghy, Philadelphia, Pa. Edward P. McCourt, N. Brunswick, N. I. Charles M. McCreery, Port Iervis, N. Y. Donald K. McCubbin, Miami, Fla. Ruth I. McCurry, Atlanta, Ga. Robert McCorquodale, St. Pete., Fla. Robert P. McCutcheon, Morristown, N. I William W. McCoy, Miami Beach, Fla. Mary I. McDonnell, Orient, L. I., N. Y. Wilbur S. McDulf, Coral Gables, Fla. Patrick, I. Mclinany, Miami, Fla. Richard D. McEnany, Miami, Fla. Leonard F. McGee, River Forest, Ill. Norris G. McGhan, Miami, Fla. Robert E. McGhan, Miami, Fla. Ralph L. McGiboney, Miami, Fla. Noreen K. McGraw, Coral Gables, Fla. Stephen Mclnerney, Coral Gables, Fla. Robert F. Mclntyre, Miami, Fla. William D. McKenna, Bloomfield, N. I. Honore McKeown, W. Palm Beach, Fla. Shirley McKinney, Miami Beach, Fla. Donald L. McKesson, Miami, Fla. Robert N. McLean, Cumberland, Md. Rose F. McLeod, Pineview, Ga. Robert L. McManus, Coral Gables, Fla. Robert M. McNeel, Miami Shores, Fla. Frank I. McNellis, Coral Gables, Fla. Earl G. McQuaide, Miami, Fla. Lucille McWhirter, Miami, Fla. C. R. MacArthur, Brockton, Mass. R. W. MacDonald, Vero Beach, Fla. E. F. Machlan, Miami Beach, Fla. R. L. Mac Leod, Milford, Mass. Iack S. Mades, Miami Beach, Fla. T. I. Madison, Miami, Fla. Norman D. Madsen, Hollywood, Fla. lean Magidson, Pittsburgh, Pa. Ed. L. Magill, Miami, Fla. Ralph D. Maguire, Albany, N. Y. Colette M. Mai, Flushing, N. Y. L. E. Majek, Westtown, N. Y. O. Maksymowich, Miami Beach, Fla. lohn A. Malaney, Miami, Fla. Ioseph W. Malek, Miami Beach, Fla. H. L. Malkin, Chelsea, Mass. Ford N. Malmin, Miami Beach, Fla. Eddie K. Malool, St. Petersburg, Fla. B. S. Mandler, Miami, Fla. Audrey B. Maries, Brooklyn, N. Y, H. C. Mangels, North Miami, Fla. Miriam C. Manley, Miami, Fla. I. D. Mann, Miami, Fla. Beatrice Manning, Coral Gables, Fla. C. G. Manos, Miami, Fla. G. I. Mantell, Miami Beach, Fla. Iohn H. Manucy, Miami, Fla. Edward Marasciulo, Brooklyn, N. Y. Arthur R. Marcus, Miami Beach, Fla. Ina Marcus, Woodmere, L. I.. N. Y. Iack Marcus, Miami, Fla. R. L. Margaretten, Miami Beach, Fla. Yvette Margulies, Miami, Fla. S. Markbreiter, Bronx, N. Y. Iay M. Marker, Camden, N. I. Dorel Marks, Miami Beach, Fla. Frank M. Marks, Miami, Fla. Lloyd S. Marks, Miami Beach, Fla. Marvin Marks. Bronx, N. Y. Marvin Marks, Miami, Fla. S. I. Markson, Forest Hills, L. I., N. Y. Iulia Markus, Miami, Fla. Ralph A. Marino, Brooklyn, N. Y. Morris Marlin, Coral Gables, Fla. William Marquette, Miami, Fla. H. R. Marrow, Bronx, N. Y. ' lohn D. Marsh, Stottville, N. Y. B. R. Martin, Coral Gables, Fla. C. W. Martin, Cameron, Wisc. C. G. Martin, Miami, Fla. C. M. Martin, Miami, Fla. Everett Martin, Miami, Fla. I. A. Martin, New York, N. Y. P. M. Martin, Hollywood, Fla. Wm. E. Martin, Miami, Fla. Eneida Martinez, Miami, Fla. Antone Martinho, Marcus Hook, Pa. Bernard I. Marx, Shrewsbury, N. l. Ralph H. Massey. Miami, Fla. Frank G. Mathers, Trucksville, Pa. Francis Matson, New York, N. Y. T. P. Matteson, Miami, Fla. F. C. Matthews, Coral Gables, Fla. Roswell Matthews, Coral Gables, Fla Earl S. Matthias, Hollywood, Fla. Charles W. Mauch, Miami, Fla. Thomas E. May, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Nathan Mayers, Miami, Fla. Donald D. Mazo, Charleston, S. C. Albert Meadows, Brooklyn, N. Y. William A. Meadows, Miami, Fla. Warren P. Meek, Ashland. Ky. Doris Ann Meeks, Coral Gables, Fla. Mathias Meier, Covington, Ky. Harold Meizler, Boston, Mass. G. E. Melnick, Miami, Fla. Victor Melts, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Walter E. Menard, Chicago, Ill. Ioyce T. Menees, Hollywood, Fla. Robert I. Menin, Philadelphia, Pa. I. Mermelstein, Miami Beach, Fla. Mary C. Messer, Miami, Fla. RADIOS RECORDS mlexam ey Radio Sales dia Rental Co. NOT INC. F U B S V 513 LINCOLN ROAD Philco Refrigeration and Bendix Washing Machines 716 LINCOLN ROAD 47 WEST 57111 ST. A MIAMI BEACH NEW YORK CITY PHONE 55-254 OR 5-1932 .22 - f f ' rm v M. L. Metcalfe, Miami, Fla. Herbert Metz, Brooklyn, N. Y. Paul I. Metzker, Homestead, Fla. Lois M. Meyer, Miami, F la. Buddy Meyens, Miami Beach, Fla. Cynthia Meyers, Miami Beach, Fla. H. A. Meyers, Miami, Fla. Ieary Meyers, Miami Beach, Fla. Edward Meyerson, Coral Gables, Fla. Iames C. Michael, Coral Gables, Fla. Murray H. Michael, Coral Gables. Fla. Daniel I. Michel, Charlestown, S. C. Dorothy Michelson, Miami Beach, Fla. I. P. Mickel, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. Revis A. Mickler, Pompano, Fla. Wm. E. Mickles, Miami, Fla. Iohn P. Miele, Newark, N. I. Richard Mikels, Hialeah, Fla. Emest Mikes. Miami, Fla. C. Mikitanisky, Bronx, N. Y. Dorothy Milberg, Miami, Fla. Helene Milbover, Miami Beach, Fla. Ralph Milbum, Baltimore, Md. Alfred Miller, Springfield, N. I. Alvin Miller, Miami, Fla. Ann Miler, Baltimore, Md. Bruce Miller, Verona, N. I. Burton Miller, Brookline, Mass. Donald Miller, Miami, Fla. Gilbert Miller, Miami, Fla. Iack Miller, Miami, Fla. Iames E. Miller, Coral Gables, Fla, Stephen Miller, Miami, Fa. Walter T. Miller, Coral Gables, Fla. Bernard Milstein, Miami Beach, Fla. Barbara Miner. Red Bank, N. I. E. F. Mitchell, West Newton, Mass. Thomas H. Mitchell, Miami, Fla. Gerald E. Mochwart, Miami, Fla Ioe F. Mock, Ashland, Ky. Florentin Mocq, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Theo. R. Motfet, Miami, Fla. Robert E. Moglia, Pittsfield, Mass. Albert Monashkin, Brooklyn, N. Y. Iames B. Monk, Sylvester, Ga. Charles W. Monroe, Coral Gables, Fla. Theo. I. Montmeny, Chicopee, Mass. Ioe Monzon, Cieniuegos, Cuba Melvin Moody, Miami, Fla. B. D. Mooneyham, Hialeah, Fla. Arthur O. Moore, Miami, Fla. Earl Moore, Hialeah, Fla. Fred M. Moore, Miami, Fla. Rudy Morales, Miami, Fla. Herbert Morewitz, Miami Beach, Fla, Charles R. Morgan, Miami, Fla. George C. Morgan, Miami, Fla. William Morgan, New Orlean, La. Alex Morphonios, Miami, Fla. Milton IMOIIill, Brockton, Mass, Carlos C. Morris, Hialeah, Fla. Harry C. Morris, New York, N. Y. Iohn O. Morris, Darby, Pa. Rosalyn Morris, Miami, Fla. Erwin Morrison, Miami, Fla. Mary A. Morrison, Miami, Fla. Anne R. Morrow, Coral Gables, Fla. Wm. A. Morse, Coral Gables, Fla. Ken Mosier, Miami, Fla. Howard I. Moss, Miami Beach, Fla. Robert Mossman, Bronx, N. Y. Alan G. Motz, Little Nelk, L. I., N. Y M. A. Muchnick, New York, N. Y. Mildred Mueller, St. Louis, Mo. W. W. Mueller, Pittsburgh, Pa. Henry I . Muessen, Garden City, N. Y. Robert I. Mulhem, Combridge, Mass. Iames F. Mullen, Miami, Fla. A. I. Mulligan, East Hartford, Conn. iv Tom Mumford. Coral Gables, Fla. Barbara Mungilord, Garden City, N. Y. Iames I. Munley, Gettysburgh, Pa. I. A. Munro, Miami, Fla. M. I. Munroe, Maimi, Fla. A. S. Munson, Miami, Fla. Raymond A. Munson, Miami, Fla. Norman L. Murov, Brooklyn, N. Y. Iack A. Murphy, Miami, Fla. E. I. Murray, Miami, Fla. Iames F. Murray. Albany, N. Y. Richard Murray, Staten Island, N. Y Wm. S. Murray, Miami, Fla. B. I. Mussett, Miami, Fla. E. I. Myers, Ir., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Sonia C. Myens, Newburgh, N. Y. Martin W. Nabut, Bronx, N. Y. Paul T. Nagel, Miami, Fla. Eleanor Nann. Coral Gables, Fla. Louise G. Nann, Coral Gables, Fla. Leonard Napp, Yonkers, N. Y. Freda B. Narkin, Springfield, Mass. Carmine G. Nasta, Staten Island, N. Y. Iack B. Nathan, Pittsburgh, Pa. Augustus S. Natsis, Miami, Fla. Charles H. Nauman, Fla. Edward P. Naus, Hollywood, Fla. Carlos Navarro, Panama, Panama Wilfred Neal. Miami, Fla. Iames F. Neary, Miami, Fla. Wm. E. Neiger, Miami, Fla. Iack Neimaker. Miami, Fla. Ralph H, Nelms, Miami, Fla. Charles L. Nelson, Miami, Fla. Donald W. Nelson, East Cleveland, Ohio H. Bradley Nelson, Miami, Fla. Iames H. Nelson, Coral Gables, Fla. Iohn B. Nelson, Miami, Fla. Wallace H. Nesbit, Miami, Fla. Wm. L. Neudecker, Media, Pa. Edmund W. Newbold, Miami, Fla. Gary Newman, New York, N. Y. Lawrence Newman, Brooklyn, N, Y. Louis Newman, Baltimore, Md. Barbara A. Newing, Brownsville. Texas George H. Nicholls, Ojus, Fla, Herbert F. Nichols, Micrmi, Fla. Edward W. Nichols, Miami, Fla. Walter C. Nick, Union, N. I. Emmanuel Nicolaides, Miami, Fa. Nazim I. Nidor, Miami, Fla. Iohn F. Nielson, Miami, Fla. Robert C. Niemann, St. Albcgis, L. I., N.Y. Samuel P. Nigro, Miami, Fla. Wm. L. Niles, Port Iervis, N. Y. Paul Nitellis, Miami, Fla. Glynn H. Nixon, Menard, Texas Robert N. Noble, Rahway, N. I. Edwin Wm. Noennich, Miami, Fla. Kenneth E. Nolen, Miami Beach, Fla. Ideal Norantonio, Miami, Fla. George A. Norris, Auburndale, Mass. Iames M. Norris, Miami, Fla. Iohn H. Norris, Clearwater, Fla. Marjorie A. Norris. Miami, Fla. Iohn C, Northup, Atlanta, Ga. Rupert T. Norwood, Miami. Fla. Ierome Notis, Philadelphia, Pa. Andy G. Novak, Bradenville, Pa. Andrew I. Novak, Bridgeport, Conn. Alfred E, Novitsky, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Stanley S. Nowak, Coral Gables, Fla. Edward G. Oakes, Miami, Fla. Leo Obel, Coral Gables, Fla. Michael H. O'Brien, Newport, R. I. Richard T. O'Brien, Miami, Fla. Raymond O'Connell, Hamden, Conn. Thomas O'Connell, Far Rockaway, N. Y. Charles L. O'Connor, Miami, Fla, Edmund C. O'Connor, Oak Park, Ill. Kenneth M. O'Connor, Miami Beach, Fla Iohn T. O'Donnell, Revere, Mass. Luther W. Oehlbeck, Morgantown, N. C. Betty I. Ogden, Miami Beach, Fla. Maurice E. Ohl, M.iami,,Fla. Richard F. Ohlson, Miami, Fla. George S. O'Kell, Coral Gables, Fla. Iohn H. Oldfather, Miami, Fla. Cornelius Oliver, Miami, Fla. Margaret I. Oliver, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Betty B. Olliff, Miami, Fla. Iames I. Olliife, Miami, Fla. George S. Olmsted, Miami, Fla. Clarke N. Olney, Coral Gables, Fla. Leslie H. Olsen, Brooklyn, N. Y. Walter Omainsky, Miami, Fla. Richard I. O'Mara, Bronx, N. Y. Perry A. Ombres, Meadville, Pa. Iohn W. O'Neal, Reynolds, Ga. Samuel B. Oppenheimer, Miami, Fla Sheldon Orenstein, Brooklyn, N. Y. Arthur G. Orr, Miami, Fla. Iames A. Orr, Ir., Miami, Fla. Lowell L. Orr, Miami, Fla. Ioseph E. Orris, Duquesne, Pa. Milton M. Ossorio, Miami, Fla. Charlotte Ostergren, St. Paul. Minn. Audrey Ostrowsky, Chicago, lll. Albert Ovadia. New York, N, Y. Patricia Oxtoby, Miami, Fla. Wm. D. Pace, Miami, Fla. Iack M. Pacetti, Miami, Fla. Iames R. Pagano, Fairlawn, N. I. Shennon Page, Miami, Fla. Robert E. Paige, Coral Gables, Fla. Mary A. Palermo, Ocean City, N. I. Iames G. Palma, Staten Island, N. Y. Carmen Palmieri, Southington, Conn. Eli Panaia, Fredericktown, Pa. Iack Panitz, Brooklyn, N . Y. Michael Pantya, Miami, Fla. Frank Panzarino, Miami, Fla. Laurel Paris, Fairlawn, N. I. Thomas M. Park, Miami Springs, Fla. Carl E. Parker, Miami, Fla. Barbara Parrott, Miami, Fla. George Parsons, Hollywood, Fla. Saul Pascul, Miami Beach, Fla. Louis Pasternack, Miami, Fla. Ioseph A. Pattee, Miami, Fla. Keonis D. Patterson, Shelbume, Vt. Robert Patterson, Sharon, Pa. Harry L. Patton, Miami, Fla. Frederick Paull, Brockton, Mass, Patricia A. Paxton, Coral Gables, Fla. Phil I. Pearce, Miami, Fla. David Pearl, Miami Beach, Fla. Barbara Pearlman, Far Rockaway, N. Y Doris D, Pearlman, Riverdale, N. Y. Helene B. Pearlman, Washington, D. C. Lee Pearlman, Miam,i Beach, Fla. Ray H. Pearson, Miami, Fla. Frank R. Pease, Miami, Fla. Iohn T. Peddy, Miami, Fla. Nancy Peeples, Miami, Fla. Mildred A. Penland, Cleveland, Ohio Frank B. Pennell, Columbus, Ga. Iohn I. Pensiero, Cold Spring, N. Y. Robert G. Penter, Bloomfield, N, I. Franklin L. Penton, Milton, Fla. August I. Pereno, Miami, Fla. Moore C. Perfect, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Martin I. Perfit, New York, N. Y. Murray Pergament, New Haven, Conn Ioan Perlman, Tampa, Fla. Sam Perlstein, Miami, Fla. Charles A. Perry, Miami, Fla. Charles L. Petens, Detroit, Mich. Harry C. Petersen, Miami, Fla. Edward S. Petraitis, Coral Gables, Fla. Donald C. Pette, Cranbury, N, I. Ioseph I. Pettit, Miami, Fla. Richard H. Pieifer, Chicago, Ill. Christopher Phelan, Miami Springs, Fla. Venus Philibosian, Miami Beach, Fla. Barbara Philips, Yonkers, N. Y. Dorothy I. Philips, Coral Gables. Fla. Henry S. Phillips, Miami, Fla. Lawrence Phillips, Pittsburgh, Pa. Milton W, Phillips, Miami, Fla. Walter L. Phillips. Ft. Tilden, N. Y. Lorene Philpott, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Wm. H. Picken, Miami, Fla. Micajah B. Pickett, Mairni, Fla. Dan E. Pickle, Mt. Carmel, Ill. Wm. H. Pieper, Miami, Fla. Ioseph H. Pierre, Portof-Spain, Trinidad Don C. Pierson, Miami Shores, Fla. Iack M. Pincus, Philadelphia, Pa. Morris C. Pincus, Chelsea, Mass. Cynthia Pinto, Miami Beach, Fla. Cal W. Piper, Miami, Fla. Norman G. Pius, Waterbury, Conn. Nancy Plager, Brooklyn, N. Y. Iocely-n Planick, Miami Beach. Fla. Iay E. Platt, Philadelphia. Pa. Phyllis R. Platt, Hamberg, N. Y. Nat Plishtin, Coral Gables, Fla. Robert L. Plumber, Miami, Fla. Clark L. Plymal, Coral Gables, Fla. Emil F. Poertner, Miami, Fla. Charles T. Poland, Miami, Fla. Melvin Polansky, Brooklyn. N. Y. Roger I. Polhemus, Miami, Fla. Elaine S. Pollack, Brooklyn. N. Y. Leo Pollack, Miami Beach, Fla. Melvin Pollak, Miami, Fla. Gerry E. Polland, Chicago, Ill. Robert Pollock, Miami, Fla. Pat Polson, New Orleans, La. Ioseph Polvino, Rochester, N. Y. Irving S. Pont, Miami, Fla. Edward C. Pooley, Miami, Fla. Philip C. Porter. Miami. Fla. Raymond P. Porter, Miami, Fla. Thomas F. Porter, Coral Gables, Fla. Edwin I, Posner, New York, N. Y. Alfred H. Powell, Miami Beach, Fla. Robert H. Powell, Miami, Fla. Royce M. Powell, Coral Gables, Fla. Matthew L. Powers, St, Augustine, Fla. Louis Preininger. McKees Rocks, Pa. Frank M. Prescott, Miami, Fla. Virginia Presley, Miami, Fla. Floyd A, Preston, Rahway, N. I. Ioseph E. Price, Miami, Fla. Stanley L. Price, New York, N. Y. Thomas A. Price, Miami, Fla. Charles H. Primm, W. Palm Beach, Fla. Stanley Priskie, New York, N. Y. Iolm B. Probst, Coral Gables, Fla. Richard I. Procyk, Miami, Fla. Christ Prokos, Miami, Fla. Beatrice M. Propp, W. Palm Beach, Fla. Frederick, Propper, Miami, Fla. Regis A. Provost, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla, Maurice V. Pucci, New York, N. Y. Karl H. Pueschel, Chicago, Ill. Elaine I. Pupko, Chicago, lll. Billy B. Purcell, Miami, Fla. Ianette Quattlebaum, Miami, Fla. David D. Quinn, Syracuse, N. Y. Sybil D. Quitt, Buffalo, N. Y. Leo P. Rabaut, Detroit, Mich. ov Samuel I. Rabin, Miami, Fla. Edward Rabinovitz, Chelseir, Mcnss. Michael V. Racano, Miami Beach, Fla. Audrey A. Rae, Miami Beach, Fla. Vivian A. Rafferty, Miami, Fla. Richard A. Raffo, New York, N. Y. Lawrence Rafield, Homestead, Fla. Lee G. Ragatz, Dania, Fla. George V. Ragsdale, Miami, Fla. Stanley Raider, New York, N. Y. M. A. Raimondo, Brooklyn, N. Y. Marvin Rainer, Brooklyn. N. Y. Gerald W. Rainey, Miami, Fla. Ruth I. Rakowsky, Miami, Fla. Robert W. Ralph, Lakeland, Fla. Henry Ramirez, Miami, Fla. Iose O. Ramirez, Guayama. P. R. Henry H. Rahsauer, Irvington, N. I. Francis Ramunni, New Haven, Conn. Wm. D. Rankin, Miami, Fla. Henry S. Ransburgh, Flint, Mich. Christine B. Rao, Memphis, N. Y. Edward A. Raskin, Miami, Fla. Monte V. Rassneo, Brooklyn, N. Y. Norman Ratiner, Brooklyn, N. Y. Dennis I. Ratthaus, Miami, Fla. Kenneth E. Rawls, Miami, Fla, Sylvia Rawls, Miami. Fla. Wm. D. Rawls, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Wm. W. Rawls, Ocala, Fla. Walter Rawlson, Miami, Fla. Henry S. Rawson, Rock Hill, S. C. Paul R. Ray, Coral Gables, Fla. Peter F. Raykovich, Farrell, Pa. Iames E. Rayfield, Miami, Fla. Ocerton C. Redd, Port Reading. N. I, Wm. Redeltsheimer, Coral Gables, Fla. Robert Redfearn, Coral Gablets, Fla. Charles C. Reed, Hollywood, Fla. George W. Reed, Miami, Fla. Henry I. Reed, Miami, Fla. Wm. I. Reed, Ft. Pierce. Fla. Carol L. Reel. Coral Gables, Fla. Ioseph M. Reese, Miami, Fla. Ioseph F. Regan, Pittston. Pa. Lorraine Reich, Miami, Fla. Robert S. Reidolfs, Miami, Fla. Robert I, Reilly, Iackson Heights, N. Y Seymour Reiner, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Iohn A. Reinhardt, Teaneck, N. I. Mitchel Remer, Miami Beach, Fla. Ralph A. Renick, Miami, Fla. Urban H. Renn, Miami, Fla. Diane Resnick, Miami, Fla. Ethel Resnick, Waishington, Pa. Morril S. Reynolds, Marblehead, Mass. Carrol A. Richards, Coral Gables, Fla. lack L. Richards, Miami, Fla. Margaret Richards, Coral Gables, Fla. Alfred B. Richardson, Miami, Fla. Edward Richardson, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Ann D. Richey, Coral Gablets, Fla. Ierold Richman, Philadelphia, Pa. Larry Richmond, New York, N. Y. Betty B. Ridenour, Miami, Fla. Dorothy A. Ridley, St. Petersburgh, Fla. Gordon W. Ricker, West Orange, N. I. Avron C. Rifkin, Miami Beach, Fla. Edmund F. Riley, Whitintsville, Mass. Edward A. Riley, Miami, Fla. Peggy Riley, Andalusia, Ala. Wm. H. Riley, Miami, Fla. Walter Ringelheim, Forest Hills, N. Y. Rafael Rios, Havana, Cuba Gordon C. Ripley, Miami, Fla. Charles G. Rittenhouse, Trevose, Pa. Ioseph M. Rivers, Miami, Fla. Leonard M. Rivkind, Miami Beach, Fla. Seymour Robbins, Yonkers, N. Y. Benjamin A. Roberts, Miami, Fla. Iames M. Roberts, Miami, Fla. Leonard W. Roberts, Hialeah, Fla. Thomas B. Roberts, Miami, Fla. Wm. R. Roberts, Miami, Fla. Maryann Robertson, Miami, Fla. Donna Mae Robinson, Miami, Fla. Iean Ann Robinson, Coral Gables, Fla. Ieorme Robinson, Coral Gables, Fla. LuGrace Robinson, Homestead, Pa. Wm. Lee Robinson, Miami, Fla. Wm. R. Roche, Miami, Fla. Stanley Wm. Rock, Miami, Fla. Raymond Rodgers, Dayton, Ohio Betty I. Roe, Miami, Fla. May Susan Roemor, New York, N, Y. George D. Rogers, Miami, Fla. Iohn D. Rogers, New York, N. Y. Priscilla Rogers, Brookline, Mass. Stanley P. Rogers, Ventnor City, N. I. Iohn T. Rogerson, Miami Springs, Fla. Tamara Ronald, Sikistan, Mo. Harry I. Rolfe, New Brunswick, N. I. Connie Ronde, Miami, Flag Wm. D. Rooks, Boniiay, Fla. Salvatore R. Rosa, Brooklyn, N. Y. Iohn G. Rose, Liberty, N. Y. Palmer R. Rose, Detroit, Mich. Phyllis B. Rotse, Mt. Vemon, N. Y. Herbert A. Roseff, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Bernard Roseman, Bronx, N. Y. Leonard Rosen, Bronx, N. Y. Lewis H. Rosen, Baltimore, Md. Somia F. Rosen, Bessemer, Ala. Albert Rosenberg, New York, N. Y. Gilda E. Rosenberg, Miami Beach, Fla. Louis Rosenberg. Atantic City, N. I. M. Ronusenbloom, Coral Gables, Fla. Phetta Rosenberg, Chicago, Ill. Rita H. Rosenberg, Miami, Fla. Kenneth Roseniield, Iamaica, N. Y. Seymour L. Rosenfield, Chicago, Ill. Iulian Rosenfield, New York, N. Y. Ina Rosenfeld, Patenson, N. I. Thelma Rosenson, Plainfield, N. I. Eugene I, Rosenthal, Miami Beach, Fla Iack I. Rosenthal, Brooklyn, N. Y. Robert L. Rosenthal, New York, N. Y. Mildred Rosenzweig, Brooklyn, N. Y. Murray Rosettsky, Philadelphia, Pa. Paul Rosner, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Bruce E. Ross, New York, N. Y. Iohn Wm. Ross, Miami, Fla. Iames S. Rossant, Coral Gables, Fla. Arthur Roth, Miami Beach, Fla. Donald Rothenberg, New York, N. Y. Gloria D, Rothenberg, Brooklyn, N. Y Phyllis Rothman, Brooklyn, N. Y. Stanley Rothman, Brooklyn, N. Y. Alan H. Rothstein, Miami Beach, Fla. Hermine Rothstein, Brooklyn, N. Y. Louise E. Rothstein, Chestnut Hill, Mass. Angel R. Rouseff, Chiiago, Ill. Mortimer W. Rowe, Orange, Mass, Bruce E. Rowlett, Miami Springs, Fla. Allan L. Rubin, Brooklyn, N. Y. Isabelle D. Rubin, Pcnssaic, N, I, Philip E. Rubin, Miami, Fla. Roslyn Rubin, Miami Beach, Fla. Iohn V. Rubino, Litchfield, Conn. Barbara Rubinstein, Miami Beach, Fla. Bob Rubinstein, Miami, Fla. Diane Rubinow, Miami Beach, Fla. Paul F. Rudaitis, Miami, Fla. Bert S. Rudick, Miami, Fla. Phyllis B. Rubin, Miami Beach, Fla. Burton M, Rudolph, Miami Beach, Fla. Wm. R. Ruhnke, Oak Park, Ill. Richard G. Rundell, Miami, Fla. Iames E. Runyon, Miami, Fla. Iack M. Russcel, Miami, Fla. David C. Russell, Miami, Fla. Wm. W. Rustsell, Philadelphia, Pa. Roberta Rutherford, Hollywood, Fla. Iarnes Rutledge, Miami, Fla. Leo C. Ryan, Miami Beach, Fla. Herbert S, Ryder, Tallahassee, Fla. Perlite Ryder, Miami, Pla. Thomas F. Rynearson, Fenton, Mich. Carl H. Saak, Miami, Fla. Marcel Sabatino, Miami, Fla. Lewis, Sachs, New Haven, Conn. Ralph L. Sackett, Coral Gables, Fla Arthur I. Saey, Coral Gables, Fla. Ray P, Stafiold, Columbus, Ga. Bertley Sager, Miami Beach, Fla. Ioseph D. Salamon, E. Rutherford, N. I. Ana T. Salazar, Venezuela, S. A. Ralph Saltzman, Bronx,'N. Y. Iudson A. Samuels, Miami, Fla. Willet H. Sanborn, Fellsmere, F la. Arnold Sanders, Long Island City, N. Y. Charles Sanders, Columbus, Ga. Forrest Sanders, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Sidney Sanders, Miami Beach, Fla. Charlotte Sandler, Miami, Fla. Mitchell Sander, Perth Amboy, N. I. Sam Sandler, Perth Amboy, N. I. Iack B. Sandlin, Live Oak, Fla. Iames Sangster, Miami, Fla. Raul Santiago, Rio Piedros, P. R. Anthony Santiano, Providence, R, I. Andrew Saporito, Elizabeth, N. I. Iack C. Sapp, Gr. Cove Springs, Fla. William I. Sass, Broklyn, N. Y. Lila H. Satz, Miami Beach, Fla. Wm. K. Saunders, Miami, Fla. Wm. H. Saunders. Miami, Fla. Harry W. Schaefer, Miami, Fla. Melvin Schaffer, Miami, Fla. Arthur Scharlau, Miami, Fla, Lillian Schaumer Brookl n N Y , y , . . Ioseph I. Schecter, Greenfield Pk,, N Y Homer Scheirer, Reading, Pa. Ierome Scherick, Staten Island, N. Y. Eileen R. Scherr, Miami, Fla. Fred E. Schiess, Miami, Fla. Robert I. Schiess, Miami, Fla. M. Schinagle, University Hts, Ohio F. Schlesinger, Brooklyn. N. Y. D. Elchlossman, Brooklyn, N. Y. Charles Schmid, Miami, Fla. Donald Schmidt, St. Albans, N. Y. E. I. Schneider, Brooklyn, N. Y. R. Schneidkraut, Laurelton, N. Y. L. Schneiderman, Passaic, N. I. V. Schoenbrun, Bound Brook, N. I. Sidney Schoenberg, Miami Beach, Fla. R. M. Scholer, Miami Beach, Fla. Iune Schorr, Brooklyn, N, Y. F. R. Schreffler, Miami, Fla. B. Schrieber, Baltimore, Md. H. P. Schreiber, Miami Beach, Fla. S. H. Schreiber, Miami Beach, Fla. I, G. Schretzmann, Miami, Fla, William Schuck, Miami, Pla. R. T. Schultz, Bronx, N. Y. R. F. Schultz, Chicago, Ill. C. R. Schuyler, Burlington, N. I. Arthur Schwartz, Bayonne, N. I. Irwin I. Schwartz, Miami Beach, Fla. Iack Schwartz, Brooklyn. N. Y. L. F. Schwartz, Miami, Fla. L. lVI. Schwartz, New York, N. Y. R. R, Schwartz, Miami, Fla. Rosalie Schwartz,7'New York, N. Y. S. Schwartz, Kew Gardens, N. Y. T. D. Schwafizman, Miami Beach, Fla. A. I. Schweiger, Miami Beach, Fla Harvey Schiffres, Miami Beach, Fla. Rheta E Scisorek, Miami Beach, Fla. A. I. Scolaro, Bronx, N. Y. Betty Lou Scott, Miami Fla. Eugene Scott, Miami, Fla. L. W. Scurry, Miami, Fla. Russell E, Seay, Coral Gables, Fla. L. C. Sebastian, Miami, Fla. George Sedor, Cleveland, Ohio D. W. Seeds, Pleasantville, N. Y. Perry Segal, Everett, Maas. I. M. Segall, New York, N. Y. Marilyn Segan, Deal, N. I. Key Seger, Sturgis, Mich. Charles Seghers, Coral Gables, Fla. Anita L. Seidel, Allerton, Mass. C. I. Seidenberg, Miami Beach, Fla. G. C. Seidenberg, Brookline, Mass. V. V. Seidle, Philadelphia, Pa. I-'rank I. Seiler, Miami, Fla. Sylvia L. Selevan, Miami Beach, Fla. Leonard H. Selk, New York, N. Y. Louis B. Sellers, Hollidaysburg, Pa. William Sellens, Miami, Fla. Herbert Seltzer, Miami Beach, Fla. Clifford Selwood, Miami, Fla. Lawrence A. Sena, Hollywood, Fla. R. L. Senft, Miami Beach, Fla. Gerald Serog, Coral Gables, Fla. Gerald Servais, Miami Beach, Fla. Cecil E, Settle, Cedar Grove, W, Va, P. I. Severance, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Martin Shachat, Newark, N. I. Iack H. Schafer, Miami, Fla. Wm. E. Shafer, Euclid, Ohio Howard Shaffer, Miami, Fla. Richard Shaffer, Miami, Fla Keith R. Shanc, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Mt. C. Shannon, Miami, Fla. A. A. Shapiro, Oceanside, N. Y. Alvin Shapiro, New York, N. Y. Doris P. Shapiro, Miami Beach, Fla. Eli Shapiro, Miami Beach, Fla. . Elsie Shapiro, Philadelphia, Pa. Gloria Shapiro, Newark, N. I. Lois Shapiro, Brookyn, N. Y. Melvin Shapiro, Chelsea, Mass. William Shapiro, Miami, Fla. Rosalyn Sharaf, Lynn, Mass. Wm. H. Sharpe. Miami, Fla. Henry Shavel, Brooklyn, N. Y. David Shaw, Iamaica, N. Y. Mary E. Shaw, Miami, Fla. Iohn I. Shea, Miami, Fla. Bernard Schechner, Pattenberg, N. I. David E. Shedd, River Forest, Ill. Sonya S. Sheirr, Brooklyn, N. Y. Harold F. Shelley, South Miami, Fla. Aaron L. Shepard, Miami, Fla. R. I. Shepard, Miami Beach, Fla. Toby Shiekman, Miami Beach, Fla. Wm. D. Shisler, Coral Gables, Fla. Richard Shleistein, Chicago, Ill. William Shmikler, Miami Beach, Fla. Nathaniel Shone, Brookshire, Mass. Iudith Shore, Brookline, Mass. Clive Shrader, Miami, Fla. Inez Shutan, Chicago, Ill. Arthur H, Siegel, Miami Beach, Fla. Edward Siegel, Brooklyn, N. Y. Harriet R. Siegel, Miami Beach, Fla. Iessie Siegel, Washington, D. C. Manuel Siegel, Miami Beach, Fla. Robert Siegel, Brooklyn, N. Y. William P. Siegman, Coral Gabes, Fla. Henry S. Siemenski, Miami Beach, Fla. Annette Silberman, Woodbine, N Lee Silberman, Brooklyn. N. Y. Edward Silfen. Brookyn, N. Y. Ierry E. Silhan, Miami, Fla. Aubrey E. Silver, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Ralph Silverberg, Brooklyn, N. Y. Ellen Silverman, Chicago, Ill. Leonard Silverman, Patchogue, N, Y Bruce E. Silvers, Miami, Fla. Carlos M. Silvestre, Miami, Fla. Adelaide V. Sim, Yonkens, N. Y. David Siman, New York, N. Y. Mary K. Simmon, Miami, Fla. Melba Simon, Brooklyn, N. Y. Sidney Simon, Coney Isand, N. Y. Alfred R, Simons, Miami, Fla, Marvin Simpson, New York, N. Y. Robert I. Sims, Miami, Fla. Norbert R. Sindel. Bron-x, N. Y. Muriel Singer, Miami Beach, Fla. Iohn F. Sinnhmon, Miami, Fla. Robert G. Sinn, Coral Gables, Fla. Iohn I. Sinnott, White Plains, N. Y. Rhea Sipkin, New York, N. Y. Arlene Sisselman, Miami Beach, Fla. Eileen Sitron, Brooklyn, N. Y. Christine Skipper, Miami, Fla, Iames A. Sladky, Miami. Fla. Alfred G. Sloan, Chelsea, Mass. Arnold Slome. Miami Beach. Fla. Charles E. Small, W. Palm Beach, Fla. Robert E. Smalley, Coral Gabes, Fla. Albert D. Smallwodd, Miami Beach, Fla Charles L. Smith, Melbourne, Fla. Earl B. Smith, Corbin, Ky. Gene H. Smith, Miami, Fla. Howard E. Smith, Miami, Fla. lohn H. Smith, Lawrence, Mass. Mae B. Smith, Miami, Fla. Norman E. Smith, Miami, Fla. S. Walter Smith, Brooklyn, N, Y, Thomas I. Smith, Schenectady, N. Y. Thomas O. Smith, Milford, Conn. William G. Smith, Miami, Fla. Wm. Lawton, Smith, Miami, Fla. Allen N. Snyder, Miami, Fla Alton Snyder, Miami. Fla. Eugene T. Snyder, Miami, Fla. Iack E. Snyder, Miami, Fla. Stanley Sofro, Miami, Fla. Charles W. Sokol, Miami Beach, Fla. George E. Solana, Miami, Fla. Sam Soldinger, Miami Beach, Fla. Abner Solomon, lVliami, Fla. Selma I. Solomon, Baltimore, Md. Sidney A. Soltz, Miami, Fla, Edward Somberg, Miami, Fla. S. G. Somertein, Miami Beach, Fla. Robert G. Song, Evanlston, lll. George L. Songer, Miami, Fla. H. Sonnenklar, Hollywood, Fla. Lee B. Sorgie., Miami, Fla. A. Sorokowski, Miami, Fla. Wm. Wells Soolby, Miami, Fla. I. H, Southard, Coral Gables, Fla, Wm. Edward Sowash, New Castle, Pa. Charles I. Spalten, Coral Gables, Fla. Betty S. Spears, Huntington, L. I., N. Y. Max Spector, Camden, N. I. I, E. Speiser, New York, N. Y. Paul V. Spencer, Daytona Beach, Fla. Albert Sperber, Brooklyn, N. Y, Sanford Spiegel, Newark, N. I. Sheila Spiesel, Chicago, Ill. C. A. Spinazzolo, Coral Gables, Fla. Bernard R. Spinner, Miami. Fla. Thomas Spraggins, Miami, Fla. .I. Gus A. Spyrtdon, Brooklyn, N. Y. H. D. Staiman, Miami, Fla. S, L. Stalnaker, Miami, Fla. Lawrence Stamen, Highlands, N. I. Wm. G. Stang, Detroit, Mich. lon S. Staniter, Mia-mi, Fla. E. S. Stankewicz, Plantsville. Conn. W. I. Stanton, Miami, Fla. P. C. Staples, Miami, Fla. R. B. Stapleton, Miami, Pla, T. I. Stapleton, Miami Beach, Fla. David W. Steele, Miami, Fla. Wm. H. Steelrnan, Atlantic City, N. I. Edwi.n Stegman, Miami, Fla. Burton I. Steiger, Miami Beach, Fla. Harry Stein. Miami, 'Fla. Martin H. Stein., Brooklyn, N. Y. Gerald Steinberg, New York, N. Y. P. V. Steinbach, Miami, Fla. Milton Steinberg, Bayonne, N. I. Alvin H. Stelle, Miami, Pla. Lawrence Sterkin, Bronx, N. Y. Iacqueline Stern, Miami, Fla. Leonard M. Stern, Oakland, N. I. Marjorie Stern, Miami Beach, Fla. Ioan Ruth Sternberg, Miami Beach, Fla lack L. Stemple, Miami, Fla. Arnold Stevens, Philadelphia, Pa. Eugene Stevens, Miami, Fla. Norman W. Stevens, Miami, Fla. Harold Steward. Miami Beach, Fla. D. R. Stewart, Miami, Fla. Lena A. Stewart. Miami Beach, Fla. Vemon Stewart, Miami, Fla. Lee Stiles, Miami, Fla. Iames I. Stinson, Largo, Fla. Albert W. Stiriz, Miami, Fla, Alex Stoddart, Coral Gables, Fla. Myron H. Stott, Miami Beach, Fla. Vance R. Stokes, Miami, Fla. Frieda Stone, Coral Gables. Fla. Robert Stone, Miami, Fla. Francis Storey, Titton, Ga. Richard Stotisbery, Miami, Fla. Kenneth Stoudt, Allentown, Pa. Bernard I. Straus, New York, N. Y. Frank Streeter, Coral Gables, Fla. Lester I. Stretch, Hamden, Conn, Arthur Strock, Miami, Fla. Gwen C. Strong, Miami, Fla. Virginia Stroud, Miami Beach, Fla. Gerald Strowman, South lVLiami, Fla. Roger H. Struck, Rochester, N. Y. Audrey M. Strunk, Coral Gables, Fla Iack Stuff, Atlanta, Ga. Iohn I. Stundon, Maryville, Mo. Charles Sturrup, Miami, Fla. Wray G. Succop, Miami, Fla. Carolyn Sudakow. New York, N. Y. Glenn E. Sudduth, Miami, Fla. lack A. Sudduth, Miami, Fla. Kirk Sullivan, Coral Gables, Fla. E. W. Sulzberger, Miami Beach, Fla. Elias D. Sussman, Brooklyn, N. Y. Steven L. Sussman, Chicago, Ill. Ed Sut.her1and, Coral Gables, Fla. Alfred T. Sutter, Miami, Fla. E. Clarke Swanson, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla Hugh Swanlson, Iax. Beach, Fla. A. B. Swearingen, Coral Gables, Fla Paul M. Sweat, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Guy L. Sweet, Miami, Fla. Edward M. Swordiin, Miami Beach, Fla. R. E. Swersey, Far Rockaway, N. Y. Gene D. Swirdovich, Mayiield, Pa. Charlotte Sykes, New York, N. Y. Doris L. Sym, Miami, Fla. Ioseph Syracuse, Miami, Fla. Ioseph Szawlowski, South Miami, Fla. Eugene Szymanski, Bayonne, N. I. Estelle Lila Tabak, Miami, Fla. Iack D. Tackett, Miami, 'Fla. Iohn A. Tanksley, Hialeah, Fla. Edward Tarmenbaum, Bronx, N. Y. Helen C. Tanos, Miami, Fla. Shirley Tanowitz, Brooklyn, N. Y. Iohn H. Tate, Miami, Fla. Iohn R. Tatum, Coral Gables, Fla. Dolores Taylor, Miami, Fla. Herbert Taylor, Miami, Fla. Kendred A. Taylor, Miami, Fla. Richard G. Taylor, Miami, Fla. Thomas T. Taylor, Miami, Fla. Arthur M. Tebo, Miami, Fla. Wm. I. Tebo, Miami, Fla. Robert K. Tedder, Trenton, N. I. Dolores C. Tettt, Miami, Fla. Irwin I. Teitch, Miami Beach, Pla. Marion R. Temple, Auburn. N. Y. Will S. Temple, Knoxville, Tenn. Moie I. L. Tendrich, Miami Beach, Fla P. A. Tennenbaum, Coral Gables, Fla lean Tepper, Miami Beach, Fla. Geo. P. Terwilleger, Allendale, N. I Anselma Thayer, Gardner, Mass. Roy H. Thies, Pepin, Wis. I. B. Thomas, Miami, Fla. L, A, Thomas, Miami, Fla. Lynn Thomas, Miami, Pla. M. N. Thomason, Miami, Fla. C. W. Thompson, Miami, Pla. E. R. Thompson, Miami, I"la. I. E. Thompson, Miami, Pla. Luther Thompson, Miami, Fla. Nancy A. Thompson, lVLiami, Fla. Wm. C. Thompson, Hialeah, Fla. Wm. D. Thompson, Coral Gables, Fla. W. W. Thompson, Coral Gables, Fla. Monrad A. Thue, Ir,, Coral Gables, Fla. David R. Thurman, Coral Gables, Fla Eddie Timmons, Miami, Fla. Gordon W. Tindle, Miami, Fla. Iune Tislenan, Miami Beach, Fla. A. I. Titelbaum, New York, N. Y. Alan Tobin, Boston, Mass. I. H. Toggweiler, Miami, Fla. Michael Tomecko, Coral Gables, Fla. A. T. Tomich, Hollywood, Fla. Russell Tongay, Coral Gables, Fla. W. E. Torbert, Miami, Fla. Bob Townsend, Miami, Beach, Fla. Oris Townsend, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. H. N. Trachtenberg, New York, N. Y. Robert Trepp, Coral Gables, Fla. Wm. W. Trick, Miami, Fla. Ronald Trimpe, Miami, Fla. Cecil G. Trippe, Albany, Ga. David Trout, Miami, Fla. Harry Mack Traux, Breezewood, Pa. Edward T. Truhan, Elizabeth, N. I. Richard H. Tucker, Coral Gables, Fla. Wm. A. Tucker, Trenton, N. I. Thomas L. Tune, Shelbyville, Tenn. Albert I. Tunison, New York, N. Y. Anita R. Turner, Miami, Fla. Edna E. Turner, Miami, Fla. George Wm. Turner, Palm Beach, Fla, Lewis B. Turner, Miami, Fla. Wm. W. Turner, Ferriday, La. Logan O. Turrentine, Miami, Fla. LaVeme H. Tweedle, Miami, Fla. Linton I. Tyler, Miami, Fla. Allen D. Tyre, Lake City, Fla. Analou Udasin, Miami, Fla, Robert M. Uhlman, Miami Beach, Fla. Leonard Uhr, Miami Beach, Fla. Leonard M. Ungar, Miami, Fla. Sybil Unger, East Orange, N. .I Edward Unks, Bradley Beach, N. I. Noel Ed. Uris, Astoria, L. I., N. Y. Iarnes Vaccaro, Scranton, Pa. Robert E. Van, Toledo, Ohio Francis S. Vance, Rochester, N. Y. Mary H. Vance, Coral Gables, Pla. Edward Van Cleef, Norman Park, Ga. Carroll Van Ryn, Miami, Fla. Norma I. Van Scoyoc, Miami, Fla. Robert A. Van Slyke, Miami, Fla. Richard Van Zandt, Miami, Fla. Robert Varner, Coral Gables, Fla. Iames C. Vasilofi, Miami, Pla. Harold F. Vaughn, Oakland Park, Fla Thomas L. Vaughn, Miami, Fla. Herbert C. Vaughn, Miami, Fla. Walter E. Vaughn, Clewiiston, Fla. Georgann Veeder, Coral Gables, Fla Luis M. Vega, Utuado. P. R. Luis Velez, Rio Piedras, P. R. Alan Venzer, Miami Beach, Fla. Ellis B. Verdon, lVliami, Fla. Tyrus R. Vickers, Miami, Fla. Edwin D. Vihlen, Homestead, Fla. Salvatore Villante, Iackson Hgts., N.Y Eugene Paul Visco, Hollywood, Fla. Rosemarie Vitolo, Neptune City, N. I Ioan C. Vivian, Miami, Fla. Paul P. Vogelsang, Hollywood, Fla. Ralph C. Voorhees, Asbury Park, N. T Louise Vorob. Brooklyn, N. Y. Maxwell Waas, Miami, Fla. Nancy L. Wachtstetter, Hollywood, Flu Richard W. Wade, Swampscott, Mass Richard T. Wadoz, Coral Gables, Fla Carrol E. Waggoner, Miami, Pla. Alvin L. Wagnor, Detroit, Mich. Leroy M. Wagner, Quakertown, Pa. Britton, Wagstatf, Miami, Fla. Lois Wainer, Chicago, Ill. George M. Walberg, Philadelphia, Pc Tord Walden, Miami, Fla. Wilma Waldin, Miami, Fla. Lenore Waldman, Miami Beach, Pla. Marcella Walker, Chester, Pa. Iohn N. Wall, Pompano Beach, Fla. Betty I. Wallace, Miami, Fla. Alired H. Wallach, Forest Hills, N. Y Iohn F. Walsh, Holyoke, Mass. Everett H. Walshon, Miazmi Beach, Fla David I. Walters, Iersey City, N. I. Iohn I. Walters, Pittsburgh, Pa, Irving Waltman, Newburgh, N. Y. Sol I. Waltman, Newburgh, N, Y. L. D. Waugaman, W. Palm Beach, Fla Stanley V. Wanklyn, Miami, Fla. Robert W. Vv'arden, Miami, Fla. Iohn W. Wardlow, Miami, Fla. Thomas Wareing, Miami, Fla. Lester A. Wamer, Miami Beach, Fla. Lillian M. Warner, Hialeah, Fla. Martie L. Warner, Birmingham, Ala. Abraham Warshawsky, Paissaic, N. I. Paul D. Warwick, Knoxville. Tenn. Brian Waters, Bayside, L. I., N. Y. Augustus Watkins, Miami, Fla. Horace T. Webb, Miami, Fla. Iohn R. Weber, New Kensington, Pa. Robert H. Weber, Miami, Fla. Doris Wedemeyer, South Miami, Fla. Rodney W. Weedrnan, Miami, Fla. LeRoy Weggenman, Miami, Fla. Ioan Weidberg, W. Atlantic City, N. I Marian Weill, Brooklyn, N. Y. Alvin H. Weiner, Brooklyn, N. Y. Sanford M. Weiner, Miami Beach, Fla Stanley Weinman, Brooklyn, N. Y. Arthur Weinstein, Accord, N. Y. Margery Weinstein, Miami, Fla. Robert S. Weinstein, Morristown, N. I. Doris Weisinger, Hartford, Conn. Frank R. Weiss, Philadelphia, Pa. Lawrence A, Weiss, Brooklyn, N, Y, Paul I. Weiss, Miami, Fla. Rita R. Weiss, Miami, Fla. Stanley N. Weissman, Brooklyn, N. Y. Raymond l. Welch, Southwick, Mass, Royce V, Wells, Erie, Pa. Frederick R, Wentworth, Miami, Fla. Harry T. Werdebaugh, Miami, Fla. Wm. D. Werdebaugh, Miami, Fla, Louirs I, Wessel, Miami Beach, Fla. Patricia A. West, Miami, Fla. Robert F, West, New York, N. Y. Thomasina D, Wefst, Coral Gables, Fla Richard W. Westbrook, Miami, Fla. William M, Westholf, Flushing, N. Y Iack E. Weston, Franklin, Pa. Cecil M, Wethy, Miami, Fla. Charles F, Wheeler, Miami, Fla. Herbert S. Wheeler, Lynn, Mass, Richard I. Wheeler, Iamestown, N, Y. Alfred Whellan, Coral Gables, Fla. Charles I. White, Miami, Fla. Margaret K. White. Miami. Fla, Randall G, White, Miami, Fla. Richard O. White, Coral Gables, Fla, Robert R. White, Miami, Fla. William L, Whitney, Newcastle, Wyo Carl K, Wicklund, Miami, Fla. Nann A. Wickwire, Miami, Fla. Bertram Wiedhopf, New York, N, Y. Carl E. Wiegel, Miami, Fla. Lois E, Wien, Miami Beach, Fla, Irene E, Wiener, Mattapan, Mass, Elliot Wiesen, Long Beach, N. Y. Paul F. Wigand, St. Albans, N. Y. Albert W, Wiggin, Sanbomville, N, H Blair K. Wilbur, Miami, Fla. Iosephine Wilburn, Miami, Fla. Richard O. Wilder, Philadelphia, Pa. Wm, E, Wiles, Coral Gables, Fla, Charlotte Wilkes, Philadelphia, Pa, Herbert Wilkes, Brooklyn, N. Y. Wm. Harry Wilkes, Miami Beach, Fla. Wm. Norman Willis, Miami, Fm. Rahl W, Wilkinson, Dania, Fla, Aaron T, Williams, Miami Springs, Fla, Anita I. Williams, Miami, Fla. Annelle Williams, Miami, Fla. Arthur P. Williams, Chicago, Ill. Billy M. Williams, Las Cruces, N, M Francis W. Williams, Philadelphia, Pa, Iames W. Williams, Hialeah, Fla. Iesse W. Williams, Miami, Fla. Iohn G. Williams, Miami, Fla. Patrick B, Williams, Hialeah, Fla, Wm. K. Williamls, Mia-mi, Fla. Wm. M, Williams, Miami Beach, Fla. Ruth A. Williamson, Miami, Fla. Stephen I, Williamson, Miami, Fla, Stanley W. Wills, Miami, Fla. Frank G. Wilson, Miami, Fla, Iames W. Wilson, Miami, Fla. Marjorie K, Wilson, Northfield, N. I, William R, Wilson, Miami, Fla. Anne Winkler, Miami Beach, Fla. Robert C. Winkler, Brooklyn, N, Y, Iohn B. Winn, Winsted, Conn, Roy E. Winn, Coral Gables, Fla, Robert A. Winter, Ford City, Pa. Leonard Wirkus, Coral Gables, Fla. Gerald Weston Wise, Saxonburg, Pa, Edwin G, Wishnak, Brooklyn, N. Y, Lyle A. Witmer, Miami, Fla. Iohn Wohlfarth. Pah, Pa. Steve S. Woicik, Gary, Ind. Ierry Wolf, Brooklyn, N. Y. Leonard H, Wolf, Miami Beach, Fla. Richard A, Wolf, Springfield. Mass, Robert Virgil Wolfe. Campbell, Ohio Monte Rey Wolford, Miami, Fla. Martin Wolfson, Miami, Fla. Wm. B. Wolfson, Chestnut Hill, Mass, loan Wolkenberg, New York. N. Y. David Lloyd Wood, Miami, Fla, Hugh Wood, Miami, Fla. Richard Iack Wood, Miami, Fla, 'N J , ' .X , fl Rosemary Wood, Miami, Fla. Wm. O. I. Wood, Coral Gables, Fla. Bette Woodcock, Miami, Fla. lean S. Woodward, Miami, Fla, Robert D, Woodward, Miami, Fla, M. H. Wooten, Charleston, W. Va, Arlie D. Word, Miami, Fla. Iules Martin Wordes, Brooklyn, N, Y. Richard H. Wraight, Rahway, N. I. Ioseph W. Wright, Ir., Patchogue, N,Y Iohn F. Wynn, Ft, Lauderdale, Fla, Bemard Yafia, Mattapan, Mass, Harvey I, Yalof, Brooklyn, N. Y. Philip Yalof, Brooklyn, N, Y, Ioseph L. Yates, Ir., Miami, Fla. Herbert Yeatman, Ir., Miami, Fla. Albert Yenkelun, Coral Gables, Fla. Iack Yeslow, Hollywood, Fla. Orlando l. Yglesias, Miami, Fla. George F. Yopp, Miami, Fla. Bernard R. Young, Miami Beach, Fla Elmer M. Young, Miami, Fla. Ierry R, Young, Miami, Fla. Iohn M, Young, Hollywood, Fla, Wesley Lewis Young, Miami, Fla. Emma Iae Youse, Miami, Fla, Emerson Y. Yoxall, Merrick, L. I., N, Y Lucille A. Yuran. Miami Beach, Fla, Frederick I, Zachariazs, Miami, Fla. Muriel Zadan, Miami, Fla, Rita Lynn Zalkin, Miami. Fla. Tommie Zannes, Miami, Fla, Cecile Zaretsky, Miami Beach, Fla. Michael F. Zaskalicky, Shelton, Conn Frank David Zieve, Miami, Fla, Frederick Zilowey, Miami, Fla, Richard G. Zim, Miami, Fla, Lois I, Zimmerman, Chicago, Ill, Irwin Zinkin, New York, N, Y. Robert Nathan Zitter, Miami Beach, Fla Barbara Zotter, Coral Gables, Fla. Michael Zukemick, Miami Beach, Fla. Ioseph Zuzol, Burgettstown, Pa. Louth Campus Freshmen Nutrient-ed Donald F. Acenbrack, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. John C. Ackerman, Miami, Fla. Jack H. Alexander, Palmetto, Ga. Irwin L. Alper, Miami Beach, Fla. Samuel A. Alter, Bayside, N. Y. Joseph R. Altott, Methuen, Mass. Charles J. Altschul Jr., Miami, Fla. Sally E. Anderson, Miami, Fla. Robert D. Apelgren, New Britain, Conn. John J. Appel, Cincinnati, Ohio William H. Appelrouth, Key West, Fla. John J. Appel, Cincinnati, Ohio William Archer, Avon, N. J. Ralph J. Arajj, Lawrence, Mass. Joseph L. Avallone, Asbury Park, N. J. Michael Bagnasco, Brooklyn, N. Y. Alfred N. Baker, Miami, Fla. Arnold A. Bakst, Brooklyn, N. Y. Jack Balfe, Jacksonville, Fla. Roderick C. Ball, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Emil Baran, Ford City, Penn. Willie B. Barganier, Andalesia, Ala. Frank J. Bartos, Chicago, Ill. Lester Baxter Jr., Leesburg, Fla. Stanley C. Bayles, Miami, Fla. Chester B. Beattie, Boston, Mass. Marion A. Bell, St. Augustine, Fla. John W. Benson, Phila., Penn. Elliot S. Berdy, Miami Beach, Fla. Marvin H. Berger, New York, N- Y- Willis H. Berry, Coral Gables, Fla. Erna M. Beveridge, Miami, Fla. John F. Biener, Phila., Penn. Albert Blackman, Brooklyn, N. Y. James Blackshear, Miami. Fla- Edward A. Blaine, Miami, Fla. Berward K. Block, Chicago, Ill. Dutton A. Bonnell, Live Oak, Fla. Frank Bonora, Easton, Pa. Herman F. Borkowski, Gardner, Mass. Lee M. Boyce, Bridgeville, Penn. Wal-den E. Bradbury, Delray Beach, Fla. Robert J. Bradley, Portland, Me. John M. Brennan, Louisville, Ky. Roger H. Brew, Stratford, Conn. Melvin Brewer, Miami, Fla. Anthony J . Brief, Traverse City ,Mich. Arthur W. Brill, New York, N. Y. William E. Brodie, Miami, Fla. John A. Brockalew, Sharon, Penn. James J. Buckley, Miami, Fla. William D. Buckley, Miami, Fla. Roland E. Buppert, Miami, Fla. Max Burkin, Chelsea, Mass. Leonard L. Cahn, Long Beach, N. Y. Jack S. Calkins, Bradford, Penn. Donald F. Callaghan, St. Albans, Vt. Ralph M. Callander, Miami, Fla. Stanton'L. Callet, Baltamore, Md. Phil H. Campbell, Coral Gables, Fla. Frank X. Campson, Ozone Park, N. J. James A. Caporaso, Newark, N. J. Jack H. Carlson, Warren, Penn. Richard E. Carlson Warren Penn. Alfred B. Garter, Miami, Fla. Joseph, E. Carvin, Scarborough, N. Y. Joseph, F. Cassino, Linden, N. J. Vincent L. Cella, Haverton, Penn. Russell H. Chambliss Jr., Norfolk, Va. Walter Cheifetz, Brooklyn, N. Y. John F. Cheney, P. Beach, Fla. Vincent Chorusey Jr., New York, N. Y. Ralph N. Cicalese, Orange, N. J. James H. Clark, Morristown, N. J. Robert D. Clements, Miami, Fla. Peter C. Clitty, Brooklyn, N. Y. John B. Coffey, Johnstown, Penn. Frances R. Cohen, Miami Beach, Fla. Selig J. Cohen, Chelsea Mass. Jacques G. Coleman Jr., Miami Beach, Fla. Lewis L. Cosor, Woodridge, N. Y. Thomas Costello, New York, N. Y. Mildred R. Craine, Miami, Fla. Anthony R. Criscuolo, Hamden, Conn. John J. Cummins, Oceanside, N. Y. Daniel F. Dalv, Rockville Center, L. I., N. Y. Matt T. Daly, Rockville Center, L. I., N. Y. Raymond J. Daniels, Jr., Providence, R. I. Sam B. David, Hollywood, Fla. Abraham H. Davis, Brooklyn, N. Y. Henry W. Davison, New York, N. Y Richard Day, Chicago, Ill. Anthony DeCosty, Rome, N. Y. Daniel Demauro, Miami, Fla. William R. Dempsey, Holyoke, Mass. Regis Devlin, Miami, Fla. Charles B. Dewees, Fort Worth, Tex. Harvey E. Dickson, Detroit, Mich. William P. Dillon, Howard Beach, N. Y. George Dimon, Roeblin, N. J. Patsey Dinnccenzo, Turtle Creek, Penn. Arthur W. Dippel, Cleveland, Ohio Edward J. Dirse, Amsterdam, N. Y. Frederick W. Dixon, Sanford, Me. Edward J. Domanick, McKeesport, Penn. Thomas N. Dominick, Oakland Park, Fla. William T. Donath, Jr., Pawtucket, R. I. Joseph A. Donnangelo, Miami, Fla. Francis W. Donnelly, Bridgeport, Conn. William F. Donovan, Somerville, Mass. Barry B. Dorfman, Washington, D. C. Harold J. Dwyer, Merrick, L. I., N. Y. Joseph H. Earman, Vero Beach, Fla. Orin L. Ebersold, Oakland Park, Fla. John R. Edds, Coral Gables, Fla. Donald L. Edelstein, New York, N. Y. Arthur L. Eisen, New York, N. Y. James R. Ellis, New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Norman Elmowitz, Brooklyn, N. Y. Robert L. Eppelein, Newark, O. Barbara Evans, Miami, Fla. Richard B. Farkas, New York, N. Y. Laurence E. Farley, Miami, Fla. William J. Farrell, Miami Springs, Fla. Anthony E. Favilla, Brooklyn, N. Y. Stephen M. Feciuch, Linden, N. J. Robert Feigenheimer, Chicago, Ill. John G. Ferguson, Turtle Creek, Penn. Joseph A. Ferris, Miami, Fla. Raymon Fetzed, Philipsburg, Penn. Edward L. Fieler, Cincinnati, Ohio David Finkelstein,VWilkes Barre, Penn. Jason L. Finkle, Chelsea, Mass. Howard A. Finley Brookline, Mass. Marvin H. Firtell, East Orange, N. J. Benjamin Fogel, Lakewood, N. J. John J. Fornan, East Hartford, Conn. Charles T. Forsman, New Rochelle, N. Y Michael L. Fox, Toledo, Ohio Raymond W. Fox, Phila., Penn. Frank Fratantonio, Worcester, Mass. Robert G. Freedman, Chelsea, Mass. Harvey Fried, Crompond, N. Y. Norman Friedlander, Miami Beach, Fla. Gilbert W. Friedman, Miami, Fla. David A. Fulton, Jr., Akron, Ohio Eugene F. Furlong, Long Island City, N. Anthony J. Gallo, Fitchburg, Mass. William A. Gardner, Massillon, Ohio Tracey K. Garey, Tonington, Conn. Spencer R. Garrett, Columbus, Ga. Malachi Garvey, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. D'an Garzia Jr., New York, N. Y. Frank S. Gee, Miami, Fla. Daniel C. George, Longport, N. J. Arthur C. Gesterling, Miami Beach, Fla. Michael A. Ginattasio, Union City, N. J. Jerome B. Gilbert, Great Neck, N. J. Harold Gildin, Reading, Penn. Timothy E. Gilloway, Portland, Me. Rita S. Ginsberg, Brooklyn, N. Y. Burton Glass, Media, Penn. Roger Glenn, Homestead, Fla. Percy Gocling Jr., Miami Springs, Fla. Leonard Gold, Brockton, Mass. Daniel A. Goldberg, Brooklyn, N. Y. Sidney Goldreich, Washington, D. C. Martin J. Gofdstein, Reading, Penn. Murray Goldstein, Brooklyn, N. Y. Neil M. Goldstein, Brooklyn, N. Y. Roy Goldstein, Bronx, N. Y. Rita E. Goldweber, Coral Gables, Fla. Joel Goodman, New Bedford, Mass. Ernest A. Gootman, Sharon, Mass. Howard B. Gordon, Brooklyn, N. Y. Ernest R. Gray, Asheboro, N. C. Sherman Greenblatt, Miami, Fla. Seymour Greengarten, Brooklyn, N. Y. Duane E. Grose, Lake Worth, Fla. Charles J. Gschwind, Miami, Fla. George S. Haas, New York, N. Y. Frederick E. Hafner, Miami Beach, Fla. James H. Haizlip Jr., Perrine, Fla. John F. Haley, New York, N. Y. Richard W. Haller, Cleveland Ohio Joseph D. Halloran, New Haven, Conn. Raymond C. Halprin, Jersey City, N. J. Harold E. Hampton, Miami, Fla. Robert D. Hanna, Detroit, Mich. Paul E. Hantz, Latrobe, Penn. Alfred W. Harp Jr., Miami, Fla. James C. Harrison, Lake Worth, Fla. William D. Hart, Champaign, Ill. Ray D. Harten, Cincinnati, Ohio Stanley Haves, Miami, Fla. James R. Hawker, Miami Beach, Fla. Joseph E. Haffernan, Bronx, N. Y. John A. Hegarty, Lawrence, Mass. - Carl J. Hegner, Hialeah, Fla. Alan S. Herman, Brookline, Mass. Esther Herman, Baltimore, Md. John B. Hermann, Richmond, Va. Edward E. Hershey, Winter Haven, Fla. John S. Hickman, Bloomfield, N. J. George A. Hills, Cleveland Heights, Ohio Robert A. Hills, Cleveland Heights, Ohio Albert Hirsch, Brooklyn, N. Y. Donald O. Hoffman, Pittsburgh, Penn. James C. Hogsten, Miami, Fla. Raymond M. Hooper, Pittsburgh, Penn. Marvin Horowitz, Troy, N. Y. Joe H. Howard, Harrison, Ohio Robert M. Howarth, Rumford, R. I. Warner B. Huck, Nutley, N. J. Berton Hufsey, Millville, N. J. John B. Hughes, Elkridge, Md. Walter C. Hultman, Brooklyn, N. Y. William O. Humpreys, Coral Gables, Fla. Leland A. Jackoway, Chicago, Ill. John F. Jackson Jr, Brockton, Mass. Jerry Janecek Jr., Chicago, Ill. Thomas J. Jelley, Brentwood, Penn. George P. Jindela, North Bergen, N. J. Charles B. Johnson, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Donald E. Johnson, Mt. Vernon, Ill. Robert C. Johnston, LaGrange, Ind. Robert W. Johnstone, Jr., San Fransisco, Calif. Charles A. Kahl Jr., Montclair, N. J. , Eliot Kaplan, Brookline, Mass. Leonard M. Kaplan, Brooklyn, N. Y. Morton Karan, Brooklyn, N. Y. John C. Kavanagh, Chicago, Ill. Alex D'. Kaufman, Bronx, N. Y. Charles'W. Kelly, Homestead, Fla. Phenix A. Kerley, Homestead, Fla. Edward A. Kerr, Miami Beach, Fla. Raymond F. Kennedy, Tampa, Fla. Philip S. Kerge, Miami, Fla. Eugene T. Kernan, East Hartford, Conn. Donald F. Ketcham, Loch Arbour, N. J. Mathew R. Kilgariff, Hartford, Conn. Fred Kimmel, Brooklyn, N. Y. David Kimmelman, Phila. Penn. Sheldon King, Brooklyn, N, Y. Elliott E. Klein, Bronx, N. Y. Philip M. Klinkenstein, Brooklyn, N. Y. Stanley E. Klopotski, Paterson, Jack G. Knopfer, Miami, Fla. Alexander Koch, Wallingford, Conn. Edmund Kodys ,Gardner, Mass. William M. Koeppel, Jamaica, N. Y. Robert A. Kohler, Cincinnati, Ohio Sidney Kohn, Brooklyn, N. Y. David Kosoff, Brooklyn, N. Y. Allen Kosofsky, Brooklyn, N. Y. Selma Kowal, Coral Gables, Fla. Marvin L. Kramer, Atlantic City, N. J. Morton S. Krans, Brooklyn, N. Y. Bernard Kreisberg, Brooklyn, N. Y. Mortimer Kron, Bronx, N. Y. Frank R. Krueger, Los Angeles, Calif. Joseph J. Kubrock, Orange, N. J. Leonard Kurman, Irvington, N. J. BernardxLamont, Stamford, Conn. Jess T. Langston, Miami, Fla. Robert Layton, Russellville, Ohio James G. Leacock, Detroit, Mich. Jerrolo Leaness, Phila., Penn. Milton B. Lebowitz, Bronx, N. Y. Dan Lee, Detzaoit, Mich. Jerome J. Lehrer, Brooklyn, N. Y. Richard R. Leland, Detroit, Mich. Albert R. Lesbirel, Havertown, Penn. Ralph J. Levenson, New York, N. Y. Morton H. Levin, Reading, Penn. Richard M. Levine, Brooklyn, N. Y. Robert Nathan Levine, New York N. Y. Jerry Licker, Patterson, N. J. Martin Lieberman, Lowell, Mass. Murray H. Liebowitz, New York, N. Y. Elmore F. Lind, Pontiac, R. I. Richard A. Linett, Brooklyn, N. Y. Gustave S. Linson, Gardner, Mass. James P. Litchos, Saco, Maine Donald E. Lohmeyer, Phila., Penn. Jose C. Lopez, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico John J. Lowe, Newark, N. J. John R. Lynch, Lawrence, Mass. James P. Lyons, New York, N. Y. John T. McCarthy, Chicago, Ill. Paul E. McEleney, Boston, Mass. Edwin B. McGarrah, Homestead, Fla. Richard C. McGee, Jr., Uniontown, Penn. Thomas F. McRae, Miami, Fla. Jack T. McMahon, Homestead, Fla. Anthony Machala, Bayonne, N. J. Clifford Mahoney, Latrobe, Penn. Murray W. Malter, Miami Beach, Fla. Walter Mandel, Brooklyn, N. Y. Louis J. Marchesano, Bronx, N. Y. Ruth Marcus, Miami, Fla. Marvin L. Markow, Brooklyn, N. Y. Sam H. Marks, Bronx, N. Y. Irvin N. Marsh, Philadelphia, Penn. Erwin B. Marshall, Amsterdam, N. Y. Joe W. Mays, Carbin, Ky. Robert W. Messer, Belleville, Mich. Robert C. Meyer, Jersey City, N. J. Charles B. Middleton, Hortense, Ga. Leonard S. Migdal, Amsterdam, N. Y. William E. Miicke, Maplewood, N. J. John P. Miskinis, Brockton, Mass. William G. Moeser, Greenock, Penn. Jaspare G. Montrello, New London, Conn. Harold G. Monyak, Brooklyn, N. Y. Julius B. Mopsik, Moosup, Conn. Lamar F. Moore, Kulpmont, Penn. Nicholae C. Morris, Miami, Fla. Joseph M. Morrow, Swampscott, lVlass. William P. Mueller, Coral Gables, Fla. Raymond Mufson, New York, N. Y. Joseph D. Murray, Boston, Mass. Joseph M. Nakrin, Brooklyn, N. Y. Jerome Newman, Bronx, N. Y. George E. Nixon, Nashville, Tenn. Roger L. Noirot, Ojus, Fla. James P. Nolan, Miami, Fla. Martin T. Nolan, Chicago, Ill. George Norman, Revere, Mass. Joseph P. O'Brien, Brooklyn, N. Y. Edward J. O'Flynn, St. Petersburg, Fla. Stanley R. Olearczyk, Linden, N. J . Gerald H. Olin, Great Neck, N. J. Lloyd G. Olsen, Fishers Island, N. Y. John M. O'Malley, Miami, Fla. Wallace J. O'Melia, St. Albans, N. Y. Louis M. Ondre, Lakewood, Ohio' Bernard Oppenheim, Bronx, N. Y. Gerardo Ortiz, San Juan, Puerto Rico Denis T. O'SulliVan, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Kenneth, J. Panburn Jr., Amsterdam, N. Ralph E. Paone, Brooklyn, N. Y. Arnest J. Pappas, San Fransisco, Calif. Kenneth L. Parker, Miami, Fla. Richard J. Patalkis, Elizabeth, N. J. Arthor T. Patchen, Waterbury, Conn. Harold H. Paul, Homestead, Fla. Stanley L. Pearlstein, Miami Beach, Fla. Robert M. Peltz, Audubon, N. J. Fred M. Penny, Perrine, Fla. William L. Peretzman, Miami Beach, Fla Donald C. Pero, Miami, Fla. Gilbert A. Perry, Bethlehem, N. H. Robert J. Persan, Brooklyn, N. Y. Anthony F. Pfeiffer, Laurel Springs, N. J Ronald P. Pfister, Howard Beach, N. Y. Judson T. Piche, Homestead, Fla. Joseph M. Pieczonka, Bridgeport, Penn. Niol. F. Picon, Kingston, Ga. Robert F. Pieper, Miami, Fla. Leon L. Pinsker, Flushing, N. Y. Daniel J. Placido, Lawrence, Mass. Sidney E. Podoksik, Westport, Conn. Reynold A. Pola, New Britain, Conn. Milton S. Polansky, Malden, Mass. Edwin J. Pollert, Maimi ,Fla. John J. Popolis, Ford City, Penn. Raymond L. Portko, Grand Rapids, Mich Donald M. Post, Walled Lake, Mich. Charles Poulos, Chelsea, Mass. Darrell L. Powell, Pierson, Fla. George E. Powell, Jamaica Plain, Mass. Sylvan Prager, Baltimore, Md. Chalmer L. Pritchard, Hopewell, Va. Bernard Prouse, Brooklyn, N. Y. John L. Pogh, Jr., Richmond, Va. John A. Quinn, West Hartford, Conn. William M. Quinn, St. Augustine, Fla. Juliam M. Rabow, Buffalo, N. Y. George E. Radel, Miami, Fla. Kenneth Radnitzer, Oak Park, Ill. Jack C. Raskin, Flushing, N. Y. Ralph A. Raymond, Worcester, Mass. Josiah J. Reed, Miami, Fla. I Melvin P. Reid, Lake Worth, Fla. William H. Reid, Redondo Beach, Calif. Joseph S. Renton, Tuckahoe, N. Y. Harvey H. Resnick, Everett, Mass. Henry J. Reynaud, Staten Island, N. Y. William E. Rice, Vero Beach, Fla. Robert L. Rich, Maryville, Tenn. Ernest Ridarsick, Cleveland, Ohio Robert Rifkin, Brooklyn, N. Y. George E. Rigsby, Tampa, Fla. James A. Riley, Jersey City, N. J. Joseph A. Riordan, Manhasset, N. Y. Edgar E. Robins, Pittsburgh, Penn. Carl S. Rodriguez, Miami, Fla. George L. Rodriguez, Tampa, Fla. Joseph S. Rogero, Uleta, Fla. Curtis L. Rohm, Breezewood. Penn. Louis J. Romano, Brooklyn, N. Y. Edward J. Roskiewicz, Amsterdam, N. Y Rodney G. Roth, Great Neck, N. Y. John E. Rozwood, Auborn, N. Y. Herbert Rubenoff, Brooklyn, N. Y. Donald Rubin, Brooklyn, N. Y. George Rubin, Brooklyn, N. Y. Martin Rubin, Brooklyn, N. Y. Marvin L. Rubin, Brooklyn, N. Y. Arnold Rubman, Bronx, N. Y. John J. Rutland, Hialeah, Fla. Richard S. Sacks, Phila, Penn. Robert E. Sampson, Coral Gables, Fla. John R. Sander Jr., West Palm Beach, Fla. Richard H. Sanders, Hartford, Conn. Irwin Sasnowitz, Swan Lake, N. Y. Paul A. Saucier, Miami, Fla. Clyde A. Schmehl, Kimberton, Penn. Sidney Schneider, Brooklyn, N. Y. Norman Schmittman, Brooklyn, N. Y. Edward H. Schoedinger Jr., Miami, Fla. Herbert Scholnick, Chicago, Ill. Warren B. Schreiber, Brooklyn, N. Y. Carl D. Schreier, New York N. Y. Jack Schwadron, New York, N. Y. Edward J. Schwartz, Richmond Hill, N. Y. Benson W. Seidman, Bronx, N. Y. Harvey Seltzer, Providence, R. I. Alba R. Serafinelli, Quincy, Mass. John E. Severance, Lawrence, Mass. William Seymour, Miami, Fla. Laurence Sherzer, Coconut Grove, Fla. Samuel Shore, Chicago, Ill. Eng Shun, Miami, Fla. Robert G. Shultz, Haines City, Fla. Sheldon A. Siegel, Maplewood, N. J. George R. Siel, Coalgate, Okla. Sheldon Silverstein, Brooklyn, N. Y. Soloman Singer, Miami, Fla. Raymond J. Sinnott, Richmond Hill, N. Y. Charles H. Sizer Jr., Miami, Fla. Michael D. Skibo, Republic, Penn. Alvin S. Slotnick, Brookline, Mass. Herbert S. Smallzman, Newark, N. J. Samuel Smemo Jr., Miami, Fla. Sheldon I. Smerling, Orange, N. J. Frank A. Sobieski, Clifton, N. J. William L. Spicer Jr., Bristol, Va. Norman E. Stahlheber, Migmi, Fla. Paul F. Stahlheber, Miami, Fla. Charles H. Stein, New York, N. Y. Gerald Steinberg ,Miami, Fla. Alexander Stoddart, Coral Gables, Fla. Stig W. Stoltze, Lake Ronkonkoma, N. Y. James K. Strachan, New York, N. Y. James T. Stroud, Miami, Fla. Phillip W. Strunk, Key West, Fla. Edward J. Stys, Duquesne, Penn. Norman E. Sutton, Hollywood, Fla. Richard C. Talton, Daytona Beach, Fla. David W. Tarshis Jr., Fonda, N. Y. Arthur C. Taylor Jr., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Saul Tendlich, Miami Beach, Fla. Fred W. Thimm, Delray Beach, Fla. Frederick H. Thomas, Miami, Fla. J arrres W. Thomas Jr., Baltimore, Md. Kelley C. Thomas, Miami, Fla. Frederick S. Thompson, Plainfield, N. J. John R. Thompson, Englewood, N. J. Thomas D. Tilden, Colchester, Conn. John T. Tooker, New York, N. Y. James J. Toolan, New York, N. Y. Harry A. Torge, Miami, Fla. Newton A. Tuchtone, Lithia, Fla. Paul Tulis, Brooklyn, N. Y. Elliot S. Turgen, New York, N. Y. Frances J. Tyrrell, Carroll, Iowa Gerald W. VanBuskirk, Flat Rock, Mich. Frederick H. VanZdylen, Nassau, Baham Clarence D'. Vaugan, Honea Path, S. C. Henry C. Vogel, Miami, Fla. Herbert O. Vcllrath, Miami Beach, Fla. . me axis .19 if? -l-jaws " .il .- . 9421- , '- 133' frat, .p- : l,,g:5" - 1 ' '42-,aj , ', . Q. p In T- ' Ji ...V fro.. 51 . g ,,,,.,A, , U Q... at my 5 5 1...-,, Z , 1- . .- .. -. ,,f-: in . 3.4 xv, . ,. 'Lili .ofa ',:-,- .1 Q- - a V al, I -. -g-f -,, ks 'nk - . ' :gg 33151. 'X Aw-J-ill. 'il 13 ' 4. 4 ,. . WI. ,X ,X " x, es- BS Anthony G. VonRhau, Nassau, Bahamas Irving Wahl, New York, N. Y. John J. Waldhauer, Cincinnati, Ohio Arthur W. Walker, Miami Beach, Fla. Howard M. Wallach, New York, N. Y. Howard W. Warshauer, Bronx, N. Y. Paul Waskowitz, Lakewood, N. J. Jerome Wasserman, Brooklyn, N. Y. Allin C. Watson, Akron, Ohio Ben H. Watson, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Geraldine Watson, Miami, Fla. Gordon M. Watson, Hollywood, Fla. William C. Webb, Miami, Fla. Benjamin J. Weckerly, Phila., Penn. Paul J. Weiner, Everett, Mass. Kermit Weinkofsky, Bridgeport, Conn. Gerald Weinstein, Bronx, N. Y. Douglas C. White, Washington, D. C. Wilda R. Whitman, Miami, Fla. Harwood J. Wiggins, Miami, Fla. Bobby G. Williams, Honea Path, S. C. James L. Williams, Miami, Fla. Ross O. Williams, Columbia, S. C. Leon E. Wilson, Phila., Penn. Theodore A. Wilson Jr., Southampton, N. Y Melvin Wine, Brooklyn, N. Y. John H. Winkle, Middletown, Ohio Marvin D. Witten, Ventnor, N. J. Elliott Wolpe, Everett, Mass. Robert S. Woodward Jr., Miami, Fla. Fred V. Wright, Miami, Fla. Gerson, Yowell, West Orange, N. J. George Zajac, Dudley, Mass. Edwin L. Zapf Jr., Cincinnati, Ohio Bennie F. Zarzeski, Mattituck, L. I., N. Y Robert N. Zimmerman, Bronx, N. Y. Law Under graduates N-it Prem-ed Henry J. Cotman Cleveland, Ohio Willoughby Cox Orlando, Florida Bert A. Davenport Coral Qahles, Florida Thomas E. David fl-lollywood, Florida Durward B. DeMar Miami, Florida Thomas B. DeWolf Miami, Florida Armando O. Diaz Miami, Florida Martin l. Dillon Miami. Florida Howard W. Dixon Brooklyn, New Dlork Edward H. Dougan, Jr. 'White Plains, New 3'ork William M. Dupree Miami, Florida Harry L. Durant Miami, Florida Harvey S. DuVal Flialeah, Florida David M. Earle Miami, Florida Arthur Edelblum Miami, Florida Quentin T. Eldred Miami, Florida William D. Eabing Miami, Florida Louis- Falk Miami Beach, Florida Charles Feldman Miami Beach, Florida Stephen Eerris Miami, Florida Donald L. Fink Miami, Florida Walter J. Eoley Lake Success, New york Marvin Erenkel Detroit, Michigan William Fuller Miami, Florida Charles G. Gafis Miami, Florida loan Gambal New Fork, New Work Joseph H. Ganz Smoyersville, Pennsylvania Richard Garnitz Coral Qahles, Florida Charles Gautier Miami. Florida Saul Genet Miami Beach, Florida Richard Gerstein Miami, Florida David Goodman Miami Beach, Florida Murray Goodman Miami Beach, Florida Lochard E. Gracey Davidson, Fennessee Lloyd M. Graves Miami Beach, Florida Martin Greenbaum Miami Beach, Florida Milton E. Grusmark Miami Beach, Florida Arthur Guss Miami, Florida 5 Gene H. Gwynn Spartanshnrg, NSouth Carolina Norman E. Haft Miami Beach. Florida John E. Harkness T 'North Miami. Florida Albert C. Hartog Coral Qahles, Florida Stephen Hessen Coral Qahles, Florida Durand A. Holladay Miami. Florida George L. Hollahan Miami, Florida Starr W. Horton Miami. Florida Bernard Hutner Miami, Florida Herbert H. Hutner Miami, Florida Frank T. lmand Miami, Florida Arden E. Jensen Miami Beach, Florida Royal E. Jonas Miami Beach, Florida Preston B. Jones Miami, Florida Robert A. Kanter Miami Beach, Florida Emanuel J. Kaplan Miami Beach, Florida Robert A. Kaplan Miami Beach, Florida Emory M. Kasprzyk Miami, Florida Arthur J. Kline Miami Beach, Florida Gilbert T. Knowles Farms, Massachusetts Sheldon F. Koesy Mia-mi, Florida Seymour Kostoff Miami, Florida Morman Kout Miami, Florida Edward C. Krewtz Coral Qahles, Florida William Lane Miami, Florida Vance 0. Lee Coral Qahles, Florida Sheldon N . Lelchuk Miami Beach, Florida James D. Liebman Miami Beach, Florida Rafael Lopez Santurce, Puerto Rico Steven Loveland Coral Qahles, Florida Harry L. McHenry Miami, Florida

Suggestions in the University of Miami - Ibis Yearbook (Coral Gables, FL) collection:

University of Miami - Ibis Yearbook (Coral Gables, FL) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


University of Miami - Ibis Yearbook (Coral Gables, FL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


University of Miami - Ibis Yearbook (Coral Gables, FL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


University of Miami - Ibis Yearbook (Coral Gables, FL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


University of Miami - Ibis Yearbook (Coral Gables, FL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


University of Miami - Ibis Yearbook (Coral Gables, FL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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