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YEARBOOK A journal of I lio Aeademie Year at the University of Miami, together with a directory of its student body and facultyT li e It e g e n t s B. F. Ashe William Coffin Theodore Dickinson David Fairchild A. A. Godard George E. .Merrick Raymond Pawley S. P. RobineauTO THE FRIEND OF FLORIDA, her be si- known c i t i zen , Colonel Henry L. Dolierly We, the students of the University of Miami , dedicate, Atj the Yearbook for 1933To tlie t lass of I 33: ([You are being graduated from the University of Miami into a world which is in the midst of a revolution of ideas. It would be foolish to predict the direction or extent of this revolution. CWe hope that your work at the University of Miami will help you to understand a little more broadly, to think a little more clearly, and to act more effectively. CWe hope you will approach the adventure of life with eagerness and curiosity, and without too much concern about your own comfort. COur best wishes go with you. B. F. Ashe, President Bertha Foster, Dean of the School of Music; Russell Austin Rasco, Jr., Acting Dean of the School of Law; Henry S. West, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts; John Thom Holdsworth, Dean of the School of Business Administration. V A C U L T Y college of liberal arts school of education SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Henry S. West, a.b., ph.d., Johns Hopkins University. Dean of the College and of the School of Education. John Thom Holdsworth, a.b., New York University, pii.d., University of Pennsylvania. Dean of the School of Business Administration. Rafael Bei.aunde, Doctor of Political and Economic Sciences, University of San Marcos, Lima, Peru. Professor of Spanish and of Latin A merican Economics. Victor Andres Belaunde, ph.d., University of Lima, Peru. Professor of Latin American History and Institutions. John C. Gifford, b.s., Swarthmore College; d. ec. (Doctor of Economics) University of Munich, Germany.Professor of Tropical Forestry. Orton Lowe, b.s., litt.d., Waynesburg College. Professor of English and Director of Winter Institute of Literature. Warren B. Longenecker, b.s., m.e. f.., Pennsylvania State College. Professor of Mathematics and Mechanical Drawing. Max F. Meyer, ph.d., University of Berlin. Professor of Psychology (Visiting Professor from University of Missouri.) Walter Owen Walker, a.b., William Jewell College; m.s., ph.d., University of Chicago. Professor of Chemistry. Doot Earl Zook, pii. d., University of Chicago. Professor of Education and Director of Extension Classes. Georgia May Barrett, b.s., a.m., Columbia University. Associate Professor of Psychology. Marjory Stoneman Douglas, a.b., Wellesley College. Associate Professor of English. Mary B. Merritt, a.b., Brenau College; a. m., Columbia University. Associate Professor of English. John Henry Clouse, b.s., m.e., Armour Institute. Assistant Professor in Physics. E. Morton Miller,b.s., Bethany College; m.s., University of Chicago. Assistant Professor in Zoology. William E. Strawinski, a.b., Dickinson College. Assistant Professor of English. Rafael Belaunde, Jr., University of Lima, Peru; University of Paris, France; Ecole Libre des Sciences Politique, Paris, France. Instructor in Spanish. Kenneth Richard Close, a. b., Hiram College; b.d., Union Theological Seminary ; m . a., Columbia University. Instructor in History. Louise DeY’ore,a.b.,Stanford University; m.d., George Washington. Instructor in Health Education. Alice Barton Harris, University of Geneva. Instructor in French. Jacob H. Kaplan, b.s., University of Cincinnati; ph.d., University of Denver. Instructor in Philosophy. Natalie G. Lawrence, a.b., Smith College. Instructor in English. Opal Euard M otter, Anna Morgan School of Expression, Chicago. Instructor in Dramatics. Eugene E. McCarty, a.b., Birmingham Southern College; m.a., Columbia University. Instructor in Education. Ernest McCracken, m.a., University of Florida. Instructor in Economics and Political Science. John McLeland, ll.b., University of Miami. Instructor in Accounting. Hilmer Nelson, b.s., m.s., University of Iowa. Instructor in Botany. Melanie R. Rosborough, a.b.. Hunter College; a.m., Columbia University. Instructor in German. Charles E. Starr, Jr., b.s., Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Instructor in Chemistry. LECTURERS IN THE WINTER INSTITUTE OF LITERATURE Edward Davison Walter Prichard Eaton Sylvanus G. Mori.ey Jessie Rittenhouse Eunice Tietjens school of law Russell Austin Rasco, a.b., a.m., ll.b., Stetson University. Acting Dean of the Law School. Fred Botts, b.s., ll.b., Stetson University. Instructor in Law. L. Earl Curry, ll.b., Stetson University; Referee in Bankruptcy. Instructor in Bankruptcy and Federal Proceedure. X. R. Field, ll.b., University of Florida. Instructor in Law. John M. Flowers, b.s., ll.b., Y'anderbilt University; University of Alabama. Instructor in Law. George E. Holt, ll.b., YTanderbilt University. Instructor in Law. Leland Hyzer, a.b., ll.b., University of Wisconsin. Instructor in Air Law. Francis M. Miller, ll.b., Stetson University. Instructor in Legal Research. John P. Stokes, ll.b., University of Miami. Instructor in Constitutional Law.James Henry Willock, b. l., m.a., Rutgers University. Instructor in Admiralty and International Law. Frank G. Turner,Ledurer on Insurance. EXTENSION DIVISION Virgil Barker, Art in America. Georgia May Barrett, Education, Psychology. Francis H. Bergh, Education. Rafael Belaunde, Jr., History, Spanish, Spanish Literature. Kenneth R. Close, History. Luella M. Dolan, Education. Dr. John C. Gifford, Tropical Forestry. Dr. Jacob H. Kaplan, Philosophy. Natalie Grimes Lawrence, English. Dr. Orton Lowe, English. Evelyne Lyle, French. Eugene E. McCarty, Education. Mary B. Merritt, English. Dr. Max F. Meyer, Psychology. E. Morton Miller, Zoology. Elizabeth Moore, Education. Hilmer Nelson, Systematic Botany. Dr. D. E. Zook, Education. SCHOOL OF MUSIC Hannah Spiro Asher, Piano. Klindworth Conservatory, Atlanta; pupil of Leopold Godowsky; Master School of the Academy of Music, Vienna; Tonkuestler Orchestra, Vienna; Instructor, Silesian Conservatory, Breslau, Germany. Olive Beamon, Piano, Musicianship. Pupil of B. W. Foely, Paul Savage, Mrs. L. L. Meyers, lsadore Luckstone, A. V. Cornell, Florence Hinkle, Effa Ellis Peer-field, Bertha Reeder. Frances Hovey Bergh, Public School Music. Music Department, University of Minnesota; Public School Music, Minnesota. Albert Thomas Foster, Violin. Pupil of Alfred De Seve, Boston, Hans Lange, Franckfort-on-Main, Germany, and Arthur Catterall, London; Director of Symphony Orchestra and Instructor at Wellesley College from 1906 to 1927. Elise Graziani, Voice. Pupil of Julius Stockhausen, Frl. Lina Beck, Englebert Humperdink; I nsrtuctor, Shorter College; Instructor, Pennsylvania College for Women; Instructor, Ward-Belmont School for Young Women, Nashville. Walter Grossman, Cello. Graduate of Stern’sche Conserva tori urn, Berlin; pupil of Joseph Malkin, Anton Hekking, Marx Loevenson: Instructor in Cello, Sternsche Conserva tori uni; Member of prominent symphony orchestras. F r a n k i.i n H a r ri s, Pia no and Co m posit ion. Uertha Foster. Dean of the School oj Pupi, ()f Car] Fae|ton. Je.llitzky, Schmidt, Music. Graduate of Cincinnati College of Sgam|)ati Luigi Galli. Composer of Music; pupil of Welstenholme; Instruc- music for lrama,ic productions; teacher tor, Lucy Cobb Institute; Professor, in Boston and New York. Florida State College for Women; Founder and Director, School of Musical Art, EdaKeary Liddle, Violin. Pupil of E. N. Jacksonville, Florida; Founder and Direc- Bilbie, Benard Strum, William H.Oetting, tor of the Miami Conservatory. Elizabeth Davison, Fritz Goerner; soloist,Pittsburgh Ladies’ Orchestra: Instructor, Pittsburgh Public Schools. W. S. Sterling, Organ. Pupil of George E. Whitney, I)r. Turpin, Behnke, William Shakespeare; Conservatory of Leipsic; Dean, Cincinnati College of Music; Founder and Dean, Metropolitan College of Music, Cincinnati; Composer. Joe Tarpley, Piano, b.m., University of Miami; pupil of Earle Chester Smith and Julian DeGray; Instructor, Miami Conservatory, 1927 to 1932. PREPARATORY AND INTERMEDIATE SCHOOLS Olive Beamon Edna L. Cole Florence Hill Eda Keary Liddle Edna Sorteli.e Frances Shelton Lulah CodingtonS E H IOIIS George 0. Baer, Bus. Ad., New York City, N. V. Pi Lambda Phi; Stray Greeks; Debating Council, 2: Debating Team, 2; Honor Court, 1; Hurricane Staff, 2; President University Young Republicans' Club. ♦Beryl Chapman, a.b., Coral Gables, Fla. Lambda Phi; Wing and Wig Club, I, 2, 3 ; Psychology Club, 4; International Relations Club, 1; Y.W.C.A., 1; Athletic Council, 4; Secretary Senior Class, 4; Hurricane Staff, 1. Billy Hughes Casterlin,b.s.,Miami,Fla. Pi Delta Sigma; Y.M.C.A.; Honor Court, 4. Charles R. Harting, Bus. Ad., St. Louis, Mo. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Stray Greeks. L. W. Larson, a.b., Eau Claire, Wis. Vice President Psychology Club, 4; Tennis Manager, 2; Chess Club, 4. John Pickett Miles, Bus. Ad., Coral Gables, Fla. International Relations Club, 2; Football, 1; Baseball, 2. Jack Hardeman Murrah, a.b., Macon, Ga. President Delta Sigma Kappa; Y.M.C.A., 1, 2, 3, 4; Chess Club, 4; Scroll and Dome, 2, 3; Architectural Society, 1, 2, 3; Beaux-Arts Society, 1, 2,3; Art Editor Yearbook. Idelle Martin, a.b., Miami, Fla. Delta Tau; President Interfraternity Council; President Y.W.C.A.; President Girl's Glee Club; Y.W.C.A. Delegate to Blue Ridge and Southern College. Summer School Graduates.  Frances Henriette Nolan, a.b., Miami, Fla. Delta Tau; Y.W.C.A. J a m es W e ixes North , a .b. , A ugust a, M aine. Swimming, 1. Frank C. Rose, Hus. Ad., Ed., Miami, Fla. Phi Beta Delta. Frederick Rostron, a.b.. Methuen, Mass. President Gamma Delta; Vice President M Club; Football, 1, 2; President Senior Class. Marguerite Lester Sweat, a. b., Miami, Fla. President Zeta Phi, 2 : President Student Association ; President Der Deutsche Verein, 3; President Rho Beta Omicron, 3; Glee Club, 2 ; Alpha Sigma Phi; Wing and Wig Club; Interfraternity Council, 2 ; Prom Committee, 3; Y.W.C.A.; University Debating Team, 1; Senate, 2. Guv Russell Stoddard, Jr., b.s., Coral Gables, Fla. Phi Alpha; Honor Science Club, 4; Society of Nineteen, 3, 4 ; Psychology Club, 4; Assistant Instructor in Zoology, 3, 4; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Hurricane Staff, 3, 4. Silver Silvester Squarcia, ll.b., New York City,N.Y. Delta Sigma Kappa; Chief Justice Honor Court, 5; President International Relations Club, 2, 3; Vice President Newman Club, 4, 5; Vice President University of Miami Democratic Club, 5; Treasurer Junior Class, 3; Judge Whitfield Club; Society for Study of Insurance Problems; Law School Librarian. Marjorie Varner, ll. b., Columbus, Ga. Society for Study of Insurance Problems; Sports Club; Senate.Grace Wyatt, a. b., Coconut Grove, Fla. President Delta Tau Sorority; Interfraternity Council; Y. W. C. A. Robert Weinstein, b.s., New York City, N.Y. Phi Alpha: Stray Greeks; President Honor Science Club. Julia Wasson, a.b., Miami, Fla. Zeta Phi; International Relations Club; Newman Club; Aeronautical Club. Catherine R. Yates, b.s., Miami, Fla. Zeta Phi; Science Club; Glee Club, 1, 2; Der Deutsche Verein; Aeronautical Club; Psychology Club; Librarian, 1, 3, 4. Hazel Wills, b.s. in Education. Miami, Fla. Delta Tau. Jane Wardlow, b.s., Coral Gables, Fla. President of Zeta Phi, 4; Rho Beta Omi-cron, 3; Senate, 3; Y. W. C. A., 2 ; Honor Science Club. Cushman Lay Robertson, Bus. Ad., Brooklyn,N.Y. President Phi Alpha; Chief of Iron Arrow; Rho Beta Omicron; Wing and Wig Club; M Club; Y.M.C.A.; Psychology Club; Pi Omicron; Socialist Club; Vice President Student Association, 4; Senate, 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Court, 2; Ibis Staff, 1, 2; Managing Editor Yearbook, 3, 4; Varsity Football Manager 2, 3; Junior Prom Committee, 3; Inter-mural Boxing Champion, 2, 3; Inter-mural Wrestling Champion, 3, 4. Mildred Greenberg, b.m., Miami, Fla. Official accompanist to Edna Sortelle’s dancing studio at U. of M. Conservaory; Junior Symphony Orchesra; Junior Trio; Unimicon Music Club; Upsilon Lambda Phi Sorority.Mary A. Barrett, a.b., Alexandria, La. Sigma Phi. John J. Bates, a.b., Salem, Mass. Vice President Gamma Delta; M Club; Society of Nineteen; Senator. 4; Capt. Football, 1, 2, 3; Boxing, 1, 2, 3. Leonard K. Bei.dner, ll. b., Miami, Fla. Phi Beta Delta; Inter-mural Tennis Champion. Ben Berner, ll.b., Dumont, N. J. Phi Epsilon Pi: Society for Study of Insurance Problems; Society for Study of Social Problems: Boxing 1.2; M Club. Ruth Estelle Chapin, b.m.. East Orange, New Jersey. Van T. Dudley, b.s., b.a., Yankton, South Dakota. Pi Chi; President of Debating Council; International Relations Club; Senate, 3; Debating Team, 4. M illicent Graeves Goodyear, a.b., Miami, Florida. Weston Heinrich, b.s., Miami, Fla. Honor Science Club; Der Deutsche Verein; Y. M.C. A.; Psychology Club; Associate Editor Ibis, 2 ; Hurricane Staff. 1,2; Assistant Basketball Manager, 1 ; Assistant Football Manager, 2; Senate, 2, 3. I. P. Henderson, ll.b., Corington, Ga. Judge Whitfield Club; Society for Study of Insurance Problems. Florence Cornell Hill, b.m., Coral Gables, Florida. Emmett Kehoe, ll.b., Coral Gables, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi: Stray Greeks; Delta Phi Inn; Rho Beta Omicron. Sue Ellen Hoover, Education, Coral Gables, Florida. ♦Harold Lessin, a.b., New York City, N. Y. Carolyn E. Lampkin, Bus. Ad., Miami, Fla. Delta Tau. Samuel Li ever. ll.b. Phi Sigma Delta; Stray Greeks; Judge Whitfield Club: President Law School. Robert F. Louys, ll. b., Defiance, Ohio. Judge Whitfield Club, 3, 4; Senate, 3; Prosecuting Attorney, 3, 4; Rho Beta Omicron, 3; President Newman Club, 3. J. Harold Matteson, ll.b., Pittsburgh, Pa. Phi Beta Gamma; Judge Whitfield Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President Society for Study of Insurance Problems, 4; Senate; Glee Club; Band; President of Florida Society for Lepidopterists; Chairman of Division of Entomology of Florida Society of Natural History; Representative for the University of Miami at International Congress of Entomologists at Cornell University, 1928, and in Paris, France, 1932. Grace Thelma Me Larin, Education, Miami, Florida. William J. McLeod, Jr., ll.b., Coral Gables, Fla. President Judge Whitfield Club; Vice President Law School; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Stray Greeks; Delta Phi Inn. Elizabeth Kristina Nelson, Education, Miami, Florida. Gertrude Howard Robinson, b.m., Coral Gables, Fla. Sigma Phi; Sigma Alpha Iota; Unimicon; Y.W.C.A.; Senate, 2. ♦ Summer School Graduates.Catherine Michie, a.b., Miami, Fla. Emma Roesing, ll.b., Miami, Fla. Oswald Kirby Wells, b.s., b.a., Miami, Florida. Francis West, b.s., Ckilmark, Mass. Gamma Delta; Honor Science Club; Football, 2, 3; Wrestling, 1, 2, 3; Physics Assistant, 2, 3, 4. Ronald R. Willey, ll.b., Salt Lake City, Utah. Pi Chi; Delta Phi Inn; Iron Arrow; Wrestling, 2, 3; Football, 2, 3; Boxing, 3; Vice President Student Association; Chief Justice Honor Court; Senate; Secretary Junior Class. Carlota S. Wright, b. s., Daiquiri Ote, Cuba. Alpha Kappa Alpha. SUMMER SCHOOL GRADUATES Ellis M. Blanton Ethel Boykin Edith Chase E. Gladys Clark Irma M. Kahl Ruth R. Smith L a w Special Aaron Boris Holman G. N. Layfield George S. Okell Seniors Berkeley Enochs Otis B. Sutton William J. McLeod J. Harold Matteson Robert Franklin Louys Samuel Liever Irving E. Lewis I. P. Henderson Emmett Wilson Kehoe John R. Falls Ben Berner Leonard K. Beldner Marjorie Varner Cyrus F. Wicker Irving Hoffman Ronald Rudger Willey Emma Roesing Silver S. Squarcia Juniors F. Judd Downing C'laude M. Barnes Alex Louis Mechlowitz William J. Hester Otto C. Neumann Frank J. Smathers Freshmen Bruce I. Gheen Donald K. Carroll Abe Schonfeld Herbert D. Schultzman James A. Henderson Stanley Phillips Moses Rauzin George Reichgott Milton Weissl f) : 4 James Abras, b.s. John Allen, b.s. Jane J. Barr, a.b. Walton M. Beach. Pre-Eng. F. Belaunde, a.b. Aileen Booth, a.b. Audrey H. Burke, a.b. Kaye Daniels, a.b. Eileen Dudley, a.b. Joel Ehrens, b.s. Doris E. Farmer, b.s. Harry R. Freimark, b.s. Jack J. Friedman, b.s. Doris I. Glendenning, a.b. Lyla E. Gorman, a.b. Edmund J. Grac .yk, a.b. W. W. Greer, a.b. Betty Harley, b.s. William R. Hartsell, a.b. Jean C. Hartsook. a.b. Charles W. Heckman, a.b. Harold J. Humm, a.b. Xorman S. Ingersoll, a.b. Margret L. Johnson, a.b. Howard E. Jordan, b.s. Stanford Kimbrough, b.s. Anna D. King, b.m. James B. Koger. b.s. Adolph J. Kozlowski, b.s. Emma D. Larson, a.b. Pauline H. Lasky, a.b. Elmer J. L'ltalien, a.b. Helena M. Littlefield, b.s. George R. Manley, b.s. Grace R. Manley, a.b. Paul T. Matheson, b.s. William W. McRoy, b.s. Harry E. Meigs, a.b. James H. Moore, a.b. John H. Middleton, a.b. Margret E. Morris, b.s. Isabelle Morrison, a.b. Violetta E. Morrison, a.b. Ernest W. Munger, b.s. Fredrico DeOnis, a.b. Agnes E. Osoinach, a.b. Stuart W. Patton, b.s., b.a. John M. Peternich, a.b. Erma June Randolph, a.b. Mary Jo Roberts, l.i. Belle G. Seigel, a.b. Andrew B. Shaw, a.b. E. Allen Sheeder, b.s. Jerome D. Silverstein, a.b. Ellis B. Sloan, b.s., b.a. John W. Sloan, b.s. Mary Ethel Smith, a.b. Bettye Sullivan, a.b. Priscilla R. Sweeting, a.b. Marjorie E. Tebo, a.b. Alan B. Todd, b.s., b.a. Isador J. Varner, b.s., b.a. Lester Walder, b.s., b.a. Mary Lou Walker, a.b. David H. Wharton, b.s., b.a. Michael White, Bus. Ad. Francis L. Wilson, a.b. Dorothy Jane Witters, a.b. Lois L. Woodbury, a.b.l f :i 5 Ruth E. Anderson, l.i., a.b. Conrad B. Arnold, b.s. W. M. Beach, Pre-Eng. Finley Beaton, b.s. G. H. Bierkaniper, b.s. Sylvia Blossom, b.s. Ed. Harold Brion, b.s., b.a. Dorothy I. Bryant, a.b. Everett M. Burdick, b.s. Charles R. Burns, b.s., b.a. Jack Carr, a.b. John J. Carroll, b.s. Patrick J. Cesarano, b.s.,b.a. Ann P. Chambers, l.i. Marjorie S. Christenson,a.b. Melvin J. Cohen, b.s., b.a. Ruth E. Creel, l.i. R. C. Crocker, a.b. Walter James Danski, l.i. Lucien M. Doty, b.s., b.a. Charlotte H. Duey, l.i. Julia O. Eggert, l.i., b.s. Pauline Farley, a.b. Floyd D. Folger, a.b. Norman A. Foote, a.b. Daniel G. Green, b.s., b.a. Mitchell Grollman, a.b. Mickey A. Grose, b.s., b.a. Rose Gross, l.i. Edith Herlong, a.b. Phillip X. Hess, a.b. Mallory Florton, Pre-Law Xester Houghtaling, b.s. Norrine Hunter, b.s. Mildred M. Iba, b.s., b.a. Elmer Johnson, b.s., b.a. Michael Kasanoff, a.b. Sarah M. King, a.b. John D. Kinsell, Pre-Law John Kitchens, a.b. Albert J. Kurtzon, b.s., b.a. Lawrence Lefkowitz,B.s.,B.A. D. G. Lewis, a.b. Xorman Linitski, Pre-Law Ruth Lutz, l.i. William H. Maloney, b.s. Charles W. Manly, a.b. Xedra McNamara, a.b. Laura M. Melton, l.i. Eleanor Miksitz, a.b. Olga S. Minor, a.b. Jack E. Mitchell, Pre-Eng. Alfonso Montero, a.b. Luis J. Montero, b.s. James II. Mool, l.i. Joseph M. O’Day, a.b. John B. Ott, b.s. Ed. Roma Pape, b.s. P'lossie Belle Pearson, a.b. Lois K. Poteet, l.i. Evelyn B. Ray, a.b. Albert U. Reisman, b.s., b.a. Dorothy M. Rhoades, a.b. Mary F. Roberts, a.b. Charlotte M. Rupert, l.i. Arthur Simmonds, b.s. b.a. Michael P. Sissman, a.b. John B. Slocum, b.s., b.a. Frank J. Smith, a.b. Francis C. Stevens, l.i. Frank H. Strahan, Pre-Law Whitley C. Sullivan, a.b. Lois H. Taylor, l.i. Tommy Thompson, b.s. Robert B. Turner, a.b. Roy H. Waugh, b.s., b.a. Marshall Wayne, b.s., b.a. Daisy E. Whetmore, a.b. Mary Whitlock, a.b.1 9 3 O Herman L. Anderson, b.s. Louise Arnott, l.i. Joseph Auer, b.s. Warren A. Bailey, Pre-Eng. Charles E. Baker, b.s. Hoyey 0. Bergh, b.s. James M. Buesse, b.s., b.a. Wanda R. Blattner, b.s.,b.a. Joseph Y. Bloom, Pre-Law William Boake, Bus. Ad. Hubert L. Brundage,B.s.,B.A. Howard E. Buck, b.s., b.a. Walter Buck, a.b. Dorothy Buddington, a.b. John Burkhalter, Pre-Eng. Betty Burnes, a.b. Daniel E. Carleton, b.s. Donald K. Carroll, ll.b. Cecil B. Cook, a.b. Frances I. Day, b.s. Ed. Lawson De Lauder, Bus. Ad. Florence Devine, l.i. Ruth Diamond, a.b. Mary Louise Dorn, b.s. Joseph F. Eardley, a.b. Mary E. Eisenmayer, i..i. Walter J. Everson, b.s., b.a. Stewart E. Fahrney, l.i. Nancy B. Fairchild, b.m. Edna R. Feiffer, b.s. Ed. Belle Fried, a.b. Agosto Gaiero, b.s., b.a. Marguerite Gillespie, b.s. Isabel Hanson, l.i. Betty A. Herbert, a.b. Herbert Hodgman, a.b. Edward E. Hodsdon, b.s. Karl Hoffman, b.s., b.a. Mary Morton Jones, a.b. Neva E. Jones, a.b. Alfred E. Kahn, Bus. Ad. Harriet Kahn, a.b. Morton G. Kalix, b.s., b.a. Abraham Kaplan, Pre-Law Robert S. Klebold, Pre-Eng. Frank R. Kuder, Bus. Ad. Dennis I. Leonard, b.s., b.a. Victor Levine, Pre-Law Roxburgh Lewis, l.i. Leonard Licker, b.s., b.a. Eugene Linsey, b.s. Irving Lipman, b.s. Charles A. Luehr, a.b. Helen J. McDonald, l.i. Donald McCorquodale, b.s. James V. McLean, b.s. Ed. Gardner P. Mulloy, a.b. Hugo Xilson, a.b. Robinson North, Pre-Law Harold Ott, b.s., a.b. Ethel Pellegatta, l.i. Edith Pentreath, a.b. Frank A. Petrow, a.b., b.s. Peter Petrowski, b.s., b.a. Malcolm J. Pickett, b.s.,b.a. Virginia E. Ragen, a.b. Paul Rechson, Bus. Ad. William H. Redfern, b.s. Joseph Rizzo, Pre-Law Robert Schlesinger, b.s., b.a. William Shillington, b.s. Muriel Silber, a.b. Simon A. Smith, b.s. George O. Snowden, a.b. Myrtle E. Speyer, l.i. Selma R. Spoont, l.i. Charles Staltman, b.a. Maurine E. Storm, l.i. Edna May Tarpley, a.b. Mary E. Terrell, l.i. Roland Tolson, Bus. Ad. Ethel Wiener, a.b. Reginald Wilson, b.s. Robert C. Wright, b.m. Martha FI. Young, a.b. VATHLETICS iami’s athletic program, built up to a high standard last year, suffered, as everything else did, from conditions during 1932-33; only three major teams being maintained during the year. Teams represented the University last year in Football, Boxing, Wrestling, Tennis, Swimming, Basketball, and Golf, whereas this year only Wrestling and Varsity and Freshman football teams were supported by the school. The boxing and wrestling squads were scheduled to meet Army in a dual meet in New York this year, but due to financial difficulties the meet failed to materialize. However, the wrestling team did schedule one meet, meeting the University of Florida grapplers here in Miami, losing to the Gators by a 20-10 score. The University received much national publicity due to the efforts of Marshall Wayne, sensational young diving star of Miami. Wayne, captain of Miami’s defunct aquatic team, failed by a fraction of a point to make the 1933 United States Olympic team but came back strong later in the year to capture second place in the National Diving Championships, held in New York. Tommy McCann, returned as head football coach and enjoyed a successful year. The Hurricanes hung up a record of three games won, three games lost and one game tied during the regular season. After the schedule was completed, McCann’s men took on the highly touted and much publicized Manhattan University team of New York City, in the first annual Gridiron Palm Festival, held at Moore Park Stadium, haunt of Miami’s football teams, on New Year’s Day. The Manhattan team, coached by the famous “Chick” Meehan, compiled a formidable record against the strong college teams of the East, climaxing a highly successful season by holding the powerful Holy Cross team to a scoreless tie and defeating Rutgers, by a 6-0 score. The “Jaspers,” because of their impressive record against the leading teams in the country, were ruled heavy favorites to wallop Miami’s little known football team. Miami’s chances of winning seemed slim indeed, but the Hurricanes played inspired and amazing football, went out and handed the confident Manhattan eleven a 7 to 0 defeat. This proved to Miamians and the sporting world, that the Hurricans can really play a snappy brand of football and McCann is looking forward to a big year for his squad in 1933-34. The Freshman team, under the guidance of Coach Cliff Courtney, compiled another impressive record as is the custom of Miami Frosh teams, winning four out of five games scheduled. Up to this year, a Baby Hurricane team had never tasted defeat on the gridiron, but the powerful Frosh team of the University of Florida broke this sensational record by handing the Miami Frosh their onlylicking of the season and the first for a Frosh team in the history of the school. The Frosh won handily from their other opponents, which included some of the strongest teams in the state of Florida. Several Frosh stars saw action in the Manhattan-Miami game and it was largely due to their efforts that the Hurricanes were able to hang up a victory over the New York eleven. Intramural sports were hotly contested. Teams represented the classes and fraternities in football, boxing, wrestling, basketball, baseball, and handball. Basketball again proved to be the most popular intramural sport, and large crowds were out rooting and pulling for their respective teams. The Freshman quintet won the championship in impressive style. F » o t ball The Hurricanes, with Tom McCann once more at the helm, and Captain Johnny Bates leading the team from the field, opened their 1933 football season with a win over a strong William and Mary team 6 to2, and followed this with another victory over a scrappy Piedmont eleven by a score of 30 to 6. The next two games were sad news to the Hurricanes, dropping the first to Georgia State 19-6 and the second to Rollins college, 6-0. The next game found Miami battling the strongest team on her schedule, the Murray Teachers of Murray, Kentucky. The Hurricanes, outcharged, outfought and outgained their opponents in every department of the game, but had to be content with a scoreless tie. Southwest Louisiana was next and the Hurricanes sent them back home with a 7-0 defeat. Then came the final game on the regular schedule, Miami losing to the Middle-Tennessee Teachers by a 7-0 score after a bitterly fought contest. After a ten day rest the Hurricanes went back to work in preparation for the New Years Day game with Manhattan College of New York City, the strongestteam Miami had ever faced. What the Hurricanes did in that game is now history. The Manhattan team, expecting an easy victory, was outplayed in every period of the game by the inspired Hurricanes, who pushed over the only touchdown of the game in the final period and then added the extra point for good measure. The win firmly placed the Hurricanes among the outstanding football teams of the East for 1932-33. The frosh opened their season with a hard earned victory over the Florida Military Academy of Jacksonville by the score of 6-0. Led by the fleet-footed and elusive Cecil Cook, Miami quarterback, the Frosh scored early in the third period after being held scoreless in the first half. With Fahrney and Hankin hitting the line and Baker and Cook circling the ends for substantial gains, the Frosh placed the oval on the 2 yard marker, from which point Fahrney went over for the only score of the game. The cadets presented a stubborn defense but did not threaten the Miami goal line at any stage of the contest. The next two games were with the Florida Military Institute of Haines City, Florida. The Frosh won the first at Haines City by a 6-0 score. The second, played in Miami, went to the Frosh by the lop-sided score of 31-0. The yearlings continued their victorious march by defeating Tampa Junior College 14-0, for their fourth straight triumph. The Tampa lads were unable to pierce the hard charging Frosh line and never threatened to score. The last game on the schedule brought the powerful University of Florida Frosh team to Miami for a game with the Baby Hurricanes. The Baby Gators, the best team ever turned out by the state institution, handed the Miami Frosh their first defeat of the year by the score of 26-14, and the first defeat ever suffered by a Miami Freshman football team in the history of the school. The game was one of the best seen in Miami for some time and a huge crowd was in attendance. The Miami boys tried hard but the Gators superior weight and reserve strength proved too much. Nevertheless, Courtney’s lads put up a great battle and caused the Florida team many anxious moments.Varsity Squad Sissman Left Etui Gracyzk Left End Puglisi Left Guard Henderson Center Brion Right Guard Heckman Right Tackle Middleton Right End Thompson Quarterback LItalien Left Halfback Bates (Capt.) Right Halfback Reichgott Fullback Greer Left Guard Connors Center Buckley Right End Bierkamper Right End Graney Fullback Reisman Left Tackle Horton Left End O’Day Left Tackle Lee Quarterback OttJ. Left Halfback Lewis Right Halfback Matheson Left Halfback Folger Right Halfback Foote Quarterback W augh Right Guard Phillips Left Halfback Frosh Squad Pickett Buck, W. Kuder Leonard Combs Buck, H. Wilson Cook Hankin Baker Fahrney Kalix Pet row Sinclair Snowden Bowen Ott, H. Petrowoski Moore Auer Ketcham Mulloy Gaiero Goodman Buesse Left End Left Tackle Left Guard Center Right Guard Right Tackle Right End Quarterback Left Halfback Right Halfback Fullback Right Tackle Left Guard Center Left Tackle Guard Fullback Center Halfback Tackle Halfback Halfback Guard Tackle Left EndWrestling The Florida Gators proved a jinx to the Hurricane wrestlers, turning back Miami’s grapplers by a 20-10 score, in the only meet of the Hurricane mat men. It was the worst drubbing ever administered to a Miami wrestling team and the second consecutive setback handed the Hurricanes by the Gators, who won last year 16-14. Captain Jimmy Abras and Larry Leftkowitz accounted for the Hurricanes total of 10 points, both winning their matches by falls over their Gator foes. Florida, presenting three State champions in their lineup were too strong for the Hurricanes in the other weight divisions, winning all of the remaining matches. Dick Lewis, wrestling his first year on the Hurricane team, lost a thriller to Holland of Florida, while Olin Snowden, another first year man on the Miami team, gave Si Osgood, Florida’s outstanding threat for the next Olympic title, a fierce tussle before bowing in defeat. The veteran A1 Kutrzon lost a close one to Terrell of Florida after a spirited battle. Kurtzon suffered painful injuries to his arm and shoulder early in the bout but displayed great courage and stamina to stick out the full time. Heyman of Florida handed Reichgott his first defeat in three years of college wrestling, while Land of Florida proved too strong for Kasonof. Abe Wineburg, Florida's heavyweight, again proved his superiority over Johnny Peter-nich by winning with a time advantage in impressive style. Phi Alpha FOUNDED 1925 Petitioning Sigma Alpha Epsilon colors : Blue and White Dr. Walter O. W alker, Faculty Advisor OFFICERS Cushman hay Robertson James Brooks Koger John William Sloan Joseph Francis Eardley President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Ellis Boyd Sloan (iuy Russell Stoddard Walton M. Beach Charles R. Burns Gwynne Bierkamper Nestor Houghtaling John B. Ott Thomas Thomson ACTIVE MEMBERS John B. Slocum Lawson Dee DeLauder Hugo Nilson Roy Waugh Eugene Beck Henry Norris NEOPHYTES William McRoy Louis B. Fierabend William G. Brimson Ernest M linger Raymond Miller Reginald Wilson Charles Baker Alfred Sheeder Hubert L. Brundage HONORARY MEMBERS B. F. Ashe, Robert L. Hall, Rev. John Sims, Dr. O. J. Sieplein, Walker Larrimore, Joseph Eggum, Franklin Parsons, Dick Hoyt, William McCleodPi Chi FOUNDED 1926 $ Sponsored by Sigma Nu colors: Black and Gold flower: White Rose officers Stanford Kimbrough Eminent Commander James Abras Lieutenant Commander Stuart Patton Secretary-Treasurer Finley Beaton Historian Arthur Simmonds Chaplain A1 Kozlowski Sentinel James Abras Joe Auer Finley Beaton James Beusse Walter Buck Jack Burkhalter Jack Carr Pat Cesarano Cecil Cook FRATRES IN Van Dudley William Edwards Stewart E. Fahrney Xorman Foote Donald Grant Herbert Hodgman Edward Hodsdon John Kitchens Stanford Kimbrough ’ NIVERSITATE A1 Kozlowski Dennis Leonard Richard Lewis James Lyons William Maloney Harry Meigs John Middleton Harold Ott Frank Pahls Willey Stuart Patton John Peternich Malcolm Pickett William Redfern Arthur Simmonds William Shillington 01 in Snowden Rolon Tolson O. B. Sutton John Thom Holdsworth, Faculty Advisor HONORARY MEMBERS W. L. Stribling, Dr. F. E. Kitchens, Richard Schlaudecker, II, William Fenwick, A. H. Grote Plii Epsilon Pi Alpha Iota Chapter founded 1929 colors: Purple and Gold flower: Violet OFFICERS Melvin J. Cohen Eugene Linsey Leonard Licker Stanley Phillips Superior Treasurer Secretary Sergeant-at-Arms ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Fred J. Cohn, Arthur Ungar, Harry Kahn FRATRES IN UNIVBRSITATE Class of 1933 Ben Berner Class of 1934 Lester YValder, Albert Kurtzon Class of 1933 Melvin J. Cohen. George Reichgott, Herbert Schultzman, Lawrence Lefkowitz, Stanley Phillips Class of 1936 Leonard Licker, Eugene Linsey, Irving Lipman ALUMNI IN MIAMI Alvin YValder, William Farr, Robert Cahn, Irving Greenfield, Bert Raft, Sidney RosinPi Delta Sigma FOUNDED 1929 colors : Maroon and White flower : Carnation OFFICERS Andrew Shaw President Joe Booth Vice President William Casterlin Treasurer Davis Webb Secretary HONORARY MEMBERS Mr. Morton E. Miller Class of 1933 William Casterlin, Oswald K. Wells Class of 1934 Andrew Shaw, Joseph Booth Class of 1935 Everett Burdick, James Mool, Mallory Horton, Davis Webb Edward Baxter Wayne Remley George Weigand Carl Blohm Robert Minear Carl Apuzzo Francis Jacobs FRATRES EX UNIVF.RSITATE William Aufort Richard Cumming George Soli is Gifford Briggs David Lithgow William O’Bryan Clyde Atkins Sylvan Bird John Morrison Martin Cheever George Lowd Everett Clay Egbert SudlowWo men’s I n te r-Fra iernlty Con ncil OFFICERS Lois Taylor President Mary Louise Walker Vice President Hetty Harley Secretary-Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES TO THE COUNCIL Sigma Phi Zcta Phi Lambda Phi Delta Tau Alpha Kappa Alpha Mary Louise Walker, Agnes Osinach Jane Wardlow, Edith Herlong Aileen Booth, Roma Pape Betty Harley, Grace Wyatt Frances Stevens, Lois TaylorLatin lid a Plii Sponsored by Kappa Kappa Gamma FOUNDED 1927 colors: Coral and Blue flower: The Coral Vine Aileen Booth Kathleen Daniels Lyla Gorman Florence Leonardi Bettye Sullivan Roma Pape Eileen Dudley President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Rushing Captain Pledge Advisor Sergeant-at-Arms SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1933 Beryl Chapman Hettie Scott Class of 1934 Bettye Sullivan, Kathleen Daniels, Louise Paxton, Aileen Booth, Priscilla Sweeting, Lyla Gorman. Eileen Dudley Class of 1935 Roma Pape, Ruth Lutz, Aimee Simmons, Anna Mary Ritchey, Jean Hartsook, Margaret Kenny, Mary Jane Van Tine, Florence Leonardi Class of 1936 Roxburgh Lewis, Louise Arnott, Isabel Hansen, Marguerite Gillespie, Betty Herbert PLEDGES Dorothy Bryant, Mary JonesSigma I lii FOUNDED 1927 P colors: Orchid and Green flower: Sweet Pea Byrl Wheeler Betty Blain Betty Irwin Betty Baily OFFICERS Mary Louise Walker Agnes Osoinach Mary Barrett Mary Louise Dorn President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Class of 1933 Gertrude Robinson, Mary Barrett Class of 1934 Mary Louise Walker, Lois Mead, Agnes Osoinach Class of 1933 Daisy Wetmore, Catherine Sullivan Class of 1936 Mary Louise Dorn, Martha Young PLEDGES Dorothy Mae Buddington, Ethel Pelagatti ALUMN E IN MIAMI Phyllis Wolfort Mrs. Herman Robinson Marjorie McFarlane Mrs. Raymond Lipe Viola Wolfort Mrs. Robert Dulaney Barbara Sandquist Mrs. Sam Wampler Mrs. A1 Caesar Mrs. Thomas Brounell Elinor Mool Lulah Codington • Della Tau colors: Black and Gold flower: Yellow Rose FOUNDED OCTOBER, 1932 a combination oj Theta Tau and Alpha Delta sororities OFFICERS Grace Wyatt President Hetty Harley Vice President Mary Frances Roberts Secretary Ruth Creal Treasurer Lois Poteet Rushing Captain Mickey Grose Pledge Captain Mary Jo Roberts Historian Mary Martha Beddingfield Beth Bolton Ernestine Hughes Caroline Lampkin MEMBERS Idelle Martin Olga Minor Henriette Xolan Marian Pierce Myrtle Speyer Edna Mae Tarply Mary Etna Terrell Hazel WillsAlpha Kappa Alpliai Petitioning Beta Phi Alpha founded 1929 colors: Rose and Green flower: Pink Rose OFFICERS President Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Pledge Captain MEMBERS Class of 1933 Irene Woodbury, Carlotta Wright Class of 1934 Lois Woodbury, Marjorie Tebo Class of 1933 Evelyn Ray, Frances Stevens, Margaret Williams, Annette Curry, Ruth Anderson, Norriene Hunter, Lois Taylor Class of 1936: Wanda Blattner pledge: Annabel Larson Lois Taylor Marjorie Tebo Evelyn Ray Ruth Anderson Frances Stevens Annette Curry Lois Woodbury patronesses Mrs. Melanie Rosborough, Mrs. Franklin Harris, Mrs. Eugene Romfh, Mrs. William Strawinski, Mrs. Frances H. Bergh, Mrs. E. Morton MillerZeta Phi Petitioning Chi Omega founded 1927 OFFICERS Jane Wardlow President Elinor Miksitz Vice President Flossie Belle Pearson Secretary-Treasurer Edith Herlong Historian Katherine Yates Marshall MEMBERS Class of 10 33 Jane Wardlow, Katherine Yates, Julia Wasson, Marguerite Sweat Class of 1034 Mary Ethel Smith, Doris Glendenning, Virginia Hastings, Josephine Montanus Class of i Q33 Elinor Miksitz. Flossie Belle Pearson, Pauline Farley ,Edith Herlong Class of 1036 Betty Burnes PLEDGES Pauline FarleyHonor Court Silver Squarcia Chief Justice Robert Louys Prosecuting Attorney Julia Wasson Clerk THE JUSTICES Aileen Booth William Casterlin Jack Sloan Beth Bolton Frank Puglisi George BaerStudent Senate Bettye Sullivan President Cushman Robertson Vice President Virginia Hastings Secretary-Treasurer THE SENIOR SENATORS Stanford Kimbrough, John Bates, Fred Rostrom THE JUNIOR SENATORS A1 Kozlowski, Ellis Sloan, Lyla Gorman THE SOPHOMORE SENATORS Finley Beaton, Jack Carr, Robert Turner THE FRESHMEN SENATORS Roxburgh Lewis, Joe Auer SENATORS FROM THE AW SCHOOL Emmett Keho, James Abras, Frank Smathers SECRETARY TO THE SENATE A1 KozlowskiIlii rri« a ue Olga Minor Edith Pentreath George Manley Bettye Sullivan Editor-in-chief News Editor Sports Society BUSINESS STAFF Harold Humm Business Manager Bill McRoy Circulation Arthur Simmonds Ass’t Circulation Mgr. REPORTERS Dorothy Rhoads Roxburgh Lewis Pauline Lasky f Ruth Lutz Bill Maloney Joseph Rizzo Yearbook Harry Meigs Editor-in-chief Cushman Robertson Managing Editor Elinor Miksitz Associate Editor Fred Rostron Athletic Editor George Manley Assyt Athletic Editor Lyla Gorman Statistics Editor Edward Hodsdon Ass’t Statistics Editor Jack Murrah Art Editor David Webb Ass’t Art Editor Xedra McNamara Literary Editor Marjorie Tebo Feature Editor John Carroll Ass’t Feature Editor Agnes Osoinach Organizations Editor Norman Foote Ass’t Organizations Editor James Roger Business Manager Arthur Simmonds Ass’t Business Mgr. John Mien A dvert ising Manager Melvin Cohen Ass’t Advertising Mgr. Ellis Sloan Circulation iXIanager Joseph Rizzo Ass’t Circulation Mgr. Patrick Cesarano Picture Editor Roma Pape Ass’t Picture EditorLeft to right, back row : Hayes Wood, 31. president; Leonard Brown. ’31, director; Lloyd Solie, ’31, treasurer; Franklin Albert. 31, director; F. X. James O'Brien. '29, director, front row: Louis Jepeway, director; Pauline Eaton Spofford, ’30, recording secretary; Reed Williams, ’30, vice president. Officers not in picture: Clara Nelle DuPuis, '31, corresponding secretary: and Claire Cohen Weintraub, '28, director. Alumni Assueiation {[Greetings and congratulations to the Class of 1933 from the University of Miami Alumni Association. We who are ex-members of the collegiate world extend the fellowship of the Alumni Association to you who now become one of us. {[Although the most ancient of the Hurricane alumni can date his diploma back only to 1927, we have been organized for five years to further the welfare of our Alma Mater. We aim to serve as a connecting link between the school and the town, to interpret one to the other, and constantly to support the institution and all of its activities. {[Membership is open to all graduates of the University and a hearty welcome awaits all who “Hail to the Spirit of Miami U.” • •M Club The “M” Club is an organization whose membership consists of those men who have been awarded a varsity letter in athletics. The club was first organized in the spring of 1926 and has enjoyed a continuous existence. James O’Brien was its first president. At the present time there are thirty-four members. a OFFICERS Stanford Kimbrough Frederick Rostron George Reichgott President Vice President Secretary James Abras John Rates Walter Dansky William Fenwick Floyd Folger Xorman Foote Edmund Graczyk Thomas Graney MEMBERS Charles Heckman Adolph Kozlowski Albert Kurtzon 0. B. Sutton 1. J. Varner Frank Siler Cushman Robertson Stanley Phillips John Peternich George O'Kell John Middleton George Manley William L’ltalien 01 in Snowden Harry Meigs John Ott Michael Sissman James Henderson Wallace Greer Albert Reisman Joseph O’Day Paul Matheson Andrew ShawHonor Science CInli FOUNDED DECEMBER, 1932 AIMS To promote interest in science by: Lectures by prominent scientists and physicians Student papers Weekly meetings Membership faculty Dr. W. O. Walker Mr. E. M. Miller Mr. H. Nelson Dr. Clouse Mr. C. E. Starr, Jr. Professor of Chemistry Instructor in Zoology Instructor in Botany Professor of Physics Instructor in Chemistry OFFICERS Robert Weinstein Jane Wardlow Catherine Yates Roma Pape President Vice President Secretary Historian Everette Rurdick Joel Ehrens Hetty Harley Nestor Houghtaling Weston Heinrich UNDERGRADUATE William Maloney Roma Pape Andrew Shaw Allen Sheeder Russell Stoddard Jane Wardlow Robert Weinstein Pat West Catherine YatesOirl’s Glee Club Frances Hovey Bergh Director Lois Taylor President Charlotte Duey Vice President Louise Arnott Secretary-Treasurer Mary Etna Terrell Historian Frances Stevens Accompanist Ferrelle Allen Ruth Chapin Priscilla Sweeting Daisy Wet more Mary Louise Dorn Martha Young Rose Grose Betty Burnes Jean MacDonald Selma Ruth Spoont MEMBERS Edna Mae Tarpley Mertle Speyer Evelyn Ray Wanda Blattner Ruth Anderson Annabel Larson Doris Farmer Xedra McNamara Jean ThomsonY. W. C. A. FACULTY SPONSORS Miss Merritt, Miss Rosborough Idelle Martin Bettye Sullivan Lois Mead Lois Taylor President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Discussion Groups Chairmen Xedra McNamara, Vocation Lyla Gorman, Literary Olga Minor. Religious Chairmen Ferrelle Allen, Publicity Ruth Creal, Big Sister Daisy Wetmore, Program Roma Pape, Social Service Mary Frances Roberts, Social freshmen members Edna Tarpley, Betty Burnes, Mary Louise Dorn, Flossie Dunten, Jean McDonaldHJohnny Bates — We think he rides horses on the sly. How about it, Cap? C James Buckley—Likes the Irish best —We can't understand why. H Billy Casterlin—Future History professor of the University of Miami. HIi)elle Martin — Knows what she is doing and does it—others can do as they please. H Jack Murrah—The man who certainly knows his curves. HHenriette Xolan — Knew her economics—and did she make an impression. HFred Rostron — Remember the big fire, Ross? Our Interlocutor. ([Marguerite Sweat — With her sweet smile and dancing feet, it will be an easy life for Marguerite. (I Julia Wasson—Something keeps Julia serious all the time; it must be keeping Silver in the straight and narrow path. (I Grace Wyatt—Diminutive, dark and a fast worker. CWeston Heinrich — Just a Scientific Romeo. ([ Robert Weinstein—One of our future famous scientists,whom our grandchildren will have to study about. ([Ronald Willey—Just a pair of Beau Brummels—Willy and McLeod. ([Ben Berner—We wonder why Doctor Kaplan picked a pugilist and lawyer for for his understudy. ([John Falls—A red-headed lawyer to set the profession afire. ([Isaac Henderson—Knows what he is talking about, especially when it comes to law. (IEmmett Kehoe—Kehoe, Kehoe and Kehoe, are waiting until June the fifth, when they can make it a Quartet. HIrving Lewis—Ought to get over being so shy and quiet—and let people know he is around. ([Samuel Liever—Be nice to him, boys —his father owns a brewery in Pennsylvania. ([Bob Louys—If Bob can put his cases over like his songs, he has a glorious future as a lawyer. (I Jay Harold Matteson—Our Butterfly King. ([Bill McLeod, Jr.—If you don't think he is the biggest bull-shooter in the Law School, ask “Monkey Sweeting.” ([Silver Squarcia—The ladies' man — no wonder, with his looks. HO. B. Sutton—Has been protecting us Jor some time now but finds it is a thankless job. H Marjorie Varner—Getting the inside of the law, so she can protect "women's right.” (fHon. Cyrus Wicker — How many more degrees will he get before he stops! H Fat West—Dealer in ohms, volts and high tension. HCarlotta Wright—Who has her for a friend, has a real friend. H Kitty Yates—Studying to be a doctor so she can save mankind. Hazel Wills, A delight to her professors and an honor to her classmates. H George Baer — Lieutenant speaking: uDr. Holdsworth, my opinion is-?” Harting—The only one who hates to sec beer become legal. ([Carolyn Lampkin—Very efficient in whatever she undertakes. H Pickett Miles—Always has an answer. Sorry you are leaving so early. We thought we could always depend on you, Pickett. H Cush man Robertson—Has a smile and pleasant word for everyone, and always has a good time at a dance. Minstrel man and actor-at-large. ([Ruth Chapin—Ruth plays the piano well—can “Tarzan" play the fiddle? HMildred Greenberg—The young lady who can make the piano talk. H Gertrude Robinson—For many weeks she brightened the lunchroom with her smile. “She shall make music wherever she goes.”WE-ggEDITORS NOTE: The management disclaims all responsibility for the below listed items, and repudiate in advance, any complaint, libel, or any other action. Gathered by those two inimitable newshounds. Snoop and Peep, this journal is guaranteed neither for its accuracy, quality or duration; Entered as 2nd rate matter at U. postofficc, under the law of givet take JUNE I, 1933 UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA JIMMIE and “GINNY” PIM and MARGARET ELINOR°a«d DON JIMMIE and RITA HAROLD and TOPSIE HERBY and IZZY LOUISE and PICK BILL and NEVA FINLEY and BETTY K. GARDNER and RUTH RUTH LUTZ DENNY and the GIRL in SAVANNAH and WALTER JAMES EVERSON 0 0 REED and LOIS BETTYE and ELLIE 0 0 JOHNNY and AGGIE DOT and BRUCE 0 0 JIMMIE and ANNABELLE JIMMY (TARZEN) NORTH 0 and RUTH CHAPIN RUSS and LOUISE DAVE and DOTTY MAE SILVER and JU-JU 0 0 PAT and BUNTY VARNER and DOTTY W. STAN and MARY LOU MIKE and LOUISE HARRY and MARY DUTCH and IDELLE KOZ and KHAKI AILEEN and ANDY 0 0 SIMMONITE and DRAG DORIS and JIMMY HARLEY and TUFFY MARY ETHEL and HUGO FRANCES and PHIL NORTsfand SIS EILEEN and HANK JOE and TOM PATTY EISENMEYER PETERNICH and and JACK CARR MARY LOUISE DORNThe Life of [ The librarian is speaking softly to herself and others j Eight-fifteen! Thank Heavens! On time this time! Ten minutes late yesterday, but fifteen minutes too early the day before— Still five minutes ahead. Well, the door is open and the windows are open — now the morning rush begins— What’s that? Sounds like a circus coming down the hall. Xo—Just two or three Law students-that’s all. Quiet, please — you must not talk in the library at all. Yes, I know there is no one in here but us now, Hut then we must keep up the library morale. Don't leave until I have checked off your books, please. Yes, you may have some ink—Xo, we haven't any thumb tacks or paper clips. Where is Iraq ?- It is in Mesopotamia; any further information you would like, You will find in the encyclopedias on your right. Yes, Wordsworth by Winchester is out. What’s that? You want Florence Nightingale—I think you will find her On the second shelf from the top — first panel on your right. Hey, mister!—come back here. You have to sign up when you take a book to the table. Of course I know that you would not take the book away— We just want to keep a record of those who study in this University. Hello Pat, yourself—I look nice this morning? Thanks—So I have been well informed already. I bet you owe something on this book sure enough ! Just like all the rest— Twenty-five cents please. Don’t crowd around the desk if you ever expect to have your books checked off. a Librarian Please stand in line. Will the young gentleman with the important looking pipe, join those outside the door Smoking the insignificant cigarettes. X’o, thank you, I don’t care for any peanuts now—Oh! I thought so— I’m sorry, but I can’t let out any Kconomics books without the Dean’s permission. There’s the second bell for class— Xow for a little relief at last. For nearly an hour peace shall reign— Until, again, it is time for classes to change. There now—at last all the books are checked off and put away. Now what’s that constant, droning sound I hear? Oh yes, of course—those two love birds in the corner there— It does seem as if they could find, some place—not so much in the public eye. Who can that boy be?—Hanging halfway out the window. My dirty looks are of no avail upon his back. Oh well! I can not complain—at least it is a lively life— The life of a librarian.Around and Around Oh! Oh!—Bet that was the eight-thirty bell—if people wouldn’t group around in the halls—it might be easier to get to class on time—As it is, it takes twice as long, squirming through small places half as wide as you are. Made it! not late after all—bet a lot of the professors of this University would like to know I)r. Lowe's technique, on how to make the students get to class on time. Huh!—some advantage in having pasteboard walls—especially for those who sit on the back row—or is it an advantage?—Some people have one track minds, and can’t take in more than one lecture at a time.- Does seem as if some of our bright economic and scientific students could get together and think up some way of utilizing all the cigarette butts around the halls and classrooms. Heels, heels, heels—wonder how many pounds pressure on that pair of heels coming down the hall?—Oh!—What a surprise!—Only about ninety-five pounds it seems that the smaller the girl, the louder the noise. Ummmmmm, Boy!—What is that tantalizing aroma coming in the window from the lunchroom below?—There ought to be a law against the lunchroom being so close to the classrooms. How can students keep their mind on their work, with the smell of food telling tales to their stomach. Hope those two over there are enjoying themselves — they're certainly not allowing much concentration around them—no wonder Prof. Strawinski keeps a sign on his wall saying—They Will Talk Anyway. There’s the bell!—Oh! for a breath of fresh air—Me for the main archway— Well! seems like everyone else enjoys the refreshing breeze of this little spot— what a mob. Here comes Virginia Hastings—often wondered why she and Frances Stevens park their Austins outside, instead of taking them to their sorority rooms. Guess it must be time to be making tracks to the next class—now what's the hubbub?—What goes on in that lunchroom!—it is no wonder the electric clock keeps its hands over its face. Mustn’t forget to look over that book in the library—have to make a report on it tomorrow—like as not some egotist sneaked it out when no one was looking— certainly will be glad when Dr. Meyer starts operating on the grown-up dumb of this University and teaches some of these students that the library is for everyone’s benefit. Here comes our hero—Dansky—only has one rival with the girls—Irving Lewis. That is some basketball game going on in the patio.—wonder how the students in the Physics Lab. ever get anything done, with the windows and doors wide open.—One thing is sure—we can’t accuse the Chemistry students of being idle; your nose knows something's happening.Society of 1870 ALUMNI Joseph Eggum 0. P. Hart Evan Lindstrom Don G. Henshaw Grant Harris 0. W. Brooks Guy Mitchell Frank Parizek Carl Starace Charles Wilkinson Gilbert Bromaghim Warren Grant Edmund Wright Richard Cummings Clinton Gamble Coleman Xockolds Ray Martens Xeupert Weilbacher William Walker Luke Crowe Otis Sutton Carrington Gramling Clifton Larsen George Weigand Harry Shaw John Howard Andy Ferendino Wade Stiles Marshall Wright Ed Paxton Charles A. Morehead Ralph deBedts John Norman Franklin Albert Bruce ColvilleThoughts are things. As a man “think-eth in his heart, so is he.” With his thoughts he builds his own character ... genuine or counterfeit. The constant practice of straight thinking on all subjects creates true character. The thinker leads . . . the unthinking follow Think before you act! •Compliments I N DE PENDENTLY OWN E D of the UNGAR CORAL GABLES BUICK CO. GROCERY CO. 2101-7 ponce de Leon Blvd. 1201 N. E. 2nd AVKNUE © Phono 2-8111 Specializing in Fraternity Needs A COMPLETE PHOTO SERVICE CORAL GABLES Photo Service HARRY PILKINGTON. Proprietor Evergreen 440 CORAL GABLES 2204 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Renuart ArcadeCompliments of the CORAL GABLES THEATRE Y Compliments of the Tivoli Theatre WEST FLAGLER at 8TH AVE. Where a good shoiv may be seen at all times in a cool and pleasant atmosphere. Muauv Busiest Americas 14fJ eM i RED CROSS DRUG DEPARTMENT 'STORE; SIE Fl„f;irr SOUTHERN GARAGE EDWARD PARKINSON Smith Meeker Engineering Co. Distributors for: Univ ml Nlirinc Motors ind Lighting Plants. Homelight Lighting Plants. Edison Storage Batteries. United Motor Srtvicr. Richfield Gasolinr. Drlto - Nottbrast Lovrjoy. Phone: EVERGREEN 9106 232 Ave. Alcazar Coral Gables Always Your Home HOTEL CLA-REINA AND CORAL GABI.ES LODGE FORMERLY INN Tin locations with refined. congenial atmosphrtr and iov of every facility for provisional men and women. European and American plan service at unusual ratts lor all winter and summer guests. under personal direction F. Dow van Vechten CORAL GABLES MOTOR CO.. Inc. 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Miami Shores “EVERYTHING TO BUILD ANYTHING" A “Mirror”— of South Florida's happenings ALL the News: ALL the pictures for ALL the family -- - your newspaper Published Daily and Sunday THE MIAMI HERALD Florida’s Most Important Newspaper Frank B. SHUrrS. PublisherCompliments of the Rite Way Shoe Shop 2142 Ponce de I.eon Blvd. «» Compliments of Fred’s Barber Shop 2205 ponce de Leon Blvd. Compliments of Regal Men’s Shop Above all else - Reliability van HEUSEN Shirts Interwoven Socks 49 N. E. First Street Miami. Florida Compliments of PONCE DE LEON Coral Gables Laundry RESTAURANT Regular Meals - Steah and Sea Food «» 222 Ave. Minorca Evergreen 276 Phone: Evergreen 915 THE ART OF PHOTO ENGRAVING DESIGNING LINE PLATES HALFTONES ENGRAVING COLOR PLATES EMBOSSING DIES BOOK PLATES he Pioneer Quality Engraving Plant of South FloridaSchool printing A printed form saves time and confusion. ... A program opens a new field of revenue to any public enterprise. ... A yearbook gives to each student a permanent record of the school year and its associations. . . . An attractive and intelligent catalogue presents in a simple and economical manner the every advantage of your school. The Parker Art Printing Ass’n Evergreen 166 - Coral Gables

Suggestions in the University of Miami - Ibis Yearbook (Coral Gables, FL) collection:

University of Miami - Ibis Yearbook (Coral Gables, FL) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


University of Miami - Ibis Yearbook (Coral Gables, FL) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


University of Miami - Ibis Yearbook (Coral Gables, FL) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


University of Miami - Ibis Yearbook (Coral Gables, FL) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


University of Miami - Ibis Yearbook (Coral Gables, FL) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


University of Miami - Ibis Yearbook (Coral Gables, FL) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


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