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•i YEARBOOK A chronicle of the Academic Year at the University of Miami as compiled by the student body 19 3 2Rtf' fL D T 3-v H n3 , c., The Reg ents Mrs. George P. Brett William C. Coffin Theodore Dickinson E. B. Douglas David Fairchild A. A. Godard George E. Merrick Halsted L. Ritter S. P. Robineau Richardson Saunders Vincent D. Wyman ★ LIBRARY University of Miam?To the Class of Nineteen Thirty-two CCongratulations to you upon reaching your goal. CWi th your graduation front the University of Miami one more chapter in its history is brought to a conclusion—but not the volume. CNor is your share in the writing of that volume complete. With all of you the end of your college career can be the starting-point for the ultimate realization of greater ambitions; and the record of the achievement of these more comprehensive plans will also be a part of the book in which your names are already written. CFor what lies ahead of you, courage and success. B. F. Ashe, President The Deans—left to right: Henry S. West, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts: Bertha Foster. Dean of the School of Music, and director of the University of Miami Conservatory; John Thom Holdsworth. Dean of the School of Business Administration. FAC U L T Y Harry H. Provin, Registrar. Temple University and Pennsylvania School of Physical Education. Robert D. English, a.b., m.a., University of Rochester, ph.d., University of Michigan. Professor of Philosophy. Ernest E. Brett, b.p.e., Springfield College. Professor of Physical Education. Don G. Henshaw, Yale Divinity School and Union Theological Seminary. Instructor in Biblical Literature and Public Speaking. Sydney Hoehl, a.b., ll.b., University of Pittsburg. Assistant Professor of Economics. Alice Barton Harris, University of Berlin, University of Geneva. Instructor in French. Alfred H. Gilbert, b.s., University of Vermont, m.s., University of Wisconsin. Professor of Botany. Orton Lowe, b.s., litt.d., Waynesburg College. Professor of English and Acting Dean of College of Liberal Arts. Victor Andres Belaunde, ph.d., University of Lima. Professor of Latin American History and Institutions. Otto J. Sieplein, b.s., m.s.. Case School of Science; Ph. D., University of Bonn, Germany. Professor of Chemistry. E. Morton Miller, b.s., Bethany College. M.S., University of Chicago. Assistant Professor Zoology. Warren B. Longenf.cker, b.s., m. e.e., Pennsylvania State College. Assistant Professor Mathematics and Mechanical Drawing. John L. Skinner, b.a., sc., University of Toronto; M.Arch., Harvard; Robinson’s Traveling Fellowship, Harvard; American Academy in Rome; A.I.A. membership. Professor of Architecture. William E. Strawinski, a.b., Dickinson College. Instructor in English. Mary B. Merritt, a.b., Brenau; A.M., Columbia. Instructor in English and Dean of Women. Oliver Phillip Hart, a.b., m.a., Davidson College; Ph. D., University of Xorth Carolina. Assistant Professor of Physics. Mildred Lawson, b. s., University of Minn. Instructor in Physical Education. Kenneth Richard Close, a. b., Hiram College: B.D., Union Theological Seminary ; M.A.,Columbia. »j rwc orm Historv. Georgia May Barrett, b.s., m.a., Columbia. Associate Professor of Psychology. Robert F. Smith, a.b., University of Miami. Instructor in Architecture. L. G. Schrefflf.r, b.s. in Architectural Engineering, Penna. State College. Instructor in Architectural Engineering. Otto F. Weber, University of Wisconsin; University of Pennsylvania, C. P. A. in Indiana and Florida. Instructor in Accounting. Rafael Belaunde,Sr., Doctor of Political and Economical Sciences, University of San Marcos, Lima, Peru. Professor of Spanish and Latin American Economics. Marjory Stoneman Douglas, a. b., Wellesley. Associate Professor of English. Opal EuardMotter, Anna Morgan School of Expression, Chicago. Instructor in Dramatics. Linton M. Collins, a.b., m.a., Mercer University. Instructor in Political Science. Virgil Barker, Curator of Paintings, Department of Fine Arts Carnegie Institute. Lecturer in Modern American Art. John C.GiFFORD,B.s.,Swarthmore College; Doctor of Econ., University of Munich, Germany: Instructor Economic Botany, Swarthmore College. Denman Fink, Instructor in Architecture. School of Fine Arts, Boston Museum. Art Institute of Chicago. City Museum of St. Louis. John Thom Holdsworth, Dean of School of Business Administration. A. B., New York U. Ph. D., University of Penn. Jacob H. Kaplan, Instructor in History. B.S., University of Cincinnati. Degree of Rabbi, Hebrew Union College. Ph.I)., University of Denver. Melanie Rosborough, Instructor in German. A. B., Hunter College. A. M., Columbia University. Robert M. Schwartz, Instructor in Clay Modelling. Coulton Skinner, Instructor in Architecture. B.A. Sc., University of Toronto. George Weigand, Engineer Miami Water Co. and Miami Gas Co. Instructor in Mechanical Plant. P. E. Zook, ph.d.. Professor of Education. Rafael Belaunde, Jr., a.b., San Marcos University, Lima, Peru. Sorbonne Diploma, Paris; Lecturer, Political Science Society of Students, Paris. Instructor in Spanish. Thomas McCann, a.b., University of Illinois. Coach of Football and Basketball; Assistant Instructor in Physical Education.Lloyd Solif., a. b., University of Miami. Assistant Coach of Football and Basketball. Charles Russell, Auditor. SCHOOL OF LAW Russell A. Rasco, a. b., a. m., ll.b., Stetson University. Louis I). Covitt, b.s., University of Kentucky; M. A., Clark University ; J. D., Northwestern University. Associate Professor of Law. John I’. Stokes, ll. b., University of Miami. Instructor in Law. Walter Hull Becknam, a.b., Emory University University; LL. B., Harvard University. E. F. P. Brigham, a.b., Yale University; LL. B., Vanderbilt. Instructor in International Law and Admiralty. L. Earl Curry, ll.b., Stetson University. Instructor in Bankruptcy. Leland Hyzer, a.b., ll.b., University of Wisconsin. Instructor in Air Law. Francis M. Miller, ll.b., Stetson; Instructor in Law, Stetson; Instructor in Legal Research. Charles A. Morehead, Instruct or in Law. B. S., LL.B., Cumberland University; Mississippi A. and M.; University of Alabama: Georgia School of Technology. County Solicitor. C. Walter Peters, Instructor in Florida Pleading and Practice. LL.B., University of Chicago. John Murrell, Instructor in Law. James H. Willock, b. l., m. a., Rutgers University. Professor of Science, St. Stephens College. Instruct or in Admiralty. SCHOOL OF MUSIC Hannah Spiro Asher, Piano. Klindworth Conservatory, Atlanta; pupil of Leopold Godowsky; Master, School of the Academy of Music, Vienna; Instructor, Silesian Conservatory, Breslau, Germany. Mrs. May K. Brigel, Teacher of Musical Appreciation and Music History. Pittsburg Conservatory of Music. Oberlin Conservatory of Music. Instructor at the University of Pittsburg. Director of Public School Music Department. Albert Thomas Foster, Violin. Director of Symphony Orchestra and Instructor at Wellesley. Walter Grossman, Cello. Ensemble music. Stern’sche Conservatorium, Berlin. Founder Junior Symphony Orchestra. Madame Elisf. Graziani, Voice. Instructor, Shorter College, Penna. College for Women, Ward Belmont. Franklin Harris, Piano. Studied in Berlin and Rome. Taught in Boston and New York. Came to Miami in 1927. Eda Keary Liddle, Violin. Soloist, Pittsburg Ladies' Orchestra. Instructor Pittsburg Public Schools. W.S. Sterling, Organ. Founder and Dean of the Metropolitan College of Music, at Cincinnati. Louise Warren Strickland, Piano. Wesleyan College, Macon, Ga. Graduate University of Miami. Arthur Moor, Piano, b.s., a. m., b. a., Stetson, Princeton, Oxford, Columbia. William J. Kopp. Director of Symphony.PREPARATORY AND INTERMEDIATE SCHOOLS Olive Beamon Edna Cole Mrs. Annie Foster Mrs. Florence Hill Edna Sortelle Joe Tarpley late afternoon and evening classes Walter Scott Bigelow Luf.lla M. Dolan V. Edwards I)r. John C. Gifford A. L. Isaac Natalie Lawrence E. E. McCarty Miss Elizabeth Moorf. Arthur MoorJerome B. Cohn, Bus. Ad., Miami, Fla. President Phi Epsilon Pi; President Senior Class; Assistant Manager Football, 1; Hurricane Staff, 2 ; Varsity Wrestling team, 3, Captain, 4; Inter-fraternity Council, 3; Der Deutsche Verein, 3; Intra-Mural Athletic Committee, 4. Hartwell H. Hunter, Bus. Ad., Media, Penna. Vice-Pres. Senior Class; M Club: Class Treasurer, 1; Senate, 2; Basketball Manager, 3,4; Hurricane Staff, 3; Business Manager Yearbook, 4. Clara Lucille Maxwell, A.B.,ilfiami, Fla. President Alpha Kappa Alpha, 1,2; Senate. 1: Class Treas., 2 ; Pres. Y. W. C. A., 4; Glee Club; Organization Editor Yearbook. Robert B. Downes, a.b., Bradford, Mass. Treasurer Senior Class; President Stray Greeks; President M Club, 4; Wing and Wig; Rho Beta Omicron: Boxing, 2; Football, I, 2,3, 4; Glee Club; Hurricane Staff, 4; Honor Lit. Society. William E. Eavenson, Bus. Ad., Miami, Fla. Gamma Delta; Boxing, 2, 4: Intra-Mural Council. Jewel A. Harden, Arch.,Miami, Fla. Secy Zeta Phi. 3: Secy Rho Beta Omicron, 4; Sec y Arch. Society, 4. Beatrice L. Smith, a.b., Coral Gables, Fla. Lambda Phi; Class Secy, 1, 2, 3; Secy H.O.M.C., 3 : Secy Inter-Fraternity Council, 3; Feature Editor Ibis, 2; Winner Popularity Contest, 2. Rozella Dillard, a.b., Miami, Fla. Alpha Kappa Alpha; Rho Beta Omicron; Junior Writers Club; Y.W.C.A.; Clerk of Honor Court, 3.Virginia Day Ralston, a.b., Miami Beach, Fla. Gamma Phi Beta, Rollins College; Woman’s Tennis Champion, 2, 3; Hurricane Staff, 3,4; Ibis, 2,3; Associate Editor Yearbook; Prom Committee, 3; Junior Writer’s Club; H. I. M., Pres., 3. Edmund D. Wright, a. b., Coral Gables, Fla. President Delta Sigma Kappa, 4; Inter-Fraternity Council, 2, 3; Football, 1, 2; Boxing, 2, 3; I.R.C.; Ibis Staff, 1, 2, 3; Editor Yearbook, 4; M Club; Gym Team, 2, 3, 4. Robert L. Bostwick, a. b., Coral Gables, Fla. Phi Alpha, charter member; Gym Team, 1, 2; Unimicon, 1, 2; Wing and Wig; Alpha Theta; Swimming Team, 2; Beaux Arts, 3, 4. Lulah Codington, b.m., Coral Gables, Fla. Sigma Phi; Sigma Alpha Iota; Y.W.C.A.; Unimicon. Jack I)aly, a. b., New York City. Phi Epsilon Pi; I.R. C.; Hurricane Staff, 3; Ibis Staff, 3; Basketball, 3; Debating Team, 3; Glee Club; Der Deutsche Verein; Honor Lit. Society. Gladys Hayes, a. b., Coral Gables, Fla. President Alpha Kappa Alpha, 4; Secy Beta Pi, 4; Y.W.C. A.; Woman’s Athletic Council: Delegate to Y.W.C. A. Convention; Woman’s Swimming Club, 3; Woman’s Inter-Fraternity Council, 3, 4. Cleo C. Bullard, a.b., Miami, Fla. Zeta Phi; Glee Club; Y.W.C.A., Treas., 4; Senate, 3: International Relations Club; Woman’s Athletic Council, 2. Joseph E. Fleischakf.r, Bus. Ad.. Louis-ville, Ky. Phi Epsilon Pi, Vice-Superior, 4; Hurricane, 3; Inter-Fraternity Council, 3; Justice Honor Court, 4; Pres. Debating Council, 4; Varsity Boxing Mgr., 4; Sports Editor Yearbook, 4.Florence Cohen, a.b., Spartanburg, S.C. Alpha Epsilon Pi, Vanderbilt. Louis W. Hansen, a. b., Fond Du Lac, Wis. Delta Sigma Kappa; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball, 1; Tennis, 1; Hurricane Staff, 1; M Club. Lillianne Choquette, b.m., Miami, Fla. Theta Tau; Unimicon. Josephine Ross, a. b., Miami, Fla. William R. Aufort, Bus. Ad., New Haven, Conn. Pi Delta Sigma: Cheerleader. 2; Intra-Mural Athletic Committee. Francis Houghtaling, a.b., Miami, Fla. Phi Alpha; Rho Beta Omicron; Iron Arrow; Gym Team, 1,2; Ass t Bus. Manager Ibis, 1; Ass’t Basketball Mgr., 1; Wing and Wig; Secy Publications, 2. George A. Weigand, Arch., Miami, Fla. Scroll and Dome: Architectural Society: Pi Delta Sigma. Semele Cates, a.b., Miami, Fla. Alpha Kappa Alpha; Mixed Chorus, Glee Club: Y. W. C. A.Eleanor H. Miller, a. b., Elizabethville, Penna. Zeta Phi; Y.W.C.A.; Glee Club; Spanish Club; Vice-Pres. I.R.C., 4; Senate, 4; Inter-Fraternity Council, 4. Raymond Miller, a. b., Union, Pa. Phi Alpha: Glee Club, 1, 2: Band; Y.M.C.A.; .Assistant Football Manager, 3; Intra-Mural Council; Circulation Manager Yearbook, 4; Wing and Wig. Robert B. Minear. Bus. Ad., Coral Gables, Fla. Pi Delta Sigma; Assistant Basketball Manager, 1 ; Cheerleader, 2; Senate, 3, 4; President Y.M.C.A., 3, 4. Alida L. Van Ness, a. b., Miami, Florida. Alpha Kappa Alpha, Recording Secy, 3; Y. W. C. A.; Beta Pi. 2, 3, 4; Hurricane Staff, 3; Woman’s Athletic Council, 1, 2; Glee Club, 3. Franklin Albert, Bus. Ad., Miami Shores, Fla. M Club; Iron Arrow; Football, 1, 2; Wrestling, 1, 2; Basketball Mgr., 1; Debating, 2. 3; Prosecuting Attorney, 3, 4; Y. M.C.A.; Der Deutsche Yerein. Florine Lehman, a.b.. Coral Gables, Fla. Literary Editor rearbook, 4. Anne Louise Bagby, a.b., Miami, Florida. Secretary Senior Class; Pres. Zeta Phi. 4; Secretary Senate, 3; Glee Club: Y.W.C.A.; H.O. M.C. Victor Wright, b. s., Miami, Fla. Der Deutsche Yerein, 3, 4.Leslie jVI. Moline, Bus. Ad., Chicago, III. Gamma Delta; Football, 1, 2, 3; Intra-Mural Athletic Committee; German Club; Hurricane, 4. Byrl.A. Wheeler, a.b., Miami Beach, Fla. Sigma Phi: H.O. M.C.; Senate, 1; Glee Club, 2 ; Y. W. C. A.; Hurricane Staff, 2 ; Sec’y-Treas. Student Association, 3. Phyllis Wolfort, a.b., Miami, Fla. Pres. Sigma Phi, 4; Sec'y-Treas. In ter-Fraternity Council, 4. Xeupert A. Weilbacher, b.s., Miami, Fla. Pres. Delta Sigma Kappa, 4; Senate, 4; M Club; Wrestling, 1, 2, 3, Captain, 4; Newman Club; Botany Club; Honor Science. Mary Xeff Reebel, ll.b. Phi Delta Delta; Walter W. Sackett, Jr., a.b., Water bury, Conn. Pres. Der Deutsche Verein; Senate, 3, 4; Intra-Mural Tennis Champion, 3. Doris Cromer, a. b., Miami, Fla. French Club. Howard K. Edwards, b.s., Miami, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha; Manager Swimming Team.I Wayne L. Rem ley, Arch., Miami, Fla. Pres. Pi Delta Sigma: Scroll and Dome; Vice-Pres. Arch. Society; M Club; I.R.C.; Ass t Mgr. Football. 2, 3; Organizations Editor Ibis, 2; Hurricane, 3; Glee Club; Y.M.C.A. Dorothy Mae Wright, a.b., Miami, Fla. Lambda Phi, Vice-Pres.,4; Inter-Fraternity Council: H.O.M.C.; Sec’y-Treas. Woman’s Athletic Council. Diana Hull, a. b., Miami, Fla. February Graduate. V. W. C. A.: Art, Literature, Vocational Discussion Group; University Players. John W. Evans, b.s., Media, Pa. February Graduate. Class Pres., 3; Senate, 2 ; Chairman Freshman Frolics, 1; Sophomore Hop, 2: Glee Club; Y.M.C.A.; M Club; Basketball, 1,3. Franklin Parsons, Law, Pittsburg, Pa. Stray Greek; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Phi Inn: President Student Body, 3; Pres. Law School, 2; Senate, 2; Iron Arrow. Rollo E. Karkeet, ll.b., Miami, Florida. Judge Whitfield Club.Additional Seniors Cari. M. Apuzzo, Arch., Miami, Fla. Pi Delta Sigma. Treasurer, 4; Scroll and Dome; Architectural Society. John L. Baxter, i.l.b., Coral Gables, Fla. Carmen Christian, ll.b., Miami, Florida. Law. John O'Day, Bus. Ad., Salem, Mass. Football, 3, 4; Boxing, 3; President Gamma Delta. 4; Rho Beta Omicron; Newman Club; M Club. Fred Fahrf.nfeld, a. b., Chicago, Illinois. Gamma Delta; Boxing, 2; Football, 3, 4. Mary B. Feaster, b.s., Education, Miami, Florida. John Carrington Gram ling, Jr., Law, Miami, Fla. Chief Justice, 4; Prosecuting Attorney, 3; Phi Alpha; Delta Phi Inn; Judge Whitfield; Swimming Team, 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club; Gym Team, 1, 2, 3; Band, 4; Orchestra, 4. Eloisf. Hatfield, b.s., Education, Miami, Fla. Milledgeville College for Women. Oliver Hoover, b.s., Education. Francis L. Jacobs, Bus. Ad., Miami, Fla. William J. Jones, a. b., Miami, Florida. Football, 1, 2. Mrs. Mabel Mather, Education, Miami, Florida. J. Harold Mattbson, b.s. Law, Miami, Fla. Judge Whitfield; Y. M. C. A. John L. McLeland, ll.b., Miami, Florida. Tennis, 2, 3, 4: Judge Whitfield. Ethel E. Murrell, Miami, Florida. Mrs. Franklin Parsons, a.b., Coral Gables, Fla. Kappa Alpha Theta. Edith Phelps, a.b., Miami, Fla. Elanor J. Reuben, b.m., Miami, Fla. Maggie W. Rice, a.b., Miami, Fla. Terry Richardson, ll.b. Sigma Xu. University of Alabama; Phi Delta Inin. Constance Seybold, a.b., Miami, Fla. Stray Greek. Frances E. Shelton, b.m., Dania, Fla. Dorothy Simons, b.s., Education. Y.W.C. A. Mrs. Eva Smith, Education, Miami, Fla. Bernie Tison, Bus. Ad. Phi Alpha; Baseball, 1,2; Football; Intra-Mural Athletics Association. ★ ★ Juniors William B. Fenwick, b.s. Elinor W. Fuller, a.b. Floyd M. Gordon, b.a. Mildred Greenburg. b.m. Walter O. Gronning, a.b. John K. Hannafourde. b.s. Charles R. Harting, b.a. Weston A. Heinrich, b.s. J. P. Henderson. Law James Henderson, a.b. Jas. Houston, b.a. Norman S. Ingersol, a.b. Hugh J. Kavney, b.a. Emmett W. Kehoe, Law Roland R. Kelly, a.b. Mary Lou Kenyon, Ed. C. E. Lampkin, b.a. Harold Lessin, a.b. Irvin E. Lewis, ll.b. S. Leven, a.b. J. E. Abras,Law Leroy K. Albert, Arch. Ricker Alfort, Music Andy L. Ashe, a.b. Harold Austin. Law Geo. O. Baer. b.a. John Bates, a.b. Mary M. Bedingford, a.b. Harold W. Bendle. a.b. Dorothy L. Binz, a.b. Ben Berner, ll.b. Albert H. Caesar, b.s. Bill H. Casterlin, a.b. Beryl L. Chapman, Ed. Andrew .J Crawford, b.a. Dorothy May Crise, a.b. Luke A. Crowe, b.a. Richard B. Cumming, b.a. Ralph F. DeBedts, a.b. John W. Dix, b.s. Herbert L. Dorfman, Law Eileen Dorman, a.b. Robert Lipschutz, b.s. Robert F. Louis, Law M. B. MacFarlane, a.b. Idelle Martin, a.b. Nina E. McAllister, a.b. Bernadine McNeilly, b.a. Faith McNeilly, a.b. Harry E. Meigs, a.b. John I Miles, b.a. Jack H. Murrah. Arch. Saidee Murry, b.s. Robert C. Nations, a.b. Coleman Nockolds, Arch. James Wells North, a.b. George S. Okell, Law Frank J. Parizek, b.s. Julius Parker, a.b. James P. Patterson, a.b. Cushman Robertson, b.s. Frederick Rostron, a.b. Ralph E. Rogers, a.b. Marian R. Sackler, b.a. Hettie Keye Scott, a.b. E. Alan Sheeter, b.s. Chas. Siegel, a.b. Charles P. Smith, a.b. Silver S. Squarcia, Law Wade Stiles, a.b. Guy R. Stoddard, b.s. Margaret L. Sweat, a.b. John I. Varner, b.s. J. E. Wasson, Ed. Robert A. Weinstein, a.b. Stanley E. Weiss, a.b. Oswald K. Wells, Bus. Ad. Francis West, b.s. Hazel E. Wills, b.s. Irene L. Woodbury, b.s. Carlotta S. Wright, a.b. Grace N. Wyatt, a.b. Catherine R. Yates, b.s. _______________________s John E. Allen, b.a. Oscar Angwin, b.a. Ruth Arrant, B.s. in Ed. Esther Avery, b.s. Jane J. Burr, l.i. Walter M. Beach, b.s. Dorothy Bebinger, a.b. Fernado Belaunde, Arch. Walter O. Bergh, a.b. Elizabeth Bolton, l.i. Aileen Booth, a.b. Joe B. Booth, Bus. Ad. Gretchen C. Bortell, b.s. Noble E-. Bowlby, b.s. William G. Brimson, b.s. Gifford Briggs, b.s. Reba Brown, a.b. Gertrude A. Burk, l.i. Viola Burnett, a.b. Mildred E. Bush, l.i. Bruce J. Colville, b.a. Frank L. Conlon, b.a. Mary C. Coombs, a.b. Elizabeth Courtney, a.b. Ishmael Cox, b.s. William Crawford, a.b. Joseph V. Cronin, a.b. Edward A. Cushman, a.b. Kaye Daniels, l.i. Walter J. Dansky, a.b. Catherine Dean, b.s. Aileen Dudley, a.b. Joel Ehrens, b.s. Charlotte Farley, l.i. Mortimer Faye, Pre-Law Harry B. Friemark, b.a. Herbert Friedman, b.a. Jack J. Friedman, b.a. Milton Friedman, Pre-Law Howard C. Frost, b.s. Jack M. Fuentes, Arch. Sue F. Gates, a.b. Bruce I. Gheen, b.a. Doris Glendenning, a.b. Joe Glendining, a.b. Lyla E. Gorman, l.i. Edmund Graczyk, Arch. James B. Grant, b.s. James Gray, Jr., Pre-Law o p h o m o r Daniel G. Green, b.s. Don H. Green, b.a. William W. Greer, a.b. Margaret C. Harley, b.s. A1 Harlib, b.a. Gertrude Hart, a.b. Mildred Hart, a.b. William R. Hartsell, a.b. Charles W. Heckman, a.b. Lillian Hefinger, b.a. Arthur J. Hoenig, b.s. John J. Howard, a.b. Watson E. Howard, a.b. Harold J. Humm, a.b. Virginia L. Hunt, l.i. Hart Huttig, a.b. Margaret Hutton, a.b. James F. James, Pre-Law Richard A. Radish, b.a. Mrs. Izora Keeton, l.i. James B. Roger, b.s. Adolph J. Kozlowski, b.s. Albert J. Kurtzon, b.s. Willis B. Lebaw, b.s. William S. Lanier, b.s. Leon W. Larsen, Ed. Mary M. Larne, l.i. Pauline H. Lasky, l.i. Irving M. Lessen, b.a. William I. Levine, Arch. Helen B. Lipton, l.i. Elmer J. LItalien, a.b. James Warren Locke, a.b. Richard B. Lutz, Pre-Law James H. Lyons, b.a. George R. Manley, b.a. Grace Manley, a.b. Charles W. Manley, a.b. Margaret McCrimmon. l.i. Martha H. Mead, b.s. Arthur A. Messier. Ed. John H. Middleton, b.s. James H. Moore, a.b. Lucy E. Moore, a.b. Norman Moore, a.b. Isabella Morrison, l.i. Violetta Morrison, l.i. Ernest W. Mlinger, b.s. Lucille M. Mutchler, l.i. S_______________________ Arnold W. Olsson, a.b. Agnes Ossinach, a.b. Frank J. Pahls, Pre-Eng. Stuart Patten. Bus. Ad. Edwin J. Paxton, a.b. Louise Paxton, a.b. John M. Peterniche, a.b. Jean Pickard, a.b. Josephine Ross, l.i. Robert H. Robbins, b.s. Mary Joe Roberts, a.b. Emma Roesing, Pre-Law Barbara Sandquist, a.b. Beatrice Schaff, a.b. Fred B. Sharman, b.s. Andrew B. Shaw, b.s. Phillip W. Shaw, a.b. Marjorie Shewmaker, a.b. Beatrice J. Silver, l.i. Jerome I). Silverstein. b.a. Ellis B. Sloan, b.s. John W. Sloan, b.a. Charles E. Smith, b.s. George B. Smith, a.b. Henry M. Smith, b.a. Mary A. Smith, l.i. George M. Sollis, b.s. Frank B. Stoddard, a.b. Egbert W. Sudlow, b.a. Bettye Sullivan, a.b. Katharine Sullivan, a.b. Priscilla Sweeting, l.i. Marjorie E. Tebo. l.i. Meldrim Thomson, b.a. Alan B. Todd, a.b. Kathryn Tompkinson, a.b. Felicia Trombetta, l.i. Marian Turelsky, a.b. L. J. Varner, b.a. Lester Walder, Bns. Ad. Mary Lou Walker, a.b. William M. Walton, b.s. Jane Wardlow, b.s. Milton Weiss, b.s. Ernest L. Wiedenman, a.b. Frances L. Wilson, Ed. Dorothy Jane Witters, a.b. Lois Woodbury, a.b. Margaret Zoll, a.b.i Freshmen Helen Dupree Atfoed. L.l. Fercelle M. Allen. D M. Ruib E. Andenon. A.B. Anna Mat Ankerrmaun. A.B. living R. Applebaum. Pre-Law Conrad B. Arnold. B.S. Clydr Atkin . Pit-Law Mtrrill P. Bailty. B.S Frantti M. Bauow. A.B. Hoiact L. Bait . Bui. Ad. Bruy Alitr Baumgardner. L.l. Finley P. Bracon. A.B. Eugene W Beck, B.S. Waliti Ewaid Btttbam. A.B. Bairnd A. Beck. A.B. Thtolla Ardtllt Btlltu. A.B. Htrman B. B.erkampci. A.B. Sylvan L. Bird. B.S. Maivm S. Black. Bui. Ad. Joitph E. Blacker. Aith. Arthur Blau. Pre-Law Haiold S. Blumtnlbal. A.B. Hugh Francii Bonnt. B.S. Robtri R. Baytr. Bn . Ad. Erntu Brruithnridtc A.B. Eilhtr Bridge . L.l. Hrnry P. Brigg . B.S. Harold B. Bi on, Bui. Ad. Doioihy Biyani. A.B. Edwin A. Buckley. A.B. Norma Ntllt Bullard. L.l. Evtrtur Burdick. B.S. Richard Burntu. But. Ad. Cbarlti R. Barm. A.B. Elwood J. Carr. A.B. John J. Carroll. A.B. Arthur F. Cavanaugh. Arth. Marit Chamber . A.B. Evtrtu A. Clay. A.B. Mrlvin J. Cohtn. But. Ad. Frank M. Colville. A.B. Mauritf Connor , A-B. Ruih Elizabeth Crral. A.B Paul V. Crowlty. Pit-Law Anna C. Curry. Ed. Jean F. David. A.B. Gturudr Row Dritz. A-B. Thoma E. Delaney. A.B. John DcMiku. Bu . Ad. Caroline M. Dilg. A.B. Lueitn M. Doiy. Bu . Ad. Franeii E. Drucoll. A.B. Charlotrt H. Duty. L.l. Jean L. Dozen. A.B. Julia F. Eggbtu. B.S. Adtlaid L. Eubank . B.S. Emma R. Fangtr. A.B. Paulinr E. Farley. A.B. Loan Ftitrabtnd. B.S. Grorgt Findlty. A.B. Floyd D. Folgtr. A.B. Norman Fooit. A.B. Corwin F. Fotbtck. A.B. Chattel W. Foirrr. A.B. Carolint Franklin. A.B. Gtorgt O. Franklin. A.B Juliu J. Fritdman. Bu . Ad. Henry Kart Gardner. A.B. Thoma S. Gowin. B.S. Thoma J. Grainty. A.B Erntu A. Grave . B.S. Charlotte Green. A.B. Jamei A. Gregory. A.B. Mickey Groie. A.B. Roie Grot L.l. Rafael J. Guttavino Herbert W. Hagelgant. B.S. Kathleen M. Hahn. Mui.c Frankie Letu Haigler. A.B. Hudion R. Hamm. Bui. Ad. Betty Harrit. A.B. George H. Harvey. Bu . Ad. Edith V. Herlong. A.B. Phil N. He»i. A.B. Helene R. Hirtch. A.B. Herbert Hodgman. A.B. Mallory Horton. Pre-Law Nettor Houghtaling. Bui. Ad. ErnrtLne D. Hughe . A.B. John W. Hughci. B.S. Warriene C. Hunter. Ed. Gume R. Jacobtkmd. Ed. Dorothy P. Johntton. A.B. Howard E. Jordan. But. Ad. Mitchell Katanolf. A.B. Bernard Katz. Bu . Ad. Mary M. Kenney. A.B Anna D'Arcy King. Mutic Donald J. Kintzel. A.B. John W. Kitchen . B.S. Stephen K. 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Burton Prince. Bui. Ad. William J. Quigley. Arch. Irma J. Randolph. A.B. Evelyn B. Ray. A.B. Paul Richion. Bui. Ad. Albert Reiiman. Bu . Ad. Dorothy Rhoadi. A.B. Laura Lou Richardi. Ed. Merle C. Ricbardion. Ed. Anna M. Ritchey. A.B. Mary F. Robert Sylveuer V. Ru . B.S. Charlotte M. Rupert. A.B. George S. Saltiman. Pre-Law Helen A. Shelton. B.S. Robert Sicgal. Pre-Law Samuel I. Silver. Bu . Ad. Frank Simmonite. Bu . Ad. Aimee Simon . A.B. Michael P. Silurian. A.B. John B. Sloan. Bui. Ad. Caroline L. Smith. A.B. Frank J. Smith. A.B. George M. Sollii. B.S. Lewi Stein. B.S. Francei C. Steven . L.L Frank H. Strathan. Pre-Law Loi W. Taylor. A.B. Ilabel Mae Tebo. L.L Alberta Thompion. B.S. Tommy Thompion. L.L Delacey Thomion. B.S. Edward A. Tony. B.S. Clifton B. Treatnre. A.B. Robert B. Turner. B.S. Mary Jane Van Tine. A.B. Frederick John Valking. A.B. Jamei P. Walker Bernice Watt . A.B. Roy H. Waugh. A.B. Marihall Wayne. Bu . Ad. Dany E. Wetmote. A.B. Al Ray White. A.B. Albert W. White. A.B. Henry A. White. A.B. Guy Whitlock. A.B. Mary Whitlock. A.B. George William , Jr.. B.S. Lenore M. Wright. L.L Franei A. Yahner. Bui. Ad. John L. Zwerner. B.S. FOOTBALL Coaching Staff: left to right, Tommy McCann, head coach; “Goldie” Goldstein, line coach; Pete Furman, back field coach; and Cliff Courtney, freshman coach. Senior Members of Varsity Squad: Louie Ilansen, stocky fullback, was a continual driving force in the Hurricane back field. Fred Fahrcnfcld, although light for a lineman, capably filled the position of guard when called upon. Bob Downes has long been an asset in the back field, where he performed ably at right half. Frank Puglisi proved himself a tower of strength at tackle, holding down this post in splendid fashion. John O'Day distinguished himself by his offensive work in the line, alternating at guard and tackle.In the past season the University of Miami Hurricanes inaugurated an entirely new system of football under the leadership of Coach Tom McCann, who succeeded Ernie Brett as top skipper on the Hurricane deck. Phis season also saw the organization of the U. of M. Athletic Association, composed of prominent business men throughout the Miami area. Headed by Mr. Booth and Mr. Ungar, this committee arranged the financial backing necessary to see the Hurricanes through their second season of night football. The first two games at home proved to be bad news to the Hurricane fans. Miami turned over a stubborn victory to Bowdon State by a six point margin, 3nd were short one point when the final whistle stopped the second game with South Georgia. With the confidence of their traditional jinx over Rollins, Miami won their sixth victory from the Tars, 7 to 0. OKI man hard luck exacted his toll the following week, however, when the Southern Moccasins came to town and ambled home with a well earned 31-20 victory. Early in November Tom McCann and his crew invaded Kentucky, losing to Western Kentucky, and Murray Teachers. The Hurricane had spent its force when the squad met the Tennessee Teachers at Murfreesboro, and dropped the third and last game of the trip. 24 to 6.The Kentucky blues seemed to stay with the Miami eleven even on the home grounds, and the Hurricanes lost their homecoming game to Alabama Reserves in one of the hardest fought games of the season. With the coming of the Erskine squad to the land of palms and sunshine, the University of Miami hit their mid-season stride and sent the South Carolina boys home with a 9 to 0 defeat. This game turned the tide of bad luck that had followed McCann all season, and the Hurricanes finished their season in characteristic fashion by turning in two straight victories, defeating the Parris Island Marines, 12-6, and Alabama Teachers, 14-13. 'The final game was more bad news, but a real thrill for the Hurricane fans, Miami, 9; Norman Park, 19. 'The boys were playing a new system of football that was entirely alien to their previous training, and much credit is due to Tom McCann and his assistants for turning what promised to be an experimental season into a creditable display of Hurricane talent. Good luck, Tommy, old boy! Next season looks good. University of Miami, 7.................Bowdon, 12 University of Miami, 12 ......South Georgia, 13 University of Miami, 7.................Rollins, 0 University of Miami, 20.............Southern, 31 University of Miami, 0........Western Ky., 20 University of Miami, 0.....Murray Teachers, 15 University of Miami, 6.........Tenn. Teachers, 24 University of Miami, 0.....Alabama B Team, 16 University of Miami, 9................ Erskine, 0 University of Miami, 12..........Parris Island, 6 University of Miami, 14.... Alabama Teachers, 13 University of Miami, 9........Norman Park, 19Basketball The Hurricane basketeers, under the strategic handling of Head Coach Tommy McCann and Assistant Coach Lloyd Solie, waded through an 18-game schedule with but one defeat for the best cage record ever set up by a University of Miami basketball squad. A clear title to the South Florida A.A.U. championship, with wins over the leading amateur teams in this district, climaxed an eminently successful season. With only two veterans answering McCann's call, Louie Hansen and Luke Crowe, prospects were slow in assuming their brightest hue, but an influx of such stars as Folger, McKimmie, Delaney, Graney, Gordon, and others, rounded out one of the smoothest working teams ever seen on a Miami court. The Hurricanes started off the season with one-sided victories over local Y.M.C.A. and church league teams. With these games under their belts, McCann’s men waded through such teams as the South Florida Athletic Club of Tampa, the Parris Island Marines, St. Petersburg College, Fort Lauderdale Athletic Club, and Xorman Park College of Georgia to effectively demonstrate their court supremacy. Statistics gave the Hurricanes a season point total of 816, while their opponents were held to a 456 score. Folger and McKimmie took high point honors with respective totals of 167 and 160, and the former was chosen together with Hansen for a position on an All-A.A.U. team following the South Florida tournament.Boxing and Wrestling The University of Miami boxing and wrestling teams digressed somewhat from precedence this year by making an extended trip through the east and south. Although the mittmen were not followed by their usual success, an overwhelming victory over the arch-enemy, Florida, more than atoned for other set-backs. The wrestlers, coached by Ernie Brett, displayed their prowess by scoring one-sided wins over the teams encountered on the road trip, but due to several last minute substitutions for disabled varsity men, the all-important meet with the Gators of the University of Florida was lost by a close 16-14 margin. It was the first defeat for a Miami mat team. The boxing squad, headed by coaches Ingersoll and Brett, led off the season by an invasion of the crack Catholic U.’s territory in Washington, I). C., but were turned back with a 5-2 defeat. Several days later the mittmen joined forces with the wrestling squad at Beaufort, South Carolina, to engage the representatives of the famous Parris Island Marines. The boxers were only able to garner three bouts out of the scheduled seven, but the wrestlers hung up a business-like 36-0 decision for their first meet of the year. Manley, bantamweight. Nations, lightweight, and Bates, welterweight, accounted for the boxing victories, while Abras, Reichgott. and Weilbacher were outstanding in the grappler’s win. Additional representatives of Uncle Sam in the person of the soldiers of Fort Benning, Columbus, Georgia, were the next Hurricane opponents. The boxers again came off with a 5-2 defeat, only Eavenson, featherweight, and Phillips, middleweight, getting decisions, while Coach Brett’s wrestlers ran into some formidable opposition, but won, 21 to 13. Abras, Reichgott, and Varner scored falls to lead their teammates. Returning to Miami, the Hurricane squads went into intensive practice for the Gator teams, whom they met in the Biscayne Arena before a large crowd of fans. The Florida wrestlers, coached by Evan Lindstrom, former pupil of Ernie Brett, upset predictions by their narrow 16-14 defeat of the favored Hurricanes. Miami led by one point up to the final bout of the evening, the heavyweight clash, in which Weinberg of Florida succeeded in gaining a time advantage over Peterniche of approximately one minute and then successfully stalled off the attacks of the Miami heavy to clinch the meet for the Gators. Abras did an iron man stunt by taking both the boxing and wrestling bouts in the bantamweight class, giving impetus to the glove-slingers 6-1 win by scoring a knockout over Perez in the first round. Phillips and Bates also rang up valuable points over the knockout route, while Eavenson, Nations, and Renshaw were given decisions in the featherweight, lightweight, and heavyweight classes. Burnett, light heavy, lost a close match for the only Hurricane set-back of the night. The wrestling team also came through in the sectional tryouts for Olympic candidates held in the university gym March 19, nosing out the University of Florida, 27-26, to win the team championship, and qualifying four men for participation in the national finals. Abras, 115 pounds, Lowd, 125 pounds, Loverde. 145 pounds, and Reichgott, 155 pounds, are the Miami men who will go to New Jersey in June for a crack at the Olympic goal. Two bantamweights will lead the Hurricanes into action next year. Manley, 115 pound boxer, will serve as captain for the university ringmen, and Abras will captain his wrestling teammates. Both are able veterans, and Miami followers can look forward confidently to well rounded teams for the coming season. Intra-Mural and Minor Sports Intramural sports and intercollegiate competition in the minor sports were developed to a much greater degree at the university than heretofore. The Hurricanes put teams in the field in tennis, golf, and swimming, all of which made admirable showings. The racquet squad proved itself one of the brightest spots by going through a state and local schedule of seventeen matches, losing none. Greer and McLeland returned from last year’s team, and a wealth of new material in Hamm. Mindlin, Scharfman. White, Yahner. and many others rounded out one of the smoothest working squads ever to represent Miami on the courts. The university was fortunate in having for its Xo. 1 man Hudson Hamm, state singles champion, and a tennis player of unusual ability. The outstanding court triumphs were two victories over Rollins College, in both of which Miami made a clean sweep of every match. Tenaille, Parisian net star and ranking Rollins man, was decisively defeated by Hamm in each of their encounters. At the state collegiate tournament, Hamm was turned back in the finals by Arthur Hendrix, well known Southern player, but later teamed up with Ray White to bring the doubles crown to Miami. In addition, the squad took part in several exhibition matches and local tourneys. A more comprehensive collegiate schedule is planned for the coming year. This was the first year of collegiate competition for the Hurricane swimming team, coached by Johnny Thelan. They made their initial splash in a dual meet with the Tars of Rollins College at the Coral Gables Venetian Pools, emerging on the top side of a thrilling 31-26 victory. The score was tied at 21-all just prior to the final event, the team relay, with George Saltsman’s final spurt giving Miami the meet. Marshall Wayne, state diving champion, and George Saltsman, Miami anchor man, accounted for most of the Hurricane points, ably backed up by Stanley Weiss, Clifton Treasure, and Hill Lanier. On the links the university was somewhat handicapped by the loss of Hana-fourde, Smith, and several others of last year’s squad. The team was mainly composed of freshmen, with John Slocum in the ranking Xo. 1 position. Brett-schneider, Lyons, and Smith showing promising form, but were unable to cope with the star Rollins golfers, who carried Miami scalps back to Winter Park in both meets between the schools. Although the collegiate schedule was limited this year, the return of practically the entire varsity squad will doubtless encourage Miami to participate in a wider range of golfing activities during the coming year.Coach E. E. Brett turned out a smooth working team of gymnasts and tumblers which entertained football and school audiences with their snappy exhibitions. The squad was thoroughly drilled in apparatus and mat work, and their complicated pyramids always drew applause. Five of the squad received gold awards given each year for outstanding work in gymnastics. Intramural sports were also developed to a great extent at the university. Hard fought tournaments were held in touch football, basketball, handball, diamondball. and track, with teams from various classes, organizations, and fraternities striving for the many awards, while the women’s classes in physical education sponsored competition in captainball and ping pong, with an inter-sorority diamondball tournament winding up the school season. INTRA-MURAL RESULTS Women's Tournament Play won BY Volleyball Sport Club Captainball Sigma Phi Ping Pong Sport Club Tennis Lambda Phi Golf Theta Tau Baseball Lambda Phi Participation Plaque Alpha Delta Men’s Tournament Play Football Frosh Basketball Phi Epsilon Pi Volleyball Stray Greeks Boxing Gamma Delta Wrestling Phi Alpha Tennis singles Frosh (Larson) Tennis doubles incomplete Handball singles Phi Epsilon Pi (Reichgott) Handball doubles incomplete Baseball incomplete Pentathelon Phi Alpha (Wade Stiles) Field Events Gamma Delta Golf finalists incomplete Fraternity Standings May 21st Pi Chi 250 Phi Epsilon Pi 225 Freshmen 212 Phi Alpha 175 Delta Sigma Kappa 162 Gamma Delta 100 Stray Greeks 100Phi Alpha Petitioning Sigma Alpha Epsilon Dr. O. J. Sieplein, Sponsor ACTIVES Jack Sloan Cushman Robertson Ellis Sloan James Roger President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Andrew Ashe Walter Beach William Brimson James B. Grant Warren Locke Francis Houghtaling Raymond Miller Eugene Beck Gwynne Bierkamper Nestor Houghtaling Edwin Paxton Wade Stiles Bernie Tison Joseph Blacker Charles Burns J. C. Simms PLEDGES Henry Norris Russell Stoddard Nicholos Condon Louis Feierabend James Gregory George Harvey Stephen Kite-Powelf Ernest M unger Gary Price-Williams. E. A. Sheeder George Franklin Tommy ThompsonPi Chi FOUNDED 1926 % Sponsored by Sigma Nu colors : Black and Gold flower : White Rose OFFICERS Harry Meigs Eminent Commander George K. Glassford Lieutenant Commander Bernard Pahls Secretary-Treasurer James Lyons Historian Stanford Kimbrough Chaplain Earl Howard Sentinel FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1932 George Glassford, Bernard Pahls, O. B. Sutton, Stanford Kimbrough Class of 1933 James Abras, Van Dudley, Harry Meigs, David Wharton Class of 1934 Earl Howard, Adolph Kozlowski, James Lyons, Stuart Patton, John Middleton, Frank Pahls, Ricker Alford, Jack Carr, John Peterniche Class of 1933 Tom Delaney, Tom Graney, Dick Lewis, John Kitchens, Roy Gibson, Norman Foote, Richard Burnett, Bert McCollum, Ernest Brettschneider, Finley Beaton John Thom Holdsworth, Faculty Advisor HONORARY MEMBERS W. L. Stribling, Dr. F. E. Kitchens, Richard Schlaudecker, 11Delta Sigma Kappa FOUNDED 1927 FRATRES IN FACULTATF. Gilbert Bromaghim, Don G. Henshaw, Sidney Hoehl, Shirley Dix FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of iq32 Neupert Weilbacher, Edmund Wright, Louis Hansen. A. J. Laing Class of 1Q33 Silver Squarcia, I-rank Puglisi, Coleman Xockolds, Floyd Gordon, Luke Crowe, Jack Murrah, Jerome Kavney Class of iq34 Howard Frost, Charles Smith, George Manley, William Walton, Byrne Stoddard, Bruce Colville, John Dix Class of 1Q35 Floyd F'olger, Frank Simmonite, Marvin Black, Frank Colville, Neil Webb, George Williams, Horace Bates, Ralph McXicol. William Hughes, Herbert Haglegans, Robert TurnerPhi Epsilon Pi Alpha Iota Chapter founded 1929 colors: Purple and Gold flower: Violet OFFICERS Jerome B. Cohn Joseph Fleischaker Jack Daly Albert J. Kurtzon Robert K. Cahn Superior Vice Superior Secretary Treasurer Quarterly Representative ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Fred J. Cohen, Harry Kahn, Arthur A. Ungar FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1932 Jerome B. Cohn, Jack Daly, Joseph Fleischaker Class of 1933 Harold Austin, Robert K. Cahn, A1 Walder, Irwin Jaffee, Jack Honig, Stanley Phillips, Walter Machauf Class of 1934 Albert J. Kurtzon, George Reichgott, Lester Walder, Herbert Friedman, Jack Friedman Class of 1933 Lawrence W. Lefkowitz, Melvai J. Cohen. John Slocum, Bert Prince, Robert Siegal, Harvey Scharfman. Herman Fox ALUMNI ADVISORS Irving Greenfield, Joseph P. Rubin, William Farr, Harold Farkus, Harold Markle, Sidney Raugin I--------- — ■Pi Delta Sigma FOUNDED I929 colors: Maroon and White flower: Carnation OFFICERS Wayne Remley Richard Cummin ? Carl Apuzzo Andrew Shaw William Casterlin Robert Minear George Sollis William Aufort President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Sergeant-at-Arms Accountant Recording Secretary Historian John L. Skinner, Sponsor HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. O. P. Hart. Rev. Don Henshaw. Mr. Morton Miller, Mr. Robert Smith. Frank Condlon Class of 1Q32 Wayne Remley, George Weigand. Carl Blohm, Robert Minear. Carl Apuzzo, Francis Jacobs. William Aufort Class of 1Q33 Richard Cumming, William Casterlin, Oswald K. Wells Class of 1Q34 Joe B. Booth, Egbert Sudlow. Andrew Shaw. George Sollis, Gifford Briggs, David Lithgow Class of iQ35 William O'Brian, Clyde Atkins, Sylvian Bird, John Morrison. Martin Cheever. George Lowd, Everett Burdick. Everett Clay, Jimmy Moo! FRATRES EX UNIVERSITATE Edward Baxterr Gamma Delta founded 1928 colors: Purple and Gold OFFICERS John O'Day James Drake George Okell Fred Fahrenfeld Charles Heckman Frank Siler President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Pledge Master Sergeant-at-Arms Chaplain FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class oj 1932 John O’Day, Les Moline, Julius Parker, Fred Fahrenfeld. William Eavenson, Frank Siler Class of 1933 Fred Rostron, John Bates, Pat West, James Drake Class of 1934 Charles Heckman, George Lee, William L'ltalien, Walter Dansky, Robert Nations Class of 1933 Luke Connors, Phil McKimmie, Joseph O’Day. A1 Harlib, Edwin Buckley, Arthur Cavanaugh, John Carroll SCHOOL OF LAW George Okell, '33; Nicholas Leischen, '34; Claude Barnes, '34 • Women’s Inter - Fraternity Council OFFICERS Idelle Martin President Mary Martha Beddingfield Vice President Phyllis Wolfort Secretary-Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES TO THE COUNCIL Alpha Delta Lillian Hefinger, Mary Martha Beddingfield Alpha Kappa Alpha Lambda Phi Sigma Phi Theta Tan L’psilon Lambda Phi Zeta Phi Gladys Hayes, Marjorie Tebo Hettie Scott, Dorothy Wright Betty Blain, Phyllis Wolfort Idelle Martin, Grace Wyatt Mildred Greenburg, Pauline Lasky Anne Bagby, Josephine Montanus T1 Lambda Phi Sponsored by Kappa Kappa Gamma colors: Coral and Blue flower : The Coral Vine Hettie Scott Dorothy Wright Priscilla Sweeting Bettye Sullivan Louise Paxton Aileen Booth Eileen Dudley President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Rushing Captain Pledge Advisor Scrgeant-at-Arms SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1932 Dorothy Wright Beatrice Smith Class of 1933 Eleanor Thompson, Hettie Scott, Dorothy Crise, Lyla Gorman, Eileen Dudley Class of 1934 Bettye Sullivan, Louise Paxton, Kathleen Daniels, Priscilla Sweeting, Aileen Booth Class of 1Q33 Roma Pape, Marjorie Meggs, Ruth Lutz, Aimee Simmons, Anna Mary Ritchey, Margaret Kenny, Mary Jane Van Tine, Adelaide Eubanks PLEDGES Florence Leonardi, Gretchen Bortell, Lillian McGahey, Beryl Chapman, Mary Joy Alterwm Alpha Delta founded 1926 color .Gold flower: Yellow Rose OFFICERS Lillian Hefinger Mary Jo Roberts Kathryn Tomkinson Sue Gates MEMBERS Lucille Mutchler Mary Jo Roberts Henri Kate Gardner Mary Martha Beddingfield Sue Gates Lillian Hefinger Kathryn Tomkinson PLEDGES Ruth Arrant Aileen Dorman PATRONESSES Mrs. Frederick Zeigen, Mrs. Howard Anderson. Mrs. V. F. Ernest, Mrs. Carson Bradford, Mrs. J. Warren James Ernestine Hughes Betty Harley Mary Frances Roberts President Secretary Treasurer Rush Captain IfN- ? 7 Sigma Phi FOUNDED I927 $ colors: Orchid and Green flower: The Sweet Pea OFFICERS Phyllis Wolfort Gertrude Robinson Byrl Wheeler Esther Avery Betty Blain Lulah Codington President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Rushing Captain Pledge Advisor Class of 1932 Lulah Codington, Gertrude Robinson, Byrl Wheeler, Phyllis Wolfort Class of 1933 Betty Blain, Bernadine McNeilly, Marjorie Macfarlane, Faith McNeiKy Class of 1934 Esther Avery, Reba Brown, Agnes Osinach, Barbara Sandquist, Catherine Sullivan, Mary Louise Walker, Dorothy Witters Class of 1933 Dorothy Bryant. Faith Forbeck, Lois Mead, Daisy Wet morei inn Alpha Kappa Alpha Petitioning Beta Phi Alpha founded 1929 colors: Rose and Green flower: Pink Rose Gladys Hayes Marjorie Tebo Mildred Hart Gertrude Hart Irene Woodbury Lucile Maxwell Rozella Dillard OFFICERS President Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Chaplain - Pledge Captain Historian MEMBERS Class of iq32 Virginia Bootes, Rozella Dillard, Gladys Hayes, Lucile Maxwell, Alida Van Mess, Semele Cates Class of jqjj Irene Woodbury, Carlotta Wright Class of iQ34 Gertrude Hart, Mildred Hart, Marjorie Tebo, Lucy Moore Class of 1Q35 Ruth Anderson, Caroline Dilg, Laura Lou Richards, Frances Stevens, Evelyn Ray, Lois Taylor, Isabel Tebo, Norriene Hunter, Frances Pherigo, Lois Woodbury, Anna Curry PATRONESSES Mrs. Melanie Rosborough, Mrs. Robert English, Mrs. Franklin Harris, Mrs. Eugene Romfh Winners of the Pan-Hellenic Scholarship cup for 1Q30 and 1Q31Z e t a Phi colors: Gold and White flower: The Tea Rose Petitioning Chi Omega founded 1927 OFFICERS Anne Bagby Eleanor Miller Doris Glendenning Virginia Hastings Marjorie Shewmaker Josephine Montanus Katie Dean President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Marshal Rushing Captain Sports Chairman Marguerite Sweat Jewel Hardin Cleo Bullard Catherine Yates MEMBERS Francis Osborne Jane Wardlow Alberta Thompson Martha Meade Ferrell Allen Betty Harris Sally Markley Elinor Miksitz PLEDGE Normanelle Bullard Jean David Mary Ethel Smith Louise Smith Flossie Bell Pearson Edith Herlong PATRONESSES Miss Bertha Foster, Mrs. Julian S. Eaton, Mrs. E. B. Elliot, Mrs. David Fairchild, Mrs. John B. Orr, Mrs. O. J. Sieplein, Mrs. J. Raymond Graves, Mrs.C.A. Entrekini. n r' Theta Tau FOUNDED 1926 colors : Blue and Gold flower : Pink Rose OFFICERS Grace Wyatt Henriette Nolan Idelle Martin Carolyn Lampkin Lillian Choquette Idelle Martin President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Rushing Captain Historian I Class of 1932 Janice Watts Lillian Choquette Class of 1933 Carolyn Lampkin, Idelle Martin, Henriette Nolan, Grace Wyatt, Hazel Wills Class of 1934 Marian Pierce, Elizabeth Bolton, Kathaleen Hahn Class of 1933 Rho Beta Omicron Public Speaking Fraternity founded 1926 Ruth Bryan Owen, Honorary Sponsor Rufus Steele, Honorary Member Don Henshaw. Sponsor OFFICERS Marguerite Sweat Jewell Harden Wade Stiles Rozella Dillard President Secretary Treasurer Historian Gilbert Bromaghim Aileen Booth Joseph Fleischaker Nicholas Leischen Charles Heckman John O’Day Robert Downes Pauline Lasky ACTIVE MEMBERS Milton Weiss Robert Louys Cushman Robertson Emmet Kehoe Bee Smith Milton Friedman Alberta Thompson Catharine Coombes Lucille Mutchler Henri Kate Gardner William O'Bryan Jane Wardlow Lyla Gorman Julius Parker Albert Franklin Francis Houghtaling Otto SiepleinSenate Marguerite Sweat President Harry Meigs Vice President Byrl Wheeler Secretary-Treasurer THE SENIOR SENATORS Walter Sackett. Robert Minear, Xeupert Weilbacker THE JUNIOR SENATORS Cushman Robertson. Weston Heinrich THE SOPHOMORE SENATORS Meldrim Thomson. Edwin Paxton. Andrew Shaw THE FRESHMEN SENATORS Dorothy Rhoads. Frankie Lou Haigler. Xester Houghtaling SENATORS FROM THE LAW SCHOOL Emmett Kehoe, Irving Lewis, J. Harold Matteson SENATORS FROM THE MUSIC SCHOOL Eleanor Rubin, Florence Hill SECRETARY TO THE SENATE Edwin PaxtonHonor Court Carrington Gramling Chief Justice Robert Louys Prosecuting Attorney THE JUSTICES Coleman Nockolds Aileen Booth Earle Howard Idelle Martin Stuart Patton Joe Fleischaker Irving LewisUtui Hurricane Edwin Paxton A1 de Bedts Don Carroll Les Moline Bettye Sullivan Editor-in-chief Managing Editor News Editor Sports Editor Society Editor BUSINESS STAFF Harold Humm Business Manager George Harvey As ft Business Mgr. James Roger Circulation Manager Steve Kite-Powell Ass’t Circulation Mgr. FEATURES Virginia Ralston Louise Paxton Cliff Treasure Bob Downes Isador Xeham Bill Mabrey REPORTORIAL STAFF Pauline Lasky Daisy Wetmore Sally Markley Jean David Xedra McNamara Emma Reude FangerYearbook Ed Wright Editor Harry Meigs Managing Editor Virginia Ralston Associate Editor Hartwell Hunter Business Manager Ray Miller Circulation Manager Florine Lehman Literary Editor Joe Fleischaker Athletics Editor A1 de Bedts Assistant Athletics Editor Sally Markley Feature Editor Cushman Robertson Picture Editor Lucile Maxwell Statistics EditorStray Greeks FOUNDED 1931 President Vice President Secretary-T reasurer OFFICERS William B. Fenwick, Phi Delta Theta Robert Downes, Theta Delta Chi Norman Ingersoll, Alpha Delta Phi Delta Chi James Moore Frank Conlon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Charles Harting William McLeod James Henderson Delta Sigma Phi Harry Freimark Sigma Nu Wm. S. Lanier Ed. A. Cushman H. W. Bendle Terry Richardson Richard Schlaudecker MEMBERS Kappa Delta Rho William Crawford Pi Lambda Phi George O. Baer Pi Kappa Alpha Richard Lutz Wallace Greer Phi Alpha Herbert Dorfman Robert Weinstein Robert Lipschutz Zcta Psi William Quigley Alpha Tan Omega Ross Hartzell Pi Kappa Phi Emmett Kehoe Theta Chi Michael White Psi Upsilon Bruce Gheen Phi Sigma Delta Sam Liever Delta Kappa Epsilon Frank Smathers Otto Xewmann Lambda Chi Alpha Arnold 01 IsonM Club to OFFICERS Bob Downes President Luke Crowe Vice President Stanford Kimbrough Secretary-Treasurer John O'Day Walter Dansky Elmer L’ltalien George Lee Edward Graczyk Adolph Kozlowski Charles Heckman Joseph Cronin Frank Puglisi John Middleton John Bates John Peterniche Hartwell Hunter MEMBERS George Reichgott Stan Phillips Thomas Graney Floyd Folger Floyd Gordon Tom Delaney James Abras A1 Kurtzon Joe Loverde John Varner George Manley Richard Burnett Ed Wright Bill Crawford Jerry Cohen Fred Fahrenfeld Joe Fleischaker Bob Downes Luke Crowe Frank Siler Jerry Kavney William Kimbrough Stanford Kimbrough Bob TngersollDebating Council Joseph Fleischaker Julius Parker Henri Kate Gardner Lucille Mutchler President Vice President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS Pauline Lasky George Baer Robert Boyer Meldrim Thomson Irving Lewis Milton Friedman Milton Weiss Jack Daly Webster Wallace Kenneth R. Close, Faculty Advisor  Girl’s Glee Club Bertha Foster, Director Idelle Martin, Pianist Frances Wilson Edith Herlong Isabel Tebo Marjorie Tebo Mary Ritchey Ferrell Allen Josephine Montanus Semele Cates Mildred Bush Audrey Burke Elizabeth Yates MEMBERS Emma Ruede Fanger Alice Baumgardner Pauline Lasky Norriene Hunter Francis Osborne Jean Diezets Kathleen Hahn Daisy Wet more Beatrice Silver Josephine Ross Mary Frances Roberts Irma June Randolph Idelle Martin Charlotte Duey Ruth Anderson Lucile Maxwell Nedra McNamara Roma Pape Lois Taylor Evelyn Ray Margaret Zoll Clara MannheimerY. W. C. A. OFFICERS Lucile Maxwell Byrl Wheeler Idelle Martin Aileen Booth President Vice President Secretary Treasurer CABINET Discussion Group Leaders Jane Wardlow, Art Group Sally Markley. Literature Group Henriette Nolan, Religious Group Barbara Sandquist, Vocational Group Gladys Hayes, Inter-Racial Committee Chairmen Elizabeth Bolton, Program Mary Ethel Smith, Social Lillian Hefinger, Social Service Priscilla Sweeting, Publicity Byrl Wheeler, Membership Bettye Sullivan, Freshmen Girls FRESHMEN GIRLS Xedra McNamara, Roma Pape. Lois Taylor, Henri Kate Gardner ADVISORS Miss Mary B. Merritt, Miss Bertha Foster, Miss Mildred Lawson Miss Georgia M. Barrett, Mrs. Melanie RosboroughY. M. C. A. OFFICERS Robert B. Minear Jack Murrah Richard Cumming Oswald K. Wells Dr. O. P. Hart President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisor ACTIVE MEMBERS Le Roy Albert Franklin Albert John Allen Carl Apuzzo Henry Briggs Martin Cheever William Casterlin George Harvey Raymond Miller Wayne Remley Andrew Shaw Phillip Shaw Wade Stiles Clifton Treasure ASSOCIATE MEMBERS James Abras Milton Friedman Morton Miller Cushman RobertsonJudge Whitfield Club Honorary Law Fraternity John Layfield Rollo Karkeet Robert Louys Silver Squarcia OFFICERS Chief Justice Associate Justice Treasurer Secretary John Layfield Rollo Karkeet Robert Louys Silver Squarcia Samuel Leiver Emmet Kehoe John Henderson MEMBERS Judd Downing William Hester Irwin Lewis O. B. Sutton Carrington Gramling George Okell William McLeod R. A. Rasco, Advisor Der Deutsche Verein The German Honor Club of the University of Miami Mrs. Wm. B. Rosborough, Faculty Advisor OFFICERS Marguerite Sweat John Dix Virginia Bootes Catherine Yates Eileen Dorman President Vice President Treasurer Publicity Chairman Program Chairman Shirley Dix Jack Daly Norman Tngersoll Arthur Honig Mildred Greenberg Marian Pierce MEMBERS Ralph Rogers Walter Sackett Helen Lipton Andrew Ashe Beatrice Silver Jack Sloan Victor Wright Marian Sackler Dorothy Benz Everett Burdick Gertrude Dietz Howard Edwards Frank PahlsWing and Wig Club OFFICERS Josephine Montanus Cushman Robertson Priscilla Sweeting Andrew Shaw Stanley Phillips President Vice President Secretary Treasurer B usiness Monager Lee Trombetta Assistant Business Manager Opal Euard Mot ter, Director Marjorie Shewmaker Catherine Yates Virginia Hastings Doris Glendenning Marguerite Sweat Aileen Booth Lucile Mutchler Ruth Arrant Earle Howard Milton Friedman MEMBERS Wade Stiles Helen Lipton June Randolph Mitchell Kasanoff Millicent Rubin James Mool Frank Puglisi James Lyons Anne Bagby Xina McAllister Beryl Chapman Gilbert Bromaghim Eleanor Miksitz Thomas Graney George Smith Stephen Kite-Powell Henri Kate Gardner Margaret Duhaine George HarveySociety of 19 FOUNDED I932 OFFICERS James Abras Guy Russell Stoddard, Jr. James B. Roger President Vice President Secretary MEMBERS Francis Houghtaling Hartwell Hunter Walter Sacket Harry Shaw Xestor Houghtaling Jack Daly Steve Kite-Powell William Jones Bob Mi near Harry Meigs Fred Fahrenfeld Ed Wright Harold LessenSociety of 1870 Ptiniing by PARKER. Coral Gabln -

Suggestions in the University of Miami - Ibis Yearbook (Coral Gables, FL) collection:

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