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Text from Pages 1 - 200 of the 1975 volume:

__ r m-.m -, fejd SKK Kj «Q ,m Wy v L . «• ' «« " • ' •»■ " • ' ; . f. f, o» .? :-;, ,.,,. ' " K ' " . 1 ■my i f THE KNOLL 1975 V «K •4. ' • ' ■■ " •» $ ; KM ; n " ? ■• » £ t ► . • •» ?_ fa - « " r ' WEMESp ' ' sA ' - i . r- .. ■- ' M -•. ' V 1 Stf 4 . ■+ ' ■ •« ■■ D E D I C A T I O N M R S. A L I C E M. F I T Z G E R A L D C O N L O N This book is being dedicated in memory of Mrs. Alice M. (Fitzgerald) Conlon. Mrs. Conlon has been a member of the staff of the Lowell State cafeteria for eleven years. She was one of the nicest, warmest persons known at the college. Because of the many bonds of friendship, we knew her as Alice, . . . some students never knowing her last name. Those who had the good fortune of knowing Alice still feel her presence at the cafeteria. She will always be remembered in many of our thoughts and conversations, for the kindness and help she gave so willingly. For some, there is only a brushing of acquaintance, but to many students, as well as faculty, there are happy moments of reminiscence. During the last two years Alice worked, many of us did not know that she was ill and being treated for terminal cancer. She did not want us to know, . . . and because of this courageous act, many returned to the campus in Sept. of ' 75, sorrowfully learning of her death. Alice was born in Boston on February 15, 1906 and died on June 5, 1974. At the time of her death she lived in Lowell, on Walker St. She was a communicant of St. Patrick ' s Church and held membership in the Blessed Virgin Sodality; The American Legion Auxiliary Post 87; St. Francis Seminary Guild; The Poor Clare Guild; and the League of Catholic Women. She was married to the late William H. Conlon and is survived by a son John, several grandchildren and a brother. As we leave Lowell State College for the last time and go our separate ways, Alice will remain in our hearts. She will travel in memory, throughout many walks of life and will never be forgotten by her many friends who loved her as she loved them. (written by Florette Culbert on behalf of the class of 1975) Mr. Frank F. Coburn was the first Principal of the Lowell Normal School. In his educational background he had been principal of the Old Franklin Grammer School, junction of Middlesex and Branch Streets. He became a science teacher and later the principal of the Lowell High School. One of the former students of Lowell Normal School remem- bers Mr. Coburn in a wheel chair, in his office. Due to a fall on the ice, he had injured his spine and became paralyzed. When the girls passed his office he always had a smile and would wave to them. Sometimes the girls used to stop at the office to talk and visit with Mr. Coburn. Everyone who knew him loved and respected him, he was a friend to all. The original building which was first named the Lowell Normal School is now called the Coburn Building in his memory. v If jr f COBURN, FACULTY AND THE CLASS OF 1900 Mr. Cyrus A. Durgin was promoted to the Principalship of the Normal School after the death of Mr. Coburn in 1907. Before the promo- tion he was the Princip al of the Bartlett Training School. He lived on Wannalancit Street, near the school. A retired teacher, who attended the Lowell Normal School remembered Mr. Durgin as a very nice person, he was more of the business type and very well dressed. In 1912 the two year program at the Normal School was expanded including a small third year major in music education. Six women stu- dents entered the first class. This was the first music education program in any public normal school in America. The Durgin Building, which is the new music building has been named in remembrance of Mr. Cyrus A. Durgin. Dr. John J. Mahoney became Principal of the Lowell Normal School in 1916. At the time he was a Principal in the Cambridge Schools. Later he became a national leader in developing civics programs in the public schools of the nation. He also founded the national periodical " School and Society " . In 1922, after resigning as Principal, he joined the faculty of Boston University. Besides being a professor at B.U. he joined the faculty of Tufts Univer- sity. The Humanities Building, the second building to be constructed on the campus in 1954 is now the Mahoney Building in memory of Dr. John J. Mahoney. Dr. Clarence M. Weed succeeded Dr. Mahoney in 1922. He had served on the faculty of the University of New Hampshire and was nationally recognized as an author- ity in Nature Studies. In the field of lepi- doptera his publications are still considered classics. Under his administration in 1932 the three year Normal School became a four year Teachers College. The new Science-Nursing classroom building has been named after Dr. Weed. In 1935 Mr. James Dugan, Assistant Superintendent of the Cambridge Schools became President of the State Teachers College of Lowell. During his administration the enrollments fell to 163 students. Through his struggles he was successful in keeping the college open. He retired in 1950 at the age of 70. The Administration Building was named after Mr. Dugan. 8 The State Board of Education elected Dr. O ' Leary President of the college in 1950. He had taught in the Boston public schools for 22 years. He served as Principal of the Roxbury Evening Schools, as instructor at Boston College and Hyannis State Teachers College, and as Professor and Head of the History Department at Boston Teachers College. There have been many changes since Dr. O ' Leary became the President. The new Library has been named in his honor. " H, Pfe STATE NORMAL SCHOOL BARTLETT MODEL SCHOOL THE STATE NORMAL SCHOOL DRAWING ROOM THE STATE NORMAL SCHOOL KINDERGARTEN COURSES STATE NORMAL SCHOOL GYMNASIUM BIOLOGICAL LABORATORY AT THE STATE NORMAL SCHOOL STATE NORMAL SCHOOL CHEMICAL LABORATORY GEOGRAPHY AND MINERALOGY ROOM AT THE NORMAL SCHOOL §L THE NEW BARTLETT TRAINING SCHOOL THE RED CROSS FESTIVAL 1919-20 NORMAL SCHOOL STUDENTS IN COSTUME FOR STORY TELLING TO CHILDREN 1921-22 THE KINDERGARTEN BAND, BARTLETT TRAINING SCHOOL 1921-22 THE MERGER UNIVERSITY OF LOWELL 1975 16 rC 17 1 I I T fi. f X 20 21 rt ' mfMS i 1 " ' ' ■ v 23 r 24 25 5 A .-— 28 " TtMimHM— I a .1- Final State — Tech Basketb % W% f ( •V k S - ■ ■;,-., m- % ■■■ " u •• ••♦ , i V » « » • . f H 32 RELAXATION 33 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 1974-75 M.E.N.C. - MUSIC EDUCATORS NATIONAL CONFERENCE (Student Chapter 201) CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS ON CAMPUS . . . ■ JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 1974-75 WOMAN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION PHILOSOPHY CLUB OUTING CLUB ART CLUB « •» , t 1 wmBmB KKBBBmR mBmgBBBtBKK BfimmKM.s THE AGAPE ' FELLOWSHIP - I.V.C.F. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS (The French Club) . THE MATH CLUB THE SENIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE THE NURSING CLUB LW I gnjgrjg til? WMMl 3S ADVOCATE HISTORY IN A THIMBLE by Peter Carbone The Advocate - H lS s O-Leary was ' «- ' " A S«r. Frank printed in the then LSC paper ' bccome Bag „ „e incorpora.ed ; ajnew LSC - P .„ , he , uture . separate from the college 10 of nme Judy White too. ' X Pe I.S EdhotLchief for more Paul Peterson was then electee _■ became mos t than a year. Under " J Lg style under the voca , ,n constructtve crtus- and ta w J campu pseudonameof XYZspancea u= _. bitch 1 - creased in s.ze by about _50%- d a „ respon . From the fall of 1973 onward i Ihavebe en sibUities of publishing the d ™ c « e ™ , a st two a dictator; but a very democrat, Artrtor. In th jumped from 2000 in 1973 to 4000 in 1975. Peter Carbone Managing Editor Writers and reporters Production Staff Mary Donlon Richard Marcil Phil Newfell Paul MacMunn Jim Peters Paul Gaitanis Wayne Braverman Mark Giannaccaro Cheryl Dickerson Peggy Prophet Jeanette Farnum Donna LaPierre Patty Bailey Holly Ham Photographers Graphicists Advertising Rich Berberian Andrea Morin Julie Barton Cynthia Waddel Peter Coster Phil Roe Ed Roane David Favreau John Reagan Kathy Krikorian Phyllis Morin LisaPortillo Lee Oullette Lin Arold Teresa Sullivan Betsey Bolton Andy Robinson Roy McCormick lo Lowell personal FLUNK | o o " ° h " £o I z 1 X UJ x CO w re uu yOUflU MERGER NEWS SIGMA KAPPA EPSILON S E N A T E ALPHA OMEGA 42 46 47 V ,«? JP ) iflKL. «» " ' 1 The gym or field can be a more significant element in the sphere of education than the classroom or the library. One may spend all of his or her time in acedemics at Lowell University. If so He or she may be doing so foolishly. The well educated man is one who has learned a degree of discipline, the ability to with others on a team, the ability to lead, to win, to lose, and hopefully the ability not to quit. 49 50 51 . if f 54 55 ' ' m m u lllil KAl M mT ' Y ' rllmnDLflllF i J L ' Br iBi H □§ H TOGETHERNESS . . . 57 iff, - m fMMi i£ 59 60 " With this being my first and only year at Lowell State College I was truly saddened and disappointed by the lack of interest that existed not only with the student body but with top administrative leaders. No greater joy can one have than pride in his own school " Coach George Gregoire Peter Carbone Lowell State ' s most valuable student Editor of the Advocate " Thank You Peter " 64 " VN Mi flltSllil li " Ml M? ipfe 1111 « , i ■- ' ■- " ■ " ' ' HHr 1 mttSF ii ill hhhi 1111111 Wasmemm WmM., ' . ' .. ' %$ That which we call destiny goes forth from within people, not from without into them. R.M. Rilke 66 To be awake is to be alive. Thoreau 68 69 We have no reason to mistrust our world, for it is not against us. R.M. Rilke 70 71 , " v- ; JM IBIS " ' —3 ' ; : ' ' KV ■i: »• . :: : .,««.,.■ is-aSSy- M : Jfe " ■V ' ■w " ' : } P m A. % ' . - ' »: i £ r j ff " vr " jjp : tf- t ? - ' i:- %fe V ■■ 74 H k. I I B «. " V .. ■ 78 79 5 - 80 My soul is a collector. What you are is a part of me. What you say, what you want to say, Matters. There is a long, long time in front of me. And I will walk into that time To search and find, Exactly why I live, And where I ' m going. 82 Man is like a tree planted by streams of water, that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers. Book of Psalms 87 l 90 When two individuals meet, so do two private worlds. None or our private worlds is big enough to live a wholesome life in. We need the wider world of joy and wonder; of purpose and venture; of toil and tears. What are any of us but strangers, wandering through the night until we draw together to find the meaning of our lives in one another, dissolving our fears in each other ' s courage and lighting torches to guide us through the dark? Love is what we need. To love and to be loved. Let our hearts be open and what we would receive from others, let us give. For what is given, still remains to bless the giver when the gift is LOVE. A. Powell Davies , mm m 91 93 ■■ ■■ ■■■ ■■■Wb WKM 94 ' 95 X f .v j 98 99 102 ¥ ' ■ ' ■ wit m Bt4a • » j 103 i mmWWW I .WfUMUJi 107 MMMM " ' ' : : 108 110 JJ 113 1 K r ' ROBIN ABODEELY LISE PELLETIER SUE ACKROYD GINA ALMEIDA JOSEPHINE ANDERSON CHARLOTTE ANDRUSKIEWICZ KATHY (KARAGIANES) ANSARA JOHN F. LYON - BIOLOGY 122 LINEA AROLD DAVID ARSENAULT MIKE ARTH MARIO ASTE - FOREIGN LANG. DEPT. 123 LORRAINE ATHANAS SUSAN AURILLO LISA BELL NANCY BALDWIN BOBBI BARNICLE DR. JANET BURKE - PSYCH. DEPT. 124 MAUREEN BARRY NANCY BARRY BARBARA BEAUREGARD DOT BEAUREGARD NANCY BECHT GARDNER TILLSON - ENGLISH DEPT. 125 . STEVE BEGLEY JOSEPH BENTO CINDY BLACKADAR ROGER BOTELHO MS. VEDA COBB - PHILOSOPHY DIANA BOWLBY 126 BARBARA BROOKS J 1 ft F Ik H ' 1 jK Pt I § t C Br I B-Vj: ' ■ JtJr 1 fl W -A ' JOSEPH BUCCHIO DR. PATRICIA GOLER - CHAIRWOMAN - HISTORY DEPT. ANN MARIE BUCZEK JO ANN BURGIELEWICZ KATHY BURKE 127 . ' -■ ' ' " ■ ' ■--■ ' fi r i? VIRGINIA BURKE JUDY CAGAN PETER CARBONE J $- ; ?£ff jU V I jF 19s 1 •3 , ' i J jB 4 r fe -V JOANNE CAMERON ROY CAMPBELL DR. RICHARD LYONS - PHILOSOPHY 128 PEGGY CARLINO KEVIN CARMODY MARY CARVILLE MARIE CASSELL DR. JOSEPH FARINA - BIOLOGY DEPT. GERARD CASSISTA NANETTE CETARUK LINDA CATHCART 129 CINDY CHAGNON PAULINE CHAMBERS NANCY CHANDLER r MARY ELLEN CHEETHAM PATRICIA CLARK KATHRYN CLEARY MAUREEN COLEMAN NANCY CONCANNON DIANE CONNEITON 130 BERTELLE COPLEY DR. ALLIE W. SCRUGGS - CHAIRMAN - SPECIAL PROGRAM JOYCE CORMIER ■ m + : Jflfc 1 - % " i • : [« j ffck Kp flOj H PH i SUSAN CROCKER JANICE C RATTY 132 PAULA COTE FLORETTE L. CULBERT SALLY CUSHMAN LINDA DAVIS MARGE CUNNIFF JOANNE (CARROLL) CUNNINGHAM FREDERICK LEWIS - HISTORY DEPT. 133 NINA DAVIS VERONICA DAVIS KATHY DEAN RICHARD DEGAGNE PAULA DEIGNAN MS. GERTRUDE M. CUNNINGHAM - EDUCATION DEPT. 134 LIZ DIBENEDETTO CHRISTINE DEL ' OLIO HELEN DOLAN NANCY DOWLING MS. JOYCE DENNING - POL. SCIENCE SALLY DOWLING 135 ■ ifiriiiTi £1£F00I II i N0f0 VER|8 ,l Ss " " -- SCOTT M. DOWTY DR. ETHEL N. KAMIEN - CHAIRMAN BIOLOGY GLORIA DROUIN SHEILA EMERSON DANNY ELKINS ALISON DURAL 138 DEBORAH FOSS EMERY GARY FADDEN BARBARA FAGAN IRENE O ' LAUGHLIN - CAMPUS NURSE 139 CHARLES FARO CLAIRE FAWCETT KAREN FERREIRA DONNA FINN CLAUDIA FOISY CARLTON PLUMMER - ART DEPT. 140 DIANE GALLANT Zfy |: BETTY GANNON DR. JON HELLSTEDT - PSYCHOLOGY DEPT. PAMELA GARDNER CAROLYN GAUTHIER KATHY GAWLIK 141 PATRICIA GENDRON EVANGELINE GEORGALOS MARY GEORGARA 142 LEONARD GERMAIN E JO ANN GILBRIDE DR. HERBERT HABER - ENGLISH DEPT. RAYMOND GOYETTE PAULA GRIVAS 143 MARY LEA GROVER DIANNE HALLETT MARIA HAGIGEORGES RUSS HAMEL 144 COACH CISZER THERESA HAMELIN RICHARDO HAMLETT CATHY HAN LEY 145 DAVID HEBERT DIANE HEBERT SHIRLEY HEDRICK PAUL HEFFERNAN BILLIE HENDERSON 146 ANNA HERMAN MARIE HESELTON MICHELLE HICKEY CAROL HIGGINS DR. P. CHRISTOPHER SMITH - CHAIRMAN PHILOSOPHY DEPT. MAUREEN HIGGINS 147 JOYCE HILDEBRANDT MR. JOSEPH DONOVAN - YEARBOOK PUBLISHER ADVISOR LISA HOLT KAREN JOHNSON JANICE JOHNSON JOHN JACKSON 148 ROXIE JOHNSON ALLAN JUSSAUME DR. EDWARD GILDAY - CHAIRMAN MUSIC DEPT. VIRGINIA KALDIS LEO PANAS - CHAIRMAN ART DEPT. 149 1 MAUREEN KELEHER EILEEN KELLY MARIA B. KENNEDY MARY JANE KING AVALON MINTON - POLITICAL SCIENCE JOAN LALIKOS 150 MARK LAMOND AL LANCTO PETER LANCTO DIANA LANDERS CLAUDINE LANGLOIS MISS DENISE LEGAULT - PHYS. ED. 51 I VI oS0 ..... m t ■ «f . s v mm : :: «k B Wk ) 1 : : ifl JOE LAORENZA JOAN LAROCK DR. LEE - BIOLOGY DENISE LAROSE DR. RICHARD LYONS 54 DR. COPELY EVELYN LAURIE JACQUELINE LAVIGNE GEORGE LUDER - REGISTRAR MICHELLE LEDUC 155 KAREN LAZARAKIS ROBERTA LEE SUZANNE LEE SUE LELACHEUR YVONNE LEMIRE CHARLENE LORION ttf NANCY LYSZ SHARON MCARDLE EILEEN MCCARTHY 156 DR. MARY MCGAUVRAN - DEAN OF ADMISSIONS DR. DANIEL O ' LEARY - PRESIDENT OF L.S.C. 57 KATHLEEN M. MCCARTHY DAVID MCKEAN PHILIP MCCRISTLE MS. NORMA LAJORIE - SECRETARY - MUSIC DEPT. 158 RICHARD MCDONNELL GLADYS MCELROY DEBORAH MCGURREN MAURA MCINERNEY DONNA MCKEAN FAYE MACDONALD LUCINDA MACDONALD PAUL MACMUNN - PRESIDENT STUDENT BODY DONALD MACNEILL MAUREEN MAHONEY MARY MAHONEY BARBARA MALONEY CHARLES MAMGANO FREDERICK MOMANEY SUZANNE MARION CAROL MASSENGILL LEON MASSICOTTE ELIZABETH MATTHEWS 160 ALLEN J. METIVIER, JR. CHRISTINE MICHAUD CHERYL MILNES MARIAN DUBRULE - NURSING DEPT. ISIS A. MITROPOULIS CINDY MOLLOY HOLLY MOLONEY CALVIN LINDBLAD - MUSIC DEPT. 162 JOANNE MONROE RACHEL ANN MORIN TOM ELLIOT - CHAIRMAN MUSIC ED. MARY MURPHY MARYJANE MURPHY CHRIS NAHILL 163 PHIL NEWFELL KATHY NEYLON ELIZABETH NOEL A - ■ .. mJ m Wp ■ At Bl 4- ?M ■k 5 m i i mtm-i M SANDY NOLAN CINDY O ' KEEFE BILL OLIVER GAIL OSGA ANNE O ' SULLIVAN 164 ALICE PACE DR. VIRGINIA BIGGY - EDUCATION KAREN PAICOPOLOUS MARY PAPANTONIS DIANE PARENT 165 SUSAN PASQUALE m ■■, 0Ht ?- , mmm %g j :: 1 4H w jr ■ y i I DR. JACOB W. LAM - BIOLOGY DEPT. DORAYNE PASSLER DEBORAH PEASLEE SHARON PECK ANNE PEKARSKI 166 MARTHA PERREAULT PATRICIA PLUNKETT HELEN M. QUINLAN BERNARD QUINN RITA QUINTON LEO RACICOT SANDRA RADUAZO ELLEN RAKIP 167 . _.._ BARBARA REED CORINE REGAN GAIL REGAN EVALYNN ROGERS GINI ROPER LOIS ROUX PAT RUSSO GLORIA RYAN 170 PAM RYDER BETSY MAESTAS 171 FRANCES SACCO SUE SACHERSKI MARY JO SAGATIES MARILYN SAKELLARIS DOREEN SALOIS PAULA SANDERS r Vk S3 ' " ■ - •- ' -.,, Jr. " " J f 4 1 M BERNICE SANTACROCE WAYNE SARGENT KAREN SAWYER 172 WILLIAM SEREGA LINDA SCANLON H fc% PATRICIA SCHELLING 73 site MARLENE SHARON ROBERTA SHEEHAN KATHY SHEELEY FRED FAUDIE - ART 174 SUSAN SKOCHINSKY JULIE SLATES CYNTHIA SMITH WILLIAM SMITH i i ii r RUTH SOUZA 175 JO-ANN SPENCE DEBRA SPOFFORD JEFF STILES PHYLLIS STROMVALL LAVADA STUD LEY CHRISTINE SULLIVAN DENNIS SULLIVAN JANE SULLIVAN MAURA SULLIVAN 176 DONALD SUMM VICTORIA SURR MARY SWEENEY 177 NORM SYBERT FORTUNATA CAL1RI - ENGLISH MARIE TAMMARO SCOTT THOMSON THOMAS THEMELES DOROTHY TENCZAR 178 LEWIS THEOKAS KEVIN TOBIN STEVE TOLMAN ■ CINDY TOO HEY MARGIE TROY 179 CHRISTINE TZIOUMIS GLENN VAN DUSEN JOYCE VECCHIARELLI PAT VENN IK DR. ROBERT A. STEIN - ENGLISH DEPT. DONNA VERCONTAIRE 180 ANN VERRILL GEORGE VEVES JUNEVILLENEUVE WILLIAM MALONE - MATH DEPT. JR ■ J pa. " " " ■- Tl i ti 9 jJHSfet 4 . WJ l-kk; : H-. :: ' i l ■ I SrhhI Smh H nlKiss. vS Sfflm DORATHEA VINCI RICHARD VIOLETTE BILL WARD 18] RICHARD WEST ELIZABETH JOAN WHITCOMB RICHARD DERRY - HISTORY DEPT. 82 BETTY WILDER CHRIS WILLETTE DONNA WILLIAMS CAROLYN WILSON RITA MARIE WILSON LINDA WOLFENDEN TOM WYATT PHYLLIS WROBEL JANE ZEMBO 183 MARCIA FLEMING DIANNE HALLETT MARCIA HILL JACKIE LEVINE BARBARA MALONEY .84 DONNA MELKONTAN HELEN SCONDAS SUSAN SHEEHAN MARGARET TOMPKINS LEE HANFORD - DIANE GALLANT 185 II s i tfD ■ CM featuring the Lowell State College landmark 189 THE KNOLL STAFF 1975 Marge Cunniff Nursing Major Layouts From left to right: Billie Henderson, Phyllis Stromvall, Helen Dolan, Florette Culbert, Kathi Smith 190 KATHRYN L. SMITH MANAGING EDITOR KNOLL - 1975 Many thanks to Gregg Llorea, Joe Donovan, Joe Madden and any others who helped to put this yearbook together!!! Special thanks to Florette Culbert for her research and time in putting togeth er the special history section. The moral support award goes to the kids in the advocate office and to God. BEST OF LUCK TO LOWELL UNIVERSITY!!! Kathi Smith 191 on education If morality and knowledge are necessary to security of some justice and happiness to mankind then Lowell University and all schools as the means of education must always be below God our primary value. on justice Believe it or not laws are often unjust. During the excitment of emotional people in tense times either by the masses or as individuals, one must before hastily acting believe that there are always two sides to every story. Gary Sullivan — Editor on life Big Deal! So what if you have graduated from college. So what if you got 700 on your college boards, have a 3.5 cumulative average, or have been the champion in every game. Past accomplishments may not put bread on the table tomorrow as past failures may not take it off. This is all behind you now. You will not be able to tell yourself and everybody else that you were successful because of your past accomplishments . . . It all may not matter because the past, good or bad, is just that, the past, life goes on . . . 192 s HERFF JONES YEARBOOK. G£TTYSBURG DIVISION P O BOX 1052 GETTYSBURG PA 17325 717-334-9123 .;;■■■ I mi !!«■■ iiiii 1 1 mi i in nil 1 1 ii mill i urn rrnr

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