University of Massachusetts Lowell - Sojourn / Knoll Yearbook (Lowell, MA)

 - Class of 1971

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University of Massachusetts Lowell - Sojourn / Knoll Yearbook (Lowell, MA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 208 of the 1971 volume:

L ? Y: i k % ' - " ■ H ■ ■ ■ ■ v i v hPW r H V v , • » ■ H ft ■■- I - 4 ■ ■ • ..►.- .aiflkt ' km It is the purpose of the Knoll to portray student life as it existed on campus. I hope that the fol- lowing pages will kindle in your mind, the mem- ory of your days here. Editor-in-Chief We ' ll move together then and share the year ' s last warmness swallowing the rain like brandy. A Rod McKuen i U (F f y, y m Administration Building - m --.- : 3 Concordia Hall v . •• ' 5WC rt .. ft f t V " . ■ ■« • ' t- ' a£M •V-v ■a ,3k»?. W? -JB$ " « «: V„. ' ' WX IK % " • : • ■ ' .r ■ C = i _ fc Viis . aefcrv ' If t ; : Mi . ' ' : c m W£l ! - ; The water continually flowed and flowed and yet it was always there; it was always the same and yet every moment it was new. Hermann Hesse 11 itfw n.Rak; ( A Z CV J 12 13 15 ■ MB I M w± ■ ■ ■i BMBBH Linda Gayle Rollins B.S., Education Deborah L. House B.A., Biology Mary E. Shanahan B.S., Education Frederick Daly B.M., Education Donna Farrar B.M.. Education Geraldine E. Blouin B.S., Education ■iff .- ■ : w i 4. ■ .■- , " t ' .• ' • ' -: - " Mir m -».) ■. • :- v ? v; ► ■ ' 2 . ? ► j: . - ; v- ; • »5 WW • S. iatf " -ADlILlJ Nancy Norton B.S., Education Margaret P. Daw B.S., Education Janice nn Chesworth B.S , Education ■ kI L 1 M Christine Saba B.S.. Education Maureen Shine B.S., Education Kathleen J. Casey B.S., Education Charles J. Vergados B.A., History William A. Mullen B.S., Education Lidia Piemonte B.S., Education Christine J. O ' Brien B.S., Education 24 Kathleen Dawn Canney B.A., English Anne Marie Bergamini B.S., Education Linda M. Brophy B.S., Education 25 Kathleen M. Donovan B.M., Education Christine Delmar B.A.. Language Frank A. Zabbo B.S., Education Joyce Desrocher B.S., Education Billie Porter B.M., Education Mary Troy B.S., Education DiAnn Wagner B.S., Education 26 Sophie Favas B.S., Education Catherine Keane House B.A., History Cynthia Suzedelys B.S., Education Diane P. Winters B.S., Education Elizabeth R. Souza B.M., Education 27 Susan C. Ballman B.S., Education Joan Fiorino B.S., Education Sandra F. Olejarz B.S., Education 28 m w Linda Silva B.S., Education Linda Thomopoulos B.S., Education Patricia Evelyn Plante B.S., Education Ruth L. Cote B.S., Education Patricia K. Tremblay B.S., Education 29 LB H ■ ■ i n ™B .«■. •? I vf $k. feu ■ ■ K ■ ■ l -■■, . ■ ■ ML 1 Karen Mazur B.A., English Doreen T. Richards B.S., Education Barbara Mulligan B.A., History Judith Simonian B.S., Education Edith Katon B.M. Education Jayne D. Biagiotti B.S., Education Patricia Davey B.M., Education Marjorie Ann Petalas B.S., Education Patricia A. Buntel B.S., Education Elaine McLaughlin B.S., Education 33 Audrey Anne Moses B.A., English J Margaret A. Moriarty B.S., Education Ruth A. Koenig B.S., Education Elizabeth M. King B.M., Education Ann Marie Gross B.S., Education Deborah P. Quinn B.A., History Albert Dra gon B.A., English Allan Joseph Kosiba B.M., Education Donald Hill B.M., Education 35 Kathryn Phaneuf B.A., History Margaret Walker B.S., Education Joanne M. Dowling B.S., Education Nancy Marie Wood B.S., Education Patricia J. Barry B.S., Education 38 Carl Joseph Rondina B.M., Education Mary Lee B.A., Biolog Theodora Kourkaulakos B.S., Education Linda Garabedian B.S., Education Margaret McDowell B.S., Education Geraldine R. McSwiggin B.S., Education 39 -, Katherine Jean Middleton B.S., Education Donna Marie Reed B.S., Education Claire Beaudoin B.A., History 40 Thomas F. Malone B.A., History Ann Zambouras B.M., Education Nancy L. Denomme B.S., Education Linda Lisay B.S., Education Kenneth Roscoe B.M., Education 41 Carol E. Dufresne B.A., Language Patricia M. Fiorello B.S., Education Marsha Gilbride B.M., Education Anne M. Gagnon B.S., Education Maureen Holt B.M., Education Jeannine Rousseau B.S., Education Patricia A. Callahan B.S., Education 43 I ■ ■ V h H m ■ FaV H m j ■ GEMINI Robert Barnett B.A., History Janet Manoogian B.M., Education Martha Jane Martin B.A., English Sandra Norwood B.S., Education Rachel Hummer B.A., History Sandra Mclntyre B.M., Education Kathleen Finch B.M., Education Patrick McLean B.S., Education Sandra A. Murray B.S.. Education 46 Mary Mendonca B.S., Education Donna M. DiProfio B.S., Education Elaine L. Hogue B.S., Education 47 Linda Lepine B.S., Education Diane S. Poulos B.M., Education M ■£« " " 1 BT i IP jpp i Ek Jane Obara B.S., Education Nancy E. Grennan B.M., Education Peter James Caruso B.A., English Geraldine Loiselle B.S., Education Mary Helen Paolino B.S., Education Joseohine A. Paolino B.S., Education Sandra M. Sakelakos B.S., Education 48 Eileen M Hynes B.S.. Education Kathleen A. Martin B.S., Education Lynn D. Turchi B.S., Education Sandra E. Ellis B.M., Education Linda M. Beaudin B.S.. Education Rita A. Crane B.S., Education 49 1 Robert Foye B.M., Education Patricia Koravos B.A., History Susan M. Caffrey B.S., Education 52 Aline C. Salvas B.A., History Marion G. LeBourdais B.S., Education Christine Grivas B.S., Education • A Mary R. Mahoney B.S., Education Nancy Irvin B.A., English Gerald Joseph Matte B.A., History Cecilia Zannini B.S., Education Linda Gorse B.S., Education Diane H. Mysliwiec B.S., Education Rita Thomas B.S., Education Pamela A. Cangiano B.M., Education Beverly S. Brown B.S., Education June A. Longo B.S., Education I I , ' . ' H ■ « r ■. -x m m v i. ■ I Margaret Massaro Orlando B.S., Education Mary E. Harrington B.A., History Stanley S. Sadkowski B.A., History Lynn Robinson B.S., Education mm jt f B» E ' H Ik Jl ppv w , Deborah Bates B.M., Education James F. Rourke B.A., English Majorie E. Karabatsos B.S., Education 58 Rosamond Bailey B.S., Education Janie May Piekos B.S.. Education Mary Christine Robinson B.A.. English June Lightfoot B.S., Education Patricia R. Killeen B.S., Education Laureen M. Lynch B.M., Education Mary Vurgaropulos B.S., Education Timothy E. Lee B.A., Biology Jeanne Marie Winn B.A., History Marion E. Buck B.S., Education Susan Ann Reynolds B.A., Biology Katherine E. Hobbs B.M., Education 60 Nancy Neylon B.A., History Donna Carroll B.S., Education Brian P. Finnegan B.A., English Barbara Tucker Hanson B.M., Education Paula Diane Moore B.S., Education Judith Ozdemirer B.S., Education 61 Am Jean Little B.M., Education Gail Thomas B.A., History Linda L. Jeffers B.M., Education Rita A. Masotta B.S., Education Jacqueline A. Pellegrino B.S., Education 64 Judith Anne White B.A., English Jane Marcy B.S., Education Margaret Bresnahan B.S., Education Jeanne Polcari B.M., Education Kathleen A. McNamara B.S., Education Daniel O ' Neill B.S., Education Ellen F. Connolly B.S., Education 65 iMJ m Mary arm Lewin B.M., Education • Kathy E. Harrington B.S., Education Gloria Gifford B.A., Biology Sandra Gail Newsome B.M., Education Joan Horton B.S., Education 66 Ann Marie Winn B.S., Education Suzanne Lewis B.S.. Education Marion Marie Mangano B.S., Education Linda P. Cote B.A.. English Elaine Pittorino B.S.. Education 67 iff Joanne L. Pelletier B.S., Education Karen Walcott B.S., Education Christine M. Luken B.S., Education Margaret Jeanne Daniels B.M., Education Stephen Tousignant B.M., Education ; f ! if Judith A. Rainville B.M., Education Phyllis T. Gauthier B.S., Education 5 Beverly Collins B.M., Education Jean Marie Feeney B.S., Education Teresa J. Furtado B.M., Education Jo- Ann Redgrift B.S. Education Anne-Marie Ouellette B.S., Education Kathleen A. McFague B.S., Education Linda G. Stearns B.S., Education Jacquelin Ann Roach B.S., Education Rosanne Georges Empey B.S.. Education Richard R. Pintal B.A., Biology Glenda M. Dubay B.A., History Edward F. Marshall B.A., History Patricia M. Callahan B.A., English Sheila M. Callahan B.A., English Donna L. Conway B.M., Education 74 Mary Jean Bilapka B.S., Education Nancy E. Taylor B.S., Education Susan Mary Howard B.S., Education Margaret M. Condon B.S., Education Earcelle Wilkerson B.A., English Joyce DeCesare B.S., Education Joanne Grasso B.S.. Education 75 t Beverly Ann Pelczar B.S., Education Colleen Archambault B.S., Education Deborah Anne Braga B.A., English Paula Cushinsky B.S., Education Marlene Sintros B.S., Education Eileen M. Bioren B.S., Education Diane Feroce B.A., English 78 Judith Barry B.S., Education Carol Lebedzinski B.S., Education Janet M. Grasso B.S., Education M. Ann Beaulieu B.S., Education Marsha A. Wells B.S., Education Sandra Turcotte B.S., Education M. Barbara Howes B.A., English 79 Sheila Neofotistos B.A., History Andrea E. Najjar B.S., Education James A. Deignan B.A.. English 80 Sandra Lee Kay B.S., Education Sally Ann Fleming B.A., English Rita Brieze B.S., Education David Minkkinen B.M., Education Pauline A. Perreault B.A., English 81 MR ■ Hi ■ ■ 1 » v5di • ' ; 10 a Em fa ■■■bS ' ' ■ Wi$m ■■ HI ■ tf i - ■■ ■ ■l I r ■ • ■1 BK Sharon Mitchell B.S., Education Dennis Taff B.A., History Brian Patrick Hayden B.A., Biology Eileen Gagnon B.S., Education Suzanne Trudel B.S., Education 84 Patricia T. Nida B.A., Biology Linda Hess B.A., English Joyce Kimball B.M., Education Rachel Soucy B.M., Education Christina Marie Savastano B.S., Education 85 Patricia M. Poulin B.S., Education Alice Pare B.A., English Sharon Miller B.S.. Education Roland Vigeant B.A., Language Cathy Campbell B.S., Education Lee Ann Diauto B.M., Education Lorraine Ann Frasca B.S., Education 86 Janet M. Milhomme B.A., English Judith A. McCarthy B.S., Education Carol Drapeau B.A., English 87 fco ■ ,:i. JoAnn Marie Hamel B.S., Education Mary Jane McCavitt B.S.. Education Evelyn Venios B.S., Education Thomas M. Sintros B.A., Biology Linda Little B.S., Education Wanda J. Wojcik B.S., Education 90 i Jean M. Walsh B.S., Education Philip Pokladok B.M., Education Cynthia Ann Hatem B.S., Education Louis L. Yokell B.M., Education Edith C. Young B.S., Education Rebecca Wisniewski B.S., Education 91 Barbara Lawton B.S., Education Marianne Sorenson B.S., Education Patricia Maglio B.S., Education Jo-Anne Matthews B.M., Education Joan M. Scollan B.A., History Kathleen Kelley B.S., Education Daphne T. Kouloheras B.S., Education Jean Marie Daly B.S., Education Elaine Zafiriou B.S., Education Christine A. Strykowski B.A., Biology Mary E. Burns B.A., History 1 1: n rit £$? . .. frf. ■ 4 i— " " - ! ! " .«..-. " pw " ' Vlpf ' t» »fe $ E Al Administration S f|ie?. 8.a bNBh p, ' :i gg2 «Sp@5Sa ? f E y w : aigX ' . •- ? " ' Ll.a it M zma mk IIS m mm zsr- • ? ' , U«p-. Vj -- , i-r- V SSss w; ■ . ' ;■» 2« - VJT If- Bfe »»:3»« $ v ' ji -y • ■ ' .. 4 y ... ■ ■«( ilPSfe »%? ■! IS ■ :,?:W mj£ m a 36 ,.J ' e» ■ J e« 1 -jS ■ " , ■• ia tE - . ' ■» f Jk ns :l l-t :■? •■, mm And Faculty a! ' . ' - ' .■ ' . ■.;■ ' ' i ' i " Oh, this is good, I felt, to be part of this movement, This mood, this music, part of the human race, Alike and different, after the game is over, Streaming away to the exit and underground. " Humphries Now that the game is over, the turmoil and the ferment ended, the brightness sometimes dimmed in smoke, we were alike and different, wayfarers together, wending through unknown country, home when the day breaks and the shadows flee away. " The wayfarer Perceiving the pathway to truth, Was struck with astonishment. It was thickly grown with weeds. " Crane f CO. «o « J, John J. Fisher, Academic Dean Domenic R. Procopio, Dean of Graduate School Mary E. McGauvran, Director of Admissions 91 William F. Dunn, Assistant to the President Leonard Andrusaitis. Director of Financial Aid Robert J. Foy, Director of Administrative Services 99 George Luter, Registrar Charles Meehan, Librarian Kathleen Day, Assistant Dean of Women Joan Bartczak, Assistant Director of Admissions 100 Irene B. O ' Loughlin, Nurse Heads of Departments Edward Gilday, Music Shirley Kolack, Behavioral Sciences Paul Christopher Smith. Philosophy 101 Gertrude F. Barker, Nursing : .:„:._.:_ Joseph Garreau, Language 102 Elizabeth Neilson, Health William Burto. English Ignatius A. Ciszek, Director of Athletics William H. Malone, Math 7 Leo Panas, Art 104 Margaret Shannon, Education Patricia A. Goler, History 105 Ethel Kamien, Biology ■•■••••••■! ■•»••••■■■; m Bruce Alexander, Philosophy Arnold L. O ' Brien, Earth Science Christos J. Bentas, Classics 106 Mary Blewett, History Robert Gerst. English Penelope Kopley. Education Dean J. Bergeron. History 107 John R. Fitzgerald, History D H « L ' Wi ■ ■ 1 1iM m ■ L Allie Scruggs, Psychology Gardner Tillson, English Steven J. Dubnoff, Sociology 109 John Ogasapian, Music Donald B. Hilton, Chemistry Willis Traphagan, Music Donald Bravo, Music Lisanio Orlandi. Education 111 Elizabeth Hayford, History .. Robert B. Wagner, Education Arlette E. Clayton, Spanish Pho Ba Hai, History 112 Richard L. Derry, History Martha McGowan, English Ruth Ashley. Music Naymond Thomas, Music 113 Doris L. Corman, Sociology L_ Herbert Haber. English H Bi J wg Fortunata Caliri, English 114 Esther Portnoy, Math r V ' m d Paul Protopapas, Biology Joyce D. Denning, History Paul Bregor. Music , , _ Arthur Friedman, English 115 George L. Carr, Biology Byron Sokolik, Geography 116 Betsy H. Woodman, Art Joseph Zaitchik. English Ken Klein. Physics Ivan Oak. Music 117 William F. Murphy, Education Mary J. Guttmacher, Sociology Thaddeus Osmolski, Biology Mary D. Kramer, English 118 Sr. Grace Donovan, History Paul Gay, Music Robert Griffith, Art I 119 Robert M. Gravina, Math Jacqueline Charette, Music Frederick A. Norton, History Athanasios Boulukos, English Arthur Friedman, English Robert White. Music Margaret E. Guindon, English Gertrude M. Cunningham, Education 122 Richard Lyons, Philosophy - Francoise Vila, French Norma McQuaid, Nursing Abraham M. Rennert, Biology 123 Siu-Lam Lee, Biology Robert Innis, Philosophy 124 Jay W. Land, Math r—NW John F. Lyon, Biology Catherine Berlinghieri, Italian Carlton Plummer, Art Stuart Smith. Music Denise I. Legault. Physical Education Michael T. D ' Elia, Education 127 Jacob W. Lam, Biology Prentiss Shepherd. Biology Anne McParland. Education Artin Arslanian, Music 128 Robert Layden, English Jacqueline Brovender. French Peter Blewett, History Herlinda Saitz, Spanish 129 Dean D. Bouzianis. Music Curtis P. Hinckley, Biology Myron Press, Music Ruth Tanner, Biology 130 Virgil Austin, Music Ml Alice G. Kiernan, Education 131 Joseph Farina, Medical Technology ' Richard Siegel. Psychology 4 N M. Virginia Biggy, Education 132 Antone S. Holevas. Music William Pordon, Music Brenda A. Pinardi, Art Jon C. Hellstedt, Psychology 133 Janet Burke, Psychology Thomas Elliot, Music Joan S. Pharnes. Physical Education % y m 1 Ruediger Wunderlich, German 134 Walter P. Copley, Math AJk«- 4 -i G. Nelson Eby, Earth Science Arthur S. Rozen, English Charles F. Carroll, History 135 Richard E. Winslow. Math Diane Ostrofski. History ouTGome ma a Rosemarie Giovino. Education Harold C. Bakken, History 136 Robert A. Stein, English r w Frank Lyons, Psychology Frederic Faudie, Art Kalervo Kansanniva, English 137 John Shea, History valon N. Minton, History Everett M. Beale, Music Thomas A. Norris, Psychology Daniel Weller, Art David Landman, English r Calvin R. Lindblad, Music Nancy M. Eberiel, Biology 139 Eleanor Shalhoup, Nursing w ' g. p ' v 3 . ir rOL ' CP DEPT " % PEF. OPDER J ' J I I «r jf " fl ' i J Ml- I II p i v OPJ OL ' CE DEPT " PEF. OPjv:r ire DEPT o - » •f-H o o Frank Zabbo Public Relations Chairman F « oh ' . ' Anne Marie Burke, Assistant Treasurer; Claire Beaudoin, Secretary; Tom Malone, President; Linda Brunelle, Assistant Secretary. Second Row: Glenda DuBay, Vice President; Carol Matyka, Assistant Public Rela- tions; Russ Cyr, Treasurer; Debbie Quinn, Assistant Social Chairman; Janice Murphy. Social Chairman. 142 Knoll Staff Al Dragon, Photography Editor. Nancy Denomme, Art Editor; Mary Harrington, Female Sports Editor; Pat McLean, Male Sports Editor; Pat Giuffrida, Editor-in-chief; Joyce DeCesare, Lay-out Editor. Missing: John Hayes, Business Manager; Jane Marcy, Lay-out Editor; Maureen Smyth, Literary Editor; and Beverli Alberti, Assistant Editor. h Af 4 £LASS OF 1971 -Al Dragon, Vice President; . ' ], ■ Jackie Rellegrino. Treasurer-; Kathryn Phaneuf, „ Secretary Ed ' Marshall, President. ' . . - 6 " : ■ ♦K W4 f 8S£ rara 4 -v .. F - « .;. Vi W- v -7 w ■ Mi t.. r«; -_£. Sigma Kappa Epsilon Carol Lebedzinski, Diane Watton, Edna Boshar, Shirley Zebroski, Mary Dana, Ca- rol Daher, Carol Matyka, Anne Hurton. -W 1 First Row: Tommy Dufresne, Peter Tsaffaras, Dave MacRae. Second Row: Bob Soares, Terry Kalil, Russ Cyr. Third Row: Hank Tousignant, Mike Ellen. Bill Dastous. M.E.N.C. Joanne Matthews, Don Hill, Lee Diauto, Barbie Hanson. Russ Varney. Science Club Pat Nida, Donna Paleologus, John Mullen, Chris Strykowski, Gloria Giffbrd. Debbie House. Cultural Committee First Row: Dennis Prebenson. Lenny Robinson. Bill Dorfman. Second Row: Bob St. Louis, Charles Vergados. Dave Cook. Third Row: Shirley Zebr- oski, Lvnn Robinson, Linda Brunelle. M.A.A. W.R.A. Jimmy Rourke, Stan Sadkowski, Pat McLean, Russ Cyr, Leo Foley. 149 Kathy Pyne, Pam Perillo, Marianthe Matses. Elizabeth Tourigny. Drama Club presents Little Murders CAST Majorie Newquist Jane Rogers Kenny Newquist Conrad Caracoglia Carol Newquist John Neary Patsy Newquist Barbara Volk Alfred Chamberlain John Hayes Voice of the Judge George Spelvin Reverend Henry Dupas Thomas Flanders Wedding Guests Virginia Cooke, Martina McCormack, Donna Finn, Tomas Lamey, Robert Foye, Judith Boyajian, Martha Bochenek, Marilyn Furtado, Mary Collins Lt. Miles Practice William Dowling Prologue Corrine Shanahan, Kathy Shanahan, Peggy Shanahan V«;„J.«S, ■:„ -. . . . let ' s try Geography. London is the capital of Paris, and Paris is the capital of Rome, and Rome-no, that ' s all wrong, I ' m certain. Lewis Carroll 154 155 Junior-Freshman Banquet 156 157 Music Fest 158 . 159 Buffy Sainte-Marie and Ten-Wheel Drive Here can I sit alone, unseen of any Shakespeare , X -•» «■ , . Slave Auction w r a P P 1 n P a r t y 167 I o 1 Anne Hurton, Secretary; Sandy Raffael, Vice President; Peter Tsaffaras, President; Debra Moss, Treasurer. 168 169 Cultural Committee presents Dick Gregory . . . Seek Thy brother with a tale that must be heard. Howe ' er it sicken. Euripides 170 Headstart Christmas Party may my heart always be open to little birds who are the secrets of living. ■W u r fotn eh m f 7 whatever they sing is better than to know and if men should not hear them men are old. e.e. cummings I ' d rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance. e.e. cummings 176 177 you shall above all things be glad and young. For if you ' re young, whatever life you wear it will become you, and if you are glad whatever ' s living will your- self become. e.e. cummings 179 . .. . , ) 183 Coffee House 186 NAOMI ABELOWITZ 148 Stevens St., Lowell JEAN K. AGUIAR ANTHONY ALV1NO 12 Jane Dr., Saugus Collegiate Chorale, Lab Orchestra, Lab Band, All College Chorus, Festival Chorus COLLEEN ARCHAMBAULT 664 Mammoth Rd., Dracut PHYLLIS AUGUST 110 Glen St., Somerville CAROL AVEDISIAN 69 Salem St., Methuen Knoll Staff ROSAMOND BAILEY 707 Johnson St., Andover SUSAN C. BALLMAN 115 So. WhippleSt., Lowell Drama Club, W.R.O., Ski Club, Shakespeare Society ROBERT B. BARNETT 2 Rogers St., No. Billerica PATRICIA A. BARROWS 9 London St., Lowell JUDITH C. BARRY 684 East Merrimack St., Lowell Ski Club, W.R.O., Newman Club PATRICIA J. BARRY 37 Sylvan Ave., Chelmsford Drama Club, Sigma Kappa Epsilon Sorority ARLENE BARSAMIAN 19 Lyon St., Lowell DEBORAH BATES 6 Newton Ave., Tewksbury MENC, Concert Choir Secretary LINDA M. BEAUDIN 37 Wilmot St., Lawrence W.R.O., Newman Club CLAIRE BEAUDOIN 21 Bellevue Ave., Dracut SGA Asst. Secretary 3, Secretary 4, College Senate Rep. 3 M. ANN BEAULIEU 586 Prospect St., Methuen ANNE MARIE BERGAMINI 64 Broadway St., Graniteville GERALD R. BERGONZI 13 Desmond Ave., Watertown JAYNE D. BIAGIOTTI 214 Treble Cove Rd., No. Billerica Senior Directory MARY JEAN BILAPKA 344 Pelham St., Methuen W.R.O., Volleyball, Newman Club EILEEN M. BIOREN 24 Kent St., Tewksbury Newman Club, Iona Club GERALDINE E. T. BLOUIN 194 Osgood St., Lawrence VSO, Newman Club THOMAS R. BOWSER 64 Fourth St., Lowell DEBORAH ANNE BRAGA 17 Merrill St., Lowell Newman Club 1, Pegasus 3, Drama Club 1 JUDITH D. BRAGDON MARGARET H. BRESNAHAN 12 Fernwood Ave., Bradford Drama Club, Newman Club RITA BRIEZE 10 Jarvis Ave., Fairhaven LINDA M. BROPHY 78th St., Plum Island, Newburyport Drama Club 1, Le Cercle Francais - Sec- retary 3, Vice-Pres. 4 BEVERLY S. BROWN 4 Inglewood Terr., Methuen MARION E. BUCK 72 Haverhill St., Andover PATRICIA A. BUNTEL 1083 Broadway St., Dracut Newman Club, W.R.O. MARY E. BURNS 3 Branch PI., Lowell W.R.O. SUSAN M. CAFFREY 24 Edmande Rd., No. Andover W.R.O. PATRICIA A. CALLAHAN 10 Fairview St., Woburn PATRICIA M. CALLAHAN 12 Ludlam St., Lowell SHEILA M. CALLAHAN 12 Ludlam St.,Lowell CATHY CAMPBELL 168 Luce St., Lowell Ski Club, Newman Club, W.R.O., Shakes- peare Society PAMELA A. CANGIANO 55 Cedar Rd., Medford MENC, Orchestra 1 oo KATHLEEN D. CANNEY 62 Keeley St., Haverhill VINCENT W. CARAVELLA W. Townsend Rd., Lunenburg DONNA M. CARROLL Ski Club, W.R.O.,Newman Club, Drama Club PETER J. CARUSO 193 Bruce St., Lawrence Intramural Basketball KATHLEEN J. CASEY 252 Shaw St., Lowell Newman Club, W.R.O. DORIS A. CHAMPAGNE 31 Kingston St., Lawrence JANICE A. CHESWORTH 119 Cross St., Lawrence W.R.O., Newman Club BEVERLY A. COLLINS 54 Church St., Fairhaven MARGARET M. CONDON 7 Home St., Lawrence W.R.O. ELLEN F. CONNOLLY 1 1 Vondergrift St., Lawrence Sik Club DONNA L. CONWAY 118 Chestnut St., Foxboro MENC Pres. 4. Musical Director " Man of La Mancha " 4 LINDA P. COTE 176 Hillcrest Rd., Dracut Shakespeare Society RUTH L. COTE 57 Wannalancit St., Lowell W.R.O., Newman Club RITA A. CRANE 56 Elm St., No. Andover KAREN E. CRAWFORD Cranberry Lane, Box 118, So. Yarmouth NEIL M. CROCKER 76 Fairlawn St., Lowell SHARON L. CUNNINGHAM Wilder St., Lowell NANCY J. CURRIER Groton Rd., Dunstable PAULA CUSHINSKY 95 Judson St., Maiden Dormitory Asst. MARCIA L. CUTLER 98 Kane St., Springfield RUSSELL R. CYR 396 Russell St., Lawrence FREDERICK DALY 17 Van Ness St., Springfield Wind Ensemble 1-4, Brass Choir Pres. 4, Percussion Ensemble 3, 4 JEAN MARIE DALY 13 Palermo St., Forge Village PATRICIA A. DAVEY 35 Doris Dr., Abington MENC, Brass Choir, Cheerleader, Concert Band MARGARET P. DAW 29 Maple Ave., No. Andover W.R.O., Newman Club JOYCE DeCESARE 18 Swan St., Lawrence Knoll Layout Editor 4 JAMES A. DEIGNAN 250 Princeton Blvd., Lowell W.R.O., New- CHRISTINE DELMAR 21 Smith St., Lowell French Club, Science Club, man Club MARY N. DEMIS 86 Fairfield St., Lowell NANCY L. DENOMME 14 Weed St., Lowell Drama Club 1, 2, MENC Productions 1-3, Knoll Art Editor 4, Newman Club, W.R.O. JOYCE D. DESROCHER 12 Merrill St., Methuen W.R.O., Newman Club DIANNE J. DESROCHERS 805 Merrimack St., Lowell LEE ANN DIAUTO 465 North St., Randolph MENC Vice-Pres., Iona Pres., Assoc. Director " L ' il Abner " DONNA M. DiPROFIO 48 Grove St., Haverhill KATHLEEN M. DONOVAN 9 Cornish St., Lawrence Concert Choir, MENC, Newman Club, Fes- tival Chorus JOANNE M. DOWLING 20 Hildreth St., Lowell Science Club, Drama Club, W.R.O. Repre- sentative 1 ALBERT L. DRAGON 43 Mt. Washington St., Lowell Vice-Pres. Class 71, Knoll Staff, MENC Productions, Pegasus, M.A.A. CAROL DRAPEAU 422 Fletcher St., Lowell GLEN DA M. DUBAY 63 North St., Erving SGA Vice-Pres, 4, Social Chairman 3, Stu- dent Council 1-4, W.R.O. CAROLE E. DUFRESNE 531 Pleasant St., Dracut French Club Pres., Drama Club, Newman Club SANDRA E. ELLIS 136 Aspen Rd., Swampscott MENC 1-4, Collegiate Chorale 3, 4, All Col- lege, Lab Chorus 1, 2 ROSANNE GEORGES EMPEY 118 Mammoth Rd., Dracut LAWRENCE A. ENOS DONNA B. FARRAR Main St., Shirley MENC, Orchestra, Concert Band SOPHIE FAVAS 246 Branch St., Lowell Phanar Club, W.R.O. JEAN M. FEENEY 13 Highland St., New Bedford DIANE M. FEROCE 208 Ferry St., Lawrence W.R.O., Newman Club, Knoll Staff BRIAN P. FINNEGAN 84 Parker St., Lowell Class Pres. 2, 3, Kappa Delta Phi Fra- ternity, Ski Club Pres. KATHLEEN FINCH 112 Bridge St., Fairhaven PATRICIA M. FIORELLO 15 Bradbury Ave., Medford W.R.O., Section Representative 1, 2, Knoll Staff 4 JOAN M. FIORINO 288 Pleasant St., No. Andover SALLY ANN FLEMING 80 Water St., Tewksbury LEONARD J. FLEMINGS EDITH A. FOULDS 80 Union St., No. Andover ROBERT J. FOYE 5 Roach St., Quincy LORRAINE ANN FRASCA 59 King St., Lawrence W.R.O., Volunteer Tutoring TERESA J. FURTADO 26 Brown St., Fairhaven MENC, Orchestra 189 ANNE M. GAGNON 252 Methuen St., Lowell Drama Club, W.R.O., Newman Club, SGA Representative 3 EILEEN A. GAGNON 12 Fifth Ave., Haverhill CHARLES F. GALLAGHER 54 Thorndike Rd., Lowell LINDA M. GARABEDIAN 59 Third St., Lowell Newman Club, W.R.O. PHYLLIS T. GAUTHIER Lovers ' Lane, Tyngsboro Newman Club DORIS K. GAYZAGIAN 60 Thomas Dr., Chelmsford GLORIA L. GIFFORD 2 Hampshire Rd., Reading Athenaeum Society, Judo Club MARSHA A. GILBRIDE 31 St. James St., Lowell Wind Ensemble 3, 4, Brass Choir 3, 4, MENC Production Orchestra 2, 3, 4 PATRICIA M. GIUFFRIDA 19 E. Haverhill St., Lawrence Knoll Staff 1, 2, Asst. Editor 3, Editor-in- Chief 4, Asst. Social Chairman 3, College Senate 4, SGA Representative 2, 3, 4 MARILYN E. GODFREY 30 Windsor Ave., Acton LINDA F. GORSE 8 Kenneth Terr., Stoneham SGA Representative 1, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club JANET M. GRASSO 69 Bigelow St., Lawrence W.R.O., Newman Club JOANNE F. GRASSO 369 Merrimack St., Methuen NANCY E. GRENNAN 1601 Tower Hill Rd., No. Kingston, R.I. MENC, MENC Productions, Drama Club Secretary JOAN M. GRIFFIN 18 Pearson St., Chelmsford CHRISTINE GRIVAS 8 Riverview Ave., Lowell Phanar Club ANN MARIE GROSS 10 Central St., Methuen W.R.O., Newman Club MARIE D. GUY 121 So. Bowdoin St., Lawrence JoANN MARIE HAMEL 4 Lafayette Ave., Lawrence Sigma Kappa Epsilon Sorority - Pledge Leader 3, President 3, 4 BARBARA T. HANSON 179 Princeton Blvd., Lowell Collegiate Choral 1-4, MENC Secretary 4, MENC Productions, Intramurals KATHY E. HARRINGTON 11 Lynn Ave., No. Chelmsford W.R.O., Ski Club MARY E. HARRINGTON 20 Hawthorne Ave., Nabnasset Knoll Staff 4, SGA Representative 3, W.R.O. Treasurer 3, W.R.O. Public Relations Chair- man 2, W.R.O. Representative 1 CYNTHIA ANN HATEM 15 Moison Ave., Methuen BRIAN P. HAYDEN 7 Merilda Ave., No. Chelmsford Cross Country, Science Club, Drama Club, Ski Club JOHN T. HAYES 29 So. Loring St., Lowe ll Drama Club, Knoll Business Manager 4 RAYMOND L. HEBERT 366 Mendon Rd., So. Attleboro MENC, Concert Choir, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Society, MENC Productions 1, 3 LINDA J. HESS 4 Linwood St., Tewksbury Drama Club 1, 2, Advocate Staff 2, 3, Class Secretary 3 DONALD S. HILL 80 Chestnut St., No. Reading MENC Treasurer 3, 4, MENC Productions 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Choir Pres. 4 KATHERINE E. HOBBS 1417 Mass. Ave., Lunenburg MARY E. HOGAN 30 Locust Rd., Chelmsford ELAINE L. HOGUE 16 Plymouth St., Lowell Newman Club MAUREEN R. HOLT 1222 Methuen St., Dracut Jazz Society 1, MENC 1-4, Lab Orchestra 1, 2, Collegiate Chorale 1-4, Festival Chorus 3 JOAN O. HORTON 4 Field St., Chelmsford CATHERINE KEANE HOUSE 368 East Merrimack St., Lowell SUSAN M. HOWARD 288 Middlesex St., No. Andover Newman Club M. BARBARA HOWES 315 Beacon St., Lowell SUSAN C. HUBERT 25 Gage Ave., Lowell Newman Club RACHEL HUMMER EILEEN M. HYNES 486 Middlesex Tpk., Billerica W.R.O. Representative, Varsity Basketball PAMELA A. ILG 69 Forrest St., Lowell AUGUST K. INGRAM 550 Whipple Rd., Tewksbury DONALD B. IRV1N 56 Stedman St., Chelmsford E. NANCY IRVIN 242 Beacon St., Lowell W.R.O., Newman Club LINDA L. IEFFERS P.O. Box 235, Oak Bluffs KEVIN R. JOHNSTON Harvard Rd., Shirley MARK KAPLAN 234 Bryant St., Maiden MARJORIE E. KARABATSOS Main St., Groton W.R.O. EDITH KATON 41 North St., Somerset SANDRA LEE KAY 220 Nashua Rd., Dracut KATHLEEN KELLEY 85 Fifth Ave., Lowell STEPHEN L. KELLEY 35 Fremont St., Lowell MARY C. KELLY 18 Allendale Ave., Billerica VIRGINIA C. KIAH PATRICIA R. KILLEEN 778 Main St., Tewksbury Newman Club, W.R. O., Ski Club, Drama Club JOYCE B. KIMBALL 145 Forest St., Haverhill MENC, MENC Productions, Concert Choir Secretary, Iona Executive Committee ELIZABETH M. KING 8 Pearl St., Mattapoisett MENC 1-4, MENC Production 2 ARLENE H. KINTON 5 Ridgewood Rd., W. Chelmsford RODNEY E. KLEBER 24 Cornell St., Lowell RUTH A. KOENIG 190 PATRICIA A. K.ORAVOS 27 Cleghorn Lane, Tewksbury ALLAN J. KOSIBA 39 Crotteau St., Adams Wind Ensemble President 4, Brass Choir 1-4, Percussion Ensemble 3, 4, All College 1, 2, MENC 1-4, Lab Chorus 1, 2, Or- chestra 1, 2, 4 DAPHNE T. KOULOHERAS 82 Varney St., Lowell Class Vice-Pres. 3 THOMAS L. LAMY 7 Shaws Lane, Peabody BARBARA E. LAWTON 14 First St., Methuen W.R.O. CAROL A. LEBEDZINSKI 127 Groton Rd., No. Chelmsford Sigma Kappa Epsilon Sorority 3, 4, New- man Club, MENC Production 3 MARION G. LeBOURDAIS 20 Litchfield Ave., Dracut KENNETH L. LECOMTE 4 Bushee Rd., Swansea MARY M. LEE 2931 Paige St., Lowell TIMOTHY E. LEE 70 Marshall St., Nutting Lake Athenaeum Society LINDA R. LEPINE 158 New York St., Lowell W.R.O., Officer 1, Drama Club VIRGINIA M. LeRJCHE 79 Bolton St., Lowell MARYANN LEWIN 18 Clairmont St., Lynn MENC, String Ensemble, Hillel, W.R.O. SUZANNE LEWIS 17 Woodcrest Dr., No. Tewksbury JUNE A- LIGHTFOOT 783 Lawrence St., Lowell Newman Club LINDA M. LISAY 86 Jewett St., Lowell Drama Club JEAN A. LITTLE 75 Elm St., Woburn MENC 1-4, MENC Productions 1-3, Col- legiate Chorale 2-4, All College, Lab Band, " Man of LaMancha " LINDA A. LITTLE 77 Concord Rd., Billerica Newman Club, Intramural Volleyball GERALDINE T. LOISELLE 225 Humphrey St., Lowell ROSEMARY A.LOMBARDI 486 Wood Lane, No. Andover CAROL E. LONG 212 Main St., Tewksbury JUNE A. LONGO 9 Freeport Ave., Methuen W.R.O. CHRISLINE M. LUKEN 7 Carolyn Rd., Wilmington LAUREEN M. LYNCH 91 Seneca St., Fitchburg Collegiate Chorale 1-4, MENC Productions 1-3, Intramural Volleyball, Pegasus SHARON L. MACE 24 Hall Rd., Chelmsford PATRICIA A. MAGLIO MARY R. MAHONEY 1 1 Eustis St., Stoneham W.R.O. , Newman Club THOMAS E. MALONE 865 Bridge St., Lowell SGA Pres. 4, SGA Public Relations Chair- man 3, Class Treasurer 2 MARION M. MANGANO 5 Fitz St., Lawrence W.R.O., Volunteer Tutoring JANET MANOOGIAN 5 Madeline Ave., Salem Lab Orchestra, Collegiate Chorale, All Col- lege Chorus, Festival Chorus JANE MARCY 44 Glenwood Circle, Longmeadow SGA 1-3, MENC 1-4, MENC Production 3, Dorm Council 3, Knoll Staff 3, 4, Lay- out Editor 4, Intramural Volleyball VIRGINIA M. MARSH EDWARD T. MARSHALL 61 Thorndike St., Lawrence Drama Club 3, SGA Representative 3, Pres. Class 71, President ' s Advisory Council KATHLEEN MARTIN 22 Troy St., Lowell MARTHA J. MARTIN 34 Marshall Ave., Lowell Pegasus 3, Newman Club 1 KENNETH J. MARTIN 33 Billeruca St., Lowell RITA COGAN MASOTTA 69 High St., Woburn GERALD J. MATTE 51 Bellevue St., Lowell JoANNE MATTHEWS 1201 Forest Rd., Jasper, Alabama MENC, W.R.O., Iona Club KAREN M. MAZUR 38 Manning Rd., E. Chelmsford DOROTHY A. McCAFFREY 38 Butterfield St., Lowell judith a. McCarthy 12 Lantern Lane, Burlington Drama Club 1, VSO 2-4, Asst. Chairman 3, Chairman 4 MARY JANE McCAVITT 28 Louise Ave., Methuen W.R.O., Newman Culb, Knoll Staff 4 MARGARET M. McDOWELL 87 Temple St., Lowell Drama Club KATHLEEN A. McFAGUE 297 Cox St., Hudson SANDRA M. McINTYRE 64 Chestnut St., Lunenburg MENC 1-4 elaine c. Mclaughlin 210 Boylston St., Lowell VSO, W.R.O. PATRICK E. McLEAN 18 Royal St., Lowell MAA Pres. 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Baseball 1-4, Basketball 2, 3, Knoll Sports Editor 4, Intramurals GERALDINE R. 15 A St., Lowell Ski Club, W.R.O. Club McSWIGGIN Newman Club, Drama MARY F. MENDONCA 36 Lyons St., Lowell W.R.O. KATHERINE J. MIDDLETON 7 Dix Rd., Woburn W.R.O. JANET M. MILHOMME Davis St., Tyngsboro VSO SHARON E. MILLER 32 Pleasantview St., Falmouth DAVID G. MINKKINEN 26 Walker St., Leominster SHARON M. MITCHELL 44 McKinley Ave., Lowell Newman Club, W.R.O. PAULA D. MOORE 25 Raymond Circle, Peabody MARGARET A. MORIARTY 110 Longmeadow Dr., Lowell W.R.O., Drama Club AUDREY A. MOSES 98 Mt. Vernon St., Lowell 191 KATHLEEN J. MOYNIHAN 19 Chelmsford St., Lawrence MARY MULDOON WILLIAM A. MULLEN 69 Gilmore St., Lowell Intramural Sports BARBARA T. MULLIGAN 6 Sheldon St., No. Billerica W.R.O., Newman Club SANDRA A. MURRAY 180 Remington St., Lowell DIANE H. MYSLIWIEC 16 Faneuff St., Auburn ANDREA E. NAJJAR 10 Bernard Rd., Woburn Ski Club, W.R.O., Newman Club DIANE NAZARETIAN BARBARA A. NEALON SHIELA NEOFOTISTOS 1358 Hildreth St., Dracut NANCY M. NEYLON 30 Fairfax St., Lowell SANDRA G. NEWSOME 61 Dorsett St., Springfield MENC 1-4, Symphony Band 1-4, Drama Club 1-3, Judo 2, Hobo Band 2, 3, Basket- ball Team 1, Pep Band 2, " Man of La Mancha " PATRICIA T. NIDA 16 Rogers St., Lowell Anthenaeum Society NANCY L. NORTON 52 Wilmot St., Lawrence SANDRA D. NORWOOD 19 Loring St., Lowell Cheering JANE M. OBARA 49 Seventh St., Lowell CHRISTINE J. O ' BRIEN 272 Ames St., Lawrence Newman Club, W.R.O. SANDRA F. OLEJARZ 203 Westford St., Lowell W.R.O., Drama Club DANIEL E. O ' NEILL 142 Starr Ave., Lowell Baseball Team, Intramural Sports MARGARET MASSARO ORLANDO 10 Danbury Dr., Methuen W.R.O. ANNE-MARIE OUELLETTE 4 Hamel Place, Lowell W.R.O. - Representative 1, Secretary 2, Gymnastics JUDITH McANDREW OZDEMIRER 224 Dunstable Rd., No. Chelmsford Iona 1, 2 JOSEPHINE A. PAOLINO 78 Salem St., Lawrence MARY H. PAOLINO 78 Salem St., Lawrence ALICE I. PARE 7 Burnham Rd., Andover Shakespeare Club EDWARD F. PARTHUM 18 Abbot St., Lawrence JOANNE PELLETIER 68 Flower Lane, Dracut BEVERLY A. PELCZAR 219 Ferry St., Lawrence W.R.O., Volunteer Tutoring JACQUELINE A. PELLEGRINO 300 Pleasant St., No. Andover Class Treasurer 3, 4, SGA Judiciary Com- mittee 3, 4, Knoll Staff 4, Shakespeare So- ciety, Ski Club PAULINE A. PERREAULT 304 Pawtucket St., Lowell Science Club, French Club GEORGE F. PERRY 603 Chelmsford St., Lowell MARJORIE A. PETALAS 509 Redwood Lane, Lowell KATHRYN D. PHANEUF 1000 Mammoth Rd., Dracut W.R.O. Secretary, Secretary Class ' 71, Knoll Staff JANIE M. PIEKOS 17 Twelfth St., Lowell LIDIA PIEMONTE 152 Newbury St., Lawrence Newman Club, W.R.O., Volunteer Tutoring RICHARD R. PINTAL 122 Seventh Ave., Lowell Athenaeum Society, Chess Club ELAINE M. PITTORINO 860 Fellsway, Medford MENC Productions: 2, 3, Cheerleader 2, 3 W.R.O. 1-4, PATRICIA E. PLANTE 61 Minot St., Falmouth W.R.O. PHILIP P. POKLADOK 486 East Merrimack St., Lowell MENC 1, 3, 4, Orchestra 1-4 JEANNE M. POLCARI 243 Rutledge Rd., Belmont MENC 1-4, MENC Productions 1-4 BILLIE D. PORTER PATRICIA M. POULIN 189 Andover St., Lawrence Newman Club, W.R.O. DIANA S. POULOS 31 Warren St., Fitchburg ROBERT L. PROVOST 27 Jennings St., Lawrence DEBORAH A. QUINN 47 Brickkiln Rd., Chelmsford SGA, Knoll Staff JUDITH A. RA1NVILLE 181 Church St., Whitinsville ELLEN H. RAWLEY 486 Douglas Rd., Lowell JO-ANN F. Redgrift 26 Pinedale Ave., Methuen DONNA M. REED 160 Van Greenby Rd., Lowell Newman Club, W.R.O. SUSAN A. REYNOLDS 39 Garden Rd., Lowell Science Club AUGUSTINE J. REUSCH DOREEN T. RICHARDS 25 Westchester St., Lowell W.R.O., Newman Club CHRISTY C. RISSKA 8 Diamond Terr., Chelmsford JAY RIZZETTO 166 Sheridan Ave., Medford JACQUELINE A. ROACH 6 Wing Terr., Burlington LYNN ROBINSON 438 Front St., Marion W.R.O. 1, MENC Productions 2, 3, Cul- tural Committee, Dormitory Council, " Man of La Mancha " MARY C. ROBINSON 16 Byrne Ave., Nabnasset Shakespeare Society ROSEMARY A. ROCHA 68 Nichols St., Lowell LINDA G. ROLLINS 309 Boylston St., Lowell Iona, W.R.O. CARL J. RONDINA 22 Rockwood Terr., Auburndale Collegiate Chorale 3, 4 - Pres. 4, Intra- mural Basketball 2, 3, Lab Chorus 1, 2, Wind Ensemble 3, All College 1, 2, MENC 1-4 KENNETH H. ROPER 62 Coburn St., Lowell 192 KENNETH C. ROSCOE 594 Mammoth Rd., Dracut MENC, Concert Choir JAMES F. ROURKE 21 Guild St., Lowell SGA Representative 1, Intramural Sports Shakespeare Society 2, MAA Social Chair- man 3, MAA Treasurer 4, Golf Team 1-4, Captain 4 JEANNINE C. ROUSSEAU 63 Sixth Ave., Lowell CHRISTINE A. SABA 29 Whitman St., Lawrence STANLEY S. SADKOWSKI 93 Canton St., Lowell Baseball 1-4, Outstanding Baseball Player ' 70, MAA Secretary 3, Basketball Manager 2, 3, Intramural Sports SANDRA M. SAKELAKOS 146 Jewett St., Lowell Drama Club, Phanar Club Secretary 2, 3 ALINE C. SALVAS 14 Eighth Ave., Lowell Drama Club, Senior Week Committee, Cercle Francais ROBERT F. SAMPSON 828 Crescent St., E. Bridgewater CHRISTINA M. SAVASTANO 9 Albermarle St., Methuen W.R.O., Newman Club JOAN M. SCOLLAN 16 Amherst St., No. Chelmsford W.R.O. Representative 3 H. PATRICIA SEDLESKI 82 First St., Lowell CHARLES W. SHADAN 22 Rhodora St., Lowell Class Vice-Pres. 1, Baseball Team 1 MARY E. SHANAHAN 35 Huron Ave., Dracut W.R.O. MAUREEN R. SHINE 45 Basswood St., Lawrence Ski Club, Newman Club LINDA J. SILVA 22 Ames St., Lowell JUDITH L. SIMONIAN 520 Merrimack St., Methuen MARLENE D. SINTROS 279 Nashua Rd., Dracut THOMAS M. SINTROS 2 Rockdale Ave., Lowell Science Club, Science Department Curric- ulum Committee ■■ 3 ANTHONY W. SIRAGUSA 16 Loring St., Lawrence SAMUEL A. SLARSKEY 144 Argilla Rd., Andover MAUREEN L. SMYTH 35 Chandler St., Bradford Knoll Literary Editor 4 MARIANNE SORENSON 27 Glenwood St., Lowell W.R.O. Representative 1 RACHEL A. SOUCY 119 West St., Methuen MENC ELIZABETH R. SOUZA 8 Flint Locke Lane, Medfield SHARON F. SPARKS 6 Waverly Ave., Lowell LINDA G. STEARNS 43 Grace St., Lowell Science Club, W.R.O. , Iona Club, Drama Club ROBERT D. ST. LOUIS CHRISTINE A. STRYKOWSKI 25 Dinsmore St., Lowell Science Club President, Newman Club, Curriculum Committee CYNTHIA L. SUZEDELYS 7 Hampshire Rd., Methuen W.R.O. DENNIS E. TAFF CLEMENT F. TAYLOR Danvers, NANCY E. TAYLOR 12 Quigley Ave., No. Chelmsford GAIL A. THOMAS 38 Needham St., No. Chelmsford W.R.O. Vice-Pres. RITA J. THOMAS 109 Boston St., Methuen W.R.O. LINDA L. THOMOPOULOS 747 Broadway St., Lowell Ski Club PATRICIA K. TREMBLAY 394 Forest St., Methuen Newman Club MARY C. TROY 75 Bunkerhill St., Lawrence Ski Club SUZANNE M. TRUDEL 40 Wilder St., Lowell LYNN D. TURCHI 39 Louise Ave., Methuen Newman Club DOROTHY B. TUTTLE RUSSELL L. VARNEY 102 Blithewood Ave., Worcester DEBORAH A. VEASIE EVELYN VENIOS 6 Ledgewood Rd., Woburn W.R.O. CHARLES J. VERGADOS 506 Gorham St., Lowell Class Pres. 1, Cultural Committee Chair- man 4, Student-Faculty Senate 4 ROLAND G. VIGEANT MARY VURGAROPOULOS 87 Bedford Ave., Lowell DiANN WAGNER 16 Grove St., Pinehurst Athenaeum Society MARGARET WALKER 94 Carroll Pkwy., Lowell JEAN M. WALSH 1 Alden Rd., Marblehead Sigma Kappa Epsilon Sorority, Newman Club MARSHA A. WELLS 128 Cambridge St., Burlington SGA Representative 3, 4 JUDITH A. WHITE Winchester Dr., So. Dennis Advocate News Editor 4, Editor-in-Chief 4, Shakespeare Society 3, 4 MARGARET M. WHITMORE 45 Lynde Ave., Melrose EARSCELLE C. WILKERSON 77 Adams St., Lowell BETH H. WILLIAMS ANN MARIE WINN 101 Warwick St., Lowell Library Representative, Newman Club JEANNE M. WINN 7 Lois St., Methuen W.R.O., Newman Club DIANE P. WINTERS 136 Manchester St., Lowell Newman Club, Pegasus REBECCA H. WISNIEWSKI WANDA J. WOJCIK East Prescott St., Forge Village KAREN A. WOLCOTT NANCY M. WOOD 282 Concord Rd., Bedford SGA, Ski Club, Shakespeare Society, New- man Club, W.R.O. LOUIS L. YOKELL 193 McCloskey St., Fall River EDITH C. YOUNG 8 State St., Wilmington Drama Club 1 FRANCIS A. ' ZABBO 60 Bradstreet Ave., Lowell Class Treasurer 1, Assistant Social Chair- man, Public Relations Chairman, Ski Club, Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity ELAINE ZAFIRIOU 1107 Middlesex St., Lowell CECILIA F. ZANNINI 193 The Knoll staff wish to express their thanks to Mr. Joe Donovan of Wm J Keller Inc for his invaluable assistance in the production of this yearbook, and to Mr. Larry McLean and Mr. Joe Madden of McLean Studio for their efficient and untiring service. 194 Compliments of McLean Studio 195 r fwOt You do not take out advertisements when you love. You whisper quite softly to one ear only. Rod McKuen Best of Luck Senior Class 196 Student Government Association Lowell State College 197 Compliments Of THE DRAMA CLUB 198 Compliments Of The M. A. A. (Men ' s Athletic Association) Compliments Of M. E. N. C. (Music Educators ' National Conference) Compliments of The JUNIOR CLASS 199 Compliments of Lowell State College Bookstore, Inc. Compliments of Dennis Office Supply Corp. Compliments of FOOD CRAFTS INC. 200 _ ■ I I ■ M • ■ M ■ 1 d m ■ ■ • H H ■ I I ■ ■ ■ H -■■.■...:■-■-... ¥ 1 " - rt M I «. . — -- W • • m

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