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University of Massachusetts Lowell - Sojourn / Knoll Yearbook (Lowell, MA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Cover

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■r.x: t " % r ■s ' nV UML DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH LIBRARY REC ' D ■■ v..:V V M ■ Y I Mr- v. V. S ' r- X " s J ■ f -• ' r v r tf -J - J p$ ■- A •nm m •% , I i HJ ■%% ■ I s BBnltfii Jii ' «i. s : .si As people ' Used to be wrong about the motion of the sun, so they are still wrong about the motion of the future. The fu- ture stands still; it is we who move in infinite space. Rainer Maria Rilke i. ' m , K ■ jff flHnto vM r --. " " " ' -. ■ . r r T The intellectual limitations of the human mind, and the natural limitations of our circumstances cannot hinder man in the pursuit of his goals. However, the goals of man cannot be attained without, first, the discovery of self. We are ul- timately seeking our own identity. Through this book, we have attempted to portray this constant search- which been the primary motivation of our college career. »« y ta iV , Concordia Hall We are happier in solitude than in the world. Isn ' t the reason that in solitude we are forced to think about things, but in the world we have to think about people? Nicolas Chamfort • J w - " ■W 1 -- ■£. :.« ! n BREAKOUT! EGGS ANY STYLE WITH TOAST HAM BACON CEREAL A MILK IAM 40 3b KM .AM DINNER _ PM 1 SOUP CUP IS UOWL2 5 CHICKEN VEC SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN CRANBERRY SAUCE 2b TWO VEGETABLES to OLD E SHIONED BEEF STEW IX)NU!N ( OFFEI ROLLS COFFEJ 10 lb 10 II 10 WITH HOT BISCUIT MILK lb 80 1 ■■ ■ 1 HOC JOK E lb 16 SIDE ORDER OF VEG lb nasi o s u POTATO AI COLE SLAW Pit SHORTCAKE (AM S 8. SO PUDDING 11:1.1 ' FRUIT CUP COTTAGE C COKE To the great delight of the human heart, the essence of communication lies, not in speaking or touching, but in the simple joy of reaching out to an- other. 10 The soul, too, has her virginity and must bleed a little before bearing fruit. George Santayana 11 12 13 - What I began by reading, I must finish by acting. Henry David Thoreau 15 ftiMflkV W 1 l ffr w 1 ' ! 1 I ■ I «—— i i " irit •iiiiiiiwii- " tf il t mir THiii imm i ww ri i iii l i p- i Wrcw jii i ittfy ii STATE COLLEGE AT LOWELL 1985 MASSAC MUS STA1 ! COLI i 1. 1 S • ANDREW OALAND ARCHITECT BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS MASTER PLANNER IDENTITY of the INDIVIDUAL 18 1 1 1 i BiS jtt M at 1 K o| 1 H W " fc n 5 1 » " " |fPI 19 20 WJifl " ' Well something ' s lost, but something ' s gained In living ev ' ry day. Joni Mitchell 21 Got no deeds to do, No promises to keep. I ' m dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep. Let the morning drop all its petals on me . . . 22 Life, I love you. All is groovy. Paul Simon 24 L «K- 25 Happiness is the only good. The time to be happy is now . . . 26 The place to be happy is here. The way to be happy is to make others so. R. G. Ingersoll 27 There ' ll be new dreams Maybe better dreams and plenty, Before the last revolving year is through. k Ik: K Joni Mitchell IDENTITY of the STUDENT on CAMPUS 29 huh? -i » These are places I remember all my life, though some have changed. Some forever not for better Some have gone and some remain John Lennon 30 31 c L A S S o f 1 9 7 2 C L A S S o f 1 9 7 Kevin Shanahan — V.P., Glenn Volk — Pres., Corinne Camelio — Sec ' t., Anne Marie Donovan — Treas. Maureen Kirwin — Sec ' t., Michelle LaBay — Treas., Peter Tsaffaras — Pres., Linda Brunelle — V.P. 32 Daphne Koulaharas — V.P., Brian Finnegan — Pres., Jackie Pellegrino — Treas. Not Taken: Linda Hess. C L A S s o f 1 9 7 1 C L A S s o f 1 9 7 3 Myron Flagler — V.P., Paula Calderone — Treas., Bill Dorfman — Pres., Karen Amicangioli — Sec ' t. 33 Student Government Association Cookie Demis — Ass ' t Pub. Chair., Claire Beau- doin — Ass ' t Sec ' t., Glenda Dubay — Soc. Chair., Tom MaJone — Pub. Chair., Pat Molloy — V.P., Ric O ' Brien — Pres., Pat Giuffrida — Ass ' t Soc. Chair., Paul Bailey — Treas., Sandy Raffael — Ass ' t Treas., Maureen Smyth — Sec ' t. 34 Knoll Marcia E. Cuddy Editor-in-Chief Anne Marie Donovan — Layout Ed., Corinne Camelio — Art Ed., Jack Swan — Bus. Man., Rosemary Stone — Lit. Ed., Gerry Quatrale— Phot. Ed., Bob Hassett — Mens ' Sports Ed., Pat Giuffrida— Ass ' t Ed., Judy Die- rauer— Layout Ed., Not Taken: Pat Clancy — Womens ' Sports Ed. 35 Kappa Delta Phi ' Sigma Kappa Epsilon Paulette Caira, JoAnn Hamel — Pres., Chris Luken, Carol Levedzinski, Katy O ' Leary, Mary Mahoney, Edna Boshar, Anne Marie Burke, Anne Hurton. Larry D ' Errico, John St. Onge, John Considine, Bob Kanellas, Peter Tsaffaras, Frank Zabbo, Brian Finnegan, Bill Dowling, David Ryan, Bob Nochnuk, Dave McRae, Russ Cyr, Walt McGrail. Not Taken: Jack McSwiggin — Pres., Bob Hassett, Bob Cameron, Dennis Taff, Tom McCarthy, Bob Boehm. D r a m a C 1 u b John St. Louis, Pat Clancy, Dennis Prebensen. Not Taken: Bob St. Louis — Pres. 37 Newman Club Chess Club Pat Clancy — Sec, Rev. Joseph Flynn — Advisor, Mary Golden — Pres. Not Taken: Celeste LaRock — Treas. Dave Williams — Treas., Brian Hayden — V.P., Dennis Cyr- Pres., Evelyn Kinton — Sec, Paul Hartwell. Pegasus Al Dragon, Pat Bernard, Su- zanne Molleur — Editor-in-chief Steve Kelly, Gerry Marchand. 38 M.E.N.C. Brian Coughlin, Buddy Maran- ville, Linda Hammett, Bill Madden — Pres. Science Club Joyce Hebert, Donna Paleo- logos, Mary Lee — Sec, Cheryl Martell — Pres., Paul Hartwell, Pat Nida, Pat Tetreault, Jeanne St. Onge, Brenda Pelland, Brian Hayden, Steve Vernon, Dick Mungo, Victor Hamel. Dave Williams, Gerry Mar- chand. 39 w. R. O. Gail Thomas — V.P., Mary Harrington — Treas., Pat Clancy — Pres., Joan Scollan — Rep. Not Taken: Kay Phaneuf — Sec., Bunny Mastas — Head of Publicity, Kathy Pyne — Head of Sports. M. A. A. Chuck Raras — Janitor, Jimmy Rourke — Soc. Chair., Russ Cyr — Treas. Stanley Sadkowski— Sec, Pat McClean— V.P., Bob Boehm — Head of Sports, Den- nis Taff — Pres. 40 French Club Carol Dufresne — Pres., Constance Bedard— V.P., Linda Brophy — Sec, Theresa Roy — T r e a s ., Melody Michopoulos, Pamela McKay, Lucille Maugeri, Susan Hayward, Arlette Clayton, Maureen Houlihan. Fran- coise Villa — Advisor. Rosemary Stone, Cheryl Kennedy — Pres., Kathy Linehan, Sally Delaney — Sec, Anne Marie Donovan, Beth Williams, Eddie Silva, Al Dragon, Gerry Quatrale — Treas., Arthur Friedman — Advisor. 41 s h a S k o e c s • 1 P e e t a y r e 42 M r ' 4p $fv - ' ■ ' ' ii-rfi ' • -i k - ... , - P ■ V •. » « 4 " 1 1 ■ Ah $ ™ ti ... . , ft r i s - V- ' , |»m| ' ! wP ] afii fi BP fti jS ■ ' ■■, i t?? ggg EJB ! - 5 , on L- - - - ■ B£ IT --i • — 43 44 45 Slave Auction 46 r 47 ..:--■ . 48 49 50 Friday, Feb. 20—8:00 P.M. Tom Rush LIGHTHOUSE in concert K wuA , f f rkTm) W :kWn ' r B M jfJr 2? v ■■ ■ fa , J| ' J : %c_3ifcJ ir rL Wd i jfl JB xl 51 52 Saturday, Feb. 21—8:00 P.M. The Flock in concert and HUEY AND THE BUNCH Sunday, Feb. 22 — 2:00 P.M. Paul Butterfield Blues Band in concert 53 54 55 D z ■ i K 56 v ■■ 57 MKfit 9 f% 58 59 IDENTITY of the STUDENT in the COMMUNITY We fill ourselves with joy and serenity when we put our hand out to a child . . . 62 because he understands that gratitude is best expressed not in a word, but in a look, in a smile, in a touch, in a touch. 63 64 65 Those who will follow. Let us not mold their minds. Rather, let us contribute to the future by instilling in them a clear and gentle perception of all that surrounds them. 66 67 The nature of love is to destroy all antagonism . 68 69 it begetteth union, and from union cometh peace. Orestes A. Brownso 71 When you ' ve seen beyond yourself — then you may find, peace of mind, is waiting there — And the time will come when you see we ' re all one, and life flows on within you and without you. George Harrison ,■. ■ M(fe 72 ADMINISTRATION and FACULTY .-» m ' " But thou shalt face thy fortunes Thy diseases and surmount them all, The present holds thee not — For such unparallel ' d flight as Thine, such brood as thine The future only holds thee. " Walt Whitman ' s century old prophesy renews our faith in the divinity which shapes our end, our hope for a future purged of physical and moral pollution, our love encompassing all peoples, creeds and colors. May your future be blessed as I bless you on part- ing. Sincerely, Daniel H. O ' Leary President 74 In Memory of Dr. William R. Fisher, Dean of Graduate School If I can stop one heart from breaking I shall not live in vain If I can ease one life the aching Or cool one pain Or help one fainting robin Unto his nest again I shall not live in vain. Emily Dickinson 75 College Administration John J. Fisher, Academic Dean Mary E. McGauvran, Dean of Women Domenic R. Procopio, Dean of Graduate Scliool William F. Dunn, Assistant to the President 76 Ann B. Mancib Assistant Dean of Women ft S Charles R. Meehan, Librarian George W. Luter, Registrar Irene B. O ' Loughlin, Nurse Mimi Simonds, Public Relations » " " «i Leonard Andrusaitis Director of Financial Aid 77 Gertrude F. Barker, Nursing Shirley Kolack, Psychology Patricia A. Goler, History Leo Panas, Art Elizabeth Neilson, Health William Burton, English 78 William H. Malone, Math Edward F. Gilday, Music P. Christopher Smith, Philosophy Margaret Shannon, Education Joseph Garreau, Language Ethel Kamien, Biology 79 Walter P. Copley, Math Carlton Plummer, Art Peter Blewett, History Artin Arslanian, Music Gardner Tillson, English Stuart Smith, Music Prentiss Shepherd, Biology 80 s ®m William Wright, Behavioral Science Herbert Haber, English Gertrude M. Cunningham, Education Joseph Liggera, English W Nancy Spicer, Biology Avalon N. Minton, Historv 81 Ruth Ashley, Music Richard L. Derry, History Frank Lyons, Psychology Frederic Faudie, Art Lisanio Orlandi, Education Virgil Austin, Music Ignatius A. Ciszek Physical Education 82 Natalo Paella, Music Elizabeth R. Hayford, History Joyce G. Denning, History Robert E. Innis, Philosophy Sister Jacqueline Charette, Music Donald B. Hilton, Biology Kalervo Kansanniva, English 83 Robert M. Gravina, Math Morton H. Elfenbein, Psychology y Ay Frederick A. Norton, History Gary W. Coy, Biology Eleanor Shalhoup, Nursing M. Virginia Biggy, Education 84 Joseph Zaitchik, English Renan E. Suarez, Language Chester M. Nowak, History Esther Portnoy, Math 85 Donald Smith, Music Athanasios Boulukos English Christos J. Bentas, History Pho Ba Hai, History Charles Mellen, Math Donald Bravo, Music Thomas A. Norn ' s, Psychology 86 Judith A. Dill, Math Nancy M. Eberiel, Biology Arnold L. O ' Brien, Science Calvin R. Lindblad, Music Deaan D. Bouzianis, Music 87 John R. Fitzgerald, History Richard Lyons, Philosophy Fortunata Caliri, English Dean J. Bergeron, History Robert Layden, English 88 Margaret E. Guidon, English John J. Shea, History Joseph Farina, Biology Daniel Weller, Art Harald C. Bakken, History 89 Mary D. Kramer, English Jon C. Hellstedt, Psychology William F. Murphy, Education •l « i Charles F. Carroll, History Joan S. Pharnes, Physical Education 90 Penelope Kopley, Education George L. Carr, Biology Dennis R. Garff, Language Siu-Lam Lee, Biology Rosemarie Giovino, Education 91 William Pordon, Music Doris L. Corman, Sociology Paul Bregor, Music Byron Sokolik, History Sister Grace Donovan, History 92 Diane Ostrofski, History Antone S. Holevas, Music Denise I. Legault Physical Education Robert A. Stein, English Michael T. D ' Elia, Education 93 mm JM V H • , + Ruediger O. Wunderlich, Language Alice G. Kiernan, Education Betsy H. Woodman, Art David Landman, English Paul Protopapas, Biology 94 Robert White, Music Brenda A. Pinardi, Art Thomas Elliot, Music Abraham M. Rennert, Biology Francoise Vila, Language 95 SSSTb " " r«z — " . ' . " iSH H ■■■ ■ :■:■ ■ . ■ ' - :: - ■ ■ .- gi w ■» ■» y. ■:■■■ ■.... aBL H Paul Gay, Mws c Jay W. Land, Ma; i Curtis P. Hinckley, Biology Mary Blewett, History Robert Gerst, English 96 Arthur Friedman, English Willis Traphagen, Music -m mi Thaddeus Osmolski, Biology Robert Sinibaldi, Education Robert Griffith, Art 97 Arlette E. Clayton, Language Dudley Hascall, English John F. Lyons, Biology mmmmmmmmmk. John K. Ogasapian, Music Anne McParland, education 98 Robert J. Foy, English Martha J. McGowan, English George J. McCune, Education Susan Hay ward, Language Richard Siegel, Psychology 99 Kenneth Klein, Biology The true teacher defends his pupils against his own personal influence. He inspires self-distrust. He guides their eyes from himself to the spirit that quickens him. He will have no disciple. A. Bronson Alcott Enid Spielman, Biology Louisa D. Cogswell, Education 100 SENIORS r Caryl Adamowitch B.S., Ed. Wayne E. Andrus B.M., Ed. Donna J. Bakios B.S., Ed. Carol A. Ahearn B.S., Ed. Angela J. Ainsworth B.S., Ed. Susan M. Arruda B.M., Ed. Marsha Ann Assad B.S., Ed. k Frieda J. Balamotis B.S., Ed. 102 Mary E. Balas B.S., Ed. Susan Anne Albert B.A., English Mfe tr UU " " v Elizabeth A. Allard Linda M. Allen Jonna M. Amicangioli Judith L. Anderson B.M., Ed. B.S., Ed. B.M., Ed. B.M., Ed. Paul A. Bailey B.S., Ed. Margaret Banakos B.S., Ed. Maureen T. Baril 5.S., Ed. Gail A. Batcheller B.S., Ed. Patricia Marie Bernard B.A., English Helen R. Barnett B.S., Ed. Cheryl E. Bean B.S., Ed. Jean M. Barton B.M., Ed. Constance D. Bedard B.A., French Blair Francis Bettencourt James S. Bigold B.M., Ed. B.A., English Kathryn J. Bastoni B.M., Ed. Virginia M. Belavitch B.S., Ed. 4P f » ■ Joanne Bishop B.S., Ed. Edith L. Blades Susan D. Blanchette Henry Peter Blocker Robert W. Boehm B.S., Ed. B.S., Ed. B.S., Ed. 103 B.S., Ed. Christina Gail Bolton B.S., Ed. Angela M. Boyer B.M., Ed. Arlene S. Browning B.S., Ed. Linda M. Brackett B.S., Ed. Sally Ann Brunelle B.S., Ed. Carol Frasca Boucher B.S., Ed. Patricia C. Bresnahan B.S., Ed. Suzanne M. Buchanan B.S., Ed. Joan M. Bovitz B.S., Ed. Sabra Lee Brockway B.S., Ed. Anne Marie Budrevich B.S., Ed. Mary H. Burgoyne B.S., Ed. Michele R. Caira B.S., Ed. Corinne Camelio B.S., Ed. Catherine A. Cantillon B.A., English ■■ " F »-n n 1 M ■ Paulette G. Carro B.S., Ed. Mary C. Chin B.A., English Nadine P. Cavallaro B.S., Ed. Ingrid Shadan Chrisco B.A., English Elaine C. Cleary B.S., Ed. nn f Kathryn J. Cebula B.S., Ed. Patricia F. Clancy B.S., Ed. Mary Faith Colella B.S., Ed. Joyce M. Chesworth B.S., Ed. Ernest M. Clark B.M., Ed. Maureen Connell B.S., Ed. Rosemaria Anne Costa Margaret Costanzo Marcia Eileen Cuddy Susan Currier B.S., Ed. B.S., Ed. B.A., English 105 B.S., Ed. Carlene M. Cuscia B.S., Ed. Sara Ann Delaney B.A., English Dianne M. Desrochers B. S., Ed. J Judith A. Dierauer B.S., Ed. Mary J. Cutler B.A., History Catherine M. DeMarco B.S., Ed. k Karen M. DeStefano B.S., Ed. Joanna E. Domenico B.M., Ed. Linda M. Dano B.S., Ed. Patricia June Demers B.S., Ed. James Jay DiCroce B.M., Ed. Karen A. Donnelly B.S., Ed. Dianne V. Day B.S., Ed. Geraldine DeSimone B.M., Ed. Johanna L. Diefendorf B.S., Ed. 106 k Anne Marie Donovan B.A., English Cynthia A. Donovan B.S., Ed. Paulette M. Ducharme B.S., Ed. Sandra Dunsford B.S., Ed. Pamela A. Dowling B.S., Ed. Pauline M. DuFour B.S., Ed. Cynthia C. 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Hanson B.M., Ed. Brenda J. Green B.A., English i Angela S. Haidutis B.S., Ed. Joseph H. Harding B.M. Paul J. Hartwell Robert A. Hassett Phyllis M. Hayes Kathleen M. Healy B.S., Ed. B.A., History B.S., Ed. 109 B.S., Ed. Joyce M. Hebert B.A., Biology i Judith L. Hill B.S., Ed. Claire Home B.S., Ed. Carolyn K. Johnson B.S., Ed. Jean M. Henry B.M., Ed. Kathryn L. Holden B.S., Ed. Sharon House B.A., Health Jane C. Jusczak B.A., English Kathleen B. Heslin B.S., Ed. Sharon P. Horgan B.S., Ed. Daniel H. Howard B.M., Ed. 110 Nancy D. Kalitka B.S., Ed. Patricia A. Higgins B.S., Ed. Karen L. Horndahl B.S., Ed. Christine R. Jacques B.S., Ed. Jeffrey D. Keay B.M., Ed. Cheryl A. Kennedy B.A., English Sandra E. Landers B.S., Ed. t Joyce M. LeBlanc B.S., Ed. Ann A. Kinneen B.S., Ed. David A. Landry B.A., Biology " TpN i Linda M. Lee B.S., Ed. Walter Kosciewicz B.S., Ed. Clifton O. LaPorte Jr. B.A., English M. Jane Lehoux B.M., Ed. Kathleen M. Linehan B.A., English Nadine Joan Lorrain B.S., Ed. 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Nagle Kathryn A. Neal Norma L. Newell Janice T. Nickerson B.S., Ed. B.M.,Ed. B.M., Ed. 113 B.M., Ed. Richard W. O ' Brien B.A., History Daniel O ' Neill B.S., Ed. Pamela E. Parkinson B.M., Ed. Marilyn Perruccio B.S., Ed. Sharon Westover O ' Brien B.S., Ed. Karen E. O ' Neill B.S., Ed. Donna J. Pattison B.S., Ed. Celia Peterson B.A., Biology Eileen O ' Donnel B.S., Ed. Beverly A. Osterhaudt B.S., Ed. Brenda P. Pelland B.A., Health Kathleen M. Pigeon B.M., Ed. Darryl R. O ' Hagan B.S., Ed. Judith M. Owens B.S., Ed. Virginia M. Percoco B.S., Ed. William J. Pimley B.S., Ed. 114 Janet S. Pinard B.S., Ed. Gerald R. Quatrale B.A., English Dana Rosengard B.A., Health i ! Thomas E. Saad B.S., Ed. i Lucille A. Polizzotti B.S., Ed. Judith M. Revane B.S., Ed. %,. .T Lillian M. Roy B.S., Ed. Joseph P. Sacoco B.S., Ed. Pamela A. Porochniak B.A., English Brenda A. Rogers B.S., Ed. Cheryl A. Rurak B.S., Ed. Patricia M. Samia B.S., Ed. Lawrence A. Porter B.M., Ed. Kenneth H. Roper B.A., French Constance M. Ryan B.S., Ed. Anne Rita Santos B.A., Health 115 Donna M. Santosuosso B.S., Ed. Corinne M. Shannon B.S., Ed. Arleen F. Siteman B.S., Ed. Victor L. Spinazola B.S., Ed. Gail F. Schaefer B.A., English Paula R. Shulman B.S., Ed. Richard A. Snetsky B.S., Ed. Mary-Lou Staniewicz B.S., Ed. Charles R. Scoggins Jr. B.A., History Edward D. Silva B.A., English Rita A. Solomon B.S., Ed. Rosemary Stone B.A., English Kevin Shanahan B.A., History James L. Sintros B.S., Ed. Maureen Sousa B.S., Ed. 16 Jeanne M. St. Onge B.A., Biology » Kathleen M. Sudak B.M., Ed. John Sutherland B.M., Ed. Dennis E. Taff B.A., History Karen Ann Sullivan John C. Swan B.A., English Clement F. Taylor B.M., Ed. Kathleen J. Sullivan B.S., Ed. Lynne Swartz B.S., Ed. Virginia F. Teague B.S., Ed. Carol A. Sweeney B.S., Ed. Jeanne C. Tellier B.S., Ed. Deborah Tenney Patricia A. Tetreault Carol Marie Theriault Gary Edmund Travis B.M., Ed. B.A., Health B.S., Ed. 117 B.M., Ed. Madeline L. Tremblay B.S., Ed. Diane Louise Tumolo B.S., Ed. Glenn P. Volk B.M., Ed. Wendy M. Weston B.M., Ed. M. Joanne Truitt B.S., Ed. Joyce Ustick B.S., Ed. Florence O. Vose B.S., Ed. Frank D. Weymouth B.M., Ed. William J. Tucker B.A., History Martha O ' Hare Vaura B.S., Ed. 8 A Elizabeth A. Wagner B.S., Ed. Judith White B.A., English i Elizabeth M. Tufo B.S., Ed. Sheila A. Viera B.S., Ed. Janet M. Wagner B.S., Ed. 118 Nancy E. White B.S., Ed. Joan Whittenberger B.S., Ed. Beth Williams B.A., English William H. Williams B.M., Ed. Sharon M. Wilson B.A., History Jo-Ann M. Wrobel B.S., Ed. Cheryl G. Zaino B.S., Ed. 119 CARYL ADAMOWITCH Groton St., Dunstable Activities: Iona Fellowship, W.R.O. CAROL A. AHEARN 97 Powell St., Lowell Activities: W.R.O., Ski Club, Section Representative ANGELA J. AINSWORTH 49 Roper St., Lowell Activities: All College Senate, Student Affairs, W.R.O. SUSAN ANNE ALBERT 38% Smith St., Lowell Activities: Shakespeare Society ELIZABETH A. ALLARD 428 Westford St., Lowell Activities: M.E.N.C, Collegiate Chorale, Concert Band SIMONE M. ALLARD LINDA ALLEN 36 Call St., North Billerica Activities: Newman Club, W.R.O. Freshman Representative, Secretary W.R.O. ' 67- ' 68 JONNA M. AMICANGIOLI 24 Charles St., Auburndale Activities: Dorm Council President, M.E.N.C. Representative, Newman Club, M.E.N.C. Musicals JUDITH L. ANDERSON WAYNE E. ANDRUS SUSAN M. ARRUDA 29 Tucker St., Fall River Activities: M.E.N.C, Newman Club MARSHA ANN ASSAD 1 1 Oakside Ave., Methuen Activities: Bowling League ' 66- ' 67, V.S.O. at Rogers School, Badminton League PAUL A. BAILEY 135 Cross St., Lowell Activities: Treasurer S.G.A. ' 69- ' 70, Outstanding Intramural Player ' 68- ' 69, Chairman V.S.O., ' 69- ' 70, Emergency Committee ' 69- ' 70 DONNA J. BAKIOS 72 Elm St., Methuen Activities: W.R.O., Drama Club MARY ELIZABETH BALAS 37 North Ave., Lowell Activities: W.R.O., Ski Club, Secretary of Drama Club, Secretary of Newman Club MARGARET BANAKOS 468 Wilder St., Lowell Activities: Corresponding Secretary Phanar Club, Ski Club MAUREEN T. BARIL 85 Emery St., Lowell Activities: Section Representative, Student Affairs, W.R.O., All College Senate HELEN R. BARNETT 2 Rogers St., North Billerica Activities: Drama Club, Ski Club, W.R.O. DONALD R. BARRY 75 Beaver Brook Lane., Dracut JEAN M. BARTON 174 Tyngsboro Road, North Chelmsford Activities: M.E.N.C. KATHRYN J. BASTIONI GAIL BATCHELLER 110 Pearl St., Woburn CHERYL BEAN 24 Hillcrest Dr., Lowell Activities: W.R.O., Drama Club, Newman Club CONSTANCE D. BEDARD VIRGINIA BELAVITCH 73 Dorchester St., Lawrence Activities: Newman Club PATRICIA MARIE BERNARD 1000 Essex St., Lawrence Activities: Pegasus, Shakespeare Society, Student Alliance BLAIR FRANCIS BETTENCOURT 52 Elliott St., Chelmsford Activities: M.E.N.C, Jazz Society, Wind Ensemble, Concert Band JAMES BIGOLD 204 North Llewellyn St., Lowell Activities: M.A.A. FRIEDA J. BALAMOTIS 46 Parker Ave., Dracut Activities: Drama Club, Phanar Club, W.R.O. JOANNE BISHOP 427 y 2 East Merrimack St., Lowell Activities: W.R.O. Newman Club 120 EDITH BLADES 10 Mosley St., Billerica SUSAN D. BLANCHETTE HENRY PETER BLOCKER 869 Gorham St., Lowell Activities: Assistant Secretary S.G.A. ' 68- ' 69, Student Alliance, Drama Club, Ski Club ROBERT W. BOEHM 145 Campbell Drive, Lowell Activities: Captain of Baseball Team, Basketball Team, Head of Sports M.A.A. CHRISTINA GAIL BOLTON 40 Lillian St., Lowell Activities: Ski Club, W.R.O. ELAINE J. BOMIL 36 Hampstead St., Lowell Activities: Newman Club, W.R.O. CAROL FRASCA BOUCHER 36 Forest St., Methuen Activities: W.R.O. JOAN M. BOVITZ 102 Middlesex Ave., Wilmington Activities: Ski Club, W.R.O., Intramural Basketball, Yearbook Staff ANGELA M. BOYER LINDA BRACKETT 21 Larch Road, Georgetown Activities: W.R.O. MARY LEE BRASSARD 656 Bridge St., Lowell Activities: S.D.S., November Action Committee, Woman ' s Liberation, Advocate PATRICIA C. BRESNAHAN 3 Woodburn Dr., Methuen Activities: Newman Club, math tutor, W.R.O. SABRA LEE BROCKWAY 148 Lindsey St., Attleboro Activities: Secretary Iona Fellowship, W.R.O. ARLENE SUSAN BROWNING 84 Homestead Road., Lowell Activities: Drama Club, W.R.O. SALLY ANN BRUNELLE 9 Beacon St., Wilmington Activities: W.R.O., Drama Club, Ski Club SUZANNE MARIE BUCHANAN 52 Superior Ave., Dracut ANN MARIE BUDREVICH 91 Edgewood Ave., Methuen Activities: Newman Club, Drama Club, W.R.O. MARY H. BURGOYNE 18 Pihl St., Lowell Activities: Newman Club, W.R.O. JAMES M. BURNS THOMAS H. BYRNE 28 Atlantic St., Lowell MICHELLE R. CAIRA 188 Chestnut St., Wilmington Activities: Drama Club, Ski Club, Young Democrats, W.R.O. CORINNE C. CAMELIO 227 Brighton St., Belmont Activities: Class Secretary, Cheerleader Capt. ' 68- ' 69, Knoll Art Editor, Dorm Council Sec.-Treas. CATHERINE A. CANTILLON 44 Lippold St., Methuen Activities: Yearbook Staff PAULETTE G. CARRO 78 Arnold St., Methuen Activities: Drama Club, W.R.O. PATRICK M. CAULFIELD NADINE CAVALLARO 34 Ridge Rd., Methuen Activities: Newman Club, W.R.O. KATHRYN J. CEBULA 30 Enmore St., Andover Activities: Ski Club, W.R.O. Newman Club JOYCE CHESWORTH 1 19 Cross St., Lawrence MARY CHIN 27 Pawtucket Dr., Lowell Activities: V.S.O. Chairman, Pegasus Business Manager, Class Vice President ' 67- ' 68 INGRID SHADAN CHRISCO 22 Rhodora St., Lowell Activities: Class Officer ' 67- ' 68, Treas. ' 68- ' 69, S.G.A. Delegate, Advocate Managing Editor, W.R.O. Rep. 121 PATRICIA F. CLANCY 18 Ludlum St., Lowell Activities: W.R.O. Pres. ' 67- ' 70, Drama Club Treas. ' 67- ' 70, V.S.O., Newman Club Sec. ' 69- ' 70 ERNEST M. CLARK LINDA M. CLARK 55 Lundberg St., Lowell Activities: Drama Club V.P. ' 68- ' 69, Newman Club Ed. Chairman, W.R.O. ELAINE C. CLEARY 99 Stearns Ave., Lawrence Activities: W.R.O., Ski Club, Newman Club PAULINE A. COGNAC 820 Merrimack St., Lowell MARY FAITH COLELLA 245 Cross St., Winchester Activities: W.R.O., Ski Club, Newman Club JULIE C. CONEENY MAUREEN CONNELL 31 Bigelo St., Lawrence Activities: Ski Club, W.R.O., Newman Club ROBERT CONNORS ROSEMARIA ANNE COSTA 55 Elm St., Dracut Activities: Newman Club, W.R.O., Science Club MARGARET COSTANZA RONALD H. CROOKER MARCIA EILEEN CUDDY 100 Oakland Ave., Methuen Activities: Yearbook Assistant Editor ' 68- ' 69, Editor-in-Chief ' 69- ' 70, Shakespeare Society, V.S.O. tutor Activities: Newman Club, V.S.O. DIANNE V. DAY 54 Lake Dam Rd., Saugus Activities: ION A Club, Drama Club SARA ANN DELANEY 32 East View St., Lowell Activities: Shakespeare Society— Secretary, Knoll Literary Staff, Ski Club CATHERINE M. DeMARCO 37 Buswell St., Lawrence PATRICIA JUNE DEMERS 719 Princeton Blvd., Lowell Activities: WRO, Art Club, Drama Club GERALDINE DeSIMONE DIANNE JUDD DESROCHERS 571 Broadway St., Lowell KAREN M. DeSTEFANO 8 Churchill Rd., Woburn Activities: WRO, Newman Club JAMES (JAY) DiCROCE 1 Fay Avenue, Peabody Activities: MENC-2 yrs., Collegiate Chorale, " West Side Story " , " Kismet " JOHANNA L. DIEFENDORF 193 Avon St., Lowell Activities: WRO, Ski Club, Newman Club, Art Club JUDITH DIERAUER 407 Main St., Haverhill Activities: Advocate — Layout Editor, ' 68- ' 69, Knoll— Layout Editor, ' 69- ' 70, WRO representative CONSTANCE DINSMORE Activities: WRO, Newman Club, Science Club SUSAN CURRIER Sherburne Ave., Tyngsboro Activities: W.R.O., Drama Club JOANNA DOMENICO KAREN A. DONNELLY CARLENE M. CUSCIA 95 East St., Methuen Activities: Ski Club, W.R.O. MARY J. CUTLER ANNE MARIE DONOVAN 15 Ashmont Drive, Saxonville Activities: Class officer— V.P., ' 68- ' 69, Treas., ' 69-70, Knoll— Layout Editor, Dormitory Council, October Moratorium Committee JOANNE M. CUTTER LINDA DANO 227 Westford St., Lowell CYNTHIA ANN DONOVAN 224 Cypress Avenue, Lawrence Activities: Hephistus — Sect., CIA, Ski Club, Drama Club 122 PAMELA ANN DOWLING 340 Ames St., Lawrence MARILYN L. DRAKE 2 Birch Lane, Westfield Activities: CIA, Knoll— layout staff, WRO, Newman Club NANCY HOUGH FABBRI 25 Second St., Chelmsford Activities: Shakespeare Society, Ski Club, WRO KATHLEEN E. FARLEY 68 Merrill Ave., Lowell Activities: WRO, Newman Club, Yearbook Staff ROBERT M. DUBE 37 Jean Avenue, Lowell Activities: baseball, MA A, Ski Club, Kappa Delta Phi PAULETTE M. DUCHARME 6 Babicz Road, Tewksbury Activities: Newman Club, WRO, Art Club, Science Club PAULINE DUFOUR 5 Carlson Rd., Lawrence Activities: WRO ELIZABETH C. DUFRESNE MARIE DUNLEA 28 Brewster Rd., Wakefield Activities: MENC, Concert Choir SANDRA JEANNE DUNSFORD 33 Burtt St., Lowell Activities: Education Committee — SGA, Curriculum Committee — Education Dept., WRO Representative CYNTHIA C. DUPEE 9 Brentwood Rd., Chelmsford Knoll, WRO, Intramural basketball, volleyball VIRGINIA DWYER 18 Bradley Rd. N. Weymouth Activities: Collegiate Chorale, Dorm Council RITA McCONAGHY DZIADOSZ 270 East Haverhill St., Lawrence Activities: WRO, Newman Club PETER K. EDSON BONNIE-LEE ENGLAND 36 Pinehurst Dr., Wareham Activities: Concert Choir, Lab Orchestra, Lab Band, MENC, Newman Club MARGARET ERLE 8 Little Rd., No. Andover Activities: WRO, Ski Club DOROTHY A. FARROW 47 Chase Ave., Springfield Activities: MENC, Newman Club ANDREA M. FAUCETT RAYMOND D. FLAHERTY 12 Piedmont St., Methuen Activities: College Co-ordinator, Kappa Delta Phi, baseball, basketball LEONARD FLEMINGS 10 Mill St., Lowell Activities: Art Club, Ski Club, Newman Club ELAINE ANN FOCOSI 4 Carey Ave., Burlington VICTORIA CLAIRE FOGG 24 Linda Rd., Wilmington Activities: WRO, CIA, Art Club, Drama Club MARION E. FOWLER 23 Bruntham Rd., No. Billerica Activities: Shakespeare Society DEBORAH ANNE GAGNON 30 Walton St., Lowell Activities: Newman Club DEBORAH A. GAGNON PAUL GANGI 8 Greystone Rd., Stoneham Activities: wrestling, Student Government Representative PAUL GASAMIS 132 Boylston St., Lowell MARIE A. GAUDET 27 Easton St., Lawrence Activities: Knoll — Layout Staff, WRO, Newman Club RAYMOND G. GAUMONT NANCY ANN ERWIN 17 DuMerle St., Lowell Activities: Current Issues and Affairs Club (treas.), Art Club, Ski Club ROBERT E. GERMANN JR. 77 Bridge St., Chelmsford Activities: Varsity Wrestling, MA A, Student Affairs Committee 123 JOAN M. GLEASON 925 Central St., Lowell SUZANNE GLYNN 68 Preston St., Wakefield Activities: Science Club, WRO MARILYN E. GODFREY MARY LEE GOLDEN 15 Gerard St., Dracut Activities: Newman Club, WRO, Student Council, Science Club LINDA M. GORMAN 23 F St., Dracut Activities: WRO, Newman Club DIANE GOYETTE 936 Lakeview Ave., Lowell Activities: Newman Club BRENDA J. GREEN 15 Margin St., Lawrence Activities: Shakespeare Society, Student Alliance, Current Issues and Affairs Club LINDA L. GREGOIRE 20 Lawson St., Lowell Activities: Knoll Staff SHIRLEY A. GREVLING STEVEN J. GROSSMAN ANGELA HAIDUTUS 96 Bowers St., Lowell Activities: Phaner Club, Ski Club LINDA CLOUGH HAMMETT 438 Westford St., Lowell Activities: Secretary MENC, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Society, SGA Representative RICHARD E. HAMMETT 438 Westford St., Lowell Activities: President — Jazz Society, Wind Ensemble, Brass Choir RICHARD HANSON 645 South St., Fitchburg Activities: Orchestra, Concert band, MENC, Lab Chorus JOSEPH H. HARDING 6 Prentiss Rd., Hawthorne Activities: MENC, Jazz Society JOHN F. HARRINGTON PAUL J. HARTWELL 88 Belle Ave., Lowell ROBERT A. HASSETT 60 Rockingham Ave., Lowell Activities: Sports Editor— Knoll, Captain Golf Team, Vice-President Kappa Delta Phi, Senior Class Representative PHYLLIS M. HAYES 682 Lowell Street, Lawrence Activities: Junior Representative, WRO KATHLEEN M. HEALY JOYCE M. HEBERT 8 Crestwood Cr., Lawrence Activities: Science Club JOAN M. HENRY KATHLEEN B. HESLIN 69 Eleventh St., Lowell Activities: Drama Club, Ski Club, WRO LYNNE C. HEYWOOD 4 Fernald St., Lowell RICHARD E. HEYWOOD PATRICIA A. HIGGINS 1 Stevens St., Chelmsford Activities: WRO JUDITH L. HILL Seven Star Rd., Groveland Activities: Newman Club, WRO KATHRYN L. HOLDEN 136 Fountain St., Ashland Activities: WRO SHARON P. HORGAN Washington St., Haverhill CLAIRE HORN 123 Patten Rd., Tewksbury KAREN L. HORNDAHL 79 Viola St., Lowell Activities: WRO SHARON HOUSE DANIEL H. HORTON JANE A. IPPOLITO 48 Beacon Hill Blvd., No. Andover 124 CHRISTINE JACQUES 3 Ruth Dr., Wilbraham Activities: Iona Fellowship, Dormitory Council, Yearbook Staff NANCY A. JACQUES 537 Fletcher St., Lowell CAROLYN K. JOHNSON JANE C. JUSCZAK NANCY KALITKA 188 Oakland Ave., Methuen Activities: Newman Club, Drama Club, WRO JEFFREY D. KEAY CHERYL A. KENNEDY 12 Oakland Ave., Tewksbury Activities: President Shakespeare Society ANN A. KINNEEN 183 Pleasant St., Lowell Activities: Library Representative, Ski Club, Newman Club, WRO JANET L. KORB 14 Walnut Ave., No. Andover WALTER KOSCIEWICZ 117 Portland St., Haverhill RICHARD L. LACEY SUZANNE M. LAGASSE 21 Hilldale Ave., Haverhill Activities: Advocate Staff Editor, WRO, Early Childhood Program SANDRA E. LANDERS 2 Warren Ave., Greenwood Activities: WRO, Drama Club DAVID A. LANDRY CLIFTON O. LaPORTE JR. Lowell St., Dunstable Activities: Shakespeare Society LINDA C. LeBEAU JOYCE M. LeBLANC 19 Minot Ave., Haverhill Activities: WRO, news writer— Advocate, Early Childhood Program, Ski Club LINDA M. LEE 100 London St., Lowell Activities: WRO, Newman Club M. JANE LEHOUX 299 Temole St., Gardner Activities: MENC, Iona SUSAN E. LINDLEY KATHLEEN M. LINEHAN 34 Chauncey Ave., Lowell Activities: Advocate— Photography Editor, Yearbook Staff, Shakespeare Society TERRY LISIEN 589 School St., Lowell Activities: Advocate — News Editor, All-College Senate — student senator, SGA representative, WRO— Vice-president NADINE JOAN LORRAIN 4 Makepeace Rd., Westford Activities: WRO representative, Art Club, CIA, Knoll DAVID F. LOWES MARJORIE E. LUCHANS 97 Pennsylvania Avenue, Somerville Activities: Drama Club, Hillel WILLIAM J. MADDEN 399 Walker St., Lowell Activities: MENC— President, ' 69-70, Comm. Coordinator, ' 68- ' 69 MAUREEN MAGUIRE 1 13 Montvale Avenue, Woburn Activities: CIA, Art Club, Newman Club, Knoll KAREN MAHONEY 150 Fort Hill Avenue, Lowell Activities: WRO, Newman Club LOUIS MANNETTA 29 Winthrop St., Everett EMANUEL GEORGE MANOLOPOULOS 94 Viola St., Lowell Activities: Jazz Society, Ski Club LLOYD H. MARANVILLE GERALD R. MARCHAND 35 Exeter St., Lowell Activities: Science Club, Pegasus ELIZABETH J. MARJOMAA 192 Marshall St., Fitchburg Activities: MENC 125 CHERYL MARTELL 10 Dayton St., Lowell Activities: Science Club KENNETH MARTIN 34 Billerica St., Lowell Activities: Basketball 108 Copperfield Rd., Worcester Activities: Drama Club, WRO JULIA K. MIRRAS 185 Mt. Vernon St., Lowell Activities: Women ' s Liberation— co-ordinator, SDS, November Action Committee, VSO NANCY E. MARZINZIK MICHELLE M. MASICOTTE 32 Church St., North Andover Activities: WRO, Advocate— Women ' s Sports Ed. ' 67- ' 68, Section Rep., ' 67- ' 68 SHEILA MacDONALD MAZUR 2 1 Kazimer Drive, Billerica EILEEN McCALLUM 256 Euclid Avenue, Lynn Activities: MENC MARGARET ANN MITCHELL SUZANNE MOLLEUR 97 Chatham St., Lowell Activities: Pegasus — editor-in-Chief, Shakespeare Society PATRICIA ANN MOLLOY 45 Westchester St., Lowell Activities: SGA— Ass ' t. Treas. ' 67- ' 68, Treas. ' 68- ' 69, Vice-president ' 69- ' 70, Moratorium Comm. — co- ordinator, college senator, Judiciary and Election Comms. — chairman HUGH H. McGOWAN 145 Textile Avenue, Lowell WALTER A. McGRAIL JR. 89 School St., Lowell Activities: Class Pres. — ' 66- ' 67, baseball, Ski Club, wrestling team — co-capt. — ' 69-70 ann Mclaughlin 38 Second Avenue, Lowell Activities: Drama Club, Newman Club KATHLEEN J. McNALLY MICHAEL F. McNAMARA 279 Nesmith St., Lowell JOHN T. McSWIGGIN 23 Eighteenth St., Lowell Activities: Ski Club, MAA, Kappa Delta Phi ROBIN D. MEDAUER LORRAINE MEDEIROS 644 Middlesex Turnpike, Billerica Activities: WRO, Newman Club VIRGINIA MARIA MELE 74 Haverhill St., Lawrence Activities: Newman Club, WRO MELODY MICHOPOULOS 136 Wentworth Avenue, Lowell Activities: Cercle Francaise, Phanar, Science Club, Ski Club CONSTANCE MILLER EILEEN T. MORAN 658 Bridge St., Lowell Activities: Sec. Rep. ' 66- ' 67, SGA— Ass ' t Sec. ' 67- ' 69, Sec ' t. ' 68- ' 69, Shakespeare Society— Sec ' t. ' 68- ' 69 PAULINE R. MORIN CHRISTINE M. MORRIS 7 Caswell Avenue, Methuen Activities: WRO, Ski Club, Newman Club CAROL LEE MORROW HELEN JANE MOSLEY Activities: yearbook committee, prom committee ' 68- ' 69, WRO— representative THOMAS L. MOULTON 179 Varnum Rd., Dracut RICHARD A. MUNGO GARRY P. MURPHY 46 Canton St., Lowell Activities: Golf, intramurals MAUREEN ANN MURPHY 1 1 Garland Rd., Chelmsford Activities: Knoll, sec ' t. rep., prom committee JEFFREY P. MURRAY SHIELA E. MURRAY ANN MARIE MYSLOWSKI 117 Third St., Lowell Activities: WRO, Newman Club 126 KATHLEEN E. NAGLE 29 Page ' s Court, Billerica Activities: WRO KATHRYN A. NEAL NORMA L. NEWELL JANICE NICKERSON Aspinet Rd., No. Eastham Activities: Symphony Orchestra, MENC, " Kismet " , Jazz Society RICHARD W. O ' BRIEN 305 East Merrimack St., Lowell Activities: SGA— Ass ' t Treas. ' 68- ' 69, Pres. ' 69-70, Advocate— reporter ' 67- ' 68, Advertising Ed. ' 68- ' 69, Moratorium Comm- co-ordinator SHARON WESTOVER O ' BRIEN 356 Walker St., Lowell Activities: WRO, Newman Club, Drama Club DARRYL R. O ' HAGAN 95 Fairfield St., Lowell Activities: WRO— Treas., Rep., volleyball, Newman Club DANIEL O ' NEILL JR. 142 Starr Avenue, Lowell Activities: Science Club, Karate, Young Dem. KAREN E. O ' NEIL 42 Seventeenth St., Lowell Activities: WRO, Newman Club BEVERLY ANN OSTERHAUDT 12A Conn St., Woburn Activities: Newman Club, Ski Club, VSO, WRO JUDITH M. OWENS 78 Bartlett St., Lowell Activities: Newman Club, WRO PAMELA E. PARKINSON 45 Pilgrim Rd., West Springfield Activities: MENC, IONA 1 16 Union St., No. Andover Activities: WRO CELIA PETERSON KATHLEEN M. PIGEON WILLIAM J. PIMLEY 713 East Merrimack St., Lowell Activities: Art Club JANET PINARD 32 Walker St., Lowell GAIL P. PODARAS LUCILLE POLIZZOTTI 5 Holly St., Methuen Activities: WRO— bowling, Ski Club PAMELA A. POROCHNIAK LARRY A. PORTER 312 Wilder St., Lowell Activities: Concert Choir, MENC GERALD R. QUATRALE 45 Freeman St., Haverhill Activities: Shakespeare Society — Treas., Knoll— Photography Ed., Moratorium Comm. — chairman, Judiciary Comm. WILLIAM T. QUIRK SHARON C. REDES JUDY REVANE 1 13 Bridle Rd., Billerica Activities: Newman Club ELAINE ROBEY BRENDA ANN ROGERS Floyd St., Billerica Activities: WRO KENNETH H. ROPER DANA ROSENGARD DONNA J. PATTISON 34 Elm St., Chelmsford BRENDA P. PELL AND VIRGINIA M. PERCOCO 33 Chestnut St., Stoneham Activities: Ski Club, WRO— volleyball MARILYN PERRUCCIO LILLIAN M. ROY CHERYL RURAK 148 Boxford St., Lawrence Activities: WRO, Newman Club CONSTANCE M. RYAN 14 Port Sunlight Rd., No. Billerica THOMAS E. SAAD 127 JOSEPH P. SACOCO 40 Sprague St., No. Billerica PATRICIA M. SAMIA 22 Moison Avenue, Methuen Activities: WRO, Drama Club ANNE RITA SANTOS 151 Middlesex St., No. Chelmsford Activities: sec ' t rep., Science Club— Vice-president ' 68- ' 69 DONNA M. SANTOSUOSSO 328 Main St., Medford Activities: WRO GAIL F. SCHAEFER JOAN C. SCHAFFNER CHARLES R. SCOGGINS 9 Cross St., Apt 1, No. Chelmsford Activities: baseball, intramurals, Advocate— business manager KEVIN SHANAHAN CORINNE MARIE SHANNON 425 Foster Rd., Tewksbury Activities: WRO, Concert Band, Drama Club RICHARD SHAW 73 Jennes St., Lowell PAULA R. SHULMAN 504 South St., Tewksbury Activities: WRO, intramural basketball, softball, Newman Club EDWARD DANIEL SILVA JR. 246 Boylston St., Lowell Activities: Shakespeare Society, Chair Master Dance Band JAMES L. SINTROS ARLEEN F. SITEMAN 27 Oakdale Rd., Wilmington Activities: WRO SAMUEL A. SLARSKY RICHARD A. SNETSKY 705 Westford St., Lowell Activities: Student Council, Advocate, Knoll RITA A. SOLOMON 503 Mt. Vernon St., Lawrence MAUREEN SOUSA VICTOR L. SPINAZOLA 13 Richmond Avenue, Woburn Activities: intramural basketball, softball, Newman Club FRANCIS J. STANAVICH MARY-LOU STANIEWICZ 11 Ash St., Lowell ROSEMARY STONE 16 Forrest Ave., Haverhill Activities: Shakespeare Society, Knoll— Literary Ed. JEANNE M. ST. ONGE 50 William St., Fairhaven Activities: Science Club, Newman Club, Lab Chorus, Dorm Council KATHLEEN M. SUDAK East Prescott St., Forge Village Activities: MENC, Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, fencing KAREN A. SULLIVAN 4 Marion Drive., Tewksbury Activities: Atheneum, Science Club, Newman Club, WRO KATHY J. SULLIVAN 48 Locust Avenue, Danbury, Conn. MARJORIE A. SULLIVAN 25 Middlebury St., Lawrence Activities: Advocate— Art Ed. ' 68- ' 69, Pegasus— Art Ed. ' 69-70, Shakespeare Society— Sec.-Treas. ' 68- ' 69, Knoll JOHN SUTHERLAND 101 Mammoth Rd., Lowell Activities: Concert Choir— Pres. ' 69-70, MENC, N.E. State Colleges Choir, Lab Orchestra JOHN C. SWAN 492 Gorham St., Lowell Activities: Knoll — Business Manager ' 69- ' 70 LYNNE SWARTZ CAROL ANN SWEENEY 40 Thrissell St., Dracut Activities: WRO, Biafra-Nigeria Relief Drive VIVIAN A. SZETELA 1 10 Lakeview Avenue, Lowell Activities: Pegasus, Advocate DENNIS TAFF 129 Campbell Drive, Lowell Activities: MAA— Pres., SGA— Pub. Rel. Chairman, 128 Youn g Democrats— Treas., Student Affairs Comm. CLEMENT F. TAYLOR VIRGINIA TEAGUE 43 Plummer Avenue, Lowell Activities: WRO— representative, Newman Club JEANNE C. TELLIER DEBORAH TENNEY 4 Huron Rd., Acton Activities: Concert Band, MENC PATRICIA A. TETREAULT GLENN P. VOLK 70 Maple St., No. Bellingham Activities: Class Pres. ' 67-70, Knoll, Kappa Delta Phi, Class Day Chairman ' 68 FLORENCE O. VOSE 12 Belmont St., Lowell ELIZABETH WAGNER 12 Eastern Avenue, Burlington JANET M. WAGNER 122 Pleasant St., Methuen Activities: VSO CAROL MARIE THERIAULT 9 Dartmouth St., No. Chelmsford Activities: WRO, Newman Club, VSO GARY EDMUND TRAVIS 34 Princess Rd., Marlboro Activities: MENC, Concert Choir, Spring Musical EDWIN C. TREE MADELINE L. TREMBLAY 4 Pine Hill Rd., Chelmsford Activities: Newman Club, WRO, VSO M. JOANNE TRUITT Patten Rd., Westford Activities: VSO, WRO WILLIAM J. TUCKER 210 Wilonbon St., Lowell ELIZABETH M. TUFO 65 Bellevue Avenue, Haverhill Activities: WRO, Advocate — newswriter, Newman Club DIANE LOUISE TUMOLO 6 Victor Drive, Milford Activities: WRO, Newman Club, Phi Kappa JOYCE USTICK 1085 Middlesex St., Lowell Activities: WRO, Newman Club, VSO MARTHA O ' HARE VAURA 80 Fifth St., Lowell Activities: Newman Club, WRO SHEILA A. VIEIRA 185 Pleasant St., Lowell WENDY M. WESTON FRANK D. WEYMOUTH 4 Church St., Methuen Activities: MENC— " West Side Story " (lead), " Kismet " JUDITH WHITE Winchester Drive, So. Dennis Activities: Shakespeare Society, French Club, Chorus, Band NANCY E. WHITE 75 Sylvester St., Lawrence Activities: WRO— representative ' 67- ' 69, Newman Club, sec. rep., ' 68- ' 69 RONALD K. WHITE J. WHITTENBERGER PATRICIA A. WIGGINS BETH WILLIAMS WILLIAM H. WILLIAMS So. Ashburnham Rd., Westminster Activities: MENC SHARON M. WILSON JO-ANN M. WROEBEL 79 West Third St., Lowell Activities: WRO, ION A, VSO, Drama Club CHERYL ZAINO 20 Linda Rd., Wilmington Activities: WRO — Head of Sports, cheerleading, gymnastics — chairman, intramural basketball 129 The Knoll staff wish to express their thanks to Mr. Joe Donovan of Keller Inc. for his invaluable assist- ance in the production of this yearbook, and to Mr. Joe Madden of McLean Studio for his efficient and • • untiring service. 130 COMPLIMENTS OF LESLIE STUDIO 131 COMPLIMENTS OF THE DRAMA CLUB COMPLIMENTS OF THE SOPHOMORE CLASS 132 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION LOWELL STATE COLLEGE 133 COMPLIMENTS OF THE CAFETERIA STAFF COMPLIMENTS OF THE M. A. A. (MEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION) COMPLIMENTS OF WOMEN ' S RECREATIONAL ORGANIZATION COMPLIMENTS OF M. E. N. C. 134 COMPLIMENTS OF I M UPSILON CHAPTER COMPLIMENTS OF THE JUNIOR CLASS COMPLIMENTS OF THE SHAKESPEARE SOCIETY COMPLIMENTS OF LOWELL STATE COLLEGE BOOKSTORE, INC. COMPLIMENTS OF DENNIS OFFICE SUPPLY CORP. 135 ' ESTABLISHED IN 1866 " PRINCE ' S " LOWELL ' S most complete book store " Stationers — Office Outfitters 96-104-108 Merrimack St. (Downtown) LOWELL GEORGE ' S RESTAURANT 570 Textile Ave. 452-8565 " Fine Foods " 136

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