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University of Massachusetts Lowell - Sojourn / Knoll Yearbook (Lowell, MA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 144 of the 1968 volume:

■4 Cf?.- THE KNOLL 1968 SENIORS CAMPUS LIFE FACULTY PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE " Mene, Mene, tekel upharson " is ever visi- ble upon life ' s banquet wall. Hopefully, Lowell has not failed your critical expectancies as you have not failed its aca- demic judgment. In this year of student power demonstrations, of flower children choking on cousin Timothy ' s weeds, Lowell students have demonstrated a sense of humor and humility, seeking always the absolutes of conscience whose eternal commitment is to truth, justice and aca- demic excellence. May I be permitted a paternal blessing upon my children of the class of ' 68, those of the spirit as well as of the flesh. God bless you all. Daniel H. O ' Leary ill! IS! • MISS- ' ' : i 5 " " " ■ V ■fe Hill c_ v . : • " " 4 1 v DEDICA TION If it is true, as Plato said, that man can achieve immortality through the works he performs in his lifetime, then Professor Thomas Casey is certainly one who has ac- complished this. Those of us who knew him will long regard those hours with him as treasures, for he radiated a sincerity which came to permeate his students. As a small, inadequate token of our esteem for this man, we, the Senior Class, dedicate this year- book to Thomas Casey. " The years teach much which the days never know. " Ralph Waldo Emerson ■1 4P% 9 ■ 1 Li hAh ■Hi JL WHI EfH BB At the Little Theatre, the Lowell State Seniors, Class of 1968, were officially invested into the academic life of the college. Dr. Yeo gave the guest speech, to the seniors. Music was provided by the students from the music department. After the in- vestiture the Seniors and their par- ents were served coffee and cakes in the cafeteria. SENIOR INVESTITURE 10 i d ? £- - .... ij 7555 11 J ■- 1? - i V ■ ■ • V t We are often told, in a variety of ways that life is a drama unfolding on the stage of the world, and including each of us in a co-starring role. It is difficult, however, for us to apply this philosophy to life because we are each caught up in our separate worlds, and cannot see that each world is a part of the whole. The world is simply too large to come into the perspective of the individual. One of the scenes which we do have in com- mon, however, and which is within our com- prehension in college; a sub-plot enriching the main plot. Although we retain our individual worlds, still we work together here. It is per- haps easier in college than on any other " set " to realize the synchronization of many lives and many worlds into an all-inclusive whole. $ §- !|h! 14 , PLEASE feel fkee To Vl Auou at youz LElSi KE »— — ■ 15 " How often are we to die before we go quite off this stage? In every friend we lose a part of ourselves and the best part. " Alexander Pope 17 SELMA KAY ABESAMRA B.S. Elementary Ed. NORMAN ALLARD B.S. Elementary Ed. KATHLEEN ALLEN DEACY B.S. Elementary Ed. MADELINE M. ALMEIDA B.S. Music Ed. MARGARET P. ALTING B.S. Elementary Ed. MARY LOU ALVINO B.S. Music Ed. DOUGLAS WAYNE ANDERSON B.S. Elementary Ed. KATHLEEN ANDRADE B.A. English M 18 CAROL ANDREWS B.S. Elementary Ed. CATHERINE M. ARCHIBALD B.S. Elementary Ed. MARGARET P. ARMSTRONG B.S. Elementary Ed. SHARON L. AUDETTE B.S. Elementary Ed. CHARLES BANACOS B.S. Music Ed. EUGENE ANTHONY BARTLEY B.S. Music Ed. SHIRLEY ANNE BATTYE B.S. Elementary Ed. SUSAN B. BARNABY B.A. English 19 BETTYANNE BARONI B.S. Elementary Ed. NANCY CAROL BAUTERS B.S. Elementary Ed. KATHRINE BAXTER B.S. Elementary Ed. JEANNE M. BELLEMARE B.S. Elementary Ed. JANET ALENE BELLIZIA B.S. Elementary Ed. DONNA MARIE BENNETT B.S. Elementary Ed. MAUREEN ELLEN BERNARD B.S. Elementary Ed. REGINA SUSAN BITTER B.S. Music Ed. 20 CATHIE LOUISE BISHOP B.S. Music Ed. MARGARET BLANCHARD B.S. Elementary Ed. DONNA JEAN BOURBEAU B.S. Elementary Ed. FREDERICK J. BOURGEOIS B.A. History DANIEL PATRICK BOWES B.S. Music Ed. ELLEN MARY BRADY B.S. Elementary Ed. MAUREEN ANNE BRENNAN B.S. Elementary Ed. MARGARET R. BROUSSEAU B.A. English 21 CAROL JEAN BUDGE B.S. Elementary Ed. IRENE M. BUGLER B.S. Elementary Ed. SHEILA BYRON CLARKE B.S. Elementary Ed. DIANNE M. CABANA B.S. Elementary Ed. GERTRUDE CAREY B.A . History MARGARET CARROLL B.S. Elementary Ed. NORMA LESLIE CARRUTH B.S. Music Ed. ELEANOR L. CARTER B.S. Elementary Ed. 22 MARY F. CASEY B.S. Elementary Ed. PAULA F. CASEY B.S. Elementary Ed. CHRISTINE C. CASTELLANO B.A. English DONNA J. CHASE B.S. Elementary Ed. MAUREEN A. McCOLLEY B.S. Elementary Ed. FREDERICK CHARLES CHASE, JR. B.S. Music Ed. SUSAN L. CLARK B.S. Elementary Ed. PATRICIA C. COLE B.S. Elementary Ed. 23 MICHELLE E. COBLEIGH B.S. Elementary Ed. MARY A. COLELLA B.S. Elementary Ed. JOHN D. CONSTANTELO B.S. Music Ed. DONNA M. CONSTANTINE B.S. Elementary Ed. MARILYN ANN CONTE B.S. Elementary Ed. JEAN F. CORCORAN B.S. Elementary Ed. JO-ELLEN R. CORKERY B.S. Elementary Ed. MARGARET S. COTTER B.S. Elementary Ed. 24 CLAIRE LYNNE COUTU B.S. Elementary Ed. JOHN CRAIG, JR. B.S. Music Ed. JULIANN C. CIARAVOLO B.S. Elementary Ed. LYNDA E. CROCKER B.A. English PATRICIA F. CROWLEY B.S. Elementary Ed. DAWN MARIE CULBERT B.S. Elementary Ed. fvT PATRICIA ELAINE CURRAN B.S. Music Ed. KATHLEEN FRANCES DACEY B.A . History 25 NORMAND D ' AMOUR B.A . History RUTH KELLER DAVIS B.S. Elementary Ed. FAITH DONNA DAWSON B.A . History SARAH ANN DeANGELIS B.S. Elementary Ed. JOAN DeANGELIS B.S. Elementary Ed. BARBARA R. DERDERIAN B.S. Elementary Ed. ANN T. DeFRANCESCO B.S. Music Ed. ANTOINETTE DeHULLU B.A. Biology 26 CARMELA H. DiLORENZO B.S. Elementary Ed. LINDA DeLESKEY B.A. Biology KATHLEEN ANN DeROCHE B.S. Elementary Ed. ELAINE M. DESROCHE B.S. Elementary Ed. AUDREY M. DEVLIN B.S. Elementary Ed. C. DINNEEN B.S. Elementary Ed. PHYLLIS G. DESRUISSEAUX B.S. Music Ed. GLEN DIXON B.S. Music Ed. 27 SANDRA DLUGOSZ B.S. Elementary Ed. KATHLEEN M. DOHERTY B.S. Elementary Ed. LOIS DOHERTY B.S. Elementary Ed. E. DONALD B.S. Elementary Ed. CHRISTINE KAY DOW B.S. Music Ed. m DENISE A. DUCHARME B.A. History JOYCE A. DUNN BEAUCHESNE B.S. Elementary Ed. LINDA DARLENE DURSO B.S. Music Ed. 28 DANIEL ROBERT EVANS, JR. B.S. Music Ed. PAMELA MARIA EATON B.S. Elementary Ed. ALFRED WILLIAM FAIRBROTHER B.A. Biology LINDA LEE FEROCE B.S. Elementary Ed. KATHLEEN A. FERREIRA B.A . English ANNE FIORENZA B.S. Elementary Ed. DONNA MARIE FENNERAL B.S. Elementary Ed. ELIZABETH JEAN FISHER B.S. Elementary Ed. 29 SUSAN ELIZABETH FORBES B.S. Elementary Ed. ANNE MARIE FORTIN B.S. Elementary Ed. k LINDA FOSTER B.S. Elementary Ed. JAMES A. FRASER B.S. Elementary Ed. JEAN BROWN FURTADO B.A. English RICHARD E. GAGE B.S. English JOSEPHINE M. GANGI B.A . History FRANCES GATH B.S. Elementary Ed. 30 ELIZABETH HELEN GAZDA B.S. Elementary Ed. MARY GENDRIAN B.S. Music Ed. BRENDA GEOFFROY B.S. Elementary Ed. STANICE ELIZABETH GIBBS B.S. Elementary Ed. NANCY LEE GILBERT B.S. Elementary Ed. DONNA CHARLENE GOLEBACH B.S. Music Ed. JOHN C. GOLEC B.A. History MARCELLE GREENBAUM B.A. Biology 31 MARY J. GRENHAM B.A. English CHERYL ANN GRIFFIN B.S. Elementary Ed. RONALD B. GURSKY B.S. Elementary Ed. ROY PARKER HAGEN B.S. Music Ed. GERALDINE FRANCES HAJJAR B.S. Elementary Ed. JUNE MUDGE HALIO B.S. Elementary Ed. MARY P. HANLEY B.S. Elementary Ed. 1 CHERYL ELIZABETH HARTGROVE B.S. Music Ed. 32 WALTER V. HICKEY B.A. History PETER L. HILDEBRAND B.S. Elementary Ed. ALICE M. HILL LACHARITE B.S. Elementary Ed. KAREN PRISCILLA HAUSER B.S. Music Ed. ELEANOR ANNE HUBER B.S. Music Ed. DENNIS J. HUNT B.A. Biology CAROLE J. HUNT B.A. English STANLEY HARVIN JACOBS B.S. Music Ed. 33 MARGARET MARY JOYCE B.S. Elementary Ed. JAMES A. JUSTICE B.A. English MARION M. KELLEY B.S. Elementary Ed. SANDRA CATHERINE KELLAN B.S. Music Ed. BUNNY KELLEY B.S. Elementary Ed. MAURA H. KELLEY B.S. Elementary Ed. JAMES JOSEPH KENNEDY, JR. B.A. Biology KATHERINE FOYE KERINS B.S. Elementary Ed. 34 R. PATRICIA FOLEY KINSELLA B.S. Elementary Ed. OLIVIA KORAVOS B.S. Elementary Ed. ROSANNA KATHERENA KOWALEWSKI B.S. Elementary Ed. KENNETH E. KOZAK B.S. Music Ed. JEAN H. KYLE B.S. Elementary Ed. p ' I Hj i k DOROTHY F. LALLY B.S. Elementary Ed. I PATRICIA LAMB ALLARD B.A. English JAMES EMILE LAMOTHE B.S. Music Ed. 35 CORINNE THERESA LAP AN B.S. Elementary Ed. DANIEL ANTHONY LASDOW B.S. Music Ed. LINDA A. LEAHY B.A . English JAMES L. LECLAIR B.A. History TERESA LEMASURIER B.S. Elementary Ed. RICHARD J. LEOMBRUNO B.S. Music Ed. FRANK NORMAN LIVERSIDGE B.A. Biology ROSEMARY LICATA B.S. Elementary Ed. 36 BRUCE F. LIND B.S. Elementary Ed. ROBERTA LOFTUS B.S. Elementary Ed. MARY JANE LONG B.S. Elementary Ed. MARYANNE C. LOZEAU B.S. Elementary Ed. VINCENT MICHAEL LUKASON B.S. Music Ed. ALANA LYNCH B.S. Music Ed. MARTHA H. McKENZIE B.S. Elementary Ed. BEATRICE C. MacLEAN B.S. Elementary Ed. 37 BONNIE J. MADDEN B.S. Elementary Ed. CONSTANCE M. MALANDRINO B.S. Elementary Ed. LINDA MANGAN FITZPATRICK B.S. Elementary Ed. RICHARD R. MARCHAND B.A. Biology AGATHA LEE MARANO B.S. Music Ed. LYNNE MARSHALL B.S. Elementary Ed. DONNA MARTIN B.S. E lementary Ed. PATRICIA ELLEN MASON B.S. Music Ed. 38 SUZANNE C. MAUTI B.S. Elementary Ed. DONNA A. MASYS B.S. Elementary Ed. SUSAN P. McCARTIN B.S. Elementary Ed. thomas m. Mcdonough B.A. Biology JUDITH McNUTT B.S. Elementary Ed. % . GRACE MEDAUER B.S. Elementary Ed. M. ELAINE METIVIER B.S. Elementary Ed. THERESA A. MENDONSA B.S. Elementary Ed. 39 DONNA SYBELLE MICHAELS B.S. Music Ed. GARY J. MIKKOLA B.S. Music Ed. MONA M. MANZI B.S. Elementary Ed. THEODORE EDWARD MILOS B.S. Music Ed. CAROL LOUISE ELIZABETH MORRIS B.S. Elementary Ed. CHARLES E. MURPHY B.S. Elementary Ed. MARY IEANNE NADREAU B.S. Music Ed. 40 SANDRA MARIE NAGLE B.S. Music Ed. MICHAEL NAGY, JR. B.S. Music Ed. MARCIA LOUISE NISH CUTLIP B.S. Music Ed. JENNIFER LEE NORTON B.S. Elementary Ed. CAROL ANN NOVAK B.S. Elementary Ed. DEBORAH O ' LEARY B.S. Elementary Ed. CAROL A. OLIVER B.S. Elementary Ed. PAMELA PACZOSA ANDERSON B.A. English 41 KAREN M. PARKER B.S. Elementary Ed. JULIA BERNADETTE PENNISI B.S. Elementary Ed. SANDRA JANE PRESCOTT B.S. Elementary Ed. GAYLE ANN PRESTON B.S. Elementary Ed. PAMELA ANNE PRESTON B.S. Elementary Ed. JUDITH ANN PROVENCHER B.S. Elementary Ed. LINDA PUCHLOPEK B.A. English 42 ELINOR F. PURCELL B.S. Elementary Ed. N ANCY RACEKA B.S. Elementary Ed. KATHLEEN REAGAN B.S. Elementary Ed. ALICE EMERSON READ B.S. Music Ed. KAREN M. REINHOLD B.S. Elementary Ed. DONALD RICHARDSON B.A . English MARYRUTH CLARK REILLY B.S. Elementary Ed. JANINE ESTELLE ROBITAILLE B.S. Music Ed. 43 JANET E. RUSSELL B.S. Elementary Ed. CAROLE ANN RUSSO B.S. Elementary Ed. RUTH ANN RYAN B.S. Elementary Ed. ROSEMARY MARGARTE RYNNE B.S. Elementary Ed. ROSEMARY SALVO B.S. Elementary Ed. SANDRA B. SHANAHAN B.S. Elementary Ed. PATRICIA MARY SHEEHAN B.A. English GEORGE A. SKALKEAS B.A. History 44 DIANE B. SIMARD A.B. English LINDA ELIN SIMON B.S. Elementary Ed. PATRICIA RITA SIMES B.S. Elementary Ed. M. MARION SLAVIN PERREAULT B.S. Elementary Ed. LOIS ANN SMIGEL B.A. Biology SANDRA R. SMITH B.S. Elementary Ed. LORNA SPINA B.S. Elementary Ed. BRENDA M. STABILE B.S. Elementary Ed. 45 SALLY LOUISE STITT B.S. Music NORMA JEAN STONE DiRUZZA B.S. Music Ed. JACQELINE STEGALL B.S. Elementary Ed. CAROLE SULLIVAN B.S. Elementary Ed. CAROL SOUSA B.S. Elementary Ed. CAROLYN R. SULLIVAN B.A. History JOANNE MARY TARG B.S. Elementary Ed. DONNA R. TENNANT B.S. Elementary Ed. 46 MARCIA VICTORIA TROISI B.S. Music Ed. DENISE T. TOUSIGNANT B.S. Elementary Ed. PATRICIA V. TELLIER B.S. Elementary Ed. NORMA KENT UHLENDORFF B.S. Elementary Ed. ANN MARIE VERSIACKAS B.S. Elementary Ed. JOSEPH A. VILLANUCCI B.S. Music Ed. PATRICIA VILLERS B.S. Elementary Ed. ELIZABETH MARGARET WALSH B.S. Music Ed. 47 CARMELA V. WERTAMEN B.S. Elementary Ed. CAROL WHEATON B.S. Elementary Ed. —mi in —m RITA BERTHA WOODIS B.S. Music Ed. MELANIE ZAMANAKOS DeVEAU B.S. Elementary Ed. FLORENCE A. ZANNI B.S. Elementary Ed. CHERYL LINDA ZIPPS B.S. Elementary Ed. 48 WILLIAM C. ALLEN BRENDAN J. DESILETS B.S. Elementary Ed. B.A . English ELIZABETH C. ANSILL LINDA DARLENE DURSO B.S. Elementary Ed. B.S. Music Ed. CHERYL L. BERTHEL RICHARD R. FONTAINE B.A . Biology B.A . English CAROL A. COSTA DONNA CHARLENE GAL EBACK B.S. Elementary Ed. B.S. Music Ed. 49 ANNE MULHOLLAND ROSALIE KATHLEEN PORRISI B.A. English B.S. Elementary Ed. MARY ALICE NELSON DENNIS R. SMITH B.S. Elementary Ed. B.S. Music Ed. SHIRLEY QUINN LINDA J. VIERA B.S. Elementary Ed. B.A. English WILLIAM RIDER JOAN M. WRIGHT B.S. Music Ed. B.S. Elementary Ed. 50 " Just when you think tomorrow will never come, it ' s yesterday. " Earl Wilson 51 " Oh, would that I could know again, The happy visions of my youth. Oh, would I were a boy again Forth we went, a gallant band Youth, Love, Gold, and Pleasure. " Mark Lemon 52 ARSENIC AND OLD LACE B»« ». mm J it. ' v 53 CA MPUS 54 55 Where are the boys playing cards? What do you mean, we graduated LAST YEAR? There ' s a shield on my floor! 56 Now, Now let Mother and Dad See what you have! What are they doing? 57 Are we allowed to smoke in Methods class? Take it off, take it all off! 58 Sort ' a leaves you empty. Why Ed. Burke won ' t leave. LSC ' s Flower Children with All Flowerbrother. 59 A Dove Just Flew Out Of My Ash Can. i - SlT ' BAC r ' fS BEST ' -i YOUOW s— us- Our Lounge. No, That ' s not a guitar string in My Hair! 60 YES!! Pat we have mashed potatoes today. The Extra-Curricular Activity at LSC. 61 PROGRESSIVE FROSH- SOPH Pinned 62 RINGS 1 £ + jS j Qi. JUNIOR Engaged -Married SENIOR Engaged . Married 63 S.GA. — RULES Thinking up new rules. Setting rules down for posterity. New rules in effect. 64 THE REVOLUTION Tradition based on do nothing policy. Break with tradition. 65 THIS WAS THE SGA strikes back Ya, and just one semester more " What ' s in a name? " RfAcc «eDfc t b %t w 66 YEAR THA T WAS The " NEW " look t 1 ■ l ' Py- l Happiness is , 67 My dog ' s bigger than your dog. English Major 68 Micky!! Yes, It ' s a B.Y.O.B. CHANGE COMES Debbie, no microskirts, even slacks are better. What do you mean you can ' t wear slacks? 70 TO STA TE That ' s better. Is it? 71 A DAY I didn ' t know you cared! This is the life. 72 ATLSC SURPRISE! 73 WERTHEN " The only way to look at Vietnam. " Reflections of a Golden Eye. 74 FILMS WAIT UNTIL DARK BONNIE AND CLYDE????? GUESS WHO ' S COMING TO DINNER. 75 FOREIGN FILMS Zorba, The Greek Brigadoon 76 FILMS A Shot in the Dark 1 SoWcr ' IW .[ ih F»« Rain 4f 1 M b. The Graduate 77 FICTION. NEW The Zoo Story The roar of the Grease Paint, the Smell of the crowd. Sleeping Beauty 78 AND OLD Call of the Wild The House of the Seven Gables 79 SONG " Wonder what she ' s doing Tonight? " " Bottle of Wine . . . " " High Heel Sneakers " 80 TITLES " Shadow of your Smile " " All Around The Mulberry Bush. ' " Sixteen Going on Seventeen " 81 POLITICS USA We, the people Dean Rusk visits State Kitchen Cabinet 82 Thank you. The Green room is down five doors and to your right. A Hard Days Night at the White House Korea, a re-opening of a closed issue Yes, Eartha I agree she does look better with her wings clipped. 83 He ' s been You ' ve been I ' ve been Drafted? 84 Faculty Ponders Others Work Excuse me. Lieutenant, would you . . 85 AROUND STATE What do you mean, " The table is reserved? " You lose a little something, the very first time you put your foot in . . . How many books can fit on the shelves this year? 3? 2? 1? 86 No dress code You can be a ghost writer too. The Big Three? 87 Where ' s my schedule? Hard at work. Yes, Dr. I know you ' re busy; I just asked her for an aspirin and 88 W mi i M Caution, MaryJane may be Hazardous To Your Health! !? Me? !? Me?? !? YOU !!! Give me an L S C- you got? and what have ■M ...ilflelBKKI 89 R G A N I Z A T I N S S.G.A. Marcia Gibson, Social Chairman, George Skalkeas, Public Relations, John Golec, Vice President, Sharon Cushing, Asst. Social Chairman, Robert Mullen, Secretary, Eileen Moran, Asst. Secretary. David Howe, Student Co-ordinator, Seated, Norman D ' Amour, President. Not shown; Bernard Battle, Treasurer, Patricia Molloy, Asst. Treas- urer. A year of change and movement forward, typifies the 1967-68 Student Government, at Lowell State Col- lege. No dress code Constitutional Convention Larger Representation Increased Library and Lounge hours etc. 92 SCIENCE CLUB Row III: Brian Hayden, Paul Hartwell, Brenda Pelland, David Landry, James Kennedy. Row II: Joanne Cutter, Suzanne Glynn, Joyce Herbert, Marcelle Greenbaum, Tony DeHulle, Cheryl Berthal Row I: Al Fairbrother, Cheryl Berthel, Gerald Marchand. 93 PEGASUS This year, Pegasus now offers more stu- dents the opportunity to express them- selves, because of the increased size of the magazine. EDITOR ASST. EDITOR PROSE EDITOR POETRY EDITOR ASST. PROSE EDITORS ASST. POETRY EDITORS ART EDITOR MUSIC EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER ASST. BUSINESS MANAGER ADVISOR THE STAFF Anne Mulholland John Faria Brendan Desilets Donald Richardson Kathy Andrade, Robert Cyr, Suzanne Molleur Eline Bober, James Justice, Patricia Lanb Elizabeth Fisher Robert Kulp Lynda Crocker Janet Haldane Dr. Christopher Smith 94 LIBRARY The main College Library is located on the street floor of the Humanities Building and houses a collection of over 48,000 books. Facilities include the main reading room, ref- erence and current periodical areas, a technical processes room, and a circulation desk. Also incorporated in the main library is a large curriculum section containing sample sets of text book series for science, music, arithmetic, health and teaching reading. In addition the library offers a varied selection of classical, jazz, and music education recordings. 95 DRAMA Row I: Linda Lisay, Sandra Sakelakis, Carol Dufresne, Jo-Ellen Corkery. Row II: Alfred Fairbrother, Sheila Callahan, Kathy Kelley, Kathy Heslin, Peter Hildebrand, President, Patri- cia Callahan, Donna Tennant. Row III: Rodney Kleber, Stephen Kelley, Victor Hamel, Thomas Malone, James Justice. EXECUTIVE BOARD Peter Hildebrand, President, Linda Vierra, Vice President, Cathy Archibald, Treasurer, Kathy Heslin, Corresponding Secretary, Mary Balas, Recording Secre- tary, James Justice, Senior Rep., Rosemarie Buchanan, Junior Rep., Patricia Clancy, Sophomore Rep., John St. Louis, Freshman Rep., Arthur Friedman, Ad- visor. 96 CLUB ACTIVE MEMBERS Cathy Archibald, Sharon Aunchman, Mary Balas, Margaret Blanchard, Deborah Braga, Linda Brophy, Rosemarie Buchanan, Gertrude Carey, Mary Casey, Donna Chase, Julie Ciaravolo, Patricia Clancy, Linda Clark, Mary Colella, Donna Con- stantine, Jean Corcoran, Margaret Cotter, Lynne Coutu, Manay Currier, Jeanne Davis, Diane Day, Elaine Deroche, Nancy Denomme, Irene Doherty, Linda Hess, Arlene Kinton, Linda Lepine, Dotty Lindon, Chris Luken, Rosemary Lonbardi, Mary MacDonald, David MacEachern, Ann McLaughlin, Connie Miller, Barbara Murphy, Michael Nagy, Cindy Peroney, Linda Quinn, Mary Redick, Hoyn St. Louis, Robert St. Louis, Patricia Sedlesk, Kevin Shanahan, Patricia Sheehan, Linda Vierra, Edith Young. The Drama Club presented four productions during a very eventful year, Some- thing Grotesque, Arsenic and Old Lace, The Zoo Story, and Spoon River Anthol- ogy. 97 W.R.O. Terry Lisien, M. Massocotte, Rita Brogna, Joyce LeBlanc, Ann Moss, Darryl O ' Hagen, C. Camelio, Nancy White, Cheryl Zaino. CHEERLEADERS Susan Lindley, Nancy Zolon, Judy Horton, Julie Halper, Gail Cun- ningham, Sandy Leary, Cheryl Zaino, Jean Harber, Carol Villers, Roberta Bartlette, Corine Camielo and Donna Giles. 98 MAA Robert Reinhagen, Paul Marcelle, Walter McGrail, John Callahan. Ken Hall, Jim McGuirk. CROSS COUNTRY ? ft « O Dennis Dinan, William Tucker, Richard Prescott, John Callahan, Brian Hayden. 99 GOLF TEAM William McDonnel, Steve O ' Brian, David Howe, Robert Hassett. M.E.N.C. Daniel Evans, Regina Bitter, Norma Carruth, Donna Galeback, Bruce Viewig, John Costatelo, Paul Gayzagian. 100 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Gertrude Carey, Anne DeFrancisco, Mona Manzi, Carol Morris, John McSheehy. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Mary Jane Creegan, Kathleen Hammond, Philip Gibson, Jack Wal- stencroft. 101 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Charles Vergados, President; Charles Shadan, Vice President; Frank Zabbo, Treasurer; Linda Robinson, Secretary. 102 KNOLL EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Patricia Sheehan ASSOC. EDITOR Susan Reid BUSINESS MANAGER Richard Fontaine LAYOUT EDITORS Anne Ritchotte, Dotty Lindon LITERARY EDITORS Richard Gage SPORTS EDITORS Bunny Kelly, Dennis Canney 103 THE ADVOCATE A D VOCA TE o £ 9 =,3g$ | « eg. a • W 3 ° S W o S o _ o 3 03 S- • go " ' p • •« p P 54 _► 3. 3 " o o n £ " ■ I and for ing r W r wary , filler . . . • a years supply o buil d- S aydenatour ■ uQck THE EDITOR lu g -£ at: r Liz: ? £ Q Til . " IujT CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTlo ' f APRIL15 ] EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Elizabeth Fisher MANAGING EDITOR Paul Marcelle BUSINESS Frank Baglione FEATURE Jo-Ellen Corkery EDITORIAL ASST. Bernie Battle WOMENS SPORTS Michelle Massicotte MENS SPORTS William McDonnell EXCHANGE EDITOR Jack Wolstencroft PHOTOGRAPHY Walter V. Hickey ADVISOR Dr. Robert J. Foy 105 FACULTY Leo Panas Ed.M. Robert Griffith y Ann Guggenheim M.A. 108 Marguerite L. Gourville Ph.D. Helen G. Drinan Ed.D. Fortunata C. Caliri Ed.M. 109 Charles R. Meehan L.S. Ann Mancib Dean of Women Alice G. Kiernan Ed.M. 110 William C. Burto Ph.D. Margaret F. Guindon A.M. Joseph A. Zaitchik Ph.D. Kalervo Kansanniva A.M. Ill Arthur M. Friedman M.A. Robert Layden M.A. Ann A. Chandonnet M.A. 112 BS ' fl Herbert Haber Ph.D. V 1 John McLaughlin M.A Athanasios Boulukos M.A. Joseph J. Liggera M.A. 113 Ignatius A. Ciszek Ed.M. Mrs. Francis M. O ' Loughlin R.N. 114 Elizabeth A. Neilson Ed.D. Judith RosenKranz M.A. H. Marie Garrity Ed.D. 115 Patricia A. Goler Ph.D. Frederick A. Norton M.A. iiKAtiUA ANT1QVA iV.wokis aukis ittl Peter Blewett M.A. John Shea M.A. 116 Dean Bergeron M.A. John R. Fitzgerald M.A. Christos J. Bentas Ph.D. 117 Mary Hinchey Ph.D. Harold C. Bakken M.A. Charles F. Caroll M.A. 118 Domenic R. Procopio Ph.D. Nicole Baffle Mills M.A. P. Christopher Smith Ph.D. 119 Edward F. Gilday Ph.D. Paul Bregor Mus.Ed.M. William R. Fisher Ph.D. 120 aHE3BMi mm Willis Traphagen M.M. Stuart Smith M.A. 121 Frederick Krell M.A. Frederick A. Norton M.A. Richard G. Lyons Ph.D. - ;v ' 122 Walter P. Copley M.A. Claus E. Nieuwejsar M.A. 123 Ethel Kamien Ph.D. Prentiss Shepherd M.A. Iter Sui-Lam Lee M.A. 124 Frederick C. Olday M.A. John F. Lyon M.A. Ruth Tanner Ph.D. Carl A. Wolf M.A. 125 William H. Malone Ph.D. Joseph P. Ferina Ph.D. 126 Gertrude F. Barker R.N. George Carr Ed.M. 127 Selma Swartz M.A. Rosemarie Giovino Ed.M. 128 Leonard Andrusaitis M.A. Our unending gratitude to Mr. An- drusaitis, who has been a most dedicated advisor to not only the Knoll, but to the Class of 1968. 129 THAT WAS THE YEAR THAT WAS Sept. School starts one week Early. THE ADVOCATE Pennant — World Series NO DRESS CODE Faculty Poll Loud Speaker Senator McCarthy Hicks for Halloween FM Radio Station SGA Constitutional Convention Extended Exam Period — Shortened Vacation. Arsenic and Old Lace — West Side Story LSD — Timothy Leary Vietnam? Issues Martin Luther King-Tragedy F. Bagalione and Friend R. Foy? Faculty Senate ???? Fraternity on Campus 130 PLACES fk 6 O s io tf . ,« O . O,,- ' «fe ty «? V $8 Bi " eJVf , on V ' %. ' £. cv O 4 « »v %, V, V X A i te » ?r . ' •% 1 b,. , " ft 4 ' ' %, ' % «K % Q °% 7 ft Qh - Q ° t e-r FAMILIAR FACES Bagalione — Beard M. Grenham — Knitting S. Battye — Cloths Sun Glasses — L. Viera P. Sheehan — Hat w y S$ t» T P i J cjP C «sr C V V® ' s ■ 131 Frank Bagalioni — Atheist John McSheehy — Don ' t worry! Shirley Batty — The Loser Liz Fisher — Let ' s have a faculty poll Norm D ' Amour — I move this meeting to be adjourned Pat Sheehan — I quit!! Peter Hilderbrand — -Something Grotesque Al Fairbrother — What do you mean greasy kid ' s stuff Dick Fontaine — Anybody have a Benson and Hedges Dick Gage — Man that ' s got soul Danny Evans — Never again! Debbie O ' Leary — Airline Stewardess! ! Walter Hickey — Yes, I like girls. John Golec — Metrecal? Nutrament! 132 Norris — We Gilday — By in large, people Copley — Little old subset 7 Friedman — Someday I ' ll show you my baseball autograph collection Schwartz — Boloukaz — This thing — this stuff Goler — Issues? White — Your body ' s all there Fisher — Here comes miss twinkle toes Traphagan — That ' s a pretty tough nut to crack! Mr. Smith — Now, let ' s play jazz Haber — Well ah ah — well ah Bluett — Now for my version of the Am. Revolution Derry — Ethelbert, etc. Fitzgerald — What do you mean your publishing the poll Lyons — Will somebody please push that buzzer. McLaughlin — F Burto — " Oh! " Please identify this Quote. Drinan — Let ' s be professional Cumminghan — Marvelous Krell — Twins! Meehan — Quiet! Griffith— Yeth Panas — The subject must always be off centre Foy — " Sorry, I can ' t spell those words. " Pat Sheehan Dr. Smith — What ' s this I hear about Brendon ' s poem being read. Wolfe — Where are your fink shoes? Procopio — The most wonderful S G A advisor. 133 The Knoll Staff wishes to thank the Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Classes for their cooperation throughout the year 134 PENNISI ART STUDIO tel. 683-4978 195 NEWBURY ST. LAWRENCE © This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of litho- 1 5 graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method.

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