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University of Massachusetts Lowell - Sojourn / Knoll Yearbook (Lowell, MA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 144 of the 1967 volume:

PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE During its first half century Lowell State turned inward to nourish the kernel of its academic grain. With ripeness has come fruition; the spread into multi- purpose programs; the first tentative glo- bal contacts. We are reaching outward " to the strand of the Daughters of the Sunset, the Apple-tree, the singing and the gold. " while inquiring with Euripides: " What else is Wisdom? What of Man ' s endeavor Or God ' s high grace, so lovely and so great? To stand from fear set free, to breathe and wait; To hold a hand uplifted over Hate; And shall not Loveliness be loved for ever? " Daniel H. O ' Leary DEDICATION A preserver of academic freedoms and responsibilities, Dr. Joseph Williams, As- sociate Professor English, has been a stal- wart advisor to both the Senior Class and to the Knoll 1967. With unceasing energy and unwavering thought Dr. Williams has proven to be helpful in all times of need. It is with great pleasure and pride that the Senior Class dedicates the Knoll 1967 to Dr. Williams. TABLE OF j CONTENTS Campus Life 6 Faculty SS Seniors 106 ,; M V ' ■s iiy ' pKiS m iste ' ' ' ' « ■ r tfi B B BpijKBEjKmff ' Sw p ' km. jA ' v -.- ' S . . q £ f ■ ■•■V : ' ;- - Wm %j S WBlBif ' ' °°w ■■■ •• i• , ' V- ' V • ■ . BmB ■I ' el K lH|k -i - - ' ■• HflBjir ■II .d Swl |RK i._t .; J ji ..?M.i f fr ' .. ,k L ' . ' KbBw -:--i . _..i i ' £fl : -V - ' A •I ;.. ' ■-■ ;,; .V; ; ' -1- ; --_ !Sr — ; . ' : ' - ' ' — |r__-r . LJI0 " Hj li sn. - yi jL_ t-?- ft H MMMM KL • m P - ' " ' - :jKi " ' lyJ- ' r ' J. .7 . ' ' i-i: ;-V ' - -:, " And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter and the sharing of pleasure. " Kahlil Gibran CAMPUS LIFE THE CAP inside and out ,„, ry ' » ' ! ! ' ' ftGi ' - ' :.x ' i. ■ j -r —7 . ' • V i 1 LABOR TRAVAIL DIE ARBEIT 12 LUDO PLAISIR DAS SPIEL :■ ■ t »;-»■ 13 ALICE Listen . . . Could I borrow . . .? Ah gee! I ' m engaged! ! ! I ' ve a book for you. Have you seen . . .? Thread? EXAMS! Say a prayer for me. Thanks! 14 B ' j MBT i iltefei UJ - li ; ' Vr ■ ' ; f ' • ;•p-■: ' 15 You mean . . . we ' re opening WEEKENDS! BOOKSTORE 16 Morning LIBRARY And of course! Afternoon Night 17 KNOLL 1967 In spite of seemingly insur- mountable problems the staff of the Knoll is presenting a year- book introducing many changes in the format including color and a faculty section composed en- tirely of candids. The following people were on the staff, but they were not in- cluded in the pictures on these two pages; Mary Boland, Edito- rial Assistant; Geraldine Pawlak and Leslie Navaretta, Assistant Literary Editors; and Mary Has- sett, Layout Editor. Standing: Patricia Cluette, Business Manager; Eleanor Fotopolis, Advertising Manager; Irene Donovan, Sports Editor; Christina Beluris, Photography Editor. Seated: Patricia Sheehan, Associate Editor. Editor-in-chief Donna-Lane Nelson discusses a problem with Advisor Dr. Joseph Williams. ' A Robert Bunker, Literary Editor; Audrey Neuringer, Layout Editor. Fred Leahy, Sports Editor. 19 CAMPUS STAR HEADLINES WHO GETS THE POPCORN CONCESSION? GAGE OIL THREATENS LSC EUPHORIA ' S PERCH STARTS FLAGPOLE DEMONSTRATION GRADUATE SCHOOL STARTED «« MICK " WINS COLUMBIA PRESS AWARD JAY AND THE AMERICANS TO VISIT LSC CAMPUS STAR RENAMED KNOLL THANKS CAMPUS STAR 20 Editor-in-Chief, Eleanor " Mickey " Sheehan, Elizabeth Fisher, Frank Baglione and friends, Bernard Battle, John Silveria, John R. Moore, and Audrey Neuringer 21 CLASS OFFICERS freshman sophomore 22 !T i junior senior 23 Hillel Society Bill Glitis, Audrey Neuringer, Harvey Hecker, Roberta Loftue. RELIGIOUS Newman Club Anne Marie Linehan, Janeann McDonald, Mary Ann Tighe. 24 ORGANIZATIONS Phanar Club Standing: Christine Sigalos. Seated: Brenda Moses, Liz Liakos. lona Club Bonnie Graves, Dr. William Fisher, Janet Walsh, William Fisher, Jr., Kay Sears. 25 Liz Leahol, Diane Higgson, Janeann McDonald, Paula Mechalides. ART CLUB DRAMATIC CLUB James Justice, Cathy Archibald, Russell Carey, Judith Treadwell, Peter Hildebrand. 26 M.A.A. Standing: Norman D ' Armour, Richard Prescott, Robert Reinhagen, Roger Landry. Seated: William Burns, Ralph Bennet, James McQuirk. W.R.O. Standing: Gail Burbank, Pat Malloy. Seated: Lorraine Sutton, Anne Moss, Patricia Witcum, Kathy deRoche. 27 PEGASUS Anne Mulholland and Kussell Carey ctiecK a newsletter trom Columbia University. 28 Marcella Greenbaum, Donald Richardson, Linda Crooker. 29 S.GA Under the able leadership of Roger Landry the Student Government Association has made giant strides in increasing communication between the student body and the college. The S.G.A. has equipped the lower level of the Humanities Building with a broadcasting system for announcements designed to keep the students abreast of collegiate activities. In conjunction with the History Department the S.G.A. has sponsored speeches by the candidates running for state offices in 1966. The S.G.A. officers include Roger Landry, Diana Shadan Archambeault, John Golic, Jeanne Corcoran, Dennis Canney, Ellen Brady, Bernard Battles, Robert Mullen, and Karen Roper. 30 31 JAZZ SOCIETY The Jazz Society is dedicated to promoting all kinds of music with an emphasis on jazz. The Society fills a void in the present curriculm by familiarizing the students with an important me- dium of the musical world. Presenting three con- certs a year, the Society alternates between the seventeen member traditional band, simulating the Basie sound and individual presentations by smaller groups. This year the Society received official recogni- tion from the College by performing at Parent ' s Day and by giving an impromptu program at the Vermont Band Clinic. 32 ATHENAEUM SOCIETY Although the activities of the Athenaeum Society have been limited by the full schedules of its members, they have found the time to enjoy collection trips to beaches, several movies, and a lecture, " Radiational Effects. " In addi- tion they have assisted the instructors with the Science Faculty Convention vi ' hich was held at L.S.C. For future use, the Society purchased an aquarium before completing the year with a banquet and a field trip to Stage Fort Park. Standing: Richard Marchand, Nancy Upton. Seated: Paul Innamorati. Standing; Carl Wolf, Advisor. Seated: Linda Porter. 33 CHEERLEADERS 34 LIBRARY REPRESENTATIVES 35 WIND 36 ENSEMBLE 37 CONCERT CHOIR 38 M.E.N.C. OFFICERS BRASS CHOIR 39 MISS KNOLL Breaking the Miss Knoll tradi- tion, Rita McConaghy (IF) is a Freshmen elementary major. Rita resides with her mother at 169 Oak St., Lawrence, Mass. and between her classes at Lowell State and her part-time job as a receptionist leads a very busy life. Coming to us from St. Mary ' s High School in Law- rence, Rita is a charming asset to our college. She can be seen any- time playing whist, dancing, knitting, and says her main in- terests are driving her Mustang, Mr. Olday, and Jimmy Dziadosz. Let ' s hope her lively personality perks up Lowell State for a long time to come. 40 OUTDOOR EDUCATION A good example of education outside the class- room was demonstrated by Dr. H. Marie Gar- rity ' s Outdoor Education elective. Besides the or- dinary format of lectures Dr. Garrity introduced guest speakers, but the most interesting phase of the course was the visits to Sargent Camp, Peterborough, New Hampshire. The camp, owned by Boston University, works with lower and middle class chUdren. There is a permanent staff as well as part time instructors from various colleges. Four different students attended each week. They spent the first few days learning and observ- ing. By the end of the week they taught two classes. An experience in teaching and human relations is unusual to find in an elective. SENIOR INVESTITURE October 30, 1 966 At the Little Theater the Lowell State Seniors were officially invested into the academic life of the college. Music was provided by the Brass Choir and the Concert Choir under the direction of Mr. Gay and Dr. Gilday. John Moore, the president of the Senior class, and Dr. Williams, the class advisor, presented the Senior class to Dr. O ' Leary to be invested. Dr. O ' Leary gave an impressive speech on the growth of the college in the past ten years. The Seniors and their parents were served coffee and cakes in the cafeteria where the parents had the opportunity of meeting the faculty. 42 ; k ► v ' 43 I 44 MARY STUART The year ' s first major production of the 1966-1967 season, Mary Stuart, was a modern adaptation of Heinrich Schiller ' s Maria Stuart. The play, under the direction of Mrs. Nancy Williams contrasted Queen Elizabeth, a monarch, with Queen Mary, a woman. The difficult dual leads were played by Sally Still as Elizabeth and Linda Vierra as Mary. Other members of the cast included Edward Cornell, Peter Hildebrand, Russell Carey, James Justice, Eleanor Sheehan, Frank M. Baglione, Ray Brosarde, Keven Shannahan, and Charles Peverell. 45 DORM LIFE 46 my.. wS 1 " f -l ■■«r ' »!t. 47 MADCAPS 48 li ' im: : J « PRESSING PROBLEMS atLSC They cancelled Playboy! " Get your hands off me! " 50 I ' d like to take him home. I Like it, but will Bregor? I only need 27 credits to graduate. 51 T.G.I.F. I I don ' t know what to bid. 52 I forgot my lunch. Phone bill, $25; food, $18, rent . 53 Vietnam, bombings, the draft, an election, student demonstrations, no flag on the flagpole, an earthquake, and he sings " I ' m a Little Tea Pot. " Nina, your mask slipped. 54 They say if we push this button LSC will disintegrate. Somewhere my love 55 Oh, he ' s playing cards. Can ' t he ever give me an " A. " f No toilet paper at LSC. 56 Who decides all this? Methods. She ' s looking this way. 57 I get a dollar for every " A. " Eeeech. is he flat! 58 me, re, do, re, me, me, me I don ' t like that man. 59 some people talk with their hands ♦ ♦ 60 ■m iiff ' m 61 preparing buying 62 going, going, gone 63 COMMUNICATIONS Cards are an educational experience. 64 I don ' t know how. He just went bankrupt. I ' ve heard this joke before. Communication breakdown. A smile wins ' em every time. 65 tl ' SMILES 69 Is it true blondes have more fun? The Invader TV Family Affair 70 I Spy 1967 i 1 1 1 Dragnet Marge, There is a crown on your head! 71 ODDS AND ENDS M |ga mM fr f 74 76 WRO ACTIVITIES 77 From basketball to fencing, from mod- ern dancing to bowling, the women at Lowell State College are offered an ac- tive athletic program by the Women ' s Recreational Organization. Playdays fea- turing sports, fun, and food are held sev- eral times during the year. 78 79 GOLF TEAM O ' Brien, Hassett, McDonald, Kasper, Captain Howe. BASEBALL TEAM Back: Scalcus, Michaud, Murphy, Landry, Kasper, Flaherty, Moore, O ' Brien, Hall. Front: Wallsteincroflf, Lynch, Slattery, Liversidge, Tucker, Dube, McGrail. 80 CROSS COUNTRY Back: Slattery. Crisco, Prescott. O ' Brien. Front: Wassey. Tucker, Hayden. BASKETBALL Back: Callahan, Boehm, Burns, Prescott, McGurk, Landry. Front: McSheehy, Hancock, Quirk. Hunt, Anderson. 81 LSC 6 Harvard 34 LSC 16 Brandeis 21 LSC 21 Holy Cross 14 LSC 16 M.LT. 19 LSC 19 Boston State 12 LSC 26 Boston College 11 LSC 5 Plymouth 36 LSC 18 R.LC. 22 LSC 29 Emerson 8 82 BASKETBALL 84 85 " If he (the teacher) is indeed wise he does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind. " — Kahlil Gihran FACULTY m DANIEL O ' LEARY Ph.D. Boston College JOHN FISHER Ed.D. Columbia University ANNE BAKER MARY McGAUVRAN Ed.M. Boston University 88 FRANCIS O ' LOUGHLIN School Nurse CHARLES MEEHAN M.S.L.S. Simmons College 89 PATRICIA GOLER Ph.D. Boston College WILLIAM BURTO Ph.D. Harvard University ETHER KAMIEN Ph.D. University of Wisconsin MARGUERITE GOURVILLE A.M. Boston University 90 EDWARD GILDAY D.L.H. Boston College PAUL GAZAGIAN MM. Boston University JOHN SHEA M.A. Creighton University M. SUMMERS B.A. N.E. Conservatory ELIZABETH NEILSON Ed.D. Boston University- 91 H THOMAS CASEY M.S. Lowell Technological Institute WILLIAM WRZESIEN B.M. N.E. Conservatory CLAUS NIEUWEJAAR M.S. University of Minnesota SYLVIA MADER M.A.T. Harvard University 92 newber; PI|dal award ■rs STUART LANGTON A.M. Harvard University — -Qfc 1 Ir ra[||g hHI V flErr ' H . x l i H iw U Mk T B r ' .„. W M i 19 PRENTISS SHEPHERD i.M Harvard University CHARLES BUDESHINE B. 4. ? ! ca College JOHN SHEA A . 4. Creighton University KATHERINE BREUER M.5. University of New Hampshire 93 ROBERT WHITE y4 .M. Harvard University JOHN FITZGERALD Ed. M. Boston University GARDNER TILLSON A.M. Pennsylvania State University FREDERICK OLDAY A .M. Harvard University JOHN McLaughlin A.M. University of California at Berkeley 94 LYNDA SIMONEIT A.M. Boston University KALERVO KANSANNIVA A.M. Boston University RICHARD DERRY A.M. Boston College ' PETER BLEWETT A.M. Boston College DONALD BRAVO M.M. Boston University ?ms .i»i :Tw ; ' " r if- WALTER COPLEY Ed.M. Boston College 95 STUART SMITH M.F.A. Brandeis IGNATIUS CISZEK Ed.M. Boston University SUSAN CORCORAN A.M. University of New Hampshire DEAN BERGERON A.M. Villanova University 96 MARGARET GUINDON A.M. Boston University H. MARIE GARRITY Ed.D. Boston University PAUL GAY M.M. Boston University RICHARD LYONS Ph.D. Boston University CHRISTOS BENTAS Ph.D. Tufts University DOMENIC PROCOPIO Ph.D. Boston University ROBERT FOY Ed.D. Harvard University ANNE CHANDONNET M.S. University of Wisconsin 98 JOSEPH WILLIAMS Ph.D. Harvard University PAUL GAZAGIAN M.M. Boston University JOSEPH ZAITCHIK Ph.D. Boston University ANDREW TORRIELLI Ph.D. Harvard University RUTH ANDERSON A.M. Boston College 99 ROBERT GRIFFITH M.F.A. Pratt Institute GABRIELLE YABLONSKY A.M. Yale University HERBERT HABER Ph.D. Brandeis University NICOLE B. MILLS A.M. Tufts University 100 ALLIE SCRUGGS Ed.M. Boston University WILLIAM MALONE Ed.D. Boston University JOAN JONES Ed.M. University of Missouri CHRISTOPHER SMITH Ph.D. University of Heidelberg ANTONE HOLEVAS M.M. Boston University 101 ANN GUGGENHEIM A.M. New York University JUDITH ROSENKRANZ A.M. Brooklyn College ROSEMARIE GIOVINO Ed.M. Boston University ARTHUR FREEDMAN A.M. Boston University 102 FORTUNATA CALIRI Ed.M. State College at Boston JANE ROSEN A M. Harvard University SELMA SWARTZ M.F.A. Tufts University RUTH TANNER Ph.D. University of Cincinnati 103 SU ROM LEE M.A. Oberlin College GREGORY ANDRUSinS M.A. Boston College ROBERT LAYDEN A.M. Lehigh University FREDERICK KRELL C.A.G.S. Harvard University CHARLES CARROLL A.M. Boston College 104 MARY HINCHEY Ph.D. University of Missouri GEORGE CARR Ed.M. Western Maryland College PAUL BREGOR Mus. Ed.M. Boston University HELEN DRINAN Ed.D. Boston University 105 ' Say not, ' I have found the truth, ' but rather, ' I have found a truth. ' " Kahlil Gibran SENIORS JUDITH A. ABRAHAM B.S. Elementary Ed. JOANNE MARIE ALBERT B.S. Elementary Ed. GLORIA PERRON ALLARD B.S. Elementary Ed. CAROL JOYCE ALLEN B.S. Elementary Ed. RICHARD A. ANGELL B.S. Elementary Ed. EDA L. ANTONELLIS B.S. Music Ed. JUDITH ELAINE ASADORIAN B.S. Elementary Ed. DIANA SHADEN ARCHAMBAULT B.S. Elementary Ed. 108 BARBARA H. BELL B.S. Music Ed. CAROL A. BALCH B.S. Elementary Ed. CHRISTINA BELURIS B.S. Elementary Ed. RALPH E. BENNET II B.S.. Elementary Ed. AMELIA H. BETTANO B.S. Elementary Ed. NANCY A. BLOOD B.S. Elementary Ed. MARY ANNE BOLAND B.A. English Ed. RACHELLE COGNAC BOLDUC B.S. Elementary Ed. 109 DIANE M. BOUCHER B.S. Elementary Ed. JOAN BRADLEY B.S. Elementary Ed. ROBERTA BLACKBURN BRISTOW B.S. Elementary Ed. iJl JANICE M. BROWN B.A. English Ed. DARLENE J. BROWN B.S. Elementary Ed. ROBERT H. BUNKER B.A. English ELAINE M. BURKE B.A. Biology SUZANNE BURNS B.S. Elementary Ed. 110 NOELLA V. CARDELLA B.S. Elementary Ed. BRUCE ERNEST BYAM B.S. Elementary Ed. LORETTA C. CAREY B.S. Elementary Ed. RUSSELL W. CAREY B.A. English LOIS M. CARTER B.S. Elementary Ed. CAROL A. CARUSO B.S. Elementary Ed. MARY RITA CASEY B.S. Elementary Ed. CAROL J. CATON B.A. English Ed. Ill MARY CHENEY B.S. Elementary Ed. ALBERT L. CHOQUETTE B.A. History MARGARET CHOQUETTE B.S. Elementary Ed. JANICE M. CLAYTON B.S. Elementary Ed. PATRICIA A. CLUETTE B.S. Elementary Ed. KATHLEEN P. CULLINAN B.A. English Ed. BARBARA A. DELEHANTY B.S. Elementary Ed. RONALD H. DEROCHE B.S. Elementary Ed. .112 JEAN DOHERTY B.S. Elementary Ed. JEANNE DESROSIERS B.S. Elementary Ed. M. RITA DONOVAN B.S. Elementary Ed. SUSAN PAULINE DOYLE B.S. Elementary Ed. LILLIAN ROSE DUCHESNE B.S. Elementary Ed. DOREEN ROCHE FAY B.S. Elementary Ed. KATHLEEN FELTON B.S. Elementary Ed. DANIEL J. FERRANTINO B.S. Music Ed. 113 LINDA FLEMMING B.S. Elementary Ed. DAVID THOMAS FLOYD B.A. Biology ELEANOR F. FOTOPOULOS B.S. Elementary Ed. ELAINE T. GARDNER B.S. Music Ed. ANN F. GAVRIEL B.S. Elementary Ed. JENNIFER G. GILDAY B.S. Music Ed. YOLANDE GIROUARD B.S. Elementary Ed. ROBERT GILMAN B.A . History 114 NICHOLAS ARTHUR GOUMAS B.S. Music Ed. JOANNE GLAVECKAS B.S. Elementary Ed. JUDITH E. GRAY B.S. Elementary Ed. JEAN E. GURECKI B.S. Elementary Ed. MAUREEN R. HALEY B.S. Elementary Ed. MARY R. HASSETT B.S. Elementary Ed. CAROL J. HASTINGS B.S. Music Ed. MARILYN C. HAYES B.S. Elementary Ed. 115 DOROTHY L. HEENAN B.S. Elementary Ed. JUDY A. HIGGINS B.A.English Ed. DIANNE THERESA HIGSON B.S. Elementary Ed. CAROLYN HILDEBRAND B.A . History CAROL NANCY HOGAN B.A. Biology Ed. VIRGINIA HOLDER B.S. Elementary Ed. JOAN E. KOWALSKI p B.S. Elementary Ed. KATHLEEN PUSHEE JOY B.S. Elementary Ed. 116 JUDITH LAFAVER B.S. Elementary Ed. PAUL W. KUJANPAA B.S. Music Ed. MICHELLE ALINE LANDRY B.A. Biology Ed. ROGER F. LANDRY B.S. Elementary Ed. MARILYN R. LAROCHE B.S. Elementary Ed. FREDERICK R. LEAHY B.S. Elementary Ed. KATHY LENIHAN 3. A. English Ed. ELIZABETH GAIL LIAKOS B.S. Elementary Ed. 117 ANNMARIE P. LINEHAN B.A. History ANN M. LISIEN B.S. Elementary Ed. JOAN MARIE LIVINGSTON B.S. Elementary Ed. THERESA LORD B.S. Elementary Ed. BARRY T. LOW B.S. Music Ed. PAULA LYNCH B.S. Elementary Ed. FLORA E. MANNING B.A. History Ed. JAMES J. MAGUIRE B.S. Music Ed. 118 FAITH MARIE MARTIN B.S. Music Ed. PAUL F. MARTENS B.S. Music Ed. JANEANNE P. McDONALD B.S. Elementary Ed. DENNIS R. McGUANE B.A. History Ed. KATHRINE R. McLAUGHLIN B.S. Elementary Ed. PAULA L. MECHALIDES B.S. Elementary Ed. MARSHA MARIE MEERE B.S. Elementary Ed. MARILYN LOUISE MERCIER B.S. Music Ed. 119 LORRAINE L. MERRILL B.S. Elementary Ed. GLORIA M. MICHALSKI B.S. Music Ed. PAULA M. MIRANDA B.S. Music Ed. BARBARA C. MONTBLEAU B.S. Elementary Ed. JOANNE MONTGOMERY B.A. History Ed. JOHN R. MOORE B.A. History BONNIE MURRAY B.S. Elementary Ed. HAROLD C. MORRIS B.S. Music Ed. 120 MARJORIE MURRAY B.S. Elementary Ed. DOUGLAS MURRAY B.S. Music Ed. LESLIE JANE NAVARETTA B.A.English Ed. DONNA-LANE NELSON B.A. English AUDREY NEURINGER B.A. English i SUSAN E. NORTH B.S. Music Ed. LINDA M. NUTILE B.S. Elementary Ed. MAUREEN O ' CONNOR B.S. Elementary Ed. 121 ELLEN M. O ' HARA B.A . History ELIZABETH OSTERBERG B.S. Music Ed. BETTE ANNE OTTAVIANI B.S. Elementary Ed. JEAN M. PALAVRAS B.S. Elementary Ed. SUZANNE PARSONS B.S. Elementary Ed. GAYLE E. PARTHUM B.S. Elementary Ed. GERTRUDE PATEN AUDE B.S. Elementary Ed. THOMAS R. PASQUERELLA B.S. Elementary Ed. 122 SHIRLEY A. PAVELKA B.S. Elementary Ed. GERALDINE PAWLAK B.A. History Ed. JUNE MARY PINEAULT B.S. Elementary Ed. DOROTHY E. PLOURDE B.S. Elementary Ed. LOUISE A. POIRER B.S. Elementary Ed. LINDA GAIL PORTER B.A. Biology Ed. PATRICIA ANN PRIVITERA B.S. Elementary Ed. CAROL E. PURDY B.S. Music Ed. 123 BARBARA A. RAYMONDI B.S. Elementary Ed. KAREN REDFORD B.S. Elementary Ed. MARY PAULA REGAN B.S. Elementary Ed. MAUREEN REGAN B.S. Elementary Ed. MARJORIE R. RIDDICK B.S. Elementary Ed. MARIMARGARET ROBERTS B.S. Elementary Ed. SUSAN R. ROTELLINI B.A. English Ed. NANCY E. ROCKFORD B.S. Elementary Ed. 124 PATRICIA ANN RYAN B.S. Elementary Ed. MARIE RUSSO B.S. Elementary Ed. PATRICIA J. RYZNER B.S. Music Ed. ARLENE E. SAGER B.S. Music Ed. SUSANNE MARIE SCOTT B.S. Music Ed. DIANE SCOURTAS B.S. Music Ed. LOUISE SEABORNE B.S. Elementary Ed. KAY A. SEARS B.S. Music Ed. 125 LOIS MARIE CHOQUfiTTE SERGI B.S. Elementary Ed. BRENDA MARIE SHAHEEN B.S. Elementary Ed. BEVERLY LYNNE SHAIA B.S. Elementary Ed. ELEANOR F. SHEEHAN B.A. History SHERRYL HANSEN SHEPHARD B.S. Elementary Ed. BARBARA SHUFRO B.S. Music Ed. CHRISTINE SIGALOS B.A. English Ed. lUDITH ANN SIDEBOTTOM B.A. Biology Ed. 126 IRENE M. SIMANO B.A . History Ed. JOHN SILVERIA B.A. English Ed. VALERIE A. SIMARD B.S. Elementary Ed. KARLEEN SMITH B.S. Music Ed. NANCY M. SOUCY B.S. Elementary Ed. JUDITH A. STUART B.S. Elementary Ed. DORIS M. SULLIVAN B.S. Elementary Ed. MARY-MARGARET SULLIVAN B.S. Elementary Ed. 127 LORRAINE SUTTON B.A. Biology JAMES D. TAYLOR B.S. Music Ed. BEVERLY TERRIO B.S. Elementary Ed. LINDA GAYLE THEBERGE B.S. Elementary Ed. JANICE M. THIEL B.S. Elementary Ed. LORRAINE P. THIVIERGE B.A. English ALLAN S. TIMMINS B.S. Elementary Ed. MARY ANN TIGHE B.S. Elementary Ed. 128 JUDITH A. TREADWELL B.S. Elementary Ed. RICHARD S. TODD B.S. Music Ed. ELIZABETH ANN TYBURSKI B.S. Music Ed. ROBERT W. TYLER B.S. Music Ed. ANN H. URBOWICZ B.S. Elementqry Ed. JOAN BADMINGTON VAN HORN B.S. Elementary Ed. MARY V. VELLUTO B.S. Elementary Ed. KATHERINE M. VOSE B.S. Elementary Ed. 129 BEVERLY RUSSELL WALKER B.A. English Ed. IRENE M. WALSH B.S. Elementary Ed. JANET L. WALSH B.S. Elementary Ed. ELIZABETH J. WELT B.S. Music Ed. CAROL WHITE B.S. Elementary Ed. DOLORES B. WHITE B.S. Elementary Ed. NANCY LEE WHITING B.S. Elementary Ed. MARGARET M. WHITE B.S. Elementary Ed. 130 ROGER L. WHITTLESEY B.S. Music Ed. PATRICIA ANN WITKUM B.A. Biology ANNE R. WYCKOFF B.S. Music Ed. JUDITH ANNE YEATON B.S. Music Ed. KATHLEEN ZANGARI B.S. Elementary Ed. ROSEMARIE J. ZANNONI B.S. Elementary Ed. ARTHUR S. ZAINO B A. Biology 131 BONNIE BEARSE B.S. Music Ed. ROBERT KULP B.S. Music Ed. ROSALIE COVINO B.S. Elementary Ed. CAROLYN MOONEY B.S. Elementary Ed. ROBERT CULLEN B.S. Elementary Ed. CHARLES E. PEVERILL B.A. English RUTH CARKIN WHITNEY B.S. Elementary Ed. 132 133 GOLD PATRONS CLASS OF 1 96S CLASS OF 1 969 CLASS OF 1 970 SILVER PATRONS MEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION JOAN FABRIC COMPANY FOOD CRAFTS INC. PATRONS MR. and MRS. STANLEY MICHALSKI LAMAS BUICK WINDSOR RESTAURANT 134 135 ® 136 fftik " ' " ' ' °° ' printed by VELV ATONE, a special process of litho- graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No other priming firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method.

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University of Massachusetts Lowell - Sojourn / Knoll Yearbook (Lowell, MA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


University of Massachusetts Lowell - Sojourn / Knoll Yearbook (Lowell, MA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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