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University of Massachusetts Lowell - Sojourn / Knoll Yearbook (Lowell, MA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 144 of the 1965 volume:

c " . • • v L V ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ m m f ■■■ m r t WC i ii -a i ii II. ■H £ . : IKES ' ? V tgb • K a w m PRESIDENT O ' LEARY " Knowledge and wisdom, far from being one, Have oft times no connexion - knowledge dwells In heads replete with thoughts of other men; Wisdom, in minds attentive to their own. Knowledge is proud that he has learned so much; Wisdom is humble that he knows no more. Books are not seldom talismans and spells. By which the magic art of shrewder wits Holds the unthinking multitude enchained " . Commence to strive to transmit knowledge , and to grow in wisdom as you do. -7 -f te - o- - = - - •—■ V THE EDITORS DEDICATE THE 1965 KNOLL TO DR. ETHEL KAMIEN It is with great pride that the Senior Class dedicates the 1965 Knoll to Dr. Ethel Kamien. During the past four years she has proven herself to be a loyal friend as well as advisor to our class. At this time we would like to extend to Dr. Ka- mien our heartfelt thanks and best wishes for future successes. The Editors CAFETERIA PERSONNEL LUNCHROOM STAFF COLLEGE STAFF AND PERSONNEL CUSTODIANS— Mr. Clemens and Mr. Winn OFFICE HELP— Beatrice L. Meagher, Marion B. Atherton, Kathleen M. Byrt, Dorthea F. Provencher, Grace McNulty, Judith Miscovich. COLLEGE HEALTH SERVICE Mrs. Francis O ' Loughlin Mr. William F. Dunn DORMITORY HOUSE MOTHER Mrs. Wilder Education Building ■ V. f • • - »V Humanities Building Science Building WASHINGTON SCHOOL TEACHERS EDWARD S. BYRNE Master and Principal ALMA L. WARD Supervising Teacher, Grade One KATHERINE F. KEARNEY Supervising Teacher, Grade Six HELEN COYNE Music Supervisor PENELOPE Z. KOPLEY Supervising Teacher, Grade Six PATRICIA HIGGINS Supervising Teacher, Grade Four GEORGINA P. KEITH Supervising Teacher, Grade Two CAMPUS SCHOOLS BARTLETT SCHOOL TEACHERS THOMAS F. McSORLEY Master and Principal GERTRUDE M. BAILEY Supervising Teacher, Grade Three ELIZABETH COFFEY Supervising Teacher, Grade Six ESTHER T. BURNS Supervising Teacher, Grade Five EDNA HOYT Supervising Teacher, Grade Two CATHERINE V. O ' CONNOR Supervising Teacher, Grade Four Missing: DOROTHY C. EASTMAN Supervising Teacher, Grade Six Presently on leave of absence: CONSTANCE LANSEIGNE Supervising Teacher, Grade One FACULTY I extend my best wishes for success and happiness to all of the Class of 1965 at this important time of your graduation. I hope that continued good fortune and health will be your lot in your chosen profession. JOHN J. FISHER Professor, Biological Science Dean of Men, Director of Extension Studies A.B., Saint John ' s University A.M., Ed.D., Columbia University Create your own " Great Society " by relating well to your fellow man. As an educated person, use skill and tact in your inter-personal relations. Take time to un- derstand. Practice empathy. Be your best. Do your best. Make the world in which you choose to work a better place because you are there. PATRICIA A. GOLER Professor, Chairman of History Education A.B., Regis College A.M., Ph.D., Boston College MARY E. McGAUVRAN Professor, Education Dean of Women Director of Admissions B.S. Ed. State College at Lowell Ed.M., Ed.D. Boston University " Youth is called not to pleasure but to service. " The challenges are great but so are the rewards. We are sure that the class of ' 65 will respond to the call and perform nobly. 12 Assuming philosophy to be the " pursuit of wisdom, " the " pursuit of truth, " and education to be society ' s instrument for bringing into being a higher and better expression of itself, it is clear that educa- tion ' s main responsibility is the improvement of men. If you now seek to improve the minds of others, you must always be open to change and new values. The world and all its contents are not in a state of being, but always in the process of becoming. The world we live in needs supremely healthy, fully functioning people as never before and it is the task of education to produce them. As you seek to become, remember, " He who would kindle a flame in another, must himself glow. " iv ETHEL KAMIEN Assoc. Professor, Biological Science A.B., Brooklyn College M.S., Ph.D. University of Wisconsin ELIZABETH A. NEILSON Professor of Education Chairman, Department of Health and Physical Education Four years ago we started our careers at Lowell State College together, you as the entering Freshmen, Class of ' 65, and I as a new member of the Faculty, elected to be your Class Advisor. It has been with a special interest and the unique satisfaction that perhaps only teachers can experience that I have watched you, during these four years, grow in maturity, increase your areas of knowledge and competence, and become ready to assume greatly increased responsibilities. I want to extend to you all, most sincerely, my best wishes for success and happiness in the future and add this counsel: " Let the truth and right by which you are apparently the loser be preferable to you to the falsehood and wrong by which you are apparently the gainer. " The Philosophy of Maimonides, Ethical Will, Responsa II, 38c. MARGUERITE L. GOURVILLE Professor, Chairman of Professional Education Director, Student Teaching and Placement B.S. Ed., Marywood College A.M., Boston University I am sure you will have good luck and be happy in the years to come. Your gaiety and sense of humor have made you interesting people to teach. Bring this spirit with you into the classrooms of tomorrow. 13 WILLIAM C. BURTO Professor, Chairman of English Education A.B., Colgate University A.M.. Ph.D., Harvard University Fortunately, or unfortunately, you can ' t go home again. But you can find a home; make it a good one. WILLIAM H. MALONE Professor, Chairman of Science Education B.S., Ed.M., Boston College Ed.D., Boston University Somewhere it is always warm. May the warm bright light of the New Day always brighten your heart. In a rapidly changing world, you have the responsibility of perpetuating the val- ues of the past while evaluating the pre- sent and preparing young people for an uncertain future. This is a serious and difficult task, but you do not face it alone. Your predecessors have built a firm foundation; now you have the op- portunity to contribute your knowledge and skills. We all wish you the best of luck. EDWARD F. GILDAY Professor, Chairman of Music Education B.S. Mus., A.M., New York University D.Mus.A., Boston University And he made answer: " Follow but thy star; Thou canst not fail to win the glorious haven, If in glad life my judgment did not err. " Dante, Inferno, XV, 55-57 ANDREW J. TORRIELLI Professor, Department of Modern Languages A.B., Harvard College A.M., Ph.D., Harvard University 14 FORTUNATA C. CALIRI Assistant Professor, English A.B., Emmanuel College Ed.M., State College at Boston DAVID D. COTE Instructor, English A.B., St. Anselm ' s College A.M., Duquesne University CHRISTOS J. BENTAS Instructor, Classics and History A.B., M.Ed., Boston University M.A., Ph.D., Tufts University PAUL BREGOR Assistant Professor, Music A.A., B.Mus., Ed.,M., Boston University ■ml THOMAS CASEY Instructor, Physical Science B.S., A.M., Lowell Technological Institute IGNATIUS A. CISZEK Assistant Professor, Health and Physical Education B.S., Arnold College Ed.M., Boston University WALTER P. COPLEY Assistant Professor, Mathematics B.S., Ed.M., Boston College GERTRUDE M. CUNNINGHAM Assistant Professor, Education B.S., Ed., Boston University HELEN G. DRINAN Assistant Professor, Education B.S., Columbia University Ed.M., Harvard University WILLIAM R. FISHER Professor, Music Education B.S.Mus., A.M., New York University Ed.D., Boston University JOHN R. FITZGERALD Assistant Professor, History B.S.Ed., Ed.M., Boston University H. MARIE GARRITY Assistant Professor, Health and Physical Education B.S.Ed.. State College at Lowell Ed.M.. Ed.D., Boston University 15 MARGARET F. GUIDON Instructor, English A.B., A.M., Boston University KALERVO KANSANNIVA Assistant Professor, Speech B.S., Ed.M., State College at Fitchburg A.M., Boston University ALICE G. KIERNAN Assistant Professor, Education B.S.Ed., State College at Lowell Ed.M., Boston University RICHARD G. LYONS Assistant Professor, Philosophy B.S., M.Ed., Ph.D., Boston University CHARLES R. MEEHAN Associate Professor, Librarian B.S., Ed.M., Boston College M.S.L.S., Simmons College ELIZABETH A. NEILSON Associate Professor, Health and Physical Education B.S., Ed.M., Ed.D., Boston University FREDERICK A. NORTON Assistant Professor, History A.B., A.M., Boston College LEO PANAS Assistant Professor, Art B.S., Massachusetts College of Art Ed.M., State College at Fitchburg TINA MING-CHIEN LAI Instructor, A ssistant Librarian A.B., National Taiwain University M.S.L.S., George Peabody College THOMAS A. NORRIS Assistant Professor, Psychology B.S.Ed., M.C.S., Boston University DOMENIC R. PROCOPIO Associate Professor, Music Education and Italian A.B., A.M., Harvard University Ph.D., Boston University MARGARET R. SHANNON Associate Professor, Education B.S.Ed., State College at Lowell Ed.M., Ed.D., Harvard University 16 GARDNER TILLSON Instructor, Speech A.B., Tufts University A.M., Pennsylvania State University ROBERT M. SHAUGHNESSY Instructor, Music B.Mus., Mus.Ed.M., D.Mus.Arts Boston University PRENTISS SHEPHERD, JR. Instructor, Biological Science A.B., A.M., Harvard University JOSEPH WILLIAMS Instructor, English A.B., A.M., University of South Carolina A.M., Harvard University Ph.D. CLARA P. CAMPBELL Instructor Geography B.S. Plymouth State College A.M., Clark University CHARLES WHITE Instructor, English B.A., Boston University M.A., Tufts University LEONARD ANDRUSAITIS Instructor, Mathematics B.S., M.A., Boston College JERRY MAX BERNHARD Instructor, English A.B.. University of Wisconsin M.A., Harvard University PETER BLEWETT Instructor, History A.B., Northeastern University M.A., Boston College RUTH ANDERSON Instructor, French B.S. Ed., State College at Lowell M.Ed., Boston University M.A., Boston College ELIZABETH RICE Instructor, Biological Science B.S., University of Massachusetts M.A., Amherst College JOYCE SHAW Instructor, Music Education B.A., Denison University M.A., Boston University RICHARD DERRY Instructor, History B.A., Holy Cross College M.A., Boston College PAUL GAY Instructor, Music Education B.Mus., New England Conservatory 17 ROBERT J. FOY Assistant Professor, English B.S. Ed., Plymouth Teachers College A.M., Ed.S., George Peabody College CECILIA MILES Instructor, Music A.B., Pamona College A.M.T., Harvard University NANCY MORELLO Instructor, Biology A.B., Emmanuel College A.M., Wellesley College ROBERT PARKER Instructor, English B.A., Colby College A.M., Boston University CARLETON PLUMMER Instructor, Art B.S., Massachusetts College of Art A.M., Boston University DONALD SMITH Instructor, Music B.M., M.M., New England Conservatory of Music RICHARD SUMMERS Instructor, Music B.M., M.M., New England Conservatory of Music WILLIS TRAPHAGEN Instructor, Music Education B.Mus., Ithaca College 18 Is the cafeteria really that crowded? Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight What was in his coffee? You can ' t have it and that ' s final! Mr. Richard Derry All in a days work. k — To think at one time I was an 801b. weakling. Dr. I ' d rather do it myself. Got it!!! Miss Joyce Shaww To begin with, the world is round SENIORS GARLAND MONIZ Music Education President MARIELENA JACOPPI Elementary Education Vice President 24 NANCY NUGENT Elementary Education Secretary MAURA MARTIN Secondary Education Library Representative MARTHA DUNN Secondary Education Treasurer 25 GEORGIA ATHAS Elementary Education PEARL ADAMOWSKI Elementary Education JUDITH BARRY Elementary Education 26 CLAIRE BELAND Secondary Education MARIE BERNABIE Elementary Education STEVEN BERNARD Education Secondary 27 VERA BLAKE Music Education DAVID BERRY Music Education ROSEMARIE BOMBARA Music Education 28 JANICE BOWMAN Elementary Education BETSY BRADLEY Elementary Education RONALD BROUGH Music Education 29 MARILYN BURNS Elementary Education ANN BRUNDIGE Music Education ELIZABETH CALLAHAN Elementary Education 30 CAROLE-JEAN CAMPIONE Elementary Education LENORE CLOONAN Elementary Education MARGARET CONNAUGHTON Elementary Education 31 RAMONA ANN CORCORAN Elementary Education CAROL CONNOLLY Secondary Education ROSEMARY COSTANZA Elementary Education 32 MARGARET CRAFTON Elementary Education MARY DALY Elementary Education ANN DE TESO Elementary Education 33 JOANNE DIERAEUER Elementary Education CARMA DI BIASO Elementary Education CLAIRE DOMPIERRE Elementary Education 34 MARY DONOVAN Elementary Education LEONA DOYLE Elementary Education KATHERINE ERWIN Elementary Education 35 PATRICIA VOLUNGUS FARLEY Elementary Education ., PAUL FARLEY Elementary Education ELAINE TYMOWICZ FARROW Elementary Education 36 IRENE FILTEAU Elementary Education CHARLENE FOX Elementary Education A -} NANCY GARLAND Elementary Education 37 BEVERLY HABERMAN Elementary Education LINDA HARRIS Music Education LINDA HERMANN Elementary Education 38 MARY HOGAN Elementary Education NANCY INGLIS Secondary Education SHERYLL JACKSON Elementary Education 39 JANET JOHNSON Elementary Education DENISE JOHNSON Music Education y MARGARET KANE Elementary Education 40 i ANN KEARNEY Elementary Education ROBERT KENNEDY Secondary Education JOANNE KLEPONIS Elementary Education 41 JEANNE LANTAGNE Elementary Education ELEANOR KOCHANEK Elementary Education VICTOR LAPOINTE Music Education 42 ELLEN LEAHY Elementary Education JANET LEAHY Elementary Education ALFRED LE CLAIR Elementary Education 43 WILLIAM LYNCH Secondary Education JOAN LEGENDRE Elementary Education RUTH MacDONALD Elementary Education 44 i PHILIP MacSWEENEY Secondary Education JANE MARKIEWICZ Elementary Education ELAINE MARSHALL Elementary Education 45 JANICE McCOY Music Education judith McCarthy Elementary Education ANNABEL McDEVITT Elementary Education 46 brian l. Mcdonough Secondary Education joan McDonnell Elementary Education ANNE McGINLEY Elementary Education 47 MARYJANE McMANUS Elementary Education JOHN McKITTRICK English LOUISE MELARAGNI Elementary Education 48 RICHARD MOUSSEAU Elementary Education JOAN MOSSCROP Elementary Education DONNALEE MURPHY Elementary Education 49 ROBERT NOONAN Elementary Education DONNA MURRAY Special MARY O ' DOWD Elementary Education 50 MELISSA O ' HARE Elementary Education ELLEN O ' LEARY Elementary Education JOANNE O ' NEILL Elementary Education 51 SANDRA PAULENKA Elementary Education REBECCA PACKER Elementary Education GERARD PERRY History 52 ROBERT PERRY Secondary Education KAREN PETERS Music Education JUDITH PULSIFER Elementary Education 53 RONALD RANDALL Music Education KENNETH RALPH Elementary Education ELAINE RIZOS Music Education 54 LOUISE ROCHE Elementary Education MARY ELLEN ROCHE Elementary Education SHARON ROGERS Elementary Education 55 RUBY ST. CLAIR Elementary Education BETSY SACCOCIA Music Education CAROL ANN ST. JEAN Elementary Education 56 EILEEN SIGALOS Elementary Education CAROL SULLIVAN Secondary Education STEVE TACELLI History 57 PAUL SULLIVAN Special JOHN SULLIVAN Music Education MARJORIE SULLIVAN Elementary Education i 58 MARILYN TACY Elementary Education PRISCILLA TAYLOR Music Education ROBERT THURLOW Music Education 59 VIRGINIA WASIK Secondary Education SHEILA VAUGHAN Elementary Education ANNE MARIE WEISBERG Elementary Education 60 SUZANNE WENNICK Elementary Education XANDRA WINNIS Elementary Education SUSANNE WISNIEWSKI Elementary Education 61 JOAN WRIGHT Music Education MARY WITHAM Elementary Education ELIZABETH WYATT Music Education 62 1 ELAINE KARAMPATOS Music Education BARBARA EMERSON Secondary Education MARTHA SMITH Elementary Education 63 JEAN HIGGINS Secondary Education CARL JAHNLEY Secondary Education 64 J. KEVIN GRAHAM Liberal A rts ANNMARIE NEAULT Liberal Arts 65 JANE BARANOWSKI PAULINE CARUSO Special Secondary Education MICHAEL CONNOLLY THOMAS DUFFY Secondary Education Secondary Education MARY KELLEHER EMILY LANDRY Secondary Education Special JULIA MANTERE PATRICIA PETRILLO Elementary Education Music Education CAROL SCHIAVONE Music Education 66 WHO ' S WHO PEARL ADAMOWSKI 33 Willard Street Lowell, Mass. GEORGIA M. ATHAS 1953 Middlesex Street Lowell, Mass. Acting Assistant Social Chairman, 2; Treasurer, Phanar Club, 2; Cheerleader, 1, 2; Social Chairman, 3; Acting Feature Edi- tor, Campus Star, 4; Assistant Photography Editor, Knoll, 3; Campus Star Staff, 1-4; Phanar Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Student Council; Christmas Party Committee, 2, 3; Class Dances, 1-3; Dedication Day; Cast, MAA Variety Show, 2; Freshman Night, 3; Chairman, Campus Star Dance, 2; Chairman, Phanar Club Dance, 2; Publications Banquet, 3; Class Day, 2, 3; Orientation Week, 3; Hootenanny Chairman, 3; Spring Semi- formal, 2; SGA Banquet, 2, 3; Junior Prom Committee; Par- ents ' Day, 2, 3; Orphan ' s Christmas Party, 3. JANE BARANOWSKI 105 Eighteenth Street Lowell, Mass. JUDITH BARRY 89 Trenton Street Lawrence, Mass. Assistant Treasurer, SGA, 2; Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Service Club, 1; Drama Club, 3; Christmas Party Committee, 2. CLAIRE J. BELAND 487 Haverhill Street Lawrence, Mass. Newman Club, 1, 2, 4; Campus Star, 1; Drama Club, 1, 3; Service Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4. MARIE F. BERNABEI 5 Cushing Street Medford, Mass. Drama Club, 2; Service Club, 1; WRO, 1-4; Lawrence Prep. Welcoming Committee, 4; Spirit of ' 65 Committee, 4. STEVEN BERNARD 131 Humphrey Street Marblehead, Mass. Drama Club, 2; Class Representative; Instructor of Modern Dance Class for WRO, 2-4; Director and Writer, Bops Pops, 2; Choreographer for Sping Musicals, 1-4. DAVID BERRY 4 So. Lillian Street Randolph, Mass. Vice-President of Junior Class; President, MENC, 4; Concert Band, 1-4; Lab Choir, 1-3; Concert Choir, 4; Orchestra, 4; IONA, 1-4; MENC, 1-4; Jazz Society, 1-4; Spring Shows, 1-4; Bops Pops, 1, 2, 4; Junior Prom Committee; Class Day, 3. JAN BOWMAN 67 Chestnut Street Andover, Mass. Freshman Queen; Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Drama Club, 2; Spring Musical, Props, 2; Service Club, 1, 2, 4; Dance Committees, 1-3; Spirit of ' 65, 2; Lawrence Prep Welcoming Committee, 4. ELIZABETH R. BRADLEY 115 Montvale Avenue Woburn, Mass. Section Secretary, 2-4; Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Drama Club, 2; Service Club, 1-4; Spring Musicals, 2, 3; Dance Com- mittees, 1-3; Chairman, Lawrence Prep. Welcoming Commit- tee, 4; Spirit of ' 65 Committee, 2-4; Dedication Day Commit- tee, 2; " Clean Cafe " Committee, 4; Orphan ' s Christmas Party. 2. RONALD L. BROUGH 36 Temple Street Fitchburg, Mass. Vice-President, MENC, 4; Chairman of Publicity Committee. MENC Show, 4; Concert Band, 1, 3, 4; Brass Ensemble, 1-4; Orchestra, 3; Lab Choir, 1-4; Jazz Society, 3-4; MENC, 1-4; Lab Band, 2; All-College Chorus, 1-4. ANN BRUNDIGE 2160 Main Street Walpole, Mass. MENC, 1-4; Jazz Society, 3; WRO, 1-4; IONA, 1. 2; Sym- phonic Winds, 3, 4; Lab Band, 1, 2; Spring Musicals, 2-4. MARILYN C. BURNS 8 Ripley Avenue No. Chelmsford Treasurer, Ski Club, 1; Section Secretary, 1; WRO, 1-4; Ski Club, 1, 2, 4; Newman Club, 1-4; Orphan ' s Christmas Party. 2; Class Dances, 1, 2; Newman Club Dance, 2, 3; Lawrence Prep. Welcoming Committee, 4. ELIZABETH CALLAHAN 34 Tremlett Street Dorchester 24, Mass. Student Council (Assistant Secretary), 2; WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Freshman Night Committee, 2. CAROLE-JEAN CAMPIONE 98 Waverly Road No. Andover, Mass. PAULINE CARUSO 55 School Street Woburn, Mass. Treasurer, Le Cercle Francais, 2, 3; WRO, 1-4; Newman Club. 1-4; La Poubelle; Campus Star, 1; Ski Club, 2, 3, 4; Interna- tional Night, 1; Playday Committee, 1, 2. VERA L. BLAKE Mill Street West Groton, Mass. Lab Choir, 1-4; Lab Band, 1-4; Instrumental Ensembles, 1, 2, 3; MENC, 1-4; All-College Chorus, 1-4. ROSEMARIE BOMBARA 50 Lowden Avenue Somerville, Mass. Section Secretary, 1; Concert Choir, 1-4; Lab Band, 1-4; MENC, 1-4; Ticket Committee for MENC Show, 2. LENORE CLOONAN 39 Ohio Avenue Lawrence, Mass. Newman Club, 1-4; WRO Playdays. 1-4. MARGARET CONNAUGHTON 43 Hastings Street Lowell, Mass. WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-3; Drama Club, 2; Service Club. 1; Dance Committee, 1; Lawrence Prep. Welcoming Commit- tee, 4. 67 CAROL A. CONNOLLY 8 Wilder Avenue Lowell, Mass. Pegasus Staff, 2-4; La Poubelle, Staff Member, 1-4; Ski Club, 3, 4; French Club, 3. MICHAEL CONNOLLY 100 Myrtle Street Lowell, Mass. RAMONA ANN CORCORAN 4 Sanborn Street Lowell, Mass. Section Secretary, 3, 4; Drama Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Service Club, 1-4; Ski Club, 4; Bops Pops, 2-4; Spring Musical, 1; Freshman Dance Committee; Dedication Day Committee; Orientation Week, 2. ROSEMARIE STELLA COSTANZA 8 Tremont Street Woburn, Mass. WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Service Club, 1-4; Orphan ' s Christmas Party Committee, 2. MARGARET SHEILA CRAFTON 275 Farnham Street Lawrence, Mass. WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1, 3; Service Club, 1, 2. MARY ESTHER DALY 111 Stevens Street Lowell, Mass. Circulation Manager, Campus Star, 3; Business Manager, Campus Star, 4; Newman Club, 1-4; Parents ' Day Committee, 3; Hootenanny Committee, 3; Campus Star Dance, 3, 4. ANN MARIE DE TESO 1 1 Lake Avenue Woburn, Mass. WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Ski Club, 2; Service Club, 1; Freshman Dance Committee. CARMA DI BIASO 44 Laurel Avenue Bradford, Mass. Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Ski Club, 2; Service Club, 1; Freshman Dance Committee; Playday Committee, 1. JOANNE DIERAUER 407 Main Street Haverhill, Mass. WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Drama Club, 2; Spring Musi- cal, props, 2; Sophomore Dance Committee; Service Club, 1, 2, 4; Lawrence Prep. Welcoming Committee, 4. CLAIRE DOMPIERRE 72 Durfee Street New Bedford, Mass. Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4. MARY E. DONOVAN 1 17 Sylvester Avenue Winchester, Mass. Secretary, WRO, 2, 3; Newman Club, 1, 2; Service Club, 1; WRO, 1-4; Dedication Day Committee; Lawrence Prep. Wel- coming Committee, 4. LEONA LOUISE DOYLE 33 Forest Park Road Woburn, Mass. WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Drama Club, 1-4. THOMAS H. DUFFY, III 67 Mt. Pleasant Street Woburn, Mass. Sophomore Representative, Le Cercle Francais; Advertising Editor, Campus Star, 4; Contributing Editor, La Poubelle, 1-4; Newman Club, 1; La Poubelle, 1-4; Campus Star, 1, 3, 4; Le Cercle Francais, 3; MAA, 1-4. MARTHA DUNN Rio Vista Billerica, Mass. KATHERINE ERWIN 17 Du Merle Street Lowell, Mass. Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Ski Club, 3, 4. BARBARA EMERSON 16 Fairfax Street Lowell, Mass. WRO, 1,2; Newman Club, 1-4; Service Club, 1, 2. PAUL J. FARLEY 17 Ralph Street Lowell, Mass. President, SGA; Sophomore Class President; Secretary, MAA, 3; Student Marshal, 2; Newman Club, 1; MAA, 1-4; Varsity Basketball, 1, 2; Varsity Baseball, 1, 2; Chairman of Sports, Class Day, 2; Chairman, Orphan ' s Party, 2; Chairman, Investi- ture, 2; Chairman, Sophomore Dance; Silver Key Committee, 2; Chairman, Cafeteria Committee, 2; Chairman Class Day, 3; Election Committee, 2; Class Day Committee, 2; Art Commit- tee, 2; Chairman, Orientation Committee, 4; Chairman, Silver Key Committee, 4; Chairman, Junior Prom Committee. PATRICIA VOLUNGAS FARLEY 17 Ralph Street Lowell, Mass. WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-3; Ski Club, 2; Service Club, 1-3; Art Club, 3; Dance Committees, 1-3; Junior Prom Committee; Orphan ' s Party, 3; Dedication Day, 2; Parents ' Day, 2; Christ- mas Party, 2. IRENE FILTEAU 39 South Bowdoin Street Lawrence, Mass. CHARLENE FOX 86 Agawam Street Lowell, Mass. NANCY GARLAND 623 Chandler Street Tewksbury, Mass. NICHOLAS G. GIRGUS 52 Clare Street Lowell, Mass. MENC, 1-4; Ski Club, 4; Concert Choir, 3, 4; Orchestra, 3, 4; Brass Ensemble, 4. J. KEVIN GRAHAM 9 Silver Street Lowell, Mass. News Editor, Campus Star, 4; Advertising Manager, Knoll, 4; Campus Star, 3, 4; La Poubelle, 2-4; MAA, 2-4; French Club, 2. BEVERLY HABERMAN 28 Navy Yard Road Dracut, Mass. IONA, 1-4: Drama Club, 2-4. LINDA HARRIS 25 Lake Avenue Leicester, Mass. Cultural Chairman, SGA, 3; Social Chairman, MENC, 3, 4; Music Editor, Campus Star, 3; MENC, 1-4; Jazz Society, 1-4; IONA, 1, 2; Lab Choir, 1-3; Concert Choir, 4; Lab Band, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Spring Shows, 1-4; Bops Pops, 4. 68 LINDA MAY HERMANN 149 Groton Road Westford, Mass. IONA, 1-4; WRO, 1-4. JEAN KATHLEEN HIGGINS 3 Main Street Woburn, Mass. Le Cercle Francais, Junior Representative; La Poubelle Staff, 1- 4; Ski Club, 2-4; Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Campus Star, 1; WRO International Night Committee, 1, 2; WRO Playday Committees, 1, 2. MARY HOGAN 1 1 Fairgrove Avenue Lowell, Mass. Campus Star Reporter, 1-3; Section Secretary, 2; Newman Club, 1-4; Drama Club, 2; WRO, 1-4. NANCY N. INGLIS 15 Eighth Street Lowell, Mass. Assistant Fiction Editor, Pegasus, 3; Business Manager, Pegasus, 3; Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Pegasus, 3, 4; Service Club, 1-4; Campus Star, 4; Drama Club, 3; French Club, 2, 3. MARIELENA JACOPPI Middlesex Road Tyngsboro, Mass. SHERYLL JACKSON 6 Cyr Drive Lawrence, Mass. Secretary of Class, 2, 3; Newman Club, 1-4; Drama Club, 2; WRO, 1-4; Class Day Committee, 2, 3; Orphan ' s Christmas Party, 2, 3; Junior Prom Committee; Freshman Week Com- mittee, 3; Sophomore and Junior Dance Committees. DENISE JOHNSON 24 Bridge Street Fairhaven, Mass. MENC, 1-4; Concert Band, 1, 2, 4; Lab Band, 3; Lab Chorus, 1-4; All-College Chorus, 1-4; Jazz Society, 2, 3; IONA, 1-3; MENC Production, 1; Section Secretary, 2; Ring Committee, 2. JANET RUTH JOHNSON 221 Mammoth Road Lowell, Mass. WRO, 1-4; Drama Club, 4; IONA, 4; Ski Club, 4; Service Club, 1-4. MARGARET K. KANE 164 Pine Street Lowell, Mass. Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4. MRS. ELAINE GARDELLA KARAMPATSOS 37 Davenport Street Haverhill, Mass. Newman Club, 4; SGA 4. ANN KEARNEY 45 Woburn Street Lowell, Mass. Drama Club, 4; Ski Club, 4; IONA, 4; Club, 1-4. WRO, 1-4; Service ROBERT KENNEDY Dunstable, Mass. La Poubelle Staff,l-4. JOANNE R. KLEPONIS 60 Kendall Street Lawrence, Mass. WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Service Club, 1-2. EMILY THERESA LANDRY 20 Gray Street Wilmington. Mass. Le Cercle Francais, Social Chairma n French Club. 2; Editor of La Poubelle, 1-4; Campus Star, 1, 4; Literary Editor, Knoll, 4; Art Club, 3, 4. JEANNE LANTAGNE 43 Ohio Avenue Lawrence, Mass. Vice President, Newman Club, 4; WRO. 4; Newman Club, 1-4. 1-4; Service Club. 1- MARY CONNIE KELLEHER 5 South Grove Street Bradford, Mass. La Poubelle Staff, 4; Campus Star, 2-3; Newman Club, 1-3; Christmas Party, 2, 4. VICTOR P. LAPOINTE 1928 Middlesex Street Lowell, Mass. Jazz Society, President, 4; MENC, Secretary, 3; MENC, 1-4; Jazz Society, 1-4; MENC Show, 2. ELLEN LEAHY 54 Lakeview Avenue Tewksbury, Mass. Sophomore Representative to WRO; Head of Sports, WRO, 3; Vice President, WRO, 4; Newman Club, 3, 4; WRO, 1-4; Parents ' Day Committee, 4. JANET MARGARET LEAHY 13 Ludlam Street Lowell, Mass. Section Secretary, 3, 4; IONA, 1-4; WRO, 1-4. ALFRED LECLAIR 17 Gold Street Lowell, Mass. Basketball Assistant Manager, 4; Baseball Assistant Manager. 4; Newman Club, 4; MAA, 1-4; Freshman Welcoming Com- mittee, 3, 4; Senior Investiture Committee, 2; Class Day Com- mittee, 3; Parents ' Day Committee, 2. MRS. RUTH MACDONALD 1 1 Oliver Drive Dracut, Mass. Vice President, Drama Club, 2-3: President. Drama Club, 4; Drama Club, 2-4; WRO, 1-4; Chairman of Make-up Commit- tee, Drama Club, 2-4. JULIA A. MANTERE 1 1 Manning Street Woburn, Mass. Library Representative, 1; Newman Club. 1-4: Ski Club, 2-4; Service Club, 1-3; WRO, 1-4; Drama Club, 1-4; Dance Com- mittee, 1-2; Drama Club Productions, 2-4. JANE ANN MARKIEWICZ 50 Fulton Street Lowell, Mass. WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Class Day Committee, 4. ELAINE MARSHALL 21 Victoria Street Lowell. Mass. Treasurer. WRO, 3. 4; Vice President. Art Club. 3-4: WRO. 1- 4; Newman Club, 1-4: Art Club; Orientation Committee. 3-4; Junior Dance Committee, 3; Play Day Committee, 1-4; Par- ents ' Day Committee, 3-4; Dedication Committee. 3: Class Day Committee, 3; Service Club, 1-4. 69 MAURA A. MARTIN 34 Marshall Avenue Lowell, Mass. Editor-in-Chief, Pegasus, 4; Assistant Poetry Editor, Pegasus, 2- 3; Library Representative, 2-4; Executive Board Newman Club, 1-2; Newman Club, 1-4; Service Club, 1; Pegasus, 2-4; WRO, 1-4; French Club, 2-3; Drama Club, 3; Freshman Dance Committee, 1. JANICE GAY McCOY 41 Colgate Road Beverly, Mass. IONA, 2-3; Jazz Society, 1-4; Committee, 3. MENC, 1-4, Head of Ticket ANNABEL E. McDEVITT 273 High Street Lowell, Mass. WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Drama Club, 1; Class Day Committee, 3; Investiture Committee, 4. DONNALEE MURPHY 432 Adams Street Lowell, Mass. Library Assistant, 1, 3; Campus Star, 4; Pegasus, 1-4; WRO, 1- 4; Newman Club, Executive Board; Service Club, 1-4; Parents ' Day Committee, 2; Dedication Committee, 2; Orientation Committee, 2-4; Senior Investiture, 4. DONNA LEE MURRAY 69 West Forest Street Lowell, Mass. Drama Club, 1-4; Newman Club, 1; MENC, 1; Jazz Society, 1- 4; Campus Star, 1, 4; Musical Committees, 1-3. ANN-MARIE NEAULT 62 Bellevue Street Lowell, Mass. Assistant Advertising Manager, Knoll Staff, 3; La Poubelle Staff, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; French Club, 1-3; WRO, 1-4. joan McDonnell 24 School Street Lawrence, Mass. WRO Representative, 2; Women ' s Sports Editor, Campus Star, 4; Women ' s Association, Sports Editor, 3; WRO, Vice President, 3; WRO, President, 4; SGA, 1-4; Campus Star, 3-4; Orienta- tion Committee, 3-4; Christmas Party Committee, 3; Dedica- tion Committee, 2; Parents ' Day Committee, 3; Playday Com- mittees, 1-4. JOHN JOSEPH McKITTRICK 49 Tesla Avenue Medford, Mass. Class Treasurer, 1; Baseball Team Manager, 2-4; Manager, Basketball, 1-4; MAA, Head of Sports, 3; Captain, Varsity Wrestling, 4; Manager of Bookstore, 3-4; Director, MAA Show, 4; Concert Band, 1; MAA, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-3; Baseball Team, 1; Jazz Society, 2-3; Varsity Wrestling, 4; Student Council, 4; Chairman, Lounge and Cafeteria Commit- tee, 4; Intramural Basketball Champs, 3-4; Intramural Foot- ball, 1-4; Blazer Committee, 1; Parents ' Day Committee, 1, 3; Chairman, " Spirit of ' 65, " 2; Pep Rally Committee, 4; Spring Show Sound Engineer, 1-4. MARY JANE McMANUS 36 Llewellyn Street Lowell, Mass. Vice President, Fashion Club, 1; Newman Club 1-4; Ski Club, 4; WRO, 1-4. NANCY A. NUGENT 30 Dover Street Lowell, Mass. Class Secretary, 4; Drama Club Representative, 4; WRO Rep- representative, 3-4; Drama Club, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Service Club, 1-4; Investiture Committee, 4; MENC Shows, 1-3; Parents ' Day, 2-4; Bops Pops, 2; Orientation Com- mittee, 4; Make-up Committees, 2-4. ROBERT B. NOONAN 78 South Loring Street Lowell, Mass. Art Club; Intramural Basketball, 1-4; MAA, 1-4; Golf Team, 4; Bowling, 3-4; Parents ' Day Committee, 3; Service Commit- tee, 2; Class Day, 3. MARY O ' DOWD 55 O ' Brien Terrace Lowell, Mass. Newman Club, 1, 4; WRO, 1-4; SGA, 1-4. ELLEN C. O ' LEARY 213 Parkview Avenue Lowell, Mass. Section Secretary, 1; Ski Club, Vice President, 4; Newman Club Executive Board, 4; Ski Club, 3-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Drama Club, 1, 4; Dance Committees, 1-4. LOUISE ELLEN MELARAGNI 12 Cross Street Woburn, Mass. WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4. GARLEND J. MONIZ 137 Dinan Street Fall River, Mass. Vice President, Sophomore Class, 2; President, Junior Class, 3; President, Senior Class, 4; Parliamentarian, MENC, 4; Parlia- mentarian, Jazz Society, 4; Concert Band, 1-3; Lab Choir, 1-4; Lab Band, 4; MENC, 1-4; Jazz Society, 1-4; Newman Club, 1- 4; Spring Show, 1-4; Bops Pops, 1, 2, 4; Ring Committee, 2; Prom Committee, 3; Class Day Committee, 2-4; Parents ' Day Committee, 2-3; Senior Investiture Committee, 4. JOAN B. MOSSCROP 62 Avon Street Lawrence, Mass. WRO, 2-4; Newman Club, 3-4. RICHARD G. MOUSSEAU 26 Stanley Street Lowell, Mass. Basketball Assistant Manager, 4; Baseball Assistant Manager, 4; Newman Club, 4; MAA, 1-4; Intramural Basketball, 2-4; Orientation Committee, 3-4. JOANNE E. O ' NEILL 57 Bow Street Woburn, Mass. Jazz Society, 4; Service Club, 1-3; Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Ski Club, 1-4; Art Club, 3-4; Orphan ' s Party, 3; Junior Prom Committee, 3; Freshman Dance Committee, 1; Senate Investiture, 2; Dedication Committee, 2; Christmas Party, 2. REBECCA J. PACKER 70 Hampstead Street Methuen, Mass. IONA, 1-3; Service Club, 1-3; WRO, 1-4; SGA, Prom, 3; Orphan ' s Party, 2. 1-4; Junior SANDRA E. PAULENKA 37 Mead Street Lowell, Mass. Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Service Club, 1-2. GERARD A. PERRY 248 Branch Street Lowell, Mass. President, Freshman Class, 1; Vice President, MAA, 2; Varsity Baseball, 1-4; Varsity Basketball, 1-2; Varsity Wrestling, 4; Intramural Basketball, 3-4; Chairman Blazer Committee, 1; Chairman Ring Committee, 2. 70 ROBERT PERRY 37 Millwood Avenue Dracut, Mass. Librarian of Brass Choir, 3-4; Jazz Society; MENC; Newman Club; Concert Choir, 4; Brass Ensemble; Symphonic Winds, 1- 4; Orchestra, 3-4. KAREN PETERS 23 Pilling Street Haverhill, Mass. Newman Club; MENC; Choir, 1-4. Jazz Society; Lab Band, 1-4; Lab PATRICIA PETRILLO 6 Ferry Street MENC, i-4; Lab Choir, 1-3; Lab Band, 1; Orchestra, 2-4; Concert Choir, 4; Spring Show, 1-2; WRO, 1-4. JUDITH PULSIFER 670 Bridge Street Lowell, Mass. Associate Editor of Knoll, 3; Editor of Knoll, 4; Drama Club, 1-4; Ski Club, 4; WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Sophomore Dance, 2. KENNETH RALPH 1 1 Colby Street L wrcncc jVfsss. Ski Club, ' 3-4; Golf Team, 3-4; Captain Golf Team, 4; Intra- mural Basketball, 1-4; MAA, 1-4; Captain of Bowling Team, 4, 1-4; Dance Committee, 2; Parents ' Day Committee, 3; Sports Night Committee, 2. RONALD C. RANDALL 1 176 Lawrence Street Lowell, Mass. Jazz Society; MENC; Concert Choir, 4; Lab Choir, 1-3; Lab Band, 1-2; Symphonic Winds, 3-4; Brass Ensemble, 4. ELAINE A. RIZOS 22 Wilder Street Lowell, Mass. Editor-in-Chief Campus Star, 4; Public Relations Chairman, 3; Acting Editor-in-Chief Campus Star, 3; Acting Public Rela- tions Chairman, 2; News Editor Campus Star, 3; Public Rela- tions Chairman, 4; Symphonic Winds, 3-4; Section S ecretary, 2- 4; MENC Representative, 4; State College Co-Ordinator, 3; Business Manager Orchestra, 4; Student Council, 2-4; Phanar Club, 1-4; LSC Orchestra, 3-4; MENC, 1-4; Campus Star, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Jazz Society, 1-4; Concert Choir, 1-4; MENC Spring Production 1-4; MENC Bops Pops, 4; Emergency Committee, 3-4; Campus Star Dance Committee, 2-4; SGA Christmas Party Committee, 2, 3; Parents ' Day, 2, 3; Torch Revision, 4; Class Day Publicity, 2, 3; MENC Spring Produc- tion Tickets, 3. LOUISE ROCHE 328 Lexington Street Woburn, Mass. Acting President and Secretary of Modern Dance Club; MAA Variety Show, 2; WRO, 1-4; Spring Production, 3; Newman Club, 1-4; Jazz Club, 2, 4; Dance Committees, 1, 2; Entertain- ment Committee, 3, 4; Refreshment Committee, 1-4; Orphan ' s Party Committee, 2, 3. MARY ELLEN ROCHE 116 Fountain Street Haverhill, Mass. President of Fashion Club, 1; Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Service Club, 1-3; Ski Club, 2; Jazz Society, 2; Sophomore Dance Committee, 2; Junior Dance Committee, 3. SHARON RODGERS 14 Windsor Street Methuen, Mass. Art Editor, Knoll, 4; Art Editor, Campus Star, 4; Art Editor, Pegasus, 4; Reporter, Campus Star, 3; IONA, 1; WRO, 1-4: Hephaestos, 4; MENC Spring Show, 3; Senior Investiture Committee, 2. BETSY SACCOCIA 82 School Street Middleboro, Mass. MENC, 1-4; Concert Choir, 4; Lab Band, 4; Jazz Society, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; IONA, 1; Lab Chorus, 1-3; Concert Band, 1-3; Spring Show, 1-4; Bops Pops, 1, 4; Ring Committee, 3. RUBY ST. CLAIR 88 Ashland Avenue Methuen, Mass. CAROL ANN ST. JEAN 62 Fairfield Street Lowell, Mass. Secretary of Newman Club, 3; Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Freshman Dance Committee, 1; Junior Dance Committee, 3; Class Day Committee, 1; Parents ' Day Committee, 1. CAROL SCHIAVONE 3 1 Newbury Street Lowell, Mass. Concert Band, 1, 2; MENC, 1, 2; Concert Choir Accompanist, 3, 4; Orchestra, 3, 4; Spring Show, 1, 2. MARTHA SMITH 32 Albion Street Lswrcncfi Mass Secretary ' of WRO, 4; WRO, 1-4; Jazz Society, 2; Drama Club, 2, 4; Service Club, 1-3; Newman Club, 1-4; Dance Committee, 1-3; WRO Play Day Committee, 1-4; Orphan ' s Party, 2, 3. CAROL SULLIVAN 152 B Street Lowell, Mass. Assistant Literary Editor, Knoll, 3; Staff Member La Poubelle. 1-4; Ski Club, 2-4; Le Cercle Francais, 2, 3. JOHN SULLIVAN 18 Davis Avenue Arlington, Mass. Concert Band, 1-3; MAA, 1-4; Brass Choir, 3, 4; Concert Choir, 4; MENC, 2-4. -4; Jazz Society. PAUL T. SULLIVAN 339 Lincoln Street Lowell, Mass. Section Secretary, 1-3; Advertising Manager, Knoll, 3; Photog- raphy Editor, Campus Star, 3, 4; MAA, 1-4; Newman Club. 1- 4; La Poubelle, 2-4; Ski Club, 3, 4; Democratic Club, 4; Orientation Committee, 2, 3; Parents ' Day Committee, 3. STEPHEN TACELLI 1 1 Bartholomew Street Peabody, Mass. Class Vice President, 1; Staff of La Poubelle, 2-4; MAA. 1-4; MENC, 2; Ring Committee, 3. MARILYN E. TACY 21 Vandegrift Street Lawrence, Mass. Assistant Social Chairman, SGA, 2; Vice President, SGA, 4; Drama Club, 1; Service Club, 1-3; WRO, 1-4; IONA, 1-4; Jazz Society, 3; Art Club, 3, 4; Cheerleader, 1-3, Captain, 3; Ski Club, 2-4; Orphan ' s Party, 2, 3; Dance Committee, 2, 3, 4; MAA Variety Show, 2; Junior Prom Committee, 3. ROBERT THURLOW 54 Belrose Avenue Lowell, Mass. President of Symphonic Winds, 3; Vice President of Jazz Club. 4; Librarian of Brass Ensemble, 4; Jazz Society, 1-4: Sym- phonic Winds, 1-4; MENC, 1-4; IONA, 1-4; Brass Ensemble. 3, 4; Orchestra, 3, 4. 71 SHEILA A. VAUGHAN 268 Parker Street Lowell, Mass. WRO, 1-4; Jazz Club, 2-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Service Club, 1- 3; Spring Production, 3; Bops Pops, 2; Dance Committee, 1. ANNE MARIE WEISBERG Main Street Dunstable, Mass. Ski Club Vice President, 3; Ski Club President, 4; Ski Club, 1- 4; WRO, 1-4; Service Club, 1-4; Dance Committee, 1-3; Dedi- cation Committee, 2; Parents ' Day, 3, 4. SUZANNE L. WENNIK 14 Lycerne Drive Andover, Mass. Vice President Modern Dance Club; Assistant Section Secretary 4; Newman Club, 1-4; Jazz Society, 3, 4; WRO, 1-4; Spring Production, 2, 4; Service Club, 1-4; Dance Committee, 1, 2; Entertainment Committee, 2, 3; Christmas Party Committee, 3. XANDRA ANN WINNIS 189 Parker Street Lowell, Mass. WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Freshman Dance Committee; Newman Club Dance Committee, 2, 3; Publicity Committee for Ski Club, 3; Usherette for Graduation, 3. SUSANNE S. WISNIEWSKI 145 Berkeley Avenue Lowell, Mass. Photography Editor, Knoll, 4; WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1, 4; Service Club, 1-4; Dance Committee, 1, 2, 3; Christmas Party Committee, 1. MARY ELIZABETH WITHAM 53 Buttonwoods Avenue Haverhill, Mass. WRO, 1-4; Ski Club, 1-3; Newman Club, 1-3; Jazz Society, 2; Drama Club, 1-3; Service Club, 1-3; Dance Committee, 1, 2. ELIZABETH WYATT 43 Nutting Street Fitchburg, Mass. Orchestra President, 4; MENC, 1-4; Concert Choir, 1-4; IONA, 1-3; All College Chorus, 1-4; Instrumental Ensembles, 1-3; Jazz Society, 2, 4; Spring Productions, 2, 3. JOAN WRIGHT 18 Woodlawn Street Middleboro, Mass. Secretary of Jazz Society, 3, 4; Secretary of MENC, 4; MENC, 1-4; Jazz Society, 1-4; IONA, 1, 2; WRO, 1-4; Sym- phonic Winds, 1-4; Lab Chorus, 1-4; Spring Show, 1-4; Bops Pops, 4; Junior Prom Committee, 3. EILEEN V. SIGALOS 15 Varney Street Lowell, Mass. Phanar Club, Treasurer, 3; Vice President, 4; Phanar Club, 1- 4; WRO, 1-4; Service Club, 2, 3; Freshman Dance Committee, 1; Junior Dance, 3. 72 EW?ft 4 - mm ■ I ■ i MISS KNOLL 1965 74 .iff TB,- 1 H 1 . a 7s r L-JTlfl J V in i • — T Hmm, I think it ' s peanut butter. I nose what I ' m talking about. At last! Investiture. —- :1W ' .-. ' .5 Dr. Gilday scores a hit. I invest you . . . Senior Class Officers. F 77 You will take that back, won ' t you? L. S. C.ers meet a Governor. Visual aides can make a lesson. f-rkPUM Their songs were blowin ' in the wind. fel 79 ii. W A funny thing happened to me on the way . . . Who ' s her date? Then came the Civil War Mr Ftreenr So much confusion! _ S m ■v v Rv I WMM ' J mL ji S J fc - • £ ui B M A 1 . 1 f f L H| If _• ■•■■ -.-...■ 1 l£ » A t to If vJ ■ ■i it ir All right. it could he . . . S Ya really think so, huh? Practice makes perfect Happiness is having the lounge to yourself Our light will glow in the dark 82 It ' s waving at me! I get so confused . Friends 83 What do you suppose they mean by that? (Sing) This is the way we move our chairs . . . I happen to like lemon sandwiches . . . No. I don ' t miss Lowell High Is that what he REALLY means?? " Carry me back to ol ' Virginie W,m 85 Here comes a car now! Beat you to " Jim " What ' s she doing here? Windex, anyone? Algae or fungi?? [« Quick, quick, before it turns into a pumpkin! I 87 THE CAFE If we don ' t say anything, it might go away. A penny for your thoughts I wonder who won this round of the game?? That ' s what I like about this class. Who said this was a " fun " course??? Will we ever make this column? CHRISTMAS PARTY He writes the nicest things. They ' ll never find us here Well, I haven ' t seen the editor either. •1 WICK SB B " I tJ ZTJ ' ld gs fli - VMr v ■ |L 1 E jl r H $3 94 e ' " ?Ja jrr-j» V -i A. ■■■- Mr. Torrielli Come to papa. 97 : " was " " ». - , ' Homework? and she told him Fresh Frosh. 98 Well that ' s not the way I heard it. Ya, we really won. L.S.C. supporters The crowds are overwhelming. Lowell State has growing pains. I ' 1 I J ,d- fwgm I f J . _ A J WRO AT PLAY 102 " " i That ' s right, L.S.C. won. It can ' t be! Ha! Ha! Ha! Let ' s go to the Cinamon! JUNIOR CLASS Ralph Pierce Celene Metivier Sharon Gibson Sophie Matropolis Brenda Furlong President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Library Representative 105 JUNIOR PROM Juniors are found on the basketball court and, in class SOPHOMORE CLASS Robert Kulp President Mary Velluto Vice President Maureen O ' Donnell Secretary Charles Peverill Treasurer 108 Another inch and I won ' t hear a thing! Up, up and away. Hey look! A pendulum! 109 All right you guys . . . FRESHMAN CLASS Norman D ' Amour President Elizabeth Fisher Vice President Carole Sullivan Secretary Anne De Franceso Treasurer 111 Point of order! You cross Wilder and continue . . . 112 You are getting sleee-e-py . I wonder if Ben Casey started this way? KNOLL Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Business Manager Photography Editor Art Editor Literary Editor Layout Editors Advertising Editor Assistant Photography Editor Outside Help Faculty Advisor Judith Pulsifer Cynda Wade Ruby St. Clair Susanne Wisniewski Sharon Rodgers Terry Landry The Staff J. Kevin Graham Rita Windheim Marylin Tacy Ellen Leahy Carol St. Jean Xandra Winnis Dr. Ethel Kamien 114 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Cultural Chairman Public Relations Chairman Faculty Advisor Paul Farley Marilyn Tacy Hilde Roymans Richard Savard Linda Hering Kathleen Holland Trudy Din an Mr. Paul Bregor The Student Government Association is a vital force on the campus of L.S.C. With a responsibil- ity for the social, cultural, and other extra-cur- ricular phases of collegiate pursuit, this associa- tion brings to the student body a bro ad, far- reaching program geared for all interests. In- spired by the true collegiate tradition, encouraged by student support and guided by effectual lead- ership S.G.A. brings unity and harmony to the students of Lowell State College. 115 LABORATORY CHOIR BRASS CHOIR WOODWIND ENSEMBLE LABORATORY BAND 116 CONCERT CHOIR ORCHESTRA SYMPHONIC WINDS — ii — WJ f M pf W -M a wg w tfwt ft 4 ii m Mi Ml - : iiL ' ttM Jim £ Y ALL COLLEGE CHORUS 117 PEGASUS Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager Poetry Editor Assistant Poetry Editor Prose Editor Assistant Prose Editor Art Editor Music Editor Advisor Maur a Martin Carol Connolly Nancy Inglis Brian Feeney Kathleen Holland Steven Francis Kathleen Lenhihan Sharon Rodgers Priscilla Taylor Mr. David D. Cote Pegasus is the semi-annual literary magazine of Lowell State College. Staffed by interested stu- dents elected by the retiring members from all majors and featuring original prose, poetry, mu- sic, and art, the magazine seeks to provide recog- nition, constructive criticism, and stimulation to the outstanding undergraduate creative ability. Faculty contributions are also welcomed. 118 CAMPUS STAR Editor-in-chief Business Manager News Editor Feature Editor Circulation Manager Art Editor Photography Editor Sports Editors Music Editor Advisor Elaine Rizos Mary Daly J. Kevin Graham Martha Dunn Steve Francis Sharon Rodgers Paul Sullivan Bill Hassey Joan McDonnell Thomas Hedrick Mr. Thomas Norris Since the inception in 1946, the Campus Star has grown to be representative of the student voice of the State College at Lowell. A member of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. this award winning newspaper is sponsored by the S.G.A. This bi-weekly publication serves as a liaison between the students, faculty, administration, and organizations. The Campus Star is published in order to inform the students of the campus events, allow for the expression of student opin- ion, promote college spirit, provide journalism workshop, entertain, promote good intermural re- lationship among the faculty, students, and cam- pus organizations, present beliefs and policies of the college when representing the college at pub- lications conventions. 119 IONA President Secretary Assistant Treasurer Member at Large Advisor Diana Wetherbee Healy Charlene Imbernino Lea Huse Kaye Sears Dr. William Fisher The Iona Fellowship is a student organization of Lowell State College, Lowell Technological Institute, and Lowell General School of Nursing united in a common desire to realize a full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. Iona is a Scottish word implying that the organization is non-denominational. Therefore, students of all races and creeds can unite in their common loyalty to God. The purpose of the or- ganization is to help every student know, love, and serve God as revealed through His Son, Jesus Christ. Each member seeks to understand the will of God through worship, study, and ac- tion, and strives to realize it both in his personal life and by working toward a better society. 120 PHANAR President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Advisor Jim Bagas Eileen Sigalos Lee Pappazises George Gianaris Mr. Christos Bentas The Phanar Club is open to Eastern Orthodox students from greater-Lowell colleges. It has as its purpose the desire to foster the spiritual as well as the intellectual growth of its members and to help them to achieve a fuller life through the perpetuation of Christian precepts. 121 WRESTLING - A NEW VARSITY SPORT Joe McKittrich, Earl Sharfman, Dick Mousseau Dave Floyd Al Fairbrother Dan Lasdow John Janeczko Arthur Zaino Captain Coach 122 MEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer John J. McKittrick Richard St. Marie Ralph Bennett John Shields The Men ' s Athletic Association is an organiza- tion composed entirely of the male students of the college. Its ultimate goal is to give the men a chance to develop physically as well as mentally. Every male student in the college is given the opportunity to participate in a well-rounded sports program on the collegiate level. The pro- gram includes handball, basketball, volleyball, weight lifting and golf. On the social side of the program the activities include a dance, a Variety Show, the annual ban- quet, and Sports Night, when the Campus Queen is selected. 123 ALPINE SKI CLUB President Vice-President Publicity Chairman Anne Marie Weisberg Ellen O ' Leary Karen Redford The purpose of the Alpine Ski Club is to pro- mote good fellowship and a wider interest in ski- ing for the students at the college. Ski trips to nearby mountain resorts, dances and social gath- erings are some of the events which help to enter- tain the members of the organization. 124 DRAMA CLUB President Vice-President Secretaries Treasurer Ruth McDonald Paul Colella Carol Craig Eleanor Sheehan John Callahan The aim of the Drama Club is to give its mem- bers a knowledge of all areas of the theater. Meetings include lectures on make-up, costum- ing, stagecraft, script reading, theatrical business management and the history of the theater by people experienced in theater work. The club presents one major production each year. In addition, shorter works are presented throughout the academic term. The Drama Club also works with other college organizations in the production of musical and variety productions. 125 WOMEN ' S RECREATIONAL ORGANIZATION President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Head of Sports Head of Playdays Senior Representative Junior Representative Sophomore Representative Freshman Representatives Advisor Joan McDonnell Ellen Leahy Barbara Hadley Elaine Marshall Pat Witkum Martha Reidy Nancy Nugent Barbara Hadley Marjorie Riddick Charlotte Drew Shirley Quinn Dr. H. Marie Garrity The purpose of the Women ' s Recreational Or- ganization is to promote and establish a high standard of sportsmanship and wholesome living, a spirit of service to the college and community, a permanent interest in physical recreation, and the enjoyment of participation in sports. The em- phases is on playing rather than winning and up- on intra-competition rather than inter-competi- tion. 126 CHEERLEADERS Martha Reidy Pat Vaughn Peggy Chouquette Pam Spinney Mary Beth Walsh Rita Windheim Mary Ann Stanavich Doreen Raoche 127 MUSIC EDUCATORS NATIONAL CONFERENCE President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Dave Berry Ronald Brough Joan Wright Susan Lund 128 The Music Educator ' s National Conference, Student Chapter 201, was established by the late Dr. Cyrus D. Thompson, its first faculty sponsor. It is actively affiliated with the Massachusetts Music Educators ' Association and the national chapter of the M.E.N.C., and has grown steadily as an enthusiastic and hard-working student or- ganization. The purpose of the M.E.N.C. is to provide students with educational, professional, and social experience that will aid them in their chosen ca- reers. JAZZ SOCIETY President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian Victor La Pointe Paul Colella Joan Wright Gerald Farmer Garlend Moniz The Jazz Society functions in order to promote good music in all idioms, to further music self- expression and to present jazz, concert style, for the enjoyment and appreciation of members and others. Members are divided into two groups: performing members who contribute musically and associate members who contribute time and effort and otherwise support the society. The Jazz Society presents two concerts each year. Featured at these concerts are a big band and a number of small groups. These concerts provide an excellent medium for the students to create their own jazz compositions and to have them played at a public concert. 129 BASKETBALL TEAM 130 SCIENCE CLUB A Science Club was founded at Lowell State during the 1964-1965 college year under the guidance of Miss Nancy Murello. The purpose of this organization is to provide its members with current scientific information and experiences. The Club holds regular meetings and plans field trips to places of scientific interest. John Hitron Linda Porter Linda DeLesky Thomas Moore Miss Nancy Murello President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Advisor 131 WE MADE IT! CLASS OF 1965 PATRONS Dr. John Fisher Mrs. Francis O ' Loughlin Dr. Elizabeth Neilson Mr. Ignatius Cizek Dr. Patricia Goler Dr. Ethel Kamien Miss Nancy Murello Mr. Frederick A. Norton Dr. Domenic Procopio Mrs. Clara Campbell Dr. Mary E. McGauvran Miss Alice E. Kiernan Miss Marguerite Gourville Dr. Helen G. Drinan Mr. David D. Cote Dr. William C. Burto Miss Fortunata Caliri Mr. Robert J. Foy Dr. Margaret Rose Shannon © Wm. J. Keller Inc. Publishers of Finer Yearbooks Buffalo 15, New York 133 BEST WISHES from BENRIMO Your Class photographer would like someday to be your wedding photographer. Let us photograph your wedding in direct color. We have been pioneers in that field and I am confident that the results will definitely be rewarded by our research. Benrimo of Winchester 134 Food... Friends . . . Fun £$ ( things go better,! .-with Coke 4 iSsj Z ' MlJm BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Lowell, Inc. Compliments of DRAMA CLUB Compliments of CLASS OF 1967 Compliments of CLASS OF 1968 Compliments of SKI CLUB Compliments of FOOD - CRAFTS Compliments of CLASS OF 1966 135 BOOSTERS Marilyn Tacy Rebecca Packer Joanne O ' Neill Connie Kelleher Judy Barry Nancy Inglis Claire Beland Maura Martin Virginia Wasik Susanne Wisneiwski Eileen Sigales Leona Doyle Carol St. Jean Robert Thurlow Ellen O ' Leary Rosemarie Bombara Robert Perry Patricia Petrillo Janet Leahy Karen Peters Linda Hermann Nancy Garland Carma Di Biaso Elaine Karampatsos Ann De Teso Margaret Crafton J. Kevin Graham Elizabeth Liakos Louise Seaborne Mary Cheney Jean Gourecki Ann Francis Gavriel Charles Peverill Peggy Choquette Ronald Randall Christine Beluris Ronald Deroche Louise Poirier Flora Manning Albert Choquette Elaine Burke Carol White Jane Anne MacDonald Jennifer Gilday Lucy Grillo Carla Stupakewicz Charlene Imbernino Celina Metivier Marlene Moynihan Roger Belanger Donald Chase Sharon Gibson Shelia Doughty Patricia Villers Mona Manzi Paula Mugavers Sandra Shanahan Linda Simon Maureen Rafferty Janine Robitaille Linda Puchlopek Claudette Cote Kathy Ferrerra Pamela Eaton Mary Murray Shirley Qumn William Browning Carol Andrews Selma Abesama Irene Bugler Claire Coutu Olivia Koravos Betty Gazda Barbara Hayden Francis Guth Connie Keegan Cheryl Griffin Brenden Pesilets Mary Sheehan Judy Pulsifer Ruby St. Clair 136 © This book printed by VELV ATONE, a special process of litho- graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method. r p ■ ■ ' ' : ? At n i w - v ID ! i V

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