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University of Massachusetts Lowell - Sojourn / Knoll Yearbook (Lowell, MA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 154 of the 1964 volume:

THE KNOLL Marguerite L. Gourville State College Lowell, Massachusetts THE KNOLL 1964 Prepared by the students of MASSACHUSETTS STATE COLLEGE AT LOWELL EDUCATION BUILDING ARTS AND SCIENCE BUILDING HUMANITIES BUILDING PRESIDENT ' S HALL KNOLL STAFF 1964 Editor-in-Chief Eileen J. Hayes Associate Editor Judith Pulsifer Business Manager Mary Jeanne Costello Photography Editor Marianne Chibas Art Editor Mary Ann Cavallaro Literary Editor George Abodeely Layout Editors Richard Mahoney Margaret E. McDonald Mary T. Czarnecki Advertising Editor Paul Sullivan Sports Editor Jane Hanlon Music Editor George Perrone Assistant Photography Editors Georgia Athas Paul Colella Assistant Literary Editor Carol Sullivan Assistant Layout Editors Maureen Puchtler Cynda Wade Dolores White Assistant Advertising Editor Ann Marie Neault Typists Monica Becotte Carol A. Keefe Mary Phillips PRESIDENT O ' LEARY " We too, we too, descending once again The hills of our own land, we too have heard Far off — ah, que ce cor a longue haleine — The horn of Roland in the passages of Spain. " " The trumpet echoing four golden years both summons the graduate to the task of scholarly devotion and warns the state of the cresting wave which soon will break over our academic stand. Will the Commonwealth spring to answer the refrain — or will the fainting sound toll the knell of its collegiate growth? ' fc ' fo. THE EDITORS DEDICATE THE KNOLL 1964 TO WALTER P. COPLEY The Senior Class of 1964 wishes to extend its heart- felt gratitude to Mr. Copley for his continuous efforts in making our four years at Lowell State College a suc- cessful and pleasurable experience. His understanding of our problems, his counsel, and his outstanding lead- ership have won our respect and admiration. We all join in extending to Mr. Copley our gracious thanks and wish him every success and happiness in the many years ahead. The Class of 1964 You have received your educational foundation here at Lowell State, but let us remember that a foundation is to be built upon. Therefore, do not feel that your education ends with the receiving of your degree. You must continue to study so that you may constantly improve yourself in the skills and knowledges of your chosen profession. Let us vow to go on in the learning process so that we may build and strengthen that foun- dation keeping in mind the words of Euripides who once said, " Whoso neglects learning in his youth, loses the past and is dead for the future. " Walter P. Copley In Memoriam PROFESSOR OF MUSIC CYRUS D. THOMPSON 10 In Memoriam PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY 1917-1963 OFFICE HELP— Kathleen M. Byrt, Marion B. Atherton. Standing: Judith Miscovitch, Beatrice L. Meagher, Florence J. Braden. Grace McNulty Mr. William F. Dunn COLLEGE STAFF AND PERSONNEL SCHOOL NURSE Mrs. Francis O ' Loughlin DORMITORY HOUSE MOTHER Mrs. Wilder CUSTODIANS— Mr. Clemens and Mr. Winn u v» 12 CAFETERIA PERSONNEL Alice Conlon and Margaret Flanagan r -- - 1 ■ ■ H r9 M VT r VJ 4 | m T M WK w mm 1 ■ FACULTY I extend to all the graduates of the Class of 1964 my sincere congratulations. The past four years have been very happy ones for me and I hope equally so for you. I shall always remember your class with an especial affection and a feeling of deep pride. Your contribu- tions to the college have been very great and in many ways. I wish you continued success and joy in your careers. JOHN J. FISHER Professor, Biological Science Dean of Men, Director of Extension Studies A.B., Saint John ' s University A.M., Ed.D., Columbia University MARY E. McGAUVRAN Professor, Education Dean of Women, Director of Admissions B.S. Ed., State College at Lowell Ed.M., Ed.D., Boston University Pursue excellence Be your best Do your best Therein find happiness. 14 Cultivate your avocations; vocations usually take care of themselves. The breadth and depth of your avocations illuminate your personality. Your use of lei- sure time can be the difference between a dull life and a full one, a narrow vision and a broad one. Buona for- tuna. EDWARD F. GILDAY Professor, Chairman of Music Education B.S. Mus., A.M., New York University D.Mus.A., Boston University MARGUERITE L. GOURVILLE Professor, Chairman of Professional Education Director, Student Teaching and Placement B.S. Ed., Marywood College A.M., Boston University On June seventh, I shall present to the President of this college the candidates who have met the require- ments for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Educa- tion with a major in elementary education. As a group — you have more than met the require- ments; As a group — you have given a great deal of service to the undergraduates and to your college; As a group — you will long be remembered for your Operation Moving Day. I wish you all a future of happiness. 15 To the English majors, Class of 1964: There are still real and imaginary worlds to conquer. WILLIAM C. BURTO Professor, Chairman of English Education A.B., Colgate University A.M., Ph.D., Harvard University What Franklin D. Roosevelt said many years ago could very well be applied to you: " To some generations much is given; of other generations much is expected. This generation of Americans has " a rendezvous with destiny! " You live at one of the most provocative moments in the history of the United States and of the world. You represent an affluent, eco- nomic and intellectual society in the midst of world poverty in both these areas. These benefits are not to be hoarded but must be freely spent. You must be architects of a bold new world — a world free from ignorance, tyranny, poverty, disease and war. You must be commit- ted to the cause of freedom and liberty at home and abroad. You must fight bigotry, hatred and misunderstanding with love and knowl- edge. Your lives must be a " profile in courage. " WILLIAM H. MALONE Professor, Chairman of Science Education B.S., Ed.M., Boston College Ed.D., Boston University PATRICIA A. GOLER Professor, Chairman of History Education A.B., Regis College A.M., Ph.D., Boston College To those of you yclept Leaertes, No Polonius I; to those who wonder " If. " Call me not Rudyard; to those who youthfully seek advice from age, seek not, there is nothing there but failure of youth- ful ideals. So what can I advise: laugh; at yourself, laugh at the sad perversities of unkind fates, laugh at the somber visaged, the pseudo serious, the apostles of catastrophe, laugh for laughter is truly the music of the soul. 16 PAUL BREGOR Assistant Professor, Music A.A., B.Mus., Ed.M., Boston University THOMAS CASEY Instructor, Physical Science B.S., A.M., Lowell Technological Institute FORTUNATA C. CALIRI Assistant Professor, English A.B., Emmanuel College Ed.M., State College at Boston IGNATIUS A. CISZEK Assistant Professor, Health and Physical Education B.S., Arnold College Ed.M., Boston University WALTER P. COPLEY Assistant Professor, Mathematics B.S., Ed.M., Boston College DAVID D. COTE Instructor, English A.B., St. Anselm ' s College A.M., Duquesne University r GERTRUDE M. CUNNINGHAM Assistant Professor, Education B.S., Ed.M., Boston University HELEN G, DRINAN Assistant Professor, Education B.S., Columbia University Ed.M., Harvard University WILLIAM R. FISHER Professor, Music Education B.S.Mus., A.M., New York University Ed.D., Boston University IOHN R. FITZGERALD Assistant Professor, History B.S.Ed., ED.M., Boston University ROBERT J. FOY Assistant Professor, English B.S.Ed., Plymouth Teachers College A.M., Ed.S., George Peabody College H. MARIE GARRITY Assistant Professor, Health and Physical Education B.S.Ed., State College at Lowell Ed.M., Ed.D., Boston University 17 MARGARET F. GUIDON Instructor, English A.B., A.M., Boston University DeMERRITTE A. HISCOE Associate Professor, Art B.S.Ed., Massachusetts College of Art Ed.M., Tufts University ETHEL KAMIEN Instructor, Biological Science A.B., Brooklyn College M.S., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin KALERVO KANSANNIVA Associate Professor, Speech B.S.Ed., Ed.M., State College at Fitchburg A.M., Boston University ALICE G. KIERNAN Assistant Professor, Education B.S.Ed., State College at Lowell Ed.M., Boston University EDWARD T. KNOWLES Assistant Professor, Geography B.S.Ed., State College at Bridgewater A.M., Fletcher School of International Law (Tufts, Harvard) TINA MING-CHIEN LAI Instructor, Assistant Librarian A.B., National Taiwain University M.S.L.S., George Peabody College CHARLES R. MEEHAN Associate Professor, Librarian B.S., Ed.M., Boston College M.S.L.S., Simmons College ELIZABETH A. NEILSON Associate Professor, Health and Physical Education B.S.Ed., Ed.M., Ed.D., Boston University THOMAS A. NORRIS Assistant Professor, Psychology B.S.Ed., M.C.S., Boston University FREDERICK A. NORTON Assistant Professor, History A.B., A.M., Boston College LEO PANAS Assistant Professor, Art B.S., Massachusetts College of Art Ed.M., State College at Fitchburg 18 DOMENIC R. PROCOPIO Associate Professor, Music Education and Italian A.B., A.M., Harvard University Ph.D., Boston University MARGARET R. SHANNON Associate Professor, Education B.S.Ed., State College at Lowell Ed.M., Ed.D., Harvard University ROBERT M. SHAUGHNESSY Instructor, Music B.Mus., Mus.Ed.M., D.Mus. Arts, Boston University PRENTISS SHEPHERD, JR. Instructor, Biological Science A.B., A.M., Harvard University GARDNER TILLSON Instructor, Speech A.B., Tufts University A.M., Pennsylvania State University CHARLES WHITE Instructor, English B.A., Boston University M.A., Tufts University JOSEPH WILLIAMS Instructor, English A.B., A.M., University of South Carolina A.M., Harvard University RUTH ANDERSON Instructor, French B.S.Ed., State College at Lowell M.Ed., Boston University M.A., Boston College RICHARD DERRY Instructor, History B.A., Holy Cross College M.A., Boston College PAUL GAY Instructor, Music Education B.Mus., New England Conservatory STEPHEN B. LEVENSOHN Instructor, Philosophy B.A., Boston University, Ph.D., Florida State University ELIZABETH RICE Instructor, Biological Science B.S., University of Massachusetts M.A., Amherst College JOYCE SHAW Instructor, Music Education B.A., Denison University M.A., Boston University WILLIS TRAPHAGEN Instructor, Music Education B.Mus., Ithaca College 19 THOMAS F. McSORLEY Master and Principal GERTRUDE M. BAILEY Supervising Teacher, Grade Three ELIZABETH C. COFFEY Supervising Teacher, Grade Six ESTHER T. BURNS Supervising Teacher, Grade Five EDNA HOYT Supervising Teacher, Grade Two CATHERINE V. O ' CONNOR Supervising Teacher, Grade Four CONSTANCE LANSEIGNE Supervising Teacher, Grade One Missing: DOROTHY C. EASTHAM Supervising Teacher, Grade Six Bartlett School Teachers CAMPUS SCHOOLS EDWARD S. BYRNE Master and Principal ALMA L. WARD Supervising Teacher, Grade One KATHERINE F. KEARNEY Supervising Teacher, Grade Six HELEN J. COYNE Music Supervisor PENELOPE Z. KOPLEY Supervising Teacher, Grade Six PATRICIA HIGGINS Supervising Teacher, Grade Four GEORGINA P. KEITH Supervising Teacher, Grade Two Washington School Teachers SENIORS GEORGE ANTHONY PERRONE Music Education President MARY JANE FARLEY Elementary Education Vice-President 22 PATRICIA MARIE FOLEY Elementary Education Secretary MARIE MADELINE FIORINO Elementary Education Treasurer @$3! S3£B - MARY ANN MARIA CAVALLARO Elementary Education Library Representative 23 GEORGE STEPHEN ABODEELY Secondary Education PATRICIA A. APOSTOLAKOS Secondary Education LINDA R. AYERS Elementary Education 24 ALYCE ADELE AZZI Elementary Education LISA ANN BARONE Elementary Education CLAIRE ELEONORE BELANGER Music Education 25 ROBERT A. BIANCHI Music Education JOHN PAUL BLACKWELL Music Education JUDITH ANN BROPHY Elementary Education 26 ELAINE FAITH BUDRON Secondary Education JANE MIRIAM BURKE Secondary Education MARIANNE CAHILL Elementary Education 27 MARY ELIZABETH CAMPBELL Music Education JOHN JOSEPH CATALLOZZI Music Education LUCILLE MARIE CAVALLARO Elementary Education 28 BEVERLY MARY CHAROW Elementary Education MARIANNE ELIZABETH CHIBAS Elementary Education CARLTON B. CLARK Elementary Education 29 PHYLLIS ANN CONNOR Elementary Education CAROL ANN COSIO Elementary Education MARY JEANNE COSTELLO Elementary Education 30 DIANNE E. COUNCILMAN Elementary Education CATHERINE MARY COUTURE Elementary Education MARYLOU ANN CROWLEY Elementary Education 31 MARY THERESA CZARNECKI Elementary Education ALICIA ADELAIDE DANO Elementary Education ARLENE MARIE DE LUCA Elementary Education 32 ROGER Q. DIAS Music Education ROSEMARY THERESA DOBECK Elementary Education ROSE MARIE FORTUNA DROHAN Music Education 33 REGINA ELIOPOULOS Elementary Education ' MARY JO FISHER Secondary Education ELAINE JOANNA FLOMP Elementary Education 34 ANN ALICIA FOX Secondary Education MARCIA JUNE GALWAY Music Education EILEEN CLAIRE GILROY Elementary Education 35 COULA GOUNARIS Music Education JUDITH ANN GOVE Music Education MARY ANN RITA GRANEY Elementary Education 36 DIANE BARBARA HAJJAR Elementary Education PATRICIA SWEET HAJJAR Elementary Education ANN ELIZABETH HANSEN Elementary Education 37 RONALD ALBERT HARRIS Secondary Education EILEEN JANET HAYES Elementary Education AURELIE C. HOULE Elementary Education 38 CAROL ANNE KEEFE Secondary Education FRANCES SARAH KEOGH Elementary Education JOYCE FA YE KHOURY Elementary Education 39 MARIE KIRWIN Secondary Education HENRY FRANCIS KOZA Elementary Education ALEXANDER WILLIAM LAMBROUKOS Elementary Education 40 BARBARA HAIMBACH LANDELL Music Education ELIZABETH ROSE LANTAGNE Elementary Education CYNTHIA MARGARET LARSON Elementary Education 41 JANICE ELAINE LEE Music Education ELAINE T. LOMBARD Elementary Education HELEN LOUISE LONG Elementary Education 42 LINDA LILLIAN LOSPENNATO Elementary Education JUDITH ANN LOUGHRAN Elementary Education RUTHANNE MacFADGEN Elementary Education 43 KEVIN DANIEL MacLAUGHLAN Elementary Education RICHARD MAHONEY Secondary Education LORETTA ANNE MALATESTA Elementary Education 44 PATTY LOUISE MARANVILLE Music Education MAUREEN PATRICIA MASON Elementary Education JANE M. MATWIEJCZYK Elementary Education 45 DOROTHY ANN McCARTHY Music Education MARY ELLEN McCARTHY Elementary Education MARGARET ELLEN McDONALD Elementary Education 46 eileen f. Mckinley Elementary Education BARBARA TAYLOR MILNE Elementary Education RICHARD A. MOLLOY Elementary Education 47 MAGDALENA MARY MORIARTY Secondary Education DIANA CAROLINE MOSHOS Elementary Education FLORENCE ELAINE MUGFORD Elementary Education 48 JUDITH RUTH MURPHY Elementary Education DOROTHY ANN NARUSZEWICZ Elementary Education FRANCES ANNE NOWAK Secondary Education 49 BARBARA ANN O ' BRIEN Music Education CLAIRE MARIE O ' CONNOR Elementary Education JUDITH ANN OUELLETTE Elementary Education 50 KATHLEEN CHWALEK O ' WRIL Elementary Education CATHERINE PAPARISIS Elementary Education SANDRA STRULES PARADIS Elementary Education 51 GRACE MARIE PARENTI Elementary Education MARILYN T. PAWLAK Secondary Education MARY FRANCES PHILLIPS Elementary Education 52 CONSTANCE C. POIRIER Music Education PATRICIA LOUISE POPE Elementary Education KERRY CHRISTINE ROSSI Elementary Education 53 LINDA GRACE SACCO Elementary Education CAROLE ANNE SADOWSKI Elementary Education BEVERLY ANN SILVA Elementary Education 54 JOAN ELLEN SIMEONE Music Education SPIROS SINTROS Elementary Education CATHERINE THOMASINA SPARKS Elementary Education 55 RICHARD RALPH STRIANO Music Education CAROLYN SULLIVAN Secondary Education KATHLEEN FRANCES SULLIVAN Secondary Education 56 MARTHA SULLIVAN Elementary Education ZONA NORA SULLIVAN Elementary Education JOHN TEAGUE Elementary Education 57 RICHARD JOHN TELLIER Music Education CHRISTINE HELEN THEMELES Elementary Education CAROLE ROBERTA TRIPALDI Elementary Education 58 JUDITH STOCKWELL WEBSTER Music Education DIANE BARBARA WICKER Music Education BEVERLY ANN WINTERS Elementary Education - ■ 59 JUDITH ANN ZABIEREK Elementary Education MARIA ZAMANAKOS Elementary Education PATRICIA ELAINE ZANGARI Elementary Education 60 NOREEN ZAPPALA Elementary Education VIRGINIA LORRAINE ZOLON Elementary Education MONICA BECOTTE Elementary Education 61 MICHAEL JOSEPH CAHILL Music Education CAROLYN ANN CROWELL Music Education Efc». VINCENT FRANCESCONE Elementary Education 62 JAMES M. GIURLEO JR. Music Education JANE ANN HANLON Elementary Education JOANNE CONSTANCE LIAKOS Elementary Education 63 WILLIAM C. PARKER Secondary Education Missing ARNOLD BROUGHTON JR. Music Education 64 WHO ' S WHO GEORGE S. ABODEELY Literary Editor — Knoll; Section Secretary, 1; Phanar Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; M.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA A. APOSTOLAKOS SGA Public Relations Chairman, 3; Acting Editor-in-Chief — Campus Star, 3; Editor-in-Chief — Campus Star, 4; State Col- lege Coordinator, 3; Ski Club Vice-President, 3; lunior Prom Secretary, 3; WRO, 1-4; Phanar Club, 1-4; Class Day Commit- tee, 1-3; Christmas Party Committee, 2, 3; Dedication Commit- tee, 3; Section Secretary, 2; Pegasus Prose Editor, 3, 4; Parents ' Day, Program Chairman, 3. LINDA R. AYERS Iona, 1, 2, 3, 4; WRO, 1, 2, 3, 4. ALYCE A. AZZI Section Secretary, 3; Newman Club, 4; Service Club, 2; WRO, 1-4; Dedication Day Committee, 3; Orphans ' Party, 3. LISA A. BARONE Cheerleader, 2, 3; Student Government Secretary, 4; Class Officer, 1; Student Council, 4; Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Service Club, 1-4; Bowling League, 1, 2; Election Committee, 4; Parents ' D ay Committee, 4; Dance Committee, 2-4; Orienta- tion Week, 3, 4; Freshman Night, 3, 4; Junior Prom Commit- tee, 3; Dedication Committee, 3; Hootenanny Committee, 4; G. Walsh Dance Committee, 2. MARIANNE CAHILL Representative Newman Club, 1; WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4. MICHAEL J. CAHILL Ski Club, 2; Spring Musical, 1-4; Jazz Society, 4; Orphan ' s Party, 1-4. MARY E. CAMPBELL Newman Club, 1-4; Jazz Club; MENC, 1-4; Concert Choir, 1- 4. JOHN J. CATALLOZZI Jazz Society, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4. LUCILLE M. CAVALLARO Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Junior Prom Committee, 3; George Walsh Dance, 2; Class Day, 2; Spring Production, 3. MARY ANN CAVALLARO Library Representative, 2-4; Art Editor, Pegasus, 4; Art Editor, Campus Star, 4; Art Editor, Knoll, 4; WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1, 4; Class Day Committee, 2, 3; G. Walsh Dance, 2; Parents ' Day, 3; Freshman Night, 3; Christmas Convocation, 2, 3; Spring Production, Publicity, 2. BEVERLY M. CHAROW Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Ski Club, 3. MONICA BECOTTE Ski Club, 3, 4; Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Junior Class Dance, 3. CLAIRE E. BELANGER Section Secretary, 1, 2; MENC, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Concert Choir, 2-4; Drama Club, 1, 2; Jazz Society, 1, 2. ROBERT A. BIANCHI MENC Representative, 2, 3; Jazz Society, 1-4; Baseball, 2; Basketball, 2; Drama Club, 4; Newman Club, 1; Concert Choir, 2, 3; Concert Band, 1-3; MENC, 1-4. MARIANNE E. CHIBAS Section Secretary, 2; Publicity Chairman, Ski Club, 3; Presi- dent, Ski Club, 4; Photography Editor, Knoll, 4; Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Bowling League, 2; Parents ' Day, 3; Dedication Day, 3; Junior Prom Committee, 3; Chairman, WRO — MAA Dance, 3. CARLTON B. CLARK Exchange Editor, Campus Star, 3; Campus Star, 1-4; Class Ring Committee, 3. PHYLLIS ANN CONNOR Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4. JOHN P. BLACKWELL MENC, Sgt. at Arms, 3; MENC, President, 4; Concert Band, 1- 4; Concert Choir, 1-4; MENC, 1-4; Madrigal, 3; Student Coun- cil, 4; Jazz Society, 2-4; Iona, 1-4; MAA, 1-4; Class Day Committee, 3. JUDITH A. BROPHY Newman Club, 1-4; French Club, 3; WRO, 1-4; Junior Dance Committee, 3. CAROL ANN COSIO Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4. MARY JEANNE COSTELLO Business Manager, Knoll, 4; Newman Club, 1-4; Ski Club, 3; WRO, 1-4; French Club, 3; Junior Dance Committee, 3. DIANNE E. COUNCILMAN Iona Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4. ARNOLD BROUGHTON, JR. Iona Club, 1, 4; Concert Band, 1-4; Concert Choir, 4; MENC, 1-4; Jazz Society, 3, 4; Lab Chorus, 1-3. CATHERINE M. COUTURE Newman Club, 1, 4; WRO, 1-4; Class Day Committee, 2; Dedication Day Committee, 3. ELAINE F. BUDRON Newman Club, 1-4; Drama Club, 1-4; WRO, 1, 2; Campus Star, 3; Ski Club, 3, 4. JANE M. BURKE Acting Library Representative, 3; WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1- 3; Drama Club, 3. CAROLYN A. CROWELL MENC, 1-4; Lab Choir, 1-4; Lab Band, 1-3. MARYLOU A. CROWLEY Corresponding Secretary Drama Club, 4; Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Drama Club, 2-4; Christmas Party, Newman Club, 3. 65 MARY THERESA CZARNECKI . Treasurer, Ski Club, 4; Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Ski Club, 3, 4; Bowling League, 1, 2; Junior Dance Committee, 3; Dedication Day Committee, 3; Freshman Week Committee, 3; WRO Dance Coram, 3; Orphans Party, 2; Ski Club Dance Committee, 4. PATRICIA M. FOLEY Class Secretary, 1-4; Newman Club Vice-President, 3; Newman Social Chairman, 4; Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Service Club, 1-4; Campus Star Reporter, 3, 4; Class Day Committee, 1, 2, 3; Dedication Committee, 3; Orientation Committee, 3, 4; Hootenanny Committee, 4; Parent ' s Day Committee, 3, 4; Orphan ' s Party, 2, 3; Class Dance Committees, 1-4. ALICIA A. DANO Asst News Ed., Campus Star, 1; Campus Star Soc. Editor, 2; Campus Star, 1-3; WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4 Class Day Comra, 2. MARICA J. GALWAY Iona, 1-4; MENC, 1-4; Concert Band, 1-4; Jazz Society, 3, 4; Kiss Me Kate, 1; Connecticut Yankee, 2. ARLENE M. DELUCA WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1, 4; Class Day Committee, 2; Dedication Day Committee, 3. EILEEN C. GILROY Section Secretary, 3; WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Service Club, 1-4; Dedication Committee, 3; Junior Dance Commit- tee. ROGER Q. DIAS Drama Club, 1, 2; Concert Band, 4; Concert Choir, 4; MENC, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Jazz Society, 4; Orphans ' Party, 2. ROSEMARY T. DOBECK Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Junior Prom Committee; Or- phan ' s Party, 3; Freshman Dance; Class Day Committee. ROSE FORTUNA DROHAN Newman Club, 1-4; MENC, 1, 2; Lab Band, 1-4; Lab Choir, 1-4. REGINA P. ELIOPOULOS WRO, 1-4; Ski Club, 1-4; Phanar Club, 1-4; Class Day Com- mittee, 2, 3. JAMES M. GIURLEO MENC Vice-President, 4; Jazz Club, 3, 4; Newman Club, 1; Concert Choir, 3, 4; Orphan ' s Party, 2, 3. GOULA GOURNARIS Pegasus Manager, 2; MENC, 2; Concert Choir, 3; Lab Band, 3. JUDITH GOVE Secretary Drama Club, 3; MENC, 1-4; Jazz Society, 3, 4; Iona, 1-4; Concert Choir, 3, 4; Lab Band Choir, 1-4; Kiss Me Kate, Connecticut Yankee Committees, 1, 3. MARY ANN GRANEY SGA Social Chairman, 3; Cheerleader, 1, 2; WRO, 1-4; New- man Club, 1-4; Parents ' Day Committee, 3; Orientation Com- mittee, 3, 4; Freshmen Night Committee, 3, 4; Senior Dance Committee; Sophomore Dance Committee. MARY JANE FARLEY Class Vice-President, 3, 4; WRO Representative, 3, 4; WRO, 1- 4; Newman Club, 1-4; Class Day Committee, 2, 3; Parent ' s Day, 3, 4; Ring Committee, 2; Orphan ' s Party, 2, 3; Dedication Committee, 3; Orientation Committee, 3, 4; MAA Variety Show, 3 ; Senior Dance Committee. MARIE M. FIORINO Class Treasurer, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Orphan ' s Party, 2, 3; Ring Committee, 2; Sophomore Class Dance; Freshman Dance; Class Day Committee 3, 4. MARY JO FISHER SGA Treasurer, 3, 4; Poetry Editor of Pegasus, 2, 3, 4; Treas- urer-Ski Club, 3; Campus Star Reporter, 1-4; Pegasus, 1-4; Ski Club, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Torch Revision Committee, 2, 3, 4; Senior Dance Committee; Class Day Committee, 1, 2; SGA Emergency Committee, 2, 3, 4; Sophomore Dance Committee. DIANE B. HAJJAR Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Dedication Committee, 3; Jun- ior Prom Committee; Class Day Committee, 3; Service Club, 3, 4; Ring Committee, 2. PATRICIA SWEET HAJJAR Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Bowling League, 1, 2, 3; Junior Dance Committee, Refreshment Committees. JANE HANLON WRO Vice-President, 3; WRO President, 4; Campus Star Sports Editor, 3, 4; Cheerleader, 1, 2, 3; Newman Club, 1-4; MAA Variety Show Committee, 3; Orientation Committee, 3, 4; Junior Prom Committee; Orphan ' s Party, 2, 3; Class Day Committee, 2, 3, 4; Parents ' Day Committee, 3; Christmas Party Committee, 2, 3, 4; Junior Dance Committee. ANN HANSEN WRO, 1-4; Iona, 1-4; Service Club, 1, 2; Orphan ' s Party, 2, 3. ELAINE J. FLOMP Phanar Club, 1-4; Section Secretary, 3; Phanar Club Secretary, 3; Drama Club, 3, 4; WRO, 1-4; Dedication Committee, 3; Service Club, 1, 2; Class Day Committee, 2. ANN A. FOX Prose Editor of Pegasus, 2; Editor-in-Chief of Pegasus, 3, 4; Iona, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Christmas Party Committee, 3; Sopho- more Dance Committee; Pegasus Dance Committee, 2, 3 ,4; SGA Dance, 3; Arts Committee, 3. RONALD HARRIS Drama Club, 3, 4; Iona, 1-4; Campus Star Reporter, 3, 4; Bowling League; Freshman Dance Committee. EILEEN J. HAYES Knoll Editor-in-Chief, 4; Acting Class Secretary, 3; Knoll Rep- resentative, 3; Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Junior Prom Committee; Junior Dance Chairman; Election Committee, 4; MAA Variety Show Committee, 3; Orientation Committee, 3, 4; Christmas Party Committee, 3, 4; Freshman Night Commit- tee, 3; Knoll Dance Chairman, 4. VINCENT FRANCESCONE Treasurer of MAA, 4; MAA, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Sports Night Committee; MAA Banquet Committee, 3, 4. AURELIE HOULE Treasurer, WRO, 3, 4; Newman Club, 1-4; Junior Dance Com- mittee. 66 CAROL A. KEEFE Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Ski Club, 1-4; Knoll Staff, 4; Junior Dance Committee; Freshmen Dance Committee; Dedi- cation Committee, 3. FRANCES S. KEOGH WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Service Club, 1, 2; Orphans Party, 2, 3. LORETTA MALATESTA WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4. PATTY MARANVILLE Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; MENC, 1-4. MAUREEN MASON Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4. JOYCE F. KHOURY Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Dedication Committee, 3; Class Day Committee, 2; Service Club, 1, 2; Orphan ' s Party, 2. MARIE P. KIRWIN Business Manager of Pegasus, 2, 3, 4; Section Secretary, 3, 4; Arts Committee, 3; WRO, 1-4; Public Relations Chairman, 2; Class Day Committee, 3; Campus Star Reporter, 1-4; Art Films Committee, 2; Service Club, 1-4; Silver Key Committee, 2, 3; Parent ' s Day Committee, 3. HENRY F. KOZA MAA Secretary, 2; MAA President, 4; MAA Secretary, 3; Basketball Team, 1-4. JANE MATWIEJCZYK Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Dedication Committee, 3. DOROTHY A. MCCARTHY SGA Assistant Secretary, 2; MENC, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Election Committee, 2; Bops Pops, 3; Lab Choir Band, 1- 4. RICHARD MAHONEY Drama Club President, 4; Newman Club, 1-4; Drama Club, 1- 4; MAA, 1-4; Knoll Staff, 4; Campus Star Reporter, 2; Pegasus, 2,3. MARY ELLEN MCCARTHY Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4. ALEXANDER LAMBROUKOS Campus Star Business Manager, 3, 4; Photography Editor, 1, 2; MAA Secretary, 3; Phanar Club, 1-4; MAA Dance Committee, 3; Christmas Convocation, 3; Orientation Committee, 3, 4. BARABARA LANDELL MENC, 1, 3, 4; Lab Band, 1-4; Lab Choir, 1; Concert Choir, 2, 3,4. ELIZABETH R. LANTAGNE Newman Club Vice-President, 4; Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1- 4. CYNTHIA LARSON Secretary of Iona, 3, 4; WRO, 1-4; Junior Dance Committee; Dedication Committee, 3; Orphan ' s Party, 2; Sophomore Dance Committee. MARGARET E. McDONALD SGA Vice-President, 4; Acting Junior Class President; Cheer- leader, 1, 2, 3; Campus Star Reporter, 3, 4; Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Service Club, 1, 2; Junior Prom Committee, Par- ent ' s Day Committee, 3, 4; Dedication Committee, 3; MAA Variety Show, 3; Knoll Staff, 3, 4; Junior Dance Committee; Christmas Party Committee, 3, 4; Freshman Night Com- mittee, 3. EILEEN MC KINLEY WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Dedication Committee, 3. BARBARA TAYLOR MILNE Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Freshman Dance Committee. RICHARD A. MOLLOY MAA, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; MAA Variety Show; Basketball Team, 1-4; Baseball Team, 1-4. JANICE LEE Drama Club Secretary, 2; Iona Club, 1-4; MENC, 1-4; Jazz Club, 1-4; Drama Club, 1-4. JOANNE C. LIAKOS Phanar Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Ski C lub, 1. ELAINE LOMBARD WRO, 1-4; Phanar Club, 1-4. HELEN LONG WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Dedication Committee, 3; Par- ent ' s Day Committee, 3. LINDA LOSPENNATO Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4. JUDITH A. LOUGHRAN Feature Editor of Campus Star, 3; Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1- 4; Freshman Dance Committee. RUTHANNE MACFADGEN Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Service Club, 1-4; Dedication Committee, 3. KEVEN MACLAUGHLAN MAA Treasurer, 3; MAA Social Chairman, 4; Newman Club, 1- 4; Junior Dance Committee. MAGDALENA MORIARTY WRO, 1-4. DIANA C. MOSHOS Phanar Club, 1,2; WRO, 1-4. FLORENCE E. MUGFORD WRO, 1-4. JUDITH R. MURPHY WRO 1,2,3,4. DOROTHY A. NARUSZEWICZ Secretary of Newman Club, 3; Junior Representative of French Club, 3; Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; WRO, 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club, 3; Ecumenical Council Committee; Co-Chairman of St. Patrick ' s Dance, 3. FRANCES A. NOWAK Treasurer of Drama Club, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; WRO, 2; MENC: Parent ' s Day Committee; Art Poster Committee. BARBARA A. O ' BRIEN Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; MENC, 1, 2, 3, 4; WRO, 1, 2, 3, 4; Jazz Club, 1, 2. CLAIRE O ' CONNOR WRO, 1-4; Head of Tennis, 2; Head of Sports, 3; Head of Playdays, 4; Orientation Week, 2, 3, 4; Service Club, 2, 3; Junior Dance; Sophomore Dance; Parent ' s Day, 3; School Production, 3; Dedication of Humanities Building; WRO Dances, 2, 3; Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. 67 JUDITH A. OUELLETTE WRO, 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. KATHLEEN CHWALEK O ' WRIL Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; WRO, 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club, 4; Dedication Day Committee, 3. CATHERINE PAPARISIS WRO, 1, 2, 3, 4; Phanar Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. SANDRA STRULES PARADIS Newman Club, 1; WRO, 1, 2, 3, 4. GRACE M. PARENTI Newman Club, 1; WRO: 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM C. PARKER Phanar Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; MAA, 1, 2, 3. MARILYN PAWLAK Campus Star, 1, 2, 3, 4; Pegasus, 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club, 1; All College Choir, 1; Lab. Chorus, 3. GEORGE A. PERRONE Class President, 1, 2, 3, 4; Chairman of Class Day, 3; Music Editor of Knoll, 4; Music Editor of Pegasus, 4; Chairman of Election Committee, 2; Chairman of Class Day, 3; Student Council, 1, 2, 3, 4; MENC, 1, 2, 3, 4; Jazz Society, 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band, 1, 2, 3; Concert Choir, 3, 4; String Ensemble, 3, 4; Pegasus, 4; Knoll, 4; Drama Club, 4; Emergency Committee, 2-4; Parent ' s Day, 3, 4. MARY F. PHILLIPS Newman, 1, 2, 3, 4; WRO, 1, 2, 3, 4. CONSTANCE C. POIRIER Drama Club, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; WRO, 1, 2, 3, 4; MENC, 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4; Jazz Society, 2. PATRICIA L POPE WRO, 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Service Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. KERRY C. ROSSI WRO, 1, 2, 3, 4; Dedication Day, 3; Newman Club, 1-4. LINDA G. SACCO WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Scenery Committee of MENC. CAROLE A. SADOWSKI WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; Ski Club, 3, 4; Class Day Committee, 3. BEVERLY A. SILVA WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 2, 4; Ring Committee, 2; Dedication Day, 3. CATHERINE T. SPARKS WRO, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4; All College Choir, 4. RICHARD R. STRIANO Treasurer of MENC, 3; Asst. Conductor MENC Show, 3; Concert Band, 1-4; Jazz Society, 1-4; Newman Club, 1-4. SPIROS SINTROS SGA President, 4; Campus Star Editor-in-Chief, 3; Class Vice- President, 2; Campus Star Adv. Manager, 2; Phanar Club, 1-4; Class Ring Committee, 2; Torch Revision Committee, 3, 4; Emergency Committee, 4; Parent ' s Day Committee, 3; Baseball Captain, 3; Class Day Committee, 2, 3; Christmas Party Com- mittee, 3; Election Committee Chairman, 3; MAA Dance Committee, 3; Orphan ' s Party, 2. JOAN E. SIMEONE MENC, 1-4; Jazz Society, 2, 3, 4; Concert Choir, 1-4; Sopho- more Dance Committee; Orphan ' s Party 2, 3. CAROLYN SULLIVAN WRO, 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. KATHLEEN F. SULLIVAN Section Secretary, 1; Assistant Social Chairman, 2; Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Campus Star, 1; Class Day Committee, 1, 2, 3; Lounge Fund Committee, 2; Class Dance Committee, 1, 2, 3; Junior Prom Committee; Service Club; Chairman, Spirit of ' 64 Committee. MARTHA SULLIVAN WRO, 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. ZONA N. SULLIVAN Campus Star, 3, 4; Section Secretary, 4; WRO, 1, 2, 3, 4; Ski Club, 4; Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Dedication Day, 3; Public Relations Committee. JOHN TEAGUE MAA, 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Sports Night Committee, MAA Banquet Committee. RICHARD J. TELLIER Section Secretary, 1, 2, 3; Drama Club Treasurer, 3; MAA, 1, 2, 3, 4; MENC, 1, 2, 3, 4; Bops Pops, 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Choir, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Jazz Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Spring Show, 1-4. CHRISTINE H. THEMELES Head of Basketball, 2; WRO, 1, 2, 3, 4; Phanar, 1, 2, 3, 4; Co- Chairman of WRO Playday, 2; WRO Dance, 2. CAROLE R. TRIPALDI Section Secretary, 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Ski Club, 3, 4; Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Parent ' s Day Committee, 3; Dance Committee, 2. JUDITH A. WEBSTER Iona, 1,-4; Concert Choir, 1-4; MENC, 1, 2, 4. DIANE B. WICKER Drama Club treasurer, 1; Jazz Club, 2, 3; MENC, 1-4; New- man Club, 1-4; All College Choir, 1-4; Concert Choir, 1-4; Lab Band, 1-4; Bop ' s Pop ' s, 1-4; Kiss Me Kate; Connecticut Yankee. BEVERLY A. WINTERS Newman Club, 1-4; Dedication Committee, 3; Sophomore Class Dance. JUDITH A. ZABIEREK WRO, 1-4; Iona, 1-4. MARIA ZAMANAKOS Phanar Club Treasurer, 2; Phanar Club, 1, 2, 3; WRO, 1-4; Oriental Dance Committee, 3. PATRICIA E. ZANGARI Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4; Bowling League, 1, 2, 3; Sopho- more Dance Committee. NOREEN I. ZAPPALA Newman Club, 1-4; WRO, 1-4. VIRGINIA L. ZOLON WRO, 1-4; Iona, 3,4; Dedication Committee, 3. 68 UNDERCLASSMEN WMERCLflSSllEN CLASS OFFICERS — Library Representative Maura Martin, Treasurer Martha Dunn, President Garland Moniz. Missing: Vice-President David Berry, Secretary Sheryll Jackson. Only her hairdresser knows JUNIORS te. «2F 48k. 1 1 ■ -H Vim ! " m ■e W f 4 ■ ' T m jM | if ■ u m ' All this and a house to clean Future musicians Iff H Li ' ' " £PHH 1 ' 70 Cafeteria Clan This line is interesting??? Smile, you ' re on Candid Camera! CLASS OFFICERS— Secretary Sharon Gibson, Treasurer Ron- ald Morrell, Library Representative, Celina Metivier, Vice- President Thomas Bowser, Advisor Mr. Willis Traphagen, President John H on. A picture of ambition V H f B mp m - V $ SOPHOMORES It has to be Campbells! Ace is good! Studious sophomore 72 What am I going to do with this hair? Who cares? We all have to go sometime! I ' m going to cut. Please, I ' m eating! 73 CLASS OFFICERS— Library Representative Mary Ann Tighe, Treasurer Charles Peveril], Knoll Assistant Layout Editor Dolores White, Vice-President Mary Velluto, President Robert Kulp, Secretary Kathleen Zangari. FRESHMEN " Dear John, " This school is to-o-o much! Two hundred eighty-two strong Freshman campaigners Note-taking rush before finals " Play a simple little melody . . . " I Bim, bam, bop, beep " Gee, this book is pretty good ' III! Only five more minutes to go Monday morning enthusiasm FACULTY CANDIDS Meeting of the minds " Be specific and cite examples. " " On the other hand . . . Sam " " In other words 77 Very interesting it ' s time to sing . . Tell me more. i Add two cups of flour . . Neither more nor less 78 ACTIVITIES S. G. A. DANCE Let ' s all hully gully I want a coke now! Resting between dances 80 The stags Dancing couples On the light side Which one of you would like to dance? Luncheon served Entertainment provided FRESHMEN NIGHT 82 All in the line of duty HOOTENANNY WITH JACKIE WASHINGTON Jackie Washington sings for L.S.C. Sit back and relax Full house Jackie talks to students 85 The committee PARENT ' S DAY Language Laboratory T.V. Demonstration MISS KNOLL DANCE CONTESTANTS Seniors 1. Mary Jeanne Costello 2. Patricia M. Foley Juniors 3. Ramona Corcoran 4. Louise Roche Sophomores 5. Mary Louise Fortune 6. Mary Gail Lynch Freshmen 7. Jeanne Corcoran 8. Paula Lynch Left to right — Mary Gail Lynch, Patricia M. Foley, Mary Jeanne Costello Patricia Foley — Miss Knoll Mary Jeanne Costello 2nd place Mary Gail Lynch 3rd place Winners and escorts Stately Seniors SENIOR INVESTITURE • ■« I :L ' .-i Senator Harrington speaks Senior class officers Solemn investiture ceremony 91 CONCERT Procession of seniors opens the convocation . CHRISTMAS CONVOCATION Main Speakers Dr. Daniel H. O ' Leary Rev. John P. Sarantos 94 Students enjoy Christmas entertainment . CHRISTMAS PARTY Students read Campus Star special. Emcee — Hank Koza 95 VARSITY TEAM — Bill Hassey, Jack Teague, Ralph Pearce, Roger Landry, Jack Barnicle, Captain Hank Koza, Dick St. Marie, Dick Molloy, Leo Creegan, Ralph Bennett BASKETBALL Hank takes it away. 96 Ralph scores two. Leo gets the rebound. CHEERLEADERS — Rita Windheim, Maribeth Walsh, Peggy Choquette, Sharon Weed, Mar- tha Reidy, Susie Weed, Captain Marilyn Tacy, Colleen Hanlon, Mary Lou Fortune, Mary Hassett, Pam Spinney, Maryann Stanavich, Doreen Roche, Pat Vaughan 97 W.R.O. ACTIVITIES Badminton fans Joan and Elaine make plans for a playday. Tumbling anyone?? Field hockey enthusiasts c Volleyball stars Where did it go? St m 5w % i 9 1 r V , ■jjlj Tl; flK 1 A True Love I wonder if . . When you ' re smiling SENIOR DANCE Greek Way You dance divinely. 100 ORGANIZATIONS M STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS President Spiros Sintros Vice-President Margaret E. McDonald Secretary Lisa Barone Treasurer Mary lo Fisher Social Chairman Georgia Athas Cultural Chairman Linda Harris Public Relations Chairman Elaine Rizos Assistant Secretary Hilde Roymans Assistant Treasurer Richard Savard Assistant Social Chairman Linda Hering Faculty Advisor Mr. Paul Bregor The Student Government Association is a vital force on the cam- pus of Lowell State College. Having emerged from a st ate of transi- tion and change, it now possesses a strength and unity which per- vades all areas of the College. With a responsibility for the social, cultural, and other extra-curricular phases of collegiate pursuit, this association brings to the student body a broad, far-reaching program geared for all interests. Inspired by the true collegiate tradition, encouraged by student support and guided by effectual leadership S.G.A. brings unity and harmony to the students of Lowell State College. 102 Since its inception in 1946, the Campus Star has grown to be representative of the student voice of the State College at Lowell. A member of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, this award winning newspaper is sponsored by the Student Government Association. This bi-weekly publication serves as a liaison between the students, faculty, administration, and organizations. The Campus Star is published in order to inform the students of the campus events involving students and faculty, allow for the expression of student opinion, promote college spirit, provide journalism workshop, entertain, promote good intermural relationship among faculty, students, and cam- pus organizations, present beliefs and policies of the college when representing the college at publications conventions. CAMPUS STAR STAFF Patricia Apostolakos Alec Lambroukos Mary Ann Cavallaro Elaine Rizos Linda Harris Martha Dunn Carlton Clark Paul Sullivan Mary Daly Gerald Perry Jane Hanlon Joan McDonnell Maribeth Walsh Reporters and Writers: Steve Francis, Pat Foley, Georgia Athas, Marie Kir- win, Mary Jo Fisher, Mary Hogan, Ronald Harris, Connie Kelleher, Bill Hassey, Judy Loughran, Zona Sullivan, Linda Hering, Jane Burke, and Marilyn Pawlak Advisor Mr. Thomas A. Norris Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Art Editor News Editor Music Editor Feature Editor A dvertising Editor Photography Editor Exchange Editor Sports Editor-Men Sports Editors-Women CAMPUS STAR PEGASUS STAFF Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Business Manager Poetry Editor Assistant Poetry Editor Prose Editor Assistant Fiction Editor Assistant Non-Fiction Editor Art Editor Music Editor Advisor Ann Fox Carol Connelly Marie Kirwin Mary Jo Fisher Maura Martin Patricia Apostolakos Nancy Inglis Brian Feeney Mary Ann Cavallaro George Perrone Mr. David Cote PEGASUS Pegasus is the semi-annual literary magazine of Lowell State College. Staffed by interested students elected by the retiring staff members from all majors and featuring original prose, poetry, music, and art, the magazine seeks to provide recognition, constructive criticism, and stimulation to the outstanding undergrad- uate creative ability. Faculty contributions are also welcomed. Celebrating its first decade of publication this year, Pegasus continues its gratify- ing record of award achievements in the annual Columbia Scholastic Press Associa- tion competition. Although competing with much larger New England liberal arts institutions, Pegasus was awarded a First Place certificate by the C.S.P.A. in May, 1962. . . . We, which now behold these present days, Have eyes to wonder, but lack tongues to praise. Sonnet CVI — Shakespeare 104 KNOLL The Knoll, the College Yearbook, is a permanent record of the events and activities that have taken place on and off the college campus during the year. Sections of the yearbook are devoted to the classes, clubs, organizations, and varsity athletics, along with candid snapshots of individuals and groups in their academic and social surroundings. KNOLL STAFF Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Literary Editor Photography Editor Art Editor Music Editor Sports Editor Layout Editors Business Manager Advertising Manager Assistant Literary Editor Assistant Photography Editors Assistant Layout Editors Assistant Advertising Editor Typists: Patricia Foley, Carol Keefe, Mary Phillips, Eileen J. Hayes Judith E. Pulsifer George Abodeely Marianne Chibas Mary Ann Cavallaro George Perrone Jane Hanlon Richard Mahoney Margaret McDonald Mary Czarnecki Mary Jeanne Costello Paul Sullivan Carol Sullivan Georgia Athas Paul Collela Maureen Puchler Cynda Wade Dolores White Ann Marie Neault Judith Brophy 105 WOMEN ' S RECREATIONAL ORGANIZATION President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Head of Sports Head of Playdays Senior Representative Junior Representative Sophomore Representative Freshman Representatives Advisor W.R.O. OFFICERS Jane Hanlon Joan McDonnell Mary Donovan Elaine Marshall Ellen Leahy Claire O ' Connor Mary Jane Farley Nancy Nugent Penny Mann Barbara Montbleau Arlene Sager Dr. H. Marie Garrity The purpose of the Women ' s Recreational Organiza- tion is to promote and establish a high standard of sportsmanship and wholesome living, a spirit of service to the college and community, a permanent interest in physical recreation, and the enjoyment of participation in sports. The emphasis is on playing rather than win- ning and upon intra-competition rather than inter-com- petition. The W.R.O. Board is elected by the women students of the college in the spring. The officers conduct the affairs of the organization and keep the members in- formed of its activities. 106 MEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION M.A.A. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Head of Sports Social Chairman A dvisor Henry Koza John Teague Paul Farley Vincent Francescone John J. McKittrick Kevin MacLaughlan Mr. Ignatius Ciszek The Men ' s Athletic Association is an organization composed entirely of the male students of Lowell State. Its main objective is to give the men of the college a chance to develop physically as well as mentally. The members of the organization are given a chance to use the many sporting facilities that are made available in the gymnasium. The program includes handball, basketball, volleyball and weight lifting. On the social side of the program the activities include a dance, a Variety Show, the annual banquet, and Sports Night, when the Campus Queen is selected. 107 DRAMA CLUB DRAMA CLUB OFFICERS President Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Advisor Richard Mahoney Ruth MacDonald Thomas Bowser Mary Lou Crowley Frances Nowak Mr. Gardner Tillson This organization offers opportunities for expression through the dramatic arts. Experiences in staging, lighting, and costuming, as well as in performing, are available. The club presents one major production each year. In addition, shorter works are presented throughout the academic term. The Drama Club also works with other college organizations in the pro- duction of musical and variety productions. 108 ALPINE SKI CLUB The purpose of the Alpine Ski Club is to promote good fellowship and a wider interest in skiing for the students at the college. Ski trips to nearby mountain resorts, dances and social gatherings are some of the events which help to entertain the members of the organization. President Vice-President Secre tary -Treasurer Publicity Chairman Advisor ALPINE SKI CLUB OFFICERS Marianne Chibas Ann Marie Weisberg Mary Czarnecki Marie Elena Jacoppi Mr. Steven B. Levensohn 109 JAZZ SOCIETY JAZZ SOCIETY OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer Parliamentarian A dvisor Douglas Mcintosh Sterling Cassaboom Joan Wright Gerald Farmer George Perrone Dr. Domenic Procopio The Jazz Society functions in order to promote good music in all idioms, to further music self-expression and to present jazz, concert style, for the enjoyment and appreciation of members and others. Members are divided into two groups: performing members who contribute musically and associate members who contribute time and effort and otherwise support the society. A collection of jazz records, located in the main library, are available for the enjoyment of all members of the organization. The Jazz Society " presents two concerts each year. Featured at these concerts are a big band and a number of small groups. These concerts provide an excellent medium for stu- dents to create their own jazz compositions and to have them played at a public concert. M.E.N.C. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian Social Chairman Sergeant-at-Arms Advisor John Blackwell James Giurleo Victor La Pointe Helene Scully George Perrone Linda Harris Gerald Farmer Dr. Domenic R. Procopio MUSIC EDUCATOR ' S NATIONAL CONFERENCE The Music Educator ' s National Conference. Student Chapter 201. is one of the most active organizations on the campus of Lowell State College. It is the student chapter of the Music Educator ' s National Conference and the Massachusetts Music Educator ' s Association. The student group is closely allied to its parent organiza- tion on the state and national levels. This group comprises the largest specialist segment of the National Educational Association. Our chapter was established in 1948 by the late Dr. Cyrus D. Thompson, its first faculty sponsor. Since that time the MENC has grown steadily as an enthusiastic and hard-working student organization. The purpose of this organization is to provide students with educational, profes- sional, and social experiences that will aid them in their chosen careers. Ill NEWMAN CLUB NEWMAN CLUB OFFICERS President James Devlin L.T.I. Vice-President Elizabeth Lantagne L.S.C. Recording Secretary Carol St. Jean L.S.C. Corresponding Secretary Raymond La Pierre L.T.I. Treasurer Ronald Gibault L.T.I. Advisor Mr. Thomas Casey L.S.C. Chaplain Rev. William C. Burkhardt The Newman Club of Lowell State College and Lo- well Technological Institute functions to develop the well informed Catholic layman in a secular institute. This is accomplished by monthly meetings, preceded by a Mass, Leaderships Days, Communion Breakfasts, re- treats, and lectures. The social side of the individual is not neglected as evidenced by the dances, skating parties and mountain climbing trips, which are opened to all members. During the past year Newman Club has experienced many changes. Mr. Thomas Casey replaced Miss Alice G. Kiernan as Advisor from Lowell State and a Social Action Program was inaugurated. The latter change has proved to be very successful and Newman hopes to add many more programs in order to further develop the club. Dedicated to Rev. William C. Burkhardt, " a manly priest and a priestly man. " Brotherhood meetings of the religious organizations 112 PHANAR CLUB OFFICERS President Elaine Flomp Vice-President Regina Eliopolos Secretary Sophie Mitropoulos Treasurer Eileen Sigalos Advisor Mr. Leo Panas Chaplain Rev. John P. Sarantos PHANAR CLUB The Phanar Club is open to Eastern Orthodox students from great- er-Lowell colleges. It has as its purpose the desire to foster the spiritual as well as the intellectual growth of its members and to help them to achieve a fuller life through the perpetuation of Christian precepts. The Iona Fellowship is a student organization of Lowell State College, Lowell Technological In- stitute, and Lowell General Hospital of Nursing united in a common desire to realize a full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. Iona is a Scottish word implying that the organi- zation is non-denominational. Therefore, students of all races and creeds can unite in their common loyalty to God. The purpose of the fellowship is to help each student know, love, and serve God as revealed through His Son, Jesus Christ. Each member seeks to understand the will of God through worship, study, and action, and strives to realize it both in his personal life and by working toward a better society. IONA FELLOWSHIP IONA FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS President Judith Webster Secretary Cynthia Larson Treasurer Judith Gove Member at Large Sterling Cossaboom A dvisor Dr. William R. Fisher Chaplain Rev W. Irving Monroe Jr. n r n LABORATORY CHOIR CONCERT CHOIR 114 LABORATORY BAND CONCERT BAND ORCHESTRA r .n n o p fj 3 p p a p r film a ■?r-J 4 FRENCH CLUB FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Senior Representative Junior Representative Sophomore Representative Brian Feeney Donna McKinley Justine Los Pauline Caruso Dorothy Naruszewicz Ann Marie Neault Elaine Le Masurier The French Club, known as LeCercle Francais, was organized in February, 1963. The purpose of the club is to develop an interest in the French language, French culture, and to promote sociability among its members. Membership in the organization is open not only to French students but also to those students in the college who have an appreciation and interest in the language and culture of France. 116 CANDIDS SENIOR CANDIDS We ' ll make you look like a Beatle I ' m so-o-o-o tired. You want to be beautiful, don ' t you? Freshman fun .. " You got me! " Caught in the act of cutting I forget the rest. POPULAR PASTIMES Who ' ll be the old maid? Who can beat that? Take a peek at her hand. Diamonds are trump. 120 He thinks he ' s Liberace. Solitude Where are the funnies? Smoker ' s reaction to Smoking Report WI Caught Take a letter, please. What are we doing here? Daddy long-legs Food line-up rl s % i AlH tifir " ■ r « w j s V t — fc " T- H 3 . " ■ ■KMBtt How do you do my partner? Where are my contact lenses? Precision jumping Flying leap shot 123 Those dancing lessons paid off. Stop stepping on my toes . Dancing in the dark A thorn among the roses Ric ' s here. Latest hairdo — the Beatle cut In a cabin in the wood . Advice to the lovelorn Is anybody looking? 125 Our favorite disc jockey What a night I had last night . Close living quarters Are you sure it was he? At the end of a long day Si V-kU - tup ••fc-i i Ml ' ] ■% C23 Methods equipment???? Do, re, mi . . . Round table discussion 1 i £H a; 1 1 ■ J Lm. N (,, 1 " These — locks!!! How about some service here? 127 Togetherness How do I tune in the football game? Jingle Bells gets harder and harder to play. I didn ' t do it . P PATRONS Mr. Thomas F. McSorley Miss Marguerite L. Gourville Dr. Mrs. John J. Fisher Mr. Mrs. Ignatius A. Ciszek Dr. Mrs. Domenic R. Procopio Mr. David D. Cote Dr. Elizabeth A. Neilson Dr. H. Marie Garrity Dr. Margaret R. Shannon Miss Helen J. Coyne Miss Esther T. Burns Miss Gertrude M. Bailey Miss Fortunata C. Caliri Miss Helen G. Drinan Mr. Edward S. Byrne Miss Georgina P. Keith Mrs. Penelope Z. Kopley Mr. Mrs. Francis O ' Loughlin Dr. William C. Burto Miss Katherine Kearney Miss Alma L. Ward Mr. Robert J. Foy 128 BOOSTERS Kathleen Chwalek O ' Wril Beverly Charow Virginia Zolon Maureen Mason Phyllis Crowley Irvin Carole Sadowski Dorothy Naruszewicz Coula Gournaris Grace Parenti Judith Murphy Ronald A. Harris Catherine Sparks Catherine Paparisis Mary Jane Farley Arlene DeLuca Diane Hajjar Catherine Couture Judith Gove Mary Czarnecki Marianne Chibas Alyce Azzi Carol Cosio Cynthia Larson Carolyn Crowell Beverly Silva Ann Hansen Elaine Flomp Eileen Gilroy Carol Keefe Barbara Taylor Milne Mary Lou Crowley Michael Cahill Roger Dias Dianne Councilman Joanne Liakos Beverly Winters Barbara O ' Brien Mary Campbell Joan Simeone Patricia Pope F. Elaine Mugford Mary McCarthy Maryanne Graney Alicia Dano Judith Loughran John and Ellen Claire O ' Connor Dorothy McCarthy Helen Long Loretta Malatesta Ruthanne MacFadgen Mary Ann Cavallaro Judith Brophy Patricia Foley Margaret McDonald Jane Hanlon Judith Zabierek Patricia Zangari Carole Tripaldi Joyce Khoury Mary Jeanne Costello Lucille Cavallaro Diane Moshos Elaine Lombard Kerry Rossi Marie Fiorino Eileen Hayes John Moore George Abodeely George A. Perrone Sharon Gibson Mary Gail Lynch Rita Windheim Paula Uliano John Janeczko Ralph Pearce Martha Reidy Barbara Hadley Penelope Carson Maryanne Baines Douglas Mcintosh John McGovern Sandra Amboian Kathleen Garvey Cynthia Hoyt Sally McKew Katherine Hayes Lucy Grillo Thomas Moore Carolyn Couture Cynda Wade Gerald Farmer Janice Los Virginia Lessard Maribeth Walsh Connie Nelligan Rogean O ' Brien William Hassey Laurel Faria David Webb Carolyn Hastings Mary Anne O ' Brien Merryl Butler Mary Ann Stanovich Patricia Vaughan Kathleen O ' Neil Judith Mulvey Carol Wickens Anna Marie Morrisey Joseph Caliri Sheila McAlea Sharon Joyce Trudy La Spina Patricia Clowrey Maura Conlon Sandra Kavigian Donald Chase Lea Huse Charlene Imbernino Roger Belanger Jane Goodale Marlene Moynihan Nancy Le Blanc Emilee Pappazisis Carol Prentiss Thomas Hedrick Joanne Ardagna Celina Metivier Karen Foley Paul Fernald Judith Smith Joan Leah Henry Ayasse June McCarthy Ronald Allard Helen McAndrew Ronald Morell Gordon Walsh Leo Creegan Thomas Bowser Sharon Rodgers Paul Farley Joan McDonnell Mary Donovan Sheryl Jackson Leona Doyle Pearl Adamowski Margaret Crafton David Berry Joan Wright Mr. Mrs. Spiros Sintros Sr. Ramona Corcoran Ronald Randall Robert Thurlow Ann Brundige Joan Le Gendre Maureen Puchtler Becky Pacher Carl Jahnle Jane Markiewicz Janet Leahy Annabelle McDevitt Louise Roche Sue Wennik Sheila Vaughan Louise Melaragni Eileen Sigalos Carole St. Jean Suzanne Wisniewski Nancy Inglis Marilyn Tacy Joanne O ' Neill Donna Murphy Pamela Lacy Xandra Winnis William Lynch Linda Pitochelli Irene Walsh Beverly Shaia Beverly Terrio Susan Rotellini Lillian Duchesne Virginia Duchesne Virginia Holder Maureen Haley Cecile Duhamer Janice Thiel Ann Urbewicz Bette Ottaviani Janeann McDonalt Joanne Glaveckas Kathy Vose Elizabeth Tyburski Richard Arsenault Magdelena Moriarty Joanna Sprounis Beatrice Gomes Florence Zanni Kathy Zangari Kathy Cullinan Eileen Burke Dick Mahoney Carolyn Sullivan Catherine V. O ' Connor Constance Lanseigne Edna Hoyt Marjorie Riddick Karen Redford Paula Lynch Robert Kulp Faith Martin Carol Purdy Ann Wyckoff Flora Manning Roger Landry Dolores White Margaret Choquette Mary Casey Joan Bradley Lois Carter Mary Hassett Joan Livingston 129 WM. J. KELLER INC. Publishers of Finer Yearbooks Buffalo 15, N. Y. Retaining one ' s individuality is not easy in these days of mass production and stand- ardization. This is especially true of year- book publishing, in which mass production methods have the tendency to force one to buy just what the other fellow buys. Making of soap or soup or salad dress- ing by mass methods is one thing. But it is quite another to attempt to produce a creative yearbook by trying to squeeze it into some pre-conceived mold. It just can ' t be done that way. The Wm. J. Keller firm brings together highly trained craftsmen, the very finest papers and ink of superlative quality. Add to these a unique service plan built around the individual school, and, finally, produc- tion by the Velvatone process, which Keller perfected especially for the printing of yearbooks, and you have a truly distin- guished performance. And a yearbook with singular character and individuality . . . we call it " THE LOOK OF THE BOOK. " The yearbook you are presently leafing through is the product of the Keller custom program. If you would care to see other examples of " THE LOOK OF THE BOOK " as produced by Wm. J. Keller, get in touch with us now. Compliments of The Class of 1964 WOOD-ABBOTT CO. Established 1872 Diamond Merchants and Jewelers 175 Merrimack Street Lowell, Mass. A. A. SMITH CO., INC. 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" G. C. PRINCE AND SON CORP. OFFICE FURNITURE Stationers — Booksellers Gift Shop — School Supplies Greeting Cards 108 Merrimack Street Lowell, Massachusetts Emergency Phone GL 2-5436 Store Phone GL 7-7895 Free Pick up and Delivery MEDICAL ARTS PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY A. P. Papulis, Ph.G., R.Ph. 32 Central St. (at Kearney Square) Lowell, Massachusetts refreshment I,, £ ' m$ - Compliments of 132 133 SENIORS GEORGE ABODEELY 100 Marshall Avenue Lowell, Mass. PATRICIA APOSTOLAKOS 7 Harris Avenue Lowell, Mass. LINDA AYERS 31 Concord Road Chelmsford, Mass. ALYCE AZZI 18 Cedar Street Lawrence, Mass. ELISSA BARONE 43 Fern Street Lawrence, Mass. MONICA BECOTTE 58 Phillips Street Lawrence, Mass. CLAIRE BELANGER 1012 Belleville Avenue New Bedford, Mass. ROBERT BIANCHI 48 Verndale Street Attleboro, Mass. JOHN BLACKWELL 382 South Main Street Attleboro, Mass. JUDITH BROPHY 23 Beach Street Woburn, Mass. ARNOLD BROUGHTON 41 Newcomb Avenue Saugus, Mass. ELAINE BUDRON Pond Street Methuen, Mass. 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MARGARET CRAFTON 275 Farnham St. Lawrence, Mass. MARY DALEY 1 1 1 Stevens St. Lowell, Mass. JANE DE MARCHI 42 Westwood Rd. Stoneham, Mass. ANN DE TESO 1 1 Lake Ave. Woburn, Mass. CARMA DI BIASO 44 Laural Ave. Bradford, Mass. JOANNE DIERAEUER 407 Main St. Haverhill, Mass. CLAIRE DOMPIERRE 62 Thomas St. New Bedford, Mass. MARY DONOVAN 117 Sylvester Ave. Winchester, Mass. LEONA DOYLE 33 Forest St. Woburn, Mass. THOMAS DUFFY 67 R. Mt. Pleasant St. Woburn, Mass. MARTHA DUNN Rio Vista Billerica, Mass. KATHERINE ERWIN 17 Du Merke St. Lowell, Mass. PAUL FARLEY 33 Cosgrove St. Lowell, Mass. PATRICIA VOLUNGUS FARLEY 33 Cosgrove St. Lowell, Mass. ELAINE FECCHIA 20 Valley Rd. Medford, Mass. IRENE FILTEAU 39 South Bowdoin St. Lawrence, Mass. CHARLENE FOX 86 Agawam St. Lowell, Mass. NANCY GARLAND 623 Chandler St. Tewksbury, Mass. LINDA HARRIS 25 Lake Ave. Leicester, Mass. BEVERLY HABERMAN 28 Navy Yard Rd. Dracut, Mass. CHARLEY HEDRICK 9 Clark Circle Randolf, Mass. LINDA HERMANN Groton Rd. Westford, Mass. JEAN HIGGINS 3 Main St. Woburn, Mass. MARY HOGAN 1 1 Fairgrove Ave. Lowell, Mass. NANCY INGLIS 15 Eighth St. Lowell, Mass. MARIELENA JACOPPI Middlesex Rd. Tyngsboro, Mass. SHERYLL JACKSON 6 Cyr Dr. Lawrence, Mass. DENISE JOHNSON 24 Bridge St. Fairhaven, Mass. JANET JOHNSON 85 Varney St. Lowell, Mass. MARGARET KANE 164 Pine St. Lowell, Mass. ANN KEARNEY 45 Woburn St. Lowell, Mass. MARY KELLEHER 55 South Grove St. Bradford, Mass. ROBERT KENNEDY Dunstable, Mass. JOAN KLEPACZ 258 East Marrimack St. Lowell, Mass. JOANNE KLEPONIS 60 Kendall St. Lawrence, Mass. ELEANOR KOCHANEK 47 Arkansas Drive Dracut, Mass. EMILY LANDRY 20 Gray St. Wilmington, Mass. JEANNE LANTAGNE 43 Ohio Ave. Lawrence, Mass. VICTOR LAPOINTE 1928 Middlesex St. Lowell, Mass. ELLEN LEAHY 54 Lakeview Ave. Tewksbury, Mass. JANET LEAHY 13 Sudlam St. Lowell, Mass. ALFRED LECLAIR 17 Gold St. Lowell, Mass. JOAN LEGENDRE 136 Chestnut St. Andover, Mass. 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DONNA MURPHY 432 Adams St. Lowell, Mass. NANCY NUGENT 30 Dover St. Lowell, Mass. ANNMARIE NEAULT 86 Willie St. Lowell, Mass. EVA NEWBURY 3025 South Athol R. Athol, Mass. ROBERT NOONAN 78 South Loring St. Lowell, Mass. MARY ODOWD 55 O ' Brien Terrace Lowell, Mass. MELISSA CHARE 80 Fifth St. Lowell, Mass. ELLEN O ' LEARY 213 Parkview Ave. Lowell, Mass. SANDRA OLIVER 221 Douglas Rd. Lowell, Mass. JOANNE O ' NEILL 28 Spring Ct. Ext. Woburn, Mass. REBECCA PACKER 70 Hampstead St. Methuen, Mass. SANDRA PAULENKA 37 Mead St. Lowell, Mass. ROBERT PERRY 37 Milwood Ave. Dracut, Mass. KAREN PETERS 23 Pilling St. Haverhill, Mass. PATRICIA PETRILLO 6 Ferry St. Lawrence, Mass. MAUREEN PUCHTLER 57 Phillips St. Lawrence, Mass. JUDITH PULSIFER 670 Bridge St. Lowell, Mass. KENNETH RALPH 1 1 Colby St. Lawrence, Mass. RONALD RANDALL 1508 Bridge St. Dracut, Mass. KATHLEEN RAWLY 17 Clyde Ave. Dracut, Mass. PATRICIA REYNOLDS 174 Fourth Ave. Lowell, Mass. ELAINE RIZOS 12 Charmers Rd. Worcester, Mass. LOUISE ROCHE 328 Lexington St. Woburn, Mass. MARY ELLEN ROCHE 116 Fountain St. Haverhill, Mass. SHARON RODGERS 14 Windsor St. Methuen, Mass. BETSY SACCOCIA 82 School St. Middleboro, Mass. RUBY ST. CLAIRE 88 Ashland Ave. Methuen, Mass. CAROL ST. JEAN 62 Fairfield St. Lowell, Mass. CAROL SCHIAVONE 70 Concord St. North Wilmington, Mass. HELENE SCULLY 1136 South Main St. Fall River, Mass. EILEEN SIGOLOS 15 Varney St. Lowell, Mass. MARTHA SMITH 32 Albion St. Lawrence, Mass. FRANCES SOKORELIS 15 Butterfield St. Lowell, Mass. CAROL SULLIVAN 152 " B " St. Lowell, Mass. JOHN SULLIVAN 18 Davis Ave. Arlington, Mass. PAUL SULLIVAN 339 Lincoln St. Lowell, Mass. MRS. MARJORIE SULLIVAN 25 Middlebury St. Lawrence, Mass. STEPHEN TACELLI 1 1 Bartholomew St. Peabody, Mass. MARILYN TACY 21 Vandergrift St. Lawrence, Mass. CAROL TAPPER 148 Foster St. Lowell, Mass. NANCY TAYLOR 38 Varnum Terrace Lowell, Mass. ROBERT THURLOW 54 Belrose Ave. Lowell, Mass. ELAINE TYMOWICZ 1093 Varnum Ave. Lowell, Mass. ROBERT VAILLANCOURT 409 Aiken Ave. Dracut, Mass. SHEILA VAUGHAN 268 Parker St. Lowell, Mass. VIRGINIA WASIK 49 Andover St. Lowell, Mass. SHARON WEED 20 Glenmebe Circle Reading, Mass. ANNE WEISBERG Main St. Dunstable, Mass. SUZANNE WENNIK 14 Leicerne Drive Andover, Mass. XANDRA WINNIS 189 Parker St. Lowell, Mass. SUSANNE WISNEIWSKI 145 Berkeley Ave. Lowell, Mass. MARY WITHAM 53 Button woods Ave. Haverhill, Mass. ROSLIN WOOD 7 LeBlanc St. Haverhill, Mass. JOAN WRIGHT 18 Woodlawn St. Middleboro, Mass. ELIZABETH WYATT 43 Nutting St. Fitchburg, Mass. 137 SOPHOMORES RONALD ALLARD 375 Pawtucket Street Lowell, Mass. STERLING CASSABOOM 178 Liberty Street Randolph, Mass. MARY DOHERTY 5 1 Garfield Avenue Woburn, Mass. SANDRA AMBOIAN 407 Walker Street Lowell, Mass. THERESE CHAMPIGNY 1 10 Seventh Avenue Lowell, Mass. SHEILA DOUGHTY 25 Crescent Street Lowell, Mass. JO ANN ARDANGA 40 Bowdoin Street Medford, Mass. DONALD CHASE 6 Freeport Avenue Methuen, Mass. MRS. CHRISTINE DOW High Street Dunstable, Mass. MARY BAINES 57 Rolfe Street Lowell, Mass. CAROL CHRISTOPHERSON 13 Forbes Avenue Burlington, Mass. LEDA DROUIN 324 Forest Street Methuen, Mass. JOHN BARNICLE 26 Sparks Street Lowell, Mass. JACQUELINE CHWALEK 5 Ashland Avenue Methuen, Mass. ANTOINETTE DURSO 5 Durso Avenue Lawrence, Mass. MAUREEN BARRETT 8 Swan Avenue Methuen, Mass. PATRICIA CLOWERY 1248 Lawrence Street Lowell, Mass. ELAINE FAFARD 12 Hedge Street Fairhaven, Mass. JUNE BATAKIS 63 Strathan Street Lowell, Mass. PAUL COLELLA 245 Cross Street Winchester, Mass. LAUREL FARIA 1335 Lawrence Street Melrose, Mass. ROGER BELANGER 45 Brookfield Street Lawrence, Mass. MAURA CONLON 18 Epping Street Lowell, Mass. GERALD FARMER Grace Avenue Shrewsbury, Mass. BEVERLY BELBIN 91 Adams Street Lexington, Mass. BARBARA COTE 18 James Street Burlington, Mass. BRIAN FEENEY 19 Kinsman Street Lowell, Mass. BRIAN BLACKBURN 86 Warthen Street Lowell, Mass. CAROLYN COUTURE 62 Nesmith Street Lawrence, Mass. PAUL FERNALD 17 Daniel Terrace Peabody, Mass. THOMAS BOWSER 64 Fourth Street Lowell, Mass. CAROLYN COUZA 646 Gidley Road North Dartmouth, Mass. KAREN FOLEY 53 Governor Road Stoneham, Mass. ELAINE BUCKLEY 1 1 Joyce Street Chelmsford CAROL CRAIG 1276 Methuen Street Dracut, Mass. MARY FORTUNE 170 Saratoga Street Lawrence, Mass. MARY BUDGE 53 Barasford Avenue Lowell, Mass. SARA CRAVELIN Lowell Street Dunstable, Mass. ALBERT FRANCIS Meadowbrook Road Methuen, Mass. ARTHUR BURNHAM 39 Concord Road Billerica, Mass. LEO CREEGAN 63 South Loring Street Lowell, Mass. MARY FURLONG 283 Methuen Street Lowell, Mass. JOSEPH CALIRI 51 Flint Street Somerville, Mass. HAROLD DEANE 1 1 Cross Street Middleboro, Mass. KATHLEEN GARVEY 429 High Street Lawrence, Mass. JOHN CALLAHAN 115 Gorham Street Chelmsford, Mass. CONSTANCE DENNARO 21 Meadowbrook Road Methuen, Mass. LINDA GASTONGUAY 49 Brookside Avenue Belmont, Mass. NOREEN CANELAS McDonald Road Wilmington, Mass. GERTRUDE DINAN 2 Granger Street Lawrence, Mass. SHARON GIBSON 284 Stevens Street Lowell, Mass. PENELOPE CARSON 55 Falmarth Street Attleboro, Mass. PAULA DI PIETRO 54 Forest Street Winchester, Mass. PENELOPE GIKAS 105 Liberty Street Lowell, Mass. 138 MARY GILMAN 94 Eighteenth Street Lowell, Mass. GERALD GOASTANIAN 5 Conduit Street Lawrence, Mass. JANE GOODALE 92 Leaminster Road Luxemburg, Mass. WALTER GORDON 332 Park Avenue New Bedford, Mass. MARY HOYT 35 Groton Road North Chelmsford, Mass. MARILYN HUGHES 7 Mill Street Dracut, Mass. LEA HUSE 1537 Lakefield Avenue Dracut, Mass. RICHARD HYLAND 33 Emerson Street Wakefield, Mass. JANICE LOS 1 East River View Place Methuen, Mass. JUSTINE LOS 1 East River View Place Methuen, Mass. SUSAN LUND 22 Oak Hill Road Westford, Mass. MARY LYNCH 130 Van Greenby Road Lowell, Mass. SUSAN GREENWOOD 5 Exeter Street Lawrence, Mass. CHARLEN IMBERNINO 35 Evegreen Street Chelmsford, Mass. M. NANCY LYNCH Prospect Road Andover, Mass. LUCY GRILLO 1 Turner Street Lawrence, Mass. SHARYN JOYCE 23 North Warren Street Woburn, Mass. JAMES MAC DONALD 808 Main Street Weymouth, Mass. STUART GUNN 534 Pleasant Street Athol, Mass. ELAINE KACHDORIAN 15 Oakland Avenue Methuen, Mass. LINDA MA CRAE 200 Circuit Avenue Lowell, Mass. NANCY GUYMONT 35 Mert Avenue Lowell, Mass. SANDRA KAVIGIAN 28 Outlook Drive Lexington, Mass. PENELOPE MANN Main Street Westford, Mass. BARBARA HADLEY 16 Silver Street Haverhill, Mass. MAUREEN KELLEY Mariposa Avenue Lowell, Mass. JEAN MARKERIAN 90 Rangeway Road Billerica, Mass. JACQUELINE HAMEL 70 Cross Street Lawrence, Mass. GEORGE KOKINOS 65 Sycaniace Street Lowell, Mass. DONNA MARTIN 18 East Pulnam Avenue Methuen, Mass. GAYLE HAMILTON 4 South Vernon Road Belmont, Mass. DONNA KOSIDLO 370 Arlington Street Dracut, Mass. SHEILA McALEA 140 Oak Street Methuen, Mass. WILLIAM HASSEY 168 Spruce Street Lawrence, Mass. BARBARA KUNSTLER 58 Oakland Avenue Methuen, Mass. HELEN McANDREW 19 Wenthrop Avenue Methuen, Mass. CAROLYN HASTINGS 15 Quoboas Street Warren, Mass. GERTRUDE LASPINA 158 Maiden Street Maiden, Mass. jane McCarthy 10 Benney Street Andover, Mass. KATHERINE HAYES 18 High Street North Billerica, Mass. THOMAS HEDRICK 9 Clard Circle Randolph, Mass. JOAN LEAH 105 Foster Street Lawrence, Mass. NANCY LEBLANC 5 1 Prescott Street Medford, Mass. MAUREEN MCCARTHY 167 Wood Street New Bedford, Mass. JOHN McGOVERN 103 Olive Avenue Lawrence, Mass. LINDA HERING 89 Brookfield Street Lawrence, Mass. CAROLYN HILDEBRAND 30 Cornell Street Lawrence, Mass. JOHN HITRON 63 Emerson Street Wakefield, Mass. KATHLEEN HOLLAND 60 Blossom Street Lowell, Mass. PRISCILLA HOPKINS 17 Maud Graham Circle Burlington, Mass. ELAINE LEMASURIER 160 Dunstable Road North Chelmsford, Mass. CAROL LEN 78 Wilson Drive Framingham, Mass. VIRGINIA LESSARD 303 Sladen Street Dracut, Mass. PATRICIA LESTER 46 Twelfth Street Lowell, Mass. EVELYN LINDQUIST 7 Ross Road Lexington, Mass. DAVID McHUGH 5 Durant Street Lowell, Mass. DOUGLAS McINTOSH 28 Woodside Drive Topsfield, Mass. FLORENCE McKENNA Wash Road Billerica, Mass. SALLY McKEW 15 Patton Street Lawrence, Mass. DONNA McKINLEY 119 Fremont Street Lawrence, Mass. 139 CELINA METIVIER 61 Wellesley Avenue Lowell, Mass. GERALDINE PELLETIER 7 Maple Court Andover, Mass. RICHARD STE. MARIE 28 South Wipple Street Lowell, Mass. PATRICIA MINIHAN 49 Parker Street North Andover, Mass. CAROLE PRENTISS 27 Wright Road Ayer, Mass. CARLA STUPAKEWICZ Foster Avenue Billerica, Mass. SOPHIA MITROPOULOS 5 Vail Court Cambridge, Mass. JOHN MOORE 499 Stevens Street Lowell, Mass. THOMAS MOORE Keyes Road Westford, Mass. RONALD MORRELL 126 George Street Arlington, Mass. ANNA MARIE MORRISSY 265 Princess Street Saint John, N.B. MARLENE MOYNIHAN 23 Duren Avenue Lowell, Mass. JUDITH MULVEY 25 Livingston Street Lowell, Mass. CORNELIA NELLIGAN 18 Daniels Street Lowell, Mass. MARY ANNE O ' BRIEN 37 Cedar Street Lowell, Mass. RITA O ' BRIEN 45 West Street Lowell, Mass. ROGEAN O ' BRIEN 88 Trull Lane East Lowell, Mass. NEAL O ' LOUGHLIN 322 Ames Street Lawrence, Mass. KATHLEEN O ' NEILL 97 Stearns Avenue Lawrence, Mass. DOROTHY PACULA 38 Methuen Street Lowell, Mass. MARILYN RAFUSE 20 Chestnut Avenue Burlington, Mass. MARTHA REIDY 107 Warwick Street Lowell, Mass. WILLIAM RIDER 77 Cocasset Street Foxboro, Mass. MARY JO ROBERTO 364 Wilder Street Lowell, Mass. HILDE ROYMANS 257 Chelmsford Street Chelmsford, Mass. DONNA RYAN 29 Dorchester Street Lawrence, Mass. RICHARD SAVARD 1 130 Lakeview Avenue Methuen, Mass. ELEANOR SHEEHAN 98 Lexington Street Cambridge, Mass. PATRICIA SHEEHY 70 Arlington Street Methuen, Mass. JOHN SHIELDS 181 West London Street Lowell, Mass. VAUGHAN SIGOUIN 35 Osgood Avenue Lowell, Mass. ARTHUR SMITH 135 Middlesex Street North Chelmsford, Mass. JUDITH SMITH 25 Byron Street Wakefield, Mass. MAUREEN SULLIVAN 17 Harwick Road Wakefield, Mass. ROBERTA TAPPER 148 Foster Street Lowell, Mass. ALLAN TIMMINS 392 Westford Square Lowell, Mass. RICHARD TODD 172 Salem Street Wakefield, Mass. PAULA ULIANO 31 Bradford Street North Andover, Mass. ROBERT UPTON 38 Aubura Street Woburn, Mass. PATRICIA VAUGHAN 41 Rockingham Street Lowell, Mass. CYNDA YADE 27 Aldred Street Woburn, Mass. GORDON WALSH 93 1 South Street Tewksbury, Mass. MARIBETH WALSH 152 Oakland Avenue Methuen, Mass. DOROTHY WASHBURN Allen Street Marion, Mass. DAVID WEBB 5 Colledge Avenue Natick, Mass. DIANA WETHERBEE 34 Pine Street North Billerica, Mass. PRISCILLA PAULET 126 Lowell Avenue Haverhill, Mass. CHARLES SPIEWAK 1 Cleves Street Rockport, Mass. CAROL WICKENS 22 Merrill Street Methuen, Mass. EMILLIE PAPPAZISIS 29 Angela Avenue Shrewsbury, Mass. PAMELA SPINNEY 7 C Street Lowell, Mass. RITA WINDHEIM 10 Laws Brook Road West Concord, Mass. RALPH PEARCE 36 Floroer Lane Dracut, Mass. MARY STANAVICH 4 Hazel Square Lowell, Mass. CASSANDRA WINTER 1165 Shawsheen Road Tewksbury, Mass. 140 FRESHMEN JUDITH ABRAHAM 65 Clare Street Lowell, Mass. JOANNE ALBERT 38 ' 2 Smith Street Lowell, Mass. NORMAN ALLARD 112 Jemmess Street Lowell, Mass. CAROL ALLEN Brookside Road Nabnassett, Mass. RICHARD ANGELL 502 Boston Road Billerica, Mass. CARL ANTIFONARIO 165 Ludlam Street Lowell, Mass. EDA ANTONELLO 55 Chestnut Hill Brighton, Mass. JOHN APPLEBY 250 Haverhill Street Lawrence, Mass. ALFRED ARMSTRONG 462 Main Street Tewksbury, Mass. RICHARD ARSENAULT 14 Eight Avenue Lowell, Mass. JUDITH ASADOORIAN 284 Wheeler Street Methuen, Mass. JOAN BADMINGTON 728 Nashua Rd. Dracut, Mass. CAROL BALCH 2 Marion Street Wilmington, Mass. MARYANN BARRACLOUGH 66 Trenton St. Lawrence, Mass. MICHELE BEAUCHENSE 49 Wilder Street Lowell, Mass. CHRISTINA BELURIS 105 Merrill Avenue Lowell, Mass. RALPH BENNETI - 1 Gordon Road No. Reading, Mass. AMELIA BETTANO 9 Paula Street Burlington, Mass. ROBERTA BLACKBURN 98 Hillcrest Drive Attleboro, Mass. PAUL BLAIS 94 Weare Street Lawrence, Mass. NANCY BLOOD 16 Avon Avenue Methuen, Mass. MARY ANNE BOLAND Webster Street Salem, N.H. DIANE BOUCHER 2 Railroad Street Lawrence, Mass. JOAN BRADLEY 1 15 Montvale Avenue Woburn, Mass. RUSSELL BRAMHALL 197 Ferry Road Salisbury, Mass. ROSEMARIE BRANCOTO 119 Dorchester Street Lawrence, Mass. DARLENE BROWN 252 Westford Street Lowell, Mass. JANICE MARIE BROWN 22 College Road Burlington, Mass. CHRISTA BUCHHOLZ 7 Westford Street Lowell, Mass. ROBERT BUNKER 44 Glenside Avenue Pinehurst, Mass. EDWARD BURKE 35 Shaw Street Lowell, Mass. ELAINE BURKE 6 High Street Lawrence, Mass. SUZANNE BURNS 50 Brian Road Lowell, Mass. CHARLOTTE BUTLER 129 Central Street Auburn, Mass. BRUCE BYAM 8 Perham Street Chelmsford, Mass. DIANNE CABANA High Street W. Warren, Mass. NOELLA CARDELLA Ironstone Street Millville, Mass. LORETTA CAREY 12 Lake Avenue Woburn, Mass. RUTH CARKIN 51 Swan Road North Chelmsford, Mass. LOIS CARTER 149 Mendon Road South Attleboro, Mass. CAROL CARUSO 73 Carmel Road Andover, Mass. MARY CASEY 23 Strathmore Road Methuen, Mass. JAMES CASTANO North Andover, Mass. LOIS CHOQUETTE 87 Stearns Avenue Lawrence, Mass. MARGARET CHOQUETTE 31 Lundberg Street Lowell, Mass. KATHLEEN CIAMPA 4 Wheeling Street Woburn, Mass. JANICE CLAYTON 37 Freeman Street Haverhill, Mass. DIANE CLERMONT Lowell Road E. Pepperell, Mass. ELIZABETH CLERMONT 344 E. Main Street North Adams, Mass. PATRICIA CLUETrE 216 Mansur Street Lowell, Mass. RACHELLE COGNAC 514 Hildreth Street Dracut, Mass. THERESA COOK 19 Marjorie Street Methuen, Mass. ROSALIE CORINO 9 Sanborn Street Winchester, Mass. ROBERT CULLEN 70 Pawtucket Drive Lowell, Mass. KATHLEEN CULLINAN 27 Sunset Avenue Chelmsford, Mass. NIKLOS CZIFRIK 12 Hudson Street Woburn, Mass. DONNA DAVIS 45 First Street Chelmsford, Mass. CAROL DEACON 3 Greenwood Street Lawrence, Mass. MARGARET DE DEO 10 Jay Street Tewksbury, Mass. BARBARA DELEHANTY 404 Fletcher Street Lowell, Mass. LORRAINE DE NICOLA 382 E. Merrimack Lowell, Mass. RONALD DE POCHE 129 Margin Street Lawrence, Mass. JEANNE DESROSIERS 176 West Street Lawrence, Mass. DIANE DIMATTEO 8 River Street Billerica, Mass. DONALD DOHERTY 275 Hillside Avenue Arlington, Mass. JEAN DOHERTY 40 Andover Road Billerica, Mass. 141 PATRICIA DOHERTY 59 Swan Street Lawrence, Mass. JOHN DONAHUE 3 1 Fulmouth Road Watertown, Mass. MARGARET DONOVAN 32 Beech Street Chelmsford, Mass. KATHLEEN DOWNING 39 Brick Kiln Road E. Chelmsford, Mass. SUSAN DOYLE 76 Lorimer Road Belmont, Mass. FREDERICK DRAWSCHKE 46 Dwyer Circle Medford, Mass. CONSTANCE DUCHARME 1 Manning Place Lowell, Mass. LILLIAN DUCHESNE 23 Easton Street Lawrence, Mass. CECILE DUHAMEL 400 So. Broadway Street Lawrence, Mass. SUSAN E. EATON 135 North Lowell Street Methuen, Mass. CHRISTINE EDDA 20 Duncan Street Pittsfield, Mass. KATHLEEN FELTON 9 Barclay Street Lowell, Mass. DANIEL FERRANTINO 35 Stanton Street Worcester, Mass. DAVID FLOYD 3 1 Boston Road Westford, Mass. ELEANOR FOTOPOULOS 261 Beacon Street Lowell, Mass. ROBERT FRENETTE Longview Road No. Wilmington, Mass. SANDRA FUGGE 3 No. Boylston Street Lawrence, Mass. DORIS GADBOIS 108 River Street Billerica, Mass. BESSIE GAITANAS 14 W. Bowers Street Lowell, Mass. ELAINE GARDNER 245 Liberty Street Randolph, Mass. ANN GAVRIEL 46 Waugh Street Lowell, Mass. CHRISTINE GEORGEOPOULOS W. Meadow Road Lowell, Mass. ROBERT GILMAN 28 Diamond Street No. Chelmsford, Mass. YOLANDE GIROUARD 24 Oakridge Circle Wilmington, Mass. JOANNE GLAVECKAS 157 So. Pleasant Street Bradford, Mass. BEATRICE GOMES 65 Haverhill Street Dracut, Mass. NICHOLAS GOUMAS 175 Kinsley Street Nashua, N.H. GERARD GRADY 24 Smith Street Lowell, Mass. ALICE GRAY 1 1 Oak Avenue Tewksbury, Mass. JUDITH GRAY 8 Clarke Avenue Chelmsford, Mass. NORMAN GUILBEAULT 502 Moody Street Lowell, Mass. JEAN GURECKI 107 Melose Street Arlington, Mass. MAUREEN HALEY 20 Nelson Street Lawrence, Mass. JUDITH HALPIN 29 High Street No. Wilmington, Mass. SHERRYL HANSEN 48 Woburn Street Lowell, Mass. LISABETH HARRIGAN 213 Union Street Randolph, Mass. MARY HASSETT 60 Rockingham Avenue Lowell, Mass. CAROL HASTINGS 662 Mass Avenue Lunenburg, Mass. MARILYN HAYES 14 So. Park Street Bradford, Mass. DOROTHY HEENAN 138 Coburn Street Lowell, Mass. JUDY HIGGINS 3 Main Street Woburn, Mass. DIANNE HIGSON 90 Andrews Street Lowell, Mass. CATHERINE HILL 1 346 Newport Avenue So. Attleboro, Mass. CAROL HOGAN 710 Stevens Street Lowell, Mass. VIRGINIA HOLDER 7 Parlee Road Chelmsford, Mass. MARGARET HOLT 130 Robin Hill Road Chelmsford, Mass. CAROL J. HOUGH 15 Columbia Street N. Chelmsford, Mass. HELEN HOULE 3 Main Street Blackstone, Mass. DENNIS JONIS Wildwood Avenue W. Upton, Mass. BETTY KENNEDY 32 Oak Street Winchester, Mass. MARGO KOSTOULAKOS 573 Nashua Road Dracut, Mass. JOAN E. KOWALSKI 7 1 Armano Avenue Lowell, Mass. PAUL KUJANPAA 766 New W. Townsend Road Fitchburg, Mass. ROBERT KULP Bellevue Drive Spencer, Mass. DOUGLAS KUTNEY 108 Greenfield Road Mattapan, Mass. JUDITH LAFAVER 79 Concord Street Wilmington, Mass. MICHELE LANDRY 45 Walder Street Lowell, Mass. ROGER LANDRY 45 Walker Street Lowell, Mass. WILLIAM LARKIN 417 South Main Street Orange, Mass. MARILYN LA ROCHE 179 Pleasant Street Lowell, Mass. JOSEPH LAURICELLA 39 Reed Street Randolph, Mass. KATHLEEN LAWLESS 68 Sartell Road Waltham, Mass. FREDERICK LEAHY 301 Lowell Street Wakefield, Mass. ROLAND LEDUC 45 Hampshire Street Lowell, Mass. KATHLEEN LENIHAN 224 Shaughnessy Terrace Lowell, Mass. ELIZABETH LIAKOS 456 Fletcher Street Lowell, Mass. ANNMARIE LINEHAN 80 Moore Street Lowell, Mass. ELAINE LINEHAN 1068 Main Street Reading, Mass. ANN LISIEN 53 Foster Street Lowell, Mass. 142 JOAN LIVINGSTON 50 Sayles Street Lowell, Mass. THERESA LORD 293 Wentworth Avenue Lowell, Mass. BARRY LOW 32 Dufton Road Andover, Mass. SHEILA LOWELL 118 Bellevue Street Lowell, Mass. PAULA LYNCH 45 Oakland Avenue Arlington, Mass. JANEANN McDONALD 36 Tolman Avenue Lowell, Mass. PAMELA McGEE 16 Masconomet Street Ipswich, Mass. DENNIS McGUANE 1 1 Wesley Street Lowell, Mass. EDWARD McGUANE 1 1 Forest Street Lowell, Mass. KATHRYN McLAUGHLIN 38 Second Avenue Lowell, Mass. ELAINE MacDONALD 5 Forest Park Road Woburn, Mass. JOAN MacINNIS 16 En more Andover, Mass. DANIEL MacKAY 77 Glen Road Wilmington, Mass. JAMES MAGUIRE R-15 Church Avenue Woburn, Mass. MARTHA MAKAREWICZ 23 Ansowia Street Dracut, Mass. FLORA MANNING 6 Jefferson Street Lawrence, Mass. PAUL MARTENS 150 Uncatena Avenue Worcester, Mass. FAITH MARTIN 239 Taunton Avenue Norton, Mass. PAULA MECHALIDES 21 Uphand Street Dracut, Mass. MARSHA MEERE 7 Walnut Road Chelmsford, Mass. BRUCE MELNIKAS 60 Wentworth Avenue No. Andover, Mass. MARILYN MERCIER 54 Mountain Avenue Fitchburg, Mass. LINDA MERRILL 8 1 Main Street E. Pepperell, Mass. LORRAINE MERRILL 5 Northgate Road Chelmsford, Mass. GLORIA MICHALSKI 22 Bassett Road Holyoke, Mass. PAULA MIRANDA 764 Davol Street Fall River, Mass. MARYANNE MONAZYNSKI 34 Coburn Street Lowell, Mass. BARBARA MONTBLEAU 8 Starlight Avenue Chelmsford, Mass. MARGARET MONTE 470 Wheeler Road Dracut, Mass. JOANNE MONTGOMERY 163 Agawam Street Lowell, Mass. GEORGE MORIARTY 650 Broadway Street Lowell, Mass. HAROLD MORRIS 94 Garfield Avenue Lynn, Mass. BARRY MULHULLAND 225 Shawsheen Avenue Wilmington, Mass. LAUREEN MULLEN 198 So. Main Street Middleboro, Mass. BONNIE MURRAY 61 Stearns Avenue Lawrence, Mass. DOUGLAS MURRAY 587 Bedford Street E. Bridgewater, Mass. MARJORIE MURRAY 33 Beach Street Woburn, Mass. LESLIE NAVARETTA 123 Fleming Street Lowell, Mass. AUDREY NEURINGER 39 Vine Street Reading, Mass. ROSE MARY NEVILLE 51 Clifford Street Taunton, Mass. SUSAN NORTH 67 Ash Street West Bridgewater, Mass. LINDA NUTILE 38 Curtis Street Wakefield, Mass. MAUREEN O ' CONNOR 32 Pearl Street Lawrence, Mass. MAUREEN O ' CONNELL 165 Dracut Street Lawrence, Mass. ELLEN O ' HARA 25 E. Sheppard Lane Chelmsford, Mass. ELIZABETH OSTERBERG 233 Conant Gardner, Mass. BETTE OTTAVIANI 1 10 Warren ton Road Haverhill, Mass. JEAN PALAVRAS 238 Wilder Street Lowell, Mass. SUZANNE PARSONS 5 Wayne Street Lawrence, Mass. GAYLE PARTHUM 18 Abbott Street Lawrence, Mass. THOMAS PASQUERELLA 582 Second Street Everett, Mass. SHIRLEY PAVELKA 56 Homefield Avenue Dracut, Mass. GERALDINE PAWLAK 32 Dedham Street Methuen, Mass. RICHARD PERIRA Oak Street N. Wilmington, Mass. GLORIA PERRON 151 Glenwood Street Lowell, Mass. CHARLES PEVERILL 123 Rea Street Lowell, Mass. JUNE PINEAULT 14 Corbett Road Lawrence, Mass. LINDA PITOCCHELLI 25 Fulton Street Lawrence, Mass. DOROTHY PLOURDE 59 Parker Avenue Tewksbury, Mass. LOUISE POIRIER 27 Saint Paul Street Lowell, Mass. LINDA POTER 438 Pleasant Street Tewksbury, Mass. PATRICIA PRIUITERA 116 Garden Street Lawrence, Mass. CAROL PURDY 82 Milne Avenue Swansea, Mass. KATHLEEN PUSHEE 12 Washington Avenue Wilmington, Mass. EDWIN QUIMBY 50 Putnam Avenue Lowell, Mass. BARBARA RAYMOND 67 Everett Street Arlington, Mass. KAREN REDFORD 9 Prescott Rd. Concord, Mass. FRANCES REGAN 18 Riverstreet Graniteville. Mass. MARY PAULA REGAN 53 Rea Street Lowell, Mass. 143 MAUREEN REGAN 36 Border Street Lawrence, Mass. JANET RICHEY 453 Main Street Tewksbury, Mass. MARJORIE RIDDICK 550 Wilder Street Lowell, Mass. MARIMARGARET ROBERTS 2 1 Mt. Washington Street Lowell, Mass. DOREEN ROCHE 48 Pleasant Street Lawrence, Mass. NANCY ROCHFORD 37 Mt. Pleasant Street North Billerica, Mass. SUSAN ROTELLINI 54 Rosewood Avnue Billerica, Mass. BEVERLY RUSSELL 556 Slocum Road Dartmouth, Mass. MARIE RUSSO 29 Ellis Street Woburn, Mass. PATRICIA RYAN 31 Laurie Lane Lowell, Mass. PATRICIA RYSNER 18 North Street Gilbertville, Mass. GEORGIANNA SABA 222 Walnut Street Lawrence, Mass. ARLENE SAGER 358 Boylston Street Lowell, Mass. LORNA SAMWAYS 29 High Street Somerville, Mass. MICHAEL SCOTT 127 West Akard Street Ludlow, Mass. SUSANNE SCOTT 208 Princeton Blvd. Lowell, Mass. DIANE SCOURTAS 69 Henry Avenue Lynn, Mass. LOUISE SEABORNE 21 Keaoh Street Methuen, Mass. KAY SEARS 130 Edendale Street Springfield, Mass. DIANA SHADAN 14 Somerset Street Lowell, Mass. BRENDA SHAHEEN 4 Caswell Avenue Methuen, Mass. BEVERLY SHAIA 8 Shirley Avenue Methuen, Mass. GAIL SHEEHAN Pond Street North Billerica, Mass. BARBARA SHUFRO 38 Bennington Street Needham, Mass. CHRISTINE SIGALOS 1 5 Varney Street Lowell, Mass. JOHN SILVERAI 1 1 Apple Street Lowell, Mass. IRENE SIMANO 524 Moody Street Lowell, Mass. VALERIE SIMARD 12 Smith Street Lowell, Mass. KARLEEN SMITH 56 Beverly Street North Andover, Mass. NANCY SOUCY 23 Foster Street Lawrence, Mass. JOHANNA SPEROONIS 101 Chapman Street Dracut, Mass. MARILYN STACY 94 A Street Lowell, Mass. JUDITH STUART I Closson Court Methuen, Mass. DORIS SULLIVAN 64 Francis Wyman Road Burlington, Mass. MARY MARGARET SULLIVAN 27 Fairmeadow Road Wilmington, Mass. LORRAINE SUTTON 9 Dirlam Circle Tewksbury, Mass. JANICE TACY 2 1 Vandergrif t Street Lawrence, Mass. JAMES TAYLOR 80 Essex Avenue N. Kingstown, Mass. BEVERLY TERRIO 10 Baremeadow Street Methuen, Mass. LINDA THEBERGE I I Clinton Street Lawrence, Mass. JANICE THIEL 90 Lake Street Tewksbury, Mass. LORRAINE THIVIERGE 39 Lillian Terrace Dracut, Mass. MARY TIGHE 105 Andrews Street Lowell, Mass. SUSAN TOWNSEND 99 Lincoln Street Lowell, Mass. JUDITH TREADWELL Charlton Road East Brookfield, Mass. ELIZABETH TYBURSKI 175 Pleasant Street Thorndike, Mass. ROBERT TYLER 12 Taylor Avenue Burlington, Mass. ANN URBOWIC 14 Mt. Pleasant Avenue Dracut, Mass. VIRGINIA VALENTINO 135 Glen Road Wilmington, Mass. EDWARD VASLET 52 Thurber Avenue Attleboro, Mass. MARY VELLUTO 66 Russey Lane Melrose, Mass. KATHERINE VOSE 12 Belmont Street Lowell, Mass. IRENE WALSH 7 Franklin Avenue Andover, Mass. JANET WALSH 30-7th Avenue Lowell, Mass. JUDITH W ALSH 32 Water Street Tewksbury, Mass. CAROLYN WELLS 57 Pond Street Billerica, Mass. ELIZABETH WELT 460 Main Street Harwichport, Mass. CAROL WHITE 65 Freeman Avenue Dracut, Mass. DOLORES WHITE 114 Hale Street Lowell, Mass. MARGARET WHITE 12 Harding Road Lexington, Mass. PATRICIA WHITE 20 Wedemerer Beverly, Mass. NANCY WHITING 23 Kearsage Avenue Dracut, Mass. ROGER WHITTLESEY 9 Sherry Avenue Whilinsville, Mass. PATRICIA WITKUM 92 Florence Avenue Tewksbury, Mass. SANDRA WOODHOUSE 9 Dudley Street North Andover, Mass. ANNE WYCKOFF 69 Valley Road Needham, Mass. JUDITH YEATON 237 Locust Street Danvers, Mass. ARTHUR ZAINO 20 Linda Road N. Wilmington, Mass. KATHLEEN ZANGARI 3 Temple Street Haverhill, Mass. FLORENCE ZANNI 22 Wilmot Street Lawrence, Mass. JAMES ZANNINO 420 Middlesex Street Billerica, Mass. ROSEMARIE ZANNONI 8 Lundberg Street Lowell, Mass. 144 ©

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