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Text from Pages 1 - 144 of the 1962 volume:

j v ' " . ' •4M •; • f - ; •£« iff " ■ " • ' " ■ ' ' " ' : ' pm Knoll of 1962 - SvS ! LQWEU f - ; spjgg i ' ' ■; : ;-fVv ' -.- ' v.v -,-•• 5- : ' " ' Ja— :-. : " . ' . Ml Mi, | ■- ' ■ =aa(iS35 ' •=• i " T " ' ' - ' ' ■■■ ' - ' " " ■ ■ ' " ' ■ ■■ ' ' ' . " ■ -■ ' ■■■ ■■- ■■■ £■ V- ' J ' Itr ' ' Qv . - ' ' I?- .-■; " ■-- ■■■■■-, -- - .. •pjm m ■at ■■ ' :•- b ' ■■■ - ' " ' r. v,-.,- -v Y J - T ' ?c5i j L x 1 % V " ' » An(iPS ' - °- - u « T ' ' ■ lefsr ; »-« 55S ! 3$ .■-,•• . ... r . n ; • , :. .- » T President Wrote Gerard Manley Hopkins " As a dare-gale skylark, scanted in a dull cage Man ' s mounting spirit in his bone-house, mean house, dwells " neither sputniks nor global orbits can free man from the prison of his physical universe. Only through the realm of the spirit and of the intellect can the Class of 1962 winging from its Lowellian cage " Kind love both give and get " ' - . . ll The Editors Dedicate the 1962 Knoll to Robert J. Foy During our collegiate life, the Class of 1962 has been proud to have you as our faculty advisor. To you, Mr. Foy, we dedicate this yearbook. Your scholarship has inspired a greater scholastic initiative on the part of your students. Your sincere interest in our class affairs has encouraged us to put forth our best possible efforts for their success. Your unfailing and generous help and advice have enriched our four years at this college, and have won our heartfelt gratitude. In an age faced with conflicting ideologies, in a world in which knowledge has reached truly staggering proportions, it is trite to note that man has virtually lost his identity. And it is equally banal to comment upon the singular lack of success with which he has abrogated his conscience for the security of organizational iden- tity. Both points have been made ad nauseam by every public moralist. As a teacher, nevertheless, your most important task will be to restore the confidence of the individual in his own judgment by promoting a conscious knowledge of the self as well as of the world in which the self exists — to make it clear that the indi- vidual has existence beyond the conceptual world of which he is a part. Unless you can do this, your teaching will be in vain. No small part of your task as a teacher will be to impart to your students a vision of man ' s spiritual greatness while also developing a deep sense of suspicion for the Utopian — to give them a reference by which to distinguish the necessity for evaluation from the questionable luxury of relativism. To cope with these de- mands which your profession will make upon you, it will be necessary that you view your students as being something more than the antiseptic ingredients of a laboratory experiment and that you direct yourself by an interior sense of excel- lence which will make your opinion something more than another opinion in an or- ganization of opinion. Only to the degree that you can perceive yourself as a being capable of im- mense personal growth and that both the kind and extent of your development are clearly within your control can you make your students comprehend that their growth is irrevocably related to the growth of mankind. Carry with you into your teaching the encouraging words of Marcus Aurelius, who being assigned the task of preserving an order which had lost faith in itself accepted his responsibility man- fully. If thou workest at that which is before thee, following right reason se- riously, vigorously, calmly, without allowing anything else to distract thee, but keeping thy divine part true, as if thou shouldst be bound to give it back immediately; if thou holdest to this, expecting nothing, fear- ing nothing, but satisfied with thy present activities according to nature, and with heroic truth in every word and sound which thou utterest, thou wilt live happy. And there is no man who is able to prevent this. _j£tyj f- y . f 7 ■ ■ ll$fc$ 9l ; • -,jg0 00 hH5 , ill L JjC J I ■ " 5 . " ' :■■.: : : ■ ' -■■ :- : ; y .-:-, H 1 : : ; B„ ANNE GAUDETTE associate editor STELLA MARTAKOS editor-in-chief THOMAS TOBIN associate editor PAULINE GOLEC literary editor joan Mcdonald photography editor ANNELIESE COTTON ELLEN MACONE business manager PRISCILLA VADEBONCOEUR music editor ANN MEDELINSKAS sports editor FRANCIS BALAS sports editor Table of Contents Faculty Seniors Who ' s Who Class History Underclassmen Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Organizations 12 22 62 65 68 70 71 72 74 State College at Lowell 98 Campus Candids 100 A College in Abstract 117 11 We, at the State College at Lowell, are endowed with a faculty of exceptional quality, scholarship, understanding and human warmth. Under their dedicated guidance, we have been exposed to wide, varied backgrounds of knowledge, and also to the more technically defined area of education, in which field we must, in order to function effec- tively, manipulate all the knowledges we have gained. Our faculty has endeavored not only to foster our mental growth, but also to instill in us an appreciation of the cultural and intellectual, a love of truth, and a desire to serve that we may better benefit society and fulfill our own personalities. Plato has said, " The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life. " Our faculty has led us in the positive direction. m •„, i f i T. 1 1 ii urf i ni l " u!rfjr._ ii» Lum| . V34 When you read this book, plans for your immediate future will be more or less settled. If marriage, graduate study, military service or teach- ing are your first roads, take with you my three best wishes: — for sympathetic understanding as you solve the little and big problems — for a continuing program of studies as a student of teaching — for happiness in a world filled with op- portunities. MARGUERITE L. GOURVILLE Chairman of Professional Education Director, Student Teaching and Placement B.S.Ed., Marywood College A.M., Boston University EDWARD F. GILDAY Chairman of Music Education B.S.Mus., A.M., New York University D.Mus.A., Boston University Your teaching will show the breadth of your thinking, Your thinking will show the breadth of your knowledge, Your knowledge will show the breadth of your industry, Your industry will show the depth of your humility. 14 This yearbook should serve to remind you of all that your college years have meant to you: good times, good friends and a richer life. May you continue to en- joy all three, and may you in turn make the lives of the children you teach happier and richer. Be dedicated teachers, true to yourselves, faithful to your profession and loyal to your college. Although you leave the campus, you are never really separated from it. Whatever you do reflects upon your college, increas- ing or diminishing it accordingly. In the words of John Donne: " No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main . . . . " MARY E. McGAUVRAN Dean of Women, Director of Admissions B.S.Ed., State College at Lowell Ed.M., Ed.D., Boston University JOHN J. FISHER Dean of Men, Director of Extension Studies A.B., St. John ' s University A.M., Ed.D., Columbia University During the past four years you have lived, worked and matured in a rapidly expanding college. You have been called on to face great intellectual challenges on the campus in a very dangerous international situation. Countless personal problems, formerly solved for you by parents, now demanded your solution. You have emerged from this period of exciting transition more knowledgeable and more understanding. We, members of the faculty, have received our reward in that we believe we have helped you, the finest youth in the world today, to attain your first great intellectual goal. Faculty PAUL BREGOR A.A., B.Mus., Mus.Ed.M. Boston University Music Department HELEN G. DRINAN B.S., Columbia University Ed.M ., Harvard University Education Department DR. WILLIAM C. BURTO A.B., Colgate University A.M., Ph.D., Harvard University English Department DR. WILLIAM R. FISHER B.S.Mus., A.M., New York University Ed.D., Boston University Music Department FORTUNATA CALIRI A.B., Emmanuel College Ed.M., Boston Teachers College English Department JOHN R. FITZGERALD B.S.Ed., Ed.M., Boston University Social Science Department IGNATIUS A. CISZEK B.S., Arnold College Ed.M., Boston University Physical Education Department ROBERT J. FOY B.S.Ed., Plymouth Teachers College A.M., Ed.S., George Peabody College Ed.M., Harvard University English Department WALTER P. COPLEY B.S., Ed.M., Boston College Science Department DR. H. MARIE GARRITY B.S.Ed., State College at Lowell Ed.M., Ed.D., Boston University Physical Education Department GERTRUDE M. CUNNINGHAM B.S.Ed., Ed.M., Boston University Education Department DR. PATRICIA A. GOLER A.B., Regis College A.M., Ph.D., Boston College Social Science Department 16 DeMERRITTE A. HISCOE B.S.Ed., Massachusetts School of Art Ed.M., Tufts University A rt Department CHARLES R. MEEHAN B.S., Ed.M., Boston College M.S.L.S., Simmons College Librarian DR. ETHEL KAMIEN A.B., Brooklyn College M.S., University of Wisconsin Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Science Department DR. ELIZABETH A. NEILSON B.S.Ed., Ed.M., Ed.D., Boston University Physical Education Department KALERVO KANSANNIVA B.S.Ed., Ed.M., State College at Fitchburg A.M., Boston University Speech and Theatre Arts THOMAS A. NORRIS B.S.Ed., M.C.S., Boston University Social Science Department ALICE G. KIERNAN B.S.Ed., State College at Lowell Ed.M., Boston University Education Department FREDERICK A. NORTON A.B., A.M., Boston College Social Science Department EDWARD T. KNOWLES B.S.Ed., State College at Bridgewater A.M., Fletcher School of International Law Social Science Department DR. FRANCIS P. OHARA A.B., A.M., Boston College Ph.D., University of Paris Social Science Department DR. WILLIAM H. M ALONE B.S., Ed.M., Boston College Ed.D., Boston University Science Department LEO PAN AS B.S., Massachusetts School of Art Ed.M., State College at Fitchburg Art Department 17 DR. DOMENIC R. PROCOPIO A.B., A.M., Harvard University Ph.D., Boston University Music Department DR. CYRUS D. THOMPSON B.S.Ed., Pennsylvania State College M.M., Eastman School of Music Ed.D., Boston University Music Department DR. MARGARET R. SHANNON B.S.Ed., State College at Lowell Ed.M., Ed.D., Harvard University Education Department GARDNER TILLSON A.B., Tufts University A.M., Pennsylvania State University Speech Department ROBERT M. SHAUGHNESSY B.Mus., Mus.Ed.M., Boston University Music Department JOHN F. ZIMMERMAN A.B., A.M., Wayne State University Social Science Department PRENTISS SHEPHERD, JR. A.B., A.M., Harvard University Science Department IRENE B. O ' LOUGHLIN R.N., St. John ' s Hospital, Lowell, Mass. Health Department 18 Campus Schools THOMAS F. McSORLEY Master and Principal BARTLETT SCHOOL CONSTANCE LANSEIGNE Supervising Teacher, Grade One CATHERINE V. O ' CONNOR Supervising Teacher, Grade Four GERTRUDE M. BAILEY Supervising Teacher, Grade Three ELIZABETH C. COFFEY Supervising Teacher, Grade Six DOROTHY C. EASTHAM Supervising Teacher, Grade Six ESTHER T. BURNS Supervising Teacher, Grade Five HELEN J. COYNE Supervisor of Music, Bartlett and Washington Schools EDNA HOYT Supervising Teacher, Grade Two HENRY E. McGOWAN Master and Principal MARYCLARE HAYES Supervising Teacher, Grade Three KATHERINE KEARNEY Supervising Teacher, Grade Six PATRICIA HIGGINS Supervising Teacher, Grade Four GEORGINA P. KEITH Supervising Teacher, Grade Two ALMA L. WARD Supervising Teacher, Grade One PENELOPE Z. KOPLEY Supervising Teacher, Grade Six WASHINGTON SCHOOL 19 College Staff and Personnel COLLEGE STAFF Marion B. Atherton, Mary M. Brady. Second Row: Florence J. Braden, Beatrice L. Meagher, Kathleen M. Byrt. MATRON Mrs. Ann Mclnerney DORMITORY HOUSEMOTHER Ethel T. Wilder. Absent: Mary Rourke, Mrs. Fury, and Mrs. Larkin. CUSTODIANS John Clement and Patrick Scollin 20 paur - », ' wv ' ' F ■ i KFV .•. ' » • 3Rfa in, r i K. . n ' flHEsv v. ». i " ' ' -V ' «$-, i!W " 1 Mil C29E »? They leave soon. Are they ready? Have they matured? Have the disappointments of college life strengthened them for the greater disappointments that are inevitable in their future years? Have the joys of academic accomplishment inspired a love for further academic growth? Have they grown in the friendships that they have found here? Have their differences of opinion engendered a respect for all hon- est differences, and for the worth of the individual? Will their class rings be a symbol of the intangible, abstract, but worthy qualities that should result from a college education, or will they be merely symbols of purely materialistic gain? Seniors — the megaton age awaits you! President RICHARD G. SMITH Elementary Education Library Representative Secretary GEORGIA JEAN DANAS Elementary Education M. JOAN LeCLAIR Music Education 24 Vice-President Treasurer PAULINE M. GOLEC Elementary Education Asst. Library Representative ROBERTA SHARON MURRAY Elementary Education ANNE M. GAUDETTE Elementary Education 25 JEAN CORNELIA AMBROSE Elementary Education HAROLD HERVE ANDERSON Music Education JEAN FRANCES ARREN Elementary Education 26 FRANCIS PETER BALAS Elementary Education DONNA MARIE BARANOWSKI Elementary Education BERNADINE DEMORE BEES Elementary Education 27 SHIRLEY RUTH BROWN Elementary Education PATRICIA MARIE BURNS Elementary Education ELIZABETH A. CALLAHAN Elementary Education 28 HENRY C. CAMILLO, JR. Music Education JAMES E. CALLAHAN Elementary Education ANNA MARY CARAVOULIAS Elementary Education 29 VIRGINIA ANN CARNEVALE Elementary Education CHRISTINE DOROTHY CARNEY Elementary Education CHARLES HENRY COMO Music Education 30 ELIZABETH ANN CONNOR Elementary Education RICHARD CORCORAN Elementary Education THOMAS CORCORAN Elementary Education 31 JANICE ELAINE COREY Elementary Education ANNELIESE MARGARETHE COTTON Elementary Education CONSTANCE CUTRUMBES Elementary Education 32 ANN MARIE DALEY Elementary Education PATRICIA FRANCES DALY Elementary Education NANCY LOUISE DINI Elementary Education 33 MARIE E. DIONNE Elementary Education DENNIS MICHAEL DiSALVO Music Education MARGARET U. FARRELL Elementary Education 34 LINDA JANE FARRIS Elementary Education LORRAINE A. FERRARI Elementary Education JOAN SETON FINNEGAN Elementary Education 35 LESTER C. FLEISHMAN Music Education PATRICIA MARGARET FLYNN Elementary Education ROBERT SHAHEEN FORSLEY Elementary Education 36 BARBARA JEAN FORSYTHE Elementary Education FRANCIS S. GEORGES Elementary Education KATHLEEN ELIZABETH GIALLONGO Elementary Education 37 CAROLANN GILLIS Elementary Education NANCY J. GRESKA Elementary Education ELAINE MARIE GUELI Elementary Education 38 RUTH ANN HABEEB Elementary Education CAROLYN HAND Elementary Education DONALD HARLOW Music Education 39 NORA HARRISON Elementary Education ANN MARIE HEALEY Elementary Education DONNA MARIA HEFFERNAN Elementary Education 40 HELAINE HONAN Elementary Education ROBERT WARD HOWARD Music Education CAROL MARY HOWE Elementary Education 41 JUDITH ANNE INGALLS Music Education MARIE ANNE IZZI Elementary Education ROBERT WENDELL KIDD Music Education 42 STASIA HELEN KOHANSKI Elementary Education ROBERTA PAULINE KOWALSKI Elementary Education MARY ELLEN LYNCH Elementary Education 43 ROBERT A. LYNN Music Education KATHRYN ANN MACARIONE Elementary Education ELLEN-MARIE MACONE Elementary Education 44 JOAN MARIE MAGUIRE Elementary Education MARY JO MANGAN Elementary Education JENNIE H. MARGOSIAN Elementary Education 45 STELLA MARTAKOS Elementary Education REGINA ADELE McARTHUR Elementary Education JOAN MARY McDONALD Elementary Education 46 RICHARD F. McELHINEY Music Education MARILYN JEAN McLAUGHLIN Elementary Education MARY McLEAN Elementary Education 47 ANN LOUISE MEDELINSKAS Elementary Education JOSEPH ANTHONY MUSUMECI Music Education JANICE MAUREEN OBERTI Elementary Education 48 ELIZABETH MARY O ' CONNOR Elementary Education CONSTANCE O ' DONNELL Elementary Education SUELLEN ELIZABETH O ' HARE Elementary Education 49 BARBARA LOUISE PALERMO Elementary Education SUZANNE CAROLE PERREAULT Music Education JAMES PERRY Elementary Education 50 ROGER E. POWERS Music Education MARCELLA FRANCES PRAETZ Elementary Education MARY ELIZABETH PRIEST Music Education 51 ALLAN RAIN Elementary Education ANNA GAIL RALLS Elementary Education BRENDA REGAN CONNORS Elementary Education 52 LEON EUGENE RENAUD Music Education ELEANOR THERESA REILLY Elementary Education MILDRED ESTELLE RIVARD Elementary Education 53 JOAN ELLEN ROBERTSON Elementary Education KATHLEEN ANN SAMARAS Elementary Education NANCY E. SCANLON Elementary Education 54 LORETTA M. SEMINATORE Elementary Education GEORGE SEMEKIS Elementary Education EARL SHARFMAN Elementary Education 55 MARY JOAN STACKPOLE Elementary Education JO-ANNE WYNN STROUT Elementary Education JUDITH STAHL Elementary Education 56 MARGARET CATHERINE SWEENEY Elementary Education PATRICIA ANN SWEENEY Elementary Education MYRTLE CHAPMAN SYKES Elementary Education 57 MARY MARGARET THOMAS Elementary Education THOMAS FRANCIS TOBIN Elementary Education ANN MARGARET MARIE TOOMEY Music Education 58 ELIZABETH A. TRAFTON Elementary Education PRISCILLA MARY VADEBONCOEUR Music Education DORIS A. VANDERSPURT Elementary Education 59 MARY IRENE WALSH Elementary Education NANCY WEEKS Elementary Education ELEANOR RUTH WILK Elementary Education 60 NANCY GRACE YEGHOIAN Elementary Education PAULA M. SULLIVAN Elementary Education 61 Who ' s Who RICHARD G. SMITH M.A.A. 1-4; Wrestling Squad 1; Iona 1-4; Class President 4; Campus Star 1-4, Sports Editor 4. PAULINE M. GOLEC W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4, Executive Board 4; Class Lecture Representative 1, 2; Class Vice-President 3, 4; Student Council 4; Knoll, Literary Editor 4. GEORGIA IEAN DANAS W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; Class Secretary 3, 4; Section Secretary 2. ROBERTA SHARON MURRAY W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4, Executive Board 2, 3, Treas- urer 4; Class Treasurer 4; Student Council, Assistant Public Relations 3; Festival Choir 1. M. JOAN LECLAIR W.R.O. 1-4; Class Library Representative 4; Laboratory Cho- rus 1-3; Concert Choir 4; Concert Band 1-3; Laboratory Band 4; M.E.N.C. 1-4; All College Chorus 1-4. ANNE M. GAUDETTE W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; Class Representative 4; Knoll, Associate Editor 4. Assistant Library JEAN CORNELIA AMBROSE W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; Class Queen 2, 4. HAROLD HERVE ANDERSON M.A.A. 1-4; Section Secretary 1; Laboratory Choir 1-3; Con- cert Choir 4; M.E.N.C. 1-4; Bops Pops 1-2; Carousel 1; Kiss Me Kate 3; Laboratory Band 1-4; All College Chorus 1-4. JEAN FRANCES ARREN W.R.O. 1-4. FRANCIS PETER BALAS M.A.A. 1-4; Variety Show 3; Wrestling Team 1; Baseball 2-4; Basketball 2-4; Newman Club 1-4; Knoll, Sports Editor 4. DONNA MARIE BARANOWSKI W.R.O. 1-4, Sophomore Representative 2, Comet Captain 3, Treasurer 4. BERNADINE DEMORE BEES W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; Class Queen 3. SHIRLEY RUTH BROWN W.R.O. 1-4, Head of Publicity 3, 4; Iona 1, 2, 4; Section Secretary 4; Designer of Class Emblem; Designer of W.R.O. Emblem. PATRICIA MARIE BURNS W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. ELIZABETH A. CALLAHAN W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 4. JAMES E. CALLAHAN M.A.A. 1-4; Class Vice-President 1; Class President Bowling League 3; Student Council 2, 3. 2, 3; HENRY C. CAMILLO, JR. M.A.A. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; Concert Band 2-4; Laboratory Band 1; All College Chorus 1-4; Jazz Society 3, 4; Laboratory Choir 1-4; M.E.N.C. 1-4; Bops Pops 4. ANNA MARY CARAVOULIAS W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. VIRGINIA ANN CARNEVALE W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. CHRISTINE DOROTHY CARNEY W.R.O. 1-4, Treasurer 3; Newman Club 1-4; Class Secretary 2. CHARLES HENRY COMO M.A.A. 1-4; Laboratory Choir 1; Concert Choir 2-4; Lab- oratory Band 1-4; All College Chorus 1-4; Jazz Society 2-4; M.E.N.C. 1-4, Vice-President 4; Bops Pops 3; Kiss Me Kate 3; Carousel 1. ELIZABETH ANN CONNOR W.R.O. 1-4; Cheerleader 1-3, Captain 3; Newman Club 1-4, Executive Board 3; Section Secretary 3, 4; Student Govern- ment Vice-President 4. RICHARD CORCORAN M.A.A. 1-4, Variety Show 3; Class Library Representative 1. THOMAS CORCORAN M.A.A. 1-4; Variety Show 3, Director; Bowling League 3. JANICE ELAINE COREY W.R.O. 1-4; Bowling League 3; Newman Club 1-4. ANNELISE MARGARETHE COTTON W.R.O. 1-4; Campus Star 1-4, C.S.P.A. Delegate 3, 4; Pegasus 4; Festival Choir 4; Drama Club 4; Kiss Me Kate, Art 3; Knoll, Art Editor 4; Designer of New Seal. CONSTANCE CUTRUMBES W.R.O. 1-4, Star Captain 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; Phanar Club 2-4, Vice-President 4; Class Library Represent- ative 2; Campus Star 2-4, Sports Editor 2-4; Section Secretary 3. ANN MARIE DALEY W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; Class Library Representative 2,3. PATRICIA FRANCES DALY W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. MARIE E. DIONNE W.R.O. 3, 4. NANCY LOUISE DINI W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; Drama Club 1-4, Represent- ative 3, President 4. DENNIS MICHAEL DiSALVO M.A.A. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; Laboratory Choir 1-4; Lab- oratory Band 1-4; Jazz Society 1-4; M.E.N.C. 1-4; All College Chorus 1-4. MARGARET U. FARRELL W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. LINDA JANE FARRIS W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; Drama Club 4. LORRAINE A. FERRARI W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 2-4. JOAN SETON FINN EG AN W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. 62 LESTER C. FLEISHMAN M.A.A. 1-4; Laboratory Choir 1-2; Concert Choir 3-4; Concert Band 1-2; Laboratory Band 3, 4; All College Chorus 1-4; M.E.N.C. 1-4, Parliamentarian 2; Carousel 1; Kiss Me Kate 3, Assistant-Director 3; Bops Pops 1-4, Director 3, 4; Drama Club 1-4, President 3. PATRICIA MARGARET FLYNN W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. ROBERT SHAHEEN FORSLEY M.A.A. 4. BARBARA JEAN FORSYTHE W.R.O. l-4;Iona2, 4. FRANCES S. GEORGES M.A.A. 1-4, Head of Sports 4, Variety Show 3; Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1-4, Captain 4; Wrestling 1; Bowling League 3, 4; Newman Club 1-4. KATHLEEN ELIZABETH GIALLONGO W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 4. CAROLANN GILLIS W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. NANCY J. GRESKA W.R.O. 1-4; Drama Club 1; Campus Star 4. ELAINE MARIE GUELI W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 2; Section Secretary 1, 2. RUTH ANN HABEEB W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. CAROLYN HAND W.R.O. 1-4; Junior Representative 3; Cheerleader 2; Iona 1-3. DONALD E. HARLOW M.A.A. 1-4; Laboratory Choir 1, 2; Concert Choir 3, 4; Concert Band 1-4; All College Chorus 1-4; M.E.N.C. 1-4; Bops Pops 1-3; Carousel 1; Jazz Society 1-4; Kiss Me Kate 3. NORA HARRISON W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 4; Campus Star 1-4, Feature Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; Pegasus 1-4, Non-Fiction Editor 2, Associate Editor-in-Chief 3, 4; Modern Arts Society 3. ANN MARIE HEALEY W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1, 2. DONNA MARIE HEFFERNAN W.R.O. 1-4. HELAINE HONAN W.R.O. 1-4, Head of Golf 3, 4; Newman Club 1-4. ROBERT WARD HOWARD M.A.A. 1-4; Iona 1; M.E.N.C. 1-4; All College Chorus 1-4; Lab Band 1, 4; Concert Band 2, 3; Lab Chojr 1-4. CAROL MARY HOWE W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. JUDITH ANNE INGALLS W.R.O. 1-4; Iona 1-4; M.E.N.C. 1-4; Lab Choir 1-3; Concert Choir 4; Lab Band 1-4; All College Chorus 1-4; Bops Pops 1; Dormitory Council 4. MARIE ANNE IZZI W.R.O. 1-4, Freshman Representative 1, Head of Field Hockey 3, Comet Captain 4; Newman Club 2; Section Secretary 2; Student Government Association Treasurer 4. ROBERT WENDELL KIDD M.A.A. 1-4; M.E.N.C. 1-4, President 4, Representative 3; Lab Choir 1; Concert Choir 2-4; Lab Band 1; Concert Band 2-4; All College Chorus 1-4; Jazz Society 1-4, President 3; Bops Pops 1, 3, 4, Assistant Director 3. STASIA HELEN KOHANSKI W.R.O. 1-4; Iona 1, 3, 4. ROBERTA PAULINE KOWALSKI W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 4. MARY ELLEN LYNCH W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; Assistant Lecture Representa- tive 3. ROBERT A. LYNN M.A.A. 1-4; M.E.N.C. 1-4; All College Chorus 1-4; Lab Choir 1-4; Concert Band 1-4. KATHRYN ANN MACARIONE W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 3, 4. ELLEN-MARIE MACONE W.R.O. 1-4; Bowling League 3; Newman Club 1-4; Drama Club 1; Knoll, Business Editor 4. JOAN MARIE MAGUIRE W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1, 4; Campus Star 4. MARY-JO MANGAN W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. JENNIE H. MARGOSIAN W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1, 4. STELLA MARTAKOS W.R.O. 1-4, Modern Dance 4, Director; Phanar Club 2-4, Secretary 3; Section Secretary 4; Student Council 4; Drama Club 1, 2; Campus Star 1-4, Business Manager 2-4, Delegate to C.S.P.A. Conference 2-4; M.A.A. Variety Show Chore- ographer 3; Carousel 1; Kiss Me Kate 3; Knoll, Editor-in-Chief. REGINA ADELE McARTHUR W.R.O. 1-4. JOAN MARY McDONALD W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4, Recording Secretary 3, Prov- ince Council Delegate 4; Campus Star 3-4, Photography Edi- tor 3, News Editor 4, Delegate to C.S.P.A. Conference 3-4; Science Club 1; All College Choir 1-4; Carousel 1; Kiss Me Kate 3; Knoll, Photography Editor 4. RICHARD F. McELHINEY M.A.A. 1-4; Wrestling Team 3; Newman Club 1-4; Concert Choir 1-4; Laboratory Band 1-4; All College Chorus 1-4; Bops Pops 1-3; Carousel 1; M.E.N.C. 1-4, Treasurer 3. MARILYN JEAN McLAUGHLIN W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; College Choir 2-4. MARY McLEAN W.R.O. 1-4; Bowling League 3. ANN LOUISE MEDELINSKAS W.R.O. 1-4, Head of Basketball 3, Vice-President 4; Newman Club 4; Campus Star 2-4, Sports Editor 3, Feature Editor 4; Knoll, Women ' s Sports Editor 4. JOSEPH ANTHONY MUSUMECI M.A.A. 1-4 ; M.E.N.C. 1-4; All College Chorus 1-4; Lab Choir 1-3; Concert Choir 4, Manager 4; Concert Band 2-4; Lab Band 1; Jazz Society 1-4, President 4; Kiss Me Kate 3; Bops Pops 4, Assistant Music Director 4; Jazz Band, Director 4. 63 JANICE MAUREEN OBERTI W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 4. ELIZABETH MARY O ' CONNOR W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; Section Secretary 3; Student Council 4, Secretary 4; Cheerleader 1-3. CONSTANCE O ' DONNELL W.R.O. 1-4, Bowling League 3; Newman Club 1-4. SUELLEN ELIZABETH O ' HARE W.R.O. 1-4, Senior Representative 4; Newman Club 1-4, Executive Board 4. BARBARA LOUISE PALERMO W.R.O. 1-4, Executive Board 2; Newman Club 1-4, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4; Campus Star 2, Photography Editor 2; Drama Club 1. SUZANNE CAROLE PERREAULT W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1; Section Secretary 1-4; Lab- oratory Choir 1, 2; Concert Choir 3, 4; Laboratory Band 1-4; All College Chorus 1-4; M.E.N.C. 1-4, Representative 2, 4, Social Chairman 4; Jazz Society 3, 4; Dormitory Council 1-3; Bops Pops 1-4; Carousel 1; Kiss Me Kate 3. JAMES PERRY M.A.A. 1-4, President .4; Baseball 2-4, Captain 4; Basketball 2, J.V. Coach 3, Manager 4; Newman Club 1-4, Executive Board 4; Class Vice-President 2. ROGER E. POWERS M.A.A. 1-4; M.E.N.C. 1-4; All College Chorus 1-4; Concert Choir 1-4; Lab Band 1-4; Jazz Society 3, 4; Bops Pops 3, 4; Kiss Me Kate 3; Carousel 1. MARCELLA FRANCES PRAETZ W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; Drama Club 4. MARY ELIZABETH PRIEST W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; M.E.N.C. 1-4; All College Chorus 1-4; Lab Choir 1-4; Lab Band 1-4. ALLAN RAIN M.A.A. 1-4; Newman Club 1; Section Secretary 3; Student Council 3, 4, President 4; Delegate to E.S.A.P.ST. 3, 4; Campus Star 1-3, Feature Editor 2, News Editor 3; Pegasus 1-4, Editor-in-chief 3. ANNA GAIL RALLS W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; Ski Club 4, Secretary 4. BRENDA REGAN CONNORS W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1; Class Secretary 1. ELEANOR THERESA REILLY W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. LEON EUGENE RENAUD M.A.A. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; Laboratory Choir 1-4; Lab- oratory Band 1-4; All College Chorus 1-4; M.E.N.C. 1-4. MILDRED ESTELLE RIVARD W.R.O. 1-4. JOAN ELLEN ROBERTSON W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. KATHLEEN ANN SAMARAS W.R.O. 1-4; Phanar Club 2-4, Secretary 4; Ski Club 4, Presi- dent 4. NANCY E. SCANLON W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 3, 4. GEORGE SEMEKIS M.A.A. 1-4; Baseball 3, 4; Basketball Manager 1, 2; Phanar Club 1-4, Vice-President 2. LORETTA M. SEMINATORE W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. EARL SHARFMAN M.A.A. 1-4, Secretary 3; Wrestling Team, Co-Captain 1, 2; Baseball 3; Campus Star 2-4, Managing Editor 2-4. , MARY JOAN STACKPOLE W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4, Executive Board 2. JUDITH STAHL W.R.O. 4. JO-ANNE WYNN STROUT W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. PAULA M. SULLIVAN W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. MARGARET CATHERINE SWEENEY W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. PATRICIA ANN SWEENEY W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. MYRTLE CHAPMAN SYKES W.R.O. 1-4. MARY MARGARET THOMAS W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; All College Chorus 1. THOMAS FRANCIS TOBIN M.A.A. 1-4, Head of Sports 3, Vice-President 4; Basketball 1-4; Baseball 1-4; Newman Club 1-4, Executive Board 3; Campus Star, Sports Editor 4. ANN MARGARET MARIE TOOMEY W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; M.E.N.C. 1-4; All College Chorus 1-4; Lab Choir 1-3; Concert Choir 4; Lab Band 1-4; Drama Club 3, 4; Dormitory Council 3. ELIZABETH A. TRAFTON W.R.O. 1-4. PRISCILLA MARY VADEBONCOEUR W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; M.E.N.C. 1-4; All College Chorus 1-4; Lab Choir 1, 2; Concert Choir 3, 4; Lab Band 1-4; Bops Pops 4; Jazz Society 1-4; Class Day Composer 1-4; Knoll, Music Editor 4. DORIS A. VANDERSPURT W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. MARY IRENE WALSH W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1. NANCY WEEKS W.R.O. 1-4. ELEANOR RUTH WILK W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 4. NANCY GRACE YEGHOIAN W.R.O. 1-4; Iona 1. 64 Rememberances of things Past To Lowell State Teachers College — the biggest entering class ever, our first first; . . . greetings from the faculty, initiation week, big brothers and sisters with savoir faire; . . . Sue Perreault our class queen, . . . " George ' s " . . . and end of semester; class elections — Joe Tardie, Jim Call- ahan, Brenda Regan, Gus Reusch, Dick Corcoran, Pauline Golec; . . . our first class dance, the swinging " Shamrock Swirl, " . . . preparations for finals, " finals, " end of freshman blur, and for some, the end period. Biggest freshmen flunk-out rate ever, another first! M,t pf]g. Sue Perreault, Class of 1962 Back to LSTC as satisfied sophomores, . . . savoir vivre . . . new class officers — Jim Callahan, Jim Perry, Chris Carney, Gus Reusch, Constance Cutrumbes, Ann Daley, Pauline Golec; . . . the Halloween Masquerade, our most successful affair, and Tom " Frankenstein " Tobin, and J. " Country Bumpkin " Callahan; . . . Jean Ambrose, our class queen; . . . sartorial smartness and class blazers, another first; . . . Christmas Party for the orphans with Santa ' s leotarded elves, Gus and Earl; . . . preparations for finals, finals, separ- ations — methods maturity and elective maturing . . . end of sophomore haze. 65 To LSTC as jolly juniors swinging to Auto-phones, class rings, and Prexy sings — " Prexy Blows Whistle on Week, " another first; . . . savoir faire-host to little brothers and sisters, Miss " McGourville, " . . . Masquerade Dance, Soph-Junior ' s Orphan ' s Party; ... Jim Callahan, Paul- ine Golec, Georgia Danas, Gus Reusch, Geneva Muldoon, Ann Daley, Mary Lynch — our officers; . . . Bonnie Bees, our class queen; . . . end of semester; on to the Great Outdoors and chilly recess duties; . . . spring, Spraycliff, Marble- head, and the road-block; . . . confused elections — S.G.A., and class; grateful ad- journment, end of professional year. Summer vacation! Progress — our most important product. 66 Bonnie Bees, Junior Class Queen. Big year, stately seniors now, newly- named college; . . . chilly recess d uties again; . . . maturity in appearance, dis- tinctiveness in behavior; . . . unique pro- grams — Investiture and Convocation; . . . mandatory " activities fees, " another first, imaginative budgeting; . . . Masquerade Ball, not our biggest success; . . . new college seal, new college song, more im- agination; S.G.A. Christmas Day Pro- gram, more success; . . . end of semester; . . . Jean Ambrose as class queen, college taste improved — senior queen becomes college queen; . . . interviews, Wilson Room, broken table — another first; . . . S.G.A. searing sessions — another first; . . . Senior Week, last meal at the last ball, and an end to it all. At last! As we fade into history, they may not long remember how we studied here, but, to paraphrase a famous American, they will never forget what we DID here! Bob Forsley, the " book store " man. 67 Here at Lowell, the underclassmen are distinguishable in their respec- tive classes by certain unmistakable characteristics. Freshmen are eager, but apprehensive, sophomores tend to be more relaxed, juniors assume professional responsibilities. All these classes, however, ex- hibit the same kind of pride and enthusiasm in competition for Campus Queen, or Class Day competition. Although each class has its unique spirit and personality, the mem- bers of these classes share similar professional goals and a common pride in an expanding college. As they mature professionally and scholastically, their college continues to grow both in its plant and professional aims. The present underclassmen will be the first students to use the newest college building, which will be opened in September, 1962. Undoubtedly, the underclassmen will continue the fine tradi- tions of the college in both the older buildings and the newest structure, whi le reaping the advantages of a fast-expanding campus. k Sttteouu6 A V f4 x Stitt ■ ' ■ y Freshman Class On September 5, 1961, one hundred and ninety freshmen registered at the college. The first week was spent taking tests of all types, which seemed quite rigid after the relaxing summer vacation. During this same week the S.G.A. welcomed us with a picnic on the dormitory grounds. As an introduction to academic life, the first week of classes was an eye-opener and mid-semester warn- ings confirmed our initial impression that college life was not all sweetness and light. Christmas vacation we spent in writing term papers and preparing for semester exams. On the first day of second semester one hundred and seventy-nine eager freshmen returned to the cam- pus. President Vice-President Treasurer Library Representative Knoll Representative Faculty Advisor Gerard Perry Stephen Tacelli John McKittrick Julie Mantere Roslin Wood Ethel Kamien There ' s no male shortage the Music Department. Jane Baranowski assists with decorations for annual fall fling. 70 Sophomore Class On September 21, 1961, one-hundred and fifty-two " summer worn " sophomores re-entered the college. After their year of apprenticeship, the members of the Sophomore Class were prepared to actively -pro- mote the spirit of Lowell State. As a testament of our new status, the senior class sponsored the annual fall picnic at Wyman ' s Beach in our honor. Guided by a newly-married Class Advisor, " Chris " Copley, we as- sumed our new responsibility. During the year ' 61-62 ' the Class of " 64 " shared the responsibility of running the Orphans ' Christmas Party with the Junior Class, sponsored a successful dance in the Mardi Gras Theme, and presided over the planting of the Ivy. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Library Representative Faculty Advisor George Perrone Spiros Sintros Patricia Foley Marie Fiorino Mary Ann Cavallaro Walter Copley Gary Preston and Roger Dias appearing in Drama Club pro- duction. Virginia Savas and Jim Tacy at the Masquerade Dance. Sophomores and dates at the Masquerade Dance. Mary Jane Farley, Lisa Barone, and Monica Becotte " harmo- nize " at a party. Junior Class This year the Junior Class has been active. We had a freshmen reception in September, at which we met our little brothers and sisters and introduced them to the faculty. In November we all enjoyed our Junior Prom at Castle Hill in Ipswich. A big highlight of our year was the Orphans Christmas Party, which we jointly ran with the Sophomore Class. We are now busily engaged in student teaching and methods! President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Library Representative Knoll Representative Faculty Advisor Ronald Godfrey Patricia Gawlinski Margaret Hennessy Doris Dancause Lois Nichols Judith Wilhelmy Prentis Shepherd, Jr. Juniors relax with a favorite pastime. Juniors enjoying their prom at Castle Hill. Raggedy Ann and Andy come to life through Annfrances Malloy and Har- ry Anderson at the Masquerade Ball. Good Gosh! Five Hours and Three Centuries To Go!! Student interests are served by the systematized framework of college organizations. There are clubs for the music-makers, the music sup- porters, and the dramatically inclined. The literary type finds an outlet for his work in literary organizations, as does the artistically creative, and the journalistically talented. The campus religious or- ganizations contribute to the spiritual growth of their students. The need for healthful physical activity is recognized by the recreational and athletic associations of the college. In providing for the interests of the students, as well as for their cultural, spiritual, and physical growth, the organizations contribute to their emotional health. The organizations help to develop both strong leaders, and cooperative, but discriminating followers. W% ffi m 1% con s " riTu TiO« : " . . «« . .„;_. ..-.; Student Government Association The focal point of all campus organizations is the Student Government Association, whose laws and by- laws, governing student clubs, elections, and activities, are found in the student handbook known as the Torch. The S.G.A. sponsors annually a Mother ' s fashion show, a Father ' s Night, a Freshmen reception, and efficiently manages the semester registrations. During the past school year, the S.G.A. is to be commended for its wonderful role in bringing to the campus, the internationally-known Danish Gym Team. This year is also the first in which the S.G.A. ran a complete Christmas program, which included a Senior candlelight procession and a buffet lunch. Allan Rain Elizabeth Connor Betty O ' Connor Marie Izzi Rosemarie Carro Judy O ' Connor Dorothy McCarthy Mary Jo Fisher Kathleen Sullivan Marie Kirwin Student Council Officers Pres ident Vice President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Public Relations Chairman Assistant Secretary Assistant Treasurer Assistant Social Chairman Assistant Public Relations Chairman Ex-Officio Council Officers President, Women ' s Recreational Organization Constance Cutrumbes Ann Medlinskas (Vice-pres.) President, Men ' s Athletic Association James Perry Thomas Tobin (Vice-pres.) Editor-in-Chief, CAMPUS STAR Nora Harrison Editor-in-Chief, KNOLL Stella Martakos Editor-in-Chief, PEGASUS Robert Merrifield President, Drama Club Nancy Dini President, Music Educators National Conference Robert Kidd President, Jazz Society President, Senior Class President, Junior Class President, Sophomore Class President, Freshman Class Faculty Advisor Joseph Musumeci Richard Smith Pauline Golec (Alternate) Ronald Godfry Beverly Fox (Alternate) George Perrone Gerard Perry Fortunata Caliri 76 Activities Danish Gym Team presented under the auspices of the S.G.A. Candlelight service at the Christmas Convo- cation. Christmas party sponsored by the Student Government. Freshman, Nancy Nugent, per- forming at cookout during Ori- entation Week. Knoll For months we have planned and labored to produce a yearbook that would be original, creative, and com- plete, and a yearbook that would reflect the dignity of the college, and the personality of the Senior Class. We hope we have succeeded. We think we have. May the pictures and words in this Knoll remind the reader of dear friends, and fruitful past activities, and may time enhance the pleasures that are to be derived from these memories. Sincere thanks to Knoll representatives: Roslin Wood, ' 65, James Tacy, ' 64, and Judith Wilhemy, ' 63. Ann Medelinskas, Women ' s Sports Editor Robert J. Foy, Advisor, and Sam Vadeboncoeur, Music Editor, discuss layout. ■HH Pauline Golec, Literary Editor Joan McDonald, Photography Editor Anneliese Cotton, Art Editor Frank Balas, Men ' s Sports Editor Ellen Macone, Business Manager Mary Margaret Thomas, and Marilyn McLaughlin, Business Aides Vol. XV No. 11 State College, Lowell, Massachusetts April 4, 1961 Campus Star, the award-winning College Newspaper, is an integral and unique element in campus life: integral as a voice of the students as well as the faculty members, unique because it is a measure of the growth of the college. An ever-growing, purposeful, effective staff — working in a cooperative environment — is a mensuration of the constant growth in the college. The Campus Star Staff, members of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, encourage active partic- ipation of the student body. Opportunity is given to learn and practice the skills of journalism, as well as the administrative functions that are necessary to any organization. It is a check on the Student Government, thereby stimulating interest in that body. Freedom of expression, academic and aesthetic is the light of the Torch of Truth. This ideal is symbol- ized in the motto of the college: " Vitai lampada tradunt. " Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor Business Manager Advertising Manager News Editor Feature Editors Sports Editors Art Editor Art Assistant Music Editors Photography Editors Exchange Editor Assistant Faculty Advisor Campus Star Staff Nora Harrison Earl Sharfman Stella Martarkos Spiros Sintros Joan McDonald Lee Dano Ann Medelinskas Constance Cutrumbes Richard Smith Anneliese Cotton Patricia Gawlinski John Salerno Anne Toomey Roger Powers Alec Lambroukas Warren Austin Carlton Clark Leo Panas Reporters: Paul Harvey, Marie Kirwin, Mary Jo Fisher, Nancy Greska, Pat Apostolakas, Marilyn McLaughlin, Richard Ma- honey, Carole Tripaldi, Joan Marie Maguire, Judy Laughran, Claire Beland, Lenore Cloonan, Jane Baranowski. 80 Campus Star award-winners at annual banquet. Nora Harrison, Christine Kane Award, for outstanding service; Leo Panas, Advisor; Joan McDonald, News Writing; Annelise Cotton, Feature Writing; absent, Thomas Tobin, Sports Writing. Features of Life with the Campus Star Stella Martakos and Constance Cutrumbes dis- cussing events in New York at Columbia Scho- lastic Press Conference. Prof. Leo Panas, Advisor, and Miss Lee Dano of the Campus Star entertaining guests to Campus Star Press Conference at President ' s Hall. The Campus Star set a precedent in this academic year of 1961-1962 by holding the First Annual Cam- pus Star Press Conference on campus on November 22, 1961. The program began with opening remarks by the Editor-in-Chief, Nora Harrison, and the Address of Welcome by Dr. Daniel H. O ' Leary, Pres., Professor Leo Panas, advisor to the paper, introduced the guest speaker, Miss Norma Ackerson, Lowell Sun columnist. Prof. Leo Panas, Nora Harrison, and Frank Harrison chatting over coffee at Campus Star banquet. Patricia Gawlinski, Patricia Apostalakos, and Mary Jo Fisher going over copy for layout. Pegasus Over ten years ago Pegasus came into being as the literary magazine of Lowell State College. The feeling of the time was that creativity of expression in writing could be encouraged, and more of an incentive of- fered, if there were a magazine in which student work could be printed and shared by all. Since the time of its birth, Pegasus has grown and expanded from a magazine primarily dedicated to expression in the realm of literature to one which now embraces crea- tivity in art as well as music. As a more tangible evidence of its progressive achievement and quality, Pegasus was awarded the First Place Certificate by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association on March 10, 1961, in its thirty-seventh annual contest. Pegasus is published bi-annually under the auspices of the Student Government Association. A student staff, cho- sen each year and referred to as the college Literary Magazine Staff, is elected from those most qualified and interested in creativity of thought and expression. The staff chooses its material from the stories, poems, essays, music, and art submitted by the students of the college. With the present emphasis on scientific and analytical thought, it is hoped that a magazine such as Pegasus will offset this imbalance by stimulat- ing and furthering the development of creative ability. Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Poetry Editor Assistant Poetry Editor Prose Editor Assistant Fiction Editor Assistant Non-Fiction Editor Art Editor Assistant Art Editor Music Editor Faculty Advisor 82 Robert Merrifield Nora Harrison Coula Gournaris Mary Jo Fisher Pat Apostolakos Anna Fox Bill Coughlin Virginia Savas Ann Cotton Pat Gawlinski John Salerno William Burto 51 ¥ Coach Ciszek illustrates plan of attack. Big Ed Roberts on a three pointer while Hank Koza looks on. VARSITY SPORTS High scorer Tom Gallagher on a fast break for two. Captain Frank Georges Vinnie Francescone executes a double play. 83 M.A.A. Since its organization in 1953 the Men ' s Athletic Association has not grown to be massive in size. It does, however, have almost 100 percent active support from the men of the college. The association offers men the opportunity to participate in activities other than varsity sports. In the course of the year the club sponsors various athletic and social activities such as, intramural football, golf, basketball, volleyball and handball, the annual Sports Night, Variety Show, and the MA.A.-W.R.O. Dance. The M.A.A. has been suc- cessful because of the close cooperation between its members, officers and advisor, Mr. I. A. Ciszek. The continuation of this cooperation will insure its future growth and advancement on our campus. President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Head of Sports Social Chairman Faculty Advisor James Perry Thomas Tobin Richard Abraham Henry Koza Frank Georges Thomas Corcoran Mr. I. A. Ciszek Living Statuaries depict slavery at the M.A.A. Sports Night. «£ ? Women ' s Recreational Organization The Women ' s Recreational Organization provides ac- tivities which meet the interests and needs of all women students through its diversified program. Rec- reational activities are the essence of the program. Women students have opportunities to participate in many sports regardless of skill. However, the pro- ficient performers find enjoyment and competition in playdays with other colleges and Star-Comet Playdays. Women have opportunities to develop leadership abil- ities through participation in the W.R.O. administra- tive program. The W.R.O. sponsors General Playdays, Star Comet Playdays, W.R.O.-M.A.A. Co-ed Capers Dance, an an- nual banquet, playdays with other colleges and bowling and badminton tournaments. The program consists of many sports including: archery, badminton, basketball, bowling, field hockey, golf, modern dance, paddle ten- nis, softball, swimming, and volleyball. The W.R.O. performs a vital service to the college and is an integral part of the recreational and social aspects of college life. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Publicity Star Captain Comet Captain Head of Sports Faculty Advisor EXECUTIVE BOARD Constance Cutrumbes Ann Medelinskas Rosaline Saab Donna Baranowski Shirley Brown Beverly Rogers Marie Izzi Pat Gawlinski H. Marie Garrity Dr. COUNCIL Helaine Honan, Suellen O ' Hare, Mary Ann Kennedy, Beverly Place, Patricia Kelly, Beverly Smith, Pauline King, Marjorie Seminatore, Clare O ' Connor, Tina Themeles, Jane Hanlon, Linda Merten. 86 Newman Club This club, which was instituted at the University of Pennsylvania in 1893, is dedicated to the spiritual needs of the Catholic students on secular campuses throughout the country. Named after Cardinal New- man, this organization is also concerned with further- ing a student ' s social and intellectual growth. The Newman Club of State College at Lowell was organized jointly with Lowell Technological Institute. The organization has had a solid growth on both campuses. Meetings are held monthly, and are occasions on which members hear informative and interesting speakers. Communion breakfasts, an annual weekend Retreat, dances, and the singing of Christmas Carols at a home for the aged are some of the activities of this fast-growing organization. President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Chaplain Faculty Advisor John Therreault, L.T.I. Barbara Palermo, L.S.C. Roberta Murray, L.S.C. Imelda Sullivan, L.S.C. Alvero Estrada, L.T.I. Rev. William Burckhart Miss Alice Kiernan, L.S.C. Mr. Brendan Fleming, L.T.I. A Newman Club monthly meeting in full swing. Officers and advisors discussing plans for an upcoming event. 88 Phanar Club President Peter Mitsakos, L.T.I. Vice-President Constance Cutrumbes Secretary Kathleen Samaras Treasurer Maria Zammanakos Spiritual Advisors Rev. John Tarantos Rev. Michael Shahin Faculty Advisor Leo Panas The Phanar Club was founded to provide spiritual as well as in- tellectual growth, and to per- petuate the Christian precepts of Eastern Orthodoxy. The Phanar Club sponsors monthly meetings during which spiritual advisors or guest speakers talk about impor- tant aspects of Eastern Orthodox belief. Discussion and questions follow these talks. In addition to the monthly meetings, the Phanar Club spon- sors Communion Sundays, Ves- per Services, parties, and a dance. The name, " Phanar, " which comes from the Greek meaning light or beacon, is also the dis- trict in Istanbul, Turkey where the See of the Ecumenical Patri- archate of the Eastern Orthodox Church is located. Alec Lambroukos and Spiros Sintros at a social highlight of the year. Vesper services for Phanar Club have been held at the Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church. Above: St. Spy- ridon Icon painted by Professor Leo Panas, advisor to Phanar Club. 89 Iona Fellowship The Iona Fellowship is a student organization of Lo- well State College, Lowell Technological Institute, and Lowell General Hospital School of Nursing, created to realize a full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. To accomplish this purpose, faculty members and students of various races and creeds unite in a common loyalty to God. In this Fellowship, they seek to understand the will of God through wor- ship, study, and action, and strive to realize it both in personal living and in working toward a better society. President Vice-Presidents Secretary Treasurer Assistant Treasurer Faculty Advisor Chaplain Fred Day-Lewis, L.T.I. Alan Doty, L.T.I. Patricia Kelly, L.S.C. Deborah Morton, L.G.H. Nancy Weeks, L.S.C. Carolyn Ellis, L.T.I. Malcolm Chrupcala, L.S.C. Dr. William Fisher Rev. Paul M. Husted 90 The Drama Club, open to all students, offers the opportunity to participate in all areas of dramatic production. This year, under the direction of Gardner Tillson, the Drama Club presented The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams as its full length production. In addition, the Club sponsored theatre parties, presented one act plays, and collaborated with the music depart- ment in The Connecticut Yankee. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisor Drama Club Nancy Dini Claire Belanger Janice Lee Diane Wicker Gardner Tillson Roger Dias assists Janice Lee during Drama Club ' s presentation of Tennessee William ' s The Glass Menagerie. One-act play " Spreading the News " presented by the Drama Club. Ski Club The Ski Club, being a new organization on campus this year, is still in its embry- onic stages. It is the purpose of this or- ganization to promote good fellowship and a wider interest in skiing for the stu- dents at the college. The members hope in the future that the Ski Club will grow to an active or- ganization on campus. President Vice-President Secretary ■ Treasurer Public Relations Transportation Chairman Faculty Advisor Kathleen Samaras Marilyn Sheahan Gailanne Ralls Patricia Apostolakos Jo-Anne Strout Michael Cahill Robert Foy 92 Jazz Society President Joseph Musumeci Vice-President Robert Souza Secretary Barbara Moore Treasurer John Salerno Faculty Advisor Domenic Procopio Although the Jazz Society at Lowell be- gan with a small membership, each year the enrollment has grown. The 1961- 1962 school year saw a record high mem- bership of twenty-two performing mem- bers and thirty-one associate members. The objectives of the Jazz Society are to acquaint members with tasteful recog- nition of good jazz, and to aid performing members in playing skills. Each year the Jazz Society presents both spring and fall concerts, which provide members with opportunities to demonstrate their abil- ities. The Class of 1962 had three per- forming male members and one perform- ing female member, nine associate male members and five associate female mem- bers. Sam Don Harlo w: The musician ' s musician. Bob Mannetta, George Perrone, I es Fleishman, Lauri Hallfors, and Dave Taggart are a pop- ular group at college and social functions. Music Educators Members The M.E.N.C. (Music Educators National Conference) is the only professional organization on campus for music students. The national conference, organized in 1907, has grown from a small membership to over 9,260. The M.E.N.C. affords students a unique opportunity while still in school for professional development through both national and local action. The M.E.N.C. at Lowell during the 1961-1962 school year presented Bops Pops and a spring production. Members initiated the M.E.N.C. column in the Campus Star and pre- sented instrumental music clinics. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian Sergeant-at-A rms Social Chairman Public Relations Faculty Advisor Robert Kidd Charles Como Barbara Moore John Salerno George Perrone John Blackwell Suzanne Perreault Ann Toomey Cyrus D. Thompson Don Harlow and Bob Kidd, President M.E.N.C, discuss Spring Production. of Members of M.E.N.C. who performed in Bops Pops take a break during intermission. its annual National Conference Activities Sam plays in 1961 Bops Pops production. Feminine entourage in 1960 Bops Pops. Cast of 1961 Bops Pops relaxes backstage. " To be or not to be " — the ever-controversial Arts Festival. Kiss Me Kate — 1961 spring musical illustrates Paduan street scene. Concert Ctioir Concert Band rijp| 1 9 £ mi IJIhJL i L ' -4kJ K 9 1 1 k jgg fj 13i i Ah LI i irt 1 Kir v 4ft 96 Laboratory Chorus N L| Festival Chorus Laboratory Band mms. i L The new college seal, designed by Anneliese Cotton, ' 62, and recently adopted by the Student Government Association, reflects the commit- ments and aims of the State College at Lowell. Over the shield is the blazing torch, the symbol of truth, and the name of the college. Sup- porting the shield is the motto " Vitai Lampada Tradunt, " ( " They pass on the torch of life " ), a phrase taken from the De Rerum Natura of Lucretius. In the center of a rightward bar, is the seal of the Commonwealth from which the authority of the college to educate and grant degrees derives. In the right and left sectors of the tri- partite shield are a book and a lyre, design ating both the chief interests of the college and the Platonic means through which learning is achieved. Thus, on the one hand, the book symbolizes the disciplines of education and the arts, and the lyre symbolizes music, but, on the other, the book represents both the media and dialectic by which knowledge is preserved and gained, and the lyre indicates the harmony of knowledge in ideal truth. The lyre then reinforces the concepts symbolized in the book and stands not solely for music but also for poetry, letters and all things intellectual. Together the medieval book and the ancient Greek lyre indicate the means by which knowledge is served and pursued. Last minute papers Was he really very polite, Connie? Mary and Gai l " twistin " between classes. Brush up your Shakespeare. Those late paste ups. Vl WKSm ' Friend in the Curriculum Room. :l Ys • " ' Ho-hum Caught in the act. We got jobs, how about you? I wonder what time it is! urn What letter does that word begin with? 106 Did you really get all ones Mary? Is he really looking over here? Where do the reserve books go? Les Girls. ,-w @ | 107 C£ J Wt Coffee break on stage. Oops wrong magazine. ;; AJ1 KjuM il - You want to hear another one Would I kid you? What me worry? The deadline ' s next week! Ha — Spot finally fin- ished off Puff! I don ' t believe in taking notes. Watch out, it ' s hot! Ill . -v v Bobbie I ' m starving. I knew there was life up there. Barbara won ' t let me go. Huh? Philippines, here I come. Jim Perry, so your knees aren ' t so hot. You can ' t possibly mean it. I don ' t know where I left the car. That ' s what you think. Careful Joan, there is a bulge in the carpet. Is this a Convocation or Investiture? ■■S5I : Campus Brides and Grooms Deanna and Robert Kidd April 15, 1962 James and Karlene Callahan June 15, 1961 Carol Ann and Charles Como August 6, 1960 Carolyn and Richard Hand June 12, 1960 Linda and Lester Fleishman December 16, 1961 Sandra and Richard McElhiney February 14, 1960 Regina and James McArthur January 11, 196 1 Joan and Richard Stockpole February 21, 1961 Robert and Donna Howard February 23, 1962 Brenda and George Connors February 3, 1962 Stasia and Robert Forsley December 27, 1958 Candidates for Campus Queen Marilyn Sheehy ' 63 ■S M . . V • • " CSU ' " : r ' Paula Burns ' 64 Janice Bowman ' 65 Beverly Fox, Campus Queen of ' 61, presents honors to Campus Queen of ' 62, Jean Ambrose, and her court Marilyn Sheehy, Paula Burns, and Janice Bowman. 118 Campus Queen Jean Ambrose crowned " 1962 Campus Queen " at the annual M.A.A. Sport ' s Night. 119 o {2 A College in Abstract i ■ ; Freshmen PEARL ADAMOWSKI 33 Willard St. Lowell, Mass. HELENE ALIFERIS 93 Varnum St. Lowell, Mass. GEORGE ANASTOS 25 Ware St. Lowell, Mass. GARY ARNOLD 4 Edgewood Terrace Northampton, Mass. GEORGIA ATHAS 1953 Middlesex St. Lowell, Mass. JANE BARANOWSKI 105 Eighteenth St. Lowell, Mass. JUDITH BARRY 89 Trenton St. Lawrence, Mass. JOYCE BARTON 149 Warren Ave. Chelmsford, Mass. CLAIRE BELAND 487 Haverhill St. Lawrence, Mass. MARIE BERNABIE 5 Cushing Ave. Medford, Mass. DAVID BERRY 19 Lillian St. Randolph, Mass. VERA BLAKE Mill Street West Groton, Mass. ROSEMARIE BOMBARA 50 Lowden Ave. Sommerville 44, Mass. DONNA BOUDREAU 200 Grove Street Reading, Mass. JANICE BOWMAN 67 Chestnut Street Andover, Mass. LINDA BOYNTON 24 Richmond Rd. Randolph, Mass. BETSY BRADLEY 115 Montvale Ave. Woburn, Mass. SHARON BRENNAN 89 Dorchester Street Lawrence, Mass. RONALD BROUGH 36 Temple Street Fitchburg, Mass. ANN BRUNDIGE 2160 Main Street Walpole, Mass. MARILYN BURNS 8 Ripley Rd. No. Chelmsford, Mass. ANN CAIN 106 Pleasant Street No. Adams, Mass. ELIZABETH CALLAHAN 34 Tremlett Street Dorchester, Mass. CAROLE-JEAN CAMPIONE 98 Waverly Rd. No. Andover, Mass. KEVEN CAREY 113 Salem Street Woburn, Mass. PAULINE CARUSO 55 School Street Woburn, Mass. LENORE CLOONAN 39 Ohio Ave. Lawrence, Mass. MARGARET CONNAUGHTON 43 Hastings Street Lowell, Mass. CAROL CONNOLLY 8 Wider Ave. Lowell, Mass. MICHAEL CONNOLLY 100 Myrtle Street Lowell, Mass. RAMONA CORCORAN 4 Sanborn Street Lowell, Mass. ROSEMARIE COSTANZA 8 Tremont Street Woburn, Mass. JUDITH COSTELLO 70 Franklin Street Haverhill, Mass. MARGARET CRAFTON 275 Farnham St. Lawrence, Mass. MARY DALEY 111 Stevens St. Lowell, Mass. JANE DE MARCHI 42 Westwood Rd. Stonham, Mass. ANN DE TESO 11 Lake Ave. Woburn, Mass. CARMA DI BIASO 44 Laural Ave. Bradford, Mass. JOANNE DIERAEUER 407 Main St. Haverhill, Mass. CLAIRE DOMPIERRE 62 Thomas St. New Bedford, Mass. MARY DONOVAN 117 Sylvester Ave. Winchester, Mass. LEONA DOYLE 33 Forest St. Woburn, Mass. THOMAS DUFFY 67 R. Mt. Pleasant St. Woburn, Mass. MARTHA DUNN Rio Vista Billerica, Mass. MARIE ENOS 106 Andover St. North Wilmington, Mass. KATHERINE ERWIN 17 Du Merke St. Lowell, Mass. DOLORES ESSER 17 Maude Terrace Watertown, Mass. PAUL FARLEY 385 Wentworth Ave. Lowell, Mass. ELAINE FECCHIA 20 Valley Rd. Medford, Mass. PHYLLIS FERRANTE 33 Silver St. Haverhill, Mass. IRENE FILTEAU 39 South Bowdoin St. Lawrence, Mass. CHARLES HEDRICK 9 Clark Circle Randolf, Mass. MRS. IRENE HENNESSEY 38 Hancock Rd. Wakefield, Mass. LINDA HERMANN Groton Rd. Westford, Mass. DONNA GREEN 19 Saybrook Rd. Worcester, Mass. MRS. VIRGINIA FINNAGAN 26 Daley St. Lowell, Mass. CHARLENE FOX 86 Agawam St. Lowell, Mass. NANCY GARLAND 623 Chandler St. Tewksbury, Mass. LEONARD GIERS 10 Kenwood St. Chelmsford, Mass. LINDA HARRIS 25 Lake Ave. Leicester, Mass. PAUL HARVEY 409 Salem St. Medford, Mass. BEVERLY HABERMAN 28 Navy Yard Rd. Dracut, Mass. JEAN HIGGINS 3 Main St. Woburn, Mass. SARAH HOAR 170 Methuen St. Lowell, Mass. MARY HOGAN 11 Fairgrove Ave. Lowell, Mass. JOANNE HUNTER 73 Oak Terrace Dracut, Mass. MRS. SHIRLEY INGALLS Bartlett St. Kingston, N. H. NANCY INGLIS 15 Eighth St. Lowell, Mass. MARIELENA JACOPPI Middlesex Rd. Tyngsboro, Mass. SHERYLL JACKSON 6 Cyr Dr. Lawrence, Mass. DENISE JOHNSON 24 Bridge St. Fairhaven, Mass. JANET JOHNSON 85 Varney St. Lowell, Mass. MARGARET KANE 164 Pine St. Lowell, Mass. ANN KEARNEY 45 Woburn St. Lowell, Mass. MARY KELLEHER 55 South Grove St. Bradford, Mass. ROBERT KENNEDY Dunstable, Mass. JOAN KLEPACZ 258 East Merremack St. Lowell, Mass. JOANNE KLEPONIS 60 Kendall St. Lawrence, Mass. ELEANOR KOCHANEK 47 Arkansas Drive Dracut, Mass. EMILY LANDRY 20 Gray St. Wilmington, Mass. JEANNE LANTANGNE 43 Ohio Ave. Lawrence, Mass. VICTOR LAPOINTE 1928 Middlesex St. Lowell, Mass. ELLEN LEAHY 54 Lakeview Ave. Tewksbury, Mass. JANET LEAHY 13 Sudlam St. Lowell, Mass. ALFRED LECLAIR 17 Gold St. Lowell, Mass. JOAN LEGENDRE 136 Chestnut St. Andover, Mass. ANN LISIEN 53 Foster St. Lowell, Mass. WILLIAM LYNCH 65 Shawsheen Rd. Lawrence, Mass. FRANK LYNN 194 East Denver Saugus RUTH MACDONALD 11 Oliver Drive Dracut, Mass. PHILIP MACSWEENEY 231A Spring St. Medford 55, Mass. ROBERT MALONEY 2 Birchwood Rd. North Wilmington, Mass. JULIA MANTERE 11 Manning St. Woburn, Mass. JANE MARKIEWICZ 50 Fulton St. Lowell, Mass. ELAINE MARSHALL 19 Newhall St. Lowell, Mass. MAURA MARTIN 34 Marshall St. Lowell, Mass. JUDITH MCCARTHY 84 Osgood St. Lawrence, Mass. SHEILA McCORMACK 247 Stackpole St. Lowell, Mass. JANICE McCOY 8 Roderick Ave. Beverly, Mass. ANABELL McDEVITT 273 High St. Lowell, Mass. brian Mcdonough 459 Beacon St. Lowell, Mass. joan McDonnell 24 School St. Lawrence, Mass. ANNE McGINLEY 686 Salem St. South Groveland, Mass. DEBORAH McKEONE 248 Cambridge Rd. Woburn, Mass. JOHN McKITTRICK 49 Testa Ave. Medford, Mass. MARYJANE McMANUS 36 Llewellyn St. Lowell, Mass. DOROTHY McMAHON 6 Patriot St. Tewksbury, Mass. MRS. JUDYTH MEEHAN 43 Summer St. Lowell, Mass. LOUISE MELARAGNI 12 Cross St. Woburn, Mass. LINDA MERTEN 575 Pond St. Hansen, Mass. HERBERT MILLER 181 Henry Ave. Lynn, Mass. GARLEND MONIZ 127 Diman St. Fall River, Mass. JOYCE MONTAGUE 6 Lynn Fells Parkway Melrose, Mass. RICHARD MOUSSEAU 26 Stanley St. Lowell, Mass. DONNA MURPHY 432 Adams St. Lowell, Mass. DONNA MURRAY 69 West Forrest St. Lowell, Mass. ANNMARIE NEAULT 86 Willie St. Lowell, Mass. EVA NEWBURY 3025 South Athol R. Athol, Mass. ROBERT NOONAN 78 South Loring St. Lowell, Mass. NANCY NUGENT 30 Dover St. Lowell, Mass. THOMAS NYHAN 392 Westport St. Lowell, Mass. MARY O ' DOWD 55 O ' Brien Terrace Lowell, Mass. MELISSA O ' HARE 80 Fifth St. Lowell, Mass. ELLEN O ' LEARY 213 Parkview Ave. Lowell, Mass. SANDRA OLIVER 221 Douglas Rd. Lowell, Mass. JOANNE O ' NEILL 28 Spring Ct. Ext. Woburn, Mass. REBECCA PACKER 70 Hampstead St. Methuen, Mass. SANDRA PAUDENKA 37 Mead St. Lowell, Mass. GERARD PERRY 207 Nashua Rd. Billerica, Mass. ROBERT PERRY 37 Milwood Ave. Dracut, Mass. KAREN PETERS 23 Pilling St. Haverhill, Mass. PATRICIA PETRILLO 6 Ferry St. Lawrence, Mass. MAUREEN PUCHTLER 57 Phillips St. Lawrence, Mass. JUDITH PULSIFER 670 Bridge St. Lowell, Mass. KENNETH RALPH 11 Colby St. Lawrence, Mass. RONALD RANDALL 1508 Bridge St. Dracut, Mass. KATHLEEN RAWLY 17 Clyde Ave. Dracut, Masss. PATRICIA REYNOLDS 174 Fourth Ave. Lowell, Mass. ELAINE RIZOS 12 Charmers Rd. Worcester, Mass. LOUISE ROCHE 328 Lexington St. Woburn, Mass. MARY ELLEN ROCHE 116 Fountain St. Lowell, Mass. SHARON RODGERS 14 Windsor St. Methuen, Mass. BETSY SACCOCIA 82 School St. • Middleboro, Mass. RUBY ST. CLAIRE 88 Ashland Ave. Methuen, Mass. CAROL ST. JEAN 62 Fairfield St. Lowell, Mass. SHARON SAUNDERS 28 Depot St. Westford, Mass. RANDALL SCHERI 2 New Salem St. Wakefield, Mass. CAROL SCHIAVONE 70 Concord St. North Willmington, Mass. HELENE SCULLY 1136 South Main St. Fall River, Mass. EILEEN SIGOLOS 15 Varney St. Lowell, Mass. MARTHA SMITH 32 Albion St. Lawrence, Mass. FRANCES SOKORELIS 15 Butterfield St. Lowell, Mass. BARBARA STINSON Front St. Marion, Mass. CAROL SULLIVAN 152 " B " St. Lowell, Mass. JOHN SULLIVAN 18 Davis Ave. Arlington, Mass. PAUL SULLIVAN 339 Lincoln St. Lowell, Mass. MRS. MARJORIE SULLIVAN 25 Middlebury St. Lawrence, Mass. STEPHEN TACELLI 11 Bartholomew St. Peabody, Mass. MARILYN TACEY 21 Vandergrift St. Lawrence, Mass. CAROL TAPPER 148 Foster St. Lowell, Mass. NANCY TAYLOR 38 Varnum Terrace Lowell, Mass. ROBERT THURLOW 54 Belrose Ave. Lowell, Mass. ELAINE TYMOWICZ 1093 Varnum Ave. Lowell, Mass. ROBERT VAILLANCOURT 409 Aiken Ave. Dracut, Mass. CATHERINE VAN GEMERT 102 Wilmington Rd. Burlington, Mass. SHEILA VAUGHAN 268 Parker St. Lowell, Mass. PATRICIA VOLUNGUS 45 Jefferson St. Lawrence, Mass. VIRGINIA WASIK 49 Andover St. Lowell, Mass. LINDA WEBB 27 Janet Rd. Chelmsford, Mass. SHARON WEED 20 Glenmebe Circle Reading, Mass. ANNE WEISBERG Main St. Dunstable, Mass. SUZANNE WENNIK 14 Leicerne Drive Andover, Mass. XANDRA WINNIS 189 Parker St. Lowell, Mass. SUSANNE WISNIEWSKI 145 Berkeley Ave. Lowell, Mass. MARY WITHAM 53 Buttonwoods Ave. Haverhill, Mass. ROSLIN WOOD 7 LeBlanc St. Haverhill, Mass. JOAN WRIGHT 18 Woodlawn St. Middleboro, Mass. ELIZABETH WYATT 43 Nutting St. Fitchburg, Mass. 126 Sophomores GEORGE ABODEELY 100 Marshall Avenue Lowell, Mass. DOROTHY ALLARD Kenwood Street Bilierica, Mass. PATRICIA APOSTOLAKOS 7 Harris Avenue Lowell, Mass. LINDA AYERS 31 Concord Road Chelmsford, Mass. ALICE AZZI 18 Cedar Street Lawrence, Mass. ELISSA BARONE 43 Fern Street Lawrence, Mass. BARBARA BARRY 332 Wentworth Avenue Lowell, Mass. MONICA BECOTTE 58 Phillips Street Lawrence, Mass. CLAIRE BELANGER 1012 Belleville Avenue New Bedford, Mass. ROBERT BIANCHI 48 Verndale Street Attleboro, Mass. JOHN BLACKWELL 382 South Main Street Attleboro, Mass. KATHERINE BOUCHARD 31 Chandler Street Haverhill, Mass. JUDITH BROPHY 23 Beach Street Woburn, Mass. ARNOLD BROUGHTON 41 Newcomb Avenue Saugus, Mass. ELAINE BUDRON Pond Street Methuen, Mass. JANE BURKE 35 Shaw Street Lowell, Mass. PAULA BURNS 56 Burtt Street Lowell, Mass. MICHAEL CAHILL 12 Astor Street Lowell, Mass. MARY CAMPBELL 15 Eisenhower Drive South Easton, Mass. JOHN CATALLOZZI 247 Tacoma Street Worcester, Mass. LUCILLE CAVALLARO 514 Mt. Vernon Street Lawrence, Mass. MARY CAVALLARO 295 Jackson Street Lawrence, Mass. FERNAND CHANDONNET 7 Crawford Street Lowell, Mass. BEVERLY CHAROW 76 Phillips Street Lawrence, Mass. MARIANNE CHIBAS 48 Dewey Street Tweksbury, Mass. KATHERINE CHWALEK 5 Ashland Avenue Methuen, Mass. CARLTON CLARK 17 Woodbine Street Chelmsford, Mass. CAROL COSIO 35 South Pine Street Haverhill, Mass. PHYLLIS CONNOR 50 Varnum Street Lowell, Mass. MARY COSTELLO 29 Dorchester Street Lawrence, Mass. DIANNE COUNCILMAN 15 Stavely Street Lowell, Mass. CATHERINE COUTURE 2 Duncan Road Burlington, Mass. CAROLYN CROWELL 10 Pembroke Street Medford, Mass. MARY LOU CROWLEY 18 Rhodora Street Lowell, Mass. MARY CZARNECKI 3 Campo Seco Street Lawrence, Mass. ALICIA DANO 1120 Gorham Street Lowell, Mass. ARLENE DELUCA 15 Newbridge Avenue Woburn, Mass. ROGER DIAS 44 Amori Street Cambridge, Mass. ROSEMARY DOBECK 101 Stearns Avenue Lawrence, Mass. REGINA ELIOPOULOS 28 Warwick Street Lowell, Mass. MARY FARLEY 68 Merrill Avenue Lowell, Mass. MARIE FIORINO 3 Thissell Street Methuen, Mass. MARY JO FISHER 9 Bradford Road No. Chelmsford, Mass. ELAINE FLOMP 167 School Street Lowell, Mass. PATRICIA FOLEY 1046 Essex Street Lawrence, Mass. ROSE FORTUNA 53 Atlanta Street Haverhill, Mass. ANN FOX 256 Marsh Hill Road Dracut, Mass. VINCENT FRANCESCONE 51 So. Central Street Haverhill, Mass. THOMAS GALLAGHER 34 Stedman Street Chelmsford, Mass. MARCIA GALWAY 106 Liberty Street Randolph, Mass. SUSAN GEORGE 128 Beechnut Road Westwood, Mass. EILEEN GILROY 18 West Forest Street Lowell, Mass. JAMES GIURLEO No. Great Road Lincoln, Mass. COULA GOUNARIS 37 Temple Street Haverhill, Mass. JUDITH GOVE 18 Church Street Wakefield, Mass. MARYANN GRANEY 20 Maplewood Avenue Methuen, Mass. DIANE HAJJAR 57 Lippold Street Methuen, Mass. JANE HANLON 686 Lowell Street Lawrence, Mass. ANN HANSEN 9 Arbor Road No. Chelmsford, Mass. RONALD HARRIS 155 Pleasant Street Dracut, Mass. JOSEPH HARTJENS 86 No. Main Street Orange, Mass. EILEEN HAYES 682 Lowell Street Lawrence, Mass. AURELIE HOULE 260 Pine Street Tewksbury, Mass. CAROL KEEFE 328 Stevens Street Lowell, Mass. FRANCES KEOGH 37 Marble Avenue Lawrence, Mass. JOYCE KHOURY 92 Auburn Street Lawrence, Mass. MARIE KERWIN 46 Burnham Road Lowell, Mass. HENRY KOZA 37 Oregon Avenue Lawrence, Mass. CAROL LAFRENIER 9 Sandra Lane Methuen, Mass. ALEXANDER LAMBROUKOS 65 Varney Street Lowell, Mass. BARBARA LANDELL 11 Florence Street Littleton Common, Mass. ELIZABETH LANTAGNE 43 Ohio Avenue Lawrence, Mass. CYNTHIA LARSON 17 Chelmsford Street Methuen, Mass. JANICE LEE 12 Fairmont Avenue Saugus, Mass. JOANNE LAIKOS 146 Liberty Street Lowell, Mass. ELAINE LOMBARD 72 Fowle Street Woburn, Mass. HELEN LONG 4 Plympton Street Woburn, Mass. LINDA LOSPENNATO 7 Carlisle Road Westford, Mass. JUDITH LOUGHRAN 618 Beacon Street Lowell, Mass. DOROTHY MCCARTHY 105 Mt. Hope Street Lowell, Mass. KEVIN McLOUGHLIN 28 Birch Street Lowell, Mass. RUTHANNE MacFADDEN 56 So. Whipple Street Lowell, Mass. RICHARD MAHONEY 514 So. Main Street Andover, Mass. LORETTA MALATESTA 3 Mohawk Road Burlington, Mass. PATTY MARANVILLE 11 Taunton Street Middleboro, Mass. MAUREEN MASON 156 Midland Street Lowell, Mass. JANE MATWIEJCZYK 106 Mt. Vernon Street Lowell, Mas . MARY ELLEN MCCARTHY 28 Boxford Street Lawrence, Mass. MARGARET McDONALD 44 Fern Street Lawrence, Mass. eileen Mckinley 145 Beacon Street Lowell, Mass. RICHARD MALLOY 34 Haines Avenue Lowell, Mass. DIANE MOSHOS 26 Varney Street Lowell, Mass. FLORENCE MUGFORD 3 Virginia Road Tewksbury, Mass. JUDITH MURPHY 20 Fuller Road Chelmsford, Mass. DOROTHY NARUSZEWICZ 230 Boylston Street Lowell, Mass. FRANCES NOWAK 52 Phoenix Avenue Lowell, Mass. BARBARA O ' BRIEN 8 Richmond Avenue Milford, Mass. CLAIRE O ' CONNOR 52 Wilder Street Lowell, Mass. JUDITH OUELLETTE 322 Hilldale Avenue Haverhill, Mass. CATHERINE PAPARISIS 286 Fletcher Street Lowell, Mass. GRACE PARENTI 13 Cross Avenue Methuen, Mass. WILLIAM PARKER 284 Gibson Street Lowell, Mass. CHARLES PATTERSON Crescent Street Stowe, Mass. MARILYN PAWLAK 32 Dedham Street Methuen, Mass. GEORGE PERRONE 190 Norfolk Street Worcester, Mass. MARY PHILLIPS 116 Easton Street Lawrence, Mass. CONSTANCE POIRIER 805 County Street Fall River, Mass. PATRICIA POPE 88 Littleton Road Chelmsford, Mass. GARY PRESTON 67 Water Street Woburn, Mass. REGINA QUARTARONE 517 Prospect Street Methuen, Mass. THOMAS ROGERS Floyd Street Bilierica, Mass. KERRY ROSSI 83 Leyden Street E. Boston, Mass. LINDA SACCO 82 Leyden Street E. Boston, Mass. CAROLE SADOWSKI 125 Pleasant Street Lowell, Mass. VIRGINIA SAVAS 1188 Middlesex Street Lowell, Mass. MARALYN SHEAHAN 24 Chauncy Avenue Lowell, Mass. BEVERLY SILVA 24 Moore Street E. Chelmsford, Mass. JOAN ELLEN SIMEONE 13 Stratford Road Andover, Mass. SPIROS SINTROS 136 Old Meadow Road Dracut, Mass. CATHERINE SPARKS 59 Elm Street Lowell, Mass. JUDITH STOCKWELL 60 Marlboro Street Waltham, Mass. RICHARD STRIANO 61 Dysart Street Quincy, Mass. SANDRA STRULES 10 So. Loring Street Lowell, Mass. CAROLYN SULLIVAN 218 Arlington Street Dracut, Mass. KATHLEEN SULLIVAN 62 Bellevue Street Lowell, Mass. JAMES SULLIVAN 942 Lakeview Avenue Lowell, Mass. MARTHA SULLIVAN 3 Hall Place Lowell, Mass. ZONA SULLIVAN 39 Mystic Street Methuen, Mass. PATRICIA SWEET 1 Foxcroft Road Lawrence, Mass. JAMES TACY 21 Vandegrift Street Lawrence, Mass. BARBARA TAYLOR 1776 Lakeview Avenue Dracut, Mass. JOHN TEAGUE Beaver Brook Road Forge Village, Mass. RICHARD TELLIER 4280 Washington Street Roslindale, Mass. CHRISTINE THEMELES 461 Main Street Tewksbury, Mass. CAROLE TRIPALDI 771 Wilder Street Lowell, Mass. DIANE WICKER 336 Onata Street Pittsfield, Mass. BEVERLY WINTERS 47 Enmore Street Andover, Mass. JUDITH ZABIEREK 560 Market Street Lowell, Mass. MARIA ZAMANAKOS 128 Foster Street Lowell, Mass. PATRICIA ZANGARI 3 Temple Street Haverhill, Mass. NOREEN ZAPPALA 10 Belmont Street Lawrence, Mass. CAROL ZUBEL 79 Merrimack Street Woburn, Mass. 127 Juniors RICHARD ABRAHAM 41 Marion St. Lowell, Mass. JAMES ANASTOS 25 Ware St. Lowell, Mass. WARREN AUSTIN 22 Bellevue St. Tewksbury, Mass. FRANCES BAUCH 26 Clinton Ave. Chelmsford, Mass. CAROL BEAN 215 Melrose St. Auburndale, Mass. COSETTE BEAUDIN 83 Highland St. Ware, Mass. JANE BEAVEN Yale Road Andover, Mass. MARIAN BERMAN 452 Wilder St. Lowell, Mass. RUTH BLACK Star Route Montague, Mass. MRS. VALERIE BOWERS 955 Main St. Tewksbury, Mass. MARY BUCHINSKOS 6 School St. So. Barre, Mass. CHARLES CAMPIONE 229 Jackson St. Lawrence, Mass. KATHLEEN CALNAN 15 Fritz St. Lawrence, Mass. CLAYTON CARACOTSIOS 1225 Mammoth Rd. Dracut, Mass. ROSEMARIE CARRO 78 Arnold St. Methuen, Mass. MAUREEN CAVARRA 44 Brook St. Methuen, Mass. MALCOLM CHRUPCALA 352 Cypress St. Fall River, Mass. MARIE CIARALDI 28 Fritz St. Lawrence, Mass. MRS. WILMA COBB 517 Newton Rd. Littleton, Mass. EILEEN CONRAD 23 Washington St. No. Chelmsford, Mass. DIANE COSTOPOULOS 17 Butterfield St. Lowell, Mass. WILLIAM COUGHLIN 95 Wentworth Ave. Lowell, Mass. JUDITH COULTER 66 Billings St. Lowell, Mass. GAIL CRAIG 25 Congress St. Lowell, Mass. KATHRYN CRANE 251 Acton Rd. Chelmsford, Mass. CAROL ANN CROWE 168 New York St. Lowell, Mass. JOCELYNE CYR 342 Old Bedford Rd. N Westport, Mass. DORIS DANCAUSE 63 Vi Lowell St. Methuen, Mass. FRANCES DEVLIN 117 Lexington St. Lawrence, Mass. CAROL DiPALMA 2 Linden Ave. Tewksbury, Mass. ELLEN DUFFY 14 Huntington St. Lowell, Mass. KARL DUNAKIN Kendrick Rd. E. Harwich, Mass. CLARE EDGERLY 26 Hampson St. Dracut, Mass. CAROLE FADDEN 39 Campbell Drive Lowell, Mass. BARBARA FARIS 36 Dufton Rd. Andover, Mass. SANDRA FERREIRA 85 Puffer St. Lowell, Mass. MARY GAIL FITZGERALD 26 E. Meadow Rd. Lowell, Mass. MRS. LINDA FLEISHMAN 24 Columbus Ave. Lowell, Mass. GEORGETTE FOURNIER 160 Andover St. Lowell, Mass. MRS. IRENE FOURNIER 416 Middlesex Turnpike Billerica, Mass. BEVERLY FOX 185 High St. Lawrence, Mass. HELEN FRAZIER 52 Floyd St. Lowell, Mass. DIANNE FREEDMAN 97 Dennison Ave. Swampscott, Mass. JACQUELINE FROST 67 Jersey St. Marblehead, Mass. JANET GAGNON RFD Davis Rd. Tyngsboro, Mass. ANNE GARVEY 122 Highland Ave. Lowell, Mass. CONSTANCE GAUTHIER 429 Princeton Blvd. Lowell, Mass. PATRICIA GAWLINSKI 22 Manning St. Medford, Mass. CYNTHIA GLINSKI 26 Amherst St. Lawrence, Mass. RONALD GODFREY 66 Hilldale Ave. Haverhill, Mass. ROBERT GOLDEN 392 Chelmsford St. Lowell, Mass. CLAIRE GRANT 53 ROyal St. Lowell, Mass. MAUREEN GUERIN 145 Foster St. Lawrence, Mass. MARY HAJJAR 12 Fairmont St. Lawrence, Mass. MRS. KATHLEEN HAMMOND 208 Olive Ave. Lawrence, Mass. MARY HARRINGTON 63Vi Andrews St. Lowell, Mass. CYNTHIA HARRIS 51 Hampstead St. Lowell, Mass. SHIRLEY HAVEN 33 Steele St. Holden, Mass. MAUREEN HAYES 246 Crawford St. Lowell, Mass. MARGARET HENNESSEY . 29 Brookfield St. Lawrence, Mass. MARGARET HEWETT 161 Saratoga St. Lawrence, Mass. HARRY HURLEY 305 Beale St. Wollisto ' n, Mass. C. MARGARET INGLIS 50 Hampshire St. Lowell, Mass. MRS. MICHAELINA JUDGE 13 Endicott St. Lawrence, Mass. PATRICIA KELLY 8 Elm St. No. Grafton, Mass. MARY ANN KENNEDY 6 Larkin Ave. No. Chelmsford, Mass. PAULINE KING 16 Astor St. Lowell, Mass. ELIZABETH KRYZNOWEK 91 Ford St. Three Rivers, Mass. GENEVIEVE LAMPERIELLO 44 Clark Road Andover, Mass. B ARBARA LAWTON Dunstable Road Tyngsboro, Mass. E. JUDITH LEARY 22 Anderson St. Lowell, Mass. ELAINE LEMIRE 45 Manning Road E. Chelmsford, Mass. BARBARA MANSEAU 25 B St. Lowell, Mass. MARJORIE MARSHALL 379 Pleasant St. Tewksbury, Mass. CAROLYN MASON 26 Bouchard Ave. Dracut, Mass. JOAN MCCARTHY 34 Pearson St. Andover, Mass. „__,, Virginia McCarthy 62 Albion St. Lawrence, Mass. PATRICIA McGOWAN 22 Granville St. Lawrence, Mass. NANCY McHALE 3 Wachusett St. Lowell, Mass. KATHERINE McKlLLOP 5 Warren Road Woburn, Mass. ROBERT MERRIFIELD 409 Westford St. Lowell, Mass. ANNFRANCES MOLLOY 63 Reservoir St. Lawrence, Mass. BARBARA MOORE 124 West St. Amherst, Mass. MARGARET MOYNIHAN 62 Exeter St. Lawrence, Mass. MARGARET MULCAHY 55 Eutaw St. Lawrence, Mass. THERESA MULDOON 224 Parker St. Lowell, Mass. MARILYN MURPHY 30 Louisburg St. Lawrence, Mass. LOIS NICHOLS 62 Gorham St. E. Chelmsford, Mass. MARGARET NICOLL 116 Salem St. Andover, Mass. BASILLE NICOLOPOULOS 3 Cross St. Ave. Lowell, Mass. JUDITH O ' BRIEN 91 So. Kimble St. Bradford, Mass. JUDITH O ' CONNOR 11 Linwood St. Lowell, Mass. CAROL OSTERBURG 233 Conant St. Gardner, Mass. ELLEN PAPUL1S 95 Old Meadow Rd. Dracut, Mass. DOROTHY PATRONSKI 176 Amesbury St. Dracut, Mass. PRISCILLA PEARSON 12 Elm St. So. Chelmsford, Mass. LINDA PEPE 160 Berkley St. Lawrence, Mass. BEVERLY PLACE Mammoth Rd. Pelham, N. H. JUDITH POOLE 12 Jane Rd. Methuen, Mass. PATRICIA POLLANO 16 Grove St. Haverhill, Mass. ANN REGAN 36 Border St. Lawrence, Mass. EDWARD ROBERTS 21 Mt. Washington St. Lowell, Mass. BEVERLY ROGERS 17 Montview Rd. Chelmsford, Mass. ROSALINE SAAB 396 Elm St. Lawrence, Mass. JOHN SALERNO 42 Gage St. Worcester, Mass. MARGARET SANDERSON 79 Stearns Ave. Lawrence, Mass. JANICE SCHENA 50 Hancock St. Haverhill, Mass. MARJORIE SEMINATORE 10 A Flagg St. Woburn, Mass. JEANNE SERRATORE 102 Hancock St. Haverhill, Mass. MAUREEN SHANAHAN 6 Lanen Ave. So. Groveland, Mass. MARILYN SHEEHY 287 So. Broadway Lawrence, Mass. BEVERLY SMITH 90 Orchard St. Medford, Mass. ROBERT SOUZA 10 No. Spooner St. Lawrence, Mass. CAROLE STASIOWSKI 274 High St. Lowell, Mass. DIANE SULLIVAN 480 Westford St. Lowell, Mass. IMELDA M. SULLIVAN 850 Bridge St. Lowell, Mass. DAVID TAGGART 566 School St. Lowell, Mass. LINDA THEISZ 5 Locke St. Andover, Mass. HARRY TONG 93 2 Palm St. Nashua, N. H. THOMAS TOOHEY 200 Corinth St. No. Adams, Mass. MARY TZIKOPOULOS Tyngsboro Rd. Westford, Mass. ELLEN WALSH 77 Sunray Ave. Lawrence, Mass. JUDITH WILHELMY 31 Fairgrove Ave. Lowell, Mass. 128 Seniors JEAN AMBROSE 21 Brockton Avenue Haverhill, Mass. HAROLD ANDERSON 4 Lynch Street Lawrence, Mass. JEAN ARREN 90 Cottage Street Melrose, Mass. FRANCIS BALAS 37 Mort Avenue Lowell, Mass. DONNA BARANOWSKI 105 Eighteenth Street Lowell, Mass. BERNAD1NE BEES 49 Myrtle Terrace Winchester, Mass. SHIRLEY BROWN 154 Warwick Street Lowell, Mass. PATRICIA BURNS 34 Osborne Road Medford, Mass. ELIZABETH CALLAHAN 155 Broadway Road Dracut, Mass. JAMES CALLAHAN 5 Duncan Road Burlington, Mass. ANNE CARAVOULIAS 100 Old Meadow Road Dracut, Mass. VIRGINIA CARNEVALE 62 West Fifth Avenue Lowell, Mass. CHRISTINE CARNEY 34 Union Street North Andover, Mass. CHARLES COMO 54 South Whipple Street Lowell, Mass. BRENDA CONNORS 49 Pleasant Street Woburn, Mass. ELIZABETH ANNE CONNOR 188 Olive Avenue Lawrence, Mass. RICHARD CORCORAN 320 Suffolk Street Lowell, Mass. THOMAS CORCORAN 320 Suffolk Street Lowell, Mass. JANICE COREY 38 Riverneck Road Chelmsford, Mass. MRS. ANNELIESE COTTON 5 Saint Nichols Avenue Chelmsford, Mass. CONSTANCE CUTRUMBES 51 Phineas Road Dracut, Mass. ANN DALEY 542 Andover Street Lawrence, Mass. PATRICIA DALEY 15 Cuba Street Andover, Mass. GEORGIA DANAS 62 Gorham Street Andover, Mass. NANCY DINI 28 Grove Street Medford, Mass. MARIE DIONNE 148 Princeton Boulevard Lowell, Mass. DENNIS DI SALVO 453 Maiden Street Revere, Mass. MARGARET FARRELL 86 Butterfield Street Lowell, Mass. LINDA FARRIS 8 Webster Court Lawrence, Mass. LORRAINE FERRARI 23 Lakeview Avenue Readine, Mass. JOAN FINNEGAN 21 River Street Billerica, Mass. LESTER FLEISHMAN 24 Columbus Avenue Lowell, Mass. PATRICIA FLYNN 521 Hampshire Street Lawrence, Mass. ROBERT FORSLEY 137 Pine Street Lowell, Mass. BARBARA FORSYTH 23 Chester Street Ballardvale, Mass. ANNE GAUDETTE 60 West Meadow Road Lowell, Mass. FRANCIS GEORGES 22 Lawton Street Lowell, Mass. KATHLEEN GIALLONGO 35 Marion Street Medford, Mass. CAROLANNE GILLIS 12 Market Street Lawrence, Mass. PAULINE GOLEC 304 Cumberland Road Lowell, Mass. NANCY GRESKA 823 Central Street Lowell, Mass. ELAINE GUELI 13 Gleason Street Methuen, Mass. RUTH HABEEB 11 Caswell Avenue Methuen, Mass. MRS. CAROLYN HAND 72 Dalton Road Chelmsford, Mass. DONALD HARLOW 132 Worcester Street Bridgewater, Mass. MRS. NORA HARRISON 18 Dufton Road Andover, Mass. ANN HEALEY 20 Hampstead Street Lowell. Mass. HELAINE HONAN 98 Hovey Street Lowell, Mass. ROBERT HOWARD 160 Bridge Street Beverly, Mass. CAROL HOWE 160 Shaw Street Lowell, Mass. JUDITH INGALLS County Road West Wareham, Mass. MARIE IZZI 101 Market Street Lawrence, Mass. ROBERT KIDD 49 Wildousatonic Street Pittsfield. Mass. STASIA KOHANSKI 440 Trull Street Tewksbury, Mass. ROBERTA KOWALSKI 511 Lawrence Street Lowell. Mass. JOAN M. LECLAIR 17 Harris Avenue Lowell, Mass. MARY ELLEN LYNCH 11 Wyman Street Burlington, Mass. ROBERT LYNN 192 East Denver Street Saugus, Mass. ELLEN MACONE 23 Clinton Street Woburn, Mass. JOAN MAGUIRE 36 Wetherbee Avenue Lowell, Mass. MARY MANGAN 35 Murray Terrace Lowell, Mass. KATHRYN MARCARIONE 30 Wilmot Street Lawrence, Mass. JENNIE MARGOSIAN 641 Clark Road Tewksbury, Mass. STELLA MARTAKOS 522 Central Street Lowell, Mass. MRS. REGINA McARTHUR 27 Seventeenth Street Lowell, Mass. joan Mcdonald 15 Fourth Avenue Lowell, Mass. RICHARD McELHINEY 220 Branch Street Lowell, Mass. marilyn Mclaughlin 326 Ridge Street Arlington, Mass. MARY McLEAN 73 Billerica Road Chelmsford, Mass. ANN MEDEL1NSKAS 53 Wilmot Street Lawrence, Mass. ROBERTA MURRAY 132 Hoyt Avenue Lowell, Mass. JOSEPH MUSUMECI 183 High Street Lawrence, Mass. JANICE OBERTI 41 Albert Avenue Haverhill, Mass. ELIZABETH O ' CONNOR 81 Woodland Street Lawrence, Mass. CONSTANCE O ' DONNELL 27 DuMerle Street Lowell, Mass. SUELLEN O ' HARE 80 Fifth Street Lowell, Mass. BARBARA PALERMO 26 North Street Lowell, Mass. SUZANNE PERREAULT 225 Robinson Road Acushnet, Mass. JAMES PERRY 60 Corbett Street Lowell, Mass. ROGER POWERS 29 Arch Street Maiden, Mass. MARCELLA PRAETZ 101 Knox Street Lawrence, Mass. MARY PRIEST 151 Branch Street Lowell, Mass. ALLAN RAIN 2 Arthur Street Haverhill, Mass. ANNE RALLS 356 East Merrimack Street Lowell, Mass. ELEANOR REILLEY 27 North Warren Street Woburn, Mass. LEON RENAUD 39 Liberty Street Lowell, Mass. MRS. M. ESTELLE RIVARD 12 Woodlawn Avenue Chelmsford, Mass. JO-ELLEN ROBERTSON 95 High Street North Andover, Mass. KATHLEEN SAMARAS 79 Mount Washington Street Lowell, Mass. NANCY SCANLON 207 Wilder Street Lowell, Mass. GEORGE SEMEKIS 104 Butterfield Street Lowell, Mass. LORETTA SEMINATORE 82 Bedford Street Burlington, Mass. EARL SHARFMAN 51 Staples Street Lowell, Mass. RICHARD SMITH 21 Nichols Street Haverhill, Mass. MRS. MARY JOAN STACKPOLE 559 Stevens Street Lowell, Mass. JO ANNE STROUT 801 Stevens Street Lowell, Mass. PAULA SULLIVAN 79 Prospect Street Woburn, Mass. MARGARET SWEENEY 70 Fifth Avenue Lowell, Mass. PATRICIA SWEENEY 9 Ardell Street Lowell, Mass. MRS. MYRTLE SYKES 7 Brentwood Road Chelmsford, Mass. MARY MARGARET THOMAS 24 High Street Andover, Mass. THOMAS TOBIN 23 Cady Street Lowell, Mass. ANN MARIE TOOMEY 11 Yerxa Road Cambridge, Mass. MRS. ELIZABETH TRAFTON 6 Hodgson Street Tewksbury, Mass. PRISCILLA VADEBONCOEUR 37 Marlon Street Haverhill, Mass. DORIS VANDERSPURT 43 Arlington Street Dracut, Mass. MARY WALSH 7 Franklin Avenue Andover, Mass. NANCY WEEKS Riveredge Road Billerica, Mass. ELEANOR WILK 132 Hampshire Road Methuen, Mass. NANCY YEGHOIAN 29 Grove Street Haverhill, Mass. 129 Miss Gertrude M. Bailey Dr. William C. Burto Miss Fortunata Caliri Miss Elizabeth C. Coffee Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Cotton Miss Helen J. Coyne Miss Mary Donovan Miss Helen Drinan Dr. and Mrs. John J. Fisher Dr. and Mrs. William R. Fisher Dr. H. Marie Garrity Maryann Graney Dr. and Mrs. Edward Gilday Miss Cynthia Glinski Dr. Patricia Goler Miss Marguerite Gourville Miss Denise Johnson Tommy Jenkins, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. K. Kansanniva Miss Alice Kiernan Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank Mr. and Mrs. Samuel McDonald Eileen Hayes Dr. Mary E. McGauvran Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. McLaughlin Miss Linda Merton Mr. Charles L. Mitsakos Miss Donna Murray Mr. and Mrs. Peter Molley Miss Eva Newbury Dr. Elizabeth A. Neilson Miss Lois Nichols Mr. Frederick A. Norton Patricia Hayes Dr. and Mrs. Francis P. O ' Hara Pollard ' s Dr. and Mrs. Domenic Procopio Miss Rosalin Wood Dr. Margaret Shannon Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stahl Mr. James Tacy Dr. and Mrs. Cyrus D. Thompson Jane Hanlon Sponsors Mr. and Mrs. John Arren Mr. and Mrs. John Ambrose Miss Monica Becotte Mr. Paul Bianchi Miss Judy Brophy Miss Paula Burns Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Bees Miss Esther T. Burns Mr. and Mrs. William M. Burns Miss Betsy Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Balas Mr. Steven Bernard Mr. and Mrs. John Baranowski Miss Ramona Corcoran Mr. and Mrs. Clement J. Connor Miss Lucille Cavallaro Miss Mary Czarnecki Mr. and Mrs. Constantine Cutrumbes Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Corey Mr. and Mrs. James E. Callahan, Jr. Charlie and Stella Mr. and Mrs. James Caravoulias Mr. and Mrs. George Callahan Mr. and Mrs. David Dalton Miss Louise G. Connor Miss Joanne Dierauer Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Dini Mr. Thomas Duffy Miss Arlene De Luca Miss Penny Devlin Mr. and Mrs. Nicolas DiSalvo Mr. and Mrs. Francis Daly Miss Jane De Marchi Mr. and Mrs. James P. Danas Miss Dorothy C. Eastham Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Flynn Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Farrell Miss Patricia Foley Mr. and Mrs. George Forsythe Miss Elaine Flomp Mr. and Mrs. Harold K. Farris Mr. and Mrs. Robert Forsley Mr. and Mrs. Victor Ferrari A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Finnegan Miss Maryann Graney Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Golec Mr. and Mrs. Ignatius Greska Miss Nancy Garland Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gillis Miss Jean Higgins Miss Mary Hogan Mr. and Mrs. John Honan Mr. and Mrs. Edward Habeeb Mr. and Mrs. Franklyn Harrison Miss Edna Hoyt Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Howard Miss Jane Hanlon Miss Maryclare Hayes Mrs. Irene Hennessey Mr. and Mrs. Harry Izzi Mr. A. Ali Kompany Mr. Hank Koza Mrs. Werner Knops Miss Pauline King Miss Helen L. Long Miss Constance Lanseigne Miss Mary F. Lanigan Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Lynch Mr. William Lynch Miss Elaine Lombard Mr. and Mrs. Michael La Terz Mrs. Fred C. Macone Mr. and Mrs. Leo Margosian Mrs. Rose Martakos Mr. John McKittrick Miss Julie Mantere Mr. and Mrs. Rosario Macarione Mr. Kevin McLaughlin Mr. Richard Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Maguire Mr. and Mrs. A. Medelinskas Mr. and Mrs. John J. Murray Mrs. Josephine Mangan Miss Florence H. McCarthy Miss Basille Nicolopoulos Miss Catherine V. O ' Connor Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Oberti Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius O ' Connor Mr. and Mrs. Edward O ' Hare Mr. and Mrs. William O ' Donnell Mr. and Mrs. James Perry Miss Maureen Puchtler Mr. Gerard Perry Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Palermo Miss Sharon Rodgers Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rivard Mr. and Mrs. John Regan Miss Mary Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ralls Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Robertson Miss Louise Roche Mr. Edward Roberts Mr. George Perrone Mr. Paul Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. James Scanlon Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Sweeney Franni Sokorelis Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smith Mrs. Harry Stone Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stackpole Mr. and Mrs. John Sullivan Miss Martha Smith Mrs. Thomas F. Sheeran Mr. and Mrs. Stacy Samaras Mr. Steven Tacelli Mrs. Thomas F. Tobin Mr. and Mrs. Urban H. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sharfman Miss Zona Sullivan Miss Elizabeth Sheeran Mr. and Mrs. Harold Smith Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Strout Miss Marilyn Sheahan Mr. Spiros Sintros Mrs. Anna Vanderspurt Miss Rosalie Tirrell Mr. and Mrs. Augustine T. Walsh Miss Sharon Weed Mrs. Moses Yeghoian Miss Patricia Zangari Mr. and Mrs. Lucien Vadeboncoeur 130 Compliments of DEMOULAS SUPER MARKETS Best Wishes to the Class of 1962 Lowell, Massachusetts IANE TOOHER SPORT CLOTHES 598 Columbia Rd. Boston 35, Mass. Specializing in Girls •Gymnasium Outfits 131 Compliments of PARK CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. 40 Court Street Boston 8, Massachusetts FRANK A FOWLER " The Class Ring Man " 27 School Street Boston 8, Massachusetts Official Jeweler for 1956, 1957, 1958, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964 Prom Favors, A Specialty 132 It has been our pleasure to serve you in the cafeteria throughout the year. CULLINAN CATERERS, INC 63 Fletcher Street Lowell, Massachusetts Phone: GL 2-6050 133 Compliments of Feeney Florists MURDOCK 6-014S PACTORY OUTLET Oitie. OuAnWwue. and J Mq6 Joseph V. ippolito A UNION STREET LAWRENCE, MASS. G. C. PRINCE AND SON, INC. Stationers — Booksellers Gift Shop — School Supplies Greeting Cards 108 Merrimack Street Lowell, Massachusetts " Where Drycleaning is an Art " HIGHLAND CLEANERS Main " Drive-In " Plant 346 Broadway Telephone GL. 9-9369 First in Dry Cleaning Approved SANITONE Service WOOD - ABBOTT CO. Established 1872 Diamond Merchants and Jewelers 175 Merrimack Street Lowell, Mass. m VAmJVvl vivS .:.s;;.|Mjj| ' j H Effffl l 1 DONALDSON ' S " on the sunny side " 75 Merrimack Street Lowell, Massachusetts Compliments of KIERNAN ' S DRUG STORE 622 Broadway Lowell, Massachusetts 134 DILLON BONDED CLEANERS Keepsake Pak for Wedding Gowns 5 East Merrimack St. Lowell 22 Central Square Chelmsford L ' ETOILE Commercial Printing 24-26 Prince St. Lowell, Mass. Tel. Glenview 2-1411 Compliments of GEORGE ' S PIZZA SPAGHETTI HOUSE (corner of School St.) 617 Broadway Lowell Compliments of BURNS CATERING CO. Lowell, Mass. Best Wishes from FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF LOWELL HOME OFFICE SUBURBAN OFFICE 15HurdSt. 13 Center St. Burlington DOWNTOWN OFFICE Kearney Square CURRENT DIVIDEND 4% 135 136 This book printed by VELV ATONE, a special process of lij graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N; No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone metn

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