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University of Massachusetts Lowell - Sojourn / Knoll Yearbook (Lowell, MA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1960 volume:

i s •rffl . -w. 1 . ■ ■ £ . . Hn m ■ ■,,, ' it , THE KNOLL State Teachers College Lowell, Massachusetts Foundations For The Future A foundation is generally considered to be the base upon which something is built. We of the class of i960 have acquired knowledge and experience at Lowell Teach- ers College. This, then will serve as our foundation. Upon this foundation we must build our futures. As teachers, we hope that our futures will be a reflection of the training we have received here at Lowell and that those futures will include the pursuit of more knowledge that we may impart to those whom we teach. Our President Diogenes and Thomas Jefferson both agree that " The foundation of every State is the education of its youth. " " No other sure foundation can be devised for the preser- vation of freedom and happiness. " Lowell has provided you with that foundation. The emerging future which will rise thereon is yours to shape. Shape it well with the tools of learning in the light of faith that it may be for you a stronghold and a refuge in the days to come. Dr. Daniel H. O ' Leary To You, We Dedicate This Book Walter P. Copley No class is able to achieve its goals or fulfill its obligations without the firm guidance of an experienced and concerned advisor. As we, the class of i960, take leave of Lowell Teachers College we wish to thank our class advisor, Mr. Walter Copley, who has served us well and who has provided us with his valuable assistance throughout our stay at Lowell. As these years have provided us with a " foundation for the future, " Mr. Copley has played an important part in molding that foundation. To you, Mr. Copley, we offer our thanks and to you we respectfully dedicate our i960 Knoll. It has certainly been a pleasure to have been associated with the Class of i960 for the past few years. I would like to wish all of you success in your chosen profession. However, we must remember that success in the teaching field, as in any other, comes only with hard work. It would be well to keep in mind the theme of this Yearbook, " Foundations For The Future " as you move into your first year of teaching. Each of you will very definitely be the Foundation on which many a child will build his future. Yours will be a firm foundation only if you are willing to do that little extra which often means the difference between a successful teacher and one who is mediocre. WoJ X° c 7 Arts and Science Building Administration Building Pre idem ' I [all F A u L T Y In our world of tomorrow we need brains. America cannot settle for mediocrity, intellectually. An intel- lectual elite will be established and you must seek mem- bership. Bonuses will be available to the imaginative thinker. If you have faith in this future, there will al- ways be an America. Marguerite Gourville MARGUERITE L. GOURVILLE B.S.Ed., Marywood College A.M., Boston University Director of Student Teaching and Placement Chairman of Professional Education DR. EDWARD F. GILDAY A.B., A.M., New York University D.Mus.A., Boston University Chairman of Music Education Much of our study must necessarily be an act of faith — faith in ourselves, in our teachers, and in the future. No insurance policy, no portfolio of stocks and bonds can purchase the kind of security inherent in a sound education. Our future may well depend upon what we learn today, from yesterday. Dr. Edward F. Gilday Your choice of the theme, for the i960 Knoll was influenced, no doubt by the changes and growth that you have observed in your four years here. Does it also represent your hopes and expectations for the future of your college? We, the faculty, would be greatly en- couraged to know that you share our vision of the Lowell State Teachers College of tomorrow. A loyal and active alumni can do much to foster the growth of any institution. Lowell has need for more ac- tive members in its Graduates Association. You can contribute to the future progress of your college by add- ing your active support to the alumni. As you take your place in your classroom next fall you are not only beginning your own career but you are adding to the fine record our graduates have made in the teaching profession. You and your college will be judged by your work with the children you teach. Be loyal and true to yourself and to this college by doing your very best work always. May you continue to progress in the pattern begun here at Lowell and may this college always be proud to claim you as a graduate. Dr. Mary E. McGauvran DR. MARY E. McGAUVRAN B.S.Ed., State Teachers College at Lowell Ed.M., Ed.D., Boston University Dean of Women Director of Admissions DR. JOHN J. FISHER A.B., St. John ' s University A.M., Ed.M., Columbia University Dean of Men Director of Extension Studies What shall I teach? In our profession there can be but one answer. You will teach the truth and nothing but the truth. You have dedicated your lives to the discovery and transmission of the truth. What is true is morally good even though it may not be what the crowd wants or even tolerates. What is good and true is determined by objective laws as immutable as the stars. You will work in a society in which values constantly change. In such a society truth is often hard to find. To many, what is good or true is determined by the num- bers or power of those accepting it. If you march with the crowd and conform to their standards you too will corrupt the truth and betray your profession. You will teach the eternal, unchanging truth and nothing but the truth. Dr. John J. Fisher I S: V 9 HERBERT BLOOM A.M.T., Harvard University M.S., Simmons College Assistant Librarian GERTRUDE M. CUNNINGHAM B.S.Ed., Ed.M., Boston University Education Department PAUL BREGOR A.A., B.Mus., Mus.Ed.M., Boston University Music Department HELEN G. DRINAN B.S., Columbia University Ed.M., Har vard University Education Department DR. WILLIAM C. BURTO A.B., Colgate University A.M., Ph.D., Harvard University English Department FORTUNATA CALIRI A.B., Emmanuel College Ed.M., Boston Teachers College English Department IGNATIUS A. CISZEK B.S., Arnold College Ed.M., Boston University Physical Education Department ROY L. FARNSWORTH A.B., A.M., Boston University Social Science Department DR. WILLIAM R. FISHER B.S.Mus., A.M., New York University Ed.D., Boston University Music Department JOHN R. FITZGERALD B.S.Ed., Ed.M., Boston University Social Science Department WALTER P. COPLEY B.S., Ed.M., Boston College Science Department ROBERT J. FOY B.S.Ed., Plymouth Teachers College A.M., George Peabody College Ed.M., Harvard University English Department IO DR. H. MARIE GARRITY B.S.Ed., State Teachers College at Lowell Ed.M., Ed.D., Boston University Physical Education Department DR. WILLIAM H. MALONE B.S., Ed., Boston College Ed.D., Boston University Science Department DR. PATRICIA A. GOLER A.B., Regis College A.M., Ph.D., Boston College Social Science Department CHARLES R. MEEHAN B.S., Ed.M., Boston College M.S.L.S., Simmons College Librarian DeMERRITTE A. HISCOE B.S.Ed., Massachusetts School of Art Ed.M., Tufts University Art Department THOMAS A. NORRIS B.S.Ed., A.M., Boston University Social Science Department : : :PI:i-r-;i : KALERVO KANSANNIVA B.S.Ed., Ed.M., State Teachers College at Fitchburg A.M., Boston University Speech and Theatre Arts FREDERICK A. NORTON A.B., A.M., Boston College Social Science Department ALICE G. KIERNAN B.S.Ed., State Teachers College at Lowell Ed.M., Boston University Education Department DR. FRANCIS P. O ' HARA A.B., A.M., Boston College Ph.D., University of Paris Social Science Department f. LEO PANAS B.S., Massachusetts School of Art Ed.M., State Teachers College at Fitchburg Art Department DR. DOMENIC R. PROCOPIO A.B., A.M., Harvard University Ph.D., Boston University Music Department PRENTISS SHEPHERD, JR. A.B., A.M., Harvard University Science Department DR. CYRUS D. THOMPSON B.S.Ed., Pennsylvania State College M.M., Eastman School of Music Ed.D., Boston University Music Department DR. JAMES M. RYAN B.S., University of Massachusetts A.M., Ph.D., Boston University English Department GARDNER TILLSON A.B., Tufts University A.M., Pennsylvania State University Speech Department DR. MARGARET R. SHANNON B.S.Ed., State Teachers College at Lowell Ed.M., Ed.D., Harvard University Education Department JOHN ZIMMERMAN A.B., A.M., Wayne State University Social Science Department ROBERT M. SHAUGHNESSY B.Mus., Mus.Ed.M., Boston University Music Department IRENE B. O ' LOUGHLIN R.N., St. John ' s Hospital Lowell, Massachusetts DR. ELIZABETH A. NLII.SON B.S.Ed., Ed.M., Ed.D., Boston University Physical Education Department EDWARD T. KNOWLES B.S.Ed., State Teachers College at Bridgewater A.M., Fletcher School of International Law Social Science Department 12 Training School Faculty Bartlett School Faculty Washington School Faculty 13 Presidents ' Hall Co-op Left to Right — Mrs. James F. Furey, House mother, Mrs. John T. Larkin, House mother, Mrs. Donald E. Wilder, Matron, Mrs. Henry F. Rourke, House mother. Personnel s E N I R S ANNE MARIE CROWE Elementary Capable president — Facial expressions — Red highlights — Happy at Hampton. Activities Class President 4, Lecture Representative 3; Student Government 4; Knoll Associate Editor; Newman Club 1-4, Executive Board 3, 4; W.R.O. 1-4; M.E.N.C. 4; Campus Star 2. PRESIDENT SECRETARY MAUREEN HELENA GLEASON Elementary Personality plus — Freshman Queen — " Try me " — Reck- less driver — " Time for class " — Someday a Sheehy. Activities Class Secretary 4; W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 3, 4; Freshman Campus Queen. SUSAN KATHERINE MURRAY Elementary " Sue " — Lifeguard tan — Always smiling — " Anyone for the gym? " — A blond forever. Activities W.R.O. 1-4, Head of Swimming 2, Secretary 3, Repre- sentative 4; Lecture Chairman 1, 4; Newman Club 1-4. 16 LECTURE REPRESENTATIVE J Br 1 s mmmk If j§J lb « K Oil ..... f B GERALD GRASSO Elementary Salisbury ' s finest — That precious giggle — Hard worker — " Have we time for a quick game? " Activities Class Vice President 4; Basketball 2-4; Baseball 1-4; Wrestling 3, Co-captain 4; M.A.A. 1-4, Head of Sports 3, Secretary 4; Campus Star Sports Editor 4. VICE-PRESIDENT MARY ELEANOR MONAGHAN Elementary Energetic and enthusiastic — Irish charm — Twirler — Don — Patty. Activities Class Treasurer 4; Knoll Business Editor; W.R.O. 1-4, Head of Ping Pong 4; Newman Club 2-4. TREASURER MONA ELIZABETH DRUMMOND Elementary " I didn ' t know it was due today! " — Liked by all — Li- brary fines — Ready smile. Activities Library Chairman 4; Newman Club 3, 4; W.R.O. 1-4, Representative 3; Science Club 4; Elementary Chorus 1. LIBRARY REPRESENTATIVE 17 RUTH ANN AINSLEY Ele?nentary Ruthie — Someday I ' ll cut my hair — Early bird — Nat- urally nice. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. BARBARA A. ALLEN Elementary Willing worker — W.R.O. Booster — Neatness — Always busy — Thoughtful always. Activities Newman Club I, 2, 4; W.R.O. 1-4, Volleyball Head 2, Treasurer 3, Vice President 4; Elementary Chorus 1. JOAN VIDA AVERY Elementary Trip to Ohio — Soft spoken — Quiet but purposeful — Nice to know. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Elementary Chorus 1; Iona Fellowship 1-4. 18 BARBARA ANN BARONI Elementary " Pay your blanket fee " — Capable — Student Council prexy — " Great " — Nice things come in small packages. Activities Concert Band i; Spring Show i; Campus Star 1-4; Newman Club 1-4, Executive Board 3, 4; W.R.O. 1-4, Head of Swimming 4; Student Council Treasurer 3; Cap and Gown Chairman 4. JANE BARTLETT Music Lady Jane — Irish jig expert — " Now just a minute. " — " but . . . but . . . wait ' ll I tell ya. " Activities Newman Club 1-4; M.E.N.C. 1-4; Concert Choir 4; Knoll Editor-in-Chief; Drama Club 1; Spring Shows 1-4; W.R.O. 1-4. ELAINE MARIE BEMIS Elementary " Anyone have an airmail stamp? " — Quiet redhead — Bowling queen — Bali Hai. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 4; Elementary Chorus 1; Campus Star 1-4. 19 MAUREEN LOUISE BOYCE Music Spot and Mortimer — Buffalo — " Tell him I ' ve gone to lunch. " Activities Class Secretary 2; M.E.N.C. 1-4, Executive Board 3; Spring Shows 1-4; Ring Committee Chairman: W.R.O. 1 -4; Newman Club 1-4. ARTHUR BREWSTER Elementary Man of many interests — Capable worker — " Oh, you two and this one. " — Family man. Activities President Student Council 4; Executive Board Co- lumbia Scholastic Press Conference 4; Campus Star 1-4, Editor-in-Chief 3, Asst. Editor 4, Managing Editor 1. RICHARD CHARLES BROWN Music " Was it pathetic! " — Good demonstration— " I don ' t know what ' s happening. " Activities Concert Band 4; Iona Fellowship 3, 4; M.E.N.C. 1-4; M.A.A. 1-4. 20 ELLEN MARIE BURKE Elementary B.C. Football games — Historian — " Sing do class " - " Really ? " — Proms. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; Campus Star 1. SANDRA ANN CARVILLE Elementary Sandy — Infectious laughter — " Has she taken attend- ance yet? " — Cape Cod. Activities Student Council, Asst. Social Chairman 2, Social Chair- man 3, Vice President 4; Newman Club 1-4, Executive Board 2, 3, Secretary 4; W.R.O. 1-4, Head of Swim- ming 3; Campus Star 1, 1, 4; Spring Shows 1, 3. DOROTHY ANNE CHANDLER Elementary Dear Tommy — " I ' m going to the library " — " No kid- ding! " Any human being knows that! " Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. 21 NORA HELENA CONDON Elementary Summers at Hampton — Zealous worker — Sweet and sincere — Ardent bowler. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; Campus Star 1; Sci- ence Club 4. JANET ANN CONNORS Elementary Whist — " What did you do over the weekend? " — Watch the cards — Airmail letters. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Campus Star 1; Newman Club 1; Ele- mentary Chorus 1. MARY LOU CURRAN Elementary Great sense of humor — That Irish brogue — " I don ' t have a thing to wear! " — Europe bound. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 3, 4. 11 MARY MARGARET CURTAIN Elementary Petite but vivacious — Pretty blue eyes — Large lunches — Horror movies. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. DONNA MARIE DANAHY Elementary Star gazer — " Hi, everyone " — Sleepy time gal — Expert on the solar system. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 3, 4. JOHN PETER DeSILVA Music " The bookstore is driving me mad! " — " Is that right? " Groovy pianist — " What a gas! " Activities Class Treasurer 1, President 2; Jazz Club 1-4, Secretary 4; M.E.N.C. 1-4; Concert Choir 2-4; Dance Band 3, 4. ;. ' ..-.. 23 JACQUELINE McANDREWS DICKEY Elementary Petticoats and ponytail — Sweet mother — Dimples — Capable worker — Badminton expert. Activities Campus Star 2-4; W.R.O. 1-4, Head of Badminton 2; Newman Club 4. DENNIS WILLIAM DIGENNARO Elementary Trips to Haverhill — Capable catcher — Never without his brief case — Dinny. Activities Pegasus 2, Art Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; Knoll Sports Editor; Student Council 4; M.A.A. 1, 2, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4; Baseball 1-4, Captain 4; Modern Arts Society 4. CAROL DISPENZA Miss Dispensa — Sneakers, No socks — Our orator — Tennis and the stage. Activities Pegasus 3, Managing Editor 4; Modern Arts Society 4; W.R.O. 4. 24 LOUIS CHARLES DISPENZA Elementary Card-hater — Proud father — Creative writer — " I ' m stud- ying about demons. " — Musician. Activities M.A.A. 1-4; Pegasus, Associate Editor 4, Non-Fiction Editor 3; Modern Arts Society 4. FRANCES DONAHUE Elementary Frannie — Quiet assurance — Tall and lithe — Reserved seamstress. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. CONSTANCE CAROLYN DUBLIN Music " Those Romans " — " Is he kidding? " — " I have to study Italian. " — Always smiling. Activities M.E.N.C. 1-4; W.R.O. 1-4. 25 THEODORE GERALD DURGIN Music Coffey says — Weekends in New York — " My Russian notes " — Efficient librarian. Activities M.E.N. C. 1-4; Concert Band 1-4; Orchestra 1-4; Iona Fellowship 1-4. DONNA JUNE EDGERLY Elementary Industrious — Plans for the future — Nice to know- Extensive wardrobe. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Iona Fellowship 4. ANNE KELLY FENCER Elementary Jeft — Lovely smile — Sweetness and light — Card shark -Newly a Mrs. Activities Drama Club 1; Newman Club 1-4; W.R.O. 1-4. % ■ 26 JANET ANN FITZPATRICK Elementary Neat, orderly and efficient — " I ' m not a redhead! " My riders — Sicilian Circle — Quiet wit — " My Ray. " Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 4; Knoll Art Editor. HELEN CLIFFORD FRAWLEY Elementary " Newman Club tonight " — High " blush pressure " — Leotards and full skirts — The Blarney Stone. Activities Newman Club 1-4, Treasurer 3, Vice President 4; Stu- dent Council Secretary 3; W.R.O. 1-4; Campus Star 1, 2; Knoll Associate Editor; M.E.N.C. 3, 4, Spring Show 3; Lecture Representative 1; Elementary Cho- rus 1. RUDOLPH GENTILE Music " Man what a drag " — " My chops won ' t take it " — Lisa — Italian suppers — " Am I late for class again? " Activities Concert Band 1-4, President 4; Concert Choir 2-4; M.E.N.C. 1-4; M.A.A. 1-4; Jazz Club 1-4; Dance Band 1-4. 27 REIXA GINGRAS Elementary Four Freshman fan — Captivating personality — Many talents — Carefree. Activities Newman Club 2, 3, 4; W.R.O. 1-4; Library Committee MARIETTA GREENE Elementary Dark-eyed sophisticate — Love poems and college week- ends — " I cleaned my notebook " — " Honest! " Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Modern Arts Society 4; Iona 1-4; Pegasus Art Editor 4; Campus Star 1-4; Feature Editor 1, 3; Editor-in-Chief 4. LORRAINE HAJJAR Elementary Industrious and sincere — Well liked — Love that song flute. Activities W.R.O. 1-4. 28 ANN HALL Elementary Dependable — Well-liked — Naturally nice — Clothes lover. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. JOAN HAYES Elementary Hot convertible — " Hey, Kids " — That gorgeous grin — " Oh, nuts! " — Pete. Activities Newman Club 1-4; W.R.O. 1-4; Sophomore Queen — Science Club 4. MARGARET HEBERT Elementary Peggy — Personal chauffeur — " Why did I Come Back? " — Talent shows. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. 29 ANN M. HENTZ Elementary Great ability — Twin — Redhead — Conscientious stu- dent. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Iona Fellowship 1-4; Campus Star 3, 4, Exchange Editor 4. SYLVIA HOLLINS Music Terrific vocalist — Golf enthusiast — TECH — Talented seamstress. Activities M.E.N.C. 1-4; W.R.O. 1-4; Concert Choir 1-4; Iona Fellowship 1-4; Spring Shows 1-4. PATRICIA HELEN JOYCE Elementary Pat — Sports-minded — The library her kingdom — Bad- minton star. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 3, 4; Science Club 3, 4; Campus Star 2. 30 JANICE M. KELLY Elementary Busy mother — Section debator — Good student — Pleas- ing smile — Danny and Sandra. Activities Newman Club 1-4; W.R.O. 1-4; Science Club 4; Drama Club 1-4. CLAIRE CALIOPY KERATSOPOULOS Elementary " Hey, Kids " — Proud mother — Lovely smile — " Have you seen Emily? " — Artistic. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Campus Star 1-4; Science Club 1-4, Sec- retary 4. HARRIET KEVILLE Elementary Young at heart — " I don ' t care " — Her hot Ford- " Think I should? " — Mischievous expression. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. 31 MILTON KIMMEL Music " Home work, but I ' m gigging tonight. " — " I drive eighty miles a day. " — Etc., etc., etc. Activities M.E.N.C. 1-4; Concert Band 1-4; Concert Choir 1-4; Orchestra 1; M.A.A. 1-4; Jazz Club 1-4. PRISCILLA KING Music " My lesson plan " — Phonics — Superb accompanist — Strawberry blond. Activities M.E.N.C. 1-4, Secretary 4; W.R.O. 1-4; Iona Fellow- ship 1-4; Concert Choir 3, 4; Spring Shows 3, 4. JANET KLOZA Elementary Sophisticated lady — Partied late — " Stop it. " Major in whist — Owner of the world ' s largest diamond — Twin. Activities Newman Club 1-4; W.R.O. 1-4; Campus Star 1. .32 JAMES LAMBERT Elementary " We won again. " — " Have you heard? " — Avid sports- man — Prez — Jazz expert — " Why not? " Activities Class President i; President M.A.A. 4, Baseball Cap- tain 3; Spring Shows 1-3. IRMA LEITER Music Magic violin — Superb musician — " May I say just one more thing? " Activities M.E.N.C. 1-4; W.R.O. 1-4; Science Club 2, 3; Concert Choir 2-4; Spring Shows 1-4; Concert Band 1. HELENE LUZ Elementary Neat and trim — Fashion co-ordinator — Arts and crafts — Graceful. Activities Science Club 1-4, President 3, Treasurer 4; Pegasus 1, 2, 4; W.R.O. 1-4; M.E.N.C. 2, 4; Newman Club 1-4; Campus Star 1-4; Drama Club 2, 4. 33 CHRISTINE MADER Elementary Casual and carefree — " Ready gang? " — Dimpled smile — Better late than never. Activities Knoll Photography Editor; Newman Club 1-4; W.R.O. 1-4, Head of basketball 1, Secretary 4. ROGER MARCHAND Elementary Versatile — Creative — Stone ' s throw to lunch — Our " elementary musician. " Activities Newman Club 1-4; M.A.A. 1-4; Spring Show 2-4; Jazz Club 1-4; Fiction Editor of Pegasus 4. MARIE McCARRON Elementary A popular Mrs.— " I ' ve made a wonderful adjustment. " — Class impersonator — " My Jimmy. " Activities Newman Club 1-4; W.R.O. 1-4. 34 SANDRA SCOP McDERMOTT Elementary Tear filled laughter — " I refuse to do it. " — " Oh, what a long six months " — Jack. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4. THOMAS McGAH Music " You mean nobody has his orchestration? " — Original compositions — " The pad. " Activities Concert Band 1-4; Concert Choir 4; M.E.N.C. 1-4, President 4; Jazz Club 3, 4; M.A.A. 1-4; Modern Arts Society 4. EMILY LOUISE McGOWAN Elementary " Doughnuts, anyone? " — Get that work in on time — " May I have a cup of hot water? " Activities W.R.O. 1-4, Head of softball 2, 4; Science Club 1-4, Secretary 3, Vice President 4; Newman Club 2, 4; Campus Star 1, 2, 4; Library Committee 2. 35 GEROMA MAE McKEE Elementary Junior Queen — So very sweet — Bates — Gerry — Unfor- gettable smile. Activities YY.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; Junior Campus Queen. ANNE LOUISE McMAHON Elementary Curriculum room — Chi-Rho booster — " I looked it up. " — Tops on the play ground. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1, 2, 4; Campus Star 1, 4; Library Representative 1, 2. MARY JANE MOYNIHAN Elementary Tall and terrific — Conscientious — Captivating per- sonality — " We had a test today! " Activities W.R.O. 1-4, Executive Board 4; Newman Club 1-4, Executive Board 4; Knoll, Girls ' Sport Editor; Campus Star 1, 2; Pegasus 4. 36 GEORGE FRANCIS NORRIS Music Josh — " Trees " — " Man, that ' s groovy! " — The Josh- mobile — " My teacher says " — " Shall I bring my ax? " Activities M.E.N.C. 1-4; Concert Band 1-4; Jazz Club 1-4; Iona 1-4; M.A.A. 1-4; Spring Show 3. ELLEN O ' NEILL Elementary Miss Creativity — " All sorts of " — Dry sense of humor — " Obviously " — " Spoofie. " Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Class Vice President 2, 3; Newman Club 1-4. PATRICIA LORETTA O ' NEILL Music " Can ' t make the party. " — That swings— " Man, those parties! " — Irish charm and wit. Activities M.E.N.C. 1-4; Newman Club 1-4; Spring Shows 1, 3; Concert Choir 3, 4; Concert Band 1-4; Jazz Club 1-4; W.R.O. 1-4; Knoll Music Editor. 37 RICHARD WILLIAM OULETTE Elementary Elevator operator — Always a hearty laugh — " Wait just a minute now! " — Happily married — " What was that? " Activities M.A.A. 1-4; Baseball 1-3; Newman Club 1-4. MARYLOU PACKER Elementary Sweet — One of the Big Four — Frequenting the library — Sunshine on a cloudy day. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Iona Fellowship 1-4; Elementary Chorus 1. CATHERINE MARIE PARLIN Elementary Has access to a helpful typer — Miss Zaner-Bloser— Union supporter — Always on time — " Norm. " Activities W.R.O. 1 -4; Science Club 4; Newman Club 1-4; Ele- mentary Chorus 1. 38 JOHN JOSEPH PENDERGAST Elementary Deals — " My car is sick " — Coffee and Kerouac — " I have a buddy who " — A million parties. Activities Pegasus 3, Business Manager 4; Campus Star 3, 4; M.A.A. 1-4; Modern Arts Society. CATHERINE FRANCES POWERS Elementary Lost without words — Doubtful expressions — Dick — " The great thinker. " Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Science Club 3, 4; Pegasus 1,4; Elementary Chorus 1. - ' NOREEN ANN PYNE Elementary Pajama parties — Car trouble — " New York, here I come. " " Am I late again? " — Dancing eyes. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 2-4; Campus Star 1. 39 GEORGE F. REVELAS Music Master mechanic — Band leader — Avid badminton fan — " No Sir, not me. " Activities Concert Band 4; M.E.N.C. 1-4; M.A.A. 1-4. CONSTANCE MARIE REYNOLDS Elementary Cool and casual — John — " You ' re kidding, of course? " — Crossword puzzles — That eyebrow. Activities Newman Club 1-4; W.R.O. 1-4; Head of Badminton 3; Knoll Literary Editor. JOHNATHAN REYNOLDS Music Caruso — Motor scooter — " According to the latest sur- vey " — Debator. Activities Pegasus 2-4, Alternate non-fiction Editor 2, Managing Editor 3, Social Chairman 4; Iona 2-4, Treasurer 3; M.E.N.C. 2-4; Vice President 4; Concert Choir 2-4; Concert Band 2-4; Drama Club 2-4, Vice President 3. 40 JENNIE WILHELMINA RICHARDS Elementary Pleasant — Quiet — Honor student — Sure to be a success. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Iona Fellowship 1-4; Pegasus 1, 4; Campus Star 1, 4; Science Club 4. JUNE FRANCES RILEY Elementary Conscientious and efficient — Must like Fords — Budget expert — Anti-organization — Golf pro — " Larry. " Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 2, 4; Drama Club 4; Knoll; Class Treasurer 2, 3. ESTELLE MARIE RONDEAU Music Jazz pianist — French linguist — " I wish I were in France. " Activities M.E.N.C. 1-4; W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 1; Concert Choir 4; Jazz Club 3, 4. 41 ELIZABETH K. ST. CLAIR Elementary Popular Mrs. — Always helpful — Conscientious — Ruby and Jimmy — Those spaghetti dinners! Activities Pegasus 4; Campus Star 4; Science Club 4; W.R.O. 1-4. DIANNA FLORENCE SCHANZER Elementary Parties at O PI — Tony said — Next weekend — Indi- vidualist — " My homework ' s all done " — That charm- ing grin. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Newman Club 2-4; Campus Star 1, 2; Pegasus 1. JEAN A. SCHMOTTLACH Elementary Prez — Weather Stations — Loveliness — " Let ' s take a vote. Activities W.R.O. 1-4, President 4; Elementary Chorus I; Iona Fellowship 1-4; Student Council 4. 42 MARIE GRACE SEMINATORE Elementary Heart of gold — Always ready to help — " Cliches " Adviser to all. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Science Club 3; Pegasus 1. EARL EDWARD SIMON Elementary Full tank, $1.50; — Cruising down the river — Socratic method — Morton Downey qualities. Activities M.A.A. 2-4; Baseball 3, 4. RUTH A. STIMPSON Elementary " Peachy " — Pollards — Quiet sense of humor- — A smile for everyone. Activities W.R.O. 1-4. 43 PETER HAGOP TELOIAN Elementary Hearty laugh — Class filibuster — Hard working student — Immaculate Olds. Activities M.A.A. 1-4. JEANNE CAROLE THIBEAULT Elementary Quiet and sincere — " This is ridiculous! " — Mother Confessor — Always rides in style — Frat parties — " Hon. " Activities Newman Club 1-4; W.R.O. 1-4. ROBERT ALFRED TIMMINS Elementary Soft spoken — Y man— " Promises, promises, promises. " Always wide awake in class — Perfect gentleman. Activities M.A.A. 1-4; Iona Fellowship 1-4, President 4; Class President 3, Vice President 1; Student Council 3. 44 WILLIAM TSIMTSOS Elementary Bill — Cafe Society — Always a gentleman. Activities M.A.A. 1-4; Basketball 1, 2. M. JANE WADE Music " Gee whiz! " — " Let ' s have a party " — " Anyone for palm reading? " — The Happy Wanderer. Activities M.E.N.C. 1-4; Concert Choir 1-4; Concert Band 1, 2; Spring Show 1-4; W.R.O. 1-4. GLORIA EDNA MAY WARD Music Quiet — Boston Latin — " I only got an A. " Activities M.E.N.C. 1-4; W.R.O. 1-4; Iona 1-4; Spring Show Or- chestra 1-4; Concert Orchestra 1-4. 45 COLETTE NORDBERG WELCH Elementary Busy as a bee — " Party at my house " — Class spirit — " Where is everybody? " —Pony tail or pug. Activities Newman Club Executive Board 4; W.R.O. 1-4; Class Secretary 1,3; S.G.A. Alternate 1, 3, 4. SANDRA ANN WORONKA Elementary Those D.K. parties — " Let ' s go see a war movie " - " That ' s fine " — Often seen with a blonde. Activities W.R.O. 1-4; Pegasus 2; Campus Star 1. 46 u D C L A S S Class of 1961 As Juniors we have finally heard ourselves referred to as " upper classmen, " assigned to the task of wel- coming the Freshmen. Under the chairmanship of Jerry Reid, initiation culminated in the Freshman- Junior barbecue held on the lawn behind President ' s Hall. It was a memorable party that cemented the friendship between the two classes. Junior year has also brought with it many new knowledges and understandings. We have taken a step closer to our degrees through " methods " and student teaching. The Junior Prom was a never-to-be-forgotten occasion complete with all the glamour and festivity of a formal party. Left to Right: Vice President Robert Hentz, Lecture Com- mittee Sally Breyer, Treasurer Catherine Burke, Advisor Dr. Patricia Goler, Secretary Louise Harzigian, Presi- dent Nancy O ' Leary, Library Representative Edward Russo. 48 Jolly Juniors 49 Class of 1962 And so we are Sophomores! Not quite so wide-eyed, we returned to once more meet the eternal " ten-of " bell and trudged the weary trek between buildings. Our numbers depleted, we nevertheless were steadfast — a little older — a little wiser. Our first social fling was the exciting Halloween Dance and successful it was. Costume bedecked, we Sophomores literally " had a ball. " The Orphans ' Christmas Party in the school cafeteria proved an even greater success. Each child received at least four gifts, was stuffed with goodies and caroled, then safely re- turned to the orphanage with memories of a merry Christmas. Many a Sophomore ' s Christmas was brightened, too, thanks to the orphans. The senior investiture was a mixture, to us, of sad- ness and excitement — for we were seeing our big sisters and brothers in their caps and gowns — symbols of not only achievement, but also of departure. President James Callahan Vice President James Perry Secretary Christine Carney Treasurer Augustine Reusch Library Representative Ann Medelinskas Lecture Committee Pauline Golec Advisor Robert J. Foy 5o Silly Sophomores Br i ! v. ■%■■■.. ■ ' ™S l-;. „ F- B i 1 Ui i ' flfete- Cr V t Trj.; " A 51 Class of 1963 Members of the Freshman class found themselves whirling into college lire during the hectic week of initiation. Preparations for the week were made through a barbecue held on the grounds at President ' s Hall. An elegant reception was held during the second week, in order to afford the Freshmen an opportunity to meet the administrators and faculty. Some members of the Class of 1963 are fortunate in being the first students given the opportunity to study secondary education at LTC. We, the Freshmen, are looking forward to a pleasant four years here at Lowell. President Roger Morin Vice President Richard Hebert Secretary Ronald Godfrey Treasurer Mary Ann Kennedy Library Representative Esther Sokorelks Lecture Committee William Coughlin Advisor Prentiss Shephard 52 Green Freshmen «(r ■ a I 9 «3§P •, •%£, $%. m A 1 ' in 53 Class of 1960 Green Freshmen Silly Sophomores I » L ■ . U Jolly Juniors 54 Stately Seniors V vSc, oy 5a % C AMP°5 6 A XSk 3. O R G A N I Z A T I O N S Student Government Association The governing body here at Lowell Teachers College is the Student Government Association. Our SGA is made up of efficient and energetic officers who have many duties to perform. Some of the activities which are conducted by the Student Government Associa- tion are Mothers ' Night, Fathers ' Night, Senior Investiture, and the annual Spring Formal. Organization of the school ' s social calendar is another difficult task as- sumed by the SGA. Funds which are paid to the Association in the form of blanket fees are distributed as subsidies to most of the major organizations on campus. The Knoll wishes to thank the SGA for its financial aid which helped us to publish the i960 yearbook. President Arthur Brewster Vice President Sandra Carville Secretary Helen Frawley Treasurer Judith Tracey Assembly Chairman Joseph DeLuca Social Chairman Pauline Pearsall Iss ' t Social Chairman Geneva Muldoon Public Relations Chairman Shelia Barrett Iss ' t Public Relations Chairman Arlene Carro 56 Mothers ' Night Spring Formal Four years at a State Teachers ' College has sufficiently imbued us with methodology. These methods provide us with the tools of our profession, but we need more than just tools. We need to know what to teach as well as how to teach it. Perhaps it is important to hone our tools, but it is as equally important to polish what is to be taught. Together, these two make a formidable compound; isolated, they are relatively useless. Arthur J. Brewster President Student Government Association 57 The Knoll The Knoll Staff, through the use of pictures and witty words, has tried to capture four of the dearest years of our lives. We have enjoyed the cooperation of all the members and the inte- gration of many novel ideas. We hope that this feeling of accomplish- ment shows itself in the i960 Knoll. Editor-in-chief Associate Editors Business Editor Literary Editor Photography Editor Music Editor Art Editor Sports Editors Jane M. Bartlett Anne Marie Crowe Helen C. Frawley Mary E. Monaghan Constance M. Reynolds Christine M. Mader Patricia L. O ' Neill Janet Fitzpatrick Mary J. Moynihan Dennis W. DiGennaro 58 The Knoll Staff wishes to thank the following people for their cooperation in helping us to publish the i960 Knoll. Barbara Allen Barbara Baroni Sandra Carville Dorothy Chandler Nora Condon Mona Drummond Donna Edgerly Maureen Gleason Lorraine Hajjar Joan Hayes Priscilla King Susan Murray Noreen Pyne Colette Welch Mary Lou Packer Reina Gingras 59 Campus Star The Campus Star is a monthly publication which is published by the Campus Star press club and sponsored by the Student Govern- ment Association. Its purpose is to inform, educate, entertain, and motivate. It informs the students of events both inside and outside of the college that are of general interest to the student body. It pro- motes cultural and professional interests and entertains. It expresses student opinions, stimulates school spirit and, above all, is a unifying force between students, faculty and campus organizations. Editors-in- ■chief Marietta Greene Charles Mitsakos Associate Editor-in-chief Arthur Brewster Managing Editor Earl Scharfman Business Stella Martakos George Semekis Advisor Gertrude Cunningham Sports Constance Cutrumbes Gerry Grasso Gus Reuch Features Brad Mitchell Nancy O ' Leary Art Anne Cotton I: .change I ' hotovrapi hy Ann Hentz Barbara Palermo 60 Pegasus Pegasus has been in existence for six years and has proven to be an inspiration to the creative writers of the college. Under the guidance of our new advisor, Dr. William Burto, Pegasus has grown in stature and maturity and stands today a proven literary publication. The operation of the magazine requires the complete cooperation on the part of all the members who work toward the publication of Pegasus. The integration of ideas, the philosophies, and the creativeness of the students has made Pegasus a great success. Editor-in-chief Associate Editor-in-chief Business Manager Fiction Editor Non-fiction Editor Poetry Editors Art Editor Social Chairman Faculty Advisor Dennis DiGennaro Louis Dispenza Carol Dispenza Roger Marchand Nora Harrison Jean Maguire Kathleen Cryan Marietta Greene Judith Tracy Dr. William Burto 61 Iona Iona Student Fellowship is an interdenominational, intercollegiate organization comprised of students from Lowell Teachers College, Lowell Technological Institute, and the School of Nursing of Lowell General Hospital. Iona is a member of the Student Christian Youth Movement, a national intercollegiate organization. The aims of Iona are to help students to gain insight into spiritual matters and to help students to become better people. President Robert A. Timmins Vice President Robert Fisher Secretary Sandra Weaver Treasurer Brad Mitchell Faculty Adviser Dr. William Fisher 62 Candids m : 63 Newman Club Membership in the Newman Club is open to Catholic students from State Teachers College, Lowell Technological Institute, and honorary membership is open to the Catholic students at the Lowell General Hospital School of Nursing. The spiritual, intellectual, and social growth of its members is furthered through a program which includes monthly meetings, re- tr eats, Communion Breakfasts, discussion periods and dances. Through the untiring efforts of its members and advisors, the club will continue to grow and carry out its responsibilities to the three campuses. President Paul Sedlewicz L.T.I. Vice-President Helen C. Frawley L.T.C. Treasurer George Duggan L.T.I. Recording Secretary Sandra A. Carville L.T.C. Corresponding Secretary Anne J. Turcotte L.T.I. Chaplain Rev. William C. Burckhart Faculty Advisors Alice G. Kiernan L.T.C. Gerard W. O ' Connor L.T.I. 64 Newman Club Activities 65 Greek Orthodox Club The Greek Orthodox Club, one of the newly formed clubs of the school, has as its purpose to unite the Greek students of Lowell Teachers College in the desire to achieve a full life through a knowl- edge of God. This purpose is accomplished by the club ' s members, through study and worship. 66 Modern Arts Society The Modern Arts Society is the newest and smallest club in the school. It has a maximum membership of 25 people and this year, the first, there are 15 active members. This society is dedicated to all the arts and art forms. Membership is extended through invitation only, and members are eligible to join if they are able to contribute to their own growth and to that of the other members in an under- standing and deeper appreciation of the Arts. The society has little formal organization; there is one office, that of secretary. The secre- tary organizes the meetings and keeps account of the members and their present undertakings. 67 Science Club The Science Club is sometimes shunned by students because they have the impression that to join is to become involved in a lot of proj- ects on atomic energy and hybrid animals. This attitude is unfortu- nate. The Science Club, originally organized by Miss Audrey Hughes in 1954, attempts to promote interest in science as it affects our en- vironment and our lives. At a number of irregularly scheduled meet- ings, lectures such as " Fossils of the Badlands " by advisor Prentiss Shepherd were given. Field trips, films, and member interests were included in the program. Last fall the club visited the Peabody Muse- um at Harvard. A field collecting trip to the Walden Pond area oc- curred during the Spring. The Science Club has an able and enthusi- astic advisor, a new constitution, plenty of ideas, but, alas, few members. 68 Drama Club The Drama Club of Lowell State Teachers College is open to all the students of the college. Led by its competent advisor, Mr. Kansan- niva, the drama society annually presents a play to which the public is invited. The Drama Club offers an opportunity for all students to express themselves creatively on the stage. 69 W.R.O.-M.A.A. The W.R.O. and the M.A.A. function to keep the men and women at the college in good social and physical condition. Under the competent guidance of Dr. Neilson, Dr. Garrity, and Mr. Cizsek, our advisors, both organiza- tions play out their role in running intercollegiate as well as intramural activities. The W.R.O. is always busy planning general play- days and the Alumni Day. A high competitive spirit develops during our Comet-Star days, when the finest players compete for the enviable trophy. All these ac- tivities help to meet the needs, interests and abilities of our women students. The M.A.A. is continually running some athletic activity to keep up to the high competitive spirit of the men students of the college. It ' s organized to cover every field of the sports world from swimming to wrestling. The M.A.A. works towards developing the individual as well as group spirit through its diversified program. 70 Activities ' Can you do it with no hands? " Comet Hall df fame How many " tails " have been spread about us? After 300 tries, this one ' s bound to go in. h ft SHINE W t ' ' M fpT All that glitters is not gold. 71 W.R.O. — M.A.A. Cooperating " But I did pay for the tickets! " Dancing in the dark. " Hello . . . How do you do . . . Hello . . . " " Watch your step men ... I ' ll take care of this bal " Well somebody come and get it. nMilJ-L Indian war criers. 72 " Is it supposed to go through the net? " " I thought badminton was played with racquets. " Kitten on a hot tin board. A gift to a close friend. Music men tune up. " Ureka! Thou art mine at last. " But I thought there were nine of you! " 73 MEN.C The Massachusetts Educators National Conference Chapter 201 is one of the largest and most active organ- izations at the college. Its membership is open to both music and elementary majors. Each year the MENC sponsors Bops Pops, a variety show, and a spring musi- cal. Musicals which have been presented in the past are Brigadoon, Finian ' s Rainbow, and Carousel. Other as- pects of the MENC include scholarships which are awarded to worthy students and funds which are pro- vided for members to attend MENC conventions. Offi cers President Thomas McGah Vice President Johnathan Reynolds Treasurer Brad Mitchell Secretary Priscilla King 74 Concert Choir Laboratory Choir 75 Concert Band President Rudy (ientile I :irrt ' ,i Rc i ■ ShaughiK 76 Manager Johnathan Reynolds Festival Chorus Laboratory Band 77 Jazz Club 8o 81 82 83 8 4 Sponsors Dr. and Mrs. Daniel H. O ' Leary Miss Gertrude M. Bailey Mr. Paul Bregor Miss Esther Burns Dr. William C. Burto Miss Fortunata Caliri Miss Elizabeth Coffey Mr. Walter Copley Miss Gertrude Cunningham Miss Helen Drinan Dr. William Fisher Dr. H. Marie Garrity Dr. Edward Gilday Dr. Patricia Goler Miss Marguerite Gourville Mr. Kalervo Kansanniva Miss Georgina Keith Miss Alice G. Kiernan Mrs. Penelope Kopley Dr. Mary E. McGauvran Mr. and Mrs. Henry McGowan Mr. Thomas F. McSorley Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moynihan Dr. Elizabeth Neilson Mr. Frederick A. Norton Dr. and Mrs. Francis O ' Hara Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. O ' Loughlin Mr. and Mrs. Leo Panas Dr. and Mrs. Dominic Procopio Dr. Margaret Shannon Dr. Cyrus Thompson Miss Alma Ward Compliments of Blanchard Bus Co. Compliments of Burns Catering Compliments of Cooperative Bookstore Compliments of David Shoes Compliments of Freedman Caterers Compliments of Gene ' s Hi-Grade Ice Cream Compliments of Harry Bass Inc. Compliments of John J. McNamee-Mahoney Funeral Home Compliments of Kenney Flowers Compliments of Lowell Gas Company Compliments of Marinel Transportation, Inc. Compliments of Office Staff Compliments of Penns Compliments of Pickins Printing Company Compliments of Vincent W. Mahoney Insurance and Real Estate 87 Patrons Mr. Mrs. Alfred Ainsley Miss Joan Allen Mr. 8c Mrs. Russell O. Allen Jane Ambrose Miss Joan Avery Miss Marvis Avery Mr. 8c Mrs. Vincent W. Baron i Donald Barry Mr. i: Mrs. Joseph Bartlett Bonnie Bees Mr. Sc Mrs. Daniel H. Bemis Margaret Bouleau Mr. i: Mrs. John Boyce Mr. 8c Mrs. Leslie Boynes Mrs. Catherine Burke Cathy Burke Claire Burke Pat Burns Elizabeth Callahan Madeline Caporela Janice Corey Christine Carney Arlene Carro Mr. Mrs. Paul H. Carville Sandra Anne Carville Maureen Cavarra Mr. 8c Mrs. Webster Charlton Mr. 8c Mrs. George C. Chicklis Kathleen Cogger Mr. James Condon Mrs. John A. Condon Betty Connor Roberta Connors Mr. Robert Connors Gerald Cote Cathy Crane Mr. Mrs. Frederick D. Crowe, Sr. Mr. Frederick D. Crowe, Jr. Judith Cullen Mr. 8c Mrs. William Curran Mr. 8c Mrs. J. Arthur Curtin Constance Cutrumbes Patricia Daly Mr. 8c Mrs. John Danahy Patty Davis Francis Dclaney Joseph DcLuca, Jr. William L. Dickey Mr. 8c Mis Dimiy DiGennaro Dick Dion Mr. 1) miis DiSalvo li v Mrs. Chai lea J f Donahue Mr. 8c Mis. William Drummond Mi v Mis Claudius Dublin Raymond I . Dunn Miss Dorothy C. Eastham Mr. Mrs. Clinton Edgerly Dr. John Fisher Mr. Mrs. Albert L. Fitzpatrick Beverly Fox Mr. Robert Foy Mr. 8c Mrs. Albert W. Frawley Helen C. Frawley Pat Gawlinski Rudolph Gentile Carole Getchell Mr. 8c Mrs. Robert Gingras Patricia Gleason Ronald Godfrey Claire Grant Mr. 8c Mrs. Howard Greene Maureen Guerin Mr. George Hajjar Mr. 8c Mrs. John H. Hall Miss Mary A. Hall Mary Halloran James F. Hamm, Jr. Kathleen Hammond Mary Harrington Mrs. Nora Harrison Mr. 8c Mrs. Joseph Hayes Margaret Hayes Miss Maryclaire Hayes Mr. 8c Mrs. J. Richard Hebert Mr. 8c Mrs. Clifford Hentz Kathy Hewett Mr. DeMerritte Hiscoe Mr. 8c Mrs. William G. Hollins Helaine Honan Miss Edna Hoyt Margaret Inglis Marie Izzi Mr. 8c Mrs. Edgar Jansen Claire Jean Joyce and Earle Mr. 8c Mrs. John F. Joyce Miss Katherine Kearney Dave Kelly Noreen Kelly Mary Ann Kennedy Mr. 8c Mrs. Steve Keratsopoulos Mr. 8c Mrs. Thomas Keville Charlie Kiernan Mr. 8c Mrs. Leslie H. King Mr. 8c Mrs. Edward C. Kloza Jimmy Kouloheras Fred Lambert Jane Lancaster Miss Constance Lanscigne Joseph J. Lanza Mr. Thomas E. LaRochelle Anne Marie Leahy Pat Leahy Judy Leary Judith Liss Allen Lurvey Mary Lynch Ellen Macone Mr. 8c Mrs. Ronald B. Mader Mary Jo Magnan Joan Marie Maguire Charlie Manousos Kathryn Marcorioni Stella Martakos Mr. 8c Mrs. Thomas M. Manin Mr. 8c Mrs. John McAndrews James S. McCarron Joan McCarthy Mr. 8c Mrs. James P. McDermott, Sr. Mr. John McDermott Connie McDonald Katherine McGowan Mrs. Ann Mclnerney Mr. 8c Mrs. Francis C. McKea Sally McLarney Mr. Chester McLaughlin Marilyn McLaughlin Mary McLean Mr. 8c Mrs. William J. McMahon Sr. Mr. Hubert McQuade Muriel McTeague Ann Medelinskas Mr. 8c Mrs. Charles Meehan Esther Melendy Janet Michaud Mr. 8c Mrs. Thomas J. Monaghan Mary E. Monaghan Francis Mooney Barbara Moore Roger Morin Peggy Moynihan Mr. 8c Mrs. Richard A. Moynihan, Jr. Marilyn Murphy Philip 8c Robin Murray Mr. 8c Mrs. Richard C. Murray Roberta Murray Mr. 8c Mrs. William Murray Mr. 8c Mrs. Thomas Norris Suellen O ' Hare Mrs. Mary O ' Neill Mr. 8c Mrs. Michael O ' Neill Janice Oberti Miss Catherine V. O ' Connor Mr. 8c Mrs. William Ouelette Mrs. Richard Ouelette Mr. 8c Mrs. Edwin Packer Mrs. Edward E. Parlin Thomas Parlin Charlie Pelley Jimmy Perry Janice Petroski Mr. Donald W. Phelps Mr. 8c Mrs. Frank J. Powers Marcella Praetz Mr. 8c Mrs. Edward Pyne Gail Ralls Brenda Regan Gerald Reid Gus Reusch Mr. 8c Mrs. Samuel A. Richards Mr. 8c Mrs. John Riley Mrs. Estelle Rivard Jo Ellen Robertson Kathleen Samaris Mr. 8c Mrs. Edward Schanzer Mr. 8c Mrs. Gerald F. Seminatore Marjorie Seminatore Dwayne Shadeed Mr. Paul Sheehy Mr. Prentice Shephard George-Simekis Mr. 8c Mrs. Earl W. Simon Mr. Joseph Skop Beverly Smith Edward Sperling Mr. 8c Mrs. James E. St. Clair Jo Anne Strout Paula Sullivan Patricia Sweeney Mrs. Myrtle Sykes Mr. 8c Mrs. Peter Teloian Jerry Theobodo Mr. Charles Theokas Mr. 8c Mrs. Bruno J. Thibeault Mary Margaret Thomas Spiros Thomas Mr. Gardner Tilson Mr. 8c Mrs. Alfred Timmons Helena Trapp Mrs. Rachel Trouville Bruce Tylus Frances Valiante Ellen Walsh Mary Walsh Mr. 8c Mrs. Charles Welch Mrs. Rose Woronka Mr. John Zimmerman 88 Compliments of Feeney Florists WOOD - ABBOTT CO. Established 1872 DIAMOND MERCHANTS AND JEWELERS 175 Merrimack Street Lowell, Mass. " Where Drycleaning is an Art " HIGHLAND CLEANERS MAIN " DRIVE-IN " PLANT 346 BROADWAY Telephone GL. 9-9369 First in Dry Cleaning Approved SANITONE Service Compliments of LOWELL DAIRY DILLON BONDED CLEANERS Keepsake Pak for Wedding Gowns 5 East Merrimack St. 22 Central Square Lowell Chelmsford ilL Hi Si s 1 5 WM JUll IH G. C. Prince and Son, Inc. Stationers — Booksellers Gift Shop — School Supplies 108 Merrimack Street Lowell, Mass. Compliments of Rex Grille 89 It has been our pleasure to serve you in the cafeteria throughout the year. CULLINAN INDUSTRIAL CATERERS, INC. 63 FLETCHER STREET Lowell, Mass. Phone: 2-6050 Industrial Caterers Weddings — Buffets Coffee Delivered in 3, 5, 10 Gallon Insulated Containers 9 o Compliments of a Friend of Dr. O ' Leary a CHERRY WEBBlCO. 9 PRINCE GROTTO at the Prince Macaroni Co. OFF GORHAM STREET Near Gallagher Sq. Lowell, Mass. GL 8-0621 Compliments of A FRIEND B.M. Compliments of The Pioneer Sandwich Shop 48 Bridge Street DONALDSON ' S " on the sunny side " 75 Merrimack St. Lowell, Mass. Compliments of LOWELL Y.M.C.A. 91 FRANK A. FOWLER " THE CLASS RING MAN " 27 SCHOOL STREET Boston 8, Mass. OFFICIAL JEWELER for 1956, 1957, 1958, 1960, and 1961 Representing: LOREN MURCHISON CO., INC JANE TOOHER SPORT CLOTHES 598 COLUMBIA RD. BOSTON 25, MASS. SPECIALIZING IN GIRLS GYMNASIUM OUTFITS 92 COMPLIMENTS OF MARY BURNS BRIDAL SHOP FORMALS — WRAPS — BRIDAL GOWNS An exquisite and complete selection. Rentals, Sales Boston ' s Loveliest Bridal Shop 100 SUMMER ST. BOSTON, MASS. TEL. DE 8-8033 The Lowell FIVE CENT Savings Bank LOWELL CHELMSFORD Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Crowe can ' t resist the sales talk of Mary Monaghan. 93 i »lfc IIIIIIIIHH iii «,.• e. 9 tj « « i ' ■ ' ■ ' r- e fm Congratulations and the best of luck! We at Loring are proud of the part we have had in helping to make your classbook a permanent reminder of your school years, recording with photo- graphs one of the happiest and most exciting times of your life! We hope that, just as you have chosen us as your class photographer, you will continue to think of Loring Studios when you want photographs to help you remember other momentous days to come! When you choose Loring portraits, you are sure of the finest craftsmanship at the most moderate prices! LORING STUDIOS New England ' s Largest School Photographers MH H M HH ■■■■■ 94 Faculty Directory GERTRUDE M. BAILEY 120 Billerica St. Lowell, Mass. HERBERT BLOOM 12 Powder House Rd. Ext. Medford, Mass. PAUL BREGOR 20 Willard St. Chelsea, Mass. ESTHER P. BURNS 203 Westford St. Lowell, Mass. DR. WILLIAM C. BURTO 51 Trowbridge St. Cambridge, Mass. FORTUNATA C. CALIRI 9 Shaw Rd. Belmont, Mass. IGNATIUS A. CISZEK 10 Waver ly Ave. Chelmsford, Mass. C. ELIZABETH COFFEY 611 Stevens St. Lowell, Mass. WALTER COPLEY 179 Hildreth St. Lowell, Mass. HELEN J. COYNE 1110 Livingston St. Tewksbury, Mass. GERTRUDE M. CUNNINGHAM 91 Belmont St. Lowell, Mass. HELEN G. DRINAN 48 Reservoir St. Cambridge, Mass. DOROTHY C. EASTHAM 351 Rogers St. Lowell, Mass. DR. JOHN J. FISHER 9 Bradford Rd. No. Chelmsford, Mass. DR. WILLIAM R. FISHER 83 Wachusetts Rd. Needham, Mass. JOHN R. FITZGERALD Depot St. Bondsville, Mass. H. MARIE GARRITY 140 Washington St. So. Groveland, Mass. DR. EDWARD F. GILDAY 166 Marlborough St. Boston, Mass. DR. PATRICIA GOLER 79 Ellington St. Dorchester, Mass. MARGUERITE L. GOURVILLE 22 Lexington St. Everett, Mass. MARY-CLARE HAYES 18 Upham St. Lowell, Mass. PATRICIA F. HIGGINS 44 Barrington St. Lowell, Mass. DEMERRITTE A. HISCOE 40 Hornbeam Hill Rd. Chelmsford, Mass. KALERVO KANSANNIVA 4 Lucille Ave. Nabnasset, Mass. KATHERINE F. KEARNEY 209 Pine St. Lowell, Mass. GEORGIANA P. KEITH 128 Myrtle St. Lowell, Mass. ALICE G. KIERNAN 22 Phillips St. Lowell, Mass. EDWARD T. KNOWLES 47 Prospect St. Weymouth, Mass. PENELOPE Z. KOPLEY 195 School St. Lowell, Mass. CONSTANCE LANSEIGNE 90 Columbia Rd. Lowell, Mass. WILLIAM H. MALONE 19 Stedman St. Chelmsford, Mass. DR. MARY E. MC GAUVRAN 410 Walker St. Lowell, Mass. DR. ELIZABETH A. NEILSON Highlands St. Lowell, Mass. FREDERICK A. NORTON 29 Berry St. Framingham, Mass. WILLIAM J. NOTINI 200 Parker St. Lowell, Mass. CATHERINE V. O ' CONNOR 89 Belmont St. Lowell, Mass. DR. FRANCIS P. O ' HARA 68 Brent St. Dorchester, Mass. DR. DANIEL H. O ' LEARY 213 Parkview Ave. Lowell, Mass. IRENE B. O ' LOUGHLIN, R.N. 23 Dunfey St. Lowell, Mass. LEO PANAS 6 Puffer St. Lowell, Mass. DR. DOMENIC R. PROCOPIO 4 Tessier Drive Andover, Mass. DR. JAMES M. RYAN Box 274 Nabnasset, Mass. DR. MARGARET R. SHANNON 374 Park Ave. Arlington, Mass. ROBERT M. SHAUGHNESSY 11 Tyler Pk. Lowell, Mass. DR. CYRUS D. THOMPSON 72 Hanscom Ave. Reading, Mass. GARDNER TILLSON 326 Harvard St. Cambridge, Mass. ALMA WARD 8 Fern St. Chelmsford, Mass. ROBERT FOY 14 Walker St. Concord, Mass. THOMAS F. MC SORLEY 235 Parkview Ave. Lowell, Mass. 95 JOHN ZIMMERNAN 91 South Rd. Bedford, Mass. Class of 1960 RUTH AINSLEY 145 Bowers St. Lowell, Mass. BARBARA ALLEN 144 Concord St. Lowell, Mass. JOAN AVERY 17 Ohio Ave. Lawrence, Mass. BARBARA BAROM 57 Christman Ave. Lowell, Mass. JANE BARTLETT 120 Salem St. Maiden, Mass. ELAINE BEMIS 133 Grove Ave. Wilmington, Mass. MAUREEN BOYCE 86 Packard St. Hudson, Mass. ARTHUR BREWSTER 11 River St. Wilmington, Mass. RICHARD BROWN 1540 Middlesex St. Lowell, Mass. ELLEN BURKE 44 Talbot Ave. N. Billerica, Mass. SANDRA CARVILLE 17 Cleghorn Ave. N. Tewksbury, Mass. DOROTHY CHANDLER 39 W. Meadow Rd. Lowell, Mass. NORA CONDON 1 Sprague St. N. Billerica, Mass. 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Suggestions in the University of Massachusetts Lowell - Sojourn / Knoll Yearbook (Lowell, MA) collection:

University of Massachusetts Lowell - Sojourn / Knoll Yearbook (Lowell, MA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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University of Massachusetts Lowell - Sojourn / Knoll Yearbook (Lowell, MA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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