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University of Massachusetts Lowell - Sojourn / Knoll Yearbook (Lowell, MA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1952 volume:

' ■.,■:■■ m m. m " am SSSSa wmm - ' v. , m m ill H mm sm SUB 8S HB S H mm mm «s m ML kb £ 388? :■ ' ' ■ SHE H 8S8B HS m® 595! .■ ' . ' .■ ■•..■ ' ' ■!• . ' ■. ' . Era ' -:-;,- " ■■■ JSv 83p. X 4? s x M -• I pi • r A - .v r - . . n«A " i ' 4w , ►j - « ft » » ' ' ' ♦ fc ; ♦ •? w (M? d%» :? % •A c; L-V. w. JOS ' •% r«3P Vrf ;$ m V4rf Ts % £«9 : V ' A ■• -J4J s K i 4 mrz T v. .:■•■ ► The KNOLL 1952 State Teachers College Lowell. Massachusetts Dedication T J- HE class of 1952 is proud to dedicate the following testimonial to you, our faithful class advisor, DeMerritte Hiscoe. We have seen in you the personification of wisdom, justice, and love. In you, we have felt the forceful influence of a man who at all times was a willing leader and counselor. The Senior Class is proud to have been the recipients of your earnest endeavor to make Lowell Teachers ' College a finer and better institution. As a result of your inspired directions, we feel more confi- dent in adding our individual participation into the world ' s experi- ences and into our respective teaching positions. May we again express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the leader of that harmonious organization which shall now be known as the CLASS of 1952. DeMerritte A. Hiscoe hftT ■ 1 1 ) ESS 1,-VT I tZ ■ v. ■ KB awl I ' ' I :« :? ' •Jh i te PRESIDENT DANIEL J. O ' LEARY Our Conductor Confucius once wrote : " A good singer makes others follow his tune and a good educator makes others follow his ideal. " For in teaching, it is the learning that counts, not the teacher; the music, not the musician; the student, not the College. Baton in hand, we have con- ducted you through the symphony of Col- lege years. Soon this performance will be over. But the music itself is immortal and the search for truth and knowledge never ending. So we trust that your eudaemonic quest may continue long after Com- mencement ends, when you leave us as Vergil left Dante, to proceed toward a region where our guidance can avail you no further. [6 DEAN MARGUERITE L. GOURVILLE Our Assistant Conductor Why have you chosen the Symphony as your theme? Could it be that this musical composition which usually has four movements reminds you of the tem- po of your four years at college? First Movements sound happy and complacent — Allegro; Second Movements often have a quiet intensity and an atmosphere of tenseness and of melancholy — Andan te; Third Movements are beautifully clear and simple in structure with the middle section moderating the tempo — Minuet; Final Movements have occasional out- bursts but mostly note seriousness and drama — Finale. Remember that the final movement of a symphony may take the mood dic- tated by the composer - - but is usually brilliant in style. [7] PROFESSOR DeMERRITTE A. HISCOE Our Concert Master Little did I think four years ago that I would have a hand in developing that enthusiastic dynamic group of individual- ists who invited me to be their advisor into the fine symphonic organization which we now have. It has taken sacrifice by all of us. There have been drudging re- hearsals, laborious effort and discords aplenty, but these have been more than offset by your willingness to work, in- tense interest, and above all the great talent with which you have been so gener- ously endowed. This is our final performance. We know it is good for we have built well. We have learned to face our problems here in the true spirit of a great orchestra; each mem- ber an individualist and fine performer in his own right but recognizing the neces- sity for working together as a team for the last great production. In doing this we have fulfilled the most exacting re- quirement of our American democratic philosophy. The success of our country depends upon the skill and talent of its individual citizens, but they must work to- gether as a great team in order to survive. After this performance your orchestra will be disbanded and you will join new organizations throughout the country. May I earnestly recommend that you continue to develop your personal talents but give your greatest loyalty, even your life if necessary, to that vast orchestra which is struggling to produce the Ameri- can Dream. We shall miss you here at Lowell, I above all the rest; and you will miss us too. You have enriched our school with your talent, your spirit and your hap- piness. America will be richer also with you among its citizens. [8] II •! «m • - COLLEGE FACULTY Our Board of Directors and Tni lw DANIEL O ' LEARY B.A., M.A., Ph.D. l ' T SX U BTlt MARIE M. GEARAN B.S.Ed., M.Ed. Director of Laboratory Experiences MARGUERITE L. GOURVILLE B.S.Ed., M.A. Dean of Students, Social Studies CYRUS D. THOMPSON B.S.Ed., M.M. Associate Professor, Music Education HERMAN H. BRASE B.A., M.A. Associate Professor, Psychology, Education FORTUNATA CALIRI B.A., M.Ed. Instructor, Assistant Librarian, English GERTRUDE M. CUNNINGHAM, B.S.Ed,, M.Ed. Instructor, Education, Social Studies JOHN J. FISHER B.A., M.A., D.Ed. Professor, Biological Science JOHN R. FITZGERALD B.S.Ed., M.Ed. Assistant Professor, Social Studies H. MARIE GARRITY B.S.Ed., M.Ed. Instructor, Health, Physical Education JOHN R. HART Ph.B., M.Ed., Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Philosophy DeMERRITTE A. HISCOE B.S. Ed., M.Ed. Associate Professor, Art CHRISTINE M. KANE, B.S.Ed., M.A. Assistant Professor, English EDWARD T. KNOWLES B.S.Ed., M.A. Assistant Professor, Social Studies IRENE K. MacDONALD B.A., M.A., M.S. Assistant Professor, Librarian THOMAS MALLOY B.A., M.A. Instructor, Social Studies WILLIAM MALONE B.S., M.Ed. Assistant Professor, Math., Physical Science MARY McGAUVRAN B.S.Ed., M.A. Instructor, Education, Assistant Dean ELIZABETH A. NEILSON B.S.Ed., M.Ed. Assistant Professor, Health, Physical Education MARGARET R. SHANNON B.S.Ed., M.Ed. Assistant Professor, Communicative Arts DOMENIC PROCOPIO B.A., M.A. Instructor, Music JULIAN ROBERTS B.A., M.A. Associate Professor, English MABEL WILSON B.M., M.Ed. Assistant Professor, Music m JK f I M -% ., ■Elf : I jT Jl , i v Kkj ffi : iSS —.- tS, " up ! : U ; esxAJjqJKJ B i f M ia ? • ' ' ' " ■ " ■■ H j k ' - f Hb ' J «1 I . ,1 1 M ' prt t pp T M wum : ' SSS F M ' W m 4i 1 mi 1- W ;| % ... ..... is? ' s- .,(■■ ■ J ■ ■ —■■ " " ' ,..-, f% COLLEGE FACULTY Our Board of Directors Our Board of Trustees TRAINING SCHOOL FACULTY [10] OFFICE DEPARTMENT Our Score Our Staff MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT r 11 Hull m ■ k «»»» m m — I . M -JS? ' —- . Class ANNE RITA SINIBALDI Elementary. President 2, 3, 4. A. A. Awards 1, 2. Student Council 2, 3, 4. S.S. League 2, 3, 4. Incom parable expediency . JANET MARIE CASEY Elementary. Vice-President 3, 4. A. A. Awards 1, 2, 3, 4. A. A. Board 2. Red Cross Lifesaving 2. Sparkling spontaneity. [14] Officers LORRAINE ELIZABETH HURLEY Elementary. Treasurer 1, 3, 4. Campus Star 2. A.A. Awards 1, 2, 3, 4. Senior Red Cross Lifesaving 2. In domitable whimsicalities . RUTH COLEMAN Music. Secretary 1, °2, 3, 4. Junior-Senior Choir 3, 4. M.E.N.C. 1, 2, 4. Glee Club 4. Refreshing sincerity. [15] THERESA ANDREWS Elementary. Zestful living. DIANE BARSORIAN Elementary. A.A. Awards 1, 2. Responsive congeniality. MARY BEAKEY Music. M.E.N. C. 2, 4. Glee Club 4. Junior- Senior Choir 3, 4. Newman Club 4. Stimulating cordiality. CHARLES BRINKMAN Elementary. M.S. A. 3, 4. Blase individualism. JAMES BURKE Elementary. Campus Star 1, 2, 3, 4. S.S. League 2, 3. M.S.A. 3, 4. Knoll, Photogra- phy Editor. Dauntless in teUectuality . MARY BURKE Music. M.E.N.C. 1, 2, 4. Glee Club 4. Junior-Senior Choir 3, 4. Complacent temperament. EDWARD BYRNE Elementary. Philosophical singularity. JOAN CASEY Elementary. A. A. Board 2, 3, 4. Knoll, Sports Editor A. A. Awards 1, 2, 3, 4. Navy Admiral 3. Demurely resolute. MARIE COLLINS Elementary. A. A. Treasurer 4. Sports A- wards 1, 2, 3, 4. Dramatic Club 1, 2. Newman Club 4. Chorus 1,2,3. Beguiling vivacity. PATRICIA LANE COLLINS Elementary. Treasurer 2. A. A. Awards 1, 2, 3, 4. Head Sports 3. Personable sincerity. MAUREEN KATHRYN CONLON Elementary. Dramatic Club 1, 2. Knoll, Literary Editor 4; Newman Club 4; Sopho- more Advisory Board 2. Campus Star 1, 2, Assistant Editor 3. Delightfu lly individualistic . BARBARA JANE CONNORS Elementary. A. A. Board 3. Glee Club 4. Dramatic Club 2. Newman Club 4. Fashionably domestic. MARLENE DIETAL Music. M.E.N.C. 1, % 4. Glee Club 4. Junior-Senior Choir 3, 4. Stimulating compatibility. ANN DiLAVORE Music. Glee Club 4. Junior-Senior Choir 3,4. Refreshing aptitude. PAULINE GANLEY Elementary. Dramatic Club 1, 2. Glee Club 4. Intellectual congeniality. BARBARA GILLESPIE Elementary. A.A. Board 2. S.S. League, Secretary 4. Sports Awards 1, 2, 3, 4. Pleasurable temperament. ELIZABETH ANN GLEASON Elementary. A.A. Awards 1, 2, 3, 4. S.S. League, Comm. Chairman 2, Social Chair- man 3. Campus Star 1, Feature Editor 2, 3, Business Manager 4. Newman Club 4. Knoll Staff 4. Zealous efficiency. DONALD GODDARD Elementary. M.A.A. 3, 4. Intellectual agility. MARY GORMAN Elementary. A. A. Awards 1, 2, 3, 4. S.S. League, Chairman Assemblies 3, President 4. Stimulating stability. MARY PATRICIA HENNESSEY Elementary. A. A. Awards 1, 2, 3, 4. A.A. President 4. Army General 3. A.A. Freshman Representative 1. Infectious efferrescen ce. VIRGINIA JACKSON Music. M.E.N.C. 2. Glee Club 3, 4. Junior- Senior Choir 3, 4. Pleasurable congeniality. ANITA KASPARIAN Elementary. Knoll Staff 4. Sports Awards 1,2, 3,4. A.A. Board 3. Sociability supreme. KATHLEEN KEARNEY Elementary. Campus Star, Fashion Editor 2,3,4. Intellectual singularity . JOAN NATALIE KELLEY Elementary. Campus Star 2, 3. Newman Club. Glee Club 4. Dramatic Club 1, 2. A.A. Award 1. Can didly sophisticated . ■ .-.. ■ ' AVRA KEVGHAS Elementary. Knoll, Art Editor 4. A.A. Awards 1, 2, 3, 4. Discerningly dramatic. JEAN KILMARTIN Elementary. A.A. Vice-President 4. A.A. Awards 1, 2, 3, 4. Army General 2. Spontaneous versatility . W ELEANOR A. KLATKA Elementary . A.A. Board 4. Knoll, Business Manager 4. Sports Awards 1, 2, 3, 4. Competent sagacity. KATHERINE J. KOSARTES Elementary, A.A. Awards 1, 2, 3. Complacent introspection. BARBARA A. LABADINI Elementary. A.A. Awards 1, 2, 3, 4. A.A. Board 3, 4. Basketball Official 2, 3, 4. Absolute versatility. GLORIA LAFERRIERE LaFLAMME Elementary. A.A. Awards 1, 2. Campus- Star, Advisory Board 3, 4. Profoundly versatile. JHB SALVATORE LIPOMI Elementary. Vice-President 2. M.A.A. Sec- retary 2, President 3, 4. S.S. League 3, 4. Student Council 3, 4. Effective reliability. WILLIAM MAHONEY Elementary. M.A.A. Board 3. Effective perseverance . CHRISTINE MARIE MALLOY Elementary. A. A. Awards 1, 2. Knoll Co- Assistant Editor 4, Junior Class Representa- tive to Knoll, 1951. Class Social Commit- tee 1, 2, 3, 4. Delightful versatility . KATHLEEN E. MANGAN Elementary. A. A. Awards 1, 2, 3, 4. Campus Star 2. Student Council 4. Lecture Representative 3. Artful sociability. SARAH McCONNELL Music. M.E.N. C. 4. Glee Club 4. Junior- Senior Choir 3, 4. Sophisticated witticisms. JOAN F. McGLINCHEY Elementary. A. A. Awards 1, 2, 3, 4. Campus Star 3. Newman Club 4. Librarian 3. Knoll, Assistant Business Manager 4. Contemporary delicacy. MADELINE McLAUGHLIN Elementary. A. A. Awards 1, 2, 3, 4. Unassuming demeanor. GEORGE MEMBRINO Music. M.E.N.C. 1, 2, 4. Knoll Staff 4. Junior-Senior Choir 3, 4. Basketball 1, 2, M.S.A. Representative 3. Capable versatility. PAUL RAYMOND MESSIER Music. Knoll Staff 4. Junior-Senior Choir 3, 4. Glee Club 4. Basketball 1, 2. Chairman L RR Committee 4; Knoll, Assistant Busi- ness Manager 4. Singularly resolute. MARY LOUISE MOONEY Elementary. A. A. Board 2, 3. A. A. Awards 1, 2, 3, 4. Lifesaving 4. Refreshingly enthusiastic. PHYLLIS LUCILLE MORSE Music. M.E.N. C. 1, 2, 4. Junior-Senior Choir 3, 4. Glee Club 4. Consistent ability. MARY MULCAHY Elementary. Campus Star Co-Editor 2. A. A. Award 2. Singularly constant. ELEANOR ANN MUNN Elementary. A. A. Awards 1, 2. Distinctive independence. JOAN MURPHY Elementary. Campus Star 1. Sports Awards 1, 2, 3. Newman Club 4. Knoll, Assistant Photo Editor 4. Student Council, Publicity Chairman 3, Vice-President 4. Modern feminist . CLAIRE O ' NEILL Elementary. A. A. Awards 1, 2, 3, 4. Lecture Fund Representative 4. Pleasurable complacency . JOYCE POLLAND Elementary. A.A. Awards 1, 2. Candidly captivating . JANET VIRGINIA PRIESTLEY Elementary. Knoll Editor 4. Librarian 2, 4. A.A. Awards 1, 2, 3, 4. Profound capabilities. PATRICIA M. QUEENAN Elementary. Knoll Staff 4. A.A. Awards 1, 2. Dramatic Club 1,2. Glee Club 4. Unique joviality. MARTHA ANN QUINN Elementary. Dramatic Club 1, 1. Newman Club 4. Contemporary individualism. CHARLOTTE RAYMOND Elementary. A.A. Awards 1, 2, 3, 4. Senior Life Saving Award. Singularly reserved. IRENE ROCHA Music. M.E.N.C. 1, 2, 4. Glee Club 4. Junior-Senior Choir 3, 4. Tranquil feminist. DORIS SALVAS Elementary. Campus Star 1. Fragile femininity. VITO SELVAGGIO Music. Glee Club 4. Junior-Senior Choir 3, 4. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. M.S.A. 4. Woodwinds 1, 2, 3, 4. Class Social Chairman 1, 2, 3, 4. Spontaneous whimsicalities. ANNA C. SHELVE Y Elementary. A. A. Board, Secretary 4. A. A. Awards 1, 2, 3, 4. Newman Club 4. Bewitching temperament. JANET SMITH Elementary. A. A. Awards 1, 2, 3, 4. Independently resolute. ELLEN STEPHENS Mime. M.E.N. C. 1, 2, 4. Junior-Senior Choir 3, 4. Glee Club 4. Pleasurable delicacy. JAMES ARTHUR TERRETT Music. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Junior-Senior Choir 3, 4. M.E.N.C. Class Representative 2, 3, 4. Woodwinds 2, 3, 4. Profoundly versatile. CARLTON THORNE Music. M.E.N.C. Secretary 1, 2, 3, Presi- dent 4. Junior-Senior Choir 3, 4. Glee Club 4. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Woodwinds 2, 3, 4. Student Council, Music Representative 3, 4. Skillfully competent. CARROLL THORNE Music. M.E.N.C. 1, 4. Glee Club 4. Knoll, Assistant Literary Editor 4; Junior-Senior Choir 3, 4. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Generous congeniality. WILLIAM WELSH Music. President 1. Junior-Senior Choir 3, 4. M.E.N.C. Social Chairman 4. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Student Council, Music Representative 2. Glee Club 4. Distinctively talented. JANE A. WHITE Elementary. Dramatic Club 1, 1. Glee Club Temperament unique. ARLENE WHITMAN Music. M.E.N. C. 1, 2, 3, 4. Junior-Senior Choir 3, 4. Glee Club 4. Band 2. Knoll Staff 4. Demurely reticent. WILLIAM PAGONES Elementary. JOHN CRONIN Elementary Chords Militaire JOSEPH ESILE FRANCIS HAWBOLT RONALD KLONEL GERALD RICHARD Lost Chords LOUIS AMARO PATRICIA BURNS MILDRED BRINKMAN PATRICIA CRONIN IRENE CROSS RITA CROWLEY MARY D ' AVILA BARBARA DAVIS JUDITH DELANEY THELMA HIXON ELAINE HORGAN ROBERT HORGAN BARBARA J. KERN BARBARA KNIGHT BARBARA KOEBEL CAROLYN MORRISSON BETTE NASH RAYMOND SCRODIS JOSEPH SANTANGELO JUDITH SHAPIRO SHIRLEY WILCOX ESILE KLONEL RICHARD [37] Mm .i: XHI C J» . ' aaa a a, a ■ ■ , ■ . 77 ■ i ' ,1 S t i i ■ ■ } • ; ' . i ' i 1 v A - " ' y ' ' A ■:■■ ■ ' { ■ j: m 8 8. Sfic-r- — - ;] ■?3s§ h- ' -■, A ' §grc ■ vsmSM ■z-tr-r m Our String Section School and Society League President Vice President Treasurer Secretary . The expression democratic society Mary Gorman Joan Murphy Elsa Martinson Barbara Gillespie of a representative lies in our School and Society League. Composed of elected and delegated students and faculty members, the executive council functions in the organizing of student activities, repre- senting the college at educational confer- ences, expressing student and faculty ideals, and acting as the governing body of the entire college. The harmony of this organization is personified in the democratic tone of our college. Our Violins and Violas Library and Lecture Fund Librarian Irene MacDonald Assistant Librarian Fortunata Caliri Lecture Fund Chairman Edson McKenzie Our Program Notes Campus Star Editor-in- Chief Faculty Adviser Isabelle Coughlin Christine Kane The appreciation of a symphony is re- ceived through pertinent program notes just as the understanding of a college is presented through the student news- paper. The Campus Stav has grown since Our Cellos and Bass Cafeteria and Recreation Room Committee Chairman Paul Messier Faculty Advisor Dean Marguerite Gourville its inception in 1946 to its present circu- lation of students, faculty members, and alumni. Advertisements introduced in 1951 have enabled the staff to make feature additions of Fashion, College Per- sonalities and Alumni Reports. The true spoken voice of the college is thus represented. Our Brass Section Women 9 s Athletic Association President Vice President Treasurer Secretary . Mary Hennessey Jean Kilmartin Marie Collins Anna Shelvey The brash and dulcet tones of the Women ' s Athletic Association activates our college sports and recreational af- fairs. The sports program begins in the fall with field hockey and badminton; basketball and swimming are offered during the winter. Spring sports are vol- ley ball and soft ball. The social calendar for 1952 included a Barn Dance with a professional caller. The annual W.A.A. Banquet in May climaxed the year with the presentation of awards and trophies. Playing lead trumpet for the W.A.A. is Professor H. Marie Garrittv. Girls ' Volleyball Team Our Percussion Section Men ' s Student Association President Vice President Treasurer Secretary . A more added to Salvatore Lipomi Carl Woodman Edward Thiebe Phillip Anzaldi resonant quality has been college affairs through the Men ' s Student Association, formerly called the Men ' s Athletic Association- Organized in 1949, the M.S. A. has as its main function the furthering of activities for the men students. This aim has been met through the promotion of dances, smokers, and the Men ' s Varsity Basket- ball Squad. Varsity- Basketball Team Our 4 oiMM k rl Band Director Librarian Cyrus D. Thompson Carlton Thorne The increasing number of instrument- alists in the college made it possible to organize a concert band in 1948. The first appearance of the organization was at our Freshman Father ' s Night which has since become an annual standard performance. The Concert Band ap- peared at the inauguration of Dr. Daniel O ' Leary. Rehearsals are held Tuesday afternoon thereby establishing a musical sounding board giving tonal quality to the entire college. Our Woodwind Ensemble Conductor Joseph Esile Our •liinioi - 4 k iiioi llioir Conductor . . Cyrus Thompson Accompanist . . . Ann DiLavore The Junior-Senior Choir, composed of Junior and Senior Music students, has grown in size and reputation since 1948. The outstanding presentation of Decem- ber 1951 was Handel ' s " Messiah " for the benefit of the George Walsh Memorial Fund. The March 19, 1952 College lec- ture featured a program in celebration of U.N.E.S.C.O. International Theatre Month. The presentation included " The New Colossus, " " One World, " and Bee- thoven ' s " International Hymn to Peace. " The Choir also has appeared at the Lowell Textile Institute and the Massa- chusetts Convention of Public School Superintendents at the State Teachers College at Bridgewater. And thus arises the voice of our College. Music Educators National Conference Chapter 201 ilf q i v FIETY-THTO ORCHESTRA Of ■droIeE ■a r fil B 1 ■ I- :SEAS0N,iq52 MPHONY PLAYERS MgffflH Words Carroll Thorne, % NU.n ic thp +1K1B utp bin cie 3 CI ass s » J }} Now IS the time me bid cfef Lovo-ell -fare- e I KinJupris.YY 04 1 are i si e Hum p=i 3d s i w m B L J } j J Ab-le fo tell, i j »j n j = g I H, 9 h X -Aeals a l vuiS- dom +00, ' 4. i iilii ojis- do v ' too, FPP¥ H» ?h X- J ls and 33T sac j JH j ft I f hats hoo) vueil re mew- ber yo cue ' H rtf ' erfor- 5 e+ thethinjfw a .. 5 thats how 1 S a ujeii re- n f f P P mem- ber i oou ■ «J ol » F P P Ah. c - p ft t J J J p fi g M J %H Known hereof " Lowell, Ah g I t nsBfiyp - r r 1 1 £»n l mem-fl© of you in our hearts u;e uj« " hoi . [48] 5o]U?_ Music William Welsh j j J j mcm-ries just |iK j J r | I r =g=g treasures ujK ' icK are Co6 " t - ly as j j j j Up j j P i gUt _ jU_ j jj gpg r tt-eas-ut-es which arc Cos t ly 95 ' m j f I I I 1 l j frp Gold AK. ICtf 3CZ TS f 33 Ah. S P 3EE TTfrlTF i r 1 j Mooj u esa- lute you a5u)e 6in§ hi h your praise r i pvAJ i j s of nnc; " tri- bute and apf re-c 1 g rpgffp Oft-rm$ th-Wrean£ aD-pij-ci uje ' ll be in -deb-ted for the rest of ourciayj ? 7 7 I J» |. i| Q ECt a -tion to y«u from the class of nineteen f iffy two. if g i-rrr m t- a rorn the C,a5S °r »i ' Hfcn °12 F fine [49] Second Movement 38 « » Adagio We took liberties in our activities. " Arabian Fantasy ' ' 1 " Love is an indestructible thing. " Lemon tea by the sea. We ate our fill there on the hill. With steps proud and lively We helped plant the ivy. [51] [52] Fourth Movement Finale Beginning teachers .... Bewildered creatures. Seniors at last. . .it all went too fast. Next time we hike [53] llolicnrsiils The Arrangers Knoll Staff Editor-in-Chief . Co-Assistant Editors Janet Priestley Anita Kasparian Christine Malloy Eleanor Klatka Avra Kevghas Patricia Queenan Joan Casey William Welsh Business Manager Co-Assistant Business Managers Joan McGlinchey Paul Messier Literary Editor Maureen Conlon Assistant Literary Editors Elizabeth Gleason Carroll Thorne Photography Editor . James E. Burke Associate Photography Editor Joan Murphy Assistant Photography Editors George Membrino Arlene Whitman Art Editor Assistant Art Editor Sports Editor Music Editor Faculty Advisors Professors DeMerritte Hiscoe Domenic Procopio Julian Roberts The actual arranging of the 1952 Knoll began in early September of 1951. Under the direction of our Chief Arranger Janet Priestley, the Staff began the task of compiling literary, photographic, and art layouts. The Yearbook presented is a sincere effort to preserve the harmonious text of four college years. 55 T If K •; ' ' ; -r l JBHtj ■p » 1 K __ j A - Jjj m ■ 1 f •• III 1 - • ' 1 • ' hI I W ' • 9 " 1 . , II II x X MMMHM It ii ' ••« IB MM - « RJ ' " h h L Bl B B E » jM - P (M Hr H 9bbw ■ ■■ ' ■ B ll ■ b bI ■ ibwa • alii u 1 la ■ ■ ' IF B- P B Ilk ' rl B L, " t ' - BP " v B ■■■! Bjp ■ ■ %■ ■ ■ - ■■■■I - I Bf u9 B ' vfl A s l bbm B B B fB BL B ' • l» J BK B ' . T l| jj pB BM ' J BV s : 9 ' B ■ ' ' ■■ B m -t !ffik -i wjF ' ' " v ' ■ L BL B ' -.U i ift . - . CI a 55 H Words and hustc YJIin j 05ep h Esilc m I 1 1 in i ■ i° vow. in h m-bfe ji ' tKis [58] [59 SYMPHONY Our Players Mary Beakey 193 Appleton St., Lowell Mary Burke 55 Chapman St., Dracut Ruth Coleman 360 Thatcher St., Milton Marlene Dietal 59 Branch St., Clinton Ann DiLavore 54 Oak St., Methuen Virginia Jackson 15 Sanborn Terr., Amesbury Music Seniors Sarah McConnell 7 Chestnut St., Whitinsville George Membrino 140 Heywood St., Fitchburg Paul Messier 296 Chestnut St., Holyoke Phyllis Morse County Rd., East Freetown Irene Rocha 30 Thompson St., Fall River Vito Selvaggio 14 Freeman St., Haverhill Ellen Stephens Richmond, Mass. James Terrett 52 Beverly St., No. Andover Carlton Thorne 79 Acquavia Rd., Medford Carroll Thorne 79 Acquavia Rd., Medford William Welsh 94 Berkeley St., Lawrence Arlene Whitman 14 Newton Rd., Holyoke [60] Ill RECTORY Theresa Andrews 225 Tremont St., Somerville Diane Barsorian 399 Walker St., Lowell Charles Brinkman 4 Batchelder St., Lowell James Burke 227 W. London St., Lowell Edward Byrne 53 South Loring St., Lowell Janet Casey 16 Pilgrim Rd., Medford Joan Casey 30 Carolyn St., Lowell Marie Collins 180 Fairmont St., Lowell Patricia Collins 44 So. Loring St., Lawrence Maureen Conlon 262 Adams St., Lowell Barbara Connors 10 Pooles St., Woburn Pauline Ganley 72 Maple Ave., North Andover Barbara Gillespie 196 Middlesex St., No. Andover Elizabeth Gleason 19 Lawton St., Lowell Donald Goddard 297 Walden St., Cambridge Mary Gorman 40 Emerson St., Medford Mary Hennessey 15 Logan St., Lawrence Elementary Seniors Lorraine Hurley 107 Mt. Vernon St., Winchester Anita Kasparian 1 Sutherland Terr., Arlington Kathleen Kearney 505 Wilder St., Lowell Joan Kelley 362 Broadway St., Everett Avra Kevghas 57 Claire St., Lowell Jean Kilmartin Boston Rd., Pinehurst Eleanor Klatka 17 Gage Ave., Lowell Katherine Kosartes 1036 Middlesex St., Lowell Barbara Labadini 42 Hume Ave., Medford Gloria Laflamme 354 East Merrimack St., Lowell Salvatore Lipomi Rosemary Rd., Tewksbury Joan McGlinchey 13 Elm St., Lowell Madeline McLaughlin 37 Osborne Rd., West Medford William Mahoney Ruskin Rd., Wamesit Christine Malloy 261 Upland Rd., Cambridge Kathleen Mangan 100 West St., Lowell Mary Mooney 42 Harrison Ave., Woburn Mary Mulcahy 587 Princeton Blvd., Lowell Eleanor Munn 1107 Middlesex St., Lowell Joan Murphy 24 Holbrook Ave., Lowell Claire O ' Neill 18 Ellis Ave., Medford William Pagones 622 Textile Ave., Dracut Joyce Pollard 10 Allmont St., Methuen Janet Priestley 215 Princeton Blvd., Lowell Patricia Queenan 34 Livingston Ave., Lowell Martha Ann Quinn 102 Gorham St., E. 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' - CONFERS DEGREES Teachen college, i held yeiterday aft of the board of ed Anne Sinibaldi, president of the i her BS degree in elementary educ; at the Bartlett ichool auditorium, fr at the presentation ' ell State iccalaureate rogram It LSTC LOWELL — Rev. Laurence H. .lackburn. pastor of St Anne ' s hurch, was the speaker yester- ay morning at Impressive bac- alaureate services held in the mditorium of Lowell State Teachers college at 9.45 o ' clock. The baccalaureate was the open- ing event of commencement day Tor the teachers college gradu- ates and was followed by com- mencement exercises at the Murkland auditorium of the Bartlett school in the afternoon. The bacculaureate program was as follows: Processional — ' ' Pomp and Circumstance No. 1 t Elgar ) Opening sentences i Daniel H. O ' Leary. president uale — The Lord Is My Shepherd Humphrey Ruth P. Coleman, soprano Scripture Readings Baccalaureate Sermon Rev. Laurence H. Blackburn, D. D., rector. St. Anne ' s Epis- copal church. Music — Quis Est Homo (from Stabal Mater t Rossini Irene E. Rocha, soprano Phyllis L. Morse, contrailo -losing Sentences Recessional — Inaugural March Thompse Claire M. Nanis, pianist dressed the graduate,, and Dr. Daniel H. O ' Leary, pre idant of th Eighty Receive Degrees at Annual LSTC Commencement Exerices Rt. Rev. Cornelius T. H. Sherlock and Harold B Sores, Newton Educator, Principal Speakers for class of the n at the gradua Msgr. Cornelius T. H. Sherlock B. Gores, who ad- LOWELL — Eighty graduates of the Massachusetts Stale Teach- ers college at Lowell, left the world of the student and were officially welcomed teaching profession at the 53rd annual commencement of college yesterday afternoon 2.30 o ' clock at the Bartlett school auditorium. With the traditional back- ground of Elgar ' s " Pomp and Circumstance, " t he graduates rched into the auditorium, led by Professor DeMerrltte A. His- coe, class adviser, and officers of the senior class. Formally capped and gowned members of the fac- ulty preceded the graduates into the commencement exercises, led by Dr. Daniel H. O ' Leary, presi- dent of the Lowell State Teach- ers college; Rt. Rev. Cornelius T. H. " Sherlock, of the board of ed ucatlon; and Harold B. Gores, su- perintendent of schools in New- Exercises commenced with the singing of the college hymn, led by Paul Messier, and accompa- nied by Ann DILabore. Carroll Thome directed the senior class in O ' Hara ' s " One World. " Inspiring Address The inspiring commencement address was given by Mr. Gores, who said that in this " culmina. ting festival known m com mencement. " he did not want to harangue the populace or advise •he graduates but only wished to comment on the passing educa Monal scene in general. To him, it had seemed that that scene had changed considerably since only a few years past when such mencement advice was offered as: " Be a snob: marry the boss ' daughter " ; " So live your life lhat you can look any man straight in the eye and tell htm where to get off " ; " WPA. here we come " ; and ' The only advice r have for you is to take no advice from any member of my generation, " which was offered by the late Harold I Ickes at a commence- nt address at one of this ntry ' s widely known women ' s educational Institutions. Continuing his address on The Nature of the Teaching Task. " Mr. Gores cited the prime requisites for teachei various grade levels. In primary grades, they must have especial- ly personal warmth and trill; " the mother away from home. In Intermediate grades special characteristic for successful teacher is possession of extensive encyclopedic knowl- edge. Mr. Gores said that It is ge that the world is quile confusing to the child, who wants to know bits of trivia that people have managed to get long quite well withoul is at times like thynvto know is- a it In- teacher_.sty miles to the i frand how many legs a spider has, " Equally Important for a teacher who would share inter- ests with her students is such in- formation as, " who plays center- field for the Red Sox? " Here Mr. Gores quoted Dr. Al- bert Eisensteln who said, " What is there about education thai kills the natural thirst (o knowledge that children have? He used Dr. Einstein ' s remark to educational theory that It is at the junior high school age that youngsters no longer are fired with the great thirst knowledge. this stage becomes reality due to maturity, in the opinion of modem-day educators. ■equisltes for the high school teacher then return once gain wllh " sound knowledge, and the warmth lo impart it. " islances where " peo- ple don ' t have their roots down. " children are shuffled from one school to the other; or children are the products of iplit homes; or both parents are it work, the burden of being a " parent at school " falls lo the leacher, Mr. Gores further siat- have a renewed interest in their children, and lastly, money has ceased !o become as Important as children, who are now more precious in the eyes of their par- ents. When education passes from the " long ago and faraway ' ' and turns to th$ " here and now. " then the job of education becomes moYc difficult; but is more val- uable since it Is making " what the child knows, work " that Is :k of the leacher, he poinl ed out. " What children get above am beyond control depends on you, he continued, and quoted this famous saying: " What you do when you don ' t have to deter- mine what you will be when vou can ' t help it. " In closing, he said, " go for- ward to teach with a zeal that will not die. " And when the teacher reaches a dark hour, and that dark hour usually comes around Thanksgiving or Christ- mas of your first year; and the teacher Is not sure that she Is following the curriculum, he said. " I suggest that you find a music book, and turn to America, the Beautiful. The lines of the song will supply you with inspira- Hon for what to do next, and will be ail you will need until you get straightened out. " He told the graduates to al- ways continue their search for knowledge and impart It with love to their children. Presentation of the class gif of an official seal, colored anc gold-leafed to be placed in thr assembly hall of the new build ing, was made to Dr. O ' Leary tv class president, Ann Sinibaldi. Dr. O ' Leary accepted and re inded the students that the ' -e not concluding their educa on. but indeed Just beginning He asked one and all to " asl yourselves today, ' What do . know? ' , and teach yourselves a; you will others, " Msgr. Cornelius T. H. Sherlock conferred the degrees and ex tended the greetings of the boart of education. The song of the class of 1952, written by William J. Welsh and Carroll B. Thome, Jr., was played; and the graduaies. with their newly conferred degrees marched from the auditorium, as family and friends watched the Martha A. Quinn, Charlotte A. Raymond, Shirley L. Rodgers, Doris M. Salvas, Anna C. Shel- by. Anne R. Slnibaldi, Janet M. Smith. Ann.-t C. Millkan and Jane A. While. Those awarded a Bachelor of Science degree In education, In the music department were Mary M. Beakey. Mary E Burke, Ruth P. Coleman. Mar- lene M. Dietel, Ann DILavore, Virginia W. Jackson. Sarah L. McConnell. George E. Membri- no. Paul R. Messier, Phyllis L, Morse, Irene E. Rocha, Vita J. Sclvaggio. Ellen W. Stephens James E. Terrell, Carlton R Thome, Carroll B. Thome, Jr William J. Welsh and Arlene l Whitman. John M v- C ed In remarking on the ehanges have evolved between par- ents, children and teachers In ..- past years, Mr. Gores mentioned ier the facts that teachers are of- i ' s fered better salaries, are not for {bidden from marrying, parents Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Science In Education in the field of elementary educa- tion were: Theresa M. Andrews. Barsorian, Charles F. Brinkman, Mary L. Boyle, James E. Burke, Edward S. Byrne, Marv.i F. Carty. Janet M. r-—m(ie A. Casey, I aum-ia L. Collins. Mau- aen K. Conlon, Barbara J, Con nors and John A. Cronin. Also, Mary M. Dineen. Gladys M. Dunigan. Mary W. Foss, Pau line L. Ganley. Barbara A. Gil lespie. Elizabeth A. Gleason Donald L. Goddard, Mary E, Gorman, Mary P. Hennessey. Lorraine E. Hurley, Anita D. Kasparian, Kathleen A. Keai- ney, Joan N. Kellcy, Avra A. Kevghas and Jean F. Kilmartln. And, Eleanor A. Klatka. Kath- erine Ko-sartes, Barbara A. La- badini, Gloria J. LaFlamm ' , Eleanor M. LaPlante, Salvatore L. Lipomi. William E. Mahoney. Emma F. Mallon, Christine M. Malloy. Kathleen E. Mangan, Joan F. McGlinchey. Madeline M. McLaughlin, Mary L. Moo- ney, Mary Moran and Mary F. Mulcahy. Also, Joan M. Murphy. Claire O ' Neill, William Pagones. iyce C. Polland. Janet V. Priestley, Patricia M. Queenan. ODDS, 1T06! Bn -f™ rt, aaa 36, ,a ...plat. p.,m.»ta on . 20-T Bat Ida aaw Hono-Prooctor Plan ■ at a cmihiac dab). ii rap.r- U» znortfvfa. Lxpamiv No. k COd. only 73f per month la r Mch 1,000 oat how l.uli it cad Cat Fraa foldar and aaoplai. i»- I vwell Institution ' or ii in{ ' 18 Shattuck street. 9HH wBBi ■ v; • ' ■ ' ' : Sllip ' ' ■ ' ■ ' ' ' ;.• ' ' • ' • ' ■ ' . ' ■■■•• ■ ' ■ - : - 4 ' ■• ' ■;■■■-■ ' ■• ®5S$ IIP ■ ■A in IK i8sB8$8fe ! B8 SfflSefiSKsBflSsSSE ■ Hi mSSs ■M was TOUHfl 111111111? ■HL

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