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THE SENIOR CLASS presents THE KNOLL 1946 STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE LOWELL, MASSACHUSETTS DEDICATION In our Sophomore year, Miss Neilson, we were very happy to welcome you to our college as a member of the faculty. At that time you so willingly and graciously undertook the task of acting as advisor to our class, that ever since you have occupied a very deep place in our affections. Your kindness and understanding have helped us through many a difficulty. In the gym, on the field, at class meetings, and at social gatherings your genuine interest and wise guidance have still further endeared you to us. You have ever instilled in us high ideals of woman- hood. During the confused war-time school years, when we sorely needed counsel and direction, you were always by our side to ease the tensions and to aid us in making satisfactory decisions. We thank you, Miss Neilson, for having been our advisor, our teacher, and above all, our true friend. kV v - ; - MISS ELIZABETH A. NEILSON stU feO K - PROLOGUE For jour years the theme of our lives at Loivell Teachers College has been music. The moment we stepped inside the door, the sound of music ca me to our ears. It may not have been the " Concerto in F minor " by Rachmaninoff, but it was music. Since that first year at college, we have learned much about people, about teaching, and above all --about music. We now realize that music is life — a life of harmony, melody, and rhythm. We have listened to the jazz, of our day floating down from the gym or up from the locker rooms; to the hymns of our age coming from reverent lips during the chapel hour; and to the songs chosen by the college as " our " songs sung by the enthusiastic students. At any time of day we could hear a melody from an aria, a rhapsody , or a concerto, or the strains of a chorus number. We have loved every bit of the music to ivhich we have listened or contributed. It has broadened our outlook, and it has been the source of fine friendships, happy memories, and much real joy. OUR THEME In Praise to Our College Our voices are raised in -praise to our college, to our president, to our dean, and to the other members of our faculty . School Days " Dear old golden rule days " bring memories of our studies at Lowell Teachers College and of the happy weeks of our practice- teaching — with ne ' er a sign of a hickory stick. Fun and Frolic We are proud of our Athletic Association, the best in all the land. We are also keenly interested in our College Clubs, for they have afforded us many hours of enjoyment during our college years. We Are the Pride Our years in Lowell Teachers College have i?ieant so much to us that ive want to share with everyone some of the occasions that were most enjoyable and best-remembered. Auld Lang Syne " Should auld acquaintance be forgot " this yearbook will re- call the friends, the joys, and the pleasures we have known in our years at Lowell Teachers College. In Praise to Our College Raise high your voices in praise to our college, Fearless she took us with hearts deep and full, In faith she led us with vision complete, And kindly watched our faltering feet. PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE It gives me great pleasure to extend congratulations and good wishes to the class of 1946 as you approach the completion of your work at Lowell Teachers College. You have chosen a profession which is second to none in the service you may render to your country and to mankind. That you may render such service most ef- fectively you should keep in mind at all times that you are moulding men and women for future civilization. In your stay with us you have shown these qualities of mind and heart which are sorely needed in our world today and it is my earnest prayer that you will endeavor to foster and protect in every way the spiritual values upon which our society rests. As teachers you will share the responsibility of parents and the church in training the citizens of tomorrow in the virtues of honesty, in- tegrity, tolerance and faith in the democratic way of life which we all so cherish. May the future bring you all success and happiness. James Dugan JAMES DUGAN President 1 dsvok J A S% j Dean MARGUERITE L. GOURVILLE Perhaps at no time in history has the need for teachers with vision been so great. At no time has there been such a demand for intellec- tual and emotional stability. The pioneers asked for no security when they went out to conquer new lands. They built security for themselves. There are new frontiers to develop in the art of living happily with other people. When we all realize the importance of every man and woman in this great fraternity, the new day will dawn. In the meantime there is work to be done and you, the graduates of nineteen hundred and forty-six are going to help to do it. We, in the teaching profession anxiously await your coming. Marguerite L. Gourville cLuo JMy jJtj v YViaj o JL Vs.cj. Au Revoir Sarah E. Lovell Josephine W. Chute There are many teachers who are gifted in guiding youth. Fore- most among them are Miss Lovell and Miss Chute, who will live long in the hearts of all the students. We call them " inspired teachers " because of their unfailing tact, their infinite patience, their rich store of knowledge, and their sym- pathetic understanding of youth. These are your qualities, Miss Lovell, Miss Chute. The quality about you which first impressed us was serenity. We often wondered if anything could ruffle the calm of your manner. You were always kind to us, and tolerant of our mistakes. If, at any time, our thoughtless exuberance annoyed you, never did you reveal that annoyance to us. We thank you, our respected and beloved teachers, for your advice and assistance. . . .assistance which will help us. . in the words of our college song. . . . " To build our lives with glowing faith. " Mabel Turner B.S.E.; Ed.M. Edward T. Knowles B.S.E.; M.A. A. Florence Kirby A. B.; Ed.M. Marguerite L. Gourville B.S.E.; M.A. Herman H. Brase A.B.; M.A. Christine M. Kane B.S.E.; Ed.M. Demerritte Allen Hiscoe B.S.E.;Ed.M. Mary A. O ' Rourke B.S.E K m fie -, Elizabeth A. Neilson B.S.E.;Ed.M. Emma Ramsay A.B. Mabel B. Wilson Mus.B.; Ed.M. MU FACULTY ■ M r- jifXf J Charles O. Dalrymple Irene K. MacDonald B.A.;B.S.;M.A. Kathleen B. Byrt Principal Clerk Beatrice L. Meagher Junior Clerk and Stenographer Junior Clerk and Stenographer a THE CAMPUS School Days School days, school days, Dear old golden rule days, Reading and writing and Withmetic Taught to the tune of a hickory stick. 1 1 3 TL -Gh rt p rz , y School and Societyyy Every student at the College is a member of the School and Society League. The executive council, which is composed of officers elected from the entire student body plus the presidents of the four classes and the Athletic Association, is that body through which our student government functions. This group plans our social program, being the organization where the varied ideas of the students find expression. This year the League has sponsored a tea in honor of our new faculty member, Miss Mary O ' Rourke, a Senior mothers ' tea, a fathers ' night, a penny fair, and a spring formal. At council meetings, all student prob- lems come to light, and with the guidance of our dean and advisor, Miss Marguerite Gourville nd a satisfactory solution. 20] Our Classes [21] [22] ' For without it there ' s no U.S.A.. ' " here ' s a method in my madness! " RIM or EOUCPTION ' Once upon a time . ' It ' s a tachis-tachis-tachistoscope! " Al! this and heaven, too! " It takes all kinds to make a world rA I [23] Practice School People have always asked us, " Why did you want to become a teacher? ' ' If we were not sure of the answer before our practice teaching, we are now. There is something about the question- ing look on a child ' s face, the glint of mischief in a boy ' s eye, the eager quest for knowledge in a youngster ' s mien which makes teaching a pleasurable job. The primary grades offer a variety of experi- ences. Have you ever told the story of how a tiny, tiny seed grows into a beautiful rose and seen " children ' s faces looking up hold- ing wonder like a cup " ? Have you ever caught from the voices of children the joy with which they sing their little songs? Have you ever heard the laughter of child- ren behind you, turned around with a severe look, only to discover that you have spelled a word incorrectly? If you have been able to laugh with the youngsters and really mean it — you know why you wanted to be a teacher. LIST OF TEACHERS Green School Elizabeth Provencher, Principal Elizabeth C. Coffey Emma M. Graham Sarah G. O ' Brien Catherine O ' Connor Cross Street School Charlotte D. Lowe Frances C. Moriarty Essie E. Roach Washington School John E. Barr, Principal Georgianna Keith Sarah G. Loupret Bernice McCann Alma L. Ward Music Supervisors Isobel Gregory Mary L. Wallace [24] £ • - ° [25] Fun and Frolic Some think the world is made for fun and frolic, And so do I! And so do I! m 5 r 5=fc4f ..i. u . Athletic Association JfJm Y 7 u y 3 " " " ( rf • - [28] The Athletic Association plays a vital role in our college life. Every student is a member. The Athletic Association Board, elected annually from the student body and by the students themselves, organizes the recreational and social activities. Through the effort of this board, with the capable guidance of their advisor, Miss Neilson, the students are offered a wide selection of sports — field hockey, tennis, basketball, badminton, bowling, archery, horseback riding, tenniquoit, and softball. Army and Navy Day in hockey and basketball are always eagerly anticipated. Two teams composed of those girls who actively participated in that sport, are chosen to meet in competition. Everyone is assured an exciting game. The Athletic Association plans Alumnae Day on which former students are invited to compete with the present students in sports. Inter-collegiate games are held frequently. Several parties, dances, and sports nights are sponsored by the organ- ization. The annual activities terminate with a formal banquet where awards are pre- sented and an evening of festivity closes a memorable year. til »4B» I [29] Dance Club Creative self-expression: That is what is sought in the gym every Tuesday afternoon when members of the Modern Dance Club gather together. Dressed alike in black leotards, they learn to express in outward movement, and in beautiful individual and group patterns the feeling aroused in them by the rhythm of the music. At one movement it may be a stirring march, and then, perhaps, a lilting waltz, a passage of intricate syncopation, or a lively polka. It is not necessary to have a background of training in the art of the dance in order to participate in this activity. Any girl who is capable of feeling rhythm, and who desires to express that feeling is welcomed as a member, and she may become a real addition to the Dance Club. For the club members, the joy of the activity and its stimulating development are sources of inspiration. Dramatic Club The 1946 Dramatic Club of Lowell Teachers College was con- ducted according to the highest tradition of the organization. Miss A. Florence Kirby, Instructor in Drama, was director of the group. The club presented " Shubert Alley, " a play in seven scenes, writ- ten by the modern author, Mel Dinelli. The clever performance of this drama was given a favorable reception by the entire school. An important achievement of the 1946 Club was its success in being accepted into the Alpha Psi Omega, a national honorary dra- matic society. With the membership, the club was awarded the letters " Iota Sigma. " Lowell Teachers College is the second Massa- chusetts Teachers College to join this fraternity. Thus the 1946 Dramatic Club has brought distinction to the college. Glee Club This year members of our " Solfegg Club, " under the direction of Miss Wilson, are enjoying a program of varied activities. At our music appreciation meetings, we discussed composers, analyzed compositions, and sang selections written in Italian, in German, or in French. Our first social affair was a " Musical Tea, " so-called because the initial of each of the refreshments served must be one of letters composing the words: " Musical Tea. " For instance, " m " would represent milk, " u " would be Uneeda biscuits, etc. After the re- freshments, we sang songs and played musical games. The tea was pronounced a success by all those who were present. We are hoping to be able to attend later on. . .concerts and. . . musicals in Boston. And for April we have made definite plans to attend one performance of the Opera. Outing Club Under the pale moon and twinkling stars of an autumn night, a group of college girls sang as they rode home in a wagon filled with fresh hay. Those girls were the members of our " Outing Club " and that was the way our first outing ended. Our second trip, the greatest event of the year, occurred on a mid-winter day, as warmly-clad and well-equipped girls boarded a snow train for North Conway, New Hampshire. Tobogganing down the long white hills, dancing in the cozy little Rumpus Room, skat- ing to Strauss waltzes, and skiing down snow-covered slopes all together made an idyllic mountain week-end. Gayety and laughter are keynotes of our organization, which enjoys such varied pastimes as bowling, roller skating, banquets and theatre parties, all under the capable leadership of our adviser, Miss Neilson. W Holiday In reviewing each of the happy years we spent at Lowell Teachers College, we think first of September — renewal of ' " auld " acquaintances — initiation week — kneeling Freshmen — lordly Juniors — amused Sopho- mores and Seniors — spectacular freshman attire — crisp autumn weather — girls and their cameras. — Then came October with tang of burning wood — drifting kaleidoscope of leaves — galloping horses — groups of carefree laughing collegiennes — wind-tossed hair — cool fall breezes — picnicking in grassy, sunny spots — Athletic Association Hop — flowing gowns — soft lights — flowers and decorations — gallant escorts — dance favors — reception lines — favourite songs — attractive refreshments — a delightful, memorable evening — And then November — the blue team oppos- ing the brown team — hockey field — long, driving goal — yells of triumph — the spirit of the cheer leaders —Thanksgiving weekend — December brought ice- locked ponds and lakes — the feel of snow in the at- mosphere — Investiture — first wearing of caps and gowns by seniors — Mother ' s Tea — Christmas holidays — With January — arrival of real Winter — Bond Drive — stamp and bond sales — contests between classes — Faculty support — bond booth in front hall — purchase of our jeep — exam week — anticipation of trip to White mountains — train ride — destination: North [34] Wl ith M usic Conway — tobogganing — skating — skiing — hearty ap- petites — Rumpus Room — novelty shops — pleasure- rilled days — In February — spring thaws — social activi- ties — Big Sister parties — entertaining afternoons — practice school worries — Valentine dances — report cards — spring vacation — Washington ' s birthday — and then in March — the lion and the lamb — Saint Patrick ' s Day — the " Wearing of the Green " — sham- rocks — blustering winds — Alumni Day — greeting the once-familiar faces again — When April arrived there were All Fools Day jokes — gentle showers — Senior choir rehearsals — quartet madrigals — " God ' s Trea- sures " — the unifying power of song — precise attacks and releases — Hampton week — sleepless nights — indigestion — energy galore — vacation friendships — " gabfests " over cokes and crackers — " apple-pie " beds — bicycling — Easter — new clothes — travel — April recess — May brought sunny skies — trailing arbutus — " finals " — Athletic Association banquet — formal af- fair — awarding of sports letters and numerals — back- ground music — Senior recitals — Undergraduates ' Mothers ' Tea — With June the passing of Spring, and coming of Summer — weddings — Class Day — the Knoll — Step-Singing — honoured traditions — Gradu- ation — diplomas — Senior Prom — Farewell, Lowell Teachers College. [35] We Are the Pride We are the pride of Lowell Teachers College We are the class that boasts of fame and knowledge We can hold our own at parties, dances too, And at Hampton we ' re never blue. V .sT . , J s N . HELEN AVIS ATTAQUIN Raised eyebrows . . .literary inclinations. . . " Spook- let " . . .gentle irony. . .likes four dozen carnations. JUNE LILLIAN BARNARD Aggressive courage . . . pranki sh . . . impetuous speech . . enthusiastic athlete. . .debonair. MARTHA BASILE Knoll sketches. . apt remarks . . . ingenious crea- tive ability. . . " best sellers " . [38] T - — GLORIA VIRGINIA BLAIR Stylish clothes . . . la ci darem . . . socialite . of history. . individualistic. student Ji . • 9 " " e O " A ■: THELMA LILA BRAND «- -O Ambitious. . eloquent eyes. . mathematical genius v. . . " Malaquena ' A° x ROSE CLEMENTE Dependable. . . " The Sheik of Araby " . . intellect- ual discussions. . .vivacious. . .sensitive. [39] § M - » ELIZABETH CLAIRE CLUIN Sports enthusiast. . obliging manner... " Is this correct? " . . .managerial skill. Irrepressible . . . double ring ceremony . . . intrigurhg conversationalist. . .variable character. HELEN E LIZABETH CORBETT Entertaining . . . latest coiffures . . . admirable poise . . . camera fans delight. [40] JUNE MARY CROWLEY Unique strength of purpose. . engaged. . . " arched ' gaze. . efficient. . .corsages. NORMA ELIZABETH DRISLANE Effervescent. . .quizzical glance. . .culinary " abili- ty " . . . that professional look. ty ... th; T l ELEANOR MAE DUNCAN Extracurricular interests. . .ease and informality, dancing feet. . gay sincerity. tf " DOROTHEA MARIE DUNN " You should see my nephew " .. .nonchalant, placid congeniality. . beautiful green eyes. faauL GEL M OUJ . ZoJ tno So. DORTS RTTTH DTTRGTN Merry photogenic blonde ... argyle sweater., excellent teacher. . .born leader. JEAN MARY FRAZIER Sparkling personality. . .roguish grin. . all around athlete . . . daily chapel notices. Sm-U MARION HEY Harmonizing. . .agile intelligence. . . .domestic hobbies. elocutionist HELEN LAG ANAS . 3 Artist ' s delight. . .great dignity. . .gracious. . wil- lowy height. . enchanting manner. «; k VK. % V- ft r Y Q a V% K - K. V U U W r u LOUISE LEVINGSTON ' Stardust " . . .exuberant manner. . good organizer .. " Midas touch " .. worldly. v. X-i lA Ji f ' ( y J A4J 4 7U 4s yxy - KjZ% I DORIS ANNE LOWREY Appealing laugh ... argyle socks. . .impulsive, jentle voice. . .light-hearted affability. ft zxkk p- Vrr.- x -v. CORNELIA PETER MACHERAS ' Smart black dresses. . .Ford convertible. . .decollete . gregarious . . . Mexican Holidays . YW} M MICHAEL ANTHONY MAGLIO General savant. . .epitome of sartorial elegance. . pianistic talent. . .snapshot collector. IT " [44] {T Gentleness of lRY PHILLIFA MAGUIRE spirit. . .incurable optimist. . . en- A clearing curiosity. . .gay laughter. - i TSuiSE ANN McAULIFFE Soft-spoken. . . " oh, those Lassies " . . .languid atti- tude. . .unfailing courtesy. . .benign disposition. MARY ' McCARRON Fascinating ways. .. U.S. O. hostess, budding poetess. . . smooth dancer. quiet. . .a c L+ MARY ELIZABETH McDONNELL " u Appreciative. . scintillating wit. . .sophisticated . . .penetrating insight. ARIADNE MOSHOS Artistic . . . operatic future sonitication of grace. aristocratic . per- t- tA-— «— •- ! ROSEMARY BERNADETTE NICHOLSON Class president for four years. . .versatile. . fun- loving. . pleasing soprano voice. [46] ANTHONY RAISIS Brilliant violinist. . .hats ... that laugh .. diplo mat. . . " my tenor part is high " ... • ■ - . • » « t- w MARY THERESA RILEY Irish beauty .. bemused air .. .dimples, trienne. . .Daliesque artist. . eques- MARJORY MERRILL ROBINSON Au gust bride. . .determined hockey technique... curly tresses. . rare naturalness. jdLu Jv ysuM sO Jj . Y aAl [47 1 fo V. CHARLOTTE MARLENE SPIELER Lovely personality. . .ticklish. . Hollywood tail- ored suits. . . " Depeche-tois " . MARY PATRICIA SULLIVAN Song-writer. . quickness of decision. .. practical psychologist. . .class spirit. ' yJ DORIS FERN TOMLINSON Demure. . .winsome. . .subtle charm. . .considerate » . . good natured. In Memoriam Claudia Dublin [48] LUCY LOUISE VALENTE Adaptable. . . " Pepsodent smile " . . .classic features . . energetic. . .popular. MARTHA MARIE YOSHIDA Inquiring mind. . .engaging chuckle. . .positions of responsibility. . sprightly. . e y x? i; EX LIBRIS Mildred Estelle Adams Shirley Blaisdell Bullock Virginia Conway Marguerite Veronica Gavin Marie Estelle Guay Blanche Manderson Shirley Ann McNally Miriam Frances O ' Brien Palmyra Louise Robitaille Doris Ethel Rostler James Savas Ella Bernsson Thomas Louise Ann McAuliffe [49] Knoll Staff ? Editor-in-Chief . . Sylvia C. Slater Assistant Editor . , .June Crowley Business Manager . Louise Levingston Assistant Business Manager Marion Hey Literary Editor Assistant Literary Editor Art Editor Assistant Art Editor Photography Editor Assistant Photography Editor Rose Clemente Music Editor . . Ariadne Moshos Sports Editor . . Eleanor Duncan Helen Attaquin Mary McCarron Martha Basile Martha Yoshida Helen Corbett g£ 50 Class Officers Senior Year 1945-46 President Rosemary Nicholson Vice-President Helen Attaquin Secretary Helen Laganas Treasurer June Barnard Freshnan Year — 1942-43 President Rosemary Nicholson Vice-President Jean Frazier Secretary Mildred Adams Treasurer Eleanor Duncan Sophomore Year — 1943-44 President Rosemary Nicholson Vice-President Helen Attaquin Secretary Marguerite Gavin Treasurer Martha Basile Junior Year — 1944-45 President Rosemary Nicholson Vice-President June Crowley Secretary Charlotte Spieler Treasurer Marion Hey [51] I flS v f ' ft TV y[f " E • s - i Mfet Im - " . • ? ■ !— ,,, — jmag ' ' " 8 % ;© ' ' i 5 ■ HB i ■if pD Q| 1 ■ M ■ . B - i, ' Y ? B ■S — ■ P a -, | -— • -3 - ■-■ ■■•■ P;!!U- ■::J,,;.;:-::;-:.,;::---- ' SBSSSJ w ....:.. ' " ' ' ■ " ' ' ■■ " :: " pp: ::::s ; w - " ■ ' ' ■ ' ' „ " v ; - ' " Music Majors The return of two of our veterans, former music students, aug- mented our Choir and made it possible for us to sing as a madrigal group. Our repertoire was varied. It was composed of folk-songs, madrigals, spirituals, and carols, both with and without accom- paniment. During the year, we sang for many organizations: Superintendents ' conferences, Lenten Services, Teachers Colleges, and for several clubs and societies in and about Lowell. From the skillful conducting and friendly counsel of Miss Pierce, our director, the Choir has gained pleasure and happiness which will always remain with us as a pleasant memory of Lowell Teachers College. [52] • Remember When ♦ ♦ . 1 Remember when?. . .Betty Cluin got to class on time. . .Helen Corbett built the bonfire. . . Shirley Blaisdell was given the surprise shower . . . Eleanor Duncan flicked her fingers . . . Norma Drislane ' s Simmie came home. . Jean Frazier posed with George. . .Sylvia Cohen got her ring from Ed. . .Rose Clemente said her hobby is " fellas " . . June Barnard started driving to school . . .Thelma Brand didn ' t change something she bought. . .Connie Macheras made the reindeer sweater. . .Gloria Blair had the wrong gown in investiture. . .Louise Levingston played " Stardust " . . . " the chromosomes split " . . .Pat Sullivan played " Pagan Love Song " . . .Doris Tomlinson asked about the cigarette cough . . . Dottie Dunn ' s grey car come cruising around . . . Mary McCarron was a " cover girl " . . .We saw " In Bed We Cry " . . .Tony Raisis returned to L.T.C. .. .Rosemary Nicholson sang " April Showers " .. .Remember?. .. " Peroni ' s " .. .Our mass cut. . . " Hi fellas " . . .The Chinese National Anthem. . .Snacks between classes. . . 4-in-a- bed at Hampton. . .That shade of green on Helen Laganas. . . " Long Ago and Far Away " . . . Banana splits — . . .Dunfey ' s. . .McCord ' s. . . Pjage ' s. . .Candyland. . .Dutch Room. . June Crowley as H.O.H.. . .Our Halloween party. . .Our hayride. . .Our minstrel show. . .Mary McDonnell calling Windsor Locks . . . How bored Louise McAuliffe was at Hampton . . . Prac- tice school and observations. . .Mary Maguire as janitor of the A. A. . . .When Pussy-Willow came home from her honeymoon . . . Marion Hey in charge of the Senior Lounge. . . Burning the mid-night oil for history problems. . .Bow-wow-wow. . .Search for shoe polish. . .Running to catch a bus to practice school. . .Mike and " Robin Hood " . . .Investiture. . .When Peg Gavin sang " Louisville Lou " ... When we all became " aunts " .. .When Rose Clemente collected slips. . .When Sylvia became Mrs. Ed. Slater. . . " When Francis dances with me " . . .When Betty Cluin waited for Wally. . .Rose Clemente and " Brown Eyes " . . .AH the " Bobs " that were beaux of the Seniors. . .When Doris Lowrey didn ' t go with Jake. . .When Mary Riley went for a ride to Exeter. . .Andy Doyle singing " Danny Boy " . . .Thelma and Martha as " twins " . . Hubba Hubba. . Helen Corbett saying, " I hate men " . . .Marion Hey started to use Air Mail stamps. . Norma Drislane planning for her wedding. . .When Jean Frazier set her watch on Eastern Standard time. . .Our WAVES Peggy, Ginny, and Millie. . .When Lucy Valente got her orchid. . .Charlotte Spieler and " One Meat Ball " . . .Ariadne Moshos sang the " Laughing Song " . . .Martha Basile ' s delicious lunches. . .Helen Attaquin ' s sense of humor. . . Martha Yoshida still talking at mid-night. . .Marjorie Robinson rode her bike to school. . . Lucy Valente skating at " Russell ' s " . . .Watch the oil gauge. . .Eleanor Duncan shook the blanket. . .Martha Basile had no shoes for the prom... We " missed " the bus to practice school. . . " And so we say— " . . .The things Marion Hey collected for the lounge. . .When Rosemary ' s brothers came home. . .The blackouts. . . " We did it " . . . " I ' ll tell, you ' re teasing me " . . .Rose washed June ' s hair. . . " I forgot the ice card " . . . Socially efficient and well inte- grated. . .Durrell. . .Thorndike. . .Harris. . .Cole . . . McKee . . . Sullivan . . . Kelly . . . ' Jump, jump, jump Jim Crow " . . Jean Frazier ' s candle went out . . . The cacti plant ... " ' That ' s the way it goes " ... " I don ' t care if I never go to bed " . . .Lounge house keepers. . Motivation charts. . . Minerva ' s crossed-eyes. . .Teas without sugar. . Smocks and rubber gloves. . .Custards. . . chocolate cupcakes ... Butterscotch pudding. . .cokes. . .When Thelma brought a lunch... Massachusetts Units. . .Lunches on the lawn... White dresses and blue blazers. .. " It ' s a wonder we come out as well as we do " . . .Measuring the campus . . . " That ' s a lulu — You like that, huh — You bet, — Oh brother " . . . " After all, it is our Yearbook " . . . [53] SHARPS, FLATS and NATURALS y- ca Auld Lang Syne Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And days of auld lang syne. Q ' m I r V is 1 .» A ; - 9 X ■ % CLASS OFFICERS President Ruth Innes Vice-President . . Margaret Scanlon Treasurer Virginia Grady Secretary . . Lorraine Dancause j4 stcyty ' y [60] j 0A ' k+£ aZjlZ ' Ca?- c - X ? J 1 1 Freshman Directory Mildred Claire Adams 19 Pleasant St., Palmer Mary Louise Brogan 70 Havilah St., Lowell Elizabeth Barbara Conway .... 2 Letchworth Ave., North Billerica Mary Shirley Corbey 118 Mt. Pleasant St., Lowell Helen Marie Cremen . i» .... . 35 Powder House Rd., Medford Rosamond Elizabeth Cronin ' . i 124 Warwick St., Lowell : nn Marie Daley . . " 0 • 355 Stevens St., Lowell -Lorraine Louise Dancause Js ®. brdUfli, tyf ts s Jg 7 Whitman St., Lowell Patricia Ann Elliman f ■ a • 51 Camden St., Lowell Virginia M. Grady £dUc4st z»g . -A-tC - (AS tU K — 29 Princeton Blvd., Lowell jane Gross . « U P t 4 t fc h St Tewksbury Barbara Lorraine Higton . f 7 a ' 45 Hobson St., Lawrence Barbara Knox Hill . c C • Lowell St., Andover Ruth Shirley Innes . . ?. » Mary Elizabeth Kienan Ruth Elizabeth MacPhee 6 Valerie Frances Mauss . Marguerite McDermott Marion Rita Mello Ann Theresa Muller Jacqueline Alice Nickles Jean Marie Noyes . Claire O ' Leary Patricia Castles Paquin Wanda Ann Plachna Billetta Barbara Porter Ruth E. Rausch Jean Natalie Rierdan Mary Gloria Robitaille Florence Savas Margaret Mary Scanlon Eleanor Margery Shannan Mary Alice Slattery Lydia Leslie Taylor Ann Louise Vallera Ethel P. Vallakis Joyce Mildred Webster Miriam Theresa Wholey Dorothy Marie Scalora 0 i e C. . 2t-Ll£ Ifij A - -2-15 Maple Ave., Chelm Haggetts Pond Rd., Andover 46 Bancroft Ave., Medford sford 707 Bridge St., Lowell 18 Beacon St., Woburn . 32 Royalston Ave., Lowell 46 Burtt St., Lowell 17 E St., Lowell 115 Sprague St., Billerica 28 Auburn St., Methuen 688 Lowell St., Lawrence 1420 Bridge St., Lowell . 18 Arlington St., Haverhill 121 East Haverhill St., Lawrence 49 High St., Woburn . 47 North Rd., Bedford 1190 Middlesex St., Lowell . 24 West Third St., Lowell 287 Lexington St., Woburn 58 S outh Loring St., Lowell Simonds Rd., Williamstown 104 Greenmont Ave., Dracut 401 Beacon St., Lowell 353 Milk St., Blackstone 1092 Mammoth Rd., Dracut 14 Osgood St., Lawrence SPECIAL STUDENT Floyd Beharrell MacDonald 1. ' " A [61] Y.M.C.A., Lowell oN v Sophomore Directory ELEMENTARY STUDENTS • %J w 3 " 3 Theresa Marie A ' Hearn Gertrude Marie Bailey Barbara Joan Buck Jean Ruth Cirillo Ann Marie Costello May Loraine Craven Evelyn Rose Dane Mary Jane Dorgan Margaret Louise Duffy Alice Theresa Finnegan Elaine Louise Flemming Kathleen Elaine Geary Marilyn Catherine Gibbins Helen Mary Hudzik Barbara Jean Janson Florence Mary Kevghas Joan Tracy Lannan Barbara Lebowitz . Lola Lombus Julia Ann Mack Patricia Catherine Mangan Lois Jessie Marche Ethel McTaggart Katherine Ellen Moran Mary Joan Pater ' Harriet Norton Petroski Alvera Frances Ramacorti Dorothy Jane Rostron Marjorie Ruth Semple . Catherine Smith Eleanor Marie Stoakes Esther Leah Wein Barbara Louise Bennett Helen Veronica Collins Jean Frances Duffy Diane Kludjian Margaret Movsesian Kathleen Margaret Shea 76 Woburn St., Lexington jt 120 Billerica St., Lowell 14 Wyman St., West Medford 99 Soj th Loring St., Lowell 43 Wpter St., Winchester 111 Duigwell St., Lowell 38 Central Sq., Chelmsford 725 Salem St., South Groveland 31 Fairgrove Ave., Lowell K 22 Lawn St., Cambridge 75 Hillside Rd., Medford 56 Butterfield St., Lowell 8 Mishawum Rd., Woburn 36Hildreth St., Lowell 252 Andover St., Lawrence 57 Clare St., Lowell 129 Wentworth Ave., Lowell 9 Avon Ave., Methuen 132 Beacon St., Lowell .7 Fairfield St., Lowell 100 West St., Lowell 51 Emerson St., Wakefield 29 Ross St., Medford 16 Litchfield Terr., Lowell 79 Hampshire St., Lowell . 243 Park St., Medford 93 Pleasant St., Arlington 43 Exeter St., Lowell 84 Bradstreet Ave., Lowell 20 Milk St., Methuen 83 Grozier Rd., Cambridge 80 Thayer St., Lowell 3 East Merrimack St., Lowell West Lake, Guilford, Conn. 33 Ash St., Saugus 452 Westford St., Lowell 21 Love joy St., Bradford 8 Osgood St., Greenfield 9 OvCs . Sophomore Class :b M CLASS OFFICERS President . Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Barbara Bennett Jean Cirillo Marjone Semple Margaret Duffy J I. - ifcjp or Ciass ; ' ! 00 ' ■4tk ' CLASS OFFICERS President .... Dorothy Gately Vice-President . . Bernice O ' Connell Treasurer Florence Holton Secretary . - . . . Regina McKenna 4 4 Junior Directory ELEMENTARY STUDENTS [argaret Camuso Irene Claire Costello Catherine Marie Delaney Marie Josephine Flathers Priscilla Rika Garmon Doris Evelyn Gately Sophia Nicoleta Giavis Sheila Mary Gilmore . Angelina Mary Granese Marie Estelle Guay Natalie Mary Hart Virginia Hefferman Florence Louise Holton Anna Louise Hurld Martha Marie Lenox . Mary Virginia Marchado Mary Patricia Mahoney Kathleen Vincent McGonagle Regina Frances McKenna Patricia McQuaid . Justine Rankin Mellen Bernice Mary O ' Connell Marion Evelyn O ' Connell Priscilla Ann Priestly Yola Marie Ragazzino Marjorie Dorothy Raney Pauline Nora Scott Jean G. Shinnick . Virginia Ellen Simmonds Mary Maxine Trafton . Priscilla Ellswitha Turner 2268 Mystic Valley Pkwy., West Medford 10 Montvale Rd., Woburn 5 Lincoln Ave., Forge Village 138 Newton St., Lawrence 575 Beacon St., Lowell 961 Salem St., Maiden 41 Butterfield St., Lowell 101 Vernon St., Lowell 2 Nelly St., Wakefield J ' 144 Franklin St., Lawrence 153 Foster St., Lawrence 71 Maynard St., Arlington 37 State St., Lowell 7 Ingalls St., Woburn 145 Sherwood Rd., Medford Autumn St., Pinehurst 228 Plain St., Lowell 28 Farragut Ave., Medford 17 McDonald Rd., Medford 1140 Fellsway, Maiden . 395 Chelmsford St., Lowell 27 Knellword Rd., Medford 10 Water St., Woburn 215 Princeton Blvd., Lowell 9 Willard Ave., Medford 430 Arlington St., Dracut 8 Lockwood St., Bradford 4 Kingston St., Lawrence 522 Winthrop St., West Medford 29 Woburn St., Medford Andover Rd., Billcrica MUSIC STUDENTS Marilyn Brown Jean Claire Haskell Helen Elizabeth Hume Rita Jean Sapareto Shirley Ann Severns David a Vinecour . Mildred Etta Winfield A [65] y r a VS yi 37 Congress Ave., Chelsea 81 Larch Rd., Cambridge 14 Whitney St., Saugus 4 South Spring St., Bradford 75 Elm St., Woburn 15 Bradford Ave., Bradford 18 Sandler Terr., Haverhill Senior Directory ELEMENTARY STUDENTS June Lillian Barnard Martha Basile Thelma Lila Brand Rose Clemente Elizabeth Claire Cluin Sylvia Cohen Slater Helen Elizabeth Corbett June Mary Crowley Norma Elizabeth Drislane Eleanor Mae Duncan Dorothea Marie Dunn . Doris Ruth Durgin Jean Mary Frazier Marion Hey .... Helen Laganas Doris Anne Lowrey Cornelia Peter Macheras Mary Phillipa Maguire Louise Ann McAuliffe . Mary Elizabeth McDonnell Mary McCarron Rosemary Bernadette Nicholson Mary Theresa Riley Marjorie Merrill Robinson . Mary Patricia Sullivan Doris Fern Tomlinson . Lucy Louise Valente Martha Marie Yoshida 15 Wood Ave., North Andover . 182 North Rd., Bedford 35 Ames St., Lawrence 234 Forest St., Medford 233 Stevens St., Lowell 74 Addison St., Chelsea 76 Fountain St., Medford 69 Reservoir St., Lawrence 152 Grove St., Lowell Winona Rd., Burlington 227 Willow Ave., Somerville 8 Smith Ave., Lowell 26 Myrtle St., Medford 66 Pleasant St., Lawrence 26 Hampson St., Dracut 128Lilley Ave., Lowell 51 Claire St., Lowell 31 Prospect St., Lowell 8 Belton St., Arlington 17 Vineyard St., Cambridge 416 Rogers St., Lowell 234 Central Ave., Medford 725 Washington Elms, Cambridge 364 Varnum Ave., Lowell 38 Roosevelt Rd., Medford 9 Watson St., Somerville 85 Fells Ave., Medford 9 West Bowers St., Lowell MUSIC STUDENTS Helen Avis Attaquin Gloria Virginia Blair Louise Levingston Michael Anthony Magelio Ariadne Moshos Charlotte Marlene Spieler Anthony Raisis Box 535, Brockton 423 Pawtucket St., Lowell 103 Webster St., Maiden 471 River St., Haverhill 26 Varney St., Lowell 37A Knox St., Lawrence 247 Park St., Lawrence [66] ALL TOGETHER Acknowledgment We wish to express our thanks to the members of the faculty who gave so generously of their time and effort that our Yearbook might be a success. To Mr. Harold Johnson of the Andover Press and to the Warren Kay Van Tine Studio we offer our sincere appreciation for their kind cooperation. We are also grateful to the many others who have helped to make this publication a reality. r nertci 5 nd Memories G-oo Z i o K « iRADE-MARK RSC. U. 5. PAT. OFF. The Vidory Parade OF Spotlight ' Bands Being broadcast from the Lowell Memorial Auditorium O er 193 stations of the Blue Network and via short wave to our Service Men and Women overseas aturing JERRY WALD and his orchestra In a salute to Lowell State Teachers College James Dugan, President The Lowell State Teachers College won the award for the most effective College War Bond Campaign in the Nation. The judges were Quentin Reynolds, Dr. Francis P. Gaines, Past President of the American Association of Colleges; and Mrs. Mark W. Clark, wife of Gen- eral Mark W. Clark. Lowell Memorial Auditorium Lowell, Mass. Wednesday May 30, 1945, 8 p.m.

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