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i ... ■ ■ ■ ' ■ -. -..■ .- ■-■ .. . ' «0 A D Ui O 2. x OS CO " 5 u -ro f v I dviaY br 00 TO X - c oss ST s efco - ««»»»■,.«■««, riranmnr - -■——-- The 1945 KNOLL 1U e all 1945 Published by THE SENIOR GLASS of LOWELL STATE TEACHERS C COLLEGE LowelL Massachusetts FOREWORD In this volume we have tried to keep in mind the thought that in some ways our college life has remained unchanged; in others it has been vitally affected by a world at war. We have retained our normal curriculum and the beloved traditions and institutions of Lowell; we have revised our habits of thinking, our views of intercultural rela- tionships, our expectations of the future. With the changing of our ideals came a more complete understanding of the part which we and our profession are to play in the future. We have been aware that teaching is an integral part of the fundamentals of democracy; on it depends the coming years of peace. We shall attack with confidence the task that lies before us. As an informal companion in your perusal of this work may we introduce the Owl, whose ancient and honorable lineage has ever ascribed to wisdom. l3 S cl iss I c DEDICATION As our class advisor you have guided us through the placid but sometimes turbulent waters of our four years of living here at L.T.C. You have approached us as adults; rendered us workable solutions to our problems; maintained a balance of sobriety and humor . . . and unselfishly shared with us your visions of tomorrow ' s educational treasure. In grateful appreciation we dedicate the Knoll of 1945 to you, Mr. Brase. HERMAN H. BRASE ADMINISTRATION To our faculty we extend nothing but the fullest appreciation for giving us a yardstick marked with ideals of scholarship, service, and character with which to measure life. THE PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE The Class of 1945 has lived through a more trying four years than any class in the history of our college. You have been called upon to make many difficult adjustments in your homes and in your college life and you have won our respect and admiration for the un- faltering spirit which you have shown in meeting them. Never has there been a greater need for good teaching than exists at the present time and it is my sincere prayer that all who may come under your influence may get from you training and inspiration which will go far toward making the world a better place than we have known. May the years to come bring you all success and hap- piness. JAMES DUGAN President DEAN :.r M . MARGUERITE L. GOURVILLE FACULTY Herman H. Brase A.B.: M.A. 8 -% Josephine W. Chute Charles O. Dalrymple B.S.; Ed.M.; Ed.D. Marguerite L. Gourville B.S. Ed.; M.A. DeMerritte A. Hiscoe B.S. Ed.; Ed.M. Christine M. Kane B.S. Ed.; M.A. [13] J_J. 1 . {j. A. Florence Kirby A.B.; Ed.M. Edward T. Knowles B.S. Ed.; A.M. Sarah E. Lovell A.B.; M.A. Elizabeth A. Neilson B.S. Ed. ' d: Grace G. Pierce Emma Ramsay B.S. Ed.; A.B. [Hi FACULTY j pt (p v 1 ififtfc %•-■ V Mabel E. Turner B.S. Ed.; Ed.M. Mabel B. Wilson Mus.B- Mus.M. OFFICE SECRETARIES Kathleen Byrt Beatrice Meagher TRAINING SCHOOL FACULTY Elizabeth Provencher, Principal Elizabeth C. Coffey Emma M. Graham Georgianna Keith Sarah G. Loupret Charlotte D. Lowe Bernice McCann Frances C. Moriarty Sarah G. O ' Brien Catherine V. O ' Connor Essie E. Roche Alma L. Ward [15] GLASSES " Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity— " Psalm 133-1 As we look upon the four classes at L.T.C. living together we see this spirit of unity mani- fested by a balanced blending of full cooperation and friendly competition. HMftf ILffl Investiture Early in our Freshman year came the war which was to color vividly if not dominate our four years at Lowell. The first two of these years were studded with air raid drills and blackouts, Red Cross courses and USO dances. Our Junior and Senior years brought rationing and OPA restrictions, and intense interest in the progress of the war. Our limited social program provided time for our novel Freshman dance, the " Bunny Hop, " our delightful Mothers ' Teas, our jolly Big-and Little-Sister par- ties and thos e unforgettable weeks at Hampton. The highlights of our Junior year were the Junior Prom and the bril- liant College Show, " Holiday with Music. " Along with the fun and fellowship, we shall take with us from Lowell memories of. . . long hours of study . . . tests passed and tests flunked . . . scouring the campus for biology specimens . . . thirty-page his- tory problems. . . " the three to one ratio! " Our life at Lowell, academic and social, war-conscious and frivolous, has been an experience that will have an unending influence on our future. We, the Class of 1945, hope that we have left something of ourselves in return. [18] Senior Class Officers Whatever the Class of 1945 has ac- complished whether it was a serious contribution or just an evening of fun, it would have been superficial and worthless without the inspiring leadership of the class officers. These four girls, on whom the direction of the class depended, have tackled problems and parties with equa- nimity and a sense of humor. For three years Eleanor Mangan has been President of the Glass of 1945. Dur- ing this time she has used her executive ability, her poise, and her sense of social values to our advantage. The Vice-President of the Senior Class, Mary Gill, has filled more than an honor- ary position. While the President was at practice school for the first semester, Mary capably took over all the duties of the office, including that of serving on the School and Society League board. It was the Vice-President who presided at the initiation of the Senior Lounge. In her calmly efficient manner Virginia Gile has managed accurately and well the secretarial matters of the class. Connie Dane, with her geni us for finance, and her infinite patience in ex- tracting class dues and budget fees from her procrastinating classmates, has been an excellent Treasurer. Indeed these girls have warranted the faith placed in them by the Class of 1945. But a tribute to the officers of the Senior Class without mention of our advisor Mr. Brase would be inadequate and meaning- less. He has been their beacon and their ballast. [19] Wo r J5 by Jessie, Salv« w CLASS .dear 1 Lfw-ell , HCM Were (ea j fWe stall 1 y s -to Ocvne oor i rnem - -i. Co I- le Jd days to - jet her j Are 4 - 1 4- :- fe a €t- you II live. i - « [20] SONG I 1 os c ov J ess » t- SJ: r»-» q.v- . The Knoll Staff Amid a seeming confusion of cuts, old Yearbooks, " dummy pages, " and 18- point type at our Wednesday and Friday meetings, we of the Yearbook Staff of the Class of ' 45, have completed this volume of the Knoll. It contains pictures and thumbnail sketches of you as Seniors: it includes snap shots and notes about your sports and organizations, your social activities and your undergraduate friends. We hope that in years to come this record of your college life will help you to recall more vividly your years at Lowell. In this book are integrated many ex- periences of the staff — amusing and other- wise. We shall remember forever the grimy task of cleaning the Yearbook room, the strenuous feat of lugging equip- ment, the suspense of " obtaining " Year- books from the library! That the 1945 Knoll is progressive is evidenced by two innovations — the addition of Junior asso- ciate members, and the origination of individual money-making schemes. Realizing that the staff alone could not have accomplished this, we wish to express our appreciation to our advisor, Mr. Brase, and to the student body for their interest and cooperation. STAFF Editor-in-Chief . . . Beverly Solomon Assistant Editor . . Shirley Miller Literary Editor . Alice Parthenais Assistant Literary Editor . Mary Kearney Music Editor .... Ann Ryder Photography Editor . Catherine McCarthy Art Editor .... Charlotte Cronin Assistant Art Editor . Elsbeth Ohlson Sports Editor . . Charlotte P. Johnson Business Manager . . Helen Meagher [22] Though distance and space may keep us apart, Our spirits in union will join in the fight. Tour courage and faith we keep in our hearts To guide us in truth by vision bright. J. M. S. Roll of Honor Mildred Adams Sumner Whitestone Patricia Backus Alphonse Tatarunis Roger Bell Margaret Shelvey Myer Bernstein James Savas Virginia Conway Anthony Raisis Helen Gardella Josephine Perrie Shirley Green Natalie Patten Marguerite Gavin Michael Maglio it Fred Hannant John Leganowicz Arthur Hilson [23 J DOLORES ALLARD Riding Club ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, A. A. Numerals and Letters, Secretary-Treasurer Senior Choir, Swing Shift Band. " Doll " . . .rapid repartee. . .Hustle-bustle . . .willing cooperation. MARIE BARRETT Secretary A. A. Board ' 45, President Outing Club ' 45, Hockey Team ' 43, ' 44, Basketball Team ' 44, ' 45. " Giggles " . . .trim . . . sports-minded . . . " Shy but O my! " . . . Chef at Hampton. RUTH BERUBE Mental Hygiene Club, Dramatic Club, Glee Club, President of Senior Choir. Silvery soprano . . . dancing eyes . . . Pep- sodent smile. . .unpredictable nature. [24] ELIZABETH BRENNAN Mental Hygiene Club ' 42, Riding Club ' 42, ' 43, Literature Club ' 45, Junior Prom Com- mittee. Honey-blonde . . . voguish . . . sympathetic nature. . .smooth diction . . . " Glenna said " -— . ALICE BROWN Sketching Club, Literature Club, Investi- ture Committee, Junior Prom Committee. Cleverly artistic. . .mental depth. . .Web- sterian vocabulary. . .summers at Cape Cod. MARY BURKE Mental Hygiene ' 42, Riding Club ' 43, Lit- erature Club ' 45, Junior Prom Committee. " Fosmo " . . . Irish wit . . . infectious laugh . . . buoyant personality. . . " You ' re so ' peachy! " [25] FRANK CATIR Glee Club ' 45, Swing Shift Band. Excellent organizer . . . background of sum- mer stock. . . " natty " sport jackets. . .intense black eyes. CHARLOTTE CRONIN Yearbook Staff ' 45, Mental Hygiene Club ' 42, Sketching Club ' 43, ' 44, ' 45. Stylist . . . enviable red hair . . . perfect color sense. . .quiet assurance. CONSTANCE DANE Class Treasurer ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, Mental Hy- giene Club ' 42, Glee Club ' 43, Literature ' 45. " Connie " . . .cameo complexion. . .soft- spoken efficiency . . . lover of dancing. [26] ISABELLE DOBBIE Head of Basketball ' 44. . .Assistant Head of Sports ' 43, Basketball Team ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, A. A. Class Representative ' 45. " Dobe " . . .genuine. . .straight from the shoulder sincerity. . .skiing in the White Mountains. . . " Elinor and Jimmy. " MARIE FINNEGAN Vice-President School Society League ' 45, A.A. Board ' 43, Art Club ' 43, ' 45, Literature Club ' 45. " Finney " . . . affectionate . . . gracious . . . lovely hair . . . sport clothes . . . bangle brace- lets! VIRGINIA GILE Class Secretary ' 44, ' 45, Mental Hygiene Club ' 42, ' 43, Literature Club ' 45. " Ginny " . . . friendly . . . star-eyes . . . conscientious. .. " Oh, sure! " [27] BMBBt MUM ■-,« JME " MARY GILL Assistant Head of Sports ' 44, Vice-Presi- dent of Class ' 45, Hockey Team ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, Mental Hygiene Club ' 41. " Gilly " . school-spirit my house! " wholesome . . . candid . . . . zealous worker . . . " Stay at MARY GUINEE Secretary of Class ' 42, Riding Club ' 42, ' 43, Mental Hygiene Club ' 42, Literature Club ' 45. " Miss Gwinee " . . .Irish beauty. . .captivat- ing smile. . .sweet generosity. . . " Kids, I ' m going on a diet! " MARY KEARNEY Yearbook Staff. . . Dance Club ' 44, Litera- ture Club ' 45. Double-talking demon ... analytical mind ...definitely attractive. . .Robert Benchley fan. [28 I VIOLET KFOURY Treasurer of School and Society League ' 44, Treasurer of Athletic Association ' 45, Ath- letic Pin ' 44, Secretary of Class ' 43. " Eustacia Vye " ...huge lunches ... ener- getic dynamo. . .sincere and thoughtful. PAULINE LEITER Mental Hygiene Club ' 42, .Dramatic Club ' 43, Glee Club ' 44, Literature Club ' 45. Victory garden expert. . .merry black eyes . . . Conscientious and capable. ELIZABETH MacPARTLIN Navy Admiral ' 42, Head of Hockey ' 45, Hockey Team ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, Mental Hygiene ' 42- " Erbie " . . .irrepressible. . . mischievous eyes . . .diplomat. . . " always a smile. " [29] MARY MADDEN School and Society League Secretary ' 45, Traffic Chairman ' 44, Literature Club ' 45. Attractive. . .green eyes . . . loose-limbed grace . . . forthright manner. ELEANOR MANGAN CHAMBERS Class President ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, Hockey Team ' 42, ' 43, Basketball Team ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, Dance Club. Competent leader. . .go-getter. . . " choco- late eclairs! " MOLLIE MAZUR Dance Club ' 43, ' 44, Art Club ' 42, Litera- ture Club ' 45. " Fun to be with " ... hearty laugh... ac- complished heckler. . .suits. . . " Definitely! " [3o] CATHERINE McCARTHY Head of Hockey ' 44, Head of Softball ' 43, Yearbook Staff, Hockey Team ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45- " Cissie " . . .coquette. . .cute style. . .A. A. enthusiast. . . " Call me up! " BARBARA McDEVITT Mental Hygiene ' 42, ' 43, Glee Club ' 45, Senior Choir. Violet eyes. . .petite. . .dainty walk... quiet firmness. HELEN MEAGHER Dance Club ' 42, ' 43, A. A. Numerals, Yearbook Staff ' 45, Literary Club ' 45. Camera bug... Ocean Point vacationist . . . natural . . . Book of the Month fan. [3i] PATRICE MEEHAN Riding Club ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, Mental Hygiene Club ' 42, Dramatic Club ' 43, Glee Club ' 45. " Pat " ... dry humor. . .carefree and cas- ual . . . smart sport clothes. SHIRLEY MILLER Yearbook Staff, Art Club ' 42, ' 43, Junior Prom Committee ' 44, Literature Club ' 45. Demure intellectual . . . Photogenic . . . gra- ciously tactful . . . flair for the aesthetic. FRANCES MONTAGUE Swing Shift Band, Accompanist — Glee Club ' 41, ' 44, Mental Hygiene Club ' 43. Superb piano technique. . .conscientious . . . good sport . . . keen sense of values. [32] MARGARET MORGAN President of the Athletic Association ' 45, Army General ' 43, Basketball Team ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, Hockey Team ' 43, ' 44. " All American Girl " .. .plaid skirts... roguish wit. . .universal favorite. ELSBETH OHLSON Yearbook Staff, Sketching Club Secre- tary-Treasurer ' 44, Glee Club ' 45, Athletic Numerals. " Ellie " . . .effervescent energy. . .versatile . . . original sketches . . . born teacher. • BETTY PARKS Art Club ' 42, ' 43, Literature Club ' 45. " She has a winsome way " ... affectionate . .lanquid air. . . " Baby-Toe " shoes. . [33] ALICE PARTHENAIS Yearbook Staff ' 45, Dramatic Club ' 44, Junior Prom Committee ' 44, Literature Club ' 45- Cute featherbob. . .flashing smile. . .inde- pendent thinker. . .a penchant for things literary. CHARLOTTE PRIESTLEY JOHNSON Knoll Staff ' 45, Dance Club ' 42, Art Club ' 43, Literature Club ' 45. " Radiant! " . . .quaintly charming. . .red gold hair. . . " Fiddle Dee Dee! " ANN RAMACORTI STEPHENSON Dramatic Club ' 42, Junior Prom Commit- tee, Literature Club ' 45. Cosmopolitan . . . chic coiffure . . . enviable figure . . . keen reasoning ability. [34] LOUISE ROTH Mental Hygiene Club ' 42, Glee Club ' 43, " Swing Shift Band. " Unruffled good humor . . . diverting dimple . . . rich soprano . . . talent for poetry and original melodies. ANN RYDER Yearbook Staff ' 45, Glee Club ' 43, Mental Hygiene Club ' 42, " Swing Shift Band " ' 44. Clear-cut personality . . . collegiate . . . equestrienne. . .sweet trumpet. JESSIE SALSMAN Glee Club President ' 44, Mental Hygiene Club ' 43, " Swing Shift Band " ' 44. " Chippie " .. .cool femininity. . .smile ap- peal . . . thinks clearly. 35] MARY SHELVEY Mental Hygiene Club ' 42, Literature Club ' 45- " Shel " . . . " footloose and fancy-free " ... genuine. . .jive songstress. . .summers at Boar ' s Head. BEVERLY SOLOMON Editor Yearbook ' 45, Class President ' 42, President of Band ' 45, Glee Club ' 42, ' 44, ' 45. " Bev " ... graciously poised ... clever indi- viduality. . . personality-plus . . . " trombone player. " V MARION WEAGLE Mental Hygiene ' 42, Glee Club ' 45. Lover of pets . . . sincere . . . enjoys an argu- ment. . .excellent musical background. [36] JANET WHOLEY School Society League, President ' 45, Vice- President of Class ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, Basketball Team ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, Hockey Team ' 41, ' 42, ' 43. " Miss Wh-h-ohley . . . likeable . . . compe- tent ... " sloppy joes " ... " No, but I ' m seri- ous. " Ex Libris ANNE BLACKWELL PATRICIA BYRT GLORIA DONOVAN ELIZABETH FOLAN JEAN GILCHRIST FRED HANNANT KATHRYN HESSION THEODORA KALEM MARGUERITE LEDOUX MICHAEL MAGLIO VIRGINIA MAHONEY BARBARA McCANN PHYLLIS PALMER EDNA ROANE [37] Junior Glass The Juniors started out the year with a " bang. " It was the initiation of the Freshmen which really got their year ' s program " hopping. " After initiation which lasted for the first week of school, the " little sisters " were given a party. Much remembered in the minds of all Juniors is the week at Hampton Beach— AND THOSE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS FOUR IN A BED!! Something new and different! Three Juniors; Sylvia Cohen, Martha Basile, and Pat Sullivan working on the Seniors ' Year Book. Like the rest of the college, the Junior Class has not escaped the touch of war. They felt most deeply the effects of restric- tions, and the recruiting of the women ' s services. To the first they relinquished the traditional Junior Prom; to the second they contributed three of their members- Peg Gavin, Virginia Conway, and Millie Adams. Miss Neilson is their advisor. She is easy to describe, easy to know and easy to like; five feet of lively spirit and friendliness. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Rosemary Nicholson June Crowley Charlotte Speiler Marion Hey [38 J : _ • . ' _, ? Jti IpHHSBM ■ r$ %__ ■h u : 1 Li B¥ BBw. —B B IJ Hm k: p bIL VBB ' t ' H . bICBl ■ JVP Ibv " 1b - " BB- " BF Bfc Bjif: kIiI " ' ---I J Bfc Hf Bb- V ™l Br JH BW - wl - . IV ,: ' ™ BW m ■ B Ik - fl lam ' Hi Hi. . ft bSI S B ' «■ ' Be " - B B1 lis BY Bi BL BL 1 BL Bl Bl Bb Bl Bt Bl B f B Bt " B1B - - iBfl " " » B p w 9 ' V ' « llf is Li blJ y v ■1 JB l b9b9 ■■ PV 1 : - ' k NHk T |B E - J ' . ' ' llfe ' lX - ' K B " B- H mdn BB B " B : ■ ■- fl l-m- 1MB -• fl VBk jfl Bf. ' v a- JW „ fl IP B ' P «P j f ' Hi|n|i ■ r ■ pppi (■■ r i tBi flIB 1 B ' V ' I Mi, 1 Bl jB ; ■ ir - 4- • 5 i IKHbI V ' ' 1 BBF sJFri- ' m Sophomore Class A reputation for being " first " in com- petitions has long been the enviable lot of the Sophomores. This year, especially, they deserve the title, for with their cus- tomary " punch " and enthusiasm they reached the quota in the War Bond Cam- paign. The result? A jeep! Socially, also, the Sophomores appear to be " tops, " their numerous class parties are invariably successful. Among those chalked up to their credit are a Christmas party, a trip to the Ice Capades, and a series of informal noontime gatherings for dancing and community singing. The special event of this year was the Investiture Tea held in honor of the parents of their " Big Sis- ters. " Coming up before the year closes are another " Big Sister " function, a week at Hampton, and a class affair, anonymous to date. So you see the reputation of the Sopho- more Class has been well earned! OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Dorothy Gately Bernice O ' Connell Regina McKenna Florence Holton [39] Freshman Glass They ' re not our " little sisters " but we can afford a round of applause for their coolness during initiation week despite the dog bones, the turnips, the knee rou- tine, — and bow wow. Falling into the col- lege routine was speeded by the A.A. ' s reception party out on the Knoll. " The rains came " causing the affair to end in a general rout to the cafeteria. The Juniors had things rolling along for their little sisters when they gave a roller- skating party at the Rex Recreation Center. Ethel McTaggett proved herself the nightly Sonja Henie, winning first prize on skates. One good turn deserves another — party —same place — same people — the freshmen as hostesses provided their big sisters with food and fun — comedy acts and dancing. With such a capacity for enjoying life, it augurs well for a full four years of scholar- ship and comradeship. OF FICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Barbara Bennett Gertrude Bailey Kathleen Geary Lola Lombus [4o] Underclassmen ORGANIZATIONS Our College, we like to think, possesses a personality, a warm enveloping one. Perhaps it is because it functions so well, expresses us, our likes, our interests. It is after all, a friendly human place. On the hockey field, at the dis- cussion table, band rehearsals, or just a plain " gab session, " we have drunk full of the warm- ing brew of comradeship and feel we have grown a little in the " art of living. " School and Society League The School and Society League is our plan of student participation in the college g overnment. The executive council is com- posed of the officers elected from the school at large and representatives from each class, the A. A., and the music department. The League activities give every student opportunity to develop self control, self reliance, and leadership. The Bond and Stamp Rally was success- fully continued and a Bond Booth was constructed. With ninety percent coopera- tion we secured our goal of three jeeps and the Minuteman flag was realized. The spirit fostered by this efficient energetic organization prepares students both as citizens and as teachers in the American way of life. OFFICERS President .... Janet Wholey Vice-President . . . Marie Finnegan Secretary .... Mary Madden Treasurer Lucy Valente [44] Athletic Association The A. A. is one of the most valuable organizations at L.T.C. because its in- fluence touches every student; member- ship in its ranks is automatic on becoming a Lowellite. Planning the year ' s affairs of the organ- ization is the work of the executive board elected by the student body. The A.A. ' s calendar needs a " 41 day " month to in- clude the Freshman Welcome party, Army-Navy games, Alumnae games, the annual banquet, and a year ' s program of varied sports. Basketball, field hockey, swimming, tenniquoit, archery, volleyball, badmin- ton present fields of interest for all. Much enthusiasm has been inspired by the purchase of a trophy to be awarded to the Army or Navy team that achieves the title of champion for the year. The association promotes good sports- manship and friendly competition and is aided by the untiring efforts of Miss Neil- son, advisor. OFFICERS President .... Margaret Morgan Vice-President .... Jean Frazier Secretary Marie Barrett Treasurer Violet Kfoury [45] Outing Club OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . Marie Barrett June Barnard Nancy Hirl Patricia Sullivan The sharp tang of the autumn breezes whips rosy color into the cheeks of a warmly clad group of college girls, as arm in arm they scuff their way through the multi-colored leaves of a riding trail or sit grouped around an open fire toasting frankfurts. The harvest moon shines through the bare branches of the trees on a country road on a hay-wagon filled with the voices of happy girls harmonizing in rhythm to the clop-clop of horses ' hoofs. Bad weather is no daunt to activities when they can frolic their way through a series of square dances, roller skating, and combination dinner and theatre parties,— all under the leadership of Miss Elizabeth A. Neilson. [46] Sketching Club The sketching club is made up of girls possessing a natural artistic ability and a genuine love of art. The members have taken advantage of the opportunity to meet at the Whistler House with the Lowell Art Association. Here the girls may watch such experts as Mr. Wollcott and Mr. Hiscoe — they may also try their own hand at sketching the models. The media used are oils, tempera, charcoal, pencil, water color, and pastel. The pleasant associations and informal atmosphere are conducive to only the best results. Each member is encouraged to go on with her sketching outside of club time and to dis- play her talent in an art exhibition at the end of the year. Business meetings are held at the college once a month with Mr. Hiscoe, club advisor. [47] fit ■k. jPHfc ' j Mm ' » ' ■ x i JL JL- i ' I fflfciiitt i m • Of 1 1 A Wk. ' -- i a - JUt J i 1 SHE 1 ' " ■ t Glee Club " H.M.S. Pinafore " sailed the waves again — when the Glee Club contemplated producing the Gilbert and Sullivan op- eretta this fall. Records of the original Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Co. were heard. Solo parts and ensemble groups underwent analysis. Members of the group managed to give fleeting characterization to Sir Joseph Porter, Buttercup and Josephine. Abandoning this score, the members enthusiastically began, " The Eastertide, " an Easter pageant which depicts the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ; presented March 29, 1945. Miss Pierce has enabled the girls to interpret the significant spirit of the Lenten season. The Art classes under the auspices of Miss Josephine Chute arranged the tableaux. The group consisted of a three-part a cappella chorus. Descriptive readings were taken from the Bible. OFFICERS President Jessie Salsman Secretary Jean Haskell Treasurer .... Katherine Moran [48] MUSIC NOTES College Choir OFFICERS President Secretary- Treasurer Ruth Berube Dolores Allard As Seniors, we have a very deep love for our Choir. Under the inspirational guid- ance of Miss Grace Pierce, we have gained the essence of living. Our choir has played a very prominent part in our college life and from our many happy per- formances, we will always have pleasant memories. During the year, we have sung for many organizations; morning assem- blies, Monday recitals, Lowell Alumnae Chapter, " In and About Club, " Fort Devens, Lowell General Hospital, Super- intendent Conferences, P.T.A. Meetings, and Lenten Services. We would like to express our utmost appreciation to Frances Montague, our able accompanist. [50] College Band This band, under the direction of Augus- tus Mazzocca, meets once a week and all music students of the College receive in- struction on the various musical instru- ments. It is one of the most beneficial tools in the equipment of the professional Music Supervisor. At the end of the Senior year, every music student has an adequate knowledge of all the instruments and is able to play them with average facility. The individual classes are placed in the hands of certain music students who are particularly deft on an instrument and they instruct for several weeks until their class is able to join the big band and play in ensemble. Every semester, we exchange instruments so there is the possibility for learning all of them. The band plays for our Christmas Assembly Program and Graduation Exercises. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Beverly Solomon Louise Levingston Mildred Winfield Winifred Fountain [5i] Swing Shift A peppy group of musicians in College formed a band at the beginning of the year to play for such activities as — Bond Rallies, and Army and Navy games. This small band included members of both the Elementary and Music courses. Our rehearsals were rushed and at odd spare minutes during the week, therefore, we incorporated our unique title " Swing- Shift " band. We were invited to play for one of the regular morning assemblies at which we hopefully displayed our talent or at least — enthusiasm. Credit is due Elsbeth Ohlson, being the originator of the group and a most able conductor. [52] College Show " Holiday with Music " , our college show of May, 1944, given in the auditorium, undertook to give all aspiring L.T.C. per- formers a chance to display their particular talents in colorful settings. This per- formance besides having versatile singers, dancers, actors, instrumentalists, and nov- elty numbers, boasted a complete minstrel show, its own " Lillian Russell, " and the Bloomer Gals! To Sylvia Cohen goes credit for the title of the production, and what would we have done without our duo-accompanists Jean Haskell and Winifred Fountain? Behind scenes the smell of grease paint was real. Confusion — lights, " You ' re on, " " hurry, " " smile, " had resounding echoes in the applause of an appreciative au- dience. Such cooperation, enthusiasm, re- sourcefulness, and esprit de corps made this theatrical venture a long remembered occasion. [53] Practice School Practice school — the realization of our preparation for the teaching profession; there was suspense in those few minutes before we stood up to teach our first lesson, but the eager young faces before us gave us the confidence to do our best. As our training period progressed we found ourselves ever turning the pages of " the units " to guide us in making lesson plans and weekly bloc plans. We were ever being reminded of our own little idiosyn- crasies in the daily criticism periods that helped us to grow in poise and self confi- dence. At the demonstration lessons given on Friday mornings we were given many in- spiring examples of teaching by our critic teachers. They offered us their experience and to them and Miss Emma Ramsay, supervisor of our training department, we owe our success as teachers. They will live in our future and practice school will be remembered as one of the most gratifying and certainly the busiest period of our college life. Another phase of teacher training is found in our music department which begins the actual teaching process in the junior year. At this point in our experi- ence, periods of observation in teaching methods, procedures, and techniques, gave us an introduction to rote, observa- tion and reading songs with additional rhythmic and creative work. The long road to becoming A-i music supervisors loomed far ahead. Through the efforts of Miss Grace G. Pierce, head of the music department at Lowell Teachers College, the theory of music methods, teacher personality, and a broad outlook in the musical field, helped us gain stature in our professional growth. In actual practice Miss Mary Wallace rounded off the rough edges of inexperi- ence with constructive criticisms of lessons taught in our Lowell training schools. Our senior year saw us distributing our teaching time in five varied directions: college duty, primary grades, elementary grades, junior high school, and high school. All offer excellent opportunities to test the metal of one ' s teaching ability. In the final days of our college career the grave importance of these acquired knowl- edges and skills take deeper root in our professional consciousness. [54] EPILOGUE We who are about to take our place in the professional world are faced with the responsibility of creating a world of young men and young women who have as a prime thought that of peace. Their young minds have been filled with nothing but war and hatred. The democratic spirit which we have seen manifested through- out our college years should be the fund from which we can draw to plant in children ' s hearts the fertile seeds of democracy. Eleanor M. Chambers SENIOR SNAPS Directory SENIOR ELEMENTARY STUDENTS Barrett, Marie Roberta Brennan, Kathleen Elizabeth Brown, Alice Gladys Burke, Mary Frances . Chambers, Eleanor Mangan Cronin, Charlotte Claire Dane, Constance Beverly Dobbie, Isabelle . Finnegan, Marie Elizabeth . Gill, Mary Elizabeth . Gile, Virginia Mary Guinee, Mary Norene Johnson, Charlotte Priestley Kearney, Mary Louise Kfoury, Violet May Layoun Leiter, Pauline M acPartlin, Elizabeth Therese Madden, Mary Therese L Mazur, Mollie Anne McCarthy, Catherine Frances Meagher, Helen Wright Miller, Shirley Elizabeth Morgan, Margaret Mary Parks, Betty Jane Parthenais, Alice Marie Stephenson, Anna Ramacorti Shelvey, Mary Elizabeth Weagle, Marion Rose . Wholey, Janet Fenlon 134 Newton St., Lawrence 15 Kilgore Ave., West Medford 16 Butler St., Medford 33 Green St., Woburn 87 Lincoln St., Lowell 21 Floyd St., Lowell 45 Chelmsford St., Chelmsford 12 Brechin Terr., Andover . 22 Lawn St., Cambridge . 62 Glenwood St., Lowell Beechwood St., North Andover 18 Osborne Rd., Medford 215 Princeton Blvd., Lowell 505 Wilder St., Lowell 150 Oakside Ave., Methuen Salem Rd., North Wilmington 71 Holland St., Winchester 20 Greenfield St., Lowell 170 Andover St., Lowell 38 Woodrow Ave., Medford 262 Pawtucket St., Lowell 38 Fruit St., Lowell 72 Third St., Medford 76 Grand St., Reading 30 Nesmith St., Lawrence 93 Pleasant St., Arlington . 517 High St., Lowell 131 Wright St., Arlington 1092 Mammoth Rd., Collinsville SENIOR MUSIC STUDENTS Allard, Dolores Elizabeth . Berube, Harriett Ruth Catir, H. Frank McDevitt, Barbara Catherine Meehan, Patrice Rediker Montague, Frances Margaret Ohlson, Elsbeth Lily Roth, Mildred Louise Ryder, Ann Salsman, Jessie Marie Solomon, Beverly . 109 Belrose Ave., Lowell 157 Old Meadow Rd., Dracut 9 Howard St., Portland, Maine 20 Locke St., Arlington 48 Highland St., Lowell 46 Hollingsworth St., Mattapan 7 Hollis Ave., Lynn 16 Superior Ave., Dracut 1 Grassland St., Lexington 9 Howard St., Saugus 79 Revere St., Maiden Barnard, June Lillian Basile, Martha Bernson, Ella Brand, Thelma Lila Clemente, Rose JUNIOR CLASS 15 Wood Ave., North Andover . North Rd., Bedford North St., Tewksbury 35 Ames St., Lawrence 234 Forest St., Medford [58] Cluin, Elizabeth Claire Corbett, Helen Elizabeth Cohen, Sylvia Ruth Crowley, June Mary Drislane, Norma Elizabeth Duncan, Eleanor Mae . Dunn, Dorothea Marie Durgin, Doris Ruth Frazier, Jean Mary Hey, Marion Laganas, Helen Lowry, Doris Anne Macheras, Cornelia Peter McAuliffe, Louise Ann McCarron, Mary Merrill, Marjory Nell . Nicholson, Rosemary Bernadette O ' Brien, Miriam Frances Riley, Mary Teresa Sullivan, Mary Patrica Tomlinson, Doris Fern Valente, Lucy Louise . Yoshida, Martha Marie 72 233 Stevens St., Lowell 76 Fountain St., Medford 9 Union St., Cambridge 67 Reservoir St., Lawrence 152 Grove St., Lowell Winona Rd., Burlington 227 Willow Ave., Somerville 8 Smith Ave., Lowell 26 Myrtle St., Medford 66 Pleasant St., Lawrence 26 Hampson St., Dracut 128 Lilley Ave., Lowell . 51 Clare St., Lowell 8 Belton St., Arlington 416 Rogers St., Lowell 364 Varnum Ave., Lowell 234 Central Ave., Medford 319 Fairmount St., Lowell 5 Washington Elms, Cambridge 38 Roosevelt Rd., Medford 9 Watson St., Somerville 85 Fells Ave., Medford 9 West Bowers St., Lowell Attaquin, Helen Avis . Blair, Gloria Virginia . Levingston, Louise Maglio, Michael Anthony Moshos, Ariadne . Spieler, Charlotte Marlene JUNIOR MUSIC STUDENTS Box 535, Brockton 423 Pawtucket St. ; Lowell 103 Webster St., Maiden 471 River St., Haverhill 26 Varney St., Lowell 37 A Knox St., Lawrence SOPHOMORE CLASS Camuso, Josephine Margaret Costello, Irene Clare . Delaney, Catherine Marie . Flathers, Marie Josephine Garmon, Priscilla Rika Gately, Dorothy Evelyn Giavis, Sophia Nicoleta Gilmore, Shela Mary Granese, Angelina Mary Guay, Marie Estelle Hart, Natalie Mary Hefferman, Virginia Holton, Florence Louise Hurld, Anna Louise Lenox, Martha Marie Machado, Mary Virginia Mahoney, Mary Patricia McGonagle, Kathleen Vincent McKenna, Regina Frances . McQuaid, Patricia Margaret Mellen, Justine Rankin 2268 Mystic Valley Pkwy., West Medford 10 Montvale Rd., Woburn Lincoln Ave., Forge Village 138 Newton St., Lawrence 575 Beacon St., Lowell 961 Salem St., Maiden 41 Butterfield St., Lowell 101 Vernon St., Lowell 2 Nelly St., Wakefield 144 Franklin St., Lawrence 153 Foster St., Lawrence 71 Maynard St., Arlington 37 State St., Lowell 7 Ingalls St., Woburn 145 Sherwood Rd., Medford Autumn St., Pinehurst 228 Plain St., Lowell 28 Farragut Ave., Medford 17 McDonald Rd., Medford 1 140 Fellsway, Maiden 395 Chelmsford St., Lowell [59] O ' Gonnell, Bernice Mary O ' Connell, Marion Evelyn Priestley, Priscilla Ann Ragazzino, Yola Marie Raney, Marjorie Dorothy Scott, Pauline Nora Shinnick, Jean G. Simmonds, Virginia Ellen Trafton, Mary Maxine Turner, Priscilla Ellswitha 27 Knollword Rd., Medford 10 Water St., Woburn 215 Princeton Blvd., Lowell . 9 Williard Ave., Medford 430 Arlington St., Dracut 8 Lockwood St., Bradford 4 Kingston St., Lawrence 522 Winthrop St., West Medford . 29 Woburn St., Medford Andover Rd., Billerica SOPHOMORE MUSIC STUDENTS Brown, Marilyn Fountain, Winifred Edith Gaudette, Simone Marie Haskell, Jean C. . Hume, Helen Elizabeth Latulippe, Rita G. Sapareto, Rita June Sevrens, Shirley Anne Vinecour, Davida Winfield, Mildred Etta 87 Congress Ave., Chelsea 8 Phillips St., Lawrence 24 South St., Granby 81 Larch Rd., Cambridge 14 Whitney St., Saugus 39 Tremont St., Lawrence 4 South Spring St., Bradford . 75 Elm St., Woburn 15 Bradford Ave., Bradford 18 Sandler Terr., Haverhill FRESHMAN CLASS Ahearn, Theresa Marie Bailey, Gertrude Marie Buck, Barbara Joan Cady, Selena Katherine Cirillo, Jean Ruth Craven, May Lorene . Collins, Helen Veronica Costello, Anne Marie . Dane, Evelyn Rose Dorgan, Mary Jane Duffy, Margaret Louise Finnegan, Alice Theresa Fleming, Elaine Louise Fourgere, Mary Elizabeth Geary, Kathleen Elaine Gibbons, Marilyn Catherine Giguero, Eleanor Madeline Hudzik, Helen Mary . Janson, Barbara Jean . Johnson, Arietta Susan Kevghas, Florence Mary Lannan, Joan Tracey . Lebowitz, Barbara Lomibus, Lola Mack, Julie Ann . Mangan, Patricia Catherine Marche, Lois Jessie McTaggart, Ethel Moran, Katherine Ellen Morton, Elizabeth Sawyer 2568 79 Woburn St., Lexington 120 Billerica St., Lowell 14 Wyman St., West Medford 3 Hillside Ave., Winchester 99 South Loring St., Lowell 1 1 1 Duigwell St., Lowell West Lake, Guilford, Conn. 43 Water St., Winchester 38 Central Sq., Chelmsford 725 Salem St., South Groveland 31 Fairgrove Ave., Lowell 22 Lawn St., Cambridge 75 Hillside Rd., Medford Massachusetts Ave., North Cambridge 56 Butterfield St., Lowell 8 Mishawum Rd., Woburn 775 Merrimack St., Lowell 36 Hildreth St., Lowell 252 Andover St., Lawrence 3 Otis St., Lancaster . 57 Clare St., Lowell 129 Wentworth Ave., Lowell 9 Avon Ave., Methuen 132 Beacon St., Lowell 7 Fairfield St., Lowell 100 West St., Lowell 51 Emerson St., Wakefield 29 Ross St., Medford 16 Litchfield Terr., Lowell 31 Princeton Blvd., Lowell [60] Pater, Mary Joan . Petroski, Harriett Norton Ramacorti, Alvera Frances Rostron, Dorothy Jane Semple, Marjorie Ruth Smith, Catherine Stokes, Eleanor Marie . Tringale, Carmelia Walters, Catherine Patricia Wein, Esther Leah 79 Hampshire St., Lowell 243 Park St., Medford 93 Pleasant St., Arlington 43 Exeter St., Lowell 84 Bradstreet Ave., Lowell 20 Mild St., Methuen 83 Grozier Rd., Cambridge 32 Sixth St., Medford 79 Putman Ave., Cambridge 80 Thayer St., Lowell FRESHMAN MUSIC STUDENTS Bennett, Barbara Louise Carlson, Hazel Doris Virginia Duffy, Jean Francis Kludjian, Diane . Le May, Rebecca Movsesian, Margaret . Shea, Kathleen Margaret Velander, Evelyn Ann 713 East Merrimack St., Lowell 495 Burncoat St., Worcester 33 Ash St., Saugus . 452 Westford St., Lowell 29 Wash St., Ayer 21 Lovejoy St., Bradford 8 Osgood St., Greenfield 26 Velander St., Worcester Acknowledgments Waid Studios — Boston Mr. Harold Johnson — Andover Press, Andover Lowell Sun — Lowell [61] 1 GHje Commontoealtf) of iilasfsiacfjusiettsi DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Commencement Exercises ££ tate {Eeaefjer College LOWELL CLASS OF 1945 Wednesday, June 6, 1945 10:30 a.m. James Dugan, President Programme PROCESSIONAL— CLASS OF 1945 Marche Triompbale A. Goria COLLEGE HYMN . By Harriet G. Donehue, ' 34 ADDRESS Dr. William H. Burton Harvard University CLASS OF 1945 The Song of Faith .... PRESENTATION OF CLASS GIFT Eleanor Mary Mangan ACCEPTANCE OF CLASS GIFT James Dugan SENIOR CHOIR God ' s Treasures — Chorale from Finlandia Lo, a Voice to Heaven Sounding Robert Gibb Sibelius bortniansky CONFERRING OF DEGREES Patrick J. Sullivan Director, Division of Elementary and Secondary Education and State Teachers Colleges THE SONG OF THE CLASS OF 1945 Words and Mtisic by Jessie Marie Salsman THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER RECESSIONAL— CLASS OF 1945 Pomp and Circumstance Edward Elgar a Qj4tf$M CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE DEGREE, BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN EDUCATION Four-Year Elementary Course l X WO Marie Roberta Barrett f Kathleen Elizabeth Brennan Alice Gladys Brown yfr-pjUL Mary Frances Burke " fajUJ JiAw- ' Charlotte Claire Cronin C a r S S Constance Beverly Dane . Isabelle Dobbie Marie Elizabeth Finnegan Virginia Mary Gile Mary Elizabeth Gill Mary Norene Guinee - Charlotte Priestley Johnson Mary Louise Kearney o tM tL C ■ " " Georgina Patricia Keith Violet May Layoun Kfoury Pauline Lei ter 6 a Elizabeth Therese MacPartlirf - Mary Therese Madden J -y U tAt Eleanor Mary Mangan Mollie Anne Mazur Catherine Frances McCarthy Helen Wright Meagher Shirley Elizabeth Miller Margaret Mary Morgan Betty Jane Parks Alice Marie Parthenais Mary Elizabeth Shelvey Marion Rose Weagle Janet Fenlon Wholey " jLJULA- - t V aCMjL-hv Four-Year Music Course ;ar . Dolores Elizabeth Allard Harriett Ruth Berube H. Frank Catir Barbara Catherine McDevitt Patrice Rediker Meehan Frances Margaret Montague icsjM 1 Elsbeth Lily Ohlson iS Mildred Louise Roth Ann Ryder Jessie Marie Salsman Beverly Solomon % ■ cx w«- ?■ A i (V : v4 e 4 c c?r7 7 V L- f v - U tv v W 7 1 - (V

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