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fcT t V r 1 i 1 1 t t ■ I - 7i4e Knoll PUBLISHED BY 1ke Glali 0 1944 7 4e P edideH MeUafe The Class of 1944 has made for itself an enviable place in the life and history of our college and a confused and troubled world will be the better for your part in it, if you will continue to make the same use of these fine qualities of heart and mind which have charac- terized your stay with us. The fate of civilization rests in the hands of those who teach, and at no time in our history has the responsibility of the teacher been greater for the preservation of those ideals of civilization which we cherish. May you know and experience the joys and blessings of success in the years to come. JAMES DUGAN President hedicatlcut BLANCHE A. CHENEY Dean Emerita To guide youth one must possess an inherent wisdom and understanding combined with a youthful outlook that is wise in experience. We have been fortunate in our college life to have had two women who have this gift and have given us the guidance we needed. One of these women is you, Miss Cheney. We confess that the first thing we liked about you was your appearance, your silver hair, your vibrancy and enjoyment of life that was mirrored in your eyes, your laugh, and the way your handkerchief always matched your dress. As bewildered Freshmen suddenly forced to be grown up, you let us relax every once in awhile and be little girls again until we got our " sea legs " as you called it. We remember " sneakrets " and making a hope chest for teaching material. You were constantly trying to develop in us poise and confidence. As Sophomores and Juniors you treated us as the highly sophisticated young ladies we thought we were. Your every concern was for your girls in college, to make them happy and intelligent young women. It was you who first told us, " We have to rise above petty thinking. Think in broad, worldly terms. There is a new international brotherhood of man. The world has shrunk. " In our Senior year we missed you. You slipped away so quietly last year we could not show our appreciation for every- thing you have done. May we do so now? Thank you, Miss Cheney for your help, guidance and teaching. edicatian • ' -. ' MARGUERITE A. GOURVILLE Dean and Advisor You are the other woman, Miss Gourville. We were greatly impressed on the very first day when the entire class was lined up in the gym and you called the roll. As you read each name you looked at each one long and searchingly, seeming to mem- orize our features. From that day on you knew us. You never made a mistake in calling us by name. We liked that for from the beginning you showed that you were interested in us as indi- viduals. After that we watched your every move. We wanted you as our class advisor and considered ourselves fortunate when you accepted. We recognized then and appreciate more fully now your ability of getting things done efficiently, two stairs at a time. Your inexhaustive supply of ideas has never ceased to amaze us. The class remembers such things as the day you refereed the Army-Navy Hockey game in a snowstorm. You had your collar up and the brim of your crew hat down. We recall the night of the " Hill-billy " Party, when you led the faculty in singing a thank-you song and also that senior get-together when you played the heroine of a well known song. These showed that with everything else you are a good sport. We have not been easy to advise. You gave us this thought, " If you work hard enough you can do it. " You taught us the meaning of cooperatio n. We were proud when you were elected Dean. We realized now the whole school would benefit from your ideals, adminis- trative ability, and good sportsmanship. Our first impression of you turned into admiration. Then from admiration into something more lasting, sincere affection. Our appreciation is so great Miss Gourville, that all we can say is thank you, thank you for everything. u U a jj o vv Wt3( Wi N iLt i l 4 cuCi3 Xi T d u GjCH, 7a out, laci-Utif. IdJe aioe awi deepest a atltude oie we leave, la uaui kina+teH and i tdp i aiia+ IdJe ante, all we m y achieve. m Josephine W. Chute , Sarah E. Lovell A.B.; M.A. Emma Ramsay B.S. Ed.; A.B. ) Herman H. Brase A.B.; M.A. faculty [12] faculty DeMerritte A. Hiscoe B.S. Ed.; Ed.M. H ' C rZ 3 Mabel E. Turner B.S. Ed.; Ed.M. A. Florence Kirby A.B.; Ed.M. Mabel B. Wilson Mus.B.; Mus.M. MB fl [■3] Christine M. Kane B.S. Ed.: M.A. Grace G. Pierce y 1 . Edward T. Knowles B.S. Ed.; A.M. Charles O. Dalrymple B.S.: Ed.M.: Ed.D. faculty [14] Elizabeth A. Neilson B.S. Ed. foW Katherine Byrt Secretary Beatrice Meagher Secretary ICvUuMXj, School faculty tf-cuctutif, GREEN SCHOOL WASHINGTON SCHOOL Elizabeth Provencher Frances C. Moriarty John E. Barr, Principal Principal Elizabeth C. Coffey Emma M. Graham Charlotte D. Lowe Sarah G. O ' Brien Georgianna Keith Catherine U. O ' Connor Sarah G. Loupret Essie E. Roche Bernice McCann Mary L. Wallace Alma L. Ward [15] ■ t . • ' ' . • 7Ue GlaM 0 f944 We the Seniors are thankful: We are thankful for the ideals and faith in God and Country that have been further instilled in us here. We are thankful to you Mr. Dugan for your kind and sympathetic under- standing. We are thankful to you Miss Gour- ville for your advice and all your efforts to make our class the best class possible. We are thankful to you our faculty for equipping us with skills for our pro- fession. We are thankful to you our training teachers for giving us the patterns from which to cut our professional life. We are thankful to you, Irene, Kitty, Dodie and Mary, our class officers, for your every earnest endeavor in our behalf. We are thankful for such things as: Days at Hampton, night of the Senior Prom, our Hill-Billy and Gay Nineties parties, the first and last lesson we taught at Practice School and Passe Partout. We are thankful that we all have that inner urge to go forth to seek and find new horizons where there is still much to be done. We are confident that we will find a place for ourselves in this new world. [18] K.r. . I M _» ■» »» » - ' . ' •«- ' ' -•»... 4e KttoU £tajjlf Election to the Yearbook staff was what we wanted most in college and we decided that this would be the best Yearbook ever. We didn ' t foresee what was ahead of us. " Montage, " " bleed to the edge, " " half-tone, " " glos- sies, " and " dummy, " were words that we never even heard of before. What special features will distinguish it as the ' 44 Yearbook? " Shall we have this, shall we have that, can we afford it, will Mary Canney give us any mon- ey, " were only a few of the questions we had to answer. Finally the eventful day had come. The Yearbook had gone to press. Then anxious little thoughts began tapping in our brain. Will the class think it worthy of them? Will the rest of the college treasure it? Will everyone be as proud of the Yearbook as we are? Editor, Mary Koehler; Assistant Ed- itor, Peg Donovan; Literary Editor, Eileen Noonan; Assistant Literary Ed- itor, Nat McCormack; Business Man- ager, Lois Ryan; Assistant Business Manager, Marie Basti; Art Editor, Olive Cahoon; Assistant Art Editor, Stacia Rusomani; Photography Editor, Alice Angelo; Music Editor, Mim Fletcher; Sports Editor, Ginny O ' Brien. [19] MARY ALICE ANGELO 55 Belrose Avenue Lowell MARY PATRICIA BACKUS 1280 Middlesex Street Lowell MARIE ANTOINETTE BASTI 48 Wareham Street Medford [20] faaAA SHIRLEY EDNA BROWN Twombly Avenue North Billerica 4 1 MARION OLIVE CAHOON Forest Beach Road South Chatham MARY HELENE CANNEY 2178 Lakeview Avenue Dracut [21] MARY COLLEEN CRONIN i Capen Street Stoneham MARY MARGARET DONOVAN 1 1 5 Bennington Street Lawrence VIOLETTE DUBOIS 777 Moody Street Lowel [22] BARBARA ELIZABETH DUFFY 87 Woodward Avenue Lowell ie A u HELEN ELIZABETH EASTWOOD 31 Sea Street Methuen BERNICE ESTHER ENGSTRAND 32 Kathrine Street Lawrence ZH [23] DOROTHEA THERESA FINN 52 Dover Street West Somerville MIRIAM LOIS FLETCHER Great Road Stow SOPHIE VASILIKI GAGALIS 55 Arlington Street Methuen [24] HELEN MARIE GARRITY 140 Washington Street South Groveland JEANNE ELIZABETH HAGAN 33 Churchill Avenue Arlington BARBARA JEAN HALEY 16 Water Street Winchester [25] LAURA IRENE HALL 40 Witham Avenue Dracut KATHLEEN SHIRLEY HEY 169 Sanborn Street Lawrence - BETTY CORNELIA JAMES 10 Garden Street North Andover ,-. j H .T«» or ' « a •5 - 1.. •35v£ [26] irv ' JOAN FRANCES KEARNS 161 Belmont Street Belmont ELEANOR BARBARA KFOURY 150 Oakside Avenue Methuen MARY ELIZABETH KOEHLER (Mrs. Harold Mooney) 941 Broadway Lowell [27] • " t MARIE FRANCESCA LA FONTANA 87 High Street Great Barrington BARBARA LOUISE MAXFIELD 152 Dartmouth Street Lowell y Jj$LIE F AN«ES|McC0 P7 RMACK y [28] j. ? j EILEEN TERESA NOONAN 35 Forest Street . Lowell 11 Je VIRGINIA CLAIRE O ' BRIEN 51 Chipman Street Medford HELEN STEARNS OLIVER 25 Whitney Avenue Lowell 29] 11 O ?r , jtJL pC i m i . - Jif. KATHERINE ROSE PANAGOPOULOS 13 Willie Street Lowell MARY ALYCE PASHO Webb Brook Road Billerica ANASTACIA RUSOMANI 398 Broadway Lowell [30] t y ■ MARY ELIZABETH RUTH 35 John Street Lowell CATHERINE LOIS RYAN 1048 Middlesex Street Lowe " ' ?! w fr I MARIE AGNES SNELL 159 Mystic Street Arlington [3i] BERNICE MARY STEVENS 30 Magnolia Street Lawrence GERMAINE DORIS ST. HILAIRE 21 Mt. Hope Street Lowell y .r .. x,rf HELEN JANE SULLIVAN 33 Lamoille Avenue Bradford [32] RUTH MARIE SULLIVAN 159 Lakeview Avenue Cambridge LOUISE ELIZABETH TERRY 29 Fairfield Street Cambridge e o ELIZABETH MARY THISSELL 259 Methuen Street Lowell ' ■ Pi [33] f fflv KATHLEEN VIRGINIA TYRELL 54 Deslauriers Avenue Webster MARY ELIZABETH WALKER 34 South Pleasant Street HaA IRENE CECILIA WALLACE 99 Montvale Avenue Stoneham J w MARY MARTHA WALSH 32 Lawler Road West Medford MARJORIE WALSH 1 88 Powder House Bq Somerv cp EMILY ANDREWS WARREN BILLIWICZ THOMAS CAVANAUGH WILMA COZAD LOUISE GREEN DOROTHY GUNTHER ELEANOR GUNTHER morse haithwaite john leganowicz kathleen long mary Mclaughlin mary ogston doris otto rose winner KP [35] ■A+uJL Lid yo-44, esie ate iia it 7a clte iliU the. 4fU Ut oj J!. 7. C. Ke fx it in, au.1 college And ke fi U Ut y044i IteasU. jjuruan, GIgAA CLASS OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Advisor t L Eleanor Mangan Janet Wholey Virginia Giles Constance Dane Mr. Herman H. Brase O -TOrfyi!: H!JI!i « % tf-an well The Junior and Senior classes are always very close. We believe that our classes have been even closer than others. Most of our college life has been spent together, many fast friends have been made, loyalties have sprung up. Probably the most important reason is that we have shared many happy times together. Another thing that has strengthened the bond between us is that when you reach the status of an upperclassman your training at college becomes specialized. All of us now are interested in becoming good teachers. Your class has had its first experience in practice teaching. You probably feel as we do that it is the most challenging feature of your college life. During your senior year, which is brimful of activities, your class will be divided. Let us leave you this thought, although you may be divided physically, be united in your thought and activities. All the seniors join hands and hearts in wishing you, the class of nineteen forty-five, success and happiness in your every undertaking. We leave you not only our title but the lounge as well. Make good use of both of them. [39] 1 " , »• ' SofiAamaie GlaAA, GLASS OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Advisor Rosemary Nicholso Helen Attaquin Marguerite Garvin Martha Basile Miss Elizabeth Neilson " jW P af [40] ff| s (h o - ' l ; (1 luUute. We the Class of 1944 have come to a very profound, definite, scien- tific conclusion. Innate and acquired traits of classes are inherited by little sister classes. Our little sisters entered college in September 1942. To find their worth we conducted a rather difficult experiment known as Initiation Week. The experiment was successful; our little sisters were good sports. The second step was exposition. During their two years they have shown that they have a high standard of academic achievement com- bined with ability to have a good time. They have given their big sisters two very enjoyable parties. A roller skating party, theatre party, a weenie roast and scavenger hunt have served to make memories for themselves. Now the comparison; we two classes are very much alike. We both have high standards and we both like good times. Little sisters we leave with you our fond wish that you will seize everything our college has to offer and treasure it. May you all be suc- cessful in your chosen field. J W tS T [41] President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Advisor tedJunan Gta i CLASS OFFICERS Dorothy Gately Jean Haskell Rita Sapareto Maxine Trafton Miss Mabel B. Wilson 1 % A Mi i -j Hi Z l I ♦ ♦ ' r i -AdUUce You are a unique class for none other has done what you have done. You made college history! Do you know how you did it? You are the first Freshman class in which there were some faces familiar to the rest of the college on the first day you entered. We met some of you on High School Day. Remember? Aren ' t you glad you chose this college? We are glad that you are here. Your first year, although it has flown by quickly, has been eventful. Initiation now is only a rosy haze. Uncertainties have been cleared up. Biology has proven to be interesting and art has been a pleasure and your choir, the first Freshman choir in the history of the college, already shows promise of a fine musical organization. Your Valentine Formal, Class Day, Hampton, parties are bright spots in your memory. You will appreciate your college even more when you get a taste of teaching. Work hard and keep up your good record. Play hard and enjoy life. We are able to assure you that you will be happy in the years ahead of you. We pray that during your college life the world will achieve peace and that you will be blessed by its benefits. ?(iu ;iu « - [43] r 4 J 7a CM QAxjCMiycUiQ-ti. r cluJpi; Uteadtf tke. p sititUf aayl ate lte, ue, f But uve, yu vctlo Pi you ' ve. pJxi uted jo 444 We ' U cU U U jpn many a yean.. K ' .Jr. z r ■ ' • ' , I v - t I v » l « w ».1« - ' » .• •» ' Democracy is a tune that must be sung together " EXECUTIVE BOARD President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Traffic Chairman Community Chairman Senior President Junior President Sophomore President Freshman President A. A. President Sophie Gagalis Jeanne Hagan Colleen Cronin Violet Kfoury Phyllis Palmer Mary Madden Shirley Blaisdell Irene Wallace Eleanor Mangan Rosemary Nicholson Dorothy Gately Marie Garrity [46] £cUaai and Society Jlea j,ue The war makes us realize that we as teachers must educate the youth of this country for a workable Democracy. Democracy has many interpretations. The one upon which we all agree is: To provide for the common good of the greatest number. There is no sounder way to ap- preciate Democracy than to participate in and carry out the creed it sets forth. We do this here at college daily through our School and So- ciety League. We have the trained leaders and followers we need. For we are privileged to elect the governing body of our school. It is the work of the league in conjunction with our Dean, Miss Gourville, to plan and supervise student activities. This year the league has planned for us a reception tea for the new faculty member, Miss Elizabeth Neilson, the Senior Mother ' s Tea, Undergraduate Mother ' s Tea, and in the Spring an all college musical production. The School and Society League is the nerve from which impulses are sent to the life of the whole school. [47 J Athletic, A daciatian The Athletic Association ranks top in importance in the minds and hearts of the entire college. Everyone is automatically a member of the " A. A. " when she enters college. The members of the Association are glad this year to have as their new advisor Miss Elizabeth Neilson. She has shown keen interest in furthering the activities of and gaining prestige for the " A. A. " For this we thank her. The student body has elected an executive board. This board consists of girls who have shown outstanding leadership qualities in the various sports. They administer the affairs connected with the Asso- ciation. 4 The " A. A. " also adds very much to our social life. They have conducted: The Army-Navy Hockey and Basketball games, Alumni Hockey and Basketball games, a sports night, and the annual formal banquet. The Athletic Association is the core around which all our sports activities center. [48] EXECUTIVE BOARD President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Advisor Head of Sports Assistant Head Head of Hockey Head of Basketball Head of Tenniquoit Head of Bowling Head of Riding Head of Badminton Head of Volleyball Head of Softball Head of Swimming Navy Admiral Army General . Senior Representative Junior Representative Sophomore Representative Freshman Representative i H. Marie Garrity Eleanor Kfoury Elizabeth Thissell Marjorie Walsh Elizabeth A. Neilson Barbara Haley Mary Gill Catherine McCarthy Isabelle Dobbie Virginia Conway Helen Laganas Dorothea Dunn Lucy Valente Bernice Stevens Doris Durgin Mildred Adams Eleanor Duncan Helen Corbett Shirley Hey Margaret Morgan Jean Frazier Justine Mellen l A sound mind in a sound body " i- " Outing Gluh Glimpse this picture: A ski train full of gaily clothed college girls on their way to the mountains, girls skiing down a white mountain side, skaters making a happy picture on a mirror lake, a warm fire with girls sitting around it singing songs. Glimpse this picture: A crisp, cool January afternoon and pretty girls hiking over a riding trail. Now a fast movie: First scene is a theatre and dinner party, next a gay hayride, last a Pop Concert. Did you enjoy it? So did the members of the outing club, who formed such an organization this year under the en- ergetic direction of Miss Elizabeth A. Neilson. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Advisor Jean Frazier . Helen Corbett Alphonse Tartarulis . Rose Clemente Eleanor Duncan Miss Elizabeth A. Neilson ' Go forth unto the open sky and list to Nature ' s teaching ' s35 [50] " Art is the handmaid of human good ' ' ' OFFICERS President Miriam Fletcher Vice-President Joan Kearns Secretary Laura Hall Treasurer Barbara Duffy Advisor Miss Josephine Chute The Art Club has proven that there is a great amount of beauty and joy in creating with your hands. You need not paint a great picture or carve a statue to be a true artist. For in creating simple things by knitting, crocheting and embroidering you can become a master craftsman in constructing a happy life. The master hand that guides the creative fingers of this club is Miss Josephine Chute. These artists are human for they like to eat, drink tea and be merry. Ant GluL [5 ' ] ' All passes, Art alone Enduring stays to us " President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer Advisor OFFICERS Stacia Rusomani Olive Cahoon Elsbeth Ohlson Mr. DeMerritte Hiscoe In our path through L.T.C. each one of us has felt like an artist. Perhaps this was due to paint on our fingertips, the smudge of colored chalk on our noses, or the donning of our smocks. You can ' t help but feel it for art is in the very air. The true artists in the school however are the ones who have joined the Sketching Club. Bheioki+iCf, GluA- This club is a select one. Only those students who have shown special talent and ability in Freshman Art are eligible to join it. The club provides for its. members an interesting outlet for their inborn skill. Mr. DeMerritte Hiscoe is both in- structor and advisor of this group of artists. [52] 2 attce QUL Lithe figures sheathed in black, the soft slide and thump of bare feet, the haunting beat of the tom-tom pulsing out the rhythm, the more familiar strains of the piano supplying the ac- companiment, all are characteristics of the Modern Dance Group. The key- note is expression. Each girl brings music to life through movements filled with rhythm and grace. Here the joy is unconfined. Individ- uals devise rhythmical patterns, the best of which are adopted by the group and organized into a theme. This theme combined with others forms a story in movement. All club activities are under the di- rection of Miss Marguerite L. Gour- ville. " On with the dance; let joy be unconfined " [53] Mental JlyCfiewe Qluk The science of Psychiatry is the fatal fascination that binds this club together. These girls are interested in human behavior. They want to know what causes people to react as they do in cer- tain situations. This year the club has made par- ticular research into the definition of personality. Mr. Herman H. Brase has aided them in this by analyzing some of the members ' personalities. " My mind to me a kingdom is " k ' Then to the well-trod stage anon, If Johnson ' s learned sock be on " OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer Advisor Shirley Hey Winifred Fountain Janet Wholey Miss A. Florence Kirby These, the thespians of L.T.C., have striven to attain the well trod stage anon. Each one of us has craving to express himself in acting. The students of our college who have more of this urge than others have joined the Dra- matic Club. Here they may give vent to their secret yearning. The all important woman behind the scenes, the producer, director and prompter is Miss A. Florence Kirby. As a result of valuable experience gained in this club, someday a member may realize his ambition and tread the well-trod stage anon and heap fame and glory on this our college. jbtiamatic Gluh [55] ' Whenever God doth let us see His treasures " We perhaps shall not remember the names or the words of the songs that the college choir has sung. We shall remember however, a god ' s treasure they bestowed on us of beautiful, young, earnest voices raised in perfect harmony in song. This blending of thoughts, spirit and music that has resulted in the college choir has been developed by the interest and cooperation of its members and by the infectious enthusiasm of its director, Miss Grace G. Pierce. During the course of this year the choir has made many public appear- ances. Included in these were per- formances at the Lowell Rotary Club, Essex County Teachers ' Convention, Lovell General Hospital at Fort Dev- ens, the Superintendents ' Conference at Bridgewater Teachers College and the Conference for High School Prin- cipals and Deans at Framingham Teachers College. College GUcUn, [56] 1U Band Music is the very heart of L.T.C. Everyone respects and admires the students of this department. They are artists and perhaps music is innately closer to their hearts than to others. Nevertheless the music that our college has offered has developed in each and every one of us a finer taste and a greater appreciation of the beauty in life. " Oh! It ' s the best band in the land! " We at L.T.C. think so. It is also the most flexible band in the land. In what other can members play as many different instruments as they do in ours? In what other band is every member an able conductor? How many bands have Mr. Augustus Mazzocca as their instructor and director? ' The music in my heart I bore Long after it was heard no more " [57] SfiatiU Snafxi ' ■ " •■ ' %mc :- ' if fflH • I £ M»j.viq . y -.•.•«.•» ' » ' - ' fU V»eT4 M ' - ' ' wr College jbi uecta uf, JUNIOR ELEMENTARY STUDENTS Marie Roberta Barrett Kathleen Elizabeth Brennan Alice Gladys Brown Mary Frances Burke Charlotte Claire Cronin Constance Beverly Dane Isabelle Dobbie Marie Elizabeth Finnegan Virginia Mary Gile Mary Elizabeth Gill Mary Narene Guinee Mary Louise Kearney Violet May Kfoury Pauline Leiter Elizabeth Therese MacPartlin Mary Therese Madden Eleanor Mary Mangan Mollie Anne Mazur Catherine Frances McCarthy Helen Wright Meagher Shirley Elizabeth Miller Margaret Mary Morgan Betty Jane Parks . Alice Marie Parthenais Charlotte Priestley Johnson Anna Marguerite Ramacorti Mary Elizabeth Shelvey Marion Rose Weagle . Janet Fenlon Wholey 134 Newton St., Lawrence 15 Kilgore Ave., West Medford 16 Butler St., Medford 33 Green St., Woburn 21 Floyd St., Lowell 1 7 Warren Ave., Chelmsford 12 Brechin Terr., Andover . 22 Lawn St., Cambridge 4 Beechwood St., North Andover . 62 Glenwood St., Lowell 18 Osborne Rd., West Medford 505 Wilder St., Lowell 150 Oakside Ave., Methuen Salem Rd., North Wilmington 71 Holland St., Winchester 20 Greenfield St., Lowell 87 Lincoln St., Lowell 170 Andover St., Lowell 38 Woodrow Ave., Medford 262 Pawtucket St., Lowell 38 Fruit St., Lowell 72 Third St., Medford 76 Grand St., Reading 30 Nesmith St., Lawrence 215 Princeton Blvd., Lowell 93 Pleasant St., Arlington . 517 High St., Lowell 131 Wright St., Arlington 1092 Mammoth Rd., Dracut JUNIOR MUSIC STUDENTS Dolores Elizabeth Allard Harriet Ruth Berube . Barbara Catherine McDevitt Patricia Rediker Meehan Frances Margaret Montague Elsbeth Lily Ohlson Phyllis Henrietta Palmer Mildred Louise Roth . Ann Ryder Jessie Marie Salsman . Beverly Solomon 109 Belrose Ave., Lowell 157 Old Meadow Rd., Dracut 20 Locke St., Arlington 48 Highland St., Lowell 46 Hollingsworth St., Mattapan 7 Hollis Ave., Lynn 4 Essex St., Brockton 16 Superior Ave., Dracut 1 Grassland St., Lexington 9 Howard St., Saugus 79 Revere St., Maiden SOPHOMORE ELEMENTARY STUDENTS w -. »■ Mildred Estelle Adams June Lillian Barnard Martha Basile - - ' . • Ella Rose Bernsson . " . . . • -. . Shirley Louise Blaisdell 288 East Merrimac St., Lowell 15 Wood Ave., North Andover . 182 North Rd., Bedford North St., Tewksbury 51 Lane St., Lowell [62] W wh ]■ Thelma Lila Brand Rose Clemente Elizabeth Claire Cluin Sylvia Ruth Cohen » Virginia Conway Helen Elizabeth Corbett June Mary Crowley Norma Elizabeth Drislane Eleanor Mae Duncan . Dorothea Marie Dunn Doris Ruth Durgin Jean Mary Frazier - Marguerite Veronica Gavin Marion Hey . Helen Laganas Doris Ann Lowrey Louise Ann McAuliffe Mary McCarron Cornelia Peter Macheras Mary Phillipa Maguire Mary Elizabeth McDonnell Marjory Merrill jfoWi?-? Rosemary Bernadette Nicholson -Miriam Frances O ' Brien Mary Theresa Riley Palmyra Louise Robitaille Mary Patricia Sullivan Doris Fern Tomlinson Lucy Louise Valente Martha Marie Yoshida OuyWy) 72 35 Ames St., Lawrence 234 Forest St., Medford 233 Stevens St., Lowell g Union St., Cambridge 264 Chestnut St., Lawrence 76 Fountain St., Medford 67 Reservoir St., Lawrence 152 Grove St., Lowell 1 Winona Rd., Burlington 277 Willow Ave., Somerville 8 Smith Ave., Lowell 26 Myrtle St., Medford 13 Doane St., Bradford 66 Pleasant St., Lawrence 26 Hampson St., Dracut 128 Lilley Ave., Lowell 8 Belton St., Arlington 416 Rogers St., Lowell . 51 Clare St., Lowell 31 Prospect St., Lowell 9 Norman St., Cambridge 364 Varnum Ave., Lowell 234 Central Ave., Medford 319 Fairmount St., Lowell 5 Washington Elms, Cambridge . North Rd., Bedford 38 Roosevelt Rd., Medford 9 Watson St., Somerville 85 Fells Ave., Medford 77 Mt. Washington St., Lowell SOPHOMORE MUSIC STUDENTS Helen Avis Attaquin Gloria Virginia Blair . Louise Levingston Michael Anthony Maglio Ariadne Adriane Moshos Charlotte Marlene Spieler Box 82, Chilmark 423 Pawtucket St., Lowell 103 Webster St., Maiden 471 River St., Haverhill 26 Varney St., Lowell 37A Knox St., Lawrence FRESHMAN ELEMENTARY STUDENTS Josephine Manganet Camuso Irene Claire Costello Catherine Marie Delaney Marie Josephine Flathers Priscilla Rika Garmon Dorothy Evelyn Gately Sophia Nicoleta Giavis Mary Sheila Gilmore Angelina Mary Granese Natalie Mary Hart Virginia Margaret Heffernan Florence Louise Holton Anna Louise Hurld Martha Marie Lenox 2268 Mystic Valley Pkwy., West Medford 10 Montvale Rd., Woburn 5 Lincoln Ave., Forge Village 138 Newton St., Lawrence 575 Beacon St., Lowell 961 Salem St., Maiden 41 Butterfield St., Lowell 1 01 Vernon St., Lowell 2 Nelly St., Wakefield 153 Foster St., Lawrence 71 Maynard St., Arlington 37 State St., Lowell 7 Ingalls St., Woburn 145 Sherwood Rd., Medford [63] Mary Virginia Machado Mary Patricia Mahoney Kathleen Vincent McGonagle Regina Frances McKenna . Patricia Margaret McQuaid Katherine Janet Meagher Justine Rankin Mellen Phyllis Beatrice Murphy Bernice Mary O ' Connell Marion Evelyn O ' Connell Priscilla Ann Priestley Yola Marie Ragozzino Marjorie Dorothy Raney Pauline Nora Scott Jean Shinnick Virginia Ellen Simonds Mary Maxine Trafton Priscilla Elswitha Turner Autumn St., Pinehurst 228 Plain St., Lowell 28 Farragut Ave., Medford 17 McDonald Rd., Medford 1 140 Fellsway, Maiden 262 Pawtucket St., Lowell 395 Chelmsford St., Lowell 1 47 1 Methuen St., Dracut 27 Knollwood Rd., Medford 10 Water St., Woburn 215 Princeton Blvd., Lowell 9 Willard Ave., Medford 430 Arlington St., Dracut 8 Lockwood St., Bradford 4 Kingston St., Lawrence 522 Winthrop St., West Medford 29 Woburn St., West Medford Andover Rd., Billerica FRESHMAN MUSIC STUDENTS Marilyn Brown Winifred Edith Fountain Simone Mary Gaudette Jean Claire Haskell Helen Elizabeth Hume Rita Genevieve Latulippe Constance Violet Morse Rita June Sapareto Shirley Anne Sevrens . Alphonse Michael Tatarunis Davida Vinecour . Mildred Etta Winfield . 87 Congress Ave., Chelsea 179 Andover St., Lawrence 24 South St., Granby 81 Larch Rd., Cambridge 14 Whitney St., Saugus 39 Tremont St., Lawrence Marsh Hill Rd., Dracut 4 South Spring St., Bradford 75 Elm St., Woburn 47 Exchange St., Lawrence 15 Bradford Ave., Bradford 18 Sandler Terr., Haverhill Mr. Harold Johnson, The Andover Press Mr. Frank Gleason, Howard-Wesson Co. Mr. Breau, The Waid Studios re 4 ] TRADE. MARK RIO. U. S. Pit. OFF. The Victory Parade OF Spotlight Bands Being broadcast from the Lowell Memorial Auditorium Over 193 stations of the Blue Network and via short wave to our Service Men and Women overseas featuring JERRY WALD and his orchestra In a salute to Lowell State Teachers College James Dugan, President The Lowell State Teachers College won the award for the most effective College War Bond Campaign in the Nation. The judges were Quentin Reynolds, Dr. Francis P. Gaines, Past President of the American Association of Colleges; and Mrs. Mark W. Clark, wife of Gen- eral Mark W. Clark. Lowell Memorial Auditorium Lowell, Mass. Wednesday May 30, 1945, 8 p.m. ■■■■ Program- 8:00 P.M. Presentation of Program to Lowell State Teach- ers College by Bert A. Harless, General Man- ager Lowell Coca-Cola Bottling Company. Acceptance by James Dugan, President Lowell State Teachers College. 8:10 P.M. Cantata " We Believe " by entire student body directed by Grace G. Pierce. 8:40 P.M. Introduction of Guests. 8:00 P.M Pre-Broadcast Show Jerry Wald and orchestra. 9:30 P.M. Coca-Cola Spotlight Band, Radio Program over 193 Blue Network Stations and via short wave overseas. 9:55 P.M. Intermission. 10:15 P.M. Dancing. smRj MB W

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