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University of Massachusetts Lowell - Sojourn / Knoll Yearbook (Lowell, MA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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Published by the SENIOR CLASS of STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE LO 1 HHBnBBIB LOWELL . . . MASSACHUSETTS jn Message to the Seniors " TOXJR college days at Lowell are soon to end and I ■ extend to you, in behalf of the faculty and college, hearty congratulations on what you h ave accomplished during your stay with us. Our faith in you and in your future is very strong because of your loyalty to your Alma Mater and to all that she holds dear. I have watched with interest your growth and pro- gress as individuals and as a class, and I feel confident that you have within you possibilities which will make for success in your future work. I am grateful for the cooperation and help you have given me at all times and I wish for each one of you suc- cess and happiness in the years to come. James Dugan JAMES DUGAN President Dedication SINCE one of our beloved faculty members has reached another stepping stone in the road of progress, it is fitting that in recognition of it we dedicate the annual publication of the Knoll to him — Mr. Riley. His patience and sincerity have been greatly admired by us all. His ability as an educator and his energetic competence as a business man are difficult to surpass. He has always given his time and effort unselfishly in the interest of the College, especially during the past two years when our future welfare has been so un- certain. His extensive knowledge in legal matters and his practical suggestions in other fields have been con- stantly sought. Under his skillful supervision we feel we have grown greatly. In the undertaking of our daily tasks Mr. Riley ' s teachings have had a definite influence, as is shown by the adoption of a " budget outline " in the Knoll. He will share our honors on Graduation Day, due to his retirement, and we feel it is a great distinction to have him as an honorary member of our Class. Therefore, we, the Class of 1941, dedicate the Knoll to Mr. Riley, OUR teacher, OUR counselor, and OUR friend. WILLIAM E. RILEY SARAH E. LOVELL Our Advisor WITH the passing of each year at Lowell Teachers College, there has been a constant growth in the respect and esteem which we hold for our chosen fac- ulty advisor, Miss Lovell. Under her profitable guidance we have experienced many worthwhile pleasures. She has shared her friendship with us all. Her cooperation in all our undertakings, whether large or small, has been unfailing. The faith and confi- dence which she placed in us have served as an added incentive to do our best in all our tasks. She has been patient and sympathetic with the problems confronting us, both as a class and as individuals, during the four years which she served as our guide. We love and admire her for all she has been, as well as all she has done for us. Our thoughts and memories of her in future years will be truly fond ones. For the helpful suggestions, the wise counsel, and the knowledge gained under her supervision, we, the Class of 194 1, express our whole-hearted appreciation. BLANCHE A. CHENEY Dean Herman H. Brase, A.B., A.M. ' Josephine W. Chute Marguerite L. Gourville B.S.Ed.; A.M. DeMerritte A. Hiscoe, B.S.Ed.; Ed.M. Christine M. Kane, B.S. Ed.; A.M. A. Florence Kirby, A.B. Ed.M. % A Edward T. Knowles, B.S. Ed.; A.M. [i-4] Grace Pierce Emma Ramsay, B.S.Ed. A.B. Mabel E. Turner. B.S. Ed.; Ed.M. Mabel Banks Wilson, Mus.B. Kathleen Byrt Beatrice Meagher [15] enicr Editor-in-Chief, Alma MacTammany Assistant Editor, Catherine Hadley Business Manager, Elisabeth Hurld Assistant Manager, Eleanor Kieran Literary Editor, Marie Poirier Assistant Literary Editor, Esther Burns Photographic Editors, Mildred Hickey, Claire Hassett Art Editors, Irene Hopkinson, Eugenia Pretti, Virginia Stone Music Editors, Margaret Matthews, Dor- othy Dolan Sports Editor, Mildred Irving Secretary, Mary Collins Knoll Staff THE 1941 Staff hopes that this edi- tion of the Knoll will become for you a vivid picture of your four happy years at Lowell. Planning the book has offered a new and stimulating experience. Our one unswerving objective has been to por- tray a cross-section of life at Lowell. We should like to voice our grati- tude to the faculty committee: Miss Lovell, Miss Gourville, and Mr. Hiscoe, who have spared neither time nor effort in guiding us through the many difficulties which we encountered in various phases of our task. To Mr. Dugan — we wish to express our appreciation for all that he has done to aid us in the organization of a traditional Yearbook and his kindly interest in this — our Knoll. [18] THE Senior Class has indeed been fortunate in having four capable leaders; leaders who have been faithful and sincere in the fulfillment of duties. They have invited and considered class suggestions. They have gracefully ac- cepted many responsibilities. As a result each class event has been an occasion to be remembered. Their competence has been recognized by all. With respect and love we say " Thank- you. OFFICERS President, Marie Dolan Vice President, Regina Pimental Secretary, Marjorie Johnson Treasurer, Teresa Kennedy Advisor, Sarah E. Lovell Senior Class Officers [19] Edith C. Alcorn Elinor B. Ahern Annie E. Ashe Industrious, capable, our model Demure, chic, a daughter of Well-bred, kind, a deliberate teacher Terpsichore character Josephine F. Brennan Esther T. Burns Dorothy E. Cleary Vigorous, mirthful, a typical Qiiiet, sincere, a generous Conscientious, thorough, a quiet colleen nature manner [20] Barbara L. Coffey Anna L. Collins Mary T. Collins Candid, affable, a friend to all Sympathetic, amiable, a good Soft-spoken, well-read, with sport agility of mind Winifred A. Collins Mary I. Crawford May E. Curran Competent, willing, with un- Diligent, retiring, a true lady Amicable, merry, with winning tiring energy ways [21] Marie E. Dalton Dignified, good-natured, a practical thinker Ruth L. Dawson Friendly, dependable, with motherly touch Dorothy E. Dolan Sophisticated, lovable, most delightful to know Marie A. Dolan Marguerite F. Doucette Agnes A. Dreven Well-poised, charming, our Faithful, entertaining, ' frisky Dependable, efficient, a tireless chosen leader lamb " worker [22] Jane F. Eeles Light-hearted, unselfish, nice to know Barbara J. Eldredge Ambitious, cheerful, great executive ability Doris S. Ethier Impetuous, modest, of few words Hope E. Fielding Frances E. Fitzgerald Carol Giannarakos Conscientious, serious, a friend Sweet, veracious, a modest Cautious, earnest, so faithful indeed maid and true [23] Catherine M. Hadley Dorothea Harty Claire T. Hassett Petite, winsome, with charming Spontaneous, convincing, quick Tactful, congenial, a radiant air with her wit personality Mildred C. Hickey Maryclare Hayes Irene A. Hopkinson Enthusiastic, punctual, full of Jovial, eager, with a zest for Individual, attractive, with f un life ease and grace [24] Elizabeth J. Hurld Mildred E. Irving Alice B. Jezak Feminine, reserved, small but Confident, obliging, a keen Faithful, accommodating, al- mighty mind ways pleasant Marjorie L. Johnson Helen V. Keith Teresa N. Kennedy Cute, coy, " so lovely to look at " Quiet, resolute, keen on the Reliable, refined, quietly in- court fluential [2 5 ] Eleanor C. Kieran Witty, magnetic, a true friend Gertrude A. King Christina S. Korney Vivacious, animated, an active Decisive, earnest, a willing athlete worker Lillian Loft Alice V. Lynch Alma MacTammany Playful, talented, with flashy Blonde, gay, fair of face Capricious, entertaining, pop- eyes ular in every crowd [26] Margaret I. Mason Margaret M. Mathews Teresa F. McLay Sunny, considerate, thoroughly Artistic, poised, with a charm- Composed, ladylike, a pleasing likeable ing smile personality Catherine L. Meloy Doris M. Normandin Genevieve P. O ' Brien Dynamic, athletic, with a merry Generous, industrious, with Shy, deep, with good taste heart plenty of pep r 27 1 Esther D. O ' Donnell Kathleen O ' Malley Phyllis K. Pidgeon Untiring, agreeable, a quiet Witty, diplomatic, with a soft Versatile, sparkling, with exterior voice strong convictions Regina R. Pimentel Marie G. Poirier Sylvia Porreca Co-operative, loyal, an under- Smooth, regal, with brisk Frank, rollicking, pleasant to standing person stimulating manner talk with [28] Eugenia M. Pretti Virginia M. Roarke Margaret H. Robinson Vivid, gifted, " her heart ' s in Tranquil, orderly, a purposeful Able, stately, splendid in the highlands " individual character Evelyn E. Rynne Mary R. Shinnick Virginia A. Stone Serene, unassuming, a subtle Creative, resourceful, her work Dainty, artistic, with many sense of humor is well done hidden talents [2 9 ] Shirley J. Tucker Mary C. Vallario Margaret R. Walsh Trustworthy, cheerful, one who Exact, steadfast, with high Honorable , sensible, most con- can smile ideals genial Dorothy M. York Practical, business-like, with prudent foresight P - % Elizabeth J. Yeo Yolanda E. Zani Vivacious, petite, " she loves Enthusiastic, intense, an out- life ' ' ' standing personality [30] Theodore C. Pierce Vincent Jurgielewicz Gentlemanly, kind, with a Fascinating, helpful, the born cultural background teacher . . . Ex Libris . . . Barbara Hill Bond Charotte Clark Virginia Cooney Garland Ephigenia Mekelatos Eleanor Robertson Colette Gaffney [3i] OFFICERS President, Irene Wallace Vice President, Helen Stearns Secretary, Laura Hall Treasurer, Mary Canney Social Chairman, Jeanne Hagan Class Advisor, Marguerite L. Gourville Freshman Class WE Freshmen were welcomed to Lowell Teachers College by our " big sisters, " the Juniors, who, after an Initiation Week, held a party for us. In January, a supper party and sleigh ride were held at which all of us had a marvelous time. The greatest success of the season, however, was the Freshman Dance in April. Following this, during Spring vacation, we went to Hampton for our first house party. We ' ve been here only a short time, but we know the future holds much for us. [34] IN October, the class enjoyed a weenie roast and an evening of dancing and singing at the home of Grace Hawkins in Methuen. In the college hall, transformed into a world of stars and moonlight, the class held the Sophomore dance. Mr. Riley and the class officers received the guests. The spring vacation found us enjoy- ing a jolly house party at Hampton Beach. To show their appreciation of Mr. Riley, the Sophomores honored him at a dinner party in anticipation of his retirement. Sophomore Class OFFICERS President, Catherine Hill Vice President, Myrtle Goodhue Secretary, Marie Pauliot Treasurer, Ruth Ritchie Class Advisor, William E. Riley OFFICERS President, Helen Welch Vice President, Dorothy Twomey Secretary, Mary McCarthy Treasurer, Elizabeth Lally Class Advisor, Josephine Chute junior Class JUNIOR CLASS activities started with the initiation of the Freshmen. After a week during which the Fresh- men bowed to the rule of the Juniors, the Juniors became acquainted with their " little sisters " at a gay party in the recreation room. In October, the supper-party at " Pete ' s, " attended by the class and our advisor, was an evening of fun for all. The Mothers ' Tea, in December, was enjoyed greatly by the Juniors, their mothers, and several members of the faculty. The highlights and crowning touches of Junior social life were the greatly anticipated Junior Prom and exciting Junior Week. [36] WHEN a shadow of uncertainty and instability was hanging over the world we were given the privilege of entering college for unprejudiced instruction in the ideals of democracy and freedom. Now we have accom- plished our four years and are launched upon a troubled world. As Seniors we have realized the necessity to equip ourselves for leadership. Ties of friend- ship and vibrant memories have guided us through the transition from pro- s enior Class tected childhood to understanding womanhood. We voice our gratitude to the faculty for stimulating leadership and to Mr. Dugan we extend a thankful hand. In him we have found typified the spirit that is Lowell ' s — loyalty — friendship and willing cooperation. We carry forth with us an active mind and a happy heart. May the faith placed in us by our college be rewarded through the coming years. School and Society League OFFICERS President, Margaret Robinson Vice President, Winifred Collins Secretary, Edith Alcorn Treasurer, Catherine Ahearn Social Chairman, Priscilla Boone Traffic Chairman, Janet Kenney Community Chairman, Anne McEnaney Advisor, Blanche A. Cheney EVERY student and instructor at Lowell Teachers College is a mem- ber of the School and Society League, our plan for student participation in the government of the college. The executive council has charge of all social and community activities, including mothers ' teas, initiation, vari- ous types of welfare work, and the en- forcement of college regulations. The League affords many opportun- ities for students to develop qualities of leadership and fellowship, thus helping to make more useful citizens and to safe- guard American Democracy. [4o] THE Athletic Board directs the recreational activities of the school and plans sport programs as well as other events. Board members supervise hockey, badminton, tenniquoit, riding, hiking, basketball, volleyball, riflery, golf, baseball and swimming. At the close of the hockey and basketball seasons, honor teams are selected and a day is set aside for the competition. In- tramural competition provides activity for every girl who wishes to participate. Other colleges are invited here to take part in Sports Days. These days, as well as Alumnae Nights, are always gala occasions. The activities of the Athletic Associa- tion close a ith the annual formal- banquet in May. Athletic Association OFFICERS President, Frances Fitzgerald Vice President, Catherine Meloy Secretary, May Curran Treasurer, Barbara Eldredge Advisor, Marguerite L. Gourville Art Club OFFICERS President, Pauline McLaughlin Vice President, Marjorie Harris Secretary, Myrtle Goodhue Treasurer, Ann Gallagher Advisor, Josephine W. Chute THE Art Club aims to present op- portunities for the expression of creative abilities. At its weekly meetings diversified types of handwork are featured such as, soap-carving, sil- houette making, block printing, finger painting, paper plate decorating, knit- ting, crocheting and similar types of work. The social program is not neglected as several parties are enjoyed each year, at which time, surrounded by colorful decorations, games are played and an exceptionally good time is had by all. [42] THE Glee Club is open to all members of the College. One of the primary purposes of the club is to increase the appreciation of good music. In Decem- ber the group presented its annual con- cert of Christmas Carols. This year the Glee Club, the College Choirs, and Orchestra combined and presented a Pop Concert which will long be re- membered for its outstanding perform- ance. Other concerts which they pre- sented have proved most enjoyable to all music lovers. OFFICERS President, Elizabeth Yeo VicePresident, Ruth Dawson Secretary, Treasurer, Sylvia Salomey Librarians, Christine Haeussler, Ruth Napier Accompanists, Christine Haeussler, Jac- queline LeBoeuf, Theresa Angelotti Advisor, Grace G. Pierce Glee Club Sketching Club OFFICERS President, Doris Heath Vice President, Helen Wester Secretary, Eileen McCarthy Treasurer, Anne McEnaney Advisor, DeMerritt A. Hiscoe THE aim of our club is to provide girls of the College who are inter- ested in the expression of the fine arts an opportunity for further develop- ment. We experiment in various media such as, charcoal, tempera paints or oils, and individually pursue the media which we favor. This year, 1941, has been fruitful in achievement and in happy companion- ship at our informal meetings. In May the annual exhibit and tea climaxed our year ' s work under Mr. Hiscoe ' s skillful direction. [44] DURING the year the Dance Club meets once a week to work on techniques and compositions which we present later in our programs. Lowell conducted the first Dance Symposium for four Massachusetts Teachers Colleges last spring, an event continued this year by Worcester Teachers College, and in which we took part. An assembly program was presented in February and then we worked on dances for the Spring Pop Concert presented in April with the Glee Club. OFFICERS President, Doris Jones Secretary-Treasurer, Katherine Meagher Accompanist, Jacqueline LeBoeuf Advisor, Marguerite L. Gourville Dance Club !- ♦ v_ » lL OFFICERS President, Margaret Jensen Vice President, Elizabeth Perrie Secretary-Treasurer, Shirley Hey Advisors, Sarah E. Lovell, Blanche A. Cheney WE are a group of girls who are interested in reading the works of modern writers and in carrying on lively discussions pertaining to current world affairs. Our meetings are de- voted to reviews of the latest books and movies; or they take the form of panel discussions in which we debate and settle important problems of state. Oc- casionally we digress from our regular meeting procedure, and indulge in a party. We climax our social program with a theatre party in early spring. [46] THE aim of our club is to develop a knowledge and understanding of the problems and phases of psycholo- gy. The club program consists of lec- tures and discussions on dreams and hypnotism. Experiments involving men- tal telepathy and extra sense percep- tion take place. Questions concerning psychological experiences of members of the club are answered. During the year visits to mental hospitals are made. Parties held for various holidays and other special events make up our social calendar. OFFICERS President, Maryclare Hayes Vice President, Ruth Napier Secretary- Treasurer, Patricia Murphy Social Chairman, Wilma Cozad Clinic Chairman, Shirley Green Advisor, Herman H. Brase Mental Hygiene Club Senior Choir ONE of the traditions of our school is its choir. The membership of this organization is composed solely of senior music students. During the course of the year it re- presents the college publicly on numer- ous occasions and brings much enjoy- ment to its members. Director: Grace G. Pierce [50] THE mixed choir, composed of Junior and Senior Music Students is an organization which has proved its worth as a representative of the College. The purpose of this organization is to present a well-blended group of singing voices, to display publicly the type of vocal work accomplished in the music department of our College. During the year, many programs, both formal and informal, are presented. Students meet twice weekly for rehearsals in prepara- tion for these concerts, under the capable direction of Miss Pierce. OFFICERS President, Marjorie Johnson Vice President, Dorothy Dolan Secretary-Treasurer, Helen Lynch Advisor, Grace G. Pierce Mixed Choir [51] Orchestra OFFICERS President, Dorothy Dolan Vice President, Kathleen O ' Malley Secretary- Treasurer, Christine Haeussler Librarians, Helen Wester, Barbara Co- burn Advisor, Grace G. Pierce ONE of the most worthwhile or- ganizations and one of which we are most proud is the College Orchestra; composed of members of the four class- es. Elementary students as well as music students are included in our group. The orchestra plays at the following exercises: Investiture, con- certs, assembly and recital programs, Todd lecture, and graduation. We always participate in the annual musical presentations of the College as we did in the Pop Concert, presented by the musical organizations of the College this year. [52] EVERY Friday afternoon our Col- lege Band holds weekly rehearsals. Needless to say, these rehearsals will be remembered by the entire College as well as by the participants. This instrumental group is com- posed of music students from the four classes and is an invaluable training to these prospective supervisors of music. We gain a fundamental knowledge of symphonic instruments which will prove an asset in the organization of children ' s groups of this type. OFFICERS Secretary-Treasurer, Doris Normandin Instructor, Augustine Mozocca Band [53] mm A S3 ! I " - " Chilli lf ' If Address H|| I » Investiture [56] foxMwu Mmmvvliee « • rrusswm [57] Senior Formal Re- action AcUon Academic Programs [58 e tiers Assembly Programs [59 J, erviors c umors oaphorrurr Houseparties [60] At the Pool A rm y M av y 61] Sports [62] Senior Snaps X [6 3 ] [64] Underclass J.,« f, Snaps 65] College Directory SENIOR ELEMENTARY STUDENTS Ahern, Elinor Bradley Alcorn, Edith Celia Ashe, Annie Ellison Brennan, Josephine Frances Burns, Esther Teresa Cleary, Dorothy Ethel Coffey, Barbara Louise Collins, Anna Laura Collins, Mary Therese Collins, Winifred Ann Crawford, Mary Isabelle Curran, May Evelyn Dalton, Marie Elizabeth Dolan, Marie Alice Dreven, Agnes Adele Eeles, Jane Fredricka Eldredge, Barbara Jane Ethier, Doris Shirley Fielding, Hope Eleanor Fitzgerald, Frances Elinor Hadley, Catherine Marie Harty, Dorothea Hassett, Claire Teresa Hickey, Mildred Claire Hayes, Maryclare Hopkinson, Irene Ann Hurld, Elizabeth Joan Marie Irving, Mildred Elizabeth Jezak, Alice Barbara Keith, Helen Veronica Kennedy, Teresa Nora Kieran, Eleanor Catherine King, Gertrude Anne Korney, Christina Sonia Lynch, Alice Virginia MacTammany, Alma Mason, Margaret Isabelle McLay, Teresa Frances Meloy, Catherine Louise Murchison, E. Grace O ' Brien, Patricia Genevieve O ' Donnell, Esther Downing Pidgeon, Phyllis Katherine 62 Curtis St. Hunt Rd. 1 1 Auburn St. Highland Ave. 203 Westford St. 47 Swift St. 148 Sanders St. 83 Water St. 27 Cambridge Terr. 460 Huron Ave. 15 Walnut St. 37 Durant St. 27 Electic Ave. Beacon Hill Blvd. 87 Kinsman St. 620 High St. 142 Water St. 4 Hilltop Parkway 18 Brick Kiln Rd. 55 Grove St. 33 Hurlcroft Ave. 84 Dover St. 37 Walter St. 63 Georgia Ave. 18 Upham St. 717 Bridge St. 80 Arlington Rd. 58 Butler St. 84 Trotting Park Rd. 209 Boston Ave. 93 Eighth Ave. 32 Line St. 410 New Boston Ave. 58 Concord St. 28 Blossom St. Andover St. Call St. 200 Middlesex Ave. Andover Rd. R.F.D. No. 1 1 102 Broadway 1 1 Ohio Ave. 434 Westford St. 26 Daniels St. [66] West Somerville Chelmsford Haverhill West Chelmsford Lowell Lowell Lowell Medford Cambridge Cambridge Medford Lowell Somerville North Andover Lowell West Medford North Andover Woburn East Chelmsford Lowell Medford West Medford Medford Lowell Lowell Lowell Woburn Lawrence Lowell Medford Haverhill Somerville Dracut Lawrence Lowell Ballard Vale North Billerica North Andover Lowell West Somerville Lawrence Lowell Medford Pimentel, Regina Rita Poirier, Marie Genevieve Porreca, Sylvia Pretti, Eugenia Mary Roarke, Virginia Mary Robinson, Margaret Harriet Rynne, Evelyn Elizabeth Shinnick, Mary Russell Stone, Virginia Arline Tucker, Shirley Janet Vallario, Mary Christine Walsh, Margaret Rosalie Waters, Laurette Adrienne York, Dorothy Marie Zani, Yolanda Edith 82 Prospect St. 30 Mystic Ave. 45 Sharon St. 84 Court St. 565 Andover St. 79 Marston St. 371 Columbia St. 4 Kingston St. 83 Ward St. 289 Hildreth St. 24 Hall St. 1 1 7 Allston St. 243 Summer St. 19 Fairfield St. 75 Fountain St. Somerville Winchester West Medford Medford Lowell Medford Cambridge Lawrence Lexington Lowell Lawrence West Medford Somerville Cambridge Medford SENIOR MUSIC STUDENTS Dawson, Ruth Lea Dolan, Dorothy Ella Doucette, Marguerite Frances Giannarakos, Carol Johnson, Marjorie Lois Jurgielewicz, Vincent Loft, Lillian Mathews, Margaret May Normandin, Doris Marie O ' Malley, Sadie Kathleen Pierce, Theodore C. Yeo, Elizabeth Jean 115 Waldo St. 15 Wyola Drive State Sanatorium 4 Tyler St. 9 Danforth Ave. 32 Hall St. 248 May St. 22 Forest St. Broadway Rd. 95 Myrtle St. 307 Pleasant St. 47 Orchard Circle JUNIOR ELEMENTARY STUDENTS Ahearn, Catherine Anne Ambrose, Marion Lucey Barris, Barbara Velma Bean, Jennie Blois, Anna Margaret Boone, Priscilla Charlotte Brown, Gertrude Marie Cafantaris, Helen Chenevert, Vivian Harriet Conley, Gertrude Diamentopoulous, Cherry Dineen, Mildred Mary Farquar, Mary Stuart Feeley, Mary Ellen French, Marion Frances Gallager, Anna Marie 79 Woburn St. 42 Vine St. 777 Westford St. P.O. Box 208 50 South St. 10 Cleveland St. 200 Bailey St. 78 Varney St. 15 Waldo St. 733 Belmont St. 91 Mt. Washington St. 87 Sheridan Circle 20 Lawler Rd. Marion St. R.F.D. No. 1 3 Fayette St. [67] Holyoke Worcester North Wilmington Lowell Saugus Lawrence Worcester Lowell Dracut Lowell Leominster Swampscott Lexington Winchester Lowell Chelmsford Fitchburg Arlington Lawrence Lowell Dracut Belmont Lowell Winchester West Medford Wilmington Lowell Cambridge Harris, Marjorie Mary Hartman, Bernice Lorraine Hickey, Mary Anne Higgins, Patricia Frances Holton, Elizabeth Teresa Jensen, Margaret Dagmar Johnston, Helen Alice Kealy, Mary Ruth Kelley, Florence Marie Kenney, Janet Louise Kiernan, Alice Gertrude Kolofoles, Trula Ruby Lally, Elizabeth Faustina Lane, Anna Marie Lidwin, Irene Lydia Lowe, Dorothy Whitton Lundgren, May Victoria Maguire, Ruth Mahoney, Catherine Eileen McCarthy, Mary Clement McCorry, Elizabeth Jane McLaughlin, Mary Pauline McLaughlin, Marion Loretta Meagher, Katherine Ann Meloon, Brenda Adelaide Morrison, Elinor Marie Mulligan, Ruth Marie Murphy, Patricia Andrea Paignon, Winifred Marguerite Patten, Natalie Millet Peary, Josephine Frances Perrie, Ella Elizabeth Ragozzino, Claire Fulvia Richardson, Delma Lois Schenck, Margaret Elizabeth Stickney, Esther May Shelvey, Margaret Helen Teeven, Barbara Marguerite Tierney, Ellen Winifred Todd, Vivien Elsie Twomey, Dorothy Catherine Welch, Helen Marie Wolf, Helen Zermas, Penelope 52 Salem St. 20 Hilltop Ave. 79 Surrey St. 44 Barrington St. 37 State St. 657 Stevens St. 259 Bacon St. 27 Emery St. 1 719 Gorham St. 90 South Whipple St. 22 Phillips St. 14 Albemarle St. 3 Amory Place 28 Lyons St. 320 Elm St. 229 Dracut St. 585 Chelmsford St. 86 Leonard Ave. 288 Plain St. 38 Woodrow Ave. 76 West St. 80 Main St. 80 Main St. 16 West St. Middlesex St. 15 Alpine St. 173 Brookview Rd. 12 Sharon St. Littleton St. North St. 1 6}4 Flagg St. 23 Silk St. 9 Willard Ave. 1334 Broadway Rd. 34 Center St. 599 School St. 517 High St. 13 Hollis St. 18 Appleton Place 171 Dalton Rd. 38 Sacramento St. 28 Lebanon St. 166 Howard St. 186 Suffolk St. Woburn Lawrence Medford Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Chelmsford Lowell Lowell Methuen Cambridge Lowell Lawrence Dracut Lowell Bradford Lowell Medford Medford Woburn Woburn Medford North Chelmsford Cambridge Medford West Medford Chelmsford Tewksbury Woburn Arlington Medford Dracut Woburn Lowell Lowell Cambridge Arlington Chelmsford Cambridge Winchester Lowell Lowell [68] JUNIOR MUSIC STUDENTS Anifantis, Eleanor Bernstein, Meyer Chase, Phyllis Elizabeth Cuevas, Manuela Zillah Fitzgerald, Veronica Bernadette Gardella, Helen Mary Harris, Dorothy May Hillson, Arthur Hodgson, Eunice May Howe, Grace Evelyn Jones, Doris Fletcher Krasnoff, Bernice Estelle Leboeuf, Jacqueline Denise LeQuin, Gertrude Leona Lynch, Helen M. 71 Paul Revere Rd. 61 Addison St. 1 7 Maire Ave. 38 Gaston St. 35 Milton St. 17 Paulina St. 30 Pinedale Ave. 296 Ames St. 452 Cypress St. Wallace Rd. 30 Columbia St. 36 Murray Hill Rd. 405 School St. 5 Canton St. 23 Cleveland Ave. Arlington Chelsea Cambridge Dorchester North Andover West Somerville Methuen Lawrence Fall River North Billerica Lowell Cambridge Webster Lowell Worcester SOPHOMORE ELEMENTARY STUDENTS Armer, Cecilia Constance Belanger, Gertrude Teresa Blacktin, Leona Irene Brenton, Marion Elizabeth Burke, Muriel Shaw Burns, Mary Clare Carll, Arlene Ruth Cassidy, Anne Lorraine Chadwick, Bernice Lillian Chertavian, Lucia Clemens, Phyllis Louise Crine, Helen Louise Fitzgerald, Mary Doris Flanagan, Margaret Anna Flight, Muriel Frances Flynn, Dorothy Celestine Foley, Alice Lois Fraser, Phyllis Anne Furey, Mary Margaret Goodhue, Myrtle Edith Gray, Elizabeth Edna Green, Shirley Rose Hadley, Claire Louise Harkins, Margaret Mary Hawkins, Grace Mildred Hill, Catherine Louisa Hogan, Margaret Mary Johnson, Natalie Donathan 32 Bennington St. 1850 Lakeview Ave. 1 2 1 Hastings St. 14A Watson St. 72 Pentucket Ave. 46 Lane St. 1070 Chelmsford St. 184 Wentworth Ave. 1 10 Oakland Ave. 135 Beacon St. 8 Upland Rd. 32 Russell Rd. 79 Reservoir St. Lakeview Ave. 49 Paulina St. 47 Bartlett St. 30 Pleasant St. 281 Concord St. 91 Parker St. 166 Cross St. 49 Dow Ave. 5 Myopia Hill Rd. 33 Hurlcroft Ave. 19 Eaton St. 220 Wheeler St. 71 School St. 53 Summer St. 212 Cedar St. Lawrence Dracut Lowell Somerville Lowell Lowell Chelmsford Lowell Methuen Lowell Medford Somerville Cambridge Tyngsboro Somerville Lowell Medford Lowell Lowell Winchester Arlington Winchester Medford Winchester Methuen Dracut Medford Haverhill [69] Manley, Margaret Mary McCarthy, Eileen Mary McEnaney, Ann Frances McQuade, Mary Carol Murphy, Sheila Teresa Nowell, Shirley Eunice O ' Connor, Mary Theresa Pouliot, Marie Frances Regan, Barbara Anne Rice, Jane Marie Ritchie, Ruth Robitaille, Florence Anna Rodrigues, Vivian Mary Waring, Marjorie June Welch, Claire Josephine 756 Main St. 79 Wendell St. Highland Ave. 34 Severance St. 127 Belrose Ave. 1 20 Boston Ave. 66 Orchard St. 18 Mill St. 1 10 Walden St. 56 Chandler St. Pollard St. North Rd. 61 Cedar Rd. 4 Wachusett St. 26 Byron Ave. Woburn Cambridge North Chelmsford Shelburne Falls Lowell West Medford Cambridge Collinsville Cambridge Haverhill North Billerica Bedford Medford Lowell Lawrence SOPHOMORE MUSIC STUDENTS Angelotti, Teresa Bell, Roger Ernest Binns, Hilda Bachelder, Marion Gertrude Cavalieri, Louise Teresa Charron, Lucilla Helen Colburn, Barbara Estabrook, Louise Spencer Flynn, Eileen Margaret Giragosion, Anne Gould, Rita Hadley, Margaret Ruth Haeussler, Christine Mary Heath, Doris Apthorp Irving, Geraldine Loretta Larson, Jane Elizabeth Mekelatos, Evelyn Napier, Ruth Lunan Quinn, Shirley Anne Raisis, Anthony Salomey, Sylvia Virginia Wester, Helen Hilda 567 Mt. Washington St. 22 Pinney St. 33 Edmands Rd. 607 High St. 23 Henderson St. 374 Hildreth St. Main St. 30 Delawanda Drive Livingston St. 197 Pleasant St. 1 15 Johnson St. Chester St. 32 Central St. 15 Hollander St. Nashua Rd. 57 Wannalancit St. 150 Elm St. 54 Columbus Ave. 247 Park St. 692 Great Plain Ave. 145 Pelley St. Haverhill Palmer North Andover West Medford Arlington Lowell Dunstable Worcester Tewksbury Lowell Springfield Ballard Vale Turner Falls Townsend Boston North Billerica Lowell Andover Lowell Lawrence Needham Gardner FRESHMAN ELEMENTARY STUDENTS Andrews, Emilie Lorraine Backus, Mary Patricia Basti, Marie Antoinette Brown, Shirley Edna Canney, Mary Helene 82 Prospect St. 69 Pine St. 48 Wareham St. Twombly Ave. 2 1 78 Lakeview Ave. Somerville Lowell Medford North Billerica Dracut [7o] Cozad, Wilma Faye Cronin, Mary Colleen Donovan, Mary Margaret Dubois, Violette Duffy, Barbara Elizabeth Eastwood, Helen Elizabeth Finn, Dorothea Anne Gagalis, Sophie Vasiliki Garrity, Helen Marie Green, Louise Anne Hagen, Jeanne Elizabeth Haley, Barbara Jean Hall, Laura Hey, Kathleen Shirley Kearns, Joan Frances Kfoury, Eleanor Barbara Koehler, Mary Elizabeth Long, Kathleen Elizabeth Maxfield, Barbara Louise McCarron, Mary McCormack, Natalie Frances McLaughlin, Mary Noonan, Eileen Teresa O ' Brien, Virginia Claire Ogston, Mary Virginia Otto, Doris Christina Panagopoulos, Katherine Rose Pasho, Mary Alyce Rusomani, Anastasia Ruth, Mary Elizabeth Ryan, Catherine Lois Snell, Marie Agnes Stearns, Helen Stevens, Bernice Moore Sullivan, Ruth Marie Terry, Louise Elizabeth Thissell, Elizabeth Mary Walker, Mary Elizabeth Wallace, Irene Cecilia Walsh, Mary Martha Walsh, Marjorie Virginia Winner, Rose 136 Chestnut St. 1 Capen St. 1 15 Bennington St. 777 Moody St. 87 Woodward Ave. 31 Sea St. 52 Dover St. 55 Arlington St. 140 Washington St. 200 School St. 40 Wild wood Ave. 16 Water St. 24 Spring Park Ave. 139 Chestnut St. 161 Belmont St. 150 Oakside Ave. 941 Broadway 41 Phillips Court 152 Dartmouth St. 416 Rogers St. 67 Maynard St. 34 Katherine Rd. 35 Forest St. 51 Chipman St. Main St. Chandler St. 509 Market St. Webb Brook Rd. 398 Broadway 229 Stevens St. 1048 Middlesex St. 159 Mystic St. 5 Infield Ave. 30 Magnolia St. 1 1 7 Lexington Ave. 29 Fairfield St. 259 Methuen St. 34 South Pleasant St. 99 Montvale Ave. 1 17 Allston St. 188 Powder House Blvd. 10 Chelmsford St. Lowell Stoneham Lawrence Lowell Lowell Methuen West Somerville Methuen South Groveland Watertown Arlington Winchester Dracut Andover Belmont Methuen Lowell North Andover Lowell Lowell Arlington Stoneham Lowell Medlord Tewksbury Tewksbury Lowell Billerica Lowell Lowell Lowell Arlington Dracut Lawrence Cambridge Cambridge Lowell Haverhill Stoneham West Medford Somerville Methuen Angelo, Mary Alice Billewicz, Warren Cahoon, Marion Olive FRESHMAN MUSIC STUDENTS 55 Belrose Ave. 31 Brook St. Lowell Lawrence South Chatham [7i] Gavanaugh, Thomas Augustine Engstrand, Bernice Esther Fletcher, Miriam Lois Gunther, Dorothy Rose Gunther, Eleanor Margaret Haithwaite, Morse Sawyer James, Betty Cornelia LaFontana, Marie Francesca Leganowicz, William John St. Hilaire, Germaine Doris Tyrrell, Kathleen Virginia School St. 32 Katherine St. Great Rd. 40 Spring Pk. Ave. 94 Merrill Ave. 74 Wentworth Ave. 10 Garden St. 87 High St. 37 Goodwin St. 21 Mt. Hope St. 16 Schofield Ave. Wilmington Lawrence Stowe Dracut Lowell Lowell North Andover Great Barrington Bridgewater Lowell Dudley Acknowledgments The ' 41 Knoll Staff wishes to express appreciation for the cooperation, interest and assistance given by THE ANDOVER PRESS LAWTON-WILEY CO. J. E. PURDY CO. « [72] The Dramatic Club The Dramatic Club is one of the most representative organiza- tions of our college. It furnishes opportunity for developing initiative, produces a familiarity with the theatre and an appreciation of drama. It is instrumental in encouraging dramatic talent and in providing profit- able entertainment for members and for the entire college. This year, under the guidance of Phyllis Pidgeon, the club has been particularly active. All of the achievements have been prompted by a gay, daring, determined cooperative spirit based on good fellowship. The popular play, " The Silver Lining " by G. E. Kenyon was pro- duced for the Wednesday Assembly. Lady Gregory ' s " Spreading the News " and the famous play " Oh Doctor, " starring Phyllis Pidgeon, Ger- trude King, Barbara Eldredge, Marie Dolan, Theresa Kennedy, and Frances Fitzgerald were presented for the club and friends at social ga- therings.

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