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£ " EACH Lit S QnT D ACKNOWLEDGMENT The Year Book Staff wishes to express its appreciation to the fol- lowing concerns: ANDOVER PRESS Andover, Mass. AD SERVICE ENGRAVING CO. Houghton St., Worcester, Mass. WINN STUDIO 132 Bovlston St., Boston, Mass. fc • - 30 I 940 KNOLL STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE A THE KNOLL FOR 1940 LOWELL, MASSACHUSETTS L,e DEDICATION The task is easy, the pleasure complete, when one is dedicating a book to someone who is ad- mired and respected by the authors. The attain- ment of a splendid production is indeed a test of ability, for the gift must be worthy of the person who inspired it. The four years that we have spent under his will- ing guidance have been inspirational years. Not only through his wonderful philosophy but also through his skillful teaching, have we been imbued with the desire to ultimately attain our greatest possible goal. He has given us an appreciation of the aesthetic and the beautiful. He has instilled in us a profound pride in our profession. He has developed the art capacities of the individual students in a manner characteristic of all his efforts. We have had our share of problems through our college days but have been fortunate in their solu- tion. The knowledge that our faculty leader was at hand ready to aid us in our difficulties was a source of encouragement to each and every class member. Because he has been our friend and champion, we dedicate our 1940 Knoll to DeMerritte Allen Hiscoe. J 53 79 -lOHtt t. l. DEMERRITTE ALLEN HISCOE PRESIDENT JAMES DUGAN Held in high esteem by the students and faculty alike is our beloved president, James Dugan. For every student under his guidance, he feels the same responsibility and he offers his kindliest advice and help. He is a fatherly counsellor to all of us seeking solution to our dif- ficulties, which at times seem insurmountable. His willing co-operation has made our work less difficult and has supplied us with the incentive always to do the best that is in us. Moreover his wise counsel is strengthened by our knowledge of his tolerance, high stan- dards and forward vision. The happy relationship between faculty and students is due in part, to the trust placed in us by him and the freedom we enjoy because of the existence of this trust. The welfare of Lowell Teachers College — students, faculty, and all it stands for — are his foremost concern. Knowing all this, is it any wonder that we admire, respect, and love, our president — James Dugan. FOREWORD Because four short years ago we came to college together, we saw how to perform the wonderful work of our profession, and we conquered our difficulties; our final gesture is a pre- sentation of the happy experiences and noble deeds of our college life, which have made us one in our efforts. Encompassed in the pages of this book are all our collegiate adventures, which four gay years have provided. Our book is our class, our sister classes, our president and faculty —our college. We are indeed proud of our past and confident of our future, which has been en- lightened, strengthened and broadened by our four full years. We, the Class of 1940, have tried to produce in our Knoll a four-year record of a great college, a pictorial review of fine students and a word description of an unexcelled college spirit which will live for decades to c ome. CONTENTS Res Ipsa Loquitur ENVIRONMENT INFLUENCE PRACTICE PRODUCT it " fr it ENVIRONMENT About thy halls a song like fragrance hovers, The melody of days and hours we ' ve known Fond memory thy walls like ivy covers Which clings with tendrils green where it has grown. The years are short, the time is swift in flying; Too soon must come the day when classmates part, Thy memory dear, thy spirit still undying, Enshrined will glow in every loving heart. Mary Elaine Kiernan [12] [13] OFF TO COLLEGE WALK — from north, south, east and west. . .from a long distance or just around the corner heavy clumsy hooks . . . hooked rugs, drums, turkish towels and gym suits . . . cold hands, nose and feet. . . TRAIN — 7:35 — Boston. . all aboard for Lowell. . but we can ' t go without Sally. . . a split-second arrival through the baggage car — puffing, panting. . . " Tickets please " . . .search through maze of pocketbook to get ticket. . .7:45 — West Medford. . sing- ing, laughing, talking. . .a little gossip, a little fact. . .a feeble attempt to study at the back of the car. . .7:55 — Winchester. . .More additions to the happy group. . . 8:00 — Woburn. . .Keith Academy boards the train... more noise, less studying... 8:30 — All out at Lowell. . .gathering up books, lunches, live animals, most anything for our science course . . . crowded aisles . . . seems as if everyone gets off at Lowell . . . hurrying to board awaiting bus. . .as we get off the bus someone is without a lunch, and we know that her favorite sandwiches are on their way to Concord. CAR — If we see a car full of jolly girls and the window sill covered with books, papers, and oranges we know it is on its way to Lowell Teachers College. A few of the sayings heard on this trip are : ' ' Who ' s taking up all the room? ' ' . . . ' ' someone ' s sitting on my lunch " . . . " my skirt and coat are accordion pleated " . . . " the first I knew about it " . [14] BUS — Jerks as we try to find our way to the last two seats . . . only to find ourselves in seats which have already been taken . . . road under construction . . . feel as though we ' re riding horseback. . .an unfortunate sequel to a hurried breakfast. . .forgot my pass... " do you think he ' ll take two punches tomorrow? " ■ " " .. BIKE — pump, pump, pump. . .up and down hills ... blistered hands... it ' s not only a good way to get to college but is also good for that " school-girl complex- ion " and figure. DASH — History first hour ... " wonder if I have the Secretary ' s report? " .. .Guess we ' ll have time to put our coats in the locker. . .get down to locker room and find we have left key in other pocketbook ...after climbing the stairs we stumble into class panting for breath and find that the clocks are a few minutes fast, and we are five minutes too early. ::Hp| w ' -« ; Ok, . Jiu _T [15] ' TWEEN TIMES LUNCH — Race down to lunchroom in order to get favorite table. . .remember I left my lunch in desk. . .go upstairs and find desks have been moved. . .can ' t re- member the number of my desk . . . search through about twenty-five desks and then find it in one of the five desks in the library . . .After eating a few bites the clock re- minds me that there is a committee meeting in session ... As I enter my fifth-hour class munching on an apple, I hear a rumor to the effect that someone is contemplating a shorter lunch hour. . . KNITTING — Knit one, purl two... split stitches. .. this doesn ' t look much like a sweater. . wonder if I ' ll ever be able to wear it. . . hope it will be done by spring . . . FIXING UP — In the locker room at any time of the day one is likely to find a group of girls washing hands, combing hair, or in other words " fixing up. " [16 OFFICE — " May I have a bus ticket? " . . . " Will you please sign this slip? " . . . " May I use the telephone? " . . . " Would you sell me a stamp? ' ' . . .We wonder how the office staff do their work with all our interruptions . . . SHOWER— Ouch! that water ' s hot!. . .no shower cap. . .straight hair...Brr! why doesn ' t someone invent an adjuster for warm water. . . STAIRS — up and down many times a day . . . good reducing contraption . . . we sug- gest that some wealthy class leave elevators to the college, as a class gift. LIBRARY — Enter library to study... Everything is so quiet. See someone you just have to speak to... Rush over and whisper an exciting story. . .Bell rings. . . Time certainly flies when one is trying to study. MAINTENANCE STAFF— Moving desks, chairs and pianos. . .setting up spotlights, moving-picture machines and screens . . . keeping up the fires . . . taking care of our campus . . . for all these we are deeply grateful. [17] ft ft INFLUENCE In all walks of life; — school, college, business — the individual is influenced by those with whom he associates; by the contacts he makes; by his environment, social and financial, and by his own activities. Influence is healthy or harmful. We are proud of the good influence we have had bestowed on us by an ever faithful guardian — our president, — by a watchful faculty ever mindful of our welfare, and by students possessed with the " joy of life. " We have been influenced by the friendly and familiar classrooms and cor- ridors of our college against whose walls our happy laughter has echoed during our last four years. All have contributed to our college life a wholesome atmosphere. Our clubs; — art, dance, dramatic, glee, literature, mental hygiene, scout and sketching; — provide interesting extracurricular activities for every stu- dent. It is not compulsory to join a club. All those students belonging to the club of their choice, how- ever, find an outlet for the expression of their in- dividual talents and avocations. The sports program is a full one and each year new items are added to its list of unending seasonal games. They include archery, badminton, baseball, basketball, bowling, golf, hockey, rifiery, swim- ming, tennequoit, and volleyball. We have our class ensembles and our college choir comprised of members of the music and ele- mentary departments. They have presented the work done in our music department through their many public appearances. [18] [19] James Dugan PRESIDENT The Class of 1940 has won for itself an enviable place in the life of Lowell Teachers College and it is with sincere pleasure that I extend congratulations on your splendid record . As a class and as individuals you have been alert to the needs of the college, and you have responded in no small measure in helping to meet those needs. You have worked faithfully and well to help to preserve the fine traditions of Lowell Teachers College and I am grateful to you for the excellent co-operation you have given me on all occasions. You have demonstrated during your stay with us those qualities which give us reason to have great faith in your future, and I know that your college will not he disappointed in what she expects of you. [20] Class of 1940: It has been a joy to watch your growth in dependability, efficiency, and helpful- ness during the last four years. Hold fast to your ideals in meeting your future prob- lems. Always remember that " to be a success you must have a strong arm, a clear head and a brave heart. Your unfailing co-operation in the past warrants our confidence in your future faithfulness. Your whole-hearted loyalty is a precious asset of Lowell Teachers College. We believe that here you have learned something of the art of living together in freedom and with tolerance. May this experience guide you toward an intelligent and useful citizenship consecrated to the service of humanity. DEAN « • Blanche A. Cheney 21] JOSEPHINE W. CHUTE SARAH E. LOVELL, A.B., M.A. WILLIAM E. RILEY EMMA RAMSAY, A.B. A. FLORENCE KIRBY, A.B., Ed.M. MABEL BANKS WILSON, Mus. B. [22] HERMAN H. BRASE, A.B., M.A. DeMERRITTE ALLEN HISCOE, B.S.E., Ed.M. MABEL E. TURNER, B.S.E., Ed.M. CHRISTINE M. KANE B.S.E., M.A. GRACE PIERCE MARGUERITE L. GOURVILLE B.S.E., M.A. [23] EDWARD T. KNOWLES B.S.E., M.A. JENNIE FLAHERTY KATHLEEN BYRT BEATRICE MEAGHER [24] TODD LECTURE Dr. Heinrich Bruening, ex-Chancellor of Germany, was the speaker at our annual Todd Lecture May eighth. His topic was " Problems of Democracy. " To us students the conclusion of his talk was of keen interest because it showed us how to preserve Democracy. Dr. Bruening pointed out that Democ- racy is today more on the defensive than it has been for a long time. However, one should not accept a pessimistic view of its future. Democracy can survive, but only if the moral values, upon which its democratic traditions were founded, are vitally alive. These values can be achieved through education and training, but disaster will be inevitable if each nation plans selfishly for itself alone. A return to simple common sense is needed. We Americans must have the courage to face the truth, even to brave unpopularity. Our youth must be trained to realize the supreme value of Democracy and be prepared to live for, and, if neces- sary, to fight for its ideals. They must develop such moral qualities as courage, personal responsibility, self-control, mod- eration and other character qualities, which are essential to Democracy. [25] Since 1916 the Lowell State Teachers College has been developing a responsible and serviceable citizenship among its stu- dents through the School and Society League, a plan of student participation in the government of the college. The League ' s activities afford many op- portunities for the students to get real practice as citizens of a true democracy, thus cultivating the qualities of leadership and fellowship essential in our American life. The purpose of the School and Society League is to foster student activities, to maintain good government in the college, to cultivate high ideals of conduct, and to prepare the future teacher for effective ser- vice in the community. SCHOOL and SOCIETY LEAGUE [26] ATHLETIC BOARD Advisor, Miss Marguerite L. Gourville President, Helen F. Trainor Vice-President, Camille T. Marquis Secretary, Pauline R. Shugrue Treasurer, Mary L. Green Board Program: The major events of the Athletic As- sociation consist of a games program, at- tendance at conferences held at Fitchburg and Boston, play days with other colleges, the Athletic Banquet, the winning of awards, and the traditional Army and Navy games. Every girl in the college is either a mem- ber of the Army or the Navy. She makes her choice as a Freshman, and remains loyal to this group throughout her four years. At the end of each season honor teams are chosen; one for the Army and the other for the Navy. [27] Dance Social This year, the publicity committee of our college planned the program for Fa- ther ' s Night. Different departments of the college entertained in their own respective fields. This affair gave the fathers an oppor- tunity to become better acquainted with the college, President James Dugan, the faculty and students. The college invited the mothers of each class to attend a tea given at the college. These teas were enjoyed by the mothers and assisted in bringing about friendly relations between them and the faculty. College dances! Formals as well as in- formals attract many, as was demonstrated by the Strauss Revival. Informal teas, socials and interclass parties were held in the recreation room. Each class gave a party to its sister class, These socials were keenly anticipated by all. [28] Choral Speaking Salute j. ,t . it t. , • , . r I • T T v j -j - J ' I " I The flag was saluted by the Assembly every Monday morning, and the familiar strains of the " Star Spangled Banner " rang throughout the building. On Father ' s Night an interesting choral- speaking group entertained with such well- known verses as Benet ' s " Jesse James " and Keats ' " Naughty Boy. " Investiture was a very important day for the seniors. To don our cap and gown, surely made us feel quite dignified and sophisticated. After we had been invested we wore our caps and gowns on Wednes- days and to lectures and concerts. Class day was one of the outstanding affairs of our college year. The seniors and their guests witnessed the planting of the ivy — a traditional feature of class-day activities. As dusk was falling, and gayly colored lanterns decorated the lawn, step-singing was enjoyed by all, as each class tried to outshine the other with its original songs. Investiture Class Day [29] Club Advisor, Miss A. Florence Kirby President, Phyllis Pidgeon Vice-President, Marie Dolan Treasurer, Barbara Eldredge Club Program: The club activities commenced with a get-acquainted social for the new members. Another enjoyable party was held at Christmas time in the form of a catered luncheon. The progress of the club was somewhat impeded this year due to the fact that over half of the membership was comprised of Juniors, who were obliged to be at training school at five-week intervals. In spite of this handicap two one-act plays were pre- sented in May. DRAMATIC CLUB [30] SCOUT CLUB Advisor, Miss Mabel Turner President, Virginia Roarke Vice-President, Ruth Caddell Secretary-Treasurer, Gloria Bickford Club Program: We enjoyed a program in which we could help others. Folding bandages for the Visiting Nurses Association and sew- ing for the Red Cross formed part of our program. This club sponsored the First- Aid Course given by the Red Cross. Thirty members were enrolled. Nature challenged us and we had many outdoor activities, some of which were: nature walks, weenie roasts, hikes and a week-end trip in the spring. [31] GLEE CLUB Advisor, Miss Grace Pierce President, Anna Jablonski Vice-President, Marjorie Johnson Secretary, Loretta O ' Brien Treasurer, Camille Marquis Librarian, Helen Coyne Assistant Librarian, Ruth Conrad Club Program: The first performance of the group was at the Christmas concert when an evening of holiday songs was presented by the entire club and by each of the club en- sembles. The outstanding event of the club was the operetta " The Mikado " which was given in the Lowell Memorial Auditorium The principals were students in the Music Department. [32] Advisor, DeMerritte A. Hiscoe Club Program: A group of girls interested in the fine arts joined the Sketching Club. During the first few meetings the club devoted its time to charcoal sketching. Living models were used in various poses. As the year advanced many beautiful sketches were produced. Pastels, tempera paint and oils were used. The club visited the Whistler House in the spring, where the fine art of painting was greatly appreciated. ryl k M Bfc 9 x f LoB Bll . j H K ' B B£L P «_ SKETCHING CLUB [33] MENTAL HYGIENE CLUB Advisor, Herman H. Brase President, Maryclare Hayes Vice-President, Marion Ambrose Secretary, Laurette Waters Treasurer, Eugenia Pretti Clinic Chairman, Barbara Teeven Social Chairman, Priscilla Boone Club Program: This club aims to develop a better under- standing of the field of mental hygiene. The program planned by the club consist- ed of club meetings where the earlier ex- periences of the members were analyzed, and discussions of dreams and hypnotism were held. Visits to mental hospitals for practical observation were made. Parties were held for various occasions and events. [34] Advisor, Miss Marguerite L. Gourville Officer, Doris Jones Club Program: This year ' s program of the Dance Club has been one of activity. Several programs have been created and presented. Each girl in the club has had a chance to express herself through movement and in this manner gained poise. Techniques, indivi- dual studies and finished compositions have been the content of our program. Our big project of the year was to invite the Dance Groups from Fitchburg, Fram- ingham, Bridgewater and Salem Teachers Colleges to come to Lowell for a dance Symposium. We ' ve worked hard but we ' ve had fun and developed a vital interest in the Mod- ern American Dance. DANCE CLUB [35] ART CLUB Advisor, Miss Josephine W. Chute President, Harriett McKenzie Vice-President, Pauline McLaughlin Secretary, Ruth Barry Treasurer, Margery Harris Club Program: The Art Club is comprised of some sixty members. At club sessions, each member does some type of handwork. There are groups of girls who knit sweaters, mittens and socks; those who crochet doilies, handkerchief edges and curtain pulls; others who make braided and hooked rugs; and still others who sew on dresses and blouses. We have had several holiday socials during the course of the college year, at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine ' s Day. All have been exceptionally delight- ful. [36] Advisor, Miss Sarah E. Lovell President, Mary Elaine Kiernan Vice-President, Veronica Fitzgerald Secretary-Treasurer, Barbara Barris Club Program: The members of the Literature Club meet once each week on Tuesday with Miss Lovell. The club program is kept varied and flexible by diversified activities. We read and discuss current literature, both prose and poetry, and enjoy reviews of new books and old, given by the members. At our informal gatherings we have settled many an important matter not entirely of a literary nature, such as our government ' s foreign policy and Katherine Ahern ' s brownies. LITERATURE CLUB [37] YEAR BOOK STAFF Editor-in-Chief, Mary Kiernan Assistant Editor, Ruth Healy Business Manager, Eleanor Priestley Assistant Manager, Dorothy Ogston Photography, Camille Marquis Literary Editor, Anne Brenton Assistant Editor, Elizabeth McCarthy Art Editor, Mary Hoellrich Assistant Editor, Barbara Annis Music Editor, Loretta O ' Brien Sports lull tor, Mary Stynes The college year has brought to the members of the Year Book Stan a new ex- perience in co-operation. Working to- gether in the harmony and enthusiasm engendered by a common purpose, we have found a deeper feeling of comradeship. We have been given confidence and encourage- ment by the unfailing loyalty and support of our classmates. We are grateful for the willing co-opera- tion of Mr. Dugan, members of the faculty, and the entire student body, without which the 1940 Knoll could not have been. [38] [39] ft ft ft ft ft ft PRACTICE Each student in the college spends a number of months at training school during her four years. The first part is spent at the training schools in Lowell. There are two training schools in this city where the students train under experienced teachers. The last ten weeks of teaching are spent in the city or town where the student lives, and where she ex- pects to find a teaching position. The students preparing for music supervisors are trained in the college, and teach music in the ele- mentary school, junior high school, high school and college. The various music activities such as the orches- tra and glee club offer valuable experience to music students in conducting. The choir offers experience in group singing. It has been necessary to practice self-control, responsibility, co-operation and other traits in order to have a successful student government. Good sportsmanship has been developed in ath- letics as well as in all the other activities. We have been trained in the techniques of basketball, hockey and many others so that we will be capable of teaching these. [40] [41] TRAINING SCHOOL The class-room if a beehive of activity, as the children carry out units of work in which all subject matter is integrated. When we think of the excellent work our student-teachers do, not only while in college, but after they are graduated, we know that a great deal of the credit be- longs to our director of student-teacher training, Miss Ramsay. During our experience in the laboratory school we had an opportunity for the study of children, their individual differ- ences, and the integration of the various phases of educational theory and practice. In the training school the student-teach- er works and plays with the children. Here teacher-pupil activities, subject mat- ter, and method are determined by the interests, needs and abilities of the class so that they may be able to adjust them- selves physically, mentally and emotion- ally to the society to which they belong. [42] CLASS LEADERSHIP Important in our teacher-training course is leadership. In order to produce good leaders, we commenced in our Freshman year to receive training in taking charge of classes with our own classmates, and later on we entered the training schools to further develop poise and the power to hold the attention of a group of children in a classroom. Throughout life few have the oppor- tunity to be leaders in their own group. Man must be co-operative followers. We have had a chance to further develop good leadership as officers of a class, club, or organization and also in our many sports. This leadership training which we have received in our college classrooms will not only aid us in our teaching but will be of assistance throughout our lives. Harriet Coombs, a representative from the music department is shown leading community singing at assembly. Student leadership pre- vails throughout the Chapel exercises. [43] [44] CHOIR Advisor, Miss Mabel Wilson President, Loretta O ' Brien Vice-President, Anna Jablonski Secretary, Dorothy Dolan Librarian, Doris Normandin ORCHESTRA Advisor, Miss Grace Pierce President, Madeline Phillips Vice-President, Betty Winsor Secretary-Treasurer, Gertrude LeQuin Librarian, Grace Howe Assistant Librarian, Marion Bachelder CHOIR and ORCHESTRA The College Choir, composed of Junior and Senior Music Students hold rehearsals twice weekly. During the school year we gave a Christmas concert in the college auditorium and also entertained with a program at Haverhill. The choir is under the capable direction of Miss Mabel Wilson, a member of the faculty. Besides singing at assemblies and con- certs, the girls sang at our mothers ' teas. The Orchestra is comprised of students from the elementary and music sections. They meet once a week for rehearsals and play for various performances at the col- lege. These include such events as the Christmas Concert, Father ' s Night, Senior Investiture and the operetta " The Mika- do. " The orchestra is conducted by the Senior Music Students. [45] ENSEMBLES Ensemble Advisor, Miss Grace Pierce SENIOR ENSEMBLE OFFICERS President, Ruth Fitzpatrick Vice-President, Barbara Marsden Secretary, Barbara Annis Treasurer, Ruth Conrad JUNIOR ENSEMBLE OFFICERS President, Edith Alcorn Vice-President, Agnes Dreven Secretary-Treasurer, Margaret Robinson SOPHOMORE ENSEMBLE OFFICERS President, Dorothy Harris Vice-President, Jacqueline Le Boeuf Secretary, Ethel Brindle Librarian, Eunice Hodgson FRESHMAN ENSEMBLE OFFICERS President, Evelyn Mekelatos Vice-President, Sylvia Salomey Secretary, Barbara Colburn Treasurer, Ruth Napier Librarian, Shirley Quinn [46] [47] i5r -fr PRODUCT Four short but worth-while years have passed. As seniors, we feel that we have grown in many- ways since we entered Lowell Teachers College. The academic work which has been accomplished has met the needs and desires of every student. The advice and counsel which the faculty has always been willing to give has been greatly ap- preciated. The School and Society League has developed within us a more responsible feeling toward the government of our college, toward our duties as American citizens and toward our duties as future teachers of the community. Through the Athletic Association, leadership has been established. Games have been played for the fun of it. In other words, more emphasis has been placed on playing than on winning. The Music Department of our college has been so arranged that we have learned to love as well as to teach one of the most beautiful of all the arts. As future teachers we should understand that no two pupils have the same problems, and each one should receive the guidance he needs. By doing this, each individual should be qualified to do some useful work well in the world. To-day ' s children will be the leaders of the fu- ture. It is our duty as teachers to educate them to li e better and to piss on to future generations better conditions than now exist. [48] [49] COLLEGE HYMN Dedicated to the Lowell State Teachers College by fhe Class of 1934 • rfords dv -LeMerrirte A. Hiscoe Music by Harriet 6. Donehue ' 34 Sfurdiy m march rhythm C : I - I M r j i 4 • zjkL E 3=£ CUL-P-J- JT I T • Rase high your voices with praise to our Coll-ege, Fear-less she took us with heart deep and Full. In pledge we our word with faith well con-firmed , Thy dau(5h-ters true , with hearts n ' er dis-mayed, To r P S 1 K i i - 4— Ml j i qf 4i ff 3 VlT ? Hi [ i iff — i? d- i fc h h 5H E 3t 3 E -! k faith she led us with vis - ion com-plete guide the youth of this our fair land Wif $ £ wmm m •= m i - g r - J a J jt— - - • 3 I Majestically F £ . Praise ■ " God, to thee we ask £ our Thee to P l 5 F=f « 2 4= Col - - - lege give us be - yond with glow com- pare . ing faith. i 3 35 4— IS 5 5 in aJ b =m m Lead Pray us with faith dive us cou and love ra6e and love di df W m ffi " rfi - 4 vine vine £ S Dear Dear « s £ fa ge simzza: oup hands our hearts n I 5 m with thine thine Dear Dear H l j ZZZ ' j ' 3 P :a r — f- 3 hands hearts , u - „ , t I m with thme thme i i i £e Low - - ell we place £= = £ 3CZZ|t g our hearts with thine , fet=R g r jif-E W p $ $ j i RITA CONSTANCE AHERN Strauss Revival Committee ' 40 Investiture Committee ' 40 Senior Prom Committee ' 40 Class Day Hostess ' 38, ' 39 Dance Club ' 38, ' 39 BARBARA OLIVE ANNIS Class Vice-President ' 37 Year Book Staff ' 40 Snow Carnival Dance Chairman ' 38 Dance Club ' 37, ' 39 Mental Hygiene Club ' 38 HELEN LOUISE BAILEY Glee Club ' 37- ' 40 Section Lieutenant ' 37- ' 40 Snow Carnival Dance Committee ' 38 Strauss Revival Committee ' 40 Senior Ensemble ' 40 KATHLEEN DION BERNARD College Choir ' 39, ' 40 Glee Club ' 37, ' 40 Section Captain ' 37, ' 38, ' 39 Art Club ' 38 Sketching Club ' 39 LAURA MARION BLIZZARD Glee Club ' 37, ' 38 Mental Hygiene Club ' 38, ' 39 Father ' s Night Committee ' 40 Mother ' s Tea Committee ' 40 (lass l).i Committee ' 39 [52 | DOROTHY MARIE BRANDT General Chairman of Freshman Tea ' 37 Tennequoit Team ' 38 General Chairman of Junior Prom ' 39 Ring and Pin Committee ' 37 Glee Club ' 37, ' 40 ANNE SOPHIA BRENTON Year Book Staff ' 40 Salem Day Badminton ' 39 Section Hostess ' 40 Senior Prom Committee ' 40 Glee Club ' 37, ' 39, ' 40 MARY ISABEL BUCUVALAS Cotton Jamboree Committee ' 37 Snow Carnival Dance Committee ' 38 Class Day Committee ' 37, ' 38 Scout Club ' 38, ' 39 Army-Navy Basketball Committee ' 38 RITA JEANNETTE BYRT Head of Basketball ' 40 Head of Hockey ' 39 Assistant Head of Sports ' 38 Basketball Team ' 40 Freshman Representative to Athletic Board ' 37 RUTH JAMIESON CADDELL General Chairman of Class Day ' 39 Vice-President of Scout Club ' 40 Strauss Revival Committee ' 40 Tennequoit Team ' 37 Fitchburg Day Committee ' 38 [53] HELEN ELLANE CAPSALIS Mother ' s Tea Committee ' 40 Cotton Jamboree Committee ' 37 Father ' s Night Committee ' 40 Art Club ' 40 Scout Club ' 37, ' 38 RUTH MARVIN CONRAD School and Society League Hostess ' 37 Mental Hygiene Club President ' 38 Head of Riding ' 38 Head of Golf ' 39 Senior Ensemble Treasurer ' 40 HARRIET BROWNELL COOMBS School and Society League Member ' 40 College Choir ' 39, ' 40 Glee Club ' 37- ' 40 Orchestra ' 37- ' 40 Basketball Team ' 37 SHIRLEY MAE COUGHLIN Basketball Team ' 39 Glee Club ' 37- ' 40 Scout Club ' 38 Junior Prom Committee ' 39 Strauss Revival Committee ' 40 HELEN JOAN COYNE Freshman Ensemble Director ' 40 Senior Ensemble ' 40 College Choir ' 39, ' 40 Glee Club ' 37- ' 40 Orchestra ' 39, ' 40 [54] ELEANOR MAE CROSBY Glee Club ' 40 Senior Ensemble ' 40 Mental Hygiene Club ' 38, ' 39, Junior Prom Committee ' 39 Art Club ' 37 40 DOROTHY ANN D ' AMICO Sketching Club ' 37 Dramatic Club ' 39 Junior Prom Committee ' 39 Father ' s Night Committee ' 40 Hampton Committee ' 39 GILDA AMMERICA DAVOLI Class Secretary ' 38 Head of Badminton ' 40 Salem Day Chairman ' 38 Salem Day Badminton ' 39 Glee Club ' 37 ANN MERCEDES DONALD Class Secretary ' 37, ' 39 Class Vice-President ' 38, ' 40 Athletic Pin ' 40 Field Hockey Team ' 38, ' 39, ' 40 Senior Prom Co-Chairman ' 40 HELEN ELIZABETH FISKE Junior Prom Committee ' 39 Chairman of Basketball Committee ' 39 Strauss Revival Committee ' 40 Snow Carnival Dance Committee ' 38 Scout Club ' 37, ' 38 [55 RUTH ELIZABETH FITZPATRICK Senior Ensemble President ' 40 Section Captain ' 40 Senior Prom Committee ' 40 Art Club ' 38 Dance Club ' 40 ALICE ELIZABETH FOYE School and Society League Vice-President ' 40 Glee Club ' 37, ' 38, ' ' 40 Social Chairman ' 39 Athletic Pin ' 40 Strauss Revival Committee ' 40 NETTIE ANNE GARRISON Art Club ' 37 Mental Hygiene Club ' 40 Basketball Team ' 37, ' 38 Field Hockey Team ' 37, ' 38 Mother ' s Tea Committee ' 40 HELLE DEMOSTHENES GENERALES Class Day Committee ' 37, ' 38 Army Decoration Committee ' 39 Army Refreshment Committee ' 39 Athletic Banquet Committee ' 37 Glee Club ' 38, ' 40 MARY LOUISE GREEN Athletic Association Treasurer ' 40 Mental Hygiene Club Treasurer ' 39 Field Hockey Team ' 40 Archery Team ' 39, ' 40 Athletic Numerals ' 37 [56] GERTRUDE ANN HARNEY Class Secretary ' 40 Section Captain ' 37, ' 38, ' 39 Class Day Committee ' 37, ' 38, Junior Prom Committee ' 39 Dramatic Club ' 37 39 DORIS ADELAIDE HARRINGTON Cotton Jamboree Committee ' 37 Army-Navy Day Committee ' 37 Snow Carnival Dance Committee ' 38 Class Day Committee ' 37 Strauss Revival Committee ' 40 RUTH ANNE HEALY Year Book Staff ' 40 Senior Prom Committee ' 40 Class Day Hostess ' 37, ' 38, ' 39 Dance Club ' 38, ' 39 Art Club Treasurer ' 37 MARY MARGARET HOELLRICH School and Society League Secretary ' 40 Community Chairman ' 38 Year Book Staff ' 40 Dance Club ' 37 Glee Club ' 40 JOSEPHINE PATRICIA HOURIHAN Class President ' 37, ' 38, ' 39 Scout Club ' 37, ' 38, ' 39 Dance Club ' 39 Literature Club ' 40 Strauss Revival Chairman ' 40 [57] DORIS ILONA IKALAINEN ' 38 Dramatic Club ' 37, Glee Club ' 40 Junior Prom Committee ' 38 Strauss Revival Committee ' 40 " Mikado " Costume Committee ' 40 ANNA ELEANOR JABLONSKI Glee Club President ' 40 Choir Vice-President ' 40 Publicity Chairman for State Department ' 40 " Mikado " Cast ' 40 Class Day Song Leader ' 37, ' 38, ' 39 MARY ELAINE KIERNAN Year Book Staff ' 40 Literary Club President ' 40 Art Club Treasurer ' 37 Class Day Song Committee ' 37, ' 38, ' 39 Class Song ' 40 MARY CONSTANCE LAGANAS Section Captain ' 37 Senior Ensemble ' 40 Glee Club ' 37, ' 38, ' 40 " Mikado " Cast ' 40 Art Club ' 39 EVA MAXINE LAM BROS Glee Club ' 37 Mental Hygiene Club ' 38, ' 39 Basketball Team ' 37, ' 38, ' 39 Dramatic Club ' 40 Initiation Committee ' 39 [58] CAMILLE TERESA MARQUIS Year Book Staff ' 40 Athletic Board Member ' 38, ' 39, ' 40 College Choir ' 39, ' 40 Orchestra ' 37- ' 40 Glee Club ' 40 BARBARA JANET MARSDEN Cap and Gown Committee ' 40 Senior Ensemble Vice-President ' 40 Class Day Committee ' 39 Art Club ' 40 Glee Club ' 40 ANNA ISABEL MacPARTLIN Class President ' 40 Class Vice-President ' 39 Head of Golf ' 38 Dance Club ' 39 Dramatic Club ' 37 MARY TERESA MATURO Dramatic Club ' 37 Scout Club ' 38 Art Club ' 39, ' 40 Glee Club ' 40 Senior Ensemble ' 40 ELIZABETH FRANCES McCARTHY Year Book Staff ' 40 Senior Ensemble ' 40 Glee Club ' 40 Art Club ' 39, ' 40 Dramatic Club ' 37 [59] . ,y) l: .- • vi- ' eft ALICE GERALDINE McDEVITT School and Society League President ' 40 Traffic Chairman ' 39 Basketball Team ' 40 Glee Club ' 40 Senior Ensemble ' 40 MARIETTA CECELIE McDONALD Athletic Board Member ' 38, ' 39 Basketball Team ' 37, ' 38, ' 39, ' 40 Senior Ensemble ' 40 Glee Club ' 38, ' 40 Mental Hygiene Club ' 39 HARRIETT VIRGINIA McKENZIE Head of Sports ' 40 Army General ' 39 Athletic Board Class Representative ' 38 Art Club President ' 39, ' 40 Athletic Pin ' 40 MARGARET JOSEPHINE McLAY Cap and Gown Committee Chairman ' 40 Section Lieutenant ' 38, ' 39 Strauss Revival Committee ' 40 Senior Ensemble ' 40 Glee Club ' 40 LOUISE RITA MURRAY Section Hostess ' 38, ' 40 Dramatic Club ' 37 Mental Hygiene Club ' 39 Glee Club ' 40 Senior Ensemble ' 40 [60] MARY NEOFOTISTIS Art Club ' 37, ' 38, ' 39 Glee Club ' 40 " Mikado " Cast ' 40 Senior Ensemble ' 40 Senior Prom Committee ' 40 LORETTA JANE O ' BRIEN Choir President ' 40 Athletic Board Member ' 40 Year Book Staff ' 40 Glee Club Secretary ' 40 Senior Prom Committee ' 40 DOROTHY ELIZABETH OGSTON Year Book Staff ' 40 Art Club ' 39, ' 40 Scout Club ' 37, ' 38 Section Hostess ' 38 Field Hockey Team ' 40 MADELINE ELIZABETH PHILLIPS Orchestra President ' 40 Glee Club ' 38, ' 39, ' 40 Orchestra Secretary ' 39 College Choir ' 39, ' 40 Dramatic Club ' 37 ELEANOR MARY PRIESTLEY Art Club President ' 38 Sketching Club Vice-President ' 39 Athletic Board Member ' 39, ' 40 Year Book Staff ' 40 Field Hockey Team ' 38, ' 39, ' 40 LOLA PAULINE WHEELER RYAN College Choir ' 37 Senior Ensemble ' 40 Art Club ' 39 Glee Club ' 37- ' 40 Senior Prom Committee ' 40 ESTHER MIRIAM RYNNE Section Captain ' 39, ' 40 Field Hockey Team ' 40 Alumni Hockey Team ' 39 Senior Ensemble ' 40 Scout Club ' 37, ' 38 EDITH MARY SHINNER Class Treasurer ' 39, ' 40 Class Dance Committee ' 37, Athletic Dance Committee Art Club ' 37, ' 38, ' 40 Glee Club ' 40 ' 38, ' 37, 40 ' 38, ' 39 PAULINE ROSE SHUGRUE School and Society League Treasurer ' 39 Class Treasurer ' 37, ' 38 Athletic Association Secretary ' 40 Athletic Pin ' 40 Dramatic Club ' 37 [62] ' 6) C Ajz S-nJZt MARY ANNE STYNES Year Book Staff ' 40 Athletic Board Class Representative ' 39 Senior Ensemble ' 40 Glee Club ' 40 Basketball Team ' 40 MARY LORETTA SULLIVAN Bowling Team ' 29, ' 30 Hockey Team ' 30 Tennis Team ' 31 Spanish Club Secretary ' 29, ' 31 Glee Club ' 30, ' 31 MARY PAULINE SULLIVAN Glee Club ' 37, ' 38 Art Club ' 39 Scout Club ' 37 Section Lieutenant ' 38, ' 39, ' 40 Senior Ensemble ' 40 PATRICIA PIERCE THOMPSON Athletic Board Class Representative ' 40 Field Hockey Team ' 38, ' 40 Basketball Team ' 38, ' 40 Art Club ' 37- ' 40 Glee Club ' 40 [63 EX-MEMBERS MARJORIE ABBOTT BERGERON ANNA BANCROFT HARMON JUNE FERNALD BARBARA HILDRETH ANN JOHNSON BEATRICE LISTER SPENCER VIRGINIA MOLLOY KATHERINE PARHAM JASPER ANNA PUPCHICK CAROL SAMARAS HAZEL STONE KATHERINE SULLIVAN HELEN FRANCES TRAINOR Athletic Association President ' 40 Athletic Association Member ' 38, ' 39 School and Society League Member ' 40 Scout Club ' 37 Glee Club ' 40 DOROTHY WAITZ Glee Club ' 37- ' 40 Senior Ensemble ' 40 Snow Carnival Dance Committee ' 38 Father ' s Night Committee ' 40 " Mikado " Cast ' 40 MARY ALICE WHITTEN College Choir ' 39, ' 40 " Mikado " Cast ' 40 Glee Club ' 40 Orchestra ' 39, ' 40 Senior Ensemble ' 40 BETTY WIN R Orchestra Vice-President Glee Club ' 37, ' 40 " Mikado " Cast ' 40 College Choir ' 39, ' 40 Senior Ensemble ' 40 [64] INFORMATION PLEASE! NAME Rita Ahern Barbara Annis Helen Bailey Kathleen Bernard Laura Blizzard Dorothy Brandt Mary Bucuvalas Anne Brenton Rita Byrt Ruth Caddell Helen Capsalis Ruth Conrad Harriet Coombs Shirley Coughlin Helen Coyne Eleanor Crosby Gilda Davoli Dorothy D ' Amico Ann Donald Helen Fiske Ruth Fitzpatrick Alice Foye Nettie Garrison Helle Generales Mary Green Gertrude Harney Doris Harrington Ruth Healy Mary Hoellrich Josephine Hourihan Doris Ikalainen FAME No Car Decoration Committee Lieutenant " Ray " Witty Remarks " 18 waist " Orchids Speed Typist Payroll " Jimmie " Eating Billerica Enunciating Poise Concerts Handwork Chef Sneezing Wearing Red Giggling Cold Nose Red Curls Raisins and Nuts Losing Term Papers " What! Are you wise? " " Be a Friend " Subdued Laughter?? Back-Seat Driving Losing Keys Lovely Teeth A " Fin " [65] FORTUNE Owner of Cadillac Designer Minister ' s Wife " Ray " Hockey Instructor Penmanship Teacher School Teacher Journalist Living at Hampton Scout Leader " Oh Johnny " Teacher of Horseback Riding Radio Announcer Owner of a Rubber Plantation Music Supervisor Nat ' lPres. of Y. P. C. E. Mother of a Baseball Team Millionaire ' s Wife A Homemaker Elocution Teacher Mrs. Fitzgerald Candy Store at Hampton R.N. Symphony Lover Psychoanalyst Escort Bureau Inc. Second Bonnie Baker Madame Horoscope Interior Decorator Geneticist Owner of a Sorority House INFORMATION PLEASE! NAME Anna Jablonski Mary Kiernan Mary Laganas Eva Lambros Anna MacPartlin Barbara Marsden Camille Marquis Mary Maturo Elizabeth McCarthy Alice McDevitt Mara McDonald Harriett McKenzie Margaret McLay Louise Murray Mary Neofotistis Loretta O ' Brien Dorothy Ogston Madeline Phillips Eleanor Priestley Pauline Ryan Esther Rynne Mary Shinner Pauline Shugrue Mary Stynes Mary Sullivan Pauline Sullivan Patricia Thompson Helen Trainor Dorothy Waitz Mary Whitten Betty Winsor FAME " Mikado " Verse Wit Tall Yarns Custard " Socks " Photography Voice Culture Plumbing Poise Coiffures Golf " Page Boy " Blind Dates " Strong Arm " Dimples Armful of Books Trumpet Boating at Hampton Antics Debating Bill Collector Corresponding Mimeographing Choral Speaker Americanism Sports Giggles Assignments Ready Perfect Pitch Straddle [66] FORTUNE Career Woman An Army Outpost Opera Star Explorer Playground Supervisor Scout Leader Wife and Mother Actress Degree Collector Lecturer Is there a Doctor in the House? Ideal Wife Superintendent ' s Wife Glamour Girl Dracut Teaching Staff Army General ' s Wife Next Degree — M.R.S. Wife of a Teacher Art Editor Civic Leader Traveler Information Bureau Residence — Fort?? I ' m Just Wild about Harry! Dean of Girls School Head of Immigration 4-H Leader Athletic Director Principal Piano Tuner " The Vision " [67 The Blue and the Gold {Class Song) Oh classmates of our college days Though rime our ways must sever, Let us sing beloved Lowell ' s praise And hold her dear forever. What tokens from her shall we bear On that high road which calls us? What colors on our hearts to wear Whatever lot befalls us? Refrain: The honest blue for truth and light, For loyalty and love; The shining gold for honor bright And faith in God above. Seek not to hold a day that flies And linger not in sorrow; With eager hearts and shining eyes We face the new tomorrow. As fledglings leave the mother nest And find their strength through trying, Each Lowell girl will do her best With Lowell ' s colors flying: Refrain: The honest blue for truth and light, For loyalty and love; The shining gold for honor bright And faith in God above. Words by Mary Elaine Kieman Musk by Anna Jablonski Thoughts of Dracut Lonely pines are peeping ' Bove golden Autumn leaves Whose summer dresses are sleeping ' Neath many trees and eaves. Old Beaver Brook is roaming By winding hill and dale, But beauteous is this scenic view Throughout the Dracut Vale. ' Tis fertile, yes the farmer ' s joy, The children ' s land of play, here beavers built and rambled here In prehistoric day. Mary Laganas Evening Song When you hear a robin singing In a budding maple tree, Pouring forth the sweetest notes he knows, Contented, blithe and free When he sings his beautiful evening song Bidding the world good-night As day sinks away in the western sky And out of the east comes night, — Do you think of the wonders of God ' s world, The marvels His hands have wrought, Do you see new hope of finding the things For which you have always sought, Do you feel, perhaps, in the robin ' s song, A lull in your earthly strife, — Do you know, with a surge of happiness, That he ' s singing the song of life? — Margaret Jensen Memories That Haunt and Linger Four ye ars have elapsed since with fear and awe These stately college walls we saw, When eagerly we scanned each nook, On each puzzled face an expectant look. Oh, what memories sweet and treasures dear Were garnered in our Freshman year. Initiation, balls and teas, Borrowed books — semester fees. Then with what pride and thrills galore We claimed the title Sophomore. State Teachers then seemed more like home, After the merry days we ' d known. Our Junior term which years before Had seemed to us a distant shore, Now welcomed us — with fervent soul We struggled for our nearing goal. Sad, happy days of our Senior Year, These we shall love and hold most dear. We ' ll bid farewell to class days with regret, State Teachers College — we ' ll never forget. Mary Laganas [68] The Seashore To the seashore in the springtime Go the girls from L.T.C. For a week of glorious playtime A good time for you and me. From the time we choose our cottage ' Til the day we end our stay We ' re a happy group of playmates Looking forward to each day. Our beds are not as roomy As the ones we ' ve left behind, But they serve the purpose fully When you ' re having a grand time. Around the dining table Gathered morning, noon, and night, We eat what ' s set before us And enjoy it every bite. In our sports and get-togethers Do our classes all combine To make that year the best of all With memories for all time. Now, a tribute to the seashore May it always bring new delights To those who follow after And raise them to new heights. Mary Shinner Moonlight At night when the moon bathes the garden in silver, Besparkling the dew-damp lawn, The fairies come out of their homes in the flowers To frolic and dance until dawn. The queen takes her throne on the lip of the larkspur From whence she so fondly looks down On her gay, tiny folk as their tinkling laughter Dispels every worry and frown. So they sing and they play till the coming of day, When the twinkling stars quietly fade — And afar in the sky, as if timid and shy, The soft dawn creeps out of the jade. When the bright moonbeams glance on the dewdrops that dance ' Neath the wee fairy folks ' tiny feet, And that heavy scent falls from the flower- banked walls So deliciously fragrant and sweet, When the soft, sleepy breeze just sighs in the trees And brings that sweet perfume to me — Can you make me believe on this Midsummer Eve That elfins and fairies can ' t be? — Margaret Jensen Day Dream Here on the grassy hill I lie, Below me earth; above me, sky. And bent by all the winds that pass, Between my fingers grows the grass. Warm is the earth, and warm the sun, And I and the sweet warm earth are one. I shall not move in a million years, Nor ever rise, for prayers and tears, But settle closer, for I must, Into the friendly, kindred dust. Upon my hair the wind will play, And on my face will break each day, And my still dust the rain will wet And mark with each small rivulet. Part of the fertile, spreading lands, I ' ll cradle seedlings in my hands, And roots of flowers, wild and sweet Will tangle at my quiet feet. People will pass, and never know That I am lying here below. And if I call, no head will turn, For they have yet my tongue to learn. I see a face I used to know — I ' ll call once now, so clear and low In the old way, and if she give The answer back, I ' ll know I live. I should not hope ... so many years Have passed me. . .Oh! She hears! She hears! Mary Elaine Kiernan 69] [70] ■ " : 4i||0nflP »r - i H ,, v::: W rm . ■ ' : « » fi fi § T .1 1 i ! ■ , " W m, f S I|,| 41 A m « C j-j- Advisor, DeMerritte A. Hiscoe President, Anna I. MacPartlin Vice-President, Ann M. Donald Secretary, Gertrude A. Harney Treasurer, E. Mary Shinner With mingled joys and sorrows the Senior Class looks upon the day of parting from our beloved college; for we are joyful in the pleasant memories that our college has given us, yet sorrowful in the thought that so soon we must leave our Alma Mater. For four years we have worked and play- ' ed together under the faithful guidance of President Dugan, our faculty, and officers. Their sympathetic understanding of our problems and willing assistance will al- ways be remembered by the class of 1940. As our last year closes we have many happy memories which will linger forever. SENIOR CLASS [71] Class Advisor, Miss Sarah E. Lovell President, Marie Dolan Vice-President, Regina Pimentel Secretary, Marjorie Johnson Treasurer, Teresa Kennedy The Junior activities started with the initiation of the Freshmen and the sixty- eight members of the class supported the affair whole-heartedly. Initiation lasted for a week at the end of which time a party was given in honor of the " little sisters. " The Mother ' s Tea in December was very successful. In January a supper was held at " Pete ' s " and the class and its advisor spent a very enjoyable evening. During the Spring vacation many Juniors attended the House party at Hampton. May 13-17 was Junior Week, during which time the Junior Prom was held. JUNIOR CLASS [72] [73] Class Advisor, Miss Josephine W. Chute President, Helen Welch Vice-President, Dorothy Twomey Secretary, Mary McCarthy Treasurer, Elizabeth Lally On November eighth a hayride was held in Lowell. After the hayride, refresh- ments were served and dancing was en- joyed. The hayride was a novel idea and proved to be entertaining. Two weeks later, an activity which always deserves attention, took place. The class dance, " Sophisticated Swing at the Sophodero, " attracted many and was a complete success. A night-club background was carried out with a Kay Kyser skit. The year would not be complete without a social for our sister class. A Valentine ' ' Day party was held and games, refre ments, distribution of valentines , dancing were features of the afterno SOPHOMORE CLASS Class Advisor, Mr. William E. Riley President, Gloria Bickford Vice-President, Margaret Flanagan Secretary, Arlene Carll Treasurer, Shirley Green The class was initiated during the first week of the college year by the Junior " Big Sister " class. Their exercises lasted for a week and were concluded with a party given by the " Big Sisters " to the Freshmen. The most important event of the Fresh- man class was the dance held March 29, at the college. The affair had a musical back- ground. Decorations consisted of records, notes of the scale, and balloons. President Dugan, Mr. and Mrs. Riley, and the class officers received the guests. The House Party at Hampton was a new experience for all of our group and was so enjoyable it will be anticipated yearly. FRESHMAN CLASS ' ■ " v mm ««»»« " »-_ « . » ■ --»■ -■• M l m « j — m Mtut [76] [77] COLLEGE DIRECTORY SENIOR ELEMENTARY STUDENTS Ahern, Rita Constance Annis, Barbara Olive Bailey, Helen Louise Blizzard, Laura Marion Brandt, Dorothy Marie Brenton, Anne Sophia Bucuvalas, Mary Isabel Byrt, Rita Jeannette Caddell, Ruth Jamieson Capsalis, Helen Ellane Conrad, Ruth Marvin Coughlin, Shirley Mae Crosby, Eleanor Mae D ' Amico, Dorothy Ann Davoli, Gilda Ammerica Donald, Ann Mercedes Fiske, Helen Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Ruth Elizabeth Foye, Alice Elizabeth Garrison, Nettie Anne Generales, Helle Demosthenes Green, Mary Louise Harney, Gertrude Ann Harrington, Doris Adelaide Healy, Ruth Anne Hoellrich, Mary Margaret Hourihan, Josephine Patricia Ikalainen, Doris Kiernan, Mary Elaine Laganas, Mary Constance Lambros, Eva Maxine Marsden, Barbara Janet MacPartlin, Anna Isabel Maturo, Mary Teresa McCarthy, Elizabeth Frances McDevitt, Alice Geraldine McDonald, Marietta Cecelie McKenzie, Harriett Virginia McLay, Margaret Josephine Murray, Louise Rita Ncofotistis, Mary 62 Curtis St. Subway Ave. Main St. 1350 Lakeview Ave. 7 Ronaele Rd. 14a Watson St. 108 Hudson St. 72 Canton St. 82 Norcross St. 11 Beacon St. Boston Rd. 824 Chelmsford St. 1195 Pawtucket Blvd. 555 Winthrop St. 12 Grove St. 626 Huron Ave. 119 Livingston Ave. 67 Governors Ave. 1065 Bridge St. 209 Jackson St. 57 Wannalancit St. 12 Fells Ave. 54 Hesseltine Ave. 210 Forest St. 46 Early Ave. 30 Saxonia Ave. 20 Central St. Box 57 22 Phillips St. 26 Hampson St. 845 Hildreth St. 30 Hawley St. 71 Holland St. 160 Forest St. 6 Rogers St. 49 Kilgore Ave. 10 Hill St. 87 Gershom Ave. 200 Middlesex St. 38 Myrtle St. 127 Phineas St. [78] West Somervi lie Chelmsford Dunstable Dracut West Medford West Somerville Somerville Lowell Lowell Haverhill Billerica Lowell Lowell West Medford Haverhill Cambridge Lowell Medford Lowell Lawrence Lowell Medford Melrose Medford Medford Lawrence Somerville Princeton Lowell Dracut Dracut Lawrence Winchester Medford North Billerica West Medford Winchester Lowell North Andover Lowell Dracut Ogston, Dorothy Elizabeth Priestley, Eleanor Mary Ryan, Pauline Wheeler Rynne, Esther Miriam Shinner, Edith Mary Shugrue, Pauline Rose Stynes, Mary Anne Sullivan, Mary Pauline Sullivan, Mary Loretta Thompson, Patricia Pierce Trainor, Helen Frances Waitz, Dorothy Bernard, Kathleen Dion Coombs, Harriet Brownell Coyne, Helen Joan Jablonski, Anna Eleanor Marquis, Camille Teresa O ' Brien, Loretta Jane Phillips, Madeline Whitten, Mary Alice Winsor, Betty Ahern, Elinor Bradley Alcorn, Edith Celia Ashe, Annie Brennan, Josephine Frances Burns, Esther Teresa Cleary, Dorothy Ethel Coffey, Barbara L ouise Collins, Anna Laura Collins, Mary Therese Collins, Winifred Ann Crawford, Mary Isabelle Curran, May Evelyn Dalton, Marie Elizabeth Dolan, Marie Alice Dreven, Agnes Adele Eeles, Jane Fredericka Eldredge, Barbara Jane Ethier, Doris Shirley Fielding, Hope Eleanor R.F.D. No. 1. Box 500 215 Princeton Blvd. 7 Gordon Place 328 Concord St. 28 Maplewood Ave. 2 Second St. 276 Broadway Highland Ave. 1037 Main St. 201 Ridge St. 37 Fulton St. Boston Rd. SENIOR MUSIC STUDENTS 32 Sparkhawk St. Mill Rd. 393 Lincoln St. 132 High St. 112 Brookneld St. 39 Adams St. 14 Robbins St. 72 Ontario St. 11 Overlook Ave. JUNIOR ELEMENTARY STUDENTS 62 Curtis St. Hunt Rd. 11 Auburn St. Highland Ave. 203 Westford St. 47 Swift St. 148 Sanders Ave. 83 Water St. 27 Cambridge Terrace 460 Huron Ave. 15 Walnut St. 37 Durant St. 27 Electric Ave. Beacon Hill Blvd. 87 Kinsman St. 620 High St. 142 Water St. 188 Salem St. Brick Kiln Rd. Lowell Lowell Dorchester Lowell Methuen Graniteville Arlington No. Chelmsford Winchester Winchester Woburn Billerica Amesbury Hampton, N. H. Lowell Lowell Lawrence Medford Lowell Lynn Brockton West Somerville Chelmsford Haverhill North Chelmsford Lowell Lowell Lowell Medford Cambridge Cambridge Medford Lowell Somerville North Andover Lowell West Medford North Andover Woburn East Chelmsford [79] Fitzgerald, Frances Elinor Gaffney, Colette Marion Hadley, Catherine Marie Hartv, Dorothea Hassett, Claire Teresa Hickey, Mildred C. Haves Maryclare Hopkinson, Irene Ann Hurld, Elizabeth Joan Marie Irving, Mildred Elizabeth Jezak, Alice Barbara Keith, Helen Veronica Kennedy, Teresa Nora Kieran, Eleanor Catherine King, Gertrude Agnes Korney, Christina Sonia Lynch, Alice Virginia MacTammany, Alma Mason, Margaret Isabelle McLay, Teresa Frances Meloy, Catherine Louise O ' Brien, Patricia Genevieve O ' Donnell, Esther Downing Pidgeon, Phyllis Katherine Pimentel, Regina Rita Poirier, Marie Genevieve Porreca, Sylvia Pretti, Eugenia Mary Roarke, Virginia Mary Robinson, Margaret Harriet Rynne, Evelyn Shinnick, Mary Russell Stone, Virginia Arline Tucker, Shirley Janet Yallano, Mary Christine Walsh, Margaret Rosalie Waters, Laurette Adrienne York, Dorothy Marie Zani, Yolanda Edith 55 Grove St. 103 Church St. 33 Hurlcroft Ave. 84 Dover St. 37 Walter St. 63 Georgia Ave. 18 Upham St. 717 Bridge St. 80 Arlington Rd. 58 Butler St. 84 Trotting Park Rd. 209 Boston Ave. 93 Eighth Ave. 32 Line St. 410 New Boston Ave. 58 Concord St. 28 Blossom St. Andover St. Call St. 200 Middlesex St. Andover Rd. R. F. D. No. 1 11 Ohio Ave. 434 Westford St. 26 Daniels St. 82 Prospect St. 50 Middlesex St. 45 Sharon St. 84 Court St. 565 Andover St. 79 Marston St. 371 Columbia St. 4 Kingston St. 83 Ward St. 289 Hildreth St. 24 Hall St. 186 Woburn St. 243 Summer St. 19 Fairfield St. 75 Fountain St. Lowell Winchester Medford West Medford Medford Lowell Lowell Lowell Woburn Lawrence Lowell Medford Haverhill Somerville Dracut Lawrence Lowell Ballard Vale North Billerica North Andover Lowell Lawrence Lowell Medford Somerville Winchester West Medford Medford Lowell Medford Cambridge Lawrence Lexington Lowell Lawrence West Medford Somerville Cambridge Medford Dawson, Ruth Lea Dolan, Dorothy Ella Doucette, Marguerite Frances JUNIOR MUSIC STUDENTS 115 Waldo St. 15 Wyola Drive State Sanatorium Holyoke Worcester No. Wilmington [80 J Giannarakos, Carol Johnson, Marjorie Lois Loft, Lillian Mathews, Margaret May Normandin, Doris Marie O ' Malley, Sadie Kathleen Yeo, Elizabeth Jean 4 Tyler St. 9 Danforth Ave. 248 May St. 22 Forest St. Broadway Rd. 95 Myrtle St. 25 Hale St. Lowell Saugus Worcester Lowell Dracut Lowell Beverly SOPHOMORE ELEMENTARY STUDENTS Ahearn, Catherine Anne Ambrose, Marion Lucey Barris, Barbara Velma Blois, Anna Margaret Boone, Priscilla Charlotte Brindle, Ethel Sewell Brown, Gertrude Marie Cafantaris, Helen Chenevert, Vivian Harriet Conley, Gertrude Diamentopoulous, Cherry Dineen, Mildred Mary Dumont, Pauline Alice Farquar, Mary Stuart Feeley, Mary Ellen French, Marion Frances Gallagher, Anna Marie Harris, Marjorie Mary Hartman, Bernice Lorraine Hickey, Mary Anne Higgins, Patricia Frances Holton, Elizabeth Teresa Jensen, Margaret Dagmar Johnston, Helen Alice Kealy, Mary Ruth Kelley, Florence Marie Kenney, Janet Louise Kiernan, Alice Gertrude Kolofoles, Trula Ruby Krasnoff, Bernice Estelle Lally, Elizabeth Faustina Lane, Anna Marie Lidwin, Irene Lydia Lowe, Dorothy Whitton Lundgren, May Victoria 79 Woburn St. 42 Vine St. 777 Westford St. 50 South St. 10 Cleveland St. 47 Enmore St. 200 Bailey St. 78 Varney St. 15 Waldo St. 733 Belmont St. 91 Mt. Washington St. 87 Sheridan Circle 149 Hopkins St. 20 Lawler Rd. Marion St. R.F.D. No. 1 3 Fayette St. 52 Salem St. 20 Hilltop Ave. 79 Surrey St. 44 Barrington St. 37 State St. 657 Stevens St. 226 Christian St. 27 Emery St. 1719 Gorham St. 90 South Whipple St. 22 Phillips St. 14 Albemarle St. 36 Murray Hill Rd. 3 Amory Place 28 Lyons St. 320 Elm St. 229 Dracut St. 585 Chelmsford St. [81] Lexington Winchester Lowell Fitchburg Arlington Andover Lawrence Lowell Dracut Belmont Lowell Winchester Dracut West Medford Wilmington Lowell Cambridge Woburn Lawrence Medford Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Chelmsford Lowell Lowell Methuen Cambridge Cambridge Lowell Lawrence Dracut Lowell Mahoney, Catherine Eileen McCarthy, Mary Clement McCorry, Elizabeth Jane McLaughlin, Mary Pauline McLaughlin, Marion Loretta Meagher, Katherine Ann Meloon, Brenda Adelaide Morrison, Dorothea Anne Morrison, Elinor Marie Mulligan, Ruth Marie Murphy, Patricia Andrea Noone, Isabelle Faith Paignon, Winifred Marguerite Patten, Natalie Millett Peary, Josephine Frances Perrie, Ella Elizabeth Ragozzino, Claire Fulvia Richardson, Delma Lois Schenck, Margaret Elizabeth Shelvey, Margaret Helen Stickney, Esther May Teeven, Barbara Marguerite Tiernev, Ellen Winifred Todd, Vivian Elsie Twomey, Dorothy Catherine Welch, Helen Mane Wolf, Helen Zermas, Penelope 228 Plain St. 38 Woodrow Ave. 76 West St. 80 Main St. 80 Main St. 16 West St. Middlesex St. 113 Berkeley St. 15 Alpine St. 173 Brookview Rd. 12 Sharon St. 137 Olive St. Littleton St. North St. 16)4 Flagg St. 23 Silk St. 9 Willard Ave. 1334 Broadway Rd. 34 Center St. 517 High St. 599 School St. 10 Hollis St. " ton Place Jali a rvd. 38 Sacramento St. 28 Lebanon ?+. 166 Howard St. 186 Suffolk St. Lowell Medford Medford Woburn Woburn Medford North Chelmsford Lawrence Cambridge Medford West Medford Lawrence Chelmsford Tewksbury Woburn Arlington Medford Dracut Woburn Lowell Low ell Cambridge Arlington Chelmsford Cambridge Winchester Lowell Lowell SOPHOMORE MUSIC STUDENTS Anifantis, Eleanor Chase, Phyllis Elizabeth Cuevas, Manuela Zillah Fitzgerald, Veronica Bernadette Gardella, Helen Mary Harris, Dorothy May Hillson, Arthur Hodgson, Eunice May Howe, Grace Evelyn Jones, Doris Fletcher Krasnoff, Bern ice Estelle Le Boeuf, Jacqueline Denyse LeQuin, Gertrude Leona 71 Paul Revere Rd. 17 Marie Ave. 38 Gaston St. 35 Milton St. 17 Paulina St. 30 Pined ale Ave. 296 Ames St. 452 Cypress St. Wallace Rd. 30 Columbia St. 36 Murray Hill Rd. 405 School St. 5 Canton St. Arlington Cambridge Dorchester North Andover West Somerville Methuen Lawrence Fall River North Billerica Lowell Cambridge Webster Lowell [ 82 FRESHMAN ELEMENTARY STUDENTS Armer, Cecilia Constance Bachelder, Marion Gertrude Barry, Ruth Edwina Belanger, Gertrude Teresa Bickford, Gloria Blacktin, Leona Irene Brenton, Marion Elizabeth Burke, Muriel Shaw Burns, Mary Clare Carll, Arlene Ruth Cassidy, Anne Lorraine Chadwick, Bernice Lillian Chertavian, Lucia Clemens, Phyllis Louise Crine, Helen Louise Estes, Barbara Ruth Fitzgerald, Mary Doris Flanagan, Margaret Anna Flight, Muriel Frances Flynn, Dorothy Celestine Foley, Alice Lois Fraser, Phyllis Anne Furey, Mary Margaret Giragosian, Anne Goodhue, Myrtle Edith Gould, Rita Gray, Elizabeth Edna Green, Shirley Rose Hadley, Claire Louise Hadley, Margaret Ruth Harkins, Margaret Mary Hawkins, Grace Mildred Hill, Catherine Louisa Hogan, Margaret Mary Johnson, Natalie Donathan Leftin, Bella Manley, Margaret Mary McCarthy, Eileen Mary McEnaney, Ann Frances McQuade, Mary Carol Mekelatos, Evelyn Mulligan, Claire Anne Murphy, Shelia Teresa 32 Bennington St. 607 High St. 332 Wentworth Ave. 1850 Lakeview Ave. 4 Bond St. 121 Hastings St. 14A Watson St. 72 Pentucket Ave. 46 Lane St. 1070 Chelmsford St. 184 Wentworth Ave. 110 Oakland Ave. 135 Beacon St. 8 Upland Rd. 32 Russell Rd. 340 Pleasant St. 79 Reservoir St. Lakeview Ave. 49 Paulina St. 47 n - " ' " " " St. 3 281 Concord St. 91 Parker St. 197 Pleasant St. 166 Cross St. 115 Johnson St. 49 Dow Ave. 5 Myopia Hill Rd. 33 Hurlcroft Ave. Chester St. 19 Eaton St. 220 Wheeler St. 71 School St. 53 Summer St. 212 Cedar St. 380 Washington St. 756 Main St. 79 Wendell St. Highland Ave. 34 Severance St. 57 Wannalancit St. 5 High St. 127 Belrose Ave. Lawrence West Medford Lowell Dracut Lowell Lowell Somerville Lowell Lowell Chelmsford Lowell Methuen Lowell Medford Somerville Dracut Cambridge Tyngsboro Somerville Lowell Medford Lowell Lowell Lowell Winchester Springfield Arlington Winchester Medford Ballard Vale Winchester Methuen Dracut Medford Haverhill Haverhill Woburn Cambridge North Chelmsford Shelburne Falls Lowell Lawrence Lowell [83] Nowell, Shirlev Eunice O ' Connor, Mary Pouliot, Marie Frances Regan, Barbara Anne Rice, Jane Marie Ritchie, Ruth Robitaille, Florence Anna Rodrigues, Vivian Mary Savas, Eurydice Schacht, Jane Beatrice Sullivan, Helen Jane Waring, Marjoriejune Welsh, Claire Josephine 120 Boston Ave. 66 Orchard St. 18 Mill St. 110 Walden St. 56 Chandler St. Pollard St. North Rd. 56 Boynton Rd. 644 Broadway 76 Bowman St. 33 Lamoille Ave. 4 Wachusett St. 26 Byron Ave. West Medford Cambridge Collinsville Cambridge Haverhill North Billerica Bedford Medford Lowell Maiden Bradford Lowell Lawrence Angelotti, Teresa Bell, Roger Ernest Binns, Hilda Cavalieri, Louise Teresa Charron, Lucille Helen Colburn, Barbara Estabrook, Louise Spencer Flynn, Eileen Margaret Haeussler, Christine Mary Heath, Doris Apthorp Larson, Jane Elizabeth Napier, Ruth Lunan Quinn, Shirley Anne Raisis, Anthony Salomey, Sylvia Virginia Wester, Helen Hilda FRESHMAN MUSIC STUDENTS 567 Mt. Washington St. 22 Pinney St. 33 Edmands Rd. 23 Henderson St. 374 Hildreth St. Main St. 30 Delawanda Drive Livingston St. 32 Central St. Nashua Rd. 150 Elm St. 11 Windsor St. 247 Park St. 692 Great Plain Ave. 248 Cross St. Haverhill Palmer North Andover Arlington Lowell Dunstable Worcester Tewksbury Turner Falls Townsend North Billerica Andover Methuen Lawrence Needham Gardner [84] ' i i I • ¥■ ■ 1 I ■ % • • 1 . 1 1 • J ,i 4 • ■ -

Suggestions in the University of Massachusetts Lowell - Sojourn / Knoll Yearbook (Lowell, MA) collection:

University of Massachusetts Lowell - Sojourn / Knoll Yearbook (Lowell, MA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


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University of Massachusetts Lowell - Sojourn / Knoll Yearbook (Lowell, MA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


University of Massachusetts Lowell - Sojourn / Knoll Yearbook (Lowell, MA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


University of Massachusetts Lowell - Sojourn / Knoll Yearbook (Lowell, MA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


University of Massachusetts Lowell - Sojourn / Knoll Yearbook (Lowell, MA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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