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University of Massachusetts Lowell - Sojourn / Knoll Yearbook (Lowell, MA) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Cover

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and - ffa CEL.. 4. J- , , I 4 ,. , Y WU 7 1 , ' 25 yi, K Q, f', ' 'I 1 , . I . n -' , , . N. V . 7 . V A, .' X ,, , ' ......,, ..v . M A Ml' U V ' D I! M, Q N ' V P' , l, i Y w , Lowell Cfeachers' Colleqe Class Of 1934 06' QElI 'Above all, to thine own s If b t CLASS COLORS GREEN AND GOLD X ,DN VN I Dedication our fllflllfjj advisor. Nr. Hiseoe. has, with indom- itable courage and uniiring zeal, painted in glowing eolors college .scenes that will remain undimmecl de- spite ilze raz'age.s of time and tide. TVitlL our artist af 1i"'1rlf on the seliool c'a'ni'as, directing and guiding us. me were able to add to the picturesqueness of life and eduiatioiz, far beyond our dreams, It is to our aifisf, advisor. guide and frier d, with deegest affec- tion a I iatitude, tha fue ef ' ate our Y ar Book. ,,,,e-- My My WH e L., GRADUATES-1934 Lowell Teachers' College Faeultyw--H1954 CLARENCE M. IVEEIJ. D. Sc. . . Prcsirlcnf HLANCHE A. CHENEY . . . . Dean: Hislory and C'i1fic.S' INEZ FIELD DAMUIY, Mus. B. . Director of Music WILLIAM E. RILEY . . . Fcnnianship and Physical Scicncc EMMA RAMSAY. A.B. .JUSEPHINE TV. CHUTE . SARAH E. LOTELL. III.A. FRANCES CLARK . . . HERMAN H. BRASE. A.B. RUTH M. BAILEY, AMB., Efl.. DPMERRITTE A. HISCOE JIABEL E. TURNER. Ed. JI. A. FLORENCE KIRBY . JENNIE F. NARKIETVICH MABEL E. TVILSON, Mus. B AGNES S. TAUGHAN . . KATHLEEN B. BYRT . . Rnperz'i.sor of Prfiwrii-c: Eflizwafioiml Jlcthorls . Drawing unrl Practical Arts' . Liferrltzlrcf English for thc Inlcrnicrliafc firarlcs . Geography and .-lrifliinctif' . . . E'rl11cafi0nal Psycliologyg Gcrnmiz M. . . Physical Eflncalioiz . . . Graphic Educational Jlcflzorlxsq Rlacklmfirrl Draicing . . Nature Sindy: Biology anrl Hygicnc . English for the Primary 1'lrnflcs,' Dramatic Inrcrpreiafion . Librarian ,' Library Meiliorls: Ifearling Jlcihorls . . Music and French . Sfcnographcr . Secretary Graduates 1934 VIRGINIA BIARIQN ANDERSON llfledforil Vice-Pres. of Spanish Club, '31 Cast of "Please Stand By", '33 Mental Hygiene Club, '34 Virginia first achieved fame in the junior penmanship class, where she made her now immortal inquiry concerning local geo- graphy. Save for this sudden ascent to glory, she has steadily pro- ceeded on her way, a person on whom we can rely, whether it be for supervising our rations at house parties or bringing her passengers to school each morning. MARGARET MARY AYLVVARD Vlfoburn Section captain, '32, '33 Bowling team, '32 Sketehing Club See'y, '34 Glee Club, '34 lX.larg's frankness is her outstanding quality. It produces the same effect as that of eating olives - the more you get, the more you want. Her endearing combination of efficiency and Worrying over everything from dark streets to the next war, will long be remembered. DQROTH TEA D.'kiXfiClN BANCROFT Springfield Glee Club, '34 Mental Hygiene Club, '34 Class gift committee, '34 Coming to us from the XYestfield Teachers' College for her senior year, Dolly quickly made a place for Us in our niidst. Sincere and conscientious in her xvork, she has been a welcome addition to our group. To enter a class in its final year is in itself a difficult feat, but to do it successfully and make niany pleasant contacts is unusual. Success is assured to one of such a temperament. JEANNETTF CL.-XR.-X BL.-XNCH.-XRD NYoburn Bowling team captain, '32 Sketching club, '32, '33, '34 Co-cliairman of class day, '34 Chairman of banquet. '34 -leannette's personality has kept us on our toes for four years, while she has alternated between periods of prodigious industry and blissful serenity. Her flair for art is dominant, even exceeding her love for srnocks of all hues. The sight of a rumpled black curly head earnestly working over pictures of all types has become a school institution. ',7Jf1r-Vo .3 -Zfvwftp he MW . 4.1.1-vE4,q,, , 44 . J' - 4 jg, vAfrfr1f.,..Q2,4 f ,X , 4 Y ,f"'YrV'Z gl 0 , J ff' M 2 if QA My X 'QT' HAZEL BRQMLEY Dracut President of Social Etiquette Club, '32 Glee Club, '32, '34 Pres. of Mental Hygiene Club, '34 Editor of year book, '34 Editing the year book, sleeping on a collapsible cot or acting as hostess at the club teas failed to daunt Hazel. VVe sincerely hope that she obtains a position, if only to justify her favorite saying, "Recess, eat your apple." If not, however, her writing ability will be an asset in whatever held she chooses. ANNA LQUISA CALDER So. Chelmsford Basketball team, '31, '32 President of Aviation Club, '32 Cast of "Please Stand By", '33 Mental Hygiene Club, '33, '34 Pretence and subterfuge hide their heads at Anna's approach. Self-reliant, frank and unafraid, we feel sure that she will face the coming years with the same spirit that has taken her through her school career. Anna won't wait for opportunity to knock, she'll rush out and s,cure a firm hold on it. MARY FRANCES CLHTFQRD Lawrence Section hostess, '31 Glee Club, '31, '32, '34 Pres. of Sketching Club, '33, '34 Senior Prom decoration chairman, '34 lf, by some rare quirk of fate, Mary were stranded on a desert isle, we are certain that her first action would be to decorate the palm trees and embellish the sand. Her artistic ability is un- paralleled, as is the willingness with which she assists all who so desire. Mary has made our social affairs things of beauty with her ingenious and lovely ideas of decoration. ESTHER ANNETTE COBURN Dracut Glee Club, '31, '34 Girl Scout Club, '31, '32, '33 Prom decoration committee, '34 Esthers quiet personality has won for her many friends. VVhether or not the Scout law of a good deed a day is responsible, is a subject for debate. Her skill with the needle has made us all envious, and in case Dracut doesn't do right by Esther, we recom- mend this profession. Cx iCC?1 x f -sid 15 .X-rg A f ks! f 7 A UN f- 45" fyfvc. . i Cl Y ffif K f CNF? ' x L Q , Sm 1 , X u MARGARET MARY COLBERT Cambridge Section lieutenant, '32, '33, '34 Junior Week committee, '33 Class Day committee, '34 Mental Hygiene Club, '33, '34 Making new friends and keeping the old is lVlarg's speciality. The manner in which she is lieutenant and friend at the same time is nothing short of magic. VVe therefore nominate her for a special corner in our Hall of Fame. Loyal and true blue-no more need be said. ADELE JOSEPHINE CONNOR Lowell Section hostess, '32, '33 Mental Hygiene Club, '34 Year book staff, '34 Carefree and unhampered, Adele has smilingly and gracefully accomplished much in her years of college life. As founder and leader of the Outdoor Club, she has no equal. As section hostess, she kept us diligently dusting, a feat which many mothers will envy. May she be as successful in all ventures! IOSEPHINE COSENTINO Methuen Fortune teller ot' Bazaar, '31, '32, '33, '34 Sec'y of Aviation Club, '32 Vice pres. of International Club, '33 Sketching Club, '34 Jo's varied and unusual talents have found expression in mauv ways. Her skill in dealing with small children should prove prolit- able. Little bln, so lithe and pay, always unique in ex eiy wa5 , Hustling, quizzical, helpful toog luck on your path we wish to you." M.-XRGAR ET VERONICA CQTTER Cambridge Basketball and bowling teams, '31, '32 Cast of "Please Stand By", '33 Chairman of prom committee, '34 Class day committee, '34 Blessed with one of the lovliest voices we have heard, Peg has sung a way into our hearts. Serenity and calmness of manner are her distinguishing characteristics, which, combined with her crooning voice, petit and trim appearance and much vim, are sure to bring future happiness and success. .,,,' 'ZZ J ,f if GERARDINE ANNE CURLEY Lowell Vice-pres. of Sketching Club, '33, '34 Decoration chairman for Army Team, '34 Basketball and bowling teams, '31, '32 Glee Club, '34 "Qne thing at a time and that done well" is an adage that Gerrv liffhtl tosses aside. For whether it is drawing or Jaintinff, . as Y rs l as penmanship or sport events. or even wearing clothes beautifully, we may be sure that she will have the situation well in hand. But as "VV'ild Nell", she touched the heights of honor and glory and left us literall ' Gas Jin0'. VVe trust all her roles mav be as famous. 3 6 6 .f CATHERINE ELIZABETH DECOURCEY Cambridge Head hostess, '32 Sketching Club, '33, '34 Bowling team, '33 Secretary of senior class "Decky" is our leading candidate for the automobile honors. lf she pilots her ship of life as skillfully as she drives her car each morning, there is no predicting the future. However, this failing, she has a few more aces on which to rely-large brown eyes, a deep widow's peak-you know the rest. CLARK XYONSON D TQXTFR Chelmsford Sec-tion captain, '31 Captain of basketball team, '31 Sketeliing Club, '33, '34 Glee Club, '32, '34 To prove the point that not all red haired people have fiery tempers, we now present Clara, for unless she has a hidden life, she is one of the sunniest members of our class. Prohcient in art, athletic events and hand writing, to mention simply a few, she is also learned in the art of friendship. So that it may seem superiiuuus to wish her luck-but we do, nevertheless. ALICE 'IQSFPHINIY DONAHUE Section lieutenant, '31, '32 Freshman basketball team Sketching Club, '33, '34 Alice's membership in the famous lngrown and Cutgrown Duet was enough to secure immortality. If this is not enough, how- ever, her artistic trend should suffice, for she has a certain dainti- ness and skill of graphic expression that is dominant. Vkfhat more could one desire? - ll f Cla If-H1 9911 , -xGNEs ANN DOR.-XN cambridge " V ' ..f:,..1 . ' , . "1"-f 37-'tv ""1 i I' ' . , -.J Vewfili- A .1 ' E.. eh ' be ' Co-chairman of class gift committee, '33 Social chairman of Mental Hygiene Club, '34 Chairman of Class Day, '34 Entertainment chairman for Senior Banquet, '34 li it were possible to divide Agnes up among us, and take some of her cheerfulness and humor to lighten our paths, every- thing would be rosy. For she is better than a tonic, more invigorat- ing than a cold shower. and as efficient as a college professor. O. Henry has nothing on her in regard to "surprise endings", and no code can eliminate her sniile. May it never be dimmed! CATHERINE HELENA DVVYER Vlfatertown Sketching Club, '33, '34 Section captain, '33, '34 Cast of Bazaar, '33 Kay is one ot our most lovable girls, with a cheery, unchang- ing disposition. She is especially at home in any surrounding that contains food, managing to keep slim and slender despite everything. She is unusually well adapted to the teaching profession, and We are sure of her success. MARY CATHERINIY FINNEGAN Belmont Mental Hygiene Club, '33 Sketching Club, '34 President of Advisee Group, '34 If it is true that silence is golden, we now present our ll Caret member, otherwise known as Mae. VVhether the competition is too keen or shyness is an inborn trait we cannot quite decide. However, her actions have spoken well for her and proclaimed her true character, sweet and serene. DOROTHY THERESA GIBLIN Lowell Music Club, '31 Mental Hygiene Club, '33, '34 Cast of Bazaar, '33 Dotty is one of our cleyerest members: her nonchalant re- marks have supplied us with by words and catchy phrases for four years. Her written work is equally as good: in fact, though usually arriving late, she takes the lead in all classes. """-u-.,,. f MMM iff M I CMV' V., la of D, y, ,M lfffl ff 1 ff Al s, l fi! iw, Jr, U ix xl 'x ali, fxijlll l in S! J qs . ' X Vffx XL ' x X f ' I J x lm I MARGERET MARY HAGGARTY Lawrence Coaches Club, '33, '34 Varsity Basketball Teams, '31, '32, '33, '34 Committee for A. A. Banquet, '34 An athlete of the first class, Marg holds an enviable record on the sporting held. The fact that she is always on the winning team is sufficient proof of her skill, and her coaching ability con- tributes much towards the success of the underclassmen. Her sense of fair play and good fellowship is certain to carry her far. MARY CECILIA HICKSON Lowell Glee Club, '31, '32, '33, '34 Section hostess, '31, '32, '33, '34 Tennis champion, '31, '32, '33, '34 Class Gift Chairman, '34 Another conscientious worker is Hicks, who adds the distinc- tion of tennis champion to her other laurels. ln spite of all her achievements, we will remember longest her reception of a joke, and her good naturetl tolerance of our oft repeated query, "Did you get that one, Hicks F" l f, gf ,xiao EDNA Hovr if j,QllC'rllllSfOI'I,l Army Navy Team, '31, '32, '34 W Jin' Coaches Club, '33, '34 ' X X Vice-president of A. A. '33 1 Coninieneement Advisory Board, '34 Place lfdna beside a six footer and she will be minute. Place her near a basketball and she will be gigantic. So will her score! There is not rooni for her tiny self to carry all the vini and vigor which she possesses, so the surplus amount bubbles over on her friends. :Xs a coach, as an understudy, or as a friend, Edna is there. MILDRED lll,-XRY K.-XNE Lowell Community Chairman, '32 Glee Club, '31, '32, '33, '34 French Club president, '31 Senior Class President Millie, our titian haired Prexy, has ably steered us through the fun and perplexities of our last year. No one could so well have led us. Bnbbling good humor has characterized all her work, from being chief dancer in the "Sidewalk lValtz" to using ketchup as a disciplining measure. XYG may be assured that she will carry the same high standards, ideals and courage into later life that made her years here so successful. Q?-'A . X , " 'Wv-1, fx if V we fl WW awww ,ffl lift' LOYLA RITA KIERNAN Dracut Section lieutenant, '32 President of the Art Club, '32 Junior Week Chairman, '33 Senior Prom Chairman, '34 A complete list of Loy's achievements would read like an entire social four year program. There has never been an activity of any kind in which she has not participated. Perhaps we took unfair advantage of her willingness and reliability, but in her gen- erous cooperation she never complained. This generosity is the keynote to Loy's character, a quality for which we are grateful. H,-XZIEL SIMPSON LAMBERT Lowell Glee Club, '31, '32, '33, '34 Class Treasurer, '33, '34 Commencement Advisory Board, '34 Even the harrowing experience of guarding our shekels has failed to ruffle l,ambie's composure, This is probably due to her natural efficiency and the little black notebook. None of our mem- bers will forget her sparkling humor, happy smile and serene man- ner. She has touched our hearts and our pocketbooks, a momentous feat in itself. ALICE PATRICIA McANESI5'IE Dracut French Club, '32 Section Hostess, '32 Mental Hygiene Club, '34 Often a quietness of manner conceals a wealth of personal charm. This is true in Alice's case. Time used in gaining her friendship is well spent, as many of us can testify. She seems well htted for the teaching profession, combining a certain dignity and authority that will insure success with youngsters. JOANNE RITA lXIcCORRY Medford Secretary of French Club, '32 Section Hostess, '32 Year Book Staff, '34 Everyone can plan or tell jokes, but not everyone can "take it" as well as Joanne has done since her entrance. Not even the famous blue pajama episode or the broken window incident dis- turbed her good humor. Through her efforts. much of the success of the year book was possible, as she furnished the worrying elem- ent so necessary to any problem, as well as cleverly written class notes. S RUTH MIRIAM MCGUIRK Lowell Chairman of ring committee, '33, '34 Cast of "Please Stand Bye", '33 Program committee chairman, Junior Prom, '33 'Tm all in, but I love it" expresses the philosophy of Mc- Guirk. She has never been too busy to lend a hand, and has become one of our "dependables". One of her best services has been her handling of the ring situation. Not to mention her dry and witty sayings which have kept us giggling through storm and strife. MARY FRANCES McLAUGHLIN Lawrence Decoration committee for Senior Banquet, '34 Committee for Easter Formal, '34 Bowling team captain, '33 To prove that appearances are deceiving, we offer Mary. Though presenting Ll quiet exterior to most of us, we have dis- covered a live wire underneath. She was not blessed with that smile for nothing. Wlioever receives the beneiit of it in the future will be extremely fortunate. Superintendents, please take note. I f . 54,5 Qi I ,, l rf A , i , f fi IRE - KA ,EZ A MITIYRIELL cut Vice-pr sident of class, '31, '32 Treasu er of Art Club, '32 Class ay Committee, '34 I lYhen we attempt to fix a nice label on Irene, we are puz- zled. So we say that she is Hinvigorating"-which means that when you expect her to smile, she frownsg when you anticipate a frown, she smiles. Perhaps that is why she is so interesting to all of us. Smiling or depressed, peppy or langorous, she remains a true friend, which is most essential. PATRICIA OCONNOR Lawrence Treasurer of Child Study Club, '31 Glee Club, '33 Sec'y of Mental Hygiene Club, '34 Pat, the sunshine of her class, now takes her bow. Not even a long period of sickness could eliminate her plucky smile and snappy come-back. 'We suspect that her intense desire to travel may arise from a wish to give everyone a break-how about it, Pat? Long life to your smile and blush! tw AD-20-K VWQ o-fu. wmwa Q Fzfclfldadx li-Axeto . laws Jlfdfiit offu-:Alf QWVT MARY ELIZABETH OSULLIVAN Lowell Section Captain, '31 Traffic Chairman, '32 Pres. of School and Society League, '33, '34 Coaches Club, '33, '34 The opinion which the school holds for Mary was demons- trated in her election to the highest honor which we can bestow, that of Council President. This and her preceding offices changed her not one whit from the sweet and admirable person that she was at her entrance. True as steel, we may trust the reputation of our school with her always. DQRIS ELIZABETH QUEENAN Lowell Treasurer of Harmonica Club, '31 Sec'y of Social Etiquette Club, '31 Vice-president of Art Club, '32 Although a very little girl, Doris made a big mark at L.T.C. Her cute little giggle Qthat word "little" will creep inj, and beam- ing smile won a place in the heart of her pals. Her most famous saying, "That's your question", was one of the most popular retorts in general usage during the term. Such is fame, Doris. TF' 3,11--f , Z L- ,.. .1 - ,- :ar - ,fi ?- Y R.- , I EPHI . M.-X . ET TIGLFY Chelmsford Section ess, ' , '64 Glee I '31, '32, ' , '34 Soc' airm of Mus lub, '32 P laps we sta ememl 5 longest Jos baby voice, which she ai: mes to . ius r to her classmates. In the haze of tim ve sh l Jr Ja if forget l beautiful singing voice and her at ctive s le 1 that juvenile lingo will live down through the ges. W' since I hope that the four year's practice will be util- ize, i tie future. RUTH MARY RQTHXVELL Lowell Section captain, '32, '33, '34 Glee Club, '32, '33, '34 Treas. of Sketching Club, '33 Ruth's most familiar role has been that of section captain. Keeping over a score of chattering students quiet during study periods is an achievement in itself, but Ruth managed somehow. If all her problems are as happily solved, the future is assured. -upgun ANNA DAVlS SCOTT Wloburn Section lieutenant, '32, '33, '34 Glee Club, '32, '33, '34 Social Chairman of Mental Hygiene Club, '33 Treas. of Mental Hygiene Club, '34 For the position of the sweetest girl of our class, we unanim- ously elect Anna. To be evenly tempered, with a smile for all, is unusual in any group, and is greatly appreciated in ours. Her sweet- ness shines out in her eyes and is given expression in a lovely sing- ing voice. Her specialty is asking people to "Please Goin, being developed in '31 at Hancock. SHIRLEY SYLVIA SHRAGER Lawrence Treas. of Purple Quill Club, '32 Coaches Club, '33, '34 Year Book Staff, Navy Admiral, '34 The success of any venture is assured with Shirley taking part. The knack of clever expression comes naturally to her, and she has been generous in sharing it. "Pocyhuntas", under her dir- ection, became a "sure hit". Such executive ability, linked with one of the most acute senses of humor that we have, is an unbeat- able combination. 2.9.01 7 , jp , I , I, A A, if Ji, lf' ",,y,,2,j K x x if i ' 5---f - :,,,,'1 ,1---L ,ve , , , Y, ..,.e4.- -V ROSE SODNUXNSKY Lawrence Pres. of Child Study Club, '31 Glee Club, '31, '32, '33 Sketching Club, '32, '33, '34 Chairman of Russian Tea, '33 XVhat Rose lacks in stature, she compensates for in speech. Is it true, Rose, that you were yaecinatecl with a phonograph needle, or are you merely socially minded? XX'ell, we must be charitable and assume the latter. For in Rose, this characteristic is an asset, rather than a liability. XYhich is certainly unusual in anyone. EVELYN ALICE STANLEY Methuen Girl Scout Club, '31, '32, '34 Mental Hygiene Club, '33 Year Book Staff, '34 Few of us can ever attain a great deal of success in our hobbies, but Evelyn, in both scouting and horsemanship, reached a position envied and admired by us all. It may be that her quiet manner is the secret of her attainment, it may be that her maxim, "VVise use of leisure" is responsible, but whatever it is, Evelyn has it. MARY QUINN SULLIVAN Lowell Girl Scout Patrol Leader, '31 Mental Hygiene Club, '34 Co-chairman of Scout table, '33 lXlary's line work in the North Tevvksbury school was out- standing, giving her common sense and ability an opportunity for expression. Her interest in social service is sure to bear fruit, for Mary is without doubt well qualified for either profession. ANNA RITA TIGHE Lowell Pres. of Graphology Club, '31 Pres. of Aviation Club, '32 Glee Club, '32, '33, '34 If "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing", then Anna is forever free from all peril. Many times did her class sigh with relief when she came to the rescue and saved the day. Her contagious giggle will never be forgotten, but it will never eclipse her pro- digious power of work and study. EYANGELINE TURCOTTE Lowell Section hostess, '31, '32 Viceepresident of class, '33, '34 Treasurer of Sketching Club, '34 Glee Club, '32, '33, '34 Nothing less than a volume would quite do credit to Turkey, our genial vice-president. If the teaching outlook is not favorable, we recommend a job in the VValtham VVatch factory, making faces. But her smile and readiness to assist at all times predicts a more satisfactory future, for whatever she does, she will do well. IRENE MARILYN YERNAGLIA Medford Social Chairman of Child Study Club, '30 Sketching Club, '32, '33, '34 The failure of Irene'5 famous "trip to New York" to mate- rialize has had no dampening effect on her personality. Not a point of argument would she concede in the psychology class. and like john Paul Jones, she "never gave up the section". lVe could always depend upon her to impart the necessary information at the opportune moment-a rare thing among us. I V X J f Jfb ,W .df 1 ,f , Myra' Q ff f , xyffyfj, if ,M , Mis. I jQf!!f -W dd , I if' 4 .I ,pf 'I' fbfd-f'4' if ' fff'Jf'!jy ' RUTH VVIDENER Sec'y of Child Study Club, '31 Hockey Team, '31 Com. for Easter Social, '34 Senior Prom Com., '34 Haverhill Many times did we silently give thanks to the star under which Ruth was born, for she was always the task was typing our notes or pouring humor is mixed with a dash of what we and the result is unbeatable. Witli it, the in our humble tlj opinion. on hand to help, whether tea. Her friendliness and call "happy-go-luekiness", future holds no obstacles, Graduates of the Music Course l934 DOROTHY LYDIA BARTON 'i Ai 4 sbury 0 . .. mp, Social Chairman, '31, '32 M102 O 'Q' GQ, Sec'y of Music Class, '34 6 r' P QL-D ' A7 U-4 4 Glee Club, '31, '32, '33, '34 Y " f Orchestra pianist, '32, '33, '34 , ' Mft Xllith Dot at the keyboard, any musical venture is established and welcomed. W'ith Dot at the wheel of her trusty car, any pas- sengers are assured of safety. With Dot as the secretary of the Music Class, any business is sure to be noted. Witli-biit we could run on all day. It is hardly necessary to add that efficiency and good fellowship constitute the staff of her years here, SIRANOUSH DERMANUELIAN Lowell Glee Club, '31, '32, '33, '34 Vice-pres. of Music Class, '32, '33, '34 Sketching Club, '33, '34 VVhen talents were distributed. Sirry was in the front row. Not only has she a lovely voice and piano ability, but she has in addition an equally good sketching flair. If this were not enough, she also possesses an even disposition, in spite of the difficulties of her "Rice Maidens" of the Opera. When, to all this, we add a grand smile, you may draw your own superlatives. Xl Q 'vL..M's4L, X Li' L- 'Ma "xs"'-vfbk-Ai ' 'Tj " iff LAAA Y 'fig " C '5 L26 ' Xckf'-Mx ,'-Alas'-Q 7 l'vSX Uk Q"'A ' V: dx-by lr KSJVL ff1S,9L9g gs., 5,1 jxi.J-1 P' S34 5" .2 C3 l-1 f' C-v Q22 CECUA 2 e ,xi It Ze 0 Q- 'x . 1 ? 3 65 fif- 5 JVESZ Q gi oll f' fi T l 'bfi .XV , 4-Q .1 his HARRIET GENEVIEVE DONEHUE Lowell Glee Club Aeeornpanist, '34 Sec'y of Music Club, '31 Sketching, '33 Composer of Music for Class Ode Harriet has been our local VValter Winchell, seeking news- paper material without rest. Composing news and music simultane- ously is all in the day's work to her. Such persistance and unending energy will carry her far in any field. So also will that remarkable talent for being several places at once, and bobbing up with a smile where she isn't expected. MILDRED LILLIAN FULLER Ludlow President of Music Class, '32, '33, '34 President of Glee Club, '34 Army Cheer Leader, '34 To Milly we owe much of the quality of the unity of our classvof the blend of sections together as a whole. To her we owe the splendid work which she did as Army's cheer leader. To her we owe the pleasure obtained from listening to her sing-in fact, we are indebted all around. As years go by, we know the debt will grow larger and the circle of creditors wider. RQSSALUI ANNA GATELY Lowell Class Treasurer, '31, '32 Sketching Club, '32, '33 President of Glee Club, '33 President of Orchestra, '34 Ross herself might well be likened to a musical picture- something from XVagner's light motifs, with enough of DeBussy added to show the modern touch. Her violin playing carries out the picture, for she is part of the music that floats from her instrument. May all her tunes be happy ones! KATHERINE LORTCTTA KEARNS s P I Lowell A ,,, ' i Glee Club, '31, '32, '33, '34 ifdfgd Q0 Army Basketball Team, '34 EL Wi! Chairman of A. A. Banquet, '34 V. fi-hi' K Coaches Club, '34 Athlete and musician are interwoven into Kayis life, for she is able to make a basket, roll up a heavy bowling score and sing a solo in the Opera with the same ease and dexterity. Courage in tackling any situation is her outstanding characteristic, one which we admire and for which we are grateful. '53 J 7,5 5 , , M I V J fy! ff' 'Y WJ! RUTH ELLEN IUNGSBURY Lowell Treas. of A. A. '32 Posture Attendant, '32, '33 Varsity Basketball Team, '31, '32, '33, '34 Glee Club, '31, '32, '33, '34 Ruth is another student whose athletic laurels equal her mu- sical talents. In both fields she excels. She goes to her position in Vermont with the best wishes of the many friends she has made here. She takes with her a rare quality of leadership, enduring persistance and a ready smile. MARY FRANCES LANIGAN Lawrence Music Club, '33, '34 Cast of French Play, '33 Chords are Marys specialty-the more difficult, the better. Melody drips from her iingertips, and good humor gleams in her eyes. She has an ease of manner that is always evident, and her willingness to play at any time our favorite melodies is one of her endearing qualities. STFLL.-X GLADYS MACAI UNF l,awrence Glee Club, '31, '32, '33, '34 Social Chairman of Art Club, '32 Sec'y of Music Club, '34 To hnd out what is to be done, and then to do it a little better than the best, is Stellzfs specialty. There is a thoroughness and hnish about her work that is aclniirable-a certain touch that proclaims the work to be hers, and to be well done. THFLM.-X FERN li PQXIGNON Clielnisford Glee Club, '32, '33, '34 Sketching Club, '33, '34 Soloist in Opera Thelnia's lovely dimples have flashed continually since her entrance, and her clear soprano voice has entertained us all. If Chelmsford needed an excuse for existence, this local girl provides it. And if the same town needs a corking teacher, she is willing' to provide this also. EMILY RAYMOND STENVART, A. B. Portland, Maine Vice-pres. of Music Club, '34 Vice-pres. of Orchestra, '34 Sec'y of Glee Club, '34 Emily came to us from XVheaton College to join the senior music class. She rapidly made great strides, in the academic as well as social life of the class. Urgan playing is her musical talent, while making new friends and pleasant acquaintances is also her specialty. MARY XNARREN Lawrence Section Lieutenant, '30 Mental Hygiene Club, '33 Music Club, '34 Mary has gone through four years here in much the same manner that she so aptly plays the piano. Her "crescendos" and "pianissimos" have kept us guessing as to which she is likely to use. May the keyboard of life be as pliable as that of her piano- tliis is our desire. 9. xxx Qfx +V Vt YW N to isfiplirllji 'X' JJJXM A X4 i , i , , r, xl 6' ' A NINA NXOlCZlLLENAb All Lowell NA, Lead of French Play, '33 ' Navy Cheerleader, '33, '34 Librarian of Glee Club, '34 A dash of limitless vitality: a sprinkle of colorg a bit of pride, a Havoring of determination-and out of the mixture pops Nina. As variable as the four winds, she has kept us on our toes. As cheer leader. she proved one of our snappiestg as a dancer, she had no equal: and as a pianist she is also outstanding. CLARA LILY ASPDEN Holyoke First violinist of orchestra Music Club, '33, '34 Clara, although small in size. is great in musical ability. Our psychic bones tell us that some day we shall be able to say. "I knew her when", and point with pride to her membership in our class. For with such a gift of violin playing, fame must attend. Graduates of l933 MABEL AGNES BURNHAM Billerica Social Etiquette Club, '32 Mental Hygiene Club, '33, '34 Mabel left at mid-years to take a position in her home town, and although the actual space she occupied was not great, she left quite a gap in our midst. What she lacks in height, Mabel com- pensates for in pep and vigor. We can't resist mentioning her red hair, for it is so essentially associated with her that it cannot be forgotten. RUTH CLARKE BARTLETT Vwfakeheld Section Captain, '31, '32 Traffic Chairman, '32 Basketball Team, '31, '32, '33 Bowling Team, '31, '32, '33 Since her graduation, Ruth has added another name, and with it the distinction of being our lirst class bride. Her unerring sense of fair play and her unfailing good sportsmanship are the qualities which linger longest in our memory. lt is superfluous to wish her happiness, for we know that she has found it, so we say -continued joy to her and Don. DORIS IYASHBURN GARDNER lVinchester Section Hostess, '31 Art Club, '32 Glee Club, '32 Our most lasting impression of Doris is her gift of fluent expression. No situation was too intricate for her: she met each one in a different way. If her teaching career on the Cape is as pleasant as her years here, there is every indication of a rosy future. EDITH HELEN GILES Medford Basketball Team, '31 Section Hostess, '32 Art Club, '32 Our loss last year has been Medfords gain, as far as Edith is concerned. XYhile proficient in athletics and subject matter, it was her smile and sunniness that we missed most. Sickness failed to change it, for she has a certain pluckiness that scoffs at obstacles. May it always be thus! 'F MARJORIE CATHERINE HALLQRAN Medford Graphology Club, '31 Section Lieutenant, '31 Sketching Club, '32, '33 Artistic and talented, an asset to her class-this is Marjorie. She has one of the lovliest smiles that has graced our midst, and was unstinting in her use of it. Now teaching in Medford, it seems only natural that we hear good reports, for We know she is carrying on in her usual Way. MARY ELLEN McMANUS Medford Connnunity Chairman, '31 Sec'y of Council, '32 Vice-pres. of Council, '33 Sketching Club, '31, '32 Mary may have been here only three years, but in that time she did four or five years work. Her record is one to be envied, and her skill in carrying out plans has not been surpassed. It is not surprising that she is doing exceptionally well in Medford, for it would not be Mary if the work was not line. ELIZABETH EVELYN NFISMITH XVestford Navy varsity teams, '31, '32, '33 Vice-pres of A. A., '32 Pres. of A. A., '33 Coaches Club, '33 Betty was one of our star athletes who never missed the basket in any game. She is shooting for the goal with the same skill out of L.T.C., as she did when ing this is enough to insure success. XVe really believe that she will produce a corking basket- ball team out of her youngsters some day, whether the grade is the first or eighth. MADELINE ISABFL GLDFIELD lliledford Class President, '31, '32, '33 'Glee Club, '32 Sketching Club, '32, '33 If we have, as we earnestly believe, been an unusual class. if our girls are united by stronger bonds than usual-we owe it to Maddy. It was Maddy who made us a unit with one purposeg she injected sunshine into many classesg she established the precedent of class house partiesg and, best of all, she gave us a friendship that will endure as long as her smile lasts. Good luck and much love to "Phoebe". f K 732 f ,Qg-'w,1C7L l ANNA KELLER Medford Glee Club, '32 Sketching Club, '33 Section Lieutenant, '32, '33 Anna is another lieutenant whose attendance troubles had no effect on her pleasant disposition. This being the case, no class room should daunt her, no supervisor tiuster her and no problems over- whelm her. Helpful and artistic, quiet and serene with never a Worry, Anna has our best Wishes. MARION CLAIRE QUINN Methuen Sec'y of Mental Hygiene Club, '33 Committee for Junior Prom, '33 XVhen Marion graduated, she took with her the title of the most beautiful girl of our class. As it that were not enough, she took a sweet personality, and other assets too numerous to mention. Wfe can rely on her to do an artistic job on anything that she takes up, from drawing to driving a car. BARBARA ANN KELLY VVoburn Art Club, '32 Glee Club, '32, '33 The source of Barbara's pep, viim and vigor has always remained one of li1fe's darkest mysteries to us. Every hair of her head fairly dances with zest, and the rest of her keeps up to theni. That giggle and speedy reply to any question is standing her in good stead now. OTHER GRADUATES JEANNETTE LILLIAN CORMIER FLORENCE ELIZABETH MARTIN LILLIAN JOSEPHINE HALE MARY THERESE MCELLIGOTT KATHERINE FRANCES HODGDON HELEN MAE MELLO CLASS PROPHECY A peaceful country side. A Hellenic sky. I am alone on the summit of Mount Olympus. I make a wish, breathing it only to myself. I desire to have the occult power to turn the leaves of life forward. A mist slowly settles about me. My wish granted, I shall follow the sun and its course slowly through the heavens. It is mid-morning in man's world. Slowly the mist lifts.. I gaze down upon the New lfngland landscape, impatient to see my former classmates. There is 'Ginia Anderson, efficiently managing a Salvation Army Soup Kitcheng Kay Dwyer is practicing for the annual rodeo, for her role of featured rider. Ag Doran is none other than the mayor of Cambridge, still settling and managing affairs as well as she did at L. T. C. Also in Cambridge is Peach Cotter, giving singing lessons to the Men's Choir. Mahatma Colbert and her husband are in India, doing missionary work-she succumbed at last to the influence of her nameg Kay De- Courcy, however, is still around, disillusioned in her search for a wealthy husband. Adele Connor has found hers, and has married a partner of one of Lowell's leading department stores. In the same store, I see Gerry Curley, as buyer, just returned from abroad, still exhibiting her good tasteg Anna Calder is doing line work as police matron in Chelmsford: Ruth Bartlett, happily married for ten years, is secretary of her husband's firm. I am able to see several advertisements for tooth paste, with the picture of Hazel Lambert decorating the illustration. Edna Hoyt has gained World wide recognition as the champion Hag pole sitter of the country: "Hicks", alias Mary Hickson, is now a marathon dancer. Carrying on in her habit of being president, I see Mary O'Sullivan as head of the N.E.A. In one corner of Club Boop-a-Doop, Medford's gay diyorcee, our own Joanne McCorry, is seen with her hit-of-the-month, this time a blonde. A half-lit marquis announces that Ruth Wid- ener is the proprietor. I discern Irene Cnow Yrenej Mitchell as the exotic hostess who is introducing the famous dancer, Miss Doris Queenan. A peek at Wobiirn uncovers Marg Aylward as principal of the local grammar school, jean- nette Blanchard, whom I recall as our "Smocked Siren" is seen diligently trying to teach her triplets the technique of oil paintingg Barbara Kelly, rather tired after working for her large family, is trying to keep her latest out of the paintg Al Donahoe is nowhere to be seen, but from the general conversation, I find that she is dramatic critic of the New York Times. Back to LowellhDotty Giblin is teaching English in her alma mater, the Lowell High School: Milly Kane, composer of many popular songs, is raising gardinias in her spare time. Mary Sullivan is doing social service work-time out for a plus for us for predicting correctly. Clara Dexter, as full of pep as ever, has opened an elementary school of her own-we thought as much. A glance at the surrounding towns shows Mabel Burnham mending a khaki uniform, Dolly Bancroft as radio announcer over a network that also features Jo Quigley as the "Kiddies Favorite Bedtime Story Teller" - let's hope that the youngsters appreciate all the practice that has gone with the recitalsg Rose Sodnowsky, happy at last that she may talk all she wishes, is the broad- caster for the cooking school of the air. Lowell's leading modiste, Esther Coburn, is a great suc- cess, Ruth McQuirk has opened a large orphan asylum, known as the McGuirkus Mansion for Motherless Mitesg in her faculty she has Ruth Rothwell, supervisor of reading. Loy Kiernan is the author of the "Advice to the Lovelorn" column in a Boston paperg Al McAnespie is back in Dracut to accept the position of principal of a nearby school. I see Shirley Shrager, proudly displaying her Nobel Prize Award of 1940 to Pat O'Connor, who runs the greeting card shop around the corner. Evie Stanley is the Director of the Girl Scouts of Greater Lawrence, furnishing a little competition for Vannie Turcotte, who has a troup of Boy Scouts in Lowell. Betty Nesmith is instructing her twins in the fine points of basketballg Mary McLaughlin is the hostess of a large aviation line tdidn't someone say that appearances were de- ceiving?j The sun discovers a few glints of gold in a children's hospital-you've guessed it-it is Mary Clifford, bringing beauty and light into the lives of the youngsters through her teaching of drawing. ?E ET' wit ' " A 'mf' " ' Nina Wfoicziulenas has opened a ballet school, in which she teaches piano as well. Ruth Kingsbury is on the Vermont Board of Education-nice work, Ruth, Ross Gately, with her husband as accom- panist, is a regular artist in the Community Concert series: Siranoush DerManuelian has gone to -Iapan for a more intimate study of the rice plantg Stella Macaione is manager of a childrens danc- ing act in vaudvilleg Mary McManus is supervisor of practice work in Medford-we're not surprised. In a sudden effort to pierce the fog, I try to establish the identity of a small group in Med- ford. It is Maddy Oldfield. surrounded by a group of children. who resemble Maddy greatly. If they're as lively as their mother, we pity poor Al. Milly Fuller is conductor of the Silly Symphony, featuring Harriet Donehue as Mickey Mouse. Emily Stewart is private governess to the Capone fam- ily in Chicago-who would have suspected it? Kay Kearns decided that she could teach a small group better, so she is married and raising her own music and sport class. jo Cosentino has stayed in her chosen profession, and has just completed ten successful years as kindergarten teacher in Methuen. Marg Haggarty is another school ma'am, teaching athletics in Lawrence High. I can't find Clara Aspden, for she is on tour, playing her violin in Europe. Mae Finnegan is post mistress in Terra Haute-their long search for someone who could keep the open post card news to herself was ended when Mae stepped in. VVe knew that her gift of silence would come in handy! Doris Gardner is travelling in China. Dot Barton is teaching music at the New England Conservatory: Edith Giles is head of a colored orphan asylum in Georgia -why don't you and McGuirkus exchange notes, Edith? If one had told me ten years ago that our demure Anna Scott would be managing a chain of Beer Parlors, I would never have believed it. Yet this is just what has happened. She goes around personally every night and closes up-a result of long practice. Marjorie Halloran is teaching sew- ing to the natives of Hawaii-still sewing strong. Anna Keller is paymaster in a large insurance firm-that register of hers must have established her reputation. Anna Tighe, plus a few degrees, is giving an extension course in "The Technique of Study- ing"-you ought to know, Anna! Irene Vernaglia, in a New York Beauty Shop, is doing fineg Mary Lanigan is there trying to sell her famous "Reduci-Tea, the Fat VVoman's Friendug Mary Warreii, unable to tear herself away from L.T.C., is now head janitor. Marion Quinn is now a M.R.S.-people like her don't stay in circulation long. Thelma Paignon's dimples proved irresistable also, as she has joined the ranks of the happily married. Hazel Bromley is still writing the Great American Novel and keeping one step ahead of her fourth graders at the same time. The mist slowly descends. Refreshed and at peace, l return to my native haunts. Maeter- linck's thought lingers in my mind, "The future is a word limited by ourselvesg in it we discover only what concerns us. and sometimes, by chance, what interests those we love." As a parting' word. we leave this advice-"Above all, to thine own self be true." SHIRLEY S. SHRAGER HAZEL HROMLEY - k T -1- f- 'i F Tsar-:f , ,f,m.r-,,.,. A ,,,,.,,3 Y K Y HISTORY QF THE CLASS CF 1934 lt is often said that history repeats itself, but with a half sigh and half smile, we admit that we cannot relive the days at Lowell Teachers College, but can only read to refresh our mem- ories. XYhy say that we entered the college doors as green freshies? Vve had so many ideas tgood. bad and indifferentp that we were going to run the entire system. XYe made our debut with the Freshman initiation, sponsored by the sophs. VVe were led tyes, ledl to the gymnasium. Lined eight abreast, we solemnly chanted, "O wha ta goo siam". VVe danced, sang, recited as we were bid, and received the award of one Hoodsie ltwo if you could lay your hands on themj. Now we were full fledged freshmen. Then came the Faculty Tea. The cry went up-what'll we wear? who'll pour? can we have more if we want it? The wives of the faculty members consented to pour, a splendid musical was given 3 the tea was duly drunk: and we had raised ourselves in the eyes of the school. After all, it is not only men who are approached through feed- ing. At this time we became vaguely conscious of words such as "initiative" and "splendid spirit". Since women were given the vote, politics entered into our lives. VVe elected Madeline Oldfield as president: Rossalie Gately as treasurer: lrene Mitchell as vice-president, Jeannette Cormier as sec- retary. As time went on, we congratulated ourselves on our choice. Their leadership was put to a test when we planted an oak tree on the front lawn in honor of W'ashington. This probably led to the adoption of the mighty oak as class tree, who knows? XYe set the precedent of an entire class going to a house party, when we went to Hancock, New Hampshire for the spring vacation. Latest reports show that the natives of that little town are still talking about our visit there. The barn dance was the hit of the party, one we shall never forget. NfVe acted as our own cooks, and the way that the girls worked together was a good omen for future parties. The decoration of the hall for the Senior Prom closed our activities for the year, and almost cleaned out the furniture departments of the local stores. The second year opened auspiciously with a luncheon, prepared by members of the class. Creamed salmon and peas was the piece de resistance-it's easy to see that we think much of the "inner man". The section parties, presented each year by the sophomore class, were off to a good start with the presentation of 'lTwelve Old Maids" by Section 1. This was a decided hit-perhaps in about ten years it will be rather pathetic to recall-let's hope it was a play, not a prophesy. "A Bache- lor's Reverieu, an original idea, by Section HI, showed a group of typical girls passing in review be- fore an old man. If the bachelor and old maids had been presented together, who can forsee results? Section fl's contribution was a minstrel show, with many unusual features, which closed the series. More than a passing word of praise should be given to Mr. Brase, who so patiently coached all per- formances. Following out our camp plan, we chose Camp Munasaka at Long-Sought-For-Pond in XVestford for the site of our spring trip. Four buildings were used, the recreation hall, the "Rest Home", the "Psycopathic VVard" and the chaperonesl cottage. Overlooking that now famous veg- etable salad, the meals were excellent. Our participation in the Pageant closed another year. The story was based on Revolutionary incidents, but if the British had seen us, there would have been no war-the soldiers would have died laughing at our costumes. A divided class returned for our junior year, for one third of our number was always at prac- tice school. Despite this handicap, we rallied for a supper and theatre party. VVill we ever forget Kate Smith in "Hello, Everyboclyu? Christmas, "the season to be jolly," saw Section VI responsible for the entertainment of the Christmas Bazaar. They certainly were entertaining, as they presented the famous barn dance, the quadrilles and the costumes that went with them. The calls were works of art-well, well-must be getting old to live in the past. To put the finishing touches on the Rus- sian project, a real Russian tea was held, with real samovars and Russian pastries. VVe certainly were a class that fed ourselves at every opportunity. Again we established a precedent with "junior VVeek." Like one of our famous for infamousj theatres, there was "something doing every minute, from nine ll 1 -Fi rfv1'--1--- 1.iaET.g?f "'T::P-":.a.11'sa-sue, ---- ,,,,. - ,, Y 'till three." The junior Bridge and Tea, the Junior Play, and the Banquet tfood againj and the Prom and banquet fwhat did we tell you?p were all perfect, we certainly "did it up right". What a mein- orable Year! Munasaka was visited twice, once for a week-end, and once for a week. Blue pajamas, ketchup, broken necks, flag raising-what a medley! Court trials galore-no one escaped. Graduation saw many of our members leaving, and our best wishes, tinged with regret at their departure, going with them. So onward to our Senior Year! Our first task was to elect a new president, as Maddy had ob- tained a teaching position in her home town of Medford. Many other faces were missing, and they left quite a gap in our midst. Mildred Kane was chosen to lead us through the trials and tribula- tions of our senior year. Nr. I-liscoe, as always, was our faithful advisor, without whom we would have been like the well known ship without a sail. In place of Jeannette Cormier, Catherine De- Courcey was elected to fill the office of secretary, and Yannie Turcotte remained our vice-president. One formal, and one informal, dance were held under the auspices of the Green Ridge Riding Club, a new organization of girls interested in horseback riding. Both were a tremendous success-this success business is a habit by now. A dinner party at "Pete-'s" was the most hilarious affair of all time. After eating tthat sounds familiarf, each booth of six girls presented a short skit. "Pocyhuntas" was one of the cleverest plays on words that has ever been heard, and save for the "sun" falling off the piano stool, the actors showed much poise. "VVild Nell", or "The Supreme Sacrifice", a heart rending drammer, was put on by another group. The piano stool played a big part in their exit, as two actors went tumbling over it in unexpected haste. "The First Night" lived up to its name and all expecta- tions. Investiture of caps and gowns struck a more solemn note in our lives. Garbed in the traditional academic costume, we were invested by President Clarence M. XYced. Another social success was the bridge and whist held before the spring vacation. Competition was keen for the consolation prize. On April 29, about 25 of us shed the last vestige of professional dignity and sought the refreshment and rest of the Tech Cabin in Dunstable. Although soon disillusioned about the rest, the refreshment proceeded in a satisfactory manner. A broken neck, a sudden immersion in a cold stream for one of our members, the thrilling rescue of a lost paddle, oranges at midnight, bridge at three in the morn- ing and a gala dance were the features of our last trip. The senior exercises, including a banquet, prom, class day activities and commencement were suitable climaxes for our years here. Again we thank Mr. Hiscoe, the guiding star of it all. Let not the future destroy what we have built, rather let it bind us together in bonds of stronger friendship. VVherever We go, we take with us these memories, invaluable and cherished re- minders of our college career. HAZEL LAMBERT HAZEL BROMLEY EDNA HQYT SHIRLEY SHRAGER ' -4. . - '44 aunni. f AUTOGRAPHS - f WMM M I 'S - Lis 1.1. ...M ..u'A.u4M' ii--..J..'.,, ul. ikhl.. AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS -1' V ,U ' , .mn wJg.uiTQ.e' '..L. 'MM' 'WK-'1i.4iCf Nr mu x v f-13 , 1' X ' J V ,. .. - . X1 , -. r 1 g A k .- ,. gp A, 1 7 K Q 5. I .. ,xf N . , 'C .., It YW. , hi, , " Q, 3.31, J -J. 5. wg.,- ' . al ' ' Sh ,un ' s I

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