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1 ' -Wi" -?".',-.-"Jf'3'I"Qf37F f -1: iw, -' , . '-, ,'l5fg3l - .Q W. ..1-if - J , f ..-. 1 wwf- ' ,- N 3.4 v 4 '. -' 1 . U 'fe f-:'Q-5 T' .1 -l"lM',Q A' 5 . . ' I 1 4:f.?"'f?4, I, H. . 'r.-fp: r:1 f ' ,?U,i '1,"J . ek A -L ff - :-.YN-'.-.ap ' L .. ,4- I J.. ,- q fg h :....'3l. A A :Ll lg: . jd Fifi! 1. - lf, A ..' ' yd, I r, F 1. . ., K- win.-sw hav,-,', . AE. AI, 2: ng 4' L.- .v 's5' 14-.'1 J"-."7g:' XZ 'Z' ".'f3'a'CQ"'.N . ., . ,-5' . - A.-,,,,-3.1941-x-px, . ,L f "GK . . 4 --2 .. F1 by 'A .f?f'yfEu 5lH x ' 1' , 3739-I' ' "' ' nr . . n .U ,wb-, . -. ... K..F, .. ,V - f -1 - " . 1 . b I , -f. A-.' .Q-V1 .,.4.::. 1' P , V... .. 1 'V -4-4 ., '- ..',, 3' .' M'-fee -'nw Sw I .5 f . 1 F- "' 1 f . .' ' . 7 Xa' ,rbivl 'M I.'v,?V , . A .c ,ar , 3 'V ' . '1.-,.."'-2.5-':,' F , . -A .- . -fu: n , f..' vi film, ,"fY lf, ' gn Q -. -1. 2. Y ., . I . . , ,A , , ' " ' :T J. 'V' ' gm I. 'Mp 3151.31 ?"., 'if J. ' ' . ,. - -1'- 1 ?lL 1::-1. 9-M 42'-' 4 4 , .4 'g'r.1,.A.'5: ' ' , -'L - Q' A 4. .52 mvrfvhb . ' - - , " -' ,r .,' X 'ng 1, -15, ,be-2.2" I, . ,A sy' A.vvr'n , f '. --1' "' I:-'M' . ..5g N- .. 1'f'v"ff i'?r .Zi TEFL 'H A ' . 1,1 '- '- . x ' 'L ' .- " . l ' ,Ay v , , E , 1 x 3- ng? 2L1""4 ' . Q.. ., Ii! ' .. .gi ...Q .Q 'T-'v O.. 7: , Q .'F:l- "gl, , L7 h- gf. . ,fy 1-,xi , Al,-" . - Q ll 'tg Qt' zur . 1 .1 .-I .' - '15'. ', - 'L ' Q 1 ,K ,, . , . L, A 1 V - J 'f 1 - - 9 J' 5 5 1 ,. - , 1:1 f f H I", . V, ' 9' A .".. ' .4 ', ga - .R .. ,, . xx ' ' 2, . .. 5 .2 . '--J-i. .- ' 5 ' '-."" fm . ,gi V 52? .A - L, , M :,.'-N M .. '. fx -' - ,. 1 . ., V ,, , .-j I, .A , f, SQ '. W' 5 -. f " 'N' 7 J. f fv Y ,4 :ffl .2f,x,, ,. A-,. ,, u x' K vi. , 1 lr. - Al Z? '43-li' , ' LR., v"QJ'l,pf-if xml- AY A '. -,j g -it-'S' " 4,1-A e"4 .I Y.. xi , . . Ag' I ' -, . R I Y x , 1. r fd' U . 5? ' I.. 1:,A - Q 4 -. . ' , .Q3f:g. x.'4 I' ' 1 . 1 Y V.-LA.. C- -w, 14, V 51'-1 1,4 .N ' 5 ff, FQ. . ' ' ,mi ' I - Vfiy-'..l.Q'575N x , -Qc i ' 1 M" - Q5:'A,i'i"Lf,i 'f ' ' .fH. buf? 1 zap.-l-,wgrl ., 'p'.-"::E- '. 9 5 :f , ,-.L., f.,. --., , ,- -'.. yd . V Lk.. .wg 1 ,. ,wp . . ..X 4 A , 4 V N I I . v s x ' -, FJ 1 I , .,Ly, , ' f... . 1. r V' 1 1 'S D, 1 . -- .Y. , , A .- -, .f,. ' 'H' zwIwi"', -.-'fff af -, -.,.. .,. .- '.'--z- ' ,, , 45.-gfa' ' a 4 V v . .... ef..-5. ' . .-- "' xr" . Y: Q. A -I ,-145-5 ' A-p' gm'- , V f 1. ,' 'L' - 'j ',,,:,f4:m , . " ,. mn-.1 s.1 A .,--.Q , .' - ws-' . .,g, .',,':, .LQ ,--,-V ' fu- ig' ' !" ' 'Al ' It--7 if . rf. . ,,-" 'f ,I A N' A ,- 3 ' . 1 u M if . ,. H R 1 r .yy Q. , ,. A A L L . ff., l f, v we : .J WA ,,', . M 9 -, 4 -. 'v ' -ff ,, AL' , . xr! A V- x wg: ,1-.-ml., . - x 1, -5 - V: r. --,' A. , , . .Aj '., .- tif, V . ,. .,,. , L At. fa, . J, ' ' ' ,-. .g .!s. X.- , .,v,-'WCW-' , 4 ' rf ' . vt. W -fi MJ , , :xi 'L - Q . . ,, , ' A ,.g1,,v,. .1 Tie' ' . L'w, . ' :W 1 A ff . "J- , 7 . ' . '-.f.,g1-1 -34,1 Q. 4-'Y' -X A . . .. fb -V 1 C H .3-if . W - M3 ,, .-1' ':. ,, 1 " 1 't- N---fx,. . , .,V,. 'H-w 1 JL-. 1. v..'- -,' nf, I 5-'mix' C1 4, . 1 4. .5 x , 'i V E,?,,Q rv, ' L ', 73 1. .. , A .. ,. ,gx , - . ' .L -'1'2"9 'J x, ' 7' J' ' - bf P' Ae-'P 1. ' V' ,fr N, , ISM. 1 'A f '- ' , :., , .'v ', ' e. 'wtf'-V ,A ,-, J . , - V 1 '- J.. gf... ,-. Us' - .il , ull' -.A , 'fl :" x . It rp 0: ., . H. M lt Lf I , -. UNIVERSITY of MASSACHUSETTS Harbor Campus Boston, Massachusetts C? 55 S'? - sf Q Q , 1 le gfzzfzaofameafl 0 0.4.406'l!JJ6fZ4 mlbdfdly fehzddaafwdeli - 2.400 if-5 ffm, faint, ,9'aZ,,M .ffdmamfmfa mmf OFFICE OF THE CHANCELLQR TlLl,MoN-4.17, 3.14.00 Dear Graduates: This Year Book will over the years rekindle for you many memories of your days as students at the Univer- sity of Massachusetts at Boston. You will look back on your classroom, library, laboratory, and extra- curricular activities with nostalgia, pride, and, I arn sure, appreciation for what you experienced here. Most of the Class of 1977 began their studies at the Park Square campus, others were part of the first con- tingent who came to the Harbor Campus on a clear, bright sunlit day in January of 1974. I am sure you realize that Commencement is a beginning in the life-long search for educational oppor- tunities, and I do hope that over the years you will be coming back to UMass!Boston to let us share with you, and you with us, the everchanging insights into the complexities of the society in which we live. I wish you the very best in all of your endeavors. It has been my rich and rewarding experience to have been associated with the men and women of the Class of 1977. Sincerely, Zafjzaa Carlo L. Golino Chancellor f.J af'-"fx ". -...-...4n......-....A.. , - Y L 3-3----'-' ' "' . . ,. - , . . ,. , - . - .. f- ----f-::,f,.,.--,.-,, ,-A.--,.-,V -,,-,-..,, . -. --.-A LI ,.,. - . . . , , . Mm , 1, ., MZ: v I I NL .U Q, U ,..,,4,,7:.a 7-.v1,w.J'c ."..f:V..-., .-:,:1.-5 f-4, 4 - ':-' ' 1 A " A 5 F'-,-:iff --:af-Tf.L'L'fff1-' -FJ-7'4"-,f-"11:f,2'vTfv5fQ?-5-- '. ,Wil E 1 '-:'.' - - " ' ' ' , ' ,-,:-'m.g4- 'asifil-1-ag ,-1115-' :,'u,,, ',-:5 1-.1 V...,-7 -2 .--- 7:-',g1 - 41' ' - -' . ' Y 3'-"4 fimffxf J" """"f""'i " +zzf'f4,g5:a1nuafq.f'19"""':-H-4"--,-.b-,ef4I.f,--f,-'- -f-g:'- --4 --0-rn -.5-tirshn-.g - fi, ,. .. JA -f By W e-1.7 7 -4, 'SL-,'...2gl-liar - ef' " 4- -""f -, Ja -- -J- ':- '- 'Y-P-ff ':-.3,-4-iflt..- ,.., + -2 -Q-P-1'-.'..,,"-"FM-sz: af ' ' -5"'?'--. 1 "' ' 1 :JF -A 1' f ,g--new A..-H if -kc, L..4 .1 --z'iL,f'fv"'-A. 1 -,,,....'Qf,- ,5 - 13 ..Z2,,:,,..' 1' ' 3' ' ,Q Q -K :Q--1 .-,-" f.---,, :..:,--Og,,9,,.,:,.:-"-1'..w--4-:,,.f 1-1 QQA1-4 --. 93 ., .1-5"'F"-fi V. ' "' ..- . -- ,a.--2I'vs'--- wg.- ---'--.4 ,.--ff' 1- -- -Q1 -- Mb- -- - - -Q -. - "' 31 fa X -1- I T Q K K Qi if 1 M 'wwmwwnw W N . - -if ag' ' - Q-,., . J wg-.1'4rA'w-'5f'f+f-ii-6'1'f+f ,W -W .sr 1-I. :HIE 5 I :QQ i iv! 5!iE!IIi I V ' P ,IIII I IIIIIII I ll ll IIHHII I 'rw Located at Columbla Polnt and servmg an urban student popula t1on wrth dlverse needs the Un1vers1ty of Massachusetts new Harbor Campus IS an lmportant add1t1on to the Massachusetts State Un1vers1ty System Founded 1n 1964 the Boston Campus of the UDlV8fS1ty of Massachusetts was orrgmally located at Park Square As a result the C1ty of Boston wlth 1tS l1v1ng h1stor1cal trad1t1on and ac t1ve cultural and lntellectual commumtles served as campus for th1s newly establlshed llberal arts instltutron From the start the school s enrollment grew steadily prov1d1ng low cost hlgh quallty educatlon well sulted and read1ly avallable to an urban population. A commuter school, whose stu- dent body includes many , -.. I u f' Y 'N Y L Y. veterans and reentermg students the UD1V6fS1ty of Massachusetts Harbor and Mldtown Campuses offer a career or1ented currlculum Many of the students attendrng U Mass are employed and the courses of study avarlable allow them to follow a currlculum related to thelr career goals wh1le ma1nta1n1ng hlgh academrc stan dards In prov1d1ng for the needs of th1s speclallzed student body the UMB successfully f1lls a vacuum 1n the academ1c com- mun1ty of Greater Boston and Eastern Massachusetts Alina?-N! Y I 1 ' ' 4.4 l I M , i. Alb we-,gm .AN-L, ? Q Q TTY! 17 in-uni:-un I lOl l l lol l ' ' i I V T ' ifi ii Lf I wi 5 1 , ' I wt., We N - Y. ' w ' ' ' 5. 12 -' 5 ' 522.5 ' 4 -',. I . A ' in .L 4 ',. wg-3 - Hu . v , qu A . U 1 . Q wi - 'HQ . - W, W bg "7 4 I . If V X , V gs x ' ' ' K wg' - I ' 12 NR? 'Q- S r tr' - Q W fflluul guna. 1:11. fii' SB!! na?"-i'm"' 5:55 - -.Jan 3' ' x fy u Jax" A 1 if xx V K - , g 1 ' . sg.. ' '- 2 2 , 1 ' 4,,3"'f,2 v Q- ,gg ij. , eff??7w' ' V -Q4 A-1 ,...-'-vaa'.:f'?' X :' I 4. ..- , , af' Hg lx f .- fr- 3 If Xyr V. A . U15 3 ,rw ' -Pj " A ,fy : "Jr , ,Ay 1,01-4 'X " 'iff if ff!! 5 -My 4 ,'u A ,, ' 4. 's,ig fi+fy? 'fa' ,lm ,-',afi'. .1 . I' , A. 1-+' J ,VZ 2, i ',.-Jl S .y,..l 3 Zvi 42-i,'??.1 1 'gr'-.iwj vga. ,-3 1. ,di-id, 5: A J 1. r A 1 f 5 5.11 I I 1 5 ,, 2 V .4i,i 'cc Q 72? . 5 'r -21 'I ffff2."ff34ls','-1mS".s Q 'v X 4 1 f L 1 Qfxiafggsi-l is-73 1-!4.?'i' gl 8.15.1557 C--xr'- -ff 'Nfl may by Qi I lt: -'-lf.,-"' 5 Q f' xf' AA, ff- H'f?, XX Q ,,, . -.f,......... . K ' , 12-P+' ' ' gs' -A I T .,1 M A 'I' .11 - -N Us s A "-Q A Mx . E 5 Swv ' "RQ Q , CJ YI 'Ce UA: X' 4'1 X 1-I i ll 1 I 5 4. in Q, 5- V- ' 1 h -. ..,L Q51 'Q - ' Q TW c ll i Activities made available to the Student at U. Mass Boston are predicated on two ideas. The first is the concept that the University has a responsibility to add to and be a part of its surrounding community. As a result, a community action program exists at the University and all students are encouraged to par- ticipate. The program helps students develop a sense of com- munity consciousness, while allow- ing for some practical experience in the field of human services. The community benefits through in- creased employment among its members and greater accessability to informational services. 1.01 The types of activities offered are also greatly influenced by the fact that UMB is a commuter school. As such, students are often on campus for a limited period of time. Many students come only for their classes and the depart. It is mon forum for discussion and expression of interest. A wide variety of clubs and organizations exist at UMB,ii ranging from the African American Societe to the Gay Peop1e's Group to a Peer gup- port Group designed specifically fto facilitate and support student needs.: necessary, therefore, to provide a com- 'Q N fb -1 f Q 1 Y ff Z'S2.wfg4Y ' 4 .4 4 1 NQEQ, -L- rkfd 1? jig Q20QC 1,lQ- .Q ,R A 5 l..."I"-1 SMX 9559 45,4 209 AD Ss 'Ay 9 QF I x Students are also encouraged to actlvely part1c1pate1n Umver slty governance Students may serve on the Unxverslty Assembly or on the college governance bodres or any of the1r comrmttees There are also numerous sports 3Ct1Vlt10S and games 1n whlch to become lnvolved 'fa 4 4 "Nr"- S3 +52-sf 3 'Meme gif ga 1 z 7" Kids gg l"t . Q Ks. 'L' q .. kb 1 X QI 1, X - , X v . . . . . - v Q X J . . . . ' p Q l 'VG'-f'I""T""-: - . , " -. ,. ,.,jf-figs af, ' , . - .. FlIzf65-2-E1'-5sG'f-. '-,b?A'-.A,', is ,f - "'s1"'3"bsiL',gx1'. ,! ',"'f-'rig ,., f . :-.w g grzj :IV l gr .ui I- "tiT:Qi.-Q1Ls. ',,e -f"'f11 i?'-"'. A fl . -axyi -J-,K-1: --1. -JI , ,--fi-Q5 11.4 fu - 271 0 i' -1'.:s:sigg - at 0 .., . - .,,,fg lj:-431.14 --1,-af -, - Y ,jyj-1.,,,1 ., ' glgiz .E 4, -. I f 1 -",."- f.'!-,.h--.,..- .'.1,-, .-'gh x' I , 'A K , ' ' A 1 H -ff: we-H i7-w-'- 27.1 Y.,,,,., J fgy. V: . 5 gf ..,1,p.,, rdf 'QA , f. ,' 9, -if f F. .fq - 1 P 4 1' - . , , ,, , 10. - . ' . ., Q V.,--Q , -I ,s-- QA., .M - M I I 1 va VW... n K I V, A .A W 1,55 'J 'I , U' ia fri. in i3::pg,,,A Lfl 4. - I I V . If Q. I ..,-gg 11,311 ij Q Q4 ,LI ,,.,f!,.,. -4- Q t 3: -, l f I . -. Q ' s K " I - f ' ,." 'i-.nlY"m V J l v7fQL""' T 5 1 lf V 1' '4 'S " I f ' ' 5 Q ' r,L-,w. M I if-T' , 1, K -' Q..-" ' I 6 f c I I O or , , 4 5'K A T x . - 5 ' . x X 1 Q L V . 'iv-A b , x . 0' , A . ,- ' I , 5 4 4 4 A ,A X in nu ' x sf N ' Q .W M. Often, college was a lonely place. New routines, new surroun- dings, new people making new demands on your time. The ad- justment was not an easy one. You wanted to meet people and make new friends, because people are an education. It's not the one you pay for, but it is the one that counts. The surprise came when you found out that almost everyone else was in the same position that you were. As you made new friends, U Mass became all that M3592 Gi? IW' V, .2 FQ LFJ 155, ,,- X.- you had hoped it would be. Now as 5 ' i your four years come to an end, you share the knowledge with all Q . GJ KU -St: 9' your friends that these have been if the best years of your lives. N5 'Z' l2 .QQ J, QC U fl 'i 1-1 7 6 'Ihr .ff -+.., .. - 397-..,,,.: vw vw Vivre F1 nw- MASS MEDIA AN POI T PRESS STAFF -warn'-ug? M Q - WD L. 2-1345-5-PL-.. Congratulations to the Class of 1977 JOURNAL PUBLISHING COMPANY "Publishers of the Mass Media" 327 Broadway Revere, Mass. 02151 Tel 16171 284-2404 Congratulations to the Class of 1977 GEMXPEERLESS ELECTRIC SUPPLY 1110 Washington St. 15 Garfield Ave. 8: Boston. Mass. 02118 Somerville, Mass. 02145 Tel 16171 623-8200 v E7- C11 IP cn cn H -3 ? o 5, :EZ 2 E3 iii 05 v-wCT fb :DO 332' Z Hmtxg O 3 woo D- CDI33 5.- 2 "-'fr Q., CD92 w as AS'-3 fD"'1 O SCH'-':1: 2.3. 'F D" 2' C CD rr Pgcn Z F4 cb 4. "1 "1-1 D' -:Cm Q37 ,-, U' V55 UQ S Q 5522 25 U' Q 33" P714 S3 a:eU 232 5 2 CD :CD 3 ' Emi Env-U U1 QOQ CIQH- w 331943: ob U3 H5 CMOS 9955 H1 -a'd"""5U Haw 'U N' X1 5 mm 2 92 54 K1 C3 E on E gg 5 0 :ka 'L' ' 5, E3 O if A 53 ws 1 2008 r' 34 Ov Zim P7 Sw 5 S12 '4 2395 , CZ G . m 5 Es lb E Q 5335 P 3' H QE. 5 Q3 Z3 2 53m 22 Sm b 1-1 ml: iq 0.0 D U1 og' fs wc: "U m 1-459 ,., SDP 'A oo I vp-95 CD I 2- gm o Q E11 Q 5, 5:11 9 52 CDES 0 CD 4 V Q 3 :sm 3' 'U 88 ' . 2 L-1UD cr U3 F' xi 2 as we fn a 95 3312 U90 +4 cn E we ,E 3 H rf S09 Food and S ' . -' Airfgse ii .I Cafeteria Best m-J lulm .L -L QV Hug 2- fx 5 '52 S UQ ,SIWL O D 451 I I ll'-2 AA H 'Af N. Weekly Money Saving Specials 2 ii S- if E? sl 1 l Q? I 5g,nv'- 'iii' WV g , ,A x . I O . 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'gh'-i" fz i viiagg , 4 U 5' ' y y: ,gy Q 1 'if - ' y ' '- , Q , pi n s, 1' Lzgg h g .H i, 'S K 1'1Q ,:j 'T -' 1 ,?' f3. 1 iw 'ga mw H -wax '1 1 ' , ' 1 1,4 ,.51g,F - ,.A,f.v1,m, - k ' 1 ,:, .- -1 55y,Q.,fg 5:b- 51.5-4 . L, Zi-fi?-fl +1 L, f":,.,-b u' , ff j g ,L J i wgij-I 4 :U X Lis, ,. , 'A :V 'w i f' 1 ' ,F X1 it ig 'gg i ' N2-6 : Q: 4 I-cf PHILIP C. ABRAMS Boston Massachusetts ROBERT CABREU Woburn Massachusetts LESLIE R AHERN Brookline Massachusetts ROBERT W AHERN Jamaica Plain Massachusetts DONNA B AJGAONKAR Baltimore Maryland MATTIE ALCORN Bryan Texas SHU RA ALI Boston Massachusetts BERNICE A ALLITTO E. Boston Massachusetts EMMANUEL FRANCIS AMADI Owerri Nigeria SYLVIAJ AMALFITANO Boston Massachusetts NICK ARANA Boston Massachusetts DAVIDJ ASHMANSKAS Quincy Massachusetts RICHARDM ASSAD ' Boston Massachusetts JUDITH M ATCHISON SANDRAM ATLAS Stoughton Massachusetts PATRICKM J BABINEAU East Millinocket Maine JOELCE BAKER BEY New Orleans Louisiana KATHRYN A BALLAM E. Boston Massachusetts JANE E BARRY Methuen Massachusetts PAMELAA BARRY Hingham Massachusetts LEON E BASILE Woburn Massachusetts MARIE E BASILE Lynn Massachusetts ELEANOR M BAULIS East Weymouth Massachusetts SUSAN D BAXTER West Roxbury Massachusetts I I I I I I I I I I I I I Quincy, Massachusetts I I I I I I I I I I DAVID F BEAN Marshfield Massachusetts .IAMESW BENTON helsea Massachusetts DEBORAH Z. LEVINE BERKS Boston Massachusetts CAROLYN D BERNARD Swansea Massachusetts DOREEN A. BETTANO East Boston Massachusetts SUSANNE M BIMBER Dorchester Massachusetts TOM BIRMINGHAM Stamford Connecticut ANN F BISHOP Medford Massachusetts MICHAELJ BLANEY South Boston Massachusetts LEE W. BLANK Sharon Massachusetts STEPHEN G BONDA Norwood Massachusetts WILLIAM J BOODRO ROBERT A BOYEA Springfield Massachusetts MARYLOU E BRADLEY Somerville Massachusetts KENNETH L BRADSHAW Port-of-Spain Trinidad W.l. THOMAS F BRADY Boston Massachusetts JOHN FRANCIS BREEN Dorchester Massachusetts MAUREEN T BRENNAN Hyde Park Massachusetts DONALDH BRIGGS III Lexington Massachusetts MARKG BRODERICK Roslindale Massachusetts ELISEA BRODEUR Randolph Massachusetts MARLENE IRMA BRODY Milton Massachusetts ARTHUR S. BROOKS Mattapan Massachusetts CLAYTON REYNOLDS BROWN I A . I I I I I I I I I Roslindale, Massachusetts I I I I I I I I I I I I Newtown Square, Pennsylvania ELIZABETH BROWNSTEIN Winchester Virginia LOCKSLEY H BRYAN Mattapan Massachusetts FREDERICK J BUNNELL JR Jamaica Plain Massachusetts JUDITH E BURKE Watertown Massachusetts TIMOTHYJ BURKE Boston Massachusetts MARILYN HILL BURRELL Boston Massachusetts PAULF BURTON Brighton Massachusetts HAROLD L BUTTLAR Canton Massachusetts DENISE T CAHALANE Dorchester Massachusetts THOMAS J CAHILL JR Boston Massachusetts ROBERTA J CALLA East Boston Massachusetts Quincy Massachusetts ANTONIO CARDILLO g Waltham Massachusetts JOHN PASQUALE CARVELLO Arlington Massachusetts ELIZABETH M CASEY Dorchester Massachusetts JILLF CASEY N. Quincy Massachusetts PATRICIA T CASO Somerville Massachusetts STEPHEN J CAVALIER Burlington Massachusetts MAUREEN A CAWLEY Boston Massachusetts MICHAELJ CEDRONE Randolph Massachusetts STEPHEN CESSO Roslindale Massachusetts JOAN M CHAISSON Auburndale Massachusetts ELIZABETH M CHAUSSE Medford Massachusetts ELLEN M CHERRY Medford Massachusetts CYNTHIA E. CANAVAN PINKY K. CHIN Brighton, Massachusetts THEODORA C. CHOCOS W. Roxbury Massachusetts ROSEMARY CLAYDON Fort Lauderdale Florida CHRISTOPHERS CLIFFORD Melrose Massachusetts ELIZABETH A CLOONEY Medford Massachusetts NOREEN MICHELE COLANNINO Revere Massachusetts DAVIDE COLMAN Hull Massachusetts DENNIS JOSEPH CONNOLLY Boston Massachusetts JOHN J. CONNOLLY Milton Massachusetts WILLIAM J CONNOLLY No. Quincy Massachusetts KAREN S CORBETT East Falmouth Massachusetts STEVEN G COSMOS Natick Massachusetts Roslindale Massachusetts LOUISE F. COTTY Dorchester Massachusetts THOMASM COUMING Dorchester Massachusetts NANCY M CRADDOCK Lawrence Massachusetts MARCIA J CRAIG Danvers Massachusetts DIANE MARIE CRAWFORD Billerica Massachusetts DENISEM CREMINS Arlington Massachusetts DEBORAH JOAN CROSSEN Revere Massachusetts CLAIRE E CUNNINGHAM Milton Massachusetts MARCIA A. CUNNINGHAM Nashua New Hampshire PETER W. CUTLER Cambridge Massachusetts KIRK CHARLES DALY Boston Massachusett- CHRISTOPHER COSTELLO EDNA M D AMATO W. Roxbury Massachusetts DOUGLAS F DAY Melrose Massachusetts HILDA F DEARBORN Medford Massachusetts DOROTHY ANNE DELROSE Watertown Massachusetts M THERESE DESMOND Milton Massachusetts DENISE MARIE DE STEFANO Revere Massachusetts NORMAN G DE VEAN Methuen Massachusetts MARIAN F DIOGUARDI East Boston Massachusetts LINDA M DISARCINA Somerville Massachusetts PAULA GILDA DI TULLIO Brighton Massachusetts WILLIAM P DONOHUE Melrose Massachusetts Medford Massachusetts ELLA DOWD I Boston Massachusetts JOAN T DOWNING Arlington Massachusetts BARBARA ANN J DOYLE ELLEN K DOYLE Sudbury Massachusetts IRENE DREW Cambridge Massachusetts WILLIAM MICHAEL DUANE Quincy Massachusetts MARY K DUFFY Quincy Massachusetts K HEATHER EBEY Boston Massachusetts SHEILAM EGAN Brighton Massachusetts JUSTIN S EKWA Widikum Cameroon Africa MARY PHYLLIS ENGEL Brighton Massachusetts MICHELLEA EVERLE Dedham Massachusetts RICHARD JOHN D'OVIDIO EGO ANAS EZEKWE Uli Nigeria Anambra FRANCIS X FALLON Revere Massachusetts JOSEPH A FANUELE Belmont Massachusetts MICHAELJ FARROW Woburn Massachusetts GEORGES FAYAD Weymouth Massachusetts JOSEPH D FERRARI Norwood Massachusetts NEALV FITZGERALD Boston Massachusetts MARY F FLANAGAN Lowell Massachusetts DANIELD FOWLER Malden Massachusetts RALPH E FRONGELLO Allston Massachusetts JAMESM GAFFNEY Lexington Massachusetts Boston Massachusetts MARIE GARNEY Weymouth Massachusetts LAURENCE J GATULIS Boston Massachusetts ROBERT G GATULIS Dorchester Massachusetts J JENNETTE GEIS Boston Massachusetts DANIELJ GIBSON Hyde Park Massachusetts WILLIAM J GILL South Boston Massachusetts MERTON J GILLIAM Plainfield New Jersey L GERARD GOERES Brockton Massachusetts PATRICIA M GOGGIN E. Weymouth Massachusetts FRANK IRA GOLDBERG Chelsea Massachusetts SUSAN M GORMAN Scituate Massachusetts SUSAN M GRAHAM Dorchester Massachusetts THOMAS ANTHONY GANNON MAVISY GRANT Port-of-Spain Trinidad W.I. JOYCE E GRAY Dorchester Massachusetts CHRISTINE A GREGORY Hanover Massachusetts JOAN M GREEN Arlington Massachusetts ELLEN GROSSE Dedham Massachusetts EVAM GRUBINGER Newtonville Massachusetts NEILJ GUARINO Everett Massachusetts NANCY KATHLEEN GULASH Easton Connecticut DONNAG GULBINAS Manchester Conn. MARIANNE E GULINO Quincy Massachusetts MONICA E GYEWU Boston Massachusetts Dorchester Massachusetts CAROLK HANNON - LOISM HANSON SO. Boston AACSSOCI'lUS8I"IS MARY K HARRINGTON South Weymouth Massachusetts CHARLOTTE W. HARRIS Mattapan Massachusetts JRENE FURY HARTFORD Night Train Alabama KATHLEEN E HARTIGAN Medford Massachusetts TERI L HAWTHORNE Roslindale Massachusetts KENNETH M HEGARTY Boston Massachusetts DELORES HILL Boston Massachusetts PAUL R HOLLERAN S. Boston Massachusetts ROBERT L HOMEYER Winthrop Massachusetts EVELYN M HOUTSMA Cambridge Massachusetts ROBERT G. HALLETT VIRGINIA HOVANESIAN Worcester Massachusetts BRUCE G. HUGHES North Abington Massachusetts CAROL A. HUGHES Wellfleet Massachusetts ROBERT F HUNTER Avon Massachusetts CARL FREDERICK IOVANNI Boston Massachusetts LEAROLE PEARL JACKSON Roper North Carolina MARK L. JACOBSON Randolph Massachusetts NUHAD JAMAL MARIANG JENKINS Baltimore Maryland CAROLA JESSOE Westwood Maine ACIE JOHNSON JR. Beaufort South Carolina SUSAN C. JOHNSON Brockton Massachusetts DARAN ANN JONES Williamstown North Carolina FARMION REGGIE JONES Washington District of Columbia Sierra Leone West Africa PATRICIAB KANE Hull Massachusetts FAYEZA KAOUK Aleppo Syria ELLIOT S KATZ Hull Massachusetts NORMAN O KATZ Brookline Massachusetts ANN F KAVANAGH Dedham Massachusetts THOMAS J KEADY JR. Allston Massachusetts KATHLEEN KELLETT Milford Massachusetts NANCYJ KELLEY Malden Massachusetts BRIAN P. KELLY Medford Massachusetts NATHANIEL BRIMA KALLON VIRGINIA MARIE KELLY No. Quincy Massachusetts ANN MARIE KENNEDY Brighton Massachusetts PATRICK J KENNEDY Quincy Massachusetts JOHN H KENNY Old Saybrook Connecticut LENNOX HAMILTON KING Georgetown Guyana GEORGE F X KINTZ Dorchester Massachusetts M BREDA KIRWAN Somerville Massachusetts HAROLD B KLESS Walpole Massachusetts CHARLES A KOCH Montclair New Jersey HENRY ANTHONY KOCHANSKI Maiden Massachusetts ELLEN R KORB Newton Massachusetts BRENTM KORENGOLD CORINNER KRAMER ' Dorchester Massachusetts HENRY JOHN KRUEGER Canton Massachusetts BEVERLY T LANE Saugus Massachusetts SUSAN M LANGO Southbridge Massachusetts CATHEJO E LANNON Salem New Hampshire THOMAS MICHAEL LANZILLO Arlington Massachusetts GERARD P LEAHY Arlington Massachusetts WILLIAM F LEAHY Arlington Massachusetts ANNA LEE Cambridge Massachusetts SUSAN M LEIGHTON Walpole Massachusetts EDWARD OLIVER LEITAO Medford Massachusetts MICHAELW LEONARD Mattapan Massachusetts I I I I I I I I I I I Minneapolis, Minnesota I I I I I I I I I I I I 5 as,- 'T-2 ,iq-K ,Wi-'rn' " -vit? " . P K5 gn , 'iw give: Af "5 'z ' ' . . , . - s 4 'M , , P' . lf' X ' 1 'E if '. ' .'.-,-"..+A V " i I7 tv, t may 1 ' X Q- :X c 5 Y 'M NS :A ik if 2 - i533 35,11 ,. I , , g,,.A:zg,am It So Qi I ,Riff 12.7 frm -i YXTDY DIANE R LEONE Medford Massachusetts BRUCEW LEVINE Newton Massachusetts CHARLENEA LEWIS N Quincy Massachusetts ELIZABETH ANN LINFIELD Randolph Massachusetts KATHLEEN M LINNEHAN Lowell Massachusetts JOANNAE LIPPOLDT Brighton Massachusetts JOHN P LITWINSKY Cambrudge Massachusetts Westtneld New Jersey WALTER C LUCIER Qunncy Massachusetts DAPHNE DELORIS LUNAN St Catherune Jamaica KATHERINE M LYNCH Branntree Massachusetts RICHARD D MAC CORMACK Hyde Park Massachusetts JOHN C MAC DOUGALL II Peabody Massachusetts MARIE THERESA MACONE EDWARD C MAC RAE Dedham Massachusetts STACIE E MADDEN Hyde Park Massachusetts SHANTEE MAHARAJ Boston Massachusetts RITA MANNING San Bernardmo Calrfornua STEPHEN D MANNING Wmthrop Massachusetts MARY E MARKUS Boston, Massachusetts MICHAEL L. MARDEN Malden, Massachusetts HARRY CHARLES MARKARIAN South Boston, Massachusetts GERALD S MARTIN Boston, Massachusetts ROBERT C. MARTIN Boston, Massachusetts I , XX I I I . I - f JAMESC.LOFTMAN px 1-Q xl' sql 5 f' Aff 1' -bl 3 nu., f Alt Atl 1 51 ff Sl 'i Nr' T""""f Q! Y' W 157' AY IH yxvf NANCYT MASON Buxton Maine ANTHONY MATTERA Revere Massachusetts JOYCEA MAY Chelsea Massachusetts FELIX U MAYERS Georgetown Guyana South Africa INNOCENT EMMY MBOLU JR Aba Imo-State Nigeria MARYI MC CALL Lynn Massachusetts KATHLEEN M MC CARTHY Readville Massachusetts BONNIE L MC CLORY MAGUIRE Brookline Massachusetts DANIEL JAMES MC DEVITT Hyde Park Massachusetts JOHN JOSEPH MC DONOUGH Braintree Massachusetts RITA M MC GAUGH Boston Massachusetts Medford Massachusetts PAULA J MC KAY Lynn Massachusetts WILLIAM D MC KENZIE JR Stoneham Massachusetts KATRINA M MC LAUGHLIN Quincy Massachusetts REGINA MARIE MC LAUGHLIN Dorchester Massachusetts THOMAS E MC MANUS West Roxbury Massachusetts WAYNE T MC MANUS Braintree Massachusetts FRANK MC NAMARA Weymouth Massachusetts THOMAS PATRICK MC SHANE Brighton Massachusetts BETTYA MEREDITH Boston Massachusetts MICHAEL JOSEPH MESKELL Arlington Massachusetts SUSAN E MESSENHEIMER Dracut Massachusetts ROBERT A MICKIEWICZ Boston Massachusetts BERNADETTE M. MC GLYNN yr B-JJ tu' '5"s..""'- 'stat' L NA' 5 Nl' '1""'? PXXFU... '18 -ar-ff Lf J 494' A 46555 ,sqm 'ur'-Q 1'-"Y i 4 105 'Rf -3 'Dx x. La-4 LAURA MILLER New York New York EDWARDM MITCHELL Quincy Massachusetts TONI M. MITCHELL Butler Georgia JOSEPH MOBILIA Somerville Massachusetts FRANCISCA CHINWE MOGHALU Umuoii Anambra Nigeria MICHAEL DENNIS MOONEY Berlin New Hampshire DONNA T. MORRIS Rome New York PAULA MORRIS Evanston Illinois ELIZABETH J MORRISH Boston Massachusetts ERNIE R MOTTOLA Revere Massachusetts JEFFREY MOY Fall River Massachusetts MARIE B MULROY West Roxbury Massachusetts HEATHER JEAN MUNRO Cohasset Massachusetts Milton Massachusetts GERARDM MURPHY Roslindale Massachusetts HATTIE M MURPHY Raleigh North Carolina JAMES T. MURRAY Norwell Massachusetts RICHARDW MYERS Dorchester Massachusetts PAULA C NAJARIAN Belmont Massachusetts MARY C NEE So. Boston Massachusetts THOMASW NOLAN Dorchester Massachusetts CARLA FURY NOLIN St. Louis Missouri PHYLLISJ NORDSTROM Westwood Massachusetts JUDITH A NORTON Brighton Massachusetts DIANE L. MURPHY Yr., W N64 "YW- fix m V15 Nd" su! F-nwf 'XID X651 VX-. 'N--. kv' 'NJ .1 o'c FQ. 2 fi A W, 1,4 A, '-V J' ,1- ffztifg , , .Aas9UA 4-4 - V -',, '!""1" Y fv-' MICHAELJ NOWLAN Winchester Massachusetts NANCY GAIL OBRIEN Malden Massachusetts PATRICIA M OBRIEN Quincy Massachusetts THOMAS O BRIEN Cambridge Massachusetts VERA H O BRIEN Quincy Massachusetts DANIEL E O CONNELL Boston Massachusetts OKWUDI OKEKE ODINUKWE Azia Anambra Nigeria OLIVER O OHADUGHA Amaigbo lmo Nigeria DAVID B O HAVER Los Angeles California THOMAS FULLER OHLSON Norton Massachusetts Randolph Massachusetts BARRYD OLLERHEAD Milton Massachusetts CLARE MARIE O MALLEY' Milton Massachusetts SOLOMON AYINWE OMODU Ndele Port Harcourt Nigeria ROBIN L O NEIL N. Walpole Massachusetts JONATHAN H OPPENHEIM Belmont Massachusetts ELSA ORJUELA Brookline Massachusetts ELLYMAY M O TOOLE Dublin Ireland STEVEN A PAGLIERANI Randolph Massachusetts MICHAELLEA PAMPHILE Dorchester Massachusetts ELAINE ANNE PANTANO Nahant Massachusetts BASIL PAWLYK Everett Massachusetts DAVID ALBERT PEARLMAN Lynn Massachusetts MARY DAMON PELTIER Sharon Massachusetts o I I o I I I I o I I - I I I . . I I I 1 I I BEVERLY BERMAN OLEM I u I I I I I I n I 0 I I I n I u I a I I I I I ,941 page If 'Y 'I VNS uk X A -4 X9 ,501 -A 4:4 Q :fi ' 1 :fli- I .:-Q A E' X I Wx 'AJ E xv NN my ,,x, V Q 1 if ,T U, j 7 I I f 'rlr I , Q , 'GC' ELIZABETH PERDOMO West Roxbury Massachusetts JEAN M PHILLIPS Boston Massachusetts ROBERT A PIERCE Milton Massachusetts CHARLES S POLCSA No. Weymouth Massachusetts NANCY J PORTA West Falmouth Massachusetts WILLIAMJ POWERS Saugus Massachusetts JODY L PRICE Brockton Massachusetts JAMES VINCENT PZEGEO Peabody Massachusetts HELEN F RAE Dorchester Massachusetts MARY L RAFFERTY Arlington Massachusetts RICHARDJ RAFTERY Randolph Massachusetts Santurce Puerto Rico EDMUNDJ RAPAZZINI Mattapan Massachusetts CLAUDETTE H RASH Dorchester Massachusetts LINDAC RAVALL Waltham Massachusetts NANCY MARIE RAVANIS Woburn Massachusetts JAMES MICHAEL REARDON Orwell Vermont PAUL J REDMOND West Roxbury Massachusetts FRANKJ REITTER Framingham Massachusetts ERICM RENDA Saugus Massachusetts COLIN D RILEY North Quincy Massachusetts PETER JOHN ROSSI Quincy Massachusetts STEPHANIEM ROZANTES Boston Massachusetts DEIDREA ROZENAS Brockton Massachusetts JUANITA MENDEZ RAMOS RICHARD J. RUFO Newton, Massachusetts PAUL L.D. RUSSELL JR. Malden, Massachusetts MARGARET K. RYAN Brighton, Massachusetts PHILIP J. RYAN Randolph, Massachusetts JANET E. SALVO Medford, Massachusetts ROBERT RALPH SANTOSUOSSO Arlington Massachusetts ALISON A SAUNDERS Hillbury Massachusetts EDWARD C SAUNDERS MEREDITH LYNN SCAMMELL FRANK SCARPACI JR Boston Massachusetts JOANNE SUSAN SCIARAFFA Avon Massachusetts BEVERLY BRENNER SHAPIRO Swampscott Massachusetts WAYNE RUSSELL SHARAF Lynnfield Massachusetts MARY E SHEEHAN Cambridge Massachusetts R WILLIAM SHEEHAN Malden Massachusetts ROBIN A SHERMAN Mattapan Massachusetts GARY M SHUMAN Revere Massachusetts Roslindale Massachusetts CALLIE J SMITH Jamaica Plain Massachusetts DOUGLAS F SMITH Medford Massachusetts RAYMONDW SMITH Cambridge Massachusetts RICHARD E SMITH Melrose Massachusetts SUSAN R TRAVIS SMITH Charles City Virginia BERNICE R SPEEN Brookline Massachusetts RICHARD M. SKEFFINGTON 95 Nl 6 49,5 Nv- -it "Y" 6 XJ 9 'JT mm 4.1 'wx '54 I Ck X LISA A. SOLANO Arlington Massachusetts DAVIDL SPURIO Medford Massachusetts ELLEN MAUREEN STORLAZZI Revere Massachusetts MARIA ANN STRAZZUILA Squantum Massachusetts PAMELA J. STROUT Marblehead Massachusetts KATHRYN R SULLIVAN Westwood Massachusetts ANNE MARIE TAMLYN South Boston Massachusetts ALOYSIUS W TEBO Batibo B da Cameroon BRIAN S TERRY Quincy Massachusetts ROBERTJ TERZIAN Winchester Massachusetts JANICE THOMAS Roxbury Massachusetts New York New York ROBERT F. TIERNEY Norwood Massachusetts DEBORAH A TORRES Somerville Massachusetts PAUL EDWARD TRAINOR Hyde Park Massachusetts MARK ANDREW TRAVERS Dorchester Massachusetts CAMILLE R TROPP Bayamon Puerto Rico DAVID ANTHONY TRUJILLO Corpus Christi Texas RACHEL TURNIER Haiti CLAUDIA A TWOMEY East Boston Massachusetts HISAO UEMA Osaka Japan NORMAN C UNDERWOOD JR Richmond Virginia LINDA LAWRENCE UPHAM Kingston New Hampshire ANITAI URLICH Hamburg Germany JUDITH L. THRALL JOHN GARY VALLELY Needham Massachusetts MARY E VANDEVANTER Washington District of Columbia DAVID J VASSALLO Kings Park New York CHRISTINE A VERWEY South Boston Massachusetts ANTHONY C VINYETS Boston Massachusetts JOHN M VLASSANIS Quincy Massachusetts DONNA MARIE VOLPE Quincy Massachusetts GEORGE E WALLACE Dorchester Massachusetts DAVID TA WEI WANG Cambridge Massachusetts NANCY WARECK Huntington New York DIANNE L WARSHAVER Marblehead Massachusetts GERI ANN WEINBLATT Sharon Massachusetts CAROLE A SMITH WERNER PHYLLIS M WESLEY Roxbury Massachusetts EILEEN ANN WHELAN Somerville Massachusetts THOMAS B WHITE Milton Massachusetts JOSEPH E WILLIAMS East Boston Massachusetts WENDY S WITTEN Saugus Massachusetts VICTOR R WOODROFFE Dorchester Massachusetts JOAN MARJORIE WRIGHT San-Fernando Trinidad YVONNE B YEE Brookline Massachusetts SPENCER L YOUNG Brookline Massachusetts JOSEPH M ZACCARDO II Medford Massachusetts JOHN E ZUCCARO JR East Boston Massachusetts I I I I I I I I I I I I Brookline, Massachusetts I I I I I I I I I I I ABRAMS, P. English, B.A., Table Tennis, Foot- ball, Reading 8. Making Money. ABREU, R. Art, B.F.A., Art Club, Photo Club, Health Club. AHERN, L. Psychology, Sociology, B.A., Counselor at Center For Alternatives, Teacher Cer- tification Program, Theatre Arts, Actress, Director of l'NEXT", Japanese-American Student Conference l75l. AHERN, R. Management, B.A. AJGAONKAR, D. Physics, B.A., Sigma Pi Sigma, College I Senate, Bridge, Travel. ALCORN, M. Sociology 8 History, B.A.: LOW, Black Studies, Prison Reform. ALI, S. Theatre Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Have Taught Martial Arts at University During Senior Year, Am Black Belt in Karate, Directed Play The Life 8. Times of J. Walter Sniuthers for Theatre Arts. ALLITTO, B. Biology, B.A. AMADI, E. Econs, Political Science, B.A. AMALFITANO, S. Community Change, B.A., Jazz, Gourmet Cooking, Peer Support, Personnel Committee, Neighborhood Award National Conference of Christians 8. Jews, CDAC 9, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights State Advisory Com- mittee. ARANA, N. Legal Education, BA, Specialize in Foxes, Disco Dancing, Celebrating Life, Fun, Basketball, Tennis, Strong Advocate in Drug Free Self Help Programs. ASHMANSKAS, D. Politics-Philosophy, Student Activities, RSO, Media 8. Publication, Social Events Coordinator. ASSAD, R. Psychology, B.A., Tutor of Psychology. ATCHISON, J. Art 8. Communication, Masters, Point Press, LOAM Staff. ATLAS, S. Econ, BA, College of Arts 8 Sciences Counselor in Amherst, Proiect Place Hot Line 8 Drop in Counselor, Youthful Offender Proiect, Swim Team Coach in Camp. BABINEAU, P. History, B.A., Travel, Writing, Volunteer Work, Com. Against Racism, Swimming. BAKER-BEY, J. Black History, B.A., Chairperson, lmani African-American Student Society T975-76, I976-77, Theatre Drama. BALLAM, K. English, BacheIor's, LOAM Magazine-Poetry Committee, WUMB- Entertainment Critic, French Club. BARRY, J. Management, B.A., Student Gover- nance Committee, University Budget Committee, Management Society Multi-Campus Budget Com- mittee, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment. BARRY, P. Psychology, B.S., Water Safety Instructor, Tennis Instructor, Photographer. BASILE, L. History and English, Bachelor of Arts, Contributor to Civil War History, A Journal of the Middle Period, Editor of The Andersonville Diary of Amos E. Stearns. BASILE, M. Psychology 8. History, B.A., Psychohistory, 8. Counseling, Ethnic Groups, Also an Interest in Esoteric Knowledge. BAULIS, E. Russian, BA. BAXTER, S. Art, B.A., Chairperson of Photo Perspectives, Art Club, UMB Choral Group, SAC, Exhibited in Harbor Gallery, Published in IOOM Mag. BEAN, D. Mgt, BA, Society for Advancement of Mgt, Finance Concentration, Sailing, Photography. BENTON, J. English, Bachelor of Arts. BERKS, D. Art, B.A. BERNARD, C. Sociology, B.A. BETTANO, D. Sociology, Sociology-B.A., Worked at Financial Aid Office During School, Like to Listen to Music and Enioy Good Time with Friends, Plan Marriage in Sept. BIMBER, S. Mathematics, BA. BIRMINGHAM, T. History, B.A. BISHOP, A. History, B.A., Swimming, Squash, Dean's List. BLANEY, M. Accounting, Management, Hand- ball, Intramural Basketball. BLANK, L. Politics, B.A. BONDA, S. English, Bachelor of Arts. BOODRO, W. Economics, B.A. BOYEA. R. Management. Bachelor of Arts, Main- Highlights Of the Graduates Cf 1977 tain Dean's List Average, Am Interested in Basket- ball, Play Intramural Hockey at U Mass. BRADLEY, M. Sociology, BA, Dean's List Four Semesters, Interests Include Sports and Working with Troubled Children. BRADSHAW, K. Sociology, B.A., To Do the Best Possible Job at Whatever I Do in Life. BRADY, T. English, BA. BREEN, J. Econ-Psych, B.A., Athletics, Reading. BRENNAN, M. Sociology, B.A. BRIGGS Ill, D. History, Psychology, B.A., Teacher Certification Program, Interested in Special Educa- tion. BRODERICK, M. Sociology and Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, B.A. BRODEUR, E. Politics, BA. BRODY, M. Music, B.A., Chorus, Returning Women Students Program, Assisted Piano Class, Great Sense of Accomplishment, I Did lt! BROOKS, A. Economics, BA, Co-Founder of Black Ghetto Theatre Co., Director of Drama 8 Dance Series-S.A.C., Love Singing, Love Writing-Short Stories, Poetry Etc. BROWN, C. Art History, B.A., Harbor Art Gallery. BROWNSTEIN, E. Biology, B.S. BRYAN, L. Political Sci., BS, Member of SAC Three Consecutive Years, Chairman S.A.C. Media and Publications I76-77', Member of University Assembly, '74-75' Secretary of College I Senate '74-75', Co-Founder and Secretary of IMANI 76- 77 BUNNELL JR., F. Politics, B.A. BURKE, J. Soc, Psych, BA. BURKE, T. Management, B.A., Management Society 76-71. BURRELL, M. Black Studies, Bachelor Arts, O.S.O. Chorus, Freshman Counseling 8 Orienta- tion, Campus Tour Guide lOpen Housel, Commencement Hostess. BURTON, P. English, B.A., Plan to Re-Enter Professional Journalism Upon Graduation, Per- sonal Interests, Writing, Sports, Boston and Its People. BUTTLAR, H. Math, BA. CAHALANE, D. Economics, B.A. CAHILL JR., T. Private Management, Manage- ment, Governance Committee, Management Newsletter, Intramural Softball, Management Society. CALLA, R. Psychology, BA, Dance, Swimming, Sailing, Enjoy Drawing and Painting. CANAVAN, C. Sociology, BA, Interest Is Traveling-Has Traveled to England, Spain, France and Ireland. CARDILLO, A. Italian-English, BA, Member of Italian Club, Vice President of Italian Club, Senator from the Italian Department. CARVELLO, J. English, BA, Religion, Baseball, Mom, Apple Pie. CASEY, E. English, BA. CASEY, J. Eng., Psych., B.A., Tutored in Elemen- tary School for 4 Yrs., Double Maior, Spring Trip to Bermuda, Linda Mae's, Library, 4th Floor Lounge, Finals, Graduation. CASO, P. Sociology, B.A., Parties Up College I Caf, Softball Champs and Volleyball Champs, All the Good Times with All My Good Friends Eastie's. CAVALIER, S. Sociology, B.A. CAWLEY, M. History, Bachelor of Art. CEDRONE, M. Mathematics, BA, Math Club, ln- tramurals, Member University Senate. CESSO, S. Politics, Bachelor of Arts, Swimming Instructor, Politics, Dean's List, Weight Lifting, Teacher Certification Program, College Democrats, i975 College Democrats Presidential Caucus. CHAISSON, J. Legal Ed, BA. CHAUSSE, E. Psychology, B.S. CHERRY, E. History, BacheIor's BA. CHIN, P. English, B.A., Asian-American Society, Ping Pong Days, Bowling League, Memories of Park Square Campus, J.W. and Special Thanks to Howy 8. Sandy, Ge 274. CHOCOS, T. English, BA. CLAYDON, R. Art History, BA, Harbons Art Gallery, Student Representative on Art Curriculum Committee. CLIFFORD, C. Art, B.A. CLOONEY, E. Sociology, B.A., Secretary-Polish Club, Hang Gliding. COLANNINO, N. Biology, Bachelor of Arts, Biology Club, Italian Club, Ski Club, Sailing Club. COLMAN, D. Biology, B.A., Hillel Club. CONNOLLY, D. Chemistry, BA. CONNOLLY, J. Chemistry, B.A. CONNOLLY, W. Economics, B.A., Economics Society. CORBETT, K. Philosophy, B.A. COSMOS, S. Art, B.A., Student Art Show 76 8. 74, LOAM, Dada Club. COSTELLO, C. History, B.A. COTTY, L. Psychology, Law 8 Justice, BA. COUMING, T. Sociology, BA, Day Care Policy Advisory Board, Bookstore Boycott, Col. ll Senate, University Assembly, Comm. to Reinstate Paddy Quick, Indep. Socialist Action Grp. CRADDOCK, N. Anthropology, B.A., Anthropology Club, Anthropology Curriculum Committee. CRAIG, M. Psychology, BA, Volunteer Woman's Health Counselor. CRAWFORD, D. Biology, BA, Biology Club, Food 8. Nutrition Club, Hoping Someday to Photosynthesize, Attempting to Purify CP668. CREMINS, D. History, Women's Studies, B.A. CROSSEN, D. Economics 8. Management, B.A., Management Society, Economics Society, Osco Scholarship, Ski Club, Dancing. CUNNINGHAM, C. Political Science, B.A. CUNNINGHAM, M. Community Change S. Management, B.A. CUTLER, P. Art, Psychology, Bachelor of Arts, Photography Editor of Mass Media, Photography Club, Loam, Literary Magazine, Staff, Winner of I976 Nikon Nutshell Photography Contest, Public Relations Photographer for U. Mass, Dean's List. DALY, K. Biology, BA, Academics Are in Biobehavioral Disciplines, Have Been an Avid Back-Packer for IO Yrs. D'AMATO, E. Business Management, B.S. DAY, D. Politics, B.A., Haberdasher, Interested in Camping and Ecology. DEARBORN, H. Soc., Psych. BA, Secretary-Older Students Organization Volunteer, Mental Health Research-Lt. Gor's Of- fice-State of Mass. DELROSE, D. English, B.A., Pre Pro Childrens Librarian, Skating, Skiing, Camping. DESMOND, M. Art, B.A. DE STEFANO, D. Psychology, B.A. DE VEAU, N. Management, Bachelor of Arts, Management Society, Softball, Frisbee, Partying, Furthering My Education, Graduating. DIOGIJARDI, M. Psychology, B.A. DISARCINA, L. Sociology, BA. DI TULLIO, P. French, B.A. DONOHUE, W. Biology, Bachelor of Arts. D'OVlDlO, R. Sociology, B.A. DOWD, E. Psychology 8. Black Studies, B.A., Prison Reform, Education, Travel, to Live in a Small Town. DOWNING, J. Psychology, BA. DOYLE, B. Bio-Behavior Concentration, B.A., Racketball, Martial Arts, Painting, Archeology. DOYLE, E. Mathematics, B.A., Mathematics Club, Tutorial Services, Institute of Learning and Teaching. DREW, I. Art, BA, Art Club, Tutor, Student Senator, Nantucket Program. DUANE, W. Biology, BA, Physics Club, Elec- tronics Lab. DUFFY, M. Sociology, BA Lib. Arts, Work 8 Volunteer with Retarded Children, Four Years Boston Public Schools, Also Two Years St. Johns, Tennis, Oil Painting, Horseback Riding, Guiney Neats. EBEY, K. Ethics, Social 8 Political Philosophy, B.A., Interested in Economic and Social Systems and the Organizdtion of Labor Leading to the Development of Individual Potential, Travel, Photography. EGAN, S. English, B.A. EKWA, J. Management, Sociology, B.A., Teacher's Cert., President Cameroon Students' Union, Member American Management Associa- tion, Took Part in International Development, Member World Affairs Council. ENGEL, M. Music, B.A., Transfer from Mass Bay Community College, Chorus. EVERLE, M. Psychology, BA. EZEKWE, E. Biology, B.S. FALLON, F. Eng-Sociology, BA, World Affairs Society-Mass Pirg, Politics Society, Probation Counselor Small Claims Court-Skiing-Basket ball. FANUELE, J. Psychology, B.A., Administrative Asst. for Pre-Freshman Program, Academic, Vocational Counselor for Veterans Educational Training Programs, Psychology Club, Honors Stu- dent. FARROW, M. Politics, B.A., Law 8 Justice Concentration, Ski Club, Dean's List. FAYAD, G. Music-French, B.A., Music Major, French Major, Jr. Year of Study in Paris, France. FERRARI, J. Biology, B.A., Biology Club, Pistol Club. FITZGERALD, N. Political Science, B.A. FLANAGAN, M. Human Growth 8 Development, B.A., Counseling, Sailing, Riding. FOWLER, D. Economics, BA, Tennis, Handball, Chess, Mountain Climb to the Summit of Mt. Washington. FRONGELLO, R. Sociology, BA, Flying Solo on Clear Autumn Days, to Get My Commercial Pilots License. GAFFNEY, J. Management, B.A. GANNON, T. Political Science, Bachelor of Science, Law and Justice Intern As a Probation Ot- ficer, Politics Dept. Intern at Boston City Hall, Politics and Sports. GARNEY, M. Sociology, B.A., Law and Justice Concentration. GATULIS, L. Economics 8 Sociology, B.A., In- tramural Hockey 8 Volleyball, Economics Society, Double Major in Econ. 8 Soc. GATULIS, R. History, B.A., Intramural Hockey, Volleyball. GEIS, J. Art, B.A. GIBSON, D. Politics, B.A., Student Government, Mass Pirg Small Claims Court Counciller, U. Mass. Sailing Club, U. Mass Ski Club, Politics Intern-Washington D.C. GILL, W. Biology, Anthropology, B.A., Intramural Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Handball, Anthropology Society, Biology Club, WUMB Sports Irish Historical Society, Ski Club. GILLIAM, M. Individual-Soc., B.A., Current Presi- dent of Older Students Organization, Past City Councilman of Plainfield, N.J. GOERES, L. Psych, Soc, B.A. GOGGIN, P. Psychology, B.A., Interested in a Career Working with Old People, Enjoy Tennis, Bicycling, and Most Other Sports, Graduate School ls in the Future. GOLDBERG, F. English, B.A., Photography, Music. GORMAN, S. Sociology, B.A., Transfer Student from University of New Hampshire, Dean's List. GRAHAM, S. Spanish, Bachelor of Arts, Married, Interested in Teaching Bi-Lingual Children. GRANT, M. English, B.A., Women's Self-Defense, Yoga, Massage, Member of Prison Reform Organization, Tutored Residents at Walpole Prison, Tutored Children with Learning Disabilities at Tham Clinic, Tutored Freshman Eng. U. Mass., T.C.P. Program. GRAY, J. Human Growth 8 Development, B.A., Haven't Participated in Too Many Activities, Dan- cing, Skating, Plan to Continue for Masters in Anthropology. GREGORY, C. Art, BA, Painting, Photography, Writing, Reading, Billy, Daphne, Aug. I3, Green, N.Y. Friends, the Folks. GREEN, J. English, BA. GROSSE, E. Psychology, B.A., Secretary, Tennis Club Jan-May 76, Volunteer, Day Care Center I976, Interests, Tennis, Swimming, Frolicking. GRUBINGER, E. Human Development and Religion, Am Proud to Have Finished School and Received My Degree. GUARINO, N. Sociology, B.A. GULASH, N. Psychology 8 Sociology, BA, Swim Club, Yoga, Tennis Club. GULBINAS, D. Psych, B.S. GULINO, M. Sociology, BA, Community Volunteer Tutor, University Year for Action. GYEWU, M. English, BA, Member of Black RSO's, Travelling, Reading, Married, Three Kids, Three Years Nursing Exp., Medical Transcrip- tionist, Secretarial Skills. HALLETT, R. Psychology, Sociology, B.A., Staff Member, Center for Alternatives. HANNON, C. Sociology 8 Psychology, B.S., B.S., Alpha Kappa Delta, Sociology Honors Program, Tennis Club, Older Students Organization. HANSON, L. French, B.A. HARRINGTON, M. History, B.A., Dean's List, 4 Years, Spring Trip to Bermuda, Linda Mae's Library 4th Floor Lounge, Finals, Graduation. HARRIS, C. Community Change 8 Housing, B.A. HARTFORD, I. Physics, Ph.D., I'm Takin' a Dive, Happy Birthday Carla, It's More Than a Feeling, Bobby Champagne School of Mirrors lLine Layerj, Hog Riding Fools lUgly, Fast, Loyall. HARTIGAN, K. Sociology, B.A. HAWTHORNE, T. Sociology, Bachelor of Science, Bowling, Dancing, Swimming, Reading, Getting Out of School Finally. HEGARTY, K. Media, Public 8. Community Ser- vices, B.A., B.A., Asso Feature Editor T972 Mass Media, Treasurer Flying Ey Arts Society l975, Four Years-Grabtree Scholarship. HILL, D. Sociology, B.A., My Interests Are Model- ing and Criminology and in an Attempt to Pursue Both I Am Seeking a Law Career. HOLLERAN, P. Management, B.A., Regatta Sail- ing, Ice Hockey, Racquetball, Piano. HOMEYER, R. Biology, B.A. HOUTSMA, E. English, B.A., American Literature Concentration. HOVANESIAN, V. Biology, BA. HUGHES, B. Politics, AA Politics, Student Intern-Old Colony Planning Council. HUGHES, C. Housing, B.A., Mother, Community Organizer, Craft Instructor. HUNTER, R. Economics, Bachelor of Arts. IOVANNI, C. Anthropology, Biology, Biobehavioral Concentration, B.A., Member of Anthropology Club, Member of Biology Club, Member of Italian Club. JACKSON, L. Sociology 8 Blk Studies, B.A. JACOBSON, M. Psychology-Sociology, Bachelor of Arts. JAMAL, N. Politics 8 Philosophy. JENKINS, M. Legal Education, B.A., Legal Intern, Interest-Counseling, Consumer Advocate. JESSOE, C. English, B.A., Chorus 3,4, Copy Editor, Mass Media, Co-Division Head and Founder of Point Press, SAC Member 4, T.C.P. Tutor at Dorm. JOHNSON JR., A. Housing Management, BA, SAC Member. JOHNSON, S. Sociology, B.A., Teacher Certifica- tion Program, I Am Interested in Art, Music, and Sciences. JONES, D. Sociology, B.A., Member of Ujima Society, My Interests Are Designing Clothing 8 Be- ing Active Within My Community. JONES, F. Econ 8 Music, BA. KALLON, N. Political Science, B.A., I Have an Associate Degree in Applied Science from Chambenlayne Junior College, an Active Member of the International Organization. KANE, P. Psychology, B.A. KAOUK, F. Economics, Physics, B.A., B.S., T975 8 I976 President,: "Arabic Student Union, U.Mass, The Pyramid Musical Group "Boston" Member, Backgammon's Champion. KATZ, E. Sociology, BA, Student Veterans Union, Student Senate. KATZ, N. Psychology, B.A. KAVANAGH, A. Sociology, BA, Completed Teacher Training Program in Elementary Ed., Special Interest, Reading Specialist. KEADY JR., T. Political Science, B.A., Mass PIRG-Small Claims Court Advisor, Tennis Club, Sailing Club, Politics Society, Pre Law Society, DYLM-DUT-ILY. KELLETT, K. Business Management, B.A., Management Society, Sailing and Tennis Club. KELLEY, N. English, BA. KELLY, B.. Politics, B.A., Politics Society, In- tramural Hockey, Budget Committee l75-76I, Ski Club, Internship Program in Washington D.C., T974 lEdward Kennedy and Adlai Stevenson IIIJ. KELLY, V. Psychology, B.A., Senior Honors in Psychology. KENNEDY, A. Biology, B.S., Biology Club. KENNEDY, P. Mass., BA, Dean's List, Photography, Austrian Navy, Soccer, 1975 Rhode Island to Boston Marathon Semi-Finalist. KENNY, J. Psychology, Sociology, Bachelor of Arts, Senior Honors Seminar in Psych., Hopefully Graduate School in Clinical Psychology. KING, L. Bio, BA, Coordinator Cultural Events Subcommittee IMANI, Pres. Foreign Students Association T976-77. KINTZ, G. Music, B.A., Music Club, Intramural Flag Football, First Place Weightlifting Contest in Super Stars. KIRWAN, M. Psychology, Sociology, B.A., Mass Media, Academic Affairs Committee, Day Care Advisory Board. KLESS, H. HG 8 D, BA, Moth Tutor, Whittler, Space Exploration. KOCH, C. Chemistry, B.A., Chemistry Club, Cosa Nostra. KOCHANSKI, H. Business lMarketingt, BA, Marketing Program for Professionally Speaking, Member of The Management Society, Internship in Sales-Marketing. KORB, E. Sociology, Concentration in Latin American Studies, Bachelor of Arts, Honor Stu- dent, Spent 2 Summers in Mexico for Both Cultural 8 Academic Experiences, Interest in Multi-Cultural Experiences Here and Abroad, Continual Ad- vancement in Spanish, Interest in Social Work, Candidate for Dept. Honors in Sociology. KORENGOLD, B. Spanish, Bachelor of Arts, International Students Club, Tutor-Teaching English As a Second Language. KRAMER, C. Music, Bachelor of Arts, Music Club, Madrigal Society. KRUEGER, H. Management, B.A., Originated Mgmt Society, Member 76 8 77, Party, Squash. LANE, B. French, B.A., Enjoys Traveling, Paris, Tennis, Skiing. LANGO, S. Anthropology, B.A. LANNON, C. Double-Philosophy, Psych, B.A., Likes Art 8 Previously Employed in This Field, Interested in Childhood Development and Early Education, Works at a Day Care Center, Plans to Receive M.A. 8 Ph.D. in Related Field. LANZILLO, T. Physics, B.A. LEAHY, G. History, B.A., History Tutor, Co- Directed Freshman Class Play. LEAHY, W. Political Science, BA, Park Square, Sullivan's U Mass Boozers lChorter Memberl. LEE, A. Biology, Bachelor of Science. LEIGHTON, S. Psychology, Bachelor of Arts. LEITAO, E. Anthropology, B.A., Medicine, Medical School. LEONARD, M. Biology, BA, Biology Club. LEONE, D. Biology, B.A. LEVINE, B. Biology, BA, Survivor of Organic Chemistry. LEWIS, C. Economics, B.A. LINFIELD, E. Legal Services, Bach. LINNEHAN, K. Spanish, BA. LIPPOLDT, J. Eng, Soc, Women's Concentration, B.A. LITWINSKY, J. Legal Education Services, B.A., Youth Worker, Dept of D.Y.S. Interests, Chess, Ten- nis, Uldo, legal. LOFTMAN, J. Economics, B.S. LUCIER, W. Political Science, BA, B.M.O.C., College Il, Intramural Soccer Team. LUNAN, D. Theatre Arts, BA, International Stu- dent Org. LYNCH, K. Psychology, BA, Tennis Club. MAC CORMACK, R. Economics, B.A., President Economics Society 76-77, Student-Faculty Advisor 75-76, Editor Economic Society Newsletter 75-76. MACDOUGALL II, J. Psychology, B.S. MACONE, M. English, B.A., I Enioy Tennis, Skiing 8. Partying During Midterms 8 Final, Academical- ly, I Like English 8 Foreign Languages. MAC RAE, E. Management, Bachelor of Arts, Management Society, Intramural Hockey, Hotel 8. Airlines Industry. MADDEN, S. Management, Science, Skiing, Creative, Reading, Party, Snow, Plants, People, Photography. MAHARAJ, S. Psychology, BA, Swimming, Loves to Travel 8 Meet People of Different Culture, Did Extensive Research on Asian Psychology. MANNING, R. Philosophy, BA, Philosophy Club, U Mass Chorus. MANNING, S. Politics-East Asian Studies, Bachelors of Art, Community Volunteer Tutors, East Asian Studies. MARCUS, M. Theatre Arts, B.A. MARDEN, M. Biology, B.A. MARKARIAN, H. Marketing, Management, Pres. Mgmt. Student Governance, Member Student Ad- visory Committee, Academic Mgmt. Standards Comm., lntramural Basketball, Football. MARTIN, G. Anthro, BA. MARTIN, R. Psych., B.A., Theatre Arts, Human Sexuality Center. MASON, N. H.G. 8 D., B.A., Peer Support, Writing, Reading, Working with Children, Disabl- ed Students Center, Music. MATTERA, A. History, B.A., Sports Involvement, Personal Satisfaction, Music, Helpfulness in Life. MAY, J. Art, B.A. MAYERS, F. Biology, Bachelor of Science. MBOLU JR., I. Bus. Management, Economics, BA, Sir. Fegel Knox Student, Int'n. Students Asso, Economics Club, SAM, Member, Educators to Africa, Tennis, Swimming, Travel, Photography. MC CALL, M. Human Growth, B.A., College III. MC CARTHY, K. Biology-Anthropology, BA. MC CLORY-MAGUIRE, B. English, Sociology, BA, Secretary, Chairperson Pro Tem, Student Ac- tivities Committee, I975-I976, Traffic Director, WUMB, I974, Day Care Policy Advisory Board, 1974-1975. MC DEVITT, D. Sociology, B.A., Sailing, Skiing. MC DONOUGH, J. Management, B.S. MC GAUGH, R. Mathematics, B.A., Sports, Com- puters. MC GLYNN, B. English, Bachelor of Arts, Soft- ball 3-4, Volleyball 3-4. MC KAY, P. Music 8. French, B.A. MC KENZIE JR., W. Biology, B.A., Undergraduate Research Participant QNSFI, Stu- dent Coordinator-URP Seminars. MC LAUGHLIN, K. Management, B.A. MC LAUGHLIN, R. Sociology, Psychology, B.A., Sociology and Urban Social Service Concentra- tion. MC MANUS, T. Biology, B.S., Biology Club, Economics Club. MC MANUS, W. Economics, B.A., Intramural Basketball Championship. MC NAMARA, F. History, B.A., Sports, Dean's List. MC SHANE, T. Management, B.A., Law 8. Justice Committee, Politics Society, World Affairs Society, S.A.M., University Assembly, Mngt. Program Comm., Mass Media, DH-3. MEREDITH, B. Housing 8. Urban Dev., B.A., O.E,S., Housing for Low-Income Residents, Hous- ing Manager. MESKELL, M. Biology, BS. MESSENHEIMER, S. Political Science, BA. MICKIEWICZ, R. Management, Psychology lDoublel, B.A., President: U Mass. Rifle 8. Pistol Club, Small Claims Advisor, Mass. P.l.R.G., Management Society, Pre-Law Society, Weightlif- ting, Target Shooting. MILLER, L. Human Growth and Development, B.A., Member of Certificate Council, Tutor, Counseling, Music, X-Country Skiing. MITCHELL, E. Biology, BA. MITCHELL, T. Soc, Blk Studies, B.S. MOBILIA, J. Physics and Mathematics, B.A., Var- sity Basketball, Physics Club, Sciences, Sports. MOGHALU, F. Economics, Bachelor of Arts, Ac- tive Member of the African Student's Union U. Mass Boston. MOONEY, M. Communication, Bachelor of Arts, Prod. Editor MASS MEDIA, University Assemblyman, Founder and Offset Cameraman in Point Press lU. MASS Pressl. MORRIS, D. Psychology, Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude, Activities: Women's Center, Women's Newsletter Staff, Physics Club, Karate, Sailing, University Year for Action Program. MORRIS, P. Legal Ed, Housing, B.A., Legal Intern CASLS, Housing lUrban Planning, Media Center, Drinking, Living and Video Production. MORRISH, E. Human Growth 8. Development lCollege IIIJ, BA, Interest in People, Enioy Talking, Will Probably Teach Pre-School or Elementary School Children. MOTTOLA, E. Psychology, BA, Soccer, Baseball, Music and Women, The "MAC'S", Getting Thru with School ls Truly an Accomplishment, Yo! MOY, J. Fine Arts, BA in Arts, Treasurer Photo Club, Member Art Society. MULROY, M. Management, BA. MUNRO, H. Psychology, B.A., Roister Doister at UMA, Tennis Club, Astronomy Club at UMA. MURPHY, D. Math, B.A. MURPHY, G. History, B.A. MURPHY, H. Black Studies 8 Chemistry, B.A., SAC-1974, Concerned Black Students QCBSJ-I974-I975, Physics Club I976, Chess Club I973. MURRAY, J. Economics, B.A., Economics Society, Music. MYERS, R. Economics, BA. NAJARIAN, P. Spanish--American Literature, B.A., Spanish Club, Armenian Club. NEE, M. Sociology, BA, Students Urban Social Services. NOLAN, T. Psychology, Law 8 Justice, B.A. NOLIN, C. Psy, Soc, BS, Human Sexuality Center fStaff Memberl, "Stand Back I Have a Gun, S.C.U.M., Bobby Champagne School of Mirrors lReflectorl, Riflery, Ballet, C.L.l.T. NORDSTROM, P. Psychology, B.A. NORTON, J. English, B.A. NOWLAN, M. Physics, B.S., Thanks to Ken, Mar- vin, and John, of Course. OBRIEN, N. Psychology, BA. OBRIEN, P. Housing, B.A., Graduate Work in Political Economics. O'BRIEN, T. English, Bachelor of Arts, Attended Last Semester Parties Faithfully for 4 Years. O'BRIEN, V. Psychology, B.A., "Knowledge ls Structured in Consciousness". 0'CONNELL, D. Psychology-History, B.A., Education, People, Sports, School Activities, School Clubs, School Sports. ODINUKWE, O. Mgnt-Econ., B.A., President of the African Students' Union U Mass Boston Spring, Fall Semesters I977 Vice-President of the African Students' Union U Mass Boston, Spring I976. OHADUGHA, O. Economics, BA, Secretary African Students Union I975-76, ELSA Brandstorm Ulich Scholar, Ping Pong Player, Economic Society. O'HAVER, D. Biology, B.A. in Biology, ln- tramural Basketball. OHLSON, T. English, Bachelor of Arts, Production Manager at Point Press, Staff Writer for the Mass Media, Participated in Intramural Softball and Basketball. OLEM, B. Psychology, B.A. OLLERHEAD, B. Management, BA, Management Society, Intramural Hockey. O'MALLEY, C. Spanish, Bachelor of Arts, Self Defense Club, Modern Dance, Teachers Certifica- tion Prog., Ski Club, Spanish Club, Italian Club, Junior Yr. Abroad in Spain, Advanced Lifesaving. OMODU, S. Mngt, B.A., Swimming, Badminton, Traveling, Dancing. O'NElL, R. Art, B.A., Photography, Music, Play Guitar, Meditation, Drawing. OPPENHEIM, J. Biology, B.S., Emergency Medicine, Environmental Protection, Animal Behavior. ORJUELA, E. Psychology, B.A., 'lFor those who know me no explanation is needed, for those who do not, no explanation is possible." O'TOOLE, E. Physics, Math, B.A., Swimming, Irish Studies, Poetry. PAGLIERANI, S. Math, Bachelors. PAMPHILE, M. Math, B.A. PANTANO, E. English, Psychology, B.A., English Club l975-I976, Psychology Club I975-I976. PAWLYK, B. Biology, B.A., Biological Research, Blood Banking-lmmunohematology, Musical Band, Tennis, Weightlifting, Skiing. PEARLMAN, D. Psychology, Bachelor of Arts. PELTIER, M. Myth and Symbol, B.A., Poet, Work- ing at Magic, Life in the Country. PERDOMO, E. Spanish, BA. PHILLIPS, J. Sociology, B.A. PIERCE, R. Biology, B.A., Ski Club. POLCSA, C. Management, BA. PORTA, N. Psychology, B.S., Volunteer Social Work, Skiing, Returning Women Student Groups. POWERS, W. Hum Gro 8. Dev., Community Change Combined, B.A., CPCS Student Policy Board Member, Essential Skills Tutor, Interests-Macrobiotic Philosophy. PRICE, J. English 8. French, BA, French Club, After Graduation Plans to Take Summer Courses in England and Tour Europe. PZEGEO, J. Sociology, BA. RAE, H. History, Women's Studies, B.A., Dean's List, In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.-Camus. RAFFERTY, M. English, BA, Ping Pong Fan, Park Square, College I Caf Friends, Copperfield's, Tutoring All Those Chids, My Cottages, the Drink- ing Contest, SAC More Than a Lick 8. a Promise? RAFTERY, R. Politics, History, BA, Marines, Dragster Specialist, Mad Dog. RAMOS, J. Psychology, B.A., Member Puerto Rican Students Union, Interests: Music, Dancing, Sports, Reading, Children and People. RAPAZZINI, E. Politics and Economics, B.A., Politics Society, College I Senate, Dean Search Committee, Adjunct Tutor, Economics Society, U.N. Trip, Advising and Counseling Committee, D.H.3. RASH, C. Black Studies-Psych-Soc., B.A. RAVALLI, L. Sociology, B.A., O.S.O. RAVANIS, N. Art, B.A. in Art, Photography. REARDON, J. Political Science, BA, I Am Going to Agricultural School After Graduation, I Love Women, Fresh Air and Cows, I Hope To Be Dairyman. REDMOND, P. Psychology, Bachelor of Science, Peer Counselor Human Sexuality Center. REITTER, F. English, B.A., Sports, Writing Poetry, Guitar, Fantastic Literature, Religion. RENDA, E. Biology, Bachelor of Arts. RILEY, C. English, BA, Intramural Football 8. Hockey, Club Y President, VET Program, Tutor, IRA Rep, Quincy Rugby Capt. ROSSI, P. Math, Bachelor of Arts, Football, Ski- ing, Camping. ROZANTES, S. English, BA, Self Defense for Women, Modern Dance, Tennis Club, Yoga. ROZENAS, D. Psych 8. Anthro, B.A. RUFO, R. History, BA. RUSSELL JR., P. History, B.A., Uiima, Student Representative 3 Yrs, College Orientation Program 2 Yrs, One of First Black Fire Fighters in Malden, Entering Law School. RYAN, M. English, Bachelor of Arts. RYAN, P. Mathematics, B.A. SALVO, J. Mathematics, BA, Student Math Ad- visory Board, Math Club, Tutor for Math Depart- ment. SANTOSUOSSO, R. Sociology, Sociology BA: Working with Youths, Now Working As a Juvenile Probation Officer Volunteer, I Hope to Work As a Probation Officer. SAUNDERS, A. Biology, Bachelor of Science. SAUNDERS, E. Chemistry, Biology, Swimming, Basketball, Biochemical Research. SCAMMELL, M. Legal Education, Housing 8 Community Development, B.A., Music, Sports, Traveling, People, Accomplishments: Graduation. SCARPACI JR., F. Political Science, Law 8. Justice, B.A., Pres. of World Affairs Soc., Member of Politics Soc., Member of Model United Nations, lntra-mural Hockey, Main Interest-Law School, Correctional Official Mclnorf. SCIARAFFA, J. Psychology, BA. SHAPIRO, B. Political Science, BA, Social Work, Law, Would Like to Contribute Something to Mak- ing Life Happier for More People. SHARAF, W. Biology and Psychology, B.A., Physics Club, Small Claims Court Advisor, Physics Tutor, Scanning Electron Microscope Technician. SHEEHAN, M. Psychology, BA, Skiing, Reading. SHEEHAN, R. Political-Economics, BA, University Year for Action. SHERMAN, R. Psychology, BA, Teacher Certifica- tion Program-Elementary Ed. SHUMAN, G. Political Science, B.A., Represen- tative of University Assembly, Mass. P.l.R.G.-Small Claims Court Advisor. SKEFFINGTON, R. Biol, Psych, B.A. SMITH, C. Economics, BA, Teaching Crafts to Children, Music, Community Leadership Club. SMITH, D. English, Bach of Arts, Chess, Skiing, lnstructing, Enlightenment, Enjoying a Sunset, Perfecting My Desire to Love Through the Holy Spirit. SMITH, R. Sociology, BA, I Plan on Doing Graduate Work in Hospital Administration. SMITH, R. Sociology, BA. SMITH, S. Human Resource Development for Social Change, B.A., C.P.C.S. SPEEN, B. Public Relations, B.A., Commissioner Brookline Hsng. Auth., Feature Writer Chronicle Citizen, Chamber of Commc. Sec'y, I.M.M. Public Rel., Chmn Arthritis Fdn., Business Communications Plus. SOLANO, L. Psychology, BA, Interested in Being a Counselor for Children, Enjoys Learning About People. SPURIO, D. Management, B.A. STORLAZZI, E. English, BA, Music, Playing My Piano, TCP, Dennisport Friends, the Ocean Mor- ning Noon and Night, Sunlight, Everyone. STRAZZULLA, M. Art, B.A., Harbor Gallery. STROUT, P. Economics, B.A., Economics Society, Sailing, Skiing, Swimming, Good Art, Good Music, Good People, Economics Newsletter. SULLIVAN, K. Psych., BA, Older Student, Mother of Two Children, Want to Counsel, Feminist Therapist. TAMLYN, A. History, BA, Mass Media, PERCH, Nantucket Program. TEBO, A. Politics, B.A., Foreign Student Rep. i974 University Governance, 1976 President of African Students' Union. TERRY, B. Psychology, B.A., Concentration in Law and Justice. TERZIAN, R. Biology, B.S., Biology, Electronics, Architecture, Swimming, Sailing, Tennis. THOMAS, J. Sociology, Bachelor of Arts, U. Mass Varsity Basketball Team for 2 Yrs, Captain for 'l Yr., Captain of Intramural Volleyball Team, "I977" ls the Year. THRALL, J. Theatre Arts, B.A., Lighting Designer I'The Hollow Crown", Assistant Director-Produc- tion Stage Manager "Faust", Drama Critic-MASS MEDIA, Associate Copy Editor-MASS MEDIA. TIERNEY, R. Psych-Sociol, B.A., Sports-Politics-Gardening. TORRES, D. Psychology, BA. TRAINOR, P. Political Science and Management, Bachelor of Arts, Secretary of the Student Ac- tivities Committee, President of the Politics Society, Member of the Coll. Il Senate, Secretary-Treasurer of the Chess Club and World Affairs Society. TRAVERS, M. Economics, B.A., Basketball, Graduated, Music Club, Intramural Hockey, Volleyball, Economics Society 2,3,4, Irish Historical Society. TROPP, C. Psych., B.A., Action Program, Teacher's Certification Program. TRUJILLO, D. Chemistry, B.A. TURNIER, R. Biology, B.A. TWOMEY, C. Anthropology, BA, Anthropology Club, Teacher's Certification Program. UEMA, H. Ethics, Social, 8 Political Philosophy, BA. UNDERWOOD JR., N. Biology, B.A., To go on to Dental School, Was o Student in "Harvard Health Career Pro. UPHAM, L. History, BA, Member Law 8. Justice Committee 73,74, Student Assistant Affirmative Action Office. URLICH, A. German, Women Studies, BA, Carla, If You Want to Talk Garbage Talk to the Garbage Can, the Human Sexuality Center lStaffI, Bobby Champagne School of Mirrors lLookerI. VALLELY, J. English, B.A., Library, Sailing Club, Mickey Mouse Club. VANDEVANTER, M. Theatre Arts, BA, U. Mass Chorus, U. Mass Drama Co., South Boston Com- munity Players. VASSALLO, D. Political Science, B.A., Founder of U. Mass Debate Team, Wrote Honor's Thesis on Common Market Anti-Trust Problems, Magna Cum Laude. VERWEY, C. Economics, B.A. VINYETS, A. Spanish and Latin American Studies, B.A., Student Representative Spanish Department, "Long Slow Distance Runner", Miami Bound?, Harvard Bound?, Future Airlines VLASSANIS, J. Management, Econ., B.A., College IV Student Governance, Intramural Hockey. VOLPE, D. Psychology, BA, Teacher Certification, Women Studies. WALLACE, G. Political Economy, BA, 27th Lancers Drum and Bugle Corp, U. Mass Karate Club, Daniel Marr Boys Club's Men's Health Club. WANG, D. Math., B.A., Swimming, Scuba Div- ing, Jogging. WARECK, N. Sociology, B.A. WARSHAVER, D. Human Growth 8. Develop- ment, B.A., Judaica, Presently a Rehabilitation Counselor in Sheltered Workshop, Biking-Goal to Work in Jewish Communal Service. WEINBLATT, G. Community Change, B.A., Laverne 8. Shirley. WERNER, C. Psychology, BA. WESLEY, P. Com. Change, B.A., Alternative Education, People, Mother of Five Wonderful Peo- ple. WHELAN, E. Sociology, B.A. WHITE, T. Sociology, B.A., U. Mass Amherst Football Kappa Sigma Flag Football, Ski. WILLIAMS, J. Math, B.S., Math Club, Math Tutor, UMB Rifle and Pistol Club, Chess Club. WITTEN, W. Biology, B.A., Enioys Swimming and Horsebackriding. WOODROFFE, V. Politics, Sociology, Economics, B.Sc., I Was a Member of the YMANI Club on Campus. WRIGHT, J. Mathematics, B.A. YEE, Y. Economics, Sociology, Undergraduate, College I, My Happiness with Alan and Other Friends, Enioyment and Experience from Work at Registrar's Office. YOUNG, S. Anthropology, BA. ZACCARDO II, J. Philosophy, Bachelor of Arts, Varsity Basketball, Philosophy Club. ZUCCARO JR., J. History, B.A., Sports Director WUMB, Interest in Sports, Sports Contract Law Dean's List. 6.4 , n o 4. W 1. L' Quan? .,Q .iq W F- ,fi fly ojlul v -Q ' . g -.Jr -. J: gf. ,yo dnjha J . ,..,-..A F' .3 ,g-. ,: "- .zma-: sf 4 Q ,q xfhlfl ,'1', 1 1 we - , -. - - AI' ' f 1 'ft ' !' l 0 O Y U 4 i' Y. W I an ,yu , ,, 3 . . .' A fl 4 "Wh 0 '. .' ' ' ' fr , -'F ,1 .s V4 .. sbt '. iv:-o:lmJ"1rAr" 'ly on . +-rl y 1 - ,. 5 I ,. , . Q -. 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V, 4. 41 M 1' 'y I .Q I ,- ' ,'l' . , . . ,uf "5-' . 1 'J' fm V34 - , 'fit ,1- aml, , , '. 4 5jrg,:.,-'f.v.g . :PE xrwi . , .',f Q ,L xr' .44 . A V ,, 1 , , . g.. 1 '- A Hdmr' ' ,. 14472. -'Yr,f- ' ,HQ-1--' "J J, '!'j N .'f' -J.f'?', , .,1. .1 .-: -I rf.. 3 ,sf '. v ' v. N Q,-.L 35 I s-!"i:7fTj- uf! V "."'117' 5 Y . 'F""'11'12 ' -, J .. , A . . -.-.., 4,15 if .1 ,..ri!i. -5 .L -1',7'xf ' v .,:-.-QU-I-V. J ,nf yf- 'QV' .T-ffgx. 4,'.jf ' 1442 r, - f ,w f I, --V, .. ,., h ' -. r "1 71. .A I . ,' Y L1 X .W PL .ar ,' f' vi :Wu L 1 4"jn4q-- fx 4 ' .1 X ,-b ,HQ 1. 1 'W A'-., -r n . 05,5 .I ' ' J., '.l , -xca.f.,- - ,. -, fr.: AL-, Iv ,I ',,1A I NVE, .Q".' W ' . A' I gl' . l- irq V . 4.' f ' -ff v.-19, -j ' v 'If .-'JJ-Q17 .'1 'QUE fu, "Ti "1 f .5 , ',:'.Z.,Lf J- "Y . '.-, 1' S,4w1 max' rg , I 3,1 1 c N ,ff ,jf ,X , Hx 4 P: 4 4 I V , , L, Q . M. I , , . ,-

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