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F .. -, W. ,Y far! 'CS I3 ' Q-- K. V1 . .- l,- H, '- .1 , Q , V. , I I . , ,- . 4 , .. ,. k , . n' 7-7-1' k ..1 -H x 2 , - gy. . rf. - ... . v , 1 -:, u, A V-A' ,kin f. T. 1- -A N t X I ..- . W.-.s 1v. . ' ' 'Li ,' s", ,, ,. . z- 1 .--'f .Zi . 7- . ."'l' . ,.1, ., I . A: .3-'L ' L- .V . . . . rn sg ' ,, Q.-.2 E. -nz- . , , , .6 ,X Jin' fv - 6 ' K 2. - . tt" ,,, , ,-. Y 'j-Q 'r' ,' .UV '.. ,rg A, 1 ,' 5 i I ' 1 . . f' ,ff .+- ,g ,nw s. Q .,.'. v- -,1.'f - 'f',, -. ,f.. YM B, 'ni 'N .5 .. 4' . ,,.. Y, ,. -1 JJ Uni. " 'f"g..2"i, + 'M'.,a1f . 1' '-M51-.."i ,f .- .ix Vi., f-if 9. -,"i..I' I,-5 I' 'ev' 4 Nfl, f.. , 53-. 4..'. 14. , ,' ravi. N. V, F-HJ, ,I ' Qu vz'--1, 1 'mv I, , ,,,, A.-.41 fi-s N .-r,.', Y . E."-' 'if' 1 r- F"-1 . I '. V13 Xa. '-.,.? ' :,'i9-:Y,: ..i,i.!f3f.-IP. Y 'VW . UA ii". Q ""'-1 f",?'I1' A- , dx 4. r f 'P+' 2 ,. , , l V' ' 15 fr In ,I-,hit 'Yu 2 1 .' .-' 1' JJ 4. ix-Li? af q 1 mcaxfiaaxwa Wen Wi KZESBTK QE MRS SEEMUSEWS 6955? QM 3 mm- panama.- ' Wo. -Q., "-gh.. DEDICATION ln recognition of, and appreciation for the value of his efforts as Dean of Faculty at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, we are proud to dedicate Montage 70 to Paul A. Gagnon. For five years Dean Gagnon has spent much of his time recruiting quality faculty from the most respected colleges and universities throughout the world. When in crisis, he has fought to maintain these members so that our University would continue to have the best possible education for our students. The Dean also foresaw many of the students' problems and unrests with which the University Community has had to deal, and he has taken active part in settling these differences in the best interests of all. Dean Gagnon has announced his resignation as Dean of Faculty, effective August 31, 1970, but he will continue at the University in the capacity of Professor of History. The Dean has helped in building the foundation of our University and with his resignation, the University Community should continue to abide by the clarity of vision that Dean Gagnon has had, of what quality education should be. I s , p 1 ":u"f rf Z X ! , ,O::g' I X 1- 1 I A Ayutgb 1 X .S Tkyqim imnm STATL5 Nino: -E ,iF X X Y K I R 1' Q 46, -y 1 f 'xx I x ,xv-v .x X . 1 M,-2 7 nw 9 . Q, IV- 7 X, 0 X Q' N. in XY' 4 51 mfg A O nuns-un I nf, I 1: ' 1-ilffmfr 0 ' ' 'N "1 ' L ' I A in 1 H N rj:-1-W 's' - x a I 2 fa I .- I b X-.f.J.Ld-iq 5- A i 3 X A I f Q' 'n ww-I1 I - . nf W W! v J' 'lvrflnn ,ff "F l rf. .WK tfxxg. W4 3, .V ' 1 , -- ' 1, ' X Y ff: .,, 'rn-as SLSUMS- C WY-PoLuTroN UNLESS SKY FISHLESS OCEAN MTA- Smoa - RU salsa- CROWD TRAFFIC - RATS- SE WE RS- RoAcu-155 T5-33:3-we LFARE fscne-POPul.ATmN -TIME-Sffgf BUCKS-WHNE5 R E os Ymows MHVUTEN EN' SDS- PAIVTHERS- MAFIA DRUNKS- pmt .. RADICALS - A DD I C TS PRosTi'ruTss- Qsfczgrgzwg P OVER TY LIT -uwlgifwwhuv- MM' VI OLENC E255-ii-5i.N EWSPAPE RS ,M -T I M E- MQNE1 FLORIDATEDX C HLORINATED fWAT-'5R MINDLESS MHSSES- INSU C Y ow-Youve - oesrur:1:NsF5ij3:eS4CEOg4pnN ME T H -TRAFFIC -RHTS C O R R UP TI O IXlf.'51'f.52?fs C O HMUINICFITION nnrin V D I-HW' - Rave C ID I M Ig-sxnwoen - ASSAUL1' X - HBORTIONY MURDER -D Rabbent OD-SCENITY BOMBLJNION srnures R 0 PICKETERS M QRQA N QKIQQEMOR 1 HL some sumens 'US BUS' E55 Bosrow N GUR IIILMSVY FRENCH ECONONIICSISOCIOLOGY BRENDA J.AIGHES GEORGE E.N.ALIEU R1 VINCENT ALLENBERG DAVID A. ARMY KENNETH C. ARRA HISTORY PHYSICS BIOLOGY 4: G.. ' 1 4 JUDITH E. ASKEY IVIARK E. ATKINS MARK AUERBACH FRENCH POLITICS HISTORY pan., mu.4u,4.mn4-.4-.-... ,A W 7 I' KATHLEEN A. BACON ENGLISH 523' 153' LINDA L. BALCONI BIOLOGY 'is .', CHARLESW BARGER SANDRA L BARLETTA ENGLISH ENGLISH 51 'UK 'bf' 5 CYNTHIA L. BARAHONA ENGLISH MAUREEN E. BARRY ENGLISH 'Tw x 'jx , w-1 -I 6 - E' JUNE E. BASHIRELAHI LINDA C. BECHT DIANE M. BEDUGNIS ART PSYCHOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY 7 Y J EQ 5 -rr' 'rf if lg PA ' 'ST HEVATOPS M H QTPW, ' f, , Bal - f X Q, ...TIER my N f ilk , i GEORGE BEGIN FRED s. BELLIS PSYCHOLOGY PoLmcs 8. HISTORY 19-j" TIVIIRA BEN-IVIEIR DOUGLAS W. BENOIT PSYCHOLOGY ENGLISH .ll. TERESA A. BERARDI JOHN E- BERGER PSYCHOLOGY HISTORY Sing a song of subways, Never see the sung Four-and-twenty people In room for one. When the doors are opened Everybody run. Eve Merriam -I V " U A I iff mu W! 'N G N M X W' Y nw, I W Kink I., f My hxrxxy I A , M 'W UPSTAIRSWW ' 6 cmmwruwu -fwmwvnfm H1fL WW i i . ' l IVERFVT ' SULLMI SQ. 1 Q H'-W1 'Q-momns hr.- PAULA S. BE R KOWITZ PSYCHOLOGY lwu,,W ,UQ fw K' STEVEN A. BERKOWITZ CAIVIILLE R. BIAFORE PSYCHOLOGY BIOLOGY 'Sh 'N . f 1' I I EDWARD A. BIELECKI GLENN E. BOBULA EVA J. BOGARDE ECONOMICS SOCIOLOGY HISTORY fw E EE 555555 zr' -u. 71' ' . . 1 g,- f ff' 4 4 'fcfsifza wifi. . , vii PAUL J. BOYLEN DAVID W. BRADY .. pf' 'wif ENGLISH HISTORY I Qi 1 hr BARBARA A. BRINKERT NELSON O. BROCE,JR ENGLISH HISTORY Yeah. The next time you see a policeman in a demonstration look at him. Look at him and then you realize that he's about my age, and he dies for less than four hundred dollars a month. And he's doing your gig and he's a second-class citizen. And everybody sees him and says, "That shithead, look at him!" And he's lonesome. Yeah, it's alot of dues. Lenny Bruce CORRINE A. BROWN KATHERINE BROWN SOCIOLOGY ENGLISH GLQQEEYZ lg X 3 ,f ,QI f wiifgfaf 43:1 i' 1 X 5 3 , ,... ff , my dU!flx b1H'-MM H sw 1" .fix fr fl V , ygvqf .3- WW -H' A vm-T7 ..mL 7 Wmi, n Q I .L X 0 I' I q N151 Q X ug g gf ni i ' in 1 lx. 15 Af ' '- 1""lfa' rv' 'fgudrhg 4 mx 3-V '27 LESLEE E. BROWN SOCIOLOGY 'Q SARAH J. BUCHANAN SOCIOLOGY-ANTH ROPOLOGY ALEXANDER L. BURNS, JR. BIOLOGY -an-,LN SARAH R. BROWN SOCIOLOGY Qi... 'fcfffx , 33. I XX b If MARGARET M. BUCKLEY GERMAN ff'- ev' CASSAN D RA BU RNS MATHEMATICS " . . .about 80 percent of those who were accepted ended up enrolling last month, this is, about 550 students. This put enrollment at least 3300 and probably near 3400, while faculty had been cut to at most a 3200-student IeveI." Nlass Nled ia lVIarch 18, 1970 I 1' '- FM W 'lk ' fwq.i'3h-A atm MQ Q M, I L, ,, , , r, fi' ADW' DANIEL CADIGAN JOHN E. CARLOW BIOLOGY HISTORY CATHERINE F. CARNEY SOCIOLOGY ANN NI. CARROLL ENGLISH I fir. . LINDA A. CARTER PSYCHOLOGY K Serv .Q I ' 1 RALPH A. CASALE HISTORY NIARCIA A. CASTAGNOLI BARBARA R. CAULFIELD IVIONICA G. CAULFIELD DINA CAVALIERI BIOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY ENGLISH E ELAINE D. CHALET ENGLISH MATHEMATICS FERN G. CHIN 0-4 1-nf' Q:-3 fwf- MARIE E. CIANO JOSEPH E. CLOHERTY, JR. SOCIOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY 'Vx 'VS xg. Q55 JOSEPH B. CHIN JOHN H. CHRISTOPHER, JR MATHEMATICS PSYCHOLOGY Q W wi rv r' 1 'Wa A "' 'W f..,.iZN 1 I 5,5 V lf! A 5 7 ' N ww H M Fw 1. X , if V I' if -1 I 'V D 1 1 .al " SJW' A 'HX W .,. M 'W A-"" n,pi"'i'f ' .. ' MH: wx ll X451 . ' ,ff u ,E Q M . ' 4165 Aa :ya . " w 1, , 1- 1 I fi A F f ' ' X 19 ,gn mv" M N mglmxm 1 f . - ' X X " ,A , 11P39 x if A ,, .U 1. QW f xx , I . P' 1 .f x .A Nxia I . 'A s. -nr ' ' "W, 1 UM W- if"-1.n7'y' 'ny' ,N ,TJ '?'E',n V 4 . 5"g', .N -44,..wfw.-,s 1,w . 4" X ,'f"' W! " 52- .W j 3, -H4 " few xwlg ' L1-hi , . 5" . In , nl ink! 'N n 4- Qfvw '5 4 . I JAN H. CLUTE MARY A. COGAN ENGLISH FRENCH gags. Mr if MICHAEL A. CONNELY PAUL F. CONNOLLY MATHEMATICS ENGLISH A.. 3 WILLIAM P. COLCLOUGH JAMES COLPAS PSYCHOLOGY ENGLISH nn uu u nun unu- -..- Wu , . ., 'sta-:rl ,AWN fw EDWARD G. CONNORS SUSAN IVI. CONNORS SOCIOLOGY HISTORY And with my happiness, tears, and salty sweat, I'lI fill those holes to their brims with dusty diamonds. GERALD COOPER CHEMISTRY 'tim inn, PETER B. COREN BIOLOGY " . . . but life is filled with empty holes that need to be filled. And if l'm the one to fill them, then someday I'Il find the holes and a heavy rusted shovel will appear in my hand. 'Vi EILEEN IVI. CONOPKA ROBERT A. CONWAY BIOLOGY POLITICS Then maybe I can rest awhile and start all over again. anonymous JOSEPH J. CORRADO ELIZABETH CORRIGAN PSYCHOLOGY ENGLISH I XMI' ,'!41'N" ' LJ. gig F hh x. 5 f' FRANCIS J. CRAFT DOUGLAS T. CRAWFORD ENGLISH NIATHENIATICS t'T::" ANDR EA G. COSTAN ZO MATHEMATICS -A xv 1. U :In x' - ' 'x xy, L ELAINE B. COZZO ENGLISH '-1 , Y 'AT' gg, ,,, fs- fd' 'Yi 1 'ff A-- ,-....-.. .., :-.-.Nu -- - Q - N- .- - -. I . ' gr -E, 1 f-ff' ' ,ff'i-- k M . .-.-, -.,-. , ......x..,. 7 2 1 lifx ' "" "" 'Sit g . K x - M, ,,,,,, - N .,. 95 I fr' 'ivy Ru Q U mi O 'Q-3! E a- 5 f f , .QQ 5 Q Jr f"""'T QR X 5 EL 4 CL E 3 V3 2 E oil.: H mu. '00 i 1 V ' nu .X , o fn xo l fn H N f U 1' Q I -lg X N N 2 Q fix-+G' i NS V ff-"jx 5 h ""'9f IW W'-W1r1P7WfNU'f f ,, IIllllF 3!: g 0 I , 'igvg X 'vi illllallrfdllllf dl i f l I N N QQ'-'f L ' ' 6' H n . E2 S '3' 1 H V 5 A - Xw 4 7+--.- , . ff 1, f A fl 'SQ SJ! f fffxfxff W GX ' Q 'ZFX far' -rv' -4:5 EDWARD D. CREIVIINS PATRICIA J. CFIOWE PHYSICS SOCIOLOGY JOHN J. CURLEY, JR. JOHN J. CURRIVAN ENGLISH PSYCHOLOGY K f TIIVIOTHY M. CROWE BIOLOGY There was a crooked man And he did very well. Eve Merriam 3 bi 'Qs-., ..:g,Af , my 'N ,JM ' N :N IUPUI! I-,f fc V' v Rift fd' ' N , A , AV K lf' JOSEPH Nl. D'AGOSTlNO MARIE B. DEBENEDICTIS ENGLISH ENGLISH 232' 11 Qs' STEVEN D. DECOSTA CLAUDIA DE LEO PSYCHOLOGY FRENCH Q il"W"ix if-i 5 1 WILLIANI R. DELLA CROCE, JR. JOHN D.H. DELIVIAR BIOLOGY SOCIOLOGY Wg fa? X, X S E Q5L4,f'2! L M :L bq.. Y . 11, "g X- A ,f "fig , f 'fm X f 4- .xigix , kgs ,ui-Q: D f -- -" 'I x X' "XXII -' -- - 4.-,.-.. ., . Y X N A' 7 NM Lfifi, f 24,2 T , V -f-1, W' " Y ---P-J X XX5 li' A Q . . in V3 , ' 1 , M ' ,Q -1, 1 F i 1161 X SY d7BLfv?n H ARSAAQH HE sn,-K 'sf NANCY E. DELONG ENGLISH .Qx Wd.. cm., I 2, IVIURIEL NI. DICICCO ENGLISH XT' , 3 XA mf IRQ IRENE E. DIPIETRO ENGLISH '-3 i 'A,,, "TN VW' ' Pk av-'W -ruin Y-' J I 'I , wwf , , , I- " -J , 1 . ' V: I E V pri! 1 IH 'K I IIII I I-W' b . mr 4 X .NI 1312!-. If X "' f , f I .Vu J I I 7 I I f 1, A cf " .' :I ' 1 . ' JI . H ' X I' I I , j gi! NV , Qs. , , 'ww I I 'In..n. .,.. IM I A J.. L ' . - .. ERNEST P. DE LUCA ENGLISH KARL J. DESCHAMPS, JR. HISTORY EMILIANO DIAZ SPANISH K 'B 91 W , ,,., ., 'F ".'.N --.12 2 .-'1.'-- V :fy . - .'.' - .M W.-.. gf fwfr. j ' ., .1 , , rgfglvv.-. ,jk vy, -3' -5,74 . f fu:cw'r'.:N-H 11- ff'-531' v6.LLP.'u1'.'-L-5-QCII' 'F-:A 1.2. LISA DINEZIO RAYMOND M. DINI FRENCH PSYCHOLOGY FREDERICK A. DINARELLO ECONOIVIICS G85 '30 uv" in.- IRENE V. DIRUSSO ANTHONY DISANZO FAUSTO DITULLIO ENGLISH SPANISH ENGLISH IVlary, Mary, Urban Nlary, How does your sidewalk grow? With chewing gum wads And cigarette butts And popsicle sticks And potato chip bags And candy wrappers And beer cans And broken bottles And crusts of pizza And coffee grounds And burnt-out light bulbs And a garbage strike all in a row. .. M ""'-' Kun.. PAUL F. DOERR LORETTA M. DOIRON PATRICIA A. DOLAN JULIA T. DONOVAN PHILOSOPHY PSYCHOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY CHEMISTRY x . Man therefore being not yet independent N Enough to stand when ground beneath breaks 'way, Nor when the sun, upon the earth-its pendent- Decides to turn a different, careless ray- Must so assume the role of chief defendant, Being as ready a prey as able to prey, And being as nimble to build up as destroy. And yet a pang romantic and yet true Says man aught temper what he would enioy ln reckless glory, not merely so as to Not gamble all away, as twer a toy, ln all demise, so hold there were no rue But only if to give ourselves the chance l0r rather the excusel to see again, ' " I And start again, before there was advance N XX The world without the clever sounds of men, I ' Without the vile, foreign, elements, . XL, . ,r s ' Ls' ' But a source of sun, beyond a ringing fen. MARY M. DONOVAN ENGLISH f-7" fag raw 5 ff' SANDRA C. DORAN KEITH E. DOWNS JAMES R. DOYLE WALTER A.M. DRISCOLL III POLITICS PSYCHOLOGY GOVERNMENT MATHEMATICS . 1 CARLA EGIDIO FRED A. ELKIND FRENCH BIOLOGY ik q,4 . 4 , , ' 1-ng u-Q KY .' I L. 4: ..-LL JANET IVI. ENG PAUL EVANS PSYCHOLOGY BIOLOGY 'gg ,grad fs' 'WI xfV' """-H-.....L RICHARD J. EWELL PATRICIA T. FERRARI HUGH T. FIELD WILLIAM J. FITZGERALD III BIOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY ' "" ' f , 'Z' I VINCENT FORTE BIOLOGY f"Z 'vii A ' Y'Z,':fM7I GETS., fix. TINA M. FRANCO JEFFRY B. FRENCH PSYCHOLOGY ENGLISH Q'-L B. IFOLEYI PISCOPO JOHN C. FOLEY HISTORY ENGLISH N.-A -5-5 "Vi PATRICIA M. FRACKLETON ART 16 1- Qi. - ' , 7 -,,5f,,R9k, w w., ' 'T-'NTI 'F f 'AM WW 5 -4. .,...a-I an ,Us www CAROLE GAGE DIANE L. GANIIVIERIVIAN ELISABETH L. GANTIVIAN NIAUREEN GANNON FRENCH PSYCHOLOGY BIOLOGY ENGLISH lg Q 'ES' 'Z' ANDREW GARCIA,JR. ELAINE T. GELINAS SPANISH PSYCHOLOGY fi I0'X xq' N 'S .Nas 1,1 EDWARD S. GELIVIAN DIANNE IVI. GERARD S. P. GIAIVIPAPA IVIAUREEN GILLI MATHEMATICS PSYCHOLOGY HISTORY ENGLISH ' 4 ,.-fw"'.4'.f-""'W .14 I VF K J 1 X 4 4. 'f V' :Exit , X 'fl' kiliihkl M it if . , - 143- Url .,.., - 4 fi iliivqw-v1"x" -,1 3 Q V X' f 1 4. . me J i , if ' A Q. 1 'WY W M M Qi wi f f In '16 'ff M ' ag- ' FS E Ti MEX 1 4 l Mags. gil X -NDN al l-lik.. IWW SUSAN IVI. GILLOOLY PETER F. GOLDEN ENGLISH ENGLISH 15, J N. 'F"nv- ti "I do not believe the greatest threat to our future is from bombs or guided missles. I don't think our civilization will die that way. I think it will die when we no long- er care . . . There will be no band playing or flags waving when these civilizations DAVID A.GFlEEN HERBERT GREENE SYLVIA K.GREEN ECONOIVIICS PSYCHOLOGY li W W ' if 5, s fx N if-Q., S-4 ff JMX, '4', 4 K A '51 ""' 0 I ' l'1f':lg5s:1? . . l lf, ,ll, 1 ig f . , NOREEN V. GROGAN ARTHUR E. GUEGUEN,JR. PSYCHOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY MICROBIOLOGY decay. happen slowly, in the quiet and the dark when no one is aware." L. Gould N 11.4, 4. 'M H""-I- if rr, ', HAROLD E. HALL III MARY L. HALLORAN ECONOMICS ENGLISH 4 '-x SHARON L. HALLORAN PSYCHOLOGY In 'LN ROGER K. HAMILTON ARLENE F. HAMLETT MICHAEL C. HAMWEY WARREN HANDREN BIOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY ECONOMICS MICROBIOLOGY 15, if CARL R. HANSON ECONOMICS 11" 'C' JAMES HARM BIOLOGY .luv 'Wx-, .my ' I IQW' , GEORGE D. HARRINGTON JAMES HARRIS GENEVIEVE HARTWELL ELLEN NI. HAYES FRENCH ENGLISH FRENCH SPANISH JOHN A. HAYES, JR. ARNOLD R. HENDERSON, JR. GOVE RNIVIENT 'I PAUL F. HOGAN ENGLISH ENGLISH I P M.. - ,J 'Q' ' ' , I fit. KT :vas . HI J'I 42- I g, .1 fl DEBORAH J. HOWARD ENGLISH 'Vx a5..x JOHN D. HINES SOCIOLOGY v. i""' f NIAUREEN T. HOWE ENGLISH . ,... H .... . V. N ..-.,,..,,.., JOSEPH H. HOGAN, JR POLITICS 3 STEPHEN L. HYDE HISTORY Wililiiiiiillill ,v nan: as Q1J 1u5m u 131 in mi 1 ' g :qjf11!5tllQ! , u Ja as 5 I ' m m u an , gmgllflllnnmsmgjiig ,nnuaa ,,,i, ' na 55 ll 3: ffm f ,:1J31 lla1 I , M W gQ,g1,N!!E!J95lN5J Vw D313 gum Q " fr- 1: -if , QL 12.2 W 5 Y 71' gq.iE w 1-I r, ,, ' 1 ff-' v 'L ' ' 'r""' ,., f:1Q.-s if fm Lu-4"'V -, lliimg-2 qiQ4e 2 M !5mfl '75 -.-1-no-- . my Mj,.'-ly.-.' , Lu I Af 4 J... , -A 1 Liiygmifafn W Aberrant, aimless, ignorant child ilou'l you realize your fate? llre realms ol culture have engulfed you in a world not of your making. Your world of fantasy and make-helieve is gone. Your mind is like a cavity whose hollow is expressed in your blank stare. Bewildered and naive, your talents are heyonrl your reach hut sadness you will qrasp tenacrously and never let go, So go, cast furtive glances at the world around you but rememberg never enter it lest you should succeed ff PAUL IVI. INGENERI ROY T. IRVINE ALVIN N. JOHNSON, JR MATHEMATICS HISTORY PSYCHOLOGY ss, .ff"1 7 2 ' . . :AJ -5 ,xg BARBARA A. JoHNsoN Wy LANA P- JOHNSON ENG'-'SH ' - socloLoGv Wv. A IVIICHAEL J. JOHN KATHLEEN NI. JOY BIOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY "One can acquire everything in solitude, - except character." Stendhal '41 75. Q '. -5 M J -x Ita 2 ., AVAAN H , 311 "' 'W 'I W9 ,, -1. ,Q I L! v mv .N Eg, 5 new w , fi 'Wi 1,-gg "W w nn , A M V I. if-D' -- A Mmm 4.-4 - .LuU,.. , Qw,,iF125a- WT' . "7" .wllg ,f'1L,.gf111.L-iii 'il.'-' l9' - . 'ff - Mmm W, :Qc - 3' nu 1 f' ' mqww 1 Wg: 11. 'fs,:ii:' .ff ,gp My-hm .'j.:fLi:. .' J. ' -' 'Q-17: - f . L Q. ' J' -wx , '2f77E33-"3-4-.sf-' L EM, muff' , jx: '-"tml .,, ' 'M V.. v ,. W ww N , , Xq'w5,ugM:' , . fm' fan-' X "Q'::'v CONSTANCE S. KELLY PAUL F. KENNEY ENGLISH ENGLISH n'W.""N I tif: ' JANICE IVI. KING WILLIAM B. KIRBY SOCIOLOGY ENGLISH 'cf-,,, STEPHEN P. KNIAZ CHERYL IVI. KOTAS BIOLOGY FRENCH DANA G. KI LLANI BIOLOGY QQ, 5- GEORGE W. KLATT BIOLOGY IVIARGARITA KOUFOPOULOS PSYCHOLOGY - X'-... "" H! v , ,3 1 w Wh H w ' v?"'A'4 "WW W: IW: V 1 'A 5 x'?, f ' , 1, ' 1 5-an ' V y x 'W Nl , 'I' A1 , LH , 9 1 X 7 X Q fr w rr J sw," fywvifif .,Lf,WywW,w1 j ,Q , ,.,,,i Sy: I ' fa' , , , if W ,' 4 5 W .. 1 w f ,r 4 vi Q- Mt' , ,V A R24 W 1 fa' sw ,IT J .uw lf.,-gl! 4 .4 0' :pil 10 'Egfr' qi--A in-.....,. ARTHUR B. LEVIN FRANNI NI. LEWIS LINDA J. LEWIS MARY E. LINDSEY BIOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY BIOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY -f""'f"' Ms..,, arf STEFANOS J. LOUISOU CAROL C. LOPEZ JEFFREY S. LINDBLAD ENGLISH FRENCH ECONOMICS K .YN VIS' JOHN LOVETT ENGLISH '95 FRANCES D. LYNCH ENGLISH JOHN L. LOVECCHIO BIOLOGY -L ,QW E 1 2 n WW: QMJ -W Q. A ix , M5 W an -Q gf L. - 1. i lffk, R X -e1 i .,f..:,,u. J ,!,, , J' A M . A , ly Y 5 Jwm Hffw' 1 Q 1 , , . Q - , I V t ' fs: ff' Q., , ,N , .K I W - Y ' 'FM "TW, 5 1 ' 25? I p. W we , W U wi + fwi mp . 'W PM : ' E N15 ,W 5 '51 vy, 'P 1 1 ut f 1 ,JA , -ww - s-P J ,N Nw ' ' f Mx, I .-ip :I RUSSELL J. MACDONALD LINDA IVIACINNIS CHEMISTRY SOCIOLOGY LILLIAN M. MACK MARGARET M. MADDEN PSYCHOLOGY ENGLISH BARRY L. MADOFF MICHAEL D. MAHONEY PSYCHOLOGY GERMAN ur", ROSEMARY MALOY ENGLISH Shall I ever gaze Upon your face again?- Save in this still, and Ever changeless pose of Timeless photograph? Shall I ever gaze upon your face again?- Save in this still, and ever changeless pose of timeless photograph? W. Ia DAVID SAMUEL MARGOLIS ANN M.J. MARKIEWICZ BIOLOGY X ENGLISH 'ks ,X in ..u1L1.1l!. S, MQ 1 HARRIET E. MANN ENGLISH qi- ALAN J. MANNARI NO MICROBIOLOGY 3' ARTHUR J. MARKOS STEPHEN F. MARTIN POLITICS ECONOMICS 0.x W?" ...' MICHAEL C. MARTORANO ELHANAN I. MARVIT KATHLEEN MASTERSON WALLACE R. MASON, JR FRENCH SOCIOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY PHYSICS 1 i V4 ,vm An. P' 'rf , N' a ,a s Q FFT ,Hz 'GY Jr. ' Avh.'W7f.: yi Mm , ,si 1 tb dggma' r n .7 X 4 B ,lf L I 1 4. V?" 1' ivxv W g,M f ' L " xfifgfgfg , A -3'q..,.,h ,-si - ,f L dl. U v AEMBER ,N Mwif DOMENICA M. MASTROTOTARO JOSEPH A. MAZZUCHELLI, JR GERMAN BIOLOGY M35- 455 JOHN C. MCBRIDE KATHLEEN MCCARTHY POLITICS MATHEMATICS 'Fitz-,I MARK S. MCLURE WILLIAM E. McDONALD HARVEY S. MCGEOGHEGAN DONALD F. MCGILVERY BIOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY ENGLISH BIOLOGY amz: 1-34 1 V AIA NV! W 4 w W ng- frgvr-aau1n4,:,4:,u.3i5.nq,.w:.5..,,.L3 ,,... vf, - . W JP -9 X vw 1: ' f R , I' "-1 " . ",M fm 11 VKX my w I I S Z.-vu. x . IRQ' ...Rf DAVID R. MCGINN JOHN A. MCHUGH POLITICS ENGLISH il MARY F. MCLAUGHLIN ENGLISH PATRICIA M. MCLAUGH LIN PSYCHOLOGY L -5' 'N . I II xxx W' I +52 DOMENIC A. MELITO B. IMESITEI JULIANI BIOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY N MAUREEN MCKEON ENGLISH ELAINE M. McLAUGHLIN FRENCH .LW , Y,,, ,,f7,,:m N4 ,P I JANET C. MCNAMARA CAROL A. MCSHANE SOCIOLOGY HISTORY RICHARD MICHAUD HAROLD S. MILLER ENGLISH BIOLOGY :lm 1. if-1' View ' L N i Ht.. 4 : I ,nw vvf,,.,, ROBERTA C. MILLER ENGLISH if I I W W m me. Q - l. . A . 51.-3"'. ' ', -:gif f ,Ir f .WI I, um-, MTM 2 , ' , 1,533 .3Qq3gI22,:2A, 4 . f , 'if-f3I'5f2iS5it15Iwf 'Q A z mv. . ,-i,'-.w.!- - '-1. 1 ,A , TI?"-if 17 'L Ilif:IIl?IQQ"I,f,Il'IJ'Q,5e-21, rn" "f M1327 f1"!.171'.'-3-I :VJ:il,If3!1iE:?!!ftE'f:?.uiL7.L!Zi1':xlIL1Lf'"' 3 ARNOLD R. MI ROW BIO LOG Y Q.,,"X lx f GAIL F. MONTAGUE HISTORY N 2' rw RUSSELL H. MILLIGAN, JR. BIOLOGY EILEEN P. MOLLOY HISTORY I I ELIZABETH J. MOORE ENGLISH NORMAN MILLS CLAIRE F. MILMORE ECONOMICS PSYCHOLOGY Ji' STEPHEN P. MOL LOY PSYCHOLOGY I.. if . -1. KENNETH W. MURPHY EDWARD M. MURRAY ECONOMICS POLITICS . Ig 1 Q I. I ,,,....-- 1 Env--H lf, pk, f F73i.,5illi9'-5:1 wal.,-f E - ' :S+ .'1 1 " Wy, Lx ' 4 r 1 ' IT' X 'X' ' , lm. " 1 . -YH vu.. 1 I I V X my 1131113 Xb?-.L JOHN J. NAPOLITANO DAVID P. NORCROSS POLITICS ENGLISH MARGARET D. O'BRIEN GREGORY I. OGBUIKE POLITICS PHILOSOPHY 7 if 1 N JAMES F. O'LEARY EDWARD J. O LEARY ECONONIICS POLITICS fvi ag 1,3551 V: 'J ttf -5, V -- v . M ,Q "fx :rf Em fl ' ig 3 1wKiQgLIi23 ' H NJ wi' . Q 3' 51,3 + Q 9 H ' n 1 : f nf '2 , ' ' 'QJV' ' ' fi 'A - 'G f N ,i QXJ, ,mr A. N figs, if VA' xv Q 'H .. ' J, K, ,. ,L r Q Q31 ' . a-x"',vQ' ,qi ,I 5, J' xi .7 uwsilf 'Q g' MR ' 'Hf.aF? 1125 ffm. J? ge, W , 21. ' ff' 1-glrfii ,Q M-4 M a, . , ... www I F ' 3' f ea iv 2 1 'K A21 --nu-no--'....,.-,......A -...... . , w I mi, , I I W I IW " ' vi I ' 5' A, I, I I 4 , yi, ,, THOMAS A. PANAS ANDREW J. PARE PSYCHOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY -fam to 5- ' IVIICHELLE A. PARSONS KAREN P.NI. PAXTON DAVID E. PENDLETON ART ENGLISH ECONOMICS ah. "X 'D ROSE PERELIVIUTER ANII PERELSTEIN PAULINA A. PERLATONDO SUSAN IVI, PERSSON SPANISH ECONOIVIICS ENGLISH ENGLISH ,fm -v ' -,Q-1 I' l 4,3 iftiwfl- . ' W, , am' ' I nk., W-,Q . M--RNA I W, ws, N .mm ,ig f I I fm! lv: 5' W 91 a-1-H" WAYNE R. PETERSEN BEVERLY A. PETRI BIOLOGY ENGLISH 707- JAMES B. PICKEL II STEPHEN R. PIERCE RALPH A.E. PINI STEPHEN PSYCHOLOGY ENGLISH BIOLOGY ECON M. POLITI OMICS -'E 'Q M .M ...Eel I, I . . 'Jun LORRAINE C. POLLACK ALBERT J. PORST, JR. LINDA M. PORZIO ELAINE M. PROKOP BIOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY HISTORY ' Sli This is youth, given to us before we can appreciate it. And taken from us when we just begin to understand it. anonymous Hi N- I R 430. 'a -rw . ,. W QIWI?-im.""" uve. . -. -- . :31w'? - -1' Q.. -Abmit, ,I K .':L'. ,. - J . ' --4+ i ALMS Pugh Broderlck Chancelor oi' . If .OO Q Fbgqlty 689 6' 0949 61 4 fb M-Z,, M Ga Q. efnbem W S h'a -C po of the E om' s Dept. p aks in fa o of the " 't o . RCW 1 ! i T l Q vigw fcggqg DQS' esa- s 53? NPN KATHLEEN A. QUINLAN BIOLOGY ir--f A I 2 1 Lesusv svn. RADCUFFE ENGLISH ROLLIN W. FIICKARD JOSEPH E RIESS JOHN RILEY HISTORY BIOLOGY PHYSICS X 185 wt? ,f e f Mk ' ,, f I T-, HENRY L. RIZZO BARBARA A. ROBERTS CHRISTOPHER R.W. ROBERTS FRENCH FRENCH POLITICS STUART A. RUBIN ENGLISH SUSAN F. RONEY KENNETH L. ROSSNER ENGLISH BIOLOGY DAVID A. ROBINSON ECONOMICS HE LEN RUDOLPH SOCIOLOGY --411' 'i SANDRA E. RUSKA ALBERT H. RUSSELL, JR. ALBERT T. RUSSO NICOLA RUSSOLILLO ENGLISH HISTORY HISTORY MATHEMATICS awk L ,,....,, RONALD A. ST. MARTIN PSYCHOLOGY PETER J. SALEIVII LEO R. SANDY BIOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY DOROTHY A. SCHAUT SOCIOLOGY TERESE M. SARNO ANTHONY J. SASSO CAROL J. SAUNDERS ART PSYCHOLOGY ENGLISH ANDREA B. SCHEIN JANET E. SCHNEIDER I PSYCHOLOGY FRENCH ' , f , " H fTTlpf:"m'f1wTfmGfFff7f:w N M ,,,, , A,v, . M, mf ffN'i,, W1 A-W Q w b iff was 4 ww . A . 1 , Z +, J IQ, 5 M ,, Wy 'Q L -W ,, qi www, H K, ,Qiwrkvlf um-w...,. WW fl ' J, 'ww f', La. 235- MARK R. SELBY BIOLOGY -:S LAUREN M SERRATORE MARIE A. SERRECCHIA ENGLISH PSYCHOLOGY He:- ROSALYN SHAPIRO JAMES F. SHEERAN, JR MATHEMATICS ENGLISH 5:,,.-sm 5- 5 W , . ,hx I N if , if ' 'L' Quai' f" 3 , J 1' 'Q AWP ' W, 1 Q .N '41, 3 , 5 A 3 ,MIA ' ' ' " V N' J H , ' .. ff' . f ' '. mes, -,:5w,I:5fEl5 Q11 W1,f - ., ,. yi .,l-- tx I L0 A - N' JANE E. SHERIDAN JOHN SHERIDAN JUDY L. SHIH MARILYN L. SHORT GERMAN POLITICS MATHEMATICS HISTORY ,J-,W 'X RICHARD A. SILVER PAMELA R. SIMPKINS LORRAINE SINIBALDI CATHERINE M. SMITH SOCIOLOGYIPHILOSOPHY PSYCHOLOGY SOCIOLOGY FRENCH fn ' Wan ...MK KATHLEEN M. SMITH M. BRENDA SMITH ROBERT D. SMITH SHIRLEY A. SOTIROS SPANISH HISTORY SOCIOLOGY ENGLISH Chancellor Francis L. Broderick "Every moment in a university is the first moment: While the university lives, it renews itself constantly, for every new face here changes what we are. As seniors leave, an institution passes with them. We in turn shall not see their like again." X Dean Paul Gagnon "One of my joys as Dean was working land fightingl with the lively members of 1970 to help build a great new university. Nlay you find freedom for good works in peace and hope." Vice Chancellor William R. Hamilton, Jr. "lf we have served you well, then you will keep and shape our world. Serve you well - for your moments are few and others are waiting their turn." "lf you have built castles in the air your work need not be lost That is where they should be now just put the foundations underneath them Thoreau SA,-1 14, - -'fine ' I ..4.:.j'f IjjII I w M nw im.- .f I ,,. f' - .,,a,,..---- I M1 : ' -.M fx' Ffiawf' ,V fm:-: ' ""' ., ,-I -, 11.-E!'b5f'P'..ff!,:Q5Q!4g15x!.Lam?.Lggfzlf li 'lwn fM,,'ug ' -i, A I "fiKfu .f 'Ink -4 'pg-A R -Ar 1 f -.4 , ' -,sg 'f' k M., , vi ' IM --LI J ug I I", - I ,, -- Amp, ,M 'W' a,,vx',p-.w,-55.wa:sw'.- 'L "MY FTE' L- - , , -'3---wf 1 ' . 5. . pw "1 ' ' - f' A fu ' . ,-, ,.f.- qi' 'gf r- . f fQ,wi1"QQ7 , ,I if , , I I . f , , . . , I ,f. .A ,,- . zegjf ,V ' ' J ,,.z NH I.. r I. .2 1- ' .- 'E ' I , IIS. ' - ' 4 ,. .-a4...,,I I . 1 -aa fir ' mga' , 2143- : V-1--':,. 1 4 . 22.1 N5 J . pf 4' 4: '1'.u.q..A,- , - 1-'YI' ,, . I Q 'rx -' f 4 ' t' ' ' J -X, -:,a.' 1 -1. I :- I , , .. nw, . I fx 3 I I I ..',I Vs" G 4 -n 1 .nm wwf , ' M". ' r YW Y V - A. W . 11 W I' U 'r I 1 1 'Q' E Viiftfl' 'Y' 3 ' .nTff"25'1T H , . - ga. ' ' ' f. ' K ' I I Q Q' - H 1' -'Zf'1"25? 7'-f , I, . I AI '. P I,, ,I f I .f,I -IQ Ig 'RN I,,g,wy, , A X :: 1.3-,1:'1 ' I I"3 -4,--. -.- . I .. I .5 .IIIIIII I I .gf y ,II ,I.."If, ,.II III ,. . . J' ' ', , '-1 - '.!1'.D,f. , W g- N .I 1, M.. - f lx 1 lf' x I fix.: f 1' ' ' wx f y I ,. , , ,, IMW , ,MQ ff ,, f f' Ehfigiwfqfglmx , LwM,,:,g Jm2fg ,pw v H 4 V N v - C 'IILII ,J 4 I I ,,.I .. TI 31 YI1 MI. 17' yn: , I WIP' I I I f "-'unsure ,-..., -2 ,-V. K :..z.:1h.51...4:.. L, afghan' 1- " ' f .4-'I ' .V ' X ,' 4!v' !. V I S1 fi- '1- - W.. ,m-,ya 1,1 Jr, - :.- -uf, . A, ww -1 , 4 4 'G - f - 'f 'f .-J:r vi. , , f2wxg,f.ff 'fflmi' , ,.. ,,. g fm w- rw A- ne- ww '- I ' +.fv.vL'iF4.2I'. ?1Q53lf3L!E-...L f f ' ""7 T"A"' ' ., I 5- Afv 4,2v-1w.- - 71? , . 1 ,f ! , . 7 K 1' f I . J, , , , Mr. 'silk- V4------la., .- 'N JIFM ff: V A, H41 X tj I I A , 7, H z AJfx7i3j5,1f f ".f!l 1 PM '1 ?!!'4 95 I 1 Nr' , 1 f 1 vlflfv aff! ,f ,, I 1, I :'., 1 'UN fu -. 4. Www I 'M fm ALVIN STEINMETZ BARRY R. STEWART HISTORY PSYCHOLOGY , 47: Qu? llk....5, PAUL A. STOLER HISTORY A10 fl! 'ay 'Q-...- PATRICIA D. STEWART EDWARD M. STOKES FRENCH ik, L NATHAN STRYER HISTORY f.. txx P ENGLISH DAVID R. STURGES MATHEMATICS JEANNE M. SULLIVAN JUDITH E. SULLIVAN PAUL C. SWEENEY EDWARD J. SZYMCZAK PSYCHOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY POLITICS ENGLISH is PAUL E. TAGLIERI PSYCHOLOGY ANDREA M. THEODORE PSYCHOLOGY X 4 ,QP 'Fx MARILYN E. THURROTT ANDREA E. TITUS ENGLISH BIOLOGY L' uqvr JOANNE M. THOMAS SUSAN E. THOMPSON ENGLISH ENGLISH ANNE E. TOBIN VIRGINIA M. TOBIN PSYCHOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY F1 3 Q 351 49 Q rw' 5' JH , WMKQ, 5 Ll PETER A. TOFURI HISTORY CAROL A. TOPJIAN ENGLISH Hn? W I 3 .I RITA TRANOUILLINO ENGLISH uQan-anna-nu an-lg-gp-n-gm-:pinuw-my I f .---...........-.........--......Lf . I I , A I ' I , 4 I I 2 , ,LD 4 M S "ll" " , V' ' I ,Y 'W KNO' ' Thi' I W-... ...-.......-.. ..- ............. ..,. I.. . u. J PM,"'?f4V.i2fe7f'xf""v1 W ' "t'IQ1,." ii" I 1 ' 1T"Q"f-J -" " ' -' ..,.-..4' v' ':..'1- Ir','F"'5'GT,' f .., I- . ..., 1 - .- Q I' ,. . " Q , "' .g ,.',, .,, .- 1 lf: ' . ,, - . . . A A A 1. . .H I I ' ' '. I 1 . ' , " x ,II I 3 ' ' IN 1:-1 . I . .f I QV - . 4 I ,. I , ,, ,U , W' I ',,f I' ' w- X, N lg, A . - , I IW ', . I , ,AN zz I 5. . ,-,- -ww, fJwm,w . . ,, ,. IM U Im ' , A: - ' " 'J I , j- , E, " y I 1.13. Hg ,'g, ,vig if ,, , . .- V I Wll i im 'Mig 67 W ' - 4 ' br' 1 N I 4 , Alf' VJ A ,RVIMwfyW' .+WWww I1 I I I 1. T I .x',Ifif'-' xv gf., a I 'sy' I , Algfmdm AI' ,MAX Y ,, I uf, ,, I. .,,-,OI,IMMIw,wu ,' Q' "YQ , I." l',, A, I , , I gilfuil ,h ,Q ,V -,N ,1N' meh !1 I, . I w 1, , I .. I ,1 I :J ,. ,. V I ,.,, ei. ,I L. , Q-1 : ' I 'Iw 1'-I " . .p, . , ,. l. 4 If , x V. Y D.. . . V . - X X 5, 5, W, ,. In x I ,W Y I J I ' 'I I 'lf 'QL 'I' 'wif II1' VN ' " ' ' V ff W' I I I I1 12-II M .III4'itaI ,IQ-an , K .U ,sz ,, , 1, Y I Irs A ,KI N4 ,rv ...-1-gin .. , U Q ML.. nw 3 Isl MN., ,n -IH? 10, 1 . I I, , , , , :.i':IH Lin! xl' .V I 1' ,Ltx N- ys 42,0 I. IIITJ II'-,Je I II 'V '-LII NI In 1 'I ' V 'II QIXJQ IQIIS MII L Ib 2 'XJ IV ,i l v' 4, 'I 5" , , Vi" ,p" 'I ,, U1 MK 'W' aA'qWV-IN--1MJ'fM 'I. p, '4f',I I +I,-' I 12. III 'T I' iffl! 'I IW XWIQQ is I I I ' UIQ' ' IIIIII I I I M ,K N-.ji f -v r gy L' I ,Q 'Xl ICQ: I , 4, I., I' I2 4 fi! :IIWI I Ia I r'. i, I M I, ,V5s,M 3 I IW: . 1, 'haf MI. v b 'I IN V "I ,fix E ' I Il M Lff-:xr I MII figglw es I ' 'Q -I I I., IMI! I 'fl . ,A I 1 , I - I 1 I I, 1 ,. 1 mumy ,w.m f-, A ,H,vf , ,I fx S, ,. QT' lzlii-L JI YV -I , 5 IL , - r I' V 5 ,iw IW, .1 L ' F V x ' i ,X 'QW ' ' 'f 1' , ,, , w. ,. ,. PATRICIA A. TONEY ENGLISH ix AQ LINDA M. TOTEN SPANISH - 'km QTPN' NANCY TROWBRIDGE HISTORY s W. "www Ly X W . 1, 1 .v 4 -1 Q , -vi Y A fi ,fm f Iva, WA M 1 WH: , 1 J,v:,,.3vL. , Q r-r.,5',-If 1 Y v 4 .K' 'I' I, 4 M ' . fi N ' , . N . 'fm 4 . . . . , .ml f ,Nu PAUL S. UHRIG HISTORY 30? DONNA M. VIVILECCHIA ENGLISH f. nz CHARLES A. VACCARO BIOLOGY bm. 'f11'r" 'uf f I ., 5 .V ' 'i 4 J IL L, ff 5 I GEORGE W. VARNEY BIOLOGY ROY P. VALLATINI ENGLISH CHRISTINA C. VITO BIOLOGY -I CONSTANCE S. VLACHOS JANICE Nl- VOLPE POLITICS BIOLOGY XQQ-w-sq, -Nm g an 2, 'Q wwf 1 4 ,mari f w J" . , F -J 4 V I - - A,! , e- . I ,, 3 A. ' , Q' AX I P 9 ,ff A 0 1 A . .Tr -25, ,A :l' ,.- .x--'5'- if ' -2 6, ,,l,xVa' v A I I 7 il f f. M I ' wi bw V V '1,'! 'x"! Illlllillllllllll Olllllllllllllllll V IQ ! 25.131 , I , ,L , I I -v if in ff. ' .f . MTM ff 1 gfbrif-3' . M1 f T., W.. JUDITH S. WACKS ALEXANDRA M. WALLACE GERMAN ENGLISH "Uh PATRICIA M. WALLACE KATHLEEN D. WALSH STEPHEN C. WARNOCK ENGLISH GERMAN ECONOMICS X XIX :ZZ KATHLEEN F. WARREN ROBERTA J. WASSERMAN ENGLISH POLITICS , - M fe. 'IQAQ aaggux ..0""' I WILLIAM T. WATKINS, JR. GLORIA A. WATTS LINDA WHALEN RUTH E. WHITAKER ENGLISH HISTORY ENGLISH ART if aqf mi :N f 15 f'. SUSAN J. WILKINSON GWENDOLYN WILLIAMS ENGLISH PSYCHOLOGY , 35 N ,W 'N X25 Q10 if 'N'- HENRY T. WOJCICKI RACHEL WOLK PAULA F. WOZNIAK JEAN M. WRIGHT ENGLISHIECONOMICS FRENCHIPSYCHOLOGY SPANISH ENGLISH I HAVE COME DOWN FOR GOOD A I have come down to earth, and learned The way to keep my spirits, in the rain, From washing off, and letting days of clouds Scare me away with ghostly shadows again- To hide like Yeats amid those starry crowds. It's become bearable, my density, my weight. My vision and my vagaries have spurned That vague and twilight, pyrotechnic zone, Which for so many years with fire burned. All's back in 3-D now. But, it must be said, IThough my thoughts now have a roof above their headl It wouIdn't do to just describe how great Assured and wrapped securely is the state If I failed to mention something else l've known: Of normality's rigid literal bounds, insipid, A life spelled out exactly by computer, No waste, no hazy zones, loose ends, but neuter. An answer which is too Iudicrously vapid For all its sober dry lack of gray and gloomy. The crazy kinds of things those days did to me. Like sadness, without purpose, pitter patter Of codes upon my roof with nothing the matter Except the transcendental power of loss As in some star I never again shall cross. LUCY L. YARLOTT ENGLISH 3 S. APRIL S. YOUNG MATHEMATICS LLLL -L , JANICE C. YOUNG PSYCHOLOGY !QO ll'- +A :fl X N ' v ,M .,,,...4 mx R Q 1 ,Q L , ,N ww-ff . . 4 ,, ,...+Af'V""'i A 1.33, V, 1 Q' - 355 ' V ' 5.1 , ,, nl 1 xwiif-'5fi'.1, X , 1 'bi' J'f3l'Y2,'J -:QC -J Q W ,' :fig 1" jrffyr if f- f .A .- '1'V'n'f ' "ami-,?'15' , f :,1,mli1,w . v- ,M ,,,.wH..,f.L, , , ,M - ,",v'W.'J'wg,'u' , , , 'IH' :i,'H":9,'dQ.-- . X113-'V 1 'f' J' . HI ,az I ..g fu' f. a-'TT' v- 'r 'W iw W. ,Q-k,?'1'r'!N' t: Hn X v mr"- ,fcxi , , 1 V,,.:,..A -- l 4 , G J J -A 4,4 J 4125555 - , 1 wx 0 v 2 J ,L , s 2 41 v Hlfiff aw' S' M my swf 2 59.3, W lv. , Jgfial 'I Vx H11 h h ,qw 4 w vis M x 1 ,JY , , X I y I I, ,L 1 sy 15 V . , , eg W A 2 r X M ,ff frw,V ' M-, ,hi 0 Rochelle Churnick Class '70 November, 1948 - April, 1969 W f' 4 U EPA 1 A A 1 . mar 4 13' YN Y w x- . ix V , :- 'V . ' 'f d'm Professor Luis Soto-Ruiz Spanish Department 1902-1970 Y 1 K if T -1 ' X ,. Q , f x l X . yw.,.a , Richard T. Hogan President of Class '71 January 27, 1950 - January 29, 1970 Simple human charm and the cool ability and poise to confront any situation made Richie the envy of all his associates, including myself . . . ...His whole life at UNIB was an effort at helping this embryonic urban University survive and prosper during its formative years. Joe Hogan lexcerpt from Mass Media, February 18, 19701 THEODORE J. BEATRICE FRENCH LINDA CAROL BEZEMES ENGLISH GAIL ELIZABETH BROWN POLITICS PETER HAMMON BROWN HISTORY LESLIE BURKHARDT MATHEMATICS JOHN JOSEPH CALLAHAN POLITICS MAUREEN E. CASEY ENGLISH DONALD N. CHAET BIOLOGY ROBERT P. CI RRONE ECONOMICS JAMES F. CROWLEY HISTORY ROG E R SCOTT CROWN ECONOMICS ROBERT CUNNINGHAM SOCIOLOGY JACQUELYNN ANN DORAN SOCIOLOGY JAMES F. ALFIERI SOCIOLOGY DAVID KENNETH ALLEN PSYCHOLOGY MAFALDA ALTOBELLI PSYCHOLOGY ODIN P. ANDERSON ENGLISH DANIEL ANGE RT HISTORY NOT PHOTOGRAPHED - FEBRUARY 1970 GRADUATES JOAN M. ENGEL ENGLISH CAROL JEAN ESTES ENGLISH PAUL V. FANNING ECONOMICS MICHAEL FEINGOLD CHEMISTRY NEI L JOSEPH FLAHERTY MATHEMATICS MILDRED PATRICIA FORBES ENGLISH JAMES A. GORMAN SOCIOLOGYIANTH ROPOLOGY TIMOTHY GUINEY HISTORY STEPHEN G. HAGAN ECONOMICS MICHAEL WALTER HI LL ENGLISH ROBERT MARTIN KELLNER ENGLISH KATHLEEN LOUISE KENNEDY ENGLISH IDA MARGARET LAWRY SOCIOLOGY NINA ASHURST LEGALOS PSYCHOLOGY SUSAN E. LEGGAT SOCIOLOGY MARVIN B. LEVINE PSYCHOLOGY ELLEN LOGAN PHILOSOPHY CHARLES D. LUTSKY PSYCHOLOGY IMOGENE GIBSON MCCLOUD HISTORY RICHARD CLIFFORD MCNEIL ECONOMICS RICHARD SLOAN ME RZ ENGLISH DONALD WESLEY MILES ENGLISH LELAND JOHN MULLANEYI CLASSICS DIANE C. MOIR POLITICS THOMAS MICHAE L N EWTON ENGLISH DEBORAH MONA NIG RO ENGLISH NOT PHOTOGRAPHED - JUNE 1970 GRADUATES LAURA MARIE ARBIA BIOLOGY MICHAEL ALEXANDER ARCANGELI BIOLOGY ROBERT J. ARRIA ECONOMICS STEPHEN CHARLES ARTHUR HISTORY JOHN JOSEPH BAILEY GOVERNMENT ANNA HELEN BANADEGA FRENCH PRISCILLA ANN BARNEY SOCIOLOGY SUSAN BARTHOLOMEW ENGLISH ALFRED FOSEPH BERAM MATHEMATICS JEAN M. BIGLEY ENGLISH VINCENT R. ONORATI PHYSICS WILLIAM DAN RANEY ENGLISH MAUREEN MICHEL RICE HISTORY DONNA ELAINE RICHARDSON PSYCHOLOGY EMILY RIZZO ART RICHARD B. SCAPRELLINI ENGLISH MARY JANE SHEEDY HISTORY PATRICIA ELLEN SHEERIN PSYCHOLOGY RAMON EVAN SMALL HISTORY HELEN M. SMITH SOCIOLOGY MICHAEL JEFFREY VERITY ECONOMICS PETER FRANCIS WALGREEN ENGLISH CLIFFORD WONG MATHEMATICS KNOWLTON A. BLAIR HISTORY FRANCIS J. BONARRIGO, JR. SOCIOLOGY ANNE MARGARET BOWES ENGLISH PAULA CHAR LENE BOYD ENGLISH DANIEL PAUL BRADLEY PSYCHOLOGY FRENCH L. BRANDON GOVERNMENT ROBERT J. BRENNAN ENGLISH HARVEY BRILLIANT PSYCHOLOGY JOHN JAMES BRODERICK CHEMISTRY DEBORAH BROWN ENGLISH ROBERT P. BROWN, JR. ENGLISH JOHN MICHAEL BUCKLEY ENGLISH DRUCILLA ANN CABRAL PSYCHOLOGY PAUL ROBERT CACCHIOTTI POLITICS DIANE MARIE CALABRIA ENGLISH MAUREEN FRANCES CALLAHAN SOCIOLOGY RICHARD PAUL CAMPBELL POLITICS FLORENCE CARDALISCO BIOLOGY CHRISTINE MARIE CAREY HISTORY MARY ENRICA CARTWRIGHT ENGLISH CORNEI LUS T. CASHMAN GOVERNMENT LORETTA E. CEDRONE PSYCHOLOGY DAVID RICHARD CESARIO HISTORY GEORGE H. CHASE, JR. POLITICS TRALEE A. CHATALIAN SOCIOLOGY CONNIE CHAZIN ENGLISH JANET C. CIFALDO BIOLOGY SYLVESTER EDWARD CLARK POLITICS ARNOLD PAUL COHEN PSYCHOLOGY JOHN PAUL COME RFORD POLITICS WILLIAM GERARD CONNORS MATHEMATICS PATRICIA LYNN CONRAD ENGLISH HUGH EVAN CONWAY SOCIOLOGY JACOUE LINE M. COPE LAND PSYCHOLOGY MARY ANNE CORNELL ENGLISH GEOFFREY CHAUNCEY COUSENS ENGLISH DAVID ALLAN COX MICROBIOLOGY CHRISTINE CROVO HISTORY MARGARET A. CUMMINGS POLITICS MARTIN JOHN CUR RAN ECONOMICS WILLIAM J. DACEY POLITICS THOMAS EDMUND DALY PSYCHOLOGY JOYCE SHERYL DAVIS PSYCHOLOGY MAJID DAWOOD ECONOMICS WILLIAM LOREN DAY ENGLISH MARY ELIZABETH DEAN PSYCHOLOGY WILLIAM DAVID DE LVECCHIO CHEMISTRY ELISABETH DEMKO SOCIOLOGYIANTHROPOLOGY LINDA DEMING PSYCHOLOGY CLARE M. DENNEHY PSYCHOLOGY E. GWYNNE DILDAY POLITICS ROSEMARY DOCKRAY ENGLISH ALAN LEE DONOVAN ECONOMICS FRANCIS D. DOUCETTE ENGLISH MARY ANNE DOYLE ENGLISH JANE MARIE DRISCOLL SPANISH PAM DUGAS ENGLISH SALLY TAFT DUPLAIX PSYCHOLOGY KATHLEEN DURKEE HISTORY SUSAN JANE ELLIS ENGLISH DAVID EDWARD FARROW POLITICS KATHLEEN MARY FAY SOCIOLOGY CAROL ANNE FE RACO ENGLISH MARY FEW PSYCHOLOGY IRENE FINAN HISTORY JOSEPH THOMAS FITZSI MMON SOCIOLOGY LUCI LLE FRANCES FLAMMIA LATIN PAULA MARIE FLEMING ENGLISH DOUGLAS JOSEPH FLIGHT ECONOMICS BRENDAN P. FLYNN ECONOMICS PETER LAWRENCE FLYNN SOCIOLOGY ELIZABETH ALICE FREEMAN ENGLISH WILLIAM JOSEPH GAVIN ENGLISH THOMAS EDWARD GEOGHEGAN BIOLOGY DIANE J. GIFFORD PHILOSOPHY TERRI ANN GILMAN ENGLISH VICTORIA J. GINTIS HISTORY KENETH HERBERT GOLDEN PSYCHOLOGY MICHAEL WILLIAM GOOD BIOLOGY JAMES A. GORMAN SOCIOLOGYIANTH ROPOLOGY KENETH ROLF GRANOUIST HISTORY NORMA JEANNE GRASSEY GERMAN EDWARD R. GRAY FR. SOCIOLOGY THOMAS J. GREEN ECONOMICS STEPHEN J. GRUPPOSO HISTORY JOHN GUCWA, JR. PSYCHOLOGY EDWARD HAGAN PSYCHOLOGY RICHARD HALL POLITICS KATHERINE P. HALLBERG POLITICS JULIA F. HANLON ENGLISH MARLENE M. HANNA PHILOSOPHY KENNETH R. HANRAHAN PSYCHOLOGY WILLIAM D. HANRAHAN HISTORY JAMES R. HARPER ECONOMICS THOMAS J. HICK EY ENGLISH MARIAN HOFFART HISTORY HAROLD B. HORWITZ ECONOMICS LELAND O. HOWARD CHEMISTRY ANJA E. HUBLEY GERMAN BRIGIDA A. IACONO SOCIOLOGY ALEC INGRAHAM HISTORY ROBERT G. INNES ECONOMICS ROBERT JACOBVITZ SOCIOLOGYIANTH ROPOLOGY NANCY J. JAKIMEDES ENGLISH ANNE S. JELLISON SPANISH PAUL C. JENNE HISTORY RICHARD E. JEWELL MICROBIOLOGY BERNARD M. JOHNSON ART HARRIS JORDAN ENGLISH KAREN M. JUNGHANS SPANISH SUSAN BETSY KAROL BIOLOGY SUSAN L. KASPE R ENGLISH BARBARA A. KEELER ART BEVERLY F. KELLNER ECONOMICS BRIAN K. KELLY HISTORY SEAN KELLY FRENCH RANDALL A. KENYON, JR POLITICS DAVID H. KIMBALL FRENCH HELEN C. KIMBALL FRENCH ROBERT A. KONNEL HISTORY VIRGINIA A. KOSMOS ART MARCIA KRIPKE SOCIOLOGY CATHERINE LANG FRENCH LEONARD R. LEBLANC FRENCH JEAN LEE SPANISH FRANCIS J. LELAND FRENCH PATRICIA A. LENNOX PSYCHOLOGY ANGELA M. LENTO ENGLISH DAVID J. LETTE RMAN ENGLISH VICTOR LEVOSH KO GERMAN CARYL LIBMAN ENGLISH JANE D. LIDMAN ENGLISH MARILYN A. LIMA PSYCHOLOGY WILLIAM LISS MICROBIOLOGY ANTHONY P. LUONGO PSYCHOLOGY CATHERINE T. LYDON PSYCHOLOGY DONALD MACIVER III BIOLOGY GIGI MACMILLAN SOCIOLOGY MAURICIO MAGAROLAS POLITICS NICHOLAS J. MAGLIANO CHEMISTRY RICHARD F. MAGLIONE ECONOMICS FRANCIS M. MAGUI RE ECONOMICS GERARD F. MAHONEY PSYCHOLOGY THOMAS E. MARCHESSAULT ECONOMICS PAUL K. MARCHETTI ECONOMICS ANTHONY M. MARCIN KIEWICZ MATHEMATICS EUGENE J. MARIANI, JR. BIOLOGY KAREN R. MAROTTA PSYCHOLOGY TERRY L. MARSH BIOLOGY KEVIN M. MARTIN HISTORY JAMES P. MARTYN POLITICS CHRISTINE C. MATCHETT ENGLISH ROLAND E. MCBRIDE BIOLOGY NEIL J. MCCORMACK HISTORYIENGLISH DAVID R. MCGOWAN CHEMISTRY SHARON MCINTYRE FRENCH JAMES W. MCLAUGHLIN SOCIOLOGY WILLIAM E. MCMASTER MATHEMATICS BRENDA M. MCNARY SOCIOLOGYIANTHROPOLOGY WILLIAM H. MCSHEEHY, ENGLISH LINDA M. MEDEI ROS ENGLISH CAROLINE J. MEI GERMAN KATHLEEN MEYER ENGLISH JOHN A. MICELE, JR. ENGLISH JOHN P. MINIGAN HISTORY JAMES I. MITCHELL, JR. PSYCHOLOGY VALERIE J. MOLIN POLITICS JOHN M. MOON EY ART RONALD M. MORIN FRENCH ROBERT A. MULLEN ECONOMICS JAM ES T. MUR DOC K MATHEMATICS WILLIAM E. MURPHY ENGLISH THE RESE MURTHA SOCIOLOG YIANTH ROPOLOGY JACK E. MYERS ENGLISH PATRICIA C. NEAL ENGLISH STANLEY A. NEWMAN HISTORY KURT C. NICHOLS POLITICS WILLIAM W. NICKERSON POLITICS LEO F. NOLAN MATHEMATICS JUDITH A. NORTON ENGLISH JOHN R. NOYES PSYCHOLOGY RICHARD T. O'CONNELL ENGLISH ANN E. O'MALLEY SOCIOLOGY KATHLEEN O'NEIL PSYCHOLOGY PATRICIA A. O'NEILL SOCIOLOGY PAUL S. O'NEILL BIOLOGY GAEL O. ONION ENGLISH WILLIAM G. OPPENHEIM ENGLISH ANNA H. OSYF FRENCH DAVID R. OUTERBRIDGE ENGLISH NINA L. PEARLMUTTER BIOLOGY KAREN S. PEARSON POLITICS JOHN L. PELLETIER ECONOMICS RICHARD T. PENDLETON ECONOMICS STEPHEN F. PENNEY ENGLISH PAMELA PER RAULT SOCIOLOGY JEAN M. PIERPAOLI SOCIOLOGY LEON P. PETTI FORD ECONOMICS GERALDINE J. PIKE MATHEMATICS BARBARA A. PISCOPO HISTORY JAMES S. PONTUSO POLITICSISOCIOLOGY THOMAS E. POOLER ART MARSHA E. PRATT SOCIOLOGY ELAINE H. PRICE SOCIOLOGY ANDREW R. PUGLIA POLITICS EARL F. RAND, JR. ENGLISH RICHARD F. RATZKOFF BIOLOGY BARBARA A. READE ENGLISH ROBERT R. REGAN POLITICS SUSANNE J. REVOI R BIOLOGY PHYLLIS M. RIDEOUT GERMAN MARC H. RING BIOLOGY GAIL M. RISPIN ENGLISH WILLIAM J. RIGGIERO HISTORY DAVID G. RUTMAN POLITICS ALAN H. SACHS ENG LISHIPSYCHOLOGY STE PH EN J. SAM PSON SOCIOLOGY FRANCES A. SCANNEL ENGLISH HANS SCHAREN CHEMISTRY LARRY SCHATZ HISTORY FRANK J. SEEGRABER, MATHEMATICS CALVIN E. SELFRIDGE SOCIOLOGY JENNIFER SELFRIDGE ENGLISH JAMES A. SHED III HISTORY JOEL M. SCHINDLER CHEMISTRY BARRY F. SHORE HISTORY MARK J. SHUMAN PHYSICS MAR K S. SI LVA PHILOSOPHY HARVEY M. SILVERMAN ENGLISH NATALI E A. SIMON SOCIOLOGYIANTRHOPOLOGY STEPHEN H. SIMON PSYCHOLOGY MARSHA L. SMITH FRENCH PAUL J. SMITH ECONOMICS JOYCE SMYTHE ENGLISH JUDITH V. SNAY PSYCHOLOGY CELIA M. SNIFFIN PSYCHOLOGY MARY J. SOULE POLITICS ANNA C. SPE RA ENGLISH STEPHEN M.B. STEPH ENS PHILOSOPHY LARRY B. STRAUSS MATHEMATICS MARGARET H. SUCH CLASSICS JOHN J. SULLIVAN III ECONOMICS JANET E. SUME R SOCIOLOGY STEVEN SWA RTZ GERMAN PAUL E. TAGLI ERI PSYCHOLOGY MARY-MAE TANIMOTO PSYCHOLOGY JAMES TARTAGLIA PSYCHOLOGY JOYCE R. TAYLOR ENGLISH LEE M. THOMAS GERMAN DAVID J. TRACEY ECONOMICS LINDA M. TUFO PSYCHOLOGY KENNETH S. TURNER POLITICS CYNTHIA TZOKAS ENGLISH CHE RYL A. WALL SOCIOLOGY PATRICK F. WALSH ENGLISH ROBERT E. WEINBE RG PSYCHOLOGY DAVID J. WIENER PSYCHOLOGY DAVID I. WINTHROP BIOLOGY MERYL J. WOLFSON PSYCHOLOGY EUGENE F. W. YOU-HOY POLITICS BARBARA L. YOUNG PSYCHOLOGY WON N. YOUNG BIOLOGY NANCY L.K. ZAYA PSYCHOLOGY BARRY S. ZEFF POLITICS MARYELLEN ZYWICKI ENGLISH LORRIE ADOLEWSKI ENGLISH LEONARD J. AIELLO HISTORY FRANK A. ANELLO PHILOSOPHY SAMUEL L. ASHMON ENGLISH DAVID B. BALLANTYNE ENGLISH ROBERT C. BASS ECONOMICS CYNTHIA R. BENJAMINS SOCIOLOGYIANTRHOPOLOGY PATRICIA A. BRAY FRENCH JOAN S. BRIDI ENGLISH ANNIE L. BURR HISTORY ANNE L. BUTMAN SOCIOLOGY DAVID F. CARROLL ECONOMICS KEVIN J. CARTY ENGLISH PETER M. CHE LLA POLITICS ALVA B. CHINN SOCIOLOGY ROMAN CHOPCHITZ HISTORY DOROTHY G. CLARKE SOCIOLOGY CARMEL M. COLLINS PSYCHOLOGY LYNN G. COUCH PSYCHOLOGY GAIL L. CRINE ENGLISH PETER J. CROWLEY PSYCHOLOGY JOHN J. CURLEY, JR. ENGLISH SEPTEMBER, 1970 GRADUATES RICHARD B. CURRIER HISTORY GRACE C. DEMPSEY BIOLOGY GARRETT O.B. DRISCOLL POLITICS ALAN S. EISNER ENGLISH STEPHEN FINN ENGLISH JOHN P. FLYNN PSYCHOLOGY ROBERT B. FOREMAN PSYCHOLOGY PETER FRAWLEY ENGLISH DAVID M. FRAZI ER POLITICS MAUREEN T. FANNON ENGLISH TIMOTHY P. GOGUEN ENGLISH PETER M. GRIGAS BIOLOGY KARE N A. HANSON HISTORY STEPHEN M. HICKEY ENGLISH MARY L. HILLERY SOCIOLOGY EDWIN HOWELL HISTORY KATHLEEN ISEN ENGLISH HAROLD F. JENNISON POLITICS THOMAS J. KEDDY ECONOMICS MAUREEN LEONARD ECONOMICS CATHERINE T. LYDON PSYCHOLOGY EDWARD J. MALLOY, JR. POLITICS MICHAEL J. MARSHALL HISTORY DAVID R. MCGINN POLITICS MARCIA D. MCKEEVER POLITICS DAVID S. MITCHELL ENGLISH SANDRA G. MONROE ENGLISH JOSEPH T. MURPHY, JR. PSYCHOLOGY DANIEL F. MURRAY SOCIOLOGY PATRICIA C. NEAL ENGLISH PAUL V. O'LEARY ENGLISH JOHN E. O'MALLEY ENGLISH RODGER G. PEN RY POLITICS ROBERT C. PERRY SOCIOLOGY SANDRA PLAVSIC ENGLISH RAYMOND PLOTNICK SOCIOLOGYIANTH ROPOLOGY TIMOTHY F. REGAN POLITICS SHE RI LYN J. RICHARDS ENGLISH NEAL P. ROSEN BIOLOGY JEANNE F. RUTLEDGE PSYCHOLOGY GEORGE F. ST. AMAND, JR. PSYCHOLOGY MARILYN D. SAUNDERS POLITICS PATRICIA A. SAUNDERS ENGLISH BROOKS H. SAWYE R ECONOMICS VINCENT D. SAYA ENGLISH DONNA J. SHUGRUE HISTORY MARY C. SI LVE R PSYCHOLOGY ROBERT SMITH POLITICS JO SOLDATO ART RONALD J. SOUSA MATH EMATICSIECONOMICS FRANK P. STIRITI PSYCHOLOGY JAMES A. SULLIVAN, JR. ENGLISH AI LEEN THOMSON POLITICS RICHARD J. TOOHEY ECONOMICS CHARL ES A. VACCARO BIOLOGY ANGELO VENEZIANO ENGLISH JONATHAN N. WADLEIGH MATHEMATICS SHIRLEY L. WAGNER ENGLISH JEFFREY H. WHEELER POLITICS FREDERICK W. WILSON HISTORY MARYELLEN ZYWICKI ENGLISH Oh curse dates! Oh curse the terrible buoys That have to bear the brunt of miles lapped Unnoticed! Let birth and death mark time! And in between let night and afternoon, All day and morning sail the passing flags ln sunsets flaming, orange afternoons Of winter dusk, summer sultry skies! The raspy orange of breezy trees in fall. And let the little sparks that venture out Upon the cold and blackly distant night Of the universal compass, let those sparks Speak to us of time spent, gladly, delightedly Relaxed and staid in knowing it is passed As best time can, lthough sad to see it gol, And for what it has, in molding out of time, And happily so, be more aware of time, Strongly, and in a positive sense, well spent, And yet be more aware with such events Of fleeting riches, life's best essences, Of time taking things gone by, the present Being nothing more than that which melts Immediately upon the tongue! - Be aware More than before, now in a negative sense, Of time's loss, carrying away real things, That here goes by with, in a way, less sorrow, For empty seats and efforts never tried. xg w',m'v'4Qxxv:,, MM PROFESSOR LOUIS ROBERTS, ADVISOR RACHEL WOLK, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF 1 Y JAMES CASCO, PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR DAVID ARIVIY, BUSINESS MANAGER ILENE FREEDMAN, LITERARY EDITOR IV! 11 Editor-in-Chief: Rachel Wolk '70 Literary Editor: Ilene Freedman '71 Photography Editor: James Casco '72 Art Editor: Herbert Greene '70 Layout Editors: Rachel Wolk - Ilene Freedman Business Manager: David Army '70 Staff Peter Whitney Pat Riccio Joe McManus Howard Cook Rachel Factor Barbara Roberts Richard Caron credits: Copyright lcl 1969 by Eve Merriam From Inner City Mother Goose, published by Simon 81 Schuster, Inc. Arthur Shapiro Edit0rial Note Organizing a functioning staff in order to produce Montage '70 has been a great challenge. In addition, because of our late start, time was a limiting factor. As a result, I and the Montage '70 editorial board realized that at best we could only try to capture a few quick impressions of the school and its urban environment. In executing even this limited goal we needed exceptional cooperation and dedication from everyone involved in the production of Montage '70, I would, therefore, like to take this oppor- tunity to thank all the people who helped make this publication possible. I would like to extend special thanks to Professor Lewis Roberts, our Yearbook advisor, Mrs. Evans, Mr. Gerald Sullivan, Stevens Studios of Bangor, Maine, Woodland Publishing Co. of Watertown, Mass. and Mrs. Sheidon Ehrich of International Famous Artists. Rachel Wolk Editor-in-Chief ,ln , 4 . 1 -, -- -5' x ., L' '?'T',i: 4 5. x". 'ff' -. 1" - .,. .V 1' 1 . ,1 , - L 'L-".' 6,5 ,A -n"',,x. ,Y av j 13' U . . -'aw 1' . 1 5 'M ' - f 1 .,, All ' lb , 'O r. 1' ., , .. . 5- . ': .:, - , .V M, ' ,,, . Nfl 'f,- if . I 'Ka X 5.,.,. v nf. ' I' - -4f's. aff' I' ,.A',f'1'g. . 'H 'f fl. .41.4,. vkwg . e,.- '- n Ju fn M. u ' 'rw ,v " A . x , .1-,.n',J ' 'VN ' . - -n ' 4-w. w' sg , ,- 'T L' 'K .Z vi 54 1' if 5,512 ykagg I iff L', I ' ai?5'f-gfwq ,Qyf 3 ' 1'-"J"11L' 43 if, 4- 4 up ,Y 3- s:2Vi,,,g'?.. 2 yeh' ,MJ ku. .,,,1, . A .1- v' "ef :keg-mfixjg' ,, if 'flilxlgvylx .2 , -315 'gf . L"'ft21uZ f ,N 'lf H J fkfi gk ' V, Y . :QIL3-5,,1?,,, .- ,,'.':I ' " ., . .,, , .fb V if ffk :rms !2'np.,'.j' gf' fl ,.- B, ' ff-','1 .gif,.,-' ' ffm uf' ,v,:,,, . ..... 41- qc. .- w gr. i 'iilfv 5 'T 51 ',wfi,:,4 x . ig" an , . U, QM." , I . 5 h Lip. ,YL f.. -, A .. v, -. A .. ,-., ' 5 -S I '.- ' , X A. f. . . - 'H 1- . "vp, 1- .5 n W ,-L" !1gf.! ni' , .' .5 f . , ' l .1 Q v . 1 I , I I A ,':.'-.'-,EH ,u r .311 1 M MGDDNQQZSLEE V169

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