University of Maryland College Park - Terrapin / Reveille Yearbook (College Park, MD)

 - Class of 1980

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University of Maryland College Park - Terrapin / Reveille Yearbook (College Park, MD) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 328 of the 1980 volume:

CDNTENTB um LIFE in DRGflNlZRTlDNE AND CLUB5 E RCflDEmiCE lUE GRRDURTE5 IBfl 5PDRT5 EBU i=ian i;f RRRRK VDLUmE 7H UNIVERBTV nF mHRVLR COLLEGE PHRH mD. EQ7UB m was warned Not to act too strong, X. V ■ i M s Wr Try to look like you belong but don ' t push was raised in a ' ' No You Don ' t World ' Overrun witti rules M emorize your lines and move as directed. That ' s an age old story. But you and I are changing that tune We ' re learning new rhythms. They believe that strange was a word for wrong, well not in my song Cause you and I are changing that tune. shuttle bus tim maadgs grain slcDhal re umbrellas crab feast sassDons halters maratha deli gazebo tab jae jachsan mache roam schlitz pizza presidential parh beer truchs papcnrn disco beltkuag plaza red and mhite commuters SLuensons saturdag night live hein hnox boxes John cadillac trident albrechts hof f theater f rye boots cocaine hungry hermans pretzels seagram 7 f rat roiu vous tortuga room snou j all nighters jochs dory s morh and mindy saf emay punh roch roy roger s complexes heinehin tasty cahes memo dent boards fans umporium bachgammon sex hangover metro roaches posters south chapel mine tichetron gourment international levis bluegrass mr. pibb roUershating toga south hill budiueiser coffee quaaludes record co-op pinballs varsity grill fire alarms steah subs mash burger hing tictocs colony ballroom calvin hlein happy hour georgetOLun rochy north hill mixers procrastination dirty dishes bihinis naturals overalls shateboards booh exchange cops la plata beach mezzanine Chinese collars laundry loafers chug fire freshman exams rushes food co-op jazz root beer roommates lounge f utniture f risbees court snach bar dates t-shirts calla ride mr. bill health center computer print outs shorts diamond ring bentley s plants toaster ovens mcdonalds Italian gardens lot U passouts paychechs plants original fetish tames college ave friends Valium hats lines quad the mall ugl marijuana suntan pictures country roch food fight carpools clogs sunglasses pennants vacation blachouts floods pizzahouse boyfriends star center diets cameo raincoats girls student union pg plaza seven eleven minter jogging cole pool ledos tomnhall bicycles suburban trust candies greehs mind nerds bach room stag notes smohe detectors materbattles streahers mardi gras pa rtu ing homecoming love joint fun possession moodstoch fairies cqdoll JLlEnB man s net bastille ping pong citzens por ice cream tapes unreal pepsi charms long meehends f unhy pins tears of joy cheers jamm surgical outfits flags johes horsebach outrageous mirrors calendars lemons cinder rum blochs cloch radios crossmord puzzles bulletin boards blom outs eve hent ham and cheese bomling cromds lines registration papers april f est football diamondbach . . . IS ■ Individuality and Togetherness . . . 13 14 15 16 17 IN DORMS . . . 19 20 21 IN APARTMENTS AND HOUSES . . . iWiaaf ' ' irt ' T ' trt ' ft ' — - J» ii - » A— oi i ' iit ' iiiWi ailR:. - --, 22 23 GREEKS . . . 24 25 COMMUTERS . . . 26 27 ON CAMPUS . . . 28 29 OFF CAMPUS . . . 30 !j» :i 31 HIGHS AND LOWS . . . 32 33 PARTYING AND 34 35 r %M : aam. 36 PEACEFULLY AND AGGRESSIVELY 37 SUMMER AND mm, 33 SPRING . . . » -Tv " - - - fomiff f M V J MHQwJ H Kmi ! ' ' ' ' Wfi mttJ cR HH mm ' ' m M i l jM V M ll ilH I H 1 H jjS ' ' " ' wHB H A. ' , 1 39 FALL AND 40 WINTER . . . ' -■. ' (. 41 DRESSING UP AND 42 DRESSING DOWN . . . 43 44 WORKING AND PLAYING . . . 45 DAY AND THE SUN N THE. UNIVERSITr Oi NIGHT . . . r By W t B l Hj Hn ' f ! ' - 47 CONCERTS AND PLAYS T= STEVE FORBETT AND 50 NICHOLETTE LARSON 5] DAVID BROMBERG 53 JOE JACKSON JOHN CADILLAC 55 ONCE UPON A MATTRESS Right: Princess Winnifred sings to the town and one of the men (Michael Kyle] explaining of how she is so shy. Left: Sir Harold (Mike Giacchino] and Lady Larkin (Cindy Baker) sing of their love for each other in the song, " In a Little While. " Bottom: The jester (G. G. Bolcik, Jr.). Prince Dauntless (Steven Blanchard], and the minstrel (Merle Cunningham] sing of their success in helping Princess Winnifred pass Queen Aggravain ' s test. 57 CLASH THE ORIGINAL PETTISH 59 THE SHADOW BOX from the dead daughter pretending that she ' s on a trip. 60 Steve llonalhon Lipscomb| was a teenager who was told by his mother (Karen Russo)that his father (David Shroder) was dying. He was able to cope with it. better than his mother had expected. Agnes (Susan Warner) was a ver ' quiet girl, who loved her mother and tried to make her happy by writing the fake letters to her mother and reading them to her. 61 (( NOBODY " AN EVENING WITH Top: Berl Williams is intently listening to a job offer from the stage. Through this job he is hoping to finally escape the black face act and become a regular actor. Bottom; Here, Williams is mourning over the death of his dancing partner. 62 BERT WILLIAMS Top: Williams, is a lion tamer inside of a cage with a lion, who is scared stiff. But the lion turns out to be a man dressed in a lion ' s suit. Bottom: After years of attempting to escape his black face, but he still must wear the face he has. 63 FREEWATER 64 65 NEW WAVE PUNK ROCK ' SLICKEE BOYS 67 EVENTS AND ISSUES . . . ? 1 rr v 70 HSU- HOW TO MAKE A MILLION WITHOUT REALLY TRYING 71 STUDENTS MARCHED ACROSS CAMPUS DEMANDING BETTER PROTECTION AGAINST RAPE 72 73 IS THE SKY FALLING? p- V 74 NO, IT ' S SKYLAB Sixty-three seconds into the init ial launch of Skylab, the meteroid shield broke which caused loss of solar array. So when the first crew arrived they erected a parasol reflector that was deployed through an airlock to bring the temperature (then over 120 F) to a bearable level. In 1977, plans were initiated to rendevous with Skylab on an early flight of the Space Shuttle, containing the Teleoperator Retrieval System (TRS), an external rocket device able to either reboost the lab to extend its lifetime or dcorbit in a remote ocean area. After active control of Skylab was re-established in Mid - 1978. and after reorientation into a low-drag attitude (to minimize the rate of deca ) attempted, the rate of orbital decay increased due to Solar activity, and TRS development was scrapped. When impact occurred (July 11, 1979) NASA estimated that there was one chance in 152 that there would be any injury on Earth. NASA foresaw that 500 pieces of debris are capable of causing injury ' . Over half of these weight under 10 pounds, near 40 weight over 250 pounds, ten are over 1,000 pounds, and two are over 3900 pounds. But since most of the flight trojecton, ' was over water, there were no injuries or damages as expected. At least 18 fragments were definitely found in Australia and identified as Skylab. The Skylab program was conceived in 1966 by NASA, using surplus Apollo hardware and it extended the practical flight duration from two weeks to several months and achieved numerous advances in space science and technology ' . The experimental program included over 50 scientific, technological, and medical experiments. The three crews spent 740 hours observing the Sun with telescopes and brought home more than 17,500 solar photographs. Biomedical findings indicated that people could adapt and function in space for long periods of time. There were biological effects that could not be explained. For instance the crew grew 1-2 inches taller, lost muscle mass and lost weight. In the weightless environment, their body ' s calves and thighs reduced in size as fluids moved up from the legs. (Several days after splashdown they were all back to normal). Also there was a noticable decrease in the ability of astronauts to taste, a phenomenon scientists cannot yet explain. 75 Frog Meets Turtle JIM HENSON AND MUPPETS CHEER The 1979 Homecoming was once again a huge success. This year it was under the direction of Rob Maggin and Gwen ButtHng. The festivities began with selecting Kim Brown as the Black Homecoming Pageant Queen, on Sunday. The next event was the Arts and Crafts Fair, directed by Randi Penn, on Tuesday. The festivities continued with a disco night, supervised by Barbara Hamilton and Kim Mortenson at the Mezzanine from 9pm to lam. At the disco there was a complimentary dance lesson followed by a dance contest with prizes and trophies awarded. The Window Decorating Contest was held on Wednesday, with Delta Gamma and Phi Sigma Kappa winning first place, Pi Beta Phi and Delta Epsilon placing second, and Alpha Phi and Theta Chi in third place. The Annual Terrapin Derby contest came next and was won by Kappa Kappa Gamma and Alpha Gamma Rho. On Thursday was the Las Vegas Night held at the Student Union, supervised by Paul Stecher. At this casino there was something for everyone; from Backgam- mon to Black lack. Then on Friday the Homecoming Parade was held with Grand Marshall ] m Henson and his wife leading the parade and who would later help judge the floats. The float that won for overall was constructed by Alpha Xi Delta and Zeta Psi. The regency award was presented to Somerset and Calvert. There was also a special contest this year, the Miss Piggy look-alike, which was won by Kappa Kappa Gamma. ON TERPS AT HOMECOMING 78 DANCERS FOR CANCER STEP LIVELY TO THE BEAT 79 BLIZZARD BEFALLS COLLEGE 80 PARK, HOLIDAY PROCLAIMED 81 ANTI-NUKE CROWD UNITES WITH MUSICIANS TO SAVE ENERGY 82 PROTESTERS SING AND SHOUT AGAINST BONG BAN 83 FADS AND r i BOOK-- 1 KK 84 STYLES ■f " TyTT fH B WJ %•! ■ IpH mV slJ wJi mTM PA I M 1 Vn CI " i ini ll I B B l Blfekjfei Kfl l 85 „ J .u, .. ... i uuoiiji jiiiiin iiuuoc iiiuuuiiiigs aiiiiiidiiiuubt; ijiuy )(Jt;iUlbi(j()TT v h,(t ' supdoc racketball jesussaves.mosesinvests americanpie farrah m a s h mcdonalds markspitz superwoman ehowardhunt orientexpi dlexhaley allinthefamily arnoldchwarzenegger grease georgemeany waltercronkite agathachristie nikon jrrtolkien suzuki women ' : barrymanilow cheryltiegs hanggliders lizaminnelli johnmitchell righttolife dollyparton clinteastwood boatpeople roots maytheforcebewith streak billycarter fonz marthamitchell blackout olgakorbett archiboldcox kentstate eltonjohn freddieprinz acupuncture freed poseidonadvent montypython nixon youhittamycar, ibrakeayourface backgammon sockittome patriciahearst evelkneivel hankaaron elliotgould beegees anitabry jaws archiebunker burtreynolds peoplestemple hemademeanoffericouldn ' trefuse bjornborg woundedknee legalizeit jacknicholson jimmyca herecomesthejudge garygilmore Vietnam janisjoplin kingtut canit longdistanceisthenextbestthing cher poprocks elvispresley cocaine wayneha blackhole oriles-pirates twoallbeefpattiesspecialsaucelettucecheesepicklesonionsonasesamebun rev.jessiejackson travolta feelinggro aaaaakaaaay! 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P. :: ■XJJ; ' liliiliiii © :::- ■ p|| Pp|.:.:.;, ,ft:c 94 CHI SIGMA CHI 95 UNIVERSITY COMMUTERS ASSOCIATION wjnr 96 97 STUDENT UNION PROGRAM COUNCIL 98 STUDENT ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES 99 AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION 100 DELTA SIGMA PI 101 102 ASSOCIATION (SGA] 103 RUGBY CLUB 104 105 Left to Right: France E. lackson (Photo Editor), Desiree Cooper (Managing Editor|. Mary Williams (Copy Editorl. Janet Anderson (Editor-in-Chief). Howard Shopard, Donette Boyd. Margaret Spencer, and Quenton Flemons . — BLACK EXPLOSION 106 |anet Anderson, Editnr-in-Chief Dosiroc (;(]i)|K.T. Man,i ;in ; EiliUir France E. |ackson. Photo Editor 107 CALVERT Back Row: Wi ffTf lT, , .,;.. H.ll. nave Hall. Kathy Beardan. Crispin Sartwell. Front Row: Debbie Carl.n 108 Left to RijJht: Steve Cosset, Paul Mandell)aum, Kevin Thomas. Andy Slape. Crcft Kandra Paul Mandclbaiim, Edilor-in-Chief Kevin Thomas. Managing Editor ARGUS 109 Iris Gross, Editor; Ira Tobert, Assistant Editor: Rich Newbarth. Feature Editor. Joseph Gamson. Associate Editor Yonni Webb, Copy Editor; Davie Strassman. Ad Manager; Yossi David, Photo Editor. Left to Right: Yassi David, Iris Gross. Joseph Gamson. Davie Strassman, Ira Talbert, Yoni Webb, Rich Newbarth. HAKOAH 110 IT Left to Ri)ihl: |im Brady. Chuck B(!rr%. MatI Apozioan. Dana Sohr. Martin Rodden. Vincent Pcrone. Bill Burton. Will Scheltema w Sohr. Puhlishor |im Brady. Managing Kdit 111 DIAMONDBACK :f:: ' ££, ' ' =.r: rr! T£%c » ' " H.,. s.- c.™t«„p...iBe.»p;.. " . " .:;- sisss.irsn- ' L 112 Ad Staff: Frank Weiner. Cindy Master. Baseman. Michele McDonald. Cheri Einbindor. Rob ' • " ' ■ " ' ' • ' " • Nancy Kass Amy Rosenb ManaKer). Marcv Peters. Amv Porlman. Dave Reiner. Michael Fribush (General Manager; Mar land Mc.lia). M.ssmg: Mark |oncs. Tony Tomasello. Kay Ice anager). Tucker. Lori Schepps. Michael Eachlin 1 113 Front Row Gar ' Allentuck, Betsy Middleman, Larry Pollack. Gary Frankel. Bob Becker. Mike Doughney. Second Row: Michael Blain, Rhonda Loreman, Andrew Coile. Bill Vanko. Marty Rosenstock, Barry Zuckerman. Julie Heath. Back: Steve Repsher, Betti-Io Cohen, Dan Noyes. Kettner Gnswold. Larry Pollack, Station Manager Marty Rosenstock, Program Director WMUC 114 C,.tr AlliriUick, Barn, ' Zuckcrmnn. Belli-|o Cohen. Marlenc Posaner. Marh ' Rosenslock. TccI Luchansky. Marc Roscniha Mike Dniighnoy. Chief Engineer and Kettner Grisvvold. A.sst Chief Engineer Betsv Middleman, Prnmotinns Director and Bill Vanko. News Director Andrew Coile. Business Operations Manager. lim De Rosa. Sales Manager, and Bob Becker. Traffic Director 115 TERRAPIN SI. ill: (rooff Baker, Sherry Condrad. Alan Krcsse. David Kapenstein. Martin Rodden. 116 Mindv Bcrniiin. Eclil()r-in-(;hii-f Sliicv Ciishnor. I.avoul Editor ,,i Ahin Kresso and Shev. 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" 91 ALPHA TAU OMEGA You For Your Patronage - THE MARYLAND BOOK EXCHANGE, ' ALPHA ZI DELTA Thank You For Your Patronage - THE MARYLAND BOOK EXCHANGE. " j23 DELTA GAMMA 124 ■Thank You For Your Patronage - THE MARYLAND BOOK EXCHANGE. ' Thank Yon For Your Piilron,i«.- - THE MARYLAND B ' 1( il- I. ' V n AKir.P DELTA SIGMA PHI J26 ' Thank You For Your Patronage - THE MARYLAND BOOK EXCHANGE. ' GAMMA EPSILON THETA •Thank You For Your Patronage - THE MARYLAND BOOK EXCHANGE. " •j27 ■■ 128 UMPORIUM - One Stop Shopping 454-3222 KAPPA ALPHA UMPORIUM - One Slop Shopping 454-3222 og 1 V) UMPORIUM - One Stop Shopping 454-3222 UMPORIUM - One Stop Shopping 4M-3222 -| ., I IK ' IPORIUM - One Stop Shopping 454-3222 UMPORIUM - One Stop Shopping - 454-3222 133 PHI SIGMA SIGMA ;:(4 LIMPORIUM - One Stop Shoppini; 454-3222 WAVAFA1105 136 UMPORIUM - One Stop Shopping 454-3222 SIGMA KAPPA UMPORIUM - One Stop Shopping 454-3222 37 SIGMA NU i jR UMPORIUM - One Stop Shopping 454-3222 Congratulations and Good Luck - from THE TERRAPIN CLUB q THETA CHI 4Q Thank Yovi For Your Patronage - THE MARYLAND BOOK EXCHANGE. " ZETA PSI •••niank You Fc.r Your PalronaKO ■ THE MARYLAND BOOK EXCHANGE. " -,4 ndergraduatE studiES histarij bEhaviaral and social sciEnci riminalngy housing astranamg industrial arts Education Ecnnamic usinEss S managEmEnt music Education agricultural S lil ciEncES nursing journalism dramatic art Entomology botar rchitEcturE chEmistrg pErsonnEl S labor te library sciEnc ducation graduatE school prof Essors arts and humanitiES Exan iEtEtic tErm papErs businEss Education group proJECts fami tudiES Italian gEnEral studiES human and community rEsourci rEEh division dEpartmEnt marhEting provost dairy sciEn ci nginEEring intErior dEsigns govErnmEnt S politics art stud ducation coursES mathEmatical S physical sciEncES as " nginEEring major dancE mEchanical EnginEEring biochEmish □stumE dEsign afro amErican studiES Early childhood Educatic ccounting computEr sciEncE gErman S Slavic langua Eorgraphy zoology spEcial Education crafts aErospac nginEEring nutrition f inancE military sciEncE latin languagE :EraturE anthropology intErnships prE-f orEStry sociology tEXtili apparEl laiu EnforcEmEnt tej hEalth Education philosap ■ansportation urban studiES food sciEncE microbiology anim ziEncES civil EnginEEring ElEctrical EnginEEr cartograpl " □mmunity studiES h SEcrEtarial Education russian publ dministration radio tv S film managEmEnt sciEncE distributix ducation agronomy soils art history vocational Education studEi caching prE-dEntal hygiEnE gEology assignmEnts amErican studiE : E-vEtErinary oral prESEntation lEcturE halls physics intErnation Blations gEology papErs tExtilE marhEting practicE comparitix EraturE production managEmEnt individual studiES music thEot compositi jchnology E sciEncE I ir»z3 ' l»inr-| prE-mEdic icultural ar cation armoi narmacy undEcidEd drop adc „ intE. .v2 Education! 2VElopmEnt consumEr Ed businEss Education sociology horr nonomics Education English hinEsiolotical sciEncES poultry sciEnc dvErtising and dEsign PEcrEation institutional admistrations paE lEctivEs TEquirEmEnts crEdits transf ep studEnts humanitiES ar rts dancE f orEign la accounting journalism gEnEral studiES a ii :is m.- iiiil A-.f-ip ' - " ;. :S :;:ia ' «:: [ ;. I x «ia;:i:S-:0:: : 8 x:iia;iSx :: . :: vi«:: in! 5?_ mm Jill 0 - •s ' ak-x !■■. i m li 1 11 J i 1 »Piiniiiin IK III _ mil ii iiiiii mill iiiii«r Ifi, !|iiiiiiiiii|| |i|n|| H wiqiiiiinu sii THE DIVISION OF AGRICULTURAL AND LIFE SCIENCES Dr. Francis C. Stark Provost of Agricultural and Life Sciences After a healthy 50% boost of enroll- ment from the Fall of 1974 to the Fall of 1977, the Agriculture and Life Sciences Division has now settled into a slow decline in majors, but not in ambition, or plans for the future. Although enrollment has declined over the past two years. Dr. Stark says, " This division remains popular because we provide programs that deal with some of the major issues of the day; feeding the world, improving the environment, and increasing the effectiveness of health sciences. " The division, which includes the College of Agriculture (under a seperate dean), and various majors such as Pre-Medicine, Pre-Denistry, and Pre- Forestry has expanded in both scopes and efficiency during Dr. Stark ' s tenure as provost. One of Dr. Stark ' s chief contributions was the creation of a General Biological Sciences major, which now boasts as having the largest number of students in the division, with 500 registered majors. In addition, other major and minor changes have benefited the division. The general studies of students in the division contain a basic Chemistry course, a Biology course, and Math 110. In addition, a person majoring in the division will most likely take several Chemistry and Biology courses. But the twenty-five basic majors within the division are for the most part seperate entities, each having a distinct field of concentration. " There are a few soft spots, but we provide for all pre-meds, pre-vets, and pre-denistry students that go on to medical school. And 20 to 25% of our students go on to graduate studies, " says Dr. Stark. The division is under constant review, seeking to improve in the responsiveness to the needs of the students. 144 145 - Ji —i 147 THE DIVISION OF ARTS AND HUMANITIES There has been a growing demand for people trained in languages and writing skills in the non-academic world, saitl Dr. Kenny, Provost for the Arts and Humanities Division. This division is divided into a humanities department consisting of history, English, and the languages units, to name a few. The art department includes such studies as, theater, art, dance, and music. There are also the Colleges of Journalism and Architecture found in this division. The American and Women ' s Studies are combined with the Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences. In this division there is quite an emphasis placed on internships since most of the units are more of applying what one learns in the classes to practical experience. Ur. Shirley Strum Kenny Provost of Arts Humanities 149 - . It I I " 4 ' " 150 151 THE DIVISION OF BEHAVIORAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES Dr. Murray Polakoff Provost of Behavioral and Social Sciences In the Behavioral and Social Sciences Division, the curriculum is geared towards the practical application of the units and upgrading the teaching, to meet the needs and demands of students and to basically increase the academic qualities, said Dr. Polakoff, Provost for this division. The division is divided into the behavioral sciences, such as, economics, psychology, sociology, and anthropology, to name a few. The other department involves social sciences, such as, hearing and speech sciences, criminal justice and criminology, to name a few. There is also the College of Business and Management found under this division. Since Dr. Polakoff has been provost many changes are occuring within this division to produce a more appropriate program that will give the students a more applied and disciplined method for their major. He has stressed the importance of enhancing the opportunities of students who are graduating. After all, the faculty is there to serve the clientele (students) in their demands. In this respect students demand a systematic way of learning their field and being prepared for their career when they graduate. 152 153 154 . Ai .,U ' r 155 THE DIVISION OF HUMAN AND COMMUNITY RESOURCES Students are prepared for jobs directly related to their major after completing their undergraduate studies, said Dr. Funaro, Provost for the Division of Human and Community Resources. The division is broken down into many units and subunits. There are several colleges that fall under this division, they are: Education, Human Ecology, Library and Information Services, Physical Education, Recreation and Health. Then there are departments such as; Family and Community Development, Food Nutrition and Instutition, Housing and Applied Design, and Measurement and Statistics. Under these different studies are classes such as; nutrition, interior design, consumer economics, industrial tech- nology, and home economics. In view of the breakdown of the division students are more specialized in a field and jobs are easier to come by, especially in the fields of Education and Recreation and Human Resources. Dr. George |. Funaro Provost of Human and Community Resources 156 157 158 159 THE DIVISION OF MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICAL SCIENCES AND ENGINEERING " There is an increase in the Math- ematical and Physical Sciences and Engineering Division due to the ongoing demand in technological fields in the United States and the world, " said Provost Frank ]. Kerr. There has especially been an enrollment increase in the Engineering and Computer Science courses. This division is divided into the College of Engineering. This college is subdivided into Aerospace, Chemical, and Nuclear, Civil, Electrical, Fire Protection, Mechanical, and Engineering Technology. The other courses under this division are: Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy, Physics, and Physical Sciences. Dr. Kerr added, that " environmen- talists have been persuading the public to pursue these fields for they will lead the way to a more technological future. " Dr. Frank ]. Kerr Provost of Mathematics and Physical Sciences and Engineering 160 161 162 163 i THE DIVISION OF INDIVIDUAL AND GENERAL STUDIES Dr, William Grohman Provost of Individual and General Studies The Individual Studies Program, known as " design your own major, " and the General Studies Program, offers an " option for students, " said Dr. Grohman, Provost for these programs. Individual Studies Program is for students whose goals cannot be achieved through the existing University cur- riculum. Students are allowed to design their own major with the approval of the Individual Studies Review Committee (three faculty members). Students must have a proposal of what their prospec- tive major is and how it relates to what they want to do after graduation. The General Studies is not as regimented as the Individual Studies Program, so its flexibility provides an alternative educational structure outside of a specific department. Students may create their own curriculum by combin- ing related courses from several departments, by exploring two or three distinctly seperate interests, or by choosing a variety of courses from throughout the University. The program developed by students must meet specific educational and employment goals. Therefore, these programs are not considered " undecided " since their proposed curriculum will eventually prepare them for a career. 164 165 166 167 itErviELus real Luarid manEg dudgEt appUcahans grE unEmplagmE Eunian f EdEral tax raisE car insurancE nac prE-mEd apartmEnt n larriagE intErnal tevehue sErvicE amErican ExprEss f arEiuElls pi alariEs rEspnnsibilitij bills childrEn statE tax pta graduatic lEdding crEdit cards rECESsian pay chEch lif e insurancE phi bE appa civil sarvicE Exam visa hamE auunEr travaling indEpEndEnc Ertif icatES moving intEPESt ratas gmat pra-lauj bs social SECuri Tc mEmoriEs kUElf ara propErty tax hum lauda travalErs chEcl if lation baby shoLuars ghc lUElcomE magon gas and alEctric bil arEnthood doctor rote carEErs clErhs photographar SEcrEtai lat prof Essors fashion dasignEr air f orca appoints motharhot inEmatograhar cpa banhar architacts farakUElls divorcE bk ross and blua shiEld city tEachar navy diapars nursE prE-dEi cjcial lif a mEdical tachnician journalist alma matar amaricc xprEss appointmants f orEstg congratulations mortgage tarrapir ccountants professions announcamEnts rn prE-VEt masti narga incomE tax occupations engagement depression tasse Ettar pay seminary thesis paper manager judge alumnist electric ngineer strihe suburbs mrs management mother-in-lauj researc jrsB artist house marming phone bills gerbers bartendi sferences chemist ujelcome uuagon politicians car insurant 3cial morher bridal shomers father-in-lam business trainir sniors horticulture fields satistfaction curriculum bar exa peech pathologist lauuger fatherhood challenging physic emantos musician homacoming banhar contracts valedictoric sgchologist preparation nutritionist doctorate librarian f ulf illmei Jture engineer success fellowship psychiatrist reminisc larmacist four long years specialties reca fine print poiui! 3rporations interior decorator jumping for joy acyuaintancei nale expectations hnokuladge sighs of relief fired souvenir Eiuard education resignation experiences anniversariE Btirement computer programmer caps and goiuns graduatic ploma memories stag parties salaries money inflation lif :: •..• r:?r:5 ? lis? • ' J ' m ta ?::; ■ iw @..f.-. tjS?- 0 «. - ? %v . • r$ ■ ,„ ;!5: :§« •■?.:::::: = ... Q §; • 1 s ' -s feK« s; " - " =«iJS V ? w J . . ' m.. t „ ■ ■fy $ a; « ■ K .n ,•?: ft S xv iS; ft a eft a Ki9 ? 9 c = )? . T PP . ■? ;$; ft ft ft « V ' .i. X " ft ft »v?- A« tit J6 -♦ ' - f ' :s TT " T T y . ' 9 $ Q ■• .,•• .. .■: 9 •?: .A x ft w tt 5 5 " v ,w£s, W f««w, » v • %■ ?:!««: ' .J» ' i wS " :: V • • fiHW SfflSftffi?i ?W :: ' ' :-v .vf; ' • ;$ ={ i ,$Te? Craig W. Abbott Glen Burnie, Md. Radio, Television and Film Nelson Abel Silver Springs, Md. Marketing I Bonnie Abell ; Pisgah, Md. ournalism Seniors experience a range of Liza A. Abood Bethesda, Md. Physical Education Anne M. Abramovich Garrett Park, Md. Conservation and Resource Vicki R. Abrams Cheltehham, Pa. Recreational Therapy Freda L. Abramson Silver Spring, Md. Chemistry Jody E. Adams Frederick, Md. Sociology Sandra C. Adamski Greenbelt, Md. Art Studio Douglas W. Adolphsen Fulton, Md. American History Kim P. Agan Annapolis, Md. Marketing Phyllis A. Ahrens Oceanside, N.Y. Mathematics Mary-Fides L. Alaisa Edgewater, Md. Personnel and Labor Relations Bruce Abrams Baltimore, Md. Marketing Valerie A. Adair Friendship, Md. Psychology Diane C. Adler Baltimore, Md. Dietetics Carol Ann Agayoff Chevy Chase, Md. History Tom M. Albright Phoenix, Md. Agriculture 170 Gail T. Alexander Silver Spring. Md. Personnel Labor Lisa Ann Alexander Gailhersburg, Md. Gvpt. Politics Antoinette Allen Speech Hearing emotional unforgettable times . Gail L. Allen Cumberland, NJd. Speech Hearing Catherine Altercscu Silver Spring. Md. Art Studio Brian E. Alvarez District Heights. Md. Electrical Engr. David M. Anderson Temple Hills. Md. Recreation Steven P. Andrews Annapolis. Md French Lang. Lit. loan Helene Allcntuck Bethesda, Md. Family Studies Phyllis [. Ait Personnel Labor Barry N. Alterwitz Stamford, Conn. Individual Studies Kirbv R. Althouse Gary, N.C. Physical Education Mourad E. Amer Beltsville. Md. Engineering Paul F. Andercyk Pasadena, Md. Experime ntal Foods Janet M. Anderson ]ournalism Marilyn E. Anderson Bethesda, Md. Finance Patricia R. Annitto Long Branch, N,] Sociologv |ohn A. Anong Washington. DC. Agricultural and Resource Econ. 171 Joe Ansaldi Olney, Md. Gvpt. Politicis David B. Applebaum Trenton, N.]. Gvpt. Politics Karen S. Arkin Lynbrook, N.Y. Journalism Mohammad H. Asi Adelphi, Md. Govt, and Politics IT Angela R. Arkin Bethesda, Md. Govt, and Politics Sue E. Askinasi Oceanside, N.Y. General Studies Carter chosen over Ford Janet L. Athey Adelphi, Md. Psychology Patti Jill Austin Wilmington, Del. Marketing William W. Babcock Bethesda, Md. Accounting Peter G. Bahor New Hyde Park, N.Y. Urban Studies Renee Ayer Frederick, Md. ournalism Jean L. Bailey Tall Timbers, Md. Chemical Engineering 172 Kenneth [. Baker Richmond. ' .i Ann |uiin Baltlasano Stowc, Pa. Speech Hearing AHctte Virginia Baker Hillendale. Md. Sally T. Baker Potomac. Md. Govt, and Pohtics Deborah I ' . Ball Adclphi, Md. Secretarial Educa, Heather A. Ballard Bethesda, Md. Physical Educa. for Presidency 1976 Man ' E. Ballinufi Adelphi, Md Microbiol()jJ Richard B. Barker Hyattsville, Md. Accounting Steven L. Barrios ChevT Chase. Md. Psychology Joanne S. Bassan Baltimore. Mil Dietetics 1 Vera P. Baney Baltimore, Md. Art Studio Elinor C. Bardach West Orange. N.|. Textiles Apparel Robert H. Barnard Silver Spring. Md. Interior Design David W. Barringer Lanham, Md. journalism Lori ). Earth Silver Spring, Md. Psychology Isadore Baseman Elkins Park, Pa. Finance Clifford Wayne Bassett Greenbelt, Md. Psychology ' Susan |. Bastian College Park. Md. Advertising Design 173 Margaret A. Beard Silver Spring, Md. Computer Science Brenda L. Beitzell Abell. Md. Psychology Jane C. Belasco College Park. Md. Speech HeariiiL ' Maureen W. Bcil Ft. Moade. Mil Animal Sciontu; Evelyn R. Bolsk Baltimore, Mtl. Betsy A. Belcher Silver Spring, Md Radio. TV, Film Earl Boll Seabrook, Md. Architecture Renee Bcllamv Philadelphia. Pa. Psychology ' Barbara E. Beller Bethesda, Md. Neil A. Bclson Silver Spring, Md Agronomy lames H. Belt jr. Reisterstown. Md. Agronomy the right to die 1976 Carol E. Belz Clear Spring. Md. Horticulture lanine L. Bender Searingtown, N.Y. Economics Linda M. Bengston Silver Spring, Md. Microbiology ' Lynee Bennett Washington, D.C. Special Education William C. Bennett Oxon Hill, Md. Gvpt. Politics Arlene A. Benson College Park, Md. Wendy Berger Family Studies Carol Sarah Bergmann Greenbelt, Md. Zoology Mirl R. Bendt Lahnam, Md. Indus. Technology Melinda Bennett Bethesda, Md. Fashion Merchandising Donna Bergen Speech Hearing John C. Bergstrom Silver Spring, Md. Conser. Resource Dvlp. America Celebrates 176 Ben A. Berk Valley Stream, NY. Accoiinliny Harr ' A. Herman Silver Spring. Md. Aerospace Engineering Charlinc Bern, ' Silver Spring, Md . Personnel Labor Christine Bierce Greenbelt, Md. Dietetics Debbie A. Bcrdcridge Kingsville, Md. journal ism Dean R. Herman Randallslown, Md. Sociology- Chaver Bi rnstoin Bowie, Md. Animal Science [eff Bernstein Silver Spring, Md. Biology Stephen F. Berry Baltimore, Md. Biology Kenneth H. Bershtcin Randallstown, Md. Marketing Sharon Biladeau Potomac, Md. Family Studies Mona Binder Seabrook, Md. Law Enforcement Bicentennial B-day 1976 Marc B. Binstock Silver Spring, Md. Electrical Engr. Bernetta D. Bizzell Aberdeen, Md. Gvpt. Politics Chris I. Bitters Baldwin, Md. Civil Engineering David E. Bittner Lavale, Md. Communit ' Studies Steve L. Black Baltimore, Md. Personnel Labor Alison L. Blackman Guyana So. America English 177 drea ). Blank iladelphia, Pa. Special Education Richard E. Blankenship Greenbelt, Md. Accounting Robert M. Blum Baltimore, Md. Microbiology ' ]ini A. Blumenshine Laurel, Md. Recreation Richard M. Boker Silver Spring, Md. Accounting Amy Bolton Rockville, Md. Textiles Apparel John P. Bordonaro Beltsville, Md. Microbiology Patricia A. Boretos Hyattsville, Md. Info. Systems Mgt. Sherry D. Bormel Baltimore, Md. ournalism Laura K. Bos Short Hills. N.J. Business Mgt. James Boria Gaithersburg, Md. Agricultural Resource C. Bourgeois Mount Rainier, Md. Gvpt. Politics Howard Hughes ' Death Elizabeth A. Boutiette Potomac, Md. Accounting David N. Bowen Hyattsville, Md. Accounting Gilbert O. Bowling LaPlata, Md. Agronomy Joann H. Boyce Silver Spring, Md. Speech Commiin. J Robin A. Bradshaw Walkersviile, Md. English Education Cynthia E. Boyd Seaside Heights, N.). WiUiam ). Boyle King of Prussia, Pa. Marketing Robin M. Brahm Pittsburg. Pa. Personnel Labor Leslie C. Brandt Lanham, Md. Agronomy Produces Many Wills 1976 Rebecca B. Brasseaux Ellicott City. Md. ournahsm Ted R. Breiter Mamaroneck. N.Y. Finance Mary Anne Brennan Greenbelt, Md. Govt, and Politi Lynne Bresler College Park, Md. Biol. Science Cindy M. Bresloff Fair Lawn, N.J. Apparel Design Susan ). Bridegum Hyattsville, Md. Business Alicia E. Brinton Riverdale, Md. Accounting James E. Brocker Berwyn Heights, Md. Journalism Debra A. Brockington Dover, Del. Linda M. Browdy Gvpt. Polticis Cheryl J. Brown Island Park, N.Y. Business Mgt. Jeff S. Brown Rockville, Md. Criminology Kathy A. Brown Hyattsville, Md. English Educa. Nancy Leigh Brown Woodmere, N.Y. Radio, TV, Film Rebecca L. Brown Bowie, Md. Radio. TV, Film rr» -5. Michael W. Bridges Chevy Chase, Md. Law Enforcement Laurie L. Broadbent Endlcott, N.Y. English Terri L. Brooks Warminster, Pa. Psychology Deborah Sue Brown Camp Springs, Md. Recreation Ken L. Brown Salisbury, Md. Accounting Info, Susan C. Brown Lutherville, Md. Special Education Mandel Fraud 180 Ann S. Brugf Baltimoro. Md. Textiles Apfiarols Lorraine Briinner New Milforii. N.|. Nutrition Debra F. Buchanan Columbia, Md. English Donna P. Buisch Takoma Park, Md. Interior Design Brian Burgess Suitland. Md Radio, TV, Film Michael H. Burgoyne Odenton, Md. Mechanical Engr. kik William Brunc Brandy wine, Md. Economics Randall |. Brunk (]lt!ndale. Md. ComiHiter Science Janice L. Bruwelheidc Silver Spring. Md. George R. Brvant College Park, Md. Physical Education Patricia )oan Buell Bethesda, Mil Special Education Khanh H. Bui Rockvillc, Md BiochemistrN ' Carol A. Bullock College Park, Md. Music Education Teresa M. Burall Monrovia, Md. American Studies Joyce C. Burgess Potomac. Md Chemical Engr. Paul R. Burgett Bowie, Md. Agriculture Resource jovce M. Burke Chev ' Chase, Md Theatre Shelley A. Burns Bethesda, Md. Biol. Science - Micro Trial Begins 9-8-76 181 Albert L. Burrell Ordinary, Va. Computer Science Donna Busch Mynga Butcher Laurel, Md. Business Mgt. U.S. Judge Releases Michael Butler Lanham, Md. Civil Engineering Owen Anne Buttling Ellicott City, Md. English Geraldine A. Byrne Yorktown, N.Y. Accounting Faith A. Cable Laytonsville, Md. Law Enforcement Charles Cadigan Elizabeth A. Caillouet Clinton, Md. Computer Science Andrew Calvin Mt. Rainier, Md. Elem, Education Linda L. Campbell Bowie, Md. Elem. Education Elisa D. Campos Hyattsville, Md. Botany |ulie Marie Cannon Lanham, Md. Ellen Byrne Greenbelt, Md. Mgt. Consumer Paula M. Cadigan Silver Spring, Md. General Studies Gail Calpper Bethesda, Md. Ronald F. Campbell College Park, Md. Accounting Francine Canter Cheltenham, Pa. Radio, TV, Film 182 Paula V. Caputii Grasonvillo, Md Special Education Ryall O. Garden Rivcrdaie, Md Computer Science Glenn M. Carey Syosset. N.Y Individual Studies Watergate Trial Tapes 10-27-76 Edith A. Cam Silver Spring, Md Advertising Design Kathleen E. Cascii Oiney. Md Secondar ' Educatim George G. Causey Arlington, Va. Radio, TV, Film )oanna M. Chiaritn Randallstovvn. Md Electrical Engr. P. Kay Chettenden Crovvnsville. Md. Interior Design Deborah E. Carroll Oxon Hill, Md Kinesiological Sciencr |on B. Casamento Linthicum, Md. Electrical Engr. Gary W. Case College Park, Md Marketing Finance Rosemarie Castillo Wheaton, Md. Criminolog ' Richard Gelentano Silver Spring, Md. Microbiology Adele C. Cerrelli Bowie, Md. BiologN ' Raymond A. Chicca Chillum. Md. Civil Engineering Carl Alan Chin Baltimore, Md. Electrical Engr. |ohnny Ghrscoe Pembroke, N.C. Peter G. Christofferson Hamburg. N.Y. Business 183 m I Gretchen C. Chumley Largo, Md. James P. Clark Darien, Conn. Geography S. Clark Claudian D. Clokey Beltsville, Md. P ' " " Elem. Education John C. Clark Catonsville, Md. Kinesiological Bert W. Cohen Brooklyn, N.Y. American History Library Tightens Gary J. Cohen Chevy Chase, Md. Business Mgr. Cathv M. Cohen Ft. Lee, N.J. Speech Hearing Lori S. Cohen Seaford, N.Y. Dietetics Mara Cohen Greenbelt, Md. Radio, TV, Film Lawrence J. Cohen Tappan, N.Y. Marilyn Cohen Dance 184 Shari L. Cohon Tappan, N V Physical Eciiication Frod |. Colin Randallstown, Mel. Electrical Engr. I i Shari B. Cohen Bowie. Mil Douglas Cohn Plainview, N.Y Marketing Labor Linda |. Colh.Tt Silver Spring, Md. Interior D(;sign Christopher ]. Collnirn Rockville, Md. Business Mgt. Bathroom Security 11-9-76 Laura f. Colcoid Bowie, Mil Chemical Engr. Denise Y. Coleman Hyattsville, Md. Recreation Michele A. Coleman Columbia, Md. Biological Sciences Maria ]. Collier Bethesda, Md. Dietetics Francine Cole Radio, TV, Film Leo H. Cole |r. Silver Spring, Md. Criminology ' Eric Coleman Oxon Hill. Md. MicrobiologN ' Linda E. Coleman Huntington Beach, Ca. English Nancy C. Coleman Tovvson, Md. Psychology- James F. Colgrovo Leola. Pa. Physical Education Bette Ellen Colling.s Westmont, N.j Criminolog Maureen T. Collins Kensington. Md. Criminolog ' 185 M 11 I M II I U II I M II I ' •«1 • 111. ' " ! Unbeaten Terps Bound D. Scott Conchar Short Hills, N.J. Govt. Politics Lawan A. Conley Oxon Hill. Md. Biol. Science - Botany Joseph A. Consort! District Heights. Md. Computer Science Kathleen A. Cook Silver Spring. Md. Conservation Resource David B. Corkum Silver Spring, Md. Accounting Richard }. Cormier Lynn, Mass. Law Enforcement David F. Connor Brookside, N.J. Accounting Michael W. Corbin Suitland, Md. Animal Science Brigid A. Corrigan Greenbelt, Md. Art Studio 186 |ohn A. Corso Brookville, Md. Finance Beth L. Coslit Springfield, N.j Consumer Economics Cvnthia Lvnn Cox ■ Oxon Hill. M.I Computer Science Henr ' Cortcsini |r Rockville. Mil Geologx Concetta Cortina Oakland. N,|. Art Histor ' Reginald D. Counts Lanham. Md. Computer Science Kathleen M. Cover Rockville, Md. Business Mary |ean Cox Kinneion, N.|. Psychology ' Russell T. Cox Laurel, Md. Radio, TV, Film For Cotton Bowl 11-22-76 ii . ' . (I Denise L. Coyle Columbia, Md. Business Mgt. Robert E. Coyle Silver Spring, Md. Civil Engineering Anna M. Crockett Washington, D.C. Business Mgt. Brian E. Cropper Silver Spring, Md. Law Enforcement John Crow Catharine Lynn Crum Frederick, Md. Horticulture Jay P. Cyr Rockville, Md. Biol. Science - Botany Martha S. Daciek Linthicum Heights, Md. Dietetics John S. Crounse Riverdaie, Md. History Joanie M. Curtin Silver Spring, Md. Criminology Susan L. Dahlberg Lake Park, Fla. Music Gilmore Gets Patrick R. Dahlhorg Scotia, N.Y. Music Frances C. Davis Ft. Meade, Md. English Ieanette S. Davis levy Chase, Md. Zooiog - Richard M. Day Bel Air, Md. Aerospace Engr. Francine M. D ' Antiiond Colesville, Md Advertising Design Philip B. Davidson Brookcville. Md. Horticulture George Andrew Davis Silver Spring, Md. Civil Engineering lames G. Davis Olney, Md. Business Mgt. Kenneth L. Davis Taneytown, Md. Animal Science Pamela ]. Davis Potomac, Md. Accounting Carl W. Deanell Clinton, Md. Accounting Stephen J. Deaugustino West Mifflin, Pa. Physical Education Death Wish 1-18-77 Thomas M. Derinski Falston, Md. Joyce E. Delung Laurel, Md. Jeanne M. Decker Beltsville. Md. Dietetics Theresa M. Deily Silver Spring, Md. Govt. Politics Sophia Demohyshyn Psycholog ' Linda Dent General Studies lit, m 189 Michael S. Dew Gaithersburg, Md. Psycholog ' Michelle Y. Dewes Jupiter, Fla. Accounting Karen ). Diamond Silver Spring, Md. Business Mgt. Deborah A. Di Gregorio Silver Spring, Md. Ps ' cholog ' David Marcus Dimon Shelton, Conn. Architecture Fred Dimpfel Baltimore, Md, Mechanical Engr. . Dissinger Baltimore, Md. Journalism Deborah L. Dittrich Crumpton, Md. Outdoor Recreation Robert Taroung Do Potomac, Md. Zoolog ' Trieu B. Do Potomac, Md. Biochemistrv Christine S. Dillon Bethesda, Md. General Studies Thomas R. Di Persio Aberdeen, Md. Computer Science Diane R. Dixon Silver Spring, Md. Art Education Frederick H. Doepkens Gambrills, Md. Agr. Extension Educa. nita Bryant Voices Andrew B. Donchin Fairlavvn, N.J. Marketing Philip Dondes Computer Science Steven E. Doolittle Alexandria, Va. Geography Lisa W. Dopkin Baltimore, Md. Therapeutic Recre. ■ Ana Cecilia Ehiarte Bowie. Md. Accounting John E. Doylo Silver Spring, Md. Law Enforcement Kathy B. Dn, Washington, D.C. Joanne B. Dubb Long Island, N.Y. Psychology Fran P. Dubin Baltimore, Md. Accounting Out Against Gays 1977 Nancy Dubois Advertising Design Nancy S. Duncan Richmond, Va. Mathematics Educa. Victoria C. Duncan Silver Spring, Md. Journalism Kathleen Mary Dunlap Severna Park, Md. Fashion Merchandising Brian ]. Dyson Brookeville, Md. Mechanical Engr. Shirley H. Eason Lanham, Md. Psychology Janet K. Easson Linthicum, Md. Interior Design Barbara C. Eddey Rockville, Md. Art Therapy Marjorie V. Edmonds Baltimore, Md. Accounting Franklin H. Edwards Richmond, Va. Urban Studies Mary Ann Edwards Bowie. Md. Journalism Beverly S. Eichel Plainview, N.Y. Accounting Mark D. Eidelman Silver Spring, Md. Accounting Steven R. Eisenberg Greenbelt, Md. Finance Lawrence R. Eisenhart Towson, Md. Wildlife Resource Mgt.i | Sharon C. Eagan Washington, D.C. Radio, TV, Film Susan M. Eckhart Frostburg, Md. Interior Design Walter Paul Edwards Lanham, Md. Animal Science Eisen Potomac, Md. Info. Systems Mgt. hilip Eisenhaur Death Penalty Passed 192 Eric B. Eiscnslciii Silver Spring, Md. Accounting Shelly B, Ellic Baltimore. Biochemist Tobie R. Ely Silver Spring. Md. Nutrition Christine M. Ennis Timonium, Md. Apparel Design Steven R. Erlanger Baltimore. Md. Marketing Nira Etons Rockville, Md. ournalism John |. Ekelimd |r. Lanham. Md. Science Education Mohson M. Eldefrawl Pikesville. Md. Biochemistr Joshua W. Elvolvo Silver Spring. Md. Fire Protection Engr. Chris Elwell Arnold. Md. Nutrition Paul Emerson Kensington. Md. ; Personnel Mgt. Leslie A. Engel Baltimore. Md. Marketing Pete A. Epstein Bowie. Md. Computer Science Math. Sheldon S. Epstein Baltimore, Md. Civil Engineering Karen A. Espil Greensboro, Md. Criminology Shari L. Esterson Greenbelt, Md. Accounting Susan M. Ettcnson Rockville, Md. Early Childhood Ed. Wendy ). Exler Silver Spring, Md. Accounting By Senate 3-1-77 k Lee E. Eybel Bowie, Md. Business Mgt. Jeffrey M. Fahrner Rockville, Md. Biology Education « " %, David R. Fairbank Arnold, Md. General Studies Trans-Alaska Rob Faktorow Willingbrjoro, N.J. Finance Linda J. Falkerson Greenbelt, Md. Radio. TV, Film Fatima M. Farias Silver Spring, Md. Finance Anita M. Faringer Adelphi, Md. Sociology Sharon K. Fassler Adelphi, Md. Advertising Design Gail H. Fast Massapequa Park, N.Y. English James J. Fear Gaithersburg, Md. Agriculture Susan E. Fedak Columbia, Md. Computer Science Robert Feinerman Adelphi, Md. Business Michael A. Fekula Weston, Conn. Family Studies Brian E. Famiglietti Bethesda, Md. Law Enforcement Judith E. Farnsworth Davidsonville, Md. Physical Educ. J. Scott Faupel Rockville, Md. Accounting Bonnie Feferman Fairlawn, N.J. Sociology Steven G. Feldmann Silver Spring, Md. Geology 194 Jaquenette R. Ferguson Lanham. Md. Stephanie |. Ferguson Silver Spring, Mil. Horticulture Philip M. Fernanties Beltsville. Md General Business Pipeline Opened 1977 Teresa L. P ' crnandez College Park. Md. Special Phys. Educ Mary Figlia Microbiology Kathleen L. Finch Camp Springs. Md. English Education Margaret E. Fineran Cheverly. Md. Recreation Ruth K. Fink Rockvilie. Md. Zoology r Susan K. Fcrretti Nanuet. N.Y. General Studies Linda M. Ficken New Carrollton, Md. Therapeutic Recr. Betty Figula Johnstown, Pa. Accounting Cindy A. Filan Clardsburg. Md. Costume Design Joyce A. Fincham Laurel. Md. [ournalism Sharon M. Fineberg Potomac. Md. Jonathan Finglass Baltimore, Md. Accounting Michael S. Fink Silver Spring, Md. Business Mgt. Leonard P. Finkei Silver Spring. Md Accounting Pamela K. Fish Bowie. Md. Electrical Engr 195 Carolyn A. Fisher Silver Spring, Md. General Studies Iris E. Fisher Baltimore, Md. Psychology Gregg J. Fitzpatrick Silver Spring, Md. General Business Tisha A. Fitzpatrick Potomac, Md. Special Education Jane E. Fitzgerald Kensington, Md. Home Economics Ed. Meg Flanigan Washington, D.C. Spanish Portuguese FDA Bans 196 Paul D. Flower Monroe, Conn. Urban Studies ames M. Folsom Kensington, Md. James W. Ford III Silver Spring, Mci. Law Enforcement Joseph A. Fnti Camp Springs, Nki Accounting! Adrienne H. Forman West Long Branch, N.]. Dietetics Debra Forman Recreation Mary E. Francis Greenbelt, Md Textile Science Anne A. Frank Bowie, Md. Law Enforcement Saccharin 3-10-77 Bonnie Frankle Baltimore, Md. Hearing Speech Juliet Freeman Lincoln, Del. Criminology Marc L. Friedman Owings Mills, Md Accounting Anne Fruit Ellicott Cit ' , Md. Business Mgmt. Gen. Can ' D. Frankel " On lev, Md Radio, TV, Film Terri T. Franklin Adelphi, Md. journalism Lisa A. Freeman College Park, Md. Speech Hearing Kenneth L. Fried Plainfield, N.J. Marketing Meryl S. Friedman Silver Spring. Md Spanish Kathleen R. Frost Laurel, Md. Microbiology Stephanie C. Fr e Lanham, Md. Bilingual Elem. Educa. Lissa M. Fuller Silver Spring, Md. Criminology 197 David " Son Of Sam " Berkowitz Debra A. Fulton Suitland, Md. Speech Pathology Karen M. Funderburk Houston, Tex. Kinesiology Sarolta E. Fury Silver Spring, Md. French Language Lit. Mark A. Gaertner Arnold, Md. Electrical Engr, Mark E. Galasso Queenstown, Md. Zoology Andrea G. Galef Rockvllle, Md. Criminology Rebecca M. Furnia Bethesda, Md. General Studies Mary G. Gaffney Bethesda, Md. General Studies Jill A. Galkin Silver Spring, Md. Special Education Maureen T. Gallagher Carrollton. NKI. Journalism Lindsay R. Garland Columbia. Md. PsychologA ' Lawrence D. Gaul Bethesda, Md. Transportation tSS« r Elizaahoth R. Gallnr Rosedalo, NY. Info. Systems Mgt. Mark I. Garhers Gaithershurg. Md. AccduntinK Gene M. Garner Oxon Hill. Md. Electrical Engr. Sharon M. Garrison Silver Spring. Md. Agricultural Chem. Albert T. Gavaii.s Mt. Rainier. Md Studio Art Karen Sue Gear Cumberland. Md. Dance Education Killed 6, Wounded 7 1977 Pamela A. Gee Vv Laurel, Md. ) Business Mgt. Nancy L. Gelfand • Baltimore, Md. Studio Art Judi A. George Adelphi, Md. English Education oseph J. Gerardi Hagerstown, Md. Electrical Engr. Tim R. Germana Arnold, Md. Conservation Bryan W. Ghent Timonium, Md. echanical Engr. Gilbert Howard Beach, N.Y. Business Dawn L. Gillas Hyattsville, Md. Nuclear Engr. Eileen A. George Potomac. Md. Sociology Carol Lynn Gerhardt n Christina M. Giannanio Silver Spring, Md. Personnel Mgt. Darice A. Ginn Rockville, Md. Conservation BSU Boycotts Arthur D. Ginolfi jr. Laurel. Mel. Radio and Television Bernard W. Gillin Rockvillo. Md. Music Michael H. Giazcr Yonkers. NY. General Studies Kathleen L. Glick Bethlehem. Pa. Interior Design Haley Mary E. Goebert Linthicum. Md. Govt. Politics Ronald H. Goldberg Tappan. N.Y. Accounting Barrv Ginsberg Floral Park. NY. Marketing Beth H. Gitkin Fairlawn, N.j. Spanish Barbara D. Glasco Philadelphia. Pa. Business Kenneth 1. Glaser New York. NY. j Microbiology! Gaylc Gleitz Annapolis, Md. Early Childhood Educa. Heidi T. Glick Levitown, N.Y. Speech Drama Educa. Stephanie S. Glover Laurel. Md. Microbiology Larry F. Godo Berw ' n Heights. Md. Englishl -31-77 Heidi . Goff Silver Spring, Md. Speech Hearing Roberta L. Gold West Orange, N.J. Recreation Lisa Goldberger Baltimore. Md. Accounting Daniel L. Goldberger Baltimore, Md. Accounting , f ' Louise V. Goldblatt University Hill, Md. History Philosophy Gary W. Golden Bayonne, N.). Microbiology Nancy I. Goldring Silver Spring, Md. Interior Design Caren S. Goldsmith Baltimore, Md. Therapeutic Rec. David L. Goldstein Wyncote, Pa. Recreation Ilsa E. Gonzalez Oxon Hill, Md. Microbiology Jerome L. Goodwin Harrisburg, Pa. Biochemistry Lisa D. Gordon Chevy Chase, Md. Family Studies Robert L. Gossweiler Timonium, Md. Business Linda S. Gould Potomac, Md. Advertising Design Beth S. Goldman Richmond, Va. Elementary Educ. Arlen B. Goldstein Owings Mills, Md. lournalism Susan Goodman Silver Spring, Md. Special Education Nancy S. Goretsky Lewisdale, Md. Photojournalism Ginger L. Graham Hyattsville, Md. Studio Art New York Has William ]. Graham College Park, Md. Urban Studies William Todd Grams Economics Elizabeth Grant Chevy Chase, Md. Special Education 202 Christopher Gratton Hyattsville. Md. Civil Engineering Connie Gr;i Walkersvillc, Mel. Elementarv Education EHzabeth B. Graves Bethesda. Md. Speech Comm. Robert Gravina Bala Cynwyd. Pa. Special Education Karon A. Gray Lanham, Md. Law Enforcement Scott A. Greatorex Rockville, Md Aeorospace Engr Second Black Out 1977 Gina T. Green Silver Spring, Md Horticulture Murray B. Green Baltimore. Md. Marketing Don M. Greenburg Hartsdale. N.Y. Transportation 203 Lori V. Greene Silver Spring, Md. Eng. Pre-Law Sharon L. Greene East Orange, N.J. Business oseph F. Greeves Bethesda, Md. Accounting Kathryn Gregory Gambrills, Md. Dietetics ,eanine Grogard Conserv. Resource Dev. Marshall R. Gross Wheaton, Md. Accounting Maria N. Grundt Fair Lawn, N.J. Family Studies Benedict E. Grylewicz Columbia, Md. Radio, TV, Film Jeannette A. Gularek Lakewood, N.J. Advertising Design Dorothy P. Guzzo Linden, N.J. Interior Design Carolyn R. Hack Baltimore, Md. Chem. Engineering Edward R. Greer Hollywood, Md. Electrical Engr. Nancy Hagen Columbia, Md. ■ General Studies Paul M. Grimaldi Adelphi, Md. Geography Janet E. Groves Paramus, N.J. Personnel Mgt. Paula M. Grysikiewicz Odenton, Md. Special Education Robert M. Haas Severna Park, Md. Music James Hafey Potomac, Md. Economics Police Arrest 4 At Campus 204 Mary K. Hafer Brandyvvinc. Md. Prsnl. Mgt. " Labor Ro. . Charles ]. Hall Washington. D.C. Law Enforcement Katherinc F. Halleck Annandale. Va. Radio, TV. and Film Barbara ]. Hamilton College Park. Md. Comm. and Public Rel. Dwight ]. Hammond Washington. D.C. Math Statistics Sung Young Han Bladensburg. Md. Mech. Engineering Mar ' T. Haladd Timonium. Md Prsnl. Mgt. Labor Rel Suzanne M. Halbardicr Bethesda. Md. Special Ed. Kathleen M. Hall Silver Spring, Md. Radio, TV, and Film Laura C. Hall Hyattsville, Md. Geography Ingrid A. Hallen Silver Spring, Md Mgt. and Consumer Studic s Susan Halpern Finance Lisa B. Hammer Livingston, N.). Marketing Rochelle E. Hammerman Baltimore, Md, Special Education Bruce N. Hampe Baltimore, Md. Accounting Soo Kvvang Han New Carrollton, Md. Finance Charles L. Hancock College Park. Md Recreation Claire E. Hanlein Chillum, Md. Rec. Leisure Thera. Rec. Pot " Smoke In " 5-3-77 205 kiekbttm Richard P. Harcum Silver Spring, Md. Business Admin. Susan Harden Luthervllle, Md. Dietetics Brenda L. Harmon Landover Hills. Md. Special Ed. Mandel Guily In Linda L. Harper Bethesda, Md. Special Ed. Adrienne A. Harris Baltimore, Md. Journal. Eng. leff S. Harris Takoma Park, Md, Radio, TV, and Film Jonathan L. Harris Upper Marlboro, Md. Mathematics Jeffrey J. Harshman New York City, N.Y. Psychology Stephen H. Hartman Baltimore, Md. Computer Science Kenneth V. Harvey Baltimore, Md. Radio, TV, and Film Elana F. Harwick Wilmington, Del. Urban Studies James S. Haskell Edgewood, Md. Health Ed. Holly Hatcher Clearwater, Fla. Interior Design 206 David S. Harris Massapequa Park, N.Y. Accounting Scott A. Harrison Rockville, Md. Zoology Christine D. Harvey Boulevard Heights, Md. Journalism Cindy A. Haskel North Woodmere, N.Y. Accounting Scott W. Havard Shrewsbury, N.J. Business Mgt. Diana L. Havcnner Waldorf, Md. Marketing Diana L. Hawk Hydos, Md. |p loiirnalism Cordon Hawk Corruption Trial 8-24-77 Brian R. Havek Ellicolt City, Md. Journalism Virginia E. Heflin Forest Hill, Md. Kinesiology Mark A. Heintzelman Seabrook, Md. Mathematics Robert |. Held Greenbelt, Md. Government John R. Henkeiman Abingdon, Md. Elec. Engineering Daniel L. Hazclrigg Bethesda, Md. Chemistry Mary-Beth Heald Silver Spring, Md. Textiles Apparel Vicky B. Heiman Lido " Beach. N.Y. Accounting Michael C. Heincman Ft. Washington, Md. Law Enforcement Patrice M. Heinz Ramsey, N.). Speech Hearing Sci. Mary Heister Zoology Anne M. Henderson Bethesda. Md. Gen. Biological Sci. Shelley R. Hendler Baltimore, Md. Special Ed. Donald ]. Henzi Cockeysvillc, Md. Business Mgt. janyse L Herman Silver Spring. Md. Elem. Education 207 Sharon A. Hestvik Baltimore. Md. Agronomy Karen P. Heyn Beltsville Heights. Md. Dietetics Catherine L. Hill Silver Spring, Md. Physical Rec. Paul S. Hillstrom Rockville, Md. Business Gail A. Hickman Germantown. Md. Aerospace Engineering Monica B. Hines Laurel, Md. Criminology Sadat And Begin Amy Hinkle Rockville, Md. Marketing Debbie Hirsch Royce R. Hofmeister Baltimore, Md. Elec. Engineering Shari L. Holley Wilmington. Del. Textiles Apparel Linda C. Hoelk Hyattsville. Md. Law Enforcement Davenport Holloway )amcs Holmes Gaithersburg, Md. Business Mgmt. Gen. Karen S. Hoover Gaithershurj . Md. Earlv Child. Ed. Marlenc F. Homa Hampslead. N.H. Animal Science Dou ? R. Hooper Silver Sprinji. Md. Biochemistry Norma ]. Hoover Ft. Washington, Md. Food Science Ann Horowitz Greenbeil, Md. Speech Communication Make Peace Pact 11-22-77 Diane S. Horowitz Silver Spring. Md. Govt. Politics Cherv ' l A. Howard Allen, Md. Home Economics Ed. V Robert Y. Hsiao K Silver Spring. Md. » Zoology H Catherine Huh m Mathematics Deborah R. Horvitz Bowie, Md. Health Communication Richard E. Houck Glen Burnie, Md. Chemistry Martina A. Howard Washington, D.C. Business Admin. Larry C. Howell Princeton, N.J. Criminology Mary Ann Huffman Silver Spring. Md. General Studies Brian Hughes Hyattsville. Md. Biochemistr Joni R. Hulman Potomac. Md. American Studies Janet L. Hume Hollywood. Fla. Costume Design 209 Beall Rejects Colleen M. Hurley Bethesda, Md. Recreation erara F. lacangelo Wheaton. Md. -JElec. Engineering Sayedmojtaba Izadidehkorc Silver Spring, Md. Civil Engineering Barres ]. lackson White Oak. Mi " Engineer! Pamela B. |affe Columbia. Mel. Studio Art jean James Silver Spring, Md. Computer Science Benjamin S. |acol)s Bowie. Md. Histor ' Bruce H. Jacobs j Baltimore. Md. 1 Criminology- Wanila |. Jakob Hyatlsville. Md. Animal Sciences James R. Flethcer III Washington. D.C. Special Ed. Dorian W. Janney Garrett Park. Md. Special Ed. Jerr ' A. Janofsky Baltimore. Md. Business-Marketing Retirement Plan 12-6-77 Lorraine Jansen Hamburg, N.J. Coordinater Dietetics Nadel Jay Fair Lawn, N.J. Accounting April L. Jennings Baltimore, Md. Accounting Robert J. Jeschelnik Laurel, Md. Radio, TV and Film Cheryl E. Johnson Bowie, Md. Chem. Engineering (]ynthia D. Johnson { ' " rederick, Md. Special Ed. Thomas C. Jedrey District Heights, Md. Mathematics F. Johnpoll Baltimore, Md. Hearing and Speech n M. Johnson Hillcrest Heights, Md. Law Enforcement Mary J. Johnson CHnton, Md. Kinesiology Joyce C. Johnson Columbia, Md. Special Ed. oann Johnson Columbia, Md. Special Education Diamondback Staff 212 Pamela |. lohnson Potomac, Md. Sociology Eric M. Jones Lawn Side. N.]. Special Ed. Lois R. [ones Oxon Hill. Md. General Sciences Thomas W. lones Cockeysville. Md. Computer Science Robert L, |ohnsnn Bothosda. Md. Marketing Walter A. [ohnson Forest Hill. Md. Agricultural Bus. Gloria f). Jones Baltimore, Md. Interior Design Laurinda Jones ' ex. Mkt. Fsh. Mcrch. Samuel W. |oncs Forest Hill. Md. Horticulture Sherrill ]. jone.s Broomfield. C( Marc W. Joslow Bethesda, Md. Mech. Engineering David 1. Kahan Silver Spring. Md. Zoology Strikes In Protest 12-8-77 Joseph A. Kaiser |r. Silver Spring, Md. Elec. Engineering Kathv I. Kamen Bayside. N.Y. Marketing Joseph H. Kaisler Baltimore, Md. Info. Systems Mgr. John M. Kalimon Rickville, Md. Cartography Judy T. Kaminsky Woodmere. N.Y. Elem. Education Michael C. Kammer Baltimore, Md. Fire Prot. Engineering Mark R. Kammerman Ellicott City, Md. Industrial Tech. Debbie J. Kapelus Gaithersburg, Md. Urban Studies Stephen Kaplan Chevy Chase, Md. Geology Lori Kapner Great Neck, N.Y. lournalism Arthur W. Katlin Silver Spring, Md. General Studies Ronald M. Katzen Baltimore, Md. Acc ' t Gen. Business Andrew T. Kaufman Fair Lawn, N.J. Zoology Eydie R. Kaufman Sheltenham, Pa. Special Ed. Steven B. Kayne North Woodmere, N.Y. Marketing. John F. Keagle Hanover, Md. Elec. Engineering Dara ]. Kaplan Bethesda, Md. Special Ed. Shelli Kassin English Maryanne Kauffman Springfield, Va. Govt. Politics Marc A. Kaufman Annapolis, Md. Zoology Sharon P. Keefe Silver Spring, Md. Special Ed. Nehemiah Breaks Ronald H. Keith Clinton, Md. General Studies |oyce S. Keller Silver Spring, Md. Accounting PP? John T. Kelly Gaithersburg, Md. Govt, and Politics 214 Patricia A. Kenney Silver Spring, Md. journalism Chung Mi Kim Silver Spring, Md. Elec. Engineering Glenn D. Kessler Silver Spring, Md. Transportation Susan B. Kesslor Bowie, Md Spanish Won Chong Kim Rockville, Md. Elec. Engineering Youn K. Kim Hyattsville, Md. Elec. Engineering World Hurdle Mark 1-30-78 Krj ' stal Kimrey Jane King [cnnio S. King Capitol Heights, Md. Physical Ed. 215 Debbie C. Kirsch Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Radio, TV and Film Stephen M. Kitsoulis Rockville, Md. Finance Richard M. Klingman Silver Spring, Md. Criminology Lewis Klotzma n Baltimore, Md. Microbiology Neil L Kobrin Brooklyn, N.Y. Economics Cinthia Kobylski Hyattsville, Md. Applied Design Pamela M. Kohl Sykesville, Md. Govt. Politics Nancy L. Koles District Heights, Md. ' Zoology Cynthia M. Koran Silver Spring, Md. Finance Leslie Ann Koran Silver Spring, Md. Marketing Anastasia Kotsiras Rockville, Md. General Sciences Kathryn L. Kotula Beltsville, Md. Animal Science Terry B. Kleeman Baltimore, Md. Accounting Rhona E. Knoblock Mount Airy, Md. Family Community Dev. Randy Kohana Teaneck, N.J. Accounting Kathi A. Kolodin Bethesda, Md. General Studies Julie M. Kossler Portsmouth, Va. ournansm Karen C. Kovalchick Bel Air, Md. Accounting Snow Closes Campus 216 Ann Kraii). Govt, and Poliiu George S. Kraus c Jr. Baltimore, Md. Elec. Engineering Lou Ann C. Kravvczewicz New Carrollton, Md. Microbiology Steven 1. Kroll Baltimore, Md. Criminolog ' Michael D. Kuccra Bowie. Md. Transportation Laurence B. KurinsW Silver Spring, Md. lourn. Bio. Sciences |odi S. Kramer Baltimore, M S|)anish Judith Kramer Potomac. Md. Mathematics Nan L. Krauss Woodmere, N.V. Radio, TV and Film Nancv F. Kraut Highland ' Park, N Criminology ' P. Gudrun Kroit Ponte Vedra Beach. Fia Conserv. Resource Del). Eric L. Krohe Wilton. Conn. Accounting Andrea J. Krovitsky Pittsburg, Pa. Special Ed. Andrew F. Krys.i Rockville, Md. English Daniel B. Kiil.i Jericho, N Markotiiij.; Janice J. Kunz Greenbelt, Md. Conserv. Resource Dev. David W. Kuykendall Bel Air, Md Agri. Exten. Ed Mun Hyok Kwon Baltimore, Md. Chemistry Paralyzes Northeast 2-7-78 217 Sharon N. Lagana Laurel, Md. Family Community Dev. Laura L. Lahey Columbia, Md. Accounting Patrick W. Lahti Westminster, Mass. Finance Terps Crush Debbie L Laios Rockville, Md. General Studies Edward J. Lake North Woodmere, N.Y. Labor Claire Lakrin Rockville, Md. Jo Ellen La Monica Bloomfield, N.j. Special Ed. Laura A. Lane Crofton. Md. Art Education Corrine }. Lange Churchville, Md. Zoology Michele Larocca Bethesda. Md. Govt. Politics Kurt S. Larsen Baltimore, Md. Accounting Lori S. Lassen Bethesda, Md. Advertising Design Greta L. Laughery New Carrollton, Md. Finance Law Enforcement Anthy J. Lakis Annapolis, Md. Special Ed. Jessica L. Lampe Bethesda, Md. Dance James E. Largent Greenbelt, Md. Computer Science Ann D. Lassalle Laurel, Md. Psych Zoology Pamela A. Lavery Oxon Hill, Md. Business Marketing 218 Teresa M. Lawless Kensington. Md KinesiologN Debbie Lawrence Radio. TV, Film Anne F. Laws Salisbun, ' . Mtl. Marketing Duke, 103-39 2-8-78 Nancy J. Lavlon Little Silver. N.|. Special Ed. Greg A. Leber Lanham, Md. Business Trans. Mary Y. Lee Bethesda, Mc Accountin Alan R. Lehman Silver Spring, Md. Psychology ' Cher l G. Licbman Rita B. Lazarony Rockville, Md. Animal Science Jay Lazerowitz Govt, and Politics Carol M. Lee Rockledge, Fla. Elem. Education Ellen L. Lee Silver Spring, Md. Psychology C ' Ji% .• . Yung T. Lee Baltimore, Md. Elec. Engineering Debra A. Leek Silver Spring, Md. Criminology Lesley Ann Lehman Chesapeake Beach, Md. Psychology ' Richard K. Lehman Charlotte Hall, Md. Conserv. Resource Dev. Renee Leibman Potomac. Md Govt. Politics Robert G. Leikin Randallstown. Md General Biolog 219 Richard M. Leiman Mineola, N.Y. Gen. Biological Sci. David V. Lentz Timonium, Md. Business Deborah M. Leopard Rockville, Md. Textiles Apparel Brad Lerner Zoology Susan Leon Scott A. Lever Baltimore, Md. Zoology Magazzu ' s Party Amy B. Levine East Meadow, N.Y. Radio, TV and Film Sheri D. Levine Wantagh, N.Y. Accounting Howard S. Levy Miami. Fla. Accounting Alec M. Lewis Rockvillc. Md. Business Mgt. luiiiin M. Levy Silver Spring. Md. Zoology Susiin |. Levvinter Pittsi)urgh, Pa. Radio, TV and Film John O. Lewis Green belt. Md. General Studies Sharon A. Lewis Valley Stream. N.Y. Textiles Apparel Design Sweeps SGA 3-9-78 Kerr ' E. Leyden New Carrollton. Md. Hearing and Speech Judith Lichtman Silver Spring, Md. Family Studies Larr ' A. Lieberman " Baldwin. N.Y. Chemistry Steven Limsky Freehold. N.J. Accounting Andrew M. Lichtenstein Margate. Fla. Marketing Anne Lichtenstein Marketing Douglas A. Lidie Bethesda. Md. Business Debra E. Lieberman Great Neck. N.Y. Psychology Andrea M. Liebrocht Hillcrest Heights. Md. Dietetics Patricia L. Lilly White Plains. Md. journalism R. Linder Transportation Byron A. Lindstrom Kensington. Md. Accounting; 221 Senate Passes Cheryl V. Liss Bethesda, Md. Elec. Engineering jiidy L. Litman Potomac, Md. Law Enforcement John D. Lloyd Silver Spring, Md. Civil Engineering Barbara A. Lobb Greenbelt, Md. Architecture fan is S. Lloyd Neward, Del. Chemistry 222 Ted M. Lipsky Roslyn Heights. Marketing N.Y. Nina L. Lobovsky Woodbury. N.Y. Therapeutic Rec. Colleen C. Lockwood Silver Spring, Mt MarkclinL ' Lynn P. L Silver Spring. Md Business Betsy A. Logan West Port, Conn. Hearing and Speech Marv |anc Luchr Milltown. NI. Special Ed. Neil Loenigsburg John D. Loowcn Bethesda, Md. Geography Dargeelyn F. Loftin Kinston, N.C. Finance Marketing Laurie ). Logan Bowie. Md. Elem. Education Bruce London Bethesda. Md. Microbiology Panama Treaty 3-17-78 Mark Lorberbaum arketing David W. Ludington Wheaton. Md. Rec. Leadership Sheila t). Lyles Poolesville, Md. Criminology Ramsey K. Maalouf Potomac, Md. Civil Engineering Toll Takes University Kathy A. Maclean Bowie, Md. Special Ed. Fariborz A. Maiekzandi rospace Engineering Richard H. Madow Baltimori!, Md. Biology Karen A. Maloncv Silver Spring, Md. Criminology Mabel G. Manalastas Washington, D.C Food Scieno Nancy t . Makstein Woodmerc. NY. Acciiimtini " Alison M. Malinowski Trappe, Md. Criminology Gerald C. Mallack Silver Spring. Md. General Business Karen T. Maloney Port Washington. N.Y. Textiles Apparel Design Gregory A. Mamay Bethesda. Md. Marketing Teresa ). Mancusi Rockville, Md. General Sciences Marcie Mandelblatt Silver Spring, Md. Special Ed. Presidency 4-7-78 Daniel T. Mangnim Seat Pleasant. Md. Education J Willis R. Manning Potomac, Md. IJrgan Studies Elizabeth P. Mann New Cumberland. Pa. Therapeutic Rec. Stephanie j. Mann Harrison, NY. Radio, TV and Film Mary T. Mannion Edgewater, Md. Ad. Design Anthony M. Marchione Cockeysville. Md. Marketing 4i4U Julie A. Marcus Rockvllle Center, N.Y. Govt. Politics Susan I. Marcus Forestville, Md. Special Ed. Shari Markowitz Hollywood, Fla. Marketing Deborah M. Marks Rockville, Md. Special Ed. Craig T. Marshall Silver Spring, Md. Geography Katrina M. Marshall Rockville, Md. Psychology Susan E. Martin Rockville, Md. Special Ed. Susan I. Martin Annapolis, Md. Microbiology Leonard [. Martinko Kensington, Md. Landscape Design Robert G. Martino Timonium, Md. Mech. Engineering Jeffrey A. Markoff Rahway, N.j. General Studies Nancy M. Markulec Pocomoke City, Md. General Studies Cynthia R. Marterre Hyattsville, Md. Gerontology Luis M. Martinez El Dorado Zona 1, Panama Political Science Frank J. Mascetti Baltimore, Md. Elec. Engineering Toga Parties Hit Marsha Ann Mason 1 Hanover, Md. ' A % 1 Lisa A. Matthews Journalism k1 ■ Salisbur ' , Md. fl Persnl. Labor Rel Joseph M. Matosian mU Wheaton, Md. 5Pm Computer Science ' 226 Serena I. Matthew Springfield Gardens. NA Pcrsnl. Speech Comm - Karen M. Mayor Rockville. Md Crafts John Mattingly Gaithersburg, Md. Mechanical Engineering Sarita L. Maybin Warrenton. Va. Psychology Toba S. Mayer Baltimore, Md. Hearing Speech David B. Mays University Hills, Md. Chem. " Engineering Frat Row 8-78 David M. Mc Allister College Park, Md. Engineering Math P Barbara A. McBridc Berkshire, Md. Family Studies Catherine M. McCann Silver Spring. Md Advertising Design w 227 Deborah M. McCarthy Silver Spring, Md. Special Ed. Dennis ). McCarthy Silver Spring, Md. Radio, TV and Film Maureen P. McCarthy Kensington, Md. Accounting Sheila D. McClan Richmond, Va. Psychology Kathi B. McCullen Bowie, Md. Urban Studies Jamie L. McCullough Oxon Hill, Md. Info. Systems Mgt. ' Susan McCutcheon Susanne McDonald Silver Spring, Md. Marketing Michael D. McGee Richmond, Va. Marketing Michelle A. McGee Greenbelt, Md. Early Child, Education Jeffrey W. McGowan District Heights, Md. Accounting Thomas McGraw Greenbelt, Md. Marketing Kathleen E. McCarthy Linthicum, Md. Persnl. Labor Rel. Matthew N. McCoy Beltsville, Md. Mathematics Leslie A. McCully Davidsonville, Md. Interior Deisgn Deborah L. McGee Arlington, Va. Rec. Leisure Studies Michael D. McGinnis New Carrollton, Md. Govt. Politics Charles C. McGuire Linthicum, Md. Accounting Pope John Paul I Dies After 228 Walter S. McKee III Rockville. Md. Govt. iS; Politics Jamie L. McMorriin Frostburg. Mil. Oiininologv ' Kathleen P. McNiilty Upper Marlboro, Mel. Criminology ' Thomas McQuighan Odenton, Md. Mathematics Eileen A. Medvitz Brentwood. Md. Criminolog ' Stephanie M. Merlin: Laurel. Mil English Lit Mary Beth McKeever Sandy Spring.Md. Interior Design Kathleen M. McLaughlin Laurel. Md. Recreation Debbie McNabb Elkton. Md. Fashion 111. Art Design Anita M. McNeil Silver Spring. Md. CriminologN Susan L. McPherson Hyattsvillo. Md Special Ed. James P. McQuighan Odenton. Md. Mech. Engineering George F. McWilliams College Park. Md. Studio Art Linda M. Medina Columbia, Md. Govt. Politics John Melick III Baltimore. Md Histor Marjorie B. Meltzer New York. N.Y. Hearing Speech Daniel C. Messina Silver Spring, Md. Physics Astron. Joseph H. Mettle Pikesville. Md. Elec. Engineering Short Term As Pope 10-1-78 229 Jennifer L. Meyer Lanham, Md. Ad. Design Alan S. Meyerowitz Yonkers, N.Y. Business Mgt. Katherine L. Meyers Reisterstown, Md. Sepcial Ed. Yankees Take Series For Ronald A. Miara District Heights, Md. Elec. Engineering Cora L. Middlebrook Wheaton, Md. Chem. Russian Melinda R. Miles Bowie, Md. Music ' Carol C. Miller " Baltimore, Md. " ' Criminology Fran E. Miller Hollywood, Fla. Accounting Guy M. Miller Greenbelt, Md. Elec. Engineering Linda E. Miller Annandale, Va. English Robyn S. Miller Fort Lee, N.J. Radio, TV and Film Susan H. Miller Washington, D.C. Radio, TV and Film Yvonne E. Mills Havre de Grace, Md. Special Ed. Betsy L. Middleman Beaver Falls. Pa. Radio, TV and Film Carol S. Miller Reisterstown, Md. Recreation Kristy L. Miller Glen Arm, Md. Therapeutic Rec. Stephen B. Miller Oceanside, N.Y. Accounting Lorraine M. Ming Adelphi, Md. Marketing Mgt. 230 Roman M. Mirocki Columbia, Md. Botonv Barrett R. Milchi!ll loppatownn. Md. General Business Michael K. Mitchell Baltimore, Md. Horticulture Second Consecutive Year 10-18-78 Jeannine L. Mizell Silver Spring, Md. Gen. Business Mgt. John H. Moffctt Laurel, Md. Mathematics ih «i rf Patricia A. Moonev Adelphi. Md. General Studies . ' - v 1 -fi m m Linda E. Moosher ! Huntington Valley. Pa. M- m Home Econ. Education V Nancv E. Morgan Oxbn Hill. Md. lournalism Hosscin Moayeri Hyattsville, Md. Civil Engineering Steven A. Moerman Silver Spring, Md. Agronomy |an L. Mogcl Greenbclt, Md. Family Studies Jeffrey D. Mollerick Silver Spring, Md. Accounting Finance Gregory B. Moore Arlington. Va. ZoologN ' Ronald O. Moore Clinton, Md. Production Mgt. Michael L. Morgan Huntington Station. N.Y. Kinesiology ' Janet L. Morchower Bethesda, Md. Hearing Speech Louise Ann Moriey Adelphi, Md. English Kim C. Morris Bowie. Md. CriminologN ' mMm 231 Nancy A. Morris Reisterstown, Md. Marketing Stephen Morrison Pars, and Labor Rel. Kenneth Morrow Marketing Gail S. Morse Bethesda, Md. Psychology Tim Jones 900 Followers Mark W. Mowery Potomac, Md. Mech. Engineering Elizabeth Mucha Microbiology i vfiieller Diana C. MiTeT Polorriiic, Md. Special Ed. Diana Z. Mulligan Gaithcrsburg, Md. Interior Design P idler Tammy C. Mue Westlawn. Pa. Physical Ed. Tara M. Mulhcrn Crnfton, Md. Government Fran. |. Mulnick lericho, N.Y. Economics Christine Murphey Silver Spring, Md. Commit Mass Suicide 1978 Patricia D. Murphy Hillcrest Heights. Md. General Studies Pete Mappi Rockville, Md. Finance Lori L. Nelson Silver Spring. Md. Music Nancy E. Neuvelt New York, N.Y. Accounting Kathy S. Myerberg Baltimore, Md. Hearing Speech Rhonda L. Myers Silver Spring, Md. Ad. Design Barbara S. Neiger Washington. D.C. Accounting Carl A. Nelson Indian Head, Md. Radio, TV and Fil Richard S. Ncubarth Oceanside, N.Y. Urban Studies Albert M. Neumann Jr. Columbia, Md. Engineering Scott Nevin Criminology Sheree A. Nevicomb Kingsville. Md. Marketing First Non-Italian Catherine Ng Rockville, Md. Interior Design Son-Hai Ngo Kensington, Md. Chem. Engineering Hung Nguyen Hyattsville, Md. Elec. Engineering Khiem D. Nguyen Rockville, Md. Elec. Engineering Carl |. Nobile Eldersburg, Md. Finance Thomas F. Noble Silver Spring, Md. Chemistry Bao Si Nguyen Bowie, Md. Chem. Engineering Constance L. Nieburh Springfield, Va. Radio, TV and Film Tamara D. Noel Pikesville, Md. Accounting 234 Tamarra D. Noel Accounting Rosie G. Norita Andrews Air Force Base, Md. Elem. Education Diane M. Norton Adelphi, Mil General Studies Patricia Noone English Education Amy P. Nordcn Bowie, Md. Biochemistr ' Brad H. Norm. in Silver Spring, Md. PsychologN ' Dennis G. Narrod H Silver Spring, Md. j Music V Ann C. Nothwanger Bethesda, Md. Animal Science Ed H. Novak Lancaster, Pa Finance Pope In 455 Years 1978 Verna ]. Novak Baltimore, Md. Education Patrick ]. Nucci Beltsville, Md. Info. Systems Mgt. Alan S. Nusbaum New Rochelle, N.Y. Business Robert ]. O ' Boyle Silver Spring, Md. Industrial Tech. Eileen D. O ' Brian Silver Spring, Md. General Studies Leslie P. Ochital Freeport, N.Y. ' ' §t Dietetics Michael ). O ' Connell Potomac, Md. Mech. Engineering Anne E. O ' Connor Wallingford, Pa. Anthropology lane A. Numeroff Mineola, N.Y. Marketing Debbie K. O ' Brian Gaithersburg, Md. Recreation Patti C. Ochaschek Hyattsville, Md. Computer Science James D. O ' Connor Hagarstown, Md. Anthropology First Test Tube 236 Karen B. Offitzer Flanders, N.j. Sociolog} ' Christopher M. O ' Hare New Carrollton, Md HistoiA Oloi Karen L. Orzechowski Kensington, Md. Chem. Engineering Barbara Oganosoff Silver Spring, Md. journalism Cecelia C. CJglc Mt. Air ' , Md. Coordinated Diet. Robert O ' Havcr Oxon Hill, Md. Accounting Robert A. Oliver Beltsville, Md. i Elec. Engineering Caryn S. Orenborg Silver Spring. Md. Dance Lourdes ). Ortega Silver Spring, Md. Hearing Speech Cynthia L. Osburn Bethesda, Md. English Susan R. Ostrich Springfield, N.|. Therapeutic Rec. Baby Born 1978 Brian T. O ' SuUivan Somerset, N.j. Marketing Transport. Asadur Ozkan Rockvillo, Md. Mechanical Engineerint; Brian O ' Sullivan Transportation Myra J. Owers Elkton, Md. Special Ed. Lisa D. Packheiser Annapolis, Md. Business Steven J. Packles Adelphi, Md. Accounting 237 Tammara L. Paland Virginia Beach, Va. Special Ed. Kirk A. Palchefsky Laurel, Md. Spanish French Dawn M. Palmer Potomac, Md. Therapeutic Rec. Katherine D. Paras Alexandria, Va. International Rel. Robert L. Paris Hagerstown, Md. Criminology Marilyn A. Parks Glenn Dale, Md. Family Studies Kenneth ]. Payne Hyattsville, Md. Law Enforcement Gregory D. Paytas Columbia, Md. Computer Science Jodi L. Peake Rockville, Md. Special Ed. Lisa S. Pear Cherry Hill, N. Marketing Michele H. Palenbaum East Meadow, N.Y. Therapeutic Rec. Denise R. Parietti New Carrollton, Md. Radio, TV and Film Sarah E. Patrick Alexandria, Va. Food Science WiUiam C. Peachey Rockville, Md. Govt. Politics Carol J. Pearsall Hyattsville, Md. Recreation Regents Decide To Fire Associate Catherine F. Peck Adelphi, Md. Psychology Angeli que A. Pefinis Timonium, Md. Economics 238 Karen B. Penchansky Bayonne, N.|. Marketing Randy |. Penn Richmond, Va. Communih ' Studies Vincent Perrone Journalism Physics Professor Beall 1-25-79 I Randolph A. Peterson Pemberton, N.|. General Studies Bev A. Pfifferling Cheltenham, Pa. Marketing Phiet T. Pham Hyattsvillc. Md Elec. Engineering 239 Lien-Huong N. Pham Rockville, Md. Chem. Engineering Quynh-huong N. Phan Rockville, Md. Chem. Engineering Tsai-Yun Phillips Greenbelt, Md. Computer Science Brian R. Pia Fairfield. Conn. Speech Communications Ellen M. Pickering Short Hills, N.J. Psychology Beth D. Piekarski Upper Marlboro, Md. Psychology Elsira Pina Forestville, Md. Biochemistry Barbara A. Pingitore Silver Spring. Md. English George C. Pirpiris College Park, Md. Business Mgt. Helen C. Pirpiris College Park. Md. Business Mgt. Kimberly A. Placevk Olney, Md. Radio, TV and Film Thomas Piatt Zoology Scott B. Pittaway Severna Park, Md. Law Enforcement Carol S. Plumley Silver Spring, Md. Special Education Patty Hearst Released 240 Mona F. Pogerman Wheaton, Md. Mgl. Consumc r Stud. Robin H. Pollack Potomac, Md. Microbiology )ack Pontious Timonium, Md. Business Moira E. Potash Bethesda, Md. Zoo. Microbiology ' Chris Prcwitt Lanham. Md. Horticulture Susan M. Provost Middletown, N.Y. Civil Engineering k Nancy ). Poliachik Damascus, Md. Roc. Administration Lawrence P. Pollack Rockville. Md. Bolanv |ody Pollinger Randallslown. Md. Accounting Amy L. Polovoy Baltimore, Md. Govt. Politics Thomas Porter Bethesda, Md. Accounting Patricia Posa Bowie, Md. Mathematics Education Joseph D. Potosky Silver Spring, Md. Finance Susanna Poulos Potomac, Md. Dance )eff M. Price Chevy Chase, Md. Economics Laura E. Proger Silver Spring, Md. Hearing Speech Louis Puglese Baltimore, Md. Zoolog ' Frank K. Puhl Silver Spring. Md. Accounting From Prison 2-2-79 241 Anthony M. Purnell Snow Hill, Md. Accounting Daniel W. Quasney Pasadena, Md. Marketing Cheryl A. Quigley College Park, Md. Computer Science Iranian Regime Falls; Phyllis M. Radack Silver Spring, Md. Geology Carol S. Rader Livingston, N.j. Persnl. Labor Rel. Abbe B. Radom Baltimore, Md. Family Studies Pamela S. Ralph Rockville Center, N.Y. Accounting Debbie C. Ratliff Winchester, Va. Early Child. Education Debbie ). Ratner Paramus, N.J. journalism Lida Rabiee College Park, Md. Production Mgt. Ann R. Reaback Lawrence, N.Y. Ad. Design Charles A. Reese Hanover, Md. Elec. Engineering Walter Reto Rockville, Md. Electrical Engr. Toni-Robin Radler Long Branch, N.J. Radio, TV and Film egma A. Rapp Washington, D.C. Elem. Education Jeffrey S. Ray Arnold, Md. Civil Engineering Philadelphia, Pa. Industrial Tech. Michael W. Reynolds Silver Spring, Md. American Studies Yvette Rhode Potomac. Md. Operations Res. Randy L. Riblcr Gaithcrsburg. Md. Comp. Sci. Urban Stud. Douglass W. Ricci New Freedom, Pa. Elec. Engineering Bahktiar Missing 2-12-79 i lanice A. Rick Baltimore. Md. Interior Design Virginia L. Riley Westminister, Md. Special Ed. Gregg A. Robertson Ellicott Cit ' . Md. Mech. Engineering Domitila Rodriguez Washington, D.C. Accting. Spanish Donna L. Rolf Towson, Md. Radio. TV and Film Patricia Richards La n ham, Md. Biochemistry loseph N. Riod Rockville, Md. Marketing Byung C. Rim Landover, Md. Law Enforcement Susan P. Rittcrhoff Timonium, Md. 1 General Studies Anne E. Robinson Hillcrest Heights, Md. Biochcmistr ' James D. Rodgers| Silver Spring, Md. Chemistr ' Joseph Rodriguez Valley Stream. N.Y. Marketing Mary Ann Rogers Silver Spring, Md. Special Ed. Betsy G. Romanoff Baltimore. Md. Operations Res. Melody A. Rose Westminster, Md. Advertising Richard D. Rose Chevy Chase, Md. Ad. Design Ronald A. Rose Silver Spring, Md. Psychology Shelley F. Rosen Elkins Parks, Pa. Therapeutic Rec. Robin F. Rosenbloom Baltimore, Md. Advertising David M. Rosen Potomac, Md. Finance Shelly L. Rosenthal Yonkers, N.Y. Special Ed. Fox Easily Wins Renee Ross Roslyn Heights, N.Y. Psychology Cheryl D. Rowe Richmond, Va. General Business Francina L. Roy Columbia. Md. Sociology ' d Nancy A. Rubin Owings Mills, Md. Textiles Apparel Steven R. Roys Baltimore, Md. Computer Science Diane j. Rubilolta Crofton. Md Govt. Politii jeanine P. Riida District Heights. Md. Marketing Michael L. Rudolph Randallsburg. Md. Microbiolog ' SGA Presidency 3-1-79 Carolyn ]. Ruhe Dickerson, Md. Recreation J Maureen E. Ruppert Gaithersberg, Md. Criminology Kari L. Rutkovitz Randallstown, Md. Earlv Child. Ed. Lori C. Sachs Bergenfield, N.j. Marketing Janet R. Runce New Kensington, Pa. Marketing Herman |. Ruoff Washington, D.C. Science Ed. Glenda R. Russe Silver Spring, Md. Urban Studies William J. Russell Rockville, Md. Accounting i Vivian N. Ryan Cheverly, Md. Agricultural Enginrg. Ira S. Sachs Baltimore, Md. Mech. Engineering David Lee Sacks Baltimore, Md. Info. Systems Mgt. Lori A. Safirstein Oceanside, N N ' Accounting " " i " II Hill lis Voyager I Views Amalia Salazar Rockville, Md. Psychology Ellen L. Saltzman East Northport N.Y. Govt. Politics Diane D. Salvatore Temple Hills, Md. Studio Art Patricia L. Samosuk Westminster, Md. Dance Warren W. Sapp Gaithersburg, Md. Persnl. Labor Rel. Steven M. Satterfield Silver Spring, Md. Psychology Steven A. Saltzman Rockville, Md. Experimental Foods Michele S. Sapp Baltimore, Md. Hearing Speech Carol ]. Sbarra North Bellmore, N.Y. Persnl. Labor Rel. 246 Julie M. Scaffidi Lanham. Md. Individual Studies David F. Schek Silver Spring, Md. Histor ' Cindy E. Schief Silver Spring, Md. Therapeutic. Rec. Ira P. SchacchtiT West Caldwell, N I MarkoliiiL ' Brvn Schiirll Rockvillf!, Md Math Lori Schenk Donna S. Scherc; Silver Spring, Md. Hearing Speech VV. M. Quinn Schilling [arrettsville, Md Engineering Barbara S. Schlanskv New York, N.Y. Marketing Jupiter ' s Moons 3-6-79 1hFr« ' : " 247 Kymberly A. Schmick Rockville, Md. Prsnl. Labor Rel. John F. Schmitt Baltimore, Md. Physical Ed. William R. Schroeder Timonium, Md. Computer Science James G. Schuetzle College Park, Md. Computer Science Marian S. Schutz Hyattsville, Md. Animal Science Jeffrey I. Schwalb Millburn, N.J. Marketing Erich T. Schwartz Sandy Spring, Md. History Janev E. Schwartz Syosset, N.Y. General Business Debbie A. Schoonmaker Laurel, Md. Interior Design Valentine D. Schulze Grasonville, Md. Business Bennett L. Schwartz Larchmont, N.Y. Acct. and Finance John T. Schwartz Jr. Sandy Spring, Md. Gen. Bio. Science Gasoline Prices 248 Paul M. Schw.irtz Rosedalc, N.Y. MarkotinjJ Cvnthia R. Seagal Rutland, i Crimiiiolou Barbara S. Sellman Owings Mills. Md. Elem. Special Ed. Debra L. Sexton Vineland, N.). Criminology ' Ronald L. Schwartz Wyndmoore, Pa. Personnel Peter N. Schweitzer Rockvilie. Md. Geologv ' Lynda Rae Seidol Kensington, Md. Dietetics Susan M. Scigal Silver Spring, Md. Business Mgt. William ]. Semiatin Baltimore, Md. Mech. Engineering Gwenn P. Sevec Arnold, Md. Business Mgt. Virginia A. Shanklo Silver Spring, Md Hearing Speech Debra B. Shapiro Adelphi, Md. lournalism Rise Sharply 5-4-79 ]ay A. Shapiro Annapolis. Md. Computer Science Cho Hvun Shin Suitland. Md. Mrkt. Bus. Admin. Mitchell [. Shapiro Bethesda, Md. American Studies Howard F. Shepard Montclair, N.|. Prsnl. Labor Rel. Jane ). Shin Joppatowne, Md. Computer Science Dana E. Shinn Phoenix, Md. Advertising Design 249 Jay M. Shipley Pasadena, Md. Computer Science Marlene Shepel Frederick, Md. General Business Kathryn M. Shippe District Heights, Md. Psychology Robert B. Shoemaker College Park, Md. General Business Sharon R. Shufelt Hyattsville, Md. Outdoor Rec. Susan L. Sibbald Rockville, Md. Horticulture Jane Siegel Silver Spring, Md. Accounting Julia V. Siegel Lanham. Md. History Debra A. Simms Greenbeh, Md. Psych Nursing Pamela D. Simon Smithtown, N.Y. Family Studies Lynne S. Shifron Criminology Sally Shortt Bowie, Md. Govt. Politics Steven A. Sider New York, N.Y. Business Mgt. Keith H. Silverstein Baltimore, Md. Business Timothy O. Simon Silver Spring, Md. Speech Comm. Nuclear Protest Frank H. Simpson Baltimore, Md. Agric. Resource Econ. Prakash K. Sinha Suitland, Md. Finance Raj prakash Sinha Hyattsville, Md. Gen. Bus., Econ. Zoo. 250 Draws 140,000 5-7-79 Bonnie I. Smith Potomac. Md. Hearing, Speech Sci. lames G. Smith Ellicott Cit -. Md. Journalism Jeffrey E. Smith Edgewater. Md. General Sciences 251 Linda D. Smith New Carrolltown, Md. Recreation Lisa ]. Smith White Plains, N.Y. Radio, TV and Film Scott Smith Suelyn Smith Rockville, Md. Criminal Justice Carin |. Smolin North Bellmore, N.Y. Prsnl. Labor Rel. Madelene Soberman Marketing Ronni Solomon Interior Design Adrian C. Sosin Old Bethpage, N.Y. William J. Spano Laurel, Md. Marketing Kevin L. Spaulding Beltsville, Md. Conserv. Resource Dev. Joseph H. Spiro Silver Spring, Md. Info. Systems, Mgt. Linda D. Stanton Crofton, Md. Gen. Agriculture Sandra L. Smith Ellicott City, Md. Marketing Valerie, A. Smith Wheaton, Md. English Shabariyah R. S. Soelaiman Bandung, Indonesia Zoology Denise L. Souder Beltsville, Md. Stephen L. Specter Baltimore, Md. Elec. Engineering Andrew L. Stape Baltimore, Md. Marketing Dining Hall Warnings 252 Jackie Staple Baldwin. NY. Spanish I Mark P. Staver Bethcsda, Md. Physical Education Theodore M. Steincr Middletown, N.|. Criminology ' Pamela L. Stevens Columbia. Md. Prsnl. Labor Rel. Patricia A. Stockdale Ft. Washington. Md. Psycholog - Martin C. Stranathan Columbia, Md. Biochemistry Andrew H. Starr Lawrence, N. ' Marketing Calvert A. Staubu.s Forestvillc, Md Fire Prot. Engineer. Michael P. Stcadman New Carrollton, Md. Gen. Business Susan M. Stein Severna Park, Md. Sec. Art Ed. Kathleen A. Stenger Chestertown, Md Music Teresa L. Stengle Burtonville, Md. Transportation Barbara A. Stewart Bryanstown, Md. Elem. Education Brad C. 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Victoria L. Tamburo Silver Spring, Md. Radio, TV, and Film Michael Tangreti West Orange, N.J. Marketing 254 Anastasios Taoiisakis Arlington, Va. Elcclical Engr. Panagiolis Taoiisakis Arlington, Va. ( homical Engr. Janice F. Tarica OInoy, Md. Physical Education Plagued By Fleas 9-5-79 Paulo B. Tarr Silver Spring, Md. Electrical Engr. Patricia M, Ta lor Montclair, N.|. Special Education Gary W. Terle Olney, Md. Pre-Physical Therapy Carin Julie Thai! East Meadow. N.Y. Therapeutic Rec. Diane B. Tobias Haworth. N.J. Early Childhood Ed. Howard J. Tauhc Cheryl A. Taylor Silver Spring, Md. Psychology Karen Teitelhaum Lakewood, N.J. Dietetics Kenneth M. Torccro Silver Spring, Md. Radio, TV, and Film Suzanne Terry Fanwood, N.J. Criminology Annette Tester Gambrills, Md. Zoology Nancy Thomas Institution Admin. Marie Thompson Rockville, Md. Sociology Sally B. Torchinsky Silver Spring, Md. Finance Erol O. Torun Silver Spring, Md. Geography 255 jane Toy Oxon Hill, Md. 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T Personnel Joan E. Viener Randallstown, Md. v General Studies ■ ' Arthur J. Vientc Silver Spring. Md. Radio. TV. and Film Skip Wade Cambridge, Md. Civil Engineering Phyllis Wainscott Columbia, S.C. Ruth Walker Forestville. Md. Urban Studies Susan J. Wallstcin Fair Lawn. N.|. Marketing Ro-Burma W. Ware Hyattsville. Md. Recreation John D. Warfield Annapolis, Md. Marketing 257 Joyce W. Warren Silver Spring, Md. Marketing William Waschler Rockville, Md. Zoology Jennifer L. Watkins Potomac, Md. Interior Design Randy E. Wax North Woodmere, N.Y. Family Community Dvpt. Barbara G. Weiner Sharpsburg, Md. Recreation Richard H. Weiner Hackensack, N.J. Gvpt. Politics Diane Waszkiewicz Columbia, Md. Finance Naomi Weimer New Oxford, Pa. Agriculture Educ. Miriam Weinryb Randallstown, Md. Urban Studies Students Protest Jodi B. Weinstein Baltimore, Md. Psychology Debbie T. Weiss Jenkintown, Pa. Fashion Merchandising Joanne M. Weistling Silver Spring, Md. General Studies Lorraine Wellen Hyattsville, Md. Family Development Richard S. Werner North Woodmere, N.Y. General Business Carolyn F. Wesner Silver Spring, Md. Art History Jeanne A. Weiss Bronxville, N.Y. Marketing John W. Welsh Waldorf, Md. Business James H. Wessels Silver Spring, Md. Engineering 258 Laura H. West Tovvson. Mil. Special Ediicatioii Rachel L. Whitakc r Gaitherstnirg, Md. Special Etlucation Karen S. White Bronx. NY. loiirnalism Clenn M. Whalm St. lames. N.Y. Organizational Comm. Jesse R. Whalen Sudlcrsville. Md. Animal Science Terry Whitaker Agric. Resource Econ. Douglas H. While College Park. Md. Computer Science Margaret E. Whiteside Annapolis. Md Radio, TV, and Film Paula M. Wilborne Baltimore. Md. Communitx ' Health Iranian Actions 11-9-79 259 Tina H. Wilkes Bethesda, Md. Studio Art Anne T. Wilkinson Hyattsville, Md. Psychology Debra E. Willensky Bayonne, N.J. Art Education Charles T. Williams Greenbelt, Md. Computer Science Joanne A. Williams Hyattsville, Md. 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Wright Pittsburgh. Pa. Finance Economics Wendv L. Woodrow Port " Chester. N.Y. Art Education Wade H. Woodworth University, ' Park, Md. Marketing Timothy B. Wright Beltsville. Md. Zoology Psycholog - Pamela Wykes Pre-Veterinarv 261 y ' m George L. Xhilone Woodstown, N.|. Radio, TV and Film Howard S, Yablon Gaithersburg, Md. Accounting Tony On-Wing Yah Silver Spring, Md. Accounting Lee Yelenesics Greenbelt, Md. General Studies Jon j. Yoder Glen Burnie, Md. Marketing John Yokely Damascus, Md. Mechanical Engr. Jesse D. Young West Germany Marketing Mark F. Yampolsky Livingston, N.J. Biology Cindy S. Yetter Bowie, Md. Gvpt. Politics Caroline M. Yoor Baltimore, Md. Business Mgt. Gwendolynn Y. Youngblood Lanham, Md. Chemistry Bonnie Zaben Randallstown, Md. Individual Studies Hassaon Zamanzadeh Baltimore, Md. Software Engr. Our Time Has Come To Jerry Zabronsky Sharon L. Zallis Randallstown, Md Criminology Howard Zarabet Baldwin, N.Y. Business Marketing Louis W. Zeldman Rockville, Md. Law Enforcement Nancy Zeitzoff Baltimore, Md. Sociology 262 Stephen A. Zc llcr Timonium, Mel. Electrical Engr. Tech. Mark R. Zimmerni.m Bcthesii.i. Mil Accouiitin.i; Arthur P. Ziickir Livingston. N.|. General Studios Diane Dunning Mer ' l D. Goodj nld [ericho, N. i ' . Marketing Frank A. Zit;niski Baltimore. Mil General Business Robin L. Zimclman Schenectady. N.Y. Accounting loseph E. Ziohrowski Putnam, Gonn Accovmtinji |odee A. Zitieman Chevy Ghase, Md Finance Maureen E. Ruppert A!!(mi Gaitherslnirg, Md. Griminnlog ' Sheryi Dubick Interior Design Jennifer Fennell Radio, TV and Film [uliet Freeman Lincoln, Dc. Griminology Dorian W. [annev Beltsville, Md. Elysa Petersohn Potomac. Md. Marketing Cope With The Future Ira M. Smelkinson Baltimore. Md. Accounting Denisc VVescott Moorostown, N.j. Physical Educ. Susan V. White Kensington, Md. Early Ghildhood Educ. 263 nedulE passEs fans gaalie matches tichets field goal campetiti ilELjball hame run seasans ace campEtitian sq hitting baseh ramurals affEnsE draftEd mEEts dEfEatEd captains rugi ching shut auts kuins tEnnis Exhibition gamES injuriES ncaa era untrg managars tachlES squad hachEq LUEt f iElds puttErs tauc fEnsE attach tnurnamEnts irons golf unitEd f Encing chEErs tEi imbErs aggPESsivE spihErs rEcords all star pomspoms trach a lid soccEr losEs strugglES ligamEnts marm up running fine sition touchdoLun victorias rivals joch straps scorEboard hii| np SCOPE tEPps bouLjl TECOgnition spirit catchar intErcollEgiej station hurdlES PEgional aiauu national laaguE high scoring joci thusiastic ralaqs bashats kuintEr titlE buchkUEll athlatES basami ordination stich shill uniforms princaton PEboundEr aiuards aaii iglas assists undaf Eatad amarican u clEmson honorabla mEntiii amarican navq plaq of f s usLula varsity laadarship half tir mi-finals bashats recreation runners up national most valuat iqar n.c. travaling EndlinE jogging rbi milliam and marq doubli evised stars home games quarterbach love rusher out bq adiumparticipate bets pros mile shots sun bouul fumble fc Edictions netters conference team fullbach errors tulani inchiuarmer frustration fourth quarter referee opponen ibble punt cheerleaders cotton boml overtime corner top ranhii ohen leg agonq of defeat benched plaqers short stop goa irves match strihe out ninth inning cheerleaders first plai :Brf erence highlighted penaltq fall jv ujorhout pumas madisi rill of victory rutgers invitational halfbach accomplishi ihthander injurq luaterboq gqm shorts sh omers nihes spei jmber one gymnastics cIl |!I ai feBli JU| ||iJ p gi|p irg uhe c iminion floor exercise ellic Jrp|i|ipe |ts f |t TW| o|t mnfire kual irest vitamins boos excitemEi il W ertniiE S-ours Hartmnuth spli Lj ups qale qerseqs heavy meight pep rallies early mornii actices yeahs george kuashington energy villa nova cla| jrsperation aiduay games Syracuse lady lion invitational sigi rginia guards meight catholic u. skueat suit adidas congratulatioi kjjson state John hophins flying exhaustion notre dame victo iri-i I n im czhnri-cz nllpi i rlPFii-R larrossB rnRch rhFimninnp; :■■;■ $ ;-f:v m-:-:: ih-SM " . !;; Vf XC ;. iS " Uis v; j}iii ' - ' f.i E ' m fil mi 1 ♦fast » !« ' C li»li h -- M: - i.: S.„i : p li: I $W. ' s:: ' ' m:- fii " ■ ' 8 p™|.„j||,|,„,.,.,„, ai.a!lli!i jflliili " » TrS!lalll BIIII ii lll 8ll.iA lilll£ ? Fil ' ¥-h ' mhIHm ' : m II H Ib mi m Dtt h Bi ire IBUbGS HDBDHiiB !ll|ii«ii!.i.ii in fl! Ill sfiBiii» iHi!ii!!iiiisilliiiiliiiiil iPif ii PI KIHF ■ : imtitm MARYLAND CRADLES TO NINTH MEN ' S LACROSSE 10-2 MD. 16 N.C. State 22 Duke 17 Mt. Washington 9 North Caro ia..-. 17 Virginia " mM VJ Navy ■ W m - 12 Johns Hopkins 21 Penn. State Delaware 16 Syracuse NCAA 15 Navy Semis Johns Hopkins Final ( T 1 " -r " ' T-« T r r T T " 1 .«• T - " W T ' T J ' ' , «y,i ,. 266 CONSECUTIVE PLAYOFF BID The 1979 Univorsit ' Lacrosse Team under the Icaclcrship of Coach C.A. " Bud " Boardmore continued its trend of national ch)minancc. The Terrapins, ranked second nationally, compiled a regular season record of 9-1. The season, for the most part was successful, with the only elusion being that of a national championship. The Terrapins compiled victories over Mt, Washington 17-12, the defending Cluh Champion, and ACC rival Virginia 17-13 to take the ACC Championship. The only loss during the rcgidar season came at the hands of |ohns Hopkins during a closely battled game. The game was held close until the end when Hopkins went on top by two goals with only minutes remaining. The Terrapins, however failing to give up came liack to tie the score at 12-12. Hopkins then scored on a power goal to take the lead to eventualK win 13-12. The Terrapins, who maintained good depth, were only crippled by one major injury, that being to All-American midfielder Pete Worstoll, who was bothered throughout the year with back and shoulder problems. The return of Worstell should provt; to be; a jjositive fact or in the Terrapin ' s hunt to the national championship in the coming year. Another bad turn for the Terps was the elimination of the face-off, a traditionally strong spot for the Ter- rapins. The face-off, however was put back into play for the upcoming season. After the regular season, the Terrapins entered the playoffs for the ninth consecutive year. In the opening round, the Terrapins battled a tough Syracuse squad, who played the entire game tough. The Terrapins, however prevailed 16-13 to gain the right to play in the semi-finals for the ninth straight year. The game pitted Maryland against Navy, with the Terrapins coming out the victor 15-10. Next came the right to play for the national championship at College Park. The Terrapins came out fired up and took the early lead, only to have Hopkins come back to tie the score up at the end of the quarter. That was as close as the game was with Hopkins coming out exploding in the second quarter. Hopkins went on to win the game 15-9 to shatter any hopes the Terrapins had of a national championship, while Hopkins prevailed ft)r thi; second consecutive year. Eight Terps played impressively enough to gain All-American honors. These honors were bestowed upon Bob Boneillo and Barry Mitchell, who made first team cudos. |ohn Lamen and Bob Ott received second team honors, while Hil Prey received third team honors. Honorable Mention awards were given to Randy Ratliff, Bryant Waters and Ron Martinello. Boneillo also received the honor of being named ACC Player of the Year along with Attackman of the Year across the country. |ohn Lamen and Randy Ratliff also participated in the annual North-South game played at U.M.B.C. They also received the honor of being named the captains of the South squad. The Terrapins, who lost their entire defense due to graduation, will find themselves in somewhat of a rebuilding stage. However, with the return of a powerful offense, Maryland may once again find themselves in the thick of another national championship race. 1st Row (L to R): Mike Voucas. Randv Ratliff, Bob Holland. Bob Ott, Wilson Phipps. |ohn Lamon. Terr - Kimball. Ed Pray, Bryant Waters. 2nd Row |L to R): Barr ' Mitchell. Mark Burdelt. Ron Martinello. Bob Boneillo. leb Scanneli. Wayne Martinello, Rich Shassian. Mike Farrell. Klay lohnson, Tom Garland. 3rd Row |L to Rl; Bill Foster. Nick Manis. Rick Mover. John Ebmeier, Mark Wheeler. Lee Boddcry. Phil Mueller. Kevin Scanneli, Chuck Lacey. 4th Row |L to R): Low Zeldman (manager), Mike Duffy. Rob Rcmilen. Dave Saunders. Steve Grace, Mike Blair. Jim Claborn, Pete Worstell, Don Sadler. Roy Zeldman jmanagerl. 5th Row (L to R): Asst. Coach Craig Hubbard. Head Coach " Bud ' Beardmore, Asst. Coach Bert Caswell. Asst. Coach Mike Farrell. 267 BLUE JAYS FLY HIGH OVER TERPS, 15-9 s -J? 268 269 » " mmi ju% 270 WOMENS ' LACROSSE STYX THROUGH 10-6 SEASON The Womcns ' Lacrosse Team, under the direction of Suzanne Tyler, continued a winning streak by a 10-6 record. The team captured its third consecutive Mar land Collogo Womcns ' Lacrosse Association Championship by defeating Salisbury (24-2|, Johns Hopkins (17-1), and their rival; Towson State (13-3). The season was characterized by one point games. In their ever ' loss, the team missed by one goal while their wins were by a substantial margin. The team had a high outlook on the season, they managed to place sixth in the country at the National AIAW Tournament. ]udy Dougherty with 40 goals and 37 assists and Lisa Pierce with 36 goals and 22 assists combined to total 80 ' ' . of the team ' s scoring. Many individual and team records were eclipsed by the team, their 183 total goals broke the previous mark of 151. They scored 26 goals against Essex which was a high. In playing [ohns Hopkins, only one goal against them to tic a record held from 1975. The individual marks were set by Judy Dougherty, who tallied six assists in a single game, 37 for the season, 11 points in a single game and n for the overall season. The goalie, Denise Wescott broke two records, she previously held by accumulating 190 saves for the season and 22 against West Chester for a single game record. Sandy Lanahan and Tracie Duncan added support when needed, while Patty Foster added a strong depth on defense. 1st Row |1 to r): Laura LeMire, Denise Wescott. Tami Gannon, (captain). Sue Critchfield (captain). Joanne Lindblade. M. OConnell. Amy Schreiber. Sue Brown. P. Foster. 2nd Row: Sue Tyler (Head Coach). Liz Price (Asst. Coach), Judy Dougherty. )udy Griffing. GiGi Daley, Sandy Lanahan, Tracie Duncan, Dawn Goodall, Lisa Pierce. Sandy Worth (Hd. Trainer), Terry Black (Stud. Trainer). Kathy Herring (Manager). G. Adams (Assl. Coach). 271 MENS ' TENNIS MENS ' ' TENNIS 7-10 4 Old Dominion 3 Virginia 6 Swarthmore 6 George Washington 9 North Florida 6 Gainesville College 8 Kent State 6 lacksonville, St. 3 Duke 5 6 3 3 1 1 3 6 Virginia 9 3 Wake Forest 6 3 Clemson 6 4 Harvard 5 1 N.C. State 8 2 North Carolina 7 6th ACC Tournament 6 How ard 3 3 Navy 6 272 FALTER THROUGH SEASON The Mens ' Tennis Team, coached by Royal P. Doyles, had a mediocre 7-10 record. Bad weather and the loss of a key player caused the season a unfortunate disadvantage. The team co-captains. John (M.son and Robert Weise didn ' t play that badly. The loss of Peppy Boveda after three weeks into the season was unexpected. Boveda took advantage of a six year medical school scholarship. The team ' s hopes for a winning season were shadow ed by rain which cancelled four matches at the end of the year. The team played tough all season, due to no team being a dominant force over Maryland. In the ACC Tournament, the Terps tied with Wake Forest. The extraordin- ary point of the ACC Tournament is that all the teams are in the top 35 in the nation. The ACC is also the second conference leader in depth. Some All-Around plays were performed by the Terps. Craig Harden- burgh finished the season with a singles record of 12-5. Hardenburgh also went to the semi-finals in the ACC Singles Tournament. The doubles combination of Olson and Madan came within a hairline of winning the ACC Doubles Tournament, losing 7-6 in the final set to number one. Duke. Bob Weise went on his own over the summer to gain some grand prix qualifying points toward the pro tour. The team had a productive fall with many of the players gaining experience. In the two tournaments played. Mary- land finished second out of four teams at the Washington and Lee Invitational and finished third out of nine teams at the Nav ' Invitational. Coach Doyles ' outlook for the future is good, with the addition of freshman. Inaki Calba. who was the number one junior player in 1978 and now is sixth ranked in Mens ' from Venezuela; Gary Kittay from Baltimore; Blaise Keatting from Michigan and John Frank from Maryland. Front Row: (L to R) Wade Batterton. Nausher Madan, Craig Hardenbergh. Coach Royal. Second Row: Bruce Howard, John Olson, Scott Rowlands, Robert Weise. 273 WOMENS ' TENNIS BSHI p SJNIS PS Wk- ; " m ■■ - V v;,- B| 6 !■ - 1 274 DEUCE EVEN SEASON The 1979 VVomens ' Tennis Team and their first year coach, Sylvia Feldman, achieved an overall record of 4-4 and a record 1-4 in the ACC. In the individual tournaments the Terrapins had a good season. In the George Mason Tournament, the team placed third out of 19 schools, while winning the second flight, and begin the runner up in the thiril and fourth flights. In the ACC Tournament, the Terps came away with a 6th place finish. In the Salisbury Tournament, the team place 5th while they managed to gain the semi-finals in the singles championship level. Coach Feldman feels the return of Betsy Jablonski and the addition of Freshman Car n Schnidler, who won her State High School Championship and ranked seventh in the 1979 MALTA Sectional Rankings, will benefit the team immensely. Coach Feldman ' s outlook on the team is one of promise because they seem tougher and they work daily to gain the physical and mental toughness they need. She looks forward to an improved team in the spring and fall. Front Row: Sylvia Feldman (Head Coach). Caryn Schindler. Verna Schneider, Norma Chemer, Karen Denison Diane Dunning, Lisa Magarill Back Row. Mary Beth Keil. Randi Smith. Kristen Schoek. Greta Laughery. Cynlh.a Hoddmtoo. Mary PrebU. 275 BASEBALL 15-20-1 MD MD 7 Duke 5 2 North Carolina 9 4 Duke 1 4 Catholic University 1 4 Richmond 7 1 Wake Forest 2 2 Mercer 5 8 Baltimore University 7 7 Mercer 4 3 Virginia 2 4 Mercer 5 4 Virginia 2 2 Rollins 3 5 Virginia 8 2 Ohio State 4 4 North Carolina 15 3 3 Seteh ' i Stefsfl tf - RolliSs ■ 5 2 2 ■ 7 3 N.C. State Towson Clemson 1 3 5 2 Ohio State 2 6 Clemson 2 3 Seton Hall 6 9 Navy 13 2 George Washington 4 13 Baltimore 3 4 Howard 9 9 Georgetown D 4 Wake Forest 6 13 George Mason 12 5 East Carolina 10 8 U.M.B.C. 9 7 N.C. State 22 7 U.M.B.C. 4 ' tMj 276 BASEBALL STRIKES OUT SEASON The 1979 Maryland Baseball team, under tho command of Coach Elton S. Hack) lackson endod tho season with a disappointing 15-20-1 record. Due to the lack of experience and poor weather conditions the team suffered. The team started the season with 3 freshman. 6 sophomores, and 1 junior. It was considered a young team, who with a little more experience woulil have had a better season. The defense playing was excellent but. the hitting wasn ' t up to par. The high point of the season came on a one hit victory over Clemson, the only loss which Clemson had in the conference. The Terrapins finished third in the ACC. Some key injuries that hurt the season was: Clifton Packer hurt his knee and Gordon Hawkins, who was drafted by the Texas RangcMs nut nf high .school. suffered an arm injury. Coach lackson termed this as .i rebuilding year with a chance to g(n some experience. Most of the players were in summer leagues to stay in shape. Two strong points were; Scott Smith, an All-Star pitcher in the Industrial League and Pete Sinopoli, who played in the U.S. and Pan American games. The Tcrps then came back to post .i 40-3-1 record in the Fall to make the coaches very anxious im- the spring season to roll around. Coach Jackson feels they arc loaded with talent, pitching, good, and plenty of experience. The strong part of the team will be in their pitching, with Smith and Sinopoli. ttttrj » H 1 BALI STBKl. liHii 1 ■ ■■ ' ' rm .■ ' ■ B •«4-- TiJ 1 ' • Isl Row |L to Rl: Noal Merrick. Bol) Oswald. Scolt Smith. Scoll Vonlurolli. Bill Owens. Gordon Hawltins. Kevin Wilson. Steve lordan, Steve Hagerman. Tonv Mag ard. Robert Pavne. josepli Lynch. Marie Hayncs, Pete Sinopoli. ,„.,,, , v ,u„ Cio„or 2nd Row: Coach Raymond Ruffing. Coach Bruce Trader. Richard Dinnis. Frank Kaloustian, )cff Eaton. leff Schaefer. ]oe Kerley. btever Johnson. Cliff Parker. George E. Frazee. Mgr.. Mgr. [ohnson. Coach Elton S [ackson. 277 4 - 278 279 GOLF 9th Marshall Invit. 11th Palmetto Invit. 8th Duke Iron Classic 9th Furman Intercoll. Tourn 1st Naval Academy Invit. 6th ACC Championship Tourn. 280 GOLFERS BOGEY SPRING, BIRDIE FALL The 1979 Golf Team under the supervision of Coach Randy Hoffman, went through a mediocre spring, but returned in the fall with a much improved team. The reason for the off season was due to bad weather in the early spring, not leaving enough time for practice before a few matches. The team under the leaderships of co-captains, Eric Smith and Larry [ones, started off the season with a 9th place finish at the Marshall Invitational at West Virginia. This seemed to be the tone that was set for the rest of the season. In match play, the team was undefeated, 7-0, however rankings are based on the school that finish in high caliber tournaments, which the Terps didn ' t achieve. But as the season progressed, experience prevailed and they finished first in the NavT Academy Invitational. The Terps also took low individual honors by Fred Funk with a 78-69. Followed by Eric Smith with a 74-74. Funk also finished ninth of 120 players in the Southern Intercollegiate Tournament. In the ACC tournament, the Terps finished 6th, their worse finish in 10 years. Bob Daly was low man, as he finished 8th. The summer was a productive time for some Maryland golfers. A few took individual awards; Fred Funk won the Mid-Atlantic Amateur title in West Virginia, Larry )ones won the Kendridge Tournament in Virginia and Steve Smith won the Virginia Amateur and the Virginia Open. In the fall, Maryland was one of the outstanding teams while finishing 2nd out of 20 teams. Also Mike Richter, who tied for first place in the Yale Invitation- al Individual Tournament and Eric Smith, who finished 5th in the |im Corbilt Tournament. Mar ' land placed 13th out of 18 teams. The reason for this is due to a player signing the wrong card giving seven strokes away. In the Kings Mill Invitational, Maryland finished first out of 12 teams with Eric Smith coming in second with a 74-75 score. In the final tournament, the |ohns Hopkins Invitational, the Terps fini.shed first out of 12 teams, while playing second team. The low honors were awarded to Marty Vybihal and Steven Lavoie, who tied at 74. This year with an earlier spring schedule and some good weather, the team should be in the running for high honors. 1st Row |L 10 R): Steve Smith, jem ' Freishtat. Eric Smith. Larry [ones. Robert Fr ' ar,Fred Funk 2nd Row: Coach Randy Hoffman. Mike Richter, Richard Getek. Gary Fox. Noel Caruso. Bob Darling, jerry Courville 281 feZ SOCCER ! " 5-12 MD. 1 James Madison MD. 1 Penn State Virginia 2 ■ American Navy Michigan 1 1 1 2 4 Catholic Univ. Howard Univ. Baltimore Univ. 3 Duke 1 1 1 4 Loyola College 1 1 George Washington 2 2 N.C. State 3 1 Towson 2 North Carolina Clemson 1 Old Dominion • §T % • :i;:f ' :- 282 SOCCER TEAM PASSES OUT ' Vhr. 1979 Soccer Team, under the direction of Coach |im Dietsch, had a very frustrating year. Their overall record of 5 wins and 12 losses is misleading. The team outplayed most of their opponents, but failed to score on offense. They called the .season the " Snake Bite, " because ten out of the twelve losses were by one goal; five in double overtime, and eight of which they out played their opponent. The highlights of the season cami; in defeating Penn State and Old Dominion in the season finale, knocking them out of the playoffs. Ron McKeever was the Terrapins ' leading scorer followed by freshman, Ed Gauss. Also Scott Boddery received All South and All ACC Honors as Half- back. The team, which consisted of ten freshmen will be a team of the future, with only losing five seniors. Two freshman; G.A. Reid and Nick Wiener are high on the coach ' s starting from day one. -. -iL- rf " ' . ' v v ' . ■■ ' Alvi J . ' v. ' ;. ' ' " » w « " r .« ivy. - I 283 FIELD HOCKEY 13-4-3 MD. MD. ?. LaSalle College 2 2 James Madison 2 1 Davis Elkins 2 Rutgers Univ. 9 Longwood College 1 1 Ohio State ■y American Univ. 3 William Mary 1 Penn State 3 8 Frostburg 3 Ursinus College Delaware 2 9 5 Virginia 4 3 West Chester EAIAW 1 2 West Chester 2 Rutgers EAIAW 1 S Salisbury 1 1 Penn State EAIAW 2 L Towson State 2 Washington State AIAW Natl. 1 284 FIELD HOCKEY TEAM GETS FOULED IN NATIONAL TOURNAMENT The 1979 Field Hockey team under the direction of head coach Sue Tyler proved to be one of the top teams in the country. Sue Tyler staled, " This has been the best season in Maryland history. " The team finished with a final record of 15-4-4 for the year and ranked number three in the country. A few players that contributed to the season are: Dcnise Wescott. the goalkeeper, recorded eight shutouts and Karen Cocker, fullback, was outstanding on the defense end. Also, Judy Pogert ' , was the leading scorer for the season as center forward. Sandy Lanahan played throughout the year guarding the top scorer on every team. Coach Tyler said, " She was key to the low scoring games, a ver ' tough defensive player wh o can ' t be beat one on one. " Another of the top players was Laura LeMire who was selected as a second team Ail-American and granted a tryout for the Olympics. The team ' s losses in the regular season were extremely close. For instance, in the games with Davis and Elkins we lost by only one goal, and lost in the Penn State game by two goals. In post season playing, the Terps played tough, while losing to Penn State, 3-2 in the Regional Tournament and then a loss to Long Beach, 2-1 in the Semi-Finals of the National Tournament. The team then went on to win the consolation game to finish third in the country. The highlights of the season came when we beat Ursinias, for the first time and defeating West Chester, the four time defending National Champs, twice in one season. Front Row: Marilyn Patrick. Sandra Lanahan. Deborah Swanson. Lynn Frame, Debra Faktorow, Karen Kocur, Dee Walker (Student Trainer). Back Row: Linda Dicolo (Asst. Coach], Suzanne Tyler (Head Coach). Grace Daley. ludith Dougherty. Laura LeMire. Denise Wescott. Tracie Duncan. Cvnthia Soth. Sarah Schofield. Ginny Adams. Sandra Worth (Trainer). 285 286 GRAPPLERS PIN DOWN OPPONENTS Th(! Miiryliind Wroslliny team, iindtT |(ihn McHiigh ' s coachirifj, were jjoinj; through a rebuilding |)(!ri()d and made a rcspectalile showing. Their big losses were in the 134 pountl and 158 pound class, but despite this, the team felt they could compete with the league powers. After two earlv all season losses the Terps bounced back to beat the defending ACC champ. N.C. State 23-20 in a closely fought match. The two outstanding feats for the Terps came at the 167 pound class with junior. Kevin Colabucci and in the heavy weight category junior. Bob Tornstall. The T(M[)s had an up and down season, never really reaching lh(! |)() tht.-y thought they could, however a respectable showing did make the season somewhat of a satisfactory one. WRESTLING 9-6 MD. MD. 16 Duke 24 23 N.C. State 20 35 George Mason 7 32 Pittsburgh 4 13 Virginia Tech. 24 14 North Carolina 28 40 Indiana State 8 29 Virginia 17 15 Navy 26 16 Army 21 43 Richmond 9 29 Columbia 12 20 Clemson 23 40 Lycoming 6 46 Towson State 3 287 TERP FIVE DRIBBLE MEN ' S BASKETBALL 20-6 TO NATIONAL PROMINENCE ano The 1979-80 l)asketl)all lean) under the direction of Charles " Lefty " Driesell improved from what had been anticipated. So called " experts " predicted the team would finish no better than sixth in the final ACC standings because a strong center was not recruited. However. " Lefty " Driesell pulled the trump card and moved " Buck " Williams to center and Ernie Graham to forward. The countr forsaw a mediocre showing for the Terps. but they proved them wrong. The Terps finished number one in the regular season. Center " Buck " Williams started controlling the league at his position following an early injury which sidelined him for most of the first half of the season. Williams dominated all ACC centers by outscoring and out rebounding all of them, with the exception of Dukes Giminiski, they were tied. Greg Manning, who went from point guard to shooting guard, put forth a slow start but went out to be tops in the league for shooting percentages and free throw shooting. He was also named sixth in the countn, ' in field goal shooting |64 percent) and fifth in free throw shooting (91 percent). Albert King, the accepted team leader, put in his first showing in his three year stint at Maryland. King, who raised game high at 32 points was one of the leagues top scorers with a 21.7 point per game average and also averaging six rebounds a game. Ernie Graham, who was moved from shooting guard to forward, averaged 17 points a game. He also was able to pull down eight rebounds a game. " Dutch " Morley and Reggie (ackson split time at the point guard position for the year. Jackson proved to be a better scorer towards the end of the year, but Morley proved ver ' effective in assists and steals. Taylor Baldwin, who started as center for the injured " Buck " Williams, got to the point where his slam dunks were crowd amazers. The Terps started off the year with a strong showing of an 11-1 record. An early ACC loss to N.C. State invoked the team and they proceeded to win six straight games before a heart breaking loss to Clemson. The Terps then loss their next ACC game to Duke before they went on to defeat Wake Forest for the ACC regular season championship. All the losses were ones that had been road games with low scoring differences. The Terps as a team were ranked third in the country in field shooting (54.5 percent). 289 290 [ohn Kochan. Cha rles ' I ofh ■■ nriosoll Shorman Oillard. Tom Aba.omarco. Coach Driesell congran lates Senior |ohn Bilney on his las. home game appearance. Front Row: (L to R): Ion Robinson. lohn Veal. Greg Morley. Reggie lackson. Greg Manning. Back Row: Albert King. Ernest Graham. lohn Bilnev. Dave Henderson. Taylor Baldwin. Mark Fothergill. Charles Williams. 291 292 293 WOMEN REBOUND TO WOMENS ' BASKETBALL 13-8 MD. MD. 94 Georgia Tech. 78 85 Clemson 69 90 Howard University 65 82 Duke 63 89 Montclair State 53 66 N.C. State 69 104 Edinboro State 70 117 Wake Forest 53 58 Old Dominion 66 67 Pittsburgh 66 78 Rutgers 11 66 Cheyney State 62 62 North Carohna 64 11 Rutgers 85 61 S. Carolina 63 100 Wake Forest 49 71 Louisiana Tech. ' 1 92 Clemson 61 79 S.F. Austin ° 1 75 N.C. State 85 n Virginia 63 1 294 FINISH IN HIGH ACCORD The 1979-80 VVomens ' Basketliall team with Chris Wellcr as Head Coach. came to be one of the top ranked teams in the country, rcachinjj national |)rominence. Kris Kirchncr, the only starter to remain this year and the 1979 Washing- ton Post ' s Player of the Year, who led the team in scoring an average of 20.1 points and 12 rebounds a game. Others players to re turn were, Pam Reaves, a guard, who scored close to 13 points per game and Krystal Kimberly the senior captain, who played during the summer with AIA. A top recruit, Debbie Lytic, filled into the teams game plan well, as she started as a playmaker, handling the job by leading the team in assists with a 5 per game average and adding 8 points and 4.5 rebounds per game. Due to the strong team players. Coach Weller is once again looking forward to going to the national tournament. The team started off the season by winning its first four games and then began a downhill turn by losing five out of the next six games. However, the team bounced back to prepare for the ACC Tournament. The Terps met their match at the championship, losing to the N.C. State team. Although, following the tournament the team finished with victories over Delaware and St. Joseph ' s gaining a post season bid in Regional Action. V f S i 295 296 SPIKERS VOLLEY TO VICTORY The University Vollinhiill team iinclor Barbara Drum, hoatl coach. directed the Terps to finish the season with a 29-15 record. The successful outcome of this season was chie to the help of strong returning letterman; Linda Brody who was setter and hitting were Barbara Bunting. Barbara Donlon, loanne IJndblade. Carol Thompson, and Kav Freeman. The Terrapins played a rigorous schedule, finding themselves in six straight weekend tournaments including their own. Despite an up and down tournament result, they managed to pull together for a strong finish in their host tournament where they placed second against top notch teams. The team opened up the EAIAW Tournament with a victory over Temple and G eorge Washing- ton in straight sets. However, tough competition caused an upset for the Terrapins by losing to Rutgers and Georgetown in the quarter finals. The overall outlook on the season was acceptional, with the only illusion being the champion- ship. Front Row: Sue Lombardi. Belh Slebodnik. Belinda Manlev. Linda Schmidt. Linda Brody. Doris Wood. Barbara Bunting Back Row: Barbara Drum (Head Coach). Pat Corzine. |ean Krebs. Sue Bartletl. Barbara Donlon. Mary Ann Marley. Colleen Lockwood. Carol Thompson, Ann Lanphear (Asst. Coach). 297 MEN SWIMMERS FLOAT THROUGH SEASON Front Row: (R to L|: Schlecht, Bill Bartle, Pat Murtaugh, Mike Dew, George Carpouzis Mike Aide son Seco " ow. Jari Hoffman (Head Coach). Terry Kunst, |ohn Cunningham. Crail Gordon loe 1 . Steve Shh,w,lheK Masse. Back Row: Rick Dusch (Asst. Coach). Steve Heineman, Lenny Wallace. Paul Abraham. Al Walsh, Greg blasic. N Sanocki. Bill Skelley. Bruce Tobias. Team Manager. Tom Griffith. (Divmg Coach). 298 WOMEN SWIMMERS MAKE WAVES Floor (L to R): Nancy Fanning. Judy Dwyer. Eleni Nasou. Suzanne O ' Hara, Wendy Shoyek. Evelyn Buswell, Lisa Papa |Coach|. Ladder: (Top to Bottom]: Kathy Smith. Barbara |ean Schmidt, Kathy Paras. Carolyn Hunger. Diving Board |R to L): Kelly Ciabaton. Kathleen Warner. Melanie Gillet. Sue Wigelman. Donna Trichrilo, Anne Buver. Jamie Lease. Cindy Stillwell, Nan Platto. 299 GYMNISTS TUMBLE THROUGH ANOTHER SEASON 300 " TOUCHE, " FENCERS FOIL OPPONENTS . N. . 1 301 TRACK TEAM LEAPS HURDLES TO 25TH MENS ' TRACK 4th Tallahasse Relays 1st Virginia Relays 105-58 Navy 1st ACC Championships 2nd IC4As, Philadelphia 302 CONSECUTIVE ACC CHAMPIONSHIP ■ The 1979 Mens ' Track Team, under the coaching of Frank Coslello. had an excellent season. The team was ranked sixth in the countn, ' and in the top 10 overall. They were also placed sixth indoors and oij hth outdoors. The hijihlight of the .season was the Penn relays in which Nhiryland domin- ated ever ' other team present. This was the first time it had been done in the history of the relays. The team as a whole finished first in the Virginia Invitational, second in hc Quad Meet and first in the EAIAVV Regional Championships. To add to these accomplishments, they won the ACC for the 24th straight year. Also, sophomore sensation, Renaldo Nehemiah broke records all year long. His highlight was se tting the record in the 110 Meter High Hurdles at 13:00 seconds. Ian P ka also set school records in the shut-putt. The added strengths of Chris Persons, a freshman helped the team greatly, according to coach Costello, he is of national caliber. Dennis Ivory, in the triple jump, David Ungraty in the half mile, and Bobby Calhoun in sprints and the long jump helped the team immensely. From the Maryland team there are six Olympic candidates: Skeets Nehemiah, Greg Robertson, Chris Persons, Ian Pyka, Dennis Ivory, and Bob Calhoun. i{- - -af i r tu f« B i f»i» ' a Front Row: left to right - Andre Lancaster, Mike Peniston. Dave Cornwell. Ted Vaux. Don Berich, Greg Rot)ertson, Ian Pyka, Dennis Ivor ' . Paul Dubyoski, |oe Bonelli and Joe Morris 2nd Row: Greg Thompson. Renaldo Nehemiah. Dave Ungrady. Fletcher lames. Chris Person. Vernon Kent, joe Belyea, Eugene McCarthy. David Crimmins. Coach Frank Coslello Row 3: |ack McGee. Mark Milewski. Manager. Unidentified, lay Kelchner. Darryl Br ' ant, Mark Lucas, lohn Cornwell. Mark Fields. Rob Klalzkin. Stuart Chandler. Pat Haley. Row 4: Coach Stan Pitts, jim Hage. Unidentified, Ward Wilson, Bob Calhoun. Charlie Lester. Coach Bill Goodman. 303 WOMENS ' TRACK SPRINTS WOMENS ' TRACK 1st Virginia Invitational 2nd Quad Meet: Tennessee 88 Maryland 81 Michigan St. 48 Penn St. 31 1st EAIAW Regional Championship 304 THROUGH SPRING SEASON The 1979 Womcns " Tnick loam opened the season finishing in first place in the X ' irginia Invit.itional. which presented a hopi ful outlnok for the season said Coach Stan Pitts. However, a rigorous quad meet found the Terps finishing second, behind Tennessee by a mere seven paints. But the Terps. a highly regarded team enterecl the EAIAW Regional Championships taking first place. Proving that they arc a powerhouse team. The team consisted of some accomplished players. Paula Girven, who was an Ail-American High lumper in 1978 followed by jalene Chase, who was an All-American High jumper in 1979. Other players who added strength to the team were Linda Miller, a middle distance runner. Man, ' Walsh, 300 and up, and Leola Toomer in the sprint events. First Row |L to R|: Karen Lage. Lisa Mundy. Grefchen Vogel. Angela White, Kim Duniap, Margaret Eckles. Linda Miller. Leola Toomer. Ma r - Walstr Second Row: Teri Ellis. Rene Tann. Tina Mohr. lalene Chase, Paula Girven, Debbie Pavik. Susan White, Lou Isenberg, Debbie Owens. Third Row: Coach Stan Pitts and Coach Harris 305 GRIDDERS GET 306 INTERCEPTED BY LEAGUE FOES The 1979 University of Mar ' iand football season was a rollercoaster rido, with ups and downs throughout. The season began on a down note, with three pre-scason All-ACC picks sidelined with injuries and out for the year. These three - Lloyd Burress, Eric Seivers and Marlin Van Horn along with George Scott, who was dismissed from school for academic and drug-related reasons, were supposed to provide the backbone of this year ' s Terrapin team. It was apparent that a young team would take the field for the Terps, but as head coach Jerry Claiborne said, " A good program replaces good people with good people. " For the most part. Claiborne was proved correct. Maryland began the season, in hopes of reaching a bowl game for the seventh straight year, with a home game against Villanova before 31,684 fans. The hosts came away with a 24-20 win over the stubborn team from Pennsylvania. Starting quarterback Mike Tice, at 67 " the tallest player at his position in the nation, led the team with a 9 completions in 15 attempts perfor- mance. Charlie Wysocki, a sophomore tailback making his first start over had an auspicious debut with 161 yards in 32 rushing attempts. The rollercoaster was starting to cruise upwards because the following week turned out to be the Terps finest moment of the year. Playing at Clemson in " Death Valley " - the nickname for the Tigers ' home stadium, Maryland came away with a convincing 19-0 shutout victory. Once again, Charlie Wysocki led the way to victory with 188 yards in 32 attempts including a 45-yard run in the first half of the ballgame. At this point Wysocki had established himself as a more than capable replacement for Steve Atkins (last year ' s All-America tailback) and George Scott, and also as one of the NCAA ' s top rushing leaders. Dale Castro, the junior placekicker and punter, put through four field-goals to aid the Terp cause and focus attention on his kicking prowess. He also punted 10 times to keep Clemson in bad field position all day. The " shutout " defense was led by linebacker Brian Matera, and tackles Ed Gail and Mike Corvino. Also safety Ralph Lary chipped in with three timely interceptions (which tied a Md. record), all which stopped potential Clemson scoring drives. The following game at home against Mississippi State, the Terps literally " kicked " the opposing team off the field. Dale Castro, with four first half field Villanova Clemson Mississippi State Kentucia Penn Stale Morth Carolina State Wake Forest Duke North Carojijljigg ' Louisville ' Virginia goals (t ing an NCAA record) and a total of five for the game led Maryland to victory. Also starring for the Terps were receiver jan Carinci, Mike Tice, Charlie Wysocki, Ralph Lary and linebacker Darnell Dailey. At this point the Terrapins had an unblemished 3-0 record, but then came the down part of the rollercoaster. Playing at the University of Ken- tucky, the Terps suffered a 14-7 defeat to the Wildcats in which the offense was almost non-existent. This was a pivotal game because it started what was to be a crucial mid-season slump. Then it was back home to face Penn St., before 52,348 screaming fams. But again the Terps were badly beaten, this streak stopped at six. The rollercoaster effect, after the three early wins and the four mid-season losses, ended on a high note with the last four victories of the season. Gazing ahead at next year, the future looks bright. Young players such as defensive stalwarts Mike Corvine, Greg Vanderhout, Ralph Lary, Darnell Dailey, Mark Duda and others will be back. Offensively, Dale Castro, Charhe Wysocki, Mike Tice and Jan Carinci will lead the Terps. Also, Lloyd Burress, Eric Seivers and Marlin Van Horn will be back for one more year of Maryland football. Looking at the season in retrospect, the highlights of the 1979 Maryland football season were — Dale Castro, with his kicking heroics; Charlie Wysocki, who established himself as a great running back; and the convincing win over a strong Clemson team on the road. time by a 27-7 margin. The downfall continued against two ACC foes with losses to N.C. State (7-0) and Wake Forest (25-17). Again the offense sputtered and QB Mike Tice was replaced by Bob Milkovich against the surprising Demon Deacons of Wake Forest. But Milkovich had little luck and was soon put back on the bench in favor of Tice. The rollercoaster began to rise again with an easy 27-0 win against a hapless Duke University team. The offense and defense both played well and the team evened its record at 4-4. Tailbacks Wayne Wingfield and Tim Whittie both went over the 100 yard mark replacing the injured Charlie Wysocki. The consecutive field goal streak of Dale Castro continued with two more field goals against the Blue Devils. Against the Tarheels of the Univer- sity of North Carolina at Byrd Stadium, the Terps pulled out an exciting 17-14 win. Featured in this game was the 16th straight successful field goal attempt by Castro, which tied an NCAA record. The record tying field goal also won the game late in the fourth quarter for the Terrapins. The Terps finished off the season with two convincing wins over Louis- ville and Virginia. These last two games featured the running of a now-healthy Charlie Wysocki who had over 400 yards. Wysocki finished the season with an ACC-leading 1180 yards rushing in 247 attempts. Unfortunately, the Terps late season surge was not enough to get them invited to a bowl game. Therefore, Maryland ' s post-season appearance 308 First Row (L to R|: Phil Livingston. Richard Cummins. |immv Shaffer. Scott CoUins. |ohn Baldante. Tom Burgess. Eric Sievers. Head Coach |erry Claiborne. Llovd Burruss. Kervin VVvatt. Brian Matera, Chris Grev. Marlin Van Horn. |ohn Papuchis. Gar ' Ellis. Larr - Stewart. Second Row: Greg Vanderhout. Kenny Black. lav Lomac. Darnell Dailev. Brad Senft. Ralph Larv. Rich Fassano. Paul Clamp. Cedric Williams. Bob Gioia. Bob Larkm. |ethro Senior Third Kow: Kvle Lorton. Les Boring. Mike Collins. Ron Young. Sam Medile. Scott Fanz. Pete Clamp. Todd Benson. Bruce Byrom. Chris Barbiasz. Chris Havener Bob Milkovich. Sam |ohnson. Charlie Wvsocki. Fourth Row: lohn Dreider. |oe Wilkins. Lyle Peck. George Scott. Kevin Sullivan. Mark Davis David Taylor Steve Trimbel Gurnest Brown. John Tice; Rodnev Caldwell. Brian Riendeau. jim Sommer. Todd Wright. Larr% GregorN. Fifth Row: David Pacella. Pat Zillman. Brent Dewilz. Ice Wilkins. Dale Castro. Andv Paffenroth. Kip Jawish. leff Rodenbergcr. Wayne Wingfield. Mike Powell. Greg Bell Tim Whittle. |an Carinci. Sixth Row: Ed Aulisi. Vince Tomasetti. Mike Corvino. Frank Kolencik. |err ' Rogers. Greg Robertson. Mike Tice. Howard Eubanks. Mike Carney, td Gall. Back Row: Terr% ' Strock. Dick Redding. Gib Romaine. John Misciagna. Farrell Sheridan. John Devlin. Gothard Lane. |err ' Eisaman. Tom Groom. Morgan Hout. Rod Sharpless. " lake " Hallum. George Foussekis. 309 310 311 CHEERLEADERS IGNITE CROWD 312 TO B-E A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E 313 314 315 316 317 Yesterday, we experienced. Today, we learn. Tomorrow, we cope . 318 Terrapin Yearbook 3101 Main Dining Hall University of Maryland College Park, Md. 20740 As 1 write this letter, the book is going throtigh the final stages, the last touches are being added and looked over before shi()ping them out to the presses. Looking over this year, the theme. ' Coping With The Unexpected. " was an understatement for the time was had in producing this yearbook. It seemed as though cver ' thing that could go wrong did. but obviously, here is the final product. And I know that I speak for the staff when 1 sav a lot of love and hard work went into thisyearl)ook. One thing I realized through working on it. is that whenever 1 pick up a book, magazine, or any Kpe of publication. I appreciate it so much more, for one really takes for granted the work that goes into producing just one page. . I would like to thank my staff for putting up with my nagging, pushing, and sometimes insecurities in producing the book. First, Cindy Goren. Business Manager, with her staff, senior portraits ran smoothly. Secondly, to |ohn Kammerman. Sports Editor, who entered in the middle of the year and did a good job of covering the sports for us. To Alan Kresse, " Photographer Editor, without you half of the book wouldn t be here, thanks for being there and putting up with Stacys and my notes To Sherry for helping out when things became unbearable. And a special thanks to Stacy Cushner. Lay-out Editor. I can ' t think of words to describe what it has mean to have you on the staff; the times we ' ve watched the sun rise over campus, and looking for a munchie or picture. I jijst want to say that it couldn ' t have been done without you. And a final thanks to Mr Greg Nvgard. for being so helpful and especially patient with us. I would also like to thank Michael Fribust and Nancy French for listening to my gripes. Yours truh ' . Mindy Berman Editor-in-Chief fif Sja 4 STAFF: Mindy Berman, Editor-in-Chief Stacy Cushner, Lay-out Editor Alan Kresse, Photo Editor John Kammerman, Sports Editor Cindy Goren, Business Manager Business Staff: Debbie Bragg Donald Davis Meryl Goodgold Jane Piatt Maria Procopio Laura Rossel Marlene Tessler COPY CREDITS Jaime Jarardo: 75 John Kammerman: 270, 271; 272, 273, 274; 275; 281; 282; 283; 287; 288; 289; 294; 295; 296; 297; 300; 301; 304; 305; 306; 307; 308; 309; 312; 313 Larry Schwartzman: 306; 308 PHOTO CREDITS Geoff Baker: 4b, 8a, c; 12b,c,d; 13b; 16b; 85e; 87a; 186a; 265a 268a,b,c,d; 269a,b,c,d; 302b; 303a David Bedell: 85d Beth Cherney: 30a Sherry Conrad: 25c; 41c; 88a, b; 89a,b,c; 90a,b; 91a; 102a,b 103a,b; 125a; 149a,b,c; 153a,b,c,d; 154a,b,c; 155a,b,c; 169a 179a; 188a; 198a; 199a; 210a,b; 222a; 235a; 236b; 248a 286a,b,c; 287a,b; 290a; 292c; 310c Peter Dyksra: 40; 84e; 85c; 239 Debbie Gertler: 56a,b; 57a,b David Kapenstein: 5b; 18a,c; 19c; 20a,b; 21a,c; 27c; 33a; 35a 58a,b,c; 68a,b; 69a; 70a,c; 77a,b,c; 78b; 79a,c; 147c; 227a 282a,b,c; 283b; 289b; 290c; 291b; 293a,b,c; 308a; 312a; 3131 Alan Kresse: 2a, b; 3a, b; 4a,c; 6a, b; 7a,b,c; 8b,d; 11a; 12a; 13a,c 14a,b,c,d; 15a, b,c; 16a, c,d; 17a, b,c; 19a; 21b; 22a, b; 23a, b,c 24a,b; 26a,b,c; 27b; 28a,c; 29c; 32a,b; 34b,c; 35c; 36a,b; 37a,b 40b; 41d; 42a,b; 43a,b,c; 44b; 45a,c; 46a,c; 50a,b; 51a,b; 52a,b 53a,b; 54a,b,c; 55a,b; 59a,b,c; 64a,b,c; 65a,b; 66a,b,c; 67a,b,c 69c; 81a,b,c; 83a,b,c,d; 96a; 98; 99a; lOla; 104a,b; 105a; 106a 107a,b,c; 108a,b,c; 109a,b,c; 110a,b,c; llla,b,c; 112a,b 113a,b,c; 114a,b,c,d; 115a,b,c,d; 116a,b,c; 117a,b,c; 119a; 120 121; 122; 123; 124; 125; 126; 127; 128; 129; 130; 131; 132; 133 134; 135; 136; 137; 138; 139; 140; 141; 143; 144; 148; 152; 156 164; 174; 175; 184; 196; 200a; 208; 220; 223; 224a,b; 232; 234 246; 247; 251; 256; 259; 260; 266b; 272a; 273a,b; 280a; 283a 288b,c; 289a; 290b; 292a; 306; 307a; 309a,b; 310a,b,d; 311a.c 312b,c; 313c; 314a,b; 315a,b Paul Mandelbaum: 25b Kirk McCoy: 33b; 42c; 47d; 48b; 62a,b; 63a,b; 71a; 72b; 73b 84a,b; 100; 157a,b,c; 158a,b; 159a,b,c; 200b; 288a; 298b 299a,c; 307b; 309c NASA: 74, 75 Dana Pillotto: 105b; 145a,b,c,d; 146a,b,c; 147a,b; 212a,b; 270a,b 271a; 284a,b,c; 285a; 294a,b; 295a,b,c,d; 296a,b,c,d; 301a,b 302a; 304a, b,c; 305a Photo Services: 272b; 275b; 280b,c; 285b; 291a,c; 298a; 303b 305b Randall Roberts: 33c Martin Rodden: 28b, 41a; 46b; 60a,b; 61a,b; 85b; 86a; 161a,b,c 162a,b; 163a,b; 167c; 236a; 276a; 292b; 313a Ann Rogers: 84; 150a,b; 151a,b; 176a,b; 187; 297; 300a,b; Steve Uheling: 5a; 94; 95; 97; 318 Uim Walsh: 211 Swight Williams: 85a Steve Zerby: 316 a,b,c; 317a I ' lUWIMMItinrnHHl " ' :■llimllli«l iHUmllimHml

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