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UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND ■ COLLEGE PARK, MD. TERRAPIN -: r? ' «» ' J» ll « TABLE OFCONTENTS PHOTO ESSAYS I 12 ENTERTAINMENT 30 ORGANIZATIONS 60 SPORTS 108 ACADEMICS 160 THE YEAR THAT WAS 180 SENIORS 192 PHOTO ESSAYS II 266 INDEX 296 This book is dedicated to those who labored long for one very important piece of paper - ' V - r ' z: -0r:4 ' - f p l l-a . ' 1 ■ ' —J g TBtI ' t- i T ii nap raR Sl -i " Here we are, all of us, so diverse in our ways, our backgrounds and our rea- sons for being here. Yet, we ARE here, in hopes of having our brains tickled a little, enough to get them going. Our time spent here is a time of grow ing away from childhood, toward an unknown future. Many have said these are the best years of our lives. And, you know, they ' re probably right. " fSl " T vsf : 4 r ■ » v S i i - IViC. Al ■i)NlMi»w( ' MMt 10 n a ' : ' P C P - oX V v A , A „v N X 474 hA A SAY ' GOODBYE MOM ' AND ' HELLO COLLEGE PARK ' i ' ' sT ■■ ■ ■•.: .. lttEi4Hi ■fill - h— " 1 1 Jm B .JQTfl |0| ii V J» 14 DELTA UPSILON ' S POOL PARTY ALL THE CONVENIENCE OF HOME 15 THROUGH RAIN, SLEET, HAIL . . . 16 THEY ONLY COME OUT AT NIGHT It ' s All At Woodies 19 20 TREATING ALL THOSE ACHES AND PAINS Powers Goode: Fine Mens Wear 4509 Collge Ave 927-0421 21 THE STUDENT UNION 22 Congratulations Class Of 1978 - Maryland Book Exchange ...SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY Congratulations Class Of 1978 - Maryland Book Exchange 23 24 MILKING COWS AND TUG-A-WAR LINES . . . 28 Congratulations Class Of 1978 - Mayland Book Exchange . . . MORE LINES Mi Congratulations Class Of 1978 - Maryland Book Exchange 29 m-s s s C ' ' MK mm ; :? ; ; . ' -c. " k. " c ( S ' tXSi X . 32 ROBERT KLEIN 33 34 It ' s All At Woodies It ' s All At Woodies 35 THE BOYFRIEND 36 37 YEEE-HAW! 38 39 EMERSON, LAKE AND PALMER Wt ' w y ' ?K_v AA KL ' 1 y . 40 JONATHAN EDWARDS 41 42 Congratulations-Student Government Association M rJ m jJlS ' - ' ' ? - A jm . it ' W mAM fV H V z- H -5, 3 I H H 1 «1 ' ' F 5 DEATH OF A SALESMAN Congratulations-Student Government Association 43 NILS LOFGREN 45 46 47 . , 48 AS YOU LIKE IT ' H H I ■L ' 7 i H H C pi K l l H K 1 r t m m l l Hj ■ Hfif n B fM 1 , j K Kr M ■ V ■ K fll Bm = Kj H r %f QL - F j jf ■ i S SKlL mlA 49 50 LIVINGSTON TAYLOR 51 THE BOOKSTORE: WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITHOUT IT? MARYLAND: OUR STATE HERITAGE 57 59 zmi ' mf ' mi ' i . 62 Congratulations-The Macke Co. He isn ' t what you always thought the man " on top " shou ld be. His eyes aren ' t steely- gray, nor does he possess superhuman strength. He looks much like anyone. And his smile is nice too. But often, the weariness creeps in, the kind one expects from too many long hours, too many decisions. He is in truth the mayor of a city. " Believe it or not, this job can be fun, " smiled Chancellor Robert Gluckstern. That is, if you consider being in charge of a campus, boasting population of 37,000 students, 2000 faculty and 500 employees, as fun. Gluckstern ' s background is long and varied. Trained as a physicist, he became chancellor to the University in 1975. Before that, the campuses of University of Massachusetts, M.I.T., Cornell, and Yale saw him as teacher and administrator. He loves education and it shows. Here on campus, he teaches a freshman and sophomore physics recitation. He also is continuing with physics research-on orbit distortion in a proton cyclotron-to keep his " hand in, " so to speak. Being a teacher, and liking it, he feels the student-teacher contact shouldn ' t be lost be- cause of his position. Often, he will invite a group of students into his office for an hour or so to discuss student problems. He needs feedback and welcomes it. But the problems remain, " The most difficult thing to deal with, " he said, " is the size of this campus and the need to establish an environ- ment with and for people. It ' s important that they be recognized for what they are and not treated as numbers. " The future of the University, as Gluckstern sees it, may not be too rosy. " Tuition will continue to rise. It is inevitable. There are clear signals it will continue to do so unless there is a shift of reasoning among state legislators within the next 10 years. We are not in a time of plenty. " he said, somewhat regret- fully. And now there ' s talk about a proposed en- rollment cut, and the possibility of Gluckstern leaving, as well. Many, many things are stirring these days, and the future remains is anyone ' s guess. Congratulations-The Macke Co. 63 TO WORSHIP AND TO KNOW PEACE... M 65 SGA -27 i HB ► Bhj a- I HB k w . 1 Upper right: Luis Luna, SGA President; Above: Helen White, SGA secretary; Lower right: Dave Linthicum, SGA head speaker 66 Congratulations-Student Government Association Left: Larry Kirsch. SGA Vice-president Right: (1) Sam Whitten, Cambridge legislator (r) Joe Yost, SGA Treasurer SGA initially developed in re- sponse to a need for a represen- tative student government on campus. Members of SGA unite for improving the University en- vironment, providing opportun- ity for cultural and intellectual stimulation outside of the class- room and strengthening bonds between students and admini- stration. This fall brought both pro- blems and innovations for this year ' s SGA. Priorities included lobbying in Annapolis for in- creased funding, improving cam- pus security and revising the provost system. This year ' s SGA leaders have continued to make contributions to the University that will bene- fit students, faculty and admini- strators. Congratulations-Student Government Association BLACK STUDENT UNION: CREATING A BROTHERHOOD 68 It ' s All At Woodies MARY PIRG: the people ' s advocate Proposed by Ralph Nader, Maryland ' s Public Interest Re- search Group was born to chan- nel the energy and enthusiasm of students into constructive change for improving the com- munity. MaryPIRG projects begin with problems in the community. The problems are then researched, surveyed, and documented by students and staff. Solutions to the problems are found through testifying, lobbying, or propos- ing administrative changes. MaryPIRG ' S past accomplish- ments include lobbying for the Generic Drug Bill, the improve- ment of a small claims court and the establishment of a telephone referral service. Future goals of MaryPIRG in- clude encouraging solar energy as a source of power and educat- ing tenants of their rights and obligations. Top left, Bill Bronrott; top right, Luise Gray; Bottom left to rigfit, Jim Wyerman, Sally Larang, i?ick Sussman Congratulations Class Of 1978 - Maryland Book Exchange 69 The University of Maryland Flying Club has fast become one of most dynamic clubs on cam- pus. With current membership numbering close to 250 (40 ac- tive pilots, 210 interested non- pilots), the club is involved in many activities during the year. These include: fly-in ' s at College Park airport, flying skiing trips, trips to local, and far-away, points of interest such as Tan- gier ' s Island in the Bay, Baltimore-i Washington International air port, Florida, the Bahamas, and 1 SB uu. rii:., ;,] i-i((iin iiicu.. ' U. ■:.; :. ' ,.:u}iin COLLEGE PRRK fllRPORT WORLD ' S OLDEST AIRPORT •• ELEVATION 49 FEET Canada. Free ground school, both for the private and commercial li- cense, is open to members. Guest speakers are frequently asked to give talks on safety or general interest topics. The club also sponsors the University Flying Team, a preci- sion flying team whose members compete annually in the National Intercollegiate Flying Association meets held regionally and nation- ally. This year the team took third in the region. They placed sec- ond in the region last year and took 13th place at the national meet held in Oklahoma. They are eligible to compete at the next national meet to be held in May in Tennessee. Anyone who flies, has the de- sire to, or is interested in aviation is more than welcome to the meetings held weekly on cam- pus. 70 " WE ' D RATHER BE FLYING WWW ' W . (I to r): Janice Knestout, secretary; Jon- athan Coile, president; Richard Hal- strick, vice president; Peter Nyce, vice president; absent, Lee Clair, treasurer 71 m ggy O I SKATEBOARDING A FAD THAT ' S HERE TO STAY 72 73 75 SWING YOUR PARTNER! (SQUARE DANCING MADE EASY) 78 79 80 Congratulations - Student Government Association CAMPUS SMOKIES A familiar sight to UM students is the brown and gold uniform of campus police. Over 70 police of- ficers and five loss-prevention officers have the dual responsibil- ity of enforcing state and univer- sity rules and regulations. And as any officer of the law will tell you, it ' s not easy. With at least 60 calls a day, campus police are kept busy giving general service information, responding to emergencies and reports of crimes against property. The auxiliary services of the de- partment oversees the Police aide program which covers such stu- dent services as parking enforce- ment and security. Umporium: One Step Shopping 454-3222 81 Nyumburu ( " freedom house " in Swahili) is interpreted to mean freedom of expression at the Nyumburu Community Center. The center, a function of the Minority Student Education Of- fice, offers alternatives to the education process by encourag- ing constructive use of leisure time. The Center ' s staff, working are offered free to the public. Workshops (in these and in mar- tial arts) are taught by the staff who act as consultant instruc- tors. The Center also acts as a con- sultant to other student groups such as BSD, Commuter ' s Asso- ciation and the Office of Student Activities, in planning and co- ordinating cultural events. with student input, plans, devel- ops, and programs cultural events for on ana off-campus audiences. The Center focuses on crea- tive education in its varied cal- endar of events. Concerts, dra- mas, art exhibits, dance per- formances, and poetry readings 82 Umporium: One Step Shopping 454-3222 NYUMBURU: THE FREEDOM HOUSE Congratulations-The Athletic Department 83 ALPHA EPSILON PHI ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 84 Congratulations-Student Government Association ALPHA OMICRON PI ALPHA XI DELTA Congratulations - The Athletic Department 85 DELTA GAMMA DELTA PHI EPSILON 86 Congratulations-Student Government Association KAPPA ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Congratulations-The Athletic Department 87 PHI SIGMA DELTA SIGMA DELTA TAU 88 Congratulations-Student Governnnent Association SIGMA KAPPA Left: David Chilcoat, president. Right: Bradley John, rush chairman INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Congratulations-Student Government Association 89 ALPHA DELTA PI ALPHA PHI ALPHA 90 Umporium: One Stop Shopping 454-3222 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Congratulations-Student Government Association 91 JEWISH STUDENT UNION Debbie Neufeld, President Darryl Crystal, Vice-President 92 Congratulations-The Athletic Department (Left) Shari Broder, Art Edi- tor (Right) Deborah Turner, Managing Editor (Center) Jim Maher, Poetry Editor Umporium: One Step Shopping 454-3222 93 The air is silent . . . then a cry sounds as armored warriors surge toward each other, side by side, with swords waving and shields high. The battle has be- gun once again as the Maryland Medieval Merce- nary Militia fights another battle of Medieval Eu- rope. The Maryland Militia, a University club of 20 members, recreates the battles, customs and dress of Europe between the 5th and 15th centuries. This year they are presenting the reinactment of the bat- tle of Fulfore, the battles of Hastings, and the Battle of Stamford Bridge, all of which are based on his- torical events. The club also engages in medieval war games call- ed Fratricidal Wars. Other area chapters of the Mili- tia participate in the maneuvers where one army tries ' to outmaneuver the other. The club members, however, do concentrate on events other than war. They sponsor feasts where the area chapters come together in a medieval set- ting to dress and dine together. MARYLAND ' S KNIGHTS IN SHINING ARMOR m 95 TERRAPIN ■H 1 j V iv 0 L WW ' ' 1 H Sl Top left: Teri Daubner, Photography Editor; top right: Janice Knestout, Editor; above: (I) Pete Cullen and (r) Greg Smith, photographers Congratulations-The Marko Co. Congratulations-The Mackp Co. 97 Above: Roland Kidwell, Managing Edi tor Right: Robyn Quinter, Asst. Manag ing Editor 98 Congratulations-The Athletic Department DIAMONDBACK 1. Norman Chad, Sports Ed. 2. Gerald Fischman, State Ed.; 3. Matt McEnroe; 4. David Lazarus; 5. Randall Roberts, Pho- tography Ed.; 6. Julia Gaines; 7. Kevin Thomas; 8. Pat Meyers, Copy Ed. 9. Karen McDonough, News Ed.; 10. Greg Kandra; 11. Tyler Ward; 12. Jeanne Cummings, Wire Ed.; 13. Cindy Cusic; 14. Paul Berg; 15. Alan Sea, Ed. -in- Chief; 16. David Alf; 17. Roland Kidwell, Managing Ed.; 18. Lucy Kraft; 19. Cheryl Cantor; 20. Mark Bialczak; 21. Jeanne Garland, News Ed.; 22. Les Brindley; News Ed.; 23. Mitch Korman; 24. H.D. Palmer; 25. Tom Dunlavey, Ed. Page Ed.; 26. Slaton White, Entertainment Ed.; 27. Tom Kapsidelis; 28. Bruce Friedland, Features Ed.; 29. joe Calderone, News Ed.; 30. Susan Bartholomew; 31. Mark Kram, Entertainment Ed.; 32. Lily Dow, Asst. Managing Ed.; 33. Richard Burke Congratulations-The Athletic Department 99 BLACK EXPLOSION Cheryl Keyes, Editor Dallas D. Scott, Managing Editor Rick Clemens, Sports Editor Eli Jackson, Photo Editor Black Explosion Staff 100 ARGUS all I 9 M V -) X 4 ' -V • ' PB A " ' f W; £2:V ' f iJI bf 7 - - ' - ■ John Pritchard, Editor Arnie Applebaum, Business Manager Bill Burton, Assistant Editor Merry Klinefelter, Photo Editor 101 102 Umporium: One Stop Shopping 454-3222 Right: Pete Hoove r, Statior 1 Manager i . :ii I T i y£ s§ .A iS f Itff lB ' s I ? w Above: (foreground) Mike Halligan, Business Manager, (background) Larry Pollack, Operations Manager; right: Dave tilling. Sports Manager Umporium: One Stop Shopping 454-3222 103 TRIUMPH ' N ' TRADITION 77 4 il o o 4X ' ' of- Maryland Lacrosse 1977 Md 14 North Carolina 6 13 Princeton 3 19 Duke 2 13 UMBC 12 22 Virginia 12 16 Navy 13 17 Wash. Lee 15 24 Mc Garveys 17 20 Johns Hopkins 21 14 Wash. Lee 8 (NCAA tournament) 12 Johns Hopkins 22 (NCAA tournament) i;-.;r. ?( .: C « LACROSSE: THE " RUNNING TERRS ' ' ALMOST MADE IT ■-- •it i ' M 110 Congratulations Class Of 1978-Maryland Book Exchange Maryland ' s Lacrosse season could have been di- vided into two parts: before Johns Hopkins and after Johns Hopkins. The Terps and Blue Jays met twice last year, with Hopkins winning a dramatic 21-20 overtime deci- sion at Byrd Stadium May 6, and again swamping the Terps two weeks later at Baltimore, 22-12, in the NCAA tournament semifinals. Until the Terps fell twice to their archrivals, they had been flawless. Before Hopkins, the Terps had several close calls but were undefeated and ranked second in the nation. Although the Terps failed to win an NCAA title. Coach Buddy Beardmore ' s annual goal, they ended their season with a 9-2 record. The Terps had pre- viously won NCAA titles in 1971, 1973, and 1975. But hopes are high that the " running Terps " will repeat a successful season. Three freshmen. Bob Boneillo, Pete Worstell, and Ron Martinello fin- ished among the team ' s five leading scorers, and on- ly attackman Mike Hynes, goalie Jake Reed and mid- fielders Kevin Boland, Bert Olsen and Billy Gould graduated. Ill K ' i vr ' ' ' f yhiS 112 113 1 % j LI HiL HB ' ' " ' ' ' ! 114 115 Lj tu EKuMJ n |B-.. M rgy ( " .-.- ' ' ii .--. :r«r- ?TW . -i:£fe;X; fi ;.. -«« " ' - 1 Ai ii» 116 117 118 119 TERPS EARN BID TO BOWL GAME On a hot September day, in a stadium known as Death Valley, the University football team de- feated Clemson 21-14 to extend its regular season winning streak to 15 and its record ACC unbeat- en streak to 21. In retrospect, it seems hard to believe that was the Terps top achievement, although they went to a bowl game for the fifth straight year. The brand new Hall of Fame Classic, in which the Terps competed against Min- nesota, could hardly be confused with the Cotton Bowl or even the Liberty or Gator Bowls, but after the adversity and disap- pointments of the past season, the team was happy to get one more chance. The Terps finished with a 7-4 record, which would be con- sidered outstanding as recent as five years ago, but hardly comparable to the 11-0 or 8-2-1 successes of the past two sea- sons. injuries plagued the Terps all season with Heisman-hopeful Mark Manges, Brad Carr, Ernie Salley and many other starters forced to see game action from the sidelines. It was a season of high expec- tations that somehow never de- veloped, and still it ended with a bowl bid. 120 MARYLAND 17 - MINNESOTA 7 HALL OF FAME m ■1 1 4 mn J 1 n ( 1 I » m 1 T ' 1 122 CROSS COUNTRY . . . 123 1977 Cross-Country Md. 21 Richmond 38 37 Duke 22 41 UNC 18 35 Virginia 24 25 Wm. and Mary 32 35 Navy 24 4th Lehigh Invitational 6th ACC championships Maryland ' s cross - country team ran its five miles through the hills and woods and some- times through the mud, but still couldn ' t catch most of the teams it competed against in 1977. When Dave Sandridge was in- jured early in the season, the team was left with only two sen- iors, Jon Lott and team-captain Mike Wilhelm, for a sport in which humans supposedly im- prove with age. And after win- ning the season ' s first meet, tak- ing four of the top five spots against Richmond, the team lost four of its next five meets. At the Lehigh Invitational, Maryland finished fourth out of 17 schools, to get its chin up for the ACC tournament in that old University nemesis. Chapel Hill, N.C. But when Mike Wilhelm tripped over a North Carolina root and broke his leg, just 200 yards from the finish line and a fifth-place team finish for Mary- land, the University locked itself into sixth place. Premier runner Dave Cornwell and six other team regulars will return for the 1978 season. m 124 Umporlum: One Stop Shopping 454-3222 SAGA OF THE LONG DISTANCE RUNNERS •i ; . ' v i (K ' - " ' ■ ' ' V r " ■ ' -3V-. a %i . ■ " " m J !{ . ;. j I y J ' -m- r KL.- ;. S ■. V»; ■ m - u ' ?, M % ' ■ m Iljl i- ' 1 ■ ■ " ■■ fsSiiwfPT m -A , Umporium: One Stop Shopping 454-3222 125 127 FLYING, LEAPING, KICKING TERPS Md. 1977 Soccer 1 Madison 1 1 U. of Baltimore 1 American U. 2 George Wash. Loyola Tournament 1 4 San Francisco 5 1 St. Joseph 2 N.C. State 2 Navy 1 Penn State 5 2 Catholic U. 4 Virginia 2 3 Duke 1 N.C. 2 1 Clemson 2 128 Congratulations-The Athletic Department To Maryland ' s Soccer Team, the fall of 1977 was a season of surprises. Only two seniors, team cap- tains Eric Packheiser and Don Kraft, were among the eleven starters when Maryland began the season. But sophomore goal- ie Larry Howell guarded the nets ferociously, setting a school re- cord of five shutouts. Junior Claude England and sophomore Ron McKeever handled most of the scoring. Coach Jim Dietsch said al- though the team finished third in the ACC with a 9-5 record, the high points of the season were two losses. The team surprised the experts, losing by only one goal to defending NCAA champs San Francisco and top-ranked Clemson. Unfortunately for the Terps, another team surprised the ex- perts, and this time the Terps were the victims. North Carolina upset Maryland 2-0 at Chapel Hill. This loss eliminated Mary- land from consideration for the NCAA championships. But with 10 returning starters for 1978, the old cliche ' better next time ' does not sound so much like a cliche. aSt mi _ M Congratulations-The Athletic Department 129 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL: GETTING BETTER EVERY YEAR ' V:r. 130 131 " • yii B •» vV ' S I . " ' i- ' k. - ' f j% ' tei?V 1 . f i Tt SSsJ • J L. - ' H 0 4 s r I kj Bl v ' ' q ♦ • - = »r,v -J ' rba- 133 134 135 MEN ' S BASKETBALL: BEGINNING HOPES TOOK A FAST PLUNGE 136 137 .- i . ' ;. ;« ' T» ' .- 3 J B JM | f ' ' ;J| H I 1 «. ■«- ' ' fl iPO ' « _ ' fl Bi B l r p " )B i VB B B I sr 1 138 Maryland Tennis 1977 Md. 9 Old Dominion 9 Richmond 6 Virginia Tech 8 Navy 1 9 Swarthmore 7 Wm. Mary 2 6 Geo. Washington 7 Penn State 2 4 Flagler 5 5 Rollins 4 3 Florida Tech 6 9 Georgetown 2 Princeton 7 6 Clemson 3 2 Wake Forest 7 North Carolina 9 9 Xaivier 4 North Carolina State 5 3 Duke 6 4 Virginia 5 142 %1 SWINGING TERPS FINISH LAST iJHi Maryland ' s Tennis Team would have had far greater success last year if the season would have ended three weeks earlier, on April 1. The Terps pulled an April Fool ' s joke on Clemson, defeating the Ti- gers 6-3 to improve their record to 11-3. But that, was Maryland ' s only victory over an Atlantic Coast Con- ference opponent, as the Terps fin- ished with a 12-8 record, losing five of the last six matches. The Terps were 1-5 in the ACC and finished last for the second year in the league tournament. Scott Kidd was the team ' s most consistent singles player, winning 15 of 20 matches. Tony James and Claude England were Maryland ' s top doubles team, finishing second in the ACC and winning 9 of 16 regular season matches. England was also ACC fourth singles run- ner-up, but the Terps, coached by Doyle Royal, finished with just 33 points. 143 Md. BATTER UP! Maryland Baseball 1977 9 George Mason 8 4 Virginia Tech 3 5 Navy 6 2 Richmond 3 5 Davidson 3 East Carolina 2 East Carolina 3 3 Richmond 5 14 North Carolina St. 9 6 Wake Forest 4 12 Delaware 13 13 Geo. Washington 4 7 Duke 3 7 Duke 11 2 North Carolina 3 4 Virginia 4 7 Howard 6 N. Carolina State 1 5 Wake Forest 4 3 Virginia 12 Clemson 11 6 Clemson 9 11 N. Carolina 10 7 Madison 10 4 Virginia 1 7 Wake Forest 10 2 N. Carolina St. 6 144 R . K :..- " ' Maryland ' s Baseball team won its first two games last year, quite a feat for a team that had opened the previous season with six straight losses. But the Terps, who rebounded from the disaster- ous start in 1976 to finish 19-14-1, fell back a bit in 1977, finishing with a 14-12-1 season. Unlike the 1976 Terps, the University last year never won more than three straight games. Still, there was much for the Terps and Coach Jackson to be proud of. The team ' s foremost achievement was a stunning come-from-behind 12-11 upset victory over Clem- son, ranked second in the nation at the time. The Terps also compiled an excellent ACC record of 8- 4-1, but were quickly ousted from the postseason double elimination ACC tournament, losing two of three games. The University ' s major problem was a lack of con- sistent pitching. Their hitting attack, led by Billy Owens (.375) and Bill Garndner (.328) was potent but no pitcher on the team finished the season with an earned run average below three runs a game. 145 MARYLAND ' S GOAL-SEEKERS What started off as a winning sea- son ended up as a tying season for Maryland ' s Field Hockey Team. Although the stickers bettered last year ' s record (5-5) by going 4- 4-3, the Terps were plagued by in- consistent play. No one denies the schedule was a tough one. The Terps played three schools ranked in the top five in the country. The Terps played well against these schools, but it was Salisbury, Mary Washington and UVa that stumped Maryland. The Terps, however, did tie with Frostburg for first place honors in the state tournament. Three sen- iors, Patty Daley, Sue Devos and All-American Sharon Holtschneid- er will be sorely missed, but with freshman Judy Dougherty as lead- ing scorer and sophomore Cindy Soth as outstanding player, hopes are high for a successful ' 78 sea- son. APAcX ■ ' K i , ffk. . rmmf ' kL«. ♦Xi» ' ' H»«,i-t4 . -tWt ipir " -1 P -% . % « 1 m ' m ...J tN I is - 146 Congratulations-The Athletic Department 1977 Field Hockey Md. Md. 2 American U. 1 U. of Del. 1 Dartford College W. Chester 2 England 3 Towson 3 Frostburg 1 3 Penn State 2 2 Salisbury 4 U. of Va. 2 Ursinus 2 2 Mary Wash. 2 1 Madison 1 Congratulations-The Athletic Department 147 A GREAT SEASON FOR TERP SPIKERS After participating in four in- vitational tournaments as well as completing a regular season schedule, the University ' s Var- sity Volleyball team had the honor to prove its prowess on the courts one more time with an invitation to the national tournament in Salt Lake City, Utah, Dec. 8-10. But the team ' s performance at nationals did not represent what the team had been doing all season long — winning matches. Coach Barbara Drum ' s Terps lost all five of their scheduled game at the tourna- ment, and returned to Maryland trophy-less. But even though the team did not play up to par in Utah, the results from the invita- tional tournaments and a record of 43-10 did not dampen the outstanding seasonal record. Maryland captured first place at two invitationals, the Mary- land and UNC tournaments. The Terps also spiked their way to two, second place finishes at the U. of Rhode island and Delaware and they captured third place honors at the Princeton Invita- tional. Outstanding year-long per- formances by Carol Brice and Carol Thompson helped the Terps to earn a reputation as an aggressive team, a team which ' Coach Drum hopes will repeat itself next season. 148 Congratulations-The Macke Co. Umporium: One Stop Shopping 454-3222 149 SPLISH, SPLASH 150 v i TOUCHE! 151 CYO TRACK MEET m mU lARYLAJT i ! 152 WRESTLING 153 SOCCER Row 1 Eric Packheiser, Don Kraft, Dogan Elverenli, Larry Howell, Jeff Poloway, Francis Nogh, Hank Lockman. Row 2 Sid Kaufman, Chris Miller, Dan Gresser, Chris Orsborne, Steve Berman, Craig Jackson, Ken Johnson, Richard Trail. Row 3 Head Coach Jim Dietsch, Steve Tesstoff (Manager), Bob Kim, Ron McKeever, Jean Cough- lin, Bryan Kittelberger, Kenan McCoy, Claude England, Joe Cryan (Asst. Coach). Row 4 Tony Kondratenko (Asst. Coach), Scott Boddery, Dave Dorozinsky, Scott Finkbeiner, Mark Dubyoski, Brian Barbazette, Chris Meerman, Alroy Scott (Asst. Coach). POM-PONS From left to right - Bottom Row Jane Peloquin, Pam Watado, Stephanie Hunter, Jill Bond, Joyce Bare, Debbie Ratliff, Lisa Palmes, Jody Joseph, Kathy Maxwell, Kathy Wynn, Vicki Hughes, Top Row Patty Bielski, Pam Mayo, Joy Johnston, Sherri Whitehead, Mary Bradley, Vicki Ifshin, Sharon Cox, Rhonda McDaniel, Diana Serbu, Janice Clark, Roberta Dunlap, Jan Olsen, Judy Quatrano. 154 QQ O o E BO-5 1 5 z 4J U =: ' ■ O- ■ Q-S 3 ZiZ S ' C !: o — O ' c ifl o 00 ' — r t i HI - Ji, O. T) 4) CD c i Ji Ji , 01 c S 1- u oi ui 5 — .£ - m a. IE U £ « o -• - m —I ■ so ™ . 3 CO 01 O J2 ° O S 0) j: i; O O ; 01 -Oh- F - - 01 . O S « n U _ 1°- a; E S o c . OJ 1 1 CO C c o j: 4) u o Q O 3 r i - s i- -- i- J2 ■ T- To 01 O 3 O C BO fO C S 0) O tn OJ c ■ E re „ re ' T 1) S O c .n ■« - u c .c o HZ U 01 - r? re o " ab:3 -re- ao -i2 re ? lUI re —I re E 2?2= " -r ' - C — c i) .2 2 Tj " ■ oi si BO ™ I ' O-Z ■-..•£ u . -c — ' - 0) re — -c O U .9 Q r a- i i ,— " X 1 1 oi ■ ; y D I ) lA ITS Ei|£| " r T= - 01 5 01 C Qi re BO c H s 0) tn O C c o 01 u o 2 o £5 c = -: 2 = ?? E re _ c 01 01 £5: LU £ i3 2 o y o o S .i u. i: Qi —,1 1 c Q£ -5c-§.E_ ori_£ ;7g;7 2-i : .° _j _ro _j aN V 01 BO IT N o t 1 3 4) IS ►- i=£ O - o2S- 3 -y 4) re O (S ii iS 2 5 m 5 : O S 155 MEN ' S BASKETBALL Row 1: John Pavlos, Greg Manning, Eric Shrader Asst. Coach Wil Jones, Head Coach Charles " Lefty " Driesell, Asst. Coach Joe Harrington, Jojo Hunter, Jeff Hathaway, Shawn Farrell Student Managers. Row 2: Bill Bryant, Kim Camp, Lawrence Boston, David Henderson, Mike Davis, Larry Gibson, John Bilney, Ernest Graham, Albert King; Jim Weir, Trainer. WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Row 1: John Stratton (Statistian), Martha Hasting (Asst. Coach), Tina Middlebrook (Manager), Betsy Bailey,, Tara Heiss, Doreen Lefeged, Jane Connolly, Lisa Abood, Lisa Schlesinger, Toni Snyder (Manager), Aldreena Williams (Manager), Al Billings (Manager). Row 2: Sandy Worth (Trainer), Mary Briese, Jane Zivalich, Debbie Jones, Debbie Stewart, Krystal Kimrey, Kris Kirchner, Gall Hook, Doreen Love, Pam Reeves, Monica Rogers (Asst. Coach), Chris Weller (Head Coach). 156 WRESTLING f a| -J) 1st Row - from left - Charles Harris, Mike Inghram, John McHugh, Michael Meko, Herb Webb, Charles Dun- away, George Taylor, Stephen DeAugustino. 2nd Row - from left - Robert Nolan, Michael Geary, Bob De- Stefano, Bryan Figge, John Smallwood, Mark Camasta, John Rindos, Joseph Rosriguez, John Bellestri, Kenneth Bentz. 3rd Row - from left - Associate Coach John McHugh, Melvin Hart, Jeff Armstrong, James Giles, Larry Van Orden, Robert Mcllvaine, Lloyd Umberger, Kevin Colabucci, Brian Statum, Anthony Russo, Thomas Dev- lin. Back Row - from left - Glenn Davis, Manager, Bruce Bennie, David Snyder, Robert Tunstall, Paul Hill, Michael Burke, Kelly Lynch, James Chernega, Head Coach " Sully " Krouse. LACROSSE Row 1 Wilson Phipps, Pete Worstell, Lance Kohler, John Lannon, Barry Mitchell, Mike Hynes, Billy Gould, Kevin Boland, Jake Reed. Row 2 Drew Tyrie, Ron Martinello, Rich Shassian, Don Shea, Jeb Scanneli, Terry Kimball, Bert Olsen, Tony Morgan, Wayne Martinello, Mark Shores. Row 3 Mark Burdett, Brian McKeever, Dave Saunders, Mark Duncan, Lin Wellander, Rich Shakespeare, Bob Boneillo, Rick Moyer, Jim Bell. Row 4 Mike Farrell, Greg Rumpf, Ed Pary, Bob Ott, George Miller, Bob Holland, Nick Manis, Randy Ratliff, Bill Geary. Row 5 Paul Meissner (Manager), Joe Cohen (Manager), Bryant Waters, Brian Tully, John Ebmeier, Lee Zeldman (Trainer) Row 6 Jim Dietsch, C.A. " Bud " Beardmore, Fred Kramer 157 WOMEN ' S CROSS COUNTRY Row 1 Sarah Slechter, Gretchen Vogel, Patti Sullivan, Janis Drum, Joan Giebel, Pam Routly. Row 2 Coach Linda Balog, Marttia- ngfawrf, Sandy McGuire, Debbie Pavik, Kim Dunlap, Sharon Stuart, Patty Fogarty. FIELD HOCKEY Row 1 Kathy Titus, Irene Nolan, Cindy Soth, Sue Critchfield, Amy Schreiber. Row 2 Judith Dougherty, Mi- chele Liebmann, Patti Daley, Sharon Holtschneider, Sandra Lanahan, Cindy Boyd. Row 3 Coach Sue Tyler, Tami Gannon, Sue DeVos, Dawn Goodall, Denise Wescott, Laura LeMire, Coach Liz Price. 158 VOLLEYBALL Row 1: Sandy Miller (Trainer), Bonnie Smith, Mary Duckworth, Barbara Yakely, Barbara Donlon, Wanda Jen- kins, Kay Cooper, Carol Thompson. Row 2: Carol Brice, Jackie McCabe, Karen Remeikis, Cathy Stevenson, Coach Barbara Drum, Asst. Coach Ann Lanphear, Barbara Bunting, Sue Michalski, joann Lindblade, Nancy Carroll. SWIMMING 1st Row - from left - Bob Oliver, Rob Schlecht, Steve Shinholser, John Wolsh, Mickey Allison, Eric Heineman, Mike Dew, Tom Sheldon 2nd Row - from left - Coach Charles Hoffman, Terry Kunst, George Carpouzis, Mike Delehanty, Glenn Zagoria, John Cunningham, Tim McGough, Charlie Stiilwell, Rich Schlecht, Bob Kro- tee, Mike Bretting Back Row - from left - Tom Griffiths, Diving Coach,; Willie Kaarid, Steve Shinholser, Mickey Allison, John Wolsh, Eric Heineman 159 G c£ $§ ' l c c C r C c c c c Mike Concannon 162 163 COME ON, LET ' S PLAY CENTER FOR YOUNG CHILDREN 164 165 Ethel Butler i " ES r " , ' " jW P Bm w K. ' i " ■SMil Ld mt 166 TO LIVE, TO DANCE 167 168 169 COMMUNICATION BETWEEN THE SEXES 170 Congratulations-The Macke Co Congratulations-The Macke Co. I7i IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER 172 173 . Doris Sands 174 SEX ED: THE MOST POPULAR COURSE ON CAMPUS 176 177 ORGANIC CHEMISTRY: FINDING THE FACTS OF LIFE Bob Simon 178 179 s J • ;- j!! 4A • 1-, . JSO -V ' !. i. ■ %t:t;v§§§ s C 5 jS r jS rX v vV- • t . w%tte» ir 182 ENDING AN ERA " If I have made a contribution it has been to the academic development of this University, " said President Wilson H. Elkins, who is to step down in July after heading the University since 1954. " A great deal of academic progress has been done, but I haven ' t done everything I ' d like to do. " That ' s how the transplanted Texan summed up his 24 years at the helm of the University — the longest term of any current major University president. From the placid 1950s through the turbulent 1960s and into the 1970s, Elkins has seen the one- time sports giant with a few academic courses attached emerge into one of America ' s major modern University systems, with all the prestige and problems that accompany that role. Elkins quiet, formal style disguises his Texas origins, but that state ' s notion of " bigness, great strides and progress, " have pervaded his tenure here. The University has more than quadrupled its enrollment since 1954 when 15,000 attended classes at either the College Park or Baltimore campus. Today more than 78,000 students are en- rolled and the school has expanded to five cam- puses—here and abroad— and more than a dozen research facilities to accomodate that growth. The current budget for the University system exceeds $350 million; in 1954 that figure was only $23 million. But the growth in quantity has been matched by a growth in the quality of education offered here — the achievement of which Elkins is most proud. " It is my judgement — based on personal observation, external accreditation, association memberships and alumni status— that the Univer- sity is among the highest ten per cent of colleges and universities in the United States. I cannot prove that statement but I can make a good case for it and nobody can disprove it, " he wrote in last year ' s annual report. 183 THE DIAMONDBACK STRIKE The daily routine of many students in- cludes stopping to pick up a copy of the Diamondback going to and from classes. But on Wednesday, Dec. 8, 1977, there were no Diamondbacks to be found, and the rumor that the daily paper ' s staff was on strike spread rapidly throughout the campus. Only once before in the 70-year history of the paper was an issue not published and that was due to weather conditions in 1975. But through WMUC and a special edition which appeared Dec. 9, most stu- dents became aware of the dispute be- tween Maryland Media and the Diamond- back staff which led to the strike. The dispute surfaced when board mem- bers of Maryland Media learned the Dia- mondback ' s editor, Alan Sea, was not a full time student; in fact, Sea had not registered for any classes that semester, and in the opinion of board members, that was a violation of the position. Despite Sea ' s allocations that the re- quirement to be a full-time student dis- criminated against part-time students, the majority of the board agreed the publica- tion was a student newspaper —and it should be edited by a full-time student. Following the vote. Sea and his staff preceeded to stop publication of the next day ' s paper by removing the copy from the composing room. Maryland Media then agreed to meet with the striking members of the staff and on Dec. 9 a special edition consisting of front page editorials and advertising was published. The official word from the striking staff was a one sentence state- ment: " This is the last Diamondback issue printed this semester by authority of the paper ' s reporters and editors. " What irked the staff into striking was the threat of Maryland Media interven- ing in the " independent student publica- tion.- " Initiated in 1971, Maryland Media is designed to keep campus publications from falling under the control of the Uni- versity ' s administration, and the Diamond- back staff obviously felt their inde- pendence was being threatened. But Maryland Media perservered in their belief that student publications should be run by students and on January 16, 1978, Sea was fired by a 7-4 vote. Norman Chad was named editor-in- chief in mid-January and the Diamond- back began another semester of publish- ing papers. .o .. , Diamondback Staff strikes in protest aiamondback VOL I. XX. O 73 AN INDtPENlJlNI SIUDENT NfWSP ' i THUBSPAY . OtCEMBtft B. 1»T? f (• A,i ,m ry f_ H .JWO " " ' • ' W. h. ft aO ' ' . •«-■— " HniH :u UO iH.uH ' UMIUtMAiMJI The editors Today ' s paper 1 The publisher Board members and their votes vS 184 WMUC: " FM OR BUST " " FM or Bust " was this year ' s theme for the campus full-spectrum radio station — 65 WMUC. The station continued its campaign to get a bid for an FM station from the FCC and continued to get bogged down with complications and red tape. The original application in No- vember 1975, was " turned down be- cause we weren ' t applying for a proper FM frequency, " explained station manager Pete Hoover. Since the FM band extends from 88.0 to 108.0 mogahertz, the WMUC bid for 87.9 is below the frequency range. November 1976 brought an en- dorsement from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting who were in favor of adding an additional educational frequency to the FM band. The endorsement had little effect on the FCC, who turned down the bid a second time in July 1976. But according to Hoover, the commis- sioners never saw the application. " It got bogged down in staff. " 65-WMUC went all out in Oc- tober 1977 with a program, " FM or Bust " , trying to rally public support. The bid was endorsed by the College Park City Government and three campus groups — MaryPIRG, UCA and SGA. According to Hoover, plans are being made to reapply again in the spring for 88.1 despite the fre- quency ' s closeness to WAMU, American University ' s radio station. However, American University offi- cials do not object to the potential interference, since the interference would be minimal. The FM station would give WMUC a broadcast range of 4-5 miles and the only interference would occur within sixty feet of the antenna, WMUC engineers dis- covered. " Our 10-watt signal would not be as powerful as WAMU, which reaches the whole Washington Metropolitan area, " Hoover com- mented. According to Hoover, the new ap- plication for 88.1 has a better chance of success since the proximity to another station is more acceptable than a station out of the FM range, like 87,9 would be. WMUC-Fm would be the only radio station carrying exclusive Maryland University news. For the first time, commuters and listeners living off-campus, who are now out- side of the AM range, would be able to receive WMUC. With much support and no objec- tions from the closest station, the only obstacle is the all-mighty FCC. 185 THE CONTINUING SAGA OF: SHAO TI HSU . . . Next to Margaret Cussler and Doris Sands, Shao Ti Hsu was probably the most well- known faculty member at the university in the past two years. Hse, a native a Ningpo, China and a man in his early sixties, has been teaching classes here for about ten years in themodynamics, transfer processes and energy conversion practices. Aside from being what some call an " easy A " mechanical engineering professor, Hsu was also called " the District ' s most prosecuted landlord. " In recent years, Hsu has been prosecuted a number of times for housing code violations in his 200-unit Seat Pleasant Town and Country apartment complex. His tenants complained of code violations such as expos- ed electrical wires, broken heating systems, holes in the walls, broken flooring, missing fire extinguishers, roaches, water bugs and mice. Town and Country residents said no repairs or upgrading of the property was provided in sev- eral years and their calls to the complex ' s office for main- tenance were ignored. In mid-September 1977, the millionaire landlord-profes- sor ' s license to rent apartment units was revoked when he failed to correct code viola- tions on the property. He was arrested by Prince George ' s County police in November 1977 for renting apartments with a suspended renting li- cense. At the same time, he was ap- pealing a perjury conviction in the District of Columbia Su- perior Court on another hous- ing code violation case. In mid-January 1978, the state ' s attorney ' s office dropped the misdemeanor counts against the " absentee " landlord in hopes of prosecuting him on felony charges. At the time of this writing, Hsu ' s cases are still pending. Concerned about the effect Hsu ' s legal problems on his ef- fectiveness as a professor, some members of the Board of Regents asked for his removal from his tenured university post. His students felt that his concerns as a " slumlord " has very little effect on his teach- ing, however. He continues to teach at the university, con- centrating on classes and on his research in solar energy and the molecular theory of heat conversion. 186 . . . AND EDGAR F. BEALL Edgar F. Beall was a 43-year- old associate professor of physics and astronomy who had been teaching at the Uni- versity since 1961. In May 1977 he was stripped of his teaching duties and ordered by President Elkins to undergo a psychiatric examination. That move came a few days after Beall alledgedly shoved assis- tant physics department chair- man David Falk during an ar- gument over repreated vanda- lism to Beall ' s office door. In late January 1978, Univer- sity officials revealed they had begun proceedings to fire Beall, charging him with in- competency, misconduct and willful neglect. This was the first time University officials have moved to fire a faculty member under the provisions of a faculty contract. The Board of Regents can di- miss a faculty member for the three charges mentioned and the charge of immorality. It Be all does not request a re- view by an appointed faculty board, the regents will hold hearings and make a final de- cision. Beall was an outspoken sup- porter of the People ' s Repub- lic of China and has said that a " right-wing organization " vandalized his door. At the time of this writing, no deci- sion has been made on the charges against Beall. How- ever, if he is fired or dis- satisfied with the dismassal proceedings, he might sue the University. 187 OLDEST EARTH ROCK DISCOVER ED BY UM PROF At the start of this school year, area newspapers herald- ed University of Maryland chemistry professor Cyril Ponnamperuma as leader of an expedition to Greenland. While there, Ponnaperuma uncovered the oldest rocks ever found on earth — 3.8 bil- lion years old. Ponnamperuma had ex- amined rocks brought from the moon and this year sought the fossils of organic mole- cules in the aged specimans from Greeland. Scientists hoped the rocks would yield clues about the age of the earth and the origin of life. Ponnamperuma organized the University ' s Chemical Evo- lution lab and served as the principal researcher for the mission which sent the Viking to Mars. He will have the same role in the project which will send the Voyager I to Jupiter. 188 UMES ENROLLMENT ON STEADY DECLINE Enrollment at the University of Maryland at Eastern Shore (UMES), continues to decline and remedies for the situation invariably center around the transfer of academic programs from the College Park campus to UMES or merging UMES with Salisbury State College. A task force established in the spring of 1977 studied the feasibility of merging the tw o colleges on the eastern shore becuase neither was making ad- vancements in terms of enroll- ment increases. But the Board of Regents rejected the idea of combining the predominately black UMES with the predom- inately white Salisbury State College. The state higher education board voted in January to re- quire the University to initiate plans to transfer academic programs to UMES to increase the enrollment. The plan also calls for the board to make recommendations on how to cut the high per pupil costs at UMES. A previous suggestion was to move the agriculture divi- sion to the eastern shore, but that also met with opposition, especially from the state farm bureau. The large farmer ' s or- ganization voted to oppose the porposed move because of the large cost involved; the bureau also said the current location of the school at Col- lege Park is better, due to easy access. And B. Herbert Brown, chairman of the Board of Re- gents, said officials will not be intimidated into making im- practical transfers. The task force study, sought by Sheldon H. Knorr, state higher education commis- sioner, is also expected to de- vise a five-year plan to reduce UMES cost per student — which are now higher than those at any undergraduate school in the state. The Board of Regents has approved five programs to be installed at UMES, but so far administrators have been doubtful about the implemen- tation of the programs. The proposed courses of study in- clude special education, hotel and restuarant management, enviornmental science and guidance and counseling, which would be the first grad- uate course of study offered at UMES. A Board of Regents commit- tee also suggested the school put in a veterinary school at UMES, but Knorr expressed skeptimism at the idea. In the meantime, enroll- ment on the eastern shore campus continues to decline . 189 TOUGH SEASON FOR THE TERPS It was a year, that despite its happy ending. University foot- ball coach Jerry Claiborne would probably like to forget. It was a year when Heisman Trophy hopes and major bowl game illusions turned to pipe dreams. After winning its first game of the year, a 21-14 win over a very good Clemson team, the University dropped three straight. The Terps first fell to the visiting West Virginia, in a game which saw the the Uni- marked the first time in over twenty Atlantic Coast Confer- ence games that a team oppos- ing the University could sing its sardonic version of " A- men. " The season ' s fifth game marked the Terps movement back into the win column, as they defeated Syracuse, 24-10. The win proved very costly, however, as the Terps lost quarterback Mark Manges, who suffered a broken wrist. The injury was the introduc- With Dick at the helm. The Terps won the next two, over Wake Forest and Duke, setting the stage for a contest with vis- iting North Carolina to decide the ACC title. The Terps scor- ed first as Lloyd Burris raced 98 yards with an interception, but from then on it was all down- hill as the Tar Heels belted the Terps 16-7. The University won its next three games against no-names Villanova, Richmond and Vir- ginia and very surprisingly was versity battle back from a 24-0 deficit to fall just short at the end, 24-16. The Terrapins next contest took them to University Park, Pa., where they were dealt another loss at the hands of Penn State, 27-9, on regional television. The crushing blow, how- ever, was a 24-20 loss to North Carolina State in Raleigh. It tion to the final chapter in the three-year battle between Manges and Larry Dick for the starting quarterback berth. Prior to this past season, Manges was the subject of an intense publicity hype as a " bonafide " Heisman trophy candidate. The wrist injury, however, rang midnight on Manges ' hopes. awarded a beth in the First Hall of Fame Bowl in Birmingham, Ala. Behind the superior per- formance of Dick, receiver Chuck White and defensive tackle Charlie Johnson, the Terps routed Big Ten oppo- nent Minnesota. A happy ending to a not too happy season. 190 WAILING THE BASKETBALL BLUES It was a year that simply wasn ' t supposed to happen to a Lefty Driesell-coached Uni- versity basketball team. A team with a coach who for over seventeen years has won over sixty per cent of his games, and who has the most highly-recruited freshman in years, is not supposed to lose six of its first seven conference games. But the team did. And their problems were not confined to the hardcourt. Prior to the season, the Diamondback, the campus newspaper, and the Washington Star reported that four players, sophomore guards Jo Jo Hunter and Billy Bryant, sopho- more forward John Bilney and junior center Larry Gibson, were on academic probation. The reports created a stir as it involved the violation of the players freedom under the Buckley Amendment. The Buckley Amendment protects a student ' s right to privacy in the matter of grades. The viola- tion is now the subject of a $70 million suit filed by the players against both papers and their reporters. The team ' s troubles did not stop there. After losing its first three conference games, the squad was the subject of countless prob- ings as to " what is wrong with Maryland ' s basketball team. " Following consecutive losses to North Carolina, North Carolina State and Notre Dame, unconfirmed reports stated that Driesell ' s job was in jeopardy. Athletic Director James Kehoe denied the reports and Driesell himself tossed off the rumors as " the most ridiculous thing in the world. " But the unsettling effect still existed. The same day that reorts of Driesell ' s pos- sible firing came out, the coach dropped senior center and co-captain, Mike Davis, from the squad. Davis ' dismissal came one game after he refused to enter the State game with twenty- five seconds to play. Driesell refused to com- ment on the matter, saying " it is between Mike Davis and myself. " Davis, in published comments referred to himself as " a scrape- goat " for the team ' s woes. Following Davis ' release, the Terps narrow- ly missed knocking eleventh-ranked Vir- ginia, falling 66-64. After the game, Driesell stated that he believed that the team would come back and " not to count us out yet. " It seemed strange talk from a man who just three games earlier had said he couldn ' t wait for the season to end. 191 ' WMHMh. - HBBBBilfc IHaSHlk ■•■■■ ■■■■■■► -wpaaHMll y i h Abato, Lee Ann Governnrient Abbott, William History Absher, Jacqueiyn Secretarial Education Adams, Shirletta Radio and TV Adderly, Michael Business Adelman, Jill Hearing and Speech Adolphsen, Jr. John Agyeman-Duah, Sam Aerospace Business Engineering Abrahams, Bobby Government Abramowitz, Amy Business iramowitz, Gwen Business 194 Ahlstrom, Nancy General Studies Akers, Sharon Journalism 1 . li d- ' zm Akinasi, Joseph Kinesiology Albamonte, Elena Government Alexander, Andrea Family Development Alexander, Sandra Business Altman, Lisa Criminology Amsel, Holly Applied Design Anderson, Hugh Agriculture Andresen, Nancy Kinesiology Angle, William Mechanical Engineering Congratulations from the SGA 195 Anshell, Stewart Psychology Ansher, Alan Chemistry Appel, Cayle Hearing and Speech Aquilino, III, Joseph Computer Science Arbabi, Linda Zoology K lHi m yf m ' Wka, » r H " MV jl I B « H SK Arbin, Mel Physical Education Aris, Joyce Applied Design Arlauskas, Diane Elementary Education A I Armstrong, Janice Arrington, Jefferson Hearing and Speech Individual Studies Atlman, Steven Business Auld, Theresa Criminology Axelrod, Jeffrey Business Back, Larry Economics Badger, Deborah Speech 1% Congratulations from the SGA Baer, Stephanie Sociology Bailey, Mary Ann Applied Design Baird, Moria Computer Science Baker, Kevin Government Baker, Laura Recreation Banfer, Raymond Zoology Barnes, Susan Basarah, Daria Art History Bangs, Karen Recreation Barber, Wayne Bardoff, Beth Barkley, Ralph Biochemistry Elementary Art Education Government Barome, Patrizia Chemistry Bartley, Lisa Government Barwick, Helen Recreation Basamh, Bakr Business Battersby, Alan Business Baverman, Alan History Beach, Glenn Mechanical Engineering Beard, Pamela Government Congratulations from the SGA 197 Beauregard, Michael Chemical Engineering Beaver, Robert Finance Beck, Mary Crafts Becker, Lynn Business Beckert, Michael Economics Beckman, John Business Bell, Debby Education Bell, John Bell, Susan Beller, Nancy Business Elementary Education Geography 198 Bender, Fern Criminology Bender, James Mechanical Engineering Benner, Patti Criminology Bennett, Sabata Special Education Benzinger, Sarah Home Economics Berger, Stephanie Berlin, Karen Berman, Gail Russian Hearing and Speech Dramatic Art Berman, Terri-Meg Bernstein, Drew Speech Drama Education Business Bernstein, Lauran Business Bidle, Jeanette Criminology Bierer, Jeffrey Government Bless, Michelle Business Biron, William Urban Studies Bischoff, Susan Blank, Lee Consumer Economics Resource Development Blankenship, Blair Bleetstein, Barbara Block, Arleen Business Hearing and Speech Business 199 Blum, Branden Economics Blum, David Biology Blum, Robin Fashion Design Blumberg, Lori Business Bobart, Kevin Electrical Engineering Bobrow, Sherry Secondary Education Boettcher, Kevin Criminology Bollens, Nita Recreation Bond, Stephen Criminology Bourne, Henry Conservation Bowers, Susan Family Development Boyd, Barbara Family Development Bradford, David Chemical Engineering Brady, Jr., Rupert Psychology Brain, Laurel Business Branch, Lauren Systems Management Branch, Richard Business Bos, Leslie Business Bradley, Neil General Studies Brandon, James Government 200 Maryland sports activities photos courtesy of Photo Services, Annapolis Hall x 3911 •y a ft A Vl Branson, Daryl Journalism Brashears, Michael Business Breeden, Paula Breger, Iris Fashion Design Hearing and Speech Bridge, Andrew Radio and TV Bridges, Leroy Business Brier, Meredith Hearing and Speech Briese, Mary Kinesiology Brenner, Gail Hearing and Speech Brinkley, Cassandra Urban Studies Briscoe, Naomi English Education Britt, Joan Math Psychology Brock, Diane M. Recreation Bronrott, William Speech Brooks, Christopher Music Brooks, Jacqueline Special Education Brooks, Joyce Hearing and Speech Brooks, Martin Journalism Brown, Becky Brown, Carol Journalism 201 Brown, Gail Dance Brown, Kimberly Radio and TV Brown, Michael Biochemistry Brown, Sandra Anthropology Brown, Suzy Sociology Burch, Christopher Business Burger, Karen Geology 202 Coke Adds Life to Maryland University Burka, Diane Secondary Education Burke, Raymond Economics Busch, Linda Radio and TV Bustin, Mark Microbiology Butler, Maureen Textiles Buzzi, Ji Textiles Caballero, Humerio Spanish Russian Cable, Melissa Caldara, Charlotte Journalism Calderone, Denise Mathematics Butler, Cheryl Kinesiology Caibi, David Business Callahan, Michael Campbell, Barbara Canklin, Anne Zoology Early Childhood Education Elementary Education Cano, Leslie Anthropology Cantor, Sheryl Journalism Caporossi, Nello Government Carnahan, Diane Special Education Carroll, Nancy Lee Elementary Education 203 Carson, Sotiria Secondary Education Carswell, Annie Family Development Carter, Diane Criminology Cascio, Horace Electrical Engineering Casselberry, Susan Spanish Portuguese Language Literature % :_ ' . ;-; Casto, Beverly Caternor, Seth Cattaneo, Louise Cauceglia, Joseph Cavanaugh, Carol Secondary Education Business Special Education Business Recreation JP k i. Jlk WF " f .-:| Kr w jjfcfc xii-.; ' - W l CI ' 1 M ' - Jm 4 Ij HHft Hfifl - 1 : ' - " r Chamberlain, Grover Agriculture Chamber s, George Physics Chan, Carol Business Channel, Corrie Special Education Chapman, Jr., Curtis Chazen, Joseph General Studies Chernev, Nancy Radio and TV Cheung, Christine Computer Science Chiert, Alyse Biology Chin, Steve Mechanical Engineering 204 Chiosi, Christine Cho, Soon Im Zoology Microbiology Journalism Choueiri, Chawky Food Science Christian, Sally Chrzanowski, Thomas Hearing and Speech Electrical Engineering Ciocci, Richard Mechanical Engineering Claiborne, Jonathan History Business Clancy, James Applied Design Clark, Leslee Government Clark, Regina Speech 205 Clark, Christine Special Education Clatworthy, Glen American Studies Cohen, Steve Recreation Cohn, Robin Criminology Colbert, Janice General Studies Colby, Cha rles Business Clayton, Jr., John Government Cohen, Bruce Cohen, Cindy Business Family Development tS " Vilkl jBB? F iK v JH ' Bii SF ' (th. B 5 V iy 1 « Mk Cohen, Gary Business demon, Jr., Bonnie Special Education Cohen, Jane Radio and TV Cohen, Alan Journalism Cohen, Sandra Art Education Collins, Charles Zoology 206 Collins, Linda Recreation Colteryahn, Karen Family Development Colvin, Robert Biology Commander, Susan Journalism Commins, Victoria Business Coons, Margaret Journalism Cooper, Carol Business Cooper, Kevin Law Enforcement Cooperman, Cynthia Botany Coppel, Cathi Dance Coke Adds Life to Maryland University 207 Cord, Tony Business Cornish, Howard Zoology Corridon, David Government Corwin, Jack Business Courpas, Charlene Spanish Cox, Robert Business A Coyle, Jane English Crawford, David Business Crow, Roy Agronomy Cubero, Jr., Timothy English Education Culliton, Richard Radio and TV Cummings, Milton Business Cunningham, Janet Russian M Crucetti, James Psychology Curckack, Freda Psychology Curry, Wanda Kinesiology Cuthrell, Faith English D ' Amico, Jack Business Dana, David Business Dangerfield, Yvonne Elementary Education 2Qg Maryland sports activities photos courtesy of Photo Services, Annapolis Hall x 3911 Dannaway, Samuel Daubner, Teri Journalism Davis, William Microbiology Danson, Jr., John History Dantzler, Roane Astronomy Dapper, Robert Zoology Davis, Catherine Recreation Davis, Donna Individual Studies Davis, Pamela Music Education Davisson, Julie Recreation De Cenzo, David Economics Dechter, Alan Zoology Darnall, Kenneth Law Enforcement De Haven, Cordale Business Delanoche, Nimfa Chemistry De Lorenzo, Patricia Health Education De Mouy, Rosemary Spanish Davis, Sherrie Business Decker, Karen Spanish Demuro, Ronald Electrical Engineering 209 Dennis, Patrick Art Denny, Rhonda Government Denison, Peter Radio and TV jifii [7 B 1 P ' " H - ' Depue, Michael Chemistry Dereney, Karen Elementary Education Derkay, Lori Business Desposito, Karen Community Studies Deutsch, Louis Business Deutsch, Susan Hearing and Speech Dietrick, Diane Criminology Dietrick, Irene Administration 210 Congratulations from the SGA Dimaio, Joseph Business Dinan, Mary English Dinnel, Ellen Psychology Director, Ann Dixon, Gall Dance Dixon, Patricia Do, Hoan Bich Thi Elementary Education Business Do, Tien Business Dobyns, Thomas Business Donegan, Jerry Government Donovan, Michael Business Donlan, Mildred Special Education Donoughe, Ruth Animal Science Dordick, Nancy Hearing and Speech Dorfman, Amy Family Development i - y Dori, Joyce Dornbush, Wendy Dorwegt, Joe Dotson, Edna Doub, Ronald Sociology Education Mechanical Engineering Recreation Systems Management 211 Douglas, Sheila Radio and TV Dugan, Leslie Psychology Edgar, Kathy Home Economics Douman, Argyrious Phsyics Astronomy Dow, Lily Journalism Dowling, John Business Downing, Steven Psychology Draize, Donna Drew, Karen Dsazvwa, Joe Duba, Craig Duffy, Marion Sociology Journalism International Relations Industrial Education Special Education f% W f m ' H - ■ A i : ' . 2 ' ' F HP fH y M m k H k " mm ■_B ■fl HHI Duggan, Daniel Urban Studies Duvall, Suzanne Economics Eddy, Stephen Zoology Edelson, Eve Agronomy Ehlers, Nancy Recreation Eller, Rhonda Ellis, David Englehart, Joan Special Education Mechanical Engineering Hearing and Speech 212 Congratulations from the SGA Epstein, Joyce Mathematics Epstein, Kenneth Business Eisenstat, iris Textiles Essenstab, Jeri Special Education Evans, Jack Radio and TV Failla, Jr., John Business Faktorow, Marci Elementary Education Congratulations from the SGA 213 Farah, Kathleen Applied Design Farell, Nigel Business Farrell, Ed Agriculture Feeks, Joseph Journalism Feigeles, Michael Business Fellman, Karl Agronomy Felper, Jamie Applied Design Fink, David Business Finklestein, Robin English Firtag, Marcia Fishbein, Debra Business Fisher, Mark Psychology Fitzgerald, Mike Kinesiology Flowers, Jan Flynn, Christopher Foland, Elise Forman, Janet Applied Design International Hearing and Speech Spanish Relations Fioramonti, Nancy Business Flora, Darryl Business Forrest, Allen Business 214 ( w f i% 41 tf ' m..M ■MH 1 Fortenberry, Kathleen Family Development Fouch, Barbie Psychology Fox, David Business Fox, Kenneth Business Framm, Rhonda Science Education Frank, Karen General Studies Friedlander, Robert Business Gall, Robert Fire Science Frank, Marjorie Radio and TV Frankel, Scott Business Frederick, Kathy Elementary Education Friedman, Steven Business Frandsen, Peter Business Fushner, Gail Zoology Gallas, Thomas Business Gallerizzo, Carmela F ome Economics Gallerizzo, Pete Civil Engineering Freeman, Carol Chemistry Gaines, Julia Journalism Gamble, Scott Applied Design 215 Galmeijer, Eileen Agriculture Camper, Robert Agronomy Gangi, Frank Radio and TV Garbis, Wendy Fashion Design Gardiner, Sandy Hearing and Speech Gewirz, Bruce Physics Astronomy Giacometti, Andrea Psychology Giamartino, Juliet Spanish Gies, Jr., Donald Business Gilstrap, Teresa Elementary Education 216 Gindes, Stephen Business Gisser, Nancy Business Glantz, llene Applied Design Glazer, Harry Government Gieason, Peter Business Goldberg, Beth Business Goldberg, Charles Business i% L f- ' M • . K . ' .1 . V Glixon, Scott Electrical Engineering Glumac, Linda Elementary Education Goebel, Susan Elementary Education Goetz, Wendy Home Economics Education Goldstein, Marsha Hearing and Speech Goll, Anita Zoology Gooden, Deborah Physical Education 217 Goodson, Ellen Elementary Education Gottdenker, Glenn Business Gottshall, Beverly Hearing and Speech Gougtt, Diane Special Education Grace, Lynn Dietetic s Grafton, Andrew Radio and TV Gragnani, Julia Law Enforcement Graham, Paul Sociology Grant, Conrad Physics Grantham, Patricia Chemistry Green, Deirdre Criminology Green, Donna Journalism Green, Francis Business Greenhouse, Robin Individual Studies Greene, Lisa Health Education 218 Coke Adds Life to Maryland University Greenstein, Danie Government Gregory, Deborah Sociology Gross, Edward Government Gross, Helen Administration Gross, Lisa Business Ground, Kimberly Special Education Grubman, Stewart Business Guentner, Susan Business Gutridge, Dean Business Gwinn, Anne Law Enforcement Hahn, David Electrical Engineering Hakkarinen, Ida Meteorology Hall, Cherlyn Geography Hall, III, Howard General Studies Halle, Gail Geography Hamada, Carol Art Education Hambler, Sandy General Studies Hamian, Mohammad Government Hamilton, Kimberly Outdoor Recreation Hancock, Karen Chemistry Coke Adds Life to Maryland University 219 Hankin, Cynthia Hanna, Mary Hanson, Susan Hearing and Speech Special Education Anthropology Harmon, Lauretta Applied Design Harrigan, Elaine Radio and TV Harris, Kenneth Business Hawkes, Christie Biology Harris, Richard Government Harris, Robert Recreation Hatch, Cary Applied Design Hartman, Laurie Art Education Hay, James A. Business Haynes, Michelline Headley, Shirley Criminology Elementary Education Heibein, Stephen Engineering Heitmuller, Carol Heller, Christian Hennessee, Byrd Henretty, Cheryl Henry, Paula Textiles Business Mechanical Engineering Speech Business 220 Herbert, Bob Business Herfort, Nancy Applied Design Herman, Robyn Applied Design Hess. Carol Law Enforcement Hessler, Susan Textiles Hickman, Bradd Business Hidalgo, Marietta Zoology Hidalgo, Vioietta History Higgins, Patricia Chemistry Hiliiard, Karen Math Statistics Hirsch, Maria History Hixson, Susan Applied Design 221 Hockaday, Cheryl Hearing and Speech Hocknell, William Law Enforcement Hodge, Christopher Hoff, Marcella Business Special Education Hoffman, Mark Civil Engineering Hoffman, Peter Zoology Hoffmaster, Jr., David Animal Science Hogan, David Physical Science Holeva, Lee Electrical Engineering Holloman, Karen Psychology Hoover, Brenda Food Science Hopkins, Thomas Agronomy 22i Hoppenstein, Anne Horak, Jr., Hobbs Interior Design English Horlick, Robert Microbiology Home, Janet Horn, Anthony Business Housley, Susan Government Hovaker, Caria Hearing and Speech Hughes, II, Donald Business Hughes, Estelle Hunt, John Elementary Education Law Enforcement Hurt, Lynn Psychology Huston, Amanda Government Hutcheson, Don Incarnato, Elena Mechanical Engineering Animal Science Ing, Lily Textiles Ingle, Michael Business Ingram, Lee Conservation Ironfield, Susan Government Irwin, Jr., John issac, Sharon Electrical Engineering Family Development 223 Jansen, Michael Business Janus, Rosemary Dance Jennings, William Jerabek, Debra Johns, Melaney Business Psychology Elementary Education Elementary Education i . ' V Johnson, Charles Economics Johnson, Harold Business Johnson, Jean Johnson, Michelle Johnston, Joy Secondary Education Journalism Business 224 Jones, Charles Radio and TV Joseph, Maria Botany Kahm, Alice History Jones, Jacqueline Distributive Education Jones, Marva Special Education Jones, Michael Business Jones, Thomas Business Judge, Susan Business Kahan, Sherri Health Kahia, Paul Industrial Education Kahler, Mary Library Science Kahn, llene Government Kallai, Larry Recreation Kallai, Steve Kaluzienski, Kenneth Resource Management Government Kaper, Elira Music Education Kaplan, Jana History Karabetsos, Kathy Interior Design Karbassafshar, Majid Nuclear Engineering Karp, Kathy Special Education Coke Adds Life to Maryland University 225 Karson, Janet Business Kash, Marion Administration Kassin, JodI Urban Studies Katz, Ronald Government Katz, Steven Business Keen, Sheila Studio Art Keith, Cynthia Music Keith, Scott Zoology Kelber, Steven Government Chemistry Kendzejeski, Mary Textile Marketing Kennedy, Doug Business Kern, Catherine Applied Design Kessier, Dale Recreation Kelley, Kathryn Horticulture Education Kessier, Geri Business Keyes, Cheryl Journalism Keys, Charles Business Sociology Kiatlertpongsa, Tawat Civil Engineering kidd, Rosemary Fashion Design Kiigore, Janice Music 226 Kim, Eun Ok Arts King, Mary Textiles King, Robert Computer Science Kirby, Hughlett Government Kirshbaum, Randi Business Klages, Mark Transportation Klein, Carol Special Education Klein, Laurie Psychology Klein, Steve Business Economics Klosky, Eileen Applied Design Knapstein, Peter Business Knestout, Janice Journalism Knoblett, Janice Elementary Education Koehler, Alan Business Koehler, Annette Law Enforcement ' I Kolker, Rich Kominsky, Stephen Kouchoukos, David Koval, Paula Journalism Biology Chemical Engineering English Kraft, Charles Business 227 Kramer, Andrew Zoology Krantzow, Caryl Applied Design Kratz, Charlene Library Science Kravitz, Arlene • Criminology Krebs, Susan Business Kremnitzer, David Geography Krocheski, Theodore Music Education Krumke, Melissa Special Education Krupsaw, Susan Recreation Kulezyski, Mary Special Education Kurman, Vicki Journalism Kurzmiller, Janice Special Education f % 1 r ' NM?« fy ' v-r Qi ' Nr 1 Kushmeider, Rosemarie Economics Laffitte, Brigette Design French 228 Lagana, Mary Elementary Education Lambert, Normane Law Enforcement Lana, Lorie Animal Science Landesman, Madeline Animal Science Lansman, Linda Applied Design Lawless, Kathleen Animal Science Lawrence, Antonell Physical Education Lawrence, Barbara Lawrence, Richard Hearing and Speech Business Lazarus, David Journalism Leacock, Elizabeth Recreation Leader, Leslie Government Leahy, Robert Business Lee, April Law Enforcement 229 Lee, III, Henry Electrical Engineering Lee, JoAnne Business Lee, Ronald Electrical Engineering Lee, Susan Elem. Education Library Science Lefter, Dianne General Studies ii .: ti A Lehr, Sherri Family Development Leon, Chuck Mechanical Engineering Leonard, Brenda Criminology Lerner, James Business Levengood, Kevin Journalism Levine, Barbie Elementary Education Levine, Cindy Pyschology Levine, Mark Computer Science Levine, Richard Levitt, Hal Electrical Engineering Levy, Andrew LIrban Studies Lewinter, Mark History LeRoux, Pamela Elementary Education Levine, Nanette History Lewis, Hugh Psychology 2M) Woodward and Lothrop Photography Lewis, Richard Architecture Lewis, Robin Hearing and Speech Leibman, Jeff Government Liddell, Mischelle Horticulture Education Liebel, Michael Business Lleberman, Wendy Liederbach, Marijeanne Elementary Education Dance Kinesiology Light, Wendy Journalism Lily, Joel Business Lindsey, Teresa Applied Design Linehan, Rob Geography Linthicum, Diane Applied Design Lipousky, Alice Law Enforcement Lite, Nancy Hearing and Speech Litman, Anne Speech Litt, Mindee Elementary Education 231 Lobel, Michael Psychology Lochner, Ruth General Studies Locraft, Robert Business Long, III, Arlie Electrical Engineering Long, Lisa Anne Dance Long, Michael Business Lopez, Maria Chemistry Lorber, Linda Art Education Lowe, Valerie Biochemistry Lowenthal, Howard Criminology Luterman, Enid Government Luther, Teresa Lyons, Kimberiy Lyn, Fred Sociology Home Economics Chemical Engineering Machlan, Joannah General Studies Malewski, Mark Business Maloney, Sandra Microbiology Mangum, Jacqueline Government Mann, Philips Music Manoff, Mark Business 232 Woodward and Lothrop Photography Marchel, Janet General Studies Marcinik, Mark Architecture Morganthau, Ricky Criminology Sociology Marlin, Deborah Applied Design Marker, David Mathematics Marks, Marjory Hearing and Speech Marder, Charles Psychology Marsden, Alma C. Elementary Education Martin, Everett English Martin, Scott Applied Design Massey, Mark Zoology Mathews, Louise Hearing and Speech Matthews, Mirian Special Education Congratulations from the SGA 233 Matthews, Roxanne Elementary Education Mavritte, Andre Spanish Mazer, Susan Applied Design Mazzanti, Chris Radio and TV Mazzanti, Sabina Journalism MacCallum, Diane Nutrition MacKeever, Duncan Biochemistry Mackenzie, Laura Business McAdoo, Douglas Business McAulay, Jane Business r { t!im M McCall, Clifford Economics McCarthy, Maureen Special Education McCoy, Laura Hearing and Speech McCoy, Nancy Textiles 234 Woodward and Lothrop Photography i i 9H m tk J A H 1 Hb J a MijaMLMj Ja :)M IP - fll H sL I kC I McDaniel, Rhonda Radio and TV McDonald, Patrice Criminology McDonough, Karen Journalism McGee, Jr., Harry Business McGill, Pamela Journalism ■r V ' McGinniss, Roderick Business McGowan, Maureen Home Economics Education McKenzie, Vashti General Studies McKinney, Lorraine Business McLaren, Brian English McManus, Maureen McNair, Judy Recreation Family Development McNally, Michael Business McNally, Ronald Food Science McPherson, Janice Recreation McShea, Jude English Mead, III, Stanton Business Meadows, Ralph industrial Education Meckler, Harold Chemistry Medeiros, Carlos Economics Congratulations from the SGA 235 Meirer, Stephen Business Merchant, Emely Agricultural Education Meyer, Angela Horticulture I Melone, Diane Zoology Memarbushi, Farah Interior Design Mentz, Mary Ellen Kinesiology Mercado, Raul Civil Engineering Merron, Jean Family Development Merron, Gary Business Mesa, Kristin Dance Metzbower, Susan Business Meyer, Jeffrey Government Michaleo, Marian Special Ed. Miles, David Architecture Miliman, Howard Government Miller, Barbara Botany Miller, llene Elementary Education Miller, Lynn Biology Miller, Randy Business Miller, Sara Microbiology 236 Woodward and Lothrop Photography Miller, Sheryl Criminology Mills, Pamela Dietetics Mills, Tatiana Interior Design Mizell, Bradd Industrial Education Mirin, Kathleen Journalism French Mitchell, Susan Horticulture Modzel, Vicki Special Education Moldow, Leslie Architecture Mole, Susan Journalism Moller, Diane Applied Design a L_ Molz, Linda Elementary Education Molz, Steve Montague, Jr., Jeremiah Mooney, John Moore, Deborah Zoology Chemistry Arts Chemical Engineering English Moore, Stephanie Animal Science Morgan, Carol Psychology Morin, Jack Business Morin, Maria Special Education Morris, Charles Business Woodward and Lothrop Photography 237 Morris, Vivian Journalism Morrison, Maxine Special Education Morrison, Rebecca Agronomy Mosedale, Dianne Library Science Moss, Debbie Applied Design Moten, Shawn Journalism Motzno, Debbie History Moy, Linda Family Development Moyer, Judith Journalism Mudrick, Terry Systems Management Muldoon, Maureen Hearing and Speech Munson, Janete Computer Science Muntjan, Paul Business 238 Woodward and Lothrop Photography Murdock, Juanita Physical Education Mushel, Wanda Journalism Nachman, March Business Nadeau, Elizabeth Sociology Nadel, Susan Family Development Narode, Karen Family Development Nasca, Anthony Naylor, Jr., Allen Transportation Negrin, Arthur Business Nettles, Maria Economics h- K Neufeld, Deborah Nicholas, Kevin Public Administration Agriculture Nicolaisen, Barbara Business Nekritz, Jon Noel, Nicki Civil Engineering Elementary Education Noon, Mary Textiles Norken, Harold Nosser, Debi Animal Science Nurkin, Joann Dietetics O ' Brian, Maggie General Studies Woodward and Lothrop Photography 2.19 O ' Connell, Jean Consumer Economics O ' Connell, Jeanette Business O ' Connell, Kevin Economics O ' Donnell, Pat Family Development O ' Neill, Alison Journalism O ' Neill, Gary Okas, Robert American Studies Electrical Engineering Olszewski, Robert Mechanical Engineering Zoology Oneson, Ruth Zoology Ong, Kim English Oring, Jeff Business Oseroff, Ed Urban Studies Oshinskie, Denise Dental Hygiene Ossip, Joy Family Development Overmyer, Larry Business Overton, Ronald Mechanical Engineering Owen, Kenneth Secondary Education Owings, Karen Interior Design Packett, Jim Criminology Packheiser, Rita Speech 240 Woodward and Lothrop Photography Padilla, Fernando Zoology Page, Faith Family Development Paitison, Janet Horticulture Palmer, Winsome Accounting Panagos, Andrew Zoology i fc,.J p " -Sf h E A ▼ Pannucci, Valerie Government Pantuso, Cathy Home Economics Education Papagjika, Spiro Accounting Parker, Elizabeth Elementary Education Parker, Betsy Criminology Parker, Steven Zoology Passori, III, Alfred Advertising Patrick, Dianne English Patterson, Caria Physical Education Congratulations from the SGA 241 Patterson, Susan Special Education Paul, Martin A. Systems Management Business Paul, Ronnie Business Pearl, Gale Dietetics Pearlman, Jane English Penn, Jeffrey Radio and TV Pennington, Ronald Business Peoples, Barry Business fS jI ifct s. ■ H-- -!- ' ft I4X W- ' ' fl m i InMifiM WK L. ' L ♦ LwMHflM tm ' mm " i 1 Perkins, Nancy Home Economics Education Perloe, Shelley Individual Studies Perry, Glenda Psychology Perry, Marilyn Science Education Peterson, Peggy Botany 242 Congradulations from the SGA Pettis, Renee Journalism Phoebus, Gary History Poisson, Robert Government Pfarr, Michael Civil Engineering Pham, Minh Microbiology Phelps, Bob Radio and TV Pierson, Alecia Elementary Education Pine, Martin Business Pittman, Lynn Special Education Pollett, Leigh Government Pong, Eugene Chemical Engineering Pope, Lincoln History Geography Philbin, Patricia Horticulture Plater, Marsha Zoology Porter, David Architecture Porter, Peter Criminology Portnoy, Donna Elementary Education Postal, Charles Business Potter, Stephen Agronomy Powell, Jr., Clayton Government Congratulations from the SGA 243 Powell, John Business Poyd, Kenneth Horticulture Pristoop, Flora Psychology Powell, Lynne Elementary Education Powell, Pam Physical Education Powell, Patricia ecreation Price, Jacelyn Physical Education Prince, Andrew Business Prior, George Business Pritchard, John Economics Proper, Deborah English Prosise, Michael Speech Powell, Robert Criminology Prissman, Elliott Business Puhl, Michael Business Quilter, Robert Architecture Quittman, Debi Family Development Rabin, Judy Raffensperger, Karen Individual Studies Radio and TV 244 Congratulations from the SGA Raffle, Debbie Hearing and Speech Rahn, Donald Business Ramage, Mark Mathematics Randall, Sharon Recreation Botany Ranghel, Blanca Systems Management Ravick, Amy Secondary Education Ray, Laura Business Rayman, Karen Criminology Randolph, Sheila Business Re ' , Debra Biology Reba, Lori Criminology Reese, Sheryl Special Education Regenstein, Barry Business Reich, Deborah English Reich, Thomas Animal Science Congratulations from the SGA -■ Reichel, Louis Chemistry Reid, Jr., James Business Reinoldi, Jane Hearing and Speech Reitwiesmer, Dorothy Remus, Michael Business Renrick, Robin Radio and TV Rentz, Carol Special Education Reynolds, Gwendolyn Journalism Rhodes, Tammy Government Richardson, Karen Education Ridpath, Mary Textiles Rienzo, Phyllis Health Riley, Frank Philosophy Riley, Michael Business Rinard, Cathy Ring, Donald Business Ritter, Karen Chemistry Rivera, Louis Radio and TV Robbins, Nancy Radio and TV Roberts, Allan Business 246 Congratulations from the SGA Roberts, Angela Textiles Roberts, Denise Business Roberts, Kevin Systems Management Roberts, Randall Journalism Roberts, Sharon Journalism Roberts, Sharon Sociology Robinson, Curtis History Robinson, III, William Journalism Rodeffer, Kathy Music Education Roderick, Diane Art Education Rodriguez, Roberto Rodriguez, Nelson Business Roeder, Colette Business Rogers, Debra Rogow, Andrea Elementary Education Food Administration Rohrer, Robin History Roles, Bonnie Spanish Education Rooks, Deborah Music Rooney, Patrick Law Enforcement Rose, Belinda Business Congradulations from the SGA -- 7 i MM Rose, Frank Government Rose, Susan Radio and TV Rosen, Craig Business Rosen, Sandy Elementary Education Rosenberg, Diane Family Development Rosenburg, Henry General Studies Rosenbusch, Lynne Government Rosengard, Peter Business Rosenthal, Lorie Recreation Rosenthal, Nancy General Studies Roser, Susan Family Development Rosner, Miles Economics Rothe, Janet Library Science Rothenberg, Chris Animal Science Rothman, Jan Business Rouillard, Alice Recreation 24X Congratulatons from the SGA Roviralta, William Business Rowe, Doug Business Rowley, Debra Journalism Rubenstein, Mitchell Law Enforcement Rubenstein, Robert Government Rurde, Margaret English Ryan, Clifton Mechanical Engineering Sabelle, Nannette History Sabin, Andrew American Studies Sacks, Amy Radio and TV Safaryn, Debby Art History Sager, Sandy Jewish Studies Sakin, Scott Criminology Salamon, Stephen Business Salvagno, Ralph Psychology Samosuk, Teresa Criminology Sanders, Charles Applied Design Sandhaus, Daniel Geology Sandler, Robin Child Study Sandman, Linda Crafts Congratulations from the SGA 49 Sandridge, Dave General Studies Sarricks, Jeffrey Mechanical Engineering Sarrin, Shelly Special Education Sassin, Lynn Criminology Sawyer, Johnnie Government Scaffa, Marjorie Psychology Schachter, Claire Zoology Schaefer, Bruce Zoology Schaible, Helen Hearing and Speech Scheibel, Gregg Recreation Schickler, Marlene English Schneider, Steven Schneider, Wendy Chemical Engineering Elementary Education Schnitman, Jeffrey Radio and TV Schooley, Dale Recreation Schulman, Linda American Studies Schwartz, Eric Chemistry Schwartz, Eric Law Enforcement Schwartz, Eric Government Schwartz, Lawrence General Studies 250 Congratulations from the SGA Schwartz, Lynn Recreation Scott, Alroy Zoology Scott, Carol Applied Design Scully, Daniel Recreation Serber, Paul Journalism Serini, Barry Nuclear Engineering Serpi, Florence Business Seavey, Kevin French Servadio, Janet Spanish Shapero, Paul Business Congratulations from the SGA 251 _ ii %. HPS »1el r V «- tk T ' W •f " - r p V r IL : - f y i H . 1 . __ H y Sharenow, Paula Business Shays, Douglas Agricultura Engineering Shearer, Chett Government Sheehan, Laura English Sherwood, Janet Animal Science Shinn, Joan Special Education Shipp, Jeff Government Shores, Mark Civil Engineering Shougarman, Sharlene Shreiber, Ruth Special Education Shugarman, Marlene Math Education Sharker, Carol Business Education Sheehan, Daniel Government Shor, Lawrence History Shulman, Fred Computer Science 252 Congratulations from the SCA Shulman, Jan Special Education Silver, Robert Biology Simko, James Chemistry Sisier, Nancy Criminology Sienkiewicz, Mary Microbiology Silber, Fran Business Sileo, Michael Engineering Silver, Pamela Special Education Silverman, Michael Recreation Silverman, Stacey Radio and TV Silverstein, Richard Business Silverstein, Sheree Individual Studies Simms, Janelle Criminology Simonetti, Donna Textiles Singer, Sherry Biochemistry Sirkin, Susan Business Small, Fara Business Smelkinson, Gail Applied Design Smith, Janet Business Smith, Jeff General Studies The " M " Club 454-5158 253 Smith, Kathryn Elementary Education Synder, Stephen Geology Smith, Kevin Radio and TV Smith, Patricia Recreation Smith, Randall General Studies Smith, Randi Applied Design Sobel, Amy Criminology Sobel, Wendy Elementary Education Soberman, Susan Recreation Sollins, Risa Psychology Solomon, Marc Business Solomon, Paul Chemistry Sotter, Sue Recreation Souder, Susan History Sparrow, Beth History Spates, Ronald Health Spector, Coleman Biochemistry Spector, David Physics Spector, Ellen Elementary Education Speicher, Deborah Law Enforcement 254 The " M " Club 4 54-5158 Spellman, Lynne Spence, Stephanie Spiegel, James Elementary Education Hearing and Speech Biochemistry Spiller, Arthur Foreign Language Education Spong, Jr., Wayne Government Stappler, Michael Business Statter, Bradley Business Transportation Startt, Patrick Urban Studies Statham, Kimberly Biology Stathis, John Government Stearman, Lisa Urban Studies Steigler, Ellen Business Stein, Bette Special Education Statler, John Chemistry Education Stein, Elisabeth Art Education Stein, Howard Business Steinberg, Peter Zoology Steininger, Scott Stemmer, Lisa Art Education Stephenson, Judith Journalism The " M " Club 454-5158 255 Stevens, Patricia Stitz, Faye Animal Science Elementary Education Stotler, Roderick Government Stone, Karen Special Education Strabin, Raymond Business Strasser, Lorri Family Development Streckbeck, Linda Kinesiology Street, Delia Criminology Strom, Marta Special Education Suhayda, Martha Kinesiology 256 I ' s L:i IJ Sumner, Neal Architecture Sush, Enid Special Education Sussman, Amy Horticulture Swaine, ill, John Agronomy Swarm, Robert Business Tabler, Bonnie Tabler, Roberta Tabler, Shirley Taylor, Carol Studio Art Elementary Education Art Education Library " " Administration Science Taylor, Lori Special Education Taylor, James Business Taylor, Judith Radio and TV Tedesco, Richard Computer Science Testa, Brenda Applied Design Tevlowitz, Steven Criminology Thambinayagam, Peter Electrical Engineering Thepsutha, Jutharat Applied Design Thomas, Dail Argrichemistry Thomas, Jr., James Agronomy Thomas, Patrick Business 257 Thomas, Uwanna English Ton, Patricia Business Tsui, Charles Business Thompson, James Fire Protection Thompson, Joel Agricultural Engineering Thompson, Susan Recreation Tillapaugh, Helen Radio and TV Tonelson, Steven Biology Tong, George Tremblas, Jean Trigonoplos, Michael Zoology Elementary Education Law Enforcement Tucker, Susan Elementary Education Tunkel, Heidi Sociology Turkel, Randi Business Turin, Susan Zoology 258 Tyree, Bonnie Social Studies Tyrie, Andrew Business Ulander, Mark Economics Ursini, Paula Business Urtz, Kenneth Law Enforcement Valentine, Karen Sociology Van Stratum, Bruce Mechanical Engineering Vantassel, Lisa Consumer Economics Vaughan, Margaret Psychology Vaughan, Jr., William Biochemistry Vaughn, Valanda Interior Design Vest, Pamela Psychology Virgil, Donna Biology Vogel, Maria Journalism Voneiff, Julia Vucci, John Industrial Education Wagner, Nancy Microbiology Wais, Gary Business Walton, Ravi Architecture Wallick, Simi Hearing and Speech 259 Walsh, Daniel Civil Engineering Walsh, Vincent Business Walston, Ellen Library Science ISjj " TTnff P S _ZZ Hupln l r :r - Walton, Claire Wang, Ye Yeng Psychology Education £ M ' ' m ' ' H u l 1L ,1 mI b jflK ' j .J m mM Wantz, Annie Home Economics Ward, Karen Business Warrenfeltz, Vicki Journalism Wartella, Don Zoology Warsinger, Terese Food Administration Washington, Chandra Radio and TV Washington, Susan Art Wassel, Scott Wasserman, Morris Wasserman, Robert Psychology Kinesiology Biology Weaver, Shirley Weber, Charles Elementary Education Civil Engineering 260 KP? m-) J:. Webster, Austin Weigle, Pauline Weinberg, Alissa Human Ecology Special Education Business Weinberg, Marjorie Weinmann, Sandy Business Electrical Engineering Weinstein, Cindy Family Development Weinstein, Gary Journalism Weisinger, Andrew Journalism Weisman, Susan Business Weiss, Mindy History Welch, Joe Business 261 Welch, Marjie Library Science Wells, David Mechanical Engineering Werner, Gary Radio and TV Wheat, Phyllis Sociology White, Marion Music Whitehead, Sherri Family Development Whitney, Scott Psychology Whittaker, Jean Sociology Wheeler, John Business Wichin, Harriet Wieder, Marcia Radio and TV Williams, Jeffrey Nuclear Engineering Wilhelm, Michael Business Wilkins, Steven Animal Science Williams, Dorothy Williams, LaVonne Business German Psychology Williams, Larry Business Williams, Timothy Business Williams, S. Radio and TV Willis, Karyn Psychology 262 Winkler, Jeanne Textiles Winkler, Wayne Business Winston, Leslie Business Winters, Pia Marie Journalism Witham, Barbara Business 2(1.1 Wolcott, Angele Special Education Woodburn, James Business Wright, Steven Business Yu, Pattie Journalism Wolfe, Dora Zoology Wood, Jr., George Psychology Wood, llene Applied Design Woodburn, Kent Chemistry Wooden, Laury Recreation Wright, Leslie Agriulture Wun, Michael Electrical Engineering Yabion, Teresa Applied Design Yopconka, Pat Dietetics Wood, Stacy Sociology Wright, Rosaiyn Chemistry Yost, Joe Government Yuhase, Debra Government Zagami, Jr., Joseph Zaslow, Hal Architecture Zussenhaus, Rita Business 264 Zeas, Margaret English ZIotorzynski, Kathryn Business Zeller, Paul Business Zerivitz, Judy Economics Ziegler, Carrol Criminology Ziegler, Steve Government Zonarick, Tom Economics Zuckerman, Marcia Spanish Defrin, Marcia Journalism Hyatt, Phillip Business McCright, Denise Special Education Goldberg, Sherri Psychology Highton, Scott Journalism Noone, Joan Zoology 265 ■cfC sP x x v X?X?X? P S °-?s BAND NIGHT Only on one night of the year can the Maryland bands make their presence known. And make it known they did on the 8th an- nual Band Night held November 11. The program, featuring the tal- ents of music majors as well as non- majors, began with the concert band, and progressed to the sym- phonic wind ensemble, jazz en- semble, and finally the marching band, complete with flags and pom-pons. John Wakefield, director of the bands, began this annual event eight years ago when he felt the need existed for such a program. The program is becoming more successful each year, as the stand- ing-room-only audience can tell you. 268 Congratulations-The Macke Co. Congratulations-The Athletic Department 269 MCKELDIN: A SCHOLARLY REFUGE 270 Congratulations Class }ook Exchange GL: A PLACE TO STUDY, SNOOZE AND SOCIALIZE 274 Congratulations Class Of 1978-Maryland Book Exchange Congratulations Class Of 1978-Maryland Book Exchange 275 276 HOME IS WHERE . . LIFE IN A DORM A i i P H riv c m. i «i -... : K i=a %. H - ' ' .V ' l k w v " ! 1 i " ' f 1 - IV 1 r. V V i u ill B-dT H ■ ' f fll S v-1 1 J B-?=-r-f B L£i to - 1 r :: 278 YELLING YOUR HEART OUT 280 A LITTLE COUNTRY IN THE CITY 281 mi • ' ' v SotSHu ' - ■» " " t D Hk V vCwtift ' 3 ■HP Ht3Br " • . •• ' iL ff l l fs H f fl _ — 1 282 It ' s All At Woodies NATURE ' S KITCHEN It ' s All At Woodies 283 284 AIN ' T NOTHIN ' LIKE HOME COOKIN ' 285 E f ■ -■ S BI B i M H AND SUDDENLY... 286 w 1 . . . IT ' S OVER 287 SOME LIKE IT COLD 288 289 IpYOWZA, YOWZA,i YOWZA! 291 WHEN JOHNNY COMES MARCHING HOME mj. 292 Congratulations-The Macke Co. 293 294 Umporium: One Stop Shopping 454-3222 ..- ■ " t. V J, ' Congratulations-The Macke Co. 295 r ' Vn Vn V X Abato, Lee Ann, 194 Abbott, William, 194 Abrahams, Bobby, 194 Abramowitz, Amy, 194 Abramowitz, Gwen, 194 Absher, Jacquelyn, 194 Adams, Shirletta, 194 Adderly, Michael, 194 Adelman, Jill, 194 Adolphsen, Jr., John, 194 Agyeman-Duah, Sam, 194 Ahlstrom, Nancy, 195 Akers, Sharon, 195 Akinasi, Joseph, 195 Albamonte, Elena, 195 Alf, David, 99 Alexander, Andrea, 195 Alexander, Sandra, 195 ALPHA DELTA PI, 90 ALPHA EPSILON PHI, 84 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA, 84 ALPHA OMICRON PI, 85 ALPHA PHI ALPHA, 90 ALPHA XI DELTA, 85 Altman, Lisa, 195 Amsel, Holly, 195 Anderson, Hugh, 195 Andresen, Nancy, 195 Angle, William, 195 Anshell, Stewart, 196 Ansher, Alan, 196 Appel, Gayle, 196 Applebaum, Arnie, 101 Aquilino, III, Joseph, 196 Arbabi, Linda, 196 Arbin, Mel, 196 ARGUS, 101 Aris, Joyce, 196 Arlauskas, Diane, 196 Armstrong, Janice, 196 Arrington, Jefferson, 196 Atelsek, Paul, 196 Atlman, Steven, 196 Auld, Theresa, 196 Axelrod, Jeffrey, 196 B Back, Larry, 196 Badger, Deborah, 196 Baer, Stephanie, 197 Bailey, Mary Ann, 197 Baird, Moria, 197 Baker, Kevin, 197 Baker, Laura, 197 Banfer, Raymond, 197 Bangs, Karen, 197 Barber, Wayne, 197 Bardoff, Beth, 197 Barkley, Ralph, 197 Barnes, Susan, 197 Barome, Patrizia, 197 Bartholomew, Susan, 99 Bartley, Lisa, 197 Barwick, Helen, 197 Basamh, Bakr, 197 Basarah, Daria, 197 BASEBALL TEAM, 156 BASKETBALL TEAM, 156 Battersby, Alan, 197 Baverman, Alan, 197 Beach, Glenn, 197 Beall, Edgar, 187 Beard, Pamela, 197 Beardmore, Buddy, 111 Beauregard, Michael, 198 Beaver, Robert, 198 Beck, Mary, 198 Becker, Lynn, 198 Beckert, Michael, 198 Beckman, John, 198 Bell, Debby, 198 Bell, John, 198 Bell, Susan, 198 Beller, Nancy, 198 Bender, Fern, 199 Bender, James, 199 Benner, Patti, 199 Bennett, Sabata, 199 Benzinger, Sarah, 199 Berg, Paul, 99 Berger, Stephanie, 199 Berlin, Karen, 199 Berman, Gail, 199 Berman, Terri, 199 Bernstein, Drew, 199 Bernstein, Lauren, 199 Bialczak, Mark, 99 Bidle, Jeanette, 199 Bierer, Jeffrey, 199 Biess, Michelle, 199 Biron, William, 199 Bischoff, Susan, 199 BLACK EXPLOSION, 100 BLACK STUDENT UNION, 68 Blankenship, Blair, 199 Bleetstein, Barbara, 199 Block, Arleen, 199 Blum, Branden, 200 Blum, David, 200 Blum, Robin, 200 Blumberg, Lori, 200 Bobart, Kevin, 200 Bobrow, Sherry, 200 Boettcher, Kevin, 200 Boland, Kevin, 111 Bollens, Nita, 200 Bond, Stephen, 200 Boneillo, Bob, 111 Bos, Leslie, 200 Bourne, Henry, 200 Bowers, Susan, 200 Boyd, Barbara, 200 Bradford, David, 200 Bradley, Neil, 200 Brady, Jr., Rupert, 200 Brain, Laurel, 200 Branch, Lauren, 200 Branch, Richard, 200 Brandon, James, 200 Branson, Daryl, 201 Brashears, Michael, 201 Breger, Iris, 201 Breeden, Paula, 201 Brenner, Gail, 201 Bridge, Andrew, 201 Bridges, Leroy, 201 Brier, Meredith, 201 Briese, Mary, 201 Brindley, Les, 99 Brinkley, Cassandra, 201 Briscoe, Naomi, 201 Britt, Joan, 201 Brock, Diane, 201 Broder, Shari, 93 Bronrott, William, 201 Brooks, Christopher, 201 Brooks, Jacqueline, 201 Brooks, Joyce, 201 Brooks, Martin, 201 Brown, Becky, 201 Brown, Carol, 201 Brown, Gail, 202 Brown, Kimberly, 202 Brown, Michael, 202 Brown, Sandra, 202 Brown, Suzy, 202 Brubaker, Kathy, 202 Bryant, Jr., George, 202 Buckel, Kerry, 202 Bubb, Debra, 97 Bunker, Paul, 202 Burch, Christopher, 202 Burger, Karen, 202 Burka, Diane, 203 Burke, Raymond, 203 Burke, Richard 99 Burton, Bill, 101 Busch, Linda, 203 Bustin, Mark, 203 Butler, Cheryl, 203 Butler, Ethel, 166 Butler, Maureen, 203 Buzzi, Jill, 203 Caballero, Humerio, 203 Cable, Melissa, 203 Caibi, David, 203 Caldara, Charlotte, 203 Calderone, Denise, 203 Calderone, Joe, 99 Callahan, Michael, 203 CALVERT, 93 Campbell, Barbara Jean, 203 Canklin, Anne, 203 Cano, Leslie, 203 Cantor, Sheryl, 99,203 Caporossi, Nello, 203 Carnahan, Diane, 203 Carr, Brad, 120 Carroll, Nancy Lee, 203 Carson, Sotiria, 204 Carswell, Annie, 204 Carter, Diane, 204 Cascio, Horace, 204 Casselberry, Susan, 204 Casto, Beverly, 204 Caternor, Seth, 204 Cattaneo, Louise, 204 Cauceglia, Joseph, 204 Cavanaugh, Carol, 204 Chad, Norman, 99 Chamberlain, Grover, 204 Chambers, George, 204 Chan, Carol, 204 Channel, Corrie, 204 Chapman, Jr., Curtis, 204 Chazen, Joseph, 204 Chernev, Nancy, 204 Cheung, Christine, 204 Chiert, Alyse, 204 Chin, Steve, 204 Chiosi, Christine, 205 Cho, Soon Im, 205 Choueiri, Chawky, 205 Christian, Sally, 205 Chrzanowski, Thomas, 205 Ciocci, Richard, 205 Claiborne, Jonathan, 205 Clair, Lee, 71 Clancy, James, 205 Clark, Christine, 206 Clark, Leslee, 205 Clark, Regina, 205 Clatworthy, Glen, 206 Clayton, Jr., John, 206 Clemens, Rick, 100 demon, Jr., Bonnie, 206 Cohen, Alan, 206 Cohen, Bruce, 206 Cohen, Cindy, 206 Cohen, Gary, 206 Cohen, Jane, 206 Cohen, Sandra, 206 Cohen, Steve, 206 Cohn, Robin, 206 Coile, Jonathan, 71 Cokas, Dean, 206 Colbert, Janice, 206 Colby, Charles, 206 Collins, Charles, 206 Collins, Linda, 207 Colteryahn, Karen, 207 Colvin, Robert, 207 Comtfiander, Susan, 207 Commins, Victoria, 207 Concannon, Mike, 162 Conley, Dennis, 207 Conway, Thomas, 207 Cook, Richard, 207 Coonley, Robert, 207 Coons, Margaret, 207 Cooper, Carol, 207 Cooper, Kevin, 207 Cooperman, Cynthia, 207 Coppel, Cathi, 207 Cord, Tony, 208 Cornish, Howard, 208 Cornwell, Dave, 124 Corridon, David, 208 Corwin, Jack, 208 Courpas, Charlene, 208 Cox, Robert, 208 Coyle, Jane, 208 Crawford, David, 208 CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM, 158 Crow, Roy, 208 Crystal, Darryl, 92 Crucetti, James, 208 Cubero, Jr., Timothy, 208 Cullen, Peter, 96 Culliton, Richard, 208 Cummings, Jeanne, 99 Cummings, Milton, 208 Cunningham, Janet, 208 Curchack, Freda, 208 Curry, Wanda, 208 Cusic, Cindy, 99 Cuthrell, Faith, 208 D D ' Amico, Jack, 208 Daley, Patty, 146 Dana, David, 208 Dangerfield, Yvonne, 208 Dannaway, Samuel, 209 Danson, Jr., John, 209 Dantzler, Roane, 209 Dapper, Robert, 209 Darnall, Kenneth, 209 Daubner, Teri, 96, 209 Davis, Catherine, 209 296 Davis, Donna, 209 Davis, Pamela, 209 Davis, Sherrie, 209 Davis, Williann, 209 Davisson, Julie, 209 De Cenzoz, David, 209 Dechter, Alan, 209 Decker, Karen, 209 Defrin, Marcia, 265 DeHaven, Cordale, 209 Delanoche, Nimfa, 209 De Lorenzo, Patricia, 209 DELTA GAMMA, 86 DELTA PHI EPSILON, 86 DELTA UPSILON POOL PARTY, 15 De Mouy, Rosemary, 209 Demuro, Ronald, 209 Dennis, Patrick, 210 Denison, Peter, 210 Denny, Rhonda, 210 Depue, Michael, 210 Dereney, Karen, 210 Derkay, Lori, 210 Desposito, Karen, 210 Deutsch, Louis, 210 Deutsch, Susan, 210 Devos, Sue, 146 DIAMOND BACK, 99 Dietrick, Diane, 210 Dietrick, Irene, 210 Dietsch, Jim, 129 Dimaio, Joseph, 211 Dinan, Mary, 211 Dinnel, Ellen, 211 Director, Ann, 211 Dixon, Gail, 211 Dixon, Patricia, 211 Do, Hoan, Bich Thi, 211 Do, Tien, 211 Dobyns, Thomas, 211 Donegan, Jerry, 211 Donlan, Mildred, 211 Donoughe, Ruth, 211 Donovan, Michael, 211 Dordick, Nancy, 211 Dorfman, Amy, 211 Dori, Joyce, 211 Dornbush, Wendy, 211 Dorwegt, Joe, 211 Dotson, Edna, 211 Doub, Ronald, 211 Dougherty, Judy, 146 Douglas, Sheila, 212 Douman, Argyrious, 212 Dow, Lily, 99, 212 Dowling, John, 212 Downing, Steven, 212 Draize, Donna, 212 Drew, Karen, 212 Dsazvwa, Joe, 212 Duba, Craig, 212 Duffy, Marion, 212 Dugan, Leslie, 212 Duggan, Daniel, 212 Dunlavey, Tom, 99 Duvall, Suzarine, 212 Eddy, Stephen, 212 Edelson, Eve, 212 Edgar, Kathy, 212 Ehlers, Nancy, 212 Elkins, Dr., Wilson, 183 Eller, Rhonda, 212 Ellis, David, 212 England, Claude, 129, 143 Englehart, Joan, 212 Eisenstat, Iris, 213 Enzler, David, 213 Embich, Jeanne, 213 Emerson, Nancy, 213 Epps, Maurene, 213 Epstein, Joyce, 213 Epstein, Kenneth, 213 Essenstab, Jeri, 213 Evans, Jack, 213 Failla, Jr., John, 213 Faktorow, Marco, 213 Farah, Kathleen, 214 Farell, Nigel, 214 Farrell, Ed, 214 Feeks, Joseph, 214 Feigeles, Michael, 214 Fellman, Karl, 214 Felper, Jamie, 214 FIELD HOCKEY TEAM, 158 Fink, David, 214 Finklestein, Robin, 214 Fioramonti, Nancy, 214 Firtag, Marcia, 214 Fischman, Gerald, 99 Fishbein, Debra, 214 Fisher, Mark, 214 Fitzgerald, Mike, 214 Flora, Darryl, 214 Flowers, Jan, 214 Flynn, Christopher, 214 Foland, Elise, 214 FOOTBALL TEAM, 155 Forman, Janet, 214 Forrest, Allen, 214 Fortenberry, Kathleen, 215 Pouch, Barbie, 215 Fox, David, 215 Fox, Kenneth, 215 Framm, Rhonda, 215 Frandsen, Peter, 215 Frank, Karen, 215 Frank, Marjorie, 215 Frankel, Scott, 215 Frederick, Kathy, 215 Freeman, Carol, 215 Friedland, Bruce, 99 Friedlander, Robert, 215 Friedman, Steven, 215 Fushner, Gail, 215 Gaines, Julia, 99, 215 Gall, Robert, 215 Gallas, Thomas, 215 Gallerizzo, Carmela, 215 Gallerizzo, Pete, 215 Gamble, Scott, 215 Calmeijer, Eileen, 216 Gamper, Robert, 216 Cangi, Frank, 216 Garbis, Wendy, 216 Gardiner, Sandy, 216 Garland, Jeanne, 99 Garndner, Bill, 145 Garofalo, Cathy, 216 Gasn, Billy, 216 George, Joseph, 216 Gerecht, Mike, 216 Gerhart, Kenneth, 216 Gessler, Robert, 216 Gewirz, Bruce, 216 Giacometti, Andrea, 216 Giamartino, Juliet, 216 Gies, Jr., Donald, 216 Gilstrap, Teresa, 216 Gindes, Stephen, 217 Gisser, Nancy, 217 Glantz, llene, 217 Glazer, Harry, 217 Gleason, Peter, 217 Glixon, Scott, 217 Gluckstern, Robert, 63 Glumac, Linda, 217 Goebel, Susan, 217 Goetz, Wendy, 217 Goldberg, Beth, 217 Goldberg, Charles, 217 Goldberg, Sherri, 265 Goldenberg, Steven, 265 Goldstein, Marsha, 217 Goll, Anita, 217 Gooden, Deborah, 217 Goodson, Ellen, 218 Gottdenker, Glenn, 218 Gootshall, Beverly, 218 Coughtt, Diane, 218 Gould, Billy, 218 Grace, Lynn, 218 Grafton, Andrew 218 Gragnani, Julia, 218 Graham, Paul 218 Grant, Conrad, 217 Grantham, Patricia, 218 Gray, Luise, 218 Gray, James, 218 Green, Deirdre, 218 Green, Donna, 218 Green, Francis, 218 Greenhouse, Robin, 218 Green, Lisa, 218 Greenstein, Daniel, 219 Gregory, Deborah, 219 Gross, Edward, 219 Gross, Helen, 219 Gross, Lisa, 219 Ground, Kimberly, 219 Grubman, Stewart, 219 Guentner, Susan, 219 Gutridge, Dean, 219 Gwinn, Anne, 219 H Hahn, David, 219 Hakkarinen, Ida, 219 Hall, Cherlyn, 219 Hall, III, Howard, 219 Halle, Gail, 219 Halligan, Mike, 102 Halstrick, Richard, 71 Hamada, Carol, 219 Hambler, Sandy, 219 Hamian, Mohammed, 219 Hamilton, Kimberly, 219 Hancock, Karen, 219 Hatch, Gary, 220 Hankin, Cynthia, 220 Hanna, Mary, 220 Hanson, Susan, 220 Harmon, Lauretta, 220 Harrigan, Elaine, 220 . Harris, Kenneth, ' ifi t Harris, Richard, 220 Harris, Robert, 220 Hartman, Laurie, 220 Hasenauer, Jim, 170 Hawkes, Christie, 220 Hay, James, 220 Haynes, Michelline, 220 Headley, Shirley, 220 Heibein, Stephen, 220 Heitmuller, Carol, 220 Heller, Christian, 220 Hennessee, Byrd, 220 Henretty, Cheryl, 220 Henry, Paul, 220 Herbert, Bob, 221 Herfort, Nancy, 221 Herman, Robyn, 221 Hess, Carol, 221 Hessler, Susan, 221 Hickey, Kevin, 265 Hickman, Bradd, 221 Hidalgo, Marietta, 221 Hidalgo, Violetta, 221 Higgins, Patricia, 221 Highton, Scott, 265 Hilliard, Karen, 221 Himelfarb, Daniel, 221 Hinman, Cynthia, 221 Hirsch, Maria, 221 Hixon, Susan, 221 Hockaday, Cheryl, 222 Hocknell, William, 222 Hodge, Christopher, 222 Hoff, Marcella, 222 Hoffman, Mark, 222 Hoffman, Peter, 222 Hoffmaster, Jr., David, 222 Hogan, David, 222 Holeva, Lee, 222 Holloman, Karen, 222 Hollis, Charles, 222 Holmes, Nancy, 222 Holt, John, 222 Holthaus, Roberta, 222 Holtschneider, Sharon, 146 Hoover, Brenda, 222 Hoover, Pete, lOw Hopkins, Thomas, 222 Hoppenstein, Anne, 223 Horak, Jr., Hobbs, 223 Horlick, Robert, 223 Home, Janet, 223 Horn, Anthony, 223 Housley, Susan, 223 Hovaker, Caria, 223 Howell, Larry, 129 Hsu, Shaoti, 186 Hughes, II, Donald, 223 Hughes, Estelle, 223 Hunt, John, 223 Hurt, Lynn, 223 Huston, Amanda, 223 Hutcheson, Don, 223 Hyatt, Phillip, 265 Hynes, Mike, 111 I Incarnate, Elena, 223 Ing, Lilly, 223 299 Ingle, Michael, 223 Ingram, Lee, 223 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL, 89 Ironfield, Susan, 223 Irwin, Jr., John, 223 Isaac, Sharon, 223 Jackson, Eli, 100 Jaeger, Brad, 224 James, Tony, 143 Janiga, Anthony, 224 Janus, Rosemary, 224 Jansen, Michael, 224 Jennings, William, 224 Jerabek, Debra, 224 JEWISH STUDENT UNION, 92 Johns, Melaney, 224 Johnson, Charles, 224 Johnson, Harold, 224 Johnson, Jean, 224 Johnson, Michelle, 224 Johnston, Joy, 224 Jones, Charles, 225 Jones, Jacqueline, 225 Jones, Marva, 225 Jones, Michael, 225 Jones, Thomas, 225 Joseph, Maria, 225 Judge, Susan, 225 K Kahan, Sherri, 225 Kahia, Paul, 225 Kahler, Mary, 225 Kahn, Alice, 225 Kahn, Ilene, 225 Kallal, Larry, 225 Kallal, Steve, 225 Kaluzienski, Kenneth, 225 Kandra, Greg, 99 Kaper, Eliva, 225 Kaplan, Jana, 225 KAPPA ALPHA, 87 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA, 87 Kapsidelis, Tom, 99 Karabetsos, Kathy, 225 Karbassafashar, Majid, 225 Karp, Kathy, 225 Karson, Janet, 226 Kash, Marion, 226 Kassin, Jodi, 226 Katz, Ronald, 226 Katz, Steven, 226 Keen, Sheila, 226 Keith, Cynthia, 226 Keith, Scott, 226 Kelber, Steven, 226 Kelley, Kathryn, 226 Kendzejeski, Mary, 226 Kennedy, Doug, 226 Kern, Catherine, 226 Kessler, Dale, 226 Kessler, Geri, 226 Keyes, Cheryl, 100, 226 Keys, Charles, 226 Kiatlertpongsa, Tawat, 226 Kidd, Rosemary, 226 Kidd, Scott, 143 Kidwell, Roland, 98, 99 Kilgore, Janice, 226 Kim, Eun Ok, 227 King, Mary, 227 King, Robert, 227 Kirby, Hughlett, 227 Kirsch, Larry, 67 Kirshbaum, Randi, 227 Klages, Mark, 227 Klein, Carol, 227 Klein, Laurie, 227 Klein, Steve, 227 Klinefelter, Merry, 97, 101 Klosky, Eileen, 227 Knapstein, Peter, 227 Knestout, Janice, 71, 96, 227 Knoblett, Janice, 227 Koehler, Alan, 227 Koehler, Annette, 227 Kolker, Rich, 227 Kominsky, Stephen, 227 Korman, Mitch, 99 Kouchoukos, David 227 Koval, Paula, 227 Kraft, Charles, 227 Kraft, Don, 129 Kraft, Lucy, 99 Kram, Mark, 99 Kramer, Andrew, 228 Krantzow, Caryl, 228 Kratz, Charlene, 228 Kravitz, Arlene, 228 Krebs, Susan, 228 Kremnitzer, David, 228 Krocheski, T heodore, 228 Krumke, Melissa, 228 Krupsaw, Susan, 228 Kuchno, John, 103 Kulezyski, Mary, 228 Kurman, Vicki, 228 Kurzmiller, Jancie, 228 Kushmeider, Rosemarie, 228 LACROSSE TEAM, 157 Laffitte, Brigette, 228 Lagana, Mary, 229 Lambert, Normane, 229 Lana, Lorie, 229 Landesman, Madeline, 229 Lansman, Linda, 229 Lawless, Kathleen, 229 Lawrence, Antonell, 229 Lawrence, Barbara, 229 Lawrence, Richard, 229 Lazarus, David, 99, 229 Leacock, Elizabeth, 229 Leader, Leslie, 229 Leahy, Robert, 229 Lebel, Michael, 231 Lee, April, 229 Lee, III, Henry, 230 Lee, Joanne, 230 Lee, Ronald, 230 Lee, Susan, 230 Lefter, Dianne, 230 Lehr, Sherri, 230 Leibman, Jeff, 231 Leon, Chuck, 230 Leonard, Brenda, 230 Lerner, James, 230 Le Roux, Pamela, 230 Levengood, Kevin, 230 Levine, Barbie, 230 Levine, Cindy, 230 Levine, Mark, 230 Levine, Nanette, 230 Levine, Richard, 230 Levitt, Hal, 230 Levy, Andrew, 230 Lewinter, Mark, 230 Lewis, Hugh, 230 Lewis, Richard, 231 Lewis, Robin, 231 Liddell, Mischelle, 231 Lieberman, Wendy, 231 Liederbach, Marijeanne, 231 Light, Wendy, 231 Lilling, Dave, 102 Lily, Joel, 231 Lindsey, Teresa, 231 Linehan, Rob, 231 Linthicum, Diane, 231 Lipousky, Alice, 231 Lite, Nancy, 231 Litman, Anne, 231 Litt, Mindee, 231 Lobel, Michael, 232 Lochner, Ruth, 232 Locraft, Robert, 232 Long, III, Arlie, 232 Long, Lisa Anne, 232 Long, Michael, 232 Lopez, Maria, 232 Lorber, Linda, 232 Lott, Jon, 124 Lowe, Valerie, 232 Lowenthal, Howard, 232 Luna, Luis, 66 Luterman, Enid, 232 Luther, Teresa, 232 Lyons, Kimberly, 232 Lyn, Fred, 232 M Machlan, Joannah, 232 Maguire, Miles, 93 Maher, Jim, 93 Maiewski, Mark, 232 Maloncy, Sandra, 232 Manges, Mark, 120 Mangum, Jacqueline, 232 Mann, Philips, 232 Manoff, Mark, 232 Mantegna, Steven, 233 Mapou, Robb, 233 Mapp, Hilary, 233 Marber, Charles, 233 Marchel, Janet, 233 Marcinik, Mark, 233 Marker, David, 233 Marks, Marjory, 233 Marlin, Deborah, 233 Marsden, Alma, 233 Martin, Everett, 233 Martin, Scott, 233 Martinello, Ron, 111 MARYLAND MILITIA, 94 MARY PIRG, 69 Massey, Mark, 233 Mathews, Louise, 233 Matthews, Mirian, 233 Matthews, Roxanne, 234 Mavritte, Andre, 234 Mazer, Susan, 234 Mazzanti, Chris, 234 Mazzanti, Sabina, 234 MacCullum, Diane, 234 MacKenzie, Laura, 234 MacKeever, Duncan, 234 McAdoo, Douglas, 234 McAulay, June, 234 McCall, Clifford, 234 McCarthy, Maureen, 234 McCoy, Nancy, 234 McCoy, Laura, 234 McCright, Denise, 265 McDaniel, Rhonda, 235 McDonald, Patrice, 235 McDonough, Karen, 99, 235 McEnroe, Matt, 99 McGee, Jr., Harry, 235 McGill, Pamela, 235 McGinniss, Roderick, 235 McGowan, Maureen, 235 McKeever, Ron, 129 McKenzie, Vashti, 235 McKinney, Lorraine, 235 McLaren, Brian, 235 McManus, Maureen, 235 McNair, Judy, 235 McNally, Michael, 235 McNally, Ronald, 235 McPherson, Janice, 235 McShea, Jude, 235 Mead, III, Stanton, 235 Meadows, Ralph, 235 Meckler, Harold, 235 Medeiros, Carlos, 235 Meirer, Stephen, 236 Melone, Diane, 236 Memarbushi, Farah, 236 Mentz, Mary Ellen, 236 Mercado, Raul, 236 Merchant, Emely, 236 Merron, Jean, 236 Merron, Gary, 236 Mesa, Kristin, 236 Metzbower, Susan, 236 Meyer, Angela, 236 Meyer, Jeffrey, 236 Meyers, Pat, 99 Michaleo, Marian, 236 Miles, David, 236 Miliman, Howard, 236 Miller, Barbara, 236 Miller, Ilene, 236 Miller, Lynn, 236 Miller, Randy, 236 Miller, Sara, 236 Miller, Sheryl, 237 Mills, Pamela, 237 Mills, Tatiana, 237 Mizell, Bradd, 237 Mirin, Kathleen, 237 Mitchell, Susan, 237 Modzel, Vicki, 237 Moldow, Leslie, 237 Mole, Susan, 237 Moller, Diane, 237 Molz, Linda, 237 Molz, Steve, 237 Montague, Jr., Jeremiah, 237 Mooney, John, 237 Moore, Deborah, 237 Moore, Stephanie, 237 Morgan, Carol, 237 Morganthau, Ricky, 233 Morin, Jack, 237 Morin, Maria, 237 Morris, Charles, 237 Morris, Vivian, 238 Morrison, Maxine, 238 300 Morrison, Rebecca, 238 Mosedale, Dianne, 238 Moss, Debbie, 238 Moten, Shawn, 238 Motzno, Debbie, 238 Moy, Linda, 238 Moyer, Judith, 238 Mudrick, Terry, 238 Muldoon, Maureen, 238 Mullin, William, 238 Munson, Janete, 238 Muntjun, Paul, 238 Murdock, Juanita, 239 Mushel, Wanda, 239 N Nachman, March, 239 Nadeau, Elizabeth, 239 Nadel, Susan, 239 Narode, Karen, 239 Nasca, Anthony, 239 Naylor, Jr., Allen, 239 Negrin, Arthur, 239 Nekritz, Jon, 239 Nettles, Maria, 239 Neufeld, Deborah, 92, 239 Nicholas, Kevin, 239 Nicolaisen, Barbara, 239 Noel, Nicki, 239 Noon, Mary, 239 Noone, Joan, 265 Norken, Harold, 239 Nosser, Debi, 239 Nurkin, Joann, 239 Nyce, Peter, 71 NYUMBURU, 83 o O ' Brian, Maggie, 239 O ' Connell, Jean, 240 O ' Connell, Jeanette, 240 O ' Connell, Kevin, 240 O ' Donnel, Pat, 240 O ' Neill, Alison, 240 O ' Neill, Gary, 240 Okas, Robert, 240 Olsen, Bert, 111 Olszewski, Robert, 240 Oneson, Ruth, 240 Ong, Kim, 240 Oring, Jeff, 240 Oseroff, Ed, 240 Osninskie, Denise, 240 Ossip, Joy, 240 Overmyer, Larry, 240 Overton, Ronald, 240 Owen, Kenneth, 240 Owens, Biljy, 145 Owings, Karen, 240 Packett, Jim, 240 Packheiser, Eric, 129 Packheiser, Rita, 240 Padilla, Fernando, 241 Page, Faith, 241 Paitison, Janet, 241 Palmer, H.D., 99 Palmer, Winsome, 241 Panagos, Andrew, 241 PANHELLENIC ASSOCIATION, 91 PANHELLENIC EXECUTIVE COUNCIL, 91 Pannuci, Valerie, 241 Pantuso, Cathy, 241 Papagjika, Spiro, 241 Parker, Elizabeth, 241 Parker, Betsy, 241 Parker, Steven, 241 Passori, III, Alfred, 241 Patick, Dianne, 241 Patterson, Caria, 241 Patterson, Susan, 242 Paul, Martin, 242 Paul, Ronnie, 242 Pearl, Gale, 242 Pearlman, Jane, 242 Peck, Michael, 242 Pell, Gail, 242 Pendergraph, Janet, 242 Penn, Jeffrey, 242 Pennington, Ronald, 242 Peoples, Barry, 242 Perkins, Nancy, 242 Perloe, Shelley, 242 Perry, Glenda, 242 Perry, Marilyn, 242 Peterson, Peggy, 242 Pettis, Renee, 243 Pfarr, Michael, 243 Pham, Minh, 243 Phelps, Bob, 243 PHI SIGMA DELTA, 88 Philbin, Patricia, 243 Phoebus, Gary, 243 Pierson, Alecia, 243 Pine, Martin, 243 Pittman, Lynn, 243 Plater, Marsha, 243 Poisson, Robert, 243 Pollack, Larry, 102 Pollett, Leigh, 243 POM-PONS TEAM, 154 Pong, Eugene, 243 Ponnamperuma, Cyril, 188 Pope, Lincoln, 243 Porter, David, 243 Porter, Peter, 243 Portnoy, Donna, 243 Postal, Charles, 243 Potter, Stephen, 243 Powell, Jr., Clayton, 243 Powell, John, 244 Powell, Lynne, 244 Powell, Pam, 244 Powell, Patricia, 244 Powell, Robert, 244 Poyd, Kenneth, 244 Prange, Gordon, 177 Price, Jacelyn, 244 Prince, Andrew, 244 Prior, George, 244 Prissman, Elliott, 244 Pristoop, Flora 244 Pritchard, John, 101, 244 Proper, Deborah, 244 Prosise, Michael, 244 Puhl, Michael, 244 Q Quilter, Robert, 244 Quinter, Robyn, 98 Quittman, Debi, 244 R Rabin, Judy, 244 Raffensperqe r, Karen, 244 Raffie, Debbie, 245 Rahn, Donald, 245 Ramage, Mark, 245 Randall, Sharon, 245 Randolph, Sheila, 245 Ranghel, Blanca, 245 Ravick, Amy, 245 Ray, Laura, 245 Rayman, Karen, 245 Re, ' Debra, 245 Reamsnyder, Craig, 245 Reaves, John, 245 Reba, Lori, 245 Reed, Jake, 111 Reese, Sheryl, 245 Regenstein, Barry, 245 Reich, Deborah, 245 Reich, Thomas, 245 Reichel, Louis, 246 Reid, Jr. James, 246 Reinoldi, Jane, 246 Reinsel, Susan, 97 Reitwiesmer, Dorothy, 246 Remus, Michael, 246 Renrick, Robin, 246 Rentz, Carol, 246 Reynolds, Gwendolyn, 246 Rhodes, Tammy, 246 Richardson, Karen, 246 Ridpath, Mary, 246 Rienzo, Phyllis, 246 Riley, Frank, 246 Riley, Michael, 246 Rinard, Cathy, 246 Ring, Donald, 246 Ritter, Karen, 246 Rivera, Louis, 246 Robbins, Nancy, 246 Roberts, Allan, 246 Roberts, Angela, 247 Roberts, Denise, 247 Roberts, Kevin, 247 Roberts, Randall, 99, 247 Roberts, Sharon A., 247 Roberts, Sharon K., 247 Robinson, Curtis, 247 Robinson, III, William, 247 Rodeffer, Kathy, 247 Roderick, Diane, 247 Rodriguez, Nelson, 247 Rodriguez, Roberto, 247 Roeder, Colette, 247 Rogers, Debra, 247 Rogow, Andrea, 247 Rohrer, Robin, 247 Roles, Bonnie, 247 Rooks, Deborah, 247 Rooney, Patrick, 247- Rose, Belinda, 247 Rose, Frank, 248 Rose, Susan, 248 Rosen, Craig, 248 Rosen, Sandy, 248 Rosenberg, Diane, 248 Rosenburg, Henry, 248 Rosenbusch, Lynne, 248 Rosengard, Peter, 248 Rosenthal, Lorie, 248 Rosenthal, Nancy, 248 Roser, Susan, 248 Rosner, Miles, 248 Rothe, Janet, 248 Rothenberg, Chris, 248 Rothman, Jon, 248 Rouillard, Alice, 248 Roviralta, William, 249 Rowe, Doug, 249 Rowley, Debra, 249 Royal, Doyle, 143 Rubenstein, Mitchell, 249 Rubenstein, Robert, 249 Rurde, Margaret, 249 Ryan, Clifton, 249 Sabelle, Nannette, 249 Sabin, Andrew, 249 Sachs, Amy, 249 Safaryn, Debby, 249 Sager, Sandy, 249 Sakin, Scott, 249 Salamon, Stephen, 249 Salley, Ernie, 120 Salvagno, Ralph, 249 Samosuk, Teresa, 249 Sanders, Charles, 249 Sandhaus, Daniel, 249 Sandler, Robin, 249 Sandman, Linda, 249 Sandridge, Dave, 123, 250 Sands, Doris, 174 Sarricks, Jeffrey, 250 Sarrin, Shelley, 250 Sassin, Lynn, 250 Sawyer, Johnnie, 250 Scaffa, Marjorie, 250 Scanlon, Bill, 103 Schachter, Claire, 250 Schaefer, Bruce, 250 Schaeble, Helen, 250 Scheibel, Gregg, 250 Schickler, Marlene, 250 Schneider, Steven, 250 Schneider, Wendy, 250 Schnitman, Jeffrey, 250 Schooley, Dale, 250 Schulman, Linda, 250 Schwartz, Eric, 250 Schwartz, Eric, 250 Schwartz, Eric, 250 Schwartz, Lawrence, 250 Schwartz, Lynn, 251 Scott, Alroy, 251 Scott, Carol, 251 Scott, Dallas, 100 Scully, Daniel, 251 Sea, Alan, 98, 99 Seavey, Kevin, 251 Seckar, Mike, 251 Segal, Cynthia, 251 Sehembrini, Jr., Joel, 251 Seigel, Gary, 251 Serber, Paul, 251 Serini, Barry, 251 Serpi, Florence, 251 Servadio, Janet, 251 Shapero, Paul, 251 Shapiro, Laura, 252 Sharenow, Paula, 252 Sharker, Carol, 252 Shays, Douglas, 252 Shearer, Chett, 252 Sheehan, Daniel, 252 301 Sheehan, Laura, 252 Sherwood, Janet, 252 Shiff, Ronnie, 97 Shinn, Joan, 252 Shipp, Jeff, 252 Shor, Lawrence, 252 Shores, Mark, 252 Shougarman, Sharlene, 252 Shreiber, Ruth, 252 Shugarman, Marlene, 252 Shulman, Fred, 252 Shulman, Jan, 253 Sienkiewicz, Mary, 253 SIGMA DELTA TAU, 88 SIGMA KAPPA, 89 Silber, Fran, 253 Sileo, Michael, 253 Silver, Pamela, 253 Silver, Robert, 253 Silverman, Stacey, 253 Silverman, Michael, 253 Silverstein, Richard, 253 Silverstein, Sheree, 253 Simko, James, 253 Simms, Janelle, 253 Simon, Bob, 178 Simonetti, Donna, 253 Singer, Sherry, 253 Sirkin, Susan, 253 Sisler, Nancy, 253 Small, Fara, 253 Smelkinson, Gail, 253 Smith, Greg, 96 Smith, Janet, 253 Smith, Jeff, 253 Smith, Kathryn, 254 Smith, Kevin, 254 Smith, Patricia, 254 Smith, Randall, 254 Smith, Randi, 254 Snyder, Stephen, 254 Sobel, Amy, 254 Sobel, Wendy, 254 Soberman, Susan, 254 SOCCER TEAM, 154 Sollins, Risa, 254 Solomon, Marc, 254 Solomon, Paul, 254 Soth, Cindy, 146 Sotter, Sue, 254 Souder, Susan, 254 Sparrow, Beth, 254 Spates, Ronald, 254 Spector, Coleman, 254 Spector, David, 254 Spector, Ellen, 254 Speicher, Deborah, 254 Spellman, Lynne, 255 Spence, Stephanie, 255 Spiegel, James, 255 Spiller, Arthur, 255 Spong, Jr., Wayne, 255 Stappler, Michael, 255 Startt, Patrick, 255 Statham, Kimberly, 255 Stathis, John, 255 Statler, John, 255 Statter, Bradley, 255 Stearman, Lisa, 255 Stelgler, Ellen, 255 Stein, Bette, 255 Stein, Elisabeth, 255 Stein, Howard, 255 Steinberg, Pete, 255 Steininger, Scott, 225 Stemmer, Lisa, 255 Stephenson, Judith, 255 Stevens, Debra, 256 Stevens, Michael, 256 Stevens, Patricia, 256 Stitz, Faye, 256 Stotler, Roderick, 256 Stone, Karen, 256 Strabin, Raymond, 256 Strassar, Lorri, 256 Streckbeck, Linda, 256 Street, Delia, 256 Strom, Marta, 256 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION, 66 Suhayda, Martha, 256 Sumner, Neal, 257 Sush, Enid, 257 Sussman, Amy, 257 Swaine, III, John, 257 Swarm, Robert, 257 SWIMMING TEAM, 159 Tablet, Bonnie, 257 Tabler, Roberta, 257 Tablet, Shirley, 257 Taylor, Carol, 257 Taylor, Lisa, 257 Taylor, James, 257 Taylor, Judith, 257 Tedesco, Richard, 257 TERRAPIN, 96 Testa, Brenda, 257 Tevlowitz, Steven, 257 Thambinayagam, Peter, 257 Thepsutha, Jutharat, 257 Thomas, Dail, 257 Thomas, Jr., James, 257 Thomas, Kevin, 99 Thomas, Patrick, 257 Thomas, Uwanna, 258 Thompson, James, 258 Thompson, Joel, 258 Thompson, Susan, 258 Tillapaugh, Helen, 258 Tilyou, Mark, 258 Tison, Dale, 258 Tober, Leonard, 258 Tobert, Rena, 258 Tokoli, James, 258 Ton, Patricia, 258 Tonelson, Steven, 258 Tony, George, 258 Tremblas, Jean, 258 Trigonoplos, Michael, 258 Tsui, Charles, 258 Tucker, Sharon, 258 Tunkel, Heidi, 258 Turkel, Randi, 258 Turin, Susan, 258 Turner, Deborah, 93 Tyree, Bonnie, 259 Tyrie, Andrew, 259 u Ulander, Mark, 259 Ursini, Paul, 259 Urtz, Kenneth, 259 V Valentine, Karen, 259 Van Stratum, Bruce, 259 Vantassel, Lisa, 259 Vaughan, Margaret, 259 Vaughan, Jr., William, 259 Vaughn, Valanda, 259 Vest, Pamela, 259 Virgil, Donna, 259 Vogel, Maria, 259 VOLLEYBALL TEAM, 159 Voneiff, Julia, 259 Vucci, John, 259 w Wagner, Nancy, 259 Wais, Gary, 259 Wakefield, John, 268 Walton, Ravi, 259 Wallick, Simi, 259 Walsh, Daniel, 260 Walsh, Vincent, 260 Walston, Ellen, 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Elizabeth, 263 Winchester, Nancy, 263 Windle, Ellen, 263 Winkler, Jeanner, 263 Winkler, Wayne, 263 Winston, Leslie, 263 Winters, Pia Marie, 263 Witham, Barbara, 263 Witten, Sam, 67 WMUC 102 Wolcott, Angele, 263 Wolfe, Dora, 263 Wood, Jr., George, 263 Wood, llene, 263 Wood, Stacy, 263 Woodburn, James, 263 Woodburn, Kent, 263 Wooden, Laury, 263 Worstell, Pete, 111 WRESTLING TEAM, 157 Wright, Leslie, 263 Wright, Rosalyn, 263 Wright, Steven, 263 Wun, Michael, 263 Yabion, Teresa, 265 Yopcronka, Pat, 265 Yost, Joe, 67, 265 Yu, Pattie, 265 Yuhase, Debra, 265 Zagami, Jr., Joseph, 265 Zaslow, Hal, 265 Zassenhaus, Rita, 265 Zeas, Margaret, 265 Zeller, Paul, 265 Zerivitz, Judy, 265 Ziegler, Carroll, 265 Ziegler, Steve, 265 ZIotorzynski, Kathryn, 265 Zonarick, Tom, 265 Zuckerman, Marcia, 265 302 Many yearbook staffs and editors have come and gone during the history of this University. Some have done well, and other just reasonably so. Yet all have tried to present to you, graduating seniors and undergraduates alike, a brief record of the years we have spent here, it ' s not an easy thing to do and the end product usually ends up on a dusty shelf in the closet. However, it remains our consolation that someday, when you ' re a little older and a little grayer, and a name or face stirs your memory, just maybe you ' ll pull that dusty book off the shelf and look again on earlier times. Only then will it be worth the effort. Thanks must go to the best staff an editor could possibly have; to Mr. Brian Floyd, wherever he is, for giving me my start; and lastly to my family for supporting me through all this. Janice Knestout STAFF Editor-in-chief . Janice Knestout Copy Editor .Debra Bubb Photo Editor Teri Daubner Layout Editor Susan Reinsel Business Manager .... Ronnie Shiff Plus many writers and photographers. The 1978 Terrapin is an inde- pendent student publication and an affiliate of Maryland Media Incorporated, New Main Dining Hall, College Park, Maryland 20742. 303 PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS Peter Cullen: 96C, 147, 146, 115, 116AB, 117AB, 278ABD, 279AB, 100, 151, 137C, 139A, 141A, 191 Penn Chu: 6 bottom right Teri Daubner: 110, 111, 144, 145, 112, 113, 36, 37, 290BC, 96B, 97AD, 84A, 43, 98, 181A, 104BC, 105A, 161A, 99A, 42, 61A, 86, 87B, 88, 62, 63, 40, 109A, 102, 103, 167, 166, 93, 126ACD, 117C, 120, 121, 5, 101, 52, 53, 9AC, 130 131B, 133C, 178, 179, 48, 49, 190, 184, 189, 118 middle left and bottom, 119 top and bottom left, 6 top left and middle right, 7 top left and middle right Pete Dykstra: 20, 21, 26, 27, 286, 287, 134C, 135C, 94, 95, 290A, 291, 41, 268, 269, 193A, 104AD, 125, 124, 105BC, 44, 45, 13A, 85, 87A, 128, 129, 106, 107, 148, 149, 114, 122, 123, 1268, 127. 116CD, 64, 65, 152, 153, 278C, 279C, 54, 55, 1, 297, 9BD, 8, 136A, 137AB, 138, 139BC, 140, 141BC, 131ACD, 134, 135, 132, 133AB, 172, 173, 299, 76, 77, 74, 75, 70, 71, 118 top and middle right, 119 middle and bottom left, IOC, 14, 6 top right and middle left, 7 top right, middle left and bottom, 194, 198, 202, 205, 222, 224, 234, 245, 256, 261, 263. Julia Gaines: 270, 271, 32, 33, 18, 19, 31A, 2, 3, 185 Merry Klinefelter: 68, 69, 284, 285, 280, 281, 282, 283, 91, 92, 66, 67, 80, 81, 89, 56, 57, 58, 59, 176, 177, 16, 17, 150, 78, 79, 276, 277, 302, 210, 213, 216, 217, 238, 265 ]anice Knestout: 84B Karen McDonough: 293A, 292C Bob Najawicz: 300 Mike Oakes: 134A, 50, 51 Chris Ray: 82, 83, 10AB, 11 Randall Roberts: 35BC, 272, 273, 22, 23, 28, 29, 135AB, 24, 25, 38, 39, 96A, 97B, 46, 47, 89A, 293BC, 292AB, 15, 288, 289, 136B, 72, 73, 186, 187, 188, 6 bottom right, cover photo, 251, 260, 264. Greg Smith: 274, 275, 97C, 171, 295, 267A, 294, 170, 169, 168, 174, 175, 162, 163, 164, 165, 302, 195, 196, 206, 228, 221, 229, 233, 241, 251, 252. Dan Stimax, 134B Special thanks to Sports Information and Photographic Services for providing the pictures on pages 154-159. COPY CREDITS Debra L. Bubb: 81, 82, 146, 184, 189 Ellen Dahut: 185 Rob Doherty: 190, 191 Susan Fornoff: 124, 129 Anne Hoppenstein: 67, 69 Bob Hsiao: 110, 144 Janice Knestout: 63, 70, 268 Dave Lazarus: 111, 135, 145 Robyn Quinter: 183 Susan J. Reinsel: 186, 187 Kathy Riggs: 94 Carol Strohecker: 188 Artwork— Sandy Hoover: 184, 185 904 fi r?- ! 7r aS u. ' . «, •i . ■ -■■ s

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