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Greetings: 35,000 students converge on the University of Maryland ' s Col- lege Park campus at the beginning of each semester. They come from many places and arrive through various means. Why they come and what happens when they get there remains to be seen. • ■JTHCUT BAGGAGE vi- ' PPOCEED TO GAT[ U 3«9CS????5S !S 4 Freshman: There is inadequate parking around the dorms and the parking available is usu- ally too far away for moving in or o ut. Stu- dents have to lug refrigerators, stereos, TVs, food, etc. for long distances, and if they park in the fire lanes while moving in, the campus police will ticket the cars and threaten to tow them away. In the com- plexes, if the elevators are broken on mov- ing day - it ' s a disaster. Have you ever tried to lug a refrigerator, stereo or TV up nine floors? liiWmm Freshman; " Moving into the dorm for the first time can be a really lonely experience. I didn ' t know anybody. It helps if people are friendly, but it ' s really up to you. You can ' t just sit in your room and expect to make friends. You have to get out and meet people. " Senior: " Pre-registration is great because it is a more sensible way of handling large groups of stu- dents. However, the programmers leave much to be desired. " junior: " Pre-registration is one of the best changes I ' ve seen at the University. Dropping and add- ing in the Armory is still no fun, but at least it is not as crowded as it used to be. Once a student is taking more specialized courses in his major, pre-registration works better - but it is still rough trying to get into general education courses. " 10 11 junior: " The bookstore is always the most disorganized at the beginning of a semester when it ' s most crowded. There should be a better classification system in the Umpo- rium so it ' d be easier to find the books. " Freshman: " You have to look at both sides of the problem. The publishing companies rip off the bookstores, so they have no choice. If there were no bookstores on campus, we ' d all go crazy trying to get our books — especially without a car. " 13 junior: " When you move into a dorm you realize you ' re not in your own little world any lon- ger. There are people out there. You can ' t just stay in your room. It ' s a good place to meet people, make friends, But it ' s up to you because you ' re on your own. You can make whatever you want out of it. " 14 tr w The Dream of the Land of UM Close your eyes for a minute let the purple shadows tickle the back of your eyelids let the colors spin round and round forming dream bubbles in your mind let your hands beckon to the sun feel the cool green grass tickling your toes feel your whole body warm, vibrant, alive now open your eyes no, this is not a fantasy it is yours it can be whatever you dream look bubbles, bubbles in the air bubbles, bubbles everywhere look there on the hill, near the mall let the winding yellow brick road lead you to where we ' ll spin a dream of great men with power sitting in their offices during office hours men who have published and lectured and read men who like the ivy on these brick walls belong to the dream world of cluttered offices committees and reports we ' ll dream of fortresses at the end of the mall filled with the greatest men of all who make wise decisions and lead us along the yellow brick road to scholardom where we will be like them great speakers of wisdom and knowledge who will lead the people to a new and better world come, follow the song . . . y ' " ' . me, follow the song follow the wind let loose ' let go let ' s spin a dream . . . . Let the wind lift us up into its arms we are free . . . alive . . . beautiful we can dance, swirl throw a frisbee high in the air or draw on the sidewalks with bright colors large and bold and daring. Edward S Potskowski Edward S Potskowski Edward S. Potskowski Edward S Potskowski Edward S. Potskowski 18 Or sit quietly with friends and share a few quiet moments of yesterday. Or dreams of tomorrow. Play your guitar, sing out a tune or paint the scenery . . . Whatever you dare. Come with me take me by the hand we ' ll walk over yonder in the green, green grass. Together we ' ll follow every winding path and cast a double shadow in the setting sun. We ' ll walk together in a barefoot world feeling the music of mud between our toes the slippery grass against our skin the tingle of toes in icy rain water we ' ll laugh at the tumbling leaves that tickle our noses and knees Edward 8. Fotskowski Barbara Bramman 20 Daniel Webster Barbara Bramman Edward S, Poiskuwski Charles Rosenblatt Lie down beside me in the grassy mall and watch the sun fade into stars behind these Georgian walls. We ' ll ride Testudo across the sky and with a huge brush we ' ll paint a rainbow over campus all red, yellow, blue and green. 21 Daniel Webster Noel Babcock Come take my hand and stay awhile together we ' ll have an easier time of growing, learning, knowing . . . 22 Steve Swarl2 Walking down silent winding stairs of the new student union carpeting soft under the feet crystal catching every glint of sunlight and bouncing the colors around the room the smell of newness, painted walls, the quiet echo of lonely footsteps. Henrv Dabrowski Daniel VVebsie Daniel Webster Daniel Webster 23 Listen to the now sounds students watching the music makers taking in the flashing Hghts the colors, the movement from the popular sound of Count Basic to the acid rock beat of Leon Russell And the world of the theatre where dreams come true where tragedy and comedy put on their different faces and dance across the stage with words and songs that mean hfe centuries ago. D-uiiel Webster Charles Rosenblatt Charles Rosenblatt Charles Rosenblatt 25 Charles Rosenblatt On Saturday morning the beat changes shouts, cheers, the noise of a band. Thousands of voices screaming, all announcing the entrance of the team. Come sit among friends, old and new, packed tightly in the stands and watch athletes and fans alike roar out at a kick from Mike-Mayer ' s toe. Listen you can almost hear the drums beat and the horns playing the songs of the land of UM. Cheerleaders in red and white jumping higher, higher reaching for the clouds trying to grasp the sky. ,rd Polskowski Daniel Webster 26 J " : ' » l Daniel Webster Daniel Webstei )aniel Webster Daniel Webster Jim Holwager Henry Dabrowski Henry Dabruwski 28 Henry Dabrowski Henry Dabrowski Henrv Dabrowski While on the sidelines the smell of beer and hotdogs tense faces, smiling faces all eyes on the green field watching the dashing bits of red and white moving through time and space as if it were a cartoon, a colorful animation of human drama. Daniel Webster 29 Henry Dabrowski Coach and player nose to nose so every line on the face shows every wrinkle, every knitted brow every feeling in that tense tight body every move, every play running like an endless movie through the mind over and over until the last split second of play. Daniel Webster Hcnr Dabrowski Daniel Webster 30 Whether in College Park or Munich in Byrd stadium or on TV Tom in the Olympics or the team on the soccer field man meets man. Kalhcrmc Willis Katie HoK Henry Dabrowski 31 , Egr eve :-,ther --;is a -.I, very .ip I oiip on© • iu t Avaiting to uc - - .r • " • ..I ' -r »♦ ; ' % " J -- •SK 41 Jim Holwager Jim Holwager Jim Holwager Daniel Webster Barbara Bramman Jim Hoiwager 33 Jim Holwager COLE I rfT ' MARYU K I 4i,,[ii ' . k Photo Daniel Webster ' The echo of the ball beating on the court throbbing, pulsating, beating and sailing through the air setthng with a swish perfectly through the metal hoop of the basket. A circle of players in the center of the court A tap - the players reaching higher, higher. The highest taps the ball in play and again they move together up the court, back and forth from basket to basket trying to beat the clock. 34 Daniel V.:bs(LT Jim Holwager Daniel Websier Jim Holua er Barbara Bramman 35 Crowds of people swarming to Cole Field House pushing, pulling, shoving, sticking out tickets and ID cards | watching from high above to the little court below flood lights and screaming and cheering and pleading watching that round brown ball as it bounces and bounces, thumping on the court. Faster than the eye it moves from hand to hand back and forth, round and round it moves. One vast perpetual motion until the buzzer stops the action. Jim Holwagcr . - Barbara Bramman The Dream of the Land of UM I dreamed, I dreamed of all these things, of students, facuky, administrations athletics, coaches and fans of studying, relaxing, loving I dreamed I could be an innocent child again and make my castles out of mud the mad, murky, mucky mud the boobing, blurbing, bumbling mud that all the world is made of yes, I dreamed that we were all little gods students, faculty, administration that could take this bleeding mud watch it squirm and wiggle between our fingers and mold a man of fresh-made mud not the kind of crud man is now made of. I dreamed of a land where peace was like a passion and war was unheard of a land where love reigned all where people were trusted because they were human and no one was left to live all alone no one, no one, not even the clown I dreamed we each stepped inside a bubble a clear blue crystal bubble high and flying over the earth spreading beauty everywhere I dreamed my life could be a bubble free and floating students, scholars, wisemen all in our bubbles free I dreamed ... I dreamed ... I dreamed . . . 37 ' ■i S .y, Application for 1973 Terrapin Please type plainly in pencil, ink or purple crayon. Student Identification Number □□ DDDn DDD Social Security Number, unless different □□□ DD 0000 Hi I ' Ji Mr. Mrs. ,ll Ms Miss Last Middle Status: Freshman Q Sophomore □ lunior F] Senior n Perpetual Student H Other Status: Married Q Single □ Divorced □ Widowed Q Common Law □ Other □ Mate ' s Name Last Mate ' s Status: Wonderful □ FairQ Poor Q Lousy Q Your Address: Middle First Street State Mate ' s address, if different County Zip Code Phone Street State Citizenship: U.S. Q World □ Other County Zip Code Phone Planet: Earth Q Moon □ Venus □ Other Your age: Your mate ' s age: Your birthdate: Place of birth _ Mate ' s birthdate Differential City State Mother ' s name Father ' s name _ County Hospital Last Middle First Maiden Last Middle First Alias Mother ' s address Father ' s address, if different Street State County Zip Code Street List brothers and sisters over 16 State County Zip Code Name Age Sex First Personal information: Eye color: Left Right Without contacts " Height Current hair color As listed on driver ' s license Hair length Problems caused by said length Vital Statistics " Weight Tons Weight as listed on license Sex How often Who with Miscellaneous Numbers Driver ' s License Credit Card Checking account Life Insurance Another Number Voter Registration Car Insurance meters Education backgrounds School Grammar lunior High High School College Extraneous Name Location Dates attended Degree Rec ' d G.R.E. scores S.A.T. scores S.P.L.A.T. scores Golf scores Average Weekly Score: _ Foreign Language Skills: Language Speaking ability _ Reading ability Writing ability English Language Skills: Reading ability Speaking ability Writing ability Spelling ability Field in which you are working or hope to work in: Degree in From Date Received List published works or professional achievements: List all college courses you have attempted, passed and or failed. Are you, or have you ever been, a member of the following subversive organizations (Please check ap propriate boxes) Q Committee to re-elect the U.S. Government White House Press Corps Post Editorial Staff University Administration SGA UCA BSU _GSA □ pace president General Honors Program Campus Crusade for Christ Hari Krishna Campus Police Office of Resident Life McGovern for president committee Young Americans for Freedom □ Hillel I I Umporium Q Maryland Book Exchange I I Diamondback □ Black Explosion □ Argus Dimension □ Maryland Medevial Mercenary Militia □ 1973 TERRAPIN Have you ever been fired, busted or arrested? When For how long __ Reason or charges Talents: Please check appropriate boxes: can carry a tune □ whistle in the shower □ jump up and down while scratching foot □ see with eyes closed □ drive with eyes closed □ drive with no hands or knees □ hear lectures while sleeping take notes while sleeping earn an " A " in above class register in half an hour get courses want first time around scratch bottom of foot without laughing park at a 40-minute meter for 45 minutes and not get a ticket Ability: Terrific □ Fair Poor Like a log □ Please rate yourself on the following scales: Ravishingly Beautiful □ Average □ Dull □ Incredibly Ugly □ Warm hearted □ Loving □ Average □ Cold-hearted Bitch □ Personality: Sociability: Dynamic Lively □ So-so □ Deadly □ Unusual rapport □ All right □ Mediocre Hate the world U Leadership ability: Everyone follows you everywhere □ No one follows you anywhere □ You follow anyone everywhere □ Don ' t go anywhere anyway □ Did you " wh7n7ou ' e7tered " cdleg7fo7The irst " tim " e, ' have an idea or dream of what it should be like Yes □ No □ I Forget □ was this dream consistent with reality? Yes No □ Don ' t know yet What ' s that □ Did anything in particular shatter that dream? Yes □ No □_ What dream? □__Pleaseexp|ain m PLEASE TURN TO THE FOLLOWING P.AGES AND COMPLETE YOUR 1973 TERRAPIN. Daniel Webster, Editor-in-Chief Alice Bailey, Managing Editor Copyright© 1973, Maryland Media, Inc. Ail Rigtits Reserved Printed in U.S.A. by Western Publishing Company, inc. 41 42 Junior: " Watch out tor parents who pop in and surprise you with early Sunday morning visits. " Senior: " It depends on who wakes me up. " Senior: " It took me four years to wise ui). I used to take all 8:00 ' s and ust couldn ' t handle getting up at 7 a.m. - but now my first class starts at 2 p.m. and I wear ear- plugs. " 43 lumor " Some of the best literary art produced on campus is produced on the walls of bathroom stalls, " , . Sophomore: " They should install newspaper racks ,n the stalls and put the Diamondback in them. That ' s a good place for it. " Sophomore: " Everybody looks so funny in the bath- room with their eyes half open and their hair all messed up. " ' «.|r I 44 45 Senior- " It ' s hell living next to the bathroom and waking up to the music of flushmg toi- lets. " unlor: " The other day 1 took a shower and a this brown water and crap came out of the spigot. " 46 Senior: " The shower doors have been broken for four years now. " Senior: " Hell is: taking a shower and someone flushes the toilet and you get scalded; taking a shower and remembering you forgot your towel; having someone in the shower stall next to you at 6 a.m. who can ' t carry a tune. " Freshman: " Getting up in the morning is all right until halfway through the shower the hot water cuts out. " m ' ■ ' -r I 47 Senior " In yoga we teach that the greatest en- ergy of the day is when the sun comes up. 1 get up every morning and watch the sun- rise and do yoga exercises. It ' s beautiful and I feel great all day. " Senior: " Early, at sunrise, campus is quiet, only the echo of lonely footsteps, the soft cooing of pigeons, the sun rising over the chapel steeple. " Freshman: morning means rush hour - thousands of cars coming from all directions - like ter- mites out of the woodwork - descending on campus - fighting for parking spaces - and faces rushing off towards class. 48 I 4 |3-« » 49 Parking problems: about it. It ' s just terrible; in the ram, it s BAU. 50 51 Bicycling Freshman: " When you ride a bike you face several problems, one of which is that you ' re in one lane and you ' ve got gravel on the right side of you, and then there ' s this car that ' s trying to pass you in the same lane without go- ing over to the next one, blowing his horn. The result is that I ' m forced off the road. The worst people in this respect are bus drivers and truck drivers, it ' s terrifying to hear the loud roar of the engines in back of you. It sounds like they ' re going to run you down and they blow their huge horns time and time again and sneer at you as you lie in the gutter. " Sophomore: " When 1 bike to campus I have to go up that hill on University Boulevard which is a bummer. But coming home, I ride down the hill behind the University apartments (on University Boulevard) and it ' s really glorious, exciting and FAST! That ' s the best part about biking to campus - the ride home. I ' m scared to death riding through the traffic on Campus Drive though, especially around 4:30 p.m. You can ' t really trust the drivers. And sometimes you can hold traffic up because the car behind you is afraid to pass you. That ' s one reason why the University should have separate bike lanes or paths. " 52 I I il L . i . f 1 53 54 fW: U;,-.-i ' « . !gb- ' -- " ■; :- ■■■. . i .■ z i ' •■ - ' • ' - ■I- ■■•. dl ' S Student parking: Senior: " For students, I think it ' s ridiculous. They assign more than one car per space on the assumption that not everybody will be here at the same time. My first semester as a full-time student I paid $30 in parking fines, most of them from my assigned lot. " ,.«| £■ Area 55 j:i:: :a -V 56 What do you think of the campus? Freshman: " think the campus is beautiful. I like the architecture, the lawns or acreage- the wav it ' s set up. " ° ' Sophomore: " The campus is very boring, visually speaking. The only building which is visually exciting IS the architecture building. And what ' s more, it ' s depressing to be in the buildings except for the architecture building. " ' 57 Sophomore- " There is one building that fascinates me m ,ts interior planning and that is Tawes. You could be somewhere in there once, and never find it again. And nobody knows the place well enough to give you directions on how to get somewhere else in the building. Senior " The computers went wild on the new room numbers. In the journalism building they even numbered the water fountains. I don ' t think any one likes the new system because all over campus the doors have masking tape with the old numbers beside the white plastic new ones. 58 :;:.-?SS3.U-S. " ' 59 RETURNEDBEIOW ■I 60 Freshman: " I tell you, the people never throw away their trash. It ' s a disgusting place to relax - you ' d think people would have more self-respect. There are ample cans provided. " 61 What about classroom conditions? Fifth year senior: " As a left-handed person 1 would I ' e to complain about the fact that this entire university has only four left-handed desks. lunior- " The conditions of the classrooms depend on when they were built, I guess. There are a lot of really nice classrooms on campus, and there are a lot of really rotten ones. " Sophomore: " It ' s really strange the variety of conditions you ' ll find in campus classrooms. I mean, you ' ll have one class in a room that s carpeted good accoustics, a movie screen that works and so on. Then you ' ll have your next class in an echoey room that they must have forgotten to finish building - very stark and plain, y ' know? " 63 Sophomore: " I think a majority of exams are probably necessary, but there are some that are completely farcical and don ' t test what concepts you have learned in the course at all. " Freshman: " Exams are such a bad trip. You pull an all-nighter, hoping that what you ' re studying will be what the professor thinks is important and what he considers good enough to put on the exam. " Freshman: " You know, sometimes the conditions under which you take the exams are really far from the ideal. I took an exam in Cole (great place for taking an exam, right?) and they couldn ' t find out how to turn on the lights for the first ten minutes, at least. That ' s a little thing, but it doesn ' t help. " Senior: " I think exams are the most terrible conglomeration of unimportant information. I think they ' re completely irrelevant and un- important. They deal with specific facts that have nothing whatsoever to do with the im- portant concepts taught in the courses. Exam classrooms are noisy and there is a lot of cheating. " 65 . ' ■ ' ---J 69 « ■ ' .. I i 70 % % " mm I PA I " 9 - 71 McKeldin Library: Freshman: " It ' s an excellent place to study. And they have excellent security measures. Most of the guards are pleasant. I ' ve only encountered one that was rude - it must have been his off day. The facilities are excellent, but it ' s faster to walk up the stairs than to use the elevator. " -■rifc. j;-y.i ' :Tait. nrrtLfi 5-23 ' i " 11 What do you think of Macke? junior: " I ' m glad you asked me that. I was always getting swindled by the machines. I would put my dime in and it wouldn ' t give me anything. The rooms that they have the machines in are warm, so this means when you get your candy bar out of the machine, it drips all over your hands. " Faculty: " Macke food is convenient when pressed for time. Unfortunately, the food is not as good as the prepared foods you can find in a cafeteria or a restaurant. " Fifth year Senior: " I once offered my dog a half of a Macke cookie and he buried it. " Fresliman: " I ' m allergic to most of the stuff in there, anyway. Occasionally I ' ll get a bun, against my better judgment. I usually wish I hadn ' t. " ilii: 74 75 V ■k sj I w — " » .v f s V ■ I VN ' V ? I|£|: 2 1 " . mT: . «£ 77 What do you think of the dining halls? r m Sophomore: " I eat in dining hall 1 quite often. I don ' t like the food in general, but I basically have no other place to go. Dining hall 1 is nearest and cheapest and has more variety. " lunior: " I eat there all the time. The food is ok. The only other place to eat is the Student Union and it ' s a real sty. When the dining hall is crowded, it ' s not as crowded as the Student Union. Plus, they don ' t have that damned juke box, which I hate. " Ai Wt HAD tOFFtC LIKfTHIS OtO BOARD THE S-S-TARBABY ONCE BUT AT LtAST Vn E WERE ABLE TO HERO IT BELONA INTO THE BRIG BFFORE IT COULD GET ANYBODY-.— 79 Freshman: " Occasionally 1 do go over there with friends. It ' s kind of far. I usually bring my own sandwich and adorn it with whatever they have. It ' s less expensive. They do have a good sandwich bar there - that ' s mainly why people go there. Other than that their food is the same stock of food as all over campus. " 80 81 82 83 Sophomore: " Last spring I got hit in the face with a frisbee and broke two teeth. " • — X • , 84 m ■ ' ' i.fll ' ■ jatJC ' 85 Evangelism: Sophomore: " You can ' t live in a dorm without being accosted twice a week by a Jesus freak. If your door is open, they just walk right in. " Sophomore: " I know a girl who did it until they asked her to shave all her hair off. Then she quit. " Senior: " Oh, they all look alike to me. " 86 87 What do you think of the Maryland Medieval Mercenary Militia? Freshman: " What ' s that? " Senior: " They ' re crazy. I had a roommate once who took a class in mail-making. You know, those chain vests they wear. " 88 i»?.lj r i 89 junior: I think the University should replace that statue of a dumb turtle in front of the library with a symbol more fittmg the high calibre of this University, like a bronze statue of a jackal wretching. " Tiii Tiiar TRIAIS : 90 91 How do you compare student activism here with other schools? Chancellor: " Students are more active here ... I think it ' s good that they are concerned. " Senior: " There ' s definitely more apathy towards political consciousness today than three years ago. That ' s a fact, definitely. The only reason I said that was because when I interviewed people before the elections almost everybody was for McGovern, but no one had any facts or reasons to substantiate their opinions. " WRONG TT X o; nm tLtcT 0H NO ELECTlONEERmC WITHjN 100 FEETJF POLLING ROOM 93 Senior: " I think that everybody should get out and listen to what is being said, and at least be open minded towards what is happen- ing, rather than just taking an attitude very far one way or very far the other way. Even three years ago, living over in the complexes, the apathy was rampant because they weren ' t hassled with tear gas and police right out front their doors. " Sophomore: " The turnout for the two major demonstrations this year (the march on Nixon ' s headquarters and the Louisiana State rally) was really ludicrous. Shana Alexander in Newsweek was really right on target when she said that America was sleeping. America is sleeping and the University has been hibernating for quite a long time now. " Graduate Student: " I think the demonstrations have failed to attract much support or interest because I don ' t think the campus (well, not just the campus, it ' s the whole country) has the energy. We ' re just numb. Like the constant drips of water wearing down the grand canyon. " c- - COMMEMTS ONLY FULL TIME STUDENTS ELIGIBLE FOR ALL MEDICAL TREATMENT D Cirds Miy Br gefuesltil 96 The Infirmary? Sophomore: " They ' re not the greatest service in the whole world, but it ' s kinda reassuring to know they ' re there, just in case something bad happens. But if something bad did happen, you ' d probably die sitting in the waiting room. The waiting . . . it ' s awful, it ' s ridiculous, but inevitable, I guess. " junior: " The infirmary has a lack of medical doctors; they need to hire more. They ' re also far behind the times; they waited until this year to extend the visiting hours. " Nurse: " We ' re trying to be all things to all people and it ' s humanly impossible. But we keep on, we keep on. " 97 What do you think of the aboratory courses? junior: " The botany field trip to the golf course is stupid because all you do is get hit in the head with a golf ball. " 98 99 Senior: " 1 took a Botany lab and I ' m allergic to pollen, so I had to take allergy pills before we did the lab on pollen. " Freshman: " find it kind of piecemeal and not really intensive enough to be beneficial. My past teacher was lacking in enthusiasm. He regarded it as a chore, so everyone looked forward to a chore everyday. " rv.- . . h 1 100 101 Sophomore: " I ' m very sensitive towards frogs. I hate to kill them. You bend their heads over and stick a pin in their brains and stir it around. It ' s a waste of good frogs. " 103 What about the barn? junior: " I ' ve never been to the barn, but I ' ve been to the Grill twice. " junior: " used to live in Denton hall and I had to walk to my math class past the chicken coops and those chickens smelled. I don ' t like chickens. " Freshman: " They ' re terrible - Yeech. It really is grotesque. In the summer they have a kind of bog where the cows wallow in shit. The pond is undrained and the bacteria multiply like mad - the stench downwind is too much. " BI F Ip " ■ V 4 105 What do you do to relax? Freshman: " In nicer weather 1 simply fall asleep by the nearest bush. In cold weather it ' s hard to find a place to relax. The buildings don ' t have any lounges. " r- .■ -li iU: . 107 Freshman: " There really isn ' t a lot around here for real relaxation; I mean that in the sense of structural things to do. " !.»-»J!» ' " 108 34L .: ' :iis::. " ii st5(» » " .. ■ ■ ■ y ■ -ii jr •». ' -;W!S« «-5 109 r no xr. " ■ ' t. :iu 111 112 ■■yj g -rzsap wy y W r y r ' m-A « a Mi r Mij»n 113 • ' : ' - - -t i ■ ■ r» flP r ■ II iiMWi 1 1 1 ' :i 114 rj »6- » ' s ' ' " d " i ' ;i« S« " » ■■Wmwffyr m I I .. - - S . Freshman: " I thought that the univer- sity was such a large place that I would meet lots of people and make lots of friends; but actually it ' s a very lonely place. I ' ve met very few people. Everyone needs a few close friends who they can really open up to and be them- selves around. " junior: " Dating is old fashioned. Now people don ' t date — they build relationships, lust like now people don ' t converse, they have a dia- logue. It ' s all a matter of a chang- ing culture. " S fisJ 115 m!m :. ,.;. 5J ??if£ -«6_.S «« ' - " Senior: " In the last few years the campus resembled a mud hole, but I guess that is to be expected with all of the construction. " junior: " There ' s nothing as refreshing as walking to class in ankle deep mud — yuck! " Freshman: " When it rains they ought to call this place College Falls and open it up as a honey- moon resort. It beats Niagara Falls anyday. " Senior: " Why fight it? Mud is a part of nature so why not get into it and enjoy it . . . sort of get- ting back to nature. " 117 118 Senior: " I figure it cost more for me to park at the University in the last four years than to pay for tuition, room, board and fees. " Senior: " I ' ve paid enough in parl ing ticl ets to build my own garage. " junior: " The university should spend less money paying students to patrol parking lots and more money building them. " Senior: " The only way that you know there are cops on campus is if you park illegally or start a riot. " 119 120 Senior: " Somebody once stole my headlights right out of the car while I was in class. " junior: " Campus cops are no help. Once I was stranded on parking lot 1 and couldn ' t get into my car. A campus cop stopped but said he couldn ' t get near the car or touch it. " 121 122 Derby Day Derby Day, held Oct. 28, 1972, was sf onsored by Sigma Chi traternity. It is held nationally by chapters of Sigma Chi to support Wallace Village, a home tor nominally retarded children in Colorado. Ten sororities participated in a week long competition for points by selling raffle tickets and participating in the sorority Olympics in Ritchie Coliseum. The Olympics included such activi- ties as beer chugging, inner-tube race, egg throwing contest, tri-cycle race and foul shooting. The event ended in a party at the Sigma Chi house. $1400 was collected during the week, $150 of which, after expenses, was donated to Wal- lace Village. Freshman: " It ' s easier to grab a sandwich or snack or go out to eat than cook a meal tor one person. Besides who has time to cook a decent meal — and it ' s almost impossible to get all your roommates to- gether to eat at the same time. " Junior: " Eating in dorm rooms can be pleasant — soft music, can- dle light and good food - if you can cook a gourmet din- ner on a hot plate. 125 126 127 Freshman: " There is inadequate parking around the dorms and the parking available is usually too far away for moving in or out. Students have to lug re- frigerators, stereos, TVs, food, etc. for long distances and if they park in the firelanes while moving in, the campus police will ticket the cars and threaten to tow them away. In the complexes, if the elevators are broken on moving day, it ' s a disaster. Have you ever tried to lug a refrigerator, stereo, or TV up nine floors? " Senior: " Frustration is being a very neat person and hav- ing a very sloppy roommate. Something has got to give. Usually we compromise and take turns clean- ing up. " junior: " Cleaning up the apartment can be a real pain, but I don ' t mind, because I just think of it as a study break. " Senior: " Once the moving is finished, decorating can be a real blast. Each room has its own personality that reflects the person living there. Roommates can be the greatest joy of college life or the greatest horror. The whole relationship depends on consideration, tolerance, learning to be an open person. The result can be life long friends or enemies, but whatever the result, it forces each individual to take a serious look at himself and how he appears to others. " 128 Freshman: " All the parties at the beginning and end of semesters are really great to meet new people and have fun. " Senior: " Mixers in dorms have traditionally been flops, but par- ties and dances in the dining halls have at- tracted more people and been more suc- cessful in the last year. " Senior: " Night is the best time in the dorm because usually ev- eryone is in. Groups of friends can get together and talk, lis- ten to music or study. Everyone sort of opens up at night, takes it easy, lets loose. " 130 H R l | HK ' ' C( ' ' ' ' f IHv ; B|iH | IBstV Vt H|: ' ' :: ' ' ' IHb li H WW 1 b L H|f v ' - ' - ' f ■R w 1H HnB ' lF SM ■r ifc : -. .;-;v .KfLj ML.J B ■■w B J| H ■ Im- - ' ' mfWKmmK H 131 Senior: " In a university this size, it takes time, patience and perseverance to meet and make friends. At least it offers a great variety of people - a chance to experience many kinds of people before you decide on the very special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. " Senior: " The university offers a great place for dates. There are always several movies playing, lectures, plays, concerts of all types, and many other types of entertainment. " 133 ' i »-- !! S a,VE TO THE MARCH AGAINST MUSCULAR DVSTROPHY I ' ll Keep Him Smiling Dance for Those who C NT !t, ' %« VLJUi Will You Help Keep Him Alive? NOUf fAi ' C-A l. MUSCULAR DVSTROPHY ASSOCIATIONS OF AMERICA ' ,. t»v if m mi 134 •ttlWiWRWOSEWI 135 Dance Marathon Collects $42,000 For Muscular Dystrophy On November 10 through 12, Phi Sigma Delta fraternity sponsored the annual " Dance For Those Who Can ' t " Mara- thon, to raise money for muscular dystrophy. Fifty-two cou- ples, sponsored by campus organizations, dorms, fraternities, sororities and outside groups who gathered money to sup- port their dancers, danced through the week-end. Celebrities such as Pat Paulsen, several of the Washington Redskins, the cast of " Senior Prom " and staff members of WDON, a coun- try and western radio station, performed. The marathon received national newspaper and television coverage. Although most of the couples were from the uni- versity and local schools, some couples returned this year from as far away as South Dakota and North Carolina State. This year $42,000 was raised to help the fight against muscu- lar dystrophy. Charles Sinclair of Alpha Gamma Rho fraterni- ty, and Chris Coch of Alpha Xi Delta sorority, were the win- ning dance team. They each won a $3,000 scholarship for their sponsoring organization, and a trip to Acapulco. i L | y J s " 1 1 , -— ■ u ' " v 1 ' 1 V i t A Senior: " Parties have changed emphasis over the last four years on campus. Before, par- ties were larger, more drinking and louder. Although students still drink their quota, drugs, especially marijuana, are now more prevalent. " Senior: " The dorms aren ' t as friendly as they used to be. A few years ago everyone in the dorm knew one another and everyone got together for parties, raps or bull ses- sions. Now people stay to themselves more. Dorm life is dying. " Freshman: Greek parties are still a good way to meet the opposite sex. An opportunity to get to know others in the house and people in other houses. A good way to loosen up after a week of classes and studying. Senior: Frat parties are still popular for relaxing after a rough week. Theme parties aren ' t as popular as they once were, but there is still plenty of action on the row. Freshman: Many students feel that greek life is on the way out at the university but that ' s not really true. There may be less greeks in num- ber, but the quality of greek pro- grams have improved. It is great to be able to have a feeling of be- longing to a small group on such a large campus. 140 Senior: " Studying is one of those necessary evils of college life. There simply is no way to avoid it. I should know — I ' ve been trying to for four years. " Freshman: " I really don ' t mind studying if it is quiet and I ' m comfortable. The dorms are really too noisy, and most of the time I end up in the library. " 143 Entertainment 144 junior: " Hooray for the new Student Union Theatre — at last a real the- atre instead of the ballroonn. " junior: " University Theatre has im- proved a lot in the last few years but there should be more produc- tions, not just two or three shows a semester. " Sopiiomore: " Plays are a little too sen- sual — exploiting and losing values. " junior: " It ' s gotten worse since I started. I ' d like to see more of the large concerts. The plays are good — es- pecially University Theatre. " Cast Carousel 146 Street Car Named Desire Cast Stanley Cowalski )oe Mullins Stella Cowalski Micki Nucker Blanche DuBois Susan Schneider Eunic Hubbell |udy Flom Steve Hubbell Mark Zelenka Harold Mitchell (Mitch) George Bonitant Director Roger Meersman 147 King Richard III Cast Richard, Duke of Gloucester Ralph Glickman Sir William Gatesby Joseph Mullin George, Duke of Clarence Chuck Dick William, Lord Hastings George C. Bonifant Lady Anne Neville Susan |. Schneider Queen Elizabeth Ionia Zelenka Earl Rivers Patrick A. Murphy Thomas Grey, Marquis of Dorset Glen Morgan Duke of Buckingham Alexander Korff Lord Stanley, Earl of Derby Reid Sasser Old Queen Margaret of Anjou Leslie Seleznow King Edward IV Frederick Schmidt Duchess of York Cynthia Chemay Young Duke of York Gregory |. Coale Henry, Earl of Richmond led Springfield Director Ronald T. O ' Leary 148 4% V junior: " For entertainment buy a bottle of wine and climb a tree on the chape lawn and watch to see how close Venus will come to the moon. " Senior: " stopped going to concerts after freshman year. Between the smel of wine and the smoke from grass, you get too high to enjoy the enter- tainment. The concerts, especially at Richie, have become really teeny-bop- per. " RICHIE HAVEHS ?fiiN- 150 James Taylor Livingston Taylor 151 America Don McLean 152 1 pMHHj i n B k m _:, -mM 1 lk ' f i • o Country Grass 153 Senior: " Colleges should not be concerned with en- tertainment and sports, but academics. " junior: " The campus is conveniently located between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, so entertain- ment is no problem. It there ' s nothing happen- ing on campus you can always go to George- town or the block. " Sophomore: " The concerts the music department puts on are good, if you like that kind of mu- sic. " Chapel Choir mm - ' : ' ,:. ' :il • I --; ' . 1 m 154 Freshman: " Whatever hap- pened to the good old days when people enter- tained themselves? " Sophomore: " It would be nicer if there were little con- certs on weekends so that there ' d be more to choose from. " Senior: " Much entertainment on campus is unpublicized, and goes unnoticed — such as classical music concerts, modern dance shows, reader ' s theatre, poetry readings and evening lec- tures. There is something here for everyone if they just make an effort to find it. " 155 Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament Maryland 77 Clemson 61 73 Wake Forest 65 M ■■ Of the players on the Maryland team, Tom McMillen made the Ail Eastern Regional team, the All Atlantic Coast Conference, first team, and four other All American teams. McMillen played on the United States Olympic team in Munich, Germany, last summer. McMillen and John Lucas made the Atlantic Coast Conference All Tournament team, and Lucas made both the Collegiate Basketball Writers team and the Rook- ey All American team. In addition, Len Elmore made the All Atlantic Coast Conference, second team. ACC Tournament Maryland 74 N.C. State 76 ' National Collegiate Athletic Association Tournament Maryland 91 Syracuse 75 158 i. NCAA Tournament Maryland 89 Providence 105 M 159 when Lefty Driesell came here, he promised to make the Terrapins the " UCLA of the East. " His promise has not yet been fully realized, but this season came close with 23 wins and 7 losses. The fans followed the team close- ly, with 18 games completely sold out. ' of the individual players on the team, the top scorers were Tom McMillen, with 573 points, jim O ' Brien, with 468, and John Lucas, with 384. Two players, O ' Brien and McMillen, have scored over 1,000 points in their career. Basketball Season Record Maryl and Mary and 127 Brown 82 78 N.C. State 89 82 Richmond 50 81 Duke 85 107 Canisius 80 83 Fordham 72 99 Georgetown 73 93 Buffalo 64 88 George Washington 79 85 North Carolina 95 90 Georgia Tech 55 69 Clemson 66 90 Syracuse 76 81 Duquesne 71 76 Kent State 58 96 Duke 68 79 Clemson 75 60 Wake Forest 62 93 Virginia 74 92 Virginia 81 85 N.C. State 87 n Clemson 61 76 Navy 67 73 Wake Forest 65 105 Wake Forest 76 74 N.C. State 76 100 Long Island 73 91 Syracuse 75 94 North Carolina 88 89 Providence 103 160 f:4 r — ■ .» P T w ' -- OL 163 164 m aSm ipg TIMEOUT " IE H...., :[||] PLAYER FOULS TEAM BOWub ♦ TEAM HH H FOULS PERIOD FOULS H5 H 5 BRY THRNK5 166 ,,. 5 Ji. 167 ,A « 169 170 s. 171 ,j JEjC - _ - ■ ' ■ y . Ri F-2 t i 174 f . ■I ' f . ¥!«».» -i iJBij. : 4 x- ' in» ' 4M- T,H,Tf vr.. a •-♦♦a. .,iw.i»-. BANK SUBURBAN TRUST ilKUM ' !;.ii i: ' i " jjii MflRYLHND 2mmm QUHRTER H m DOWl VUKTOGO RAH ON ■sMirrrastw awiisra U • • • i- ,» 0-«=;f .■ : " !; ' : . ■ qf7,„,.,A. ,; :yfts ■ ' )f w» 176 Footba The football season ended with a break-even rec- ord of 5-5-1. This is a definite improvement over the past seven consecutive losing seasons. When jerry Clairborne assumed the duties of head football coach, the team had finished last in defense in the Atlantic Coast Conference. This year, the Terrapins led the conference in defense, despite the fact that there were only two seniors in the starting lineup. Season Record Maryland 24 N.C. State 24 26 North Carolina 31 28 W.M.I. 16 12 Syracuse 16 23 Wake Forest 37 Villanova 7 14 Duke 20 24 Virginia 23 16 Penn State 46 31 Clemson 6 8 Miami 28 177 Cross Country The Cross-Country team finished the season with a 10-1 record. They came in first in the Atlantic Coast Conference Championships, held in Clemson, South Carolina, with Kenny Umbarger setting a new record of 26:07.4 in the S ' s mile race. The team also placed 6th out of 17 teams in the National Collegiate Athletic Associa- tion District 3 Championships, held in Knoxville, Tennes- see; and 17th out of 34 teams in the NCAA Champion- ships held in Houston, Texas. 179 Wrestling The wrestling team, under Coach William E. " Sully " Krouse, captured first place in the Atlantic Coast Conference this year. This is their twentieth consecutive ACC title. The two participants named Outstanding Wrestlers most frequently during the year were Dave Strauss, at 150 pounds, and Rich Ragan, at 190 pounds. 180 Baseba ' - « The baseball team this year (Spring 72) had an 18-10 season, with Bob Grossman pitching two no-hitters, and Richard Fillings pitching one. Gross- man made the first team. All Confer- ence, and was named baseball " Ath- lete of the Year " in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Two other players, Mike Baier and Vince Bateman, made second team. All Conference. The leading hit- ter of the A.C.C. was Skip Smith, with an average of 70. According to Coach Jackson, the team last year did a very outstanding job. " We could have won the confer- ence as well as anyone else. We expect to have a successful year this year. " 181 Soccer The soccer team this year ended the season with a 4-4-2 record. Two players made the Atlantic Coast Conference All American Team: Mike Wilson, voted all american wing, and George Tarasites. Tarasites made the ACC for the second time, with honors in the two positions of lineman and goalie. i 182 Rugby ■ ' I ' ASHiNGTON RUGBY CLUB IT THKES LERTHER BnUSTO PLRV RUGBV Minn 1 nil 183 Gymkana I 11 ' k t js t 184 Swimming n m ' -i ■ ? " a sgJB ' -t gi i 185 Lacrosse Ice Hockey 186 Fencin DJO — -t- 187 ■W 0 Intramural Sports ' 188 ilR " ' 1 „i b 189 WMUC Staff General Manager: Mike Collins Program Director: Jay Kernis Operations Manager: Gred Bitting Chief Engineer: Russ Brown Promotions Director: Dave Brown Business Manager; Hillary Lavine Music Director: Peter Doherty News Director: Peter Doherty Assistant News Directors: Herb Perone, Dennis Dun- lavy, Ken Norkin Sports Director: Fred Landau 190 HI III 111 III III HI lii III ■Si III G50 Mike Collins: " We sit here in [be Gulch and look up at the new dining hall where WMUC will soon set up its new home. This is the culmination of years of pleading, hoping and dreaming which will become a reality for the station next year. The new studios were designed by staff members of the sta- tion — Gred Bitting, Alan Dunn and Rich Friedell, and when completed will provide the university with one of the finest radio facilities anywhere in the area. " )ay Kermis: " This is the first year WMUC has used what is called a ' sweep ' format. That is to say, a format in which the music starts out light in the morning and as the day progresses, the music becomes heavier. We feel this has been very successful, judging by listener response. " 191 First Row Allen C Jackson, Michael Dolan, William E, Edgeworth, Richard W Lee, Saul Sosnowski Second Row: Donna Peterson, Michael Fribush, Chad Neighbor, Daniel Webster. Maryland Media, Incorporated As the 1960 ' s crumbled to a halt, the University administration and Board of Regents faced the horns of a considerabledilemma: student pub- lications (most notably and con- stantly, Argus magazine) were be- coming increasingly obstreperous in their subject matter and editorial at- titude. Printing contracts were being cancelled and or left unhonored,due to what one merry inkster termed " obscene and unpatriotic " content. Libel slander obscenity suits loomed. What can a poor bureaucrat do, except to assign a commission to study the problem? So they did. Dr. Charles Schultze, economics lecturer and fairhaired boy of the stu- dent body since his chairing of the strike meetings in Spring, 1970, was appointed to head a study group which would consider the twofold responsibility, editorial and fiscal, of student publications. The Schultze Commission, after due deliberation, produced a lengthy opinion, the gist of which urged that the University form an independent publications corporation, whose existence would effect a de ur s, if not c e facto, separation of student publications from the University, m the event of a lawsuit or like court action. The day-to-day role of the corporation would be to develop self-supporiing student publications by consolidating assets, increasing advertising, and gradually weaning the newspaper, magazines, and year- book away from Mother SGA. After nearly two years, that aim seems well on its way toward ac- complishment. Maryland Media, Inc., has sur- vived so far, and survived quite nicely. The shock of SGA ' s initial, and much-belated fund allocation has come and gone, and genuine progress has been made toward that primary goal of solvent self-support. Publications that currently be- long to MM! include; The Diamondhack, the campus daily, which has consistently won national acclaim for its quality. The Black Explosion, a biweekly newspaper of, for, and by, the cam- pus Black community. Argus dimension magazine, a hybrid animal composed of equal parts Argus, the old glossy monthly, and dimension, the DBK ' s weekly fea- ture supplement. Ca vert, thecampus literary maga- zine, which has traditionally appeared irregularly. And, of course, the Terrapin, which you now hold in your hot lit- tle hands. Also included in the MMI stable but not currently operative is the Course Guide, whose resurgence is even now being plotted. Without getting lost in corporate bylaws and legal infra-structure, the Board of Directors is comprised of: William Edgeworth, chairman of the Board and President of the Cor- poration. Dr. Richard Lee, vice-president and treasurer of the corporation. Dr. Lee is an associate professor in the lournalism department. Michael ). Dolan, secretary of the board. Mike is editor-in-chief of Argus dimension magazine. Chad Neighbor, editor-in-chief of the Diamondback. I. William Hill, associate editor of the Washington Star-News. Kenneth Harter, associate editor of the Washington Post. W. Daniel Webster, editor of the Terrapin. Sarah McFadden, vice-president of the Student Government Associa- tion. Dr. Saul Sosnowsky, associate professor in the Language Depart- ment. Allan lackson, publisher of the Annapolis Evening Capitol. Michael Fribush, business man- ager of the corporation. The board meets on a more-or- less monthly basis to deal with cor- poration business, and to discuss problems and future plans. So, there you have it: Maryland Media, Incorporated. A struggling young business enterprise, safe from the slings and arrows of the commer- cial world by virtue of its location in the groves of academie. - Michael . Dolan Black Explosion Staff Editor-in-Chief; Sondra Dawson Associate Editor: Patricia WIneeler Managing Editor: Stanley Cofield News Editor: Gregory Countess Photography Editor: Ernest Gayles Business Manager: Arthur Green Sondra Dawson: " We ' ve been able to expand in that we ' ve gone from a monthly publica- tion to a bi-weekly. We plan to expand some more, but I ' m not at liberty to say how at this time because we haven ' t made final plans yet. " Pat Wheeler: " We ' re trying to get more blacks interested in journalism — tree expression and good journalistic technique. " Diamondback Staff Editor-in-Chief; Chad Neighbor Managing Editors: Michael Powell, loan lacobson, Pete Mekeel Assistant Managing Editors: Nancy Frazier News Editor: Kim Keister Assistant News Editors: Anne Farrington, Aletha Yurewicz Business Manager: Carole Franks Photography Editor: Ernest Bush Chad Neighbor: " Well, I hope it ' s going bigger - I mean, that ' s the main thing - more pages and more stories as a result. And more money, which makes for more indepen- dence. " Bishop: " ... a very good student paper. For the most it is rather accurate. You have to expect some mistakes as a part of learning. " 194 Argus Dimension Staff Editor: Mike Dolan Associate Editor: Debbie Prager Staff: Stu Armstrong, Bart Brown, Carlos Cardona, Mary |o Ford, Mark Kernis, Barry Putterman, Gene Deems, Robin Herron. 1973 TERRAPIN Executive Staff i I II - 196 197 I?IJUN[JS 198 Terrapin Staff Editor-in-Chief: Daniel Webster Managing Editor; Alice Bailey Layout Editor: Use Whisner Photography Editor: Edward Potskowski Assistant Photography Editor: James Holwager Business Manager: Charles Rosenblatt Copy Writers: Vickie Beard, Anne Farrington, Anna Filippi, Faith Beall Artists: Tobey Conner, Karl Molner, George Clausen Photographers: Steve Swartz, Henry Dabrowski, Barbara Bramman, David Kosotsky, Robert Douglas, Joseph Postman, Linda Britt, John Suska. rf -J 199 Reed Whittemore, former poetry consultant to the Library of Congress. Literary Editor, New Republic . . . So here we are - students, teachers, scholars - Distinguished (except for myself) for our grades and intelligence, And wed to the many grave virtues of the past Such as honor, tolerance, manners, and breadth of vision. That our institutional fund raisers make much of With our books piled to the ceilings, and our pins and keys And funny old pipes and accents queer, We ' re of use it seems, to the cloisters to which we adhere Like ivy sere, Of use as props or in bit parts in the staging Of that clumsy archaic play called " Arts and Humanities " . . . from " Return, Alpheus " in Poems, new and selected by Reed Whittemore © 1967 University of Minnesota Press, (Minneapolis.) 200 ' i. ' ' i } " --.r - -•, • ' . . ■X! ffl 1 f J e :.ju ' ; W . .• ' ..... ' - Chancellor Bishop: " The most frustrating aspect of this university is that it is so large one can ' t know enough about it. " " I am very proud of the campus reorganiza- tion, and the modules. Students are better satisfied in the modules than anywhere else on campus. " I 202 Senior: " It takes someone who has been at this campus a tew years to appreciate Chancellor Charles Bishop. Before Bishop, the administra- tion seemed totally removed from student con- tact and student opinion. Bishop is probably one of the best things that has happened to this campus in years. He has at least opened up the lines of communication between students and administration needed to run this campus effectively. " 203 Sophomore: " Does the administration really exist? Lite on campus is like predestination - you really can ' t affect anything. " Freshman: " Total disorganization. They haven ' t got it to- gether at North Administration. Nobody knows what ' s going on, and they act like you ' re inconveniencing them it you ask a question. " junior: " This campus is so big - it just amazes me how the administration can keep it running so smoothly. " . SUPPORT . ■ % DEFENDANTS STOP ROTC _ 8 n S T R AT 1 0 - " ' ' f--. -.-. € • TRIALS 205 206 207 208 Austin, C. Babnigg, L. Baden, M. Bailey, A Baker, J. Bojko, H. Baumgarten, S. Bayly, M Beall, F. Beard, V. Beckett, D. Berg, L. Clark, K Clements, Emme, P. Cohen, D. Countee, V. Curto, P. BIssell, C. Blivess, S. Blackistone, B. Burns, C. Blackistone, J. Chernev, W. Blass, C Chromiak, S. 209 L- Davis T Dawson P Decter R DeDonato J Deneroff D Dickinson L. Dickson J, DIener J. Dietsch E Diglrolamo K Doetsch S. Edelman G Erhard J Fairchild S. Farren J Feldman A. Filippi S FIshbein M Flott D Foreman V. Fowler R Freeman 210 K Frye E. Gaffney J. Garber I. Greenstein L Gevantmar R Hancock J Goldberg J. Harwell C. Greene J Henderson 211 I. Heneson D Hughes J. Jackson J. Jason C Hoffman M. Hurwitz E Janzegers W Jordan 1 J. Kemp J. Klaric B. Kerchner S Kline M Ken vin D Kolman 212 J. Lang D Liard L. Leggett R. Lishinsky S. Leonard A. LIttlepage E. Levin J- Livornese C. Lohmeier M Lojacono J Louis K. McClellan S. Lowenstein P. McGuire D. Luplnetti K. McNickle S. McCabe P. Mande lman T Manekin J. Marlnko 213 S. Masakowski N, Mathias D, Matz H. Mazer B. Miller L Mintz L. Monsheimer B. Moskowitz B. Mueller S. Mulvey J M uzzy J. OConnell P, Ostrander J Pachino L Palau J Parkins 214 N Paymer R, Peabody E, Penn G, Petros A Powell % w . Queen H Rand R Reppa B. Richardson S Ritterpusch E, Robinson T. Rooney C. Rotman C Roos M. Rothberg 215 M Rubino J. Saylor S Rubick M. Schuller M. Saunders R. Scotti J. Sevigny G. Smith R. Shea J. Smith P. Skocz M Solomon J Slipow E. Sorin G Smith P Stafford 216 D Stanford M. Sweeny D. Stevens J. Taylor HH H V l H I B HHplF ' ' . 1 BS9I A- Vina S. Voshell S. Waters W Webster R Welner P. Wheeler C. Whisner 1. Whisner D. Wilkerson S Zandman 217 Behavioral and Social Services 218 J. Abbuhl C. Awkard S, Adier R, Banvard Ahalt P. Barnes S. Arnold A. Bass M Austin L. Beach A. Berger W. Berry M Best R. Blacklstone J. Blasenstein R. Bodell D. Breldall R. Brenner 219 M Brilliant C Bronson F Bruce A. Burgess D. Brokke C. Brown G Bujac K. Burke MfNwrw««i frfinfy tt R Callaway E Capelle S Cannon J Caponiti M Canter M. Cardwell 220 -- C Carlson D. Chew H. Carrick G. Cohen B. Cavanagh J Cohen A. Chan S. Cohen J, Coleman M- Conlin W Connelly R. Curran E. Costello R. Curtin E. Crecente R. Dalgewicz B. Cumbie S Darnell M. Datlow J. Deflbaugh 221 E. Der A. Dickman S. Dorazio B. Dybalski R. DeWitt R Dolinsky E. Drawbridge A. Edwards R Eikner N Feldman D Ensor J. Ferrara D Errigo P. Fine 222 £iM V. Forrester L. Gbadamosi K. Gasman A Gehauf K- Geller P- Giller M. Gerstein M. Gilson D Gigler R Goldburg W Goodwin M. Gorgchow M Green berg J. Gross H. Ha G. Haas T, Hall H. Harper K. Heintzelman M, Herbst L. Hessberg R. Hilton 223 R Hoheisel B. Norton T- Huppman S Holland S Hovidobre James J Hopkins H Huffman M. Jason R. Hopkins E- Hugler G. Jones S Jones L. Judelson S. Karlin W. Katcef 224 If J P Kaylor K. Keating M Kesslnger D. Kirby P. Kirshstein c. Koch R, Krause F. Krimm G Krumnne J. Kurdyla T. Lackey S. Lane D Lawrence R. Lawrence M, Leaf L. Lee S- Lee C. Lenander R. Livingston R. Lerner W. Llewllyn J Lewis N, Long M. Lipsitz J Lyon 225 M McAbee M. Mabra R McCarthy S- Mackler J McConnaughey A Mattheis R Nelson K Noonan N Nickel A Nucciarone R Mendoza D. Mimm D Middleton J Nachman T. Mieike J Nathanson T O ' Malley A Orzechowski D, Payne F Orifici S. Parker M Perry 226 G. Petrone M. Queen E Reamy A, Rizer K Reed M. Robinson M Regan R Robinson A Rigas J. Rogers 227 J. Romero R Roos C Rosenblatt K Scepaniak M Schaeffer T. Rosenblat S Rosenblur H. Rubin G. Schaffer S Schatz D. Rudy W Ryan E Salander S. Sanford R Sarti J Savage 228 C- Schneider L. Schumacher P, Schultz S Schwartz H Schwartzapfel H- Siebert D, Sentman R. Silberman D. Shanker F. Silverstein L. Shear D. Smith G Sickmund E. Smith 229 ' ' • ' s R T. J. Smith Steinberg Stubblebine Sylvester T. Smith J. Still A Sugar L Tannenbaum R D J K Soraci Strouse Sullivan Thomas R Todd J. Tompros L. Triplett F. Troy C. Villa L. Voight S. VonBretzel C, Walker C Wallace R, Warner 230 i G Warren F Wemstein D. Westcott D. Wions P. White J. Wisor D. Wilk L. Wood R, Wineholt S. Wright 231 Human and Community Resources I 232 S. Allen C Aragon P. Bahor M Baldwin J Baumgardner J- Beardsley C. Berger S Berger H Binder K. Bishop P. Blank L. Blauth L. Abdow L Abell C Absher R. Ahern M. Alfonso S Bleackman H Bojko P Born M Bowman P. Boyd R. Boyle T. Brady J. Breslow 233 R Breunig S Brubaker N Brown M, Burke J Brown S. Burkoff J. Burns R- Cam C Calarco R- Caldwell S Capare K, Carpenter D Carter S Cartner J Cataldi L Chin 234 B- Coghill R. Collier M. Colbert C, Conrad " •fl r r iinris K Corcoran D Daniels D. Crampton C Darne P. Crapster T. DeMon M. Dalto D. Densock P Daly D. DeWitt 235 p Dials M Dinerman M DiPietro V. Dobson P Drake P. Duncan R, Durgin C Bwyer F. Eastham E. Edwards J Errigo S Evans I P Fahrner G Fensterwald M- Filling B, Fisher M. Fisher P. Feldman R Fields K, Finnell C- Fisher E Fishpaw 236 D. Foster D. Franclemont J. Franz J. Fries R. Garten R. Fuchs V. Genovese C. Gaffney S Gerzoff W. Gallenzzo W- Gobeil 237 Mm d G Gouchnour D. Goldsmith M. Goss F Grahn K. Golda E. Goldsmith J. Gould J. Griffith L Green E. Haines J Grubman S- Hamburg E. Grufferman G. Hamer 238 C. Hammond M Hardy J, Hanson S. Harger M, Harrison C, Held M- Hayes C. Helmick M, Hedrick S, Herrell K. Hess M Higdon S. Hill N. Hoff P. Hoffman S- Hoffman L Holets M Hopper R. Hughes J Humiston R Hummel K, Huson 239 Hutch! ns, E. Hylind, E. Hyman. K Johnson, L Johnston, W. Jones, B, Jones, P, Kandra, K Katz, G Kessler, D. Keast, C. Ketz, D. Keir, M. Kiddy, M, 240 Kim, M. Kimlicko, A. Kobre, K Kramer, R Krell, D Krissoff, R. Krome, M. Kurtz, S Laird, K, Lambert, D, Landson, A. Laucl a, I. Lane, B. Law, C. Larson, L. Leaf, D. Laster, D. Lee, C, Lee, K. Lee, M. 24: Leefer, N. Liberatore. A. Leventhal, L. Lingg, J. Levin, S. London, J. Lewis, C. Lorey, M. i Luzetsky, K. Lyies, D Lyons, C McGillicuddy, D. McKim, S. McMurray, B. Mah, J. Malin, J, Manley, J. Marchell, B 242 Mayer, L. Metz, B. Metz, M. Monaghan, P. Miles, S. Morral, W. Miller, E Muirhead, J Mirman, I. Minster, C. Mirochnik, F. Nixon, P 243 D Oldham P. O ' Neal S Nonn D. Noplack A. OKeefe K«o»eo soNiNo a»» swc. J ,■■ ;- ::sww:sss B. O ' Neale L. Ostrander M. Pallas C. Papiermelster A. Paskow P. PaskowskI L. Pellenbarg J. Perdue V. Perler B Pettit E. Pines L. Pitts 244 N Powell P Pozarek D. Proffitt J. Pzwarl R. Pagusa 71 MARYLAND K Ralford C. Reichart S. Remer P Richardson M. Ridge C. Rigdon S. Rimmer J. Ritter R. Rodeman J. Roper 245 c Rotter R. Rowen K Ryland B. Saffos T. Saffos J. Sagona P. Sandler S Sapplngton D. Sass A. Sattler G. Scfiikevitz M. Schmidt 246 M Schott E Schwartz J. Schwartz J, Scotch M- Segal T. Shand S, Shane J, Sharpe S. Shaw K Slagle B. Slavin B. Stolarz R. Smith E. Strenger Y. Soderstrum W. Surkis K. Stokes M. Teplitsky J- Terebuch M. Thoma 247 . C. Thomas J Triplett T Von Allmen D. Thomas N Tucker C Von Brieson J Thorpe M. Varney M Wadsworth L. Tolchin L. Vitelozzi A. Waldstein B Waters M Waters T Webber M Weinberger m SMOKING FOOD OR BEVERAGES ' PERMITTED IN ' LASSROOMS OR LABS D Weisz K. Whisman S. Wiggs M, Willensteiner C Wilkens P. Wilkerson D. Wille J. Williams M. Wise S. Wiseman A. Wolfson S Yokel S Zagoren K Zeniak L Zilber 249 Life Sciences and Agriculture i p •- s£. : ' ? jL f r » _ y«- ■ ' ■ c ■ 250 B. Avellini J, Branham T Bauman P. Bronowitz R Blackie S. Garden N. Boonkerd A. Chile G Coyle D- Flyer L. George D Horwack S. Greenberg G Jackson J. Harshman L. Joines J Heenan C Jori L. Joseph J. Knight 251 A Leonard R Lynch J. Merchant M. Mostann T. O ' Mailey J. Myers J, Perry-Hil P. Niktash J. Pryor M Nolt R Rader N. Oleynik B Rudert 252 V. Russack L. Ryblkowsky A. Santry C. Schulten E. Schurman B Syckes K Seely K. Thoemke M. Shuck M. Thomas W. Stenwall D. Wallace A. Swift K. Wilson 253 7 Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 254 J Augustine D. Banwarth V Berg A, Blanar G Bougham R. Broderick S, Budzynski K Chan S Craig D. Daly M. Deltchman V, Demko B Der A. Engelen A Gegor M Goldberg M. Hammett D. Harder J Hopkins D. Harris A, Howard T. Herron C Jones W. Hillard S. Katz 255 Mi C Klein J Koroulakis H Kravetz D Parker J Peacock J. Kush P. Lam J. Lambrechts R Peacock S Pierce G McLaughlin C Malligo M- Menzle W Poppe W Schmoeller D- Miller A Newman H Donnell J Sheperd W, Sommerwe rck D. Shute R. Terrell 256 C. Voorhees S. Vuthiganond W Wallace J, WInslow D. Walsh R. Wolfgang R. Watklns D. Zafiris F Weiker N Zeroth 257 Angel Flight Bg g-C ' " ' M Alpha Chi Omega 258 Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Gamma Rho 259 Alpha Gamma Delta First Row Alice Sattler, president; Marjorie Settler, Margaret Jones, Deborah Ball, Margaret Saville, Rita Campos, Laurie Goldrick. Second Row Cathleen Mcintosh, Mary Jo Norris, Catherine Breedlove, Leora Link, Cathleen OHara, Denise Liard, Diane Wynn. Third Row Sandra Kryzanowsky, Virginia Bowen, Karen Hansen, Christine Litwak, Rhonda Rollins, Janet Fox, Laura Pellenbarg, Donna Brodsky. Not Pictured Margaret Alford, Gayle Brenchley, Diane Carey, Margot Filling, Janice Forney, Karia Gigerich, Dorothy Harrington, Karen Kaminski. 261 Alpha Pi 262 American Society Of Civil Engineering Maryland Chapter Chi Epsilon Cumberland Hall, first and second floors 263 Cumberland Hall, fifth and sixth floors Delta Delta Delta 264 Delta Gamma Delta Phi Epsilon 265 Diadem Honor Society Ellicott Hall, Second Floor 266 Gamma Phi Beta Inter-Fraternity Council 267 Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Theta 258 Kappa Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma 269 Mortar Board Honor Society Pan Hellenic Council 270 Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Tau 272 HP tn fS i l2if£ 3 i S ' l ' m H c 5 im i Py: Ci9| b Sigma Kappa Anne Athos Zane Seller Mary Kay Dent Donna Dalley Emily Dickson Patti Friel Jill Gehman Chris Gilkey Susie Hasterman Terr, Kacena Janet Leung Caren Moss Deni Nitkowski Mary Pedevillano Gerry Pfaff Mary Romsey Barbara Raposa Debbie Stair Gayle Stevens Sheri Sullivan Jeanette Stovall Leslie Verostic Diane Walker Karen Woodcock Janice Cnchton Sue Fleming Marianne Fingel Doris Gnat Joy Humphrey Marion Lobvan Robbi Mead Karen Renders Gall Poffenberger Irene Stone Sue Babeki Sharon Mars Bernice McFaren 275 Sigma Chi Maryland Beta Chapter Of Tau Beta Phi 276 Theta Chi U ™E Colles Young Republicans Club 278 Welcome New Alumni Your Alumni Association welcomes you, members of the class of 1973, to its ranks. We congratulate you on your academic achievements. Commencement is a begin- ning, not an end: the begin- ning of a new career, new friendships, a new life style. But it is not the end of your relationship with the Univer- sity. As a graduation gift, the Alumni Association has given you a free membership for your first year as an alumnus. Take advantage of the wide variety of activities open to you as a Maryland grad. The Alumni Office is lo- cated in the Main Administra- tion building. For information about alumni programs call 454-4011. University Of Maryland Alumni Association 279 Information given in the following index is listed in order of the student ' s name, hometown, major field of study and activities participated in as an undergraduate student. ■% AbbumI, John E., Adelphi, Maryland. Sociol- ogy. French Club; Bridge Club; Ski Club, Abdow, Lorraine B., Hillcrest Heights, Mary- land Elementary Education Abell, Linda ]., Oxon Hill, Maryland. Elemen- tary Education Absher, Christine B., Camp Springs, Maryland. Elementary Education. Adier, Steven A., Hyattsville, Maryland Public Administration, US, photographer. Ahalt, O. Daniel, Seabrook, Maryland. Ac- counting Ahern, Roberta M., Clinton, Maryland. Hu- man Ecology, Floor Oli ' icer, S.E.C. Alfonso, Margaret C, Hyattsville, Maryland. Special Education. C.E.C.; Volunteer DC. Childrens Center, Allen, Sherrill M., Rockville, Maryland, Early Childhood Education Aragon, Carol L., Laurel, Maryland, Secondary Art Education Arnold, Susan R., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Sociology P,AC,E. tutor, Augustine, Janet T., Chevy Chase, Maryland, Mathematics. Television Workshop. Austin, Carolyn, Washington, D.C, Speech Communications, Student representative for Department of Speech Communica- tions, 1971-72 Austin, Miles )., Hyattsville, Maryland. Busi- ness Organization and Theory Avellini, Barbara Ann, New Hyde Park, New York Zoology. Pre-medical society; P.A.C.E. Awkard, Cornelius P., Sandy Spring. Maryland. Sociology, Black Student Union, Babnigg, Louis C, College Park, Maryland, Studio Art Baden, Martina V., Mechanicsville, Maryland .Arts Sciences, Bahor, Patricia E., New Hyde Park, New York, Textiles and Consumer Economics Bailey, Alice I., Silver Spring, Maryland, lour- nalism. Managing Editor, 1973 Terrapin, University Symphony Orchestra. Baker, janifer L., Baltimore, Maryland. Dra- matic Arts, DC Black Rep, Co Baldwin, Margaret J., Beltsville, Maryland. Therapeutic Recreation Varsity Cheer- leader; Maryland Recreation and Parks So- ciety; State Society Recreation Meeting program planner Banvard, Richard A., Kensington, Maryland. Psychology Banwarth, David M., Hyattsville, Maryland. Engineering. Society of Fire Protection Engi- neering, chairman. Barnes, Peggy A., Baltimore, Maryland, Sociol- ogy Bass, Anthony E., Mt Rainier, Maryland, BPA, Black Student Union, Bauman, Theresa R., Snow Hill, Maryland Conservation and Resources Development Aqualiners, Baumgardner, Jo Ann, Cockeysville, Maryland, Speech and Drama Education, Baumgarten, Steve V., Baltimore, Maryland, Arts Sciences, Bayly, Madelaine A., Hyattsville, Maryland Spanish Beach, Lory D., Severna Park, Maryland, Gov- ernment and Politics, Beall, Faith S., Riverdale, Maryland, Speech and journalism. University Theatre, Alpha Xi De lta Sorority; 1973 Terrapin; University and. Rec-jf " nd. Busi Commuters Association, Student Speech Association; SGA Communfcatiuns Com- mittee (1970); SUB Social Committee (1969-70); Acted in Wizard of Oz, Prime of Miss lean Brodie, Carousel Beard, Vickie M., Arnold, Marvlaml EnKlish and lournalism. La Plata 4 treasurer, PCC Committee, A S, Lutheran Campus Minis- try; General Honors Program, Copv Writer, 1973 Terrapin; Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Beardslgy, Jane B., Salisbury, Maryland Library Science Education. ■ Beckett, Denise S., Beltsville, Marylang. En- glish. Berg, Loretta, Riverdale, Maryland Hs ry. PACE, vice president, Student Unjon Board, treasurer. Berg, Vincent H., Silver Spring, Maryland. Civil Engineering A.S C.E.; Dining Hall 4, man- ager; Dorm, secretary. Berger, Alan W., Adelphi, Maryland. Transport tation. Delta Sigma Pi. Berger, Charlene B., Baltimore, Maryland. Elementary Education. Berger, Steven R., Hyattsville, Marylan reation. Berry, William M., Waldorf, Maryland, ness Administration. Best, Milford R., Washington, DC. General Business. Binder, Harriet, Early Childhood Education AC E I, Bishop, Katherine J., Glen Burnie. Maryland Education Social Secretary Dorm Section t Bissell, Connie, Clearwater, .Florida, S|)dnish Delta Delta Delta, president. Mortar Board, president; Ski Club; Sigma Delta Pi, Blackie, Robert S., Springfield, Massachusetts. Botany, Veterans Club, presidefit Blackistone, Bruce E., Silver Sprir , Maryland, History First Warlord, Maryland Medieval Mercenary Militia; Fencing Club Terrapin Trail Club % Blackistone, Judith E., Silver Spring, Maryland English Chapel Choir Blackistone, Richard P., Jr., Silver Spring, Mary- land, Transportation. Delta Nu Alpha. Blanar, Anita M., Baltimore, Maryland Malhe- matics. Blank, Pamela J., Baltimore, Maryland. Ho li- cullure Education. University Sponsor, Ex- ecutive Administrative Secretary for prien- tation Programs; Vice Chancellor ' s Commis- sion on Transition to the University; Provost Search Committee, Division of Life Sciences and Agriculture, Phi Kappa Phi Honor So- ciety; Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Zeta; Pi Alphi Xi, president; Mortar Board, Diadem, Blasenstein, Jerry, Yonkers, New York, Infor- mation Systems Management , Blass, Carol S., French Literature, Floor secre- tary. Delta Phi Alpha, Blauth, Linda M., New Carrollton, Maryland, MEd , Remedial Reading, Bleakman, Sheri L., Baltimore, , tdr land Ele- mentary Education Blivess, Suzan F., Baltimore, Maryland, Radio and Television Bodele, Robert M., Frankfort, Kentucky li- nance, Boonkerd, Nantakorn, Bangkok, Thailand MS,, Agronomy Born, Peggy Ann, Westminster, Maryland, English Education, . Bosko, Helen, Russian Boughan, Gary N., Hyattsville, Maryland. Electrical Engineering. Bowman, Mark A., Silver Spring, Maryland. Recreation. Boyd, Pamela J., Fair Haven, New lersey. Physical Education Boyle, Roberta C, Cheverly, Maryland, Re- creation, Equestrian Club, Brady, Thomas P., Rockville, Maryland, Ele- mentary Education, Pep Committee, Branham, Jack L., Flemington, New lersey. Zoology Brenner, Robert N. Ill, Lutherville, Maryland, Law Enforcement, Lambda Alpha Epsilon, secretary; Law Enforcement Association; Sports Car Club; Intramural football and basketball, Breslow, Jill, Bellmore, New York, Elementary Education, AC, El, Breunig, Ruth C, Bowie, Maryland. Home- Economics Education. Alpha Lambda Delta; Omicron Nu. Brilliant, Harvey P., Annapolis, Maryland. Pre-Med Psychology. Tau Epsilon Phi, secre- tary; Psychology Undergraduate Commit- tee; Pre-Med Society; Muscular Dystrophy marathon. Broderick, Richard J., Electrical Engineering. Intramural basketball. Brokke, Denis K., Baltimore, Maryland. Mar- keting. Bronowitz, Philip F., Brooklyn, New York, Zoology. Pre-Med. Society, secretary; Tau Delta Phi, vice-president; Phi Sigma Society; Phi Eta Sigma, Bronson, Carl C, Bowie, Maryland, informa- tion Systems Management, Brown, Clifton L., Hyattsville, Maryland, An- thropology and Sociology, Brown, Maomi, Mamaroneck, New York, Early Childhood Education, Brown, Janet M., Baltimore, Maryland, Educa- tion, SGA, Election Committee, ludicial Board, re presentative; Women ' s Recreation Association; Association of Childhood Edu- cation, secretary, Brubaker, Sylvia )., Home Economics Educa- tion, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Bruce, Frank, Rockville, Maryland, Geography, Budzynski, Stanley G., Clifton Heights, Penn- sylvania, Fire Protection Engineering, So- ciety of Fire Protection Engineers, president. Bujac, Gregorle W., Bowie, Maryland. Person- nel and Labor Relations. Burgess, Anthony J., Hyattsville, Maryland. Finance, Intramural sports; Black Student Union Burke, Kevin A., New Carrollton, Maryland, Transportation, Delta Nu Alpha, Skydivers Club Burke, Mary Ann, Silver Spring, Maryland, Elementary Education, Burkoff, Shelley A., Baltimore, Maryland. Home Economics. Blood Drive Fall 1970. Burns, Celeste L., Hyattsville, Maryland, En- glish Folklore Burns, James A., OIney, Maryland. Industrial Arts Education Cain, Rebecca L., Baltimore, Maryland. Span- ish Education. Ka|)pa Delta Pi; Montgomery East, vice-president Calarco, Claudia L., Silver Spring, Maryland. Math Education Women ' s Swim Team, I 282 , Lauii. ' l, Maryland. Psy- i S|)i inn, Maryland Psy- Hyatlsville, Maryland. Terrapin I rail Commuter ' . As- ' fg V Caldwell, Ronald B., lollegc l iik ai kmd. Phybical Ediii alion Phv ical Cdutation Majors Club Cillaway Robert A., Jr rholog -. Cannon, Sally A., SIKc chologv. Canter, M. Kathleen, Government and Politic- Club, Ireasurer; Universit sotidlion. l Caparell, Sandra L, Hlllcresi Heights, ' Mary- land. Elementary Education Dorm, secre- tary Capelle, Ernest A., jr.. Silver S|)ring, Maryland, Ceneial Business Adminisliation Terra; " " Ski Club. Caponlli, James {.., Silver S|jring, Maryl General Business. University Commuters .Association, president, vice-president. Carden, Sharon L., Oxon Hill, .Vtarvland, rn- mal Science. Cardwell, Mark E., Rockville, Eco- nomics, Carlson, Christopher C, Randallstow n, Mary- land. Personnel and Labor Relations Carpenter, Kafhie A., Hagerstovvn, Marvland. Earlv Childhood Education, P.A.C L Carrick, Hugh B., I hiladelphia, Penns Kania, Sociology, Sociology Club: UMV- V Coor- dinating Committee Carter, Deborah A., Glen Burnic, lai land, licmenlary Education, P.A C E , Kdpi)a Helta Sorority, treasurer, president: Diamond I lonorary Cartner, Sharon L, Clinton, Marsland Inglish ■ Education CataidI, Joanne, M., Beltsvillc, , laiicl Spe- cial Education. Cavanagh, Barbara R., Shrew sljuiy, iu jer- sey. Criminology. Delta Camrna, |)rcMdent;; Undergraduate ' CriminoloH Assouation; Diamond Honorary; Pan-Hellenic: PA.C.E. Chan, Audrey S.K., Silver Spring Maryland. Accounting, Chinese Student A- ih lation: Beta Alpha Psi. Chan, Kitty Kit-Ching, Silver Spring, Mai land. Mathematics. Chernev, Wendy, Fair Lawn New Speech and Hearing Science, Phi S Sigma, secretary, Stewart: Diamond H ary: P.A.C.E.; Denton Hall ireshman lepre- sentative. Chew, Doris A., Silver Spring, Maryland Ac- counting, Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Gamma Sigma; Alpha Beta Psi, ' Chin, Linda. Spec lal Education, Chinese Stu- dent Association, vice-president: ludo Club. Chiomiak, Sonia |., Bridgeport, Connecticut. lournalism RHA. floor president: Gamma Sigma Sit;iii,i Chile, Anthony F., Kensington, , tdr land. Zoology, Pre-Med. Pre-Med Sociel trea- surer: Intramural football. Clark, Kalherine, Belair, Marvland, lournalism. Clements Emme, Patricia L., Silver spring, Mar -land. Speech and Hearing. Coghill, Betty |., Salisbury, .Mainland Human Ecology, Cohen, Diane L., Lancaster, PcnnsyKania, En- glish Cohen, Gregory R., Frederick, Maryland. Public Administration, Tau Delta Phi, presi- denl. Young Democrats: Gale and Ki ' , Cohen, )ay D., Brooklyn, New Vnrk, nininol- ogy. Campus judicial Board .Assoi lation; Volunteer at the Maryland House oi Cor- rections and the Maryland Department of luvenile Services. Cohen, Susan L., Dumont, New jersey. SocioJ- " g ;■■: Colbert, Margaret ' A., Charleston, South Caro- lina tilucation Denton Complex Eibrar publicilv chaiiman. Dorm floor, vice prr ' si- dent. Coleman, John P., Phoenix, Maryland, Busi- ness Administration Collier, Rita F., College reation Conlin, Mar cia L., fovs ' nolog Connelly, William C, Government and PoIiIks. Universily Com- muters Association, president; Undergiadu- ate Advisory Council, chairman. General Honors Program, Conrad, Cynthia L., Springlield, Viiginia larly Childhood Iducation, Corcoran, Kerry A., Rockville, Maryland. Spe- cial Education, Council for Exceptional Children, social chairman: Council for Bi-racial Li ing: Hagerstown Hall, treasurei Costello, Elizabeth R., silver Sprin,g, Marvland Sociology, P.A.C E Silv Park, Maryland. Rec- .on, Maryland. Crinii- AdeJphi, Maryland. r Spring, Maryland. Vlaryland. Civil En- msboro, Mar land. Elementary Ed Countee, Victoria L French. Coyle, George J., |r. nok Craig, Stephen L., Bowie gineenng. Crampfon, Donna L., lin Elementary Educaiion Crapster, Patricia O ' Neal. tion Crecente, Elizabeth A., Laurel, Maryland Chnl,,g Psi Chi Cumbie, Buna B., ( rolion, .Maryland. Curran, Robert ]., Massa()eciua, New York. Transportation, ke Hotkey Team; Delta Nu Alpha rtin, Richard C, Silver S|King, , Uii lanJ. Gencial Business « Curto, Patricia L., Lanham, Maryland, Arts Sciences. Dalgewicz, Richard S., Cottage City, Ma ' r ' land. General Business Varsity Wrestlin Dalto, Mary D., lalKnm Marvland Human .. Ecok)g jj feOaly, David L., Bervvyn Heights, Maryland r Electrical Engineering. ::%. Daly, Patricia A., Rocky Point, New York. Early Childhood Education Daniels, Deborah A., Gambrills, Maryland Educatron. University .Madrigal Singers; University Child Care Center, Darne, Carolyn E., Wheaton, Maryland. Edu- cation. Darnell, Sharon K., Cheverly, Maryland. Psychology. Alpha Omicron Pi H alisville, .Maryland, Psy- Phi Beta Kappa, Roi kville, Maryland. Gen- C, Riverdale, Maryland Daflow, Marcia H chology. Psi Chi Davis, Lorraine L., eral Studies Dawson, Thomas English. Decter, Philip C, .Maplewodd, New lersey. History. Varsity Lacrosse Team. DeDonato, Rosemarie, Hackensack, New |er sey. American Studies Defibaugh, James C, l.aVale, Marylaml Ac- counting. Scuba Oub Deitchman, Michael B., Rockville, Mai land ...•Aerospace Engineering American Inslilute of Aeronautics and ■ stronomy; Sky Divers, Society of American Military Engineeis. treasurer; Hartford Etall, Ireasurer. Demko, Victor T., Dameron, Maryland Electri- cal Engineering. Demott, Thomas , Ehattsville, Mathematics Deneroff, Jan S., Bronx, New York, lournali m SiH. rer Team, head manager. Densock, Diana L., Giim.inlown, Mar Lmd. Home Economics Education Der, Bing N., Baltimore, Maryland. Lkctrical Engineeiing Der, Elizabeth, Washington. DC. Cninjnol- og -v m DeWitt, Debra L., Deer Pan Maryland Home Fconomics DeWitt, Ronald A., AccgM? Maryland Gov- ernment and Politics. Dials, Patricia M., Hillcr fn-teights, .M.nvland. Special Education. I aunc for Exciptional Children. ■ ' T ' ' ! Dickinson, Dereda W., Lanham Mnvland American Studies. Dickinson, Lyndall M., Wheaton Maivland. Art History. Dickman, Anita K., Oxon Hill, lai Psy- chokigN I )(.iina Wing. Diener, loanne M., gjscat,away. New York. Speech and Hearing. Dielsch, Jim E., Hyattsville, Maryland Indus- trial Art. Lacrosse Te m. Digirolamd, Elena, Upper Marlboro, , tdi land. English Dinerman, Marilyn, Elen-ientary Education Complex newspaper; Equestrian Club. S.U.B. DiPietro, Mary J., Bran yv ne, Maryland. .An Education. University ' ' ,.C muters Associa- tion. I 5 Dobson, Vincent E., Easton, Maryland Indus- liial Education. PA.C.E.;. Universit Band, B.RAC. j Doetsch, Karen S., Beltsv . Maryland Arts X Sciences Honors j ram: Lreshmeii Women s Honorary. ' Dolinsky, Robert D., hesda, Maryland. Accounling. College Park Senate Dorazio, Susan M., Silver S|)ring Maryland. ., Sociology. .Drake, Pamela K., Phoenix, ..Mai kinil Physical Education. Hockey team, lacrosse team; Ac|ualiners- Drawbridge, Elaine L., Fanwood, New Jersey. Psychology, Dorm government, vice- , president. ' Duncan, Paul D., Adelphi ,Mdr ldnd, Voca- tional Education Durgir Robert F., Rising Sun, , aryland. Chemistry Education. Dwyer, Connie, Beltsville, , iaryland Educa- tion. ' Dybalski, Barbara A., Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, Personnel and Labor Relations Elstman, Franklin D., Rockville, Maryland, Vocational Education. Edelman, Steven E.,, Frederick, Maryland, His- tory, Ski Club, Veteran ' s Club, University Choir; Hill ludicial Board Edwards, Anne K., Parkersburg, West Virginia. Sociolog P.A.C.L,, Alpha Pi Edwards, Eddie M., College Park Maryland. English Education P.AC.E Eikner, Richard I., Conovvingn, Marxland. Law Enforcement. Engelen, Arthur D., Wheaton, , 1aryland. Electrical Engineering, Ensor, Donna L., VVhite Hall, .Maryland An- thropology. Erhard, Gerald A., Jr.,, Neward, Delaware in glish. Varsity Football, President Ellicott ■•G " . Errigo, Dean V., Hyattsville, Marvland. .Ac- counting i IF PJ 283 T J nd. En- Qiltee Errigo, losephine M., Hv - ■ ' Education Gamma Sigma for Exceprionll Childreti. Evans, Sharon D., Special Education for Exceptional Children. Fahrner, Paul )., Rockville Ph sical Education. Fairchild, )ackie. College Park, Mar lJ glish. Delia Delta Delta; PEP Coj historian; Sunshine Committee Farren, Steven C., Lanham, Mar laricl. Phi ph ' Feldman, )eronie I., Annapolis, Mar ia American StucJies. Central Student jud Board, chiet lu Iice. Chancellors Undergra duale Advisory Council; College Park Sen- ate. Student Affairs and Student Conduct mniittees: Chief justice Council; Cam- Bliiod D ive. ' n, ' Narity I., College Park. Maryland Teldfnar i ' hyllis S., Baltimore, Maryland. Earlv Childhood Education RHV Senator. Hill Area Coufftj], vice-presi4ent; ' Homecomin,g --- Float ChairflSL I4 " i) Pe|5 Gommittee. - Fensterwald, clste-A., Pikesville, - " WrN land Elementarv Education. Ferrara, John C, New Providence, New jersey; Fields, Ronnie S., Rockville, Mar land. Elempn tar Education. Panliellenic, u. e-i iitv- dent; Aljph ' -Delta Pi vice-iirHSultnt; Diamond Honorary. Fillppr, Ann M. College Park, Maryland. lournalisrn Filling, Margot K., Early Childhood Education. Opera Workshop; Girls ' Glee Club, " pha J, Camma Delta ' fine, Paulette C, SiKer Spring, tar lanii So- cioiogs Finnell, Karen M., Bethesda, Maryland Inte- rior Design, Pi Beta Phi, rush chairman. Na- tional Socielv 01 Interior Designers: Cres- cents of Lambda Chi Alpha Fishbein, Susan L Wijeaton, Maryland En- glish Help Centen r .E, tutor; Dorm council. ' Fisbe Bonnie L., Clinton, ,Mar ljnd Physical ' .fducation Phvsical EduLatlon Mainr Club; Women ' s Lacrosse team. Fisher, Christine L., Bovd- Mar, land Int.jrior Design Floor officer, ice-.president._. Fisher, Mary A., Hurlock, lar land. Business Education Fishpaw, Edward R., iMana5sa , Virginia M.Li , brar and Informal ion Sffr ices. btt, Margaret C, Chevy Chase. Marvl Histor Flyer, David C, Silver Spring stafyiand Zool- og Cumberland A piesident: Phi Sigma Honorarv. , . ' Foreman, Deanna. H lory.- Forrester, Viola M. Psvchololy Maryland. Tau Beta vl . Maryland. Ele- ap laryland Kj- VVorkshop, n Mar land. Ch.l- Foster, Daria M., Belts mentarv Education Fowler, Valiant C, Hyait- die and Television l -lev ' -Trail Club Franclemont, Dineen Education. Council tor Frceptional " dren: Qr. (ohn5on ■- Clmic. Franz, jatqueline A., SiKer Spring, Maryland bpecial Education. Council for Exceptional Children Alpha Larnloda Delta. Freeman, Roddy A., Randallstown. Marvjflnd. Radio and Teie i ion V tUC Fries, Judith ., dil burs, Maryland uca- »i P A.C.i.; LaPlata social 1S ..bail ra r 1 an ; " • Sigma Alpha IoiJb University Band; live Commilipp ' in Student Life. hs, Rosemarie, Landover, Marylapd etltary Education Caffney, Catherine P., tt. Kdini..r, Marvlar English Education Gaffney, Ellen A., Silver Spring, Maryland, V, lortar Board hu Who ' nts in American Univpr ttTes: lega. vice-president; Angel Honorarv, Djadem Honor- r; 1973 Terrapin, 1973 Bri- Hvattswille, Maryland Sprir g, Maryland His- ., ' Highland Park eu jcr- Wesl Hempstead, New lustice. Campus judicial " .ha n John Mdi N 284 ournalism Among St Alpha . Chi Flight: Diam ar . Chapel dal Fair Gallerizzo, William O Ejementarv Education rber, Jean A., Sii or Gfrten, Rachelle, M ses Recreation Gasman, Keith A., York Psychology. . Board; Alpha Phi OmegJ Chancellor- to Studs Co-ops on Canrlpus, Omicron [:)elta kappa Psi Ch shall ' ocietv; Mu Delia Gbadamosi, Lamidi A., Washingi in DC Bu- siness Admini-tMtiun International Club. Gehauf, Arthur H., Greenbelt, Maryland General Business Adminislralion. Phi Delta Theta Celler, Kathv D., silver Spring, vtaryland Ps - chology. Resident ssistant. Career m Per- sonnel Program. Genovese, Victoria L., HyaltsMlle Maryland Business Education. National Business tdu cation Associainin. George, Linda L., College Park, Marvlami Mick ill! ' ilM ' ignia Alpha Omicron, Phi Sigma sm. ict Pre Vied Society: Liniversitv Commute:- Association Cerstein, Michael A., Lawrence, Massai u- setts. Econoiriics Student Tratiu Court: student Union Buard: Alpha Epsilon Pi vice ijtpsident: Omicron Delta Epsilorv Na- tional Economics Honorary. Gerzoff, Susan D., Metuchen, New lerse tlemenlary Education Gevantman, Lynn D., Baltimore, .MaiJand. HiSte.rv Gigler, Daniel R., Mount Rainier, Mar Und Government and Politics. » Giller, Phyllis H. Criminology. PA C E . s . Club. Gilson, Maria F., St. lames. .New York Sociol- ogv Kappa Alpha Delta: Delta Phi Epsilon Gobeil, Winn G., Wilmington, (Delaware Elementarv Education. Dorm floor secretarv Intramurals Gochnour, Gregg M., Wheaton, Marvland Biology Science Education. T v " ' Colda, Karen A., Union New jersey TeiSiles and Consumer Economics. American .ftso - " ciation for Textile Tc hnology. treasurer. Goldberg, (an S., Belhesda, Maryland. Art Camma Sigma Sigma, treasurer: Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Kappa Phi. Goldberg, Michael |., silver Spring, Maryland. Mathematics. General Honors Program. Goldberg, Richard B., Millburn, Maryland Marketing Goldsmith, Diane G., Baltimire, Maryland English Education. Al|)ha Lambda Delia, treasurer. Fall Orientation Board sponsor Goldsmith, Elizabeth (., Bethesda, Maryland Biologv Education. Goodwin, William B., College Park, Marvland. jovernment Program .Ad -tiflndrs Pro; Interest Re! nd, English ncU- Tathe- Elemen- T Co -Jr tre Politics. G ons Commi Council; Mai h Group; Coi Librarv and Instruction Aids. Gorochow, Mitchell E., Yonkers, Accountjflg. Beta Alpha Psi; Stu Board; tjniversitv Blood Driyf. Goss, Millon E., Jr., Beltsville, M, dustrial Arts Lducation. Gould, John W., Wheaton, M Literature Grahn, Frank G., Wheaton, M niatii.s Phi Eta Sigma Green, Leola S., Ardmore, Maryland -.tarv Education iireenberg, Morey M., iallb Church. Virginia. Marketing Hillel Executive Committee. Greenberg, Susan N., R Bank, I ew, jersey. Zoologv, Pre-Med Greene, Clayton, jr. Histurv, Pre-Law Resi- dent Assistant Black student Union. Greenstein, Ira R„ Lynbrook. New York. Radio and lelevision. Residence-Halls Association, area [Kesident and senator; Departmental Honors, Speech and Dramatic Arts: Univer- sitv Chamber Chorus. Griffith, jane A., Gaithersburg, Maryland. Human Ecology Education Collegiate o ' me Economics Organization, vice- resident; Mortar Board: Teacher at jessup orrectional InstiUJte; Centre dorm treasurer. Gross, lill S., Saddle Brook, New |erseyy»So- ciology. Grubman, )udith E., Little Silver. New York. Special Education Grurterman, Emily M., Valley Stream. Nev ork Special Education Ha, Hoang Thanh, College Park, Maryland. In- formation Systems Management Haas, Guy D., Silver Spring, Maryland Pro- duction Management and Business Adminis- tration Society for Advancement of Man- agement, student chapter: Chess Club. Haines, Elliott III, Beltsville, Maryland. Rerrea tion Student Recreation Society. Hall, Terry D., Beltsville, tarY,land. Informa- tifsn Sv stems Management Hamburg, Sherry E., Baltimore, Maryland, Elementary Education. Free Universit Moratorium Committee Hamer, Gloria L, Hyattsville, Maryland. Tex ... tiles and Clothing. American Association of Textile Technology Hammeft, Michael E., Ridge, Maryland. Elec- trical Engineering. Hammond, Carol L, Upperco, Marxland Mathematics Education. Hancock, Robert L., Ill, Ellicott Citv Marv- land Fine Arts. Hanson, Judith S., Silver spring, Maryland Recreation Tennis team; University Parks and Recreation Society. ■ Harder, Oavid B., Riverdale, Maryland. Electri- cal Engineering. Hardy, Mary M., Silver Spring, Maryland. Tex- tiles and Consumer Economics. American Association of Textile Technologists, pro- gram chairman Harger, Stanley G., Riverdale, Maryland. Voca- tional Education. Central Campus |udicia».v. Board, lustice. Phi Kappa Phi Harper, H. Douglas, |r., Williamsporl, Mary- land Marketing Cumberland, president, American Marketing Association Harris, David W., Snow Hill, Maryland. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engi- neers; Chi Epsilon, Aqualiners t ' A t ,Vj -X y y V. L Harrison, Mark C, Cordova, Maryland. Busi- ness Education. Harshman, )ohn S., Hagerstown, Maryland Zoology Dorm Government, president Harwell, John R., District Heights, Maryland Studio Art. Hayes, Margie L., Landover Hills, Maryland Early Childhood Education Heenan, James W., Jr., Wheaton, Maryland. Zoology. Hedrick, Melinda A., Silver Spring, Maryland. Special Education. Member of Council for Exceptional Children. Held, Carolyn V., Oxon Hill, Maryland. Educa- tion Heintzelman, Kay L, Seabrook, Maryland. Psychology. Helmick, Cynthia A., LaVale, Maryland. Home Economics Education. Sigma Phi Omega Honor Society; Sigma lota Chi; Home Eco- nomics Club. Henderson, Judy A., Forestvijle, Maryland, lournalism. Campus Crusade for Christ, Phi Chi Theta, secretary, Dorm President. Heneson, llene N., Speech Communications. Herbst, Marc A., Baltimore, Maryland. Busi- ness Administration. Phi Eta Sigma Honor- ary; Beta Gamma Sigma Honorary; Dorm Rules Committee. Herrell, Susan E., Hyattsville, Maryland. Speech and Drama Education. Debate Tournament; Theatre productions; Orienta- tion Sponsor. Herron, Thomas, E., Hyattsville, Maryland. Civil Engineering. Co-operative Education Student; A.S.C E.; Terrapin Rioteer Member. Hess, Katharine H., Bethesda, Maryland. Ele- mentary Education. Angel Flight, pledge trainer and administrative olticer. Hessberg, Lois B., Adelphi, Maryland. Psychol- ogy. Higdon, Margaret L, College Park, Maryland. Library Science Education. Hill, Susan A., River Edge, New lersey. Home Economics Education. Collegiate Home Economics Organization, chairman, pub1i city and junior representative; Ski Oful Gamma Sigma Sigma. Hilliard, William C, Baltimore, Maryland. Electrical Engineering. Terrapin Rioteers, I.E.E.E., Intramural Dorm League Hilton, Roger S., Bethesda, Maryland Business Marketing. Ski Club; Veteran. - ' tlub Delta Nu Alpha Hoff, Nancy S., Baltimore, Maryland. S|i( cia Education. Hoffman, Charon B., Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. Speeih and Hearing. Munich Chorus; Speech and Hearing Association. Hoffmann, Susan A., Mayo, Maivland Ele- mentary Edu( aliiHl. Hoffman, Barbara N., Baltimore, Maryland. Human, Consumer Studies. Dia- dem Honorary; Omicron Nu Honorary; Consumer Anion Center, founder and di rector; Residence Hall Staff Member; Di,i- dem List Oi Outstanding Senior Women. Hoheisel, R. Wayne, Riverdale, Maryland. Geogra| " )hy. , , Holets, leanne E., Oxon Hill, Maryland Early Childhood Education. Holland, Stephen M., P5 cholog Astronomy Society; Ps cholog duate Committee; Pre-Med son Hopkins, lames E., Business Bli ment; American Marketin.iJ al Kl LJniversity LJnileigra- k Kecruii ■ ss H lation. Hopkins, John P. R., Sal Hp aryland Civj _ Enaufiering. Fall ( )iii-ntattoi1f BoarrI, Laston ' ■ . ' ■H wKSi rna Nu; EaMun C )udicijr Board; Hopkins, Robert G., Orcenbell , .Maryland Intormation Systems .Vfanagement Hopper, Martha de la Ree, Severna Park, Mary- land, Spanish Education. Hornack, Debra A., Baltimore, Maryland Mi- crobiology Horton, Bert H., Hyattsville, Maryland. Eco- nomics. Houidobre, Stephanie M., Albuquerque, New Mexico. .Anthrrjpology Howard, Arnold W., Riverdale, Maryland. En- gineering. Black Student Union; P.A.C.E.; Director of Training, Ai)if . Huffman, Hubert E., (JSenbelt, Maryland. Finance Hughes, Barbara L., reepbelt, Maryland. Home Economics Education. Hughes, Denise L., Edgewater, Maryland. En- glish University Chorus. Hugler, Edward C., Hyaltsvilte, Maryland. So- ciology Humiston, Jeanne, Hilkrest Heights, Mary- land. Music E lucation. Glee Club. Hummel, Rita C, Crantsville. Maryland. En- glish Edu( alion Huppmann, Thomas M., Rockville. Maryland. Business. Hurwitz, Marilyn P., Baltimore, Maryland. lournalism Huson, Katherine L., Potomac, ,Maryland. Family Studies-Human Ecology. Hutchins, Elaine E., Frederick, Mar ' jiand. fMCD, Human Ecology, Collegiate 4-H Club, vice president: CHEO. Hylind, Eileen M., Bethesda, Maryland Ele- mentary Art. Dorm, vice president. Hyman, Katherine A., Camp springs, Mary- land. French-Russian Education. Russian Club lackson, Guy D., Baltimore, Maryland. Zool- ogy. Intramural football and basketball. Jackson, (acquelyn R., Severna Park, Maiyland. journalism. lames, Olivia L., Baltimore, Maryland. Sociol- ogy. Janzegers, Elaine P., Hyattsville. Mai-, land. French. Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship; Chapel Choir, Jason, Jill C, Heuli.-ll, New lersey French. Jason, Michael K., Great Neck, New lersey Psychology. Campus judicial Board, Chiet and Assoi laie lusiice; General Honors Pro- gram; Psychology Department Honors Pro- gram. Johnson, Lois W., Dietetics Johnston, William M., Greenwich, Connecti- cut. Lducation for Industry. College Park Voluntary Fire Department. Joines, Louanne, Highland, Maryland Zool- ogy. Jones, Bruce A., Silver Spring, Maryland. Dis- tributive Education. Collegiate DfCA president. Jones, Carol E., Severna Park, Maryland. Math- ematics. Aqualiners, publicity chairman, Jones, George O., Philadelphia, Penn l ani,i Psychology. Jones, Paula A., Kensington, Maryland Edm a tloll. Jones, Stephen K., r,reenhelt, Maryland. Fi- nance. Jordan, William A., SiKei Spring, Maryland. Jori, Carol D., Rockville, iVAari; Scuba Dtvtng ' Cl0b: FIving Club Joseph, Lee S., Colle.i e I ' .uk M.ii.ljnd. Horti- culture. University Band Music, Guitar In- structor; Free University, Photo Club; Cave Club; Horticulture Club, .Agronomy Club. Judelson, Lynne D., Baltimore, .Maryland Psy- chology. Alpha Lambda Delta; Psi Chi; Hillel. Kandra, Karen A., Silver Spring, Maryland EM. CD. -Human Ecology. Equestrian Club Karlin, Sheldon R., Kenilworth, New lersey. Urban Studies. Track Team; Committee on Intercollegiate Sports Katcef, William M., Annapolis, Maryland. Government and Politics. Katz, David E., College Park, Maryland Indus- trial Arts, lota Lambda Sigma, Student Traffic Board; American Industrial Arts Asso- ciation, secretary. Katz, Gail E., Baltimore, Maryland. Secondary English Education. Katz, Sandra L., Baltimore, Maryland Mathe- matics. Kaylor, Philip F., College Park, Maryland. (Government and Politics. University Band, vice-president Keating, Kenneth C, Cheverly, Maryland. Government and Politics. Kemp, Joanna B., Adelphi, Maryland. Music. Chapel Choir; Glee Club; Sigma Alpha lota. Kerchner, Barbara A., Ephrata, Maryland. American Studies Kerwin, Margaret A., Arlington, Virginia. Art History. Trail Club; ,Anti-War Activities Kessinger, Marilyn A., Silver Spring, Maryland. Accounting. Alpha Lambda Delta; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi. Zi Kessler, Debra S., Silver Spring, Maryland. !%« : Experimental Foods-Human Ecology. Gamma Sigma Sigma; Omicron Nu; E.C.O. Keast, Crystal B., Silver Hill, Maryland. Ele- nienlar Education. Keir, Mildred J., Suitland, Maryland. Elemen- tary Education Diadem; Diamond; Pi Beta Phi. house manager. Color Guard; U. of Md Band; Association of Childhood Educa- tors International. Kiddy, Marlene K., Lonaconing, Maryland. Textiles and f onsumer Ecology-Human Ecology. Kim, Miyoung, SiKer Spring, Maryland Die- lellCv Kimlicko, Alison M., SiKer Spring, Maryland. Special Education. Kirby, Diana M., Rockville. Maryland. Crimi- nologs. Kirshstein, Paula M., Charleston, South Caro- lina. Personnel and labor Relations. Klarie, Jane F., Silver Spring, Uii land. Art Studio. U.C.A., committee niember Klein, Charles J. III., Baltimore .Vtarvland. Civil Engineering. Tau Beta Pi; (hi Epsilon; AS.C.E. Kline, Sherry I., Baltimore, Mar laiid. Ameri- can Studies Knight, loanne M., Bangor, Maine. Zflology. Pre vied Society. Kobre, Karin A., Silver Spring, Maryland Spe- cial Education. Chorus; P.A.C.E.; Trail Club, Folk Croup Koch, Christina M., Abeideen, Maryland. Crim- inology. Alpha Xi Delta, vice president. Kolman, David A., Uallmiore, Mai land. loui nalism. W.MUC di c jockey, nev -i aster an l reporter, Intramural football and lusketball, Hagerstown 8, president. Koroulakis, John A., Washington, DC, Elec- trical Engineering ■bBBObaaUH Kramer, Randy, Clinon New lersey Special Education Alpha Epsilon Phi, president. Krause, Robert A., Dundalk, Maryland. Geog- ra|3hv. Ldcroije; an i) Soccer. Kravetz, Howard F., Glyndon, Maryland Mathematics. Krell, Deborah, Silver Spring, Maryland. Li- brar Science Kimm, Francis ). )r.. Laurel, Maryland General Business D A Krissoff, Ronnie H., Elmont New York. Art Education Krone, Majorie D., Baltimore, Maryland Spanish Education Krumrine, Grace E., Westminster, Maryland Accounting P.A.C.E.; Bowling League; Col- legiate 4-H. Kurdyla, John P., Carteret, New lersey. Psy- cholog Colt, Cheerleading Kurz, Steven E., Lantz, Maryland Education. Kush, Janice S., Greenbelt, Maryland Mathe- matics Lackey, Thomas L., Laurel. Maryland. Econom- iCS- Lajacono, Mary R., Hyattsville, Maryland Ra- dio and Television Television Workshop; Honors Program. Lam, Peggie, College Park, Maryland. .Mathe- matics. Lambert, Diane H., Baltimore. Maryland. Ele- mentary Education Lambrechts, James R., Hvattsville, Maryland. Civil Engineering. American Society of Civil Engineers, president; Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi, Rioteer s Lambson, Annette V., Baltimore, Marvland. Elementar Education. Black Student Union. Lane, Barbara J., Silver Spring, Maryland. Food and Nutrition. Lane, Steven E., Glen Burnie, Maryland. Ac- counting Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Intramural Dorm League. Lang, Jennifer H., Potomac, Maryland. English. SGA Legislator, SGA Finance Committee, secretary; RHA Senator, Dorm Treasurer. Laird, Karen L., Cheverly, Maryland. English Education Larson, Lynda S., Oxon FHill, Maryland. Educa- tion Laster, Dale P., Union, New lersey. Elemen- tary Education. Delta Phi Epsilon. secretary; kappa Delta Pi. Laucka, Isabelle T., Bethesda, Marvland. Li- brary Science Education. Law, Cynthia S., Lmthicum. Maryland. Recrea- tion. Student Recreation Society. Lawrence, Deborah F., Belle Mead, New let- - ■ sey Criminology. Lawrence, Robert W., College Park, Maryland. Personnel Management. CI P Program; Hart-tor-Congress Campaign: P A C.£. Leaf, Deborah L., Hyattsville Waryland. Spe- cial Education. Leaf, Michael E., Hyattsville, Maryland. Gov- ernment Politics ■. - ' Lee, Carolyn S., PatersonrNew Jersey. M Ed Special Education Lee, Kirk E., Washington, D.C Ph sical Educa- tion. ■. ' ' ■ ' , ' Lee, Lois J., Kensington, Maryland. AcctounK- ing. Lee, Mary Y., Bethesda, Mar land. Textile Marketing. Lee, Stephen J., Wheaton, Maryland Govern ment and Politics. I.F.C, president, Excecu- tive vice-president, secretary Gate and Key, president; Advisory Council eefer, Naomi M., Wheaton, Maryland Spe- cial Education. Children ' s Physical Develop- ment Clinic: PACE: Glee Club; University Chorus Leggett, Linda C, Silver Spring, Maryland Art. Lenander, Christine J. Sociology Equestrian Club Leonard, Alexis J., Rockville, Maryland. Micro- biology Leonard, Susan M., Wheaton, Marsland En- glish Lerner, Rhoda E. Sociolog Levin, Eileen S., Chevy Chase, , ldr land Art Hi --tors Levin, Susan, Bel Air, Maryland. History. Leventhal, Lynn A., Silver Spring, Maryland. Elementary .Art Education. Dorm President; Area Social Chairman. Lewis, Charles F., Jr., Westminster , Maryland. Phssical Education Lewis, Jeffrey W., Baltimore, Maryland. Per- sonnel. Ski Club, Dorm Intramurals, Aca- demic ' s Social Committee, chairman ' ■■ ' ■■ — Liard, Denlse. Histor Alpha Gamma Delta, Standards Chairman, Second vice-president; Phi Alpha Theta. .„. Liberatore, Ann L., H altsville, Maryland. Ele- ' ' " mentar Education Lingg, Joseph W., Hagerstown, Maryland. His- tor Education. Lipsitz, Mark H., Baltimore, .Maryland. Gov- ernment LIshinsky, Rhona, North Bergen, New lersey. Theater. Littlepage, Amy, Mt Rainier, Maryland. En- glish. Livingston, Robinette C, Washington. DC Psychology. Livornese, Joanne A., Bethesda, Maryland. Spanish and Government. Latin America Club, secretary; International Club; Rio- teers. Llewellyn, William J., Chewsville, Maryland. Business Lohmeier, Christine A., SiKer Spring Mary- land. English Lojacono, Mary R., Hyattsville, Maryland. Ra- dio and Television. Television Workshop; Honors Program London, Janis, Rune, Maryland Special Educa- tion Long, Nancy E., Irvingion, New lersey. Psy- cholo gy Lorey, Mary Ann, Corning, New ' ork. Mathe- matics Education. Pi Mu Epsilon, treasurer Kappa Delta Pi; Ski Club, Children ' s Physi- cal developmental Clinic -;lj(»wenstein. Sheila K., Valley Stream. New York French. Delta Phi Epsilon, recording secretary. Lupinetti, Dan F., Conowmgo, Maryland. Radio and Television. Marching Band; Varsity Band, VVMUC. Luzetsky, Karen M., Elktpn,, Maryland Early Childhood Education ' .: ' ' i i Lyies, Donald C, Hyatls ille. Maryland Ele- mentary Education Black Student Union; Fl ing Club, treasurer, president Lynch, Ralph C, Willards, Maryland, Agricul- ture Lyon, Jon R., Silver Spring, Maryland. Psy- chology Student Senator, Committee on Representation; Tennis, football, basketball intramurals. Lyons, Cynthia D., Gaston, Maryland. Elemen- tary Education PACE. McAbee, Michael R. Government. S.U.B PACE. McCabe, Stephen A., Massapequa, New York. History. En Horseshoes, intramurals. 286 McCarthy, Richard D., ( lullum, MarylanI Economics. Economics Honor Society McClellan, Karen L., College Park, Maryland English Lileraturi- McConnaughey, James W., Bowie, Maryland Economics Delta Sigma Phi; Freshma Honorary; Economics Mdnorary. McGillicuddy, Denisie P., Xdelphi, Mary Elementary Educattap. Newraai Club; Club; Intramurals ' " ' ' McGuire, Patricia L., Tow sun, Mar land. Ad- vertising Design. Ski (;.lul.i McKim, Sharon L., Springticld, Virginia [le- menlarv Education. McLaughlin, Gregory M., Fairfax, Viiginia. Civil Engineering. A.S C [ McMurray, Brien A., Beltsyilje, Maryland. Physical Education. »Sigma Alpha Epsilon Gate and Key Societjj., Lacrosse. McNickle, Karen M., Rfeckville, Maryland. En- Mabra, Mary A., Colurribia, Maryland. Sociol- ogy Black student Union. Mackler, Stephen A., Pennsauken, New lersey. Personnel Management, Ad Salesman for Diaij ondback, Argus. Sign-ia Alpha Mu, vige resident; Cliairman of basketball bousing marathon for Heart Fund. Mah, Jane L., College Park, Maryland. Special Education sG A Finance Committee; Coun- cil for Exceptional Children, Showcase Chairman -■ " Malin, Janice A., Baltimore. Maryland. Special Education. Malligo, Calhryn L., Frederick, Maryland Mathematics Mandelman, Paula R., Beltsville, Maryland. History Manekin, Theodore L., Baltimore, Maryland. Radio and Television. Manley, James M., Hyattsville, Maryland. Physical Education Marchell, Brenda A., Clinton, Maryland. Ele- mentary Education Marinko, James J., Hazleton, Pennsylvania. History Masakowski, Stephanie A., Garrett Park, Mary- land English. Terrapin Rioteers; College Re- publicans; RATV Workshop. Mathias, Nancy D., Hyattsville, Maryland. Radio and Television. Kappa Delta Sorority. Mattheis, Ann H., College Park, Maryland Government. Matz, Debbie F., Baltimore, Maryland. Studio Art. Maxwell, Barbara E., Centreville, Maryland. Histurs Phi Alpha Theta. Mayer, Lynda )., College Park Maryland Edu- cation. Delta Delta Delta, treasurer; Kappa Delta Pi; Professional Year Program; Sun- shine Committee, chairman. Mazer, Hillary F., Baltimore, Maryland. Dra malic Art Mendoza, Robert H., Hillcrest Heights, Mary- ' ' land CriminokigN and Law Enforcement. j J {Assistant Coordinator, University and Mary- land State Police; Dormitory vice-president. Menzie, Marc C, College Park, Maryland. Electrical Engineering. Merchant, Joel R., Rockville, Marvland. Ceo- Metz, Beverly J., Trappe, Maryland. Interior Design Metz, Michael C, Mt Rainier. Maryland. Speech and Drama Education. Middleton, Dale P., Greenbelt. Maryland. Per- sonnel and Labor Relations. Mieike, Thomas H., Faston, Maryland Market- ing .1 .i as- Miles, Susan W., Ldurcl Uii ljnd. Education. C-E.C; A.C.E.i.: P X C I , Mpha Lambda Delta Miller, Barbara P., Baltimore, Mar ldiul Span- ish Gamma Sigma Sigma. Miller, David A., Hagerstown, Maryland Electrical Engineering. Miller, Elaine L., Upperco, Maryland. Home Economics Education. Alpha Gamma Delta, first vice-president. Mimm, David K., Upper Marlboro, Maryland. General Business. Football intramurals. Minfz, Lawrence A., Margate, New lersey. .American Studies. Campus ludicial Board, justice; National Guard Review Board, |us- tice. u Mirman. Ina, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Music Education Chapel Choir; University Glee Club. Mirochnik, Francine I., Chillum, Maryland. Elementary Education. Monaghan, Patricia D., Bel Air, Maryland Elementary Education. Monsheimer, Lois |., Greenbelt, Marvland. ?.■ History Morral, Wade K., Cumberland, Maryland Industrial Education. Industrial Education Association. Moskowitz, Beryl H., Rockville, Maryland English, Mostaan, Mehroad, Silver Spring, Maryland Pre-Med Mueller, Barbara E., Bethesda, Maryland Dance Dance Performing Group; Carousel, dancer. Muirhead, jane C, Suitland, Maryland. Te tiles and Apparel. , merican Association oi Textile Technologists. Mulvey, Sean V., Baltimore, Maryland. English Intramural baseball; WMUC, news editor. Munster, Catherine D., Laurel, Maryland. En glish Education Muzzy, Josephine A., Takoma Park, Maryland French Myers, )ason M., Westminster, Maryland Dairv Science, Nachman, Jean A., Wheaton, Maryland. Gov- ernineni and Politics. Nathanson, Julie M., Clinton, Maryland. 5o- ciologv Nelson, Robert L, Landover, Maryland. Gov- ernment and Politics. Newman, Alice M., College Park, Maryland. Mathematics. Nickel, Norman A., Ill, West Simsbury, Con- necticut. Personnel Management. Cross Country; Phi Eta Sigma Niktash, Parviz, Mt Rainier, Maryland. Agri- cultural Engineering. Tau Beta Pi: American Society of Agricultural Engineers; American Society of Civil Engineers; National Educa- tion Association. 5 ,,,,.;| ixon, Philip R., Silver Spring, Maryland. Spe- V " cial Education. Volunteers for Mental « ' Health; C.E.C.; P.A.C.E.: P.G. County Public Schools, Operation Bridge; University Help Center, Hoi Line; Lutheran Student Associa- tion: Maryland Training School for Boys; Somebody Cares, Montgomery County Hot Lines Nolt, Marvine B., Greenbelt, Maryland. Zool- ogv Pre-Med Society. Nonn, Susan K., Elkton, Maryland Education. Noonan, Kathleen A., Hyattsville, Maryland. Cjovernment and Politics. Noplock, Dianna M., Aberdeen, Maryland. EarK Childhood Education. U.M.A.C.E., publications chairman. Nucciarone, Albert P., Ill, Short Hills, New lersey. Government and Politics. ,) O ' Connell, John M., Bladensburg. Maryland luurnalism, Diamondback; Television work- shops; R.O.T.C; Flying Club. O ' Donnell, Hugh B., Greenbelt, Maryland Electrical Engineering I.E L E : Course Guide Committee. O ' Keefe, Anne M., Bethesda, Maryland. Fam- ily Communit ' Development Easton 4, president, (..iimmulers Club. Oldham, Deborah K., Randallstown, Marv- land. Special Education Oleynik, Nicholas ]., Potomac, Maryland Zoology. Pre-Med. Society; Pre-Dental So- ciety. O ' Malley, Thomas P., Baltimore, Maryland Transportation. O ' Neal, Peggy, Hyattsville. Maryland. Interior Design. O ' Neale, Bonnie J., Silver Spring, Maryland. Elementary Education. Orifici, Frank C, Silver Spring, Maryland. Transportation. Delta Sigma Pi; Delta Nu Alpha. Orzechowski, Alice L, Kensington, Maryland. Economics. Bridge Club, secretary, presi- dent; Inter-collegiates. Ostrander, Lynda A., Baltimore, Maryland. Spanish Education. Ostrauder, Philip C, Baltimore, Maryland. History. Pachino, Joseph H., Baltimore, Maryland. Ra- dio and Television, WMUC. Patau, Lynn M., College Park, Maryland, iour- nalism. VVMLJC, promotions staff. Pallas, Marion E., Camp Springs, Maryland. Elementary Education. Papiermeisler, Carol, Damascus, Maryland. Dietetics Parker, Dennis L., Wheaton, Maryland. Me- chanical Engineering. Sports Car Club. Parker, Shelia C, College Park, Maryland. Per- sonnel and Labor Relations. Black Student Union. Parkins, Julie A., Wheaton, Maryland. English. Parry-Hill, Jean, Washington, DC, Microbiol- ogy Rock Creek Riding Club; Terrapin Trail Club: Ski Club ' Sky-Divers Pasliow, Anne C., ' West Orange, New lersey. Elementary Education. Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi. Paskowski, Patricia J., Baltimore, Maryland. English Education. Paymer, Natalie S., Baltimore, Maryland. En- glish. Science Fiction Oub, secretary; Astro- nomical Society. Payne, David M., Marion, Indiana. Political Science. International Club; Young Demo- crats. Peabody, Richard M., College Park, Maryland. English, Sigma Chi; Intramural Wrestling. Peacock, Joan L., Silver Spring, Maryland. Mathematics Education. Peacock, Richard D., Indian Head, Maryland. Chemical Engineering. Tau Beta Pi; A.I.C.H.E., vice president; Urban Vehicle Design Competition. Peirce, Steven J., Wheaton, Maryland. Me- chanical Engineering. Pellenbarg, Laura A., Silver Spring, Maryland. Home Economics Education. Penn, Edward D., Edison, New lersey History Perdue, Joan C, Snow Hill, Maryland Me mentary Education PACE, Women ' s Lib- eration. Perler, Vicki A., Adelphi, Maryland. Education. Perry, Michael P., Gaifhersburg, Maryland. Personnel. Marvland. Club, Pep Maryland, Petrone, Gerald J., Potomac, Maryland chology Petros, George Z., .Annd|)olis, Maryland. His tory. Pettit, Barbara L., Ellicot City, Maryland. Early Childhood Education. A.C.E., vice presideni; Dorm treasurer Pines, Elaine S., Silver Spring, Maryland French Education. Hillel. Pitts, LaVerne, Edgewood, Marvland. Business Education. Poppe, William A., Bethesda, Maryland. Engi- neering. Ski Club: Bowling League, trea- surer; U.C.A. Powell, Anne E., Rockville, .Maryland, lournal- ism. Diamondback. Powell, Nancy L., Washington, D.C. Special Educaiion. P. ACE. Pozarek, Patricia J., Silver Spring, Elementary Education. Terrapin Club. Proffitt, Diane M., Edgewater, Crafts Equestrian Club; Crafts Guild: Dorm academic chairman, unit president. Pryor, Jeanette L., Bowie, Maryland Micro- biolog S.A.O.; Phi Sigma Society. Pszwaro, Janis L., Gibbstown, New lersey. Special Education. Angel Flight; Pi Beta Phi; Greek Court. Queen, Masona L., Oxon Hill, Maryland lour- nalism Baptist Student Union- Queen, Wanda L., Baltimore, Maryland lour- nalism Rader, Ronald A., Livingston, New lersey. Microbiology. Rand, Harry, Vineland, New lerseN History and Pre-Law. Traffic Court ludge. Perform- ing Arts, chairman; Residence Hall Honor- ary; .Alpha Epsilon Pi. Ragusa, Rebecca L., District Heighis, Mary- land, Elementary Educaiion. Raiford, Kay, College Park, Marylan tary Educalirjn. Reamy, Elizabeth E., Kensington Criminology. Reed, Kathleen A. Sociology. Regan, Maureen T., Hyattsville. Psychology. .Alpha Omicron Pi. Reichhart, Christina E., Elementar Ski Club. Remer, Sherry I., Silver Spring, Mar land. Ele mentary Education Reppa, Robert B., Jr. American History. Phi tary; Phi Alpha Theta. Richardson, Bonnie H., land. Speech and Hearing Science Richardson, Pamela S., Annapolis Maryland. Elementary Education. Baptist Student Union Ridge, Michael )., Wheaton, Maryland Secon- dary Education. Rigas, Andrea T., Silver Spring ldi land. Accounting Aqualiners: W.R.A Rigdon, Carole A., loppa, Maryland. Recrea- tion Rimmer, Susan C, Elementary Education. Ritter, Janet M., Riverdale, Marvland EarK Childhood Educaiion. Ritterpusch, Susan A., Silver Spring Marx ' land Art. Rizer, Albert C, Cumberland, .Maryland. Psy- chology Robison, Edwin L., Cheverly, Maryland. Arts and Sciences Hagerstown 5, president; R.H.A., senator and legislator. Robinson, Mary K., Hillcresl Heights, Mary- land Economics, Omicron Delta Epsilon; Phi Kappa Phi I lemen- laryland. taryland. Liiucation .Mexandria, Virginia. Sigma Kappa, secre- College Park, Marv- ■ ■ ■ ' H i m 287 P h;„.»» Pnhprt A Jjy tuvilifl. y, C.nHomics Phi bta Sigma: Intra mu V A C,E.: Volunteers fc bas- Robman, C ' ■■ AuciinlM-., Hpallh VVomPiTs ( Rodeman, Rena, Ui:;n - Ti.iIm ' J., I ' anhrlliT fo r M ental n rpT- ' fTnTtW ' I i n g lie, ew le M ' Human , (. illIIH ll llU ' Mcll ' Ill IR Chant rllor ' ' ; L ' nilprqradikite AdvisoiA , Buaul Angel I light Phi Beia Phi: Morlar Boaul [ " )iaili.-nr Diamnn.l ■Rogers, lames S.C, (nllp f Park Marx land Transporlahon. Romero, )ohn A., Ko. kMlU ' , Uii lan l P -v - Rooney, Thomai M., ( ollege Paik, Matyland- iLlll M., (. ht■ lt■|lll ll, Whcaliin, lar land biKiM ipiing, Maryland. Pete Beach, Florida Adver- Ami den t- Roos, Constance iournalism, Roos, Ronald R., Econnmir Roper, )ane E., St. tiMiig Di ' Mgn Rosenblatt, Charles, nrfolk Virginia At - counting, 7i ferrdpin, business manager and pholographer --Rosenblatt, Terri M., Philadelphia Penn l a- nia P Ntliulugi- Rosenblum, Steven )., Whi-ahm lai land Business Adminislration. Rothberg, Morey D., Whealon MaiOami. Hi-- torv Rotter, Cindy R., Kuiibuigtun, Waiyland. tiv gli h Education Rowen,- Richard K., BelKville, Maryland Mu sic Education Llni cisii s mptiun Band, Orchesira, Brass Quintet and Chamber Chorus Rubin, Henry A., Taknma Park Uir land Ps - chulog Pep Band: Concert Band trfMSurer- [ lamondbatk billing managfi Rubino, Mary F., Hsattsvillp 1ai land Phi Beta, piL-sidcii Maryland C ' and mser- Uir lani.l C ' i LMn- Spiing, Mai land, Spring, Mar land liench GarniT social chairman Rudert, Brian D., Suitland, vat ion Rubick, Shelley R. English Rudy, Deborah A,, Llkhm mcnl and Politics Russack, Valentina, bil ti Ztaol6S Ryan, William K., Silver Accounting U C A , b(jard, Inlraniurals Rybikowsky, ' Lynn F., Charlotte Hall, tar - land Animal Science PreAet Club, Ryland, Kermit F., Recreation lai land Re- creation Paik SucietN, lerrapin Kioteers, president Saffos, .Betsy A., Silver Spring. Mar land French Education [TH .)s SaKos, Terry L., Silver Spring, Maryland Inter- ior 13esign AID, Mte piesidenl, ETHOS Sagona, (oseph S., Jr., SiKer Spring, Marxlarid " " Industrial Education Industrial Education Association, board of director Salander, Edmond 1., Wist Bab lun New York Ps cholog Phi Eta ' igma Psi Chi. Sandler, Patricia L, Ballimoie, Maryland Ele- mentar Education Sanford, Sharon A., Ci iniinology. Santry, Anne C, Timonium. Maryland Botany. Sappingfon, Sharon L., Baltimore Warvland , lalliematic Lducalion Marching Band raplain, color guard, WunnMis l.iMos e I lying Club. Sarti, Riccardo A., siKei S|)ring Mai land. Coveinment and Politics Internal i .nal 1 liih «M ass, Deborah E., Brndtid Education • " laltler, Alice E., B.ihisi Design. Alpha Caim .American Inititule ui mond Saunders, Margaret C. speech aryland. Interior _ la " TypTlTr piesTH ' enc Inlerioi Design: Uia- and Drama Durna, vice Women s Center-Counseling liresidclll Savage, )oyce E., Mt Ranier Vlaryland, Per- sonnel. Course Guide Saylor, Jean B., Rockville. Maryland, Arts and Sciences, Scepaniak, Kathleen A., Towson, Maryland Sociol(ig Schaeffer, Monica H., Einden, New jersey. Ps cliolog Phi Beta Kappa: Student Advi- sory Roaid Counseling Center: Psychology Undergraduate Committee, Psi Chi Honor- ary, Schaler, George H., Catonsville, Economic s Chevy Chase, D., Silver Spring, lucation Maryland, .Maryland Maryland. Maryland New York Schatz, Stuart PsvchologN Schikevitz, Gail R., Elementary Art Ei Schmidt, Mary E. Schmoeller, Walter H., Baltimore, Mechanicdl.-Engmeering Schneider, Carol L., Elkridge, Maryland Trans- portation. Hagerstown, homecoming chair- man, field Hockey: AIAA,: D.N. A., vice president. Schott, Madelyn S., Elementary Education. Phi Sigma Sigma. Schuller, Michelle P., Silver Spring, Maryland. Speech anri Hearing Schulten, Carl S., Silver Spring, Maryland. Chemistry Pre-Med. Society, president and secretarv. Ski Club, Schultz, Peggy L., Wheaton, Maryland Psy- chology Aqualiners, Schumacher, Leon E., Eaurel, Maryland, Indus- trial Management Schurman, Elizabeth A., New York, Animal Science Schwartz, Evelyn D., Silver Spring, Maryland, Special Education, Council tor Exceptional Children Schwartz, |oanne E., Baltimore, Maryland, EarU Childhood Education Schwartz, Saralee, Monroeville, Pennsylvania Government and Politics, Resident Assis- tant, Orientation Sponsor, Schwartzapfel, Heidi, Potomac, Maryland PsychologN Scotch, loan K., Laurel, .Maryland, Dietetics, Scotti, RoseAnne, Florham Park, New |erse speech and Hearing Seely, Kameron M., College Park, Mars land. Mil robioUjgS ' S A.O. Segal, MyroB R., U|iper .Marlboro, Marj lar] Industrial Education. Alpha Epsilon Pi, Siebert, Harry R., Hagerstown, Elkl. ■nlon. Early Gen MaiAland English Childhood Educa Government and Politics Desk PACE Sentman, Donald N., eral Business, Sevigny, lulie R., Odi Shane, Susan N.M.I., lion Shand, Thomas W., Industrial Education Shanker, Deborah M., College Park, Mar lan Criminology Sharpe, loan L, Salisbury, Maryland Intern Design. laPlala ' [Hrsi,|,.nl jn i lieasviu Equestrian Club, publicity chairman I ' eail River. New Wiik Si Health Maryland, His- Maryland Ps Hill, Maryland, ' aw, Steven A., Clinton. Maryland Education Varsity Baseball, Shea, Richard B., Annapolis, tor ' Shear, Leslie |., Silver Spring chology, Sheperd, Jonathan ]., Oxoii Aerospace Engineering. Shuck, Michael K., Northumberland, Pennsyl- vania, Zoology. Iniramural football, Pre- Dental Society Shute, Douglas M., Belisville, Marvland. Electrical Engineeiing, Sickmund, Gordon B. Ir., (jreenbell Marv- land Accounting Delta Sigma Pi, treasurer; Rugby Club. Silberman, Robert H., Silver Spring Mar land. Psychology Counseling Center, aiKisorv board, Psychology Undergraduate Cmnmit- tee. Silverstein, Fred H., Wilmington, Delaware Sociology Diamondback, advertising man- ager: Chairman of Election Board: I.F,C , vice president; 0,D K Honorary, Skocz, Paul A., Hyalts ille, Maryland lournal- ism. Young Americans for Freedom, vhc chairman Slagle, Kathy E., Chesiertown, Man ' land In- glish Education Slavin, Barbara M., Indian Head, Maryland, Elementary Art Education, Slipow, lanet R., Richmond, Virginia, English Smith, Deborah E., Suitland, Maryland. Socml ogy Smith, Eileen A., Silver Spring, Mai land. En glish Smith, Gary |., Baltimore, Marvland, Radio and Television, Smith, lack D., Hyattsville, Marvland Art His- lors Phi Ela Sigma. Smith, Robert L., Landover, Maryland Recrea- tion Lacrosse: Recreation Societv Smith, Sarah E., Baltirnore, Maryland Psychol Smith, Timothy J., College Park, Maryland. Psvchology Soderstrom, Yvonne R., Silver Spring, Mary- land English Education, Solomon, Margaret M., Tem|)le Hills, Mary- land Radio and Television, Aqualiners. TiMiiph: WMUC, libraiian, LaPlata, desk receptionist, Sommerwerck, William A., Baltimore, Mary- land, Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Secretary, Gay Student Alliance, chairman: Phi kappa Phi, honorary Soraci, Rocco R., Oxon Hill, Maryland. Geog- raphy. Sorin, Ellen D., Studio Art Stafford, Patricia A., Alexandna, Virginia Ln- gli - , , Stanford, David E., College Park, Marvland Radio and Television Television Workshop; Chess Club, Steinberg, Richard, Newark. New lersey Ps chology, Tau Lpsilon Phi, Student Union Board; Psychology Undergraduate Advisorv Committee, Stenvall, Warren R., West Orange, New |er- sev, Zoologv Lambda Chi Alpha, Stevens, Deborah )., Severna Paik, Marvland Art Histcjry. , , ,,, , , Still, Jacqueline D., lop|ia Marvland Psvc Iml- ogy. P,A,C,t,; HUP Center; Cheerleader, Stokes, Kathy, Mcioreslcw n. New lersev Home Economic s Education. Alpha Chi Omega: Angel Hight V .imens Inieicol legiat ' e Swim Team; Collegiate Home Eco- nomics Association i Stolarz, Barbara A., Souih Plamltt ' ld, New |er- ' pv Flpmpnlar tdui_dlion PACE., D.C Cjt ' inTjl lluspital. Strenger, Ml(h S., Hyatlsulle, Mary- lantl Llenii ' ntar Lducation Slrouse, Douglas A., B.illimore, Maryland. Maikuting, VarMl li.iM ' ljall; Campus Repre- si ' nlativf iMi ( (illi yiali Products; Baseball Kei ' U ' M ' ntaliM ' in i Club. Stubblebine, Terry A., Suitland, Vlaryland. |feisonni l Managemcnl S gar, Andrea K., Baltimnic, Maryland Sociol- ogy Sullivan, |ohn H., Bel .Air Vlaryland Govern- ment and P ilitics Surkis, Wendy C, Cedarhnisl, Nrw York. Secnndaiy Art Edu( ition Phi Kappa Phi; Ski riul). Aft Leagur . Sweejtjey, M. Kathleen, Baltiinore, Maryland. ...R ' Q ' ssian Language and Literature. Denton, secretary; Ski Clul.) Swift, Anna C, Wheaton, Maryland. Zoology. Syckes, Betsy |., Cumberland, Maryland Zool- ogy. Alpha LarnSda Delia; Phi Sigma; Aqlialiners, vice president; Concert li.ind; = Phi- Mu Sylvester, Janet A., Grer nbelt, Maryland So- ciology Tanenbaum, Larry E., Potomac, Mar lan(L Psychology. Student Advisory Board; Iniia- mural Softball, football and basketball. Taylor, l net IVt., Annandale, Virginia. English Theatre, " Carousel, " and " War Between ihe ,i . ' Men and Women " . ■ Teplitsky, Mary B. Elementary Ldutafioii Terebuch, Jeannie M. Education Terrell, R. Ward, Takoma Park, Maryland. Mathematics. , Thoemke, Kris W., Silver Spring, Marfl d Zoology Thoma, Mary |., Bethesda, iVtaryland, Speci il Education. P A C.E.; Ski Club. Thomas, Cheryl A., Rockville, Maryland. Early Childhood Education. Thomas, Dave M., Orlando, Elorida. ( Crea- tion. InlTamural loolball and basketball Mars land Reciealion and Parks s, i Thomas, Kay F., Rh hmond. Virgini Thomas, Merrill F., )r., Stevensville Microbiolog Pip led S. " iet ' l ha Omicron Thorpe, lames L., Alexand ., cal Education. Physical ( iiininol Maryland. Sigma . Al- a, Virginia, ' m si- ' Education Ma)ors itraniural Sports; Bowling Tourna- llege Park, Maryland ■■,%iwb; rfiet ts. %dd, Reginald N., C Political Science. Toichin, Linda S„ Mc Kees|)ori, Pennsylvania, S|)ecial Eduiation. Ilillel Y.ivneh, vice pres- ident and iJiesident; Cmincil lor Excep- tional Children. Tompros, lohn E., Government and Politics Dorm intramural sports, government: Arnold Air Society. Triplett, JoAnn M., Hyattsville, Maryland. Elemenlarv Ldui alion Trinjetl, Lee J., H altsville, Maryland Person- 5 -s p. Mana ntient. iS p Franip., Atlantic City, New |erse ciologN -Phi Sigma |Sigma, treasurer; Br ' ia Kappa. .Js. Tucker, Nancy H., Bayonne, New lersey. mentary Eduralion Diamond, Phi S_ Sigma. Varney, Mary E., Landover Hills, Maryland Textiles and Apparel. , .v- ' Villa, Christopher D., Oxon Hil fviaryland so- Phi Ele- ;ma (ieiieral Business, Delta Nu Alpha. Viria, Alan K., Hyattsville, Maryland, Historv. Vilelozzi, Loraine A., Annapolis, Maryland, lamiry Studies Voight, t. Howard, Riverdale, Maryland. Trans portafion. D.N. A.; Sports Car Club; Lava tory Patrol, Intramural Basketball VonAllm .Theresia, Silver Spring, Maryland Home f nomics Education. Von Bretzel, Sandy, Germanlown, Maryland CriininiiEig Gvmkana. VonBriesen, Cheryl L., Seabrook, Maryland Special Iducalion. Glee Club; Council for Exceptioi-ia ' i Children; Baptist StudenI Union; Phi Kapp.i Phi Voorhees, Carl R., Sea Girt. New lersey. Engi- neering Voshell, Steven W., VAashiiiglon, DC History. Stamp and Coin (. iub. Vuthiganond, Staporn College Park, Mary- land. Civil Er ing. A.S.C E.; Chi Epsi- Wadsworth, Mafpffet A., Silver Spring, Mary- land EarK ( hildhood Education. Ski Club; Delta L3ella D la, rush chairman. Walch, )ohn L., 9ilver Spring. Maryland. Radio and Television Waldstein, Allison L, Silver Spnng, Maryland. Early Childho(-)d Iduialiun. Rioteer Club; A, C.E.I. Walker, Christine M., Silver Spring, Maryland. Sociology. .Alpha i Delta, chaplain. Wallace, Colette A., Ak ' xandria, Maryland. Go ernment and Pohlics, Wa ce, Dorothy ]., Rockville, Maryland. mal Science, Pre-Vet Club. WaHiSce, Wyatt T., Laurel, Maryland Aero- space Engineering. , , ,- , Walsh, Daniel L., Baltimore, Maryland. Civil Engineering Delta Sigma Phi Warner, Robin P., yvingston. New lersey, So- ( ioIog Warren, Gary R., Hyattsville, Maryland. Fi- nance Waters, Brenda )., FamiK suidies. Black siu- i.lenl 1 Tnion Waters, Martha R., sn, Hill. Maryland lex- tiles and Apparel. Af|Udliners; P ( E; A A. F.T. Waters, Susan B., Snow Hill, Mar land. En- glish l esident Assistant. WciniaiV „» risis Center; University Communications Group; P.A.C E. Watkins, Rhonda D., Baltiinnie, Maryland. Mathematics. Pamoja Ebony Choir; WR.A.; E.E.E.O. Representative; Experimental TEvea- ire. 5 Webber, Tere R., Hyattsville, Ataryl.rnd. Edu- Webster, W. Daniel, l.aurel,s- Maryland. 1 8 nalism. Editor in Chief, t ?3 Terrapin, Dia- mondback. Weinberger, Marcia W., Balliiriore, Maryland. Spanish Education. Sigma Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta. Weiner, Risa E., Chevy Chase, Maryland. En%. gli li I Weinstein, Fern T., Psychology. Weisz, Deborah, Bethesda, Maryland. Elemen lar Education. v Westcott, Diane N., Forestville, Maryland. Economics. Phi Chi Theta, president; Alpha Delta Pi, Omicron Delta Pi Wheeler, Patricia A., Washington, DC lour iiallsm Black Student Union; P.A.C. E. ULu k LxplosMin, Editor. Whisman, Kathy J., llklBFi, Ma -land English Education. Pep Club Conirmtlee Whisner, Carl A., Hyaitsville. t,iryland lour- nalisrri. 1973 Terrapin Whisner, Use S., HvaiKvilie .larvland lour- nalism. Layout Editor, I ' iTi Terrapin White, Patrick W., Spring, Maryland Psychology. Phi I la Signia. Iionorary; Phi Kappa Phi, honoeir-, Imli ' iiendenl Psychol- ogy Research. Wieker, Frederick |.,, Maryland. -Math- ematii s lit 1 P (enler. Wiggs, Sharon R., li.iltinv jre, Maryland. Ele- menlaiv 1 duialinn ' v Wildensteiner, Mary L., District Heights, Mary- land, Home Economics Education Wilk, David S., Greenbell, Maryland. General Business .Admini.stration. Delta Epsilon Pi. Wilkens, Christopher W., Landovfer, Maryland American History. Kappa Delta. Pi, Phi Al- |)ha Theta, honoraries; Kalegetfe ' os-I.F.C. honorarv. Wilkerson, Diana C, Alexanrlna, Virginia 1 lench. Wilkerson, Pamela )., Bladensburg, Maryland 1 ducation. Gamma Sigma Sigma Wille, Debra L., Eark Childhood [ducation. 1 leshman Women s Honorary; I ducation Honorary; Dorm, vice president and secre- tary Williams, Joyce M., Kensington, Maryland EarK ( " hildhood Education Wilson, Krisline M., Sykesville, Maryland. .Animal Science Wineholt, Ronald W., Parkton, Mar land. Government. Marching Band; Dorm, secre- tary and vice president Winslow, (ohn E., Oak Lawn, Illinois. Mai he- matics. -Pe|) Band; Phi Kappa Phi, honorarx Wions, David O., Bowie, Marvland. Business Wise, Mary M., Baltimore, Maryland. EarK Childhood [ducali(- n Wiseman, Shelley L., Baltimore, Special Educal m hi Wilsor, lobH W., |r., Gran|s ille, P.S!»9Eijology. Wolfgang, Robert |., Camp Springs, Marylanii Mechanical Engineering Easlon " dent and vice president, A.SM E Wolfson, Annte E., Brandvwme. Home Ecottolhtes Educatum Wood, Lawrence M., College Park, .Alaryland Psychology, Wright, Stephen E., Kallimore, .Vlaryland Geography. Yokel, Susanne M., Bethesda, Maryland. Ger- man Education. Zafiris, Dimitrios A., Baltin Eletlma! Engineering Calu dent. agoren, Susan )., Cheiix Hi Special Edu( atmn Alpha treasurei ndman, Sharon L., West sey. American Studies. Zeniak, Kathryn A., Hackettst,.xvi-|. New lersex Elementary Education. Wicon-iipi Hall, presi- dent; Terrapin Rioteers, vice prpsicjent: Freshman Orientation, chairman; Dorm ludi- cial Board, chairman. Zeroth, Nelson D., Takoma Park, Mai land. Elec- trial Engineering. Tau B«|a Pi, xice presi- dent; 1972 National Tau B«a Pi invention arrangements chairman; Ela%j(}»pa Nu, Omi cron Delta Kappa, I E E.E Zilber, Leslie S., Baltimore, Maryland. Lilnarx Science Marx land .Vlaryland. le, Marvland. It Hali, presJ- New lersev tpsilon Pt ) range 289 V ii. Compliments of Albrecht ' s Pharmacy College Park, Maryland UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND Terrapin Club Salutes the Class of 1973 and invites them to join in support of University of Maryland Athletics For information write: Terrapin Club Box 361 College Park, Maryland 20740 290 291 IS Here To Serve University Community Country college park delicatessen Compliments of Ne are proud to h ave taken part in preparing the color photographs of this book. Colorfax Laboratories, Inc. 11961 Tech Road Silver Spring, Maryland 209 1 Telephone: (301) 622-1500 7400 baltlmore blvd college park maryland 20740 Compliments of 1 ELE VEN STORES 292 WELL DONE AND GOOD LUCK! STEVENS STUDIOS A Complete Photographic Service you ' re graduating Now you probably aren ' t all choked up, but you ' re about to leave the campus your last few years have centered around. It changed a lot while you were here and it ' s going to keep changing. You ' re going to want to hear about some of it. The University ' s basketball team will still be winning, the University will still be fighting for its life in Annapolis and the people you met here will still be doing strange and interesting things. The Diamondback can keep you up on all of this... and the hundreds of other stories we cover in a typical year. The Diamondback covers this campus like no other organization in any medium even tries. If you don ' t let us keep you up to date on the University, no one else will. you ' re not graduating You ' ve got a few semesters or years left here, but you know someone who doesn ' t. They ' re graduating and in a few days they ' ll be gone. But that doesn ' t mean they ' ll stop caring about friends and the news they ' ll be making. You can give a friend a real link to the University — where people care a little more and aren ' t quite so busy making money. The Diamondback will mail each Diamondback and Argus Dimension supplement on the day it ' s published to your home or anyone else ' s home for $7 a semester of $12 a year. The Diamondback — news, sports, communication. The University — gone but not forgot- ten. " diamondback Enclosed is Name $7 (one semester) $12 (one year) Address State zip code Make checks payable to the Diamondback. Mail this coupon to: the Diamondback, Journalism Building, Univ. of Md. College Park, Md. 20742 294 Credits Art: Tobey Conner, pages 16, 38 and cover George Clausen, pages 79. 81 and 280 Karl J, Molner, flip flick, pages 208-256 Copy: Vickie Beard, poem, pages 16-37 Michael Dolan, page 192 The majority of the copy was taken from interviews of hundreds of students by Vickie Beard, Ann Farrington, Alice Bailey and Anna Filippi. Photographs: , 50, 51, 54, 58, 59, 109, 110, 1 14, 1 1 5, 1 73, 259, 174, 263, 1 78, 264, 179, 266, Bailey 12, 69, 99, 106 Bramman 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 33, 35, 36, 43, 47, 74, 75, 77, 79, 80, 81, 102, 124, 125, 131, 132, 139, 143, 150, 153, 154,155, 160, 165, 172, 176, 193, 194, 206, 208, 212, 280 281 Britt 62, 66, 72, 82, 84, 106, 108, 151, 182, 198. Cobb 154, 188, Dabrowski 12, 48, 49, 55, 57, 62, 63, 67, 68, 69, 87, 90, 100 101, 103, 118, 119. 120, 121, 128, 130, 131, 142, 150, 172 188, 189, 201, 211, 222, 231, 283, 286, 288. Douglas 4, 5, 108, 150, 152, 180, 185, 204, 276 Friedman 51, 53, 55, 62, 66, 67, 71, 72, 73, 87, 118, 136, 142 150, 191. Holcombe 34, 156, 157, 158, 159. Holwager 2. 33. 34, 35, 36, 43, 44, 46. 47 64, 65, 66, 88, 90, 92, 93, 95, 102, 105, 119, 122, 123, 146, 147, 153, 170, 171, 186, 190, 191, 192, 199, 205, 234, 253, 268, 269, 270, 275, 278, 280, 281. Katz 168, 187. Kosofsky 2, 3, 8, 9, 83, 92, 93, 96, 104, 106, 113 220, 257, 266. Moseson 94, 188, 202, 205 Postman 14, 45, 46, 47, 52, 60, 61, 69, 75, 80, 81, 116, 129, 132, 133, 138, 139, 143. 147, 151, 154, 155, 190 227, 248, 272, 278, 284, 285, 287. Potskowski 44, 45, 53, 67, 84, 112, 114, 115, 117, 122, 125, 127, 149, 155, 160, 161, 162, 165, 166, 167, 168, 172 175, 179, 184, 187, 188, 189, 194, 197, 198, 199, 215, 217 229, 232, 235, 245, 246, 254, 258, 282, 290, 292, 296. Roderick 70, 71. Rosenblatt 13. 97, 134, 135, 136, 137, 144 164, 167, 169, 171, 175, 186, 189, 197 Sintetos 52, 53, 114, 173, 200, 252. Sorensen 72, 73, 86, 90, 91 , 107, 108, 1 18 143, 148, 177, 183, 188. Suska 6, 45, 53, 56, 117, 124, 128, 131, 205, 218, 238, 240, 243, 249 Swartz 10, 11, 1 3, 43, 46, 48, 62, 63, 66, 68, 70, 73, 76, 7 88, 89, 99, 100, 101, 103, 109, 124, 125, 130, 135, 137 141, 142, 145, 152, 185, 188, 189, 216, 237, 258, 259 263, 268, 272, 276 Terrell 73, 110. Webster 12, 33, 34, 35, 48, 78, 111, 161, 162, 166, 166, 168, 169, 171 203, 261, 262, 268, 269 Weismann 98, 104. 1 14, 183, 189, 126, 195, 123, 146, 160, 161, 162, 120, 121, 126, 140, 138, 162, 165, 204, , 85, 140, 262, 1 15, , 1 74 156, 175, 157, 158, 159, 1 76, 193, 202, Specifications Composition: 12 14 optima (pages 16-37, Baskerville) Index 8 9 News Gothic with bold Halftones: 150 line Eliptical Dot Screen Paper Stock: Warren Cameo Gloss, 80 lb. End Sheets: Warren 18 Slate Cover: Roxcite Lithograph Press: 25 ' 2 X 38 Miller Two and Four Color Perfector Smyth Sewn and Casebound B.M.I. Standards Printer Binder: Western Publishing Company, Inc. Color: Reproduced from prints produced by Colorfax Laboratories, Inc. from original transparencies. Senior Portraits: Stephens Studios, Bangor, Maine. Special Thanks to: Philip C. Geraci, our unofficial and unpaid advisor, who encouraged, counseled, and consoled. Fritz Hafner, Western ' s representative, who was here when we needed him. Rolla Uldriks, Western ' s artist-in-residence, who gave much needed help in design and layout concepts. Kit Hardy, Western ' s consultant, who with much patience translated wandering notes into intelligent instructions for the plant. Downtown Store Opening This Spring at 20th M St. N.W. College Park, Md. 295 % :% ' 7 ' -. OJMESERN YMRBGOtC JSJES1ERN YEARBOOK

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University of Maryland College Park - Terrapin / Reveille Yearbook (College Park, MD) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


University of Maryland College Park - Terrapin / Reveille Yearbook (College Park, MD) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


University of Maryland College Park - Terrapin / Reveille Yearbook (College Park, MD) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


University of Maryland College Park - Terrapin / Reveille Yearbook (College Park, MD) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


University of Maryland College Park - Terrapin / Reveille Yearbook (College Park, MD) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


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