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University of Maryland College Park - Terrapin / Reveille Yearbook (College Park, MD) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 472 of the 1968 volume:

I -..V: ' ' - V . _ V M.4 II i i i ' I 1: 3 -Uiilt ' • - m -:n,Li ' «ia !f ' " Mmmi -■ »lity; i ' ..■ jsrMe-- 41 f! r r 1 p i l p -v l 4 ' ,- ' •» - ::. . III! ' ■ - % i« ?» ■■ ' ' ■- ' ?Bg? v W ■:S ' ' ' TERRAPIN 1968 Published by the Student Government Association at the University of Maryland A quest for purpose yields f 5 ' : M O s- . ,»« - ' ' ' ' 1 4 1 «►. .y.f . ; J%€ ' " W ' IT r - 4 N ■ ' . ' ii mf ' Vo U»A» self expression energy r. " " lit rs t 10 solitude 11 release Ml 13 anticipation 14 15 ,101 to ?ETUP(IS 16 Identity. 18 CADEMICS 20 Seniors by College 22 Honoraries 86 Administration 116 Alumni 136 TUDENT LIFE 140 Commuters 142 Dorms 152 Greeks 218 Queens 276 Headliners 290 PORTS 300 Football 302 Soccer 312 Basketball 316 Wrestling 330 Swimming 332 Cross Country 334 Track 336 Lacrosse 338 Baseball 344 Tennis 348 Golf 349 RGANIZATIONS 350 SGA 352 Interest Groups 354-366 Communications 407 Performing Arts 423 Religion 441 Editor ' s Page and Staff 450 Senior Index 452-461 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Lisa Taylor BUSINESS MANAGER - Sharon Smith COPY EDITOR - Jeanne Harris LAYOUT EDITOR - Susie Kaminski PROOF EDITOR - Margie Johnson PHOTO EDITORS -Tony Anthony Gene Boyars 19 ' K- a r. k ' 4 j 7 n AGRICULTURE A planter ' s son who enrolled in the College of Agricul- ture in 1856 would never recognize the changes that have occured in in agricultural professions since that time. " Agriculture is now more synonymous with food than with farming, " said Dean Gordon Cairns. Modem agricul- ture involves studying the relationship of population to natural resources, the efficient use of technology and natural resources in food production, and the impact of urbaniza- tion on rural life and the development of rural communities. The new dimensions of agriculture are shown in the professions entered by graduates of the college. Only 5-10% of the college ' s students go into farming, while the majority enter such diverse fields as private industry, gov- ernment, education aand research. Unlike the auricula of the University ' s other profession- ally oriented colleges, the agriculture curricula are not aimed at preparing students for employment only in fields related to agriculture. Degrees in botany, entomology and pre-theology, be- sides that of agricultural engineering, may also be obtained by pursuing various other lines of study o£Fered within the College of Agriculture. Dean Gordon Cairns 23 BADGER, JOHN CHARLES - Baltimore, Md.; Animal Science BENNER, ROY E. - Takoma Park, Md.; Soils BEWLEY. ROBERT PEARSON - Rockville, Md.; Animal Science (Pre-Vet) BRANDT, ROBERT CARRO LL - Ellicott City, Md.; Conservation BRAUER, ALAN L. - Rocky Ridge, Md.; Agronomy (Crops) CANTER, KENNETH GARY- Silver Springs, Md.; Pre- Veterinary FELTY, CARLTON L. - Rising Sun, Md.; Agronomy FRANCISCO, CAROLYN JUNE - Greenbelt, Md.; General Agriculture CILLEN, STEVEN (;UY - Rockville, Md.; Agronomy HELLMAN, JAN VARIAN - Pikesville. Md.; Mineralogy HOSHALL, DENNIS C. - Ilampstead, Md.; Dairy Science JARRETT, DILMUS, LYLE III - Parsonsburg, Md.; Agronomy KLAVON, ALBERT JAMES - Takoma Park, Md.; Agricurture Extension LEHNERT, KENNETH G. - Silver Spring, Md.; Horticulture MANN, DOROTHY EC;GLEST0N - Elliott City, Md.; Horticulture MARTIN, ALLAN DALl ' ] - Arljufus, Md.; Con,servation PETERSON, ROY CARL - Marsliallville, Georgia PHILLIPS, H. BRUCE - Riverdale, Md.; Agriculture PHILLIPS. GEORGE BOUNDS - Quanticom, Md.; Agriculture Economics PIERCE, WILLIAM J. - Greenfield, Mass.; Conservation Natural Resources RAY, CLIFFORD WAYNE - Reisterstown, Md.; Agronomy REBERT, PHILIP LANGLY - Westminster, Md.; Animal RICE, WILLIAM L. - Cumberland, Md.; Agricultural Engineering SHERALD, JAMES LAWRENCE - Braddock Heights, Md.; Horticulture STANTON, THOMAS WINSTON - Grantsville, Md.; General Agriculture mMjkmJiLm STEGER, JOSEPH M. - Cumberland, Md.; Horticulture WEISS, BARRY - Flushing, N. Y.; General Agriculture ZEIG, RICHARD BLAKEMAN - Adelphi, Md.; Horticulture Not Pictured: GROVE, EARL B. - Hagerstown, Md.; Dairy Science WEDDERSPOON, IAN MALCOLM - Salisbury, Rhodesia; Agronomy 24 25 c c n I I ■ r I ■ JLJi5j.ja_D_r I □ I I B I I I I D I I I I I I ■til Wlf H HI xmm ps m. iiittinimN Humimiii i mmti Mffif 1 iiiir -1 [■ ' rlr- ' -ty ' - ' i ■j H K Su n II E Q a STUDEBAKER, FORREST EMMETT - Adelphi, Md.; Government Politics BROWN, URSULA BARBARA - Hanover, Germany; Social Studies HAMMILL, THOMAS - Woodport, N. J., Government Politics JOHNSON, A. F. - Winston-Salem, N. C.; Conrnierce KUPSTAS, JOHN - Huntsville, Pa.; Business Administration MARTIN, FREDERICK THOMAS - Richmond, Indiana; Mathematics UNIVERSITY COLLEGE The University of Maryland ' s own University College is indeed a " world university. " Though first established in 1947 to offer evening courses to area adults, its operations now cover over 5,000,000 square miles in 24 countries on four continents. The college ' s overseas programs, designed mainly to ex- tend University services to government personnel in foreign countries and servicemen stationed abroad, now offer two degrees — a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Military Studies. One unique aspect of this " world university " is that it claims its own " flying dean. " Since 1952 when he became dean of University College, Dr. Ray Ehrensberger has clocked over 4,000 hours in prop-planes, spending nearly six months a year overseas observing and directing the col- lege ' s numerous operations. In October the United States Air Force honored " Flying Dean " Ehrensberger with the highest civilian award, citing him as the man chiefly responsible tor initiating the pro- gram which has enabled 17,000 servicemen to earn de- grees abroad. 26 Dean Ray Ehrensberger ARCHITECTURE Dean John W. Hill The School of Architecture, the University ' s newest col- lege, opened this fall with a faculty of four and an enroll- ment of 54 first-year students. The school is now located in building DD in the gulch; however, a new building will tentatively be completed by September, 1970. No oflBcial curriculum has been set up for the five-year architectural program as yet, but a studio course in the processes of design is now being offered and more courses will be added next year. Dean John W. Hill hopes to limit required courses to create a wide selection of professional electives from the School of Architecture and other colleges. In giving stu- dents as much freedom as possible, they are able to de- velop their own interests and still remain within the range of the program. Instituting a master ' s program is also part of Dean Hill ' s future plans. The growth of the school will reflect the changing role of the architect in modem society. " Architecture does not refer just to the planning of a single building, but in- volves complex systems of community plarming, " Hill said. " The goal is not just the creation of a single work of beauty, but the enhancement of the quality of life. " 27 ARTS and SCIENCES 28 Dean Charles A. Manning With its diversity of departments and course offerings, the College of Arts and Sciences is a university within a university. An undergraduate enrollment of approximately 10,000 students (or one third of the university population) gives A S a wider cross-section of student-types than many of the other colleges. The 29 possible majors, ranging from the almost totally aesthetic fine arts to the extremely prac- tical physical and biological sciences, belie the possibility of the stereotype A S student. " The responsibility of satisfying varying needs and demands, stemming from the broad spectrum of interests and temperaments of the students, is the real problem of the College of Arts and Sciences, " noted Dr. Norman C. Laffer, associate dean of the college. Besides being a university in itself, the college has an- other unique aspect. " More than any other college, " Laffer said, " A S is a service college. " Since all students must take the basic University requirements of history, mathe- matics and speech offered through A S, the college per- forms what Laffer termed " the dual role " of providing a service program for all students while maintaining an identity all its own. AANENSON, VICKI JANE - Bethesda, Md.; Sociology AARON, THOMAS R. - Bedford, Mass.; Economics ADAIR, ELEANOR ROE - Hyattsville, Md.; Mathematics ALBERT, CAROL ANN - Silver Spring, Md.; German ALUISI, TONI LEE - District Heights, Md.; Sociology ANDERSON, JANICE M. - Laurel, Md.; Sociology ANDERSON, ROBERT CHARLES - Forest Hill, Md.; History ANDERSON, ROSALIND - Alexanlriai, Va.; Studio Art ANDREWS, WAYNE DENNIS - Baltimore, Md.; PhUosophy ANGEL, EDWARD - Chevy Chase, Md.; History APGAR, MARY RITA - Aberdeen, Md.; English ARMSTRONG, SUSAN LAURA - Baltimore, Md.; Zoology ARNAIZ, JAMES V. - Bayonne, N. J.; Government and Politics ASHTON, RICHARD JAMES - Frederick, Md.; Sociology AVERBACH, NANCY S. - Baltimore, Md.; Speech Therapy AULT, THOMAS A. - Rockville, Md.; MathemaHcs AUSTIN, JEAN M. - Silver Spring, Md.; Psychology AUSTIN, KAREN B. - Spokane, Wash.; Art History BAIN, ELIZABETH ANNE - Silver Spring, Md.; English BAIR, JOHN R. - Baltimore, Md.; Zoology BARNETT, ERIC C. - Philadelphia, Pa.; Psychology BARRETT, SUSAN E. - Momingside, Md.; Latin American Foreign Area BART, MARILYN - Montvale, N. J.; French and Sociology BARTNIK, DONALD J. - Baltimore, Md.; Sociology BAUGH, ANN C. - Sev ma Park, Md.; French BAUMANN, ELIZABETH ANN - Baltimore, Md.; Psychology BAXTER, MARCI - Laurel, Md.; Anthropology BECHTEL, JAMES EDWARD - Lenisburg, Pa.; Psychology BECKY, JR., JOHN WILLIAM - Salisbury, Md.; History BELAGA, MARSHALL EDWARD - Baltimore, Md.; Psychology BELT, JOHN GERALD - Cumberland, Md.; Mathematics BENS, TOBE HARRISON - Chevy Chase, Md.; English BERENHOLTZ, JERRY - Baltimore, Md.; Pre-law and Sociology HERMAN, BARBARA S. - New Haven, Conn.; Sociology BERNSTEIN, ANNE LOIS - Silver Spring, Md.; Mathematics BESSLING, WILLLIAM HILLARY - Baltimore, Md.; Social Science BIANCHI, SUSAN JANE.- Philadelphia, Pa.; French BILLMEIR, MARTHA ANN - Denton, Md.; Zoology BISHOP, CLAIRE PAUL - Takoma Park, Md.; Fine Arts BLASER, MARIELLEN - Wheaton, Md.; English BLAUL, ROSALIE - Arnold, Md.; Psychology BLOCK, ELLEN N. - Greenbelt, Md.; Latin American Area BLYTHE, REBECCA A. - Lanham, Md.; Spanish BODDEN, MARIANNE KATHARINA - Bethesda, Md.; Sociology BOCK, CHRISTOPHER E. - Landover Hills, Md.; Mathematics BOEHL, JOHN D. - Glenarm, Md.; General Science BOTT, WILLIAM K. - Beltsville, Md.; General Physical Science. BOTTOM, GORDON ROBERT - Hyattsville, Md.; German BOURDOSIS, MARGO - Wheaton, Md.; History BOWEN, STEPHEN L. - University Park, Md.; Pre-Vet Medicine BOWERS, ALAN STUART - Baltimore, Md.; Spanish BOWERS, DOUGLAS EUGENE - Berkshire, Md.; History BOYER, GLORIA JEAN - Silver Spring, Md.; English BRADT, PETER F. — Exceslior Springs, Missouri; Geography BRADY, BARBARA ANN - Bethesda, Md.; English BRAGONJE, JUDITH LEE - Bervvyn Heights, Md.; Mathematics BRAUN, JOHN CHARLES - Catonsville, Md.; English BREWER, JAMES FRANCIS, JR. - Silver Spring, Md.; Psychology BROOMALL, ROBERT WALTER - Baltimore, Md.; English BRITOWICH, MARK S. - Baltimore, Md.; Dramatics BRODSKY, RICHARD ELLIOTT - Baltimore, Md.; Zoology — Pre-Med BROSIUS, KLAUS-DIETER W. - Baltimore, Md.; Mathematics BROWN, ALLEN F. - Silver Spring, Md.; Psychology BROWN, WARNER HARRISON - Baltimore, Md.; Sociology BRUCE, ELIAZABETH ANNE - Bethesda, Md.; Government and Politics BRYER, MADELINE LEE - Silver Spring, Md.; Sociology BUCKLEY, MARY LYNN - Kensington, Md.; Government and Politics BUCKSON, VELVER JEAN - Baltimore, Md.; Mathematics BUGG, EMILY LOWE - Henderson, Ky.; History and Government and Politics BULLOCK, PATRICIA ANN - Baltimore, Md.; Mathematics BURGER. GERALD MICHAEL - Silver Spring, Md.; Premedicine BURTON, THOMAS JAMES - Fort Clayton, Canal Zone; Radio-T.V. BYERS, DOROTHY LORRAINE - Glen Burnie, Md.; English BYRD, NORVAL E. Ill - Bahimore, Md.; History CAPLAN, RONALD IRA - Bahimore, Md.; Psychology CAPRIO, FRANK B. - Falls Church, Va.; Sociology and Psychology CAPUTO, CAROL A. - Nutley, N. J.; Spanish CARASSO, JEANNETTE SARA - Randallstown, Md.; Mathematics CARLTON, MARY SUE - Graham, N. C; English CARP, RESA ANNE - Baltimore, Md.; Art History CARPENTER, ARTHUR G. - Jefferson, Md.; Philosophy CARRAWAY, GWENDOLYN MAUREENA - Brandywine, Md.; Social Studies CASEY, DENIS PATRICK - Trenton, N. J.; English CASSIDY, SHEILA M. - Lanham, Md.; Economics CATZVA, GARY ROBERT - Silver Spring, Md.; Mathematics CHEEK, JUDITH ANNE - Catonsville, Md.; Psychology CHERKIS, BRUCE - Baltimore, Md.; Optometry CHIOARIU, ILIE - Sibiu, Rumania; Zoology CHOROSZEJ, WAYNE H. - Havre De Grace, Md.; History CHRISTIAN, PAUL - Hyattsville, Md.; Government and Politics CLENNY, LESLIE - Cumberland, Md.; History CLOUD, WILLIAM STEWART - St. Louis, Md.; Government and Politics COATES, MARION ATWOOD - Fallston, Md.; Sociology COCHRAN, LEILANI R. - Bahimore, Md.; English COCKEY, MARTHA - Towson, Md.; Sociology COFER, JOY ANITA - Columbus, Georgia; English COHEN, THELMA ELYSE - Silver Spring, Md.; English COLEMAN, CHARLES NEIL - Baltimore, Md.; Government and Politics COLLEVECCHIO, NICHOLAS JOSEPH - BalUmore, Md.; Psychology COLLINS, ANNE MAUREEN - Baltimore, Md.; Psychology COMBS, ELIZABETH IRELAND - Leonardtown, Md.; English CONN, BETTY SUSANNE - Ashton, Md.; History CONNELLY, BERNADETTE HELEN - Adelphi, Md.; History CONNER, PATRICK WAYNE - Marion Station, Md.; English COOK, CHARLOTTE EILEEN - Kensington, Md.; Latin American History CORCORAN, PAUL GERARD - Rockville, Md.; Pre-Dental CORKRAN, CAROLYN FAYE - Cambridge, Md.; Hi.story COZZOLI, THOMAS EDWARD - Hagerstown, Md.; T.V. Directing CRALEY, NORMAN SPENCER -SUver Spring, Md.; Radio- T.V. CRAMPTON, BARBARA ANN - Boonsboro, Md.; French CREEL, ANN L. - Washington, D. C; Philosophy CREITZ, WILLIAM WALTER - Kensington, Md., Chemistry CRESPO, ALFREDO F. - Guenca, Ecuador; Mathematics CUMMINGS, LINDA DALE - Adelphi, Md.; History CUNNINGHAM, CECILE TINA - Wheaton, Md.; English CUSTER, GREGORY DAVID - Baltimore, Md.; Psychology DANN, EVERETT C. - Catonsville, Md.; Political Science DANOFF, LESLIE S. — Baltimore, Md.; Biological Sciences DAUGHERTY, JOHN RAYMOND - Arbutus, Md.; Botany DAUM, BARBARA JEANNE - Bethesda, Md.; Sociology DAVIDSON, ELAINE RITA - Washington, D. C: Math DAVIES, JANICE EATON - Severna Park, Md.; Sociology DAVIS, MICHAEL KENT - Hillcrest Heights, Md.; Philosophy DAVIS, SUSAN LYNN - Dundalk, Md.; Psychology DAWSON, MARGARET ANNE - Arlington, Va.; French DEAN, ROBERT D. - Kensington, Md.; Psychology and Sociology DEAN, RANALD O. - Kennsington, Md.; Psychology DE MATTEIS, ELLIOT PAUL - Rochester, N. Y.; Speech DENTON, SUSAN C. - Baltimore, Md.; English DEVANEY, DENNIS MARTIN - Mt. Rainier, Md.; History DE VRIES, ELLEN - Takoma Park, Md.; Sociology DICKSON, DUNCAN R. - Annapohs, Md.; History DICKSON, HARRIET SARA - Hyattsville, Md.; Sociology DITTO, GARY H. - Bethesda, Md.; History DODD, MICHAEL J. - Hyattsville, Md.; Zoology DONELAN, MARY PATRICIA - Chevy Chase, Md.; Psychology DONOVAN, BARBARA JOAN - Bethesda, Md.; English DORER, WILLIAM LEONARD - Baltimore, Md.; Geography DOVE, THOMAS P. - Hyattsville, Md.; Goxemment and Politics DOWLING, RICHARD E. - Wheaton, Md.; Government and Politics DOWNS, II, CHARLES FLOYD - Glen Bumie, Md.; History DREIFUSS, JEFF M. - Hyattsville, Md.; P.sychology DUBNOFF, BARBARA JO - Pas.saic, N. J.; DUNLOP, RICHARD E. - Philadelphia, Pa.; Social Psychology DUNNER, SANDRA - Hyattsville, Md.; Psychology and Sociology ECKEL, MARGARET LUCILLE - Bethesda, Md.; History EDELSTEIN,, JACK - New CarroUton, Md.; American Studies EINSPRUCH, MURIEL ANNE - Baltimore, Md.; Zoology ELKINS, JOHN HUNTINGTON - Frederick, Md.; Psy- chology ELLIS, DONNA LLOYD - Baltimore, Md.; Television ELLIS, JAMES EDWARD - Silver Spring, Md.; Comparative Literature ESKOW, ROY LIONEL - Perth Amboy, N. J.; English ESTES, CHRISTINE D. - Silver Spring, Md.; Applied Music ESTES, TERRANCE G. - Greybull, Wyoming; Government and Politics EULER, MARY ELIZABETH - Glen Burnie, Md.; English EVANS, WILLIAM JOSEPH - Washington, D. C; Zoology EWING, ELAINE M. - Baltimore, Md.; English FABER, JUDITH R. - Roslyn, L. I., N. Y.; Art Educatioin FAIRCLOTH, RICHARD LINWOOD - Clinton, Md.; Zoology FEINBERG, HARRY NORMAN - Silver Spring, Md.; History FEINGLASS, ELLEN JUDY - Baltimore, Md.; Mathematics FELA, GEORGETTE SYLVIA - Silver Spring, Md.; Enghsh FELDMAN, MARE - Baltimore, Md.; Pre-Dental-Sociology FELDMAN, SANDRA - Bethesda, Md.; Sociology FELLER, MARJORIE MAY - Greenbelt, Md.; Zoology FENN, RONALD EARL - Upper Marlboro, Md.; Psychology FERJO, MARY ELLEN - Oxnard, California; German FERRIS, ROBIN H. - Camp Springs, Md.; Sociology FERRY, THOMAS PATRICK - HyattsviUe, Md.; Zoology FINE, JARED I. - Mt. Rainier, Md.; Zoology FITZMAURICE, ANNE CATHERINE - Greenbelt, Md.; Psychology FLEIGH, NANCY DOWNIN - Hagerstown, Md.; History FLEISCHMAN, ALICE HELEN - CatonsviUe, Md.; Sociology FLEMING, JACQUELINE - Baltimore, Md.; Psychology FLETCHER, JOHN FRANCIS - Bethesda, Md.; Sociology FLOOD, PATRICIA - Silver Spring, Md.; Sociology FORD, KENNETH IRVING - Baltimore, Md.; Pre-Law FORINGER, PAMELA MILDRED - Rockville, Md.; Speech FOSTER, WARREN R. - Rockville, Md.; Pre-Medicine FOWLER, DOROTHY MARIE - District Heights, Md.; Art ERASER, ROLLIN SEALE - Silver Spring, Md.; History FRATIANNI, NANCY CLAIRE - Oxon HiU, Md.; Sociology FREER, ROBERT WALKER - Garrett Park, Md.; Econornics FRIBUSH, SUZANNE H. - Pikesville, Md.; Speech and Hearing Science GABOR, MONICA ROSE - Laurel, Md.; Art GARDNER, BETTY - Cullen, Md.; English GARDNER, PHYLLIS A. - Baltimore, Md.; Psychology GARDNER, ROBERT DAVID - Trenton, N. J.; Mathematics GAFINKEL, DARRYL JAY - Baltimore, Md.; Zoology GAWTHROP, JEAN FLORENCE - Annapolis, Md.; Microbiology GAYAN, JOAN ESTELLE - Beltsville, Md.; French GEBLER, ARNOLD FREDERICK - KingsviUe, Md.; English GEISENKOTTER, PAULETTE DEW - CatonsviUe, Md.; Microbiology GERSHON, BONNIE H. - Silver Spring, Md.; Spanish GIBNEY, MARRHEW J.-Crofton, Md.; German-Pre-Medicine GILBERT GLADYS - Baltimore, Md.; American Studies GINN, RONALD JOSEPH - Silver Spring, Md.; Psychology GINSBERG, ELAINE ANN - Silver Spring, Md.; Sociology GINSBERG, NANCY VERA - Baltimore, Md.; Psychology GLACKIN, SUE ANN - Cardiff, Md.; Government and Politics GOFFMAN, BARBARA JANE - Randallstown, Md.; Sociology GOLDBERG, LEWIS STANLEY - Takoma Park, Md.; Psychology GOLDBERG, MARSHALL FRANKLIN - Baltimore, Md.; Zoology-Pre-Medicine GOLDBERG, THERESA M. Woodbridge, N. J.; Spanish GLODBLATT, LEONARD I. - Rockville, Md.; History GOLDMAN, LAURA C. - W. Hyattsville, Md.; Spanish GOLDSTEIN, MARK ALLAN - Rockville, Md.; Zoology GORDON, LOUIS IRA - Baltimore, Md.; Pre-Dental-Sociology GOLOSKOV, STANLEY HOWARD - Baltimore, Md.; Zoology GRADET, HOWARD - Silver Spring, Md.; English GRADY, CHERYL P. - Silver Spring, Md.; History GRAMLING, VERNON RALPH - Aberdeen, Md.; Sociology GRAVITIS, INARA - Bethesda, Md.; German GRAY, JANE - Mt. Rainier, Md.; Psychology GRAY, LINDA MARIE - Richmond, Va.; English GREENFELD, DA VIA NANCY -Owings MiUs, Md.; Speech Theraphy GREENHOUSE, JOAN E. - Silver Spring, Md.; English GREGOR, LYNN ARLINE - Silver Spring, Md.; History GRESSER, CAROL JEAN - Baltimore, Md.; Microbiology GRIGGS, JUDITH ANN - Baltimore, Md.; Sociology GROSBAYNE, FRANKLIN CHARLES - Baltimore, Md.; Psychology GROSFEILD, GERSON - Silver Spring, Md.; Psychology GROSSMAN, MAYNARD - Baltimore, Md.; Radio T.V. Broadcasting-Speech GROSSMAN, STEPHEN BRUCE - Wheaton, Md.; Physics GUDE, JOSEPH LANE -Chevy Chase, Md.; Government and Politics GURNEY, SAUL DAVID - Randallstown, Md.; Pre-Dentistry- Sociology GUY, JOYCE CARPENTER - BeltsviUe, Md.; Econoomics GUYKER, CHARLES LOUIS - Donora, Pa.; Psychology HAGAN, MICHAEL FRANCIS - New CarroUton, Md.; Sociology HAINES, JR., NORMAN W. - Hagerstown, Md.; Psychology HALE, RICHARD ALTON - Hyattsville, Md.; English HARDIN, JANET ELIZABETH - Hyattsville, Md.; Sociology HARDING, GARY KENT - Chesapeake, Va.; Physics HARGY, CECELIA MARGARET - Catonsville, Md.; Sociology HARRIS, JOHN CHARLES - Baltimore, Md.; Zoology HARRIS, MARCELLA LINDA - Baltimore, Md.; Microbology HARRIS, STEPHEN EDWARD - Adelphi, Md.; Art HARRISON, OLIVIA ANN - Ocean City, Md.; Government and Politics HECKEL, JOSEPH JOHN - Queens, N. Y.; Criminology HEGGESTAD, MARGOT KATHRYN - College Park, Md.; History HENDERICKSON, THOMAS - Wheaton, Md.; Government and Politics HENKE, BARBARA PEGG - Bethedsa, Md.; English HENRY, BARBARA J. - Washington, D. C; Sociology HENSON, DAVID LESLIE - Hagerstown, Md.; Psychology HERGET, JOHN WILLIAM - Bethesda, Md.; History HETZLER, STEPHANIE ADAIR - Rockville, Md.; Sociology HICKEY, ALAN JOSEPH - Falmouth, Maine; Zoology HIGGINS, MARGARET ANN - Bowie, Md.; Psychology HIGGINS, MARY PATRICIA - Silver Spring, Md.; Government and Politics HILL, ROBERT L. - Brainardsville, N. Y.; Psychology HIMELFARB, JUDY GAIL - Baltimore, Md.; Psychology HOEHL, CHERYL JEAN - New Carlisle, Ohio; Art HOFFMAN, BARRY EDWARD - Randallstown, Md.; Zoology HOFFMEISTER, ETHEL L. - Point of Rocks, Md.; Zoology HOLLIDAY, CHARLES RICHARD - Hyattsville, Md.; Geography HOOVER, VIRGINIA LEE - Hampstead, Md.; Sociology HOPE, DALE ELAINE - Catonsville, Md.; English HORNEY, FAYE MADELYN - Chester, Md.; Sociology HOUSTON, PAUL FRANCIS - Bethedsda, Md.; History HUESTIS, KENNETH F. - Glen Burnie, Md.; Government and Politics HYMAN, SALLY LAURA - New York City, N. Y.; Philosophy HYMAN, STANLEY MARTIN - Rockville, Md.; Sociology INGLES, RICHARD O. - Baltimore, Md.; Psychology INMAN, ANNE ELIZABETH - Glen Burnie, Md.; Biology IRVING, MALGOM JOHN - Mamaroneck, N. Y.; Psychology JACKSON, DELBERT LEE - Elkton, Md.; History JACOBSON, FRED M. - Bethesda, Md.; Mathematics JARBOE, ROBERT ERNEST - Laurel, Md.; English JASKOWITZ, RITA - Langley Park, Md.; English JEFFREY, KESSLER DAVID - Baltimore, Md.; Mathematics JENKINS, BENJAMIN - Bahimore, Md.; Zoology JOHANSEN, CAROL ELAINE - Baltimore, Md.; Biological Sciences JOSEPH, KAREN B. - Sillver Spring, Md.; Psychology JONES, PATRICIA E. - McLean, Va.; English JONES, THOMAS WILSON - Catonsville, Md.; Botany JURGELA, ELENA DONNA MAY - Bethesda, Md.; Music KAISER, SUSAN - Kensington, Md.; English KALICKA, MARILYN STARR - Silver Spring, Md.; Psychology KAMINSKI, ROBERTA ELIZABETH - Silver Spring, Md.; English KAMPHAUS, MARY LOU - Hillcrest Heights, Md.; Psychology KAPER, JOANNA L. - Bel Air, Md.; English KAPLAN, LAWRENCE ARTHUR - Aberdeen, Md.; Psychology-Pre-Dental KAPLAN, SAM — Silver Spring, Md.; Goverimient and Politics KARR, ROSE PATRICIA - Baltimore, Md.; Psychology KAUFMAN, LINDA ELLEN - Silver Spring, Md.; Economics KELLY, CHRISTOPHER T. - Wilmington, Del.; Zoology KELLY, JOANNE TERESA- Kensington, Md.; History KELLY, THOMAS EARL - Baltimore, Md.; Sociology KENNY, MAUREEN - Laurel, Md.; Sociology KESSLER, MARILYN STARR - Silver Spring, Md.; Psychology KING, MARY PATRICIA - Bowie, Md.; English KING, SIMON THEODOR - Silver Spring, Md.; Zoology KIRCHNER, NANCY ANNE - Temple HiUs, Md.; Microbiology KIRSH, BARBARA J. - Baltimore, Md.; General Speech KLAUSNER, JEFFREY SAMUEL - Baltimore, Md.; Zoology KLEIN, HARVEY W. - Baltimore, Md.; Zoology KLEIN, LENNIE - Owings MUls, Md.; English KLEIN, MARGARET RUTH - Silver Spring, Md. KONTOS, VALERIE - Baltimore, Md.; Psychology KNEE, JOSEPH LEONARD - N. Y.; History KNIGHT, KAY ARDELLE - Frederick, Md.; Sociology KOLIAIS, CHARLES PETE - Baltimore, Md.; History KOONTZ, FREDERICK SINGLEY - Baltimore, Md.; History KOONTZ, JOHN EDWARD - Baltimore, Md.; History KOZIARZ, BARBARA JAYNE - Sevema Park, Md.; English KRALL, PAUL RICHARD - BeltsviUe, Md.; History KRAMER, RICHARD EDWARD - Baltimore, Md.; History KRATZ, JUDITH ANN - College Park, Md.; English KREPP, DANIEL PATRICK - JDundalk, Md.; American Studies KRIEGER, SHELDON JAY - Baltimore, Md.; Sociology KRUGER, JUDITH LEE - Kensington, Md.; Psychology KUMER, JR., JAROLD JOSEPH - Annapolis, Md.; Economics LAMBERT, JANET ANN - Baltimore, Md.; Geography LANSBERG, KAREN JOAN - Randallstown, Md.; English LANTZ, CHRISTIAN HUBBARD - Temple Hills, Md.; Zoology LA VAY, JOANNE - Chevy Chase, Md.; History-Government Politics LAW, MARY ELAINE - Gaithersburg, Md.; Sociology LAWLESS, ELLEN R. - Washington, D. C; Speech Therapy LAZARUS, RRICHARD T. - HyattsviUe, Md.; Physics LEASE, KAREN P. - Cockeysville, Md.; Fine Arts LEBOE, WILLIAM EDWARD - Baltimore, Md.; Zoology- Pre-Medicine LEBSON, ARTHUR M. - Antietam, Md.; Psychology LEIMBACH, JR., JOHN WALTER - Catonsville, Md.; English LEISURE, LEAH - Baltimore, Md.; Pre-Veternarian LEON, SONIA MARGARITA - Hyattsville, Md.; French Spanish LERNER, CAROLYN LEE - Adelphi, Md.; Spanish LEVINE, KENNETH ROBERT - New Hyde Park, N. Y.; Pre-Dental-Psychology LEVY, ARTHUR - Newark, N. J.; Anthropology LEVY, DEBORAH JOAN - Baltimore, Md.; Mathematics LEWIS, JANE ELLEN - Silver Spring, Md.; Modern Dance LEWIS, SANDRA JOAN - Silver Spring, Md.; Spanish LEWIS, SUSAN RIDGE - Baltimore, Md.; Sociology LIEBERMAN, MICHAEL ALLEN - Silver Spring, Md.; Economics LINDERMAN, JAMES E. - Roscoe, Pa.; Mathematics LIGHT, PAMELA SUE - New Carrollton, Md.; Art LING, FLORENCE TOWA - Silver Spring, Md.; Psychology LIPPMAN, MYRNA G. - Baltimore, Md.; Enghsh LIPSITZ, NANCY A. - Buffalo, N. Y.; English LIPSON, MIRIAM F. - Wheaton, Md.; Secondary Art LORING, WILLIAM GUSHING, III - Bethesda, Md.; History LOWE, ELIZABETH LEE - Bowie, Md.; Pre-Medicine- Zoology LOWENSTEIN, PHYLLIS MINDEL - Bethesda, Md.; Zoology LUND, JEFFREY ALAN - Willow Grove, Pa.; Sociology LURIE, JERALD BENSON - Baltimore, Md.; Psychology LUSBY, JAMES RO BERT - Carrollton, Md.; Psychology MACCUBBIN, PHYLLIS LEE - Winchester, Va.; History of Art MAGIOLEK, SHARON ELIZABETH - Baltimore, Md.; Psychology MACK, ALLAN J. - Baltimore, Md.; Political Science MacRAE, JOHN A. - Takoma Park, Md.; Pre-Medicine MADERA, DIANE FRANCES - Hillcrest Heights, Md.; English MAHONEY, JOSEPH JAMES - Rising Sun, Md.; Industrial Sociology MAIDEN, ROBERT V. - Washington, D. C; Pre-Medicine MAIER, LINDA LEE - Suitland, Md.; English MAISEL, STANLEY J. - Hyattsville, Md.; Zoology MALCOLM, DOUGLAS IRWIN - Potomac, Md.; Government Politics MANN, ALLAN LOUIS - Silver Spring, Md.; American Studies MARX, NANCY JEANNE - Silver Spring, Md.; English MATTOX SANDRA ANNE - Fleischman ' s Village, Md.; Sociology McABEE, SALLY L. - Catonsville, Md.; English McAllister, RALPH K. - Pasadena, Md.; General Biological Sciences McCLURE, JUDITH ANN - Washington, D. C.; English McFADDEN, MICHAEL GOODEN - Fanwood, N. J.; History McGOWEN, KATHRYN MARIE - Cheverly, Md.; Speech- Radio T.V. McHUGH, BRIAN JOSEPH - Silver Spring, Md.; Zoology McKENNA, bunny - Chevy Chase, Md.; English McMAHON, DEIRDRE KATHERINE - Kensington, Md.; History McMINN, ROSEMARY HALL - LutherviUe, Md.; English MEDEIROS, MARGARET CYNTHIA - Baltimore, Md.; Sociology MELOMET CHERYL RENEE - Bronx, N. Y.; Psychology MENICK, JEFFREY M. - Silver Spring, Md.; American Studies MERRITT, DANIEL TATUM, III - Lutherville, Md.; Sociology MERRITT, SHIRLEY JEAN - Baltimore, Md.; Government Politics MEYER, JOHN P. - Bowie, Md.; Zoology MEYER, RICHARD J. - Massapequa, N. Y.; History MEYEROWITZ, ANN - PikesviUe, Md.; English MICELI, JOSEPH DOMINICK- Darien, Conn.; General Biological Sciences MICHELSEN, STEPHEN JEFFREY - Silver Spring, Md.; Sociology MICHINI, PATRICIA ANN - EUiocott City, Md.; Psychology MILLER, BARBARA JEAN - Baltimore, Md.; English MILLER, DEBORAH LEE - Hyattsville, Md.; English MILLER, FRA NCES A. - Baltimore, Md.; French MILLER, KAREN BRUCE - Bethesda, Md.; Art MILLER, MARILYN HANNAH - Baltimore, Md.; Psychology MILNER, STUART DENNIS - Handallstown, Md.; Psychology MINTZ, CAROLYN L. - Washington, D. C; Art MOES, PATRICIA ELLEN - Carlstadt, N. J.; French MOKHTARZADA, M. YOUNOS - Herat, Afghanistan; Pre- Medicine-Psychology MOLINO, JOHN WAYNE - Baltimore, Md.; Psychology MONTGOMERY, CHERYL ANN - Chevy Chase, Md.; Government Politics MOON, DONNA KATHLEEN - Hyattsville, Md.; Sociology MOORE, MICHAEL G. - Langley Park, Md.; Government Politics MORGAN, CHLORIS HELEN - Baltimore, Md.; Zoology MORREALE, ELENA JOSEPHINE - Salisbury, Md.; Biology MORRISON, STANLEY A. - Baltimore, Md.; Zoology MORTON, DAVID MARCUS - Baltimore, Md.; Government Politics MOSHER, FREDERICK RAY - Indian Head, Md.; Physics MURPHY, GRETCHEN ANN - Bethesda, Md.; Psychology MURPHY, THOMAS M. - Glen Bumie, Md.; Pre-Veteranary MUSGROVE, GRACE ELLEN - Landover, Md.; History MYERS, JAMES H. - Coldwater, Ohio; History NAGLE, CONRAD ERNEST - Baltimore, Md.; Zoology NADITCH, JAMES A. - Norfolk, Va.; Psychology NAYLOR, BRUCE IAN - Alexander, Va.; Criminology NELSON, ALICE MARIE - Hagerstown, Md.; Mathematics NELSON, CARL P. - Cheverly, Md.; Political Science NEMIROFF, MARC A. - Silver Spring, Md.; P.sychology NEWBROUGH, CAROL LEE - Hyattsville, Md.; English NEWMAN, MARC ALAN - Rockville, Md.; English NIKIRK, THOMAS C. - Frederick, Md.; History NORKIN, BARRY RICHARD - Rockville, Md.; Drama Speech NORTON, RICHARD M. - Silver Spring, Md.; Mathematics O ' CONNELL, CATHERINE ANN - Glen Burnie, Md.; English O ' CONNOR, JOSEPH L. - Baltimore, Md.; English O ' DAY, JOHN M. - Malcolm, Md.; Zoology OKUN, HARVEY LAWRENCE - Baltimore, Md.; Psychology OLMER, PATRICIA ANN - Baltimore, Md.; Sociology O ' NEILL, JACO ' JELIN LINDA - Ellicott City, Md.; English OPPIDO, KATHRYN A. - Washington, D. C; History ORGANT, GERALD J. - Baltimore, Md.; Psychology OSTER, WARREN -W. Hyattsville, Md.; History OSTROWSKY, LINDA S. - Baltimore, Md.; Speech Theraphy PANEBAKER, WILLIAM DOUGLAS - Baltimore, Md.; English PARISER, BEVERLY A. - Cumberland, Md.; Spanish PARKINSON, BRUCE WHITMORE - Annapolis, Mdf; Mathematics PASS, RALPH PATRICK, III - Timonium, Md.; Mathematics PATTERSON, SUSAN HARMS - Monkton, Md.; Zoology PAWLAK, DANIEL R. - Baltimore, Md.; Economics PEGAHI, MAHSHID - College Park, Md.; Chemistry PELOSI, CAROL- Rome, Italy, English PENALOZA, I. TOMAS - Mexico City, Mexico, Zoology PENNEFEATHER, CHARLOTTE ANN - Bethesda, Md.; History PETERS, JULIE SALTER - Silver Spring, Md.; History PFEIFFER, RUTH - Elliott City, Md.; French PFEUFER, GARY WAYNE - Gatonsville, Md.; Physics PHIPPS, CAROLE ANN - Baltimore, Md,; English PITTLE, ALAN WILLIAM - Washington, D. C; Zoology PLUNKERT, PATRICIA ANN - Baltimore, Md.; Chemistry POCOCK, EMIL - Baltimore, Md.; American Studies POITRAS, DIANE HELEN - Mayo, Md.; French POLLARA, SUSAN - Livingston, N. J.; History I ' ORTER, MARY E. - Perryville, Md.; Sociology POWELL, GORDON - Accokeek, Md.; Physics PREVAR, JOHN EDWARD - Landover Hills, Md.; English PRICE, TERI LEA - Westernport, Md.; Sociology PRISTOOP, SUSAN GAIL - Baltimore, Md.; Zoology PUCKETT, JANE deWEESE - Rockville, Md.; Experimental Psychology QUEEN, GERALD W. - Potomac, Md.; English QUIGLEY, CLAIRE - Kensington, Md.; English QUINN, MARY J. - Silver Spring, Md.; Sociology RACE, RICHARD THORNTON - Abrington, Pa.; History RACZEK, MARION J. - Lanham, Md.; Physics RADA, JAMES EDWARD - Washington, D. C; English Literature RANDALL, JR., WILLLAM EDDY - Bethesda, Md.; Zoology RANDOLPH, PAMELA L. - Clarksburg, W. Va.; American Studies RATH, ROGER - College Park, Md.; Zoology RAWL, MICHAEL - Bowie, Md.; English REED, ELIZABETH AYRES - Baltimore, Md.; English REIF RICHARD ALLEN, JR. - Baltimore, Md.; Zoology REIN ' mUTH, BARBARA ANN - Silver Spring, Md.; Studio Art REISS WILLIAM RANDOLPH - Brooklyn, N. Y.; Psychology REYNOLDS, ELIZABETH ANN - Seabrook, Md.; History RICH, ELENA C. - Trenton, N. J.; History RICHMAN, DALE ALAN - Baltimore, Md.; Radio T.V.- Economics RICKEY, LYNNE MARIE - Ft. Bragg, N. C; French Foreign Area Studies RIZZO, AURELIA R. - Chevy Chase, Md.; French ROACH, CHRISTINE - Silver Spring, Md.; Sociology ROBERTSON, KENNETH LEE - New Windsor, Md.; Zoologv ROBINSON, KATHLEEN JO - Baltimore, Md.; Art ROCK, JAMES F. - Arnold, Md.; Government Politics ROGERS, NEWTON WORTHINGTON - Randallstown, Md.; 2 ology ROLL, DONNA MARIA - District Heights, Md.; English ROSEN, MARY ELEANOR - Chicago, Illinois; History ROSENBLOOM, ALAN TOPPING - Passaic, N. J.; Zoology ROSENBLOOM, ALFRED - Lanham, Md.; Sociology ROSENBLOOM, JEFFREY B. - Silver Spring, Md.; Pre-Law ROSENBLOOM, JUDY S. - Baltimore, Md.; Art ROTHSCHILD, LEWIS ALAN - Baltimore, Md.; Economics ROTHWELL, DIANN ELAINE - Sevema Park, Md.; French ROWLAND, MARILYN LOUISE - Laurel, Md.; English RUBINSTEIN, BORUCH - San Jose, Costa Rica; Zoology RUDE, DONNA LARENE - Baltimore, Md.; English RUTKOSKI, GEORGE - Silver Spring, Md.; Sociology RYDELL, NANCY PATRICIA - Silver Spring, Md.; English SACKS, ROBERT ALAN - Baltimore. Md.; Psychology SADOWSKI, JOHN - Somerville, N. J.; Chemistry SALAFIA, NICHOLAS CARMELLO - Baltimore, Md.; Psychology SALTZMAN, MARLENE ELLEN - Bahimore, Md.; Pre-Medicine SANTANIELLO, NICHOLAS D. - Wilton, Conn.; History SAPOUNAKIS, DESPINA NICHOLAS - Bahimore, Md.; Sociology SATINE, JUDY RUTH - Greenbelt, Md.; French SAUSE, SANDRA JANE - Baltimore, Md.; English SAWYER, JUNE DIANE - Linthicum, Md.; Mathematics SCERBACH, SHARON - Silver Spring, Md.; English SCHAEFER, LINDA MARIE - Takoma Park, Md.; French SCHENKEL, JOHN JAMES - Hyattsville, Md.; Physics SCHERR, SELENE HARRIETT - Bahimore, Md.; Sociology SCHLOSSBERG, RICHARD - Bahimore, Md.; Pre-Dental SCHNEIDER, JR., ROBERT I. - Reading, Pa.; American History SCHNITZER, JOSEPH H. - Baltimore, Md.; Government Politics SCHOEM, ALAN A. - Wheaton, Md.; Government Politics SCHOLL, CALVIN BLAIR - Glen Burnie, Md.; Sociology SCHROEDER, PHILIP JOHN - Bel Air, Md.; Zoology SCHULMAN, ELAINE R. - Baltimore, Md.; Sociology SCHWAB, HOLLY ELIZABETH - Silver Spring, Md.; English SCHWARTZ, ALAN ROBERT - Massapequa, N. Y.; Psychology SCHWARTZ, ERIC - Silver Spring, Md.; History SCHWARTZ, PHYLLLIS LYNN - Bowie, Md.; English SCOTT, PATRICIA BERNADETTE - Baltimore, Md.; Sociology Psychology SEWARD, KATHLEEN A. - Baltimore, Md.; English SHALLER, RHODA - Silver Spring, Md.; Mathematics SHEDLOCK, JOYCE - Hyattsville, Md.; Microbiology SHERE, STEPHEN H. - Silver Spring, Md.; Psychology SHERMAN, ELIZABETH ANNE - RockviUe, Md.; Speech and Drama SHIPLEY, ROSALYN KAREN - Baltimore, Md.; Sociology SHIPP, LUCINDA JANE - Bethesda, Md.; Government Politics Mr.; Pre- SHOEMAKER, WILLIAM B. - Chevy Chase Government Politics SHUGARMAN, SHELDON SETH - Baltimore, Md Dental-Psychology SHUMAKER, SHYRL AN - College Park, Md.; English SIDWELL, BRUCE A. - Takoma Park, Md.; Speech SIKOVIC, RATKO IVAN - Baltimore, Md.; Sociology SILBER, O. PAULA - Baltimore, Md.; EngHsh SILVERMAN, ELLEN RITA - Baltimore, Md.; Social Work SILVERMAN, MAURY - Chevy Chase, Md.; Psychology SILVERSTEIN, JOAN DONNA - Baltimc .e, Md.; Speech Therapy SIMON, GARY - Silver Spring, Md.; Chemistry SIMON, SUSAN TOAN - Baltimore, Md.; English SIMPSON, H. NORMAN - Baldwin, L. I., N. Y.; Gorman Speech SINDLER, MICHAEL JEFFREY - Baltimore, Md.; English SIOMPHORAS, THEODORE THOMAS - Annapolis, Md.; Government Politics SKLAW, HOWARD RICHARD - Baltimore, Md.; Speech SMITH, ANNE THEODORA - Bethesda, Md.; History SMITH, ERIC LEE - Hagerstown, Md.; Zoology SMITH, JR., LAWRENCE A. - Frederick, Md.; Chemistry SMITH, PETER A. - Laurel, Md.; Government Politics SNEAD, CATHERINE GARVIN - Baltimore, Md.; French SOHN, HENRY A., JR. - Moses Lake, Washington; Chemistry SOMMER, JOEL S- - Trenton, N J.; Psychology SONSINO, GILBERTE - Silver Spring, Md.; Mathematics SOO HOO, VICKI JEAN - Baltimore, Md.; Sociology SPANGENBERG, JAMES ALAN - Damascus, Md.; History SPERLING, JOE - Silver Spring, Md.; English SPITZER, GLENN M. - Wa.shington, D. C; Pre-Dental Zoology STABNOW, WILLIAM RICHARD - W. Hyattsville, Md.; Chemistry STARNES, DAVID EDGAR - riendersonviUe, N. C; Social STASIEWICZ, JR., JOHN FRANCIS - Salisbury, Md.; Physics ST. CYR, LOUISE E. - Waldorf, Md.; Geography STEARNS, CAMERON COURTNEY - Bel Air, Md.; History STREETER, SUSAN - Birdsboro, Pa.; Art STEIN, PAUL THEODORE - Baltimore, Md.; Governme nt Politics STEINBACK, SANDRA LYNN - Pikesville, Md.; Art STEINER, MARY SUSAN - Hyattsvaie, Md.; History STEINMAN, HARVEY B. - Randallstown Md.; Psychology STERLING, RICHARD I. - Bethesda, Md.; Psychology- Pre -Dental STIEFEL, SUE ELLEN - Silver Spring, Md.; Mathematics STONE, ELIZABETH BREWER - Towson, Md.; Sociology STORY, LAURALEE - Baltimore, Md.; French STRINGER, SUSAN RAE - Baltimore, Md.; Microbiology STUPPLER, ANITA RUTH - Silver Spring, Md.; History SUROSKY, MAXINE JOY - Baltimore, Md.; Speech Therapy SWANN, JOHN W. - Oxon Hill, Md.; Pre-Medicine-Zoology SWEREN, GARY - Baltimore, Md.; Sociology SWINT, VERNON - College Park, Md.; English TABACKMAN, MARC J. - Baltimore, Md.; Psychology TANSEY, ELAINE D. - Kensington, Md.; Psychology TAYLOR, DOUGLASS L. - CatonsviUe, Md.; Zoology TEPPER, DOROTHY B. - Hyattsville, Md.; Psychology THOMASSEN, MARY JANE - Beltsville, Md.; Microbiology THOMPSON, ALEXANDER GRAYSON - Cockeysville, Md.; Sociology TILLES, KENNETH - Baltimore,.Md.; Sociology TRAVERS, GARY D. - Rockville, Md.; Mathematics TRIPLETT, JR., WILLIAM H. - Chevy Chase, Md.; History URBAN, JANET LOWRY - Chevy Chase, Md.; Botany URROWS, MARTHA FREDRIKA - Ridgefield, Conn.; Zoology UTTERBACK, JR., HOWARD THRUSTON - CoUege Park, Md.; Radio Television VASSAR, DEAN L. - Baltimore, Md.; Zoology VENABLE, SIDNEY J. Ill - College Park, Md.; Psychology VROBLESKY, VIRGINIA LOUISE - Annapolis, Md.; Sociology VERNAY, SUSAN - Baltimore, Md.; Art VUCIN, MILAN - Morrisville, Pa.; Psychology WADDEN, GREGORY VINCENT - Cheverly, Md.; Pre- Dental WADE, MICHAEL GLEN - Washington, D. C; History WALKER, ELLEN M. - College Park, Md.; English WALLACE, DAVID C. - Silver Spring, Md.; Physics WALSH, DAVID ALLEN - Hyattsville, Md.; Psychology WARD, JANET ANNE - Bethesda, Md.; Art WARFIELD, JOHN RAMSEY - Maplewood, N. J.; Zoology WARHOL, MYRNA - Mahawah, N. J.; American Studies WECHSLER, JOSEPH GENE - Bethesda, Md.; Psychology WEHRSTEDT, JOAN B. - Silver Spring, Md.; English WEINER, IVAN - Memphis, Tenn.; English WEINER, KENNETH R. - Spring Valley, N. Y.; American Studies WEINSTEIN, ALAN MARION - Baltimore, Md.; History-Pre- Law WEINSTEIN, LINDA FRANN - Baltimore, Md.; English WEISS, JILL L. - Bethesda, Md.; Psychology WEITZMAN, SHIRLEY - Baltimore, Md.; French WELKER, ROBERT - Mineola, N. Y.; Physics WELLS, SANDRA LEE - Beltsville, Md.; English WILHELM, JUDITH LYNNE - Baltimore, Md.; Sociology WILLEY, STEPHANIE HOPKINS - Catonsville, Md.; Chemistry WILLIAMS, MEREDITH ANN - Bethesda, Md.; Spanish WILLIAMSON, JR., ROBERT G. - Wheaton, Md.; English WILSON, THOMAS DONALD - Rockville, Md.; History WINSTON, KAREN R. - Silver Spring, Md.; English WITCZAK, BARBARA ANNE - Silver Spring, Md.; English WITKOWSKI, JAMES BERNARD - Manchester, Pa.; Sociology WITT, STEVEN PAUL - Bel Air, Md.; Zoology WOLKOWITZ, GERTRUDE GAIL - Takoma Park, Md.; Art WOMELDORF, LINDA - Hyattsville, Md.; Sociology WONDERSEK, BRUCE M. - Baltimore, Md.; English WOOD, BEVERLY ANNE, Silver Spring, Md.; History WRIGHT, HAROLD M. - Silver Spring, Md.; Zoology YEE, ROSALIND - Wheaton, Md,; Sociology YEVZEROFF, SHARON ANN - Baltimore, Md.; Zoology YOUNC;, JR., KENNETH A. - Wethersfield, England; Psychology YOUNG, JR., LE ROY JAMES - Baltimore, Md.; Pre- Medicine-Psychology YOUNG, LYNNE MARIE - Timonium, Md.; EngHsh ZEIKUS, LUCRETIA DELIA - BaUimore, Md.; Sociology ZEISEL, DOUGLAS W. - Baltimore, Md.; Physics ZETLIN, ILENE - Baltimore, Md.; Social Studies ZETTER, MURIEL HELEN - Belair-Bowie, Md.; Art Not Pictured: BENSON, PATRICIA A. - New Carrollton, Md.; English BROOMALL, ROBERT WALTER - Baltimore, Md.; English DAVIS, MARY KAY - Suitland, Md.; English DORSEY, II, THOMAS LEE - Baltimore, Md.; Psychology FLADELL, ANITA LEA- Silver Springfi Md.; Socioloogy INOFF. GALE E. - Silver Spring, Md.; Psychology MAYNARD, NANCY ANN - Baltimore, Md.; English PATTERSON, JR., PAUL WILTON - Bel Aid, Md.; History PEARCE, Thomas W. -- Mount Rainier, Md.; Geography POLLARA, SUSAN - Livingston, N. J.; History RAMPACEK, GEORGE BRUCE - Bowie, Md.; Veterinary Medicine SIVERT, PATRICIA LEE - Gaithersburg, Md.; History STEINBERG, JANEE DIANE - Chevy Chase, Md.; Pre-Medicine THOMAS, LARRY - Alephia, Md.; Geography 42 BPA Dean Donald W. O ' Connell Of the University ' s nine colleges, the College of Business and Public Administraion can most clearly be called the college with the " split personality. " Its six departments are divided evenly between academically and professionally oriented programs. Information Systems Management, Journalism and Public Relations, and Business Administra- tion lean toward professional training of students for spe- cific fields while Economics, Government and Politics, and Geography emphasize broad undergraduate programs and later specialization in graduate and law schools. " In a sense, you might call us schizophrenic, " noted Doctor Don C. Piper, assistant professor of government and politics. BPA ' s split personality is also seen at the graduate level, with the professionally oriented degree of Doctor of Busi- ness Administration now being oflFered, in addition to the academic degrees of Master of Arts and Sciences, and Doctor of Philosophy. Expansion also characterizes BPA. Student enrollment has more than doubled in the past six years, and the fac- ulty has been growing at a faster rate than in other col- leges. The ever-widening scope of activities of the Bureaus of Governmental Research and of Business and Economic Research, the two problem-oriented research projects un- dertaken by the college, further exemplifies this spirit of expansion. 44 m k£t u M i£V « AAROWSON, BARRY LOUIS - Baltimore, Md.; Marketing ADAMS, FRANK RONALD - Reistertown, Md.; Geography ALEXANDER, JR., GEORGE L. - Rochester, N. J.; Accounting ALSTON, BRUCE H. - Short Hills, N. J.; General Business ANDERSON, ALLAN WILLIAM - Bethesda, Md.; Economics ANSHEL, JOSEPH G. - Baltimore, Md.; Journalism APPLER, DAVID ALAN - Baltimer, Md.; Marketing AQUILINA, BENJAMIN H. - Roselle, N. J.; Public Relations ARRET, BRUCE JAY - Adelphi, Md.; Information Systems Management ASHFORD, WILLIAM H. - Hemdon, Va.; Marketing ATTMAN, RONALD MARTIN - Baltimore, Md.; Business AVRAM, MARGIE LYNN - Silver Spring, Md.; Journalism BAKER, DAVID JOHN - Rockville, Md.; Business Administration BALL, JR., GARHETT C. Silver Spring, Md.; Business BALLANT, ARTHUR FRANK - Fort Lee, N. J.; Economics BARRETT, ROBERT WILLIAM - Baltimore, Md.; Business Administration BARRON, WILLIAM GEORGE - Hyattsville, Md.; Economics BASSETT, GERRY - Silver Sprinng, Md.; Journalism BATTAGLION, SAIN PETER - Nutley, N. J.; Marketing BAUERSFIELD, JR., GEORGE CALVIN - Baltimore, Md. Production Management BAUMSTEIN, RICHARD STUART - Westbury, N. Y.; Finance BEATTY, CHARLES IRVIN - Baltimore, Md. - Marketing BECK, BRUCE S. - Elmont, N. Y.; Marketing BENUS, JACOB M. - Baltimore, Md.; Economics BEST, CHARLES LEROY - Orangeburg, South Carolina; Business Administration BEZANSON, ROBERT H. - Timonium, Md.; Marketing BICKLEY, JAMES MacGILL - University Park, Md.; Economics BILANCIONI, JR., ALBERT W. - Wilmington, Del.; Marketing BRACKBURN, ZANE DALE - Silver Spring, Md.; Accounting BLAKEY, ROBERT CRAIG - Baltimore, Md.; Statistics BLINKEN, NEAL - Baltimore, Md.; Public Relations BLOCK, STEWART ALLEN - Silver Spring, Md.; Government and Politics BLOSE, MARCIA ELINOR - Annapolis, Md.; French Foreign BLUMBERG, BURT STUART - Baltimore, Md.; Business BOEGLI, ULRICH PAUL - New Holland, Pa.; German Area Studies BOGAN, JUNE L. - Silver Spring, Md.; Journalism BOLEY, RUSSELL WILSON - Baltimore, Md.; General Business BOLOTIN, JEFFREY WAYNE - Pikesville, Md.; Government and Politics BOOK STAN HOWARD - Baltimore, Md.; Accounting BORKO, STEPHEN B. - Takoma Park, Md.; Government and Politics-Philosophy BORZYMOWSKI, BENJAMIN J. - Baltimore, Md.; Production and Marketing Management BOWLING, JAMES DOUGLAS - Waldorf, Md.; Government and Politics BRANSFORD, WILLIAM L. - Wheaton, Md.; Government and Politics BRAUN, PETER D. - Rockville, Md.; Economics BRESLOW, PAUL - Brooklyn, N. Y.; General Business BRICK, ELAINE GRACIA - Ventnor Qty, N. J.; Personnel Management BRILL MAXYNE SHANDEL - Baltimore, Md.; Journalism BROOKS, KAYE TRUXTON - Baltimore, Md.; Government and Politics BROWNE, MARTIN J. - Silver Spring, Md.; Marketing BROWNSTEIN, ANITA FRANCES - Baltimore, Md.; Government and Politics BROVE, EDWARD D. - Beltsville, Md.; Accounting BUCK, JR., JAMES MARSHALL - University Park, Md.; Business BURCHAM, BONNIE SUE - Aberdei-n, Md.; Economics BURGETT, MARRY ANN - San Francisco, Calif.; Advertisini; BURNETT, ROBERT FRANK - Silver Spring, Md.; Accounting BUSSE, WALTER LOUIS - Beltsville, Md.; Geography BYRNE, JAMES VINCENT- Wheaton, Md.; Government and Politics CAHA, JR., JOHN JOSEPH - Baltimore, Md.; Transportation CAMPBELL, LEE W. - Alexandria, Va.; Accounting CANTWELL, JOHN ROBERT - Washington, D. C; Economics CARSON, BRUCE GEORGE - Woodbury, N. J.; Economics CARTAGENA, NICOLAS M. - Cagnas, Peurto Rico; Finance CASSELBERRY, DIANE ROGERS - Bethesda, Md.; Journalism CHADBOURN, DWICHT EMERSON - Washington, D. C; Economics CHANCE, DAVID ROBERT - Oxon Hill, Md.; Personnel Management CHANDLER, ALLAN STANLEY - Baltimore, Md.; Public Relations CHUNG, CONSTANCE YU-HWA - Silver Spring, Md.; Journalism CICCONE, ROSEMARIE CATHERINE - Seabrook, Md.; Advertising CIEPIELA, LANCE E. - Chicago, 111.; Pers. Administration and Labor Relations CLARK, DONALD EVERETT - Hyattsville, Md.; General Business CLARK, DONALD WAYNE - Bethesda, Md.; Business Public Administration CLARK, WILLIAM HOWARD - Abbeville, Ala.; Business CLARKE, TIMOTHY E. - Baltimore, Md.; International Relations COATES, LINDA ANN - Silver Spring, Md.; Business Public Administration COHEN, DAVID M. - Brooklyn, N. Y.; General Business COLE, JAMES A. - Bethesda, Md.; Government and Politics GOMERFORD, FREDERICK EDWARD - Washington, D. C; Economics COMPTON, GEORGE WADE - Port Tobacco, Md.; Business CONSTANTINIDES, PERRY G. - Baltimore, Md.; Marketing COOPER, JAY GORDON - Chevy Chase, Md.; Statistics COOPER, NORMA FRANCES - HyattsviUe, Md.; General Business COPPERSMITH, WILLIAM ERNEST - Sharptown, Md.; Government and Politics CORSON, JR., CARL ALBERT - Braddock Heights, Md.; Marketing CRAWFORD, EDWIN SLOVER- Baltimore, Md.; Production Management CREGGER, DENNIS - Aberdeen, Md.; Transportation CROPPER, WILLIAM ROBERT - Salisbury, Md.; Information Systems Management CUMMINGS, LINDA K. - Silver Spring, Md.; Information Systems Management CUNNELL, SUSAN - Chevy Chase, Md.; Economics CURLEY, TIMOTHY JAMES - Aberdeen, Md.; Transportation DANIEL. JERRY WADE - Dundalk, Md.; Transportation DAVIS, EDWIN BRUCE - Bethesda, Md.; General Business DAVIS, ERIC STUART - Wheaton, Md.; Accounting DAVIS, JAMES A. - Hockessin, Del.; Business Administration DEBAUCH, MARY ELIZABETH - Catonsville, Md.; Business Administration DEITCH, STANLEY MARTIN - Silver Spring, Md.; Production Management DELAY, LARRY THOMAS - Baltimore, Md.; Production DELLAVALLE, GLORIA JEAN - Hyattsville, Md.; Economics DENHARDT, RONALD CHARLES - Bahimore, Md.; Finance DIBBERN, JOHN STEPHEN - Pikesville, Md.; Geography DIETZEL, RONALD KING - Baltimore, Md.; Marketing DILL, EARL HARRY, JR. - Baltimore, Md.; Transportation DIXON, DAVID ROSS - Oxford, England; Business Administration DONOFRIO, RALPH NICHOLAS - Wilmington, Del.; Marketing DOOLEY, BETTY L. - College Park, Md.; Government Politics DRANGINIS, WILLIAM FRANCIS - Torrington, Conn.; Marketing DRURY, DONALD A. - Chevy Chase, Md.; Marketing DUBEI, DONALD WILLIAM - Trenton, N. J.; Business Administration DUBINSKY, MARK JAY - Silver Spring, Md.; Marketing EBERHART, JR., PAUL McCLOUD - Hagerstown, Md.; Business Administration EDWARDS, DOUG MALCOLM - Smithsburg, Md.; Transportation ENIS, CHARLES RICHARD - Baltimore, Md.; Finance ENNIS, WILLIAM S. - Norfolk, Va.; Finance ERSKINE, JOHN - Betmecwa, Md. - Business EVANS, DONALD LEE - Camp Springs, Md.; Economics EWERTZ, HENRY ERIKSON - Towson, Md.; General Business FALLON, MICHAEL PATRICK - Panama Canal Zone; Economics FELLOWS, JAMES ROBERT - College Park, Md.; Journalism FELTER, RALPH L. - Baltimore, Md.; Transportation FERBER, MARTY M. - Silver Spring, Md.; Accounting FEDNER, LEE FERDINAND - Baltimore, Md.; Personnel FERGUSON, ROBERT E., JR. - Kennett Square, Pa.; Personnel Management FITZGERALD, GREGORY WILLIAM - Manhasset, N. J.; Business Administration FLAX, ALVIN DAVID - Silver Spring, Md.; Accounting FLEMING, JANE G. - Bethesda, Md.; Marketing FLETCHER, WILLIAM E. - Havre De Grace, Md.; Marketing FLOWER, ALLEN EDWARD - Adelphi, Md.; Finance FORESTELL, JAMES L. - Randallstown, Md.; Transportation FOSTER, C. NICHOLAS - Crete, 111.; Marketing FRANKS, MICHAEL DANIEL - Bowie, Md.; Transportation FRIEMAN, HOWARD - Parkville, Md.; Marketing FRITTS, JR., ALBERT R. - Linchicum Heights, Md.; Business Administration GANLEY, CHRISTOPHER THOMAS - Frederick, Md.; Finance GERBER, PAUL SCOTT - Baltimore, Md.; Business GERTZ, LEWIS ALLEN - Washington, D. C; General Business GEWIRTZ, MICHAEL IAN - Hewlett Harbor, N. Y.; Government Politics GIPE PIPERT EBER - Hagerstown, Md.; Economics GODMAN, CODY LEE - Catonsville, Md.; Journalism GOLDBERG, HOLLACE AVA - Silver Spring, Md.; Government Politics GOLDSTEIN, MARC - Silver Spring, Md.; General Business GOTKIN, DIANE BETTE - Silver Spring, Md.; Marketing GOTO, ALEX ATSUSHI - Potomac, Md.; Accounting GOULD, KENNETH ALAN - Washington, D. C.; Business- Personnel Management GREENIP, GARY LOUIS - Middletown, N. J. GRIFFITH, JAMES PAUL -Bristol, Md.; Business Administration GRUBER, MICHAEL - Baltimore, Md.; Government Politics GUIST, FREDRIC MICHAEL - Pittsburgh, Pa.; Transportation GURTZ, DENNIS MICHAEL - Adelphi, Md. GUSTAFSON, ALAN C. - Beltsville, Md.; Business Administration HACKETT, WILLLIAM EDWARD - Fairmont, W. Va.; Government Politics HACKLER, JAMES FRANKLIN - Myrtle Beach, S. C; Business HALEY, SANDERS FOX-Takoma Park, Md.; Public Relations HALL, DANIEL G. - Rising Sun, Md.; Economics HAMILTON, ROBERT WILSON - Lonaconing, Md.; Government Politics HANSEN, ROGER WILLIAM - Rochester, N. Y.; Government Politics HATOS, STEPHEN LOUIS - Silver Spring, Md.; Economics HAZARD, MARGARET ANN - Potomac, Md.; Economics HEATER, JOHN M. - Takoma Park, Md.; Economics HEAVY, JR., CHARLES M. - Baltimore, Md.; Economics HEIM, JOHN C., JR. - Manhasset, N. Y.; Journalism HERCHENROEDER, NANCY L. - Takoma Park, Md.; Government Politics HERSON, ALAN STUART -Chevy Chase, Md.; Finance HERTZ, RAYMOND MILTON - Silver Spring, Md.; Marketing HIDLEBRAND, RONALD EDWARD - Buckeystown, Md.; Accounting HILLIARD, PATRICK MICHAEL - Dundald, Md.; Government Politics HIPSLEY, STEVEN ROWE - Pikesville, Md.; Transportation HITT, ARNOLD DURWARD, III -Sdver Spring, Md.; Accounting HOEY, PHILLIP HARVEY - Silver Spring, Md.; Transportation HOFFMAN, FRED S. - Silver Spring, Md.; Marketing HOHING, LAWRENCE HUGH - Frostburg, Md.; Accounting HOLBROOK, THOMAS STANLEY - Manchester, Md.; Accounting HOLDEN, WILLIAM P. - Ellicott City, Md.; Transportation HOLLINGSWORTH, DOUGLAS RICHARD - University Park, Md.; Finance HOLMES, RICHARD MASON - Towson, Md.; Transportation HOLTER, RALPH KENNETH - Adelphi, Md.; Government and Politics HOZIK, JAMES - Silver Spring, Md.; Accounting HOZI, JOHN - Silver Spring, Md.; Accounting IFSHIN, BARBARA - Wheaton, Md.; ISICSON, ALAN L. - Falls Church, Va.; Marketing JACKSON, WILFORD H. - Washington, D. C; Business Administration JARBOE, HARVEY M. - Sherwood, Md.; Finance JEFFRIES, HENRY DREYER - Linthicum, Md.; Transportation JOHNSON, MARJORIE EILEEN - Laurel, Md.; Journalism JOHNSON RONALD LEROY - Bahimore, Md.; Journalism JONES, FREDERICK LAWSON - Catonsville, Md.; Economics KAGEN, PERRY S. - Baltimore, Md.; Economics KATZ, LEONARD E. - Chevy Chase, Md.; Marketing KAUFMAN, BRUCE ALAN - Bahimore, Md.; General Business KAUFMAN, ISAAC - Bahimore, Md.; Accounting KEEFE, THOMAS STEPHEN - Chevy Chase, Md.; Business Administration KELLAM, ALAN DAVID - Baltimore, Md.; Marketing KELLY, KATHLEEN ANN - Silver Spring, Md.; Business Administration KEMERER, MARILYN JAYNE - College Park, Md.; Business Administration KEMP, CONNIE J. - Langley Park, Md.; Business KEMP, VERSTEAL D. - Wa shington, D. C; Business Administratiion KENEFICK, GREGORY PATRICK - Bethesda, Md.; Journalism KENNEDY, JOHN LEE - Chevy Chase, Md.; Economics KEPHART, FENTON J. - Gaithersburg, Md.; General Business KEEN, MICHAEL WEST - Ellicott City, Md.; Industrial Management KEYSER, F. JERRY - Baltimore, Md.; Personnel KEYSER, STANLEY - Baltimore, Md.; Public Relations mris KIRKEMO, JOHN H. - Bethesda, Md.; Transportation KIRKPATRICK, LEE M. - Baltimore, Md.; Marketing Management KIRKPATRICK, WILLIAM D, - Wheaton, Md.; Business Administration KITTAS, PAUL FRANKLIN - Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Government and Polities KLEIN, BARRY N. - Baltimore, Md.; Government and Politics KNIGHT, WILLIAM EDWARD - College Park, Md.; Business Administration KOMINOTH, TONY PAUL - Hyattsville, Md.; Transportation KONICK, DANIEL W. - Glen Bumie, Md.; Marketing KOWALSKI, COLIN DAVID - Aqua.sco, Md.; Finance KRAFT, NORMAN CHARLES - Oxon Hill, Md.; General Business KRISCHANOWSKI, FRANK EUGEN - Silver Spring, Md.; Government and Politics KUBELICK, CHRISTOPHER BOND - Cheverly, Md.; Government and Politics LAIBSON, DENNIS WARREN - Silver Spring, Md.; Marketing LANMAN, CHARLES FRANCIS - Kensington, Md.; General Business LAUTH, WILLIAM JOSEPH - Cheverly, Md.; Marketing LAVINE, MARK JOSEPH - Takoma Park, Md.; Accounting LAYTON, ROBERT - Baltimore, Md.; Personnel and Labor Relations LEBOWITZ, HARRY - University Park, Md.; Marketing LEEDS, RICHARD S. - Stanford, Conn.; Economics LEVERTON, CAROL ANN - Silver Spring, Md.; Government and Politics LEVIN, SANDRA L. - Baltimore, Md.; Economics LISBON, SHELDON HACOB - Silver Spring, Md.; Government and Politics LITVINSKY, STANLEY PAUL - Silver Spring, Md.; Stati.stics LOOMIS, JR., ALLAN EUGENE - Elkton, Md.; Accounting LOVE, FRANKLIN WATSON - Whaleysville, Md.; Government and Politics LOWE, ROGER FORREST - Catonsville, Md.; Economics LUND II, CHRISTIAN JASPERSON - Gillette, N. J.; Economics LURIE, MARVIN - Baltimore, Md.; Marketing LYONS, DONALD RICHARD - Lanover Hills, Md.; Ttransportation LYONS, JOAN K. - Wheaton, Md.; General Business LYONS, JOHN B. - Silver Spring, Md.; Transportation LYONS, REGIS BERNARD - Silver Spring, Md.; Transportation MALCHODI, SUSAN GAY - Baltimore, Md.; Economics M ALLOY, MICHAEL RONALD - Ellicott City, Md.; Government and Politics MANDELL, PHILIP - Yonkers, N. Y.; Government and Politics MARCUS, SIDNEY O. - Forestville, Md.; Stati.stics MARKOWITZ, MYRA LEE - Baltimore, Md.; Business Administration MARMER, DENNIS EUGENE - Silver Spring, Md.; General Business MARZNCCO, ANTHONY P. - Annapolis, Md.; Marketing MASTERSON, ROBERT EDWARD - Oxon Hill, Md.; Gov- ernment and Politics MATHEWS, DOUGLAS ARTHUR - Beltsville, Md.; Transportation MAITHEWS, MILTON T. - Lakewood, N. J.; Marketing McCAHILL, KEVIN FRANCIS - Laurel, Md.; Government and Politics McCarthy, F. ANTHONY - C;reenhelt, Md.; Economics McCOY, WILLIAM - Columhusfi Miss.; General Business McKITTRICK, ELSIE VIRCUNIA- Salisbury, Md.; International Relations MELIKER, GARY JAY - Baltimore, Md.; Labor and Personnel Relations MELINTZ, P. RICHARD - Hagerstown Md.; Economics MERLING, LAWRENCE PHILIP - Baltimore, Md.; Economics MERRIMAN, GEORGE MALCOLM - Brunswick, Md.; Accounting METZ, JOHN EDGAR - Takoma Park, Md.; Infonnation Systems Management MILLER, JEFFREY R. - Baltimore, Md.; Labor Relations MOODY, PATRICIA ANNE - Burtonsville, Md.; Institution Administration MOORE, RANDALL ROLAND - Alexandria, Va.; Economics MOORES, JR., PAUL WESLEY - College Park, Md.; Business Administration • Baltimore, Md.; Government ■ New Charrollton, Md.; MOSES, MICHAEL OSCAR - and Politics MOTLEY, RICHARD GRAHAM Business Administration MOTZ, JR., JOHN ROBERT - Hagerstown, Md.; Marketing MULLAN, PAUL HOWARD - Westport, Md.; Marketing MULLIN, VICl ' OR - Aberdeen, Md.; Accounting MURIK, BARBARA - Silver Spring, Md.; Government and Politics MYER, ROBERT CLARK - Rockville, Md.; Accounting NALLEY, MICHAEL L. - LaPlata, Md.; Accounting NAYLOR, ALAN HOLT - Springfield, Penn.; General Business NELSON, NORMAN L. - Silver Spring, Md.; Transportation Broadcasting NEWELL, KENNETH WILSON - Silver Spring, Md.; Transportation NICHOLAS, JOSEPH ROBERT - Odenton, Md.; Government and Politics NICHOLSON, PHILIP JAMES - Rockville, Mr.; Accounting NICHOLAS, ROBERT J - Hollywood, Md.; Transportation NOE, II, JAMES E. - Hyattsville, Md.; Transportation NORMAN, H. BENJAMIN - Sabillasville, Md.; Public Relations NORRIS, RAYMOND VERNON - Bethesda, Md.; Transportation NOVOTNY, JAMES LOUIS - Baltimore, Md.; Marketing OLSON, CARL FREDERIC - MvLean, Va.; Economics ORNDORFF, GERALD WESLEY - Silver Spring, Md.; Accounting OTTENHEIMER, MARK DAVID - Baltimore, Md.; Business PAINTER, MAURICE LAFAYETTE - Silver Spring, Md.; General Business PALMER, KAREN LORETTA - Wheaton, Md.; German Area PARKS, ROBERT MILES - Falls Church, Va.; Busin ess Administration PAZONNICK, MARVIN ISRAEL - Baltimore, Md.; Governmen and Politics PEDAK, MARIA - Baltimore, Md.; Government and Politics PEED, DANIEL A. - Silver Spring, Md.; Journalism PENALOZA, MIGUEL - Mexico City, Mex.; Economics PENCEK, RICHARD T. - Dundalk, Md.; Accounting PERGOLA, THOMAS ALAN J. - Greenbelt, Md.; Personnel Management PERKINS, RAYMOND - Adelphi, Md.; Transportation PERRIER, JOHN WAY - Baltimore, Md.; Accounting PHELPS, PETER BROOKS - Newburgh, N. Y.; Transportation PICKETT. JR., EDWARD GRABETT - Summit, N. J.; Accounting PIGG, WILLIAM SCOTT - SUver Spring, Md.; Transportation PINCUS, ROBERT PAUL -Chillum Terrace, Md.; Finance PLUMMER, JR., CLAYTON ROBERT - College Park, Md.; French Area POLLACK, HOWARD A. - Baltimore, Md.; Government and Politics POSNER, RICHARD KENT - SUver Spring, Md.; Marketing POTTER, FREDRICK L. - Huntington Park, Calif.; Economics POWERS, DONALD LEE - Milan, Tenn.; General Business POWERS, JR., RALPH W. - Upper Marlboro, Md.; Government and Politics PRICE, JR., RAYMOND FRANKLIN - Annapolis, Md.; Transportation QUACKENBUSH, PAULINE - Silver Spring, Md.; Jaumalism QUACKENBUSH, WILLIAM GARY - Silver Spring, Md.; Journalism OUEIN. DENNIS - Elkton, Md.; Production Management RABENHORST, BARBARA LYNN - Silver Spring, Md.; Geography RABENHORST, THOMAS DANIEL - Silver Spring, Md.; Urban Geography RADCLIFF, CRAIG ANDERSON - Wheaton, Md.; Economics RAHLL, JR., EDWARD GEORGE - Bel Air, Md.; Transportation RAPPAPORT, BARRY ALLEN - Takoma, Md.; Economics RAYNOR, KENNETH - HyattsviUe, Md.; Transportation REARDON, JEREMIAH - Primes, Pa.; Pubhc Administration REESE, EARL A. - Parkville, Md.; Accounting REICHEL, KATHRYN ELIZABETH - Silver Spring, Md.; Public Relations REINHARDT, RICHARD - Bowie, Md.; General Business REINHARDT, III, WILLIAM H. - Wheaton, Md.; Marketing and Statistics RENCHER, DOUGLAS MAURICE, Bivalce, Md.; Business Organization RICE, PAUL H. — Silver Spring, Md.; Economics ROBINSON, CHERYL ANNE - Bethesda, Md.; Government and Politics ROBINSON, DENNIS B. - Coronado, Calif.; Geography ROBINSON, JAY E. - Elkton, Md.; Marketing ROBINSON, STEPHEN M. - HyattsviUe, Md.; Government and Politics ROCHA, RICHARD ROBERT - Topeka, Kansas; General Business ROSEN, EDWARD ALEXANDER - Kensington, Md.; Personnel Management ROSENBERG, JERROLD - Silver Spring, Md.; Information Systems Management ROSENBLOOM, JERRY B. - Silver Spring, Md.; Accounting pre-Law ROUZER, PATRICIA ANN - Mount Airy, Md.; Journalism SAFRAN, ESTER - Silver Spring, Md.; Government and Politics SAGE, RICHARD W. - Kensington, Md.; Government and Politics SAMSET, WALTER L. - Baltimore, Md.; Accounting SANDLER, JAMES STEVEN - Syosset, N. Y.; Economics SCHEIBACH, CLIFFORD G. - HyattsviUe, Md.; Transportation SCHLENOTT, MARVIN T. - Baltimore, Md.; Ecortomics SCHMITZ, PAUL TRACY - Adelphi, Md.; Marketing and Statistics SCHNEIER, JOAN - Pikesville, Md.; General Business SCHNEIDER, MAURY CARL - Silver Spring, Md.; Accounting SCHULMAN, RICHARD BARRY - Silver Spring, Md.; Economics SCHWARTZ, ARTHUR ROBERT - Brooklyn, N. Y.; SCHWARTZ, MARK HENERY - Silver Spring, Md.; Economics SCIRE, HOHN ANTHONY - HattsviUe, Md.; International Affairs SEGANISH. WILLIAM MICHAEL -Oxon Hill, Md.; Finance SEIFERT, RUSSELL LEE - Baltimore, Md.; Marketing SELLERS, ROBERT FRANCIS - Cheverly, Md.; Journalism SEMUELS, JOEL MICHAEL - Baltimore, Md.; Government and Politics SESSOMS, JOAN ELSIE - Baltimore, Md.; Government and Politics SHELTON, CHARLES CONAWAY - Pocomoke, Md.; Accounting SIEGEL, GENE PHILIP - Baltimore, Md.; Transportation SILVERMAN, RICHARD IRA - Silver Spring, Md.; Marketing SIMMONS, RAYMOND H. - Towson, Md.; Government and Politics SINCLAIR, KAREN STARP - Potomac, Md.; Economics SINGER, LARRY - Baltimore, Md.; Journalism SLAN, ALLAN GARY - Chevy Chase, Md.; Government and Politics SLEICHTER, CHARLES HENRY - Severna Park, Md.; General Business SMITH, LINDA JEAN - Frederick, Md.; Personnel Management SMITH, RICHARD HENERY - Baltimore, Md.; Marketing SMITH ROBERT DEE - Aberdeen, Md.; Economics SMITH, ROBERT - Bethesda, Md.; Economics SMITH, RUSSELL PHILLIPS - Cambridge, Md.; Economics SMITH, WILLIAM THOMAS - Hyattsville, Md.; Economics SNYDER, STEPHEN ALAR - Baltimore, Md.; Government and Politics SNYDER, JR., WENDELL - Youngstown, Ohio; General Business SORRELL, JR., RICHARD PARK - Adelphi, Md.; Business Administration SPARKS, GEORGE NELSON - Riverdale, Md.; Government and Politics International Affairs SPEIZMAN, ALICE B. - Wheaton, Md.; Government and Politics ■ Pre-Law SPENCER, RICHARD ALLEN - Baltimore, Md.; Transportation SPIES, JAMES LANGFORD - Baltimore, Md.; Economics STAUFFER, CHRISTIAN WILLIAM - Baltimore, Md.; Accounting STEARNS, TIMOTHY - Arlington, Va.; General Business STEUER, KENNETH ALAN - Hyattsville, Md.; Marketing STODDARD, DENNIS W. - Rogers Heights, Md.; International Affairs STOLTE, JR., CHARLES F. - Baltimore, Md.; Marketing STRAND, RUSSELL E. - Bethesda, Md.; Economics STRECKFUS, PAUL EDWARD - Baltimore, Md.; Economics STUMPFF, ROBERT T. - Lewistown, Penn.; Transportation SUGAR, BETSYJANE - Pikesville, Md.; Public Relations SULLIVAN, MICHAEL GEORGE - HyattsviUe, Md.; Accounting SULLIVAN, WILLIAM GARY - Indianhead, Md.; Finance SUTKUS, RICHARD WILLIAM - Greenbelt, Md.; Business Administration SWANSON, KENT - Summit, N. J.; Government and Politics SWINDELL, JAMES WILSON - Blounts Creeks, N. C; Business Administration SZYMK0WIC2, JOHN THOMAS - Hillcrest Heights, Md.; Economics TAGERT, JR., JAMES WILLIAM - Oxon Hill, Md.; General Business TEMPLE, SAUNDRA ANNE - Silver Spring, Md.; Geography THOMAS CALVIN - Baltimore, Md.; Economics THOMPSON, WILLIAM F. - Elkridge, Md.; Accounting TOMIC, MIRKO - Arlington, Va.; Marketing URBAN, RICHARD H. - Mt. Airy, Md.; Industrial Management VANCE, WILLIAM FOUST - Oxon Hill, Md.; Journalism VEST, CHARLES T.- Chevy Chase, Md.; Government and Politics VOGELSANG, ROBERT F. - Pasadena, Md.; Business Administration WAIKART, FRANK WOLF- Silver Hill, Md.; Government and Politics WAKEFIELD, DONALD KEMP - Essex, Md.; Business Administration WALDMAN, ROBERT DENNIS - Pikesville, Md.; Accounting WALEGA, JOSEPH V. - Baltimore, Md.; Marketing WALKER, FRED A. - Wheaton, Md.; Transportation WALLS, ALLAN RAYMOND - Baltimore, Md.; Production Management WAPLE, JR., BEN F. -Wheaton, Md.; General Business WARREN, JR., HARALD JEFFERSON - Seat Pleasant, Md.; Transportation WEBB, RICHARD THOMAS - Catonsville, Md.; Business Persormel WEINSTEIN, MELVIN STANLEY - Aberdeen, Md.; Personnel and Labor Relations WETZEL, DOUGLAS ALAN - College Park, Md.; Accounting WHITE, ELLA LOUISE - Bethesda, Md.; Institutional Administration WIDNER, DAVID DREKA- Silver Spring, Md.; Business Administration WILLOTH, DANIEL DRENNAN - Boston, Mass.; Accounting nn M M WILSON, LINDALEE - Damascus, Md.; Journalism WINTERLING, LEAH RUTH - Baltimore, Md.; Journalism WOOD, RONALD OWEN - Baltimore, Md.; Acctunting WOOD, FREDERICK WILLIAM - Towson, Md.; Marketing WORRAL, ROBERT WILLIAM - Hyattsville, Md.; Accounting WRIGHT, III, JOHN M. - Los Angeles, Calif.; Personnel Administration WRIGHT, JR., JOSEPH P. - Salisbury, Md.; Marketing YATES, JAMES WILLIAM - Centreville, Md.; Government and Politics YEAGLE, DENNIS LEESE - Timonium, Md.; Political Science YEATS, RALPH — Joplin, Missouri; Accounting YOURTEE, MICHAEL WILLARD - Brownsville, Md.; Transportation YURFEST, JOSEPH - Baltimore, Md.; Government and Politics ZIHLMAN, JUDITH LYNN - Indian Head, Md.; Public Relations ZWEIG, STEVEN TERRY - Chevy Chase, Md.; Marketing Not Pictured: BEHIZAD, KEYUAN - Iran, Tehran; Economics CEPPOS, JEROME MERLE - Silver Spring, Md.; Journalism DUNCAN, GAIL ALBERS - Ellicott City, Md.; Personnel Administration KAPLAN, SAMUEL RICHARD - Silver Spring, Md.; Go vernment Politics JACKSON, GARY LEE - Frederick, Md.; Economics MARQUARDT, CHARLES D. - Berwyn Heights, Md.; Government Politics MOLOVINSKY, GENE - Allentown, Pa.; Marketing SUMMERFIELD, JR., EMANUEL PETE - Baltimore, Md.; Economics TAYLOR, LISA N. - Washington, D. C; Joumahsm WOLPERT, HANK - Baltimore, Md.; General Business 54 Dean Vernon E. Anderson 56 EDUCATION In the words of Dr. L. Morris McClure, associate dean of education, " Preparing professional workers at all levels and in all fields of public school work, " has long been the goal set by the College of Education. Today this preparation is characterized by progress, and an acute awareness by everyone of its importance in every aspect of the educational process. The College of Education is the only institution at the University that prepares its 5,000 undergraduates for any kinjJ of teaching position, from kindergarten through college, in the demanding field of special education, as well as in counselling and administration. Certain public schools are now being staffed by University training pro- grams, so that teachers may better supervise students in their preparation for the teaching experience. From a physical standpoint, the technological center in the basement of the Education Building represents progress at its peak. Television, teaching machines, and electronic teaching aids signify an all-new media through which innovations in both the learning and teaching processes are being made possible. Academically, the graduate program promises to be the greatest con- tributing factor to progress and the " new approach " in teacher education. Of the 1,500 graduate students, 400 are now full time teachers working part time on degrees, a marked and rapid increase over the past four years. The new field of graduate training in educational technology is further evidence of Maryland ' s advancing graduate study program. 57 ABELMAN, JACKIE - Chevy Chase, Md.; Elementary Education ADAMS, SUE CAROL - Buckeystown, Md.; Home Economics Education ADAMS, SUZETTE - Bowie, Md.; Early Childhood AHERN, JANE ANN - Bowie, Md.; Spanish ALMOND, JEAN C. - Hyattsville, Md.; Elementary AMSELLEM, RAE SHELLEY - Silver Spring, Md.; French ANORYS, ELENA STEPHANIE - Baltimore, Md.; Chemistry ANTIN, EMILY LOUISE - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood APPERTI, RALPH E. - Hyattsville, Md.; Industrial APPLEBAUM, REBECCA - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary ASCHENBRENNER, JEANNE E. - Baltimore, Md.; English ATWELL, MARIAN LEE - Chester, Md.; Elementary BAKER, JANICE LYNN - College Park, Md.; Elementary BAKER, KENNETH ROBERT - Maugansville, Md.; Industrial BAKER, MYRA SUE - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary BARKAN, ARLENE M. - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary BARNEY, ELEANOR JOYCE - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary BARRON, LOIS HELEN - W. Hyattsville, Md.; Elementary BAUER, ANDREA MARIE - White Hall, Md.; French BAUM, KAREN RUTH - Chevy Chase, Md.; Elementary BEERS, REBECCA - Landover Hills, Md.; English BELL, EILEEN ARMSTRONG- Miami, Florida; Elementary BELL, LAURA ANN - Rhodesdale, Md.; Home Economics BELL, PATRICIA - Brooklyn, N. Y.; Elementary BENDER, SHERRY M. - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary BERGMAN, HOLLACE LOUISE - FAR Rockaway, N. Y.; Early Childhood BERLIN, LOUIS ROBERT - Baltimore, Md.; Education BERLIN, RICHARD MERRILL - Baltimore, Md.; Music BERRY, ELLEN VIRGINIA - District Heights; Home Economics BEST, NANCY SUE - EUicott Qty, Md.; Elementary BETTS, BARBARA J. - Springfield, Pa.; English BIESECKER, CAROL ANN - Pittsburgh, Pa.; Early Childhood BILLUPS, RICHARD B. - Bel Air, Md.; Industrial BILLY, CONSTANCE LA RUE - Frederick, Md.; Elementary BIZOT, MARTHA LOUISE - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary BLACKSIN, CONSTANCE DEE - Takona Park, Md.; Elementary BLAU, PAMELA R. - Rockville, Md.; English BLONDER, BARBARA ELLEN - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary BLOOMQUIST, MARCIA ANN - Bethesda, Md.; Early Childhood BLUMBERG, ROCHELLE E. - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary BOBUS, JOANNE MONICA - Aberdeen, Md.; English BOGEN, PAULA RAE - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary BOHANAN, NANCY JEAN - College Park, Md.; Elementary BOHN, LINDA SUE - English BOND, SUSAN JANE - Kensington, Md.; Home Economics BONNER, ELAINE M. - College Park, Md.; Secretarial BOOKFORD, CAROLE L. - College Park, Md.; Social Studies BOROFKA, CECELIA KIM - Timonium, Md.; English BOURDOSIS, MARGO - Wheaton, Md.; History BOYER, LINDA K. - Frederick, Md.; Education BRADLEY, KAREN LOUISE - Rockville, Md.; Elementary BRAZEE, JUDITH ELLEN - Madison, Conn.; Elementary BRODERICK, KAREN ANN - Skyline, Md.; Elementary BRODSKY, GAIL SONDR - Hayttsville, Md.; Early Childhood BRONROTT, ALEXIS - Silver Spring, Md.; Art BROOKS, CAROL ANNE - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary BROOKS, SANDRA - Easton, Md.; Elementary BROWN, PATRICIA ANN - Laurel, Md.; Mathematics BUCEVICIUS, ZIGMAS JURGIS - Stevensville, Md.; German BURG, ELLEN BETH - Bethesda, Md.; Social Studies BURNS, LINDA KRAMER - Takoma Park, Md.; English BUSHEY, SANDRA KAY - Cavetown, Md.; Elementary BUTTERMORE, VIRGINIA - Laurel, Md.; Elementary CAINE, III BRECKENRIDGE - Washington, D. C; Industrial CALDWELL, REBECCA J. - Laurel, Md.; Library Science CAPLAN, ARLENE - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary CAPLAN, ILENE - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary CATZVA, ANITA CAROL - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary CEDERBERG, LINDA JEAN - Rocky Mount, N. C; Early Childhood CHESTON, ALVIN LONG - Bowie, Md.; Social Studies CLARKE, DONNA JEAN - Silver Spring, Md.; Home Economics CLYDESDALE, NAN L. - Rockville, Md.; Math COLE, DONNA L. — Long Meadow, Mass.; Home Economics COLEMAN, BARBARA L. - Potomac, Md.; Elementary COLEMAN, TRACY C. - Silver Spring, Md.; Industrial CONNOR, MARY JANE - Brentwood, Md.; Early Chfldhood COOPER, ROBERT EUGENE - Mitchell, Inda.; Agricultural COURCHEN, PATRICIA EILEEN - Goldsboro, Md.; Home Economics COX, BARBARA ANN - Bel Air, Md.; History CRAIG, DON C. W. - Silver Spring, Md.; Industrial CROWTHER, MARGARET - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary CRYER, PATRICIA LYNN - Leonardtown, Md.; Early Childhood CUBA, GARY W. - Baltimore, Md.; Industrial GUSHING, DONNA J. - Silver Spring, Md.; Home Economics DAUDELIN, DAWN BETTE - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary l DAVIDSON, DOREEN SUE - SUver Spring, Md.; Elementary DAYTON, MARY ALICE - Silver Spring, Md.; Early Childhood DEAN, SANDRA- Middletown, Md.; Elementary DEITRICH, BARBARA LOUISE - Lutherville, Md.; Mathematics DEITZ, BARBARA GAYLE - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary DEMARZO, MARY - Hyattsville, Md.; English DEMPSEY, JR., WILLIAM HODGES - Hillchest Heights, Md.; Industrial DEPUE, CHERYL MARIE - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary DEUCHLER, LINDA LEE - Baltimore, Md.; History DIETLE, SHERRY ANNE - Silver Spring, Md.; Secretarial DIZE, III, NOAH BENJAMIN - Crisfield, Md.; Art DONNELLAN, EILEEN MARIE - Chevy Chase, Md.; Elementary DUCOTE, BARBARA VALERIE - HyattsviUe, Md.; Elementary DUVALL, JUDITH FRANCES - Baltimore, Md.; English DVOSKIN, DIANE M. - Randallstown, Md.; Elementary EATON, JOHN HOWARD - Brandywine, Md.; Industrial EGGLESTON, DIANE LYNN - Wheaton, Md.; Elementary EINSTEIN, STEPHANY - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood EISENBERG, GLORIA - Baltimore, Md.; Art EISENBERG, JUDY MARSHA - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary ENGLE, CAROL ANN - Cambridge, Md.; Early Childhood EPSTEIN, MYRA ESTHER - Washington, D. C; Early Childhood EVERNGAM, SUE ANN - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary EZRINE, NATALIE PHYLISS - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood FABISZAK, ALAN EDWARD - North Lintchium, Md.; Industrial FARRERA, CHRISTINA - College Park, Md.; English PAYCHECK, KATHERINE - Forestville, Md.; Elementary FEARING, HELEN LEE- Elliott City, Md.; Home Economics FEINBLUM, CONNA SUE - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary FEINGOLD, ARLENE BETH - Washington, D. C; Elementary FELDMAN, GLORIA FRANCES - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary FELDMAN, MARSHALL EDWARD - Baltimore, Md.; Music FIEDLER, NANCY ANN - Laurel, Md.; Elementary FINEGAN, ANNE H. - Bethesda, Md.; Interior Design FINKELSTEIN, GAYLE CYNTHIA - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood FINN, BONNIE ALICE - Red Lion, Pa.; Speech FLANAGAN, II, RALPH TANNER - Silver Spring, Md.; Industrial FLAYHART, JOAN PAULINE - Glen Burnie, Md.; Elementary Art FLEGAL, WENDY STARR - Rockville, Md.; Elementary FORD, III, THOMAS LATIMER - Towson, Md.; Industrial FORREST, MARJORIE ANN - Brandywine, Md.; History FOSTER, SARA ELLEN - Paris, 111.; Secondary FOWLER, MARILYN LOUISE - Potomac, Mel.; Elementary FRADKIN, JANICE HUBERT - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood ERASER, SUSAN PARSONS - Midletown, Md.; Elementary FREE, CHARLOTTE SUZANNE - Frederick, Md.; Early Childhood FREEDMAN, BONNIE - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary FRIED, SUSAN BROOKE - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary FRIEDLANDER, NANCY LEA - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood FULLER, PAMELA GARIL - Annapqolis, Md.; Elementary FUNKHOUSER, FAYE - Ardi Cascade, Md.; Elementary FUREY, MARIANNE - Long Island, N. Y.; Early Childhood FURMAN, GLORIA ANN - Silver Spring, Md.; Home Economics GADO, DONNA MARIA - Lanham, Md.; English GALLAGHER, BARBARA ANNE - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementaary GARBER, BEVERLY - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary GATES, LAURETTA IRENE - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary GEIGER, PAMELA ELAINE - SUver Spring, Md.; Elementary GELLER, KAY F. - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary GENETTI, MARGUERITE ANNE - Fort Meade, Md.; Social Studies GIENGER, JUDITH L. - Silver Spring, Md, Md.; Home Economics GILLESPIE, ROBIN M. - Rockville, Md.; Social Studies GIMBLE, BARBARA- Kensmgton, Md.; Art GLAZER, SUZANNE C. - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary GOLDBLATT, NADINE IRIS - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood GRABER, LYNNE BARTON - Ehibuque, Iowa; Library Science GRAN, LENORE ELLEN - Clinton, Md.; Art GRANAT, ILENE JOANNE - Sdver Spring, Md.; Elementary GRAYSON, JOAN E. -West Hyattsville, Md.; Elementary GREENBAUM, JOAN - Rochester, N. Y.; Elementary GRIFFIN, JANET ELLEN - Rockville, Md.: Early Childhood GRIM, BEVERLY JANE - Hyattsville, Md.; Biology GRUBB, SHARON ANN - Severn, Md.; History HACKERMAN, INA L. - Baltimore, Md.; Spanish HAHN, BRENDA LYNN - Frederick, Md.; Home Economics HALL, BEVERLY EDNA - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary HALL, MARY DIANE - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary HAMILL, SUSAN VERA - Bethesda, Md.; Secondary HAMMOND, LINDA ELLEN - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary HANCOCK, E. CAROLE - Alexandria, Va.; Elementary HANYOK, BETTY ANNE - Bladensburg, Md.; Home Economics HARE, DAVID FRANCIS - Baltimore, Md.; Industrial HARNESS, M. SAHN - Clarksville, Md.; Art HARPER, ELIZABETH NEWTON - Bethesda, Md.; Speech HARRIS, ELAINE SUSAN - Baltimore, Md.; History HART, LAWRENCE D. - Sparrows Point, Md.; Geography HAWKINS, BEVERLY MAE - Randolph Villiago, Md.; Early Childhood HAWNES, MARY E. - Coventry, Conn.; English HEIDER, BARBARA H. - Bethesda, Md.; Early Childhood HEELER, JUANITA MIDGETTE - Oxon Hill, Md.; Library Science HENSLEY, SHEILA MAE - Salisbury, Md.; Elementary HILSBERG, CAROL ANITA - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary HILTEABRICK, FAY CELESTE - Taneytown, Md.; Elementary HIPPLE, GAIL LORRAINE - Laurel, Md.; Home Economics HIRSH, HELENE ANNE - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood HOOHMAN, MICHELLE - Chevy Chase, Md.; Elementary HOEFLICH, BRUCE ROBERT - Baltimore, Md.; Industrial HOILER, FREDERICK JEFFREY - B J.timore, Md.; Industrial HOLLOW AY, DOROTHY A. - Show , Md.; Elementary HOLZAPFEL, MARJORIE NICHOLb - Hagerstown, Md.; Elementary HOLZMAN, JR., CHARLES W. - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary HOMAN, BARBARA ANNE - Bowie, Md.; Elementary HOUSTON, BARBARA ANN - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary HOWARD, GERALD EDWARD - Frederick, Md.; Industrial HOWARD, PATRICIA CROSSFIELD - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary HUDSON, SUSAN CROMER - Silver Spring, Md.; English HUHN, PATRICIA M. - Hyattsville, Md.; Home Economics HULL, MARY ELIZABETH - Westeminster, Md.; Home Economics HUSMAN, MARY ANTOINETTE - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary IRELAND, JEANNE ELLEN - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood JACOBSON, HELEN V. - Washington, D. C; Art JACKLEY, SANDRA WISE - Landover, Md.; Elementary JACKSON, ELIZABETH MAY - Greenbelt, Md.; Secretarial Business JACKSON, GARY - Baltimore, Md.; Industrial JACKSON, WINNIE FAYE - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood JARBOE, NANCY - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood JAVIER, LARRAINE CAROL - Hyattsvifle, Md.; Business JOHNSON, BEVERLY ANNE - Baltimore, Md.; Math JOHNSON, DEBORAH ANN - Myersville, Md.; Art JONES, FONTAINE - Crofton, Md.; Social Studies JONES, JUDITH ANN - Suitland, Md.; English JORDAN, GERRY D. - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary JYACHOSKY, BARBARA ANN - Brownsville, Pa.; Social W rt I rt |-| y- 1 c KAPLAN, RONA CYRILXE - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary KAUFMAN, LORRAINE FRANCES - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary KEMPNER, LINDA H. - Spartanburg, S. C; Elementary KESSLER, MARSHA SUE - Baltimore, Md.; Home Economics KING, CAROL ANN - Kent Village, Md.; Elementary KING, III, ROBERT DOUGLAS - Wheaton, Md.; Industrial KIRBY, LOUISE JEANNETTE - Oxon Hill, Md.; Home Economics KIRK, BARBARA ANNE - Hyattsville. Md.; Early Childhood KLARBERY, SUSAN - Bayside, N. Y.; Education KLATZKIN, FRAN R. - Baltimore, Md.; Music KLEIN, BARBARA RUTH - Chevy Chase, Mr.; Elementary KLEIN, STEPHEN RICHARD - Silver Spring, Md.; Industrial KLEIN, SUSAN ELIZABETH - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary KNAUFF, NANCY LEE - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood KNITZ, ELLEN SHEILA - Randallstown, Md.; Elementary KNOX, ALICE HELEN - College Park, Md.; Elementary KOERWER, BARBARA ANN - Hyattsville, Md.; English KOHN, LYINDA SUE - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood KOZAK, GLORIA - Silver Spring, Md.; Speech KRUGER, SALOME SCARLETT - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary LANE, MARY KATHLEEN - Gethesda, Md.; Biology LAPPIN, MARY RITA - Cheverly, Md.; Elementary LASKEY, MARY THEODORA - Oakland, Md.; Early Childhood LEAN, BONNIE SUSAN - Randallstown, Md.; Early Childhood LEBOWITZ, SUSAN G. - Hyattsville, Md.; Art LEE, ALICE SUZANNE - Hyattsville, Md.; Social Studies LEE, JR., WILLIAM T. - Takoma Park, Md.; Industrial LEIBERTON, PAUL EMERSON - Silver Spring, Md.; Secondary LEPHARDT, ROSEMARY LENORE - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary LEONARD, KATHLEEN SARAH - Silver Spring, Md.; Home Economics LERNER, HARRY ARON - Hyattsville, Md.; Elementary LESSANS, ELLEN TERRY - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary LEVENTHAL, SHARON LYNN - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary LEVIN, ANNE HELENE - Baltimore, Md.; English LEVINSON, TOBY ANN - Bethesda, Md.; Elementary LEWIS, DEANNA LOU - New CarroUton, Md.; Secondary LIEBERMAN, ROBYNE - Baltimore, Md.; Education LIEF, SHARYN IRIS - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary LITT, SHARON - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary LITTMAN, JOY - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary LITZAU, WALTER WAYNE - Ellicott City, Md.; Industrial LODGE, LINDA L. - Beltsville, Md.; Elementary LOEB, RENEE L. - Silver Spring, Md.; Early Childhood LORD, LYNDA BARBARA - Silver Spring, Md.; English LUCHETTI, ROBERTA JOANN - Adelphi, Md.; Secretarial LUKE, VIRGINIA MAE - Adephi, Md.; English LYONS, KATHLEEN MARY - College Park, Md.; Early Childhood MADER, SHERRY TRUE - Olney, Md.; Elementary MALIN, BONNIE N. - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary MALKUS, KEITH E. - Cambridge, Md.; Education MANDIS, DEMETRA CATINA- SUver Spring, Md.; History MAPP, ROBERTA JEANNE - Hillcrest Heights, Md.; Art MARCH, LAWRENCE MELVIN - Elkridge, Md.; Elementary MARTIN, JOANN MARIE - Walkersville, Md.; Elementary MARTIN, PATRICIA JO - Oakland, Md.; Home Economics MARTIN, SHARON - Greenbelt, Md.; Home Economics MARTIN, SUSAN HELEN - Roslyn Heights, Md.; French MARVIN, PATRICIA ANN - Baltimore, Md.; Music MASTBROOK, CHRISTINE MARIE - Hyattsville, Md.; Elementary MASTERSON, JOAN ANN - Homell, N. Y.; Elementary MAURER, DAWN - Wheaton, Md.; English MAYER, BETTY JEAN - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary McBRIDE, JOHN E. - Lanham, Md.; Industrial McDowell, nancy jane - Caithersburg, Md.; French McINTOSH, CAROL A. - College Park, Md.; Earlv Childhood McNERNEY, FRANCIS CLAY - Indian Head, Md.; Industrial MEASEL, ROBERT E. - Woodsboro, Md.; Agriculture MERENDINO, PAULETTE JOSEPHINE - Rockville, Md.; Elementary MILEWSKY, MARLENE RENEE - Silver Spring, Md.; Early Childhood MILLAR, KAREN - Rediands, Calif.; Elementary MILLER, KAREN LOIS - Takoma Park, Md.; Frenc h MILLER, LAWRENCE ALAN - Baltimore, Md.; Social Studies MILLER, SHIRLEY ANN - Hyattsville, Md.; Elementary MINION, SUSAN MARIE - Ellicott City, Md.; Secondary MISTER, BARBARA JEAN - Hyattsville, Md.; Elementary MOCKABEE, JOANN - Silver Spring, Md.; English MOHR, BARBARA JEAN - Wheaton, Md.; Elementary MONITOR, NANCY LOUISE - Takoma Park, Md.; Home Economics MOORE, SHELBY JEAN - Elkton, Md.; Elementary MORAN, MARY M. - Westminster, Md.; Secondary MORGAN, HELEN E. - Frostburg, Md.; Home Economics MOSSBURG, SUSAN ELAINE - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary MUDD, JEAN CARVE - Elinton, Md.; Elementary MULLIS, JOANN - Silver Spring, Md.; Education NEEDLE, PATRICIA - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary NEESE, EDWARD ELLIOTTE - Annapolis, Md.; Social Studies NEUBERT, IRENE ELIZABETH - Essev, Md.; Elementary NEUSTADT, SHEILA BERNICE - Washington, D. C; Social Studies NOBLE, ROBERT L. - Lutherville, Md.; Industrial NORTH, BONNIE FRANCES - Snyder Spring, Md.; Elementary NUSSBAUM, EILEEN J. - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood O ' CONNELL, HELEN MARIE - Newark, N. J.; Elementary OKSNER, HARRIET K. - Silver Spring, Md.; Home Economics OLIVER, JR., JAMES W. - LaPlata, Md.; Industrial OOSTERHOUS, NANCY ANN - Takoma Park, Md.; Elementary OTT, EILEEN ANN - Dundalk, Md.; Home Economics OWEN, JR., WILLIAM SCOTT - Towson, Md.; Industrial OTTO, PATRICIA ANN - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood PACIONE, CARLO P. - Baltimore, Md.; Industrial PAPPALARDO, SHEILA CATHERINE - Methuen, Mass.; Elementary PATAKY, ROSEMARY THERESA - Bowie-Belair, Md.; Elementary PAWLOWSKI, WAYNE VINCENT - Naugatuck, Conn.; Social Studies PAYNE, BARBARA JEAN - Clarksville, Md.; Elementary PERRY, PAMELA A. - Redlands, Calif.; Social Studies PETER, CAROLANN - Silver Spring, Md., Elementary PETRINI, MARY ANN - Hyattsville, Md.; Mathematics PODGUR, SARA FRANCES - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary PODOLSKY, BESSIE SUE - Baltimore, Md.; Education POKRESS, ELLEN R. - Washington, D. C; Elementary POLKY, FRANCES LOUISE - Oxon Hill, Md.; Elementary PORTER, CAROLE JUNE - Oxon Hill, Md.; Early Childhood POTTER, PAMELA GAI - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary PRINCE, ANTOINETTE LOUISE - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary PROKOP, DONNA JEAN - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary " PROUDFOOT, DELBERT A. - Cumberland, Md.; Industrial RAMSEY, MARY JEAN - Wheaton, Md.; Social Studies RAWUNGS, NANCY CHERYL - Timonium, Md.; Elementary RAYCH, ROCHELLE SUSAN - Silver Spring, Md.; Early Childhood REDMOND, GAYLE ALEATHEA- St. Mary ' s City, Md.; English RICHMAN, ANDRA TERYL - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood RICHSTATTER, JUDITH C. - Greenbelt, Md.; German RIGGLE, SUSAN GAYLE - Bethesda, Md.; Early Childhood RIGLER, WILLIAM EUGENE - Havre de Grace, Md.; Music ROBERSON, WILLIAM THOMAS - Glen Bumie, Md.; General Studies ROBLES, CATHY EILEEN - Albuquerque, N. M.; Business ROMBRO, JOAN DANA - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary RONALD, BARBARA A. - Secretarial ROSE, MARY ELIZABETH - Fredrick, Md.; English ROSEN, ANDREA SUE - Maplewood, Md.; Elementary ROSEN, SHERRY M. - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood ROSENFELDER, NANCY JEAN - Hyattsville, Md.; Elementary ROSENTHAL, JANE KAREN - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood ROTHSTEIN, TERRY ROYSE - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary ROUTSON, WAYNE L. - Parkville, Md.; Industrial ROWELL, GRACE - Silver Spring, Md.; Art ROY, EVELYN PATRICIA - University Park, Md.; Elementary RUSSO, MARY TARA - Baldwin, Md.; Elementary RUTKIN, JUDI - Miami, Fla.; Elementary SABCZAK, LINDA M. - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary SACHS, ANNETTE - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary STAFF, LORETTA RAE - Atlanta, Ga.; English SAGAL, ELLEN - Baltimore, Mr.; Early Childhood SCALES, JUDITH A. - Baltimore, Md.; Art SCHERR, ARLENE F. - Baltimore, Md.; Education SCHINDELHEIM, JOANNE C. - New York, N. Y.: Elementary SCHLEINHEGE, CAROL MARIA - Hyattsville, Md.; Speech and Drama SCHWARTZ, JOSEPH MARK - Hyattsville, Md.; Social Studies SCHWARTZ, JUDY RACHELLE - Salisbury, Md.; Elementary SEGAL, MARIAN G. - Silver Spring, Md.; English SEIDENBERG, SUSAN MARJORIE - Pikesville, Md.; Childhood SELBY, AMY JANET - Rockville, Md.; Elementary SHADE, MARGARET E. - Beltsville, Md.; Elementary Early SETTLER, HARRIETTE - Baltimore, Md.; Elementarv SHANE, FRANK ROBERT - Baltimore, Md.; Science SHEINBAUM, BONNIE T. - Washington, D. C; Early Childhood SIEGEL, JUDY - Bethesda, Md.; Social Studies SIEGEL, WYNNE - Pikesville, Md.; Early Childhood SILBER, BENITA SUSAN - Pikesville, Md.; Elementary SILVERMAN, NANCY J. - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary SINDALL, SUSAN MARIE - Silver Spring, Md.; Early Childhood SINDLER, BARBARA SUE - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood SINGER, MICHAEL DAVID - Baltimore, Md.; General Business SLEEMAN, SUSAN L. - Frostburg, Md.; English SLIFER, LINDA LEE - Chevy Chase, Md.; Early Childhood SLINE, BERYL B. - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary SMELKINSON, Maxine - Baltimore, Md.; English SNODDY, CAROLE JEAN - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary SOBCZAK, LINDA DIANE - Aberdeen, Md.; EngUsh SOPHER, SUSAN LYNN - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary SPRINGER, GLORIA THELMA - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary STAFFORD, BARBARA ANNE - Chevy Chase, Md.; Science STAHLER, MARSHA HARRIET - Silver Spring, Md.; Speech ST. CLAIR, BETH ANN - Uniontown, Pa.; Elementary STEENERSON, PALMSA ANN - Silver Spring, Md.; Home Economics STEGMAN, NANCY BAIN - Sevema Park, Md.; Art STOKES, VICKI MAE - Oakland, Md.; Early Childhood STRECKFUS, JUNE FUSE - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary STRULLY, ROBBIE CANDRA - West Ishp, Long Island, N. Y.; Elementary STUKEY, WILLIAM MARSHALL - Hyattsville, Md.; Art SULLIVAN, DOROTHY ANN - Catonsville, Md.; Home Economics SUMERS, FRANCES LEE - Baltimore, Md.; English SULLIVAN, NORMAN NELSON - Silver Spring, Md.; Music SWARTZ, HELENE RUTH - Laurel, Md.; Elementar ' TALLEY, KRISTI ANN - Cincinnati, Ohio; Elementary TERZICK, JANE E. - Silver Spring, Md.; Secretarial THOMAS.. CHRISTOPHER MARTIN - Hyattsville, Md.; S G ore tfiri 3. 1 TIDWELL, PATRICIA A. - Oxon Hill, Md.; Home Economics TIMMONS, REBECCA L. - Pocomshe City, Md.; Business TOKOSCH, ALAN RICHARD - Baltimore, Md.; Social Studies TOLLIVER, SHEILA MAUREEN - Annapolis, Md.; English TROUT, MARGARET LOUISE - Washington, D. C; Early Childhood TSAKIRIS, CHRISTINE M. - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood TURNER, S. H. REGINA - Bellevue, Md.; English UMBARGER, JEANNE Y. - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary VANGRACK, LINDA - Chevy Chase, Md.; Elementary WADE, CAROL MAY - Baltimore, Md.; Secretarial WAGSHAL, SHARON RODIN - Washington, D. C; Elementary WALDMAN, DEBORAH RAE - Silver Spring, Md.; Speech WATTENBERG, IRENE MARIE - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary WEINSTEIN, ELAINE - Bahimore, Md.; Elementary WELBOURNE, JAMES C. - Bahimore, Md.; Library Science WELLS, NANCY DONA - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood WELLS, SUE ELLEN - Beltsville, Md.; Elementary WELSH, KATHLEEN FRANCES - Haddonfield, N. J.; Early Childhood WEYMOUTH, DOROTHY EDITH - Bethesda, Md.; Elementary WIENER, KATHRYN JOAN - Silver Spring, Md.; French WIERENGA, MARY SUSAN - Annapolis, Md.; Elementary WILLIAMS, MONICA - Laurel, Md.; Elementary WILNER, JOYCE RITA - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood WINSTON, ELLEN DANA - Rockville, Md.; Early Childhood WOLF, MYRA LENHOFF - Silver Spring, Md.; Early Childhood WOODWARD, RUTH ANN - Aberdeen, Md.; Elementary WOOLEY, KAREN A. - Pennington, N. J.; Elementary WU, MEI LAN - Bahimore, Md.; Elementary YANOVICH, TEDDY RAE - SUver Spring, Md.; English YOUNG, ANNA MAE - Frederick, Md.; English ZOLL, KAREN ESTHER - LaPlata, Md.; Art Not Pictured: BECK, KATHLEEN LOUISE - Bethesda, Md.; Elementary FLANAGAN, RALPH TANNER - Silver Spring, Md.; Industrial GROSS, TINA - Baltimore, Md.; Early Childhood HOWELLS, SUZANNE - Hyattsville, Md.; Early Childhood- Speech NEEDLE, PATRICIA MAE - Baltimore, Md.; Elementary MAISTI, ROSE MARIE - Hollywood, Md.; Art McKENNA, FRANCINE MARIE - Silver Spring, Md.; Secondary MILLER, SHARON T. - Silver Spring, Md.; Elementary OBERG, ANN FRANCES - Chillum, Md.; Elementary ROBINSON, BETSY JEAN - Cardiff, Md.; Elementary 67 Dean Robert B. Beckmann ENGINEERING The College of Engineering is training its 2,500 undergraduates and 650 graduate students in one of the most rapidly expanded professions of modem society. " Our problem, " said Dean Robert B. Beckmann, " is that we ' re training students for what is yet to come. " Scientific and technological advances have opened many new fields of engineering which did not exist ten years ago, such as environmental, nuclear and biomedical engineering. The need to staff these new phases of engineering is complicated by the steady evolution of the standard fields. Civil engineering, for example, now requires an understanding of community planning as well as technical skill in designing efficient roads and bridges. " Engineering now needs human relations experts, " Beckman noted. Students in the six undergraduate programs — areospace, civil, chemi- cal, electrical, fire protection and mechanical engineering — are given a broad, rigorous background in chemistry, mathematics and physics, en- abling them to enter fields as they arise. The college has rapidly expanding graduate programs which include courses in the newer phases of engineering as well as the standard fields. Courses are also offered to working engineers so they may keep abreast of new developments in their professions. 69 ALTER, WILLIAM F. - Adinngdon, Md.; Mechanical ANGERMAN, E. KEITH - Potomac, Md.; Civil ANTONY, RICHARD THOMAS - Silver Spring, Md.; ARFORD, JAMES W. - Aberdeen, Md.; Civil ARMSTRONG, RICHARD M. - Silver Spring, Md.; Civil AUER, JOSEPH DAMIAN - Baltimore, Md.; Electrical BAHR, ALLEN C. - Baltimore, Md.; Electrical BELFIELD, WILLIAM ROHRMAN - College Park, Md.; ElGctrio3i BETTS, WILLIAM SPENCER, JR. - Springfield, Pa.; Mechanical BICKLEY, JACK - College Park, Md.; Civil Engineering BLOCK, STANLEY N. - Baltimore, Md.; Civil BOEGLI, KURT BERNHARD - New Holland, Pa.; Electrical BOEHM, WILBERT LEONARD - Baltimore, Md.; Mechanical BOHLI, WILLIAM HENRY - Parkville, Md.; Mechanical BONTZ, RICHARD ALAN - Silver Spring, Md.; Civil BOXER, GARY ROBERT - Hampton, Va.: Electrical BOYCE, WILLIAM G. - Cumberland, R. I.; Fire Protection BRADLEY, RONALD EDGAR - Baltimore, Md.; Mechanical BRADY, MICHAEL - University Park, Md.; Chem. Engineer BRANDT, DONALD E. - Bladensburg, Md.; Civil Engineer BRICKER, JR., RANDOLPH WALTON - Nutley, N. J.; E Ifctncsl BROOKS, WILLIAM N. - Scottdale, Pa.; Fire Protection BROWN, CHEWANNEY ALCESSO - Baltimore, Md.; Chemical BROWN, DAVID PAYTON - Baltimore, Md.; Electrical BROWNSTEIN, BARRY JAY - Adelphi, Md.; Aerospace BUCKUN, ROBERT GILES - Rockville, Md.; Mechanical BURKE, ROBERT FRANCIS - Silver Spring Md.; Chemical CANNON, WAYNE LEON - Hyattsville, Md.; Fire Protection CASSIZZI, JOSEPH ANTHONY - Baltimore, Md.; Electrical CHANTAKER, ARTHUR R. - Greenbelt, Md.; Information Systems CHICCA, WILLIAM EDWARD - Chillum, Md.; Civil CLARK, VICTOR H. - Baltimore, Md.; Civil CLERMAN, NORMAN STANLEY - Silver Spring, Md.; Aerospace COAX, JOHN TAYLOR, JR. - MvKees Rocks, Pa.; Fire Protection COCKEY, EDWARD A. - Lutherville, Ma.; Electrical COLLINS, RUSSELL F. - Arlington, Va.; Electrical COLLINSON, CHARLES EDWARD - Towson, Md., Civil DARMODY, THOMAS P. - Silver Spring, Md.; Civil DEOMS, JAMES HOWARD - Parkville, Md.; Mechanical DETERMAN, JOHN E. - Westemport, Md.; Electrical DEWEY, JAMES M. - Atlanta, N. Y.; Fire Protection DHANASOFHU, CHONGSARIT - Bangkok, Thailand; Civil DIEKMANN, CLARKE LEROY - Dundalk, Md.; Electrical DE MAIO, DORIAN ALBERT - Wheaton, Md.; Aerospace DRACKLEY, DAVID EDWIN - Frederick, Md.; Mechanical DURKIN, RICHARD SEAN - Baltimore, Md.; Electrical DUVALL, GORDON DANIEL - Annapolis, Md.; Engineering ELLIN, CHARLES ROBERT - Silver Spring, Md.; Engineering EPSTEIN, HARVEY STUART - Silver Spring, Md.; Chemical EPSTEIN, ROBERT LEONARD - College Park, Md.; Electrical w FAIRBROTHER, DAVID BLAIR - Baltimore, Md.; Electrical FERRILL, JESS BRITTON - Bethesa, Md.; Mechanical FINKELSTEIN, FREDRIC PHILLIP - Baltimore, Md.; Civil FOUNTAIN, WALTER - Greensboro, Md.; Chemical FOX, BRITT MADISON - Laurel, Md.; Mechanical FROHLICH, JR, CHARLES RUDOLF - Baltimore, Md.; Mechanical GARRETT, WILLIAM EDMUND - HyattsviUe, Md.; Aerospace GARRISON, ROBERT JOHN - BalUmore, Md.; Mechanical GERSCH, HOWARD JEROME - Baltimore, Md.; Chemical GILSTAD, MARY ELIZABETH - Silver Spring, Md.; CivU GOLT, JR., JOSEPH SAMUEL - Baltimore, Md.; Electrical GOULD, LEWIS RICHARD - Baltimore, Md.; Mechanical GREEVES, JOHN THOMAS - Bethesda, Md.; Civil GRINE, EARL L. - Baltimore, Md.; Mechanical GUNDERSEN, TERRY B. - Adelphi, Md.; Electrical HAGIS, STEVE ATHAS - Baltimore, Md.; Civil HAIS, ALAN BARRY - Silver Spring, Md.; Civil HARRILL, RODNEY ALLEN - Glen Bumie, Md.; Civil HASPERT, JR., ADAM JOHN - Hyghesville, Md.; Electrical HELSTOWSKI, RONALD C. - Baltimore, Md.; Electrical HICKEY, ROBERT PATRICK - Washington, D. C; Civil HOUSER, DAVID ALESANDER - Greenbelt, Md.; Mechanical HOW ATT, ROBERT JAMES - Salisbury, Md.; Electrical HUFNAGEL, CHARLES T. - Annapolis, Md.; Civil HUSS, MARTIN F. - Baltimore, Md; Civil ISOLATO, JOSEPH JOHN, JR. - Hyattsville, Md.; Mechanical JONES, RONALD JOSEPH - Baltimore, Md.; Electrical KACUN, JOHN E. - Ehindalk, Md.; Electrical KALLAS, WILLIAM ELLWOOD - Baltimore, Md.; Civil KING, DENIS JOHN - Kensington, Md.; Electrical KINSLEY, RONNIE L. - Baltimore, Md.; Aerospace KNAUER, GERALD P. - Baltimore, Md.; Civil KOLEADE, OLA WALE - Lagos, Nigeria; Aerospace LARA, EDWARD RONALD - Washington, D. C; Civil LARSON, CARL ALFRED - Monkton, Md.; Mechanical LATHAM, FAYETTE M., Ill - Annapolis, Md.; Civil LAWRENCE, JOSEPH PARRAN - College Park, Md.; Electrical LAWRENCE, WARREN E. - Summit, R. I.; Fire Protection LEACH, THOMAS GRANKLIN - Baltimore, Md.; Mechanical LEATHERMAN, NEAL BRUCE - BalUmore. Md.; Aerospace LENTZ, ROBERT E. - Rockville, Md.; Electrical Engineering LERNER, IRA LEONARD - Rockville, Md.; Electrical MADER, CHRISTOPHER HOLLAND - Rockefeller, Md.; Mechanical MARKLE, FRANCIS T. - Hyattsville, Md.; Electrical MARKLE, STANLEY ALAN - Westminster, Md.; Mechanical MARMORSTEIN, STANLEY JOEL - Hyattsville, Md.; Mechanical McCORMICK, JOHN WILLIAM - Danville, Penn.; Engineering MILLER, WALTON LOUIS - Pasadena, Md.; Mechanical MILSTEAD, RICHARD MOORE - Silver Spring, Md.; Mechanical MOFFETT, JOHN H. - SUver Spring, Md.; Electrical MOORE, KENNETH MORRISON - Potomac, Md.; Civil MORALES, JORGE - Washington, D. C.;Electrical NORTON, STUART ALAN - Silver Spring, Md.; Aerospace ORD, GEORGE PARKIN - Westemport, Md.; Mechanical OSMOND, RICHARD DOUGLAS - Bethesda, Md.; Mechanical PEARLMAN, MARC STEPHEN - Silver Spring, Md.; Electrical PENNINGTON, EDWARD LEE - Takoma Park, Md.; Mechanical PETERS, MARTIN MARION - Kensington, Md.; Civil PICKETT, DAVID MARCUS - Winfield, Md.; Mechanical PIEPOLE, RICHARD - Fredrick, Md.; Electrical PREBULA, ALVIN WILLIAM - Greenville, Pa.; Mechanical QUINN, ELIZABETH A. - Riverdale, Md.; Electrical RAMIREZ, JUAN — Bolivia, South America; Engineering RHINEHART, JR., ROBERT RUSSELL - Baltimore, Md. Chemical RIEHL, JOSEPH FRANCIS - Baltimore, Md.; Electrical RISINGER, JOHN W. - Bowie, Md.; Aerospace ROBINSON, JEFFREY C. - Baltimore, Md.; Chemical RODGERS, ROBERT BRUCE - Littlestown, Pa.; Civil ROME, STEPHEN IRA - Silver Spring, Md.; Chemical RUTHANBERG, MEYER L. - Baltimore, Md.; Mechanical RYERSE, NANCY ANN - Landover, Md.; Electrical SAGE, WESLEY D. - Kensington, Md.; Chemical SAVILLE, MERLE L. - Cumberland, Md.; Civil SCHWENDINGER, CHARLES W. - HyattsviUe, Md.; EIf ctric3i SEGAL, MICHAEL PAUL - Baltimore, Md.; Mechanical SEIRAFI, HASSAN ALI - Mash-had, Iran; Chemical SEWELL, PHILIP GENE - Trappe, Md.; Aerospace SHANKS, DAVID LAUREN - Kensington, Md.; Electrical SHELLEY, BERNARD JOSEPH - Mechanicsburg, Pa.; Fire Protection SHEPARD, THOMAS BERGER - Silver Spring, Md.; Civfl SHIPE, ROBERT ELLIS - Rockville, Md.; Civil SIBERT, ROBERT WILLIAM - HyattsviUe, Md.; Civil SLAGLE, JR., CHARLES LEE - Johnstown, Pa.; Mechanical SMITH, PAUL JOSEPH - Takoma Park, Md.; Electrical SNIVELY, LYNN RHODES - Hagerstown, Md.; Electrical SOLHAN, GEORGE - Baltimore, Md.; Mechanical SOLIE, JOHN BRUCE - Wheaton, Md.; Agricultural SPEIGHT, ROBERT IRVIN - Beltsville, Me.; Civil SPRINGER, BARRY ROLAND - College Park, Md.; Electrical STANTON, RICHARD J. - HyattsviUe, Md.; Electrical STEPP, RICHARD JEAN HOWARD - Riverdale, Md.; Civil STORO, EDDY ROGER - Silver Spring, Md.; Industrial TAMASSIA, JR., HUGH VICTOR - HyattsviUe, Md.; Civil TANG, ARTHUR J. - Hong Kong; CivU TAYLOR, JOHN DENNIS -Cumberland, Md.; Chemical TAYLOR, ROBERT JOEL - Sharpsville, Pa.; Fire Protection TAYLOR, ROBERT STANLEY - HyattsviUe, Md.; CivU TAYLOR, RODNEY JOHN - Sharpsville. Pa.; Civil THOMAS, RICHARD J. - Silver Spring, Md.; Chemical TIEDEMANN, RANDALL HENRY - Kingsville, Md.; Mechanical TIMBERLAKE, JR., GEORGE A. - Aberdeen, Md.; Mechanical TORO, JOSE LUIS - Guayaquil, Ecuador; Electrical UGIANSKY, CAROLYN A. - Baltimore, Md.; Chemical VONDERHORST, JAMES PAUL - Catonsville, Md.; Mechanical WEATHERBY, DAVID E. - Sflver Spring, Md.; Civil WEBSTER, KENT L. - Hughesville, Pa.; Civd WELCH, NILES THOMAS - Hyattsville, Md.; Aerospace WENZEL, MARK VINCENT - Wheaton, Md.; Aerospace WHITE, LAWRENCE A. - Baltimore, Md.; Civil WILBUR, MARK M. - University Park, Md.; Electrical WILHELM, DANIEL L. - Monkton, Md.; Electrical WILKINSON, RICHARD CHARLES - Waynesboro, Va.; Chemical WILLEMS, HENDRIK - Bowie, Md.; Civil WILLIAMS, ROBERT A. - Suitland, Md.; Mechanical WILSON, RONALD ALLEN - Baltimore, Md.; Aerospace YRI, WILLIAM DAVID- Bel Air, Md.; Electrical ZINN, DAVID MICHAEL - Beltsville, Md.; Electrical Not Pictured: ANDREW, JR., JOHN D. - Towson, Md.; Civil Engineering McCAIN, HARRY G. - Hyattsville, Md.; Electrical Engineering PETERSON, E. KENT- Sacramento, California; Civil Engineering POTTER. JR., MILTON FAYETTE - Baltimore, Md.; Chemical Engineering SCHNEIDER, RANDY GRAHAM - Livingston, N. J.; Chemical Engineering 73 HOME ECONOMICS Dean Marjory Brooks The College of Home Economics and its courses of study are often wrongly stereotyped by students and faculty not connected with the college. Far from being mainly concerned with such practicalities as cooking and sewing, " home economics is actually an intangible subject in a way, " commented Dr. Marjory Brooks, dean of the college. It focuses on people in a family unit and draws form and applies principles of the behavioral and physical sciences to study situa- tions which affect family stability. A broad background in sociology, psychology, chemistry, and physiology is interwoven in the College ' s five undergraduate programs — home economics edu- cation, housing and applied design, textiles and clothing, general home economics, and food and nutrition. The 808 undergraduate students will have jobs awaiting them in such diversified fields as education, business, dietetics, community plan- ning, designing, and experimental research. " There is a great need for professional home economists, " emphasized Dr. Brooks, " and a striking development is that more and more men are entering the field, especially in housing and applied design, family life, and nutrition. " Seven of the college ' s 40 faculty members are men, she noted, and other col- leges of home economics show an even higher figure. 74 is " . ABRAMS, MYRNA E. - Silver Spring, Md.; Advertising ADAMS, SUE — Buc1 eystown, Md.; Home Economics Education BAYLIS, MARY ANN - Baltimore, Md.; Institutional Administration BELSHER, CAROL ANN - Hillcrest Heights, Md.; Interior Design BENEKE, MARY JO - Oxen Hill, Md.; Textiles Clothing BEST, ELLEN RAE - Beltsville, Md.; Textiles Clothing BILLETT, CAROL ANN - Baltimore, Md.; Instiution Administration BOKOLES, JUDITH ANN - Takoma Park, Md.; General BUCHERT, JOHN EDWARD - Hatboro, Pa.; Industrial Arts CABLE, ALICE MAY - SykesviUe, Md.; Textiles Clothing CAMPBELL, KAROLYN MARTIN - Silver Spring, Md.; Housing Applied Design CARRALL, MARGARET K. - Catonsville, Md.; Home Economics CLARK, JUDITH ANN - Seabrook, Md.; Eextiles Clothing COX, SHIRLEY J. - Dundalk, Md.; Textiles Clothing DALSTED, ELIZABETH ANN - New CarroUton, Md.; Textiles Clothing DIVELBISS, STEPHEN D. - Greencastle, Pa.; Industrial Arts EBBELER, KATE ANN - Camp Spring, Md.; Textiles Clothing ENSOR, NANCY M. - Phoenix, Md.; Home Economics EVERETT, DALE KATHLEEN - Hillcrest Heights, Md.; Applied Design FEASTER, CAROL ANN - Salisbury, Md.; Home Economics FEDERLINE, CHERYL ANN - Silver Spring, Md.; Textiles Clothing FINEGAN, ANNE H. - Bethesda, Md.; Interior Design GASPER, BARBARA RAWLINS - Seaford, Del.; Home Economics General HALL, JUDITH ANN - Kensington, Md.; TexHles HALL, ROBERTA - Parkville, Md.; Institution Administration HERMAN, JANE COURTNEY - Bethesda, Md.; Interior Design HILL, II, JAMES GYRON - Baltimore, Md.; Interior Design HOPKINS, DIANE MARIE - Baltimore, Md.; Textiles Clothing HUSLER, SHARON LOUISE - Towson, Md.; Textiles Clothing IMPHONG, THOMAS MILLER - Hancock, Md.; Industrial Arts JACOBY, RONALD FRANZ - W. HyattsviUe, Md.; Applied Design (Interior) JAROSINSKI, SUSAN MARY - Baltimore, Md.; Institutional Administration KESECKER, MARY-HELEN - Bethesda, Md.; Textiles Clothing KLOSS, SALLYANN TERESA - Baltimore, Md.; Textiles Clothing KNABE, KAREN ANNE - Towson, Md.; Interior Design KREMER, CECILE - Silver Spring, Md.; Advertising LEONARD, KATHLEEN S. (maiden name-Waugh) - Silver Spring, Md.; Education McCLAIN, BARBARA JEAN - College Park, Md.; Education MONTBRIAND, MARY U. - Wheaton, Md.: Institution Administration MULLENDORE, GREGORY R. - Silver Spring, Md.; Advertising Commercial Art MULLINIX, PAULETTE ROBERTA - Richmond, Va.; General Home Economics NICHOLSON, JUDITH ANN - University Park, Md.; Home Economics O ' CONNELL, PAUL THOMAS - Troy, N. Y.; Industrial Arts PAYMER, BARBARA A. - Baltimore, Md.; Advertising RICHARD, VICKI LEE - Aberdeen, Md., Interior Design ROBY, DIANE JOYCE - Catonsville, Md.; Education SCHENKEL, BETSY - Hyattsvdle, Md.; Textiles Clothing SELKO, RANDI HOPE -Baltimore, Md.; Interior Design SIEGEL, JANE - Home Economics SIPPEL, MARJORIE RUTH MARIE - Laurel, Md.; Interior Design SPECK, CHEERI LOU - Centrevflle, Md.; Home Economics TAMMARU, MAI - Baltimore, Md.; Textiles Clothing TARBELL, MARJORIE MARIE - Seabrook, Md.; Home Economics VADEN, JUDITH ELAINE - Textiles Colthing WALLACE, PRISCILLA - Princess Anne, Md.; Advertising WALTER, ROBERTA MARY - Textiles Clothing WHITE, PAULINE KELLY - Stevensville, Md.; Textiles Clothing ZAMITES, KAREN - Hillcrest Heights, Md.; Home Economics Education Not Pictured: DABBS, EDITH ANTOINETTE - Radiant Valley, Md.; Textiles Clothing FURMAN, GLORIA ANN - Silver Spring, Md.; Home Economics General MORGAN, LINDA S. - Hyattsville, Md.; Crafts-Pre-occupational Therapy RUNDLE, BONNIE -Chula Vista, California; Advertising-Home Economics 77 PHYSICAL EDUCATION, RECREATION, and HEALTH The College of Physical Education, Recreation, and Health is oriented in two directions— toward Univer- sity students as a whole and toward its own majors. Its programs combine health and physical education courses required of all undergraduates with rigorous professionally oriented curricular in the fields of health, education, physical education, recreation, dance, and physical therapy. Although primarily a teacher-training college, many of its graduates fill such occupations as municipal or county park and recreational planners and physical therapists. The col- lege ' s graduate program trains students for executive and administrative positions in the fields of physical or health education, and recreation. Extensive recreational facilities and activities are also made available to students through the men ' s intramurals program and the Women ' s Recreation Association. " Many of the skills taught in our physi- cal fitness programs are carried over into students ' lives after they graduate, " commented Dean Lester M. Fraley. " We offer a wide selection of sports in the required physical education program so that stu- lents can develop skills they will enjoy using later. " .■ ' t..msiif mf-- ' ' ' is dmM£ -:iM. 79 ALLEN, LARRY WAYNE - St. Michaels, Md.; Physical Education BAUMAN, BONNIE SHIRLENE - Elkridge, Md.; Physical Education BIX, SUSAN A. - Baltimore, Md.; Recreation BLANA, JEAN NICOLETTE - Takoma Park, Md.; Physical Education BONVARDO, FRANK JOHN - W. CoUingswood Heights, N. J.; Physical Education BUGYI, GEORGE J. - Fleminton, N. J.; Health and Recreation BUNCH, BRIDGETT REE - W. Hyattsville, Md.; Recreation CANFIELD, LYNDA W. - Williamsburg, Iowa; Physical Education CONWAY, GENEVIEVE - Wilmington, Del.; Physical Therapy COX, JOHN HAROLD - Laplata, Md.; Physical Education CROWTHER, ANN CAROLINE - Riverdale, Md.; Physical Education CURRIE, JEANNE - University Park, Md.; Physical Education DELMORE, FAYE JOAN - Bowie, Md.; Physical Education DONAHUE, DANIEL FRANCIS - Massapequa, N. Y.; Physical Education DOSCH, NANCY DOLE - Towson, Md.; Physical Education DULYS, NYOLE - Baltimore, Md.; Physical Therapy DUNBAR, DOROTHY WHITMAN - Coronado, Calif.; Physical Education ELLIOT, HAROLD THOMAS - Accokeek, Md.; Recreation FERRELL, JESSE ALAN - Beltsville, Md.; Physical Education FRAZER, ROBERT A. - Baltimore, Md.; Physical Education FRIBUSH, SUSAN - Baltimore, Md.; Physical Education GEHLERT, LINDA ANN - Pasadena, Md.; Physical Education GRIFFIN, MARION LOUISE - Silver Spring, Md.; Physical Education GUSTAFSON, NANCY - Rockville, Md.; Recreation HALL, ALICE ELAINE - Bladensburg, Md.; Physical Education HALL, FORD A. - College Park, Md.; Physical Therapy HELLER, RONALD IRA - Pikesville, Md.; Physical Education HENN, JOAN MARY - Catonsville, Md.; Health and Recreation HINOTE, MARTHA ANN - Hyattsville, Md.; Recreation HOFFMAN, FRANCIS RONALD - Baltimore, Md.; Physical Education HUSMAN, FRED H. - Adelphi, Md.; Physical Education JONES, ALONZO JAMES - Suitland, Md.; Physical Education JONES, VANIE LOUISE - Skaneateles, N. Y.; Phyqsical Education KAISERSKI, MARY JOAN - Catonsville, Md.; Physical Therapy KAPLAN, ELLEN SUE - Baltimore, Md.; Physical Therapy KARCH, ROBERT C. - Mill Hall, Pa.; Physical Education KECK, JUDITH H. - Towson, Md.; Physical Education KECK, RICHARD LEE - Roosevelt, N. Y.; Physical Education KEYS, DONALD E. - Oxon Hill, Md.; Physical Education KRUGER, VIRGINIA ANNE - Chase, Md.; Physical Education LAFLEUR, JACQUELINE CAROL - Silver Spring, Md.; Recreation LAMPE, CORDELIA - College Park, Md.; Physical Education LAUSCH, MARGARET - Annapolis, Md.; Physical Therapy LEASE, BARBARA JEAN - Baltimore, Md.; Physical Education LONG, LUDWIG McCLALLAN, II - Willianisport, Md.; Physical Education LOPES, MICHAEL LEONARD - Silver Spring, Md.; Recreation LOVELL, SHERRY - New CarroUton, Md.; Physical Therapy McCRACKEN, JANEEN - Washington, D. C; Physical Education MILLIKAN, DAVID - La JoUa, Calif.; Recreation MINTZ, MELVIN GARY - Baltimore, Md.; Physical Therapy MORNINSTON, MARSHALL ALBERT - New Windsor, Md.; Physical Education PATCHEN, LINDA J. - Towson, Md.; Physical Therapy PROPHET, BEVERLY ANN - Wheaton, Md.; Physical Education RINGDORF, JOHN - College Park, Md.; Physical Therapy RISSER, KEITH B. - Baltimore. Md.; Physical EducaUon ROGERS, CAROL - Baltimore, Md.; Physical Therapy ROGERS, LINDA - Baltimore, Md.; Physical Therapy ROYCE, JEANNINE DIANE - Beltsvelle, Md.; Physical Education SAMPSON, MARILYNN SUE - Wheaton, Md.; Recreation SCANLON, JEANNE - Pittsburgh, Pa.; Physical Therapy SCHNEPP, NANCY - Baltimore, Md.; Physical Therapy SCHWARTZ, JR., ROBERT EDWARD - Catonsvelle, Md.; Physical Therapy SHAW, CAROL ANN - Federalsburg, Md.; Physical Education SNEIDER, MALENE F. - Baltimore, Md.; Physical Education SQUIRES, WENDY PAULE - Annapolis, Md.; Physical Education STICKEL, LOUIS FREEMAN - Delanco, N. J.; Physical Education TEMPLE, CLARA ELIZABETH - San Diego, Calif.; Recreation TOULA, CAROL LEE - Potomac, Md.; Physical Education TRUAX, TERRY LEE - Hancock, Md.; Physical Education TUPPER, BARRIE EUZABETH - Belair, Md. Physical Education WHITELEY, FLORENCE M. - OsterviUe, Mass.; Physical Therapy WILLIAMS, JULIA JANE - Baltimore, Md.; Recreation WISE, KAREN - CoUege Park, Md.; Physical Therapy GOLDSTEIN, ROBERT MICHAEL Health Not Pictured: Bronx, N. Y.; Recreation and 81 BETTER LATE THAN it ' s your last (hance 1968 Terrapin Senior Pictures will be taken through Oct, 18, only . Make your appointment now; Room 207 hum, BIdg, This is your lost chance to g«t your picture taken for the 1968 Terrapin. AHALT, DIANNE H. ALEXANDER, AUBREY ANDREW, JOHN, JR. AU, DONNA BAKER, HOWARD BARRON, JOHN BECKER, F. W. BENTZ, JO LYNNE BERAND, SHARON BOGDANOFF, BOB BREES, ZANDRA BROOKS, DAN BUANNO, JOHN N. CAPREOm, SUSAN CASPER, CRAIG CHAIS, RICHARD CLEARFIELD, KAREN COONEY, KATHLEEN CORDIANO, RICHARD DEAN, MARTHA DICUS, WILLIAM DUBECK, MARK EDELMAN, RICHARD ELKINS, MARGARET ELLENSON, BERNARD ENGLER, PERRY FAY, KEVIN FLEMING, JOHN FOLEY, JAMES FOX, EDWARD F. FRANCIS, JEANNE FRUSHOUR, GERALD KOUDELKA, MARY L. FURR, WILLIAM H. GATCHELL, CHARLOTTE GIENGER, JUDITH GOLDSTEIN, BOB GROSS, TINA GUBISCH, JANE HART, EDWARD HEINMULLER, DAVID HENNINGER, LOIS HILL, JAMES MYRON II HINKLE, LARRY HOBBS, ANN S. HUFFMAN, WAYNE HUNT, H.KENNETH JOHNSON, W. L. KNIGHT, CHUCK KRAFF, MARY MARGARET LEBOLD, JOHN LEVINE, ALAN LIEBLEIN, JACK MACADAMS, ARTHUR MACKEY, BERNARD MALKUS, KEITH MANARIN, LEONARD MARSH, JANET MARSIGLIA, MARY P. MATESKY, JOEL B. MENDES, VINCENT MERCER, JO ANN MESMER, GAIL METRO, A. HOWARD MIDDLEMAN, JEFFREY MILIMAN, BARBARA MILLER, TOM MILLIKEN, SUSAN J. MITCHELL, MARK MONTELEONE, THOMAS MORGAN, LINDA MURPHY, MARY JEANNE NOPPENBERER, GEORGE ORENBERG, CECILIA OWEN, C. H. PAUL, BRAYTON O. PAVLAT, PEGGY PETERSON, KENT PFEFERMAN, MARION PIERCE, WILLIAM H. PORTOCARRERO, JORGE POTTER, MILTON PRINCE, WALTER, D. RICHARDSON, PAM ROUSE, JACQUELYN RUNDLE, BONNIE RUSHING, LEE SACKS, EDWARD SAUER, EARL S. SCHENKER, CAROLE SCHEK, JOSEPH SCHNEIDER, ALAN SCHNEIDER, RANDY SCHORR, GEORGANN SHANTZ, PHYLUS SILVER, DONALD SMITH, DENNIS SOUCY, PHILIP STANSBURY, RICHARD STIEBER, JANE STOLE, RICHARD TAKEUCHI, MERLE TAYLOR, DIANNA TAYLOR, ROBERT E. THANASON, HELENE G. TRUMP, DALE S. TESCH, EILEEN S. VINCE, MICHAEL E. VIOLA, JOSEPH W. WARD, EILEEN WEBB, RICHARD N. WHIPP, SHERRY ANNE WINSTON, EVAN WOOLFSON, SHERLYNN . . . NOT AT ALL 85 HONORARIES K . i PHI BETA KAPPA Phi Beta Kappa is a national scholastic honorary fraternity of the College of Arts and Sciences. Members are chosen on the basis of broad cultural interests, high scholastic achive- ment and good character. To qualify, a student must be a junior or a senior. Juniors must have obtained a 3.75 over- all, and seniors a 3.5. Susan L. Armstrong Charles Bryce Alan M. Nathan Gerald A. Nolly Alyce J. Wertheimer Lalah C. Conway David A. Cook Ursula Davis Patricia L. McKay Steven Glazer June R. Reinking Edward Ansel Wolfgang P. Menzel Nancy A. Kirchner Bemadette Connelly Michael Suser Stewart Block Margot Heggestad Michael Favin Heather Frankle Stanley Levin John Balchimas WiUa S. Stem Constance Fletcher Ruth Weissman Ronald W. Massie Thurston Carleton Joel Lee Morgenthau Susan Coppage Robert T. Elsberry Mirijana Kocho Eugene Carver Peter Hruschka Mark Weiss Janette McGaughy Martin Babst Elizabeth Kocher Harold G. Klemcke Robert K. Stevens Monique Margetis Susan Cox Stephany Humpston Leslie Berkow Helen Tegnell Jean Svirbely Mary Hassman Alan D ' Appolito Carol Newman Lawrence D. Gorban Jerry Schreiber Susan Larson Suzanne M. Haig Rugh A. Keeting Kent S. Frazier Margaret D. Smith Richarl E. Wood Louis Mezzulo Nelson L. Bain George Beck Cheryl Beveridge Robert E. Carlitz Helen Ryan Nanette L. Vincent Richard Brown Maury L. Fradkin Kenneth D. Powell Adil Kanaan Eileen M. Oickle Edward P. Dugan Margaret Buckler Pinar Arcan David Frank Barbara V. DeMont WilUam Bortz Mac Jenkins Norma Kirwan Gevevieve Hagan Margaret Wolfe Susan R. Kinsey Joan C. Carr Susan Pristoop Kay McDorman William Caswell Alan P. Auckenthaler Robert Jarboe Karen B. Joseph Jerry Herbst Sue A. Glackin Ann M. Kidwell 88 f. Michael Adler Donna Carson Angle John Archer Karen Ruth Austen Arthur Frank Ballant Eleanor Joyce Barney Marshall Edward Belaga Patricia K. Bennett Sharon Hooker Berard Anne Lois Bernstein William Spencer Betts, Jr. Stewart A. Block Paula Rae Bogen Cecila Kim Borofka Brenda Lane Bowers William G. Boyce Linda K. Boyer Margaret Anne Bridge Virginia Allyn Broadbeck Kaye Truxton Brooks Anita F. Brownstein Barry Jay Brownstein Madeline Lee Bryer William E. Caswell Gary Robert Catzva Jerry Cissel Miriam Eleanor Cochell Kathleen G. Cooney Lewis N. Corrington Barbara Ann Crampton Mark J. Daniel Loren Arlene Davidson Janice Eaton Davies Walter James Davis III William J. Davis Dennis Paul Dean Barbara Gayle Deitz Dorian A. DeMaio Ronald C. Denhardt Joan K. Desmarias Sherry Anne Dietle Leonard Dobrowsld Walter Randolph Dodson, Jr. Janet Douglass James Oliver Duke Michael Alan Dimiho Joseph Allen Dupras Judith Frances Duvall Mary Jo Eheart Judy Marsha Eisenberg Donna K. Ellis Robert Leonard Epstein Marjorie May Feller Robert Burton Fine Marlene A. Frazier Suzanne H. Fribus h Nancy Jane Fimkhouser Lawrence W. Gardner, Jr. Paulette D. Geisenkotter Bonnie H. Gershon Robin Meredith Gillespie Sue Anne Glackin HoUace Ava Goldberg Theresa Mary Goldberg Vernon R. Gramling Inara Gravitis Dianne H. Greyerbiehl Jack Randall Grimm Stephen Bruce Grossman Earl B. Grove Lois M. Gurel Ina L. Hackerman William E. Hackett Carole P. Hancock Paul Gerard Hannon John Key Harley Rodney Allen Harrill John Fillmore Harris Margot Kathryn Heggestad Anita E. Henderson William Francis Hermach Andrea Jean Heubeck Margaret Ann Higgins Judy Himellarb Francis Ronald Ho£Fmann PHI KAPPA PHI Phi Kappa Phi academic honorary was founded in 1897 at the University of Maine and is now a national organization of over 80 chapters. Its sole purpose is the recognition and encouragement of superior scholarship. Members are selected on the recommendation of deans of colleges. They comprise the upper ten percent of the graduating class, junior and senior students pos- sessing at least a 3. .3 cumulative average and 60 credit hours, masters candidates who have obtained a 3.7 av- erage and doctoral candidates with a 3.5 average. Last semester 172 students were inducted into the chapter at the University. Marjorie Nichols Holzapfel Leonard C. Howard, Jr. Susan C. Hudson Barbara Elaine Ifshin Gale Ellen Inoff Fred M. Jacobson Susan Jerome Nancy Marguerite Jobe Constance Joan Johnson Karen B. Joseph Nancy Anne Kirchner Ruth O. Kobin Robert E. Koehler, Jr. Barbara Jeanne Lavezzo Joseph Parran Lawrence Robert E. Lentz Sandra L. Levin Max Joseph Levine Deborah T. Levy Patrick Chi-Ping Liao Betty Jean Liebersohn Myma G. Lippman Jerald Benson Liuie Leslie D. Lytle Susan Malchodi Roberta Jeanne Mapp Sharon Jo Martin Margaret Ann Maslak Douglas McArthur Shirley Jean Merritt Donald Lesessne Miller Marilyn Haimah Miller William Crane Morison W. Richard Neiswender Marc Andrew Nemiroff Marilyn White Norris John Michael O ' Day Jacquelin Linda O ' Neill Mary Joan Osantowski Beverly Adele Pariser Richard Thomas Pencek Charlotte Ann Pennefeather Robert Remsen Perkins Gary Wayne Pfeufer Edward Garbett Pickett, Jr. Marilyn Potash Susan Gail Pristoop Jane deWeese Puckett Carl E. Rabovsky David M. Reaume Mary J. Rehmer June Robson Reinking Eleanor Harllee Ritchie Philip Dana Robinson Earl J. Ross Linda Marie Schaefer Jerry Lee Schreiber Joseph B. Schreiner Philip John Schroeder Irene Helene Schwartz Hassan AU Seirafl Gloria Thelma Springer Marsha Harriet Stabler Richard J. Stanton Sherry-Lynne Stargel Beth Ann St. Clair Norman Crawford Steele Cathy Lynn Stoohnan Robert Sander Strickland Susan Rae Stringer Yvonne Graham Trout David C. Wallace Nancy Alice Weaver Rosemary Louise Weber Jill Leslie Weiss David Werchen Glendon Warren Wetzel, Jr. Sherry Aime Whipp Kathryn Joan Wiener Judy M. Wilhelmensen Shirley A. Wilson Cornelia Johanna Witkop William Dewey Wood Ruth Ann Woodward Lilian Shiao-Yen Wu MORTAR BOARD Mortar Board, national honorary for senior women, exists for the purpose of recognizing co-eds excelling in scholarship, leadership, character, and participation in campus activities. The University chapter sponsors scholarships for out- standing senior women through profits gained at is Annual Homecoming Mum Sale. PAULA BELDOCK SUSAN BOND BARBARA DUBNOFF SUE GLACKIN 1 KATHY COONEY HOLLACE GOLDBERG TINA CUNNINGHAM SUE C. HUDSON MYRNA LIPPMAN JEAN MESSER PAM RANDOLPH CONNIE WRIGHT THOSE NOT PICTURED: Helen E. Clarke (hon. member), Ina Hackerman, Ellen Kaplan, Beth St. Clair, Susan Stringer, Linda Van Crack. ADVISORS: Dr. Trudy Hamby, Dr. Denzell S. Smith, Dr. Gayle S. Smith 90 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Omicron Delta Kappa, national men ' s leadership hon- orary, exists to salute outstanding junior and senior students for high scholarship and their service in campus activities. Candidates must be junior or senior male students who have maintained at least a 2.8 overall throughout college. iftS? ' THOMAS R. AARON JOHN AMOSS JOHN BARRON «rSi-35 ' STEWART BLOCK PAUL A. BUCKLEY, JR. JEROME M. CEPPOS DORIAN A. DE MAIO RODNEY HARRILL SAM KAPLAN HOWARD METRO ALAN NATHAN % 1 X WILLIAM BETTS ROBERT FINE RICHARD PARITZKY WAYNE PAWLOWSKI JOHN PREVAR CARROLL SHMITT BARRY SPRINGER JOHN R. WARFIELD THOSE NOT PICTURED: Randall Bell, James Hill, Ben Nomis, Ron HofiFman. 91 WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Leadership, scholarship, co-operation in educational and extra- curricular activities, citizenship and future promise are key words in the selection of candidates for Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. To be chosen for this honor a student is first recommended by the university and is then voted on by the national organization. TOM AARON WILLIAM BETTS TRISHA DEMING JOHN AMOSS JOHN BARRON PAULA BELDOCK MARY JO BENEKE BARRY BROWNSTEIN KATHY COONEY TRISHA COURCHEN DORIAN DE MAIO BARBARA DUBNOFF ELAINE EWING JESS FERRILL BOB FINE M 09 ktf: SUE GLACKIN EARL GROVE BETSY HARPER JOE HARRINGTON TOM HENDRICKSON CHARLES KNIGHT, JR. HOWARD METRO JEAN MESSER CHERYL MONTGOMERY SUE MOSSBURG mT ' f RICHARD PARITSKY WAYNE PAWLOWSKI PAMELA RANDOLPH BARRY SPRINGER Not Pictured: TOM DOVE JAY MCMILLEN INA HACKERMAN BETH ST. CLAIR FRANCIS HOFFMAN LINDA VAN GRACK LISA TAYLOR JIM CLEMENTS 93 Left to Right: R. Sleeman, R. Spellman, J. Sadowsld, W. White, J. Tobin, R. Jung, W. Bott, treas.; D. V. pres.; P. Hong, P. Frallic, pres. ALPHA CHI SIGMA Chemistry ALPHA DELTA SIGMA Advertising Marketing Seated: C. Stolte, R. Smith, sec; R. Wood, P. Gilmore, W. Lauth, pres.; D. Appier, v. pres.; P. Wallace, R. Selfert, J. Baker, treas.; M. Tomic, social chmn. Standing: J. Baker, advisor; C. Knight, S. Schloss, C. Holland, W. Wenger, R. Ciccone, J. Bohn, V. Ash, W. Stanto, B., R. Bezanson, A. Parks, B. Bundle, W. Fletcher, J. Ryans, advisor. Left to Right: L. Thompson, K. Vandermause, treas.; M. Jager, v. pres.; B. Whipp, pres.; K. Posey, sec.; S. Pitts. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Freshman Women ALPHA PHI OMEGA Men ' s Service Kneeling; D. Wetzel, R. Melintz, J. Gorman, P. Eberhart, S. Harris, S. Klein, S. Pettit, J. Harrington, advisor. Sitting: P. Mendelsohn, J. Daugherty, W. Speizman, J. Horstkamp, 2nd v. pres.; R. Strand, pres.; D. Gurtz, 1st v. pres.; J. Rosenbloom, treas.; G. Sussman, corr. sec.; P. Clemens, rec. sec. Standing: R. Helstowski, E. Huang, T. Keener, B. Gundersen, M. Pearlman, N. Simpson, R. Wolfman, G. Dirscherl, C. Silver, sweetheart; W. Busse, D. Murray, C. Sussman, R. Waldron, H. Meyers, G. Rampacek, W. Weisburger, E. Winston, R. Wachtler, I. Lemer. 1? mi ►% ALPHA ZETA Agriculture Front Row: J. Solie, sec; J. Robison, v. pres.; E. Grove, pres. Second Row: T. Sidor, R. Wampler, ] W. Ray, R. Williamson. Third Row: G. Phillips, J. Dodson, R. Bewley, J. Roswell, L. Meeks. BETA ALPHA PSI Accounting Kneeling: R. Holmes, G. Bulmash, A. Goto. Sitting: C. Rabovsky, J. Green, C. Stauffer, v. pres.; R. Pencek, pres.; M. Lavine, sec; D. Gurtl treas.; R. Koghler. Standing: Z. Blackburn, W. Samet, S. Book, J. Benjamin, M. Levine. 06 Kneeling: A. Flewelling, R. Rodgers, W. Bauer, K. Moore, R. Cronshey. Standing: J. Beck, D. Weatherby, L. Gassman, V. pres.; B. Orvedal, R. Harrill, pres.; M. Blendy, treas.; R. Taylor, sec; R. PlanJc, M. Saville. CHI EPSILON Civil Engineering DELTA NU ALPHA Transportation Front Row: R. Nelson, social chmn.; P. Phelps, v. pres.; D. Mathews, pres.; R. Price, v. pres.; P. Hoey, treas. Second Row: T. Hui, R. Lyons, E. Dill, J. Lyons, D. Cregger, R. Mack, R. Pfaff, R. Alt, F. Sarro, W. Longenecker. Third Row: E. Rahil, K. Raynor, J. Noe, S. Pigg, R. Dawson, H. Gold, L. Davis, F. Shelton, J. Sundergill, G. Wiebking, R. Liston, Dr. Hille. Fourth Row: Dr. Spychalski Dr. Taff, M. Yourtee, E. Stampar, L. Feltar, J. Kup- stas, D. Ly ons, K. Briers, F. Comerford, A. MacDonal, H. Bloom, J. King, S. Johnson, Dr. Suelflow, J. Orindorff. Front Row: S. Book, M. Ayars, S. Bender, I. Kaufman, T. Schmitz. Sec- ond Row: R. Osborn, R. Posner, B. Fisher, M. Xillas, R. Hertz. Third Row: A. Herson, C. Barnes, P. Braun, G. Henley, B. Taylor. Fourth Row: D. Chadbourn, R. Boley, J. Sheintal, S. Zweig, J. Politzer. DELTA SIGMA PI Business DIADEM Junior Women Left to Right: D. Casel, L. Myerberg, R. Miller, C. Meier, L. Foer, J. Edwards, v. pres.; D. Light, treas.; L. Lawson, pres.; M. Litwin, sec; K. Hansen, K. Burke, L. VanScoy, J. Pelecanos. f r ' f f I Front Row: R. Pierce, J. Moskaitis, T. Consroe, W. Hermach, treas.; J. Golt, rec. sec; R. Epstein, pres.; P. Smith, S. Lentz, v. pres.; S. Tretter, faculty advisor. Second Row; R. Billings, F. Markle, R. Glass, N. Rxerse, C. McCoy, S. Durkin, W. Headridge, J. Geary, J. Wible, J. Amoss, K. Betaharon. Third Row; R. Antony, C. Amrhine, M. Wilbur, E. Lee, B. Springer, D. Shanks, R. Stanton E. Fromm, N. Farmer, J. Lawrence, B. Fairbrother, T. Ambrose, A. Tini, G. Boxer. ETA KAPPA NU Electrical Engineering GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA Women ' s Service Front Row: N. Rosenfelder, v. pres.; C. Mancusi, treas.; C. Medeiros, pres.; R. Peterman, sec; M. Shayne, sec Second Row: J. Abel, S. Eisenstadt, A. Selby, D. Hardesty, A. Levine, T. Katz, L. Dolinger. Third Row; C. Glantz, I. Kipnis, G. May, L. Abdow, J. Herbert, C. Erase, K. Menichelli, L. Silvester, M. Lowney, S. Brill, P. Lowenstein, M. Beckman, M. Klein, L. Pearl. Fourth Row; J. Kaplan, L. Bernstein, M. Traber, S. Harans, A. Fasimpaur, M. Benedykcinski, D. Pollock, B. Ronald, L. Norris, E. Lohr, H. BabkofF, K. Donovan, J. Lewis, P. Settino, K. Argy, L. Weitzman, V. SooHoo, S. Munday, C. Spring, M. Ordman, M. Mirman, H. Plovsky. 1 GAMMA THETA UPSILON Geography Front Row: T. Rabenhorst, pres.; K. Paduda, v. pres.; P. Jachowski, treas.; L. Hart. Second Row; E. Kane, sec; J. Lee, J. Grimes, P. Mallary, S. Dibbern, T. Brown, T. Pearce. KAPPA DELTA PI Education Left to Right: Front Row: J. Henn, S. Smith, E. Barney, B. Norkin, S. Ives, F. Hoffmann, P. Peridier, J. Hepler, J. Rada, M. Slonim, C. Curtis, M. Weissman. Second Row: L. VanGrack, pres.; R. Schultz, sec; D. Light, v. pres.; J. Eisenberg, treas. 100 Front Row: A. Witkin, pres.; C. Radcliff, sec; D. Crowley, G. Sears, v. pres.; R Smith treas. Second Row: D. Rencher, C. Davis, A. Weinstein, T. Burton. Third Row: D. Fritz i " . i " ' " ' ' ' ,p- Fo™ ' " !. D. Strebe, B. Herzberger. Fourth Row: L. Hart, G. Kipper, J. Solie, ' M. McCullen. Left to Right: W. Noall-advisor, R. Sellers, B. Ifshin-pres., J. Zaciewski, L. Winterling, D. Luther. Not present: M. Avram, W. Lewis, A. Oberg. Right to Left: H. Okun, J. Lurie, treas.; S. Langfeld, v. pres.; P. Buhlig, advisor; W. Hackett, pres.; C. Marquardt, v. pres. KAPPA KAPPA PSI Bands KAPPA TAU ALPHA Journalism JOHN MARSHALL SOCIETY Law 101 Front Row: G. Bumham, pres.; L. Flaningam, sec. Second Row: M. Madach, L. Blum, M. Pearson, L. Ross, v. pres.; C. Futoran. NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PLAYERS NATIONAL RESIDENCE HALL Left to Right: S. Clackin, K. Borofka, sec; D. Eisler, v. pres.; C. Kelly, pres.; K. Robertson, M. Holzapfel, S. Stringer, T. Courchen. 102 OMICRON DELTA EPSILON Economics Front row: L. Kaufman, pres.; J. Benus, v. pres.; S. Levin, sec.; D. Beightol, P. Streckfus, K. Franken, M. Pelczar. Secx)nd row: L. Rudd, J. Bickley, S. Malchodi, M. Romeres. OMICRON NU Home Economics Seated: R. Walter, M. Sippel, treas., S. Bond, J. Siegel, L. Bell, K. Clearfield, pres.; C. Smullen. Stand- ing; S. Whipp, V. pres.; M. Hull. 103 Left to Right: D. Saylor, G. Kuntz, P. Peridier, J. Henn, v. pres.; F. Hoffmann, pres.; M. Sneider, sec.-treas.; G. Reams. G. Martin. PHI ALPHA EPSILON Physical Education PHI CHI THETA Women ' s Business Left to Right: Front Row: J. Prouty, R. Timmons, N. Cooper, S. Nickel, E. Karr. Second Row: D. Shields, L. Tyrie, L. Javier, v. pres.; R. Luchetti, pres.; M. Hazard, sec; A. Henderson, hist.; E. Momingstar. Third Row: L. HertzHch, P. Frechette, C. Kemp, K. Casey, J. Tinney, R. Willing, L. Harney, S. Dietle. O PHI ETA SIGMA Freshman Men Front Row: A. Vinitsky, treas.; B. Hackett, sr. adv.; J. Prevar, pres.; M. Eddy, v. pres. Second Row: H. Farrar, M. Shirazi, S. Metzner, R. Marks. Third Row: A. Kirchner, S. Vogel, M. Leavey, P. Boyd. Fourt Row: F. Gatchell. Not Pictured: A. Armstrong, R. ArsenofF, sec; W. Basen, T. Basham, H. Byrd, C. Cooper, R. Creager, R. Dennery, S. Engel, R. Fullen, H. Huie, J. Jones, C. Killin, A. Kirschbaum, J. Layton, L. Leh- mann, T. Libershal, I. Luria, J. Mason, B. Miller, M. Policy, M. Potter, J. Pratt, L. Rosenthal, T. SafFos, E. Shefrin, L. Silber, S. Swierdsiol, J. Tackett, hist.; S. Wolf, H. Wooten, J. Zufall, E. Drawbaugh, S. Legum, R. Muirhead, W. Weis- burger, A. Salwin, S. Brody, M. Pascal. PHI MU ALPHA Music Seated: C. Moore, pres. Standing R. Berlin, treas.; P. Rosenheim, B. Rigler, sec; R. Cobb, G. Kipper, A. Witkin, A. Avery, J. Worsley, v. pres. lOS Standing are Professor John Carruthers and assistants in a glass blowing demonstration for the Phi Sigma Society. Officers: L. McAtee, pres.; R. Meyer, v. pres.; W. Hock, treas.; B. McHugh, sec. PHI SIGMA SOCIETY Biological Sciences PI DELTA EPSILON Communications Left to Right: Front Row: L. Werner, R. Wishart, D. George, M. Brill, I. Allen, G. Broadbeck. Back Row: C. Knight, C. Holstein, L. Taylor, S. Parks, J. Fellows, J. Ceppos. BJ. ' == . ' i ' . »9 fm. 0 P- Left to right: D. Roselle, B. Centofanti, R. Shaller, S. Stiefel, A. Bernstein, sec-treas.; E. Feinglass, pres.; M. Hill, R. Pass. PI MU E3PSILON Math PI TAU SIGMA Mechanical Engineering Seated: S. Edwards, R. Bucklin, S. Markle, C. Hayleck, advisor; A. Prebula, pres.; D. Drackley, treas.; J. DeOms, corr. sec.; C. Frohlich, v. pres.; F. Hall. Standing: L. Mejia, D. Walker, R. Milstead, D. Chwirut, W. Betts, W. Bohli, J. Isolato, J. Mayo. 107 Left to Right: Sitting: B. Wolkstein, H. Okun— pres., T. Dorsey. Standing: M. Miller, J. Molino, J. Weiss— v. pres., B. Fretz— advisor, J. Lurie, R. Sacks, D. Walsh, J. Bechtel, H. Hasford, S. Shere-sec, S. Milner-treas. PSI CHI Psychology SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Music Seated: R. Seailess, pres.; C. Balthrop, C. Carmack, S. Reid, P. Bing, P. MuUins, L. Kitzmiller, v. pres. Standing: K. Kersey, E. George, social chmn.; B. Braunstein, C. Keys, M. Korth, rec. sec; C. Estes, corr. sec; P. Marvin, E. Jurgela, K. Duck, treas.; M. Ensminger. SIGMA ALPHA OMICRON Microbiology Front Row: N. Kirchner, pres.; M. CBryen, sec.; M. Kamoroff, treas. Second Row: L. Levy, S. Myers. Third Row: S. Stringer, J. Gawthrop, M. Thomassen. Back Row: J. Sanford, J. Shedlock, G. Bari, S. Sussan. SIGMA GAMMA TAU Aerospace Left to Right: M. Gamek, D. Hewitt, R. Wilson, N. Clennan, sec.; B. Brownstein, treas.; R. Ames, J. Robinson, T. Michalek, W. Mehiik, advisor. 109 SIGMA TAU EPSILON Women ' s Recreation Kneeling: J. Henn, pres.; E. Kesler, advisor; L. Gehlert, v. pres. Standing: P. Fuller, J. Hildebrand, M. Sneider, N. Dyachenko, M. Sourwine, J. Wilson, K. Regan. TAU BETA PI Engineering Front Row: W. Hermach, J. Amoss, G. Alexander, T. Consroe, R. Epstein, J. Lawrence, v. pres.; N. Clerman, rec. sec.; R. Milstead, pres.; R. Harrill, corr. sec; W. Belts, treas.; M. Palmer, S. Durkin, J. Beck, R. Pierce, R. Plank, R. Wemeth, advisor. Second Row: A. Prebula, D. Hewitt, D. Runaldue, R. Billings, K. Betaharon, K. Chin, E. Holtzscheiter, F. Hall, H. Epstein, 3rd v. pres.; S. Rome, 2nd v. pres.; B. Brownstein, W. Bohli, P. Smith, R. Bucklin, J. Geary, W. Headridge, T. Michalek, B. Mertz, B. Fairbrother, S. Markle. Back Row: C. McCoy, J. DeOms, D. Weatherby, N. Farmer, R. Lentz, J. Wible, W. Bauer, R. Taylor, D. Drackley, B. Springer, R. Stanton, L. Gassman, E. Lee, G. Boxer, R. Ames, C. Amrhine, F. Markle, R. Wilson. Front row: R. Miller, J. Light, treas.; A. Stinnett, sec; C. Carmack, v. pres.; P. Bogen, pres. Second row: S. Woodside, L. Long, N. Scott, D. WHliams, L. Savadown, J. Powers. Third row: J. Ayer, Z. Dortch, E. Yang, C. Noel, N. Ridgely. Fourth row: D. Zolnaski, K. Brumbaugh, J. Anderegg, M. Carr. TAU BETA SIGMA Women ' s Music Front row: M. Brill, S. Haley, pres.; B. Sugar. Second row: S. Keyser, sec.; J. Clements, v. pres.; W. Fuge, C. Knight. " Hiird row: C. Ferguson, B. Hinkel, J. Zihlman, P. Gerber, advisor. TAU MU EPSILON Public Relations 111 Excellence in Teaching Marvin A. Breslow, Ph.D., assistant professor, Depart- ment of History, commended for engaging the interest and enthusiasm of his students and enabhng many of them to earn fellowships for study at excellent graduate schools. " He brings to his teaching a broad and rigorous training in history, a deep understanding of the relevence of history to human values, and an active participation in the creative research. " Marvin A. Breslow HISTORY " ... he enables the student to see and understand the great universaUty and beauty of the basic concepts and structure of physics. " Alexander J. Dragt PHYSICS 0 j tuw Alexander J. Dragt, Ph.D, assistant professor, Depart- ment of Physics, cited for lucid and masterful lectures, as well as inspirational guidance of students, in what is generally acknowledged as the most di£Bcult undergraduate course in the physics curriculum. 112 George J. Funaro, Ph.D., as- sistant professor, Department of Secondary Education, recom- mended for outstanding teach- ing and providing leadership in developing team-teaching ap- proaches for the methods course for English education majors. " His enthusiasm and energy make his classes come alive and sparkle with the exchange of ideas. " " He is a master teacher, and one who has inspired the high- est degree of performance. " George J. Funaro SECONDARY EDUCATION Karl E. Gettle INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Stanley J. Hille BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Stanley J. Hille, Ph.D., assistant professor, Department of Business Administration, commended as a classroom experimenter and innova- tor and outstanding faculty advisor to two student professional organi- zations. Karl E. Gettle, M.A., instruc- tor. Department of Industrial Education, cited for his contri- butions to and appUcation of con- temporary methodology to In- dustrial Arts and his off-campus activities as consultant to busi- ness and school systems, con- ducting workshops and assisting local schools with teacher re- cruiting. " ... an experimenter and innovator who supplements traditional text assign- ments with business stimulations, case studies, field trips, and the results of independent research. " 113 Charles B. Leonard, Jr., Ph.D., assistant professor. Department of Biochemistry, College of Den- tistry (Baltimore), chosen as the Lindback Foundation awardee of the group and especially cited for developing and monitoring a program in biochemistry at the Walter Reed Army Institute, tailored for the special needs of nursing students at the univer- sity ' s School of Nursing. " His effort is directed toward the total maturation of students so that they may perform in an effective manner. " " Her understanding, sympa- thetic approach to students is a manifestation of her dedication and innate love for the educating process. " Charles B. Leonard DENTISTRY Jane H. Potter ZOOLOGY John W. Snow ECONOMICS Jane H. Potter, Ph.D., assistant professor, Department of Zoology, commended for her scientific know- ledge and organizational abilities which have resulted in academically improved courses and computerized grading of examinations. John W. Snow, Ph.D., assistant professor. Department of Economics, cited as a dynamic, imaginative and effective teacher who has sparked the interest of many students to further pursiie their studies. 114 " . . . has been able to transmit the fruits of his unusual training and research with both clarity and effectiveness to his students at all levels. " Samuel L. Varnedoe PHILOSOPHY Samuel L. Vamedoe, Jr., Ph.D., as- sistant professor, Department of Philoso- phy, commended for success in elicting student participation while keeping speci- fic learning objectives in mind. " He sees his students as individuals, each of whom deserves to be helped to discover in himself the desire and the power to come grips with fundamental questioas. " Gayle E. Wilson ENGLISH Gayle E. Wilson, Ph.D., assistant pro- fessor. Department of EngUsh, recom- mended for his keen interest in his stu- dents and his conscientious unification of the extensive materials taught in his course. " He shows that he is an excellent teacher by his ability to commimicate his learning and fenthusiasm to his stu- dents . . . " 115 OD i 6T) It ll WILSON H. ELKINS: . . . the man . . . the president. " The purpose of a university is to perform at a high level in all of its endeavors and to elevate the individual and society. " 119 ADMINISTRATORS The goal of the administrators of our university is of a dual nature: on the one hand, there is the desire to minimize tuition in order to provide greater opportunity for those pursuing higher education, while in the same breath, there is a constant effort to attain increased academic standards, so that a position of educational leadership may be achieved. In addition, the administrators have become increasingly aware of the growing concern of students with regard to administrative affairs. In the words of Dr. Elkins, " This is a movement which deserves the most thoughtful con- sideration of the students, faculty, and administration. " It is his feeling, along with other administrators, that more participation on the part of the student body in administrative affairs is feasible, " if there is a feeling of mutual respect between the two. " Dr. Walter B. Waetjen vice President for Administrative Affairs 120 Dr. Albin O. Kuhn Chancellor of the Baltimore Campus ■ Dr. R. Lee Hornbake Vice President for Academic Affairs 121 Dr. Frank L. Bentz, Jr. Vice President for Agricultural Affairs Edmund C. Mester Assistant to the President 122 Dr. Michael J. Pelczar, Jr. Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research Robert A. Beach, Jr. Assistant to the President for University Relations 123 Francis A. Gray Administrative Dean for the Office of the Executive Dean Roscoe E. Dann, Jr. Assistant to the Dean 124 Dr. Helen Clarke Associate Dean of Students I Dr. Thomas Magoon Associate Dean of Special Student Services and Director of the Counseling Center 125 Bruce Rltter Director, Placement and Credentials Dr. Darrell Rlshel Dr. Palmer Hopkins Director of Student Aid Dr. Furman A. Brldgers Director, International Education 127 Ralph R. Swlnford Director, Student Activities Jeanne Cherbeneau Assistant Director, Student Activities: Social Director Sorority Advisor 128 .• 3« Leslie Moore Assistant Director, Student Activities: Advisor, AWS and Community Services Coordinator James D. Tschechtelin Assistant Director, Student Activities: Orientation Director, Residence Halls Program Coordinator Neil Sanders Assistant Director, Student Activities; Fraternity Advisor Marian Johnson Assistant Director of Student Activities Advisor to Interest Groups 130 Dr. Macon H. Capelle Director, Office of Intermediate Registration Alfred Miller Cultural Coordinator Department of Student Activities 131 William Hoff Director, Student Union Doyle Royal Associate Director of Housing 132 Margaret Lloyd Director, Campus Housing Dr. Lester M. Dyke Director, Health Services 133 THE GOVERNOR Executive Department Annapolis, Maryland ztAO- As members of the 1968 University of Maryland graduating class you will face many challenges as you play vital roles in charting the future of our State and Nation. This University, under the direction of President Wilson H. Elkins, and dedicated members of the faculty, has provided you the opportunity to receive an education of the highest caliber. It is my hope that you will utilize this education with the same spirit of dedication in meeting the difficult and complex problems that lie ahead of us. Congratulations and best wishes for the future. Sincerely, P-hoi 7-- " Splro T. Agnew GOVERNOR OF MARYLAND Left to Right: W. C. Walsh, R. W. Case, L. L. Kaplan, H. A. Boswell, B. H. Brown, C. P. McCormick, Dr. W. H. Elkins, E. F. Holter, H. H. Nuttle, T. B. Symons, Mrs. G. D. Morgan, W. B. Long. BOARD OF REGENTS 134 mm ALUMNI Theater Party Homecoming 136 Ray Williams awards John Smith, Chairman of the Board of Seaboard Coastline Railroad, the Third Annual National Distinguished Aliminus Award at the Homecoming ' 67 Limcheon. 137 Col. J. Logan Schutz Director, Alumni Affairs 138 Promoting the interest and welfare of the University of Maryland is of primary concern to the Alumni Asso- ciation. Its objective is to serve as a pipeline between the University, the undergraduates, the alumni and the citi- zens of Maryland. Although established in 1892, it wasn ' t until 1948 that the organization saw its present form. It is directed by an Alumni Council composed of three representatives from each chapter, an " M " Club representative, a repre- sentative from each geographical area and past-presidents of the Council. Besides Homecoming and Spring Reunion, the group sponsors numerous speaker-dinners, and awards scholar- ships on behalf of the various clubs. 139 V i ma skg COMMUTERS 142 Commuting . . . used as a label by some d, r jLp i U ,. . ■ ■y 144 experienced daily by others 145 Left to Right: T. Dove, pres.; M. Hall, executive vice pres.; J. Prouty, sec; R. Pearson, treas.; L. Silvester, S. Ga- licki, R. Cook, J. Perlman, N. MuUinix, N. LeCocq, D. Fisher, B. Murphy, B. Downs, M. Henig. UCA . an understatement. . performed by 19,000 who form an integral part of the campus community . . . 146 yet share experiences uniquely their own. The usual . . . unpredictable . . . intellectual . . . inclement . . . inane ... a way of life. 148 ■la iHMMiB W y m 149 -i m f i. : Commuters . . . transgressing the inimical . . . for the sake of education. ■jftiLtAi nit DENCES Dorm meetings . . . Hey, let ' s have a party . . . We don ' t have any money . . . " Call the meeting to order and let ' s get this over with " . . . Where ' s Cooper? " ... I think he ' s stuck in the elevator .... Playing the domestic role . . . learning how to live on your own . . . and survive .... 153 A do-it-yourself haircut . . . after all, what ' s a roommate for . . .? A place to relax . . . after dinner, soccer in the hall ... an enterprising game of monopoly . . . mid- night bull sessions . . . firecrackers at 1 a.m The cry goes up . . . " Let ' s take a study break " . . . tune in the tube . . . break out the cards . . . grab a coke and candy bar . . . pull up a chair . . . there ' s room for everybody .... u r V " m A place to eat ... to mingle ... to talk . . . to watch girls . . . and there ' s no cover charge Where else can you en- joy red and green raisins . . . comish hens once a month . . . and genuine red-hot pizza burgers A lot of walking . . . big campus . . . but you make compensations . . . after all, it ' s a long haul to Denton .... mssM A place to study . . . there ' s always someone to study with . . . share information . . . help out . . . I ' ll trade you my old Math 10 hourlies for your Soc. 1 Monarch . . . and the all-nighters i ' Jf Out after eight? . . . late leave? . . . overnight? . . . weekend? . . . card key? . . . Sign Out! . . . name . . . destination . . with whom. . . how . . . time leav- ing . . . expected return . . . return . . . initials . . . " Dear Mom, it ' s just like home here . . . . " It ' s cooperative living in the truest sense . . . shar- ing .. . What ' s mine is yours, what ' s yours is mine, too . . . even the scales . . . Now, divide by t vo .... k .1 « ! 1 f , % if imi m 1 a1 . ■Til J j » i$ » %» «- ' - i ' ra ||»f " = 1 « 1 " vl k= 1. J. O ' Day, 2. S. Eaton, 3. A. Morningstar, 4. D. Miller, 5. J. Beck, 6. E. Frey, 7. Ron Bolt, 8. D. Bowman, 9. A. Brown, 10. K. Robert- son, 11. J. Barron, 12. S. Balco, 13. R. Few, 14. G. Ardalino, 15. B. Zimmerman, 16. S. Book, 17. S. Hough, 18. G. Becek, 19. W. Brown, 20. M. Jackson, 21. K. Pallante, 22. G. Buschman, 23. M. Greasley, 24. C. Bless, 25. D. Insley. ALLEGANEY 160 1. D. Jarboe, 2. N. Siekierka, 3. P. Farrell - G. A., 4. M. Jacobs, 5. R. Flaggs, 6. D. Appier, 7. J. Odhner, 8. T. Palmer, 9. R. Rippeon, 10. V. Peciulis, 11. J. Grimes, 12. J. McCauley, 13. L. Silver.stein, 14. W. McTurnal, 15. R. Obrycki, 16. D. Jackson, 17. D. Lanier, 18. M. Abrams, 19. T. Bader, 20. B. Iseminger, 21. B. Hoeflich, 22. H. Dahlen, 23. J. Edwards, 24. C. May, 25. J. Thompson, 26. S. Berlew, 27. M. Ports. ■ ■j H HHIH PlifllMMB 1 1 jA S HHiB m 1 EgBiiHi ' T p i 1 Es Sbbb F VI H U ySSH ' ' mV ' VvM ' ft l It ' ' ' l l U u 1 BSJSmbb f LT ' ' B fC t » j H H|piB HB Bb T Bm V l ' m 1 t H If HII fl Sff iUr riil m W SJUm K t po HK L SJ Hriy Ei6m ■■ Str Ktw » fi | 9f| Jii " C ' . ' " t Bk um ' iJ f M. i!fl r ' ' ' r " 1 lwvr 1 Bb 1 k )t ' £ | l|wJ mk% f ]■ HHi l kv A H Ky i H B 1 H l BB " ' , K A 1 H H ESbp I BP H H l S " h9l HI p ■ K ' f ifl Hjgj Wsvk 3 jjl 111 u:tlMBi 1. J. Kerr, 2. N. Rogers, 3. I. Kaufman, 4. D. Little, 5. W. Pritchard, 6. H. Garrana, 7. R. Wyett, 8. R. Izac, 9. D. Hampt, 10. J. Oliver, 11. B. Beall, 12. S. Zeffert, 13. C. Fink, 14. C. Gammon, 15. M. Jacobson, 16. S. Ryder, 17. W. Vayne, 18. R. Neiswender, 19. R. Dubicki, 20. D. Edwards, 21. A. Pflugrad, 22. T. Brooks, 23. W. James, 24. E. Kowalewski, 25. J. Pavlosky, 26. C. Parvis, 27. D. Yelton, 28. W. Hodges, 29. R. Knowles, 30. N. Timney, 31. Cliflf Bowman, 32. D. Wolfe, 33. S. Brutscher, 34. M. Tabisz, 35. J. Borkosky, 36. R. Kiddy, 37. F. Palumbo, 38. W. Gardner, 39. R. Kadlubowski, 40. D. Lambert, 41. B. Brewer, 42. R. Neff, 43. E. Abramson, 44. R. Garner, 45. B. McCabe, 46. E. Rubinstein, 47. R. Pevey, 48. F. Hamilton, 49. J. Black, 50. S. St. John, 51. J. Pedroline, 52. J. Gamer, 53. L. Tracy, 54. D. Friedman, 55. D. Stone, 56. W. Vanik, 57. H. Morris, 58. R. Kanyuck, 59. C. Quinter. 1. J. Hankin, 2. B. Goble, 3. A. Dinniman - G. B., 4. S. Vogelhut - Sec, 5. H. Klein — Pres., 6. S. Amemick — Treas., 7. W. Douglas — V. Pres., 8. M. Kalogris, 9. T. Hom, 10. S. Rosen, 11. P. Bradt, 12. D. Davidson, 13. R. Ratcliffe, 14. J. Zerdy, 15. P. Dekowzan, 16. J. Marker, 17. W. Barnard, 18. A. Leibowitz, 19. F. Silber, 20. M. Conway, 21. G. Coggins, 22. D. Blankenship, 23. G. Belsinger, 24. A. Fritts, 25. B. Harvey, 26. B. Wondersek, 27. G. Tand, 28. D. Vanmiddlesworth, 29. P. Sklar, 30. E. Langbehn, 31. M. Gromet, 32. B. Taran- tino, 33. R. Golkow, 34. H. Wolpert, 35. D. Brogan, 36. K. Malkus, 37. D. Biddison, 38. J. Parkany, 39. M. Ruback, 40. J. Paulson, 41. J. Andrews, 42. D. Aldridge, 43. J. Pomerantz, 44. B. Barker, 45. C. Weinberg, 46. J. Sierco, 47. R. Hirzel, 48. J. Batzler, 49. F. Hallican, 50. A. Baker, 51. D. Lane, 52. I. Faro, 53. A. Kaplan, 54. G. Dahl, 55. J. Eliassen. ANNAPOLIS ANTIETAM 162 1. T. Pierce - Sec, 2. G. Maxwell - V. Pres., 3. S. Stringer - Pres., 4. H. Kresan — Treas., 5. J. Flayhart — Soc. Chmn., 6. J. Horwitz, 7. M. Gordon, 8. H. Funk, 9. M. Hormatz, 10. C. Holeves, 11. M. Shane , 12. S. Einbinder, 13. J. Salladin, 14. N. Weibold, 15. A. Levine, 16. M. Woorman, 17. M. Brill, 18. E. Floyd, 19. B. Simmons, 20. P. Karlinsky, 21. S. Webster, 22. P. Lohsen, 23. D. Rosen, 24. B. Lowenstein, 25. J. Jones, 26. B. Allegri, 27. S. Lowdermilk, 28. P. Sivert, 29. T. Pierce, 30. A. Schwartz, 31. M. Schmidt, 32. J. Simonik, 33. E. Pepper, 34. J. Morrow, 35. K. Gable, 36. C. Leshevsky, 37. P. laconan- gelo, 38. C. A. Jackson, 39. A. Ciazzo, 40. C. Pszwaro, 41. A. Baege, 42. L. Abel, 43. R. Jaskowitz, 44. J. Wade, 45. B. Dal- fonzo, 46. J. Barber, 47. C. Hobeknan, 48. M. Hogan, 49. R. Pfeiffer, 50. M. Collins, 51. S. Jarosinski, 52. F. Edelen, 53. S. Dale, 54. J. Caldwell, 55. M. Faber, 56. B. Stevens, 57. S. Streeter, 58. A. Caplan, 59. P. Cryer, 60. E. Grimes, 61. P. Courchen, 62. P. Martin, 63. G. Duncan. ANNE ARUNDEL 1. G. Grobaker, 2. R. Thornton, 3. N. Stein, 4. L. Faulkner - Sec. (Ant. A.), 5. D. Yeagle - Pres. (Ant. A.), 6. J. Kelsey - Treas. (Ant. A.), 7. M. Bender - G. R. (Ant. B.), 8. F. Pisciotta - Pres. (Ant. B.-, 9. E. Kroart, 10. L. Sifel, 11. S. Barough, 12. R. Bailey - Sec. (Ant. B.), 13. J. Petro, 14. J. Luley - V. Pres. (Ant. A.), 15. R. Wilps, 16. T. Malinry, 17. B. Moss, 18. S. Purdom, 19. N. Salatti, 20. K. Grimm, 21. R. Stinkchcomb, 22. J. Parks, 23. B. Reese, 24. M. KeUy, 25. F. Weaver, 26. E. Meerholz, 27. H. Buchanan, 28. D. Bennett, 29 N. Wildasin, 30. K. Rollins, 31. B. Malcewski, 32. A. Ashton, 33. C. Martin, 34. R. Foy, 35. W. Musick, 36. R. Monks, 37. C. Thawley, 38. T. Burke, 39. R. Rosenfeld, 40. P. Suarez, 41. R. Crum, 42. D. Pritzker, 43. R. Kuhn, 44. W. Pawlowski - R. A., 45. M. Tipperman - G. R. (Ant. A.), 46. D. Seabolt, 47. R. Schaaf. 163 1. S. Markle-Treas,, 2. R. Kuhns-V. Pres., 3. C. Padussis-V Pres., 4. R. Ginnett-Pres., 5. N. Sellner, 6. J. Pantelides-Pres. 7. J. Themelis-Sec, 8. Peter Axelrod-Sec, 9. J. Volente, 10. M. Van Norden, 11. S. Levy, 12. R. Morgret, 13. M. Pazornick, 14 D. Erb, 15. F. Brad.street, 16. P. Feimster, 17. B. Canham, 18. L. Palman, 19. G. Beloham, 20. C. Wessel, 21. H. Okun, 22. M. Josivski, 23. Guest, 24. T. Marger, 25. J. Kirkemo, 26 J. Lawson, 27. D. Sanborn, 28. T. Todd, 29. M. Nelson, 30. J. Easter, 31. G. Abbott, 32. G. Davis, 33. A. Gayle, 34. J. Koonte-R. A, 35 H. Klipper, 36. Guest, 37. L. Higgins. BALTIMORE HALL BEL AIR A 164 1. J. Seay, 2. J. Rock, 3. M. Farmadi, 4. N. Dao, 5. L. Lawton-Treas., 6. R. Baiimgardner-Sec, 7. D. Bruther-V. Pres., 8. D. Schneider-Pres., 9. R. Bisker, 10. B. Grabowski, 11. K. Aumack, 12. D. Trout, 13. J. Ross, 14. C. Diekmann, 15. K. Faulstich, 16. R. Mace, 17. R. Mosberg, 18. R. Dietrich, 19. J. Campbell, 20. L. Fosset, 21. J. Heslin, 22. R. Gordon, 23. P. Leiss, 24. R. Harrison, 25. D. Drinks, 26. D. Anderson, 27. E. Locke, 28. R. Hennessy, 29. P. Vitale, 30. M. Rasinsky, 31. J. Tylec, 32. C. Butler, 33. B. Clark, 34. J. Guthmann, 35. J. Weiler. BEL AIR B 1. p. Kowzun-F.R., 2. R. Jackson-Pres., 3. A. Bonde-Treas., 4. D. Konick- Sec, 5. D. Greifinger-V. Pres., 6. N. Brandt, 7, A. Hasspert, 8. J. Daugherty, 9. R. Smith, 10. J. McDermott, 11. L. Hannahon, 12. R. Zsakany, 13. E. Naw- rocki, 14. T. Sombatpium, 15. F. Bamer, 16. A. Valentino, 17. C. Logan, 18. K. Jorden, 19. R. Contino, 20. R. Anyellalo, 21. D. Hube, 22. B. Wallick, 23. A. Martin, 24. R. Goldman, 25. S. Schick, 26. C. Kotzias, 27. R. Hall, 28. R. Mayer, 29. L. Callus, 30. D, Newberry, 31. S. Kleczynski, 32. A. Obstbaum, 33. V. Cowman, 34. R. Bull, 35. T. Dixon, 36. J. Badger, 37. J. Sheldon, 38. R. Demp- sey, 39. D. Grabowski, 40. J. Diggs, 41. J. Goldstein, 42. E. Holdridge, 43. W. Newmal, 44. T. Smith. 165 1. M. Myres, 2. B. Levin, 3. T. Lankford, 4. J. Hall, 5. E. Timmerman, 6. F. Brower, 7. D. Mayo, 8. G. Usrey, 9. C. Elmer, 10. R. Lundquist, 11. J. Catchings, 12. W. Lumis, 13. R. Craft, 14. R. Gross, 15. H. Groove, 16. R. Lean, 17. N. Ament, 18. C. Cunningham, 19. J. Dryden, 20. R. SeDano, 21. C. Ruley, 22. R. Myres, 23. M. Bader, 24. R. Winter, 25. L. Friedheim, 26. P. Gilmore, 27. P. Meyer, 28. W. Teppig, 29. J. Lathrop, 30. R. Alston, 31. E. Shel- lenberger, 32. E. Dutton, 33. B. Berzymowski, 34. R. Smith, 35. R. Holmes, 36. D. Kurtzer, 37. G. Hopkins, 38. J. Rupert, 39. W. Samit, 40. D. Mossineo, 41. R. Stead, 42. A. Weinstein. BELVEDERE CALVERT A 166 1. W. Jeffrey, 2. J. Romanowski, 3. R. Rountree, 4. W. Reed, 5. B. Peeples, 6. C. Strobel, 7. J. Bane, 8. M. Gelman, 9. S. Feldman, 10. R. Sutton, 11. D. Womble-Pres., 12. D. Distad-G. R., 13. R. Haines, 14. B. Wolf, 15. A. El- Gama-Treas., 16. T. HoUoway, 17. J. Witkowski-V. Pres., 18. L. Fedner, 19. B. Stadd, 20. R. Povich. CALVERT B 1. D. Bayne, 2. J. Rabovsky, 3. P. Piimphrey, 4. R. Kaestner- Sec, 5. G. Brinton, 6. R. Roberts, 7. D. Simkowitz-G. R., 8. G. Eakin-Treas., 9. E. Molesworth-Pres., 10. J. Stevenson, 11. G. Spicka, 12. N. Alperstein, 13. M. Malone, 14. G. Leet, 15. D. Eakin— V. Pres. Not Pictured G. Schoeneman, M. Marcellino, D. Javjock, G. Mihaly. 167 T ■ 1. B. Salsberg— sec, 2. C. Pieper, 3. D. Young, 4. J. Norris, 5. E. Samuels, 6. W. Hand, 7. C. Konya— v. pres., 8. R. Ma- haffey, 9. Harry Neuman, 10. Dave Pardee, 11. M. Addis, 12. J. Motsko-pres., 13. G. Robinson, 14. M. Motsko, 15. J. Bush, 16. D. Fornwald-treas., 17. M. Deist, 18. R. Wood, 19. T. LaSalle. CALVERT C CALVERT E CALVERT 168 C, D and E 1. G. Wiebking, 2. Kassin, 3. S. Resnick, 4. D. Delap, 5. H. Casque, 6. T. Heston, 7. G. Strasser, 8. S. Gerber, 9. J. Snavely, 10. S. Simms, 11. B. Bryan 12. E. Lee, 13. R. Lawrie, 14. B. Parr, 15. R. Burgeni, 16. D. Duck, 17. J. Newirth, 18. R. Fracallossi, 19. P. Stanley, 20. B. Schanberger, 21. W. Vesely, 22. R. Pass, 23. A. Feldstein. CALVERT D 1. R. Topper— pres., 2. J. Vickery, 3. S. Whitman— sec., 4. L. Tyler-v. pres., 5. R. Waltz-R. C., 6. C. Lewenz, 7. H. Gamble, 8. H. Gallagher, 9. C. Kelly-R. A. 160 1. L. Gertner, 2. A. Kirschbaum, 3. M. Bamhauser, 4. N. Parr, 5. C. A. Dennis, 6. M. Evans, 7. R. Leonard, 8. L. J. Weyeneth, 9. R. Nuggent, 10. H. W. Hickey, 11. G. Anderson, 12. B. Campbell, 13. P. McNamara, 14, A. Pastrana, 15. S. Newman, 16. R. Sharpe, 17. R. Mannix, 18. W. Cox, 19. G. Brown, 20. M. Goldfinger, 21. Donofrio, 22. J. Moore, 23. B. McLaughlin, 24. G. Laughter, 25. D. Fierce, 26. D. Ballentine, 27. B. Eilers, 28. S. Koehl, 29, J. Eschenburg, 30. R. Dotson. B CAMBRIDGE 1. L. Linton, 2. C. Nogay, 3. E. Grove- V. Pres., 4. M. LeVine-Pres., 5. B. Perrygo-Sec, 6. W Ray, 7 R Balawag, 8. B. Mallery, 9. B.Vielhaber, 10. M. HoUenback, 11. D. Bortz-Treas., 12. R. Silverman, 13. BChies, 14 D Browne, 15. A. Friedman, 16. L. Smith, 17. B. Hanson, 18. P. Schwaninger, 19. D. Lashmit, 20. D Gabriel, 21. R. Cutler, 22. M. VanHoomissen, 23. R. Miller, 24. C. Wagner, 25. M. Magyar, 26. B. Centofanti, 27. B. Avery, 28. R. E. Head. 29. R. Stobaugh, 30. J. Boyd, 31. B. Mattes, 32. M. Peters. ' V II w rt 1. R. Ingles-Treas., 2. S. Ryan-G. R., 3. M. Swatta, 4. S. Beattie-Pres., 5. P. Urian, 6. B. Bennett, 7. D. Goff, 8. S. Wah, 9. D. Owens, 10. D. Cook, 11. R. Boley, 12. D. Allender, 13. W. Cunningham, 14. E. Henley, 15. W. Reall, 16. Goldenburg, 17. F. Roby, 18. V. O ' Day, 19. R. Pinkerton, 20. E. Kordula, 21, G. Stum, 22, R. Annacost, 23. G. Shultz, 24. A. Fine, 25. F. Clavelli, 26. P. Wallace, 27. J. Morales, 28. C. McCullough, 29. Callis, 30. N. Bareham-Vice Pres., 31. J. McCauley, 32. D. Roberts, 33. D. Morath, 34. J. Prebula-Vice Pres., 35. J. Mil- roy, 36. M. Mercer, 37. S. Mulligan, 38. E. Koch, 39. G. Kurtz, 40. D. Rhudy-Sec, 41. D. Ake. 171 CAMBRIDGE A 1. R. Green, 2. P. Ades, 3. M. Nusbaum-treas., 4. V. Gamiing— pres., 5. C. Downs, 6. S. Brownstein, 7. P. Loeser, 8. M. Herson, 9. P. Marwede, 10. R. Loebe, 11. J. Schreiber, 12. S. Minor, 13. W. Elkins, 14. C. Hed- strom, 15. M. Potter, 16. D. Marwede, 17. S. Chang, 18. M. Rochkind, 19. A. Schmidt, 20. F. Singer, 21. S. Edwards, 22. A. Salwin, 23. D. Mudrick, 24. R. Castile, 25. G. Sears-v. pres., 26. B. Brownstein, 27. M. Eddy, 28. D. Winslow, 29. R. WilHamson, 30. W. Sondheim, 31. D. Wallace, 32. H. Sims-sec, 33. B. Reid, 34. J. Wilkinson, 35. C. Sneiderman, 36. J. Beck, 37. J. Miller, 38. R. Lentz, 39. W. Miller, 40. J. Reinhart, 41. P. Schroeder, 42. J. Bragg, 43. R. Kraftel, 44. R. Wilson. CARROLL 172 CAROLINE 1. M. Gabor, 2. S. Sager, 3. G. Murphy, 4. D. Poitras, 5. K. Petterson, 6. S. Jacoby, 7. S. Magdich, 8. D. Muse, 9. A. Peisner, 10. B. Jacobs, 11. J. Marshall, 12. M. Murray, 13. S. Stebbins, 14. D. Rubbin, 15. P. Germek, 16. K. Wilson, 17. J. Lewis, 18. B. MacNeil, 19. L. Robley, 20. P. Padgett, 21. M. Maquire, 22. R. Sacks, 23. K. Prevatte, 24. D. Baker, 25. A. Brownstein, 26. L. Moss, 27. M. Friedman, 28. N. Shevchik, 29. T. Kitchens, 30. J. Dougherty, 31. N. Ridgely, 32. J. Detbrook, 33. J. Sachs, 34. A. Visitor, 35. F. Appier, 36. A. Finegan, 37. S. Brudno, 38. C. Sothoron, 39. S. Can- non, 40. M. Mercer, 41. S. East, 42. P. Vorlaufer, 43. K. TerriU, 44. M. Walsh, 45. D. Sakin, 46. J. Charlton, 47. L. Saks, 48. S. Harans. ijigjU .- 1. A. Carney, 2. H. Tillman, 3. B. Horowitz, 4. S. Race, 5. M. Berlin, 6. C. Shippe, 7. S. Hamill, 8. B. Banz, 9. L. Levin, 10. F. Ling, 11. C. Bowen, 12. C. Branyon, 13. W. Bair, 14. N. Mcllvaine, 15. N. Spangler, 16. K. Towsen, 17. F. Ball, 18. M. Coopat, 19. B. Wirtz, 20. T. Kerr, 21. E. Eisenberg, 22. M. Holder, 23. S. Young, 24. J. LaFleur, 25. P. White, 26. K. Kaifer, 27. R. Jacobs, 28. J. Walburgh, 29. G. Pahner, 30. B. Hansen, 31. L. Sandler, 32. J. Jacobs, 33. N. Watts, 34. J. Hastings, 35. B. Miller, 36. B. Harvey, 37. M. Gallahger, 38. K. Hansen, 39. S. Sandler, 40. P. Williams, 41. I. Caine, 42. S. Ginzberg, 43. M. Baker, 44. A. Wilkens, 45. J. Bankhead, 46. K. Davis, 47. M. Kemerer, 48. K. Callahan, 49. P. Beatty, 50. P. Jacobs, 51. J. Landau, 52. S. Stangil, 53. C. Staples, 54. W. Hillman, 55. R. KamarofF, 56. L. Walker, 57. L. Palmer, 58. D. Aukward, 59. G. Kirby, 60. S. Bitter, 61. L. Patterson, 62. S. Moskovitz, 63. L. Eaton, 64. J. Kallman, 65. D. Atchison, 66. B. HoUanbeck, 67. L. Colaguori, 68. D. Galha, 69. L. Jacobs, 70. T. Boaz, 71. W. Hankaff, 72. S. Wiese, 73. D. Gibson, 74. E. Levan, 75. E. Anton, 76. N. Hall-v. pres., 77. G. Block, 78. L. Bell-pres., 79. M. Okum, 80. S. Goggi-treas., 81. S. Meade, 82. A. Palmer-sec, 83. G. Maione, 84. T. Mejia, 85. J. Bame, 86. E. Bell, 87. S. Danz, 88. M. Kaifer, 89. L. Alcott, 90. S. Patrick, 91. V. Maiorana. 1. p. Rosenheim, 2. W. Boyse, 3. A. Brauer, 4. J. Struntz, 5. M. Oaks, 6. W. Bholi, 7. D. Mulligan, 8. S. Wolfe, 9. J. Molino, 10. N. Wilner, 11. Listner, 12. T. Janifer, 13. D. Purdum, 14. R. Nicholas, 15. A. Welsh, 16. P. Wiedorfer, 17. M. Book, 18. R. Logue, 19. K. Sylvester, 20. F. Sallustio, 21. S. Leslie, 22. D. Bauer, 23. G. Lani- gan, 24. R. Morrell, 25. R. Murphy, 26. J. Tinsley, 27. T. Stonton, 28. T. Edel, 29. F. Belke, 30. J. Rosenberry, 31. C. Winslow, 32. C. Kennell, 33. R. Hall, 34. M. Postley, 35. J. Symons, 36. W. Marker, 37. S. Ellison, 38. D. Fair, 39. J. McElvany, 40. W. Richards, 41. L. Randall, 42. M. Zimmerman, 43. C. Rondecker, 44. J. Smith, 45. D. Rencher, 46. L. Sigler, 47. S. Fickett, 48. P. McClean, 49. C. Reeder, 50. J. Falstaff, 51. C. Koliais, 52. A. Windsor, 53. E. Jarman, 54. N. Smith, 55. F. Leaf, 56. D. Esmond, 57. R. Kenney, 58. R. McAllister, 59. R. Parker, 60. H. CoUins. CATOCTIN CECIL 174 CENTREVILLE 1. R. Mazia, 2. J. Maddox, 3. C. Parrish, 4. J. Harkins, 5. M. Lange, 6. J. Johnson, 7. I. Marshall, 8. B. Sobel, 9. P. Mau, 10. B. Keedy, 11. P. Wilson, 12. Friend, 13. J. Karlick, 14. M. Sheckles, 15. D. Adams, 16. S. Bartholomew, 17. S. Kfise, 18. F. Polky, 19. S. Weitz, 20. N. Wells, 21. B. Stone, 22. L. Sobczak, 23. J. Bobus, 24. L. Nicholson, 25. F. Caplan, 26. F. Davis, 27. S. Freed, 28. T. Miller, 29. M. Harris, 30. N. Kirchner, 31. B. Jacobs, 32. J. Cawthrop, 33. N. Kane, 34. P. MuUinix, 35. S. WiUey, 36. J. Peck, 37. A, Maling, 38. C. Malesh, 39. N. Lee, 40. P. Wessman, 41. C Saukel. SOUTH 1-4 1. J. Murtaugh, 2 R. Smith — treas., 3. Auten — v. pres., 4. R. Eskov — pres., 5. K. Morgan — sec, 6. P. Conner — HRC, 7. R. Chais, 8. S. Spering, 9. R. Taylor - R. A., 10. C. Killin, 11. J. Scheeley, 12. J. Harrison, 13. E. Johnson, 14. E. Payne, 15. E. Keller, 16. J. Densford, 17. S. Kaplin - G. R., 18. S. Fields, 19. R. Kennick, 20. T. McGonigle, 21. 5. Norwitz, 22. S. Spencer, 23. S. Reese, 24. C. Sherman, 25. J. Comfeld, 26. J. Depue, 27. R. Ashmore, 28. T. Burton, 29. R. Scheer, 30. R. Mulkey, 31. J. Allen, 32. T. Tressler, 33. D. Shkor, 34. J. Nowicki, 35. J. Whitelaw, 36. R. Rosier, 37. T. Zumwalt, 38. S. Stevens, 39. J. Stasiewicz, 40. B. Dwyer, 41. C. Fierstein, 42. B. Johnson, 43. J. Crist, 44. S. Latchaw, 45. R. Farhood, 46. M. Auarez, 47. J. Canity, 48. S. Getz, 49. S. Fields, 50. W. Broomal, 51. R. Austin, 52. B. Wampler, 53. H. Stinefelt. 1. D. Gorschboth, 2. B. Bradford, 3. L. Haynes, 4. M. Dembeck, 5. J. Paper, 6. P. Thiebaud, 7. D. Finch, 8. B. Finch, 9. B. Hahn, 10. B. Garber, 11. S. Hosford, 12. B. Chaski, 13. S. Kuwana, 14. J. Barr 15. J. Bennett, 16. M. Garin, 17. L. Weissman, 18. I. Kipnis, 19. B. Adams, 20. T. Yonych, 21. D. Brooks, 22. C. Griffin, 23. A. Yutzy 24. N. Freaner, 25. M. Fausel, 26. S. GilHam, 27. V. Svotelis, 28. J. MacCallum, 29. N. Paul, 30. E. Lemire, 31. V. Gerber, 32. B. Kreisnian, 33. M. Robinson. 34. L. Stein, 35. B. Capone, 36. M. Koppish, 37. S. Kangemanole, 38. L. Chaney, 39. M. Hahn, 40. M. Jackson, 41. N. Ocheltree, 42. J. Barrett, 43. P. Barrett. NORTH 5, 6, 7, 8 SOUTH 5, 6, 7, 8 I. R. Mazia, 2. J. Maddox 3. C. Danish, 4. J. Harkins, 5. M. Lange, 6. J. Marshall, 7. J. Johnson, 8. B. Sobel, 9. P. Maul, 10. B. Keedy, II. P. Wilson, 12. G. Ripple, 13. J. Karlick, 14. M. Scheckels, 15. F. Adams, 16. S. Bartholomew, 17. S. Krise, 18. F. Polky, 19. S. Weitz, 20. N. Wells, 21. B. Stone, 22, L. Sobczak, 23. J. Bobus, 24. L. Nicholson, 25. F. Caplan, 26. F. Davis, 27. S. Freed, 28. T. Miller, 29. M. Harris, 30. N. Kirchner, 31. B. Jacobs, 32. J. Gawthrop. 33. N. Kane, 34. P. MuUinex, 35. S. Willey, 36. J. Peck, 37. A. Maling, 38. T. Todd, 39. N. Lee, 40. P. Wissman, 41. C. Saukel, 42. E. Miller, 43, M. Cogan, 44. P. Tidwell, 45. J. Siegel, 46. C. Leverton, 47. J. Kasamatzu, 48. M. Palacio, 49. M. O ' hara, 50. D. Schuller, 51. B. Sancewich, 52. J. Young, 53. S. McAbee, 54. S. Munday, 55. B. Parvis, 56. J. Hoke, 57. J. Manch, 58. J. Justice, 59. J. SooHoo, 60. S. Carpenter, 61. M. Vogel, 62. R. Lindeman, 63. P. Kraft, 64. L. Means, 65. C. Martin, 68. R. Wilson, 67. E. Sugg, 68. B. Schapiro, 69. L. Waranch, 70. C. Garlock, 71. D. Kruger, 72. M. Harkins, 73. J. Scalcise, 74. L. Savadow, 75. D. Hargett, 76. S. Reel, 77. S. Pasavew, 78. L. McGruder, 79. S. Hackerman, 80. B. Brown, 81. D. Brechner, 82. M. Baum, 83. D. Mallalieu, 84. M. Tammaru, 85. B. Gurganus, 86. M. Kesecker, 87. M. Canavin, 88. G. Stein, 89. M. Taylor, 90. B. Dunn, 91. J. Keith, 92. S. Itzel, 93. K. Hunter, 94. M. Bart, 95. M. Pasternak, 96. K. Digennaro, 97. R. Dematteis, 98. M. Tuma, 99. L. Warnekow, 100. D. Karson, 101. T. Katz, 102. S. Williams, 103. C. Blankenship, 104. B. Quick, 105, J. Adams, 106 J. Hansen, 107. P. Golden, 108. P. Holfman, 109. G. Baylin, 110. C. Romano, 111. C. Thomburg, 112. L. Cockey, 113. L. Cassel, 114. D. Dietzel, 115. D. Etelson, 117. S. Lasher, 118. M. Worth- ington, 119. K. Daley, 120. J. Weiss, 121. E. Ward, 122. J. Houff, 123. C. Beard, 124. P. Maul, 125. J. Harvey, 126. S. Berry, 127. N. Jonucz, 128. M. McCarty, 129. J. Galloway, 130. C. Feibus, 131. S. Milstein, 132. M. Pappas, 133. L. Hall, 134. S. MacDonald. NORTH 1, 2, 3, 4 1. J. Dalewicz, 2. B. Grampton— Sec, 3. L. Monisera— Sec, Pres., 4. S. Wartzman, 5. N. Maynard— Section Pres., 6. C. Moyse, 7. V. Buckson, 8. S. Burrow, 9. B. Turkington, 10. C. O ' Brien, 11. T. Bellow, 12. C. Hargy, 13. T. Anniko, 14. G. Malandra, 15. E. Sterling, 16. C. Watson, 17. T. Lubin, 18. J. Bennett, 19. R. Weisman, 20. E. Woytowitz, 21. A. Scherr, 22. K. Fries, 23. C. Moyse, 24. M. R. Yannuzzi, 25. D. Blumenfeld, 26. M. Maldeis, 27. N. Leopold, 28. S. DashofF, 29. L. Leisure, 30. S. Kloss, 31. C. Violette, 32. N. Gardner, 33. A. Sentman, 34. K. McGovern, 35. J. Fairchild, 36. L. Ross, 37. M. Pontelandolfo-Soc. Ch., 38. M. Silverman, 39. V. Peck, 40. C. Miller, 41. R. Klein, 42. K. Beebe, 43. P. Plunkert-Dorm. Pres. CENTREVILLE 177 IB 1. T. Marr, 2. M. Quin, 3. S. Kandel, 4. J. Connor, 5. M. Boileau, 6. W. Foster, 7. T. Battaglia, 8. E. Schneeman, 9. B. Hall, 10. C. Ellison, 11. D. Dunlap, 12. C. Case, 13. A. Lipkey, 14. S. Harty, 15. J. Lathrop, 16. J. DePalma, 17. J. Deitchman, 18. R. Stapen, 19. P. Blum, 20. B. Kemp, 21. D. Filbert, 22. L. Pearl, 23. D. Burch, 24. M. Fox. SOUTH 1. L. Waldorf-Grad. Resident, 2. J. Gilhooly, 3. D. Smith-Pres., 4. R. Reinhardt, 5. T. Steams, 6. F. Koontz-Sec, 7. J. Mudd-Vice Pres., 8. W. Farrar, 9. G. Funkhouser, 10. G. Spencer, 11. S. Pelovitz, 12. M. Kaminkow, 13. R. Green, 14. D. Lindsay, 15. L. Bourne, 16. A. Kane, 17. Y. Anauil, 18, J. Buckley, 19. R. Thomas, 20. F. Schneider, 21. J. Ward, 22. L. Chamberlin, 23. J. Harvey, 24. B. Tymiuk, 25. J. Malina. CHARLES 1. W. Graete, 2. M. Nislino, 3. R. Hildebrand, 4. K. Bas- kin, 5. F. Redmer, 6. R. Jerardi, 7. R. Caring, 8. S. Morris, 9. H. Hodges, 10. C. Onley, 11. W. Parham, 12. F. Martin, 13. R. Windsor, 14. D. Diiggins, 15. R. Abelovv, 16. A. Wooten, 17. J. Kenney, 18. A. Baumgart, 19. M. Kelleler, 20. C. Trenary, 21. V. McSorley, 22. L. Warfield, 23. D. Johnson, 24. T. Engwall, 25. W. Graefe, 26. E. Zimmerman, 27. J. Leedy, 28. W. Lang, 29. H. Tilman, 30. C. Bagwell, 31. R. Freer, 32. P. Bright. WEST CENTER 170 CHESTERTOWN A 1. J. Parslow, 2. B. Washburn, 3. F. Thompson, 4. D. Bald- win, 5. B. Measell, 6. B. Creager, 7. T. Grabowski, 8. G. Zaleski, 9. H. Zilber, 10. D. Moses, 11. D. Fix, 12. S. Hop- kins, 13. C. Cole, 14. J. Keenan, 15. W. Stevenson, 16. G. Hornseth, 17. P. Pahan, 18. E. Hatten, 19. B. Soblotne, 20. G. Gillespie, 21. H. Burch-President, 22. ]. Lieblein, 23. B. Menke 24. T. Diangelo, 25. T. Flanders, 26. P. Butman, 27. B. Martin, 28. J. Pensinger, 29. J. Thompson, 30. L. Schwager, 31. G. Daniel, 32. E. Dasch, 33. T. Daw- son-V. Pres., 34. B. Stevenson, 35. A. Nisley, 36. J. Novak. 1. D. Wilson, 2. P. Ander, 3. G. Tovar, 4. S. Cutler, 5. T. Czamecki -Treas., 6. F. Santoni-Pres., 7. J. Arnold-Sec., 8. C. Downs, 9. A. Vu, 10. J. Potthast, 11. M. Norris-V. Pres., 12. M. Alloy, 13. A. Casalena, 14. C. Iseberg, 15. F. Sykes, 16. A. C. Carpenter, 17. F. Herst 18. P. T. Depercin, 19. H. Friedman, 20. C. Harper, 21 B. Donnelly, 22. H. Lederman, 23. R. Gill, 24. B. Marsh, 25. G. Keefer, 26. S. South, 27. B. Hartman, 28. I. Lerner, 29. P. Lortie, 30. C. Barn- hart, 31. O. Tiedemann, 32. W. Lesher, 33. R. Stinneford, 34. D. Thomson, 35. R. Anderson, 36. M. Bey, 37. K. McLauchlan, 38. B. Jacobs, 39. F. Schroeder, 40. T. Rhodes, 41. D. Barnett, 42. R. Fos- ter, 43. G. Wosteck, 44. R. Fisch, 45. C. Warner. CHESTERTOWN B 180 CUMBERLAND NORTH 1. L. Morgan, 2. E. Helmstetter, 3. W. Jung, 4. J. Dorr, 5. R. Fisher-Pres., 6. D. Wilson, 7. B. Stafford, 8. R. Smith, 9. R. Horner, 10. B. Taylor, 11. B. Bennett, 12. W. Mann, 13. K. Frick, 14. S. Lee, 15. E. Raupach, 16. K. Gochal, 17. Guest, 18. A. Strobel, 19. D. Ganlick, 20. J. Ryan, 21. C. Henderson, 22. B. Aune, 23. C. Longfellow, 24. S. Albersheim, 25. M. Stone-V. Pres., 26. L. Couturier, 27. G. Byrd, 28. J. Paper, 29. J. Libert, 30. D. Toroser, 31. G. Maslan, 32. Guest, 33. Guest, 34. G. Webb, 35. M. Wroton, 36. Guest, 37. M. Davis, 38. Guest, 39. T. Campbell, 40. D. Gross, 41. W. Gordon, 42. J. Phelps. C and D A and B 1. B. Philipp, 2. F. Levin, 3. R. Eminian, 4. B. Wincer, 5. G. Hiley, 6. T. Leach, 7. M. Binder, 8. G. Langbaum, 9. P. Mason, 10. E. Yoakum, 11. K. Frick, 12. R. Davidson, 13. J. Fullerton, 14. L. Cross, 15. J. Voelker, 16. R. Herberg, 17. T. Staub, 18. L. Morgan. 1. p. Garoo, 2. R. Mother-v. pres., 3. S. Moss, 4. T. Scarf, 5. S. Hawk, 6. C. Magnon, 7. B. Zard, 8. G. Keg, 9. H. Cone, 10. P. Shaw, 11. A. Ranger, 12. F. Sweete, 13. J. Singlekin, 14. W. Grit, 15. C. Chawklit-pres., 16. W. Golden- burg, 17. J. Kook, 18. L. Cup. CUMBERLAND NORTH E and F G and H 1. J. Pieplow, 2. S. Venable, 3. J. Grimes, 4. A. Klein, 5. M. Hanna, 6. R. Delwiche, 7. S. Crouch, 8. E. Cockey, 9. T. Rigler, 10. S. O ' Connor, 11. D. Dolan, 12. R. Warfield, 13. J. Melonas, 14. J. Caha, 15. L. Fiedler, 16. W. Tropp, 17. R. Kefauver, 18. P. Kamerick, 19. R. Robins, 20. M. Krepner, 21. N. Deroyiannis, 22. R. Ferry, 23. R. Brice, 24. A. Cederakis, 25. M. Fochios, 26. M. Johns. Not pictured: 1. R. Ferrara— pres., 2. J. Shackelford— V. pres., 3. R. Erich— sec. treas. 1. R. Fratailli, 2. M. Taubin, 3. Gipe, 4. D. Martin, 5. M. Healy, 6. D. Heim, 7. J. Barret, 8. B. Ballard, 9. T. ZnAudzinski, 10. W. Yri, 11. B. Rubinstein-pres. H. Cumb. B., 12. A. Kirchner-pres. H. Cumb. A., 13. T. Phillips, 14. D. DiBenedetto, 15. W. Montgomery, 16. J. Pol- son, 17. K. Jenkins, 18. T. Fisher, 19. J. Fauquier, 20. L. Porter, 21. D. Cosner, 22. D. Stoddard, 23. A. Arnold, 24. C. Bathgate, 25. B. Men- dez, 26. B. Rosenthal, 27. C. Young, 28. K. Lehnbeuter, 29. S. Frahm, 30. F. Milman, 31. T. Bittrick, 32. J. Gibson, 33. R. George, 34. T. Soya, 35. W. Kramer, 36. J. Doe, 37. J. Evans, 38. D. Hedges, 39. T. Henrich, 40. W. Hickman, 41. J. Noble, 42. J. Nieberlein. A thru D CUMBERLAND SOUTH E thru G DENTON I. D. Good, 2. P. Smith, 3. D. Merrit, 4. L. Allik, 5. M. Markowitz, 6. L? Stedman, 7. L. Mosner, 8. K. Gruhman, 9. E. Bechkes, 10. N. Rascovar, II. N. Jackson, 12. M. McClelland, 13. L. Ingber, 14. C. Brooks, 15. E. Brown, 16. C. Simpson, 17. A. Cantor, 18. M. Minotti, 19. R. Rominger, 20. C. Lyons, 21. E. Kornetchuk, 22. L. Tyrie, 23. K. Fedu.ska, 24. P. Baden, 25. T. LaPatka, 26. E. Jankowicz, 27. M. Farley, 28. S. Co.x, 29. B. McCleary, 30. M. Hensley, 31. K. Schloss, 32. D. Haar, 33. J. Herder, 34. N. McGuire, 35. V. Tangeman, 36. B. Garrity, 37. K. Brooks, 38. M. Purucker, 39. unidentified, 40, D. Perry, 41. P. Judkins, 42. M. Brown, 43. C. Fetzer, 44. V. Brown, 45. J. Jones, 46. F. Yost. 3 and 4 I. S. Wipf, 2. S. Holmes, 3. J. Borwn, 4. L. Harris, 5. T. Stock, 6. H. Larkin, 7. P. Edwards, 8. H. Borwn, 9. R. Van Winkle, 10. B. McMahon, II. D. Gushing, 12. F. Edwards, 13. J. Geer, 14. S. Emme, 15. B. Richardson, 16. M. Crowther, 17. D. Debinski, 18. E. Paxton, 19. N. Slavin, 20. E. Silverman, 21. L. Bowersock, 22. E. Kelliher, 23. G. Thompson, 24. T. Karr, 25. P. Watkins, 26. J. Brown, 27. M. Baker, 28. P. Schneider, 29. M. Malcolm, 30. M. Manns, 31. P. Ruhalla, 32. C. Bunner, 33. S. Dellone, 34. N. Fratianni, 35. B. Mandell, 36. J. Martin, 37. C. Harrington, 38. M. Surosky, 39. C. Clark, 40. C. Bradley, 41. J. Brown, 42. K. Brenza, 43. B. Caldwell, 44. C. Schmidt, 45. P. Har- rington, 46. M. Stiner, 47. S. Biser, 48. K. Marmaduke, 49. C. Van Roy, 50. B. Wrobel, 51. J. Merritt, 52. C. Waller, 53. A. Doris, 54. D. Pope, 55. D. Pilla, 56. M. Garrett, 57. L. Booth, 58. J. Larrimore, 59. L. Watson, 60. J. Gilds. 184 1 and 2 5 and 6 1. p. Sobotta, 2. C. Sielski, 3. K. Larson, 4. S. Burkett, 5. J. Hall, 6. D. Wealtson, 7. M. Stinson, 8. K. Ingle, 9. C. Bennett, 10. S. Radpour, 11. R. Hart, 12. A. Harrington, 13. M. Miche- luk, 14. J. Lloyd, 15. P. Perry, 16. C. Doyle, 17. K. Behizad, 18. J. Deets, 19. C. Lo, 20. D. George, 21. M. J. Tarallo, 22. L. VanScoy, 23. G. Goldman, 24. J. Gulyas, 25. S. Mark- ham, 26. C. Roberts, 27. A. Neidert, 28. J. Brown, 29. K. Egan, 30. N. Slavin, 31. S. Mroz, 32. D. Behnke, 33. M. Harrison, 34. A. Schmidt, 35. G. Miyasaki, 36. J. Crahan, 37. P. Lowenstein, 38. E. Zipperman, 39. N. Kimmel, 40. C. Katzman, 41. P. Carter, 42. S. Katz, 43. L. Huddlesston, 44. S. Feindt, 45. C. Wong, 46. V. Roecker, 47. B. Akers, 48. M. Peake, 49. A. Fladell, 50. N. Coulter, 51. V. Broad- beck, 52. M. Mainville, 53. M. Brown, 54. S. McClellan, 55. K. Borowsky, 56. M. Miles, 57. B. Ware, 58. L. Leggett, 59. J. Holt, 60. V. McNeal. M ' iJkm DENTON 7 and 8 1. M. Reidy, 2. M. Freedman, 3. A. Rizzo, 4. V. Aanenson, 5. D. Brumback, 6. E. Natho- mowitz, 7. L. Markridge, 8. S. Scott, 9. S. Keener, 10 P. Hennessy, 11. B. Glazer, 12. N. Zamorski, 13. P. Lewine, 14. S. Ives, 15. L. Lundquist, 16. C. Koch, 17. A. Mark, 18, R. Lei, 19. D. Zwack, 20. K. Schngier, 21. L. Kelly, 22. A. Randall, 23. C. Keller, 24. S. Bell, 25. S. Eisenstadt, 26. J. Abel, 27. F. Luery, 28. E. Francois, 29. R. Corbin, 30. N. Wood, 31. M. Keller, 32. S. Simp.son, 33. S. Schuster, 34. S. Hainsvvorth, 35. N. Marks, 36. J. Habicht, 37. A. Magiros, 38. C. Furnell, 39. J. Gould, 40. S. Schissler, 41. C. Janetti, 42. R. Seidenstein, 43. L. Muhonen, 44. J. Weinhold, 45. D. Christie, 46. M. Wolf, 47. N. Jamitz, 48. R. Marinello, 49. E. Seal, 50. S. Seese, 51. S. Watkins, 52. I. Berkovvitz, 53. B. Harvey, 54. C. Weigandt, 55. S. Merckle, 56. C. Turner, 57. E. Dunphy, 58. J. Bnins, 59. S. Weirenga, 60. M. Blose, 61. A. Kellman, 62. S. Gebhardt, 63. B. Van Sant, 64. E. Roseman, 65. M. Beard, 66. S. Humpston, 67. M. Schaffer, 68. S. Fagersgtrom. DORCHESTER HALL 1. M. Marcus, 2. D. Caplan, 3. M. Silberstrom, 4. J. Wohlmuth, 5. S. Hess, 6. L. Webb, 7. M. Epstein, 8. P. Perretz, 9. R. Horowitz, 10. M. Gammor- man, 11. C. Komitzsky, 12. B. Campbell, 13. H. Scheinberg, 14. P. Laf- ferty, 15. L. Woo, 16. P. Hiscox, 17. K. Toujgas, 18. B. Pease, J. Fey, 19. S. ' Blaustein, 20. D. Williams, 21. P. Maddocks, 22. B. Feller, 23. C. Baluta, 24. B. Dessel, 25. M. Gold, 26. B. Hall-Pres., 27. J. North, 28. D. Cramer, 29. R. Martin, 30. M. Hyatt, 31. L. DeBrick, 32. B. Kemp, 33. C. Strauser, 34. G. Magram, 35. J. Freeman, 36. D. Jennings, 37. H. Ehrlich, 38. L. Anderson, 39. G. Castleman, 40. M. Hanrahan, 41. M. Hazard, 42. D. Legum, 43. M. Murphy, 44. S. Steifel, 45. J. Hughes, 46. E. DeVries, 47. J. Hagerman, 48. M. McCullum, 49. E. Davidson, 50. J. Borinsky, 51. T. Roper, 52. J. Yeager, 53. G. Hurwitz, 54. G. Alder, 55. D. Schilling, 56. J. Katz, 57. J. Bullock, 58. B. Arenberg, 59. A. Kraszewski, 60. P. Roberts, 61. S. Simmons, 62. G. Stiller, 63. V. Levin, 64. A. Ha.sko, 65. J. Mann, 66. G. Kane, 67. S. Lewis, 68. J. Teslenko, 69. J. Streckfus, 70. S. Lewis, 71. S. Glackin, 72. J. Kotun, 73. C. Bau- mann, 74. D. Deterding, 75. S. Geyer, 76. S. Ahalt. m itJ t?flf«53. i.u - V m -i Wi ' 1. D. Pena, 2. D. Beck, 3. J. Knauff, 4. S. Sirkin, 5. G. Lindsay, 6. L. Schuman, 7. R. Smead, 8. A. Sus- kind, 9. D. Wagner, 10. B. Carlton, 11. J. Wheeler, 12. J. Goldman, 13. J. Selby, 14. D. Rignanese, 15. B. Gossard, 16. J. Trezza, 17. L. Bordley, 18. T. Mayr, 19. R. Cox. EASTON A 1. S. Karmer, 2. R. Mann, 3. S. Chirathi- vat, 4. D. Efcersole-V. Pres., 5. J. Deter- man— Treas., 6. S. Bowen— Pres., 7. L. Johnston-G. R., 8. R. Boulos, 9. S. Witt, 10. L. Closer, 11. B. Tnipin, 12. R. Balciu- nas, 13. D. Duvall, 14. A. Dodson, 15. F. Fabin, 16. N. Leatherman, 17. J. Fairchild, 18. R. Leisberg, 19. H. AUer, 20. J. Necker, 21. J. Euler, 22. A. Gerard, 23. B. Clutter, 24. E. Shaver, 25. W. Market, 26. B. Selig, 27. M. Long, 28. L. Garrison, 29. M. Giltz, 30. T. Riley, 31. B. Harrwood, 32. S. Bassford, 33. T, Coleman, 34. M. Farrall, 35. T. Henning, 36. L. Jordan, 37. M. Smoot, 38. G. Grant. iW m ■ H Km i Mw BiM 1 M i ■ Will A y kti f - r Jl 1 1 ' . x " iH B ' K. K. p Hf f HL If EASTON B 187 1. H. Kravitz-G. R., 2. D. Dickinson-Pres., 3. T. Engle, 4. J. Bnicksch, 5. J. Golt, 6. B. Mezick, 7. D. Walker, 8. E. Beckman, 9. J. Pdgel, 10. B. Dashield-V. Pres., 11. A. Brzeczko, 12. R. Gold- man, 13. D. Gillen, 14. T. Dillow, 15. R. Berg- lowe-Pres., 16. M. JacLson, 17. L. Herring, 18. K. Vest, 19. M. Day, 20. W. Trinter, 21. E. Lin, 22. B. Dodd, 23. R. Julie, 24. D. McCallam, 25. S. Kraft, 26. T. Nash, 27. R. Hedden-Sec, 28. D. Kono- pelski, 29. D. Reid, 30. J. Wirth, 31. J. Solie, 32. W. Aldridge, 33. C. Rimpo, 34. C. Wells, 35. W. Pobst, 36. B. Larson, 37. R. Posner, 38. L. Sacks, 39. T. Brady, 40. E. Lawson, 41. C. Hopkins, 42. B. Sewell, 43. R. Green, 44. R. Lewis, 45. G. Kip- per, 46. J. Mazcko, 47. T. Hawthorne, 48. D. Rinaldi, 49. N. Chiantese, 50. M. Basye, 51. R. Cox, 52. G. Hohenstein— Treas., 53. M. Dorsey, 54. J. Ecker, 55. R. Harvey. EASTON C and D 1. M. Hutchins, 2. J. Kohanzaden, 3. H. Beard, 4. B. Nelson 5. S Nennevan, 6. D. Efford, 7. B. Furber, 8. M. Goldstein, 9. A. McGinnis 10. G. Gilbert, 11. S. Noren, 12. J. Finn, 13, S. Scott, 14. B. Fabey, 15. D. Gohen, 16. J. Joh.son, 17. W. Litzao, 18. J. Strandquisc, 19. D. Bertling, 20. B. Jones, 21. F. Saul, 22. J. Auer, 23. G. Rocney, 24. B. Gropper, 25, R. Joseph, 26. D. Wood, 27. D. Evicn, 28. B. Yanel, 29. R. Bartos, 30. T. Imphony, 31. R. Adnins, 32. J. Ingelfinger, 33. J. Garroll, 34. J. Callanan, 35. B. Welssner, 36. S. Hamner, 37. J. Hiben, 38. G. Dann, 39. P. Kondilas. ( 188 1. L. Wince, 2. S. Langfeld, 3. D. Krauss, 4. T. Milholland— Treas., 5. H. Bernheimer, 6. B. larossi, 7. M. Curry, 8. P. Wells, 9. D. Arel, 10. D. Long- Pres., 11. S. Mentzel, 12. L. Dawson-V. Pres., 13. A. Krouse-Sec, 14. D. Jones, 15. K. Trionfo, 16. R. Goldman, 17. L. Greenstreet, 18. E. Poklis, 19. E. Dotterweich, 20. L. Doggett, 21. R. Lieberman, 22. R. Dixon, 23. R. Wolf, 24. C. Bednar, 25. H. Herman, 26. J. Getz-Soc. Chrm., 27. T. Moore, 28. A. Tempel, 29. S. Chapman, 30. J. Marshall, 31. H. Lins, 32. P. Sewell, 33. K. Gingell, 34. H. Weinstein, 35. B. Gannon, 36. W. Kelly, 37. B. Schneider, 38. M. Rhoderick. EASTON E and F 1. R. Shelhnan, 2. J. Braun, 3. C. Tunna, 4. R. Heslin, 5. H. Pollack, 6. R. Thome, 7. D. Blevin, 8. L. Goldblatt, 9. J. Foor, 10. B. Hare, 11. S. Mader, 12. M. Woffson, 13. N. Tucker, 14. W. MuUineux, 15. T. Gresham, 16. H. Lew, 17. E. Kufahl, 18. W. Poole, 19. P. Martin, 20. B. Wachter, 21. D. Knoll, 22. J. Belanus, 23. T. Siomporas, 24. M. McCraw, 25. C. Needer, 26. M. Brown, 27. R. Domplea, 28. J. Steeger, 29. S. Ritchie, 30. B. Rivers. ELKTON 1 and 2 EASTON G 1. C. Horton, 2. S. Jacobs, 3. W. Wensel, 4. C. Belkov, 5. J. Nugent, 6. S. Tucker, 7. T. McHugh, 8. J. Lodge, 9. C. Easter, 10. D. Neily, 11. J. Rivetti, 12. J. Mc- Guire, 13. P. Smith, 14. D. Tralins, 15. R. Kinsley, 16. E. Simpson, 17. R. Slater, 18. J. Grumbach, 19. W. Evans, 20. R. Heddin, 21. R. Beaser, 22. T. Mapp, 23. R. Humphries, 24. J. Smith, 25. G. Post, 26. G. Mar- tin, 27. H. Grove, 28. A. Germani, 29. G. Ord, 30. R. Hout, 31. L. Lowenthal, 32. W. Vance, 33. D. Eisenhuth. 1. J. Stephens, 2. A. Wanne, 3. J. Tuten, 4. J. Beck, 5. K. Morton, 6. C. Smink, 7. S. Flynn, 8. T. Crowley, 9. L. Bohn, 10. G. Winter, 11. C. Berger, 12. P. Riley, 13. S. Smith, 14. D. Young, 15. P. Legg, 16. C. Feldman, 17. D. Kent, 18. D. Greer, 19. S. CastriUi, 20. W. Shanklin, 21. S. Robertson, 22. J. Inches, 23. L. Harvin, 24. B. Bentz, 25. M. Gorman, 26. C. Carrington, 27. M. Hylstad. EASTON H 1. W. Bell, 2. M. Ladino, 3. C. Stolte, 4. D. Brobst, 5. G. Gilliland, 6. J. Rahman, 7. P. Wenzler, 8. J. Stegman, 9. D. Hessong, 10. E. Rutter, 11. E. Schoeck, 12. J. Hargest, 13. R. Faulkner, 14. M. Tallent, 15. E. Fountain, 16. J. Baden, 17. W. McLaughlin, 18. K. Whisenant, 19. T. Litzau, 20. W. Markham, 21. F. Kirsch, 22. D. Chase, 23. D. Vega, 24. W. Dillenger, 25. B. Frizzell, 26. S. Power-G.R., 27. F. Berman, 28. M. Matheu, 29. L. Smith, 30. S. Mader, 31. D. Dickson, 32. T. Bryan, 33. W. Fountain, 34. J. Hayden, 35. C. Kidd. 1. B. Newman, 2. R. Ellis, 3. J. Brewer, 4. J. Wolfe, 5. S. Guidutti, 6. C. Brown, 7. B. Elgin, 8. K. Muller, 9. J. Shinn, 10. C. O ' Leary, 11. J. Jackson, 12. B. Goodier, 13. H. Rosenbaum, 14. S. Rogers, 15. P. McAuley, 16. B. Aleds, 17. D. Butler, 18. J . Hunt, 19. S. Platkins, 20. H. Cohrn, 21. H. Gerber, 22. D. Gelfeld, 23. A. Kramer, 24. S. Sborofsky, 25. N. Carreira, 26. S. Steinhorn, 27. B. Dessler, 28. S. Butler, 29. N. Nusgrave, 30. E. Sloan, 31. N. Cham- bers, 32. P. Newman, 33. S. Slonim, 34. J. Mazen, 35. C. Spring, 36. T. Berman, 37. M. Sherk, 38. J. Shaffer, 39. L. Hall, 40. L. McKittrick, 41. G. Artsea, 42. M. Holzapsfel, 43. S. Darney, 44. L. Coleman, 45. T. Mague, 46. F. Mas- cot, 47. J. Clark, 48. S. Engelbert, 49. N. Guggenheim, 50. P. Bell, 51. G. Merritt, 52. H. Barry, 53. D. Rucker, 54. S. Szekely, 55. L. Buffington, 56. D. Mayer, 57. L. Shaw, 58. P. Bulnash, 59. P. Ross, 60. S. Rosenberg, 61. C. Ridgeway, 62. L. Rowley. 3 and 4 ELKTON 7 and 8 1. B. Cunningham, 2. J. Farrall, 3. L. Trow, 4. P. Burger, 5. P. Corken, 6. S. Heise, 7. H. Plovsky, 8. M. Trout, 9. R. Sievers, 10. P. Settino, 11. B. Wahl, 12. H. Wallace, 13. L. Cory, 14. P. HefFerman, 15. D. Siemek, 16. K. Roberts, 17. L. Sample, 18. S. Perkins, 19. T. Westreich, 20. M. Wyatt, 22. J. McKenna, 23. S. Sonnenliter, 24. K. Murphy, 25. A. Ashby, 26. C. Siegrist, 27. M. Schattner, 28. C. King, 29. K. Caraker, 30. D. Coran, 31. L. Perlberg, 32. D. Prechtel, 33. D. Corbett, 34. C. Herman, 35. S. Stewart, 36. M. Bitz, 37. M. Robinson, 38. L. Billingsley, 39. L. Paone, 40. J. McCuUough, 41. J. Reidy, 42. M. Greenblatt, 43. R. Turk, 44. G. Bari, 45. K. Gerstner, 46. D. Kouts, 47. B. Pittard, 48. B. Mapp, 49. P. Shehan, 50. E. Christensen, 51. S. Bianchi, 52. K. White, 53. P. Vickery, 54. J. Cano, 55. B. Delibera, 56. A. Shashaani, 57. A. Buckley, 58. K. Bryte, 59. K. Kylus, 60. F. Stombler. 5 and 6 1. C. Hitofshy, 2. M. Euler-R. A., 3. G. Goodier, 4. J. Greenblatt, 5. E. Elam, 6. P. Clancey, 7. B. Yates, 8. A. Silverstein, 9. L. McLarney, 10. J. Blick, 11. B. Cirner, 12. D. Whittington, 13. J. Coxworth, 14. T. Fields, 15. D. Kinsey, 16. B. Fuchs, 17. L. Blasecki, 18. A. Schleicher, 19. C. Mason, 20. M. Frick, 21. P. Cislo, 22. A. Schill, 23. J. Cosner, 24. S. King, 25. S. Couch, 26. K. Zabawa, 27. J. Young, 28. C. Towles, 29. P. Philips, 30. S. Sause, 31. D. Vanneman, 32. S. Hyder, 33. B. Bragg, 34. A. Barthel, 35. A. Todd, 36. M. Block, 37. M. Vakerdzis, 38. M. Wenglin, 39. N. Selig- man, 40. A. Russell, 41. G. Greenberg, 42. M. Helman, 43. K. Krieger, 44. N. Cintron. 193 A and B 1. M. Neff, 2. C. Kelly, 3. M. Hansbourgh, 4. G. Paul, 5. A. Pannone, 6. R. Shipley, 7. M. Bathang, 8. G. Adams, 9. B. Ginsberg, 10. D. Watson, 11. C. Harvey, 12. A. Thompson, 13. M. Curtin, 14. D. Hartle, 15. J. Schaefer - Treas., 16. P. HoUey, 17. R. Berger, 18. J. Meyer, 19. J. Perrier, 20. J. Forman, 21. B. Zentz, 22. J. Soloninka, 23. R. Sandler, 24. M. Bowler, 25. H. Fisher 26. T. McGibney, 27. A. Stapleton, 28. G. Merrill, 29. H. Mallon, 30. H. Kirsner, 31. E. Ward - Pres., 32. D. Renaldue, 33. R. Perkins, 34. K. Smith, 35. E. Adler, 36. J. Eikenburg, 37. J. Sylvesta, 38. B. Herzberger, 39. B. Auslander, 40. J. Garvey. ELLICOTT E L L I C O T T HALL 194 E and F 1. R. Rill, 2. K. Phillips, 3. S. Van Nostrand, 4. T. Rowland, 5. L. Rothschild, 6. J. Hillesland - V. Pres., 7. S. Rakey - G.R., 8. O. Schultz, 9. L. Kaplan, 10. F. Cahoon, 11. G. Huntt - Sec, 12. D. Rattan, 13. M. Kapland, 14. J. Doe, 15. B. Danielson, 16. J. Mc Cullough, 17. J. Cleary, 18. F. Peede, 19. D. Lewis, 20. A. Stahl, 21. P. Casula, 22. J. Klinger, 23. Unidentified, 24. Unidentified, 25. E. Eisenbrey, 26. J. Finke, 27. A. Platou, 28. C. Baughnam, 29. S. Jacoby, 30. J. Tilghman, 31. R. Decuire, 32. R. Webster, 33. J. Richardson, 34. D. Wilhide, 35. R. Parkhill, 36. B. Mish, 37. J. Harris, 38. P. De Mame, 39. J. Kramer, 40. J. McClafferty, 41. G. Woodworth, 42. Unidentified. E L L. I C O T T HALL C and D 1. S. Graf, 2. D. Forney, 3. J. Smith, 4. M. Palamaris, 5. T. Libershall, 6. J. Lewis, 7. P. Scott, 8. J. Scheaffer, 9. J. Caplan, 10. G. Hawkins, 11. L. Cohen 12. D. Barrett, 13. J. Isaacs, 14. M. Xillar, 15. B. Glar, 16. J. Hammond, 17. R. Hummer, 18. G. Morrison, 19. P. Brandenburg, 20. D. Severy, 21. E. Leaman, 22. R. Undbeck, 23. S. Paskell, 24. B. Dye, 25. J. Hayes, 26. J. Deureux, 27. M. English - Pres., 28. J. Dunham, 29. S. Lindbeck, 30. J. Abate - V. Pres., 31. C. Rutledge, 32. H. Shueman, 33. J. Holland, 34. R. Szmajada, 35. J. Watstein, 36. S. Fegeas, 37. D. Helfinch, 38. E. Rubin, 39. S. Diener, 40. J. Young, 41. S. Fox, 42. B. Thomason, 43. P. Novak, 44. A. Katz, 45. P. Dean, 46. G. Wills, 47. T. Schafer, 48. R. Piaggione, 49. T. Noenoc, 50. M. Delano, 51. W. Pierson, 52. D. Hanlon, 53. B. Staton. 195 1. J. Beachler, 2. S. Welhorsky, 3. B. Meister, 4. J. Lawrence, 5. L. Stickel, 6. C. Mortensen, 7. L. Vince, 8. J. Flaherty, 9. B. Gillespie, 10. S. Aiambor, 11. A. Brink- man, 12. P. Fitzpatrick, 13. C. Bowman, 14. W. Stalnaker, 15. M. Imphong, 16. J. Dill, 17. J. Longo, 18. J. Lavrusky, 19. M. Stubljar, 20. T. Santy. ELLICOTT G and H FREDERICK 196 GARRETT 1. J. Montgomery, 2. B. Gosnell, 3. G. Merriman, 4, S. Shure, 5. R, Price, 6. V. Compton, 7. B. Coppersmith, 8. J. Karpinsky, 9. J. Cox, 10. R. Miller, 11. B. Brooks, 12. W. Miller, 13. G. Bauersfeld, 14. R. Brocata, 15. G. Smith, 16. F. Love, 17. ]. Sullivan, 18. J. Blacker, 19. P. McCabe, 20. L. Kyser, 21. D. Edwards, 22. A. Loomis, 23. M. Farr, 24. R. Grahe, 25. D. Gosper, 26. W. Hilferty, 27. P. Harding, 28. G. Oakjones, 29. P. Aynesworth, 30. J. Meszaros, 31. R. Soltis, 32. D. Clark, 33. C. Smith, 34. H. Livingston, 35. L. Vogel, 36. A. Latterner, 37. J. Bouffard, 38, J. Silbelberg, 39. E. Balou, 40. B. Denier, 41. M. Sobotka, 42. G. Kaplan, 43. S. Hyman, 44. R. Shope, 45. D. Blazer, 46. B. Potts, 47. C. Gro, 48. T. Weller, 49. M. Melliker, 50. R. Wood, 51. E. Eldridgo, 52. P. Claffv, 53. M. BiUing.slea, 54. C. Gaver, 55. C. Davis, 56. ]. Finglass, 57. L. Churchirlle, 58. J. Merryman, 59. D. Osher, 60. B. Jester, 61. ]. Hartman, 62. L. Nalley, 63. R. Smith, 64. M. Hummel, 65. R. Micklos. ii mum 44 f " J 1. S. Adler, 2. C. Medani, 3. P. Celluzzi, 4. T. Bell, 5. T. Lawyer, 6. G. Guynn, 7. D. Pickett, 8. B. Childs, 9. T. Meerhole, 10. Z. Heyman, 11. J. Chudovan, 12. S. Chop, 13. K. Goon, 14. P. Ciotta, 15. P. Kaplan, 16. R. Spencer, 17. T. Middlekauff, 18. H. Ewertz, 19. H. Biehl, 20. E. Biddle, 21. J. Shneidman, 23. D. McVeigh, 24. A. Beyea, 25. J. McNitt, 26. J. Siegmund, 27. D. Stansbury-Pres., 28. B. Dorer-Treas., 29. M. Shima, 30. D. Hickman. f: 197 ih J, t , cx .im«! : J ' 5 and 6 HAGERSTOWN t 1. I. Engle, 2. E. Epstein, 3. L. Cucina, 4. D. Brame, 5. L. O ' Neill, 6. R. Willing, 7. T. Jones, 8. C. Johnson, 9. L. Crowel, 10. S. Breckenheimer, 11. R. Newman, 12. M. Reynolds, 13. M. Craig, 14. O. Cue.sta, 15. S. Crawford, 16. N. Glazer, 17. N. Cunning- ham, 18. I. Crapeau, 19. S. Walters, 20. K. Johnson, 21. D. Outlaw, 22. S. Kremenak, 23. R. Levinsky, 24. M. Anderson, 25. M. Engelbrecht, 26. C. Coates. 1. C. Durholz, 2. C. Murphy, 3. S. Lindbeck, 4. S. Dietmeir, 5. S. Liebowitz, 6. S. Easton, 7. B. Rueger, 8. J. Ban, 9. D. Beplat, 10. D. Rizzo, 11. L. Richards, 12. M. Flathery, 13. R. Exler, 14. J. Wolman, 15. M. Tisher, 16. M. Sternberg, 17. B. Gendler, 18. K. LaLonde, 19. D. Gertler, 20. D. Dorsey, 21. S. Mitchell, 22. S. Powley, 23. L. Roberts, 24. E. Rusinko, 25. J. Jones, 26. K. McCluggage, 27. L. Bladen, 28. S. Wright, 29. C. Crawford, 30. M. Purple, 31. J. Kostas, 32. F. Mortazavi, 33. L. Skiles, 34. R. Herman, 35. E. Ritter, 36. P. Hayes, 37. I. Schwartz, 38. M. Mas- lak, 39. M. Michie, 40. A. Seger, 41. P. Freeman, 42. F. Brown, 43. J. Nowakowski, 44. C. Betts, 45. N. Webb, 46. R. Yoshpe, 47. J. Otton, 48. M. Timm, 49. E. Owen, 50. M. Trone, 51. L. Col- baugh, 52. K. Cole, 53. P. Smith, 54. N. Scott, 55. R. Miller, 56. D. Macklin, 57. S. Bahn, 58. B. Ritchey, 59. N. Stansfield, 60. C. Stanley, 61. S. Edwards, 62. J. Dunham, 63. 1. Taylor, 64. B. Bugg, 65. S. Kaplan, 66. P. Stagner, 67. J. Spegele, 68. V. Davis, 69. J. Ayer, 70. E. Mohr, 71. J. Ford, 72. S. Krieger, 73. M. Seff, 74. E. Rodriquez, 75. K. Nopper, 76. J. Boker. 1. N. Poag, 2. C. Oswell, 3. D. Vasilakos, 4. P. Miles, 5. J. Russ, 6. S. O ' Neill, 7. C. Miles, 8. M. Gelkin, 9. S. Myerberg, 10. E. Epstein, 11. M. Zlotowitz, 12. T. Wil- liams, 13. J. Ostdick, 14. C. Von Wald, 15. Y. Jacques, 16. B. Light, 17. C. Fitz- water, 18. M. Long, 19. M. Durand, 20. S. Teter, 21 , 22. M. Kidd, 23. M. Urbas, 24. J. Mintzer, 25. L. Jung, 26. P. Verduci, 27. J. Sykes, 28 , 29. C. Kuckuda, 30. S. Voisinet, 31. C. Foley, 32. P. Fishel, 33. K. Harrening, 34. P. Moody, 35. D. CuUen, 36. R. Polinsky, .37. S. Galliday, 38. S. Shams, 39. S. Lancaster, 40. D. Ewing, 41. A. Boyd, 42. J. Clowser, 43. M. Pritchard, 44. C. McDormott, 45. C. Miller, 46. F. EKibrov, 47. N. Edlow, 48. C. Levin, 49. N. Levin, 50. S. Glazer, 51. R. Fleishman, 52. A. Cheslow, 53. K. Kelly, 54. S. Pierce, 55. K. Maxen, 56. R. Rice, 57. P. Sabin. H AGE RSTO WN 3 and 4 200 7 and 8 1. V. Maiolo, 2. B. Weisbord, 3. K. PoUis, 4. C. Cook, 5. E. Coupe, 6. D. Kom, 7. M. Middleman, 8. D. Krensler, 9. G. Goldman, 10. M. Richmond, 11. I. Oppen- heim, 12. L. Cobb, 13. D. Fasnacht, 14. G. Flanagan, 15. S. Miller, 16. B. Levy, 17. L. Siegelman, 18. J. Aronson, 19. C. Jones, 20. R. Etlin, 21. H. Aranoff, 22. A. Prettyman, 23. V. Jessup, 24. T. Esham, 25. D. Doullard, 26. P. Urban, 27. D. Swaney, 28. B. Rowalsky, 29. J. Rich, 30. C. Pelosi, 31. G. Carraway, 32. E. Weiss, 33. T. Northrup, 34. D. Munn, 35. B. North. 36. D. Nolte, 37. D. Evans, 38. D. Koutsouros, 39. J. Fischer, 40. L. Kramer, 41. E. Smith, 42. G. Ortgies, 43. J. Rakow- ski, 44. N. Golas, 45. M. Paulos, 46. L. Jones, 47. L. Holland, 48. F. Lynch, 49. B. Goldman, 50. P. Lowney, 51. I. Dubee, 52. F . Stolwein, 53. L. Omdoff, 54. M. Fields, 55. C. Ferguson, 56. S. Fleischer. 57. C. Spelsberg, 58. K. Jones, 59. H. Norris, 60. M. Evans, 61. B. Kramer, 62. J. Flatley, 63. B. Bradley, 64. B. A,saro, 65. L. Gold- berg 66. N Richards, 67. L. Eves, 68. P. Pruitt, 69. L. Cohen, 70. F. Dubrov, 71 P. Stant 72. L. Bradley, 73. D. Doubet, 74. B. Cohn, 75. Mrs. Smith, 76. S. Driexler, 77. L. Wohlmuth, 78. I. Kramer, 79. B. Henderson (G. R.), 80. B. Brickell, 81. D. Cohen. w s Siip HARFORD HOWARD 1. B. Powers, 2. J. Taylor - Pres., 3. J. Cianos — Sec, 4. J. Donegan — Treas., 5. B. Snyder, 6. C. Huston, 7. D. Gillivan, 8. K. Stokes, 9. V. Norris, 10. T. Duncan, 11. S. Aumack, 12. T. GiofFre, 13. J. Bottino, 14. F. Fox, 15. T. Broderick, 16. T. Bartolec, 17. T. Getz, 18. M. Kowalski, 19. E. Bond, 20. F. Jacoby, 21. M. Johnstone, 22. J. Cochran, 23. K. Pawlitzki, 24. L. Brock, 25. B. Roby, 26. M. Miller, 27. M. Mezentsoff. 202 1. B. Rigler, 2. M. Blair, 3. B. Rose, 4. G. Coates, 5. L. Borowicz, 6. D. Cregger, 7. J. DriscoU, 8. D. Miller, 9. S. Mahatanankoon, 10. G. Lipsitz, 11. G. Timberlake, 12. S. Sisgold, 13. S. Sydney, 14. D. Fox, 15. G. Sullivan, 16. R. Root, 17. M. Johnson, 18. B. Crowe, 19. D. Deuvall, 20. G. Bishop, 21. J. Shea, 22. C. Hufnagel, 23. S. Buckler, 24. D. Philbrick, 25. L. Smith, 26. J. Russell, 27. L. Schwartz, 28. C. Gettier, 29. J. Zsakany, 30. G. Kohne, 31. R. Tyner, 32. R. Singleton, 33. R. Brown, 34. R. Bontz, 35. T. Hill, 36. T. Kreps, 37. B. Tyler, 38. J. Martin, 39. P. Hamstram, 40. B. Liston, 41. J. Wible, 42. B. Singer, 43. N. Lehneis, 44. R. Morgan, 45. J. Famous, 46. L. Smythers, 47. B. Clowser, 48. R. Tiedemann, 49. D. Litzinger, 50. M. Hayman, 51. R. Bottenus, 52. J. Blumenthal, 53. R. Grant, 54. J. McLennon, 55. R. Jones, 56. B. Loewer, 57. B. Pampillona, 58. W. Maxwell, 59. B. EHze, 60. T. May, 61. B. Gravatt, 62. J. Clark, 63. P. Bolton, 64. R. Long- ford, 65. R. Wickers, 66. M. Burke, 67. T. Smith, 68. L. Soergel, 69. G. Miller, 70. P. Moravec, 71. J. Sheinfield, 72. F. Wilson, 73. L. Scanlan, 74. J. Magram, 75. B. Russell, 76. R. Glee. KENT 1. J. Gabor, 2. M. Wenger, 3. M. Wojton, 4. S. Dansicker, 5. L. Burton - Pres., 6. J. Belt - V. Pres., 7. J. Linebaugh - Sec, 8 M. Cohen, 9 J. Erdman, 10. G. Youngkins, 11. J. Mahoney - R. A., 12. R. Deener, 13. T. Solyst, 14. E. Strassberger, 15. R. MUler, 16. B. Barnes, 17. E. Dill, 18. W. Hodges, 19. C. Klemm, 20. W. Maslin, 21. B. Minster, 22. L. Grimm, 23. P. Panuska, 24. M. Chapin, 25. R. Smith, 26. K. Gilbert, 27. J. Hoesch, 28. P. Brackins, 29. A. Sonmierfield, 30. E. Messer, 31. F. Dryden, 32. A. Papoutis, 33. S. CuUen, 34. J. Bouchard, 35. D. Burch, 36. J. Boyd, 37. B. Tullner. 203 1. C. Dennison, 2. S. Stiles, 3. P. Henry, 4. P. Reed, 5. I. Fox, 6. G. Voets, 7. G. Einbinder, 8. K. Vice, 9. E. YofFe, 10. J. Sch- wartz, 11. T. Fedder, 12. B. Tober, 13. C. Strobee, 14. B. Murray, 15. S. Shepherd, 16. S. E ecklebaum, 17. D. Lilly, 18. B. Peter- man-Soc. Chrmn., 19. S. Graf, 20. J. MuUican, 21. R. Flax, 22. N. Ginsberg-Pres., 23. K. Wooley, 24. S. Thompson, 25. S. Spear- Treas., 26. S. Lynn-V. Pres., 27. L. Womeldorf, 28. M. Kisielew- ski, 29. P. Michini, 30. K. Wagner, 31. L. Blackiston, 32. J. Watson, 33. K. Burleson, 34. J. Swartz, 35. A. Beckwith, 36. J. Bogan, 37. A. Speizman, 38. R. Kipper, 39. E. Lohr, 40. S. Skill- ings, 41. M. Payne, 42. J. Loberg, 43. L. Stevenot, 44. L. Michaux, 45. C. Thayer, 46. V. Leet, 47. S. Webb, 48. S. Frank, 49. B. Bottonose. CENTER MONTGOMERY WEST fVJ H--4- ■ ' , i iif cr:4l r ' ' I " ililiriimiit ' ii 1. Esther Cohen-Treas., 2. B. Tohnson-V. Pres., 3. S. Cohn-Pres., 4. S. Ragan-Soc. Chrm., 5. C. Dillon, 6. M. Margulis, 7. B. Price, 8. S. DiPauIa, 9. S. Campen, 10. S. Cheslock, 11. S. Grouse, 12. K. Griggs, 13. T. Bens, 14. J. Whittaker, 15. J. Locklear, 16. M. Maloff, 17. M. Lissaver, 18. L. Dewitt, 19. A. Katzen, 20. J. Leissner, 21. S. Taustin, 22. E. Wilhide, 23. L. Momingstar, 24. G. Blanar, 25. H. Bluefeld, 26. S. Simon, 27. S. Wilner, 28. N. Ghristy, 29. B. Gossard, 30. M. Lewis, 31. J. Benton, 32. B. McKay, 33. E. Feinglass, 34. M. Feldman, 35. B. Krosin, 36. S. Stewart, 37. W. Chin, 38. T. Schwartz, 39. G. Wagner, 40. S. Slutsky, 41. L. Hineh, 42. J. Nieminen, 43. E. Christiansen, 44. M. Higgs, 45. C. Ferris, 46. J. Goteiner, 47. S. Phillips, 48. P. Brady, 49. G. Courtney, 50. P. Dick, 51. B. Posner, 52. S. Csicsek, 53. E. Decoursey, 54. N. Burroughs, 55. N. Elliot. 1. B. Gromwell-HLstorian, 2. M. Rodgers-Soc. Chm., 3. S. Glazer-Jud. Bd. Chm., 4. L. Hertzlich-Pres., 5. B. Yelton-Sec, 6. M. Gilstad-R. A., 7. G. Lutz, 8. S. Lane, 9. B. Clark, 10. L. McBriety, 11. G. Lawyer, 12. B. Kopit, 13. E. Andrys, 14. S. Logan, 15. D. Pavlos, 16. D. Maurer, 17. P. Welty, 18. S. Burton, 19. S. Kirkpatrick, 20. N. Tatelbaum, 21. J. Windsor, 22. S. Holdsworth, 23. J. Gray, 24. L. Brown, 25. L. Harvey, 26. F. Haffner, 27. H. Lemont, 28. M. Weidhaas, 29. E. Griggs, 30. P. Maute, 31. L. Nally, 32. J. Wall, 33. G. Berry, 34. S. Saperstein, 35. M. Cator, 36. D. RokofF, 37. L. Norris, 38. S. Hensley, 39. G. Herskovitz, 40. S. Guertler, 41. L. Gallagher, 42. S. Gesswein, 43. C. Makowski, 44. R. Middleman, 45. J. Dente, 46. N. Woltz, 47. N. Osheroff. 1. D. Meers, 2. S. Miller, 3. B. Simms, 4. T. Brooks, 5. R. Maisti, 6. L. Holtz- man, 7. G. Finkelstein, 8. G. Sherman, 9. M. Wall, 10. R. Feller, 11. E. Goldberg, 12. J. Hake, 13. G. Medeiros, 14. M. McKibben, 15. M. Buchanan, 16. L. Klein, 17. R. Hall, 18. S. Specter, 19. J. Schwartz, 20. E. Schooler, 21. L. Gross, 22. A. Bobbins, 23. N. Hess, 24. L. Kries, 25. B. Davis, 26. M. Gardner, 27. P. Kirby, 28. N. Darnell, 29. V. Dahl, 30. K. Posey, 31. P. Paw, 32. L. Mitchell, 33. T. Kelley, 34. R. Kinsella, 35. E. Hinton, 36. C. BiUett, 37. J. Herbert, 38. J. King, 39. M. James, 40. M. Slowik, 41. 1. London, 42. E. McKittrick, 43. S. London, 44. T. Gerstein, 45. M. Davis, 46. M. Kraus, 47. S. Harness, 48. A. Fasimpaur, 49. C. Davis, 50. A. Holtz, 51. M. Forrest, 52. B. Flotte, 53. S. Gardner, 54. J. Schwartz, 55. T. O ' Brien, 56. M. Bene, 57. J. Holljes, 58. J. Finifer, 59. S. Strickler, 60. E. Zimmerman, 61. A. McKoy, 62. E. Rynarzewski, 63. J. Steiber, 64. P. Steifer, 65. P. Blueford, 66. K. Geller, 67. D. Pullen, 68. L. Craig, 69. L. Laycock, 70. R. HaU, 71. L. Murphy, 72. J. Aschenbrenner, 73. G. Chow, 74. F. Otterbein, 75. B. Reich, 76. D. Gilbert- son, 77. B. Garrity. QUEEN ANNE ' S 206 ST. MARY ' S 1. p. Rouzer-Jud. Bd. Chm., 2. D. Smulowitz-Soc. Chm., 3. B. Sisson-Pres., 4. P. Eckel-V. Pres., 5. S. Mader, 6. J. De Vries, 7. C. Hauswald, 8. D. Hohensee, 9. C. Kane, 10. S. Eggleston, 11. M. Cox, 12. M. Mahady, 13. P. Mavity, 14. A. Tymeson, 15. E. Frey, 16. M. Smith, 17. B. Roberts, 18. E. Lang, 19. M. Brookman, 20. K. Regan, 21. M. Golibart, 22. R. Alperstein, 23. D. Diehl, 24. G. Klimek, 25. M. Tetro, 26. C. Engle, 27. L. Rosen, 28. C. Davey, 29. D. Degin, 30. D. Dawson, 31. B. Knapik, 32. M. Mudd, 33. C. Franks, 34. E. Eulster, 35. L. Hiser, 36. S. Shaw, 37. E. Ozur, 38. L. Tracy, 39. M. Wu, 40. E. Wilen, 41. E. Sirbaugh, 42. J. Lambert, 43. M. Waller, 44. D. Eisler, 45. L. Sine, 46. L. Hildebrandt, 47. P. Frechette, 48. V. Vroblesky, 49. J. Denton, 50. M. Layfield, 51. N. Shaw, 52. B. Rephann, 53. M. Scott, 54. A. Owings, 55. D. Habicht, 56. S. Roman, 57. P. Bowman. 1. M. Louie, 2. J. Nonotny, 3. R. Allison, 4. W. Boehm, 5. R. Helstowski, 6. H. Lanham, 7. M. Jankiewicy, 8. T. Kelly, 9. G. Grelli, 10. T. CoUi- son, 11. J. Veise, 12. J. Brandt, 13. D. Bystrak, 14. M. Rennie, 15. R. Smith, 16. B. Holter, 17. J. Meyerson, 18. T. Fowler, 19. H. Mason, 20. D. Clark, 21. B. Nielson-Treas., 22. T. Crothers, 23. B. Kuriny, 24. J. Robinson-V. Pres., 25. D. Taylor-Pres., 26. B. Felty, 27. J. Yates, 28. M. Segal-R. A., 29. K. Larash, 30. J. Lee, 31. J. Holzapfel, 32. D. Sparks. PRINCE GEORGE ' S TALBOT SOMERSET I. C. Erdeljon, 2. B. Hill, 3. N. Heflin, 4. B. Blackhurst, 5. C. Friedlander, 6. , 7. C. Goering, 8. J. Kline, 9. B. Milker, 10. L. Hinkel, II. P. Harrison, 12. B. Sutherland, 13. L. Lemer, 14. B. Busch, 15. M. Macaluso, 16. S. Bell, 17. M. Schwartz, 18. J. More, 19. C. Norris, 20. M. Lindenmayer, 21. K. Wilson, 22. S. Elkin, 23. L. Rushlow, 24. S. Free, 25. D. EHemer, 26. E. Gilbert, 27. A. Kolman, 28. J. Ditlow-Soc. Chrm., 29. J. Hohnson-Treas., 30. B. Henson-Sec., 31. B. Hoffman, 32. A. Booth, 33. B. Beasley, 34. L. Clenny, 35. A. M. Young-Pres., 36. L. Herbst, 37. P. McCoy, 38. S. Manlove, 39. J. Bellafiore, 40. H. Friedman, 41. C. London, 42. J. Morris, 43. B. Kienzler, 44. R. Hample, 45. B. Frid, 46. E. Gordon, 47. J. Lurie, 48. P. Flood, 49. P. Fulton, 50. J. Orr, 51. M. Klompus, 52. L. Lentz, 53. J. Griggs, 54. P. Grant, 55. D. Austin, 56. C. Merson, 57. J. Balacek, 58. M. Dudley, 59. S. Corkran, 60. J. Dubois, 61. P. Triplett, 62. J. Rehkamper, 63. S. Zietzoff, 64. G. Harvey, 65. C. Smith, 66. S. Scherr, 67. P. Sparrow, 68. V. Van Holten, 69. D. Rude, 70. G. Weinstein. 1. R. Heird-V. Pres., 2. J. Stallard-Treas., 3. C. Landrum-Pres., 4. B. Roogow, 5. D. Cusic, 6. R. Hill, 7. J. Faulkner, 8. J. Zinreick, 9. W. Speith, 10. A. Mohagen, 11. T. Donegan, 12. E. Drawbaugh, 13. R. Anderson, 14. J. Desoy, 15. M. Cone, 16. S. Breitenbach, 17. T. Kilduff, 18. R. Wilkinson, 19. G. Bowden, 20. G. Haynes, 21. M. Swomley, 22. J. King, 23. T. Bruge, 24. G. Moore, 25. B. Maiden, 26. B. Spewak, 27. J. Tullner, 28. R. Pechulis, 29. M. Lynas, 30. M. Marino, 31. B. Cramer. WASHINGTON J and K 1. K. Sevier, 2. R. Garrigan, 3. J. Carson-R. A., 4. J. Davis-V. Pres., 5. D. Yingling-Dorm Sweetheart 6. L Long-Pres., 7. J. Layton-Sec, 8. R. Garrigan, 9. B. Bruenelle-G. R., 10. F. Veeder, 11. J. Brown, 12. B. Shoemaker 13 P. Nelson, 14. L. Hower, 15. J. Morrell, 16. A. Diamond, 17. D. Cedrone, 18. T. Shivers, 19. G. Costantino, 20 J. Coulbourne, 1. M. Bromely, 22. J. Romine, 23. R. Day, 24. J. Mann, 25. J. Payne, 26. E. Everitt, 27. J. Brosman, 28. J. Funk, 29. W. Lawrence, 30. S. Metzner, 31. J. Goby, 32. S. Cox, 33. J. Schneider, 34. L. Cox, 35. M. Ragan, 36. J. Thompson, 37. K. l-ox. 1. D. Howard, R. Roby, 3. W. Thompson, 4. B. Spizler, 5. J. Wright, 6. J. Kelly, 7. F. Spranklin, 8. R. Gipe, 9. W. Piccirilli, 10. S. Groh, 11. T. Moran, 12. C. Staines, 13. P. Rebert, 14. S. Branning, 15. G. Hail, 16. C. Henke, 17. C. Breenberg, 18. J. Bechtel, 19. J. Sweeney, 20. D. Moran, 21. W. Kennedy, 22. M. Brock, 23. R. Moore, 24. G. Price, 25. J. James, 26. R. Cooper, 27. T. Srock, 28. G. Powell, 29. R. Jandorf, 30. R. Smith, 31. R. Skarr-G. R.. 32. W. Corbett, 33. J. Cox, 34. C. Chance, 35. C. StaufFer. 1. S. Rome, 2, J. Cordiano, 3. G. Williams, 4. E. Lushbaugh, 5. G. Robison, 6. J. Grillo, 7. P. Devine, 8. P. Cummings, 9. R. Tanner, 10. T. Groves, 11. R. Spiegel, 12. L. Young, 13. F. Menke, 14. T. W. Maske, 15. J. Moorehouse, 16. J. Kirby, 17. L. Morris, 18. B. Megary-R. A., 19. R. Moore, 20. H. Spielman, 21. D. Gook, 22. G. Brenton, 23. R. Dotson, 24. A. MacAdams, 25. E. Jacques, 26. D. Vore, 27. T. Wolfe, 28. S. Bryant, 29. F. Szezerbicki, 30. F. Gathell, 31. R. Holland. G and H ,) tm I Lmm WICOMICO 1. E. Grey, 2. N. Sheridan, 3. S. Michaels, 4. I. Hurwitz, 5. K. O ' Sullivan, 6. S. Hankey, 7. J. Fike, 8. S. Hipp, 9. M. Sammons, 10, A. C. Pratt, 10. B. J. Masser, 11. R. Lephardt, 12. S. Clarke, 13. B. Stafford, 14. C. Buddie, 15. R. Etelson, 16. S. Bushey, 17. K. Champion, 18. J. Bell, 19. S. Gr:-g - Treas., 20. E. Mager - V. Pres., 21. S. Evemgam - Pres., 22. P. Kelley - Sec, 23. D. Yingling - Social Chm., 24. M. Diamond, 25. B. Stem, 26. R. Schwartz, 27. S. Gosnell, 28. M. Bottiglieri, 29. S. Weiserbs, 30. S. Martin, 31. S. Barrow, 32. P. Posner, 33. F. Deland, 34. M. Brown, 35. J. Zavoyna, 36. J. Ralph, 37. A. Warnock, 38. P. Farrell, 39. P. Martin, 40. S. Koppelmann, 41. K. Mayer, 42. J. Clayman, 43. F. Berg, 44. G. Gilleas, 45. J. Sterling, 46. A. Levy, 47. C. Weinstein, 48. N. Watts, 49. L. Hull, 50. A. Vaughn, 51. D. Mack, 52. I. Underwood, 53. K. Ault, 54. D. Whinery, 55. L. Gran, 56. D. Dvoskin, 57. A. Lipitz, 58. J. Fiddes, 59. D. Schumchyk, 60. D. Davis, 61. J. Aucre- manne, 62. S. Dean, 63. F. Funkhouser, 64. L. Altshuler, 65. A. Biser, 66. M. Davies, 67. D. Caplan, 68. K. Trafton, 69. G. Pfeifer, 70. L. Wagaman. 212 1. M. Taiceuchi, 2. R. Brown - Pres., 3. A. Carresa, 4. M. Rolfs, 5. M. Betts, 6. M. Griffin, 7. D. Sullivan, 8. R. Sindler, 9. T. Stem, 10. F. Silberminz, 11. B. Brady, 12. H. Klatzman, 13. S. Aumack, 14. S. Furtick, 15. J. Sessoms, 16. C. Edwards, 17. J. Thompson, 18. G. Pszwaro, 19. D. Johnson, 20. J. Smith, 21. L. Gluck, 22. B. McKinnies, 23. S. Fissell, 24. J. Bort, 25. T. Taylor, 26. J. Johnston, 27. L. Goldberg, 29. M. Lavietes, 30. W. Wood, 31. S. Maguire, 32. J. Best, 33. E ale Sullivan, 34. L. Ash, 35. M. Goldstein, 36. R. Seiko, 37. L. Lynch, 38. S. Fraser, 39. S. Surf, 40. J. Flemming, 41. M. Lester, 42. R. Globerman, 43. K. Williams, 44. M. Smith, 45. G. Varga, 46. N. Young, 47. E. Albert, 48. S. Heindel, 49. J. Pfefferkom, 50. G. Miller, 51. L. Dorsey, 52. G. Rogers, 53. K. Johnson, 54. M. Davis, 55. K. Keely, 56. S. Conlin, 57. B. Hughes, 58. J. Henn, 59. C. Gurtain, 60. G. Sutton, 61. B. Wilk, 62. S. Loving, 63. D. Zunguli, 64. D. Green- berg, 65. L. Grow. 66. S. Buscher, 67. H. Durilla, 68. K. Stokes, 69. K. McAntor. WORCESTER 1. B. Greenwood, 2. J. Deskins, 3. J. Walter, 4, D. Ives, 5. E. Lockwood, 6. J. Bell, 7. D. Smith. 8. J. O ' Nea, 9. R. Krein, 10. J. Bender, 11. R, Ryan, 12. " Herbie. " r f " " ; IB ; = J !lil -ig. FIRE PREVENTION DORMITORY INTERNATIONAL HOUSE 1. Franklin Burke— Jamaica, 2. Aklu Girgre— Ethio- pia, 3. Ashok Metha— India, 4. Javed Qureshi— Pak- istan, 5. Mike iNoll-R.A., 6. Ali Hasmi-Pakistan, 7. Alphonsus Okorie— Nigeria, 8. Anil Kohli— In- dia, 9. Olivier LaFourcade— France, 10. Anthony Derkson— Netherlands, 11. Adolf Miklavc— Yugo- slavia. « ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ RESIDENCE HALLS COUNCIL 1. C. Woods, pres, 2. B. Gendler, 3. M. Bryant, 4. H. Shulman, 5. J. Dryden, 6. T. Courchen, V Pres., 7. J. Eliassen, 8. L. Rothschild, 9. D. Lynn, 10. Proser, treas., 11. B. Levin, 12. N. Noach. HILL AREA COUNCIL Front Row: L. Brock, M. Kisie- lewski, J. DeBoy, D. Lynn, V. Pres., H. Wolpert, Pres.; P. Axel- rod, Treas.; G. Maxwell, J. Bane, P. Collins, M. HoRan. Second Row: M. Cator, B. Milker, B. Peacher, R. Tanner, J. Kerr, B. Hand, P. Maviety, J. Kallman, J. Novotny, J. Robinson, A. Carrera, T. Smith, R. Maisti, P. Leonard. Back Row: T. Wolfe, T. Jackson, D. Cusic, R. Moore, B. Hoeflich. W. Fletcher, C. Konya, J. Davis, J. Kirby, J. Witkowski. Front Row: B. Borzymowski, Treas.; B. Levin, V. Pres.; J. Dryden, Pres.; P. Gilmore, Sec. Back Row: M. Oristian, D. Yeagle, T. Stanton, J. Pohlhaus, F. Vezzi. MOBILE AREA COUNCIL CAMBRIDGE COMPLEX COUNCIL Front Row: N. Maynard, V. Pres.; P. Katz, Sec; M. Waite, V. Dee, B. Clydesdale, A. Kircaner, S. McAbee, C. Letoris, D. Dolan, Pres. Second Row: M. Levine, F. Santoni, H. Burch, P. Plunkert, J. Dailey, V. Agina, D. Schneider, P. Rick, R. Ferrara. Seated: D. Perry, H. Jones, S. Wierenga, Treas.; G. Ord, Pres.; N. Noack, Sec; M. Stinson, K. Bryte, M. Holzapfel. Standing: D. Dickson, C. Clark, M. Hensley, D. Coutts, V. McKenna, S. Sause, D. Vanneman, J. Hargest, E. Werner, S. Bowen. DENTON COMPLEX COUNCIL ELLICOTT AREA COUNCIL Front Row: R. Fleishman, M. Xillas, J. Schaefer, Treas.; R. DeCuir, V. Pres.; B. Gendler, Sec; H. Shulman, Pres.; S. Kaplan, J. Bari, J. Soloninka.. Back Row: C. Coupe, D. Cullen, S. Jacoby, F. Liebig, E. Ward, L. Meeks, D. Proser, D. Redlin, A. Pastrana, M. English, S. Lindbeck, L. Rothschild, L. Siegelman, J. Dunham, J. Korb. isim m s 1 : ' ! Wi! S tii- I rs- i » ' GREEKS 218 219 Rush: ' 220 Outside inside apprehension anticipation Open door rush a reaUty impressions social stimulation impressions Close door long hours anxiety hope anxiety yet cruel yet fair choosing being chosen The door opens . . . 221 participation . 222 representing The House .y ti .a 223 competition to the highest bidder: —golf with President Elklns — lunch with Senator Tydlngs . . . for charity 224 and for the community . . 225 . . meaning that comes from giving of oneself: — personal — inward — selfless — rewarding . . . yet finding a time to unwind. 227 Tradition: — yesterday and years ago —today —tomorrow and in years to come iff|iriPr(}r,W ' ji« nr wmmm the Greek way of life 229 DELTA ALPHA PI 1. A. Bnmdige 2. J. Sneddon, 3. D. Matejko, 4. ]. Tamorria, 5. C. KoUer, 6. L. Halter, 7. M. Adams, 8. V. Wegner, 9. M. Harrison, 10. R. Farrell, 11. M. Kruger, 12. R. Brown, 13. B. Hardie, 14. N. Fleigh, 15. C. Gatchell-Treas., 16. S. Cassidy-Pres., 17. Mrs. F. Gryska- Housemother, 18. K. Walsh, 19. D. Casselberry, 20. J. Zabriskie, 21. J. Royce-V. Pres., 22, J. Ireland, 23. S. Hawk, 24. ]. Vizard, 25. J. Dougan, 26. P. Wingert, 27. E. Pellegrino, 28. J. Glunt, 29. M. Blumenthal, 30. S. Ayers, 31. J. Crawford, 32. V. Hambury, 33. M. Mickett, 34. E. Scerbo, 35. T. Bugel, 36. V. Streep, 37. L. Saunders, 38. L. Thompson, 39. K. Conrad, 40. E. Barksdale, 41. E. Shaw, 42. C. Schmitt, 43. E. Hamill, 44. E. King, 45. K. Palmer, 46. K. Mc- Artor, 47. E. Nash, 48. L. Morris, 49. J. Gubisch, 50. F. Delmore, 51. J. Warner, 52. K. Pechulis, 53. S. Mays, 54. L. Welchel, 55. G. Coombs, 56. R. Anderson, 57. M. Smith, 58. R. Cianelli. 230 1. M. Welsh, 2. M. O ' Neil, 3. J. Evans, 4. Mascot, 5. C. Steele-Corr. Sec, 6. Mrs. Heppes-House- mother, 7. A. Korab, 8. M. Beneke, 9. N. Vouglas, 10. B. Hogston, 11. B. McKay, 12. N. Gatlin, 13. R. Garretson, 14. L. Naylor, 15. B. Timmermans, 16. M. Costello, 17. P. Russel, 18. M. Sane, 19. J. Stachitas, 20. C. Beneke, 21. B. Grim, 22. J. Douglass-Rec. Sec, 23. S. Hendricks, 24. B. MUler, 25. M. Coleman, 26. P. Klinges, 27. C. Worden, 28. P. Keenan, 29. S. Stewart, 30. G. Little- 2nd V. Pres., 31. B. Grim, 32. G. Sterling, 33. C. Shockly, 34. P. Peley, 35. S. Higgins, 36. G. HoUis- ter, 37. D. Benson, 38. M. Bitz, 39. A. Gaiazzo, 40. L. Bowers, 41. N. Jamitz, 42. B. Van Denmark, 43. G. Stuart, 44. L. O ' Neil, 45. K. Roome-lst V. Pres., 46. B. St. Glaire-Pres., 47. B. ZuUi, 48. J. Ward,49. J. Orban, 50. G. Tait, 51. J. Paris, 52. M. Strudwick, 53. L. Gopony, 54. W. Otto, 55. N. Raynaud, 56. S. Myers— Treas. CHI ALPHA OMEGA EPSILON ALPHA PHI 1. T. Cohen, 2. G. Teitel, 3. S. Steinbach, 4. J. Markin, 5. T. Rothsteiii, 6. E. Harris, 7. T. Gross, 8. J. Katz, 9. L. Greenstone, 10. D. Sandler, 11. P. Rosen, 12. M. Litwin-Rec. Sec, 13. B. Bondy-Corr. Sec., 14. S. Leviton-Treas., 15. I. Hackerman-Pres., 16. Mrs. M. Slattery-Housemother, 17. B. GofFman- 2nd V. Pres., 18. S. Podger-lst V. Pres., 19. I. Zetling, 20. C. Stollman, 21. L. Stein, 22. H. Dubick, 23. A. Zinn, 24. J. Schnuer, 25. L. Ehrlich, 26. D. Korn, 27. R. Weissman, 28. D. Swartz, 29. L. Rubin, 30. G. Szafir, 31. R. Potash, 32. B. Needel, 33. F. Philhps, 34, K. Sulcov, 35. T. Hettleman, 36. I. Solomon, 37. L. Smolen, 38. D. Pollack, 39. A. Konsan, 40. M. Mittleman, 41. B. Teplin, 42. M. Tasch, 43. L. Golden, 44. A. Salzman, 45. B. Gohen, 46. L. Zetlin, 47. E. Bechkes, 48. C. Katzman, 49. J. Simon, 50. K. Berlin, 51. L. Ingber, 52. S. Wolfe, 53. L. Jacobson, 54. J. Kropman, 55. S. Goodman, 56. L. Hoch, 57. J. Sterling, 58. J. Goldstein, 59. B. Kind, 60. S. Reicher, 61. M. Solotoff, 62. N. Zazlowsky, 63. L. Becker, 64. S. Pearl, 65. F. Weiner, 66. S. Engel, 67. S. Bordow. EPSILON ALPHA PI 1. H. Saonitz, 2. P. Ben Ezra, 3. R. Baron, 4. R. Wheeler, 5. R. Denenburg, 6. H. Levy, 7. M. Lechter, 8. S. Abrams, 9. F. Kaufman Jr., 10. S. Grossman, 11. R. Segal, 12. M. Sitrick, 13. R. Davis, 14. N. King, 15. S. Postow, 16. T. Benesch-Secretary, 17. L. Roth, 18. R. Babiskin, 19. R. Kupersmith, 20. C. Miller, 21. J. Miller-President, 22. R. Rei,ss- Pledgemaster, 23. J. Hyman, 24. G. Land.sman, 25. A. Kraft-Sweetheart, 26. J. Gordon- Secretary, 27. D. Fishbein, 28. M. Barth, 29. S. Maged, 30. A. Rosen-Vice-President. i esiiSSilSSliSL lSS i • ' r ■ - ' • ' •. ' B, ■-■ ' « W Si 1. M. Petrini, 2. L. Oursler, 3. J. Keams-Preston, 4. J. Martin, 5. L. Shevitz, 6. M. Emmons, 7. M. Grimm, 8. C. Brophy, 9. Mrs. M. Gotts- chalk— Housemother, 10. J. Leonard, 11. P. Hegarty, 12. B. Mayer— Corr. Sec., 13. K. Dunn, 14. D. Eggleston, 15. N. Monitor— Rec. Sec. 16. C. Grennon, 17. K. Duncan, 18. R. Kaylor, 19. C. Fehlner, 20. K. Lightcap, 21. L. McCron, 22. J. Bley, 23. M. Liden, 24. P. Koenig, 25. M. Heggestad-Treas., 26. J. Hunt, 27. E. Holland, 28. K. Conkey, 29. P. DufF-lst V. Pres., 30. E. Best-2nd V. Pres., 31. G. Theodore, 32. E. Bamey-Pres., 33. N. Veraa, 34. S. Baba, 35. J. Putman, 36. L. Lightfoot, 37. M. Johnson, 38. H. Norris, 39. P. Lawwill. GAMMA ALPHA DELTA 234 GAMMA ALPHA f RHO UAX.i.ti i raMM« Ipq H 1. J. Hoffman, 2. R. Moser, 3. J. Podlesny— Treas., 4. Mrs. Barnard— House- mother, 5. E. Fry-Pres., 6. D. Hoshall-V. Pres., 7. J. Edwards-Sec, 8. J. Robinson, 9. P. Robertson, 10. D. Tucker, 11. D. Edwards, 12. J. Frances, 13. L. Jarrett, 14. R. Aird, 15. D. Bunty, 16. C. Russ, 17. J. Fielder, 18. A. Shepherd, 19. W. Dittman, 20. J. Suit, 21. L. Pue, 22. G. Perrygo, 23. D. Sea- brease, 24. W. Gordon, 25. D. Dunn, 26. R. Brush, 27. M. McDaniels, 28. P. Drazek, 29. S. Taylor, 30. R. Simpson, 31. J. Laws, 32. J. Norris, 33. B. Brendel, 34. J. Powell, 35. W. Dungey, 36, L. Tracey, 37. R. Merritt, 38. J. Long, 39. I. Stacey, 40. G. Graham, 41. J. Robertson, 42. C. Williams, 43. P. Baker, 44. R. Pearson, 45. W. Kurtz, 46. R. Robeson. OMICRON ALPHA PI 1. D. Taylor, 2. C. Wise, 3. V. Kontos, 4. A. Catrambone, 5. S. Moore, 6. A. Kniger, 7. B. Cooke, 8. S. Montgomery, 9. M. Buckley, 10. C. Snead, 11. N. Lindes, 12. P. Rever, 13. J. Quinan, 14. N. Oberhaus, 15. L. Murphy, 16. M. Clayton, 17. W. Wood, 18. C. Bloom, 19. C. Scott, 20. S. Lazar, 21. N. Herchen- roeder— Corr. Sec, 22. Mrs. Newton— Housemother, 23. B. Reed— Rec. Sec, 24. P. Jones— Treas., 25. J. Mockabee, 26. K. Frazier, 27. N. Rydell, 28. B. Brannen, 29. N. Regnier, 30. W. Flegal-lst V. Pres., 31. L. Kirby, 32. R. Richard-2nd V. Pres., 33. P. Voneiff-Pres., 34. L. Hersh, 35. P. Sochynsky, 36. P. Scholtz, 37. K. Smith, 38. G. Williams, 39. C. Norte, 40. C. Anders, 41. S. Martin, 42. C. Sacks, 43. C. O ' Brien, 44. L. Ciabatoni, 45. M. Sausser, 46. M. Robinson, 47. C. Plachta, 48. P. Keller, 49. J. Good- hart, 50. S. Jaacks, 51. J. Schumaker, 52. V. Brown, 53. L. Sausser, 54. S. Buchholtz, 55. L. Olson, 56. A. Pappas, 57. S. Sladen, 58. J. Broking, 59. P. Heller, 60. B. Thompson, 61. A. Blakeslee. L J. Legg, 2. J. Leach, 3. S. Williams, 4. K. McHugh, 5. L. O ' Mara, 6. D. Brogan, 7. J. Sterling, 8. C. Young, 9. J. Bacon, 10. S. Gray, 11. T. Clark, 12. J. Smith, 13. M. Siem, 14. E. Shay, 15. A. Kelion, 16. C. Perry, 17. C. Porter-Sec, 18. B. Shipp, 19. C. Neely, 20. M. Whitehill, 21. Mrs. Cooke- Housemother, 22. J. Davis, 23. K. Nelson, 24. K. Callanan, 25. S. Serback, 26. S. Hightowner-V. P -es., 27. M. Cockey-Pres., 28. L. Schwartz-Treas., 29. K. Tyson, 30. P. Haislip, 31. P. Bowman, 32. K. Wittwer, 33. M. Meehan, 34. B. SchafFer, 35. J. Lothrop, 36. L. Beadle, 37. J. Iverson, 38. S. Meade, 39. M. Maclousa, 40. J. Zilman, 41. C. Duke, 42. S. Bascom, 43. M. Mitchel, 44. B. Krout, 45. C. Cane, 46. C. Bronson, 47. J. Feltt, 48. B. Brown, 49, S. Perry, 50. N. Pugh, 51. C. Andrewjack, 52. M. Tibbs, 53. C. Lartz, 54. P. Kemper, 55. K. Kochan, 56. C. Bodkin, 57. M. Peters, 58. C. Caroway, 59. M. Egan, 60. C. Bascom, 61. L. De Lizia, 62. B. Hall. 63. S. Davis, 64. C. Ward. ALPHA PHI Br " 4- • i ■ , T ' 2 L XI ALPHA DELTA Alpha Xi Helta 1. C. Thomas, 2. J. Shedlock, 3. J. Tinney, 4. B. Monichelli, 5. K. Haines, 6. C. McKewen, 7. K. Sheehan, 8. B. Reinmuth, 9. D. Lillard, 10. C. Trower, 11. M. Hickey, 12. M. Gemmell, 13. D. Fela, 14. J. Stanne, 15. M. Hahn, 16. J. Ramsen, 17. B. Smilski-Pledgetrainer, 18. P. Fuller-V. Pres., 19. T Price-Pres., 20. N. KnaufF, 21. L. McVey-Corr. Sec, 22. B. Ullman, 23. M. Seabreeze, 24. F. Tzanis, 25. E. Ott, 26. P. Sowers, 27. B. Yunk, 28. N. Hatkin, 29. K. Millar, 30. K. Kersey, 31. A. Carlin, 32. B. Reeves, 33. S. Rinehart, 34. M. Leroy-Treas., 35. S. Nowak, 36. L. Saville, 37. B. Newkirk, 38. T. Desalvo, 39. R. Mann, 40. V. Bell, 41. L. Cianciolo, 42. P. Gallogly, 43. P. Martin, 44. M. Chase, 45. C. Day, 46. D. Engle, 47. I. Jordan, 48. D. Swiger, 49. M. Cross, 50. M. Indri- covic, 51. M. Thompson, 52. J. Ebner, 53. J. Amberson, 54. L. Schaub, 55. L. Riley, 56. J. Haveland. 238 1. B. Hanna, 2. C. Turner, 3. W. Waetjen, 4. R. Smith-Scribe, 5. Jim Gingell-Pres., 6. R. Thompson, 7. J. Barley, 8. K. Marino, 9. W. Reynolds, 10. D. Kelly, 11. M. Jacobs, 12. R. Sibert, 13. J. Mihok, 14. B. Adams, 15. R. Anderson, 16. A. Gonzalez, 17. C. Boyd, 18. M. Hancock, 19. R. Ullrich, 20. M. Kelly, 21. C. Benna, 22. B. Ringler, 23. C. Brins- field, 24. Miss V. Tliomas— Housemother, 25. M. Pyles-Corr. Sec, 26. E. Pappas- Treas., 27. P. Grill, 28. G. Usrey, 29. S. Ferris, 30. D. Clark, 31. C. Algire, 32. J. King, 33. J. Ziegler, 34. S. Beattie, 35. " J. Holzapfel, 36. J. Beever, 37. J. Safley, 38. R. Powers, 39. R. Smullen, 40. F. Fabin, 41. R. English, 42. R. Rhudy, 43. D. Rip- peon, 44. R. Coyne, 45. J. Stevenson, 46. W. Diessler, 47. M. McGinn, 48. E. Haines, 49. D. Clark, 50. B. Alexander, 51. J. Flem- ing, 52. D. Mayo, 53. M. Ritchie, 54. K. Swanson, 55. C. Eby, 56. C. Yeager, 57. S. Kirby, 58. D. Krepp, 59. S. Sisson, 60. J. Hamill, 61. R. Edlund. TAU ALPHA OMEGA t.t ' ikf I $. ' ' s.rfcTF ' i i .. ;« -•♦ iL ' A £L H r n nWl up — P f B y ■1 1 jn| lit ' " J " ? DELTA DELTA f DELTA ifii 1. D. Deakyne, 2. J. Edwards, 3. B. Nesbitt, 4. J. Ament, 5. M. Williams, 6. D. Howe, 7. J. Harris, 8. N. Floyd, 9. C. Sorrels, 10. S. Kaminski, 11. G. Sessums, 12. R. Wright, 13. M, Bishop, 14. B. Palmer, 15. D. Bavis, 16. T. Northrup, 17. C. Stephens, 18. M. Fagan, 19. P. Ulman, 20. D. Stephens, 21. S. Mossburg-2nd V. Pres., 22. P. Randolph-Pres., 23. Mrs. Guenther-Housemother, 24. P. Maccubbin-lst V. Pres., 25. P. Brown, 26. L. Taylor-Rec. Sec., 27. J. Hildebrand, 28. S. Culver, 29. D. Woodbury, 30. J. Winslow, 31. B. Baker, 32. J. Pelecanos, 33. M. Williams, 34. G. Capozalo, 35. M. Wolfe, 36. D. Newcome, 37. B. Eiserer, 38. S. Thornburg, 39. L. Rogers, 40. P. Adorian, 41. J. Clift, 42. G. Foreman, 43. S. Cunningham, 44. C. Jenkins, 45. P. Carter, 46. C. Walker, 47. B. Warren, 48. C. Grant, 49. P. Wise, 50. J. Salladin, 51. D. Koutsouros, 52. P. Grimes, 53. P. Luckett, 54. K. Ford, 55. L. Ziegler, 56. S. Metelits, 57. S. Collins, 58. P. Blythe, 59. I. Strickler, 60. C. Randolph, 61. J. Anderson, 62. J. Galbreath, 63. J. Lance, 64. M. Ward, 65. M. Higgins, 66. G. Moore, 67. C. Hamilton, 68. P. Lane, 69. S. Voisinet, 70. S. Hagerman, 240 1. E. Johnson, 2. R. Fischetti, 3. P. Wolber, 4. M. Biilow, 5. J. Bayly, 6. C. Enlow, 7. A. Commerford, 8. M. Hope, 9. C. Hunter, 10. V. Koontz, 11. J. Messer-Lst V. Pres., 12. O. Harrison— Pies., 13. P. McMichael, 14. Mrs. R. Allen— Hou.semother, 15. S. Minion— Con. Sec., 16. J. Baker, 17. B. Capasso-Rec. Sec, 18. M. Mount, 19. J Dougherty, 20. G. Honeycutt, 21. N. Munson, 22. J. Wells, 23. D. Hoelke, 24. C. Innes, 25. M. Warhol, 26. J. Van Sant, 27. T. Boaz, 28. K. Haggerty, 29. B. Cobo, 30. S. Diehl, 31. B. Vogel, 32. M. McNeely, 33. J. Hargett, 34. C. Harrison, 35. S. Cervenv-Trcas., 36. M. Zetter, 37. .T. Green, 38. L. Culbertson, 39. L. Law.son, 40. M. Worden, 41. K. Tacgerman, 42. M. Banyasz, 43. H. Lyons, 44. A. Waters, 45. M. Wueste, 46. T- Knox, 47. S. Gardner, 48. C. Clark, 49. A. Yourtee, 50. C. Taylor, 51. J. Hardin, 52. 1. Dunn, 53. J. Green, 54. K. Hidlebaugh, 55. D. Siepert, 56. B. Whipp, 57. W. Budd, 58. L. Gregoor, 59. P. Willis, 60. C. Dodd, 61. R. Howe, 62. B. York, 63. S. Keener. DELTA GAMMA PHI DELTA EPSILON 1. L. Gisser, 2. H. Hoffman, 3. K. Baurmash, 4. J. Rumizen, 5. R. Posner, 6. L. Brott, 7. C. Meier- Tres., 8. L. Foer— Corr. Sec, 9. M. Cohen— Rec. Sec, 10. Mrs. L. Bender— Housemother, 11. L. Danoff— Pres., 12. A. Meyerowitz, 13. P. Meyerowitz, 14. A. Golomb, 15. A. Sapperstein, 16. G. Lisogursky, 17. K. Gotkin, 18. R. Kamoroff, 19. M. Shear, 20. J. Brees, 21. L. Abrams, 22. B. Sternberg, 23. E. Neihouse, 24. F. Hertzberg, 25. M. Alexander, 26. H. BKime nthal, 27. K. Blum- enthal, 28. M. Nudel, 29. J. Zvares, 30. C. Gorman, 31. S. Green, 32. S. Wertheim, 33. M. Sacks, 34. M. Golfer, 35. M. Segal, 36. P. Symonds, 37. H. Resnick, 38. F. Most, 39. S. Schrier, 40. S. Steinhorn, 41. D. Marcus, 42. E. Greenberg, 43. B. Kane, 44. S. Blanken, 45. J. Dunayer, 46. L. Goldberg, 47. B. Silberman. 242 1. D. Brody, 2. S. Landefeld, 3. B. Dempsey, 4. T 8, B. Lewis, 9. M. Schwartz, 10. P. Kimball, 11. T Troas., 14. T. Martinson-Pledge Master, 15. R. H Housemother, 18. T. Wieneke— Sec., 19. B. Pevens F. Baktis, 23. M. Lackett, 24. R, Ramlow, 25. B. 29. R. Nel-son, 30. R. Hutchins, 31. P. Williamson 35. B. Dernetz, 36. M. Jankiewitz, 37. F. C.leason 41. K. O ' Brien, 42. B. Crahus, 43. S. Slocomb, 44. mond, 48. D. Puglisi, 49. P. Ball, 50. J. Forinash, Jollensten, 5. B. Furr, 6. B. Driessan, 7. K. Mills, Thompson, 12. W. Walburn, 13. T. Ernstedt- elm— V. Pres., 16. L. Jones— Pres., i7. NIrs. Dixon— tein-Soc. Chm., 20. J. Williams, 21. R. Trogolo, 22. North, 26. M. Driessan, 27. J. Tressa, 28. R. Faust, , 32. D. Shafier, 33. T. Shaffer, 34. D. Dougherty, , 38. R. Roundtree, 39. A. Mohagan, 40. F. Jordan, G. Clifton, 45. J. Ritz, 46. R. Moran, 47. S. Ray- 51. D. Mohler. SIGMA DELTA PHI «) (f A fi i£ w «. ■ ' «l MA ■.||«;§« - jua. JSL. a _ TAU 1. D. Collins, 2. Mrs. A. Cooper— Housemother, 3. R. Gingher, 4. D. Jersey, 5. T. Hetherington, 6. P. Houser, 7. R. Gonzales, 8. J. Mazzochi, 9. J. Hac- barth, 10. R. Koenig, 11. F. Rickles, 12. R. Sutkus, 13. J. Hines, 14. C. Yankovich, ' 15. S. Lewis, 16. J. Andrew-Treas., 17. J. Gree.son, 18. R. Tinari— Rec. Sec, 19. H. Doyle, 20. R. Deckert-Pledge Trainer, 21. T. Orme, 22. N. Oliver, 23. R. Walker, 24. F. Arturi, 25. T. Buchanan, 26. C. Morrow, 27. E. Smith, 28. K. Wilson, 29. R. Wight, 30. D. Taquwa, 31. J. Rupard, 32. J. Sternberg, 33. D. Hedges, 34. C. Hetrick, 35. F. Muscolina, 36. A. Balo-Corr. Sec, 37. J. Buckwalter, 38. F. Birks, 39. R. Ferbish, 40. G. Barnes, 41, T. Clarke-Pres., 42. N. Hallaman-V. Pres., 43. M. White, 44. R. Ritter, 45. B. Allman, 46. F. Tedesco. DELTA DELTA 244 PHI GAMMA BETA GMJtDTiUlA fr f ( mj 1. Mrs. R. Lovelace— Housemother, 2. B. Holland, 3. J. Jones, 4. L. Habersat— Rec. Sec., 5. B. McMullen— Corr. Sec, 6. J. Manner, 7. H. Hamer, 8. D. Hughes, 9. S. Kent, 10. D. Reynolds, 11. H. Swartz, 12. D. Boyer, 13. T. Howard, 14. D. McMahon, 15. L. Watts, 16. M. Henderson, 17. M. L. Hauver, 18. L. DeVann, 19. D. Casel, 20. L. Rockett, 21. Muzzy, 22. L. Ephraim, 23. D. Kent, 24. C. Lehmkuhl, 25. M. WeinRarten, 26. L. Beach, 27. C. Dom- browski, 28. E. Lawless, 29. T. Cunningham, 30. M. Avram— V. Pres., 31. N. McDowell-Pres., 32. D. Gallia, 33. S. Solie, 34. P. Griffith, 35. M. Massey, 36. M. ]. McMullen, 37. L. Frowert, 38. L. Runyan, 39. S. Fleming, 40. B. Brendel, 41. C. Mika, 42. K. Kaifer, 43. M. Witham, 44. J. McQuaid. Not pictured: L. Higgin- botham, L. Miles, M. Musumeci, M. Follow, S. Russ, M. Tripe, P. Corken, S. Edmonds, S. Eisenhart, P. Goodrich, J. Hinman, M. Hunt, L. Kerr, J. Rekos, S. Sutton, S. Wellborn. if i ALPHA KAPPA sMIil ., ORDER I. G. Wadden, 2. G. Jackson, 3. E. Koehneke, 4. T. Ball, 5. W. Moss-V. Pres., 6. J. Clements— Pres., 7. W. Knight, 8. A. Georgelakos-Sec, 9. R. Ceccone, 10. J. Simpson, II. J. Howe, 12. J. Austin, 13. J. Bohn, 14. G. Kemic, 15. J. Kousouris, 16. ]. Roche, 17. D. Banks, 18. S. Noren, 19. A. GrisafuUi, 20. M. Norell, 21. B. Everingam, 22. M. Pelczar, 23. K. Sweeny, 24. G. Walton, 25. G. Diakoulas, 26. T. Arenson, 27. T. Philips, 28. E. Gonners, 29. W. Walker, 30. S. Raeder, 31. T. Medlin, 32. M. Bohon, 33. B. Madison, 34. L. Kousouris, 35. G. Greer, 36. T. Halverstadts, 37. P. Dasehback, 38. B. Hinkel, 39. M. Drummond, 40. B. Ross, 41. J. Sullivan, 42. B. Moyse, 43. G. Stamm, 44. R. Lee. 246 1. M. Mooers, 2. B. Ranch, 3. C. Glenn, 4. S. Richards, 5. E. Dalsted, 6. D. Daudelin, 7. B. Reynolds, 8. J. Fondren, 9. A. Whitebread, 10. S. ' Eidson, 11. L. Murray, 12. E. Fisher, 13. E. Mullins, 14. R. Hughes, 15. K. Tamzarian, 16. D. Onofrio, 17. R. Todd, 18. M. Beamer, 19. M. Wilson, 20. J. Kempers, 21. S. Richards, 22. M. Gregg, 23. J. Pierce, 24. D. Meade, 25. G. Guy, 26. W. Wood, 27. R. McMinn, 28. J. Kempers, 29. K. Sheedy, 30. B. Reynolds, 31. E. Conrad, 32. B. Hill, 33. E. Atkins, 34. M. Gallagher, 35. M. Miller, 36. S. Smith, 37. S. Zetty, 38 . L. Nowell, 39. K. Hollar, 40. S. Baker, 41. F. McNulty, 42. J. Reisert, 43. P. Reese, 44. J. Bullock. KAPPA ALPHA THETA ♦ % «.« f ?c ' • 248 KAPPA DELTA 1. S. Greynolds, 2. J. Green, 3. P. Sullivan, 4. K. Cox, 5. C. Liim, 6. M. Wise, 7. C. St. John, 8. B. Harwick, 9. S. Boston, 10. M. Campagna, 11. M. Rinaldi, 12. P. Lawson, 13. J. Davies, 14. C. Caputo, 15. B. McKenna, 16. J. Bach-2nd V. Pres., 17. Mrs. Hanning-Housemother, 18. S. Pollara-Pres., 19. S. Vernay-Sec, 20. N. Stein-Corr. Sec, 21. K. Fo.ster, 22. S. Brad- shaw 23 S. Sarbacher, 24. B. Jahnel, 25. N. Chalk, 26. A. Covello, 27. J. Cameron, 28. L. Smith, 29. R. M. Cnimlish, 30. M. Rodeers, 31. S. Silvers, 32. M. Kupiec, 33. M. Henkel, 34. L. Collins, 35. K. Smith, 36. G. Allison, 37. L. Calvert, 38. C. Rose, 39. J. German, 40. J. Rinaldi, 41. L. Mitchell, 42. S. GiJFord, 43. S. Trainer, 44. A. Ligon, 45. K. Mushiski, 46. N. Haesler, 47. B. Frey, 48. M. A. McClayton, 49. J. McDonald, 50. C. Caparosa, 51. P. Kelly, 52. L. Hatchard, 53. L. Robley, 54. M. Doub, 55. K. Niller, 56. D. Sabagh, 57. L. Ecton, 58. S. Chevalier, 59. N. SmuU. u 4 ' 1. M. Davis, 2. D. Gould, 3. S. Kline, 4. M. DelCanto, 5. C. Manuel, 6. T. Griffin, 7. L. Sutton, 8. L. Sisler, 9. I. DelCanto, 10. M. Frey, 11. Y. Frenkel, 12. L. Schmedagaard, 13. B. Mcser, 14. T. Chebithes, 15. M. Jager, 16. D. Jone,s-Treas., 17, T. Deming-lst V. Pres., 18. Mrs. Campbell- Housemother, 19. S. Fcster-Pres., 20. S. Wells-Corr. Sec., 21. J. Howard, 22. B. Kehoe, 23. S. Mickel, 24. W. Shockley, 25. M. Melson, 26. S. Corkran, 27. M. Loreman, 28. J. Gerhinger, 29. M. Sullivan, 30. N. Swope, 31. S. Ward, 32. N. Marks, 33. J. Kratz, 34. J. Edwards, 35. P. Potter, 36. B. Coleman, 37. B. Beers, 38. C. Wright, 39. G. Carrick, 40. M. Kraff-Pledge Trainer, 41. S. Wells-Rec. Sec., 42. K. Hansen, 43. S. Kaffenberger, 44. S. Cannon, 45. P. Ennis, 46. A. Gray, 47. N. Coale, 48. D. Weels, 49. J. White, 50. E. Gurganus, 51. J. Brown, 52. C. Bailik, 53. S. Parker, 54. N. Rusk, 55. B. Donovan, 56. E. Valiant, 57. M. Quarles, 58. E. Brown, 59. D. Bailik, 60. S. Donelan, 61. L. Trofant, 62. K. Koenig, 63. J. Seabold, 64. M. Flynn, 65. P. Vita, 66. P. Crier. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA . T f V- ' f! j{ -j4. ., ' • fi l I 4RNM i KS? CHI LAMBDA ALPHA 1. S. Smith, 2. J. Barron-V. Pres., 3. R. Payne, 4. B. Rinehart-Treas., 5. J. Mosteller-Pledge Trainer, 6. J. Cerefice, 7. R. Biggs, 8. R. Yankow- sky, 9. C. Gravely, 10. Mrs. Mayo— Housemother, 11. T. Samaras, 12. M. Budlong, 13. W. Allen-Pres., 14. S. Peterson, 15. C. Wallmark, 16. J. Erskine, 17. J. Morrill, 18. P. Mulligan, 19. B. McFadden, 20. J. Northrop, 21. G. Thompson, 22. G. Fitzgerald, 23. O. Russell, 24. D. Heinke, 25. C. Koms, 26. M. Mulligan, 27. W. Ray, 28. R. Wilcox, 29. S. Brutcshcr, 30. T. Thorn, 31. S. Herchenroeder, 32. T. Smith, 33. S. Mangiapone, 34. B. Wilbry, 35. D. Heggestead, 36. W. Vessly, 37. R. Mallonee, 38. T. Vande Hey, 39. Dave O ' Neil-Sec, 40. H. de Lozier, 41. A. Hickey, 42. W. Williams, 43. P. Gunby, 44. J. Vicino, 45, C. Kelly, 46. R. Eidem, 47. L. Schwab, 48. R. lafrate, 49. J. Jarboe, 50. S. Wellschlager. 250 PHI THETA I. M. Millikan, 2. G. Frazel, 3. J. McClusky, 4. T. Stables, 5. L. Ermer, 6. H. Harrison, 7. G. Dunsten, 8. J. Lears, 9. M. Gough, 10. R. Pema, II. R. Moats, 12. R. Hitchner, 13. G. Swatz-Pledge Trainer, 14. T. Pavlinic-Sec, 15. G. Moneypenny-V. Pres., 16. Mrs. R. Miller-House- mother, 17. T. Nichols, 18. J. Deckman, 19. C. Barber, 20. H. Vineyard, 21. B. Thoroughgood, 22. G. Watkins, 23. J. MacCawley, 24. G. Von Bretzel 25. K. Witfield, 26. L. Newcomb, 27. W. Woods, 28. D. Morris, 29. R. ' ward, 30. G. Klakring, 31. F. Porto, 32. C. Eichelberger, 33. P. Wells, 34. B. Beechum, 35. R. Rowney, 36. R. Robertson, 37, J. Warren, 38. T. Harwood, 39. M. Parks, 40. W. Paris, 41. W. Walker, 42. R. Dudley, 43. M. Lears, 44. B. Covington, 45. R. Henning, 46. R. Watkins, 47. D. Renaud, 48. D. Hatfield. 1 J -• i n , mj " Tl.l ,w c ' ' ' 5S5 B0 V l - ' J 1 % ' l ' EPSILON PHI A. PI 1. p. Goldberg— Sweetheart, 2. M. Chaiken— V. Superior, 3. S. Friedman- Superior, 4. D. Garfinkel— Pledsemaster, 5. I. Bloom, 6. M. KamoroflF, 7. E. Wasserman-Rec. Sec, 8. S. Goloskov, 9. B. Snyder-Treas., 10. J. Menick, 11. J. Bass, 12. T. Lutins, 13. B. Gimble, 14. R. Rothstein, 15. A. Lip,schultz, 16. R. Galkow, 17. J. Roth, 18. E. Boyars, 19. S. Mudrick, 20. R. Mayers, 21. D. Kaye, 22. R. Alberti, 23. M. Gold, 24. A. Danenberg, 25. R. Kodesch, 26. E. Rosen, 27. J. Fine, 28. J. Fine, 29. L. SanderofF, 30. R. Berkman. 252 KAPPA PHI SIGMA 1. O. Oos, 2. C. Reiter, 3. N. Chilada, 4. M. Schmimoff, 5. R. Brant, 6. N. Gori, 7. H. Keller, 8. G. Hiser, 9. B. Bags, 10. D. Umler, 11. T. Leary, 12. S. Hicks, 13. A. Burner, 14. P. Thomas, 15. U. Lose, 16. M. Head, 17. R. Johnson, 18. V. Topping, 19. T. Ball, 20. J. Heim, 21. R. Bush, 22. D. Phillips, 23. B. Piccarillo, 24. S. Kully, 25. I. Talian, 26. T. Dryven-V. Pres., 27. B. Ai.miller, 28. B. Lang, 29. T. Logan, 30. V. Wee, 31. B. West, 32. R. Gawk, 33. S. Wright, 34. T. Nales, 35. B. Alexis, 36. F. Brown, 37. M. Murph, 38. D. Spedden, 39. C. Nebish, 40. M. Bandito, 41. J. Anderson, 42, J. IVsti, 43. B. Aesop, 44. M. Burns-Sec, 45. B. England, 46. J. Hogg, 47, C. Sanders, 48. C. Skeen, 49. B. Bart, 50. S. Lavoris, 51. R. Barrow, 52. V. McKewin, 53. C. Sabetelli-Pres., 54. X. Masstri, 55. O. Goose. ' y , OWN HALL RESTAURANT LIQUOR yy ! iy :r: ■ oM » ? 1 v . } . ,- :t " -MW Z ' !ial KAPPA PHI TAU 1. C. Grimaldi, 2. A. Braverman, 3. B. Farquhar, 4. J. Gladstone, 5. C. Blackman, 6. R. Denham, 7. B. Phillips-Sec, 8. J. Lusby- Pres., 9. S. Earle-V. Pres., 10. E. Reese-Treas., 11. C. Schaefer, 12. T. Sisson, 13. M. Wilson, 14. P. Hoffman, 15. R. Spi-alman, 16. T. Bell, 17. M. Wilson-Steward, 18. D. Dauth, 19. R. Scherer, 20. A. Stillwell, 21. P. Dubinsky-House Manager, 22. H. Schwane- kamp, 23. L. Mayhew, 24. P. Krichten, 25. J. Walker, 26. T. Laudicina, 27. C. Gladstone, 28. R. Ihndris, 29. E. Fraunfelter. 254 PHI DELTA I. M. Pascol, 2. S. Jeweler, 3. M. Kleiman, 4. J. Friedman— House Manager, 5. L. Hirshen- son, 6. A. Slan-V. Prcs., 7. S. Reemer, 8. J. Anshel, 9. S. KricRer, 10. J. Roth-Treas., II. R. I.und, 12. S. Cobum, 13. R. Freed, 14. J. Rosenberg, 15. B. Rappaport, 16. B. Blavatt, 17. F. HofFman, 18. H. Kass, 19. N. Kafz, 20. B. Wohl, 21. S. Berenson, 22. E. Ubemian, 23. D. Blond, 24. N. Levitt, 25. M. Dreyer, 26. B. Sandler, 27. P. Radler-Pres., 28. B. Gerskov, 29. R. Weintraub, 30. J. Kornhauscr-Sweetheart, 31. B. Kaizen, 32. P. Lamb, 33. D. Elstein, 34. L. Greenfeld, 35. B. Aivalikle.s, 36. S. Yanovich, 37. D. Colten, 38. N. Sugar, 39. A. (Golden, 40. S. Fogel, 41. D. Siegal, 42. S. CIreene, 43. L. Walker-Sec, 44. P. Blinken, 45. D. Jacobs-Pledgemaster, 46. M. Binderman, 47. D. HufF, 48. J. Good- man, 49. S. Gomberg, 50. R. Feland, 51. J. Saladin, 52. T. Sobol, 53. A. J. Silverman, 54. L. Newelt, 55. S. Brody, 56. Kelly, 57. P. Gnatt, 58. D. Cypes, 59. M. Taffel, 60. D. Naftaly, 61. S. Edelman, 62. J. Hertz, 63. J. Segall, 64. A. Sirlin, 65. S. Brodsky, 66. S. Zaritsky, 67. J. Sperling, 68. D. Brenner, 69. R. Barskey, 70. G. Maslin, 71. H. Kalish, 72. R. Posner, 73. B. Aserkoff, 74. D. Katz. Tl K-A U ' " ' ' .: 3?? ' " ' it " V-- ' . ' ' - SIGMA PHI KAPPA 1. S. Miller, 2. H. Murphy, Jr., 3. C. Bogley, 4. C. Given, Jr., 5. F. Catano, 6. D. King-Pres. 196S; 7. D. Casey-Pres. 1967; 8. C. Yount-Pledge Inductor 1967, 9. W. Niziolek-Pledge In- ductor 1968, 10. C. Knight, Jr.-Chapter Advisor, 11. E. Becker, 12. H. Gannon, Jr., 13. M. Gro- baker, 14. J. Mathews III, 15. J. Morris-Sentinel 1968, 16. J. Hyatt-House Manager 1968, 17. D. Armstrong, 18. B. McHugh, 19. M. Mesmer-V. Pres. 1968, 20. J. Myers, 21. F. Gawlick, 22. J. Silva, 23. A. Brzostowski, 24. G. Mangum, 25. W. Brewster, 26. T. Jackman. 1. L. Reichel, 2. B. Cooper, 3. B. Segal, 4. E. Mandel, 5. P . Simon, 6. S. Naden, 7. L. Narcisenfeld, 8. R. Laniado, 9. M. Fruchtbaum, 10, J. Wasserman, 11. M. Davies, 12. D. Picon, 13. B. Sibler-Scribe, 14. M. Myberg-V. Archon, 15. B. Dubnoff-Archon, 16. N. Auerbach-Bursar, 17. J. Lev-Tribune, 18. G. Lang, 19. E. Camby, 20. L. Zelkowitz, 21. M. Feldman, 22. S. Flax, 23. A. Bloomfileld, 24. J. Wilner, 25. I. Shulman, 26. E. Levin, 27. C. Miller, 28. S. Scher, 29. Mrs. E. Freehof-Housemother, 30 J. Rochchild, 41. D. Bass -Pledge Mistress, 32. E. Bomstein, 33. A. Bloom, 34. B. Lemer, 35. K. Robinson, 36. S. Kramer, 37. S. Teichman„ 38. E. Winkler, 39. M. Gordan, 40. E. Kaplan, 41. M. Bisker, 42. B. Kolodner, 43. L. Wolke, 44. S. Falck, 45. P. Samit, 46. H. Harkvey, 47. J. Miller, 48. M. Brenner, 49. S. Kandell, 50. P. Weil, 51. C. Levin, 52. D. Goran, 53. B. Brounstein, 54. B. Unger, 55. L. Sugarman, 56. H. Schreiber, 57. E. Gordon, 58. T. Leibowitz, 59. L. Tellis, 60. S. Glickstein, 61. B. Isrow, 62. J. Warranch, 63. G. Bassin, 64. J. Rubenstein. SIGMA PHI SIGMA mp Hssn tfT a f R? ' I I f « :S ' i BETA PI PHI 1. S. Sprague, 2. K. Kells-Pledge Trainer, 3. S. Hetzler-Treas., 4. K. Burke-Pres., 5. M. Downing, 6. L. Tucker, 7. S. GUlock, 8. K. McDonald- Corr. Sec, 9. D. Elliot, 10. G. Kiesel, 11. Mrs. E. Duboi.s-Housemother, 12. C. Langrall-V. Pres., 13. B. Shoemaker, 14. L. Smith-Rec. Sec, 15. K. Pollis, 16. C. Whitaker, 17. K. Kerr, 18. J. Martin, 19. K. Lapp, 20. J. Herron, 21. C. Wines, 22. S. Absher, 23. B. Stevens, 24. K. Bowen, 25. D. Towne, 26. K. Kelly, 27. S. Paulson, 28. D. Gimokowski, 29. J. Hack, 30. N. Browning, 31. B. Baden, 32. D. Pringle, 33. L. Koonce, 34. C. Albert, 35. P. Reed, 36. G. Coburn, 37. J. Masi, 38. C. Pszwaro, 39. E. Barnard, 40. L. Falska, 41. P. LeRoy, 42. G. Terry, 43. J. Warfield, 44. B. Dunnavant, 45. D. Bidwell, 46. M. Kelley, 47. P. McAuley, 48. N. Ruskin, 49. J. Roda, 50. G. Reilly, 51. L. Urnis, 52. R. DuMont, 53. J. Kimball. 258 KAPPA PI ALPHA I. T. Shaner-Treas., 2. G. Petzold-Sec, 3. D. Walp-V. Pres., 4. J. Combs, 5. D. McGlew, 6. E. Houff-Pres., 7. Ginger, 8. Mike, 9. E. Colbert, 10. T. Dunn, II. C. Clark, 12. S. Loewinger, 13. B. Black, 14. J. Toomey, 15. B. Gipe, 16. J. Bliffen, 17. D. Flemming, 18. E. Drawbaugh, 19. ]. Rutledge, 20. R. Buchman, 21. B. Koenig, 22. J. Koodrich, 23. T. Tommasello, 24. M. Tanner, 25. D. Bolton, 26. B. VanAtta, 27. R. Forbes, 28. W. Mann, 29. D. Blidden, 30. A. Whittington, 31. T. Ferraro, 32. B. Mauldin, 33. M. Curtin, 34. S. Dorer, 35. S. Collinson, 36. J. Knight, 37. D. Neily, 38. J. Reigner, 39. L. Jacksits, 40. P. Cooke, 41. P. Corcoran, 42. P. Ward, 43. P. Kratzer, 44. G. Miller, 45. M. Stacy, 46. R. Klau, 47. F. Flickinger, 48. B. Ollerhead, 49. B. Bransford, 50. J. Lund, 51. D. Rignanese, 52. J. Mud, 53. B. Tymiuk, 54. M. Roberts, 55. T. Brown, 56. B. Shockley, 57. J. Dodd, 58. R. Ritchie, 59. W. Metzbower. 1 • fmm ALPHA SIGMA EPSILON 1. D. Hoffman, 2. D. Hodge, 3. B. Weart, 4. J. Rhodes, 5. F. Morgan, 6. D. Wright, 7. K. Johnson, 8. S. Eaton, 9. D. Quesenberry, 10. S. McNamara, 11. D. Rouhier, 12. L. Chandler, 13. K. Henry, 14. P. Boccia, 15. G. Shockley, 16. B. Henry, 17. D. Schmitt, 18. D. Aldrich, 19. D. Burch, 20. J. Sakers-Social Chairman, 21. T. Aaron-Treas., 22. B. Kirkwood, 23. J. Edwards, 24. J. Hackler, 25. C. Coddington, 26. H. Sinclair, 27. D. Field- Pledge Trainer, 28. B. Parks, 29. C. Blische, 30. B. Lawrence, 31. M. Doyle, 32. J. Murphy, 33. S. Gridley, 34. P. Padden, 35. D. Dobry-Steward, 36. B. Albrecht, 37. T. Toula, 38. T. Thrasher, 39. J. Galbraith-Housemother, 40. F. Peterka, 41. D. Perry-House Manager, 42. D. Merritt, 43. A. Anthony, 44. B. Hoover, 45. D. Chamberlain, 46. B. Carlson, 47. C. Overton, 48. B. Hoover, 49. B. Meyers, 50. B. Mann, 51. M. Whalen, 52. R. Culbertson, 53. D. Cooper, 54. D. Hall, 55. B. Parker, 56. P. Lucas-Sec, 57. K. Peterson, 58. R. Race— Pres. 260 1. J. Tand, 2. M. Rosenker, 3. D. Mazer, 4. G. Ingbcr, 5. S. Goldberg, 6. C. Lingus, 7. P. Selnick, 8. E. Nachlas, 9. B. Gross, 10. M. Sugar, 11. S. Emmer, 12. R. Rombro, 13. D. Greenberg— Exchequer, 14. H. Kirk-Prior, 15. F. Glick-Recorder, 16. R. Miller-V. Prior, 17. R. Galitz, 18. H. Zelkowitz, 19. S. Cohen, 20. B. Landes, 21. M. Snitzer, 22. B. Katz, 23. D. Butkus, 24. S. Sydney, 25. D. Klein, 26. H. Heft, 27. M. Rosen- berg, 28. M. Tabackman, 29. G. Smith, 30. B. Gann, 31. Y. Feldman, 32. S. Lessans, 33. J. Greenberg, 34. F. Silber, 35. B. Snyder, 36. R. Aldrich, 37. L. Silver- stein, 38. B. Roogow, 39. B. Froctbaum, 40. S. Mazer, 41. H. Pinson, 42. S. Hoffman, 43. C. Porter. ALPHA SIGMA MU 3 m- SIGMA CHI 1. B. Donaldson, 2. K. Harrington-V. Pres., 3. T. Ferry-Pres., 4. A. Flower-Treas., 5. T. Waikart, 6. D. Nowaskey, 7. P. Zalesak, 8. J. Weiler, 9. Sig-Mascot, 10. B. Jenkins, 11. F. Flower, 12. E. Sealover-Sec, 13. G. Gourtois, 14. A. Laird, 15. E. Sutton, 16. D. Gabriel, 17. T. Faulconer, 18. G. Boyd, 19. D. Oley, 20. G. Kepler, 21. F. Waikart-Pledge Trainer, 22. D. McCarthy, 23. R. Beachley, 24. B. Saunders, 25. B. Nichola.s, 26. R. Bell, 27. P. Constantinides, 28. G. Cressman, 29. J. Schoolfield, 30. E. Heether, 31. C. Burton, 32. J. Dordal, 33. K. Gallagher, 34. S. Joyce, 35. J. Blizzard, 36. B. Perkins, 37. D. Bechtold, 38. G. Tevis, 39. M. Martin, 40. R. Flanagan, 41. D. Zerbo, 42. T. Cunniff, 43. S. Page, 44. J. Partin, 45. D. Sage, 46. S. McGrath, 47. K. Fay, 48. G. Auge, 49. J. Parker, 50. T. Dolan, 51. R. Gardner, 52. B. Berry, 53. B. Attinger, 54. D. Dubel, 55. R. Freeland, 56. M. Spitzer, 57. M. Datko, 58. D. Dybowski, 59. B. Randall, 60. M. Miller. 262 I. C. Tompakov-V. Pres., 2. A. Press, 3. R. Yudin-Corr. Sec, 4. J. Littman-Pres., 5. R. Lie- berman— Treas., 6. M. Rubin, 7. J. Abelman, 8. S. Leonard, 9. T. Greenbaum, 10. B. Nachlas, II. P. Hyatt, 12. S. Seidel, 13. L. Van Grack-V. Pres., 14. B. Kessler, 15. D. Light-Sec, 16. J. Goldscheider, 17. P. Cohn, 18. S. Berkow, 19. J. Miller, 20. F. Sherr, 21, D. Rudden, 22. E. Garin, 23. M. Cohen, 24. S. Feldman, 25. A. Scher, 26. L. Kenipner, 27. C. Kremer, 28. M. Abrams, 29. J. Wallach, 30. J. Schiller, 31. F. Baum, 32. M. Beris, 33. J. Silver, 34. A. Taylor, 35. D. Levine, 36. D. Cohen, 37. E. Kauffman, 38. S. Goldberg, 39. M. Abraham, 40. J. Snelnick, 41. D. Rubin, 42. R Carton, 43. D. Hill, 44. B. Genvirtz, 45. M. Greenberg, 46. J. Lubcher, 47. A. Kemerow, 48. J. Winkler, 49. D. Polotnick, 50. A. Smith, 51. J. Tannenbaum, 52. S. Silverman, 53. P. Sayre, 54. A. Rossoff, 55. C. Gerber, 56. S. Fanneroff, 57. G. Greenberg, 58. A. Weinberg. DELTA SIGMA TAU »m •U 1. S. Brown— Treas., 2. L. Slifer— Soc. Chmn. 3. L. Cummings— 2ncl V. Pres., 4. S. Doak-Pres., 5. L. McCann-Rush Chmn., 6. B. Robinson- Corr. Sec., 7. M. Sippel-lst V. Pres., 8. B. Melle, 9. S. Furtick, 10. J. Colleran, 11. P. Kadan, 12. B. Lomax, 13. A. Arena, 14. K. Bright, 15. J. Devine, 16. L. Ritchie, 17. L. Burgess, 18. L. Colsh, 19. A. Barton, 20. B. Mattingly, 21. L. Grander, 22. J. Smith, 23. D. Giauque, 24. T. Harp, 25. G. D ' Onofrio, 26. A. Holbrook, 27. S. Kacena, 28. P. Rhodes, 29. N. Douglas, 30. S. Husler, 31. K. Jones, 32. P. Kuhns, 33. B. Parker, 34. A. Medbery, 35. N. McCuUough, 36. J. Richstatter, 37. M. Knight, 38. T. Traitt, 39. S. Grandy, 40. M. Phipps, 41. C. Schmick, 42. P. Lewis, 43. N. Neale, 44. K. Hause, 45. R. Smith, 46. M. GiU, 47. S. Vance, 48. N. Kane. 264 i«4V SIGMA NU 1. R. Koehler, Jr.-Pres., 2. G. Yetter, 3. E. Muvs-Mascot, 4. J. Blades, 5. E. Anthony, 6. M. Mclnturff, 7. P. Gately, 8. C. Tiedebohl, 9. J. Harbour, 10. W. Moores— V. Pres., 11. A. Mazzaccarro, 12. L. Eason, 13. J. Hewlett, 14. J. Hannon, 15. T. Ray, 16. J. Sheya, 17. S. Christiansen, 18. T. Wilson, 19. G. Maynard, 20. R. Creager, 21. E. Plummer, Jr., 22. R. Kammer, 23. R. Carlson, 24. M. Schatz, 25. T. Greshko, 26. D. Hartz, 27. J. Figard, 28. W. Loughery, Jr., 29. D. Brumfield, 30. D. Cassidy, 31. J. Dykstra, 32. T. Rossi, 33. J: Bellas, 34. D. Flanagan, 35. R. Glesener, 36. D. Myers, 37. A. Ker- schensteiner, 38. M. Raff, 39. C. Kidd, 40. J. VonDreele, 41. W. Poole, 42. R. FarreU. PHI SIGMA EPSILON 1. G. Librick, 2. T. Everitt, 3. G. Greennip-Pres., 4. V. Hauler, 5. L. Burton, 6. B. Barker, 7. K. Gilbert, 8. T. Dutterer, 9. R. Anderson, 10. I. Zalucky, 11. A. Anhistasy, 12. P. Ruhl-Sec, 13. S. Fryling, 14. R. Royce, 15. T. Doyle, 16. W. Long, 17. E. Wilderson, 18. J. Erwin, 19. D. Mintzez, 20. J. Book, 21. J. Moore, 22. J. Kelsey, 23. D. Skronsky, 24. A. Male, 25. D. Jones, 26. R. Hahn, 27. B. Dode, 28. L. Falkner, 29. E. Stamper, 30. W. Wolf, 31. R. McCrockin, 32. G. Laungan, 33. G. Guest. 266 1. D. Watson, 2. A. Smith, 3. T. Lesniewski, 4. J. Meara, 5. S. Gordon -Treas., 6. H. Eisenberg, 7. B. Mc- Coy-Pres., 8. R. Jarry, 9. B. Hoff- burger, 10. B. Sledz, 11. T. Florenz, 12. B. Simmons-V. Pres., 13. D. Powers, 14. P. Vale, 15. B. Booberg, 16. B. Houck, 17. B. Worral-Herald, 18. J. Gold.stein, 19. E. Koch, 20. B. Bates-IFC Rep., 21. S. Cieplak-Sec., 22. K. Holter, 23. R. Klug, 24. D. Denham, 25. B. Smith, 26. T. Sch- melzer, 27. J. Robertson, 28. T. Payne, 29. D. MilUkan. SIGMA PI EPSILON TAU PHI 1. p. Rubin, 2. J. Silver, 3. K. Magidson, 4. M. Hinkes, 5. B. Lewis, 6. B. Green, 7. B. Schu- feld, 8. E. Decter, 9. S. Barsky, 10. H. Rosensweig, 11. L. Klompus, 12. A. Burke, 13. P. .Sandler, 14. B. Abel, 15. Guest, 16. S. Milner, 17. B. Pincus, 18. A. Bennett-Treas., 19. S. Sagman-V. Pres., 20. A. H. Metro-Pres., 21. G. Cooper-Scribe, 22. L. David-Pledge Warden, 23. J. Bobbins, 24. R. Waldman, 25. P. Bodner, 26. M. Lambert, 27. P. Sklar, 28. A. Fox, 29. S. Van Grack, 30. I. Blumenthal, 31. D. Kahn, 32. B. Small, 33. A. Schaeffer, 34. F. Gordon, 35. J. Si.skind, 36. M. Jacobs, 37. R. Levy, 38. A. Pollin, 39. S. Klein, 40. G. Scher, 41. J. Isner, 42. V. Mudrick, 43. J. Lissauer, 44. P. Bloom, 45. I. Sumpkin, 46. N. Savitsky, 47. R. Collier, 48. R. Lager, 49. S. Rosen, 50. S. Berkowitz, 51. H. Bomstein, 52. S. Vinicur. I. S. Diehl-Sweetheart, 2. R. Hun- sicker— V. Pres., 3. G. Capone— Pres., 4. J. Connolly, 5. J. Detz-Treas., 6. J. McCormick, 7. K. Gilead, 8. L. Meo- Martino, 9. L. Yocum, 10. C. Winfrey, II. J. Cassizzi, 12. L. Cannon, 13. J. Topfer, 14. D. Hardesty, 15. J. PaH- nella-Sec, 16. C. Tuerk, 17. M. Rade- baiigh, 18. L. Rixham, 19. R. Baker, 20. H. Owen, 21. J. Dieringer, 22. D. Hofferman, 23. J. Poffel, 24. W. Nahm, 25. J. Amoult, 26. S. Maltese, 27. F. Wagner, 28. C. Holub, 29. G. Malloy, 30. W. Sturm, 31. S. Maskol, 32. M. Welsh, 33. T. Sturm, 34. F. Wasuta, 35. S. Stevens, 36. R. Walker, 37. R. Butera, 38. J. Paxton, 39. R. Mohlhen- rich, 40. C. Emerson, 41. J. Gessner, 4 2. G. Goeller, 43. J. Johnson, 44. M. Warren, 45. K. Ford, 46. J. Costen, 47. A. Grace, 48. J. Connor, 49. M. Pavlos, 50. R. Spinella, 51. K Knauer, 52. J. Ayers, 53. C. Young, 54. G. Fowler. KAPPA TAU EPSILON BETA ZETA 1. R. Dubansky, 2 E. Shear, 3. M. Kalogris, 4. J. Rosen- berg, 5. W. Berger, 6. S. Kallins, 7. R. Lachman, 8. L. Flynn, 9. M. Freedman, 10. D. Rosenberg, 11. A. Brom- berg, 12. M. Yarmosky, 13. J. Brown, 14. S. Benjamin— V. Pres., 15. M. Sitnik-Sec, 16. A. Mann, 17. N. Rubin, 18. L. Baris, 19. M. Huddleston-Housemother, 20. D. Berger, 21. D. Resnick, 22. M. Bass-Historian, 23. C. Goodman, 24. M. Janofsky, 25. R. Rubin, 26. B. Gins- berg, 27. R. Lamb-Pres., 28. A. Rottman-Treas., 29. J. Grystal, 30. N. Rothstein, 31. S. Sisgold, 32. D. Kuryk, 33. B. Pearl, 34. J. Needel, 35. D. Rotner. TAU 270 THETA CHI I. J. Hodges, 2. E. Perry-Steward, 3. A. Boole, 4. B. Smith- House Manager, 5. J. Watson, 6. J. Crandle, 7. E. DeMattis- V. Pres., 8. P. Turowski, 9. B. Anderson-Treas., 10. T. Boose, II. Sam, 12. E. Schehr, 13. R. Knapp, 14. S. Dowling 15. R. Clark, 16. S. Smith, 17. C. Bright, 18. B. Varholy 19. P. Tansey, 20. G. Alvord, 21. B. Murphy. X ' ■ . -«. ■ ■ ' t- HT iiSrif; .JKm . amati cnci: y wmmwmSku 1. J. Miller, 2. J. Clements - 2nd V. Pres., 3. L. Manar- in - 1st V. Pres., 4. T. Paul- inic — Sec., 5. Unknown, 6. M. Mesmer, 7. B. Gonzales, 8. E. Fry, 9. G. Gosper, 10. A. Pincus, 11. C. Knight, 12. J. Sakers, 13. S. Moores, 14. B. Phillips, 15. J. Gonolly, 16. Unknown, 17. Unknown, 18. R. Stropp, 19. G. Money- penny, 20. M. Pyles, 21. B. Koehler, 22. R. Race, 23. E. HouJf, 24. M. Ehitter, 25. D. Morris, 26. J. Roth, 27. S. Colbourne, 28. R. GoUier, 29. H. Metro, 30. G. San- taniello, 31. A. Georgelakos, 32. G. Gapone, 33. A. Whit- tington, 34. P. Ruehl 35. G. Greenip, 36. B. Glarke, 37. D. Kayne, 38. S. Fried- man, 39. Unknown, 40. Un- known, 41. T. Samaras, 42. Unknown. IFC J PANHELLENIC Front Row: P. Kuhns, L. Harrison, N. Knauff (cult, chmn.), J. Davis (treas.), J. Pelecanos (pres.), N. Stein (rush chmn.), S. Martin, J. Kratz (sec). Second Row: M. Phipps, S. Gassidy, J. Ireland, P. VaneifF, K. Burke, S. Foster, B. Reynolds, B. St. Clair, S. Pollara, M. Litwin. Third Row: N. McDowall, D. Casel, B. Holland (hist.), C. Sterling, T. Price, F. Tzanis, D. Pringle, G. Kiesel, J. Lev, G. Lang. Fourth Row: S. Doak, B. Holstead, D. Onofrio (const, chmn.), B. Miller, K. Callahan, L. Oursler, E. Barney, S. Lazarr, J. Gehriager, G. Walker (act. chmn.). DIAMOND Sorority Women ' s Honorary 1st Row: Left to right; O. Harrison, L. Smith - treas., S. Pollara - V.P., S. Foster - Pres. P. Voneiff. 2nd Row: J. Royce, D. Matejko, S. Cassidy, K. Kells, K. Burke, B. Bondy. 3rd Row: E. Barney, D. Howe, S. Richards, D. Daudelin, B. Reynolds, D. Jones, B. St. Claire. 4th Row: J. Davies, K. Callanan, S. Hightower, S. Montgomery, P. Fuller, M. Gemmell, N. Knauff. 5th Row: N. Stein, A. Barton, N. McDowell, E. Lawless, M. Sippel, C. Machis, C. Sacks. Not pictured: P. Maccubbin, P. Randolph. KALEGATHOS Fraternity Men ' s Honorary 1. S. Friedman, 2. D. Perry, 3. T. Pavlinic, 4. B. Pincus, 5. E. Houff, 6. B. Koehler, 7. E. Fry, 8. G. IXinsten, 9. L. Manarin, 10. T. Aaron, 11. J. Fleischer, 12. J. Harrington, 13. A. Gevrogelakos, 14. B. Ritter, 15. C. Knight, 16. J. Lusby, 17. S. Sagman, 18. J. Clements, 19. T. Ferry, 20. R. Lamb, 21. C. Moran, 22. B. Hinkle, 23. S. Koenigsburg, 24. G. Capone, 25. G. Moneypenny, 26. D. Casey, 27. T. Clarke, 28. J. Andrew, 29. P. Buckley. 273 An all new and vocal edition of THE GREEK was bom in 1967-1968 to promote the fraternity and sorority systems of the University of Maryland. Through in-depth features and columns, colorful and timely news report- ing, and an abundance of imaginative photography, THE greek ' s newspaper format took on a new look while its content became more meaningful and beneficial to the campus community. With its exciting journalistic, photographic, business and promotional expansion came the necessity for an extensive and diverse staff organization of 134 specialists who cur- rently represent every aspect of Greek, student and ad- ministrative life at Maryland. House correspondents, edi- torial board members, columnists who covered everything from WRA to Society, and layout, promotion, space sales, publicity and editorial people were everywhere this year doing what had to be done to put some teeth into a paper that had ceased to be all that it could and should be. Founded in September 1962, THE GREEK became a professional publication under the aegis of its eighth editor while reaching new heights in quantity of issues and cam- pus circulation. As one volunteer worker put it, " Now THE GREEK ' S got a bark and a bite. " THE GREEK CHUCK KNIGHT, Editor-in-Chief ILENE SOLOMON, Managing Editor TOM SHANER, News Editor SHELLY GREYNOLDS, Copy Editor CAROLEE BROPHY, Advertising Manager GARY GREENIP, Circulation Manager Way back when, during the 1956-1957 academic year, a new secret society was bom at the University of Mary- land. Identified by the letters " yTTT, " the group initially was established along the philanthropic lines of the Uni- versity of Virginia ' s prominent and super-secretive " Seven Society " for male leaders. Three primary and obvious differences between the two societies have emerged since the 4T ' s inception, how- ever. Rather than limiting its membership to seven men, Maryland ' s 4T male leader membership fluxuates. At its founding they numbered 20. Today, its membership is slightly smaller. In addition, the Terrapin group expanded its objectives beyond that of philanthropic exercise to in- clude the publication of a periodic newsletter of socio political editorial commentary " for the betterment of the student body " that is delivered imaginatively at all hours of the day and night. Finally, the 4T ' s also have their own social events — without revealing the nature of the occasion to their dates or guests. T T T T T TTTmTTT T T T T T ■ ITriTlTl T T T T T TTTTTTn T T T T T While it may come as a surprise to some, the 4Ts have continued to involve themselves in good works such as the purchasing of clothing and food for orphanages and needy families at Christmas and Easter. All their contri- butions are made with anonymity and a mysterious flair. All operating funds for their diverse activities are secured from membership dues and contributions. As from the start, 4T men are always Greeks anl campus leaders. Naturally, the identity of each member is kept secret, and to insure their privacy and " safety, " the 4T ' s conduct their formal business meetings and social functions off campus. Their publication, the content and tone of which have changed considerally in recent years, is also printed elsewhere. Maryland ' s 4T group was formed in 1956 after the Uni- versity administration disbanded the Gate and Key So- ciety for its flagrant opposition to President Elkins ' " no booze on campus " dictum. In 1967-1968, the 4Ts remain a mystery. GATE and KEY Left to Right: First Row: E. Reese, L. John- son, H. Zeigler, J. Clements (co-chmn.), G. Capone (co-chmn.), J. Lusby, T. Ball. Second Row: G. Petzold, D. Ottenrider, L. Yocum, G. Walton, D. Eisner, F. Gordon, G. Greenip, M. Kovach, B. Carlson, P. Dubinsky. Third Row: P. Buckley, G. Tevis, B. Phillips, D. Morris, J. Sakers, S. VanGrack, J. Deitz, J. Schoolfield, C. Tuerk, J. Deckman, R. Hunsicker, R. Deckert, R. Pincus, R. Koehler, R. Collier, L. Pue, T. Sobol, E. Crawford, S. Moores, J. Roth, H. Vinyard, B. Farrell. Fourth Row: B. McCoy, S. Sagman, G. Gosper, P. Rader, E. Fry, G. Diakoulas, L. Rixam, A. Georgelakos, J. Kou- souris, T. Shaner, E. Becker, J. Connolly. QUEENS y ' ' " rv- s f J » ». Nancy Lee Wj HOMECOMING QU N I 1 7 h RUNNERS-UP Yvonne Frenkel MISS STUDENT UNION MILITARY BALL QUEEN M , ' r: -WVf- ■ rMm- I «; Maureen Downing MISS CAMPUS CHEST ■-w ■■- ' 4MiiP Suzanne Temkin FRESHMAN PROM QUEEI BEST-DRESSED COED LAURA BROWN BEST-DRESSED COEDS: Runiiers-Up MARIA DEL CANiirO 286 STEIN LA JACOBS M- M I LINDA NARCISENFIKLD — l s M SALLY McABEE LINDA LIGON LUCIA . . . and every other COED on campus: a cross-section of Maryland ' s unsung beauty. 288 Senator Edward Kennedy NSA CONFERENCE SUMMER ' 67 Dr. Timothy Leary 292 Wilson Pickett-Homecomlng ' 67 j tw ' - THE LETTERMEN w - ; v.i M %■ mi vl ' . • ' J ' fl THE 5th DIMENSION SPANKY and OUR GANG " DAVE BRUBECK tySj T K ' 1 m 1 x .;« ' ■Mm 297 MARCEL MARCEAU 299 -J SSESJi ' - " " ' ' " " " FOOTBALL Maryland Oklahoma 35 Maryland 3 Syracuse 7 Maryland 9 N. C. State 31 Maryland North Carolina 14 Maryland South Carolina 31 Maryland 3 Penn State 38 Maryland 7 Clemson 28 Maryland 17 Wake Forest 35 Maryland 7 Virginia 12 In the 75 year football history of Maryland, no team ever had a season like the one endured by the 1967 gridmen. In losing all nine of their games, they suflFered through the worst season ever for a Terp football squad. Truly, this was a team of destiny. While the 1967 Terps were not a very strong team, neither were they a very lucky one. From beginning to end, fate seemed to guide the Terps. This was a team that was deserted by its coach, Lou Saban, late in December, 1966, and had to adjust to a new head mentor for the second consecutive year. This was a team that had one of its easiest opponents, George Washington, drop football a few months before the season began. This was a team that had its All- American quarterback candidate, Alan Pastrana, injured in spring practice, thus out for the season. The season began in Norman, Oklahoma, with the Sooners taking the opening kickoff and marching for a touchdown. It ended in Byrd Stadium with the Mary- land defensive unit futilely chasing a Virginia quarter- back in his backfield as the clock — and the season — ran out. For coach Bob Ward, it was a year of frustration. In his attempt to break a losing streak that had reached 13 by the season ' s end, he tried everything from per- sonnel changes (five quarterbacks in one year) to magic (red helmets in the season ' s final game). Nothing worked. 302 For the players, especially seniors like defensive captain Jim Lavrusky, Billy Van Heusen, Pat Baker, Art Brzostowski, Ralph Donofrio, Fred Gawlick, Bob Haley, Tom Myslinski, Lou Stickel, Tony Santy, and Chuck Tine, this was a season of hard work without the reward of a single victory. Individually, the offense was led by Rick Carlson, who scored 28 points in his role as placekicker and end. He also led the team in receptions with 24. Junior Bill Lovett retained the team rushing title, gaining 499 yards, while Jim Sniscak was the most effective passer with 26 completions in 43 attempts for 287 yards. Sopho- more Chuck Drimal was the statistical leader with 54 completions in 123 attempts for 669 yards. The most outstanding of the defensive performers were Lavrusky and Wally Stalnaker. Stalnaker led the team in interceptions while Lavrusky, a star all year, played what Ward called " one of the finest individual games I ' ve ever seen " against Syracuse, making 18 indi- vidual tackles and assisting in nine others. Despite the good performances, the Terps were unable to make it into the winner ' s column. Perhaps their best game came against powerful Syracuse, when the Orangemen were held to a 7-3 win. There were only two other contests in which the Terps came within two touchdowns of their opponent. Having hit the low point of its football history, Maryland clearly is hoping that 1967 marked the " end of an era " — one that has seen five non-winning seasons in a row. 303 304 305 306 308 309 Front Row: Stickel, Donofrio, Brzostowski, Gawlick, Lavrusky, Baker, Grace, Stubljar, Kirschensteiner, Kane, Tomcho, Gillespie, Carlson, Van Hensen, Bach, Torain. Second Row: Pearson, Imphong, Lawrence, Kubany, Tine, Dutton, Gareis, Kecman, Plevin, Lovett, Bowman, Bracken, Brant, Haley. Third Row: Mylinski, Newly, Flaherty, Foran, Pema, Olecki, StuU, Faries, Pancza, Swan, Sonntag, Stalnaker, Morten- 310 sen, Drimal. Fourth Row: Vince, Callahan, MacBride, Baltaglia, Sullivan, Benedetti, Sniscak, Corbum, Sabol, Gebhardt, Grant, Fitz- Patrick, Ciamber. Fifth Row: Lions, Boston, Dill, Stec, Brannon, Miloszewski, Armstrong, Yakapovich, Friedgen, Demczuk, DiOrio, McCamant. Sixth Row: Fry, Montero, Steimle, Justice, Head Coach Ward, Kem, Jorge, Hawkins, D ' Orazio, Steigleder, Mettler. 311 SOCCER Coach Doyle Royal said before the start of this soccer season that " the num- ber one goal for the 1967 squad would be to make the NCAA national tourna- ment. " Early in the season The Terp hooters showed that they had taken the Coach ' s words to heart as they de- feated N. C. State, Howard, Virginia, Catholic University, and Georgetown in rapid succession. After this quick start, the team travelled to Penn State to face the Nittany Lions. The trip north proved to be a journey into the Lion ' s den as in- clement weather, injuries, and some poor officiating hampered the Terp ' s play. In a rough contest, the Marylanders were held to a 2-2 tie, but this partial setback was only a slight detour on the Maryland victory road. The only blemish on the hooter ' s rec- ord came at the hands of that perpetual Terrapin baiter. Navy, who defeated the team by a score of 2 to L The key day in the hooter ' s season came on Novem- ber 13, when Royal ' s forces captured both the ACC Title and a bid to the national soccer tournament. This year ' s team, which featured a bal- anced scoring attack and tight defense, carried a 9-1-1 record into their first- round tournament contest with powerful Michigan State. State downed the hard- fighting Terps by a score of 4-1 in a contest which was much closer than the ' score would indicate. The Maryland cause was hampered because two impor- tant freshman players, Mike Walker and Al Emminizer, were ineligible due to an outmoded NCAA rule which, ironically, was changed by the athletic association ' s governing board after the season was over. The top scorer on the squad was Larry Ruhs, but Bob Connor and Ted Swie- conek also provided a strong scoring pimch. Senior co-captain Mike Rioux provided the leadership and steadiness which is essential to any closely knit team, while All-American Alvaro Biten- court consistently was able to produce the game-saving type of spectacular play. 312 - ' Ufh ' ' ' - ,. ' »• " ■ ' -orf X 313 314 fc - -m. ■ Front Row: Jelencovich, Bitencourt, Buckley, Rioux Brandoni, Etout, Stiehl. Second row: Connor, Emminizer, White, Butta, Ascherl, Spinella, Weimers, Ruhs. Third Row: Coach Royal, Arnold, Richardson, Salfeety, Lillian, Walker, Delvecchio, Swieconek, Bodner, Rotondo, McAllister. 315 i . [f 3 Jj ff? ' ' ' ■ " ' ■ BASKETBALL . - The Atlantic Coast Conference has often been de- rided by some local sports writers because of the poor caliber of league competition in football, but this type of criticism certainly should not be applied to the ACC 1967-68 basketball race. This year, the Conference was one in which two teams were ranked in the top ten nationally. Several other colleges in the Conference also fielded formidable " fives " . First year head coach Frank Fellows said before the start of this year ' s basketball season that the fans should not expect too much from this edition of the Terp roimd- ballers. Fellows felt that this would be a rebuilding year since Maryland ' s schedule pitted a young squad against some of the toughest teams in the nation. His words proved prophetic in several ways as the team struggled to an 8-15 regular season record while meeting ACC powerhouses Duke and North Carolina and such outstand- ing non-conference teams as the University of Texas at El Paso and Southern Illinois University. 317 On the road fl » ' ' " m ' ■ r . a r ' 9W w VP d The tone for this season seemed to have been set in the opening game when Maryland dropped a 76-71 decision to Penn State after a surprisingly poor shooting night. The shooting doldrums continued to plague the Marylanders as the season wore on and after 11. games, it was beginning to look as though the basketball team would suffer through a season even more disastrous than the one that had been suflEered by the football squad. Due to an unusual schedul- ing arrangement, the Terp hoopsters found themselves continuously on the road during a large part of the season. Their sojourn far from the friendly floorboards of Cole Field House took a heavy toll and the final away game tally for the season stood at 1 win and 12 losses. Even the single victory was in a sense a local success since it was a triumph over George Washington University at Fort Meyer, Virginia. The home record proved to be a much different matter as Maryland won the last four home games and finished the season with a 7-3 mark before the home crowds. 320 321 323 1t ts ' ;f f M % » n ; th. , ? jAr d The trip south to the ACC Tournament at Raleigh provided one last opportunity for the team to add some sparkle to a generally mediocre season, but the spectre of the Maryland road record seemed to hover in the back- ground as an omen of ill fortune. The Terps faced N. C. State in the opening round of the tournament and were hoping to avenge two regular season losses to the Wolf- pack. In a game in which both teams appeared to be suffering from chronic cases of the " tournament jitters " , the Marylanders came up on the short end of the score after hitting only 31.7 per cent from the field. The Terps ' loss to N. C. State marked the eighth time in the last ten years that a Maryland basketball squad has failed to advance past the first round of the ACC ' s annual basketball extravaganza. Although the 1967-68 final record of 8 wins and 16 losses was not the kind of tally that Frank Fellows had hoped for in his first year as head coach, there were several bright spots . . . The play of senior co-captains Rich Drescher and Bill Jones provided consistent leader- ship and key baskets at several crucial points during the late season home stand. John Avery was the most effective shooter with a 47 per cent accuracy from the field while Pete Johnson led the team in scoring. The most promising development for the future of M.U. basketball was the outstanding play of sophomores Rod Horst, Tom Milroy, and especially Will Hetzel whose 14 point plus scoring average and 184 rebounds were important factors in the team ' s winning efforts. Kneeling: Avery, MacDonald, Jones, Drescher, Johnson, Brown, Yoho. Standing: Michaelson, Coach Fellows, Prebula, Siebenaler, Horst, Hetzel, Labonia, Milroy, Assistant Coach Young, Mettler. flgUllj ' 32 [f 54 " |i;«| ' 45 ' s I ' Sl Kneeling: Beth Brown, Tina GriiBn, Grace Rowell, Dottie Wells, Carol Caputo, Sharon Nelson, Diana Yingling. Standing: Steve Plemons, Jeff Brosman, Lud Long. CHEERLEADERS 328 3 1 f - 1 1 1 m0 Ft l H nCi 9 ■r HH M liB P ' - ' T ShAh ' a H 329 WRESTLING 330 Front row: Mulligan, Terrill, VanNuys, Baker, Reese, Amoult, Paxton, Bilotte, Pronti. Second row: Haan, Fletcher, Webster, Novak, Kline, Callahan, Gilead, Yocum, Nichols. TTiird row: Stumpff, Rutledge, Dalge- wicz, Umberger, Zachmann, Stanley, Sample, Buckley, Sinibaldi; Coaches Krouse, Thomas, Schleicher. Varsity wrestling continues to be a focal point in the winter sports scene at the University of Maryland. Under the able tutorship of Head Coach William E. " Sully " Krouse, in his 20th year as wrestling coach at the University, the Terp grapplers have consistently turned in a winning record. The current season began with the Terp matmen journeying to New London, Connecticut, for the U.S. Coast Guard Academy tournament. Maryland walked away from the meet with the top prize, which seemed indicative of a highly successful season. The new year opened at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where the Terps met the Lehigh Engineers, thereby embarking on an im- pressive schedule of matches which included Penn State, Navy, Army, and Pittsburgh. Atlantic Coach Conference opponents included Virginia, North Carolina, Duke, and North Carolina State. Within the ACC, the Terps have compiled an enviable all-time conference record of 80 wins against 6 losses, a record which bears witness to the excellence in coaching of Sully Krouse and his competent assistants. This year ' s squad, although losing several members through graduation, had much experience and ability in its returning sophomores and juniors, and upheld the Terp wrestling tradition, by employing a volatile combination of desire, drive, strength, and skill. On first reflection it might seem that a digital computer and a college swimmer would have little in common. But Maryland Swimming Coach Bill Campbell with the aid of senior Joe Wechsler this year welded Campbell ' s Competi- tive Swimming Index to the University ' s 6.5 million dollar IBM 7094 computer. The CSI system assigns a single index number to the ability of the individual swimmer in each of the four racing strokes and indicates the average number of seconds that the individual ranks above the nation ' s best time. The sys- tem has stirred world-wide interest and has come into in- creasing use on the high school and college level through- out the United States. It is not at all surprising that Coach Campbell was the developer of this innovative system for evaluating swim- ming ability. His sharp mind and keen coaching sense have already been demonstrated by the enviable record of 116 wins against 28 losses which his Maryland swimming teams have compiled in the 12 years that Coach Campbell has been resident swimming mentor at College Park. SWIMMING This year ' s team completed the most successful dual- meet tank season that Campbell ' s squads have ever achieved, finishing wifth a record of 12 and 1. The tankmen won handsomely against most of their opponents. Their only defeat in dual competition came at the hands of N. C. State by a score of 66-47. Led by seniors Bruce Alston, Phil Denkevitz, Bill Dranginis, Jim Hill, V. J. Meleski, Doug Springer, co-captains Dave Dodge and Wayne Paw- lowski, and a talented group of underclassmen including Mike Golub, Dave Heim, Dennis Imondi, and Joe Schwart- zel, the Terp tankmen submerged strong teams such as Duke, Navy, and North Carolina. The team ' s strength was appreciably increased by an effective diving contingent composed of Bob Rydze, Ron Hoffman, and Don Dolce. Its depth, which had been a strong point, suffered consid- Front Row: Barr, Reid, Metz, Rydze, Hoffman, Dolce, Painter, Levenson. Second Row: Prechtel, Vielhaber, Golub, Dodge, Pawlowski, Schwartzel, Polk, Springer, Coach Campbell. Third Row: Coach Jennings, Hill, Karol, Balaban, Smith, Meleski, V, Draganis, Sikorski, Rechel, Schoeck. Fourth Row: Marcks, Schaefer, Berigtold, Meleski, S. Heim, Pinkerton, Salkind, Imondi, Denkevitz. erably after the loss of All-American Phil Denkevitz in January upon the completion of his varsity eligibility. The Terps wound up the regular season in third position na- tionally and were co-favorites with N. C. State in the ACC Tournament. The team ' s performance in this meet was disappoint- ing as they slipped to fourth place, finishing behind N. C. State, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Three swimmers hoped to re- coup this temporary reversal in the NCAA Finals in Hanover, New Hampshire at the end of March. CROSS COUNTRY TRACK To the unitiated, the name Jim Kehoe may not mean a great deal, but track enthusiasts know that for the University of Maryland Kehoe means TRACK POWER. Coach Kehoe in 1967 again demonstrated that rigorous training, top athletes, and excellent coaching are an unbeatable combination as his charges brought the Atlantic Coast Conference track crown to Maryland for the twelfth consecutive year. This year ' s squad, al- though hampered by a string of injuries to such key men as Frank Costello, Tom Gagner, Ed Marks, and Bruce Carson, showed the strength and depth which are essential to any successful team, and forged to another undefeated season. The Kehoe magic seems to roll along no matter what the season, and this fall when the Simday duffers gave up the fairways and woods of the University Golf Course to the harriers on Coach Kehoe ' s cross coimtry circuit, the Mary- land victory string continued. The cross country team, led by standout runners Dave Stames, John Amoss, and Ernie O ' Boyle, rolled to another undefeated season while posting a record of 6-0. 334 •«»m ■ I, - . •- K. . J- ■«! b A ' 4J • . --Tj» i ■ ' - K ■. Front Row: Prevar, Matthews, Henry, Nawrocki, Dull, White, Kline, Hunter, Bickley, Koester, Starnes, Prevar; Second Row: Stevenson, Patterson, Lockard, Carson, Donahue, Thompson, Washburn, Betts, Beauchamp, Amoss, Jacobs, Defibaugh; Third Row: Coach Don Smith, Cuner, Lee, Jones, Meehan, Wejteck, Merritt, Angevine, Stevens, O ' Keefe, Minarik, Buonviri, Coach Jim Ruckert; Fourth Row: Coach Nick Kovalakides, Murray, Marks, Delmer, Yandell, Warfield, CBoyle, Socha, Clepper, Parsons, Head Coach Jim Kehoe. ' ' r- 4 ' ' LACROSSE When the North American Indians put together some sticks, netting, and a hard wood ball, to invent the game of lacrosse, they could have had no idea that in the 20th century lacrosse would find a permanent home near the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. That is exactly what happened, and at Maryland, La- crosse has become one of the major Tiappenings ' on the University ' s sports scene. The 1967 Terp lacrossemen proved themselves to be equal to the task of maintaining the Maryland lacrosse tradition, and finished the season in a three- way tie for the national championship ' while compiling a record of nine victories against one defeat. The team was charged up and ready for action beginning with the first whistle of the season and within a few weeks had chalked up five straight victories. After this impressive start, the Terps faced their old nemesis Navy at the Academy. The game proved to be a typical Terp-Middie struggle and the issue was in doubt until the final gun. The Terps, perhaps sufliering from the loss of All-American defenseman Alan Pastrana who sustained a knee injury the day before the big game, fell behind by six in the first half. The team never gave up, however and led by the spirit and ability of the hkes of Jack Heim (All-American senior attack) the Marylanders closed the gap and almost pulled the game out, although finally going down to defeat by a score of 10 to 8. At the time, this loss seemed to preclude the possibility of a national champion- ship, but fortune decided otherwise when Johns Hopkins defeated Navy. The Maryland team, having already captured another Atlantic Coast Conference title, now had an opportunity to share the national crown if they could overcome Hopkins in the final game of the season. On Saturday, May 20, 1967, Maryland faced Johns Hopkins at Byrd Stadium before one of the largest crowds ever to witness a lacrosse match at the Uni- versity. The character and class of the Maryland players was ably demonstrated by their performance under the tremendous pressvu-e of this must game. When the final score was tallied, the Terp lacrossemen were victorious and had pro- vided a fitting capstone (a share in the national championship) to a most successful Maryland lacrosse season. i . Ij r-B . m 339 340 341 Front Row: Himmelfarb, Greenawalt, Laverty, Heim, Catalano, Lowe, Sbarra, DeHoust, Badger, Stewart, Pfeiffer. Second Row; Rowe, Mintzer, LaVaute, Scheffer, Freeman, Pellicia, Pettit, Howe, Vander Schuyt, Mallon, Leimbach. Third Row: 342 Bonde, Graham, Meninger, Szcerbicki, Diestch, Zaranski, Griffin, Bosley, Bresee, Casper, Hinkle, Gannon. Fourth Row: Phillips, Felter, Becker, Yurfest, Pastrana, Leahy, Morgan, Daily, Grau, O ' Rourke, Carter, Coach Howard, Asst. Coach Smith. 343 UAAr feijjr BASEBALL Baseball at the collegiate level may never realize the gate receipts that many of the other sports do, but at Maryland in the last few years students and sports fans alike have watched a sport, a team, and a coach come of age. Led by such intangibles as " desire, " " hard work, " and " constant practice, " Maryland ' s diamond- men under Head Coach Jack Jackson have served notice on the other Atlantic Coast Conference teams that they are a force to be reckoned with. After failing to retain their first ACC title with a mediocre 11-12 season in 1966, the Terps opened the 1967 season with mixed emotions yet achieved excellent results. While fielding some twelve lettermen and six- teen sophomores, Maryland easily disposed of 12 of their first 13 opponents. At this point, ill fortune struck, and bad weather forced the Terrapins to cancel an important series of prepatory games before their stretch drive for the title against " Tobacco Road " opponents. The trip south was a disappointment, and the slumping Terps were flat when they faced title contender Clemson in a cnicial doubleheader at College Park. The Man, ' - land squad dropped both ends of the doubleheader to Clemson, and after having made such an impressive start, the Maryland nine had to settle for second place in the Conference while finishing the season with a strong 12-6 record. Even though the team failed to regain the title, it was not unheralded. It had batted a nifty .272 overall and had smashed out 16 home nms, while in the pitching department, sophomore Tom Bradley joined junior Mark Harris to post an 11-4 mark. To top oflF a successful season, sophomore John Hetrick was awarded All-America honors for his performance as Terp centerfielder. 344 ■f«iv a, - " -. " !»a? 345 | T -.r-- " vasf ' -r r... ' : ilW« ! " »j .J 346 Front Row: Sclafani, Sauve, Richards, Bottoms, Flyiin, Reed. Second Row: Corddry, Hetrick, Hillensland, Crowley, Compton, Simpson, Petrilik, Ro ; Third Row: Wright, Smith, Kazmerak, Hopkins, Hcrson, Ferrell, Stopp, Bon Vardo. Fourth Row: Davis, Camera, Manz, Prange; Standing: Coach Jackson, Bradley, Frost, Nuzzo, McKay, Harris. .-r4i„-- i -_ ..?-» 347 TENNIS Front Row: Schaeffer, Kready, Harrington, Werchen. Second Row; Coach Royal, Meyer, Millikan, Kleiner, Stem, Rickman. 348 Kneeling: Zink, Ziobro, Van de Hey, Olson, Micka. Standing: Freshman Coach Scales, Bartos, Willard, Captain Bartolec, de Lozier, Medlin, Calfee, Moore, Coach Rodenhaver. i» -i- ■1 ' 7 4 % I A student spends a major portion of his college career attempting to influence his environment. Some students organize events, others supplement their studies by participating in major club ac- tivities, and still others work toward improving their environment by trying to influence univer- sity policy on academics or social regulations. The results from such efforts may be as fatal as they are fortunate. There is a full and enjoy- able social calendar, affording tremendous op- portunities for cultural and intellectual stimu- lation outside the classroom. University policies change, however slowly, to meet today s norms. Yet some events fail . . . socially, financially and intellectually. Much time and effort is spent on projects which see little or no progress. To the individual involved in the mechanics and leadership, however, effort represents more than a desire to improve an environment. It is the joy of hopes and plans of the things to come. It is the drudgery of day to day administrative details; some of value, some not. It is the empty feeling of having to turn down projects for lack of money. It is the frustration of not having enough manpower to get things done. It is the proverbial happiness of success and the agony of failure. Is it all worth it? You sometimes wonder. But the answer is inevitably: Yes. For the joy is in the striving, and although you may not realize all your goals, the sum of your efforts equals progress. President, SGA 353 Front Row: L. Moore, adviser; J. Pelecanos, v. pres.; E. Ewing, pres; M. Litwin, sec; K. Burke, treas.; K. Walsh. Back Row: J. Kratz, D. Light, K. Roberts, C. Montgomery, G. Copozzalo, M. Sneider, S. Foster, B. Unger, T. Cunningham, J. Prouty, L. Lawson, K. Hansen. AWS SGA ELECTIONS BOARD Seated: J. Howard, R. Dawson, L. Myerberg, W. Albrecht, chmn.; R. Laniado, sec.; T. Ferry, R. Ullrich, treas.; M. Melson. Standing: B. Himel- farb, T. Toula, J. Bruin. ' 1 MEN ' S COUNCIL Seated: F. Ricles, R. Perry, pres.; P. Braun, H. Strauss. Standing; D. Fisher, treas.; M. Dutterer, sec.; R. Pearson, v. pres. MEN ' S LEAGUE Front Row: P. Buckley, C. Behymer, chief justice; C. Winfrey. Back Row: E. Wasserman, R. Freer, R. Dieterict, M. Pohcy, D. Bruther. JUDICIARY BOARD 355 PEOPLE to PEOPLE Front Row; S. EWehl, treas.; R. Powers, pres.; D. Blankinship., E. Cirillo, sec. Second Row: P. Grier, B. Moser, P. LaMotte, S. Corkran. Back Row: M. Loreman, G. Schuler. PEP COMMITTEE Front Row: S. McAfee, R. Paladino, C. Lyon, sec; D. Wells, co-chmn.; L. Baer, C. Eastlack, C. Johnson. Second Row: C. Pettit, S. Mangiapane, F. Landman, S. Neuwirth, D. Paladino, J. Willis, V. Roecker, B. Reinmuth, H. Henderson, R. Sellers, C. Day, J. Benney, P. Smith, K. Gould, L. Senasack. Back Row: W. Kirkpatrick, N. Willner, P. Smith, G. Woodworth, B. UUman, J. Snyder, S. Michelson, E. Webster, J. Siegel. HE ' ' I V J -i r r : f ii: »« ' • JEl -;ffis .ty S-.-?NS. Front Row: T. Clarke, treas.; T. Aaron, pres.; Back Row: S. Podgur, legis.; J. Kratz, (AWS); T. Deming, legis; B. J. Dubnoff, v. pres.; J. Orban, . sec; L. VanGrack, legis. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS JUNI OR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: B. Bondy, legis.; S. Myerberg, legis.; S. Berenson, v. pres.; R. Lamb, pres.; S. Sagman, treas.; F. Ricles, men ' s league; L. Lawson, sec. Front Row: J. Gordon, legis.; P. Padden, men ' s league; D. Bunty, legis. Back Row: S. VanGrack, v. pres.; B. Attinger, treas.; T. Truitt, sec; I. Caplan, AWS; L. Reichel, legis.; J. Knox, legis. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: W. Myers, treas.; S. Pittman, pres.; R. Greenhouse, v. pres. Front Row: H. Metro, S. Mossburg, D. F. Rishel, advisor. Back Row: B. McHugh, C. Nfarquardt, R. DeCuir, J. Saflel. Not pictured: M. Fagan. CENTRAL STUDENT COURT STUDENT TRAFFIC COURT Front Row: S. Gillock, W. Hackett, chief justice; J. Hack. Back Row: D. Devaney, M. Protas, J. Goldstein, R. Eskow. 359 Fiifl mamm .:::«.■:, .0. e-v ' ' -v! [ »i STUDENT UNION BOARD The Student Union Board exists to bring education, en- lightenment and enjoyment to the student when he is out- side the classroom. Under President Roy L. Eskow the Board broadened its scope in every respect this year to bring the best to the University of Maryland. The Performing Arts Committee expanded its program to present six shows this year which included such head- liners as the 5th Dimension, The Lettermen, The Tempta- tions, The Vibrations, and Judy Collins. Similarly, the Social Committee sponsored dances headed this year by The Lafayettes, The Van Dykes and niany more of the most popular bands in the Maryland-Washington area. The Student-Faculty Coffee Hours have served to bring the problem of current racial unrest into the limelight as well as introducing students to an outstanding Yoga en- thusiast and an excellent portrait artist. Finally, the Special Events Committee presented its an- nual International and Classical Film Series and the im- mensely popular " Play Pen, " in which students performed and displayed the full talent of the University of Maryland. 360 1. D. Urban, v. pres.; 2. D. Casel, 3. V. Hertz, sec; 4. B. Kopit; 5. M. Gordon, treas.; 6. O. Basil, advisor; 7. D. Zinn; 8. B. Rosen- berg; 9. R. Eskow, pres.; 10. H. Schreiber; 11. J. Miller; 12. J. Daniel; 13. J. Waranch; 14. L. Roark; 15. E. Zirkind; 16. T. Lober; 17. J. Brown; 18. N. Moffat; 19. K. Ingle; 20. L. Kreis; 21. E. Sapienza; 22. D. Weiser; 23. H. Zilber; 24. D. Zalucky; 25. C. Nyborg; 26. A. Browner; 27. A. Schmidt; 28. D. Levine; 29. D. Rudden; 30. D. Polatnick; 31. F. Sherr; 32. D. Mulligan; 33. B. Kerman; 34. S. Wolf; 35. P. McLean; 36. M. Seabreeze; 37. S. Weitzman; 38. B. UUman; 39. M. Petrini; 40. F. Behlke; 41. E. Dutton. ROY L. ESKOW PRESIDENT, S.U.B. 361 CABINET 1. K. Cooney, 2. C. Woods, 3. T. Courchen, 4. J. Fleis- cher, treas.; 5. T. Aaron, 6. R. Lamb, 7. T. Etove, 8. S. McGrath, 9. R. Perry, 10. R. Fine, 11. T. Henderick- son, pres.; 12. B. McKenna, sec, 13. W. Landes, v. pres.; 13. E. Ewing, 15. M. Hall, 16. J. Pelecanos. CULTURAL COMMITTEE Front Row: J. Wasserman, P. Randolph, P. Bis- chofF, B. J. DiibnofF chmn.; A. Bloomfield, sec. Back Row: S. Langteld, treas.; C. Medeiros, H. Weinstein, D. Howe. Left to right: C. Carrick, T. Deming, E. Fry, asst. speaker; J. Rada, B. Bondy, S. Podger, D. Bunty, C. Montgomery, A. Scher, P. Breitner, C. Hock, R. Karpook, S. Myerberg, M. Bryant, K. Callanan, C. Medeiros, L. Silvester, L. VanGrack, P. Katz, M. Gold, G. Maxwell, sec.; J. Dryden, C. Porter, L. Reichel, A. Speizman, G. Dunsten, B. Landes, pres. LEGISLATURE WHO ' S WHO SELECTION COMMITTEE Left to right: R. Perry, chmn.; G. Kent, P. Rodbell, S. Beattie, J. Pelecanos. 363 CAMPUS CHEST Front Row: A. Barthel, sec; E. Winston, chair.; D. Wetzel. Back Row: R. Strand, M. Pearlman, A. Speizman. PLACEMENT COMMITTEE 1. S. Krieger, 2. H. Vinyard, 3. O. Harrison, 4. J. Winslow, 5. G. Martin, 6. B. Harper, 7. G. Dunsten, 8. L. Lawson, 9. B. Murik, 10. E. Crawford, 11. M. Fagan, 12. R. Hitchner, 13. J. Anshel. 364 FALL ORIENTATION EXECUTIVE BOARD Top Left to Right: P. Padden, D. Dawdlin, S. Gridley - chmn., B. Parks. FRESHMAN ORIENTATION BOARD SPONSORS Left to Right: Seated: P. Randolph, S. Cromer, J. Barron, P. Deming, B. Schulman, C. Cooney. Standing: W. Landes, G. Moneypenny, K. Knabe, T. Hendrickson, T. Dove. L. Lawson, J. TchechHn, advisor; S. Glackin, E. Fry, B. Harper, E. Ewing, J. Pelecanos, H. Metro. AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS Front Row: R. Dillon, R. Johnson. Back Row: W. Gimpel, pres.; D. Stevens, D. Hansford, S. Eshee, adviser. AGRONOMY Front Row: E. Deal, adviser; A. Brauer, sec; C. Auditore, J. Knepley, treas.; G. Nzewi. Second Row: D. Fanning, adviser; J. Hannawald, C. Ray, D. Schwaninger, L. Smith, sec. Back Row: R. Benner, M. Hanna, L. Jarrett, v. pres.; W. Benson, pres. 366 Front Row; J. Geslois, G. Powell, pres.; C. Thibault, sec; M. Mc- Amis, V. pres.; R. Elkins, faculty adviser. Back Row: R. Piepoli, C. AMATEUR RADIO ASSOCIATION Lietz, G. Woodworth, D. Schnei- der, F. Saul, treas.; J. Waller, J. Nelsen, S. Sand, J. Fellows, A. Hofifniaster. AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION Front Row; J. Pennington, G. Sponaugle, K. Baker, v. pres.; R. Tanner, pres.; D. Ludke, sec; A. Silfies, treas.; R. Marzo. Second Row: A. Brooks, A. Arnold, M. Johns, D. Reich, P. O ' Connell, K. Gettle, adviser. Third Row: D. Greimel, R. Redfern, E. Johnson, L. Morley, A. Robinson, G. Herbert. Back Row; F. Conner, J. Haney, J. Talbot, S. Divelbiss, P. Romanczyk, J. Garman. L. ' ' J HI First Row: V. Mendes, pres.; T. W. Cadman, advisor; J. Robinson, J. Lodge, C. Ugiansky, W. Sage, E. Sauer. Second Row: I. Kamel, L. Stark, Dr. BischofF, Dr. Silverman, Dr. Marchello, dept. chair.; I. Block, R. Wilkinson, M. Potter, W. Sorace. AMERICAN INSTITUTE of CHEMICAL ENGINEERS Third Row: G. Dick, E. Ladov, Dr. Regan, M. Brady, W. Fountain, A. Corbin, P. Urian, D. Taylor. Back Row: G. Jackson, H. Epstein, W. Bixby, H. Gersh, S. Rome, B. Burke, R. Thomas, v. pres. AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION Front Row: Dr. J. Cook, adviser; C. Stolte, J. Matesky, treas.; G. Walton, pres.; G. Greer, v. pres.; J. Bohn, D. Cadell. Back Row: L. Femheimer, H. Lebowitz, L. Burton, R. Mohre, R. Lane, T. Stenuner, M. Severe, B. Knight, M. Monigan, R. Heatz, R. Spinella. rm 1 i ! . j i ' M f 1 { ' W ' % 1 i K0 ' H i n. 1 55 f f V ' ri mm if i 1 ' ' Q. 1 Ljli 1 -i 1 It. ' n • f " ' J Wl- mM 4] ' V i i .i i .; % 1 - i AMERICAN SOCIETY of AERONAUTICS and ASTRONAUTICS Front Row: N. Leatherman, pres.; S. Beitsch, treas.; W. Tesch, v. pres.; S. Norton, sec.; D. DeVore. Second Row: D. DeMaio, E. Parsons, J. Evans, T. Dawson. Third Row: P. Lepore, M. Wenzel, J. Newquist, W. Koleade, J. Smith, ]. Beach, J. Risinger. Back Row; D. Neilly, C. Campion, T. Stormer, L. Israel, N. Clerman, R. Ames, L. Matthews, C. Campen, D. Hewitt, J. Robinson, R. Ballard. AMERICAN SOCIETY of CIVIL ENGINEERS Front Row: B. Black, D. Brand, v. pres.; R. Hickey, pres.; P. Wedding, faculty adviser; C. Engle. Second Row: A. Ramisch, P. Tinsley, C. Nohe, F. Finkelstein, D. Weatherby, J. Manchester, V. Clark, B. Bonakdar. Back Row: T. Mahan, G. Maragos, R. Speight, S. Purdum, W. Bauer, R. Peers, R. Stepp, M. Gilstad. 1. p. Fleck, pres., 2. R. Bucklin, 3. T. Lloyd, 4. C. Owen, 5. R. Gould, 6. L. Wienecke, 7. R. Mazza, 8. J. Hill, 9. C. Ellin, treas.; 10. D. Heam, 11. S. Markle, V. pres., 12. R. Gore, 13. R. Bradley, 14. D. Branhan, 15. D. Parker, 16. R. Marks, 17. J. Buanno, 18. B. Ferrill, 19. E. Grine. AMERICAN SOCIETY of MECHANICAL ENGINEERS AMERICAN SOCIETY of TOOL MANUFACTURERS Front Row; S. Ismart, v. pres.; C. Sturges, v. pres.; D. Craig, pres.; M. McNerney, treas.; B. Dempsey, sec; G. Merrill, faculty adviser. Second Row: C. Trenary, A. Baumgart, G. Frushour, W. Lee. Third Row: R. Wickman, S. Klein, R. Urban, W. Litzau, J. Reid. Fourth Row: J. Pickeral, W. Pierce, D. White, R. Billups, P. Welch, T. Coleman. Back Row: T. Rumple, L. Shannahan, K. Dugan, J. Oliver, C. Pacione. 370 ANTHROPOLOGY SOCIETY ASSOCIATION FOR COMPUTING MACHINERY Left to right: A. Kirschbaum, A. Salwin, C. Kelly, E. Fromm, B. Holmes, D. Wallace, sec.-treas.; M. Rochkind, v. pres.; R. Hargett, pres. Left to right: R. Parker, A. Wootten, G. Homseth, H. Neuman, D. Clark, M. Lyerly, J. Robinson, S. Ehick, W. Taylor. ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY Front Row: J. Mullins, sec.-treas.; Tessie Cow, S. Sweet, v. pres.; J. McAulay. Back Row; M. Reynolds, P. Mason, D. Fritz, D. Vernon, J. Faulkner, pres. BLOCK and BRIDLE 372 Front Row: L. Menzer, T. Dietrich, B. Cunningham, sec; J. Viola, pres.; V. Vance. Second Row: K. Hagen, R. Rockwell, D. Barwick, J. Sarraf, S. Anderson, G. Anderson, N. Burtram. Back Row: W. Cordvan, R. Grotrian, B. Watkins, R. Ellis, R. Newman, C. Godman. MARYLAND CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Front Row: C. Lin, v. pres.; P. Liao, pres.; M. Young, treas. Second Row: L. Woo, J. Soo Hoo, sec; Y. Lam. Back Row: A. Cheung, V. Lee, B. Haupt, J. Young. CHINESE CLUB 373 Front Row: R. Grier, v. pres.; B. MacDonald, pres.; J. Morarre, treas.; P. Morarre, sec; J. Shanks, faculty adviser. Second Row: D. Casselberry, R. Peters, J. Marshall, M. Rockman. Back Row: G. Pearson, M. Narkin. CHRISTIAN SCIENCK ORGANIZATION CONGRESS of RACIAL EQUALITY Left to right: R. Blandford, v. pres.; E. Wynn, pres.; L. Young, L. Haw- thorne. 374 t i I Left to right: G. Bragg, C. Bar- 1 L - ham, D. Ceho, J. Milbum, A. ' ' ■ i F« " ' ver, pres.; C. Fern, faculty ' " ,. 6 adviser; R. Ingrain. COUNSELING and PERSONNEL SERVICES I ECONOMICS DISCUSSION GROUP Left to right; S. Sisson, sec.-treas.; J. Reardon, v. pres.; T. Raveson, pres.; Dr. A. Gruchy, adviser; C. Heany, v. pres. 375 Front Row: J. Brown, A. Stottlemyer, pres.; P. Harris, sec; M. Stombler. Second Row: A. Lombardo, E. Rakowsky, M. Alloy, G. Avgerakis, L, Rains, C. Dennison, B. Cooke. Back Row: L. Divilio, H. Benjamin, S. Breitenbach, J. Baden, C. Kelly, S. Harris. FENCING Left to right: G. Alexander, treas.; E. Hiley, R. Sorrell, W. Ennis, v. pres.; N. Cartagena, B. Singleton, H. Davis, D. Bieritz, D. Menol, P. Braun, pres. FINANCE 376 I FUTURE FARMERS of AMERICA Front Row: H. Spielman, C. Riggs, C. Staines, F. Thompson, S. Mullendore, E. Hatten. Second Row; A. Krebs, R. Cooper, treas.; W. Marker, pres.; S. Pieper. Third Row: R. Measell, sec; R. Peterson, V. Marshall. Back Row: F. Wilson, O. Mandycz. Front Row: H. Tucker, v. pres.; Rabbi M. Greenberg, adviser; T. Azman, treas.; A. Lebson, pres.; I. Lowenstein, sec; D. Rosen, v. pres. Back Row: A. Zeller, D. Greenberg, J. Exler, R. Attman, A. Fasimpaur, B. Stern, S. Handwerger. HILLEL 377 HOME ECONOMICS Left to right: D. Newcomb, treas.; M. Hull, S. Dix, K. Duncan, E. Dabbs, L. Bell, sec; N. Moniter, co-pres. HONOR GUARD Front Row: R. Roberts, information officer; S. Checkoway, executive officer; T. Grabowski, admin. NCO. Second Row: D. Pierce, W. Kramer, R. Boyle, W. Grimm. Third Row: 1. Asbakson, H. Gurule, D. Vega, F. Guzman, W. Caffall. Back Row: J. Koermer, adviser; h. Benson, D. Jones, W. Creager, G. Webb, D. Williams. 378 Front Row: C. Meegan, D. Coursen, coach; U. Boegli, J. Woods. Back Row: A. Sirlin, D. Lean, I. Adami, M. Hugunin, capt; T. GaiBgan, W. Adami, B. TuUy. ICE HOCKEY AMERICAN INSTITUTE of ELECTRONICS Front Row: J. Horrocks, R. Chase, C. Riley, R. GuUett, W. VanTuyl, pres.; R. Willard, treas.; R. Freemire, D. Norton, J. Nelsen, E. Limberger. Second Row: R. Ritchie, G. Wood- worth, G. McCarney, S. Wood, L. Snively, J. Zsakany, G. Kohne, M. Ressler, M. Pearlman, J. Siegel, R. Piepoli, D. Schneider. Third Row: and ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS H. Henegar, A. Hymans, B. Centofanti, A. Bezos, E. Fernandez, E. Mauch, J. Determan, T. Jesswein, A. Haspert, F. Costanza, M. Skane. Back Row: J. Morales, N. Stein, E. Lee, D. Rinker, S. Robbins, P. Rodwell, J- Rama, D. Wilhelm, K. Boegli, E. Fromm, J. Moffett, R. Rose, R. Bricker, D. Decker. Front Row: P. Johnson, treas.; S. Rahman, F. Bridgers, faculty adviser; Y. Lim, pres.; I. Chepenik, C. Malament. Second Row: S. Sarakontu, G. Konstantopoulo, M. Thune, C. Spiliadis, M. Rice, T. Akin, P. Srisawangwat. Third Row: R. Preciado, H. Grunberg, F. Behbin, W. Hohnes, S. Schwarz, T. McGonigle, O. Tidemand. Back Row: P. Aryan-Nejad, M. Khopandi, P. Lapera, v. pres. INTERNATIONAL CLUB Seated on floor: A. Whitebread, L. Schafer, B. Skaggs, A. Barton, S. Itzel, A. Keiley. Second Row: M. Matzen, M. Purucker, C. Schwiesow, T. Crowley, K. Neal, V. Chance, S. Berry, J. Francis, sec.-treas.; T. Smith, pres.; M. Sippel, V. pres.; C. Machis, corres. sec. Back Row: J. Smith, J. Benton, T. Lewis, B. Moffett. 380 MUSIC EDUCATORS 1. M. Feldman, 2. E. Zippemiann, 3. J. Morarre, v. pres. 4. F. Klatzkin, 5. M. Goodman, 6. C. Keys, 7. K. Dulabhan, 8. M. Gor- man, 9. M. Ptak, 10. M. Dutterer, 11. C. Carmack, 12. R. Schnider, 13. Dr. M. de Vermond, adviser, 14. R. Shafer, pres. NAT. SOCIETY of INTERIOR DESIGNERS 381 Left to right: J. Fleischer, pres.; C. Montgomery, v. pres.; G. Maxwell, V. pres.; G. Dunsten, treas.; T. Truitt, A. Speizman, B. Weiner, J. Haveland, R. Potash, K. Frazier, I. Hurwitz, K. Hansen, D. Morris, S. VanGrack. OLD LINE PARTY PARKS and RECREATIONAL SOCIETY Front Row: M. VanKirk, B. Bunch, I. Paul, v. pres.; K. Ernst, pres.; E. Temple, M. Lopes, S. Bix, G. Wojtech. Back Row: D. Millikan, K. Wilson, A. Brzostowski, R. Harerove. 382 PHARMACY Seated: D. Collins, pres.; M. Fruchtbaum, D. McMalton, sec; C. Reynolds, treas.; J. Ras. Standing: J. Spriggs, S. Shaffer, K. Henck, B, Rahn, J. Novak, Y. Mei Lee, R. Tidier, M. Young, J. Stevenson, E. Johnson, S. Simko, J. Mason, G. Keyes. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Seated: A. Leiderman, K. Regan, P. Peridier, S. Serf, J. Fey, R. Friedlander, B. Osborne, M. Phillips, M. Walter, T. Gerdts, S. Aumack, B. LeVine, R. Fort, L. Hovvarth, adviser; M. Williams, adviser. Standing: L. Allen, v. pres.; P. Sanders, W. Kennedy, R. Heller, R. Barr, G. Kuntz, R. Urich, J. Minninger, G. Hogan, J. AfFolter, J. Schoen, R. ' Hutsler, R. Hoffmann, pres.; D. Keys, treas.; R. Rubini. MAJORS Front Row: E. Atkins, B. Light, T. Becker, J. Lubell, R. Brocato, pres.jD. Yutchishen, C. Gerber, B. Nacblas, S. Genut. Second Row: B. Allgri, J. Marshall, M. Trout, M. Serry, C. Sielski, N. Zamorski, treas.; T. Snowwhite, v. pres.; G. Rodgers, S. Boston, S. Powley. Back Row: M. Spegfle, S. Fay, J. Galbreath, K. Tougjas, J. Hook, M. Layfield, L. Sheppard, D. Usher, L. Brittinghan, C. Teague, L. Cameron. PHYSICAL THERAPY Front Row: C. Leverton, C. Stoecker, treas.; S. Borko. Back Row: M. Sheehy, K. Petraitis, R. Laime, adviser; D. Tapper, sec; J. Haifley, v. pres.; C. Holland. POLITICAL SCIENCE 384 1. R. Chu, 2. A. Fink, 3. J. Buckley, 4. W. Hacknett, pres.; 5. P. Buhlig, adviser; 6. J. Trezza, 7. R. Beadles, 8. J. Lurie, 9. H. Okun, 10. D. Devaney, 11. E. Forsht, 12. M. Chapman, 13. S. Lewis, 14. J. Menick, 15. T. Roberts, 16. M. Wolk, 17. F. Levin, 18. G. Matheos, 19. G. Duvall, 20. J. Semuels, 21. R. Ives, 22. E. Schwartz, 23. M. Pazomick, 24. J. Goldman, 25. J. Goldstein, 26. J. Rohr, 27. M. Pierson, 28. C. Partridge. PRE -LAW Left to right: G. Vacek, P. Schroeder, W. Marwede, H. Lewin, treas.; E. Morris, M. Mokhtarzada, pres.; I. Zalucky, C. George. PRE-MED 385 RADIO and TELEVISION WORKSHOP 386 Growth and recognition were key words of the Radio and Television Work- shop during 1967-68. As the selective membership of the Workshop grew to over fifty, its prominence as a permanent establishment in the field of campus media became a reality. Proof of the Workshop ' s expansion was the noticeable number of new programs aired over the University ' s closed-circuit television system. Students were oflFered a variety of weekly shows to watch between classes, ranging from the satirical review, " Ballyhoo!, " to the more serious public affairs shows, directed by Joe Policy, president of the Workshop. Under the guidance of executive officers, producers and directors, students of the Radio and TV Workshop learned the " nuts and bolts " of television pro- gramming. Training sessions were followed by work on actual shows, and newly acquired knowledge took the form of first-hand experience. All phases of pro- gramming, from acting and directing to floor sweeping, were performed by Workshop members. Although selection of its members is restrictive, the Workshop anticipates an expansion of its membership and the production of more shows for its growing audience. 1. B. Sidwell, 2. D. Phillips, 3. J. Haifley, v. pres.; 4. J. Policy, pres.; 5. T. Cozzoli, director; 6. A. Abrams, p. r.; 7. V. Kahl, sec; 8. B. Kreisman, 9. M. Cagan, 10. W. Price, 11. J Cooper, 12 L. Schaefer, 13. B. Cohen, 14. E. Schenker, 15. S. Yoffe, 16. R. Croll, 17. K. Newman, 18. M. Taylor, 19. J. Sachs, 20. N. Craley, 21. S. Berberich, 22. R. Fisch, 23. C. Miles, 24. L. Jewel, 25. N. Stein, 26. T. Moore, 27. B. Holmes, 28. C. Breiterman, 29. D. Cohen, 30. B. Schwartz, 31. J. Censor. 387 ROTC Lt. Col. A. C. Hamby The death of Lt. Col. Albert C. Hamby, Sept. 26, 1967, marked the loss of a personal friend to many ca- dets of the 330th Cadet Wing AFROTC of the University. Killed at Hurlburt Air Force Base, Ala., Lt. Col. Hamby was flying in preparatory training for duty in Viet Nam. 388 ft p n r- v f - 1 M W m T " •1 I , ■ -fM ' ■ ' -t, m ' - ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Front Row: J. Koemer, J. Call, T. Curley, M. McCraeken, B. Roberts, P. Prout, H. Funk. Second Row: K. Wright, S. Sirken, A. Kirschbaum, R. Knapp, D. Quein, C. Baboyian, J. Dix. Third Row: D. Pierce, M. Swomley, J. Luce, A. Armstrong. Back Row: C. Carlo, C. Killin, M. Yourtee. Left to right: Rothwell, admin, officer; D. J. Newcomb, infor. officer; E. Woytowitz, com- mander; P. Adorian, exec, officer; S. Bond, operation officer; V. Buckson, comptroller. ANGEL FLIGHT AREA B-1 OFFICERS 390 ••t ttJ ' V:? " 4Sl. . IV 1 - mi% . Front Row: C. Enlow, M. Gill, B. Halstead, V. Buckson, D. Rothwell, S. Bond, E. Woytowitz, J. Bentz, A. Kennelly, M. Hagan, K. Nissley, M. Stoklosa, J. Grayson, S. Kline, J. Alcorn, P. Perron, M. Woods. Back Row: B. Rogers, K. Wise, K. Jaegerman, L. Murray, B. Dunnarant, C. Shockley, J. Tanada, C. Andrejack, M. McCarthy. L. Delizia, S. Perry, C. Kellstram, A. Small, M. Rogers, M. Whitehill, A. Conimerford, N. Haesler, N. Floyd, S. Kacena, C. Sacks, N. McCullough, P. Rimbos, Copony, G. Kent, S. Hangemanole, S. Thomberg, C. Beebe. ANGEL FLIGHT Angel Flight at the University of Maryland is only one chapter of a national honorary service organization of young women, chosen on the basis of poise, intelligence and interest in the Armed Services. Their goal is three-fold: to strengthen and promote interest in the Air Force, to give college women across the United States knowledge and information concerning the services, and to aid the progress of the Arnold Air Society and Corps of Cadets. Nationally recognized at 130 schools across the country, Puerto Rico and Hawaii, Angel Flight chapters center their programs around the Air Force, the campus and the community. As oflBcial hostesses of the University, they usher, host and serve at various campus functions, including the President ' s Convocation. RUSSIAN CLUB Front Row: B. Axelrod, treas.; M. Kocho, pres.; J. Snyder. Back Row: T. Louis, v. pres.; R. Whitloch, L. Anderson. 391 SCUBA DIVERS: " The Underwater Diving Terrapins " 392 1. S. Clark, 2. L. Heam, 3. C. Clark, 4. L. Ericson, 5. S. Borst, 6. R. Landers, 7. L. Struct, 8. R. Ver- fuerth, 9. T. Snell, 10. T. Kenney, 11. N. Bowser. From a basis of fifteen divers in the Spring of 1965, the University ' s Scuba Diving Club has surfaced to its present total of over 60 members. Making waves with the motto: " Safety Through Education, " the club is trained by members of the National Association of Underwater Instructors. NAVI is rated as one of the world ' s best training organizations for amateur divers. Two Underwater Diving Terrapins, Tom Kenney and Bob Landers, are certified NAVI instructors. Maryland ' s Scuba Diving Club dipped down to the Florida Keys during Semester Break for its annual " camp-diving trip. " Those who continue to sample the local waters take " ice dives " in water temperatures as low as thirty degrees. For that light touch of incidental inspiration, the club entertains rumors of buried and sunken treasure hidden in the muddy depths of Maryland. And for those who seek adventure in the underwater world, Maryland ' s Scuba Diving Club serves as a source for acquiring the knack of s afe yet skillful diving. 393 VHP i Sfl ' iW( iMii RiSIP ' ' ' ' SKYDIVERS " The Fallouts ' 394 Acid? Who needs it? Want to expand your mind? Try jumping from a plane going 80 miles per hour a quarter of a mile in the sky! The exciting sport of skydiving has come to Maryland via " The Fallouts. " The club, new last year, was organized to provide an economical way for students desiring to learn the sport. Club president, Kevin Burke, provides most of the instruction for those wanting something a little different. Instruction involves one day on the ground and five static line jumps. A static line jump is exe- cuted with the aid of a line, secured to the aircraft to assure opening of the canopy. The canopy, or chute, is a hemispherical umbrella-shaped nylon device with sections which can be opened and closed to guide the descent. Upon completion of proper instruction and ap- proval, the novice can make a free fall jump, one in which he opens the canopy himself. , 1. B. Kanzler, 2. R. Kepner, 3. S. Fogel, 4. B. Sartwell, 5. G. Crane, 6. J. Humphreys, 7. G. Allen, v. pres.; 8. C. Emerson, 9. C. Ryan, sec.-treas.; 10. J. Sancewich, 11. P. Stimueiss, 12. W. Fleming, 13. K. Burke, pres.; 14. H. Loss. SEMPER FIDELIS SOCIETY Seated: J. Scire, pres.; G. Phelps, E. Phelps, sec.; M. Henig, A. Speizman, T. Brown, E. Anastasi. Standing: A. Hitt, J. Szymkowicz, W. Warrington, C. Groves. SOCIETY for the ADVANCEMENT of Front Row: A. Cole, R. Hilton, S. Miles, M. Pedak, D. MacVean, J. OBrien, J. Kephart. Second Row: D. Craig, T. Pergola, S. Brown, v. pres.; T. Schmitz, P. Lerario. Back Row: D. Doubroff, D. Evans, D. Willoth, v. pres.; C. Rohland, L. Kirkpatrick, pres.; J. Bickley, A. Fritts, R. Matlaga. MANAGEMENT 5 I Front Row: J. Pensinger, sec; M. Suarez, pres.; D. JeflFrey, v. pres.; K. Wagues- pack, treas.; J. Robertson. Back Row: SOCIETY of J. Clark, R. Austin, B. Wampler, E. Day, D. Norton, J. Henry, J. Tylec, R. Ritchie. AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS SOCIETY of FIRE PROTECTION ENGINEERS Front Row: J. Bender, E. Shollenberger, sec; W. Boyce, v. pres.; W. Carson, pres.; F. Brower, treas.; R. Krein. Second Row: W. Cannon, B. Shelley, J. Lathrop, R. McCracken, J. Luley. Back Row: R. Alston, J. Bell, J. O ' Neill, F. Fabin. 397 Left to right: M. Mejia, treas.; J. Bilecky, sec; L. Dorsey, L. Matuskey, W. Singleton, J. White, C. Ugiansky, pres.; E. Mauch, E. Quinn, S. Lasher. SOCIETY of WOMEN ENGINEERS SOCIOLOGY CLUB Front Row: D. Mitchell, S. Lewis, M. Pelczar, v. pres.; S. Krieger, pres.; R. Aserkoff, v. pres.; E. Ginsberg, sec.-treas. Secon J. Wilson, faculty adviser; R. Hirzel, P. Lejins, T. Aluisi, M. Robinson, M. Brill, P. Jennings, H. Loring, L. Kupersmith, J. Ti Back Row: J. Parker, P. Ford, J. Fletcher, R. Schlossberg, R. Speck, M. Green, A. Tempel. Second Row: Timmens. 398 SKI CLUB Ski Club OflBcers: President— Ron Lara, Vice Presi- dent—Tim Campos, Secretary— Isabelle Mikus, Mi- kus. Treasurer— Phil Rodwell. r 1 : : SB vQ p i r l Cp3 j ( 1 V 1 m ft. J i ' mmRfTB 1 I 1 H |. 1 iP , 1 A [ R L-M am H Rolling in the green stuff is part of beginner ' s luck at the Terrapin Ski Club. The green stuff is grass of the non- hippie variety and on Tuesday nights more than twenty novice skiiers struggle with boots, skis, and poles on slopes around Ritchie Coliseum. They line up on grass and, vmder instruction of the club ' s Dryland Ski School, are introduced to basic skiing techniques. Six hundred strong, the Ski Club hits the slopes from Maryland to Canada. One hundred members skiied in Northern Vermont, and Sutton, Quebec, during the Christ- mas holidays. Another hundred members skiied at Hay- stack, Vermont, during semester break. A Ski Bum trip is the Easter vacation answer to Fort Lauderdale. Skiers tackle a slope a day in New Hampshire and Vermont. Meanwhile, Spring Semester ' s weekend trips include Blue Knob and Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. Rugged skiiers of a more acclaimed variety are the twelve members (two are girls) of the Terrapin Ski Club Racing Team. This is the first year the club has had a team; it has been making Federation International du Ski points in the Eastern Amateur Ski Association. Dave Douglas is hailed as the team ' s best bet in the giant slalom, and thanks goes to Mike Radin who instructed eight candidates for the Ski Patrol System. TRAIL CLUB The Terrapin Trail Club is the campus group who would gladly row a boat, cHmb a mountain, or hike ten miles. Members are required only to have an inborn love of the outdoors. Activities cover mountain climbing, spelunk- ing (caving), hiking and storm draining. Trail Club meetings offer members a chance to recount past adventures, as well as to plan and to discuss future ventures. Left to Right: Front Row: R. Bucca, J. Hull, P. Mallary, C. Feitarek, P. Wells, D. Pearlman. Second Row: D. Prevar, B. Jones, M. Johnson, sec; B. Bryce, S. Ponemone, C. Cline, B. Chute, pres.; K. Feduska, A. Lord, S. Stacy, A. Chute, S. Smith. Back Row: C. Lord, B. Bennington, J. Lock, trees.; M. Krepner, R. Canter, A. Lattemer. I. p. Rouzer, 2. B. Ifshin, 3. M. Brill, 4. L. Wintering, 5. D. Smulowitz, 6. L. Petzold, 7. C. Holstein, 8. M. Gray, 9. C. Plachta, 10. C. Kukuda, II. J. Prouty, 12. A. Henderson, 13. D. Perry, 14. D. George, 15. J. Zaciewski, 16. M. Averam, 17. L. Wilson, 18. P. Gorman. THETA SIGMA PHI Front Row: I. Zalucky, L. Diachok, sec; A. Chornodolsky, pres. Back Row: G. Kurtz, J. Petren- ko, P. Pytlowany. UKRANIAN CLUB 402 Front Row: A. Brzostowski, T. Thompson, R. Spinella, R. Reed, J. Hill, sec; D. Dodge, pres.; D. Donahue, v. pres.; H. Hoffman, D. Reeso. Second Row: V. Meleski, E. Kane, J. Arnoult, D. Starnes, B. Lovett, D. Schollander, K. Billotte, R. Beauchamp. Third Row: G. Parsons, K. Webster, H. deLozier, W. Godwin, J. Schwartzel, W. Betts, S. Washburn, J. Meehan, T. Sinibaldi. Fourth Row: J. Prevar, J. McCamant, F. Delvecchio, D. Delmer, W. Dranginis, W. Van Heusen, T. Gagner. Back Row: H. Mallon, W. Pawlowski, T. Patterson, D. Jones, T. Plevin, T. Bartolec, F. Costello, R. Cimer, N. Roualekedes, adviser. VARSITY " M " CLUB Left to right: H. Caldwell, W. Mouser, J. Meadows, J. Graham, D. Hopkins, pres.; R. Goldstein. VETERAN ' S CLUB 403 Front Row; S. Harness, J. Pickett, pres.; M. Forrest, B. Wirtz, v. pres.-treas.; E. Marcus, S. Pavey, adviser. Back Row: L. Buchbinder, J. Polletto, D. Altland, F. Feuer. VOLUNTEERS FOR MENTAL HEALTH Left to right: C. Nicewarner, unidentified, S. Fischer, M. Canaris, H. Irwin. (The majority of the group is not pictured.) WEIGHT LIFTERS 404 Front Row: L. Andrews, L. Russell, C. Athey, C. Shaw, corr. sec; P. Adkin, treas.; K. Regan, v. pres.; D. Kilmore, L. Laycock, M. Sourwine. Second Row: C. Bianar, A. Baege, L. Slifer, E. Zipperman, J. Tinney, J. Lambert, M. Egan, N. Fleigh, J. Hildebrand, sec.; S. Fisher, M. Sneider, pres.; E. Kesler, adviser; L. Gehlert. Back Row: K. Kelly, C. Purinton, D. Meade, G. Reilly, J. Lovell, B. Brown, J. Henn. W R A Front Row: P. Johnson, D. Tepper, treas.; S. Sagal, v. pres., P. Katz. Second Row: C. Gammon, R. Sodano, W. Miller, B. Murik, pres.; H. Hoffman, K. Feduska. Back Row: T. Bruce, O. Tidemand, R. Neff, J. Haifley. YOUNG DEMOCRATS CLUB YOUNG REPUBLICANS CLUB Front Row; C. Brueggeman, D. Stokely, P. Gilbert, J. Marshall, K. Petraitis, pres.; M. Davis, corres. sec; C. Stoecker, treas.; J. Richardson, B. Bent P. Smith. Second Row: S. .Shisler, D. Miller, K. Lehnbeuter, R. Brown, M. Mitchell, L. Bashoor, D. Glunt, E. Cutnght, J. Snyder. Back Row: T. Dorsey, T. Jackson, N. Woodell, F. Hamilton, R. Piaggione, R. Ritter, R. Hancock, P. Sweeney, A. Baker, K. Swanson, R. Perry, T. Hamilton, H. Morris. COMMUNICATIONS PP ARGUS BRAD LARSON Editor -in-Chief Mythical ship-builder Argus saw all things. He had a hundred eyes. Nothing, not even spirits, escaped his notice. ARGUS Feature Magazine has been keeping its watch- ful eyes on the Maryland campus since the Spring of 1966. A small circle of students had become aware that the University had everything but a feature publication. They decided to fill that need with ARGUS. Since that time, ARGUS has scrutinized the famous and infamous, the heavens and the underworld, the limits of the student ' s ken. Its readers have enjoyed interviews of Miller Hudson and Bob A ' ard, learned about the historic, local airport and about the University ' s enig- matic underground railroad, and have been stimulated by art, photography and humor. Initially, ARGUS focused mainly on campus events, those of chief interest to the undergraduate. But the periphery of its coverage has extended to encompass news that is not strictly collegiate, yet is of interest to the college student. ARGUS presents a broader view of life, an extended horizon to the young man or woman whose life, because he or she is a student, is somewhat sheltered and isolated from the activities of the non-academic world. In the future, ARGUS will be peering more deeply into the special enthusiasms of the young adult— self-expres- sion, education, people, politics, love, war, life, death— and the list goes on. ARGUS will be critically looking into. broadening the college student ' s vision. MURIEL ZETTER Art Editor Front Row: D. Bourdon. Back Row: Feature 408 ART GONZALES Business Manager r ■ MITZI GOLDIE Feature Editor JULIE AMBERSON Copy Editor WADE HOOKER Photo Editor S. Witt, R. Ridenour, J. Wade, T. Beck, B. Kom. Staff 409 HOLLACE GOLDBERG Ass ' t. Managing Editor JERRY CEPPOS Editor-in-Chief 410 TOM WINER Sales Manager ALAN D. KELLAM Business Manager ROB WISHART Associate Editor LARRY WERNER Managing Editor DBK . . . rated among the top ten college papers in the country . . . first full year for the five day per week paper . . . striving to keep ahead of the news . . . rivaling the metros in coverage . . . providing more late news than ever before . . . keeping an eye on the world beyond the campus . . . Con Con, P.G. County Council, University autonomy. Board of Regents . . . reflecting student opinion through a variety of letters to the editor . . . emphasizing student rights . . . opposing " en- forced morality " on drinking, intervisitation, curfews . . . representing all segments of the student body . . . urging students to " show some muscle " . . . supporting not anarchy, but careful use of civil disobedience . . . adding an entertainment section . . . reorganizing the staff to include more executive positions . . . developing greater " esprit de corps " . . . stressing professionalism in all aspects of the paper . . . " playing for real " is the keynote. 411 JIM FELLOWS Associate Editor STEVE PARKS Sports Editor JUDY APPEL Associate Editor PHOTO STAFF-MILTON BUCKLER II, Editor IRA ALLEN Associate Editor NEWSBOARD 412 SPORTS STAFF ENTERTAINMENT PAGE STAFF BARBARA IFSHIN, Editor MYRNA LIPPMAN Associate Editor NIGHT STAFF 413 TERRAPIN A quest for purpose yields: Self-expression — copywriting, photography, layout . . . rallying for student rights Energy — producing 464 pages .. . . nervous, useful, wasted, expended . . . four years at Maryland Solitude — a quiet office, the darkroom ... a comer in McKeldin, a sunny day on the mall Anticipation — the TERRAPIN . . . weekends, the last final, a new semester, a diploma Preoccupation — the Editor ' s burden . . . the impending term paper, the accomplishment of a purpose Identity — the year at a glance ... a meaning for those seeking one -quest of the 1967-1968 TERRAPIN DICK RHUDY. SHARON SMITH ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER TONY ANTHONY Photo Editor 414 JEANNE HARRIS Copy Editor MARGIE JOHNSON Proofs Editor SCOTT MOORES Art Editor SUSIE KAMINSKI Layout Editor 415 STAFFS: Left to right: Chuck Knight, Jim Sakers, Steve Vogel, Tony An- thony, Alan Isicson PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS Carol Duke Susie Kaminski LAYOUT 416 Sharon Smith, Carol Miller, Dana Meade, Iris Oppen- heim, Dick Rhudy, Brenda Hogston, Kathy Hollar, Teresa Lowe, Diane Clithero Jeanne Harris Debbi George COPY Left to Right: Dennis Devaney, Fran Scher, Sherry Mader, Linda Culbertson, Jim Sakers SECTION EDITORS 417 ALLAMESICAK COLLEGE SAMO EDDIE SACKS, Station Manager WMUC, with the addition of Operation 24, brought automation to its programming this year. The campus sta- tion, student owned and operated, incorporated Operation 24 to provide an automatic system combining " background " music with regular taped breaks for news and University bulletins. This system made it possible for WMUC to provide round-the-clock music . . . Operation 24 continuing after live broadcasting ended. The station extended the service to all buildings on campus which have the proper installations. Soon dining halls, the Student Union, the physical plant, and other campus buildings will have use of Operation 24. WMUC attempts to provide what the students want. Station Manager Eddie Sacks explains, " Because we are a college station, we can be freer and more at ease. We don ' t commercialize. Rather, we do what the students want. " WMUC strives for professional programming, but never loses sight of the fact that it is a college station. The station remains localized, providing full coverage of all major campus events, from football and basketball games to " specials " such as IFC Sing, Harmony Hall, and " RHC Presents. " Frequently WMUC broadcasts feature local University talent, such as band, gle e clubs, Flying Follies, and a University Theatre musical. In addition, the station maintains a policy of publicizing as many campus activities as possible. JOHN DOWLING Program Director 418 ' t% SUSAN SACKS, Business Manager JOHN HARTGE LEE Promotion Dir. SCHULMAN DJ RAY FERRARA News Director RICK KING, Chief Engineer BOB de VROOM, Engineer 419 CAROL LAMISON, Continuity Directress ANNA McGUIRE Miss Midnight KATHY SCHWARTZ, Music Librarian 420 The excellence of WMUC has not gone unnoticed by either nation-wide or campus-wide personalities. The Inter- collegiate Broadcasting System, in 1965, named WMUC the " station of the year. " Since that time, no other college station has received that award. WMUC — " school spirit radio " — takes pride in the cam- pus. Again this year the campus takes pride in WMUC. 421 Brainchild of the Student-Faculty Union is the three year old University of Maryland Course Guide — a publication that strives to tell it like it is by presenting an accurate evaluation of courses and instructors. The truth may hurt, but Course Guide crusaders cannot coddle the campus. Every section of every course included in the Guide receives standard systematic treatment. The current procedure confirms that of the students interviewed for each section; one-sixth of the students received an A; one-third, B; one-third, C; and one- sixth, D. The present publication concerns more than 40 depart- ments in seven colleges at the University. Stimulated by oflBcial opposition. Course Guide has become a near-necessity for surviving registration agitation. This Spring, students stepped from advisor to Armory armed with 160 pages of imbiased and imcensored data compiled by the students for the students. COURSE GUIDE FRED JACOBSON, Editor-in-Chief 422 1 DOWN YDS TO GO ' QUARTER S-5H 1 N i M Mll . ' ' . ' aMt K wsl H l " J ■■ f UffS ■■1 w — i Hi M . ' ' ' ■ l » CONCERT BAND SYMPHONY BAND VARSITY BAND f f ( ' f SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 425 1 1 k nit? i V THE UNIVERSITY of MARYLAND MARCHING BAND 426 COLOR GUARD Left to Right: E. Garin, S. Solie, D. Deakyne, B. Lawyer, J. Edwards, G. Forman, E. Rynarzewski, B. Stevens, J. Hildebrand. MAJORETTES Center: G. Sessoms, Captain. Right to Left: J. Clift, J. Reidy, S. Sloane, C. Kennedy. 427 CHAPEL CHOIR son, L. McCron, M. Tomkins, B. Gamer. GLEE CLUB Front Row: L. Gottlieb D Kelly, C. O Meara R. Pumel G. Mendelson, sec; A. Carpenter, G. Yonkins, E. Haines. Second Row: B. Stitt, S. Silver- man, C. Meideros, A. Ritt, M. Stewart D. Fleisher, P. Collette, A. Richardson, R. Schneider, C. Davenport, M. Feldman, v. pres.; C. Balser S. Hoopengardner, A. Lambert J. Blum, C. Gettier, S. McComas, manager. Third Row: N. Osborne, N. Bohanan, C. Bowen, N. Weiss, L Gordon P. I aylor, E. Zipperman J. Herbert, G. Harman, C. Blum, M. Korth, R. Hall, R. Dotson, C. Grobaker, treas.; N. Kutson, B. Morgan, H. Dye ' D. Davidson, R Lewis Fourth Row: N WidmayerC. Greene, G. Brown, B. Thompson, J. Stewart, M. Gorman, P. Bowman, G. Miyasaki, P. Mnllinix, R. Moeller, C Billet, D. Smith, C. Lesher, S. Checkoway, K. Litowski, J. McCamant, B. Szummy. Back Row: P. Kovich, L. Glark, R. Weinkranz U Best L KitzmilleT, C. Coupe, L Jordan, B. Miller, R. Rock ' ell, L. Fiana, G. Ulrich, C. Engel, S. Kremenack, P. Williams, A. Whitehead, T. Brad- shaw, S. Breitenbach, N. Smith, D. Smith, F. Huestis, pres.; B. Schramm C. Barnhart n ■: - m. " s MADRIGALS ' ' ! 1 PI C f . ' ; k H H% 11 1 ' W ' ' 1 ' ' ! - Bl .|WB i w 1 Hl l k i 1 B ' - 1 Combining their voices and instrumental skills, the twenty Maryland Madrigal Singers have ex- panded their singing scope and increased their fame hundredfold. Under the direction of Miss Rose Marie Grentzer, these sixteen minstrel sing- ers combine their talents with those of four instru- mentalists to produce one of the most enlighten- ing samples of music history ever performed. Dressed in a traditional cosume of the Renais- sance, the group presents renditions of old Eng- lish and foreign songs dating back to the twelfth century. Yet their talents do not stop with mu- sical precision. In addition, the group has in- cluded in their programs selections from fourteen countries and presented many of their songs in nine different languages. Miss Grentzer has conducted, arranged, and directed the success of the Madrigals since its establishment in 1958. She is currently known na- tionally as im expert in her music field, and through her constant efforts the Madrigals have attained fame in the international music world. 429 AQUALINERS 1. C. Kirby, 2. T. Reddick, 3. N. Berman, 4. L. Schaub, 5. J. Newhouse, 6. F. Berg, 7. P. Roberts, 8. K. Brooks, 9. M. Gemmell, 10. K. Newman, 11. M. Pettit, 12. J. Dougan, 13. A. Roth, 14. D. Kolker, 15. L. Dambach, 16. K. Deck, 17. M. Liden, 18. C. Rochester, 19. S. Strickler, 20. B. Blair, 21. S. OUson, 22. B. Tuozzo, 23. L. Schafer, 24. L. Shirley, 25. S. Young, 26. S. An- drusia, 27. G. Stup, v. pres.; 28. J. Williams, sec; 29. C. Sutton, treas.; 30. J. Wilson, pres.; 31. J. Lovell, 32. L. Senasack, 33. D. Elliott, 34. H. Schwab 35. E. Senasack, 36. K. Khne, 37. B. Forletta. FLYING FOLLIES 1. D. Schlossberg, 2. L. Polen, 3. M. Mitchell, V. Pres., 4. R. Paritzky, Pres., 5. H. Bass, 6. J. Crivella, 7. C. Eckert, 8. J. Jacobson, 9. R. Emanuel, Sec, 10. C. Coupe, Treas., 11. P. Samit, 12. S. Lawrence, 13. P. Kovitch, 14. J. Littman, 15. H. Yaffee, 16. E. Jurgila, 17. E. George, 18. D. Williams, 19. L. Biachock, 20. R. Stokes, 21. R. Williams, 22. J. Holljes, 23. S. Gardner, 24. B. Sacks, 25. J. Naiditch, 26. D. Williams, 27. B. Lignon, 28. M. Dansicker, 29. R. Reiter, 30. B. Bogdonoff, 31. S. Burke, 32. B. Rozzoni, 33. B. Morgan, 34. A. Whitehead, 35. S. Silverman, 36. A. Richman. 1. J. Martin, 2. B. Hillman, 3. J. Murray, asst. coach; 4. N. Crone, 5. E. Puccinelli, 6. D. Bier, asst. coach; 7. P. Pope, 8. C. Dempsey, 9. K. Allen, 10. M. Vaden, 11. L. Holland, 12. J. Baker, 13. G. Krammer, director; 14. S. Conway, 15. D. Butman, 16. J. Cannon, v. pres.; 17. R. Rhinehart, pres.; 18. M. Caplan, 19. O. Benisek, treas.; 20. M. Louie, 21. R. Backus, 22. P. Ganley, 23. D. Zeisel, 24. R. Jaquith, 25. J. Harget, 26. R. Robey, 27. L. Lipman, 28. M. Wittenstein, 29. L. Chubb, 30. S. Duerr, 31. S. Gammon, 32. J. Fribush, 33. H. Griffen, 34. A. Crowther, 35. R. Bloyer, 36. B. Miller, 37. P. Howe, 38. K. Hamilton, 39. M. Hall, 40. J. White, 41. M. Comberaite, 42. M. Comiskey, 43. D. Davidson, 44. P. Siskind, sec. GYM KAN A TROUPE 431 MODERN DANCE Modem dance exists for the sake of its subject matter, and approaches it through delighting and titillating the esthetic sensibilities. The modem dancer is not obligated to promote grace and beauty; only to show life, man ' s " inner landscape, " for his concern for artistic fidelity to reality is specifically to psy- chological reality. Modem dance not only treats ugly subjects, but it shows them as they are in movement that is designed to em- phasize rather than to sugarcoat the ugli- ness. In the same sense, modem chore- ographers are free to deal with topics lightly, gaily, romantically and lyrically if they so choose, yet always striving to recreate the essence of our existence. It is the dancer who places this essence before our eyes, teaching us about our- selves. DR. DOROTHY G. MADDEN Director of Modern Dance 432 MODERN DANCE CLUB ■■■{■I f liifil m " ' t! Is 1 Pill «!■■ p i y HHi ___ v M . K V H 1 1 First Row: L. Harvey, K. Moore. Second Row; J. Forman, V. Larkin, J. Bragonje, S. Martinez, D. Kein. Third Row: S. Turner, K. Smith, P. Droter, C. Geller, B. Smith. Back Row: N. Diachenko, V. Baltimore, D. Benson, J. Brusseau, P. Moore. 433 DRAMA WING Drama Wing was organized in 1957 as a touring theatre troupe for the purpose of " making the intellectual resources of the University available to the people of Maryland. " Its members present one-act plays, written by the Broadway playwright, Nora Stirling, before any civic group interested in the behavioral problems of children. Following each per- formance, the Director, or one trained by him, leads a discussion with the audience, bringing out the salient points of the play and helping members of the audience identify with the characters and situations. From this original idea, in 1959, the University of Maryland Drama Wing was established as the first dramatic service fraternity in the United States and uses the fraternal letters Epsilon Sigma Delta, " Education and Service through Drama. " In the past eleven years Drama Wing has traveled more than 29,000 miles and performed before more than 49,500 persons in 574 performances, including guest appearances in Washington, D. C, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ark- ansas, and Missouri. Supporting the Drama Wing by accepting honorary memberships are Broadway and motion picture personalities Julie Harris, Olivia deHavilland, and Henry Fonda. Drama Wing presents bi-weekly performances throughout the school year and books many performances over a year in advance. Seated: Miriam Novak, Shari Murray. Standing: Frank Budleman, Andrea Bauer, Sherry Woodfield. 435 UNIVERSITY THEATER " ROMEO and JULIET ' i: u r r ROGER MEERSMAN, Director " AH! WILDERNESS " A bH Fl 1 ' HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS . . . " RUDOLPH PUGLIESE, Director Chapel bells ... for Protestants, Catholics, and Jews. Here, tradition meets progress. Challenging the Maryland student and enhancing his personal experience has been a goal of the Chapel Staff. Consisting of representatives from UCCF, Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, and Episcopal faiths, the Chapel staff has sought to reach its goal through individual communication and by developing task oriented groups of active students. Growth groups, creative groups, faith and life seminars, self-developing and self- educating groups, lead to these new experiences. The Chapel Board and the Chapel Choir altered the traditiond worship service by advising the Chaplains to develop a worship service of active congregational participation through folk singing and meaningful litergy. Religion on the Maryland Campus is more than Sunday at church singing folk hymns. 444 It is involvement. It is fellowship, conversation, dis- cussion. Whether it is a Wesley exchange with Gallaudet, a regular Hillel kosher supper or an education class with Father Wintermeyer the exchange of ideas is a key factor. Learning is an endless process developed by others and also by the self through reflection. 445 H 446 Yet, learning and reflection becomes useless without application. Showing the concern for personal involve- ment and action, the Chaplains take a strong lead, not only through supporting the Student Rally for Rights, but also in working closely with the Administration and faculty on the many campus issues. Not limiting application just to the campus, all the major faiths have been involved in social projects starting with Newman ' s NOW tutoring project, continu- ing with Hillel ' s Lakeland tutors and the Protestants Glendale program. These programs and others are ex- panding and growing in many directions. Yet, these changes from the traditional to the pro- gressive only require . . . 447 1 c ■ T a commitment. EDITOR ' S NOTE Cr . I would like to take this opportunity to thank several people for their invaluable as- sistance; to Mr. Clayton Plummer, university purchasing agent, to Bill and Lil Clark, who bailed us out on several occasions, to Jack Isleib, our sales representative and morale booster from Hunter Publishing Company, and especially to Mr. Phil Geraci, our ad- visor, tor his professional and patient as- sistance. To the stafiF, what can I say? Thank you? That ' s hardly enough! I believe we achieved true unity and spirit this year, especially after those " all-nighter " deadline sessions. I hope that same spirit serves to guide you next year. Best of Luck! For those who are interested, this year ' s Terrapin is printed on Warren ' s Dull Enamel paper, the color feature on Warren ' s Saxony. The headline type style is Deane, the body type is Caledonia. Our printer is Hunter Publishing Company, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The cover design, by Scott Moores and Alan Isicson, was manufactured by Kingskraft (Kingsport Press, Inc.), in Kingsport, Tennessee. It ' s finished now. The plans of a year ago have ful- filled themselves in 464 pages of the year 1967-1968. So what. What makes this year ' s Terrapin different from any other — the capsule replay of a year with a complete file of names and faces? Every year an editor swears how he (or she) is going to do something individual, something challenging, some- thing to set this year apart from the others. Yet each year an editor has to sacrifice his plans and schemes because he hasn ' t enough money, because he hasn ' t the needed cooperation, because he finds it impractical in the printing process — something always seems to bring him back down to earth! In spite of these " hang-ups " an editor ' s sense of responsibility and professional pride charge him to produce nothing less than a modern, interesting, repre- sentative book. Let me tell you what ' s different about this year ' s Terrapin: Sure we ' ve got group pictures, lots of them, but many have been taken " on location " - in the place of the group ' s choice — and we ' ve included outlines for easier identification. We also tried to highlight several of the little known " action " groups, hence their 2-page spreads. Under Student Life, you ' ll find a feature prefacing each section on what commuting, living in a dorm and being a Greek is really like. The sports section is also featurized, especially basket- ball, and each sport winds up with the team picture. Administrators are humanized, appearing casually in their everyday working situations, rather than in formal " stock " poses. Each college is characterized as well, with representative pictures and descriptive copy. Seniors are first this year, appearing by college, with an index of their activities at the end of the book. Many of those not pictured are mentioned in the index. Finally, our color feature section focuses upon you, the student. The issues most prevalent on campus speak out here, from drinking to student rights. Almost by chance, the feature ' s message emerged, reflected in nearly all of our photographers ' pictures. Ideally, we ' re all here for a purpose. Our purpose in this year ' s Terrapin is to reflect the identity of the past year, 1967-1968, with selected emphases. Throughout these pages, identify. Relate yourself to the year, find for 1967-1968 a purpose, and place it in perspective among those gone by and those to come. The true test of the 1968 Terrapin will come many years from now. If you are able to pick it up and reli ' e at least in part what you ' ve experienced here at the Uni- versity of Maryland, then I believe its purpose is well served. ■ . 6 L LISA N. TAYLOR Editor-in-chief 1968 TERRAPIN STAF F Editor-in-Chief Lisa N. Taylor Business Manager Sharon L. Smith Layout Editor Susie A. Kaminski Photo Editor Tony Anthony Copy Editor Jeanne S. Harris Art Editor Scott Moores Proof Editor Margie E. Johnson SECTION EDITORS STAFFS Commuters Greeks Cathy Sacks Phyllis MacCubbin Jim Sakers ART Donna Hovenack Judy Winslow Honoraries Fran Scher BUSINESS Organizations Sherry Mader Dick Rhudy — Assistant Business Manager Queens Linda Culbertson Cheryl Clark Carol Miller Religion Sharon Smith Diane Clithero Meg Mitchell Tony Anthony Ellen Fisher Iris Oppenheim Residences Pat Bright Carol Glenn Arlene Saaperstein Seniors Dennis Devaney Susan Glickstein Gail Sherman Sports Maxine Diamond Brenda Hogston Carol Thomas Kathy Hollar Ellen Uyeno Terese Lowe Wendye Wood Dana Meade CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS COPY LAYOUT Dave Bourden Gerry Brandt Frank Caprio Anita Henderson Chuck Knight Harold Lalos H. Ben Norman Steward Norton John Stevens Mike Tanner Bill Brackney Ginny Broadbeck Debbi George Mitzi Goldie Dick Rhudy Dick Webb Carol Duke Diana Taylor PHOTO Mike Gromet Alan Isicson Steve Vogel SENIOR ACTIVITIES INDEX Agriculture BADGER, JOHN CHARLES Baltiinore; Animal Science. BENNER, ROY E. Takoma Park; Agronomy-Soils; Agronomy Club, Am. Soc. of Agronomy, Soil Soc. of Am. BEWLEY, ROBERT PEARSON Rockville; Animal Sci.; Pre-Vel. Sci. Club. BOSWELL, DONALD H. Beallsville; General Agriculture. CANTER, KENNETH GARY Silver Spring; Animal Sci.; Pre- Vet. Sci. Club. COOPER, ROBERT E. Hyattsville; Agriculture Educa- tion; F.F.A. DAUGHERTY, J. RAYMOND Baltimore; Botany; Phi Eta Sig- ma, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Phi Omega, Dorm, V.P., Sec.; Year- book Distribution Manager. FRANCISCO, CAROLYN JUNE Greenbelt; General Agriculture; Block and Bridle Club. GILLEN, STEVEN GUY Rockville; Agronomy - Soils; Agronomy Club, Recording Sec. GROVE, EARL Hagerstown; Dairy Science; Al- pha Zeta, Pres.; Dorm, V.P., Chmn. House Rules Comm.; Ag. Council, V.P. HELLMAN, JAN VARIAN Pikesville; Mineralogy; Agronomy Club. HUNT, KENNETH H. Baltimore; Wildlife Conservation; Ski Club. JARHETT, DILMUS LYLE HI Parsonburg; Agronomy; Alpha Gamma Rho; Alpha Zeta; Agron- omy Club, Vice Pres.; Soil Judg- ing Team; 4-H Club; F.F.A. KLAVON, ALBERT JAMES Takoma Park; Agriculture Exten- sion; F.F.A.; Veterans Club. LEISURE, LEAH Baltimore; Animal Science; Vet- erinary Sci. Club, Sec; Sigma Phi Alpha; Pi Epsilon; Pep Comm.; Complex Olympics. MARTIN, ALLAN DALE Arbutus; Conservation; Dorm, Chmn. House Improvements, Float Comm.; Madrigals, Univ. Theater. NZEWI, GEORGE IFEANYI Port Harcourt, Nigeria; Agron- omy-Soils; Agronomy Club; Al- pha Zeta, Treas.; Phi Eta Sigma. PETERSON, ROY C. Marshallville, Ga.; Agriculture Education; Alpha Zeta; F.F.A.; Danforth Ag. Senior Award. PHILLIPS, GEORGE BOUNDS Ouantico; Agriculture Econ.; Alpha Zeta. PHILLIPS, H. BRUCE Riverdale; Swimming Team; M. aub. RAY, C. WAYNE Finksburg; Agronomy; Agron- omy Club; Ag. Council; Alpha Zeta. REBERT, PHILIP LANGLY Westminster; Animal Science; Dorm Treas. RICE, WILLIAM L. JR. Cumberland; Agriculture Engi- neering; A.S.A.E.; Dorm House Rules Chmn.; Intramural Foot- ball. SHERALD, JAMES LAWRENCE Braddock Hgts.; Horticulture; Alpha Zeta; Pi Alpha Xi; Hill Area Council Rep., Dorm Pres., Sec. STANTON, THOMAS WINSTON GrantsviUe; General Agriculture; Dorm V.P. STEVENS, DANIEL J. Lexington Park; Agriculture Eco- nomics; Ag. Econ. Club. TRUMP. DALE S. York, Penna.; Animal Science; Intercollegiate Livestock Judging Team, Block and Bridle Club; Intramurals. WEISS, BARRY Flushing, N. J.; General Agri- culture; Hillel V.P. Arts Sciences AARON, THOMAS R. Bedford, Mass.; Economics; Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon; Pres. Sr. Class; Pres. Men ' s League; Chief Justice IFC Court; Omicron Del- ta Kappa; 2 Faculty Senate Sub- corn. ASHTON, RICHARD JAMES Frederick; Sociology; Dorm House Rule Comm. AUSTIN, JEAN M. Silver Spring; Psychology; S.U.B.; DMB cartoonist; Sr. Prom Co- Chm.; Jr. Prom; DayDodger Big Sister. BALLANT, JR. ARTHUR F. Fort Lee, N. J.; Economics; Omi- cron. ALEXANDER, AUBREY VERNON Baltimore; Mathematics; Dorm Scholarship Chm. ROTC Drill Team; Intramural Football; Psy- chology Club. ALUISI, TONI LEE District Heights; Sociology; Dorm Jud. Bd.; PACE; Young Dems. AMES, MARY ANN Beltsville; Nursing. ANDERSON, ALLAN Bethesda; Economics; Newman Club; UCA. ANDERSON, JANICE M. Laurel; Sociology; VMH. ANDERSON, ROSALIND SpringBeld, Va.; Studio Art; Alpha Delta Pi; Historian; Bri- dal Fair. ARMSTRONG, SUSAN LAURA Baltimore; Zoology; Alpha Lamb- da Delta; Phi Sigma; Diadem; Treas.; Dorm, V.P.; Honors prog- ram. ARNAIZ, JAMES V. Bayonne, N. J.; Government and Politics; Dorm, V.P., Treas.; Jud. Bd.; Dean ' s List; Intramurals; Equestrian Club, Pres.; Jr. Prom. Delta Epsilon; Alpha Omega; Newman Club; Dorm, Pres., V.P.; Intramurals. BARNETT, ERIC C. Philadelphia, Pa. Psychology; Dorm, V.P.; House Rules Comm. BARRON, JR. JOHN H. C. Mount Rainier; History; SGA V.P.; Fresh, class Pres.; Lambda Chi Alpha V.P.; Omicron Delta Kappa Sec.; Dalegethos. BART, MARILYN Montvale, N. J.; French and Sociology; SGA Newsletter; Dorm Acad. Chm.; French Club. BARTNIK, DONALD J. Baltimore; Sociology; Intramurals; RA. BAUER, ANDREA MARIE White Hall; French; Drama Wing. BECHTEL, JAMES E. Lewisburg, Pa.; Psychology; Psi Chi; Marching Band; Symphonic Band; Intramurals; CP Vol. Fire Dept. BECK, JR. JOHN W. Salisbury; History; Dorm Acad. Chm. BENS, JOBE HARRISON Chevy Chase; English; Heta Beta Rho; Hillel Exec. Bd. BENTZ, JO LYNNE Bethesda; English; Angel Flight, Commander; Dorm, Jud. Bd. BERNEY, PATRICK M. Silver Spring; Economics; ROTC; Economics Discussion Club, Pres.; Course Guide. BERNSTEIN, ANNE LOIS Silver Spring; Mathematics; Pi Mu Epsilon, Sec, Treas.; Course Guide; Dean ' s List; Phi Kappa Phi. BILLMEIER, M. ANN Denton; Zoology; Pre-Med Club; Phi Sigma; Dorm Jud. Bd. RH Jud. Horseback Riding Interest Gp. BISHOP. CLAIRE-PAULE Takoma Park; Fine Arts; AR- GUS; Vol. for Mental HHk. BLAZER, MARIELLEN Wheaton; English; Newman Found. BLOCK, STEWART ALLEN Silver Spring; Government and Politics; Phi Epsilon Pi; Phi Beta Kappa; Omicron Delta Kap- pa; Kappa Kappa Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Beta Rho; Md. Marching Band; Just, on IFC. BLOSE, MARCIA ELINOR Annapolis; French Foreign Area; Dorm Pres.; Dorm Treas.; Den- ton Complex Bd. of Review; Dorm Comm. BOGDANOFF, BOB Chevy Chase; Speech and Drama; Drama; Flying Follies; Pep Comm.; Frosh Prom Dec. chrmn; Jr. Prom 0 icen ' s Prod, UT; Nat. Collegiate Player. ■ BOLOTIN, JEFFREY W. Baltimore; Government and Poli- tics; Varsity Debate Team; Pi jUgma Alpha; Dorm Officer; Dean ' s List; Honors Convocation. BORKO, STEPHEN B. Takoma Park; Government Politics; People to People, Pol. Sci. Club; Young Dems. BOTTOM, GORDON R. Hyattsville; German; Freshman Soccer; Chapel Choir; German Club. BOWERS, ALAN STUART Baltimore; Spanish; Dorm V.P.; Chrmn Dorm Rules Comm. Elli- cot Area Council; Ellicott Dedi- cation Comm. BOWERS, DOUGLAS E. Berkshire; History; Phi Alpha Theta; Dean ' s List; History Honors Program. BOYER, GLORIA JEAN Silver Spring; English; Kappa Delta Pi. BRADT, PETER FREDERICKS Excelsior Springs, Missouri; Geo- graphy; House Rules Comm. Dorm Soc. Comm. Athletic Comm. BRAUN, JOHN CHARLES GatonsviUe; English; Pre Med Soc; Intramurals. BRODSKY, RICHARD ELLIOTT Baltimore; Zoology, Pre-Med; Rush Chrmn; Homecoming Comm.; Blood Drive; Spring Weekend, BROOKS, KAY TRUXTON Baltimore; Government and Poli- tics; Dorm V.P. Dorm Pres.; Acad. Chrmn of Dorm; Chrmn AFS Dorm Acad. Bd.; Pi Sigma Alpha; Free State Party; Dwrm Jud. Bd. BROWN, ALLEN F. Silver Spring; Psychology; New- man Club; Pre-law Club. BROWNSTEIN, ANITA F. Baltimore; Government and Poli- tics; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Sigma Alpha; John Marshall Soc; Dean ' s List; Ski Club; SUB Comm.; Young Dems. BRYER, MADELINE Silver Spring; Sociology; Ski Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dean ' s List. BUCKLEY, MARY LYNN Kensington; Alpha Omicron Pi; Old Line Campaign; Old Line Convention Comm.; AWS Cult. Comm. BUCKSON, VELVER JEAN Baltimore; Mathematics; Angel Flight Area ComtroUer; Dorm Jud. Bd.; Dorm Cult. Comm.; Dorm Floor V.P.; Dorm Big Sis; Orientation. BUNLLOCK, PATRICIA Baltimore; Mathematics; Dorm Treas.; Dorm Big Sis; Dorm Orientation Comm. BURGER, GERALD Silver Spring; Pre-Med, Zoology; Pre-Med Club. BYRD III, NORUAL E. Baltimore; History; Dorm HAC Rep; Dorm Acad. Comm.; Young Reps. CANO, RICHARD VERNON Spotswood, New Jersey; Arts Sciences; Phi Sigma Society. CAPRIO, FRANK B. Falls Church, Virginia; Social Psychology; Yearbook Photog- rapher, Newspaper Photographer; Assoc. Ed. of Lit. Mag. CAPRIOTTI, SUSAN C. Adelphi; History. CAPUTO, CAROL Nutley, New York; Spanish; Kap- pa Delta; Panhell Council; Co- Capt of Cheerleaders; Modern Dance Group. CASEY, DENIS PATRICK Trenton, New Jersey; English; Phi Sigma Kappa Pres.; Scholar- ship Chrmn.; IFC Court; Var- sity Soccer; Sports Column The Greek; Ed Bd. The Greek; Intra- murals. CASSIDY, SHEILA M. Lanham; Economics; FOB; AWS; Big Sis; College Casino; Cien. Hon.; Alpha Delta Theta. CAWLEY, MICHAEL PATRIC Wheaton; History; Phi Delta Theta. CHOROSZEJ, WAYNE H. Havre De Grace; History; Dorm Athletic Comm. Intramurals. CHRISTHILF, JOHN H. Baltimore; History; Young Reps.; Dorm Secy. CLARKE, TIMOTHY E. Baltftnore; International Rela- tions; Rush Chrmn VP; Delta Tau Delta Pres; IFC Cons- titution By-Laws; Treas of Sr Class; Pres of Perm. Club. COCKEY, MARTHA Towson; Sociology; Panhell Act. Chrmn; Diamond; Alpha. COLEMAN, CHARLES N. Baltimore; International Affairs; Dorm Treas; Dorm Pres; Intra- mural Sports. COLLEVECCHIO, NICHOLAS J. Baltimore Psychology; Vol. for Mental Hlth. CONN, BETTY SUSANNE Ashton; History; Hockey; Lit Club; Fencing. CONNELLY, BERNADETTE HELEN Adelphi; History; Alpha Lambda Delta; Debating Soc. CONNER, PATRICK WAYNE Marion Station; English; Aca- demic Chrmn; Dorm Chrmn House Rules Comm. COOK, CHARLOTTE E. Kensington; History; Newman Foundation; PACE. COOPAT, MELINDA A. White Plains, New York. COZZOLI, THOMAS E. Hagerstown; Television Directing; Univ. Choir Pres.; Flying Fol- lies; Pershing Rifle; TV Work- shop; ROTC Silver Cup Award. CRADLEY, NORMAN SPENCER Silver Spring; Radio-Television; Univ Choir; Radio-TV Work- shop; WMUC. CUMMINGS. LINDA DALE Adelphi; History; Sigma Kappa; VP; FOB Customs Comm.; AWS Elec Comm; Harmony Hall; Old Line; SGA PoU Worker. CUNNINGHAM, CECJLE (TINA) Wheaton; English; Mortar Bd. Pres; Diadem; Freestate, AWS Coke Date Chrmn; Dir Miss U of Md; Panhell Social Chrmn. CUSTER, GREGORY D. Baltimore; Psychology. DANN, EVERETT C. JR. Baltimore; Political Science; Dorm Secy; Treas; Dorm Exec Counc. DANOFF, LESLIE Baltimore; Biological Sciences; Day Dodger Big Sis; Delta Phi Epsilon VP; Secy. DAUGHERTY, JOHN RAYMOND Arbutus; Botany; Alph Phi Ome- ga; Alpha Zeta; Phi Eta Sigma; Dorm Secy; Dean ' s List; Botany Hon. Lab Inst.; Dist. Man. Ter- rapin. DAVIDSON, ELAINE RITA Washington; D. C; Dorm Act. Chrmn; M-Book Layout Ed; Section Ed; Bridge Club. DA VIES, JANICE Sevema Park; Sociology; Kappa Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Diamond; Vol. for Mental Hlth. DAVIS, MARY KAY Suitland; English; FOB; Young Reps.; Course Guide; Oiildren ' s Phys. Dev. Clinic; Dorm Big Sis. DAVIS, MICHAEL KENT Washington, D. C; Philosophy; Course Guide. DEAN, ROBERT D. Kensington; Psychology Sociolo- gy; Newman Club; Vol. for Men- tal Hlth.; N.O.W, Prog. DEAN, RONALD O. Kensington; Psychology; Ret. Pres. Newman Found.; ROTC. DELCANTO, MARIA ELENA Washington, D. C; English and Spanish Literature; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Bridal Fair; Soph. Prom; Greek; Campus Casino; Begin- ners Mod. Dance Club. DE LEON, KAREN E. Adelphi; Sociology. DEMING, TRICIA Silver Spring; Criminology; Kap- pa Kappa Gamma, V.P,, Rush Comm., Pledge Pres.; Diadem, Pres.; SGA.; Sr. Legislature; Summer Orientation Sponsor; People - to - People Membership Chmn., Sec ' y; AWS Comm. Chrmn. DEVANEY, DENNIS MARTIN Mt. Rainier History; Stud. Traf. Court; Terrapin Sports Ed.; John Marshall So. Sec; SGA News- letter; Pre-Law Club. DEVRIES, ELLEN Takoma Park; Sociology; Vol. for Mental Hlth.; Young Dems.; Hillel tutoring pro). DICKSON, DUNCAN R. Annapolis; History; Dorm Pres., V.P.; Fresh Lacrosse; Argus; Intramurals. DICUS, WILLIAM WARREN Glen Bumie; Chemistry. DONELAN, MARY PATRICIA Chevy Chase; Psychology; New- man Club. DONOVAN, BARBARA JOAN Bethesda; English; Ski Club; Dorm Sec, Pres.; Bowling Leag. DORSEY, II THOMAS LEE Baltimore; Psychology; Psi Chi; Pol. Club. DOVE, THOMAS P. Hyattsville; Government and Politics; UCA Pres.; Chrmn Springweekend; Legis. Reorgani- zation; Pre-Law Honorary; V.P. Old Line Pary; V.P., ACSG. DREIFUSS, JEFF M. Bladensburg; Psychology; Rugby Club; Dorm Soc. Chrmn.; Dorm Schol. Chrmn.; HUlel; Pre-Law Club. DUNLOP, RICHARD E. Philadelphia, Pa.; Social Psy- chology; Vet. Club; Students for Responsible Citizenship; Vol. for Mental Hlth.; Intemat. Club; UT. EDELSTEIN, JACK New CarroUton; American Studies; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Float Chimn.; Frat. Intramurals; Dorm Soc. Comm.; House Rules Comm. Baltimore; Zoology; M-Book; Dorm WRA; Dorm Fire Mars- shall; FOB; Dorm Kite Flying EINSPRUCH, MURIEL ANNE Comm. Chrmn, ELKINS, MARGARET ELISE College Park; Drama; Kappa Delta; Mod. Dance Club; Drama Prod. ELLIS, DONNA LLOYD Baltimore; Television; Radio TV Workshop; Mod. Dance Club. ESKOW, ROY LIONEL Perth Amboy, N. J.; English; SUB, Pres.; Dorm Pres., VP; Just, of Student Traffic Crt.; En- tertainment Chrmn of Sr. Prom; Jr. Class Comm. ESTES, D. CHRISTINE Silver Spring; Applied Music; Women ' s Chorus; Sigma Alpha Iota. ESTES, TERRANCE G. Greyball, Wyom.; Government and Politics; Advanced AFROTC. EWING, ELAINE M. Baltimore; English; Diadem; AWS Pres., Sec ' y; Dorm Pres.; Dorm Act. Chrmn. FAY, KEVIN PATRICK Takoma Park; History; Sigma Chi; Soc. Chrmn.; Sec ' y; Free State Party; Md. Marching Band. FELDMAN, MARC Baltimore; Sociology Pre-Dent; Sigma Alpha Mu; Scholarship Chrmn. FELLER, MARJORIE MAY Greenbelt; Zoology; Alpha Lamb- da Delta; Phi Sigma; NSF Sum- mer Research Grant; Dean ' s List. FERRIS, ROBIN H. Camp Springs; Sociology; Univ. Choir. FERRY, THOMAS PATRICK Hyattsville; Zoology; Sigma Chi; Kalegathos; Elec. Bd.; Who ' s Who Selec. Comm.; Free State Party; F.O.B.; Jr. Prom. FILER, JR., RICHARD NELSON Bethesda; Economics; Chris. Fel- lowship Council; Young Dems. Club. FINE, JARED I. Mt. Rainier; Zoology; Phi Eta Sigma; Kalegathos; Phi Epsilon Pi Pres. FINE, ROBERT B. Baltimore; Government and Poli- tics; Omicron Delta Kappa; Kalegathos; Pi Sigma Alpha Pres. V.P.; Sigma Alpha Mu; IFC Ct. Just.; SGA Election Bd. FITZMAURICE, ANN CATHERINE Greenbelt; Psychology; Psi Chi. FLEIGH, NANCY DOWNIN Hagerstown; History; Dorm Coun- cil; Alpha Delta Pi; Women ' s Rec. Assoc. FLEISCHMANN, ALICE Baltimore; Sociology; Soc. Club. FLETCHER, JOHN FRANCIS Bethesda; Sociology; Soc. Club. FLOOD, PATRICIA ANNE Silver Spring; Sociology; Vol. for Mental Hlth.; Newman Qub; Soc. Club. FORINGER, PAMELA M. Rockville; Speech; Flying Follies; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Project Chrmn; College Bd. Rep. for Charles of the Ritz. FRATIANNI, NANCY CLAIRE Oxon Hill; Sociology; Dorm Jud. Bd. FREEMAN, DIANA JEAN Silver Spring; English; Pre-I aw Club, Sec ' y; Rep. to Council ct Prof. Organ.; Cult. Chmm of ' Dorm; Calvert Rev. FREER, ROBERT WALKER Garrett Park; Economics; Econo- mics Dis. Club; Dorm House Rules; Men ' s League Jud Bd.; Dorm Intramurals. FRIBUSH, SOZANNE H. Pikesville; Speech and Hearing Science; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dorm V.P.; Academic Chrmn; Soc. Comm.; Sigma Alpha Eta; Rec. Sec ' y. FURR, WILLIAM HERBERT Odenton; Sociology; Delta Sigma Phi Soc. Chrmn.; Old Line Party; Anthrop. Soc.; Soc. Club. GABOR, MONICA ROSE Laurel; Art; Pres. Of Dorm; Jud. Bd.; Res. Exec. Council; Dorm Art Chrmn.; Gamma Sigma Sigma. GADO, DONNA M. Lanham; English; Young Dems.; Newman Foun. GARDNER, BETTY Cullen; English; Alpha Chi Ome- ga; Soc. Chrmn.; AWS Big Sis. Prog.; AWS Elec. Bd.; AWS Calendar Comm.; AWS. Or- phans ' Party; FOB. GATCHELL, CHARLOTTE SUE Silver Spring; Mathematics; Al- pha Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Women ' s Rec. Assoc. GAYAN, JOAN ESTELLE Beltsville; French; Terrapin Ski Club; French Poem Recital. GEBLER, III, ARNOLD FREDERICK Kingsville; English; AFROTC. GIBNEY, MATTHEW J. Crofton; German Pre-Medicine; Pre-Med Soc.; German Club. GINSBERG, ELAINE ANN Silver Spring; Sociology; Sociolo- gy Club; Diamondback; Pi Delta Epsilon. GINSBERG, NANCY V. Baltimore; Psychology; Dorm Pres.; Dorm Fresh. Orientation Chmin. GLACKIN, SUE ANN Cardiff; Government and Politics; AWS Pres.; Dom Pres., V.P.; Mortar Bd.; Alpha Lambda Del- ta; Diadem; Pi Sigma Alpha; Fac. Senate Comm. on Coundl- ing of Students. GOFFMAN, BARBARA Baltimore; Sociology; Alpha Ep- silon Phi, Pledge Trainer; Terra- pin Staff; College Casino Comm.; Old Line Party; GREEK. GOLDMAN, LAURA CAROLE Hyattsville; Spanish; Sigma Del- ta Pi; Dean ' s List; Upward Bound Proj. GOLDSTEIN, MARK A. Rockville; Zoology; Phi Sigma, Pre-Med Soc.; Anthropology Club. GOLOSKOV, STANLEY H. Baltimore; Zoology; Phi Epsilon Pi; Schol. Chrmn.; Corr. Sec ' y.; IFC Del. GORDON, LOUIS IRA Baltimore; Sociology; Pre-Dent. Society; Dorm Comm.; Intramu- rals; Chess Club. GRAY, JANE Mt. Rainier; Psychology; Alpha Chi Omega; Majorettes. GRAY, LINDA MARIE Richmond, Va.; English. GREGOUR, LYNN ARLINE Silver Spring; History; Delta Gamma; Chrmn. AWS Daydod- ger Dinner; Information Please; People-to-PeopIe; FOB; Terrapin. GRESSER, CAROL Baltimore; Microbiology; Sigma Alpha Otnicron. GRIGGS, JUDITH ANN Baltimore; Sociology; Vol. for Mental Hlth. GROSSMAN, MAYNARD Baltimore; Speech; Ad Man. of WMUC; Disc Jockey; Pub. Dir. of Radio TV. Workshop; VP of Dorm; Hfllel Found.; Pi Delta Epsilon. GROSSMAN, STEPHEN BRUCE Wheaton; Physics; Alpha Epsi- lon Pi; Treas. Sigma Pi Sigma; Dean ' s List; NSF-URP Prog. GROW, CYNTHIA ANN San Luis Obispo, California; Art History. GRUBER, MICHAEL G. Baltimore; Government; Delta Sigma Pi; Dorm Treas.; House Rules Comm. GURNEY, SAUL DAVID Randallstown; Pre-Dentistry So- ciology; ' Treas. Pre-Dent. Soc. HACKETT, WILLIAM E. Hyattsville; Government and Poli- tics; Student Traffic Crt, Chief Just.; PreLaw Club Pres.; Phi Eta Sigma Hist.; Pi Sigma Al- pha; John Marshall Soc; New- man Club. HAGAN, MICHAEL F. El Paso, Texas; Sociology; Theta Beta Gamma; RSA Basketball; Loyola Tut. Proj.; CCO; Vol. for Mental Hlth. HARDING, GARY KENT Chesapeake, Va.; Physics; Phi Kappa Tau, Pres., Treas.; Kale- gatheos. HARGY, CECELIA MARGARET Catonsville; Sociology; Ski Club; Dorm Hist. HARRIS, JOHN CHARLES Baltimore; Zoology; Phi Eta Sig- ma; Pre-Med Club; Phi Sigma; Dorm, Soc. Comm, Cult. Chm., Schol. Chm. HARRIS, MARCELLA LINDA Baltimore; Mircrobiology; Sigma Alpha Omicron; Ethos; FOB; PACE; Dorm Act. HARRIS, STEPHEN EDWARD Adelphi; Art; UCA; Alpha Phi Omega; Course Guide; Intra- murals. HARRISON, PATRICIA ANN Avondale; History. HEGGESTAD, MARGOT K. College Park; History; Alpha Gamma Delta Treas.; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; FOB. HEINMULLER, DAVID CARL Catonsville; History; Intramurals; Dorm Improve. Chm., House Rules, Soc. Comm. HENNINGER, LOIS JEAN Beltsville; Sociology; UCA; Wes- ley. HENSON, DAVID L. Hagerstown; Psychology; Phi Delta Theta; Soph Class V.P.; RA. HERCHENROEDER, NANCY Takoma Park; Government and Politics; Alpha Omicron Pi; M Book. HERGET, JOHN WILLIAM Bethesda; History; Gymkana; Newman. HETZLER, STEPHANIE ADAIR Rockville; Sociology; Phi Beta Phi, Treas.; Daydodger Big Sis. HICKEY, ALAN JOSEPH Falmouth, Maine; Zoology, Lambda Chi Alpha Schol. Chm. Intramurals; Pre-Dental Club Phi Sigma; HRC. HIGGINS, MARGARET ANN Bowie; Psychology; VMH. HIGGINS, MARY PATRICIA Silver Spring; Government Politics; Newman. HILL, ROBERT L. Brainardsville, N. Y.; Psychology; VMH; Psi Chi. HILELFARB, JUDY Pikesville; Psychology; Psi Chi. HOEHL, CHERYL JEAN New Carlisle, Ohio; Art; Gym- kana. HUFFMAN, EDWARD BARRY Randallstown; Zoology; Phi Sig- ma Delta; Campus Chest; Career Week; Intramural. HOLTER, RALPH K. Adelphi; Government Politics; IFC Rep.; Sigma Pi, V.P.; In- tramurals; IFC Rush Comm. HOOVER, VIRGINIA LEE Hampstead; Sociology; Home Ec. Club, Home Ec. Student Fac. Comm., Dorm Jud Board Chrm. HOPE, DALE ELAINE Catonsville; English. HOROWITZ, NANCY JANE Baltimore; Arts and Sciences. HUESTIS, K. FREDERICK Glen Bumie; Government Poli- tics; Men ' s Glee Club, Pres. HUGHES, ANGELA Camberley, England; Zoology; Newman Found. ILIE, CHIOARIU Sibiu, Roumania; Zoology. IRVING, MALCOLM J. Mamaroneck, New York; Psy- chology; Vet. Club. IRWIN, HUGH C. Rutherford, N. J.; History; V.P. Olympic Barbell Club 1965, Pres. 1966, Treas. 1967. JACKSON, DELBERT LEE Elkton; History (Pre-law); Pre- law Club; Young Dem. Club. JARBOE, ROBERT ERNEST Laurel; English; Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa. JONES, PATRICIA E. McLean, Virginia; English; Al- pha Omega Pi, Treas.; Blood Drive Chm. JONES, THOMAS WILSON Catonsville; Botany. JURGELA, ELENA DONNA MAY Bethesda; Music (voice); Sigma Alpha Iota; Madrigal Singers; Flying Follies; Opera Workshop. JYACHOSKY, BARBARA A. Perryopolis, Pennsylvania; His- tory. KAISER, SUSAN JEAN Kensington; English; GA; PACE; Mod Dance Club. KAMPHAUS, MARY LOU Hillcrest Heights; Psychology; Transfeired from Bkidgewater College; Vol. for Men. Hlth.; Counc. for Exceptional Children. KAPLAN, LAWRENCE A. Aberdeen; Psychology; Pre-dent Club, Pres; Chrmn. House Rules Comm.; Jud. Comm.; Intramiu-al football. KARR, ROSE PATRICIA Psychology; Psi Chi Psych. Hon. KAUFMAN, LINDA E. Silver Spring; Economics; Omi- cron Delta Epsilon, Pres.; Dorm Jud. Board Chrm.; Diamondback reporter. KELLY, CHRISTOPHER Wilmington, Delaware; Zoology; Dorm Pres., D enton Complex Council; Pres. Natl. Res. Hall Hon.; R.A.; Lambda Chi Alpha. KELLY, JOANNE T. Kensington; History; Dorm Acad. Chrm.; Newman Club; Pep Comm. KIRCHNER, NANCY ANNE Temple Hills; Microbiology; Al- pha Lambda Delta; FOB Chrm.; Sigma Alpha Omega, Seo ' y., Pres.; Phi Beta Kappa. KLAUSNER, JEFFREY S. Baltimore; Zoology; Alpha Epsi- lon Pi, V.P., Sec ' y.; I.F.C. Const. Comm. Chrm.; Pre-Vet Club. KLEIN, HARVEY W. Baltimore; Zoology; Dorm Treas., Dorm Pres.; Phi Sigma Soc; Dorm House Rules Comm.; Tutor of underprivileged school chil- dren. KLEIN, LENNIE Owings Mills; English; Young Dems.; Soc. Comm.; Homecom- ing Float Comm. KLEIN, MARGARET RUTH Silver Spring; French; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Asst. First V.P. KOLIAIS, CHARLES PETE Baltimore; History. KONTOS, VALERIE Baltimore; Psychology; Alpha Omega Pi, Asst. House Pres.; Alumni Section Editor Terrapin; Vol. for Men. Hlth.; College Casino. KOONTZ, JOHN EDWARD, JR. Baltimore; History; Dorm V.P.; Intramural Athletics; RA. KOZIARZ, BARBARA JAYNE Sevema Park; English; Newman Club Ed. Chm.; Dorm OfB. KRAFF, MARY MARGARET Stamford, Connecticut; English; Kappa Kappa Gamma, pledge trainer; Angel Flight; People to People; Bridal Fair; Agualiners. KRALL, PAUL R. Beltsville; History; Sigma Nu. KRATZ, JUDITH ANN College Park; English; Kappa Kappa Gamma; AWS Sr. Rep.; Sec ' y. Panhell. CouncU; 1st V.P. Jr. Panhellenic; AWS Daydodger Big Sis. KREPP, DANIEL PATRICK Dundalk; American Studies; Al- pha Tau Omega; German Club. KRIEGER, SHELDON JAY Baltimore; Sociology; Phi Sigma Delta; Sec ' y.; Publications Edi- tor; Soc. Club Pres.; S.G.A. Placement Comm.; I.F.C. Pub. Rel. Comm.; Greek; Diamond- back. KRUGER, JUDITH LEE Kensington; Psychology; Dorm Sec ' y., Treas., Soc. Chm.; AWS Rep. LANSBERG, KAREN JOAN Randallstown; English; Diamond- back; Dorm Big Sis.; Jud. Bd. Chair.; Readers ' Theatre. LAW, MARY ELAINE Gaithersburg; Sociology; Soc. Club. LAWLESS, ELLEN R. Mt. Rainier; Speech Therapy; Gamma Phi Beta, Pledge Trainer; FOB; Sub; AWS; Daydodger Big Sis.; Sigma Alpha Eta. LEBOE, WILLIAM EDWARD Baltimore; Zoology, Pre-Med; Dorm Conim. LEBSON, ARTHUR M. Baltimore; Psychology; Dorm House and Rules Comm.; Dorm Schol. Comm. Chm.; Pres. B ' nai Brith Hillel Foun.; Hillel Book Award. LEE, JAMES C. H. Silver Spring; Psychology; Chi- nese Club, Corres. Sec ' y., V.P.; Chinese Festival of Arts; Souve- nir Program Chm. LEHNEIS, NILS ART Catonsville; Physics. LEON, SONIA M. Hyattsville; Spanish; Newman Club; PACE; International Club. LERNER, CAROLYN LEE Adelphi; Spanish; International Club; Course Guide. LEVERTON, CAROL ANN Silver Spring; Government and Politics; AWS Cult. Coram.; Dorm Section V.P.; Dorm Jud. Bd.; Pol. Sci. Club; Diamond- back. LEVINE, ALLAN Baltimore; Sociology; Frosh La- crosse; Var. Lacrosse; Course Guide; Zeta Beta Tau, V.P.; IFC Rep.; Gate and Key; M-Club. LEVINE, MARK J. Silver , Spring; Zoology; Dorm Ath. Comm.; Dorm Schol. Comm. Chm.; Var. Card Sec; Dorm In- tramurals; Dorm Pres.; Cam- bridge Improve. Comm. Chm. LEVOCK, MICHAEL P., JR. Cardale, Pennsylvania; Kiiloso- LEVY, DEBORAH JOAN Baltimore; Mathematics; Alpha Lambda Delta. LEVY, SUSAN Hyattsville; Sociology; Terrapin, bus. mgr.; Argus, Young Dems. LEWIS, SUSAN RIDGE Baltimore; Sociology; Big Sis.; Jud. Bd.; Soc. Club; Fire Lieut. LIEBERMAN, MICHAEL A. Silver Spring; Economics; Bridge Club; Diamondback. LIEBLEIN, JACK Rockville; English; Calvert Re- view. LIGHT. PAMELA SUE New CarroUton; Art; Flying Fol- lies. LINDERMAN, JAMES E. Roscoe, Pa.; Mathematics. LIPSITZ, NANCY A. Buffalo, N. Y.; English; Phi Sig- ma Sigma; College Casino; Old Line; SUB. LISSY, JEFFREY Baltimore; Zoology; Pre-dent Qub; Phi Sigma Delta; Intra- murals. LORING, WILLIAM C. Bethesda; History. LOVE, FRANKLIN W. Whaleysville; Government Pol- itics; Dorm Sec., Jud. Bd.; In- tramurals. LOWE, ELIZABETH L. Bowie; Zoology; Sigma Tau Sigma. LOWENSTEIN, PHILLIS M. Bethesda; Psychology; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Treas.; WRA— Horsebackriding. LUND, JEFFREY ALAN Willow Grove, Pa.; Sociology; Dorm Pres.; EUicott Area Coun-.; Phi Kappa Alpha. LURIE, JERALD BENSON Baltimore; Psychology; Psi Chi; John Marshall Soc.; Pre-Law Club. LUSBY, JAMES ROBERT Carrolltown; Psychology. MARQUARDT, CHARLES D. Berwyn Heights; Government Politics; Cen. Student Ct.; John Marshall Soc.; Ski Club; Young Rep. Club. MASLAK, MARGARET ANN Suitland; Mathematics; Course Guide. MAYNARD, NACY ANN Baltimore; English; Res. Hall Coun.; Camb. Complex, V.P. McABEE, SALLY A. Catonsville; English; Dorm Soc. Chm.; Camb. Complex Coun. McCAHILL, KEVIN FRANCIS Laurel; Political Science; Lamb- da Chi Alpha. McFADDEN, MICHAEL G. Fanwood, N. J.; History. McHUGH, BRIAN J. Silver Spring; Zoology; Phi Sig- ma Kappa, Sec., V.P.; Cen. Stu- dent Court; Phi Sigma Soc. McKENNA, BUNNY Chevy Chase; English; Kappa Delta; S.G.A., Sec.; Old Line Party Sec; WRA Council; Dorm Ex. Coun. McMAHON, DEIRDRE K. Kensington; History. McMINN, ROSEMARY H. Lutherville; English; Kappa Al- pha Theta Corres. Sec; Home- coming Chm. MacDONALD, ROLAND L., JR. Pittsburgh, Pa.; History; Dorm Pres.; Phi Sigma Kappa. MAIDEN, ROBERT V. Oxen Hill; Zoology. MAIER, LINDA LEE Suitland; English. MANDEL, PHILIP Yonkers, N. Y.; Government Politics: Dorm V.P.; Res. Hall Con. Comm. MANDIS, DEMETRA C. Silver Spring; History; Dorm Ex. Coun. MANN, ALLAN LOUIS Silver Spring; American Studies. MARX, NANCY JEANNE Silver Spring; English; Newman aub. MEDIEROS, MARGARET C. Parkville; Sociology; Gamma Sig- ma Sigma; SGA Legislature, Cult. Comm.; Women ' s Glee Club; Campus Crusade for Christ; Alpha Lambda Delta. MELINTZ, P. RICHARD Hagerstown; Economics; Alpha Phi Omega; Young Reb. Club; Treas. Campus Chest; Res. Men ' s Jud. Bd.; Men ' s League Ct. MENICK, JEFFREY MARK Silver Spring; American Studies; ADS; Phi Epsilon Pi; IFC; Young Dem. MESLER, CONNEE IRENE Bowie; Latin America Area. METRO, A. HOWARD Chevy Chase; American Studies; Ch. Just. St. Court; Pres. Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Pres. Tau Epsilon Phi; Ed. M-Book; Kale- gathas; Fr. and Soph. Legis. MEYER, JOHN P. Bowie; Zoology; Dorm Sec; In- tramurals. MEYEROWITZ, ANN ELAINE Pikesville; English; Delta Phi Epsilon; Sigma Tau Epsilon, Sec, Treas.; WRA Rep.; Aqualiners; Young Dem.; DBK. MICELI, JOSEPH DOMINICK Darien, Connecticut; General Biological Sciences; Intramurals; Dorm Treas.; Jud. Bd. MIDDLEMAN, JEFFREY D. Baltimore; Sociology; Zeta Beta Tau Alpha Sigma Delta; So- ciology Club. MILLER, BARBARA JEAN Baltimore; English; Women ' s Glee Club; Summer Chorus. MILLER, MARILYN H. Psychology; Alpha Lambda Del- ta, Psi Chi; Phi Sigma Sigma; Phys. Ther. Club, V.P. MILNES, STUART Baltimore; Psychology; Tau Epsi- lon Phi; Psi Chi, Treas.; Fr. La- crosse; SCA. MILLINEN, SUSAN JINX Bowie; Fine Arts; NAEA; Singletons. MITCHELL, MARK Washington, D. C; Arts and Sciences; Concert Band; March- ing Band; Flying Follies, V.P.; Young Rep. MOES, PATRICIA ELLEN Carlstadt, N. J.; French; French Club, Treas., Sec; Newman Club; Course Guide; Dean ' s List. MOLINO, JOHN WAYNE Baltimore; Psychology; Psi Chi; Pi Mu Epsilon, Intramurals; Sec. House Rules Comm.; Vol. for Men. Hlth. MONTELEONE, THOMEAS F. Baltimore; Psychology. MONTGOMERY, CHERYL Chevy Chase; Government and Politics; SGA; Old Line, V.P.; AWS; Alpha Omicron Pi; Dia- mond Hon. Soc MOORE, MICHAEL G. Langley Park; Government and Politics; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Young Dem. MORREALE, ELENA H. Salisburg; Biology; Alpha Chi Omega; Women ' s Glee Club, V.P. MORRISON, STANLEY A. Baltimore; Zoology; Phi Sigma Delta; Pre-Med. Club; Intra- murals. MOSES, MICHAEL O. Baltimore; Government and Poli- tics; Flying Qub; Ski Club; Pre-Law; Intramurals. MOSHER, FREDERICK R. Indian Head; Physics; Sigma Phi Alpha, Sigma Pi Sigma; Physics Honor Soc. MURPHY, GRETCHEN ANN BMhesda; Psychology; Psi Chi. MURPHY, THOMAS M. Glen Bumie; Pre-Vetinary; Pre- Vet Club; Dorm Soc. Ch. MYERS, JAMES H. Coldwater, Ohio; American His- tory. NAGLE, CONRAD E. Baltimore; Zoology; Marching Band; Var. Band; Dorm. House Rules. NAIDITCH, JAMES A. Norfolk, Virginia; Psychology; Flying Follies; Fr. Soccer; Dorm House Rules Comm. NATHAN, ALAN MARC Physics; Vandenberg Guard; Course Guide; Sigma Pi Sigma, Pres.; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Mu Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa. NAYLOR, BRUCE IAN Alexandria, Virginia; Criminolo- gy; Fr. Swimming; Dorm Soc, Acad. Chm., Cul. Chm. NEMIROFF, MARC A. Silver Spring; Psychology. NORTON, RICHARD M. Silver Spring; Math; Univ. Sym- phonic Band. O ' CONNELL, CATHERINE A. Glen Bumie; English; Young Dem.; Dorm Jud. Bd., Dorm Cult. Chm. O ' DAY, JOHN MICHAEL Malcolm; Zoology; Phi Sigma; Pre-Med. Soc. OKUN, HARVEY LAWRENCE Baltimore; Psychology; Pres. Psi Chi; Pre-Law Club; John Mar- shall Pre-Law Nat. Hon.; Treas., Council of Prof. Organ. OLMER, PATRICIA ANN Baltimore; Sociology; PACE; Dorm Jud. Bd., Dorm Cul. Ch.; Wesley Found., Corres. Sec, Soc. Ch. OSTER, WARREN Hyattsville; History; Phi Epsilon Pi. OSTROWSKY, LINDA Baltimore; Speech Therapy; Hil- lel; SGA Paper; Sigma Alpha Eta. OWENS, KAREN KEITH Baltimore; History; WRA; Dorm Comm. Ch. PANEBAKER, WILLIAM D. Baltimore; English; Pre-Dent. Club; Dorm House Rules Comm. PARISER, BEVERLY ADELE Cumberland; Spanish; Jud. Bd.; FOB. PASS II, RALPH PATRICK Timonium, Mo.; Mathematics; Intramural; Dorm Sec, V.P.; Phi Mu Epsilon. PATTERSON, JR. PAUL W. Bel Air; History; Fresh., Treas.; RHC Presents Chm.; Madrigal Singers; Pershing Rifles; Arnold Air Society; Old Line; HAC; FOB; Dorm Sec. PATTERSON, SUSAN HARMS Monkton; Zoology; Univ. Choir. PAZORNICK, MARVIN I. Baltimore; Government Poli- tics; Young Dem. Dorm Aca. Chm.; Pre Law Soc Intramurals. PEDAK, MARIA Baltimore; Government Poli- tics; SAM; Pol. Sci. PEGAHI, MAHSHID Tehran, Iran; Chemistry; Inter- national Club; Pres., V.P., Soc. Chm.; Iranian Club Treas. PENALOZA, CARLOS THOMAS Mexico City, Mexico; Economics; Latin Am. Club.; Econ. Sem. PETRY, CAROL ANN Cumberland; Speech; Children ' s Theater; VMH. PFEIFFER, RUTH A. Ellicott City; Frenoh; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dorm Treas, V.P.; Chapel Choir. PFEUFER, GARY WAYNE Catonsville; Physics; Sigma Phi Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Physics Club; Dean ' s List; Dorm Acad. Chm, House Rules. PHIPPS, CAROLE ANN Rosedale; English; UT.; Dorm Jud. Bd, Dorm. Hist. PLUNKERT, PATRICIA ANN Baltimore; Chemistry; Dorm Pres.; Big Sis.; Alpha Lambda Delta. POITRAS, DIANE HELEN Mayo; French; French Club; WRA Swimming Team. POLLARA, SUSAN Livingston, N. J.; History; Kappa Delta Pres.; Diamond V.P.; Pan- hell. Ex. Coun.; Homecoming. PORTER, MARY E. Perryville; Sociology; VMH; Soc. Club; Big Sis. POWELL, GORDON Accokeek; Physics; Amat. Radio Assn ' t. PREVAR, JOHN EDWARD Landover Hills; English; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma, Treas. Pres. DBK; Ter- rapin, M Club. PRICE, TERI LEA Westemport; Sociology; Alpha Xi Delta Pres.; Act. Chm.; VHM; Soc. Club; Chapel Choir. PRISTOOP, SUSAN GAIL Baltimore; Zoology; Alpha Lamb- da Delta; Dorm Ex. Coun. Hillel. PUCKETT, JANE deWEESE Rockville; Experimental Psycholo- gy;e Psi Chi; Big Sis. QUEEN, GERALD W. Potomac; English. QUINN, MARY J. Silver Spring; Sociology; Newman Club; Alpha Omega. RADCLIFF, CRAIG ANDERSON Wheaton; Economics; Band Pres.; Kappa Kappa Psi, Sec. RANDALL, JR. WILLIAM EDDY Bethesda; Zoology; Sigma Chi; Pre-Med Soc; Young Rep. RATH, ROGER College Park; Zoology; Fr. Ten- nis Team; UCA; Pre-med Soc; Chess Club. REED, ELIZABETH AYRES Baltimore; English; Panhell. Rep.; Alpha Omicron Pi, Sec. REINMUTH, BARBARA Silver Spring; Art; Chapel Choir; Alpha Xi Delta Soc Chm; Trail Club; SUB; Univ. Chorus; SGA Pep Comm. REISS, RANDOLPH WM. Brooklyn, N. Y.; Psychology; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pledgemaster, Social Chm; Free State Comm; IFC Rep. REYNOLDS, ELIZABETH ANN Seabrook; History; Kappa Alpha Theata, Pres.; Treas.; Who ' s Who Comm.; AWS Elc. Bd.; AWS Cult. Comm Chm.; Angel Flight. RICKEY, LYNNE M. Bowie; French Foreign Area; Alpha Lambda Delta; Aquahners. ROBERTSON, KENNETH L. New Windsor; Zoology; Dorm Pres, V.P.; In!tram«rals; Phi Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma. ROBINSON, KATHLEEN Baltimore; Art; Phi Sigma Sigma Soc. Chm.; Jr. Prom; Greek. ROSEN, MARY ELEANOR Chicago, III. History; WMUC; Ski Club; Newman Club; Drama Club. ROSENBLOOM, ALAN T. Passaic, N. J.; Zoology; Phi Sigma Delta; Dorm Treas. ROSENBLOOM, ALFRED Canham; Sociology; Sociology Club; Hillel. ROSENBLOOM, JUDY Baltimore; Art; Dorm Act. ROTHSCHILD, LEWIS ALAN Baltimore; Economics; RHC Pre- sents Chm.; Area Coun. Treas.; Dorm Treas, Acad., Cultural Chm. ROTHWELL, DIANN E. Sevema Park; French; Angel Flight; Dorm Ex. Council. ROUSE, JACQUELYN MARJORIE Glen Bumie; Art. PYDELL, NANCY PATRICIA Silver Spring; English; Alpha Omicron Pi, Historian, Treas.; WRA; Jr. Prom; Old Line; Ter- rapin. SACKS, ROBERT ALAN Baltimore; Psychology; Psi Chi; Flying Follies. SADOWSKI, JOHN S. Somerville, N. J.; Chemistry; Dorm Pres., V.P.; HAC; Alpha Chi Sigma. SAFRAN, ESTHER Silver Spring; Government Politics; Eta Beta Rho Pres. SALAFIA, NICHOLAS C. Baltimore; Psychology; FOB. SALTZMAN, MARLENE ELLEN Baltimore; Pre-Med.; Phi Sigma; Mortar Bd.; Pre-Med Club; Univ. Symphone Orch. SANTANIELLO, NICHOLAS D. Wilton, Conn.; History; Dorm V.P., Soc Comm., House Rules Comm, Athletic Chm.; Intra- murals. SARBACHER, SUSAN Chevy Chase; English; Kappa Delta; Anthro. Soc; Young Rep. SATINE, JUDY RUTH Greenbelt; French; Alpha Epsilon Phi; UT. SAUSE, SANDRA JANE Baltimore; English; Dorm Activi- ties. SCERBACK, SHARON A. Silver Spring; English; Alpha Phi, V.P.; FOB. SCHLOSSBERG, RICHARD Baltimore; Pre-dent.; Sigma Al- pha Mu; DBK; SGA Comm. SCHNEIDER, A LAN JAY Bethesda; Government and Poli- tics; Dorm V.P., Athletic Chm., House Rules Comm; Intramurals; Young Dem. Pre-law Club; RHC- UCA presents Comm. SCHNEIDER, JR. ROBERT I. Reading, Pa.; American History. SCHROEDER, PHILIP JOHN Bel Air; Zoology; Pre-Med Soc; Phi Sigma; Hon. convo. SCHULMAN, ELAINE F. Baltimore; Sociology. SCHWAB, HOLLY ELIZABETH Silver Spring; English Literature; Aqualiner ' s German-Am. Club; Theater Workshop; Transfer from Munich. SCHWARTZ, ERIC Silver Spring; History; John Mar- shall Soc; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Alpha Theta; Dean ' s List; Pre- Law Club; Ski Qub. SCHWARTZ, HENRY MARK Silver Spring; Economics. SCOTT, PATRICIA BERNADETTE Baltimore; Sociology-Psychology; Dorm Activities; Tutoring; Soc. Club. SEMUELS, JOEL MICHAEL Baltimore; Government Poli- tics; WMUC; Dorm Tres.; Pre- Law Club; Phi Sigma Alpha. SESSONS, JOAN E. Baltimore; Government Pcdi- tics; Gamma Sigma Sigma VJP,; Dorm Ex. Coun. SEWARD, KATHLEEN A. Baltimor e; English; Diadem; AWS Treas.; AWS Pres. Coun. SHALLER, RHODA Silver Spring; Mathematics; Pi Mu Epsilon; Course Guide; Hil- lei. SHERMAN, ELIZABETH ANNE Rockville; Speech Drama; UT; Dorm Exec. Coun. SHOEMAKER, WILLIAM B. Chevy Chase; Government Politics. SIGLER, HOWARD C. Baltimore; Government Poli- tics; Sigma Alpha Mu; Gate Key; Intramurals. SILVERSTEIN, lOAN DONNA Baltimore; Speech Therapy. SIMON, SUSAN JOAN Baltimot-e; English; Modem Dance Troupe; Hillel; RHC. SIMPSON, NORMAN H. Baldwin, L. Is., N. Y.; German; Alpha Phi Omega; University Choir; Ski Club. SIVERT, PATRICIA LEE Gaithersburg; History; Dorm Homecoming Chm., Big Sis.; Old Line; SGA Spring Weekend. SKLAW, HOWARD Baltimore; Speech Rad.-Tel. SNEAD, CATHERINE GARVIN Baltimore; French; Alpha Omi- cron Pi. SNOW, HOBBS ANN Greenbelt; Zoology; Course Guide. SNYDER, STEPHEN ALAN Baltimore; Government Poli- tics; Law Club. SOKOLOFF, ROBERT Silver Spring; Psychology. SOMMER, JOEL S. Trenton, N. J.; Psychology; Tau Epsilon Phi; Teimis Team; Intra- murals; College Casino; Blood Drive Co-Chm. SOO HOO, VICKI JEAN Baltimore; Sociology; Internation- al Qub; Chinese Club Soc. Chm.; Big Sis.; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Dorm Exec. Coun.; Dorm Treas., SPANGENBERG, JAMES Damascus; History; Dean ' s List; Dorm Treas. SPEIZMAN, ALICE B. Silver Spring; Government Politics; SGA Leg.; Old Line V.P.; Campus Chest Sec.; FOB; HAC; Dorm Exec. Council; AWS Comm.; WRA; SGA Away Week- end Comm. SPERLING, JOSEPH Silver Spring; English. STARNES, DAVID EDGAR Hendersonville, N. C; Social Sciences; M-Club V.P.; Cross Country; Track. STASIEWICZ, JR. JOHN F. Salisbury; Physics; Sigma Pi Sig- ma. STEARNS, CAMERON COURTNEY Bel Air; History; Phi Sigma Kap- St ' eINBACK, SANDRA LYNN Pikesville; Art; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Soc. Chm., Historian; Col- lege Casino; Soph Prom; AWS Hist.; Bridal Fair. STEINBERG, JANEE DIANE Chevy Chase; Pre-Medicine; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Sigma; Pre-Med Club; Dorm Exec. Coun.; UT; HiUel T utoring; Outsanding Soph. Woman; Out- standing Jr. of Dorm. STEINER, MARY S. Hyattsville; History; Big Sis. STIEBER, JANE CAROL Silver Spring; Art Education; DBK; SUB; NAEA. STODDARD, DENNIS W. Rogers Heights; Internal. Affairs. STONE, ELIZABETH BREWER Towson; Sociology; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Big Sis. STORY, LAURALEE Baltimore; French; Pace; Tennis. STRINGER, SUSAN Baltimore; Microbiology; Mortar Bd.; Sigma Alpha Delta; Dorm Pres, Jud. Bd., Acad. Chm. SUROSKY, MAXINE JOY Baltimore; Speech Theraphy; Big Sis. SWANN, JOHN W. Oxon Hill; Pre-Medidne; Pre- Med Soc. SW ANSON, KENT P. Summit, N. J.; Government Politics; Alpha Tau Omega; FOB; Var. Soccer; Young Rep. SWEREN, GARY HOWARD Baltimore; Sociology; Sigma Al- pha Mu, Soc. Chm. TABACKMAN, MARC J. Baltimore; Psychology; Sigma Alpha Mu. TAYLOR, DIANNA TEEN LaPlata; English; Alpha Omi- cron Pi School. Chm.; Old Line; Bridal Fair. TAYLOR, DOUGLASS L. Catonsville; Zoology; Dorm Pres.; RHC; HAC; Phi Sigma; Nat. Res. Hall Hon. TILLES, KENNETH Baltimore; Sociology; Pre-Dent. Soc. VAN HOLTEN, VALERIE Knoxville; Mathematics; Dorm Jud. Bd.; WRA. VASSAR, DEAN L. Baltimore; Zoology; Pre-Med Soc. VERNAY, SUSAN Baltimore; Art; Kappa Delta, Sec; Alpha Lambda Delta; Angel Flight. VEST, CHARLES T. Chevy Chase; International Af- fairs; UT; Intramurals; Dorm Act.; Vet. Club; WeighUifting Club. VIOLA, JOSEPH W. Kentland; Zoology; Madrigals; Md. Christ. Fellowship Pres. VROBLESKY, VIRGINIA Annapolis; Sociology; Md. Chris- tian Fellowship, Sec. WADDEN, GREGORY VINCENT Cheverly; Pre-Dental; Kappa Al- WALLACE, DAVID C. Silver Spring; Physics; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma; Physics Club; Ass. for Computing Ma- chinery. WARD, JANET ANNE Bethesda; Art Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta; AWS; SUB; Ed. Hon. WEBB, RICHARD N. Baltimore; Mechanical Engineer- ing; Dorm Pres; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME; Fresh Prom; Terrapin. WEHRSTEDT, JOAN B. Silver Spring; English; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. WEINER, KENNETH ROGER Spring Valley; N. Y.; American Studies; Ski Club; Dorm Pres.; RHC; Free State V.P. WEINSTEIN, ALAN M. Baltimore; History; Kappa Kappa Psi; Eta Beta Rho; Marching Band; Intramural. WEINSTEIN, LINDA FRANN Baltimore; English; Dorm Jud. Bd., Exec. Coun. WEISS, JILL LESLIE Bethesda; Psychology; Psi Chi V.P.; Dorm Act. Chm.; Exec. Coun. WEITZMAN, SHIRLEY Baltimore; French Foreign Area; SUB; Terrapin; French Club; Campus Chest; College Casino. WILHELM, JUDITH LYNNE Baltimore; Sociology; Area Treas.; Dorm Treas, Big Sis. WILLIAMSON, JR. ROBERT G. Wheaton; English; Fr. Tennis. WILSON, THOMAS DONALD Rockville; History; Sigma Pi, Soc. Chm, V.P. WITT, STEVEN PAUL Bel Air; Zoology; Dorm Jud. Bd.; Argus Photo.; Pre-Dent. Soc. WOOD, BEVERLY ANNE Takoma Park; History; Alpha Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta. WRIGHT, HAROLD M. Silver Spring; Zoology; Pre-Med. Soc; Fr. Golf. YEAGLE, DENNIS LEESE Timonium; Government Poli- tics; Dorm Pres, House Rules Comm.; Intramurals; Mobile Unit Area Coun. YOUNG, ANNA MAE Frederick; English; Dorm Pres.; AWS Pres. Coun.; HAC; RHC. YOUNG, LYNNE MARIE Timonium; English; FOB; Dorm Big Sis. Chm. YURFEST, JOSEPH Baltimore; Government Poli- tics; Var. Lacrosse; Dorm Soc. Chm. ZEIKUS, LUCRETIA Baltimore; Sociology. ZETTER, MURIEL HELEN Bismarck, N. Dak.; Art; Fr. Leg.; SUB; Delta Gamma; SGA Bus. Man.; SGA Fin. Comm.; Diadem; Argus Art Ed.; Course Guide; M-Book; Soph, Prom; Jr. Prom. BPA ADAMS, FRANK RONALD Reisterstown ; Geography; Co- Chmn Cerebral Palsy Drive, Course Guide, Alpha Tau Omega. ALEXANDER, GEORGE L., JR. Rochester, N. Y.; Accounting; Investment Club. ANDERSON, ALLAN WILUAM Bethesda; Economics; Commu- ters Association, Newman Club. ANSHEL, JOSEPH Randallsto wn ; Journalism ; Phi Sigma Delta, Career Week, Sigma Delta Chi, Tau Mu Epsilon, Diamondback, Publicity Chmn Senior Prom. APPLER, DAVID ALAN Baltimore; Marketing; Alpha Del- ta Sigma, Am. Marketing As- sociation, . House Rule Comm. Chmn., Intramural Football, Soft- ball, Basketball. ARRET, BRUCE JAY Adelphi; Information Systems Management; Society for Ad- vancement of Management. ATTMAN, RONALD Baltimore; Business Administra- tion; Hillel, Intramurals. AUS, FREDERICK A. Sparrows Point; Accounting; Sec. Allegheny D, Accounting Club. AVRAM, MARCIE LYNN Silver Spring; Journalism; Gamma Phi Beta, SUB, DBK, Kappa Tau Alpha. BALLANT. ARTHUR FRANK Fort Lee, N. J.; Economics; Omicron Delta Epsilon, Dorm Pres., House Rules Comm. BARRON, WILLIAM G. Hyattsville; Economics; Phi Sig- ma Kappa. BAUERSFELD, GEORGE CALVIN, JR. Baltimore; Production Manage- ment Society for Advancement of Management; Intramural Sports. BAYLIS, MARY ANN Baltimore; Institutional Adminis- tration. BECK, BRUCE S. Elmont, N. Y.; Marketing; Dorm Treas.; Intramurals; Hillel. BENUS, JACOB Baltimore; Economics; Dorm Pres.; Omicron Delta Epsilon; Beta Gamma Sigma. BEST, CHARLES LEROY Orangeburg, S. C. Business Ad- ministration; UCA; AMA Delta Epsilon Pi; Sigma Alpha Mu; Economics Discussion Club. BILANCIONI, ALBERT W. JR. Willmington, Del.; Marketing; American Marketing Assoc.; Dorm Chairman; Varsity Football; Lambda Chi Alpha " M " Club. BLINKEN, NEAL Baltimore; Public Relations; Phi Sigma Delta, V.P., Houseman- ager; Tau Mu Epsilon; Sigma Delta Chi; IFC-Public Relations Comm.; Freshman Lacrosse; S.G.A. Placement Comm.; DBK. BLUMBERG, BURT Baltimore; Marketing; Delta Nu Alpha; DBK. BOEGLI, ULRICH PAUL New Holland, Pa.; German area studies; Terrapin Ski Club. BOLEY, RUSSELL WILSON Baltimore; General Business; Del- ta Sigma Pi, Social Chrmn.; Dorm, Social Chrmn.; Intra- murals. BOLOTIN, JEFFREY WAYNE Pikesville; Government and Poli- tics; Varsity Debate Team; Dorm., Soc. Chmn. ; G P Honorary; Dean ' s List. BOOK, STANLEY H. Baltimore; Accounting; Dorm., Treas, Academic Chmn.; Delta Sigma Pi, V.P., Historian; Beta Alpha Psi; Free State Delegate. BORZYMOWSKI, BENJAMIN Baltimore; Production Manage- ment Marketing Mgmt.; Alpha Delta Sigma; Sigma Alpha Mu; Vandenberg Guard; Dorm. Jud. Brd. Chrmn.; Mobile Area Council Treas.; Intramural Sports. BRACKBURN, ZANE DALE Silver Spring; Accounting; Beta Alpha Psi; Dean ' s List. BRAUN, PETER D. Rockville; Economics; Delta Sig- ma Pi; Finance Club; Economics Discussion Club; Men ' s League Rep., Senior Class. BRICK, ELAINE GRACIA Ventnor City, N. J.; Personnel Management. BRILL, MAXYNE S. Baltimore; Journalism; DBK; Theta Sigma Phi; Pi Delta Ep- silon, sec.; SUB; Dorm. Red Cross Rep. BROOKS, KAYE TRUXTON Baltimore; Government and Poli- tics; Dorm V.P.; Dorm Pres. BROWNE, MARTIN J. Silver Spring; Marketing; Sec. Veterans Club; Treas. Soc. for Advancement of Management; AMA. BUSSE, WALTER LOUIS Beltsville; Geography; Alpha Phi Omega; Ass ' t Pledgemaster; Ath- letic Chmn.; Freshman Baseball; Intramurals. BYRNE, JAMES VINCENT Wheaton; Government and Poli- tics; Bowling; Intramural Foot- ball. CAHA, JOHN JOSEPH, JR. Baltimore; Transportation; Delta Nu Alpha. CAMPBELL, LEE W. Alexandria, Virginia; Accounting; Accounting Club. CASSELBERRY, DIANE ROGERS Bethesda; Journalism; Alpha Del- ta Pi; Free State Party Comm. Chmn.; AWS; DBK; WRA Council; FOB Pub. Chmn.; Fresh. Resolutions Comm. CEPPOS, JEROME MERLE Silver Spring; Journalism; DBK Editor-in-Chief; Omicron Delta Kappa; Sigma Delta Chi; Pi Delta Epsilon; Kappa Alpha Mu. CHADBOURN, DWIGHT EMERSON Washington, D. C; Economics; Delta Sigma Pi; Economics Club; Veterans Club. CHAIS, RICHARD I. Rockville; Economics; Dorm Pres.; Dorm V.P.; Dorm Sec.; Dorm Soc. Chmn.; Intramurals; Course Guide. CHANDLER, ALLAN S. Baltimore; Public Relations; Tau Epsilon Phi; Blood Drive; DBK; TV Workshop; Operation Match. CHANTKER, ARTHUR F. College Park; Information Sys- tems; Dorm Exec. Council; House Rules Comm; Dorm Homecom- ing Chmn.; Cultural Comm. Chmn. CHUNG, CONSTANCE YU-HWA Silver Spring; Journalism; Fresh- man Queen; SGA Legis. Sec; DBK; UCA Poli. Rep.; Fresh. Legis.; Soph. Legis. CIEPIELA, LANCE E. Chicago, Illinois; Persormel Ad- ministration and Labor Relations; Economics Disc. Club; Soc. Ad- vancement of Management. CLEMENTS, JAMES F. Cheverly; General Business; Kap- pa Alpha Pres.; Inter. Frat. Council V.P.; Rugby Team; Tau Mu Epsilon; Gate Key; Kale- gethos; Who ' s Who. COMPTON, GEORGE WADE Port Tobacco; Business; Dorm Pres. CONSTANTINIDES, PERRY G. Baltimore; Marketing; Sigma Chi; AMA; IFC Pub. Rela. Comm.; IFC Scholarship Comm; Corr. Sec. Sigma Chi. COOPER, JAY GORDON Chevy Chase; Statistics; Dorm Athletic Chmn., Cult. Chmn., Soc. Chmn.; Pre-Law Club; Hillel; SGA; FOB; Radio-TV Workshop. COOPER, NORMA FRANCES Hyattsville; General Business; Phi Chi Theta. CORDIANO, RICHARD ALAN Brooklyn, N. Y.; Statistics; UCA Bowling League Pres.; Intramural Basketball, Foo ball, Softball. CORSON, CARL A. JR. Frederick; Marketing; Univ. Band. CREGGER, DENNIS Aberdeen; Transportation; Delta Nu Alpha. CURLEY, TIMOTHY JAMES Aberdeen; Transportation; Intra- murals; Dorm A thletic Chmn; AFROTC. DAVIS, JAMES ALAN Hackessin, Delaware; Business Administration; Dorm V.P.; Hill Area Rep. DIBBERN, JOHN STEPHEN Pikesville; Geography; Gamma Theta Upsilon. DIETZEL, RONALD KING Baltimore; Marketing; Dorm Treas.; House Rules Conun; SAM; ROA Outstanding Soph Award; Advanced ROTC. DILL, EARL HARRY JR. Baltimore; Transportation; Uni- versity Band; Dorm Sec.; Delta Nu Alpha; Dorm House Improve- ments Comm.; Dorm Scholarship Comm. Chmn. DIXON, DAVID ROSS Oxford, England; General Busi- ness; Dorm Fire Marshall; Float Building Comm; Orphans Christ- mas Fund Comm. DONOFRIO, RALPH NICHOLAS Wilmington, Delaware; Market- ing; Varsity Football, 3 years; Intramurals. DORER, WILLIAM L. Baltimore; Geography; VMH; Dorm Sec.; Dorm Treas.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Terrapin Trail Club. DRAMAINIS, WILLIAM FRANCIS Torrington, Conn.; Marketing; Varsity Swimming, 4 years; M Club; Varsity Golf. DRURY, DONALD A. Chevy Chase; Marketing; Alpha Tau Omega; AMA; Flying Club; Phi Omega Tau. DUBEL, DONALD WILLIAM Trenton, N. J.; Business Ad- ministration; Sigma Chi. DUBINSKY, MARK JAY Silver Spring; Marketing; Phi Sigma Delta; SGA Soph. Legis.; AMA; SGA Finance Comm. DUNCAN, GAIL ALBERS EUicott City; Persoimel Adminis- tration; Alpha Lambda Delta, Treas.; Dorm Sec; Hill Area Council Sec. DUNN, HERBERT I. Baltimore; Economics-Law; Fresh Resolutions Comm.; Repertoire Orchestra; Omicron Delta Ep- silon; Dean ' s List; Hillel; John Marshall Soc. EDELMAN, RICHARD B. Silver Spring; Finance; Soc. for the Advancement of Manage- ment; Finance Club. EDWARDS, DOUG Smithsburg; Transportation; Del- ta Nu Alpha. ELLENSON, BERNARD Baltimore; Marketing; Dorm Of- ficer; Dorm House Rules Comm; Course Guide Editor; Intramural Sports. ERSKINE, JOHN Bethesda; Business; Lambda Chi Alpha, Treas.; Jr. Class Pub. Comm. EVANS, DONALD LEE Camp Springs; Economics; House Rules Comm.; Resident Men ' s Jud. Board; Economics Disc. Club; Intramural Basketball; Pre-Law Club. FERBER, MARTY Silver Spring; Accounting; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pledge Master, Asst. Treas.; Freestate Ways and Means Comm. EWERTZ: HENRY ERIKSON Townson; General Business; SAM. FALLON, MICHAEL PATRICK Panama Canal Zone; Economics; Freshman Swimming; Economics Disc.c Club. FELLOWS, JAMES ROBERT College Park; Journalism-Public Relations; DBK Associate Ed; Sigma Delta Chi, Sec.; ARA; Pi Delta Epsilon; Kappa Alpha Mu. FITZGERALD, GREGORY WILLIAM Manhasset, N. Y.; Personnel Management; Lambda Chi Alpha; Dorm House Rules Comm.; Intramurals; DBK. FLEMING, JANE CHRISTINE Bethesda; Marketing; Dorm Sec, Hist.; AMA; Color Guard; Dorm Exec. Comm. FLEMING, JOHN C, JR. Landover; Accounting; Fresh Soccer; Vandenburg Guard; Assoc, for Computing Machinery; Accounting Club. FLETCHER, WILLIAM E. Havre De Grace; Marketing; Dorm Pres., Treas.; Alpha Delta Sigma. FLOWER, ALLEN EDWARD Adelphi; Finance; Sigma Chi; Ski Club. FORD, KENNETH IRVING Baltimore; General Business; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Co-Chmn. IFC Const. Comm. FOSTER, C. NICHOLAS Crete, Illinois; Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi. FRANKS, MICHAEL, D. Bowie; Transportation; Delta Nu Alpha; Fresh. Teiuiis; Intra- murals; Pep Club. FRIEMAN, HOWARD Parkville; Marketing; AMA; Dorm V. P., Float Comm, House Rules Comm, Treas. FRITTS, ALBERT R., JR. Linthicum Heights; Business Ad- ministration; AMA; SAM. GANLEY, CHRISTOPHER THOMAS Frederick; Finance; Sigma Chi. GERBER, PAUL SCOTT Baltimore; Public Relations; Zeta Beta Tau; Tau Mu Epsilon; Intramurals; IFC. GIPE, RUPERT EBER Hagerstown; Economics; Pi Kap- pa Alpha. GOLDSTEIN, MARC Silver Spring; General Business; Phi Sigma Delta. GOTKIN, DIANE BETTE Silver; Spring; Marketing; SAM; Gamma Alpha Chi. GOULD, KENNETH Washington, D. C; Personnel Management; SGA Pep Comm; Varsity Card Section Co-Director. GUIST, FREDRIC MICHAEL Pittsburgh, Pa.; Transportation; Delta Nu Alpha; Junior Prom Comm; SGA Placement Comm; Campus Blood Drive. GURTZ, DENNIS MICHAEL Adelphi; Accounting; Alpha Phi Omega; Beta Alpha Psi; Account- ing Club. HAIKLER, JAMES FRANKLIN Myrtle Beach, S. C; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HALEY, SAND ERS F. Takoma Park; Public Relations; Sigma Delta Chi; Tau Mu Ep- silon, Pres.; DBK. HALL, DANIEL G. Rising Sun; Economics; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Dorm Treas.; Young Democrats. HALLE, SAUL A. Hyatts; Accounting; Alpha Ep- silon Pi; Accounting Club. HAZARD, MARGARET ANN Potomac; Economics and Fin- ance; Dorm Exec. Council, Big Sis.; HAC Representative; Eco- nomics Discussion Club. HEAMY, CHARLES M. Baltimore; Economics; Econo- mics Club, V.P.; Political Club. HEEBNER, WILLIAM D. Elmira, N. Y.; Information Sys- tems Management. HERSON, ALAN STUART Chevy Chase; Finance Delta Sigma Pi; Course Guide; CPO. HILDEBRAND, RONALD EDWARD Buckeystown; Accounting; Dorm V.P.; Dorm Athletic Chmn.; HAC Representative; Accounting Club. HIPSLEY, STEVEN R. Pikesville; " Transportation; Dorm Social Chmn.; Dorm Treas. HOEY, PHILLIP H. Silver Spring; Transportation; Delta Nu Alpha, Treas.; Course Guide, ACM. HOFFMAN, FRED SAUL Silver Spring; Marketing-Public Relations; Tau Mu Epsilon; AMA; IFC Comm; SUB. HOLLINGSWORTH, DOUGLAS R. University Park; Finance; Dean ' s List; Course Guide; Business Admin. Editor; Freshman Reso- lutions Comm.; FOB; Political Science Club; Economics Club; Free State Party. HOLMES, RICHARD M. Towson; Transportation; Dorm V.P.; Dorm House Rules Comm.; Dorm Intramurals. HOZIK, JAMES Silver Spring; Accounting; Intra- murals Basketball; Accounting Club; Accounting Intern Prog- ram. HOZIK, JOHN Silver Spring; Accounting; Intra- murals; Accounting Club. IFSHIN, BARBARA ELAINE Wheaton; Journalism; DBK, En- tertainment Editor and Drama Critic; Theta Sigma Phi, Pres.; Pi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Tau Alpha. JENGEAINO, JOSEPH M. Bridgeton, N. J., Transportation; Delta Nu Alpha. JOHNSON, ALBERT F., JR. Winston-Salem, N. C; Com- merce; DNA. JOHNSON, MARJORIE EILEEN Laurel; Journalism; Diamond- back; 1968 Homecoming Court; Terrapin, Proof Editor; Dorm. Hall Pres.; Dorm. Intramurals. JOHNSON, RONALD LEROY Baltimore; Journalism; Phi Kap- pa Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi. JOHNSON, WILLIAM LEONARD Kenslington; General Business; SGA Pep Comm; UCA; Sports Car Qub Treas. KAGEN, PERRY S. Baltimore; Economics; Alpha Ep- silon Phi; Economics Discussion Club. KAUFMAN, BRUCE ALAN Baltimore; General Business; Transfer Student-Johns Hopkins University. KAUFMAN, ISAAC Baltimore; Accounting; Delta Sigma Phi; Dorm Pres. and V.P.; Social Chmn.; Athletic Chmn.; House Rules Comm Chmn.; Accounting Club; Intra- murals; CPO. KEEFE, THOMAS STEPHEN Chevy Chase; Marketing. KELLAM, ALAN DAVID Baltimore; Marketing; Sigma Al- pha Mu; Alpha Delta Sigma; DBK, Business Manager and Ad- vertising Manager; AMA. KELLY, KATHLEEN ANN Silver Spring; Pi Beta Phi; Day Dodger; FOB. KEMP, CONNIE J. Langley Park; Business; Phi Chi Theta; WRA Sports Day; WRA Volleyball Captain; Newman V.P.; Speech Night. KEMP, VERSTEAL DANIELS Macon, Ga.; Business Adminis- tration. KERN, MICHAEL WEST EUicott City; Industrial Manage- ment; Antietam B and Mobil Unit Area Athletic Comm. Chmn. KEYSER, STANLEY Baltimore; Public Relations; Zeta Beta Tau; Tau Mu Epsilon; DBK; Terrapin; Ski Club. KIRKEMO, JOHN H. Bethesda; Transportation; Dorm KIRKPATRICK, LEE M. Baltimore; Marketing Manage- ment; SAM, Pres.; UCA. KIRKPATRICK, WILLIAM D. Wheaton; Business Administra- tion; Delta Sigma Phi; Pershing Rifles; SGA Pep Comm; Old Line Party; UCA; NSA Congress. KNIGHT, CHARLES HILL Kensington; Photo - journalism; The Greek, Editor-in-Chief, Busi- ness Manager; DBK, Features Editor, Copy Editor; Terrapin, Circulation Manager, Photograph- er; M-Book; Fresh. V.P.; Who ' s Who; Kalegethos; Gate Key; Phi Sigma Kappa Chapter Ad- visor; Tau Mu Epsilon; Gamma Gamma Kappa; Alpha Delta Sigma Delta Chi; Pi Delta Ep- silon Sigma. KNIGHT, WILLIAM EDWARD College Park; Business; Kappa Alpha; AMA. KOMINOTH, TONY Hyattsville; " Transportation; Delta Nu Alpha. KONICK, DANIEL W. Glen Bumie; Marketing; Univ. Marching Band; Varsity Band; Dorm Sec; AMA. KOWALSKI, COLIN DAVID Aquasco; Finance; UCA, Traffic Chmn; Traffic Appeals Board; AFROTC. KUBELICK, CHRISTOPHER BOND Cheverly; International Political Relations. LAIBSON, DENNIS Silver Spring; Marketing; Sigma Alpha Mu; Open League Basket- ball and Football; AMA. LAUTH, WILLIAM JOSEPH Cheverly; Marketing; Alpha Del- ta Sigma, Pres, V.P., Sec; CPO, VP Publicity Chmn., Newsletter Editor; Veteras Club; AMA. LAVINE, MARK JOSEPH Takoma Park; Accounting; Beta Alpha Psi. LAYTON, ROBERT TERRY Baltimore; Personnel; Tau Ep- silon Phi. LEBOWITZ, HARRY University Park; Marketing; AMA. LEEDS, RICHARD J. Stamford, Conn.; Economics. LEVIN, SANDRA L. Baltimore; Economics; Omicron Delta Epsilon; SGA Legislature; Dorm. Sec; ODE Sec; Course Guide; FOB; Homecoming Comm. LEWIS, ARCHIE C, JR. Princess Anne; Business Adminis- tration; Intramurals. LISBON, SHELDON JACOB Silver Spring; Government and Politics; Pre-Law Club. LITVINSKY, STANLEY PAUL Silver Spring; Statistics. LOOMIS, ALLAN EUGENE, JR. Elkton; Accounting; SAM; Ac- counting Club. LOVE, FRANKLIN WATSON Whaleysville; Government and Politics; Dorm. Sec. LURIE, MARVIN W. Baltimore; Marketing; Alpha Del- ta Sigma; AMA. LYONS, JOAN K. Wheaton; General Business; Sig- ma Alpha Mu; Economic Dis- cussion Club. LYONS, JOHN B. Silver Spring; Transportation; Delta Nu Alpha; Newsletter Comm. LYONS, REGIS B. Silver Spifing; Transportation; Delta Nu Alpha; Newman Club. MAC ADAMS, ARTHUR Cleveland; Economics; Track. MALCHODI, SUSAN GAY Baltimore; Economics; Beta Gam- ma Sigma Course Guide; AWS Academic Brd. Sec; Dorm. Aca- demic Chmn. MARCUS, MORTON DAVID Baltimore; Government Poli- tics; Zeta Beta Tau; Eta Beta Psi; Dorm Intramurals Chmn. MARKOWITZ, MYRA Baltimore; Business Administra- tion. MARZUCCO, ANTHONY P. Annapolis; Marketing. MASTERSON, ROBERT EDWARD Oxon Hill; Government and Politics; Phi " Sigma Kappa; Frat. Pres.; IFC. Rep., Rush Comm., Publications Comm.; Dorm V. P. MATESKY, JOEL BARRY Adelphi; Marketing; SAM American Marketing Asst. Trfias. MCCAHILL, KEVIN FRANKS Laurel; Government and Politics; Lambda Chi Alpha; House Rules Comm.; Intramurals. MCKITTRICK, ELSIE VIRGINIA Salisbury; International Re- lations; Student Union Bd. Sec, MELINTZ, P. RICHARD Hagerstown; Economics; Alpha Phi Omega; ' Young Republicans; Campus Chest; Resident Men ' s Jud. Brd. MERLING, LAWRENCE P. Baltimore; Economics; SAM; Council of Professional Organi- zations; Veteran ' s Club; Dorm PUres.; Sec. V. Pres. H. Mobile Unit Area Council; Dean ' s List. MERRIMAN,. GEORGE Beta Alpha Psi; Phi Kappa Phi; Dorm Treas.; Intra-Dorm Bas- ketball; Accounting Club. MILLER, JEFFREY R. Baltimore; Labor Relations Al- pha Epsilon Pi; Pres., Treas., IFC Rep.; FOB Brd.; Free State Party; Odds And Ends Comm.; Intramurals. MILLER, THOMAS A. Cumberland; General Business; Phi Delta Theta; WMUC; Wesley Foundation; IFC; Head Manger Basketball; Young Republicans; Placement Comm. MOLOVINSKY, GENE Allentown, Pa.; Marketing; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Athletic and Social Chmn. MOODY, PATRICIA ANNE Burtonsville; Institution Adminis- tration; Dorm Hall Sec; Home Econ. Club. MOORES, JR. PAUL WESLEY College Park; Business Adminis- tration; American Marketing Assoc. MOSES, MICHAEL OSCAR Baltimore; Government and Poli- tics; Ski Club; International Club; Pre-Law Club. MOTLEY, RICHARD GRAHAM New Carrollton; Business Ad- ministration; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pershing RiJFles. MOTSKO, JAMES CHARLES Catonsville General Business; Pres. of Calvert C Dorm. MOTZ, JR. JOHN ROBERT Hagerstown; Marketing; House Rules Comm.; Intramural Ath- letics I, II. MULLAN, PAUL HOWARD Westemport; Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi; American Marketing Assoc; Sigma Alpha Mu; Fin- ance Club. MULLIN, VICTOR Hyattsville; Accounting; Phi Kap- pa Sigma; Latch Key Society; Varsity Show; Basketball Mana- ger. MURIK, BARBARA Silver Spring; Government and Politics; Young Democrats, Pres., Treas.; Political Science Qub. Pres., V.P., Treas.; SGA_. Place- ment Comm.; Careers m Gov. Chmn.; Hillel Social Chrmn. MYER, ROBERT CLARK Rockville; Accounting; Pershing Rifles. NELSON, NORMAN L. Silver Spring; Transportation Broadcasting: Delta Nu Alpha; Social Chmn; WMUC. NICHOLAS, ROBERT JOHN Hollywood; Transportation; Sig- ma Chi; FOB; Delta Nu Alpha; Young Republican; Vandenburg Guard, Treas. NICHOLSON, PHILIP JAMES Rockville; Accounting; Pershing Rifles. NOPPENBERGER, GEORGE J. Timonium; Government and Poli- tics; Social Chmn of Dorm; Pres. of Dorm. OLSON, CARL F. McLean, Va.; Economics; Ski Club; Intramural Basketball Soft- ball. PAINTER, MAURICE L. Silver Spring; General Business Administration. PARKS, ROBERT MILES Falls Church, Va.; Business Ad- ministration; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; Chmn. Fresh Orientation Bid. PAVLAT, PEGGY RAE College Park; Economics; Phi Chi Theta; Treas. PEED, DANIEL ALAN Silver Spring; Journalism; DBK; Diogenes Society. PENALOZA, MIGUEL Mexico City, Mexico; Economics; Economics Club; International Club; Latin- American Club Pres. PERGOLA, THOMAS A. J. Greenbelt; Personnel Manage- ment; SAM. PERKINS, RAYMOND JR. Hastings, Michigan; Transpor- tation; Delta Sigma Pi; Delta Nu Alpha ; Dorm Treas. ; House Rules Memger; Dorm Intra- murals; AFROTC. PIGG, WILLIAM SCOTT Silver Spring; Transportation; Delta Nu Alpha. PINCUS, ROBERT PAUL Chillum; Finance; Tau Epsilon Phir Greek Week; Intramurals. POSxNER, RICHARD KENT Silver Spring; Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi; American Marketing POWERS, DONALD LEE Milan, Tenn.; General Business; Sigma Pi; Social Chmn. PRENTISS, MICHAEL C. Ellicott City; Marketing; Alpha Delta Sigma; AMA. PRICE, RAYMOND FRANKLIN, JR. Annapolis; Transportation; Alpha Phi Omega; Delta Nu Alpha; Dorm House Rules Chmn.; Motor Fleet Supervisors Award. PRINCE, WALTER D. Baltimore; General Business. RABENHORST, BARBARA LYNN Silver Spring; Geography; Gam- ma Theta Upsilon; DBK. RABENHORST, THOMAS DANIEL Silver Spring; Urban Geography; Gamma Theta Upsilon. RADCLIFF, CRAIG ANDERSON Wheaton ; Economics ; Kappa Kappa Psi; Chapter Gamma Xi. RAPPAPORT, BARRY ALLEN Takoma Park; Economics; Phi Sigma Delta; Treas. RAYNOR, KENNETH Hyattsville; Transportation; Delta Nu Alpha; Pershing Rifles; Intra- mural Football Basketball. REARDON, JEREMIAH JOHN Primes, Pa.; Public Adminis- tration; Economic Discussion Club, V.P. REESE, EARL A. Parkville; Accounting; Phi Kappa Tau, Treas., Sec. Social Chrnn.; IFC Athletic, Scholarship, Social Comm.; SAM; Accounting Club. REINHARDT, RICHARD C. Bowie; General Business. REINHARDT, WILLIAM HENRY ni Wheaton Marketing and Statis- tics; Al ha Tau Omega; Varsity Football; AMA; Social Chmn Harford House; Intramural Soft- ball. RENCHER, DOUGLAS MAURICE Bivalve; Business Organization; Kappa Kappa Psi; U. of Md. Band; Dance Band; Dorm Soft- ball; Dorm Photographer. RICE, PAUL H. Wheaton; Economics; Pre-Law Club ; Economics Club ; Young Democrats. RINGSDORF, JOHN EUGENE. JR. Baltimore; General Business; Dorm. Social Comm.; Dorm. Cultural Comm. Chmn. ROBINSON, CHERYL ANNE Bethesda; Government and Poli- tics; Dorm. Executive Council; Hall Pres. ROBINSON, DENNIS BRAM Coronado, California; Geography; Fresh Golf; Varsity Golf; " M " Club; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Gamma Theta Psi; Dorm. Pres.; Cambridge Complex Council; Chmn, Dining Hall Comm. ROBINSON, JAY E. Elkton; Marketing; Dorm. Chmn. Public Relations Comm.; Treas.; V.P.; Hill Area Coun- cil. ROSENBERG, BURTON ALLEN Silver Spring; Government and Politics; Student Union Bd.; So- cial Chmn. Advertising Repre- sentative for DBK. ROSENBLOOM, JEFFREY BARNET Silver Spring; Accounting Pre- Law; Alpha Phi Omega, Treas.; Accounting Club. ROSSI, THOMAS J. Rochester, New York; Marketing; Sigma Nu; AMA. ROUZER, PATRICIA ANN Mount Airy; Journalism; Wo- men ' s Press Club; Jud. Brd. Chmn.; Hill Area Council Rep.; DBK Staff. SAFRAN, ESTHER Silver Spring; Government and Politics; Eta Beta Rho Pres. SAGE, RICHARD W. Kensington; Government and Politics; Sigma Chi. SAMET, WALTER L, Baltimore; Accounting; Beta Al- pha Psi; Accounting Club; Or- chestra; Intramural Sports; House Rules Comm. SCHLENOFF, MARVIN T. Baltimore; Economics; Alpha Epsilon Pi; IFC Rush Comm.; Economics Club; Fraternity Scholarship Chmn.; Fraterni ty Sentinel. SCHNEIDER, MAURY CARL Silver Spring; Accounting; Ac- counting Qub; Kappa Kappa Psi, Treas.; Varsity Band; Marching Band; Univ. Band, V.P. SCHNEIER, JOAN Pikesville; General Business; Del- ta Phi Epsilon, Parliamentarian, Community Service Chmn. ; Big Sister; FOB Custom fird.; FOB Usher; Fall Sponser; FOB Comm. SCHULMAN, RICHARD BARRY Silver Spring; Economics; Phi Sigma Delta; Economics Dis- cussion Club; Scholastic Chmn., Frat.; Intramural Track. SCIRE, JOHN ANTHONY Hyattsville; International Affairs; V.P. Semper Fidelis Society; Trail Club; Young Democrats; UCA. SEGANISH, WILLIAM MICHAEL Oxon Hill; Finance; Beta Gamma Sigma; Finance Club; Intramural Basketball, SEIFERT, RUSSELL L. Baltimore; Marketing; Alpha Del- ta Sigma; Pledge Master; Dorm. V.P., Sec, Chmn of House Rules Comm.; Intramurals, Football, Softball. SELLERS, ROBERT FRANCIS Cheverly; Journalism; Sigma Del- ta Chi; Kappa- Tau Alpha; SGA Pep Comm.; DBK; Honors Con- vocation. SEMUELS, JOEL MICHAEL Baltimore; Government and Poli- tics; WMUC; Dorm. House Rules. SIEGEL, GENE PHILLIP Baltimore; Transportation; Delta Nu Alpha. SILVERMAN, RICHARD I. Silver Spring; Marketing; Dorm. Athletic Comm. Chmn.; Dorm. Executive Comm.; House Rules Comm.; Dorm. Float Design Comm.; Dorm. Drinking Comm. SINGERS, LABRY ELLIS Baltimore; Journalism; DBK Re- porter; Student Union Brd.; Marching Band; Sigma Alpha Mu; Television Workshop; Fly- ing Follies. SINGER, MICHAEL D. Baltimore; General Business. SLAN, ALLAN GARY Chevy Chase; Government and Politics; Phi Sigma Delta, V.P.; Terrapin Distributor. SLEICHTER, CHARLES HENRY Sevema Park; General Business; Golf Team; DBK. SMITH, JEFFREY B. Arlington, Va.; General Business; Sigma Nu; Intramurals. SMITH, LINT)A JEAN FrederWc; Personnel Manage- ment; Pi Beta Phi; DBK Treas.; Phi Chi Theta; Sorority Sec; Sorority Music Chmn . ; Course Guide Reporter. SMITH, RICHARD HENRY Baltimore; Marketing; Vanden- burg Guard; ROTC; Men ' s Glee Club; Alpha Delta Sigma. SMITH, RUSSELL PHILLIPS Cambridge; Economics; House Rules Comm.; Dorm. Social Comm.; Placement Rep. from Cambridge Complex. SORELL, RICHARD PARK, JR. Adelphi; Business Administration Information System Management; SAM; Finance Club. SPENCER, RICHARD ALLEM Baltimore; Transportation ; Delta Nu Alpha. STEARNS, TIMOTHY H. Arlington, Va.; General Business Administration; Dorm. Pres., V.P.; Social Chmn.; Hill Area Council; Residence Social Im- provements Comm.; Pershing Rifles; Trick and Precision Drill Team; Pep Club; Varsity Card Sect. Comm.; Brother-Sister Prog- ram; Ski Club. STEUER, KENNETH ALAN Hyattsville; Marketing; AMA. STILLIE, EDWARD L. N. Forestville; Transportation; Football; ROTC. STODDARD, DENNIS W. Rogers Heights; International Af- fairs; Commuters Assoc; New- man Club STOLTE, CHARLES F., JR. Baltimore; Marketing; Alpha Delta Sigma; AMA. STRAND, RUSSELL E. Bethesda; Economics; Alpha Phi Omega; Campus Chest Council; Accounting Club; UMOC-MCCQ Contests, Overall Chmn.; UCA. STRUMPFF, ROBERT T. Lewistown; Pa.; Transportation; Wrestling Manager; M Club; Sports Information Assistant; AFROTC; Who ' s Who. SUGAR, BETSY JANE Pikesville; Public Relations; DBK. SULLIVAN, MICHAEL GEORGE Hyattsville; Accounting; Newman Club; Commuter ' s Assoc; Ac- counring Club. SULLIVAN, WILLIAM GARY Indian Head; Finance; M Club; Football Manager; Dorm. Treas.; House Rules Comm.; Dorm. Homecoming Comm.; Executive Comm. SUMMERFIELD, EMANUEL PETE, JR. Baltimore; Economics; Alpha Ep- silon Pi, Pledgemaster, Sec; Econ. Discussion Club; Free State Party. TAGERT, JR. JAMES W. Oxon Hills; General Business; Marching Band; Symphone Band. TAWES, E. SCOTT Crisfield; Accounting, TAYLOR, LISA N. Washington, D. C.-Joumalism; Terrapin, Editor-in-Chief. Argus Feature Editor; The Greek; Angel Flight; Who ' s Who; Delta Delta Delta Sec. TAYLOR, JR. ROBERT E. Silver Spring; Personnel Mgmt. Industrial Relations; Delta Sig- ma Pi; Men ' s Glee Club; Dorm, Treas.; Intermural Football. TEMPLE, SAUNDRA ANNE Silver Spring; Geography; Gam- ma Theta Upsilon; Dessert Club. THOMAS, CALVIN Baltimore; Economics; Intramur- als; Economics Discussion Club. THOMPSON, GARY Union, N. J.; Personnel; Lambda Chi Alpha; Intramurals; IFC Rush. VANCE, WILLIAM F. Oxon Hill; Journalism; Sigma Delta Chi; Dorm. Sec. VOGELSANG, ROBERT F. Pasadena; Marketing; Alpha Tau Omega; Dorm Intramurals, So- cial Chmn. WAIKART, FRANK WOLF Silver Spring; Government Politics; Sigma Chi. WALDMAN, ROBERT DENNIS Pikesville; Accounting; Tau Ep- silon Phi. WALEGA, JOSEPH V. Baltimore; Marketing; Delta Sig- ma Pi; AMA. WALLS, ALLAN RAYMOND Baltimore; Production Manage- ment, WARREN, JR. HAROLD J. Seat Pleasant; Transportation; DNA; Weight-Lifting Club; Bas- ketball. WETZEL, DOUGLAS ALAN College Park; Accounting; Alpha Phi Omega; UCA; Accounting Club; Campus Chest. WHITE, ELLA LOUISE Bethesda; Institutional Adminis- tration; Home Ec Club; People to People. WILLOTH, DANIEL D. Boston, Mass.; Accounting; BBA; U p; SAM; Accounting Club; Veterans Club. WILSON, LINDALEE Damascus; Journalism; Kappa Alpha Theta; Theta Sigma Phi; Dorm Social Chmn . , Sports Assc; DBK; M-Book; Sr. Prom Publicity Chmn.; VMH; Wo- men s Press Club. WILSON, MICHAEL E. Brentwood; Finance; Newman Club. WINSTON, EVAN SCOTT Chevy Chase; Geography; Alpha Phi Omega, V.P,; Sec ' y,, Book- store Chmn.; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Nu Alpha; Campus Chest. WINTERLING, LEAH R. Baltimore; Journalism; Theta Sigma Phi, V.P.; Kappa Tau Alpha; DBK; Dorm, Historian, Big Sister. WOOD, FREDERICK WILLIAM III Towson ; Marketing; Alpha Del- ta Sigma; Adv. Chmn. Hist.; AMA; SAM. WOOD, RONALD OWEN Baltimore; Accounting; Account- ing Club; Dorm, Tutor, Ath- letics, House Rules Comm., So- cial Comm. WORRAL, ROBERT WILLIAM Hyattsville; Accounting; Sigma Pi. WRIGHT, JOSEPH P., JR. Salisbury; Marketing; Sigma Al- pha Epsilon. YATES, JAMES WILLIAM CenterviUe; Government Poli- tics; Dorm House Rules, Social Comm. Chmn.; Pre-Law Club. ZWEIG, STEVEN T. Chevy Chase; Marketing; Dleta Sigma Pi, P ledge Master; AMA, V.P.; National Residence Hall Honorary; HAC, Treas. Education ABELMAN, JACKIE Chevy Chase; Elementary Edu- cation ; Sigma Delta Tau Rush Chmn.; SGA Cul. Comm.; Co- Chmn SGA Spring Weekend Comm.; AWS; Daydodger Big Sister. ADAMS, SUZETTE Bowie; Early Childhood Ed.; FOB; Jr. Soph. Prom Comm. ALMOND, JEAN C. Hyattsville; Elem. Education; Ed. ANDRYS, ELENA S, Baltimore; Chemistry; Ed.; Dorm Big Sister; Dorm Safety Marshall; Dorm Exec. Council. ATHANASON, HELENE C. Silver Spring; Elem. Ed.; SNEA; ECEED BAKER, ' JANICE LYNN College Park; Elem. Ed.; FOB Chmn.; Kappa Delta Tau. BAKER, KENNETH ROBERT Maugansville; Industrial Ed.; Iota Lambda Sigma; V.P. AIAA. BARNEY, ELEANOR JAYCE Silver Spring; Elem. Ed.; Pres. Alpha Gamma Delta; Kappa Del- ta Pi; DBK; Alpha Lambda Delta. BARRON, LOIS HELEN Hyattsville; Elem. Ed.; Alpha Phi. BASCOM, CAROLINE Hyattsville; Chemistry Ed.; Alpha Phi; SGA Speaker Comm. BECKER, MARIAN Silver Spring; Soc. Stud. Ed. BEECHENER, LINDA LEE DEUCHLER Baltimore; History Ed.; Dorm Activities Rep. BELL, LAURA ANN Brookview; Home Econ. Ed.; Sec ' y. Home Econ. Club; Dean ' s List ; Honors Convocation ; AWS Pres. Council; Omicron Nu. BERGMAN, HOLLACE L, Far Rockaway, N. Y.; Early Chadhood Ed. BERLIN, RICHARD MERRILL Baltimore; Instrumental Music Ed.; Symphony Orchestra; Sym- phony Band; Theatre Orchestra; Mgr. of Univ. Orchestras. BERRY, ELLEN VIRGINIA District Heights; Home Econ. Ed. BEST. NANCY Ellicott City; Elem. Ed.; Treas. of Alpha Phi. BATTS, BARBARA JEAN Springfield, Penna.; English Ed. BLACKSIN, CONSTANCE DEE Takoma Park; Elem. Ed.; SNEA; El. Ed. Stud.-Faculty Comm.; WRA Intramurals. BLAU, PAMELA RUTH Rockville; English Ed. BOBUS, JOANNE MONICA Aberdeen; English Ed,; Ski Oub; AWS Big Sister Program. BOGEN, PAULA RAE Silver Spring; Elem. Ed.; Tau Beta Sigma; Concert Band; Course Guide. BOHN, LINDA S. Waldorf; English Ed.; Trans- ferred from Wayne State Univ., Detroit, Mich., Dorm Jud. Bd. BOND, SUSAN JANE Kensington; Home Econ. Ed.; Mortar Bd.; Diaden; Omicron Nu; Angel Flight; AWS; Cres- cents. BOOKFORD, CAROLE L. College Park; Soc. Stud. Ed.; Young Democrats. BOROFKA, CECELIA KIM Timonium; English Ed.; Jud. Bd.; Upward Bound; HAC Rep. BOYER, LINDA K. Frederick; Elem. Ed.; Ed.; Chapel Choir; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean ' s List; Pres. of Dorm.; Sec ' y. of Dorm. BRADLEY, KAREN L. Rockville; Elem. Ed.; Pres. Sec ' y. of Dorm.; Nat. Ed. Hon- orary; Pres. Council. BROOKS, CAROL ANNE Silver Spring; Elem. Ed.; ECEED; NEA. BUSHEY, SANDRA KAY Cavetown; Elem. Ed. BURG, ELLEN BETH Bethesda; Soc. Stud. Ed.; Delta Phi Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; IFC Sing. CALDWELL, REBECCA JAYNE Laurel; Library Sci. Ed.; Varsity Band; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta. CAPLAN, ARLENE Elem. Ed.; Dean ' s List; Home- coming Chmn.; Uni v. Theatre; NSEA. CARASSO, JEANNETTE Randallstown; Math. Ed.; Dean ' s List; Honor ' s Convocation; Al- pha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Phi. CHESTON, ALVIN L. Bowie; Soc. Stud. Ed.; Canter- bury Club. CLYDESDALE, NAN L. Rockville; Math. Ed.; Pres Treas. of Dorm. COLE, DONNA L. Longmeadow, Mass.; Home Econ. Ed.; Chair, of Jud. Bd. COLEMAN, TRACY C. Silver Spring; Ed. for Indus- try; APBA; CPBA. COOPER, ROBERT EUGENE Mitchell, Indiana; Agricultural Ed.; FFA. COX, BARBARA ANN Bel Air; History Ed.; Alpha Chi Omega; Pi Delta Epsilon; DBK; Soph. Prom. Dec. Comm. CRAIG, DON CHARLES WALTER Silver Spring; Ed. for Industry; Chmn. of Am. Soc. of Tool and Manuf. Engineers; SAM. CRAMPTON, BARBARA Boonsboro; French Edi; Big Sister Academic Chmn.; Gam- ma Sigma Sigma; Alpha Lambda Delta Newman Club. CRYEF PATRICIA LYNN Leonariltown; Early Childhood Ed. GUSHING, DONNA J. Silver Spring; Home Econ. Ed.; Kappa Alpha Theta; FOB Cul. Comm.; Fresh. Prom Comm.; People to People. CUSTER, CAROL M. Baltimore; Sec. Ed.; Phi Chi Theta. DAUDELIN, DAWN B. Silver Spring; Elem. Ed.; Sub Comm. AWS; FOB; Kappa Al- pha Theta. DAVIDSON, DOREEN SUE Silver Spring; Elem. Ed.; Ed.; Hisi. of Gamma Sigma Sigma; SNEA. DEAN MARTHA L. Bristol, Tenn.; Soc. Stud. Ed. DEAN, SANDRA Middletown; Elem. Ed. DEITZ, BARBARA GAYLE Silver Spring; Elem. Ed.; Hillel; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; NEA. DEPUE, CHERYL MARIE Silver Spring; Elem. Ed.; Kappa DelU Pi; SNEA; Chapel Choir. DIETLE, SHERRY ANNE Silver Spring; Secondary Ed.; Phi Chi Theta. DIVELBISS, STEPHEN D. Greencastle, Penna.; Industrial Ed.; AIAA; MIAA. DIZE, NOAH BENJAMIN Crisfield; Art Ed. DONNELLAN, EILEEN Chevy Chase; Elem. Ed. DUCOTE, BARBARA VALERIE Elem. Ed. DUBNOFF, BARBARA JO Passaic, N. I.; English Ed.; Mor- tar Bd.; Diadem; DBK; Chmn. SGA Cul. Comm.; V.P. Sr. Qass; Phi Sigma Sigma Pres.; Chmn. Jr. Prom; Jr. Legislature; DBK Copy Chief; Editor-in-Chief of Revdt Magazine. DUVALL, JUDITH FRANCES Baltimore; English Ed.; Mu Del- ta; Phi Kappa Phi; Dorm Pres., Jud. Bd.; FOB; AWS Pres. Coun- cil. DVOSKIN, DIANE MERLE Randallstown; Elem. Ed.; SNEA. EATON, JOHN HOWARD Brandywine; Ed. for Industry; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean ' s List; Rifle Team; ASTME. EGGLESTON, DIANE LYNN MTmaton; Elem. Ed.; Alpha Gamma Delta; Aqualiners; Cor- responding Sec ' y. of Alpha Gam- ma Delta. EINSTEIN, STEPHANY Baltimore; Early Childhood Ed.; CEC; Volunteers for Men. Hlth. ENGLE, CAROL ANN Cambridge; Early Childhood Ed.; Glee Clubs; Fresh, orientation Bd.; Jud. Bd.; Semi-finalist in Miss Univ. of Md. EPSTEIN, MYRA Chevy Chase; Early Childhood Ed.; Council for Exceptional Children; Volunteers for Men. Hlth. EVERNGAM, SUE Baltimore; Elem. Ed.; Jud. Bd.; DBK; Tutoring Service Campus Chest; Dorm Pres. EZRINE, NATALIE Baltimore; Early Childhood Ed.; Dorm Exec. Council. FABER, JUDITH R. Roslyn, N. Y.; Art Ed.; Phi Sigma Sigma; Sec ' y. of Phi Sigma Sigma; Jr. Prom. Dec. Chmn.; M-Book; Jr. Panel. FABISZAK, ALAN E. North Linthicum; Indus. Ed.; Md. Marching Band; Md. Con- cert Band; Semper Fidelis Socie- ty; Intramural Wrestling; New- man Club; AIAA. FAYCHECK; KATHERINE V. Forestville; Elem. Ed. FEINGOLD, ARLENE BETH Washington, D. C; Elem. Ed.; Sec ' y. of Dorm Jud. Bd.; Dorm Activities. FELDMAN, MARSHALL E. Baltimore; Music Ed.; Glee Club; V.P. of Glee Club; Treas. of Dorm. FINEGAN, ANNE H. Bethasda; Interior Design Ed.; Dorm Exec. Council. FINN, BONNIE ALICE Red Lion, Penna.; Speech Ed.; Pres. of Drama Wing; V.P. Delta Delta Delta; Tau Beta Sigma; Drama Wing Award; Bert Smith Award; Who ' s Who in Am. Colleges and Univ. FLANAGAN, RALPH T. II Silver Spring; Ed. for Industry; IFC Presents; Sigma Chi; House Manager. FLEGAL, WENDY STARR Rockville; Elem. Ed.; Alpha Omicron Pi; V.P. of Alpha Omi- cron Pi. FORD, III, THOMAS LATIMER Ruxton; Ed. for Industry; ASTME. FORREST, MARJORIE ANN Brandywine; History Ed.; Vol- unteers for Mental Health; " Damned Spot " Coffeehouse. FOSTER, SARA ELLEN Paris, Illinois; Sec. Ed.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pres. of Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pres. of Dia- mond; People to People. FOWLER, MARILYN LOUISE Potomac; Elem. Ed.; Hillel Tu- toring Program. FRADKIN, JANICE H. Baltimore; Early Childhood Ed.; SGA Elections. FRASER, SUSAN PARSONS Braddock Heights; Elem. Ed.; Color Guard; Council for Excep- tional Children; Dorm Exec. Council. FREEDMAN, BONNIE Baltimore; Elem. Ed.; Ed.; Kap- pa Delta Pi; Chmn. CPO. FRUSHOUR, GERALD Smithburg; Ed. for Industry; Dorm Pres.; ASTME. FULLER, PAMELA GAIL Annapolis; Elem. Ed.; Alpha Xi Delta V.P. Marshal; Diamond; Sigma Tau EpsUon; WRA Elec- tions; Fresh. Picnic Chmn. FUNKHOUSE, FAYE Cascade; Elem. Ed. FURMAN, GLORIA ANN Silver Spring; Home Econ. Ed.; Home Econ. Club; Hillel; Dorm Activities. GAMERHAN, MARCIA R. Baltimore; Elem. Ed.; Free State Rep.; Dorm Activities; Homecom- ing Queens Comm. GELLER, KAY F. Baltimore; Elem. Ed.; Sec ' y. of Jud. Bd.; Hall Pres.; Dorm Exec. Council; Dorm Glee Club; Hall Fire Marshall. GILLESPIE, ROBIN M. Rockville; Social Studies; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean ' s List. GLAZER, SUZANNE Silver Spring; Elem. Ed.; Dorm Treas.; Jud. Bd. Chmn.; Glam- our Magazine Contestant; Cam- pus Chest Contestant Runnerup. GOLDBLATT, NADINE IRIS Baltimore; Early Childhood Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi; Dorm Fire Marshall; Dorm Exec. Council. GRANAT, ILENE JOANNE Silver Spring; Elem. Ed.; DBK Staff; Free State Delegate. GREENBAUM, JOAN B. Rochester, N. Y.; Elem. Ed.; Delta Phi Epsilon V.P.; Free State Hist.; Chmn. Dean ' s Re- ception; AWS; FOB; Diamond. GRIFFIN, JANET ELLEN Rockville; Early Childhood Ed.; Dorm Act. Chmn.; Big Sister; Volunteer for Mental Health. GRIM, BEVERLY JANE Baltimore; Biology; Scholarship Chmn. Alpha Chi Omega; Chap- lain; Chmn. Daydodger Big Sis- ter Program. HACKERMAN, INA L. Baltimore; Spanish; Alpha Lamb- da Delta Sec ' y.; Diadem; Dia- mond; Mortar Bd.; Pres. Alpha Epsilon Phi; Jr. AWS Rep.; Dorm Editor of Terrapin. HAHN, BRENDA LYNN Frederick; Home Econ. Ed.; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Collegiate 4-H Qub. HALL, BEVERLY E. Baltimore; Elem. Ed.; Dorm Pres.; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Del- ta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sharum; Academic Chmn. of Dorm; SNEA; Council for Ex- ceptional Children. HALL, MARY DIANE Baltimore; Elem. Ed.; Dorm Jud. HAMILL, SUSAN V. Bethesda; Secondary History Ed.; Dorm Exec. Comm.; Dorm Social Chmn.; Big Sister Program; Dorm Fire Marshall; Women ' s Lacrosse Team; Homecoming Float Comm. HAMMOND, LINDA ELLEN Baltimore; Elem. Ed.; Co-Chnm. SGA Elections; Pledge Mistress of Phi Sigma Sigma; Kappa Del- ta Pi; Honors Convocation. HANYOK, BETTY ANNE Bladensburg; Home Econ. Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi; Home Econ. Club. HARE, DAVID F. Baltimore; Ed. for Industry; Dorm Jud. Bd. HARNESS, M. SHAN Clarksville; Arts; VHM; " Damned Spot " Coffeehouse; Student Na- tional Art Ed. Assoc. HARPER, ELIZABETH N. Bethesda; Speech and Drama: V.P. Pledge Trainer Delta Gam- ma; House Pres.; Sec ' y. SGA Placement Comm.; Feature Edi- tor ARGOS FEATURE Maga- zine; Summer Sponsor Fresh. Orientation Program; Communi- cations Honorary; Pi Alpha Lambda. HARRIS, ELAINE SUSAN Baltimore; History; Alpha Epsi- lon Phi Treas.; M-Book Photo Editor; Terrapin Staff; College Casino Art Comm.; Fresh. Prom; AWS; Constitution Comm. HART, LAWRENCE D. Sparrows Point; Geography; Gamma Theta Upsilon. HENSLEY, SHEILA MAE Salisbury; Elem. Ed.; Chapel Choir; Jud. Bd. HILTERBRICK, FAY CELESTE Taneytown; Elem. Ed.; CEC; NEA. HOEFLICH, BRUCE R. Baltimore; Ed. for Industry; Dorm Exec. Comm.; Dorm V.P.; House Jud. Comm.; Intramurals; ASTME; Hill Area Council; Dorm Homecoming Comm.; New- man Club. HOLZAPFEL, MARJORIE N. Hagerstown; Elem. Ed.; Pres., V.P. of Dorm; Mu Delta; Chapel Choir; SNEA: Kappa Delta Pi; PACE; Co-Chmn. Dorm Social Comm. HOMAN, BARBARA ANNE Bowie; Elem. Ed.; SNEA HOWARD, GERALD EDWARD Frederick; Industrial Manage- ment; ASTME; Dorm Librarian Scholarship Academic Chmn.; IEEE. HUDSON, SUSAN CROMER Silver Spring; English; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sltudent-Faculty Pub. Bd.; Mortar Bd.; Diadem; Pi Delta Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; Diamond; FOB; DBK; Free State Delegate; Summer Sponsor; Volunteers for Mental Health. HUHN, PATRICIA MARIAN Hyattsville; Home Econ. Ed.; Ski Club; Home Econ. Club; Cloth- ing Design Fashion Shows. HULL, MARY ELIZABETH Westminster; Home Econ. Ed.; Dorm Academic Bd.; American Home Ec. Assoc. Chapter. JACKSON, ELIZABETH M. Greenbelt; Sec. Business Ed. JACKSON, WINNIE FAYE Baltimore; Early ChUdhood Ed. JACOBSON, HELEN V. Washington, D C; Art Ed.; Painting, NAE. JARBOE, NANCY P. Baltimore; Early Childhood Ed.; Dorm Exec. Council; Newman Club; Dorm Safety Marshall. JAVIER, LORRAINE C. Hyattsville; Business Ed.; V.P. of Phi Chi Theta. JOHNSON, BEVERLY ANNE Baltimore; Math Education; New- man Center. JOHNSON, DEBORAH A. Myersville; Art; Dorm Treas.; Color Guard; Theta Beta Sigma; Free State Delegate; Dorm Exec. Council. JONES, JUDITH ANN Suitland; English; UCA. JORDAN, GERRY D. Baltimore; Elem. Ed.; SUB Chmn.; Fresh. Swimming; Varsity Swimming; Dorm Sec ' y., Treas., V.P. KAPLAN, BONA CYRILE Baltimore; Elem. Ed.; Alpha Ep- silon Phi. KAUFMAN, LORRAINE F. Silver Spring; Elem. Ed.; SNEA. KEMPNER, LINDA H. Spartanburg, S. C; Elem. Ed.; Sigma Delta Tau; Homecoming Chmn.; Greek Week Chmn.; Pledge Pres,; Pledge Guidance Bd.; SGA Spring Weekend Co- Chmn.; FOB; Panhellenic De- ferred Rush Comm.; Freestate Party Delegate; Chmn. Freestate Campaign Comm. KESSLER, MARSHA SUE Baltimore; Home Econ. Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi; Dorm Treas.; Dorm Jud. Bd.; UT; Dorm Fire Marshall; Dorm Exec. Council. KING, CAROL ANN Dent Village; Elem. Ed.; New- man Club. KING, III, ROBERT D. Wheaton; Ed. for Industry; Delta Sigma phi. KIRK, BARBARA A. Hyattsville; Early Childhood Ed.; Newman Club; Volunteers for Mental Health. KLATZKIN, FRAN Baltimore; Music Ed.; Terrapin; Tau Beta Sigma; Symphony Orch.; Band; Madrigals; Flying Follies; MENC; DBK; " Show- boat " ; " La Boheme. " KLEIN, STEPHEN RICHARD Silver Spring; Industrial Arts Ed.; Alpha Phi Omega ,Sgt. at Arms; Am. Soc. of Tool Manuf. Eng. KLURBERY, SUSAN Bayside, N. Y.; Ed.; Flying Club; Volunteers for Men. Hlth. KNAUFF, NANCY LEE Baltimore; Early Childhood Ed.; Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Trainer; Bridal Fair, Decor. Chmn.; Pan- hellenic Council, Cultural Chmn.; College Life. KOHN, LINDA SUE Baltimore; Early Childhood Ed.; Drama Club; Academic Chmn. of Dorm; Fire and Safety Marshall of Dorm. KOUDELKA, MARY LOU Clarksville; Art Ed.; Pep Comm. LANE, MARY KATHLEEN Bethesda; Biology Ed.; Dorm Jud. Bd. LASKEY, MARY THEODORA Oakland; Early Childhood Ed.; Dorm Sec ' y. and Pres.; Old Line Platform Comm. LEAN, BONNIE SUSAN Randallstown; Early Childhood Ed.; Dorm Activities. LEBOLD, JOHN WILLIAM New Carrollton; Industrial Arts Ed.; Phi Sigma Kappa; Intra- mural Baseball, Football, and Wrestling. LEBOWITZ. SUSAN Hyattsville; Art Ed. LEFEBURE, JOHN Gaithersburg; Geography Ed.; Al- pha Phi Omega; " rerrapin; Trail Club; Sports Car Club. LEONARD, KATHLEEN SARAH Silver Spring; Home Econ. Ed.; Student-Facxilty Council; Home Ec. Assoc. LEPHARDT, ROSEMARY L. Baltimore; Elem. Ed.; Chapel Bd. Sec ' y.; Faith and Life Seminars; Volunteers for Men. Hlth. LEVENTHAL, SHARON LYNN Silver Spring; Elem. Ed.; SNEA. LEVIN, ANNE HELENE Baltimore; English Ed.; Big Sis- ter Program; Dorm Social Comm.; FOB; DoiTO Cul. Comm. LEVINE, ALAN NEIL Greenbelt; Industrial Arts Ed.; Tennis Team; HUlel Cul. Chmn. LEVINSON, TOBY ANN Bethesda; Elem. Ed.; Hillel; Dorm Social Comm. LEWIS, DEANNA LOU New CarroUton; Secondary Ed.; Alpha Lambda Delta. LIEBERMAN, ROBYNE Baltimore; Elem. Ed.; Sigma Delta Tau, Treas.; M-Board Sec- tion Editor; SUB; College Casino Chmn.; Campus Chest; Free State Publicity Comm. LIEF, SHARYN IRIS Silver Spring; Elem. Ed.; Free State Rep. for Dorm. LITTMAN, JOY Silver Spring; Elem. Ed.; Sigma Delta Tau, Pres.; Kappa Delta Pi; Diamond; Flying Follies; Greek Week Queen. LITZAU, WALTER WAYNE EUicott City; Industrial Arts Ed.; ASTME. LOEB, RENEE Silver Spring; Early Childhood Ed.; Sigma Delta Tau. LUCHETTI, ROBERTA JOANN Adelphi; Secretarial Ed.; Phi Chi Theta, Pres. LUKE, VIRGINIA MAE Adelphi; English Ed.; Alpha Del- ta Pi, Corr. Sec ' y.; DBK; Bridal Fair; College Casino; Pep Comm. LYONS, KATHLEEN MARY College Park; Early Childhood Ed.; Newman Club. MACKENZIE, ANDREW L. Aberdeen; Mathematics; HAC; Intramurals. MADER, SHERRY TRUE Olney; Elem. Ed.; Organizations Editor, Terrapin; SNEA. MAISTI, ROSE MARIE Hollywood; Art Ed.; Dorm, V.P.; Big Sister; Intramurals. MALKUS, KEITH E. Cambridge; Social Studies. MARTIN, JO-ANN MARIE Walkersville; Elem. Ed.; Alpha Gamma Delta; Gamma Sigma Sigma; College 4H. MARVIN, PATRICIA ANN Baltimore; Music Ed.; SAI, Edi- Dorm Jud. Bd. Chmn.; Madri- gal Singers. MASTERSON, JOAN ANN Homell, N. Y.; Elem. Ed.; NEA; Aqualiners. MAYER, BETTY JEAN Silver Spring; Elem. Ed.; Alpha Gamma Delta, Corr, Sec ' y.; SNEA. McBRIDE, JOHN E. Lanham; Ed. for Industry; Delta Tau Delta; UCA; Flying Club. McDowell, nancy Gaithersburg; French; Gamma Phi Beta Pres.; Pan Hellenic Delegate; Diamond; FOB; AWS Big Sister. McKENNA, FRANCINE MARIE Silver Spring; History; Kappa Al- pha Theta, Corr. Sec ' y., WRA Rep., Jud. Bd. Chmn.; AWS Campus Jud. B. Sec ' y.; AWS Cul. Comm.; Senior Prom; Joint Sorority-Dorm Jud. Bd. Sec ' y. McNERNEY, FRANCIS CLAY Indian Head; Ed. for Industry; ASTME Treas. MEASELL, ROBERT E. Woodsboro; Agriculture Ed.; FFA Sec ' y. MERENDINO, PAULETTE J. Rockville; Elem. Ed.; Fresh. Prom; Soph. Prom; Jr. Prom; WRA Sports Day; Dorm Intra- murals. MEYERSON, MICHELLE L. Silver Spring; Elem. Ed.; Sigma Delta Tau Hist.; SGA Comm.; Alpha Epsllon Pi Sweetheart. MILLAR, KAREN R. Redlands, Calif.; Elem. Ed.; Al- pha Xi Delta Activities Chmn.; WRA Rep.; WRA Spring Ban- quet Chmn.; SGA Spring Week- end; College Life. MILLER, KAREN LOIS Takoma Park; French; French Club; DBK; Kappa Delta Pi. MILLER, LAWRENCE A. Baltimore; Social Studies; Uni- versity Theatre; U.T. Key. MILLER, RUTH JOYCE Bethesda; Elem. Ed.; Fire Safety Comm.; Academic Comm.; House Council; Exec. Council; Academic Chmn. of Dorm. MILLER, SHIRLEY ANN Hyattsville; Music Ed.; Corr. Sec ' y., song leader of Alpha Xi Delta; M.U. Bowling Team; Har- mony Hall; W.R.A. Sports. MARSH, JANET LAVENIA Baltimore; Elem. Ed.; Chmn. Big Sister Breakfast; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Student Faculty Comm.; SNEA. MOCKABEE, JO ANN Silver Spring; History Ed.; Al- pha Omicron Pi, Public Rela- tions Chmn., Rush Chmn.; Soph. Jr. Prom Comm.; People to People; Ski Club; Old Line. MUDD, JEAN Clinton; Elem. Ed. MULLIS, JO ANN Silver Spring; Elem. Ed.; Big Sister Program; NSTA; NEA. NEEDLE, PATRICIA Baltimore; Elem. Ed.; Chmn. Foster Child Project; Free Uni- versity—War on Poverty. NEUSTADT, SHEILA BERNICE Washington, D. C; Social Stud- ies; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Young Dems; Hillel. NORKIN, BARRY Rockville; Speech Drama; Pres., U.T.; U.T. Key Award; Member Nat ' l. Collegiate Play- ers; Kappa Delta Pi. O ' CONNELL, HELEN MARIE Newark, N. J.; Elem. Ed.; SNEA. OKSNER, HARRIET KAREN Silver Spring; Home Econ.; Gam- ma Sigma Sigma, Pledge Class Hist. OLIVER, JR., JAMES W. La Plata; Industrial Society for Advancement of Mngmt.; Amer. Soc. of Tool and Manfg. Engrs; Phi Kappa Tau, Soc. Chmn. OOSTERHOUS, NANCY Takoma; Elem. Ed.; Delta Gam- ma; Volunteers for Men. Hlth.; People to People; Chmn. AWS; Publicity Chmn., Homecoming; Terrapin, copy writer. ORENBERG, CECILIA Silver Spring; Education. OWEN, JR., WILLIAM SCOTT Towson; Industrial Ed.; SGA; Spring Hootenanny performer; Theaterical group staff; Foun- der Chmn. of Sports Car Club; Ski Club; ASTME; Commuters PAPPALARDO, SHEILA C. Mehtuen, Mass.; Elem. Ed.; SNEA. PATAKY, ROSEMARY T. Bowie; Elem. Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean ' s List. PAWLOWSKI, WAYNE V. Naugatuck, Conn.; Social Stud- ies; Swimming Team, Co-Capt.; Univ. Housing Staff, R.A.; V.P. of Calvery D; Policy Comm. of Chesapeake Bay Party. PAYNE, BARBARA J. Clarksville; Elem. Ed.; Dorm Jud. Bd.; Hill Area Council Rep. PETER, CAROL Silver Spring; Elem. Ed.; Alpha Gamma Delta; SNEA. PETRINI, MARY ANN Hyattsville; Mathematics; SUB; Alpha Gamma Delta; Ski Club; SNEA, Corr. Sec ' y. PIERCE, WILLIAM HALFORD Cleveland, Ohio; Industrial Ed.; Amer. Soc. of " Tool and Manfg. Engrs.; Radio Amateurs Club; Young Republicans. PODGOR, SARA Baltimore; Elem. Ed.; Miss Terrapin Finalist ' 67; Alpha Ep- silon Phi, Rush Chmn.; Diamond; Senior Legislator. PODOLSKY, BESS Baltimore; Early Childhood; Stu- dent-Faculty Comm. POKRESS, ELLEN Washington, D. C; Education. POLKY, FRANCES Oxon Hill; Elem. Ed. POTTER, PAMELA GAI Baltimore; Elem .Ed.; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Cul. Chmn.; Bridal Fair. PROUDFOOT, DELBERT A. Cumberland; Industrial; Varsity Football; ASTME; Dorm Athletic Chmn. RAWLINGS, NANCY C. Timonium; Elem. Ed.; Dorm Pres.; AWS Council; Sec ' y. of Campus Orientation Program, AWS; Dorm Hist.; Chmn. of Dorm Orientation Program. RAYCH, ROCHELLE SUSAN Silver Spring; Early Childhood Ed. RICHARDSON, PAMELA C. Rockville; Home Econ.; Member UCA; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Pres. Pledge Class. RICHMAN, ANDRA Baltimore; Early Childhood; Madrigal Singers, V.P.; Soph. Prom Comm.; Soph. Prom Queen; Flying Follies; Opera Workcshop; Stu.-Fac. Comm.; SNEA; Miss Univ. of Md. Final- ist; Phi Epsilon Pi Calendar Girl. RIGGLE, SUSAN GAYLE Bethesda; Early Childhood; Kap- pa Gamma, Philantropic Chmn.; Angel Flight; Bridal Fair; Fresh. Prom Comm.; Soph. Prom Comm. ROBINSON, BETSY Cardiff; Elem. Ed.; Sigma Kap- pa, Song Chmn., Corr. Sec ' y.; Univ. Band. ROMBRO, JOAN DANA Baltimore; Elem. Ed.; Election Bd. Member; Free State Party Officer; Dorm Activities. ROSEN, ANDREA SUE Maplewood, N. J.; Elem. Ed.; Hill Area Rep. for Dorm; SNEA. ROSENFELDER .NANCY JEAN Hyattsville; Elem. Ed.; Newman Club; Commuters Assoc.; Alpha Phi Omega Sweetheart; Gamma Sigma Sigma. ROSENTHAL, JANE K. Baltimore; Early Childhood; Dorm Exec. Council. ROTHSTEIN, TERRY ROYCE Baltimore; Elem. Ed.; Alpha Ep- silon Phi; M-Book Model; College Casino; AWS; Terrapin Staff; FOB Comm.; Jr. Prom Comm. ROUTSON, WAYNE L. Parkville; Industrial Dorm. Scholarship Chmn.; Dorm House Rules Chmn. RUDE, DONNA LARENE Dundalk; English. SAGAL, ELLEN S. Baltimore; Early Childhood; Del- ta Phi Epsilon, Soc. Chmn.; M- Book; SNEA. SCHEK, JOSEPH Wheaton; Vocational Ed. SCHENDELHEIM, JOANNE C. New York, N. Y.; Elem. Ed. SCHLEINHEGE, CAROL M. Hyattsville; Speech Drama; U.T. SCHWARTZ, JUDY RACHELLE Salisbury; Elem. Ed.; Jud. Bd.; Young Dem.; Old Line; Hillel. SEIDENBERG, SUSAN Pikesville; Early Childhood; SNEA. SELBY, AMY JANET Rockville; Elem. Ed.; Gamma Sigma Sigma. SETTLER, HARRIETTE Baltimore; Elem. Ed.; Phi Sig- ma Sigma; Panhellenic Rep.; Greek Week Co-Chmn. SHADE, MARGARET E. Beltsville; Elem. Ed. SHEINBAUM, BONNIE Washington, D. C; Education. SHERMAN, ELIZABETH ANNE Speech Drama; UT; National Collegiate Players; Dorm Exec. Council; Kappa Delta Pi; UT Key Award. SIEGEL, JUDITH A. Bethesda; Social Studies; Terra- pin, Section Ed., Business Mgr., Art Dir.; DMK; Kappa Alpha Mu; Pi Delta Epsilon; Denton Complex Council. SIEGEL, WYNNE Baltimore; Early Childhood Ed.; Kapp Delta Pi; Dorm Social Chmn. SILBER, BENITA SUSAN Pikesville; Elem. Ed.; Kappa Del- ta Pi; Jr. Prom; AWS Bridal Fair; DBK; Pi Delta Epislo. SLIFER, LINDA LEE Chevy Chase; Early Childhood; Sigma Kappa, Social Chmn., Jud. Bd.; WRA Rep.; Crescents; FOB; Ski Club; SNEA; Campus Chest. SNODDY, CAROLE JEAN Silver Spring; Elem. Ed.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Kappa Delta Pi; Fresh. Prom; Homecoming Chmn.; Bridal Fair Comm. Chmn.; FOB; AWS. SOBCZAK, LINDA DIANE Aberdeen; English; Women ' s Glee Club; Dorm Exec. Council, Jud. Bd.; Ski Club; WRA Big Sister. STAFFORD, BARBARA ANNE Chevy Chase; Science Ed.; New- man Club; Nursing Club; Home- coming Comm. ST. CLAIR, BETH ANN Uniontown; Elem.; Alpha Chi Omega, Pres.; Diadem; Panhel- lic Treas. STEENERSON, PAMELA ANN Silver Spring; Home Econ. Ed. STIEFEL, SUE ELLEN Silver Spring; Mathematics; Pi Mu Epsilon. STOKES, VICKI MAE Oakland; Early Childhood Ed.; Glee Club. STRECKFUS, JUNE Baltimore; Elem. Ed.; SNEA; SCEC. STREETER, SUSAN P. Birdsboro, Pa.; Art Ed.; UT; Homecoming Comm.; Dorm Big Sister. STRULLY, ROBBIE SANDRA West Islip, L. I., N. Y.; Elem. Ed.; Dorm Athletics. STUKEY, WILLIAM M. Chmn., NAEA Comm.; Art Lea- Chmn. NAEA Comm.; Art League Pres. V.P.; Hyattsville; Art. SUMERS, FRANCES LEE Baltimore; English; Dorm Jud. Bd., Orphans ' Party; Information Please; Dean ' s List; Experimen- tal Theatre; VOUS Seminar. SWARTZ, HELENE RUTH Laurel; Elem. Ed.; Gamma Phi Beta; SNEA; SUB; Daydodger Big Sister. TALLEY, KRISTI ANN Cincinnati, Ohio; English. TAYLOR, DIANNA T. LaPlata; English; Alpha Omicron Pi; Terrapin, Layout; Old Line Party; People to People. TERZICK, JANE E. Silver Spring; Business Ed.; Al- pha Xi Delta Pres.; Phi Chi Theta. TIMMONS, REBECCA LEE Pocomoke City; Business Ed,; Phi Chi Theta; Kappa DelU Pi; Dorm Jud. Bd.; Big Sister. TOKOSCH, ALAN RICHARD Media, Pa.; Social Studies; Dorm Academic .Athletic, Cul. Chmn. TROGOLO, RICHARD E. District Heights; Industrial Ed.; Delta Sigma Phi; Chess Club TROUT, MARGARET LOUISE Washington, D. C; Eariy Child- hood Ed.; UCA. TURNER, REGINA Bellevue; English; Dorm Exec. Council, Hist., Sec ' y.; Chapel Choir; CORE; French Club. VAN GRACK, LINDA Chevy Chase; Elem. Ed.; Sigma Delta Tau, V.P.; Diadem; Dia- mond; Mortar Bd.; Sr. Legisla- ture; Panhellenic Council, Rush Chmn.; College Casino; Kappa Delta Pi, Pres., V.P.; Sorority Woman of the Year; Greek. WADE, CAROL MAY Baltimore; Secretarial; Phi Chi Theta. WAAPHAL, SHARON RODIN SUver Spring; Elem. Ed.; Hillel; AWS Comm.; SNEA. WALDMAN, DEBORAH RAE Silver Spring; Speech; Free State. WELBOURNE, JAMES C. Baltimore; Library Science; French Club; Dorm V.P. WELLS, NANCY DONA Towson; Early Childhood Ed.; AWS Big Sister. WELLS, SUE BeltsvUle; Elem. Ed.; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Corr. Sec ' y.; AWS; People to People; Angel Flight; Bridal Fair. WEYMOUTH, DOROTHY Bethesda; Elem.; Angel Flight; Cambridge Council. WIENER, KATHRYN JOAN Silver Spring; French; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dean ' s List. WIERENGA, MARY SUSAN Annapolis; Elem. Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi; Denton Complex Treas.; M-Book; Volunteers for Mental Health. WILNER, JOYCE RITA Baltimore; Eariy Childhood Ed.; Phi Sigma Sigma. WINSTON-ELLEN DANA Chevy Chase; Eariy Childhood Ed. WINTER, GERI Baltimore; Elem. Ed. WOLF, MYRA L. Silver Spring; Early Childhood Ed. WOODWARD, RUTH ANN Aberdeen; Elem. Ed.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Women ' s Chorus; SNEA; Kappa Delta Pi; Dorm Jud. Bd.; Dorm Academic Chmn. ZAMITES, KAREN M. Hillcrest Heights; Home Econ. Ed. ZETLIN, ILENE EVA Baltimore; Hist.ory; Alpha Epsi- lon Phi Pres.; Dorm Jud. Bd. Chmn. ZOLL, KAREN LaPlata; Secondary Art Ed.; Sig- ma Phi Alpha. Engineering ANDREW, JOHN D. JR. Towson; Civil Engineering; Del- ta Tau Delta; Peima. Club Treas.; Am. Society of Civil En- gineers. ANGERMAN, KEITH E. Potomac; Civil Engineering; ASCE; BCCRS. ARFORD, JAMES W. Aberdeen; Civil Engineering; ASCE. ARMSTRONG, RICHARD M. Silver Spring; Civil Engineering; Intramural Football; Weightlift- ing Champ. AUER, JOSEPH D. Baltimore; Electrical Engineer- ing; House Rules IEEE; Intra- mural Sports. BAHR, ALLEN C. Arbutus; Electrical Engineering; IEEE. BETTS, WILLIAM S. JR. Springfield, Pa.; Mechanical En- gineering; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Track. BOEGLI, KURT BERHHARD New Holland, Pa.; Electrical En- gineering; IEEE. BOEHM, WILBERT LEONARD Baltimore; Mechanical Engineer- ing; ASME. BOELI, WILLIAM HENRY Parkville; Mechanical Engineer- ing; Pi Tau Sigma. BOYCE, WILLIAM G. Cumberland, R. I.; Fire Protec- tion Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Salamander Pres.; Society of Fire Prevention Engineers V.P.; Phi Kappa Phi. BRADLEY, PONALD EDGAR Baltimore; Mechanical Engineer- ing; ASME. BRICKER, RANDOLPH W. JR. Nutley, N. J.; Electrical Engi- neering; Delta Xi Alpha; Fra- ternity Intramurals; IEEE; IFC Presents Committee. BROWN, DAVID PAYTON Baltimore; Electrical Engineer- ing; IEEE. BROWNSTEIN, BAHRY JAY Adelphi; Aerospace Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Gamma Tau Treas.; Phi Eta Sigma; AFROTC; AIAA; ACm; Men ' s Honors Dorm Treas. BUANNO, JOHN M. Gloversville, N. Y.; Mechanical Engineering; ASME. BURKE, ROBERT E. Silver Spring; Chemical Engi- neering; AICHE. CANNON, WAYNE LEON Hyattsville; Fire Protection Engi- neering; Gymkana Troup; Van- derburg Guard; PEP Club; Ski Club; Diving Club. CASSIZZI, JOSEPH ANTHONY Baltimore; Electrical Engineering; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Eta Kappa Nu; Greek Week. CLERMAN, NORMAN S. Silver Spring; Aerospace Engi- neering; Sigma Gamma Tau; Tau Beta Pi. COAX, JOHN McKees Rocks, Pa.; Fire Protec- tion Engineering; Intramurals; Society of Fire Protection Engi- neers. COLLIFLOWER, RICHARD V. Lexington Park; Electrical Engi- neering; IEEE. COLLISON, CHARLES E. Towson; Civil Engineering; Chi Epsilon; Dean ' s List; ASCE; Vanderburg Guard. DEOMS, JAMES HOWARD Parkville; Mechanical Engineer- ing; Am. Soc. of Mechanical Eng.; Corr. Sec ' y. of Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. DEMAIO, DORIAN A. Wheaton; Aerospace Engineer- ing; Phi Eta Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Pres. of Sigma Gamma Tau; AIAA; Air Force ROTC; Dean ' s List. DIEKMANN, CLARKE L. Dundalk; Electrical Engineering; Student Branch of Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engi- neers; WMUC; U. of Md. Ama- teur Radio Station " W3EAX " . DRACKLEY, DAVID EDWIN Frederick; Mechanical Engineer- ing; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sig- ma; ASME; Dorm Scholarship Chmn. DURKIN, RICHARD SEAN Baltimore; Electrical Engineering; Dorm Pres.; Treas., Soc. Chmn.; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. CUVALL, GORDON DANIEL Annapolis; Mechanical Engineer- ing; Dorm Sec ' y.; ASME; Intra- murals. ELLIM, CHARLES ROBERT Silver Spring; Mechanical Engi- neering; Treas. ASME. EPSTEIN, HARVEY STUART Silver Spring; Tau Beta Pi; AICHE. EPSTEIN, ROBERT LEONARD College Park; Electrical Engineer- ing; Pres. Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; IEEE; ACM; UCA. FAIRBROTHER, BLAIR Baltimore; Electrical Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. FINKELSTEIN, FREDRIC P. Baltimore; Civil Engineering; Dorm Sec; House Rules Comm.; Food Advisoiv Bd.; ASCE; Homecoming Float Comm.; Con- ftitution Revision Chmn, FROHLICH, JR. CHARLES R. Baltimore; Mechanical Engineer- ing; Pi Tau Sigma; Marching Band. GARRETT, WILLIAM E. Hyattsville; Aerospace Engineer- ing; AFROTC; Pershing Rifles; AIAA. GILSTAD, MARY ELIZABETH Silver Spring; Civil Engineering; Jud. Bd.; Dorm Pres.; Dorm Out- standing Sr. Woman. GREEVES, JOHN T. Bethesda; Civil Engineering; Phi Sigma Kappa; Dorm Treas.; ASCE. GRINE, EARL L. Baltimore; Mechanical Engineer- ing; ASME; Terrapin Ski Club; Arnold Air Society. HAIS, ALAN BARRY Silver Spring; Civil Engineering; Alpha Epsilon Pi; ASCE. HALL, A. FORD Galena; Mechanical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Mech. Eng. Hon.; Pi Tau Sigma; Newman Club; Dean ' s List; House Rules Comm.; ASME. HARRILL, RODNEY ALLEN Glen Bumie; Civil Engineering; IPhi Eta Sigma; Fr. Chem. •Award; ASCE; ASTM, Pres. and Treas. Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Dorm Pres.; Omicron Delta Kap- pa; Intramurals. HASPERT, JR. ADAM J. Hughesville; Electrical Engineer- ing; Newman Club; Electrical Electronics Engineers; Assoc, for Computing Machinery. HICKEY, ROBERT PATRICK Washington, D. C; Civil Engi- neering; ASCE; Intramurals. HOUSER, DAVID ALEXANDER Greenbelt; Mechanical Engineer- ing; Pershing Rifles. HOUT, ROBERT B. Cumberland; Civil Engineering; ASCE. HUFNAGEL, CHARLES T. JR. Annapolis; Civil Engineering; In- tramurals; Fr. Lacrosse. HYMANS, ALAN Stamford, Conn.; Electrical En- gineering; IEEE; House Rules Committee. ISOLATO, JOSEPH JOHN Hyattsville; Mechanical Engineer- ing; ASME; Pi Tau Sigma. KING, DENIS JOHN Kensington; Electrical Engineer- ing; Phi Sigma Kappa Treas.; In- tramurals. KOLEADE, OLA WALE Lagos, Nigeria; Aerospace Engi- neering; AIAA; International Club; ' Treas. Hons. Dorm. LARA, EDWARD RONALD Washington, D. C; Civil Engi- neering; Pres. Terrapin Ski Club; Intramurals; UCA; Sec ' y. ASCE. LAWRENCE, JOSEPH PARRAN College Park; Elictrical Engineer- ing; ' Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; IEEE; Newman Club. LEACH, THOMAS F. Baltimore; Mechanical Engineer- ing; Dorm Treas.; House Rules Comm.; ASME; Dorm Intramu- rals. LENTZ, ROBERT E. Rockville; Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu V.P.; Phi Eta Sigma, U. of Md. Sports Car Club. LERNER, IRA LEONARD Rockville; Electronic Engineering; Alpha Phi Omega; Institute of Electronic Engineers. MARKLE, FRANCIS T. Silver Spring; Electrical Engi- neering; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. MOFFETT, JOHN H. Silver Spring; Electrical Engi- neering; UCA; IEEE. MILSTEAD, RICHARD MOORE Silver Spring; Mechanical Engi- neering; Pres. Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME. MILLER, WALTON L. Pasadena; Mechanical Engineer- ing; Dorm Pres.; Pi Tau Sigma; Dorm Soc. Chmn. MENDES, JR. VINCENT J. Highlands, N. J.; Chemical Engi- neering; Pres. Am. Institute of Chem. Eng. McCAIN, HARRY G. Hyattsville; Electrical Engineer- ing; Electronic Engineering Aid. MARKLE, STANLEY ALAN Westminster; Mechanical Engi- neering; Tau Beta Pi; Recording Sec ' y. Pi Tau Sigma; V.P. ASME; Dorm Treas. MOORE, KENNETH M. Potomac; Civil Engineering; Chi Epsilon; ASCE. MOSKAITIS, JOSEPH V. Foresville; Electrical Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE. NORTON, STUART Silver Spring; Aerospace Engi- neering; SSCC; ACM; AIAA; APR; Sigma Gamma Tau. ORD, GEORGE P. Westemport; Mechanical Engi- neering; Dorm Pres.; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Treas. Resi- dence Hall Honorary, OSMOND, RICHARD D. Bethesda; Mechanical Engineer- ing; ASME; House Rules Comm.; CAPOG; Intramurals. PAUL, BRAYTON ORAN Baltimore; Chemical Engineering; Alpha Chi Sigma; Am. Inst, of Chem. Eng. PEARLMAN, MARC STEPHEN Silver Spring; Electrical Engi- neering; Intramurals, Alpha Rli Omega Recording Sec ' y.; IEEE. PIEPOLI, RICHARD GUY Frederick; Electrical Engineering; Dorm Treas.; Pres. Amateur Radio Club. PORTOCARRERO, JORGE Arequipa, Peru; Mechanical Engi- neering; ASME. POTTER, JR., MILTON F. Towson; Chemical Engineering; AIChE; Intramurals. PREBULA, ALVIN WILLIAM Greenville, Pa.; Mechanical Engi- neering; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; ASME; Fr. Basketball. RIEHL, JOSEPH FRANCIS Baltimore; Electrical Engineering; IEEE; Physics Club. RISINGER, JOHN WILLIAM Bowie; Aerospace Engineering; AIAA ROME, STEPHEN IRA Silver Spring; Chemical Engi- neering; AIChE. RYERSE, NANCY ANN Landover; Electrical Engineering; IEEE; Newman Club; Soc. of Women Eng. SAGE, WESLEY D. Kensington; Chemical Engineer- ing; AIChE; Intramurals. SAUER, EARL S. Baltimore; Chemical Engineering; SEGAL, MICHAEL PAUL Res. Assist.; Sec ' y. ASME; Dorm Pres.; Young Dems. SHELLEY, BERNARD J. Mechanicsburg, Pa.; Fire Protec- tion Engineering; Council of Prof. Org.; Campus Chest; House Rules Comm.; Soc. of Fire Prot. Engin.; Scholarship Comm. SHEPARD, THOMAS B. Sil ver Spring; Civil Engineering; Dorm Pres. and V.P.; RHC; Pi Mu Epsilon; ASCE. SIBERT, ROBERT WILLIAM Hyattsville; Civil Engineering; ASCE; FOB Customs Comm.; Al- pha Tau Omega. SLAGLE, JR. CHARLES LEE Johnstown, Pa.; Mechanical Engi- neering; ASME; Ski Club; Dorm Treas. and Sec ' y. SMITH, PAUL JOSEPH Takoma Park; Electrical Engi- neering; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Newman Club. SOLIE, JOHN BRUCE Wheaton; Agricultural Engineer- ing; Band; Kappa Kappa Psi; Alpha Zeta Sec ' y. SPEIGHT, ROBERT IRVIN Beltsville; Civil Engineering; ASCE. STORO, EDDY ROGER Silver Spring; Industrial Engi- neering; Phi Kappa Tau; Sky- diving Club; Ski Club; Editorial Cartoonist. TANG, ARTHUR J. Hong Kong; Civil Engineering; ASCE; Varsity Soccer Team. TAYLOR, JOHN DENNIS Cumberland; Chemical Engineer- ing; Dorm Treas.; Intramurals; AIChE. TAYLOR, ROBERT J. Sharpsville, Pa.; Fire Protection Engineering; Baptist Student Union; Intramurals; Chapel Bd. TAYLOR, RODNEY JOHN Sharpsville, Pa.; Fire Protection Engineering; Resident Assist.; In- tramurals; Soc. of Fire Protec- tion Eng.; Dorm. Pres. TORO, JOSE LUIS Guayaquil, Ecuador; Electrical Engineering; Intemat ' l. Club; Ibero-Am. Club. VONDERHORST, JAMES PAUL Baltimore; Mechanical Engineer- ing; ASME; Economics Discus- sion Club. VORE, DONALD ALLEN Baltimore; Aerospace Engineer- ing; Arnold Air Soc.; Vanden- berg Guard; Am. Inst, of Aero- nautics and Astronautics. WEATHERBY, DAVID E. Silver Spring; Civil Engineering; Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon; ASCE. WEBB, RICHARD N. Baltimore; Mechanical Engineer- ing; Dorm Pres.; ASME; Pi Tau Sigma; Intramurals. WILBUR, MARK M. University Park; Electrical Engi- neering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; HKN; IEEE; FOB. WILKINSON, RICHARD CHAS. Waynesboro, Va.; Chemical Engi- neering; AIChE. WILSON, RONALD A. Baltimore; Aerospace Engineer- ing; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Gamma Tau. YRI, WILLIAM DAVID Bel Air; Electronics Engineering; Arnold Air Society; IEEE; Ham Radio Club. Health P.E. ALLEN, LARRY WAYNE St. Michaels; Health, Physical Education, Recreation; Intra- murals, PE Majors Club; Chess Club; Dean ' s List. BAUMAN, BONNIE SHIRLENE Elkridge; Health, Physical Educa- tion Recreation; AWS; WRA; PE Majors Club; Children ' s Phy- sical Development Clinic. BLAND, JEAN NICOLETTE Takoma Park; Health, Physical Education Recreation; Phi Al- pha Epsilon; Tennis Team; Dese- ret Club, Sec, Treas. BUNCH, BRIDGETT REE West Hyattsville; Recreation; Recreation and Parks Society. CONWAY, GENEVIEVE M. Wilmington, Del.; Physical Therapy; Chmn. of Junior Class. COX, JOHN HAROLD La Plata; Physical Education; In- tramural Football, Basketball, Softball; Dorm Athletic Chmn., Athletic Award. CROWTHER, ANN CAROLINE Baltimore; Physical Education; Gymkana, UCA. CURRIE, JEANNE University Park; Physical Educa- tion; WRA; PE Majors Club; In- tramurals; Basketball, Tennis Team. DELMORE, FAYE JOAN Bowie; Physical Education; Alpha Delta Pi; WRA; Intramurals; Bridal Fair, Decorations. DOSCH, NANCY COLE Towson; Physical Education; WR A (Dorm Rep.; Varsity Hock- ey, Basketball, Swimming La- crosse; Hill Area Athletic Council Dorm Rep. DULYS, NIJOLE Baltimore; Physical Therapy; Physical Therapy Club. DUNBAR, DOROTHY W. Coronado; Calif.; Physical Edu- cation; FOB; WRA Intramurals; Girl ' s Basketball Team. ELLIOTT, HAROLD T. Accokeek; Recreation; Parks Recreation Soc; Dorm House Rules, Social Comm.; Univ. Thea- ter; Catering Service. FERRELL, JESSE A. Beltsville; Physical Education, Recreation and Health; Varsity Baseball; Physical Education Majors Club; Intramural Official; Intramural Director. FRAZER, ROBERT A. Baltimore; Physical Education; Phi Kappa Sigma. GOLDSTEIN, ROBERT M. Bronx, N. Y.; Health Education; Dorm Executive Council; RHC; Director of Dorm Athletics, Intra- murals. GRIFFIN, MARION L. Silver Spring; Physical Education; Gymkana, Girls Hockey Team, Basketball Team; Physical Educa- tion Major ' s Club; Dorm Rep.; Newman Club. HELLER, RONALD I. Pikesville; Physical Education; Physical Education Majors Club; Intramurals; Dorm Social Com m. HENN, JOAN M. Catonsville; Physical Education; Sigma Tau Epsilon, Pres.; Phi Alpha Epsilon, V.P.; WRA Sportsday Comm. Chmn.; Hocc- key. Basketball, Volleyball and Lacrosse Teams. HOFFMAN, FRANCIS R. Baltimore; Physical Education; ODK; Pres. PAE; Pres. Physical Education Major Club; Dean ' s List; AAHPER; MAHPER; Md. Army Nat ' l. Guard. JONES, VANIE L. Skaneateles, N. Y.; Physical Therapy; Staff of Physical Terra- pin, APTA Rep. KAISERSKI, MARY J. Catonsville; Physical Therapy; Newman Club; Physical Therapy Club. KAPLAN. ELLEN S. Baltimore; Physical Therapy; Al- pha Epsilon Phi; One of " Most Oiistanding Freshman Women " and " Most Outstanding Soph. Women " ; Pres. of Physical Therapy Club; Dean ' s List; Dia- dem; Mortar Bd. HECK, JUDITY H. Towson; Physical Education; AWS Cul. Chmn.; State Day Comm. KECK. RICHARD L. Roosevelt, N. Y.; Physical Educa- tion; Sigma Alpha Mu; Lacrosse. KELLER, DAVID A. Bethesda; Recreation; Tau Epsi- lon Phi; Fresh., Varsity Swim- ming Team; Homecoming Comm.; Md. Recreation Society; Intramural Diving, Swimming. KEYS, DONALD E. Oxon Hill; Physical Education; P.E. Major ' s Club, Treas.; Coun- cils of Intramurals. KRUGER. VIRGINIA ANNE Chase; Phvisacl Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; WRA. LAFLEUR, JACQUELINE C. Silver Spring; Recreation; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Alpha Sigma; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Aqualin- ers; Recreation Societ " . LAVELL, SHERRY I. New CarroUton; Physical Thera- phy; Gamma Phi Beta Rec. Sec ' y.; Aqualiners; WRA; Phi Alpha Epsilon; Diamond; PT Class Sec; NCF. LAIRD, CORDELIA L. Darlington; Physical Therapy; Ph sical Terrapin; Student Gov. Rep.; Phi Alpha Epsilon. LOPES, MICHAEL LEONARD Silver Spring; Recreation; Senior Rep.; Recreation Careers Day. McCRACKEN, JANEEN Franklin, Ind.; Phvsical Educa- tion; P.E. Major ' s Club; WRA Chmn.; Dorm Comm. Chmn., MINTZ, MELVIN GARY Baltimore; Physical Therapy; Dorm V.P., Social Chmn., Ath letic Chmn.; Fresh. Baseball. PATCHEN, LINDA J. Towson; Physical Therapy; Hock- ey Team; WRA Rep.; Jud. Bd,; Dean ' s List ' 66; Chapel Choir; Aqualiners. ROGERS, CAROL H, Baltimore; Phvsical Therapy; APTA Rep.; Senior Class Chmn.; Newman Club. ROYCE, JEANNINE D. Beltsville; Phvsical Education; Alpha Delta Pi, V.P; Aqualiners; Angel Flight, Comptroller; WRA. SAMPSON. MARILYNN SUE Wheaton; Recreation; Home Eco- nomics Club; Recreation Society; Collegiate 4-H Club. SCANLON, JEANNE Pittsburgh, Pa.; Physical Therapy; Newman Foundation, Alpha Omega; Physical Therapy Club Sec; Phys. Therapy Newspaper Editor. SCHNEPP, NANCY E. Baltimore; Physical Therapy; Phys. Therapy Club; Supportive Personnel Comm. SCHWARTZ, JR., ROBERT E. Catonsville; Physical Therapy; APTA; Weight-Lifting Club; Stu- dent Administrator in P.T. School. SNEIDER, MARLENE F. Baltimore; Physical Education; Pres. WRA; Sec.-Treas. of Phi Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Tau Ep- silon; AWS Exec. Council; Var- sity Tennis, Hockey. SQUIRES, WENDY P. Annapolis; Physical Education; Delta Delta Delta; Phi Alpha Ep- silon; Gymkana; WRA Rep., In- tramurals; SUB. TEMPLE, CLAR ELIZABETH San Diego, Calif.; Recreation; Rec. Society; Md. State Rec. and Parks Society; National Rec. Parks Assoc ; PACE Volunteer. THOMAS, MILTON W. Lewistown, Pa.; Physical Educa. tion; Omicron Delta Kappa; Var- sity M-Club; Phys. Ed. Major ' s Club; Wrestling Team; Children ' s Phys. Devi. Clinic. TOULA, CAROL LEE Potomac; Phvsical Education; Al- Alpha Chi Omega; WRA Rep.; DBK Staff; Gymkana; Journalism Service Key; Girls Swim Team; Fresh, of the Year. TRUAX, TERRY LEE Hancock; Physical Education; Varsity Basketball; PE Major ' s Qub. TUPPER, BARRIE ELIZABETH Bowie; Physical Education; Field Hockev; PE Major ' s Club. WHITELEY, FLORENCE M. Osterville, Mass.; Physical Thera- pv; Terrapin Band; APTA Rep.; PT Club; Chmn. Baltimore PT, Big Sister, Brother Program. WILLIAMS, JULIA JANE Baltimore; Recreation; Hockey, Tennis; Aqualiner, Sec, Recrea- tion Society. Home Economics ABRAMS, MYRNA E. Silver Spring; Advertising; Sig- ma Delta Tau; Standards Bd. Chmn. ADAMS, SUE C. Frederick; Home Economics Ed.; Dorm Sec ' y.; Collegiate 4-H. BERRY, ELLEN VIRGINIA District Heights; Home Econom- ics Ed.; Dorm Big Sister. BILLET, CAROL Baltimore; Institution Administra- tion; Glee Club BUCHERT, JOHN EDWARD Hatboro, Pa.; Industrial Arts; Var- sity Swimming. CABLE, ALICE M. Sykesville, Textiles Clothing; Alpha Gamma Delta; Panhellenic Delegate; Panhellenic V.P.; Dele- gate to NPC. CAMPBELL, KAROLYN Silver Springgs; Housing and Ap- plied Design; NSID. CICCONE, ROSEMARIE C. Seabrook; Advertising; UCA; Modem Dance; Gamma Alpha Chi. CLARK, JUDITH ANN Seabrook; Textiles Clothing; Home Ec Club. CLEARFIELD, KAREN KOENIG Hyattsville; Textiles 6c Clothing; Omicron Nu, Pres.; Phi Kappa Phi; Angel Flight; Home Ec. Club. COONEY, KATHLEEN Silver Spring; Textiles Clothing; Kappa Alpha Theta; Panhellenic Pres.; AWS V.P.; Diadem; Mor- tar Bd.; Sec ' y.; SGA Cabinet. COURCHEN, PATRICIA E. Goldsboro; Home Economics Ed.; SGA Cabinet; V.P. Residence Halls Council; Diadem; HAG Sec ' y.; Mu Delta. DABBS, EDITH ANTOINETTE Radiant Valley; Textles Cloth- ing; Omicron Nu. FEDERLINE, CHERYL ANN Silver Spring; Textiles Cloth- ing. FRANCIS, JEANNE Greenbelt; Interior Design; Sec ' y.- Treas. Nat ' l. Soc of Interior De- signers. HAHN, BRENDA LYNN Frederick; Home Economics; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Collegiate 4-H Club. HALL, JUDITH ANN Kensington; Textiles; Ski Club. HALL. ROBERTA Parkville; Institution Administra- tion; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Col- lege Life; " Damned Spot " ; Univ. Chorus; Glee Club. HERMAN J. COURTNEY Bethesda; Interior Design; Dorm Pres.; Denton Publicity Chmn.; RHC PubUcity Chmnk; FOB Sponsor. HOPKINS, DIANE M. Baltimore; Textiles Clothing; Dorm Jud. Bd.; Newman Club; FOB Sponsor; Home Ec Club. HULL, MARY ELIZABETH Westminster; Home Economics Ed.; Dorm Academics Chmn.; Dorm Cul. Chmn.; Omicron Nu. HUSTER, SHARON Towson; Textiles Clothing; DBK; Daydodger Big Sister; Sig- ma Kappa. JACOBY, RONALD FRANZ West Hyattsville; Applied De- sign. JAROSINSKI, SUSAN MARY Baltimore; Home Economics-In- stitutional Administration. KESECKER, MARY HELEN SUB Speakers Comm.; Frosh Prom Comm.; Home Ec. Club; Dorm Homecoming Chmn.; Dorm Homecoming Float Comm. KLOSS, SALLYANN T. Baltimore; Textiles Clothing; Dorm Elections Bd.; Dorm Comm.; Dorm Sig Sister. KNABE, KAREN ANNE Towson; Interior Design. KREMER, CECILE Silver Spring; Advertising; Sigma Delta Tau Hist.; Terrapin; FOB Fall Sponsor; FOB info Booth; SUB; Publicity Comm.; AWS Daydodger Big Sister. MARSIGLIA, MARY PHYLLIS Baltimore; Textiles Clothing; Modem Dance Club; Dorm So- cial Chmn.; Home Ec. Club. MONITOR, NANCY LOUISE Takoma Park; Alpha Gamma Delta 1st V.P., Recording Sec ' y.; FOB Fall Sponsor; AHEA Pres.; Jr. Rep. ; Diamond. MONTBRIAND, MARY U. Wheaton; Institution Administra- tion; Dorm V.P.; Dorm Social Chmn.; Jud. Bd.; Hill Area Council. MOODY, PATRICIA ANNE Burtonsville; Institution Adminis- tration; Home Ec. Club; Sec ' y. - Treas. of floor in Dorm. MULLENDORE, GREGORY R. Silver Spring; Advertising Com- mercial Art; Frosh PR Match Rifle Teams; Gymkana; Dorm Social Comm.; House Improve- ments Comm.; Alpha Delta Sig- ma. MULLINIX, PAULETTE R. Richmond, Va. ; General Home Economics; Women ' s Glee Club; Dorm Jud. Bd. OTT, EILEEN ANN Dundalk; Home Economics Ed.; Alpha Xi Delta; Angel Flight. BUNDLE, BONNIE R. Chula Vista, Calif.; Advertising; Angus— Gamma Alpha Chi. SELKO, RANDI H. Baltimore; Interior Design; Dorm Hist.; Dorm Activities Chmn.; WRA Swim Team; Dorm Alter- nate Freestate Rep.; Elections Day Comm.; HAC Publicity Comm.; Dorm Social Comm. SIEGEL, JANE E. Pittsburgh, N. Y.; Home Eco- nomics Education; Dorm Jud. Bd.; Section V.P.; Home Ec Club; Omicron Nu; Univ. Choir. SIPPEL, MARJORIE Laurel; Interior Design; Sigma Kappa; Diamond; Omicron Nu Treas.; NSID Social Chmn., V.P. SPECK, CHEERI LOU Centerville; Interior Design; NSID Academics Comm. SULLIVAN, DOROTHY ANN Catonsville; Home Economics; Dorm Exec. Comm. TARBELL, MARJORIE MARIE Seabrook; Home Economics. VADEN, JUDITH ELAINE Cheverly; Textiles Clothing; Home Ec Club; Course Guide StaflF. WALLACE, PRISCILLA Princess Ann; Advertising; Gam- ma Alpha Xi; Jud. Bd.; Dorm Big Sister; Home Ec. Club; Nat ' l. Bd. on Family Relations; Dorm Homecoming Chmn.; Dom So- cial Committee; AWS Rep. WHIPP, SHERRY ANNE Rockville; Home Economics; Omicron Nu V.P. Del. Nat ' l. Conclave; Kappa Delta Pi; Home Ec. Pres.; Agricultural SC; Course Guide; Dorm Exec. Comm.; Md. Nat ' l. College Queen. DE LOZIER, HOWARD J. Middlesex, N, J.; Commerce. KUPSTAS, JOHN Huntsville, Penna.; Business Ad- ministration; Delta Nu Alpha. MACKEY, BERNARD J. Cheverly; Personnel Management; Phi Kappa Tau; Newman Club; Veteran ' s Club. NELSON, ROBERT D. Seattle, Wash.; General Studies. OSTERMAN, LYDIA D. Dover, N. J.; Political Science ROBERTSON, WILLIAM T. Glen Bumie; History, r:: j, GENERAL INDEX ACADEMICS 20-139 Administration 112-135 Alumni 136-139 Colleges 22-81 Agriculture 22-25 Arts Science 28-43 Business Public Administration 44-55 Education 56-67 Engineering 68-73 Home Economics 74-77 Physical Education 78-81 University College 26 Honoraries 86-111 STUDENT LIFE 140-299 Commuters 142-151 Dormitories 152-217 Alleghany 160-161 Annapolis 162 Anne Arundel 162 Antietam 163 Baltimore 164 Bel Air 164-165 Belvedere 166 Calvert 166-169 Cambridge 170-173 Caroline 172 Carroll 172 Catoctin 174 Cecil 174 Centerville 175-177 Charles 178-179 Chestertown 180 Cumberland 181-183 Denton 184-185 Dorchester 186 Easton 187-190 Elkton . -. 191-193 Ellicott 194-196 Fire Prevention 214 Frederick 197 Garrett 197 Hagerstown 198-201 Harford 202 Howard 202 International House 214 Kent 202-203 Montgomery 204-205 Prince Georges 208 Queen Anne ' s 206 St. Mary ' s 207 Somerset 209 Talbot 209 Washington 210-211 Wicomico 212 Worchester 213 Greeks 218-275 QUEENS 276-289 HEADLINERS 290-299 SPORTS . . 300-349 BasebaU 344-347 Basketball 316-327 Cheerleaders 328-329 Cross Country 334-335 Football 302-311 Golf 349 Lacrosse 338-343 Soccer 312-315 Swimming 332-333 Tennis 348 Track 336-337 Wrestling 330-331 ORGANIZATIONS 350-449 Communications 407-422 Argus 408-409 Course Guide 422 Diamondback 410-413 Terrapin 414-417 WMUC 418-421 Interest Groups . . . . ' 366-406 Performing Arts 423-440 Aqualiners 430 Chapel Choir 428 Drama Wing 434-435 Flying Follies 430 Glee Club 428 Gymkann 431 Madrigals 429 Modem Dance 429 Modem Dance 430-431 University Bands 424-426 University Theater 436-440 Religion 441-449

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