University of Maryland College Park - Terrapin / Reveille Yearbook (College Park, MD)

 - Class of 1956

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University of Maryland College Park - Terrapin / Reveille Yearbook (College Park, MD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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I t.i Vh m ! c .fi ■ " ■ ■ . ' vH- ■ ' -- ' ' . " T£RR AP IN L entenniai ( diti on by AUDREY MCOLOUDIS Editor THOMAS LESCALLEET Business Manager MR. ROBERT CAREY Advisor and SiJt 1356 Public Ii c (1 b - IJ n d c r (T r a d u a t c s • LI n i - c v s i t y o f M a r y 1 a n d • Coll c g c P ark. . l a r ) 1 a n d • 1 9 . ' ) (i E d i I i « n R R A P N A century is a long time. Time for lots of growing. A hundred years has seen Maryland grow from a few buildings and a lot of land to an educational colossus with a proud record of scholarship and research. Proud to share in this heritage, prouder still to present a record of that growth, this is Maryland. •v. rv. r 1 w H Mi hSfi • ' w rjf ' v ' ' ' , ' l J ' A v ' J ' ffVj 1 ]■ » in 1 . »i , j -sfi - Kpl ' M:4 S ' jr! ti " At uight rverydny uutlkwuy!, tiihc mi lie ' (ipprnrniicr of n snowy while woiidn Irnid. T£RRAP IN 1056 AUDREY NICOLOUDIS Ed for BOYD MADARY Managing Editor VIC HOLM Chief Photographer MR. ROBERT CAREY Advisor BARBARA STARK Editorial Assistant THOMAS LESCALLEET Business Manager PAT KILLINGSWORTH Associate Editor FRANCES SCHOENBERG Associate Editor CECILIA WOODS Associate Editor Staff: Photographers, Vic Holm, Bob Wilson, Bob Lopliom; Seniors, Joan Faye, Pat Hartgroves, Vicky Clark; Layouf, Roger Wolff, Jon Davidson, Arthur Shultz, Glory Slone, Evelyn Budnick; Engravings, Edward Covahey; Sporfs, Charles Rayman, Hal Burdett, Curt Prins, Dave Halliday; Organizations, Jane Eble, Phyllis Turner; Honors, Linda Parker, Janice Funk; Drama and Music, Pat Callahan, Janet Wolfe; Sororities, Kate Williams; Frofernit es, Gary Schreiner; Residences, Bill Kaufman; Circulation, Tom Morgan; Features, Carol Plumhoff, Shelby Davis. I Ik- trumpet blows lis to herald our ■tennial year. idminislralion 22 r EaluFES G2 Activities 72 Atliletics 188 Ilesidences 248 b eniors 318 Ill nr.iliiiii scrtir wrlrowrs j ' i.v; ((i. In did lumfnts llii.s out ■iiitrritiial year — rotne along for ii trip mn ' r llir hill. Over the Many Miles .... This is Maryland i ti ' M t l y ' ' t. ■TSJJ? ' m ' ( 3 .-M( ' V T ' :w 0,T) llir lulls „ii(l orei llir fays M,n l uid sludvuls slUI niiilniiic In nil fir.sli jxith.s nil llir in,i,l I,, lii liri Inniiiirj,. Over the Hill Oiw Innuhcd years ' liislnyy liiis iinl ili,ni ' j,,-d III,- diiily j i(liin ' nl shnlnils liiin iiiii iij llir hill " " " ' ;iv(v ' i Miinhniil hiKlilinii holds Ihiil Ihr u coed musi yield a kiss to her brau in llii o upon a time is the way all good stories start. For the University of Maryland, once upon a time means a hundred years ago. Look around. This is your University, spread out before you in pictures as it is spread over the hills, over the Parkway, over the continents. A pictorial trip through her environs is a trip through varied settings. First stop, College Park. A typical small college town, the serenity of rolling hills a sharp contrast with the hustle and bustle of a great university. There are so many traditions, so many memories to hold on to. The thousands of couples who have held hands in the tunnel, the changing scenes that have grown up around Rossborough Inn. The mud and the rain that are almost a tradition in themselves, the old dorms, a study in brick and ivy, the sweeping modernity of the new Coliseum. A hundred years full of traditions, renewed as each year adds its chapter. Minyhnnl sludruls. p,iU „n,l jn... ,,1. , irnJi llir h,,nn,r,l h,i,l,lion f,l j niny ivislmio al thr Rmsluuough Jnn wrll. Silov nullnir. Ill, C.hnj ,ih,l ,,, ,,nn,l „nlnl,,lin I iiliiifrno Hall always smns to be the collecting tmnit. riir ,u,i,l n.ry llir linniri liihrs oil ,1 tinc (ij)prar i,„, ,n llir l,n„j liohls sliiiir ,n ihr snou ' covrud • rrci, buildino ' , -Willi u ' hilr lohniins llnil h,:sj,r il; ii -riiiiil iit ninsjilinr preside al Marxltnul. There are so many scenes: the vast stiUness of the stands during the week, the Mall quiet and empty between classes, and then the sudden crowd of figures hurrying to their next class, stopping for a moment to catch up on conversa- tion. Snow and lamplight on the dorms, sun and green and dust as the seasons change. Basically, the University is people. Each individual adds something special to the flavor of the University, takes something special from it. Some people live here, eat here, party here on weekends. Many more don ' t, and each day the parking lots fill and then empty out as the day ends. All this is a part of Maryland, as she starts to build on the tradition of tomorrow. Here, where thousands have shared in the search for educational maturity, the future is big and bright and beautiful. Maryland is an educational youngster who is still feeling her " Cheerios " ; a setting for quite a production. Over the Parkway A - X II OLi need for the second chapter of our story Is a car, a bus ticket, or a talented thumb, and ()u are traveliui; o er the Parkway to the professional schools in Baltimore. Somehow, in the crowded hubbub of city streets, there is less of a campus atmosphere. Those stud ini; here reaii e the are in oU ed in a serious business, for here are formed the legal mmds, the answers to scientific curiosities; the professional men of tomorrow. The Hospital and the Medical School form a huh in the center of the city; they are the core of this University, and in research and medical service, the Medical School and the I lospital have a record oi outstandini; ser ice and scientific achie emcni to the state. Ill,- nniiil In, nut, I,, sjiy,,„l ,n, ihv l,,iii,ln,l ,„i ,,l,l he- of l,;niiinii at M,ii l,iu,l r,ii-r,-isit tl,,- Mrdimt School. Future doctors itiid stiiilnit nurses learn tlir di-tunte procedures of opciating. Silniic reigns siij)i ! " ' ir law shi- (Iciit spruth an rxliu liuui linjnii ' for llic bar exam. (h;-r the yrms. thr wrn of Imf jixlurrd hrrr lurrr Irfl II rrcoul III ilisliniiiiislird srri ' iir lor liilr mid country. l-utiirr l htnin(iri.sls dri. ' c inio nni ' vpr.s of drugs and inrdirinrs. Ih iihil sludriits make use » ,n,idrt„ laalilics and iijuipiinul ,i. ' il lahlr lu 1 1,,,,, -I I,, j ,ilirnls .rnr ti, l jnin-idcd! The professional schools are a part of Maryland, yet each one is distinct and different. There are little differences: white shirts and ties are much more in evidence, and there is a notable scarcity of girls. Each has its own social life, its own professional fraternities. Yet each school shares in the tradition of service and study. Whether in the law library, a pharmacy lab, taking a cigarette break outside, or discussing a diagnostic problem between classes, the students here work hard. Then a whole new world opens up, and new terms, new techniques arc studied until they suddenly become a natural part of every-day routine. Somehow everything fits into place, with the realization that the years spent here have a purpose. 1 -e ' " wt These students are aptly learning the King ' s English in the strictest sense at their Bushy Park, England, classroom. Trnnps {mss in rr-rinr for Prrsidcul l-.lkius. Oovcrnor M( Krldiii and nihrr Maryland dignitaries. If ■■ II; IF S If ilt If fTjf ' ■Mmm — Over the Continents J i very story should have a chapter full of mystery and adventure, spiced lightly with a touch of the exotic. For the University of Maryland, Never- Nevcr land is the University overseas. Take any tramp steamer, any handy plane, or sit back in an active imagination and transport yourself to any corner of the world; there you will find an extension of the University. And though the classes overseas seem remote, they are run from honie base, and Dr. Elkins, presiding over graduation in Munich, brought a touch of home. MilJiidi sludiuts a-.ciiil xurij)! oj lliriy diplomas as Ih. Elkins rauiliirts his fiisl ili( M ' sliidciils iu Tripoli lihrnlly ur ilic linndwriling m tin- ifail. On every continent thei-e is ,i loucli ot lar land. In desert el.issrooms and .irmx hospitals, men stud at i tar iaiui oserseas. A lumdred eai ' s ai;o a handtui studied at ( Ollej e Park; toda ' , fitteen thousand simK from Cx)llet;e Park to Greenland. 1 hiis the Maryland stor - is a iri[- through a huiulrec] ears of growth, and a )ourne throui;h Mar land is hterall) ' an od)sse) o er the hills, over the Parkwav, over the continents. I ' I I 0U: I ' niversity stiideiU ex plains building proccdinrs In furious natives of T}ip )li. Under any rix umslatu c llmi can prevail, cdudilmu Inuls a means to rear li tlic sludcut. C.yrrulaiidS uwalhry dorsul chill studious mnids. From the annual Homecoming celebration to the ROTC Day in the spring, Maryland is making new tra- ditions and rekindling old ones. Our school days are enlivened by these activities that add that special some- thing to the routine schedule of classes. Carnivals, Min- strel Shows, and May Day are all an integral part of campus living. If we could glance back over the years, we would undoubtedly find that the Class of 1856 held, with us, in highest esteem these traditions that have come to be regarded as the Maryland way of life. K- FEATURES ... -r mm u 0li mi So, you want to be enthusiastic neophytes face the perils I ' ( um; iiR, please. " ' I ' aKlon iiif. " 1 in soma. 1)111 you ' re standing on my shoelace. " These and niher phrases were typical ol the unendini; acii - n ol licsliiiiaii Orientation W ' cik. Lines, lull (l,l s • ,ni(l siuci (onlusion .n c probahK hrsi ul.lHii lo U ' lsll.Ulon — .1 (l.l scl .isidc- to litis II, lU- .ill suuknis, luslnnni ,ind siniois .liikr. -ci .1 |ol, ulun lu- lonn.l tli.ii his m ludiilf ion lained hve eight o( l.u ks and .i loin to six l.d); while others belic c ! a |)ri c- should he olleied ,is an iiK eiilive to the less ea ' ier sindents. 1 low- a student . . . of orientation week c c-r. Ilaiicriiii; piciuiL ' s were lakcii ol c;u li siu (lent. l)la(k .111.1 -old IxMiiifs cmiplclc uiili insirut lions on llicii i)ro])ci nsc wcic dis- iributcd. and everyone had an opportunity to endow the Uni ersitv with a neat sinn of mone . Highli, ;hiin; tiie week ol exams, tours, and nieetini s. was ihe Fieshnian Mixer topped oil with the annouiueineiu ol I ' ai Smith and Phil Schwarl as rvpital Freshinan Couple " . This was the perlec I ( Umax lor a ne er-lo-be-reli ed week ol Inn. Iiolu. and tali. ue. " Wheie do 1 go from here!- question confused student Week of Decision formal rushing introduces new coeds to sorority life. " Riishiii; " . a wi ' fk ol liiii .iiid i ( iuiiic-ni. it iiu (lisrc iird IjUmin t cs .iiul .idiiii; krl . . . It is liicrall .1 ' rush " lo s(|uct t- siu li Ixuii i cois liixmics as l)i (.ailuii; and taiiii ' into a hc-a s, ludldc nl M.lnlllX IllIK linns. liiii would Si|)Hiiil)ii l)i ' llu- saiiK- wilhoul IS spailslm- uctk ,Usi-nfd 1.. . Iiallfiioc tlu ' lis and siainma i,l (oi-.U: id mail uli(. inui niK. Rush Wiik. W 111)4 I iii« I ' liiiK ■ ■ ■ ( ' ills rusli On Mid Term Mix greeks celebrate semester break KcbriuiiN icniNLialion week ' M iilallv bill fraternily men can al va s he depended ii|)()ii lo bri hlen up spirits widi llie annual Inieriialeinilv Ball. The newlv opened i)alli()()in ol the SheiaU)n Park Hotel coupled with the music oi Claude Thornhill produced ihe background for ihe 9 ' A] evening ol dancing and socializing. Diir ing intermission, dancers crowded about the stage to await the coveted Hillock Award hic li was presented lo Sigma Chi lor actixiiv leader- ship. This lunclion is a social must lor all who wear the badges of Maryland Greek organi ations and, we might add, anxioirsly a saiiecl bv the female i)ortion of the cami)iis. 27 Pledges Debut autumn leaves fall as j reeks whirl iiii(l Mill, .millings c,l .iiiiiiiiiii Ir.ixis .111. 1 I. ill (Uci.iiiniis, ilu- I ' .iiilulKiiu c:oii:uiln|,nu,l ilu- M.HAhni.l MHial scaM.ii uih II IMc ' di c D.iiur. ()iic (il ilu- hi- iiiiiiiHiiis (il ilu- lAiiiiii ' was ilu- |) iuii (il .1 iu- l iiiili.iu-d a ar(l Ki liDiK.i ilu- milsiaiiilin soioriiN on c aiiipiis. Delta (•.iiiiiiia ri-(i-i c-il ilu- ■Soruiiu ol ilu- ' i-ai " iKipliN JMiiii Delia Tail Delia irauiiiiiv. |- ( lUiiuiii was u-|)la(i-il l) siisptiisi- as. oiu- 1) iiiu, ilu- (aiululau-s l,.i I ' li-d-i- (hic-i-n were i-M(.iu-.l .l.nui ilu- aisk- lea.lm- lu ilie lial he- .le, k(-(l ilnone. Kaien llahuh, re|.u-seni in- l|.lia Diha I ' l. was (i iwiu-.l ilu- I ' k-.l-i- (hii-in ,l mi:.:. h R..m-i Kt-iih. l-,lii,,i ,,l ilu- l)nnnn„,l hark. Can. I Si liallei ,.l Delia D,lia Delia and dele Sparks .,! Kappa lpha I lula were I liosin ilu- pi nil issis in ilu- (lui-tn ' s ( i.iii 1. Loll- alui ilu- pu-ssed ((.isa-es wiilui, iliis daiHi- udl he- H-nu-iiihc-u-d. Should We Rock or Relax two worlds of music collide in a novel jazz versus classics concert II xaiiely i llic sp ' m- (A lilc, Marvlaiid music designed lo please the tastes ol all imisic tans, lovers really li ed the nighi ol the |a ersiis Featuring Bobby Hackell on the trumpet, the Classics concert! program combined symphonic arrangements Eddie Condon and friends competed with the and their ja interpretations. National Symphony Orchestra in a program iiicllow mood Saiidwich boards, ballots, and tense excitement combine as students await the Imal lesults ol tiie S. G. A. eleciioiis. Pull That Lever it ' s an old idea, but a new method ..niipiis clr. linns lu ' -ins uiih hii lu puMris .uu i,i-s (lisii ihiiud n tr (.inipiis. ,i((niii|).inicil 1) ilu- usual i.H ' nii. Dm 111- ilu- iMiiin.iL s. (.mip.ii.i iici s and mi liMikiis ( luTi iluii iavoriics as car ])ara(Us w md 1) all (lonns, iiaiciiiiiy and sorority iioiiscs. W lu n ihc voiiiii date arrives. ho|)cfiil olliccrs and ihcir supporters swarm to the central poll- ing booths to cast their ballots. Polili(aI jjariics ie with each other for seats on the S. (.. . . Smiling constituents gayly discuss the party ' s late. A loyal campus citizen steps forth to cast his vote. I Chilly campaigners nl)uli " uigg weailur with a lire Excditixc (loiiiicil with a aricl ol (olorliil saiidwit li Ixiards and flyers. V n added (oiixcni- eiuc. the " siiaight ticket " ()tei is siijjpiied with a c()iii|)lete slate of candidates. Climaxing the hectic week are the linal re- tttrns. watched intently by all interested parties. The chemistry lecttire room is amazingly trans- formed into the most popular spot oir campus. To the victors goes a bancjuet, after which the new executives assume the responsibilities ol campus leaders. ' j m tl il I fHiipiiis lioisi (lie M;ii i;iiul black ami gold in Delia Camillas I ioTiiccoiiiint; lawn ipktfs the res al costume of a glowing (|uccn Traditionally Yours, " The Terps " homecoming theme reviews one hundred years of university history Saturdav ailcnioon thrones ol aluiiis and siii (IfiUs llocktil lo Byrd Stadium to witness ilir annual Homcconiing game between Maryland ' s ■Terrapins " and the " (ianieeiu ks " Irom Soutli Carolina. Although plaved with mtenuiiient showers, ilu ' spii it ol the ( luirinn set 1 ion lor the I ' erps was not dampened. The hi ' .;hli; hl ol the game ' s lestixities was tlie crow■nin ol this ear ' s Homecominn (hieen. Ruth Peterson, l) Presi- dent Klkins. Kiuhusiasticallv h)llowin the tlieme •• Tradi- tionalh ■ours " . lialernities. sororities, and dorms plunj ed iiuo ie erish work to complete their lloals aiul house decorations in time lor judging. The talented -inners ere announced during the game. Ihe crowning point ol the day was the amnial Homeconring Dance where alums atul students swayed to the music of the Sauter-Finnegan orchestra in a ' Traditioualh ours " atmosphere. and we review a week of frolic and fatigue Wh.ii .1 UTik ' I In- Ixnnl) lill ulun u c (lis(.. in-.l ill. 11 ilu- Insi mmul ol hour ixiinis u;is M iR-diilid loi llu- Inr il.w in, ■(fihiio Il()iiH(uin (.iir-iiiIh 1 ilic hai.isscd liucs ol sin s iir;i ' .4 ' . iiiv; ilifiiiMlvcs Irom ixaiii lo t ' xani iluii (lash i 11 ' liai k lo iluir risidciu cs or ilu ' iioi lo jiui in work lioiiis on dn oral ions ' l riiunil)i 1 ilu ' lri(la ni ' hi i ' ils o rr prc- is and llu- suliM ■ niisi " iliai iiino c-d iKUisiMUss Iron, ihr.H|,c |u,K, on Sali.idav And no oiu- w ill loi ' ti ilu ' pif ' .;aiiR ' |)roiii(. ' - la.U- ol llu- (iiUHH andi. laics and ihc c ' |H ' (ianl I ' hi Delia riaiaS inc ob ioiisly, wc scored! ... 1 lie onlv time that Carolina came close to Maryland. or Dixie Revived KA Minstrel salutes southland I iiii ' i Miiinuiii Sdiiiluni si k- — is .1 n|)1 ' (1,i1i mI il„,vr nl- ilu ' K . lor ilniiN I. loss ilu- u.liKiiium m.i c hi ilu- K ( oiKin I ' ickn s R(. u u. l.ui ' .l tnd men .in,l ilir K,i|.i..i l|.li.i . hoi lis puUi-.l .lu.lKiuts (.ui ..I ihiii |in ix.ini sliiiii|) Willi l)i ir s()ii ' _;s .111(1 tlu ' ii own !)i.iii(l ol iiiiiiNii (I liiiiiioiir. A railroad station 111 ilu luari ol llic (k ' Cj) Miiith set the stage loi ilu skoikI ad — a ariclv show Icaiuring the K iisioii ol ilu- Rfukcitcs. I i|) and lap Hiihhli- ,iii l .oiiic.Ikiiis -aloic K. lonnd 0111 the 1 1 i( ol Cionlcdcraic m $ I inc Siiirdust! Hacksta e transloi inaiion lioiii liai-iiian to blackface, Prc-gamc fcsiiMiics incliukil (oloilul ll jat parade. Sunland Sojourn orange bowl hopes lure terps Oraii L- jiiicf and siiiishiiic on Ntw ' tar ' s dav s|)cllc{l Miami Beach lo loyal Tcrraijin roolcis w ho iravclcd South lor ihc second Orant e Bowl -aiiR- i..r ihc- IniMTsiiv .i Maixland. ihc Mine l .i ihc -aiiK- was scl wlun the ( iiccik-adcrs and Ikiiul members iiiivtd on du train and began prc-game cenindiiK s. y rallies were never more enthusi.isi ic ,ill n- eeived. and wild e ( innuni sieniid m l)e ihi- aim ol all llie I erp suijporiei s. When liie big day eame, die team tools the lield ai;ainsi migluv Oklahoma. A game will |)la ed WIS hi hlightKl during hall-lime bv the spec tai 111 11 II ti ities surrounding the (rowning ol the Oiaiige Bowl (hieen. Ihe -aim ended and. wiiii it. the liij) to xaia- II, ,n 1,111.1. s iluA i.,,.ndi(l 11.1111. l.iis. an. I car. l.n l:iii,l siii.knis txpussi,! high iLipes lor aiiollKi Diiiiil 11 i|. lo Ikiiiii ne l ear. Hand practice takes on new eiiiiuisiasm under Miami sun. Maivhituls Re.l aiul Wliiic U-iiul cntiis die half time show wiili laiuv sieppin i.. ' Roek . r.)inul die CLxk ' . iiiii y-H- ' : ' V.:.};. ..i;n- :: Okhilioiiia bands uilli added spaiklr [HuMdcd b Orange Bowl i[iRcns. oi s (aught tlui ing a strategic play. Limber Sho vnien ability plus skill equals a ood show IJomicin; bodies .nul nm.Kulinis l)alaiKc air cry coiniiioii sii liis wlun NLirvLnids (ivmkana i;Tou|) goes inii) aciion. llu ' iliil). ()|)tn to all stiulcnis. is itiiowii in this |)ail oi liic (omiiiA. Skillliil luinhliniL;. irainpoliiR ' work and prcti- sioii jiii;i;iini; ails make an enjovahlc i tnin; ' s cnicriainnuni. As one ol lluir projiils. (. nikana hi ' an ; i - in.i; I-rida ni- lii pci loi nianc esai ilie Jul;]! s( hooK in the ana lasi NoMnihei. Sudiss has loilowed iheni in liieii siiows abroad dui in ihe Clnisi- Mias holida s. and ilie ioni;. hard iiours oi prac li(e the i;rou|)s pni in will assnre added su((ess nexi ear. Slie Hit ' s I Oljjcct in icw — a dramatic scene l) ou fun lo ino C.vnikana clowns. «8511 I This Way, Folks for fun and frolic— the carnival 11 ii-lii h.lks, sit|.ri-lii ii|..iiul iiA ..ur liuk.ii liiiiin; ilu- |)Uii i.nt;(.-is! Iliisw.ix lo ilu- i iiMi csi Showho.ii iliis sidi ' ol tlu- l issiNsi|)|)i. (.n married! I ' lusf wiic ilu ' tnliciii ' ; cilK wliuh iiiovtd IMiii lull scikiis lo (()iuiil)iuc lo ilu- C.tinpuN ( lusi .11 ilu lom ill S()|)li(iiiH)ic t ' .:uiii ;il. (.R li)i ilu- louiili sii,ii; lii (.ar won ilu- iin|,li lur ilu ' umM.iii.liii- !)(. . 111. DC sharol l.iuuN wiih ilu (.R 111 iiiakin- ilu- KiioiiN S|.im ilu IhM .11 ilu ( Willi lis bar i.H,in cnuil.iiiiiiunl. lliis liu,,ili .,l,,iu ' look in (i ci 1N(I. lui ilu Cainixal. an ilaud Canipiis Clu-M ( ■|)iiiiiiiil(.(. lia|)|)il aniuiiiiu c(l llial pioiccds hdiii ilu C.iiiiixal and c. .nil ihiii ions liad ncUcd (All sliimi |,,i ilu ' Wdiilu (aiisi.-. 1 ' in I imukul, loo? " Oh. vnu foiildn ' t hit the sidt ' Mad scientist brt ' us weird inixtnie ol snake poison and cats ' eyes at Hoiioi T liss M;n l;iiul l ' .) " ,!.. ;is iminci up S;nali l | lanal| Juniors Present dancing ra es through the ages I ,iiii|)iis ii.uliiKiii lani-i K .iwainil 1) .ill ii|i|)i i (l.isMinii Is ilu- liiiiior Prom i;i c-n in Iiuikh dl ihr seniors. I)i( oi.iiiii.; iIk- iiiioi this car uiir Mat k .111(1 -old sillioiuius |,oi iiayins; p )|jiil:ir daiufs lioiii ilii ( h.ii 1( siou lo modern swini . Carryin;.; oui tills iluinc )ohnii l.oiv and his OK I u si 1.1 w ho ( a|)ii ati(l ilu ' i lowd w iih .1 w idi- siKt tion ol old lav 01 ius .nid ( iimiii hi Is. Ilu- (lim.ix 10 this rxcniii- ol soli liolus and smoodi miisi( was ilu- (lownin ' .; ol Miss Mar land. Judy I.c-xiii. and lui 1 iiniu is u]), |- ilrtii .Shanscvaiul .Sarah . l)|)l.inai|). iIkislh In S.muul (.oldwvn. Hollywood movie jjiodiuer. As a salute lo the new (|ueen and her conn. (ou|)li-s joined in the Promenade led hv ihe (lass presi- dents and their dates. Miss Mm ;nmu ' l(.nl.luM. srlc.U.I (.1 and luinieis-iip. Miss liuiv Lexin. Miss Nhuviaiul ol Hf.d. w l " Kitull :.cln L.-ii- loimd ciur -.1 Maivhi.ul ImpsUi Sus|)(iisr iiiounts ])l lor to tl hit; isciil lor quieii hopcli Ahplanalp. President Elkins extends a word of greetino and a handshake to each Junior Prom guest. A happ )iucn. l.ariiRii (.vuv.n... ) .,, ....uses ... l.n,„ ..1 l.c. l...n.,. uu... lKln,c- Uad..., .l.c pnuc. May Festivities a queen reviews her lovinj5 court Willi •poinpand Dav (11 |UC( il.minu M m c r(l luT l() al sul)ictls. K lluisiastic audiences on ihc e lowdcd Mall hadtil her as the ouisiandint; senior woman .uid ap plaudfd tlif Plantation I ' ai cant L;i cii in lua honor. Ihc Plantation ihcnic was irliccicd in the colonial sirutturcs surrounding; the- Mall. and by the entertainment which included solo perlornianees and i ala daiu ini; around the May pole. An annual tribute b the Jiuiior Class to the graduating seniors, the Ma i)a lesiixiiies con- cluded with the lappini; ol junioi women tor Mortar Hoard. A tea gi en in honor ol the new members in the historical setting oi the Ross- boroiigh Inn climaxed the oldest unbroken tra- dition on the Maryland campus. Mav l)a Chainiian I ' al Kiiiiiit;swoi i li crowns choice olMarvlaiurs juiiioi woiiKii. C.mmu Cue ' h Ml I1S ,111(1 S, kl lo llCU llOl V - „r- ' : [ ' - -; Bvw • Jh X ' y ' M . ,. :V " •♦ v» .v;- t-m ' v. ' ;JL Candidates for degrees, clad in caps and gowns, anxiously await the eventful inonicnt in the Activities Building. Tomorrow and Tomorrow so many new fields to conquer (.r;i(ltiali()ii. . . . The noal llial seemed so dis- tant to lis as lieshineii has stiddeiih appeared. We lia e emerged Irom the humble weaiers ol ihe black and gold beanie to the proud wearers ol the mortar boaid as we await our diploma in the im])ressi e atmospliere ol our new ( oliseiim. Tiiese lour plenlilnl ve.n s h.i e lell lo lis a loundalion ol knowledge, siienglhened bx Inn and Iriends. on which lo build our Intnres. " ' es, onr goal is reached, but many more lie ahead. We will not forget these lonr important years as we leave to bnild a new life. ,% d CAMPUS GOVERNMENT " 21 VfL 4. t ' ' -e SySt- SCiA meets e ' erv Tueschn ' iii;2,lit. Sonierimes the ineelin,Li,s aii ' (lull. Soinetinies tenij)ers Hare. That ' s the wax it i oes. ' et tlie woik t ets done. Vhv same thiii ; holds true for AW ' S, and for Men ' s Leai ue. Ihese !:i;roiips represent some nine thousand under 2,raduates. Student ;o ernmeiit is mam thint s. It ean hv ;() ernment in name oidy. These three , ;rou])s ha e worked consistently to make it ' oxernment in the truest seirse of the word. In a lart e measure. the are sueeeedin, in aeting as a potent force for the betterment of student interests. i.. Hi9 Hlir 4u Ji.,Al fe rirsi ,n,r. 1,11 In )iiil,l: D.nt- Riidou. lu-.iMiu-i; liiiiic IUil..t;r, m, I ' : S,;,ii, l )o:r: llim;iHl Millii: |tin ll.ii t.l.l ; •ll; I nrii l,M..llirl; I ' .ii KiIIiml M.iM If Ilii.ks; R.ilph ( losln; D.ik- I inis; Iil (.;iiill. Collective Spokes the hub of collej iate activity As si i iim II iiu iiil)t I s Hid I iiiH r ,1 wi rk to has] U1I llu ' pi, Ills ,111.1 | l..l)Kllls I.I ,lllll..M sr fl ilu.iiviii,! slihlniis, ilu- Siii.kiii (...MTinnc-n ssM, l,,nnli iIh- ,l„,sl |M,Ucllul (.l.l- Mil , kills h,l l- III llu ' llllKllnlilli- ,,| llu- rill nsil W Ink l,ll.nllll K. (ll,IU n|. .1 mu ((.llMllll 11(111. S( . rllu irn 1 1 ( ,ii i Uil i ml ils iii.i pi djii i uhuli iiKliuk.l I ' KslniKin Oiuiimikmi. II i (. .111111-. ,111,1 Spun- Will. I liisxr.u ,1 luu I ' uli lu Rrl,.ii,.iis(:,.iiiiiiiiui pi..M.k-, ((.ni.u lur SCA with sUiLkiUs and piihlu ,ii mns. ClKiiks W uk.ncl. I ' Seems to be a nioiicy matter ... to gi c or iioi lo l; he ,K,,, ere ' s a lot of work ahead C:harlie and Bo, but they I manaoe lo keep pleasant liiil xtw.lvjl 1,1 ui;lil: LIlic lilj.iii; IScU) UlMl-IIu; LlsW) Ncuiiuii. Uillic Jem Luil-. J.iiic llaim.U. Snuud n,.i. I ' cjil Cold; Jiiilill Spencer, rreiisiircr: Barbara Rothinuii. Secretary: I ' ai Callahan. Vice I ' resicleiil; Miss Julia Killings. Advisor: Anna Karaxaii elo ' I ' lesident; Joan Clhrisiianson: Janice Allhouse. Third row: Patricia King: Genevieve .Miiinford: Rita Soloinowitz; Gloria Miigne a Kaicn H.iri; rvchii Horsc : I ' al McGialli; Fdilli Sh:i(rcr: Dolu Oclancx. Lady Legislators AWS governs women students . sM)(ialC(l Wdiinn Siiulciiis is ilu ' (ocd i.;() crti iiii l)()(l on i.iiii|)iis. lis (liicl |iin|)(isc ' is iln (..or.lm.muii ..1 ..i.i.icinu. :m.l ( :i(li iiits uiuki sill tii.idc .iiul iiilortcd laws. I ti siiuliiii. ii|)( n cnr()llm(.iu. auio- inali .ill Incnims .1 imiiilHr ol AWS. I iif loiupltx work oi iiinnin- AWS is liaiulkd by the Kxcditivc Clouiuil. oiiiposcd ol AWS oliiccrs. (lonniioiy prcsidcius, aiul class rtjircscniaiiv cs, )u(li ial lioani, Rcsidciui Coimul. ,1.1(1 (..diinu H.uid ,iic- under iis (111 tc lion. l " )cspiic lis ki(.n inurtsi in iIriii. AWS is noi limilcd todoiin acli ilics. Campus pro jet is in chulc " the " bij sister " and I)avd( di;(.i iJioi raiiis. and the Regional Convention. nn., K:ira ;m, ;clos. Pu si.kiu ..f Ass.u i.iic.l W. Dak ' jaixis. I ' rcsitlenl ol . kn Ixa ' iie Males Exclusively men legislate self government " ' ()u can onh ; () crn men 1j scr int; ihciii. " This could easily l)c ihc iiiollo ol Men ' s League. Divided into iwo represenlatixe sections, the Executive Council and Dorm Council. Men ' s League assumes ilie dual res])onsii)ilii ol estab- lishing and adminisiei inn icgul.itions loi the male population. The Men ' s League, working with tlie .Vssoei- ated Women ' s .Students, sponsored some ery suecesslul inter-dorm desserts this eai-. Ihey also sponsored " o-,Sha e Week " with a ■■ ' omen-l ' a -, H " dance at the L ' ud. Lhis year, lor tile Insi time. Men ' s League presented cups to the men nominated ior ]] ' li( ' .s Who .liiioiio Sludciils III .hiiciKini Collri r.suiKl I ' iiivcimI ics. Sheepskin Bound y l in their futures-cap and own Ii i ' (l •ln()li(Ml . i iimiiii- ilir -.1 nui Killl DOS Uil. iii U) ' Ici ' . i |mI ilic ktliii-s ,l tl oNt ' luai ing llic ( iiliiiin.iiion ol loui mm S (ll iiilciisix coiKCiiUalioii ill ilie muliiliulii oils .ll.lSCS .. college lilc. () ]):iusf lo ri ' lii ' sli in iliis iiii ll M ' n |);i( ki ' ( w nil niltiA ifws, widdin- |)1,iiin ,ni l.rl 111 .11 idlls ( )ni ( sc nioi s .n i.- sfiiiii; , llu- , ...,,slo IT " „.i.t,ll I,, n hl: I ' liMilla I ' llnnii.. IliMnu.Mi; R.Miiii li.ill- Ici. Scciclaiv; HciIj Ilnibakti. iic l ' icsi kiii: jancl Ikduolill, Treasurer; Beu DeMello. AVVS Reprcseiualive; Tom Lescallcet, President. Second row: Dick Stein, Men ' s League Representative; David Lhlfeldcr, Sgt. at Arms. . M ' vicw of llic |)asl is made l)y llif niadu.iUs .il icLi tlic Adniinistialioii and Class Officers. First row. ■; (- ri hl: (.inner Mik-s. (.a. I Blum, W Representative. S,;n,„l ,„„■: Ro.uiic- Sf.i. .11 Ml. ; K.i One Step Away new senior status just in sight ,1 " IplC ' sslXC lull ol adiM lies and llu ' kflini; ol k ' uv in llic swini; ol lliiuL s. Siuldiiih ()u laii talk kiiowiimh ol a inajoi, and all Noiir courses run to ihrcc figures. nu know all llic people, and with an air ol lasualness hand out adxite to lost Ireshmen. ()ur (lass makes a delnnte (oiuiilnuion to Maryland tradition. - ' Miss Maryland " is downed at the Jiinioi I ' loin. and jimioi women present May Day, where Mortar Board tapping and the crowning of May Queen take place. 59 s» r. ,-. Beanie Wearers they have new worlds to conquer Saimaud witli iwo sl-iiksUis ol MaiAland cx- |)tri(.iKe. ilir liiiiiii ' ' ladiiaiinn (lass ol I ' .l ' i ' .l is now pripaiLi! lo lamu li Us c arcri as u|)|)t r i lass mill. Willi a hrsh spirit iIk Kavi liiliiiul llu ' •Insis " ol (olk-c- lik ' . . . i1k liisi li,,im(oniin- ■ aiiR ' . liisi tiTiu paper, liisi Draii ' s slips, (lass pi on I AWil 111 si lasic ol (am pus polui( s . . . Iiapp to l)c icluxc.l ol ilu- la- ol • I rosh ' . I ' hil raw: Joe Mc:i(lu i ' . Ntcn ' s I.c:it;iic Reprcsciualivc. Sirniiil loxr, Irfl « right: Sheldon Dagiirl, .Sgi. ;n .Arms; Jackie DiiMars, Sccrclaiy; Howard Miller, President: Tom Jarrtll. ' ice I ' rcsidenl. Mid vay Markers two years behind — and two to go The .Sop more NcwslclU r. a ipiis pulilii al ioiis, Italuicd Kxira: Kxi IKU- a.MilK Mcus ol (lass and iii(li idual a(ii iiics. . lur plaiiiiin; liishmaii Oritniation loi iIk- (llass ol I ' . ' I ' ,), ilic .Soplioiuoics. lookiii}.; lor more rtspon- sihiliiy. a((C|)lcd ihc .Soph ( " ariiival as a class |)i()jt(l lor thf liisi lime. 1mIi -cij.;iuc ' rs and ilicii dales ( limaxcd ilic t:ir al the Soph Prom. First rmr. Irfl lo i(j; i ; Harvcx (.oppell. Sj;C. al . rins: Barbai.i Glas-scr. Hislorian; Lesley Newman, .WVS Reprc-senlalive. Second roil ' .- Joel Ridienslciii. Men ' s League Represenlativc: ' ernoii BrigRs. I ' rcsidenl: Pal (iierstli. Secrclarv: Jn l I aKnarl. Ireasurer. Decision Makers they form tlie policy for clubs C.raiitint; i liaiKi s lo xarioiis oi ani alions, tlul:)s. and soe iciics on aiii|)Us. inspcclint; (lorniilorifs, piov idiiiL; siiuknis wiih lull or part-time work, and hciiiL; VL ' sponsihlc lor health and sanitary conditions on lainpus ari ' duties pcrfornictl by the Student Life C ' oniinitiee. Headini; the (oniinittee is I ' rolessor Russell H. Allen xvho works with other inend)ers drawn Ironi the lacull . This (onunitlee acts as an intermediary iietween students and administra- tion, and as ad isor lor all extra-cmrieidar acti ities. The S. !.,( " .. (oiuinues to proxide a medium throui;h which students mav deiixe lullillment in their uni eisiiv careers. Irfl lo riiihl: Mrs. Kiiili II Mr. R()l)( rt C.arc-v: Mr Ri . niia Kai.nanRclos; Ui . W Administration is never an easy job regardless of whether one is concerned with a small agricultural college such as the Maryland of one hundred years ago or with the expanding campus of the University today. The president and those other administrat ors whose job is to establish and carry out policy join with faculty and students in guiding Maryland ' s destiny. It is their responsibility to look to the future and to build on the past. Our progress in the next one hundred years should reflect this farsightedness. ADMINISTRATION B H H f • 1 ![ -V ! L L :iP H ii ' mr BH I I B I B I H ■ H Diiiiimuiihcil mIujI.h aiul I ul ..l il riLMilciu, Dk. W ilm .n II I i kin i Prexy Jets Plans past dreams now become realities Dr. Wilson H. Elkins. during liis first busy year as President of Maryland Uni ersity. has made gixat strides towaixls his ultimate goals. Being a Rhodes .scholar and an eight letter aihkic, he has succeeded in correlating education and extra-curricular activities in their proper per- spective. Evidence of his progress lies in the new library which will l)C(()nR ' a rtalit williin llic vcar. Qf , the President ' s jet |)il )tiiig is an indica- tion of the speed with whicli he will increase Maryland ' s .scholastic standing, tlien a new berth in education ' s " top ten " nnisi l)e prepared in e(|ual haste. Acting as Dr. Elkins ' right h capacity of Administrati e . ssisi (). Kuhn. . newcomer on can uise laced with tlie |)roblem of land traditions - vith soinid basic ml IS Dr. . lbii pus. he is like )lencling Mar) policy. w: 1)K. . iinN (). KriiN. Special AssiM.uii lu I ' lcsulciu Elkins. has been ol inxakiahle assistance in his lirst year. t OtORC.l-. V. Foot. I ' trsoiiiiil r (. U [SO AI(.IRI A Versatile Family ideal foundation for presidents llu ' Drans. I.ills llu .nni|.Ux task ..I .lr ilopiii- lliL- IuiiIkt ; ii) tli ol llu- r (.-i i |)anilin ' 4 I ' ni- tisil . Ii is iliis nrnii|) who ooidinaits all llu- ac li itifs 1)1 llu- I ' iii ci sii iioiii n- ' _;isii aiimi lu Kra.liiaiion. Kadi Mii.kni is alK- u-.l l.v ilu l)()li( its wliu li ilu- Ol i ' ' iiiau-. 1 his l)K.-hi c ol ac ii ii is ic-s|)onsihK- lor sue h (li (.Tsf a(ii iii(,s as ilu- (lisirihiiiioii ol I ni ii sii luiuls. llu- iiiaiiiuiiaiui- ol suidiiu lualth. llu- (lin-(iioii ol llu l ' ni i-rsii lihrarv svsuin. «2k Jll HARVEY L. MILLtR PublkUy HOWARD RO I I.STAD 66 I ()K(.I () l lU R iiLtiiios Manager They Set Policy this " big eleven " calls the signals Heading ihc i owi lunciu ol ihc I ' liixcTsilx is llic Board ot Rcgenis, whose eleven appointees lonii the policies ihal .i uide the progress ol the s( hool. All thi ' iiinnheis. a|i|)()iiUe(l lor iiiiif Near terms. ha c had caixeis which cniphasi c the aliies ol education and reseaich. As I ' resideiH ol the University. Dr. Flkins assnines the position ol Executive Ollicci, while William W Cole is Chairman. The Board also comprises the Maryland State Board ot Agri- enltiire. riie work ol the Board of Regents is reflected in the c oiuiniiotis growth ol the rni ersit . hoth i)h sicall and academicalh. |l DC.K w ,(- lo right: Mr. F.dwaid F. Holier; Dr. Mr. B. Hcrliert Brown. Secret.irv: Judge ■ " ■ ■ Kaplan: Mr. Cliark-s P. M.C nlllo. I UMsnrcr; i MISS |1 M lUI I • l MRS R. I.. Ill rwi s,„i„l l)in-,l„ " if MISS M ARI N |()1INS ) »» r Coed Councilors expert guidance in a day ' s work . Av v II. Si.nn|). l)i;in ol WdiiKii en llu ' lai l;.n l (,ini|His. lias Ikiu llu- l.iiuuln .l mam ..i-ani alK.iis and iia.liiu.ns. I lie lav ).n celebration was iiiiiiaicd by Dean Sianii) who is also rcs|)oiisiblc for ihc loundini; ol iht- Kxal (liaptcrs ..I Mj.lia Dilia and Moriai Hoard. Ilnou-li lui rlloiis. a sikmi- and su( ccsslul Asso.ialion ol WOinci: Siu.Unis has C ' ol C(l Id at I as ihc i;o ciiun;4 l)(id lor loids. Four cry capable assistants iK!|) Miss ,Siain|) in licT iiiaiiv duties, riuse intiiidc- ihc cdokH naiion ol social ailixilics. ihe su|)ii ision ol all MISS M R(. Rii JAMKSON wouiens liousiug. and ilu- sponsoiin- (.1 nnni n,s„i,H,,- iiniu niircin, erous acliviiics on cani|)Us. Male Monitors they direct men ' s activities (.uardian ol (ainims Ijiu1l;lIs ami siaic finances. Cieary F. Eppley, Dean ol Men. has plavcd an integi al part in the growih ol ihe uni ersity. Boih in a(hiiinisirali c work ami ihrom h his (onuut wilh suulcnts. he has been a pari ol Maryland lor thirty-three years. Dean Kpijley ' s i ities range from ilu leasant duty ol judging feminine pnltriiiule lo those of being the Chairman of the Athletic C ' onncil and a member of the .Stndent Life Committee. .As .Student Welfare Director, Dean Kj pley is concerned witli sliulenl acti ities outside the classroom as well as within. He also .serves as an ad is()r to the president and to various deparinient heads. )b c() eis such a larye Since Dean Epplev md diverse area, he i tan help him. This position is capably filled by Mr. Dovle Ro al whose range of activities goes from being directc r of men ' s residences to being Coach of the tennis team. Mr. Royal assumes part of Dean Eppley ' s large responsibility for the maintenance of campus housing, food, and health facilities. Through the coordinating abilities of these two men, the ever increasing scope of campus activities is kept in smooth run- ning c ondilion. MR, nOVLK I . ROYAL Assistant Dian of Men Cenieniii;il |)Liiis (ompiisfil Advisor to Grads he plans the advanced courses DK. K() . ll BAMIORI). Dcilil ol llu ' (.ladlKllC- School, is ol ilic I niMisiiv s |)r(mr.iiii ol a(l :iii t l itstaKh. ilixiiii; httii alliliaitd will) iIr- ( ' ni Lisii till o ir iwciiu h r cars, lu- is Will a( (|uaiiitiil wiili ilic- pi obliiiis sm rouiKlini; iIr- adinission ol ' raihiaic siiulinis . ( lliosc- (oiKinud wilh ilu ' i rsponsilnliix loi (ouisf ix(|iiiicimiiis, Ii is lu ' who also has tlu liiial a|)|)ro al on all -radiiait- work. I lu- ' rad uate school, wiih lili diu- dillrtini diparinitnis. is the, second lari,;cst unii ol ihr rnuxisii). Faculty Guardian the rade fivers ' j uide DK II K()Mi K ( nil I R l W si r I ' d .Is ol ihf l-aiuliy snui ' I ' .Mii. ( ' ooidinaiin ilii ' aia dcMiiii proniain ,ii ihc I ' ni trsii ol Marxland, Dran ( ' is risponsihli- loi nian phasis ol om ,iiadinni lilc whiih iiuhidc- du- pnhliia lion ol I ()llej,;c catalogs, the sciicdiiliiit; ol classes and loom assit nincms. and the adniinisiraiion ol ihc ai ions student aid proj i ams. During his I h in nine iais ol service for the Univeisiiy ol I,n l.ind. C.oiuinian has .dso proven his ahilii as public lelaiions iiian. Loyal Alumni they still aid after graduation riic Aluimii Association inulcT ihc dircH tion ol Mr. Daxid 1.. Uri; liani. Kxtiuiixc SciifiaiA. lias cool (linand most ot the.- plans lor the cciitc- ' niiial •bratioiis thi ' il part ol the i..n- siippon Om all IxhK Rcpicsciiiatixcs Iroiii the Baltimore and C ' .ol- Ici c I ' ai k campuses compose a general couneil. whic h -. lishes th leins tile Alinnni Assoc iation and pub- maua ine Maixhiiid. Ihe Alumni Association has etlecied a closer lellowship amoiiu, the students and !4raduai:es and has de eloped a mutuallv henelic ial rela lionship between the rni ersii and the people ol the slate. tR nwtl) I URIC.H AM, Executive Secretary First row, lejt to righl: Mi I ' .uil Mnllmix: Ml s Virginia Truitt; Mr. David Brigham, i-xuciune hcticcaiv; .Mi. Iraiik Block, ' ice cieiit; Mr. Homer Rem-lKi. I ' km.Ihu. Ui Wilson Elkins; Mrs. Marv Dennis; Miss Sarah Morris; Mrs. William Kricher; Miss Flora Snee ' t Second row: Mi I " ink Hl.iik; |)i. William Trail; Mr. Kenneth Reiblich; Mr. Elluood Nicholas; Dr. Laurence Leggitt; Mr. Cl.iMuM RcMiolils; Mr. Chester Ward: l)i . Harrv Levin; Dr. A. E. Goldstein; Mr. Samuel Raidilcn. Third row: Mr. Stanford Hoff; Ml. Williiiii Triplett; Mr. Charles Ellinger; Mr. James Stevens; Mr. Sam Sillrer; Mr. Ralph Shuie; Mr. C. V. Roons. Ever aware that a large part of a student ' s education comes from his participation in extracurricular activ- ities, the University of Maryland from its earliest days has always supplied a fund of worth-while activities. From practice with the Red and White Band, the student can race to the Journalism building, which houses the student publications, or to a UT production. M phases of college life are represented on our pus from its religious aspects to its most carefree. : only prerequisite to join in is interest and time. ACTIVITIES TERRAPIN . l 1)RI. MC.OI.Ol ■.(lil, ,-iiiChi,l Here 11 i .l ( u (:iiii( rcnuj nnmL- huw drcd years ol pio ress ( rammed iiiio two sluni semesters. Wlial makes a -(..),! v carlxi. .k: Main ihin-s ( (iiili il)iileil lo this Imislied iJioilucl; aili ities. iradiiioiis. (lasses. laciiUv. l)Ul most of all. you. llie stuiieiils. " irsi (ame ihe iiispii.itions .iml wh ' re(|uire(l moiildiiv.; iniocopv .md oi ,;aiii aii()ii. Pictures to l)i- sdiediikd. deadlims that arri ecl loo soon, and last miniiie di tails iiie iiably sneaked ii|) ki|)l li-iits in the ' rcrnijnii olluc htiriiiii; lati ' as brains and tvpewriters clicked, (acdil must k- -iMii tc ..ui edit.n ni c hiel. . ii(he . who plodded wf.n stall memheis loi ingenious ideas, .md to htisiiuss manai er. ■Scrooge ' I.estalleii. who is still (ountin- dol- lars in his sleep ol the ( . ni c iii sheep. A oH ' ol th.mks ;;oes to ihi ' otiui iii ht w no also ( oiiti ihimd ilu ii lime .md enei ' gy. Om job Imislud. we can now sii back and exiiale .i lew si-hs ol leliel. We hope this pubii cation w ill mut with om a| pio .d and pio idi- ■ ' memoi ics ol oiir I ' iii ersilv. Il.,n,.,,nir. .illl 3) - Terrapin staff menil)ei s p l)us xliedulf Id i.iki .1 break, pariv sixlc. lor ])uii(li and (ookies. With an eyi ' lor an ilusf Inisv members ot lav oiii siall woik endless hours. ED COVAHEY £;igra! ' »g.s • ' .dil(. ROCER WOLFF . " jferff V ' - ' . ' . ROC.F.R Kl I in lulilor-itiChirl DIAMONDBACK riil)lishiiiL; .1 (.iinpiis ,a v ili.ii will .i|)|hm1 i,, iIk ' ;im ;m l x.iriid hi, k-KMiinls ol its icackis is a thallcn, iIl, ;m l rcsponsihU ' |,,|,. Diamonillxuh a, ()iii|)lislus ihis end uliilc (icaiiiiin ' ' ■ il tll a icpuiaiion .is ,in iiiloriii.ii i f. inlcirslin-; ;iii l :niuisin- ixihliciiion. Aluavs siri in- lo nicii us ni ii tndin- diad iinis. ihc indusirioiis si;ill sptuds inanv lon: hours poundin- i vpiu riic is. wriiin-; luadlinis, an l ( i|.Mr:idni- iniidis ni ..kIct i., pnhiisli :i y. K lii.ii will plc.isi ' I (.rptowii. I Vin ic ' d sciir iiicnibcTs heave a sit;h ol ixliil when ihr Imishcd pnuliut comes od ilie press. riieir jo!) is ( ()iii|)leie . . , well, iioi (|iiiie. Work on loiii()ii() s issue is just bcgiiiniiit;. (:i.. iRi wool I Tiirstlay Mii Kijiiiif I.dii CARMl l ' i k |l RRV |l WI.l R I IiiiimIiis .Miiiiiiiiifi) lulilii ll( ktN Wl 1 11 Itiiim Mntififiiii luhin Lock. li(kr , vr tan add nnc inou ( liih luws hl.xk Icoluus Ldilu, ' -— - ' - U |1 I SMI AM- 1 AMOR Copy l-.dilui K1I A S I Kl " ' ■--t H() mam ads do u phni lo run this issue: l( k lUI 1)1 RI II I. Ill RDl spoil. r:,li, I ( K l Spoils Kililo. KATK WATERS Copy luiilor r lUBDIi; lilCKIOR EdilorhiChicI CHARLIE RAYMAN . fanaf:,i)iji Editor OLD LINE Known .Is the- (ampiis luiiiior ni.i ' M im-. ihc Old j r iK i 1 l.iils lo liil ' m ' oldi ' uiii trsii " w hen spirils ;iif low. Iliis ;inuisiiit; i)ul)li( ;iiioii is cliiuk-lull ol niiincTous jokts. cinooiis, and linraiA -(.Ills, (.itlui ori-inal or iih hoi Ironi siiMil.n ma-.i iiusol .,ilur .oU.-ts. Milioir h iIk- nii|oi piiiposr ol ilu ' OhI I.nir Is lo llll llu- luMlls ol llu ' slU.Kllt i.o.U. ii ' a.lcis iiiiN also tnjox iiualN Uauiiis on inoit- sober aspots ol (aiiipiis lilf. , (loss set lion ol liic I ' ni cTsii ( oiiipriscs ilic s iali — raiv iii ' Iroin no i( c ainhois. pocl laiMfaHs. |)iioio IkikU. lo |iisi plain jokers. I ' iif (ont lonuraiion ol ihcsi ' lK-ui()i;(.ii(.()Us haek roniuls |)ro(lu(cs a ]n i.- ])a(kaiL;c ol I-itr Stale iuimor. BRUCE BERLAGE I ARGIE GATl hsocialc lidito: Old Line coliorts gel siitak |)n i( of s|)i( editorial as the ]5resses arc readied to roll off anotli has ail original loiicli ol luinior to suggest for kaiuu (opN in il ;t m mi M BOOK I lie M linnl; is hv ii|)|hi ( l.issnicns xoicc ol tl(i)iiR ' lo llu ' IrcsliiiKii, (_ uiulni ' _; lo ilu ' iii a i;(. ' sl luiidlcs. llu- Insi kw ei. ' ks a a lioiii lioiiu ' . Hciwccn ils rccn (oncts is sioicd a wralili ol knowkd-c. Kaili phasrol c aiiipiis lik- is siini- inari c ' d lo t i c the (oiiliiscd and harassed iicw- (oiniTs a ])i( line ol lilc on llir Mar land ( ampiis. Work lor the MHauh kc-ins as ihr aiademii Niai (loses. Wluk- otlKT Inps arc kaskin- in tlif sun. du ' siali uKinkcis work k criskl in ordiT lo c•c■l ihf new t lass widi tlu-ir I ' lcsh- nian •■Bn)lc " . •i; M:iM Claiu- Hanis(.n: Kale Waters: liol)l)ic OcmM; (,I(ii SI, |rll Icul.i; Iikr i ' .l.ikc ; I c.l Mil I, i . I ,1 ( .a i HI ( ii i I I ' li i iv Smile, Please camera kin s lend talents WIrii ,1 lisl nl ilu nnisl h.niRd nun on (.iinpiis is (onipiK-.l. H Holm. Bob Wilson, .md Jolm Ki( hliT ;iii 1 11 1.1 ill lo be near the top. I lust ' .iic ilu- Icllows (iii ( .111 stt- il.ishiii ' .; iiKidh .ii oiiiul ai jllsl .ibolU .lll l,ll l. 111(1 (.Mill. Siiukiiisd.iinoi loi iluii .iiuiiiKiii ,111(1 |)Ui|)osil si, 111(1 ill their line ol h W ihese i)iisv |.o|. il.n ix.v I he OhI Lm Irndjiiu. l)i(un(»i(ihacl . and M lionl; I. Ill lell ou. lor ' ic. Bob and John arc I lie (aiiipus |)nbli(alions ' |)hotoi Ta|)hers. Besides snappini; (heir eanieras .u ill luiu- lioiis at odd limes and miiisiial pl.iies, these pholo kings arc given the honoi ol posing and photogiaphing all campus queens. ■B ik Uonald Malc . lunA roic: Dr. John RobinM.n; Mi. (.eoige Balka. Publications Committee DR. JOHN H. FREDERICK, Chairman The Coniinittec on .Student Publications and Communications sti es as a neneral jjolitA board for the four suidciii puljlications and WMl ' d. The conniiitiec. as csial)lislie(l this year by the I ' niAcrsiiN Fat uh .Senate, eonsi.sts of eight lacuky members and iwo sUidents who do not hold salaried posiiions on ,ni ol the i)id)li(a- lionsor WMTC. Sub-connnitlees. (onsisiim; ol editor, business manager, iaeidt ad iser. and a chairman ap- ])ointed by the tonuniitee chairman, enable each publication to intorni the main committee on technical operations and make recommendations for changes in geueral policy. The sub-commit- tees oi e editois and business managers a larger oice in diieciini; their respective publications and hel|j establish liaison between faculty and students. 87 MUSIC AND DRAMA Ihcrc is a certain lanioi in creation. There is a certain anr.i ahout those lucky peojjle who have tiiat special sonuihint; ' called talent. c{ talent isn ' t exerythin} . The people with , i " easepaint on their hues, the kids vho s|)end extra hours rehearsinn tor c horns )aintinji, sets or gixinj student concerts sometimes aren ' t any more talented than you or I. A comljinalion ol lo ' e lor what they are doino- and willin 4ness to work make them part ol ( reati ' e lite at Maryland. I ' m jjiiiliiiii loiHcrti atid dcvolion, Volpone ' s victim iiiwycr appcins oliliriniis " I Ins host ' s cruel conniving. It ' s )l(, lllliohlllii IIKlll ' l (M Lconr puis ovri Ins poiiil. IS (I iiinil ,n,d -hniuu. ,l,r, ni Ihr hinil uj Missiliuhy as llir iillr l„,n, hr,n,n, lln i,ll, mil. I jxil i)f ii )l(l is llir siihjri I of Qa ' s urgnil inquiry. 3 inland J ainbow by E. Harhurj; .ind Ircd S.iidy I itiiiiii Mrl.onrrgan Iic-ilciirk D.ilhiin ' I nil on Mrl.ouergaii iiii Williams nr„l Mnhimey RoIkii Milli " U (•• ' " Kf II.-.-, Iiivli l;iiiKlit. ' i l li-ii l - l ut ' ll Willi iIk- polillcs o( 111. i.inljMi. Stall- 1)1 Missilii k sils ilic lone of .1 (l.linhlfiil imisiral ((iiik-(I . Mi-lodifs like " OKI li.vil M K n " ami " Mow Aie lliin) N In (.loua Mi.ii;i. iiil.-is|K-is.-il uilh llu- anii.s nf llu- l,|M..I,..u„ Ok l.-M.l A lM.kK,..„n,l l„ lUv Ml. M.I.MUii. ,,.. mwm MM MVffl1 1fl1 ! M MiHmw " Sure, find ' Ixt ' ill he somcthin ' graiidisli, " .says miscliicx ' niis Og. w t m3 ]V- HS H W! 1 H H V 1 A ' v ■L i IlidinU hn hivr. Iiiliii diimrs llir Xrw Year iti. i:wlnll,-n;l h hn t " nih ' „nrrou jiru, f.irirlti srrhs rnriifnyt -ritli ii jyii n IV i„ hr, rinhlhn,,,! ptnxrnnm. " — K-ir H L- . v H 7 know a good thing when I st e it j(n(( pioudh tells her sister. lUil. I want to live. reall live, while I have youth.- n Jnhnny-s plea to the unimpressed .Mi Wilrhhoy John ' s ii)!i ' til filcas jursiuidr Cniijin IVoniaii (i liiiinl him hiniDinily if his iiitrtnl.,! hn,l,- is laithliil. The hirth and htitnini;, nj B,iih,in, .Mini ' s witch child is Ihr suhjrcl j miiih Innfiil l uiyr) and slnnn lrh,ih lolni ' s uiiprtuous dcmonslratiou ( l slrcitglli clearly shows that lie means husmess lu rDurtnii; Barbara Allen. The hwer.s awnt th, ra ' lul t (iin hisioii. fcirrior ' s Husnancl by Julian Thompson Hil pnt ta Rhea Minnclsuin Siiliii ' tis C ' .hiislophcr l.arki ' Aniiofie Ann Uillianis Thisfus Have SinKlildii C:oiiic(K is the unav()i lal)lc: iisull wlicii };ii(llr sicahng Greek warriois invade the Aina onian qiieeiulom where men arc scorned. The ladiis who manage to appear most attractive in then armor, are at fiist inininching. . s long as ihrii opposition cmplovs the tactics of swoid and shichi the leniain stalwart, hut when C.npid swiftly siihjiigatcd. A soloist pui loriiis lor Iceland tek ' isioi Aiulicnces ihe world o e )ns which (lisiiKix the cold hearted . iiia ons. University Theatre •lis iir.r. Irti In ,1 1,1: 1m1 11 liii.liiick; UcilKila H.ilii-r. Mm;! . l)Kim « it : llkii Sue Maisli: H.iili.ii.i s.i|i|.iis(iiii; |ii.l S|km(.- Niko ii.nvil : Vdiiniiic Ahltiiiaii. s,,„ti(l imr: Carole Winkler; Claiole Cliaimsoii; I ' liyllis Sanuielsdii: l.aiiiic Villish: Dave Siiinle((ii Rhea Mdiiialsiiin; Mivui Coiiiiiell; Fiances Slair: Norma Knaucr; Ann Williams; Ann ' ermilli in. 7 iir ( loii ' ; Maiey Clianiliei Iamii (Iii.Imm s.iII.i Dallam: lanes Ainiatorl; Krislophcr Larke; Robert Milli; Dick Watts; Samuel Waildell; Daniel Abell; Oui Rvaii; Ann Riiiiin: DokuIu Miier; Uarbaia Powell. InnxTsiiv I hc.iin liur.ilU sh.iuid lalcnis i , ilu- nmi1,I ihis r:ii when lwtni li r 1)1 ik iiuiiiljcis boarded ;i Militar Air li.ins|)( ri plane lo l)Ci in a nidiiih loii.; i nicnainint; tour ol the A ons. lUiiiiuda. and Iceland. .Success ai lionie. as well ;is :d)i-oad. was lounded on a siii inn loi perfection, loi liiose in lioni ol i larint; lotjtlii hts il nuani |)crti(iion of lines and nioxcinmi. I ihose behind the bii red t uri.iin it uuani perfection ol tiinini; and m is. Recompense for many tedious hoins ol |)reparation was [ " leaned lioni the wholehearted applause of capacity audiences. 100 m- iiKiiilnis liiul time lo ichix ami loiycl llial " tlic show must go lirsl violins: N;iik Hoft u Mi l. StTomI i ' ioliii. : M; Kliot: Haskell Maiiiiisoii Wfllljoiii; Hoiiici riiich ii: Rfbccca Siniili: Micliafl Koiiicsanik; Stmia Raciisin; l) iiis Osboiiic: Alma I ' diiciiickl: William Isl (ia I ' ox: Hair Nidiipomk: I ' dcr (ihist-; Rolieii I ' anclls: Charles I ' aiiailf; Doioiliy rnmi|). liola: a l.oiiisc l ' a lci: I)a i l Uiirchiik. Violoncello: Sii aniic Hood; Chester Voo«l: William CUilfiiii Conlrabass: Ro anne Cavaiiaiigh: Kllsworih Urigp: l ' " " ; ' Mason; Willis IMiysioc; Norman Irv Leon Sniiih: John Saiulbcck; incenl I ' fislcrer. Obor: Edith Stimsoii; Barb; I ' hsterer: Arthur Hennan ar. lin.ssooii: Robert Dawson; Robert Johnsoi Dickie. Clarinet: Carolyn Cook; John Slop: Brute Flute: Mario rif i Iw I.enfeM. r uml el: Miles C: Martin; Thomas Shiple ; Sail rd Oloolc. Phillip Hoj ks; Hugh Henderson; Leslie rhoiiias Fiigate; Beth; Walp; Dana Mason. University Orchestra I Ik- rni cisii ( )i( In nH.i. iiiukr ilic diict lion ol Mi . l ' r n- joKkii. has as iis inirpoM- tin- siiul ;in l |)ii lin niant t- ol sii ious ok lusiial iL-pcrioire. In aildilion lo iis own wiiiiir iiid prnr tonttiis. ilu- oitlicsira accom- panies ari()iis otlicT niiisital ' groups in ilic picscniaiii)n dI ihcir pro- grams. ( ' .oncLTis ihroii liDUl llic year Icalurcil gucsi pcrlormanccs. such as iola soloist, Haskell Marrinst)n. and the Women ' s ( ' horns. Meinbersiiip in liie University Orchestra is coni| os((l ol siiidinis from practically everv (ield ol study rei)resenteil oii liic tanipiis. Faculty and staff members .ijso Kiid their talents tt) the siiccesslid pro- gram of this active group. Chapel Choir A iial pan ol Marxlaiul uadiiion. ilic Chaprl Clioir. iiikIct ihc dircc- lioii ol Mr. l- ' a,L;uc Sprin, inan. iiiainlaincil a l)us schedule (ondiuixc lo all campus iclii ious groups. ] li;. hliL;hiini; the (lliiisinias season was the Choir ' s annual rendition ol Handel ' s I ' lic Messiah. For the (nsi time in its hisiorv. the Krouj) presented a I ' alm Sundav conceit. leaturiiiL; New Wnk soloists and an anc ieiu harpsicord. . c c ompanied i) tlie I ' nited .States .Marine Hand. the sant; on a coast to coast broadcast h)i Memorial l)av ,Ser ices at Arlington C ' cniclery. Hynnis suiil; i) the choir emiched Hoinecomin; Chapel Services and C onimenceineiu Kxereises. roxc: HiIii l ' la.ster. h. Roliert M.I .UMiiKlli I.Hi.s; loliiiM.n. uc I ' irM.liiU; I ' .r.ks Sp.nk.nan. ::.l1ui(,ii, 1 UMsini.-i: lU-tU Spaiv U-i: l.ii ;aiil M.uIim.u. Snoiul , nr: Clare Aicllci; Sa.a kareii I ' lrich: Frances Hunclcs: MariUii Vause: 14eU Sciberl; . Iaitlia Thomas. Tliiid clora Graves; lima Salter; . rlvn Slienefelt: Elizabetli Remiiigton; Penny Wood; Vicki s l-.verline; Craig Linidberg; Francis Palms: Eric Kliu; Oouglas Mock; Levin Fishell; 103 Women ' s Chorus Kadi season ..I ilu- siIkm.I nc.ii ua mclodioiisU uslKrt.l m l) ilic Women ' s Clioius with Miss Louise C. I ' avler (lilelliIl . Ac c onipanieil 1) ail harpisi lioni ilie Xalional ,S iii|)li()n Orclicsira. ilie ' 4rou|) liii li- lii;lile(l (Inisuiias lesii iiies with perloniiaiu es sponsored l) ilii- sso- eiated Wouitii SiiuUinsand ,Si-ina Mph.i 1-psdon, In .idduion lo iluii annual lonciii ai llu ' . a al Xcadenu, llie ( liorus jinsenled a sprin; |)roi;iani wiili the Iniveisiu ( )r( liesiia. Selling a new piicedini. [ v W ' oniin ' s C.liorus sponsored a ( ' .oniposi- lion Awaid lor coiuposeis ilii oU ' lioui Anierita. The ( horal work. designed espic iaih loi woniens soices. will be preniieied duriii ' liie coining year. ■nsl ,r.r.l,U In tifihl: MaiiiiTii; SiIm Nii Limlct ; .,i Cullii-il: (.«miiui1i J.iiks |.ii Reed. Second row: Marian Hiiscoc: licttx Muindii; I ' .iiiicia Coltoii. .Scciciarx; Rebecca Sparkmaii. President; Heriiadine Bells. ice President; Betty Spangler. TrcaMirer; Joan ( aMela o: Anna . crce. Thin! roir: Margol Wear; Caria Harms; , llhea tccles; Maria Kiirl : Elizabeth Halsted; Susan Frey; Nancy Nichols; Paula Caulk; Naomi Caske ; Carol M c ( lu.i-- H.i i.v Patricia Crane. Men ' s Glee Club ' crsatilitv is ihc keynote of pro raininiiii; lor the Men ' s Glee Cliih inuki ilie ilirenion ol Mr. 1-amie Spi in;_;nKni. (.lee C ' liilj xoices herahle.l the dedieation ol the new Aclivilies liuiUlin-. and Maryland ( ' en I en Ilia 1 celebrations were enri( lied 1) then i horal presentations. On Memorial l)a . in aicordaiue with annual (iisioni, the j ronp sang lor services at Ailini ton National ( ' enietei . . s|)iiiig toiuert was also a ital part ol their bns ' schedule, linaled in Iiine h participation in uradiiation ac ii ities. Ill addition to collegiate aeti ities, the Men ' s (dee ( ' . programs lor several clubs and aliriiisiic organi alions. lo inesent First i,i-,r. Ifit h, liiilil: Fiamis I ' .ilms: |.ul West Hanc e.oppcl. Sn,„i,l roir: Slcnc Ral Kiiicsl Kcsscll: Doiialii .Miner; lliisu-i (d.ikii : I lu n p;- 4 ' ' S im Wij iJiJi N mm li .,i,,ll ll.itinii.iiKl; l.,i-K- (...u : IU•ll R.n |ii. ' , I !■ I - I N :..-i.:. i:...-. 1,-u. R .. ! Su.uuli. S,-. j,W !. .,. M.11KU- (.Liik; 1 uki Liiil.,: D.iw l..i :.,...,:.. IIli.. |.; .,!,., .... 1 ....... LlntUiul. loiii ll(m L. l.Muli; Uol) Kaiiis: Gcoirc Clciulciiin: Jmlic Rhoads: loiii 1 iigalt; t.laitiuc .Mikiii ic. Dii.ii Vhinl you:- i Kiiiman: nill CIcvtIaiul: Hanv Mcnvman: Joe Cot: Dave Kiicklci: Lerov Buitiicr: Stan Marks: Riiss Havi lill: »ol) l.iiidsav: James Nichols; l-.llcii l ' a i loik; Kii l-.inbicc. Fdinlli row: Ricliard Sued: Oon W ' essel: Ro Hiilliiiai Ileiherl . l lltd.lN lie Uaiiic. Sn Dennis Itii Caroline ( Ri er: (.eo ■.UHene l-.llioll: . nllii.M l)c llionias: [anies NoI.mkI; [ames Novotnv: Kill Rnilasill: Haielil Simpson: Sam .Vlanis; If. ( ,.r.r: l-hlll Hooks; John Sa|)ienic: l 1 .is ; Hill I ' .iiicison: (Wens Cornell; [ames Miiipin; 1 rank .Nowatk; allhews; Hill Jowers; l-.d OToole; Ksther Wolliii. .i; |ii liili Hal)i(k. Si lh roir: Kill Parks; Itm.e lliilicri; |oe Delpo: ehliik; Kill Jcihnson: l.ovis IVrrgo; (ieorf-e Rotlie; l)a e I;iisoii; Hood (ieisberl; Nan( ( naini: I dilli Siimson: Kalln nilh row: Karhara Diekie; Robert n vnc : Fred Shafer; Hob Dresthler; Kelly Carr; Sleen Weslerlierg; I ' anI Weckesscr: vniii);: I ' al Mel ; John Farrell; Robert Kcnncr; I ' at King. Kiglilh loir: Herb Levenstein; John Rippingalc: Jack Sharlsis; ■• ■ ' ries Dunn. Miilh row: lorn i; J;i k Krisolf. Imi Saiulers: Tom Shiplev; Charles Knight; Walter Solle Kenfield; Kred Knrrier; .M Hexser; l-.d linnnons: Kill l " i The Red and White Band Wluiliti iiKirihin- inio .1 doudcd I(».i1mI1 M.iilium .11 liall-liiiic. or accompanying tlic (rowning ()l llie Ma (hmn. ilu I iii tisii is ;i local point ol campus iiUcresl. No j anu is (|uiu (ninplcu- wiilioui ilu laniiliar Red and White, and c cry asscmblv is cm it lied 1) its pnsiiKc-. In .iddiiidn lo si;ii;iiii; live liail-lime shows and |)articipanii.; in Oranj c l ' .() l adiviiies. ilic IkiikI plaved lor the Redskin (Tiani ' s pro looihall name and |)ro ided niiisit lor the sound tratk ol iht Vihliiit Dipini meni ' s " l-ooil all Hiohlii;lus ol r.l. ' t. ' i. " Durin.g the s) ' ! in;.; seiiiesier concert work was paramount. .A series of indoor concerts w;is inaiigu rated as well as liie traditional outdoor programs. i li ■ " ' • ' " ti ' l ' ' • M ' i- ■ i ' ! (.;il;i Ixiuii i);illies ixlax a tired hand and aii-nunl iMT-dccpcninu Florida lilc Miai WililC ' MIU spirmd NU, HONORS E en campus lias its Men of Disliiu tion. W ' dincn too. Collcxjuialh knoAvn as Bii Wheels. Technically, they arc the members of the ninnerous organizations on campus which honor studeiUs for scholarship, actix ities. outstanding contribution to life at Mar land. They vear the kc s that are symbolic of extra work, extra hours. extra achie ement. Hiey are the students who ha ' e i otten the most out of being here. And I heir contributions helj) make more out of Mar land. For this we honor them. 109 fr 1 Mortar Board |iiiiii)i WDM nil w illi a 111 1)1(1 ol Ml ill- aiul Ir.ul lai li rai arc sclci idl as inciiibcrs ol Moiiar I ' xiaiil. I his lioiinraiA, whirli taps its iiuinl)fis Ml, .i l).,v, IS ihi- lii-liisi iii.,oiiiii,,ii iliai a lar land ( md i an ificixc. Ifw III till a(ii ilics liiis year nuhidril tlii ' inan ' inaiion ol ilir Inst iii ' Sisui pio ' raui loi I loiiiri oiiiiii ' . A ■Siiiaitv I ' ariN " was ,L;i cii lor all woiiun studtnis iili a ' . ' .- o iTall aNc ' ia i.- II. n Inn,, Dnin Dinolln Dcltinry li.nhiini Dndd liaihani I inch ilirdii ( rc( ' )ihcrg 1)1)1(1 JiK q)irlle h)iiii Kdiin ' unf clos I ' dlYK iti Killiiig .sicorlJi I ' lili i( id A ' xt; llhcit Met iiiflslciii IikIiII) Pclnsoi) l ())()lli W ' llliiniis 110 IIRI Ci; BtRLAGE 111 Kill K I llKII ' .XklR R() n( RR()l JAMFS GOUGE Rl( 1 1 ARl) I lol NIKS ROGI R KI ITH ( 111 KRI I l) RI) (. I I I HOM S LI SCAT 1.1 I ' l l ( 1 I r M Ml ' ,( Omicron Delta Kappa To l)C(()inc a incmljcr ol Oinii roil Delta K;!])]):!, sliiii. cIkhikIlt, inilialixc. and lca(lershi|) a itaiioiial men ' s Icadcislii]) lioiior soc ici . is iIk- ([naliiics. highest award ior men on caminis. In order lo W ' inlcr tappiiii; is iiadiiionalh held ai ilic be iiniled lo become a memi)er. a man mnsi Omicron Delia Kappa banqnel. Kre(|neiuly, have shown exceptional abilit in some field ol outstanding laculiy memijers are made honor- collegiate activity, he nuisi possess high scholar- ary members. iri.l S SLSSMAN CHARirs WICK RI) (IIVRI T n J ' :y Who ' s Who Lfa.lLrs!u|..s. h(.l:nslui .;in l scr i(r to llu ' i iiiinnuiiii .md scliool arc tlu ' (]llalili(■ wliu li rc ' |)ic- ciii lluist ' ( lioscii lo IVho.s Who .liiii»iiiSli( l ' )iLs in Aincricdit Colleges mid Universities. Karh in ilu Sprin; a com- lu.l(■ l an.lla(ull mkimIkts lUKkilakts ilu- ncnuinloiis task oi noininaiin ' iliiri caiii|)us leaders loi rccoj ni- lioii ill iliis h(iiiorar . An animal pnhlK al iim siKinsoieil 1) ihis soc iclv liMs ..lU ' -ialc iiKinlHiv |)rc- seiuini; infonnaiioii i on ccrnini; ihtir indixidnal ar- coniplishuK Ills. s a luillicr henclii. this i)ui)li( aiion aids siudtnis in job phKeimnt l)ci()if and allcT i radnation. liriire Herlnire lleiheil Hruhaher jcroinc ( ' (iiroll HinUara l)o,l,l Elizahelli KhtnuljieU Paul Eckel Rliedd Cieenherg . Innii JiK (jiielle Ihile Jarvis Wendell joiniso,, .M ii .IniHi Kiiiiii ' dngelos I ' lih i( III Killingsn ' orlli I ' aul l.innlnides Thoniiis l.i-sdilleel Rhen Merinelslein .liidrey icnlondis ] ' ineenl Fiihnnho Judilli I ' elerson Cdlniel riiillilis Dd-i ' id Riidoiv ' riiomas Sliipley Dd-i ' id Singleton Sandrd Soivder Beverly Stnhhs Idles Snssnum Willidm Walker Charles Wickard Charles Wicker Cecilia Woods Dorothy Williams 112 First roiv, left to right: Barbara Fiock: 11. ii Nonis Eib; Elaine Coover. Second r r,r: H.ikcr: [anu-s Rcid. Picsideiil: Prisrilla I ' lL riiinlnn; D.iMil Miiiiax: Rill Cniiiliicx: W i (,,imbino; Marlene Sandler; Carol Funk; Lyla- 1 ; Maretta Long; Rhea Mermelstein; Barbara lldbrovolnv: Shirley Read. Third row: Phillip M.ii; liiinUhn Ha dcn; Miihacl Kiidiik; ]viv l.ililrs Siiniiis; |,iliKs (,(iiin -; |m l K(i:k. Phi Kappa Phi Dedication to the unity and democracy of edu- cation are the objectives of Phi Kappa Phi. Students in tlic upper iciiili of those gi-adu:uing in the senior ( lass and Ironi ilic t Taduate school are eligible, riiev are tapped in their senior year and (oniiiuie tiie |)olicy of stinudaling scholarship. . one hundred dollar scholarship is pre.senied to the graduating senior member with the highest average who is ])lanning to con- tinue graduate work here. 113 Delta f rif roil ' , left to right: Roger Ciiiiv; Robert Johnson; Hugh Siggins; Pete Berney; Charles Kirk. Second row: Charles Warner; Alan Luchrmanii; Joseph MrCann. Secretary; Thomas Murphy, President; Emil Skrabek, Treasurer; Sam Wood; Richard Juien; Fred Witmcr. Third row: Scott NLssley; William Shulmaii: Warren noniovan; Richard Brown; Howard Whillock; Douglas Keefer; David Berman; Robert Karns: Robert Marsheck; Virgil Marsh: Lawrence Holtcr; Midi.icl Welch; Burwcll Powell: Louis Isaaison; i; cr(it Wade. Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Lambda A prolcssional lraieniit lor (luiiiisiiv n chemical cii,i ;inccTiiijr iiiajots on cmiims. Alpl Chi Sifrnia ' s activities range Iroin parties ;m(l Mph.i I ..mibil.i Dilia. i iiaiioiial sdiol; other social functions to the si)ons()rinn()f eiitiT Ikiikh.iix. i.ijis lushnuii iiikii wlm h,i c laining le( lines in nian liiidsol sticntc. Wvj,] on its list ol I inic lions is ihc haici nii s pitstii (luiiiisiiA niaioi Ol (hnincal rir incci who li;i iiiaiiiiaiiK (1 ilic lii ' lusi s( liolai shi|). li-nil)cr slii|j iL(juiiciiicnls iiuhulc a 2. ' a erai;c ii cheniisirv. i.iiiHil a ;!.. " siholasiK axiram ' (liiiiii ' iluii liishiiiaii car. Ihc iiiollo ol llir oi ' aiii aiioii is imcllectual Lixiiv " . riuir |)in is ,i niiiii aimt ic|)resentation ol ilic lamed Lain]) ol Rnowl cd.i c. Mem hers aic a( i ixc lor oiu ' Mar oiiIn . Ilu- lous social liiiu lions 1 als,,ai i loiiai Koai.l incniDiTs s|)onsoi llnou-iioiil ihcNca in liu- siiiiii ' ' ol Ml Fint row. till In rij-hl: Bcll SpaiiKlcr: [ohainia Maniii. IrcaMirci; Marjorie I ' ersion. Pusident: Marjic (.alo. ice Piivi.liiil; Nam Sneed, Secretary; Kay Simmons. Stroud row: Mclda Henry; Kleaiior Mc earr ; Shirlev Simms; Dorothv Thornthwailc; Ruth (ireen berg; Norma Reed: Revannc Hoirm:ni; Hllen Weinstcin; [can Bra : Nanr Lor Snvdcr: l-leanor Russ; Mire Love; t.vnihia Pipci ■iisl ur.r. hll In liiilil: Rirhard l):nis: [(wpli apotiickN; (.fnrgc Hindi: Riilicil I ' .iikci; Rich.iul H.ii i ingKiii; (.cmgL- I iniiiKriii.iii; Charles I ' ettil; Hubert Bolick: Harvey Gilbert: John Ham. Second rmv: Nelson Kulda: Paul Lambriiies; N. Niemiuen; Donald Weber, Secretary; Shcrwin Fstrin. ' icc President: George Acree. President: Robert Hall. Treasuier: Robert Dalzell: Samuel Riddlebarger; linvd Ia lar : Carl Knglish. Tliiyil u,ir: Ra nu.iid Ciirtiss: Oonald Green; n u Uinun: [ohn Janelt: Gilbert Petrina: David Forward; ( haiiii- (riiilri: (li.iiiie linulci; William Hol(mf ci: I ' liil lislin; Roiial.l Imiii; lhcdo Bravo; I.ciov Browne; William I.abanz; William I).. in: |,,liii Wilkin: Rohrii (.iinihri: Ri,h.n l |iil ii: I ' aiil Hcun : M.imii Long. Arnold Air Society National Officers of Arnold Air Society The .Vrnold Air .Stxiciv as an hoiiorarv society rccooni es ilic (uusiandinn athaiucd AP ROTC " ! cadets. The s()ciet ' s worlliwhile [nir])( ses in- clude jironiotini; the Air Force as a means of National delense and (realint; unit and elli- ( ieiuA anioni the AFRO IC. cadets. At the National Conchue in I !•: " ); " ■ cadets troni Mar lancl were elected to all the National Olli- cer Positions ol . rnold . ir. Dininir the vear. ollicers iia e hniiudaied tiie policA lor the !()() s(|uadrons ihrou ' _;honl the counUA. First tow. left to right: V Officer; Gilbert Petrina. .i National Information ami si Curtiss. National Opeiiiinn tional . djiitant Recordci : I) Kseci: Id R.IMll rs r - n rs ( r n f ft t fit ft f y.. . ' !.,.,, , ' ■ nj ' !. DiJiiakl NaslK Richard kli ; William Dinliiig; Rnnal.l I lll ; Dcnilil Whitman. IloKanl Rchach; Joseph KrIK; Clilloii Rail. Siiiiiid lou-: CJiaiics Clagetl; Ra tiioiul Honand; Rohcrl Rced ; Ronald .Shcplcr; Hugh . iidicw, Oaplaiii: Julia . louil . Ciiinpanv . iigel; Ronald Palmer, Commanding OITicci: Richard noniicllv; Philip Shade; James .Snyder: Barry Gastrock. Third row: William White; David Hodges; Eugene Bowrne: Kverclt Mooneyham; Paid Friedman; Walter Miller; Ronald Kreuder; Richard Baker; laras Chan li. Mis. loliii Rippingale; Wayne Jersin; ornon Hyson. Foiirlli roif: William Marek; Richard Martin; Glenn l.insen maver; |tjM | li S. ; Oavid Bush; Kdward Reilly: Charles Glcbas; Thomas Kelly; Bruce Gallachcr; Jim Quiqley; Carter Doolev. Hfih r,ni: Kuli.iiil l);i is; |ack V0 0; Julian Willtin; Richard Single; Alvah Conley; Robert Tice; Joel SereholF; Richard Morgan: Hovt Blooc nllll: N lson Doiny. Pershing Rifle Beta Alpha Psi liinl.cishi| iln- Sn.uiv ol I ' cTshm- In I ' l. ' K) I ' .ri.i lph.i Pm I.iuikIc-.I m, ih Rilirs is (ImlK (oiuixiscd ..I Inslniun .iii.l i.ini|.us as a nalii.iial .iiumnlin: M)|.l:,,iiinns wlio would l)r in Ikimi ROIC l)ui hoiu.raiA hauiniu. To be cligilik- l(.i intnilx.! join l isliiiin Rillcs lo hcionu- inoii ' |)iuli( icni slii|) .1 siiiilrni niiisi he a junior with a ; ' ). " ) mini in inxrisioii and 11 uk dnlK. I lie purpoM ' ol nniin m liolasi u a 11 .1 ' c- in ai 1 1 lunl in- .nid iia Pcrshiii!; Rilics is l.)d( tlii|. l.iiui nndiTMan.l .1 .l.d .Aci.dl .ivcia-r. v tunsi als,, sul)nni in ' 4 (il llic nnlii.iiA imi iai i i- and liadei slii|) in oiu- ilioiis.nid word icseardi paper and p.iss the l- R( ) I ( ' .. Iiiiir liuui i iiien e ainin:iti()n. u .(Uup.inN l.nnishes the nil,, i.d (ul,n li, 1., Mph.i I ' si has sti id ihi- I ' iu eisilN h I 1(11 ROIC hnu iK.ns. .ill li,,nie i.H.ih.dl hnn- ni- ( .in siandni- men ni .u i . luni m- lo ill s:ind parii( ipales in Mililar l).i imi h I.i . lampus ,is spc.ikers. lirsl row. Irfl lo litilil: |err Md ' ike: Richaid Pel ol.l: | hne (heirix. Ireasuier; Herbert Wickie. Picsideiu; Wood row Jenkins. .Seticlarv; Nlike Daskalakis: Dr. Howard Wright. iie President: Michael Miller. Srroml row: James Phiii: Michael Sullivan: Russell D.ivis: ni.iM.;( Hinlbiii; Ridi.iid RoimII; Robeil Peaisi.n: Paul Gillis: I ' elcr (.illis; m Beta Gamma Sigma I Ik- Alpha cii.ipui ol Ikia Cainina Sioiiia was csiablislud ai ilic riii trsii ol Maryland in I ' .MII, Mi ' ii and wnniin siudcuis in ihc field ol bnsi- iRss adniinisiialion .wv rrwanUd lor tlirii liar- anci and hi-li s. holaisln|. with incanlRishi]) in diis naiional honoi ai . ITic pioniolion and ad aiu cmcni of educa- tion in ihc arts and s( iciK I ' s ol business is one ol th.e |)in posts ol this Muiciv. Members also strive to ini])ro e the londuc i ol business opera- tions. liisl row, left to right: Ricliaid PcUdld; I ' m.!. J.mus I ciil; 1) Allan Fisher; James I ' ickcU. S ro,i,l lu.r: MitlKid Sullix.m: |(.li t:heiTik; Elbridge Hurlbuf. Delta Sigma Pi The adixiiies ol the Gamma Sigma chapter Delta Sigma Pi, a national business Iraiernity Un inelude inonthh |)i()lessional dinners with guest men. was established on the Maryland campus speakers from btisiness or government. The in 1 •). " )(). Its high aims are to encourage scholar- chapter also holds an annual founders dav ban- ship, to ])rovide social activity and nuuual ad- (]uet, a biemiial initiation dance .ind ancenieins lor its inend)ers. arious other soc .nid professional lunctioiis. - ( .- Ri.h. ' iui Bai.Lilft; lik; (.us l.iakos; Ronalil Idiinl.nnc ' ; Rc.Ikii (unv: W illi.iiu Halin; Bfii llill. Madan; Dr. Allan Cook, Aihivir; Ruliard FiiincN. kc Picsi.lcnl; |c,hii (,lirin , I ' usuUril: led Mrl lo . iic lanisoii. Treasurer; (oliii CJaliardo; Josepll Kotowski, Secretar . riilid iir,r: Willi, iiii (vuck; Ch.iuiuxv llri slxij.;; 1; Sianley Calloway; Wallace Downey; Walter Beauchamp; Riili,iid Wan; Ch.nUs Kci ni ur. Willi. un lli .uu; I Kill Kite; Boll Yager; .Sliannon Cline; Sam Forsht. ( rj r- . ' n n " O 43 n M ■ M HI., ' . Irll In nielli: VMbvv Kti.l; lti.l)hH- nian; llobliir Dcidil: Rlicda (.icciibc-i n; Ann Kale Williams; Frankic Schoenbcin: Kvclyn liudiiick: Elaine Ecseiy, Treasurer; Marty Jaiks Lee Spielman; Barbara Stephens; Rita Solomowit ; Joy Cosgrove. 7 " iirrf row: Barb; Lake: l.llcn Claison: loan C ' .asitla o: Sliiilcv Matthews: Florence Hi : la c (.;i lit; Nancy Antrim, Secretary: iRanik; Margie Boone; Carol IMC Sdiaefei: F.ileen Brown. Diamond Pi Alpha Xi ()r )iii woiiuii who . v made ouistandini; I ' l l|ili,i i. ,i Ikhiolun t oiiiposcd ol C ' oillriblilions lo lluir individual l;i )II|)s, Iyaw siiidtiiis in.iioriitL; iii l- loru idiiii i- and ( )i na junior stand 111- and lia r niainlainrd an ..XLiall menial I loi lu iilliii c. vas cMa;)lislud al llic I in :i (ia-i )l L ' .;!airiai.|,rd l)V Diamond srmianmi iiMi ol lar laiid in I ' H ' .i. ( hialilu ai ion loi all in die lall and at the SpriiiL; IiUciiiaui iiiiN iiuinhirshijj is based entirelv upon a liii;li sing. Kach sorority can selcn t tliose women irom sc holastic average, its ineinl)ershi|) cvcrv yeai . I he aetivilics of tins gr()U|) iiulude rei ulai Dniiii- ilu ' p.iM ne mem Ijeis uslieied tor oiiie ol which arc open to tlie pul)l tile ()1)K men ' s lashion siiow. rni ersity tlieaier kaiiniii ' .; ouistanding sjieakcrs. I ' liis ear an prodiK ' lions, coneeils, and other service projects ex] iii liom ilu I )i |)ai imc ni ol i;i it iihiire pre- fer ilie University. tl a talk aJjoiu his inn to the Or Finl row, left to rinhl: Conrail Link, Advisor; Daniel Dorsey, Secretary; Rol ert Grant, President; David Tag, Vice President: Hariiko Ishiyama; Aiuia Hemming. Second row: Tom Cahoon; Wally Harden; William Hash; Richard Moffctt; Bernard Magisamcn: Barry ( ' .:m: jdlui XmiIkisom; Harold C.rccii. ! ' n fi n Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Kappa IM. a national music honorary, icicniK (.staljlislRd a ( hapicr on ilic Maryland (anipiis in I! , " ). " ). This honorar rcc()L;ni c ' s men students who ha f shown oiusiandin jjarlicipa- (ion in ihc I ' luvcisiix Hand. IIr- purpose is lo assist iht(lnc ' (tovandsttulcniolh(cisorthc ' Band 1 " 1,11 h, irjil: ll lill Rhoads. licasuici; Albeit Tase, Vice Piesi- III nHchslii, I ' HM.kiii: Gerald Hammond. Secretary. Second roic: ■luui; WillKil ti.uhlidi; Russell Davis; Boh Karns; James Cleve- n r o f, t ' i;i ' .. ' .i.- aVi a»- »;; ; ■;«,«- ' National Collegiate Players The National Collegiate Players reiogni e the studeiu nnist also have a ' _ ' .() scholastic average, very best in the various phases of I ' nixeisitN In this oigani ation membeis work to gain ex- Theater and honor them vith nienibershiiJ in perience antl recognition. The Maryland chap- iheii sotieiv. To become a member, besides ter was established in ] " ,)17, with many NCP being top notth in some jjhase of the theater, a ahnnni having achicxcd professional success. Chiiiinsiin: !■] RliL-a Mniii. Rita (,u(iil Dave Siir ln (Iciil: I Mill h (.ossagc. I First row, left lo riglil: M, taiy. Second row: Ann Roll; Omicron Nu riic honor s h icty ol H(jinc Kconoinic s. ( )iiiicr()n Nil. iiH (linages lcaderslii|). sc liol irshi]) and if m.ikIi. Mtinbcrship is liniiud to tlu- lop per- (cnt ol tlu- senior class and ilic lo]) iwchc per (fill ol ihc junior class, llu oiusianding coeds arc lapped twice a year eiilu i in die classroom or at least ' iven lor this purpose. . l)aii(|uci isniven in honor ol new inenibers alter s|)rini; initiaiion. Pi Delta Epsilon Pi Delia l ' .])silon. a national liaiernii . iionoi students who ha e made ouistandiu ' . (ontriim- tioiis to ilie field ol |ouin.ilisiii. In i)C(onie a nieinl)ii. a siudent iinist he a junior who has ' . i en e ( tptional sei i( e toward a puhlualion lor two years or held a major posit imi on .1 piihli cation staff for two semesters. This vear a social was sponsored 1) I ' l Dili 10 inirodiue nieinheis ol ,dl puhli. ,u i. .n stalls 10 .- ri hl: Mai liuultll; Hicldic liickfoid: Jean Spencer; . ii lie .Nio.loudis; . dele Chidakcl; Barbara Dodd; I. n,l ,aw: Itill Holland: Ncal Ourgin; Hick Park; |im (.anilM i Holm. Presldenl: Harvex Ciasharian. icc J ' lcsidi UciKlitol; Sian Haiiisoii: Cieorgc Barllul. First rou , left to right: Fled Maiiin. Piesitlciu; Kennelh Turner, Vice Presidciu; Marsarc urer; Dr. Warren Johnson. Advisor: Kleaiior Janis ewski. Second roio: Belly Ivcs: Vniictlc Flossy Clapham; Ellen Ferguson; . lar I.ucas; Fenny Vood; Dorothy Donovan. Secretary )orothy Hamberg: rhi Alph.i Kpsilon is a honorary ori;ani ati()n lor the College of Physical Kdiuaiioii. Rtcrea- tion. Health and Physical Therapy. I o he tlit i- ble for membership a Junior siiuUiu iniisi ha e a 2.7 overall scholastic average and a . ' !. I a erage in his major. Also he or she must ha _• an objec- tive rating approval from the staff and facidty, as well as from the members of the honorary. Meetings with guest speakers are often open to the entire college. Phi Alpha Epsilon First row, left to right: Phil Welsh. Treasurer; Homer Figler, President; Ross Sherman, Faculty Advisor: Richard Gonzalc?; Frederick Cohen: J.-nu-t Raiduiu: |ohii Lesser; Forrest Fr cr. Psi Chi The national psychology honorar ' Psi Chi established on the Maryland caini)us in 1 This society is open to psychology siiuknis have shown outstanding achievemeiu in scholarshi|) and to gTaduates and faculty i bers. The purpose of Psi Clii is for the ad ; ment of psychology as a sciciuc and lo further educational benehis lo nicinlxi s. Group projects and addresses 1) ' j,ursi s| ers diu-ing the year are the main acii ilics. who heir lem- Sigma Alpha Omicron ■JM I..;,, -; (. ' tij hl: M.ii Aiinsuuilh); N.ino k ill). Ailt Hilda Willis; Aivey Sanders; Palricia Herbert; Thomas Cook ,Si,i4nia l|.li,i Oiniiioii, .1 pi oUssioiKil li.u ui i who .lu- ikh slmw n m ilu- a u, v puiim- lui|)c ology society. v;is limiultil 011 tin- M.haI.iikI ikm i-.n luiliU U ' si.niv .iiul snow Ircc t c- campus in l! ' " ). MLiiilKishi|) ix ' (|uirciiKius In ninns: | Ad. mis; M;n Ai iiisworiliv . Sii if (hide junior or senior class siandini; widi ;i L ' . ' i i.n ; Robci l Uiaunl)cr; Mariin D.iniu : llild;i o ir;dl a(adenu( a tr;iL;e. Studcnis nuisi ;iIso ( ' liii: Ann ( " ook ; M:n Idson: l)i;nu- I- :nis: li,i f (oiii|)kled a mini mum ol twelve ( 1 edits m )amcs I aidki ; P.iti i( 1.1 1 lii hi 1 1. ' i( e Ties idem ; haeleriology (ouises. Dr. Norman l.alhi. lai ult d isoi ; Ah in Ik ' causc ol a season ol m,ui snow lalls, .1 luim I.,i en; M;u M.k kintosii: (.letiluii Maiteus. her ol appoiiuineiUs lor pielurcs had to be can- President: ' irii[inia Miles: Hail)aia ldlii : [ost ' leled .ind conscciueiuly the following members pliine Owens: Rita .Shoualtei ; Mxioii W iii;;et. 122 0.0 a ,( 1,1 iiiihl: Steve KoliMiiban: Kcnncih Kr.uh: )cri Haitdagcii. I ' lcsidciii; I ' , II nuvall, Secietaiv; Kate Waters: Marilyn Hess. Second row: Katharine Kiii: Marvlyn Burns; Roberta Haljer; Marihii Jarvis, Hi Phi Chi Theta Phi Eta Sigma Phi Cihi ThcLa. a nalional Ikisincss W ' oiucn ' s Professional Fraternity, vas established at the University of Maryland in 1955. Students arc ta|)|)C(l for membership on the basis of leader- sliip. college average and capabilities. Ihe pmpose of Phi Chi Theta is to promote the cause of higher business education and train- ing for vomen, and to foster liigh ideals lor women in business careers. A(ti iiics incltided outside speakers and joint Intel ings with the Washington alunniae. IHii Eta Sigma, a schulastit honorary lor Iresh men men, acts as a serxice organization lor the University and encourages high scholarship lor all. A member remains active in Phi Eta Sigma throughout his entire college career and may be recognized by his gold key. The organization s])onsors die Studeni Faculty coffee hoins, distributes pamphlets on liow to study to freshmen and holds social finic- tions with .Mplia Lambda Delta, freshmen women ' s scholastic honorarv. Fiisl voir, left Treasurer: Don; Sdnnid. J,.: » ■ig)il: Sieve KoliiiM W ' illott Saxberg. .laih; [eriv Haitda Donald liosle; Job 5 r n n liuiluis,,l S,,,l,l,..,.l;in.l air stK. 11,1 I, lllll- Ic i|,. lluKn.%. n Scabbard and Blade oii ' . 1,11 In rijihl: S.ilh Ruhin: [oan Kcllermnii. Preside i:i (.;irmr; Ancliieniie AhUiiKiii. S,,,„i,l nr.r: Maisli IK- |:iiir Mile: Alan (.li k: H.inna l ' eliiisliansk%. ,111(1 l.ll,, ssl,l|,. I lu . llu lu-luM llMlll.lM Ih.IH.I • iiv ,,11], lis. was ,,i-ani i-.l ai MaiNlan.l m I ' . ' L ' L ' . lis |)Ui|,(isf is 1,) liiilliii ilu- iiiililarv a(ti iiirs ,il llu ' iiiililaiA ,li. pal 1 iiuiil on llif (aiii|,iis. Iiiii1his I,.i iIu ir i iai air mU led ai an aiinualK ,nL ' aiu id .lull iHoniaiii. (ii iiics III Scabbard and Blade includes iis s|)(iiis()i slu|) (it ilu Military Hall, and the prcscn- iaii,,n ,,l I wKaih al llir I, ,iiil) , ,1 llu ' riikii..uii S,,I,iui. Sigma Alpha Eta Sij iiia Alpha Kia. a ,S|)cei li and Hearing Society, was established on ihe Mainland campus in Ki$. Speech palholcjuy majors aspiring lor mendjcrship must ha e a L ' .. ' o ei.ill and a . ' ?.() average in iheir major. During the e.n liie soc ieiv lias aided I ' liiue (ieorge ' s ( " oiiniy with the ( " .rip|)lc CMiildren ' s ,liivc lo raise funds. Joint meetings wiili oihei ( liibs were also part ol iluir programs. I lirsl iou hi I .. Donald Benson: I G;intt: Sanuic-I Ri (,ii " " in: ' I.illliiu .1111 kcinicih: Richaul Tolh: Chailes WicUard; Joseph llonitk; l)i. Carlci llr an; WilUaiii l.l) licilder. Second row: James Smith; Joseph Byrne; Harold Lauth; John Travieso; F.dward Bo ci: l(lu:i Michael CJiocondo. Tliiril into: Jesse Friedman; Jerome Jeweler; K.arle Falrk; Ralph Crosbs; l-du.i icliiih Siiiltli; Ror.ill; Piof. Allied nanci;gcr. Fuiiilli row: (.eiard Hurle ; F.dgar Dai is; (.eoi .l Miilliii; loliii (iilliiis; H.iic.ld Buidell: William Redman. Sigma Delta Chi Tau Beta Pi The professional Journalism iraLernii lor incii. Sigma Delta Chi, each year recognizes ouisKiiul- iiig Mar lan(l students and graduates. .Mjoxe a er;i;.;e in iheir scholastic work, nienibers strive lor hi-h Mandards in ihe field ol jounial- isni. This year. Sigma Delta Cihi has pidjjislied the Alumni News as well as playing hosts ;u ihe Pul)lic;uions booth al the (xMiiennial. Twice a year, ' J au Beta Pi taps outstanding undergraduate:, in the College of Engineering. The national honorary engineering fraieniiiv considers only tliose who have attained a high scholastic average and who lia e been ac ti e in campus activities. Jmiiors with a . " .() cnerall are eligible. Students who liave shown exceptional ability are taken in during the fall semester of their jimior year as " honor jimiors. " ■irsl niir,l,ll lo tii;lil: I.aureiKr ON. ill; RiismII Allen. c Hodgins, Advisor; Jules Sussman, Siiui,M s,i,ni,l i:i:r: Kcinietli Howard; Robert Hurlbiiiik. licisiiin ;c. I ' liMdnu; M.iilin Kiiiilick. i(e I ' lcsidcnt; Lawrence Ioiii.im1I(i: t);i i(l Miiii.n: JMi Koik; Rcrsen Brown; : HjH l . 1 • 4 ' M 4 .kIii .fi 2 m. M- gs:.. ■■■ Ji ViHnNfaM itt B MJ B K? ' v J H ■ H B Ir ' ' ' Hr (. ACADEMIC Husically. a university is an instilutic n ol higher k-arnin; -. riic libraiA. l c proti ' ssovs, the bookstores, the students— ihesc are the foeal points. Progress in research aufl experimentation is basic. Beneath all the ac ti ' ities and excitement these things make Maryland a university. More and more the academic aspect of the uni ' ersity is being stressed. And as the excitement of academic growth continues. the University is making an e er-gro ving contribution to the intellectual life of the state and the countr . ' ' 1 m k 1 V N n iiii)il)li ' (I woiiN I. Mi Ml, |. alphiibei is uscil m n m (Ikihmi in ili campus clinit . Into the Classroom . . . students follow their search for knowledge G rowth through educational experiences — this the University of Maryland has in common with all of the other institutions of higher learning throughout the world. With the merger of the Maryland Medical College and the Maryland Agricultural College in 1920 the University of Maryland was born, and today it extends many miles around the world into five of the seven continents. Here on the College Park campus nine colleges have arisen from a strong and rich heritage of one hundred years. Francis Scott Key Hall College of A rts and Sciencr Xrom a modest number of 49 students in 1918, the College of Arts and Sciences has soared to an enrollment of over 2400 students. To pro ide its grad- uates with a liberal education which will enable them to deal intelligently with all problems that will confront them is the main objective ot this college. A few deft sirokes of ili- t-M-i. I LEON v. SMITH Dean of the Collarr of Arts and Sciences College of Arts and Sciences PHI Freshmen o;ain luw insislit into tlic city goxernnKiil from ,i (i anil 1 ' insliuctoi. Many heated horns are spent o er bimsen burners in the Chemistry hthoratory to observe proven chemical reactions. ralialeiK) Hall Collrnr of Ihisiiii ' ss and l ' „hlu l,h,n nsln,l,nn I I RKEMAX PVI.E nr,i,i nf the Collrnc " I lUisniiss and I ' lihlir Idniiiiistiiilinn College of Business and Public Administration k( vhoards of various nnidiiiics. ilicsf stutlciils |)ri| aic lo iiadc dassiooins lor husiiusN i.lln Wi ith the budding of the College of Commerce and Business Admin- istration in 192 3 as a result of needs realized in this field after World War I, our present college of Business and Public Administration was finally created in 1942. This college represents the largest of the University ' s professional schools. College of Education Skinner Building College of Education ( .1)11 idiuaiiun class pro cs thai giuiip plamiiiigcicaii ' s kripint; uiih llu- liiiUA as ii ilis])la s iikkIciii nulluuls of tcacliiii . VERNON E. ANDERSON Dean of the College of EduaUian After years of continuous struggle to establish a program for the training of teachers, the College of Education became a reality in 1920. As the years passed, this college added to its academic offerings and instituted new services to the state. Through earnest endeavors they have kept pace with the ever advancing frontiers of education. Collej e of Engineering Culliiii; .111(1 iKiulini; iiu K slifcis arc iliL- lask.s ai li i ' IIr- sii.MiiiiM iiuials ai( sliaiH-d lo till ' ilisiiicl luiins l)v iiilricali- iiia( liiiUA inaiiiml The College of Engineering has its roots in the first curriculum offered by the Maryland Agricultural College in 18 59. From a small, one-man beginning, the college has grown to embrace five accredited departments. As a result of his sincere interest, Glenn L. Martin has donated towards the present four spacious buildings which house this college. SiKss aiul u lod.n l)v ll Kii ninc lino Bulk lin.n (;, -,- „l t:„oi,u Cllllli College of Home Economics MARlt; MOl ' M Driin of llif CulU ' gc uj Home Lcunuiiii The Act of 1916 expanding the Maryland State College of Agriculture to include coeds paved the way for the establishment of the College of Home F.conomics. I ' rom one curriculum n 1918 and onK ' a few students, this college has ad anced to include o er 500 students majoring in nine aried and related helds ot Mome Ixonomics. Ill ilif girl? riu ' sc (Inss (U r K Spiiiig house cleaning goes on cl.tilv at the piaciite lioiise cksigntd loi g p,ol Uu,s.,l housekeeping. A window chsphiv on eanipus may be seen In downtown shopjiers some day. .Margaret Brent Hall Cnllriir of Home Ecouomu ill 1 1 1 1 B.. ! W l B j A fed l ] % College of Special and Continuation Studies K W I IIRI si;i K(,l ihini „ III,- CoUrgc of Sjinial and Conlimiiiliuu Studies With the crc.ition of the C.ollcge of Special and Continuation Studies in 1947, the nimibcr ot the L ' ni ersit colleges and schools rose to hlleen. The C) erseas Program has expanded to include over 13,000 students. This collei;e provides higher educational opportunities to students thrt)ui;hout the world. Miliuny peisonncl siRii up Im cxtia hours ;ind Ijooks in I ' . 1)1 I. ;ii ihr F ' cniagoil. College of Military Science C:()l,. jOMIMI 1 . WII ' .ROSI- Dnni l llir Collr r n Mllihnv Snrinr Quite a change has taken place for the boys in blue since the days of the Mary- land Agricultural College of 1856. Graduates in the curricula of Military Affairs or Military Science now receive B.S. degrees as well as their commissions in the Air Force. riK- |, Alask.i. ,.iur -SruiMcrs l-i 4 J » College of Physical Education, Recreation and Health l)r,ni o Ihr CvUt e oj Fliysiial Ediu nlion . Recreation and Health Students who desired to major in Physical Education were enrolled in the Col- lege of Education prior to 1949. Since that date a separate college has existed which today offers a diversity of curricula ranging from a program of required courses to physical therapy. Suident Aciivitiis Ruildinn College of Physical Educa- tion. Recreation and Health " { ' .onic on, drop through!! . Whcvv!! . . . Those varsity phiyc iiKike it look so easy! " rls arc learning that ih 1 movements of modcri ' don ' t come easy eitlier. (ietting the ball over the net is important, of coinse, but it ' s rtally " teamwork " that counts. (.()K1)() l. (. 1R. S li.aii uj llir College ■I i ' -rinilluic T. he academic story bci ins with the tle elopnient of the M.ii l.inJ AgncultiiiMl CA)llei;e in IS 56. One htnidred ears ot progress! e plannin ; has estabhshed practices which ha e contribtued in aliiable intoiMiiation to this e er changuii; industry — Ai ' ,ncidtLn-e. Toda , this college s niboh es ad ancement and development in the state. College of Agriculture Symons Hall College of Agriciiltini ' Dairx Miciuf slmkiUs Irani H(liiii(|urs ol making AnuTua ' s lavoiiic dessert — ice cream. Bhu- ril)l)oiis lor these lal and Ileal I In hogs is the prediction ol admiiini) would-be judges. ORGANIZATIONS Sometimes it j ets to he too iniu li. One more ' meetin i;. one more set ol minutes to he txpi ' d. or people to he ( alli ' d. or agendas to he planned. and yon feel you ' ll he ready to eall it cpiits. Somehow you ne er do. And the haekdrops et })ainted. and it sno vs the veekend of the ski club trip. and a record cro vd sho vs up foi- the student chamher music concert. Each group working, each organization. provides a place for someone ' s interests. And tlie re(()rd o( iheii acti ities is ery much a part ol the whole that is this unix ersily. ir r - fy VCC.OIN I f (. ( I.I H. M ,„:,■. hli In Mi; , ; RmsmII l).i is; |c liii (luiii ; |.i( k lull : I Imki iim);i, Siroiiit in,r: Rol.iil Utiipni: |.im| Ii kolovxski; I ' liMoii lll ll• ; Midi.icl l).l l .ll.lki . in I ' hm.Iiiii. |oIiii W . Cook: HowiiKl Wiii-hl. Advisor: Rolinl IVais.m. Tliiul ' , nr: Uilliam Kohii im.m; jolin Riinlianl: (I Koiiiilaiiic: James Hcsl: William l. tv ; Ihcodorc Becker: W ' allei kiik: Iil I ' iiuus: (.illHii Dillindiiln . Campus Calculators accountinj club learns how to apply principles Financiers of Farming agricultural economists analyze business angle AC.RK.I III Rl l(() ()MI(S (1115. In, I nnr. Irll U, ,1 1,1: Dick Willon: (lainuc R.c.ln ; l.awi.iKC I ' ullni: Rnl eil Miiioi Srinnd iinr: (liaras ( haiuias: I ' aiil I ' olleiilierKci . . d isoi: )amt loiiiuain. I ' icsidinl: |uliii- |. Csoil.a. Scirelan: Richard Conical lieasiiiei: oo(li » (.iicimood. Tliiiil iir.r: |ulio Ciislaldo; Uiiicc Maiiiiarcll i; | lin la loi: John Cinii; riedc-iick (;ia : 1 .n ■Miller: Donald lluikiii; |am s I ' eleis. Future Agrarian Leaders Assemble ag council coordinates activities in the college of agriculture (.K1( I 1 II KM M I 1)1 I (Ol ( II.. liisl Ki.r. 1,11 In li-ilil: Robert Parkfi; Roiial l.i( R ■rM lll■lt;. i.c I ' lL i.knl, r,uu,l uiw: Rich.uil WcIkhi; Wade: Joe ollei. M.I ' HA I ' m OMl-.C;. . Finl row, left lo righl: Charles Grar; Raxmoiul Holland: Hill MacDoiiaUl: Ihoinas Hiiison; |jiii Siai Maiiaklala Salish; David Kappt. Second roiu: Tfd Metzlei; Kd ktill ; Richard I ' rcsloii: Marrhal Fuller. Ice rresideiil: l)c l.eHlaiic. President; Ciene Kovatch. Treasurer; Michael I ' alchan. Sccrelarv; I ' eler Ker el. 77i(r nw: Michael Welch; John I al I ' alrirk Rvan; David Schiebel; Wendell RcdiMcnd: Bruce Mohn: 1-iancis I ' alms; R .|hi; Ma Rule; Charles Wise; i ' a Mclnnis; Carl Hollnian; Warren I Jrockeli; I ' aiil Wdihci; Ihonias Delanev. Willingly They Serve APO sponsors book store and ' ugly man ' contest Tune Sets to W3EAX amateur radio enthusiasts broadcast in old gym AM Al IIR RADIO WSI.AX. row. left lo riglil: Carl Uernhaidi. |(.v Ddhrovoliiv. Secielarv; William H K k. Seioml roiv: Kdwarcl (. ii Sianlev Maiiell; IVie Marline : Kd Kucliarski: Don Wliilint . •i _- .l lll ' ■ )-.( lOii ' . c Y o , !; ( ; Roi;ci Cuiix; Islt-i Halt ills.; (.(.-laid Ncikiik. .. , row: Charles Warner; John lioliik; Mkhael Welsh, SccicUun; Janitc kellv. I ' k-s.- 11. Vice President; John Soltis; Ralph EUioU. Tlurd rn-a-: Shui Tong Hui; Robert Mills; James AVidenmyer; David Herman; Bob Kariis; Pete licrney; I ' .dward Adams; Test Tubes Unlimited chem engineers become familiar with their field Making the Sparks Fly AIEEIRE relates electrical and radio engineering wii RK w iNsn ir 11 ( :::uif .J - n f)£ .) P ft gry pifj I ' lc-.siilciU; ' M;ii C:kiiiL- ull. ISakcr; ISclli . K . . ; l.llitl Gaidiicr; . kclui.i Clivls. I laid luu: Maitia RirIiIci; Janet Cuiliss: Karen Rict ; Riiih Hochman; Uarbara Alk; Joan Lc Hean; Caroline Critker: lU-ii Ma OHrien: Nancv Jov; Hahs I ' ike: I ' hvllis rinncr: Shirlcv Coikran: I ' m Hovis. For the Sake of Charity red cross holds blood drives and entertains Surveying the Future engineering developments are studied by ASCE AMI ' .RICAN S X;il- rV OK C:i IL KNGINKKRS. V.W row. hfl lo ri hl: 1 lioiiias Moran; l.vnian Kia iei; I.U.Nil Rce.l: James McC.ill; Al .Spinel; Alfreil Sinipsun: John .ainosiny: ' incenl Knag) N: William llr o o«ski; Slnail Anderson. Srroiid niw: I ' liilip Mondon: Ronald W ' cisnerber; Riihard l.awrie; Nelson Kulda, President; Fiederick Stephens, iie President; Ciiero Mendes; Uii Kiiller; Cieralil .Sthlimm. Ircasnrei; | ian i:;irle. Smetar : |isse leather; Robert Simi: Charles l-inn; Vandcrck H;issenpeffer. Tliirit row: Wallei I ' el old; Kiloh Knighl: Ridiaul Price; John I nssin ; Stan Sinnnons; Kreilerirk Kollhoisl; I.ce Rubinstein: James Mauiot; Robcil Miller; Rnssell Daxis; Paul Maiu.nkian: {;eorge Uanus; |osi- Xendrell; Ircdcrick Rogers; Rndi.ev Res:a Inurlh row: Kmerirk loth: Urnie Robison; kiiiiicili I h. (1I; D.nid Stanlr (.icni: I.imi W " -.■ | u ' . I ' . ' lii--.- Nolaiid; James V. •• II " Unod; Kiigene Sl.iilii.t;-; l.ii.ll ll..lll,l., , |),,m,I I,I .. : Wmh.hi Will,,:, A . 1 Masters of Mechanics mechanical engineers hear panel discussions Grounded Girls in Blue ROTC squadrons sponsor coed in angel flight A (.l I, II K.ll 1 t iisl ni.r. 1,1 T) ' , s no r ir ' .Bi ' Oi[C iK :irK.CZk ' y: OC ()1 l IM Ks. f M )ir. ■ ( » . ,i; ;r ll..u.ii.l llduM.n: Ic.l Kmc: I ' lank I.a ' iia: Nmiiian la (ila: Harrison Livingstone. Second , ,. ' .■: Miiil.% Kusli; Carole r.einen ; Man Ruvj,: Siailm Voiis; Sara Weinberg: Hekii Mai tlook: Marx tieanor Cook; Anita Seaton: lUilN ( : Haihaia I liiMnscn: ' i I ' lirnian. I hi,, I xiw: Nancy Honston; Joan Drake; Martlia Mueller; tllen Kirby; Barbaia Anderson; Sliirlev Siinnis; MaivlMi Ituii: Aiirclia I homas; Marion Miller; Nancvlec Rawlings; Binkv Varcv. Fourlli row: Patricia I ' allisiei : AiMie Dill; I ' al Hksmi; | .in Siogner: Gloria I ' latesi; Ruth Wylic; Kay Simmons; Alice I.ove: Marty Petty; Jean Kclel: (iail Siniili. Underwater Rhythms aquaUners swim in their yearly spring show Keen Eyed Cattle Judges livestock contests are held by block and bridle BLOCK AM) ItRIDLK CLUB. First ( -, ug i . Diaiit- Arnold: l.i Kiiikei: Nan. Siiis. Seuiiaiv; l(.Ml..n.. Iluiiui: S.ilU Buck; Patricia Qninby; .Arline Tieacluay: noKithy Roche. fU-coiiil row: CJcorgc Hodges; Charles Hiinley; Peter Draver; Louis W ' aile. President: . giistiii Fernaiide : Warren Boxer; George Roche; . rthur Car| cnicr. Arguing Just for Fun calvert debaters travel far to prove their point Many Significant Pauses chess club players echo ' check-mate ' for hours Chest Allocates Campus Donations many charities benefit from the annual campus chest drive (oho: Aiuliiu (.( liinili;i: lUvc-iK Rril.ri: lloiolln lUcis; Jaiiic K 156 Three R ' s to Teach childhood ed members plan for primary teaching Farming with a Heart happy homes and healthy crops are 4-H goals r. Qf. f pip. : Pasteurs of Today dairy science club prints journal and finds jobs Transportation Co-Op commuters trade problems in day dodgers club I)AV1)()1)C;I:R.S. H,sI mw, left In righl: Maigi Ft l sliyn: Chaileiie I. loir; I ' iil C;ifisili; Aliic Ring. Tieasiiier; Kruiii Segal, Vice I ' lcsiilciu. M:i iMc UdMT. Cm icspoiKliii;; Sccictaiy; Kav Hauling: I ' at F:n i i (..iMiii: I li piii:is SdJMiii: (.loigc Kniitc ii; C.liailes I ' cieison. Su annc Ta loi: Klainc Paris: Kallilccn Bairv. Srciniil I (.i.UI. I ' risi.liiu; Louise Mailiii. Re,„i.Ii..n Seiielan: h-.l lcl Miuliiiik l ' I ui;!. : Hill Informal Mealtimes for Boarders dining hall staff shares fun at D club parties during the year i;j;: l.eonice Watts; Ruth Ensor: M.i li;. Treasurer; Roland Swanson, u - liiison I.appin. Advisor. Sccoiul mu Mi.u Siniil,; Ralpl, rpdikc: M.iuli.i nil,i Kini;, |.nn.. K., •l)- Cl.rU. Insi row. left to right: Doii S((iii.ii ; S.iiMiul Adams. President; Knsm |aiu- Kuigncld: larilvn Vausc; Pal l..uh ( .,..pri; i.inlMi 1 1, .u. nsuin: M.illli.i I . llMiiuli; ii.iix W.ili .iiski; (. ■!, iM II. M 11.1 ( h.iilrv Siiiilh: likr Iiiuiisnid. flin,! ,. ,,■: Km (.m.iui-. R.ilph W i- .i ; (li, I,K,iiii,i: Kuli.iiil Wiiili: I ' liilip ( |oIii, I,(,iii, I 1i, ' ,„I..i c ' R l.k:i: Willi.iiii O.luns, |i: |nliii Isumiln; Dniiiis l..ii (..■,,i|4 - ( lui.s; (h.iilis li(.cc ' : l.iiii.s iil,iiiii .i: l ui (,.il, Sitrn Wrstcilxru; |nhii l-,,ii,lli in.r: loin; |),.i; William FiiuLgin; Dawvin Mi.ili: k.iil Uciiscim; Leslie Waddell; Robert liaile ; Ocivik Vii..4lit; |oc Vicngci; lohn Sli; Uob C:aic : Robert Fowler; Fred Haiisoii: W.niu- F4ongh; Joseph Zimmerman; Samuel Waddell; Mike Carpenter. Brewing Better Foods FIT visits plants to observe food processing I N N I M I M (»1 lODl) I 1 t.ll UHH. . liK-l Irll In ,i,,l,l: [.. I ' . Walls; Hobcil l ' ;irker. I ' lcsiilcni. s,rn„ l imr: Ronald Ham l.iicl: I ' aiiicia I ' allislci, Sec iclaiv: |( sc-| h licnson. i(c I ' loidinl; Joliii Moore. Salali Allons Enfants de la?? french club meetings include films and lectures IKl ( II ( II n. Iiiyl i.w.lilt h, M-A IV, III liiilioll: Iinl kaliii: !aiv l ail .iia NitlioN: aii ..ll K. ii K.iv .il c: M.iiiii.c I ' ll .l lsoi. ,,,,„ l ,n.r: lk-ll Um. ■ I luaiiK; I ' lisiilia W inin : Man Slaikcv: P- , ' ' K . M ' - . i Sjiii.ilicci; Pallida l o Miall; W.. Im Ki(.M " ai(l; l ' ai iii liial. I I llRi; I- ARMl RS OF Wll Rl( lilloii WcbslLT. I ' lesideiU; D.iinil I Henry Comcgys; Lewis Smiili; joliii Rich.ird I ' ligii: James Pope. Ben Good; James Smith; Farmers ' Social Set FFA banquet honors young farmers ' sweetheart Report Card Experts future teachers examine the profession Rl I I ( HI RS OF ANH RK:A. ,n.r. 1,11 In n. hl: kU C.l.nk; ■ M.ickcA. ice I ' lcsident: Mar Backbone of Parties top government officials address G and P club Acrobats Become Envoys gymkana troupe entertains here and abroad (.YMK.WA. ri,s( „ w. Iffl In ritihl: Rulh Wdtli; Ixiili Mac Rasiii: Julia MocmIn ; lai.i.c Huiissc; Naiuv Ni.lvcn: |iaii S.oii: M.i ' ' ' l " i Wiii.ii: si.,|il i sliul.K; s n M, .ie: Dottv Cialcs; Margie ) .no, Siuclaiv; Diik Ikii.l . I ' i.m.I.m I 1 I ,, si,,M ,- 111,,, tor; Siaii Collins: l.iikc Hcmaid: Don UaKUti. iic l ' usi lnM; lln RBpB f5 H rt r ) of) T ' T f -. ' . i ;l mk i Flavor vith Ingenuity guests inform home ec majors of new methods IMll SI Rl l Vocational Instructors lEA reviews new ways of teaching the trades Irll In llilhl: Willi, nil I 1 HUM K(As (.iiiinin,!;; ( 1 Iciiiiiv,;: . II, PksmI, Millc D.n 11, HI- Wii; 111; ( ,iil S 111.,;; Rnla- Si.iiik- Co 1.1,1111111, 1M l ' l,M,l, 1 KLVlir; Wrsl.s H;i liiis; W.ilKiii Siiiilii; fr5 1 S| ,ii](lc-ii: Fiantis Fiaiii|i(iiii; DihmIiI Kami ,iiiiiii c Campbell; Gerald 1 l,iiiiiiiiincl, I ic.i |,uk lierjje; (;eoi-ge Kliiir. Ilin,l },:,■: !• iiklciHl; Cliiiide lliisski; j.iims lUiiUi ; II rs . f7 c r» aM. NSI II 1 1 1 0 l U() l 1 1 AI. SCIIACK. InsI row, 1,1 „ ,-« , ; Hci hen Hiintci :li:illc-s SloiilFcr: .Si:iiilfv Pis kin Chailcs I..I.11SO . -irrnuil roif Ilciiio lioiii: h i Knik: I ' dtvjii Stress and Strain Men IAS acquaints men with careers in aeronautics Global Membership friends and fun are aims of the international club IMKRNA ' HONAL C.LI ' II. m roiv. ■ lo rif-lil: Riia MtKvoy; Kaiila Valassi: I ' al Hoiiiaday; Maigaict Malhis; Alena Kll.l. Scroud row: C:aiolc Saiiio; CIcialdinc Mauhliiiiis: Ralli I uiiaii, ' icc rrcsidciil: Jolcne Lilzingcr. Trcasincr; Fcdon niiniliiadcs. I ' lcsi dciil: (;loiia MiiKiici a, Scuciaiy: Aiiila Siiiiri; Fred Kahii; Coiiiiiic Hrandc)!): Svlvia Lesser. Third rmr: Mvrna Casiro; Cicorgc Fiird: Trie Khir. Bias Alfaro: Rafaycl l ' ctr issiaii; Ronald Moiilicone: Fred Bridgers: Richard Smtl: Biirhaii Hakii)glii: Alok Guha: CoiiManiiiie irthyiiiioy: ' lassios ' alassls; Michael iippas; Aiiiieli Franttila; Hamccd Na . IM)I I ' KNDENT STUDENTS XSSori I 1() I i, l ruw, left to right: Barbara Arnold; Ken Heeter, Treasurer; Marv WcnI.hkI. ,Sluc i.iiv; |cihn Joyce, Vice Prcsidnu l-!|ili c uisl.v President; Sybil Renee Tash; Virginia Hill; Mrs. Bernice Arnold. Second row: Gary 1 Uncknin; Robert Scogna: |,i Wi in (.(i.iM (.l.ii e; Leonard Dunklin; Charles Ames; Mary .Xnu Linscolt; Glenn Rowland Taylor; |,iiius I.ilhani; James NiilioKim lliihr I ' .ioir h, Rcigcv Coonrod. Independents Unite many meet and all are welcome at ISA functions Sport for Self Defense holds and falls are mastered by the judo club ' f (III!, lii ' .l you Irll I,} li ' Jil i " !Onif!v l.Ol ISA PARSONS M ItSINC. CI. I 15. lii.U jn.r. 1,11 U, u lil: (LaiMR;inc .MiCoiiiikk: Joan CuMicIl; Niii.i lUiinloiL K-iii lli.i . Aim Skoda: Kilccn Kk-iii: VMiiiiif Wliilcii; Rila .Maliniit; Jeanne Kici ; Joxce Kacl cl. Smiiid row: Rosa Rollciila-it;; Jane Ringgold: l.urilie Lindsa ; . nne HIaiivclt. Sccictaiv; Jcanneile .Vndjrozak; Maigaicl Haves, .• dvLsor; Eleanor Hard : Cvniliia Piper; Sandra I.aC;harit : [eaiielle Sowers; Shirlev Howard: Kve Krongard; |ane Hileniaii. Tliiiil , „r: Margi Fedvshvn; Nlarv l.oii Cornelins; Anne Robin; Karen llahiili; [oMe l.eck; Carol Marlin: Hiinilex: |inu- Weber: I laiiu- Oiei : anc Smilb: W- ' V. l.unW: Sbiijev Slmnis; Riich I ainlurl: llellv Maisliall: Sv Ki:i kelK; |mmc (.iirsiuh: ( haili.iir Kwnkel Tender Loving Care prospective nurses join louisa parsons club Collective Bargaining marketing experts get their start on the campus l RM.AM) MVRKI- ll (. SS()( I I l() ;m nur. Irfl In ti lil: I.auienie WilkiiiM W.ilKi I .iil. I.a I ' l.M.linl W.iIk. I(( hi .liani|.. iie I ' lrsideiil: (..l I i.iki.s. Ih.imiui S.vr.m iir.r: Dean James Reid; (.ei.d.l D.ivis; Sdnnil ei: Vlheil Wallenbeig: a --- Mli ' ii: lohn Midi: Doi II.miIca 11 In ii ' hi: Carl Carlson; Nancy C; sliiilcx |.iiiice Shirley; Linda Mond I .(mI: Kli.i Hood; Barliis Spicer; Pat n.pii ll.inl.v; K - iii H.nilcv, Wcinkam; George Weinkam. ' ice I ' resii Ion; Philip Mondon, Treasnrer. Second oretta Marshall, Secretary; Robert Marsha They ' ve Said ' I Do ' couples compare notes in the mr. and mrs. ckib Cultivating Prize Plants plant industry tries to improve growth conditions i i- Cii - pi.wT l •n sTR cnii n I, 11 In liiihl: Hmii nlli; Cliu .is: (.o„KC lln.l. .v; RMh.n.l , Sciniid rrnr: Mill. .11 HI, 1111 Schilke, Secielar I umsiiui ; Williams; John Jantii. I ' usidci sell Brown, Advisor. W I ' ROI ' I I.I.I R (IIH. InsI r,iw. Irll l iii lil: WjIut Clark: Icivxiirs D. mim. .. I i.c I ' usi.Uiii; All.irt I.ochic: Richaid Iiiiiiicrliiig. Stcoiut uw: t:iiaik lialn-h. M.i Cllall ■ Nan; Daniel Noiwil ; IMiilip Slccl; William Olailmoii. Skyways for Highways transportation is first concern of propeller club al.a.l ;l.. iKi. Il.ll: Leisure on Horseback riding club offers chance to enter horse show KIIH (. CM n. lirsl nr.r. Irll l. ughl: Star i Kiid: Kdu ' ai ' il Rcillv. Treasurer; I ' hvllis Hcfliii. I ' rcsi (Iciu; Jmly Fairall, .Sec reiary: Darlene Nesi- Icr. Second row: Lewis Smiih; Bob McCIuiir: I ' al FIcsler; Dotiv Mm in ford: .Suzanne I I c n ; Thomas la liir: Alan Can. Steeped in a Century of Traditions Rossborough, oldest club, gives dances in winter and spring ROSSUOROrc.H ( I I li. ( liohl: Gloria Weigel; Darlene Harnack; Nancy Stevens; Carolyn Saflran; Elaine Ecsery; I M.iuin. Second rou ' : George Harrison; Boyd Bounds; Don Berlau; Garrett Altvater; il rliird row: George Hutton; Larry Acker; Bruce Austensen; Chuck Knight. Fourth .ll.iiul: William Bright. 169 riiihl: 1(Ii«iis. 1 i-n l.H,t l.,,i,,. li.. inski H M P, ,- l.iuun.. ' Wilkin- .S M„iW IU.1. M.ii; AliLt l);ivis; AUcc Coiirails; IVm Ixjiiis. AiMmh; Kilnu.i S|);iikiii;iii. I ' lisidciil ; Saiiuicl Siils, iic l ' icsi lcMI William Gallo v;i ' . rrcasuiei: Shirley l.iisby, Seciciai : ' irgiiii:i (ironiii. Third row: Hcniy Cooper; Andy Sherling; Gloria Rarnahci Hcvcrlv Rcibcr: l)iaiine Hanr:ili;m: I ' alriria Ri lf;wa : Audi Ridiardsoii; Mr-;. Rcrnice Arnold; Carol Zics; Sue I ' ocalka; Sybil SicKcl 1. I:T Nnllj.. htli: I ' mIi Cnlinn: CliMih-i llaniv Willi.nii Hall Counselors at Large human relations are interest of sociology club Spanish ToAvn U of M latin american culture is presented Spanish club SI ' WIMI ( I IB. Firsl row.lffl to righl: Naiityc Hagcr; I ' earl Gold; Anne (.randiicu; Helen .Siithuiki; Daileiie Nesllei; 1 lit i M.iikiN, I ..Is Itioadluirst. Srtoiiil row: lio batia Trosl; Manuel San (iabino; Konald Gallowa . iee I ' residenl; Aniiinio Kodiigtiiv Im.isiii.i: l),.l.,res Gambino. I ' residenl; J. K. Nemc-s; Mrs. Graciela Nenies. Aclvisor; Miss Anil Norli.n. Adviser; Anne WiedeilioUl llin l nr.r: Kainon Vega; Nestor Dclgado; Frank Uinikei : I liili|. l ' aM|ualiiu.. |i.; Itr aii I ' oslman; Alijandio ainimii; (ieoige |ai(is ince Hanrahan; Diaiuie Hanraban; )i)se|ili Weaver; llR .di.M lliiiiis; Joige C.asiillo; Gordon Mall. .1. 1: R..b i( I ' avne; reiionii I ' ere ; I ' .nriijne l ' ;irra. SAC Builds Up Spirit for Sports card sections for boosters are organized by SAC UN 1 ( I l I 1 lis ( OMMll IKK. M I. -II ' , ( hi liiiht: K:ircn Rasimisscii: K;itc Waters; Ciill CIkic1sc ; Naiic c Hajici ; I ' ll ■ls,,n l ' ,.-x (,ill s|.u- I ' aul.i Sl,.,,l: K.iuii lUl ' M liini , ' |.nu- U ,.i s, ,,.», ,, .,■: Kalluia lU. liloldl ; U.niN W ; V M».n,?, ' s MulliM. iHMMun; | nx M,ll,-. I ' um,I,hi; |ii.i S, li, „ ., , ,i I i , l, r rirsulriU; ( issv W I , ( . m . | .. „ i.l , n Sr, ,,l ,n lilin: |,, ll.nh.ii.i |.iik ,,, ,..w; I llnlM.l; |,.s |,li ( (iiisl.mir: IuIhimii, K.n, i,li,.K ( ,..m; I.ii l.mi (.c.Mim; Maiihii Hess: Miiiaiii Iclduian; RdsciiiaiA Nis ing(i; Kill) kfllcv . Jaiul (; („i,ilcl H.iinin. Wilkiiis; (,c(iij.c Kline: Kom Moiiisoii. I I KK ll SKI (I.IU. fin r,m: Ufl to light: MaiN-Ila O ' Coiuull; I ll. : li.iilMi.i lliulkc; l.;iiiia Mt(.iiiiiis; abclh Uiiiickci; Aliic l.(. Diane- Saiidiis; liailiaia Wall; Shiiliv Ildwaiil; Deborah Gudc; Mml (,iaiir. i(i- I ' usiikiil; laiiKs lloiuk, l-itsiiltiu; Nancv Ladd; .ll» Riisscll; Naiiiv Sloiic. Tltinl mec; Joan Adams; 1 hoiiias Mullin; II. i ini; j, K- (.udi-; l ; - aiKV While; Itatliai.i [a.k: Salh lolson. S (niid r.r.,. ....I . |ii,U WiKdii: llaihaia Sndiisun. Sctietarv; David M.iiu CciMii; Andiiiic Ri liaidviii; AiMia Crofl; HfU KiiiliiMii; Diik RiKkwell; Ra%nuiiid McGiecvev: Wavnc Milslcad: Jay U ' aU ; Sieve Wadyka; Hermann Wagner Jauregg; Robert Rilev; James Gray; Robert Floyd; Werner Mueller; RaUaele Golato; Charles Harris; Sydney Pevcrlcy; Robert Marlowe; Stewart Bushong; Louis Granger; Robert Freeborn; Jean Wasson; ' irginia Cronin; Gary Srhreiiiel: Robert Dobell. Daredevils on Slopes weekend mountain trips highlight ski club activity Modern Pathfinders terp hikers follow old trails and search for new IKRRAIMN TRAIl, CJ.l ' B. First rmi: lilt to iiglil: I ' ania Sthlatre: Mar U liillcnbinK; Julius (soiba. I ' lisiddii : Su. K.ns Serrelar : Diik Reitkwell. Treasurer; Marelta Long. Secoiul row: James Fouiuain: James Hoiiik; William eleny ; Ddu WilK; I (: io| er; Marjorie WinanI: I ' alricia Herbert; John Ginn; Allan Thomas; Kric Khu. c Ti 1 n Q . ; - 1? A Ki.IImIoii. llnu.iKl (.Ollkl Postponed Education air force members in college meet in USAFIT Prescriptions for Pets vets of tomorrow discuss animal cures of today j(kl. i - I ' lcsiilcill; Spell ' ■ HiiiIcn: Majiii W. ,1 I ' .inun: Riciiard Jol.nsl ri f o a f% aiia t Mf ami Monitor at Maryland WMUC gives students cliance to air the news Disc jockeys Don, Naiuy, and Hcib pull fa oiiif itHoids for tluii shows. Complete jMo iani listings an compileil weekly at ihc station. WMl C;. H M row. I -II to right: ' M C.-illaliaii: Don Hale: Hill Haliii: F.d WiiKlil: Hcili Kriiliakci: Gcisluiin Kcksi. ImUm a. 11.1 1,. Srroiitl K.I,.- Naiio Mason; Si l Sussmaii; (.loruc HiaRaw; lii l) (.iinllici; Qiiillic Harper: Wall lUiiiso: Ri.liaid |M)l l,.,l; ).i k llcuilni: |nr Suall.H.I. WOMEN ' S rR()ll,YSIU. AL (..1,1 11 ()1 I ' llV.MC.M. I.IH C,. 1 lUN. ).s ,,nv. UU In n lil: U.miiu l,( .n , l.n Mike Rupc Moody; Mood); Mary Eleanor Cook; I ' eiiiiy NLthkcii. Second im : Annette Dapp; I ' allk- Hum, I.ih;.iui I ' ouell, ite I ' lcsidenl; Ircda Martin, President; Mary Lucas, Secretary; Joy Cosgrove. Third row: Vicki Lucas; Jmlv WiIm.m Helen Mary Cook; Evelyn Horsey; Joan Scott; Marie Doming; Eleanor Janiszewski; Carol Adams; Libby Roberts; Mai jd.m Aikiiison; Beverly . rmsworlhy. Grooming for Olympics PE majors will teach hygiene and recreation Tournament Planners WRA provides intramural sports for coeds () II S l l(RI ll() SS()( I I l ) , ichia.i; SiK- i r. 1,11 1,1 liolit: Liz Torossiiiii; l( u- kiKkci; ' Carolvn McVearrs . I i c- I ' uMd.Mi: EllcM Oostcrling. (,ni i(ki I. mas; |.iih-1 Ciiiliss; Slini ish; Mini. ' l Kiiliin; I ' .ii Rom- O o SnniM ' RM.K.IOl S COINCII.. rim row. left to right: I ' aiil l-.tkcl, I ' rcsidcnl; Janci Caiiliss: Naiio Kliol; lie George Kline. Sicuiitl row: Ralph Kvans; Ksmoiul L oiis; John Jaiiiicv; Laiiy Wilkiiis; FicJ ri boii; I ' ctc Gillis. Inurl.iiili i is siiisscd 1) iIk ' Siiidt Student Religious Council Ri-li: i(.us Con plXsidLlU ,111(1 :1. whidi is (oniposul (.1 ihc R- (itlui ic ' i)] (.still, 11 i L ' Ironi cull rc ' lii;i(ius ()rL;.iiii .iiii)ii. Hi iiioiiilih iiu-cl- ings co()i(liii:iu- nli ' ious ,uii ii on (aiii|)Us. Advised l)N ihc RiNcKii.! Mr. [.iiius li.nd. iliis l;1(iii|) |)l,iiis proj Tams lor all (knominalions, i((c|iii()ii is i;i cii each year to enable new siii (kills lo meet ihe various chaplains, liiis year l.entcn espcr services in ihe main diapel in- cluded a presentation of " St. Mallheu ' s Passion " by the I ' nixersitv Choir. The council also spon sored Fireside ( ' hats in the uoinen ' s resideiues .111(1 ,1 loiuiii ol service |)rok ' ssioiis. Baptist Students I Iuoul;!! ilic Haptisi Siiulent Union, students kain to relate daily lile to the Chinch. Mem- bers worship together at noon each day and meet monthly to hear guest speakers. A formal (Christmas ban(|uet and retreats in the spring and fall complete the club ' s activity calendar. Canterbury Club Religious and social guidance for Episcopal stu- dents is the goal of the Canterbury Club. The club ' s purpose is threefold — vvorship, fellow- ship, and service. Guest speakers and joint meetings with other clubs highlight Wednesday night meetings. AN I KRBl RV ASSOtI A I ION lalph Kvans. I rcsi(leiil; Rc . V richsen. Assisiaiu lo Ohaplain. iioun; }o ce Sctiaefer: Roselia Heiulcr laiDon ' aid: Richard West; Gordon . rou. lelt In rij;hl: Rac Mitchell. Corresponding Secrelarv: Calvin Spencei. Nice PresidenI: 1 Real. Chnplain: Richard Scott. Treasurer; Rol)in Orihlion. Recording Secretarx; Miss Kllen iifl inir: Barric Ncal; I.onnie Nixon; Kathv Lee; Marian Briscoe; ratriria Whipp; Romainc i: jiilia Burroughs; Lani DeVaughn. Third rnw: Dennis Collier; Andieu DalKiuani; Bill Bill C.haniherlin; Roger Edmonds; .August Peters; Ted Met ler. Ll.OWilIll ' . ItiM rou.lcll lo rigid: llauiku hhi .uiia; Dcn.ilil ....!l, , |_,i:, i !,i|j1lv. t ..i ii.-s|joiidiMn .Si.cii.i.ii ; Robcii lioudfi, I ' lcsidciil; Belt) Ives, Recording Secretary; Bill Uostei, Ireasuiei; Maiilsii LiiLksoii; Baihara Niiigard. Second row: Bill Pritchard; Cathy Calhoun; Phyllis Osborn; Marilyn Howensiein: Bill Eschmann; Alice Heisler; Marcia Green; Rosalie Maddox. Third row: Peter Loizeaux; Dean Miller; Charles Ballew; Michael Littleton; Stuart Russell. Christian Fellowship Christian Science Rfli ' j,i(iii will) IK. iKiiliinl.ii l.uih i ' in|)li;isi r(l is l.tssoiis wiiiuii ,iiiil u.kI I) ilic sliulinls .irc a llu- ( lIuiiK- i, llu- I.n l.iiul CluiNlian ni;i|(ii p.m il llif I liurMlav imitm-s (.1 llic l-illowslup. .1 -iuii|. whuli Chiisti.m S(i(_ ' iuc- ( )ri;ani ;ii loii. Ktimv is |-cll..uslui. WCckU l ,.in,il nuiiin-s ,nc lul,l lil.i.iiv. I his ii.inci u i,l ,n u.ini ai lun l.i m-s ill ilic (1ia|nl and spiakiis arc ciiuriaiind ai Cliiisiian SiiciKc siikUiiis (Idsii lu-cilui lui mlnniial -ailuriii-s, I In Maivland {ami. lis CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION, rnw.Ufl to right: .Sandra Stack; Carol Hoy; Dawn He Marv Hanson: |oaii Drake: Margaret Price; Georgia Wolfe. Second row: Peter Boure Moreland. Treas Icrrcll Holli la : Jav i,. Glover: James Shanks. Advisor; Robert Wood; Ray Rivera. fiJJC. «f p ILLLL hULNUAllON. Airs i r,r. nil u, n i ; Cahin Hamburger, rieasuiei: Diane a iic. Sectelar lcn Sussman. ice President; Rita S olomowit .. Si-iond ruir: Barbara Alk; Carole C.ibiKu . Rmli Sbci ee HiKies; Adrieiine Ableman; Zena Applestein. Hillel Foundation " I ' lic Hilkl Foundation pvoxidcs a (uliuial. social, and religious center for all Jewish siu- dcnts. Ixtl by Rabbi Meyer Green bcr.i;, business is carried on by two representatives From each Jewish orii ani ation. but everyone is m-i ed lo participate in acti ities. Ainuialh Ilillel pro- dt.cesa Skit i, ht. Lutheran Students The l.uili inlet;! ate academic Lutheran studcms -orship. stuiK. and Hll this ..oal. mo Siudein Association works to lie lile with Christian laith lot lis on campus. A proi ram ol es is carried on to iul- . ' ir iirojects .ne a da - dodoer luncheon ,ind Bib the Canterljurv (.Jul). ici sessions wit! n RAN STt ' DF.NT ASSfKll A MON, tnU row. left to ng ?): Paul tiank; ricdriKk Morlilr; M.nlin C .uiniiiv |im Rc( bei : Mcttec: Kugcue oung; Willmi S,i I„m4. Sprotid row: judilli M.hih Did li-v llniv |.in( Sihinuk, C (.iiiimIoi ; I.I riiiid, .Sc iclai : Sie e, I ' KMdenl; llorolliv beniiiig; i|.i 1 ixm-., W.nm KnIiui W.iIIv I mil. Iuisumi I hml ci; Rev. Mr. Olio Reiiiilicn. I ' .iM.n, I hii,l row: |anc Hilenian; Rohm (.iii.i; Mi-.;. in SmIiIii irniii.i .ini;hiini. Ililni linik; 1 liiu-liler; Karen Riet ; .Shirle Wadiler; (.reldien Feldman; Carol C nhiii; lai;4iii Wi.n: | " .in 1 ■ IV.;iii; Rns.ilic I.iililo ; Biukingham. Fniirlh row: Robert Haile: Jolni fJeorg: Orville Deniiiig. Ice Kii| ci; Willi. iiii lMiii ' .;ri; C.oiili.ii ll.iikii; C laniiu ' liinioii Carnegie: Walter Heringer: Lester ' Olingcr: Betty Seibert. .1 W I (.1,1 II. ; , . ... KLik: Father J e| (. ' : I ' llallida ; lom Jant-ll Newman Club Religion and rcdcalion : rv sliaiid l) (aihol sludents in tin- Niwinaii (Muh. I ' hroughout tl year rcli,t;ious aciixitits iiuliidf mission wctk. (■.(..mnnninn . ..nd ,hni uiasst s. Son (il U ■ (Inl)s o(ial linuiKins .in ' ,i picnii, mixer, the .Snowball l)an e in the ai nioi . an monthlv dances at the wdmen ' s htld h ' uisi . Wesley Foundation Mclliodisi sindeiUs ome lo ' .;iilui to woisiiip .ind make iu s IrieiuU .11 meelin ' .;s ol the slc Iciundalidii. a national or;4aiu ai ion. I hc ' iini- i ' isii (li.ipiei, directed bv Hi. William Smith, holds t (i .innnal retreats and snpporis nnssion ai woik among overseas (olkgcs throngh a stn.lcnt Innd. U I SI I lot n II() . Aim ,i„r. Irll I riiihl: |:i k (.oiiim.iv; n .i is [..Iuisdm; K.v.iU Riilxi ; | Mmiu- Simvis. Sn iclan ; (li.nli)Ilf (.lahani. riiasiiici; mil)li KcuIm-ii. hv I ' lcsidciil; Frcil IMvIkhi. I ' usi.lciil: Di. William .Sniilli. Dimloi: Mis. Smilli; Ritliaiil Van Spliiitci; Roliiil R ilicils: Hud IliiMliiiian; Ken lavloi; Ciiilis 1,(irs I()ii; .Mbcrt .Suain. Seninil loir; I ' aid .Stevens; Frances Ditkin son: Dee Palmer. Ann Hakci ; Jiuh Allen; Lois laxlor; Nano Re|)|)cri: . nn Cwik; Tlicda York; Nancy Walton: Nan Mnrpln: laril n Kreider; I ' at Hen is; liciiv C:oi)|)cr; Joan I ' lioinas: Roliin Hastings; Carl Reber; John Jainie . Tliiril row: Roy Hendricks; Jim Martin: Si;inley Urown; IJiicky Cogar; .Arlyn Shcnefcit; Phyllis Cox: Nancvc H.igcr; Lee . nna Hammond; Carroll King: Dessic Mae Uiiser: l-.llen Kinhy: .Sue Niiessc; Kay Snyder; Jcanneanc McCorniick: Jim .McFarland: Dick Rockwell; Judith Spencer; John rhonias; |iihn Wilbur: John Moll. Fourlh rmv: Renjainin Randolph: Richard Kraiiss: Don Kicmillcr: Dixie Smith; Frank Stack; Herbert 1-hlirs; .Man Ka While; K.i StoHgin; Margie Clark; Lois Bauerinann; Larrv Nowack; Wilson (iorrcll: Harold Choalc; F lmer Cooper. mil, i.-ii. »()b Nash: Paul Banmgailin; Jim Henderson; Hiooks Hubbeil ' : Dean Miller: Bob Rced : Lee Whitclock: Bill HooIcn; lair l)(Slia«i: liihn (..lies; M.iiiUu Morgan; Theodore KMe: I ' .duard HariKT; |ohn |o e; Louis . rrin ;lon: (.erald Swinncrton; s King. Westminster Foundation (.aided In ihc Reverend Mr. Jesse W. Myers, ihe W ' esiininster Foundation brings the Presby- terian niinisirv lo all areas of campus life. In addition to bi monthlv ineetinns, students are oHered o|)|)ortiuiiiies for summer serxiie. I ' liis summer, studenis will spend lime in Arizona and woi k on a Xavaio Indian Reserxaiion. Ihe p l N Chapfl Clioir llatukis ••Messiah ♦_, 1 1 Mil M ' td y " m ■•%■ ' ■ ' ! 1 181 1)1. I ' rlr ' .in n llir tin hiiilcs (llsiiilriliinl iiirilni. I ' Umvinlfl liuhl i. hiini:, usid in i miilni (inu, niir cxju ' rinKiils In drlcitninr llir lnhilil ' nj liiuliiiiil rnijiKdl di!,r is,s u;-ir iininnn ihr i iralrsl hitudu.iji nj ] ' ,,il(l n II: iii III, ' (■ j)rynnrul hfiiio niududcd II diiii iiD. ' ilii IrsI r hrnii Jiiii In dt ' lrininii ' llii ' liifsrnif iil nil iiiiiniznii iiulihndics iioiinisl llirsr driidl . ' ) .sc.v. Behind the Scenes progress in the making Di. InaMii ' , 1,1 Ihr ■ .noln;j, Drjxn I iiirni w e arc all familiar with the usual functionings of a University, but what do we know about the activity behind the scenes? Here at the College Park Campus and in Baltimore extensive research is being carried on. I ' or instance, Dr. Pelczar of the Bacteriology Department, an Associate Referee of the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists, is currently conducting tests to determine the value of disinfectants as part of a study by the Chemical Spe- cialties Manufacturing Association, riie graduate seminar in inarkeling is planning a n,-,f type sinvey. The Department of Business Administration is at present conducting surveys and giving consultations to the state and nation through the Bureau of Busi- ness and Econoniic Research and the Bureau of Governmental Research. At Baltimore, the School of Medicine has at its disposal a unique device capable of replacing a patient ' s heart and lungs during surgery. Other modern inventions for detecting and treating diseases being used include the electro- encephalograph, a brain wave detector, and the electrocardiograph for heartbeat. M,,(lrni la suriur lias p,,Hlii,,-d a ,n,i,lunr In irjihi.r llir h. a patirnt while Iw is undfi niiio ,nli al sinofi m tlfsr ninis Tins iiiiiio lady is expo iimiil iiii. it ' illi inlriy lissiir in llir Wiuhini AppnialiisUn disnisciomhaltini duios ; iiidio-nohil),- iiiiuliiiir ;.v liriiiji ii f(l III lii(l ' ' liindiilni ilisiuisfs. MiiiKlr Iniiiii wdvr.s inn hr (Irlrdnl. iiicasiitrd, iinti ifdndcd by lliis elrrlro- ruirpluilogvapli )narhi)ir. iDiniildrilii ' s ill lii-arl heal am easily be discinrred through use of vector electro- ttirdiograms. I .n the field of Pharmacology research is being done to discover why blood vessels which nourish the coronary artery constrict and diminish nourishment to the heart. And amazing discoveries have been made in Histology for cancer study. After eight years ' intensified breeding, mice have been produced that are twice the normal size. These over-fed rodents have the same tendencies towards cancer as do obese people. Progress is being made at Maryland! A keen compcridvr spirit has been the byword of Mary- land sportsmen since the first institution o( athletics on the Maryland campus. Since the very first foocball team took the field, many improvements have been made in the way of equipment and facilities. Maryland has pbyed hard this year and has come out with a very credible record. With all the innovations the quality of fine sportsmanship has been retained from the very bcgiiming. A hundred years Uttk changes school spirit wfaidiwiU remain after each year ' steam befomeshitloty. SPORTS 10 ,71 21 .76 12 .t.ri ' ' - 13 33 « 30.50 80,52 K 83 « .4 . 77 ▼ •- -r.Jt i ., tm iii i i - . . « Athletic Council I Ik XililciK Couiuil (il ilu- rni crMi ..I l.n - l.iiiil. ( ()iii|)i istd ul li ' lii jJcrsDiis. .ill nuinbcTs ,)l ilu- I.K uli wiih ilu ' lAcepiioii (il i1k- Sill, lent ( MAC 1 iiiiicni Assoc i.iiion prisidfin. is lislutl Id iii.iini.iin ilu- iiisi iiiiiinn ' s .iiliUiic |,ul,cus. Mcinl.crsol ilic Coiincil .irc ' siUc (id Ikmii all phases ol rnckaMU w iiliin ihc I nivcisiiN so ilia I Iso c liostn lot his a|)|)i c( lal ion ol alhUlic s. and is (I cs ire lo sec- i c r lonn ol ac ii ii improved I Maivlan.l. In (.eaix |- . IpplcA, Dean ol Men. ihe Coun- Chainiian a man who has been ecjuncclcd willi the rni crsit siiue his iinder- i raduate days. i I 1 I i M Club S(iiiR ' (il llu ' l()|) I t rp Ic ' iurnuii .iii ' nK ' inl)frs oi ihf -W Clul). Ihc (lul) holds iiKciin-s cNcry iwo wcfks ;m(l has .is nufsl s])t ' akcis many proiniiK ' iit area sporisnicn. ( ' .hifl I iiiu tion ol ihi ' ( luh is lo I)rinj4 l(), c■tilC ' r ihf leaders honi all phases ol aililcli( adixilv and ha e ' ihcin (!is( uss ideas lor the bclternie ' ni of the I ' ni crsit s aihlelic proi raiii. riic " M " (Huh is also the sponsor ol inan top campus attraetions su( h as ihc Ahnnni X ' arsily Winter Spoits Xii ht and the Alunuu A ' arsiiy looii)all -ame held vmU sprin-. Ihrounh the ellorls ol the Clul) the Aliumii- ' aisit ,i;rid ame ' has been established as a Mar land iradiiion. llrst rou; left to nghl: Julius Tolson; V. Peie Roberts; Ronnie Shock, Setietaiy; Bill Sniith. Ticasuiei; Roney Carroll. I ' lcsidcnt: ince Paliiiiibo, ' i(c President; Donald Kammerer; Beryle Cohen. Second row: Roger Coonrod; Bill Hauck; Howard Kramer; C.luuk Reynolds; Robert Moran. Jr.; James Hennessey; Mac Remsberg; George Reiner; Doug Parks; Joev Madden; Robert Weiss; Mail Parks. r ( 9. 9j t ?,» t " _ V ' V - V M i i, M ' - ii 3Vf. ) AMtS 1 , 1 IM liiolhiiU Couch and Athletic Dirccti Athletic Staff JiMi l.iiiiin. M.iiNl.iiuls 1k-,u1 I.M.ih.ill (oacli. (Acisits ilu ' I in (isii s t ii 11 H ic.isiii ' allilctii Mall. 11. Km hill Slll|.l( is lIlC SH11..1 llKllllHl ,ll ilu- I v y ( n.idi siall. hiMii- |iiM c.iiii|)liu-,l his :;L ' ii,ls,as,,iiasl(a,Ur(.l ilu ' I ci | , ,1 lai.i. muI ninr. Jads lalxi and l iiia-x lia c hern llic lop MKii l ii llu- sii. kiiKii Im m11 (. (1 a Av mW. 11. . I ' .u.r Millilsaii i |Hiuii(c,l aiiiiilui lini an. I (.,1,1 sias.)ii Mlh W Inp hoopsuis. n. vlc K.Aal.ilu .iih iu..s|,.,n,.,a.hal ilulni iisii . i ])ca ifiK c ' ll liiu ' sfas.iiis 111 s. 1(1(1 .iml liank Ca..iiin an. I his ..lUis. KcIi.k .ui.l his iiKKuiK spnniiTs. aii.l Suilv Kionsc aii.l his gia])|)lcrs. all iiiailc iluii prisciui- known in ACC; coni|)ciiiioii. 1 ,S " t. Oil II ksmcn sh,,oi ai-hi. Nhil( I ' .iU ( ol.iA slau.l tin- opponnii ,1 [..(■ I ' .laii spun 1.111- h.uns iM.illin- ih k ' als .il oiii lal.ul.nis I ta ps. r? nil 1 iiiu X .,,„h,,r. l 1 , HI Kl W Kl II. ,1,1 1 .(JIM. 1 - Wfj tJ£ i B i , : K A Nr SGT. CARROLL OLIFF Rifle Coach I.rll la lijilil: Kalc ' W I ' ouiull: .S;i1In Millc-i: |aiu- FIcml: Aiulifv Niroloiidis. C ipl iin Hoover; Jiiily l.c-viii. Cci lapiaiii; W. Uakcr; Nanrv Aiilrini. ,.ut Id-: I.Mh V -, i ' Big Reds ' Spark cheerleaders rouse rooters I:ir l:m(l moicis laii ;ilw,i s miiii on I ' lilluisi- .isli( lc:i(lrislii|) hoin i lundut-i UmiIi is. 1 lu ' loll.iu llu- trams llunir hm.i ihf seasons and lead l(i| lans in s()n; s and ( litxi s lor our •Aluia Mam. ' Wlun ilus orou]) -ocs inio action with lluii nic i aplioncs and |)()ni-])onis. s|urnl,nsalu,h| Fioni |»|i i.illus lo ilic Oran-f Howl, ilu-sc is lii|)])fd llu ' inlluisiasni ol tlu ' crowds and t haiKlfd it into Icrocious veils loi . Iai laiids ' Hi KLi r .Ml set Lct " .s add iii;ii l;isi lom lidouii to il Whipping up Oiaiigr Bnui loDiing sends our tluering scjuad gals soaring in ilic air with s|)irit. ' I r FOOTBALL Miu li ol the action takes phicc on the sidelines. Ihat is where the tension hits, and iaces reHect the strain of excitement, (ianies are won and lost on tiie sidelines, and e ' ery man on the bench knows it. So they wait and watch. On the field, hours of practice and j)lannino- are put to the test. The crowds are a part of this excitement, and the cheers and color of thousands of spectators h)rm a backdrop for the action on the field. All this is a part of the j ame; the ame is a part of Marylaufl. — r _jr—: TT !z:: c ir ' r ' S: 2r .76 12 44 43 JjK t|_ ©. SWaft . IP -i t « . g!- ; ' ' ' -4:jV= - - Jiutyj!:u tztJ MJ i i.jt . r_ -.. =- :-fcr-- fc— :Jr Ihsl row. lift III rit-ltl: Iiaiik 1 aiiibiircllo; Mike .Saiulusk); Huwic Dare: Kd Hcuiiiig; L nii lJcif;IUol; John Mti ricks; loin Sckp; Dave Nusz; Jim Parsons; Ed Vercb: Bob Pellegrini; Bill Walker; Fred Tullai; Dick Burgee: Riiss Dennis: Tim Flynn; Bob Laughery; A! Wharton: Joe Lazzarino; Jack Davis. Si-rdiiil lorf: Charlie Kichman: Ralph Hawkins: Harold Hull: Ron Alliey: Stan I ' olvanski: Augic Waibel; CJeorgc Kolarac: Jean Ualers; Jim Skanla; Charlie Wicker: Joe I ' on o; Dick I ' orlcr: Wither Main: Nick DeC:iccii: Ceiie Dyson: Bob .Siich : l.eland l.c Roberts; Donald l.avene: )im Hodge l-.d Cooke. Iniiilh xiu-: Bill Steppe; (.( lU v. : Bill konilo; loin Siell; l)i k W (.oUllie.u. Roue. (..Mi; |.iv Itu.klo. M; Robci Mom: Bob W Ja k Dockins; Ma M; riiiril nmr Dick Biltncr; Phil Peril loni .Mvers; |ohn Ic icker; Fred Petiella; |ack Hcah; Pat Bovle: jiin Dean; Ihiiibie Mark .orbeil Kerin; Bob Alexander: Bill Martin; |ohn Fritsch; Fred Hamilton: Bill luniei: I r; Paid lotieiti; Bill Johnstone: (.lis Fern. Fifth xm-: Duke Wmc. Head Iiainer: Ba eis; Warren (ieise, .Assistant Coach; Head Coarh Jim Faliim: Kmmett C:licek: Bill l)o Fd Keiisler; Fred Layman, .Assistant Coaches: John Lacey, .Assistant Trainer; Dick Pai UAHVl 1955 Conference Champs ll was aiiulliLi iiiulLk;iUil sciM)!! lor |iiii I, Hum and .Maryland in 1 !). " . ' . Tlic I crps swipi ilunii.;li a riij. ' gcd sdifdiilf which iiHludid a tou ' h slrugglc willi lopiaiikid I ( l, , and L;aniis willi siuli M|)s(.i iiiindfd tianis a Hi lor. I. SI ' , and (Unnson. Dcspilc llic loss ol ihc cnliic I ! . ' )! siariiiii; backKcld. liic rcT|)s were able lo show line ollen si e i)()wer all year. The sialf came U|) with main ca|)ai)le replacemenls thai had ihe team in the Number One position lor most ol the (amjjaii;!! before settling for the third plat e linish. Bob Pellegiini. everybody ' s .Ml-.Ameriia. will long be remembered by Terp fans h)r his spectacular tlefensive j)lay in the middle ol the IK. I ' .ol) 1 ■nlcT. tli.i w as iiii idle ith 1 1 ul. 11 hi It II 1 pos hIoi lion, e tin • lit ol ihr SC-. son. 1 (idle c leb. h. 111 at k s land- U. iiKide ; SC lions 1 )i.i I. 1 1 le I ni ei sii s s( or- ig record I Ic- hn slu-d tl e c IS( 111 set Ol Itl to Cl ' s Jill s sink 1 .1 N ttl( MKll S(( nil ig h nors. 1 tlic- Oia ig ■ Hnu l,,ss ' ficl. w ,S iiie ( 1 the w Icrps osllliu- 1 1 ilu 11 vu . ins liiiie His )ng run tl lai ended on 1 he Okl ih )ina ten-yard ue was I le highli 4hl )f he game for rerp )1 lowers. The I ' d 1 ' will 1 c- sh )( lin.; li:- h K l eai . id with ; re aiiipi ■d (. at ling St. ii. will heat aiching. Football Coaches 111-.. (I Coadi jini laimii led c Icips lo ;in iiiuiik-.iicd car. coiii|)ilin- ,i 10-1 ami ,i iiini)(.r riirc ' t ' rankiui in ioiiw idf |) )1K. Assisting; laiuin in ilif ( o.ii liin;.; assii nnicnts wcTc a si, ill ol ])i() cn men, .ill loi nuT i ' atinn » |.n|.ils. Mom, one ol ih ihrcc-spoi athUlcs in ihc I ' ni xisii hisioi , has assisted ' I ' aium since I ' .Td . alter ser in;.; .is Number I ' wo (hianeibaik on the Washiu-tou Redskins, he hind Sliu-iu ' Saimnv Haii-h. Boh Ward, two-lime All America while at .Maryland: Whiley Dcnell, lieshman coach; Warren Geise. end and backfield coach; Kddie Tcamie and Kmniett ( " ihcek, who sh:ired the scoiilin duties, and Kd Keiislei. Iillinn the :ic ;nu lell b Jack Hennemier, rounded oui ihe well-m.iuued statl. M I A I IM, II,, nl l„,,th,iU Coach ) ! n IC) T LL DOVELL FRED LAYMAN ,l,l, I i. .l i|n;iil -il):i(k. TRIBUNE COLUMBIA, MISSOURI Terps Nip Missouri in Opener, 13-12 llu- 1. ;ii c(l ;i li:ui(i in ' 4 l):i| I- l).ililc a-.iinM iisM M( ,n(l h.ill I i-i 1 r.illv 111,11 •.ins. i:; IL ' . l im llu- in I) ' wli irouiu V iliiii I ' .ir.l mcciin, 7 11. " .. scok (|ii;irii T on ;i (i ! ;ii(l iikik li. Ii w.i Wirl.s 1 I ,ml spun , (r hi I..iii,l;1ici . who iliil iiiosl ol i ll Mlssnllll in (1 ill llu- IllM ,.,i|,|H-.llni-,l ■ 11. 11, 1. I ' .ol) u- poiiii .ilur loiuhdoun tries all season, kitkid ilu- poiiii iltai won llic game lor ihc Icnapins. A bhnkcil |)iini l;;i c- M.irviaiKl iis stcoiid scoriiii oppoi iiiniiN on llu lii;!.! s . ' Hi. Wiih a lirsl down on ihe lili. ( uaiui l);u k Irnik lain biircllo llufw llu- liiM l .i|) loiithdown pass lo Knd Bill Walker. The Tii ers rallied i()ura.i;eouslv in ihesetoiici hall. pass inurceplion ave ihein a lirsl down on llu I.iiur ' _ ' . " ). |ini Hunter pitched to .Sonnv Stringer lot the lirsl loiuhdown. The P. A. I was missed. The Tigers went (i ' . vards lor iluii second score, but again the eoinersion tr wi- missed, latum and the Terps left Missoun thanklul thai the " fool " wassiill in hjothall. i(ASHINGTON POST AND TIMES HERALD 3V, September 25, 1955 Maryland Upsets UCLA, 7-0; Vereb Stars On a so y rainswept field, Va ' cic1) look a |)it(Iioui ironi Frank ' i ' ainburello and raced 17 varcK to l)ieak a scoreless deadlock and give Maryland a 7-0 ictory o er Red Sanders ' hii;hl touted UCLA ' s Bears. Before the largest crowd e er to see a football game in the Washington area (4(j, ()()()) the lerps th ' arted a second c|iiarter scoring bid by the IK LAXs. Led by their brilliant tailback Ronnie Knox the UCLANs moved by air to the three-yard line. On second down fullback Doug Peters plunge to the one before Bob Pellegrini made the " tackle of the year. " The rugged All- America forced Peters to fiunble, and (iene Dyson recovered for Maryland. It was tlicn that IJCXA realized how tough the Terrapin line coid.l ht: The UCLANs ' were held to a nunus L ' l Nards nisliing. . ftei it vas all o er Sanders made liis wa through a frenzied crowd to Terp C ' oacli )iin latum and said, " We were fjeaten bv a majestit Vcrcl) lc;i cs I line li 1(1 (.:i r.iuins hcIiiiKl as hi 4« i(ACO TRIBUNE-HERALD Odobrr 3 1955 Terps Trounce Bears, 20-6 ll ilu- K.IK h,l(. uis 111 l.n l,in(l ' Jd-li will ,i ii h was Nuv ulu. passid l,,i ilu ' I cips oiIut i1k ' liavlol lUaisai W.K... Ir ,is. uruiluicMih s. uu-. I),i i- showed lluuoi.l ' ,A hn Si.uiuiiii (.1 ils air-arm, which li. 1(1 1)1111 iimiscl mini (Ills uow.l n ;; ' i.( thai lai laii,l had pkni n -aim-. ,U|.ih vlun he innl a |,ii(h,,ui iium Iaiiii I ' lank lainl.nullo ihuw iw,. ,,l Uv ID Ik i-liK .1 an.l i hicw a i mmm- pass i,, hall hai k luMNcs, his Ills, iia rlm ;lll m( . ilu- x au II.ivmi ' Dau- vvli,, was staiulm- all al.Mir m ilu ill- arms ..I laid Russ Dtiinis. wh,, had m(i id (diini ..I tlu in.l oik-. i.rhm.l du- l ' ,avl..i si-.ondaiA. Ilu- si-,oiid Ilu- I ii |,s sialwai i dc-kiisi- was a |.i imar I amhd s( (II iii; |iass(aiiK- li (iiiK him sards itasoii ioi i. ' Imal scon-, as it iiiUic (.-|)i(.-(i li c oiii and ( a|)|)(.(l a Idui ih ([uai u-r mai( h altc-r an passis, two oi which svc-rc UiriK-c! into toiuh- ititcT c-|.ti..n In llalll.ack i)a c Nus . downs. Il.lill,.!, k, ||., s, Is s.l If Ed Vereb. M;n l,iiHls 70th Year-No, 437 BALTIMORE SUNDAY SUN October 9, 1955 Maryland Slams Deacons, 28-7 hall. cs In (lie Maryland ouidasscd Wake Forest ' s Dcac i 2S-7, bcloic IS. ()()() iiomc laiis iii iis In si Aih Coast C ' ontercnce game. The Terps scored three limes in the li all liom within the one-yard slrijje on di i t Frank I amhtnello. Fred Hamilton, and F ' ereh. File lirst lime the Ferrapins recei ed the ball, thev mo ed to a score, going 75 yards in 1 3 plavs. Ihe dri e took nearly eight minutes in alL Early in the second ciuarter, Lynn Beightol guided the Feips to pav dirt after Jack Fleah look a Deacon pimt on their 4H and mo ed to the " M . Beightol then |)assed to ' erel) who pulled in the i)ass with a nice oNer-lhe-shoiildei catch before stepping out of bounds on the six. Line plunges by Healy mo ed the ball to the liiial vard-maiker where Vereb completed the march by jolting o er for the score. The first-stringers had the ball during seven series of downs and crossed the Wake F ' orest line lour of these limes, gelling sweet re enge for the l ' .): ' )-! I:M; ' . tie. Joiners Diuiip Morth (]aroliiia, 25-7 Caroliii.ts r.ii llccls iiRi jini Luinu and his l ' tr|)s tin isi()iiiii ' 4 an U|)mi. I)ui insnail saw MaiAlan.l ...uic oiil ol Us ,littnsi i- sluU an.l ( rusli ilic lionif ic-ani. L ' . ' i-T. laiuni. ulio uill miidc ihc llill Ix.ns wlu ' n nixi ilu- iwo s(|ua(ls iniil. wauluil a v all star |)c rloinianc c l) Maixlands Id vvv who scored thrice and |)assc(l in anoilui lallv. taknig |)ari in all I.iiici- scorin;; lui ilu- alin iinnn. ' I ' wicc Wtc ' I) look scorin ' |)iuli(iiiis Ikhii l-rank rand)in clln. On (iilui (xcasion he ni(. cd ml.. •Hcnlah Land ' la a handoli assist hoiii landx). h was ahci an.idui I andx. i.udKini ihai (n.aplan: cicl. passed I,. Howie Dare h .r iai land soihei s.,,u-. iauii.melln, wh ,-iiidid llie I en a] .ins i, , all then i..u(hd..wns. was vuiini ,.l ( Ian .Ima ' s s. , ,i - in- |.lav in ihe ihnd .|iiailei, lie ' di ..pped ha. k K. |.ass l.nni lus :;-. and I ai Heel leniei |nn Junes u.u- iln..n,-h ihe line, si, ,1c- llu ' hall I ami.,,, aiul laii ui .lesicl h,i ihe I 1). Maivlands im-hiv .IcUiisc ' ilnew ha. k e erv .,ilui s,,,inr4.han c- N.,nh Caiolina nu.nnled. loiululowii — Ed Vercli racks up miioi ru,.!;lne (iniicied rarliccls hall II.)uie Dare. Mai Ian. Md. Crushes Oran£:emen, 34-13 . . r iiic Kiory It Ixicks Maryland ' s " cl■|) iikkIc shoii work spirited Orani;ciiRn Iroiii ,S ra(iisc. tli thcin :vt-i.s. The ()i;mi;c were (oiilulciu alter a () er llie lii hh touted . riii elexeii. I)i F.d ' ereb. Phil Perlo and Jack Healv upset any (beams tlie inii;hl have nurtured. The rer])s scored twice in tlie lirsl cpiarier. Perlo ripped through tackle for the first totich- down and Bob Laughrey made the conversion. Minutes later a pass from Vereb to End Russ Dennis made the score 1 3-0. This time Perlo did the lionors and Maryland was ahead by 14 points. During the afternoon Syracuse managed to score twice, on a pass play covering 22 yards, and a fourthquarter two-yard sneak into the end one. Ho e cr tlie rerj)s had the game ell under wraps by that time. Tatum used his first stringers sparingly dur- ing the second half. Vereb scored early in the third period ft ' om the three, and Healy a little later from the se en. The Terps left Syracuse a ery handy Avinner in a game that lifted them to number one rank- ing in the nation ' s grid polls. fair I ' hil IV ... .-. ) ' ( « (.■ (.file .AklLTioii gets set to pounce on Syracuse End. 205 ' A All-AnitiiraCciUcr liol) IVllf iii halls (iaiiiccoik liatk. 791h Yi-or-No 154 THE WASHINGTON SUNDAY STAR Terps Top S.C, 27-0; Vereb Does It! K(l ' crcl). MaiA lands liai.l rmmiii- liallljad. and co-capiain. sci an Allanlic Cioasi C.onlciciuc scoring record as the Icrps won. 27-0. over .South C irolina before a ( ' ()llc ' .i;c ' Park Iloinc coming croAal of 23,()0(). Vcreb ' s loiuhdown runs ol iluti-. 10 ami I ' l yards gave the l r)-i)()iind senior lioni I ' iiis l)urgli. Pa. ()() |)( ilu- old mark oi 1-(1 carried IM a pass lor 1 : ' . v.nds, and ml aeri.d lor a ali ard return. msfor dusia 1 shared 1, I. niKs lor I 1 1 .riHs topped pkuers. (Is. (ompleled 1 .1 C.uneeock s,o,, wilh ' ercb eudin yard louchdown ; With ()iiarier mand, ihe lei ps lor I heir second payolf |)lay was i to Howie n.ire. ' erel.,id.led ll iIukI .md lomil L ' l!) vaids on the ol :52() vards lor l the h .Im.inh the h.dl. 1.1 three- back I.Min lUi htol m (Oil liisi (Hi.irtii ll iilui Mainland )a e Nils res m ine d ■■amed .mid: alien l,ii l. a olleiise ' -;J ' ' ' to November 6, Maryland Drops Dogged LSU, 13-0 Mar (ouplcd loiululown (lri ts ol . " )(i ami a.S arils wilh a slioiii; dclcnsivf cllori and oul- lasicd l.ousiaiia State. l.S-O. Ik ' Ioiv a crowd ol L ' cS, ()()() at B id Siadiuin. I ' hc rfijjs opened tlie second (|iiariei ) launching a " )()-yard storing drive, cipped i) a ;H-yard pass from Quarterback Frank rand)ii- rello to Halfback Jack Healy. Healy look Tamburello ' s pass o er die middle on the Tiger 1 ' ) and raced a -ay Irom wotdd be tacklers to score the first touchdow n ol the game. The dri e consisted of ten plays. Willi six minutes gone in the second hall. Mar land pushed the ball across the LSU goal again. The running ol 1 lallijacks l-,d X ' ereb and Healy and fullback Phil Perlo. plus a |)ass Irom Tambinello to End Jim Parsons aiKanced the ball down to the Tiger lour. Ihe payoff came when Wreb took a handoll and tore off right tackle for the touchdown. Bob Laughcry. vho booted the first Terp extra point, attempted the placement, but it was blocked by LSU ' s Din-wood Graham. The Tigers, jjaced by Tackle Earl Leggelt, halted two oilier Maryland scoring threats. One was slopped on llie EST 17 and the other was halted on the Eitier li e. leii) lullhiuk Phil Peiio crashes through a big hole in the L.SL ' lorwaid wall tor a first down. K Ml 207 Ilalll ;uk ll.nnl.l lli I til lor no .nam (Mcmson linesmen at Tigers home lair. SSIh Yoor-No 118 COLUMBIA S C RECORD Terps Skin That Tiger, 25-7 Mai l;iii(l rfhoiiiidcl lioiii ;i luo-loiu luloun. liiM li.ill, Jkii Wiil) [.lini-id oxii lioiii llu- liisi lull (kii(it lo KippU- Clciiison, 2r -12. at our lo iiul a . ' .(In.ikI in.iK li. Ckiiison. S.C, iKlii.ul llu- (luarlcrbackin- ol |„ ,i, , ,i,j,.,i ,|„ami. iUi-hi..l lossnl an Lynn Ik-i. iu.-I a.ul llu- running of Kddic Vcrcb. i, . ,,,, ,,,„, ,„,,, „ |, , „, ncl.: Hnl, i.ldnl die- P I and llu lirps K.l. 1. ' . 12. , , . , , , ■,,,,,,,, Iwd loin ill (iiiarui s( oiiA. niR- a 1 anihmcllo i k- liisi |)la ol ihf si(oiid |)iri(id. 1 lallbai k |oc ' Wdls ucni -.(I Nai.N ..II vv hl ■■umA lo, anollui ' ' V ' P ' ' ' ' " " " • ' - ' " ■ " " ' ' " " • " " ' • " ' " ' ' ' ■ ' s(oii. slakinnCUnison loa 12 ()a(i aiita-c. |(i ard B •i, lll()l-l()- ■alkc r :iss. pni i( in- on Marxland uol oiu- ol ihosc I I) ha. k ni ihr ihc i. low akr. Followiiii ilu ' .)|)cning kickoff. the Tii ci SI in lOpkusioi ils fn si II). Oi red Hamilton leads interference or Halfback Ed Vereb. iliascd l)v (,W alter pass liom L nii Heigliiol. WASHINGTON POST AND TIMES HERALD Colonials Fall to Terps, 19-0 i.W iklciulci huaks Vertb. Marvhtiids ()i,m-r Uou l-hoiind Icnapms tndcd ail unbcaun season, its third in ii c rais. with a 19-0 ict()i- oxcf Ccori c ' ashiii,m )ii al Collet c Park. An important sidelight ol the contest was that Nhirvland hallljaik Kd crcl) stored two touch- downs and leli onh one point short oi tlic ali- ne I er|) s(oi mi; k. The record was set bv l ohShemonski in 1 ' .»: " .(), I ' h Slienionski ' erel) s( oi ed on one and lotir-vard l)ursis h)l- lowin-dri esol ' J7 and (id vaids. Bill the oni loiuhdown Marvland reallv needed was made williin the first iotir miniiles ol the name when Lvnn Hei litol connected with Fnd Riiss Dennisona ll-vard pass plav. Mar land si oi ed two (one hdowns m the first (|iiariei- .nid anothci in the second period. I)iit neither team was al)le lo cross tiie fmal stripe in the second iiali. The Tcrp defense, led l)v Hob IVlleurini, Mike Sandusky and Jack Da is. turned in (jne of its outstanding displays of the season. i -Jji« r ImI.Iic iul) (.id, ,uul Id) M..|) N.M.IK, ll.llll.iKk. liolj 111 ij;l,-,.nd.|,m i.ukli SooMors l)() l () (M PcMps. 20-6 riu- sun slioni ' 1)1 i ' liiK 1)11 ihc liTps (luiiti ' 4 ilu ' .is oiu- rir|) .ilin iiiiothcr dragged dnwii ilu hisi h.ill .l ilu M. Oi.m-f lir.ul (lassie. 1)111 ilit .iimud S()(,iki h.u ks loi l)ii; losses, bill iiiiluii ii OklahoiiKi SooiKis iiiikaslud a u hippil like n.iuK loi Iai land c i ia I i)all -iinc has ., oliiiisi- in ilu- final iliiii niinults lo win " ilu si(iiiid hall. Uoul -anif ul ilu- rar. ' L ' (l-(i. Okl.ihnin,, i.iii.ind lai,. Smouc 1).i( ks l-.l Wnl) ran urll al llu ' l)i-mnniu. Ilishisi I ' ,.. I, IWiiiis ,,,,,1 j ' .ilU 1 ' , ,aii,|uni. as h.ill launi inailv sci ,.|,as (.rr. I nnihlc si.ilU , 1 llicir ioiward wall Ird l)v All nniuan l ' ,.,h.ill ihis (ln t 1)111 XCni) was noiio hi di iiud. I aii i ini cr pushed oiii di Uiisi i all (i i i ilu hi Id. lu ' look a lanihmillo | ii(h(,ui. iound n.. ii i ilu ' end 1 alums words i pilinl ihr disa). iii Lidi)cn and dailid down ilu- kli sidilinis |)oiniiiunl ol ilu- cnliic- liaiii wluii he said: lor Maiylaiurs only score. N ' obody legieis the last . " .n i,,inuiis ol ilu ' ;.;aiiic The reinaiiulcr of ihe hall was all . lar l.iiid. more ihaii I dol " I In Hi- Ri W ' liilr fiilci ;il halhinR-. (.. ;:(• 1)11 llic OklahoiiKi Ifli ' rmmf r ' Tr . ' ' ' .jC : ' ' j ' .n ::f, ' I xl WINTER SPORTS i riu- crisp excitement of winter weather linds a niatcli in tlie sjx ' ed and excitement ot winter spoils. In the tall. SatnrdaN afternoons become a panorama ol the sonnds and color and mo ement ol a crowd watch in, a t ame. Football is speed and |)recision and skill, excitement and s])iril. Later in the season, c heering fans hll the Activities Bnilding. intent on the clean, precise actions ol (i e men on a basketl)all court, rinout houl the winter, ilns is the ioc us of the sports picture. i i rilM finr. 1,11 l„ l j; , ; love: U;.Mic Mc(.iMni Trainer; Bob Nardoiie: I ' .il Clarke; Cii MiK.iillci; KnI. 11.11. iirii.ui: ]n u s.[ii,lli..ui, , U(,l k.ssln ; lli.l) Olliicn. s,;,„i,l i,,.,: lUciili: joliii l(...u-: jnlui I lU.iuk: l)„ii l)unl.i|); Ni.k D.jws. Ilnnl . -„•.■ Coath Hud Millikaii; Joliii Lmc . Hoa.l I I ' riii ' .; John Naciiirik; Jack Uoaiic; Jim Meriia. M;inagcr. Basketball I.ii l:iii(l. phiMii- ils liiM sf.ison in the Sliuleiii (li iiiis Hiiihling. (aiiic ilii(in.;li wilh anolhii w inning vcar iiiulcr llif diiK lion nl Head ( " oa( li Hiul Millikan. TIk- l()ll,i;(.■ l wimiiiii; streak nl ilu- I I Id (.iiii pais ii iL-ailad li e. It siartid aim ilir Icips loss to Miihi-a.i Siaif in tin lloli.Lu li,l Winter lomnainent. Alui that the I ' erps lopijed St. l-iaiuis to linish thml in the lourney, and ])laycd oiiisiandinj; dckiisi c ball ill clcfcaiin highly-ranked Cicorgf Washington (V2- H. riicy also downed Soiiih C ' arolina twice and C ' lcinson before tasting dcleat at the hands of North (Carolina State. Later in the season, the rerrapins •4;i e the W ' olfpack of North C ' arolina .State its Inst home defeat, 71-()2. Maryland also showed that its victory over GW As-as no Huke by stopping the ).( then home 1. ,s points. hoi. I o|) in the- I ei p ollensi e pii i m i ' loi the second s(i,u-hi ve.ii .is luiu.nd l ' ,ol) Kisslc-| s ni his Jnnioi e,n. Kesslei .olle. led most ol iheie.oids ioi ihecmip.ii-n. lie li-.l tlu-uaN in scoring with I ' .Mi piiinis .md a L ' n.L ' pel ;mic ' a eragc. llis .S, " |)omis in tin ( ' ioiirne lifted him into the ( o eted I ' d point c in le. Hoi) OHmn. who swished tin cords to the tmu- ol ,1 I I point .ixerage. trailid Kisslei. ( )n the- loiil line. Kessler ag-ain showed the way. dioppim; in l()! fouls, which dotihle thi ' •mionnt scoied l) ( ) ' Brien. who NS. John N.icmcik led all scorers in ilu lield-.u! ellicien( witii a IV I m.nk. IK had .i 7.7 average. 214 Mai land heiK li. leri laiKc lioni (ioadi Millikan. ' ,()1) O-BiKii .nlkdcil luo hce- lii () s on tills |)la . IHK RMORl) M K 1 ..,.,...S,S.s r.7 ' ir iiii;i 35 -. ' _ ' W illi.ini V l,.rv 31 1)1 ;ikc- loiLsi 31 i Kiniiukx (■)2 (in Noi th CaioliiKi (is --, l i( hi.;. in Siaic ' .13 ll ' .l M. I ' l.llK Is 3(i 7( S.iiiili CnoliiKi 37 ()2 ( inrm- W.isliiiimoii ■IS 71 03 3... Soiiili Caiolin.i 3.S (il . C. SiiUf 7:5 ()2 Duke- 7(i 3.-. Ndiili C.uoliiKi (il IVI (.K)n;ti(i n 37 SO a (il 70 Duke 82 Cil Cicori i- ' ,islnii ' .;t()n l(i SI ( ' kiiison (ill 71 N. ( ' .. St;ii(. ' (i2 (iO W.ikc lortM 7(i (id Xir-im.i 73 72 (.i iI-rIc)Ull (il (i!l Duke 94 Bob Kesslcr ui;i1k i.I.muiuI mi1i WiKh nnk(-sluiii(.i M. ).,1,M M i.uik slaps hall auav In.m ]nv Brinu.i V ¥ h II. n. Inn. Ill i s i)iik( i rhnniidci niuK i l. lids l.,lsk(l. i;..i, K, • IS hul(l M;iiAl;in.l |nlin N.i.indk llips ., i.isi |..iss nil.. linl; ( )i;i i.n (l.miii; Us( uilli ilu Diik. l5i.K(k- iis Xmw ' s (k ' lciukis (.1111 liah Ki Soccer ( )iii Soc ( 11 s(|iia(l imiK(l in ils Inu ' k ' V lorni.iiur, (aptuiin.; ilu- ilanli( (lo.isl Conrcr- c ' luc- liilf loi ilu- iliiid WAV 111 sii(( cssion. S|Kiiki-,l I.N ilu- |.l,iN ol Ruiinii ' Aiulv l(l)..iiaM. an, I I ' cu Mailuws. ilu- rLiiapiiis (onipik-d an , L ' .. trall ricor.l uiiidi iiulu.Ud a it l()r () cr iii- liK imiud ' ii ' _;inia. {■ l).. k- R ,val (iv.liu-.l iIr- line season i(( a (i)iii|)itir nam (.lldii. as (. cr man iin- |)ic) r(l willi ixpei ieiue and hard work. " Ron Sluxk. dcs iilH-d l.v R(. al as ■liie Ik-sI aii.,nal .uu Alkinli. C.asi li.,n,,is, l.,ll,nvin- ill ilu- l(M.isU|.s (.1 kisi ear siandimi Ouo Wnikrlinan. Malliitw rc.illvs |)i •Via ioh ' , lifl III rij-hl: Mike Find: Dick Scolllci; Jack I ' cchlci: loin M;illlicus: Roiwild Shock; Roy Heaiicluinii); Maud Millii; (;aliriel I ' licoechca. Si-roiiil rinr: Tv Kvic: (;eoig Ri-incr; |ohn IUMtl : |oliii )oncs: Adiiaii Rcmslic-rR: I ' al McaRliri; An Riill; I.K.v SkiiiMcr: Coadi Dovlc RomiI. Thinl nr.r: |iin I-rwnv. Manaf;ci: (li.Kk Rcmu.I.Iv: Rcn.k Wri ' lil: |iin Rice-, la ll.iiM lliMiKi: llnivanl kiinnci; inlv l riniial.l; liiii Sitnins; Id C.nincl. Rifle . hirvl;uurs aisii •■ BuHs-c-vc " Rilk ' uain dulni will am Nalional liiks. How-fxcr. aliit scwial wiiiniiii; seasons ami a c oiipK ' ol Nai ional I iilcs. tins vc ' .ir (oi.M hi- ial)lKd as .:u- ol uhiiiidiii-. IannSa a,L;rlu ' l.lui.lusrn l..n ihr M|na,l, l.ul iiiosl ol ihf olluT shooins lacked ailual L;aiii(.- IX|)C1 iciKC. The brighlL ' si spot on ihc s(|uad and iiiosi wrl coined addition is pen Ma!j,i;if (.u , a hruncllc shari)slio()i(.i lioin DLiroii. Michi-an. riic oiih Icnialc on ilic s(|iiad, dif l!)- car-old Miss ranked high in a lij hl lor number two posi- tion behind Savage. She fired aroimd L ' SO and Coaeli M S i. Carroll Olill was pleased wiih her scores. Wrestling riif lcr|) Wrcsiliii ' itiiiii won ilii- AilaiiiK Cloasl CoiilcrciKi ' ( li:iin|)i()nslu|) loi ilif tomili siraighl year. In ( ( ' |)l.i . ilu l.niirs wiit- " i (). with luo ol ilu- wins sliuinuis. I luv M.niki.l Wake lonM. ; ' .(i-(l. and s vani|.nl ..nli ( aio lina. :;S(I. Oviiall. lai lan l. cadud 1) SulU IM..UM-. hnislu.l Mili a r. L ', lusn:- n. ihc Naval Academy and pownhd I ' ciiii Siaii . Ill the ACX ' . ' roiirnanu 111. ilu I cii.ipnis had a ( ( ni|)aiali ely easy lime kncx kin ' j, oil iluir )| |)(in(iiis. I he irium|)h. hi(h was held in du Siudein (ii iiies Buildin-. was the l.ineis Idih sii,n-hi (..nliunce ink ' . Wlule ni ih. S.mihun CnideiiiKi-. ihc ' I ei|)s ; ral)hed l()|) spot, and ui the (X ihe liaxiti ' i laken a bai k seal to an ol iheir loes. 1.1-11 to litihl: |nlin M .Mike .S;iii(liisk . |.i k Ndiiic: KiMiiv {.moll; O ' mkis; lit- kiiimdv; in.ii.i; (li.iilif He. o - " . ' ?- p. p ri mi RICORl) MARYLAND OPPONENTS 23 VMI IS ' iioini;i L ' .S N.C. Siaic (i ;. v .S(i W ' likc Foirsi .S,S North Carolina L " .t Dtikc 3 I ' cnn Sialf Daxf R;mis; I ' hil I ' ai C c.i.h Jini k.lii.,-: Ja.k Vt Indoor Track Manlaiul s h.iiiuis a luniKi mmi , uiili ilu- iioss-couiui s(juail rciJcaliiiL; as . ilaiiii( C ' oasi C ' onfcrencc dual meet chamijious. The Tcrps. coached bv Jim Kclioc. jjosicd a " )-n IK Dill (Imiim ihe season as (()iii])an(l lo second |)la(c orih Carolina Slate ' s , " .-1 mark. I he onl loss ihal Xoilh Carolina Siale sulleicd (anie against ilu ' I eiiapins. In indooi nuiis. o| which onl one was ai College Talk and thai a eaiK e cnl sidi the Icip ihnuladsals, • 1 ' d l.reakin- a al (a.len: an ouisiandni- Icl S, Invail . Manlan.l pole anlun- siar heal his own lei oi d ol lasi eai. loppiii ' i I leel at ilu- Mihosc- (.amcs. Other I caps suanicd np and -a e lai laii(l honors in ihe II Winlci Relaxs. VA Cooke w(in the shot |)in with IS Icct loin -and-oiie Iks. In the Mile relay, the 1 erjjs missed the sc hool rec old 1) two tciuhs of a second as they finished second in the N ' S ' AC games with a 2:23:. " (. Intramurals . lai laiu |ini Kt ' h( unable t( sistcd l)V i) ides licipa ral sporl lacili Kchoc |) iiiK Iron Plii K (led 1) students lies. As- le u,. nt majors. id senior |)li sical edinatio esenlcd a di crsified list ol sports raiiL;- looiball to bait casting. ippa Sigma defeated Tan I ' psilon Plii IL ' -O in the ehampionshi]) lrateiiiii lootlxdi game. The Phi Kaps ' Da e May seored the lirst six-pointer on a pass from Frank Jusi, and Ernie Bet tallied the other after blocking a Stan Bobb pass, catching it. and lacing 10 ai(ls h)r the score. The ictory was considered an upset be- cause TEP was 12-0-0 going into the title clash and the Phi Kaps were only 9-2-1 . In basketball. Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Phi Delta Theta woimd up as cham|)s ol their di i- sions with 11-0 and 10-0 records respecti ely. Delta Fan Delta was tied with Lambda ( " .hi Alpha going into the final game of the season, but defeated their tormenters by a score of 31-2. . le game. Irfl In liohl: |i ©.§ fiLv. i -ft SPRING SPORTS 226 rhc weather changes, and a new set of sounds, a ne v cast of characters take over the sports scene. Spring comes to Maryland, bringing not only mud and more mud, hut also all the sports that come with the spring season. Suddenly there is renewed acti ' ity on the cinder-track, and baseball practices last until there is no longer enough light to see the spheroid. Lacrosse sticks and tennis raccjuets are very much in evidence, and golf caps come out of winter storage. This is the panorama of spring sports. ' ■• ' •;. " ' I- ' irsI rrm ' . Irfl to right: Sal Cavallero; jiin Kapplcr; Hud Waesthc; Hill Spks. C... ( ..i|-i.uii. Riiiim Smiih. (.,.(...1. lain; Jiiii Keating; Dick McNicholas; [ini Siroti. Srronil roxr: Dick Conigan; Ronnie Waller; Hen C.ocriiinillei ; C:iiailic- Wicker; John Sinniujns; l- ' raiik Walsh: Ciordon Wiclciier: Frank Tanibincllo. Tliiid roic; Monk Rowi-; Wally F walt. Senior Manager; I ' eie Loi eaiix; C hesier Cioudy; Charlie Longest: I ' crrv Rcjberis: Hen Koppei: johnRehine; Pat Gilly. roinlli r m ' : Bill Gildea; Dick Hun; Hob Suchy; Sonny Tanibiirello: Jim Parsons; Pete McLean: Aiigie Waibel: Dick Bronnvell; John Ensor. lufth row: Jack Fabcr, Coach; Al Heag) ' , Coach: 1 leddie Miulull. Student Coach: John Lacev: 1-iank Ruatk. Lacrosse N.iiiMiMl {..uKisM- (;iiaii:|)i()iisiu|) l.iM spun-. n- lihh iiilc 111 ilu nveni -si xe.irs j.u k l-,.l)ii .111(1 1 ilcM-v li;i c Ikcii .11 ilic lulni. ilu mil u;is llie liisi siiue I ' lJH, .iii.l ilu I 10 111. Ilk llu ' liisi mihe.iien sc-.ison in I cii) hlslOlA. ri " " lis Kw ' ' .uls i(. III. Willi ilu- l)i ' ncsi loni i ilu- WAV (oiiiiii- .i-.iinsi Diikr. uhu ii.iiii|,k(I L ' L ' - 1 . liie ( h.iiiil.s li.ul u, sliiiiniiis. I„,ili l,v ISO scores. nxcl l|!l.n,ls .111.1 ll-llll,l. I lu loiii iicsi ;4;iiiic- ol the scMson ;is llie ;i ;i (diiusi :iL;;iiiisi ilu- N;i ;il Acidciiu whidi llic li-ips won 1) ihc- l):irt-si ol iii;ir ' .;ins. oiu- poiiii. !• S, riiiu ;iiiu- ;is ilu- oiih one- in wliicli ilu; Liiuisdi.l 11, , I ic-:uli (loiil)lc- li ' 4iiu-s. Willi ilu uiii o i-r Johns Hopkins. I I , " .. liBBaiHHir : ' ted goal hv nttarkman Dickie Corrigan (H) in Tcrps Idil j ilic Tcrps unbeaten streak, whith included a win carried oxer Ironi 1!). " )!, reached 12 slraiglii. Iacii tli()ui;h the title was a fine team effort, tlnee plavers can he ciediled whh much oi the s( oriip. . )im Keating and Dick C cjrrigan Hnished one- iwo in scoring with 29 and 2, ' ) points respec- (i ei . ( " harlie Wicker was high man in the nation in assists, with . " . ' .I to his credit. He also contiibuted 11 goals to the Terp cause. Three players, Charlie Wicker, Rennie Smith and jimmy Kappler were honored with awards lor their perlormances dining the uidjeaten year. W ' ickei was awarded tiie Kdwin K. Powell ' I ' ropiiv. wliich is offered to the pla er who ren- ders ilie greatest serxice to lacrosse during the season. .Smith iecei ed the Mai land Ring in conjunction witii being judged the best athlete ol the year. The C. Markland Kelh Trophy, which is awarded to the outstanding goalie of the Near, went to Kappler. jiiii .Strott (29) score out ol irginias Ca alicrs. k m f li-fS I L « . AiTi 1 %•• .? lliiiilJUtl ,l;imI Ia lliL Ji.ip s.iiK lJ.t l the . r . ot i . l(i Damuouili (i i:i I ' l iiu iiDii r. IN lia.A.n.l f) l.S Williams 15 l.n n A 2 If) Wasliinmoii , - ) 22 Duke 1 ' Na y 8 12 iniv •. 18 X ' iij inia 11 jdhiis 1 lopkiiis 5 Co-Coach Al Hc.igy reassures onlookers ... all is well. Rniiiir .Sniiih, 1 li p attackman, gets set to shoot with a Ca aUci pla ci o (_i liis back Ic the -oal. Smith and Strott block out anxious ' ii_ninia player. All-Americas KcMiiii-. MkIIuM |()liii Siniiiioiis. [)( ( h.illu W I. kri. l- ' i c cl■|) iiKiik ' i1k- I ' .i " . " ) 1..U I ossc- 1 1 All i ci itas: lliiff sti 111 in ' 4 liisi nam hnimis. iwo oljiainin:; sioiul uain hcTilis. Cihailic Witkcr. )ini Kciiiii ami |u1hi Sim mons. all Juniors, were the first team choices. Reniiie Smith. .Senior, and |im Kappler. Sopho- inuif, ni.i.U ' llu ' si-.(,n.l s.|U.i.l. Smith .mil Wukii vcn ' itpc-.ii All Aiiieiu.i selections; iIr Ioiiiki iiiakinj " tiie second team lor the third limc-. ihe latter a third-team cJKMce ill I ' l-.l. Rciiiiic- Siiiiih. .Aiiack [nil K,i|)|)Ki . ( Varsity 12 Alumni 19 Maryland ' s professional-filled Aluini back in the second-half of the ann anic to lo]) ilic ' arsitv. l ' .l-12. (hiarici backs Frank laniburcUo Beighlol each threw a toiKhdown : first half for the ' arsitv, l)iit the Aim twice in the dosing half to add to half TI). Chet Haniilak scored twice for the Alunnii. once on a 2-yard plimge and anot her on a 37-yard pass from former All- America. Jack Scarbaili. lal s])rini; nid l.Min ass in the imi scored theii lirsi L s„aus p ackle Mik. Saiuluskv (77) assists f tv plavfis in (louiiins the Alumni ' s halfl)a(k Ronnie Waller. Baseball I Ik l.miis .nv tell below .; " )()() lasl year as (;()a(li II. I ' lUiioii Shi|)lcv ' s boys kc]Jt figlitint; all the a . Despite- ilicir 1 1-! ' losi-won record, ilu- Icri s | la e(l some- line baseball, eonipiliiii lour and ,,, w ,lt,, i ,,1 n llircc 4aine- winnint; skciiis in the- carl wteks ol , 1 • 1 tl, ■ i ■ the season. I ' lie ' I ' e-rjjs ' record in (heir secon e-ar ol Ail.niiK ( loast Coidcreiu e |)la was wins and 7 losses. Rightlicldcr Ralph War.l pounded the pelle tonsistcntly and finished wilh a loliv .. " il7 ba ting average, collecting I ' .t bits in liil trips to th plate. Brawnx Hill Walker led the lub in th runs-balled-in (oliiinn wilh ' . tallies dri e across home plate. Walker tanked second i ndi idual balling averages with a .:!()!• ni.nk. Hie Louis W. Ikrger ' ' d.ninu 11 to the otiistanding senior clianiond siai . went 1) tusi sac kir j-rnie Berliner who was i mmei up iltc-d in uiili I I. lUi liner stolen b.isis. pillcnn- live during the 20 gtinie season. Ol the nioiindsnien Riiss Diilh .md i ' Weiss wcrc ' the ' woikhoises linishiii ' one two respec ti el in most innings pitc bed on the si en man slall. Dtilh ' s rcc ord was a lesjjec table ' S and . ' 5 while Weiss noic lied . ' l victories against . " deleais. l ' ,.,l)b and I ' .ob Cm also chalked up ic lories loi- ihe lei |)s. ■ rmc. Irjl to riglil: Pclc-; Hill .Mni.rc; Bob Weiss: jack loluisoii; Kinie Ikrliiui; Hill ;ilkci; liill .Siiiitli: [iiii Heiincssev; Fr;mk liariko; liol) Kiaita. Saoud row: Duke W ' vre. I raiiur: Clluick Rcviiolcis: ,Sic c Holcn: i-rank [akiihick: lloh . liirrav; Riiss Dullev; .Stan Bohl): Pliil Calckri Carlie Piait. Third row: . lUiiioii .Siiiplcv, Head Coach: [ack lolinsoiK . ssistaiu C;()ach; Cleiie Doaiie: I ' aiil Kianui : Ralph Ward: Dave- Smiih: H.)l) Can; hob AVaikins; Waul Reillv. A 4 ' % •.. ' « V ' f ' -■ -%- :y i ' : f:u.. ■|jF . ' -2Wl|ii1 ,, . CA 2„- ; ,ii Ct si:i €.M ft ' y Wake Koresl runner g: The ball got there aheail of the lerps i I filer, who tried to stretch his double. Ilym,s. as h, n.hallin«(d. Spring Track kI I ii I;n l;.H(! ..vci.ill nud , :; losses. vluK ' Ml 11 I. mils urn- :l ,iiul L ' . li ini.i .111.1 ilu- (hi.iiUK.. I,i.iiluiiu(ks. iIr ' Icrps into an old nemesis. North Carolina, and 1 hopped a ' iH-lS decision. Two more losses to a y and N. ( " . Slate loUoued before the I.ineis lomid ihemsehes .ind smothered (ieornetown luire. 7 )-r.7l , ( D.Ci.A.A.T.) and 72-. " .!i. In the Atlantic ( oasl (lonlereiu e. Ma) land woinid u|) in second place, bein nosed out by ()i th Carolina. ' lA-yiytl o. Duke placed third and South ( " arolina ' s (ianiecocks were fourth. WI - iWI I r ' IWI il lil li III IIH ' , ' , M,, ,■. , ,, ,, , , I), i r Leas: Bob Poct nian; |n,ll,,nKi; I ' ,.. I. I, ssn mmm li. 1 i .1 llill l)i,i]Hi: R,i llniscK; Ik ' ll Good. .S ro);rf ivKr; (..oi-c lln. .ni; |,i,k Dnlull. ( „i l llow ; Eddie Lloyd; Dennis Ahdalla: jay Rirks; Paul Howci ; lliiii (.11111. rim, I m 1)11 Krasicr, .Assistant Coach; I ' liil .Stroup, . ssistant Coach; .SiaiiKx Sii.niss, Rmi S Sdiwail ; (icne Dyson; Larry Faass; Binke Wilson; Clarence Rakow. Ansimiiii Coiu IV 111 I (..ii McGee; I ' .iik; |iiii .um, .; Dave I nil Kchoc. Head Coadi; nii; WVslcN Karnes: . !el I ' .ol) Callahan, .Manamr. ; Nc crlhclcss. there were numv hi iilis liis in MiirNhind ' s sprint; seiisoii wliit h tended to si.ind out ;il)() e the le;ini ' s () er:ill in;irk. In the IC- 1. Track Meet held al New n . litirr (.rini, Mar lands Merc iirv. Hashed ;u ihe tape with the lastest c()lk ;i;ite mile in the (oiinliA lot the sprint; se;is()n. His time was I.O ' .I. ' .I. Btnke Wilson :ils() i;;iine(l piomineiue last season, rimnini; ;i 17. L! ;m( hor lei; in the mile re- lay victorNoxer Ceoij etown m the l).( ' .. .. .r.: then captured loiirth phtce in the n:ili()n lor the ■11(1 with ;i lime ol 1 1.7. Golf Maixlaiul liiikMiicn liiiislud ilu- I ' .l, ' ):. season uilli a record of loin w iiis and nini losses: a .S-(i mark in Atlantic Coast Conlcrcnce play. riic- Icips rallied to cop three- oi ihcii last lour matches alter losini; seven straight in the bejjiniiing ol the season. In the last game ol the year, the I.incis scored a ! -0 win o er neighbor ing Johns ll,,pknis. In the MX. Championship, tiie lerjjs wound up sexcnth. with Wake loresi the wiinier. Jim Del ' iio ua high man lor Iai land with a :U]- holelolalol !. " ). " .. lan I ' .n ks ■.ls se( ond at i. " )S. i C ' First row. Ii-fl to riirlil: Del Becinan: R() ;er OooiikkI; I):i id WeinlKi!;; 1) James ncPiro : Frank Croiiiii. Coadi. M,iii I ' .iiks Tennis Dave Freishtat, top leiinis man. tries liis hadvliaiid Aiiollicr v prcscnlcd ling season. 8 Avins and 4 losses, was Tennis Coach Doyle Royal. In tlic s ol I lie .Atlantic C oasi Conference, the )()sic(l a 1-. " ) mark. i()si ol ilif Ici |) wins wc ' i c ( lose c or losses. ho e er, were l) loijsided score sis; the Twice. al the hands of North Carolina and Duke, the Liners were shut out by 9-0 scores. The other losses were by 8-1 scores. Virginia and the Na al . cademy applied those setbacks. l)a e I ' reishiai. niind)er one singles man. I ' md Teightheiser and Paid Eckel tied lor die lead in singles wins, each having eight. Jack CliHord. RoUie Wills and Don Kammerer had six. Ii e. and four vins respectively. In doubles plav. the top leani of Leightheiser and Eckel posted a !)- ' log. A hundred years ago the dorms were stern grey stucco, and the lights went out at eight o ' clock. The people who lived in them seem very stiff and far away. Today, new dorms, frat houses, date nights and desserts are all a part of an atmosphere that is definitely casual. But despite the changes, living on campus forms a bond. For a hundred years people have been decorating their rooms, meeting and making friends, and sharing in a way of life that is an integral part of Maryland tradition. Today and in years to come, dorm life is here to stay. RESIDENCES t%- Anne Arundel Hall First row. Icjl In rifilit: M. O ' Coiiiifll: P. Homaclav. G. Maichlimis; L. Nadish: M. Ahiamowil ; B. Posnci; M. Cross; M. Hurj-loii. Stroud roiiK S. RigRs: K. Minhcll; J. K:icr cl; H. Klein: 11. Kvaiis; I). Rvan: B. Reynolds: K. Gainer: P. Iniiric; A. Hcislcr. Tliinl rmr: A. Baslcr; A. Clancy: S. I ' ocalka; A. Green: J. Hammclt: M. Sline; L. Powers; L. Bauermann; M. Clark; J. Sheckles; K. Mott. foiirlh roil ' .- L. Caplan; E. Luslhaus; M. Powell: E. Horsey: M. Ticer; J. Rinehart; J. Clark; M. Slegman; S. Cross; P. Warnick; r. Wineman; M. Buehler; B. Ningard. fiflli row: J. Gosnell; B. Helerick; C. Graham; A. Kelly; A. Steiner; J. Stumpner; B. Smith: ■ . Thomn : J. Crofoot; A. Ritdiir: F Arlnnr;; R. I vnii: rniitninr: T. Frajjnlc: M. Bcnrsuns: F. Roclkc: A. Hemminp: . Soars. k " " ' ' 4 iX I .-. « ' First row, left to right: 1 ' . Rampe; V. Jackson; M. Wode; A. Bums; C. krause; J. Dean; C. Winkle:; R. Click; 15. Clutc; J. Duvall. Second row: C. deFore; M. Kurtz; B. Anderson; M. Miller; C. Shapiro; S. Stein; C. Forester; J. Ambrozak; M. Hanson; S. Kaplan; B. Mitchell; C. Weber. Third row: R. Miller; J. Riddle; J. Lacev; B. Silar; N. Stewart: C. Hov; C. Whittaker; B. Diehl. Fourth row: ]. Burroughs; J. Sowers; R. Rottenberg; J. Craig; B. Albright; N. Carback; S. Throckmorton; J. Schaidler; J. Wolinnii; F Cnhcrt Filth row: D. Brown; B. Rothman; ]. Zito; F. Johnson; ). Buck; I. Salter: B. Crcgg: B. Cox; A. Blauveh; B. I ' d, I; s»,,iiv: S. Vrii;lu. Sixth row: A. Treadwav; N. Pcckham; |. Tallcv: R. Henderson: B. rravnor: C. Drain; P. Clark; P. Hnnil.A; s |i,I,,h ,.-r,ilh row: M. Ralla: S. Carlos; M. (,iccn: B. lall; L. Ch:idsc ; J. Bennett; C. Nicch; I. Hosteltlcr: ]. Dininis; S. Si..ih: | ,i,i,,ii: WiiSli Caroline Hall Carroll Hall l Rubin; S. Berlin; C. Baker; R. Lewis; 1 Maingani; P. Abbot; S. Niland; K. Somnn I [olinson; P. Cleason; P. Lee; G. Day; , ),; row: N. Smith; M. Morton; P. NIci I.; K. Hamilton; J. Hackelt; J. Lowell: I ' . Scvcr.son; S. Lard; P. Leonard; M. M V.iiDiison: S. Hessick; B. Bennett; A. Robin, ,ul: I. Lnrrimore: ] Fa.N: [• Kn, . 1). Brewer; M. Peikin; M. Gordon; Duncan; V. Brown: D. Henderson: on: . Pope; B. Kloise; B. Glascr; nikl( ' |M.k: M. Hess. Fourth row: [) Wiiknis: T. Fry; L. Galewood; ii ; I I ii inf;cr; A. Russell; R. Fnsor; I.. I,: slicKkcv; R. Welch: B. Page. I I fM r jy%lr ' ' 3 hirst row, lifl to rif,ht: W. Baylus: U. Mooic: W. Aiulcrsoii; T. Walls; R. I.oi g; M. DaiiKclo: M. MtCall; B. Smilli: S. Slokcs. Seroiul row: S. Fcldinaii; 1). Sciucll: K. ISt-iKslroin: 15. Cic-ll; C. I5iisl)v; Mrs. K. l.owes, Huiiscmothcr: . . Kpstcim; . . Holsl; C. Carr; M. Diciicniaiin; K. Mclchui; G. Kellv. Third row: |. C;lnisiiaiisoii: 1). I ' ciiic: C. Ivcrsoii: M. Krcidcr; A. Runklcs: I ' . I ' alleisoii: . . StcKkcll; M. . riiiowoilln; K. Kiiiiij;: I , (.cm; I.; : (.. Riidic. Imirll, r,w: H. i .ii; !•.. Elclson; .A. Groves; J. Miillikin; K. Kaploii; M. Blake; R. Brown; G. Clia.lso; S. ISiaiKlcnbiirn; I ' , Kins;: N. (.Kinianii; M. Nausc; C. NcLsmcicr; K. Wohl. Queen Anne ' s Hall Art; li Kiiiiiiiij; 1(11. liri ;ill iliis liaitl work, wlial if lie won ' t wear ihcm? - Saint Mary ' s Hall Ir-n ' h- plavin- Chop Siiiks IS M.,, ' . It ' ll lo right: R. Peterson: F.. H.iIihii; II M.niiii; R, Nt.iliiiiii; f. Riaiidon; U. Kollcr; 1.. l.;nij«e; A. V. Shaw; Sniiili. Si-coml rmi ' : ]. Bisscll: B. Haiilm linii | 1 iii,lii kj; R I, Holi nian; . Niclsim: [. Wehrly; B. Rosenthal; I hIiiuII; B. I ' ahner: l . ' I ' addv. Third r r.r: 1 . , ,Im,,I,, 1 (.„ln, .s R Dill: IV Mas; |. I ' iumII; 1 ' . Vi(k: H. Ferguson; T. Koelber; Hmns; B. Ziblcr: M. I ' iraro. foiirlh i.i.r . I v I ' Oslimii; k. W alkn ; |. Wnikman; C. I hol] )is; P. Beaver; G. Hancock: Biimki ' : M. Slu-ll: 1. Hnnil: I.. Liiuli;rcn: S. SiL-phcii nn: S. Palicison: S. Fox. • ( ' ' " nr: F. Sinionils; |. ink; V. Hare; A. McGhan: (ail. ill: li. 151a. k: l. Hiiiiei iIi:mi: A. Baker: H. BiKkingham; F. Did : G. Wolfe: ). Hilciiiaii; . Clark; B. Cam])l)ell. i-1 r i . Jfr »». , Somerset Hall •■|M iim Irfl lo rii hl: V. Milk-i; . ,Si(;ii M. Dc-iiin; S. Willis. Snaiiil ni,r: |. Hi;ul I). Ycimaii: D. Ouinn; I.. KruUriM. Mo J. SiuUlath: V. Oisci: 11. Rhodciick: [. V. J. Adclbeig: A. K. .Simim.iis: ]. M: |. lUailic: U. Wan: [. . (lains; K. Slialki; . Siaiilo: I). Hughes: I., lorossion: 1). .Xgii ' ; I. Chillis; (.. Harlx.lil: K. Croufll; ,S. WeiiihLTg; 1 ' . Miller; M. Ciiilii: M. Kcsslii Morris, rhirdrinc: K. Wolf; L. (iaiaiiilo; J. Koelhen: F. lliiiitio: It. 1 uii.l l( Utish: . . NUintosh: .M. lUiii. loiiilli ; .»■.• 1.. lalkiii; R. Ira.lkin: It Ki.iimi N. SiRcd: N. Sleveiis: S. OC; niioi; 1). (iiide; ]. Colili; K. Miinhakf; J. ( luii Fiflli toil ' : L. BaUlu ' iii; J. Oiiuloir; M. I.ogaii: W H:ill iwa ; I ' . Colloii; . . Tiaiulcs; R. Humg-anliiei; K. Wciiisleiii; 1.. I ' ishmann: |. Collins; W. Ncschc: K. Salzman: J. .Mlcndcr. Si ll i row: It. I.iiie; N. Debiiskev; M. Whiuciihiug: C. Haideslv; I. IJlimiheij-: S. (;cKHliiiaii: R. levin; C. Holm: M. Rii; .i: I). HaiMiiKaKlnei: . Halchvin: M. Toiossiaii. % ' g 4 US STiB-iaSS ' s ZiS I list luw, left to right: . Kiixhiuaii: ). lllii I. Getz; E. Ranch; E. Biaverman; N. RosoKk . necker: R. Watts; C. Stud ; 1). Haoj;cn ; . Irnu-ti: ( H;i cr: |. iniim-iniaii: O. n.nii. I( l ' ,.iin-uns; I S, luvi ; 1). Sniiih: I , K. 1- nsl; .uJ5 i . II. IV I ' ciuiiall; A. Seatoii; 1 . W.i.lln. ,; l. D.iiinig; E. Ives; B. H.Mll : K I l. M.iiliis: [. Kempcis; N. K.ill , I, Ihinl ,.,.,■: X. Knott: ]. R.i.llinski ; l(. Kiulnlph; J. Hrocato; ' S. Cmkun: 111(1; S, I iiihcr; J. Drake; J. Sioii; . k , slil.ui ; I. Dennison; 11. lUlni.n; ; li. Ihciiiiscn; M. Briscoe; P. .Mowbr Wicomico Hall r : .„ 1. Ilioun: I ' MMiiiil.i : ( (.(ik; 1). I.ilk; li. S.ulis k. kells; M. Vciaciil)aiiiii ii; E. Aschelliue; . Bcrgcr ( mw: J. Gore; L. Burdick lauii; A. Lewis; M. Har l Il ' s ;il)( iil lime, llif liisl one ill lliicf weeks MEN ' S DORMITORIES The alinospln ' if is dclinilclv casual. Sonu ' tiuK ' s il cls casual to the cvliciuc. No frills, uo uonscuse. just a i)lacc ' to sack out. Sonic ol the- uK-n ' s clonus aiv old aud uic ' llo vc ' d: (Others, spic: and sjxui new. All are a ' iral part of campus life at Maryland. The bull-sessions, the snowball battles, the (pnet hours for studyins -, the eollee breaks are all a j)art. 1 he Dorm (Councils j lay an important role in the ort ani ation of dorm lile; responsible for rules and res ulatioirs, k-end events ture. ampus. this is home. ■irs iv),, ' . f o rij; i .- R. Ciiiiv; F. Jiigcl: 1 " . Branch: I. i i ( ' ' | s, m1m.iI | I I, II R (..liin.n, | I M. Wickmaii: H. Yakimit : T. Ashley; R. Walls; S. |, I . | iu,i,.iii I l ., 11.1 K Xhh... I I, R. I ' aisoiis; J. Hardimaii; R. Dii.kci; R. Mallalicii; 1). VIiImmmk. i, , .„! , | (..mi.m,..mii, |. M. 1 .■il.ui.l; U. Kuhui. H. s,n«n,v, I ' . Frank; A. Haiw. ; nw: R. Poller; B. HiirIks; li. C.arner; 1). Lowric; 1 . Hogano; R. Novak; N. Mo ola; M. WeiiiMo.k; II. (; .iei.; V, KeaiKh;Mn|.; W . l-.ileiniller; W . Becker; C. Krirkson; C. Loinas; (;. Krafl. Foiirlli roir: A. I ' orler; V. Hundeii; B. I ' i.kell; A. I.eliinaii; I). I ' alinei; ), M.Kil.heii; J. Cllossoii: B. Miller: I ' . Clark: R. KIlis: }. Goldberg: R. Wesl; S. Riedcscl. ■ ( ,..»■• A. Biikk: A. I.ljol: A. Willi: B. OH.n.i: K. Mii.ulerl; . Fleming: J. Claldwell: F. lliil.lurd; A. Fisher. R. (.aslle : A. CompK.n. Allegany Hall Ihr limit is eiulii noiiiuls. 1)111 will) liKk 250 I desk, and lull ash lia ai c pic-ieijuisitis lor a gooil Baltimore Hall • iW i " ii ' , Irll I,, th hl: [ ' . I.nloi; li, W hi-cli ' i ; . H,i : V.. Rice; M. Co iiuvk; S. ' innil imr: R. ll(.li.. .L (. I uiiiul; ( , Ic K.nii.i; ( Kloss; J. Merna; R. FoinjI. 1. Tliinl n,.r: |.l,iikcx; | M I .muh 1 ni : |. I l.ii i .son; J. Gnie; B. S.iIm.v . H. Hi |)kiiis. ■„ ,, , ,.-,,, K, Ri.ili; W. Mill.i; (.. WiiiiR ' i; H. Krandare: ). Riv R. Cliiir; |. I.ill; W . Iimi.Ikii;, I ' , Sc liini.l; , Si ui. kiiowli ' dm ' l) •ss ol osmosis. Calvert Hall ■si row. 1,11 In riiihl: . ll:i ;.i l: 1. AnRlfhci Hcr; |. Auimii: W. AuMiii; I. K;isi:iiuik: I). U.iikflt. S,c„ml row: (i. Atwiilcr; I ' inholsin: J. Anion: S. Siluiir: A. Hoclm: 1). I ' arkei; N. Baker: U. Hall: V. J:u il). Tliinl )ow: C. Knighi; B. Mcltcc; J. Isclcpis; (;i)iul : R. I)iili ; 1). MdiiiiLss. l-diirlli row: M. C;icciil)crg: R. Hollaiul; R. Ril .- : r. Hsei: F. Speaks; R. Spit iias: |. Kioop; .Sliamiahan: ( . (leiicliiiiii. • low: C. Ko anli: T. Haidesix: K. l-.suoilh: 1 ' . Sloiclaiul: R. Woods. Hixlli row: I). Buircss: ■iri .j, m, jfltef-1 ' m cJ||9 o ' l 9JMr?j go MS ,,nr, Irjl l„ nglit: K. S,,u. , , K II. Jauiegg. Second rmc: l liili K. (;i l(iings; C;. Zieiliis. ' I ' hinl m.r: I Hirks: W. MrCdol: (.. Wu; (. I 11. SiHMkii: I-. Ccis: |. k IK; (.. Rii I I SiniMii; (.. n.inkn; II WiliM.i; I) W i ,i nnick; K ( ,,i iiv ( ic.iinci . ( .. kirx ; K l ' ,iiM..ii; l ' li h,l ,11. ,., , , iM.r. . Vn.r c: P. rlHlirll; II. ( ,.in| .1 .rl I . S W. H.niis; IS. l..iiih;nii; |. HuiiUs; J. liuii.luk; V. luisli; . ihrM; W W.ill I W I, W l. .Ilix: I Muiilili Charles Hall TNpr.nullaiK analH.u. (hue a Ili-FidelilN -11 lii l low. 1,11 l , rifilil: I. Miiiijiii: I). N i : K Roliiim; (.. Kuiu: K Miiiil D. Eisenhower; K. Gronei; J. Dockins: K. Clark; I). Callis; R. liculi; II R«m S. Brigerinan; L. Cooper; H. Fader; li. Knight; R. Rogers. riiinl nr.c: S. (Klin; R. II Frederick Hall Garrett Hall h ' irsl row, left la rinhl: C. MrKcniia; S. DiRgcs; B. Dcmu; W. IMoiU ; 1.. Wilkiiiv; |. llmlak; 1,. I '; II. Liuii MDiic. S,,,iii,l rim:- S. Ainalo; N. Wcbli; R. Kcrg; W. I.eiick: J. Currier; W. Ccrvciika; D. . iulcrsoii: j. Rakouski; I " . R aii. I hint row: |. Voiingmaii; I). Kcckheimer; ,S. Hiiril: I). Aliall; M. Cartnicll; E. Egaii; H. Dorii: H. Hiikman: .S. Clorbcll; S. .Sirauss. foiirlh roir: V. (nceiiwcHKl: A. Miller; I.. Ruciv; ). l-.vciell; I!. Reicliert; E. ncaii; V. O. S.iundcis; S. Markert; 1). Amhrosr; K. Ilokii; V. Wclsr; (.. I .iiiibros. l-illli MM. (;. |-|icliiiiaii: B. Baihcson: [ II.,iiii;in V!, i, 9 C. Huhbeit: J. Ht C. I):irln: c ' Ba V. Walts; K. Eclel; 1. krih; r. liMu.v, K C;. Liakos; H. Millt-r. Srcoiul rmc . (.i.i ; ( . Il.iiili ; C. Richardson; D. Ca ey. Tltinl rou ' izlish; A. Oiman: |. Sole. Fourth rou ' : M. Walker; L. Stecker na; M. Andree; D. Williams. Fifth row: P. Jung; F. Carullo; M. Coburn; R. Gregory; R. Dunn; W. Miller; M. Hammer; Harford Hall Howard Hall Coll.c ;nul ( iin| j;ial |);iils ol I ' ni slii|). iniu- f " m ' Z-i ' ' Siliait : S. Bush: D. I ' nidiidi: K. Wade; L. Holler; J. Monroe; J. Leather; E. Wiiikis. Tliinl mir: R. Hun W iuldell, Jr.; S. VVesterberg; W. Kelhtm; F. Sheppard; C. Ziniimerii; T. Waldron; C. Evcrline. Fourllt row: ' . Mii I ;ine: B. Sheppard: C. Reynolds; J. Rehme; E. Smith: B. Brawn: B. Leach; E. Gawthrop. Kent Hall Irfl la fiMit; S. : I R,, r, |. L I), lln ; R. l,, Montgomery Hall V, Millii; S. Wim-gKul; I). I ' cu.ll; C. S. llnM; I li,(iniii; | ( l.iik: II. (iilln; I.-; I k.MiniN.liv: i . | ' ,l,,iii,Hi: ( :. Irwin; 1). Howard; I. s,,inli.n: l au . s, ,,,„, ,,.,,■; 1.1m. 11,1 ( l.i- m. I s..iM!iii,i: H. Jacobson: R. Lord: N line: I) I ,iili, liv ll,|,|,rs; .iiiii. |l . Imhi; ll.ii Mi . r, Hciad; D. Corkrura; K. ThiM|ic: I, Si|iiill,iiii. ; K kuu.lci.; k, I iinlviv; ( , R. .s. iilms, li ; 1), Collins: A. Gcueckc: K Ncipin iilingci ; II. llUiinlHi ; ' ..lUiM.ii; I.. Rlinr. Inintl) roic: D. Busch; C. Recder; ii: I k iliiiiiwski; k Brow; P. Stevens: I). Biemiller. Brown; M. Wcatherall; B. Esthin.iuii. |. MiuIkIIi; R. I IIk.ii. I. Evancho: T. Jackson; B. VVansio; Rellev; R. Stephenson: R. Krauss; J. Hai il; (... .Millaid; |. .Mcasuk. ,S ( row: P. Rosswork; J. Irons; 1. Plisiner; G. Minphv: C. Bernhardt: R. Gaieuski; A. Bartolonieo; C. Gladstone: C. (ilclias; R. Parsons; Russell; H. Dclpo; H. Mackic; V. Rinat;ii iss; B. Bcnner; L. Sleeker; B. Jakubik; W mmi mj " .- " M 1. ' ,.. Utl .■.- -, -., ). l)..i,i,. 1. l ' ,„uiKii. I ' . Il,.ll, li. lliiiii-,. It. ll..; a. I.. I....U..-.. II. l,.,ii. |. I.,,... t. lu,!..i.i.. loic; I. Jolinson; M. Kolakowski; K. Kiieman: D. Ik-iiiiaii; K.. lasloi; R. lJii»aii(i;. 1). Halo, 1). Rotkwcll; R. WiMiicivski. lliml ,uw: J. Keating; R. Hicks; T. Sclep; W. Kirk; J. Pfeiltcr; E. Varoszcwski; R. Meyers; C. Clawsoii: M. Manning; S. Moycr. Fourth row: H. CoikIv: R. Spilznas: V. Correll; R. Hoiigson: C. Brown; J. Thomas; R. Crtat -r; J. Rew; R. Berrv; F. Keisler. Fiflh row: C. Spriggs; M. Towiiscnd; M. Losov k ; n. liiooks; H. Choatc; P. Townscml. Prince George ' s Hall Talbot Hall First row, left to right: J. Roberts; W. Sullcy; D. Swanson; S. Brown; A. Carr; J. Hookoinl): IV (.unci; V. KcIIcn: r. Doiilili-. Siroiul raw: O. Hcming; V. Saxberg; J. BoWdcn; J. Plitt; F. EIrick; B. Jowers; J. Parker; C. Peterson. Third mw: C. Ocstcrle; H. Warren; E. Zim; (;. l.oll; Q. Porter; C. Whalev; G. Womcr; H. Landon. Fourth row: G. McPhcc; B. Randall; C. Hoffman; J. Simins; L. Volandt; . . . ckerman; R. Rario; M. Uildcmanii; ). l.anmaii. Fillh mu-: . lllii : II liiL ' UM.n; I!. IUimrm; I). I5i lii: R. Kvidi: I!. Scogiia; V. Frampton. HP — » ■■■■ ■ - 01 ■r ' ' T ■- — J. Hciiiiaii; D. M.I on; II ). Jastiemski: (.. l,(,i,nl ; ll ( D. Heinlein; R. liinn : I llm.s, Fiiiitlli row: S. I ' r 11.41, .11: I ( 1, 1:. )imi;; J. r.iUiiiL;. A. .Si4l|j. t.. l.jiglish; J. Zapotocky; S. Brigerman; J. ■■,,011,1 row: 15. McRciuic; J. I ' ciaka; H. Braiulau; G. Womer; B. Kremer; A. Teagardeii; sum; }. GoUibeig: E. Timmons; J. Stevens; G. Skelly. Third row: W. Martin; D. Ran; sliall ' cioss: J. Bell; J. Bowie; B. Adkins; G. Vonniavcr; T. Rose; G. Reimer; E. Gorman. 14I: C. T.uld; n S.iRcr: D. Roir: J. Lewis; W. Cosgrove; A. Karlin; J. Prior; F. DeBrouse. Washington Hall Dormitory Council first ro-.f. I.-jl h, rii Jil: Si.iii W .1 Jack no. kens: (,ar W.mur; K. Charles B.i.lic: Bui. B.iil.x: |..hii Fred Jiigcl; Dick Weiss. President; .o.irge; Dave McEvoy; III ■rr ' A f i I 259 SORORITIES riu-rc is not jiisl todav. ? ' or a sororiry, I here is also wstfrdaN and all the- tomorrows to come. Each girl vearing ' a pin is a part ol a total pitture. Vhv soii s sung at rushing, the stories that are told ear after year, the (ups on the mantel- all are a pari ol thai lunm thing kno vn as tradition. Sixteen sororities, working together through Pan Hellenic, h)rm a large })art ol campus life at Marvland. riie record of their acti ities in this hundredth year form another page in the Mar land story, JlS ' k(•.n . S,M.M, ;m,,; lt.iil..ii,i l l,li,i; I ' .ii IIi.Ms: Vudicv llii i. lir.iMiu-i; M.n; l.i.u l.iuckin-; nii.- W .. .l,i lioM, I ' hmiIi-mI: Iis. Moore; Shirley Mallliews, ' ire I ' rcsklenl; Carol Zies; Genevieve Mumforcl. Secrelary: Jane Hessciiaiicr: Clill Muilgcu. Third rote: Haricttc HaMiiaker: Barbara Lore: Martha l ' elt ; C ' .harloUc Kiiiikel: Mary I ' .lleii Kcmpcrs; Jerilyii Jones; Karliara Lee Martin; F.llen Ailains; Marie Hiiiitt; Ginny Clarke; Mary Wosler; Joanne Lintiiiska; Naiicy Hall; Bctte Coder. ' Ftiurlh row: Heverlv Ymnin; Darleiie Nestler: Lois Broadhmst; Betsy Bowen; Doliie Barlow; Barliara Walt; Barbara Dodd; Kay Scoggin; June Gorsnch; Mar McLaughlin; Rosemary Lynn; Phyllis Hefliii; Ginny Cough; Beverly Reiber; Dotiie Haggerty; Kate Waters. C.iikl l);iil Ikimmiii iin iiioiitlilv ;ill() v;m i- in lli:it box Alpha Chi Omega ( ' .iniiiiia ihchi I IMS Auuf Wu-drrlinhl I ' lrsidciil Sliirlcx Mdlllu ' u ' .s ' icc Prisiiii-i (inii ' i ' ii-i ' C Miniijnyd .Scdctai Audrey Ko cr rrcasuitr Alpha Delta Pi Beta Phi l!ll(l Atuiii Mtie l(ic(]iicllc I ' rcsidcnl Ma) Louise Bownuni ' icc Prcsitlenl Eva Mcliilirc Secrcuiry riro;i)nii Miles ricasiirer Cutting hair is tun bin one slip can mean disaster. I row. IrH lo right: Elaine Jones; Joan Castelazo; Virginia Miles, Treasurer; Kathryn Embree; Eva Mclntire, Secretary; Judith llabiih: |ancl Stclnniiller; Joanne Cooper. Second rnw: Gale Talevast; . nn Skoda; Barbara Bechtoldt: Patricia Ridgway; Clare (Kitliii:M.ii Ionise Bounian. ' ice President; Jean Rrnv; Ann Troup; Patrice Maxon. Third row: Carolyn McX ' earrv; Shirley Cross; Siu- InilKi; k.iilileen T rrell: Janti Bethic.Kli; Mukiv Vu.iid: IlKn Oliyer; Karen Habich. 263 1 ' j Alpha Epsilon Phi No song ami dan .lljilniMu ) : Piniln Sdlgdiiil; Pusidciit Donna Weber Vice Prcsidcm Esther Turk Secretai) Phyllis Segal Treasurer Fint row, left to right: Eleanor Cohen; Sue Hoflljcigcr; Joanne Deanc; Donna Weber, Vice Presiilcnt: Hclenc Biicklianl .; Natalie Gutman; Carolee Stulman; Judy Levin: Beverly Max. Second row: Betty Sellman; Betty Zuckcr; Barbara Alk; Iris Click: Marlcne Brown; ' ivian I.erman; Diane Vaifc: Doris Cooper; Joyce Mindel; Gail Rudic. Third row: Millie Cicrlcr; Eileen Kotzin; Joan .imnierinan; Riitli Hoahnian; Marian I ' lmipian; Nancy Labovlt ; Harriet Cole: Janet Grecnberg; Loiniie Abromowit?; Abbcv Sokol: C:arole Gilinorc; Susan Fox. Fourth row: Shirley IJpman; Helen Kolodner; Janet .Adelber; ; Nan Deluiskv: l.inda .Sther; In:i Blinnberg: Bettv Kramer: Carolyn Jacobson: I ' hyllis .Miller; .Sandra Stone; Carol Cornblan; Debbye Verman. i r . f , r A P» J ' - t,f • i A Aft ' - ' ]■•- ' i Alpha Gamma Delta AlfihnXi VMl I ' cinn W ' doiI President Bcllx l.dYscu ' i(c ' I ' lcsidc ' iil I Aim l ' y(iji Stxrclar - I)()) )lli JDiics I ' lfasurcr I ' irsI roxc. lc l lo rialit: .nu Sionc: 1), In Dclaiicv ; Karen Rcii lliiil ' iiiaii. I IdiiM iiKUlii I ; liiiix laisdi. iic President; Donuln |i.iu , „■: I ' ainua l.ill.m, l ' li l.v Virginia Cronin; BelU M.n ll,lll I.aiiih; |i ' .iii W.issc.n; (.nnl n Mini; Sue (.oing; Barbara ' Kali II . ka Wiislu: I U. l, .an : I ' aiiina 1 .n u i . Anne Harrin ' lon; NLnua Aini)eiS(.n; Sue lavloi; IHaiie KciiipU i ; |jnel Canliss. MiilliU.Hi; ( hailr .j P H ' - ' ' V ' Mf m (%0J i!% ii- mfJ " y K Si; I k-i I 1 1. -. i;...:i... (.:■ ' :!.. wii,,.--. I. ' u -L.... .1 1 -. 1- 1 ■ )- 1 ' " - i: AuUitv .Nuliuluialis. i .t I ' ltsiatiu: I ' .tl KilliiigsUDi lli. I ' iorIciU; Aim 1 lioiiijj.suii. 1 il-.imiili, U« U uml.s, .Scxitun. LuiflUi nickford; Joan Fayc: Nancy Hogaii. Third row: Kay Siinnums; Marsha Tripp; Barbara Thomscii: Marilyn Burr: Pal Hartgrovcs; Nancy Slcvcns; Hfiiv Ra Mor: Margie Gales: Barbara Ciainpbell; Marjie Jones: Barbara Black: Shelby Davis: Carol PUimhoff: ' ickie Clark. Foiirlli roir: Shirley Wallslen; Dolores Walkiiis; Doclic Stern: Bc erly Ma ; Kale Berr : Barbara Stark: Sharlecn Millei: Carol Townseml; Beth Mcirey: Lu Rice: Mary l.ou Iloli: Pat Morrison; I ' ai Callahan. Fifth rou:- Bcckv Fralcs: Luci Maniir, I ' .ii li dtvards; Emily Harding; Clara Janscn; Jill Vasilyk; .Ann Nefflen. Alpha Omicron Pi Pi Delia HIL ' I ' ( Killiiii Mi ' orlli Pitsitlciu .liidrcx Xicoloiiiti.s Vice President Cecilia Woods .Secreiar .hill Tlioiiilisoii Treasurer Alpha Xi Delta .- Bria l-:tn W Man I.aii Jriil I ' lL ' sulciii Diiunic Uoindhiut X ' icc I ' lt-sidt I)cl ))( ' . (iiinihnio ScdX ' tarv JoliiiniKi Ko) 1 rcasiircr nlil: Sibyl Klak; Jane Hagcrloii; Sheila liiydcii; Linda Cahoon; Dolores Ganibino, Secretary; Dianne Haiirahan, V Lou Jent, President: Polly Brobst: Johanna Kerr, Treasmer; Georgia Claxton; Nancy Stevens; Lou Ann Darling: (ivris. Second tow: (Jloria Barnabei; Jane Eyerman; Sue Kerr; Sand Sears: Bobbie Stoner; Eleanor Hardy; Carole : lii.l,.us DePierro; Vi Finman; Martha Jent; Maxine Boyer; Lind.r Smiili: [umc TichncU. Tliiid rozu: Linda ii; Si.iiki V ' oris; Barbara Bennett: Joy McGuire; Beryl Acklcy: Mai |i. Sullu.m; Barbara Habley; Pat Hiuisaker; kiMiiMiiikos; Pcggv Powell: Maineen Bland; Lollie Morris; S.imK Silmillti. Fourth row: Anne Granducci: ii( [can Clark; SliirUn Rush; Iciuisc Martin: |:inrl K:iullni,ni; l.ii;4u Sansonp; Riilh Mosclcv: Mvrn;i k,n I. M.ilav: R.I 1 ,mi M % ' ,mw ' ( Delta Delta Delta .UplniJ ' i IK. ' il Kllcii Carsini I ' risidi ' iit Salh Miller mv Pivsidinl Jiuicl Sti ncn Ju(l P( ' lrrs( )i I ifiisincr First roil ' , left to right: Teeter Hcierkk; Man l.ou noiiine: Bcuy Wriglii; Rabs Hill: I ' aiila Sloal; Grace Tiinniclill: PcgRV Gillespie: Vickie Kiichman; Dotlic Gales; Dcile Smith: Harrie Neal. Second row: Mary Anne Goodyear: Joan Gad l : Iliaiie .S(oiiler: Janet Lee, .Seciclarv; Sallv Miller. Vice I ' lesideiit; Klleii Carson, President: Judv Peterson, Ireasnier: Cinnic Sheckclls; lU.Miie I.ce Carlson: Pal Sniilli; lanice Kinsler; Indv Sclilaidler. 7 i Vf row: Pal Nash: Barbara Hcadlee: Nancy Loanc: Paula Hollowa); Jac Long: Li Xpplebv Karen lUrKsirom; liaibaia Mooeis: Pal Pardoe: Betsv |ohiisione: Margie l.cmoii: Leoma Naughtoii: Carol .Shealfer; Betsy SlntK-is. Inurlh row: Brooke IiiikiiiKlon: Margie Boone: Marv Baker: Jtidv OiiMars: Kalhy Moore: Mary Pal Col)ey: Sue Cole: Marie MalliimU; I ' .illi Itooiic: Ka Shallii; Aim McCoiiiiack; Helen lewis; Pal liix; Sue Stokes; Barbara Broun: Gail Henderson. -A i Delta Gamma i Ih-laSioiini I ' ll:. l)nu lli Knnlr.s Firsi.k-ni Dorolln Willnuiis uv I ' rcsi.k ' i Kill III ' ) nil ' Dm lu ' ll Sctrelary jrmi Pure rixasurcr Fhsl nr.r. Irll In ny , ; )(.n (om;,, Ilnlli, Willi. nils. l,r l ' Ksi,l,nl; I 3i i r- rpiftc, pe»| _ ' R • ' t ., ? - : L iLJkL i ' J: J fL ?» i3tt4 l-il l ,„!,■. 1,11 ki I,... |. ,, , l..,,,, ImmsuUi; I.1IU j.K ksoll . Sf 1 fl.M I IVlllU I ' lcsiclciil; Dii.iMc |■nllll|l . i(c I ' uMilnii: Dons Idliiison: NhiiiKii Aiulcrson: Amu- IU-iihcI; licM-rK StubUs; mil ' .- Jo Aiiiif Mrl.cllaiul: Dixie hiiiitli; ' irki l.iicas: Nancy Kemp: Nancy Dcvilhiss; Star i Kii(l; Corkran: Caroline ' C:ook; I ' al Mel ; Diane Sanders; Klhel Gaidnei: Anne l,iish ; Kav Kduaids. Third mic; . ' Helen Hale: Dotiie Miiniroid: l.ynn Sunimeis; Sherry Mullcr; Harriet Conipc; Jan Orndorll; l.ihhy Robens; White; Ronnie GrcKS. Fourth row: Lois Baiiermaiin; Margie C:lark; Dale Kvcry: Sandy Haywood; (;rclchen 1 Barbara n sen; Kathryn Thompson; Stanley Heim; Margie Kline; Ann Cook; Anne Blauvcit; Beverly Silar. Repperl; Gamma Phi Beta ll ihiiik iliis will ever become a dress? 1 ;[l Jfflj » ' • J 1 Hria Hria I ' MO Ditiiir HiDilf) I ' lisidcni Dumic Phillijis ui- I ' rtsidtiii Mdtlliti fiirlisoii ScdLiary Lois Taylor I icasiiicT Kappa Alpha Theta (laiiinidMii 1!M7 , 1)111 .hiihrxiw I ' lfsidc ' iU Kiln-)i Bro-uni ' kc Prc-sidcnl Virginia Miller Secretary Darrilyn Sigley Treasurer fiMf row, left to right: Lee Small; Nancv White; Man Ann Allison; Florence Hiser; Dolly Bonnet; Darrilyn Sigley. Treasnrer; S.nulra Sowder; Ann Andrews, President: Virf inia Millei. Secretary; Sarah Abplanalp; Marjorie Hutcheson; F.lizaheth Rector; Sally [oIsom: I ' alt M crs: Patlv Toms. Siimid rinf. Ucttv O ' Rricn: Beverly Tiitton: Cnrolvn Ivcrson: Favne Finlev; Priscilla Lee; (..ill I),n K.nin riiidr M.nilMi Kiri.Ici: iin Riiuklrv; (;1.h Sli.iu; M.i.ilMi CimI . I,,,ni r.irlc; Minicl lasilnrk: |ii(l Wilson; I ' .nil, SI, Mil Ihnd ,n.r |,,.kl, ' lliiM.nv l),,i.s I ' rlil. ' IiimI.i Sm.inuIiii, (Mill. I. i S,,vm!,i, Siir Bonne; llcli ' ll Si |ol,ii: (..lil Caffrcy; S. ' inili.i Si.i.k. k.iicii R.isniiiss.n ,, I ' .nk.i, |. ■ I link: IIcmimh |.„ , .1 is, n i , r„l l,.u„,n; Ikiiiir kn.. ; M.iii;.. Ijh.v; Roberta li.iubiil. Sliiil,- Slnin.ill hnnlh ,.,„■ |ii,l S.Iimmi; |,inr W ■ .1 kiii.ii i , l.iix ( l.iiic ll.iiiison, |n,iii; |,iihtii ill.; (.illi.ili Chadsey; Sue I, inn; S.ilU I iipp; )n.iii Mlin.ln; AiW S|,,,iks, Hull kiiii M4; hiii.i Rml; 1p41n1.1 (.iM; iiiu- Rn-d; k iiiiK Walkn; Mil Kappa Delta .lljjin, nhn I ' .I ' J ' .I Binhaiii Draii I ' rtsidtiii Mary Lou Hities i(c I ' rtsidciil Dorollica Swiss Stti ciarv Miiiii SchU ' gcl ' rrcasurcr • iW rim hfl III liiihl: M:irj iric ncckwiih: :iiir Noll: l-l.iiiic Ciciovcr; SalK Sinilli; K:i Niinino; Ann I.cthl)i i lRc: Bcn ;in Sl kc: Kay Hauling: Joan ' Hubhcl: IkisN .Sn lcr: Sue Ailkcn: Ilaibaia limns. Sinniil nr.v: I ' atriria Rossctla; Snt- Willis: I ' aiiiiia RiiiaUli: Diiiiali ' t-n SdilcRcl; )oan llcilni:ni: Mina SililcHcl, Tifasurcr; liarbaia I- ' io k: Hot Swiss. .Scciclaiv; Allison IJovkin: Sandra Shaw; Uarbaia iiolRiano; Sliaion llaaik: I.aiiric Cliflon; Joan Dc Tuik. Tliinl nw: Nana Randall; Fain Ra noi; Amu- Cannon; (;ail Sniilli; |ani c- () lc : I ' aliiiia Hon; Ann (.licsi-i; I ' alViria Garner; (.inn Duke; Shirlcv Thoinpson; CMiailoKc Collins: Alib McCanlcIl; Marv (.eibn; Doiis Rcllcu. Foiiilh loir; Ann ODoinicll; l ' aliiii:i (.iiisdi; I ' alilria Slicrci; Paliitia Kxans; Hcllic Caioli- MiDnflic; ( Kcarns; Marge Hndsoii; Kli al)cili Raulidi- - ' -t s_ i , ( W ,_s_« ' JS- Kappa Kappa Gamma Caiinun 92[) Xiiiit .lull nil 1 1 c ' sidciil Dimif )()inii ' i( (.■ Prfsidc ' i Biiihdiii Slejiliciis Sl ' ( rclary Cliinc Wolloiil IVcasuu ' r Sg i j .fAlS k _ii._ ? n..ll; ( I. MIC Wnll,.! I.I ( i.niiir ( ,niiu-: 1,1,1 S|,i.inkU; |.i,(| lirllr l)|-,kr,; k.,1, : |,.,n, I.M.., ,nu .H: Beth Holmes III , k( 1 ; Alice Heisler. Ill ndcison: Judith .iiiis. Fourlli loir: Aiidic-iie Richardson; nlcv: Patricia Palistcr; Jacqueline Dean. ini; Sue Hatcher; Ann ' Schwartz; Ellen Maddox. li i ' -. ' h -♦• n a J -4 -. J--- a ,.f?j ?VW?- ' Mi A. ,,,,•, It ' ll 1(1 ih ' hl: Gail I ' . ; i, i ' iii ; I ' Inllis S;iimii-ls iii. id- I ' loulciil: Fiaiikif ischociiheit;. 1 ' iLMdi.iit; baudia UahiiL; ( li..iiiiM.n: Juki X.liunne Abclniaii. Senniil row: Maislia Oshriiie; Rita Cohen; Marilvn Dagiirt; Marilyn Aronou; Sally Rubin; Marilyn Dicncr; C;loria Khrlich: Rolwrla Habcr; Carole Baker: Sara Cioodnian; Leslie Millenson; Rosa Roltenberg: Carol Ncimciser. Third row: Sandra Bukowit ; Ellen Bcneman: Sandra Roltenberg: C:lara C:ohen: F.veUn Budnick; Sylvia Epstein; Ellen Sue Marsh; Ruth Sherman; Joanne Price: Myra Abraniowii ; Barbara Sappcrslein; Joan Wagelsicin: Lyn Friedman. Fourth row: Ellee Wohl; Shirley I ' olit er; Janet Genderson; Madge Rosk : Revainie Hollnian: Betty Kruger; Sara Frail Berlin; Judy Gordon; Iris Kiieger; Carolyn Holen; Ellen Etclson; Linda Nadisrh; Shiela Feldman. Phi Sigma Sigma imo plans lor Skit tiislit. lirh, .llfli ' i i ' .i: ' . i irtimt ' s Scliot ' iihriii I ' lisidciii Plixllis Siuni(( ' ls(»i ' i(c Prtsidtnt Cull liluin ricasurcr Pi Beta Phi Mtnxhnnl Brhi I ' .Hl Esllifi llnd I ' lvsuknl Aiinc WiUinini ' icc I ' residciit ]oini Shi el lis Sfcrctarv MiuiImi liiniis I ' rcasurer I ' laniiinn li i Ocean (;il sure heals suulvin, any d •Vn in; ' , ,■(( lo right: Baili:ii:i (;iifliii: nii I.niinici: (. I ' usidciU: I ' cg Gross; Jo;iii ShirliK. Srini.ii ; X.mkv limoiid; loiii Frv; Iiiiie Riililli ; (.inii (hiiM.MMn, ,,i I-i.iii KcMKilds: JaniVe lV:iiis, I hi,, I ,.,.,■ |imIv II.ii I ' „ ((IS. I ' .iTii I.KkMiii: lo.Mi ,lv, k.iiliN I.mlci; ,l,l. l,(,l lien Fcrmisdti: iinc Viitiiiaii. Virr I ' lcsidcnt; Esther Reid, .M.iilii: B,ii Uidun; (.in. I W licl, i s,,,i,i(l rmr: Cissy II, ii;..; s,indc (.,.i,l,,n: I lu I Insi ,i 1 1, i ; ,ii» Ki,ii.. d; Barbara Jack; ,1 l ' .uviMi,iii; l,inhn S,imKis: Doiiu- (cnlin; iiii llill; Kvchn Dean; ll,rnini(in(l; RoM-inaiv Meniklifini. l-„„rlli ,,,.,•: 1,im nn Hisli: IMnllis ( , king; Mcdora (.ra es; Chloc I)ii .d: IS,nl),na; l)i,nu- Si.urll II II n I -»4JJ4yu lA. i«l " °™ " ' ' " ' ° Sigma Delta Tau ♦ .llj liallirhi I ' .l.-.l Sjjicliniui l ' rcM(kni Rilii Solomou ' ilz ' i(f I ' risidii .i)is .inn (Jclz StirclaiA M ir Hiidcs ricasuixr First row. lefl la rif lil: Shirlcx puolisoii; MolK Ik-rgci; Barbara Lcxilas: Rila Solonuiuii . i(c I ' rcsiilcni: Spieliiian. I ' lcsitlciii: Favc Caiilcr: I.ois Ann (.vu. Scriclarv: Marv Huclcs, Trcasiiicr; AndrcN (.la cr. Smnid raw: Rluxia Holriclucr; l-.vcUn l.cini.ndd: l.lta (Jolilsicin: Rat |iicl I ' ollack; Marian (iross; Shancdcl Cohen; cna Sappcrslcin: Natalie Ackcrnian; Norma Alpcri; Andiix (•oldlicrK: Marihn llcss: Snc .Margolin. Thiril roir; Klaine I.ivln); ' lon: Lillian Oaplan; Kli abclh l.nslliaus: .Sonia Rainsiii: Dian.i llcrinann: Rolxria Solins: Muila silvniii.Mi; {.iciiiuImi Itroiison: llailiaii Roilunan: Marcia ScalTon: Rlioiia lialllci. Sigma Kappa S ' :. il: £ :w Bcla ' .cia I ' .MO Ptihiria l ' ' l )i)! President irM Hni hrs X ' icc Preside i r ; V Klh ' H MrMahoii Secretary Minidiic Mot ' llc) I ' reasurer What (.kiImI ■ »;«U Iinlli . i:) Kelh: S:ill lliick:,.ii.i llii nr.r: Margo Dielciiik: s.iimIi,, I .,( h., ( .iiol IJoolh: niaiu- (.xmI; I, mkI ],- lilc Miilieiiiii; Pat Ciiiiiniingliani; Geuigia li |ikI Guic; Lucilk- hiuiuiicU. Sli idciii: licss Hughes, ' ice Baibic Siivder; Florence I 111 11. uk: Jackie Collins; II liiriiKT; Alicia Smilh; i 11 X.iiii Larrick; Mary 1 If Howard. oovro-2. " ODQC ' A ' hi ■.i.s( .,«■•, . » lifihl: C;hii. 1. I I i: ... Ratusiii: |; Stiininilki : I.olit- Millciison. Secniiil low: Hollii !.... . |.., . ,.;.., a,. K,,,i. li i .... I t,M,.,| ug Sccrclai); KIlic Saliiiim. I ' rtsiili-iil; Sheila Hiyclen. Rctor liiiR Sctielai); Rita .Sulumottil . lJf|JiitN Olliici; Ciiolc- liuwii. licaMiiti; Ik-vcily NJa ' x. Tliird loif: Alice; Phyllis Segal; Manila Sliiellcr; Klsa Carlson; Jaiiic Khlc; Maxiiie Koycr; Anne O ' Doinicll; Toni Shipman; Klainc Martin; Jan Orndorff; Arlys Rcltr. Jackie UuMars; Rila Greenberg. For Unified Action marylanci greeks o modern Maiylaii ds I ' cii HcUciiii (oiiiK il iIk- lii.iw awarded. This (.ar ' s rc( ipiciii as Delia rcsponsibiliiy nl ihc rcmilaiioii il soroiitx rush {.aiiuiia. (■.oiiliniiiii;; ilnDiii lioui ilic iar. I ' an iiiH loi 1 lie sixittn naiional groups rc|Jicscnlcd lv s|)()nsi)is various ciliu wen ksliopv. oil our (aiii|)Us. In addilion. this j;tou|) acts as and in the Spring soioi ii women w.isli c .n s ioi a t;uidi ' lor all soioriiN liiiuiions ;dl tar. Inn — and lor money lor tin- (ampus (liesi. Pan Hel ' s stiiednle siaris with the amiual The leadersliip pro.nram in Innioi I ' an iiil riedoe Dame in the l-ali when the Delia Tau is an cffceli c irainini; pel iod lor the luime oil: Delta eup lor " I he Sororit ol the ear " is ecrs of ihc C ouncil. 278 lR ' l|)iiii; IkiihI Id l l lK■es wiio need ach ice on paitv scliedulinsj;. All eves seem umu-d tow. lu- ,,k-d.r .|uecn .and, niual Pan ' A -,1 Greeks Entertain there ' s quite a flavor to a party 281 FRATERNITIES ■What is a fraternity? That ' s a hard (|ucsti()n to answer. Something; diilerent for each man who spends four years li in,u, and learning in a groiij). Anfl yet. in a way, the same thint s to them all. Sometimes the parties are oood; sometimes they ' re not. Some years on vin the cups, ha ' e a good football team, get good grades, ser ' e good meals. Then there are the other years. Yet however it goes, somehow, it points to the same objective: Fraternitv is brotherhood. i U[k ' 1 i- i t " , Jill n wis nii, ' . hit la ii-lil: AKiu Snulii; llou.iul I M.Ui. ui I ' lnlip M., I. I n.iMiu i. I ...ii.H.l |..iiIm,I. j,r I ' uvhI.iu; I ' .i I ' iokIciu; Morluii ' C iiciil CT(, ' . Si-cu-liuv; 11mi NKII.Im Aiim.IiI S ..„ , i.-ii-. li.iin lliiiliinaii; H.umn l.i Itaion: I)a i(l Schcn; Malcolm Sicgel; ICdwaicI l-iicnian; Uonalcl l-iaiikliii: Donald Wcinioih; KiiHfiic Snicker. I ' hinl nih Albc-rl M. Harris; Julian Jacolis: Albert Harris: Harvey Hanover: Jerome Herman; Leonard Miller; John Wcnl : Nail ' A Alpha Epsilon Pi Dl-llll Dt ' UtCYO)! I ' .I II Paul Siii( ' lki)isi)ii I ' rcsidtiii I r, ,i,i,,l Monlrnl 1. 1 I ' lcsnlc Morton ( ' •rt ' oihcyo .Sc( rc ' l;ir rhilif) SirrI IrcaMircT Alpha Gamma Rho .l l)liii ' I ' held l ' ,)2S lloiuihl Inncs I ' rc ' sidcnl l.uui.s Wiulr ' i(c Pirsidnii lldljili Moore SccrcLary Richnxl l)citiiicil)ig Treasurer Inst row, left to right: Charles Harris; Bob Hastie: I.cvus l),, r: W.ili II, is; Wwii H I ' u-iident; Dick netlmering. Treasurer; George Hoclgc ; Dick kiiii| Srinnd m.r i Wilniis; Adrian Remsbcrg: James Slcwart: Warner Hoid; Hill |(.lniMni; kiln kini;l,i; R() HeaiulKimp; [ohn Beail : |iiliii Williui; |(ihii Uiiikci: (.(lul.m Dduiiinu; I cm 1 liu MLirMiiaii: Bill [owcrs; |oliii |ciius. Ralph Moore. Secretary; Re ivel: Doug Parks; fames H;ni ill: Urouii; Fred Rogeis. Alpha Tau Omega EjisiUni Caininn i ' .l. ' iO ' I ' hoiuiis Miisoii I ' lcsidtni Pdiil Diiiin ' u i- I ' l fsi RkIiiuiI lidKiiic S{.( rit:ir Kciiuclh Rohinsun TrcaMircr First rmv, left In right: Conrad Mallov; Wendell Johnson; Robert Parker: Kcnnelh Robinson. Treasnrer; Mrs. Jayiies. Honscmoilier: Thdinas Mason. I ' rcsideni; RUhard Itournc, .Sctrclarv; John Rchnic; Xinccnl Hanrahan: Rirhard Wilkinson. Str iti l row: William Rockefeller; IhoMias Burrows; James Nelson; Qtiillie Har|)ci : I inioiln Kelli;iiigb; Robert Adams; Robert Hroun; Frank Jakabik; Fernando Monge; Donald Montano; John Wall; . rllnir Hiban; Jerr Hurley. Third row: Thomas Spann; Donald Clark; (icrald Criscolo; Robert Dexter; Louis .Malkus; Lee Duncan; Richaid Morgan; James .Shaw; Houston ln);rani: Merrill Saucrbrie; . rihui (ichauf. I ' oinlh roir: I homas Williams; Robert .Sheppard; Russell Diilfe ; Uraxton Dunn; William Crass; IJriirc Wellborn; {.ene llli,,,. I.,„m1,1 VuI„ ' ' r In.! ,..., ' . Irll In ,,._:lil: l.inu llirilv; |..M|.h ' Wiiliam Gor(l ; Tinidlln (niiull: 1 cslic (,lll,l 1 nin Brain, ' r im i.-w. I Mullin; R. lUdiiiriewiaz; David FImiii. Delta Kappa Epsilon Millii; Rohci Kajilxi I), ' ll,i )y2 WiUkuii (,imr. I ' rcsidcnl Kilu ' inil ' I ' -it ' iiinii ' icc Piesidcni jolni Bell SccrclarN Allni I ' liillijis Treasurer SiTviim (liiinci lo :i h..iiM lull ,,| () I ' ls— is this work Jiiil i,j,., Ull ;.y li i.i. Llick Ri)v«tU, juliii Culliii». John -Mevciis; Jim .ScliiiCLk. lieasuiti. Lloitl Rccil. Viet I ' lc.Ucii Collins: Bud Snail. Srcoiitl roiv: John ;uinc; Hal Wilcox: Al Smith: Dick Mills; Bucky Hatch: Bob Ward: JcIT Buikett. Delta Sigma Phi .Ill liuSiirinii I ' .121 U ' lllian, Wall I ' lisi.lini l.loyd Reed uf rrcsidcnl liiiiirs Ihx liinsmilh SccrcUiiy ) ( Sclnirih I rcasiircr 288 Delta Tau Delta M Delhi Sii iiia I ' .HS OMMrMiirlh ' i Prcsidfiii lolni O ' Xnl uv Prcsidfiil Rohm I Hclhrriiiotdii Sec rclary i.nald Ihuhlui cii livAsuwv In l tint. Irfl In lii lit: C.coige Thomas; Donald Mooie; Carl Winfield; Gerald Hartdgeii, Treasurer; Mrs. Julia Halstead. House- iiioilui; ()v(,ii MiKlIri I ' lcsuiciii; Lewelhn Heigham; Robert Riegel; Charles Thomas. Second row: Joseph ■uhas: Lewis Johnson; 1 li(iin.i . l( ii.ilkn. l.iiiHv (,ra ; Harold McFarland: Thomas Kelle ; Robert Lapham; Raymond McGreevey. Third rmv: Ralph Slimn: W.imu MiImcmI; )oIiii Vestbr()()k: Robert C;iiinings; Walker Kliason; Donald Davis; John Laskev: )anies Mcken ic. Foinlh r ,u-: (.iingi-; ) m- krohn; Ridiard I- imncrling; Robert Leubkcrt: F.ugcnc Bourne; Rodncv Resia: |anu-s Mur])bv; Harold msmsam Kappa Alpha Beta KiqiJHi mil John Lowe IMcsidcnl WiHidin ]V(i( ' sc}ir ' i(c l ' rc■ i(lc■lU Will nun Drvilhliss Scdciarv Riclnnd Slx ' ichcr rrcasurcr hirst row, Itfl In right: Fred Mueller; Charles Wiiliher: Lee Corilx; John Hrowii: Ray IU)hliii;iii: Dick Spcichcr, 1 reasiirer: Mi-s. Maholiii, Housemother: John l.owc. President; William Devilbiss. Secretary; W ' ally Kualt; Robert Beach; Hilary Rowe. Second rou-: Robert Carlhuuse; Robert Scott; Clharlie Mackerl; Del Ueman; William Tyciiugs; Charlie Schmidt; Austin Lillx; Russ Hawkins; Arnuld f:ook; Peter White; Lewis Whitakcr; Dennis Brown; William lavlor. fliird row: Bud Warlield; Aiuhon Manuel; Eric Lundval; Bud Cook; Ben Lewis; Robert Ballard: Kdward Quillan: [ames Phillips; Thomas Baker; Sidne I ' cvcrlv; John Foley, fourth row: |a Ricks: Frank (.olil «: I .hn Mim|.Ium John Iil li(UM; Williin. lUsl.ani; [amcs KeatiuR; Dick (.riniih; William Cildea. Lambda Chi Alpha l:j s,lou Pi WKVI llnhni Hanho I ' lvsidci.l Ixohcil DiiiiIkiiii ' itc Prcsidcm Ininr Onl Strrctarv ]] ' (i tir Borx Ticasurcr ;m irm; left to right: Frank Kmbicc: Xeuioii Hnsoii: Roger Cover; James Orci, Sec H(]iiscmother: Robeit Dunham, " ice President; Rennick Williams; Joe Siemiatkoski; I hkec: Buddv Rvinu Jark Ralenger: Sam Adams; Dirk Smith; Robert Hactcn; Don (.e ri;e Melcski: Wcs Saiitcr; Ridiaid Knott: (k.ald Oebi Mki, I ' .ni B.ii.,Mn K. iili 1 A.Uh ' ; Chct lilacklmd; .111 IH-i lindtn; W.nd RiilK; RkImi.I slill.i WiMii 11(1 M Ircasurer; Mrs. Palmer, iiiii ; IcMii liiuis. Second row: Frank , |iilin I ' .iiliik; Don Lcary. Third rmv: Ql mmm InsI ,,nr. 1,11 In ri lil: l:iii Milki; I.ouis Sci.l. 1 |i, . ' K i li.nid I MKcldi ' i . I ' lCMtlciir: R..n:iM 1 iil l.iUkr. ic - 1 ' icm U-ii HciIkii (. " iclich: Joe Colhcrl; Maxucll I.cvin. s,(u„d y,,n: Sicvcii Saks; Joel Seieboff: Nathan Sdnvcil ui : Harold Kiaiiici: I ' ai Rubin; Herbert Kriigcr; Milton Adelman: Sidney Siissman; Roliert Siinick; Harvey Goldstein: Arthur Schull . Third row: Steplu Quartncr; Robert Davis; Edwin Luxcmberg; Stanley Grossinan; Murray Rcsnick; Ernest Smclkinson; Malcolm Schlossbcrg; Si:i Block; Allan I ' osner; Alan Fedder; Marshall Gerstel. Phi Alpha Ihivid riiljrhlr) l ' nM(ltn J-jirl J il(l;r i.c I ' lf lii Ihnu ' ii S(. iii;ir ' Harold Ciihni I nasun Phi Delta Theta John .Ijx ' l I ' lcsi.lcni J ' al Diilax ' i(c I ' lcsidci ' I ' liDiiuis Morrison Sccrclary TerriU Schrofdrr I ' misiircv ' roir, left to rison. Secrctaii Shuck; Arch )crl; .Stc c Obe Kil paliiik: V riii,lit: Bob : Terry Sch Hvson; Jack Thomas. Third rg: Dean Gr a nc Roclkc; iui: Harn CIiaiiMoii; John Rccso; Jack ratluu: Bill Slaiilki; Rem- Kauak-i. .Vc(Oi«; i,no: I oiii oeder, Treasurer; John Apel, I ' reskleiu; Mrs. Culpepper. Houseiuolhci ; al Dulav. ' ice PresitleiU; " kip Inslev; Bob Calhoun; |ack Fiuncgati; Warren Smith: Bill Smith; Bob fTm; Bob Dinkcr. Fniirlh rmv: Bob Rush; Don Murph ; Bill Huthcr: |ou Riihardson; John Elmore; Don Gilinoie; [ini Kilbv. Phi Kappa Sigma lljilui ' .riti IS!) ' .) Kdward Sficcr I ' rcsidciii ■.(hi ' ind Coi ' iiliex X ' icc- Picsiikiii josejih S( hnishx k Sn ic-larv ChlMoil Kooj, I IIMMIITV First row, hit t HatriL-ltl. Huiisci Hoi UK ' S. SfCOIItl l-.iiglish: C;h:irlcs V;ilkc: John Ri Stcfaiiowic : l.yn I ' enoMc; Gilbcil Nfadaiv; Dana (; II ri lit: KdwanI C-ardncr: CJaMoii Roop. Ircasuicr: Irc-il |oiics: Siilncv Knumaii; Iclwaul Sptci. rusiilcnl: Mr iimhci: Kcluaid (:o alic , icf I ' icsiilciu: |osc|)h SrliiiiMoik, Stiiclai ; |.iiiirs Si lio.ic lad; Uovd Lulan: Mciiil row: l-.inic Ucl ; Joseph lansscns; Aiulrcv (ianici: Rohcil Coklumi; Olivaiiic- loiicorii; RaMiidii.l IliilliiiKloii; Cai DcaTi; UMic law; liiRciic Kibhc: Siolt IiikIc. Iliiiil nnr: |ainis .. U- : William Mainl; Umoii Rii|)|i: Williaii •MKilds: Ciiailcs BiiiKh; Jamt-s Iravis: Knm: Slialln; I ilKliman MauUn; RoIki i I luiiMoii. I„ii lli ,ow: Wain- n Sommcis; David Mav; DonaUl .Spriiij ei; Nirliolas .iiullcr; Robt-ii Iiiid: Idviaid I) as: |a k Davis, tilth nr.r: | is(pl Uouliiig; Harold Mciiili; Muliad Oiiiim: I ' clci Miles; ChaiUs D;iokIhii : liaiik |iisi: William Kanliiiaiiii; R.a. roiioi: Holi Rice: William Miller Phi Kappa Tau Bi ' hi Oinu mil ][):,() WiIIkuii Kciiiii ' ih Picsidciil Idlni lohnsini Ynv I ' rcsidci .S7 )( Bennett ScdciaiA jiuncs WiUsoii I i-fasuixT IHH Riibiil Lnikir; Ndiiiian r.i.l.lipck. Srcnd loir; RoIki 1 Sb.uyv: John hoiiii.ii; I luo.lou- H;t ciis; |iiii llinlci: Sicvcii uii(li: |iiii Siiiiih: William I.ciir. I oiii Moiaii: lioli Ha aiil: (iiahaiii Holland: William Hiii;lit: I lidiiia ' . Ilolliiiaii: Donald lloiiiii: |akc Wiiklcin. I hiril i,m-: loin Morgan: l)a id Mellon; Joseph CieeKaii; Heiheri RiKlUer: ( liailes Marshall: Charles Kni){hl; linrkelie Mailiii; James I ' rctlMnan; Keilh Wheeler; eriroii liriggs; Miles Digciiero; Jim I ' iiiholsler; Donald ik ' riaii: Hriice Anslinson; Joe Brown; (Ihiick Itrouii: loin Lescallcei. hniirth iiw: Jerry Si-lllelnn: Charles liarlow; Frederick Kiestcr; Robert CJeiger; Moc Harrison. Duighl Mock; Robcrl Pearson; Hal W ' illi:inison; Louis Roy; John Ladrido; Loucll Hincheliffe; William liiirdell; William Morgiin; Charles Miina : James Chaney: Larry Acker. Fiflli roir: Pete Ross; Gary .Allvatcr; Robcrl Hall; Stanley Hames; Richard Lnlemann; Richard Hodgson; Richard Harrington; Donald Walker. Sixdi rnw: Joseph Price; Richard James; John Copants; .Andrew Beinick; William Ireland; William Willis: David Swann; Robert Brice; Frank Thompson; John Sincell; Boyd Bounds; Gary Schreiner. Phi Sigma Kappa Im Ini, :i ski n Bl Klfi I S! hiflicir Colinifhii I ' lrsidinl linhrrl Cool; n- I ' rcsidfi .Uli ' )i Mt t ' ). .Scdciary ( ' •t ' oii c Htnrlsoii I nasiinr Pi Kappa Alpha Delia I ' si nir.L ' Cecil Bnniii President li( h, ' )l Bisdioll uc I ' rcsidcnl Donald Ihiiihcs Secretary i antes liijij ' h ' I ' reasurer 297 " " ' ' ° " ™™ " ' ° " Sigma Alpha Epsilon I M n l nnl lirhi |m|;; Unliiiril SlinilichI I ' lcsidcui () ; Siixdri X ' icc I ' n ' sidc-nl Icioiiir Doulnojl StdclaiA I oil II het ' iii ' x I iiasmci HiM )„■. Irfl III tiiilil: DoiKiUI nilg: Roderick C.oiin; Rithaid Hofmaii: I.IomI liMiuiii; joliii Iiiirn. Iic.imiui: Rklianl SiaiiruUI. I ' icsuUiii: Mi . Miller. Hoiisciiioilu-i: |(.liii Sinili-i. icc I ' residcni: |ci.)iiic- DduIikiII. Scrrtiaiv: l ' liilli|) StHaii : llaiiA RusmII. Uahci Ik-iiiiRci; Ridiaid Holmes. Srronil loir: C.liaiiCM Kciiiiilh Cooper. William Siibilia: Rand rmile; |olui l)iike : Qiiinioii Weave.: Ilioiiias Cailei; loseph Monledonieo: )aik [acksoii: l-.dwaid Diinlai); |ohn Caldwell: Idward Weall.eilv. Thinl «,„■: M.ok Diinkei: piiiies Urire: Willis Sloan; Robert Mile hell; Aitlini Can: William Radilid: I.andon Hoh: |ohn Uiislnnan: [ames Voiuin: Roheii londis; Roherl IMer; llionias Ikall: R( l)cn ISrillinRliam. I-Omlh xr.r: [ostph Downs; Ridiard lie.leiirk: Dennis kno : Rolieil Weiss; Irank Cailioine; Wallv l.oul: RoI.eit Slewaii: I ' alriik Claik; William Clark: Ward llosieilei; liank I nderhill: (.eoij-e l.indse : Donald Mariin. l-illli row: Donald William Ward; Kduard Wriulu; Al Nemasiik: Moiion Ulancliaid: ( Iwnles Uoulcr; C.eorge (;olliic : Ronald »ricrele : (ierard Sddimm. Sixth loir: John (lark; Ridiard Donnelh: Ronald W:nn.Kk: ( ' .nil Crawford; (ieorge lownsemi; SeolU Mnran; Kdnunid l.lovd; Ronald WcisRerber: Willi:iin Raps.m: Donal.l la lor: Ron.dd W.iiil. f Tf Sigma Alpha Mu S i nin Chi l!l, " ..1 Ilium Shi.shi ' ) ' I ' lrsidciu Ijiu ' X ' iur Kohirii ' hc l ' icsi( Min. ' in Sdiloy r) Sc(ix ' iar Ihyuliiini Fnni Treasurer Slallk-N U|inuk, Sn.m, Don lUi. c). Iloli II. Ml Ua c l)uciisk ; . Foinlli ic.r: Ailic ( hn Mel Shin; ]evi Moiul.l Uert Raboy; liob Wollmaii; Small Milliiciii ii: Dave Siegal; Richard Recksoii; Ho Rodiiei Don Daiiemaii; Stanley Foxman; Norlie Tucker fSBM lu ' .l iinr. Irll h, liahl: | liii Mii|)li : Kolail M.illoiur: (ail (jxall.iKi; ) )liii SiKiiiiski. liiMsiiiii; l-.luaid Niiiii. i. - 1 ' uskIiiii; IkcI Still«an ii. I ' loiiUiiI: (;1mi1 RcMiilc. SrciilaiA; l-.luar.l liaiK i; joliii klar. ll cil (.ohIdii. S,,,ni,l ..-;.■; I mil am|ianlia: Uilliain Dcnias: Uaiini Ihik: Noiinan IVkisoii: Daniel Maiixi: Alan UciulliiiK: Donald Ran: William MiDoiiaUl: Kobcit Ciiiix ' : K:t r Ni.lK.K; |ill Del lanceaux. Iliiiil fr.r: Rol.iil IKI ' iro; Ronal.l Uailill; RoIri I (ialont-. (Iiailcs Shic-Imt; Janus Mcina; liank Raika; RnhtH Dalr: R..I..-1I Ol.iicn; John M Kcchnii-; KcimriI. Voikr: join, [a.kson: (.nv ciKlti; lanus Ciokci. In,„lh ..,,.■.■ Vincent Gildea: Eduaicl Phillips: John Dean; Robe, i Hiooks; (liln.n Ran: Michael MaiKels: Man llines; Mnnio Srn.lh: Roclne) Fallcr; an Kirk Fehr; James Donahue; infc Crogan. Sigma Chi C.innnniChi I ' .Hi!) IrnlnK h Slillu ' iiiicii I ' rcsidcnl JulxranI Xniri ' hv I ' m side I ' .lunlcs Hc ' oilr .Sc( rclarv Jnlni Shainslii l)t;isiii( r Sigma Nu Delia Phi l ' .)|7 Alhni Siriilh I ' lrsidi ' iii R, hr)l Riuhin Yhc Preside ' riuunas Mm jiln St-dviary J)iilf Inii ' is VwwsKuxr In. I i.r.r. 1,11 In Uiihl: Bob I ' anish; Duk I. STnilli, I ' kskI.ih; lorn Murphy. Secui.iix: lluliv. Siiiiiiil loic; Joe Sauciweiii: lcii () Icii iiMin; l)M e McC;onnel: Al (;iniesk ; Bol II WiiiKi Modic; Ken Bowie; Mel Koici; Jack (on r.iiil (anipljcll; Tom Cox; Ward I ' carsoii; Pal (. l-illli r.uc: SicM- Wii-ss; Hinlin; I ' liil I ' .ol) lloilc.Hi, ((.nkliii; II I n.un..; Ii,il, Kiiilini. in |■lc i,l •llt; loiu ' Ills h.Kon; iiur I ' .iIiiiiiIk,: U,,Ii Miiioi; |ci (..lli.iKlnil; 1)1, k I ' .iak; Kuli (ioulII; (.i-ll I.C ,iu, I ,1 l ' .,i.l,n; |.uk l-olkes. I llird ron ssi.k: l Smi.iIUn; I ()sl)omne; Ron liamloK Kill lu.r: llcnii.iiin Wanner; Dick Cluiu In illc vc Liideiiian; I lo ( ,u.iii.iii " li: Hnli I lioin.r " " ' ■ ' ■ ' " ' ' ' " " ' " ' ' Sigma Phi Epsilon M(n l ui(llicl(i Mil!) Rolierl ) ' iii e) I ' lLsiiltiu Cliarles McKmven ' icc- I ' ltsidti V(i (h ' B ( ' rl Secretary ' riicodorr Mrlzlci I rcaMinr V: .lishins:iii(l i);nldiin.- , .. h pi.a ,,,;;. •7r.W rou.hjl to . ); ( .• Kcl«;.iil (.ami: Riihaul Wall; C;haili;.s MtKcovMi. Nice Pioidnii; Robcil Vas;ci. I ' .CMilc.U: Michael lla• LeiHiaicI C.kvelaiul: Maiiin Mio inski; KuiiaUl Hall. .V ' r»fi( row: Harvc Hall: Robert Fiosi: Clhailcs Cciidci: Kiaiik C Kiiiiski William Scalon: Lain Holilcn; Richanl Ihlci: William F.spev. Thh,! rm,; William Smilli; William MrConncI: Dean Kdlh; Willian CliamlKTliM: William MlKRins. mi wra ■ Siama Pi .l j lNiClii I!) IS Ijida l)r Sinizrt I ' rt ' sulnii l),i r F,„lln VnvVwsi Riihiixl 1 i)i Sjilnilcr Secrciary . i III Prt ' si J ' rcasiircr (i l.ik, .1 niulniuh C(l ■llllllfff II First row. hit dent; Dale 15ii McLemlcin: Ni msssammmmsmsmamim M 1 IIKil InsI ,i,„. 1,11 li, Ufilil: Sshcii I ' ;ismii; (..ii C.ol.lm.iii; linn IKllsuin; D.Miin SiiK. lnaMiiii; |ri n kobiini. k. I ' lisi.liiii; M.iil I ' dlliiiKii. Scui '; Al H;ii;in; |iin Colitii; l iiil Rotiilicin; Moiiiv Silvti-iciii. .S.i. » in,r: |.Kk I ' liIiici; Siaii Sihtim.iii; Moilv (; il(lsu-iii: Ira Sliapim; Kdclit- Slaskcl: Dave Bank; MaiU N ) a k; Sam Va«ifi iiiair. Laii Weslotk. Iliiid row: Roiiiiv Kioiiic: Ral|)li Rosium; MaiAiii Weiss: Ham Wiscnian; I oiii Sicinliardl: Maixiii I.iNiiic-; Dave RikIo; Dick Goldberg: Mortx .Smith. Fdiirlli rinr: W .SteiiiheiR: Svlvan Rankin: Sian Hxall: Sieve Hess; Ralph Weiss: Ron Schiller. Fiflli roif: Mark I.evine: Morris . ntonelli: Harvev Siegcl: . 1 Reiser: Marts Moss; Slanles llohl). Sixll, nr.r: Mike linci; Rnnn Rosen: .SeMnour l-arljnian; Romix Snxder: |eri Radel; Hal Hiirdette: Hal Korol. Tau Epsilon Phi I ' au Hrlit ' Xlh jtroinc Kohri iii( I; Pusidtiii I liii i I .f ii I I ' l t si( Mdilin Holliiii cy .Stt rti;ir Diiiiifl Sills TitMsurtr Tau Kappa Epsilon Bt ' la Delhi I!l4(i Pclrr While rrcsidcnl Dinufui Proiilcyo nsl ' i(c Preside l ( limd (io.s.soin Sfcrclary ' jih Kiiuhi ' l I ' reasurer Wli.ii u.Hidns can come fioin ,i liiilc -luc aiul ■St rinr. Irft In ivV ; Rnv C;oct7C: F,d (ioetze; Chiuk Shane; Tom Monnc ; Rill Ci iidoii (.ill; Dick (,(i .vciiii. Sciii.iM; niini;m Prendcigasl. Vice PicvicUni; l ii Wli niili.ich; {nil 1 ili . Diik ro Mll, ( hiilis I. a Mason. Third row: (.(.(n.;! (... ' _;4iii (, (KsMHi; llnl, K.iilill;, ( I. .1.1, 1,1, (,,Miuc Ward; Herb Weiss; Boli I ' .iiinii, K.iih ,11 H.ndi.k; loliM Ins il„; l ' „i. Winilnih; Mike (Jargaii; Dick Kcuii.inl. W.IK ( ,, IK ' KhIik-i: D.di- Kinluki: |.uk IHsihjiin. Milk Sinims. ' rcoiiil row: Riiss Long; id ni, |,.r Kimkcl. IiciMini; C.eoige « tKl»««««»a« «m.».««».«» Theta Chi All lial si l ' .IL " . John BniiH III I ' usidciU Jliu Sliof ' innkcr ' icc President Gilht ' i J ' rii 1)111 ,St( iftaiy Jack Crou ' l licasurcr 1 Fint row. left to right: Larry Lackey; Hubert DaiiusMi; Hill (.illcii; Hob Siicad; ].u . Anion; Kcir Kcubcii; Joel Poller; Tom Jackson; Charley Berry; Joe Dimarco. Second rou : 1 IomI I t■ui ; ( hulcs W.lrjak: l.air (itsixcll; M.m Hiii-; Jack C ' .rowl, Treasurer; Gilberl I ' elriiia, Secretary; John Rianchi, I ' rcsidrin: |iiii Shoiinakii . i(r I ' lisidrnl. I cil Nulisiiinti : llcib Simons; Cieorge Nvhart; Ben Lawler; Bill Finley; Jim Arnold. Tliird row: Allan Suiiiici; Bill Belt; Ditk Hill; Jack Rcdnioii; Loicn Sciferl; Howard Koont : Russ Marshal; Tom Hanlon; Dick Hiihn; Gene Sappington; Bernard Werwinski; Dennis Fii gcrald; Albert Rudder; Maii I i riiiv; Doug Kcefcr; Mike Salter, fourth row: Justin Shook; Roger Sears: Stanley I ' aulus; Bill Fleischmaim; Russell Owings; Wall lla Ms: Bill Hnniptnn: John Wnrdrn; Will Mever; Ray Curtiss; Pat Bovlc; Fd Nichols: Pat Mnrcland: Bob Plarkctl: Dirk S lasa: I. mi DaiK. liciid has been (oiiiii:)ied? Zeta Beta Tau BelnZfIn 1948 David RiuUnv President Richiird Slcin Vice President D ri ' id R(niki)i Secretary Harold Pal tin Treasurer ' M si,l,„N l-,»,n R.ili.l; I ' .ni Mi .n. RkIhuI SLcih. |,,n Fl,.l|H,,i, Ilir.Hl.iir s..l,U.%. Third row: ,M,iii; iihi.iiil S(li.i|Hin, KkImmI i i.iiidman; Gordon .III; 1 ,iii Richni.iii; sluini.iii (. sl)(ii; Sheldon Rudie; ' aiil (Joldberg: Kdward Kasseii; Marlin Parks; Morton . ..Iicim; Lawrence Hevman; Joseph Weinstock. Sixth row: Leonard; Hcrshcl Rachino; Jerold Srhrinberg; Albert Hoehn; Howard Boylin; 307 Greeks Collaborate maryland puts fraternity spirit into action rwciiulour half! 1 lilies woikiii; lor llic IxiR-lii ol all ( (iiii|)i isc the Inlcrrralcrniiy Coun- cil. 1 he clinics ol ihis oii aiii alioii cik oinpass ihc icmilation ol iiishiii:; lo ilu- spoiisorin;.; ol the IKC Hail whidi was lul.l ai ihc Sluiaion I ' alk Ih.lcl ihls MM. Al lllls IIMU- IJK- lllll(.(k 1 ro|)h j)rcscnic(l to liic- oiilsiandmL; lia tcrnily. Sii iiia Chi. CndcT ilu- KaiUrshi]) ol I ' rcsidcm liram an.l hv I ' usi.Uin I ' .uil Dmav, ilu- Iva lernilics s|)onson(l iju- liisi .nimiil (.ink Week " ulii( li was hi-lili-hic.i i)v a ci v .ojoi Jul (h.iiioi i.Kc. Icclini; thai Iraicniily lilc is not t iiiin 1 loi ilu so( ial rclationshi|)s lo be " gained. ilu- { oiuuil als,, Ih-. .iii ,1 ■llcli. Week- diiriii- whuh iiiiu- hau-iniiv |.lcd-rs did soiiui hiii- lor ilu- K-ss loiiiiii.iu-. In addiii.Mi. iliis m.hs Couii- ( il ( oiiiiiiiu-d lo ; i c- sii|)|)oi I Id ihr war ilu- l)t-c-ii sponsoring |)H- ioiisK . Finl row, left lo i i : Jcii Kolii ' inick: 1x1 .S|)uci; Rciiil MuilaiN: Howaul Hciifsoii; Beil .Siisai; Haiulil I ' ollin: Saiiuifl I ' ciiii; Jrl .Sidney: Larry DcShazcr; Tom |:inell. Seroiid row: Frank Drccssen: Martv .Vp ril; nick Ciossom: Ed Ganu, Secretary; I.arrv Ui.imi I ' rcsicieni: I ' aiil namay. ice I ' icsitleni; Kill Kennerjy: John Lowe: Ray llolilmaii: Jcnv Sidle. I ' liiril rmc; Jolin .Apel: Nailian Sml berg; Tom Mason: Ronald Jones; Charles LaMason; William Johnsuine: Fred Stillwagen; Oscar Mneller; C ' .harlc-s McKeown; |oh Itianclhi; Jon OnMond: Harold Kramer: Jav Broun: Tom Spann; John Mcl.endon. Fnurlli roir: Hick Corrig:ni; Kill Craves; Dii Shockley; Wall Haives: Samuel . dams; .Mlyn . lellils; Ralph Shinn: Kill Wolfe; Hud Small; John Stevens: . l Smith: Tones Smiil liisl roir, left lo liol, Donald Newbeiy; M;i paliick; Francis Slci Albert Sni " ▼ %Pii " l ' " " " " " ' " ' " ' " - How does it feel to be a senior? Surely each class thinks its feelings are peculiarly original as it takes that last walk toward the stage. Actually, that first graduating class, stiff and serious in cap and gown, must have shared feelings very similar to those of the Class of ' 56. Faces and settings change, and the university has grown and progressed; but as symbols of learning and a new maturity, the cap and gown are still the most important tokens of an important four years. In June, the class of ' 56 accepts its share of the heritage of the past. SENIORS The Seniors of 1956 N V y ' Ml Wlv liliin Viiiur. ROIilRI HOW MAX 1). MS. Hcnipslcail. N. V. College ..I Kii,iiliiiri-, U.S.. Aiiiinal I liisl.iiuln . Block and Bridle Cliib: I ' le- Xciiiinaiiaii (lul). DRl AM A A(.l-r. ISalliiiiore. College of I ' hysical ICdiici- liim, B.S., I ' lnsital Kduiaiion. Health and Recreation. Plus. Kd. Majors ' Club: Aqualiners: Inlrainiirals; Newman Club. tlGENK EDGAR AHALT. Colk-KC Park. Collcfic of AijricnUiirc. B..S.. Poultry Husbandry. Plant Industry ( liih: Block :iii l Bilill.- ( lul. 1 uili.iin Smclcnt Association. ' SI s I IKEN. Hvattsville. College of Education, B.S., Childhood Eduta- 11.111 K A: Newman Cilub; Davdodgcrs C:lub; Red Cross; Childhood Education ( lul. Wll I IWI l.ENZ ALLEN, JR. Hyattsville. College of Kngiiuiiing. lis I.,l),i,i..,l I Mf-ineering. A.S.M.E.; Flying Club. BlSHROl) WARREN l I l I ' .iiliisil.. College of .Arts and Sciences. B.. .. Fine . ri. . ri S( (iet . ll . )ANK.l. . I. RIAN ALTHOISE. Lancaster. Pa. College of lilu.alion, U.S.. Business Education. K K I " : .WVS: Sailing Club: Wonuii s Chmiis: Chapel Choir. |EAN ALBA ANDERSON. Gambrills. College of Education. B.A., Elemen- tary Education. l-H Club. JOHN G. M. ANDERSON. Forest Heights. Col- lege of Military Science. B.S., Military Science. PATR1CL. ANN ANDER- SON. Belhesda. College of . rts and Sciences, B.. ., English. AAA; •! K l ' . RICH ARl) HOWARD ANDI RSI .N. Washington. D. C. College of Agricul- IIMI-. U.S., (,iiRial Agiimlnirc. Chapel Choir, Prcs.; Mens Glee Club, Vice I ' ris.: Planl Industry Club; Wesley Foundation. NANCV [FAN NIRIM. H atisyille. College of . rls and Sciences, B.S., Sociology. K K 1 ' . I ' ns : Diamond, Sec: Tirrnpiu, .Sorority Editor; Chcct- leailer; Homcdiiiiing ( miim. Cliairm.iu; I ' lom ( ' omm.; Westminster Fellow ship C:()un(il IKNNkllN BRI ( I MM ' I.I f S I I IN. Baltimore. College ol . ns and Suhihn II. S(ni(iliig . Z I! T; (, ilf Manager; Sociology Club. lA.MFS W. R I (()SI. B.illimore. College ol Alts and .Sciences, B.A.. Speech. II: Radio r ' Guild; WMCC. MARY E. ARMSWORTHV. Baiti Millie. College ol . rts and .Sciences, B.S., Bacteriolog . i:AO, Sec; M-Iionk: - III RNICE BANGLE ARNOLD. Nucla. Col. College of Arts and .Sciences II. A., Sociology. {;EOR(.F . ARNOLD, laneytown. College of Agriculture IIS.. Animal Husbaiulry. A Z; Newman Club: Block and Bridle, Freas.; Intra niiii.iK: liMMi.ik ludging Team. ANN RIXFV . SHBl RV. Frederick. Col 1,4, ..I I .1.1... I. ..11, B.A., English. |ii licial Board. Pies. WILLIAM I. 1WIII. (.ilUnr Park. College oi Business ami Public Administration. •!• K ' ( ARl (.. Al 1.1). Baliimoie. (.ollege of Engineering. B.S.. .Mechanical Eiigi iieeriiig. . S.ME; Society ol . uiomoti e Engineers; Frc-sb. .N. NCV BVRNE ALSFIN. Takoina Park. College of Arts and .Sciences, B.A., Speech 11; Clef and Key. JOANNE BAFR. Baltimore. Cx)llege of Arts ami Siieiiccs, B.S., Speech Pathology. iAII: [udicial Board; Fresh. Oiientation Chairman. SHIRLEY ANNE B. CHMANN. . nnapolis. College of Business an.l Public Adminisiialion. B.S.. Odi.e I e.liiiiciiies. ' l-. li. Pies. II1.NR W. ll.MI.MI.R. Cheyy Chase. College of . rls and Sciences. B.S.. Psychology. K.MHERINE LINNIF BAINE. Bcrwyn. College of Arts and Sciences. B.A.. History. Band; Newman Club. BARBARA BAKER. .Massa pecpia. L. I. College of Home Economics. B.S.. Flducation. K K F; O N; 1 K •!•: Clieerleadei. NELSON C. B KIR. [R. Baliimoie. Clollege of Arts and S( ieiues. B.S.. oology. 312 I.rCV ANNK ISALDWIN. Silver Spring. Collcst- ol Ails and Siiciucs, li. A.. SocioloKV. Alt Clul); I ' icuirc of llie Month Cliil). ADKI.l- M. HALL. Ucsi- | oit. Conn. College of Education. fi.S.. Nursing Kdncalion. ROBKR f A. HALI.ARD. Silver Spring. College of Arts and .Sciences. U.S.. I ' svrhologv . K A. (.1 RIRLDF. CAROL BALSLR. Baltimore. College of Arts and .Sciences. I!. .. So(iolo " . A I ' M-; Hillel. ML BWk. lialtinioie. Collci;e ol Ldnialioii. B.. ., C.hildluxul Ldn AK-|.: ,SAC;: Childhood Ldncation Club. GORDON L. UARkLR. ie. College of . rts and Sciences. B.. .. German. Lutheran Smdcin ion. GLORIA RLIII BARNABKL Silver Spiing. Colle- c of Aiis ■nccs. B.A.. .Sociologv. A Z A: Didnumdhiulr. .SociologN Club. S 1 A 1.L U)N. lialliinoic. College of Lduialion. B.S.. Indnslnal I- ihu .iiion. |()ll WTIIOX ' i- R RR ■ .In kll HI lllc ' j.ili M Das. IH.w II lOLOr. Hollywood, H 1 IVS., I ' ersonnel Manageme a s and Means Comm.: ukm Association. Trcas.: M 1, College ol Busi It. AAII.Lreas.; A Fresh. Orientation irketing Club: NLii A A He agen ■s if 1 RWkl nj;cl lb IN BFCk 11, Mouni ii ( hib; 11 . (.1 ()R(.I ( c.llr-c .l ils ,,li.l S, 1 ,lU, Hr I ' l.s, 1 Wll S 1 B.S„ iM.lustiiarLduunu 11 Coiic:4c ..r , K, . ( IS lil ( k is .,.illlllM - r. 1 M.4I1- NILR, WasI ult , Hs r A nigtc R1,I ' : 1) n, I) .ANNE LINDSEY BENGEL, Silver Spring, College of Kducalion. B,S., Chi hood Education. T B; Business fdia.umu ( hib: Weshv fomuLiih Women ' s Chorus; Chapel Choir: ( liil.lhnod I ,bii.ui..n ( hili; I 1 . 1)() LOUIS BEN.SON. Hyattsville. Colli col Kusnuss ,,,„! I ' ubl,, ,bninisi, ,11, IVS, Public Relations. 2 A X; Diainumlhail:. .Mens I ' lcss Club. In UK I ( 1 LADD BERLAGE. Oliiev. College of Agricidlure. U.S., Gene uiHiiliure. 2AE; II A E: OAK; Who ' s Who; Old l.inr. Bus. Mgr.. A li;i . SGA, Vice Pics.; WMUC; Mens League. Sec; Radio Board: Dairv Cai judging Team; Block and Bridle Club; 4-H Club; Canterbun flub, ROBI 1 FRANKLIN BENSON. Baltimore. College of Education. HS , Musi, I ,ln tion. i: AE; Men ' s Glee Club: Chapel Choir; Chceileadei, ■, WAYNE BERRY. Baltimore. College of Business and Pub ration, B..A., .Accounting. A X A; Diamotulhack: IFC; S, C: lia Spring Week. JOHN FRANCIS BIANCHI. Yonkeis. N. Y. Colic nd S, ienics, B, V , Hisior , H X: G:ile :nul Kc : IFC: Neuiiian Clu iij. ( liili: lull. rniiii. lis lORI M | 1 HKkloRl), Kensii i-i III lb, 111,- I ...iH.ii.i.s r, s , | ' i,i, 11,., I ,i . (1 II; II A K; Old I.ii ;...- ,: Ilniiic 1, on. .1111, s ( lub; ,|n,ilnKis. | M HISSILL. Hon lu, I, H, College ol i is and Si iences, B.. „ Ln lisli, ETTA RAY RL.VCK. Hagcrstoun. Ciollege of Education. B,S„ Elemental lduialion. AT. HOWARD ANDREW BLADEN. Silver Spring. College ol iis Old Sciences, B.S., Bacteriology. Fhing Club. MILTON L. BLANC. I ik.iiua Park. College of Agriculture, B.S., Agronomy. MAUREEN BLAND, niui|,olis. College of Education, B.A.. English. AHA; Women ' s Chorus; Red Cross Club; Spanish Club; Rossborough Club. A ' f i f - _ ' ■fc ' V, 313 ■ IH J . ? - r-: ' c!i ffh cr s. i ILAINK KAYF. BLANK. Baltimore. College of Arts and Sciences. B.A.. His- tory. AE ' K BKIIV MARGARET BLANTON. F.lkton. College of Physical JAMKS K. Bl.ANTON. Baltimore. College of and Sticnces. B.. ., Psychology. AFRO 1U)1.IC:K. jr. Washington, O. C.. I iiniiieering. .AFROTC, Major. JUBFRT HARVEY ■liiu ' , lis.. KIcili FREDFRICK C:iyil Fjiginccr BOLLHORST. Baltimore. College of Engineering. B.A.. WARREN R. BON lOVAN. Baltimore. College of Arts .Sciences. B.S., Chemistry. AXil; Mens Glee Club: American Chemical iiciely. .MAT] HEW El ' GENE BOOKER. Arlington. a. College of Fduca m. H.A., .Safety Education. Public Relations Club. MARtilK BOONF. Ikridgc. College of Arts and Sciences. B.S.. Speech Pathology. AAA; liamond: : A II. .Sec: S.VC; Homecoming Committee. EI(;ENE BORDERS. Hyalt.sville. College of Business and Public Adniinis iration. B.S.. Accounting. BIRTON HARRIS BOROFF. Wheaton. College of Business and Public Administration. B.A.. Public Relations, i) A X: Rabbi Edward L. Israel Intcrfailh ».ird. Sjhci Key; Diamnmiback; Hillel Execu- tiye Council; Calvert I)cb:iic Sodiiv. i(c Prc-s.: Student Religious Clouncil. Ireas.: ISA. JOSEPH B. IIOIRNI . W ..shiiiglon. I). C:. C:olli-ge of Educa tion, B.A.. .Social Sciences. R I ol Isl UOUMW ll ails illc. CoIIcki- of Education. B.A.. English I din ii.. .11 . : . I ' lis; AUS; Siudriii Faculty Collee Hour. Chrni. M. BOYD. Port Arthur, Texas. College of Home Economics, BS . il. r-Mi: Modern Dance Club: Wesley Foundation: Chapel Choii; oiioini.s Club. AIDREY V. BOYER. H attsville. College of Bum I ' lilili. A.iiiiiiiisiraiiDii. US., (iiiMiiiMg. A X SJ, Treas.: St lhi,.k l;i ; WdiiuMs (Ikhus; DaMliulmis ( liib: Placement Coiiiiiuiki ail. IIOM. RiMidalc. (nll(nr,.l i is .iiid .Sciences. B.A.. So. luli i ( hih. S „i..l.igy (lull. Al I ISON IU) kI . Silyer Spring (olUj;, lid SiiiiK.s. . .. I ii " lisli. K A: Duunniuilmck: Paiihel: Hoiiu- l-.o (hi RICHARD , I.. N BRADLEY. SiUir Spring. College f All. .in 1 Sficncei US.. (.(.jogN. Ni«iiiaii (hi!.. 1)1 RWOOD 111 I.MON UK Hi .ilKlh ( il . N. C. ColUnc il 1 iliK.ilidii. IIS. Imm fdiualMii . Ilanil; OirlicMta: M.ns (.kf Club. )()ll lOSII ' ll IIRIHM. |R Silvci Spniig ( ollcgc of ils and Scieiuc-s. B.S.. PInsioi. ' Mil; -I ' K ' I ' ; N »iii.ii ( hib; U liainuiaK CORDON BREIGHNER. Liltleslouii. P.i. ( ..Ikgc ol i s .mil S i( luo. W IS BROADHI RST. Bethesda. College of Arts and Sciences. B.A.. Spanish C S!. PALI. EI IE BROBSI. Silyer Spring. College of Home Economics. .. IcMilis and Clothing. AHA: Old Line: MBook: Band. Honor (Juard; sslidKiiigh (.)ueen: Home F.conomics C;lub: . ngcl Flight; Campus C.hcsi; l).i Coinin.: Homecoming Comm.; Spring Week ( (niiiii ; SAC; Freshman inii.ilioii: Dads DaN Clomm. CHARLES JOHN HR()( I () Silver Spring. Ikgr of Education. B.S.. Business Education. Biisiiirss fdmalion Club. iRRY IHOMAS BRODIE. Ailinglon. Va. College ol Biimihss ami Public iiiiiiisliation. B.S.. (.eiieral Business. Boxing Team. |fRRY | (nl II. IIRO.NSON. Ihatlsville. College of Fihuaticn. l.lii.. ' ;ii..i.. i;AT: Hillel: Childho Kl E.liKahnn ( l.ili KKOOKS. Washington. I). C. College of IIiimikss .111. 1 I ' nl.ln X.liniiuMi.iiuiii. II , M.iiketing. AEII: Maryland Marketing ( liil. NNf ( K1 liROl I ( licw Chase. Co llege of Home Fxonomics. U.S.. leviiles and (.loihiiig. K K I ' ; Home Economics Club. BERGEN THOMAS BROWN. JR. Silver Spring. ( iillcKe of Engineering. B.S., Electrical Engineering. T K 11; IRE. EILEtN MAR.U. UROWN. Silvci Spiiiig. Ciulkgu ul II. mu- 1 ,,. Practical Art. K A H. Tieas., i c I ' les.: Diamoiul; Newni.m ( liili Club; Rossljoroiigh Club. KLI .ABETH JKAN BROUN ( .ll.i; lege of Arts and .Sciences. B.A.. English. II B : K +; W I I ( BROWN. [R. WashiiiKion, 1). C. College of Business and I ' iii.n, U.S. (..ogi.ipln. Geogiaphv Club. .Sec: AFROIC. ( .ipi, IIROUN WashiMKi.m. 1). C. College of Ails and .Scieiuis. H I ' tiilosopin (:ImI . milcl Foundation. SOI ' MIA |h AN BROWN. WcMiTniiMc. (clkgc ol IMnsi ,.l 1 lu. alion. Ilr.dlli .nid Rcuc.iiuMi. US.. IMivMi.d I .hi, .ii luii. Uk , D.urii Rip. I.I K() HROWNI . .isliiiigi..n. I) (. ( .illf..;.- ..I ll.iMiKAv .111.1 I ' ublu dMiinisti.i Cioii, B.S.. IVisoiiiicI .MaiugciiRiii. T K ■!■; liii i aiiuiials. B. RB. R. BROUN INC. Riverdale. College of Edii,, lis. Music. A X i!; Chape! Clu.ii; Womens Chorus; MENC; .MaiNl.m.l ( Fellowship. HERBER I M. BRUBAKER. Riverdale. Collcgi ul Aiis .ni.l Sciences. B.A., Speech. ATI ' ; TB; OAK; Who ' s Who; Jr. Class. kc I ' ics.. I ' lcs.; Jr. Prom Chairman; SO A. Publicity Chairman; Campus Chest; W.Ml C. News and Spcci.d Excnis l)iif tor, Disc Jockey, and Chief Announcer; IFC. Jr. (lass Rep.; Band; ROK Band; Sr. Class. ' ice Pres.; Sr. Week C:o-Chaiiman; Inlcilialernilv IMc-dgi- Couiuil; HomeuiMung Floal Cbairman: Radi.i I (.iiild. E ERET I B. BRYAN. Laurel. College of Business and Piil)lic Adiii tion. Spring. Colk ' nt keting Avs.xi.i BLICKHAN 1 Art. A K ' t ' . Sr. . ccoiinliiig. . c( ig Club. HENRY l.EE BRY. N B.S., Marketing. M.i I HELENERll ii..mics, B.S., Practic le. College of Edui Chest. Puhl Nkl R. LEONARD ZINNAMON BII.MAN 1 B.. ., Government and Polliiis. i; . .M; mcnt and l ' ..lii.cs (Ink KR Nk H. College I.I ll .111.1 s.uii., , 11 s. ,„,l,,gv. Sp.niisli ( liil,; liiui ii.ili.m.i Newman ( lull. H ROl 1 ) ( )R M N lURDlll. W.i-hiii I), i lege of BiisiiKss .111.1 I ' uhli, V.liiiiiiiMialion, U.S., |.mii ii.ilisiii. T K " l ' ; Pres.; Gate and Key; Dianwndback, Sports Editor; Old IJiic. Asst. WMLC. Sports Announcer; SGA. MARTIN MYRL BURDICK. I ' College of Engineering, B.S., Mechanical Engineering. THII; Hi;; Scabbard and Blade; Collegiale 1 H; Wesiminsier Fcllinvship; ERO IC GENE CHARLES BURES. Bladensburg. College of Agriculture, B.S., Hoi n culture. Baptist Student Union; Plant Industrv Club, Sec, Treas., and iic Pres. JAMES R. BURKE. Silver .Spring. College of Arts and .Sciences, B.S . Phvsics. ATS2; Newman Club; Rossborough Club; Math Club. NORMAN ELI BUSADA. Washington. D. C. College of Business and Public Adininisii.i tion. B.S., Real Estate. MARTIN CADMUS. Denton. College ol Ails ami .Sciences, B.S., Bacteriology. NANCY E. CAHILL. Hvattsville. College of Nursing, B.S., Nursing. Cbapil Choir; eteians Club. LYNDA MARGARET CAHOON. Bethcsda. Colkgr of Home Economics. B.S.. Practical Art. A i A; Home Economics Cluli. C. THER[N1 III r IIIOr IlN.iiisvilk (i.llii;.- of Education, B.. .. Business I .In. ,iii.,ii M.inl.m.l ( l.ll,, lllp I ' MX D. CAMPBELL. Universii I ' .nk (.ill, ,-.,l Uumh. .,ii,l I ' nMi. ,li,iiiiiMralion. B.S., Markel- ing. IN: (Ink: Mai k.i 111.4 (Ink. hil 1 .1111111 .ils. JERRY WARREN CANNING. Silver Spring. College of Arts and Science B.A., Philosophy, t K ; Newman Club; Philosophy Club. DORIS CANNON. Baltimore. College of Arts and .Sciences. B.A., Government ai Politics. FAVE CANTER. W;ishington, D. C. College of Education. B Childhood F:ducalion. i:AT, Rec. Sec. ice Pics.: Dianumd; Hillel; Fl Childhood Education Club; Spring Week. AN. S lASIA T. CARLOS. Toleil Ohio. College of Education, B.A., French. Dorm Pres. . tfe»i £f j m i f-J S l M. K The Seniors of J 956. H Hi The Seniors of 1956 f f , P f .?«fc ■x:J r ]R. ( |u.lK„ RROl t.lls C.ARR. Uiaiidywiiic. Collej-e of Hdiuc Kconoiiiiiv .iiioii. 4-H Club: Uoiiii Council; Ooriii Judicial IJoaid. KLLIN CARSON. Washiiigloii. O. C. CoIIckc of Home Ecoiiomirs, B.s id Cloiliing. AAA, I ' ics.: Dianioiid; Home Kconomics Club: Rosv lub, St(.: SAC; F.olini.iM I ' lom Con. in. lOIlN I. INN CAR 11 R ilull (olk-4r il KiK.ill.ii.-. US.. Animal Hn-.luM ln. 1 i .M„a i:ini. MASON S. ( RI !I11., |R. U.isluiimoii, I). C. {olkj.,ul .(iciKcs. It. .. S »l(ilii ' .; . SiKioJogv ( |ul ; S| iiiisli (lub; II. I ' niili oi; (III and Ki ' %. M R)IA I.. CASHMAN. C.alonsvillc. College of Ails and Sciences. lis iK.I i(, ' v AT. liias.; Neumaii Club. [OAN CASTF.LAZO. T;ikoma I ' ail Collcj-c ol 11. mi, I,. nics. B.S.. Ciafls. AAfl; niamond; ()l,l lim-. Rov- borough ( lull W.iuiciiv (lub; Home F.c .ii..n.i(s CInl.. Rl( HARD .M.I.I ' CASTLK. .l l.ll .; 1). C. College of !• nKincii ini;, li.S.. Ilr.liiral l-.n;;! ncriing. AllllKI. CARL JOHN ( A Al.l.ARO. N.u.iik. N, College of lulucalion. U.S.. Natural .Sciences. 1 . ; Old l.iiir: Newman Cliil .iisiiy Wreslling. ik. Colic l.f llUsilKS I I () 1 ( N 1 (.11. JR. I.ik ,lnnni li.ilion. U.S.. Indusliial Managenienl. 1 .N; (.ale and k( ( Inh, I ' us.; Jr. Class Men ' s League Rep.: Sindini Religious (oun K.iMuiK Connn.; Jr. I ' roni Comm.; Marvland l:iii.iHiininl Asmx.; I l ' io|)cllc. Club, Vice I ' res. CAROL!-. R. CHAIMSON. llallimoic. Arts and Sciences. H.A.. Kiiglish. l ' i:i:: Diamoiulbach; IT; WRA; SC- Elections; Campus Chest; Clef and Kev; Jr. I ' rom Comm.; H Comm.; Hillcl. ANI I A RC IH CHASKN. Washington. I). C. r.ducation. B.S.. Nurserv .School I ' duiation. Childhood l-.duca MNK MIN(. CHEN. College Park. College nf 1- nj.ineeiing. I5.S IngineeiinK. AIEEIRE. College ion Cli . Eleclrii il li( A.ln |()HN . (HIRRIX. {.leenbell. CnlleKe of Husines lion. li..S., .Ucountiiig. Ai;il. I ' res u, I ' m- I lis; OAK; HI ' i); ■!• K -J-; HA . Treas.; .Vcconnling CInb. | )ll l ( llf RR . Ilaltiiiioie. Col- lege of Education, B.S., s.uiu.s l) NIII BOONE CIlILnS. Washington, 1). C. College of Arts and Sciences. B.A.. (iovcrnmciil ;in l I ' tics. MAR(;ARir ISABELLA CHILOS. Millersville. College of Home f... noinics, B.S.. lextiles and Clothing. I IAN ( lIRfSl 1 ' more. College ol Home I loiupriniv. Ill Executive Council. W 1 I I R egc of Business aiul l iibli Xclmni lub; Gvmkana lioiip. (A I 1IR N and Sciences. B.A.. Spaiiisli l-l ' H; DONNA LEE COCHI NO! R. B..S. Ceneral. Dorm ' iie Ties . CO. INEV. Bethesda. College of Arts Women ' s Chorus; .Spanish Clnb: Choir. ( iimlierland. College of Home E RI I 11 V. COHN. Baltimore. College of Arts and Sciences, B.A.. Sociology. A II ' s,. ; Women ' s League: Hillel. Sec; Modern Dance Club. CHARLES I |) ll Ml C()LLEDC;E. New Providence. N. J. College of Agriculture. U.S.. I ni,.ni,.lni;%. SIVNION I. COLLINS. JR. Baltimore. College of Arts and ,l,1„. . bs („.v umiem and Politics. A i: -I ' ; Jr. Class. Iieas. SI SAN JOV (OMAN SilMi S|itinj;. College of Home Economics. U.S., Piadii.d An. A II II: s.iiliiin (hill. Sec: . )ualineiN; Home Economics Club; Ji. I ' l " ' " Cnmiii.: SAC; Hciim Sec H . s,i( ( i.lieKe .1 M.OR (()NR 1)S. lak.ima I ' aik. ( ..lleKe of Ails and Scieii.i- ol,ii; . Soiiologv (lub. ROBKRI DONALD COOK. Hsallsvill- Biisiiies, .111,1 I ' nblii Administration. B.S.. Aicounling. . iuniiii(! IIOMVS U ( OOK lakonia Paik. College of Engineeiinn. U.S.. fimiiieeniig. Ml LIRE. ELMER LEWIS C(X)PER. I Xiiiiuilliiie. B.S.. Iihicaiion. A P P; A Z; ! ' K -I ' : EI ; Weslev 316 |() N 1 11 ( OOIM R S Un Spiiiig. College .. Home Kro ioiiii s. B.S 1 cAlilr .ilul l.ilhini. , A A 11 . ( h.i|Hl ( hoii: Woiiui s Clloll s: C Icf .1 111 K. ( lull, 1 nine 1, mis ( liil 111 R 11 RI IS ( OOIM R W.lsl iii;tii II ( ( ..lU-ui •nils, li , 1 ' mIioIo I ' sMlmi n4 ( lull lrl (.Irr ( 1 ih: S( u.ln.s dill,; ( ( llil,, KIWI H ROl 1 R 1 ( O OIM 1 |K Ol IC . ( ...llcge (.1 PliNS cal Idiualioii. 15. S.. I ' h 1 mill. 1 . 11 1 ROBl-.R TA C:00 I-.R. C.licvv Chase. Coll |.;e nl Is leiuc 11 . 1 1 glish. K A: ' !■ K ; G vnkana Troupe. |1 M s l ( ( I ' I ' ll , li.iliiiiii ' " A- 11 " 11 1 l-.iig M 1 1 K 1 s 1 1 n M (J l (ORUI 11 W llll lll ;lo ( ,,l!( ' r III 1 1 ini ' ci ni;4, 11 s , 1 ir MKcn i;.; r lll.l 1 Clu i ' : l, 1 1 W IS 11(1 Rl . .s.ii)ni.i iii .ColKgcil 1 ihu.i ., K,s , s, 1, Rl( II R 1 M ( ( IKRK . Ualtiiiioic . College ol uiuiiliiii B s . V 1 iiltin 1 1 1(1 IK 1 . A K 1 : licshman Class. Sgt.AlAi mis; Inuil liiiramurals. Tmi igr ( M R |() ( ( (1S(,K() 1 H.iliiiiinuv College of I ' I ' ll 1, H S I ' hVMC.I .lllnll. lli.lllll . mi KicK.ilioii. AT; I ianionil l iilrl 11 ll.iiu ( Inl.. 1 ' ,.., 1 csllin.lll ( l.l . V,.. s,,|,hniiiore Class, Sec.: |i. ' hi I ( ll. II Ol ciuaiioii Coiiiii . C. R01.YN BAKF.R COWH IR ). w islini lull, II (.. c illcge ol Arts s 11(1 .Seieiices. U.S., Bad criologv. ■I. l- RIO (l 111 Rl). |R. Washingto 1, 1). C. College of Bus i I ' uhlic ,lnii istl.llllil . u.s. I ' cisdiiiicl. i; K; Maiiauenieiu and F.conon ics Cliih II JOSKl ' t (O ' l K. McKtcs Rniks. I ' a. C(illc«;c ol Musical I ' d uatio 1. IVS Physica I, 111. iiinii. A K K: 1 oMiig ieam. Captain. |osl IMI 1(1 R R|i ( RllC.W. |R Rueidale. College of Kdiuatioii, U.S. MiilKiii.iii.s ' I ' lK 1 RI (1 k CRESWELL. Baltimore. College ol iiv.Miil s.Kin.v II s , iiiil,,.; tiX; ( . ,, t e aiui Key; liuramurals. CAR()1. ( Rl I I l (, W.ivlnirjhiii, 11 ( ( of F.diieatioii. B.S.. Niusrix Sdinol 1 ilu, ,111.111. (Ii.iii: ( IiiUUhhmI l.hualioii Club. CORNELIA RKCEOR ( Rl I I. INC. Wasliiimloii. I). C. Colle. ' e of . rls and Seieiucs, B.. ., . mei i (II R1 1 S W 1 1 l ( Rl( KM N, W.ishini, 1), C. Collocc of Engincei iiig. U.S., M... College .ll I ' . MM 1 li;.; ii. iiii ' 4 IRI R l IMI WOI r ( ROSIl . iiiiapolis. .1 I ' llllll. X.lllllll.Ml.lllnli, IIS, liimil.lllMll. i;A. : Duuuoudh.uh. 1., Illlr ,1.1. II S(. , ls , I ' l.s : ,iisiiv 1 .i.i.iss. I, RII.VN R. CROSS ( olll Olii.i (.ill., . 1,1 II, ,111. 1 ,,iiii,s US,, (.ciicial. K K V. H.iiii. l.illll. ( lull, s.iilin,.; ( lull 11 R11 R 11(11 S 1 ON CILIV College I ' .iik, ( ll ,,„,. , 1 IMl M.,ll 1 .111, .111, ,11, US, l ' li M.,il 1 .liii.ilion, allon. aiul II. ■llll , K T; . ,|iialiiKis. I ' le... Iieas.; .Modem Dante Club; W.Miiiiiistei 1- ' " " l l Rl 1 N ( 1 1 1 l (hail, Moil. S. C. (,,,lli-,.;c .,1 1 .111. ,111.111. U.S.. Mum.. . ZA: W.iiii. ' hoii ■.; ( hiipii (li.iii; ( l.l ;iii.l k. ; R.isslioi.mi ' h Club. |iO l II 11 R 1 ( 1 Rll U.iliiiii.ii, (.ill i4i ,,l Milii.iM S.iente. B.S., s, 1, 1 1 ' . isi 111 RiH.s WllllWl (1 SIM WO. (.leenbell. A l ' I.ANDRV . iliniiiiMi.iii,,ii, US, .,, ,11111111, A 111; ..,,nnting Club. DON.M. ROIU ' Rl li ll (h.v (, ( oll. .- .,1 i Is and Sciences, B.A., .Speee ' M T; R.nli.i l ( I. M1(. sM„i.iie Manager; Homecoming Klo ,11 Mt V 317 f I. I . DAI RAY. Rivcidalc. College of Arts and Stiences, B.A., Govern and I ' oliiics. A T I. ice Pies.; Gale and Kev. Vice Prcs.; IFC. Vice I ' rcs.; s League Rep.; arsity Tennis; Band. Baton Twirler. ARLENK . inSO.N. Rockvillc. College of Business and Public .Administration, B.S.. iiiMKiit and Politics. JANET ANN DAXIDSON. Cheverly. College of .iiion. i.. ., Education. K A; niamondback. Circulation .Manager: ifiin: Campus Chest. Sec; AW.S Rep.. Jr. Class; IT; )r. Prom Connn.; iKiming. Puliliciiv Chairman. DO.NAl.l) (. DWIS. (.aiiliiivhurg. Hc- of Alls ami Scic-iues. H.A.. Sc).i()l .g ■I ' lii.: •!■ K •!■; S . lolo-s ( luh; noi (.1 S SIIW KI) IIWIS. UasluiiKloii, I). C. ColltKC of Kngiiirci U.S.. Medianiral liigiiiiTriiig. Jiidci C luh. I ' lo IIX.AR N. DWIS. Ri lalc. College of Business and Piihlic V.liniiiiMialion. H.S.. Adnii nation. ATU; Oinmdinlback: Mens Piisv Chih: liiiiaimii.iK {.1R lOSEPH 1)A I.S. Washington, 1). C;. Clollcg. nf ltll iIu• s incl I ' iiIiIk ln isliation, B.S.. Marketing. Intiamurals. JOHN |. 1) SON. |R Mi Rair College of Education, B.. .. Social Science. Himl H KU K 111 III.iiI.iin1.iiih College i. I I ' sm)iiiI...;v K a. I ' lis: MORI R HOARD; Diaim.i l ' 4i.. AsMx. f lil ii; M ). " . ;. l ' ;iiilirl; Calveil Di-hal li.HKr ( luh: Ucsirv loiiiKhilinii: Old Line Pailv. ' i(i I ' , Rll K I M 1)1 AN. RIiIkcU. College of Home Us ami Sciences. B.A.. ; Old l.nir. Assi. Bus Stxielv. .Sec; Modern Pii-s.; Sr. Piom C.oiiim. •xonomits. B.S.. Kdura- I ' oiindalion; Home Economics Cliih. KEITH JCSTIN ( kl K Ui iiKhuiiic. C;ollegc of .Vrls and Sciences, B.. ., English. (;lcc 1. I M1 s . DtCOSTER. Glen Bnrnic. College of Military Science. B.S.. Iilan Sciciuc noROIHV ANN 1)1 I M Sihci Spiiiig. College of Education. B.S., lloiiic I.01 li.s A r A: IOR I R HOARD: AW.S. Vice Pres.. Sec. Chair 111.111 AWS R -..;i.,ii.,l ( .nwnii CJiili; l)avdo lgers Cluh; Home l.uiioiiiiis { liih 1 I l lll I II NN Dt.MELLO. Takoma Park. College of Alls iiwl s,,rn,,v lis U„ir,i,,l..g . KKP; S.AC; Newman Cluh; French (luh. Sr. s Si Ki|.. Ii.icIn l)a . Co-chairman; Old Line. Cir. Mgi. ()R 11.11 MokRllI 111 MIN(. Silver Hill. College of Education, B.S.. Iiiiliivlrial iiv If A; M I ( : 1 uili.i .in Students . ssoc.; Dorm Council; M A; A A. IARRV(.R NI l)isH lR. Frederick. College of Arts and U.S., I ' Insi.-.. 111. I ' ll- hKI ' i: II i); + II i); IFC; Wcslev Foundation. f -1 ( .lilt ' I.I S(i ( I I AINI i.Imii )fA II I iiiiiv lis 1 .hi, .111.111, P ' l ' H: I H Chill. I ' ifs.; Ch.ipel )SI I ' ll 1)1 . |R nii( Aiun.lrl C.iiiiilv. College oi Biisi dimniMi.iii.)ii. U.S.. I i.iiis|M)ilatioii. l ' ro|x-llei Cihih. JOHN l( klY. New York. College of Arts and Sciences. B.A., HistorN, li: A K; . ' ; 1 nivcrsilv Choir; Men ' s Glee C;lub; In ill.i;.- ..I Hon. i.iir. MAN J U.i I n 1)11 iiiioic. College ot S.iciue. IIS, ■l : eterans Cluh. Vice Pies.; Md. Ehiiig M (.aniens. (Uillege of Biisiiirsv and Piihlic iniiisli.iiinii lis, l.miiialism. i: K. DONAI.I) I.. NE I)II.(.. Maigale, |. ( 111 Aj;iiuiluiie, B.S.. I)air Icchiiologv. i: A K; Mens (,lee CInh. ipel C;hoir; Dairy .Science Club, Sec; Clef and Key. JOSEPH C. DIMARCXl. College of . rts and .Sciences. B.S.. Zoology. » X; Newman Cluh; Dorm ..: Dorm Ci inn II (,1 M I Kl HI kick DOAM. Sihei Spiiiig. (ollcgc ol filuci ,. lis, I ' h lihualioii. ' l-AO; Baseball arsii ; .iimI 1 i;iik. III I KM |ON DOllROVOI.NV. Kensington. College ol Ails in. I S. iences. US, I ' lnsMs A A A: ::: II ii; + K+; Radio Club; W3EAX. B.VRIIARA DODI). SiU.i Spiiiig ( ..llcRi- ol Home lioiiomits. B.A.. Practical Ail. A X Si. Prcs.: AAA: II A K; •!• K -I ' ; MORI R ll() RD. Pies.: Who ' s Who; niamondback, l ;i. I.lii.ii; M llnnli. Mgp. f.lii.ii: Old line. I.avoiit Editor; Prom, Publicity ( h,iiiiiiaii. SANDRA |OYI)OI ' KIN. Pikesv illc.College of Education. B.A., ( hiUlhood Educati.m. AE-I-; Hillel: Childh.KKl Education Cluh; C;ainpu5 ( hest; Women ' s Choir. 318 DIANK norV. Richmoml. K . College of SdciRi-, US, (.mciii ment and Politics. JKROME SERGE DOLBROEF. Bcthcsda. College of Arts and Sciences. B.S., .(x)logv. i: A E; Gate and Kev; Intramuials. DORIS GLORE DO E. I ' akoma Park. College of Physical Education. Recreation, and Health. B.S.. Physical Therapy. Canterhmv Clnh: Physical Therapy Club. ROBERT LEE DOWNEY. College Park. College of Agriciilmic. U.S.. Horticulture, i; A E; Band; IE 1. ROBERT F. DRFXHSLER. Washington. D. C. College of . grii Horticulture. ATP; K K +; Band. BRUCE DUNCAN. CheVy lege of Engineering. B.S.. Mechanical F.ngineering. . SME: BRAXTON MINOR DINN. Hyattsyille. College of Fngini Aeronautical Engineering. A TO; IAS. GEORGENE L. DINN. N. J. College of Education, B.A., Social Studies. WILLIAM H. DINN. Washington, D. C. College of Arts and Sciences. US. Psychology. Philosophy Club. ELIZABETH CAR.MEN EBANDJHff. Nantv-Glo, Pa. College of Business and Public .Vdminislralion. B.A.. Joiiinil ism. iK; n A E, Sec.-Treas.; Diamond; Whos Who; Diuimindbmh. Managing Editor, Feature Editor; Dorm. ice Pres.; Judicial Board. Chairman; Women s Press Club, Vice Pres.; Band. EDWARD F. EBERI. |R. Baltimore. CoWv v of Arts and .Sciences, B.A., Hislon. JACK C. EC HARD. Silver Spiin.4. Col lege of Education. B.S.. Business EdiuatioM. PAUL THORNTON ECKl I . IUiIumI.i ( ' ,,11,-.;, cf iiv .iiul S, uiurs, U History. Who ' s Who; WiMiinnMci I ll.. sliip, I, s K() l Ii 111 R ECKERT. Bahnnoie. (nllr-.;r.,l ,ls,,n,l S. ,rn,,v 11 ,l I Mlhc.,,,1 • dent Assoc; Wresilin;;. II IN1 I KII I sl R I,,«m,ii (,,llii;i Arts and .Sciences, B.A., English, i) K; Diamond; Duiiiioudlmch; SAC; Ai; liners. JOHN GILCHRIST EDWARDS. Baltimore. College ot Engineei B.S., Mechanical Engineering. . SME; Veterans Club; Camera Club. MAY C. EDWARDS. Wayne, Pa. College of Arts and Sciences, B, A.. 1 n..;Iish. r + B, Sec. EARLE W. EISENMAN. Cheyy Chase. College ot . rls ..rid Sciences, B.A., Economics. LLOYD F. EISMEIER. Linthicum. Ciollege ot Military Science, B.S., Military Science, i; A E; Lutheran Student Assoc: Chapel ' Choir; Mens C;lee Club; German Club. MARY ELLEN EMMANS Riyerdale. College of Education. B.S., Childhood Education. Childhood Ed. Club. I II RICHARD P. EMMERI.IN(. |,,hiisi. ui.. P., . dministration, B.A.. Fnuinn li,„l, ATA Winsor. College of Horn. I,nn..,nus, lis, |, iil,, .m, ANNETTE EPSTEIN. S .rvliiii ' .;i..n, 1 1 ( (,,M, ,-,il Speech Pathology. lAII; AWS, IlilU-l IM ()K College of .Arts and Sciences, B.A., Sociologs. ' I ' K ' I ' ; AWS; ISA; .Sociology Club, Vice Pres.; Philo.ioph% Clirl) ER IN E lAl KNHAIIR W. Mill Silence, B.S.. SiuiMc 1 1 1 I I ( .1 ( IK( . I IS(II I |,, , ,, (dllegc of AgriirrhiiK. U.S. X i u nil rri .,1 I 11 ■mm ■ iii , II : W iM , ll, u 1 Icilnuship. Vice Pies.. 1; I leshiiian ll.iskclb.ill.; f 1 rack. U . L1ER JOHN ESER, JR. Baltimore. College of Engineei iiig, B.S., Mechanical Engi- neering. ASME; Lutheran Student Assoc WILLIAM KNIGHT ESPEY. Silver Spring. College of Business and Public .Administration, B.S., Account- ing, i } E; .Accounting Club. P C; ' P M S Jih£ The Seniors of 1956 The Seniors of 1956 I P P C5 |)()K I 1 SSI . I iii cisin I ' aik. C:olle), ' e of Kcliu;ili()M. B.S., C;liil l . ' ill .iiiipii ( hll.lhnnil I (lutatioii Cliil). I ' res.; AqiialiiiLMS. Sec; Gvin Mil R l IslUIN li.iliimoic. College of Arts and Sciences, B.S. ii sniiii . l( 111 , ( : I ' rcnch Club: Chairman . varcls ComniiiiiT- H RilUs. I.111.111U11.1U. C.LORGE WVATT F.VANS. Mayo. College nl III Sticiucs, Ii.. ., C o eriMnenl and I ' oliiics. Wesley Foundation: Inir.i NORMA JEAN KXANS. Greenbell. College of Arts and Sciences, iglisli. A r A; Chapel Choir; Daydodgcr ' s Club; Aqualiners. I . Washington. I). C:. Ckillegc of Business and I ' liblit l.iikeling. liaskciball, C;a|}t.; Freshman Coaih. WAI. luc lie Cirace. College of Uuslness :in(I I ' tiblic . dminis ln) . Marketing Club: Iniiainiiials. KOI.I.IN H. N. |. College of Hiimiics ' . .iii.I i ' libli. ilininisiration, cnienl. F H tliall. II)(. R H Will ION FAI.I.IN. of Fjigineering, U.S., Klidni.i! I nyimci iiii . . X A: M Colic r II U.S.. I ' Ail. A I) II: l,ntil ni. l.dilor and . sst. Editor for .Senior Pic- lures: Home Etonomics Club; .Sailing Club: Senior I ' anhel Rep. FRANCES I OR ETTA FE RRIS. Chew Chase. College of Arts and Sciences. B.A,. His- lorv. 01,1 l.inr. Otlxcc Manager. FRANK . N FHONY FIALKOWSKI. JR. liallimorc. C(ilknc of Kiiginccriiig. U.S.. Ekiiiicil Engineering. •!• K •! ; In ' sti- i.iic (.1 Radio I MgiiRii-; NcvMiian Club. llARIi R I.EE FIOCK. ClieVN ( liisc. (dlkgc (.1 All- and Siiiturs. II A.. Fine Ail. K A: -I ' K -I ' : Diamond: MORIAR HOARD: Old I. in,. All Ediloi. Wiiliiig Stall: Wavs and Means I niiirnillce; Ch:iiiinaii I ' ublicily for May Day; Campus Cbcsl. C:b:iiiman; Ji. I ' loiii: flomecoming Decorations, Chairman: .Art Chairman. l) t)KM IIROR. Washiiiglon. 1). C. College i.l . il. and 1 ' , 1 ■.ii,,„Mus. (.. RV I ' . CE FISHER. Hyailsville. College of I Si ic 11(1-. IIS.. Clime Control. ' arsily and Freshman Koxing. 11 Will llsMMAN. Washinglon. D. C. College of Engineering. ( 1 iinMutiiiig. -I ' K ' I ' : -Mli;: IRE: Diii.ih ncrni.iii Memorial I WHS (. 111 . IVii Mai. Ciillcgi- ol iis Mid Sdiiucv B. .. l l ' IRI(k. Il.l Ail. Collene ol Biisiiios iiid I ' libbi . Ii.iiis|..iiiaii..ii. ATA. MARY |. EIMHIR. Wash- iH (.1 lIc.MK- Eu.iiomiis. U.S.. (ieneial. A (HI WII.I.IAM ll l NN. I.msnii. College of Ediiialioii. IV . llislor . ( liib; I iiiluian Siiidenls .Xssoc: Freshinaii Oiicnlalion. I I 1II IIN(.. Sihei Spring. College of . rls and .Sciences. IllM s r f Rl |OHN CH.XRI.ES El OVD. H allsville. College of Engineering, U.S., CiMl I iigineeriiiK. AS( I . I ' MRICIA |. FI.YNN. Ilostcm. Mass. Clollegc of Ai is .111(1 Scienics. H. ., fiii;lisb. IK. I ' res.: I ' anhel Rep.: Ncumaii Club. |OII I ' FOI FY. IR. Wasbiiigion. D. C. College of Hiisiness and I ' lib ' ir Aijuiiiiis ii.iiioM. US., ( Business, i) A K: (.ate and Kex: Marvland Maiiancineut ( hib: I.M laii.l Maikiling Assoc; Newman Club: InliamiiiaK. (.FORCE K. lORD. I.( iig ic«. Ic as. (ollegeof Militarv Science. B.S.. Miliian Science. RONALD M. FORNATORA. Bavsidc. N. V. College of Arts and Sciences. II A.. I ' sNcbologx. Neuinan Club: Iniramurals; Pershing Rifles. .SAMUEL IR IN FORSHI. [R. W.ashington. D. C. College of Business and Public VduiiiiiMialicm. B.S.. Accounting. Ai:il. DAVID R. FORWARD. Silver spiiiig. College of Business and Public . dmiiiistratioii, B.A., . ccoiiiiiiiig. iiiold ii SocielN. National Complic.llcr: AFROTC. Capl. WII.I.I.VM N IHONV FOSTER. Washinglon. I). C. College of Business and Piiblii Sdminisiialion. B.S., Indiisiiial Management. A i " I-. Wll s s( Ol I lol I kr. Sil fi Spriui;. College of Arts and Sciences. K.i l.l,l ll..l.. ' ■ l l M S. IRWI. Ballinuiic. " (olk-uc il Kchualion, 11., ' ,„|,,si,,,,l ,is. •I ' . ; l. l: Inn.Mnni.ils: In.lnsiiuil I ,lii, .11 i.,n vsn,i..iiu ) kl) 1 R (. ). ILilMuHiir. Cullcni: c.l Alls .nid .SLicutCb. B.S.. DOkIS |1 N I IRWI . liiindsMlic. ( i.ll.i;.- Ill II. mu- I (iuoimk v. K.S.. lloiiu- 1 coiuMMus I Ill(. l)l) 1), I K M . (:iilk-t;e I ' aik. lege (il IliiMiicvs ,inil I ' ll!. Ill Vilniiiusii.iiM.n, IVN.. ic()nnling. Gl ' STA ' HF, ' K 1 R sl , ( iillr-i I ' , Ilk (..IK;.;t ,.| ;.;iunliuie. R.S.. . ' Xgiicultuve F.condriiiis .111(1 l.ii ki iiii,; l. l IRXMIR. W .ishiiiglon, 1). C. College (il l-ngiiK.niii;. U.S. ( l il 1 ii..;iiiei;i 111.4. - N: ' : .nucihiin f:lnl.: Kresh- [11.111 liMilh.iil.; vsiM.iiil li.iik t;o,iih; AAl. liaik. Ill I RIM I Rl 1 DM N S V A K ' lv I 1 m I lillU.i , I ' .S, rilVsU.ll 1 ;. ■!■ K ' 1-. IK! , ( I 1() l RC 11 1 II I 1. iK .iiul S, nn,,s. U.S.. n, oi . . ■!■ ' .;. Sec. u ( R()I 1 . 11 K, Siixci S|,iiii 4. C.illr-c iil , ils .iml Scicmes. U.S.. Clicm- isin. K . n. I ' lrs; ■!■ K •!■ Rl( I1 R1 11 R l V, O.ik Riil c. I enn. College ,.l ,11,1 I ' liMi, ,linin,.li, 11. K. -, M.iikelin . A 1 11. jluSSK l IN I Rll DM l. ,i IMl.ltloll. Il S., I ' iiIiIk R. kill h,„k. I ' l I.AVO I (. U 1 ( olleuc nl 111 XRIIO k i; s , iii.iiiM 1 II II l I- h.ilil ; Dniiii Sc, ; I HsIiMi.iii ();i ( ,.i l l( , WIMIII Ih.llKMllc. (l.llcmol llllMlU .111(1 I ' lihhl (lll ,oNeiiini(iii .111(1 I ' dlilus. II 1 A; (.11111.111 ( liih; Xelei.iiis Cli ) R|I Mil II ROIll R I . I. R I R. Si! sus. I ' liNsKs ( liili; Ihiii { 1 .Ml() I ' M I I I I I (.MR II wnoi R EdniaiK.n ( !iil( II R I KdniaiK.ii, lis III, 1, 1. 1,,, 1 Socielx; (l ,iiu((l IR()I( lls ami Siieiues. lanoii. College o£ Club. ANN I (liualion. KKr, I ' ll Week, Decoin- i.iii; Clef and Key: I 1). C. College of 111.111; .- inold Ail T ? A six ' % v. r , - nl iS } i« .-vT . N . J -rr ■ .V. t KOItlRl M. (;ll.l.KLAN. Silver Spiiii ' . (olk- r ,.l Uiivin .liiiiiiislralioii. U.S.. MarkclinR. IiUnmunals. |()1IN 1 ( I ' . Ilk. College of .Vgiiciillurc. K.S.. .Vj-riciilliire Iiiiiuim - ii..nii(s Chili; Veterans Club. MICH.XHI. J. (iUXONDO ( ii vii,v of ISiisliiess and I ' liblic .Ulmlnistiatiun. li.S.. |oiiriial .,; ,-. i«s Idiioi; .Men ' s Press Cliil); Newman Chili; 1) Chil 1 N 111 Public College uiiiiure Eco- .misc. N. Y. ri. DiVimoiif; MK1. 1N 1.. l-MRi. n l ' IKKI. C;LI;HS0N. WashlnRton. 1). C:. College of Home Km iiv. lis. I (Miles and Clothing. Home Ka momits Club; Newman Chili. )Kn S M)R f.Ol.DIUIRG. College I ' aik. College of Idmilioii. U.S.. .iiioii lAT; WoiiKiis C:hoir; ChiUllioo.l I ilu.alioii ( liili; I I A; Hillel. (.()! 1)11 Mil K. (.iiilleliee. College ol Idiii.lioii. U . I ' An. Ii..l(,g (lull: So(i.ilog C;hili. l.l-ONARI) {. )!. DINt. 1 R H.iliiinoie. ■m- III l.liiialion. H.A.. Knglish. -I ' K -l ; I- I A; ISA; C liili. I li Kl Is li (.()()|i |R. Sihei Spiiiig. College ol ils .iiul Snemex. I ' (.eoni.i|jli . ATA. AfROrC. C;a|)l. I.I.I. KN (.OODVKOOM . U.iNliiiig I). C. College ol . rls and Sciences, H.A.. l-.nglish. K A U. I-.DMOM) GOIA I.. New Orleans. La. College of Military Science. U.S.. Mili S.ienrc. [.XMKS Rl-.II) C;OrGK, JR. Mt. Rainier. College of Ingiiieei lis.. Ile(lii al l-.ngiiieeriiig. OAK; ' Mil; Til II; -I ' K -I ' ; IRf. . iiiai R.idio ( liil). IR(.1 I (.()!(. H. Cheverlv. Clollege ol Home l-conomiis. H.S.. lexlilcs and Clolhing. A X S!; () N, .Sec; Ttrin i ii. .Seniors Kditor; Womens Chorus; C;liapel C:hoir: Home Kcononiic- Club. WILLIAM J. {;Ol(;H. College Park (xillcgc of .Arts :ind .Sciences. B.S.. .Sociology. I ' niversity Theater; Newman Club. NANCY ANN C;Ol RLKY. .Scwicklev. P;i. C.ollcge of Home Kconomics. ■VS.. lextiles and C:iothing. K K T; Stiideiit I ' liion Relations and Publicity Commiitee: Home Lconomics Club. CLARKNC:K ». (iRACiti. lampa. Fla. College of Military Science. U.S., Military .Science. W ILLIAM BOAROMAN GRAXIS. |;ifkson His.. N. Y. College of Arts aii.l Siiences. H.A.. (iovernmem and Politics. A K K. .Sec. Pies.; A ' l ' H; Caheii Heliale Society. .Sec; Rossboiough Club; IFC; Spanish Club. I.AIRA VI R (.INI A (;R. Y. I ' niyersily Park. College of Home Kconomics. U.S.. Practical ii. . (iualineis; Home Icouomics Club. K. RHF.DA (iRKI.NUlRG. Hyalts- Mile. Clollege of Arts and Sciences. U.S.. Speech. A K ' h; AAA; Vhos Who: MORIAR UOARl); i: A 11: + K l ' ; Diamoiul; National Collegialc Players: I nivcisity Ihealer; Modern Dance Club. Rll A GR1.1 Nllf R(.. Ilalliiiiorc. I ollege of Arts and Sciences. U.A.. English. ■I ' i; :: Panhel. Kl I A (.RI I NSIOM . ROW AR I MIR GRI I NW( ring, (ollege of l.diiialioii. U.S.. Childhood lull. ROIll R I C. (.RI I NWI I.I.. Leonard lilic NiliiiinlMiatioii. It.A. Markeliiig. -I-At); lull; Newman Chili; liUiamurals. WOOD . laslon. College of Agriculture. U.S.. Agii Daily .Science C;hib: .Agriculture Economics (.RIUUON. Irappc. College of Arts and nil. Re Sec. 1 HARI.IS (,. (.Rlllllll. Dislrici Heighls. College ol f ngiiuei iiii;. I. I ngiiieeiing. ' I ' A H; . SMK. S.WirKL 1). (.Rll I I I II. III. Sil spiiiig. (ollege ol I- ngiiiecriiig. U.S.. Eleclrii;il Engineering, i; II; Sailiii ' .; ( liili: WMl ( ; AD EIRE. WILLIAM E. L. (.RONER. Ualliniorc. College III Physical Ediiialioii. Recreation, and Health. U.S.. Physical Education. ' !• K il; liitramurals. Dir.; Siudcni Rep. to Pin. Eil. Profession Comm. S.YLVA- I ORE (il ' LLACE. Uallinioie. College of Engineering. U.S.. Mechanical Engineering. .VSME. V I l II (.1 I M K.illinii.u I .ill.ui " I Nils .unl s, AIM ' ; llnn x ' tnlh,:. I;: I 1, ll RH R l II Mil , . I ( .ill,-f nl lK ailcl Siuiucs, U . 1 ll. hsll. A : WII.IIWI III K IIMIN. .isliiM.4l..ii. I), ( . (i lli}ic Mu llllllll ll.lnoll. U.S.. M.iikLliii. . Aill; M.nk.lini; CI ii;h iliualioii, H.? III.; CIiIKHhk ' W III I ' M 1 II M ri K I .ik, KR(.l R U.I VMr( | )ll .Siiciuts, U.A.. ROlU k I n H WkO l..i A A, I ' Ks; i P I Rl( k II l I I 111 WOR H AI I .11 A A Ji. ROIU-.R 1 11.1 I ' ll). Ill ilniniisli.i lII.i ( liil ; l RO l( ,.ll -. ' 1.1 I ii. iiHviini;. U.S., Acr iMMk R, unii.i. ,i. Ccilk-gc s, I, 11. IV. K . - A . rs o - - AZ: , hv I ' l.s, s,„,.,l.,; ( liil,, ruiii.iii ( liil,; S|..iiikIi tluli. . ll RI)IN(., (hIU-4.- I ' . Ilk. (..Ik ' nc ..I Alls .111.1 .SiHims. n., . AO II, ( .inl.iliiiiN ( Inl.; S.iiliii.,; Cliih, ,S1A 1I (.RMIWI II RR1 I.I., ll ,iiisMlk-, ( ..llcf..- i.l iis ,111.1 Siuiiiis, 11. .. ' 4 ,sl. I ' ., nil. I, 111. ,11 lll() l s (.RI I R ll RRIS. |R SiK. ' i S|iiiir4 (..II. ' .;. ' ..I lls ,111.1 S,i,ii., ' v, II , (,, ' ,,. i,i|,ln 111, I ' l. ' v I 11, is : IK ; l ' ,isliiii ' 4 Rill.s; („,,ui,i|,Ik ( hih I R ( Is | l II RRIS()N. ' Ri. , ( ,llll ( ..II.. 4, ' ..I I ' .11M1K ' SS .1 ROI ' .I R I 111 RRIS() ( i«r A -II; .unuitmgC:i ' if T gm Fl ' ■ 4 (,l.l B, II R I 1 . S..l.iiii.,iis (iillc r..! ils .111,1 S.Kiin ' s, B. ,, (.inciii- iiiciil .111,1 Piiliiiis. ATI; (,..M ' Hill .111.1 l ' .,!iii,s (lull. IM.IR IR NR HAR1,SI (,. )R. Cillcgi ' I ' aik. (..II, ' 4. ..I 111.4111.11111.4, B s . ( h, mi. ,il I 1141 neeriiiH, A Xi; T BIl; .!• II i:; l( 111 W 1 1 I I l I ) W 1 1 I IIM(k l..» son. College ol . ils and ,S(irn.,s, B , iis I ,m 1 . . . . [■ ' . ' ., W , si iniiiM, 1 Clnli; li-nnis, M R CA IHI R I 1 H ls, 1 Inin iii4i,,n, W , .1, (,,,ll,ge ,,l HoiiK ' I ' .ioMoinics, li,S., liiMiiniion .Man.igt ' iiicni, euniaii ClnB; I ' Kin.4 WII.IIWI I H 1 l Hag.isn.un, (,ol lc-.;c ol Arts and .Sciences, B.A., ' •■■■ " A 0 (;o eiiiiiKiii ,111,1 B,,liii,s ATA, ),,.,„. .,„ )«r (.- Tcr™ ; ;;.- Band; .Sailing Club. M ROBl ' Rl (,, 1I RI) ,,sliii,4i,,ii, I), c;. College of , rts and Sciences, Sy Ji. " - . ' - I5.S,. I ' s ili,,li,;4 , ' hi: K; ( lul, WM.TIR H , H 1.1,1. KV. JR. College ' ' ' Park. College ol Biisii LLEWELLYN MAITLAND HIK.IIWI |K .Sciences. B.A,. Hisiovv. ATA, {i.ius, s,, ., ( , Clef and Ke : Pliilosopliv C:lnli; Inuiii, , and Politics C:inl.: S(,. , JR- College Bs Miiiketing. S N. ( ■ of . rts and ciolog) ' Cltib: Goveinmcnt .h V k 1% The Seniors of 1956 The Seniors of 1956 KOlll R 1 I lo III IMIRI lialliiiioic. College t [ Ails ;in l Sciiiuis. U. (.nvcniiiRiit aiul i ilili(s. K A: (;overiiiiieiU and I ' olilics ( liih: liiuni.uioi Rclalioiis Cltih: Scabbard and Blade. ORVII.I.I- R. HI l l Ih.nisvil (olletic (if business and I ' lihlic Adniiiiisiialion, U.S., (; ,ll u ll.lli. Kille learn: I.iillician Student . ssocialion. Hl-NRV A. Ill 1.1.1. R. 1 akoi I ' aik. C;ollege of .Arts and Sciences. 15. . .. (ieogiapln. Newman Cli (.eogiaphy Clul.: (.einian C;lul). 1XIZAI5I-. TH M. HIXLYKR. Vasliingi. 1). C. College of Kducation. U.S., Nursing. A 1 ' A; niamoiul. M ft to 0 tf EOk . lull MoMiiKuith. N. |. College of Ails and Sciences, . .. ig ( liib: (.lee CUd), Christian .Science Org:ini alion, Ski . HI 1)1 RSON. San Fiaiicisco. Clalif. College of Miliian i.ii s. i H i . ll. I. llfNDI KSON. Sihei Spiing. Col- iiii(v, lis.. I ' r.i.ii .il il. AAA. lliiiiu- I ..iiioiiiiis Club; I ' luni Mil l() (,1 I N IIINDRIX. H alls. AnnuiluiK-. U.S.. Dai.v HmvImiuIm. ll.inv s,„„,r Club: Jiulging Icaui. i() IIINMIOKM l.ikiMii.i I ' .iik. Colkge .il i Is and Si ien.ts, II. . s,,M,.l,.i;v r IKI(l NN lll-.Rlil-.RI. Ihatlsville. College ol Alls ami s, uiucs i ' .s I ' .Mi. iM,l,,- . iiAO. ice I ' res.: Newman Club. C.H.M NCi;V III R IU K(. |K Mink. no. Minn. College of liusiness and I ' ulilic Adminis- ii.iiic.ii. lis ,,,Miiiiing Accounling Club: Marketing C:lub: ' elei;ins Club. ROHI R I IIRI (1. fill HKRINCION. College Park. College of Arts anil siieiues, U.A.. (;overiiment and I ' olili . ATA: (;ate and Ke : liileinalional Rclalions Club, I ' res.: C.oveinment and I ' olilics CMub. (,1 R l 1) 1. Ill-.VBOKR. Grand Rapids. Mich. College of Miiiiaiv Scieme. IIS Mihi.Mv Science. HOW.VRl) ]. IlKkMW. llaliiinoH . ( (.llige ol I ii-iiiK I ing, U.S., Engineering. Modem D.iiui- ( liib; Donii Cnuiuil; Doiiii I ' Ks.: Co C;hainnaii Cultural C.oinin.. S(,. . IIU)M. S IlKkS. Woodbrook (ollege of Engineering, U.S.. Civil l-.ngineeriug. A.SCK. Al.lll.Rr W.S MIN HIl.I.. Cicenbelt. College of Unsinc-ss and I ' nblic Adiniiiislralion, lis . Industrial Management, i; ' I ' K: A i) 11: Old l.iiif. .Advertising Mgr.; Indiistiial Iaii:m(iiuMI Club; lob Placement Conim. fORI) IIOCHMAN. Italtimoie. College of . rts and SileiMts. U.S., .g Iniianiuials; American Chemical .Socielv. HI RHl-RI |. IIOCII 11 ( ollcge of . griculluie. U.S.. Poullr llusb.Midi . Poiiltiv ludging M HI RUI R r DON.M.I) HOCHSIKIN. Sib.r S|,nir.; ( ..Ilige of Arts S, UI1..S. U.S.. Uacteiiologx. eleians Club. P IRI(I N IIODOYS. wood. ( ollegc of Arts and Scieiues, U.A., Uusim■ l.un imi.s. A X 12; i.g Club. V R IIOll S|iiiii..;lirlil. M.i-v. ( ..lU-r ,.l Mililaiv Siieiue, U.S. Siieiue. UII.I.IAM DAMS IK IIMI VI R. Uel . ii. College of cience, U.S., Military .Science. . rii old Air .Sou ets. DICK HOI- MAN e. College of Militarv Science. U.S.. Milit n% Scieiue. NAN(.N H0C;AN. Baltimore. College o Kdiicalioi . U.S., Music. Anil: Ml NC: Clef and Ke%: Womeus Choiiis: CI .ipel Clioir: Oicluvti.i W l l() I ll()(, . SR RusselMlle. . ik. College of Militarv Sci.i- IIS. Miiil.iiv s icM e. IR(.INIA I.KK IIOI.LOWAV. f antico. Clollege ol Home l.oiioniiis. U.S.. fdiu.ition. OX; F I . . Set.: WesleN roundation. II NORf HOI. l M N. U.illiinoie. College ol Ai Is and S ieiues. U.. .. Soci- ology . lAT; Diawoiidlm,!!: Sociology Club; French C.lnb; C;erman Club; WoTiuns C:lioriis, Panhel; Clef and Key; Hillel: Radio and FV Guild, josl I ' ll J. HONKK. Washington, D. C. College of Business and Public X.lTiiiiiistration. U.S., Public Relations. T K -I ' ; i: A X. I ' res,: n A K: ninmotul- ' ■i,k. lealiiie F.dilor: Old I. inc. . ssoc. F.dilor: IF: Mens Press (bib. Pies; s(. A: Hillel: WMCC: Truajnii. 324 1 11 II) HONKK College P;iik. College oC Aits and Scicii ls . (,,,n,.,n (liil,. WILLIAM K. HOOD, JR. San Aiilo .4. oi ,i scuiues. B.A., Geosiaphy. Mr. ami Mrs. C IIOOXI U W .ishington, D. C. College of Home I ' .conon ,il ii. . ZA: llunioiKl; Soph. Class. Sgt. al Arms; |r. C : Chcerlcaiki l in W II 1 1 Wis IIOKM . l■.l l(m ( oil Education. .in l llr.ilih, lis, | ' Ii m...I liliu.n Trcas.; ( lnh RICHARD R V I()M) IIORSI n. |K ' 4C (,l llciuc l.ujuulin.- , I Kiiiomics Chib. M l .111(1 .Sciences, B.. .. Smi. i..i; Club. Sl ' .SAN wn lis.. (; -iH-ial . gii uliuu- kI. Ind. College )iamond: Tertvj)! C ' ollcge of . ' Vgrid diH.iiion. US.. IikIii ( liil) l K s ll 1! C.llcKe Pus.. ' i ( h. 111111. Ill ll RK R HI N I l.R. Albany, Ga. Col- ls. llusb.imliN. lUock and Bridle Club, Treas. Ill MIR. c:()llcs.c of Engineering, B.S.,Aero- M.inh.nd !■ King Club: l.VS. M r..iliiiii()rc. College of .Vgricullure, B.S., Ki ; I) MIX SiicnccClub, I ' res.; Lacrosse; Canier- II IIIIR Nullev, X. |. Col lc ;e of Business anil M.iikctiiig. ' hAB; I;ii kn 111.4 ' bih; (.ate and Football; IK. I R 1 S HVM.W. iii.l Siienccs. B.S.. ooli.- I ' M I (.. IMHOFE. 11,11. B. .. l-renrh. -h K ' P; u 111.111 ( liib: Ficm h y . HolKwciod. College ol Bii oiniliiig. ' hAII; Ac ,,.11111 iiir; C .iM, ' 4,- ,,l iK .111,1 s,i,ii,,v. US . - i i ,uslli|, IS ( SON. lakoni.i l ;iik. • ' K -h: A . i;. HARlkO . lis., Iloii.iiliuie. Veslc III I I i I ( ks iny Club; Sociology Club. MADELYN ELAINE O. C. College of Education, R.A., .Social Science. ; Women ' s Chorus; Mixed Chorus; Dance Club; .H25 n £P f .) p o o ■■■■■■■■iH 3 .? V 4lk , 1 .D - i ' V 1 .J N K. JACOBSON. College Park. College of Kducaiion. H.S.. Nuiscm .liicalioii. ilAP: Childhood Kdiicalion Clul): If A: VR A; Hilld. Y JANOrSKV. Takoina Park. College of Business and l ' iil li Admin- u.n. B.S.. Real Kstate and Insuraiue. T K l . PA I RK.I A ANN lARRI I.l. ge Park. College of Home Kionoinics, B.S.. U iilts .ind ( l.nhin.4. llonit omits Clul). JOHN ' AL!.. (;i |ARR1 11. (.laMon. (:i.lkj;c of A ri- ic. B.S.. . gronom . A Z; .Stahl.aiil and Blade; Arnold Air Soiietx: Plan! Mn (In!.. Pies.; UROIC. (aplain. R lU ' ili . VI illege of Business and Public .Aclministraii 10. . IARV l.Or JKNT. Silver .Spring. (. ■ II..1.H 1 ion(jniiis. B.S., lexliles and Clothing. ASA. Pre.s.: Diamond; Oiieniaiion Ciomm.; . lav Uav. Music Chairman: Homecoming Comm.; s(ndeni I nion; Home F.conomics Clul); Campus Chesl. Al.l.l-.N J I |1 VIIR. .Silver .Spring. College of Business and Public . dministraii( I.Miiii.ilisni. II A K; Diamomlbark. Co[) Kditor. Mana ;iMn Idilui; ki ( luh .nnpus Cliesl. Publicity Chaiiman. CHARI 1 s (). |()I1 S()N. (.HIM, N. J. College of I ' .ngineering, B.S.. .Aeronamicil 1 nuiimiMig. s..iI.Imi(1 and Blade: Pershing Rilles; job Fonnn ( nii.: I S. I uas IK (I inn Student C omuil. s I Willi JOHNSON. Chew Chase. College of Home Kc .siil.s .iiul ( loiliiiig. I ' l. H: Old l.iite: Weslcv Foundation: Clef and I. . u Pus.; (lu.ii. WFNDKLL (;. JOHNSON. JR. Chew Chas.-. L- of Agriculture. B.S.. (;eneral .Agiicultuic. A T JJ. .Sec: OAK: A Z: Who: Block and Bridle: arsitv Soccer. All-Amcrican, .Ml-Soutli, All- i Coast Confeience. (iABRIKL JOLLKS. Washingtoit. I). C. College siness and Public .Administration, B.S., Ciencral Business. T Iv l ' . I 1, JOl.LKS. Washington, D. C. College of Kngineering. B.S., Ci il iiing. ASCK: eterans Club. ; Kli i;A ' li.,l.,L. . A . ' . .Mid .S(i(ii( s, B. . JI.M.Mx ■!• K RON I 1) . |()N1S Mi,) III A r V. l■u ; (.;iie and ke ; ll(.; •MiiLiini; j;ii iiliine Student ( |() I ' l.i.nlirl,!. N. J. College ( .mil. IIS ( IhsI; Soi.h. Ciarnival. , ' lid. College ol . rls and .Siienics. ]l.. .. Ps RICK ION1.S. Hagcrstowu. College of Aits I. Nice Pres.: Gate and Key: VVrra jiH; .S(;A. II. College of .Agriculture. B.S.. .Agiononn. Plant IndustiA Club: Men ' s League Repie louiicil. ice Pies.. Prc-s. NANCA I RM ol Home l-.conomics. U.S.. Geneial. K K I ' : ssi. C!h:iirm in: Freshman Prom Decmalioiis. Wll s 1 1 1)1) Si eina Park. College of .Arts and Sciences, B.A., Governineiii 11.1 r..liii,s Kl( HARD M. )r I KN. Washington. D. C:. College of Arts ami , Kiiii- lis ( litinisirv. d ' X; A X 1: Arnold Air Socieiv: Fresh. Football. ,NNA K R N(.I l.OS. l;ir laiid Paik. College of Home Fconomics. B.S.. .Miles anil ( l.illiiiig. MORI R BOVRI); Who ' s Who; AWS, Kxccutive .iiiiKil. Pl : Doiiii. Pus . St. ROBIRI M kMRIN. H allsville. College I Mililai S, ieiKc. B.S.. Miliiaiv S. ieiue. l R 1 HA I 1 I ANOR KAVHO ( luv ( h College of Fdtication, B.S.. ( liil.llio.Hl 1 .liK.iii.iii. liiieiesi (.i.,ii| It.isketli.ill; ( hildlioo.l Kducalion Club: liiiianiuKils. Rl I A R()( 1 RS klARNIV. (..liege Paik. College of Home I ...ii..iiii.s, B.S.. i;dutati..n. Doiin Pies.. I leas.: I-H. Pies.. ice Prcs. ROBl R 1 W. RRKN KKKFF.R. Silver Spring. College of Aits and S.iences. II .. (....giapln. (ieogiaphv Club. Pies. PF. 1 KR GRFX.ORV KF.FFAl.A. I inuoD.l. I ' ll. College of .Arts anil Sciences. B..A.. Government and Politics. I ' Siieiue Clul.. (.FRSHON KF.KST. Ml. Rainier. College of Arts and .Sciences. B.S.. Psv- ilioloy. PH. ' ice Prcs.: Diaminidlmck: German Club. Pros.; Philosophy C;lui). Pic-s.: Band: Jr. Prom Comm.: Homecoming C;omm.: Senior Week. Cx)-Chair- man: W.NHC. Piogiam Director. FI.OVD V.. KFLI.FR. College Park. Ciollege of Militaiv Science. U.S.. Military Science. JOAN MARIK KFLLKRMAN. C;ollege Park. College of Arts and .Sciences. B..A.. .Speech Pathology. i All. Pies.; MOR I . R BOARD. Sei.; Novman Club: SGA, Public Relations C:..inm.; 1 I. I HOM AS H. Kl l.l.KV. JR. Hendeisonville, N. C. College of i is and B.A . Ps . liol..i; . ATA: Newman Club; S.AC. vl l)Y. Hyattsville. College of Education. B.A., Social Science. I i)kvo, Japan. College of Business and Public .Administra- iiiin.;. Intenialioual Club. I ' rcs. riGF.NF. L. KIBBK. JR. Ciollcgc ot I , ,,1101111, s. B..S.. I ' ladiial ' BO.ARU. i(t I ' lis : li,,s Who; Terrapin. . s Kdilor; Ma ll.n. ( li.m Red Cross Blood 1 Hisloiiau: S(. . IH-ku-Hc .U l.:iige: SludeiU In l ' IRI(l kl (. Belhesda. Cxdlege of Educaiion. B.. .. Social Sciences. I()KI AR 110 KI): Westminsler Foundation; Band; Dorm Treas., Pies.; AWS. CoiiMii 11 jihI Oiiciitation Comm.; Soph. Class Historian. MARLIN . KIN ' N.X. ll . Ill-Mil, ( iillcs-c of Engineering, B.S.. Chemical Engineering. AIC:hE: riiiv.iMn ( h,.ii; Metis Glee Club. WALTER W. KIRK. JR. Dar- linglon. Coll, 1 ,il I ' .umiuss ;Mid Public . dminisiralion. B.S.. Ac ' coinitinu;. n:iM(. ' Cliili: i,oiiiiliir4 (luli; 1)01111 Coiiiuil. I.WVRFXCF B. KIRSTFIX. .i-liiii..;loii. I). (. (iilk-ji- ol 1 iM iiioiiiin. li. ., (iUI I nuiiuriiim. S( I ; OKI R I I Kl I I . C;liica;.;o. 111. College of Arts and Sciences. B.A.. Gov- iiniciii .iiicl Politics. A K E. Corres. .Sec; Newman Club; M-Club; Boxing; iiiaiiiuials. GEORGE E. KLKV. Oakland. College of Physical Education. ,■,11.111011. and Health. B..S.. Physical Education. H. KILOH KNIGH ' F. x.ilis illc. College of Engineering. B.S.. Civil Enninccring. A I ' P; Gate and (■ : A.SChE; Newman (lull. RI(H Rn {. KNOll. Si.iuii M.iiul, . V. iillege ot Business and I ' lilili, ,liiiiiiisi i.nioii. US.. I ' lihlu R.I, m, ,11s. A X A. US.: Gate and Ke ; II( ; s ( : I ' us. ( liih; M.iikciiir vs,„. S 11, AIM- KNOX, liiion Hiiil ' c- (olkgi- ol Hoiiu- Icoiioiiiiis. li,S,, (.en- , K AH; Home Kcouoinl,- ( liil,; ( , U ' Ul.llr 111 |l ROM! kOlU RNK.k, imore. College ol liusiiuvs ,iih1 I ' l . iiiiinMi,,li..n, IIS, R,mI Isl.iu-, ' 1 , .Sec; C;ate and ko ; IK , 1 ,lii,. ..1 l,i 4,1 iiu ' I..1 R, ' ,1, ' ,Ii, ,111011 Wri-k: aimiials, DORO 1 HV 11, RORD -S. i sthaiiiiJloii, N. , College of .aiioii, H,S,. Childhood Education AT. " res.; P;uihcl; AWS; Womens Ills: Doiiii. Sc(.: Orientation Activi ies; Ch Idhood Education Club; FTA; i|iiis (Ik si. IVRl KORK. Chevy Chase. College of Engineering, B.S., Inniiircrins;, THll: - K 1 ' : IAS. R1 N Kl ' HN. Baltimore. College of Agriculture, B.S., Dairy All ' : AZ; Dairy Science Club; IFC. NELSON C. KULDA. Ilk ( iilltgc of Engineering. B.S.. Ci il Engineering, . rnold . ir (hi. Ties ' , luMs, ROIUR r SHKl.nON KORNSP.VN. Vasllhl■4- (olUi;i " l lls ,111,1 S,iiii,,s, Ii , (.,,l.,;l,l|.ll . 1 1 ill, I ( hoi 1 : IM,liil ( liili: lloiiuiiluii,- ( lull jOSI I ' ll ( R1 kOIOWskI ll.ilii sll.llioll, lis. ,,olll ' .1. ( oil,!;, ' ,,l ils sR l ss »uWvu ,.1111,1,111011 ( R()I 01111, s. IS.s.. 1 cAllUs (,: Rc.l ( loss: ( ,111 icsli, Oiuiii.i iion: ( 111!.;. Alll: |;A I ' , ( H Rl.l s kR N I .. Na .iu-lh, 111,1 SiHiins. li . l ' s ,liol,. RKHARl) PAl.MKR (..ll.v, ' ,,l iis .,i„l s,„i„,s, H . s,Hiologs, Weslcn l l KRll kl R s,iii,K Spiiir,; ( olkge of Home Eco 111,1 ( I01IM1M4 K K V: l.n.ij,,,:. Iloiiu ' 1 conomics Club: iil.un ( liil,: lloiiRioiiiiiig Cimiii,: Dads l);i Comm,: i.i|nl ( hoii: So|,li. ( .iiiil :il. lu II i 1 noi (.1 ,uii,is, 11, S,. .MalliL ' .Ilk, ( ,.lk-.;e of .Mi S kl 1)1 l( k, l.ikoiii.i I ' .iik, Colk ' Hf 111 , ils ami lUilRs. i; AM; ' IMy . EDW.VRD V. LAHR. College itary .Science, B.S.. Military Science. PAUL D. LAM- KIDIs laurel. College of .Arts and Sciences, B..- .. Sociology. 11 K A, Pres.; i hos Who; Gate and Key; Arnold .Air Society, National Executive Officer; cishing Rifles; Trrrnpin. Features Editor; Student Union Soc ial .Activities omm.. Co-chairman; SAC. Treas.; IFC; Chapel Choir. WILLIAM T. ARKIN. Fairlawn. N. J. College of Military Science. B.S.. Military Science. f} j k jg 1 4s % ? ■ 0». P - ' - £ k The Seniors of 1956 The Seniors of 1956 iuh ;%. iTkit ' k lil I I V (.AlC I. RS lion aiul HcmIiIi. It. (|iialiiK ' iv: Ski Cliil) ( olkgc • A. i iitalion. Rccn.i Is Kliglu. Pivs iikM Citv. N. 1 : (.ate aiiil Kc lid c:li Rclalioiis C:iiil). ANN G. LA UN lion. It.S.. C:iiil(lh(io(l Kdiicalidii. I (liicalion Cliih; Caincil.un Club. ..I Kusimss and Pul.lic . lniiniM k.M IK;: Soph. (lass. Nc III Kill K I I I Kl ( !■. Kail l.iliualion. KOlU K I MARION I iicciing. U.S.. li liaiiical I iinini ' Slndfiil . ssc,(.; Arnold Ail So iit SON. Wcsl llaillonl. (,(.nn. Colli All Y LA IHAN loM. ATA, Viic l ' oliii(s Cliil). Ircas.: Imcn WashiiiRloii. 1). C;. College- of ■I " ; I ' anlic ' l Rf|jioscniali e; Cli U.S., Indii Ma lagciiitni L-pi . RL ). LAVOII.. Maloiic, N. V. Collc(;i- ion. li.S.. A.ioniiliiiK. -I ' K T: (.air and laii { liil)-. Witians Cliili I I WV- Wll All R ( KINLKV LAWSON, JR. Crislicld. College of Kiigincciing. H.S , igineciiiig. klNG TAYLOR Ll-.A IHKRIU RY. Sliadv Side. College of lUisiiiess and I ' ublic . dniinisiralioii, U.S., General lUisiiiess. liack. SIK LKAVII 1. Haiti- more. College of Kdiiialioii, U.S., Cliildluxid I ' .diicatioii. Hillel, l-. eciitive ((.iincil: Iiidicial Board Repiesenialive. S. RAIANK LI.BOWH . Balti- Mioie. C:ollege of . i Is and Scienies. 15. A.. Knglish. AWS, I ' libliciilioiis Coiiim., I.gislalive Coiiiuil: Hilkl. |OHN C. LKK. Honslon. I exas. College of Mililaiv .Science. U.S.. . lililar Scienie. 1 1 SI II ( . LKK. Hallinioie. College of Business and I ' lililit Admiiiislration. I, s I (.iioini s. JAMKS UAKLR HKRR Ll-.FKVKR. Hageislouu. College ol IWisiiKss and I ' uhlic: Adiniuistialioii, U.S., Geogiaphx. Band; Geogiapin ( lull. |0. NNA I.I-.IIMANN. Uashinglon. I). C:. College of AiU and Sciences. U.S.. CheniisiiA. Il. RNI- IT Li:iUO VH7.. Haltiiiioic. College ol llusiness and I ' uhlii . diiiinislialiou, U.S.. . ccouiiting. T K ' h: Arcoiiniing Cluli I HOMAS M. LKSCALLEET, JR. Fredci iik. College of Business and I ' ulili. dininislialion. B.S.. I ' le-Law. ' I ' ilK, I ' res.: OAK; Whos Who; II A K; (.ale Mid Key; Tcrrnpiu. Bus. Mgi.; Si. Class, I ' les. CfL RLi:S IDWARl) LLUIS. |K. Silver Spring. College of Business ai«l I ' ul.lii Adniinisiialion. B.A., Maikelmg. Advei lisiiig. i; A K; . iiuii(aii MailatiiiH sso,.; Mens League. I leas: Ciiliiiial Council. )ll)ri II I 111 Rl SA LI W IS. (.leeiiliell. College nl Home Iconomics. B.S.. (ieneial. Majoielles. SAMl I I. ROY LKWIS. Disiii.i Heights. College of Alls and Sciemes. U.S.. ciol ig . (.eiinaii Cliili. IIWM I I 1 N I.OCHNLR. uMh I l.lui.iiion. I ' I M; Da MS II II) H. LOCKHARI iences. . .. (.oNeruiiienl and .liege of Agriculture, B.S., Oairv wship: Daiix Scieiue ( luh: Lacio ilodgeis CI Washingtt . Loriini Coniiii.; I H Cluh. k. College of Kducaliou, B.A.. il ; Chapel Clhoir; Woiiiens 1, I). C. College of .Arts and IKR I.OI I ALX. I ' aiktoii. AZ; Manland Chrislian Fel- JISSICA W. LON(.. Ildlusda. (. AAA; l)i„t„n„,ll,„ h: (.Mukana li im.m; S ( .Se..; S(. . axs;in,l Me. ( iiiiini. M RI I I A LON(.. H a Insiiiniional Managenienl. A A A ( lioir; Home I ' coiiomi s ( Mile. College of A is and Sciences. B.A.. Hision. Iiniv Club: Freshman Orieiita- l ' ubll(it C omin.; Homecoming lege of Home Ixonomics. B.S.. N. Treas.; rnivcrsily Chapel p; Cam . Coiiini xille. C ' K •! ' : Club. ( HARI IS LINDSAY LONGFST. Catons .Sciences. U.A.. I ' s iliolog . K A; Lacrosse; MClub Club. ROIURT AI.FRID LORD. Salisbur). College of Kdnca Iiulnsirial Kdiicalion. (ARl 1 I() I I 1. IK I1..11M1IU1C ' . ...jlki4c- ul Ail .111.1 iK■Mcc , 11. A.. lli con. K A Sc Ml W l l.OWi;. Uashingloii. 1). C. College ol liigiiieei- in . US llc,iii.,il 1 n-nacilng. T K ■! ; IRK; Intiamuials. RICHARD A. LOWKll (, v-.uu,h . . ]. College of Kngincci iiig. B..S.. Civil Kimiiieei - iiig. S( 1 . 1 KYI()l IA I(:K.1N(,. C.ilcnsNille. College ol " Ails ami .Sc ' iciues, H.S.. U.i(ieiiolog . . . L ' . Sn.; Ne uii.iii Cluli. |() M IA ( II. W.isliiiigton, D. C. College of . its .nitl Siiiiuis. I(. ., Ilisi..i |()li I l (ll. College Park. College ol IIumii(-.s .iiul I ' .l iMi.i , I ' .s. ,,. .liming. ■ KT: B A : Wni.m s ( liili. |()ll K. l, N( II .isliiM-i,.n. I). ( . College of Kdiiration. lis., 1 ,Iim ,il 1..11, JA lf S I SKn. X.iilnni. . ). Colk-e III Biisiih w .iii.l I ' ulilu iliniliis lialion, lis. Milk, ling, ■!■ K T: ( - .iiiil Krx ; W l I (. iii,iu.iii M.iik.liiig f CH, R1 I S B() l) M l) l , B.illiiiuue, ( i.llcgc ' nl Biisiiuss ,iiul I ' lilili , liiiiiusli.iiioii, B, ., M.iikeiiii, ;, •{■ K 1 . Sr,,: Alll: Vinolil ii ,S,i(iii Si.ilili.iiil .mil lU.ulc; l,,uij ' iu. l.m,i-m; l.lm.i: IR()I(. l,i|..i I R1 W, l (. W ,lliv .mis.l W l ( mir-c ..I lllll.ll Sm.m,,-, lis, Milll,n SiHIIir l)0 1 II I ' CIK I 1 K l lklM|S | ' „,llll , (nlhr., nl Vnil.ll line-, lis., (, I f ; C.iiiieiliiiis (liil., DON Ml) II, Mm DON Ml |R. B.illiiiioie, College ol I- iigineeiing. liS,. M.-i 11 1, .li f ngm.ei iiig, MfflRI ROBl.RI 1-,. ,M,M,1 )NII l ' lk, Mll,■ ( (.llcge nl I- imini-ering, U.-S., Civil I iigineeriiig. i; X; Ti;il: s( I Isl M I I N li.ili iiiiore. College of I iliication, B..S.. EleiiuuMn I. In,, . K ' !■ M ( II I I M ANCE. Clairtoii. I ' .i. College of Home I iius, lis, I , i il, s ,i,i,l ( I, .1 hiiM . Newman Club; II, line I iiiis (lull W M IIR lllOMXs M R ISII, |R, Cuenliill i N I SI 111 R M RR )RM N MVRIINSIN, ( OM s (.IIISON M s W R I M SSIA e, (nil, -4, ,il iw .111,1 Siiem.s. U, ,, M D ORDW M R I IN, lii,.,.k,Mll, ' 11. 1 . 1: I I (.IK M D 1 , M R I IN .SCA. S,,iniii K, lilnik .111,1 liiiill, ( lull, W ll,I.I, !,■, (,,ll,-gc ,il ils .111,1 S, uiues. II, S I I ( III N (.1 l( k M I I 111 s I 11, 1,1; I ' .mhel RepicseiKatu i|Mis ( lies(. Di.splav CI I MOM s W M (,|| M I 1 111 ( A r I ' ; M ( liih; I II ( I HOM s M I I III s, |K ( h A(liiii.nMi,iii,iM r, s , uiu l-,l(.l Nl M ; M ( lull; III (I ,iiMU s,„,,,, ( ,i,,i.nii. VILLI. .M I I III s, |K ( 1m ( hiM ( lillr , nl liiiMiiess aiul Public I ' .s, uiu I ' ris 4 Rill, s liimg Club. DON IIN(.l ' i hull. Ill II, .1,1 (nil, ..4, ,.| !i. ,,,i,| .Sciences. B.A.. meii,,iii HiMiiM, M RI1, N WINsIl D M, ( Ml, lielliesda. C:ollege of ns ami .Sciemes. B., .. Soiioli.. . T ' l. II; liig Sisiei Comm.; .So(ioliig Club. 329 w m 0,f 4 " AHBY BARNES McCARDELL. Baltimore. CollcRe of Arts and Sciences. B. A History. K A; Diumotidback, Cir. .VIgr.; Newman C ' .liil); Governmem and I ' uh liis Cliib; Intramurals; Jr. Prom Comm. NANCY L. McCAULEY. Hagiis lown. College of Home Economics, U.S.. Textiles and Clothing. AT; -11 { lub; Campus Chest: AWS. Orientation . ctiviiics: Dorm Judicial Board. JOSEPH CAL IN MiCREAR . Crecnhclt. College of Education. B.S., Mathematics. V. R1) R. M Kl.YANY. Baltimore. College of Engineering. IIS.. Me.hanical 1- iiHiniiiing. ASME. KlIA S. ! 1A ) . Montreal. Canada. College of Arts and Sciences, B.A.. ' i..i. lot. . JOSEPH KWANAGH McGEADY. Hvattsvillc. College of Busi- ll( and Pulilic AilnniiiMralion, B.S.. Etononiics. Neuniaii CUd . Smdenl 1 iiion C;onnn. E A IK ( is M(I I1I I .isliiii ' 4 I). (. ( olUge ol Home Economics. I( s . I ' lhhciI ii, . AII. Si c ; ( .iiiii i bin (lull. | WIES I. McKEN .IE. PiMcliinM, . ( . (oll K il liiisiiuvs .nil! I ' Ailiiiinisiia- lion, B.S.. Econonii.v. ATA. . HI VI R MtlvEOWN. College Park. College of Home Ec ii. i: ' l E. ice Pres.: N: Ciaic and Ke : S. C.; IFC; Freshman II ((.mm.: Homecoming Comm. .MARY Mtrl.Al ' GHLIN. Silver i.lkHc of Home Economits, B.S., Practical .Art. A X SJ; Old l.inr. )i: Mliiiiik: Home Economics Clid): Neuinan Club. JO . NN M). Richmond. ' a. Ciollegc of Home Economics. B.S., Eihitalion. iiiiioiiilliiirk: SAC: Wesley Eoundation: Home Economiiv CUili k. Ml ISEI.. Ion Meade. College i f Education. H.A.. Englisli 1HI R I 1 () 1 illimorc. College inch C:iid): W lll l. (.kn All s Diic.K.i: Radio- Ic. (olkge oi Kny I. RY ANNE M IcMiks and CI : VR : S ( : S.ii . College of Alls and S.ien.cs. Guild. CIC;ER0 Al.EREDO iceiing. B.S.. (ayil Engineering. NIKHEIM. Belhcsda. College ihiiig. 11 li ' l-: Newman Club: iiy (lull. lOHN R. M RKEL. ..;iisli ■!• K ■!•: Ni«m.iii Club; III H Ml UMI I SI I IN. H;iliimoie. College of . rls and Scien: nech Iherain. ' l-i;;:; AAA: •!• K ' l ; NCI ' : Who ' s Who; IE, Sc ' c: incc C:iub; Campus C:licsi; Homeuiming, Queen Clhairman; J laiwrones Chairman. I HEODORE PAII. MEI .LER. New C:; lUege of Special and Conlinued Sludies, B.. .. Economics, i: •• E; A; es.; A M2; Who ' s Who; MUonk: S(;A. Wa s and .Means Comm. id). ' Ireas.; Intcrnalional Relations Club. ' icc Prc-s.; Cantcrhu aryland Nfanagenieiu Assoc: Campus Chest: . ccoun(ing Club; E ub. 1R(.IMA Ml E . Maiiliassei. N. . College of Alls and A . I iiglisli. A ' lv ,M,; ,;„.- Siudenl I lu.m, I ' ul.lic R.l.ilic.iis ( oiiii ui.iK. DON Ml) |()1IN Mills. Il.iliii e. ( (.Ik-e ol 1 u-iiKei .■.h.,Mi..,l iMguuc-img Nruman ( luh; S IE: Simkn. Religious iliaiiiiiials. es. B. Modem I. Prom. istle. Pa. : 11. Vice : Riding i Club; conomics S( iences, II.; Inira- U.S., Council: |OHN nA ' in MILES. Nixon. N. J. College of Military Science, B.S.. Military s.ience. i: X; Scabbard an l Blade: ArnoUl Air Society; IFC; Newman Club; Eiench Club: Varsity Baseball: Fr. Basketball: Military Ball Comm. EESI.IE M Mil I.EN.SON. Cumberland. College of Arls and .Sciences. B.S.. Sociolog •111; I ' anhel Reprcsenlatiye; .Sociology Club; Hillcl: Jr. Prom C:onmi N ( I.OIISE MII.I.ER. C:umberland. C:ollcge of Home Economics, lis f.lui. M 11 H ' !■: Wesley Foundalioii; Home Economics Club. ROBER I 1 Mil 1 I R ll.ig.isioivn. College ol Engineeriiii;. BS.tivil I ngiiieei inn. ' ' ' s l lA NNf Mil II R Washington. I). C. College of Home Economics. IIS.. I, Aides and Clolbing. AAA. Vice Pres.; Cheerleader: SAC. EUGENE I) MINDEE. Washington. I). C. College of Alls and Sciences. B.S.. Zoolo.;., ll.iM.l; OKbc-sira; Hillel. ROBER 1 I.I.OVI) MINOR. Ihaiisvillr. Coll. I.I Agii iillurc. B.S.. . gricultuial E.onomiis. :; N. Pies.: Gale ami Ke : 1 1 . giitulliiic Stiuleni Ciouncil: . gricullure Economiis Club; eleiinar Siin... C;lul); Homecoming Cx)nnn. FLORENCE ELEANOR MITCHELL. Alx i dcen. College of Home Economics. B.S.. Textiles and C;lothing. 330 i I ' ll MOM nllii r of Alls ;iik1 Sticncos, li.A., Fine Aits. 1 KOrC. C;ii)I. l)i:|)l.i:V G. MOOK. Chew Chase. College ol us .iiul Vi,n,is, 1 , ., I ' s cholo v. C:hess Cliil); Chapel Choir: l ' hiloso|jln ( hill N 111 MOOKl Ik-llicila. C:nlkM-- (il Il(aiu- l-.((i:i iiiiis. U.S.. 1,mm!s .ri,l Niiii :i . K. Sr, V(MlKn (iH.lilv; (li.i|.;l (Ih.m: I I.imI, .,1u, ; (lul. RMI ' il I MODKI l ' |)|ici l.iilh,H(. (i.lUvr ,i| ilv .Hid s,„n,.v r. llishin . r I ' . Si. Stiul.Mi i iiMiKs ( oiiiin I K1() |. MOKWDO (.i ,iil„li (,,ll,m , Ulisimss .111,1 I ' lililu H, ,, I.Mi.,n,nunl. (liu.ilii.n. B. ' RI) RO 1 Ml VV 41 t ' 7 RON li) Willi l Ml s( I I IIOM s liwil I Ml Rl ' in |R. lakoMia Talk. i; s , ( Immii.iiv 1 X s. : . X i:, I ' res. l)A ' ll) RR l ' ,.ll Mllr ( ollii r ,,l I 1 1- 1 1 ir, I 1 1 1;.;. U.S., Civil KllKl- ■ K ■I ' . S( I Rol ' .l K I r. Ml RR ( ..Huge Park. Col- . hi. air. .11. U.S. l ' luM,.il 1 .In. al 1..11. .iimu llaseball, Ikiskcl 1 n 11 M ( ..II.-. ' ..I i DOW 111 M IU (.I R U.I ..I II. .Ml, I Ji K; li,, l WII.IIWI MlilRI . C.Miilillnil .111.1 1 ' ,, ; l).n.l.,.|..;cl s { liili. l R( ( ..II. . I ' ..I lls ,. RI,I l. 1. . l lllklX, U.illiiii,,i. ' , (..II...;,- ,,l I ' I. 111. .11 Hi. HI. .111,1 Ih.illli, us. I ' l, si,.il I .l,„.,li,,ii l ' lnM,,il liliu, 1 I ' n l I l W VA )R V l R ( .IlllMl . ( V The Seniors of 1956 • 331 The Seniors of 1956 . fy f? .A I l) K1 I I () l l R JR. SiKcr Spring. College i( Mililarv Sciiiicc. li.S Iilil;ii Science-, i: X. Nice I ' res., .Set.; Gale and Key: . inolcl . ii Sminx I ' lisliing Rifles; Dmmoniihack. .Aclvcilising Mgr.; Ncuman Club. IMIO DORK J.XCOIJ NOFFSINC.KR. [R. CJailliersbuig. College of iis .ui, Sciences. |{.. .. Hisu.ix. H X. N. NC;V J.WK NOLL. York, I ' a. Culk-c ..I Arts and Sciences. U.S., Frencli. K A; Modern Dance Clnh; French CInl. D.WIKL NORWn .. Silver Spring. College of Uiisiness and Public Admin isiralioii. U.S.. Iransporlation. Marvland FMng Club. Wlls AI.I.I-.N NOrr. WashingKMi. 1). (. ( cillcge of F.ngineering. ll.s iMl 1 iiginceiing. ASC:|.. LF.ON.VRI) |. NV(.RI . Silver Spring. Collcg il linsintss and I ' nblit Adniinisiralion, U.S., Foreign I rade. Hand. ROIll K RI NCK OI5Rli: . Crcenbell. College of Arts and .Sciences. H.A.. Ili IS. IX; Newman Club. LAWRKNCK ANDRFW ONKILL. K.iliimou ..llege til Kngincering. U.S., Fleclrical Fnginecring. T lUI; Scalpb.iid an( I M S C. ORO. Wasliinglon. D. C. Collei;. ,.l Kic li.ilioii. US., ( (iiiniM ' 4. A X A; Newman (Inl. N OSIIORN. Holing. (iiUege ol Mom. I (lull, .-slc- Fellowship: Mar land Clnisii.iu 1 II ( hil. i nWARI) I. () lOOLli, JR. lialiimoie. ( lis Science. K K +: Hand; RO 1 C liai I )M . Beltsiillc. College of Fngineeiing. U.S.. Ml l ' (.l (.i.cnbelt. Oillege of Fclucalion. H.A.. Social Smdi. I) I I ' MMI K. Ihallsville. College of Mililar Science. U.S.. Mil .11.1. AX A; IVishing Rifles; AFRO FC. Caplain. ROIU-.R F Wll I ' M.IFR. Hahimore. C; )llege of Aris and .Sciences. U.A.. Hisloi MARY I.KK l . RKFR. College Paik. College of Home F.conomi. m.nion. A V.: IH Clnb: Canlerburx Chd); .SAC: Freshman Orieni. .IMC It nii s Clnb. )()! (.1 s l I ' KKS ( .cke s ille. Clollene of Agiicidlnrc. U.S.. H.ii iKiioM. A I ' I ' : IViNliin. Rifles: iiiold Aii S,. ien: aisin S.xcer. M. ).nn S.iriueChib: M Club. | )IIN UVR ) I ' AIRKk. II :nK illi -;e (.1 linsinevs .nul Public Aclmiuisiiaiion. It.S.. Peisouiul OlIN HFNRV PAIIKN. Uallimoie. College ol Fdnc.ition. U.S.. In. .huaiioii. Ureslling leam. Nfanager. ROIIFR I A. PA I ION. (i . |. (ollege of Fcluc;ition. ». A.. .Social Science. Inlrannn:ds. OSFPH S. PAtl.rS. Ballimorc. C:ollege of Arls and Sciences. R.A., Fin. ii X, Pies.: (.ale and Kc ; IFC:; Inlramurals; S(.A. JFRRY II. P M oiomoke. College of Business and Pidilic Adniiiiislration. U.S., Indusiii I.Mi.iyemenl. Indnsirial Managemeni Club. |ANICI-: (. PKAIRS. Snleisxill. .1 College of Home I conomiis. U.S., (.eneial, 11 H ' h; GMukaiia I ioo| lORCI in RON PI RCF. (..llege Park. College of Uusincss anil Publ .liiunisii.iiion. U.S.. (.enei:d Unsiness. II K A. lOSKPlI |01IN PFRRONF. Uallimore. College of Uusincss and I ilminisiration. U.S.. Indnsirial Management, I ' Ki: M-liook: Newman ' Mens Dorm Council. UFN |AMINF F. PFRRY. Alexandria, a. (..II. Miliiar% Science, U.S.. MililaiA Scieiifc. |AMFS WILION PKTFRs iugi.m, I). C. College of .Agriculluic. U.S., (.eneial Agiiculluie. II A .nlliire Fronomics Clnb. FLOYD I.. PK FFRSON, College Park. ColU iis :ui l Sciences. U.A.. Fconomics. WMIC. 332 W hn Wli.i: 1() mf lil k I I I ' l I klNA. Km ,• U. nX; s,.,l,l,.iiil ..n. II RI) (.l()K(.l I ' l I ( .M., : h.n.l.Mluns ( In!.: Mii.l, W l II R |()IIN I ' l l OI II W 11. lU R M. I ' llll I ll ' s I IMl.Uiuil. U.S.. IIIMII.IIIM KaUlmoic. College dl llii ' .. l ' : ' K ' I ' ; HTl i I ' UrSf TI I IR(.I 1 i I M I I ll() l l ' !s kl |R ■ kl. i ' .l. ( lll -m- ol |K iliul SIKIIICS. I!. .. IlLiiIc; iii()lil Air Scu ii ' H ; Niwman Club. I) Sihir Spring. College of Rusiiiess ami 11)4 i ' l A ; ' l Ki ; Lulheian Siudeni III I Music Comm.: .Accoiiniiiig Club. " l ' " i. ' i " " vMi, : S( I ( R I HON !• I ' M K M1H■ .lll ! ,. t.ollege ol . us K ; Sr. Class Hisioi :;oUage City. Colle:.;c ug. Arnold Air .Soci ll rol k W. MaiU-nug CI Cdlk " l nl l ( ollror Ml hi , RI ' , R I ' OW I RWI I I I I ' OWI I I Sibil Spring. College of Arts and Sciciucs 1 ciuiMn . X1 I ' liv s.( lOSll ' H DOYLE POWELL. Salem. a ( ;i ol iiv ,111,1 s, i,ii,,s. I ' , s , s,„i„l,.gv. k ' A; Soeiologv Club. TH() I s ) I 1 I W.iOiiM iiin. I) ( (iillim- ,,r S,i(iuc. IVS . Milii (MM l ' IRI(l l ' () ll I ' I.iihI.iiiu , ( , lki;c I.I lliMiic I iiius. lis ( K k I- l),,inin,,,lh,i,h: II,, 111, ' ,, .mill " ( :(,iiiiii,-. I ' .m s l I ' R I I. Ih.iiisxille. College of ll .iii.l s,i,ii,,s. |i, n. li .111,1 ll . (bib. I ' ics., Treas. .SHEEDOS II I ' RIss, ji.ili ,.11, . ..! iK .111,1 s,Kiiic-s. B.A.. CoM-riiMii-iii .111,1 l ' ,,liii,s. Z i; ii s,„i,n |i I ' ( ,1111111 : ER()I( . ( .ipi.iiii |l I I ' KK ' ■ " - I ., ( ,ill,u, ,il I ,lii,,,;i,ii, lis M.iilu- ,v A 1- I i,Ms . . . . uiii.ii, ( lull I RII XWI ' ROl ' l, li.iliiiiH.u ' , ( i.ll,-. . ' ,,l Ib.n IS, 11, S,. liMikv .111,1 (..h.lliiii-. ATA. ,Sli.; II, line l.n.iic.iiiio Clii " ) C ■ ? ? p ,q p-f V A-; V f I WVRINCI II. I ' l LI.KN. KIktoii. College of Agiiailliiie. K.S.. Fin. l. Ilk, 111.- f;iuiilniie Kcoiioiiiics Club. RALPH M. QIINN. ]R {■ilk (,.ll.- ..I nriciilliire. K.S.. Honiciiltiiie. Men ' s Glee (;lul : ( K AU VKIU VC, . C;ollegc I ' aik. Collcjie of KiiRiiiccrinK. U.S.. Mi l-.nginceriiig. KRWIN S. RAFFKL. Kalliniorc. College of Ails aiul U.S., Zoolog). ZBT; Iiiliaiiiurals; WMIC. WIN I RAI . liallliii II.. I, lis | ,.iMi;ilisin. Duin 111 III R. RA HI. nil.. IV K A. 111,1 I. ill,-: c:iiililli «ul !■.( lege I ' .nk. College of Ails Clirisliaii Fellowship: . ineri( RICIOR. Va sl le. C;. ore. College of Itiisliiess and I ' lilillc . diniiil loiiiilmrk; Doiin Set.: I ' .xeciilive Council, illimoie. College of l.duialioii. U.S.. F.diiral lutalioii C;lul). SHIRl.KY MOORK Rl-AI). ind Sciences. U.S.. Clieinisii . !• K •! : l.ii an Chemical Socici , Jr. Mcmher. FU.I AHI ; (: lloiiie I ' coiioni |l ROM1-. M. oologx. Hapli. s. H.. ' KF.l). Siud illege of . rls and Sciences. U.S., Cheinis .; Fieshinaii OiieiUalioii Coinin. l!:illimoie. College of Alls and .Sciences. U. Cariiixal. AW RKKI). Tow.srm. College ..I lal. Tiruiju,,: Home Kconomics C.luli: II Spring. College of . its and .Sciences. Il Ml. I.I.OVI) ARIHIR RF.KD. Silver Spiii.. livil I ' ligineeiiiig. A i) ' I " , ' ice Pics. . College of Mi IlMi:. liiiliiniuic .■ Matugcnw C liil). lilAl RI. AW Rl IIU R. lUllie li. A. ., Sociology. A . ! : Uesle l-oundalio ( iillege of Home Kconomics, U.S.. I ' .diicali esliiiiiislei Fellowship: .Ma l)a Cioiiini. (.I.ORGK ROUIRT RIJNER. Weslminstei. Clollegc of Agiiciilluie. (.eiieral Agiicultuic. Vaisil Soccer: M-Clnb. JOHN CAR!. RlIMIARh Caloiisville. College of Hiisiiiess ;iiul Public . dmiiiislralion. U.S., .Vctonntiiii; Accounting Club. ADA K. IHI.I.l N Rl.l I .. Ucl Air. College of Reciealion. and fli;il Kducalion Club. Jl I ' f. I Sciences, U.S., I ' sxcholog) Dance Clii II. IP RISIIXO. Ualliiiioie. College (I RfN(l M. RIVNOI.DS. Uww CIuim. (olli e ol I ngiiie eiiiig. H.s h baMi(al Kiigiiieering. •! ' 1 K: P U: Uaiid. [OIIV Ul RNARI) RK.VNOl.D ll.iliinioie. College of Uiisiness and Public Adiiiiiiisiralion. U.S.. Markeliii ■I ' Ki:: Sailing Club: Maikeling Club: Fiesliinan Uaskelball. DO.WI.l) I RICK. Hvalisville. College of Uusiness ;iiul Public . diiiiiiisiralioii. U IVisoiinel Admiuisiialiou. ANDRI 1 RICHARDSON. Maiihassei. N. 1 College of Alls and Sciences. U.A.. Sociologx. K K V: Iriuijii,,. Sociolog C;iiil |r. and Sr. Prom Comm.: Ski Club. CAROL HOPI RICHARDSO.N. Pcmi] lion. U.S.. Childhood l.clucaliou. Cha| Foiindalioii. |AV K. RICKS, . rllingloi clniiiiisiialion. U.S.. Personnel. K A. Ul.idi : s(. : I rack: AFROIC. Caplai 1 Plains. . J. C ' .llege of Kdnca C:hoir: Woiiieu ' s C horiis: Wcslev .a. College ol Uusiness and Public .•s.: Cale and ke ; Scabbard ami SAMLKL i:. RIDDI f I4 R(.I R Mill. College ol Uusiness and Public . dminisiialioii. lie! and Ulacle: . riic.!d . ir SocieU: Dianintiilhack. . I ROrC, Captain. PA IRK lA AW RIDCWA . V .Hid Sciences, U.. .. HiMou. AA II; (ulluial (c.iiini. U .. |.i ROHKRI W. RIKGKI.. L - ini I, in I ' .nk College of Business and Public Admiiiisiia lion. B.A.. Pnblic U . luiiiv A ' A. Cones Sec. lOYCI L. RIGG.S. Caithcrsliii ' J,. Oillo c of Ho IH- 1 (iiniiiiius K S.. Textiles and Clotl ing. AXi2: I II (lull: Hnim- Ii illuMli s ( nl, 1 WII S 1 I I SWORIH RII ' I ' I F. JR. ( lilllnll. ( (illtt;r ol hllvilK »l I ' ulilu illllillis l.ilirill. US,. I:i kcting. II K A. ( 1 RI IS 1 W IS RI 1 MR I .iiismII( (illl ' :4C n IS and S.iiiurs, 11 .. l x lio O,.. c;ra(;i roiunowi 1 . Wash nslon. 1) C. Colli jic nl lls .1 1,1 S. KlUCs. 15. A.. Iiii;l sh. llillcl. liRl CI Ml DIOR ) R()lllS( )N .111.1 I ' .ll k ( ,.l lcf.c .,1 1-1 ;;ilRilin};. l(S. ImI 1 njiiiur iu.H. S,:,l 1.11,1 .111,1 11 nil ' : S( 1 IR 1 R( IlINSON U.lllIM C.I Up- . 1 lihii.ilii 11, 11, . 1 ii:4 ish. |I N ROI IIKI 1 . H.illiin, I- (. lli ' 4(. .num. IVS ( 1 ,1 A 1 ' ; ( hild iDod 1 line lion ( uh: sl I- " " " " " " " i; s , . M.l AlU. Ill 1 i (, ROI I Kl R II Ci.llei c (.1 N It;. U.S.. Niiisiiig. |() W l kl R ROI (.11 1). ilincl. 1. n,. College of Uililan Science. B. S.. Iilii,ii Si nil 1 RSII 11 ( 1 ION ROOP JR Balti more. Coll CH -..I Whs (1 1 ' U.S.. Afcoini ing. |.Ki:; Freshman ( liil ANN n Ri) R )rHFNH )rFKR . Fied .■ii k. (-.(.1 ef.e ol H( nc l-.i null lils. US,. 1 A(il(.s, •l-K-.l.; O.N: 11,11 le 1 I,. ii ,niicsC:li 1). Rl( II K1 KOWl 1 Wv Falls. . College of Business an. I ' ublii IM.II. U s , ,..iii iling . Ai: . ' les.: (;alc and Res. I IFC 1 OR F. ROl 1 III. nil. 1 ( II , I ' .iii una College of Agiicn tuie. lis,. A iiiiii ll Hus Ii.IImIm ' » III. Ill ( ll li; Sp. Club: In RONAI I) s R RUIN. ll .lll MlU ( nllrj r .1 ii .1111 S( iiiiii s U, . I ' M ,h,.l,.H , 111 Ul: S|,,,,ilsli ( Inli: IS 1 ' l 1 M IRRIs Rl KIN, I.I illll.l I ' .llk ( ,,lk ' 4, ,.l .Sc: li.ill . |,|H.lls I ' .n.llil M. S( ikcllli; . W.l.v l ' . : 1)1, IN iimI NUmi nll.lhiuh: I s C,. 111111.; .M ■US kc.ll lK- £ 1IA 11) 11, RIDOW. Il.ihiuuiie, Colle-c ol lliisiiKss .ukII ' uIiIii Viluiiuisiia lion, B.S.. . ciouutiiig. ZliT. I ' les.; Who ' s Who; HA ; Gale anil Re); ,S GA. lieas.; IFC, Ireas. MOLLIS CLIN ION RUOFF. JR. Takonia Park. Col lege of Engineering. B.S.. Civil Engineering. ASCE. ANN FRANCES RUS- SELL. Washington. D. C. College of F.ducaiion. B.S., Education. K f; R,.ssboi(.ugh Ciub; Niuuiaii Club. OAWX I.ORR.MNF RYAN. Salisbury. Ci.lliHO ,.f ils ;iii,l Siiiim-s. US,. ,„.li.s; . Riiling Club. iie Pus.; Niuiiiaii l) l I 1) K1) R N, CluM,-. C,.llij;i ' ,.1 Ms .111,1 S,iiii,,s, U, . •.l., -,h .111,1 1)1,1111.1 . X A; 11, ( ,i,il,ibiin ( hih, R,i,li,. 1 (.iiikl, I iisli III. Ill I ' ll. Ill, I ' liiiliiiix ( h.i ,iii: s (: s,,|,li (, W Ml ( ()1 1II RIIS S KI, ( l.iiksh.ii, ,ishiiiL;i .ii ,.llr:4r ,.l ils ,iihI S,i,ii,,s 11 , s,„ nli. v, liiir,ii,iii, K,l,.p,,Ms ( liil,. ,Sei.; Go ernnu ' iii .iii.l r..liii,s 1 bib: i.,i,i1iiu ( lull 1 M NS I1,|R SiUer Spring. Colli-, , .1 iis.iii,l sciiiu.s, 11, , I iP.;Hsli llipiisi Sill, 1,111 I iiiou. Pres. P. ri, IIORINCI s l(. Nlk ll,iliiiii,.i, (iiII.l;, ,,l i Is ,111.1 Sciences. B.A.. iMigbsb. A E ' h. I ' lis,: MORI R liO Kl); 1 )i,, in, m, I : l ' .iiiiii-l Representative; ■ lar land Ci.iiiisi ( h. Ill mill, I bum , iiimir.;, Ibnis, ' Decorations: .Soph. Prom, Decora- 11, .lis ( h.; M,i l),n, (,isiiim, ' s (li.iiiman; Dance Concert, Costumes Ml NOR I NN S l AION. W .isliiiioii.ii. I ). ( , ( ,,ll.gc .,1 f.lii { liil,lh,i,.,l f,lii,.ilii.ii, A . ' .;: R , s (: |i,. Si, Pauhcl Re I ' llM I IS SWMIISON ll.iliiiiinir, (i.ll.-m- ,.l iis au.l S. lu lisli ' M: 1, I,, I ' lis , ( ,,ii,s s.-, : I I , Uiis Mgr.: S, C;: C;i ,S|.iiin.; ,,k, s,, ,( ll. 1,1111. Ill MONKOf R S N1)UKRG. Uali leg.- ,.l iis .111,1 S,i,iu,s. 11, ,, HisK.M, TK ' k. ii.- I ' lfs.; , iii..ld IFC; Ulo.).l Dri e. Chairman: lulramurals: H.ime.oming Floai Co I.FNE .SANDLER. Washington. D. C. College of Ails nul S. l ' s (hologv. X; Hillel; Choir; luterfailh Comm. Ihe Seniors of 7 956 The Seniors of 1956 . f ?J .C Md MWI II JOSII ' II s (. IU (). |R ll ali illi-. Colkne ol Alls an N !MH,v. IVA.. SiKiiiisli. S|)Miiisli (111!,; Newman Club. I.DW ARD (.. SAl n KM 1 IN. Ballimorc Couiitv. College of lUisiiicss aiul I ' uhlic A.liiiiniviK I Ml, lis. MaikeliiiK- Z U T. Vice I ' les.; VT; Sotielv for llic AiU.iiu.iiuiu . I.ui.,K ' .i.ient. Ircas. IHl-OnORl IIINR SCHAIFIR. |R. ( liiksvill, College of Agriciiluiie. U.S.. lli.i lie nluiic. 1 Suukii ssoc.: riant liKJiistiy Club. JOAWI s(ll l(ll. Ih.iiisvMli-. ( ilU(.c Alls and Sciences, U.. ., Knglish. l. S( HINDI! R. lakonia Park. College of l-cliicallon. U.S., Chil.l iliKalioii. K A; Newman Club: C:iiilill)oo l Ktlucalion Club. MIN .11,. Ilalliiiinir. College of Home Iconomio. U.S., lexiiles ami ;. K i. Ik-.iv: l)i,n,i.,,„lh,i, I: . Ollur Maii.i ei; M lln„li: Home K ( ( liib. ROUIRl I I () M mill IR W.isliiiig I). C. ( ,.llr-e ol ,..11,1 I ' l.bli. V.liiiiniMi.innn. lis. l.,i kniiiy. Maikrliiig Clul,: I ' lo luli; hill. niiiii. lis. ROHI K I I l l I I I SCIINAIU-I.. Sioll lalK. ( nll.uc ol Mililan S.iiiiK, lis, Milii.iiv Siience. ROIil Rl I s( ll l nil R Kalliiiioie. College ol Ails ami Siiemes. II .|. A n IRWCIS MWINl SCHOl Nlll R( . Wasliinglon. 1). ( ( ollege of Arls and Siieiues. I( A . I iinlisli. -I ' 1 1. I ' les.; A A A; II .i K; l« K ■!•; Irrrapiu. I ' ublualions. Assmiiu f.liioi: Siiulenl Inion Cnhural Comm., ( baiiman. IKKRIM. I RAN( Is s( IIROl |)1,R. I ' oini I ' leasaiii. N. |. Col- lege of IJusincss and I ' ublii Admiiiisiialion, «.,S.. (.eneral. t A O. Ireas.; . , . w -w Insurance Club. VlRfHNIA SCHIUIRI. Philadelphia. I ' a. College of lulu- A laiion. IJ.A.. C:hildhood l-.ducalion. IIH ' h; Angel Flighl; Band; A -B«oA; e f p {? p r f c:i C liildbood Kduca(ioii Club; Dance Clul III s( III MAN. Baltimore. College of Kduc itioii. B.S.. Childhood I ' .dii .1, A 1, I ' ; llillel: Childhood l-.diicalion Club Women s Chorus. DORIS s( IIW R 1 . Baltimore. C:ollege of Arls lid .Sciences, B.A.. I.iiglisli, 1; l)N,,„n,i,lha,h: 11; Red (loss; S(.A. l-.le.l ins Comm.; Campus Chest; .nnl Ke : I ' usli. I ' loiii ( oiiiiii.: Iloiiiexiiiilii;; oiu.ii.; llillel. RICH.VRD (.fS SCHWAR 1 . Derwood. (ollege ol l.liualion. B.S.. Industrial i.iiioii. 1 A K: Inlramiiials. RICHARD 1.1 1 SCOCCINS. Baltimore. ege if Kducaiion. B.S., IndiiMiial 1 dmaiion. II RII nill.lPl ' l-. SCOI 1. Arlingloii. a. C ollege ol . rts and Sciences. lliMon I aiilerlmr Club. 1 leas.: Inleinalii nal C:lul ; Men ' s (dec Club. II SI M Richmond. a. College of . ris and .Silences, U.S., Zoolog). K I ' ll. | R I IN Si:(.AI.. Wasliingtoii. 1). ( . College of l-.iigiuecriiiR. 1 l,,i,u.,l 1 iiuiueerlng. IRK. (.1 RHARD K SI Nl I.A. Baltimore. Col- ,.l 1 ii.;iiueiiiig. B.S.. Cbeinital 1- iigineei ing. ICIil.. i¥ " M llll N SHKCKKLLS. Baltimore. College of Arls and .Sciences. H . I.Kv AAA: Block and Bridle Club: Academic Board. ANDRI.U M Kll (.. Il atts ille. College of .Arts and Sciences. B.. .. SocioloR . A K A; 1. -V Club; AlROrC. It. Col. SIANI.IV MORION SHKRMAN. . .1,1 College ol . rls and Sciences. B.S.. Baiteriolog . l ' A. |OAN Ml II- SHIIl.DS. Washiiiglon. 1). C. College ol l-.diualion. B.S.. Child- I I .liKaiion. II It ' I ' : Caiiierbnn (bib; Cbildliood I cliuatioii Club. Sec. !l |()IIN I . SIIINHOI SI R. Uasliington. I). C. College ol Business and Piib- li .liiiiiiiMiaiioii. US.. I ' liblii Relations. Mens Press Club; Intiamurals. |()S| I ' lllNI S|IRI.1N(. MI1PI,I. . laurel. College of ArLs and Sciences. U.S.. li.i ieiiolo..;N. AT: AAA: 1A(I; -I ' K -I ' : Rille learn: |r. Panhel R |,i.s,„i.iii e. I MOM S RI( HARD SHIPI.KY. College Park. College of I diM.iiinii. B.S.. Mnsii. K K ! ' ; DAK; Who ' s Who; Band. Pres.: Chapel I Mens (.lee Club: Oichcstia: Orientation Week Comm .; SA( | MI s r m W ' fc W k. ' ' SHtiKMAKKR. I ' oinl Pleasant, N. J. College of Knginei in,- I ' , s d A Jk k M M . Knginceriiig. H X. Vice Pres.: Arnold Air .Societx; . S II. i., ' ..Mi A luv: Men ' s League. 336 Kl I M I snow 1 I I K ( ,.ll,u, IViiL ' v. A A II; ll.n,l.ul«,is ( lull, s W, Ml Ml I kOSkI W.iiciluiiv, ( ■inn .Milngx. A X A; ( lull Collci;.- ..I IducilioTi, Its., I l.n iiicloM. I). ( ((illc.m- (il I ripnii )()H " II SON " SIMMONS. |R. Xnn.ipnlis. C c.II n - nf Unsinc | IIS RROI I SIMMS. I ' .iik (nlK ' 4( " l ilv,in.l Sn(iol(ii; . •!• K ' I ' . DWin I1 R1 II I I) Sl (.l,l ION i ,Mi ■ (.1 Alts am! Sricnccs. B. A., Sociology, k T; OAK: N( I ' : Wli.. Pics.; French Club. Tieas.: Clef and Key. JOHN WIIIIWI H altsyille. College of . rls and Sciences, B.. ., Sociologv . I!. mil KM.WMl SkRMUk. H.iliinu.ic. (c.llcgr ol iis .fiul Sciences. H. ' CheiiiiMn. A.Xl; ( luli I ' Ml SM I- Ikl NSON Baltimore. Cc lege of Alls .iiid Scic-iufs. li.A.. (.oicinnunl .ind Politics A KIT. Pits.: C.j and Key; IFC: Mens League; Intianuii.K lU R 1 Is 1) sMI I II ,u ( Del. College of Military .Science. U.S. Milii.ii Siuiuc 1)11 I Rlt II ( O RAD .SMITH. Catonsyille. College " I lliisincss .nitl Piibli. Ailiiiinisii.uin B.S.. Puhlic Rrlalioiis. A X A: Press Club. i:r(.I-.M: IN( I I SMI l ll. Ih.Ulssillc. (oIIckc nl Unsnuss .nul Pnlil Vdiiiinisiralion. B.,S., Finance, i: A E; Neuman Chih. k M l i|s( ) sMI I I ll.niipion, a. College of Physical Education. B.S., PIinm, .il lh,i,i|n lA RKIIARI) A. SMITH. Hyattsyille. College of Engiiurnnj; Us llniiu I iigineeriiig. Scabbard ancl Blade; Maryland Flying Club. |ob Pl.ucimi Sen ice. ROBFRT J. SMITH. Baltimore. College of I- iiginecring. B.. ' 1 Uctrical Engineering. IRE; Newman Club: .Amateur Radio CIuli. C. College of Alls ;ii ION H. SMITH, |R iiidii. X ' cteran ' s Club ROBfRI IRWtIS SMIIII (luxv ( (ollci c of Ails ;iii(l SciciKcs. n ., Ll.OMi It SMOOI III SiImi Spuiig. College of Agrinil- luir. B.S.. General. A 1 Iv ()KM | s () lakomaPaik. College of Business and Public Nilniinisi i.n lis. M.,, k.iing. AI.VIN J. .SNYni-.R. Noilhway. C:ollcge ol iis .m.l s.uiims. U.S.. .oology. AKl ' l: FitsIiiii:iii m di :p » ■ (T- t-.- - P ft ' rv ' t ' f J - f f-J - ' .lli;l, ;i f cllcKr (.1 l;l i( lllluic. B.S . Inin IM.hiii, Rill,. 1 l RII SOIIISII H.,1,1 . _ ]- _ V -«. sr 1 b ,in.l s, MUMv B , I ii-li-b ' k K ' k. I I . Sc, ; M,.,l,in M s SOIOMON SiIm, spiiim. (.(.Il(f;c nl Bcisiiirsv 1.111 I ' , s luMiiiii,. .111,1 Real Estate. RII A SOEOMO I.-, Ml iiv ,1.1,1 siuiues. B.A.. Sociology. Z A T. Vice s,, I ' M. II. . iial HiUel Honor .Society; Paiihcl W,, k. I iikci ( ,1111111. 337 e r- ;3 f p ••N ■V " 7 T kA ' MM M OHIKI M SOKINSIN lI .,ll ill,•. ( iillcur i.f ils ..lul SiU-ruos. B.S.. I.,il, rii.iii. S I)R I SOWDIR Viiuh Spiiii . (( lldim- I- CO- oiriKs. lis. 11(11111 ' 1 KiiK.MiKN K A 11; || AK: W ho s W Ihc l.napni. Iliisiiicss LiiLit-ii: M (. " . ;. llliMlK Mjii.i.;.!: N(. l c.i.liM- {(iiMuil; l)a (loilKCi-s hil): (lllK■n (Ik. Ids, i(( I ' ks : l.[v D.iv. Hiisiiuss Man;igcr. IWII) II sr (,1 Mil K(. Ilk .( I ' . Ilk ( ill t;i- (il 1 Muiiiiiiiii ' . U.S.. Ii(li.mi(.il I iiRiiudiii.; SMI 1 I) R1) II ROMI SI ' ll R. li.illiim.rc. (ilkt;co( Miisiiicss .111.1 I ' lililu A.liiuiuMi.iium. U.A.. M.irUiiiiH. ■! ' K :i. I ' lcs.; ..itc and Kc . ice I ' lcs.; 7Vn« iii, Rcsulciicc Kililor; Ficsliiuin ()i kiilalioii liairiiian; Jiinioi I ' lom, CloClhiiii.; Soph. Class. I ' ics.; IFC. 1 is 1 s •111 l K.illii 01 c. ColliK ' il 1 liK.iiioM. II. . S|i.iMish and S.I. 1 ll S. 1 11. lA 1 AT, 1 i.a ., Pu v.; •! A 1) 1 1. s , I ' l.s III. nil, ,11.1; . ( !,.,. ,.■ 1 1 1. l ' i( : 1)1.1 - l).i I.IMC M S|,li iH Wi. k, ( .1111111 ( 1)1111 ; W R Rr|).; s ( 1 •. 1MI 1 1 si.iic 1 X.(l live ( iiiiiii . S|,.,nisl, ( lull Skill, ; Cl.ih; S(, W.i .111.1 Mc.lllv ( (11 llllitH e; Mil .1. !■ 1 i I si ' R wkl.K. K. I It. Ill 1. 1 . k, |, ( (lllc-C ( iiKiiiiiis ( liil.; Wo 1 11.1 111- 1 .. ( I1..111 1 ' l 11 I ' l, ll ii. K KT; 1 (. s 1 M 1 OKU 1 Ii ;ilirlli, . III ' ..;. ' Ill ll .lllll S ii ' ll v. I., (..n iniii.Mi ,.,1.1 I ' .iliii.s. ATll. Kl( 11 K 1) R. SI AMIII. ). R iii.l.ills OUIl. ..II.:;. .,1 kii,iiI|iiic. U.S.. Ki (iillii 1-. 1 A K; (.ale all 1 Kev IAR 1 11 1 M RK1 Ollil Ion. (.■Ill 4r III lls .,,,,1 S, 1. U S|,,, iMi. r» lull: Spa lish ( lull. I R N( S M R( 1 s 1 RR llv.iiis Mil. ( 1 Ik-KC ol Alls aiul S. in lis. It . S|„ n ll .111.1 lll.ilii.i I iiiM ' isilv 1 h. ll. 1 ; Modem Daiiie (. ul): WMl ( nil 11- 1 II s si 11 1 . |R. Ml. .l..ivl mok. I ' a. College. ol tllslM.s s anil l-iilili. Villi snaiii.n. U.S., I..I. IK " lade. A KM. 1 u- IV.; ( H am kiv: Ii.i|irl ( iKiii: Mm s ( Ikiiiis; Inn IIIHII iK. Rl( II R1) N 1 IN. Uallii iDie. ( olk-Kc ol Business and I ' ld.lii (li liiiisl aiioM. lis. (...Ml IIIICll and -oliliis. ZHT. .Set,. Vice I ' res,: Gale aiKl Ktv, 1-iis.: M.ii- I ..IK I ' olilio (lull. I ' ll Re,.. I ' oolh. 11 Weckeiul. C;hiin,; C.overn H kB U SI 1 rill s ihiiKi .11 .1 College of Home Kcoiioniics. B.S.. 1 .s III,., nil ( I..1I1111K K K r. i)i .111.111.1 I)„im, uiUmik: Soplioinoie Carnival, - ( III 111 1 Rl 1)1 Rl( K W II I M vIlI ' HIN.S. IJiootcvillc. College of 1 111; II, .,1 im 11 s , ( im1 I I KIMIT IMU. 1 iiliainii als; ASCK. .See,. ite I ' res,; 1 Im ill l 1 1 1 s 1 RM . ashiiiK on. 1), C:. ColleRC of Business .111.1 nil, 1. . 11.11 11 s. .enera . MarkclinK Clul.: HoxiiiR. I.XMK.S (. MIX 1 NV |l ' 1 " lis. oUeue of . 1 s and Seienecs. B.A. A ' .2; 1 11 N SIOIBKRC;. I ' ikcsvillc. ColleRe of Arts and Siiciues, B.S. ooIorn, 1 A , I Sec. Ircas., I ' res,: IFC, CHARI.F.S GCY SIOIFFKR. H alls%illc. (.illim of KiiRinecrinn. B.S,, Aeronanliial FiiRinecrinR, i: -t ' K; |udo Club; IAS, I., lAWRLNCF SIR()MBIR(.. W ashiii.;l .n. I). C, CollcRC of Alls and Seieiues. B.S.. I ' li siis, 11 K A. AW Sll RI. Iklliesda, ColleRc ol I ' .dutalion. B.S.. Business Idnialioii, IU 1RIA | f sll ItHS. Beiliesda. Colk-Re ol . ns and Siieiiies. II. A„ 1 iinlisli r.||;; TT Wlii.s Who; Clef and Kev. See.; Simleni (,o einineiil. s... 1.,,.,i.n.s ( ,, ( .,|,i.,,„; (.Miikana; Chapel Choir; RossImuoiirIi Clnh. ( AROl.l.l Sll l..M. N. Ballinioie. College of Arls and Siienees. B.. .. Fine iis, AK " ! ' ; 11; Junior I ' roin; .Sophomore Carnival; Women ' s League. I ' nl.licitv C;omm. IN ' A DALE STIILMAN. Baltimore. Cx.llcRe of Arls an.t Siienees, B.A., Speech. A E +; :i A 11; Modern Dance Club. .Sec, I ' res.; Ma Day. Chrni. of DaiuiiiR; Campus |udieial Board. Sec: IT; .Spring Week. ( hrm. of I ' roRrams, HFI.KN A (iFL, SIC.H()C;KI. Norwich. Cloini, Cail liRe of Mililary Stienee. B,S,, , lililary Science, enniau Club; Spanish Club. sWIIll IIIRIIIRI SI IS. WashingKin. 1). ( . ( . liege i( i Is .iiid Si leiiies, U . ( iMiiinologv. TK ' I.; A K A; Soiiologv ( liil.; Spanish (liih; Inliamurals. M l R SI MM R. |R. Si, I ' eleisbmu, I la (..liege ol Ails and Sciences, US., IMnsi.s. I ' eishing Rilles. ROBIR I I.lf SIMMR. OxIoid. I ' a. Col- lide ol Alls aiKl S.ienies. B.S.. oologv. (.fRMI) SI SSMAN. Ballimorr (olleceol Alls and S.ienies, HA,, HisioM. T K ' I ' ; llillil. i e I ' res. H I.ES P. SUSSM.W SilM-i Spmi.; (cliche ni I ii{;inceiing. B.S.. F.lcitiiral 1 nginceriiig. TKll, s. : II II 1 iA K: I ' K Iv W lios Who; AIEEIRK. Sci.: Ii. and Mn. Club. I) ID ( I s W .ivhingtoii. D. C. College ol Arts and Sriciucs, Hs 1 n.;h-h ' hi K. W l I I,; t.lcl and Key: Rosshoiough C;liili noROIIII ll) l SWISS U.iliii e. College of Home Eco- noiiiu-, lis, l ' i.,,ii.,il ii K A si, ; I i„,n,,n,lh,i, li: Neuinan Club; Jr. Prom CoiMiii.; |nl, n.u.rn.m ( niiiiii ( 1 1 S(()II lAIU.l-R. nunellcn. N. J. Dain Siieiuf { bib; Mil. .iiiiui.ils. CKM {.IIHIRI 1 1 1 r. iliii ' 4l(iii. |. {( H.S . s, 1, ni A 1 ' Iv 1 OKI 1 1 1 KI) r ll llllWlMH I ' .llk (olUnr ' ol lls ,111,1 SiKIK KIWI 111 ROIURI 1 SII W.isliiii. iiiii. 1). S(un, . 11 . S|„,, h W Ml ( k-.;c- nl MiliLiM SiK-iiK II Ih.lll Mlll ( nil, 41 ■-, 11. . ., Sni.nlngN. ' I ' K ' b :. C;ollege ol .l , DON 1,1) l!l 1 RIIH.I l M()R ,ivliiii ' 4i( ii. h illg. U.S., 1 ii.;iiui iiii 4 A K; s ll. It. Raiimi, ( ..ll..4 nl i;i„, ,-, lis , .4ll,illl keling. ATI ' ; . gi u nliuu ' 1 in us Miib. s,-, ,. TAM.OR. C:oilei;e i l lluMlu .mil I ' ublii ili i CHARl.l-.S EDW R1) IK. (,1s ll.iliiiin.ii (nil. B.A., Alt. ( . ( nlli-. e nl 1 nuiiiin OllN 1 IN 1 W 1 OR 11. il 1 11 nils .mil M.ii 111, IS Wll 1 1 I 111 .4, ' nl il ami S.ieiiiis l 1 N 1 1II() I S I limiMlx IllIK ( (llb-. l- ltAlllts .IIhI ( Inlblll W 11 1 1 l 1 1 IN lll() nl iiMillMi. . 11 S , uinnnni I ' l.iiil In.liiMiv ( 1 SON ( nllrm I ' .mL ( njlim- nl HnllK ' 1 ' 1 Ills ■| UMv , Kr.l ( in s; ( .inlrlblllx ( lub llniur 1 in ANN IHONirsoN. ,ivlnnmnii, 1) ( , (nilt-,n Eiiglisb. K A; Wnnu-ns Cbniiis; Olil Inn. Olluc CoM.Mi.; ,,,„ „„. nl llnnie l.nllniniis, U.S. S. l,iiK liHMl, Cnlbgi. lb NNI 11 1 IIOMI ' IIS. Iilui.lllnll Allll s ( lull SlIIRI lA ils .111,1 SiRims. 11, . .0 4 % £ V i fj ' ? a ROIURI UllllAM THllR,STON. rnion. N. J. College of Art.s ami s.KiHis, II . HiMory. ' I KE; I ' ershing RiHes; MClub; Basketball, Manager. )()IIN ( 1 0 l SKI.I.O. Silver Sprimj;. College of Engineering. K.S.. I iiuiiHi-iin-. TIMI. Ill l,K IR Will S. Baltimore. f:ollot;c of All- .111,1 Siuiuis, lis , H,»ui,nlnn Dniin, RllONXSll lR irilR (.U.llblll (nllinrnl 111 IM 1 ,1 ss ,1 1 1, 1 I ' llbll, i 1 1 n III Isl 1 .1 1 inn , II , |nl 1 1 11,1 1 IMII , i: AT; Seiilni ( l,i-s. Sr. ; Wniiiins Pus- ( lub, I ' lr-; I )i,nn,.ii,lh,u k : llillil. 1 l. 1). IR . ll.llllllinu (nlUninl I I - .1 1 1,1 S, a 1 1, cs , II, , , { I 1 llic ( 1 :. ' ; Innllull, WIIIIWI 1, 1 R 1 1 S( 1 1 l A N , |R, llalliinnic. (nlk Mgimeiiii ' 4, lis , ( ml I nuineering. FRANK. I ' . IROCINO. Ili abelb. ;olk-e nl ii- .111,1 s,uiucs, H,A.. CovcviMiienl and I ' oliliis. i: N; e ;bib: (.nMiiiimni .mil I ' olitics Club; Inlr.iniinal Spoils. (.ORDO RO] II R W.isbiiiHinn. 1). C;. College of . ils and Sdemis, U.S., iali(s. .Maili Club. KlNNl III I R1 IRONIM liedciuk. College of Kiigiiuei iiv , II, ' Ciul 1 iiKmnim- •!• K T s( I , 1 1 (.; .Student Attiviiics Coiiini , AIMNl lie KIR. |R (.uiiil.ili (nil,;,;,- of Arts and Sciences. II. A.. I ' sMlmln FRM) II ll, l, |R. Silvfi S|„iiP4. College of Business and I ' liblu ,liiimi nation. h.S.. .Marketing. Footb:ill; Freshman Football Coadi. IsllR ICRK. Baltimore. College of Education, B.S., Childhood Ediu.uinii. A K ■ F FA; Hillel; Women ' s Chorus; Childhood Education Club, V " IT; ?.n- ' r7 The Seniors of 1956 The Seniors of 1956 ■ 1 1 ANDl R I 1 RMU 1 1 HlaiUiislnng. College of Business ai l ' iil)lk Admiiiisiralion. U.S.. lrninistraii .n. Jk Il: Md. Ma aneniem Assoriation; American Mauaueuuiii ss.niation. KKNM I H IIRM-R. Cieenbell. C:oIIckc of I ' I .luiaii.m. Reciealiun. and Ileal U.S., I ' Iduealioii. Tennis. 1-.1)U . R1) A. lUlMNU, )R. Dox lesi,,i, I ' a (olleKe cil I lUuaiidii. It.S.. Mallieinaliis. A K K: (.ale and Ke . |()sl I RX MOM) nRRlll.. |R. IJaliinioie. College of Ails and Scienus It iMiliii-x. liiiianniials: Netwnan Club. College l Itusiiiess and I ' nbli. dunni. ■ and Kr%; Seni.H ( . S(;i at iims IK SA(; lloineuiminK. 1 leas.: InlianiuiaK. |IR 11) I ' W l I W.isl, uit;i(in It. ( . Colk-Ke . ! i is and S, iciues. II S i..,l .t; . Hand. MRC.IMV )l wot S. . iinai olis. ColU- i ..I l.nnoinio. U.S.. I ' lauiial An A nil Diaimiiid: [r. I ' aiiliel; l ' anli I v l)..Mn itc I ' les.; .SailiiiK Clul. 1 I. I ' lihliciis. UIMRI.V slAkI lU-lhestla. College il Alls .mil .Vieiues. H.A.. (,o criiinenl and I ' oIiiks. K A; II 1 A; niiiiiiondhmk: Old line: (■overnmeiil and I ' olilics Cliili. Set.: liiieinaiiiiiial Relaiiiuis CUili; Cain|}iis Chesi: Fieshinan Fioni. ( RI)I,V 1 1 1 K K.A.. .Soiioli)g l-.diiialM.ii. ROlU R 1 I II1I1 X lUilus.l.i ( cil.t;,- nl liiHineeiing. IJ..S.. Aeionaiiliial 1 iiKineciini; ' I ' A n l ' isluir.; Rdl.s l,R l) A. XICKKR.S. JR. lakonia I ' aik College ol Ails and I( . s,„ 1,,!,, . •I ' ilK. )()RC.i; ll.l.AI.OHOS. I ' aiiaiiia. R I ' ((.lle ;e ol Xgi u ulmi. . it -, , groiioin . Spanisli Cliil : N ' ( liili. Inlei iialional ( liili: I ' laiil lii.liiMn 11 IRl.M 11.1.. R1.I. College I ' aik. College ol . rls and , Si ieiiies. ■ mlish. IH Club; I.SA: Inieinalioiial CUib. KDUARI) CASI . I. Hyallsville. C;ollcge of Agiiciillurc. U.S.. l)air HnsbandiA. ATA: Daiiv C ' .altle Judging Team: Dairv .Science Club: Sliuleiil i.ixesuuk Inliamiiials. DONALD JOHN Vl ' IAI.K. Silver Spiiiig ( ollege ol ing. U.S.. Mechanical Kngineering. AS.MK. C;HARI.I s li ()1 I ) k e. College of Arls and Sciences. U.S.. .H.log . H X. . WloKl) W l s ll.iliimoie. College of ris and Sciences. U.A.. Hisiorv. KII SWIMI I W 1)1)1 I.I ll.illiiMoie. (ollege of . rls and Si iemes. I 1 nulish 11 11)1 IS RONMI) W l)l . Uesl Friendsliip. College o( i;ii iiliiii, , lis, 1 1 usliaiidi v . ATP. iie I ' les.: A Z; Uloik and liidli- (lull, I ' lis; Siudeni Livestock Judging leain; .Xgriciilliire Cuiincil. k K R. U ADl 1 K.ll. Riverside. Clonn. College of Ails and .Sciences. B.A.. iciiili loieign iiM Debaling Club; Freiuli CMiib; Uaseball; Honors in |( ll WILLIAM UA(.M R. (ainiberland. College of Unsiness and l ii liiiiinsiialion. U.S.. Aoounling. l A : K A ' I ' : •!• K ' !•: Aooiiniing C lieas.: Siudeiil IMaieinenl Rep. Al(.lSI R. WAIUKL. Ualtimoie ( ol .1 I ' bxsical l-.diicalion. U.S.. I ' Insical Kducalion, Lulhcian s,,„l,i,i sm, i: Vaisii KiMiiball: AN LHONV JOSKI ' H WMH.iiRsKl ll.iltimoie. College of .Xrls ami Sciences. U.S.. I ' livsics. Wll 1 I l I 1I RI WALKl " .. JR. Ballimoie. College of Kngineering. Us |,, h,,,i I ngineeiing. l K 1; I ' ersliing Riltes: hreslinuin l.aiiosse: SMI: Sni i u iiionioli e Lngineeis: Sailing Club. l 1 Rll WALKI.R. Sil»ei Spring. C:ollcgc of Home Kconomics. U.S.. (,.i eial Home loinomii . Old l.iur: Home Kioiiomio Club; Rossboioiigli Clul Canlerbur Club; Freshman. .S iphomorc. Junior I ' loin; C:ainpiis Chesi. Chun Doim ' i(e 1 ' res.: Freshman Oricnlalion. C;hrin.; Women ' s I.e.igiie; Woiiiin ( lioiiis: siiidenl Inion. (oinm. Clirm.; Homecoming C;oiiimi ( 1I RI IS I W (, 1 R. H allsxille. College of Uusiness and .ln Mi.itioi Its, ,,ouiitiiig. Uaplisi Siudenl Inion. |AMF.S I ' . WMKIK Silvi S|iiiiig. College of Kngineering. U.S.. Mechanical KiiKiiKdiiin SMI eteians Club: Ne«iii;iii Club. I ' VIRKIX MORRIS WXIKINS ( oNi t I ' .iik. College ol Alls and Siieiues. It. . Ii.iiili K K W ■X ' K ' V. 340 I Mil R(. W.ishiiiyKiii, I). (.. Collcgi- iil Business ;iml .1. US M.iikcting. Marketing C:lul). Gl ' .ORClK K. ..lUm I.I Husincss ai cl Public Administration. B.S.. II ( li.h DONNA Ul ' IU ' R. Raltinioic. College of I-.dn- ,.,1 1 ihii.uic.i.. AK ' I ' . i(v I ' rcs.: nianiond. XUv I ' rts.: .ini|)Ms ( lusi I IIOM S Mil ION W I US I I R. Colk-. e uuliMir, li s . " ii( I dii.jiH.n I I . I ' u-s. N W 1 IIKI rlMi.;h.ii. -., C-nllcor ,,f II kONAII) W I IS(,1 kill R. U.illu.i.iu-. ( (.Ik- Kniiiuioinj;. 1 A K. ut- ri.s.; 1)1,1 Line: ASCI I II) It W I ISM N I. liMIu.n, US,, hiMii.nuc I 1 M I R U.illini..u ( .. ik. C. Hu .iii.i.uc ,111(1 Real Kstatc. 11 A. WIIIIWI (11 RI .11 (..ll(i:c I.I I iiginecring, R.S.. .M( . Ii.nin ,il In-imiiii SM1 Rl( II R1) si 0 N W 1 1 ION. Moorcfield. W ,i ( i.lU ..;i . .1 ' .; iiihuii, us,, AFP; A Z; IiMMok lud mu 1 ( .i Mr.ils |u(|.4in,n Ir.iiii. | 1IS WIRKINC,. Chilluiii ll(if;lils. Cnllcgv ils .mil Siiiiii-.s. U. ,, n(ii,l,.u Win I ' .Rl W IK ; S(. , Pus 111 Rill R I .Mill I ' lll.lll illllllllsll. 11. I WlD.Ml.R. (Ir n Cliasj, ( .WNK UIEDtRHOLU. I ni .Spanish. A X il. Sec, ' icc I ' l Sec; .Spanish Club; Daydoilm •1 ' 1 K. iie I ' us.; () A K. Pus,; II A K Wlio; Tcnnpin, Editor ' . .i; Old Line: Rl H attsville. College ot Business 1111111:4. BA . Pres. RUTH EMILY ils and Scientes. . .. Ps (holoK . k ( ,,llc[-e ol rls and Sdcrucs. 11 ' ,, •!■ K ■!■; i TT; Mlln,,k. W R . I , M Rk I Rl 1)1 RU K W II DIM NN W I Smniis, US , l„,l,, |),,in s I isl , liili.ii 1 Rl N( 1 I 1) RI) W II niNS, I ' .n 3 O - •c f. ]f 1 ' I ' I l,ll l,iliil M.ili.r iliiiiil ( lul.; S (,; Urskv 1 (.1, m l.i 1 1. .n; |i.h Forum. 1. ( 11 R1 1 s 11 W 1 1 1 WIS. )R. Washiiinii.ii, 1) ( (.ollcgc of S.uiues, US.. ( luni sin ' VK. nOROI in 1A f R 1 A Wll.- St. I.eonaid. Clollcge .f Home Kconomics. B.S.. (.eneial. AT. i, A A; K ; Diamond Who ' s Who; f-H Club; CanterbuiA ( lul, (onomics Club; AWS. Chairman; Homecoming Comm; Job 341 fTj P- , ' (Mr) P f K f Tf f ' y 1- ' ' P:- ' B O Fi 9 p 1-- r 4Y. RINKK WII.I.UMS. I h)h1kUI. W. ' cial Kii(iilniic. A X A: UisiiniiiM.i li l-l.iMi liidtiMM (lull. Will I M join VKI) W II M WIS ikcii. S. C:. College ol KiigliiccrinR. B.S., s MHC.HKLL Wll.I.SON. Hageistown. I ngiiicciiiig. l K T. Iicas.: ASCK: noiiii AM 1 R 111 Ul l) a lciiiic Hoard; liisl.i ISAM. Uriiilwood. ( I ' liicm. CliaiHl C;lioii, llcKC of MililaiA Sunn ikonia l-aik. Coll.Ke ol II Oiii ' Miaiioii lege of I Ionic f I RN() WOI U.S.. Miliiaiv s I Sdeiuis. Alls Coll Alls and Sticiucs. B. A., I ' s liolog . ROllI K I l.iiig. W. a. College ol Agridilliiie. US. iimi lilotk and Hiidle Cliili. ROC.l R 1. W ( ils and .Siienies. U.A.. An. Vii« » . I.avoiii ,e ol I ' diuaiion. U.S.. I ' .leiiicii ' AAA. I ' les.. ' I-K ' !-: C:ain|)iis ..iiMii M R|()RM VDll.l n.iini.v U S hiMllllllnii M.iii W 1 I)I 1 1 lii.l. II, I. n RON . I. UlNCl.l. ,S.. llaueiiologv ,e ol Alls aiMl SiieiKes. II. A Wesllield. Mass. Colleg.- ol I fl WOI I IS. |R M.Mliiis iKinei WOOD. I.ikdiii.i r.iik (..ll,g III I li;;iiuililig. h S.. eli. iiiK. 1, S. . NC (ARIIOS WOOD.M.I.. leaiuck V I (iillegc of Arts and .Stieiues. ».. .. l.nglisli. llli-l-; .Sailing C:liil); XihIhuh Hoard; Fiencli Chib. C;KC:ilJA MARII WOODS. Norfolk. Va. (oll.i;. ,.l iis and Sfieiues. I5.A.. Knglish. A II. Sec; Wlios Who; Trrraliui. ss,.. 1 cliioi Oi:;.iiii .iiioiis Iiliior; Cainpus Clicsl. C.lirm.; S.U:. Sec. ROltl-.R 1 i ls WOdlis Wi-liiii-ion. I). C:. College of l-.diicalion, U.S.. .Science. H ing ( Inii siNcliiii Kili inii- ( ouncil, ' ice I ' les.; ClirLslian Science Organi alion. H. RliAR W KK.II I H ihesda. College of Kdnc;ilioii. B.S.. Childhood l-.du talioii. JOIIN II s WRK.HI. Camliridge. College of Kducalioii, U.S. I ' ln.sital Siieiuc. ltd II; Dorm CoiMuil. I ' res.; Men ' s I.cagne: CaiUeilniiv Club; Arnold Air Socieu. IRWK I ' OWKLL WRIC.H ISON. Kaston. Col lege of Physical Educalion. II. A.. I ' lnsiial Kdncalion. Inlraniurai C:onniil Sec, Trcas.; Baseball. (;l ()R(.I W I . Norttalk. Conn. College of Kdnci lion. B.S.. Iiidustiial Ails, liliualloii Asso[i;ilion. Sgt. al Anns. I icis., i c I ' lis, ck. . |. College ol llii Viliiiiiiisii.iiioii. IVS.. hill iisinal Vdiniiiisiialion. i; -I- K. I ' res.; Aiill; ,ai. .111(1 kr : M.iii.iKniKiil 1 ul. IK Dl 1 ■O N(;. Delioil, Mich. C;olUn. nl Iloiiu- Id. nonius. US. 1 K K r. 1 reas., iie I ' les.: Diaimmilbnt h Old l.iiir: Class Dame C oiiiiii.; Ilonic.oniing Oiieens Comm.; Home l . nomifs Chib. DONM.D l.AWRI NCI. VOINC. Baltimore. College of Ails an.l Sciencc-s. B.S.. I ' s bolog . Ki); Rossboroiigli C-.lub. Bi: KRI A VOINfil-.R. (jiiiiibv. a. College ol Iitiuation. B.A.. .Secretarial K.diicatioii. l I ' ll W M II s {..iiliiid. . ). College ol Ails and Sciences. II . I ' m llisiniv ATA; limainiiials; Newman Club. JOIIN JOSKI ' H All U liinoir. ( (ill(i;f ol riiginceriiig. B.S.. Klecliical liigiiuei iiig. kl NNl III U)MI VRISWII . College I ' ark. Ciollege ol iis ami S, irmis. It li 1. A.M; ( lef and Ke . Nice I ' res.: 11; Diiednl Spiim; W rrk Inn. e ; iKsbinaii Orienlalion; Hillel; French Club. WIllIWI llARDWIll .KNV. Ihallsville. ( ollege of . ils and Sciences. US. Mallicniaiiis. •!• K •!•. il{()I M R|()R11 IIS, U.llllin.n, ( .ill.ijc- i ll .liul S.uiuiv. US, „,l " " i,r I ' Kv S C ; S(u, l.. ( liil.: 1 I. 11 1 li I | M 1 1 H I R., ( ,.ll -4c ol ll,.llir l.on.Hiius, lis. |,l,„,iM..n, llill.l; lld.iu- lines (lull, |() N II Rli, R A IMMI I . .i ' .lnni;l..ii, I). (.. Ci.llfl L- i l IK.lllnll, U, ,, ll I lIlH.llidll. . y :? i.J»-, ' -V 343 MISS l " ( )l I I ' .KOl ' .s I vl„, m11 i; Ki; AR r, k Uiiniir) „l GEORC.EXK 1)1 NX Ruiiucriij) p..., Varch 26, 1956 M133 Audrey N Terrapin 1956 University of College Park, Maryland Maryland Dear Ml s l. ' lcoloudls: After going a selected I.-133 the Centennlfl up we select 1 Dunn. 7X}:£ photographs wo have They are all I would aelec but being 83 I have select " r?; " s ' mentloLrabove. ' " ' " " " TcTell t you much for the honor of being chosen .C:vh C = XoLir years seemed like such a long time when we first gazed across the campus and wondered where our place would be. But suddenly they ' ve gone — those wondrous college days — never to return. And all that is left to us is their cherished memory and the ideals which time can never erase. One hundred years of Maryland ideal-building have gone by since her first students entered. The clarion call of Centennial has thrust open the doors of time. Exhibitions and entertainment have felt its influence, and this year we crowned a queen of queens to reign over this historic event. 345 3n illemoriam ALMA H. PREINKERT GLENN L. MARTIN T. -he bus - world ' s scnrs have deepened these tour Nears. (x)mmu- iiism .uid Democrac) ' still ie tor controh ' e ' e seen our brothers and our sweethearts lea e to strengthen " pohee action " on the othei ' side ot the i;lohe. Men ha e toui;ht and died detendint; tiny ishmds And precious principles. Some- where, discovery ot a Saik accine made polio curable, . m. spirited citizens sent aid to tlood ra ai;ed neii;hbors. On campus two new biuldini;s were humbly embellished with the names ot benetactors claimed b tleath. .S4r. l)rini inul lai iill fnx (Udilfiiiu hihiilr to Dr. Elkins al his iiiaiioinali x .he Presidential gavel changed hands three times since our arrival. A massive stadium arose to honor the man responsible for the rapid growth of the Maryland " plant " . A conscientious alum returned to bridge the gap between two terms. From Texas came a Phi Beta Kappa with big scholastic plans. 1)1. S i i,,iis. iiliDiniii ' . and Ihiiu -,iui llir srrotid i l llif tinrr prrsidruts I,, dn,;t Ihr fNi. ' .isily n Maiyhnid during our foin i-iir cnrrci . C.ovnuor MrKrldin hndors a , shiihr joiiiiiiii llir iidnuuistrnlions l-Ahnis. i,ii r„luhilnrx haud- „{ Dr. Ii rd 1111,1 1)1. n mmmamsm Oil rlnnsdax iniilih } III. I,,nl „l Ui , In. ' Culls, iiii, : ' h,,ii OkIii ' sIiii Cmucit scisiiii. (iiiiijjtiswulr iillciilioii inilniiDitioiiiy all- ilriii body uuis nUriidmid tii uidi iiiiisiiiil i iiiiisis (i titmn Touniiiiii. Miinldiid Day CDiivoration, VV . spotligUlfd Cciicral Carlos RdiiuiIo. a former prrsidful of llic I ' .X.. as our .■rry di.sliniiiiislird tiiir l. WMMT In ■Inlrrludc- s„uo „ud slal kukrd njl Ihr luitial l,y!n V, ' rk. l -Mo,inl to ,;,l,;l„ni ,iud irlax Ihr Roping sororily ojyls at llir Sojtlioiiiove C(n»i ' al was rlrvcr ' innovalioii l ihr , hivs ,,l h, ,, liiii si,l l n,l j, Ciinipiis Chrsl. v.. arying lights of activity appeared in the Maryland kaleidoscope. W e shared the tremulous ovation of Toscanini and picked up the beat of the Jazz Concert. Campus " wheels " strutted fashionably down runways. An annual moonlight cruise began, while sophomore carnivals gained in prominence. Stir- ring convocations alerted us to the world beyond our campus walls. Onr himdrrd xnns , l our Alinii Matrrs hi lnn- inilinis j,youdl al Ihr Crnlnniial hihilinii. in Picture Index Abdallo, Dcnn.s Ab.l, Phyl.i Abcll, Don.ul Abelmon, Adnenm Abboll, P Abbott. Woodrow Ablemon, Andrienn Abplonolp, Soroh Ackermon, A Ackermon, Nati Ackley, B. Adami! Carol Adami. Donald Adomi. Edwar Adomi, Ellen Adomt, Robert Adomi, Samuel 10 Adelberg. Jane 152, 242. 262 154, 172, 245 284. 312 Ailken. Sue 157, 272, 312 287 Albright, B Alderton. Gene 205. 204 170 Alexander, Bob Alk, Barbara 152, 178, 264 245 Allender, Joon Am.s, Chorle . Anotot, Dr. George 312 »on 271 301 276 , 169, 296 103. 105. 147, 312 ' 154. 172, 273, 312 Andrewv An 8. 194, 304 273,312 Appleby. I., Apple.te.n, Frank Apple.lein. Fred April. Morty 248 307 312 95, 299 308 277 Armoco.t, Jome. Armjworlhy. Beverl Arnold.° ' BaVbaro ' ' Arnold. Mr. Bernic. Arnold Diane ■ 165. 100, 312 175 122, 312 145 170, 312 154 Arnold. George 312 Arnold R 250 Arnott, Jack 306 Aril, AlcKet A.hl.y, Wesley 163 Athy, Ron 198, 206 Atwell. William ' !! ' !!! .312 Auld. Corl 312 Aultin. Nancy 312 Aujtenjon, Bruce 149. 294 Autiy lorry A«elrod, Joteph 307 B Bochmonn Shirley 123 312 Baden. Ed Bohmer°°Hrnry W Ba.le. Robert R Bailey. Bob Bailey, Frank Baine, Kolhy Ba.sley, Patricia 301 312 312 179 159, 259 297 106. 312 103 Baker. Barbara 113. 152. Baker. Carole Boker. Mary Baker. Nel.on C 194. 273. 312 243. 274 268 312 245. 312 Boll Baker. Richard F Baker. Thomos Baldwin. Janet Baldwin, Lucy A Baldwin, N. Baliff, Brabara Barodet, Richord 95. 304 Barker, Gordon 179.313 Barlew, D 243 242 Borlow. Chorlei 255, 296 Barnabei, Gloria 170. 267, 313 Barnel, George 152 247 Barnes. Weiley Boron. Stonley 284, 313 Barry. Kathy 158, 265 Bartell. Roncjid 300 Boumgorten, Paul G Bawbell, Roberto Boxly. Noncy Beotlie. Corolyn Beatty. John Beouchamp. Woltcr Bcouchomp. Roy Bechtoldt. Borbara Bechtoldt. Janet Beck. Chorle. F 158, Beck, George F Beemon, Del Beer! George Beiqhtol, Bob Eenfer, Jim 163, 296, 313 Bengel, Anne L 270, 313 Bennonior, Arthur 102, 255 Benner. Robert 106, 119. 148 Bennet. Jane 54, 243 Bennett, B 243, 267 Eennett, Stan 295 Benson. OonalO 125. 313 Benson. Joseph 160 Benson, Karl 159 Benson, Robert F 313 Eenton. Cho.les L 66 Bergc. Jock 163 Berger. Don 299 Berger. Molly 276 Berger. N 247 Bergstrom. Karen 171. 268 Beringer. Waller 179. 298 Berloge. Bruce 55, B2. Ill, 112. 313 Bob . Berry, Charley Berry. George W Berry. Kole 155 301 306 313 244 Berry. R 258 Best, Jomes I 148 Bells, Bernadinc- 103, 104 Bet.. Ernie 294 289 Bionchi, John 306, 308. 313 82. 120, 264, 313 Bienick, Andy 149 177 Bmdok, Don Biichoff, Roberl Biiicll, ' Jane B.tlner, Dick Bloochord, Morion Blond, Maureen Blank. Elaine K. Blonton, Belty M Blandton, Jomej E Bodie, Charles Bohlen. lorry Bohlomn, Roy Boone. Moi Boone, Sue Booth, Carol Boolh. H Borders. Eugene 269 3i:i 71 313 192 80, 85 167. 313 59, 274 245. 264 234. 304 151, 291 , iorbora 272 115 314 Frederick ioi. Robert llv 152, 314 287 296 271 258 Worren 114, 314 125, 314 118, 268, 314 248 271 Bon Boroff, Burton Bolls Patricia 125, 155.314 272 Bounds Boyd 149. 296 Bourne Eugene 289 Bourne. Mory lou Bourne Richard 248 284 Bowden Jock 174 258 Bowen. Belly 243. 255. 258. 242 Bowler Bowlin Bowmr . Charles 115. 124, 9. Gilbert in, Mary louis. jn, Sidney Betty " ' " ' Evelyn Auci e " , 222. 223, ' 141, 243. 298 294 314 Bowrni Boyd. Boyd. Boyd 114 273 314 270 Boye. ' Boyer. Boyer, Boyer, Boyer. Boykin 242, 314 314 125 Worren , Allison 158. 272, 247 154 314 Boyle. Boylin, Boynto Brocke Pot in, c7,o ' les It, Worren E 198, 304 307 121 150 Brodle 314 ., George 174 Brondau H 259 Brondc Brondc n. Cor, me )n. G.lbe-I 144 173 Brant. mon ' e Broun. Brouni Cecil nq. David Alfredo . 8 p 297 158 Bravo. Brown 115 257 247 Browe i;ry. r. Robert Derwood Jean pn, Borboro . John J ner. Gordon e. Janice r D 114, 164, 307 314 243 Brehm 113 , 314 314 142 Brewei 243 Brice. Brice, Sricke. Eriden Bridge Brigeri 298 . John , Robert 245 303 rs, Furmon ey. Ronold man. S 254 41 298 , 259 104, 177, 247, 245 Brooks, Robert BroosI, Pauletle Brough, Bruce Brown. Borboro Brown. Bergen Brown, Belty Brown, Bun Brown, Corolyn Brown, Chuck Brown, Dennis Brown, Eileen Brown, Eliiobetl Brown, Herbert Brown, Jomes Brown! Jeon Brown, Joe Brown, John Brown, I Brown, Morlene Brown, Richard Brown, Roberl Brown. Romoine Brown. Russell Brown. Sophia J Brown. Stonley Brown. Wondo Browning. Borbc Browning, Denni Brubake SO. Robert Cohen, Eleonor . Cohen, Frederick Cohen, Hillord Cohen, Rita Cohen, Shonedel Cohen, ' Wollv 163, 242, 273, 317 too, 118, 274, 315 Bumgordner, R ihorles Bunker, =rank Bunso, Burchelt Burchuk David Burden, Burdelt, Harold Cartmell, W Carollo, F Cale,°WiMi, Cashmon. A Coskey, Na Cassidy, Ch Collins loh 104 Collins Joel 173, 250 Collins Stn 242 Collon Pair Colledqe, Charles 316 Colimitro, Andrew 156, 296 Collier, Dennis 177 Collier, Morlha 265 Collins, Charlotte 272 Collins, John 125, 245, 288 288, 316 170, 245 179, 243 80, 120, 125, 304, 315 13, 125, 315 Burgee, Dick 198 Burgiy, Bill 198 Burgtorf, Nina 166, 242 Burke, Edmond 67 Burke, James 315 153, 255, 258, 272 Cho, M. H Chadsey, Jill Chadsey, Lynn Choimson, Carol, Conrods, Conway, Conway, Cook, All 152. 171, 175, 176, 265 52, 272 Cusimanc 70, 316 Cottermo 255 Cwiek, W 180 Ciechow Burns, Maureen Burns, R 163 259 170 273 154, 245, 160 106 Chorchalis, Tores 1 Chorp, C, 116 256 Cook, Mary Eleanor 154, 175 148. 316 122,316 198 247 191. 238 106. 180 299 264 159 180. 316 170. 317 263, 317 298 254 317 272. 317 296 60. 105 317 317 153 115. 302 157, 247 159 264 166 106 287 Doily, Tom Dole. Richord Dole, Robert Dallam, Frederick Dollom, Solly Dallstreom, Bill Dolzell, Robert Domesyn, Hubert Donegger, Alfred D An elo, ' Ma?ylu Daniel, Dolores Drobish, Dolores Dopp, Annette Darby, Charles Dare, Howie Darhouse, Saloh Darling, Lou Ann Doskolokis, Michoel 116. Date, Donald Douenhouer, Erv.n Dougherty, Charles Dauroy. Paul Dove. Doris Davidson, Arlene Davidson, Janet Dovies, Cornelius Dovis, Donald 123. 306 155 300 90,92 100, 296 177 115. 172 306 125 299. 309 317 247 121. 175 255 198. 204. 209 160 267, 317 117. 148. 317 174. 317 319 294 308, 318 Boms, Theodore A Burnsides, Cecil Burr, Marilyn Burrler, Fred Chosen, Anita Chaturos, Choros Cheek, Emmett Cherrix, John 111. 116 Cherry, Johonno Chiorultni, Carmen Chidakel, Adele Childs, Isobello Childs, Isabella Childs. M 151 250 117, 148 245 316 148 198 316 299 316 316 157 120 316 316 245 Cook, Thomas Cooke. Ed Cools. C Coonrod, Roger Cooper. Betty Cooper. David Cooper ' , El?;abeth Lee Cooper, Elmer 161. Cooper, Henry Cooper, Joonne Cooper! L° " " ' Cooper, Robert Coover. Elome Coppel. ' Harvey Coppel, Jules Corbetl, Stanley Corbin, George Corder, Charles Corkran, Shirley Corl, Lewis Cornblau, Carol Cornelius, Mary Lou Cornell, Owen 165 172 163 113 152 Burroughs, Julio Burrows, Thomas 177, 243 286 Burlner, Leroy 106 Buschman, Bud 180 Bush, David Bush S Bushman, John 116 257 298 172 Bushony, Stewart Chios, George Choote. Harold Christensen. Gmny Christiansen, Joan Churchvllle, Dick C, alone, Robert Cerler, Millie, B 56 159 180 245 316 301 300 264 255 116 242 121 286 254 Bussanq, R Byers, Dorothy Bussord, Shirley Butler, Dole , Butwell, Mrs. Ruth Buzby, Carole Byrne, Joseph 255, 258 156, 161 269 303 61.68 104 125 179,315 271 315 267, 315 103, 118 273 234, 301 250, 298 179 315 156, 174. 266 237 287 c Cadmus Martin C Cloncy, A Clophom, Flossy Clork, Donold Clork, E 318 272, 318 256 170. 289. 318 Clark, Jean Clarke, John Clark, Lee Clark, Morgie 106. Clork, Patrick Clark! Walter J Clork, William Clarke, Ginny Clarke. Pot Clowson, C Clowson, C, Claxton. Georgia Clendenin, Gary Clendenin. George Cleveland, Bill Cleveland, Leonord CIcvelond, James Clifford, Jack Clike, S Cline. Shannon Clo ssTn. j " " " " 242 9 180. 242 250 161 168 214 267 298 . 94 270 298 266 316 298 262 243 258 255 269 165 106 106 302 239 243 121 272 250 151, 181 308. 317 301 100 259. 305 269, 317 171. 259 106 275 Cahill, Nancy Cahoon, Lynda Cahoon, Tom Corrigan, Richard 148, 226. 228 Corron, Jack Cortmell, Mason Cosgrove. Bill Cosgrove. Joy 1 18. Costonte Joseph 229 175 Davis, Edgar Dovis, Gerald Davis Jock 175,318 166. 318 198 294 Cairnes, Conni Colder, Phil Davis ' Nick 170 214 217 Caldwell, John Calhoun, Cathy Calhoun, Catherine Callahan, Pot Dovis, Priscilla 104 Coulte " Dottie Davis, Robert Davis, Russell 106, 116. Davis, R. f 292 56, 76, 85, Callahan, Bob Courtney, Bill A Couse, Robert Covohey, Ed Cover. Roger Covey, Donna Foe Covington, G Cowdrey, Miles 113 117, 300 77. 294 198. 291 159. 245 256 102 119, 148. 152 158 Collowo;, Us Collis D Dovis, Shelby 266 243 266 163 301. 315 305 113. 315 123. 272 315 157. 276. 315 106 Compbell, Barboro Compbell, Laurence Dowson, T, L Doy, Gall Day, Heleno Deon, Borboro A Dean, Barboro J Dean, Charles Deon, Evelyn 168 243, 271 Campbell, Willy Canning, Jerry Cannon, Anne Cannon, Doris Canter, Foye 118, Cowherd, Yelverton Cox, Borboro Cox, Lyndon Cox, Phyllis Cox. Tom 317 243. 275 .153 180, 275 301 110. 118. 318 318 294 275 273 Coole, Charles 157 Croig. Coon, Roderick Crone, 298 259 Cross, 59. 259 Cootney. Cathy 270. 316 Crowfo 61 Cobb, J, 245 Crowfo 224 Cobey, Bill 192 Creage 315 Cobey. Mary Pot 165. 268 Creego Cogor, Bucky Cohen, Bcryle Cohen, Cloro .. Cristoldo, Crofoot, J Croft. Anr DeCicco, N Decker, A, Decker. An Decker. CIc Decker! Kel DeCoster, J DeFore. C. DeFore, S. Delon Dorothy. ,56, 110, 265, 318 Deloney, Thomoi DeMello, B©llv • Deming, Dorothy Deming, Marie .. Deming, Ofville., DePierro, Dolores DePiro, Jim DePiro, Robert OoShozef, Lorry 113, 180. OeThomot, Anthony Dettmering. Dick 170, 25A Dunn, 106, 301 Durllnq, W.lliom Durgin, Ntol 300 Durline, William Duvol, Chloe 179 Duvall, Pot 175, 247 Ouyoil, J. 179. 258, 318, Dove 307 Dyoj, Edwofd 71 Dysen, Borboro 303, 308, 318 DeTu Eodt, Jocquclii Fairall, Judy foick, Eorle Foller, Rodney Follln, Ed ' gor H Follon, Polrlcio Fonoroff, Arnold Fofbmon, Soymou Few, Geor Fow, Wyli Feldmonn, Gfftet Feldmon, Mirion ' Feldmon, Shielo Feldslein, Howot Fellows, Dov.d en 179. 243, 270 Froehlich, W Frost, Robert fry. Ton, Fuller, Clayton M 150. 159. ; Fund Borbaro Funk, Corol 113.: 106, 153, 154, 267 Dickson, Som 25V, 306, 318 Dodd, Barbara 112, 11 Donnelly, Richo Donahue, Jame Donovan, Dorol Doolcy, Bill Dopkin, Sandro Dorman, Ben Dorn, William Downall, P Downey, Robert 106, 319 Downs, Joseph Draim, C 243 Droke, Joan Proper, Bill Dr.chsler, Robert 106, 119, 319 Dreessen, Fronk Dressir, P Duball, Jock Dubinsky, Lynn Duckelt, Kotherii Ducote, John DuRe ' y, Russel Duke, Ginny Duloy, Vol DuMars, Jacquel DuMors, Judy Dumond. Jon Duncan, Bruce Edel! Kim ,, Edmonds, Roger Edwards, John Edwords, Koy Edwards, Moy Edwords, Mouree Edwords, Pat Edwords, Shirley Eflhymioy, Consic Eggleston, Bob EhJers, Herbert Ehlich, Glorio Ehudin, Morton Eichelborger, Kre 12, 176, 181,239, 319 319 118, 169, 277, 319 154,247 221,255 103, 179, 298, 319 Elbl, Aleno 262,318 Ellinger, Cha 180,298 300 121 Ellis, Ronald 116, 180 318 EIrick, F, 284 Embree, Fror 115 Espey, Willion Estrin! Sherwi, Esworthy, Joh Evons, Norma Evans, Rolph Evens, Potricia Everett, Robert Everline, Chorl Every, Dole Ewalt, Wolly line 154, 297 Fialkowski, Frank , FigleJ, Homer 305 159 F.nch, Thomas 155 Finci, Mike 220, 304 Finley, B.ll Fmn, Charles 152 Fiock, Barbara lee 84, 110, 113, 118, 156,272,320 320 Fisher, Poul 115 320 Fisle, Rhonda 106 Fiti, Jomes C 320 228 FoOore, Corinn, 243, 319 296 Foley, John P , 153 Folkes, Jack 319 Force, Noncy C 274 69 Ford, Mel 170, 319 Ford, Robert Forester, C 250 Forsht, Somuel, 179, 181 Forword, David 247 Foster, Georqie Foster, William 181, 319 Fouchs, Robert .153. 319 Fouike, James 302,319 Founloin, Jome 157, 320 Founloine, Ron, 115, 320 Fowler, Robert Froley, Beck Ronold 117, 148 159 102, 247 264 299 lO 245 168 266 jel S 321 163. 258 word 300 321 Goboldon, Pelayo . Goddy, Joon Gallowoy, Ronold Gollowoy, Stanley Gollowoy, Williom 13, 170, 180, 267, 321 85, 105, 125, 302, 308, 321 Gordner Corl 295 294 Gordner. Ethel 152, 270 Gorgan, Mike 305 Garner, Andrew Garner, B. 250 258 309, 320 Garrett. M 266 320 306. Gorver. Robert Gostrock. Borry A 159 Gates. Dottie Gotes. John 175 Gotes, Marq,e Gotewood, Lou I6B, Gough, Virginio Gough, William J 320 Gow ' Jh p, E, 172 27 320 Geer, Chormion P Geiqer. Robert Geisbert. Hood 80 2V0 320 Geltmon. R 301 Gem.ny. Carole 163 164 . 320 Gentry, John 301 Georg, John A Gerber. Mory 294 243 Gerstel, Morsholl 121 . 320 Gesben. Sherman ,t; " 157, 269 osson 247 151, 321 ord O 301 273, 321 60, 120, 158 120 181 G.ldeo, Bill Gill, Gordon Dunlap, Don Dunlcp, Edward Dunn, Braxton Dunn, Charles Dunn. Georgene F foos, lorry 237 Fober, Jack 193, 228 Fad«l«y, Walt 121, 166, 320 Fad.r, Howord 173, 254, 307 f ' tolUr, Bu. Frosier, lyman Frederick, Dick Frederick, John Frederick, Richard Freedman, Bevaric Glozer, Audrey Glazer. Da«e Gleason, Philip Glebas, Charles Click Alan 276 299 159, 243 116 124 Crund, Ed. Crude, Debora Cude, Elaine Guho. Alok Gollace, Salvo Click, Grelchen Click, Iris 122 264 Cunning, Robe Gunther, Rober Glolfelty, Mary Clover, Ja y , Ben Goetz, Mo ilyn Goetie, Ed Coelze, R Coffney. C eorge Gol.lich, t Cohr, Cor Coing, Su Goloto, Re ffaele Goldberg, Normo Gold, Pea 1 Borry Goldberg, Dick Goldberg. Goldberg, Goldman, Gary Goldstein A. E. Goldstein, Goldstein, Joseph Goldstein, Goldston, Gonzalez, Richard Good, Ben Goodman Michae Goodman Sara Goodyear Cordon, . udy Gordon, h Carman, Edword Goudy, H. 172, 255, 258, 289 305 Haber, Robe Habich, Judi Hobich, Kare 276 liB Hadaw ' oy M Hager, None 104, 181, 243 63, 273, 322 169, 277 Hampton, Bill 150 Handman, Ric 180, 242 170, 276 Hanko, Robert 172, 178 Hanley, Denni 308 Hanley, Kevin 03, 152, 275 Hanlon, Tom 287, 322 Hannon, Jame Hartgroves, Pot Hartley, Clifforr Hortsing, Tyler Hawkins, Rolph Hall Morjorie 323 Heagy, A Hall, Paul 255, 258 115, 296, 323 Hall, William 170 2V1 Halliday, David 80, 84, 180 80 Holloway, V. 78, 299 Heller, 51,296 243 303 255 Hende Green, Stanley 152 Hanulak, Chet 233 Hetherington, Rober 118. 322 Harbold, C .245 264 118 Heyboer, Gerald Creenberq ' , Morton 284 Hardesty, C. 245 Heymon, Edward Greenberg, Rabbi 178 214, 218 Heyman, Lawrence Greenberg, Rheda 112 Hordiman, J 250 Greenberg, Rita 110. 1 ' 9. 274. 322 Harding, Emily 266, 323 Greenberg, Ruth 114 Harding, Kay 158, 272 Hickman, Howard 157.322 Hardy, Eleanor 152, 1 3. 166. 267 322 247 Higgins, Will, am Greenwood, Woodrow 148. 322 Harmon, Edgar 158 Gregg, Bonnie 243. 255 104 Hlleman, Jane Hodqins, Lowrt Hoehn, Albert Hoff, Stonford HofT, Stonley Hoffberger, Su Hoffman, Carl Hoffman, L. Hoffn Revo on, Rii Hoffman, Thomos Hoffmeyer, Will.c Hofrichter, Rhoda Hogan, George 15, 256, 324 Holcn Carolyn Holland, Bill 120 Holland, Raymond 116, 150 Holland, Robert 287 Holliday, Terrell 123, 152. Hollowoy. Paulo 268 120, 324 Holm. V,c 120 Holmes, Beth Holmes, Richard 111, 298 Holpern, Alan 307 Holt, London Holt, Mary lue Hood, Rita 167 Hood, Suzanne 102. 269 Hood, William 102. 106 Hook, William 158 Hoolcomb, J. 194 267. 325 161 at 164. 181. 242 old 296 er 153. 285 324 Horowitz. Stanley 307 78. 274. 324 237 Horsey, Evelyn 56, 118. 242 Horsley, Richard 325 324 Horsmon, Charlotte 268. 324 Hostettler, Inez 243, 275 180. 255 Hottel, Susan 325 106 Houck, James 162. 172.325 Hough, Richard 159 173 180 Hough! Wayne 159 324 Hougson, R. 54. 308. 309 House, Tom 106. 259 180. 262 151. 325 162. 325 106 Howard. Shirley 276 Howell. Mary Le 259 284 21. 148 324 Hower, Paul 276 304 262 Hoy, Corol 243 Hubbard, F 242 268 Hubbel, Joon 324 Hubbert, C 198 324 Hubbert, Brooks Hudak, John 125 Hudes, Mary Le 307 Hughes, Borbor 106 Huff, Dave 324 Huffman, Roy 258 Huges, B 324 Hughes, Borbor 178, 243, 106, 153, Griffith, Dick Grimshow, Su Thomas 247. 299 Hines, Alan 172. 285 Hinson, Thom 323 323 Hoohman, Rul 169. 296 Hobbs, Donolc 153 Hobernick, Je Hochman, Rul 296 Hochman, Son 117.323 Hochreich, He 259 Hockersmith, 220 Hodges, Davi . 56. 181 Hodges, Geor Hodges, Jim . .324 Hunt Hur, Bob : Hurlburg, ' Elbridge ... ' . 116, ' Hurley, Brian ' Hurley, Jerry 125, ! Hyalt, Stan Humon, Marvin S Hyson, Vernon C. niley. Prcito relon, Roborl Itherwood, Willicini 102 lihiyomo, Horuko 118, 179, 325 l»ro«l, Ronald 299 Ivorton, Corolyn 271 l»e., Belly 121, 179, 247 Jack, Borbora . Jackson, Betty Jackson, Jack . Jackson, Motiha A Jackson, Pam Jacobs, Madelyn E .171, 172, 275 143, 266, 325 295, 298 300, 325 118. 270. 325 243, 275 306 284 Jocobson, Carolyn Jocobson, Eleonor Jocobson, Shirley . Jocquelte, Anna Jakubick, Frank James, Richard James, Mr. Robert E?e°an;, Janney, John R Janofsky, Stonlcy ricio 163,326 n 60. 180. 308 in 115, 167, 326 °55, 57, 61, 112,301,326 Jostremski, J Jenkins, Woodfow Jent, Martha Johnson, Koy Johnson, Lewis Johnson, Morgort Johnson, Morion Johnson, Wendell Johnston, R. chord Johnstone, Betsy Johnstone, Willio-r Jolles, Gabriel Jolles, Samuel Jones, Borbora A. Jones, Dorothy 157, 163, 265 157, 263 103, 104, 262 294. 326 326 Kirstein, lowre 250, 259 K.te, Carroll 294 Klok, Sibyl 115, 326 KlotI, Robert J Klein, Eileen Klein, John Kley. Georqe E 166 Kline, George Kowolec, Rene 160 Koyhoe, Mortha E 326 Keady, George 106 Keorney, Rito R 326 Keorns, Jane 171.272 29, 228. 232, 255, 258 Keefer, Douglas 114, 306 Keefer, Robert W 326 Keegon, John . 173 Keene, Robert 163 Keffolo, Peter G 326 Kehoe, Jim 193, 224. 237 Keim, Mary 266 Keistor, F 258 Keith, Roger 78. 1 1 1 Kelly, Syl, Kelly, T Kempers, Mary Ell Kempfer, Deone Kennedy, Buford 56, 106, 110. 327 Klix, ' Richar Kloise, B. Knoggs, Vir Knight. Cho Knight, E. Knight H K 106. 169, 255, 296 (iloh dilh 179 247 ordC 327 298 ne E 327 304, 308 299 F, 151 181 245 Kopet, Ben Kordes, Dolly 245, 264 292, 308 191, 220 Krickler, Dove Kreiger Krisoff, 152, 163, 175, 273, 327 154, 157. 163, 245. 273 lis. 153,264 198,214,228,243 262 220, 265 162, 266 285, 308 326 K!n ' erTdn " rt 327 156. 268 158 154, 180 309 lodd, Nancy 153 Kinsey, Walter Kirby, Ellen Kirchhonsen. Mart. Kirchmon, Vickie . Kirk Charles lodd. Solly Lodrido, John Logno, Fronk 1? . .165. 180 114 Kirk. Woll.r W 148 258, 327 lohr, Edworc omborn, I, , iion Chofl omb, Charlene amber!, Rulh arson, Delores 163 oskey, John 289 alhom, James 165 328 275, 328 oughery. Bob 198 outh, Harold 125 198 a Voie, Eorl J 295. 328 owler, Ben 306 owler, Kathy 275 owrence, Herb -.i 328 328 owson, Wilmer 328 owrie, Richard 152 291 eos. Dove eother, J, 237 257 e B eoo, J o an 152, 163 328 179 328 ee, J 255 268 71 hmon, G.nny 277 imon, Patricia -.mono, Joonno 328 198 ibowiti, Bornetl 328 ibowiti, Ir.s 103, 157 igh, Janet ightheiser. Bud 239 305 iins, Peter 170 lesco leet, Tom 264 50, 55, 74, 1 1 , 112,296 328 ethb etter 272 256 ert. Robert 289 even sle.n. Herb 106 71 Judy 264 292 R 245 evin , Mark , Marvin 304 304 evllo 276 Judy 106 lewis 247 ew.s Bert 290 Cho.lrs 328 D Helen 268 259 328 ewis Lloyd 306 243 328 151 l.oko , Gus 11 , 166, 255 258 ediich, Poul •dike, Alfred ghl, K«ilh 354 Ily, Austin ndgren, Lois ndsay, Bob 13. 120. 172, 328 jng, Russ jngest, Chorles 159 305 228, 328 269 5rd, Robert rd. Wall, re, Borboro 328 179, 298 262 99, 243, 308 undberg, Cr, ure, B vdon Anne 155 ynch, Ed : vnch, Joon 329 ynch, John R. . 329 Lynskey, James 295. 329 Mallonee, Robert E Molloy, Conrad Molman, Esia Mamgam, B d, Edmund 237, 298 Morioni, T 243 Marks, Stan ner, Eliiobeth Marlowe, Rober te, Albert 165 Morr, Joan E (in. Ceroid Masket, Eddie Motlhews, Grelch. Matthews, Herber Matthews, Shirley 55, Matthews, Thomo: Mattingly, Don E " ' McCauley, Roy MocDonald, Bill 79 McCaw, Bob MocDonold, Jr , Dona H H 329 McCow, Bonni Moce, Jean . 273 McClung, Bob Mockert, Charles 290 McConnel, Dov Mockey, Bernie 161,295 McConnel, Wil Modory, Boyd McConnell, An 74, 115. 294, 329 McCordick, Mi Modory, Read 294, 308 McCormock A Madden, Joey McCormick, Ch Moddox, Peggy lee 247, 273 McCormick, J McForland. Jim IBO 2.W Mindcl, Joyce 181 259 Minken, Stan McGeody, G, Minor, Robert McGeody, Joseph K Minton, Gayle McGee, Charles 159 Mint!. Theodo McGee. Gerry 224 237 Mitchell. B. 152 301 McGlnnis. Alice 172 M.Ichell. Flore McGinn, s. Laura 172 Mitchell, Fred McGinnls, Wayne 214 159 McGirr, John Mitchell Rob McGroth. Pot Mobley M McGreevey. Roymond 172 289 Mock, Dwight 267 McHugh, John 222 Moehle, F, L 150 259 Moeller, Morg 330 245 Mohn. Bruce Mcintosh. Joseph Mondell. J. McKechnle. John 300 291 Mondon, Pot 120, 302. 308, 330 McLoughlin. Andi Mclean, Pete Mclendon, John McPhee. G. McSpodden Melche Mellits, Harold an. Buz; on, Harry 294 285 106 , Jim 301 °Ted 85, 17, 150, 106. 270 177.330 Allen 296 258 59 169 263 75 274 330 292 287 1,50 250 269 Miller, Eddis Istead, Wayne .. ndel, Eugene D. 13, 152, 167, 331 ooneyhom, Everet 116 Moore, Betty 153 Moore, Donald Moore, John 162,289 160 153, 248 Moore, Non 267, 330 Moore, Ralp 255 Moore, Thon 291 Moron, Robe 284, 308 Moron, Tom 296 Morondo, M 330 152, 330 Moreland, P 275, 330 Moreland, P s J 245 9A7 s, Loll.e 267 s, Thomas 291 153 243, 266 171,293 mer, Ronald E 331 on, Marilyn 181. 243 305 Mueller, Oscar 289, 308 Mueller, Werner N 172 255, 258 100 284, 307 Muguevio, Glor.o 56, 164 Mumford, Elaine I 331 Mumford, Genevieve 56 247 262 331 Munsey. E 247 262 Munsie. Ronald W 331 Munyon, Betty 104 Murehoke, E 245 Murphy, James 106 287 Murphy, John 290 Murphy, Nan 180 Myers, B. Myofl. Cor Myeri. Pol Myers, Ton 13, 125, 132,331 217, 218 242, 274 260, 331 irk. Ceroid R. ri ' eiser " Carole Nichols, Jomcs Nichols, Koye Nichols, Mary Borbaro Nichols, Noncy Nichols, Thomos 74, Nicolro, Andy Niedermair, John C , Nielson, Nancy Nielander, Silui Nieminen, Major Nilang, S Nilles, Pcler Ni Ter, Edword Ningard, Barbara Nisonger. Rosemary 12, 120, 194, 266, 331 123, 272 300, 332 179,242 Nowock, Lorry Noyes, H M Nuesse, Sue Nygren, Leonard J Nyhan, George . Nystrom, Nancy .. 214, 215. 217, 218. 300. 332 OBir O ' Connell, Mary . O ' Connor, Sue Odgers, William Oeslerle. C Oaurkis, Jerry O Mora, B O ' Haro, Robert D O ' Haro, Terry OliH, Carroll Oshrine. Mars Osluy, S Ooslerling. Ell Orndorf?, Jon O ' Toole, Edw( Owings, Rosse Oxiey, Janice Oydno, Tunne Paddock. Ellen Paddock. Norma Poge, B Page, Mary I Palhine, H Pollistcr, Point. a Polmer! D Polms, f rancis Palter, Robert Polumbo, Vince Poncoff, Charles Poppas, Nicholo 163, 179, 332 102, 106, 332 15-1. 160, 16J. 273 Robert ' ••s p°;; Parker, Robert Porks, Bill Porks, Dougia Porks! Morty Porro, Enrique. Porrish, Bob Pasquolino, Philip ( Potchon, Michael Patrick, John B Pollen, John Potterson Bill Potion. Dick Potton, Bob Pool! Kenneth Poolus Joseph S Poulos Stonley Poyler, Poyne, Robert L Payne, W Peorce George B Pearson L Pearson Robert Pearson Word PecHler Jock Peckhom N Peed, B 75, 163, 271 262, 332 149, 160, 286 Robe 198 200 206 198 205 207 250 294 332 Perlonoy, Allen Peters, August Peters, George Peters, James Peterson, Chorles Peterson, Floyd I Petrello, Fred Petrir o, Gilber 15, 124, 306, 333 Petiold, Richord G 116, 117, 333 Peliold, Walter 152 Peverley, Sydney 172, 290 Pfefferkorn, Peggy 157 Pfeifler, J 258 Pf.steter, Mario 102 Pf.sterer, Vincent 102 Philips, Bob 162 Phillips, Allen 287 Phillips, Corthon P 333 Phillips, Charles 106 Phillips, Duone 106, 270 Phillips, Edward ZOO Phillips, Gobriel 112 Ph.llips, Jomes 290 Phillips, Wilbur M 333 Physioc, Willis 102 Piccioiti, L 250 Picho, Frank 153, 296 Pickett, B 2S0 Pickett, Jomes, W, 113, 116, 117, 333 Pi.rie, R 2« Pike, Bobs 152, 269 Pilgrim, Priscillo 50, 113, 273. 333 Pincus, Arnold H 148, 333 Pinholster, Jim 296 Piper, Cynlhio 1 14. 1 16. 273 Piszkin, Stonley ' 64, 333 Plackett, Bob 306 Plockett, Morioric 269 Plonte, Bob 295 Plosse, Maurice 160 Plaster, Vicki 103 Plilt, Jomes 116,124.258 Plotkin. Allen 307 Plumhoff, Carol 266 Plybon, Fred 176, 180 Pocolko. Sue 170,333 Poeliman, Bob 2 37 Poffenberger, Pou Pollack, Rocquel Pollen, Harold Polyanski, Stonley Poppleton, L Porter! Dick Porter, Q Porterf.eld, Almo Postman, Bryan T Potter, Donald Potl..-r ' , R Powel, Bill Powell, Borbora Powell, Borwell Powell, Dick Powell, John Powell, Joseph Dc Powell, Margaret Powell, Peggy Powers, Gordon Powers, L Pownell, Potricio Pownall, Phyllis Pratt. Douqios 162. 307. 333 Pritehord, Bill Prouttilo, A. Peopf, Lynn Propf, Marilyn An Pugh, Richord Pullcn, Lowrence Pumpion, Marion Pumpion, Micki ..,. Purnell, Roland -. . Roboy, Bert Rochino, Hershel Rocusin, Sonio Rodcliffe, B Rodclifle, Willion Rodlinki, J Rodiykewyci, Gi Roffel, Erwin RoHel, Jerry Raichlen, Samuel Roilo, Amelio E Roilo, Millie Rokow, Clarence Rompello, Jome Rams, Dove Rondoll, B Randall, Nancy Randolph, Benjoi Rank, George Rankin, David Ronkin, Sylvon Rossin, leah M. Rotclifle. Eliiobeth Ratcliffe, Isobelle R Rotko, Fronk Rotliff, Bob Rouch. E Rou. Cl.Jlon A Rou. D l-il 747 719 300 1S4 106 266 Fohy Roynoi Read, Reamer, Robert Reoves, Sharon Reboch, Howard Reber, Carl Reed. Anne Reed, Jerome A Reed, Joon Reed. Lloyd A Reed. Norma Reeder, Cloren. Reedy, Robert Rehme, John 228, ; Reiber, Beverly 156, 170, 176, Reiblick, Kenneth Reid, Esther Reid, Jomes H 61, Reilly, Edwo 116, 150, 168 247. 262 234. 291 Reimherr. Otto Reimer. G. 1 Reinhard, John C Remington, Elizr Remsberg, Adri. Remsberg, Rernsbera Moc 149 191 161 Reppert, Noncy Resto. Rodney 152 VHV Reslivo, Jude P 334 Renew, Doris 30U 255 Reynolds, B 242 Reynolds, Chuck 191 Reynolds, Clarence W 153 334 Reynolds, Cloylon 2 5 Reynolds, John Reynolds, Sondy Rhoods, Aoslim Rhoods, Judie 106 Rhoderick. B. 157 334 Rice, Holt 294 Rice. Jim 220 Richardson, Andr Richardson, Carol 70, 172, 273, 334 103, 157, 255, 334 Ethel 157,334 Ricks, Jay T.S 290, 334 Riddle. June 153 161 163 181, 243 Riddleborger, Sa SO IIS 125, 334 Ridgewoy, Palric 263, 334 Riedesel, Stephe. 177, 250 Riegel, Rober. 289, 335 RIetz, Karen 152, 179 Riggs, Joyce I 335 R.ggs, S, 242 Robisan, Bruce M 152, 335 Roche, Dorothy 154 Roche, George 106 154, 157 286 Rockwell, Dick 180, 258 Rodner, Bo 299 Roehrle, Jeon 157 269, 335 Roeike, E. 242, 335 Roff, D. 259 160 Rogers, Frederick 152, 285 Rogers! R. 254 Roggli, Jon W 335 Roop, Cloyton Roper, Lee H 150. 179 Rosky, Madge . Rosnow, Ralph 120, 163, 335 56, 243, 276 166, 243, 274 69. 193. 220. 239 Rudner. E Rudolph, Rudow, Ruehler. Ruff, Art Ruffley, Con Rulemox, Runkles, , B 247 ove 55. 12, 304, 335 «arcia 152 ,305 Schwa 154, 267 Schwa 114 Schwo 298 Schwo 243, 335 172, 265 Schwo 179 Schwo 291 Schwe, Sahm, Irmo Sokin, Steven Saks, Somuel Saks, Steven Sale, Lyman, Jr Soles, Robert L Solter, irmo Salter, I Sanro, Carole Sonto, Carole Sopperste ' n! Edward . Sappington, Gene Salish, Manaktolo 100, 274 307. 336 178, 276 Scott, Joan 175 Scott, Richard Scott, Robert bcroggin, Kay 180, 262 IfT Seolton. Marcio 29A am 2V6, 336 rwin M 155, 158 , 155 ou, Morchal 307 Loren 306 Sereboff, Joel Severson, B Seward, ' Micky Shade, Phillip [ Shofer, Fred Shaffer, Bruce Shaffer, Edith Shaffer, Kay Shannon, Jean Shapiro, C, Shapiro, Edward Shapiro, Iro 273 243 307 304 Sharp, John Sharp, Robert Sharpe, D 296 255 Shartsis, Jock Shotlford, M. Shaw, Bill Show, James Show, Sandra 247 295 286 272 Scheckells, Cinnie 242 Shenefelt, Arlyn Shepherd, Bob 257, 259, 286 Sheppord, F, 162, 172 Sherling, Andrew M 170. 336 Sherman, Ruth 226 157, 275, 336 Shields, Stopler Shinholser, John Shinn, Ralph 289. 308 304 Shipley, Burton Shipley, Janet 172 Shipley, John Shipley, Tom 72. 336 Simi, Robert 152,337 Simmons, John Simmons, Koy 228, 232, 337 114, 154,266 Simmons, Ston ,152 113, 220, 337 Simms, Mick Simms, Shirley Simons. Bob 305 114, 154, 166 Simons, Lucille . . Simpson, Alfred , Simpson, Harold 277 152 106 Sine, J. Milton 107 Single, Richard TIa Singleton, Dov.d 100. 11 Sisson, John W , Jr Sitick, Robert Skaggs, Glenn A 94. 97, 98, . 112. 119. 337 337 292 151 Skelly, G, Skinner, Leroy Skrabek, Emanuel A Slon, Mel Slick, Jock W -if Sline, M, Slifker, Richard 70 Sloan, Willis 29E Bill Burtis D 191,234 Dove 234 Dede Dietrich Dixie Lee 125 268 291, 337 180 270 Eleanor 157. 159 E. , 2S7 Gail James 79 James C Joon 125 154. 272 161, 296 275 161, 168 Linda 267 304 243 MaTJ Pal " 157 151 153, 159, 166. 267 228. 231. 232 Shir, L. , Smith, Rober Schlimme. D 250 Shirley, Gerold R 167 Schlosser. Morv.n 299 Shirley, Janice 167 Shirley, Jeryl L Smith, Worr Schlutter. V, 243 Shock. Ronnie 191. 22C 259 Smith, Willie Schmelzer, Robert Shockey. Lindley 269 Smith, Dr. W Schmick, Betty Jane 308 Smith, Willie Schmid, Anthony P , 123 Shoemaker. J.m 306 336 Smith, Wallo Shook. Justin 306 Schmidt, Jack 221 Snail, Bud nett 336 Shugort. Shirley Sneed, None Schneck, Jim 288 1 14 Snow, Norm Shure Ralph 71 Snyder, Alvi Schoenberg. Frances Sichler. Megon Snyder, Borb 308 308 179 299 Schoocroft, Jim 171, 294 163 Sidney. Jeff Siebert. Betty J Siegal. Dove 307 Snyder, Jam Snyder John Schroeder, Terr.ll, F 336 Snyder, Nan Schnoll, Jock 307 Snyder, Ronn Schryver, Judy 271 Sole, J Schubert, Virginia ,,, Schulmon, Mike 275, 336 fj. 337 155 Siggins, H 114, 151 250 Sollish, Lour 18. 178, 276, 337 Sommerkomp, Chorlei Sommers, linn Sooner, Allan 306 Sorvnton, Robert M. Sowder, Cynthio Sowder, Sandra I 55. 85, 112, 163, 271 Sow.ll, Clone Sfumpner, Joyce W Subkov. Theodore Suchy. Bob Sumner. Neol R Sumner, Robert L. Sunderland, Lloyd Townsend, M Trades. A Trande . Hell Tray, Hoi D Troynor, B. 154. 157, 163. 173, 243 Wogner, John W Wolbe ' rl, f ' ro ' nk " Walker, Dook Walker, Donolc Walker. Emily 159. 340 294. 340 202, 234 Sporkei, Adele Sparkman, Rebecco Speer, Edward Speicher, Dick Sper " ry " jame ' . Sp ' " el. Al Spillnai. Sp an ' kr. " ' 294. 308. 338 Stan 284. 338 Steel. Philip Slefonowici, Walter 294 Slefl, Tom 198 Steamon, M 242 " ■ ■ 50. 57. 162. 307. 338 Fran Stephens. Borbc Stephens, Bettic Stephens, Fredei Steworl, Stewart, Stewart, Steworl, Stofberg, Nothon Stogner, Joon Stokes, Sue Strauss, Stanley Street, Floro Street, Richard Sir.ett, Spencer Strieker, Eugene Siroessner. Bob Siromberg, lowr, 300, 308 102, 106 152, 271 Strolt, 226, 228, 229, 231 Swoflord, Joe Swoin. Albert Swony, N. Swann, David V Swonson, D Swanson, Rolon Sweeney, Carol Sweeney, Chorl Sweelser, Chorlc Tobler, Coiv Taffe, D Tog, David h Tott, Betsy .. Toggort, Jud Gall Tosh, Kenneth Robe Tosh, Sybil Tote, Geroldine S. Toylor, Dave lA, Sit Taylor, Donald B. Taylor, Glenn R Taylor, John Taylor, Ken Toylor, lols , Taylor, Sue Taylor, Tom Taylor, Williom Teggcs, Chorles E Thorpe, Clyde Thiemeyer, Marty Thom, Anton Thomas, Bob Thomas, Charles Thomas, George Thomos, Jean Thomos, Joon , Thomas, John R. 192. 198. 200 ISO. 258 180. 270 158. 265 168. 285 290. 339 Thompson. Kotl Thompson, Shirl Thomsen, Borbo Thornthwolte. C 105, 115, 153 191, 301 172, 271 153,339 Torossion. M Toth. Dick Toth. Emerick Towner. Dion, Townsend. Gei Tucker, Paul Tullai, Fred Tunnicliffe, Grate Turk, Esther P Turlon, Roffi Turner, Bill Turner! Phyllis Tussing, John Tutlle, C. Ewing Tutlle, Rond Tutton, Beverly 57 55 164 21 340 206 21 340 52. 266 Updike, Ralph Urban, Ellle Uricoecheo, Gobru-I Von Der Lindon. Vonou ' s, Zoe Von Pelt, Sommt Von Slyke, Beve Von Splinter, Rii Varey, Binky 259, 340 Douglas 291 288 266, 340 ucl riy 162 272, 340 hord 180 303 155 340 266 273 103, 159 170 340 198, 201, 203, 204, 208 Vltale, Donold V.jgird, Star Volght, Ralph Volejok, Chorles vonMoyer, Gerald Worfield, Bud Word, Bob Word, Chester Word, George Word, Ralph Word, Ronold Word, William Wornick, P. Wornock, Ron Warren, H Worren, Pot Wosser Tlon, Ic Tion, Sc " 162 17fl 304 Wosson Jean Jean 198 Woters, BO 85 ' .0 243 266 Robe i° 340 Wotkins 1S5 Watson Solly 273 Wott, Borbora chord 00, 121 250 302 Wear, Morgot Weost, George E Weotherly, Ed ove ' r ' - o Webber, Paul E Weber, B, , Weber, C Weber, Dick Weber, Donold Weber, June Webster, Don Webster, Milton Webster. Thomos Weckesser. Paul Wehrly, E. Jean Weidenboum, M Weigel, Gloria Weinberg, Dov.d •inberg, Soro Weir , Dottie , Donold ' r Ronold 152, 298, 341 David B 305 rvin 304 Weiss, Ralph w Welch, Michoel Welch, Ruth 179 Weller, William 114, 257 Wells D W Wode, louis Ronald 149,154,340 159, 257 Welsh Phil Woddell, Samuel 100, 159, 340 174, 247 340 Werking, James Werwinski, Berne Weslock, lorry Wes.el, Don Woghelstein. J 242 274 Wogner, Hermonn Wogner. Jauregg, Her 172, 239 W.ilbrook, Jock 191. 234. 259. 298 Weslerberg, Steen 106, 159, Wetzel, Micky Weylond, Mory Wheeler, Bob Wheeler, Kielh Whi.eley, Robert O. 3 Whiter, Yvonne Wh ' t n Don " " ' ' Whitlock, Howard Whitman, Donald lU, 1 Whittle, James Whyorew, James Wichle, Thomas J Wick, Patricia S Wickard. Charles 55,87, ni. 112, 151, : 125, 198, Wolcoll, John E 342 Yerman, Debbye Lawrence Wohl, Ellie 166, 170, 171, 341 WohKorth, Joy Penny 270 Wolf, E. 245 s Ann 92, 97, 98, 100 Wolte, Bill 308 Wolfe, Georgia 178 Yolken, Tom s, Dorothy no, 112, Wolfes, Robert L Wolff, Roger s, Jock.e 269 Wolford, Claire Young, Beverly 59 76 118, 163, 194, 273 Wolk, Stanley s Renick 167, 181, 291, 342 Wollman, Bob 299 243 Young, Eugene s William John 342 Womer, G 258, 259 t; Wymon 152, 342 102 Donald K 151 103, 121, 265 114, 151 u;anne 15 , 175, 245 Woodoll, Nancy C Jomes 152,295.342 An. to R 342 ,ner, Gordon neT, ' Ruth°E " ' 170, 175, 262, 341 Woods. Robert 175 76V 163. 342 342 2.W 237 298 rly 342 Woster Mary 177, 262 apotocky. Jos Wright. Barbara 157, 265, 342 268 Z:t : Ed ' " ' 174, 298 116, 148 erowiti. Nick ;;fc ' r " 243 Wrightson. Frank P Wu. George ,342 ilber. Bebe J 154 Wyre, Duke 192 fimmermon. J With this last pa e c W. sv x..,, . . Impc ll,... v.... 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