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University of Maryland College Park - Terrapin / Reveille Yearbook (College Park, MD) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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)l a r V I ii II il III r.ii! Pan ol ' tlx- rro .l „ Kil.-lii.- (. .li-..iMn for II Clalliolir I . .-n.l. l .1 1-1 I,.. ► r nineteen foriy -nine TERRAPIX piibli§ili€ d hj the undergraduate situdc ut body of tli€ University 1 . Hr k i c-. 11 r i y ' " l ' i 1! i 1.. The glowing lights of Dormitory C ore a welcoming beacon to students as another day ends on South Gate Hill. f nineteen forty - ntne TERRAPIN Universitv if Harvland College Park Campus i ISION, high standards as to duty, aggressiveness, willingness to work, courage, are the qualities that distinguish leaders, that make men great. O A MAN who meets this standard of measurement, William Preston Lane, Jr., Governor of Maryland, the students of the University of Maryland give honor and pay tribute to him by the dedication of this yearbook. WILLIAM PRESTON LANE, JR Governor of Maryland FKANK MASTKKSON o n rk MaMagiiig luiitor KKKI) UeMAKK Ste iff i;.iitorial Associalf .AM)Y SMITH Kusiiicss MiinuB.T MAKJOKIK SCI I.I. I ' MKiiivii.i; I ' llll. BKITKNDOUK Hunk . I ' aul H an IHtK HAVS Pliiil iK ' a|i)u ' i ' s Ai. I)ank(; ;kk ltol Hru lfur l . i:.U..ii llax.- Dirk Kirk . Ja k l.arl S,.„i,„s l:,lllnl Ki.i.iK ,w Minii K.lailH- Harris,,. . I ' .l K.alint ' J.a " H. ' l.i " |■. " ■■ -I ' -l ' - Hurlmru Siiiilli l-nivi-isilv K.litnr LYNNK KOSSMANN HuIh- Boldin . Slitll.v S. l.a.tV. r I ' vn Smith . MiiKpi.- Walk.r II.Mmrari. ' S K,lil..r NYLA JOKDAN n.Q.T.C. K.iiK.r KHMK :OUI,K T . J,.,- Ty.lin s ()lt:arii ,;iMni,s IMiloi Mi{(;iMi; m; Nh 11 Mar% l a i- . l . -.inar (iiirnllHr ;ar lla«lli..rn.- . Jan. 1 Ma. M.... .1.1 I ' al Sranlan . Jan.! s,,.,,, .r Diainalio I ' Milm WOMI MII.I.KK Clifloii ;uu s li. ' si.l. ' K lil..i BOB scon Victor K.-lil.r . l{..lMrl 1 ..-. .nai. iMalcniilii ' s K.liiMi BOB (;bi(;sh ' llarri.ll. Ki.rl . Ja. k .-.I . iilliia t ...loN.r JKAN (.1 I.IU l 1 Joan Ha, . H...... I ' .. M ..-..,.. Allil. ' li. ' s K.lit.M SONNY SI.AY irpiiiiii l.iinzrr DICK m NI.Al ' Pictiin- I ' I ' AT KKKI) fir.illalion DOOTSIK MMMIN Vnn ll.i.l.ll.a.l. . M. .1. M.a... Mar nna W i ' l rina . 172 190 218 238 256 280 w 8 Uuiversity and Administration 24 Colleges and Graduates 76 Reserve Officers Training Corps 84 Honorary Fraternities Activities - 94 — mm Student Government [ H 106 Student Publications 122 Drama and Music 140 Organizations id l Football Fall and Winter Sports 1948 Spring Sports 294 Homecoming 300 Autumn Carnival 304 Miss Maryland and Queens 10 Junior Prom UniTersity vouches for University " You ' re the third hitch-hiker I ' ve picked up on that comer this week, " he said. " There must be quite a bunch of kids running bac ' ' ° " ' ' ' " ■•»• ' to sch ' " - - " - The boy nodded. " I ' ve been reading all about the Univ " ' Baltimore papers, " continued the d ' They ' ve been giving it quite a play. I can ' T way back when that college was nothing but a couple of buildings set back up on the hill. It certamly has grown. " " They sure have been blasting at your president lately— Dr. Byrd. I can ' t understand it, after all he ' s done for that school. I guess wrote out " Yes sir " c What are you studying to be? " " I ' m taking journalii on the pad. " Say, they got courses in that too? ' must really be some school. I hear they ' ve got ledicine and la - " ■— ' of business. What a university! When my kid ough to go to college, Maryland ' s tl re for him. I don ' t want him to grow up to ;y kids— he ' s gonna I ' brain. Philosophy, journalism, business, that ' s the stuff. That ' s the meat you can stick your teeth in. That ' s what I like about Maryland, there ' s no fooling around out here. " The car stopped for the light in front of the Dairy Building and the boy reached for his books. The driver reached over and shook his hand. " Goodbye and good luck, " he said. " I hope your voice heals up. " " Thanks, " the boy wrote on the pad. " But rwithi ■ " ' ' ■ idl ' e •HW " " - — •• W»«« HARRY CLIFTON BYRD, P«rid I building .t and atiU grawins insUtaUon. en«ineerin« gndiuite er in 1912 to be- r I Ik- Mai Uiiiil (Uiiipiis, jiisl u iliiaiU- a o, presented this picliiK- of »i lil .-.talUKil lMiil liii aii l Maryland ' s greater future was heralded by the spirit of ' 38 l ):5« . . . ]t ;is H -real y-.a . . . MarylMU.I ' s spiril was caiijilil in llic (ipliinisiii of llir laic ' .Ws . . . ' I ' lic Lil)iar Ik.iis.mI IIm ' adiiiiiiislralisf stall: sliidciils llo.k- I ' ll lo llii ' Old (i iii fur all social affairs; Ag students urn I Id (lass in I lie jjicseiit Education Building while Home Kc majors experimented in kitchens adjacent to chemistry labs and car owners proudly drove up the " main drag " on a line from Rossborough Inn to Annie . . . . SiKesIrr and Calvert Halls housed all men students uhile on-eampns e.M ' ds liNcd in nnie A. ,.r or Maggie P, . . . The selio ,l Near marked the siKer anniversaiN of President HYrd ' s return to his Alma Mater . . . The Terps heat Florida at Homecoming . . . Skirts were almost as long as in ' I ' ), and fashionahle coeds contrasted lh ' length of their dresses with the hrexitv of their hol.he.l hair . . . The (ireeks were in e i(lenee with fouileen IVaternities and nine sororities, thn r which weie colonizing . . . Students applauded a winlir pageant of activities presented on All-l iiiversi- l Niglil and encored the antics of Eleanor Powell and lia Pxilger at the Junior Prom . . . Extra-curricular opportunities were considiMcd remarkable with a total of twenlx-four clubs ... it was a great year, yet it heralded a greater era lo come. The campus in our lime I ' ll ' ).. . Il ■lir.Mxoa l u iai |Hiic.(l..r.- |,:i!isiuii . . . Mai Nh. lid ' s -i.ixMli i. I ' xidciil ill III. ' .liiiiiiis|iali m l)niU ill addilinnal iii.i.s " ami uuinni ' d-niM . and new rlnss hinidin;:. . . . Ilir ' l«» liruN a iiru arinoiN and a ivs|,,ivd l;u-.-.iM.niii ' li Inn ... II. ' I ' liinlil. ' s in III. ' miMi. ' liaz. ' .if . ' I. Tans ' liana, ks. X.-ls ' hirnilx I nils, ,,r l ' s rhul..i; , 1 lillildin-s . . . irii, ' liiis ;i car. Iir «c;nr in and (lul ..C nunpns mads fnini Parkin- Lois In I), .Mvasiunailx l.alllcd h a -Srrvirc li,,ad ()ni " U n,l ... Mr lakr-, piidc in addili.ins I,, Ihc laniilN. Iln ' i l -li c I ni- rrsilN ,lnl)sand I he abundance ..f s,»ial .u-ani alions . . . lie recalls III, ' hearllireak ,,f I li)ini ' cnniin,i:. I In- Hiihimiiic Sim ' s iinjiisl Iannis, and Hie snspens ■ « lerill- XNliicli cnnslru ' li(Ml prnjeel ,.nld Inrn i ulial . . . Me is pn.nd n[ Marxland and ils -ruNNlh . . . He knuus liis is llie ,Ma of Hi.- Kiealc ' sl expaii.sion in I he I niNersil -s lnsl(,r . ■A ' ' iw: (M.iic. i; r i{ k NKW (, M - V K M 0|{ DORMITORY ' E " WD TERRVCE hOHMIIOlM " N " 18 II KOI (,II INK DIMNi. II VM. VUCII BB Board oi Kegeiils HOARD OK KEtiENTS: Silling: Ffter W. ChichmliT, E. Paul Knotta, Mrs. John L. Whilrhurel, Sennlor Millard E. Tydinpi. Jud|[i- William I ' . Culv, Jr.. dmirii SUinfurd Z. Kuthnchild, srcrolary; Charlm P. McCormick. J. Millon Patterson, troaiurcr; Philip C. Tumor. Slanding: Dr. H. C. Byrd, Univi-rsity i • • ■■ Nullli ' , Edward F. Holtrr. I5ii;ii(l (if l?(t, ' iiils, ((iiMptisfd of oulsliiiKlirif; cilizi ' ii nC III. ' SImIc ill ;iiiciiis «;ilk.s of lift ' , f;o t-nis llio I iiiN.TsilN of MHiAlaiid. I ' lif IVi.sidcnl of lilt- I ni- vcrsily. by law, is Kvf.iitiM ' Ollicor of I he Bonnl. Mriiilicisof tin- Boaitl an- appointed h I lit- (lovfinor of tin- Slate for teiiiis of nine years eaeli, hcfiinniii}; the lirst Monday in .lime. The State la« also provides that the Hoard uf |!, ' -rMl akn .hail mn.lilulr I he Slate Hoard of -ri. iilliiir. Mrs. liitelmrsl, servin;; her set oiid term, enjoys the dislinetion of lieiii;; the only woman e er to serve on the Hoard. .Indfje Cole and Senator Tydin-s were h-liow gradu- ates at ( " ollefie Park in 1 ' 1(» and liolli later «ere !;radualed from the Law Seliool in Hallinioiv. m Administration George O. Weber Business Manager Dean of W oiiirn sliulonls is well km Mi to MarylniidiTS. Less well known on campus, but equally interc ' sting, is licr rrrord of Iradcrsliip in slatr .itkI ii:ilinii:il ()r;:.nii7:ilii)iis. In addilio.i to brin- Uv r.,„n.lri ul MuiI;h I ' mukI on (lie Mai land canipus, slic i, NiilioiKii Tkm.suici uf Alpha Lambda Delta and a member of the Executive C.ommiltee of the National Association of Deans of Women. In the past she has served llir ( . Hrd Cross, and W . r. Advisory Connnil Ir.s. In lh ' sl. ' ilc liiiH ' liL ' lil. DrMM Sliiiiip ;- ;i iMiindn ..I ' III. ' MioaI.ixI .hiipln nf DriLi K .pp;. (..iinirKi. Mir is ehairiiMii of lidiualion of (he MarNland ' s W Omens ' Council and ot llir lld ' . ' ar Allan I ' oe Society. Locally, she serves as chairman of the Scholarship ( ' (itmiiillic of the College Park A.MW, and as a mrmlM i of ih, ' l ecreation Commit Ice for I ' rince (lcnr ' ' i ' ((hiiiIn. Dean of ]Men Dean f.ppl.x. dircvlor of lu(lrnl w.lfaiv and (h;niMi;ni ..f llir Mlilrlir ' ,nnu . hiUldIrs s i,n jcibs IImI il is (linirnll r.ii him h, k. ' .p Inirk ..nii. ' ni. usualh is a Jiiu- of fa. ull ni. imIh is or studrnts uailiiii; to fiet into his odice I., sr.k a.h ,r or d.. idr sunic X ilai II, ■ h;,s |„rn uith Ihr I llixrisilx r ,■l sinrr liis -radiMlinii in i ' iJI witli tlir , c,-ption olii shoil lime widi Ihr N. ' Icrans Bureau in W ,i-liin-toii. Dr ui lippK ' v, who served in bulli World W :a I .iiid II. «as : -linic lia.k .Hi.I fuullMll s|;n ;in l lal.T ,u:irli :ind ;illil. ' lir (iiivrt.,!. I Ir urni illh. W.ilid Wai I uhilr ;, slndrnl iiiKJ u;is nul ivlnrnr,! I,, rivij life nnlil I ' H ' i. Ihrn ;, lirnhniinl , lir ■ n.rA ,,vris,-;,s «il|, III,- lM CaU Mx iui !.-, Mi,,nllis. II. ' NNas a .■ol,,n, ' l in ,,ild Wai II ,m shiir diils al ill, ' War ( ' ...II.l ' , ' in Was|iin-I,..i, II, ' vvas ax ard, ' d lli. ' L. ' ' i,.n ..f M.iil. wmB ALIMNI CO! L. Brigham, H William Forsyth Cooper, Ramon J. Holmes, Judg Chaney, Mrs. Ethel M. Troy, Nellie Smith Davis. Mrs. Mildred Smith Jones. C. V. Koons, Dr. Arthur I. H. II. H . ' .hI " nnlpy. Slanding: Joe Longridge, Dr. Arthur Hersberger. Winship I. Green, Chester W. Tawney. Homer Ki-msl . rg. Judge am. Jr., Col. Mahlon N. Haines, Warren Rabbitt, Dr. Thurston Adams, Austin Diggs, Dr. Arthur Davenport, Morris L. 1. Harvey L. Miller, managing editor of Maryland; Dr. C. Adam Rock. Members not in picture: James B. Ward, Thomas rast. Dr. Alnert E. Goldstein, Dr. Wetherbee Fort, Kathrj-n Williams, Mathias Palmer. New grads welcomed by Alumni Association The Miiinni Ass.uialitMi (if llif liiiversity of Maryland and its t enl -li L ' tlKjiisand inembt rs extend a liearly welcome to those who each year jtiin its ranks. They send greetings also to those wIid remain as students and ask that they become iiioic famiHar with tiie alumni aim to make this an even iincr uiiivcisily for them and for the students of the fiituri ' . Tiiere is an overall Alumni Association governed by a council of thirty-three members, represent iiij; eleven School Association or Chapters. These chapters are the foundation of the general body. Projects undertaken by the general association include publication of an elaborate magazine, a scholar- ship program for deserving students, the formation of town and city alumni clubs, and extensive general reunions. The big event of the year was the revival of the annual Charter Day banquet after a war-lapse. It was held in Balliuioiv on FcbniaiN 10 willi nearly 1,000 in attendance, allliougli the actual amil crsary date is January 10, marking the founding of t lie Medical School in 1807. President Byrd, at the urgent request of the aiiinini, was the principal speaker. He gave a detailed picture of the present University set-up and a blueprint of future plans in forcibly striking back at criticism in a Baltimore newspaper. He was given an ovation at the close of liis address. 23 I ' ollCfiOS l ' i s|M ' (liM ' ItiisiiHSMiiiii, IciicliiTs. r;iiiiiris. I ' li iiircrs. | riiri ' ssii)ii;il iii. ' ti ;in l M,l u■n i ' ikIi liiid :, .iirri.-iiliiin .lii.M l. ' d lou inl Ihrii n ahun in ,,llr ..nil. ' sr ,Ml .(.ll.-cs Ml C.nll.-r I ' alk. |)rsi .Mii ' ii priiiiiinU l s;ilist ' llic nrrd n hi-lin r lnr;iliun uilliin ill. ' sliilc. Ilir I iii iTsil draws maiiv sludcills riniii (.llici pmls .,1 IIm ' r.,iiiilr . lis rlilnllllK ' lll nr shi.liMlls is pnipoil inn;, 1 .1 s ||i;.di; in.lMX runir n Marxlaiid lur prnlrssioiial nr s.i.nlilic ti.unin-, u, nni: lu iilili r mi.Ii klinwl. ' d-.- ill hrllrlili- I.M ' prn-r.-SS ill lllcir nWII rniiill I i.s. Mar ialld is an araihinir nirll iiiL ' pi.l . ' I ' hrslildcnl lillds liinis ' lf ' ' ni|s|;„ili ill rniilarl xsilli llldriiU with ;, dillriml " inajni " and. . ' nnM ' |uriil l . a MMnruhal dilVrlVMl p.Tsp.Tlivr, In Ihc Dinini; Hall. llir,la-.Mnnni nlTlrsI, man ancUnplinni.PIV iv,|niivd ccuiM ' S. Ihr l ' ,n,,k Si,, IV. ll„- Urc Hall. ,„ , .L ' i h a li, ,11 lilH-. ll„- slnd,-iil ImmK iiihTinin-l. ' s and rns, ' . n .lii,|,nl In.,,, i ' .aliiin,,!,- lin.U liiinv.-ir llank.-.l I.N a ll,,ni. ' 11. ' niaj, ,i In ,in (hi, a-, , and an ,i: si n l,nl ri,,ni l ' n,i I,. Mi.n. TlKii p,,l, ' iilial ,A,liaii--,,lid,-a pa ,- Hi, ' va I., cnj, , iim ' IiI , ,1 ' ,,n, ' , ,f Hi. ' lal laiMl ' is III, ' .Ilia! .-pp. ,i I iiiiil i, ' s .,1 ' a, a,l,nii. liainiiiL ' an. I .„ ' ial iiil. ' 1 ' a. ' li..ii: Hi. ' inrin.T. lur inl. ' ll. ' .liial .lis.ipjin. ' aii.l kn,,» I..!-. ' : Hi. ' iall.T. I., I.nil.l fii, ' n.lsliip, an appr. ' .ial i.,n ,,f Hi, ' ..IIi.t p. s.-n ' s iiit.ivsts, an.i. ..pp.iilmiili. ' s: h. ' .si ' . ' ks and liiids; li. ' ' is Hir..ii-li hi- iiniv , ' i-il n . The afternoon crowd pauses for ice cream, fn-.sli air and ji few mumltled words, l)efore the liusl-niinule da.-ili to .laiss in niarliy HI ' .X or i ' II I ( I 1, ) T i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ..lli rinr llolVi .N. I ll« r l ' •! M.irxl.m.l nri ■ U.K.- «..- .I.arl.r.-.l sponsors resennli ()ik )Ugli its Extension Sn ire luid I ' xpcriniont .Stat ion in addition to planning the atadeniic curricula of its various departments. Dr. T. B. Symons, director of the Extension Service, lias issued a report citing the adjustment iiiiulr by farmers over a several year period in wardnic production lo llic job of producing ciKiiigl food for llic counlrN as M as a surplus for under supplied Europe. Particular adjustniciils wm- laiidci in the marketing of Maryland tobacco, in llic increased output of farm machinery and farm buildings, in Ihr jiroduction of poultry, and in the battle against insecls. An investigation conducted by Dr. Mary Shorb. ,i microbiologist in the Poultry Department, has reveal a growth factor hitherto unknown. The new comiioiii has shown posili c rcsiills in llic treatmeiil of anemia. The Agriculture College ilself as llic lirs United States when it received its charter f State Legislature in 1856. Since then it has grea increased the opportunities for a technical agricultu education; the college now ofTers curricula in general farming, dairying, fruit or vegetable growing, stock production, poultry husbandry, field croi production, floriculture, and allied scientific courses ■ ! IP t: siiKhiits . ls of rariniiii.- »illi llir in...!.... ( WILLI M (.. I$ M-;K: Frcdmck, Aj;. Educalkm, B.S.; l ' ]vsi,l,-nt, l-II Cluli;,l,.|,i, A;;ricultural Student Council; FFA . . . JOHN .1. l5KM;i»l :r: Arradi;i, Calif., Animal Husbandry, B.S (;K(H{(;K. W ILI.LVM IJiSllOP, JK: Towson, Ag. Education, B.S.; FFA. ll li LOl IS ItLI ' TLK: HalliiiK.n ' , AihiumI lhisl,.nMli v, H.S , ■I ' AH. AZ:Ti:irk: Inl i aiiiiiials; Livestock Judging Team . . . WILLI .M |{L M :Snnw I lill, ( ,( lu lal, B.S. . . . ELIZABKTII IIKLKMM« ll»(;K: Ml. Hainin. I ' l,,, iculuiic, B.S.; ISA; Daydodgcrs Cluh; draiiKi ' : Trail Clul.; I ' lanl In.lusliy riuh: Wesley Clul.: M.arylaiid Kellnwslui. . . . II{ IN ; M. lOKKS: MaitirislmiK. W. a.. (ieiieial. B..- . c p f p ItOMKKI ' I.. CAIN: Havre de Grace, Ag. Education, B.S., AFP . . W II. 1. 1 M JOHN CAKPK.NTEH, JR: Lniversity Park, Horticulture, I ' . - ,; iie-Presideiil, Plant Industry Club . . . BKl f.K Kl AKl) i H IIIKKS: Hyattsville, Dairy Tech, B.S ;K( I{ ;K ;K M •l.i.lNS: Alexandria, Va., Ag. Economics, B..S. .|VMi;s |-. ; »|{|{i;i 1: Sr,,ii I),.,„,i, W :,., l ' ,,uhry, B.S. : Block :iiiil iJii.lic Club . . . IIAKKV AKM VM COX, JK: Wa.shlngton, D.C., Horticulture, B.S.; H . . . JOHN LAWSON CKOTHERS, JK: North East, Ag. Education, B.S.; lAi:. AZ; Wesley Club; Baseball; Dance Club; Intramural Boxing, Football, Basketball, Softball; Agri- cultural Student Council; Secretary, lAE; Treasurer, AZ; Vice-Presi- dent, FFA . . . WILLIAM K. DAVIDSON: Annandale, N.J., General, n.S.: AFP: Intr.iiniinil B.. inK; Fightingesl Fighter Trophy, 1943. KK.WKTIi DAWSON l KMAI{KK: Chevy Chase, Horticulture, B.S.; . XA; Pershing Rifles . . . Till KMAN I . DO.NOVAN: Chevy Chase, I-andscape Design, B.S.; I AH; Men ' s Glee Club . . . IIAKOLD KIGKNE DUKST: Washington, D.C., Horticulture, B.S.; lAE: (Mee Club; Trcjisurer, Clef and Key; Company Commander,- Pershing Rifles; Advanced ROTC . . . CAUL EMEKSON: Washington, D.C., Animal Husbandry, B.S.; AZ; Student Livestock Show; Grand Cham- pion Livestock Showman; Winner of Swift Essay Contest; Inter- Collegiate Livestock Judging Team: Censor, AZ. I Kin IK WKI.IN I I nil U I . .IK: Frederick, Animal llu.sbandry, U.S.: H.ill Knuiu D.iri.r Cliil,; I ' n-.sbyterian Club . . . DONALD lALIlOT KA ; IEVKK: Baltimore, Soils, B.S.; SH, AZ; Agricul- tural Student Council . . . KOVD VI. FLETCHER: Rivcrdale, General, B.A. . . . EUU: IIENKV (;LEIS: Rivcrdale, Horticulture, B.S.; AZ: Block Bridle Club; Plant Industry Clul). ii li ' ll (.1! Mil NSTEIN: Frederick, General, B.S KICIIAKD ,. (.HI I N (MH»: Walkersville, General, B.S.; SH, AZ; Collegiate II (luli; Agriiukural Student Council; Block and Bridle Club . . . , I{L DAVID GIGGAKD: Hampstead, Horticulture, B.S.; Varsity .. .il,.,ll: IVc.- hman Ba.skctball; Plant Industry Club . . . JOHN C. I (Xk: River.lalc. Horticulture, B.S.;AXA. W M.IKK DONALD IIANNS: Corinth, Miiss., Horticulture, B.S.; Al 1 ' , . Z; Canterbury Club; German Club; Vets Club: Rossborough Club; Secrctary-Tro-nsurer, President, Plant Industry Club; . grirultural Student Council; Chronicler, AZ . . . Kl SSELL II. HINDS, JH: College Park, Poultry, B.S.; Vets Club; FFA . . . LESIEK E HL IIOGIE: Hyatt.sville, Agronomy, B.S.; AZ; Presbyterian Club; Plant Industry Club . . . FKEDEKICK III TCIIINSON: Washington, D.C.. (ieneral, B.S.; . FP: Rifle Team: Treasurer, Vice-President, Day I)(.dg..r.« Club: Vice-President, AFP. LYNN E. JOHNSTON: Hagerstown, Ag. Economics, B.S .; iAE; Secretary, Ros.sborough Club; Vice-President, SAE . . . II.AKKY L. JONES: Street, Ag. Education, B.S.; .VFP, AZ; Secretary, Trea.surer, lOditor of Collegiate Reporter, FF ' . ' k; Soccer; Intramurals; 4-H Club; Scholarship Chairman, Sports Chairman, . rP; . gricultural Student Council; Student Grange; Treasurer, AZ . . . HOWARD TIFFANY KELLY: Greenbell, . g. lOconomics, B.S.; Daydodgers; Westminster Found.; 4-H; Student Grange . . . JOHN . . KEI ' LINGER, JR: Monkton, Botany, B.S.; AFP, AZ; President, Student Orchestra; . Indent Band; Glee Club; Plant Industrv Club. W I I (»N I.K rilKRBl RY ' : Machipongo, Va., Horticulture, B.S. I I . I IM I IK i : Silver Spring, Horticulture, B.S; Vets Club .. . HV MONI) k. I.M»NS: Towson, B.S. . . . CARLTON PARKS MVKCIS. JR: Botany, B.S.; K , Vets Club; Plant try Club. J. M.V(;i IKE MATTINGLY, JR: Leonardtown, Animal Husbandry, B.S.; AIT; Hifle Team; Grange; Interfraternity Council; Block and Bridle Club: Adviini ' cd ROTC: l.iveplock JiidciiiK Team; Rossborough Clul) ... WILLI M LDW HI) M (: SI.I : It Kainier, Agronomy, B.S VLHKIM K. MKHCkLK. .11!: W i linmi D.C, Ag. Edu- cation, B.S. . . . LK.NLST .N. MILI.LK. .11! : H.rwyn, 111., Dairy IIusl)andry, B.S. KAIJLTON n!VN ;lS MOKKIS: ( lalcsvillc, ll..rU.-ulUirc, B.S.; Daydodgers Cluh; Plant Industry Clul) . . . JA.MKS H. MOKTON: Mt. Rainier, Horticulture, B.S.; i;ri; Daydodgers Club; Plant In- dustry Club: J.V. Wrestling . . . LEWIS (). MYIiRE: Lakewood, O.; .Vniinal Ilu. ' batulry, B.S.; SAIC; Riding Club; Correspondent, SAE; Pl.iiil Industry Club; Livestock Judging Team; Block and Bridle Club . . . IIAKKV (;. NEUMANN: Oreonbelt, Plant Pathology, B.S.; Spanish Club: I ' icsidcnt, Plant Industry Club; Agricultural Student DAMKL (;. O ' DKLL: Pari.s, . rk., Animal Husbandry, B.S.; AZ; Livestock Judging Team: Block and Bridle Club . . . KOIJERT E. PERDl E, JK: (Ireenbelt, Botany, B.S. . . . JOHN l . U I ECK: Preston, Ag. I ' .conomics, B.S.: . rP; AZ; -l-H Club . . . EDVi ARI) JOSEPH K«HIEL: B:diin..irc. Poultry Husbandry, B.S. KOBEKP JOHN SCIIITRI.MPF: College Park, Dairy Tech, . . . JOHN KHVNK SMIT: Paterson, . .J., Dairy Production, ] TLi . . . I ' l I. S. SOUDER: Dcruood, Horlicullure, B.S. W l!l!i: ;. S(M DER: Derwood, Soils, B.. .; AZ. ,| »Si;i ' ll R. SPILLMAN: Baltimore, Soils, B.S. . . . EDWIN LEONAHn ST.VTTER; Baltimore, Animal Husbandry, B.S.; TE ; arsit Baseball; Block and Bridle Club; Pre-Veterinary Association . . . WILLIAM E. SYLVESTER: Queen Aime, Agronomy, B.S. . . . I ' KKI! I ' ' 0|{| rWIMNG: Princess Anne, Poultry Husbandry, B.S. MK(»I. MKOMC.II: Washington, D.C., Agronomy, B.S. . . . FRANK ll MM M) WARFIELD: Woodbine, Education, B.S.; (; I ' l ' -A; Danfc Club; Rifle Team; 4-H Club . . . KENNETH ERIC WIIERLEY: Hyattsville, Ag. Economics, B.S. . . . FR.VNCIS K. WHITE: Washington, D.C, Animal Husb. ' indry, B.S.: Block and Bridle ( ' lub: Livestock Judging Team. A.N R. WHITING: Riverdale, Ag. Education, B.S.; HI, AZ; Treas- urer, President, FFA; President, SH; Block and Bridle Club; Agri- cultural Student Council; President, AZ . . . RICHARD S. WICKHAM: Odessa, N.Y., Poultry, B.S. . . . JOSEPH H. WILEY: Reisterstown, Ag. Education, B.S.; AFP; Student Grange; LSA; 4-H Club . . . ROBERT C. WILEY: College Park, Horticulture, B.S.; SX; Vice- President, Freshman Class; Freshman Lacrosse; Canterbury Club; Intramurals; Old Line; Diamondback; Co-chairman, Sophomore Prom; Block and Bridle Club; Cheerleader; Plant Industry Club; Social Chairman, Interfraternity Council. EDWARD W. WINETT: University Park, Dairy Husbandry, B.S. . . . JA 1ES BOK WONG: New York, N.Y., Ag. Engineering, B.S.; •Mil . . . JOHN THOMAS WORTHINGTON, III: Ellicott City, Horticulture, B.S. . . . HARRY A. ZIEGLER: Easton, Ag. Economics, B.S £ML, asm Arts and Sciences J. Freeman Pyle Dean of the College Home of the liberal arts sUidfiit, tlie C.ollcfit ' of Arts and Sciences tops all others with an enrollineiil of two thousand eight hundred. To say that Arts and Sciences keeps busy is a mere understatement. Latest development is the appoint- ment of Dr. Charles A. Baylis as head of the De- partment of Philosophy. Two Philosophy courses were offered during the second semester. Next fall will see the curriculum increased to fifteen undergraduate and four graduate courses when two professors arrive to assist Dr. Bayhs. Colonel James P. Wharton was appointed head of the Art Department this fall. He is plaruiing an art project at Camp Ritchie to run parallel with the Univc rsitv ' s summer session. Dr. Willi.ini I ' .nilrN. rrlircij professor of Sociology from Norlhw.-slcni. «as visilin- professor in Sociolonv for tiic c;ir. On Iivinc for llic academic Near xvas Dr. .Monroe Marliii. hea ! of III. ' n ' parlincnl ,,f Malhemalics. Dr. Slaiilc ,la,ks,,n scrsed as acling head while Dr. Marl in carried on research in 111. ' field of ma I hrnial ics. Dr. Norman Phillips, professor of Zoology, dis- coNcred a heal ((inMr al i()n apparatus for high altitude Ihitig while nnderlaking research for the Navy. Dr. Susan llarrnan. has linislied her book, l«ex ised Edition of Deseriplixe Cillege (iramniar. Dr. .lack V iiryan. head of the l),-pai I m. nl of Journalism, li ' fl in February for a position uitli the State Department in the I ' liilippines. 34 I he- ni.iiif: A ? . 35 (Ill- l» MII VtKlilll: ( l,.| :i(lii l, li.I., I ' McholoKj-, B.A KA . . . (lUlil.KS lUIKI) I» MS. ' JI : Kastpoit, Pn-Mcd, MS KA. ' I ' Iir. Wtl.l.lVM O. I MNS: Milfi.r.l, Dehi. (i.iimil Hi.iloK i :.l S,i,nr, . US ; H. ; H:,s,l,:.ll T.-..m . . . MAUY CATIIKHINK VI.KM ;il: Tlmiin..Mi. I{:..t.riol,,n . M.S.: Al ' . IWO: I.iillu-ran CUil IniiMmiir.ils. MII.MN I. VLUKId: Va. hiti(jl«)M, D.C., H.A.: riiivt-rsity 1 1m ,,ii.-. lii.liii Clul.. IV.iicli Cliil): Ii.lnmnirals; Psy ' -li ' l " K.v l " ' ' ■ ■ ■ .|i; N K IHM.OKKS AKKXANDKK: Colonial I ' ark. Pa. ( lirinaii. H ; I ' I ' H: N.wmaii Clul.; WUA: Ccrnian C ' lul. . . . MVKON J. VSIIMAN: Hallimorc, Ch.mi.Mn , U.S. . . . NOHMAN HACIIKK: W .i.shiMKloii. i.C.. Zoolngv, U.S.; Iiilramural.s; Davcloildi-rs (■liili: il.s Clul.. DOROTHY C.OLK HVKEK: Uiverdale; Physics, B.S.; French Club; DiuMioiKlback . . . IJKRMCK lONA BANGLE: Washington, D.C., ICiiglish, B.A. . . . CAKKOLL WILLIAMS BAKTLETT: Baltimor( , History, B.A.; Sailing Club; Touch Football . . . PAIL GRAY BASSETTE: Landover, Bacteriology, B.S.; Chemistry Club. JOHN KLLWOOI) 15 VI M . VRDNKR: i;mmitsl)Ui);. .oology, B.S.; iJAE; German Club; KOTC Band . . . HENRY S. RAl SI M: B.ruyn. History, B.A.; Baptist Student Union . . . EDWARD STVNI.KY BEACH, JR: Charlotte Hall, Zoology, B.S.: AXA; NCis Club; I ' lcsi- dcnt, UossbonniKh Club; Secretary, AXA . . . M1.I,I M . BKVI.: Wa-shiiiKton, DC.. Kuglish, B.A. JAMES CARROLL BEESE. .|R: Balti Secretary, Iiiterfraternity Coui ' ice-President, President , ' MvH llyattsville, German, B.. .: Mr Committee; Vice-President, IS more. Sociology, B.A lO! villi-, Arts Law. B..V. B.r ' Ki:; e-Presi leiil, Rcissborough Club; .LiAM I |{ ;ishi;n.iamin Clul.; ChMirni.m. . ll-.Maryland ;i.ORI M E HlsnoP: Balti- • I KICK RI.OCIIER: (bants- LOIS E. RI.lMKMrr: H.tliis, Club; Ballronm Dan.-,- Club: I ).i .lEVN HVYDEN UOEIIMK: I ' l B.S M{ ;iMV I{0 ;EI{I : Intramurals; Manager, ( ' iicul.-ilici Club; Social Dance CluW, ( ' " ii. | ALLEN BOWERS: liurMl:,lr. S, National - ' Collegiate l•la e . . I 1, Sociology, B.A.; Terrapin Trail dodgcTs Club; Diamondback . . . I.idil|)lii:i. Pa., Biological Sciences, ' hrvv Clutse, Sociology, B.A.;nB J ; SlalT ol Diumnndback; Sociology iiMJing Secretary, nB f . . . JAMES ■rrU. B.A.; OAK, llAli Who ' s Who; dilor, Diamondback; President, Universit ' Theatri designer for Pertified Forest; " M " Book. IMIYLLIS BRAITERMAN: Baltimore, Histor -, B.. .; it A -); Hillel lOxecutive Council; Secretary, Vice-President, IZKA . . . .lOSEPH A. BRESCIA: Emerson, N.J., Bacteriology, B.S. ; AXA; Newman Club; Vets Club; Golf Team . . . MARY ANN BROCKMEYER : Washington, D.C., Sociology, B.A.; r I B; Newman Club; Recording Secretary, r l B . . . JOAN ELISE BROWN: Mercersburg, Pa., English, B.A.; Daiu ' c Club; Presbyterian Club; Spanish Club; Hiding Club. JOAN BRUNNER: Union, N.J., English, B.A.; SK; Diamondback; Presbyterian Club; Treasurer, i;K . . . KENNETH C. BUKER, JR: Washington, D.C., Sociology, B.A.; Student Band; Psychology Club; Sociology Club . . . CHERRON REDDIE CALLAGHAN: Washington, D.C., Psychology, B.A.; KKP, WilA; Canterbury Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Treasurer, Seholarslii]! ( ' iKiirnian, KKP; Secretary, OSA . . . AMY C. NTWELL: Falls Cluuvl,. a., Sociology, B.A.;nB , Mortar Board; Canterbury Club ; " iri-l ' irsident. Treasurer, Orchesis; Secretary, Panhellenic Council; Secretary, President, Sociology Club; Section Editor, " M " Book; Rush Chairman, President, llB ' l ' ; Freshman Week Committee; Freshman Orientation Committee. LOIS ANNE CARROLL: Washington, D.C., French, B.A.; 1:K; Canterbury Club; French Club; International Relations Club . . . ROBERT POWELL CARTER, JR: Catonsville, Psychology, B.S. . . . GEORGE L. GARY, JR: Hyattsville, Government and Politics, B.. .; IN; Sophomore Football Manager . . . RICHARD EUGENE CM VTEIAIN: Washington, D.C., Journalism, B.A.; ilX; Daydodgers Club; Secretary, SX; Diamondback; Vets Club; Intramural Softball. JOYCE . LICE CHRISTIE: Washington, D.C., English, B.A.; Cosmopolitan Club . . . PEGGY ANN CHRISM AN: Washington, D.C., English, B.. .: AZA; Diamondback; Spanish Club; Co.smo- politan Club; Old Line; Historian, Junior Class; Mademoiselle College Board . . . RAYMOND J. CHROBOT: Newark, N.J., Zoology, B.S. . . . JAY B. CLASS: Baltimore, Chemistry, B.S.; I A. ©00 g MARGARET ELAINE COBL ' RN: Laurel, Psychologj-, B.A.; Women ' s Chorus: Sailing Club; Religious Philosophy Group . . . JANICE COHEN: Baltimore, Psychology, B.A.: Cosmopolitan Club; Hillel, Diumoiulbuck . . . LEONARD COl.ELLA: Washington, DC, 1 ' syiholog.v, B.A. . . . NICHOLAS R. CON ;il NDI: Trenton, N.J., Psychology, li.A. CORLISS REBECCA COOK: Washington, D.C., Sociologj-, B.A.: AA; French Club; Footlight Plays; Intramuruls; Sociologj ' Club; 1 ' sycholog.v Club . . . JOEL IRMN COONIN: Baltimore, Sociologj-, H.A.; AKA; Vets Club; Dance Club; Hillel; Sociology Club . . . MARK DVVID COPLIN: Baltimore, Knglish, B.A.; Ti: I , HAE, I ' Hi:; Hillel; C.ipy Chief, Managing Editor, Uiamundbuck . . . LENSWORTII OTFREIX, JR: Bel Air, Zoology, B.S.; President, Vets Club; lA. ' cutive Council, SC.A. KOIIIKI W. C« 0 KR: Annapolis, History, B.A. . . . l ONAI.I l.l»% l{l CO ELL: Clen Burnie, Bacteriolog.v, B.S.; lAE, . () ri ( lul.; r.rrapin . . . JEAN ELIZABETH CRAWLEY: Baltimore iMiglish, B.A.; Canterbury Club . . . PHII II CTOItcr CIMXtk Mt. Rainier, Bacteriolog.v, B.S.; XM). ll lil.l. W. I KIIS: Wa-shiiigton, D.C., American Civilization. li.A.: (-). . . . NOKMV :iRTIS: Brandywine, English, B.A.; . ()II; Diarnondbuck; RiLsh Chairman, Secretary, AOH; Orchesis; Chairman ui Decoraticms, Sophomore Prom . . . SAMl EL l)ON l.l l»- l.l(» .0: Catonsvillc. P.sychology, MS W II I I M J MI DMtliOW : Ciimbcrlan.l,, B.A Id III 1.. nWID.sON: Washington, D.C., P.sychology, B.A.; M1 ' ; I ' .sychology Club; Hillel; Sociologj- Club . . . JOHN EISELE DAVIS, .|R: Fairlington, Va., A I Q; Psychologj- Club . . . FREDERK:K STANLEY DcMARR: Berwyn, C.overnment and Politics, H.. .; l. , OAK, MAE, Who ' s Who; Vice-President, Fre-shman Class; Vice- President, President, Canterbury Club; Sports, Photography, Managing l.ilitors, Trrrapin; President, HAE; Pershing Rifles; Advanced ROTC; ' I ' nisun r, SCA: President, ilX; Interfraternity Council IMIHIP .|U i;i ' H Mil ' MI.A: Baltimore, Zoologj-, B.S. (••NCKI I l)i I ' ll: I HO: Baltimore, Medical Technology, B.S. : i- ' AO; liitriinuirals; .Newman Club; Social Chairman, Margaret Bnnl : Secretary, i AO; Dean ' s Freshman Week Committee . . . .jOSKPH .JOHN DONEY, JR: Cden Burnie, Baclcriologj-, B.S BERN VRI) C. I)0 E: Wiushington, DC, Mathematics, B.S.; I-Hi; . . . KVrilERINE LEE DIKE: Clinton,, B.A.; AAH; Women ' s ( lioriLs; Clef Key; Newman Club; Dance Club; Daydodgers Club; Creational Writing Club. » LGA MARION IMMtVU: W ,-l,ini;i .i,. HC., B.A.; . 0 Yard Line Club «II UI.I MM III H KHY, JR: Ballim.ire, Pri-Lavv, B.A.; ACH . . . HELEN LI CILLE ECKHARDT: Brealhed.s- ville, Bacteriologj-, B.S.; AAA, i;A(), l M , Secretary, . . A; Canterbury Club; Cosmupnlil.m Club; Vice-President, Trejisurcr, 1 " A0; German Club . . Ml l(lt (». lil.KK: llagerstown. Economics, B.A. BETFY ELLIN: Baltimore, Psychologj-, B.A.; AE ; Women ' s Chorus; ( Icf and Key ; Vice-President, AE ; Cosmopolitan Club . . . BL NCHE I I I VIIIIH EMALA: Baltimore, Sociologj-, B.A; AZ llWII) II Midi l ENTLER: College Park, History, B.A.; Al ' l ' l» ID M. I I ' l ' KL: Baltimore, Pre-Dentistry, B.S. IIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIiW KAROLYN BETTY FARBMAN: Baltimore, Sociology, B.A.; Ai: ' l Dance Club; Sociology Club . . . DORIS (;AII, FEIMSTEH: M(. Rainier, Crime, B.A.; AP; Sociology Club . . . MAHY EM.KN FMItlO ; Washington, D.C., English, B.A.; AP . . . l AMi:i. M. FINN: Hiln- more, Pre-Med., B.S.; TE ; Intramurals. JOHN .STEVi AUr FI.M.AV, III: Arlington, a., liiological Sciences, B.S.; Advanced HOTC . . . MARTHA JANE FISHER: Princess Anne, Spanish, B.A.; Dance Club; ISA; BSU; Women ' s Chorus . . . ARTIU R JOHN FISTORI: Worcester, Mass., Economics, B.A NICHOLAS J. FOTOS: Annapolis, Physics, B.S.; AXA, IC l i:; Vice-President, K4 : Vets Club. Il |{in M. FKWKEL: Laurel, Zoology, B.S JOYCE EEEANORE FREDERICK: Wa,shington, D.C., Crime Control, B.A.; AZA, . KA, Footlight Club; Women ' s Chorus; Wesley Club; Treasurer, AE A; Sociology Club . . . HOWARD LAWRENCE GALLOW.VY: Baltimore, Physics, B.A. . . . HELEN L ;EI{VIS: Greenlielt, Sociology, B.. . BETTY (;ET : Hrl Air, Journalism, B.A.; llillcl: 1S. ; ( l l Lino: Cosmopolitan C:iub; Diamondback . . . I ' AYSON (;ErZ: Ikl Air, American Civilization, B.A.; TE ; I Ae; Hillel; President, I A(-) . . . GEORGE GEVAS: Baltimore, Pre-Med, B.S.; Vets Club; Daydodgers Club . . . JOYCE H. GIBBONS: Chevy Chase, Spanish, B.A.; AAA, AAA; Feature Writer, Diamondback; University Theatre Produc- tions; Clef and Key; . 11 Nations Scientists Study Group; Drama Director, WMUC. CHARLOTTE GILDEN: FRANCES (;ILL: Wishi Chorus; Daydoiigers Clul. Washington, D.C., ICngli.-ili Baltimore, Physics, B.S. s. i;nglish, B.A.; AE . . . MARY ' . Sociology, B.A.; AFA; Women ' s ( kib . . .JEANNE M. GIVEN: Ml KRE D IIK;0LDBERG: STEIMIEN IL (;()ODE:Takoma Park, English, B.A. . . . W . KELLER GORSLCIL JR: Baltimore, Psychology, B.A.; A. T . . . GORDON EDMFND (;KEEN: Takoma Park, Bacteriology, B.S.; i:AO . . . SFZANNE MACOMB GREENE: Washington, D.C., Journalism, B.A.; AZA; Canterbury Club; Riding Club; French Club; Diamond- back; Intramurals: Camera Club: S,,cial Chairnian, AZA. MARY RITH GRIFFIN: Baltimore, Speech, B.A .... (;ERALD EUGENE GROBLEWSKI: Nanticoke, Pa., Zoology, B.A. . . . ELEANOR GWATHMEY: Baltimore, History, B.A.; KKP, A0; Senior Editor, Terrapin; Panhellenic Council; Presbyterian Club; Religious Philosophy Club; Secretary, i A0; Intramurals; Red Cross . . . HARRISON P. HAGEMEYER: Washington, D.C., Speech, B.A.; AA, IIAE; News Editor, Diamondback; " M " Book; University Theatre; Feature Editor, WMUC. DORIS HARDER: Mt. Rainier, English, B.A.; KA; Canterbury Club; Intramurals; WRA; SAAC; German Club; Terrapin; Religious Philosophy Club; Secretary, Sailing Club; May Day Chairman; Copy Editor, Diamondback . . . BARBARA HAYS HARGRAVE: Wash- ington, D.C., American Civilization, B.A.; AOIT; Newman Club; Secretary, AOII; Intramural; Art Club; Diamondback; Red Cross . . . BETTY LOU HARMON: Baltimore, Zoology, B.S.; Intramurals; ISA; WRA Representative . . . ELEANOR J. HARRINGTON: Beriin Center, O., PoHtical Science, B.A.; KIvT, AAA, Ii:iA; Riding Club; Wesley Club; Diamondback; Cosmopolitan Club; Old Line; President, IISA; Historian, Senior Class; Registrar, Social C hairman, KKP; May Day Properties Chairman. mM, JWKT VULSON IIVKTLKY: Washington, DC, Bacteriolog.v, B.S.; XM) . . KOWI.I) F. HKKMANN: Baltimore, Law, B.A. . . . S. CHAULKS IIKMMING, 11: Salisbury, Transportation, (B.P.A College) B.S.; ATt2; Propeller Club; Intramurals, Vets Club . . . PATRICIA Jl NE HENDERSON: Riverdale, Sociologj-, B.A. ;i.OI l ( IIUJi.oriK IIKNKI.EMAN: Mt. Rainier, Crime Con- HA JO Ci; IIKNS: Silver Spring, Psychology, B.A. . . . IIKI.KN l{»)VHJN ; IIKRKHHU): Upper Marlboro, English, B.A.; IIB ' I-; Foot light Club Plays; Newman Club . . . ELEANOR M. ili ; ;ONS: CJreenwioh, Conn., Sociolog.v, B.A.; AP, Mortar Board, i Tlv. Treasurer, President, Canterbury Club; WKA; Treasurer, Sjphomore Class; Treasurer, Sociolog.v Club; Secretary, SGA; House President, President, AF; Freshman Wk. Comm; Student Religious Council. SHIRLEY ALICE HODGSON: Baltimore, Chemistry, B.S.; Cerman Club; Pros., ACS; Intramurals; Trail Club . . . JEAN MARIE HOFF: Hiiltimore, Sociology, B..A.; AAA; Footlight Club; I ' res., Dorm F.: I ' Mhliellenic Council; Chaplain, AAA . . , ELEANOR DOROIIiV liOPPE: Ilarrisburg, Pa., Spanish, B.A.;F J B, nTV.: House Pr.s . S, -., I ' I ' B; Intramurals; Riding Club; Spanish Club; VI5A: WRA l.,ii,r Award; Vice-Chairman, Red Cross; Treas., ITI!; ni;iin. iidl.;u ' k: May Day; Sec, Women ' s U-ague . . . RITII IIOUKOWI I : Newark, N.J., Economics, B.. .; i i;; Secretary, ' I ' ll. « III (HOC lltANG: Kunming, China, Pre-Mcd, B.S Kn III 1. 1.: Willow Spring, English, B.A.; F 1 ' B . . . ROKERl l o l l» III MIUKTSON: Barton, Speech, B.A. . . . ROBERT .MILLER III M : Wa. ' ihington, D.C., Mathematics, B.S.; Math Club: AFA. JEAN Y. IIIYETT: Hagerstown, Spanish, B.A.; AOIl; Spani-sh Club; ice-President. Lutheran Club . . . ALINE EMILY JOHNSON: . It. Rainier, French, B.A.; I ' B; Women ' s Chorus . . . :AR0L L. JOHNSON: Silver Spring, Crime Control, B.A.; Wesley Club; Phil- o.sophy Club . . . ALVIN L. JONES: New Freedom, Pa., Zoologj " , H.S. IIVKOI.It V. JONES: Wa.shinglon, DC, English. B.A. . I ' M I, .1. JONKS: Wa hin(;tnii. DC, Biological Sciences, B.S. . . . V» ALTER VKKM.FORI) JONKS: Baltimore, Engli-sh, B.A.;01d Line; Iniversity 111,;,!.. . KIIIKL HELEN JONGENEEL: Ro,ss, Calif., Psychology, n . IIB ' I ' . AAA, llAi:, Mortar Board, Who ' s Who; Editor, Diu- ■ nondbark. IIKLLN L. KVPLVN: Baltimore, Psy ' l " ' " Ky. H A : l ' i;S: S ciology Club; Psycholog.v Club . . . IRVING BERN KI K MM. N : Baltimore, Ztmlogj-, B.S.; Varsity Baseball; Intramurals DON I.I EDOl ARD KEENE: Wellersburg, Pa., Physics. B.S. . . . W ILLIAM F. KENKEL: llyattsville, Sociologj-, B.A.; Social Chairman, President, Daydodgers Club; Newmun Club; Vets Club. M RV KERSHAW: Catonsville, Soriolog.v, B.A; AZA . . . ARTlll R H. Kl (;: Berwyn, Sociologv-, B.A.; SX; Ba-fketball; Ba-seball: Irilra- iniir:,! lootball; Day lodgers Club; VeLs Club; Sociolog.v Club . . . ni(II.K Jl NE KITE: Harrisonburg, Va., Sociology, B.S. . . . H l(ll |{ JVNE KITZMILLER: Cumberland, French, B.A.; At 111; Lutheran Club; Kiding Club; Clef and Key. THOMAS KOHKKT KLKII: C.itluKc City, Zoology, B.S. . . . WALTKK .lOSKI ' Il kOIKKW S: lialtimoic, Chciuistiy, B.S.: ACS . . . KLOKKNCK AMELIA KKETCllNKK: Bultimoro, Sociology, B.A.; Old Line; Office Manager, Terrapin; Pies., Seivice-Womaii ' s Club; Sec, Vets Club; IRC; Instructor, Ballroom Dance Club; Soc. Club; Newman Club. . . BARBAKA CLAKK KLIIN: Silver Spring. Sociology, B.A.; IIB ' I ' ; AKA: NCwMian Club; Sociology Clul): Diamondback. KISSKLL MMUON Kl ' LSRLD: Rivn.l.ilc ; I ' hv.ics. B.S.; SOi: . . . ARNOLD M KL M): Baltimore, 1V . I„.1..i;n , HA. . . . FAITH MAKIV l. MI{|{ll)KS: Laurel, Kngli-I., S|,:ini-1.. IVychology, B.A. . . . llKKItl.KI ,| (:K LANGLNFKI.IH.K: HiliUHorc. Bre-Med, B.S. .MICHAEL WILLL M LANGELLO: Dcrl.y, ( ,uu.. Z. nl,,ny, U.S.: Band; Orchestra; Glee Club . . . ELLIOT KDW Vl{l I.MMN: Balti- more, Speech, B.A.; :i;AM; Footlight Club; llillil: Vice-President, President, DAM . . . ANNE LAW: Washington, D.C.. History, B.A.; AP . . . SOL LEISE: Elkridge, Physics, B.S. MARTHA G. LIKENS: Greenbelt, English, B.A.; KAe; Religious Philosoplu- Croup; VVRA; Freshman Committee; Secretary, Pan- hellenic Council . . . EDWARD A. LOOPER. JR: Baltimore, Pre-Med, B.S.; ATQ; Freshman, Varsity Lacro.s,se; Intrainvirals; Hidiiif; Club: Swimming Club . . . HOWARD HAHRIKS LOOS: Cluvy Chase. History, B.A.; KI . . . SHELDON LOSIN: Baltimore, Zoology, B.S.; TK l : ' lntramurals. RAYMOND H. LUND: Catonsville, English, B.A.; i;AE . . . JOAN MAHONEY: College Park, Sociology, B.A.; Xewman Club; Dance Club; Women ' s Chorus; Sociology Club . . . GRAFI ' ON F. MANGUM: Silver Spring, Chemistry, B.S.;AXA; Chemistry Club; Vets Club . . . JUNE MARGOLIN: Baltimore, Psychology, B.A.; ' Ki;; Psychology Club; Sociology Club; Hillel. GER.MAINE DELORES MARGOLIS: Cumberland, English, B.A.: AE , .AAA; Old Line; Dianiondback; Vice-President, Piesident, AE ; Senior Class Representative to Women ' s League . . . Ml RIEL MARK: Baltimore, Soeiologv. B.A,; AE ; Hillel; IRC; Sociology Club . . . RIlOW M l. MVRMER: Cambridge, History, B.A.; Hillel; WRA; lliC; WMI C: ( -s politan Club . . . RAYMOND N. MARQUART: Deniaresl, . .,J., I ' .sychology, B.A. HELEN BURWELL MARSHALL: Hyattsville, English, B.A.: AOIl: Canterbury Club; Dianiondback . . . MARVIN STANLEY MAX- WELL: Washington, D.C, Physics, B.S.; SOS; Mathematics Club . . . R.4LPH A. MAY: Richmond, English, B.A.; SAM; Vets Club; Re- corder, President, SAM; Interfraternity Council . . . JEANNE MILLER McBEATH: Atlanta, Sociology, B.A.; KKP; S . ' i(.loKy Club. MURRAY 1I(;I1AEL McCOLLOCH: Washington, D.C, Govern- ment and Politics, B.A.; AS , nSA,(l Hi;; Cheer Leader: Drum Major; Gymkana; Sec, Men ' s League; Fresh. Orientation k.; Hand; Vice- President, nSA; Capt. ROTC Band . . . PENKLOI ' K M.-DUFFIE: Riverdale, Sociology, B.A ETHEL ANN McGl IRE: Westenport, English, B.A DOROTHY ANN McMINN: Orange, N.J., Spanish, B.A.; KA; Riding Club; Intramurals; Sailing Club; Women ' s League. li ALICE VIK(;iMA MEASELL: Kensington, SooiologN-, B.A., r I B; lUC. Diamoiulback; Sociologj- Club . . . KUBEN A. MENDEZ: Santura, Puerto Uico, ZooIokv, B.S.; Newman Club; Cosmoi olitan Club . . . JAMCE MEKEDrril: Suitland, SociologN-, B.A.; V..S.S.F. Uepresentalive; Camera Cluli; Baptist Student Union; Sooiolopy Club . . . ANTHONY JAMES .MEl SIIA l ' : Baltimore, BaeterioloRx-, B.S.. Al ' ' l ' ; Social Chairman, House Manager, AiI I . | ( olt o l I Mil IMW: Baltimore, Arts-Law, B.A., TK I . . . jlHMII low MIII.KU: Silver Spring, Speeeli, B.A : AAA; National Culle);iale Players; Vice-Pres., Univ. Theatre; S,,-.. NatioMal Collegiate Players; Historian, Sceretary, AAA . . . M l{ IN Hl{ VN MILLEK: Ulverdale, Arts-Law, B.A. . . . NAOMI Kl III MII.I.EK: Washington, D.C., Speech-Drama, B.A., APA, WS, National Col- legiate Players; Kditor Music and Drama, Tcrrupiii; Footlighl; Cosinopr)litan; Modern Dance; Wesley Club; WSSK Drive; May Day Committees, ' 47- ' -l8; Women ' s Chorus; Housemngr., I ' niv. Theater; Senior Pan-Hell Hep., Viee-Pres., APA; VieePres., National Col- legiate Players. .IVMES AI,E VMH;|{ M I I » llll.l.: H.liiniorc, Covernment and Politics, B.A. . . . HOIU-iil I.. M I I ( lli:i.l.: La Plata, Covernment and Politics, B.A. ' I ' AH . . itttlUKI IMW VKI» MONTGOMEKV: Washington, D.C., Political Science, B.A., l ' Ki; . . . BASIL EIIIEHION MOOKE, JK: Annapolis, Arts-Law, B.A., TKK, A I ' Q; Canlcrbuiy Club; President, Vice President, German Club; Historian, (;i: H«;i-: i:. MOOUE: silver Spring, Chemistry, B.S., AXl . . . .l{ kXillKVN MOHAN: Betliesda, Government and Politics, HA. KKI ' : N(«iu:iii Club; Co.smopolitaii Club; Old Line: Junior i ' r.iiii ( ' (iiiiiiiiiicc; Corresponding Sec, Personnel C ' hairman, KKP . . . .| Mi;s 1 . M0I{ ;AN: Myersville, Psychology-, B.A. . . . KVKI. M. M(»|{«;i. SIKIN: Baltimore, Zoology, B.S.: Track Team; Diuinond- l lllllcl. MVKY ELI ABETII MOKLEY: Washington, D.C., English, B.. : Ballroom Dance Club; Newman Club . . . ANN MAKIE Ml KPIIY: Silver Spring, Speech, B.A. . . . JANE .MI " S(;R0VE: Clinton, North ( ' .•irolina. Government and Politics, B.. ., AZA; WUA; Old Line; Diuniondbuck; Social Chairman, Dorm C; Fresh. Wk. Comm.; Pres,, French Club; Pres., Cosmopolitan Club; College Board of Mademoiselle Magazine; Canterbury Club . . . WMAKTON A. NICHOLS, JK: Silver Spring, Zoologj " , B.S., lAE; ROTC Band; Student Band; Men ' s Le:igue. NOliM W H. NOKINSKY: Baltimore, English, B.A. . . . MMO IN NtMfWII .: Baltimore, Sociolog.v, B.A., IWM . . . VLEWNHIK N() K.K: Worcester, Miiss., BactcriologV ' , U.S., lAO; Varsity Fu(iil):ill, arsity Bo.xing; ISA; Veterans . ssociation . . . P.Al LINE C. OKE.N: Washington, D.C., Sociologj-, B.A., AKA; President, . KA. Wll I l M illilMON mii | : Wa.- hliigton, D.C., Zoologs " , B.S., ZBT M llllll»l l(.l l (»S NN: Chillum, Psyeliolog)-, B.A., AAII B l{B lt V .1. (»s| liiM KB: Silver Spring,, B.A., AOII . Pl.l I |{ r NUP()l i.U : Baltimore, Arts-Law, B.A. M l{l. ' N PVPI.H: ;i l.iiiKlon, DC, I.nglish, B.A., Pi;i:, AAA . . . .|(» l I ' ll WII.I.IVM r l{ V ATI. JK: Wa.shinglon, D.C., Sociology, li . A I LJ Vk II. I. i VM I). PAYNE: W:i.shington, D.C., Govern- minl i : Politics, I$.A BEITY .MARIE PEAKCE: Miami, Florida, Soeiologj-, B.A.; Club; LS. ; Christian Science Organization; Collegiate -l-H Club; Sociology Club. JKAN MMUi: 1 I.T )I.I): Silver Spring, Bacteriology, B.S. . . . IIAHUV IIIOMVS rilOKHlS, JR: Oriole, Pro-Law, B.A. . . . FKA.NCKS rOlXAKI): Washington, D.C., French, B.A., AAII; Junior Prom ( " ommittee; Cantcrliui-x Clul); French Club; President, ADII . . . ELIZABETH POWEKS: Washington, D.C., French, B.A., AAH; Sophomore Class Historian; I ' reshyterian Chili; French Club; CosmoiMilitan Club. ALKKKh PKVri ' : Sprin-firUl, X.J., Pre-Med., B.S. . . . ALICE M. PKI(;(; DKl MMOM): Wa.shington, D.C., Bacteriology, B.S., AF, i;AO; (iiTniau Clulj; Dayduagers Club; Veterans Club; Cosmo. Club . . . ANGELA UOLOKES PULEO: Baltimore, Zoology, H.S.; Newman Club; Cosmopolitan Club; ISA . . . JOHN KALPM PI KNELL: Salisbury, Speech, B.A.; Varsity Baseball; Football; Basketball; l adio Maryland. M VI.COI.M l{ |{| ( WI(:H:Baltimore, Pre-Med, B.S JOSEPH KVKOSK ' i, .)l{: llivrrdalc. Bacteriology, B.S., i:AO; Amateur Radio . . . I ' KMV l{ klN: Baltimore, Sociology, B.A., AKA; Hillel; Cosmopolitan Club; Sociology Club . . . JONAS R. RAPPEPORT: Baltimore, Pre-Med, B.S.; Drum L•ljor; Old Line Network; Co- Chairman, WSSF; Exec. Council, Ilillel; Vice Pres. President, Student HcliKioiis C.iuiK ' il; l ' h(.t()t;raphv StafT, Dianioii.ll.ark, Ol.l Miie. IVrrapin. ;KKVI.I) M. RASHBAUM: Baltimore, Zoology, B.S., ZBT; Social Connniilcc, .-Sophomore Class; Intramural Football, Basketball, Soft- ball, Tnirk: Hallv ( ' ..mmittee . . . FRED . UGUST RAWLINSON: Uarslow. (■;ililuiiii:i. Speech, B.A., i:X; Intramural Softball. Bask..|l)all: Senior I ' (•..nuiiitlce; Station WMUC; Camera Club . . . KATIIRVN M. KEA: Upper Marlboro, Fine Arts, B.A., AF; Canterbury Club; Var.sity Soccer, Basketball; Art Club; International Relations Club . . . JAMES L. READ: Frostburg, Zoology, B.S.; Maryland Christian Fellowship. P.VTRICIA REED: Glen Burnie, Psychology, B.A., KA,nAE; Student Lounge Committee; Riding Club; Diamondback; Fraternity-Sorority Editor, Terrapin; International Relations Club; Canterbury Club; Sophomore Prom Committee; May Day Committee; Secretary, Psychology Club; President, Sergeant-at-Arms, KA; Junior Prom Committee; Clef Key; Assistant Chairman, Religious Study Group; Freshman Week Committee . . . BERNARD MICHAEL REGES: Washington, D.C., Zoology, B.S., 2AE; Recorder, SAE . . . BERNARD FRANK RHODERICK: Frederick, Psychology, B.A. . . . EDDIE RIC.IIMJDS: Washington, D.C., Zoology, B.S. JANKI ' R. RK.IIVRDS: W ashiii«lc,ti, D.C., Psychology, B.A., OB ; Dance Chil) Onli.sis: W nniiiis ' Cluirus; International Relations Club . . . VLHKRI ' KINNKH: Gicns ,,, German, B.A.; German Club; ISA . . . IIAKRV W. KOHIt: Washington, D.C., French, B.A. . . . MAXINE LOl ISK ROBERTSON: Westernport, French, B.A., AOII; French Club, Dance Ckib. CARLVLE F. ROBINSON: New York City, Speech, B.A.; Intra- murals; Vice IVcsident, Sergeant-at-Arnis, . ssni ' iatiiin of Veterans; Homecoming Dance Committee . . . SHI ' .ILV ROCKWOOD: Silver Spring, Speech, B.A., KA . . . JOHN ROM N : I )uiin,.ire. Pa., Physics, B.S. . . . PHILIP E. ROSENBERG: Hallinimr, Psychology. B.A., ZBT; Riding Clulj; Psychology Club; F,.otliglil Club. MALCOLM JAY ROSENTHAL: Baltimore, Government and Politics, B.A., A; Varsity Football; Varsity Basketball; " M " Club; Sports Editor, Dianiondback; Intramural Basketball, Softball . . . CARLTON E. ROXBROLGH, JR: Greenl.clt. C.vcn.ment and Politics, B.A., KA; Freshman Football . . . CIIKISI ' IW RIDES: Paterson, X.J., Speech, B.A., E I 2; Religious CIuIj Sccietary; ISA; Dorm C House Committee; Cosmopolitan Club . . . LAWRENCE DONALD SARUBIN: Baltimore, Zoology, B.S., ZBT. if } t zf V ILLIAM GEOKGE SCHAKPF: Baltimore, Chemistry, B.S., K1 " , AXil; German Club; Riding Club; Vice President, American Chemistry SiHiety; Treasurer, AXil . . . LILLIAN SOMA SCIIER: Washington, D.C, Knglish, B.A.; House President, Dorm F; Riding Club; Cos- mopolitan Club; Womcns I -ague; Orchesis; University Theatre; Radio Maryland . . . BARBAKA ANN SCHMALL: Reistei-stowii, 1 ' syeholog.v, B.A., AAA; President, Treasurer, Psychologj- Club; S.H-ial Chairman, AAA . . . CLIFFORD W. SCinilTZ, JR: Brooklyn. N.V., IClectrical Hngineering, B.S. (College of Kngineering) : JN ' Rilii ' T.M ii: AIKK; Buskclball. IIKKMW «asi SCIIROKDKR: Washington, D.C, Sociology, 1! . lOWNK M. SC.Ori: (ireenbelt, Knglish, B.A., AEA; Band; I »ic-liestra; Newman Club; lliunioiiilbut-k; Terrapin; Assistant Trciusurer, AEA . . . MARV IJVKNKS SKVI.OCK: Sperryvillc, Va., Alts-Law, B.A., AiA; Prcsiili nt. Ann.- Arundel Hall; Intramurals; Canterbury Club; Womens League; (iueeii Committee, Autumn Carnival . " . . l)e WITT R. SEARLES: Jacksonville, Fla., English, HA. HA! ' :; Reporter, . .s.sistant News Kditor, Feature Ed itor, Diu- ...o.i.lba. ' k. VMKL ;. SIIALOWITZ: Baltimore, Speech, B.A.; Freshman iicrosse; Clef and Key, Intramurals; Football; Autumn Carnival; .uro. . . . (: ROL LF.E SHAW: Maywood, N.J., Zoology, B.S. W ILM IIVN ' llin.l : i;:ust Orange, N.J.,, B.A., All IIMii; llol It! N: Baltimore, Speech, B.A. W HHI N Ni i(H li N|| ||{: Takoma Park, Bacteriology, B.S. Hl{ W l l{l-; MMI ' SON: Havre de Grace, Government and ' .. uu , B.A.; Advanced RoTC; Intramural Football . . . BONITA KV ' IIIRYN SINGLETERRY: Washington, D.C, Speech, B.A., I ' K; IV.pii.-il Student Union . . . ELAINE SKURNIK: Baltimore, Sociology, K.A., Ai; l ; Co.smop ililan Club. W VI.IF.U SL MN: College Park, Physics, B.S. . . . CAROLYN I ' MKICK SMITH: Wiishington, D.C, English, B.A., IIB ' I ' . IIAK; irr I ' li-.sidenI, Cosmopolitan Club; W.R.. .; Canterbury Club; ()r- (■•inizalions ICditor, A,ssociated Editor, Terrapin; Freshman Elections C.immittee; Orchesis; Historian, Social Chairman, !1B I . . . M.VRY PATRICIA SMITH: Takoma Park, Psychology, B.A., KKP, . WilA, Mortar Board; Historian, Freshman Class; President, Secretary, Ciismopolitan Club; Vice President, . i A; May Day Decorations Committee; Trea.surer, Womcns I..eague; Junior Prom Committee; Chairman, National Symphony Drive; Vice President, Mortar Board; I ' reshman Week Committee; President, Rush Chairman, KKP . . . MASON PAIL SMITH: .Milchellville. Pre-Me.l. U.S.; ISA; Canter- bury Club; (ierman Club; Ballroom Dance Club; Intramurals; Psy- chology Club. III.KHKKI M KSII I.I. SIMIMI.U: Hillimore, Zoology, B.S., AEH: ai.-ily Tia.k. llill.l, W.MIC . . . ItKKNICE Z. SPIRE: Baltimore, Psychology, B.A., ' Ml . . . REGINALD B. STABLER: Washington, D.C, Physical Sciences, B.S EVA STEIN: Sali. ' bury, Bacteriology, HS. I li:. AAA, I ' AO; Band Picnic. UK ll l !) J. SI II. LING: Washington, D.C, History, B.A. . . . lilKKIIM l.i: M»i:i{ SKUCK: Washington, D.C, Zoology, H .- . Tl. ' l ' MMtUN JOHNSON STINTZ: Beltsville. Speech, H.A.. Al ' ; C.ll.gial.- Players . . . JOSEPH (;. SULLIVAN: Marvland Park, Arts-Law, B.A,: Daydodgcrs Club. Kl I II l II: KM - NEIL TABOR: Baltimore, Arts-Uw, B.A. . . more, History. B.A., Ae; President, AH iVYLOR: Baltimore, Zoology, B.S., Hl . ROTC;; Hille Team; ROTC Band; Orchestra . . . JEAN MARIE IHOMAS: Baltimore, Chemistry, B.S., IIB . CAROLYN ANN TIIOMI ' SON: GuKporf, Miss., Speech, B.A., HB ; Circulation Staff, l)iainoii ll uck; Footlight Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Honor Guard, May Day Court; Psychology Club; Assistant Pledge Supervisor, Vice President, IIB I . . . DOKIS ANN TIIOMI ' SON: Washington, D.C., Art, B.A.; Art Club; Daydodgcrs Club RICHAKl) DAVID THOMPSON: I.utherville, I ' rc-I.inv. HA : Manager, Track Team; ISA . . . JOHN KOI NDS IIIXJIIM N : Salisbury, Zoology, B.S.; Student Hand; Wesley Club. NORA PAl ' LINK TOPALIAN: Washington, D.C., Speech, B.A.; Baptist Student Union , , . JKAN TKAVKKS: Baltimore, Psychology, B.A.; Wesley Club; S.xiology Club; May Queen ' s Court; Umm- President, Margaret Hrrnt ; Freshman Week Committee . . . MARTIN WILLI M IKLIIJKH: Hillimore, Zoology, B.S. . . . WILLIAM 15. Tl ' KMMLKR: College Park, Chemistry, B.S., AXS; Student Afhiialcs of American Chemist rv Society. JOHN MICIIVKl. MCNDITTI: Baltimore, Zoology, B.S. . . . CIIVKLLS M. NKRNAY: Baltimore, History, B.A. . . . FKANCKS MARIK II,I. RF.I ' : Washington, D.C., Fine Arts, B.A., ::K; Art Club; Dance Club; Womens Chorus . . . CAROL ROMAINE VON WALLENSTEIN: Towson, Psychology. B.A. MELVIN S. W VCHS: Baltimore . . PMIL Baltimore, Sociology, B.S. . . . CHARLES 1 Xewington, Conn., Biological Science, B.S. . WARD: Hockville, Physics, B.S., SHS. i M w ;nei{: OR V AHLHERi;: ALFORI) LEKOV GEORGE C. WEARE: Washington, D.C., History, B.A. . . . HI BERT F. WERNER: Camden, X.J., Bacteriol,)gy, B.S., i:N . . . HELEN ODETTE WERNER: Hyattsville, Bacteriology, B.S.; Womens Chorus; Canterbury Club; Daydodgers Club . . . JANET D. WILLIAMS: Perryville, Sociology, B.A.; Home Economics Club; Weslev Club; Sociology Clul). . Psvchol. . B.A.. XX . HARItARA D.C., Sociology, B.A. RALPH PAl L(;. W ILSON: Hi, I JEAN WIN(; TK: V.-,sl,.,,„ , „. ., „. FRANKLIN WISKM N : W ashington, D.C., Bacteriology, B.S., HAG; Veterans Club; I ' lvsidrnt, r. ( ) Baltimore. Psychology, B.A.; P VLMA ANN WOJCIECHOWSKI; chologv Club GERALDINE FRANCES WOLFE: La Vale, General Sciences, B.S.; International Club; Wesley Club . . . BORIUE WOOD: Canton, Georgia, Sociology, B.A., AAA; Sociology Club . . MARGARET ELIZABETH WOOD: Takoma Park, Spanish, B.A.; Spanish Club; French Club; Secretary, Chess Club . . . ISABELLE MARIE WRIGHT: Washington, D.C., Economics, B.A.; Newman Club. WILLIAM ;. WROE: Keisterstown, Criminology, B.A., (-)X . . . ERNEST S. VANIGER: Baltimore, English, B.A. . . . CIIVRLES MLRRAY YOST: Baltimore, History, B.A. . . . VRNOI.D .. ZERIVITZ: Baltimore, Pre-Law, B.A. ■™!2iU i n Business and Public Administration J. K.....MK .. IM - Dean ol I In- CoIIoki- Tlio Collofio of Biisiiipss and I ' lihlic (lniiiiisliiili(.ii «illi rls ari.l Sciences, ils slriirlunil sil)lini;. rcfiislers lulfof Ihr shidrnls ,,r Ihc I nivrisilx. While llio Arts ■,uu S. ' i. ' iK ' rs cniollniciil v,- u:unri .unshnil. IIh ' .■nn llnM ' ' I ' .nsinrss luid I ' ulili, ' diniinsl ml i,,n in.-iv:,srd h l , hiindivd Ihis ,Mr. Dr. I)udlc Dillald «as l„.n Hvd l. s,tn; as a leave of abseiuc Mar la,id. His 1 k nn Kancs. till ' Mrifilisli ecoiioiiiist, was puhlisliid in Ihr tall. The ( Irojirapliy Department of Ihr ( ' .ullri. ' i ' has undi ' ilakcn lliree contracts with Ihr iiii Map Service, Quartermaster Di isliin. Il has inadr nialriial progress on a world atlas: the ((iinpilalidn of an alhis of the Far Kast is being supervised 1) I )r. I In. Local gi.Nrrninenl arlirles ha e been issued through the Pxirean of I ' nblir Adininislialii.n. The College itself has been h.isl In main slal. ' meetings including the secretaries .,f Mar land Junior Chambers of Cominerce and eoimlx assessor grouiis. Business and i ublic Administration welcomed sc eral new professors during the year: Dr. Lionel Thatcher, head of the Department of Business Organization and Adminislralion; Dr. James Cook, associate professor of Marketing: Assistant Professor Thomas McHugli, Business Adminislralion. Dr. Allan (iriielix, professor of I ' .conomics, took a second seineslei academie lease lo write on British economx. Dr. Beiiben Sleinmexer. professor of Govern- ment and Polilies, will g luirope in the fall. Ku-ii.. " l ' .P V Or. I.M.iiil I ltii .iius»4 OrK Viliiiinistratio Id. ...1 i!..i i.,n ELLIS ABEL: Baltimore, Accounting, B.S.; BAT . . . KHANCIS A. ARD: Elizabeth, X.J., Accounting, B.S. . . . NOIOLVN L BAEK: Baltimore, Marketing, B.S.; Vets Club; Intramural Soflball: Tennis; Treasurer, Marketing flub. ELK.ANOK L RK)N BALLINGEK: Kiverdale, Business Adminis- tialioM, H.S.; Davdodgers Club; Red Cross; ( l«! Line; Terrapin; Canterbury Club; " Biding Club . . . EDMOM) W. BASTEK: Green- belt, Industrial Administration, M.S.; ' els Cluli; Intramurals; Newman Club; Proctor . . . DAVIII .]. BECKEK: Taknnia Park, Accounting, U.S.; Davdodgers Club; Vets Club; .Newman Clul . . . KOBEIM ' B. BELL: Alexandria, Va., A( -ounling, U.S. MEI.MN BKMIKK: Track: Clef and Ke} Damascus, Financial BE NIN(;T()N: Che MMIIl |{ CLVKEX; ti..ri, H,S. g. B.S.; ZHT; ( l l Line: lm ih;e BENNEI I : S HOBEBI I.. vU, Mm BEi«; I.Ol IS S. BKKin : Silwr S|uing, Foreign Service, B.S.; French Club: Hiding Club UHIN BE EUII) ;E: Chevy Chase, Transportation, B.S.;AXA . . . KOBEUr ». BKiELOW: Upper Marlboro, Trans- portation, B.S.; :iX; Diamoiidback; Terrapin . . . RICHARD B. BLACKWELL: Arlington, Va., Transportation, B.S.; X; Sgt.-at- . rms. Freshman Class; Freshman Ti ' imis: President. IIX: Iriler- fraternity Council; Captain, KOTC. ■;i!M:sr IIOWKEK: Plverdide, Accounting, U.S.; HAT, CII |{LES l{. lUtWIAEK: W :i liington, D.C., Accounting, ,) (:K BKEVMKCtN: (iinibe, l:,„d. Personnel, B.S.; Vets . CIIVKLES SlIELUON BKESLER: Washington, DC. i,g. B.S.;TM . ENKRVKO IUDLEV BKISC.OE: Prinei Frederick, .Marketing, H.S.; .VI ' O . . . NOU.M.VN LOl ' lS BROWN: Washington, D.C., Marketing, B.S.; :;;X; Vets Club; Interfraternity Council; Vice-Pre-sident, SX . . . ROBERT STEWART BROWN: Bethesda, Marketing, B.S.; ATQ; Track; Terrapin . . . M. I ' .VTRICIA BROWNIN(;: Germantown, (iener.-d, B.S.; F I B; BFi:: Wesley Club: U : International Relatiotis Club; Bed Cross. THOMAS M VIN Bl RBAC.E: B.S.; ' I ' AH; Interfraternity Tre;i HOWARD Bl RNSIDE: ll ali- SX,IIA1 ' ., .VI ' LJ; Track ;Trca,- .,(:. ind, X.Y., Foreign Trade, .p. ' ller Club . . . WALDO iiiiiel Administration, B.S. ; ( lul); Circulation Man.ager. Terrapin; Secretary, IX . . . CHARLES L. BURTON: BaltinioK , Accounting, B.S.; KA; Vets Club; Secretary, KA . . . ROBER ' i ' W . CALLAHAN: Catonsville, Marketing, B.S.; KA. WILLI M IIENRV C.M.LWNW: . lt. H.iinier, Accounting, B.S.; Al ; Vets Club; Canterbury Club; Intramurals; Propeller C ' lul : Chaplain, Treasurer, AS ; Old Line . . . MALCOLM ALEXANDER CAMPBELL, JR: Baltimore, Economics, B.S.; KA, OAK, OAF; National Collegiate Players, Tio ' s Who; Freshman Football; Intra- murals, Vice-President, Footlight Club; Presbyterian Club; AFA; V ' ets Club; Vice-President, National Collegiate Players; Vice-President, Senior Class; Football Announcer . . . WILLIAM A. CASTEEL: Oakland, Marketing, B.S.; AA; Propeller Club; Secretary, AA; Mar- keting Club; Society for the Advancement of Management . . . ST.4NLEY IRVINC ClURLOW: Baltimore, Marketing, B.S.; ZBT: Hillel; Vets Club. f£££ P IL n. (.HIKCH: MiUington, Transiwrtation, B.S.; Propeller {•Iul. . . . JIKKUKKT K. C.LAKK: Mt. Rainier, Iiulustrial Relations, 15..S.;HX;.S(al.liarduiKl Blade; Traek; Soeeer; " M " Book. . .THOMAS :. COCIIKANE: Washington, D.C., Industrial Management, B.S.: ' I ' Ki:; Si-abbard and Blade . . . ALVIN .MAXVIELL COHEN: Bahi- iniirc. Marketing, H.S.: TIM ' , IIAIC; Art ICditor, Old Line; Vets Club; rt flub: Ililli-I: Diain.Mi.llKK ' k. II H t| l UIIIN: Baltimore, Aciounting, U.S.: -I ' lir I 1 W 1 (.1111 I nil (.Ut)K: Aiinapoli.s, Accounting, B.S. . . . JOHN I ' Vl I. ( »»l KSON: ' (ireenbelt. Marketing, B.S. . . . UONAU) HE.NKV ( Vri.W: Baltimore, (ieneral Business, B.S.; I ' AM; Intramurals; llillcl, Trcneli Club; Riding Club; Psychology Chib. C.I.EO CAI.VIN CrSTEK: Herk ley Springs. W. Va., .Marketing. U.S.; Wesley Club . . . JOSEPH SINDEKI.VM) HWIS: Wa.sliington, D.C., Personnel Administration, U.S. . . . l)Or ;LAS WADE DEITKICK: Chevy, Accounting, B.S.; ATti; Jr. Board of C.mimerce . . . JOHN EHWAKI) .IcKOWZAN: Creenbelt, -Marketing, U.S.; KA; Krcshn.-o. Vn. tlii,.j l.„n,. ,. -,,sii, |-,.,.il,.,ll: Nc wnian Club. I |{ N( Is now M!l 1)1 lil MIU: ( iiMibcrland, Accounting, B.S.: •Mil ... II mi «,. l i»W : (.anicn City, L.I., N.V., Transportation, U.S. ; l rA, Who ' s Who; l ' re.sident. Men ' s Ix-ague; President, Propeller Club; Ch:iirm,in. Dormitory Council; St!A; Inlrnmural . thletic CnUMcil KOHr.UT I.. I)I KE: College Park, . ceounting, U.S. .| ( K I l) IN hultolS: WMsliinglon, DC, Foreign Trade, B.S. UOIUU I I . KiiHOSK: Baltimore, Economics, B.S.; H. : Intramurals; l,.ii Ki.-.-c; ii Chil.; I iiiintation Committee; Old Line; Sgt.-at-. rms, (-). . . . ilH;il W |{I 1.N EASTER: Wiushington, D.C, General, B.S. NEM. J. EhW I{I S: Mcthcsda, Marketing, B.S.;i:. . . . SIDNEY I It IIM;I : Wa. liingl..ii. D.C. Accounting, B.S. STEPHEN |{. EI.MNS: College Park, Kon ign Service, H.S.; H. Intramural.-; ISA.. (Wmian Club; Canleibury Club . . . KENNEI II (;E0I (;E E.MEKY: Washington, D.C., Accounting, B.S.; BAT. Mil, President, B.VP . . . ELEANOK CLXIKE ENNIS: i::isl Orang. . .1 Secretarial, B.S. AP; Trail Club; Canterbury Club . . . HENH . I l{( »I.E, JK: Baltimore, Business Education, B.S.; AXA; Dia- k: Newman Club; Glee Club; Vets Club; Casmopolitan Club IN(.I.M NOUMW I liltl.l.l.: Palcr.son, N.J., .Marketing, B.S.; l. ; Newman Club; ets Club; ' ice-I ' re.sident, Junior Clas.s; Secretary, 1 " N; Vice-President, Rep. Senior Cljuss Men ' s I.,eague; Propeller Club; . n crii-aii Marketing Club; Intramural Football; .V.sst. Boxing Manager . . ROHEKT T. KAl (;HT: College ]»ark. Marketing, B.S.; ATIi; Freshman .Soccer; Vel.s Club; Intramurals; Otierbein Club ... ;. EIM; U KISIIEI.. IK: Monkton. Accounting, B.S. . . . JOSEPH H. Eli .PVIKK K. lU: ,rccnbell. Marketing, li.S.; IN; Varsity M:,s,.|,: ll PMESTON K. ri.Olllt: Ww Ridge Summit, Pa., Accounling. B.S.; 1 l I IIOM s r. |(»|,EV. J»: Washington, D.C, Accounting, HS I |{ Nk ( IIVKI.ES FOU.STEK, JK: Baltimore, Personnel, U.S.; l. ; Proctor; Intramurals; Red Cross Drive; Treasurer, SGA; Freshman Orientation . . . NORM N ROSS FOSTER: Baltimore, I ' inanoial Management, B.S.; TKIO; Treasurer, TKE. AA J. FI!IKI : B.iliiin.)n.. Armiuiliiig, B.S.;TE I , BAH " , BPS . . . AI.MN ItKN.IVMIN IKIKOMW: Hrentwooil, .Marketing, B.8. . . . DO.NALI) WAKI) FILTON: Uockwooti Sellman, Industrial Administration, B.S.; i;AL;, BA ' l ' ; Pershing Uifies, Ck f and Key . . . RALPH GIES: Crownsville, Aeeounting, U.S.; AXA; Secretary, Treasurer, Viec-President, AXA: President, Sophomore Chiss; Men ' s Chorus: Men ' s Leaiiue: Newman Chil.; Inlerfralernily C.uneil. KI.IZAKKTII .FKAN ;IKSK: H.dlinmrr, I ' ersoimel, IVS.: AZA: Cosmopolitan Club: Canterbury Club: l»ia.....mll)a.-k . . . IKMN GOMrKKCIIT: Washington, D.C., Marketing, B.S.: 1AM: Hidint: Club: Intramurals; Psycholog.v " Clul) . . . SKYMOl K M. ;« l I.l : Baltimore, A -eounting, B.S.; ISA; Vets Club: IliUel . . . KOUKIM ' KMOKV (iHAlXEY: Severna Park, I ' ersoiuicl. HS.: iJX: Varsilv Basketball: Canterbury Club; Sailing Club; liiiramurals: fniversilv Ba.lmiiiloM Champion; Rush Chairman, 1 . orcit;n Trade, H. ;i{ ssMi(;k: Hi |{ VM(»M) I.. ;|{ M: Hivcr.l.l,, Propeller Club . . . CIIKSTKK IMIII. Marketing, B.S.; KA, llAi;: Pr Her Club; Treasurer, llAl ' .: Ad- vertising Manager, Diamomll.aok . . . SIDNKV . CKAVBK l,: Hoslvn Heights, N.Y., Transportation, B.S.; IX, BPi;; Clef and K.y Propeller Club; Intramurals . . . 1KVIN(; GKEKNBKKG: Ballinioic Market Administralicm, B.S.; TE : House Manager, TF. 1 . WII.I.IAM .1. (.UKV: Arhngton, Va., Personnel Administration, B.S.; i: E . . . ROBERT MICHAEL GROG AN: Dundalk, Personnel, B.S.; WX; Varsitv Tennis; Secretary, 0X; President, Vice-President, Newman Club; Vets Club; Old Line; " M " Club . . . SALVATORE J. (;r l{l 0: Newark, XJ., Marketing, B.S.;AXA; Assistant Lacrosse Manager . . . IIOWAHl) L. GlIGEL, JR: Baltimore, In- dustrial Managemenl, H.S. ; I ' N; Track: Intramural Football; " M " Club. I ll . (UTHERIE: Berwyn Heights, Accounting, B.S.; BA ' F; 1 ' roi.eller ( ' lub . . . JAMES E. HAINES: Baltimore, Industrial Manage- ment, B.S. . . . ROBERT PHILLII ' II 1NF.S: Washington, D.C., Marketing, B.S.; -KK; Intranuuals; I )av.lo,lgers Club; ROTC; President, I i;K . . . ROBERT CH KLFS n lNSW()KTH: Bethesda, A.lminislralion, B.S., Davdndgcrs Club. WILLLVM W. HALLIUAY: Baltimore, Economics, B.A.; KKV; University (ilee Club; ROTC Band; Footlight Club; University Band; President, Orchestra : Presbyterian Club; Clef and Key; Secretary, KK I ' ; Vice-Pic- ident, Student Mu.sical Activities Conunillee . . . WILLIAM VtALTER HANDS: Baltimore, Foreign Service, H.S.; International Relations Club . . . ROBERT W. HVNSKN: Cleii Burnie, Transport al ion, U.S.: Freslun.a n Football; (Ilee Club . . . CHARLES W. IKRTSOE: ConnuiiiKo. . ,vouiit inn. H.S. NMNFM ID ItVKFIt ll KW ltl -etsClub: Intramurals: SochtS,, 1 AH; Canterbury Club: Propell. ' i Clinic RTHl R C. IIEISE: C.HVRLES E. HENDRICK: Phi WX . JOHN KDW VHDIIKSS: Rifles. ' I A(- ad: 11, .use Manager, ' in Club; Marketing nting, B.S.;KA. . . dministration, B.S.: eting, B.S. : Pershing .lOIIN O. IIESSI.KR: Wa. hington, D.C., Accounting, H.S. . . . JOHN .lOSEIMI IIIBBITS: CireenbeU, Marketing, B.S.; Track; " M " Club; Marketing Club . . . WILLIAM L. HOFF: Cumberland, Office Manage- ment, B.S.; SX; Sgt.-at Arms, Vice-President, President, Vets Club; Manager, Boxing Team; Latch Key . . . JAMES L. HOFFMAN: Baltimore, Transportation, B.S. ; SX; Secretary, President, Latch Key; Vice-President, Propeller Club; Interfraternity Council. PC 1 PIL P P imi, !ii ' I L, iiimme maamBmk ll RVEY STRICKLEK IIOKSKV. II: Kiistoii, Accounting, B.S.; Iiitranmral Sports . . . 1KM (; H. IIOKN. JK: Baltimoro, Trans- portation, B.8.; Ban.l; Clef a.ul Key; Propeller Club . . . EDWAKl) JOSEPH HOY: Silver Spring, Kconomics, B.S.; Vets Club; Dav- . lodgers Club . . . HAKKY ROE HLCHES: Denton, General, B.S.; -i : Bas,.|,all: JV Basketball. .|OII |{(»ltM(»N lit (.lli;S: Ibirlari. Ky., Foreign S -rvice, B.S. . . . MII.TON l.(»l Is II.C.IM nil .: Maltini.ire, Accounting, B.S.; l nr; lill; BA ' |- I Kill MOItroN ISVVC: Baltimore, Accounting, M.S.; I ' . . ( II Vi(l.i:s II. .1 I;«;KS: Creenbelt, Personnel, B.S.; AA: Pnipcller Club: Society for flic . ilvancctnent of .Man:igcment ; Hush A. . JAMES IIIOMXS KI (;ilKI.I J MISO : Baltimore I 1,1 Will. M; M;| : Ballimorc, Transportation, B.S. . . lOIIN W. M; .|;|{: Washinglon, D.C., . ccounling, B.S.; Bund . . ;i:o|{(;E henry KIDWELL: Wuslungton, D.C, Transportjilion B.S. : l.X; Duydodgers Club; Vets Club; Intramural Sports; I ' ropellei Club; Interfraternity Council; Vice-President, SX; Canterbury Club WII.I.UM i:. klNC: llag.-rslown, Financial A.lmini.stration. B.S.; . TU; Cl.f and Key; Vets Club . . . .MMJI.IN «;. MHKOUIW: B:iltimorc, Financial Administration, B.S. I! l I ' ll I Kl I IN : l; I Air, Financial Administration, B.S.; TE I ' . l I l!l It M I IN M : Baltimore, .Vccounting, B.S.; AKU. UOItl.B I .1 Wll s KKI IINBItINK: H..ltiniore, . larkiling, B.S. . . . KOHEUr I.VIHKR klNkl.l.: Balliinon-, Personnel .MamigemcTil, li S.; HX; Newman Club; Frcsbinan Football . . . DONALD J. KIR ,: r.ikonia Park, U.S.; Kl . . . VHI.I.I M II. LAKE: Betliesda, K KS.; HX. Ullltl l{l I ' M LI.VM;: Allendale, Fla., Il.-onomics B.S... lioltl |{| I.. I. M I LEY: Cumberland, Accounting, B.S.; B.V ' F . . . T. Ill M »» l.llill: Sil ver Spring, Accounting, B.S. . . . LEROY M.l{ () LEON: Baltimore, Foreign Trade, B.S.: AI ' P: .Vl ' ti: Wnsilnm S.|ii ,.| .1 l k II.UNI K: Hall imori ' . Statistics, B.S. ; French Club . KOIll H I I.KWI : Trans|K)rtalion, B.S.; Ti: I ; Rifle; li.u..i.iiir:,ls; liack Team; Tennis Team . . . SAMIEL J. LMIOMMEIMH : Washington, DC, . dmini.strntion-I,aw, B.S 11 U IW MOR r() I IIH) MT : Baltimore, General, B.S.; Circulation .Manager, l»ia- ommhII.... k; Pershing Rifles; Old Line; Vice-Pros., Judo Club. VLEWNDER JOHN LIPSKE, JR: W.ashington. DC. Aconniing, US: W.: BAT: Pershing Rifles . . . VULI.HM I, in I, ETON: Baltimore, B..S.:«1.AH; Social Chairman, ' I ' AH . . . HENH;NO LOPE : Puerto Rico, Geography, B.S. ; .Vl ' ti; BallriKim Dance Club; French Club . . . CHARLES SHERMAN LOICKS: W.i.shington, DC, Industrial M.inagement, B.S. WILLIAM FRANCIS LOWK: Baltiinoic, AccountiiiK, B.S.; TKE; Secretary, TKE . . . ALICE SYLMA r KA EL LYNCH: Wash- ington, h.C, f!rof;nipliy, B.S. . . . I VII) A. M.-NAMEK: Hcnvyn, General, B.S |(HIN M. M.-SIIVNK: Silver Spring. TraMsp,,rta- tion, B.S. CIKHLKS y . MVnnOX: Glen Burnie, Transportation, B.S.; KA . . . I ll) M. M ;vrilA : Washington, D.C., Industrial Ad- M.iiii lialinn. B.S IIKl.KN A. .MAIIANEY: Baltimore, Soerotarial, B.S.; IK; l.ullieran Club; Uianiomlback; Intramural Sports; Women ' s Chorus; Secretary, Historian, Registrar, i;K . . . PETEK AN TIION ' M.VJ.VNE: Baltimore, Financial Management, B.S. JOEL L l{GOLIS! Baltimore, General, B.S.; TE ; APS; Ilillel; I ' ropeller Club . . . W.ALLACE A. MAKSIIALL: Washington, D. C., Public Administration, B.S.; t SK . . . CHARLES W. MARTIN: Takoma Park, Transportation, B.S.; Proctor; Presbyterian Club; ProiiellerClub; Westminster Fellowship . . . JOHN A. MASLIN: Port Chester, X.Y., Accounting, B.S.; SX; Canterbury Club; International Relations Club; C.- mopolitan Club. KDW l{l) MVTI ' IIKWS: Xorlnlk, V:i., Accounting, B.S.; i;X,()AK, B.Vr, Wlu. ' .s Who; I ' re.- ident, OAK; Treasurer, i:X; S(!A; Vice- President, Xewni. ' in Club; Co-Chairman, Homecoming and . utuMin Carnival; President, Vice-President, " M " Club; Captain, Track . . . ROY FREDERIC. MATTHEYtS: Baltimore, Economics, B.S.; i:X: French Club; Spanish Club; ( ' lieiiii ii Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Pledge Class Pres., SX . . . AI.W II (.INK MAYER: Annapoli.s. General, B.S.; SX; HAE;, Tiv.iMuer, SX; Interfrateniity Council; Business Manager, Old Line; WSSF Representative . . . SAMl EL MORRIS MERWITZ: Baltimore, Accounting, B.S.; I A; Intramural Sports. GERALD HOWARD MILLER: Uockville, Transportation, B.S. . . . ! L JINE MM.LKR: Hager.-.toun, Personnel, B.S.; AAA;BrS; I K ; Vets Club (.Secretary); Secretary, President, Servicewomen ' s Club; Instructor, Ballroom Dance Chib; Hi.liiiK Club: Xewmaii Club; Bowling Team; Radio Club . . . WILLI VM I ' . MILLER: Greenbell, Accounting, B.S.; ATQ . . . FRANK MILLIIAISKR: Baltimore. General, B.S. ; TIM ' ; Track. ROUKKT II. MONAH. N: Philadelphia, Pa., Achuinistration, B.S.; H. . . . WILLIAM F. M0R(;A : Cristicld, General Busine.s.s, B.S.; ex . . . WALTER FRANKLIN MORROW: Baltimore, Economics, B.S JAMES C. MYERS: Taneytown, Marketing, B.S.; 2AE; Student Band; .Marketing Club; Society for Advancement of Manage- RORLKT W. NELSON: Summit. . ..(., lO ' .m.imics. B.S |OIIN RICHARD NEWM.VN: Greenbelt, Industrial Management, B.A.; I A0; Lacrosse . . . WILLIS JAMES NOLAN, JR: Chevy Chase, Accounting, B.S.; B.AT, l i:K; Secretary, ' K; Freshman Basketball . . . JOHN DENNIS O ' CONNOR: Takoma Park, General, B.S.; SN. JOHN M. OLDEN: Washington, D.C., Marketing, B.S WARREN EYANS OLT: Baltimore, Transportation, B.S.: I Ki:; Glee Club; Propeller Club . . . WILLIAM D. O ' NEILL: Cumberland, General, B.S.; BAI ' " . . . MORTON HOW RD OKI Tl ' : Baltimore. M.irketiiin, B.S.; BPS; Marketing Club. 9 99d II U; I! ' ( . » IIT: Washington, D.C., General, H.8.: IX . . . W III I M I). I ' OI.ING: Athens, Ohio, General, B.S.: Al : Varsity ln.,ih:ill . . . JOHN I). I ' OOI.E: Silver Spring, Transportatii.ii. HA.: IX: Latch and Kev; Head Manauer, Varsity Football: M Clul.; Cluerlea.ler: Propeller Club . . . MAKSIIALL PRANKARD I ' OVt Kl.l,: Falls Church, Va., Transportation, B.S.: Vice-President, SGA; Presi- dent, ISA; President, Pershing Rifles: Cadet Company Commander, Captain, Advanced UOTC; ICxecutive Council, SGA: Tennis Intra- nuirals: Hallrocni Dance Club; Cosmopolitan Club;, CAUK. |{i;i: K Wllirni;i.l) I ' KVTI " : silver Spring, Accounting, B.S.; A ' l ' Sl I ' ll II. rUKKCK: Silvi-r Spring, Transportation, B.S.;i:X; iic-l ' icsidiiit, IX; Diaiiioiulbuck; Daydodgers Club; Intramural Haskelliall; Propeller Club; International Relations Club; Intramural Soccer, Football: Interfraternity Council; Pledge Trainer, IX . . . JVMKS I ' . RKYNOLDS: Rivenlale, Personnel Administration, U.S. . . . WAKRKN ROSK: Racine, Wis., .Vccounling, M.S.; HAT; Interna- tional Relations Club. ((•KIWI, l»l N i;il»l : Washington, D.C; Admini- stialioM, M.S. . . . WII.MVM LKSLIK RIPPKRSKICRGKR : Malli- more. Marketing, B.. .; I AH; ' arsity I.acro.sse; Intramural loniliMll and Softball; M Club; Propeller Club; Powell Trophy . . . li l KV SANKORI): Bethesda, Marketing, B.A.;1 . . . IIKNRYC. SAYI.OU: Washington, D.C, General, U.S.: HX, OAK; Who ' s Who; Scabbard and Blade; Cadet Colonel, Regimental Commander, ROTC; N ' arsity Track; Men ' s Ix-ague President; Associate Kditor, lOdilor M Ituok; Military Kditor, Terrapin; Chairman, Freshman Orientation Coinmitlce: President, OAK; President, Scabbard and Blade; Dis- liiiguishcd Military Student; President, S()ci ' ty for dvaiiccnienl of .Management. Ill KHIIM S. s( 1111(1 Ihllcl. Inliun.ural.- . . . liconomics, U.S.; l.VK . . ccounting, B.S.: . TU C.iccnbclt, Marketing, B.i : H:,lMm..rv. Accounting, B.S.: ' h . H A " ! ' ; 1«(»IU;IM W . irmil»ll : Silv.i .-Spring, . .1 Vt K l II 1 IIIMiri.: Abirdccn, W II I I M I HI IH IO K SCIIMII): I l» l(l» SCI IK I KB: . It. Rainier, .Vccounting, B.S.; SAM . . . Ill N.UMIN F. S .()rr: College Park, .Marketing, B.S.; I AH . . . lidUlU I ,1. SCOIT: llopedale, .Ma-ss., Financial Management, B.S.; .- iii.lciji Band; Daydodgers Club; I.S.A.; Terrapin; Wesley Club . . . |{«HJKH r MYKRS SEITZ: Wjishington, D.C, General Business, B.A. (lUlill It. IWKI.I.: Baltimore, .V.-couiiling, B.S.; BAT . . . IIIIW l(l».l. III.VI{: Baltimore, General, B.A. ; TIM- . . . MtlBION I.. ■ IIIVKIB: I .siun. . c -ounting, B.S.; TIM ' , B.Vl ' . . . W 11.1. 1 VM SI Wl.i; SIIIPI ' VKI): (iaithersburg. Marketing, B.S.; ' I ' AH; ,t Clul.; Mouse .Manager, ' I ' AM. I l- ' ll |{ II. IKtH: H.dtimore, Accounting, B.S.; I«A . . . IIMtKV ( i;i ION sjKtKI: Baltimore, General, B.S. . . . WII.I.IVM I I.BOI r SB; VFOOSK: Greenbell, (ier.cral, HS: i-i li.-lin,.,i, Ba.seball; S -cretary, HX . . . CMIII UIM I HII l I llt: Baltimore, Secretarial, B.S. 1 I UU ( I . •-MMil : . It. Rainier, Finan.ial .Maiiagenicnl, U.S.; I r. -liiii.iii Hillc TiMiii . . . FRANK A. SMITH: Washington, D.C, Transportation, B.S.; l Hi:, Bl ' i:; Pro|)eller Club . . . GERALD S. SMITH: Wa.shington, D.C, .Vccounting, U.S.; l . : Football; Inlra- inurals; Interfraternity Council . . . IIAYDEN II. .SMITH: W.a.shing- ton, D.C, Marketing, B.S.; Vets Club; Intramural Softball; Fre.shman Track. WAKRIiN(;TON GII MOKE smith: Towson, Transportation, B.S.; Fencing; Trail Clul); I ' ropcllw Club; Intramurals; Vets Club; Inter- national Relations Club . . . PAl I. ;. STAMATACOS: Baltimore, Marketing, B.S. . . . G. WII.I.IVM STKELK: Wasliinnlon, D.C., Marketmg, B.S.; Ai: ; InlerlVatcinity Cduni ' il; Assislaiit Manager Boxing Team; Latch Key; PresiUcnt, House Manager, Al ' l ' . . . JOHN E. STEVENS: Oxlurd, Oflice Tecliiii |ues, B.S.; ATLi; WVslev Clul,. WILBKIM ' STKMvNS: Catoiisville, Finance, B.S.; KA; Lacrosse . . . STEPHEN J. STDKKA: Pottstown, Pa., Liternational Relations, B.S.; UN; Intramurals; Newman Club; Vets Club; Rossborough ( lub; Proctor; Secretary, !CN; International Relations Club . . . WILSON M. STREET: Baltimore, Pre-Law, B.S.; ATA . . . JAMES K. ' |- )MKS: Silver Spring, i:cciimniii-s, B.S. FRANCES A. TOWNSEND: Jackson, Miss., .Markeling, B.S.; Vets Club; Servicewomen ' s Club President . . . OLIVER S. TRAVERS: Towson, Marketing, B.S.; 0X; Canterbury Club; luterfratornity Council; Sailing Club; Propeller Club . . . VICTOR TLIRYN: River- dale, Accounting, B.S.; SN, OAK, Who ' s Who; President, Senior Class; President, Newman Club; Men ' s League; Varsity Football; Varsity Ba.sketball; Track . . . ALBERT R. VANAUDESTRADE: Grecnbelt, Accounting, B.S. VIRGINIA LEE VALSHA: Louisville, Ky., Personnel, B.S.; AXQ; Freshman Week Committee; International Relations Club; Presby- terian Club . . . WILLIAM G. ' OLKE: Baltimore, Marketing, B.S.; i A0; Vets Club; Propeller Chili: Marketing Club; Intramural Bowling; Lutheran Club . . . WARKEN II R1)ING WAGNER: Washington, D.C., Transportation, B.S., Al ; Propeller Club . . . CHARLES I. WERNER: Old Saybrook, Conn., Economics, B.S.; SAE, A Q; Propeller Club; President, 2AE; Interfraternity Council; Veterans Executive Council. RODERICK D. W. TSON: Greenbelt, Industrial Management, B.S.; •tAB; Freshman Football; Freshman Prom Committee . . . RICH. RD EVERT WEST: Washington, D.C., Accounting, B.S.; Daydodgers Club; Presbyterian Club; Pershing Rifles . . . DONALD R. WHITE: Silver Spring, Accounting, B.S.; BA»r . . . HERBERT C. WHITE: Baltimore, Accounting, B.S. ; TE I ; Varsity Track, Country; M Club. WILLIS M. WHITE: Collcn.. Park, Accounting, B.S.; DX; Baseball; IRC; .,. Clul,: Diaiiu.ndback, Intramurals . . . RITA L. WID- MAVKH: SiKri Spiing, Secretarial Education, B.S.; r I B; President, Dayilo.i-ri- (lull i vman Club; Women ' s Chorus, Social Chairman, Rush Cliaiinuin, t ung Chairman, F B . . . WALTER FRANKLIN WIGLEY: Street, Transportation, B.S.; 0X . . . CALVERT LIVINGSTON WILLEY: Washington, D.C., Personnel, B.S. DANIEL nill.l.ll ' S WILLIS: Silver Spring, ICconomics, B.S. . . . KENNEIll LORRAINE WILSON: Hyattsville, Accounting, B.S. . . . WILLIAM N. WISNER: Parkton, Accounting, B.S.; Scabbard and Blade; ' arsity Track; Country; Vets Club; M Club . . . ALVIN S. WOLI ' OFF: Baltimore, A -counling, B.S,; BA ' F, HV . SPENCER H. WRIGHT: Harrisburg, Pa., Accounting, B.S.; SX; Varsity Basketball; Vets Club; Varsity Baseball; M Club . . . HAROLD YATT: Baltimore, Marketing and Merchandise, B.S. . . . HOWARD L. ZABEL: Baltimore, Accounting, B.S. . . . ALFRED GEORGE ZIMMERMAN: Baltimore, Economics, B.S.; ATA; Vets Club. ? A P f) r. Juki.- M. ; ■.- . r-.i. fi.i 56 I Education Slii iii- toward llic rwi desirable goal of faculty- lii(|riii iiiidcislaiidinu. lln ' Collcfie of Education this NcaiM ' l nii.iiiH.n.i; ilsslndnilsari i diiralicMal Pnlicics (■..,ln li M . Fnink (■.(.hiirn. a M ' in llic vulh ' i r. a Hi. ' rliairinan nl ' llir .oiuiiiissi, m ni. ' lu.lcd iv|,irs..nlali rs ,,rra,li iiihI. ' I- I adna I c ,laN as uril as luivi-ii and -ladnalcslndcnls. ScMTal l- ' .ducalidn piolrssois tKiw aiv srr ini; in ari iiis a(his,,rN .■apacilics In llir rni lulncal iiiiial SciAice. Dr. Ilarnl l limjaniin. Dean uf llir ( ' ,(,11,-,. ivii ' niK was a|i|„,iril,-,l i ilini: l{iij;lisil Ici ' luivr al llai ai,l. Till ' i-,ill, ' -i ' ' s main research projeel. Ih, ' Inslilnl, ' lui- Cliil,! Slud . now | r, ' pan ' .s appro inialel ,-i-lil lli,.usan,l l,-a,-h,Ts [nnn nianx s,Mli,,ns ,,r III, ' h, ' ,i;islrali,,n in III, ' C.ll, ' -, ' ,.r l ' ;,!ii,ali,,n appi,,a,li, ' ,l , ' l, ' N, ' n hnndn-d. an in,r, ' as, ' ,,1 ' I w, ' nl n -llv ,■ p.-r , ' , ' nl ad,l, ' (l 1,1 111, ' ra,nll ,,n li, ' , ' ,,ll, ' i;, ' . Tli, ' a,a(l, ' ini. ' Iian,l ,if w, ' l. ' ,mi, ' was ,. l,.|i(i, ' ,l I,,: ss,„ial, ' Pn.less, ,r Frank Si, ' N, ' rs. I ' i,,nal (.nidan.-e: Dr. Irnia l ' ra,ir,ii,l. Home Economics l lthnal i,)n : Di ' . .lanns ati .w,ill. hklucatlon Administralimi ; and Dr. L,inis llnll,, an,! Prof. DorolliN D, ' a,li, l ' li si,al l-:du,al i, n. iniin- [iriniaiilN I,, pn ' paiv l, ' a,li, ' r. an, I , ' ,!n,a- li,.rial w,,rk, ' rs lor III, ', ' s,l Is ,,1 ' lar lan l. Ill, ' Cill, ' -, ' is als,, inl, ' n ' sl, ' ,l in III, ' hr,,ad, ' r asp, ' , ' ls ,,r , ' (ln, ' ali,Mi. D, ' an pM ' njaniin r, ' pr, ' s, ' nl, ' ,l Hi, ' I nil, ' ,l Slah ' s al 111,- ,,insliliili,.nal , ' o!i , ' nlion ,,r Hi, ' I nil,,! iNations Education, Science, and Ciiltni, ' Or-ani al i,.n held in London in 1945. The ne l , ' ar li, ' was ap- pointed to the Japanese Education .Mi.s.sion as well as to tiie first UNESCO conference. II.,- N..r .r .N.l.....l.l..a,l..l l. l ' rof.- ..r l..lnu M. Na.i«l. KVYI-: I MS: IlvMllsvilli ' . Club; lloiiic lAoiKimii-s Clul) President Kducatioi B.A. . . Niirsciy S,-I.„„l, U.S.; i;K; l)a dodsicrs ,Jr. I ' Miihclh ' iiir l{i ' i " ' ' i ' l ' tative; I ' ledgf Rush Cliaii-nian, Standards Cniiuniltrc. IK; Childhood Chil) . . . JACQl KI.INK A. I) MS: Haltimore, French, . DOt.OKKS ELIZABETH AUEEK: Washington, D.C., Spanisli, H A.; Niwinan Club; Spanish Club; International Club . . . MAin I.KK MOSS: Hyaltsville, Physical ICdueation, U.S.; ilTK; WKA; IMv M:ijors Club: B.S.T. CIIAIU.ES WVCkKK: Clciidalr. Calif., Phy.siral Kducation, B.S.; i: . . . I.Ol ISE M. M KHS()N: Baltimore, Science, B.S JOHN N. AMUJEWS: ArliiifitoM. a., S.xial Science, B.A. . . . JULIUS JOSEPH AMUU S: (uvci.bcll. Physical Kducation, B.S.; Var.sity Baseball; " .M " Club; Berber Award; Ba.scball. JOHN IKWK VKMSI ' UONG: Hawhngs, Math, B.S. . . . ANNE EVSIMW VKTHl K: Washington, D.C., Nursing Kd., B.S. . . . C.IIMH.KS MM ' 1KI,I BAKER: . berdeen, Indastrial, B.S. . . . JOHN «» ;i ' S MVl.DWIN: Baltimore, Knglish, B.A. KALIMl (■. BEACH: Pikesville, Physical Education, B.S.; Baseball, Soccer; Intramurals . . . JACK R. BEINSON : Waynesboro, Pa., Recrea- tion, B.S.; iJAE; Varsity Football; Intramurals . . . CONKAl) H. BENNER: Baltimore, English, B.A. . . . EILEEN BERNSTEIN: Baltimore, Social Studies, B.A.; AE ; Cosmopolitan Club. KLINOIJ I.. BE ' I ' -I ' IS: Wa.shirigtoM, D.C., Ib nic l-cmoniics, B.S. . . . MAUJORIE ROSALIND BLETCII: Washington, D.C, Nursery School, B.S.; ASA; Home Economics Club; Daydodgers Club; Social Dance Club; Presbyterian Club; Childhood I ' xlucation Club; Dean ' s Committee for Freshman Week: Recording Secretary, President, AEA . . . CLAIRE ;L0RI BOOKSTEIN:, S.M-ial S,-i,Mic. ' . B.S.; : ; Spanish Club; C ism..p.ilitaii ( ' lul.; ( ■..n. ' spdiidin- S.T,vlary, •Mi; . . . IIELENE IK ;iMA BKWNOCK: Cambridge , So ial Studies, B.A.; KA: ( ' .ymkana Troupe. BARBARA ANN BROWN: Riverdale, Nur.s,.rv Sc1hm,I, H.S. . . . HELEN P. TRICIA BROWN: Greenbell, .Malhcm.alics, U.S.; . AA. •tKit, Mortar Board; Diamondback; Newman (Jlub; Daydodger Basketball Team; Flute-Accompanist, Womens Chorus; Clef and Key; May Day; Secretary-Treasurer, Student Band; Secretary-Treasurer, Vice-President, Student Orchestra; S.M.A.C; AAA Scholarship Award; Treasurer, Daydodgers Club; Veterans Show; President, Mathe- matics Club; " H.M.S. Pinafore " ; Freshman Week Committee; Treas- urer, Mortar Board . . . SHIRLEY BROWNE: Cumberland, English, B.S. . . . ELIZABETH BURCH: Bethe.sda, Nursery School, B.A.; KA; Riding Club: Dance Club; Treasurer, Womens Chorus; Publicity Chairman, Human Relations Club; A ' tivilies, Magazine Ch.airmari, KA. WYLIE W. Bl R(;KSS, JR: Silver Hill, Busiiies.s, B.S.; Daydodgers Club; Canterbury Club . . . JEAN FAY Bl ' RTON: Hampton, Virginia, Nursery School, B.S.; AEA; Program, Wesley Club; Props Chairman, " Night Must Fall " , " Philadelplii.i Sliir " : Womens League; Freshman Committee; Vice-President, Nurscr - ScIkiuI i:ducation Club; Homecoming Drc.irations Chairman; Chaplain, President, AZA ... El (;KNK I) RBY CARNEY: Riverdale, Plivsaal 1 Mu.-alioii, H,S. . . . VIRIMMA ;OLLiVIUS CARNEY: Rivenlai.-, Sri,n.-e. U.S.; Al ' . ItKIIVKI) MVIMIN CVKTKK: Baltimore, English, B.A.; Olil l.i.i. VLBKKT CIIVKLKS OKSKY: Baltimore, Physical Educa- n..n. li.S.; KA . . . KITA FKANCES CHASEN: Wsishiiigton, D.C., Nursery Sehool, B.S.; i ' SS; Hillel; Red Cross Club; Freshman Week Committee; Treasurer, President, Si: . . . NANCY REGESTEK CLAIM " : Wiushingtou, D.C., Nursery School, B.S.; KKP; Mortar Board; Womens Chorus; University Theater; Secretary, Cosmopolitan Clul); Vice-President, Human Helations Club; Junior Prom; Sopho- more Prom; Autumn Carnival; May Day; Clef an i Key; Disciples Student Fellowship; Womens League; .Spanish Club; Hiding Club; i.-..-President, KKP. lollN I Vlltl V (I.VKk: Kurkvill. ' , Physical ICducalion, U.S.; . . . N VXA ANNKITK ;LVKk: Schenectady, N.Y., Nursery School, U.S.; AAIl . . . KICIIVKI) A. CLEVELAND: Ciroenbelt, Physical IMu. ' nilon. B.S.; |.At-); Baseball; Basketball; Soccer . . . FRANK E. (OBI N. .IB: liivcrdalc, Social Science, B.A. MVBV (;ORD( N CKVPSTEK: Washington, D.C., Nursery School, B.S.; AXQ; .Sccnlary, I ' lvsidcril. Dormitory " C " ; President, Womens l.cagui; SCA . . . EMMV IRENE CRIST: Clenelg, French, B.A.; Collegiate 4-H Club . . . ELLEN CRDNIIARDT: Lutherville, Physi- cal lOducation, B.S.; W.R.A.; Iiitramurals . . . CLINTON DELOS CITRICIIT: Stockton, Physical Education, B.S.; Physical ICducatioii Cluic Iiitramurals. WESTON L. DEAN: Baltimore, Science, B.S.; Intramural Biiskctball, Softball; AIEE . . . MILDRED I. DELLINGER: Magerstown, Physi- cal Education, B.S.; W.U.A.; l.iillicran Club; P.E. Club; Dance Club; Sailing Club . . . RICIIVRI) JOSEPH DENT: Ml. Hainier, Indu.strial lOducation, B.S.; .Xdvanccd l!(»IC, l i 1,1.; Pre.-iidcnt, Indu.strial Education .Usociation. . . M l{l VNN V DERR: Middlctown, Phy.sical Ivlucation, B.S.; i:TE; Lutheran Club; Vice-President, W.R.A.; Vice-President, Physical Education Girls Majors Club; Dance Club; (Irani;.-; .11 M : 1II 1 IIN I M ()L N ; l.onaconing. Physical Education, H.- Clef and Ivey ; Social Dance Club; Cosmopolitan Clul); Duydodgers Club; Newman CMub . . . JEAN PAGE DYE:|Kjrt, Social Studies, B.A.: AAII; Ballroom Dance Club; Clef and Key; Womens I cague . . . PE ' IEB rVYLOR DYER: Creenbelt, Physical Eduealicm, B.S.; .1 IooiIimII: E.lucation Club; Baseball . . . RCSSELL O. ICKIKI ' : Hivcnlal.-. Industrial Education, B.A. lntUJs I.I LMIEU(.: Baltimore, Nursery School, B..S |1. VN I VKMI.R: Washington, D.C., Nursery School, B.S.; KA; Womens l..:i;;iii : Clef and Key; May Court; Homecoming (Jueen, 1948 . . . FLORENCE FAZZALARI: Oakland, Social Studies, B.A. . . . ;E0R ;E WASIIIN(;T0N FEEIILEY: Baltimore, Phy.sical i:duca- lion, B.S.: JV Football; Varsity Track, N()1! I litt l I I l,IIM N: Martinsville, Va., English, B.A.; AF ' I ; I niirli tlub; ( u.-iiiu|,.,lit:in Club . . . Vt YLDA FORD: Finksburg, Ijiglish, B.A. , , , MARY LOl FORRESTER: Berwyn Heights, Physical Education, B,S.; Womens Chorus; W.R., .; Daydodgers Club; Dance Recital; P,E, Majors Club; (iymkana , . . KATY MARIE FO.STER: Brunswick, Nursery S h(Kil, B.S,; i K; Canterbury Club; Home Economics Club; Chililhood Education Club; Corresponding .Secretary, Vice-President, —K. ESTHER EVRL Fl IU;E: (Kford, .Miss., Phy.sical Education, H.S.; ll . . . LICINDA NN Fl ETON: Hancock, Nursery Schotjl, B.S.; ()II: Pn-.sbytcrian Club; Nursery School Club . . . RUTH FER.MA (. MMI : Hiverdale, Phy.sical Education, B.S, . . , SYLVIA jOSEFINV GARCIA: Arecibo, Puerto Rico, Zoology and Spanish, 1 ' . . .; Newman Club; Spanish Club; International Club. SONJA NESSA (;( I.I)|{KK(;: Kaliiiiioie, Social Science, B.A.; Hillel; ITA . . . WII.I.I VM M. ; )I,I)SI{(H« )11GII: Cumberland, Business, H.S. . . . M KION (iOl.DSMiril: Washiiifilon, DC., Art Kducatinn, B.A. . . . MII.I ' ON i;. ;(»SS: Ml. HaiiiiiT, liiduslrial, B.S. :il Hl.i:s .(»l I,I 1N ;: Washington, D.C, Physical Education, H.S MIIJIWl .1. ;UKI:M{EK(;: Hyattsville, Physical Education, U.S.; Intiamuials; Home Iv- Club; Sports Representative, Daydodgers: Membership Chairman, President, WRA; Sociology Club; Gymkana: Women ' s Major P.E. Club . . . ROBERT CHARLES GKKGORIIS: Norfolk, ' a., Social Studies, B.A.; ATQ; Newman Club . . . JOSEIMI A. ;KI 1VI.I)1: Washington, D.C., Physical Kducation, M.S.: M " Cluli: " :nsily Track; Cross Country Team. ] H IS Ki;i. .|{U K: Ibiiicnck. l ' livsi,-al i;,luculi..ii, U.S.; AOll ; Iniiainui;,!-: W r lrx Clul.: UidinM; Club: I ' .i:. Major ' s Club; WRA; Max DaN. Jr. I ' loiu Cni.iinil Irrs . . . .MAI{ ;AI{ET REBECCA HALL: Chiirrli Hill, Scicial Sliiclirs, H.A.: AZA; Cdllegiate t-H; Grange; Canterbury Club; Modern Danre Club . . . MOOI.I) C. II RMS: Lanham, Social Studies, B.A. . . . HI III WN IIEIDKI.IJACII: Catonsville, Nursery School, U.S.; KA; Wli. ; Canterbury Club; ' IVrrapiii: llnusc President. KA; . rl Club; lHainomll.ark: Clef .and Kev; Wcn. ' n-s bea iue: Human Kelalinns Club; -.nViui: Club. MARY ELLEN HICKS: Dundalk, Si.eial Sri,.ne,..s li.A.;r hB; We,. le. Club; Publicity Cliairman, Co.snmpolitan Club; Red Cross; Clef and Key; Panhellenic Representative, Pnsidenl, ' -H: niamoiulhaclv; Secretary, Camera Club; Treasurer, IRC .11 VKRlEri- IIOBSON: Salisbury, Physical Education, B.S,; KKP; WRA; Canterbury Club; Inlranuuals; Cosmopolitan Club; May Day; House President, KKP . , IIIOM S WARKEN Bl RCIl IIOEKE CKER: Baltimore, Physi- cal l ', I{,S,; IIN, OAK; Riding Club; Proctor; Intramurals; Varsity Ra.sketball, Lacrosse; Vice-l ' resi.lrni, -M " Club , , . CVTMERINE CECELIA HOWLEY: Waslinifiinii, D.C., An laluea- tion, B,S,; . OH; Newman Club; Home lie Club; Intramurals; Red Cross; President, Art Club, IIARKY IKX ill ;iiKS: Annapolis, Physical Education, B.S. . . . .lACQLEI.IN N III sns: White Plains, N.Y., Nursery School, U.S.; AAA;Sei rei.iiv. Hi. linfi Club; WRA; Cheerleader; Marshal, AAA , , , SANDRA . L R1E IRWIN: Bethesda, Nursery School, B.S.; AAA; Riding Club; Drum .Majorette . . . L.4.WREI CE JACKSON: Astoria, I..I.. X.V.. I ' bvsieal I ' ducation, B,S,; Swimming Club; P.E. Club. (;R ( I. 151,1 1 RO Clieerleade, : lbnn;u, BlIRkl, ,| NM : I Wesley Club; Wi.nie Dance Club; Homecoming Queen Committee , , , .IXNICE .JKMISON: Takoma Park, English, B.A. . . . AUGUSTA D.Aal .JOHNSON: Bladensburg, Pre-physiotherapy, B.S.; KA0; WRA; G. nd ana; P.E. M ajors Club. MARY kV ' I ' lllON .lOIINSTON: Washington, D.C, Recreation, H,S, , , , UONM.n C. ,|OSEPII: Y ' ork, Pa., Recreation, B.S. . . . VICTOR L. kERLER: W uodacres, Social Sciences, B,S,; Daydodgers Club; Vets Club; Clef and Key; ISA; Trail Club; Sociology Club . . . MARTHA VIRGINIA KEIMEL: Lafayette Hill, Pa., History, B.A.; Corres. Secy., Exec. Council, Canterbury Club; WSSF; ISA; RE Day; Red Cross; Co-Chairman, IRC; Pres., AAH; Women ' s League. N .| ;ORS: Baltimore Nurs, •V School, B.S.; iii..ns Club; Secretary, iill. ' l HETTY leiirksburg, Va., Nursi ' ■V S,-li. ..1, B . .; .VOH; Clinrus; Child Educat „n CI ili; Red Cross; GWENDOLYN ELIZABETH kENi LE: W illiainsp„i B,S,; Otterbein Club , , , WILLIAM F. KOHL: Ballim Arts, B,S. . . . JOSEPH S. KOSISKY, JR: Grcenliel Education, B.S.; Sociology Club; Vets Club; Dianiondli: LANSDOWN: Valparaiso, Ind., History, B.A.; KA. lome Ec, Industrial ' iOi |fi£©l mf M I.IAN WILLIAM LEWIS: Baltimore, Physical Education, B.S.; l ' l I ; Frc-shmaii Baskcthall; Intramural Council; Sports Editor, Diuniuiidhack; Intcrfratcrnity Council: Stuilcnt Recreation Com- mittee . . . lUKBAHA (;KNK LII.IKNFIK.LI): Spencervillc, Social Science, B.A.: ' I ' i;:;; . . . JKAN I.INDKMW: Washington, D.C., Ijiglish, B.A.; AOll; Old Line; Women s League: Chairman of Home- coming t Autumn Carnival Committees; Chairman of Recreation, Red Cross; House President, AOH . . . Kl Til BEKMC.K LINK: IMnor, Physical Education, B.S.; Intramural and llxtranuind Sports: WKA; Hsi-; Wesley Clul : P.E. Majors Clul.. .| MES DAY LYNCH: Creenl.elt, Physical ICducalion, MS.; AA: Football; Varsity Bjisehall: Intramurals; Puhlicity Chai rman, PK Majors Club . . . GKBALDINK KIT M LF.S: Washington. DC, Social Science, B.A.; Ai; l " . , . KOBKKI ' J. M VHIKLL: Riverdale, Social Science, B.A.; I ' X: President. 1 : I ' nsiilcnl, Inlerfraternily Council; President, Ro.s.sborough Club; President, IRC; Chairman, Autumn Carnival; SUA . . . HKNKY K. MILKS: Clark-sburg, Physical IMiKMlioM. B.S.: ATU: Va.sily Miis,l,all. Soccer; P.E. Club. WII.I.IVM W. 1INK : IJ..I1111 ■. .- ..,n,l Studies. B.A.: I ' AH . . . SIU KV :. MOOBK. .IB: RiviT.lalc. I ' livsi,:,! i;,lu.-ation, M.S.; Kl I ' nM.lcnl, P.i;. .Majors Club . . . TWiV Mt)B ; N: Chicago, 111., .Nursery School, B.A.; KA . . . JACQl KLINE MOBLKY: Rumford, K.I., Nursery School, B.S.; KKP; Diuiiioiulback; P ' ootlighl Club; Cheerleader; May Day Committee; Treasurer, Jr. Clsiss; Childhood IMuc.-itinn Club; Red Cross; .Vctivities Ch:iirm:in, Pledge Trainer, KKl ' : .Jr. Prom Coniniitlee. Il |{(»l.l»(. M C 1.U: I I. i. ink l ' li -icMl i:duca(i.m, M.S.; Soccer; li.i. k slllKI.I. WNK Ml MMIFNkK: l.akcwood. (),, Spanish- i;, B.A.; Women ' s Chorus; Diamoiidl.ack; Intramurals: Wesley Club; Sophomore Prom Committee . . . SIIIBLKY ANNK Ml Bi ' llV: Waldorf. French, B.A.; French Club; Newman Club . . . K. KIHSON OBB: Xiciina. Va.. In.luslrial, B.S. II .KI. .11, WNKFIK PKKI): Mramlywine, Business, B.S.; Wesley ( liil. (IIKSIKB . PKBK(;OY. Ill: Annapolis, Science, B.S.: r. . . . PKTKB P. PKIBOEK: Baltimore, Physicrd I ' .ducalion, B S Intramurals: Varsity Football, Boxing . . . BARBARA PI K: Woodl.u. Mi-.lngv. B.S.: Canterbury Club; Intramurals; WRA -yV Awanl 1! Nursery .School. B.S.; KA: . . K. ANNK PITNAM: rON BKA: Marlboro. I I ' l ,ll: Chevy CI Newman Club; Riding Club; Sailing Clul) . . H.dlimore, Spanish, B.A MABTIIA MOl Political Science, B.. .; AP; Canterbury Chi Club; Soccer; Biusketball; IRC . . . JOSKPI Hcltsville, Spanish, B.A.; Spanish Club; I ' I ' A II l.l-ll I . Id N l{l» .IB: P.iiiil Pleasant, N.J., Plivsital IMu.alion U.S.: TKi:: Football .Manager; Varsity Bji.seball HOBIBI W BKVNOLDS: Rising Sun, Bu.sine.s.s, B.S. . . . I » l l . UK II Crcenbill, History. B.A. . . . MAI«;ABET JKAN UK II l{l s( N Ccntrevillc. Home E,-. B.S. I l l l P. BIKDKB: Severna Park, Physical Education, B.S.; iiAK 1 icshniJin Football; Varsilv Football, Boxing, Soccer; P.E. Majors Club: S -crelary, " .M " Club . . . KINIC.K CHARLOTTE BirCHIK: W:i.shington. D.C., English. B.A.; Canterbury Club; FTA; IS. ; I.SA . . . COIRTLANI) LKK BOBKBTS: Alexandria, Va.. Physical Education, B..S.; Al• ; Football; Baseball . . . I» MI) WELBY BOSZEL: Baltimon-, Social Studies, B.A.: H. ; l,t., Capl.. ROTC: Sccrelarv, Historian, HX; Trea-surer, Senior DAVID A. ROTIIKMIOKKKK: Frederick, Physical Kducatioii, B.S.: V ' arsity Tennis; -.M " Chili: I ' .K. Majore Club; Intramurals . . . ALBKKT U. SKWAKD: Baltimore, Industrial Kducation, B.8.; Nets Club; Daydodgers Club; lEA . . . ADKIENNK SKWKLL: ICa.slon, Spanish, B.A.; AZA; Wesley Club; Dance Club; Cosmopolitan Club; FootliKht Club . . . K- 1MKT V. SIIAr ;ilNKSSY: Cleveland, ().. Physical MduralioiL, U.S. ; -LAW. K.I.SIK M V SIEKKK: Vasbinf:l..n, D.C., Physical Kducation. U.S. : KidinK Club; I ' .K. rajors Club: WUA . . . «;KKALDINE E. SMITH: Smithsburg, Spanish, B.A.; .Ai A; Lutheran Club . . . MAKY IX)l ISK SMITH: Baltimore, Xurserv School, 15.S.; Sailing Club; Red Cross: Childhood Kducation Club . . . MAKJOKIE JANET SI ' KAGCE: Barnegat, X.J., Spanish, H.. .: Weslev Club: W HA; Wcimcn ' s Chnnis: Club; FTA; Cosninpnlii.-in Chib: lriii:,niui:il ; Clc. ' Club. BETSY N SI FFOIil): Wa.shington, D.C, Phv.sical I ' .duc-ilion, B.S.;i:K;Canlrib, n Club; P.K. Majors Club; WUA; .Modem Dance Club . . . MAM (: rilK.|{!NK SrWIEOHD: liivinlalc, C.erman, B. A.; Newman Ch, .: (,.rnian Club . WII.I.KM II. STAMKOKD: Hiverdalc, Induslii ,1 i:dur;,li,„i, B.S.; Nruinan Club; Treasurer, IKA KKVNCES JKVNNE STK ENS: Betlicsda, Nursery S.-Ih.oI, B.S.; AUIl; Home Ev Club; Presbyterian Club; .Nursery School Club; Women ' s Chorus; Clef and Key . . . KOBKUT II. STKNENSON: Riverdale, Social Studies, B.A. . . . RAYMOND P. STOBTI: (ireen- belt, Physical Kducation, B.S.; PiX: Football: . . , DOIiOTIIY W. TESSIEK: llvatlsvillr. Physical I ' Mu.Mt ion, H,S. |{() KFWKTII TWK.NTKY: Frederick, Social Studies, H.A.; Vets Club; FTA; Olterbein Club . . . ANNETTA E. ALEIA. ' T: Bellevue, Nursery School, B.S. . . . JANICE YVONNE VIEAU: Hyattsville, Physical Kducation, B.S.; KA; Intramurals; Daydodgers; WRA; Dance Club: Clef and Key; Majors Club: Athletic Manager, KA . ..NANCY IIVNDW I.kKK: lieltsville, Xur.scrv School, B.S. ; A( ill. M KY I.Ol WKISMI ' IKI.: Baltin I.utlirnin Club; Wnnierrs Chorus; Sc WENCIII,!.: Club; bulhei M,-itlieni.ilics, U.S.: A. A; lien ' s Chorus: S,.cictar , , . A; Foolliglit Club; niopolitan Club . . . MMSJOIJIE IIEKTEL irc. Nursery School, H.S.; . ( )ll ; Plant Industry i; Nursery School Club; Picsiileiit, AOH . . . MAKY IIONOKV WIIELAN: Baltimore, Nursery School, B.S. ; KKF; Newman Club; Cosmopolitan Club; CIuMIio.mI iMlucation Club; Junior Prom Coiiuiiilt. ' c UDKEY EDITH WI(;(;iNS: Bethesda, EVELYN SIIIPI.K WII.I.UMS: 11 :i1 l villc. Nursery Selio.,1, B.S. ; Riding Chili; I ); Club . . . BETTY J. WILSON: Silver Spring, Nurser. - Sel 1, B.A.; AAII; Treasurer, Riding Club; WRA; Vice-President, AAII . . . CHACE WOOD: Thurmont, Nursery School, B.A. . . . GE0K(;E THOMAS YATES: Washington, D.C, Science, B.S. GOLDENE ZALIS: B Cosmopolitan Club . . polls, Knglish, B.. .; . 1 cording Secretary, , 1 ' 1 Nursery School, B.S. . Phj-sical Kducation, B. Club; Saihng Club: Ma P.K. Club for Men and altimore. Social Studies, B.S.; rS; Hillel, . JACQUELINE THELMA ZELKO: Anna- ; ! : Vice-President, Hillel; Clef and Key; Re- . . . DORIS PAN ZIV: Shanghai, China, . . JANE BEATRICE .INCK: Baltimore, v: KA(-); Riding Club; WRA; P.K. Majors Day; Business Manager, Orchesis; Secretarv, ..vl.MI.I ' . |Mi l . tiM W .M.I I MM... I I . «.l...., I . M...liM. ...M.I.i.H- .......... ,1 ,.-.. ,.ll r.Militi.- 1... -I. ..I... I Engineering Ollrri.i.i: .Miurs. ' s ,,r |,iv|Kir,il i.,n Im ihtoikhiI nlrul rn.i:in ||„. C.llrp. nf |-;,ii:inr,Ti„- li;,s ;„ulrl Irll llic 1 ,,f xrl. ' nin nunllnirnl in iv.nil ,.„s. -l " ! s.-|mm,1 y-.n .i« llir ivizistmlin,, , .f siM.vti hunilivd piups.TliN,. rni.Mn,v,s. This iM,rr;, r,l I tracliris iuhI l. nliin- tarilili. ' s is cMMM-lcd In h, vv ■u■ ri uilh III,, rn.npl l,llil,liM-s. ;, ,n„slni,linM UVuir pussihlc lllln iiilnvsl ,,r Ml. (11. -nn L. M;iilin M.nlii, Cninpniiv ,,r I ' .all iiiiniv. S. S. SlrinlMT-. Dean of 111. ' ( siiMiiiMT :u: [ nu loiiriiii: C. ' iilriil ;iihI S.miIIi a,„l III. ' WrsI ' s ,,n n pMiduill inissi,,,, f Sl. ' ilr |)rp;irllM Mll. Hrlllinini: ill O. ' lolirr. hr (Olllc 1 si lli, ' nu,inlori. ' n(lipl(uiMs;isu,.|l;,sl„ ' iii-iKini,M: Til, ' (:,,li,-c is r,,nlifmail :i(li r in (ondiicl in:, ivscaivli Ini Ihr armed services. Tliis xcar llir H. ' scaivl and |)i ' cl(ipnicnl Laboratories of lln ' rni Ln -ii lin- Corps auaided Or. Wiihcrl .1. lliiM ,,rilir D. ' parlincnl ,,r CJic ' inical l-ji-iiLvrin,-. I,, iiiNcsli-alr .•Iclriral blasting. Tlie ih hllcclrical l ' ;n,i;inrri-ing accepted a Navy cdnlrarl I irscaiili in llie licld of magnetic ainpliticis xacnnni Inbc amplifiers in automatic jjilols. ' i ' jic (.i ii lliminrrriiii; Department is investigating siiil slabi alien lur llir Cnrps ,,f l-jigi rs; ivsiills aiv cxprrlcd 1.1 be (it g airports. WiiiHi ' i .1. iiuir due in the desiu ' ii el ' liidiuaNS and f ££ l ll» MM I IK IU l{(HUMHIK: W asliiiiKloii, DC, Civil. U.S.; l l I ' .i-liiim liitli-s; 8 -ni..r H.O.T.C; A.S.C.i;. . . . M.I.I-.N K. VKHMIWIS: . c«- York, New York, Chemical, B.S. . . W l I I H . MH:USO : Willards, Mfcliaiiical, B.S.; I Ki: . . . ELMIU JOHN l HI K: Ciillige Park, Chemical, B.S.; Band; A.I.Ch.K. II.II M WI.I.I.S l A : llultiiiiorc. Mechanical, B.S.;. . . ; M I ;I.I;N 1 ' I M,K I1I. M;: Crcenhell, Civil, B.S.; - I . . UHl I. C. IU: KI ,r()N: Wiushington, D.C., l.-l,:,ni.:,l, ]i.!i.: .V.S.M.i:, . . . IBWkl.IN BKCKMA.N: Luke, Cliuniical, B.S.; ATQ; A.I.Ch.E. .i;o|{(.i: M.HKUl BKNSO.N: U:illiinuie, Civil, B .-; |l SI IN . lU rilM)(»l r: Hiverclale, Civil, B.!;. . . . KOIMH.H K. ltl(V , ,MM: I ' eru, Klectrical, B.S. . . . M. KSII I.I. BUOWN: (iicenJHll, i;iecUical, U.S.; TBII; l Hi:; I ' K I ' . lOIIN W. Bin V :, M.l.. I Jeelrieal, B.S.; ' I ' H[I; Cros.s ( ...|l.ll H..M„ ;: rr,.. hman Track; A.I.H.IC. . . . KOIiKKT Jl Ml S 111 NM: M;: WiLshinRlon, D.C., Electrical, B.S. . . . CilKS ' lKU W VKUKN lU K(;ESS: Vashington, D.C., M.chaiiicl.BS A SM i: : Daydoclgers Club; See. Auto. Kng. . . . r,ll UI.I n I III HN : liaitimore. Mechanical, B.S.; A.S.M.i:. .KHIN IllNTKK COCHRANE: Baltimore, Mechanical, B.S.; KA; arsily I,acro.; President, Vice-President, K. ; Treitxurer, 1{ s.k- liorough Club; President, Junior Cliiss . . . JAMES SI I)LEH COCKEY: Stevensville, Mechanical, B.S.; ATQ; A.S.M.L ALBERT COHEN: Baltimore. IClectrical, B.S.; Hillel Executive Council; A.Li:.i:.: IZKA . . . JAY J. COHEN: Baltimore, Electrical, B.S.; llillel; LZ.F.A.; Ilillel l-Acculive Committee; .V.LE.E. UoBKUr M. .»»MAN: Washington, D.C., Civil, B.S.;, .Secretary, A.S.C.E.; Vets Club; Daydodgers Club; Engineering Student Council . . . JAMES EDWIN CROCKETT: Grecnbelt, Civil, B.S.; VS.C.E; Terrapin; Col. Chamber of Com CARL EDWARD (BONE: Mt. Rainier, Civil, B.S.; SAE; A.S.C.E. . . . CHARLES L DOBLER: Baltimore, Mechanical, B.S.; 2X. JOE B. DOIGHEKTY: College Park, Mechanical, B.S.; Treasurer, A.S.M.l,. . . . DOUGLAS JAY DKIMMOND: Washington, D.C., Chemical, B.S.; H :; AXS: A U; Daydo.lgers Club; AVts Cluh: Weslev Foundation; A.I.Ch.E. . . . ROCIIKSIKH .. IH IKII.: Hnmchville, Electrical, B.S.: A.I.E.E I,. DII.LWYN ECkVUI): Washington, D.C., Mochanical-Aoronautical, B.S.; THII; A.S.M.i:.: Discussion Club; Vets Club; .Soc. Auto. Kng. UICIIAKII I.. KELIOTT: Ballimorc, Klcd ileal. H.S : A IlvK : I.R.E IIKNHY UOHEKT ELSNIC: Ballini..rr. Mcrhaiiiral, B.S,: 1 A(-); KrcshniMM l-oulball; . .S.M.E. . . . NOKMW .1 MK.S KIA : Baltimore, Mechanical, B.S.; A.S.M.E JOHN 1)1 BOIS K.MLEU: Washington, D.C., Civil, B.S.; KKH " " ; Rifle Team; Band; A.S.C.E.; President, Study Group of Religious PhilospoliN . WIM.IXM HEVERLY FRITTS: Washington, D.C., Electrical, B.S.; Vicc-Chairni;iH, A.I.E.E. ... II. A. GASSINGER: College Park. Chemical, B.S.: Pres., Secy., A.I.Ch.E.; Engr. Council ... ARTlllR N. ;AWTIIR0I ' : Greenbcll. ICleclrical, B.S. . . . HAROLD ;LASSM : Wa.shington, D.C., M Thanical, B.S.; Pershing Rifles; TBI I. M{WI LESTER GOLD: Brentwood, Chemical, B.S.; Sec, TBII; Scabb.ird and Blade; A.I.Ch.E., Vice-chairman . . . RICHARD F. rAYrV: Silver Spring, Mechanical, B.S.; . . . HERBERT ;RANT: Riverdale, Electrical Engineering, B.S. . . . ELBERSON D. GREEN: Baltimore, Electrical, B.S.; A.I.E.E. VRTIIl K LVWKENCE GUESS: Washington, D.C, Acn iiau(ic-al. B.S.;AXA . . . E .VN GREENHOOD II NSON: Washiiifit.wL, D.C. Mechanical, B.S.; A.S.M.E. . . . .VLEC .). HED l 1ST: Washinglon, DC, Civil, B.S.; A.S.C.E. . . . LOl IS Rlllll{ HERSIEIN: Baltimore, Mechanical, B.S.; AEII; Hillcl Foundation; Vets Club; I.Z.F.A.; A.S.M.l ' " ,.: Scholarship Ch:iirman, AKU. RICIUKD L MVR HODDINOTT: Wa.shington, D.C., Mcchanical- . cioiLauiiral, B.S. ; IIN; J.V. Lacrosse; Inlramurals; i.-.-l ' ir nlrni, Sn|,li,,iiinrf Class; Recorder, Reporter, 2N . . . CHAUM W II. 1. 1 M noEEMW: Ilvatt-sville, Electrical, B.S.; TBO; 1 )a dodpi Club; l-ainiiHTiint; SukIcmI Council; A.I.E.E. . . . SAMUEL HOFFMAN: Balliin.irr,, H.S. . . . THOMAS J. IIOLDEN: Baltimore, McchaMiral, B.S. ; A.S.M.E.; Newman Club; Chess Club. mA. l A. HOMER: Brentwood, Mechanical, B S CHARLES HOWARD HOSHALL: Parkton, Electrical, B.S.; TBll; Secretary, Treasurer, A.I.E.E. . . . CHARLES JOHN HRDLICk: Baltimore, Electrical, B.S ROBERT L. HU ;iIES: Ch( Chase, Mechanical, B.S.; 0X; A.S.M.E. DAVID S. HYM.4.N: Baltimore, Civil, B.S.; A.S.C.E. . . . JACK H. JACOBS: Baltimore, Mechanical, B.S.; Men ' s Glee Club; A.S.M.E. . . . CURT A. H. JESCHKE: Baltimore, Civil, B.S.; TBH; Vice-Pres., A.S.C.E. . . . GEORGE HENRY JONES: Washington, D.C, Me- chanical, B.S.; A.S.M.E. c III KIU Kl o. |(»M : Washington, D.C., Aeronautical, B.S.; ATQ .1 ( l I. KM ' I.W: Brentwood, Mechanical, B.S.; A.S.M.K. . . . SIIKWKI.I. I). KKI-M: St. U ' onard ' s. Klcctrioal. B.S.: AXA; Vets Club: A.I.K.K. . . . GEOKGK HOBKHI- KKNNKDV: Hallinimv, Civil, B.S.; A.S.C.i:.; Newman Club. jiiJIN i:. KKSIKK: Washington, Civil, B.S. . . . I ' illlll ' I). Kl I 1 11. 1. 1.: U a.-iliingtoii. D.C, Mwhanical-Afronautical, li S : IS A ; .SM K. . . . IIOWAKU J. LAMADE, JK.: Willianisporl, I ' a.. .M. -, B.S.: l-rA: Scabbard and Blade; A.S..M.K. . . . JOSKI ' ll I.. M »EK: Washington, D. C, Mechanical, B.S. ; TBI!; Kng. Council; I ' res., A.S.M.i:. , Ml » It I .: Ualtiniore, Civil, B.S.; KA; Scabbard and lilnl. . l.a.r..s.-c; l ' ()..lball; A.S.C.K. . . . JA.MES IMOUHIS M.- ( I MMI (;S: Baltimore, Civil, B.S.; TBI!; A.S.C.K | »ll ll{|; l{ .McINTYKE: Chevy Clia.- c. . Ic.l,ani,al. MS: I Al AS.M.K.: Uaydodgers Club . . . KIIW M l» l»l( KINsuN Ml |{| s: rlington, Va., Klectrical, B.S.; M 1 W 11,1.1 M I.. MONSO.N: Crccnbelt, Chemical, B.S.; A.I.Ch.E. . . . .I.O|{(;i-. i:sl ) MOKKIS: Wa.shington, D.C, Mechanical, B.S.; I ' .i-ill |{()|{i:|{r I.. MOHHIS: Baltimore, Civil, B.S.; TBll . . «.IIIUI{I I. Ml Kl ' in : I.Miir.l. .Miclianical. B.S. |(»IIN .1. O ' ll l V: Wa.shington, D.C, Mechanical, B.S.; TKi;; Oir Ml IIVII. I{. ( -| KA ;KN: Hyattsville, Mechanical, B.S. . . . M M.I.KN t l{|{: Ml liainicr, Mechanical, B.S. ; -I-At-J; A.S.M.I!. ; Kille Team . . s| M I | . I ' l(( •• i: : Cilbert, Minnesota, Me- ■lianical, B.S. .1 Mi;S I., yi KK.N: Bclhcsda. I ' .l.ctricul, B.S.; TBII; Vets Club . WILLI M CIKKLKS KXVtSON: Wiushington, D.C, Mechanic: K.s S.. l.i:. . . . JACK M. KEID: Catonsville, Ch.-miral. M .- Wi; 1 Ch.!;.; President, Social Chairman, AXr . . . I» IK V HI WtH.DS: Klkridge, Klectrical, B.S.; A.I.K.K. Ill Win (;i l(;(;S KOBKKTSON: Chevy, Chemical, U.S.; ii l.Ch.i;.; I ' ershing Hifles; Hiding Club: Intramural Ko.ilbali an l Baseball; Sailing Club . . . KOKEKT LEE KOIIItltACK: Breni- wood, Klectrical, B.S.; I ' AH; TBII; Intramural Basketball, Softball: I ' .rshing Rifles: A.I K K.: Sgl -al-Arms. .Senior; Historian, ' I ' AM l-UVNK HLL KI» K(»IIIIMI(tiri:i{: In .Icri.k, Civil. B.S: VVU. AS.C.K. I IIMIN |{. HI ( K1.H: HridgcwaKr. Ma,s.s.. Mechanical, B.S l I I! I HI m (;0: Dorchester, Mass., Klectrical, B.S. . . M BON II HnMl . ( IIS: Baltimore, Chemical, B.S.; I A I ( 1. i:. «.l (tllt.i; SLDLVCK: Binghamton, N.Y., Klectrical, B.S.; TBII .lOSKI ' ll t IIVKI.KS SEKOKA: Baltimore, . eronautical, BS : . A. A S .M.i; Kir.IIAKI) OOSIIORN SHVNKIJN. .11$. : B.lliiii.ur, M, hanical- Acn.iiauticul: B.S.; ATU; THIl . . . IIKni S MKI.MN SIIKETS: tiiceiibolt, Chemical, B.S. . . . KISSELL l- ' HANKI.IN SIIKW: Scat Pleasant, Mechanical, B.S.; J A(-); A.S.M.E I MKS K. SNOOK: Thurmont, Civil, B.S.; TBH; A.S.C.E.; Vets Chili. KM.l ' ll . SIMMONS: Park, Vb ,-il: A.S.C.i:.: h. in, mural Basket liall . . Washington, !).( ' ., Klertiical, B.S.; TBI I . Riveiiiale, Aeronautical, B.S.; A.S.M.i;. STAROBIN: Washington, D.C., Kl ti A.I.K.K. il. H.S,; r ; irtoiy Coun- l) III KI.IK SIMONS: . . WII.I.UM l{. SIVHk: . . . MJUviuM n{i;i cal, B.S.: Hillcl; I.U.i:.; MAI KIC.IC 1). STAUK: W ashiiiKl- ' n, DC M A.S.M.K., Tieasuiei-, TIC . . . ;KOI{ ;i-. I ' . Baltimore, Mechanical, B.S C.IAKKSON ( Klkridge, Mechanical, B.S.. . .THOMAS LKK ? Ishiiid,; U.S.; ATQ. I. U.S.: TIC ' I " ; . SI KIN mi; I .. .Il{.: ;|{ Sll AI.NS. .Il{.: riN(;n(;o.Mi{:Gii).son JOHN AI.HKKI ' S ' I ' ONK: Washington, D.C., Mechanical, B.S.; TBO KSCO KDW l{l SI l{l kl.VM), JR.: Jersey City, N.J., Me-; U.S.; (-). : . .S.. I.i:.: Men ' s League; Interfraternity Council . . . IKMiri ' llOMI ' SON: Haliini..iv, Klectrical, B.S.; I.R.K.; A.I.E.E. . . . I) IIM;oo|)|{| .II IIIOMI ' SON: Washington, D.C, Electrical, B.S.: I ' .M A, TBII: llTl Snident Jiaiui: Maryland Christian Fellowship. I ' llKODOItK l) MI) TIT.MAN: Baltimore, Mechanical, B,8. . . . KAKLK K. roK SK: Washington, D.C, Electrical, B.S.; A.I.E.E. . . . RAYMOND A. TOENSE: Washington, D.C, Electrical, B.S.; A.I.E.E. . . . IMIILIP A. TROUT: Silver Spring, Electrical, B.S. JOHN VANKO: B:iltimore, Mechanical; B.S.; A.S.M.E. . . . MAX A. VOGEL: Washington, D.C, Chemical, B.S.; A.I.Ch.E. . . . ROBERT E. WAr(;H: Crceiiliclt, M.M ' luuiical, B.S.; A.S.M.E LAWRENCE WEINBER(;: W;ishir,Kinn, D.C, Mechanical, B.S.; A..S..M.I:. MARVIN WEISSBERG: Silver Spring, Civil, B.S.; TE ; Intra- murals: Daydodgers Club; Diamondback; A.S.C.E.; Hillel; Footlight Club; Baseball; Chess Club . . . ROBERT ERNON WERTZ: Hyatts- ville, Electrical, B.S ALVIS W. WHITE: ll. attsville, Mechanical, B.S.; Daydodgers Club; A.S.M.E.; ets Club . . . WILLL M D. WILLIAMS: Baltimore, Mechanical, B.S. .lOSEPH WILLIAM WILSON: Washiiigt, ATti; Camera Clul.; . .S.M.i;.; Cts Club WILSON: Ballimorc, I Clecliiral, B.i . . . WITCOFF: Wasliintilon, D.C, lUectrical, 1 Corr. Sec, I.U.E.; Board of Governors, TIC WRIGHT: Baltimore, Mechanical, B.S. n, D.C, Mc-hani. ' al, B.S.; . . . WILLIAM liOIUHI . SHELHON W III I M i.S.;TE I ' ; l»iaiii..ii ll.a.U: 11. WILSON Ill, „.. s.. a- to ., " - ' " f • ' - « " " Home Economics Training luUfge women for home and professional careers, the College of Home Economies has expanded grealK under the tutelage of Marie Mount, dean since I ' 20. personal honor which Dean Mount has brought l(. Mar.Nland for the last two years is Iiim- position as treasurer of th. ' Kxecutive ( " of I he National lloiiie I ' conomic Association. Latest expansions in the llonu ' llconoiuics jjrograni ha e come in research in order to uieel tlie increasing d.Muand for furlln ' r sludx in (he iiulrili.iii. textiles, and inaiKigi ' riiciil licids. A new rcsi-arch lal)orator is being e(|uip|)cd foi llic Home Ec building as head- (juartcrs for testing the palatability and consumer acceptabililN of foods produced and processed in MarNland. in the field of textiles, research is being carried on cooperatively with the U.S. Departincnt of Agriculture to investigate tiie s,mn iccahilit of The Home Management Laboratorv of the college is conducting experimental studies in household pro- cedures, working toward improved equipment and elimination of time-wasting steps. The National Association of Executive Housekeepers requested the college to set up a course of study in administrative housekeeping. Such a course in hotel administration, is offered in the Institutional Management program. Ihm.U.. .,.mI MM... ' Ih.mU.. II.,,... I. MVmr.VN .JKAN IJASIIOKK: Scvorna Park, Inslitulii.n:.! M:in;ig«- n.i .; Home Kc Clul.; Wesley Club; BSU . . . JOSKI ' IIINK ltl. KI.: Mallimore, I ' riurtieal Arts, U.S.; AP . . . M.K V DKI.OKKS ItoWI.KS: WasliiiiKlon, D.C., Kducatioii, U.S., AP; Old Line . . Il I KVNCKS BKKNT: Wiushinglon, D.C., Textiles, BS., APA: ti.N; Ui.ling Club; Home Ik- Club; Sceretjiry, O.N; President, APA. IIKSTKK M. BKOW.N: Hiillimure, liislilulional Maiiat, ' ciiieiit ; H.8.; T..:isun:r, Survictw..muii ' s Clul. . . . KATIIKKINK KLIZABKTII BKOWN: Silver Spring, Clothing, U.S.; Cli-e Club; Daydodgers Club . . . M BIAN C.AVVI.IKK CAI ' OZZI: Baltimore, Practical Arts, B.A. , AAA; N. ' wman Club; Sociology Club; Old Line; Footliglil Club . . . KI)N ANN CIIISOLM: Barnesvillc, Textile Clothing, M.A.; Iloiw i:. ' Club; Modern Dance Club: B.illrooin Dance Club; Drum Majorette; .Junior Prom Committee. I mill MM ( ONWI: Alexandria, Va., General, B.S., KA . . . i;oM I I I N I! V MP I ON: Washington, D.C., Clothing, B.S., KKP; 11. .111. I.. Clul.. Kiiliiit Club; House President KKP; Women ' s I eague Wil.M (;i{«)WiH.I{: Dundalk, Clothing, B.S., OX; President, (IN Ki.i; N(m M K ; KI-rr KNSOK: Belair, Kducalion, B.S.; ISP; Collegiate l-Il Club; Lecturer, Miuster, Student (Irange. 72 UKIMIIV LEE FLEET: Bristol, Practical Arts, B.A., ASA; Presby- iriiMii Clul.: liidiMK Cluh; Hiilly Club; Cosmopolitan Club . . . JOAN ME KIJL I ' OHI): WashiiiKton, D.C., Practical Arts, B.S., Daydodgcrs (Mill.; H, Daiico Club; Home Economics Club . . . PEKKY EOSIKH: Balliinore, Practical Arts, B.S., AP; Wesley Club; Hiding Club; Diaini.iulback; Sailing Club; Scholarship Chairman, AI ' ; May Queen Honor Court . . . KITH TALBEKT FKITZ: Toaneck, N.J., Practical Arts, B.S. AAA, (). : Hcil Cross; WSSK; Diamondback; University Theater; Young 1{( publican Club; House President, Marshall, AAA. GEOKGE C. HOPKINS. J|{: Cnllege Park. I ' r.Mclical Alts. U.S.. Ai; I ; Newman ( lub; Diaiiion.lba.k; Old Line . . . ALVKIXNNE KVKLOVi ' V: Fn.sllmrg. Practical Arts, B.S., P I B; Newman Cluli; Wcmcn ' s Churns; Red Cross; IKC; WRA; Secretary, Activities Chair- man, P ' l ' B . . . JEAN.NE M. LANG: Baltimore, Textiles, B.S., I ' -l-B; Lutheran Club; Camera Club; Home Ec Club; HlC . . . LOUISE ROSALIND LANIER: Nokesville, Va., Practical Arts, B.S.. Presby- Clnb; Art Club; Home Kc Club. .] : l, ;ll: Baltimore, Nursery School, B..S., AAA; I ' nsidii.t , AAA; IHamoiKlbaok; Panhellenic Council; Human Kelalions Clul.; Freshman W Cik Committee: Red Cross; Wesley Club; May Day . . . HELEN Ma -MILL.VN: Chevy Chase, Dietetics, B.S., SK; Wesley Club; Spanish Club; Home Ec Club; Vice-President, Social Dance Club; International Club: BSU . . . ROBEIMV M .|KSKV: Wheeling. W. Va., Clothing, B.S., HB I , OX; M.., |).,nr, Clul.; Diamond- back; Secretary, IIB . . . KATIIERINK M RIDES: Balliniorc. Education, B.S., E !; Home Ec Club. INGRID MORTENSON: Hyattsville, Practic ' al Arts, B.S., AZA . . . VIVI.VN .MOSIIOVITIS: Washinglnn, O.C., Arts, B.A., E t i;; Home Kc Clul. . . . W M M RIE OLDS: Silver Spring, Education, B.S.; BSC . . . Kl.l VREIII N PEIER: Washington, D.C., Textiles and Clothing. B.S., . (l||; Ib.nic l Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Autumn Carnival. . la l)a , .hniinr I ' n.m ( ' (.inmittees; Activities Chairman, . OII. FLORENCE E. PHILLIPS: Fishing Creek, Education, B.S. . . . .IE NNE PONS: Washington, D.C., Clothing, B.S., 2K; Home Ec Club; Hiding Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Dance Club . . . JEANNE SHIRLEY Ri: ;i S: Hihiinore, Practical Arts; B.S., ASA, AAA, ON, I K J : Woni(ii ' (111. Ill-; Lutheran Club; French Club; Panhellenic Council; Vice-President, Women ' s League; Rush Chairman, ASA; Women ' s Editor, Diamondback . . . JEAN MARIE ROBINSON: Winchester, Va., General, B.S., KKP; Terrapin; Home Ec Club. M RY El.l .VREIII ROCKWELL: Brun.svvick, Practical Arts, B.S., AT; lii.iiir l.r Clul.; C.inin l.uiy Club; Social Chairman, AP . . . IXMJOlin NM-. Rl : W a.shington, D.C., Nursery School, B.S. . . . M in II{ ;IM lUSriN: Washingtun. DC, Clolliing, B.S., KKP. . , A. llAi:. (iN. Ml. liar Board; Wlin ' s Win.; PirsKlnil, A. A;Secrctar , K KI " ; . lvrrti.sing Manager, Old Line; Vire-Prrsideiit, Cosmopolitan Club; President, Treasurer, Home Ec Club; Wesley Club; Religious Philosophy Club; Secretary, Mortar Board; May Day, Junior Prom, Committees; Women ' s Chorus; Vice-President, ON; WUOM . . . H RI$ R I.Ol ISE RYON: Mobile, Ala., Ceneral, B.S,, AOH; Newm.ih Clul.. C., in,.p,,litan Club; Dance Club; lied Cross; Autumn Carnival CuiiuiiitliT. MAKJORIE SCI LL: Washington, D.C., Practical Arts, B.S., KA; HAE; Junior Pan-Hel; Business Manager, Terrapin; Freshman Week Committee; Secretary-, Srnii.i Chiss; Kush Chaii hmh. KA; Cli.iii mlhi. Senior Prom . . . ROS Mtl.l.l.l-. SOMKUS: ( n-h, M. I Mnc.i mn. I ' . S . SK; Home Ec Club; W.-I.a CIuIi. D:, !,.■.■ Clul,, !■ irvl,,„;,ii ,.k Committee . . . TIIELMA STATIKtPOl LOS: Uashmgton, DC, Practical Arts, B.S., E 1 2; Home Ec Clul. . . 1) W ID R. STERRETT: Silver Spring, Practical Arts, B.. ., l ' . i;. PEGGY MacKENZIE STOCKE ' IT: Washington, D.C., Practical Arts, B.S.; Presbyterian Club; Art Club; Home Ec Club; Dance Club . . . JANET ELAINE TURNER: College Park, Clothing, B,S., IK; Women ' s Chorus; Wesley Club . . . OR V E ELYN WEST: Washington, D.C., Education, B.S.; Riding Clul.; Club; Dance Club; Home Ec Club . . K VIHERINE . IAR(;AKET WOOD: Takoma Park, Clothing, B.S., AAll; Orchestra. mm Military Science Till- (■.(ill,-r (,r MilihllS S, rurr. Hc.nMliun, ;iild Pliysical Juliualioii under Col. Ilaiiand C. (iiiswold. Acting Dean, sponsors tlnoc curricula: iiiilitai science, the R.O.T.C. program, and pliysical educatidii. ' i ' lic iiiililiirx science cuiricuium prepares men lor ser i(c in llie armed forces, oll ' ering the degree of H.S. in Iililar Science. p|,ro imalel lw , hundred are . ' urolled in Ihistield. The H.O.T.C. pro-rarn trains men for cili enship and prepares lliem for ser ii-e lo llie countr in time of emergency. More than nineteen hundred students take part in its officer training activities which lead to a connnission in the reserve corps of the rmy of Air Force. The I ' liNsical lulucalion department, aimiiifi to traiTi tcailicrs and recreational directors, has ex- perienced an amazing increase in emolhneni in llie last fe« ears. Last fall. Miss DonitliN Heacli from the I ni ersily of Michigan became the ne« head of Women ' s l ' h sical lulucalion. The curriculum h)r pii sical education majors is worked out in cooperation with tlie College of Education. As well as preparing teachers, the department provides for the required freshman and sophomore courses. C ' .AI ' T. lAH IS .1. ;ill KC.llMI.I.K: Cnllrj;,. I arl . Milil;irv Srienc 15.S. . . . (WW An IS (;KI,I.I ;: SUvn Spim-. Milil.-ii S.-inir li.S. . . . MA.IOH W 11,1,1 M I. IIM.ION: 1 « Mainl, N , Mil t:uy SdciKc, B.S. . . . .M. JOK WALDO BKI ;IIVM .|().NK Washington, D.C., Military Science and Tactics, B.S. LT. FRANK L. KAUFMAN: Riverdale, Military Science, B.S. . . . LT. COL. LEO W. KILLEN: Nantucket, Mass., Military Science, B.S. . . . M. JOK J.4MES R. LOCHER: University Park, .Military Science, B.S. . . . LT. GEORGE EDWARD MARIIN: Baltinion, Military Science and Tactics, B.S., TC; Fresiiman Lacrosse ami Boxing. LT. .VNDREAS .lEKSIIN MOLLKR: Washington. D.C, .Mili Science, B.S. . . . CAI ' T. KOBKK ' I ' :. NKW M : I :a-i pin, -, Mil Science, B.S CAI ' T. .1 VMKS . H l,l-: : I l.„,l, , ,„,, K , l,li Science, B.S. . . . LI ' . KORKK I .IISSIK W 11 I LK : (ohm Ga., Military Science, B.S.; Biding Club. Rpspi ' Vf Offii ' Pi ' s Ti ' i u, III Thr ycMi- I ' M ) hiis inarkid :iMulliri iiiil.stiiiic in llir (|. ' ilopin.-iit ,,{ Ihr I iiiNclsils of M;ii 1;iImI KOTC null lill ll i- lu(l;, ■ cf III.- lii-M-l aii.i ImsI i.rils l |.c ill llic.-.iiinliN. Mici Ihr ivliivm.-iil (.r Ccldiicl Ihiihm.l ( ' . (iiiMvul.l. uIk, had Ihmii CniiiinaiKlaiil ni ' tlir unit sinn ' l ' )i:! i.i i,iu- Claud.- Stadliiian a siiiii.-(l iiiaii l ..n .liiU I. I«»l«. Sli.iilK llM-r.-al ' l.T C.oloiii-l (iror ' .- I- ' .. Kl.-I. Ii.-i .aiii.- I.i IIh- I iiiN.-lsilN I., i,-|,la.-.- I.I. Cnl. Miiii.m as l--A,-rMliN .- Olli.ri-. |-; .-|- .-Niiaiidili ' . ' . 111.- unit lias -i.,«m lliis .-ai l.i 2.(1(10 sliid.-uls, aii|)i i iiiial.lN lliiilx |).T.-.-iil ..f 111. ' tola! male uii(l.T-f:ia(liial. ' nrisi iali..ii. Willi 111.- .-iilai-.-Mi.-nl ..r 111.- .ad.-l miil lias .-.iin.- III.- in.n-as,- in tli.- inslin,l.,i lalV iiia.l.- u|. n( i.-u ' iilar ini |.(-im,mii.-I nnITlIi ii.inn .-.msists ..f jnit n-s.- .-n ,.lli.-.-rs an. I 111. -II. In v i.-u .if 111. ' iinpi .-. .- ! M .- ..f IIm- nnil. 111.- .ad.-l -|-.,ii|i has l). ' . ' ii ..r-aiii .-d. lor Hi.- lirst liin.-. inl.. Uv.. M-paial.- iiiiil : a Ci.iund K.n..- Hcf;imciil and an ii l- " ..i.-.- (inMip. ' lli.- F..n.-s. nii.l.-i 111.- .■..niinaiid ' l Colon.-i Carl Sniilli. .-..nilial M-l.-ran oC IIm- :)IIi InlaiihA DiNi i.m. is mad.- ii|.ol ' llii.-.- l,allaiiolls;ali Inraiilrs. Si-nal. anil a Ti ans " ' ! tal i. m i ' .allalion. ' I ' ll.- ir F..I..- (.r..n|i is .- ...s.-.l ..f lour ir N|ua,in.ns and i .■oniinan.l.-.i |,N Cad.-I C...I..II.-1 II. Mill.r. riii ir - ,nr x.-l.-ran. The colors puss in rcvipw. Two lliousiind (Ill- Miiryliinil rcRimt ' iits of Kpwrvc Oflircrs TniiiiiiiK Corps in:.r.-l. ! ill lli.-ir «.-.-kly H.-Kim ' -nnil I ' mhuI.- di iJJ 1 lis » saw duly with the . rm War ( ullc-,-!-. llir ( ' .oniinaiKl and (ii ' iicral Staff School. A (iradualc of tlic Missouri I niv.Tsily. ( " ...loti.-l Sladlmaii was assifjn. ' d In dniv Willi Ihal s,|i,„,l ,,. I ' MS r aiKJ C.mir.iarKlaiil n( Ihr Inlaiilrx HOTC; l.rlui. ' .■(.iiiin;: I., Mar laiMl. lie wa ;, iiinnlHi ..f ll,,- nu I ' rrsuiiiirl Un„i U.,ar.l. I K lin- llir ( uniinaiidaiil i-. p ,|iiilar Major Wall. I Millrr. wJK, holds III. ' |i.»l .,r djnlalil. lar laii.l -radualr. Class ,.r V . Major Millrr is a .-liiau of Bastouui-aiid llio lOlsl Airhorm- Division. rMonp iiis dfcoralions arc the Sil cr Star Medal willi Oak Ijcaf Cluster, and several high forcipi decorations. lA. Col. tieorge K. Fletcher is new to Maryland this year and carries the responsibility of I ' Accntixc olliccr and heads (he Infantry units. Cadet Staff Selected on a nun-coiiipelitive basis by the Milil;n y Board, C: drl (.( Carl Smith and Cailloii li. Miller wiMv appdinted to head the Ground Force and ir Kdki ' units respectively. Smith, a graduate of (iit (iuise, spent two and one-half years in the riii uf which most of the time was spent in Kmope in I lie famed 5lh Infantry Division. Discharged in I ' M ) willi two Bronze Stars on his ETO ribbon and llie Cunihal Infantryman ' s Badge, Smith registered in I lie ( (illege of BPA in September 1946 and entered l r (l aiiced Corps of Cadets in his Sophomore Near. Sniilli was appointed Commandiiif; Ollicer of Ihe InlanliN battalion in September l ' )l!{ and in December was desii iiated as e(immaii(ler of Ihe . ' idiiiid force regimen I. C.adel C.nlnnel C.arllnM 11. Miller, IxMIl in nrk. I ' ennsxUania. was a graduate uf M.Kinle Teeli lligli School in W ashington, D. C, enlisted in the Air Corps in June 1941 and was discharged in 1945 after serving as Aviation Cadet at Kessler, Yuma and Scott Fields. Miller came to jVIaryland February 1946 and is a Junior in the College of Business and Public Administration. AIK FdUCK r,K(iri STAFF: fr.. i A ' .iii ' . ol. C. Lt. Col. C. H. Magruder. Lt. Col. V. F. Reynolds. CampbeU, Maj. W. C.McGinty, Lt. Col. C. J. Zarcone. Maj. D. J. Ostr Maj. C. P. Kretschman. : ,m - Military Ball l ' .rl|,;ilh lllr . ill ll-IlK nf llic riM lI . -Wc ' cl Mm..i( uiiilcl Ihr l,;,l,,n (.1 ill. rill Lciprz srl llic srclir In III, ' lllil:ii I ' .iill hi ' M in MiiN. 1918. The daiur, ar ;iiiiiii;il ;iir,iii 1m lore llir wai ' , was sponsored iasl yi ' a I.N Seahhaid and I ' .lad. ' I ' ni Ihr liisl liiiir s ' umv Hi, orpiiii alioM of Ihr haii,r,i hO ' l ' C. lli;. ' liliL ' lilin.L ' II I ' M ' iiiii- was III, ' i.iVM ' iilalion ol ' a -old H.-ini.nlal Sponsor Am ( " .iwit«ell l. Major ( ieii.Ta! jlduanl S. I ' .ns. Assislin- M-rimeiilal (■.orniiiaiid. ' r llrnrs NiNlni III liiakill- Ur daiicr a u, ,-,.ss uriv .Mm l.iil and Ills Divoialions ( ■.oinniil lee and .loe MeCoN. uIm, niana-rd llir linanees. Wliil.- ...-..•- 1. .1 Ihr It. ill .ri.i M. ' N. ' iv. (.) i.. II mm ( .iMlxM ' ll. hiip. .. Itiiiinv Ki 4 Firtt Row: Woodwall. W.h Little, Watkins, Wilson, Br Weiss, Wiser, Tysdal. Andi- Comwell, Parslow, Abrams ml Tucker, Wolftp, Fulcher, Hardesty, Ponds, Powers. Second Row: Moriarity, Morrell, Richardson, Jewel, Bennel Kiseman, McGettrick, King, Wheatlv, Mclntyre, Keene, Joseph, Richards. Fourth Row: Krebs, Macy, Fyock, Vorsle .alerlield. Weaver. Stinson, Pease, Rottenberg. Magill, Perlin, Davis, Williford. Sixth Row: Williams, Laberge, . nderso e. Smnlh Row: Watson, Huber, Creamer. Pershing Rifles Wlirn l.irutrnniil .lolin .1. I ' risliin- niid.T k III i.i-;uiiz:ilinM of ii liOTC. drill iinil nl llir I n ,Tsil ,r cl,niskM in I!W:5Ih. ,,n,l);,l.l rir cr IJKil rnmi Ihal irKUispicious Ixil iianiwni kin- i:rnu| ( C.adrls xNc.nId cinn-, ' llie basis of a rnilihii hum solid whiili liida enroinpasses omi IT in.iji colleges and universities. Numbering about 50 oflicers and men, the Cadets of the Pershing Rifles can be spotted easily on campus by their blue and white lanyards and white gloves. General Pershing would be justly proud of Maryland ' s crack unit; upholding its tradilion of military proficiency the unil won the ,5tli Regimeiilal District drill competition last la at Ithaca, N. Y., against the Pershing Rifle units from other schools on the east coast. Iloiioniries Vol ri.Mll m.l-, 111.- iilli.niilr -u;,! uf life i. Ilir ;i 1 1 iiillll Will ,,!■;. ,- .lli-. ' (l.-ivc. Tu niiic. Ihis is . . ,Tsli;i(lo« r,| 1.x llir li.MKM and pii.l, ' (if rc(i ' i iiij; an award il ( ( ;; Iniidr mi tiKtanii iiint liiiiili-. I H - 1 ill (il lici . 111. ' .KAMiiii- -l..r .,1 ' th. ' ii .-..ll. ' -. ' .aiv.Ts is lli. ' ii inilialion inl. an li.m..iai rial.Tnilv. ■| " .i 111. ' luilunal. ' Iru. li.iiK.iarx kr s ai ' . ' |.n ' s. ' nli ' .l. S,ni. ' |.. ' ..|il. ' liav.- ll.ral.iliU an l p. ' is. ' i ' N .T. ' M.. ' Inallain ih. ' Ii..n..i. Sin. ' . ' 111. ' inslallali.Mi lliis . ' ai . ! ' Phi Mplia ' I ' a nali.Mial l iisl..i ' li..n..iai . 111. ' I nixiTsilN MrMai lan.l l...a-ls ,,r Iw. ' mI -li c li..n..iai .,i-:aiii ali.iiis . n il- . aiii|.ii . I ' la. Ii . ' ai lli. ' s, ' t. ' i..ii|.s la| Hi. ' in. .si ..iiNlaiidinj: slnd. ' iils I.. lM ' ..iin. ' r.ll..« in. ' nil.. ' is in lli. ' ir s...i. ' ti. ' s. ii iiii|.. i ' laiil . ' onsid. ' of Hi. ' adininislial i.iii Ini Hi. ' I M!!-I ) ,■,,11. ' -. ' N. ' ai- «as 111. ' inslallali.,n I ' lii l ' Kappa Cliapl.T al ( -...ll. ' -. ' Park. ll is lu.pi ' d thai Mi.h plans Nill be suov-lulK l.rininal. ' .l in Hi. ' in..lillis Till ' liitc Dr. H. J. Patterson, former president of the Universii presenlinR the DcRrw of Doctor of Medicine to In enind.son, I ' . ' iHerson Mack, at tlii ' I ' .IIS ura.luation excrcis.-: 84 Phi Ka|»|)a Phi IMli ., ,U I ' l.i. ru.liullMl Unnn ;iliiiiil , l:i| - llic lop-raiikiiitr si ' iii I Ik- I.iII mill in llic spriti ; scniois nnIh mil of ll.r -ri.ihi.-.liii ' .-lass. 4- fe llollMsllip ill r.ill.-c llirll|)p.T % %. II. i.M.ill. I . k.,.,ll Omieron Delta Kappa I, ' inl.ri lii,, in ODK. iiali.-Mal Icadcrsliii tVatciiiil . is dill ' (if III! ' liitilicst atlainiiit ' iils possible for a male stiidcnl. Oiialidcalioiis arc charach ' r scholarsliip. s,-r i(c. Iradrrsliip ari l fcll.,u slii,, in campus life. I( is iicccssar lo lia c altaincd distinction in one of liNc phases of colic.-. ' . ' ndeavor. Faciil Fre.l DeMarr I ' liblirations llarix Itoiik Allilolk.s Charles Lewis .). Vile.. l{o«ers Publiratioii-- Henrj Sajlor Social Affairs 87 Mortar Board Nciiroii May l)a , Mortar Board laps wniiicii of lln- Junior Class who arf otilslaiulin ' in scliolarship, leadership and service. This distinction is the high- est any woman nia receiNc dnrin r hei collem " career. I I. .in., I ll.iii,n-l.M Firfl Itoir: Malcolm JarobsDn. Li-e Thi mus. KrediTick Nestine, Millard Estcrson. Geurgf Orr, Joe Tydi Basil Lewis, Malcolm Freed, Frank DiGiorio, Philip BogdonotT, George Fry. Third Row: Carv Hawthor )berl L. OH, William Chesney, James Snyder. Phi Eta Sigma yational }fon ' s Frvslmwii II im ii inmorary Alpha Lambda DeUa «f « .« » o»i i.s rn-shman Honorary Alpha Chi Sigma (it ' nnial Chfm ' ud] lloiu rarv M.-l Shi-..|a, Tom Ali-xundi-r. O.-ori;.- . »hl. Alpha Kappa D( Ua ili nuil S(t(i l4ni llimorarv 90 Alplltl Pta (itional Agricultural Honorary m MeCaslin, Gordon Jessup, Perry Twining. Second Rnw: (VDell Charles Wilson, Jack Fraling, Lester Hog ue. Third Row: Warren an, John Rieek, Kelvin Adkins, Hugh Sisler, William Allenberg, Beta Alpha Psi National irrounlinii Honorary First Roif: Charles Hartsoe, Robert Lashly, Kenneth Emery, Robert DeBinder, A. J. Lipske. Franklin Goldstein, Edward McAllister. Sminil Ron-: J. Kenneth tasick, William E. Armstrong, William Wisner, S. N. Wedeberg, Charles Sewell, Warren Rose, Ellis Abel. Third Row: Donn Fulton, M. Louis Ilgenfritz, Edgar Fishel. Lewis G. Cook, Robert Hoyert, Robert Drake, Irving Saltz, Roy Brenner. Not present: Harold Cohen, Robert Maul, William O ' Neill, Warren Reed, Herbert Scherr. Feb. Graduates: John Doroker, Allen Fried, WiUia Nolan, Morton Shearer, Donald White, Alvin Wolpoff. ( )llli( ' r ll Nil nli ,nnl llnmr lu tnnnnics lloinnarv Franklin rh.rn.n rull.iKllan. . Ik W l ' I Kl....nnr ll„rnn,...n. Mary M,-n,.nnn. j| .1 - Pi Sigma Alpha yaHonal roUliral Srirnrr lh,f,nrary GingiT Kiistin, PtTry e cy O . 4 ,1 Scabbard and Rladc nli„nnl MllHarv l.ra,lrrshi,, llnnnrary n.i. . • . 1 M. ■ . I , k.irdt. Willy Alhauk ' h. Dorothy Drum- mond, Eva Stein, Edith Brinson. Third Row: Warren Silver, George Hubbard, Paul Bassctte, Gordon (iri ' fn, Jeanne Crouch, Philip ' I k. 1 1,,[M. Bryne, Debby Krouse, I: I His. Joseph Brescia, Joseph K I ; ,, Janet Hartley, Lynn Sigma Al|)lia OniicrOn ational Itanvrinlo-y llnnnra, Sigma Tau Epsilon First How: Ellie Higgons, Marianna Derr, Mary Loo Amose, Eleanor Hoppe. Second Row: Elaine Cromwell, Doris Hare, Elenor Zimmerman Mary Adier. . itii ii(il M omen ' s Ri ' rn ' dl ' nnml llinnnary First Row: Howard Hoshall. Charles Volv. John Buckley, William K. Wilson, Williiim Muns.iM. Harold Glassm .n , ; I: J.. I,,, .,u,, James Q ueen, I .■. ' ; ' .! I ' ■ n. Russell Allen. . I li M, l: ,|„ ■ Rohrback. Th:r,l i ,, , - Sedlack, Jr. Jam.- M. ' ■::■ . ]r. .1 r, Thompson, Lewis Kckard, Jr. .I.isij.h Luh.T, Marshall J. Brown, Krank MarUn, Joseph Gorub. 1 aVl JjCta ±1 at ' nniat Ensiiiicrr ' tnii llonorni Activities Eisenhauer was S. G. A. Chief Tuesday ev. of political clambakes and intrigue, ernment Associalior the often-heard ga Vice P . . ' =ninentary procedure, kept the b ' hoys in hand through constant reference to Jones ' Manual of ould never keep a good bunch of amateur politicos per- .1 i_i.-j Q f.i ,Q nf rliPtnrin ■MM ie way the Nf ' What do they think this •This meeting is being handled in a high- handed, arbritrary, dictatorial fashion. " " You ' re out of order! " " I appeal " " The il is out of order. " " I . . . " You ' re out of order " " Oh. " ' I wa» Ike ' s SecreUry " and the whec mm Student Governiiient Administration Dr. lUnl I.IU ..r ImihIM. oI Coiiiiril sessions lively, iiol always liarnionioiis 111. ' liisl inrrlin-..r Ih.- l,nsl,Mi,l Mu,l.„l (.,a,t.i- nirnl -.s,„ i;,linii fur l ' )|i! r.Min.l tuniK-livr ,sir nid l ivs„|,,,l l.nui I ' JsrIiliMIIrl oprMi.lL ' IIk ' |M nrrdin- ulll, llir l.iihilk. -Ml ri-lll. Ids -rl lliis (I, ill- |,.lliiif:. || I rc.ll lilrx .ji l. Willi Ivvn JMIIldlvd lllld lil ' l f. ' i rll . rl In KivsIiiikiii Oi icill :i I idll :irt i il ics. Tllr tiixt Million I ' m llir nru .nnr.ln ;,. m(.. ' |.Ic ' .I I.x IIh ' lull rnllM.iJ. -IlmlVuhMl I iik. ' I.,M-,-.- s,li.j III,- |,|,si- (liiil. " I! ri lliiiif: iiiiniiiniiins nnw wi ' ic lullin;. ' . " I ' .ill llir li;irmnM .if llir lil-l lll.clilli: WMs III lir ll(,lt-li .(|. . llir liirrlin-s |.l . .-I r.srd. llir ( ' ..Miiiril Inlllld lli;in tllin;. ' S ull xvliirli llir r.MlId not i;:rrr. ,ind llie president ' s gavel :i lo -(Piiiid liiiir mid :if. ' ;iiri In liiinp order to llie asseniliK. Willi lliuiv Ilirrlillf;-« in llir lil l . ' llirs|rl liliiM |.I(- vinlis -luiips li.i.j li. ' j.l ill lli. ' il full yr:n. llir S.(,. . (Iis|,n-.,.d ,,r llir liii.L ' rl |,i.Mrrdili- ill rrr.ild lillir. jnilil llir.lin- Nxilll llir Mudrlll l.iCr Cnliiiriiltrr mil sliiiln m 11 Till, in dps (l, i bjui ' iiil, I«ll-Sl|( h ' .m lliaii II Tlie ' ft ' ord (Jeorfie (Iheelj , Naiioy Vikeii, Treas. Frank Forster, I ' res. Louis KLseiihauer, Sec. Kleatior llimgoiis, Jr., AlU-u Howt-rs. .Staiulin;;- Karl KtishniiK, llerlierl ilonocker, Jean Askin, Robert Mann, Ann Sipp,Carl Smith, Forest M intf;onu ' ry, Henry Saylor, Vie Tiiryi |)iu(li](r(l A wuikiiii: Sliidciil li(.n C.uimiiill. ' c uiuI.t Ihc l. ' .Hlrrslll|. nf ivil-li;,iiv,l. I ilcnt.-fl Aull. Il «;is Ihis rdiuiiiillrc wliiili enabled llie lOxecutive ( ' .(.iiiieil lo uiii|)lete [)l:iiis lor an Alpha Phi Omepi Student Book exchange and to receive the Adniinis- t rat ion ' s penerons olTt-r to cancel the ' eteran ' s di l)t in. ' iinvd in 1 110. The . ' oiiiniilh ' e also .-oinpili ' d a len-pa-e lv,M,rl o„ an honor sxsleni. a slndx of I he campus radio slalioii and freshman orienlalion. Olher S(; projects inchided an in esli-al ion of student wages, investigation of Ihe need for a pnhhc address system and a studx of Ihe re ision of Men ' s and Women ' s League regulalions. Thi ' meetings were not aiua s ronline. ()ni mcmlicr, in describing a particularK sl(irm session, hnked Ihr SGA assembly to the chaoli,- affairs held li Ihe old league of Xations. The onl (hlleren.e. Ih, ' mend.rr said. vas thai Ihe diplomats never l,M.k x aler-pisl,,l pot-shots at colleagues reading commillee icporls. Bui, the Executive Council had its siiious moments as well. More meetings were held in Ihe lirsl semester than man preceding councils held in Ihe enlire ear. rill ' budget proceedings weie dispensed with in record time and the policy of having the SGA consider approval ol new campus orgam ahons I he mailer wei he Sludenl l.ile Conimilhv fiiov ided a closer conla.l uilh Ihe sind.-nl hods. More moncN uas approprial, ' ,! and i v groups re- ceived aid than in any pii ions ear. Probably the niosl signilicanl acliic emenl was Ihe consolidation, with sludenl l od approval, of class and student governmenl eleilions. The molion piissed unanimousl on Ihe lloor. indi.aling III. ' ' . nmion xxill of all mendx ' rs lo . ' linnnale Ihe cuslomar draun-oul (hvalesl oral(,r and del.aling ahililx « as exhil.iled in healed I , , and Ihre, ' hour , ' .M,,ns on puhheal i..ns honoraria and on Ihe (|ueslion of joining Hie Nalional Sludenl ssurialion. W li. ' ii Ihe had ck ' aivd. Hie Council in F. ' hruarv had Nol. ' d l. . ' liminale honoraria lor Hie xear. which Hie prcs iousK had approved in October. This piil Hie mailer in llii ' hum ofan amendment, up lo Ihc sludenl l.od al Ihc ivgular spi ' ing elections. ol s,, tender and emoli.mal words wer. ' used in III, ' arguments ,,n Im.Hi ,|uesli,,„s. In Hie S debate. President Kise.diauer cncu left his chair in order to participate. Tiie result was a 10-5 negative vote. Jean Askiii gives eommilteo ie|i .rl n N.S. V. liiip. I ' urliuiiientariaii Kisenhauer closes shop for th MEN ' S LEAlU E: FrnnI liutr: Harry IJow. Niirm Farroll. Hark Rou-: Dun Kramm, Men ' s League OlhoI ' llK ' llllV( ' (li isi. llsnrill ' Slll l ' nl CoNrlliilirMi -MMi;,liun. Ilir Mr.i ' s l.,M-ur li:is iis ils priin;.l |iiir[Mivr III rciiKiiti iNcIf witli ;ill prohlciiis rcliiliiif; to mm sliaifiils. ' I ' liis pnsl Near, Iiow.n rr. tlir I .Mf. ' iic IpiiiadciU ' d its piofiiain set as to fiirllici I he i ds and uisl,.-s of IIh- .-nlin ' sliid. ' .it l ..d . In S. |,I,im1mi . a plalluiin ua diai ' lrd lu iiK ' liidr i.iajoi p .Inls uhi.h uriv dcrtn. ' d a ri,,rssitirs in lllr inlrivst uf Ihr .■fitiiv nni rl il . Tliis plallMini inrlnilr.l Ihr pinpn naniiri- and lal.rlinL ' nl ' all liuiMinL- U A lirlrl,,rn v idrlilillr.j l.v i-nili(;Mil nanirs. ||,r rslal.ljslunrnl ..! ' a drliinlr MM ' ial .alrndar Im pn riil r.mliirljn- r , ' |lK. lli ' iiislallalion of a I ' lcsliiiian Oiii ' iilalion pi ' of, ' i ' ani or I ' oui ' sc ill ordri ' lo hniflil iirw sliulcnis. aiul a prnnaninl sNsti ' in of Men ' s lAMfiiit ' awards l i oiilslaiidiiit; men stiidciils in n ' ( ' o ;niti()n of arliicv rtiniil and si ' ivirr lo Ihr I nivcrsily. With full coopcralion of tlic I niv Tsil . Ihr olTiccrs and other iaiii|)us orfianizatif)ns, the I -a ' m succeeded iti havin? dc ' tinili- action taken on all the afoie-nienlioMcd points. K fT, Hm eH i J. 1 ..i, 1 ( ' K __ -j ft ' fc ' " |f %V JlPl 1 m 1 WOMEN ' S LEAGUE: First How: G. Gardner. B. Kuhn. T. Talbott, B. Jacob. J. Matthews. Stroud Knw: J. Harris, J. Hammetl, B. Hatcher, J. Regus, M. Crapstor, J. Degler, F. Anthony, E. Comisarow. Third Row: S. J. Askin, N. Fresen, B. Galatian. P. Perkins, H. Hobson, J. Dicke.v, G. Margolis, C. Ennis, B. Jarosinski, V. Kermel, V. Bunker, Women ' s League WotntMi-s l.,M,i. ' u -. (he tiN.Tall os ciriinii l. (l nf wciiiiin sludciils. is a subsidiary branch ol ' lln ' Slut ii iinnii ' Ml Association and is rcprcsiiilid mi bods b lb( Women ' s Lt-agiK " prcsidcnl. Mwlinficach week in tlie Dean of Wonitns I ' .iiild llie nienibers discussed problems conccriiiiii; (i sludenls, re(ci c(l iiniKiMHcciiiiTils ,,f iiii|i,)rl iinl cin cNcrils I,. Iaki b:i,k l.i llii ' lr hmisi ' s. plann. ' d sc CNctils. made tii ' « ruli ' S and clian-ed ,,ld nuvs as need arose lo do so. liealizin- llial Ww « i.m.Mi-sl IK i)od had -roNMi in size withoiil a eorrespuiH ;rro«lh ill si c .,r scop, ' .,r nmcirs L,m-ii, ' . Ihe I n( WuMii ' M -aN, ' llicir appn.xai h.r a rcr-ani a ct.mmilici ' . ■rhisc,,mmilli ' c. hea.h ' d b l! ,l,l,i, ' ki ' i (hat ' lrd a new or ' anizalion. snil;d)le lor I lie cam .Icamie Matthews liead. ' d Ihe Chiislmas I ' a-, C.ommillee. The Spring lea lo inlioducc mw olli and Dean Stamp ' s tea for tlie League, plus pailii ip,i in May Day with the Junior class, were the n social e fills of Ihe year. f 1 m i ' " n M ' -m. - ,_ 1 y JiiM i v r H iJ ■ir ' J ■fi }i H SENIOR CLASS OFFICEKS Murjoriv Scull. Bocrelary; Eloannr Hiirringlon, historian: Second Rou-: Vic Turyn, president; Third Roir: Hobcrt Rohrbuck, sorgcant-at arnu; Malcolm Campbell, vicp-president. Class of 1949 s the -llidill,!. ' liL ' hK ..I ' • ..! ' the l;iip-l i. ' l;,linL ' rl;,.-r ;,l Mmin 1.1 11(1. ihr Sfiii(.r.lass(,IIi(vi ,nf l«Ho-l ' M ' l liml t he Jul, uf hi in-in- thcii i. ' inu|. h. ;i siir.vsslul liTminalion of ils last r:ii ;il Ihr I iii ii il . Tlif (.mciTS arran«f(l smimII im ri uhi,li unv hrl.l Mflci- all of llif .lass iiirc-lin ' s r.,i ,iitrilaiiwii,nt and stH-iali in ' r. I ' ll. ' Siiiii.i I ' n.iMiiiailf. Ihf i ' aivNNrll iian.iiifl antl daii.. ' ;:iv. ' ii f.M Ihr -radualiii ' Mir.MJMTs n - Ihr rlass. ua- I hr mnst jnipnllanl ilrlll nu I hr a-rnda nf llir ,,|Ii,vrs. Thr I ' kiiii I ' M ' uas h. ' ld .lull.- 2 al ill.- Mi..r.hani Ih.l.-I aii.l uas ,, lilljuj: ,-|ima (.. III.- N.-al. Pnilii .■.iiiiinil li ' .- in.-liibrrs wi-rr: I ' i.- TiirNii. I ' .l.-aii.n- I lai i int. ' VVarrin}, ' t(iii Smilh. l- ' i.-d Hawliiison, .liid l -K.-.i .-ii. I.i iiii|)Ni.ii. iim.- Carpi-nirr an.l Maijorir St-illl. i-las.s sc-rrlarv. afl.i tli.- .l.-parlm.- .,1 l-jli.l Jonp ' rifcl. foiiiifi- sffiflar . in OcIoImt. (■.ommi ' iK-omcnl cxiTfiscs, lirld in lli.- ali..iial liiiar.l iiii..i in I ' .alliin.m- again this yt ' iir. wiTi ' discussed and workrti upon 1j. IIr- i)llict.-i.s ami iii.l.-d iIh- hiisiiirss III ' 111.- ' T.iiip. 102 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: First Row: Helen White, treasurer; Strovd Row: Ann Sipp, secretary; Don Mortimer, vici-president; Third Rnw: George Checly, president. Class of 1950 TUr .liminr rl;iss (,111, rrs assniiir l llifil IVsp, msil.ilit irs ,.;irl in 111. ' full Us 1...- Kiiiiiin ' plans fur llicii l«u hi- cm ' iiIs ,,r llic soar. Ilir rroiiicnadc ;ui(l liu " May Da Cdrhiali,,!!. From aiiplicalinns suliinillrd lo llic cIliriTs. liclU .lobe was selected Cliainiian ..niiePnnn.TlMMhin.v. held Fehni;ir 2:, in Ur c« rni(H . pnn ed llie hidilii lil ,,rilie M;n lan(l s,„ial seas.m. llarli sprin,-. as is llic Ill, ' .lnni, r ,lass pn ' s. ' nls I li, ' Ma l a (Vleliial ion in uf llir Srniur Udnicn. l lliis lime llii ' Seninr ,,nian «lio has pniNed lo he Ihe ni.isl (lulshmdin- in campus a,li ili. ' s is en, uned (hl. ' en of Ihe Ma and H ' i-ns oxer Ihe ccn ' monics. This is f,,ll.,wed l. Murlar Hoard lappin-. ' I ' his year the May l)a , haiiinan was selecled Iin Junior ollicers from applica- tions subinillod by interi ' sli ' d .Inniui wumen. riic celebration of May Day is a tradition wliioh began during the schoors inlancs and is siiid to be the most i ' h;irm- ing and ])icturesqiie event at Mar land. Willi Ihe semester rapidly drawing lo a close, the Junior Class Ujoked back on Class of 1951 |l sriKlolIlK tlilOU ' ll ill! ' ' IiI| ' nI r;ii. Ollcorihrpn.jc.-lslwiiullc.l h llM•S.,pllu.llolv,•|il a Ihr 1I- 1,haI;im.I hnur held . |)lil 2. This cscill, ill (cmjuii. li.iii uilli llir Sinil.iil Musi,;,! ,lixili,.s (.oilllilillir. xMis h. ' ld iinill. ' di ilrlv ai ' li-r the cuikviI ' ixrii li llir Mi ' ii ' s (il.v (.liil) Hiul iillmclcd IhioM ' s ut ' ruri.crl ' o. ' is. Sdiififcsis iind SophoriK.rr d:iiiivs s.vmrd lo i.i r - „),■ ;illiiiil . Im the nmiii pr.ijfcl. Ilic SdplK.molc I ' mm. «:i lirld (ln ' iii-lil :ittri lli, ' Iiiln -Fiiihi nil Sin-. ( ' .miinillrr h.Mds . ' .lid III. ' ImIh ' Is sun- rUx-ru I ' loil. ;ipplira I i ms Mll.Mii 1 1 ' .l lu IIm ' nlli.vis. :illd llir pio.rrd. ' d In NN, lk oil llli Mirdl ' NN llirli i. ill, ' rrnVMlill ' c ' M ' llI nf Ihr Sc.pht.lliorc season. The Old (; lll niinl ' . Ihr S. ' CIU ' (.r the (hilK r, was dci ii.ili ' d in an appi ' opriatc coldr schcinc, iind ihf Prom was rnjoNcd li inaii students. Assisting ' Ihe presideiil in Ihe alVairs of state wer. ' : a ne liiirp ' iiieisler. i.e- pi ' . ' sidenl: l.iihan Howie. I le.isnier: .I.mii skin. see.elai . .ind I .a Kun i?e ill. , Class of 1952 One .if Ihc iimin .•Hurls uf llic Fiv ilMu riH-h r,vsli,n;„i n M;H lini(l sell, Inni ill ,ull,-,. hiil u,,ul(l -(. uilli hill III OcIuImt. ;,rUT llir Fivsliiimii .■lr,l iciis. Ihr li-hl Inick l,ri.Mll. Al Ihc lM-illllill ' ,.rih( I ' .Nld. uilh 111, ' ;,ssishili.v ,,r Hie rhiss ulliiv II, ■« slii,l, ' iils iiikI I(, inlru(hi v Ihcii Iir ( sliidcrils «(.|V :illni(lc(l :ill .ippdll llllil In li klloNMI ,-,llll|)llslr;,(l,.|s;,II(l|)rrs,m;ilili. ' S. Kivshiiuii Orirnlalidii (hiiKv n;is -iv. ' ri li s,T,,ii(l s,.„irslrr in ,.,njiiM(li(.n uilh Ih, ' Kn Ihc N llcillillc Ihcllic. Ihr Old Cmii ri A Chiss (illi.ris Ihis ,■;,!■ «;is I,, llisliji il Ih I nnl uollld Ix ' hclprill lo lis chosen uccnpalidii. . Ihc l.nsincss uf pullilii; Ihc . ' hiss on ic hill and spriii- scnicslcrs, I ' CIS. held a rc ' cpli,,,! lo uch ' .mi. ' Ihc dciiiis and Ihc hicullx. Tlnis Ihc iicu incci llicii picsidcnl and oilier u. ' ll- ■lass al III, ' hciiinnin- of Ihc d UU red and whih lar land l)a . March i:-,. «as Ihc dale .if Ihc Kivshnian Prom. lloii,,rini; and •jcl.rali.i ' lliis loxallN (la . Ihc l)allro(.in «as dcc.Malcd uilli Ihc Slal. Ilaj, ' and le Marxland I li..ili..i.-. i;....i.i: S.;.l. ' .l: Itill McllonaUI. I ' lof. .lain. . Kri.l. liaii • l r. .I.trk Krwiii. Kill lli.llrl. I.iiiii- Kisfiihaiiir. Staiiiliii -: I ' raiik Ma Ki Vrl Cosing. .1. Vll.ii l(o» r». I aii ViItU- Slani| wui« iifil | rl■ Fiililiraliiiiis riir | n|,li, ' ; li ,iis ] ,i,.,u . iii. ' ulr ii|) . n ' .iii n.. ' ull iri.nil ri . lii. ' ..f Ihr Trrnipin. I ) ( ' k luul ( )l l IJlir. ;,n(l lllr , ivsi(lrlils n{- [Ur S(i iimI l i D. ' ll i I ' .i.silnii. unik- li:iiHl-iri-lNin.l uilli Ihc vludml pulilicnlidiis. Tl.r M(.;.i(l s.ivcMs Mnd iiMikcs Mppoiiil rni ' ril s lu Ihr ;,ii,,us I.NifliTship posilioiis iiiid approves biKlpMs hcfotv Ili. ' V ;iiv siil.tnil led In IIh- SIikIcmI |-AC(iili r ( ' .umicil and ads on policy niiillcrs. I ' lxi ' . .liinics Rrid i ( iKiiniiaii and oIIiit I ' aciillv nicnihi-rs arc Dean Stamp. Dr. I i Klircn.shcr-rr, li. ' ad of [Ur S| , li Dcparlin.Mil . and Ka.ult d is(.r hill llollcl. Dr. Khronshcr ' cr snr.cdcd Dr. .la.k Br an. wlio Icfl tlir I ni rrsil 1(1 jsn uilli llic Slalr Drparlincnl. if IIh ..iit-i.l. I.H.killu- ill ■■) III " .in. l.. ' -lill..l . Ihr It. ' .nMlinn JM.ii.lii.i: Ihr (II. I lit.. ' ..lalV.llT. ' . lioM.ll. U W Ci) m s;. s. - ' n.i ' ; ii l :l s IIihI llir Trinipin ulli.v Iml Ncu ' ll lu-sr, ilrxi it .ipni!- If Null lia|i|i. ' ii l . ill ' aioiiiul on oiw of llic claxs. IIimI ;i iiii ' IIiIh ' I ' of llio sl:i(V rniicinhi-rs his key. Noii nniII liiid :i wfird i-oii ' n ' alion of psaliiisinp ' is. pyi ' :iini(l ' liilil) ' rs. :.n l liriv and llinv a [ liolo-i aplirr. LiisIIn ,|, ' slioxni- iran.M.f op . ' riiis op i Ih, ' niah ' lial llial inakrs a Ncailiook ,ol,.ivnl. . i;.liln, Frank Ma.lnson sul.- linirlN pul il: - r lia - pi. ' liiivs and uords jii l likr llir ollin rar I ks, so uhal if llir don ' l nialch:- This ili ' in of inalcliin ' naiiii-s and picliiirs adds .csl lo III. ' prodii. lion of lli - ' n-rrapin. Ml noii have to do lo idi ' iilify a picliiir with foriN people in il is lo eall in alioiil Ihirly of tiieni and lliey ' ll l.-ll noii. " I lliiiik llial is so and so. " OnJN leii persons had lo lie Miin- inoiie.l lo idenlilN nine ineini.ers of a proinineni -roup a- liie Men ' s I.ea-lle. 1 1 ' s ihal simple. ■II-. Jii-I lik, ' a eio. -u,,r.l pu .le. " .says ii-ini. ' I ' Hiiiirll. Ilie laM ' s pii le .-Nperl. " We seeiii lo -el .NerNlHidN sliai-hl exrept llie |-:M;:in.-eis. For some slian :e reason lliey keep poppin;: np in llie Sororily seclion. " C.ollsid.Tlllf; that half of Ihe oihrr i lijlr.l uill, I ' Ji ' ineers prolesliiiL ' Ihal IIi.n don ' l helm,- lo I ' ri Dell, . ' inil the oilier half i- valialllK lii ' lllin- to keep Ihe Di.iniondl.ark • .,i] from lealin- their liaii . seissois. paste, scotch tape and typewriters, and lo proleel life, limli. assorted pencils and erasers and ideas from Ihe rraspin ' .hitches of llii ' Old ' m. ' liapTie, III. ' fa. I thai a N.-arli.iok app. ' al . ' N. ' ar. recently on schi ' diile. seems to be an act of ( (or Meese I ' ress). sk any of the stalF how it pit top-ther and yon -.•I III.- same answ.-r. " It was nothinf, ' . jiisl . ' ?2() pa-.-s .if I.I !. sNv.Ml and [..•.•IS. " Phil l$tll.ii l irf Kiifinniiif. ' K.liloi 109 TEKKAPIN STAFF: H. Kurtz. H. CriKsl-y. K. Cwalhm.v. N. Millfr. E. llarri m. C. Smith. D. Kirk. A DarKTOPT. F. DcMarr. P. Bftlpndorf. H. Bcitor. F. Mutrreon. V. Bonoptt, J. I rli. S. Slay, V. -r. L. Kotnmann. N. Jordan. M. Walknr. M. Mrancy. D. Martin, M. Scull. S. SchafTpr. J. HaRprman. P. RpckI. Bill llottel now serving second term as advisor I ' .ill llollcl hlis sI;i-.mI ;i Ii ;i(l is(,r ul ' sludcnl ms. II )ni. ' l)iirk as facilIlN ' y21 Ihiou-li I ' KKi iiikI ihusI nmii r IIk ' I ' lihlH ' ilioMs ( c.lahlish llir .ludriil ;i ' liNi hn.u-lil I ' i Drllii |-:psil,,ii 1, of IIh ' iiiiiiiii ics r,M Ihr ( Ilir. Ilr hrlprd In in I ' KIO and also anipiis. ynr fol- Icuin- his «illi(lrii«nl ;is ;i lr lir; lr(l In him uhll lll( ■• IIili;il.Ml «illi llic 1 Iii c of nill)liril . lui ' iiici liicilll s ; his,,r lull,, ■sii r, (l is(ii Ihr T.iiapin NMis win.i: inscriplinri: ir 1.-, s. ' ars. dinvlor of sindrni pnlilica- linns. ;,lu;, s nhli-in- uilli riM ' Cirill stnilr, snIrU ivs|M,n .111(1 sl;iri(lnlds rilir sliHJrnl Tn Williiun II. Il..llrl. v Mllllll pllhli. ' Clan ilionsal Marxland: icwspapciinari and His i„,u-li,-(l. s;i,l(llr-sli(MM lii;nii dcdicalcd. onrr nioic brcanic :i rmniliin one iiidund piil li ' ali( ail ,,r ns when li. ' a-ain i M:. Clark versatile editor of Ail-American hook .lolni K. i.lack) Clark, allahl. ami popniar rdil,,r n[ llir I ' M;; Trnapin. uhicli carncl ll- mcii,an lalin . did llicjoi. nndrr nnnsnal. if nol nniqnr. mndilions. s far as ,an Im I,.|, ' i nnn,.l. .lack uas [Ur onl r lil,,f in hisl.HN al Marxian.!, or possil.U an «licrr else, ulio xvrni In school, ran a l.nsincss and cdilcd a lo|i-rankili- amnial all al Ihc same lime. Clark, a Mock illc. Md.. lad. «h., was .ni ir Corps caplain durini. ' Hi. ' war and had inan nnssions in Ihc Sonlh Pa. ' ilic. dc. ' idcd his Iripic .-xpcricncc qnalilicd him lo make his hid in Ih. ' laisin. ' ss world, and was w,.|.-,,me.l inio a C.lii.afio cn-raNin- lirm wilh which he ileall in his position as editor. flei Iwo monlhs in liis new position, .lac k wrcjie a Ihcsis on Hie [irnccss of engraving prodlUlion elalinlale cnoni;h lo jiislifx a Pli.D degree. Fa,nll d isor P ill llollel. s. ' lcran new spaperinan and pnhhcisl n whom hcseiil lli,.,lisserlalion. laid il aside h.i Sinnmer readiii- and mas have il fnlK diiicslcd Iin fall. Ppl olliccs of llif Diainoiidbiii k. Tlic tind answer (iiiMc l)atk, " Days and iiifihls. " jmii afl. ' i- llii ' campus slcpl. lln ' l.iiif, ' lilack sl -ck job «as still i)arkc(I nr l lu ll,r Si-ina Kiippa Mouse. After the p, ' , pul I., he.!, uun.r l | ' M,ue, : liiu-hiui. ' l( un llie from the Her Ih.ll with a Mnall e., mi I . I ' ihni; Int.. I he liri mmI and ciawlirii; iiiln the paeiuus Inink .if Ih. ' l ' l n,Mulh l.nsine s ,-,,np.-. the .h,IV , .Iunmi Ih.- hill. .n.-in riiv ' hl the Slalf rode du«n the hill. - at the White r.,«e| Ini that nii.l- ni ' hl (olfee and hatnl urp ' i. Spirit was lii li and work went snioothU. e eii after a blisteriuf; attack on the afie-old honoraria system l)y the S(iA. This move was the only subje I of conversation for weeks. Then it passed into the re.iliii of those thinf:s which still are l ein ' debated and not for ' otten. The editorial campaif:n of the year was the defense of the I ni ersit against the urif.iir and undeservefl criticisms of a Baltinion- newspaper. The repudia- tion nf the criticisms with aulliorilntive facts won plaudits for the Diamondba.k. 112 Clyde lloule Business manager Dick Searles Feature Editor Diamondback Staff Ki.riouiAi, News Ivlilnis Assist a II Is Copy Hca.l.Ts Feature Editors Assistants Feature Writers. . Cartoonists . Sports Editors. Thad Vil nn. Walin C-., Wilson, Al Robiiisnii, I ' .iH I ' aL., li.ll , .Vrt Brigham, Giimir I,(mm Unirna | Women ' s Editors Assistants Exchange Editor. Business Business Manager. . Assistant Advertising Manager Assistants Circulation Manager A.ssistant D.iiolln 1 Hczii ' k, Hoi, T;,!!. ic Hrniicti. l),.i, : n l{ol),Tl-.. ' i,, ' " l ' lu Jim . ' nan Jeaiuif licgus, liubiii Kearney . Beverlee Smith, Virginia Lilienkamp, Anne Avars Bettv Getz .Gerry Fegk-y, Hctly H.ipst Virginia Bogert Betty Ehlers 113 ,1 ..nt al f ' rn nn.lilolr.r at .Icsk. OLl) LINK k.ii l ' n i,lrril II. C. I ' .xiil a ii. ai-lir.t irrir uf Imd-.ts. s«,mI mii j.M.i loin;ikr M;ii l,n.l I lie rducal i. .riiil in-liliili..n il i lu.liix : l.iit it iviiiMiiK r.M IIk ' Old l.inr iiiM M inr It. iri;ikr r,,ll,i:r lil,- h,lrr:iMc. S, :ii(l tliis ,-.,y am ..r Old Line rdit,,r,s. Always ' (a poiiil ..C ival |Mi l.-. il ,•,•,n . Ihc Old ii precocious cliiid of liftcfil smimicrs, wcatlicivd a cai llial niovl nilaiiil oiild lia c killed oUany avcnific magazine. ( ' ..iiMdcr Ihc obstacles tlie Old Line had lo suiiii.iunl: i I ) an rat:ci cdil. hn llioii-hl he was another Ring Lardnrr and ,,i U u, r used II nlii ■ I- lie wasn ' t, (2) a bow -lie ucaiin - liu inr s nianaiici win Ixlwiiti dean slips, spent half his time " busincssing " and the rc-i nl h linir with a liinnelle staff member, and (3) a mysterious managing ' cdili uhu allcrnalciv iinilalcd [rv l.orrc and told impossible lep ' tids ,,f ilarr callc.l C.ind.rrland. Add lo (his triumvirate: la) an art editor who after e cry issue iiisisli he was (piitting school, (b) two associate editors lost in the half-world of II Iheay-ta, (c) a pcM-try editor with an HOTC-actiuired Napoleon comple (d) an advertising managi-r who didn ' t understand the jokes, and (e) scissor-hap| exchange editor bent on producing a belter paper doll. (IViis cast iif ilioii iinilsHI) Associate K.lil. l I)ai»Kf;«- Photographer 1,1) LINK STAFF: Nf. fnppi ' l. W. Joni-x. B. Prabody. C. Srhai ' lTiT. F. Durki ' i., A. CosinK. F. Dcnalon, A. MayiT. D. Morlimir. M. IliMw. P. SchubiTl. li. E Of US ARE iC AT THE APS, r IJP Old Anr SlalT If .,„„■„■ s i:,li,„r l;,.irs I ,lil ,r I x.lum r Uiln, llll-illr-. (sM n IlllrlilsillU MlllKllii ' l tihrrli-ini: (sw (in Cirruh.linn ManaL rr OJhrr Mamm.r Mviniu T.KK lliciSE I ' .lilM I ' l vnnl.v 1 in I . KI.M w I ' lUI. DlNM-oN I ' lniv l)i nKii; (,l i.l II l!l -TIN I )| M ril(!Ml ' ()N I ' mil. IS Sc.HllBERT r.l IT ' (IkT nnr ( im . . .Fnink Doll.- . . . ( Irnif;.- Ilupkin- , , . Sl;,n lui,! I ' .rrniiui . . . Loiiir Ki.y . . . Sj.m W hil.lMMd . . . l,.,i IummImii.t . . . I ' .ill M.Millan . . . i(1,m H,mii- . . Wiiltri W. .I..,,. ' . . . . .),,:m Mociv . . . l ' .ill I iImi. . , l.i ;i nM Hi- ' ills . . . Dirk (i.. it. ' ilis . . . Siir M ,sh . . .!,. ,,• liuii-. ' . . . mii. . . . J.iiir J■ is . . . ;,n. SxNain . . . Il. ' l.-nr lliiinrs . . . Joan I miuII . . . mii ;.rs . . . Jdiin SliacfiT . . . JanrI M;,, I )uik,I.I . . S. ' iii. iir (Ircssor . . . ( " Iiarlic McCiiiiils . . . C.pI. I), (inurs. 118 M II II Ilk I 11(1. T llir iiilluciirr ul ' h,,l. Iiiiiin.l l;ii l.iiid siiimiirr (l:i s, Ihc usual last-minuli ' lusli nnd (piili ' :i lew rlusivc .liiiiiirlcrs wlio refused U l.c loi-ilfd drspilr ill cllorls, llie sl.iir ,,r llie |i)l!i l I ' .ddk iii;uKii;vd I,, pnl llie ■•|.,il. - In Ix ' d 1) llir lime III. ' printer ' s diM.iliiir idlled anmiid. For those who liiid iievin- before tackled llie endless tasks of coiiipiliii.u ;ind iditing a freshman haiuibook. Ilie suninier ' s ii k pruM ' d mm interest inj;. if routine, joh. There weic llie nilllieKius trips Id tlie printer, the harrowinj; re-write business, the daily visits Id the Ad Buildinfi ofllces in vain search for names of recently-elected campus officers. Some people slaved during the hot day in the near-stifling publica- tions dilices: others spent long evenings at tiie details: llie held down " paying " jobs elsewiiere during tiie daNlime. Somehow, one a nr Ihc dihrr. il :ill ,is liii:ill completed. The .■dildis ImMlhcd ,i sigh df ivji, ' !. Idldcd up their I, ' Ills and united lill S,-pl, when Ih. jdl. Wduld be edinplelrd with llie linal dislributidn ,r,dfii. ' s Id Hie Inekv rivshrnan. Kilitorinl 1 ssoriaU Srclion Kdilora . ' If l ' h tt tiir(ij h Louis Eisenhauer Allen Bower.s ViRGiNiE Bennett Don Mortimer Lynn Rossmann Gene Cl. gett Donald Pierce Wiley Gilstrap Amy Cantwell Dan Kundin Harry Ortiz Peggy Ann Reid Janie Rogan Al Danegger (ii oRGE Sing Richard Kirk Art Cosing U 90CS STA77: T. Bomc. i. CoewA. 5. } n . 3. V HM. D. 120 Pi Delta Epsilon Pi Delta Epsilon. the lionoran. journalistic fraternity, takes into its ranks those students which do outstanding work in the field of publications. Headed this year by Bill McDonald, one-time Editor of the Diamondback and formerly one of the editors on the staff of the Stars and Stripes, the group revolves around, and constantly strives for improvements in the field of publications at Maryland. Honorary Pi Delt member. Dr. Jack V. Brvan. instituted the I niversitys Journalism Department, the first ever to be had at Maryland, and organized a curriculum so that students may now major in this field. Collectively, Pi Delta Epsilon, at the end of each year, gives a cup to the outstanding Freshman working on any one of the three publications. Last years winner was Virginie Bennett. TERRAPIN staff member. nm Koir: A. Danegger. C. Graasmuck. C. Smith, Maver. G. Cbedy. Strand Koir; F. Maslerson. E. Mc. W. McDonald. M. Coplin. F. DfMair. Allen Bowers Dr. J. Y. Br an Dr. 11. C. B rd Waldo Burn ide Georpe CherK Mark Coplin ' Art (x sinp Al Daneppar Fred DeMarr Dick Dunlap Loiii Ki?ienhaiier Chester Grassniuek Harrison Hapeme ei William liottel CUdeHoule Di ' ek Kirk Col. Ilar%e Miller Frank Masterson Vllan Maxer WilUam SloDonald h: gar Moore Donald Pierce Patricia Keed irpinia Kustin De Witt Searles Carol? n Smith Marper? Scull I CKde howls, Lou guffaws. Mark grins, but Bill Hottcl looks dubious about Allen ' s joke at the I ' i Delt Initiation parlj Drama ill room, placed their buckets at white paint on the floor, and stood of his brush carried into oblivion the nannes John Stuntz and Edward Goldsmith, printed in large red letters near the ceiling. " I wonder where all these guys are now.- aycK mavcM. uai». " This place used to be the dressing room for the actors in plays here at Maryland. cpected these names would of a play. Dream Boy. Well, here you go. Dream Boy. " As he spoke, the white paint filled in the cracks and covered up the names. Two more passes with the brush and Elizabeth the Queen and Jackie Hastings were gone. " SOI •■ " ---_ .. u. :_,._. Uiat drew that pony was pretty good. I don ' t get the title though. Volpone. " When the painters knocked off for lunch, the walls were bare of names. A pure, hospitally sterile, white wall was all that remained of the great names of the University Theatre ' s past. The repainting had 8tart4sd the new year with a clean slate. Throwing their empty milk bottles under the steps, the painters returned to the dressing room. Across their fresh paint someone had scribbled Our Town— 1948. The new season was herel Kit Heraian, as the ailing Mn. Br the mnpenseful Night Miut Fall. ► s-? Mt . f t ' Night Must Fail Tlir sli:ir|)l pa.-. ' d psNcliolo-iriil mi-l..(li ;.in.i. i; . lu- , lull. UMs llir Ihinl 1 I:.N uf Ih,- I ni .rsil Th.Mtiv-. 1 »I;!S,MM,I,. Ken (iill ' crs |.lrii(li(l cliarailci-izatioii of Danny. Ill, 1mI1Ii( |.. |ii(i i(lr(l llir nuicilafjc llial held tin- entire piodiKiion t()f;etli -r. His sinister pcrfoniKuicc as a |ii. ci-iiungry laekey whose piofrmrn Im -ii. rrs- ami r;,„ic iiirlildcd mmder. s.-diiclinii, and I.Iim kinail ua- a l,rilli;,nl |h,iIi;,m,I. Mln Ihr lii t art. I hr plaN ' s,,n sprrdrd up and a.nntinlalrd susprnsr -ripi...! llic aii.lim, r. n .AlivnirlN n,niprlcMl sup[...ilill ' rasi , . .niplrMimlr.l (;:,ir.T rllMiK. Kil Ih-inian. a- llir 1 1 N p. m linnd rial uld-inNalid. Inunan. rd an un s nipal liH i. inlr. II, I,-,, ll,.,vr,,id. v.-l.Tan a.liv . ,,r 111.- I nivriMlN •riirah, ' , ua. a nalural Inr llir pivllx. I,nl ...ntuMMl, ,n.. .■. ■;,|,,|,- nil,-. li,,N HnMnlHl-. h.llrr Cnpp,!. 1.-,IN lla llu ' in n.nndrd ,,ul llir rasi ua- iv-,p,,nMM. Il„. l.ii.k a,li,in : a,, ' ..l ' I lir ,-nl iiv pcdurnian, Pliiladeljjliia Story I ' liilip I ' .any. a man wlio knows llir sophisliraird rlass. .AiMisrs his srI I,, llic ,)la ,i; irrs irw in " ' riir I ' hiiadflpliia Sl,.i . " The plax .■.m.vins a su.icl -irj-s li(.ul)l( d flislits llinmi;li llir sk of i(i r and nial tiniun . Afl.-r lier lirsl inania-r ends in Hcno. Tra.N Lufd l.rconu ' S cnjia.irrd In a srif-niadc Iniixmi. Since lie disapproves of her cscapadrs with a isilint; niaf. ' azinf wrilcr, she dismisses iiim on the wrddin ' da because siie con- siders him horini; as an e -athli le and dcNoid of a il hercN-hnsl)and. lar lloxxiand, as Trac Lord, was ie,|nired to Imii on and shut olV the heat as r.-nlaiix as a Ihei- ofthe role. Mice Tilal and Pete Campanelli ' a c enerf. ' etic portra ais as the stereotyped newspaper folk. Malcolm Campbell, Sue Driscoll, and Walter Jones contiibnted to Barry ' s comedy of manners with fine performances. ' I ' lii- I iiivcrsity Tlieatre ' s prodiiclidn of " Misii " (li-monstrated a;iain its abilitx Id l)r(:illif into classic works. Moliere ' s satirical liialinciil of liiiiiuiii f:ii ' c(l adapted and dirt-ctcd by L lr . Ma ir. ra nu-nibor of the I ' niversity Tlu-alu-. John Stuntz, wiio so briliiaiitK porlraNod Ihc of Corbaccio in olpon ' the previous year, made final appearance on the I iiixcrsily ' I ' heatrc slai; the lit!. ' I ' he Miser consists of siiaikhn ; dialc)j. ' ue iiiint, ' i scanty plot. It requires expert aetinj;, and this has kept it off inan a collcfjiate sta e. llo« ' er, cas( was able to satisfy all i aiidienci ' went a a more llian (unlnilcd xnIiI Mr i.crr.Miiiaii. ' i ' s ' nrn b irn ' inl scv.nlcnil, ccnliMN nuxxl cn-alcl 1, llic la sc ' lliii- ill the style of Louis l was . nnlimie.l in mode of acting eniplo ed. ' llie pla iT . as fa possible, borrowed acting methods of that time. costumes carried out the theme of parsiinoiu : plenty. White wigs, silken knee breeches, and shirt fronts worn by the actors epitomized the Iravagance of that jjre-Hex olntion era. Nalcrr threatens Jacques for being imperlinenl. ( " Monsieur Harpafjon. I have just the girl (»r y. Not only is she beautiful but she ' s also wealth isnoruifi the | „,.M„ r l«i ea es(lr..|.|Mi . proposes to his father ' s intended bri le. the ever l.«ely Marianne. o n a ft Our Town I he- women gossip oiili K-iiiiiiiiiiiidflnHa Gi.l.l. . It.. .- an. I l sit. tontciiiptu waiting; foi lulp Petrified Forest Pill a fnistnilrd wrilrr l,,i:rlli,T uilli ;, srnall- luwii wiiilivss who has l.ii: i lras, iiii i[i a rui:ili i ' i;anj:s(,T and a I ' .ahhil-likc l)usi,i,. snian, hlrnd uilh a l)raf,-in- r -rn.itl.all |.la rr. sprliiklr all ,i;vn,T.Hisl wilh i:uTdiiv and snspnisr. an i llir ivsnilin- I li, ' alri,-al dish is- ' I ' li, ' l rliilicd h,ivsl.-- ■riicaudicn.vs uhu sampled llir I nis,TMl Th.-aliv ' s .illrrin- (,f Shnu Ts lal. ' (.C an indi-enl uril.T «li,, linds hIV and dcalh in a rnral hai ' and -as slalion uciv ivwardod wilh a l ,i hours uf fasl arlion arui dial.i-uc. H i.liard Lusher, as Man Sciuirr. Ih, ' urilrr. -ave a srnsiliNr l.ul nol s. ' iil inirnlali ed ,„ ' rh ,ruian,v. i I. ' was al.l, ' In hiuuani , ' a .haraclrr nflrn pnrlraxrd as an u rr-arslhelic Ion-hair. Ilclru llcrcrcrd liaiidled llic part of hcad-(ossing (iahl) with an easy confidence. Duke Mantee. loufrh j un. was played by Tliomas Jones. Jones fine poilrasai made Duke as rough as No. 2 sandpaper and satisfied tlie customers wlio enjoy Bogarl-like cliaraclers. portly student with a ixMii ' hant for comedy. Don Morlinicr. sqnrc . ' s ci-hl lau-hs oul of ri-lil hues as the Legion coumiand. ' r. Others in the cast were Da id Kind,crl . Marx lta llo-iu, Joseph (ireenl)urg. John i)pel and Philip l ,seid)erg. 131 I l l.l; l I -I TIIKAIKK: FirtI How: H. lliri ' tord. M. Cimmi-I, C. Thompson. N. Cliin|). J. Clurk. I ' . Suitmiii.r. S. Hiirn. ' ll. Sreund Ruu-: J. I riiuhiirl, K. Ijipiii. K. Ihl.. 1 . AhilioMV. M. A. Iloitin. N. Millir, J. Gibbons, U. Smith, (i. Phut. D. Causey. Third ftoir; D. Goin|[. K. ( " ulfii-. E. Mulh. P. Kom nbiTK. C. Liwm. A. Uow.ra, D. .Mortimon-, 13. Shur. rnurlli Kuw: E. Winni ' tt. P. CampunnclH. T. Stanhope. J. Appel, J. Brandt. J. Holter. Uiiiversitv Theatre Kfcpilli. ' piKV uilli Miiixliilids l,,|.i,l -lUWih. Ihf I niv.TsilN ' lh,;iliv is Inivitiost iillKitl:: r;mililis ,.i- Miiiz:ili.iiis ;i(l(liii ' ciilluial pn rcss t.i pli si.:il rtihlt;. ' .-nM ' l l. Thf tllfilliv ' s sImIV. utKlcl Ihr tliir.lioii .,r 1)1. :y i;iiivnsl.(Tf:cr. is ;. urll I.Mhincrd l( mmi ,,f In, -liidriiK and ni. ' uIlN rririnlH ' is. Nali.mal iv, u-nil Ion ha- hrr.i -ixm I.. Il.-ii unik l. Ihf Th.-alrr Vrl and na%.T - M:.;. ' a iii -. I ' akin- n| its s|„, IIk ' ll.T.ulcan lask ..f piii idin : I ' lilci lainincnl and liicali it al t-xpi-ricnt ' c for .. .r sfvcn thousand sliidt-nls at Collofit- Park, the I tii crsil ' riicatrc Diitslrips all lanipiis orfjanizalions. witli tilt ' cxffplion ciC the iciinhiniii sports proj. ' iani. in sliidt-nl popularitN. ' riitMliic-il .• p.TiciKc isollVivd to an stndfiit « ho dfsiivs it li tht ' pifscntation of four major and two . ' xp.riinrntal pla s. ' a, ' h y.n. Inthid. ' tl in this output aiv at l.asi .„„. .lassi,-. one iv.cnl I ' .roathNaN suc.fss. an.l onr tvntialK sta-. ' .j ,Np,.| i,nrnt,,l production. i ' ..,lh .xprri.invd anti unrsprrirn, ,■.! slu.lrnls are used in facli pla " s cast and t rc . So .■xccllcnl Ikuc proNcd the I nivcrsilN Theatres produclions durin;: the past season Ihal e fr seat at the iierfoitnancc of e cr pla has heeii occupied 1) a student or facuIlN member ea-er to sample its over enio al)le and worthwliile hill of fare. Nalional ColU giale Players MEN ' S CI.EE ri.t ' l): t ' ir»( l!mr: M. Ninrc H. .iiHrandi, V. (Ih, K. K. l,-, J., C. Ilji-lii., Hr. Ku,i.l:,ll. II. 11, .1,1. K, I. (Pi ' . II li.-.,. .. K M i ..h:,ll, l) Mv.r... J. Hrarm. Srcond liow: H. Brown, E. Flanngan, P. Ixf, J. Downing, R. O. Miller, R. r.rumtu, D. Willis, R. Hays, R. Uuwu ' ll, C. Protzman, C. Li-wis, H. Goas, H. Schmickley, J. la; N. Grodp, W. Hazard. J. Wpllham. C. Worner, G. Hubbard. B. Richardson. Third Row: 1. Lucid. H. M. Burgard. H. Shcnton, E. Spurrier, J. Bookstavcr, F. Cookw ' y, D. Geasoy, J. Keplinger. O. Ensor, W. Charlton, J. N. Jones, N. Lawhon, N. Nicholas, R. Hill. W. Forriiit. W. Brnjamin, S. Pruott, J. Jarobs. R. Morain. Men ' s Glee Club Fl ' UMI Ur li;ilU ( r Walirr Itc.d n l|,r ,, MMl llrl .UM. MHIxhllld. the ]rn ( Arr Cllil. liHS Sllll iU «., inin III, ' hralU uf l;,l l,,n(l,.|s ;„ ' r..SS ill ll ' ll-lh and hiVIHllh oi ' lllr . ' lllilr shil. ' . L. ' isl ral lllr n,r,M,ri|„ ' (,| ' r(:|l|l ll( ' M ll I n r , ; , ,n I Ml . ' (.Mcrlls. .-.uv ill lllr UIUMIII ( imiisal. | i;l I I 1, i| M I , ' I in Ihr Jninl ,,,ll.-cll ul ' llir sn. ' i;,l. ' .l M:il. ' of ViiK ' ri. ' M. and iiivsriilcd ,i CliiisliiMs pni :riiiii of liaiidci-s ••Messiah.- Lciivin}; llic (•ain|Ml . lli. ' V ji.ui ll. ' Nrd in llii ' ( ' (,11- ai( ' S. ' ( ' Ml Nard al Waller WrvA llnspilal. and cnlci- laiiK ' d IMCII1I.CIS ,,f Ihc l .r. . al Middlclnun. ]ar - land. Ihn .(.innlctint: Im llii Near a siicccssliil and 1m.. :, ' A WOMEN ' S rHOKl ' S: First Raw: S. Brinker. P. Godfrey, B. Bildcn, M. Aldown. J. Runkic, J. Foster. H. Mahaney, L. Read. Semnd Rou-. L. Watts. P. Kreishor. S. Kockwood. U. Burch. V. Burton, k. Sipp, M. Ortel. B. Jones. J. Farmer. Third R„w: M. Clunk. G. Woodfield. D. Lura. M. Sprague. P. Bentz. K. Lamb, J. .Maltinglv, . . McDermid. C. Ortel . D. Lura. S. Watson. J. Amrin. Women ' s Chorus -Mnsif hiilh tlKinns ... " ■riic Wonifn ' s ClMinis is iiii ,,i-:,niz;ilion hidfii nnIIIi l.nlli iniisif ,ui(l tlKir.ii. nrid Hie -iris :nv ms sciious in Ihciriiilc ' iit l(.ciilfrhiin«illiiiiusif:isliic :iiv ImnhiI iful in ii|i|)fanin(c. Duriiifj till ' past year the Woineirs Clioiiis cliaiiiiit campus audiences at se eial concerts, at I lie iiliiini Carnival, al llie 1 loineconiiiii; cvlehral i, n. and lln ] Ia Da exercises. ThcN alst , saiii; for I he Midshipinei al Annapolis, and appeared nnIIIi Kise Sle ens in on. of the cultural seri.vs c,,ncerls. Dr. Harlan Handall. knoun h.r his a,li ilies in lh field of music, diiccled Ihis f roup old er lit ' lN oices. iiMAC: •If. i .». A. .Sipp. Mr. .S kura, S. U..ckw.«.J, Ur. Uuiiiiail, li. bjnh. .S.ronJ Roir: It. Fogl.-. K. Katz, 11. 11., ,,;. J. lltol..,i. t. Uar.l.uiu. I S.M.A.C University Orclieslra WImmivci iimsi. ' is Immi-.I mI llir I niMTsil ..I ' Maivh.rid MMiic ' wIir.v. s Ii.nv. ll.c Sludnit Musiciil (livilirs (.DiniMitlrc lias li-iil a lii ' lpiii ' hand. This I ipordiiiair all musical aclivitics on the cainpiis. If pii liaM ' I ' lijoNfd the cnlcrtaiimiciit fiivcii by llic liaiids al allilrii, rx.iits, llic s«c. ' l ivndilions of the -!.•,. , lul.. ,.i Ihr liaii -rli,.sl. ' (l booinilifis of llic Men ' s (ilcc Clnli. llMiik Ihc S. I. .C.. .Ml stndc.ils Nhu sa« the Clef an.l Kex ,,i.,dii. I i.m of 11. M.S. I ' inafnrr uill icniend.ei llial Ihe a,,,,rii- paiiiinenl fiiriii lird |, llu- 1 nixersil ,.f Maivhnul iiK l|i- l la ua-- IiinI I iiiiiiiilal ill its success. other {rroups. Iml il i:i es iuikciN and chamber music |irof:rams ol ' lis own. I ' residcMil I his ear «as l ouis an I ' ellen. fl ' 1 - fine versa I i University Band SykoRA, Director OFFICERS: President: R. KatZ, Vi Clarinets Rudolph AdliT Morris Blue Lawrpncp Broat Marjorie Brow. Pau l Connelh Robert Doty John Emler Andrew Farinai Larry Flenner Jack Friday Marvin Fuchs Stella Gotoiu Jay Hirshfleld Joseph Leo Charles Luria Mary MeClena Barry Neihurgi Ferdinand I ' rovi David Resnick Phyllis Ritchie Saxophones Robert Brewink Hunter Brinker Frank Burke Lawrence Clopp Jack Connelly Gwen Gardner Bill Hayman Charles Huyett Calv Ma Bill Merrill Max Miller Emanuel Picek Gerald Sherer Bill Steiner Eugene Wachter I Phihp 1 Harold Charles Mc Thiir Horns Lambert Anders Donald Causev Howland Fisk " Robert Holter Robert Katz Trombones Gordon Ander Roy Davis John Diggs James Ritter Thomas Tavlor Ed Westerfield John White Baritones George Frit; Sarah Fritz Joseph Bove Allan Diener Bert Fogle Bill Halliday William Praui ■ft-! " - ' Jp- iVWn ' i The jubilant Band marches through Uagerstowii after winning second prize in regional Marching Band contest. the field in the Maryland VIM H .r .ililil . ...I..r. „..,..-,;„. Ini lili::!)!-- ol ' till- CiiMliM ' l ;in ' - (.roup ' - I ' MII S|irin»: Itrrilal. H ■ ■ Crealive Dance Groiip 1 c H I ' irncil lifMlK I ' iiiiikI Pii ' irrltc nn M:ir l.-iiid ' s H l f ' r;„,l,,u.. ()nll, is. Illr IMliuIull UninrMs- ,|;„Mr -tcup. r3 1 i upiiiiil its anus lo iiialf daiiiiTS Irtc al ( nlli •:i ' Park: and llii ' marriage was coiiiploto cmh |. a iiaiiif ( haiiizirii:. Oiil .if III. ' iiniun i.f ()r li.sis and llic male dancers ua- 1m, rn iIh- ( nalivc Dan.. ' Cr.Mip. This lal. ' ni. ' d ■■ . ii.l. ' ..r dan..T- pi.-.,nl.,l a ,„uiryi in III. ' .-. ' nlral l l Manhnllnn I ' ,.,,,-, an.l 1 hrwlrnn: Im.IIi l.ail.-ls P H [ .ivalr.l |, I ' .ulK Slinr. -r..n|i m.-ndM-r. pl.-as. ' d Hi. ' A I S tf andi. ' ni-. ' . ' ' v w. ' i.- ini|ii. ' ss. ' (l li Hi. ' .jiialilx .if the V l l Hi daiL. ' s and Hi. ' dan. in-. I J H rl l.iiiiin.L ' |ii.ii:raiii i in llir plaimiiif: stafxc and 1 T l rJ iii ilati.His lia . ' I n i. ' c.ix. ' d from several sriiools " H ' for til. ' ailisli. ' ..iV.r. ' d li lli. ' CivaliM ' fel r H Dan. ' . ' (ironp. B fl Mr-. l) .iiilli laddiii in-lrn. N llie .. ' riMii). She and V ■i Hi. ' ..Ml.. ' i- i { ' Hk ' ;. ' i. np h..|.. ' I. |)la ' e il iilliong Ih. ' B r major ur ' ani alions on campus, and as an iniHal sicp H Bi Pm toward Hial goal they are planning a lar ' . ' Ih.ali. ' ■ H l n pr.idu. ' tion for this Spring. r -J I ' .. ' lt Mien led the gn.iip with 111. ' as-islalice of irginia Harrison and m CanlvNell in lliis co- .(liicalional organization wliirli serves as a workshop Ih I -■-ti- _ - « . J uhere students may actpiire experience in various Kxprrssio .• k.MH.t.- in...! ■rii IriM- for. lihases of Ih. ' dan. ' . ' . 138 ■II a . l.rrallilaUiii al ilil. Gymkana (; r.ik;inM n ,n MniNhnul shnl. ' iil nir;iiis ( is innaslics plus sli.iu MianslMp. ;,n(l ariNunr Ui, hiissrrn llir IV;,! s , ,f si ivni;l h. I.iilancin- Hi, Is. and daivdcN il r l,ihil i,ms .if I lir ( i tn- kana Tn.uiM ' kiious llial llics liaxr plriilN oflH.lh. rill ' sliidinl I ' titiiusiasni exiiibilcd for llie shows two years ago uiR ' ouragcd Diii ' clor l)a id Field lo sirive for a larger organization. Accepting a position on tlie physical cchica- linii slalV. h, ' used salesmanship and hard uork to ' nlarf, ' e the nienilxTship 12 slu- denls l , :,(). lai laiid ' s Troupe, the only cn-i ' ducarKiiial one in tlic nation, hasgi eii exliihilions al I lie I ni ' rsity of West Virginia, at lln ' annual strength show held in York, I ' emisv 1 ania, and has a|)pcared in many local shov s, incluiling one television production. : V 139 (Ii ' oaiiiziilioiis Oil l .| of III! ' hill Nvlinv llir (ln.,r (.! ' till ' Hr, IImII vvnv (,,MM uiiic, iMMid. ' d Sin-lis, .aplixMliii- C.l.iiifsr -ills .HI. I l.nM(l-s|i..iil.|,iv.l ri.;ms poiMVil ill lur llir illl. ' i ' ii. ' ilioil. ' il Cllli) llir. ' lin;. ' . r(,Ns IJK ' IMITOU sllip (,ri:,uii. Ilir -,,,1111.1 .,rs||..llU:,ll.l v| ..llipillt.- rr . ,,uil. 1 11,1 (..I I.V slllill «llisllcs, lill. ' .l III. ' Ml. ' M.fs. Insid... .1 rill- -ills .--...I lli. ' ir ivs|..MliN. l.aiiis ..ii |).,«ll Ihr I, ill. llir sIlM.L.Ws .llllsi.i.- Ill, ' -l ,l,i,,l- U,|. ' illl,TIII|,l, ' .i II. ,U Mild lli. ' ii l III. ' Ih.sli. ' s..rii-lil t ' liMii Ih. ' liliii iM ' iii- sli.nMi uilliin. . ' M .I.Miriii 1 211. ' ). III. ' u. ' . ' kU iii. ' . ' liii- . r III. ' Liilli. ' ii.M ( liil. iinil. ' d slii.l. ' iiK ill ,1 I, ' , nil, ' ,,ii -WImI h, ' li-i.,n M. ' .nis I., N.,ii:- uhil. ' Ur n . in ll , ' 1;ii Imii.I K.m.iii. .|ii. ' slii ii ;ill.T .|ii. ' sli. ii was li.-:i|i. ' .i .)ii III. ' s|M ' iik.T :is ll MMiin- iir.i-rcss. ' d. and III. ' I{, ' li-i.ius l liil..s,,pli .■nlliiisiasls -r. ' « i ' , ' iiil.T. ' sl. ' d. I ii.l. ' i III. ' .-aN. ' s .,r III.. iiM.,r . a |mil was in full swii,-. Tli. .Ii.ii-ds .,r ■•l-lM ' iiiii- ill I ' aris " .iilll. ' .l I., III. ' iisl. ' ii. ' is passiii- 1) ..ii Ih. ' walk l.. ' l.m. In III. ' -ail -d, ' . ' ..nil. ' .l r.-.-iii al.., . ' . I ' l. ' ii.Ji-sp.-akiii- N.ii. ' . ' s .r.iwd. ' d III. ' air in liarnioiiN willi III. ' iiiiisi, ' I., lli. ' ...iipl. ' s u. ' iv ilaiuiii-. i- ' Clui.p i ' li ' s w.T. ' MN alVairs! Ill III. ' main r n ..f 111. ' M..ssIm,i,.ii-Ii Inn. a lar .iilV. ' i. ' iil n..l.- was li. ' ard as i) scriiuis oiiii). ' w ril. ' r r. ' ad nur ..I ' I lis .iw n inaiiiis. i ipU an. I wail. ' d aiixi.iiisly Inr 111.- r..rlli. ' ..iniii- .riliiisiii ..f his r. ' ||,,w W riliii- Chil. iii. ' inl.. ' rs. KI..II1 ..II.- .-lid ..! ' III.- . ainpiis 1.1 ll h.-r. III.- Mar laiid Spiril was prcval.-iil ill Ih.- II lin-s .,! ' h.-r shid. ' iils. Smdciit ropri ' sentativps of miiny countries parliripate ii Marylaii.l ' s program. Hero arc- Cht-rrv l ouip, China llarl.liajan Sin)sl., In.lia; an.l I ' .-kk.v Hanzh..lT. I ' liit.-.l Stat.-; mmm mn Rock Creek outing features charred dogs and sandy carrots ' I ' ll, ' iiiir iin.iii.M,.] Mill sIk.m,. (i,n ii (.11 iiir -r..ii|. (.r sludrnls i v ' ImI.Ic ' I ill I ' k.mI of llir ( ii r.uil.liii-., iihiul s|,iil an.l skirls «..|r ' .livr scN.nil .,r h.ii ' liiii- l)M (l(.(lf. ' .T shalciils n.llr.l oiil ,.r 111. ' I iiix.TsilN -;.lrs .111.1 li.NKl. ' d r.,r l{...k (■.IV. ' k I ' ' I ' ll. ' |Mll li i.l.-.l lip ull.M il I.M,ll. ' .l III. ' I ' i.MV. ' -S Mill sih- 111. ' ' l lr« !,.■;, .j. ' .l f, ,1 ll,. ' u....(ls lo Seoul for addili.mal lii. ' u,,.,.! an.l I..11- sli.k- JDi- iiol-doff toaskTs; soiiu ' l.iil a liari.l in liaiiliiit, ' lli. ' siippli. ' s IV.M.i .111- Irmiks I., III. ' lal.l.s; ari.l lli..s. ' «il|i l ' ,., -S. ' .ml liairiiii- u. ' iil l.i w..rk ..11 lli. ' III. ' . Witliin a r. ' W iniiiiil. ' s, sail. iimsKiid .mil , w.iiii ' is w. ' iv s, ' as..iiiii- 111. ' ahva.h liilai i.-ii- ..uliliL ' . II 111. ' collVc . ' r. ' a Mill. ' k aii.l lli. ' .an.. Is a trill. ' sand . I1. I, 1(1 S, ' . ' l,l. ' .l I.. Illill.l. n. ' l ' ..! ' . ' ' III. ' Il. ' llll. ' s U. ' IV dl.AMl. ' .l. III. ' . ' .|llipill. ' lll l, . ' ,(l. ' .l iiil.. III. ' cais . ' iiid. as aii.illi. ' i I )a .l..(l;:. ' i l i.iii uas . . ' l. III. ' sl. ' . ' p iii. ' IiiIm ' Is li. ' ad. ' d ha.k l»;l .l..,lt ' ,rs W.MS. I ' iirl I (lull .1 II l ., " sW.Ms. I ' arl.J lluri ' s anollur lius in un hour Blow after blow sends small ball berserk as audience eheers Sin lips , IS, ' , I (I Im ' I Lull r: (Ml Ihr dnmn. ' d in tl oppoi I ifl fa 111(1 ISA intr :i Clirisli |)l. ' kiK ' ll oil llic II iilxml llic III!)! r :i(li..ii. SuddcniN. i s.iKill while ohjc .• Ihrir iipliricd cNrs. mid ,-1 slr.m.u liivc: ,, l.l,,« MH.SS llic S[M,V, S 111, ' pin ' rued uildK n llic I ' ;!! ' sidi ' nf ill, ' hd.l iluus ni llir piilliii- c.rd :il llic ,-,,in, n llir II,,,,|. Ihr rlirk .if cnllhicl Wi i. ' sliullls..fNi,l,M wliirh urns,- IV ll ion. Then llic h;ill u:,s ivluiiird I,, ll I. ' routine repealed itself. I ' .ehiiid ll iiiioiy Lounge, dreain couples danet if I lie victrola, gulped puneli and gatlien :in() to sing Christmas eanils. Bcidre 1 1 n ci, e eiyone present agreed llial 1 1 s parl had been a big success. ho l attl of the hull. Kiml)all (lisplavs XiircnlxTji war rriiiiinals al Vets ' Cliih iiUM ' liiiji VUr AssiH-iMtion c.r rl.iiin UM nl ..Mtliz. ' .l l) Ihr |.l nliillMMt Micll ..f pulilics. j. . 11111:. listll, s.icM.M ' ;iM l liisl l;il-r -l(HJ|) .if Nclrr.ills In rruull ill llir I lirlds. L.isl spiili-. Mil inlrivsliii- I ' orillll «:is )t ' Mill l;iiiil and M- loiiiicd 111 ;. ' i i ' llic- llicii iiicreasinp presenled on tlu " subject nf Mdiiiii l ' .iiii;. ' ( ' inilinls. , ' lri,iii iiopiihilion of III. ' i ' aiii|iiis a iinili. ' .l voice. This -:ir the Club wiis loll iinal. ' I., ol.laiii lli. ' iii.. i. ' ii.c Club, as il is usually call. ' d. Ili.mi. ' h n. .r iiiliMilid as a social firoup, did sponsor M iial and paili. ' s. Diiiini: 111. ' pasi l .. ,Mts Hi. ' Cli.l. has sp iis. ivd a scri. ' s of siic.vssl ' iil Inniiii- and talks l) filing tiiat were used lo coin id Ihr Nazi uai I liiiiiiiaU al Niiivnber};: Ihey w.-iv ' d l.v Ii. illmi . Kiinball ..r III. ' I .S. Slal. ' I ).pai lin. ' .il l.. ' r..iv a lai-. ' aiidii ' iic ' ill till ' Old (i iii. Shutterbugs present Ree Hall exhibition, via Camera Club Sliiil. ' nls ;,ll l( ' lilli: llinMi.-li llic Wrr ll.ill in lli ' h fivr li.ini- lliis full p;niM ' ,l I,.,-, ' III, ' (lis(,l;, of ph s ulii.h linrd Ihr Uiills. |{;iiii;iii,i; fintn slill- lilr pusrs I,, iMiizhl Mli.i.l s||,,|s. ill,. sl,i,lir pivsrnlcd wric li ' prr-.ciil:il i (• iil ' the lii ' sl phi il u M;il)llic wiilks i.r M;ir liiii(rs iliirkr n-iniridcd sliidrnls. This |. - hihiliuM xNn i.iiU uiir uf ,1 srrii ' s uf siiih inlnvsliii- drill(.lislt:ili..iis..r nll.-ialr liilnil. Shull(-rhuf:s mid iissdilrd ciinin.i hnidN hiniiilrd the rc-d.ns I.r Ihr (■..■miiTii Chil. iVMuhirlv n shuu nil Ihrir l;ilr l u.ilks In h ' lluu lllrMlhrls hil lippKiNnl mill rriliriMii. Km Ihr lii.l linir. inlrirsird sliidrnls hmnd mi imllrl nv Ihrii hn|,|,irs. mid n phirr Urvr llir ruiild disiiiss il uilh Irlliiu phnlirimis. Ollirrrs wrir I ' .vsidrnl. l,l •ril,.lims: irr-l ' lrsidrnl , I ' .iih I ' id-rn.i; SrcivlmN. lm llllrii llirks iiid ■rirasiiir, . Cliurk Sitiions. Winning eouple aehieves fame with names engraved on trophy Thr «rrkl rrndr MMis iif Ihr I nivrisil -s iispiriir dmirrrs uriv Ihr TiirsihiN rvrnilli; inrrlinos uf l|, l ' .;illrnnin Dmiir ( :iiil, in Hi,. Old Cxni. Liilk-d In Jiik, ' h(. slrmMs,,r- ,.« Is III,. Hour- ind ' •Sluu l ' „,i,l I, CAMERA CLUB: First Rotr: C. E. Smith, M. Thomas. Srrnnil ?..«•: R. Moraio, J. Gilbprt, R. PidKOon. Third Row: F. Welch, C. Simons, D. Rhodes. Fourth Row: J. Watkins, H. Potter. Cliiiiii, " l ' .nshliil liilhindShv SusN l,.mii,.dllirinvslrri, ' s of AstaiiT mid ll;i MMlli. Where else c.iild niir dmi(.c wilii a girl ;il Hi,, liisl meeting, step (in his pmlni.i ' s tors mid hr rnnipli.|,.| understood or win a gnld lii in;, ' cup III III,. anniKil imilrst, all in one .semester? The ;;ri)iip was l,.(l Iin Kay, presidrni, and aided by daiK-e iiislructors Roy Lagerh.ilin and li(.e ' riiompson. i;n.l r . sl;iir.saii.l II;i I llu- light Tantastic to juke-box strains of " Now Ls the Hour " at Tuesday ni$:ht meeting. CHESS: Fir. Rok: H. Gordon. I . Hall. G. Roborts. Mim Br ' an, II. Swann, A. EickhofT, H. Ildi r. D. Pcnti, D. Throckmorton. Srrond Row: D. Cl.mpnW. T. Holdin, K. Brock. A. Mund. H. Mik.-liiil. Kings and kniglils are ballled as crafty bishop takes (|ueen Till ' i l.u s lirnl () | (|]r ImkikI ill r;irii« ' sl coil- rciilriitioii. I ' iii;ill . it ' ln m lun- I.,| m ' . ! ' liiii. ' . ..i I ' tlicin rcaclud i iil jiiii iiiiiNid :i i|iii(i -IciDkiiij: i (Pi lli.v,. Ihivc s,|u;,n. .•,I„.;hI. Til. ' slu.lir,! silrlirr ;,t.Mln piVMiilrd. ' l ' lin ii;;iHMil llic Hr.- I.. uii ' . ' IIkiI W . ' diirsdiu al ' liT- iKion was appart ' iil the same busy (|ui( ' l ; at each lablc was a pair of players and a sel of cliessinen : eacli face portrayed the same keen, i hih rnt liitrd inlrresl. For at this semi-weekly ineeliii;; of the Clicss Club, friends were pitted against each other in chcssly combat, and. who could tell, someone might beat ( ' .hainenel. e eii if he were the wiimci uf Umi sI:iIi ' ( li;ini|iiMnships! The group is a iiic Strong-arm allilele .skilllully overthrous potential attacker ' I ' llcN ;:allicivd in .1 liL-lil lilllr -Icmp. Ihr lurlvc of ih. ' IM. Irns. ' K u;H(lnnL ' Ho ' luu ,n llirir rr ,. (Ir- c;,si.,imll HI,, ' ,, nil, ' , I, uuuld nnirnhir undn liis |,iv;,ll, :i fi ' W words III ' Clin, iir;i-,rnriil ui iiim cmicmI : I hen llic Nil.n.v M.iild ivi-ii iiLMin. W illiiii ihi- ciivlc Iwn iin ' ii were ball ling griiiiK. One. a wiry little .lapanese. had the upper hand, but the lanky American still was in Ihc heal. ' d lusslc. few niiiiiites later, after maii kn.Mk- iikI njl-. Ihr luu x||,„,k hands, congratulated .Mrh , U,-i. ;uu luiiM ' d Ini llic appidxal nf Ihc -r.Mip. ' I ' hnv .Indo Chib rnllMisi;,.N Ii.kI ii-.nn uiliirs.rd ;, dcinollsjiiilinn nl HkiI lilir all li I lis! | ii,l , ,| .|, s,.,i|, Chiaiii:. and an..lh.r 1 iiiNcisilv shidnil w,-,s ,,n Ihr ! ' ll). I ' ...llin n,v I. JUDO CLl ' B: W. Engel. C. Zii mcr, C. Tipton, C. Jlnyniv, Pnint-r, K. Srhindlor, F. Kumko aki, R. Sparks, H. Gnmbli- SinKlcton, H. Donahui ' , J. Rudolph. N. Lamb, W. Schoyott. P. Ricp, M Gaasman. In Center: Joe Cliian ' . Instructor; R. Lucas, W Gaiaer. 146 YOUNG DEMOCRATS: First Row: Grwnwcll, Tydings. Hunt. Tilghman, Marshall, Apppl, " Let ' s be Deinotratic about our election, " said some students Republiean elejihanl to clioinp sadly for another four years In •|-niiii;ui Sinl.l. ' s llir I ),.,n,Mi,-,l ir iimic ki.kcd iU hcrls iiikI rn,n,urn r,{ ll Ih ' sillKlholl lookr.l ,„vll s;i(l Inr ll;ni . I ' .nl il uas miK [Ur riid of Oclnhcr .uul nur rnnl(ln-| hr ,|,lilr sure. I,. I nisrisilx ,,r MMixhind slu.lrMl .l,,r Ts.lin-s. Iciuiiiii; „M-r a iicarl) stall. .Iianrci a innaik llial (lie sludcnls un cainixis had hopcriilK Innncd a " l oun;; I )n ' lals Clul.. ••Thrs sa . Dniri l,r disi ml,,.,! : il ' s i rr xcl. ' ■ ' Thr ..uii- D. ' rnocials Cliili. ixnwii in Hi. ' sprin.: of I ' M!!, inainlainrd Ih, ' spark lliiuu-li llic fall and sa« th. ' ir randidalc llic uiririrr ii f Ihr nali,,M niosl snrpiisin p.,lili,al upscls i,i niaiix cars. Said Pivsidrnl .lulinnN pprl. on llic (la aricr. -ll sas a sMiv Im ' I.-- newspapers nii the rnm.iiri.; (if , end.ei : ' ,. I ' )|!!. SnddenU, III, ' hall, .nil whieh had h. en sailin- su hi-h I ' ur so Ion- had n.vived an nn. ' xp.vled piirk. ()rf;ani ed in Maivh of I ' lli;. I he Maivlarid oun- llepiihlicans Clnh had a.liNelx ranipai-n, ' .! lor Iheir randidale. rnakin-an : nipl lo a.quainl llie sindeni on .anipus willi Hie problems. pl.aH ' ornis and poliei. ' s ol ' I he rontflldillg faclions. and pailidilarK of Hiosi ' of Ihe Hcpublican Parl . n ioiis nieniliers .hewed Iheir lintivrnails far inio Ihe niornin- ol ' Noxeinher 3, i nl lo noasail. M ' ler llieek ' . ' lion llie li. ' lped lok ' a.l ill. ' ji. ' el. ' pliani l.a.k I., his l. ' iil lor an.,1 li. ' r lour- ear sla . o«fi(5n wrMilsrDtrouR next president 1 ..;, , K i ' . . I. : ..r. c, Th.-arlf. A. Shul.l.T, F „rlh Row: B. Spath. 147 Alpha Phi ' s bookstore offers anv student more and his iiionev |);,Nir |.hkr.l ,1,, hr, llislurx FiNc iMM.k. f:h, ...•.■ ! Illioil ' i] llir IM ' i ' S. Ilirn (llnpprd il . .11 ill. ' (Irsk. " rill -h (l I ' m Ihioii-li U WM l.ouk. Irish. " she lnl l Ii.t r.MJiiifiialr; " (iiifss I ' ll liikf il (luwii .iii.l •.(•!! il lliKiiiL ' li Ihr I|.Im I ' hi hcoksloiv.- Sh,- uAv h,r n;inir nd ijoiMi miimi1m-i on III. ' lUL ' r. ,1.1. 1. ' .I a ii. ' al -SU-OO, " ' aii.j ...iiiMi. ' iil. ' .l. -I li.M " ' ■ ...n. ' l. ..l a| ' .ial.-s llicsc Six- wiilki-d -joulv .I..NMI III, ' hill I.I II,. ' M. ssl . r. ii-li |,„i. Th. ' .. ' , ill Ih. ' lai-. ' ,, ' .,,MM ' il. ' .l l.alh.MMii. sh. ' r.MMi.l th. ' Mplia I ' hiV hai-.l at u.iik. II. l li.H.k ua- ' . .ai.riill .li. ' K. ' .l. ssWU Ih. ' assuraii. ' . ' Ilial sli. ' lll(i li. ' ai IV.ilii III. ' Ill s.i.iii. Sill ' . ' ( ' iiolljlll. NNJlllill llic week sli. ' i ' . ' .. ' iN. ' .l Ih. ' Ihr. ' .- (I.)llars. •Um ' III. ' s. ' in. ' st.-r had .nil. ' d. Ih. ' ! ' . ' was a n. l. ' in li.r l .i : " Thanks lor lli.- :...,(l n..l. ' s: I ' ni i. ' . ' llin- " IV in hisl.,i . ' N ll.inand. ' . " l|ilia I ' hi ( iii. ' i;a. th. ' .aniiius scrN i.. ' . this N. ' al l. ' ll. ' Urd Ihr -.lll.lml l„M,k rx.hallL ' . ' uhi.h ha. I n.ll fllll.tlnllr.l Mllrr I ' M:;. |.l..i.Tl llial si, 1. 1, ' Ills ha.l l..n- r. ' .iii. ' st. ' .l, il ni.t a d. ' linil. ' n.-. ' .l. Flat ..n x.ini l.a, k in th.- InliniiaiA: ' Want t., uiitr Al.l ' HA I ' ll! tiMKl.A: -ir,! Uuw: ... H.-1,wik. L. KrHn.l. A. .tkuii:. MctJinlj. L. Tumpakuv. J. Shiild . K. Kinusbury, Mr. C. ' orij.. Iouk, W • My. ' ni, T. Boam. E. Kilbourn. ' . Second Ruw: H. Frrneh, F. Evirhiirt, L. HofTmun, A. Dunciin, M. Wi ' ston, C. Ebi ' reb !rKiT, J. Barcluy, R. .Short. ' M. thai n ran .al. ' h ,l|i .in .MII ' s ' .|i,st rail ill. ' l|,ha I ' hi nii ' ss.-n-.T «l,., uill h. ' th. ' i, ' I,, ai.l .m. This ni. ' sscii}icr siTvicf is . iin.hii Ir.l I ' m iii- lirniai palifiils is one of Hi. ' nimi ' ,ini.|iir nn. I. i hiking ' s .if III. ' t;n.iip. ' Ihis . ' ar-s..r-ani .ali..ii «asl. ' l lis I ' r. ' si.l. ' .il Wall. ' i M. ' M ' is. i,, ' -l ' i, ' si.l, ' nt (lav I. ,11 W. ' in. ' r. S. ' .r. ' laiN l!nl,ril kin -sliiiiv. ■rirasinri 11 as H. ' ani and assist. ' l l, an ahli ' la. nil) f. ' r.,ii|,. Allilele loses steadily as hank sh»ul nils uilli lieino rlohin Str. ' l. ' li. ' d (Mil (,n th. ' . nt la a lall. ,in. ' I ' . ' ll.ixv : IVdiii his pliysiqii. ' . h. ' u.iiilil haM ' ..livi.iiisK li. ' .n cliissrd as a fooll.all plax.i. His ralli. ' i aiiNi.iiis . ' x- scoiT was. lint h. ' .l I,. ' ;,la.l uli. ' ii Hi. ' uli,,|, ' thin- uas . .T. 11, ' f. ' lan.-. ' .l alM.iit him. Willi a sii.l.l.ri s|i.,.k h. ' ivali . ' d that III. ' man al th. ' ii. ' vl I...! uas his pliNsi.s pnif. ' ss.,,. S.i . ' N. ' i, th, ' ra.iiIlN uas in .„, Hi. ' d. ' ai: .liisl th. ' M III. ' niMs. ' ualk. ' d l)iiskl l.iu.ird him. a dal. .,1 ' , ' , tl.,ri in li. ' i hand. " Il u .n ' l hml. " sh. ' rcassm. ' -l him as sh. ' pi.«ln. ' . ' ,l Hi. ' n. ' .ill. ' an. I a pini l).)lllr. Mr -lirin. ' d . ' ri ' a-infiK . l..s,-d his i ' n. ' s liiniU iiiid iKKldcd il hrirf, ••(; . ahriid. • in il fc« Miiiinl. ' s th. ' rich sciii ' icl blood iis oo in ' slowK into Ilic ..inlain.i . and iiiiolhcr conlrihiilioii liiid iii-cii ma. I. ' t., th. ' M. ' d Cross Hlood Hiink 1 ii I lli , ' rsilx .,| lar l;ind sliid.-nl. Th - M.-d Cr.iss I Hit has round ii broad li.ld I ' .ir its i,li ili, ' s on III. ' M:ir liiiul cinnpus. iticlndin ' Iriins- [Hirliilion ..,r[i u.irk in I l ;ills illc iind cnl. ' rliiininrnl ifM ' I.M-ansal Waltri It.,.] ||,,s,,ii;,| in W ashin-Lin. 148 fwl.- Frank and Lindy collect a lew souvenirs for the University irl,,i M ri - faini ua- : lii- phi.v. ;ui(l llir nuuil NS. ' is hikiii- a(lN;inln-r ni il. Tli,.,,. u. ' iv |mm,,.I,. tVnni M iiNhnid. ii-ini;i ini.l l • n U iinia. nil i in- lor Ihr rnlli. ' s iVnin llirir rrs,MMl i N ,■ sliilrs. Wlli. ' h l,-,lr nuU hike lininr Ihr iiiu l of llic rash and ln | li In Ihc other slalU 111, ' hurscs «.mv tncsiiii: ini- palirnllN. iM ' oplrxx. ' ivriinniii.i: inaniioul and a -rn ' ral slair nfr.udnMun .•xisl,.]., I hon-h I «as .Arilrd. I s,,in. ' h..« did niil i ' rr] al all nciAous. I ' VanU. ni niasl.T. l,.ud rins,. h . ■■|l a sniv la, I Ihal y,uvr Ihr pivllirsl ,,n, ' in Ihr u hoir -nmp. LiridN. " lir sai.l. sin, kin- ni h. ' ad: -LrCs -vl ,,ul Ihciv and sli,,« Ihrni h.iu lo slrp! " I uas ivad and uillin- as «,• ualkrd sl,, K Inward Ihc -al. ' . I k.iru Im,« innch il nicani l(. oiu ' scl I In Nxin Ihis (otnpcl il ion. lor il wonid .rrlainK raisr Ihr prrsli-c of Ihr I ni rrsil of Marxlan.l if llicx -ould ,onic oiil ..n lop in Ihis, Ihcir annual Midin- Clnl. horse sh,,w. Ml, a- all. Iherr was lasl xear ' s sh,,w. named one .iC I he liesl in Ih. ' Iraek. I knew Ihal Frank and I would he in I here lo eolleel a lew of I hose awards for Marsland. -.ji i ' . i I Ihr jiKJycs ' stand in excited niob. Hoil, Malhis, kiishiur. IS.-i quisl aii.l s.l 149 TEIIUAPIN TltAlL: t ' irti Kow: hiack, Lodgi ' , twarcln, Komorow«kl. ban-lay. Mm. M. Kinki ' l, B. Kunki ' l. Seeond Row: Mrs. E. Beard, J. Hagcr. C. Schi llhua, M. EmuhwilliT, L. Read, D. Dickson, A. Connflly, D. Googinn, B. Tripp. Fomalc athletes j;ain coNeted letter a wir(ls I nun W . K. A. dills rruin ;,ll l.ills n|- Ihr ,;,IM|mN .ull-iv-ali-d ill Ur ..iii.ii |-i,l«l 1 1. .use: rM;s (loiiii ;iii l s .i(.ril UMs ivpirsrnlcd. Til, ' pirsidrnl iMllc-d Ihr Wnliir.i ' s .M ' ' l ' i ;iu;iilr | iiil ' nniialioM Mnii Ihr iMskrihall A sh..ll .li rl|. iull ,,r ulhrl I.IIMIirs , ih. ' t . .uniimirll I llllrs «rlr |,l vsrni r,|. K,.lln«in- Ihr llirrlin-. ill. ' -irU rnl hnsi;,sl ir;,ll (lisciissi ' d llii ' ( ' lulling aillfs. I ' lmii IIh ' iiiikhiiiI nl iiilrivsl shown, il wiis evident Ihr niiil. hrs wimld hr rnjcNrd hv IIMIIN. s suMir -ills «;,lldrlrd In ihr l;d,|r uhrlr ri.jn ,,|l l duu-hllllls «r|r l.rinL ' dislii- hnlrd. Mlhris s iii;:lil l ;iskelballs. NullrxiMlls iind li idiiiilildli lacilllels. Siioll frailH ' S weir in [ii(i;;iiss, and r ri Niiiie was hiisN . Ihis W.R.A. meclitif;. Iik - ' lli ' -is lirl.l diiiiii- Ih. ' rar. (iH ' cred fixwl. fellowship, and occasion for pai- licipation in organized spoil. Tin- Women ' s Heciealion Association sponson-d all wdMien ' s inlianuiral events. ;;a e l arn dances and picnics, and pnnided oppoi- luriilies for Maryland coeds to parlicipale in a.tivities l. ' adinu ' lo Ihr award of a coxi-lrd . . . Irllrr. Goal attained alter disabling trek through dense ilderness I Ml Ihr hail! Thr liail hits hark S ,rr-lu.,lr,l. I.iiiird iiixir, Imui-. and urarN uiilo disahililx. Ihr lilllr -roup Inkr.l ,lrlr,ininr.ll on. -irs n,,l far, " lhr encourat;e(l our aii..lhri, as thr sun ' s ra s slantrd farther and farther in lh ' I ' inalK. al snii .l. lh. ' rahiii l.xmir.j in -i ' hl Jn-.l ahra.l of ihrni. l las| ! flrl rnllap.r and Mlh.r,|Urnl |rr,lNr|A. ll,r lu,,krd ahoMi Ihrin. Thr ,ahin ua. handil supplied with kri,,sr,ir lamps, .ahoul uhi.h ihrv suuii ar.piiird an inliniali ' km iw lrdf. ' e. aloiij; with pri ■-i lrnl l painful hinn-: a hnlkiii;: wood stov. ' : and a uid uf wuod. I ' .ul haiKh I- as handv dni ' s. aii l il .jiiiu ' l! In spilr nfpaprl and luiL-. il U,,ul,llll IlL ' hi. I ' .Ul L ' rnius s,,| rs all. an.l. i rlincpiishin- Ihri, la l in. h ..f uns.alh.d skill. ih. ' N iiiaiia;:..! I.. mI lh. ' u.mmI on lirr. fl. ' rasupp.T. uhi.h last,,! jnsi lik. ' a hoinr-.-ookrd nienl, tlicN sal ai.iiinil Ihr lirr telling hair-raising ||;liosl stories, jirior to hill in;: I In- sack for a very sleepless iii-hl! ' I ' ll. ' ii. ' xl da l i. n-lil a I. mi- Ink. ' up lh. ' i inlaiii. addin.. ' z. ' sl 1.. lh. ' I ' .lu. ' Ri.L ' ilin- an. I lh.- hik. ' r ' s appetites. ' i llial .la . a llr.-.l liul happ r. ' ii;i|)in Trail Chih ' i. up i. ' lnrn. ' .l I.. Hi.- Ii..ul l. ' s .,f .In i- li al ion. Whil.hural. M. D.rr, E. Z li, l,[iiiktord. J. Fralinger: First Row: C. Rang, S. Blackli.ill. H K. Ihilsted. W. Shehan. Scconrf Row: F. White, M. HofrniLii,. .1 H. Murphv. M. Gannon, J. Blair, R. Naegele, R. WhiU ' , E. D. Greased pigs, milk maids spark annual April Livestock Show In Ihf ra-c «as a ralhiM- scaivd lilllc pi-, pcnn. d up l)crniv a . luiip nf -apini: irulix iduals. His hark was slirklx .Mixnvd xvilli -ivasr. Oiilsidr Ihc pell a liioh of fratcniilN iiirti were i;aliicicd. aii innsi awailiti ' the beginiiiiif. ' of tlic contcsl. Tliis had just a (r tniinilis bcrciic wilnesst ' d campus coeds competing in llii ' lulci-Suidiily Milking Contest. Who would have su[)poscd there were so matiN milkmaids on the uni- -er,sity grounds ' ' And now lo win Ihe Creased Pig Contest for Ihe liuimr i.f Ihc fralerniu! TheStu.l.Til which I hese contests lake place, is nnix une „( Ihe man activities of the P.l.ick and I ' .ridle Club. Il inchides judging of catlle an.l she,.pd,,g I rials. Violins scrape, fleet feet fly as Ag students swing partners •■Swing Nuur parhiers and a dosev do, ' ... ' " The cry cch,,e(l Ihn.ugh Ihe readies of Ihe Old (i iii. In Hie back, a Ni.ilin scrap. ' d jo ousl . whilr I hr soiing couples, clad in ga attire, obligingl allemanded Pi their partners. Some sal in the corner on Ihe (om shucks and watched. Others drank cider and lalked. It was a merr occasion. Iliis annual g Council Barn Dance. The Council served lo unifs all Ihc agiiciilliiral clubs on campus, backing the e enls sponsinvd. in- cluding the Annual Agricultural Convocation. Ihc Student Livestock Show, and the Horse Siiow. Clubs represented are Alpha Zeta, Collegiate l-ll. Fulnrc Farmers of America, Plant Industry and the Sludent Grange. JRICULTURE STUDENT COUNCIL: D.Fangmcyer.D. Hanns, M. Ensor, T.Mitchell, W. Blarkhall, G. .Morris, Dr. Kuhn. P. Manl.y. J. Whitp. R. Inneret. 151 •1-11: fiMlKuir: K. . Ji-nkms, B. Pi ' urCT-. P. Wtnt. J. iiwon. It. Hill. M. Trouchl. alTiT, M. Iloirmiin, G. Woodlield, D. Fry, R. Montgni (ok-: J. Dorn. W. Scott, M. Kry, L. Boyle, C. Wilkf Mitchi ' ll. Third Ri,w: E. SpurriiT. E. Faizalurl, R. Srhukruft, K. BoBlpy, F. Burlw, F ;. Rnnp. Ftmrlh liiiir: V. Knihbill, J. Giddinipi, C. GiddinKa. A. Huwkins, J. Rioch, J. Blair, W. Suundcm, C. Wright, H. Hearn, R. Northram, E. Cr Hlackhull. D. rioppcr, U. Hunr. ' ll, L. Whi-atll.-y, B. Harrington, F. Hays. W. Mi-yora. |{o i ' . Moxley and lUirkr earn iii(l (-ih l)(M)l ill ((nitest ' ri.rtliiv,- ni lrnlsu,n Miininnili ' 1 li an ailniiriii;;. l)ii iil ' I ' liiip. riiiidiis slaiid.i u a. liiM llial llii ' M ' were lloxir. h, v „hI I ' .lllkr. Ihi lllivi ' l-ll (lull (Iclcfrali ' S In IIk ' ;iIIuii;i l-ll CnlU •iilinii aii.i liiliT- national Li .sln k lio s. N-I,rlr a. uin,iiT in I ' diiiity. stale and ii.ilinii 1 lirlds, llii I ' aini ' d Paliiii-r Mniisc in C.jlir;,-,, 1 ad Ix ' rn pall i ' Ihi ' ir lr :iiil. .I;,I,M M,,xl,-x. s|;,lr «illll,T ill llic tariii sal ' . ' lv .■(.III. •si. was s. ' IimI..! Ill piv.idr a a lillicliriiii l.hIM) di ' l.Mral. ' s. Hi. ic I.I .• M.iiil-.ii iii , a -ardrnin ' uiiiii. ' i. an.l I ' lank liiiik. ' . .Ii.. a i.pi .s. ' nlal iv. Hi. ' SI;, I,. ,i. ' |),i sin, linn Lain, r, mipli-l.,! ll,.. Iii.,ntli,.n..iai dcl.-atfs. ' riiinsday nif lil nu ' clings of llif c liili w.ic li.ld in III. ' ul ' Wum.ars Loutl-. . II. i.-. afl.i Hi. ' c.iii- ,|nis|„,ns an.l piais. ' s II.xn. Kiiiali Hi. ' dis- .nssiiin ' ..1 aiiMiii.l I.. Ilir .mniii- " l-l I ( l.i. ' s lo ( :,.ll.-, " |)a . This «as aii.illi. ' i .,f Hi.- imp. ii ' laiil fiiiMl ions plaiiii. ' d l N III. ' l-ll Cliil. in ils lull s. ' li. ' dulc. Ga ol rcsiiiiics ilal nuM ' lin«»; in SliKlrnI (iraiijir s lH ' (hiI ' A f. ' i.)iip of serious youilf; pe.ipi. ' wrw .■oiif. ' i. ' f. ' at.d in tlie Mill. ' iii. ' . ' tini. ' room. Tli. ' I. ' ad. ' i pi.k. ' d up tin- f:a . ' l. ii-.Wi- a sharp ra|) and the m. ' .linj. ' .aiiie lo ordi ' r. Tli. ' N u. ' iv li. ' i.- lor a imrpos, ' . this -roup of sliid. ' iits. This iluli. III. ' (iian;:. ' . had a task l.i lullill. Il I, ail nii.l. ' riakrn In train III. ' .ili . ' lis .if to la an.l l.iniiiiinw in l.ainiii ' .)f tlie arioiis lields of a;, ' ri- .iillni. ' . Ii.allh. ii.ini. ' econoiiiics, youlli e liicalion. Ia .s an.l l. ' L ' islali.iii. Tlioiifih the ineetiiifis were op. ' ii Mnl I.I ni.inli. ' is .il ' the (Jriintre, yel any person in- lii. ' sti ' d in apiiiulliii. ' and in (Iran ' . ' ' s was .nlilled to ineniliersliip. The (iran ' e was the lirain .liild ofOliv.r II. k.lK. a ineniher of the Deparlnienl of . grieullure. ulm Lit Ih. ' need of a rral. ' rnily for fanners, in order l. liiiild anil liiiite a;. ' iii iiltiii. ' . The ort. ' anizalion has ' rown .so sin.. ' ia( 7 that il n.iw hoasls .f 800.1)00 menihers, of whi.h Marxland liasliflN. 152 I ' LANT INUUSTUV: Hanns. Second Row: I. 1 ' Rou.: R. Wiley, M. D;,m. W. Andersen, H. Neuma Fifth Row: J. Fantom, J Slonaker. Plant industry sends an open letter to the Terrapin staff ' ■The Slair 1919 Terrapin Dear Sirs: Al Ihrrisknriiicijiriii.u- I InMlisplcasiiiv ,,r llic pliol.) - raphcrs, as ucll as somo of llic TciTa|iin slalV. we arc atleinptiiig to meet your requesl lor soiiielliiiif, ' informal, sometliing hieh will be easil rciiiciiihcicd. Ihin- «lii,li uill promote a lau-h. ' V r I ' laiil lii(li]slr Club is a baby organizulion, a child Inrmrd h llir merger of the Botany. Ilorliciil- lurc and -ron(mi sludrnts, all iiilrrrslr.l in cim- parin- noles on llirir ,loscl rrlalcd licl ls. Bi ' ing new on eampus, we Ikinc al a s be self-effacing organization, and, as cl. ii have o.vurred during mcclings no hrok, Icaciips dropped, n,. Icclli losl. ll,,«cNcr, ' .icd rcccniK uliiili dispelled llie sol.r pliotograpjiers with lillle or no nolice 1 Needless to sa , irdormalilx «as lli,. kesno we all settled doun and smiled real prel I we are. Our olliccis tliis year wen ' Diiri Harms, Bill Carpenter, vice-president: nal|)li Fc retary-treasurer. The Plant industrx Club. " sob. r ishap lliin; Future Farmers frolic in snow as George collects deposits A cold day in May, hul il did n.,1 keep 1 1,,. l . men from taking a swim .m their ammal picnic al the horn. ' of one of their memlM ' rs, (i ge I ' .ishop. few braved tlie brisk air ,ui.l Anrd inlu Ih,- i. water, hul (ieorge had a supplx of snow on hand lo lelievi ' Ihcise suffering from frozen limbs, N arm-up games, such as leap-frog and drop-the-handkercliief, and the stimulus of Swedish massage soon restored ,in chilled tnembers lo I heir original picnic m I. When the time -ame I,, clean np Hie Irash and empiN bottles (Coca-Cola), a whisper went aroimd the circle of F,F,A, men, ■■Lei ( ii orge do it! ' ' l( ieorge later collected S.TO on liottle deposits.) Meeting on the second Thursday of each month, the F.F. . has other more formal programs during the Near. It cooperated with the Agricultural Council in putting on barn dances and a moonlighl cruise. The members attended a spaghetti dinner gi cn li the Home Economics College for students in the College of Agriculture. Since many of the men are Agricultural Kducation majors, a leadership training class was planned to give that assuranc e and experiimce necessary in their career. Joseph Newcomb was president; .John Crolher.s, vice-president: and ilugli Sisler, secretary. FITIKL 1 1 ll 1 1 1 I MinlH F Pullman D Abe J Crolhers J -iLung 1 M U W 1 l.rt E CuUen M Marlm J Prof i half W HI 1 1 M . s V R F.sher E Long W Kent J Carlton R Rhoads 11 1 ,11 W 1 1 Ti W Ensjr E L nch R Bishoff J Jenkms Standinq H Mill r ( W ii,n r J Brown J Matthews F Newcomer J Newcomer C Bevard 153 Explosions rock the audience as Cham Engineers experiment k.I.Cll.p;.: Firtl Row: H. Flack, L. Stifd, I. L. Gold, D. Drummond, E. Auber. hrnnil Rim-: A. Abrnhuirm, F. nrokmiin. M. Sacrhs, P. Sullivan, Third Row: i. lolti, A. K.ll.l, H. .n, W. M.in8..n. Till ' lif;lils «.MV li,i,iiir i. th. ' loiuls|KMk.T l.lai.d. and M s, ;iil,i li |ui(i l.iihhlt-d through a long ghiss lube. Dill liii;. ' ! TV jiomid :i lew drops of hydrofliloric acid iiilu IIk ' hrakrr ;il III. ' cud of Hic lul irl (IciirciiitiL ' r..;.r. mikI .Idllds nf kc -reeled llie ciirs ;illd .■ es .,r llie ;nidieiiee, ' rile lUldlcnee. u;,t, liin- llll- ,A|icri- MMhI n,l nil, I. «;,s Ihr M;,lvL,nd -llldrll! ,1m,, Id ..f llic XiiidicMii liisliliilc of Chciiiical l-jif inccrs, Ia- plusiniis can lie dcnioiistraU ' d ninch bcllcr on the sceci III:. II in the classroom! Fewer clieniical engineers .ne lusl Ihal «a . l esidi ' s ieuillL ' illleii ' sliii;: Iilulioli picliires on cii-iiirci in;. ' , llic rliajilei | ,inL ' raiii- iiii liidrd discussions nf llir |, ml, I, I, IS and |,i . ,, .MJiiie. ,,f indii-liv, addresses I.S prlsMlis ncled in lliril iielij ah,,lll ill. ' lal. ' sl (!,■- NcliipniciiK III clM ' inical eii-inec in;. ' . In a l lili ,n. ll, ' nigani aliun .i;ises r.llnie rlieniical .■Il-illee|s II,, ' ,,p- p,,rliiiiil of ni, ' , ' lin- inluiniall xvilli slnd, ' iils and uilh ni, ' i, ali, ' a K in lli, ' l, ' ,liiii,al li, ' l,j. |)i. Wilh.rl .1. llnll. IhimI ,,r III, ' |, ' pailin, ' nl ,,1 ' ( .li, ' nii, al IjiL ' inei ' ring, was I ' acully ad i-,ii I ' d lli, ' , hapl, I. l-iaiik liecknian was Chairman. A.S.C.E. Iliealer |)roves a hit lor all en ijineerin j; students J, Bpltcndorf, C. Crono. R, Waldor, H. Mikclail, M. W. ' iimbont. Third Ron-: J. Kwtpr, W. Oahorni ' , R. Simmons, J. Cutl», C, Johnson. Fourth Row: M. Cunha, A. Hi ' dquisI, J. EmliT. D, Hymnn, E. Powdl, A. Groshaus, N. Luthy. Fifth Row: J. Loos, G, Topping, W. Roomer, R. Ziiglcr. T. Catchin|[s, J, Lull. Sixth Roir: VI. McKinnoy, L. Snydir. J. Niavc, C, Hilton, R. Coop.T, - ngpr. J. Clark. Smnlh Koir; E. " _.-..-... « Schacfer, Eighth Row: C. Snyder. V, Did ,.ii , ' , ' 1 -,i III, ' III, ' ( i-:riii-; ri ' ;ir ' ir,,,,!. ,,i, n,iss. ' d an ai.M„l,i„ ' p,,,;:ia„,. Th.-M ' u, ' , ' kls, or lii-weekly lihns, of general inleiesi as well as inginci ing inleresl. wore offered free to all who cari ' d lo allend. I ' .nl II,, ' V.S.C.I-;. l.oNs ollVred nioiv llian lliis lornial classn„,ni iiisl r,i,l i,,n and I,, I, ling .iN il , ' ii- -in, ' , ' iing sliid, ' nls inl,, a ,1,, ,., l„,nd ,,r irlh.u.liip Ihrongh the media of meetings lealuring speakers and III, ing pictures of engineering interest: field trips to , ,i;:ineeringestablislnnenls .ind |)rojects: picnics, dances aii,| ,,lli, ' rso -ial gatherings. Tl,, ' , l,apt,-r al MarNland b. ' gan Ihi- pa-| v, ' ar lo .1 I, painp il, ' ls aii.l ,,ll pi,sence of available space in the new engineering liiiildings for a line engineering librar . In addition t,. providing r, ' fiesl,n,. ' nts at all e ening meetings, ll,, ' ihapli ' r used its funds t,i purchase athletic e(pnpm, ' nl l ' ,,r ll,, ' ns,- ,if n„ ' mlM ' rs during lunch periods and al pi, ,,i, s. President this Near wa li,,l„,l M ( ,.nl n. Pair toast recent union vilh elaborate planning lor future ' I ' ll,, lii- rv.iil ,,r Ur c;u 111. ' KUU nr[ and lli, ' x riv linlh IIm ' IV. s III,, f I iUKJ drinks unv sciNcd, llicN ( ' lulled ' S. Us. and laU ' i IIicn look pari in llic l(,asls lu-cllirr, T, i-rlli.T al lasl I ,u uli ni.l? Wvirn ' l Ihrx inl.TrsIrd in llic sanir lliin-s? Tlicy ' ru had s(mic ,lass,.s lnp ' lli,.r. nd n i« llicN wciv al llir l an(|nrl. Ilirir joinl .vlchralion n[ Ihc y.n. vs. llii ' N wciT Ixilli llinc. Ihc I nivcrsily ' s branch III ' Ihr ViMi ' iiran Inslilnir cil ' Klcclrical Engineers and Ihal (.r Ihr Hadin jji-in. vrs. Kindin- llicir inlcivsls parallrl in nian n [„MK. Ih, ' condiin, ' .! Ihis yuv. and Ihr jini(li(.n pr.ucd ad anla-v,,iis In h,,lh -Idiips. Mcclin s ucrv held ninnlhlv. and a sn.-.vssl ' nl Near uas rnni[,l, ' lc(l nnd.T Cliaiiinan HnhiTl liohihack and fa, nil a, his,,,-. I ' r,,h s,,r L. .1. Il,,di:ins. l.,-ad,TN rnmi ,Tii;in,vi inii li, ' lds ,,r Ih,. aiva sp,,kc ( ' .lillord S,hnnl and .l, hn l ' .r an aiian , ' l Ih, ' su. ' - cessful pni-ianis «hi, ' h rvi■ pr, ' s, ' nl, ' d Ihis u ' ar. Tlu ' s, ' acli ilics v r cnhniMali-d lis a lianiini ' l. eck.-, H. K.niuy, K. DuT.-i:, W. Ball Bearings and drive shafts bear brunt of engineers talk .. -askcis and (hi , ' shafls rvr Ih, ' ar, ' a P.all JM ' arii. Alarylaiul cliaphT of .S. 1.I gineering slndi ' iils fruni nin, ' Ihi ' i ' uilh llll ' -, ' S ,lf ai, ' a, alli ' nch ' d Ihc animal Regional Conference at ( ii ' iiiv ' c Wasiiiiijildn t ni crsil . Officers were Joseph L. Luber, president : la . On, i,c-i)rcsi(icnl : llcrbcrl J. Honecker, scci ' clai ; and Frank Marlin, I r,-asur, ' i ' . H. Roehl, R. Clark. J. Nokes. Tl. Cochranp, R. Hoddinolt, L. Hitsn m, I; M W. -Weyforth, J. Beilfin, B. A " I Row: C.Ue Strickland, J. Macon E. Hanson. T. Til man. W. veil. T. Holden. I ickington, J. Sull ' ., , ' . Burgess, G. Morns, 1; l:ii!!, ' ' . . ' -. ;, ' .i«-.L. Eckard, L. W.Mi,!.. -.. ' r -!.., ' .1. Wilson, N. Woodson, G. .Inn.s, . Klv. W Stark. R. Serra, M. Starr. S. Asendorf. J. Buck r. , I . i; -fi. . ' . Goldberg. K. I .■ . I ' Kl.n.i. • I -.k,,ra. R. Weikerl. !■: :. -■;.. .iiK ' T. J. Pfeiffer. J. U hii. ' , W l;i,-,„Ti;. D. Studenick, m. J. Slonc, G. Murphv, J. Vanko, E. Hall, R. Van Schoenfeldt, G. Reategui. 155 A. ShnniT. W. Sinclair, T. Rtftiin, K. Propf. V. Karroll, J. HibbiU. J. Bpucomo. Thiril Row: J. Smiih, A. Cohi ' n, I. Groc-nborg, M. EiwnBlein, R. Lcvinc, H. Gri ' imT. J. Littlolon. W. Volkf. Fourlli Rnw: ft. Arona, D. Werner, W. Hcarn, H. Poller, C. Loueka, R. Kati, R. Johnaon. M. Novick. Fi lh Rok: W. Manuel, R. Simpson, W. Gillespie. Laiiiulry business flourishes uilliiii I ni rsilv clas. room •• ' In rii;nkil. iiiaik.l. In l.u . {: pii;; linlii. ' ;if.Miii, liniii. ' :if.Miii. ji ' Ti ' ds jij- ' I " S(. sini; llir iii.tiil)ris n{ llir iM.iicaii M:ilkrliii- Cliil.. Ml.ikillL ' ;i|.|il n|.l i.itc ;i(cniii| ;iri iii ' jiiiL ' liiiu uilli llirii IiiiikN in llicii IMM-kcl-. , lu;ill . Ihr lnl Im- MTinii- irirrlifii;. r rr lil l ;iM l Ihinl •I ' IiimmImn nf ,m. I iilli. (]Mi;ill vvilll ), ' IU 1 |i.Mk(is «lin talk nn siirli plKi ( nl rriai kcl illfl :is adMilisiiij. ' . ii ' sciiicli, ,s:ilcsiiiaiislii|j ami job oppur- liiiiilus I ' m Iar lan(i {. ' ladiiales. One spi ' Ci-li was cniiiiiiiid wilii iiicrcasiiifr llic laundry hiisiiicss in Kalliinnrv a .Iraii-up cainpai ' ii iiiidn llir »ashriil diir-linii nf llic Jnscpll Kal A(l . ' i I isiri- -.n. . In a st ' iifs of slides, the aficncy n-prcsciilal Im- (liiiinii- slialcd sainpliiif; ti ' cliiii(Hics. advcrlisiiif: iilaiiniiiL ' . and idia salcsniansliip. iiolliiT filicsl spcakiT lalkfd In niaikrlin ' -liidiiils nil radiuaiid l. ' i. ' X isiuii adNrilisiii- in W a liin-lnn. lr disnissrd slirxrNS n( .-nnMlinrr a[.[.lnxal Ml.ll as llnopcr ialinf. ' s, and t-xplainrd the iiiliicaiics nf slalislicid maiki ' l rcscanli. l-lmpliasis in iiian nf llic lalks «as upon opj)orlunili( ' s for niaikclint; sdidciils u|inM fiiadiialion. Naiualilc ((inlacls arr made and ■-tudrnts arc ' wrn infoiinalion and assistance in |iii|iarinf; Ilicin.scKcs for .successful caieiTs in si-lliuf: adserlisin ' and ri ' laled niarkelin ' fields. C.annll Caiiiinlcs was presidenl. Potential pedagogues pinned uitli pink of pla yp Mi |)alrol l-|;,nkK, III. ' ,ml ulln lirlnni: !., Ihr (hll.l- l,...„| |;,|,„alinn Clul) arc In he a.i.niiv,!. n ,mr ulin r;in s|„n,| Jill, •,■11 linur a week Willi llir Inlsal ni-,T Srlin,,! and llien cnnie hack inr nmrr in Hi. ' ,vrnini:s. ,lr-r,xes llir |ii;..|ir.| aual.l . . . llie iiili uilll Line and pink iiliLnn. ( hil.lhnnd i;.lu.alinn i ertainl needed ill la, I, llie nior. ' . llic heller. Perhaps the club ni.-iiiheis, hv dis, ussiiif; niclliodsof Icachinf. ' . hy ie inj; nio ies. and I.N h.arill . ' lalks can disenver a eure-iculuill. On the ,illi, ' r hand, if Hi, ' nini ' est pupiU nl IIk ' I ni aivaiiMliin-like |ar land ' s nl licT l ndiiiU. Ill, ' Nni.riv Nl I D.pailnh ' iil. in Nvliidi t ' liiMh, hmI l ' : ln,ali,,n Clilh ni, ' nih, ' r- an- , ' nrnll, ' .l. ,an , ! ' rnm-r ,r pi,,ll(l. The Ki.r-i;,l Cliih. «lii,ll nie.K ,N,l TiM ' Mlas .venin-. nall pi,Ai.|,s tj,,. pla pen pair.,! slaiKlill- nf ehildleii ulin are ahllorilial nr IlieillalK iipscl because of poor en ironinenlal cniidilimis. Headed by President Mary Louise Sinilli. its nflicers in. hide ice-president Jean Burton. Siinlarv Mar H,.s,. .laiiis. and Treasurer Mar .lariell. Mi-.s lulna l;. M, Aaii-hlnii is ra.nllv aihisor. CHU.DnOOD EDITATION: fir. Koir: M. Smith. Mis« MrNaUKhton, Mn«. Whitney, R. Klannery, T. Kinney, F. Adiims, N. Clapp, J. Lynch, M. Jarrell. A. Valinnl, D. Zia. H. Wh.lan. T. Moriian, J. Ixiwry. Srrnntl Koir. S. Sanner. J. Hustii, J. Morley, P. Pui[h. J. Burton, A. Runyan, K. K.wter. F. Forman, J. Stevcna, J. Hammeit. 156 Apples discovered diet staple in terminating doctor l)ills " C.K.d riu.m-nin,-. Irnclirr . . . " To innkr lliiiii; IK. I .|inlr M, (llllicllll r,,l lllnsr ull., .HV pic| K 1 1 in- In, pcdjiflOfTN. Ilif IliiKiM l ' .ciij;,iiiin ( li;i[ilri- n ' III, ' Fuluiv ' nNirlin-, ,i|- iiHilr:, «;,s jniiiidr,! in .lnnniii , l ' )|r,. II p|•u i,l s iiilniriKili,,n. -,„hI lrllnu lii|, niiil cncoiirii-cinrnl lu riilinv I.M.Iirrs ;,s. --ir y,il (iirl. iiimI prllnil ull n .lisp. ' llsr uilll ill, ' ,i, m ' I , ,1 ' s l ;i II pr,,l,l, ' ni.- nil, I - ' Vmi ,nii nlunvs l,„,k Imuni,! I,, n lillM ' , i ' IV.ioi, ' ill- Ulll ' ll MKl ' ll Im ' ,m Ihc , lll, ' l , ' ll.l ol ' For s,Ti,, IIS sill, I, ■Ills. III. ' ,l,ili sp,,iisnn ' ,l III, ' C.lli ' u-,. , ! ' |- ' . ln, ' nli,ui (:niiN, , ' nlinn. uliiili uns III, ' lirsl !, h, ' li, ' l,l l n s, ' pninl, ' ,-,,ll, ' i:, ' ,,1 ' III, ' iiiii , ' i sil . (;iv, ' ii ,,11 n , ' iiil„ ' r 2. I ' )ll!. Ill, ' , ' ,,in,„ ' nli,,ii pivs, ' iil, ' il Or. Ilni,,l,l C. Ilniul u{ III, ' I iii , ' isil ,,r llliii,,is ns III, ' piin, ' ipl, ' sp, ' nk, ' r. Til, ' t:r,,iip nis,, sp,,.is,,n ' ,l n 1, ' n Inr slii,l, ' ,ils nn,l In, ' nil ,,r III, ' Cill, ' -, ' ,,r i;,lii,nli,,n; nil nd.ln-ss 1) (:,.l,iii, ' l l., ' ,,ii liANin. riii , ' p, ' il ,m r, ' -, ' ,lii,nl i,,ii in I ' liinr ' ' : ' i,l .lnpnii:nii,l nil nrii ' i ' -iliiiiiiT pn.-rniiinl III, ' Ihiiii, ' nl ' l), ' nii I ' .i ' iiiniiiiii. i Second Rou ' : Makin. Wiggin, Wocki-nfuss, Sudlow, Slale. Tliiril Row: Spragu,- Weiskittle, Winant, Kendle. Sranlan. Fiuirth Raw: Cloppcr, DursI, Marlow Twenty, Heiderman. Bevins. KUENCH: First R ne: I,. T,.mpukc,v. B. Baldwin, M. Lar.?,)n, .S. Klman. T. Perry. Second Rom: It. Uic-kie, I . Norfiilk, V. Bi-nnell, J. Kapplin. Third Row: L. Bowcn, T. Macdonald, J. Sanjean, N. Smith, f. (;aus.s, .1. Charming; standing: M. Plasse. Voice of America broadcasts to France from Armory Lounge •■P.,ms,,ir. M,,iisi, ' iii ' : I ' lilivz. s ' il n,„is pinil! " Tli, ' iHispilnhl, ' Kivii,liiiinii nl Hi, ' dotir nf 111, ' Lnini-, ' uns 111.. IV limn , ' ,,i linl in his -iv, ' l in-. Tli, ' six n ' pivs, ' nl;i- li , ' s,.rili, ' Slnl, ' Di ' pniliii. ' iil . ' iiLt, ' ,! Hi, ' r.,,1111, iiiiliii- nl once III. ' i;n C.lirisl inns d. ' , ' ,iinl i,ins wlii, ' li l, ' iil n stivf nlin.isplii ' iv I., III. ' i,„,in. Tli, ' InsI lu,, iiu ' ii .•nni.-d uilh III. ' Ill Ini-, ' ,ns,.s .. f .■(|uipiM. ' iil . - ,,ii kn,) . " snid III, ' InsI ,111, ' . " I lliink this is f, ' ,)iri- l,i liiiii .ml .]iiil. ' u. ' ll. " His I ' liciiii nodded assent. Ml nh.inl Ih. ' iii u.t. ' sliidents, gathered in Mill. ' -i.iiips. sp. ' nkiii- Kr. ' nepresenlatives u. ' iv Ih ' iv rr,,iii inniiN ,,r III, ' s,l Is in 111, ' Vnsliin.ul,,ii ,ii,-n. s III, ' in, ' , ' lini; -,,1 inidiT unv. Ilie ni, ' ii s, ' l up llii ' ir , ' ,|iiipin, ' iil. Il uns ,,h i,)iis llinl il wns n r, ' , ' ,.rdin ' ; nin, ' liiii, ' . Mil,-. Mnri, ' Cnllinin IV.,111 Hi. ' Iiil. ' rnnl i.iiinl P.nnk uns spi ' nkin- .i,,u. s sli, ' linisli, ' ,!. Hi, ' -n.iip uns l, ' .l in n in, ' dl, ' ,.r Kr, ' ii, ' li ( -.lirisl nins ,nr,,ls. TIh ' .i s, ' , ' inl .,r III. ' sin, 1. ' Ills nihhvss. ' .l s. ' ns.iii ' s -r. ' . ' lin-s il h, ' nii,i,,pli,,ii, ' in IV,, nl ,.r Hi, ' in. Tli, ' l ' ivsi l, ' Ml ,-xplnin, ' (l lli. ' il nil nihiiin uniild hi- nmtl, ' n[ Hi, ' iiiih ' s uliii ' li hnd h, ' , ' ii hi, iii:hl in inr Hi, ' Kr, ' n, ' li sliidi ' iils in 111, ' sni. ' ill KiviH ' l, s, ' l I uhii ' li III, ' iMiiM ' i ' silx lin.l n,l,,[,l, ' ,l. Willi n linnl s.,n.u Hi. ' ni. ' . ' lin.- (hsIiniHl, ' ,! i ' nr r, ' rr,-sliin,-iils mi, I , Inn, ' in,-. Tl,,- Clirislinns l ' nrl ,.r 111,- Mnrxlnn.l Kivih-Ii Cliih lin.l h, ' , ' ii n sii, ' , ' , ' ss. Tli, ' ri II,, ' 111, ' II Irnin III, ' Sinl,- Di ' pnrI iiM ' iil iiil ,,ir Hi, ' Inp,- Hinl uniil.i r, ' , ' ,,r,l Hi, ' iii, ' , ' liri- In lh, , i, ' , ' , ! ' in, ri, ' n. I W " liaUt ' k ' - H iiii GERMAN CLUB: Firil Row: M. Bradford. G. Bold™. Second Row: J. Cum. M. Piirroll, Dr. H.imm.rachlugK, B. Lonnon. B. F .rri-»l. Third How: A. Kinn.r. K. Vilkcn.on. II. Kidir. Gaiiiina Phi Beta House captured bv ()ret el-muii liin«i (Germans Wir jjriils! (i. ' sillKlliril! Tli,. (.r Ml,,M ( ' lul. in.vU ii-aiii! Miillrii,,- - ' I ' ,, |„vi. .,1 nul 1.1 Imti.- Ihrx liiisc IIm ' Ii sli ' ins. iliiiin lli. ' iii (lr iiid r:n I li MnsrlN rs IVoiii Z.iW H:illisk.ll,u. MuM.liiii;: |iivl ,U. th, h. ' a.l fur III. ' (i; l lMl. ' IMii I ' .c ' lM llousr mimI IIh ' M; ishli(l (irr- ,n;nis. Tli.-iv.,- t|„. siii.l Ik,|,,m uf ||,-ir l),Ml-,r lliiimnriv.hla r „|„, ir,„-;,in . ' il llir Inh lliis yai. Ili( ' ;:iM ' h:iiiiiiiiii(iiis ri ' ii(liliiin n( ' riuiiiciiliauiii " iCriMiMii .T,si..n of •• l;ir l;.Mil. Mn M;M h.M(r). Ml.i ;i iunikI ur l«.).)l ' s lipiiil .I.. Ih.lh ' hl . luiM l. s). Ilir li;n,. ;, nirrlili- « llich, loll .1.1,1 IrK . i- in hji-lisll! Ilic L ' rnii (,i (liilj ucli i( wa.s ,sUul uf (icniiiin (iilliiir. lull :is islaiKT WHS also {liveii to sludciits lidL ' t- ' icI (Inwn in Ihcir (liTmaii coiiNcisatioii. Oppoi- hinilirs I ' m iruin- l,rin ;ni niuv irv unv pinviilr.j an l III. ' . ' lull s,„,nv..n ' .l l;ilkv I.n .ii.Ii miiIIk.i il i. ' s ..n ( ..T- iiKinv :,■. Dr. Nn-ii-lnv I ' nilil .in. I Nn; (■jnivii;,,, I ' . ' iiiliihiiin. Miiii-I. ' i ..I ' l ' :.lii.;.li. n I ' .i. ' iiiiin. M. ' . ' lin ' u. ' i. ' mill. ' I III. ' ilin. li.m ..! ' I ' l. ' M.l.iil Mh. rl Hiim. ' i. I Bandit-lied sear es on lo elv Maryland -oed. eaused furor . ' . ' ills sli..llin- ai.,mi.l III. ' , ;iiii|.n niM-iiiiiL ' iii. ' . ' li Dill ..ii 11.. li ». ' ;irin- si n lis|il -I i. ' d s.-iiiM ' s! ' Di.l ..ii s|m,I . ' i LiiIIit- IK I...U ..I ii ' ll. ' ; ' Did ..ii nilll. ' : (Mi. ' .n nn. ' s Mlltl .,1 iM ' lll.ld , ' l l.alldil-S li. ' ! ' ir so. N..II |,1.,ImI.I saw lli( rcsiillsola (Iciiioiislratioii •;iv(-ii l) llic lloiiir Ixoiioiiiics ( " lul) at which the fiitiirc lluu.scwivcs of liicli. ' a l. ' aiiwd ahoilt acn ' ssoiii-s fur the l.asir dn-ss. fl.T 111. ' d. ' i islialioii. « was f. ' .iliii. ' d al Hi.- . ' oiii. ' IS omt a l.a.lM:i. ' Uli.l ..f s.,!! pian.. iiiiisi. . 1 1.. I spiced cid.T and cookies, pre|)ai. ' il l lli. ' iii. ' .d sitn ic. ' class. ' S, w. ' i. ' siTved. Thi-o.lf. ' li Hi. ' ' f!. ' Cluli. in. ' iiili. ' is deinonslrated lli. ' ir skill in .....kin-, s.ivin- ,111.1 S.,.ial Studies. Cinder Kiislin ua,. pi. ' and Miss D,,i.,l|, Li ' dalld was fa. nil a Kis,,i. | ' ,,,il,aia N. ' imian was s. ' cii ' lal . HUME EC: Mi« U ' Grnnd, J. . vermnn. A. Carr, M. Ban™. Min Frii ra -I, G. Kujilln. M. Coleman. J. Williams. J. Evaiu. E. Wilson. S. Millpr. E. Adams. 158 INTERNATIONAL CH ' B: First Rmv: Palil. Ernst. Stewart, Zulin, Yoldas, SohPuMH, Nasim, F.-tlah, Cobun, El-Kattan. Smm,l Row: Chase, I,o Rivera, Smith, Jobsis, Wolfe, Fateh, Hubert, Messinger, Singh, Behnam, Dolores, Rowe, Jenkins, Razzahh, Gotoiu, Davis, Joshi, Haque, Simgh, Shala Miotto, Panda, El-Damaty. International Set encompasses the globe in jnst four hours Potential talents displayed in exhibition of unusual hew WV :ilki(l iiild tlif prosaic Old Gym, dreaming of l ' :irii :i [ilacts :iii(l cvotic life beyond the sea. Suave Arabians, dapper Parisiennes, and blond Diitehmeii appeared before us. Taking our coats, tliey announced the program for Maryland ' s International Dance. An Indian snake dancer undulated onto the floor, ac- companied by a native drummer. A Turkish boy chiinlcd a l:ii-h]astern melody, and South Americans ' ((iili(l a hiiif, ' y tango. Feeling like members of the Inhrnalinnal Set as we mingled with students from all areas (if I lie globe, we learned that the Inlerna- liiinal (III!) held nol only bi-monthly cotfee-hour iiieeiin s. hiii lietiuent " " firesides " (social and cultural gel-li)t;(llieis a I pi ' ofessors ' homes). Mirned isli was president. For those students who were especially industrious and particularly fond of talking " shop, " the Industrial Education Club was formed in the spring of I ' ) 18. The most outstanding event of the club this yeai was I he Industrial Education Exhibition, which succeeded in being both wooden and tinny, but was, nevertheless, of great benefit to students and Maryland teachers. Other constructive work of a different hew was done. Dean Benjamin and Dr. Luddingyon, director of Industrial Arts in the U. S. Dept. of Education, spoke at club meetings, and a library in the Industrial Education Building was established. These activities were planned by President Richard Dent. He was ably assisted by Roger Link, as vice-president and Waller ' Heiderman as secretarv. JDUSTRIAL EDUCATION: Fir t Row: De ■ward, Hurlev, Kohl, Frank. Vaughn, Mario illhaus. Standiford. Fourth Roiv: Bryson, Fo: , Sleeman, Heiderman, Olewine, Wall, Brown, Hornbake, Maley, Woods, Roby. Ruth, Dubs. Second Run: Baker, Wiles. Beresonskj . Makm Third Rou Grosh, Stofko, White, Meoshaw, Hurley, Schmick, Dav( Link, Ott, Wockenfuss, Speidel, Goedecke, Hmlick , Campbell, Jacques; Fifth Row: Kolb, Eckert, Neum 159 .f I N T E K N A T I (» N A I. K K I. TIONS: f-iriK Koir; M. HoKiin. J. Gray. M. Cady, Nalh. Pulil. SinKh, El-Damaty, Khoumur, Hrimleer find jiiass iiiHlcr bed lor luidiiight bile at IRC talk Kiis Kiiti-l. ; ' Sl. Nirliul s? Sallt;, ( m .) C. iII liitii li;il i)ii will. l)clir f ill liiiii HI iidI. lull cxfryoiio ,i-ivfs lliMl he is ;i .T Nihil cIkhmcI.t ;i|(piiii(I Chrisl- I.KIS lillir. -n.U|. llirn ;in,l u ,ni.ii. Inuii-r.j . ' irniiiul Ihr -l.miii ' . Ilicknin- liivlii:lil . «,•,,• (iisrii- sin- Cliristiiiiis iiikI ils , uslmns al ii iiirrlin- ,,1 ' IIk ' IiiI.t- lialioiial MrhiliMM. ( liil.. Ilir vlndniK |,ivMiit iv|,iv- st-nlrd iiiiliiiiiiililirs I ' luiii :ill n ' r llir world, ilarli (liscii.s.scd llu- custdnis of his own pailiciiliii- couiilix. Did oll I ' MT Ihink of hllNin- -li.SS iiikIit lllr lird lo frrd w ivilldr-i; ' ll(l hou would uii likr lo Ikim ' lloli(hi s cxlcndi-d lllllil afliT .lallliais ( , tlir frasl of I III ' I luce kiiifis? and olIuT inloresling Clirislmas (ilthrations wore related by llie foreign students. Diaiis Joiinson and Leslie spoke on llie ciisloins and iii.aninf; of Clirislmas in Xiiicrica. flcr siii-iiii; and (lialliMi; around llir Cliiistiiias Irn-. Hi, ' -roup l rokr up. lilird with Ihr ami lUvlouis ,,f Chiisliiias in olh.T lands. l other nieetintrs Senator andenlxif. ' . Dr. Tl (lore lloilMian, Dr. Miehard Manei. and DiM-rl Clirisloph.-rsen addressed the t;ronp. Members of the (lull also widened their contacts tlironf;li representation al arioiis inlercollei:iale confcunces on foreign ivlalions. Dr. Uaiicrwaslhea(Kis()r:l obl ie II u ' hes, president : I ' .ill I ' .onIc. ice-president: Doris Crewe, .seereljiry : iind Marv i:ilcn Micks, treasurer. Chances 1 roIliii«i boxcars?; jiisl jiicr aiiv inalh major! The llicllllicis of the Matl|r„iatic Clllli rr;.MI(l, ' d the two small iM.r cuh.s with s ul.ilion. -riic sipi.irc root of Ihe dih. ' .lial of the sid. ' with six dots on it. miilliplii ' .l l. nil d-c. ..fa corner. , . " S.mic- ,,lie produced a lide rule, aiiolli,T a protia.lor. ' riie uiiiked on: e eii iholl ' li liliauce wasn ' t lieili;; coli- si.hred at the session, this , ' ould Iriilx he Prmed applied math! Best of all, there wre free tutors avail- able lo those who were int. -rested in Ihe art. Ml this, and monthly nieetiiif. ' s fealiirini. ' lalks on siibjeels such as algebra, analysis, minibei Ihcmx and topologv was arranged by Ihe K eeiili e ( ciiiiiiit tee. h:aded l, I ' lVMdeiil I ' a I I ' .rowiiaiid ra.ullN .l iM,r Dr. D. W. Hall. • uige, B. liuppersbergcT, I. C.aither, J. Appel, J. Hoffman, J. Himes, H. Dow, J. U. Thompson. Second Roir: C. Rigg, E. Burrier, R. Edmunds, H. Andrews, W X. R. Maiersperger, S. Preece, J. Kennedy, R. Grant, P. Church. J. . they, M. Bradford, J. BuBois, R.Brown, N. Farrell,W.01t, R. Bigelow, R. H: ' " ' teiner, Casteel, Dinker, Kasick, Martin, Klavans, Greenher, Carroll, I2:i. ;u ()iii:iii: Tour of Baltimore yacht basin gives Propeller Club gala day ,,iic is -oin- Id Uv l ' ro|.cllfi- Cliil)! l li.isl il HmI u;i . Ini in llic llirv nciiis il lus l.ccii ,.n . I he (lull ' s iiiciiibership has grown IVoin ' . 7 lo (i il is imu llic largest organizalion ol ' ils kind, ills inshilK ' d Inr lilt ' l)fnflil «{ sliitlfiils ,-oll,-vs ,,f Hit ' I lli , ' isil . I y-.n III. ' lar hiii.l I ' .mI is llic giifsl (,f llif Mv tliapl.T tor ; ir t f llic I ' .alliniorf Harbtir. ill is I ' lili ' ilaiiii ' tl al a liaii(|iic ' l given at one of ■III iliil.s. and a conipli ' li ' inspcftion and sighl- lonr is lakcn li htial. ' lalion lo lilt ' Marxlanil , ' ain|.iis. Ilif l ' ro|,, ' ll,.r ' taiiM ' uiil. ' K known for III, ' N arid s of inlt ' ivsling l|iflil programs il pivst ' iilcl lor I lie hcnclil of iiilifis. 11 was Iht ' ir goal l.i tl, ' rlop gri ' aler anding .if all li. ' Ids of I ransp.irlali.m, par- CIiiIiIm r.nd lit iintl. ' rs in I). ' , wh.i II shippii Till ' II. Fr. .if III. ' oiilslanding int ' t ' lings of llie v. ' ar, li. ' lt I ' lnli. ' r. f. ' alur. ' d three speakers frt .in i ' .all ini.u. ' i . ' li. ' i ' ii laig. ' lx responsible for I he .■.inliniia P allinioi. ' in lie. (lining one of III. ' Iwo l. ' adini ig polls in I he I nited States. (Iiih was led I Ins Ncnrbv Harr 1 )ou . Dr. .iolii; ticrick was fa.nlU adx isor and diicclor. I ' HYSICAI. KDl CATION MAJOl Kipld, Anderson, Harhaon, Jackson, Cromwell, Kathonhocler, Carney. Ihtni . It. Perry, K. Wilson, R. Davis, N. Fox, J. Brasher. Four! Row: A. Moore, M E. Movak. Fi lh Row: C. Miller, H. Buckley, G. Sorg, " " " Hulett, G. Hulel n, C. Harris. Sinlh R,w: J. K. {lurn.v, K. Diivis. K. (-....mbs. H. Hams. A. guuHr.K-,-hi. Uurn. t loldbcck, J. Bladen, L . KraelinE. B. Hawkins, A. Cichhorn, J. Lynse Dosley, P. Kostopoulos, J. Avril, N. Sheridan, K. Larcombe, P. Dye idson, R. Hill, J. Moll, L. Ford, P. Connors. Siilh Row: B. Zupnik, C V. Reklis, B. Puden, M. HolUchneiber. G. Derr. Eighlh Row: Masse ' ndrus, B. Biekford, A. Mowen, G. Dunn, I. SlallinK " , B. Cooper. Whistle blast causes fantastic " L K |) -Loir oii gymnasium floor l , ' liolo«j;isls rcN ' al ih ' s and slartlingly complex problems VUr uhisllr Mru. ;„„l .nrn ;,ihI uuinni ins|„.,l lu III. ' .rnirr ,,r III,. n„„ii. I- ' umIImII pl,, ,T-- ;,n l ,;iiii|.u- (|IICfIlS hod lllr li-hl liUlhlslir I,, lllr Sll,•uns,,|■••|,,»,|, - l .lll. ' ■ ' VUry pill llirir li-lil r.Mit ill. Il.r piil ihril li-hl lu,,! ,,iil. inil ihcN cM ' ii sllook bolll Irrl. Tiiixl.-iN iii;. ' lils in iIk ' f. ' inn;isium saw Ilir plivsiciil In, ll,.iMS,K,.s. .,11.1 I,. l.Min MS,„Tts „(• spoils Iini ' lil ill ,Lss. Thr sliulrnis mIsu l,r;,r.l Ic-.lllIVS l.N l ' s ,lluM.. Iinunsi-., runiplrxrx. I, I. ,„l l 1 1 II M l . ,1 -,,1,1, IrllM. IImImHimmmMc In ll„. ;nrr;,-r ,lor Collc-r w. ' iv l.iss,.,| ;,1„„|| in ,1 iiiu.l pn,|rvsi,,nal w;i :il iiicrlin-surili,. |V ,liol,,-v Cliil,. tii(|r,itv,,ri|i,. mind did iiol ii i ' llnii fellow iiii-iiil)cis :is j. ' iiiiitM pi;:s for Ihrir o|.s(T iiliniis. s ,,iic w ,is :il:irniiMl if lie siid- dniK irali . ' d li. ' wa- I li, ' siiIiJ.tI of a d,.rp and -canli- iii- ;:a r of a I ' svrl, niaj..r: If Ur artrd noiinajl). !„• was s 1 infoini,,! of Hi. ' sliaiii. ' . ' aii.l in v sl. ' ii. ,i|s I.O ;V: Fir t l;..u: II. V,.lll.-, C. r..(,r. H. S.hmall, U, CarLr. H V.xl. J Mamangakis, V. Prince, L. Uinem, W. Haines, J. Tomhnson, A. Carvajal, H. Kayslon, J J. Rice, H. Keith, M. Coales. Foiir(A Row: W. Slakes, B. Fitzgerald, C. Thompson " " " Perr -, J. McGrnlh, H. Saulle, M. Jones, N. Brewer. L. Buchi " " ' ' Ellin, M. Smith, B. Palme I. I ' Aird Koir: T. Huasman, P. N B. Spire. R. Marguart, J. Cooni SiiUi Row: C. Dow, J. Mamolin ' Bab " of campus organizations not juvenile in its funetions Tlir li;il) urciiiniiiis nit;aiHz;ilinris is tlie Society for llic (l :iiir(iii(iil ul ' Maniijrcriirnl. This surely doesn ' t a|i|)car lo lie jii ciiilf, nur are tlie pui " poses of this frroiip child ' s pia . On llie contrary, tlie S.A.M. is the rccoijiiizcd national professional society of management pi ' opic in iiKJiisliN, (iininerce, and engineering who arc lii ' imincK inlcrcslcd in the science of management. |-|V(|nrnl (lis,ussi,,ns held dininf, ' the N. ar «ilh (liaplns IVom ..llirr nrarl.x collc-cs. Thnm-li this inrdi;, uf p,Ts,,nal runlarl. phis pnhlical ions and nicrlin-s, Ihc -roup arcpiircd vast anioiinis uf I he nru. sl inlnrrnalicn (onccrnin- l,M ' hni(|ncs. pin.vdiircs and tnrlhods. I ' n■ i,i,.nl Ihis Near was licmx Savior. Hams anticipate high voltage as W3JSO 3 takes to the air " Calling V:5JS() :$. Conic in. W :i,iSO :5. " To the twenty people hovering about the transmitter, tlie sound was music. Cups of coffee were pushed aside, headphones adjusted, dials and knobs twisted, and the voltage set checked. This was the big moment! This was the time for Maryland ' s radio " hams " to go on tlie air. Tlx ' ir first broadcast, and only a few weeks after their organization early in the semester. " Hams " of g.Ml -a uait,.d 1 br,.,, Iraiis- niodiih r Null, lors - d and long standing. voung.T " hams " , and some wli., had IK, I y iiad Ihr piivil.-v ,,f iMvuniing •■|ianis " «riv galliriv.l l,,grtlirr to .vli ' bralr liiis cvciil. The r II in the gNiiiiiasium 1 formed into a paradise for fn(|n. ' rir transmitters, antennas, wires, and ol metered apparatus were scattered aboiil Ihc place. jNIaryland ' s Amateur Radio Association, inaiiginalcd early in the fall of 1917, is under the diicclioii of Colonel Sidney S. Davis. Commanding Ollicci of Ihc Signal Section, ROTC. The club has attracted not onl licensed ia(li i amateurs but also those in various stages of learning radio code and theory in preparation for their amateur license examinations. To accommodate these people, theory and code classes, under the direction of Donald H. Holdt, James L. Olsen and Norman E. Rrooks were offered. Through this help, a number of members secured their licenses, and became full-fledged " hams. " From the original enrollment of twenty, the mem- bership has grown to more than eiglily iiienibcis. Contacts have been made with Fiance. Fngland other European countries. _ t.v. Gemcnv, G. Hackert, L. Parr, L. To Clede. I. Monteon, G. Fowble, J. Sta Fi.flh Row: R. Hainsworth, J. M.vers, . Silberman, R. Buxbaum, r nrci Row: Lt. Mvers, M. Zuck, G. npakov. C. Parker. Fourth Row: E. , J. Tufft, G. Woodside, N. Brooks. W. Tripp, W. Smith, H. Hamilton. 163 " In llic l)c;. ' iniiiiii:. Ilnic ii-,:i louii. I ' irl ii sriiiill port: pi ' ilKips it :is ;it : rrossrunds: p -rli:i|)s a ri cr llowcd 1 N its I ' .iil il •. ' !(•« :in(l dtvclopcd, iiiid iiidiistrv spnirij: up. :irid l iisiiirss disliicis were roniu ' d. I ' vciitiiidK, iiiiin olii ' yd liis ihiIiiimI iit ' u ' ' iiiid left tlw smoke iiiid coiifjcslinn i llir (ipcri ii)iinli . leaving, ' l).-hind. (Ik- slums. Thus «as ,-. tiM.d.rn ,il l.uill.- i.d llius p,,kr 1)1. W. I.. I ' .aiicv. isilin- pn.fcs.s()r from Nnrlhu. ' slrin 1 nivcisiU. :.t „„ • of llir maii So(iol.,-v Clul. in.ctin-s Urvr S.Miulo-isIs of to- v:,nu-, llir Ims|,,in ,,f IJirir p.v ,.nl-.l.-, Piercinji scrape rond.s silcnc ' ril - Iraiir.l foiuiii.l lu r;,lr|, l|,r,r | su,n s of this man. The : was lens,- uith Ihr .xpc. lanrv ,{ uhat uas to (orn.-. Th.- cn. ' s of th. ' audi.-n.c moNcd upwiiid as, in oiii ' fiifiaiilic moNt ' iiicnl, his hand swept IhK.u ' li th. ' air. clutchin!. ' Ih.- pice of .h.alk. pieivin- s.Hind eami- forth as the chalk hit U - hl.a. ki oard. Siranfje fitrures were jolted on the l..iai(l. .iiid uildmK the audience hejian In uiile I lie liiiurcs, |(h.. The Professor lia l put his p,,inl a,r.. s. Ij,.. audien. ,■ had learned ,,nr of llir ialesl fa l c unrcrnini: Ihal eoinpl. ' X . ' arh.m. and anollirr merlin- ,,f Ihr Sludenl allilial. ,,f Ihr m. ' riran Chemieai So.irlv STUDENT . FFII.1. TE.S OF THE . M. THEM. SOr.: fir.l K„ir. J. Archibald. B. Scharpf. V. J.mian. E. Klinr-Mur, S. F.K. ii»ch. It. Philpill. Srrimd Rnw: S. Dilor-ni... .S. Kramer. K. Lynn». D. Thompson. I.. Blickl.y. B. Manrin. P. rampb.ll. J. MrT.innis. F. Brock. Third Rau : A. E. Enitl.mann. J. Swifl. T. Al.xand.r. A Cottrpll. «. Tritsch. J. Parks. L. Blakr. P. CougUn. B. Icr, B. Kollnrr. G. Raulinrp.. 164 Chimes proclaim holiday season ' I ' lii ' iif, ' aiiization wliicli, pt ' iliaps, does more tliaii iin (illiir on campus to cement college friendships and 1(1 liiiild lor mutual respect is the Rclipinus Couiicil. This inlcr-denominational group is r(iiii|i(isrd ol ' rrpicsniliilivcs from all the religious clid)s. Ilic iiiinislcis wlio work with llif religious groups, and the Faculty Religious Life Conunittee. Their purpose is e.M.rditiale and develop the mum spiiitual giouth on the campus. Tliex icsponsilile for the pla ing of Christmas cain Morrill Hall, arran.i:ing " Fireside Programs ' in I homes for the furci ' M students, placing our I from ahi-oad in American homes for Thanks and Christmas iliimcrs. and assisting in raising i forCAliK. Student problems and answers TIm ' imiipie tiling about the ll)riglil-( )l lerhcin Chil. was that it represented the first formally organized student work of the Evangelical United Brethren (lunch. on might say. ' " Student problems, student answered. " These students, concerned about putting thi ' ir education and li eson a spiritual basis, endeaxorcd to reach their goal thi ' ougli a highly integrated |)r( - giam including such profound discussions as " Is (iod on the side of the persecuted? " , meetings around the liic at the I ' lossborough Inn. fellowship hours, and the nni i isary Banquet. In ortler to make its program cH ' cctiM ' and I ' ar- reaching, the group sponsored a week-end relnat to the Baltimore Y.M.C.A. camp for the high school ami college students of the entire National Capital Area. OlTicers were Ken Spil man, president; Boh J- rnst. vice-president. Ur. ieorp»- S ' 165 lia|itist Student Lnion T w Fellowship of the Coneerned Greenbell piciiir ojieiis y« ' ar A piciiii- :it (irciiibi;lt Lake opened tlie year ' s activities of the Canterbury Club. At this informal galheriu};. the chib weleonied all l-]pis(opal Students ;itl(l llieir t■|i,•||(j !,,:, urll-r r,iile(l pru-i:wil of uoisliip. slU(l . Mild lell,,u liip. s une pli;,s.. of sIimI . ih. " . Il.h pnM-,lv,l dis.ussj, ,M (. ' roups which oll ' ered an o[)portunil foi deeper Ihnii ' hl and expression of belief on (lueslions of icli ' ion. Interestitif: speakers were presented. CANTEKHI KY Cl.tH ME.MBEKS: firH K;w: M. Uiiiiu. B. i u llur h. W. Bun(.M, B. Cnrp-nUr. P. Chaw-, H. Coal. ' , H. Cook. M. Crawford. M. UnuKhirly, G. Davia, E. Drovin. F. Durkw, F. Ki I I 1 I •int?.. e. Krofhlich. A. Gibson. J. Giddinpi. H. Gouldman. J. Grov.-. D. Unll. J. Hayd.n. P. Haydfn. C. Hawlhorno. F. Hays. K. Hcnd.n....i. K. li.KK.ri... . . Hmi. I . Ilmlman. U. Holdl. B. Huntelt. W. Jackson, T. Jcfforson. B. Jos ph, V. KoimM. N. Knwn, T. Knoll. T. KruK. M. Laniford. A. Livingston. 1 ' . Miirliiui. V. .Ma»on. U. .McComb. D. McShann. S. Millor. J. Moore. H. Poll.-r. F. Kidoul. B. Kockwpll, G. Roland. J. Roland. F. Spigltr. J. Slewarl. J. Stinson. R. Taylor. S. Taylor. M. Tymock. L. Utlpy, A. Vogli-r. B. Wachter, A. Ward. W. Ward. W. W.-b.r. H. Welch. B. Whcclor, N. Wultcrt. Members rescued from Potomac Testimonial meetings held Fishinji riiciiihcrs niil uf llic 1 ' (iI(imi;ic. Imm-iii! ;u(.uii(l :i r;iin|.fiiv. rMuv liol do s. scouliiif, ' tlie llill iiiul ri iT li:ink iiia ikiI sound iiiucli like a riicetinn of a ivli-ious ilul,. I)ul lliis x as uliat liapiK ' Mcd at ll ■■Hull., Hike.- one of Ihc xaricd mrvCluas of ll Marx land Cliiisliati Frllousliip, an afTilialc of national inlcr-dcnoininational religious organizatioi Afli ' i- such ■ ' (■an iiigs-on, " " llie group lu ' ld a di ' olional service at tlie fireside. Kverv Thursday evening of the school ear. the Clirislian Science students of the campus met in the Oran of Women ' s office. These meetings followed the same order as the Wednesday evening testimonial meetings held in the Christian Science Churches. Last fall, the Organization sponsored a ficc lecture on Christian Science, entitled " Christian Science: lis Tenets and How It Heals. " President tliis ear was John Marchalk, and Dean Blackwili was ice-president. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE: F g: R. Hurlhrink, D. Blackw 167 i DISni ' LE ' S STIOENTS: W. I.iri.l.:i.k. W. Beliefs conlrasled on caiiipiis noMl ;iii(l inlcicstiiij; [)n f;i;itii :i-- --il up lliis c;ir l) llic Distiplc Slii(l ' ii( Kcll.iu -hip. Il ( ..ii-i-Ird of visits to tlie other Hcli ' ioiis i liili i ii tlif Miiipii- t i sec " How Ihcy Worship. " ' The tiicil in;: Inlliiw in;: i-,i( h visit v,:is (lc ol.-(l In ;i (lis.iissiotl uf lh ' -rnlip xisilcil. th. ' ir .nnlnislin:: mikI siinih.r l.rh.l-. This „Ki.|r Im iniirli hrllrr nnd. ' i-hindiiii: :in(l uii- (mIik.iI innal. Ill (■oiijiiiiclioii with tiii ' sc mcrtiiit;s, Ihciv were {;i()up discussions on sutli controviTsial subjt ' tts as " Is it Mcii ion or Supi ' istilion. " " Ciiii a Mariianc WilhuNl ;, M.-ligion Be Sii v,--liii: ' - Mn i nNin ..lh.i . (iiM-sl s|)i;ikcTs at various liims diuin;: Ihi ' ciir l.ctur.d on Ihr liisl,,r of Ih.- Disripir of Christ C.hinvh. Mtld Ihr proposed l)is,ip|,.- nrlhrni H.iplisI I nion. Ihr (lul. u;,s jrd this ,•; NiinrN CI; «,is xi.r-pr. ' sidr H.ii.rrt Cli Miller recei ( ' s iiiiier " s -u|) TIm ' llillrl Koun h.liun liins lu imparl :in undrr- slaridini: and ,■ n-,iali.,n nf .Irui-h rrli,:.Mnus and ,ull,nal hrrila;:,-. and lu dr rl,,p an nndrr-l ;,ndin- nf IIk ' hasi. ' dnrlrincs nf .IndaiMn. Il al-n allnnpK In slandini: ilh nllicr ranipn- rrli;;ious {groups. Srr iirs art ' idndiii l ' d r cr Kriday cvcninf; in tin- Ililici House and are followed ii One;: Sluhal prn- L ' lanis. Special programs are rondurl.d in ( tlihralinn i Ihc .li ' wisli religious festivals. I ' nun Hall programs, ihhalr. an l dis nssinns are part of ils i ' (lu( alional program as well as programs of JewisI isi,, Ihl.rew folk dancing and in Jewish hislnrx. I he liihle. the Tahmid. and Zionism. This group also hild mimiinus sncial gatherings such as dances, talent nights, skil |)rograms. and parlies celehraling holidavs. first semester president was Alan Kesiiick: Ia er I ' erel was vice-presidenl. ( Ulicers for the second semcsler were Inilnn Katpa. president: MariKn Kedder. ice-president : Amar SolofT, secretar : Waller Ijigiander, treasurer. I.I:THEKAN: F,r«l R.ur: ll.v. Mcver, Rev. Simon, R..v. BrueturlK. K.-v. X.-lson. I J. Bream, M. Morns. L. Vogeler. P. Hayden, S. Youngman, D. Cadow, B. Galall Lee, M. Dansberger, H. N ' ickles, C. Smyser. Fourth Row: O. Line, D. Schaffer, E. Crist, B. Pue, J. Wiley, H. Baer, H. Neighbours, H. Langentelder. Fifth Kou-: H. Ciell R. Young. G. Sander, W. Hartjen, J. Holter, H. Rieck, J. Rieck, R. Beard, B. Love, C. Trautner, R. Kellner, R. Baile, B. Pussey, B. Cline. Program-j)laniiiiig teams battle siiir liti.iii hrl«,vn Irains ind llirir ,apla rival, ■.! suinr (A,vllriil pr..-iaiii lur Ur nicclin-s Ihi ' Liilhcran SlLuleiit Association, wlm liicd lliis ii ind nci cl - ll■lll of program plan ri in;:, cii r inciiiii uriv (lixid. ' .l inio ri-lil [ruu s. uilli a .apla iiid .■a,li l.■ p(lM il)l,• lur nw Micc ' lin- per scinc ' slcr Connelly plays, dancers sway I ' laNiii- hosl IV Ihaii liriv s,li,M)ls of Ihc Mlanll,- s,.al.,,ard «as the Mai laiid Cliaplci ..f llic Ncwinaii (lull. Tile occasion was llir aiiiiiial ( ' .(iii- Nriili.m (,|- r Mnail Clubs wllich was held in Washin- loM. I). ( ' ... Iliis Spring. Tiiis was llic ( lirna hi a ii surrcssful xrar for tlic club «liicli included Ihc animal Sii,,-I ' ,all Daniv. x aii i, ' v illc sli.,ws. skils and pi.nic ini cr al ( livciilirll Lake welcomed all Calliolic sindenis I,, llie I niNcisils. and Inmi all ivp.,rls, il was a wlnippin- sncvess. In addilion In (his, llieiv was danciii- t,, .iulin CnimelK-s Oivliesira al lli,.(:iirislinas l ' arl . On Ihc inoiv serious side were I he classes in Xpolo- o;elics. which offered instruction in I hi ' mailers uf I he (Imivh, and the discussion nieeliiigs. These meetings were outstanding for I heir lAcelJcnl pi(), :iams featuring speakers, such as I3r. James II. Scull . wild s|)()ke on " Courtsiiip and Marriage " . Lectures on " How to Answer Tlieni, " " Cliurcli and State " and " Integrated Personality " were also included. Maurice Plasse was tiie capable president of Ihc group for the year. To linllier pnii e Clirislian h ui: and inleivs slnd. ' iil allaiis ,,n Hie pari ,,f l.,eal chmvhes. Il teams x isil. ' d local , liinvhes lo lead programs for Noung i)eople " s groups and .■vening church serx i. es addition lo siip|)orting the Protestant Church Sir on campus. Ilie Association is responsible for aii Ihe Siindax esper Sers ice. The group ediled published a paper. Ihe " Campus Ligh I.CIuislinasimrl l-KK-TIIKOLdCICAI.: J. Sch.uM.-. I). IliitKinH. J. Wil.y, C. lluhla. H. D.Mwil.r, M. Piorrolt. W. Smith Prrsidml Iliiitjins leads jiroiip lliroiijili sii(( ' ssliil sIikIn ' ar l rol)iii !; slii l III iiiiiids 4|ii ' slion speakers on ali lit ol |Ma rr •-r„ lullill ll„. nc. ' d .,r tiHl. ' iils wliu iiilcnd U dt ' diiiilc tlu ' ir lives in soiiu- field of fiill-linie Christian service, in llie eapacily i)f Ihe niitiisliy, missionary r(liir;,liun ;nid lieUls of soeial «nik. " ' This is 111.- •lir.A n[- ill. ' I ' l.-Tlicoiofiical Croup, iii.t in lli. ' D.Mii ..(■ W ri ' s L.Mirif. ' . ' ..n Tn. ' s.hiN .•N. ' ninf. ' S liiis past Siieli oulslan.lin- |,„i;ilil i.s ;, Mis. ( .,.h, Hi.l.l.ll. Dave Rofjers, an. I .iIIi.Ts .aiiic an. I ' a c iiilmrnal lalks In |„-|,, .M. ' .nlMTs ..f llir i:i,Mi|. ' «li.iv liv. ' s «.,ul.l I " ' in. .-I IIM r.,1. (,i.,iip ,lis.iissi.„is u.T.- I.-.I l.v iii.-iiiImts .,11 III.- runviil pi..hl. ' iiis aii.l lli.-li ' ..IiII mI i.Mi in iii. ' .-lin;: an. I sols in- lli. ' s.. pn.l.l. ' Mis as s|,i l.nls ..f a -ival and expanding universilx. Til. ' (Iroup elect. •(! Da.iiil 1 li--ins as presid.-nl for this Howard J ones as vice-presidi nl. l III. ' .T liisl iii.M ' tin- .,r III. ' Stii.K (.niiip ..(• Relipious Pliilos.,pli . Dr. . ! .«. 11 Dasi. ' s. lam. ' d Initarian cliuivliiiian. was ' r.inl. ' d willi lli. ' .Iial- Icnge: •■|l ' I lia . ' ii. .r. ' . ' .l, what h.,I.K lli.rn toRelh. ' i: ' " N. ' l. a j. iiil liii ' with . ..nipaial.l. ' I.nlh. ' ian (lid. L ' ln,,,, |„, ,.l,i.-, ' .l III. ' .|ii. ' ii. ' s: -W lix •.li.,nld u. ' piav. ' an. I - vr ..iir prax.Ts arisw . ' i. ' d: ' " 1)1. I.aui.ii,,- {■■,,lk. 111.1 -|M,k. ' ..n S.i. ' ii.. ' as an IU nf lirli-i.,11 d.Militl,-- niM.I. ' rn man ' s most . .Il-x .li.-. ' d and most si;:iiin. ani pia. pi..hl. ' m. Th. ' S. ' W. ' lV Ihr jllllipillL ' -..IV IM.illt-. lur I..I1- ilis- .■ussi.ins . ' xpi.-Mii- .Irailv thr ' ...wiiij; awar. ' ness of III. ' iinix. ' isals mI n ' li-l..ii an.! iiidi.atin ' the particular n. ' . ' ds ..r pu l. ' .l -lii.l.nt. . ' p,,M ' ,l 1.. a .L. ' ma-loadcd world. The St U.I (.mup. iin.l.i I ' l. ' M.l.nt .j.ilin llinl. ' r ' s jiiiidance alt. nipt. .I l. m..! Iliis n. ' . ' d. Miss Marian .lolins. n . ' .uilimi. ' .l asa.Msor. KELIGIOrS PHILOSOPHY: " Spi-akiT: Dr. Folkonwrrt I. Dermi ' i J. Gibbona. P. Roed. T. Morgan, J. Emior, H. Riddle. B. Smith. E. Wilson. D. Thompson, Miss Johnson, R. Hrnnac, A. Honno, . Shann. r. 170 Cliopawamsic retreat features swimming and religious work Westminster Foundation hears trio of inspirational speakers LcadiTi- in llu ' )i-ani .alit,n uf Ih,. Dclawaie- Mar laM(l-l)ishi.l of C.ilmnbia Hr-ional Conference (,nhc Mclli.idisl Sludcnl MdMi.icnl was tlie Maryland Wcslrs l ' ' ,mii lali,m. In Ihis |.i,,j, ' ,l. sixteen eolle-es ivpresenled. ' I ' ll,, hiundaliun has alsn lak. ' ii an arlixr and ini- M. ' lhudisl C.hnivll. This ciMlsisls (.r a Snndas School and a sludrnl .lass, in addition to I he re ndar ser ice. Wcck-. ' nd l ' ln ' al «as held al ClKipawa.nsi, ' , ii-inia. in June. Thoui:!! inlensiNc slud and Nnishi|) weiv Ihc main i)l)ji ' c(i es, the members enj(i e(i s ininiiii}, ' , trarnes. dancing ' , and lots of food. It was an occasion uhich all will look forward to next Near. I ' .cllx .lohc was president this ear: llank Dctwiler, ic,-,.residcnl: Marihiair Pierrot t. secrclarx. The old lloili.nltnrc ndil,iiinni actnalU shone with decorations when th, ' W . ' sl niinstrr Fonndalion held their l.i- ••(iet-a,(|na;nle i- s.M ' ial. Il was Inn to see old faces an i lo learn n, ' W ones! Wcll-rcrncndiercd an ' Ihc wonderful pro-nuns spon- s.Mvd l. the Marvland Foundation. Men. lops in their liclds. such as Dr. Ray Seegar, with his inl(acstin.K addi ' css on " Keii non in Education, " Dr. Lan;;. who spoke on lioinc Missions, and Chaplain Dnw. with a fine new lilin. isitcd the group at various limes. The retn ' ats an ' not lo he m-l. ' cted. Those who wen ' then ' will n ' how we ahuosl lost loe, the cook. We also found lime for the leader ' s addresses! The retreats weic the most inspirational in the history of the Foundation. The small P.ihic stud f n ' ouj) was a media for learning important fads concerning Biblical .irigin and meaning. ESTMINSTER KOUNL). - lON: Rev. Brown, J. Nicodi-mu. . Scarborough. O. Wv-sonR. It. :.uv. E. K..US,-. n. Cnw.-. H. A. SchalT.r. H. Drisc.ill, .J. . rm- strong, D. Jackson, D. Boughton, E. Smith, M. Twillev, C. Parker, V. Vausha, E. Cooley. Third Row: D. Pentz, M. Sacks. E. Pratt, P. Puzev, B. Jonas, N. Avey, T. Meredith, C. Wilson, E. Hubsher. 171 esioeDces No romance in brick and mortar The boy and girl sir path, arm in arni. It was a sight-seeing Ic " Now that ' s Calvert ¥. said, quickly disengaging her hand fro " and over there ' s Dorm C T " Yeah, " he said. " That ' s nic but Alice . . . " " Herb, stop that! We ' re right in front Domi Fl Do you think I want all the girls to . now stop that, Herb! " mothers on call twenty-four hours a day, ai full facilities for medical attention are availal at the University infirmary in case of illness. " " Swell Alice, really swell. I think it ' s just grand. By the way, did you bring me all the way up liere to show me a bunch of dormitories? " " Why yes, Herb, I think it ' s fascinating. «t f hprp arp over thirlv fr ority houses besides all of th and there are veteran ' s housing units down there behind the stadium for hundreds of veteran students? Those dorms on our left are in the Southern Colonial style of . . . now don ' t you ' " y don ' t allow k " ' t ' s the use. I guess y( a residences, " popular •-pot for coii orsation and hridfie. The Terrace Uanco, f;i eii imt fall by lln- dorm, l Cf;ins the scinester social «lii CaUcrl Hall , E. Cavcy. F. M. Butlir, E. J. Butler. E. C. Mackie. E. H. Stcv.ns, D. Jacknon, J. P. No Caa». T. :: ■ - - ... . - - W. Millnar, D. RlMchflem, C. WefTenpoof. N. PanUow. J. H. Fieldn Koir ; G. W. Barataw. P. Gu W. Swifni ' V, T. Wadf. Roir i: R. Adlor, Boalco J ' Ali-xandlr. M. Lilow, J. Anderson, J. W. Millnar, D. fteichelem, C. WefTenpoof, G. Willenpoot, J. Wiflenpoof, A. Buehler, C. Riley, C. ' E. BLovms, B. Adkins, W L Fox. W. T. Randall, H. Baer. Row : J. Gonzales, C. Fox, M. McColloeh, D. Spencer, R. Davis, D. Daiis, O. Bai tch. A. Sirota. W. Stnuinger. Fisher. D. Florence R Maiwr. G. St. Ours. Row 5: Kesecker. J. Kwiatkosak. W. Brown. Koir 6; D. HigKins. E. Keyser, W. Cline. F. Intelisano. A. Muller. N. Zuk. J. Hess. D. Collaer. P Lucas ' R. Dodson. G. Klinefelter, R. Kazmierski, N. Langerholm, C. Woolf. Koir 7: R. Rice, J. Kapp. J. H. Remcberg, W. Blackball, G. Fry, D. Robertson, J. Harris. A Werkinit C Davis. C. Harris. C. Fox. R. Lambdin. H. Hamilton. J. Hoctor. L. DalburK. M. KniKht. P. Faherty, B. Larsen, N. Farrell, C. Martin. Koir S: D. Williams, B. Wolfel, R. Gallhan, E. Shame, J. Aruanetes, B. Gilbert, J. Kapp, S. Gjarino, D. J. Buckley, F. W. Fantom, E. H. Howard, A. KatlilT, V. Cucurd, H. Donu ' y. J I ' llich, L. Keller, R. Turner, R. Beiter, F. McKenzie, W. Carter, A. Jones, G. Albright, K. Loper. Row 9: E. I.ippy, G. Selby, H. I.ippy, ( ' . Shriver, A. Winning. A. Ward. W. Bleinberger. F. Smith, H. Hughes, M. Perdue, J. Goodnight, M. Albert. r Silvester Hall Koic ; J. Wataon, J. Little, B. Brazis, N. Oros, D. Framm, M. Fogle, O. Pogic, S. Peabody, C. Gable, K. Cavev, W. Currv, C. Fox, P. Faherv, B. Adkins. Ruw Zi D. Chase. C. Reuschel. G. Taylor. H. SehlinRir. J. J..,i,s. H (Mrmiehael. H. Cohn, C. Brown, G. Smith, J. Hones, V. Williams, S. Ashley, W. Cooney, L. Firey, O. Ensor. Row S: J. Hager, H. K.ll. -. I " : .- jl. , V. T i-nl . II - ' . Iil. ni;i.r, D. Caplan, B. Erdman, D. Caplan, A. Gomprecht, K. Morgenstein. B. Hockerman, D. Morgan, J. Broen, S. Smith, W. l; ! i i- ! . ,■ ' l r i. w. Propts, L. Vernon. Row: i H. Parks, H. Weeks, F. Findling, F. Mastuopulus, J. Langenfelder, B. Herzog, B. Kaufman, 1 1 W ' I i l.i. B. Flynn, S. Power, J. Sebastine, O. Bosleo, R. Williams, J. Anderson. Row 5: 1. Low, F. Vendrell, J. Munera, G. Harris. K. - I I , 1 I I I ii.. S. Irish, J. Tatum, C. Thearle, R. Ritchie, B. Garrabrant, M. Jones, E. Bareass. Roic 7; R. Chrobot, A. Prall. C. Wiles, F. S.h. i,, I; (,, ' ■■ ,n I Two students, probably late for class, pause to pass the time of day with an iinh 175 Dorms E and M Robert, J. Howard, D. GrinK, Row t: L. Amalfitano, C. Grandf, A. Richard, V. Glorioso, A. Wollpr, B. Curtiaa, B. Goldsborough, P. WiUon, D. Coblpntz, V. Randall, 1 W. ProMman, W. Hoffman. Row i: J. Richardwin, C. McKm?, E. Koch, G. Rawlings, C. Mahany, J. Curry, J. Maaacy, B. Naguraki. R. Grange, M. Nickolitis, M. Vout, J. Podic, R. Going. S. Hopkins. Koir S: J. Timmons, H. Williams, W. Graham, R. Palmer, J. Sebastinelli, J. Benson, P. Flohr, D. Boettinger, W. Cueura, L. Fisher, J. Bowers, B. Suter, N. Oros. T. Hollingswurth, Turner. Row i: J. Sli ' Wiirl, C. Miu»ey, W. Smith, W. Schmid, M. Smith, C. Stevens, C. Kidd, N. Schwalier, G. McGowan, H. Moser, D. Jackson, G. Seger, W. Young, R. Boyd, C Schurman. Row 5: M. KriiTjar, R. Hearn, W. Hors( y, J. Wright, M. Thomas, B. Linthicum, J. Ccntempo, C. Day, C. Riggs, G. Schrider, B. Gaiser, G. Haag, H. VitI, L. Blickliy. B. Martin, P. Journeay. Row S: W. Watkins, A. Blackbalt, C. Fluharty, C. Summers, J. Remsberg, W. Blackball, G. Harris, L. Tolj, C. Camp, E. Thompson, R. Miller, M. Kariw, (). Boyer, C. Robinson, R. Rugo. A. Rugo, M. Powell. Roir 7: H. Ercoli , R. Buchanan, B. Auer, J. Schlausky, R. Beam, J. Shewbridge, H. McGay, P. O ' Connor, E. Arvanctca, G. Mende, J. Wilkerson. Dorms N and O t, W. McFaddt-n, B. McLian. C. S.lby, D. Weber, V. Kebler, R. Gayzur, J. Seitz, G. Himmdwright, O. Gioke, H. Zoarsld, J. Shuster. r, W. Cortese. G. Morgan, G. Pasquella, R. Jones, E. Cooley, D. Boughton, G. Wysong, B. Goldman, J. Fiston, B. Laux, W. Miller, G. Taylor, chard, C. Wilson, K. Kefauver, B. Pusev, J. Shea. J. Adleberg, J. Criss, R. Coakley, P. O ' Connor, K. Carry, C. Steiner, Lee, C. Parker, 1 , W. Letheri, D. Isburgh, J. Kuchter, P. Maloney, H. Levin, D. Price, H. Zibowitz, A. Wurzbacher, A. Scott, D. Bcnfer, R. Watkins C. DeVoto, G. Boaz, L. ockmeyer, R. Stankus, I. r. McGrath, B. Driscoll, Foiiiiliiiii in hall of Uorni N offers a refreshing meeting place. Nothing is lacking here Ihat a trip to Zal ' s would - ♦ iH»3J sV 5. " ' r: fi i The Range and Dorm L Knu My- now i: Hallo. E . Krr.d, M. M.rid. M. V..»ton, J. S. Ma.kl.n, C. Braais. T. C)ri.», U. Ilini- I,. Crolh.-ra. T. W. CouRhlin, R. A. Bayl™, D. Sul WockentuM, W. Hoidcrman, C. J. Whoatlpy, B. iouth. G. DuMpnbfrry, S. Phillips, " PhillyM. D. ; lie J: B. Connelly, D. Wolbur. S. Karuash. F. W. Kine. C. E. Hrrr. P. E. Roscnbore. A. Feldman Rouri: E. Cummings, J. Fralingor, W. Cucura, D. Simpain, C. Dcppiah, J. Homblowor, L. Howard, A. Ludd, J. Bnudrean, D. Smith, J. M. Pi F. Small, W. BurgcmciaU ' r, D. Foullon, F. GrilTilh, G. Milli-nir, R. Hegel, B. DeGraITt, K. Simpaon, H. L. French, B. Coonly, S. nga, J. Fralinger, tt. C Opj rdl. K. ll.Rir, B. A ,nik. J. N. Andrewa. von Ahn, B. Rinehardl Ahn, C. Bevard, J. Koatoa, E. Reed, H. Horaey, A. Savino, W. Cooney, T. L. Taylor. D. Price, J. C. P. E. Rosenberji. nheumer, H. Krauae, . M. J. Slifer. R. T. Shurttw. Bloomberg. C. Slaamany. R. Chrokot. A. Pralt. R. Brubaker, E. Engelmann, H. Kalz, W. Wachlcr. M. Wooda. D. Schlitz, D. Maalin. O. V. Kidd. J. Lipahliti. L. E. NcHKiles, G. Hubbard. U. Maalin. S. Lipshiti, R. Har.T. W. Blum, W. S. Orlove, M. Smith. Roir 7: R. Retwy, H. Milliken. E. Merkel, R. Green. S. Rartel. L. Ehrlich. A. Mund, M. Mink, P. PotU. P. Hambleton, R. Schlitl. Hollccker. R. Beach, B. Plate. B. Bbincamann, F. Anderaon, R. H. Blum, J. K. Smith. J. B. Filghman. Rotr «: D. O ' Dell. T. Twm.iauls, B. Bornick, J. Kajunes. C. Heins, F. Shanahan. J. Barday. J. Bookataner. G. Hugg, J. H. Nickles. BoK- 9; P. Kngl.-, r. P. l-ester. J. rr,on.v. A ciiiipli ' of haril-«i rkiiif; cns ' ' «f " " ' " g .st ulont ami a kibitzer who upparciitl Veterans ' Barrack 1 (9!«» tcresUMi ill a IxXtIo of milk. Kmrl:.]. M. A. Shimkus, R. B. Schaefer, E. M. P.Trm, W. H. Scoftpn. J. S. Finlay, W. M. H adlfy, E. Abel, M. J. Svoln, D. W. Stultz, P. J. DiPaula, J. Ball. R. B. Schindel, I. F. Jones. E. B. Richardson. Rou- : 1 • 1 ; I ,. W. Menshan, G. H. Anderson. M. J. Dey. H. Svartwelder. L. Kerr, E. Shapera, J. S. Co M. J. I ' i , II nii, G. W. Menshaw, M. Mathiowdis. Row ...I , i, i;, i Pntts. R. Greenstreet, R. S. Thiess, R. J. Wasserman. A. P. Grape. D. Lighter. I. O. Dermer. P. Psoras, R. J. Davis. R. L. Riley. Row ' ,: .1 i: ( .1 -11,. I . K. Beam. L. S. Fleishman, W. Stevenson. R. Singleton. C. V. Bender. B. Rhoderick. R. Wax Row 5: G. R. Butl.r, (). L. Brown, J. B. Kolseth, I. L. Klingenberg, R. W. Smith, H. L. Marlow, M. F. Beresonsky. Row 6: L. Broael. G. P. Tayman. J. Hamilton. D. W. DeHaven. Row 7: C. E. Roudabush, B. Pubsifer, C. Ledbetter, C. E. Rovd. R. C. Beneze. J. I. Coonin. 179 t . - Veterans ' Barrack 2 Row a: H. Thipiv D. J. Duryca. Kott ' S: A. Eiekhotl, B. M.I Row i: J. K. Od.-tl Kurrady, W. K. G«r«uch. W. C My E. Brinafii ' ld. L. Kimmcl. el(M ' aiis ' Barrack Roir S: 1. Esi-rupk. D. Francis, B. Browning. D. l i-gi-nhnrd. N. Jowphu, P. Sheridan, F. Srhramm. W. SkahUki. C. H. Shadw..|l. J. F. U- f . Row i: K. W. Baldwin. J. L. Kont, C. G. Wright. K. D. Allen, W. L. Dean, L. Flenner. G. A. Sorn. U. Q. Elli». A. H..u|[h. K. Cnhnon. U. 1.. H«l«i.-d. Row S: Rhode . B. E. Blake. H. W. Jackson. J. Seidman. Fooksman. Mariner. Roir «: T. A. Ilinlon. G. E. .Shorn. G. ----- Koir 7; D. Ridgely. Pnller. Weiland. J. D. Wood. A. Poyer. Baker. KnI 180 Veterans ' Barrack 4 Row 1: T. Warfield, P. Brady, C. Iln Row 2: J. Broakison, R. Arrington. Row S: N. Nicholas, F. DiGiorci... I I i Row i: W. Fotrow. R. Marley. V. Hu. i.!. Roil ' 5: D. Driscoll, H. Hobbs, L. Cloppcr. X. Brooks, R. Snyder, B. Stanley, ir.iner, L. Gabs, J. Dilworth, B. Townsend. 1!. Torossian, A. Wiley, J. JagieUki, A. Parulis. 181 Veterans ' Barrack 5 ion ;. h. ..ri.ii. I.. 1). Suiiill.T, H. A. Siruir, H. 1,. L.-nrii-. II. Sliulmiiii, J. lara.-l. J. K. I ..„ ki.,,. l . 1,. ' ...kii.. Uun ' . ' . M. Kiippilman, 1 ' . Kurd. M. Slurmun. A. I ' apavasiyou. K. J. Oliver. D. MatBilu, S. A. PL-lton. E. UbaUur, (J. K. Gr.,... Koir : B. Nowmark, E. T. Garain, J. T. Staylor, J. H. Bopp, G. Overvik. E. L. Wicnfield. C. Ensor. L. Englor. RoK 1,: M. Esterson, N. L. Miller. W. Englander, F. W. Nc«line. E. E. Kaiser, H. A. Hilll. J. Scarborough. G. Niwrke. C. I orenl. Rov S: Smith. Moore. Tublin. Miles. Wall, Wolpert, Proctor, Weiss. Ruu- r,: L. T. Emory. J. H. Koohnlein. R. Danck. S.»Barnelt, E. Rweren. Veterans ' Barrack 6 182 «. G. E. W... d«ide, S. B. UilinR. T. A. Burkow ki. ler. E. r. Kim, N. Ulankman. E. H. Mill.r. J. C K. Kendall. D. Juslus, K. D. Crunkhton. S. Goodman. C. G. MrLamt. G. J. Uiun II. J. Slonaker. H. Noyes. K. Novelln. J. W. Jennings. L. C. MacDorman. J. R. Murphy. R. E. Wiley. V. Cwiik. V. R. p ' offenherger IL Veterans ' Barrack 7 I Veterans ' Barrack 8 llatt, M. Schleno, J. Stinson, J. Redding Gerardo, S. Newhof, R. Logarty, D. Lp Row 3: 1. Katz, D. Perlberi, D. Feldman, E. Rudiger, H. Kurt, H. Dough Row i: W. Gapctz, R. Willis, R. Seigel, N. Yankellow, V. S ' — ' Roir 5: J. Frasier, G. Goodman. J. Keyes. ine, J. Kurt, R. Smith, H. Dix L. Whiteford, F. Doug W. Grelad, R. Schindle; .ugher Clpn 183 «K I «af in III.- (., Mm.. I I.ik. " . ..M ' . III.- t.. .U of liit...ln - s.... Iti.kir Li in j; in ( [ Barracks has Us coniprnsalions TIk ' hilr nrriKMiii Sim slriMiiird in the chissiooin xxiiidou. ' I ' ll. ' l.rlMivr lii ' unr.l m iiiiil. ms llir slmduNNs sIlvMic ' .l Hiihisi ' Im.s m. ' Iuss ll.r KM.IM. sniiM ' inrlMlirrs (.r III.- cliiss sliift.-d uneasily in lli.-ir cluurs. ' Ilic lull rarif; lialf-lu-tirlt ' dly al livi- oVIock srndinf. ' Ilic slndinls If) tlioir rcspi ' (li i ' dinncis. Twii of llimi I ' rll in lu- {H ' lluT as ihcN -.1.111. (I " What did ..ii lliink ( Ww Mrm..n: ' " " Wiiiili ..n.- ' - •• Vrr.Tri N..1I lisL-ninf. ' ? " ■•W. ' ll ..n didn ' l miss ;m lliin-. il nil in Hi. ' 1 k. (iot lime for a beer before dinner: ' " " I ' d like lo p ' l lioine and play willi Hi. ' ki.l li. ' 1 ' ..r. ' I hit the books. " " What ' s the matter, IJ-lty lay lliela« down loyoii; " A... bill I .lon ' l lik. ' 1.1 k. ' . ' i. Iii-r wailin-. sh,. ' s lli. ' i, ' ajon. ' all dax. ' " Sh. ' s lii.kx. rii uil ' . ' is |„,m.. vNiih m m..lli. ' r all la . Vmi lik. ' liNin-.l., Mi ;,l III. ' , ' l I nils? " " Ils.i.k.. pi. Ill) ..III..!, pri a. ' y and the rents reasonable. It beats lixiii- with .iiir in-laws. " " What don ' t. ' " " Miivb. ' Illrnin•.. , ' l Iw., lliir.K .,1 ' x..iii , I,. ' , k I., . ' i hill. II.. 1(1 ,■ r, Mi..nlli d.,. ' -.- " Ih.N. ' ..u tri. ' d I.. -. ' I ill ( ■.hril l|,,inr. .j,,u,l II,, ' r.iad h. ' re: ' " " . ' iiii " •wimi .lid ii,. ' 1. 11 oii: ' - ■Th. ' y ' d .all me " " Tried (;reenlx-ll? " " Yeah. They said it lak. ' al..,nl a y. ' ar. " •■Wli.n .1.1 .Mi -la.iiial. ' . ' " " ••In a . ' ar " ' I ' oiip of sliid. ' iils . ' oniin ' inl . f III. ' (nili swim ' o|» ' n th. ' d s. warm air and miisii ' float. ' d out. From III. ' jiik. ' b. i came the soft voire of a f:irl singer, " Tliese will l« ' till ' best years of our lives. " 184 Papa Francis While gels a les uii from wife Kdiia in making a li.iii li - pieline of Terp ph. change for young Linda as brother Robbie watches intently. and Carol Ann as he and Mai ■ tofjrapher Jack Larlz la Betty traded jobs. 185 Anne Arundel Hall Row t: Row 3: Row i: S. Elmi Row S: Row 6: Row 7: G. Biahop. J. Crawley, R. Marmor, wons, R. Link, P. Helenia, P, Holman, S. Brood, S. Frniman, M. Robinson, J. Wolfe, E. Hor84 " y, B. Murray, J. MiiwinKiT, M. McKay, N. Strong, M. Kay, B. Pue, A. Flowers, J. Parker, R. Burton, M. Fortney, R. DiPaula, J. Wallich, D. Price, J. Hitchcock, N. Re v M. Souder, M. Davis, S. Gamer, N. Scarborough, D. Melvin, A. Vogeler, M. Jones, A. Derrick, C. Shirk, J. Merriken, P. HofTman, K. KiKgins. A. Schafer, V. Keimel, R. Hill, D. Scharter, D. Bealle, A. Dohrich. J. Beclhold. P. Ensor. M. Adler, B. Fris, A. Gansler. m ' Margaret Brent Hall Row i: G. Smith, D. Crawford, N. Ely, L. Rosenblatt, P. Zallis, B. Applestein, E. Bernhardt, C. Weisman, I. Fleischn B. Richter. Row S: A. Putnam, J. Travers, G. Fegley, J. Blair, E. Bradford, I. Freria, E. Forman, C. Gallahan, J. Spates, L. Winslow, N. UulTy, M. Fi.Tr..i J. Suppes. Row 4; B. Durst, N. Rois, M. Rayne, E. Steinnagle, C. Lewis, J. GreenberB, J. Cain, D. Andrews, L. Bounds, E. Fazzalari. B. M.-zick R. Montgomery, M. Kite. C. Shaw. n, P. Dawsot J. Wilkersioi Dorm C , C. Ki-lly. A. Wood, M. Joyr Row I: B. Gc-tl, G. Lanzcr, M. Larson. C. VonWallc-nslcin, E. Wi M. Dickinion. Roir i: B. Jarosinski, M. Fwhir, E. Zeck, B. Emala. M. Smith, P. Smith, P. Chri«ti n«cn, B. Bcurrmann. D. MogrI, N. I{aKoni 3i-, J. SwrarinfEi-n. J. Ch C. Conov.r, P. Ravner, H. Kurlx. N. Hpacock. S. Mularkey, M. Roe, M. Copp.1, C. Harriii, V. Hock J. Aakin, M. Bornstt-in, J. Johiwon, J. BuntinK, R. Hughi -s, A. Boall, J. HaKiTman, J. Stall, P. BallpneiT, C. Pevorloy, E. Eddy, J. Schcufolf, A. Hfrkman, B. Vandcrschaar, R. Kcamc-y, P. Rabnrr, A. Myers, N. Potter, G. Jefferson, S. Miller M II., J. Schaeter, M. Richards, R. McNulty. .•■.. ' . A. Vulliant, A. Runyan, P. Marland, M. Doolan, H. Peed, J. Meredith. P. Ford, A. Lyon, E. Hecht, T. Stringer, H. Cohen, K. Loose, S. Baumann, A. Wojcicchowski. l; I ' . P. dder, M. Reiskin, S. Mundhenke. G. Kendle, J. Siemons, B. Stephenson, M. Kalowsky, P. Smith, E. Chisolm, H. Goldress, J. Frankel, H. Cook, A. Beans, li ' iu- «.• J. Eagan, G. Vauaha, J. Woods, S. Grossman, F. Fram. P. Bartlett, P. Randall, C. Louie, M. Bock, M. Hoffman, A. Hayncs, D. Vam, J. Berman, A. Karlsson, A. Ayars, N. McCaslin, J. McAllister, B. Hemstreet, B. Baldwin. iVic 7: E. Cromwell, J. Giddings. D. Bay, H. MacMillan. A. Sussman, B. Howland, M. Fishe r. H. Neighbors. K. Kirby. J. Saunders. P. Branner. J. English, P. Banzhoff, H. Maust. ,•.... s; M. 11;,-., s. 1. WhiMl.-. 1 ' . ( ' ..upir. K. Ijirrumbr. C. U.;ill. 1 ' . Carroll. N. Will.s..n. M. Crapsl.-r, B. Miirl.y. J. Run; C. llulT. J. L.V.-II.-. H. Black, J, Iloppensli-iidl. Dorm F ridge, L. Boyle, F. eld, D. Weber. D. Baroniak, Row I: J. McCauley, B. Simler, A. von Schwerdiner, N. McCrohan, A. R. Arnackor. Row 2: M. Weiskittel, J. Kemp, L. Cline, I. Fishman, R. Taub, R. Lodge, J. Blunt, P. Hammer, V. Wolfe, M. Dougherty, M. McGuire. Row a: N. Plaunick, D. Leon, M. Sprague, N. Davis, C. Clark, E. Miller, K. Miller, D. Ruark, N. Kaiser, G. Wolfe, J. Nicodemus, M. Hawrisiak, C. Settle, L. Ma Fi ' iilei ' iiilios Fralcriiilx is ;i i(iml iii:ili (ii ( llir i winds •Tiiilci " , I ' tdiii llir l.:iliii -KkiIIiv " . •sends t(,illi Imti ' and -nilv ' the (iivrk " M-lilx ' a « urd clds. ' K ivlaird In •Pajania " nr ••Kni;:lits nl ' IIm ' hrn " . Iioin wliirli llir liist (iivck Irll.-l IValrrriilN. l r-Tappa-Kcr. w as ..ri-inalrd. C.loscK allii ' d l . it is Ihr sisliT word -Ninn il ' ■. a .oinl.inaliiin n{ llir Knglisll frniininr ••Sdiv " and tlir Fiviu li -i is.|ui ' . ' The oii-inal sun.riU. M-I ' appa-Ni was hut riTcnllN iv i cd un llir campus. Ilislnrx tcll ii Ihal Cain and hrl w,Tr I h,. liiM pivsidcnts .,1 ' ri al fialcrtiilics wliilr Kin- Sulu. s wix.s luundrd lli. ' liisl s..i ,.il finni spranfi our pivsfnl daiU n. ' wspapcrs. nmn- nolahir ( iiv,.U-irl Irr rialnnil mm ..rihr pa l aiv: apnl,M,n. Wrllin-lnii. I ' .ismank. ( ' ...•sai and llic Kais.i. l-ldilui ' . noir; This srIc.tiuM wa- lillrd liMni III. ' I ' »2:. lirnillr. Ihr nid Tr,n,, in. W r. I hr Irrrapin slalV. frri ihal Ihl- drlinilinn -llll appHrs I,, pirsrni da IVahanit ir-,. nd hlin-ini: llir lisl nf n.ilal.lrs up l.i dalr. wr in.hldr llir ramuiis iiamrs ..f Divw l ' rais.,n. uh,, ivrrnlU uas pl, ' d-rd In Si-ma Oniirn.n Hria; Sti-v.- Hopci; and Dirk Dunlap.j Patty PurIi wiflds the l)l:i lr nii loiip l..;ir l Ml .lini Whitney :il the- . iiMU;il A.T.O. Tniiiii) Parly . . . -Bo " Whiliiey had the longest ► 190 . r- . ' 1 Firtt Roic: Fred Marachalk, Howard Soper, O. S. Travcra Jr., CharlM Mclntiro. Robort Lang. Andrew Jordan, Irvin Ciuhner, Elliot Lapin. Saand Row: Aaron Friedmann. -- - . -r. • ... _ . . _. „ . H. J „ .„■.., — ,.....- j jo- ., ..t- .._ „. Third Row: Goralil Kidw.n. Hay Palcrson. . , . _ _ jioper, u. s. iravers Jr., L;nari« wiciniire, Koorri L.ang, Marshall Miller, Robert Moore, Jack Hime , Wayne Brubaker, Thomas Burbage, William Orndorff, William Stakes, Edward Schaefer, John Mo .Smith, Peter Bozick, Robert Tall, Robert KellogK. Robert Schiedel. Walter Willard, Robert Roberti!, Earl llhler, Jim Remson, Rob ' rt Brown, GeorBi Interfralf rnitv Coiiii il ( ii) I ' lnin ' II icciiiil iiiiiiilni ol li;iliiinl iiicii un mmkIi I mi Ii III. ' KMks rua l IIimI I.m.K Iu un.l.-i- stiiiulilij. ' iiiiHiii;. ' Ilii ' in:iii ()l ' ;:ilii .aliiiiis ;il llic I iil- voisitN. licii WaNiic Hnil)akcr siiirciKlcicd the IV.-sidfiifs -in. -I I., linl. I.aii-f in |-VI)ni,ii , llif C.ouil. ' il liad iiliv:i(l inadr M..lir( ' al lr adM.ii. ' . j„ l|,r . ' o. rdiiiati .n of III. ' IhmK illl III. ' ad- liiillislralioii. rii. ' annual I H .-s|...Ms..n ' l Inl.i tiat. ' i nil l ' ,all«as lu-id Ihi.sycaial lIlc Lord l alliin..!. ' Il..l. ' l in l ' alliiii. r -. and pi-aki-d a .sliiddi-d social . ' as n uill lon : bi n ' ln. ' iiilHTfd 1) liic (;i ' i-ck .sliidi ' iils at M,ii l;,n.l. Financial aid lo iMi ' t ' iic ( Jrcjroirc. tli. ' a.lniilid Diil. ' li war ..I ' l.haM oI ' IIk ' Jnl. ' irial. ' i ' nil.v a . ' .•iilil il uilli Ihr alii. ' waiin un ,- n( l ' ii. ' n.Mii|i ■.uu cliarilN NNhirli proinpl. ' d s. niaii ...nli ihuli. ns I ' l.mi lilt ' ( ' oiiiK ' il lo Ihos. ' in iic. ' d. n.-lla Tan Hflla. a m■ -roup al Ihr I nix. ' i il . cliarli ' i ' i ' d lasl spriii- was adinillcd l i III. ' a.liM- liitrrlVal htid . and scvt-ral aspirin- lo.als u.-i. ' ' i cii I 111 ' support and cntliiisiasni from lli - alri ' ad cslalv lislii ' d or-ani alions iii ' ci ' ssarN lo liind llicin into working ' and 11 111! ni ' inl . ' r- { [ „- Inl. ' i IVal. ' rnil Coillicil of 111. ' I nix. ' isilx of MarNlaii.l. 192 J ( lloo, fellows! Sigma Chi ciities lookrd darliniL; with their lipstiek and hinrowed dresses at the uproarious Sig K 193 Sister Edwardssteps forth to congratulate Lillian J ' Mr.Dreamboat, " and curvaceous Sigma Chi date, " Miss DDT. ' i ' id Alpha Alpha 1|iIki 1|)Ii;i «;» Iniimlcd iis :i l i al fralcrnil at l|„. I nix.Msilx ..r lar laiul in iii.irl.vM ami |iuill alln llir ..priiiil- of tlu ' fall Iniii. III. ' l|.lia l|ilia- a..|uiiv(l a liuiisf and launcli ' MJ lliril lilsl lull Mill III caiiipu-i arli il . Part ii-s, dances, iiisjiini:. and iIk ' iiliiL ' iriL ' ' if t iTil -t Mi men, kept llnni liii- iinlil r;,rl D.MTinlMT. wlii ' n tin- fralcrnilN li " w wnl ,„!. ivhraisal. Tl.r |.la s.l.rdnl. ' d f.M ,,iVMi,lal i,.n in .|;,MUai . «as an olV ' lial. .ild-limr in l. , drama in a ,l..rn colla ' .- scllinf:. lplia 1 a. h.i|.rs of niakint; this an animal allaii. In December tlic l|.iia Mplia-. had Ihr Imnur of l.rin- special f;u.sls at IIm- K.i|.|m ii:ina |-oinidrrs 1,,,, , linn,. I ;,l 111. ' MavllMUr, I|m|,.| in W a liill-l, m. 11,, |„„nr ,,iii|M,.r of rniin.iiii l|.l,a l|ilia uas In IM ' lilioii kappa Si ' ma for national allilialion and tins «a llieir first step in thai irnvrliuii. |{esid.-s Iheir nianx and xarir.l arlivllirs. mm „f Alpha l|.lia u,-re,.s,,r,ialK iii-Mninml in IIm ' Ii,|,U ,,r Ih. Mirr and pidilieal ions. OIlriniL ' hi- ,i. ' ui(h.Mce si.l.-e Ihr llalriniU- inrr|,lion I,,,. In-.n Ml. l. le . Ihr vr;,i in I hr ,;,,,,. ilv MJ { " acuity . dvis..r. I ' .n .larrk- -rrv. d a- I ' irvs uilh krn C.alfee as .1 ' . uliilr .lim Mann kr,,l Ihr irrordsand I ' .ill C.aslerl |n,,k a|r of llir linail.vs. i ij:i-. -;f:-tJ :T Norman Yankellow, Alvin Blaker. Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha l- ' .i.siliMi I ' i KnilnnilN «as lunndr,! al r« York UlliscisiK in Hi,- ninrlrrn liiitidiv.l and thirteen. The Delia Deiileicn ( hapler Nxas .■slahlishe.l al liie I iiiNeisilN , [■ Maivland in nineleen rnrl - „ir and has laken an aeli , ' pari in all eainpns aclivilies sinee dial dale. One of the hi dili-hls (,f Hie Fall season was llir Herring Bowl game, which was plased in eonjiinelion with the George asliiti;xlon ehapler. The winner of the contest gained eiislod of a herriiij; iiuekel. a prize possession. Beauty was at its peak when Miss Barbara (ioldslein of Baltimore was cliosen Sweetheart of Delta Deuteron. The forty-eight forty-nine season was indeed a successful one for AEP, willi I lie nishin;.; ' rii ors, social smash-ups and scholastic sliuiztiliiii:. The Mpha Ilpsiloti Pi ' s lia i ' made llieir presence IVIl in Ihe lield of allllelics, lieldin- a ood fighting leain for ea. ' li conlesi or e enl. Tlicx me cmt si ri in- for a heller record and a helliT sear which kirps IIkmii looking forward willi llie liii;liesl of iiinis. Officers were IVillian. K.„lilin and llanden. This year ' s leaders were: I ' lvsidenl. Slanlcx Billian. Vice President, Morris Le ini ' . Srcichnx . Il Shiipiro. and Treasurer, David Koiahlall. Mk -» -(T t M.I ' IIA ;. MM. UIIO: Firnt Roir Frank WartU-ld. William Davidson. Earl TroufM., Fn-d Marschalk. Pn-8.. Pi-ut Manl.y. V. IVi-s. John M..h r, S. c. Harry Kiirl Tn-as., Earl Spurrit-r, Mafrutro Muttingly, Jr., John Hieck. Thumua Mitchell. Second Row: Vernon Leon, George Bennett, Victor Hieck, Howard Soper, Carl Hied James Heevwi, Fred Hutchinson. Goorge PafTenbarger. Donald Balderston. William Meyers. Bun Huafelt, Clifton Giltings. Third Rotr: Kenneth Boaley, John Kecknt- Robert Innerat, Joseph Kepling ' r. Jr. Robert Carrion. Robert Cain, Franklin MacAdams, Harry Jones, Robert Jones. Chuck Dennis, Paul Dougherty. Al|)lia (fainina KIto lplM •llicl;, ( li,i|ilri .if Mpli.i (,;,,„i,,;, IIIk. i llir ,.mI s.M-ial fnilnnilN mi tl,r M;,r l;,n,l .•.•„ri|.u-, uiti, | rulVssi. Miil lni Till- social siviif ;it 7. ' ll I ' rinccldii A ciiiic luis niri-cd In .11. III. ' I.ra.drd " Kiiidils of tlu ' Road ( ' .(.n- iritii)n " It) llic wliilc f, ' l() c(l iiliiiosplicrc of llic I ' iiik lies,. Ball. A spirited Mai land T.Tiapiii assisird lli. ' in ill welcoming ' returning aiuiiini on llic twcnh-liflli I liiiiccomiiif; Amiivcrsaiy. The swiai talfiKJar uiifoldt ' d uilli cxcliaii);! ' dinners, card parlies, novelty danees, ;.li(l :, .pivial p; il In Ikmioi llir iiiollirisoil llieirdax. riie .(i.l{s parli.ipaled in iiiler-iiiiiral spurU. vIikIi ' iiI (ir;.Mni ations, and campus social aH ' airs. (ili pledges were selected from members in fzuod slaiKliiit: in the Collcfie of Apricullure. Despite lliis ipialilii aliiiii. il liroughl top-tlier varied background with i.iMini.m interests. Scliolastically . .r,.l . stood as oiii ' if the highest ranking national fraternities. .(i.i{. was fortunate to he alTilialed with alumni wlm were leaders in agricultural lields and other profession . lis aim was. " To make Ix ' tter men and llinm ' li Ihi ' iii a iiroader and liiller agriculture. " ( ' Iia|iler ollicers were; President, Fivdeii.k lai-.- cluilk, Nice President, Peter Manley, Se(nlar . .I.ilm Holler, and Treasurer, Ilarrv Rieck Jr. t-; First Row: John Stevens, Robert Almond, William Hobson, Philip Volk, Arthur Berryman, Thomas Stinchcomb, Robert Gregorius, Jack Cissel. Sirond linw: W ilium Reynolds, Richard Osbourn, Robert Brown, Charles Spencer, Robert Bounds, Pres., Kenly Day, V. Pres., Mrs. Broga, Housemother, Robert Grigsby, Sec ' y., Villi;ini Orndorff, Treas.. Edward Looper, Jack Wood, Sudler Cockey. Third Row: Horace Boswell, Godfrey Child, Vernon Seibert, Casimiro Hernandez, Thomas Canbv, William Hicks, John Martin, Jack Schindel, John Clark, Robert Brewington, Frank Masterson, Henry Miles, Joseph Libbey, Charles Ogle, Fourth Row Richard Stader, Samuel Riggs, Mason Slaughter, Everard Briscoe, Walter Prichard, James Williams, Charles Bender, Roland Hyde, Robert Stocksdale, Philip Bettendorf Gordon Stoops, Charles Magee. John Ingram, Joseph Wilson, James Abbott. Alpha Tau Omega uilh (Is. holx ' I ' .iii iliiU ' i ' anl iiii.l junk piles (ItT lilt ' led Hie ip p iked K,ill,,«i,i- eltise ,M1 llie lli ' els eiiine Hie inlerfnileniil Sin-. I ii t.r -iltilsN- ,,lk llf ATOs sea l(ip I ' m llif sei ' Diid consecutive s I he calendar marked the d time til they could really pitch a ball, naineU Hie Spring Formal at the Prince George ' s Count r ( liih. While mentioning pitched balls there was Hie scIhkjI siill hall HHe which the boys wrapped up. ( ' .(iiniii- hack in the fall they were reeei ed wiHi open arms l) their new and sliieH swell himse- inoHiei-, Mrs. i ' jnily Broga, known alVeelidiiali ' U as " Mom. " Studies dining the fall term interfered with a big Hoiuecoming celebration, rush parlies, Christmas formals and all the necessary fri olilies. inong the real aeetimplishments was the (lirislmas pait for iin(lerpri ileged children, edinplele with an hi)nesl-ti)- goodness Santa Glaus. The Tau cagers came out of (heir eneodns and made a very convincing sho ing to lob aiitiHier siieeessfiil year thn.ngli the hoop for A.T.O. Kllil.lin;: IIh I |.l. h ruliiKT, W. KiU.i.iii. W Delta Epsilon Kappa ()ii-iliMll .1 .Irinkiil- . ' lull. Drila I ' lpsilnii Kappa uas luuiKlnl in Ma ' la av a local iVali ' iiiils al III. ' I liis.iMl .if lal laii.l l) a im. ..f D.K.i;. legacies wliosc ()iil riali ' irial iiilcrols la in I his fninoiis ivy Icaj uc iir;.Mrii alii ii. I pmi ii ' liirtilti ' in S,.pl..i,il„.r D.K.I-:. itiiMi.ilial.K s,.ui.,l a l„,M . ' and slriii ' ciit rc(|iiii( ' iii( ' iiK .if tli. ' Delta Kappa Mpsiloii National Fiatcinity. D.ll.K. ha- hi li lictpps of trairiiii}: national admit Ian. ■.■ Ia ( liiisl ma- of nin. ' t.-. ' n luitx- rniH ' . In, a uhil, ' llu; hrotli.T.-, u l,■ .mIIIiil ' ima-i- naliiiiis and had grave fears llial Ih. ' in-li..- wnnid he ..l.liL ' .d I., d.. Ilic same. II(.wex.T. al Ih. ' pi.,pili..ns IIm- ;,ii uli.lili.-.l in 1 1,. ' T. ,rm ..I ' an al 1 1 a.l i .•! Iinni h. ' .l -I ' ala.r-. and Ihr l.i . ,1 li.T- u.-n- ahl, ' I., -,.•, ui.- an .x. .Il. ' i.l pl. ' d-e .lass. Th. ' s.M-ial s. ' as.,,,. fealnred Ih. ' DIds |-..lls .,1 ' 11!. r..aulirnl (.aU |,,s||s ) .k . Iinpi.m.pln paih.s an.l a li. ns. ' NNarmin- rnilli. ' i a.ld. ' d I.. III. ' DIIK r. ' piilalion. lAlia .iiiii.ulaiU. DI-;K uas i. ' p, .s. ' .il. ' d in . ' li.l.l. .la.k Call plax. ' d arsil .■. ' .-If and aU Mi.i- pal.-.l in III, ' I nix. ' isilx Tli. ' al. ' i-. uhil. ' l ' ..,l. D,mi-an. .Inn i. Im.I- anil li.. I ' ' ii u. ' iv slal«arts ,.f ||i.. Mai N land Sailing ' .Inl.. ' :: jf ft % Plf y Zenon Trivplis, William CalUwav. Jack Grathwol, William Ward, Thomas Pappas, Murray McColloch, Frank Warrpn Wagner, Anthony Moushaw, James Grim, Chandler Sm[th, Wayne Prubaker, Pres. George D Wheeler, Treas., Thomas Mumford, Willi Callaway, Leonard Wallis. Walter Taylor Jr., Roland Kinder, Snyder, Gilbert Clark, Joseph Shank, Arthur Bonnet, ' John Tyrie, M Alexander Poplar. Dewitt SI ay. Ed ' Harold Robert Cook I. Ray Patt Edward Wareh; ,z. James Kennedy, Howard Donahue. V Pres.. John Schaefle, Sec ' y. Robert Gelletley, Frank Douvers, WiUard Butler, Robert ■son. Fourth Row: John Moore, .Mien Scott, (leorge n. Thomas Johnson, Theodore Krug, Albert Delta Sigma Phi The Spring Sfllicslcr of lllnclccii lui I -fii;lil s:i llic Delia Sigs celebrate willi u- annual ■ ' Sailnis liall " at llicir liouse dmiii;, ' a Kchmaix wrikcnd. This hall, a Delia Sigma Phi Iradilitm. (..i-inaled at Sletsdii. the liome of Delta Sig ' s Alpha Chi ehaptei ' . ■ hi• allaii-, siinilai- t(i ils predecessors, was siireessliilU iM ' ld iindei the rhairnianship of Bob llarlesloii. Ihe S|,iiiig Formal held al llie W ashin-lcn iip,,it. wonnd up last year ' s fun. Social functions of the fall seni. ' sl,i „ ' ' i;! induiled the Carnation Bail, Founders Da lian,|iiet. initiation banquets in honor of Ihe new niendieis. Hall,, ween Dane,-, and sniall.T allaiis as a F, ,rt -nin, ' i ' s parts. s, ' a en-, ' r hnnl. and nian inipn,inpln parti, ' s. Ml ,,f Ih. ' s, ' fini.tiiHis w, ' r, ' at th, ' h,,ns, ' nn l, ' r the sup.-r- Nisi.m ,f III, ' s,„ial ,hainnan I ' mmI TlMirnt,,.!. and Hi,- housemother. Mrs. M. A, ' al. The DSl -s saw lh, ' ir pivsid, ' nt. a n, ' l ' .rul,ak,a. ad ane, ' d t,, th, ' lnt, ' rlVat, ' rnit (:,,nn,il pr, ' sid, ' n, . |-:d Warehani was , ' l, ' ete(l as th, ' liand pn ' .i,i, ' nl. Numberin- arn,,n- Ihe (lislin-uisli, ' d l), ' lta Si-s and a big assel to an ehib is K. F. alesak wh,. was ap- point, ' d District D, ' pnl f,,r this ,lislri,t in th, ' IVa- t, ' rnit h l ' r, ' si,l, ' nl Hu-h Hxan. B ' 1 Bi 3 SrjE H w K " ) - 1 iwL. 1 Uaik. ' .p .liiii k.-iin. ' ,l slood i.a.l.N « i 1 1, lli. ' nil. 1. 1. ' n,u l.ul l.l. ' l r..r lak. ' i . .|ai . ' . Itii.l. .an.i Kl (lair Tonv M. ' u.ha. an.l War.-. ' .. Waf:,..-,. 1 Kl El W vr ' M ok uL 1 mm ■ 1 1 " - ti tM r find. St ' c y-. Charles Smysf ' r, hisloriun. Sfcunii fiotr: jumcsi Hobinson, pltxlgpmaalfr, Stanley Blair, Emory Heaps, Duvid l enfer, John Spuck. Third How: lluruld ■ ' Alun Pilot. Waller Burns, Raymond Clark, Rod WalU, John Jordan. Joseph Ball. Delta Tail Delia I.,,;, I ,,r l;i Ihr I nnr •Ml ' :i lirw iwi- ..r MmiaImimI KiipiM Ml ' IH.i K PIM cvl,-|,n,lr,| its ;M.r|.l;,n.c l.V Delhi ' 1:111 D. ' lhi at llu ' liislallaliuii Uall li. ' ld in llir Wdiiii ' irs FirUI llmisf on Saliiiday cM-nin ' , Ma luriily-tliird of last car. and «as pleased to lia e a linr rrpicscnlalioii of tiic studcnl i od , facnily. and iirigliborinf; aliiiiini. Tliis dance lias lieeii inslilnled by the " Delts " as an a lal allaii. kiioun as Hie Pre-e am " Hlue-Hook " daiire. Tin- loiinal iiiilialiun was held on Sunday in the Maryland I!.m.i„. |-,,II,,uIm- the installation eereinonies, tlie liel.i oin Imiii|ii.-I in the nrwK hiiiii section of liif diniiife ' hall. The guesi s|irakri al ill. liaiKiuot was biotlior Hranch Hi(ke . I ' lvsi.l.nt ,A ' the Brooklyn Dodp-rs. Thr Delts arc very proud of broth.Ms K.Ti Clark, .luliii lliscnan. and Tom Morion «iio represenlc.l the I S. al I he (tl ni| ie iraiiics in London this suinnier. The „i Delia Tau Delta an- -ralelnl t,. Ihe i ' aenlly and sliident b id w ho made llieir existence al Ihe I ni ersity possiiile. Onlslandin}, ' Dells for Ihe Year «eiv lom Morton, vvhii played the role of .staKe nianap ' r in ' " Our Town " . I ' .ill 1-isk. ivceivr of Ihe AFA medal. an l .lin, lioLin- soii riinnci-iip in Ihe tennis finals. r Firsl lliiir: Italph K.-mp. Robert Lee, Jack Remson. Ed. Gauvin, Lennard Meyer Jr. Koberl Lucke, Gilbert Tauscher, John Foster. James Osborn Sec ' v.. John Sandrock, Treas., Mack Gcmmill, Clarence Little, Jr. Third Row: Ken Fowler, Robert Ludwig, Mdl Campbell, Arthur Heise, Douglas Gunn. Clyde Bou ' rke, Jr., George Craig, John Cochrane, Jack Ripley, James Green, Martin Schnurr, James Lutz, James Remson, Fourth Rou Blair Hall, Edward Harned, Kenneth Burklc, Garforth Roberts, Robert Strange, Otis Ackrill, Jack Morrel, Jr., Robert Menson, Kenneth Hazel, George Boaz, Lewis Phipps, Robert Moulden. Kappa Alpha Tliis r;ir iiiinkiMl Hi, ' I liirl -lill li .nuHN ci s;ir nf Ih, ' .niidiii- ,,r Ihr Mnr hMi(l rhiipliT cf k,i|.p;, Mf,lKi. n,T ;i IlK.niuiili ivnuMilinii or Ihcir ,lni|,l,T Ihhim- n kiKix H.ia.l. Hk ' k.Vs hrii-AU llirir cusLiiimiN III Ihr .v;ilin ,f inlnmilinil sp.iils, llir Klii-lils. Ird ■.u S.hnuir and .la.k n, ' iiis in. ,ii(v III, •.-.■(I aiiiciii- llie leaders by fielding rx.vllcnl Inn, li Hilliall. (loss conntry, basketball, bowling and liack ' lii li, ' snrial u,.ild. Ill, ' KX ' s had a mm hus Near. II ad(liri,in 111 III, ' iiiiineiou.s weekend daiici ' s pre- ' iil, ' d Ihimi-hiiiil Ihc ear, the Knights li, ' ld s, ' eral isliiiii, ' pailirs and llieir annual Spring lnrnial. Oiil ,if Ih, ' ,id(M- of givas, ' paiiil, and above the iiilali iiig sliains iif sjiiiiliials and lex , ' e songs, rose I. ' Iia lili,iiial K Cillon l ' i,k. ' is ininslr, ' !. If aiuoii, ' iimld ask. Ihal hiackfae, ' r, ' all N, ' als «, ' !!. as lliis as Ih, ' l , ' iil -eighth suecessriil prmlii, 11,111. a real lihiil, ' 1,1 iiii ' iiia ' s own folklore. l,iiig Willi Ih, ' Housemother Mrs. ll, ' n. mainslays ,T,-: I ' n ' sid, ' III. Bill Cook, Nil-, ' l ' iisid, ' nl. Chuek •ni ' land, Scerelary, John Athey and . I. Sandrock. Treas. I ndir llie guidance of KA, the CICIFM i,, ' lin dad Us Friday) Club was rexixed al Collrgr Park nd ini ' i ' lings xxcre held , ' a,li Frldax in Hi, ' (irlll. Laiiihda Chi Alpha 11m- llpsil.,!! l i .liai.lri. .•.mipnscd i.f srx , ' iil -ri-lil inrinlu ' is. sliowrd an . ' iixIaU. ' ivpivsciilal ion in MKin :i(l i ilit ' s on llie Maryland campus. Va{ l r;i( li was .li.K,.n Pivsidcnt (.f til. ' Hosshoiou-li Cluli, llir all-Mar lan(l soccer leani was ivprcscril.d John Lin , and Tnni Haimondi luriicd i[i :i ( uninirndalilc .i..l :,-. llMnicuMiini: D.mcv Cliaii On Ihr |.lMlantln.,|.ir side l.andMla ( hi ' s |,a r Im-.m: (loin- a Mval deal llnon di llir Caiv ..i -ani alinn in Ihc way of hclpiiif; pcojilc aliiuad wli.i arc d.slitutc. This -|iap(c[ rallied I,, a ( anipns heaulilicalion pro- gram with Mni h .mHl and .nan sijins. and also .anic lo Ihe aiil ol ' Ihc Cjirss Cluh h apprnprialin- I ' linils M III. , lal Tuin-Twirl in Hie Kali ■■•r,,p Twirler--. |i,,v Krpharl and rMi Livin-stuii. wli.. werejndpd l.e-l I.n Tuin Tesl. The cNcr-presenl chapter house silnati...! appear. ' d l(. Im ' on its ua lo a satislaetorN snlnli,,n as uni , ' rsil ollieials. aid. ' d 1 the .d.nnni. k l ' ps to aid in Til, ' niranuhile was well sprnl in making ' the old aparlnirni as liNal.le as p,,ssil,|... With «llite pianos, leather-upholslered liars and paslel interiors, nii ' lliories were hesl. This xears ollieers w,iv I ' .ol, Mar.lis Zaniliounis. i;d I ' .raeh. and Don- Hall. Finl Roir: Jumca Nokra. Roy Kcphart, Tho mag Raimnndi . Harry Kura, Hpnry Ercole, Emory Jonrs. NpwpII V ' inson. Russ Lucaa, Rudy Arpnn. Srrond Rote: Mil Wooda. Pft ' r Qlorioiio. Signny Mllboumr, KiJV HflbcrUon, William Gaisor, Richard Cummings, Julian Sanlo. Uoberl LanK« . Pri-a., Douglas Hall, Trcas. Andrt ' W Joran. Koberl Brady ' , Ralph Giw. Third Roir; Clarence J. ' tl, HcrbiTl Vitt. William Young, Ceroid Groblrwaki.Eugeni- Schridor. Raymond Board, Carl Smith, RoIhti Knniz, John Lini, Alan Wpller, Eugpnp MacDonald, Komp Cook, George Peabody, Kenneth . lexander, Barr - Linthicum, Thomas Holmes, Gi ' orge Haag. Fourth Roir: orris Charli«, John N ' ichola, Raymond Donaldson. Angelo Capizola, George I ' nderwood, Larry Guess. Gwirge Nash, Samuel, Daniel Shupe, Den Mefurry Kirhard Werner, Robert Phillips, Salvalore Guarino, Da id Webster. James Shea, John Hancoek. ClilTord May. m mm i t thai, Marshall Miller, Hugo Kuntz, Morton Corn, Sam Bohr. Phi Alpha III l ' )l: ' ,, llic h:|isil,,ri cliapliT uf I ' hi lpliii iv,cis,. l llir w. ' ll kimNMl -onc-luu- pillH-ll. Ml llir l.lnllicis IrH lurlli,.;,niic(ls, ' iAi,v llic vcnihrlWiv, iiHiaricriimxin- rroiii I lie chapter house, found it iieeessaiy to iiiac- ti ate: wjiieh was discouraging after a long struggle for cslablishmont. Since thai lime. I hi l|.ha li;i ;i-,iiii Ihv,,mic acliM. on liie Mar l:iiHl caili|iii lliioii-li llir lca l ' rslii| of hwiii .jacuhs. Slaiilex Sleiii and (ierald Smilh. Ill a ivJalivrU sh,,ll lime lli. ' X ha r unii cliainpi, ,li- sliips ill luu iiiliaiiiiirai -,p,,rls. Iia c placed Slaii LaNiiic and Sam I ' .chr .m llic aisil V hall s.piail. and have - ccii Man M. ■snick cle.lcd pivsidciil nf llill. ' l. ricr iiiiK ' li uailin- and li.,piii-a cliaphT house xas liiialK acpiiivd and M(hI (i.Miii lu,,k .Acr llic task of Chief Caipciil.T in C.liai-c . liepaiis and Hcfiii- nishings. i.cslcr Ihc .Icslcr an. I - .eke- Isaa, ' kept spirits high while transformal imi I.M.k place. The social side was topped uM ' Ihis cai- In Ihi ' Spring Formal, each one being bet lei than pre ions one. The Kpsilon chapter of the Phi Alpha Fraternity is heading toward a finer and brighter future than ever before. ' r» I- VJri: ( fir«( Il„u-: Jack Tull. Sam Park.r. Jam.-s K.ndir, Kobcrl Milchill. Francin Moran, Joseph Kuddy. K.n K.fauv.r. Charl.n Ltn-. S,eu,id Rou-: William Crun.-. John H. zman, David MilU ' ti. Thurmnn Donovan. Roborl Robi-rts. Prcs., Earl rhli r Jr., V. Prf».. William Schcnkc. Scc ' y. GiM)r|!. Baue r, Treiin. Winfield Harward liaymond Kazmierski, Aldon Murphy, Peter Auesburner. Third Row: Charles Marshall, Dawson Jarboo, Paul Koehler, Joseph Shearer, Marshall Johnson, William Sheppard, John Hillock, Larry Williams. Richard Brucksch, James Brasher, Les Snyder, Bill Ruppersberger. Foiirlli Row: Walter Bram, Joseph Townsend, William Littleton, Cudmnn Frederich, William Mines, Ryder Murphy, James Channing, Clifton Gauss, Grant Hawley William Voiko, Robert Rohrback. Chnrl -s Anthony IMii Delia Tlu ' lu [• " n.III [ v lime Ihr llrw sell icsl ,T lil t |)i, kr.l its UM ml ( r IK slirll. | l|i |),H;, ' I ' ll, ' !;, Ims l.rrll oil li;ili(l l -p., I Ihr M uilh ' j.A pMltirs ;ill(i Listing ' irliii ' M ' liiriiK. I ' ln Dril -.|,ul|s,„v.l ,l,,l-i,i;,M sl„,U «;,. l„uu,-lll lc cMllipils Inl III. ' pill|». c ..r VaWwvj. U U Inl llic I ' liiKv (ioorgcs ComilN I ' mM.. Fii.kI. I ' mo.I 1,n .r. MimI.ts .soariiitr sc llin-. iiiu. Ii u.i- ;Mv,,i,ipli li.d r.,i ( rhillllVM. IliL ' hli-hliriL ' llir VMM,,, u,i llir ;innii;.l C.uIm.x p;irl willi aW IIic cih iinihi ' iiici ' s. incliKlin ' biiill-iii milk m Ihr riKls lop. ' s :.ii(i . ' Ix.-s al the Drv (HilHi (oinil. rvy,uv «ill :iUn:. s hax. ' .1 s.ifl s in th. ' srMt .,r his pMMis h. ' ll rcillcMllMTill- tlios,. .i(,sllc.l lid,., ill Ihr pirk-iip and drhMTN haNiark. ali.m.,l (indril.l.Mk Week cain. ' , and left in iK «akr a pui.h fiiM ..f Im.i r..N rd. sir.ix. ' d ..r mislaid rdi.als and a Miss .S|, nr Fa. r ..f I ' tjii. TIkis. ' «,tc III. ' davs s Wu I ' caihcs nialiiiiKmial siliialions were slill in llif sulnlilf slafii ' . and spiuls and JKiiKirarics were mil and made. I inlii Ihc ' s|,.iiat, ' ( ' ((iininilliM- of Hob Hobcrl.s. I!ail I hill. Kiil Scbnidt-r and ticorfje Bower, Phi Dill injiiNi ' d a inn-peroiis and eventful year. ii lind wania buy a balloon? t n im 4 V . First Row: R ' « 1 . i, i i I, ' I II I ' ontana, John Stump, Richard Huby, Edward Hansen, Leonard Strott, Robort Burns. Richard Solomi.ri, i M :■. I l : , l n.lsay, James Knotts, Peter Bozick, Harry Gamble, Robert Tall, Second Vice President, James Beese, Ti. -.1 ' ;, . I! i- , 1 ; , I 1. i: :■ lary, Bernard DiPasquale, Treasurer, Bedford Glascock, Smith Harris, Robert Morton, Calvin Hubbard. ' .;,■- Ih n.i- i . I i.i. , lli Un II nn, Kli • I l:ifer, Don Causey, Carl Marcus, John Preston, Thomas Germack, Henry Perkins, Warren Oil, William Shenan, Cicrs;.. Sanders. Willuim Jiim.s. n. Ch irl.s Kuss.-ll, George Price, Bernard VonAnn, Richard Dorney, Alex Singleton. Fourth Rmc: William Scharpf, Elmer Wingate, Edgar Hathaway, Waller Anderson, Robert Kellogg, Spurgeon Tyler, James Alderton, John Russell, Ray Zinzeletta, Richard Sparks, Lawrence Richter, William Coleman, Richard Davis, Robert Olt, Jerome Butler, William Kirby, Richard Berger. Phi Kappa Sigma I ni , nCM;, nillr. Thr srI iilciiiily was cstal.lislicd at llic inci-liUTnlinri(liv(laiHliiln,M - IJi-l«) marked llic lil ' lirlli ail- iiiMTsaix ,,r Ihc rhaplcr al llic I (,f M. Inivinnsl on III. ' lull ,,r aclixili.-s during tli. ' .iirivnl srar was lli, ' aMiii rrsar crlchialion jubilee. .liiii I ' .nsr was rc-elected Presidciil and under his leadiaship III, ' eliapter, larger than i ' er het ' cre. aii- aneed in Imlli llie social and ediiealidnal li ' xels. Th, ' I ' hi kapfis were aelixe in lpha Chi Si. ina. I ' hi Kapfia I ' hi, I ' hi |-;ia Siunia. and I ' hi I ' .ela Tan honi.raries. SiipplennMil in,- I he foclhall sipiad were re-ulars I ' llin.T Win-ale and .la,k Tar-anina. Hepre- senlalises were alsu piuniin. ' nl un I he l.uxin- and wresMin.u leains. I ' i ' le P.ii iek ser ed Ihe I nlerlValernil council as dance ehairinan. Most proniinenl allairs ol ' llie social cal. ' ndar were Ihe annual I ' i-alle Dan.e and 111, ' Skull and Hones pailx. I ' m, III piuMMJ h, he Ihe l,,p-, uf all especialK liea winler -.eas,,n. wilh Ihe Spring Inrnial lliirli- li.i:lilin,ira -ay seem d seniesler w liirl. Olher chapler .illicers were Sloau ll.iup. ' s. wliu served as Nice I ' residenl. Louis Kraus, who did (he seerelarial liouors. and Bernard niPas,|uale Treasurer. I ' hi kap l.oasts a large and exjiaiiding hrol herli.K.d. Pilchin ill l lirlp a IikiIIu-i ii Waii«ii Olt. 1 ..111 ;.i iiia.k. Di.k Hii 1 i ' tlie hole are " 1 IBI 1 C W a W M . tfi. ' vT Iw " ?▼ M 1] .. Pf. r ' m r . B ;! Phi Sigma Kappa School hcf;iiii t-aiK I his . ' ar for the Phi Si-s. as inaiiN of lh ' bnjllieis icturiicd iit ' ail a iiionlli raiK ill nidii In rcdccoialc the chaplcr hoiiu-. Thi ' social season bcfian with a Deep Sea paii , « hich was only surpassed l) a memorable Momecominfr wilh all its preparalions and picasanlries. The annual - ' Muunli-hl Cirl " ' sl. Iirl.j in .onjuii.lion vvilli neighboring ' chaplers. »as -., ii;ilin|N,|U niiiinu piv- sontalion. Olhcr rnn. ' liuiis which highlighlcd ihr season «.iv llic Cainaliun Hall, cnjosabic ex, haii-c TIm- I ' hi Sijiina kappas were nol.d for lh ' ii c c cllnil pivpared by -Talk;,-, whns.. p,,,,irl l, cli his have been unsnipassed lor lil ' leen ears on 1 iiiiipns. IImiiix of fr nlcrliiinnirnl w.v fiiniished ihroufih III. i.rroiMphslnnrnN of .Inhn l.ip;iri vvilli his ac- rui.ji.m: bill nnl lo Ih ' oNcrlook. ' d unv Ihr superb ( horal arranizeinenls b Don (■.la--(ll. IhuAcx Jackson and Iliiv ' hConldman. ,,r |;!-| ) were: Uoiiald .ii(|r,n, I ' lvsiiLnl . David IJoxd. ice IVesid.-nl. luluaid W ilhani . Srrretaix. Jaines Moore, Treasurer. Charles Wild-. Indiicloi. and Dan Fresh, Steward. ir von ncc.l anv " I lo-l lallers " call I ' I!!. " ,!. Wopcciaii c in greased pigs. FiTBt Row: Thomas Boumo. WtUtam Brownell, Grorgo Schonoborgor, Hugh Gouldman, Charles Wilds, Inductor, Ronald Nordoon, Pros., David Lloyd, V. Vr " - Edward Williams, Sec ' y- James Moore, Treaa., Dan Fresh, Steward. Second Row: Ronald Utman. Walter Allen. Guy Cogswell, George Bailey. Scolt Morley. J;i Armstrong, William Hansen, John Hyde, Arthur McDonald, Dino Formout, Alvan Chaney, Jr., Arthur Spring, George Gaylor. Third Row: James Bulger, Warr IWnoK, Calvin Mahaney, Donald Clagitt Jr.. William McKinney, Robert Haines. Warnn Tripp, William Fisher. Richard NaRl " -, John Upari, Richard Norair. Har . Jncksnn. James BrenllinKer, Thomiw Kussdl. n I u SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON: First Row: Theadore Smith, Bruce C. Banning, John L. Crothers, Donald W. Fulton. John E. Shields, Walter W. Willard. Pres.. Wharton A. NichoU Jr., V. Pres.. Robert W. Schiedel Sec, James A. Graham Treas., William E. Downs. Joseph R. Tomlinson. Second Row: Robert F. Jones, Clyde F. Houle, Gerard S. Myers. H. Calvin Kaufman. James M. Henderson. Richard B. Umstead, John E. Baumgardner. Nathaniel M. Gates, Orville M. Weston. Robert A. Bayles, James C. Mvers. Donald E. Covell Jr.. Charles I. Werner II. Third Row: David R. Sterrett. Raymond E. Hegel Jr. Edward E. Golden. Thomas W. Coughlin. Gilbert P. Bohn. Lynn E. Johson. Paul F. Muller Jr. Richard M. Morganlhall. Murray C. Taylor. Harold E. Durst, Robert W. Banning. Lewis O. Myhre Jr.. Leo Van Munching Jr. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' I ' d shirl IIh ' sociiil y.n. the plcd-c chiss iiiil iiilcd llic un lr;Hlili,Mi;il -Skip M-lif. Ii skippin- :i rnr. lin- in nisor ,,f :, pail near mmpt.lis. TUvy crr liii;ill I ' hiiihI c iiK IIic IuIIow iii luoi ' iiiiif, ' 1) llic iiflixrs. I!,lninr(l I,, III, ' luld. lliose plcdp-s mmc iiiili;il(-(l ;il Ihr K. miihIci ' s D;i BaiiqiK-l in P ;illiiii(iiv. l;u Ininlrriilli s;i evoryoiie lilkc nIV i ,v llic Niili, I irp(iil iiiid the Spring FoiiikiI. F(iiiii:iI icnlinvs wciv. ,1 wiii-cd word by H.C. B rd, " Scat ' " sill-ill- 1, l.,,u Zrkirl. and music by Meeker. Ilniiiee inu de.nial i,,ns lliivnirned In dampen eelebralions niilil eveiNlliinj; N as lashed duwii Inre and aCl .irid inere fniiii llie liillnuiii " breeze x as ■ ' ,:n ' ,r : u eslablislimei .and Hodgers uf tli ,se amniis roomin, Is mel l ) exchange ■Ils| idnr barrages. A li.ierx, to eiilerlain Cliil) I ' ur iiHilhcrs ol ll Ihe linilsc. and hcl ihc . i IValciriily begai h llie imillilud of tilings Ihi 1 molhei ' s liiiil In (In Sig Alpha loaders of llie car i IC 1 rcsid. ' iil. Walle Willard. ie ' Presidenl. harlnr i ■hnls. Sccivlarx Hoberl Selii •del. and ' rreasnrcr lam ' s (ir.aham. verbiul paste-hourcls iiid Huzzy n iuns. L :4 SICMA AI.I ' IIA MU: Fir,l Ii„w: llarv.y Ki«,ndorf, Jiihn Lampi, H.-rlxrl J.H.r». Frank Cahn II. N.Uon Kundi-I. EllioU Lanin. Pri-Bid. nt. Franklin ColdHt. ' in. Tri-asuri- Alvin Uurnauin. S. ' crolar)-, Binjamin Hark.rman, Marvin Norwiti. William Davidson. StrunJ H„w: ItubcrC Ltvin. David Givnir. William Julius Fricdh.n Cat U-vin, KolM ' rt Stark. Irvin Gomprcchl, Bernard Grdman, Howard Goldbort;, Aaron Friodmann. Alvin Glam. Third Koir: Gerald Kalx. Jnm-ph Kaufman, Morion Kllii William Sandy. Stanley Momlein. Edward S ■ ' ■ ' ■■■■ " •• • " • ■ ., . « - ...•-.... 1 Schrier, Irvin Honigsberg. Theodore Fishman, Robert Block, Marvin Miller. Allen SamueU. Morton Bla Sigma Alpha Mu Tllr (M|- .r lullN-fi-lll -.IW MM ' (li,.,l s,|„„,| |;,kr MiiiiiN n{ (III ' Si ' , lpli;is. III. ' c,ii .,r rmts-nin. ' . jusi ll. ' ll lllin ' S NN. ' IV luukillL ' lilK ' . .lolin I..IU lu.,k lliv l.ill. i.llllOI .I;iilnll In pill il lllllK. " DrN u.,v I.iI.ImmI.- Thr ■•S;,MM1I " Ih.Xs ivlMlllr.l I., thril liuusr nil Knnx |;,u i llli. ' ;il ' lllldrl lllr rulllinind .-IlilhllKr ul ' lailull L;i|iiii I,. Irx III ;. ' i ' l MiiMi ' iiini will, liiiln ' l NMiiil III | iill mil I ' m l;iu or nii ' iliriiii ' iI ' Iit Ilir pn- liiivi-. iiimii. ' Ihr -pmisoivd SDcial rniirlimi nf lln- i;ii M.i- III. ' iiiiii;il iiiiiversary Daiiti ' wliiili III) uilh iiiini: :iMil li ' i ' l : iMMinilili- ivporl in lln ' iiiinil- Nalioiial ciMlNcrilinil phtlinill-, llillrl rniiiiril, and SI IkmiI activities absoihcd llii ' liiiir of inaii iiini and lliiir afhii ' M ' inciits were i( ' ( i}, ' iiizi ' (i l) llicir National, and .1 IctliT (if inciil was rcccivi ' d in roininciidalioii. Tlir i ' liisin ; nf liu- Ikuisc in June sii;iiific(l llir I ' lid i.lan I ' MnHnl iai f.n S M. Olliii .liapln ..Mil ITS w.Ti ' . ari.n l " i i. ' dinann. I ' .i.ii. Slaiil. ' v Muistfin, Kxclif.tiu.T. and ( ' .aiiiian l.r in. U.I i.kIit wIiosc special clTorls were larf. ' el nspniisible for SAM ' s cimtiinied success. )uv Id tin- recent niiniber of niarriafies s.ini. ' ..f lli. Si ' . lpll hax. ' taken llie i.alh I.. sla on llie l....s. ' lill rnsliint; is ..mi n. ' xl s. ' ,is..n. k ??l I ' t - , »■■ ■ :n t . 1.,M rill - ' :. , 1:1. - Cralley, Daniel Mullane, John Anderson. Charles Simons, Robert Mann, Edwin Burtncr, Joseph Watkins, Christian Goertemiller. John I ' ll,,,,,; 1;, I,,, ,1 1 I,.,, I 1 ,, ,.,,„ Row: Dean Betts, Henry Marshall, Edwin Brewer, John Maslin, John Sprague, Earl Lowery, Frederick DeMar, Pres., George Kidwel. . l ' i, , iivi;,i k, ,in . 1 n ;l . W Lildo Bernside, Sec., Donald Chesser, Robert Wiley, Frederick Denston. Third Ron-: John Myers, Carville Bowen, Alfred Hall, Charli-s Dl.tiiir William Jester, Kiilieri Heiirv. Spencer Wright, Charles Greenwell, Seth Preece, Morton Ring, Ralph Preston, Warren Mount, Harry Emmitt, Alan Mayer. John Appel. Fourth liuw: Ronald Siegrist, " Bernard Johnson, John Reynolds, Jay Jackson, James Zimmerman, Gene Siggins. Thomas Boyd, Robert Neuman, Bernie Gagnon, Frideric Stillwagon. Griffith Hall, Theodore Cybularz, Ralph Runyon, Charles Marshall, William Kiser. Sigma Chi Mnml i.iir Imiii.Ii.mI M irshniil Si-s ,mII Hi. ' ( Imr-ian .■,,l(,iii;il -If.lH! C.liil,-- ,,,1 Niirwirh n.iid llicir lionir. Iliirhli-hlilli; Ih. ' Spiin- simsum «;,s Ihr ;uiniKll SuitHhmiI DiiiNv. ,1 uhiili ju r n,livus. Delia Drill, Drila. and Miss MaiNlaiul n[ llial car «as ci-owncd ■ ' Swccllicarl of Sii;iiia Clii " . Spriii r liinuulil sulniN li, an nnhralahlc ninr in llic liilcrfralcinilN s,,ril,,,ll Ica-iir. aii.l also IIm ' niinlon ,liani|)i(inslii|,. nol In incniinii ivpiv ciilarKin in Ihc Slnd. ' .il -.iMTnnicnl ss,„ial inn. M ' irr a sliv|. MHlini.T llic Sij s |„-ali In ili ' ali iMmsc Cnr Ihr Fall srinrslri. Il had Imvm Inn- l.rlniv llninc. ' nniin. had drs. ' . ' ndrd nn Ih. ' in and IIk ' N ucnl dllinrniK In wnrk In |,n,dn.c Ihc VNinnin- hnusc dccnralinn in Ihr Inrni nf a ' I ' alinn Sl. ' ani Knll.-r. ■I ' hr Si-ina Chi ' s hid laivucll In Mrs. Maiinn li. •(• !. .Ill Ihis sani. ' NV.M ' k. ' nd. Mrs. [{,•.■,1 Ih. ' ir ' in.ilh. ' r sin.v nin. ' hnn.iivd lnrl . The Mnnl. ' Carl., I ' arlv. Ih.- r ,■v r Dan. v. and III. ' C.hrislnias ,,arl r..iinil. ' (l Ih. ' s.„ial s. ' as.m and .Ji. ' . ' k. ' .i in a -..n,l . ' ar l .,lh ' ini.alK and s.M-iall . Cainnia Chi Chapl. ' r Olliivis u. ' i, ' Kivd. ' ri.U D. ' - Marr. I ' lvsid. ' iil, ( ;. ' ,,rp ' Kidu. ' ll. i.c I ' Wald.) I ' .iir.isidc. S, ' crctar . and Tivasiuvr Austin k. ' iin. ' N. K I KiKlcger. Frank Kraimock, Bernie Johii.son, and W; (;able look with priile on llie trophies won by Sifjnia .1 Warmers are heina installed on the .seats of Boh Neninai and l)i k ;rr. ,i».ll. I.v .|...- Walkins and Chuek Marshall Sigma Nil riir absence of :i I ' l.itcinil Ijuum ' iiiiidi ' il niii ' . ' li • l.ildiiif. ' for till- Si-rn.i Nils, hut uitli :ill tlic l.rollins imllin-. " lii- " ! ' ) (■:.! x ;is :, l,,iniicT r;ir. Ilir l iiMl.- ' s I5,ill hrl.l in llir Spiiti!. ' «as :. smIIv :ill:iii. lull ,,r 11. uuil fun. Th,- ;iniMi:il I ' .luunMr ,n„lrs|. 1|„. Iil;:l,|i;;|,l n[ ll„- hall Was U ul, l, aiKJ III, ' sl.rar-siiippiii- SN ' s inade suiv lli. ' sliJiprU -IciMs iif llic sea robbers " sirens sllowid in " Si ' c sInIc ' as llie sauntered onto (lie sicne. le« weeks after the Pirates I ' .all til, ' Snakes- Inck ., rr tllc hethesda Counlrs Clul. Ini llirii -ala pilni. ' Fuinial. Ilir uind-iip nf a s,„ , ,-s.|,,l vai. 111. ' I)r .lli(rs u,iv a.tiM ' in ODK. 1 rlub. Mrns l.-M-ue. S.(i. . and athletics. With th ' I niNcrsitx talk .onstanlU .irchn- aiunml llial snn ur reali cd t hr pli-ht nf frali ' Miitirs in iM.d .,r land nn which in build llic ' ii nru hunics. r.riL ' hl stars uf Ira.lership u,,,-; I ' .ub M v. Jusrph I ' nlilc. Sirphen Stoiku. i;.l Mallirws. and IVr,| liauliusuu. incidrnlalK has anslMMh brrn ar. iM d lalcK ...l- I.-. lui- lip h. k prints, and praviii- lur rain? ML-nia n pied-es wer. ' d.,inL ' a aliant Jeb Irsin- III arniise ranipus | aiiicipal ii in ii wadiiiL ' ill paint branch. Tun bad. n.i lakers. 11 SIGMA NU: FirtI Row: George Faiuhaw, Robert Beach, Chester Martin, Leroy Houck, Peter Hambleton, Albert Thompson, Howard Gueel, Thomas Hoffecker. Scroml Row: Harvy Sanford, William Plate, James McHenrj ' , Fred Rawlinson, Reporter. Robert Moore, President, Joseph Polite Vice President, Stephen Stofko, Secretary, Edward tulhew». Treasurer, Jack Himes, James HolTman. Third Row: Harry Irwin. Arthur Peregoy, Waller Cucura, Bryan MiTcer, Walter Corlese, Ravmond Harrison. Jar .l. Worrell, Jack Chenowith, Martin Wolfe, Jack O ' Brien, Norman Farrell. Fourth Row: Harold Holbrook. Paul Curio, Oscar Dubois, James Shackleford. R..berl Ellen. Arthur l.i ' Icher, John Meagher, Richard llnddinott, Leonard Roberts, James Simler. Sj ■ J: Sigma Pi Si-iiKi I ' i ;uii c(l nn llic M;u 1:hi(I (■;irn|.iis «illi : I.iukI an. I si if U, llir lii-li,-sl scliuhisl !,• .-isn;,-, iicliirx,.,! ill ,uiN FniliTiiilN (liirlii- l ' )i:-l )l!!. ' I ' ll. l.n.lh.Ts l n. ' h.vii ,i ar.l.-.l |ihi.-. ' s .m Hi. ' inlls ., Aipliii Zclla and Plii Kta Sigma lioiionn i.s. Sigina Pi was started as a colony of lli. ' ,ili.iiia I ' lal. ' niily Sijinia Pi, a!id this ciiaj)t.i i;; it ' Miili.HKii slaii rniL ' ..M lli. ' fourtiiof Manh. rill ' si ' M ' ntfL ' ii nicnibers and six piedgt ' s a c don. w. ' il .hninf, ' their short time on campus. In the fiel .if alhl. ' li. ' s Art Cook took top iionors witii Iiis spiendi. liiin- .III III. ' lill. ' I. ' iiin. C.idk, III. ' I ' )l! ' i Ol.Miipi. . ' .if III. ' small ' rill. ' ..inip. ' l ili.iii. als. Willi liisl pla, ' . ' in Hi. ' National Small P..ii-. ' Cliani pi.insliip in O.l.iber. Other shots .in Hi. ' lai lan.l I. am u.i. ' Brothers Wells and MaNw.ll. I ' ll. ' M ' ar lii.iiif ht much to Sigma Pi. Th.-N a. .|iiir. ' . a h.iiis. ' iin Amherst road which became a t ' a .iiil. |ila. ' . ' I.I ii)llect for the best of get-togethers. III. ' Onhid Dance was the highlight of the s.i.ia .al. ' ii.lai and as the retiring men sliulll. ' d .ml. Si;;ni: I ' i waited eagerly to set what the new . ' ar wmih iiold for them. OPRcerswere VanWhiting, Janu ' s Hills, Jean Carlton and H..b. ' rl Kbersberger. ,s I ' lrond Roir: Jfromo Bill.T. Edward ftaakin, Gilbert Barron, Marvin Wcissbi-rK. Irving Cmthntr, Frank Millhauspr, William Kahn, Morion Shi-ariT, Irving Gri ' i ' nbvrR, Payson Gctl. Third Row: Bill Lrwis, Reuben Hyatt, Alvin Cohen, Martin Zuckerman, Ilalph Klein, Josuph Grc-nberg, Henry Sinar, Sam Schwartiman. Herb -rt Siegel, Irvine Cohn, Frederick Greenbure. FourUi Rom: Sylman Euzent, Barnelt Stein, Allan Ei»en«tiin, U ' e Klavnn.s, Samuel Trivaa, Paul Ford, Michael Holofc ner. Alvin Brown, Donald Engel, Edward Libov, Herbert Shapiro. Fail l{ipsil()ii Phi Whilr llir ivsl ,,r llir I;,I 1;,II(I ,.,1 is U s .mI- jllvliii;. ' iNrir I.. Ilh ' liisl iMI- of linliM;il( silK .■ I ' » I 1 . T;!!! ifrhi look llir | ' P " l l ' il I " l ' " ' ' " " ' " I ' III ' ' l» " l su.-.v»rill,.Tli isliislol). N||,,|;,sli,„llN. -.n,i;,ll , . ' M(I ,Alr,l-clini,nl;,ll . the hlnlli,T |.roMMl Tmii r.ita iMiiks MMioiiL ' Ihi- l» t Ci ;ilii nil ics ,il M.I.Nlilll.l. I.r., |i,i- III, ' lisl of lllulhris MCIJM- ill ( ' ;illl|ilis III, s:is Slaii SmiiiiicIsoii who scin.mI :.s Pivsidciil • ( S.(i. . lie uas lolLiwcd l. nicmlHTs «lio |.aili.i|,;,l, l ill S.(i. .. Diaiiioiidliack. Old Liiif. and sports. L.n liiMiihiiir. | i(si(lciil of Tail Bcla Pi, honor ciifiincfriiit. ' lial.iiiilN. Ifd the hsi of iiinr I ' .rla ' s u, -r.i, vd lh ' rolls of hoiiorarii ' s. Tan Mela .sw.-pl into scci.iid in llir liilci lial.rnil howliii}; and vollfyball coiitcsls. I ciidiiif; all howlrfN was Fred Sa|)pcrsli ' iH with an avernp ' of 121. ii(illiri successful season culiniiialed in Halliiiioiv willi llic , ' iiiiilial .llihilee consisting ' of a sport dam f. sla ' l . ' iii |iiel. and a formal l aii.|iicl. Nimiheivd anion- tli, ' ad, icv .111. ills ,,f llil ' wa- llir donation of an oprralin km.mi II-IiI In llir Siaiii iluspiial in Hallinioir. i ' lir sound of Ihr roll ' rr l.rll will luni: r niMrMll.i ' rrd HI llir Inilllllir. of Ihr ' rili ' S. Wlial a slailiprdr. ||PP|||PPPW; i a«Wf« ri ' ' ' .S, . ,l-pl V KAl ' l ' A EPSILON: Firisl Roir: Dennis Buckley, I ' li-dge Master, John Fantom, Secretary, John Hopkins, ( ' haplain, Carl Crowe, Vice President, Edward Schaete: Tau Kappa Epsilon In llic li. ' M ..r iilhl. ' lics, Ihr Tckcs ,;,|,I,I1V(I III, ' IMi! l.,,«lin- ,inu,i in ;, , ,!.■, , ,11 ' uilh K. . V ,■ nmiv p.,inK u. ' iv ,kI(I. ' I h.uanl III, ' I iilci IViiliTiiil y ,11,, «h, ' ii III, ' N,,ll, ' h;ill I, -1111 u;ilk, ' ,l uilli 111, ' IViih ' iriiU ,li:iiii|.i,,nsliii,. Tli, ' s, ' , ' I | hi, ' , ' in Cml sli,.,.lin- iiiHJ 111, ' s, ' ,-,,ii(l s|.,,l in 111, ' o,,ir |,,nin;ini, ' nl r, iiii l, ' ,l , iil III, ' l, liil :iii(l hr, i|o|,l ' r.K.I ' :. I,, Ihiid l„, ili,,n in III, ' ,,,nii„ ' lili,,n Ini III, ' inl, ' iTi;il, ' inil ,ii|.. I ' " .,l S,lia, ' r, ' i ' s Im.xs ,i:,.I ,,IV I,, a lisiiii: sliirl lliis j-ijl 1, uinnin- III, ' lu,.ll.;ill |.la ,,lls and iiia,l, ' .i;,i,.(l sli.iuin.osin III. ' , ,ll„ ' r, ' N,. ills. LasI , ' ais- K,.nn.l, ' i ' s Din l.aM,|u, ' l N as li, ' l,i in III, ' Waiiiinan I ' aik II,, I, ' I ,)n ,lanii,irN 1, ' nlli and lliis , ' ,-, I ' s l . ' in,|n, ' l «as lii ' ld in ,,ik, l ' , ' niisN Is ania. Tli, ' ||;iniill,m ll,il,l uas Hi, ' s,-, ' n, ' ,.r I li, ' S ,■, ' l In ' ail (hiiHv ul,i,|, uas li, ' l,l in , ' ,.iiinn,li,,n uilli Hi, ' C, ' ,,!-, ' W asli- iiio|,,n I ni , ' isil ,liapl, ' r. Milli, ' , ' nl l ' .,m,l ,,i-i ' .allini,iiv. s, ' l, ' ,l, ' ,l l. Krai, ' !- R.inal.l n, ' -aii, «as nam, ' ,! Ill, ' ' r, ' k, ' Sx , ' , ' ll„ ' arl. Th, ' la.k ,.r a lions, ' has al lini, ' s 1,, ' , ' n a s, ' N, ' i-, ' |,an,li,a|. I,, III, ' ■r, ' k, ' S. lull I ' ] s, ' ,li,.ii ,if CaU, ' ! ' ! xxas «h, ' n ' lli, ' liiinir lli, ' ii- lials. an.l s,, l„.,ani, ' lli. ' ir Ii,,ni, ' ami ii nn,l, ' us u{ laslin- rri, ' n(lslii|,s. Olli, ' !- ,lia|il, ' r .illii-crs wcr, ' Cn.w, ' . Kanl,.ii, and F,,sl, ' r. Theta Clii l-.ti..| ..n.l l(i lliiir miiiihfis), a television sel, a wliiti ' iii(l:il duf; air.rlioiiiil. ' K named " Rabies. " and a lilllr lliiv- sl. i huvrl , n l rincclnn a . ' nu ' . all sprll Ix.nir. L.Malc ' d . ' pol an e rl all ' s llinm I ' luin llir ka|.| a li.Hi e. Thrla Chi Inn.lic.ns ha r !„■, unir ir,-,,-ni , ' l as lMi-li( sp.,ls nn Marxland ' s mm iai ralmdai. I ' V.Mri Ihr liisl x ' ndnir shindig ' , nnlil Hie last l a( k- «ai(l -lan.v al Ih. ' h.Mis.-. Tliela Ciii-s enj..y,.d selves. ilarh snr.rsslnl pailx Nvas n-ardrd l,s all lliuuls as i.iiU a ivhi ' aisal lor Hie ne l nn. ' nnisl !.,■ Lrllri. Il al«aNs «:,s. ' i ' his rai uill ivMiain iri. ' nK.i lo Th. ' la Clii ' s r ii inanv ears lo c.nie . . . Ilir will ivnienili.i III. ' r. ' decoialed iinnse tliiil fiieeled llieni on their arrival in l ' " el)ruar icoinplelely rt-furbislii ' d from kilehen In poop (l. ' .k) . . . III. ' Treasure lluni . . . III. ' i.allx 1,1a. k l ' la. ' ki ' a.. ' Hall . . . the Christmas h.rinal al a hi-liU spiiil, ' ,! Kri--, Klin-!. ' nia |, ' ,. ' itain llial all Hi. ' .1... kliiL ' s u. ' M ' ainpl lili. ' .l . . . III. ' r. ' ...i l anionni ..t ' pinning ' - . . . Hi- ' nream ( iirl " . . . Hi. ' serenadin;:s . . . III. ' parliis . . . 111. ' parlies! . . . and pnflin ' their wax iiil.. lii-l pla.. ' . Th. ' la C.lii ' s . ' xhai. ' d joxonsK over Hi. ' ir n. ' uK uon l. ' l. ' v isi..n s. ' l . . . W lile . . . || was a ). ' ood year. THETA CHI: Firtl Row: Robert Brannun, Hubprl Cockran. William Lake, Georire Leonard, Dan Weijhriitht, Bob LanKmack, Dick Holden. Smnd Row: Herbert Clark. Robert GroKan, George Van Wa([ner, Charlea MiJntire-Preii., William Cooney, V. Pr«., David Roszel-Sec., Wil.-y GilBlrap-Treas., Irwin Gordon. Martin Smith, D«lln« Maxwell. Third Rov: Harry Hughes, Rohi ' rt Monahan, Charles Hendriok, William . ndrew». Manly Brohawn. GiUi.rl Smith. Jow ' ph Dobson, William Wroe,01iver Travers. r.irroll Cnnnoles. Fourth ko r: William .Vdkins, Harry Cox, .Vrl Cosing. Wilber MorRan. K..h. rt P.iB. .-. G. r:iW F.rRuson. Thomus Esk.y. Al Chadwin, David GrinR. Itobirl Ilausch. Jwph ' . Jr. I Sororilies A liravr sniil iii ,imi|.us ..n.v r-.nn ll uilli Hi.- ntn:iik, - ' riK iv :iiv im uuMic .i M III. ' I liix.TsilN ..r l;u l;,ri.l.- If lir «as ror.vcl. tlir,v an auliil I Ilillli- ' irls.lnislrivd ill lli, ' N....,.il hunsrsrllistrivd an.llll.l llir (■..,11.-.. Park aira. Tli. ' s.. .■Illi.•ill ' iiiaii-lia| s an- faiii..iis Im iKispilalil y. liiMiridiiMicss, MM.I ••|l..iii. ' a NaN IV..M1 ll..m. ' " alni..spl.. ' .v. W li.ii x.m.iil.r I|i,.I.k,i, ,,n Ii,.;,i 111. ' vil.iaiil N..I1I1- N..i.-. ' s ,f III. ' .... ' (Is rais. ' d in s.,!!-. Th. ' ' irls l.iv.- lo sitifi. ' i " li. sin- in III. ' iii.iniiiij:. hcfi.n ' an.l afhr Inn. li, l . ' f..r. ' an.l afl.T loa- several isil.iis lia i ' Ix-en driven insan. ' Ia III. ' inlVinal la.k.l. I ' .nl Ih. ' v sin ; on. Wli. ' ii u. ' in- ' iilion l. ' a w.- hit III. ' Ii. ' ail ..f S., s.M-iai Hi ' . ' . S.,i.,iil {. ' ills li. . ' I. ' .i. W li. ' M Ih. ' s arc ■ in-ill- lli. ' aiv drinkiiiL ' I. ' a. |S .ni. ' liin. ' s wli.n llii ' V ar. ' sinirin ' il s,,iiii.l lik.- IIi. ' N aii ' .Irinkini; l. ' a.l S..iii. ' lim. ' S 111. ' -irU IV. ' i ival s.M-ial an.l lli. ' X in il. ' a l.n.lli. ' r rral. ' rnilv In I., sliar. ' Ih. ' ir l. ' a an.l lli. ' ir inis.-rv. -riLii lliin-s i.alU ir. ' l -av. ( liara.l. ' s. spin 111. ' I. a l.a-. an.l ..lii. ' r fas. inalin- -ani. ' s li. ' l|. I.. nnIiII- ' auav III. ' Ii.mrs. Tli KralerniU ni. ' ii liax . ' ..Il. ' n Im ' . ' ii li. ' ard Lisav. " I .an IrnllirnlU sa llial I ' ve nev. ' r sp. ' iil an . ' vnin- lik. ' Ilial I.. ' ! ' ..!. ' . " Sinirily -iris an- n . diir. ' ivnlJV.mi llie ..lli. ' r i;irls ..n III. ' lar laii.l . anipi il ' sjiisl siinhalliin- that -In ,s ns 111. ' ini|Mv si..n that w. ' s.. ' ni..r. ' ..I ' I Tli. ' N |., . ' sp.irU sports Ida. 1st. ' IS an.l p.,i I- .■..iM " ' . ' I ' Im ' ) 1.. . ' a .-.mwI lini. ' . and an sji.irl llial uill sli.iw lli. ' in .m. ' . Hiil l. ' i ' s la.. ' il. IIk ' v ari ' -laii.l ,in.l N. ' I..M ' lli. ' in. ir Hi. ' n ' .I niiU slop llial sin-in-. Delia C.iiniiii. ' is Hooiie, I ' al Fell, anil Anne C ' arr put whi.skers on tlie terrapin wliieli formed a part of Delia Gamnia ' .s IlomeeoniiiiK ilecorations rappvr, N. WoUort. Pan llclliMiic Council Thr M; l l ;iii-llrllrnj ( ' .(mnril is : -rnup llir laiiipii . I lii L ' iiiii| Mils iis :i froM ' iniii ' liudv Cor ;,ll nf thr M;,ivl;iii.l m „ ics. Thr innsi UMtM„l;,Ml l.isk ..rPail-ll.-| is I hr n-uli, I i. ,11 iiiid irlniniali.iii nf Ihr lusliliif; riilos. It is u- m - Ihllriii. (■ uhi.h iMk. ' s cliarf. ' c (.r all s(.ioiil mshiiif:. II :i|i|M,iiils ..II. ' M1.111I..T of (■a -li frroiip lo acl as tiuifi. ' s for Ihr iiisii. ' .s, ,111.1 haiidhs all ..llh.- iinila- lioiis and l)ids f. ' i cii .ml. ri.i Mush ....k is ov.T and all llir .-x-nislir. ' s liaNc l,rr,i |.I,.Il ' ,.I. IViu-llcl kIv.-s a PIfdfic Dance fc.r all ,( Ih. ' .Miii|iiis |)l.d ' . ' s. At this lime llic I ' li-dp- ()ii.-. ' ii. |)r. i..iisly Jiidp-d, is picscnlcd and crowned. iiolal |. ' anion llieaccorn| lislnnents..ri aii-ll. ' l .Imiiij: Ih. ' N. ' ar was llie Pan-Hellenic W ..1 k h..),. Ihi- w..ik liii| . lo wliicli were inviled National .mil l ' in in. .• .,Mi..■l- all ..f sororities, had as its aims: I.. v|,,.l Ih. ' pK.ld. ' m aiVeclinfj; sororities as a whole, and I.. ;ill. iiipl lo make closer relationshi| s hetween Ihi ' s. i..i il i.s and Iheir Pan-Hellenic Council. 220 Marty Roe Pledge Queen Dnik-rxc.l M ulx n.ic of Mplm Oinicn.ii Pi sorority «;,srl,ns,.n|,l,Ml-,MiM,vninllirl)iaiH(.n,llM.ks|).uis()ml .■..hirst. Ii s l$(.r. a Juniui- in Hi. ' ,nll,-. ' ,.f lousiness i.ikI I ' lilili.- VdininistralidiiniHl a I laiisln si u.I.tiI IVc.i Mars Wasliili-tollCnil.-v. « as pivs.Mil. ' .l h ha.k iMlih.r .1. ! ' ...«, as. Tiru M.M ' k.a ' pla , ' ,l r,,r III. ' (Ian. V « inaikcl Hi. ' s,v,,ii(l annual pivsrn- lali.m ..r 111. ' s,.n,nli. s- [,l, ' (l,-, .lass I,, Ihr .■ani|ins. ■ ■ n hnndi. ' d and lill pl, ' d.Krs uciv li.MM.lvd al tli. dan. ' . ' . Crow l thai | a k l iiiioiv H.xi Id Council honorril Vili-li, k.ii.p.i- ,.iii il., I. II. li. nil III,- Hir.l H..»l. I 222 Alpha Chi Omega On () l(,licr : ' .(), I »l!{, ilic ilcwrsi (,r(aTn| iis s()i irilirs was InriiKilIx inslallrd on llir Mainland campus. , s llir (ianiina TlM ' la Cliaplcr of Mplia Chi Oiru ' a. Ilic :T( lip roiidiK ' Ird Iniiiial I ' all iiisliillg ill the Si r„ia Chi huusi ' . ' I ' hcic wi ' ir scMial aimisiiig incideiici ' s, as (lulsidcrs .alhn- male incinhcis of the house were -reeled l. eheeHul leinale v uiees. The Sigma Clli ' s declared llial lar Ciapsleis pinning in tlie middle t) ' Ihe rush week and llie cunsecfuent serenading cum- prised Ihe lirsl lime a gill had been serenaded in Ihe Sigma Chi house aller she had Ixv.i pin. led h a .r u No one will forgel Ihe lirsl semesler of (ianuna Th. ' la-s Mar lau(l lire. Nine n .■harler niendicrs pnaidlN won llieir golden l res U, a rccepli,,n al which lhe wer licialK inlro.luced lo Ihe uni ersil . Julie Wilson-s sluudier parl bn.uglil a record of Iwenlx balls and sewed-up pajamas, all al live A. M.! Alpha Chi rushed Ihe season wilh Ihe belween-semesler weekend at Mary Louise Dickenson ' s when several more daring members wi ' iil for a ralher chillx dip al O.M.m Cilx. (l(l Ihe Chrislmas lormal l , [Ur ficl ,,f Ihe Decendx ' r I aniKiunc. ' menI llial a hous. ' had 1 n purchased, and one can see Ihe oulline of a .successful betiinningfor Ihejiroun. .M IH-Iorr ll. ' Ir l|)lia Delia I ' i riir s;,|,. uf ivd -,u,k in Ihr l . .rrs suaivd ..tie iiiiiilivd pi ' i- (Till uhrii Ihr .|).l ' i ' s ;iiiri(iimced llie niiiiiii: 111 ' Ihiii .iiiiiimI liiil S(M k l);iiirc. |-; cr mc llin. ' d nu I ' m lllr rsrlll. piuknl llnir -hor. in the iMML ' -i..uni. ; nd .l; i rr l in llirii nninhihih-.l s|u, ' kin ' i ' .nsicr (l;, . r,,ll.,ur,| uill, ll„. rx.l np ' dinnro uilli I ' nilc ' inilirs. |„i(li. ' r | ;nlirs (,„ ,:nn ni- li ns. ' ninlli(-rs. ind liir l lc ' L ' ' huur. dm in- xvhirli Ilic riilun- nc- liM ' s -ic iiicscnird l iIk ' nin ' of ■Swol Iir;n I of A.D.Pi " . Afl.T iniliidion. the nr« inili:il. ' , v|M.,linf. ' Ilii-ir lii:ind-ni ' di.iinond pin- (in lliiii |i,ii:Hn;i-. witc In.Mrd I,, :, -hnnlMT p.iilx uliirli tVatn.v.l plrnls uf ■ ' il ' l.M l.,-p. l llir li-k n( hrmfZ .all. ' d appl.-pulislHTS. llir V.D.I ' i-. .nlcilMin. ' d III.- n.rnll ; l a Irii lirld in Ihrir iH.nur kisl l-.ll. and lal.T. (•clcbnilcd III. ' Clnisliiiiis ' as n li lia in ' a Clirislnias parl to i-nd all C ' .lirisl- inas paiii. ' s. ' riic f:iiis pn.udl -Imw isilois and liicn.K lli. ' ir naiitlf. now dc(iiialrd itli a cup ri-ct-ivt ' d for winning tliiid plai !• in Ihr Inlii-Fralcniity Sin}. ' last spriiif;. MKJ -lair llirii in I rn I i in- uf aiiniiii: For Dial lii ' sl-placr Alpha E|)silon Phi Tlmd in ,;nMpiis s,li,,buslii[.. rinii- thr l(.|. in Inlni- Mniiil s|.,.rls. ;ui(l s,„ii,ll ■.u■[ , . Ur X.K.I ' lii ' s have an all-ar,.nn.l rhaplrr. Tlic hr.lir rush srasun lia.l s.-aicclv cndrd ulirn Ihr -iris , r .|-;.l ' hi Innnd llirnischrs iinolvrd in thr lasl an l iMiioiis fall and Nvinl.T sucial h u . Thr chaplrr h,,ns, ' «as al Ihc scams (hiiin- lh, (),)cn II, .use in (),l,,h,T. and pl. ' .i-rs and aclisrsnrni rn masse l , I ' .allimuiv lor Ihr pail -ixcn 1) Shirlrx Kraiis al hi-i home willi no disaslroiis ivsiilts. .InsI In show Ihi ' IVatfrnities that IIk ' n witch ' I IIic mK ,n, ' s dial c.nhl do il, llic A.E.PIii ' s held a slaj, ' pail (I ' oi women onl ) al mid-seniesters. Featured al (he |)ail were Ihr compi ' liliNc skits given by various groups, wliirh fiol succcssiN cK heller and better as the cNenin- wore oiV. Tlie A.liPhi pled-es pitched in al Cjirislmas lo -i . ' Ihe aetixes a partx in the Marxiand Hoom. and the a. ' lixes relumed Ih, ' faxor in the form of a Spring- K ,rmai. mari in- I he inslallalion of Ih. ' pled-es. Iield at the Shorehani, a filling climax lor an soiial simsoii. (lermaine Margolis rapped the gaxel during soioiilx meetings, and with Ihe assistance of Bunnx Sacks, vice-president, kept the girls of .i;.Phi loliing along. Alpha Gamma Delta tl.■:ll.■ l lli(k (if Hush Week last fall. Tllc iin itrd m-hc.s Id juiii in a -urssiiit: f, ' anif willi lii-h s(akrs. Six Ir.l lii-h. In !.,• .xacl, lui the prize for tlu- Iwsl ' iii ' sstT was a lali ' with I ' lHilliall t ' .aptain (iciii ' KIiiik ' n ! - III. l)al) cliaplcr (»f the Maryland campus, l|p|i.i ( larriina IX-lta has made great strides. Tills year I III ' grills looked forward with great antieipalioii to Ihrir li rsl atleiidaiice and part ieipat ion, as an aetise rhapliM ' . ill Mplia Cainnia Delta ' s lii-anniial ( ' .onxriilinn. l Ihis coinenlion, l Im ' Ii ' I I lliis siim- ii.ri. Ilir Iar l;ui(i cliapler will lake ils pla.r among lici ■ islrl rliaplirs I liioiighout the country, reaching Ihc ;. ' (ial I ' m whiili llic niend)ers have planned and worked s.i.liiigc.illN. s a piologu. ' I., lllis arlii.v,-MH-,il. llir eliaplcr speni Ihr past year binding llir ininil.nx ini,, .1 , I,,s,In inlcgrated group. TIhn slaiird lln ' lall mmhsIci willi a slinnlMT parl . (IniiiiL ' ulii.l, n.,|„,,K -,,1 anN s|,.,p and (• r. nn lalkcd ahuiil Ihrir various Hip. I,, California. This was followed li a hirtlida -parl ( clehrating Alpha (Jam ' s liisl liiilhdaN on campus, and lalcr. liie (irsi ehapler Spiing Koriiial. a iii. ' iiioiaMr . ' x. ' Ml for Ihr mnulM ' rs. Gill, Kvolyn Tomlinson, GvraldinR Fegloy, Jo Anne Quail, Emhor Spies, Ermcnia Nesci. Third Rotr: Nancy Brinkcr, Phyllis Lain, Patricia Myors, Britia Fris, Mary AlU lliigin, Sally Lonit. Mary Lou Woedon. Boltv Hilow. ' ' A ' i Gr;i , Klaiiu- Muhli,. Huuls Huwlaiid, Sally St und liou. IVggy Slurgis, Nancy i ' rict, Ann KUlrhci, Loviy, litUi I ' .u-r. Jacki„ ll.,i„incHl. Aiuic- Di-rrK-k. BiTry Marshall, Ann Boswell, Patricia Spears, Jean Lindeman, Mickey Mullin. Third Row: Jean Huyett, Ellen Bradford, Jeanne Stevens, Dolores Hancock, Beverly Huddlpston, Miriam Knibb, Bonne Simler, Jean McCauley, Rose Anne NcNulty, Mary Isabel Grove, Judy Spcake, Jean Reifschneider, Betty Tovell. Alpha Omicron Pi The X.O.I ' lii ' s 1,.m,sI,mI I ' liilip Morris snl. ' s duriiifj- Ihr riilllnus P.M. cnnlrsl hi l tinier. P.N nftrillluT lirsl, II M.I ,.r 111, ' cmlcsl III. ' -iris had piilVcd int., sc.-,,M.I phi.v. Williin ;, ni.-ilt.T .,( ' .l;i lli. ' x Innn.l Ih.MMS. ' h. ' s III. ' -Icrlul ..xMK ' rs n( A (■ rndi,,-,l,i. .■..iMi.liin. ' iils ,,r P. l,,rris. M,-,,lin.-shnn. ' .l in.Miihfrs .,r I,, sin- ,,r-inii ;,l i,,ns «,.iv iinilcd in aiiv .(».P ' is llic only one w liicli run lio;isl . f Im in- lia.l III. ' ..n, ' and only Tt-stud.., lM)ii. ndilc ,111.1 .,11. ' 11 M.nNlniK] landmark, in ils li in--r.M,ni. I l.mscniol li. ' r Mrs. Alexander never .■.Mild un.l. ' islan.l how il -.)! in, hut llie girls eyed a .(•itiiin tVat. ' rnil.N with snspiei.)ri. (ieneral Service .ihligingly removed Testudo, reinforced the floor, and .ailed it a day only to be SOS ' cd back sometime later in 111. ' v. ' slihiil. ' . Th. ' s,,.iall t., .().Pi ' s were proud of: 1)1. ■(!);.■ Marl P.ii ' . .)li.l I ' ) I ' ) Pledge Queen; singing their way to first place in last Sprin- ' s Inl. ' r-FialiMriity Sing; their three big dances this iar. Ih. ' Winter nance, the Initiation Dan. ' .-, an. I Ih. ' I railil i.mal P.-d an. I Whit. ' P.all. lur all past an.l pivscnl in. ' .nhcrs. 111.- .lock IkkU. I »L ' m]i f - mM ' i ' nV.-nLll! ' i«,,mi ' K ' Mu! ' ' ru ' l ' Cllr ' il . ' nmnV ' i.mia V ' .rd! Jmmn Ingrid Mort. Burbura Elm.. Jiinu MunKn.vf. Joanni- Siotl. Joy Dravw. J.un Momun», Alice Tho .1 Kii-. Sici Joyci- Fn d.-rick (TrcaK.i. . 1 H.lly U.-ut-rmann. Pi-Kgy Chrmman, J. mi ..rm:, H. „.. J, .an Gidding., Borlii- K . Alpha Xi Delia I ' UM IX ' U ,l|, . h. ' lV, ' l.rcn lllllr.l In ,(,II,M li,.n. III. ' lilM «;, lv.ri ,Ml lul (! ' ' ., I.,lluri mI ' Ihr , ' il n lliniir ;,l 1 Ihr Mphll Ihi ' ii iiiiL ' irKi " ■ S luMM.,, I ' ldiii. riir ollin (lip ii ' incsciils lln ' sciuiid [ihiic [iiizc 1(11 ilic I ' MI! Ildiiici (iiiiiiijr (Iccdrations. Ilic llcl;, Ij,,- st.utcd llic scliicslci uill, Mil Open I lo, ,-,, ' , r,,l|,,«c,l |,N ;i (Icsscil r,,i llicil hn.llicis. Ini- l.TiiiilU spciikiii r. III. ' Sifjiiiii Nil ' s. Nol Ion?. ' Mricrwjiid. Ilic -ills w.-nl «illi a Daisy Mac and LiC MMirrdaii.r. «illi MMiiNin ' Sam I., persuade lejiiehml Tliis pa-,1 (Mr. Hie lph;i Xi h;l (■ u.nkr.l in Hie ic(i|-i:aiii .ali(ili .if llieir I ' areiils " Cliil). -i eii a lea lor llleii Uallii e alllMlliae. and have . oiil i il.illed a ' I ' eal (le:,l dl ' lime ;,iid ell ' .iil Id llieii lialidlial piojeel (if a me.liiiil dispeil-al Id lie -i ell Id Hie IdVMI df N.idrd- uh k. Il .||;m l. I ii. Mplii iv ,;m Iddk liaek (.11 tile Sl . I ' ;. I li,k !);, |);ili.( ' . Ilieil (ilie and ||| Ddiilile ..I Ndlllin ' pailx. Hie lieaillirni Hose I ' .all. Hie lladilidlial Spiiiif: Formal of Beta Kla. Hie IVnHieiil impnimplu ■Jliela C.lii st ' ifnadfs. and last hiil never l.asl. Mail)aia i;iins " inlerpivlalidii of MairNin ' Sam. a liiiU slirriii ' pelldliiMiiee. First Itoir: Janic Rngan, Shirley Miller, Mary Alice Kellogg, Jane Lynch (Pres.), Corl Ann F.I " " - _ _ ... -. Black, Delta Delta Delta Till ' ndlii ,i. ' irls nniic buck lo ;i I ' lv.shU piiinlcl l nl ciiipK lidusr. Ill :i «rck (if s .Tpini; iinil liii;-iM- and uilh Ihc help of (iror.uv. llic lions. ' » as iini illiilc ill ils iiru (jr.-.iri, lions. TUr Nliirl«in.l rush season slnmhlrd i, he s.rainhir of foolbal! games and llie IVanlie seanli of niiiiis for I loinecoming decorations. The Founders l)a liaiKiiiel slipped in witli special einphasis on lian(|iii ' l. About tiiis time the Tri Dells nnciv honored hx a visit from two Belgian girls. The nias Pine part inlrodiiced Ihe lirsl slin which multiplied as all good shmoos do. The IVonl windows became their grandstand. Between Christmas and t ' hange of semesters the goal became. ' " A seranade a week. " I ' .askclliall beci a iaxorile spectator sport of III, ' Irif.le l)s. Wha Mloo W ha ! On Thursday nights ye ole Delta slielta played host 111 aflci dinner coffees for all (he campus. As spring came and pansies shiiweil Ihcir smiling blossoms, the Delias, loo blossomi ' d I ' m III in formal dress for their Annual Spring Formal. Soon afler niaii a Delia girl was found with a red face as llic sini deck hciaiiic ihc place, classes or not. ,lusl preparing for Ocean CiU. Let ' s Live! I ' ll in! Koir: Ann Tulli; m ri H IBk ' MiI HiJ Dalr-lxnl. I ' o.sio » Delta Gamma Itl.rk ...11. ' . ' h. ' ll. ' licla Sij, ' nia of Di-lta (lainiua cruised smootliK llnniifili t he Noar witli tlu-ir colors llyiiifi liigli. Formal nisliinj; was a luific siKcess in every way, for the D(is picked up one of liie largest pledge classes of any group iiti caiiiiius, thirty |)rospertive wearers of the anchor. (:, ' nli;ill IcMiilcd. the DtJ house can boast of having liyrd Stadium pradically in ils hack yard. C.anipused of incapacilali ' d mciidii ' is wi-ir mMi ' I.j iiw , ' ill the fall games Ih.ii h,,. k uiii-ious U in. sirain N hat urv,T. III. ' DCs . ' tijuN. ' d Ih. ' aimual ha rid. ' ' iv.n Ihr iHtJM ' s l.y IJM ' picd-c ' s. lUr -iris MU dalr l,ual(lr l hu.ks and hradrd Inr Hir shoi. ' . uh. ' i. ' liicx p, ' Ml all cxcilin- da . (:|iri ljMa liinr n.ll. ' d an.und and I hr Drila ( iaintnas donated dolls (ll " ' ' ' ' ' ' ii ' l ' I " l il Herson for his campaign, in addiliim l.i lliis. Iln hardworked !)( I jili ' dges again feted lln ' artlMs willi a tremendous ( liristmas parly. The Delta Carnma s have as memories of l ' 19: llio JcNcrish work and (louri.shing of paintbrushes which pidduced a small masterpiece in the way of housi- di ' . oration at Homecoming; their huge inilialimi ; llirii llltie sisters dressed in their pretties! lui ihc I ' lidj. ' ! ' Dance. FirtI lliiic: B. ' lty Poguc, Jo Blaki ' , Pat Fell. Ellii- UiKgona iPr.-a.i. Willv AlbauKh (Vic.-Pri ' s.), Phyll Kni.ih.r (Trcag.i, Betty Kockwcll. Jo Cilbcrt. Louiiw Boono. Srrond Knu-: Dolorm Bowlra, Emily Drovin. Anne Ciirpinlir. Miiriiin Cronin. Anne riirr. Doris Priiv. Ail -.n Dubbort. Mary Dan»b -rg.T, P.-R TurniT, Giny Hcllmann, Botay Sniiih. Third Row: Margar.-! Ball, Nan. ' v Sjiurn.-v. Knnis Chiir.-, ' ,l,.nii Kn nmh. l)..l..r. ' » ( ' ..lion. Kit;. D.ivit. Cail T. Margnr.-lla Bain«. Joan Parroll, Nancy Vul(. n. Anno Wood. Juan M i Corinnc Davis. Betty Baker, Mary Jean Leukel, Jane Gray, Vera Pettit, Janice Bradshaw, Doris Thompson, Gamma Phi Beta Tlie (iaiiiiiia I ' hi house ;is the scene of a near-iri siineclioii last fall. ( ' .aiii|)iis wheel and Ciamnia Pii president Mary Ellen Hicks, in chaif e of Honieconiiii Queen candidates, was the only student to know Iht identity of the Queen twelve hours befoi( tiie crowiiint; Besieged ! her sisters in the mode ; ,i | 1„,,UM. M;n Kllen was forced to barricade her door lo kce|. IIk deep secret. Sociable Mary Ellen almost broke undi ' i the strain, but. Irue lo liie cause, didn ' t breathe a word The (iariitna I ' lii ' s were more i)liilanthropic thai usual this x. ' ar. TIm ' n not onl led all other sororilie in contributions to C.A.R.E., but they curtailed socia expenses and contributed an extra amount to tlieii camperships for underprivileg(Yl chiklreii. However, social life itself was not eliminated. TIk jlirls went overboard in a nautical a for their annua Ship Dance, a big e tiil on their social calendar Fraternities cheerfu lK trooped up the slope to tin -reeu-shullered while house for afler-dituier c(,irees and the campus at larp ' has beaten a palli up lh( grassy hill to attend the lamed (iamuia I ' hi opei houses. The Pledge Dauce. honoriui. ' eighteen pro .spective Gamma I ' hi acti es, roimded oil ' the l ' )el: Beta ' s social season. Mury U..».- A iam». Junv Zinck, Jiun Ur.iim iS.c... Mur - Ja . DiPuulu. I ' al Iluiiclull. S.cand Uou-. Murllm Jian Crawford. Al M.itlinitly. Jan.t MacDonald. Jan.- Dii-ki ' V. Kappa Alpha llirla ' I ' Ik ' ivsiil. ' tlls .,1 ' II,, ' lilllr uliilr rnW-Aiir in llir (.lllrll ll.l c ,-,,lnr ,-1 l(.tl- :l sill,-,- tll,-il il|v|;,||,-,ti,,|| ,.11 r.iinpnsiii 1-Vl ,„;,,s ,,r l ' )i:. I.;, si .,,ii,i-. Ill,- ThrUis -i.rCulK rallied III,- iKipliN Idi second place in the annual Inlcr-FraliiiiilN iiii:, ,|iiilf a fcal for a frroiip of their small si .c rii,-l;i uwnn,! iifi III,- ,-.ii uilli lli, ' ii aMiiiMJ Spiiii- i- ' uiiiml. Iirld ;,l III,- K,-iiu H„l CmimIia (lull. Ill,-|| j. iM,-(l III,- mass , X,Mlns |,, ||,;,l nilillhlMlr, j I;,. I |, ' nll. (),rari ( ' .il . H,-liuniii- lasl n,||. ||i,- «,-l,,,Mi,-.l ;, ii,u Im.i.m- iii,,lli,i. Ml-. !•;. (,»iia . ;ui,l |.il,li,-,l iiil,, III,- u,.rk ,.f fall iiisliiii;. ' . riii- siir i ,-(| llic slrcmious rnsii .season li ,, lining ' ( ml mIiIk |i.i w illi a line pledge roup and immedialeU s,-l alioiil adjiislini: lli,-ir si;:lils I.. Hu- so, iai and academic scenes. W ( " lirislmas, llie Tlielas joined willi repiest-iitati ,-- of other (Jreek groups on campus in a Sing-Along with Fred Waring and the ! ' nns l anians. Christmas program as (lex d lo III,- Kansas Inslilnl,- of Logopedi.s. th.- IValeinilvs iiali,.nal , liarils. Tli.- K AT Formal in the Spring p ilis||, ' d ,ill Hie l M J social -al.-ndar. Looking forward I,. an,.lli.-r a. I iv il N-iill,-d and v.-ar. III.- liM-tas adj .iMn,-d I,.! a l,-(l siiinni,-r i,-sl. pi First Row: Mar .K ' l!. " l . s ., .,„. r:ii ■i.,,,.,,.,!. l ,,ii„. W White, Sheila K..rkvK 1. P.i;i; HuiK.r, .l,,,,ri . N,,- Hoppensteadt, Mary Lou 11. C. J. S.w.ll. J. an Simll ., (ai Betty Banlis. Audrey Mowen, Ann Heidclhai-h. Mary Alice l,a Margie Scull. r. ' ti. DorL i! ' ' j. ' .a.i " L ' .. ' ' ' l. Harder. Nano •v. M.i-:i. !...| ' :-.. . I , C,,,,,,,.,. .]..■. I .l, , .J.ian Mil,- -Nancy lloucli. Dulun-s iMtzferal.l Peake. Tavia M.irgan. Betl, Bur .Minn S.-, . ' rhirdR,,],.- •h, Billee Hal ■un: H.l..r,. ' H, lary ■her, Mary Ann ?S.f;i:; Kappa Delta HI Hii iliSi Th, ' K;i Dcrs li;nr llic .nriicr , ,n llic (hirrii iiiiiikcl. Last sciir ' s Ma. Queen «,is Kiippa Delia Carol Haas, while sister Jean Fainiei wore llie ero«ti of llie ltJl9 Homecoming Queen. I ' ncii llie fall pledge class has its claim to distinction when pledge Betty Lee was chosen " Miss Frcshnian " . lighling lushees- cigarel l. s. and Irving lo sl. ep 1 1, rough all nighl rush lueelings. I he Kay Dees got rolling down llie aeadeinie and social paths. Socializing began at the kappa Delia house with an Open House in November and ended with a spring formal. In between these eviMits. I he usual e cliange dinners and desserts and |iaiiies lloiirislied. The ( ' hrislinas season was ushered in 1) a parly given by the pledges for the actives. Not to be outdone, the actives returned the favor by throwing the famed Black and Wiiite Ball in February. The sporls-ini iuled Ka Dcs lliiew bow ling-halls. (lashed hocke slicks, and sprained llluseK ' S during Ihe women ' s Inlia-niurals. hiil can slale with [)ri(le llial they received second place in hist years " spoils. I ' hil- anthropically, the girls supported a Belgian and niiiinlained siv beds in Ihe Tiippled Childreirs Hospital. " ii o..k a is;is ;iii,ri liii.l a lollllli 1..I 1 ri.lge. ti n i r. a e f- wsm i n, 1 1 1 F_ I vx kk ' I ' liri-f u»:uiii! l hid- is no fair! Itixiii- iii- lh - uorst oikI r ihiM fvuther huttic up in tli - Kuppa dorm. Kappa Kappa Gamma Ihr Kappiis kr,|, IIn.I srliol l sliip .UJ. sllin . Ill lii.l. Ilir -N.. kf|.l it 1mii lor l vn ,MIS. 111(1 :iiv Imping ' In krrp il In, tllr IImkI Willnii .|uinlin- (lisl;ui,-. ,,r tlir Tlirhi Chi :ni(l I ' lii I),ll r. ,l,iiiil III,. KKC ' s l. ' ad ; n . ' irlivrs,M ' ial lii ' r. In ; l lili.m lc Ih. ' iiMiiil IVah ' i ' nilN (IcsMiN nii.l .limi.Ts. :,ii,| ;, CliiiMinas .linn.r tm Ihr hlllr ivlris uf Ihr M.livrs. ihr K; Ms .Miphasi cd llnii Spiiisln Skip. KKf. hui.sriiK.lh.l. Mrs. Hill, nil,,- 1 V ;„lr,l as hnslrss lor Ihr Kappas Ik.usciih.IIkt ' s Ira. ii annual allaii lui inan r.iis, il is all I ' lljoyalilr ami inlnrnial -rl-l(.-rlhri Inr all (illlipus llOUSflllol litis. Kappa jdiiird the oilier (irpiiii alioiis (in Ihr i anipii in srn.liiiL ' a CVMK packafTf to a rainiiv in (innians. In aiMiiici I,, Ihis. llicN ( ' (iiili ' ihnl ' i In Ihr Dornlhv ( aiilirj,! lishri Kiin.l I ' m- Fnnrh lirhrf and nihr, Ihr Ka,,pas rrnirinlMi; Ihr iinpn,niplu l,alrrnil sriana.Irs ,,| |„n . l.. ihr vvr. ' k ihal hrs rvr Iliaranlinrd. .and Ihr I h.inr.uinin- dr.nralinns Ihal Thr rhaplri ' s Ihl.v Mnrlai l ' .,.aids hrld Ihr l,,p olllccs. .Mar I ' al swuii}, ' llie fe ' avi ' i, .Naiirx hrlprd, and (iiiificr look rliarge of tlio moneybags. afl.). Mary Morun. Chorron CulluKhnn. bUBie t.It ' diT, Maggie Ouiloi . . . ... Myi ' rs, Margie Wolch, Jean Thompson. Jackie Morley, Barbara Stephenson, Jane . verman. Jean Culbert. Jinx Hagermnn. Third Row: Eleanor Gwathmey. Rarbar; h. Diane Thompson. Margie Geiger, . nn Myers, Peggy Habner. Harriett Hobson, Hetty Join-. Honoru Whelan. Marie .Siji(T tr(l. Koy -lteii rramptun. Hcxii " ' ha Lei ' Heise. Robin Kearney, Eleanor Harrington, Junie Crapster. a ■ u. h k m y F,rs! i;„,r Barbara Kulin, El li.l JniiK ' tifi 1. Roberta Majesky (Sec), Carolyn Thompson (Vice-Pres.), Amy Canlwell (Pres.), Mary Jarnll i . Iaiih Kolii-k. Barbara lluri;. ss. S, ,-..„, I!„u-: Dorolhy Drake, Belly Ehlers, Gayle Hamlen, Regina Markey. Jeanne Reynolds, Marcia Foster, Joan Clark, Lvnne Hossmann. Third Ran-: Virginia Bogerl, Barbara Fitzgerald, Martha Waldron, Patay Branner, Helen Hereford, Kathy Lynch, Carolyn Smith, Janet Richards. Pi Beta Phi M W ' Thf I ' i IMiis ;,iv .slill htMNfiin r,,r (irsi sflit.hirsli liint. Iht ' ir caps sfl lur llial sliin ut,l,l ,„p. ■ ' i Thf tliapl.M- ht.iis,. ,v,fi f,l an inlfiit,!- Catf-linini. ' hisl fall ulifii Ihf iiiils painlfti all Hit ' nttuiis. Tli,. htiiisf liirnfti ttnl hfaiiliriilK, hiil painl-llftkfil I ' i PhTs wfif sffii pinvliasiiii; ' I iirpfiil iiif in ll)iv,lil ' s lur uffksarifiuaid. Thf ,,Nfivn,u.lf.l «l,ilf littnsf in Ihf ( has ii.tnsfd anti pntltvlfd, l.fsidf I ' i I ' hi ' s. a tpi.iinl nit- nanvrif. Thfiv rlv Innr uhitf lahliils, naiiifd I ' i, Hfta, I ' lii, and Mt,f, and a small l.latk .at t.f dfcidtd opinions «hosf fondiifss for hainhurt fr .and sh.iwfi ' ' ' ' " " ' " ' " " ' " " ' ' " ■ ' " ' ' ' ' !■ ' " • ' ■« I ' - ■• ' stalls earni ' d him much impopulai il . The arrow f, ' irls wcif pnnid ni ' Ihcif llnmii iimiiif; lt:ii ' liai ' u pluvs ucconipuiiinieiit Coi ' an otV- decoralions. 1 lif dcciilcd il was cncii wdiIIi flliiif; lip al five . M. lur dcct,i,il in- pmpttscs .allcr hciri- awardcti Ihird [tri c. Tilt ' Iraililittnal Winlcr Ctiiillittn. held aniiiialK al Ihc Ht,-ci- Smilh llt.lfl. Ihf hi-hlinhl ,,f Ihc I ' i I ' hi M . jjl I s i winlcr social whirl, i cls heller anil licllcr. Thi Ihc chaplcr and luxcdttcd dales dancetl d, - —-- iiiMicr Ihc LcncMtlcnl e ' iii.i her llian I )t . " W Heid hiniscir, -ucsl chapcronc who seemed lo enj himself as much as Ihc ;;iils cnjti cd havin;; him. •n t • Margolin. Marlyn Pap T (Vio-Pr.-». . Km. R..».n(.l l E ' r. iiby Spi-clor, Erlvne Hltis Judy Jacobs, Kuth llurrowilz. . l hi Sigma Sigma Will, lllr l.ld nC .-l IMilllhln-ll III Ihr li;in U uf ;, llnll.rllll ,,r rllll,,|s,;is||, | |,i i;.-s ;,l l|,r 1 H -i II 11 il 1- uf llir .rii„..l,r. Ilir hi- ulnlr liuiiM ' :il Ihr -■nd .if C.ll,-.. rmu■ u;,. iiiiHl.- lr;„lv r.,i MiMl|i,-i ,m|- nf m.I In il . S.Hi;,l lilr xNiis .miiliMsi ,,! iM.I niri IVuin Ur I ' lii Si- Opin Nuns,, ill III,. |-,ll. «lli,|| s.rin.d nnu.Ird rllull-ll Jul ill! Irll ll,ul|s;„l(l Ial hll.l st|„|,.,lls Im iir llinv. I,, ;, ,|r»,Tl Mllll l.lid-c |)illl lur ill! .MIIIIMI-. hciiisriiKillifis. Folliulcr ' s l):i was an iiii| " ii laiil ilcin ..II III.. I ' hi Sifi sorial ci.lfiKlar. Inr il ua- , .l.l.ial. .1 I.N adiniin iiiWasliin-luiivvilli lli,- ( ....ii:.- W a l,iiiL ' l..ii rlia| lr| and llir W asliill-luii Miiiiiiia. ' ( lllli. carl I ' MiA I ' M ' iiiiiL ' I ' .iiinil III. ' Ii.iii i ' di ' srrlcd and iii. ' inlM ' is liiid-inL ' up III. ' lull I., a |ila rehearsal, for. ,,i ' ' ani ali,,n. . III. ' 1 iilx.isilx ' r «as H,,- ra .,iil. ' a ' li il . Like MliiiiN ,( III.- clh.r .-rnnps mi caiiipiis. I Ik- j ' lii Sif. ' s brciiMir I • pliiianllilnpic lliaii . ' ii lliis yar. III. ' -iris worked .-SH ' nalK liaid .,n lli.ii iiali.mal riiilailllintpic |)rnic ' .l. III. ' p|. ' i ' iili..|| and .III. ' .if lili.ninali, ' K. ' V. ' r. I, mIIiii- iiia-a in. ' s an. I li.k. ' K I., ( .,iixlilnli..ii Hall ...ii.. ' il--. Ml. I III. ' .ai. III. ' riii Si-- . ' l-.-i ' d III. ' li.MlM ' d....i nnlil Npl. ' iiilH ' i. •! ' ). iHlrrliind ;ill anMind lli. ' ir uliil, hniisc, llic Sifiniii Kii|)|);is l)c.i,Mll llic new sctlicslci Innniildati.vMl I lir chapter linusc. .Iiitin- x lii,-l tli( ' inlii)(lii(c(l llirii- new plcdirt ' s Ici the lainpii Si-nia Kappa-s snrial calendar also included Ira fur llirir lieu huiisctnol her, Mrs. (irrlriK nor ,,r I ' rrsidrnI I ' .xrd. With n(ii:hlinrs I ' i I ' hi and Thcta, the Sigma Kappa ' s ■Id a jdini Open I louse after the Maryland-Loy lacrosse gaine. Cuesls damvd at Sijjina Kappa. pla e ! bridge at Pi I ' hi. and had relVeshnienIs al Tliela. Favorite eons I ' rsalionalisI at the Sigma Kappa house is member nn Sipp. who not only journeyed to the sorority eoiiMiilion in Sun alley this summer, but also managed to 1 afler«ards. Sigma Kappas like I,, l,„,k hack to llieir I ' MI! Spring Formal. NNhieh «a s held in the W illard II whieh prosed lo he the bright spot of the spring semester, along with the r ). hasride to (ireal Falls, held sometime 1: Betsy Slallord was moderator and head woman of the ehapt. ' r. while Katy Fister assisted, and ,lnne Helger h. ' ld Ihe [.nrse-st ring ]. AtUetirs Terps resent too much Justice The two Waterboys pk-ked up ll I paper cups on iiie gr turned to leave tli ' If you say one word, I ' ll hit you ir le . . . I ' nj so the field I got so excit As they reached tl Carolina. He leafed through the crumi pages. On the last page the rooter had writ ' We ' ll kill ' em next year! " jled ten, " Yeah, if we only played them next ye said Joe, sadly. " Pick up your bucket and let ' s go, " sr, " said the other. " We ' ll murder all the rest of them, With heads held high, the two boys tro into the locker murmuring over and over ag tted ain " We ' ll gel ' em next year. We ' ll get ' em vearl " next The locker door closed quietly behind tl em. It.H.k N... Vl ihrilL.I ll. Slalioii l)i... Utt M IT. ( ..1. I. • !;.. h til. .11 •,■„(.-.■..„ of Mllil..,v • . i.-i 111. 1 1.1. -I . ATHLETIC COL NCI L c .i|n|)lr|irll i c -.pnrU pn ij. ' l:ini is |Mlt|v(lIr(l Ml III.- I nJN. ' isilN of Mar hiii(l iindrr III.- siipi ' i x isi.iii ..I ' Hi. ' (■. .111 Inlnroll.-ialr Mhi.-lics. Six im.iiiI„i. ,,1 llir fiKiilU, Ihi- pirsidi ' iil it ' till ' Sliid. ' iil (i.iv. ' iiiMi. ' iil s«iH ' inlioii iind Hi. ' Ii. ' :id . ! ' III. ' Miiiiiiii s.m ialioii coiiiprisc tlic Cuimcil. jirsily Ipaiiis an- foslficd in IkiscImII. liask.ll.all. I) i iiif. ' . cross ((lunliN. fuolbidl. f ' olf. huioss. ' . litj. ' . s.M.ii. I.iinis. Iiaik and wrcsllin ;. Fii ' shnian Icains in III. ' SI ' |iasl iiii. ' s. mil diirin., ' Ijit- war period, liaxc ll.-. ' ll IVNix. ' .l. I ' oiir ..I ' III. ' iii. ' nil . ' i-. ..r III. ' ( ' ai. ' luriiKT Old Liin- sports stars. ( liaiiman (l.aiv J-lppl. ' N. ' fl; Dr. K. . Cory, " O ' l; Dr. William K. K.nip. 2. and Dr. William ( ' .. Suppl. ' . ' , m,. Oth.-r m.-mb.Ts arr .lini lalinii. ' dir. ' .tor and all roacii: Col. Ciaii.l. ' .siadlmaii. Ii.a.i .if III. ' lililar I ). ' pai : 1)1. illim I. I ' .. ' ll, Miiimii pi. ' xx. and l.on Kisndiaiirr. (. l.a.lri. laliiiii. N.irlli (:ai..lina -rad, and Col. Sladlman aic only non-Mary landers ainont; the eif;!!!. Kpplex, IVan of Men. was a f;real football end and r.impeled in track and later was head coach of tli. ' lall. ' r sport. Cor , fooliiall captain in l )(IH and nmii.i . ii till ' Irai ' k ti-aiii. is head of the Kntomolo ' y I). ' - pailiii. ' iil. K. ' iiip. -rid and track star, is director of tli. ' I ' Xp.rim. ' iil Slali..ii. and Siipplee. football end wli.i was iiam. ' d .m s. ' x.ial all- Xnieri.a team in l )2:i and als. a bask. ' iball anil Ira.k a..-, is in Hi.- Chemistrs D. ' I ' mII. Dental School product, is a fon-efiil lia.l. ' i .if III. ' L ' lads and |-jsenliaiier. a junior from Kallii . ' . h. ' is pi.,x, ' ,i a popular i. ' a.l. ' r of the sliidi ' iil Ii-mU. Terps 6-4 record good; ' Breaks ' cost two wins Wllilc IKil inillrliiii- ils ivrnnl ..f I ' dT. Ilir Miilxliitld Incll.iill [i ' lun. xxilh six Ni,l,,rics .-iiinsl Iniir dclrals. U:u iin inl.Tcsliii- srnson. hnl 1,11c lliiil did riul satisfy .litn ' I ' aliiin. rhicf niuunl. In ra,l, I ' .i,- .liin had a ri,-l hr s.,iiH ' N hat dis- appiiiiilrd. I , ,T his ,,«,, cllurls ur ihal of his staff. but becausf Luck (hd iu ch(M,s,. In smile upon the TtM-ps. Mainland should ha c wcin Ihc Mmucfoming Game with Dukccasils. hnl instead Inst i t lie irking; rnai ' jiin (,r a Innc pninl. Then. I. in. the Old Liners apparcniK had llM ' ii linal -atne uilh West ii-inia at Mni-an- fin and in, ' ssinn nf the l.all. TheM a Tcrp funil)le Hifi (iiiii ill sports as alliU ' tic lirector, lioail grid coach anil nicniher of athletic hoard. In his two years his grid teams lia e » ' on IS games, lost 6 and lied 2. 241 CO M« • " «»ii.QO A l4 »»« %40a ' ' s 59 83 26- 42 3 ' fa if j mMWn U aS »2i IS ' Ji?ESS5S?l ' S captain). Hob I uryn. Jiikf lic.wdcn. John Idiik. Hubie W.-rncr. Fourth row: J.H Krilh. Stan Kamash. Bob Roulottp. Tom McHuRh. Ch.t Gi rula. Bornio Snisoak, Paul ipn. Bob Andru.i. Jack MKJuadc Fifth roir: Ray LaFontainc, Ed KfnsliT, Ed Pobiak. Matt Stankicii-zw, Rudy Cazyur. Marv KramiT, Bill EviTson, Dan Jian. John Baroni. Ti ' d Bi ' lz, John Troha. Sixth rorr: Harry Brown. Lefty Nairn, Bob Bradford, assistant managiTs; Bill Bisw-ll. manager. Ter|)s 6-4 record good I ' nif ni;( OKI) Marxlantl I ' l Hirhninnd 1 . fiilNf thr l(.lllll:iinrcrs llir SCdiill ' : i u wr llir needed l KiehlnnlKJ :in(l seeinill- Ni.loix liided iiilo defeiil. MiHxIand I ' ll nelawaic I .. . Ihui li.ese !«,, lilU Iner, phned oil ill, ' liL ' lll side l Wilniin ' lon. Di-I.) of the l( ' (lf. ' « ' r. il is eell.iill IIliI llie Olil l.ilieis u,,nld " Iar laiid . 2)! ir-inia Teeh liavo rccci c(l :in :itli;ieii e |„,«l hiil. ■Maryland 12 Duke Mi.lNlaiul MehMlK nMl :;,ilie i CNelN lue. ,Aee|.t M.irxl.ind i: (e.ML ' e Wasilin-lnn :iiul -l ' l ill. a l ' :illl laled (lie liesi in Dixie al llie tinish of the season. The (:,.li;ni..d.,.es uele the ,,nU niarxlaiid 2(1 ..rlii Carolina ollHil In iiiaki ' (he Tei ' i.s look l)ad. Marxland 27 Miami I l Miami. Ha.) The Old Linns picked up a L.lal ,.r ;$.l.i Nards during ' the season. 2.:i. ' l l) nishiii ' and itOit Ihroii ' h Marx land I ) Soulh ( ' .iioiina 1 Al ( .iilimihia, S. ( .. ) Ihe ail. lillliie Werner sel the llinilillf, ' paee willi :y2u ,,r K. ilarrs I ' .unk «as next «ilh :i:() and ie Tiirxn Ihird uilh : ' .: ' .(.. Tiirxii ailded .V). " , x.irds in Marxland (1 anderbill i l Nashxille) passin- lo he l,ip in Inlal xardav ' e wilh ' ):ll. M.nxland II ir-iiiia I l Mol-antuvMi. WesI a.) I ' iarl Mnlh made l ) piinls fur an axeiap ' of .•?:.2 xalds. I ' lax.-d a 1 (Hillilh Sladiimi. aNliin;. ' lon. 1). Ten finish Old Line grid careers, leaving big gaps to be filled in 1949 eleven BOB ANDRUS Junior in Pliysical Kducatiori lias pla c(l his last fur MaiNland, alter three years. Bob played a year at Nortli Carolina State before the war, which makes him ineligible for 1919. Kollowiiif: his year at N. ( ' .. Stale, Bob went into the Navy for three years, then to Maryland with Clark Shaugnessy. Bob ' s best game was when he piaxcd at . . C. State in a game against North Carolina Pre-Flight. Bob threw two TD passes and N. C. State won. l ' »-i:5. HARRY BONK Stocks fulll)aik for tlie Terps caiiK up IVoIl orth Ca ■oli.ia P ■e-Flight lie was tl nl Marvlander to plav i nil • I ' .lu •-(;ra f, ' aii e at i?ir iiingliaii lliis sriir. He plaved for the Gray. Ilarr savs lie enjoyed his 76 yard niii III t le lirsl Ihr, e niiliul es of last year ' s game with North Carolina ii Ol ' C than aii Ihiie ' ' h. ' can think of " Bnl it makes me sad to look hac k III 1 lal a line, altho i-li Iha run wa;- a lot of fun. " Harrv received his master ' s degree in 1 ehru u-y. Hew a s gradu lied will a four point average in pliysical t (1U( itlOIl PAUL BROGLIO Guard w ho had the distinction of playing varsity football at four major colleges. He was at Ohio State in ' 40 and ' H, yvhere he played one year of freshman ball and one of varsity. In ' 12 he went to Tennessee, and then into llie Marine Corp from lliere. While in service, he played at North Carolina in ' ft, and in ' 46 came to Mar laiid. Paul, who hails from Massillon. Ohio, and is a senior in physical educa- tion, deemed his best game the oin ' where the Cherry Point Marines beat North Carolina by one point in I he linal minutes of the game, 14-13. SCOOP EVANS • one of the five Terps at North nd came up to Maryland with Ijid for Maryland for four ye; Carolina Pre-Flight during the " Bear " Bryant. " Scoop " , who hails from Springfield, Mass., was captam for the Home- coming game yvilh West Virginia in ' 47. His greatest thrill y ' as m the Delaware game this past season, when he caught his first TD pass. " It was really worth it, " he said, " after waiting four years. " " Scoop " stands 6 feet, yveighs 185, and is 22 years old. GENE KIXNEY " II ' l " .T|. .apliiin last Near wlio caine lu Mai laii l fn.iu Nuilli I ' rc-Fliglit ill 15 after playing tlic previous year at Dartmoulli. (iene, a 6 ' 2 " , 23 year old, 195 pounder, from Louisville, Ky four years first string for the Terps. He w as a tackle the lirsl ; enter the last thrt. . The " Rcilhodd " cites the upset of Nirginia in ' 1.5 at (irifiltli Stadium as moment in footljall. (Jene plaved for the South in the (irth-Soutli gam. ' in Miami this ear. along witji iiis teammates Al Pliiilips and i. his big gam.- ii ' Wusn. AI, PHII.LIIN Maixiand in IMK) with Clark Sliauglmess . Iiavii Pin in ' . . Dining llic irilei .iiing lim -, he was (niard ulin plaved under I the ' Navx. Al, wliu r;,IU ,,illi ,,n(lr,-iiri. I a.. sa N s Ills ImsI ;:anie was fur I ' ill against lilinuis when liudd.N onng was in iiis prime. I ' ill lusl iU -.-,. lull l made two of those live poirds by scoring a sat ' elx. Ih- a lil ' A product and plans a business career. ED SCHWARZ (iiiardaiid ki.kei -ollrr lor I In- Terp iur luiir xeai . Iheamr I,, Marxian from Norlli Carolina i ' le-Kligiil. VA plax. ' d for the Soulliern Ml SI.ik x (he Charlotte Clippers in a p(jst-seasori game this year, along with Tnrxn, llariv Honk, and (iene Kinnev. Kil, who lips the scales al 188 and is 5 f.-et. II inches lall. poiiiU || 1 )I5 game wilh king ' s Point as his best. In this game, wliirh M;ii l;ui won. 22-12. i:d kicked a field goal from a dilliciilt angle. I, ike Hunk, lie earned a master ' s degree in physical educaliun. BERXIE SXISCAK Senior in Arts and Sciences, plaved under Clark Shaughnessv at Pitt in " 11, and came to Marvland in ■15 ' afler leaving the avv. Ile " lias plaved thre. ' years for Maryland as a halfba.k. This 5 ' H " . 180 iioiind. 22 xear old, Lansford. Pa., lad terms his greatest game Ihe one he jilaxed for Pill against Peiin Stale. He made a 9 8 vard runba.k of a kick-..!! ' dow n lo help heal Penn Slate, H-0. He i ni;,i.,riMg ill Co rrmiinil ail.l I ' ojilics. VIC TURYN Twenlx-six year old 180 pounder, has plaved four years for Maryland in Ihe qiiarlerback slot. He was on Ihe ss( ' .cialed IVess ' Southern ' Con- ference third team last xear and on the I nited Press ' .second team. ic. who stands W " ' . claims his greatest thrill in college football wa- Ihe Homecoming game in P)I7 against West Mrginia. " Thi.s. " he sax . " was mx biggest thrill in foolball we weren ' t supposed lo win. and we did, 27-0. Also. I ' m a Wcsi irginian mxself and it gaxe mc a lol of personal .satisfailion. " Hl ' lME WERXER Halfback IV.mi Collim;swood. . .1. Came lo M.nxl.ind in 11. onlx lo leaxe in March of ' Ii! lu -o into Ihe Infanlrx. From lliere. he w.iil iiilo Mililarx inl.-lligenc. ' Scrxic.-. and thus did not play any scrxice ball. He came back to Marx land in Id, and has been here ever since. Ilubie. whose major is bacleri..logx . and who stands 5 ' IOH " . " cigli 170. and is 27. calls his best gam ■ the one wilh Mrginia in ' 12 when Cl.n k Shauglmessx was slill al I . of M. Ibibic s.-ored two louchdow ns in Ihal g.nne and the Terps W(in, 27-1 I. Ill " " " " " 5 5 S « t ' f. f " f- ; •- • FKOSll (iKinscji ' An udley, Ray Bender, Third row: Hay McKay, trainer; Joe Moss, Jack Brewster, Al Yonce, Bill Dougherty, Larry Clark, Bill De ;e Howard, Bill Trieber, Ed O ' Connor, Bill Ruehl, Bill Tucker, Sully Krouse assistant coach. Fourth row: Warren Giese, assi Maletz ky, Lynn Davis, Ed Bolton, Les Brawley, Bob Chiodi, Tom Cosgrove, Chick Fry, Kip O ' Donnell, Dick Lentz. Ted Wieman, Frosli eleven flashy; Contains fine talent M;il lail(l " s rrcsliinaii m|1ukI. uilli Rill Mcrk ;il llic |,..|in. nnl niilv «nn luu.,,rilsli c-;, assnn.lU NNill ' nnli ' ihnl( ' snnic ln.-lil Miliiiililr liHrnl lo Ihr l«)l«) :Msil ;i-iin-iili(,n. l,vk ' s .liMi-rs ruiKincivd Furk I nioii I. .. iind nvslun; ains of ( ..■ui-r W ;islnn-l,,n. ( ;r,„-,.|,,u n iind WrsI ii-ini;,. iind I,, si ,ml l. W illiinn mid Marx rarlin-s lis a l(,nr lon(lid(, n ni a i ainc in urf,,lk. a.. Inr uhirh Ihc vuniii; ' IVips lia.l mils llirrc dass The n.okics mad, ' a |.ai I i,-ulail ini[iivssis ,- sli,,uinf, ' in dclralin- Ihc (.Mii- lonnlai is, 2(i-l2. in a colli. ' sl in CninlMTland hvUur a .n.ud , ' ahunl (..(HHI, «hi,li ((Milain. ' d mans Old Lin. ' alnmni. Tli. ' s lia.l Irail. ' d 1:2-0 al inl.Tinissi,,n l nl pnl .,n a lin. ' ..Ilmsix.. On. ' | la al Cnnih. ' riand .livu a hi- lian.l fnini III. ' ' r .».l uIm ' II III. ' anil.. nil. ' .T slal. ' .l llial ..I ' Wesl ii ' -inia uasla.kl. ' d luia ll)- aid loss l. TNdiiifis and O ' Connor— (Joe ' r diiii;s. son ..I ' S.iial.n Millard Tydings and Ed O " (lonii.)r. n.i iclalion 1.. Hcrh.M-t OT.onor). Whil. ' ni. ' iilionin- jusi a f. ' . I ' ;.! i I ' .ii; Mot " ) l,,d ., ' l. ' «ski an l sp.v.K j ' .n.k I ' .arU ..f llai;.-rsl.,« n. hairiia.ks: (i.Mii-. ' Il.,«ai(l n[ I ' .allii . ' an. I ii,l Ma.l)..rial l. .iiiarl. ' rl.a. ' ks; Jack Brcwslcr, liillhack ; li.rir ln , . ' 11.1:,!.... Moss, Bill Trieber of Cmnhcrland, and la.kl.s; May B.Mider and Bill Mal. ' l k , piards. should h. ' onlslandin.u adililions lo Talniirs ..iillil. l..d ,. ' l. ' «ski, a lle. ' l () f.wil. I ' ). ' , poiind. ' r « ho also .an pass, is r. ' .uard. ' d as Hi. ' I p. ' of l.a.k Marxlaiid n.. ' (|. ' ,l Ml. .si in III. ' pasi season. ? B()SII (iBIl) Bi:(()BI) Maryland 0— William and Mar hrosl 7 (AL Norfolk) Maryland 14- Fork I iii.iii M. A. 12 (At Fork Inidii) Maryland 27— (ieor-e Washington Frosli 7 Maryland 20 (;. ' ori, ' . ' l own Fn.sli i:i (Al Georgelow ii) Maryland 26— Wesl Virginia Frosli 12 I At Cumberland, Md.). 245 Ground attack wliips Spielers in inaugural -Maiylaiul ' s o|j -niiig j, ' airu ' of its second season under Jim Taliini was entirely loo niucli Terrapin and not enougli Spider, as the I ' niversity of I iclinioiid ab- sorbed .1 ! ' )-() whitewash liiid.r Ih.- h-hts in I heir home s(a(hiirii. The Trip air alla.k hu ke(l pulish hul NhnNlalid ' s -round (.liens. ' made up I hi ' .linerrn.e wiUi grains netting almost KM) yards. em Si ' ibert and Jim La Hue each scored and John Idzik helped set up the Ter- rapins ' first and second touchdowns. i( Tinyn, his passes missing, stayed on the turf to pnmh ii ir tlir other TD with a i-Nard .|uarterba.k sneak in the third period. LaRue ' s score came at tiie outset of the final quarter when he look a punt on his 20 and brought the crowd of 12,000 to its feet with an 80-yard touchdown run behind good blocking. Seibert was the main gainer in Ihe lirsl liali ' . In llie opening period, the lillle scatback radd :ii sards In the 1-yard line Inr (he Tirp ' s first liireal. hul a fumble and a puni scl Maryland hack In the :{(l. From there Seiherl look Hie ball across with two conseculi e runs of 12 and l» yards. Seilx ' rt again ligund in selling up a score in the third period. Will. Ilir help nl hjzik and LaHur. ihr ball was brought down In IIm- l-xard line b. ' fnre Turyn Innk it inin I lie end one. lixrepi Inr LaMuc ' s «0-yard pmil return for a Inui lidnwn in the fourth j)erio(l, Hichmond was able In light MarNJand to a standstill for the remainder of the -ainr. Mar lan i-s lin. ' played .nnsist. ' nlK well fnr an nprning game, with Ta.kle Jim (inndmaii and Knd rn.l DaNis. being slan.lmils. Maryland u ed Hire,, lull learns durin- ll.ernnle l. STATISTICS MI). KICM. l ' " irst downs IS li .Net yards rushing 372 lO.J Passes altomptod 21 23 Pa ses completeil 2 . ' Net yards pa-s-sinR 23 82 Total vanis gained 395 185 .Xverago lii.stance punts 38.5-(9) 46-(12) Yards all kicks returned 218 104 l ' unil le.s recovered 1 4 Vards last penalties 85 45 -Includes kick-offs Thro.- Marvlan.l (. ' aiii: up ..■ liltlr Itill (...I.-. liisn,- l.a.kfi.l.l -lar ..I IJluc ll.iis. in fiaiii.- under lif..lils at W ilinin-lon. Turyn and Seibert set pace against Delaware team Vic TuiMi imd rin Scihcit (.ii.v a-ain licid the STATISTICS MD. DEL. scoringsp..,li.l,.«l„.,Ml„.T,.n.s.iuun„. ,.d,on,.| ■ ' -trn.-,,,,,, 296 Ai and throltlrd llic P.liic Ileus 20-0 in a iii-lil lilt at l ' :i , - :,m, ,,,,,i, ,1 14 3 I ' -l-.-.- colHlilrl. ' .l ' ) tiie Wiiiniiigton Ball Park. N.i ,ii.l- iii-inf; 108 :,l.l- -:iiim " | 434 142 Two of Marvlaiurs seores resulled fmin Turyirs Av. ■., 1,-1,,,,, , ,.unis 34.o-(4) 39-(6) X Yai.N all ntunicd 104 64 passing abilil and llie (ilher wascontribuled by Seibert Funihl.- i. , mx.k ,| . 2 2 on a 5-yar(l end swei ' p. Harry Bonk shared ground _ ' " ' " ' " " ' gaining honors «illi Seibert by setting up llie first x Ii,rlu,lrs ki,-k-.,fTs t M) l()uelidi) us. The Blue Hens were surprisingly tough on defense in the opening half and the Old Liners couldn ' t produce a score nnlil Ihe si((ind period was five minutes old. A 51 ai(l niaivh. led by Hubie Werner and Bonk, brought the ball lo Drlaware ' s i2- ard liu. " and Ihe Terps coll.M Icil Ihcii- lirsl six points on a pass lo Scoop Eviuis o iT Ihe goal. The Terrapins cnldu ' t score again unlil I he lasl (|i]arlcr when Seibeil added his TD al ' lcr l ' , ,nk had sd up Ihe pla uilli a :?2- ar(l , — TW ' Ji W) oir-lackle slash. BE , ySfOi rccoNcrcd fiindile gave Maryland the ball on its own If) a lew pla s later and a pass to Pete Augsburger gQ put the ball in scoring position on the 13- ard hue. VAiwri- W iugate gathered in a Turyn pitch on the next |)la and covered the reiiiaininc distanci ' for the , ., -hi . ii -.i i • i • • ■ »•! II :5cil«eil carries Uelauare tackier with hiiii as he goes Terrapins " linal tall . out-of-bounds after long run that set up a touchdown. 247 PHPPIIPSHIS, Virginia T(mIi hiankoci ill first j;aiiir al lioiiic M;h NhiMil ' s inili il i|i| .Niniii.c Ix ' roiv Ihr Ik.i nmd irsiilli ' d ill M llioniii rli li ' diiiiciii ' of il ' Miiia Trcli ;i [ r Tniis niiig up :i 28-0 sciiiv in (H ' illitli SliKliiiin to sliiil oiil Ihr opiiosition lur llii- third slr. ' ii :iil week. Ilir Old Linns drnsr ) ' ) Sill.N Inl 1 r,,lr nil lllcir lirsl f)(lfnsivi- (ippoiiiiiiilN. .lulm Id ik -kiilrd lii ' lii end lor i:{ Viirds lo (inisli (iHlli. ' iiiiii. li. n..lliir (lri r. Illis tiiiir Inr ' ».-, NM ' I- ill llir Mrnild |Mri.,d. ;. ' ;i . ' Miirvl. ' ll.d a ll-ll I.M.t ;il li; W .ril. ' r look Ihr l.all MVrr. Il;irr lioiik r rislrir.| liir iIiIkI ;,nd ruNrlli tniicli- dowiis, l)( tli in Ihi ' lliird u-i n, . ' I ' .iiii l( llii di niiidc three ' onvi-rsions and I ' .uli l) ' ;iii I.k knl ii the liist i ' tr:i point. Hniik " -- li!--! ID :is a l- ;ird |)Uinf; riiniaxin ' u IIT ii l ■,u ■MU■,■. ili sr.ond ninir arter a recovered Teeh Innible a fe« niinnles hiter. Joe Tucker jruided the Terps :5: ards to Ih.- ;J. lionk plnn vd oN.-r (lie ' oal on his liisl altniipl ;iiid Dean ' s placement «as perfect. STATISTlf.S .Ml). v. 1 ' . 1. I ' irst downs . . •- ! ., Net viirds rusliiiiK :{. ' ( ' . 1 Ill P11.S.SOS altrmptcil 12 1:. IWs con„.l.l.M i 3 N.-t .yards pa.ssii,K 31 Intal yards gained. •140 145 .■ viTaKc dislanpc punts •l8.6-(3) 44-(!») Vanlsall kicks r.-lurned . 43 98 I ' umlilcs rrcoven- l . . 3 2 Yards lost |X ' naltirs . 130 10 Includes kick-offs 248 %■ . . |{;i.N l.,lj;.r. ;i..- .il DuUr .I.Mii. i auaitiiif in » lio ,%a l Homecoming tilt lost u m wwmw wi ' %l hut Duke outplayed lU ' - i ' ' a ttfi t « . - ' a; Intent ..n ,-i trinrnpluinl lioi nniinj: and m ' T k- ' i.utliciti Cinlcivncr upset, the Teips i)la c(l their -i iA liealts .ml l ut fell l)efnre Duke. i:?-12, while 22,0(10 ' " i ' -if watched in (iiillith Sladiinn. ' I ' he ' I ' erps completely V, (lUlphlxed the nUu- DeNils. hnl Ihe .ippufll Dnihani rnana ed t,, stax ahead, exrepl Inr a hri. iialf. .. Dnke sc.ied lirsl un a pass IV.,rn Kred F iI-.t I,, _ ., jjk " lln;;hes whu wnil IT xards. Mike Sonehak ' ' " ' 4 ., Nerled what was to he Ihe all inipoliani e l It. Maryland came back in Ihe secdnd IVame all an exehanj;,. of pmits gave Ihe hall to Ihe Old Liners ' • " ' ' ■■■ ' ■■ ' " ' •■ ' ' ' " ' " ' " ' " • ' • ' " ' " ' f ' ' ' ' ' ■ " ■ " ' " ■ ' ' on the visitor ' s 42. Ten plaxs and a penalU nioNed STATISTICS MI). DIKI serimmagetotl.e 1-foot lineandllnhieWr, ,1,1 haltered lirst downs l(i .S his way for six points. P. . ' ? " ! ' " ! ' !;;?f 18 u Soon after the third pi riod began, Ihe Terps took N. ' i n ,n ' l- ' |i:, ' -- ' int; . ' !! ' ! ' !! ' !! ! 108 103 a 12-. lead. !,■ Inrxn llin u a l.iu. ' hdown pass t., Av, ,.., l,-i, , panis 36-(5) -!(i-((i) Stan Kaniash that .Tid. ' .! a sustain, ■.! .jri , ' ,,f 81 ru, ,M; ' !.rov, m., ' | ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " f 3 yards. Rut Iw., pla s after ihr ki. ' kolf. Bill C.x .)f Yard- Ul ' p. ' nahu.s. . . . 40 10 Duke tiueaded his va »2 ards for a Tl). .x-Includes kick-offs 249 lluColoiiial- Terps score in many Mays in stamping G. W . U. I ' ll. ' ' I ' rl| l uuinr l iKirk if ' lrr ill.- disiippoilltill ' ( 1. V. Ilixl pIlMit V of li ' llt iikI ill I lie 111 s| Imlf IV.M ll. ' d liiilllr uith Diikr ;iii(l i.ilird ,A,i (iroifii ' Viisliinf;l()M. Miirvlaiul ' s 8- aid iiii.- l. iiliic .,1 ii(K Davis ' 17-11. on a laiin at ' lirnu. n in W asliin ' lon. Iirilliaiit riiniiiii ' and passing:. Iiiil a liallrd l an N ' Mii Iciiilidowns. Ilirrc (■..iiMTsions and a sali ' tv a.-.unnl.(l for Ihr s.niin-. i. Turyn lossi-d three STATISTICS MD. C. W. l..n.lido«n passrs. I«u In lilnier Winfjale and one First downs. II 1 ' Nfl vards rushinR 2:{S 122 lu llall H.illi. John Idzik pilchrd aiiolhcr to Jim Pas.s4-.s altomplo.l I.i IS ,111. • 1. ■ • Pas. ' s complclwl . (i 3 l-aMiir. who I)! ai(ls: John Haroni added si Vard.s Riiincil pa.ssiii(i; . i:«) 2.-. • , -.i I • I (V I II 1- «■ Total yards gained 3»»S 147 inoiv poinl Mlli a kl.koll irlnrn. Illlbir »eriier Average distance punts. . 44-(l) 30. ' J-(8) hall. ivd II Naid tor anolhri and Slan LaNine ended x all kicks returned 1!»3 101 r unibles recovered . . 1 I Ihi ' (la Willi an H!!- ar(l sid.liii. ' spriiil all. T infr Vard.s lost i)cnalties (i5 10 a pnnl. x Includes kiok-offs 250 Hurricane mere breeze in Terps ' Miami outing Tlu " Terps I.M.k tinir ,„it uliilc s|.,.ii(lin.i: an ciijoxahlc s ,M ' kcM l in Miami I., lain, ' thr I liiriicancs. 27-i:i. in a tii-lil lilt in Ihr Oran-v Hnul. .litn Lalinc niadr llir lirsl s. ' niv uilh a IV) ai(l run in llir Mvunil ,|nailrr, l,ul llir Mianiians canir l.nck and cnnnU ' d 1, inlrivrplin- ;, pass and a r.mMTsi,,n pul Ihcni in Ihr l. ' ad IcniporariK . KtoMi liiis on. li.ANcvn-. il «as all Marsland. i,- Tur n passed lo Tcil I ' .elz Inr a ' I ' D llie ne l lime li e Terps had the hall, and llarrv I ' xwik phni-ed Inr a score in eaeh ..f I he lasl !«,, perinils. endini, Miarehes of 79 and Wi Nards. respeeli el . Anoliier inleiceplid pass set up Miami ' s last seo i ' Jmer Smilh snared a Tuiyn loss in his end one a l)rouj;ht Ihe hall lo Ihe 27. Minutes later. Sm tallied on a . ' U) ard run. More than :), ' ).0(I0 witnessed Ihe .i, ' ame and th( oWfrhU enjoNed Ihe Terps di.splay of the split T. VicTuryn lra .l.s 1. " , h.-for.- H.irrican.s spill liin id ih )r- l.i« ' W STATISTICS I ' irst downs .... Net vards rushing I ' ;tss( ' ' s Htli-mpfiMl l ' ;i " .- ronipl. ' lcil T. ' .t;il Tunl- i;:.ihr,| " . rl;,M. ' :U-f:,Urr ,,Ulll X ufl- ;i!l l.hl,- i, ' iiirri -(l I ' lll.llil.- Ur., .,rA Hl-.l. loM |„i,:illl,- x-Inclu(k ' .s kiek-otTs ■rii.r iK) is liailiiif: ■ 1 | r.| : MO. 10 11 2 1 1:. -ti-(r.) 1 11) I. ' -) r.-.l to lak.- MI. MI ■ (17 Hi ■M 107 43-(7) its 2 4.-) laUial pass. B i 1 1 1 1 r, .?■ .STATISTICS MD. First downs ' ,i Ni ' t j ' ards rushing 2().S Posses attempted 12 Passes completed. . 1 Net yards passing. . it Total yards gained . 217 Average distance punt.- 31-(5) X Yards all kicks returiiicl 32 I ' ' unibles recovered . . I ards lost penallies 10 X Includes kick-olTs l-.n.l ' l. ' ,l K.t Mk. ' s pa--. 11.8-(5) Gamecocks are soaked 1 } Old Liners and rain ai M.nvhin.rv luiHlli i.M,l -i,MH- cinif.l il h. CulunihiM, . ( ... llic Tni.- (IcMJI III. ' (iMIIMV.M-ks -A l »-: (Inil.hiii- CM, A laiiiN ;iriiTli.M,M. Til, ' Trii.s iis.mI unl :. ..f |)l;i s. Inil oul-iiiiird llicir f„cs 2 l(. I. Slcxe Wiuliak. sp. ' c(K lialfbiirk for Carolirui. mn.iI.mI ,. Imi1..u1 I ' ' ■ ' ' ar(ls Inr a s.uiv in lli, ' tniirlii ■ r,i I ' .rt Muiv.i uli,-ri 11, ' -lahlx ' d a pass rmrn I, riiisii in II ml on. ' in 111. ' s. ' . ' .ukI pmod. Boh I ). .in . ' oiiN. ' il. ' d. Later ' in lii.- |H ' ii...l. la. kl. ' Ha Kkhim ' 1.11 on a Cai ' dliiia riirnhl. ' ..n Hi. ' ( iam. ' .-.M k ' s I ' ll ami s.l up III, ' ' r. ' ips- s....,ii,| |,„.,li,|..un. Iliilii. ' ' r- ruinhl. ' .l III. ' slipp.rv liail ,.n III, ' n. ' xl plax. ImiI ' rniAii pi.k. ' .l lip til. ' piL-kin an. I -.l. ' t ,1 a, 1.,-- 111. ' -.,al. I ' laiK in III. ' Ininlli ,|iiail, ' i lli, ' ( iani, ' ' ,. ' ks rninl.l. ' .l in lli. ' ii .11.1 .,n. ' and .li.l l ' :ini. ' l W in-al. ' srii..l li. ' i ,.1 III, ' hall Inr six p,,inls. 1 1 wa-. S. mill ( ai. liiia " s lioiiR-rominf, ' {, ' aim ' , but what III. ' w.alh. ' i didii ' l do lo daiiipi ' ii till ' cnlliusiasin .,r III, ' (iani. ' . ' .Hk alinnni III. ' Old siippii. ' d iiv .-.•alK ...aslinj. ' I,. i,lor . I ' .ii III, ' Old, ' pla , i . III. ' plan. ' Iiip d.iuii an.l l a,k 1, ' alK uas mil, Il loii-li. ' r lliari Hi, ' , ' .ml. ' sl and sum. ' .if lli. ' ni u. ' iv iva.K l.i su. ' ai .,ll ' .iri air lra . ' l. Terps big help to foe as Tar Heels triumph 4 liul Nnllli t ' kickr.l. inlcnvpl. ' d passes. nv,, cird fuillblc... ,,assr,i. iMllrnd. and in all ran np scxcii louchdoNN ns 1 uinls while a eiowd ul ' nrarl lia.OIH) snvanird id inoaiM ' d in (iiilli llanv I ' .unU srni Maivlani! Iiuprs s,,arin.i; uli. ' ii ndiled :(. ards h, Can.lina ' s 10 nn I he Ti ips ' liisl I sT PT " mM a.. Tl„. Te,p. uen, into a 7 p„in, lead a IVu nu.n.les A X. lal.T. hnl Canilina inlereepled a luss ie Tuixn W ' HF VJl k ' III. F ,ur nnnl)les assisted the T: Heels In 2!!-: ed e al hairiirue. K ,- . Kanied Charlie .liisliee. sinpped nn his riinnini; A ' - ' W. ■hdowii passes, while his WBMIK? ' ,- iSSi68 5Bi|k, - . male. Ilnsea Rodgers, also contributed two scoiint; llirnws and rainmcd 5 yards for annlher. Iluliii- crner goes aromui |iil.-ii|i i.. u.n. The fnuilh (piarl.T s,i« I he Teips e,mne.l nn three ■ annlher inn.reeplinn added six .ST.VnSTICS .. . . First downs 12 idiuls In ( .arnluia s cnluinn. Net yards rushing 247 Passes aftomplcd 18 Tur n Inssed In , Kueiila and Pete Auf sbur er i; " ' " : " " " ' ' ' ' ;:,!, ,09 Hie lale Marsland TDs. !■. . " ' .X. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .W. 34(i An, . iL.-li i.iir,- imnts 29.4-(7) •.. I 1 ■ 1 ., .., 1 • I- 1 ■ . -Y;uils all kirks returiiod 140 lar land ,-ained . ' .I ' ) ards in rnslim- and passing Fumbles reooverod I., C.arnlina-s IT ' ), hnl Hie Tar Me,. Is ran hack two Yards l ost penalties 70 .led passes fnr 16. ' ) ards h. e en mailers. .x-Includes kick-offs ;ii:iil. .|u-.|i -. N..rlli Caroli.iaV AH- America barl,, l . firal.!....! si..-. lll an. I l..i a T- ar.l l.. . l.y (Vnl.r .|aU. Powerful Vandy team obtains sweet revenge ' ll„- ' |-ri|.s- lhi h air i.rid f:rnii(i(l allark. «hi. h lu.l pill llicm iimoiit: llii- iialioii ' s IcadiTs ,is Icl ' l ! Ihc wayside as Varidcibilt fiaincd a 31-0 n cn;. ' - in . asli iilr. As ill I ' MT. wliiii I hi ' Tdiis ii|)m( Ihr ( ' nlllllindoics 2(M), MMl Ihc -ailir ill lllc lllld.Td,,- roll-, liiil Ihis lime Ihc | iv(|irliiiiis weiv Inu line and the Old Liners NVeiv |r|l uilh Iheil worst deleal under Jim Taliim. an h ' rl ill made cml on. ' siishiin. ' d s.urlii;. ' drive l)iil fumhles. inlereepliuiis and penailies helped llieiii lo four oilier touchdowns. Zealand Tliifipeii, formerly under Taliiin while on a Navy service team, led the Nielors wilh a pair of scores. While Maryland ' s attack was makiiif: only four lirst downs, the defense was batllinf; continuously wilh Iheir backs lo Ihc wall. Tin ' terrific ( ' .(.mmodores uere Ih ' I.I s.nrcless nliU ill Ih. ' third pciiud. I ' Mrst (low Net yanl.s rusliinn Pii. ' v-ies atteiiipleil Pa.- scs completed . Varils Kaiiied pji.- - inn Total yards (j;aiiied . . viTage di.slantr puiil.- . . Yards all kick.s returned Fumble! ' recovered . . Yards lost penalties ■I2..5-(10) 9i 2 78 293 ■H. " .t-l 88 2 ri7 . -Includcs kirk-offs |{;iN Kroii-c ■.It . jiM 111. k. I Kowdcn (16) barricade this array of feet but Vanderbilt man with ball i» hiflden. " 140-|)oimd Mountaineer boots Terps to defeat Led h I 10 iiuund dn.pkirk.T. ( i.Mir Si, unions, inid Iniskx iNiiriMrk .lin, D. ' v.inshirv. Sun B,i«l-linund West Nir-iniii luinrd I hr TcTps- tinal nulin, willi a |()-l I win al Mcii-ariloun. Hul)ir WcintT -alloi.rd M -xanls in llic lliinl |,rii ,(l. n.T Joe Tucker IkkI liraxcd to Jlni LaRuc in tlie i ' nd- (ini ' in llic liisl (|iiailci- lo keep Maryland iti the lead iinlil I lie uanin " ; seconds, Devonshire eolleeled loiielidiiwns in I lie first and last quarters and Sininions supplied I lie winning: niar ' in witli a field p-oal in llie third stanza. ST. TISTIC, First downs . Net vanls rushing: P:i». ' - Mnr,,,|,tr,l Pa .M- r,,,,,,,l,.l.,| Xct ;nJ- iiM-iim Tdllll N. ' hJ- -UIM.I Av.TMi:r Jl-l:ilHr |.i; -YanN Mil kirk- ,ri,, Fumlik- iir,,x, .,,.,! l,,M |„iiallir -Includes ki -k-.,fTs Ml). West Vi li 16 •20 202 ' .) 12 4 7 60 4. " ) 80 247 4-1.7-(7) 3il.6-(5) 40 2 3 35 45 %fmm 1 IMiillips (111111) alx.iird .lini Ihxonshire. who led WosI Mrfjinia ' s alta k. «illi pt.iily of Old Uiio supporters in sIkIiI. Fall and Winter Sports M (M Olpipic (Champion ilhui- i:. Cuuk. l.clhT kiH.NMi as ••(■...ukic " . ;i si U.I. ■Ml in 111. ' (:..ll.-. ' of IJi-in.Triii-. i III. ' kin-pill lit!. ' sli..l ..f lli. ' « ••r.( ' -, u, liasii ' l N. ' l i. ' ' d voliriK a ' . ' . a 120 ix.und.T of 3 f. ' .-l 5 iticlifs, WDM llic )l iii|)i. ' . ' ,0-rii. ' l.r rill. ' ,i.) ii over llic {.M ' cal.-sl in III. ' world at London last Siiniiii.i. .in. I ioll.iu. ' .l it up hy heating llic licsl in llic for llic Aincricaii lilic al llic .Marine Base al Qiianli..). a. a ..mpl. ' of nionllis lal -r. ill ' was llic " bal) " " .if llii ' Xniiiican slioolinn ddcfialion in Lunilciii and also al (.)iiaiili( ' o and all of ll xp.iK mai . ' l. ' l al his poise and ...ina ' .- nii.l.r III. ' sir. ' ss and slrain n( Hi. ' . Iianipi..nsliip I. sis. lie was ahoiil 111. ' .....I. ' sl indiNi.hiai a! h..lli pia.. ' s. ••(•...oki. ' " lii. ' .l an almost inil.rli. ' N ahlx a. ' .iiial. ' s...! ' .- ..f .V) ' » of a possihi. ' Mill in III. ' Ol.Miipi.s and his liiiinipli uas hailed as ••asl.wiishinL ' " an. I " a f. ' n ' al iips. ' f. Mis scire in uiiinin ' III. ' National till. ' was iS.I. ' id out ..f a possihi.- of :5,2I)II and the feat was a. ' . ' oinplisii. ' .l .l.spil. ' Dial •III. ' wind was hl.iwin- hnllels inio the larf;els sidewa s " . Kiiiiii.r-iip l. ( ' ..i..k in the National was (i. a n. ' Moore, a Pcnns l aiiian. who ha.l h. ' . ' ii I ' hanipion for III. ' previous lw(j ears was three points away. Arthur ( ' .ik li:i l ii riKlit to smil( after hi. " great triumph on Olympic range near I indon. 256 IP itliiii ( (Mik .111(1 Ilis IV ' lldw sliarpslioolers appeared well on llicii :i Id iiriiiping the National rifle crown Id (:dllc-. ' r I ' liik whirl (lie Terrapin had to wish Ihcm iiiiirr ' . ' ddil hick as it went Ui press. The kicn-eyed Terps already hail i M|p| llir )ivliii I dl ' Columbia ehanipionship and had hi|i|)t(l iiii . Navy, (ieorge Washinfrton and (ieorfjelown «lii(li arc anionfr the kiiipins on the (irinp ranfre. The Old scl a Nalional record when lhc III,, I l,i: ' .(i in .1. hatiiii: rin and had scores of I . JiM a;. ' aiiisl Na and in a (niadraiifiidar affair with (icorp ' towii. (icorj. ' c Vasliinf. ' ton and West. ' rn Marxland. Cudkic. who shdl a 2 ' ' ) a;.Mins| (iicnhrh in ;i liMu ' iic (iiiitcsl as his hist effort aflcr wiiiniiif: National title, led in the mark-set tiiif; count afrainst nii with 2 ' H. Tom Taylor had 291, Kmanual I ' .iiLMi-hd 28:5. Jim Maxwell 282 and CJeorge Bailey 2ft(), In IIk ' (ireenlH ' lt match, CcMik failed of a bullsex. ' in the ninlli shot from the standing position. The , liowcMT, does not pet collegiate recognition. " d FIRST SQIAH: Torn Tayl. r. Jim W.-l s. Arthur (■..ok, Jim Nr. w,-ll. Melville Bowers, Emanuel Br KUgHo and ( H...ri;- n.iilev. .,t h.T l.ailuii; members missed the piclure. ■B m ffi ' i ■ H « g L » IP ir ' " ' ' H K fc J[ „.,- j if m i 1 -- -- " SECONDSQUAD:Bob Jordan. Tom Ash, Bob Doty, Howard Waters, Waller Harrison. Shooters not in the pi. ! Feinster and Hilaire de Gast. CROSS COUNTRY Willi III. ' Xiil-il nil. I liv-,|,,i,;i,i lr;,,MsMVr,.pin- llirir .liK.I inMl. ' lic ' ;iri.l Ihr Iml ' oiillil ivIiiiniiiL ' ils SumIIiciii Conference ncwn. llir Old l.iiinv h.-id su|m ' | hil i r Slinliiii. ' l. iiiiikini: v i, lini- nl ' I hr ( »i,;inl i.u l;iii,i,. III.- v.umU Inll.iu.Ml in liiiiiMiiiiL ' Diik.-. iii. ' nii.i. Xii-iii-n T. ' .li inu (..■,„-..|,,«ii 1,,-lui, ' |,li, i.i- li.i.l I,, lli. ' S..iilli.-iii lill. ' iii. ' . ' l. I ' .. l l ;iiiM. ' r. Nvil.i Mili. ' .l III. ' ili lni lil;il I s ill III, ' ( ' ..iilri. ' ii. ' . ' la. ' . ' . mU,, ,;.„„ ' | .„n. ' al.m. ' in lu.. ni. ' . ' K. iml in Hi.- .illiers !.. ' sliar.Ml li.m..l uilji .Ml. ' I.. llii.M ' mail ' s. ir;:itiia Tecli rave the ' V,- , lli.ii I..ul ' Iii- I I. ' -I. ralrner and I nil ar . ' er ran lu.. I.iil lli. ' n. ' vl paii u.i. ' (...III.!. ' .-. K. ' li... ' and (.. ' n. ' Ctv. ' i -, l lillli an. I -iMli an l Whil. ' and ILiuard I ml., tl-.t d.adJ.Mk.d r.,1 s. ' vnih. I ' ahn. ' i ' mad. ' Iii fasl. ' sl .lual ni. ' .l lini. ' . a li.iin. ...uis.- r.-..ird .r 17:1(1 In. IJii. ' .- mij. ' s and a lialC in winniML ' ai. ' aitis| ( i. ' .,iL ' . ' l..« n. 1 inhar-er iinfl Kelioe. n. ' xi in lin. ' . ais., iM ' ll.i. ' d ill. ' ..Id mark. I ' ahn.a aU.. ' .l Hi. ' luin mil. ' ...iirs. ' record in ;uiiic iii- III. ' CunlViviuc lillc. lie linisli. ' d ill l ' ):l() In nip Ciirlis Sli. ' llon n( ii -inii, TcmIi l.s uiiIn 12 sncnds. K. . 1;kI(I;i1I (iCN.M.I. lliiid. I iiilKiii;vr ruuilll, Whilr sixlli. krh.M. sr rntU ;ili(l ( iivrr ci-lilli ■1- Maixland s.uivrs. MMixhind li;id llir iinusiiall Iciu scniv uf 27. Inl- luurd ,s ii,-iiii;i Teh with 73, North ( ' Williimi nnd M;ir lii. ' i. N. C. Stale 110. DiiUc Ihl Dinidsun !(.(). . l.l. 170 and Hiclirnond I . IIIO. Varsity Record J xNhirvl.-nul. Ml (Juantico Marines ♦Marvlaud 1.5 Duke University Maryland l. " I ' niversitv of Virginia. . .x MiirVland 21 Virginia Teeli Maryland HI Ocorgelcwn University. 3!) 13 44 3!l 42 x.Xw. ' iv. S.iiilhcrn f ' nnlVrcncc i l P.nclil.T. I ' xih linmnin-. ClinrlcN Kilcs. .Mm 1 Harris. ' I ' lmN Kcrrara and I ' aiii Tihhils w. ' iv 1 h. -nils of Ihr rarlin-s wile, in addiliun n llicir hi- dual , Iriinnplis. ran Innrlli in llir IC-IX In.sli lillr ( V. ' lll in rw rk. I ' .in ' lilrr and lin.unin- unv ihr liisl Tcrp.s In linish. Frosh Record Maryland 17 Duke iMcslunen 4, " ) Maryland 1.5 ll ' illini.Mc I ' oly 43 Maryland 15 irginia Fre.shmen 43 Maryland 17 Baltimore Olympics 43 if »Ni .«- ' Vfrncin lianauil, hcidH Hicacr, Charley Anuckcr, Howio Lhle. tiark Hour: Couch D MoM r, Mikt ' Kinder, Tom EUicoit. Charley Miller, manager. Don Buck, Jim Ban Robinson not in picture. ri SOCCER l)(. lc Mu ;i|-s l(Min . iplrnvd its thr •.Mines Id c.rnpl.-lc llii ' (MinpMi ' ii «illi ;i s:ilis( in;. ' ivrold „f six Nirluiirs. lliirr .l,IV;ils m | a lie. iiiMllnniilrlml I lir ,,ll,ri (lelrat. at 1 1,, ' hands ( .f I ., . , ,1a nf I ' .ahirnniv, «as soniclliin- of an npsel. Jim M . u x as clius. ' ii for all-Ainrrica liunnis. scuird I he oiiK (lal iis a Stall ' (T(lli ' f:i!(lc all-slar team l)i ' al a ( ollcdion of major ItMip selcrtions. Bell. al()Il ' willi .liiliii l.inz. Corky Aiiacki-r and Han Tcrzi. were on Ihr all-Slal,- first tram. K.ldir Hiclcr and ( irnr olpc uif on tlif si ' coiid outlit. . freshman team, coachi ' d by Dick C.lcvi ' land. play id several ' ames and was nnl)ialiii llion;, ' li tied t«ire. Varsity Kitord M:irv •MarV MarV cMarv M:ir " v Marv Marv cMarj laml. lund. laml land laml land land, land. I ' llin Stale. . . 1 West C ' heslcr Ti-ai-lu-rs 1 IMTIods) Ixiyola Collfge . 3 Wtustiington and !. • • 2 Temple I ' niversily I (ietly.slmru ( ' " lleRe (I I ' niversily of Virnini.-i n Western Nlaryland 1 Johns Hopkins II Salisbury Tcaehers J xAway. ' Soullicrn Confercnee game. « FKESHMAN SQUAD: Front Row: John Carpi-nter, Charley Ormacher, Tom Hamilton. Bill Farraday. Donald Gonsalves, Roger Koop. Second Row: Chick Chesney, James Savage, Bill Fourhman. Bob Butehorn. Jim Wheatlcy, Howard Behrman, Mack Smilh. Buck Row: Coach Dick Cleveland, Guilermo Martinez, Ramiro Sanchez, Roy Klingenberg, Don Soderberg, Dennis Abe, Ernesto Balladares, Corry Ries. 264 l;,r l;iiurs luskrlhall I, .11,1 sIi,miI,I lunr IkhI I Cunlrivn.v. 1 1 u;,s ,i| ,f ils lifhM ' ii l,„,|, .•,i-,ii:viii, ' nls .■iihI inlif ' Sdiillicrii (■(.nfcrnicc :il Diiiiiiiin u ImmIcii in Ihr lii-l icun.l ! Nnrlli Cinnliim. ?» I,, (. II(.«, ' ,T. I he 01.1 Lincis «civ siicccssliil in (.r llicir cl. ' xcn .■n-a-cin. ' iils «illi (,||i,t Hi: ()|ip(inriils. ' l " lir broke I ' M ' ri in Iwo cdnlcsls « Miiuni I . in a jauMl In Kinii,l,i ivs,,rl rilx. l;,n li-hl allairs iuid ll «as r;,r fV l;rini: as ,ln,l) as IIm XNnn an.l InsI uolild indi.ah ' . Klu.ic Sli ' uarl ' s cliarges pkiynl mw of Ihcii- l.csl iiaincs in a pincli in decisively l)i ' alini; Hiclitnond I . on Ihc killn ' s lioor when a virlor was cssrnlial for l ci ' lirawk ' N, wliu scoivd 2()i! (joinls in 2. " ) i;anics. was Ihr lop point getter in the regular season wilh 210. lie was eioscly followed by Charley Ma, k wilh J()!i an l P.ernie S.nilh wilh 201. holh of wh.mi li-nred in lwenl -si bailies. Sp, ' n, ' e Wri-hl. wlio alon- wilh .lolni lulwards will Maryland made it a l)atlle in loiniiex for llie lirst half but North Carolina [toured in I ' .O poinis in Hie Season ' s Record X Maryland 4!) Temple University. . ti7 Marvlaud (iO VirginiaTerh . : 51 xMinVlaii,! 75 I,,.v,,l;, nl H.alllniniv ' Mai I ' liiil , . 45 rnu.a-m ,,: l. ' hlnnanl 54 Ma;vl.-,,Ml - 47 riii .a-iix oi ,,i;,i,ia 53 ' Mai A lain! . 74 (•|rn, ..N (-.ill. ' -. 50 x ' MalAlalul 47 Nmlli (■:i,,iluia , 55 x ' Maivlan.l 4!t DaMd -n ( ' mI I,. ;, , MalAlali.l 43 rnun-ii ' , oi ,,M,„ia . 7il Mar lalHl 51 (;e,.lLirl,,„n 1 MINrrsilv. 53 X.Malxlalid (17 riii .i-M ' , ..1 I ' riina ■ SI xMaVNiaial . 4li . :i al r:,.i. ' ur. , 52 .Ma|-vlan.| 54 ( ' .I ' m ■■-■ -1 liiiM ' -. Ill M. an la 11.1 . 43 riiP.r: !•■ .. i; inii 42 x.Mal laliil , . 48 Tne,. ! M ..• li mil 5.S Mai land 33 ri.r,. , 1 , . inn.ali 70 x ' M.alNland 53 -.a, MiMi.M, 1,,-liliile 45 N ' Manlaud m W .i. hiiii;lon anil . 00 ■Mainland South ( " irolina. ....! . 4!) •Mainland 42 Nnrlh Carolina . 66 lal land 52 (Iri.imioun riiiversitv. . 5(i -Mar lalid 57 S..nlii ( ;iMillli;i 5t; x ' MalNland , 4 ' .l CI. an . ■ 1 . , (is x ' .MalNlalid m 1 III , 1 ; , i,,ii,,nd 51 ' .Mar land 42 Id Maryland. 70 Confercncu games. Va. MilitaiA ln IUule: 55 xAway. t It wuan ' t u kiio lv l » 11. JiihI a Npili in th - Kirhnionil Bob Gicj;--...!!, lO.J-p.imul %iilor, «as foriid to .)isi la Mimo faiic foi.H.orU 268 (ijijUtti jffiHini jv I J B ji s VARSITY SQl 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 K I ul li I N AlbicThomps 11 I I 11 1 II I 1 1 I 11 U 1 I kl F kH Whipp. ho w I M t 111 I 1 I I I, Ih ( t H ul I 1 W BOXING m — " W ' i n,. iliKil niiilrl, iinil UM. Inurnamrnls li. ,o B .J m- - IBL .Urn Ihis u.s uiin.n. M:u l:i,Hrs, li:i,l ■p ' - flHl . K In lirk Miiinii I . ill Ihr Kluri.lii Cllv In vl Mil J i K V l.ivak Inr llir l ' )| ' ),.nMp:iii;il. K n. ' l Ihr Miami liKihli Ihr Ol, I Liners XNciv In Inn, ■ W . , ' — 111! ' Snnlh. ' Mi CnhinilHii. S. ( ' .. r Jm. fk J HH Ih. N.linn.l I 4f«|l H (iniii- i, he Miiniii ,ill-iil Ihc ' I ' lTps hiul li nvnnl nf l«n siclniirs, Ihivc , I, ' frills lUld a hr.lic .Iniu wilh Calhnhr I lUMTsiU which hi-hM-hlr,l Ihr hnnic incrls. | Thr liir uilh Ihc Canliiials had an nnnsnal nuhn- as ,. ,_ ,, __, . , _ ,. Ihr ivlnv,. liisl -aM- Ihc hra «ri-hl s,ra|. In C. I .. Il " a.l . ' . ' -Vh oi ' l-nxin;; Hm ' ii MaiNla.i,! «as anrmnihvd as haviiif; I ' anicd a drau Ihal w,,nld hax, ' l.rnii-lil a 4H to 31 tri.iinpli. ScaSOIl ' s Ret ' Ol ' d I InwcMT. I hi ' rrlrlTc. in his (h-ossinf: |-il()lll. (inall x ' Mn lnnl 3 Tlic Cit-idcl dccidi ' d Ihc Canhnal hn rr was i,lnr. allhnn-h he M.-,i l,iinl . 7 ' : (icufjcKiwu Univorsit} had sr.Mvd Ihr linni al 2 ' ) pninis rarh and nilrs sax ' !, Z! I ' . Ii ' im ' ' n sl lh ' a (haw shall l.c called when I he cnnni isi ' en. x liii 1:,ihI .S ' Si.ul liVaiclin,-, II 1- ,., ,, 1 ,1 x.MiuyUuul at Miami riiivt ' isily ehainp, and Spencer llnpkins. I . ' (» pnunder, weiv I he nnl nnhealeii hnxei ' s. xAway. Southern ( ' oiifeiciKc. 2H 5 4 269 FUOSH BOXING StjliAD: FrunI Row: Jack CunnitiKham, Fri-d C-rnHsalH, Joe Dulin, Scolt Dve, Rav Motlt-tl. Ben W,i ■ " prnon Husseli. Bill ( • " •- - „.„.„...„ .... assistant manager. ager. Sfcond Row: Wh Eddie Kieder, Terp John Johna, 16S; Danny Wolfe, 165; Tom Borowaki, 165; Hurold Uolbrook, mnnagpr. i WIIESTLIMG M;,r l;,ii(l -mill ;Mi l -i,.;iii ;iili.U. ;,1.K .-.M.-lird l,N I ' .ii; I ' .ill lMM,l-r. ,, 11,-11, lir.lcrOl,! 1 .ill, • . ' l ;, , ,, ,1,1 . Il.ul 111,. I,,.sl s..;,s,,n in Ih,- liivl,.r ,,r ll„. .p,,il ;,l C.ll,--- l ' ;nk. ri,r NiMiiL ' III- ' ,,|.,iiiiiL ' iii;il,li 1,1 ii ' iiii;i lilil;ii In liliil,- Ml l., ili-l,.n. Ilir T, rps ,;iiiir l.;i,k slnm;: lo ,;i|iliiiv III, Ml ' i.lli.T ,- , ' ii , ' ii;:;i;. ' . ' incnls, illl of IIm m in ,l,,i-i , ' l;i hi,in. lii,i,l, ' iil;ill . Miirvland lirkc.l ,.illi (:;il, lili;i. ;i I, ' Mill lli;il |)n ' iniisl vlii|)| , ' l N.M.I. n:i l. s;ik . ski. i:U) | (.mi(I.T. wh.i NV..11 M ,,{ M ' , ' n l„mls. , l,y falls; l)iinii Kn.iiini. 12;!. mii.I .lim Siiill. I I ' ), iclors in scncii of ci ' lil lii-- - . , ' ii ' 11, r |,;„, ' -, ' ll, ' rv l. s;,k, «ski i„,l in ill. ' .M.I. 1,1., Ml ;,n,i l ' -,:,|,,,i, MM,! S,,,ll 1,, ! ,.iiU I., III. ' (;,.!. ' N. Ii;. ».;.rl . N;r Season ' s Kccord x-MmivImm,! ,j V;i. Mililaiv Inslilul, ' x-. I. ' ,ivl;,„.l IS I). ' .vi(ls„ii C ' ollcKc. •M:„ l;„l.l •20 ' , Diikr riiivorsily. . I:,l l:,l„l I ' .i West ClK ItT Stat ' . 1mivI:,i„1 21 I,,.vola£ - NM:.ivl;in,l P.) JohiLK Hopkins •M;ii ' vl; t„l ■2C Norlli Cnroliim Maryluiul •Conf.TciK 23 riiiwrsily of N ' iritiiiiii xAwiiy. 1 - i vV k .1 ,s tl,. Wn, ,. ■■-■. U. Women ' s Sports Wnnini, as u• as Ihr inrri. Iiavr a vari. ' .l rrnv,,- liunal an.l intiaiiunal pin rran, al MaiNlan.l Ihal pi.iNi.l,-, a.livilirs llnin ihr liliM ' mI„m,| slaiN ill ScplciiilxT until lalf in Ma . While the pn. ' iinn is arnui-iMl an t .li.v, l,-.l l. iIm W (linen ' s I ' liNsicai Kdiicalion Deparlinenl. headed li I ' lol ' essor Dorothy F. Deiuii. nuich assisljince in slai. ' inf: llir I ' MMits was funiislicd In the WninrMs U. ' , naliniial -.M„ iati.m. a Indent ..i -ani at i. ,n. TIms -.(.111. i- made u|. mainU ..f cdiKatidii niaj...-. riic ((.((is were in the midst of winter (■| i ' liti(.n wliiii Ihc Terrapin deadline was reached witli i.iiK Iwo il„|n(.i lillc. (Ic.ided. Mal-aivl P.lviil Hall had lakell Hie l.avkcll.all Ik.ik.i and Mplia Jipsi .n I ' lii had fiailM-d theliowlin-.K.wii. Mariiunia l err was an a.lixe |.resi lcnl (.1 liic .M. . and h.i al.le a-sislanis were Ivleanor Zini- iMcrniaii. i(c prc-idcnl: lar nios. secret a r : Mildred I)ellinp-r. . ..rresp..ndin ' secrelar . and Doris I lare, treasurer. 274 Glenore Hall rea l to suiii;; on ba chall. I( ' lt Miirra iM-atch. IarjAiidler. Betty Cooper, Audrey Mo«eii. Bol l yPue. Space gets rro» this basketball contest. II I CKOSS CnlNTKV CMAMI ' S: l F INTRAMURALS III.- .nn u - III,. hiliiuuniNil Driuil.iiriil. ar.-,,i(lin- l(. liiv,l,.i .lliii K.l,,,,.. is In ,„u i(lr ;i |,ni;i.l IvnCM- lioiKil |)i( ;:iMrii lliiil uill I ' lilU inrrl Ur (h ' liiands of v ,■, stii.lcnl in llir I iiix.Tsilv. riir pM.L ' n.M, is s,„rili.-,-,ll .Icsi ' iird Ilr, :, NN ide NMi ' ii ' lx ul ' aclivilii ' s Ih.iltiul uiil uill lilj I hr viuilciils Irisiiri- lime hul :ils(, (IrMlup skills ih;,! ,iia hr , juried ( cr ill liilor life. kcluif sci ' S a wrll-iuiindrd pid ' iani as lia in;: nian sdi ' ial values in addilinn ln ' i in;. ' IIk- sliidi ' nis piai ' liial (• |iriii-nii ' in liflpiiif: (iifranizc and (•((iiduci |)r()t, ' iams. Spoils i ' uslcifd arc badniinlon. haskclliall. hiixini. ' . Iinwlinfi, f ' ntss rounliy, foul si tint;, ' olf, t. ' niiiasii, s. horscshoos. soflhali. Ii-nnis. lahlc tennis, touch InnllMll. Iia.k. M.lle |,all and «ivs||i„ -. n Inhaniinal assists l|,r jnl,;,, .,| Diivrl.M in Hie oi ' ani ation. deNelnpinL ' and iininin;: Hie |.ioL ' ianis, Ollieers. seleeli ' d IVoni llie .lunioi and S.nioi piiNsi. ' al eduealion inajuis. lliis yai uei, ilaiiN I ' .onk, |)rfsideill:liill dail. n iee piesi.lrnl. ;i,hI .Mill (i Iiiian. seeietaiN-treasiirei-. l-: ent.s Seplenilier. l ' ) ia- laicli. l ' l i ()1 ' 1:N CUOSS COINTHV I. Osdye, Paul, 2. Kaiisliaw. (iecice, .i. M.illiicmdis, . I. lU ATKHMTY CROSS COlNTin I. Sigma Nu; 2. K.. .; 3. . .T.(). Sinma Nil ' s uiniiiiiK learn ciimposed uf: I ' muI Oslive, Isl, Tom i;ili(olt 3r(l, George Fanshaw llli. Ti:. Nis sinc;ij:s: Won In- John McCool, Uuiiiier-up Jim Koliiiison, OI ' KN TOUCH FOOTIi.M.L Wcm l).v Ciiinbrrlaml Comrlx win. defeale.l Toil I HATKU.NTTV TOICH FO()TU. M- Won l .v T.K.K. who defeated Thela Chi ((-O. Ill tlie pla.volT lielween Frat Ix ' ague rhamps a 0-2. ti- s 13-t League (■ HOXINd TOrU.NAMFNT 125 won bv-Sehafer, Dave 130 won ti.v-DuWn, J k 135 won l).v-Focas, Dennis 1 15- won l)y-Thomi)son, . l 150-won h.v-Anderton, Paul 1 55- won by- Davis, Ken l(i5- von b.v-fiaralte, Hirhard 175 won In- Swarlzwelder, llaii I ' lilimited won liy Walker, I ' al wi{i;. TLiN(; ToruN.Mi:. T I ' JS won li ,S-hunian, Dave 131, w,,ii hv l.vsakowski, Uov I 1.-. w,,ii l,v Norair, Dick l.V, w,,ii by .Vdleberg, J.M- ir,5 won by Baker, John -I ' sorius, Dan he I ' liiversily Chainpio rweighl - Whipp, I.amont IIOKSFSHOKS Won liv Siiinev Cra ' (21-13) - (21-19) ■ Hiinner-up: Cariie.side, I ' l liiiiiiier-up: Trout, Ix on: Ituiiiier-up: Jordan, John Uuiinir-up: Hauler. (Ji-o. ltuiiM,-i-up: DiMaggio. J,i |{iii,n,r-up: I ' jerro, Fred HiiNii,i-iip:. ' .hr ler, K., H.i i-iip: King, J,.e HuiiiiiT-ui): . slilev, Ilerl, Kuiinei-up: Firev, l.,,u KuniK-r-up: Magill. John Humii-r-up: I ' apavasiliou, Uunner-updloren, Jim Ilunner-vip: l- " .nier.son, We: Hunner-up: Johns, John Rumier-up: Sgavicilus, fJe Kiinner-up: Charles Clift )} ' i: : fijri e a •■•i.. " .|.l.-..N.r. 1 class but gels his fare well iiicsscil 4i|i iliiiiii ' ; tlie ineLee. Names of these l« Jim Uohiiisoii ( e{l) ooiigial iilali-s Jim Mcf iool, his leiiiiis ' ii |i Iuk« ' » IIHJ- uril la»h in IntfrlruUTiiilv meet with Mike Miilh second, iiernie Siiiseak lliiril uiiil I,ii (i i " y V w •i4 ' V« t BOXING FINALISTS: ,Runne.s-up.-F. Carnesale. L. Trout J Jordan CHauter, J D™ j f " • ' " ' ' " « ' " • ' ' ' ' ' ' ' - ' ' ' = " " ' " ' ' ' " D. SchafffT. J. Dulin. D. Focas. A. Thomps..n, P. Andorson. k. Davis, R. Barratlp. H. bwartzwUdir. 1 . walKir. It ' s a lilllc uiioiiIkxIdx l iil inliMiud in iiiliamiiral l)askell)all till Al KucUlioiT Ihiills in flying rings cxliibilion in gymnastic meet, ft Spring Spiirls l!)4 fiiiii|iiii|ii Sprinj: si)()iis duiiii- tlic I ' JIH c ;iiiii)Mif. ' n wry .iiiiiM ' iilK li c ;iisil% :i;:;, ' ic ' :iilii)iis capliii iiij: tui I -lliirr lonlcsls. losiii- inl iiiriil llic l ' IM Iraiiis, which uciv iii l p ' lliii;. ' in iirlion w hiii Ihr Tciiiipin wnil In press. I., sh.H.I M. TnHk. «ilh a .Iran lalr in .hial mr.K aii.l s,,,iiii,L: h.aNilx in ciinprliliniis. xxas Ih. ' Iradn and Ihr m.iIv nnl.ral.ri onlhl. Ml mI ' Mi, ' olh. S(piads vvriv kern and i.llVivd plmls Im Ihr Old l.inr i,„,l,is In ,hrrr ; l.acinsv, whilr il lu.l Ihirr -anirs in rlrvrn. .Ii l nol MiMr. drh ' , ' aiKl ill olhrr iirarliN lilK uilh MonnI Washin-lun and .lohn- I lupkilis !. : Ihi ' illris. This | arli ' iilail uas lin ' in I lir hallK ' uilh Ihc I ' .liii ' Jays ill i ' .allilll iv. dropprd l a Kl-ii srniv hnl uilnr-.v, ' i| |a III.IIIIII. far lh ' rn.ud Ic. iru a cnllr ' ialr sprin- spniK r rnl in Ihis M.rii,,!!. Cdir had ils iirsl ( ' al uilh a KM |r M,i | in dual nialrhr. and ; in luliriK ' N . ' . inprlili. ll. I ' .asrl.all. drspilr ihal il lu l s „nr rluM ' d.visinli -ol ..Il I.I a y.u start, liiiishrd wrW ,,n Ihr rirhl -id.- ..f Ih. ' l.-.L ' . ' r. It «a-. a . ' Liiitiii- iMin. ' h. rlrv.-n nriilars hilling ' .:!IMI nr lulhr. ■r. ' Mllis, uilh rain rnrlailini: a. li.Mi. aU,, di.l il- part In kr.-p up colluiliM-l.v goud iccDid L aiiiicxiiii, ' a iiiajuritx .if it- l.-t-. Iinnl. I at h..n -,,,i.-.l ad --V " - ' m P- feU " " : Jiles I r.rruan hit , ;i - Mai laii.l alta. kiiKUi. llii..» . one past Johns Hopkins goalie despite that two foes tried to eheck hi 281 .ir.-.k.r. I.ri»- |iiiil.-.l iin.l al.l.- . ' ..ali.-, I.ips a liirifir Kliir .|a li. l an.l .ra.ll.H hall iH-forr j.larliii il .I.mwi IkIiI. m LACROSSE Jim llarnhurt i ' .i ' it gains bull in liultli- wi Playitifi iifiiiinsl muth sii- pi ' rior tiilciil in all llie games il lost, Maryland ' s lacrosse liain did exceplioiially well l i capliire eif;lil of eleven lilt-, lis Ihivr hi- «ins eatne .r Duke. a ami I ' riiicelon and ils defeats werr I lie liands of Mount asliington and Johns Hopkins. lit and (((llefre eliainpions. respect i ely, and an lu-niilK p.m.Tful Annx Icii. Ilir Trips liad a tl 1 niidii.i.l I.mI la. k.d all- nnnd defensive slrencth and a -leed.r ' tor Ihr la,k. r..inin llnllecker. goalie, and Jiles Freeman, al- c k. wrvr placed on the secoijd all-America collefiialc P.olli llolV. ' rk. ' r and Klecnian were Inst t. the |M| ) am, Ihr fiirniir lirinv ' ndcd as having played oul s eliL ' iliiiilN and Ihr lallrr fur scholastic reasons. 282 I - made many aslonishiiif: saves and cleared l.rilliantl . a . Hiip|HT lH ' ry« ' r Dor l,4K | t ' r J. UiipperslM ' rgcr MitilirUin MidlicKitr (lost- Defense ' w- Kill Niitlle lorn llolVeeke 1948 Record M:uvl:iri,i . h,nlati.l M;,rvl.-in l M,-nvl:,THl Manlii.Hl M:uvI:,ihI ' Manlaiid ♦Marylai.,! Maryland ' Maryland Away from ho Duke Loyola Naval Academy Prinr-ptnn Miiurif Washington. . ' asliiiif;tnn and Lee. Wfsl Point Uutgers Johns Hopkins BASEBALL (i.-tlirif; oir l . a slow slarl. lar land ' s basfball Icatii lal- lii ' d sliarply to win nine nl ' its last 10 ;. ' ani.s Id (.■Ichratc Itiirton Slii| l ' % iiinlnn Slii|)l ' °s 2. ' )lli M ' ar " - " " " - " ' as ,n.. an.l In li.nsi, ' .l,. i-Kiila uilli : Iriuinpl.s. nin. ' drlVals a Tlir Old Linns| l. ' l( ' l llir , ainpai-n in a l la . ' .pr;. ' ii.i al | ,,iril «lirn llir l(Hik Ihc nicasuif ,.( ttM . 10-7. l. a iMiiliant dis|)ia of (i.-ldinj:, in- rliidin;. ' a lii|.l. ' | la and llnvc d. nl)l(- killing ' s. Onllifldrr Tonx Silro was lli - inanf, ' Uialrr (if llir Iwo fielding ' j ' cnis. lie slarird IIk ' Iriplr pla li a jfn-M pi- lu the plate and tin ' doMJili ' killiti;: li an- (.liier aecuialc lieave. This, as lai as is knoun. is an all-linM ' ivrnnj fui l.asrJMll. anialcni Ml pro. Noiinan (i.-al . I ' .iil Ziifinik and .lulin I mis • ' anird liic pilrlnn- hMi l n l.iil llir had smashing ' lullous: .|(,hn llMnloii . KMI. .Ii„i Murlln :M U. W (Vsk .. ' .Tl. .h.lin Iniuinu .: ' .:(!. Hank Miles .366, M rnrninski .MM). .],»• Andrns .a. ' ):}, (icnc l-jnsweller .:5I6. ToriN Silco .;U(). liub Keeiie .301 and Hob Brewer .;5()1. Bud Stnilh and Bob Wilson, reserves, also liil .:5.i:? and .:m, respectiveK. Kddie C.reseenzf. oul mk.sI ,,f the year from injuries, elouled .100. In a past-season Nurllicrn Uip, Marvland lo Hutfiers, Princeton, Harvard and Darlnidiitli. It a considerably weakened outiil as the jaiinl was after llie close of school and a nninl.ri nf ||,e I.. pla eis were unable to go. 1948 R esults -M:,nl; i,.l 7 Syracmsi-. :i MMnlriii.l 5 I ' rinri ' loii. 1, MmylMM.l .5 Harvard (13 iiiiiiiiKsi... 3 M.uylMrnI Id Dait mouth (10 innings) . 10 . l.iryl:.n.l 11 I ' liin.sylvania 13 M;.rvhii,.l - Vale c, . I:.i.v1;i,mI i Villanova i:i x. l;.iyl;.M.I 2 C.niell 1) xMaiyla.i.l 7 Kutucrs 12 x. I;iiyl;.M.I n ( 7 •.Maiyhtn.l 7 Cifornc V:uiliingt n •. Iiiryl:.M l (icorKc Vn.sliint;lon 7 •M:iiyL.n.l ,s iitjinia Tech . 1 MaiylMii.l 1 ( Mnrgc ' lown ' .1 MMiyl.-ni.l ' .1 ])u HK ' .snc ' 3 xMaryh.n.l. t ( lantii-u Marines. 1 •.Mar.vla.Kl 1.-) V..M.I 3 ♦.Maryla.ui II Va.s|.inKton U-i- ,-, x.Marylaml. 3 . aval .ViadcMny. 2 .Marylaa.i i Kings foinl 1 Marylaml .. 8 Vf.s| -irgini.M 7 •-Marylami 3 V.M.I 12 .x.Marylami . 12 Kings Piiini 3 x.Murvluiul ... . rtny (ianics. - x. «ay. ' SmuI l.TII C ' c.llf.MflKl VARSITY SQrAD: Front Rmr: Don Wagnor. Bud Smilh, Hank Milps. Ed Crescfnw, Al Tuminski. Bob Bpslpy, Al C«iky, Bud Downs, awistant manaKor. Second Tony Silco, Bob Wilson, Bill Zupnik, John Hunton, Bob Browrr, Bucky Loomis, Dick Johnston, Bob K H-ni , Joe Andrus, captain: Bob Scott. Third Row: John Zimmi mnnngiT; Harry Byrd, Norman Goatz, Jim Mopllcr, John Idzik, Bill Witzpl, Jof Fitzpatrick. Gcno Emswollor, Burton Shipli-y, coach: Doc Whito, pitching coaci V y l v ' U4ri)V JOE ANDRUS .!(»■ ii(lni . .Mphii.i and rcnlci- liddcr (.f llic I ' Mli , ' (liliun of llir Inp l)ascl)iill loam, was llic onU plaNcr ikiI availal.l. ' tor llio I ' 1 ' s,M-on. Aridius. winiuT of III. ' a ' s 15uri. ' cr baseball award prcsciil. ' d vcarK 1., Ill, ' oulslaiidi.i- plav.T. and rou[vv li. ' Id.T on the i ' )l» All-So,il lirni Conrcn ' nc. ' Icain. .larh ' d his ImII as a pilclicr in (irrcnbclt. wlii. ' li is his honir. Mr .,i,,n «a nH. rd lo I hr onllicld Cor his b. ' ttrr llian .:}()() hilliii-. lie «cnl into Ihc av n lor { ,• Ncars and thence to MarNJand where he roamed Ih. ' ontlield for lluv,. vears. ,loe clouted :. ? : last Near, and was lops in runs scored. sIoI.mi bases and triples with 2.!. I ' ) and I respecli ei . h.llowitif, ' frradualion, he will n lnrn lo IIm ' Nax x on .lime 1. ' . al III, ' rank of lieutenaril. ].is. in alhlelic v..rk. Coach Hiirlon Shiples call, ' .! him Hie " best colie-iale cenl. ' riielder in TRACK IVfciitiiif; N;n Inr Hi.- liisl tiiiio ill iiist(ir in liikiii;: ;ill III ' il six dual meets and li;i iiii: iinlablesuecess in other l(i|)ii(il( h foinpelilion. Jim Kel •sl.a.kri.elis..| the pare Inr all leip vpiiii;. ' spoils ollllils. Twip I ni ii-il reeords were set. (.hailc n(lre vs and Karl HuIiih h (joint: the honors. nd.v«s leaped 2:J feet 3H i ' " ' " - I " " " ' H " ' ' " itiicni ( ■..iirrrenre erownal r.ha|)el llill and l.-pped lli. ' l2()- ai l hifrh hurdles in I 1.8 as tl..- Teips shipped W illiimi .,n ! Mary in a dual enf:afrement in l?vrd Stadiiini. Slicirll arier«ard ndn-«s uas |,.sl, I lanslr, , in- In llir Nasal .a(lri„ . Outside of its sweep ol ' its dual ineet.s, the track scpiad won its own affair, annexed six of 13 events in (lie Carohna Relays, finished second to North Carolina in the Conference title test, and easily captured the District A.A.I . team crown with M) |)oinls, winning. ' six events and fjettiiif, ' second in a like niiiid)ii cif contests. Filling Andrews " li..c is Ihr lii- la-k fur I ' M ' , l.ul otherwise tli illil should u- ,- ri slron-n lli.iii llic iyi8 aKffrefjalioii. A -real l :nn was .|, r|,,p,(| during the indooi season. ' Maryhiii.l ' Maryliiiid Maryiuiifl. Maryland . Maryland . Maryland. •Awav. Dual Meet Record 71 -A N ' irginia Poly (ieorgetown Villanova William and Mary H;iltimi)n ' Olympic: ■18 30 18 33 51V. VARSITY SQlAD:Clar Dick Krnni ' ll, Bill Hown... Snlvanolli, Bamny ducol. Third Roir: John Ball. aMiatant coach; Earl Thomson, manapT-. Charli-y Andrfwu. Lindy Knho. Koiay. Bill Tucker. Karl Kubach, Pat Itt ' dd. aaaiatant coach: Jim Kehoe, head coach. Fourth Knw: J ) - (Irimaldi, Charley Wil Jim Ewin, Bob Judy, Tom Tyrell, Lambert Anderson. , George McOowan, Mario I Gichhorn, Hal Moiwr, Nick Jim I ' mbaruer, Herb While, ' i ,„[v r .T., A. A t.f « " ) ' »i| w .A_ ' • 1 ,VLf, vt|i h % m. ' Mario Sahaiielli aiul Kail Uhir.l ami secoiul IVoin lifjlil ran t«o, tlir.o in !..« liur.lU , M.n l. Hill Mil. In 11 ..!(.. I Miller. Kay MuII.t. Joe Ruddy. Briiiht. S.i-unii liuw: Uuyli- Uuyal. cuuch. Daw Kulh.iih.«(.r. Kil l.i. 1 TENNIS picvcnicd It I. ' Sis. Tl InMriL ' Ihivr ;,M(I IsillL ' -I i:.l lir Millc. Ulin „M ;,M,1 |,:inv,| uill, i:,l l.;,l ,„lU iiHin;,,, ImIm- |,,.|. .in. «r,v ;,l.|r lu -rl in I uril ,-n..u-li in llir.,. 1948 |{( ' r(M(l M:ir.vl:.n.l Maiylaii.l .Maryland. Maryland. Maryland. Maryland. Maryland Maryland Maryland I,nyola VMI . irKinia . nicrii-aii I (icorKctowi Navy Toniplc. . . Davidson liainliridgc GOLF Wi.inin- 10 n( II dual iiialclirs. .apluiin- llr WrslriM Iar l:uul luunirx fur III. ' linir aii( |.l,H-in- s.Tniid in llic Slair lillc r,rn al Annap.ilis Ihr Marsland -..ircrs had a hannrr rar. (iroi-rlduii and (.ca-v W asliin-h.ri uciv l.catn Id triM ' IIh ' Old Linns lli, Mcln,|,,,lilan litlc. M.ny :,w Wrsl.Tii MarvlaiuL . 1 Mal l;iM(i s D. ' lawaic l 9l M:,Ml;,n,l Duke. . l HHr ' M:unI;iii.I , • " ■ " Wl " wr, ■1 Up , C ' tlyslmrfT. 2 H[r M:,rvl;ni.i . ' ) ' ■. West VirKiaia 2U K ' M.-uxImimI (i (IcciiHi ' Washington. . 3 Mar l;in l 1 V. M. I Jif ■! !• ninrvl;,!,,! 1 1 . WashinKlonand Lee 71 ■■■l ! !! Mmvhnul :i Vasliin(;t„n and Lee. ( |ra,7 ' ' « p|i Maivlaiid ( ' ., Mrninia . 2hz mp Marylaiul,, (! ' ■; • " ■ " if: ' ' t " wa .. 2 ' A Bb. . Maivlaiid S .((iluis Hopkins Maryland . . HK e Away. Bill Casse.l 289 Sailing Cliih T V.u .-..iild sa . «illi()iil ;.p il(.i. ' iziiij: tur l.riii- I ' a.clioiis, lluil llic Sailing Cluli ..I llic I iiiMisilv of lar lan(l is sailiiif: scirnely aluad. .lust rcacliiiifr a poiiil wliciv il is alxxil Id (clchiatc ils second aillliMTsai . I hi ' ( liili ( hiiiiis dtic iiali inal ( ' lianipi(jn and a gratifving anmiiiil l ' liain iii i i s lor ils coriipaialivi ' ly short time in ((unpililidii. .lark Martin, an nna|)..lis |;,d, ,,,nicd nil tj,,. Ilinnplu, -dr.i-n . ' i..u[i in Ur nalidMal ir-alla al 1 il.ana. a.. un llir Happahaiiiin.k Im II,, ' Cips top lionors nf llir y-.n. Pel. ' (Jcis addr.l snnir niu,,. laurels l. «irniiTi- llie Suitlieaslerii .,ne-,|,M:..n tille. lai land lop Irani su.ves-.,-s ueic in a dnal ni.el uilh a and llic wirniin- ..f llie Middle llanlie eliniinaliuns. Ilou. ' xei. il l. s| , iil in the linals. lliell uei Kin;: I ' ciril. Ill Iwd ijiiadran ' iilai le ' allas i -l piin;:. llie Old l.iliel lilli hed Ihil.l and seeunil. I v p. ' I i el . ill ine,N llial ueiv u,,ii h C ' di-e W a iiin-l . .11. In a lall I I. MalAland ua. lliird in a le l u.iii I.N (:o..pei I iiidii an l in a riu.lliih ' all ' air on III. ' Potomac, ill uln.h Hie ( .em L ' el.,NMi- l,ii land-( icorp ' Washinfrlon ll..pii uas al slake. Hie Teips Neie tomlli. XNilh r.nsloii Colle-e. M . 1 .T.. and ale liiiisliin ' aliea.l of llieni hill leadiiiL- ( ..W .. (..I .. ali.l I ' l ine.l.Ml. ■riie CInh. uliieh uas luniided in Ihe (all uf I ' MT i, a small minii.ei ,,f si ndenK u|„,,,un. ' d s;,illM.als. s,„„i SU. ' lled. Tlie Cliil, n llK alllael. ' .l llinsr se, iuiisU inleii ' sled in learnin- Hie ail ol ' s; iliM- l.iil sume ]„, savv il as a means of a Idl of I ' liii. Il Nvas iinl loii ' iinlil Hie Cliil. fomid ilsejl ' Nvilli { n l,i- nl.jeelives. The li|s| „ ,-,s I,, dexelop a h ' ai ei.Mipele ill laees uilh .ilhel .■,,lle-es. The and main pmpuse In pKunule inleicsl in Hie spml lioal and Id fdsler eiidll ' h aeli ilies Idi e er ..|ie Id iiase an enjdvalile lime. With Ihe (:ii. ' .sap. ' ake lia area and III. ' Ihal a.ljdin il and the Potomac providing one of lli. ' liinsl S.I liners in inerica the response was natni ' .il. In all ilsa.lixili. ' slh. ' C.hil.slrielK is , .i-. ' dii. al i.mal and III. ' .L ' irls aiv iinil. ' d I.. i,i.. ' as iimmiIhis if iI i. ' n arc qnalificd. The chih is an associal. ' iiliiiImi .,1 Hi. ' Inl.i- (:ollej. ' ial. ' a. ' hl Ma.iii). ' s.soeialion. .Skipper .laik Murliii lak -.s.(iil a liappv pail in his llaiiiploii. ;r. up i i ' Icinpests ready to start race in Annapolis regatta Wearers of " M ' ' on Campus BIM. Al.KXION JOK ANDKUS ClIAULKY ANACKKK LAMBiniT andi;k.son JOHN AUMACOST PKTIO Al(iSBUK(ifc;H HOB BANKS JIM BAUNIIAUT JOHN BAIIONI UAMMI BKACH JIM BKI.T SAM BHHll TKi) bi;tz BOB Bi:sLi;v AKTHIK BKUUVMAN BM.I, BISSKI.l. TOM BKICHT HAUUY BONK BOB BI ' .HOKU MKIAlI.I-i; BOWKUS TOM BOlHNi; DON BICK FRANK BinTi:Ki ' n;i.i) (iKoucK Bi{i: vi:i{ JIM BBASHKK iwri, BBOC.I.IO JAKK liUOWN HABBV BOVKK mWlN BUltWN I ' KTK BOZICK JACK CAM. y Al, Ci:SKV JOHN CONDON V KDOIl ' . CUKSCKNZK BOB CLAKK JOHN CI.AUK DICK CU:V1.1.ANI) TOM COX KDDHC CHANDALN TYSON CUKAMKK AUTHLK COOK Bll.l- DOWNS KUKD DAVIS DAVIS DKIBKUT UOBKBT DKAN ClAi; KMS Vi:i,LKK JOHN HOWARDS lUANCIS KVANS lui.i, kvi:rson TOM KI.I.ICOTT ACOrST KICHHORN JIM KWIN CLINT KWING joi: irrzi ' ATRicK JILKS KRKKMAN DAN KUAMM K. J. KRASl.R NORMAN Ol.ATZ BOB C.RK(;SoN C.KNK CRKKR JOK GUIMAI.DI HOWARD c.rc,i;i, l,rcli;N C.AMBINO (•Hi;sTi;i( oii ' iiii.A .II I CooOMAN lioli ClioOW HARRY (;A IUI.I. Dorc; CI NN KD (URNN .KHiN nr it lioH IIAII.I! jim hoi ' iman rowland hvdi-. i ' i:ti; hambli.ton ui.aih mali. (■|L ULI. lll.UHI.liT NULToN HH.L TOM HOKI ' IX ' KKR ARTHIU IMBUITTS lIAliOLD llo|,|ll{iH)K JOHN ID .IK I ' All, JAi:CK DICK JOHNSTON BOB JIDY STAN KARNASH KD KKNSLl-.R JOK KUCHTA BOB KKKNK LINDY KKHOK C.KNK KINNKY RAY KRorSK KKNNKTH KIOKAIVKR NICK KOZAY lUCKY LOONMS AL LANN LKONARD LINCt LN KDDIK LOOPKR KDDIi: LxBKRCi: JIM LaRII: HANK MILKS JIM MOKLLKR BOB MIRRAY TOM McHlC.H JIM nl xwi:ll JIM MOLSTKR HAROLD MOSKR RAY Mll.LKR r.DDIi: MATTHKWS C.KORC.K M.COWAN BOB MAI5SHKCK CHRIS L TTHi;WS BM.L NORTON BOB I ' ALMKR AL I ' HILLirs JOHN I ' ool.l ' . RKH) I ' HU ' IM.W DICK I ' KlCi; i.or i hoi;bis ANDY (ilATTRoci 111 i:ddii: rii:dkr i;arl roth jAKi: rowdi;n VKRNON RANDALL DAVK liOTHKN J IK KARL RIBACH VERN SEIBERT RONALD SII ' .CRIST TONY SILl ' .O BKRNIK SMITH i;d schwarz Al. SAI.KOWSKI MAHlo SAIA AM.I.I.l JIM SCOTT JOHN TROIIA JOi; TCCKKR VIC TIRYN JOK TYDINCS TOM TAYLOR ) DAN ti:rzi AL TIMINSKI JIM rNHiARc;i;R HOWARD rMBKH(;i;u BILL WITZKL SI ' I ' .NCKR WRH.llI HIBIK wki{ni;h klmi:r wiNCATi: BOB WARD I ' AT WALKi;i{ HOW ARD WATI:RS JIM Wl.l.LS I.AMoNT Willi ' ! ' I.DWAHD I.. WILSON BOB WILSON CHARLKY WILSON CHARLKY WORDKN HKRB WIllTK DON WILKINSON I., woi.ri; JIM ZIMMi:UMAN BILL Zri ' NIK e, Adam Zetts, Gardner I ' mbarger. Bill Bissell. Harold Dusenberg, Earl Th Latch Key Society Staging a post-war ...tnchack. Ilir Latcli Key Society, once one cil ' I lie Icadin;: cainiHis oigaiiizatioiis, is gaining slrengtli as lime ncs iii. In pic-war years il was an artive and exlirnidx lulpfnl oullit. The main purpose of I his honorary society is (o eiillivale harmoiiN amon-, ' the managers themseiscs and Ihe leaders of Ihe leams with wlii.h tlie rmlhei- aim of Ihe ni-anizali(in is I.. . ' xhTid a helping; hand lo all isiliii;: leams, meet them when llie aiii e, direel lliem in I heir travels around the ramiMis and lo enlerlain when they remain overnight. Contrary lo general o[)inioii. all managers and Iraiiiers are nol aniomalic members of the society. In order lo l)e aeeejiled as a member, one must iH ' rforni his diilies diligenlU and lake a genuine interest in Ihe aimsorilu ' SoeieU. JimmN Ilotlnian is president; Karl Thomson, ice president ; Harold McGay, secretary-treasurer and Duke W yre advisor. William W. Cobey, graduate manager, and George Carroll, publieits director, are associate members. Hoiiiecoming — cheers and tears Vr ITU A CHKAT KOAH llie (TOwd Was (ill ils feel in exciU ' d uiilicipatiun. Tin; gcsliculaliiif, ' arms of the pirlly locds led the (hrong in a conceited clieer tlial swept tliiou({h tlie siladiuin and out onto the suiroundin}, ' streets. F ' loiti the oldest tiluinni lo the f, ' reenest freshman, I his was the game, the game of all games that must be won the winning game which would make this the perfect i-nd of a perfect Homecoming. Two freshnieii on the top row ruefully snr e ed their still-soaked shoes. The tug-of-war this morning had. unfortunately, not conformed lo th ! usual pa Hern, and a In-wildered freshman class had been dipped in Pninl ' s cool waters. Behind Ihc lumie goal jxist, a group of hoarse Fraternity men cheered on. They knew that on the mantel the gold loving cup was waiting lo greet them, the victors in the annual house-decorations contest . The grey-haired genlleinan on [ v. i]{[ - yard-line brushed a reniiniscciit tear from hi- cheek. It had been only esterday, it wM ' ined . . Muddled on the IkmicIi, the football .s juad walclifd tens»-|y every inovemenl of their com- rades on the field. Kach one was privately certain that his team was the only team, and that the outcome; of the game (ould only be one. unless . . . A quick snap from center, a lightning dart around left end. someone was in the clear, goal to go . . . the crowd was on its feet . . . come on, boys, just this oik " . . . just a few more yards . . . go, team, go ... go ... go .. . 1 t 1 W . i ' a --»l rak ' ? ■r ' ' CX W J ri m ' ' F ' ' M m ii; ' ' LM Beat Duke! . v . 4 M ,1 .Mr-. ' .l MI, t., I ol II In .1 M m IliwarlinK 111.- .ironsLrtlii- 1 i.iMi.i Ilu- r.-sull.-.l in lli. m-. ..1 ,l,„ k Ih.- N.iti..,,-- N,,. I I, F 296 The Alphas is, who really Mere iiiakiiiK matters redhot for the Blue Devil, succeeded in carrying oflf second place honors. TinaTalbolt, Alpha Xi, Charley Hebner, Sigma Chi, and Kthel Jongeneel, Pi Phi, get prizes from Lou Eisenhauer. 297 Jean Farmer Ilomeeoiiiing Queen ' . Oilohii- 1(1. pr.i i lf(l a f,Mlii r,k. ' M(l lliiil lori ' «ill |jr Iviii. ' inlMlvd. ' I ' hriv «:is plrtiU uf iiiliTi ' sl {toillf; on for cn (■t iiiic )n [u ' Wrn- and alter- Ihr r.iolhall iinmv with Dukr ill Ciillilh Sladiiuii in ;, lniii. ' luii aii.l llir ..lil .liM,„,laiil nuir u;,s |||,. |:;.|L ' llelral .l, ' s|,ilr II,;, I ll,, ' In ps , ,u I [,h, r,l ill,. r.liir DiNil- I.N a «i(l.. mai-in. Ili.L ' iili-lil n|- III, ' -lid .-oiiL ' sl was III, ' ,r,miiiii- of ,|.,,,, Ka,,,,, ' , as ll,,iM, ' ,n,i,iii- (Mlc ' ll l. ( in , ' lllor William j ' lvsl,,,, l.ail, ' . Jr. This «as pall ,,1:1 l., ' t « . ' , ' 11- lli, ' -lial ' s pro M ' aiii llial lliiilhil a .roud of iiioiv lliaii 2(l.()(t(). While the liaiid plav.-.l -SilN, ' ! ' riileads ii„,ii : llle (:, l.l. " (:,,X, ' ninl Lallr p|;„, ' d ill, ' , ' | ' ,,NM| lip.ill ill, ' Ilea, I ,,r Miss I-;, line,. Ijnnie l], s, ' |M.,l aiid Kappa Delia iii. ' iiihi ' r. Miss Farm.T f. ' ailied ll„ ' Im,i|.,I n v, a lal-e ti.ld of .iiharils. «li(. were ju,l-, ' ,l l.v Di . II. f. (,,,l l.i iiiaii. ,1, ' aii ,,r III, ' faiuIlN: .1. Milton Palters,,!,. I i. ' asinvr of llie l ' „,ai.l of H, ' -, ' 11 Is. and .1. ( 1. C.oli. ' , ' . Coll, ' -, ' I ' aik l,iisiii, ' ssinaii. Diniii- III, ' e , ' iiini: l.elui, ' and lli, ' ni,.iiiin- ..f the -aine nioiv than 2.1X1(1 ainnini iniii-led uilli Hi, ' illid, ' ! ' - ,L ' ra(iiial, ' s,„i Hi, ' ,aiiipi|s and at Hi, ' lral, ' iiiil li.Mises. |;,n ,,r Hie ,,ld -rails r,.,iiaiiied ,, ,.r fur Hi, ' Ihmie- .nlnlll- Dall.e IN III, ' lllln,A al lli-lll. Til, ' dall, ' . ' . sp,„,s,,i, ' ,| j.iinlK l, Hm ' sludeiil ImmIn and Hi, ' -W ( liili. uilli inilsi, hv Cliarl. ' N pivaks hand, was a , ,,ni|.l, ' le s. ' ll,,iil. ll als,, was ahl. ' Inr its d, ' , ' , , rat ions. rtnl 1.% III. ' Kliu ' l) v,l 298 It took the highly-pleasing Ilomecoiiiing Uunce and the sweet strains of ( ' .liarle Spivak ' s hand lo revive Ihe Old Lii spirits were at a low-ebb when they left Griffith Stadium in Washington following the heart-rending gridiron battle ' 299 i«. I....IU. ■•I uli, •• hii.k. Kiiii: I i-il.i« .1(1.1 l.i- Stflla (M.loiii. litis plariiiK I h - . h«- hupp.% nr is thul pliiiiiltiiiK (ixli l .111.1 si.lcki. ' k. on hi- li.-;..l. I Irunglin him? Autumn Carnival steals ■•| il a HUM.: ' - •Isil a t;.vas,Hl pi-: " I ' laslcrcd on every tree on caiiipiis, placiirds .seiejiin- iiiL ' . " Tisiliuv I Jill! " heralded the ((imiiit: of Miir laiiir Nrisinii .,r thr Miinli Cias llie iil. 111111 Carnival. rill ' lilullllrl nl ;i | il nun il ii ill llian ' s ni ' llllliai r. ■ Tisiiaw I ;, ' lil " tiiinrd mil In l)e a monster iiejiralK. .Minphte «illi iii.iiisliTs. Creased pigs dashed fui -hrllrr as (i er-aii sliidenls eoiiipeled inr llie iiil liaciiii: potato races and saek lairs i. d wilh lln- Sadie Hawkins rare for the crowds allriili. M; Iml 111! ' crowning of king ' iisitaw I gli . liiiiavid Ihi- i ' eiiing ' s enterlainnieiil. Il hniie.l iml In Ih ' M.nre of a iii.iii lli.aii .a gi. ' aM.I pig DMiial.l M.irUni.M. .Tslwhile n lunilii-.| fur IIm ' DiaiMi.lldl.ark an.! I ' ralllli.i . nnieiiian of lh ' hMilli-hl rlul.. Crouiied 1.x Sl.lla Culoiu. Dull liad .mK .ilir u- l;.ll .•|..« I Barnum and Bailey fame lliiii- l,.sa . -I izUr Thcniud vv (I llir As sludrnl hands made willi llic music. Miss llariirllr Kurtz -racioush rccci c(l licr cruwn fioui ' r..nnn Mont. Not even Riiii: Tisila U ' li «as a ltrr the Ixiiifircs had dird out and llic Ixiulcxaid iKM-anir nill.lockrd. Ilir C.aniiNal spirit di. ' d (1.,nmi a little, imt it cauic n a head Saturday iii dd at tlif ulinun Carnixal Dan.v. I ndrr the apahl ' . ' ii-iiLTrini; nf I ' jnorx llaruiuti. the daner «as a linaticial and s.icial sucvrss on a Ml in all. xxith r , ' x,vptinn of a (v di.s-rnntlrd motorists and state policemen, the campus took the Autumn Carni al to its bosom, greased pi ; and all. As one of the promoters modestK staled, " It was llie greatest! " Plii kappa Si ' mas l ring lionic llio I a( ' n. Kvhaii of the greased pig contest receive congratulations while triiiiiiphantly displaying the first prize — the slippery porker. 302 303 i UDDiiKK Samiei. Goldwyn ' s riso t sui-ct ' .s.s in his fii-Ul is typical of Ihe AnuTican way of life. . s a youtli from Warsaw, Poland, lie niatli " his huniMc i»-Kiiiiiing as a glove factory worker at I lie wage of three dollars a week. The new motion picture industry ottered him his opportunity. A pioneer of the industry. Samuel (loldwyn now is ammi the top producers of llollvwood. )li!i!i Uanlaiiil s k wit i:i. (loi.DW VN. r.iiiKiiis lldlK «(,(,(! tiKiNic pn.diir.T, wlm sclccis I lie C.lduXM L ' ilU. M.M I lllr Mio-I 1 „ ■;, I, I i In I ill III, ' sjluu l.llsinrs . -niri. ,11 I IVSpon.i. ' .l lo III. ' l,M|llrs| of Ihr VrM,, ,,,, I,, .,|,-, I Mix- M.,l h,|„| nj Nill.lrrM FurlN ,Ih,m. N,,;, | Sliirl,!.. I,Mv lli iii lill ul MMrNhind- iiiu-l MlnnliNr rue.U -ul.inil lr,| ,,li.,l.,-n.|.li- in ' sl NNMsnpr.i 1.1 all I nuriMlv «,,iimh. Ii. .mI,|«n„ « lliat he lli..rnn-lil eMJ.. c.l .arefuIlN I.H.kiii ' n rt all „( Ur,n l.rlnir niaki hi- ll..i.e. Tllr lia rl-rxr.j, livf-in.,t. liM-illcil (Micni. a |,lr l-r I,, Drjt;, D.lla Drila snn.rilv. was first |)i(l(.riall iiil ludii, r,| I,, tlir I i.i rrsils l. a lull |.a-. ' pi, luiv in III. ' NuxenilxT issue ..f Hi. ' OhI It was lliis puilrait « « in her the tillr. Sclcclion of Miss Shields, a IVeshinan in Ih.- Cnllef;, ' .d ' li.inie r:e..n..nii.- . «!is well rccrixed iin Ihr campus. 304 iliiiiiiil Sara Lee Shields 305 Queens Mirtv Roe • Jean Farmer Sara Lee Shields -73 « Harriette Kortz --7 1 V Jackie l(irle) kiiDiiii kaiMiii li a III III a K ary lirorkiiicyrr a III III a IMii lirla iukk II ii III III el I itlplia II mi mill Pi Jiiiic LrwiN Ka|)|)ii Kappii liiiiiiiiiii Junior Prom I ' lMin. ;,l«;,v ,nvr IImII I ' urd il NN. ' iN held on |- ' . ' l nMr 2. ' iMidcr ' lli, ' rlmii tiiMiislii|i ..ri ' .fllN .l-.l.r. ' I ' lic S|.; lltl..r . s.v.ic nl llir diilKv. «ii lilH ' iMlIx and arlisli. ' MlK (l. ' ' .,rn(r l in iv.l ;uid ul.ilc U n cf I:n l;nids luur 10I..1-.. |iicsiril In;; ,1 iMMiililnl Crnlisr C.lirrU, .Innior Clas- |pic .idrnl -[M.kc tlir j;.Mirial Nrnlinirnl -if lli,- Im|.|. thiun- ..I ' line, ' SiUld (laiifc {iiirsis wlnri In- said. " I am mis pleased with tlie larfie turnunl and li(i|ic the nsl ol llie class enjoyed il as iniKJi as I diij. ' Addillfl (, ' leall Ic, llir ocasion was Ih,- . , ,nl inimiis melodies providid 1 luii cJeMi on hisl las. Km KeeleNS and I aiiy Fonlines. Til.- I.if:hli-I.l of Hie eM.nin-. rnli..uiii- tlie pinme- nade, Nvas llir pivseiitalinn of - ' Miss |ai laiid. " Sara SiiieMs, l,s l-iallk Masleis,,n. .■dilul of the T.Tiapin. windi annnalU spuiisnis ||„. r,,iitesl Ini this lionui. C ' .limaxinii Hie l)if;e eniii}, ' eie aflei-daiKc Idcakl ' asis at the fraternity houses and the Rec Hall. 310 I ' lic pronieiiadc, led b Senior unci Junior clusa ofTicerti 14 ±% . Pean and Mrs. Eppley head receiving line. President Bjrd in centerof picture. Wecms Huwltins and George Cheely, class prexy. 311 I ■■■ ' .Mai p 1 ' ' 1 1 National Politics tame compared to student elections here Mr. VVcbslcr dcliiies the ail of elwli(jni ' eriiig as, ' " Till ' arts or praiticcs iisotl for scciirinfr the ck ' tiioii of oil. ' lu nlli.r. ■ l 111.- I i.i rrsit „{ Maryland Stiulcril (idM iiiiiiinl tl(( linns. Ilic ails and [tractices really p ' t a orkin ' -o er. Tlie business of wiiniiiif, ' an S.d.A. clii lion Ih- mms about six weeks before the (irst nomination. In smoke- filled backrooms, in rorridors between ela.sses, in the booths at local beaneries, plans are worker! o er and blueprints dra«n. Parly lines are diaun up li-hl and the potential candidates are sifted. No phase of campus life thai might contain a few votes is overlooked. This year ' s election was a humdinf, ' er from start to finish. TUr sludrnl ImmIn t.,nk sides as lli. neN . ' r had h ' fore. li : ' il,,- ansu.r rnmrs undei llic iieadin-: of elect ioneerin{. ' . The c arnpiis ■JMirkslers ' knew I he secret of success-bally Ikmi. As soon as Ihi ' pail linrs weie drawn and llie candidates cIhimh. Ihe .u|M ' i-salesini ' n l p vvurk. During the first week of campai{. ' ninf, ' . Ihe campus was delufjed with a flood of posters advertising!; the wares of Ihe " Ideal Party " and " The Old Line Lib- erals. " There were posters plastered on e er wall and tree on ram|)us. The eonipelilinn fur livr span ' was so -. ' reat that the local legmen had to get up as early as li . ' .M. lu pill up their signs. (The six o ' clock shift had Ihc- ddiihle trouble of putting up their own and tearing dnun 1 1 Iher party ' s.) . n official ar- mistice finidlv ua- sign.d and Ihe two parties agreed lu s.ikI lh,i. p,,M( r nM ' ii ai-uund lugellier al li ,-tliirl . -plilling (he In-e and wall space l.,.tw, ' en them. As ele. ' lion lime neaied. llie,il rnlled intu first g.-ar. Lnvely N,,nng r,,-,..N ,.,.!,• higli-shppiug whether lh, w,iv •pulling ,t Hank!- ..i -Huuling fur Luul- Thr llu.MS iivnlfd IVum the same slal.le) pran.rd r.pialK well I ' ui bulh candidales. luiu.M rearhed the .ars of the " Old Lille Liberals " Ihat llii ' " Ideal Pail ' was Ijriiigiiig an elephant on rai IS. |- ' ,rn ir,| .alls |„ nearby zoos ,ind lirenses u.av lu nu avail lli. ' iv ua.n ' l aiiullier rmlal.K ' pa(li (!cirn in llir ieinit . Their linal au-un rani.- in III. ' luiin uf six whil. ' mice, giiaranle.d l. s, an- ulf aii .n.niv .•l.phanls. i Th.- elephant fail. ' .l t.ia| ar. anil a sururitx liulise is slill Irving I., gel rid ..f III. ' suiflK-niullipl ing ini.-e!) s a III. ' alls ..r a..|uaiiiliiig III. ' slnd. ' iil li.xU willi III. ' .pialili.ali.Mis .,! ' II,, ' ' s. a il. ' hal. ' uas ji.-ld ill III. ' ( ' ..lis. ' uni. Th. ' d. ' ' was a good nil. ' , lull il weni alin.isl uiiii. l i. ' . ' .l. wlial with Ihe shenanigans uf III. ' pariN snppurl. ' is. Tli. ' y paiad. ' d up and duwn Ihe (•clis. ' iini. arr ing uil-,l..lli haiin. ' rs. p.,s|.,s. m. ' ga- phones. and wliil. ' mi..-. Tli. ' . Ii.iring was w, ' ll-ur- ganized and x ... il ' .i .,us. .aiidi.lal. ' s r, ||.,w,-rs . ' h.-er. ' d his Mian ' s .-v.-rN wunl. Il s, ' ..,n. ' ,| thai . ' . ' rN..!!, ' sfjir Musi ' i.uis | l.i t..r I.O.I on llx ' t ' | s of ill.- l II. 314 Iliciv liM(l .■ ,,f uli.ilii lir uariird I., uin an(hisi-,itV,,in I 1,.,n ..n .■..ul(ln-| Ikin ,• rlKui-cl lii . rinii.l On cl.vliiMl .hi Ihr lio,,|.-h, nMrhnl ils rliiiMV AdiniiiisliMtinii l.uildin ' , |.(ilcnlial xotcis. A l ciit - " " ' 1(111 Iniilii Inirk. hla liti,i. ' the canipus witli a scTcaiiiiii ' H. ' S % " " air-lidiM. ranird ■•l- ' .iscnliaiicr and llifigons " banners fci, t aiiinnd the pnlliiii; [ilarr. ri I ' ntcrprisiiif; studi sprlli ' d oiil ■•Sa l(ii " in llic wet lass, soakinf; down t m his sIkms and Sdcks in thr piucrss. On tlir slrps n{ lllc I- i ,.iil.-..i,r ■.. ,1 S-.xl..r .r.-vrnl.-.l ,|, ' ,,„.„„ .,, allv dniini-lrati,,n hniidin;:. a li c-picrc condMi -a il with linl innsic U,v Ihr -Idral l ' arl - while U pi, keled 1, a hahx-eariia.i:, ' I ' nll nf lahhils. -narani While snnn l-lru. ' ks l.laivd Kk J| I to A, vole . t ' :i.:ni) Notes. Lunis I ' lisenhan, I ' defeated " Hank " B . J SaNlor l. lo l.():{l) lo become llie ' " lirsl ln(le|,en.lenl sindeni lo iva.h (he pivsid. ' nes . fler ninlnal e,,n-ial nialions and ,-oniniisei-ations. Ihe IVh,,Ns pa. ked np Iheir posleis and llieir lahliils and mice lor anolher lime. Il was a -real li-hl. usual |.olili,al allihalions lo W Q slates with -Ira.lin ' - hein, ' eonwnon. It was not so tnneh a ,ase of who r ' all deserNed the positions hnt ;, ' f - " ' who eonid .i:ral) Ihe most Notes. Sadl.N. politi,-. WL T like that. l ' .,l M,,ir.i iMil licr alK-r ll»- nam.- ..I ' : v: _ The opposing fuctions sit peucefullj together ut the Suylor-Kiscriluuier dehate in the Coliseum preceding the election. 315 Campus Life It a,.,, k,-.,. on.- In,. I ..|, to ri.K.M.I.r 111.- i.r..|..r ;.l n.osph.r.- Inr »t.i.l ii.K in ill.- I(.-. r.-..l i..n II..II ■| " li«- r iu lc(l the New Gym Armory for ; hill « li. r.- I iLu Speaking of Terrapins . . . Tliis is III, ' hu-csl Tcnapiri cmm publish,.!. In il «,■ liii c ,iMcni|ilr(l t(, I ' dlldW llic ciiiivnl I ' diiiKil of pnifcssidiiiil piiMiriilidiis. In kci ' pin;; uilli lliis pivniisc. wr iKivr .•linnniilr,! Ilic nlisCs h;ni(l uork Mnd snhslilnlcd lli. ' n.ilnral ini .if I pr liic ' s ,ni(l llic iinpivssi r lic:nil ul ' driiniiilic pli(il(ii:i;iplis. This sl lc. MS iilnslniird l Ihr lillc p;ip ' , prrscnis I he inncliunid l(,-rllirr uilh n drconilixr (|nMiil . Ihrivl.x ;,ddin- lo IJM ' ' nl. we hr r r. hn ' nuiiv llian llir nsiKil arlisl ' s handixNork h.nnd in s, ' arli(,nks. (•oTnpusit.iis and prinl.Ts of Him ' sc iV.-ss ... Id (iordoii P,ri,i:lilnian (.IMahn and Ollirr l-jifrravin.i: CoMipatiN w. ' nuc niiKli h.r his inlrrrst and suf.-csli,,ns . . . ' In Paul cls ,n and Fivd Walker ,,r Dnrand Cincc Conipanx Laiix Slapp of Vu rnu and Stapp .S|ndi,,s for his paliciirc in lakini: Ihc lillc pa ' e pliot(if.Maph . . . To l ' .ill Zandn of Ihc Mai land State Biidfrd I ' -uivau for his h. ' Ipful assislancc . . . Thk Tkhhmmn Staik We arc csp.TiallN proud of Ihis ho.ik from Ihc slan(lp,,inl of drsi-n. Ml ( as I,, I pr formal, lasoul of I hr oprnin- sclioris and di ision pajTcs. haNC hern made 1) mcnd.rrs of Ihr Terrapin stair«itli(.ut llieaidofprofcssionalarlislsor-paeka ' c " dcsifiiis. haiifllini: our own problems in Ihis phase of produ.lion. «e haN, ' ha.l I h, opporlurnl ,,f soKin.u matlN of Ihe leehmeal prohl. ' ins iinoKed in a firaphie arls produ. ' lion. Our . ' dilorial polie has 1 n lo offer a eoNeraf. ' e of (he xear Ihal will l)e inl.avslin- lo all readers, regard- less of Iheir direel partieipatictri in Ihe aeli il pre- senled. This explains our doparlure. as far as possible, from Ihe Irili ' lisliu;; of an orjiani alions, a fralerriilv members aclivities and the linlype pliolo;, ' - rapher ' s posed pieluri ' s. By this objective, magazine sl lc c(i ciaf, ' i ' . wc hojie Ihe student will get satisfaction from belonging lo his organization and this ( ' ni ( ' rsil for uhal il rcpresenlsand «hal il accomplishci dnrini; Ihc year. Wc hope you .■njo Ihisl k « ■ did our best and for ils shorlcomings, remember Ihal we aiv sludcnls, loo. wilh classes lo alleud and exams lo pass. The Terrapin slalf wishes lo express ils I hanks for Ih. ' co.n,craliou shown bx .linnnx lurrax and Ihc Thr Tcrnipin is priiih-d Ifllcrpn-ss. The tc.M is set in 10 jxiiiil lioiliini miiniilvjic in (i I I point body. Bodoni Hhick and ( () paint Oiiv.x type (ire usrd on (ipcninfl sections. llic cniirariniis iirc .i.i screen lifilfliincs. printed iritli Leuis Roberts Hard Snrfarr llnljtone eo Hhuk Ink on U (uren ' s HO pound l.iisiro Closs paper. The hook iros hound hv Moore di Coniponv. Ihiltimore. Minylnnd. Senior pholoiiniplis iiri ' In C.olonna Sindios Inc.. en- York. _ INDEX Adiniiiistriiti.iii Agriciillurc. Ag. ( " »uii.-il . A.I.C ' li.K Al.K.K Alliriul.t-OtlcTbciii. . Alpha Alplia Alpha Chi Onuna. . Alpha Chi Siunia, . Alpha l). ' lla I ' i Alpha I ' psiloii I ' lii Alpha I ' i . . Alpha Camilla Hho Alpha (iaiiiiiia D. ' lta Alpha Kappa D.-lta. Alpha I.aiiil .la l).-lla Alpha Oiiiicr.iii I ' i . . Alpha l hi ()iii. Ka. . . . Alpha Tail Oiii. ' na. Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Z.-(a Aliiiniii Ciiuii. ' il Ani. ' i ' i.-an Marki-liiiR C ' luli. Arts aii.l S.-i.-Mc.-s A.s.c.i: A.S.M i; Athl.lio AthlHi.- ((luiKil Athletic Si atT Autumn Carnival. . Ballroom Dance Cluli Haii.l Bas.-lmll Hask.-tliall Beta Alpha I ' si. Boar.l ..f U.-K.-nt.s. BoxiiiK Block ami Bri.ll. ' Chih. . . . BllHiiiess ami I ' lililic Adiiiiiiistral iiaptisi Stii.l.-iil rnioii Cam. ' ia Cluli. C ' linterl.ury CUili Cli. ' er Lea.lei ' s Chess Cluli Chil.llioo.l IC.lii.atioii Clul) Christian Kellowsliip Christian Scieiwe OrKaiiizalioii . CMiissof I ' .ll ' .l (Seniors) Class. if lil. ' iO (Juiii.irs) . Class .)f I ' .tSI (Soph..m. i -si Class of l ' .t. " )2 (I ' ' reslini. ' iil . Clubs CoUeuiate 111 Clul). . . Cross Country Day.l.iilners Cluli. Diam.imllia. ' k of M.-n Dean of VVom. ' ii. Delta lOpsilon Kajipa Di-lla D -lla Delta. Delta (iamma Delta SiKina Phi Delta Tau D.-lta Disi-ipl.-s ' Stu.h-nl K. ' llow.sliip Dormitories (M. ' iii Calv.-rt Hall Silvi-stiT Hall D.irms I-; ami M D.irms N ami O linnge anil !.. . Pngr 21 •22 2(M) 22!1 2.jn miliiries (Women I . nii.- Arundel Hall . . Marnarel Br.-iit Hall. IS. i Kdmation.. I ' .nitin.-eriiiK. . 221 Kail and Wint.T S lorl.s 22-) K.-atur.-s P. IS Krat.-rniti.-s l ' V.MI.Il Clul). . 22li Kootliall ' .ID I ' Utiir. ' Karm. ' rs .i Am. ' ri.a . S ' .l Future Teach.-rs . f Am.-ri.a 227 1 I.S C ' riiian Cluli. . 228 •11 (iolf C.ymkaim Zi Ilill.-I Koundation loC. 11. M.S. I ' inafore. lIoiiie.iimiiiK. . . . : 2 i.-)i Home ICcoiiomi.s 1.-).-. IC. ' omimi. ' s Clul. 23S llon.iraries 210 Interfraternitv Council -11 Imluslrial Kducat on Club Int.M ' national Club International Uelaliiins Club Intramurals I.S.A .Ill.loClllb .luni.M- I ' lom Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Thcta. Kappa Di ' lta Kappa Kappa (iamma l,a. ' ro.sse Lambda Chi Alpha I,:itrli K.-y I.iillii ' ian Students Ass.iciati( Malh Club .M Book M Club. . . Men ' s Ch-e Club .M. ' n ' s League Miss Maryland Military Si-i.-n.-. ' , I ' liysiial I ami UeiTeation Mis ' r, The Mortar Board Nali.inal CoUegiat.- Players. Newman Club Night Must Fall Old I,ine Omiiron Delta Kappa Oniicron Nu. . . ( )r. ' liesis ( )ur Town . . Panhell.-nic ( " .juncil Pershing Rifles Ppfrified Forest Phi Alpha. . . 203 232 233 231 2X2 201 2 ' . 13 ISli 1S7 ISS 122 Phi Delta Theta Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Sigma Sigma . . Physical Kdueations Pi Beta Phi Majors 20ti 207 20S 23li 11)2 ■ 3. " ) Pi D.-lta l :p.silon " itl (.1 Plant Imlustry Club Clul Propell.-r Club Psy.holog.v Club Publicati.ins. . . Ka.lioClub B..1 Cr.wsClub 1 . " i3 I ' .IO l.-i7 211 l.-)3 170 H ' ll l(i2 Klli 3(ti; Hi3 231 r,s ■ S ' . I3 ' .l 133 Heligious Philos iph l(.-si.|el..-.-S Hilling Club BiMeT.-am. . K.O.T.C. Club 170 .. 172 •2. ' s S.G.A. S.Ci.A. I ' -leclions. . Sigma Alpha I ' .psil Sigma Alpha Mil Sigm.i . lplia Oiiiii Sigma Chi. Sigma Kappa, -• igiiia Nu Sigma Tau l ' ' .psilon S.M.A.C S.)c.-.-r S.)c-iology Club. Sororities Spring Sports I ' .US Slud.-nt AHiliates.if A.C Slud.-nt (irange. Student Orchestra Tau Beta Pi . . . Tau l- psiloii Phi Tau Kappa l-ypsilon. . . . T.-nnis ' I ' eiTapin Terrapin Trail Club ThelaChi Tra.-k liiivi Th.-atr - V.-t. -rail ' s Barracks V.-teran ' s Club V.-teran ' s Family I ' nits. . W.-sl.-y Club Westminster Club Wiim.-n ' s Chorus Womin ' s 1,1-agui- Women ' s Sporl.- W.K.A Wr.-stling Young Democrats Club . Young H.-publirans Club Zeta Beta Tau. 311 20 ' .i 210 152 13(1 ' .13 21 I 21.5 2SH IDS I .V) 2ir. 320 Marvin ml in nil! .r - u ' V

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