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ARCHIVES n L 47 J 3 1952 ' mmM, ' Jc- M-jm ■pRESiDKf TiiARRY CLIFTON. BYRD LIBRARY UNIVERSIIY Of MA,vYLA (» COLLEGE PARK. HO. H MI CBCdUT ' A J •. -. THE UnVERSITV OF MIRILAID School o nmm nredentd tfn nm MARiiE » 1952 LIBRARY UNIVERSITY OF MA. ' YLAND COLLEGE PA.,K, .via Dr. Frank J. Slama --.. Faculty Advisor Marvin B. Golberg Editor Richard Levin Business Manager ( c Dedicat ion . . . . Dr. J. Carlton Woi.l graduaiL ' d from Tlu- Mary- !and College of Pharmacy in 190S with the degree of Pharm.D. In l ' H)6. he became the demonstrator in Dispensing Pharmacy at the University of Maryland. School of Pharmacy. In 19 12 he was appointed as Associate Professor of Dispensing Pharmacy and Commercial Pharmacy. He became the Professor of Dispensing Pharmacy in I ' M 5. the position which he now holds. Dr. Wolf has concurrently operated a professional drug store in Baltimore for many years. Dr. J. Carlton Wolf is a man of sympathetic under- standing, profound knowledge and broad experience. He is a scholar and his strong character and noble ideals have bejn an inspiration to pharmacy students. Dr. Wolf has indeed been a friend and a teacher the Senior Class of 1952 can never forget. In admira- tion and esteem, we. therefore, dedicate our Terra Mari ae of 10S2 to Dr. J. Carlton Wolf. JE 1 2 ' § Dr. J. Carlton Wolf Professor of Dispensing Pharmacy 2iA819 w eSSaaeS Theodore R. McKeldin Governor of the State of Man land to tlie KJrciduati uaunc lie Ljovern or January I 1. I ' ' 2. To the Graduates. Pharmacy School Univcrsiiv of Maryland; II is again a pleasure and a privilege to extend my greetings and best wishes to those who are nearing the end of their preparations at our great University to enter the profession of pharmacy. It is a noble profession, closely associated in the healing of the ill and the reducing of human suffering, with the work of our physicians, surgeons and nurses. It is my hope that graduation will point the way to success for each of you so that our people may benefit by your services. May I also extend this greeting to the members of the schools faculty who have assisted you so well through the years of your studies. With hi ;hest regards to each of you I am Sincerely. Theodore R. McKeldin. Governor. V ZJlie l- rcAutenl ot I lie UlniverMlif I ' o the Pharmacy School Graduates: The Pharmacy School is a part of the Health Educa- tional [ ' rogram of the University of Maryland. As such, it plays a tremendous part in the work the Uni- versity is doing in this field. Its graduates, conse- quently, are entering into the work of health preser- vation throughout the state and. along with the medical doctors and dentists, are contributing through their efforts to the economic and social well being of the people of Maryland. The University strives to do an excellent job in the leaching and training of such men and women because upon how well the University does its job depends the quality of service that will be rendered to the people by the University ' s graduates. I:ach graduate, in this respect particularly, should strive to be a credit to the University. |ust as the Uni versity hopes the people of the state will understand that in this way the University is fulfilling its obli gations to them. In going out to this field of work, you carry with you the best wishes and high hopes of those who have worked with you in the University Sincerely. H. C. BVKD. I ' residfni. ll.NKKV Ll.ll ION BVKD. LL.D. I ' rexident of the University -7 laSS Prom .... nfDecin i To THE Members of the Graduating Class: The coming commencement symbolizes another major accom- plishment in your professional career. I hope that you will continue to make progress in whatever field of pharmacy you choose, whether it be the educational, the practice of retail pharmacy or any other facet you may select. The opportunities are unlimited in any branch of the profes- sion, and I wish you every success and happiness in your chosen field. Noel E. Foss Dean. J lstoru of Jke S cliool of f- li larmacu V HE need of an institution where apprentices in pharmacy could be given systematic in- struction in the sciences underlying their pro- fession had long been felt by leading pharma- cists and physicians, when in 1841 a charter was obtained from the General Assembly for the Maryland College of Pharmacy. The in- corporators, seventeen in number, and among whom were Messrs. George M. Andrews. Thomas G. Mackenzie. B. Rush Roberts. Robert Coleman, and Dr. David Stewart, im- mediately organized and established courses of instruction in chemistry, pharmacy, and materia mcdica. These men carried on the work of the college until 1847. when, owing to the death of some members and change of business of others, they were compelled to suspend all lectures. During the period of operation, however, they graduated a number of eminent pharmacists, to whose efforts in resuscitating and reorganizing the college in 1856 much is due. Among the older gradu- ates appear the names of Messrs. Frederick A. Cochrane. Alpheus F. Sharp. William Thompson. Samuel Rodgers. J. Paris Moore. John W. Read, and Christian Steinhofer. Of these. Messrs. Alpheus P. Sharp and William S. Thompson were not only earnest and ac- tive supporters of the College, but were adorn- ments to the profession they represented, as well as graduates of whom their Alma Mater might well be proud. In 1 8t6 at the request of the graduates and a number of Baltimore pharmacists, the presi- dent. Mr, George W. Andrews, called a meet- ing which resulted in the election ot thirty- one new members, and a thorough reorgan- ization of the College. The new Board of Trustees established three professorships: Dr. Lewis Sieiner was elected Professor of Chem- istry: Dr. Charles P. Prick. Professor of Materia Medica: and Israel Grahame. Pro- fessor of Pharmacy. A course of lectures was given during the season 1857-1858 to a class of intelligent and appreciative students, and the College took a new lease on life, which has since been maintained. Dr. David Stewart gave the lectures in pharmacy during the period 1841-1846. F- ' ollowing the reorganization, the chair of Pharmacy was filled by Professor Israel J. Grahame. who was succeeded by Mr. P. Phillips, an earnest and interesting instructor. The sudden death of Prof essor Phillips caused the election of J. Paris Moore to the vacancy. Professor Moore was one of the older gradu- ates of the College, and was a consistent and zealous worker in behalf of his Alma Mater and in the interest of pharmacy, until his death. He continued in the chair of phar- macy for nineteen years, when on resignation of the chair of Materia Medica by Professor Baxley. he was chosen Professor of Materia Medica. Then on March 8, 1879. Dr. Charles C. Caspari. Jr.. who was later to play such an important part in the history of the Maryland College of Pharmacy, was elected Professor of I harmacy. which chair he con- tinued to fill until his death on October H. 1917. He was succeeded by Dr. Evander F. Kelly, class of 1902. who held the professor- ship until January. 1926. when it was taken over by Dr. John C. Krantz. Jr.. class of 1919. who held it for one year. Andrew G. DuMez. Ph.G.. B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D.. then held the professorship until his death in I 948. Dr. Noel E. Foss is now Professor of Pharmacy. Mr. William E. A. Aiken was lecturer in chemistry from 1841-1846. From 1856 the professorship of chemistry was filled for a number of years by Dr. Louis Steiner. On his departure from the city he was succeeded by Professor Alfred Mayer, who afterwards moved to New York, and he was in turn succeeded by a graduate of the College. Dr. Helsby, who remained a few years and then entered upon the practice of medicine. The chair was then occupied by Dr. De-Rosset, a man of great ability and a popular lecturer. Upon his resignation in 1873, the Board of Trustees elected the able and energetic Pro- fessor William Simon. Ph.D., M.D.. to fill the vacancy. Daniel Base, Ph.D.. became associated with Dr Simon in 1895. .md was O elected Professor of Chemistry in 1902. which position he held until his resignation in 1920 to become associated with Hynson, Wescott and Dunning. The teaching of the basic courses in chemistry has been under the direc- tion of the Department of Chemistry of the University of Maryland. In 1936 Glenn L. Jenkins, Ph.D.. Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry since 1927, resigned to accept a similar position in the School of Pharmacy of the University of Minnesota. Walter H. Hartung, A.B., Ph.D., who had been research chemist for Sharp and Dohme for a decade. headed the department until leaving for a like post at the University of North Carolina in the Fall of 1948. Dr. George P. Hager, who received the Ph.D. degree in 1942 from the University of Maryland is now Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Messrs. David Stewart and William S. Reese were the lecturers in Materia Medica 1 844- 1 846. Dr. Charles P. Frick was elected Professor of Materia Medica June 5, 1856, and on April 17. 1858, Professor Frick, hav- ing been called to the chair of Materia Medica in the old University of Maryland School of Medicine, was succeeded by Professor Frank Donaldson, M,D. Like his predecessor, he was called to a professorship in the Univer- sity of Maryland. He was succeeded by Pro- fessor J. R. Winslow. in 1863, and the latter, on June 1, 1866. by Claude Baxley, M.D., who ably filled the position until 1879, when declining health caused him to sever his con- nection with the College. He. in turn, was followed by J. Paris Moore, M.D., who con- tinued in this chair until his sudden death on February 3, 1888. when Dr. David M. R. Culbreth was elected to succeed him. Dr. Culbreth who had always been an ardent worker for his Alma Mater, ably and efficiently filled the professorship until June 10. 1920, when he resigned from active duty and became Professor Emeritus. Dr. Charles C, Plitt of the class of 1891 served as Pro- fessor of Botany and Pharmacognosy until his death in 1933. Professor Frank J. Slama. who is an alumns of the school and who re- ceived the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Maryland was ap- pointed to head the department in 1936. Great advances have been made in the pro- fession of pharmacy since 1856. and it has been found necessary to enlarge the curriculum from time to time to keep abreast of this progress. In the broadening of its curricu- lum, the school has been guided largely by the standards set by American Associaton of Col- leges of Pharmacy. In 1 913. courses in phar- maceutical arithmetic, and pharmaceutical law were added. The course in commercial phar- macy has been expanded, and all work of this nature is given by the Department of Phar- macy Administration. This department is presided over by Miss B. Olive Cole, Phar.D., LL.B, In 1921, the curriculum was further broad- ened to include the general education subjects: English, romance languages, algebra, trigo- nometry, zoology, and physics. In the same year provisions were made for teaching bac- teriology. Since then a separate department was in charge of Assistant Professor H. Bryan, V.M.D.. B.S., M.A. In 1937 Associate Pro- fessor Thomas C. Grubb, A.B., Ph.D., was appointed to head the department, resigning in 1945. Professor Donald E. Shay. B.S.. M.S., Ph.D., is the present head of the de- partment. In 1930, a department of pharamacology was organized in the school to give instruc- tion in bio-assaying. The equipment of this department and its maintenance was made possible through the generosity of the late Captain Isaac E. Emerson, who endowed it liberally. In 1938 Marvin R. Thompson. Ph.D., Emerson Professor of Pharmacology since 19 30, resigned to accept the Directorship of the Warner Institute of Therapeutic Re- search. Clifford W. Chapman, Ph.D., who had been wtih the Laboratory of Hygiene. Department of Pensions and National Health in Canada, which department is in charge of drug control in the Dominion, and in which he held the position of pharmacologist, was head of the department until his death on April 5, 1951. C.T. Ichniowski.Ph.C.B.S.. M.S., Ph.D., is now Professor of Pharma- cology. Following the reorganization of the Mary- land College of Pharmacy in 1856, control was vested in the offices of the College Presi- dent, first and second Vice-Presidents, Treas- urer, and Secretary, who. together with the Board of Examiners (three members I consti- 7! tutcd the Board of Trustees. The first presi- dent was Mr. Thomas G. Mackenzie. 1 840- 1842. followed by Mr. Benjamin Rush Roberts from 1844 to 1871. and was fol- lowed in succession by such illustrious phar- macists as Dr. J. Brown Baxley. Dr. ,J. Faris Moore. Dr. John F. Hancock. Dr. Joseph Roberts. Dr. Edwin Eareckson. Mr. William S. Thompson. Mr. Louis Dohme. and Mr. Charles Dohme (I894-1904i. In 1904. it became a department of the State University, when the old University of Maryland was merged with the Maryland State College. With this last merger, control was transferred to the officers of the University. The control of the University of Maryland is now vested in the Board of Regents, of which W. P. Cole. Jr.. is chairman. A Faculty Council, com- posed of the Dean and certain members of the Faculty control the internal affairs of each separate school comprising the University. Dr. Charles C. Caspar!. Jr.. became Dean of the Maryland College of Pharmacy in 1 896. and continued as Dean after the merger of the College with the old University of Maryland, until his death on October 13. 1917. Dr. Daniel Base succeeded him. but because of conditions incident to the World War. Dr. Base obtained leave of absence to teach in another department, and Dr. Evander Kelly was elected Dean on September 30. 1918. This office was held by Dr. Kelly un- til December 31, 1925. when he became Secre- tary of the American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation. Dr. Andrew G. DuMez then as- sumed the responsibilities of the office, and performed them with great ability until his death on September 27, 1948. Miss B. Olive Cole served as Acting Dean of the School dur- ing the 1948-49 session. Dr. Noel E. Foss who received the Ph.D. degree from the Uni- versity of Maryland in 1933. and who was Assistant Dean of the School of Pharmacy. University of Illinois for two years, was ap- pointed Dean on July 1. 1949, When the institution was first charlcred in 1841. the lectures were given in the amphi theater of the University of Maryland. F- ' ol lowing the reorganization in 1856, and until 1876. the College occupied halls rented for the purpose. In the early part ofthe latter year, the city grammar school located on Aisquith Street near Fayette Street was pur- chased and after radical, but needed changes, the College occupied what was then considered a very commodious home. However, as classes began to increase, the need was felt for more and better facilities, and in 1886. a new build- ing was erected on the old site. This building was fitted with the then-most-modern in sci- entific appliances, and was well stocked with the necessary apparatus, materials and speci- mens. The College continued to occupy these quarters until it became the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Maryland, in 1904. At the present lime the School of Pharmacy is located in the Pharmacy and Dental Building at Lombard and Greene Streets, which building was made possible by an appropriation from the State of Maryland during the legislative session of 1929. The building is a realizalon of a great need tor adequate quarters in which to teach the honored profession of Pharmacy in Mary- land. Everyone interested in Pharmacy may well be proud of this splendid building, as well as of the modern equipment and appa- ratus which has been provided for demonstra- tion and leaching purposes. From the foregoing it will be seen that the School of Pharmacy of the University of Maryland, which began its existence as the Maryland College of Pharmacy, has exercised its functions as a teaching institution sin ce 1841 except for the ten-year period 1846 to 18 56. In spite of its vicissitudes it has steadily borne itself onward and upward. It has steadily increased and improved its facilities to enable it to impart instruction in keeping with the pharmaceutical knowledge of the times. It was the first institution of its kind to establish a professorship of Pharmacy, and thereby allocate to that branch of learning an individuality of its own. It was also one of the first schools to make analytical chemistry obligatory for graduation. In still other lines its leadership has been manifest, particularly in the textbooks published bv members of its teaching staff. The result has been a steady growth in size and influence so that the school now holds a position in the front ranks of the teaching institutions of its kind in this country. H 8 yyi-HcerS of ..y ciminidtrutlon and y sslstlna S tctff Harry Clifton Byrd President of the University Noel E. Foss Dean of the School of Pharmacy Edgar F. Long Dean of Students B. Olive Cole Secretary of the Faculty G. Watson Algire Director of Admissions I " . » Margaret E. Beatty Senior Stenographer Alma H. Prhinkert Registrar Daisy Lotz Gue Senior Stenographer 9y he S cliooL J III nil If ol f- liitrmaci Noll t. Hoss, Fh.C, B.S., M.S.. Ph.D. l ' riili!,sor III I ' hurmiim B. Oi.ivi CtM.r. I-li.H 1)1 IB. I ' rolifuor () I ' harmuiii Adminislrulion .]. Carlton Woll. Phar.D.. B.S., Sc.D. I ' ruU ' S-or 111 I)ispt n inii I ' hintDiu u W. Aktliur Pukdum. Ph.G.. B.S.. M.S.. Vh 1) I ' ralvssDr III llmpiliil I ' hurnnuu Blnjamin F. Alll:n, B.S.. I ' li.D. Asiociule I ' rofensor l I ' hurmui t Hakkili R. Noll. Ph. CI.. B.S. Inslnnliir in I ' hiirnniin Marc.aklt Wong I.lw. B.S. InslnuUir in I ' hurnnnii William Owln Williams. B.S. hmruiliir tn I ' hurnnhii Frank S. Balassonl. B.S. AssislanI in I ' harnnHq John Al man. B.S. Aiststanl in I ' hurmacn A Kregikl Stass. Ph.C, M.S.. Fi-..D. Ai,ikislanl in I ' haimimi LL.MLK CURTlii KOLLLR. B.S. Aisiilanl in I ' hurmacu Paul A. Pumiman. B.S. Assiilani in I ' harmuni Adminnlrattin 12 acuilu Of f liarniacotoau CASIMER ' iHADOIiUS ICHNIOWSKI, Ph.G., B.S.. M.S., Ph.D. Lmerson Professor of Pharmuiol ' jgy Georgiana S. Gittings. A.B., M.A. Instructor in Pharrrtaioloqq Gordon Brvan. B.S., M.S. Assistant in PharmMoloyii VV. HtJ.VUK l.AWRENCI-;, B.S. Assislani in Phurmuiologii acuilu of ooioau John H. Appi.i-:gai iii, A.B.. M.A. Inslruilor m ' .ooloqq Frank Sinnreich, B.S. Assisluni in oo oc iy acuilu oj- d aclcrioioqu Donald H. Siiav, B.S.. M.S., Ph.D. Professor of f ai U ' rioloqg Ernest C. Merki:i., Jr., B.S. Assistant in liailenoloqy aciillu of (fs olanu and I It a rni a con noSu Frank J. Si.ama, Ph.G., Ph.c;., B.S., M.S.. PhD Professor o Piolunq anil Phurmacoqnosif Wii.i ri-;d Howard Gi.uckstern, B,S, Assistant in Pmlanu and l horniaioynosy n bacilli II of i ltcnitslrii George P. Hager. Jr.. B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D. Professor ot Pharmuceulical Chemistry Francis M. Miller. B.S.. Ph.D. Associate Professor ot Inorganu and Oraann ' (..hemislru Karl Kaiser. B.S. Assistant in Chemistry Stanley P. Kramer. B.S. Assistant in Chemistry Marvin Joseph Chertkoff. B.S. Assistant in Chemistry Bernard Misek. B.S. Assistant in Chemistry acutfti of f ItifSicS ana IV In III ctn a fic ' -i Gaylord B. EstabroOK. B.S. in Ch.E.. M.S.. Ph.D. Professor of Physics Charles L. Beckel. B.S. Assistant in Physics A W. RiCHESON. B.S.. A.M.. Ph D. Professor ot Mathematics i 14 2J-acullu Of- f- nusiotoau and dSioloaical i liemistf Emil G. Schmidt. Ph.D. Professor of Biological Chemistry Edward J. Herbst. Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Biological Chemistry Raymond E. Vanderlinde. A.B., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Biological Chemistry A. Virginia Brown. A.B. Instructor m Biological Chemistry William R. Amberson. Ph.D. Professor of Physiology Dietrich C. Smith. Ph.D. Professor of Physiology Fred Ferguson. Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Physiology J. McCuLLOUGH Turner. Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Physiology Samuel L. Fox. Ph.G., B.S., M.D. Instructor in Physiology John I. White. Ph.D.. U.S.P.H. Fellow in Physiology U-cicuttu o oLanauaaed Adele B. Ballman. A.B., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English Claire S. Schradieck. A.B.. Ph.D. Instructor m Languages 15 y s. em or J Senior L laSd yfncer Dr. Adele B. Ballman Anthony Phtralia Bernard Dembeck Ethfi, Baroti Irvin Albert Howard Rice Class Advisor President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Serqeant -at - Arms 18 ROBERT T. ADKINS Frim ' iland. Maryland Rho Chi Constant worker with ability and ambition . . . Salisbury profits by this new addition . . . typical student . . . " Hey, Dave. " IRVIN JACK ALBERT 7 " 54 North Monroe Strhet Baltimore 17, Maryland Phi Alpha One of Baltimore ' s own . . . the vest with the per- sonality . . . known to all as Irvy . . . " A little strange but you ' re all right with me, boy. " Camera Club 3, Terra Marie 4, Layout Editor. Class Treasurer 4. Alumni Mixer . 4: Prom Committee 4. ADOLPH BAER 1906 Eutaw Place Baltimore 17. Maryland Rho Chi A gentleman with a silver tongue . . . " It fits, in cer- tain spots " ... a salt and pepper mixture of soberness and prankishness. ETHEL BAROTI 416 North Greene Street Baltimore l. Maryland Lambda Kappa Sigma Cheerful and fun-loving disposition . . . always ready with a witty reply . . . retaliates against boring chem- istry lectures by setting fire to the chem. lab. . . . lady all the time. Recording Secretary of Lambda Kappa Sigma 3. Vice- President 4, Secretary of Class 4, Secretary of Student Branch of Maryland Pharmaceutical Association 4. Feature Writer Terra Mariae 4, Alumni Mixer 3. 4. 19 JOHN HOWARD BEAM 809 McALhiiR Court Baltimori- 2. Maryland One of the many family men of the class . . going . . . pinochle anytime . . . " You sav an exam scheduled today T ' Newman Club J. 4. . easy there ' s GEORGE BENKOVIC 625 South Ponca Street Baltimorf 24, Maryland " Ben " ... a wise-cracker with a short hair-do . . . " Short hair is here to stay " ... an authority par ex- cellence on rifles, guns, and just plain shootin ' irons. DAVIS BISHOP Grm-nsboko. Mar ' i land Rho Chi Dave . . . The Dean from the l astern Shore . . . Dave represents the sober side of the class ... he acts as a steady influence. Rho Chi President -4. Student Council 1. 2. 3. 4. Class Vice-President 4. THOMAS H. BLATT 5817 Park Hhighis Avlnll Baltimore 15. Maryland Alpha .eta Omvaa Loves those frat afl airs . . . wise -cracker . . . Tom is a typical druggist already ... his sparkling sense of humor has made an indelible mark upon our minds . . . " What color was your unknown ' Student Branch of the Maryland Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation 4. -{ 20 MORRIS BOOKOFF 35 33 White Chapel Road Baltimore 15, Maryland Phi Alpha, Rho Chi " Mo " is bound to be a success . . . always near the top of the class . . . recently joined the ranks of the married . . . " What mark did you get. Marv? ' Terra Mariac 2. Student Branch of the Maryland Pharmaceutical Association 4. ALLEN GERALD BRICKMAN 1126 Harford Avenue Baltimore 2. Maryland Alpha Zela Omega " A " ... a cheerful fellow with an eye to the future . . . with some people nonchalance is a trait, with Al it ' s a habit. ROBERT LEE BUCK 128 Brightside Avenue PiKEsviLLE 8. Maryland Daily commuter from way out thar in Pikesvillc . . . quiet, dependable friend . . . hard working . . . pro- duces results. DAVID C. CLARKE 108 Pennsylvania Avenue TowsoN 4, Maryland Phi Delta Chi The tall man of the year . dent, and soft-spoken . pharmacist. unassuming, self-confi- all the qualities of a GORDON MELVIN CRISPENS 4117 Sixth Stri-i:t Bai-itmorh 25. Maryland Phi IMla Chi Sporls enthusiast . . . always rcadv for a good argu- ment about the game . . . crew cut for four years . . . popular, with plenty of ability. Prelate of Phi Delta Chi ■). 4. Sergeant at Arms 2. Newman Club BERNARD JOHN DEMBECK, JR. 150 ) North Ki-n vood Avenue Baltimorh M. Maryland Perfect gentleman . . . one of the best dressed . . . proud of Prancie and little Bern . . . always ready to help ... a bright future for this combination of ability and geniahiv, Newman Club 2. V 4. Vice-President Senior Class. Alumni Mixer Skit 4. Prom Committee 4. LEON FEIT 3921 NoRi-oLK Avenue Baltimorl 16 Maryland Lee ... an excellent audience with a ready smile a sympathetic ear for anyone ' s hard luck story . well liked by all. IRVIN FINK 64 7 North Central Avenue Baltlmori- 2. Maryland Phi Alpha Sweater boy of the senior class . . . Irv tardy. ' — never . . . member of Joe ' s Emporium ... a good sport . . . " I only studied till six this morning. " Alumni Mixer 2 V 4. 11 AARON J. FRIEDMANN 4503 Fairfax Road Baltimore 16. Maryland Alpha Zeta Omega A composer and a pianist with a dry sense of humor ... an originator of many strange and aromatic com- pounds . . . " Duchess. " Vice-President of A.Z.O. STANLEY GODEN 3716 DoLFiELD Avenue Baltimore 15. Maryland " Stan the man " . . . the criterion of a man destined . . . don ' t judge him by his car . . . " I ' m talking to you. boy. " Terra Mariae 4. MARVIN BENNETT GOLBERG 3326 iNGLEsiDE Avenue Baltimore 15. Maryland Phi Alpha. Rho Chi " Marv " ... a man who continuously walks on the sunny side of the street . . . " The impossible we do immediately: miracles take a little longer " . . . our editor. Terra Mariae 2, 3. 4. Assistant Business Manager 2, Business Manager 3, Editor-in-Chief 4. Treasurer of Phi Alpha 3, Alumni Mixer 1. HARVEY GREENBERG 36 1 1 Sequoia Avenue Baltimore 15. Maryland Alpha ' .eta Omega The confirmed bachelor with a weakness for ties . . . " When I think of settling down it makes me nervous. " Student Branch of the Maryland Pharmaceutical Association. 23 SAMUEL MEYER HALPERN 5431 Lynview Avenue Baltimore 15, Maryland Rho Chi Hard working, intelligent down my average ' . . . ' rugged individuality. . . . That last )5 brought ombines iniliativeness with ROBERT WALTER HOLTHAUS 1 1 1 4 North Luzerne Avenue BAi.Ti.MORE 1 3. Maryland " Bob " . . . genial and a good listener for anyone ' s troubles . . . the Mr. Anthony of our class . . . Joe ' s private pupil. Newman Club. Sergeant-at-Arms 5. Terra Mariac 4. ALBERT MARTIN JAPKO 3840 DOLI ILLD AVl NLh Baltimore 15. Maryland Alpha y.fla Omega Could sell the devil natural gas heat . . . talks fast, moves fast . . . hard worker . . . " I ' m worried. " THOMAS J. KELLY, A.B. 802 MlL.VILLl Avi NI.I- Baltimore 18. Maryland " Carrot top " . . . " Bui. coach, the guard should block on this play " . . . always laughing . . . one of the most well liked in the entire class. lixccutivc Committee of the Student Auxiliary of the Maryland Pharmaceutical Association. Newman Club 3. 4. Terra Mariac 4. Prom Committee 4. -I 24 GERALD KING 6427 Windsor Mill Road Baltimore 7. Maryland Phi Delta Chi A pipe smoker with a knowledge of pharmacy . . . " Who makes it? " . . . " What is it? . . . What does it look like? " Assistant Secretary Phi Delta Chi 3. MARY JOSEPH KNECHT 4422 Linden Avenue Halethorpe 27. Maryland Rho Cht A petite bit of femininity that will grace any pre- scription department ... a conversationalist supreme . . . master of terpsichore. Student Council 1.2,3. Alumni Mixer 3, 4, Newman Club 2. 3. 4. GEORGE ALBERT KOHLHEPP, JR. 2746 North Calvert Street Baltimore 1 8. Maryland Phi Delta Chi There would be no National Guard without George . . . pushes a mean pestle . . . " Pardon me while I blow up the pharmacy laboratory. " ROBERT JOHN KOKOSKI 1218 Maiden Choice Road Baltimore 29. Maryland Rho Chi Following directly in his brother ' s footsteps ... a quiet young man. but very clever ... is always up at the top of the class. Newman Club. Treasurer of Rho Chi. 25 y GEORGE AGAPIOS KOSTAS DoROTHv, Whst Virginia Phi Delta Chi Congenial person and a good friend . . . West Virginia was never like this, sometimes 1 wonder why I ever left home. " EDWARD M. LANE 5 1 1 North Robinson Street Baltimore 5. Maryland Rho Chi Good naturcd Hd . . . always glad to help anyone . . . remarka ble man with the memory . . . technician cxtraordinare. JAY E. LEVINE 4002 Kathland Avenue Balti.more 7. Maryland I ' hi Alpha " Ten man " ... a professional worrier with a humorous side . . . " What is your average and 1 11 worry about it for you. " Sergeant at Arms 2. RAYMOND LIGHTER 44 11 NORIOLK A hNUL Baltimore 16. Maryland Alpha y.ela Omega A brain in his own right despite of what he wants you to believe ... a good boy destined for success . . . " Hey. Jay. " 26 NICHOLAS C. LYKOS 1803 Norton Place Steubenville, Ohio Rho Ch, Waves of good cheer continually radiate from his countenance . . . likes to laugh with people but not at them . . . " Gee whiz. " HERBERT A. MARTELLO l 5 EvESHAN Avenue Baltimore 12. Maryland Rho Chi " Pally " to everyone . . . sure to laugh at your jokes or sympathize with your troubles . . . slides a mean slap stick. Newman Club. FRANK HENRY McNEW, JR. 129 Willow Spring Road Baltimore 22. Maryland This quiet, good-natured gentleman personifies al ' the attributes of a good pharmacist. JULIAN IRVIS MIDEN 3803 Belle Avenue Baltimore 15. Maryland Phi Alpha Radiates with friendliness . . . the original " Pally ' of all pallies . . . " But it had Pyrex written on it. ' 27 Y FRANK R. MILIO 2800 ASHLANU A l:NL ' l-. Baltimorr 5. Maryland Known jround thi ' cljss as ' f .uhcr Milio ' . . . chief aim to sec if one lab coat will last four years. Founder and President of Newman Club BEVERLY NADOL 10 ' ASHBLKION SlRbET Baltimorh 16. Maryland LamhJu Kappa Siiima Combining femininity with pharmaceutical know- how ... " I beg your pardon. " President of Lambda Kappa Sigma V Class Secretary 1.2.?. Terra . l.iriac -t I ' rom Committee 4. STANLEY NAPLACHOWSKI 801 China Siklii Baltimorh 0. Maryland I ' hi IJilla (hi Couples ability with capability . . . good man on the end of a burette .... glassworker par excellence. Newman Club. DAVID PEARLMAN •» I Ob I LRMIILL ROAU Baltimore 15. Maryland Phi Alpha A red-haired bundle of personality ... " I am going to graduate from school right into marriage. " Class Treasurer 1. Vice Grand Regent of Phi Alpha 2. Alumni Mixer 1. i 28 ANTHONY JOHN PETRALIA 55 15 HiLLEN Road Baltimore 12. Maryland Phi Delia Chi. Rho Chi As president of the class throughout the four years. Tony has shown his qualifications as a Icacier . . . always a smile and a joke for everyone. Class President 1. 2. 3. 4. Student Council Presi- dent 4. Newman Club 2, 3. 4. Treasurer 4. Phi Delta Chi President 4. Alumni Mixer 1. 2. 4. Prom Com- mittee 4. SALVATORE JOSEPH R A VITA 2411 East Preston Street Baltimore 13. Maryland To us by way of Loyola College ... an apothecary with a capital A . . . winds a mean kymograph. Newman Club. HOWARD SHELDON RICE 4147 Park Heights Avenue Balti.more 15. Maryland Phi Alpha " I sure would like to be in Canada now " . . . can always figure any problem the most logical way . . . " Yeah, that ' s O. K. with me. but . . . " Grand Regent of Phi Alpha 2. Sergeant-at- Arms 4, Alumni Mixer 4. Prom Committee 4. EARL ROBERT ROSS 5 Manor Avenue Baltimore 6. Maryland Phi Delta Chi The boy with a perpetual smile which is in dynamic equilibrium with a solid outlook on life . . . " But he never gave us that. " 29 PHILIP SCHENKER 4851 RblSTLKSIOWN RoAD BALTrMORE 15. Maryland Phi Alpha Quick with the wit . . . " Look what tho Marines did for me " . . . marriage right around the corner . . . " Why can ' t I have Shirley ' s picture in the yearbook. ' " Scrgcant-at-Arms Phi Alpha ?. 4. GERALD DAVID SCHUSTER 5U5 W ' liui. CiiAFLL Road Baltimork 15. Maryland Phi Alpha. Rho Chi On the other side of the lens ... a bug with the shutter . . . " Stand still a second and I ' ll take vour picture . . . always at the top of the class. Vice-President Ircshman Class. K.O.H. Phi Alpha 2. Terra Mariae 4. Photography Editor. LIONEL SHAPIRO 3515 Forest Park Avenue Baltimore 16. Maryland " Bunscn burners won ' t burn connected to th.- air pipe " ... a good man to have around when you have a problem ... a " 0 sticker. LAWRENCE SHEER 1419 North Washington Street Baltimori-- n. Maryland Unassuming, taking everything in his stride . . . top man of the hospital team . . . " Spot that ball. man. " -! 30 SIDNEY SHIFRIN 36 21 Park Heights Avenue Baltimore 15. Maryland Pht Alpha. Rho Chi Short in stature but gigantic in ability . . . this red head is on the ball , . . his capability is unlimited. Student Council 1. 2. 3. 4. Secretary 2. Vice- President 3. Alumni Smoker 1. 2. 3. Student Auxili- ary of Maryland Pharmaceutical Association. JOHN WILSON STEFFE 2729 cvlburn avenuh Baltimore 15. Maryland Although Wilson is a man of few words, be is a hard worker and has plenty of ability ... a worthy addition to the profession of pharmacy. EUGENE STREETT Bel Air, Maryland Phi Delia Chi A quiet, dependable fellow, well liked by his com- rades . . . Bel Air will surely profit by the addition of this new pharmacist. JOSEPH STRAUCH 1708 WEST PRATT Street Baltimore 23. Maryland Joe. with his wife. son. and pipe comprise quite a foursome . . . bound to be a success and a credit to the profession. 31 I- EUGENIA CAROLYN TATEM 2714 Maklboko AvlNLh NoRPOLK 12. Virginia I ' hi Gamma Epsilon Our sweet little southern gjj with a smile for every- one ... an import from Virginia wc were glad to rescue. LEO JOHN VILKAS I22i Glvndon AVlNUh Balti.more 23. Maryland Phi Delia Chi Represents the unknown quantity of the class . . . quietly and unassumingly he has completed his schol- astic work . Newman Club. HOWARD JOEL WAGNER 905 Chauncey Avenue Baltimore 1 7. Maryland " Let me ask you one question " . . . combines geni- ality and pharmaceutical know-how ... a whiz in advanced prescription lab . . . " What a fight last night. " Student Auxiliary of Maryland l ' h.irmaccutical Asso- ciation 1. Treasurer of Class 1. KARL GORDON WAGNER 602 West Thirty-seventh Street Baltimore II. Maryland Phi Delia Chi " K. G. " . . . always with a provocative question . . . easy-going but knowing thai ho II got there . . . " But. Doctor Allen . . Terra Mariae 4. 32 FERDINAND FRANCIS WIRTH, JR. 3 520 East Lombard Street Baltimore 24. Maryland Phi Dftia Chi Ferd is a firm believer in the old adage that " two can live as cheaply as one " . . . his chief aim is not to be outdone by Bob Wolf . . . time will tell. Phi Delta Chi Treasurer 3. Vice-President 4. Editor Student Auxiliary of Maryland Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation 4. Alumni Mixer 2. 3. 4. Newman Club. ROBERT FRANCIS WOLF 5512 Selma Avenue Baltimore 27. Maryland Ph, Delia Chi Alphabetically at the end of the class, but way up front in know-how . . . rides on a sparkling person- ality and pharmaceutical knowledge. Vice-President of Maryland Pharmaceutical Associa- tion 3. President 4. Treasurer of Phi Delta Chi, Newman Club. i lnclc erara 9 duciteS Aiuiiot ' la6S Thompson. Pfcifcr, Sommer. Creamer. Kjrn. Grccntcld. Kraus, Mojzisck. Shcllcnbcrgcr. Gavlinskl. I cvin Thron. Padousis. Sicgcl. l.crncr, Prij;.il. Goldstein. B.. Bcrman, Goldstein, P.. Mcrwit?. Schapiro. Kahanowiiz. I elscnberg. Dreyer Kramer. Bradstock. Strauss. Scherr. Shear. Meyers. Gainc. Carougc. Coleman. Henderson Plassnig. Miller. Bonanno. Crocamo. Burns. Kratz. Bringcnberg. Strauch Plank. Edcll. Kitt. Block. HeroFd. Balcerak. Swart Prosiic. Moorehead. Oshry. Scherr. Kessler Aarons. Schaech. Zulty. Freiman ■! 36 Aunlor y la.66 ft-icerA Dr. Gaylord B. EstabrOOK Class Advisor Richard Lfa ' jn President Burton Goldstein Vice-President Marie Mojzisek Secretary Lawrence SiegeL Treasurer Edwin Plassnig .Sergeant-at-Arms 37 1 S onliomore L laSd l.innox. Youscm. Sulcwski. Schcrr. Scclsi. Cohen. Grcbow Silverstcin, Sicgfl. Snyder. Karmiol. Welsh. Kraus. V ' cing.irten. Mutch. Boeren. Sinker. I alck Zjyac. Heaps. Henretty. Hllinski. Barone. Wille, Mcnt er. I caviii, 1 con.ird. Wintcrnilz I.cvcnson levins. Sacki. Magaziner. Bowen. 1 efiin. Durm. Brager. S. S. Kai7, Goldberg. Greenberg. Bogash. P.. Gelblum. Levin. Rombro Brager. S. H.. Bcrger. Hilinski. Stalter. Bogash. S. Tedder. Schwanz. Greenberg. Sandbower H 38 J opn T lomope L ladd fficer Dr. Francis M. Miller Class Advisor Burton Katz President David RomBRO _ Vice-Presidenl Harry Wille Secretary Jonas YoUSEM _ - Treasurer Thomas Patrick Sergeant-at-Arms 39 j- Credit man L lc add Norton. Vcnick,, Wolfovitz. T.iylor. Settler. Abr.ims Plotkin. Satisky. Levin. Schneider. Katz. Burgee. Dietrich. Azzaro. Garrity. Mendelsohn. NcuburRer. KLitskv levy Gordon. Zamecki. |-riedman. M.. Myers. Gavcr. Kwash. Barnstein. Schwartz. Rubin Hodges, Epstein. Dobrowolskyj. Despeaux. Keller. Imbi;rowicz. Starkey. Dawson Ortt. Pycha. Zappulla. Rosenthal. Shriver. Smith. Reader Crystal. Davidson. Dagold. Rubin. Iriedman. S.. Miller. Zelinski. Aunins. Chow -■ 40 reskntan i iadd LyJ-f-lcerd Dr. Frank J. Si.AMA Class Advisor Robert Zamecki President Jean Chow Vice-President Mary Lou Lambros Secretary Emanuel Richman Treasurer Kenneth Smith .___Sergeant-at-Arms 41 y Kypacinizci lions f luji. m L Coo .. ofiL _ « nii I ■Hssocla lion TT ALTER M. COOK, son oi Captain Jonas Cook and Martha S. Cook, was born in Mount Pleasant. Cabarrus County. North Carolina, February 10. 1875. He was educated in the local elementary school and graduated from North Carolina College, located in Mount Pleasant, June 1. 1895. with an A.B. degree. Then came four years of hard work on the farm and in his father ' s general merchandise store. He then decided to find work in a drug store and study pharmacy, so he went to Charlotte. North Carolina, and worked for H. C. Blair, a graduate of Maryland College of Pharmacy, until September. 1900. when he enrolled in the old Maryland C ' ollege of Pharmacy. There he studied under Drs. Caspari. Simon. Culbreth. Base and Hynson. gradu- ating June 4. 1 902. in August. 1902. he accepted a position with A. O. Barbot W Son in Charleston. South Carolina, and in January. 190 ' 5. he bought out a drug firm in Salisbury. North Carolina, taking charge of same on .January 26th. On October M. 1908. he married Miss Lillian S. Foust and they have two daughters, both married. One of them lives in Salisbury and has two daughters and one .son. The other daugiiter lives in Louisville. Kentucky, and she has one daughter. He sold out his drug business June 21. I 9 H. to a chain drug firm. He has been connected with the Home Building and Loan Association of Salisbury for twenty-six years as bookkeeper, and also writing fire and life insurance. -! 44 OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Walter Miller Cook ._ Honorary President Frank S. Balassone President Samuel RaicHLEN First Vice President Alexander J. OgrINZ. Jr.-- Second Vice President B. Olive Cole Secretary Mrs. Frank M. Budacz Treasurer ELECTED MEMBERS Frank Block. Lewis Davidov. George P. Hager. Jr.. George J. Stiffman f- rediclent ivh The Alumni Association of the School of Pharmacy extends to the graduates congratu- lations upon the successful completion of formal training in pharmacy. Presently, after licensure you will begin your careers in the practice of the calling for which you have eddaae r fitted yourself. You may properly feel a sense of pride and dignity as members of this public health profession, rich in tradition. We welcome you as members of the Alumni Association. We need your support and your cooperation. ¥ « 45 V 0,o a II Honorary PnAKMAciiuncAL SocinxY OMICROX CHAPTER OFFICERS Allen Dr. Benjamin F Davis Bishop.. . Edward M. Lane Sidney Shierin Robi:rt J. KoKOSKi I- acuity Advisor President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ACTIVE H: 1BERS Dr. Noel E. I ' oss Dr. Benjamin V. Allen •Miss B. Olive Cole Dr. George P. Hjgcr Dr. William A. Piirdum Jacob S. Hanker .John Aulian I ranklin Cooper Wilfred Ciluckstern (lorilon Dr. Donald E. Shay Dr. Irank J. Slama Dr. Harry S, Harrison ( Honorary ) Dr. .1. Carllon Wolfe I udmila Kregicl Stass lee Ming Chow Curlis Koller Davi. Bishop Karl Kaiser Marvin Golberg .Marvin CherlkolT Charles Kokoski Andrew Bartilucci Roberc Kokoski ELECTED TO MEMBERSHIP IN 10S2 Joseph Kaiser Homer Lawrence William l.owry Carson I ' . Irailcy ( Honorary) Morris Bookoli Robert .Xdkins Adolph Baer Samuel Halpern Marv Kncchi Nichtilas l.ykt s Herbert Martello Anihonv I ' etralia lohn Bringe nbern Sidney I.erner Edward Lane Cierald Schuster Sidnev Shifrin William Williams Richard Levin Charles Swart. ' .loan Zuliv 1 HE Rho C;hi Honorary Pharmaceutical Society had it.s inception at the University of Michigan, in the year 1922. The Omicron Chapter received its charter in the year 1910. The object of Rho Chi has alway.s been two-fold, namely, to promote the advance- ment of pharmaceutical sciences and to pro- mote good fellowship. Eligibility for membership is based on the completion of 75 credit hours of college work and the attainment of certain prescribed stand- ards for scholarship, character, personality. ,ind leadership. The high standards main- tained for nunibershiii in Rho C!hi have re- sulted in the general recognition of the .society as the Honor Society in Pharmacy. Rho Chi is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies. •146 S tudeni (council OFFICERS Dr. Frank J. Slama Faculty Advisor Anthony J. Petralia President John G. BrinGENBERG Vice President Harry R. WilLE Secretary MEMBERS Seniors: Davis N. Bishop. Anthony J. Petralia. Sidney Shifrin Juniors: John G. Bringenberg. Frank P. Kratz. Joan H. Zulty Sophomores: Dean E. Leavitt. Donald R. Helinski. Harry R. WiUe Freshman: Jean Chow. Edward B. Williams. Robert J. Zamecki I. HE Student Council was originally or- ganized as a medium through which extra- curricular activities could be conducted and members were formerly appointed by the Dean of the School. In 1951 the constitution was revised and formerly approved, giving the organization broadened powers and mak- ing its membership a body elected by the students. As the students ' representative in the operation of their school, the Student Council now acts in such capacity as to supervise in general the affairs of the student body through the medium of suggestion, and to foster and encourage such class spirit as will reflect with honor on the splendid tradi- tions of the University. Thru the years, it has increased in worth and prestige to the students and has served to establish closer relationships between faculty and students. 47 ! linden I . uxiiiari, OFFICERS V Robert Wolf. Milton Kahanowitz Stuart Brager Ethel Baroti Morris Bookofi Ferdinand Wirth President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Editor EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Thomas J. Kelly Louis Kraus Jonas Yousem I T has been the purpose ot the Student ' s Auxiliary of the Maryland Pharmaceutical Association to promote progress and to guard the welfare of the profession, to promote a closer relationship between pharmacists and students of pharmacy, and to lamiliarize them with the conditions existing in and the prob- lems confronting their protession. The Student ' s Auxiliary has promoted a series of films and lectures emphasizing the recent advances in the medical sciences. Such educational features shall continue to be offered by the organization for the welfare of the students. 48 ZJerfa tnarlae taf-f- Dr. Frank J. Slama Faculty Advisor Marvin B. Golberg Editor-m-Chtel EDITORIAL STAFF Irvin J. Albert Lay-Out Eduor Gerald D. Schuster Photography Editor Ethel Baroti Feature Writer Karl G. Wagner Feature Water Robert W. HolthAUS Senior Write-Ups Stanley Goden Senior Wnte-Ups Beverly S. Nadol Senior Write-Ups Earl R. Ross Senior Write-Ups Thomas J. Kelly Feature Writer BUSINESS STAFF Richard L. Levin Business Manager Bernardine M. Schwartz Asst. Bus. Manager Stanley A. Klatsky Freshman Assistant 49 Nationjl Pharmaceutical Sorority EPSll.OK CHAPTER Flower — Chrysanthemum Colors — Bhw and duUl Publication — Bluf and Ciold ' [ riangle OFFICERS Beverly S. Nadoi. Pn-sidi-nt Ethfl BarotI Vice-President Dorothy F. Schaech Recording Secretary Bl-RNARDINP, M. Schwartz Corresponding Secretary Joan H. Zli rv I ' reasurer Ethel Baroti Beverly S. Nadol Faga P. Oshry Anda Aunins Eugenia C. latem MEMBERS Joan U. Zultv Norma 1.. Sclierr Dorothy F. Schaech Rosalie H. Greenberg PLEDGES Mrs. Grctchcn Lusby Eileen R. f-edder Bernardine M. Schwartz Irene 1 ., Hilinski Marv Zelinski Barbara Miller -150 i lewman tub COR AD COR LOQUITAR Member of the National Newman Club Federation and the Middle Atlantic Province Dr. Benjamin F. Allen Faculty Advisor Frank S. Balassone _- Faculty Advisor Charles C. Barone President Eugene P. BalcERAK Vice-President Dorothy F. SchaeCH Secretary Thomas E. Patrick Treasurer Father McCrory Chaplain M. HE club was formed at the School of Phar- macy on March 9. 19 50, by twenty char- ter members and on January 18, 1951. became a member of the National Newman Club Federation. During the past year, we were joined by Father McCrory, pastor of St. Peter ' s Church, who was appointed our chap- plain. From time to time Father McCrory as well as other speakers attended our monthly meetings and spoke to us informally on topics of our choice. The past year has seen an expansion of the Newman Club ' s membership and activi- ties. Our first social gathering of the season was a dance sponsored by our chapter on October 21 at the Newman Club House on North Charles Street. Close on the heels of this affair came the Alumni Frolic, in which the Newman Club participated for the first time. A skit entitled " Pesti-Side of Phar- macy " was given by an all male cast, starring Bob Holthaus, Bernie Dembeck. John Beam. Henry Schmaus, and Frank Herold. It was produced by Frank Herold and John Beam; direction by T. J. Kelly. In a more serious vein was the Christmas drive for the needy of the parish of St. Peter ' s Church. Under the sponsorship of the New- man Club, the students and faculty were asked to contribute money and or canned goods to be distributed to said needy by Father McCrory. The response from the entire school was spontaneous and deeply ap- preciated. We hope to make this a yearly affair. The final social affair was a dance on March 29 at the Johns Hopkins University gymnasium under the auspices of all Maryland chapters of the Newman Club. The Newman Club wishes to offer sincere congratulations to the members of the graduating class. 51 Pl.i [f,h la 1 ' BETA CHAPI l-R Founded at George Washington University. October 14. 1 f ' 1 4 Beta Chapter founded at professional schools. U. of M.. February 22. 1 16 Publications — Phi Alpha Bulletin. Betaloid Colors — Red and Blue Flower — American Red Rose OFFICERS David Don Greenfeld. Grand Regent LAWRENC12 R. SlEGEL Vice Grand Regent Stanley S. Brager Keeper of the Secret Scrolls Philip BogaSH Keeper of the Exchequer ( 1st Semester ) Stuart H. Bragi R Keeper of the Exchequer ( 2nd Semester) Philip Schlnker Bearer of the Mace ACTIVE FRAl FRS Lau ' rence Abrams Paul L. Goldstein Arnold J. Reiser Irvin ,J. Albert David D. Greenfeld Howard S. Rice Philip Bogash Mayer Handelman .Vlurrav A. Rubin Stanley Bogash H. Charles Kerpelman Philip Schenker Stanley S. Brager Jay E. Levinc Morton I. Shear Stuart H. Brager Stanley J. Merwitz Lawrence R. Sicgel Earle W. Falck Irwin E. Meyers I. Barry Statter Irvin Fink Gerald Norton Charles J. Swartz Marvin B. Golberg David Pearlman r •!52 y napter ....ArctiuitieS ip IWENTY-SIX active members of Beta Chapter concluded the 1952 semester in fine shape — one of the best years in the fratern- ity ' s history. Highlighting the activities were the New Year ' s Eve Party at the Phi Alpha House on Eutaw Place and the 36th Annual Founders Day Dinner Dance held at the Lord Baltimore Hotel March 1 . The former affair drew more than 40 couples to its cabaret style arrange- ment and with a nite-club atmosphere pre- vailing, proved to be one of the finest parties ever held. Beta is also proud of the second place award presented to it at the Alumni Smoker. Other accomplishments included substantial work towards the acquisition of a permenant fraternity house, joint affairs with College Park ' s Epsilon Chapter, and numerous other dances and parties. With the theme of friendship predom- inating, the fraternity continues to maintain its high position in the school and in the community at large. 51, Y IOTA CHAPTHR Flower — Red Carnation Colors — Maroon and Gold AliiTum Allerius Auxilio Eget Foundni .u Ann Arbor. Michigan. 188 ' 5 OFFICERS Gp.orgi: p. Hac,i;r Anthony J. Pi tralia FnRDINAND F. WiRTH. JR. John J. Crl;ami:r Karl G. Wagnp.r Robi;rt F. Woli- Harry R. Willi; John M. Murphy John H. Shelllnbprgei; Gordon M. Crlsphns Faculty Adcisor President ' ice- President Secretary Assistant Secretary Treasurer Assistant Treasurer Inner Guard Master at Arms Prelate Wjltcr A. Anderson Richard W. Austcrmjn R.iy S. B.UC VViUum B. Clarke F ' rank P. FIrcy Dclphij I-. Fisher N. Kerr Henderson Benjamin F. Allen John H. Applegarih CHARI FR MEMBERS Walter A. Henderson William C. Mariz Rudolph A. Horine Charles M. Hornbrook F. F. Kelly Alfred C. Kemp John C. Krani . Jr. Robert t ' . Moody H. F. Mart J. Carlton Wolf George B. McCall J Ross McComas MEMBERS ON FACULTY Frank S. Balassnnc Noel F. Foss f i.iir. " . ' P H.lRlT Casmir T. Ichniowski F.rnest M. Merkel I rancis M MilKr Jcrrold W. Ncal Mathis Palmer Milton J. Sappe Donald A. Schannon Irank J. Slama Robert C. Todd Donald F. Shay I ' rank J. Slama J. Carlton Wolf 54 ACTIVE MEMBERS John Autian Charles Baronc Herbert Burns David C. Clarke Edward E. Coleman R. Orville Crawford John J. Creamer Gordon M. Crispens Ralph J. Crocamo J. William Dietrich John Gavlinski Charles A. Haase William E. Heaps Fred J. Henretty Gerald King George Kohlhepp George A. Kostas Dean E. Leavitt Edward E. Lyden John R. Mentzer Ernest C. Merkel John M. Murphy Stanley Naplachowski Thomas E. Patrick Anthony J. Petralia C. Edward Pfeifer, Jr. Earl R. Ross John H. Shellcnbergcr Mechen E. Streett Leo J. Vilkas Karl G. Wagner John Weingarten John B. Wheeler C. Robert Welsh Harry R. Wille Ferdinand F. Wirth, Jr Robert F, Wolf 1 HI DELTA CHI opened its social season at the University with one of the biggest smokers of its history. The affair was held at the Gunther Tap Room on October 1 1th and over seventy-five faculty and alumni members attended. Our Fall initiation ceremonies took place on November 2nd and fourteen students became brothers of Phi Delta Chi. All who attended the Founders Day Dance at the Col- lege Hall will remember an enjoyable evening. The fraternity began the holiday season with good spirits at our annual Christmas Party held at Embassy Hall. After the mid-semester holiday there was our second initiation and six new members entered the fraternity. Preparations then be- gan for our annual Spring Formal held on Ma 16th. our biggest event of the year. As at our last year ' s affair, a " Queen of the For- mal " was chosen from among the guests at- tending the dance. The season closed with our annual banquet given in honor of the graduating seniors of Phi Delta Chi. KjraduaL ion Iota Chapter of the Phi Delta Chi Frater- nity wishes all of its graduates sincere con- gratulations and hope that they have success in their chosen branch of pharmacy. To you who have given their time and efforts in the best interests of the fraternity while at school, we ask your continued interest and support. Too often the busy activities of the gradu- ate cause him to forget that he is still a brother in the fraternity and therefore is entitled to share in its benefits long after he is out of school. Always remember that there will be a welcome for you at any time. 55 ]• Iplia Leta Ly nteaa KAI ' I ' A ( IIM ' l IR Founded at the Philadelphia College ot Pharmacy in 1916 Kappa Chapter at the University of Maryland established in 1921 Flower — Carnation Publication — Azoan Colors — Red and White OFFICERS Ai.kxandi:r Mayhr Aaron Frihdmann Hans Rosenbach Lou Blitz Maurice Berman Burton Goldstein Herbert Levy Directorum Sub-Directoruni Signare F.xcheque Bi ' llarum Chaplain Hifitorian Hillcl Aarons Martin Anshcll Ronjid Bcrgcr Maurice Berman Thomas BLut Alan Brickman Benjamin Dickstcin Marvin Edell Stanley lelscnbcrK Paul Preiman Aaron [ riedmann FRA TFiRS IN UNI VFRSFFATE Samuel Gelbliim Marvin Goldberg Burton Goldstein Aaron Grebow Harvey GreenberR Morton Grcenberg Albert Japko Stanley Karmoil Burton Katz Maurice Kessler Melvin Kitl Sidney I.erner Raymond l.ichier Herman I ' rigal Albert Prostic Morion Scherr Stanley Scherr Oscar Shapiro Arnold Siegal Morton Silvcrstein Rudolph Winicrnit Jonas Yousem ■( 56 PRATERS IN URBE Alfred Aaronson Elwin Alpern Gerome Angstcr Max Ansell Jack Barshack Irving Bergofsky Frederick T. Berman Louis Blitz Samuel Block Morris Brill Stanley Brody Gary Caplan Robert Caplan Marvin ChertkofF Hershcll Cohen Morton Cohen Nathan Cohen Melvin Cohen David Danziger Samuel Exler Edward Feinbcrg Donald Feddcr Milton Feldman I. M. Fisher. Jr. Robert Foer Irving Freed Emanuel Freeman Alvert Friedman Arnold Friedman Irving Friedman Nathan Friedman Jay Glushakow Dan Goodman Jerome Gotkin Jack Gordon Harry Greenberg Leon Greenberg Max Hclman Walter Hendin Jerome Hankofsky Joseph Kamimkow Isadore Karpa Jerome Karpa Mo Karpa Milton Klepfish Alfred Kolman Phil Kramer Godfrey Kroopnick Maxwell Krucoff Mark Lachman Bernard Lavins William Laden Stephen Lemler Barry Levin Milton Levine Donald Levy Aaron Liebowitz Harry Lichtman Al Lindenbaum Louis Lindenbaum Al Liptz Edward Markley Alexander Mayer Harold Mazer Daniel Mendelson David Mermelstcin Hans Morgenroth Karl Morgenstein Jack Parks Howard Paul Marvin Piatt Harry Prostic Alfred Pruce Irving Pruce Paul Pumpian Leon Raffcl Samuel Robbins David Roberts Donald Rosen Hans Rosenbach Louis Rosenthal Sam Rostov Michael Sachs Marcus Satou Ben Scheinin Robert Scher Henry Schwartz Jerome Schwartz Henry Seidman Albert Shapiro Allen Shcnkcr Stuart Shpritz Paul Siegel Jerome Silver Milton Smulson Irving Sowblc Leon Tatter Philip Vodcnos Alvin Waldman Morris Walman Jerome Warren Irving Zerwitz Sidney Zerwitz Morris Zuckerberg 57 ]. ..ArcuuiiieS 60 ■ url e, cJ uuid rl N February 3rd. 4th. and 5th. the Senior .md Junior Classes of the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy were guests of Parke. Davis and Company for a tour of their plant in Detroit. The group was accompanied by Dr. Adcle B. Ballman: Dr. Gaylord B. Estabrook: Mr. Joseph Shook. Parke. Davis district salesman: and Mr. Wallace Oest. B ? O representative. The group left Baltimore at 4:45 p.m. Satur- day. February 2nd, and arrived in Detroit at 7:55 a.m. Sunday. February 3rd. The group was met at the station and conducted to the Hotel Statlcr by Mr. Ralph Perkins of the Guest Relations Department of Parke. Davis. After breakfast at the hotel, everyone was dismissed for the afternoon to do as he wished. At 5:30 p.m. everyone gathered for dinner in the English Room of the Hotel Statler. After dinner several attended an ice hockey game between Detroit and New York, while the remainder went to various theaters. Monday morning, the students arrived at the Parke, Davis plant where they had break- fast. A group photograph, a copy of which was given to everyone in the evening, was taken: followed by a tour of the manufac- turing laboratories. After lunch in the Parke. Davis cafeteria, the tour was continued. Monday evening, a banquet was held in r the English Room. After dinner Mr. Richard Sanner, a former graduate of our own School of Pharmacy and now assistant manager of Drug Relations, made a short speech. Mr. A. C. McCartney, Drug Relations Manager, addressed the group with a message that was very impressive and enlightening to everyone. His speech labeled each individual, within the range of his voice, a person of importance with some contributions to make to his chosen field of pharmacy. Tuesday morning the students had break- fast at the Parke, Davis Snack Bar, followed by a Research Film which was shown at the Research Auditorium. A tour of the Re- search Laboratories and the antibiotic build- ing, where Chloromycetin is produced, was conducted. The research facilities of Parke, Davis cover all fields of pharmaceutical and chemical manufacture. After lunch every- one was conducted to the Administration Auditorium, where an open forum was held and many questions were asked. All too soon, Tuesday afternoon arrived and at 5:00 p.m. the train departed from Detroit. It is with fond remembrances and a deep regard for Parke, Davis, its employees and policies, that every student reflects on this educational and enjoyable trip. — Ethel Baroti. 61 Pi V 7 7 nriSiiiliil iliirlnii i7 . tiiiil ll ditli I ' ' .y2 y iumni S inoh i2er N November 1 . under the sponsorship of the Alumni of the School of Pharmacy, a very enjoyable affair was held which proved to be one of the highlights of the social year. All interest was turned to the exc ellent competition between the fraternities, sorority, and various talented performers. Everyone participating was striving for the highest award of all — the coveted Cherry Activity Cup. For the second consecutive year, the Lambda Kappa Sigma Sorority claimed first prize through their presentation of a musical comedy. Second place prize of twenty-five dollars was awarded to the Phi Alpha Fraternity. A harmonious trio. " Two Pills and a Capsule, " received the third award. After the entertainment, refreshments were served, followed by a de- lightful dance. 63 f - lutnni rUjaiiCi HE Annual Alumni Dance was held in the main ballroom of the Emerson Hotel on February 14. Supplying the music was Sid Cowan and his orchestra. 1 he Alumni [ " (rovided. in addition to dancing, door prizes, which were distributed in such quantity that almost everyone present received one. Other highlights of the evening included a technicolor film of the Sugar Bowl Game between the Universities of Marvland and Tennessee. In addition to all of these attractions, the dance committee provided ample refreshments. -! 64 student ixer iflAINLY for the purpose of introducing the Freshman Class to the faculty and the student body, the School of Pharmacy had its first social affair on Friday. October 12. 1951. at The Cadoa Hall. Supplying the music was Sid Cowan and his orchestra. Dancing was interrupted intermittently as the couples drifted over to the generous refreshments which were served through- out the evening. The success of the affair was due. in large measure, to the efforts of Dr. Frank J. Slama. 65 .. rnniiai Jj ntev- vatevnitii J aiice ' J OMBINING the support of the schools organizations, the Annual Inter-Fraternity Dance easily became the highlight of the scholastic social calendar. The place was a well crowded Keith ' s Roof and the time was the evening of April 19th. Music was de- lightfully rendered by Bob Craig and his orchestra. Because of the wonderful turn- out and the gala time had by all. it was clearly shown thai this .innual function is here to stay. The purpose of the dance, to bring a greater feeling of harmony and comradeship among the school ' s organizations, was successfully achieved. Credit for the memorable evening should be given to the three fraternities. Phi Alpha. Phi Delta Chi. and Alpha Zeta Omega. the Newman Club, and the Lambda Kappa Sigma Sorority, without whose support the dance would not have been possible. Notable among the guests from the faculty were the Dean. Dr. Noel E. Foss. Dr. Frank J. Slama. Dr. George P. Hager. and Dr. Donald E. Shay and their wives. Group pictures were taken of the variou s sponsoring organiza- tions and of the faculty. Chairman of the Dance Committee was Maurice Berman whose untiring work was largely responsible for the enjoyable event. Those who were there are looking forward to next year ' s Inter-Fra- ternity Dance, just as those who were un- tortunaie in missing this dance. 66 ' learn eventually ' Best wishes to the Graduating Class of l ' 51 for a very successful Pharmacy career. — From the Freshman Class. 67 y _ l ' ' itht ritli ru l ' llAKM. t:V l.AIiOKMOKV Pi lARMACdiw.Y Laboratory BiocHEMisiKv Laboratory Zoology Laboratory Chemistry Laboratory Pharmacognosy Laboratory JJlie eni orS n ' i . of 1951-1952 Ulnclernracluate oLJlrecL qracluaie sLJireciorii ZJliird ijear ludenli Aarons. Hillcl Ruven 3009 Wolcott Avenue. Baltimore 16, Md. Baicerak, Eugene Peter ...3437 Parklawn Avenue, Baltimore 13, Md. Bcrman. Maurice Jerrold 2601 Park Heights Terrace. Baltimore IS. Md. Billian, Bernard 4038 Fairfax Road. Baltimore 16.Md. Block, Jerome .4007 Liberty Heights Avenue. Baltimore 7, Md. Bonanno. Placido Anthony .603 Decatur Street. N. W., Washington 1 1, D. C. Bradstock, Aldcn Smith, Jr... .2924 Ridgewood Avenue. Baltimore 1 5, Md. Bringenberg. John Gerald ..2620 E. Madison Street. Baltimore t. Md. Burns. Herbert James, Jr 500 S. Decker Street, Baltimore 24. Md. Carouge, William F., Jr... 357 Folcroft Street. Baltimore 24, Md. Coleman. Edward Ellis, Jr.-. 4 Lehigh Avenue. Wilmington. Del. Creamer. John Joseph 2129 Annapolis Road. Baltimore 30. Md. Crocamo. Ralph John 2440 Maryland Avenue. Baltimore 18. Md. Davis, Paul Edward, Jr... 2017 Oak Drive. Baltimore 7. Md. Dickstein, Benjamin 2454 Barclay Street, Baltimore 18, Md. Drcyer. Frederick Wm., Jr. 3034 Gwynns Falls Parkway, Baltimore 16. Md. DuBois. Norman 3911 Cold Spring Lane. Baltimore 15. Md. Freiman. Paul 5809 Key Avenue, Baltimore 15, Md. Gaine. Jerome 3305 Belle Avenue. Baltimore 15.Md. Gavlinski, John Edward 1009 Northern Parkway. Baltimore 12. Md. Goldstein. Burton Jack 2037 Park Avenue. Baltimore 17. Md. Goldstein. Paul Lewis _ 2562 W. Baltimore Street. Baltimore 2 3. Md. Greenfeld. David Don 3230 Carlisle Avenue. Baltimore 16. Md. 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Marie Box 5 5. Belcamp. Md. Moorehead. Florence Elizabeth 154 Clyde Avenue. Baltimore 27, Md. Oshry, Faga Pearl 4031 Belle Avenue, Baltimore 15. Md. Padousis, John 629 S. Savage Street. Baltimore 24. Md. Pfeifer, Charles Edward, Jr. 1 307 E. 36th Street. Baltimore 18, Md. Plank. Donald Junior 1071 Cameron Road. Baltimore 12. Md. Plassnig. Edwin 1905 W. Baltimore Street. Baltimore 2 3. Md. Prigal. Herman 68 Wa.shingion Street. Annapolis. Md. " I 72 Prostic. Albert 3726 Windsor Mill Road. Baltimore 16. Md. Reiser. Arnold Jay 5735 Jonquil Avenue. Baltimore 15, Md. Schaech. Dorothy Freida 3024 Pinewood Avenue. Baltimore 14, Md. Schapiro. Oscar Milton 914 Dulaney Valley Court. Towson 4, Md. Scherr, Morton Bernard 5016 Queensbury Avenue. Baltimore 15. Md. Scherr. Norma Lee 2003 Bryant Avenue. Baltimore 17. Md. Schmaus, Henry Edward. Jr 726 S. Potomac Street, Baltimore 24, Md. Shear. Morton Irvin 934 N. Chester Street. Baltimore 5, Md. Shellenberger. John H 4510 Harcourt Road. Baltimore 14, Md. Shimkus. Michael Anthony 13 30 Hollins Street. Baltimore 13. Md. Siegel. Lawrence Ronald -—3402 Ludgate Road. Baltimore 17, Md. Sommer. Werner Joachim 4034 Belle Avenue. Baltimore 15, Md. Strauch. John Jacob 851 N. Bentalou Street. Baltimore 16. Md. Strauss. Bernard Howard 3710 Cottage Avenue. Baltimore 15. Md. Swartz. Charles Judd 1727 Thomas Avenue. Baltimore 16, Md. Thron. Edward Willis 3118 Acton Road. Baltimore 14. Md. Zulty. Joan Helen 1736 Eastern Avenue. Baltimore 31. Md. Second Vjear S ludenli Anshell, Marvin 3805 Chatham Road. Baltimore 15. Md. Bailone. William Andrew, Jr Box 321, Route 15. Baltimore 20, Md. Berger. Ronald Richard 3521 Hilton Road. Baltimore 15. Md. Boeren. John Gilbert 4217 Belmar Avenue. Baltimore 6, Md. Bogash. Philip 5350 Cordelia Avenue. Baltimore 15. Md. Brager. Stanley Saul 3621 Rosedale Road. Baltimore 15. Md. Brager. Stuart Harmon 5322 Cuthbert Avenue. Baltimore 15, Md. Burke. George James 1634 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore 21, Md. 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Baltimore 31, Md, Karmiol, Stanley ___ 2901 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore 24, Md, Katz, Burton Lee 4808 Wilern Avenue. Baltimore 15. Md. Leavitt. Dean Ellis 86 Academy Avenue, Bath, Me. Lennox. Willard James 3334 Ravenwood Avenue, Baltimore 13, Md. Leonard, William Henry Marion, N. C. Levenson. Marvin Manes 3535 Denison Road, Baltimore 15. Md. Levin. Daniel Melvin 126 Lloyd Street. Baltimore 2. Md. 73 Levins. Arnold Isadore 2217 Koko Lane. Baltimore 16. Md. Magazincr. Frederick 2846 W. Garrison Avenue. Baltimore 15. .Md. Mentzcr. John Raymond. Jr 1212 N. 64th Street. Baltimore 6. Md. Merwitz. Stanley Joseph .3725 Belle Avenue. Baltimore 15. Md. Murphy. John Martin 4128 Walrad Avenue. Baltimore 2 ' . d. Mutch. Richard John -...4509-B Wakefield Road. Baltimore 16, Md. Nardone. Raymond Frank 303 S. Newkirk Street. Baltimore 24. Md. Rombro. David Meyer 2410 Liberty Heights Avenue. Baltimore 15. Md. Sacki. Kurt Leo ..3647 Wabash Avenue. Baltimore 15. Md. Sandbower. Jo Anne 6442 Lehnert Street. Baltimore 7. .Md. Scelsi. Joseph Vincent 231 S. High Street. Baltimore 2. Md. Scherr. Stanley 2314 Anoka Avenue. Baltimore 15. Md. Schwartz. Bernardinc Marilyn 3705 Marmon Avenue. Baltimore 7. Md. Settleman. Jerome 2701 Ailsa Avenue. Baltimore 14, ,Md. Sherr. Harold 1908 F. Fayette Street. Baltimore 31, .Md. Siegel. Arnold 3102 Tioga Parkway. Baltimore 15. Md. Silverstein. Morton I 3001 Clifton Avenue. Baltimore 16. Md. Sinker. Robert Sidney 7200 Central Avenue. Seat Pleasant, Md. Snyder. Robert Fdward 606 S, Monroe Street, Baltimore 2 3, Md. Statter. Irvin Barry :. 3303 Glen Avenue. Baltimore 15. Md. Steinberg, Stanley Z. 4136 Norfolk Avenue. Baltimore 16. Md. Sulewski. Bernard Alfonsus 2022 E, Pratt Street. Baltimore 31. Md. Thompson. .Joseph Edward Clarksville Pike. Ellicott City, Md. Weingarten. John Harry.-.. 818 Powers Street. Baltimore 1 1. Md. Welsh. Charles Robert 819 E. 41st Street. Baltimore 18, Md. Wheeler. John Baker III 1645 Belt Street. Baltimore 30, Md. Wille, Harry Robert -... ..306 Marydell Road, Baltimore 29. Md. Winternitz, Rudolph Franz— ....5427 Jonquil Road. Baltimore 15. Md. Yousem. Jonas Julius 3101 Hanlon Avenue. Baltimore 16. Md. Zririt Ljear J uUenli Abrams, Lawrence Maynard.... 3808 Belle Avenue. Baltimore 15. Md. Aunins. Anda 1616 N. Calvert Street. Baltimore 2. Md. Azzaro. Thomas Gabriel 417 N, Luzerne Avenue, Baltimore 24. Md. Barnstein. Fred Sheldon 3805 W. Cold Spring Lane. Baltimore 17. Md. Barone. Charles Carl 1 88 Bid well Parkway. Buffalo 22. N. Y. Belth, Sanford Morton 2703 Roslyn Avenue, Baltimore 16. Md, Bogash. Stanley 5350 Cordelia Avenue. Baltimore 15. Md. Bowen. Curtis Augustus 3901 Woodridge Road. Baltimore 29. Md. Burgee. Sydney Lanier, Jr 2807 Strathmore Avenue. Baltimore 14. Md. Chow. Jean 4518 Arabia Avenue. Baltimore 14. Md. Crystal, Howard 4914 Belle Avenue. Baltimore 7. Md. Dagold. Donald Jack 3810 Woodhaven Avenue. Baltimore 16. Md. Davidson. Saul David 3406 Rosedale Road. Baltimore 15. Md. Dawson. Thomas Charles 3020 Fendall Road. Baltimore 7. Md. Despeaux. Fdward Walker 22 E. Mt. Vernon Place. Baltimore 2. Md. Dietrich. Joseph William 3226 Kenyon Avenue. Baltimore I 3, Md. Dobrowolskyj. Myron 841 Futaw Street. Baltimore 1. Md, Fngberg. John Joseph Arnold. Maryland Epstein. Irwin Bernard 751 Lake Drive, Baltimore 17, Md. •Withdrew UcIoImt IK. 11151. -I 74 Fertitta. Salvatore Joseph 23 1 3 Poplar Grove Street, Baltimore 1 6, Md. Friedman, Marvin Aaron 3024 Mondawmin Avenue, Baltimore 16. Md. Friedman. Sheldon 5404 Clover Road. Baltimore 15. Md. Garrity. William Michael ..._ 6202 Smith Avenue. Baltimore 9. Md. Gaver, Paul Glenn. Jr. 6 Mallow Hill Road. Baltimore 29. Md. Gordon. Marvin 3313 Leighton Avenue. Baltimore 15, Md. Hodges. James Elmer 1517 W. Mulberry Street. Baltimore 23, Md. Imbierowicz. Robert Raymond 3923 Hudson Street. Baltimore 24, Md. Johns. Basil P 504 S. Oldham Street. Baltimore 24, Md. Katz, Laurence Lewis 1701 E. Fairmount Avenue. Baltimore 31, Md. Keller. George Riland 2021 Penrose Avenue, Baltimore 23. Md. Klatsky. Stanley Albert 5414 Fairlawn Avenue, Baltimore 15, Md. Kraus. Richard Edward 1 3 W. Fuller Avenue. Baltimore 6, Md. Kwash. Herbert 4106 Chatham Road. Baltimore 7. Md. Lambros, Mary Lou 4401 N. Charles Street. Baltimore 18. Md. Leftin. David 110 W. Mulberry Street. Baltimore 1. Md. Levin. Norman Lee 4103 Fernhill Avenue. Baltimore 15. Md. Levy. Melvin 3720 Woodhaven Avenue. Baltimore 16. Md. Malinowski, Frank Bernard 1339 Andre Street, Baltimore 30, Md. Mendelsohn, Max Lewis 3926 Penhurst Avenue, Baltimore 15. Md. Miller. Barbara Leigh 2524 Cylburn Avenue. Balimore 15. Md. Myers, Richard Earl 4429 Forest View Avenue, Baltimore 6, Md. Neuberger, Arnold Jay 2306 Allendale Road, Baltimore 16, Md. Norton. Gerald Lewis- 4014 Penhurst Avenue. Baltimore 15. Md. Ortt, James Bryan Grace Street. St. Michaels, Md. Palmere, Anthony Michael 2825 E. Biddle Street. Baltimore 1 3, Md. Patrick, Thomas Edward 1518 Parksley Avenue. Baltimore 30, Md. Plotkin. Herbert 21 16 Callow Avenue, Baltimore 17. Md. Prag. Jules Benge 216 Rambler Road. Cambridge. Md. Pycha. Richard Jerome 3421 Woodstock Avenue. Baltimore 1 3. Md. Reader, James Edward 1314 McCulloh Street. Baltimore 17. Md. Richman. Emanuel 3409 Royce Avenue. Baltimore 1 5. Md. Rosenthal. Simon 4658 Pall Mall Road. Baltimore 15. Md. Rubin. Melvin Norman 5411 Gist Avenue. Baltimore 15. Md. Rubin, Murray Alvin .2424 Loyola Southway, Baltimore 15. Md. Satisky. William Melvin 4203 Groveland Avenue, Baltimore 15, Md. Schneider, Edwin Joseph 3206 Glen Avenue, Baltimore 15. Md. Schwartz, Milton 3921 Oakford Avenue. Baltimore 15, Md. Sekuler. Stanley Harold 220 Brewster Avenue. Silver Spring. Md. Settler. Alan Lee 6803 Westbrook Road, Baltimore 15, Md. Shriver, David 508 Rosemere Avenue, Silver Spring, Md. Sienkielewski. Ramon Bautro 2501 Eastern Avenue. Baltimore 24, Md. Smith. Kenneth Irvin 1210 Frederick Road, Baltimore 28, Md. Smith, William Oscar___ 2921 S. 16th Street, Arlington, Va. Starkey. Donald Emory .— 1513 Park Grove Avenue. Baltimore 18. Md. Taylor. Gary Louis 151 1 Boston Road. Bronx 60. N. Y. Toelle, Milton Frederick 400 Wickham Road, Baltimore 29. Md. Venick. Marvin Leonard... 4212 Fairview Avenue. Baltimore 16. Md. Williams. Edward Bernard ..3007 Wolcott Avenue. Baltimore 16. Md. Wolfovitz. Martin Irvin 3214 Yosemite Avenue. Baltimore 15, Md. Zajac, Walter Chester 127 S. Ann Street. Baltimore 31. Md. Zamecki, Robert John 2618 E. Baltimore Street, Baltimore 24, Md. Zappulla, Santo Angeld 206 S. Exeter Street. Baltimore 2. Md. Zelinski, Mary Gloria 3025 Gwynns Falls Parkway, Baltimore 16, Md, 75 Lefs Go When you ' re ready to have ANY kind of a get-together, head for the EMERSON HOTEL aaz kfaLi Air-conditioned private rooms for meetings. A spacious ballroom for dances and other affairs. Famous cuisine. Perfect service. BROMO-SELTZER FOR FAST HEADACHE RELIEF FtOMO 5ELTZEB ' OR SIMPLE " Eadaches . ' NEURALGIA A PRODUCT OF THE EMERSON DRUG COMPANY SINCE 1887 Compliments of UNIVEHSITY RESTAURANT 5 South Greene Street herr I niversily Sliidrnls Mrel To Eat OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY I iiiiii A I ' 111! (!ourse Diiiiici Tn Those In-Between Snaok? I INK I ' OOI) . . . 1 ' I.M: I ' KICES Kxcellent Servire I ' . ' . f !• (ffftT Fdiinlnin Service. Too) Sam Lewis Eloise Lewis I ' rii irielors WINDSOR DRUG CO. . ' i726 Windsor Mill Road LiLcrtv J871 Forest 9SI2 Coin liliiiiiitis of PHAR 1 1 AGISTS 502 West Cold Spring Lane IVm riMoiu; m Fi Streets l!;i|.li.i.-l Wii-ur,. I ' li.(;.. ' )2: ' , (Marinate |{ LTI I()RK SODA FOUNTAIN MAM FACTI IIINC CO.. INC. lOiKU S. llvNdVKH Street l! i.i iMoiii; 1. Mti. Compliments of THEODOKK KI.UPT CO. 329 W. Baltimore Street Baltimore 1, Mn. THE NATIONAL PHARMACEUTTCAT. MANUFACTURING COMPANY Manujucliirt ' rs of Fine PHARMACEUTICALS 314 LIGHT ST. BALTIMORE 2. MD. I ' Miill.riiv )065 r- 1 THE CADOA 11» WEST FKA.MvLl.N STREET CoiiciTl Hal Ainlitorimn Ball room " or Reservations ( ' .(ill Li ' .viimloii 1559 ( I IF IT ' S BORDEN ' S ICE CREAM CIS It ' s Got To Be Good AL ' S RESTAURANT Hold your next Fraternity Meeting at I Al ' s 2nd Floor Air-Conditioned Dining Room ; SPAGHETTI .AND MEATB.4LLS OUR SPECIALTY GREENE AND REDWOOD STREETS Saratoga 9559 Containing Resorcin. Oil of Cade. Prepared Cala- mine, Zinc Oxide. Bismuth Subnitrate and Boric Acid combined in an oily base RESINOL OINTMENT is outstanding in its relief for itching, burning and minor soreness associated with many skin irritations, dry eczema, chapping, chafing, hemorrhoids, diaper rash If ell knotvn to doctors and nurses. SUGGEST RESINOL FREELY MANUFACTURED BY RESINOL CHEMICAL COMPANY YAGER LINIMENT CO. Mulberry and Paca Streets Baltimore - - - Maryland Men Prize the Good Clothing H. K. MEN ' S SHOP Features For Baltimore Men HOCHSCHILD, KOHN First Mezzanine, Main Store Also at Edmondson and Belvedere NOXZEMA CHEMICAL COMPANY salutes a great University with the greatest football team in the nation Compliments of SOLOMON ' S PHARMACY 1342 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE Baltimore 1. Md. CONGRATULATIONS! Makers of NOXZEMA SKIN CREAM NOXZEMA BRUSHLESS AND LATHER CREAMS FOR SHAVING COMFORT NOXZEMA SUNTAN LOTION MEADOW GOLD " SMUOIH - FREEZE- ICE CREAM ' ' THE GREAT AM ERICA DESSERT I MUDEKN I ' HAKMACV Joseph F ' . Makmdk. I ' mp. So. Market Slret-l Frcdcri.k, Md Siriie 1S.S2 THK JOHN TROCKENBKOT CO. .ilo . I ' ve A Street MuIImtiv inr,2 Plaza 8.387 " Hill- (I (,111 n ilh a I . nj Mil. Sftil " " I lif fii . hii iroift! L. of Md. Ring ' Coinplinirnis of JOE ' S BILLIARDS 16 SoiTH Paca Strkkt Coinpliinrnts of THE IMVFRSITY BOOKSTORE 519 West Lo.mbaku Street (.Dinjiliiiifiils of FO.NTrS (). K. SHAVING PARLOR - ' M West Baltimore Street Baltimore. Md. Muth Brothers Co, I WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS LMIMJKTERS AND DISTRIBUTORS Drugs • Pharmaceuticals Toiletries ' ' 2:V27 .SOI in CHARLES STREET BALTIMORE .{. l i; L M» 1 KK ' ITHKliG BROTHERS Best U islies Official f lmtofjiapliers for l« ihr 1952 ■Terra Mariae " CLASS OF 1952 .V.I2 YOliK ROAD i i; l,H l()IU-: 12. MARYLAND ' ' A AY I ' ll..,,,-; li()|,ki,i i; l.i iViiVl company (:0. (;R.4Tt I. IT10. S AM) 11 EST HISIfES Coruplimenls TO THE i f a GRADIATES UE 1952 FRIEND iiltzij:i? iniOTiiKRs c:o. ( oiii plinirnls of UNIVERSITY PHARMACY 524 West Baltimore Street 1 Baltimore. Marvlam) 1 : Miillierry 9f2.5-980.V9820 •: • OIT WILL • ANNtVERSABV lASTIR SEl.KCTi;!) DKI.ICACIES CI IFFS LUNCH Students ' Lounge — " ' ' H Cleanliness SpciMl Servioe ,1 KUff NtAKBY SrOKf W J S Mwfit eniMHiiMa co. t 1 1 Coiitplinienis of | ' l. reyner dikes ' A ' wet: 0 ifOJ Cjfio Uhhih 214819

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