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C x cJLibrii 1J758 ERRA MARIAE BED I ' AllL A. PUMl ' lAN Editor-in-Chief Dr. Frank J. Slama Faculty Adviser Milton C. Sappe Business Manager LIBRARY SCHOOL OF PHARMACY UNIVERSITY OF MD. Published By The Classes of THE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY University of Maryland Baltimore 1, Maryland t rth ve, ' - ' L 1 l Noel E. Foss Dean of The School of Pharmacy EDEATIDN Tin- Class of 1 50 rc-specl fully (k-dicatt-s this edition of Tin- Ti-na Mariae- to our new Dc-an, Dr. Xoi-l E. Foss, who ri-ccivi-d his doctorati- dcj rfo from the L ' nivorsity of Mary- land in l ' ' ,i, with the hojic and (■x])C ' Ctatii n that inidcr his f uidanci ' our rcnowni-d School of Pharmacy will not only maintain the |iri ' stigu and position it now enjoys, but will sit, ' nally prosper and (•. ])aiHl its usefulness in the educational field of i)harmacy. CEfB D Harrv Clifton Byrd President of The University Edgar F. Long Director of Admissions Alma H. Preinkert Registra r [C] dminiBtratiDn A55i5ting Staff Margaret E. Beatty Senior Stenogrnplier Noel E. Foss Dean of The School of Pharmacy B. Olive Cole Secretary of The Faculty Daisy Lotz Gue Senior Stenographer [7] THE GOVERNOR ' S MESSAGE It is with much pleasure that I send my best wishes through The Terra Mariae 1950 to the Members of the Graduating Class of the Uni- versity of Maryland School of Phar- macy. Striking advances in the treatment of disease by means of newly discov- ered drug ' s have recently drawn great- er public attention to the practice of your profession. More clearly in the public view, you will, in accurately dispensing medicines, hold a position of trust in your community. The con- scientious practice of your profession will give you many opportunities to alleviate the sufferings of others, a prospect which should give you en- couragement as you step into the world after years of study. William Preston Lane, Jr. Governor of the State of Maryland WiLLLAM Preston Lane, Jr. Governor of The State of Maryland MESSAGE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY To the Graduating Class of the School of Pharmacji: Each year the graduating class of the School of Phamiacy publishes its annual Terra Mariae. In this An- nual appear the anecdotes and the records of the class and of the School, and I am glad to have the opportun- ity of expressing, through the medium of this Annual, my best wishes to the graduating class and for Pharmacy education in general. Members of this class are going out to play their parts in the great health program in the State and in the Nation. They will be important in the same sense that the graduates of the Medical School and the gradu- ates of the Dental School will be im- portant, and I know that the Uni- versity can depend upon them to be a credit to themselves and to their University. H. C. Byrd President Harry Clifton Byrd, LL.D. President of The University [8] NOEL E. FOSS Dpini i}f Tlie Srhotil nf Pliiirmncy fncAMif t front Ite rJ caii 1 1 is a |)lc:isiire to fxtciid my most sinct-re coiijjraliilations to ymi. the members of the graduatinjj class. Tlic Scliool has ])rovicied you with the knowledge and skills for entering the profession of Pharmacy. I am confi- dent that im will accept the challenge ' to ])ractice the profession in a man- ner that will reflect credit, dignity and honor on the University, Pharmacy, ;md yon. Yours very truly. NOEL E. FOSS, Dean [9] THE SCHOOL P H ARM A C j4uforu of- Ulic School oj- J- h The need of an institution where appren- tices in pharmacy could be given systematic instruction in the sciences underlying their profession had long been felt by leading pharmacists and physicians, when in 1841 a charter was obtained from the General As- sembly for the Maryland College of Phar- macy. The incorporators, seventeen in num- ber, and among whom were Messrs. George M. Andrews, Thomas G. Mackenzie, B. Rush Roberts, Robert Coleman, and Dr. David Stewart., immediately organized and established courses of instruction in chem- istry, pharmacy, and materia medica. These l ' JU4 - 1922 men carried on the work of the college un- til 1847, when, owing to the death of some members and change of business of others, they were compelled to suspend all lec- tures. During the period of operation, how- ever, they graduated a number of eminent pharmacists, to whose efforts in resuscitat- ing and reorganizing the college in 1856 much is due. Among the older graduates appear the names of Messrs. Frederick A. Cochrane, Alpheus P. Sharp, William armacii Thompson, Samuel Rodgers, J. Paris Moore, John Read, and Christian Stein- hofer. Of these, Messrs. Alpheus P. Sharp and William S. Thompson were not only earnest and active supporters of the Col- lege, but were adornments to the profes- sion they represented, as well as graduates of whom their Alma Mater might well be proud. In 1856 at the request of the graduates and a number of Baltimore pharmacists, the i)resident, Mr. George W. Andrews, called a meeting which resulted in the elec- tion of thirty-one new members, and a thorough reorganization of the College. The new Board of Trustees established three professorships : Dr. Lewis Steiner was elected Professor of Chemistry ; Dr. Charles P. Frick, Professor of Materia Medica ; and Israel Grahame, Professor of Pharmacy. A course of lectures was given during the season 1857-1858 to a class of intelligent and appreciative students, and the College took a new lease on life, which has since been maintained. Dr. David Stewart gave the lectures in pharmacy during the period 1841-1846. Fol- lowing the reorganization, the chair of Pharmacy was filled by Professor Israel J. Grahame, who was succeeded by Mr. P. Phillips, an earnest and interesting instruc- tor. The .sudden death of Professor Phillips caused the election of J. Paris Moore to the vacancy. Professor Moore was one of the older graduates of the College, and was a consistent and zealous worker in behalf of his Alma Mater and in the interest of phar- macy, until his death. He continued in the chair of ])harmacy for nineteen years, when on resignation of the chair of Materia Medica by Professor Baxley, he was chosen Professor of Materia Medica. Then on March 8, 1879. Dr. Charles C. Caspari, Jr., who was later to play such an important part in the history of the Maryland College of Pharmacy, was elected Professor of Pharmacy, which chair he continued to fill until his death on October 13, 1917. He was succeeded by Dr. Evander F. Kelly, class of 1902, who held the professorship until Jan- [12] uary, 1 ' ' 26. wlicn it was taken over by Dr. John C Krantz Jr.. clas.s of 1919, wlio held it for one year. Andrew G. DuMez, Ph.G, B..S., M.S. Ph.D., then held the professor- .shi]) until his death. Mr. illiain i ' l A. Aiken was lecturer in chemistry from 1W1-1X4(). JMoni IS.SO the professorsliip of chemistry was idled for a number of years by I ' r. I.ouis Steiner. On his de|)arture from llu- city he was suc- ceeded by Professor .Mfred Mayer, who af- terwards moved to .New York. an l he was in turn succeeded liy a graduate if ihe Col- lege, Dr. Helsby, whu remaine(l a few years and then entered U]icin tlu ' inactice of medicine. The chair was then occu|)ie l by Dr. De-Rosset, a man of great ability and a ])opular lecturer. L ' poii his resignation in 1873, the Hoard of Trustees elected the able and energetic Professor William .Simon, Ph.D., M.D., to fill the vacancy. Daniel Base, Ph.D., became associated with Dr. Simon in 1895, and was elected Professor of Chemistry in 1 ' 02, which |)osition he held until his resignation in P 20 to become associated with Ilynson, Wescott and Dun- ning. The teaching of the basic courses in chemistry has been under the direction of the Department of Chemistry of the Uni- versity of Maryland. In 1936 Glenn L. Jen- kins, Ph.D., Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry since 1927, resigned to accc])t a similar position in the .School of Pharmacy of the University of Miimesota. Walter II. Hartung, A.B., Ph.D., who had been re- search chemist for Sharp and Dohme for a decade, headed the department until leav- ing for a like post at the Universitv of North Carolina in the Fall of 1948. ' Dr. George P. I lager, who received the Ph.D., degree in 1942 from the University of Maryland is now Professor of Pharmaceu- tical Chemistry. Messrs. David Stewart and William S. Keese were the lecturers in Materia Mcdica 1844-1846. Dr. Charles P. Frick was elected Professor of Materia Medica June 5, 1856, and on April 17, 1858, Professor Frick, hav- ing been called to the chair of Materia Medica in the old University of Maryland School of Medicine, w-as succeeded by Pro- fessor I ' Vank 13onaldson, M.I). Like his pre- decessor, he was called to a professorship in the University of M.aryland. He was suc- ceeded by Professor J. K. Winslow, in 1863, and the latter, on June 1. IS(rf ). by Claude ilaxley. .M.D., who .ibly Tilled the position until 187 ' ' . when decliuiiig health caused him ti) se cr bis connection with the Col- lege, lie. ill liirii. was f(dlowed by J. Faris Moore. . 1.1)., who contiinied in this chair until his sudden death on h -bruary 3, 1888, when Dr. David M. R. Culbrelh was elected to succeed him. Dr tulbreth who had al- ways been an ardent worker for his . Ima •Mater, ably and efiiciently lilled the profes- sorship until June 10, 1920, when he re- signed from active duty and became Pro- sessor iMneritus. Dr. Charles C. Plitt of the class of 18 ' M served as I ' rofessor of Potanv 1926 - 1929 and Pharmacognosy until his death in 1933. Associate Professor Frank J. Slama, who is an alumnus of the school and wdio received the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy from [13] the University of Maryland was appointed to head the department in 1936. Great advances have been made in the profession of pharmacy since 1856, and it has been found necessary to enlarge the curriculum from time to time to keep abreast of this progress. In the broadening of its curriculum, the school has been guided largely by the standards set by American Association of Colleges of Phar- macy. In 1913, courses in pharmaceutical arithmetic, and pharmaceutical law were added. The course in commercial pharmacy has been expanded, and all work of this na- ture is given by the department of econo- mics. This department is presided over by Miss B. Olive Cole. Phar.D., LL.B., who is also Professor of Pharmaceutical Law. In 1921, the curriculum was further broadened to include the general education subjects: English, romance languages, al- egbra. trigonometry, zoology, and physics. In the same year provisions were made for teaching liacteriology. Since then a sepa- rate department was in charge of Assistant Professor H. P.ryan, V.M.D., B.S.. M.A. In 1937 .Associate Professor Thomas C. Grubb, 1929 - 1950 A.B.,, Ph.D., was appointed to head the de- partment, resigning in 1945. Professor Donald E. Shay, B.S., M.S.. Ph.D., is the present head of the department. In 1930, a department of pharmacology was organized in the school to give instruc- tion in bio-assaying. The equipment of this department and its maintenance was made possible through the generosity of the late Captain Isaac E. Emerson, who endowed it liberally. In 1938 Marvin R. Thompson. Ph.D., Emerson Professor of Pharmacology since 1930, resigned to accept the Director- ship of the Warner Institute of Therapeu- tic Research. Clifford W. Cha])man, Ph.D., who had been with the Laboratory of Hy- giene, Department of Pensions and Nation- al Health in Canada, which department is in charge of drug control in the Dominion, and in which he held the position of phar- macologist, is now the i)resent head of the department. Following the reorganization of the Maryland College of Pharmacy in 1856. control was vested in the offices of the Col- lege President, first and second Vice-Presi- dents. Treasurer, and Secretar)-, who. to- gether with the Board of Examiners (three members) constituted the Board of Trus- tees. The first president was Mr. Thomas G. Mackenzie. 1840-1842, followed by Mr. Benjamin Rush Roberts from 1844 to 1871. and was followed in succession by such il- lustrious pharmacists as Dr. J. Brown Bax- ley. Dr. J. Paris Moore. Dr. John F. Han- cock. Dr. Joseph Roberts. Dr. Edwin Eareckson. Mr. William S. Thompson. Mr. Louis Dohme. and Mr. Charles Dohme (1894-1904). In 1904. it became a depart- ment of the State University, when the old L niversity of Maryland was merged with the Maryland State College. With this last merger, control was transferred to the of- ficers of the University. The control of the University of Maryland is now vested in the Board of Regents, of which W. P. Cole, Jr., is chairman. A Faculty Council, com- posed of the Dean and certain members of the Faculty control the internal affairs of each separate school comprising the Uni- versity. Dr. Charles C. Caspari. Jr.. became Dean of the Maryland College of Pharmacy in 1896. and continued as Dean after the mer- ger of the College with the old University of Maryland, until his death on October 13, [14] 1917. Dr. Daniel Base succeeded him, but because of conditions incident to the World War, Dr. Base obtained leave of aliscnce to teacii in another department, and Dr. Kvan- dcr Keiiv was elected Dean on September 30, 1918. ' This office was held by Dr. Kelly until December 31, 1925, when he became Secretary of the American I ' harmaceutical Association. Dr. Andrew G. DuMez then assumed the res])onsibiiities of the office, and performed them with jjreat ability un- til iiis death on September 27, 1948. Miss H. Olive t ' ole served as actin j dean of the School during the 194 -49 session. Dr. Noel E. Foss who received the Ph.D. degree from the University of Maryland in 1933, and who was Assistant Dean of the .School of Pharmacy. University of Illinois for two }-ears, was ai)pointed Dean on July 1, 1949. When the institution was first chartered in 1841, the lectures were given in the aniphitlieater of the University of Maryland, luillowiiig the reorganization in 1836. and until 1876, the College occui)ied iialls rented for the ])ur]K)se. In the early part of the latter year, the city grammar school located on Aisquith Street near Fayette Street was purchased and after radical, but needed changes, the College occupied what was then considered a very commodious home. However, as classes began to in- crease, the need was felt for more and bet- ter facilities, and in 1886, a new l)uilding was erected on the old site. This building was fitted with the then-most-modern in scientific a]ipliances, and was well stocked with the necessary apparatus, materials aiul s])cciinens. The College continue l to oc- cupy these quarters until it became the De- l)artmcnt of Pharmacy of the University of Maryland, in 1904. At the present time the School of Pharmacy is located in the Phar- macy and Dental Huilding at Lombard and (jreene Streets, which building was made possible by an ai»])ropriation from the state of Maryland during the legislative session of 1929. ' The building is a realization of a great need for adecpiate quarters in which to teach the honored i)rofession of Pharmacy in Maryland. Fveryone interested in Phar- nuicy may well be i)roud of this sjjlendid building, as well as of the modern equip- ment and ai)] aratus which has been pro- vided for demonstration and teaching pur- poses. From the foregoing it will be seen that the Sch(jol of Pharmacy of the University of Maryland, which began its existence as the Maryland College of Pharmacy, has ex- ercised its functions as a teaching institu- tion since 1841 e. cej)t for the ten-year per- iod 18-k) to 18.S6. In s|)ite of its vicissitudes it has steadily boriu- itself onward aiul up- ward. It has steadily increased and im- |)roved it facilities to enable it to im])art in- struction in keei)ing with the pharmaceuti- cal knowledge of the times. It was the first institution of its kind to establish a profes- sorship of Pharmacy, and thereby allocate to that branch of learning an individuality of its own. It was also one oi the first schools to make analytical chemistry ob- ligatory for graduation. In still other lines its leadership has been manifest, particular- ly in the textbooks published by members of its teaching staff. The result has been a steady growth in size and influence so that the school now holds a jK)sition in the front ranks of the teaching institutions of its kind in this country. [15] acuttu of f n armao f Noel E. Foss, Ph.C, B.S., M.S., Ph.D Professor of Pharmacy B. Olive Cole, Phar.D., Ll.B. — Professor of Economics and Plmrmaceutical Laic Augusta Soladar Neistad, Ph.G. — Instructor in Pharmacy W. Arthur Purdum, Ph.G., B.S., M.S., Ph.D.— Professor of Hospital Pharmacy Harriet R. Noel, Ph.G., B.S.- Instrnctor in Pharmacy J. Carlton Wolf, Phar. D.. B.S., Sc.D. — Professor of Disjtcnsing Pharmacy Frank S. Balassone, B.S.- Assistant in Pharmacy Benjamin F. Allen, B.S., Ph.D. — Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Morton Kaiin, B.S.- Assistant i)i Economics and Pharmacy Margaret Wong Lew, B.S. — Instructor in Pharmacy William C. Rossberg, B.S.- Assistant in Pharmacy acuitu of d loloalccLi ci cienced I ' HAKMAC ' OMKJY ' loKt) V. CllAI ' MAN, B.A., M.Sc, I ' — Kiiieison Professor of Pliarma-cologn JdSKI ' lI P. BOGGIO, B.S.- AssisUmt ill I ' hiimuicology ClOORCIANA S. GiTTINCER, A.l!., M.A. — Inxiriictur in Physiuloj icril ChfiniMry JOSEI ' II J. I ' lAI.A, B.S.- Assisttiut in ' hitrtiKirftlogy BOTANY AND PHARMACOGNOSY Frank J. Slama, Pii.G., Ph.C, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.— Axfiociate Professor of Botany and Pharmacognosy Paul A. Pumiman, B.S. — Assistant in Botany and Phartnacoynosy ZOOLOGY John H. Applegarth, A.B., M.A. — Instructor in Zoology Karl M. Morganstein, B.S.- Assistant in Zoology BACTERIOLOGY Donald E. Shay, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. — Professor of Bacteriology Junior M. Joseph, A.B., M.S.- Assistant in Bacteriology ib acultu of ( hemldtru George P. Hageb, Jr., B.S., M.S., Ph.D.— Professor of Phannaceutical Cliemistry Francis M. Miller, B.S., Ph.D. — Assistant Professor of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry Kenneth H. Stahl, B.A., B.S., M.S.- Instructor in Chemistry Martha L. Adams, B.S.- Assistant in Chemistry Robert I. Ellin, B.S.- Assistant in Chemistry John G. Magiros, B.S. — Assistant in Chemistry I lUciinetna lie A cJLc SICA anauaaeS ancicii MATHEMATICS A. W. UicHESON, B.S.„ A.M., I ' ll. I).- Professor of Mathematics PHYSICS Gavi.oki) B. K.stabkciuk, B.S. in Ch.E., M.S., Pii.l).- Aaxocmte Professor of Physics CiiARi.Ks L. Bfxhel, B.S.- Assistant in Physics LANGUAGES Adele B. Ballman, A.B., Ph.D.— Assistant Professor of English Claiee S. Schradieck, A.B., Ph.D.- Instructor in Languages Jhe rJLaborati ones f nannuca rniacotit f- narmacotoav THE SENIORS Jjenior K laii y l-flceri DR. FRANK J. SLAMA Faculty AfMser .JOHN L. CUNZEMAN, JR ' ..Prei i,lent DONALD O. FEDDER Vice-Presiilent ELIZABETH C. CASSIDY Secretary JEROME B. WARREN „ Treasurer FRANK B. EVANS Sergeant-at-Arms ( laAi J- residenVA lllu eSAuae With the Oath of Maimonides fresh on our lips and deep in our hearts, let us turn unto our calling. Our .■ lma Mater has reared us well — the oppor- tunities of the future are now ojien to us. With confidence and pride u e may undertake our new venture — confident that we are prepared and proud that we have the jirivilege of using our knowledge to help our fellow men. May we each attain our goal, performing every duty well and always remem- bering that we are a part of a great school and a great profession — make them both proud of us. JOHN L. CUNZEMAN, JR. CLARIS MURRAY ALLEN " Al " 646 Columbia Avenue, Cumberland, Maryland Allegany High School, Cumberland, Maryland I ' lii Delta Chi Treasurer, Phi Delta Chi 3; Treasurer, Junior Class 3. Hails from Cumberland . . . has his choice of women but the wise old " Al " hasn ' t taken the step. Congenial and friendly ... is known as a refreshing conversation- alist. HARVEY EDWLN BASIK 1707 N. Broadway, Baltimore-13, Maryland Baltimore City College Phi Alpha Treasurer, Freshman Class 1; Sergeant-at- Arms, Sophomore Class 2; Secretary, Phi Alpha 2. Quiet, good natured, hard working ... a good fellow to have on your team . . . Harvey is never behind the eight ball cause he puts it just where he calls it. IRVIN JACK BERGOF.SKY 3910 Dorchester Road, Baltimore-7, Maryland Baltimore City College, Yale University University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland Alpha Zeta Omega Sub-Directorum, Alpha Zeta Omega 4. Big Irv is a very hard worker . . . good natured . . . friendly ... a very proud papa . . . English student — exceptional ... a sure bet to be a success . . . [25] % r tJ -;p, Y ' e-- NOEL JOSEPH BOSCH 3209 Carlisle Avenue, Baltimore-16, Maryland Forest Park High School Phi Alpha Blue suit gave way to a tweed . . . the instigator of a new bow-tie style . . . sharp, clean, and well liked, that ' s our Noel! With his combination of geniality and ability, we predict a bright career. ROBERT MARVIN CAPLAN " Bob " 3125 Setjuoia Avenue, Baltiniore-15, Mai-yland Baltimore City College, Mt. St. Mary ' s College Alpha Zeta Omega " Haven ' t seen my kitchen set in any window in Balti- more " ... a real family man . . . serious minded and earnest ... we feel sure he will be a valuable addition to his chosen profession. PAUL MILTON CARTER 3133 Stafford Street, Baltimore-29, Maryland Baltimore City College Phi Delta Chi Soberness and steadiness are Paul ' s chief claim to no- tice ... a quiet good natured fellow with a casual dis- position that makes a molehill out of a mountain. Well liked by all . . . we wish him the very best. [26] ELIZABETH CLARKE CASSIDY " Bet " 4918 Midwood Avenue, lialtimorc-12, Maryland Institute of Niitre Dame Secretary — Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Sen- ior Class 1, 2, 8, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4 — Secretary 2. Cheerful, ever-smiling . . . whenever there is work to be done, look for Betty — she is always there . . . our very best wishes for the greatest of happiness and success goes to this charming personality JOSEPH WILLIAM CAVALLAKO " Joe " 40(11 Garrison Boulevard, Baltimore-15, Maryland Bruce High School, Western I ' ort, Maryland I ' otomac State School of W.V.U. Eager Joe is not afraid of work . . . Joe doesn ' t have a bit of trouble with pricing . . . studious and good na- tured . . . we expect Joe to get otf at a good " clip " . MORTON BEKNARl) COHEN 3734 Reisterstown Road, Baltiniore-lfi, Maryland Baltimore City College Aliiliii Zitii Oiiut ii Bellaruni, Alpha Zeta Omega 4. Convention Delegate, Alpha Zeta Omega 4. Quiet, dependable, able ... a very proud husband . will always extend a helping hand. 4i„t Cr : [27] MELVIN COHN " Mel " 2118 Brookfield Avenue, Baltimore-17, Maryland Baltimore City College Ethical Mel . . . I ' ll detail till I ' m 90 . . . hard working always studying . . . with his good fellowship and stu- dious attitude, we predict success ... a member of the senior husband group. RICHARD ROBERT CRANE " Dick " 817 St. Paul Street, Baltimore-2, Maryland Baltimore City College, Mount Union College, Alliance, Ohio Phi Delta Chi — Rho Chi Phi Delta Chi Secretary 3, President 4; Secre- tary, Rho Chi 4 ; Advisory Council, Student Auxil- iary, 2; Alumni Smoker Committee, 2, 4. Studious, hard working Dick always comes through . with his combination of brains and personality, he headed for success. JOHN LEROY CUNZEMAN, JR. " Bud " 5501 Belair Road, Baltimore-6, Maryland Baltimore City College Rho Chi Vice-President, Student Auxiliary, 3; President, Senior Class 4. One of the many school-boy papas . . . our class presi- dent is hard working, intelligent, and well liked by all. [28] ALFRED LKE DAVIS " AI " 3946 Oakford Avenue, Baltimore-15, Maryland Glen Burnie High School Phi Alpha Bearer of the Mace, F ' hi Alpha 3. Good looking- AI ... he is not only a good student but a pleasant, likable g y . . . likes to lift weights — especial- ly one which balance frogs on the scales . . . look out girls, this one is still on the loose. LKKOY EI.REK DAYTON ••Dufr.v " ■I Travels Street, Cambridge, Marylaiul Cambri ige High School, Western Maryland College Very well liked around the school . . . always ready with that Kastern " Sho " greeting and smile ... a good hearted and very (|uiet gentleman. JOHN THO.VIAS DEEMS " Johnnie " Ut. H;, I!ox 150, l!altimore-21, Maryland Kenwood High School ' (■ Delta Chi Vice-Pre.sident, Phi Delta Chi 4. Another proof that a ([uiet and friendly nature ac |uires friends . . . modest and hard working . . . always will- ing to take the bad with the good. ClU J. ' o ' ' [29] DUDLEY ALVIN DEMAREST " Dud " 2904 Brighton Street, Baltimore-16, Maryland Forest Park High School Phi Delta Chi Assistant Treasurer, Phi Delta Chi 3; Treasurer, Phi Delta Chi 4. Here is a hard worker if ever there was one . . . like acacia in an emulsion — the fraternity needs " Dud " for stabilization . . . good friend to all . . . we have to give this fellow credit for a job well done. PAUL HUBERT EDWARDS 18 Grant Avenue, Takoma Park-12, Maryland McKinley Technical High School Graceland Junior College Phi Delta Chi Can ' t miss that red top of his . . . an expert baby sitter for dogs, cats, and wolves ... a quick thinking and in- telligent fellow ... we expect Paul to do well for him- self. EDWIN F. ELSENBERG " Duble E " 2423 Callow Avenue, Baltimore-17, Maryland Baltimore City College University of Maryland, College Park, Md. Phi Alpha Terra Mariae Staff 2, 3; Alumni Dance Com- mittee 2, 3. This is HE . . . one of the charter members of Chi Rho . . . sharp and always equipped with latest style . . . sure loves that Taffy. [30] FRANK BARTON EVANS " Humph " 212 Severn Avenue, West Annapolis, Maryland Elkton High School, West Nottingham Academy Washington College Theta Chi — Phi Delta Chi Sergeant-at-Arms, Phi Delta Chi 2; Sergeant- at-Arms, Senior Class 4. Genial Frank ... if the class had a Santa Claus, he would be it . . . ask him anything. EDWARD FAINBERG " Hoss " 3921 Cedardale Road, Baltimorc-15, Maryland Franklin Day School Aljthu Zeta Omeya Big Ed — never at a loss for words . . . may have Mary- land ' s first marble phannacy . . . another of the class ' s proud papas ... a subtle jokester. DONALD OWEN FEDDER " Don " 2003 Ulnian Avenue, Haltiniore-1.5, Maryland Baltimore City College, Western Maryland College Al iliii Zetn Omega Treasurer, Student Auxiliary 2; Vice-President, Senior Class 4; Terra Mariae Staff 4. When you react sure sincerity and honesty with an abundance of energetic progressiveness using a head full of brains as a catalyst, you get a " grade A " fellow — our boy, Don . . . respected and liked by all. 7 O. [31] BuXfev-l F A Aot PHILIP E. FISHER " Phil " 2304 Tucker Avenue, Baltimore-?, Maryland Forest Park High School Pin Delta Chi Inner Guard, Phi Delta Chi 4. Stars in " The Pipe Brigade " ... so quiet we hardly know he is around . . . serious minded and earnest, Phil is a typical student. MAYER NATHAN FREED " Schlaem " 2857 Cold Spring Lane, Baltiniore-15, Maryland Forest Park High School Phi Alpha Treasurer, Phi Alpha 3. Cioldcn pipes, muscles to match ... a wife named Pat — nice ? Natch . . . Mayer has a generous disposition and an optimistic outlook on life . . . sure to be a success. BURTON FRIED 4016 Maine Avenue, Baltimore-17, Maryland Baltimore City College Quiet and unassuming but runs to be there when counts . . . " Come on Herb, let ' s get a cup of coffee. " it [32] HEKHKKT KKIEDMAN 3015 Oakford Avenue. I!altimiire-15, Maryland Forest Park Hijjh School Rho Chi Little llorby — yes sir, good things c-onie in little pack- ages . . . never much to say, hut when he says it — . . . energy plus and a head to go with it . . . " O.K. Burt. " AI.VIN NATHAN GESER " Ochie " C)2S Moreland .Avenue, Haltiinore-l(i, Maryland lialtimore City ( ' ollege ' ((■ Aljilia The " man " can say nothing wrong . . . witty, clever, definitely intelligent ... a walking example of " a photo- graphic mind with a picture window. ALBERT (;oKI)().N (JKEENBEKC; 3305 W. Rogers Avenue, l!altiiiiore-15, Maryland lialtimore City College ' ((■ Miiha Crand Regent, I ' hi Alpha 2. Hard work plus popularity and plenty of ability pro- duce the excellent results that characterize Al . . . another member of " Joe ' s Social Club " . £ t ' - et Z t,. , . [33] TfaxU - - ' ' J k-yu WARREN ALVIN GRONERT 603 Coventry Road, Towson-4, Maryland Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Another member of the quiet set . . . ever smiling, sin- cere, earnest, and filled with determination plus . . . Towson will profit by the addition of this Pharmacist. RICHARD THOMAS HARMAN " Dick " Montgomery Road, Elkridge- ' iT, Maryland P ' lkridge High School Hails from KIkridgc . . . treated that P rd like a baby until — Congratulations! . . . " That Ford never kept me up nights " . . . wisdom and humor combined . . . one couldn ' t have a better friend. ROBERT ANTIS HARNISH " Bob " No. 7A Glenwood Road, Baltimore-21, Maryland Tyrone High School, Tyrone, Pennsylvania Serious, quiet, well thought of by all his associates . . . a proud possessor of a lovely wife and two adorable children ... he will be a real asset to Pharmacy. [34] UOKKKT (;()KI)()N HOY •• Bob " 530!) Belleville Avenue, lJaltimore-7, Maryland Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Phi Delta Chi A born pharmacist . . . easy Roinf? and full of smiles ... he can make incompatibilities compatible . . . it ' s the technique that counts and Bob has an abundance plus. WILLIAM BENTON JACK.SON, JK. • ' BiH " 25:i(i K. Fayette Street, Baltimore-24, Maryland Baltimore City College Terra Mariac Staff 4. Diligence and perservance are Bill ' s greatest attributes . . . always ready to lend a helping hand ... the guy with a " Sweet Lorraine " . JOSEPH ANTHONY KAISEK " Joe " 1112 S. Curley Street, Baltimorc-24, Maryland latterson I ' ark High School, Montgomery Junior College A likable disposition and a keen sense of alertness studious and very sincere in all his undertakings . . ' . Joe will prove to be a credit to his Alma Mater. [36] GERALD SOL KANTOROW " Gerry " 2505 Loyola Northway, Baltiinore-15, Maryland Baltimore City College Phi Alpha Keeper of the Secret Scrolls, Phi Alpha 3. Without Gerry there would be no State Guard . . . hard working, serious . . . has that gift of gab . . . enjoys carrying Remington ' s Eighth Edition. GEORGE LEO KELLY " Mike " 2142 HoUins Street, Baltimore-23, Maryland Mt. St. Joseph ' s High School Phi Delta Chi Terra Mariae Staff 4. Happy George . . . another member of the husband army and soon to be promoted to the papa brigade . . . sincere and energetic . . . liked by all who know him . . . he even looks like a Pharmacist. ROBERT JOSEPH KELLY ' Bob " 3005 Gwynns Falls Parkway, Baltimore- 16, Maryland Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Phi Delta Chi Chaplain, Phi Delta Chi 2; Inner Guard, Phi Delta Chi 3; Sergeant-at-Arms, Junior Class 3. Big Bob . . . the class politician ... an Irishman who is easy going, friendly, and with a beam that spreads from ear to ear . . . Bob can carry his own weight anywhere. [36] MORTON DAVID KRAMER 2504 Keyworth Avenue, Baltimore-15 Maryland Baltimore City College I ' hi Alpha— Rho Chi Terra Mariae Staff 1, 2; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President Z, President 4 ; Bearer of the Mace, Phi Alpha 4. Energy, ability, personality plus ... an excellent student president . . . with his excellence of character and ac- complishments we are sure success and fortune await him. MARVIN MARCUS LACHMAN 1221 Bonaparte Avenue, Baltimore-18, Maryland Forest Park High School Alexander Hamilton, Los Angeles, California Alphd Zeta Omeya Vice-President, Freshman Class 1. Our undergraduate store owner . . . always smiling . . . ready wit ... if there is a question to be asked, Marc will ask it. EDWARD CLEMENT LAMBDIN, JR. 812 S. Bouldin Street, Baltimorc-24, Maryland Patterson Park High School I ' hi Delta Chi Sergeant-at-Arms, Phi Delta Chi 4. Works hard, plays hard . . . one of those persons pleasing everyone he meats . . . easy going . . . quiet and popular . . . sure to be a success. I s; rK ! ;$B=Enn?ii%9raB J zt ' - J M yJ Pv Myv HERBERT JACK LEAVEY " Buzz " 3109 W. Lanvale Street, Baltimore-16, Maryland Baltimore City College Aljihti Zeta Omega Historian, Alpha Zeta Omega 4; Photography Editor, Terra Mariae 4. Easy manner, cheerful grin . . . camera fiend . . . that pipe is ever present . . . Herb is a sure bet for success in Pharmacy. DONALD LEVY " Don " 411)1 Liberty Heights Avenue, Baltimore-7, Maryland Baltimore City College Alpha Zeta Omega Soon to join the ranks of the papa brigade . . . diligent worker . . . passionately fond of music . . . another wel- come addition to Pharmacy. LOUIS LINDENBAUM 5113 Arbutus Avenue, Baltimore-15 Maryland Baltimore City College Alpha Zeta Omega Our class worry wart . . . has two brothers to catch up ■with . . . honest, down to earth, champion of the " com- mon " man ... as up to date in his classwork as he is on the sales downtown. [38] JAMES HOPPER LYON " Jim " 827 S. Washington Street, Havre de Grace, Maryland Havre de Grace High School West Nottingham Academy Student Council 2, 3, 4; President, Student Aux- iliary of the Maryland Pharmaceutical Associa- tion 4. Quiet, industrious, well liked . . . Havre fluence has Jim racing to and from school Jim ' s for the asking. de Grace in- . success is WALTER PETER MACEK " Walt " 243 S. Wolfe Street, Baltimore-31, Maryland Baltimore City College One of " Les Inseperables " — Walt without Howard is like bacon without eggs . . . quiet, unassuming, industrious ... a welcome addition to the ranks of Baltimore ' s Phar- macists. HOWARD EARL MANDEL " Mandy " 4908 Liberty Heights Avenue, Baltimore-l. " ), Maryland Forest Park High School Alpha Zeta Omega The other half of " Les Inseperables — Howard without Walt is like eggs without bacon ... a member of the husband club . . . hard worker . . . amiable fellow ... a sure bet for success. [39] tx - WILLIAM EVERD MASETH " Bill " 3(tfi5 Mayfield Avenue, Baltimore-lS, Maryland Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Phi Delta Chi Tall . . . quiet . . . unassuming . . . diligence and perser- verance are among his many attributes. HAROLD HERBERT MAZER " Hal " 3623 Springdale Avenue, Baltimore-lfi, Maryland Baltimore City College Alpha Zeta Omef a Another member of the pappy brigade . . . calm, cool, collected — that ' s our Hal. BERNARD CHARLES McDOUGALL " Mac " 309 Poplar Avenue, Baltimore-21, Maryland Mount St. Joseph High School Phi Delta Chi Vice-President, Sophomore Class 2; Vice-Presi- dent, Junior Class 3. Perfect gentleman . . . neat as a pin . . . always there with a helping hand ... a first class student ... a sure bet for success. [401 JOSEPH EMERY MITTUCH " Joe " 61 Roosevelt Avenue, Carteret, New Jersey Carteret High School Phi Delta Chi—Rho Chi Terra Mariae Staff 1. Hard working, staid, plenty of ability . . . " The mosqui- toes are not this large in Jersey " . . . Joe will be a wel- come addition to his fathors ' s store. KOHKKT KENNETH MOLEK •Kcd " 201 !»th Avenue, Brunswick, Maryland Brunswick High School University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland Quiet and hard working . . . haunts the Y.M.C.A. dorms . . . Brunswick will welcome this new addition to the pharmaceutical profession. ADRIAN MOSCATI ' ■ .Scot lie " 3305 (;ibbons .Avenue, l!altimore-14, Maryland Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Senior Prom Committee 4. If Adrian ever raised his voice, everyone would be shocked . . . quiet, but entertaining ... a gentleman and a scholar. [«] - •i-OA fcyy s JOSEPH PAPIERMEISTER 2010 Ruxton Avenue, Baltimore-16, Maryland Baltimore City College Phi Alpha The inventor of " PAPERTAL " . . . pleasant . . . genial ... " I started with X, ran it through umpty-seven syn- theses and was sure I had it; but, it turned out to be X again " . . . Joe will go places with the initiative he pos- sesses. ALBERT PATS " Al " 36 N. Linwood Avenue, Baltimore-24, Maryland Baltimore City College Johns Hopkins University Phi Alpha Entertainment Chairman, Phi Alpha 4. Industrious . . . energetic ... an excellent scholar . . . one of those silent men who make themselves felt thru real merit. HARRY PAYNE 32 Frost Avenue, Prostburg, Maryland Beall High School Solid— but don ' t let that hard as a rock look fool you; he is pleasant and likable when he opens up . . . another member of the husband group. [42] PAUL ALLEN PUMPIAN " Pap " 3itl2 Pinkney Road, Baltimore-15, Maryland Baltimore City College University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland — B.S. in Biology Sii »t(i Aliiliii Mil — Aljiha Zeta Omeyii Terra Mariae 2, 3, 4 — Copy Editor 2, Business Manager 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; Spring Dance Committee 3; Senior Prom Committee 4. Numbered among the foremost students of the class both in scholarship and gentlemanly deportment . . . " Botany Prof " . . . our editor stands pre-eminently before us with the admiration of all and an example to those who come after us. EMIL QUASNEY. JK. 2733 Beryl Avenue, Baltimore-5, Maryland Southern High School riii Delta Chi The mighty mite . . . sported the only mustache in the class for a long time ... an itK|uisitive mind . . . this man will go far in his chosen profession. ISADOK KAKHLEN " Sonny " 2114 Park Avenue, Baltiniore-17, Maryland Baltimore Polytechnic Institute I ' lii .1 (« Keeper of the Secret Scrolls, Phi Alpha 2. Small in stature, large in brains ... a hard worker . . . a welcome addition to his father ' s business . . . bound to be successful in any venture he undertakes. [43] VINCENT JOHN REGIMENTI " Zip " 1765 E. North Avenue, Baltiniore-13, Maryland Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, Loyola College Art Staff, Terra Mariae 4. Since entering school, Vince has acquired a wife, a baby boy, a house, a car, and a television set; all he needs now is that piece of parchment . . . genial . . . industrious . . . great artist . . . bound to be a success. HANS JOHN ROSENBACH 2239 Brookfield Avenue, Baltimore-17, Maryland Alpha Zeta Omeqa — Rho Chi President, Rho Chi 4; Terra Mariae Staff 4. Parliamentarian, Alpha Zeta Omega 4. " Fingers " has always stood high in all his endeavors at school . . . excellent sense of humor . . . very likable . . . a parliamentarian if ever there was one ... a sure bet for success. SYLVAN LEONARD SACHS " Sylv " 3451 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore-15, Maryland Baltimore City College Brains galore . . . explodes at the drop of a mark . hard worker . . . success will be his. [44] HENRY SCHWARTZ " Hank " 4214 (iroveland Avenue, I!altiiiuire-15, Maryland naltiniDre City College Maryland State Teachers College Aljihii Zvtd Omci a — Rho Chi Vice-President, Rho Chi 4. A true gentleman ... an outstanding scholar ... a good friend ... a proud papa . . . Hank will go far in his chosen profession. EDWARD DeFOREST SEARS " Ed " 436 S. Marlyn Avenue, IialtiMiorc-21, Maryland Camp Hill High School, Camp Hill, I ' enii.sylvaiiia One of the charter members of the I ' appy Club . . . no relation to Roebuck . . . small and light but a bundle of dynamite ... a worthwhile additioi to the profession. ALBERT A. SHAIMRO " Obbie " 2C I Park Heights Terrace, Haltimore-iri, Maryland Baltimore City College Washington College Aliiliit Xitu Oiniiin — lilio Chi Treasurer, Rho Chi 4; Terra Mariae Staff 4; Senior Prom Committee 4. Easy-going . . . intelligent ... a new member of the Pappy Club . . . " No problem is too big or too difficult to solve " ... a member the profession will be proud of. [451 QJBCo rv . xii rxW. ALLAN BERNARD SHENKER " Al " 47H2 Garrison Boulevard, Baltiniore-15, Maryland Baltimore City College Aljihn Zeta Omega — Rhn Chi The baby of the class . . . Al is the efFoi-tless type — he is always at the top and never seems to be trying . . . quiet and unassuming ... he can take anything but an ex- plosion . . . successful in every venture. WILLIAM WARD SMITH •Bill " 34 N. Prospect Avenue, Kaltimore-28, Maryland Catonsville High School " Red " is our smiling contribution to the camera fiend and .ialopy ranks — even with that new Studebaker . . . well liked . . . beaming personality . . . success will be his. SIDNEY SPIKE 4003 Edgewood Road, Baltimore-15, Maryland Forest Park High School Phi Alpha Treasurer, Phi Alpha 2. Another member of the Pappv Club . . . Slight in stature but refuses to be slighted in getting things done . . . quick thinking . . . congenial ... a good sport ... we don ' t mind saying " Mr. Spike " in lab. [46] ALVIN STARK " Al " 1835 E. Baltimore Street, Baltimore-31, Maryland Baltimore City College Duke University, Harvard University, Cornell University Phi Mi,h(i Grand Regent, Phi Alpha 4. Quick of thought . . . possesses an unusual power of con- centration . . . has the ability of readily separating the important from the unimportant . . . success is bound to be his. HOWARD CARL STAUFFER 42!) W. (Iroenwood Road, Linthicum Heights, Maryland Kmmaus High School, Kmmaus, Pennsylvania Phi Delta Chi — liho Chi Social Committee Chairman, Phi Delta Chi. One half of the handsome twosome . . . impeccable man- ners . . . high ideals . . . assured of the final victory. VICTOR JEROME SUGAR " Sweets " 4405 Towanda Avenue, Haltimore-15, Maryland Baltimore City College Aliilin Zi ' ln Omfija Always trying to lind the path of least resistance . . . sure to find the easiest way of doing anything . . . another new member of the Pappy Club. [47] . % ju -iUiAxxA. l dlm f %f uJ HOWARI) DEAN SULLIVAN G112 Parkway Drive, Baltimore-12, Maryland Washington and Lee High School, Arlington, Virginia rhi Delta Chi Welfare Committee Chairman, Phi Delta Chi 2, 3; Social Committee, Phi Delta Chi 4. The other half of the handsome twosome . . . Dean is another of those quiet studious sharks about to enter the professional world — a world in which he will be a great success. ZACH TURNER. lU 2ltl 5th Avenue S.E.. Glen P.urnie-5. Maryland Phi Delta Chi Senior Prom Committee 4. Gentle and unobtrusive . . . nothing disturbs Zach . . . takes the bitter with the sweet without complaint . . .tops in scholarship . . . bound for success in his chosen pro- fession. WILLIAM GORDON URSPRUCH " Bill " Montgomery Road, EUicott City, Maryland Eilicott City High School Louisiana State University Our candidate for Barney Oldfield ' s honors in Eilicott City ... he moves through school just as he does on the highway . . . boasts of two beautiful daughters ... a sure bet to gain success. [48] PHILIP VODENOS 5035 Queensberry Avenue, Baltiniore-15, Maryland Forest Park High School Alpha Zeta Omef n Reserved and modest . . . studious and striving . . . worries too much . . . Phil will go a long way in life if only he will learn to control that Chevrolet. PHYLLIS LINDA WAONKK " Phil " 905 Chauncey Avenue, Baltimore-17, Maryland Western High School Lfimlxlii Kdi ' Mi Signii i Recording Secretary, Lambda Kappa Sigma 4; Terra Mariae Staff 3, 4. Modesty is one of her glowing virtues ... an excellent student . . . possessor of a sweet disposition . . . success will certainly be hers. JEROME BERNARD WARREN " Jerry " 5703 Ranny Road, Haltiniore-! , Maryland Baltimore Polytechnic Intitute .1 ) (« Zi ' l(t Onu ' ijii Terra Marra Mariae Staff 4; School News Edi- tor of the Alpha Zeta Omega Bulletin 4. Kverlasting good humor . . . genial disposition . . . with a daughter in school and a wife teaching school, Jerry will feel out of place after graduation ... a worthy addition to the profession of Pharmacy. ; — 1 MORTON HYMAN WEINER " Morty " 2648 Polk Street, Baltimore-18, Maryland Baltimore City College Phi Alpha " Snorting Mortin " . . . another one of the recent p roud fathers . . . calm . . . easy going . . . sincere . . . helpful . . . definitely headed for success. RICHARD JACKSON WILLIAMSON " Jack " 119 Kinship Road, r)undalk-22, Maryland Sparrows Point High School Towson State Teachers College Phi Delta Chi Secretary, Phi Delta Chi 2; Student Auxiliary of the Maryland Pharmaceutical Association 3. " Jack " is our choice for the number one spot in any quar- tet .. . wonderful personality . . . excellent student . . . friendly disposition . . . always ready to extend a help- ing hand . . . sure to be a success. STANLEY JAY YAFFE 3303 Oakfield Avenue, Baltimore-7, Maryland Forest Park Hig;h School Loyola College-B.S. in Chemistry A regular guy . . . always willing to help . . . very amia- ble .. . he will be as successful in business as he has been in scfaooL [50] 1 — Eloise Jean Sears 2— Frank B. Evans III 3 — Bonnie Leslie Fainbcrg 4 — Sharon Lee Bergofsky 5 — Barry Ii-vin Sugar 6 — Linda Carol Cunzeman 7 — Steven F. Mazor 8 — Michael Bernard Weiner 9 — Michael Lynne Regimenti 10— Joel Zell Spike 11 — Nancy Beth Warren 12 — Linda Lee and Bobby Harnish 13 — Donna Lynn Urspruch 14 — Linda Susanne Urspruch 15 — David Lee Shapiro UNDERGRADUATES - ' ei .«n Aunior L laii JHiceri DR. CLIFFORD W. CHAPMAN Fnritlty Adviser WILLIAM O . WILLIAM S Presiden t WAUUEN K. CRISPENS Vice-President MARY W. CONNELLY ecrettiry NIMROD E. ESTERSON Treamirer NORMAN W. WALTER Sergeant-ut-Anns [55] an lord ELWIN HERSCHEL ALPERN 513 S. Pulaski Street Baltimore-23, Maryland " Should 1 studj tonight and nee her tomor- row or, should I see hey tonif ht and work tomorrow? " WILLIAM JOSEPH APPEL 7308 Yorktowne Drive Towson-4, Maryland " Inventor of the triple capsule method. " JOHN JOSEPH AYD 1545 Sheffield Road Baltimore-is, Maryland " Still ivorking on dehydrated carbonated water. " MALCOLM SOUTH BAILEY 1429 Washington Boulevard Baltimore-30, Maryland " Plitirmacy ivith an ocean view. " JAMES ANGELO BAKAS 312 S. Oldham Street Baltimore-24, Maryland " Sl ortsniarL deluj:e. " MARION ROMAN CHODNICKI 629 S. Belnord Avenue Baltimuore-24, Maryland " Class athlete. " JOSEPH THOMAS CHRISTOPHER 3014 Glenmore Avenue Baltimore-14, Maryland " Little man with a hi; wave. " DAVID CHAMP CLARKE 108 W. Pennsylvania Avenue Towson-4, Maryland " Big man with a little wave. " JOHN JAMES COLCLOUGH 115 Hilton Avenue Baltimore-28, Maryland " My wife will teach me anything I don ' t understand. " MARY WALLACE CONNELLY 6407 Libeity Road Baltimore-7, Maryland " Why don ' t (lentlemen swear in class, Dr. C? " ' GARY HOWARD BOYER 602 Cathedral Street Baltimore-l, Maryland " The best pharmacists are from. Frederick. ' WARREN EDWARD CRISPENS 4117 Sixth Street Baltimore-25, Maryland " Must know why! Our answer to Einstein. " STANLEY ALAN BRODIE 3711 Beehler Avenue Baltimore-15, Mai-yland " Nurses ' man. His friends call him Curly. " MAURICE THOMAS CUMMINGS 3327 James Street Baltimore-27, Maryland " Gets more studying done since he has been married. " MARVIN JOSEPH CHERTKOFF 4236 Pimlico Road Baltimore-15, Maryland " Robert Mitchum of the class. " HARRY JACKSON CUSTIS, JR. 2405 W. Lanvale Street Baltimore-16, Maryland " The Tiny Giant. " STEPHEN CHICK 125 Scott Street Baltimore-l, Maryland " Too studious. Never sees his girl friends during the week. " EUGENE GEORGE CZAPIEWSKI 2419 Fait Avenue Baltimore-24, Maryland " bet I got the lowest mark in the class. " [fifi] DAVID GERD DANZIGER 8013 Rof ers Avenue Baltimnie-15, Maryland " H ' fii ht lifter (uiil cIiiks player. " CLARENDON LLOYD GOULD 307 Thackery Avenue Catonsville-28, Maryland " (lerniiin etitliioiiaxt. Kxiiertx .lenior elective. " til tiike it IIS a ROBERT RICHARD ESSLINGER 3720 Glenmore Avenue Baltiniore-( , Maryland " Tliiit hurette reads 2.0417!) not 2.04178. " NIMROn EARL ESTERSON Cori St. Paul Street Baltiniore-2, Maryland " Cliiss iirtist. " ATTILO FIASTRO 182!) Harford Avenue Baltimore-13, Maryland " Without comimiictiim, I can forthwith rei- teratv the iliversificiition of our curriculum is perplexing ! " JACQUELINE .lEAN GREENAWALT 2813 Bauernwood Avenue Baltimore-14, Maryland " Monopolizes the litiliinces; othenrise Miss Rx of 1!)51. " VINCENT COY HAMMAR 434 E. 22nd Street Baltiniore-18, Maryland " The j eiiiiil yeiitlemini. Alwdys has a story to tell. " CHARLES LINDSAY JARVIS 902 Belgian Avenue Baltiniore-18, Maryland " We ciniipoKiiil mint juleps where I work. " ROBERT FOER 226 N. Monroe Street Baltiniore-23, Maryland " Washitij ton ' s rontrihution to Pharmacy School. " CARL KAISER Box 138 Millersville, Maryland " Few meu eaii et somethiiiy done and Carl is one of them. " HAROLD FRANKLE 2027 Ruxton Avenue Baltiniore-l(i, Maryland " Get to the third i eiir inid i ou ' re okaij. I know it, you know it, hut, do the professors know it? " JOHN JOSEPH GAZDA 2231 Gough Street Baltimore-31, Maryland " Pennsiilrania (Uass Blower. " WILFRED HOWARD GLUCKSTERN 3!)0l Park Heights Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " Our dictionary of assorted facts. " GERALD KING 2014 Englewood Avenue Baltimore-7, Maryland " The Pipe King. " CHARLES JOSEPH KOKOSKI 1218 Maiden Choice Road Baltimore-2!), Maryland " Our own ' 88 Keys ' . " ELMER CURTIS KOLLER 118 Riverside Road Baltiniore-21, Maryland " Lover of nature iinil nurses. " DONALD GRIFFITH LeCOMPTE Mago Vista Road Arnold, Maryland " Seems like married life is % ' ery agreeable. " JERRY GOTKIN 226 N. Monroe Street Baltiniore-23, Maryland " Steam distillationist. Prefers cameras to girls. " STEPHEN MORTON LEMLER 4013 Fairview Avenue Baltimore-16, Maryland " Experiencced in Drugs, etc. " [57] NORMAN LEVIN 2141 E. Faimnount Avenue Baltimore 31, Maryland " Physics was never like this. " HARRY S. LICHTMAN 5735 Jonquil Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " Always presenting new ideas. " BENNO ROBINSON 4021 Fairfax Road Baltimore-16, Maryland " Head Fire Chief at Chelsea Pharmacy. " HERBERT THEODORE ROSENTHAL 2916 Norfolk Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " Odds are that he is late for his ivedding too. " EARLE GEORGE MASETH 3065 Mayfield Avenue Baltimore-13, Maryland " Kindness and quietness are his virtues. " ROBERT FRANCIS ROYCE 717 Varnum Street, N.W. Washington, D. C. " Another of Washington ' s contributions. " FRANK HENRY McNEW, JR. 129 Willow Spring Dundalk-22, Maryland " His laugh comes from deep within. " ALBERT TEMIN MEYERS 1623 E. Baltimore Street Baltimore-31, Maryland " The Clark Gable of the night spots. " MICHAEL SACHS 1636 Gwynns Falls Parkway Baltimore-17, Maryland " Champion weight lifter at the ' Y ' . " ESTELLE GILDA SAMORODIN 2922 Rockrose Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " Going to school was easier tlian going to •work. " ALBERT MAYER NEWMAN 1027 E. Fayette Street Baltimore-2, Maryland " Can ' t wait to take C.M.P. lab. ' JOHN LEONARD O ' NEAL 6716 Parson Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " He ' ll make it this year. " HUIE WILBERT PETTY 121 S. Gilmor Street Baltimore-23, Maryland " A true gentleman. " MARVIN STANLEY PLATT 3803 Boarman Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " He doesn ' t worry about it. " CHARLES PAUL PRICE 7807 Oakdale Avenue Baltimore-6, Maryland " One of our married classmates. " MORRIS RENDEL 2320 E. Fairmount Avenue BaItimore-24, Maryland " Only man who can use a atop watch as a slide rule. " HENRY ANTHONY SANTONI 3631 Elmley Avenue Baltimore-13, Maryland " Our mental giant. " MILTON CHARLES SAPPE 4013 Loch Raven Boulevard Baltimore-18, Maryland " Our hard working Business Manager. " GERALD SCHONFELD 4021 Reisterstown Road Baltimore-15, Maryland " One of our own Katzen — " ALVIN SIMON Maple Avenue Walkersville, Maryland " Quiet and industrious. " LEO ROBERT SIROTA 5303 Post Road Baltimore-15, Maryland " Jammer Kids {second half). " RUDOLPH MARTIN JOHN SMITH 25 Southgate Avenue Annapolis, Maryland " Keyboard artist. " JOHN ERNEST SNELLINGER 5655 Oregon Avenue Baltimore-27, Maryland " When does Ernie have time for homework. " [58] WALTER JOSEPH SOSNOSKI 2007 Sulphur SpriiiKS Koad Lansdowne-27, Maiyland " His ties are out of tliis irorld. ' GEORGE WILLIAM WAGNER 426 N. Belnoid Avenue Baltimoie-24, Maryland " Oiilji iniiri. who can iv-rite as fast as the in- structor talks. " JAMES ANTHONY SPAHN, JR. 42l;j Anntana Avenue Baltiniore-d, Maryland " l.iiiv SIO ' s ) ' (( l " lf- " JOSEPH ANTHONY TERAMANI 107 S. Rochester Place Baltini(ire-24, Maryland " Not only looks muture, hut is. " RICHARD JOHN WALSH 311 E. ;«rd Street BaItimore-18, Maryland " Never raises liis voice. " JAMES BEVERLY WALTER, JR. Cockeysville, Maryland " Biyiiest lilher of jiliarmacology clufis. " LaRUE ESTELLE VOSHELL 2202 Pelhani Avenue Baltimore-l. ' 5, Maryland " In thai siniilt hodi is the our tjenr. " Iiii l est brain of NORMAN WALLIS WALTER 5907 Liberty Road Baltimore-7, Maryland " .Iff.s almost as if he were n brother. " WILLIAM FREDERICK VOSHELL 2202 Pelham Avenue Baltimore-13, Maryland " Oh, Brother. " WILLIAM OWEN WILLIAMS Box 204, Dogwood Road Baltimore-7, Maryland " The answer to the Colts fullback problem. " [59] I -0 S onnomore ( laiJ LytfiterJ DR. AUELE B. BALLMAN.. ANTHONY J. PETRALIA ..Fiiculti Adriser I ' res iilc n I JOSEPH J. BROCATO Vkc-Vrcxidcnt BEVERLY S. NAOOL JSecretarif NORMAN F. STEINBERG Ttensurcr JAY E. LEVINE £ergeant-at-Arinx [61] opk T omoreS ROBERT THOMAS ADKINS Fruitland, Maryland " Salisburi ' s gift to the Apothecary World. " IRVIN JACK ALBERT 734 N. Monroe Street Baltimore-17, Maryland " But Miss Cole, no days off? " ADOLPH BAER 1906 Eutaw Place Baltiniore-17, Maryland " After it iras all over — told yoii the Yanks would win. " COSTA GEORGE BOULLES 411 S. Newkirk Street Baltimore-24, Maryland " Always ready for a pinoclde game. " ALDEN SMITH BRADSTOCK, JR. 48 Portship Road Baltimore-22, Maryland " Hoio can I get by on 75 a month? " JOSEPH JOHN BROCATO 5 West 2nd Avenue Baltimore-25, Maryland " Want me to translate it into Greek, Latin, or Sanskrit? " THOMAS LEO BARANOWSKI 201 N. Chester Street Baltimore-31, Maryland " Snappy dresser. " ETHEL BAROTI 416 N. Greene Street BaItimore-1, Maryland " Casts longing eyes to Syracuse U. " ROBEgT LEE BUCK 128 Brightside Avenue PikesviIle-8, Maryland " Aw, Poly slwuid hare beaten them by 3 touchdoirns. " RAYMOND ALZIOUS BULLINGER 3525 W. Belvedere Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " Papa Ray. " JOHN HOWARD BEAM 809 McAleer Court Baltimore-2, Maryland " Body by Fisher by Beam. ' JOHN KING CLARK 2 Acton Place Annapolis, Maryland " Artist Deluxe. " GEORGE JOSEPH BENKOVIC 625 S. Ponca Street Baltimore-24, Maryland " Assistant to assistant to Beam ' s assistant. " GORDON MELVIN CRISPENS 4117 Sixth Street Baltimore-25, Maryland " But, my brother did it this way. " DAVIS NELSON BISHOP Greensboro, Maryland " His best is always good enough. " THOMAS HARRY BLATT 2433 Linden Avenue Baltimore-17, Maryland " But, just because my uncle wrote the Chem- istry book . . . " PAUL EDWARD DAVIS 2212 Penrose Avenue Baltimore-23, Maryland " Is he is or is he ain ' t? " BERNARD JOHN DEMBECK 1509 N. Kenwood Avenue Baltimore-13, Maryland " Beau Brummel. " MORRIS BOOKOFF 3533 White Chapel Road Baltimore-15, Maryland " What are you doing so ynuch work for, Marv? " DONALD GILBERT EINBROD 1201 St. Agnes Lane Baltimore-7, Maryland " Golf champion; shoots about ninety — on the first nine. " [62] DONALD BRAINARD ELLIOTT 103 W. Elm Avenue Baltimore-6, Maryland " But Miss Adams, I understand timt. ALBERT MARTIN JAPKO 22(J1 E. Biddle Street Baltimorc-13, Maryland " Could sell an Eskimo an icebox. " LEON FEIT 3921 Norfolk Avenue Baltimore-lfi, Maryland " 54° 40 ' or Feit. " THOMAS JOSEPH KELLY 802 Melville Avenue Baltimore-18, Maryland " But College Park has a campus. ' IRVIN FINK 647 N. Central Avenue Baltiniore-2, Maryland " Better late than, never. ' MARY JOSEPH KNECHT 4422 Linden Avenue Halethorpe-27, Maryland " Now at Hi i kins we did it like this. " GEORGE VERNON FOWBLE 6100 Harford Road Baltimore-14, Maryland " You don ' t ilo it this way in a drug store. " GEORGE ALBERT KOHLHEPP, JR. 2746 N. Calvert Street Baltiniore-18, Maryland " How about joining the guard urith me? " AARON SALOB FRIEDMAN 5404 p airlawn Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " Sweets — Duchess. " JOSEPH ANTHONY GAGLIARDI 3202 Hamilton Avenue Baltimore-14, Maryland " My minks are using the recording machine this year. " STANLEY GODEN 5012 Palmer Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " Hejf Stan — speak. " ROBERT JOHN KOKOSKI 1218 Maiden Choice Road Baltimore-2!», Maryland " You sure that ' s right; let ' s not skip any- thing. " GEORGE AGAPIOS KOSTAS Dorothy, West VirRinia " How ynany grams of Cresol go in Citrate? " STANLEY HOWARD KRAMER 2906 Ulman Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " .-t cracked motor block is nothing. The car still runs, doesn ' t it? " MARVIN BENNETT GOLBERG 3326 Ingleside Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " Next Physics class will be Tuesdag. " HARVEY GREENBERG 4437 Pall Mall Road Baltimore-15, Maryland " Criminology is the course, men. " SAMUEL MEYER HALPERN 1636 N. Smallwood Street Baltimore-16, Maryland " you live near 1636 Smallwood Street, I ' ll take you home. " WILLIAM HARANSKY 3714 Park Heights Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " Pll buy the carbon if you do the homework. " ROBERT WALTER HOLTHAUS 1114 N. Luzerne Avenue Baltimore-13, Maryland " .Adds color to the class with his pink shirts. " EDWARD MILTON LANE 511 N. Robinson Street Baltimore-5, Maryland " .s(i7 sag the answer to the physics was 100. " JAY ELLIOTT LEVINE 4002 Kathland Avenue Baltimore-7, Maryland ' 7s there a Phnnnacy School at Duke? " RAYMOND LIGHTER 541 Robert Street BaItimore-17, Maryland " The Body. " EDWARD EARL LYDEN, JR. 2221 Barclay Street Baltimore-18, Maryland " Don ' t tell me about any dances. " NICHOLAS COSMAS LYKOS 1401 N. Ellwood Avenue Baltimore-13, Maryland " Slide Rule Fiend. " more nurses [63] BERNARD FRANCIS MACEK 243 S. Wolfe Street Baltimore-31, Maryland " The most meticulous man in the School of Pharmacy. " FRANK JAMES MACHOVEC 710 N. Glover Street Baltimore-5, Maryland ••Can ' t buckle down unless the temperature is 90 or better. " HERBERT AUGUSTUS MARTELLO 1235 Evesham Avenue Baltiniore-12, Maryland ' •Only got one mark in physics while deserv- ing three. " ANTHONY JOHN PETRALIA 2700 Berwick Avenue Baltimore-14, Maryland " His sluirp wit has won him both the popu- larity and tlie presidency of the class. " SIGMUND BERNARD PICKUS 2424 Liberty Heights Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " Though cautious and inquisitive, the boy comes up with some extremely sound philos- ophy. " ROBERT EVERETT PYLES Myersville, Maryland " only his sneezes could he converted to gold. " JULIAN IRVIS MIDEN 3803 Belle Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " Aw come on polly, explain this one unll ya. FRANK REMO MILIO 2800 Ashland Avenue Baltimore-5, Maryland " Avoirdupois, apothecary, or metric — ( ■ stUl can ' t gain weight. " KARL M. MORGENSTEIN 3611 Glen Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " only he ' d been Zoology assistant last year. " BEVERLY SONIA NADOL 1639 Ashburton Street Baltimore-16, Maryland " She can ' t have brains too — hut she does. " STANLEY ANTHONY NAPLACHOWSKI 801 China Street Baltimore-30, Maryland " Sunglasses will be in order if he persists m wearing those shirts. " THERESA GENEVIEVE PAPIRI 1816 N. Bond Street Baltimore-13, Marj ' land " Quirt, unassuming-a sure bet to graduate. " HILDA JEAN PASENKER 2214 Walbrook Avenue Baltimore-16, Maryland " Jean ' s the only one wlio thinks she is not a genius. " DAVID PEARLMAN 1445 N. Bentalou Street Baltimore-16, Maryland " A lively carrot-top. " SALVATORE JOSEPH RAVITA 2411 Preston Street Baltimore-13, Maryland " Neck to neck for father ' s honors. " HOWARD SHELDON RICE 4147 Park Heights Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " There are preciseli 143 general mctliods of committing suncide; first ... " EARL ROBERT ROSS 5 Manor Avenue Baltimore-6, Mai-yland Close race with gr(uluation and nervous breakdown running neck and neck. " MATHILDE DOROTHEA ROUCHARD 1507 Henry Street Baltimore-30, Maryland ' •The girl with the red hair and the ready answers. " PHILIP SCHENKER 4831 Reisterstown Road Baltimore-15, Maryland " He really should not liave contirmed betting on City last season. " HENRY EDWARD SCHMAUS, JR. 726 S. Potomac Street Baltimore-24, Maryland " Really amazed us with some fancy footwork at the Student Mixer. " GERALD DAVID SCHUSTER 3305 White Chapel Road Baltimore-15, Maryland " Was disqualified for using a slide rule to calculate shooting angles during a basketball game. " [64] LIONEL MALCOLM SHAPIRO 3. ' JL5 Forest Park Avenue Baltiniore-16, Maryland " Honext, he is really quite gentle. " EUGKNIA CAROLN TATEM Y.W.C.A. Baltimore-1, Maryland " She is htiviny an awful time with her math. " LAWRENCE SHEER 1419 N. Washington Street Baltimore-13, Maryland " Believe me Larry, school starts at nine. " JOHN BOUNDS TILGHMAN 2510 W. Lanvale Street Baltimore-K!, Maryland " His laughter resounds throughout the build- ing. " SIDNEY SHIFRIN 3621 Park Heights Avenue Baltimore-lf), Maryland " Phanriary School ' s contribution to the ranks of the genius. " JOHN WILSON STEFFE 272!) Cylburn Avenue Baltimore-IT), Maryland " John, you just don ' t ignite Carbon Tetra- chloride. " NORMAN FRED STEINBERG 2025 N. Bentalou Street Baltimore-16, Mai-yland " He does very complete liinneirork, doesn ' t he fellows? " JOSEPH STRAUCH 1708 W. Pratt Street Baltimore-23, Maryland " . ust what insecticide does he use in his pi pes? " LEO JOHN VILKAS 1223 Glyndon Avenue Baltimore-23, Maryland " The fastest, finest artist in the school. " HOWARD JOEL WAGNER !)05 Chaucey Avenue Baltimore-17, Maryland " But it ' s a long long time from May to Sep- tember. " KARL GORDON WAGNER (;02 W. 37th Street Baltimore-1 1, Maryland " Crosleys are easy on gasoline though. " JOHN BAKER WHEELER 1(!45 Belt Street Baltimore-30, Maryland " Keeps on trying. " BERYL LEE WILLIAMS 824!» Hullneck Road Ballimore-22, Maryland " Well, the .Mr Corps isn ' t a bad life, is it? " MECHEM EUGENE STREETT Bel Air, Maryland " He just won ' t respond to the female ' s flirta- tions. " ROBERT FRANCIS WOLF 5512 Selma Avenue Baltimore-27, Maryland " The second year is a snap. " [65] s DR. GAYL0R11 B. ESTABROOK Faculty Adviser CHARLES N. COOPE R - _ Pies ide ti t CHARLES J. SWARTZ „ Vice-President DOROTHY F. SCHAECH Secretary BERNICE M. PROUTY „ Treasurer LEONARD LUBIN _ Sergeant-at-Arms [67] resltmen HILLEL RUVEN AARONS 3009 Wolcott Avenue Baltimore-16, Maryland " A gentleman and a scholar. " ALLEN GERALD BRICKMAN 2029 Rockrose Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " Unknown quantity. " BERNARD AARON AMERNICK 50L3 Pembridge Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " It sounds a little fixlnj. " JOHN GERALD BRINGENBERG 2620 E. Madison Street Baltimore-5, Maryland " Excellent student, fine friend. " BERNARD ANOFF 5017 Queensberry Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " Little boy, lots of brains. " MYER BRONSTEIN 1438 E. Madison Street Baltimore-5, Maryland " It ' s all a jackpot. " WILLIAM ANDREW BAILONE Box 321, Route 15 Baltimore-20, Maryland " The Essex Flash. " HERBERT JAMES BURNS 500 S. Decker Street Baltimore-24, Maryland " Slays ' em with that charm. " EUGENE PETER BALCERAK 3437 Parklawn Avenue Baltimore-13, Maryland " A man of distinction. " ANTHONY ALBERTO CALABRESE 1016 W. Baltimore Street Baltimore-23, Maryland " It ' s the spirit that counts. " MAURICE JERROLD BERMAN 2601 Park Heights Terrace Baltimore-15, Maryland " The big wheel of Sigma Phi. " GARY ROY CAPLAN 5126 Queensberry Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " A true and loyal friend. " JEROME BLOCK 4007 Liberty Heights Avenue Baltimore-7, Maryland " Quiet, serious, everybody ' s friend. " WILLIAM FRANK CAROUGE, 6226 Everall Avenue Baltimore-6, Maryland " Has what it takes. " JR. JOSEPH WILLIAM BOLTON 2114 Barclay Street Baltimore-18, Maryland " Did they ask that question last year? " JOHN FRANCIS CARROLL 4415 Linden Avenue Halethorpe-27, Maryland " One-half of the deadly duo. " PAUL PHILIP BOTWINIK 306 S. Eden Street Baltimore-31, Maryland " Left us in the middle. " EDWARD ELLIS COLEMAN 122 E. Main Street Middletown, Delaware " From the first state in the Union. " JOSEPH VICTOR BRAZIUS 874 W. Lombard Street Baltimore-1, Maryland " Clear thinking Joe. " CHARLES NORMAN COOPER 2710 Chelsea Terrace Baltimore-16, Maryland " Prexy, deluxe. " [68] RALPH JOHN CROCAMO 2440 Maryland Avenue Baltimore-18, Maryland " The other half of the deadly duo. " FRANCIS XAVIER HEROLD 3428 Fait Avenue Baltimore-24, Maryland " ( cured him, but he died. " BENJAMIN niCKSTElN 2454 Barclay Street BaltiiTiore-18, Maryland ••Father Ben. " WILBUR THOMAS HOLT 445 N. Clinton Street Baltimore-24, Maryland " From the sands of Iwo Jima. " FREDERICK WILLIAM DREYER 3034 Gwynns Falls Parkway Baltimore-l(), Maryland " Center on sclwuVs cage team? " PHILIP RICHARD KARN 1025 Grinnalds Avenue Baltimore-30, Maryland " Theoretically speakiny . NORMAN DUBOIS 3911 Cold Spring Lane Baltimore-15, Maryland ' •Mister Du-bwaa " HOWARD CHARLES KERPELMAN 3506 Holmes Avenue Baltimore-17, Maryland " Pharmaceutical Lawyer. " LEONARD MARSHALL FEIT 3213 Yosemite Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " Does all his work with a spade. " CORNELIUS FRANCIS KIERNAN, JR. 203 E. Preston Street Baltimore-2, Maryland " Information I ' lease. " CHARLES RONALD GILL 428 Kenneth Square Baltimore-12, Maryland " .Always uj to date in lab, " MELVIN GILBERT KITT 3405 Carlisle Avenue Baltimore-16, Maryland " Let me tell you about this one doll. " BURTON JACK GOLDSTEIN 2037 Park Avenue Baltimore-17, Maryland • ' How old do you think she is? " FRANK PAUL KRATZ 813 Mt. Holly Street Baltimore-2y, Maryland " Studious, well liked chap. " PAUL LEWIS GOLDSTEIN 2562 W. Baltimore Street Baltimore-23, Maryland " How U? " BERNARD BENJAMIN LEIBOWITZ 2429 Reisterstown Roa l Baltimore-17, Maryland " Ran off and go t hitched. " DAVID DON GREENFELD 4309 Pimlico Road Baltimore-15, Maryland " Beauty, Brains, and Brawn. " JOHN LOUIS LEONARD 1523 Shadyside Road Baltimore-18, Maryland " A little on the shady-side. ' ROY GEORGE HATCH 50 E. 26th Street Baltimore-18, Maryland " Glen Burnie ' s gift to Pharmacy. " RICHARD LEONARD LEVIN 2905 Lyndhurst Avenue Baltimore-16, Maryland ' •Tell us how you do it. " JOSEPH ANTHONY HENRY 4515 Manordene Road Baltimore-29, Maryland " Uncle Ham needs more like Joe. " LEONARD LUBIN 2832 W. Garrison Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " understand; explain it. " [69] JAMES JOSEPH MALLONEE 4621 Pennington Avenue Baltiniore-26, Maryland " Don ' t lone your head. " JOHN PADOUSIS 629 S. Savage Street Baltimore-24, Maryland " Determined, straight for ward. ' EUGENE PETER MELCAVAGE 717 W. Lombard Street Baltimore-1, Maryland " Coal miner from Quaker State. " EDWIN PLASSNIG 1905 W. Baltimore Street Baltimore-23, Maryland " Good customer of Roody ' s. " STANLEY JOSEPH MERWITZ 3725 Belle Avenue Baltimore-15, Mai-yland " Sunny dispositioyi, many talents IRVIN PORTNEY 3833 Deiby Manor Drive Baltiniore-15, Maryland " Sees all, hears all, knoii ' s all. " IRWIN ERNEST MEYERS 1623 E. Baltimore Street Baltimore-31, Maryland " Quick on tite wit. " LEONARD PONDFIELD 623 S. Broadway Baltimore-31, Maryland " Knows all the answers. " ALVIN BERNARD MILLER 3629 Park Heights Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " Talks little, says a lot. " STANLEY EDWARD PROTOKOWICZ 2840 Elliott Street Baltimore-24, Maryland " Just call me Jones. " MARIE MOJZISEK 638 Belnord Avenue Baltimore, Maryland " The Arkansas traveler. " BERNICE MARY PROUTY 4411 Mary Avenue Baltimore-6, Maryland " Petite and pretty. " RICHARD DALE MOYER 727 Greene Street Cumberland, Maryland " From the hills of iVestem Maryland. ' ARNOLD JAY REISER 5735 Jonquil Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " Knoivs liis football. " LEWIS P. MULLIGAN 2834 Washington Boulevard Baltimore-30, Maryland " Life is a wonderful adventure. " MARTIN RONALD RESNICK 3521 Lynchester Road Baltimore-15, Maryland " Always ready to help. " RAYMOND FRANK NARDONE 303 S. Newkirk Street Baltimore-24, Maryland " Pleasant, likeable fellow. " CHARLES ORVAL ROSS, JR. 20 Honeysuckle Lane Baltimore-20, Maryland " Honeysuckle Ro. ' s. " WILLIAM PAGE NEVILLE Berlin, Maryland " Loves his German; look where he lives. ' DOROTHY FREIDA SCHAECH 3024 Pinewood Avenue Baltimore-14, Maryland " Magnetic personality, sparkling wit. " FAGA PEARL OSHRY 4031 Belle Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " The belle of the class. " NORMA LEE SCHERR 2003 Bryant Avenue Baltimore-17, Maryland " Personality plus. " [70] STEVKN JOHN SEMENUK (iT. ' il YciuiiKstowM Avfiuie Haltimoi-e-li2, Maryland " All intetligetit ntid jirogresKive vatiirc. " JOHN JACOB STRAUCH 2914 Piesstman Street Baltimore-l(i, Maiyland " Einstein has nothing on J. J. ' MORTON IRVIN SHEAR U:!4 N. Chester Street lialtimore-r), Maryland " The .-itrDti! silent type. " BERNARD HOWARD STRAUSS .3710 Cottage Avenue Baltimore-15, Maryland " Smilin ' Beniie. ' ' JOHN HORNING SHELLENBERGER jr.lO Harcourt Road lialtiinoi( ' -14, Maryland " All A ' s the next time iiroiitid. " CHARLES JUDI) SWARTZ 1727 Thomas Avenue Baltimore-K), Mai-yland " Whi: in vverythiuij. " LAURENCE RONALD SIEGEL 2;iO;! Bryant Avenue Baltiniore-17, Maryland " Never touch the stuff. " EDWARD VVILLKS THRON 3118 Acton Road Baltimore-14, Maryland " Blonil, yo(id-liiiil;inti, powerful. ' WERNER JOACHIM SOMMER ' . ' •fiH) Woodland Avenue Haltimore-ir), Maryland " A ' hoics his sj eech. " NICHOLAS BERNARD WESSELS 2()18 Garrett Avenue Baltimore-18, Maryland " Old St. Nick himself. " LEON ADAM STAWSKI 2():!:! E. Pratt Street Baltimore-. ' U, Maryland " Hard workirii student. " HARLAND GILBERT WILLIAMS 4915 Eastern Avenue Baltimore-24, Maryland " Quiet, soft spoken, ijood listener. " JOAN HELEN ZULTY 17. ' !() Eastern Avenue Baltimore-. ' il, Maryland " Always ready with a pleasant smile. " [71] ORGANIZATIONS —rtonorarii f- reJi ' aenf Judson H. Sencindiver Judson Holmes Sencindiver, son of the late Capt. J. Morgan Sencindiver and Henrietta Kratz Sencindiver, was born at Martinsburg, West Virginia, April 20, 1875. He attended the Charles Town Male Academy, Charles Town, W. Va., and graduated from there in 1890. On November 20, 1890, he entered Kear- fott ' s Drug Store (his uncle) at Martinsburg, Virginia, and served his apprenticeship until 1895, when he came to Baltimore and matricu- lated at the Maryland College of Pharmacy (now School of Pharmacy, University of Mary- land) and graduated in 1897. On February 17, 1898, he purchased his first drug store at Wilkins Avenue and Payson Street, Baltimore, which he sold and then pur- chased another drug store at 36th Street and Elm Avenue, Hampden, Baltimore, on January 17, 1900. Five years later he sold his store and joined the H. K. Mulford Co., representing them in Washington, D. C. until 1911. In that year he became sales manager for the National Vaccine Antitoxin Institute in Washington, D. C, travelling every state in the Union and parts of Mexico and Canada selling antitoxins and vaccines. From 1915 to 1918 he acted in the same capacity for Lederle Laboratories, E. R. Squibb Sons and from 1918 to 1920 was associated with the Calco Chemical Company as their representative in Washington, D. C. selling pharmaceuticals to the U. S. Government. In 1921 he purchased the Bi-Oxol Chemical Co. of New York, manufacturing drug specialties and cosmetics. In 1929 he moved his laboratories to Baltimore and in 1930 bought the old drug store of Jos. T. Carnes, in Cockeysville, Md., where he is now engaged in the retail drug business as well as manufacturing several specialties under the name of Judson Laboratories. He is a member of the American Pharmaceutical Association, Maryland Pharma- ceutical Association, National Association of Retail Druggists, Mt. Moriah Lodge A. F. A. M., Life Member of B.P.O. Elks and charter member of the Lions Club of Cockeysville, Md. In June, 1949 he was elected Honorary President of the Alumni Association of the School of Pharmacy, University of Maryland, and is very much interested in the Scholarship Fund of the School of Pharmacy. He was recently appointed Chairman of the Committee on Deceased Members of the Maryland Pharmaceutical Association. Mr. Sencindiver is interested in many phases of his profession. He conducts an unusual suburban pharmacy, is well informed concerning modern business methods, and is held in high esteem in his community and by his fellow pharmacists. [74] Top — (Left to right) — Budacz, Block, Heer, Balassone, Cole Bottom — (Left to right) — Cohen, Golditch, Hager, Kaichlen . tuntni .. AAociati AAociaiion Organized on May 15th, 1871, The Society of the Maryland Collegf of I ' harmacy maintained itself as such, or as the Alumni Association of the Maryland College of Pharmacy until 1907, when the (len- eral Association of the University of Maryland was formed. The Society then remained dormant un- til June 4th, lit26, when it was reestablished as The Alumni Association of the School of I ' harmacy of the University of Maryland. Since its reactivation it has displayed keen interest in School activities, and lists an annual smoker in its program of fostering cooperation between the students and alumni. Each year it is more evident that interest in the Alumni Association is not only maintained, but is con- tinually growing stronger. OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE CO.MMITTEE JUDSON H. SENCINDIVE R - Ho n ra ry Pres ideri t WILMER J. HEER I ' resiilent FRANK BLOCK First Vice-PrexUient FRANK S. BALASSONE Second Vice-Presuleiit B. OLIVE COL E Sec retary MRS. FRANK M. BUDACZ Trea nrer ELECTED MEMBERS JOSEPH COHEN HENRY GOLDITCH DR. GEORGE P. HAGER SAMUEL RAICHLEN — PRESIDENT ' S MES.SAGE — Congratulations to the Class of 1950. The career you have chosen is one of the few time honored professions which provides an opportunity for success, material, as well as the complete satisfaction found in serving mankind. Your will to succeed will result in much happiness. Your will to serve your fellow man in your community will crown your success. The highest standards of our profession have been passed on to you in the classroom. You can actively retain our honored position in our democratic society by the high standards you will set for yourselves. The alumni association wants and needs your cooperation so that in theory and practice we may improve professionally, at the same time we invite you to share all our social activities which more closely unite us. As in every phase of human endeavor we will progrress only in so far as we support every etfort of our alumni association. , Every good wish for your success comes sincerely from all the members and officers of the Alumni Association. WILMER J. HEER, President mo Ck HONORARY PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY OMICRON CHAPTER OFFICERS CLIFFORD W. CHAPMAN Faculty Adviser HANS .J. ROSENBACH - President HENRY SCHWARTZ - Vice-President RICHARD R. CRANE _....- - - Secretary ALBERT A. SHAPIRO Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Noel E. Foss Benjamin F. Allen Betty K. Jobb B. Olive Cole Kenneth E. Stahl Jeffie G. Robson ClifFord W. Chapman Joseph J. Piala Daniel M. Pasquale J. Carlton Wolf John Magiros James J. McKinley, Jr. Frank J. Slama John A. Scigliano Dolores A. Kapusta George P. Hager Herman M. Mupsik ELECTED TO MEMBERSHIP IN 1949 Maurice E. Brill Morton D. Kramer Paul Siegel Richard R. Crane Joseph E. Mittuch Benjamin Silver John L. Cunzeman, Jr. Hans J. Rosenbach Howard C. Stauffer Samuel H. Exler Henry Schwartz LeRoy D. Werley, Jr. Herbert Fi-iedman Albert A. Shapiro Carlton W. Hanks Allan B. Shenker Eligibility for membership in Rho Chi is based on the completion of 75 credit hours of college work and the attainment of certain prescribed standards for scholarship, character, p ersonality, and leadership. The high standards maintained for membership in Kho Chi have resulted in the gene7 ' al recognition of the society as the Honor Society in Pharmacy. Rho Chi is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies. iiidenl i oKHiii OP ' FICERS DR. FRANK J. SLAMA „ ...._.... MORTON I). KRAME R VINCENT C. HAMMA R SIDNEY SHIFRIN Secretary ...F u-ulty Adviser President Vice-President ME.MBKRS Sewions — Elizabeth C. Cassidy, Morton D. Ki-anier, James H. Lyon. Juniors — Halcolm S. Bailey, Vincent C. Hammar, LaRue E. Voshcll. Sophomores — Davis N. Bishop, Mary J. Knecht, Sidney Shifrin. Freshman — John G. Bringenberg, Gary R. Caplan, Bernice M. Prouty. Since its inception on April 7. 1926, the Student Council of the School of Pharmacy has sought to sujiervise in a general way the social and extra- curricular affairs of the student hody. It attempts to foster and encourage such class spirit as will reflect with honor on the splendid traditions of the University. The Student Council has been a means of instilling a feeling of fellow- ship among the students, and has continually worked for the development of liarmony and cooperation between the student body and faculty. The Council has sought to instill in each student the desire to conduct himself honestly, fairly, and courtesously in all his activities, both within and without the University. The liberal policy which has characterized its supervision of the extracurricular activities has met with the general approval and coopera- tion of the student body. [77] Student uxiliaru OFFICERS T)R. FRANK J. SLAM A Faculty Adviser JAMES H. LYON President WILLIAM O. WILLIAMS _ First Vice-President HOWARD J. WAGNER Second Vice-President WARREN E. CRISPENS Secretarn VINCENT C. HAMMER Treasurer MELVIN COHN „ Editor ADVISORY COUNCIL WILLIAM B. JACKSON, JR. CARL KAISER It lias been the purpose of the Studeut ' s Avixiliary of the Maryland Pharmaceutical Association to ])roinote progress and to guard the welfare of the profession, to promote a closer relationship between pharmacists and students of pharmacy, and to familiarize the students of pharmacy with the conditions confronting their profession. The Student ' s Auxiliary has carried out a series of films and lectures emphasizing the advances in the medical sciences. Such educational features shall continue to be offered by the organization for the welfare of the students. [78] DR. FRANK J. SLAM A FnciiUy Adviser PAUL A. PUMPIAN Kditor-hi-Chief VVKITE-UP.S STAFF DONALD FKDDKR, V1LLL M .JACKSON, JEROME WARREN Seniors MARVIN CHERTKOFF, MARVIN PLATT Juniors MORRIS BOOKOFF, EDWARD LYDEN Sophomores DAVID GREENFELD, MARTIN RESNICK Freshmen HERBERT LEAVEY PhotogrtKjhy Kditor JEROME GOTKIN, GEORGE KELLY issu tants NEAL ESTERSON, VINCENT REGIMENTI Art Editors FEATURE WRITERS ELIZABETH CASSIDY, HANS ROSENBACH, ALBERT SHAPIRO, PHYLISS WAGNER BUSINESS STAFF MILTON C. SAPPE „ _ .Business Manager MARVIN B. GOLBERG Assistant Business Manager [79] 1949-1950 J4iglJicjlih of yi.Z.O. At the Fraternity ' s National Convention held in Detroit, Michigan, in July, 1949, the 1950 Kational Convention was awarded to the Baltimore Chapter. It is to be held at the Lord Baltimore Hotel. Our first local social event of 1949 was a dinner tendered in honor of the new Dean of the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, Dr. Noel E. Foss. Present at this dinner were several of the fraternity ' s honorary members: Dr. John C. Krantz, Jr., Dr. Marvin Andrews, and Mr. Ben Hendler. In September, Kappa Chapter held a theater party at the Maryland Theater. In October, a Halloween Party was held at the Madison Apart- ments Hotel. Recently, the Kappa Chapter inaugurated a new policy of Dinner Meetings at which scientific and educational speakers are to be featured. Kappa is putting all its effort into making the 1950 convention success- ful and entertaining, in fact, the best that has yet been presented. The chapter would like to congratulate Fraters Victor Sugar. Henry Schwartz, and Albert Shapiro on becoming fathers this past year. The chapter would also like to congratulate those fraters who are graduating in June and to wish them success and happiness. [80] Ji,,L Z.-la O, ntc€ia r KM ' I ' A CHM-Tim FoiiiHlcd at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, 1916 Kappa Chaptei- at University of Maryland, established 1921 Fldirir — ( ' (iniiiliiiK I ' ublicalion — j zoan Ciilorn — Red mid W ' liite OFFICERS NATHAN COHKN Directoriim IRVIN J. BKUCOFSKY Sith-Directonim A LE X A N I ) K It M . MA Y ER ignnre SAMUEL I : ( ) I ! H I N S Kxclleq uer BENJAMIN SILVER Ch,i ,h,h, M O RTO N C O H E N Bella nt m HERBIORT LEAVEY Historian PRATERS IN URBE Alfred I. Aaroiison Jerome Karpa Howard Paul Jerome AnRstcr Maurice Kar))a Nathan Cohen Max An.sell Alvin Keiser Harry Prostic Frederick liciiiian Milton Leon Ivaffel Samuel Block Al Kolmaii Leonard Rappaport Maurice Brill Phil Kramer Sam S. Robbins Samuel Exler Godfrey Kroojinick lloiiald Rosen Milton H. Feldman Maxwell Krucoff Al Rosenthal Hennan Fish Dr. A. A. Kurland Samuel J. Rostov I. M. Fischer Barnard Lavin Marcus Satou Irvinjif Free l William Layden Ben Scheinin Emanuel Freedman Barry Levin Morris Shenker Irvin Fried Aaron Libowitz Norman Shenker Albert Friedman Alvin E. Liptz Henry Seidman Arnold Friedman Sydney Litvin Paul Shocket Jerome Friedman Ben Macks Paul Siegal Irving Calpern David Massing Milton Smul.son Jay Glushakow Alexander M. Mayer Stuart Spritz Dan Goodman Daniel Mendel.sohii Irving Sowblc Harry Greenberg Ronald E. Mendelsohn IrvinK Steele Max Helman David Mermelstein Leon Tattar Walter Hindin Hans Morsanroth Alvin Waldman Jerome Honkofsky Hennan Mupsik Morris Walman Joseph Kaminkow I. Jack Parks Irving Zerwitz Isadore Karpa Frank Paul Sidney Zerwitz Morris Zukerberg PRATERS IN UNIVERSITY Elwin Alpern Jerry Gotkin Hans Rosenbach Irvin J. BevRofsky Albert Japko Michael Sachs Stanley A. Brodie Marvin Lachnian Allan B. Schenker Robert M. Caplan Herbert Leavey Henry Schwartz Marvin J. Chertkoff Donald Levy Albert Shapiro Morton Cohen Marvin Piatt Victor Sugar Donald O. Fedder Paul A. Pumpian Philin Vt)denos Robert Foer Jerome Warren [81] L naptet ..y ctiuiL H luitieS ith ;i imclfiis of 30 men returning lo school, I5eta Chapter was well prepared to face the coming social year. On September 27th a smoker was held at the Fraternity House at 106 E. Madison Street. A large turnout of alumni plus the pledging of sixteen good men helped to make this a very successful affair. An informal " After Movies l)ance " was held October 22nd at the Fra- ternity House. ] Faving proven itself to be very successful, this type of dance was thus held every two weeks. The annual I ' rograni Dance was held on December 3rd at the Alcazar. As usual, the dance was a success both socially and financially. The National Convention of all chapters of Phi Alpha was December 31st, January 1st and 2nd at the Roosevelt Hotel, New York City. Enter- tainment for the gigantic New Year ' s Eve celebration was provided by Guy Lombardo and his orchestra. On New Year ' s Day a dinner dance and floor show at the famous Latin Quarter was given in honor of all conven- tioneers. Several other affairs were held during the .Spring bringing to a close a most successful social season. [82] pin Jit,,l,u BKTA CHAPTER Fi)un i(!(l at GeorRe Washington University, October 1-1, 1014 Beta Chapter founded at professional schools, U. of M., February 22, 1916 Publications — Phi Alpha Bulletin, Phi Alpha Quarterly, Betaloid (Chapter) Colors — Red and Blue Flower — Rose OFFICERS MORRIS RRNDRL Grand Regent NORMAN STEINBERG Keeper of the Secret Scrolls IRVING ALBERT Corresponding Keeper of the Secret Scrolls GERALD SCHUSTER Keeper of the Exchequer MORTON KRAMER Searer of the Mace Morton Abarbanel Marvin Abranis Irvingf Albert Harvey Basik Noel Bosch Harold Brooks Benjamin Cohen Harry Cohen Marvin Davidov Alfred Davis Edward Eisenberg Mayer Freed Alvin Geser Albert Greenberg ACTIVE FRATERS Wilfred Gluckstern Joseph Fieeman Gerald Kantorow Alfred Klotzman Morton Kramer Stanley Kramer Jacob Meyers Julian Miden Joseph Papiermeister David Pearlman Sigmund Pickus Albert Pats Sidney Pats Isador Raichlen Morris Rendel Michael Sarubin Melvin Saivitz Gerald Schonfeld Gerald Schuster Sidney Shifrin Paul Silver Sheldon Silverstcin Harold Singer Sidney Spike Alvin Stark Nomian Steinberg Alex Weiner Morton Weiner Irving Fink Paul Goldstein David Greenfeld Charles Kei-pelman PLEDGES Stanley Merwitz Irwin Meyers Alvin Miller Philip Schenker Morton Shear Larry Sheer Lari-y Siegel Charles Swartz [88] L napter ..y cL Hi lUiiieS Iota Chapter ushered in its social season with the annual Smoker. The initiation ceremony took place on Novemlier 4th with the induction of ten new members. The Arundel Boat Clul) was the scene of lota ' s Annual I ' ounder ' s Day Dance — a pfala occasion and a huge success. The Phi Delta Chi ' s regularly scheduled events for the year have in- cluded the Christmas Party, Easter Party. Spring Dance, and the Spring Bancpiet. The S])ring Banquet is held each year in honor of the graduating members of the fraternity. In addition to those events, several formal meetings were held with prominent guest speakers. GRADUATION To those fraternity officers and members who are graduating, the Phi Delta Chi extends its congratulations, and wishes them a successful career in pharmacy. Iota Chapter looks forward to having you as an active alumni, and hopes that you will continue to take an interest in Fraternity affairs. It is the sincere hope of the Fraternity that each graduating member will do his part in advancing the profession that he has chosen. [84] ni cJUetla L lii IOTA CHAPTER Flower — Red Carnation Colors — Maruiin itiitt Gold Alterum Alteiius Auxilio Eget Founded at Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1883 OFFICERS GEORGE P. HAGER „ Farnlty Adviser RICHARD R. CRANE fresideiit JOHN r. I) E E M S - Vire-P reside)) t JOSEPH A. TERAMANI Secretary WARREN E . C R I S P E N S A ssistu « t Secret a ry DUDLEY A. DEMAREST Treasurer WILLIAM O. WILLIAMS Assistant Treasurer EDWARD C. LAMB!) IN Scrgea n t-a t-A mis PHILIP E. FISHER ...Jnner Guard GERALD KING Prelate Walter A. Anderson Richard W. Austerman Ray S. Bare William B. Clarke Frank P. Firey Delphia F. Fisher N. Kerr Henderson Walter A. Henderson Rudolph A. Horine CHAKTEK MEMBERS Charles M. Hornbrook E. F. Kelly Alfred C. Kemj) John C. Krantz, Jr. William ( ' . Martz Robert F. Moody U. K. Martz J. Carlton Wolf George B. McCall J. Ross Mc Comas Jerrohl W. Neal Mathias Palmer Milton J. Sappe Donald A, Schannon Frank J. Slama Robert C. Todd Benjamin F. Allen John H. Applegarth P ' rank S. Balassone Clifford W. Chapman Noel E. Foss MEMBERS ON FACULTY George P. Hager John G. Magiros Joseph J. Piala William C. Rossberg Donald E. Shay Frank J. Slama Kenneth H. Stahl J. Carlton Wolf Claris M. Allen William J. Appel Joseph J. Brocato Raymond A. Bullinger Paul M. Carter John K. Clark Edward E. Coleman Richard R. Crane Gordon M. Crispens Warren E. Crispens Maurice T. Cummings John T. Deems Dudley A. Demarest Paul H. Edwards Frank B. Evans Philip E. Fisher ACTIVE MEMBERS Joseph A. Gagliardi Charles R. Gill Robert G. Hoy Charles L. Jarvis George L. Kelly Robert J. Kelly Gerald King George Kohlhepp Elmer C. Koller, Jr. Edward C. Lambdin John L. Leonard Donald G. LeCompte Edward E. Lyden, Jr. Earle G. Maseth William E. Maseth Bernard C. McDougall Jo.seph E. Mittuch Richard D. Moycr Anthony J. Petralia Charle.s ' P. Price Emil Quasney, Jr. Robert F. Royce Milton C. Sappe John H. Shellenberger Rudolph Smith James A. Spahn, Jr. Howard C. Stautfer Howard D. Sullivan Joseph A. Teramani Zach Turner, III William O. Williams Richard J. Williamson [85] Top — (Left to right) — DeDominicis, Langston, Connelly Bottom — (Left to right) — Wagner, Leberman, Purduni, Greenawalt EPSILON CHAPTER Flower — Chrysanthemum Colors — Blue and Gold Publication — Blue and Gold Triangle OFFICERS MRS. ARTHUR PURDUM Honorary President AMELIA C. DeDOMINICI S - National President JACQUELINE GREENAWALT President JEFFIE R. LANGSTON Vice-President PHYLLIS WAGNER Mecording Secretary M A R Y C O N N E LL Y Corresponding Secre tary JENNY LEBERMAN Treasurer Honorary Members Mrs. Arthur Purdum Mrs. Frank Budacz Mrs. Andrew DuMez MEMBERS Angela H. Allen Shirley G. Greenberg Edith Davis Ursula Biermacher Barbara M. Hale Agnes Wajert Rita Bradford Bernice H. Ruskin Ruth Pape B. Olive Cole Lila M. Morgan Ethel Baroti Mary Ann Coleman Louise Pope Theresa Papiri Mary DiGristine Carol Fleagle Schaefer Beverly Nadol Josephine DiGristine Charlotte R. Stombler Betty Cassidy Gene Geist Betty Wagner LaRue Voshell Mitzi Holen FEATURES and ADS « « « School Activities » » » The social calendar for the students of Pharmacy was quite varied during the 1949- 1950 ,year. The first social event of the year was the School Mixer which was held on October 14 at the Cadoa Mall. At this affair Dr. Noel E. Foss. our new dean, was ])ersonall ' introduced to each student by Dr. Frank J. Slama who headed the receiv- ing line. After an enjoyal le evening of M w ■ CtA LJ mm ' i Mtfi ' " ■ ' -Ig T jp ' ( 1 m Ml 1 1 m ,- ' - " B dancing to the music of Rudy Kilian and his orchestra, refreshments were served to all jjresent. On November 10 the . lumni h ' rolic, s])on- sored by the Alumni . ssociation. was held at Cadoa Hall. Entertainment was provided by the members of the three fraternities at The School of Pharmacy. Phi Delta Chi, with its minstrel show and vocal selections, was awarded the first prize. This is the sec- ond consecutive year that Phi Delta Chi has w on the coveted Cherry Activity Cup. Second place was won by Phi Al])ha for their por- traval of the students " idea of classes at The Pharmacy .Scliool. . l])ha Zeta Omega received the third ])lace award for their rendition of life in an . i)othecary Shop. i ' urther entertainment was provide l by Charles Kokoski who played jealousy and Tea For Two and Sidney Shifrin who ren- dered Malaguena and the Ritual Fire Dance. I ' joth ])ianists were heartily ap])lauded liy the audience. After the entertainment, the crowd enjoyed several hours of dancing [90] to tile iimsic (if Sid C ' owcn ' s ( )rclu slr;i. A feature lit tlu- daiicini; ' was a lesson in s(|uari ' (lanciiij; ' j;i cMi to all by a ])rofc ' ssional " caller " . On l ' " eliniary S, the annual Mid- ' ear Dance ot The School dt l ' harniac ' was ludd at the { adoa I lall. After an enjo al)le eve- ning; ol dancing ' to the music of l nd ' Kilian ' s ( )rchestra, retreslnnents were Association of The School of Pharmacy ] resented their animal Alumni Dance at the Lord I ' .aUimore Motel. ' The entire student liody was invited to attend this alifair. Dancini, ' was to the music of Sid C ' owen and his ()rchestra and refreshments were served. The feature uf the e ' enin was an auctiiiu Conducted lis Michael I ' ox. well known I ' .altimiire auctioneer. Mr. {• " o.x was assisted hy Doctors ilajjer and Slama of The School of Pharmacy and several nicmburs of the Alumni Association. The S|irin Dance was held at the Cadoa Mall on .May 12 with Sid Cowen ' s Orchestra furnishinj, ' the nuisic for the atTair. This dance successfully hroui ht to a close the .School ' s social allairs for the ear. served. This dance ])Ut the students in .4 ood s])irits for their return to school the next day. A week later, on Fel)ruarv 15, the Alumni And a good time was had by all. llltlUIIIIIIIIIMIIItltlllll [91] School Daze Sept. 23 — Seniors were thinking of the good old days when only three cards were filled out for registration . . . 26th — " Look what happened to the Pharmacy Lab! " October 3 — " I don ' t think they give you too much homework here. " — You ' re right, it was a freshman. . . 5th — " If it sounds like a debit, credit it " — a la Warren . . . 7th — Dr. Chapman, to illustrate individual variation — " Why is it I have all the brains and you have none? " . . . 12th — When asked to turn on the light over the blackboard. Dr. Allen replied, " You haven ' t had it for three years, why do you suddenly need it now? " . . . 14th — The School Mixer was planned to console Seniors after their first CM. P. quiz as well as to meet the new students . . . 17th — " H.M. Grace pays his eighty book- keepers? Has he heard of the minimum wage law? " . . . 21st — The first round of exams, " What ' s a " C " average look like? " . . . 23rd — Remember when Phyllis had hair? " . . . November 11 — Alumni Smoker. They get bigger and better every year. Congratulations Alumni Association . . . 12th — " Establishments selling highly im- pure mixtures of these compounds line ' Baltimore Street ' . Did anyone make a note of that? " . . . 15th — Bright question — " Why do you close the ledger? " Brighter an- swer — " To put it away " . . . 16th — The " show " at the War Memorial rivaled any that you would pay to see! Even better, our side won . . . 24th — " Happy Holiday! Four days ' to study " the turkey and CM. P. " . . . 29th — " I ' m not sleeping, I ' m just rest- ing my eyes. " . . . December 1st — " Section D takes Pharmacy 101 lab. for one-half of one-half of one year. " . . . 5th — " N.Y. 5 is a strain . . . remind me not to ask that on an examination this year " . . . 8th — Two lab coat system — nowadays, lab coats come before baby ' s diapers . . . 15th — Dr. Chapman — " If you took all the frogs in the world ... " ... 18th — " Mother knows best Son! " — Miss Cole to Donald L. . . . 20th — From the bookkeeping lab — " I just don ' t see where you lost $6.87. " December 21 to January 3 — The best " schooldays " of all . . . January Uth — What Professor ar- rived an hour early for what class? . . . 19th — Only 21 days before exams — Fresh- men are studying. Sophomores are starting to study, Juniors are thinking about start- ing to study, and the Seniors are . . . thinking??? . . . 23rd — " At one time you had a heart like a frog and if you had been born at that time you would have been a frog. " Oh, well! . . . January 30 to February 2— EXAMINATIONS— then to sleep! . . . February 3rd — No mid-term vacation for Bio-chemistry students . . . 9th — It ' s nice to have a phone but who is going to walk to the fourth floor to call his wife ? . . . 15th — It ' s far easier to break laws than to learn them . . . 22nd — Glad Washington had a birthday in February . . . 30th — " Oh my, I hope I don ' t die young. " — guess who? . . . March 1 — " Every student should read this book or else he will become intangled in some dumb questions I may ask. " . . . 3rd — " Why did I take Bio-chemistry? Five lectures and two labs a week — more chemistry than sleep. " . . . 8th — Alum visiting school — " Who ' s the new guy teaching Physiology? " lOth — " There are two types of exams — What you expect and what you don ' t expect. You know what type you are going to get, don ' t you? " 13th — Question — " I can ' t understand why such a large com- pany as Sharpe and Dohme is not mentioned. " Reply — " Why, that happened when Dohme was just an arch. " . . . 15th — CM. P. exam — the first five questions were not bad but we had to write a thesis at home for the sixth . . . 20th — This Practical Phar- macy course has really introduced us to th e beautiful handwriting some doctors abuse . . . 23rd — Miss Cole to Lachman about the B.R.D.A. banquet — " Did you pay the price or come in late? " . . . April 4 — Papertowel Inspection . . . 7th to 10th — Easter Vacation . . . 23rd — Seniors gathering at B. O. station; will soon be enroute to Detroit, Michigan to visit Parke Davis and Co. . . . 26th — " Hope the train is late so that we don ' t have to go to classes today " . . . May 12 — School ' s Spring Dance to- night. All the undergraduates attend, where are the Seniors ? Could they be at home cramming for next week ' s comprehensive examinations? Could be . . . 21st — Those exams were so easy a Junior could have passed them but the Seniors, well, that ' s another thing . . . June 1 — Only one exam to go and that is the one that counts . . . 6th — Senior Prom tonight . . . 8th — The Alumni Assocation really gave us a swell banquet . . . 10th— Here at last— GRADUATION . . . 11th— after that graduation yesterday we should take a day off before studying for the State Board. Have a happy vacation you all. [92] The Newman Club At the March !», 1950 meetiiip, the meiiibers of the Newman Club elected the fol- lowing officers: FRANK R. MILIO , - President JOHNJ. (JAZDA .._ Vice-Prexiilen I M A T H I L I ) K I J O U C H A li I ) Secre tary ANTHONY J. PETRALIA ......Treasurer Dr. Benjamin F. Allen and Mr. Frank S. Balassone are the Faculty Adviser.s. ' I " he Newman Cliih is a national organization for Catliolic Stu k-nts at- tending non-Catholic Universities and Colleges. It is essentially a religif)u organization, the further develo])inent of a mature sjiiritital life during col- lege years its |)rimary aim. iCndeavoring to foster full |)artici|)ation in the life of the Church, it seeks to i)rovi(le a jirogram of lectures, conferences, and discussions which will deepen and eidarge earlier convictions and en- able the student to meet the ])rol)lems of life and ))rofession with a religi- ous intellectual maturity eiiuivaletit to the maturity of mind fostered by his university and college studies. It encourages the student to participate fully in the life of the university, gaining therefrom the discipline of mind, ex- tensive scientific knowledge and breadth of view pf)ssible in an institution of learning with a varied student group and ,i competent cor])s of |)rofes- sors. Uy develo])ing a i)ersonal spiritual life that will infuse all of their ac- tivities and by |)resenting themselves to their fellow students as informe(l Christian gentlemen, the members of the Newman Club of the School of Pharmacy, University of Maryland aspire to add this personal contribution to a university life that is for them a rich cultural experience. BROMO-SELTZER For HEADACHES A PRODUCT OF EMERSON DRUG COMPANY SINCE 1887 TAKE PAT FOR UPSET STOMACHS OR HANGOVERS Relieves in just five minutes Pat Pharmaceutical Company BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Modern Pharmacy Joseph P. Mai-mor. Prop. So. Market St. Frederick, Md. W Compliments of AGNER WAGNE PH AnMACI5TS R 502 W. COLD SPRING LANE Baltimore luitaw Streets Raphael Wagner, Ph.G., 1923 Graduate BALTIMORE SODA FOUNTAIN MANUFACTURING CO., INC. 10L103 S. HANOVER STREET Baltimore 1, Md. DEFINITIONS Pastime : Something to do during a lecture. Sadism : The painfully prompt roll- call at 9 o ' clock classes. Natural Immunity: Tendency to sleep during first year lectures. Acquired Immunity : Tendency of a formerly wide - awake Fresh- man to sleep at Senior lectures. Cruelty : Refusal of lecturer to low- er voice so as not to disturb sleeping students. Handshake : Something used by the would-be great. H pocrite : A guy who looks inter- ested during lectures. Emulsion : Something that will form readily in Pharmaceutical Assaying, but won ' t form in Pharmacy. Compliments of TAFT-WARREN TAFT INC. Professor: Have you red flannels? Student : I have been too busy to read anything lately. Professor: Give me an example of wasted energy. Student : Telling a hair raising story to a bald man. Our idea of a ventriloquist is one who can answer two consecutive names at roll call and get awav with it. Men Prize The Good Clothiny H. K. GO ' S MEN ' S SHOP Features for Dalt ' nnure Men Firxt Mezzanine, Main Store Compliments of A frhnti A 1 (1 lit Eibtii) nUi)ii mill Belvedere Hochschild, Kohn Co. ( ' oiitaiiiiiijj Kcsorcin, Oil of Cade, Pre- pared ( ' alamiiie. Zinc Oxide, Bismuth Subiiitrate and Boric Acid combined in an (lily base RESINOL OINTMENT .s iiiit.-itiiiiilini III ((»■ relief for itching, burning and minor soreness associated irith nmnii skin irritations - dry eczema - rhii iinnif - chafing - hermorrlioith - ilia xr rash . . . Well l:noivn to doctors and nurses. SldCICST RIiJSINOL FRliELY. Manufactured By RESINOL CHEMICAL COMPANY PHARMACEUTICALS B 1 OLOG 1 C A LS Makers of Dried Blood Plasma a level j - nient of Sharp Dobnic Research as well as Sulfa Drugs. Vaeeines and Antitoxins. mmBmmmmBBmm . Pharmacies Since 1883 Compliments of Solomon ' s Pharmacy 1342 Pennsylvania Avenue Baltimore 1, Md. PALS MEET AT AL ' S RESTAURANT At Your Service For BREAKFAST. LUNCHEON, DINNER Spaghetti and Meatballs Our Specialty 10 S. GREENE STREET Phone: SA 9556 Muth Brothers Co. WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS IMPORTERS AND DISTRIBUTORS Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Toiletries Ci£J 23-25 SOUTH CHARLES STREET BALTIMORE 3, MARYLAND tMlZ TA n ' J aORATO gy Compliments of Compliments of THEODORE KLUPT CO 329 W. Baltimore Street L. REYNER DUKES Baltimore 1, Md. I ' SURANCE THE JOHN TROCKENBROT CO. Manufacturers of U. OF M. RINGS AND PINS Attractive Gifts with U. M. Seals on Display Baiu[uet Favurs — Trophies 310 N. F ' aca Street — Mulberry 1052 If It ' s Borden ' s Ice Cream It ' s Qot to Be Qood Noxzema " SLOGANS " in Verse For the Product that is first! " Noxzema the cream of beauty " " Noxzema the cream of the crop " " Let Noxzeema nurse your skin " You too, will say, " It ' s the top. " " When a better cream is made — We ' ll be too old to care " Yes — " Beauty is only skin keep — With Noxzema medicated care. " " Next to yourself — you ' ll like Noxzema " " Feel it heal " — is no catch phrase, " Noxzema the one cream for everything " Is sure to win your praise. Noxzema — Helping the world — " Save Face! " " Feel it lied " — (and toe). NOXZEMA CHEMICAL CO. BALTIMORE 11, MU. No.rzetn.a for Sunburn Noxzema for Shaving Hahn Hahn " SAY IT WITH FLOWERS " 324 W. SARATOGA STREET Mulberry 1949 THE PRACTICAL STUDENT The night before the exam, the practical ])harmacolagy student takes a hy])ii()tic in order to sleej) better. On awakening the next mor- ning he takes a stinuilant to ])e) him U] and shar])en his intellectual ])owers (if such he possesses). Right liefore taking the exam he uses a jire-anesthestic to allay fear and ap- ])rehension. Wh en he gets his test back and sees his mark, he takes a pain-narcotic. This just shows how one can really be practical if he tries. Dr. Estalirook : It is the law of gravity that keeps us on the earth. Sophomore : But Dr. Estabrook, how did we stick on the earth be- fore the law was passed? First Student : Say, what is Cala- mus — a root or a stem? Second Student : It is mercurous chloride. Compliments of BELVIEU PHARMACY Garrison Dulfield Boulevards ( ' llllll)lilHlllts of MARLENE AND JUDY LAVIN ALLEN, SON CO., INC. 14 i;. l.o.MI ' , AKI) ST Compliments of BEELI ' S DRUG STORE I ' ark lei|;hls Belvedere Avenues SOHN O ' HARA GRADUATK rnAKMACISTS N. E. Cor. Kulton Avenue and Reisterstown Road Baltimore, Maryland Compliments of Fonti ' s 0. K. Shaving Parlor 5.1I W. B.VL ' n.MORE STREET Baltimore, Maryland Compliments of JOE SCHWARTZ 7 SOUTH GREENE STREET Student : You say you failed Physics ! Why, I can ' t understand it. Other Student : Neither can I. That ' s why I failed. Calvert Drug Company Ciioperutive IVIiolvsitle Drum i tn l()4-r,-S V. RKDWOOD STRKET Baltiniort- 1, Md. Memhei ' H Federal Wholesale Drugists Asaociittion, Inc., of the Ihiited States arul Canada With the Compliments of Hynson, Wescott and Dunning, Inc. ToTh( Faculty — Students — Alumnae University of Maryland SCHOOL OF PHARMACY H P:A RT I EST GREETINGS The Henry B. Gilpin Co. WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS BALTIMORE — NORFOLK — WASHINGTON YAGER LINIMENT CO. MULBERRY iK: I ' ACA STREETS " FRIENDSHIP I ' .allimuri-, .Maryland OF Congratulations HENDLER ' S " And Best Wishes To The GRADUATES OF 1950 nuTZLER mm e If jiharinacisl.s wrote prescriptions for themselves, it ' s a i)retty sure bet that the would write " Rejtetatur " after a sta - at the Lord Baltimore. For years now, this great hotel has been host to many of the students and alumni of the .School of Pharmacy. There ' s a lot of " Knowhow " behind its reputation for solid comfort, convenience and thou hful service. You ' ll like it! LORD BALTIMORE BALTIMORE 3, MARYLAND THE CADOA 118 W. FRANKLIN ST. Concert Mall -Auditorium -Ballroom For Reservations call LExington 4559 SOUTHERN LABEL BOX CORP. 121 LIGHT STREET BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Represented by Charles S. Elliot Donald Rudacille Compliments of THE UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE 519 W. Lombard Street The Arundel Corporation BALTIMORE 2, MARYLAND DREDGING — CONSTRUCIION — ENGINEERING — and — — Distributors of — SAND — GRAVEL — STONE — and — COMMERCIAL SLAG I ' rofs are those who: THE Talksodamfastyoucan ' ttakeanote. Spend three-quarters of an h(jur exphiiiiinj; ; waste one box of NATIONAL chalk ; and after you have taken four ])ages of notes, tell you that the stuff is not impor- PHARMACEUTICAL tant. Wait until you are jammed with MANUFACTURING CO. work and then throw a quiz. Think that their course is the only one you are taking, and Manufacturers of Fine hand out work as if they were giving away Confederate money. I ' HARMACKUTICAI.S Tell you not to " cram " for an exam because it won ' t be spe- cific, and then ask you if xon agree with the footnote on l)age 3.M. 314 LIGHT STREET (jive you the C ' s and the other BALTIMOKE 2, MD. fellows the . ' s and IVs. I ' hone: Mulberry ' W,r, Call llu ' ri)ll the day you are out. MEADOW GOLD " SMOOTH-FREEZE " ICE CREAM " THE QREAT AMERICAN DESSERT " Compliments of University Restaurant 5 SOUTH GREENE STREET Where University Students Meet To Eat OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY From A Full Course Dinner To Those In-Between Snacks FINE FOOD — FINE PRICES Excellent Service (P. S. We Offer Fountain Service, Too) Sam Lewis Eloise Lewis Proprietors Miller Drug Sundry Co. 105 W. REDWOOD STREET Baltimore, Maryland Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1950 M« MAY eiunpany Depend on • • • Dansary Publishing Company Designers Printers 2807 W. Belvedere Ave. Baltimore 15, Md. Printers of The 1950 " Terra Mariae " Tir-ro, Yrinriae. (950. For Reference NOT TO BE TAKEN FROM THIS ROOM

Suggestions in the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy - Terra Mariae Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) collection:

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy - Terra Mariae Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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University of Maryland School of Pharmacy - Terra Mariae Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


University of Maryland School of Pharmacy - Terra Mariae Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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