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ARCHIVES m:;. ■ lf-..-l ' A.I ' iA; - ' -ilv m ' ; :fi ' ' . ' l?n •iVJiiA . -;» wi tlf: v;v . ?j N WAR IN THE... TERRA MARIAE ...1944 PUBLISHED BY THE CLASSES OF THE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND BALTIMORE MARYLAND DR. THOMAS PYLES Faculty Adviser JAY GLUSHAKOW JOSEPH FREIMAN Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Schc ' CJ DEDICATION To DR. WALTER H. HARTUNG, in appreciation of his guidance and example, We respectfully dedicate the In recognition of his sterling qualities as a teacher and as a man, and 1944 Terra Mariae T " 97Go To the 1944 Graduates of the School of Pharmacy University of Maryland Baltimore, Maryland If ever a graduating class had an opportunity to make available immediately for the service of humanity the benefits of their professional training, such an opportunity presses upon the graduates of the University of Maryland School of Phar- macy this year. There is urgent need for the utmost in skill that you can contribute to the good of our fighting men on every battle- front, and to the population at home whose health must be given special attention because of the additional dangers oc- casioned by the stepup in war industries. As surely as any man or woman who has volunteered for the fighting or auxiliary services, you are under the responsi- bility of accepting ' our full responsibility in this all-out battle for the preservation of decency in the world, and of discharg- ing this duty tg, the very utmost of your capabilities. I congratulate you on having been privileged to acquire the valuable training that is yours. 1 am confident you will re- quire no urging to put it to the best possible use. HERBERT R. O ' CONOR Governor Because you. who have graduated from the School of Phar- macy stand today with the successful completion of four years in pharmaceutical education to your credit; because this great achievement is evidence of your desire and determina- tion to dedicate your lives to public service; and because now, more than ever, those that are equipped, as you are, to enter the profession of pharmacy are in a position to render signal service to their country, I give you my official and personal congratulations and best wishes as you enter your profession to become leaders in the field of public health. The University of Maryland will follow your future career with as much pride as it now has on your day of graduation. H. C. BYRD President ISBs K You, who constitute ihe present senior class in pharmacy, will in all likelihood be graduated while our country is still at war. This being true, you will be graduated during a critical time in our country ' s history, at a time when the need for the services which can only be rendered by well educated and trained pharmacists will be unusually pressing. I congratulate you upon having completed the formal part of your education at a time when the opportunities for service to your country are so numerous and the possibilities for worthwhile accomplish- ments are so great. I know that you will avail yourselves of these opportunities to serve in accordance with the best Maryland tradition. With best wishes for your future success and happiness, I am Sinccrrly yours, A. G. DuMEZ Dean School of acy University of Md. HISTORY OF THE SCHOOL In 1841 a charter was obtained for the Maryland College of Pharmacy. The incorporators established courses in chemistry, pharmacy and materia medica, and directed the college until 1847, when lectures were suspended. In 1856, President G. W. Andrews called a meeting which resulted in a reorganization. David Stewart gave the lectures in pharmacy, 1841-6. Followmg the reorganization; the chair was filled by I. J. Grahame, succeeded by L. Phillips. At Phillips ' death, J. F. Moore was elected, and remained for nineteen years, after which he became Professor of Materia Medica. Charles Caspari, Jr., was Professor of Pharmacy, 1879-1917, b eing suc- ceeded by E. F. Kelly (1917-26) and J. C. Krantz, Jr. (1926-7). Dean A. G. DuMez now holds the professorship. W. E. A. Aiken was lecturer in chemistry, 1841-6. Lewis Steiner was Professor of Chemistry for a num- ber of years, succeeded by Professors Mayer, Helsby and De Rosset. Upon the latter ' s resignation (1873), William Simon was elected. Daniel Base succeeded Simon (1902), resigning in 1920. In 1936 G. L. Jenkins, Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry since 1927, resigned. W. H. Hartung is the present incumbent. David Stewart and W. S. Reese were the lecturers in materia medica, 1841-6. C. P. Frick became Pro- fessor of Materia Medica at the reorganization, con- tinuing until 1858, and succeeded by Frank Donald- son, J. R. Winslow, Claude Baxley, J. F. Moore and D. M. R. Culbreth. C. G. Plitt was Professor of Botany and Pharmacognosy until 1933. F. J. Slama has headed the department since 1938. H. P. Hynson was Professor of Dispensing Phar- macy, 190216, succeeded by J. C. Wolf, the pres- ent incumbent. In 1913 courses in pharmaceutical arithmetic and law were added. In 1927 the work in commercial pharmacy was expanded. Later, a course in principles of economics was added. The Department of Economics is headed by B. Olive Cole, also Professor of Pharmaceutical Law. In 1921 the curriculum was broadened to include academic subjects, and provisions were made for teaching bacteriology. A separate department for bacteriology was in charge of A. H. Bryan. Since 1937 this department has been headed by T. C. Grubb. In 1930, through the generosity of Isaac E. Emer- son, the Department of Pharmacology was organized to give instruction in bioassaying. M. R. Thompson was Emerson Professor, 1930-8, and was succeeded by C. W. Chapman, the present head of the depart- ment. The presidents of the college have been such illus- trious pharmacists as T. G. MacKenzie, B. R. Rob- erts, G. W. Andrews, J. B. Baxley, J. F. Moore, J. F. Hancock, Joseph Roberts, Edwin Eareckson, W. S. Thompson, Louis Dohme and C. E. Dohme. Charles Caspari, Jr., was Dean of the college, 1896-1917. He was succeeded by Daniel Base (1917- 8) and E. F. Kelly (1918-25). A. G. DuMez, the present Dean, succeeded Dr. Kelly. The first classes were held in a small room at Gay and Baltimore Streets. From 1844-7 lectures were given in the amphitheatre of the University of Maryland at Lombard and Greene Streets. After the reorganization in 1856, classes were held in various rented halls. In 1876 Female Grammar School No. 3, on Aisquith Street, was purchased from the city and equipped for the work of the college. This building was torn down in 1887, and a three-story structure erected in its place, to be occupied until 1904, when the Maryland College of Pharmacy was amalgamated with the group of schools in Baltimore then known as the University of Maryland. At this time the college moved to Lombard and Greene Streets, where it has remained. In 1930 the college moved into the building which it now occupies. The School of Pharmacy of the University of Maryland, beginning its existence as the Maryland College of Pharmacy, has exercised its functions since 1841, except for the period 1846-56. It was the first institution of its kind to establish a profes- sorship of pharmacy, the first to have a course in the manufacture of the various galenical prepara- tions of the Ui. ' ted States Pharmacopeia and the National Formulary, and the first to have a separate course in dispensing pharmacy. It was also one of the first schools to make analytical chemistry oblig- atory. In still other lines its leadership has been manifest, particularly in the textbooks written by its professors and in its efforts to advance the stand- ards of pharmaceutical education. The first conven- tion of representatives of colleges of pharmacy was held in Baltimore in 1870, on invitation of Dr. Hyn- son, a member of the faculty. Again in 1900 Dr. Hynson issued the call for the conference of phar- maceutical educators which resulted in the forma- tion of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. In the light of these distinctions, it is not surprising that the school now holds a position in the front ranks of institutions of its kind in the country. ' ' 5 ' : ' RESEARCH CHEMISTRY LABORATORY CHEMISTRY LABORATORY PHARMACOLOGY LABORATORY %0W %p Faculty ot Pharmacy Andrew G. DuMez, Ph.G., B.S., M.S., Ph.D.- J. Carlton Wolf, Phar.D., B.S., Sc.D. W Arthur Purdum, Ph.G., B.S., M.S., Ph.D.. Milton Wilbert Skolaut, B.S Leo Baden Lathroum, Jr., B.S Eugene Clayton Weinbach, B.S Harry K. Iwamoto, B.S., M.S. Joseph Paul LaRocca, BS Tracy Gillette Call, B.S Professor of Pharmacy -Professor of Dispensing Pharmacy Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Assistant in Pharmacy Assistant in Pharmacy Assistant in Pharmacy Assistant in Pharmacy Assistant in Pharmacy Assistant in Pharmacy Faculty of Chemistry Walter H Hartunc, B.A., Ph.D Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemi Henry E Wich, Phir.D Associate Professor of Inorganic and Analytical Chem Edgar B. Starkey, B.S., M.S., Ph.D Assistant Professor of Inorganic and Organic Chem LeRoy C Keagle, B.S. _. Instructor in Chem Pierre Frank Smith, B.S. . HA. B. Dunning Fellow in Pharmaceutical Chemi AtBERT M Mattocki, J»., B.S _ _ Assistant in Analytical Chemi stry stry stry stry Stry stry Faculty of Biologital Sciences PHARMACOLOGY Cliffohd W. Chapman, B.S., M.Sc, Ph.D._ Georgianna S. Gittinger, A.B., M.A James O. Hoppe, B.S., M.S Luis Beltran Monzon - Emerson Professor of Pharmacology Anstructor in Physiological Chemistry Assistant in Pharmacology Assistant in Pharmacology BOTANY Frank J. Slama, Ph.G., Ph.C, B.S., M.S., Ph.D Assistant Professor of Botany and Pharmacognosy BACTERIOLOGY Thomas C. Grubb, A.B., Ph.D Assoaate Professor of Bacteriology John A. Sogliano, B.S -Assistant in Bacteriology ZOOLOGY Guy p. Thompson, A.B., A.M.- -Assistant Professor of Zoology Faculties of Physics, Mathematics, and English PHYSICS Gaylord B. Estabrook, B.Sc. in Ch.E., M.Sc, Ph.D -Assistant Professor of Physics MATHEMATICS A. W. Richeson, B.S., A.M., Ph.D --Associate Professor of Mathematics ENGLISH Thomas Pyles, A.B., A.M., Ph.D.. — -Assistant Professor of English Faculty of Economics and Pharmaceutical Law B. Olive Cole, Phar.D., LLB.. Bebnice Heyman, B.S., M.S -.Associate Professor of Economics and Pharmdceutical Law Assistant in Eeonomict Administration H. C. Byrd Andrew G. DuMez E. F. Kelly B. Olive Cole EoGAK F. Long Alma H. Preinkbbt . Thelma Wilbs Gladys Mambert.. Ann BbACH Clark Daisy Elizabsth Gub . President of the University -Dean of the School of Pharmacy Advisory Dean -Secretary of the Faculty .. Director of A dmiisions Registrar Librarian . Assistant Librarian Cataloger -Senior Stenographer 10 Class Officers RAYMOND SACHS President ANTHONfY G. PADUSSIS Vice-PTesident MARGARET WONG Secretary JOSEPH FREIMAN Treasurer LEON STRAUSS Sergeant-at-Arms CLASS PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE FELLOW CLASSMATES: After four years of earnest and tireless effort we have finally achieved our coveted goal. The going was not easy, but the fruit of our labor is well worth the effort. Although we are graduating into a world of turmoil and strife, I know that we will always do our utmost to be a credit to Pharmacy and to our country. We have all worked together in the past, and I hope that the future will be a repetition of those bygone days of honest endeavor. On behalf of the class I would like to thank the faculty for their thought- ful and helpful guidance throughout our school years. I wish at this time to thank the class for bestowing upon me the honor and privilege of leading them through their final year of school. And with the same token I sincerely wish a successful future for all. Raymond Sachs 12 CHARLOTTE THELMA BOSCH Lambda Kappa Sigma Forest Park High School " An outward and visible sign of an inward grace. " JOSEPH FREIMAN Forest Park High School BERNARD STANLEY COHEN Baltimore City College Mixer Comm. 3 Rho Chi Phi Alpha ' Knowledge is, indeed, that which truly and essentially raises one man above another. " Good luck in Medical School, Stan. Joe Phi Alpha Mixer Comm. 2; Junior Prom Comm. 3; Class Treasurer 4; Business Manager Terra Mariae 4. " Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves togeth- er; that at length they may emerge, full formed and majestic, into the daylight of life, which they are thenceforth to rule. " 13 NATHANIEL FUTERAL Baltimore City College Feeyut " An endeavor to get more out of life than there is in it, " has enabled Feeyut to enjoy things that would ordinarily be overlooked. JEROME GABER Baltimore City College Jeromee " I know of no way of judging the future but by the past. " Jeromee will undoubtedly be successful if his mark at Maryland is any cri- terion. JACK GELRUD Gelden Forest Park High School Sax Mixrr Comm. I, 2; Fr«h.-Soph. Dance Comm. 2; Junior Prom Comm. 3; Class TrMSurfr 3; Basketball 3; Soflball I, 2; Chairman Senior Prom Comm. " A day for toil, .in hour for sport, but for a friend is life too short. " It can always be said of Geldcn thai he is sincere and helpful to a friend in need. Coupled with this characteristic is his enviable trait of being the life of the party. 14 JAY GLUSHAKOW Baltimore City College Alpha Zeta Omega Sax Class President I; Fresh-Soph. Dance Comm. 1, 2; Terra Mariae 1,2, 3; Editor-in-Chief Terra Mariae 4; Softball 1, 2; Mixer Comm. 1, 2, 4. " What was said of Cinna might well be applied to him. He had a head to contrive, a tongue to persuade, and a hand to execute. " WILLIAM JOHN HUTCHINSON Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Mixer Comm. 1; Bowling 1. " Be checked for silence, but never tax ' d for speech. " Hutch MORRIS M. JASLOW Baltimore City College Moe " For any man with half an eye What stands before him may espy; But optics sharp it needs, I ween. To see what is not to be seen. " 15 LANE McDERMOIT JERNIGAN Baltimore City College Doc Phi Delta Chi " Eloquence consists in saying all that is necessary. " In four years of college Doc always had the right answer to the question, plus his own inimitable, flowery way of answering it. Good luck in Medical School, Doc. JOSEPH HENDLER KANOWSKY Kane Baltimore City College Sax Terra Mariae 1; Terra Mariae Art Editor 2, 3, 4; Softball 2, 3; Basketball J; Mixer Comm. 1, 4. " A dwarf is small even if he stands on a mountain, a colossus keeps his height, even if he stands in a well. " ALBERT G. LEATHERMAN A. G. Catonsville High School Phi Delta Chi Student Council 1; Class President 3; Mixer Comm 3; Junior Prom Comm. 3. " Friends are like melons. Shall I tell you why? To find one good, you must A hundred try. " In addition to being the impromptu jester of ilic A. G. was found to be a good melon on the first try. 16 GEORGE LIGHTER Baltimore City College Phi Alpha Sax Class Vice-President 2, 3; Chairman Junior Prom Comm. 3; Mixer Comm. 4. Maryland State Teachers ' College " He adorned whatever subject he either spoke or wrote upon by the most splendid eloquence. " EMANUEL WOLF MASSING Baltimore City College Mace Mixer Comm. 1; Vice-President Students Auxiliary 2; Fresh.-Soph. Dance Comm. 1; Softball 1, 2. " ' Tis a good thing to laugh at any rate; and if a straw can tickle a man, it is an instrument of happiness. " Mace was the class ' straw. His jokes and jests will long be remembered. EDWARD TAYLOR MEISER Phi Delta Chi Annapolis High School Cochran-Bryan Prep School Mixer Comm. 1, 2; Fresh.-Soph. Dance Comm. 2; Class President 2. " He is complete in feature and in mind, with all good grace to grace a gentleman. " 17 BERNARD MYERS Dewton Forest Park High School Baslcecball 1, 2, 3; Bowling 2, 3. " For he that ' s out of clothes is out of fashion, and out of fashion is out of countenance, and out of countenance is out of wit. " ANTHONY G. PADUSSIS Tony Baltimore City College Phi Delta Chi University of West Virginia Junior Prom. Comm. 3; Class Vice-President 4. " A gentle mind by gentle deeds is known, for a man by nothing is so well betrayed as by his manners. " ISRAEL M. RUDDIE Baltimore City College CUu Treasurer I. " Pl.iin without pomp and rich without a show. " hi 18 RAYMOND SACHS Ray Baltimore City College Sax Fresh. -Soph. Dance Comm. 2; Bowling 1, 2; Vice-President Students Auxihary 3; Class President 4. " Our grand business undoubtedly is, not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand. " PAUL SIFEN Junior Franklin High School (Franklin, Va.) Virginia Polytechnic Institute Bowling 2, 3. " It is costly wisdom that is bought by experience, but once purchased outlives the longest merchandise obtainable. " CHARLES IRVEL SMITH Baltimore City College Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4. rv Rho Chi " Doing easily what others think is difficult is talent; doing what is impossible for talent is genius. " 19 LEON STRAUSS Baltimore City College A t College Parle — Boxing 1; Tennis 1, 2, 3. Class Sergeanc-aC-Armt 2, 3, 4; Bowling I, 2; Basketball 1, 2. " Whatever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might. " CHARLES HAMMOND WAGNER Baltimore City College C.H. Sax Student Council 1, 2, i; President Student Council 4; Mixer Comm. 1, 2, 3, 4; Fresh. -Soph. Dance Comm. 1, 2; Executive Comm. Stu- dents ' Auxiliary 3; Junior Prom Comm. 3. " The great man is the man who can get himself made and who will get himself made out of anything he finds at hand. " WILLIAM WEINER Patterson Park High School V. V. Sax Student Council I, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President Student Council 3; Junior Prom Comm. 3; Mixer Comm. I, 2, 3, 4; Fresh. -Soph. Dance Comm. 1. 2. " To be nameless in worthy deeds eaceeds an infamous history. " 20 EDWARD M. J. WLODKOWSKI Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Woody " All men are idolaters, some of fame, others of self-interest, most of pleasure. MARGARET WONG ' Eastern High School Class Secretary 1, 2, 3, 4. A fair exterior is a silent recommendation. " Margie 21 unior Class Junior Class Officers PrtiidenI - VUe-Prtiidtnt Seaelary Treasurer Sergeant-Al-A rmS- ..JaviN Goodman _Habby Pershing Simmons Doris Imber Sidney Pats _.Ha old Daniel Mondell 24 THE JUNIOR CLASS Morton Abarbanel — " A grain of gold will gild a great surface, but not so much as a grain of wisdom. " Melvin S. Adalman— " There is no good in arguing with the inevitable. The only argument available with an east wind is to put on your overcoat. " Alvin Berlin — " I can look sharp as well as another, and let me alone to keep the cobwebs out of my eyes. " Benny Cohen — " Women don ' t affect me. " Nathan Friedman — " No legacy is so rich as honesty. " Leonard Harry Golombek — " A boy whom we can recommend as a gentleman and a friend. " Irvin Goodman— " Merrily, merrily, shall I live now, under the blossom that hangs on the bough. " Robert Hahn — " Beware the fury of a patient man. " Doris Imber— " There ' s nothing that allays an angry mind so soon as a sweet beauty. " Milton Applestein Klepfish— " Here is an intelligent and rapid thinker. When he reaches a conclusion we can all depend on it. ' Sidney Benjamin Litvm— " Our deeds still travel with us from afar, and where we have been makes us what we are. " John George Magiros — " A man among men who can handle any undertaking. " Maurice Weldon Mercier— " The aspiring youth that finds the Ephesian dome outlives in fame the pious fool that raised it. " Macy Herbert Meyers— " Go put your creed into your deed, nor speak with double tongue. " Harold Daniel Mondell— " In doing what we ought, we deserve no praise, because it is our duty. " John James O ' Hara, Jr.— " When night hath set her silver lamp on high, then is the time for study. " Merrill Elliott Parelhoff— " Two can eat as cheaply as one. " Edward Joseph Passaro— " One good head is better than a hundred strong hands. " Sidney Pats— " What shall I do to be forever known, and make the age to come my own? " Gabriel Joseph Leo Poggi— " Anger makes dull men witty, but it kee ps them poor. " Morton Leon Pollack— " Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. " Harry Simmons— " He that is born to be a man, neither should nor can be anything nobler, greater or better than a man. " Sister Mary Imelda , (Titus)— " She has the noblest of ifts— kindness and undferstanding. " Ernest Simon Wolf — " If there is a short cut he knows it. " 25 Sophomore Class Preiident Vict-President Trtasurer Sfcrelary Strgeant-at-A rms- Sophomore Class Officers Joseph Krall .Beknard Lachman Gilbert Epstein -Mary Ann Coleman .Selic Sidney Hertz c r, ■«: 3 26 THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Marvin Hartford Abrams — " The greatest truths are the simplest, and so are the greatest men. " Jerome Berlin — " One who redoubles his efforts after having forgotten his aims. " Otto Karl Boellner, Jr. — " Well-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech. " Martin Rudolph Bowers — " Nothing is more simple than greatness; indeed, to be simple is to be great. " Mary Ann Coleman — " Man is by virtue a political animal. " John Anthony Corasaniti — " It is better to know nothing than to know what ain ' t so. " William Joseph Daley, Jr. — " He that falls into sin is a man; that grieves at it, is a saint; that boasteth of it, is a devil. " Gilbert Epstein — " Life and misery began together. " Herbert Eugene Gakenheimer — " The mirror of all courtesy. " Selig Sidney Hertz — " Take heed of still waters, they quickly pass away. " Joseph Krall — " He is as mad as a March hare. " Meyer Kramer — " On what strange stuff ambition feeds! " Milton Charles Kurtz — " Hence, ye profane! I hate ye all. " Bernard Lachm .n — " The strange product of a scoffer ' s pen. " Raymond Albert Lubins — ' " Life isn ' t all beer and skittles. " Meyer Oxman — " Study is more meritorious than sacrifice. " William Louis Pearlman — " For greatest scandal waits on greatest state. " Irving Edward Shochet — " Society is now one polished horde, formed of two mighty tribes, the Bores and Bored. " Alex Weiner — " Pigmies placed on the shoulders of giants, see more than the giants them- selves. " Bernard Weiner — " A rhapsody of words. " 27 Freshman Class Freshman Class Officers President . Vice-Ptesident- Seerelarf Tredsurer Sergeanl-al-A rmj.. Chables Howard Edenfield Marvin Davidov Vivian Schoen . Robert Gordon Hoy .Lawrence John Hennessey 28 THE FRESHMAN CLASS Marvin Davidov — " A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men. " Charles Howard Edenfield— i " Good sense and good nature are never separated. " Irvin Friedman — " It ' s nice to be natural when you ' re naturally nice. " James John Gretes — " Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are, and doing things as they ought to be done. " Lawrence John Hennessey — " A joke is hb motto, a smile his emblem, a host of friends his good fortune. " Robert Gordon Hoy — " Clever verbal incision cauterized with wit. " Joseph LeGrand Johnson, Jr. — " Jolly, yet serious; fun-loving, yet sincere. " Franklin Daniel Kammer — " The word " impossible ' is not in my dictionary. " Herbert Jack Leavey — " A leader and a follower, a classmate and a friend. " Vivian Schoen — " Beauty draws more than oxen. " Harold Bernard Singer — " He uses logic as a tool. " George Charles Smith, Jr. — " For a good-natured boy is loved best. " 29 y r ■ ' rf ¥f Alumni Association " The Society of the Alumni of the MarylantJ College of Pharmacy " was organized in 1871, continued its separate existence until 1907, then joined with the General Alumni Association of the University of Maryland, remained dormant for a period, and was re-established in 1926 as " The Alumni Association of the School of Pharmacy of the University of Maryland. " On June 3, 1943, the Alumni Association unveiled in the School of Pharmacy an Honor Roll of Alumni of the School serving in the armed forces. Other names will be added to this roll as they are brought to (he attention of the officers. OFFICERS (1943-44) Honorary President President _. Firsl Viee-PresidenI Semnd Vice-President.. Secretary Treasurer _ , EUGENE W. HODSON ...STEPHEN J. PROVENZA ...RAPHAEL H. WAGNER MARVIN J. ANDREWS B. OLIVE COLE ..MRS. FRANK M. BUDACZ EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE— ELECTED MEMBERS Miss Amelia C. DeDominicis Samuel W. Goldstein Jacob H. GrecnfeM Mathiat Palmer MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT After four years of hard, diligent work you have been graduated into a world at war. It is up to you, the graduates, to carry your profession to even higher glory, now, and after the war is won. Your primary education is complete as evidenced by your diploma but your future interest and learning will determine your future worth as pharmacists. Good luck to you all. Stephen J. Piiovenza 32 RHO CHI OFFICERS MILTON W. SKOLAUT... ALBERT M. MATTOCKS.. HARRY K. IWAMOTO JOHN A. SCIGLIANO President .Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer B. Olive Cole Andrew G. DuMez Walter H. Harcung Bernice Heyman LeRoy Curtis Keagle Albert M. Mattocks William A. Purdum ACTIVE MEMBERS John A. Scigliano Frank J. Slama Pierre F. Smith Milton W. Skolaut Robert Simonoff Warren E. Weaver Wilson M. Whaley, Jr. J, Carhon Wolf H. E. Wich Charles I. Smith Bernard S. Cohen Harry K. Iwamoto Luis Beltran Monzon Joseph Paul LaRocca The Rio Chi Society evolved from a local pharmaceutical organization which was established at the University of Michigan, College of Pharmacy, on May 4, 1908. The local group chose the name of the " Aristolochite Society. " It was founded as The Rho Chi Society at the University of Michigan, in the City of Ann Arbor, in the year Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-Two, and incorporated in that year. Chapters of Rho Chi may be established only at recognized colleges of pharmacy. Eligibility for members iip is based on the completion of 75 credit hours of college work and the attainment of certain prescribed standards for scholarship, character, personality, and leadership. The object of Rho Chi has always been twofold, namely, to promote the advancement of pharmaceutical sciences and to promote good fellowship. The Society has, therefore, done much good in the schools where chapters have been established, since the reward of election to membership supplies_a scholarship incentive unequalled by any of the other rewards. A third objective has developed In iecgnt ear {hat of stimulating research in the pharmaceuti- cal sciences. L I A M K Y School G ' j 33 ' ! University of Md. Student Council OFHCERS PIERRE FRANK SMITH CHARLES HAMMOND WAGNER. MACY H. MEYERS WILLIAM PEARLMAN Faculty A Jviier Prrsident Vice-PresiJent Secttltry MEMBERS Seniors: C. H. Wagner, W Weiner, C. I. Smith. }uniors: M. Meyers, B. Cohen. Sophomores: W. Pearlman, B. Lachman, M. H. Abrams Freshmen: R. G. Hoy, V. Schoen, F. D. Kammer The Student Council of the School of Pharmacy was organized on April 7, 1926. The Council is a representative group composed of twelve members, three elected from each class. It supervises, in a general way, the social and athletic activities of the school, and seeks to encourage and foster in the student body a friendly and wholesome spirit which will reflect honor on the splendid traditions of the University. The Student Council has been a means of instilling a feeling of fellowship among the students, and has continually worked for the development of harmony and co-operation between the student body and the faculty. The Council has sought to instill in each student the desire to conduct himself honestly, fairly, and courteously in all his activities, both within and without the University. The liberal policy which has characterized its super- vision of the extra-curricular activities has met with the general approval and co-o[)eration of the student body. 34 Student ' s Auxiliary of the Maryland Pharmaceutical Association OFFICERS JOSEPH PAUL LaROCCA _ - - Faculty Adriser GEORGE LIGHTER President EDWARD JOSEPH PASSARO _ ■ ALEX WEINER DORIS IMBER _ -- - MAURICE WELDON MERCIER ALBERT G. LEATHERMAN ----- ,- - - - Editor LEON STRAUSS . " - - Sergeant-at-Arms J. J. O ' HARA, Jr., I. GOODMAN, J. KRALL _ Committee ..first Vice-President Second Vice-President Secretary _ ....Treasurer The Students ' Auxiliary of the Maryland Pharmaceutical Association began its ninth years ' work to promote progress and to .guard the welfare of the profession, to promote a closer relationship between pharmacists and students of pharmacy, and to familiarize the students of pharmacy with the conditions confronting their profession. Many guest speakers spoke to the students during the past year. 35 Terra Mariae Staff JAY GLUSHAKOW _ Eduorm-Chief DR. THOMAS PYLES Faculty Adnser EDITORIAL STAFF BERNARD LACHMAN IRVIN GOODMAN IRVING EDWARD SHOCHET SIDNEY PATS HERBERT JACK LEAVEY MARVIN DAVIDOV VIVIAN SCHOEN FEATURE STAFF MACY MEYERS Feature Editor JOSEPH KANOWSKY „ Art Editor MORTON LEON POLLACK ...Photographic Editor BUSINESS STAFF JOSEPH FREIMAN _ _ Business Ma nager MELVIN S. ADALMAN ..._ Assistant Busines! Manager EOrrOR ' S MESSAGE The 1944 edition of the Terra Mariae is of necessity a brief, but complete, record of the activities of the past year. It is hoped by the editor that the reader will look kindly upon this volume as one which was prepared in all sincerity and humility of spirit, and one which it is hoped will afford great pleasure when read in years to come. Jay Glushakow ACKNOWLEDGEMENT For the inestimable aid rereived in com- of the H. G. Roebuck Son Photographic pleting this, the 1944 Terra Mariae, the Studio for her ctxjjjeration in photography; editor wishes to express his sincere ap- Mr. Kanowsky for his excellent art work, preciation. He wishes particularly to To the staff of the Terra Mariae, the stu- chank Mr. Schuicz for his energy, origi- dent body, the members of the faculty, and nality, and patience in planning and pub- the administration officials, who cooperated lishing the book; Dr. Pyles for his un- in every way, the editor owes a debt which tiring interest and supervision; Mrs. Brown can be but p artially repaid by words. 36 38 Lambda Kappa Sigma EPSILON CHAPTER National Pharmaceutical Society Flower: Chrysanthemum Colors: Blue and Gold Publication: Blue and Gold Triangle OFFICERS Mrs. F. M. Budacz Mrs. Ruth M. Sippel Miss Mary R. DiGristine.. Miss Beknice Heyman Miss Shirley M. Glickman_ Miss Charlotte Bosch .Honorary President President Vice-President Recording Secretary -Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Charlotte Bosch SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Bernice Heyman B. Olive Cole SORORES IN URBE Mrs. A. Hackett Allen Mrs. A. Hewing Anderson Mrs. R. O ' Connor Bradford Mrs. E. Kreis Caldwell Mrs. Rose P. Cohen Amelia C. DeDominicis Mary R. DiGristine Mrs. D. Schmalzer Ensor M. Carol Fleagle Mrs. F. Kroopnick Freed Mrs F. Parker Gakenheimer Mrs. D. Katz Gitomer Marie Gitomer Mrs. J. Yevzerof Goldstein Shirley M. Glickman Alice E. Harrison Jeannettc Heghinian Mrs. S. Velinsky Hoffman Corinne Jacobs Mrs. N. Kairis Luckhardt Mrs. E. Jeppi Mitcherling Emma Morgenstem Edith Muskatt Mrs. F. Carton Norman Mrs. M. Shivers Peers Mrs. R. Weisberg Resnick Lea ScoU Mrs. R. Muehlhause Sippel Mrs. B. Gitomer Stein •Mrs. M. Schlaen Stofberg Mrs. S. Millet Sutton Mrs. V. Scott Taylor Mrs. O. Matelis Uriock Mrs. Ida N. Wolf Mrs. F. M. Budacz Mrs. A. G. DuMez Mrs. G. L. Jenkins Mrs. A. H. Parsons Miss Bernice Pierson HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. C. C. Plitt Mrs. W. A. Purdum Mrs. H. H. Roseberry Mrs. E. V. Shulman Mrs. H. E. Wich Mrs. J. C. Wolf 39 40 Alpha Zeta Omega KAPPA CHAPTER Founded at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, 1916. Kappa Chapter at University of Maryland, established 1921. Flower: Carnation Colors: Blue and White Publication: Azoan Marvin J. Andrews John C. Bauer Fralres Honores E. F. Kelly John C. Krantz David I. Macht OFFICERS David Mermelstein _ ...Directorum Jay Glushakow Sub-Directorum Irving Zerwitz „ Signare Sidney Zerwitz Exchequer Irvin Noveck, — Bellarum Walter Hendin. Chaplain Aivin Aaronson Robert Abramowitz Harry Bassin Ellis Berman Frederick T. Berman Charles Blcckman Sam Block Simon Brager, M.D. Elman Calmen Harry Cohen Hershel Cohen Nathan Cohen Martin Eisen Milton Feldman David Finkelstein Herman J. Fish Harry Fivel Isaac Flom Irving Freed ♦Arnold Friedman JeL ' ome Friedman Isaac Frohman Irving Galperin Thomas Gorban Harry Greenberg ♦Leonard Gumenick Harry Hantman David Hecker Max M, Helman ♦Walter Hendin Samuel Higger Jerome Honkofsky William Karasik Isadore Karpa Jerome J. Karpa Maurice Karpa Earl Kerpelman ♦Benjamin J. Kobin Alfred Kolman Jay Krakower Phil Kramer Godfrey Kroopnick Alfred Kurland Bernard Lavin ♦Lester Levin ♦Leon Levin Alvin Liptz Ben H. Macks Sidney Marks Alexander M. Mayer ♦David Massing Daniel Mendelsohn David Mermelstein Irvin Noveck Jack I. Parks ♦Frank Paul Howard Paul Aaron Pa ulson Leon Raffel ♦Leon Rapoport Robert Robertson David Roberts, M.D. Morris A. Zukenberg ♦Donald M. Rosen Alvin Rosenthal Samuel Rostov ♦Norman R. Sachs Marcus Satou William Sapperstein ♦Benjamin Scheinin Morris Schenker Robert Scher Nathan SchifF Milton Schlachman Morton Schnaper George Schochet Paul Schochet Benjamin Schoenfeld ♦Henry G. Seidman David Sherry Emanuel V. Shulman, Ph.D. ♦Paul Seigel Maurice Smith Milton Smulson Irving Steel Arthur Storch Benjamin Striner Leon Tatter David Tenner, M.D. David Tourkin Hammond Totz Martin Weiner Irving F. Zerwitz Sidney Zerwitz Fralres in Unhersitate Jay Glushakow Nathan Friedman Robert Simonoff Pledges Irvin Friedman Sidney Benjamin Litvin ' Serving our country 41 42 Phi Delta Ch 1 IOTA CHAPTER Founded at Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1883 Flower: Red Carnation Colors: Maroon and Gold OFFICERS Edward J. Passaro President Anthony G. Padussis Vice-President John G. Magiros Secretary Robert Hahn Treasurer Martin R. Bowers Sergeant-at-Arms Maurice W. Mercier Inner Guard Raymond A. Lubins .— Prelate CHARTER MEMBERS Walter A. Anderson Ray S. Bare D. F. Fisher W. Kerr Henderson, Jr. Randolph A. Horine E. F. Kelly H. E. Martz George B. McCall J. Ross McComas, Jr. Jerold W. Nell, Jr. Mathias Palmer Milton J. Sappe Donald A. Schannon William T. Schnabel Frank J. Slama J. Carlton Wolf Clifford W. Chapman Andrew G. DuMez Thomas C. Grubb Walter H. Hartung J. Carlton Wolf Joseph P. LaRocca MEMBERS ON FACULTY W. Arthur Purdum Frank J. Slama Guy P. Thompson John A. Sci gliano Warren E. Weaver ACTIVE MEMBERS Thomas Fields John Corasaniti Martin Bowers Charles H. Edenfield Herbert Gakenheimer F. Robert Haase Robert R. Hahn Lawrence J. Hennessey Robert G. Hoy Lane M. Jernigan Joseph L. Johnson, Jr. Bruno L. Jokubaitis Franklin D. Kammer Joseph Krall Albert G. Leatherman, Raymond A. Lubins John G. Magiros E. Taylor Meiser Maurice W. Mercier Anthony G. Padussis Edward J. Passaro Warren A. Weaver Lealon B. Wright, III H. Boyd Wylie, Jr. 43 44 Phi Alpha Founded at George Washington University, October 4, 1914. Beta Chapter installed at Professional Schools, University of Maryland, February 22, 1916. Publications: Phi Alpha Bulletin, Phi Alpha Quarterly, Betaloid (Chapter) . Colors: Red and Blue. OFFICERS Joseph Freiman — Grand Regent Irvin Goodman Vice-Grand Regent Melvin Adalman .Keeper of the Secret Scrolls Bernard Stanley Cohen Keeper of the Exchequer Sidney Pats — Bearer of the Mace Kenneth Goldberg Merrill Parelhoff Sidney Pats Sherman Pritzker Milton Reisch Morris Rosenberg Bernard Rosenthal Oscar Rudoff Milton Sarubin Melvin Savitz Active Praters Nathan Schwartz Melvin Shochet Alder Simon Harold Singer Alvin Stark Sol Weintraub Melvin Adalman Leonard Applebaum Sidney Clyman Bernard Stanley Cohen Benny Cohen Marvin Davidov Joseph Freiman Abraham Glazer Albert Goldberg Irvin Goodman Leon Goodman Reuben Kahn Alfred Klotzman George Lichter Undergraduate Chapters Alpha — George Washington University Alpha Theta — Washington College Beta — University of Maryland (Baltimore) Gamma — Georgetown University Delta — Northwestern University Sigma — Brooklyn Polytechnic University Tau — College of William and Mary Phi — Duquesne University Epsilon — University of Md. ( College Park) Zeta — Yale University Iota — Columbia University Kappa — University of Pennsylvania Lambda — DePaul University Mu — University of Virginia Nu — Clark University Omicron — University of New Hampshire Pi — Boston University Upsilon — ' University of Chicago Chi — Trinity College Psi — University of Tennessee Omega — University of North Carolina Alpha Alpha — University of W. Virginia Alpha Beta — Temple University Alpha Gamma— Wayne University Alpha Delta — Detroit University Alpha Epsilon — St. John ' s College (Mary- land) Alpha Zeta — St. John ' s University (New York) , City College of New York Alumni Chapters Baltimore Boston Chicago Hampton Roads Hartford Johannesburg, South Africa Los Angeles Memphis New Hampshire New Haven New York Philadelphia Pittsburgh Richmond Washington 45 ij 1 nmm in if ' .r i t- - ' t »! -:•-. ' ii i ' iz}. •! ,A 1 ! list,. ' 1 ■ i- T ' I i -If - : - I ' I i ? 1 ' J • • J . , - i :. : i« i:li} 1-1 I ii ?f ii • - ! ' : ; =jj 1 J|j.- = 5i! : » X : i liii ' ' ■■ ' . ■ = • ' - i 5 •. ' ; - J . 4? ■ -.a ijj «k. ' ; ! in: II II iHiinii . • • - - I - - . t f _ The Social Year THE MIXER COMMITTEE JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE DANCE COMMITTEE Sdhoc . iObcy Vniv rdhj of jid. " Strange Face All night sessions and what we learned about chemistry, girls, pharmacy, girls, zoology, girls and of course dames . . . " Moon Face ' s " explan- ation of how to properly study . . . " crap games " . . . " Windy ' s " long, long long explanations, which could have been much much shorter . . . " Telephone Pole " and " Lucky Pierre " and " Lucky Wee Wee " ... A yellow " M " on a black sweater under a " Strange Face " . . . When " Square Head ' s " haircuu looked as if they were gotten in the Vanilla Bean Chopper . . . How " Barney Google " led " Mystery Girl " to the post . . . " They ' re Off! " . . . How music was supplied (any tune — any time) by our own " Gtiien Kane " (our apologies to Orson). The " Beak ' s " all night love stories — his own experiences too! . . . The three ensigns whose sea duty consisted of sailing paper boats in the Pharmacology frog pond, and — Mrs. Louis Sachs, our gracious " house mother " who patiently put up with our midnight noise anH ravenous appetites for four years. " Be.k " " Bam«y Googk " " Squarehead " 48 A TRIBUTE to the PHARMACISTS of Maryland who now as always are helping to safeguard public health i whether at home i or in their country ' s service READ DRUG AND CHEMICAL CO. 48 Read ' s Drug Stores Throughout Maryland The Pharmocy Students of the University of Maryland! The famous Medicated Skin Cream, Noxzema, was originated by Dr. George A Bunting — himself on alum- nus— Class of ' 99 — of the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. From an idea it hos grown to a household necessity, in use all over the world. Today Noxzema is bringing grateful relief from Sunburn, Windburn, Rough, chapped hands, Minor insect bites. Minor burns. Tired, burning feet and many other ex- ternally-caused skin troubles — to our men in the service everywhere as well OS to millions here at home. COMPLIMENTS OF THE PIPER COMPANY Baltimore, Maryland YAGER LINIMENT CO. Baltimore, Marylond 430 W. MULBERRY STREET MISS PROUTY Cenerol Manager Give a gift with a school or lodge seal The John Trockenbrot Co. MANUFACTURERS 01- Bowling Prizes Banquet Favors College, School, Club, Lodge Jewelry, Buckles, Trophies, For All Events U of M. Rings and Gifts 310 N. Poco Street VErnon 1052 SODA FOUNTAINS The Oldest and Largest Soda Fountain House in the South COMPLIMENTS OF - - - TAFT, WARREN TAFT SODA FOUNTAINS and SUPPLIES TAVERN SUPPLIES 30 South Hanover Street Ploio 6658-6659 Baltimore, Md. Lobels Boxes II Blanks E. B. READ end SON CO. DRUC " ,ISTS PRINTERS SINCE tSSIS 416 E, Saratoga Street c.|y,rt 3776 Baltimore Towel Supply Laundry Co. 107-109 S. CHARLES STREET TOWEL SERVICE COATS TABLE LINENS - APRONS V ' - ' ' ' pccioli c in Supplying TOWELS, COATS, DRESSES for Physicians, Dentists, Phormocists YOUR HEADQUARTERS in Baltimore . . . Whenever you come to Baltimore, rest ossured thot you ' ll find a hearty welcome and a mighty comfortable room in the hotel that ' s the Baltimore host to most of the students and alumni of the School of Pharmacy! You ' ll sleep like a kitten in one of seven hundred light, airy rooms and dine like a King in either of the restaurants. Remember ... in Baltimore, your headquarters are the Lord Balti- more Hotel. iL RATES $3 to $6 SINGLE LORD BALTIMORE fflilTlTB XTIH BALTIMORE, MARYLAND MUTH BROTHERS COMPANY Distributors Of DRUGS, ChhEMICALSand DRUGGIST ' S SUNDRIES 23-25 SOUTH CHARLES STREET Baltimore, Maryland THE ARUNDEL CORPORATION BALTIMORE. MARYLAND Dredging Sand — Construction — AND DISTRIBUTORS OF — Grovel — AND Commerciol Slog Engineering Stone THE CADOA 118 WEST FRANKLIN ST. AUDITORIUM BALLROOM CONCERT HALL Available for DANCES, BANQUETS, LECTURES RECITALS, DRAMATICS For Rescrvotions Coll LEXINGTON 4559 Perfect in Appointments and in Detail NEW MODERN KITCHEN CALVERT DRUG COMPANY COOPERATIVE WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS 106-108 W. Redwood Street Membership and distribution confined exclusively to independent retail druggists K H WAGNER, PH G BALTIMORE ond EUTAW STREETS 502 W. COLD SPRING LANE SOUTHERN LABEL BOX CORPORATION Orujgitb ' Libclt, Boiet BUnIo, Ptcksgci 121 Light Street GEORGE E. THUMSER, Representative BALTIMORE, MD. Plozo 7178 _rC Uo 1 jnarpfrUonme | 1 PHARMACEUTICALS | = MULFORD BIOLOGICALS 1 - c }o Quickly Relieves Itching, Burning and Soreness of Skin Irritations and Thus Promotes Healing Indicated (or the Discomfort of ECZEMA ITCHING SMALL BURNS CRACKED ITCHING FEET SUNBURN DANDRUFF SCALES CHAFING IVY POISON ABRASIONS Resinol Ointment con be used freely on mucous or denuded surfaces. Not contra-indicoted by any internol treatment that moy be deemed advisable. RESINOL COMPLIMENTS OF MARYLAND INSTITUTE F WINE AND SPIRIT DISTRI BUTORS Incorporated 37 Years Of LOYAL SERVICE for the Retail Druggist MILLER DRUG SUNDRY CO. 105 W REDWOOD STREET Compliments Of . . . STAN DAR D PHARMACEUTICAL CORP. Manufacturers of Pharmaceuficals of Merit 417 West Conway Street Baltimore, Maryland H Y N S N 2 -ii 1 WESTCOTT Served In lality Drug Stores DUNNING HEALTHFUL Inc. Meadow Gold X " Smooth Freeze " Ice Cream BALTIMORE, MD. i — COMPLIMENTS OF ALWAYS SPECIFY ' NATIONAL " Medical Arts Pharmacy HIGHEST QUALITY U S. P. AND N. F. PHARMACEUTICALS CATHEDRAL READ STREETS Baltimore, Md. VERY ATTRACTIVE PRICES Globus Restaurant Longer Profits For You X ORDER THRU BALTIMORE PACA STREETS YOUR WHOLESALER— OR DIRECT X FOR MEN ' S FASHIONS Requests for prices on your privote formulos solicited. X ALWAYS IN GOOD TASTE The N A T 1 N A L Phormaceufical Monofacturing Co. 316 LIGHT STREET H M hfichild,Kohii Co. CAIvert 2B48 Boltimof , M4. HAHN HAHN as rienaskip " Say it with Flowers " ) of m 324 W. SARATOGA STREET utenoLers Vernon 1949 COMPLIMENTS OF SOLOMON ' S PHARMACY 524 W. BALTIMORE STREET Graduate With Honors 631 W. LEXINGTON STREET 1342 PENNSYLVANIA AVE. In A Hutzler Suit Baltimore, Md. ' The smart senior has learned a lot . . . he knows now that Hutzler ' s is the COMPLIMENTS OF place to buy men ' s furnishings and John F. Hancock Sons men ' s clothes of which to be proud. Manufocturing Pharmactists ESTABLISHED 1854 521 W. LOMBARD STREET HUTZLER BFOTHERS § Baltimore Maryland - ' Illfll!; EMERSONS BROMO- SELTZER FOR SIMPLE HEADACHE w " ? EVERT HOME INTHELAND SHOULD HAVE IT ON HAND ■ -.,--- -fc ' . J dr : ' : " Ms i THE HENRY B. GILPIN CO WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS MANUFACTURING PHARMACISTS and DRUGGISTS SUNDRYMEN Distributors of FAMOUS BAKER CHEMICALS BALTIMORE, MD NORFOLK, VA WASHINGTON, D C l ' - ' a, htfr at- For Reference NOT TO BE TAKEN FROM THIS ROOM N WAR IN PEACt- ■yui

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