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University of Maryland School of Pharmacy - Terra Mariae Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1915 Edition, Cover

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I 1 NNN 5- 'QQ-.g.'. Q 4 W .l mia.: ., 1-1 "GS fb - ,w 59-w. 'I .avi .g L'-'J ,..,L ,fly 4 ll 1 Q, . ' r fl gl' hwgq 'fx Q, xsvm, v U ' .4 I JY -N .1 4 . .lf ' - . . L'--1, ' A j ' A A.-1' -VJX lm ,J xr, x lv -Q, .v X., V . aan: , F 51 . . ' Rf: . K L . -ff I .- .'s..., -' .v .W 'po , . . ff xfuwh .- vl f 41. -if . Xi .. rf . ,, '-of .1 I, M f . . 81 -'J' lqvfyff . 3 1 ' '5 '- .Q '5 0' A 1 1 ,i xf Wx ,I 1 f .' f' ' ,l f -' K.. ."L 1 , . 4'1" xv 'I ' P4'5.: -. fn. E v., . ' -D ' . 'x I, W 1. 0 4 ,- V, ,Q .4- 4 4 I . 4 4 . . X1 , lf! 51-W. . Y KM .3 7 1, f.. ' ll 1 'I' g ' 'T 2' ' A ' X " Nts. ' MM' MU R . , rx' T' .A ' 4 Q. Avi, -5 is "lr-.' -.71 Q,-. t Q a., ' ffifw' x'v-. . h ,A V., . , , v,,, - A if ' .Qin 4 -""' ' "r. IJ", 'via .Ja "CL A ,. A -...G M". I, f --.: X. ,.. ' f" .WJ W A u k. v 'v.-HW 'if' I f 15"-n 'J wi, Y 91 ' ' 'nf'-' J Nr, " -1.1 '-J 'nn , 'IF , .K . :Max W. lv. . 1 - ' f if X iv. tv V, . .u 32? .v', 'i -,. . z,,, eq .. V.. s"AiI, -4? mi ... , 1' . S WSJ.-a 1, 1. rm, I . '..fww-11:21, 1 ' . Q-.M U 1 1 4 1 ' 1 in -U 1 4 1 - 1 1 V 1 . ' 1 q 4 1 W Y 1 , .W , .9 . .' 1'-,1--,,1 W". x .-,. 1,5 'z si., . ' . aj 5,1 1 gf-. , .. ,-, lf ,'1'Y 1 ,.., '1.1 . UQ? .-11 - C '1 1 ,rfb Q. ' X XM' . U I 1 51' 'J' 1 .., 1. 1.1, 1-N' J P, V., ,z -'- . , - - 1 ' I , . L'. .J 'V 11, ll JQL. .. . Q . 1 ,., . ' 1 1- n-M 'Aug-'1 '11 N, .' 11-N-, 41' A1-' .jp f.:1?Cf- 1 .""n 1. , -Q3 1 -4 ',.': x 'IZ 'JY- 1 1.1 -71 7: X' ' r -W1 ' r .W Hx? 1-Uk . VXA 1? ", .. 14 :"T' .fm W 1, -W,-. ,1Ll"-'vw-5115 1 G, 1. 1 Ll? .11-4 1- .111 'f9"i.f 1 "QM 511 - evglli' ' ffl. Y,-' X453-5 '54 T' nf A 11 1 ffl, 1-11 " LN. n .1551 ,WZ lfdfqy k- ' . ' 4-:1'1:1 , , K1 gh,4.,1 jf!! .1 '51, Y 'S' j ' - ,-I-AQ. " fig' ., - 1 .1 . . .1 A .w 1. 4 1 -" Y 01, "1',?gf1-, . ' -.uw 4 'fhfwvi '11 1- '1 . .1 AH,-I. 1 'N .5 ,'b'1..q. -,N ...fog 1.3 Y gf .1... " 1 ,,,,w1 fn 1 1 " 1 ffl 41 1' V 111794. . .V 1' 5 tv' A 1 . '1 . ' v' 1 . 1 ' ' I. 4, V . 1 . 1 4 1 1 1 1 n "J ,,. . . ' I I W I i"A f ' 14' lv-15"-5 " .NA Iiflhx. 'V 1 :fa , X '1-p1.y.'I t ' ,' 1 ' 121'v:7'.- ".. f , , . R -'SW'-s 1 'W' 11 1 111- . 1 , -1 ' : We 1 .' ' ' ,' .6 H 1, , . 4- 1, 1 'V v, .11 ' ' K -fi: ' . 1' Muff 1: ,I 4.1. ,.' 1 . Q. . l '- .- 1 - 1 3 , ,fm 1 U . 1,1-. '. '1 fa. QW U In e 1 1 -A-. -4. l . -' 'wx'- , ,11 f, ,r A ' . - V 1 ' "" 4 w'-.g ,r.'.,g 7. i .Q Yv- 4 4 1 I D . 1 .1 . jfqbvmil v 1 , A 5 'nib H' .. .fs ? Y , - I A nv! ..,lL QW I ,I '1 A va! gl" Yf' xv! '-, O- v".A'-- I Quia a". . , ! A ' , 1 ,Q- !'J ll ,, , fi K0 ' ' - 'sim' .Iv ,.u.,, "t lf, Q 'x -W .X 1 ,qt-L, -X AXJ ' ' EN .sh 'v' ff I I F I . Pkfi' .fv K -,.-'H 4 ' I QW, , n..w-Q V film N' , ,al ' V fl V x n4"Vj', ' -1 Vx... , 1 '. .su , 1 "il" yf, - f fgiff fad, xii. 'lr yjlv ' !'!1'?':.v xr' M NV! SJ. ,J , ,- VA. H, ,' ,. ,-Y. I , , ,. .. L , . , A A u ' ' .1 L 1 KI r ' , In f w' V , I ,1,-ve... ,' Q . fit, 4.1. ' I 1 'F' 'ww 'Y'E.g.r V7'1,"I vs .QL . .1 in l, ' 1- , 5 ,yi R ROAD MAY YOU BE Q SUCOESS T F' ROSES'AND ONEO - MAXMT5 HQFUZON Bb AS H535 DQPIGTE C? lh hum.. X n ' H. Ja Z NNKSXNS Wyxxmg M f 5 Z S Q s N Q 1 - im N is? 1' ' 2-5 Lv ,-E' 3' 5 - 460:22 5 I ' ig rf' , N 1 1,' 1ir,'4l1'4'4:1,'4l1,41i1,'1L1,'4l:1,'4i1,41i1,'1l1,'4:i1 K1'1,4,'1fl7'1:1,'1l1'41:1,71i1,'1:1'4431,71-:1,'4:v,' E112 lirnlngue 11'1' 0111110 11111 111 111l1!n'l, j'1111 111111111 5 1ljf1ll11'.N' 111110 Of 111111111-111 1111011 1111111011 11 IICKIT'-X' 171'0'ZL'. Ca1't'U111l'1'S of 111111111111 1111111 110011 11111' -1000, 111111 111111111 1110 f001 111111 .100 3111111 11111110 1110 0j'0 11010, .111111 1u11001'01' 1111111r.v 11 f11111110.vx 11111111111 10 .1012 711111116X 'ZL'1ZlI1 1l1"l'1' '1u11s, 11111' ix, 1101' 6"Z'1'I' .s'111111 110. 116'l'1lIIC', 111611, 1011011101 1110 111110.11 11161111 110 1101 1'1'Ill0'Z'l'l1', For 11010111 11lI1jl'1'.S' 1'11'1110.v 11.1 113' 1110.10 f111f0x f11'01'0. T1101'0f111'0, 101 IIIUIIDX' 111110111 11115 B001' 11111 110t'01' f11011s0, 111'1'0k0 111011' Cf1111'x 111111 111 .1I111101.v' f001 11j1f1011.v0. '1'1111s 111111'fll'1' -10111 11111, ':1'1111101'01' LV11111' f111'11.v111'0,v 111'1', 74lI1.X' 19111112 -:1'111'1111'1' 11111111 111' 111111, is 17111 1110 11111110 of ':1'111'. Nl-WINS l1x'1-111111ll:-Zxn1:1x,.X.I3..XM. p"Z'k"lPP"t1r"i,r"1Ifr"f,'r'ffI'r":'r'ff- Q"f'r"1'r"l'f'r"f'r"f 1"1-V"Il'ffl'r"i'l":'r'f3r"1'rf fx - X -. 41,7 X 1:11 fo. J. 41 1 V K .- f I F V f for 3 41 -1 B ii V 25 B cp Qs tx QT A 21 A 3 421 y, K 171 9 5 :J 'A 1:1 3 13 Y 5 :J X Fr QC 5 il- W A fx l Y v lllllll lllllllllllllllliillllflllll.lIllllIIIllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilfl. 'iilliffll l illjM,lllllllllllllllllllHilllllllllllfllllllliIlIli.llliiill1l.ll lm l l Bvhiratinu hg tliv 11.21111 EPJJZIIITIIIPIIT For what he is and for what he has doneg for his personality and for the inspiration which he affords usg for his gentlemanly qualities and personal achievements, for his honesty and his sincerity: for his interest in stu- dents and mankind in generalg for his virtues untold and paeons unsungg for his kindly and undivided interest in Law and Orderg for his fight in behalf of justice and rightg for his undying devotion and painstaking care of our University, we, the Law Department of the Univer- sity of Maryland, dedicate this l9l5 Terra Marian: to the Right Honorable man and Judge of the Bench of Justice Zlanwn IH. Ginrter, BWI., ZEQLB. Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll2lll,3QlfI.Il3L!2l3lI ,533'illln?llwilliiv1llIl:'llS':i3liI'TE ,,,' il,,llllllll1llilllllillllllllllllllllillllllllllllliillllilllilllllllll ll lll l l f'Nf-N fr- Q in 1 we A el lliialm 1 8 ll . .. -Q - Ml 1., 1' 1 ff " mi ui l m IV" mn ' ,, , 1 ' '71 ' 1 lf ll i 1 lmgli mt , 7 1 -Qi tif? ' l' i ii ltr., 1 '-5 ' . it X A. . ' -1 . vw. H .- i 4-.8 :". mil: ' ' "r "- --- ---- - V --1 .1 ' 1 " "'N - Q - ' W -f 1.511115 A7 ay. " .:- -t 14 Lsaf - ,f 1' e -'f'..1s' e: A' 1, -Lf? if iin 1231 ! J 'Lf' 'f " ag' ff, ' H "ea e i -if -rifzff I - ' ifl .-AFT: ,-'gif'-f .ff i 1 Q lvlfgf 1 e V' ,-i-..:- 'ff Q , f 'gi ' V4 " - Q-271:--gig A NAM' NNaM lyfif Eluhgv Elamm 13. Gutter, 2-XE., EEE. ., .. I., . CIDGE HUNTER was horn in the Citv of llaltimorei. Klarvland, on , F . - . - x x . S .-Xugust 21th, in 18a8. lle is the son of tiosse Unno Ciorter. who was horn in Amsterdam, Holland, in 1818. llis mother :vas an 'Kg N' attahle and cultured ladv from the Eastern bhore of Nlarvland, K W ' 51. - 1 . ' ' - in Somerset County. ller name was Marv .-Xnn l'old, horn in 'A 'flfif 1826. 'l'hroughout the strife of the Civil Wiatr, which was then waging, and amid all the hardships and disappointments ineumhent thereto, the -uhject of this sketch then lived near the old Relay llouse, in llaltimore County. llaving heen niade a child of destiny hy the force of circumstances then impend- ing, the then voting and alert Gorter was made to feel the powerful hand which was surrounding' him and concomitant sets of forces which were against him. llappilv, however, near the close of the Civil 1Yar, his parents removed to lialti- more City, where he resided until 1870. During this time 'ludge Clorter attended the Maguire School on Cathedral street. lirom this time on, Corter's career was hy no means lixed, Things of the world were heavy, and the hurden which it carried with it was great and heavv. ln 1812, he theretore entered the preparatory school of St. -lohn's College at .Xnnaiiolis, and was graduated from the College in blune. 1878, with the degree ot' llachelor of .Xrts. After this, from 1878-1879, he studied law in .Xmiapolis, in the ollice of Alexander ll, llagner. Suhseciuentlv he taught in the Puhlie Schools of .Xnnaholis. ln slune, 1881, the nohle tlorter was admitted to the liar and practiced his profession in llaltimore City until August, 11107, at which time he was api-ointed .ludge on the Supreiiie llench of llaltimore City hy Clovernor Warlield. lluring Xovemher of 11307 hc was 4n'erwlielminfflv ele'ted lo the 5 v K Sinirerite liench hy popular vote. - - 1 - v 1 llaving served his State in the btate benate, he made a record which does not have an equal anvwheress for the salie of the liiiflit he t'ou1flit3 for the ciilllf- Pu H mon good of the common people he gave his hlood, and all Xlai'vlancl renders thanks to him for his invaluahle service. 'I'o this great man our own L'niversity conferred the degree of 1,l..lZ, in 18813 l.l..l9. in 1883. St. 'lohn's College also conl'erred upon him the ilegrcc ' ' ' YI'- ol Nlaster ol .Xrts in 1881 honorary. ti F1 Q 5.6! a .-it ,M mei- t QU E-1' I t -t ml WI -fi 'E it .fill l i 'BV-" .4 ' iv- xwl itlltll' at , H i H ,gp -, U ': flag tqlllf 4 f" jfigffie ' --f me fs - me a 'llhroughout the length of this man's career, no evidence of calnmnv or injustice has yet heen accredited to him, lfrom ltltll up until the present, ,ludgc tiorter has been a constant and lirilliant lecturer in our School of Law. 'llhe various chairs which he has held from time to time are, namely: Equity. Evidence, Commercial Law and Pleading. lleing about to end the biography and trihute to the man xvhom ive adulate in this article, let this one statement sulilice for what it is xvorth in intrinsic value, namely: that no great and good man needs praise or lowers thrust upon him either while living or dead. judge Clortei' has lived his life and has served hoth State and his fellow-man nohlv and ivell. hlustice lioxvs at her ovvn altar for the inspiration which his personality altords. Hur State Government renders to him a meed of thanks for the service which he has rendered. Every student, whether he be Law, Medicine or l'hai'macv or Dentistry. feels that his life has lieen inspired by the grand manner of the man's conduct, and the devoting and unsels lish interest which he showed in them. lle is a man, taken all in all. Ili-iisnicix. we .q.tsa,f. i W' vi W. ' X O li? IN MEMORIAM Ilierhinuith Zi. Sv. Mnrgaz, Zklll., QHHB., BBS. Who Departed This Life Wednesday, April 8th, 1914, City of Baltimore. Requiescat in Pace. Q9 Mm ERDINAND JAMES SAMUEL GORGAS was born in Win- i bf chester, Va., July 27, 1834. His parents were John De Lancy l x and Mary Ann Gorgas. X When a child he removed to Carlisle, Penn., where he was educated, and later graduated at Dickerson College in 1858 with the degree of A.B. After attending the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery he received the degree of D.D.S. in 1854 and the degree of M.D. from the University of Maryland in 1863. After serving some time as a volunteer surgeon in the United States Army he became the Dean of the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. This posi- tion he held for over twenty-five years. After a time he withdrew and organ- ized the Dental Department of the University of Maryland and was Dean of this department from 1882 to 1911, when he retired, following a stroke of paralysis. Dr. Gorgas was one of the leading authorities on dental surgery in this country, and was a contributor and editor of scientinc articles to many niaga- zines and journals. He was for many years editor of the American Journal of Dental Surgery, also editor of Harris' Dental Dictionary and Principles of Practical Dentistry, also the author of a book entitled Dental Medicine. He was very active in all branches of Masonry up to about twenty years ago, since which time he has been content to let others do the work in which he used to take such a delight. Entering St. John's Lodge in Carlisle, Pa., in 1857, he rose in rank until he became Grand Master in 1878. He was buried with Masonic rites in Loudon Park Cemetery, April 11, 1914. A widow and two sons by his first wife survive him. We can't but be impressed with a lffe so full of energy-well spent for the sake of his profession-the spirit and the will to do. For while Dr. Gorgas was not an idealist-never having attempted a creation-yet his indefatigable energy to perfect and complete excellent beginnings renders him equal to none in his profession, both as a pioneer and constructive genius. His many admirers, friends and former pupils have also paid in glowing terms their tribute to a great man, and the name of Gorgas shall be honored wherever dental science shall have a following. K HOWARD NASON FREEMAN, M. D 1-Q 3 -- --2 Il el lwllmm 1 ll' H ! Wgln,m U HH W " nal , . Q " f ' J! is - " 52 , f - Y' iii. . ' . . . Et ll. '- f 'AX 'lf 'l Effiillfhd -ww -L . mi it ff . at xi-tr 7,77 . " J V, an sf- - " ' , 7 ,-- , -f 1----'wr-'-i ' ." I -. ,.i1 --:H s e tr - e g at ,ff .sg i ssfi-Eff--sl: s s L "ll'N''sf' r .' - r -eff' - Y - Q-1 I' NNOIJ 'iw' Mniuarh mann Flirvvxnun, . B. vr ' , Q2 ,ti L ll of the frightful turmoil of strife and struggle, there comes a i A time when the starry hosts above bring their powers to hear 'V upon the consciences of men, that these men may be proclaimed ' to the world and whomsoever it concerns for what they are and for what they hare done. As an adequate expression of our admiration and our respect, we shall not sing to him a funeral dirge, nor garland his grave with roses when dead, for we believe in praising while aliye, but we shall speak only as we know him to be while living. 'liherefore, the tittest subject whom this space may claim, is none other than Iloward N. Freeman, BLD. Somewhere in the green rales of Maine, not far from Presque Isle, the subject of this sketch was born thirty-two years ago. Unlike the fortunate children of many, born within the midst of countless millions of wealth and all the glittering glamour of gold, he was nothing less than the child of destiny, whose beaten path was yet to be worked out by himself. 'l'hroughout his younger years he was struggling against the ricissitudes of an unkindly disposed world, only to lind that he had not yet risen above the plane to which he aspired. llaring done his best struggling against the forces and misfortune to which he was subjected, he became partly reconciled to his seemingly inevitable plight, and hence entered into the ayocation of shoemaking. Not long, however, did he pursue this policy before that unsatisfied brain craved for higher things. llere he realized that his psychical and :esthetic side must be developed more, or else his fondest hope should be crushed. Tlierefore, right within the midst of all things which held out discouragement towards him, he again took up his literary work, and was graduated from the llarerhill lligh School in 1901. lJr. lfreeman was now disposed to take up the study of medicine. Ile felt that within him lay something which could at least help allay the bitter pangs brought lo humanity through disease. ln order to do this, it was necessary that he hare funds which he did not have at that time. Diligently and by the sweat nl- his brow, he worked toward this end until the fall of W0-l, whereupon he entered the Ilaltimore Nledical College. lle successfully tinished his lirst year in medicine but agam came the monster of misfortune with which he had to grapple. llenci-g matt-:nl til- being grailnatefl in nieilicine in WGS, he attended school awhile 10 W' 1 I Q ll slllllllllil - 1 'fa' ll f .1 "" .. Ella! m m filllgi mmmmiinvr -QI , .M ,s te ' li lfaflneklk , ' - Q E 9 H 1 ' isl 55: Uris! 1' 'I 'Xt'-V. 9 Xp in ll . itpll pill li f - 1 ,,.V A ., it fi, 'i ii lm 1- Q' .. Wizizzlllilhgjlllllllllllfil 1 4. 3, fl !! X , ou, ff Q i ,Jingle g - -YllII.,i'E-V4.1-mb' Al , .,'-'Z ' -,-ii' rs 'rj U, 'ijxuviff' - ,-i?'1:i'T-4 ag "1 1-- aig.. G- J: C ' 1 1,2-L" , -H Asifgvsflyaivwasf and worked. ln 1912 he was graduated from the llaltimore Medical College with the degree of Doctor of Medicine. During his work at the llaltiinore Medical College, Dr. Freeman became most proficient in Obstetrics under that illustrious man, Dr. il. M. H. Rowland. He received the medal offered for best work in the field of Obstetrics and, having been graduated, it was no surprise that he should become Chief Resident Obstet- rician at the Maryland General Hospital. lrle held this position from 1912-11513 and did work there wonderfully well. ln 1913 Dr. Freeman became Chief Ubstetrician to the Maternity Depart- ment of Cniversity Hospital, where he worked under that profound man, Dr. L. E. Neale. lYhile here he has worked up the maternity work, both inside and outside, to a standard which it has never before enjoyed. XYith all this, he has seen that the outside work has been done properly, and no labor has yet been too tiring for him to slight it. lleing a young man and possessing such a skill and love for his work as he does, we predict for him that he shall yet become a shining light in his particular branch of his profession. ln conclusion, let us say that no man was ever more worthy of the title which he wears. For his love of truth and honor we esteem himg for his knowl- edge and his painstaking care with students we cherish him, and for his love of the right we honor himg and, moved by the same motives, inspired by the same instincts, his being vibrates the same thought as did the noble Celsus: "For telieflzel' if be 011 the' scaffold lfiyyli, Or in the Iuifflefv wan, The fitzvsz' place -zuherf' man can die, lx 'ZK'1I6'I'6' he dim for zliazzf' Niivnss B. 1'lIfNIJRIX,, Ali., A.M. 11 1! Q . Ml ' I 5 "'m"mi Hm m m sniff!! .ii ia m y-i - V 5 Q! 1 T gLmgM.m.ln I . jy mlfsipg ...J " ,,.., Lehi , ' " l' " s . - M -Ull? ll jlii 4-'il Q , pf U svzaff' s so -' Qsg -' f fsif iff 'Fi :fi .-1235 ff g s- if ef fi s sf W mv- f 'Sl'!Z6l"llW"'f 'ff' T hitnrial I 1 . s, Y HE object of this editorial is neither to teach, nor to find fault, nor f tjgi to apologize. This llook has been written. The material has xf Q been placed together. lt shall have to stand for what it is worth. However, there are certain things within this llook which , 'WY some people will never appreciate or realize. The statements if e made herein have been spoken with a most kindly feeling toward him to whom they might be applicable. The things which have been left unsaid are, in our judgment, sufficient to atone for all the sins which we may have committed. Each character herein described has been made a psychological subject for study-when we struck hard there was a motive for it. Therefore, let many whom we cannot please pass this llook on to someone else and let the other party be the judge. Un the other hand, we ask a little indulgence that we may speak concerning the management and financial support of the Year llook in our School. The L'niversity of Maryland is the only large university in the whole country which does not support financially, to some extent at least, the publication which is its best asset. and at the same time its most potent avenue for an advertising medium. lt is also the only large university whose various faculties do not in some way or the other have a governing hand on the lioard which puts the llook out. Thirdly. it is the only university of any size whatsoever which does not send one of the publications to the various libraries of the schools from which it draws through- out the country. Xte do not mean to assume the role of, nor to be dictator to, the lfinzincial Committee or lloard of our School, but we do think that they could and should take some interest in the production of the thing which means more to the school than it does to the student. To those who are about to become our successors in this line of work, let our ciingratulations be extended. Xte do not envy you of your position, but rather we pity you and condole for you. You shall have many battles to light, and many words to pass before your task is ended with your llook. lfor the sake of all men who it may or may not concern, let the whole l'ni- versity body know that after this edition of 'l'iiizic.x Kl.xi:i.xiC. the dedication of the llook is forthcoming to. and legally belongs to the Medical llepartinent in Wlfi. and that the lfditor-in-Cliiel' has the priviledge to choose the man as he thinks most titled for the place. 12 Ellarvmell in A-N A - N the annuals of literary history perhaps no publication receives . 'A. 9 more adverse and unwarranted criticisn than a College .Xnnu:il. V Of all books it should be taken the least serious, in most instances it IS taken the most serious, and why? llecause most out the 3 jokes are facts and most of the tacts are jokes. 'llhose of you 4' who think too much has been said in reference to your life as it has made college history, be thankful that we did not tell the whole truth on you. Those of you who feel certain you should have had more said about youg in fact. that you have been slighted, be content. You have no idea what we might have said if we had had the time and space at our disposal. No attempt will be made to name this article. lt will just be a few words in or out of seasons, take them as you may and name them as you choose. The writer has no apologies to offer to the literary geniuses of the foot or no promise of a style which future aspirants in making literary history must follow, to make. llaving an individual. if not characteristic way of putting this up to you. we proceed to write that which we intend. First it would seem fitting in this connection, and especially as this is conceded to be a college book and in many instances, l am afraid, more or less a chronological catalogue of college events, that l should discuss briefly some of the history made by the Class of lUl5 during' the four years of its existence at the L'niversity of Maryland. llaving disposed of this as l promised, in a brief manner, since the actual history we did not make has been passed by, we proceed to more interesting fields of thought. I am sure you would enjoy this article more if l would become personal and use names in what is to follow, but believing the theory that true literary geniuses can write in such a way that everybody knows what they are writing about. but nobody can explain it, I am not going to grant you this wish which your idle curiosity desires. We have been noted as a class by sticking to what we, in class assembled, have voted to do. .lust to point out a few instances: We decide definitely to have a holiday and go away rejoicing. Next day, with all the men of the class absent, and only the mugwumps and a few others present, we decide it would get us in wrong and, while we wanted to act like men, we are afraid. Oh hell, what's the use, we all go to class as usual. Again we decide not to take an examination which is not even required, again the whimperers come around with the old cry, "you are gonna get yourself in wrong"-result: the examina- tion. lt would seem that this were enough, but U! ye gods, the worst is yet to come. Desiring to get out a college book that was worthy of the name and one that was original and had some individuality about it and so as to make this issue of the TIQRRA AIARIAIC stand out for all time as a model for College .Xnnuals the world over, we decided that in the general contour of the book we should depart as much as possible from the old dried' and clear-cut methods used in the past in publications of this kind. As usual, it was easy to show the men what we wished and soon, in the regular course of events, we decided that it was fitting at this time that our pictures appear in the TERRA BIARIAE dressed as men and not as if prepared by 15 I'-s reqll il mulmln l I l ' gnu ii XF'--ftliimite I W A' tm Xxmmvlg gg Z4 ,ff f 3-2- ir me X . "J ll - . 2- "1 ' till ', , ' ' 'ft if- . . 3 . 1 Ffllgvimg . mt 4 i T .ii- if - if if - H , U 'u' , v U1 l T533 .gas i i . 14 if, .-I ' t ,',i' 1, 4- fl i I It i 'A' s yr'--,lf fl-ini. - rm 1 lW j.i!iEi':! iiyl l i gLv Xu : 4 Q.- ,Q 's J N-ff r 2 9. 31.5 , f ife- fs. - - 1 .-ag if ff . Gifff' fe c -5 ff fQ- . ' -:'ff , 4 We E , if .f c .f rf eff' - the undertaker to pass on by eternal route to spend the future, God knows where. liut the next day you ask what happened? lt's easy to answerAy0u already knowswe appear in the book in the same old way and in the future, as you turn over the pages of the 1915 TICRRA TXTARIAE those of you who are to blame for the appearance of so many corpses which stand out on each page and which you can't recognize unless the name be written beneath, tell your children to take to heart the lesson so well taught, XYhen you decide to be a man, be one, believing yourself to be right: stick, no matter what the odds may be. Don't be a molly- coddle like your old dad. lie a man. llut for all that. we love the Class of l'Jl5, and in many ways we are proud that we are members of it. Perhaps of all the classes ever attending the Univer- sity of Maryland it has more average men in it than any other. So here's to the average man! The man who meets a crisis without fear. The man who will always come back. The man who's your friend when you need him. The man who meets life face to face and makes good. This being a many sided article, and touching on every phase of college life, it is natural for the Faculty to furnish a few lines of diversion at this pointg but they, having been so thoroughly done up in another part of this book by a much more competent writer to handle such a stupendous task, l will refer you to that article and let them rest in ashes here. The European war being the foremost topic of discussion among the Uni- versity students, it must come in for its share here. The battles in the Eastern countries are small compared to the one tin wordsl between those of the students who favor the Germans and those on the Allied side. The various explanations offered for the course of the war, the result of the several battles would no doubt be of great benefit to the participants in the war, and l am certain of amusing interest to posterity had it tposterityl an opportunity to view these pages in an unlimited way. l would alniost be tempted to chronicle them here, but such not being the case l pray your indulgence and pass on to other things. The Mexican situation is so overshadowed by the colossal conflict in Europe that most of us overlook it entirely, and scarcely remember that the benetits of a lasting peace which is at present enjoyed by us are due to a cautious and great l'resident who has the XX'isdom to follow the lead of his fearless and far-seeing Secretary of State, XY. ll. liryan. ln thc whole history of the United States we have never before had such a brilliant and versatile Secretary of State, and never before have we had need of such a great mind to direct our Affairs of State. XYe are indted a fortunate people. , - ... . . . Llass of l'llh and others who have sulhcient interest to read this article, l bid you farewell. lie not critical. lie fair. lf you like it say so, otherwise keep quiet. There is no excuse to make for a line in this book. Everyone is free to iudge it as he may. Those who like it, we thank you. Those of you who do not, we don't give a darn what you think. XYe have written what we have written. bloux ll.XNll'fl. Roizixsox, .X. ll. 16 F-E i I--gf ll 1-I mm!! 1 E I BHIV' Fi Q! -,g ap . ,G +1 U. 1 , .V .QQ L . -' 1 f 1 . Xe: ' A ' J ' . , ' ' Y N' A. . . I ,M 'F' fi ni. . .fx - .:21f'l!"1.:""""'1 4' U. H1 .wY2. W if Y 'V H x ' MW :'. .I Ut , 4 r - -. .4,. -... . .1 , , 51 -z- . - ilfi wfmi l'5,-.L-bg' A. D 1'f.,f,-fa .:.-. if 'LL XM 1257 .F fs T .. fa E' 1.- e fm -D4 ,iii ,.-,gy V1 . ., : ,H D .-jj" 7" ,G D Q A- 4i,?li1-i '1'i4- flifi 4. -- 12:7 A - Y A Q 1 Ji" mva Eiuznrh nf ilivgvntz 4-Ao 'l'1ms. l'Al'QI,l,V, I'11.D., I.I,.lJ., D.L'.I.. D.xml-.1, I,.xw1',, I 11.lJ. , - l . 1 l ' lllixm' l'. IIYNSUN, I'11.x1x.D. R. Dulcwlix' CuAI.IC, l'll.U., BLD. R.fxN1m1,1f11 XX INSLUW, AAI., MD., IIUN. lllimcx' S'1'm'1Q1:1:11ul I,l,.D. LL,D. 'l'1ms..-X.Aslr1:x', Kl.D., I,L.D. I'1111.l',mmN H. 'l'L'c14,I Emmlc .X. Pauli, LL.D. HUN. I1l'1NRY D. l4.XlU,.XN, I,l..D. L. E, Nl-1.x1,1-2, MD.. LI..D. J.I1IJI,Rll'QS Sm11'1'1x,KI.lJ. P .Xlc'1'1lL'1c M. Sl111'I.liY, BLD. IF-SIZPII C. 1'Ali.XNCI'f, l.L.D. 'lWAm'1'1lx' CJ. Il1i.x'1'wn1 If XI D D.D.S 41-A.,., HUN. UIIN C. RUS!-T 'I llr1N. linlalilvl' Moss D. M. R.C1'1.1:1:1a'1'11, l'll.G., NLD. D X D.xx'm 5'l'Rlil'1'I', AAI., MD. 'IUHN C. H1-iMMli'1'l-QR, MD., l'11.D., LI4.D- S.xx1L'1i1, K. Mliluclclq, MD. C11,xs. C.xs1'.x1:r, ju., I'l1.D. R1m.1.1ix' Ll. XX'.x1uf11i1.1m, 19 5? 'Sf 1 f 5 FACU TY OF PHYS C fe, n K Y . - a-7,13 ffm. ,F ! I f " f V is r5+.'.,., ' ' P- .- xg -gzljql-a A 1 uf p 'l ea .-. 1 va- - 'u1H"l"" "W-.ffl tat-- .ir . J -fd -aw . - ,fm W Flifft A i af. Twig- 'QUT' 41, xi f gb' E515- , 7 23 .Jw-ESP ' 1 lr e .,.e.,2+ "7 .- fl. 1 -+22 - f a frl E'-175,00 . - - -ffl' -iv - ':'5" if 1? i - ' iv QcU Q0 Vg ' ' A 1---4 T 09250 mini' ,. K -' 'f , '- fr de' -'- ".T-f N I- D Y :fl:3:L1j". QTZT I tdegbxeg- ,YV J qsff' 'LL ' .-.fazfelfak a fy- ae "3.?l1QEQ L fl Qiiff "ff if . it ,,.17..Y f-1.4:-g j'j - ZLL-1:-'LL ' Y . , H, Y V i i-.Wi !,,,. F ' 's ""' H ri' "t ""t" ' 1' p - -f 2 is -.Ak f-- Well.:-gr-" J.:-ieia E , T Gbnlg Z1 S721 nf Zfinnea CLF! .S'f1u!.'t'.vf'ft1J'v .r11,H'4'r our t1fwlngf1'i'.v.l I llehold this ruin. 'Twas a skull L Once of ctheral spirit full, VM This narrow cell was Life's retreat, hi' This space was Thought's 'Mysterious scat. XfYliat heauteous visions Iillcd this spot. XVhat dreams of pleasure long forgot. f' Nor hope, nor joy, nor love, nor fear Has left one trace ot record here. Beneath this mouldering canopy M Once shined the hright and husy eye, K Hut start not at the dismal void, If social love that eye employed If with no lawless lire it gleamed But through the dews of kindness heamed I XVhen stars and suns are sunk in night. Wfithin this hollow Cavern hung . The ready. swift and tunetul tongueg If false'hood's honey it disdained ft lil And when it could not praise was chained i, If hehold in virtue's cause it spoke, i X1 Yet gentle concord never hroke. ll! This silent tongue shall plead for thee, fd T Wlhere time unveils Eternity. Say, did these lingers delve the mine? i Dr with the envied ruhies shine? Al' If To hevv the rock or wear a gem F Can little now avail to them. But if the page of truth they sought Or comfort to the mourners brought. AI nr- These hands a richer mead shall claim, FA' Than all that wait on wealth or fame. Avails it whether hare or shod 4 The feet the paths of -duty trod: A If from the bovvers ot ease they Fled V To seek afHicti0n's humhle shed: lf grandeur's guilty bride they spurned And home to virtue's cot returned, ' These feet with angels wings shall vie. And tread the palace of the sky. I l Niivms Bvronn HIQNIIRIX, AB., A.M. A ...ll -, -. - t3 f ,Y r'r 1??f'Li, 3 EQZQL. 15: EEL, +flMk+Y 23 J Y W That eye shall he forever bright , .J fi' LYJAQQQ 0 77 fff6'4 HOSPITAL STAFF - l ...L-s m A-I mmm., 1 'MMI' 'g imiggy limm li qgagwii if I I ' -vi -za P- . - v , I . 1. :Ii fl , .X 45 . ':5 ,il ii 7 1 r"1ii5 iei'iS ii P55 1 -4,' 'A XY' 9 . Xtd Ui 'li' - t f' it pix hun W flyiiil izj fi! i i "-5: "af 'L 1f sWiHM !'5'U' ti . - 1 . .. - m f '51 lil R - YW! -ji fe . 95 ' ' e " fj"':C-T W' 1 eg: ff? Q' "-w e - : -Q .' ff- f ,ff 54e'f",'?'. .5 1..-sf -Y, I J--ff:-+L--,.. is h 'i.q'f NNON' fi' Hniurrzitg lgnnpital 5111152 Stat? XY. J. CULICM.-KN, M.D.. . . . . . Timo. RICCANN D.xx'1s, M.D.. H. A. CoDmNc:ToN, M.D. . .. C. Ri-im EDWARDS, M.D .... ELMER IWEWCIJINIFZR, M.D .... H. E. CLARKE, M.D .... . R. L. -IoHNsoN, M.D ...... C. W. RANSENI3.-XUCII, M.D. .. Il. H. GUISTWHITIC, M.D... C. B. HICKS, M.D ...... ALFRIQD MoRDEcAr, M.D. . . R. S. CLINTON, M.D ...... . M. L. LICIITENUFRG, M.D .... HOWARIJ N. FREEMAN, M.D. .. 'ik' . . . ..Su1wei'intendent . . . .Resident Surgeon 1 . . . .Resident burgeon . . . .Resident Surgeon . . . .Resident Surgeon . . . .Resident Surgeon . . . .Resident Surgeon . .Resident Rhysieizni . . .Resident Pliysieizni . . .Resident Physician . . . . .Resident Physicizin . . . .Resident Gynzecologist . . . . .Resident Gynmeologist . . .... Chief Resident Obstetrieizni .ALEXANDER S. COLEMAN, M.D .... ...... R esident Obstetrieian L. HoRoER, M.D .......... ...Resident Pathologist -IonN F. LUTZ, M.D.. .. . . .Resident Pathologist 25 NURSES I-:inn il Mmllm I If m E m uw! W luv ml, if ..MniH E 1 wi r L XL M fag. rlllrumununxnrxur u f f! Eg X umm ll mm 5' -4 'i':---.,.fr.-.-f- Arr S -7,,... 5 5 L . . m ,H , ml , nl , L- L - I L E 1 P 1 ' ' w XHLQ' , - ' 551 9 ' ' ' V' 'qf 1 'b " V x X N' A Ulf il 3, L K' 5 'fy L P E: A 'yew I N W pf E ,Lf ,V www ' fl . . - .. , , In L, f"" S. f 'H .f - :Q jg -' 'M , fp 'N K Q . ,ff , - ff? . - - I 1' -, . .,., - '. ' ' ,--kd Y -' :JJ V 'I - YAP-jwbv . ,, n , '- - ,, 'f V - "1 ...1 .- ,mi ' if if- L j 1? l I. ry , PM J Jf""ffZ' 1 iii? ,f 1,4 1 L Nav i-v 3 gf f L M ,L .fjfj 6 - sf, L liniurrziig lqnnpiizll Zifraining Srhnnl fur umm F1,uRliNcl6 M.x'rIL1m,x SKINNT 1: FI.r:R1QNcI2 XvIULA lXIIiRlilJl'l'lI.. 131-1'1"1'Y ELIZAIHQTII XX lII'l'lf. . . LICLIA IRIQN143 S1111-:LDS ...... . Nmum IRENI2 FRu'1'II1Nxz11.xx1... Nl-ITTIIC RIAIIICL I3.xx'. . . . . EMILY RUTH CUNNUR. .. .'XI.PlIURIiT'l'A Mvlilzs. . . KI.-Xlilfl, IUNIC LI-Lx ....... . Rl"rII .-XMDIFF S'1'oNICI1.xx1 . .. BLANC IIE EI.IZ.'Xl!l'1'l'II l1lfAZI.l'fX x ..cxZ1lCl'l2l, Md ..l:ZlllilNOI'C. Md . . .Sz1lisbu1'y, M41 . . .Du1'l1am, C . . . . .UI1lti1UUl'C. Md . . ..lIz11'forcl C fm., Md ...Marion Sta., Md .. ..l'o1'k Head, Md . . ..f:I'CCl1SlJOTU, N. C . . . .RIUIIQSIQOIL 'Ya . . . Sparta, Ya EL1zAm5'1'11 NURDT. .. . .L .... ........... l :Z1ltill10l'C, Md ELM MANS llomz ....... . I,1LL1.xN Kl'2NX' 1XICD1XNllfI... l112R'r11C SUSAN PINQKARD .... RIARTIIA ELLEN CoPr'IQRsM1'1'n GERTRUDE MM' DII,LICX' .... CURRINNIQ LORRAINIQ lLZuc:,xR'1'. Cumberlzlml Valley, Penn . . lialtimore, Nd . . . .l3rookvz1le, Ya . . .XYCStlUil1StCl', Md .. . .Morlinton, XY. Ya ...Martiushurg, XY. Ya av P' l v lb 'x K ,- ,ff 1 ,, S ia.. 5' Sf f f' r f I E 4 CLINICAL ASSISTANTS I E III gl IMMII I MIIB E H-I., IM H W -QI... I: 'J ' N, I aliwvg iv X'-. NN .XV Silll!1'!.J""'n'ii.f,5.. 1 " w v 'H.N'1.lL iii.. E15 N ""f "X A' ff . 'HMLEH HI A fiil l'?1uii, h' ,D . "f.-AW ' fi 'i' 74, Z j.qif?fA1 -' img f f , -.'- HJ A ' . eL .g Q Q 5.01511 Qlliniral 2-Xzziatania 'iv XV,j,Cm.1-1m.xN,N D R N X7 S!lf7c'l'f1LfC1Ldt'lIf W , I .l,. 1111.14 .IL 111-2Nm:1X ,j, L31-Lmmacn NV. H. SLQ DA N .T- A G A. l1.Lmvm' . G. D.Qu1iw11m . H. Dmcsxiy XY.1l.,ll-1NlilNS .I- Lx 4 L XX G. ll. IXRNULD, ju. .A. N.w1x1.xNN L. Guam' R.-Iz111NsuN R. P.x'r1z1c1c I.. L. XX 11.swN I...X.lil'11C 1f.'l'.1fu.x1m, lu. D. ll. lXIUF1"lf'l"1' L. XY. SCILRICIIS M. N'.Z1Ai11:L14114 H. RM' R. ' H. .Il4.N14lNs P. L. RUSH R. R. K1-llelmwv R. Cu111QN L. Dll'1N1Q12 A. H. IQIURDAN 29 . ., NI. D. IQw1:1Ns1vN 1,11 SENIOR MEDICAL CLASS OFFICERS -Q L . --gg ll A-I ummm 5 15-95 m a -M 'Ha w Mm . . . fwrj Q ' , . 1.5m 1 ,. MJ.v if ,al Sid . J 1 " W' :, 4? ' ' Tw, f',- .1 . - 'kuM!!B!i?"f'Df '12 fill .imma HY ff? 71. 19223 Ai ' fs. f f ., Y 2- ..-+f"'f viligi .-14,1 ' ' ff HHu, jf fQL3.'3 H-Q.-2s -5 fa' H fi Svvninr A. L. Lliw1s.. G. H. Dcmsliv. . C. W. BIYIQRS. . . H. RM' ....... G .. . H. C.11Ln11.1z1. .. Am C. SIIANNUN.. K. RICCULLUUGII .... B. F. KELLY ..... illlvhiral Qllauaa Qmiirvrz . . . . ,f'l'z'.s'fffC1If . . . .I'ifc'-l'l'U.s'fzfU1l! . . . .SUt'l't'flIl'.X' . . ..'l'1'cz1.v111'm' . . . .f1'f.Vf0l'I'tl1I -- .... . lrffxl ....................Pr0fvfzvz' . . ..FlltIil'llllIIl llolzxc Cw0IlIlIII'fft'C 31 Sveninr illilvhiral iixerutiue Glnxnmittre QIIQ cllmlil, -I. EGAN, Clzairnzan .,,- fn s ll. A. M1-,lx1xl',1. I XX.Scl1ll111l jul 32 IN IJ. Ru1:1NsuN r Lu .JI V f w"w 412 Q 'CHEN a " X X if Xnlfmlll gffifi ,Z ,S.U,.5Aa.'U7o.7 L ffff A , ,-,.-A 61: X 4 - -ii Y , ,..- L ,..I"F'i- R 472 X in ' 3 0 1 ,giR. if rx' Ng.- X T ZH i sf , lf.Xl,l'll llxlcklson zfXRIXlS'l'llHNG', Athens, l'ennsylvania. llaltiinore Medical College. , 1 lo 1'!11'11t' 11'IL'll .wif lu' 1'1'11U. Lllllf if 11111.vf fnflnfu, as Ilia 11111111 H10 11'c1-V. 1'!1o11 1'1111.v'! 11111 lf11'11 111' false fo Ullsl' IIIIIII. Ile is quick in temper, quick in thought, uiela in action, and quick in seeing things. . ..,. llis gitat lialiit and delight was to raise as niueli lllss :is possilile. llistory has hini on record for liuying clothes at lZraffer's in the H winter and storing them away to lie used as 1 . liitlnng suits ni the sunnner. Ile cznne here . . , fioin the lialtiinore Nleiliml Qolleffe .X nienili . 1 5. .,. er of l'ln Lln. FRANKLIN R. AND1-1RsoN, Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore City College. Bvitci' if is to die, better to sz'c1ri'c', 1111111 Cl'll'Z'F flzc hire fulzirlz we first dc- .s'eri'e'. I lllll half flIl'0llfjfl H10 one fuzrz' s11jjfered, the other will I do. To him we take off our hats and clasp his hands over the fact that he is the "best look- ing man" in the whole big crowd. He has always been popular among all men, but some of his associates partly ruined him. XYe are grieved over the fact that he changed his course into one of live years. He did well as a student and as a man. He is going to make a profound scientist. He is a jolly good fel- low and, we believe, a real living man. The worst thing we have against hini is the fact that he associated with Deiner, and Deiner is a good fellow, but a different sort of good fellow as compared to Anderson. Phi Sigma Kappa. f 34 il. Ilicveii Aicxom, llaltiinore, Maryland. llaltiinore City College. O 111011 z'l111fj111I1fv.vf 1111 ffiiiigfx, stay' my f1l0llffllf.Y, for to .N'llI'T't'VV the 11'c111l ima' vz11'1'f1ly' flllllffls of 11Il1c1',v, -:i'v1'1' 17111 to 11111kv my .S'0l'l'0'ZL' fjl't'tII'L'V. One of the nohlest eharaeters in our school, He has attended to his own business, has done the right thing toward all inen, has inade a good record as a inedieal student, has achieveal much in medical faine. and shall yet do won- derful things in the world. For a wonder he rooined with llill Sloan for one whole year and always outwitted liill in his argu- ments. Keeps excellent company and has made good in every respect. llence, to say the least, is going to inalie an excellent physi- cian-one of our prineely fellows. Member of l'hi Sigma Kappa. 35 nate are those who an easy, free-going at first suspect his powerful inincl. A , ,Xi.i,,xx Ili-ix N i-1'l"i', Klichllesex County, Yirginia. llfn' goof! l .Yffllltf 1111 ix IIIVX' f1'111'f1 and l1o111'.vIy, I frm' llllfflllllj 'zufzuf flfffl 111' .mid 11gft1i11.vl IIIC. 'llo know the man is to love hiin and fortn- have that privilege. of disposition, you would not depth of character or his gool student and a friend to all mankind, he will go about doing good. '1f1Cl'il,YN XX. l11,.xe14M1-111, CLD., Salisbury, North Carolina. University of Missouri. 1 1111, 111111 11' IS 11111113 1116 11611 111'Z'1ff,S 1110. 111'111' 11 11111, 11111111111 ,' for It 1x 11 1111611 7411111 .v111111111111x 111011 111 111'117'1'11 111' 111 11011. ,X main of profound knowledge and as- pect. 'l'hat his future will he a radiant flame of success is evident to all who know him. lleing of such stupendous proportions in mat- ters of learning, he rather prefers taking all cxznninations and has little sympathy for his weaker hrotliers. lint for all that, he is il man :ind friend worthy of the name. May each day he as stepping stones of success in each vczn' of his life. l'i'csident of Class of 1913-1'1l-1. Xleinher of Chi Zeta Chi l"r:1ternity. RICIIAIQD BINION, PILG., Sparta, Georgia. L'niversity of Georgia. O11 10116111719 0f1l6'1'11f7S11L111ll.l'11IF1lL lllllll 110 IIZOVC be se'e11,' O! come, be 11111'1e11' Ll .X'6'l'0lld 111116 2111111111 1110512 a1'111.v. After having been graduated from the l'har1nacy School of the Georgia University, this nice young man ventured into the un- known realms of Mexico, where he rolled pills for a livelihood, and "shot the hull" as a side issue. For five years he starred on the baseball and football teams. When he Came to Baltimore Hrst he became famous by the magnificent curly locks and rosy complexion which he wore. However, we do not believe that he uses paint. But the sad feature of his career Caine about when John l3laeknier took the shovel from Binion and left Binion to use the cart. One of earth's hrightest jewels in Sigma Nu and Chi Zeta Chi. 36 Ai:1:.xn,xM ll1:.xx'iQiiMixN, llaltimore, Maryland. llaltimore City College. O t'i1'f1i011.v fight, 'It'llt'll right 'zuitfi right 'zt'41Vx,, who .vfmlf In' niosf rigflztf To know this character snlliees fora lengthy discussion about him. The one thing about him which is hard to understand is his peeu- liarly susceptible Vaso-ntotor nervous system. There are times when one side of his face becomes flashed up with a red color while the other side remains normal. lle is earnest and nice both in his conduct anrl in his man- ner. lly hard work and constant "plugging" he accomplished much in his course. lle will make good when others fail. A member of and llistorian for l'hi Delta Epsilon. , V 1 XYII,I,l.-XM AR'l'Ill'R lllcinolis. lib., Fairmount, North Carolina. Wake Forest College. I lllll .N'c'lIff'tf,' bind up mrli t'o1'fiomI 11510111 to this fear. .'f'ZUlIAX', mm' nmrk ilu' fflllf' -zuiflz fuircxf 5110-ru. Wie do not know why l'rofessor llridges is accustomed to speak of his town in North Carolina other than that it is a natural trait. This is nothing against him because he has made good. Ile is an ardent worker and zi good and noble man. lt is said that he is en- gaged. Let this page, therefore, represent a health to his future health and happiness. llis knowledge of the Healing ,Xrt is deep and infinite. 37 l Q it XYii.I.i,xxi I3RowN 13L'RI.iisoN, lllumtree, North Carolina. L'niyersity of North Carolina. pls iiioriziiig i'0.s'f'.v 7Ik'7Ulbl' -ruc1slze'fl with flew, say she he 1111110 and will :mf sfviile cz woril, lheii l will rom- niuiid hm' iiliil give ii jliish zip for tivo fiuirx. 'llhe town from which he comes Certainly gives us reason to lielieve that sugar water is the panacea for all human ills. XYe question the ellieaey of the method, however, and draw upon our imagination liy saying that no other part of North Carolina can compete with l'lumtree. Crowned high upon his llllllcl' lilh rests that lieautiful Iireneh mustache hy which we knew him, liut we doulit very much if he possessed the nerve to wear it home. lle has much regard for twenty-live cents, under Certain conditions, as llroilicr l,:u'key Cares for his right L'-YU. 4 Louis ARTHUR BUIE, A.B., Georgetown, South Carolina. University of South Carolina. Sir, there is in him sizzjjf that puts him to these ends. The force of his own merit makes his 'zuayg cz gifi that heiiiwi gives for I-lim, which buys a fvlare izart to the King-an honora- ble one is he uiiiaiig the whole board of geiztry. Ainialile, aijfable, and cute, was he in all things. The niost titting honor which we may pay to him is the fact that he fought for the honor system in our school, while others tried, to defeat it. His life shall he his lilessingg his work shall be a crowning gloryg and his personality shall be its own inspiration. For those who think differently, we have no apol- ogies, for those who think as we do, we pro- duce the proof of virtue. President of Class in 1911-12. A member of Nu Sigma Nu and Theta Nu Epsilon. 38 'lliroxms M,x'r'riiiiw C.xi,1.AinNli, DIR., Niagara Falls, New York. Niagara Falls lligh School. . llaltiinore Medical School. N0-nv ilu' llllllfjfbl' 11011 1'1i111's, 111111 the wolf f11'1111l11'x H10 1111111115 lI'11if.s'1' Ilia 11511-1 Vi' fl01111l11111111 x11o1'1'x, 1111 fuiflz 'zu1'111'y ftIS!i' f111'11'0111'. Here stands a character of whoni little is known. llis general acquaintances were as distant on earth., from the average nian, as are the stars above from the planets on the opposite side of the glolie. Xvhile a student here he had unusual desires to heconie a great nian, but the expression of his innermost dee sire was always hidden to himself. lle lives alone, it is said, and has a few good friends, notably among whom is 'lohn lilaclcnier, The distinguishing feature ahout him is his feigned dignity. R. C. CLIN 1qsc.v1,iis. Anderson., South Carolina. llaltiniore Medical College. P11156 yozzr Illtlliil 1'1111.v1' into the Kiugfs ,'11'11fc1'1'i1111g,' 111' ix lfyzllillff 111111' mos! fjl'tIL'fOllS i1111'c1'11'. fx '1- lo Lhnlqscales we shall have to how for the hrilliant radiancy which his hright red hair affords us. lle only caine to us in our junior year, therefore his history is hy far incoin- plete. liut he became a clinical assistant in l'?l5 and did exceedingly well. llis hest friend is Dr. E. L. XYhitney, and when Clink- scales gets his BLD. he shall tell of the history which he shall write and ahout which Dr. Xlliitney can tell you inore than will Clink- scales. 39 -- ' 4 L l1ix1e1,1is ,AX1,1:1i1z'1' Conx, D.lJ.S., Lancaster, llennsylvzmia. Baltimore Meclieal College. 771011-1111 ftt'1'1'!111111't' I fn' 'z'i1'1'011s 111 Ill-V ffIlt'X.X', tu I t'011ft'xx it is IHVX' 1141- f111'r'x fl11g1111' to .rfjv Illlftl t1l111xt',v 411111 lei IIIFX' '1'6'l7IlJllA'.X' Sfltlflf' ftzzrlfs flltlf t11't' 1l0ll. lfor the sztlie of her who marle him what he is, he has sneeeerlecl in sltaping aronncl his pltysieztl form all those line graces which mztlte men :1l'f21l1le. lle has never meclflletl into things wlneli clitl not eoneern. Chztrlie, unlike the others in his elztss, is the only reztl cloetoi' uf tlentztl surgery, ztntl we tlo him lint :tn in- jnstiee were we to lziil ztlztek in sztying that he is :ts growl :tn Xl.lJ. as he is l7.l3.S. lle has ztlwztys "gotten zintztyu with :ill things which he ttntlertooli. . . 4 . AX nn-inlier ol l'ln lleltzt lxpsilttn. 40 RALPH COHICN, NYashington, D. C. Georgetown University. N0 be'fz'e1' z'l1t111 lze' sh011ld be, with just e1z011g!z Iet11'11i11g to nzisqztoie. Sir Shalcespeare-Osler--Neal-et al-this is the title which he hears. Soon he shall add etc., ete., to the many titles which he shall gain. Ile made himself famous by starring on pla- centa pralvia. Louis DIITNIER, Culpeper, Yirginia. Culpeper High School. O Ill-X' 10116, my wife, l1i1'f1'1' 0'e11fl1 'ZUfllt'1l 1111111 Xllt'l?Clf the IIOIZQX' of 111-v l11'e111'l1, l111fl1 not -vez' l1111z' 110-zum' 011 H1-v l1e1111fy.' 771011 arf 1101' 1'o111111c1'1'1f. One tvriz' 1111111 11106 1,11 .v0111' 111i.vf01'- 11111129 f700li'. Here is I0 my 11176. tlliexl. A perplexing psychological prolilem, pin- ioned poignantly posed, and versatile in the handicraft of chicanery and adroitery which saw an untimely end. He was beautiful in manners, affable in affectation, and feigned in his philosophy. During his student days, he is to be remembered for not having liecome engaged in "bum Z1l'g11l11C11iS,ulJ111, on the other hand, he is to lie condemned for the part he played, and the element toward which he sympathized in politics. However, we consider him honest and true in his lielief. Diener did splendid work while a student and answered 75 per cent. of amlinlance calls. A memlier of Phi Delta Epsilon. Clinical externe, 1915. Xv1NClfN'l' lxxiiis l3lfM.XRLf1b, Shelliy, Mississippi. A. S: M. College of Mississippi. F11i111' 1l0fV, fviiif l11'111'f, 11111 51'0111'ly .x'11j', 50 111' 11: Vi'11'l1f I0 11131 l1111111',' Ill-X' llfllllll .vlzull 1'111111111'1' iliac. 7411011 11'1'1111', 110111 die, 111111' 1111111 .vliull i'i1'1'01'.v fic. Emanating from the varied yicissitudes to which all mankind is subjected sooner or later, there comes l.1efore you the greatest student who has yet inspected the covers of written pages-within him lay these things for which few men tight and die, and they are good things or principles as you choose to call them. He has striyen well for four years. Xlhether he remains here or on the other side of the globe, after being gradus ated, he shall at least lie a credit to himself, to his country, and to his profession. A most princely Roman was he. Clinical externe in 1915, and a memher of Randolph 1Yinslow Society. 41 .losiirn Liio Dow I.llNt., l'rovidence, Rhode Island. LaSalle .'Xcademy. Georgetown L'niversity. My dirty will l Imax! of, zmflziizg else. Gitoizmt H1XhIIL'l'tlN DtlRSlfX'A, Clarksville, Maryland. He're"s to tlzoxe -who love ns well, Those that ll,0lZif can go fo Hell. This stately young man is indispensable to the class through his versatility unbounded, he has plead for the truth and not "sham make believe," with vehement invective un- paralleled, he has succeeded in exposing to the whole L'niversity and the world at large, the greatest sham artist that ever existed. Un- like many of his fellow associates, Dorsey positively does not believe in "high spirits" that he may be protected from the evils of humanity. His keen brain, reinforced by a quick and useful tongue, speaks for itself. He is popular among his associates and science shall hear from him later. lly a popular vote Dorsey was unanimously elected Chairman of Honor Cozrmittee and Yice-l'resident of the Class in 1913-191-l and 191-l-1915, respect- ively. Today he is an active member and ardent worker in Phi Sigma Kappa and Theta Nu Epsilon. For two years a member of Ran- dolph XX'inslow Surgical Society and a clinical externe in University Hospital in his senior year. .Xn all around "good egg." llaving been here for only one year, his C history is not as full of facts that should be d as we would have it. ,X child of grace- fls cafe is he. Xfe consider him our best all uound athlete and he is a real good fellow with it. llis glory is undaunted. llis record ls clean. .Xfter coming here hc lrCL"1lllL '1 l'hi thi. not evil befall this youth is the piayer of his associates. 42. PATRIQIQ A. DURKIN, 103 Clement Street, Pawtucket, Rhode Island. English lrligh School. Baltimore Medical College. 1.111 11101111 11f1111 1111' 111511 11111011 1111If'S 111 1IlF,' T111'1'1".v 111111 KI 1111111 t'lI11 my ll 111111111 Ufjlll 1111' 1 From the radiance emanating from these eyes can be seen the precision and will which rest in the brain back of that frontal bone. lly some men he has been adjudged a coms pend on Usler, while by others he has been heralded forth as the father of a new system of medicine. lrrespective of the opinion of others, for us. it suffices to say that he did his best and that Vat lJurlqin's name has never been found on the "flunked" list. He is the winner and wearer of a medal in German from that famous town in Rhode lsland, oth- erwise known as Providence. The Gods so made him that he can cope more than suc- cessfully with Dr. Chas. Mitchell on any sub- ject, a privilege enjoyed by only a few. Our land's promising Hower. Kind nature shall see that there is to him a fitting epitaph placed. A member of the l'hi Chi Fraternity. AIICIIAI-fl, -I. E.x1z.xN, Savannah, Georgia. L01 11e.r1i11j' 1111111 11.1 1111111 111 11111111- 1't'1'1' x1'1111' 11 1IItI,X'Y,' 11'1j'1111' f111'1'11'11 1111' 111121111 11f'zu111111'z'1'1' Ulllhl' A111111 11011111 ,- 11'1 1111-11 1111111116 1111111' f11'1111k.v 111111 111111.1111- erhv 11101111 'ZL'!1flf.Y0laT'L11' 1'111111111'1x 1111'-i' 1'1100.s'11,' 11111 1'1'1111r111111'1', l 11111 1111' 111111 111111 11111 1'1'0'zv11 f11'1111'1' 111 R1111' 1111 1111'11 111111 Stihl' 'ZL'1ltI1 1111'1111'i111' .VIIIIII 1111'z'1' for 11 1111.r1s. Throughout four years he worked day and night in order to get a piece of gold. lle has never enjoyed life and will be a crank in his profession. 'llo his classmates, he has been sarcastic and hard to please. llears the individual of being the smart ego in the class. Assumes an air of superiority which most men would disdain. Alaclc, he desires to be buried in a cap and gown that he may safely land. A member of Theta Nu Epsilon, Kappa Psi, and the Dishouorablc Club 43 s hx si ifiii. Rlixivi' I N ENGLYSHV, Landisliurg, Pennsylvania. Lanclishurg Academy. Hi' lleciiwi, 1 lo-zu' 11100 Ivcifvr H1011 IlI,VSCff,' for if ftllllc' lziflzur tIl'0lHld ugfiiilzsi l1IhX'Xc'ff. ,Xftcr having entered upon the strenuous ordeal of our junior year, whom should we ,,. Rain to he in our midst other than the most earned jurist of the Supreme lleneh. sludge 4 . . lznglisli is he in nameg in fact, and in app N C111- mee. Une of his pet phrases is: "Boys, im a union n in ill taught seho iz 1 over." lfor three years iltei having graduated from college, he, too, ol. Hn entering the li Nl C in X ' " and was unani llill he did excellent uoils mously elected l'resident of his Class in his sopliomore year. llilh us his record still stands uneliallengcfl and his flag still waves. X nolieealile lealiire ahout the juflge is the lzivl that l'i'of, 'llimlii-rlzilee can "rattle" him it limes. DAv1D ELLNER 926 Longwood Ave., Bronx, New York. New York City College. O, z'e'c1Clz me lion' io make mine own 0.1'c1zse! 01' at the least this refuge' let me fiizdgg Tlzoirglz my gross blood be stained with this abuse, 'lHZIllUt'Il- lute and spotless is my mz'1za',' Tlmt was not foifedj' but still f7Ill'6' a'0ff1 I in lim' jvoisoizfd dose! yet czzdzzre. Professor David Ellner has never had mueh to say since having become associated with the Class of 1915. llis seruples are as pure as blue-white diamonds, his soul as perfect as the truest steel. During all the time within which we knew him, his only wants were, namely: a hair cut, a shave, a plate of soup, and hy all means, his fair Lucreee, ahout which he can tell you much. lJ111:s1-11' l,.Xl'l, E'1'z1.1-211, ,lll1ll1'11lO11f, Alllfyllillll. lilue Ridge College. 111' k1'.11v1'11 1111' 175111111 1c11111' 111 H1111 111.11 'z'11'r1',' 111141 111 1111 111'011xv111111111 11111011 1111' 1'1'.s'1, -z1'1111, 'zu111111'1'1'11111 111 111111, 11111 11111 z1'111'1!.1' 111111112 111111' 111' 1111'111zu.y' 111111 .1'11111111'z1' 11611711 17.l'. ID. l'.is11ff11111l Nll.l'lClll. llis111ell1111l11f 1111 5 ing l1llSlllCSS 111111 his n11111ne1' 111 e11n1l11et fllli' quiet zzngl 1111111'e1e111i1111s. lle flllll .lllllll l1l:1el1 . ,. ,, . IHCI' are as 111se11:11'z1l1le as the 5llllllL'SL' l Wlll 2llT'l, l1y the way, that is 11111l1111g ugznnsl hi lllUl'2ll 111' llltlllllll ez1lil11'e. lluring his Iirst yu ll lie was 21 high-l1ez11l lllllll 1111 the l1il5L'l1llll l.L'lllll, whieh 1111111 111 ZlllllCfl','w, lzner 1111. clieil Zl 1111 111:1ture death. XYl1ile a see11n1l year n1z1n. lftzler wus lli-- l111'ian f11r The Class :111'l SL'l'YL'1l the CZlI1IlCllX' well. llls face 15 :1 l1el 111 r11ses t111' the in s11i1'z1ti1111 which it 11ffe1's. Re11rese11tz1ti1'e 111 Chi Zetzi C'l1i. was el 3' , 1 XX11,1,11x11 lllfNl4Y l'1,11'1y1x1.111:, l3lz1i11, l,L'llllNj'lX'1llll1l. .111.y'1, 11.1 1111' .y'111111', 'I1'1111.1'1' fli111ll'1' l1f11'l1.V 11611111 1111, .Si1!l'l'Ilk.2' 11111'1"r1'111'11.y1 1.11 l11.,Ni .v111'11y 1'11'I'1' 'ZU1111 1111111 .I1111 1111'1'1', 1111 .v111111111'1"11' 1111, 111 x1I1I1I'1' 1111111 .111 ,,f1111f 111111 f1'111'11111 111 1'1'1'1'f 1111111 1111111-11 511, 111 x111111' 111111111'1', -z'11'-11' 111,11 1'V1'.1' 1l1'1' 116111 V i 111111 1111' 111111 1'1111111.1' 117V 111.1 111'1111. 'llhis yerse 111 il lllklllillll' well llCI1lL'l5 lllll g11111l-11at11re1l. u11z1ss11111i11g', UlllL'liCll-llC2ll'lCll elz1ssn1ate, l7lielqi11ger, wl111 has l1een in 11111 n1i1lst hut for 21 short 1i111e, z1111l 1lnri11g 11111' ue- 1111z1i111a11ee we have lC2l1'llC4l nothing, suye that whieh has been CUlNl'll6llilZ1l1lC in his past, whieh was 11eeup1e1l with tw11 years 111 tez1el1ing. 'l'11 years at the Nlillylilllfl Kledieal College, where l1e was the I1I'CSlfilllg' 1ll1ll'Cl' 111 his elz1ss 111 l'Jl2. He afriliateil with ns in 11111' junior year., hut we were 1111ly e11nsei1111s 111 the fact hy his inert lwresenee 211111 lltll hy the things l1e saicl or di1l. Flielcinger is a 111en1l1e1' 111' lillllllll llsi l'Al'Zl- ternity. 45 1 .X fi,Xl1NHN, Rhode Island. -lllllllll l7Cl1Ilt'l!ZLlIf'UI fo IIIC lvy his will lim' only iz fiom' llIlIIl.YlIlItl Notuizs. .llizxf my lvirxizzvxs ix foo llccwy I0 'zuorls for so Slllllll 4111 tIllI0llIlf. Young Dr. Gagnon is not one of our fours year men here. lle has made Z1 special suc- cess along the line of handling second-hand hooks and second-hand material of any kind. Iior the most part. he always occupies a top liench on lectures, and is the only one whom we have ever known who can smoke a pipe or cigar throughout a lecture and never he called on for doing so. 'llo lmn the florls have allotted many millions in dollars which are to come. hut l'rolheus has said that money getting does not require lirains. FREDERICK T. Fo.xRD, Hickory, North Carolina. L'niversity of North Carolina. Tlzei'e'.v 110 uri to jimi' thc' lllflZll'S L'0ll.Yfl'llCfl0ll in tlic fullg he 'Zeus cz geliflezlzall 011 fulzom I built azz abso- lute trifxf. You may use persuasion as far as the psychical intellect may go with the mang you may resort to every means which skillful adroitry has at command, but there is one thing you cannot do-you can't drive him into anything. He is as firm in his convictions as he is ardent in his tighting. After finishing his tive years' course in medicine he will be- come a brilliant star in some branch of medi- cine. XYhile here he was noted for the stand he took in defending a womans rights. Loves the right thing and like Squire justice. does not give a "rap" for the opinion of other people. .Z 46 llwiniv uliissi-i GlI,III'iR'I', Newark, New -lersey. llrineeton L'niversity. O! ln' QOIIU, by Hviiizwz, I low' flirt' better than lziysvlf. No neecl of praise shoulcl lie attaehecl to the character herein cleserihecl. lle was our Historian and his position for the cloing of this task is quite enough to compensate for his faults. He has lived with us four years and he has clone four years of earnest work. We shall hardly look upon his like every clay. A writer of fame aml an excellent speaker. Member of l'hi Sigma Kappa. llxincv f'iuI,IiAl.XN, llaltimore, Klarylanfl. Chnl nztulv him mm' z'ln'1'vfo1'v lv! him fw1.v.vfo1'i1 mall. lt is human to shirk a responsiliility, there- fore we hlame this on someone who will not ohjeet. Xtoulfl that there were worcls to show this iran up as he really is-of sulitle clisposi- tion ancl a two-faced manner he has sue- eeemlecl thus far to make his way. Playing cloulile game, he was sure to he founcl out. May this be a lesson to him and the future have lmetter in store for him than his past. lly some pluck of fortune while a stuclent at the L'niversity he at first enjoyed the conn- rlenee of his fellow-students ancl they saw ht to honor him with several class otliees. "Truth crushed to earth will rise again." 47 1,Yl,1f 1,1-31,.1N11 G1111111, Q111111tic11, h1Z1I'j'lZ1ll1l. Ylllllllfjll I 11111 1101 .1f1I1'110i11'1' 1111111 111.111, -1'1'l 111111' 1.1 .1111111'1'111111f 1z1'i1'l11'11 1111' 1f1111111'1'1111s, 1101' 111111 I 111111110 1111 1'111'l1. ' e1'e1'1' se 111' is 1111 1111-111 Q'Cl11lC11"1l1 111 111 the XY1l1'1l. 1Xl1er s1111's are s1111l1e11 11'ithi11 the Il1Qll1 this yllllllg' 1111111's iilrlelatiga l1le 111- 111115 sh.1ll l1e cause for l1C21X'Cl1iS n1111lest forces 111 1h'1111 111111111 his c11111'h 111 11111 age, a ,q11rla1111 of 1'eles1i:1l roses., 11'l1i1'l1 shall e111lo11' for hi111 111-:11'ef111 re1111 se Zll1'1 11121116 11l111'111 l1is f111'1'o11'e11 1r1111'. NX 1111111 his 111111111111 are 111'ecisi1111 111111 1l1'x11-rity. XX'hile I1 111e1li1'11l st111le11t l11l1111'e11 11'1111111s11' for the s11l1e 111 h111111r 111111 the gg 017111 111111'11l 1 11- 11':1s s 11f his 11ss11ci11 tes ll lll1'l11l1Cl' 111111 11 lighter 1111 the 111111111 1111111111111-e 111 l'1l7sl'Pl3, 111111 is ll 1 1111'l1llJL'I'I1l' lQ11111l11l11h XX Ill 11 5111 ' Sl11'g'11'ill 511- 1'11'11' Illlll Il 1'l11111'11l llll1'l'Il1' 111 1 1111'e1's111' 1111s '111111- C.11R1.11s 1G11Nz111.1iz, 30 Colon Street, Aguada, Porto Rico. 1l'lz0 111'0ke 110 f11'01111s1'.1, .1'1'1'2'1'11' 110 f11'i1'11f1' 01111, 'ZU110 1111111011 110 title 111111' 111110 10.11 710 f1'ie11a'. The subject of this sketch has enjoyed the privilege, as well as the title, of Professor, from which 111ost of us are debarred. For six years, 11ef11re ha1'i11g t11l1e11 1111 111edici11e, l1e taught 111 tl1e schools 1101111 111 Porto Rico. .Xt 11rese11t, he is only a11 ordi11a1'y medical student s11cl1 as tl1e rest of 11s are. 11111 there is s11111etl1i11g unique about Gonzales' address, ll2ll116ly, tl1at he lives o11 Colon street, near llepatie 111fe1111e, 11'l1icl1 is situated just oppo- site tl1e Hotel Sig111oide11s. After leaving the L'11i1fersity, l1e 1ll'ECllClS to ret11r11 t11 his native l1111d, 11'l1ereby l1e may discover its hidden bac- teria a1111 also 111i111ster t11 tl1e moral uplift of his l1eo11le. He is a 111e11111er of the Latin- .'X111eric1111 Society. 48 Sixixiulii. lslaiiiiv G1nf21iN1.:1iRo, Los Angeles, California. University of Southern California. Shed 1112011 110 bloody :mr cut thou lem nor 11zo1'v, or lem fhllll 41 just f?01llld of fle.vl1,- if thou tokest more or less than 11 just f70lllIlZ7 be it so lllllffl 415 111c1hc.v it light or lzvawy in the s11b.vt111zrc thou diest, and ull thy goods are cc11zfis1'c1te. llc are loathe to suspect or anticipate his relation to Antonio. lYithin his better being we believe thousands of noble virtues lie. The worst thing which we may say against him is that he kept bad company. However, he made good as a student and as a gentleman. He is not responsible for some of his character- istics. During his senior year he tried in vain to teach Professor Ellner a new system of ethics and religion. l,ol'ls XXQx1mGnossx1xN, Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. Grove City College of Pennsylvania. You COIIIIIIUII cry of t'llt'X.' ft'l1o.s'U I7l't'tIlLIl I hate as rack of the rotten fans, 'ZU1l0.Vc' lor'e,v I j11'i,:'e as the dead' rf11' of Il1lI7Ill'lt'tl, IIIUIZ that do t'0l'l'IIf7f my air, I hu11111'.vl1 you. Dc- .vfiixilzg you, I t111'1z my hczrkg there is 41 'zuorld 0I.vozulzc1'v. Frankly it would be a clillicult task to iinally decide who has the bigger head of the two, Shipley or Grossman. For two long years our associate, Grossman, has spent the greater part of his time telling other people about what he has done and what he is going to do after june, 1915. 'We even fear that he has about an eighth of a mile on Professor Gag- non. The great japanese scientist, who is ever alert to pecuniary deals. The prophecy reads, however, that Grossman, Gagnon and Shipley be banished for one thousand years on the Sahara Desert and then be placed on proba- tion. Many lives may be spared! 49 Q Z"- ' 1 X1-,vixa 111111111 1111.m11111x, All., ,X N1. 111111111 -111111111 1.1-esville Sout11 Carolina. N1-1v11e1'ry College. ffm fliff 'fL'fIX 1j1'1ll'11',' 111111 ffI1' 1,11 v f111'1 ' 111111 1111 1111'11f.v' .111 1111.1'1'11' 111 111111 f H11 .vf111111' llf' 111111, .s'11y' fo 111 1 7711.1 -21111.11 tl 1111111 ! n 1 u l11r1-1- t11ous11u11 years ago there stood 1111 1111- l1111lll111l111S vvhich over1oo11 the yvesteru 11111111 of the h1C1111Cl'I'2ll1C2lll Sea Z1 gfliy-11CZll'1 11-11 1,1'llI111c1, 211111 as 111- gazed over the vast waters ll1 1111111 of 111111 111 C2ll'1' l111Jll1ll1f ' ' 1' liffht, a 1 1-. 1- 1111- xv11111 tossing his 11e11r11 over hts shou 1111 111e1 s 111- 1-x1'111i1111-11: "Sh11vv 111C C1 1'l'lZill1H '11Uf1Z1y. N1111111i11g' 111 1111- light of twenty 1'e1 11l1I'lCS of 11v111f.1t11111 1111f1 progress, you repeat the ques- 1i1111: "Show 1111- Z1 111211111 .X1ll1, as you 1 - 1 v11-xv 1111- 11'1-11 ot your flow 2111111111111 11111, you TC- v yvith 11111' 1lL'CIll't1, 1111sxv1-r your 1Il1L'St1lJ1l with 1111- 11z11111- nf N1'Y111S 1Zyt'or11 111-11111'ix. This 11111-1111 u 115 WI'111L'11 i11 1111- 111-111'ts of his 1.111'1111N, 111111 to 1'111ogize 111111 here, is l1llI11'1'1'SS1l1'y. .Xs to hia 1-111-11111-s we can 11-ft 111x.1111s1- 111 1111-111 vvith his favorite 4111fllil111111, 1 KX 1111 X11 .111 111111 111111 I11's1 l'1'11'S, 1111111 111111 111111 f1UXX11Cf1 111 , L'l1Hllg11.H 111-111 1l'lX 11 1111- 111-Nt r1-1111 1111111 ot 1111- 1'11iv1-rsitv stu 1'1-11tN 111111 1I1lS 1111- l1111S1 v1-1's11ti11- 1111 x 1111. II1 iw 11411 N11 111-rI1-1't 11111 t1111t 111- tw 11111111111 111 is 1 1 1111 11 11.111 11111 11121t11Q'151l111111. .X 1-r1-1-11 N111111 11' 111 1'1-11t1l1- 111111 il XXU1'S1111M'l' 111 1111- 81111110 111 lgillll. 1111111-N111-:111 1 511.111 11111 1131111 11111111 111 N X 1111-111111-1' 111 1Q1111f1ll1I111 XX111s111u 5111 1 . . 1 . 1 1 '11 A 11111- i1"11 S11111-ty. 1111111111 1-x11-1'111 111 1"1'1 111' wax 111111:111111111-xlv 1-11-1't1-11131111111 111 111111 111 1lf11l X X1v1:1x1' 11111 11'1.i1,:111l1 111- um 1111- 1211 1.1.1111 XXl11l11l1I11l1S1'11. NN 111 1111- - E11w.x1111 Fos'1'1211 11.xv 1"E11'1i1'v"1, Somerset, 1'e1111sy1va11i11. R. F. D. No. 1. A-Xge, 253 111-ight, 5 ft. S 1l1.j XYeight, 155. Single. This is E1111ie Hay. D1111't you think he's pretty? XYC11, we 111.1 and yve've seen him hlush, too! A1111 it's one of the 11eb11ta11te 111ushes that simply Hoods the face 111 El mass of reddish hue fehaiige 11aggage1. --Xtteuded the Southxvesteru State Normal School of 1'e1111sy1v1111ia and 10011 the NLE. degree. ls El 111e11111er of 1'hi Chi F1'11ter11ity. 50 .15 fzl'.li.XI.Il L. llionims, 'lersey City. 1111711 Illtlll-V tl f111'111'1' 111111' 1 .v1'1'11, .11 x11111'1' 111tI1l, 11111111111 his Z70.X'A', 11'1111x1' ,X'Ulll'1I 211115 f1111 of f0011s11 1111i.v1', 111111 zuc111'.r 111s 1111111110011 111111' 111111 g1'c1'11. A most healthy youth of large stature and a genial smile. 'llhe lleau llrummel of the class and has for his motto, Hllreathes there a man with soul so dead who unto himself hath not said this: this was my girl XYill graduate and make a success provided he re- stricts his practice to men only and always remembers that he is a men's specialist. Uth- erwise, well that would be another story. Member of Kappa Psi and Randolph Hins- low Surgical Society. .11 .. lQo1:11.l:1 lil'llNS ll11.1., l1.b.,Kl..X.. Statesyille, North Carolina. Davidson College. 1l11'11 11ff1"r1' 'z1'111'11.r 111'1' 11111 111'.vf lllt'll. llis face. which is gentle and unostenta- tious, portrays nobly the better qualities with- in the man. lly his manner and conduct he n'ay he justly considered a specimen of South-1 ern manhood and chiyaliy. Excellently can he explain the Darwinian 'llheory. and later on, you shall hear of him concentrating atoms of hydrogen in such a form whereby count- less thousands shall he able to connect the two worlds-a gooil chemist. Chairman Honor Committee in lllll, Yice- l'resident of Class in lllll, and l'resident of Randolph NYinslow Society in 1915. He is a member of Nu Sigma Nu and lli Kappa Alpha. Let the Gods make this nian's couch fat- landed with fforffeous fferaniums. sb 6 b 51 lQ.XI,l'll ll. nllQNkitys, llaltimore, Maryland. slohns Hopkins School. flip fool doth think llc is 'ZUl.VC,' l'1If Hit' 'zuixv 1114111 !i'll0'IL'S lz1'1115vlf 10 110 cz fool. 'llhe lines above are intended for a compli- ment :mil not a "knock." l'rofessor jenkins hats a wonderful record with us, namely: he plays all the various musical instruments which the whole human mind has produced, he has tried unsuccessfully to grow a French mustache, he is now about to publish a system of pathology as worked out hy R. H. Jenkins, :mil he has been the hosom friend of Schrei- her, the llc-utschman. Even here he does not stop. 'I'he hrziin within him has accomplished hrillizmt work in the yziriecl lielcls of medicine. llis chief delight rests with the fact that, when in :i dreary mood, he can easily amuse himself :mil others with his soprzmo voice and hziss violin. l,ook him up in 1925. 52 FRANK S.wNo12Rs HLTNDL11IX' CN:l1'.Y6'lliL'l,D, 63-l N. Carrollton Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland. Age, 233 Height, 5 ft. 916 in.g NYeight, 168. Single. Do you see Frank? Yes, I see Frank! Now frankly speaking, Frank is about as frank a Frank as ever was Frank to us. Red and rosy- cheeked, but with a brazen look in his blue eyes that say, "XYell, 1'm hereg what are you to do about it And some day he'll start, as he sometimes starts down here, with a tooth- pick, and carries home a lumber yard. Arsenic graduated at the Catonsville High School in 1908. XVILLIAM HERNDKWN JENKINS, Leesburg, Virginia. Richmond College. 3701! l2ec11' 0 gentle 111i1za', and limi'- eizly lllesxiizgs follow s11c'l1 1'1'ec1t111'c's. F1'0111 this 1114111 iizay f11'ot'eetz' 11 gem iulzivh .vlzall lighten all !l1i.v lxlct Cnr mission in dealing with this man is not to pay high-sounding figures of speech to him. His good soul and good conduct speak for themselves. To repeat, he is the same Bill jenkins now as always, and by that we mean he has not changed, that he is the same good fellow and good student. Bill jenkins did his best to keep the life of athletics in our school from ebbing avvayg but, like all good physicians, must lose some patients. ln his work he was an indefatigable student. He served his mission well and he is loved by all of us. Today he is a member of the Nu Sigma Nu, Theta Nu Epsilon, and Randolph Wins- low Society. A clinical externe in 1915. ff'-X XVIfNDlfI,L XvlVllfN ,lIfNRlf'l"l'l'i Ci'lvlT'lC1INl, Regan, North Carolina. Age, 223 Height, 5 ft. ll in., XVeight, 13-l. Social condition, single tunattachedl. And we call him Vivienl Look at him, folks, good and hard. Not bad for a product of North Carolina, eh? And, believe us, he's from a big towng reason: Vivien graduated from Regan High Schoolwnoxv the reason isn't the graduation but the High School. Not bad for a town of umpsteen population. XVas a student at the Baltimore Medical College until consolidation took place as a result of A. M. Association. Nevertheless, lie's one of us and we are proud of it. ls somewhat of an athlete and we don't have to prove it. Vivien actually admits it. ls a member of Phi Chi Fraternitv. 53 g-i ? vi XY1i,1,i.xxi Roiiiim' .IoiiNsoN, XYindsor, South Carolina. Tlic -will of man is lvy lzix iwzmiz .V'ZL'4l-X'64l, will 1'ei1.vo11 .wys VVOII are H10 'rvm'tl1i'w' man. ln consecutive order, hy name, in general contour, more or less alike, liut not quite so mysterious as R. XY. must he placed the see- ond unit of the genius with which we are concerned. llis kindly smile, his entraneiug eye, his winning manners-all these build up around him a something whose mere presence liewilders the fair sex. lie is said to have "Cut" his lirst tooth before li. XY., so he "has it on him" that far. lle will make a splendid lbllySlClflll. .X member of Chi Zeta Chi and Randolph XX'insiow Soeiety. 54 Romiizr XYILLIAM JOHNSON, XYindsor, South Carolina. There' is a cliriiiity' fliuf sliizfvexv our end, roizglz lic-zu flzem like we will. Come, Heavenly larkg come Holy Angels! O, eome all ye Hosts of Heaven. Before you now is unit number one of the johnson twins. To all men this one is better known as R. XY. and we are sure of it, too, be-:ause he alone is able to part his hair on the right side. He has teeth now, but at one time did not have a single tooth. As a pastime, has studied and worked the insurance business so strenu- ously ancl so successfully that when he gets his MD. in -lune, 1015, will have more patients to call upon than any human being ean do in one thousand years. Has had several olliees in the class and is a representative of Chi Zeta Chi. Mnfrox E. joxiis, Eastern Shore of Maryland. Un and about Denton, Bldj Baltimore Medical College. By 11 11'it'1111' i11xfi111'f, 1111'11'.v 111i1111'x 111i.vt1'11.vf 1111 t'll.S'Illllg flIlI1IfjL'I'. jovial, jolly, good-looking, and affahle shall we have to say for him. Even though he does come from the Eastern Shore of Mary- land, he is good-looking. He has alxvays made it a special duty and task to uphold his po- litical fondness for hot political debates, and we lielieve he will vet land into the National Congress and have ear given to his pleadings. A member of l'hi Chi Fraternity. jixxiifs lsvvt' .ll'S'l'lL'l'f, Charleston, Xliest virginia. Concord State Normal School. Marshall College. L'niversity of Louisville. L'niversity of Maryland. Life 'fUlf!I17IlIi lII1fIl.Yfl"l' ix 1j111'1't,' f1'111' f1'i1'1111'xl11'f l11'1'1z1'1'1'11 1111111 111111 1111111 i11fi11it1' 111111 i111111o1'z'11l. Ol All ye Gods, and lleaven and earth and all the powers lteneath and aliove the earth, lqnovv ye from hen:eforth that this is a man. The product of this space repr-:sents real value and not nioclsery nor inalve-believe. He has been admitted to the liar to practice law in West virginia, has served his State successively and successfully lioth in the State Legislature and the State Senate, has elected several different Governors of Xliest Virginia. has diligently and materially plead the com- mon cause of a common people and made his State all the more happy and hetter. Squire is a good student. he has done exceedingly vvell in his xvorlc, he vvill malce a good and noble physician, and does not give a damn for the opinion of others. 55 B1-ZRNAKD RICHARD KELLY, Mt. Carmel, Connecticut. Cheshire High School, 1907. Baltimore Medical College, 1911. Of .v011I.wi1zc'e1'6, in acfiozz faitlzflzf, cum' in fl07l0l' FIKCII'-G IIIGJZ to all the rozzizfry dear. XYhen. seen or thought of, we cannot but recall great men when we think of our Kelly. Having come to us in his junior year, he made more friends and founded for himself a repu- tation which is mostly to be envied. The story is said to be written concerning him and a certain pipe which he bought and kept for six years. lt is impossible to ascertain his reasons for such an act. Throughout his junior year he rendered valuable first aid to Dr. XYhitney when the occasion demanded it, and we go not amiss when we say that Kelly is a good chemist. For his worthiness he was elected Secretary to Class in 1913-1914, and Chairman of Honor Committee in 1914-1915. Today he is a member of the Phi Chi Fraternity and Randolph XX'inslow Surgical Society. Rm' R1 11:1 NSI ix IQICRKOXV, Seattle, XYashington. Xlasliington l'niversity. Gv111'le 111 f't'l'.Y01ItlfjP, l'01IllI1It'f, and mjzrifiiiyc, 1101115 by 1Il'I'I.flIfft', fjt'II6'I'- om una' free. Kerlqow hails from the State of llashing- ton and not from the Xlashington which our politicians made famous through high graft. This young man did "his best" while a medi- cal student and, for a change, during his leis- ure vainly attempted to show llendrix the why's and wherefore's that Russia and the .Xllies would never control Europe, and the height of his argument reached its climax when liill Coleman came into Room No. 12 and said, "Gentlemen, you are making too much noise in this room." lle is quiet in character and possesses a hrain lilled with wisdom. Lhfortunately, he ruined an 258.00 pau' ol shoes in the lalioratory. AX grafluale of Xllasliington l'nix'ersity in l'llIll'lllIlt'j'. .X hospital exlerne in l9l5 and Il real man. Nleinlter ol Native Sons of Xlaslungton Slate. 56 HERBIAN XVARNER KRANTZ, XYaterbury, Connecticut. XVashington College. I l1ai'e' 110 .vf111' with iulziclz fo jvricle flie' sidcx of my l1lfe'lIf, buf only twnzlf- ing UlIIlJI.ll0lZ tvliiclz 0'Z't'l'l6'tIf'S ifself and falls 011 the oflzcr. Not 1nany men possess as many attributes at the same time as he. flyer a long road of blissful love he rode and about him became attached a guardian angel that he might not take the wrong path. lleitsch is as genteel as he is companionable. Une of his chief am- bitions in life is to revolutionize the science of medicine and make fame for himself. All the body of guards of Celsus are keeping watch over him that he may accomplish his ambition and make a big physician. A member of Theta Nu Epsilon and Phi Sigma Kappa. i l:R.XNlil,lN llixinns laxckiiy, lfallston, North Carolina. To .s'l1o'zu flu' l7L'llI,tIlIl r1'o11gl1fc1'.v of l1c1 flcIIl1jl1l'Ul'.x', To molcc flfc clzilo' ll Jllclll, flic 1111111 tl cl1il1l, To slay flic figcr flnzf flofli li-av lvy SllIIl1fjl1lt'l', To fi1111c flu' llllltillfll 1111117 lion fuilrl, To HI0l'lC flip xnliflc, in fl1c111xcl':'c.r ln'g11ilca',' T0 clzccr flzc fllllffjlllllllll foiflf i11- C'l't'lI.fL'fIll crofix ,-l11cl 'zurzxfc lzugv .vf011c.r iuiflz lifflc tuufm' dI'0f.V. lt if said of our friend, who hails from that decidedly rural district of North Caro- lina, and who carries with him some of the rural etchings in his individual characteristics, which have not been entirely rounded off by his four years' medical career, that since he has turned out the brush on the superior labia of his oral cayity that he need only the XYest- erner's somlirero to change his identity from that of a ploughman to that of a Mexican ranchman. llut with all these markings of his peculiar characteristics, Lackey will be there when the roll is called and to make his personality felt in the future as he has done in the past, since he is a graduate of Oak Ridge Institute, N. C., and is the pos- sessor of laurels along other lines. 57 l,1,oY11 hlxcksox luxxlcli, l'enlleld, l'ennsylvania. Clarion Normal College. I fuzll 11111 gfzfw' nf' lllbl f'l7ft't'1S, nor will I .N'lIflit'1' 111v lllllllt' r1'11.vl1v1f Illllifl' 1111111111 ill11li'o!111'x fvvi. AX potentale wise is he, should other pow- ers vlmnge the natural order of things. Some how or other he is hard to understand and vet we know that he is 21 sit iqle man. Un the other hzind he is popular and has many friends it-re. llc entered with Us in the junior 3' lle has inside Hood 'ind the l1e'1venlx' tribe 5 1 1 4 . . . x'out'l1s'1le to hun '1 sliccess in his professl X nu-lnlwr ol lllllC""l l psilon l'ln . 4, 1 ear will on. Enc:,xR XYINSLOVV LANE, TLS., Herford, North Carolina. XYake Forest College. This is the zt'01'la",v soul, and et'c1'v fiieve is of the 5111116 sf1i1'if. Shire 11e- l'f'S.S'lf-X' used 11161, I tuozrld 1111116 fun' IIIFX' iu0c1Ifl1 into dO7ZtIfl01l, buf, I f1e1'c'c'i2'0 that IIICII 1111151 disficzzxe' in ftifrv, for ffolir-1' sits ulvow C01zxrie1zre'. Prussia, thou vanquished empire, would, that in your day of trouble, you had suffered the services of such a noble man as this one noble Ed Lane. No Frederick the Great, to whom your country has given birth, can com- pete in any measure with this child of philoso- phy. We do not know the signiliean-:e of his name "Frederick" but we know that he is a "Frederick in a class by himself." He is as pure in heart as he is noble in thought. For the most part, he is an extraordinarily good man, a good student and a good fellow. NYC predict for him one million dollars in wealth. .AX member of Kappa llsi and Randolph Winslow Society. 58 Anmson LTQRKDX' LEWIS, lllaclqstoclc, South Carolina. Presbyterian College, S. C. XYo1Cford College. 1 111'f-v 1111 1'01111ci1 tulziclz is 111'1f1'11' by 1111111115 111111 foolsg 1 21111 kixx 111'- t1'.vf111111' 1701165 1'111'11e1' 1111111 y11'1111 to t1'1'111'111'1'-v,' the 51111 in 1111111 is 11111. 117111111 11111 is LI 111111, 111111 1'l11'1'1' the f1oi.r1111 ix 115 ll f'i1'1111 f'0l1f'11l1'lI, to 1-l'I't111- 1.511 1111 11111'1'j11'ir2'111111' 1'1111111'11111c11' 111111111. The noblest child born of Southern woman- hood of whom we can be proud. llis life is an unfading flower which typities every virtue characteristic of a real Southern gentleman. His companionship is as pure as the lilies of Gethsemaneg his friendship is better than any 1 have ever known. XYithin his noble being are to be found many virtues which few men possess. As a student of medicine he did ex- ceedingly well and was the most popular man in the whole class. During his four years spent here, LeRoy Lewis held many orlices. he made the Honor System see the glory of its existence, revolutionized rotten political creeds and doctrines and advanced the morals of his fellow beings and associates. President of Tammany Hallg President of the Class of 19153 a member of Randolph XYinslow Surgical Society, and clinical ex- terne in 1015. A princely jewel was he. May his life and the things incident to life always bring to him happiness. t1sc.x11 YlC'1'oR l.1N11,x1u1'r, 2922 E. Fayette Street, lialtimore, Klaryland. llaltimore City College. Deichmann's School. Tliix ix 1116 1f1'1'11I1'.v1' 1'1'1'.'11' of 1111 11111 I't'.S'f,' I111' 1111111 .v111111111 111' f'I1Zl 111111 1111' 1111zf1'1'11, 1111111 ,vcr 1111111'l1'x-v k1111'zus 1111 170IlIlt11II'VX'. Even his face, alone, shows something with in it which satisfies a long lost desire for hu' mane courtesy. He is said to be about to be engaged in spoiling his beautiful personality by engaging in that most hideous crime, other- wise known as Ublutling the public" on false dignity.. llut we consider him harmless at that. Many girls go wild over his appearance. Representative of Omega Epsilon l'hi and Theta Nu Epsilon. 59 2. 'loiix ,'Xl,i:i2R'i' lilfRL'Il.XRD I.owRx', liaynham, North Carolina. U fi111t', cctixc 1111111 111111 Iusf 110 1011gf1'1', if z'1:i'y I11y 1'0111',vf' x111'i't'11s0 10 lu' 111411 x1m111t1 s111"z'it't'. 5111111 1'01'ft'11 41041111 111111't' llollfllflixf of 1116 xfroizgfci' mul 11'111't' 1110 ft11f1'1'i1111, f1'f'111t' .VOI11.Y izliw, TIIFII 11-rw, .vzuccf l,111'1't're, 11-rc 411141111 111111 .wc f11y f'lI1'tI7ll0I!1' dir. .Ns long as life shall last, as long as the orlis shall inovc, whether here or elsewhere. as long as lllillllilllfl knows mankind. the image or the perlectioii of this lacing shall always slanel paramount within himself. Ilis record I s lx ifl lixefl a life which most meclical students do clean, his face is lair, and his conscience free froin the calumny of reniorsc. lint his cas are intolerant in many respects. lle . , . . . . not hw. Ihc greatest error ol his way lies in the fact that he associalefl with anrl fought for the one llr. lliiwaril Kelly, of llalliniore, whichisanlinpai'4l11lial1lt'sin. -TOSFCPII ALEXANDER LIPNICK, Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore City College. IV11-v 1111111 11131 seivazzt, O,hp01't111zi1'y, B6'f1'G-X'6'Cl7 the 1l01ll'S thou gaffst me to re fi ost' 01116611611 my fo1'z'1111c's, and encliaiized me To ez1111ex5 date of 1zer'e1'-endiizg woes? Tiziiefs' offices are to find 1110 111116 of foci' To cuz' nf c1'1'01's by opiuioiz bred To sjimza' t11p dowl'-v of a 141-zufirl bed. This man, Tubby Lipnick, whose dimen- sions are equal in all directions is a descend- ant of our one year's predecessor, therefore, we say: Opportunity, my servant, thou hast hetray'd me whilst I slept. Good-naturedness seems to stand out as one of his most redeem- ing features, for he has taken credit unto him- self for having done two years of outside work in Professor Neale's department splen- clidly according to his own dictum, but in re- ality got one-half year's credit for same. NYe pity, U yes, pity him, for he is the victim of that loathsome disease, Somnas, whose par- oxysnis manifest themselves T. l. D. and spare him not wherever he he, on, or off, of class. 4-1 60 Ii. M. McCU1.1,oL'i111, If.1'rel!e1zf 'ZU0l'l?H1lIlZ.' Thou rt111.v't not faint CI 1111111 so had uc is ilzyxelf. Perhaps the class prophet would have been a little more select in his references had he realized the little come back. No hard feel- ings meant and sure none will be taken. Mack got up a good prophecy as :ill will say who read it and that in itself will show you the manner of the man he is. We expect great things of him but not in the medical world. He will be most noted for his literary produc- tions and the reform work that he will do when he arrives sure enough in the realms of his Satanic Majesty. "Peace be unto his ashes? Class Prophet. A. E. KiL'RIfYNHl,I1S, Stanford, Illinois. Lincoln L'niversity. l -will not .vt1'1', 1z111' 'Zt'll1l'i', 11411' sfwtllc ll tuo1'u',' Go! ,S'ff111f1' 'zuitl1i11. Many elements have existed, both within and without the universal spheres. This prod- igy comes from a town in Illinois. The worst thing we can say for him is that he attended a University which bore the name of Abe Lincoln-and all people know what Abe Lin- coln was both in morals and birth-a noble man is he. A member of Qmega Llpsilon Phi. 61 xlll .XI11 lliixio' .Xxrox Kllflililfl.. llaltiinore, Klarylaml. Lit1llCH1'tl College New York. 61111111 11111111' 111 1111111 111' 111111111111 ix 1'l11' i1111111'1ii11f1' yj1"rt'1'l of z'l11'11' ,v1:111x,' 1t'f111 .vl1'1If.v IIIX' ftIt1'.x'1' .x'f1'1Il.x' f1'11.s'f1. int this nolilc .Xnton wc shall have to C1xicLos L. hl.XSS.'XNl2'l', Porto Rico. M611 xhozila' bc' tulzaf llfltft' .x'1'1'111. Stately in manner, graceful in forin and heautiful in language he. The most unkindly thing that we may say of him is the fact that he engages in many sentiinentalities. How- ever, his sentimental side is not akin to affec- tion and, like many of his ancestral race, is a popular favorite among ladies. A member of Phi Chi Delta and Latin American Society. tonfcss that irc know little. llicrcfore, our it-i"1rks are necessarily liniitcgl. llc is s HlSL'tl to have coinc originally from the fir cat llig State ol New York. Somciol his char tctcristic instincts are still clorniant hut many have liccn ira'licatc1l. lfoi' thc most part, hc picks his special lricnfls antl stays away from thc other lclloxxs. Hnc notalile thing aliout hnn is thc fact that he ha'l thc sainc front scat in all l,ccturc llalls for four years. llc is cnflnl nieflical nian. rl Klcnilicr ol lixcctitirc Coniniittcc in l'Jl4- l'llh. 62 L. R. Miiyiiizs, Rockwood, Pennsylvania. I .vary .x'11e's fi6'lIIl',' fl! .9-zufazr il. If tuoru' nor oath fVl'C'Z'llf1 11022 go lllld ser. No so bad as the above might indicate, but there's more truth than poetry in it. He's the kind of man you dream about when you have stayed too long with Bacchus and your vision is not one of Yenus. llut after all is said and done, he is a pretty good fellow and we wish him well. Came to us from the Bal- timore Medical College. XX'.C.3lii.i,1-iii, Cocliranville, Pennsylvania. .luanita College. ,II .wollz I lczzoiu 1101 H111 v l tllll .vo .wil It 'zu1'111'ivs llIt'V,' you .my it ':uv111'i1'x .VOIl,' 13111 IIOTL' I 4111151111 il, ffilfflli if, or UIIIIL' by Iif, lliflclf .Yfllzf 110171 'fix 111111lt' of, 'zkllllirli if ix , l lllll fo lf'111'11,' .-11111 .v111'l1 ll 'ZL'lIllf 'zvilli .v1111'111'xs l1ltId'c'.x' of 1Ilc', That l 1111710 111111'l1 info fo lclloiv my- xvlf, Of Miller we would say that of his melan- cholie, moody disposition, we have in truth not learned to know this man as well as wc might have as he spent two years at hluanita before he took up the medical pursuits with us, and it might be well of this man to say that by his so holding his tongue he leads us to think of his wisdom. Hur friend was seized with that communicable disease trans- mitted by food-flies' lingers, at the end of our junior year and was treated in our hospital where he became the amiable pet of our nurses. 63 ll r 1 Inoxrxs I.. Klomeow, Nlebzine, North Carolinzi. l'niyersity of North Carolina. Lui' me imzkv man kIIO'Zx' 111011' 'zul- lIc'A' in mv tlnzn my lmlvitx xfmzu. Ht a congenial disposition :incl jovial man- ntr, you hzuc to ltnow the man to lincl out the flcpth of hiin. lielieying the profession lit has chosen to be one of the highest calling, L "pressed toward the work" with earnest- ss :infl zeal. Ile will be one of the shining llsllls ol the ini-4lic'il world .X nlcnibcr ul' lizinflolph Xlinslow Society. 6-1 DANIIQI, BRUCE BlUF1f12'l"1', AB., Talladeega, Alabama. Richmond College. 'Hu' t'lH'lUllS L'l'llIIF, Ilia jim' felirity and flotuw' of 7cickef1'm'.vx. .-Xt present, a psychological subject for study for not a few psychicists, who are searching out the hidden recesses of brain matter that they may hnd a logical reason why a human being can sleep so profoundly every day, irre- spective of his environment. lt is not fair to compare him to a sailor boy, because his heart- breaking powers extend into distant conti- nents. He can vividly depict certain trips which he has taken and if you should mention New York, "Uh, my woe." Unfortunately, he is one of our wise philosophers. It is even feared that he and Epicurus shall have to com- bat in future worlds. A member of Nu Sigma Nu and Theta Nu Epsilon. Cn.uu.i-is llow,utp Most-is, . . Sharon, Vennsylyama. Sharon College. llmt' nxt' t1'o1'l1 lH'ccff tl fmfvil in ll llltIIl.' l,cf mc lo my .rfwillff 'relzcrc l may ziroiezz fmzrlvlcx um! .vjicuk 'zeiffl flu' lllfjf1flllfjlI!t'A' about mc. Somewhere in it little town in l,Qllll5ylY2llllZl. about thirty-four years ago, Moses was horn. .Xfter growing up from infancy he liecamc flaring in his efforts. Finally he took a small hoat and some oars anrl proeeerlcrl clown the River Nile. He stopped on the way anrl was graduated from Sharon College. Meanwhile he took up meclicine in the llar llarlior Merli- cal College and entered with us in 1013-101-l. He broke his oars anfl lost his boat. Next year he will prolmalily travel on lanil in a small huzz wagon ancl stay away from the River Nile. Tall, graceful and goozl looking is he. Omega Cpsilon l'hi. Y' Qin hllI,l'I',I!l XXl',.XXIt,R Klyigics. Xork, liL'llll5X'lX'lllIl2l. Age, 2-lg XX eight, 15193 lleight. D tt. fn m. Single tunattachetl l. 'llhey say twe just can't rememlier whoi. that appearances are tleeeptiye. liut if you look at M. XY.'s hair you surely will not he ile- ceivecl and call it black, hrown, hloncl, or eyen auburn, but it is plain, orflinary recl, white and blue, California brick-hat color-REID. llut notwithstanding tthat's how we took a pair of trousersl he's one of the tinest chaps we know ancl he's a gentleman in every way. shape or form. ls a graduate of York County ikcacleniy antl attended the 1'ennsylyania State College. 65 iX1,iiiii:'i' .Xi'i'.i's'i'i's N.Xl'M.X t 'YN 1 i Springlielcl, Massachusetts. Slvringlielcl lligh Scliool. ! flitznfs flzvr, lllrlrlll, jor Xlllllllllj .rn l1rigfl1z'lAx',' fur, lvwx' lfivv tf1'tIt'lfl1l.Y ljllftffll, gflitlerillyf fll't'llllIXV, l Irzrxf to fuxtv of f1'1:f'.f1' 'f'f11'.vf1t".x' ,s'ilrfl1I'. The perfect niirror of ll real llmxex'ei', within his 'L 'i Q Xantliip K , C11.xi:Li-is XX'iis1.i-ix' Mriius, ' Marysville, Pennsylvania. Dickinson College. lI'e I7l'L'UZ'fIf'll1 our roinzsel, but if filmwd yozzr lziglziiexs to 0i'f'1'fit'cI1' if. Not u llltlfly-Ftlff Dlll'llt'S.N' lzux lived who uzuvv yet my jewels f70lld6'?'. lle is neither a child of destiny nor that of fate. ln fact he is wontlerfulg in theory he has no peer, unless it be Mike Egan, and the great big rlitference between the two is, name- ly, Myers can back up his argument while Egan fails in his foils. Myers fortunately hecaine to be Dr. Chas. Mitehell's special pet, anal ltncl as an associate Squire Justice from the Supreme llench. Meinljfer of Omega L'psilon l'hi. We xirlues are saiml to lie. Soniewhere within the intricate recesses ul this vouth s lnain we presunie are planle'l the notes of harnif toxrzirl nizinlqinil. llziving emne with us from the Ilziltiinore Meflieztl College in his jun l is tl tear, l'e has u3oi'lQecl mliligently' ant, :J iiotlier tor all his sins, we vouehsate that ri Venue shall iniilie plztenl his furroxverl hr in olrl nge. lle was quiet, anal, to sax' tht lt-:isl, :ni :ill ztronnrl qootl inetlieal inztn. 4 1 bs Vliniezil exteriie in l'nixlers' ' is ln ' lit-ifi'eseiil'ilix'e ol Uineea Ll 1 n llii itx l luspllill in wil l"l? tits , Glioiuzii R. li'.X'l'RlCK, Lowell, North Carolina. Davidson College. To ln' or not to Iraq that ix Ilia qizfxw- tion. The noble mind firms not -:wills izz officw' to sirjifvi' 0lIl'l'CIfjc'Ull.Y fOVl'll1lt', and flzouglz sim' he i'v111c111Iu'i'vr1', fllc cat will zimzu and each dog -will lziiw' his day. A prince among real men, an architect in thought, a builder in feat, a demon towards hi1n who plays foul!such is he. And some- where beneath the skies in North Carolina, made radiant by their golden gleam, this young physician shall atone for all his sins by minis- tering to morbid anatomy. Hut of this there shall undoubtedly accrue for him fame for his labors. XYhile here he was a good student. a good fellow, and a member of the Kappa l'si Fra- ternity. -v- M. , . V .Xi,l:1',lc1o l,. l'oic1i oxoo l,Jl',l, Vino, Santiago de Cuba. Yilla Nova College. llaying touched the height of my fondest hope, I hereby declare myself to he Lord and Master over all that which l survey. 'llhinlc not of me unkindly. My psychology is too deep for ordinary human beings. Latin-American Club. 67 X11'1t1c'1'11t'1' ' A , , .i1xt1.x lllgfvll l',Xl.llll S2111 hluzin, llorto Rico. 1 S2111 hluzin Centrztl lliffh Selmol 5 Sllll Al llllll .XCZl1lL'llly. .I !i'I'1Ilft'l' iffulltlvllltlaz IL1'4'lllf.S' 1111! flu' iwfrllz. llfmrlzfm 111 11111.15 111' l1r:'tx1' 111111 S'11!111'11 fn lfzrlxt' 111' fzufvx. l1111l11 ff as l1ee11 lit-re for four long VL'lll'N . . , . l lllllxt' the 111111 lu lI1s Satziiiie Nlajestv, he 111ll g1':1d11:1te 111 -lllllk' hy his lahois and not ll11f111gl1 lllx pull. XXCl1I'L'fllCl l.Ul'l1llll that out 111 l,lll'lll liwo, so111e11'l1e1'e. soinetiinc, this 1111ll Xtlllllif lllllll shall vet llllllfl '1 fznnc and 1 ltll41XXll lfll. llllllNL'll. .Xt llI'L'SClll, he is not ll1llllt'4l l111l Nlllllllfl l1e X'Cllllll'C tot 1 far, we 11 Il tht- 1.o1l1lt-ss ul l.o1fe 111:11 vet l1I'lfllC his llllfltl' :1111l IlilNNlllllilll' l1e:11't X jollx' qooil 68 C1,.x111iNt'1-2 .l.x111-is l'1:1e141a'1"1', ILS. Fz1i1'111o11t, West Yirgiiiia. L'11i1'e1'sity of XYest Yirginia, .eX.l3. L'nive1'sity of Nlarylaiid, NLD. Of .vt1ffv.vf 111c11111c'1', 111111 1lIltIffCt'fL'4l 111i11d, loiw' 0ff1t'u1'e and all lllmzkilzfl. Uh, thou patient world! Look now upon the wonderful Visage of our woe and object. Dost thou see the iinmortal e1nl1len1s 11'hich this person conveys to you? Let all the world know that Clarence il. l'1'iekett is not the man as Goldman would have him painted. Though the Heavens fall and the earth melt. l1e was a man. Strenuously did he light that he might overcome lluie and liuieisin. l'riekett is a good man, he is a good fellow, the world ae- lqnowledges hiin to be a star in the Iiilllllil Psi, and those who do not care can go to l1ell. A good inan. Mosiis RASKIN, 517 W. 37th Street, Savannah, Georgia. Georgia School of Technology. .g'Zk'l't'lL D01't01', you shall be my bed- fc'N0'IUV,' tulzmz I 11111 11bs1'11f, 111011, 111' -zuiffi my -wife. Dr. Moses Raskin is the noblest and most kindly .llassanio that we have ever known. and, unlike the gifted Antonio, held not the mercenary attributes of his being more dearly than his friendship. Nerissa alone should pray on her knees that this human being once lived. Doctor Mose has been associated with us for four long years, he has been a splendid student, and he has made good. He was clin- ical interne during part of his senior year and his health would not permit its-continuation. Achieved special honors in the work of chil- dren. .X member of llhi Delta Epsilon and editor from his fraternity to the '1'1i1u:.x KI.x1c1.x1: of 14115. lllL'lsIRI.XN RAY, Raleigh, North Carolina. L'niversity of North Carolina. T110 1'11.vv tllllf 1'.1'f11'1'f11111'v of II11' fair .s'f11f1', HIL' 111115.11 of f.lI.N'!1f01I 111111 the 111011111 0ff01'111, 171If tl llltlll fo 1'l11' 111111101' l1111'11, luke llflll for all itll ull. Mark the strength of personality in this face. Remember this man as you know him to be. Use frivolity with him as far as you may choose, but when the "show down" comes be a man. lie is, to say the least, a real busie ness man, a profound cosmopolitan, and thc crown prince of "Ethics" which are concerned with attending to your own business, We feel grateful that he has used his rod with iron- clad rule in the Halls of 'l'annnany and made our environment better. A Golden beam in Lpsilon flhi and l'hi as l Sigma Kappa. Secretary of Class in senior year. May Heaven and its :Xngels cause him to be blessed. lie is a member of rank in the Randolph XYinslow Surgical Society. 69 .X11'1'111'11 ll.X'l"l'HN li1111111.xN, 1111111111 11l'Cl1Z1l'tl, Massachusetts. 'llechnical lligh School, 11710. Catheclral lligh School, 1911. c10lIlt', l11'1f1'1' 1'111111'111'f,' 1111111' 1fI!1llit'f lijllll 1111111 11111 1111 fo 11111 11'11.1'I1i1111 l'01'd'.N' ! .1II1!l .vcr KI IIIIIII 11' tl 1111111 for tl' fllllf. This beautiful young 111311 ca111e to us 1111' junior year, also when llaltiniore Medical College aI'11liz11ed witl1 1l1e Lvl1lVCl'S1t1'. XYitl1i11 11s lieaving l1oso1n rep11se a11d are buried 1111'- cver, those priceless principles for which our fathers fought, those H5011--l11Zlf1C' 1112111 ideals" 1g:1111s1 which there is 1111 1'el1ul1e or retaliation. 1 l'o1' 1111- sake of her wl1o gave 111111 111 1l1e xx11I'l1l, hc has 111a1lc good 111111 people lin 11 l1l1'fP1lgl1fll11 1111- globe. llc is to l1e c1 UH' 1111-- lI1t'llflL'fl for l12lX'll1Q' worlqed l1z11'1l and dili e ,Qt'l1ll1', for liaving l1L'C1l Il 1111111, and 11111s1 of 111, for l1a1'i11g' 111z11lc 1111- wo1'l1l 111-ttcr 111' l1:1x' IIIQ' l1X'L'fl 111 11. . . . 1 . 1111111111 lpsilon 1,111 l'l'!llt'I'IlIl1'. .X go 141'll1 111 Illlfl Illllll. Gifolzczrt W11,1,11x11 RICE, Cumberland, Maryland. lialtiinore Polytechnic School. Like 11 R01111111 1111111' the 1111111 I tell,- 1 was 11111 110111 111 1111- 0111 B1'11t11s' 5-z1'01'a'. George XYillian1 Rice is not a carbohydrate food. C111 tl1e other hand, l1e represents 111311K classical virtues, many of wl1icl1 are peculiar to himself. 'lio l1is friends, l1e is gentle, a11d tl1e whole worl1l might stand up and say: He is a 111311. To his enemies l1e is uncouth, and Macbeth could never have equaled hi111. It is believed that l1e will outgrow l1is habit of sleeping when l1e begins tl1e practice of 111edi- cine and gets so many patients that l1e will have to re111ai11 awake. Member of Alpha Omega Delta and Phi Sigma Kappa. Clinical externe in 1915. T0 .louis llxxn-ii, Roiziisson, All., lvanhoe, North Carolina. Davidson College. His hand is thc fiiirixvt l c'z'cr fozicht'a',- his hciug ix the iiohlmf I hirz'i' ctw' kiioiuiig his 'Zt'0l'lI' is iimrv .vliihlv than tj0'Z'FI'lIIlIc'Ilf i7Ul1U75,' his fiwxoiziiiify ix as 6'l1dt'tI1'1lIfj ox if ix t'0II'Z'I-JIc'flIU,' his fi'ie11iixlzi," ix tix fiiirc aim' lU.S'fl'llg ax that of 0118.5 iiiofhcr. Not that we love him less liut that we honor him more, is the incentive of the word which may be the last rite we shall lie ahle to pay him, and nowhere within the hounds of man- kind shall a more genial and perfect gentle- man be found. Carefully placed within his noble and massive lirain are the priceless con- cepts of lilierty, of justice, and of truth, and never was there a more versatile llistorian among men than this hlohn 13. Robinson. lior the sake of her who made him what he is, he stands ready to defend the cause of right when necessary. Let the whole world know that there stands, not only a medical man of fame well merited, hut the greatest positive assur- ance of becoming one of North Carolina's noblest statesmen in the future. XYe are all proud of him. While here he was one of the guiding stars in Kappa Psi, in the Randolph lYinslow So- ciety, and a clinical externe in 11115. ln addi- tion, he was also Yice-President of the Class in 1914, and Assistant Editor-in-Chief of 1'l15 'lllfkR.X 31.XRI,XFf. . vi tl. l'. Ross, llaltimore. Klaryland. Tlioxc lhuf i'iI1I fiify, limi' iimy, if they think if -zceff, ict fri!! ll lcirig' Ihr' .riihjvci 'will tI't'.Yc'I"Z't' it. l'erhaps of all quotations made in this liool this is more to the point and tits the man liest to whoin it refers. Ross is a good student and of a brilliant mind. hut he lacks one thing to make him popular with men, and mos particularly students in a university, namely tact. Having a tendency to he suliservient ani conspicuous in the eyes of his professors, lit for the first few years of his course madt himself a joke. .Xt last he has realized tht "error of his ways" and should he continut the good work should make good. Success ti him. lleld several class oflices. 71 1'I,,xx'1f111111 1,11l:IiNZ11 1Ql'SII, .Xl5K'1f1l'111, K1111'y1111111. 171-11'11111111111's College. l 1'111'11 111111 I 11111, 111'l 111111 1 'fL'f5lIV, 11-:1'1' 1117 1111111 11111 1', 1-11-ZQ1' 1111 llI1ll1'A' 111111- fl-111'.N'.N', 1111111 of 1111161' ll11'1I'.v11111111, F1111- l1'111 1111111 l1lV',' f11II'llI. 1,111-11 111111 111 1111s1w, we, 1111 11e11111-11 11111-CS. 1 1.1l'1151lfL' 111 1111-e 111111 111 1111 the w111'111 111111 1111i 1111'1111'1- 1'1-111'1-s1-111s ll 111-111'1' 1111111 1 111111 111- 111 1111 xx-1111111-110 e111-1111es 1111111111 have 111111 l'llI11L'11. 111' is 1111- 11'11e S11-1-1 111 '111111111111115' 11111 111111 1111 5 111-x'1-1' 111s1 Il 1111111e 111111 xv 11' x1'1'111. 'lxhe w111111- 1l1IX'CTSI1f' CX1CI111S lL'1'l 1111-1-11 111 1111111115 111 11111' 11111P1L' f1'11-1111 1111' 111 11111111111 1111111115 NL'1'X'11'C. '1111 11118 1'1'11w11 1111 1Pl11111Q'N 1111- 1111111- f111' 11Z1X'lI1Q' 1'1'11s111-11 Il 11 S HCL' 1 1110 ll lll N .111N11111'111'y 111 11111' Sk'111Nl1. 111- has 1111111111 hu 111111 111-11, 111- 11215 11111111- Il 11S1-1111 111111 g'111111 1 111111 111 11111' 111151111111 111111 11111. Sl'111l1l1' he has 1- 1111 ll 51l1Il1'L'1l1lN1S1l1111 111-1- 111l1'1'11l11l'Q11111 1 U11 111111111111 hw 1111111-IN 111xx111'11s 111-11-1'111111111Q 111111111 111111 1.11Q'11L'N h1-1'1-. '1'11 111111, 11-1 111 111 11x1-N 111-. 1'111-111111 111- I1g'h1. N1111' y1111 1 lrlll' 11111111111 f11l111l1'N 111 1'1-111 1.l'1L'l111S11lIl .Ill 1 V111 11 . 1 . -Q. XX1L1,1.-111 'l111111.xs R111x111c 1"l11111 1, SOll11I1DO1't, North Carolina. Age, 25g Height, 5 ft. 8 111.g XYe1gh1, 135. Single 1xUl1Z111ZlC11C111. 11 you take a good 111111: 111 11111 5-1111 111111 111111 he's pretty y111111g 111111 wise 111111111115 for 25, 11111 he is-111111 looks are 1101 11eee1v111g 111 this Case, EIS 111 111a11y others. He is Z1 wise 0110. ,-X1te1111e11 t11e 'I11'11111y College 11re11ara1o1'y 111 01111111155 111 the 1111111111111'e X11-111c111 C011ege 111 1911, 111111 C111111- over with the 111111011 111 '13. C11l11C2l1 .1XSS1StZlll1 1914-11115, 111111 I1 111e11111e1' 111 the 1'111 C111 1:l'Zl1C1'l111y. 111111111 I',:11'111 N 1'1.f1XX11111g N1IlI'. I 72 Lt'eiL's Cxlei. S.xNoi5i:s fiislllld-l'lu, 239 .Greenville St., Anderson, South Carolina. Age, 245 Height, 6 ft., Weight, 156. Social condition, single tunattaehedl. Uh you Lueius-but he's a good fellow in spite of that handicap. One of the neat chaps that you see walking around that don't seem to he awake and doing hut gets the jump on the wine-gainers. Another prominent thing ahout Sandy is his hair! Uh mother, his hair. 'llhe kind that so niee and red-sorrel top-you know what we mean--briek eolor-there! Attended the .Xnderson High School 1903- 1908 University of South Carolina lfJOS-l'J0'7. lialtimore Medical College lllll-l0l3, and came over with the huneh to the University of Maryland. XYas Class 'l'reasnrer in l'Jl-lAl'9l5, hut he didn't get our dues. ls a memher of tlinega Cpsilon l'hi lirater- nity. gfli lsiooi: Seillin t"l'irtorr", S06 E. l5lst Street, New York City. Age. 2-lg lleight, D ft. ll in.: XX eight, lHtl. Engaged. Well, this is crusty Yie when it eonies to nerve and erust we'll give him the pie and the start. Yie onee lived in a hoarding' house where the people treated him H. li., hut on coming hack for lns last year found a dirty sheet- there wasn't a clean spot on it. What did he do-tdramatie emphasis, pleasel throw up his hands and move! Nay, nay, Vaulineesay not soshe washed it himself and she never knew about it hut he finally got it so clean that it will never have to he washed again. tlet that? St JME CRCST. Attended the 'l'ownsend llarris llall and City College of New York. Kleinlier of l'hi Delta Upsilon. XYas one of original ll. Xl. C. erowd. 73 LC' hx gui XXI v 1 . . M1 . - - l,oi is XX .x1.111,i: bLlllfl',Il:l',lQ, llaltimore. Maryland. Hurt' fur groin' cave IIIUEX' f'ic'l't'c', I 11111 11111' ffllg .v1'1'i-z'i11g I0 11141166 I7c'fl't'I', often tue 111t11' -tuliuz' ix well. llis name is l.ouis, hut we call him Deutsch not for political reasons. He is an athlete nd zi mustache growerg in the former a suc- Ss-'-lll the latter :i failure. However, he is 1 philosopher, even for that, since he passed 'e months tif his senior year in "hum" ar- nents with Hendrix, trying to persuade Hendrix In helieve that in 1916 Germany iuld control all Europe and he mistress of the high seas. "He was a man, take him all in all, lor the tact that he was a good stu- dent, that he attended to his own husiness, and for his many coveted virtues. He is a ffrarlu- P- itt- of Ilaltimore City College, attended Ileich- mann's Uollegc and the .lohns Hopkins Llnirer- ity. For his aptness and ahility was made l'rt-sitlt-nt fm l1'111f111'1' in our lirst year. Later he st-rxefl on Qilllss llanner Committee for two it-zirs, and held :i chair on lixecutive Comniit- lic in his st-iiior year. 'llliroughout his senior war was clinical externe to l'nix'crsilx' llosa pilzil. licutsrli ls single yet. litlt lillll' lllood, .Nr 74 HARRY Scimecic, Baltimore, Maryland. lialtimore City College. .My mind lzafh 116011 ax big ax y0111'.v.' llly lieurf as great, and my 1'f'z1s011, lzajvfily, more. Standing aloft from the small jealousies of earth, this specimen is nothing more than what he appears to be. No psychology is too deep for him: no knowledge too inspiring. He has made a special record in the iield of medi- cine and can today startle any one who should try to disprove his statements. g .v A' .4 R.x1,ifii .'5xI,l-,XIl'i birxifi-,ie, llurkittsville, Marylantl. Gettysburg College. He .v11.v l1l101l1jSf 111611, 11k1' ll 11'1'.v1'1'1111'- 611' 110115 111' 1111111 11 1111111 of 1101z111'x1'1x 111111 1111, 1l1111'1' 1111111 1111111111 .v1'1'11111111. A man to the manor horn, a friend to lie most prized, an enemy to lie most fearecl. .Xs warm-heartecl as he is large in statue. .Xs strong as a Hercules he fears no one an1l dares to maintain that which he lielieves tn lie right against all odds. Rearerl in the rugged mountains of the Xlestern part of Klarylancl he is a ehilcl of nature anil she knows her own. His future is as clear as the sky allure the lancl of his liirth. We expect great things of him. S.XKll'l'fl. IJ. SHJXNNIJN, lialtimnre, Klarylancl. 111' lx 11110 Of 1111' 1l111111'.x'1 111116, 111 'Zt'1I0.N'l' 1e11z11'111'.s'.v 1 11111 11111111 111f111111'1-v 11611. 131111011 Ilflflll 111111 111'1'111'11111111,v IIN ,vnu 'Z'tI1llt' -v11111' 11'11x1. A man of unassuming' ways an1l a great fu- ture. Une of the liest all rnuncl men in the class and clues not ltnow it. lle will make his mark high on the laflrler of fame in his pru- fession and we are proud of him. lfurther worcls in the limited space here atlnrclecl seem neeclless. You will hear from him again. Class artist. 75 vt-it l1:1tl1 lict-11 tht- flow l:R.XNli E. S1111-11-x -X ll 1f.-.., Savage, Maryland. Western Nlarylanrl College. fl1'1'1' has ll 'Zt'1'1'I1'f1z'11l tA01'f7.K'6' of -:1'1't'tt'l11'11' soul I1 Cffff ' .Sin-lc 11111 my 111111112 Iulzo, llillzlli, ull li-P11111 1111'11 dia' lt , . v f'11.v.v Ivy, tum' 1'111'.n' iliy fillg lun' fwtxx 111111 xitry- not l11'1'1' flirt- 111111. lit-1111 well, 'tis Z1 titting ol1ituary of this uiost 1-oiireitcfl 111zu1. llis tloniineering manner will long' lie l'L'll1C111l1L'l'Qtl llllll w'1 s Z1 most grievous fault. llc would have told you so had you tskt-11. XXYl1L'l1 21 1112111 flies most of the had is litiru-cl with hun. llztrl this lieen the cztse with the suliyt-ct of this sketch we would have liecn tim-ui to leztyt- this illflfl' It lilztnk. Ut all things the worlfl cloth hate most he, who, A 1 11:11-ing iiotliing :intl knowing nothiitg, is sud- tlt'lllX' Qin-11 5111110 111111q111:11'x' '1utl1o1'1tx' 'llltl '1t . 1 4 Ul1t't' ttstltllx the powt-1's 111 ll tvotcntztte. Cons lllflll ot inztnx' great lllt'll. lloyx lllllfll lllllllli so sl1:1ll it lit- to one sllt'll :ts this. lllllfluil l'11silo11 l'l1i. IXIYLES BERNARD SHA111q1tx', 627 Qnondaga Avenue., Syracuse, New York. Age, 2-lg Height 5 ft. 1014 in.g XYeight, 150. Single. It is a good thing for Sharkey that we don't know much about him. You know he is one of those kind you see now and then-mostly then and his voice-so melodiously reseinbling Z1 fog horn. Attended the Syracuse Univer- sity, lialtiinore Medical College, and came to l'nix-ersity of Maryland in 1913. Member of Theta Nu Epsilon. T6 , 4 1- .- L11.x1:1,1-is Eiiwwitii 5IAI.X lbixblllll . S30 N. llond Street, llaltimore, Klarylantl. fxge, 2-lg lleight, 5 ft. 8 in.: XYeight, 152. Social condition lsingle, unattachedl. tlld Sim. who's staring You in the face. is a slick little rascal-but they don't forget he is from llaltimore. Une of our quiet fellows with a way about him that just steals a gi1'l's heart right out of her shoes and whose eyes just say. "Sim, old boy-take mel" .Xnd he doesn't brag about its-a regular .X-1, genuine ladies' man-marked down to S1518 from SZ. Sim graduated at the llaltiinore City College in 14300 and in 1011 entered the llaltimore Medical College, where he was a physical di- rector, When the crowd came over to the University of Marylanfl Sim just followed. His greatest misfortune there was a lost 311.1111 overcoat, but he belongs to Omega tfpsilon Phi. l XXll.l.I.XAI Ilimm FIALXN, ILS.. Garland, North Carolina. llaridson College. Ht' 1'fIt't'1'fl1f.' Tflillff, lllifl' fllllll .Yl'tIf7ilI'.N'f mc 1.11 my flfllllt' of VX'1Illffl,' O Tliozr. 'zvlioxc c'tlf'fIllill l llliiillffflf III-X'.Nt'ff, lo-il: on my fUl'1't'.X' will: 11 'ff1'11t'io11.v cttw. .lfulcc IIA' flzvv 1111111-.'lc1'.s of QifItIA'fli.Yt'IlIt'lIf, 111111 'rec IIIUVX' f'1'u1'.vc flicc 111 ilu' 'I'1t'flII'-V. No eulogy is necessary for the ailulation ol tlus prmcely youth. XX hen you ltnow that he hails from the tamezl lanl of North Carolina, enough has been said. Circumscrilierl within his brilliant brains are pre-natal concepts which shall yet startle the whole world. .Xs student, he worked hardg as a scholar, he iccomplished much: as a real man to man in class, he did not have a peerg as a good fellow, he had no equal. l'roud North Caro- lina, wateh this, thy noble soul From him vou shall fret f-'reat thinffs. 5 6 B 77 Clinical externe in 1915. incl ln Ai' i Nlixxixi n,i.xN li. Srl-litx, Staten lslanil, New York. .llv flctvlx Ilfoll mv liciitlf l r1'i1'z't' llzi' liiiv. flip fwliulfy tum' f'o1'ft'if of 111 v liomf. l'nto all we would give what is clue. 'llhe portraycrl and one who will stand hy the law. ull nccfl not expect more lor il you do you iniotzition is to the point. .X just man is here will lic fliszippointeil. llc will hecome wealthy 's nxinic shall lic ll synonym for riches. l'hi licltzi lfpsilon. SAMUIQL SNx'1enf1i:, 1,Clll1SylYZcl1ll2i. I'ennsylyania State College. O! royal P?1'lt'16'.Y, what nzcuus the 'ZUOIIIUIZQJ S116 dies. Somewhere in medicine this character has struck the cord of harmony. During his junior year he was a star in gynecology, and even went so far in his argument as to offer a method of uterine transplantation based upon his wide and varied experiences along this line of work. Even otherwise he has ac- complished much and shall yet stand upon the bottom of his own tuh. But he is not a Diogenes in kind or fact. 'TS RlfSSl'fl,I, llixicisiiit S'l'Rlfl'1'l', Slietlield, Connecticut. Connecticut Literary Institute. ,5'l111'zU 1116 the fI'lI1llf't'f thai 110111111 H115 .vf11', 111111 tuzilz my 11111l.v l11'1' f7t'tIllll,V I 1111131 fear. Let :ill men know that this is not llrofessor David Street. Many times has he been ques- tioned as to whether or not he were a son of the aforesaid man. lly many of us Davy is loved. However that is not to his discredit. The most heinous thing which we have ever known him to do was to take Egan! part, by Saying that we would offer an insult to the Fae- ulty if we should discard the use of caps and gowns in our senior picture for the Annual. llut he is a good fellow and an innocent babe as to tireworks. l'hi Chi Fraternity. onx 'llIl11Xl.XS S'r1:1x1.ii1:, 513 Xtyeth Street, l'ortsmouth, Yirginizi. l,111'1f, lmzu Illfllt' 1'y1'.v 111111111 1111.:.'1'x in NIU c'1l.s'f.' llvllllfff f1l11If f 'IUCl'1' SHIS! .ll1! tfc'tll' l11'111'f, the 111111111 1:t'1111111' only fax! 11111 ,y:111111, 111111' 1111- 1111111 f111.y'.vi1111.r fzt'1111l11' !7I1f 11111lc1' IIA' 111'11.v1.v. UI1, 5111111 11i1fl1f, lvl' flzyxvlf lic l111l for f11111111'1'11Zi'1 tllllll clflljfffllltv, H11111 .rf111111'11' f11.y'l1' of 'z'i11l11f1'1f l1'o1l1, this 1111.rf.11'11' C1'1'1117i .vfzofl 1111! lvffflllf fo 11111-rt'f1'1, fi'l111 11'i11'.r! flirt' .s'1'111'k f111fl11f1'. The noblest Roman of them all, and yet he was not a Roman. XX'hen vislid nature made this mzin, she but made him who was never to be known. Anil yet in all things, he was as stern as he was strong. llut his visits and his aequaintanees on South Fremont street are still a mystery. lleerrne nobly famous as an admiral of the Sardine Fleet about which he knows more than residents on Nlt. Royal avenue. However, there are those who van explain diligently well. XXX- doubt the sig- nilieanee of the term "Lizzie" lle was, to szly the least, a good man and lleavenly llosts shall bless him. , A member of Chi Zeta Chi. 79 A 131111111111 11llXY.XlilJ l11N111.1,.x, 91.11, 11111 XY. N111'tl1 Aveniie, lialtiniore, Marylainl. New York City College. 1111lti11111r0 City College. 171-10l111'111111's 301111111 111 11Ll111lll1Jl'C. 11Zll'X'21I'tl l'11ive1'sitx'. 1 I1'1' 1.1 ll 11111111111 of A'Il1'lI f1'i.11l11'- jul 11111'11 ffltlf 1117 111' l111f1'11' 1111111115 1111! f1l 111' .11'1'11, if11'1'11j111'1' ,PIL z'l11' 1101171011 111111 1'111'1!1 A'll1I'IU 111111 11111 1II'l1lX' 1.1 1111 l!11' ifkllflrftlfjf, 111111, H1111 1111.1 ffl!! .vf11111 111' l11'111:'1'. 1101111 111 110 11111111 111 110 1l11'11st 111111 1111- X1'cl1i1'1-s 111' lllQI11k'lllL' 111111 its secrets, tlie seven 11111n111s ll1Jl'1Z1Jll 2lXX'I11iCll11lg 1111 tlte 11ist111 1 - 1 ' 111 111 1111 g'11l11 sl111l ll2lX'C 111 give ear to 11111' lt 11111' '11x1'1101l 111'i111'0 of 'l'a111111a11x' 111111. l1efor0 111s ll'Zlll1f' 1111511111 110 111110011 liis war sliielrl 211111 1 1111- 11011111100 111x1'111'1ls 1l1e greatest n11111st0r 111 111l 11111011 110 0101' 11.111 witliin 1111r111i1ls1. '1'l1e 111110 11ll1X'C'l'5l1y l'Cll11C1'S 1llZlll1iS for liis 11111110 MIX 101-X, 8111101-11111 111011111121 was 1110 n111s1 111111111111 1111111 lll 1110 Class 111. 11115, 111111 wo 11110 111-1-11 111'N1 1I11ll1H' lllilll 111111 110 work 11gl1111' 1111110 1l111Q1-111111 110 1ill1lXX'S lllCt11L'i 111' 121t'1N 111111 11111 111 1 11-111 IXX. 11111 lllL'11lH11S. .X go 11111 llll' 1111l11s 11 11411111 NL"l1 111 lllt' 11111111111111' 111111. k11l11l111 1-x11-1'111- 111 l'1l5. DAV111 CL12M1N1:ToN S'1'11r11311A1q1-3111, Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania State Nornial. lialtiinore Medical College. If 5111111 do tlCll.Y1l1'l7 me by 11111111 .XVIII 'z1'1'1'1', 1101? -21111111 111111 11179, I k1z0z11 if 1011! 1:1'1'11se' H115 s1111'a'1'11 1'.1'1'1'11ti1111 of HIC iufff. Herein is heralded forth tlte mighty Lord and noble Yisconnt, Professor Chas. Mitchell Stiidebaker. 'llliere have been tinies at which l1e started in geiiito-111'ina1'y diseases wlien Dr. 'lliinberlake was sl1re11'd enough to catch 111111. Studebaker is peculiarly prone to be of a re- search niind, and, upon being asked a ques- tion, thinks laboriously long before l1e a11- swers your question. His par excellence can 11ot be equalled by any known Pennsylvania DL11C1l11l3ll. His specialty is discussing the intric11cies of undiscovered 1l16Cl1Cl1lC. 80 lQ.1v1111x C. L'111-1111111111 l'orto Rico. ll:1v1111z1 L'11ive1'silv. 'lll111x1' lifs flltlf I11t'11'.1' 0'It'1l 11111111.1- 11111 11111lc1' 111'1' 11.1 fflvlllx 111 1111',' 1111 1111111111 1'11il 5111111 11.r111'f1 H10 I11111111' of fflvl' l11'1'11fl1-1111111 111'f flu' Cf1111'11'1'.1's 111111 .v1'111' of 110116. Lives Z1 quiet 211111 easy life. No xvorrv has ever attemlerl the recesses of his gray mat- ter. Ilaving poured over hooks so diligently through many years, l1e cloes show the XYOFII look, but 21 day of rest still awaits his return to Hovverv lmecls of ease, when he shall have milk niaicls to 11'z1it upon him and furrow l1is non-iilaeicl hrovv. .losi-11 ll .Ii nsox XX1111-, 11.5, ll 21kC l'i111'CSl Colle' L ,1 5. ll11'1'1'.1' 1111 111'f 1'11 f7lIlf lf11' 11111111 1lv111'f1'1111111 1111 'Z-'I111111 I l1111'f1 1111 11l1.1'11s 11111 1211.112 AX gCllllCl'll2lll in every sens- ' 1- ' -X man of the highest cl1z1rz11'ter illlll llllll -, love and honorl1i111. The one 1111111 i11 the clais that no o11e ever knocks. Having Il 1111181 l1ril name for himself i11 his chosen work. A meinlver of Ra111lol11l1 XX'i11sl111v Slll'QlL'il l:1'H'lCl'l1iliGS. 81 instinct. lt is hut natural that we sl1oul1l :ill lizmt and versatile 1nin1l he is sure to Illillik' '1 Society 11ml 'llheta Nu Epsilon Zlllll lilllflfil l's1 1 , 1 1 X1I1,I,1.XN1 11. 1X11,1,1.x11s, Lt111111PC1'111.1111, B1LlI'j'1lllN1. 1'11 .1-f1!!f141L1 flzix 11111111 1111111, 112111 1111 11111111 '1'UIl,' .l1111 1l1!'I'1lI1f ,1'121'111'11 1111111 1'1'1'1' 111111 111' 117117. '1'111' 1111111111-st 111111 110st 111111ii11g' 1111111 111 1110 1'111ss. 11215 11 1111st 111 1-1'1Cll11S 111111 1111 C11Cl111Cs 11111 111111iC1lL:f1f1f1 11111'1111'11111111e111111111:11'1v11 111- is. 111-1'1-s xvishmg 111111 ll 111110 1110 111111 .1 111-11111-11 111111, 111211 his 1111'g1-st 11'11111111's 110 11 11111-s, 111111 1111 1110 111110 111108, 111111011 11110 11v 11110, 11111 111' 1111-1' L'1CX'L'11 11111's1 '11111i1111111112 B. XYA11N1i11, JR., llaltimore, Ma1'y1a1111. 1131111111110 City C1111ege. 111' 111111 1111111 110 IIZIIS11' 111 1115 soul ix zzaiflzvr fit for t1'1'11s1111, .vf1'11t1'g1.1'11zs or .1-fwilx. 112111 this prince as he 011111es f111'1va1'11 from the Halls of 1la1ti111o1'e City. T11 say the least, he is a real nice man, even 1110115311 he does not 111111 t11e strings of hxed 11101111115 Today he is 11esig11ate11 as 21 SENIOR 3.1111 sh1111111 have g1'ad1111te11 ere this, but for the fact that 110 chose to extend his course over E1 pe1'i11d of ti111e. Does not be1ieve 111 t11e things which 11111st medical students use for a 11z1sti111e. ,X 111e11111e1' of N11 Sigma Nu. in 'T H2 ll.XSk'llKl l,l'fIC XX'11,s11N, lil'CCl1YlllC, North Cz1r11li1111. Liniversity of North C11r11li11z1, L'11ix'ersity 111 Xlurylziiicl. C1f1111111111'1'.v, 1111101511f11j1i1'1'11'1111, 11111115 111 'zlll-I, ll 111H11,' .f1111f'111t11,t', tl .'111'111. 11I!I' 111' 'mix ll 5111111111' 111111 ll 11ll111, 111111 11 1'1f11' 111111 11171111 111111. l'eel: XX'ils11n is 215 lZlI'QC-llCZll'lL'll 11111l gen- erous in his instincts as he is 1'ers11tile i11 his e11111'ersL1ti1111. lle has never l1een 1411111111 t11 take anything l-ut the 11ptii1'istie view 11111111 all the surclicl pleasures t11 which he lllllf' llZlX'C been suhjectecl. His n11n1e 11eenrs 11e11r the encl of our roll hut his 11211110 11111l strength have place at the l1eginni11g. lle is 11ne 111' our irost popular 111e11. Peek llZlS held lllllllf ollices since he attiliaterl with tl1e L'nix'ersit1', He is a 1l'lE'lTll1C1' of R11111l11lph XYi11sl11x1 Society, Nu Sigma Nu, 21ll'l Siginu .Xlphu Epsilon. The rose 2111 l expeetztney 111' lllt' filil' State. 'U' in 1 '11111x L. XN1111111,.xx11, L'risliel1l, l,lQEI'f'lllll'l. 11111111' 11111, 111111 -1'1' 111' 11111 j1111111'11,' 41111, ':1'1111 11111111 ,11111111111'11f -1'1' J1111111' -i'1' .-1111111 111' j11111,11'11, 111111 1111111 TK'!1l1f 111011.1- 111'1' 11' 1111'11', 11' N111111 111' 1111'11.s'111'1'11 111 ,1'1!l1 flfftllll. '1'11111 1Z1'1111'11 11' .-r11111',- 11' 11111111 1'1'11f1. ll '111' 1111111 1111111 fllllf iil'' 111 1111'11' 11'Z1'II 1'kl'1'A'. Xxllll is this lllllll with l1il1lie:1l llllL'lI 11n1l austere eve? lle IILIUTCN scripture, it lllZlltCl'S 11111 11'l1ethe1' the 1103111111111 tlL'lll1llltl 111' how lit- tle his 1p111tz1ti1111s 111111 lie. Neither 1l11es l1e give heel t11 the text Zlllll little 1l11es he 11-are fur the ex11eti1111s 111 his lllCllN1l'y. ,llll stand 11'1111f with il lc111111'-Q1'11re-th11n-th1111 exp1'essi11111 1111 l1is f11ee is his pleasure. l'ez1ee he unto his s11ul 111111 llliif' he, 215 time goes hy, para- phrase with hetter lllNl61'SIZllNllllg, s11 that the lesser lights in n111thers 111 tllHLlgl'lt may attain some liiimvleclge 111 his ineztning. Nlklllllwl' 111 ll11sel111ll ,llC2llll, Clilbllllll 111 l311sel111ll 'llC2llll two years. Kleinher 111 Chi Zeta Chi 111111 'lihet11 N11 Epsilnn l'il'2ilCl'lllllCS. E3 Maint X'ic'roi: Zii-2i91.iii:, AIS., Pennsylvania State College. St. lohn's College. !l1tIl'l!flIl'Uf 5111111 lion' lu' QJIIUUII amz' rifle flu' Kiizgg lun' l .vliall rifle Ifoffz lzcr, the King and Nic rcalili. all the beings and would-be beings, both on the globe and the distant parts of globes which are yet not discovered know, that this one Ziegler can outplay 'l'hucydides :incl .Xristotle in any school of logic which they may have ever devised. His paramount issue is to keep apace with events which may not concern him. After all, he is considered to be one of the most sociable men in the whole crowd. Positively he is not engaged to any girl. Many times he has spent the whole night in showing lf red lioarcl the error of his judgment. Secretary in l'Pll, llonor Committee in l'1ll, 'l'rack 'lleani in 14113, Clinical .1Xssistant, Nssocizite liflitor to 'lliiiciu Klxicixi-2 in 1015. Nl:-inlier of Chi Zeta Chi. 'l'lilgNli, osntux QARL ZIQLLIER E ' ' D I' X , llaltimore, Maryland. Baltimore City College. In liiiiz all geizerozzs z'z'rt1zcs blelzd. After having arrived at the University josh was mistaken for Miss Lydia Pinkham. XVhen his beautiful blonde hair was carefully exam- ined, without further physical, he was de- cided to be a man. Ry having studied so hard he has at last grown a fuzz on his upper lip and chin, but shaves only once every three months. lleing apt and graceful at the piano, he has broken the hearts of countless thou' sands of Baltimore llelles, and to him be all credit for those entrancing melodies as writ- ten by Zeller. An Honor man of the Class of 1915 in medicine. S4 Wx W' M21 fi VL ff ff 1 X 1 ug ff' J ff ' I WILLIAM JOSEPH COLEMAN. M. D , 5 n-a n n! ilnlnimmm E - ':.': .- .iii I ' iq All H? 'Hill '-gi f mmllf m nl i - it . ltmmff I r Q 1 mn X l l - ,, egg! 1' 95" if i' . x ', .idlflmli -L lil , - llll .' Q., ' "ag in g 1 5-..: 12 t7J.. S.9EW 1 A 7 'ieifefii f f rr ..- +A -iff ' J- fa- W. aff-ff 1 - ---e - Y :Y ' If Y ff,ff5l,a ksfmf fl william Zlnzvph Qlnlvman, HH. B. , Q N a rosy dawn in the resplendent hours of the morning ol' lieb- ruary the 21st, 1881, when eartlrs little vanguard was yet keeping 5 .ft watch over its sleeping children, XYilliani 'Ioseph Coleman was 7 should choose. Q ly. 3 U subserye his own purpose and build his small battlelield as he .: E, ' ,J , , 'asia brought from one eternity into that of another that he might Englancls little morning took care of this child. which was born to bedeckon its future glory. Englanrls dynasty is yet grateful for his having been born on her shores and within her kingdom. llut Connecticut is none the less proud of his being, because he hails from this grand old State to us. Having been graduated from the public schools of London and of Cone necticut, he entered upon the study of medicine at the L'niversity of Maryland in 1110-1, and was graduated from this school in 11108 with the llegree of Doctor of Medicine. After this time he was Resident Surgeon in the l'niyersity llos- pital from 1908-1011, consecutively. Since 11111 he has been Superintendent of the L'niversity Hospital throughout these successive years. As a physician, no nobler man ever came in contact with a sutlering hu- manity. His life has been noble in its aspect, sacriticing in its work and beautiful in its accomplishments. As a man and as a professional man, it is not out of order that this book at least be a ineed of thanks to him. No student can but say that his methods and works have forecasted by impartial and honest policy. While our superintendent, he has completely systematized our liospital's working basis, has wrought order out of chaos and today conducts the most finely equipped and best run hospital in llaltimore City. Finally, it is neither preposterous nor untenable to hold that this XY. ul. Coleman is one of our noblest assets. His life is its own indispensable phantom. His work is known. Here is a health to "l3ill Coleman." He is a member of the Maryland National Guard and many fraternal organizations. Your life is as gentle as the elements, Your personality has its bearingg llut your heart is still a grander jewel than all of these. 87 I-tin' tttrnt-tl Ittttst- fun th' unsuspeetin' pu K 2 NT.. ffl . 4025 I V ' Q ,LMJG-Q V ' 7 file? f Wifi 414150 HO ef I mn? , , It 5 ,ef , tff' . f- :X 1HF'. X I . f , t QW .Wi T I tx 5 X I-X-I JM X A-""' j ff L 0 ' I L . , I 1 M f , 1 no t' 1 I 1 Igl I Ib tc , ' , UU f ' IF-,al f V, ,- 5 ' 1, + Q, f 4, f , ,f - vN gllylj I f' I ,1 ,ii P. V ,Z 2 t' I oo " Alu, . 2 lfl.l.. l reelmn tnaylte this liuneh rf hoohs what calls theirselyes the Class - ti' l'll5 ain't hacl some sort of a titne gittin' up t' th' pint where they li 'FQ I5 It reach nut after their sheepsliins An' l reelmn reaehin' out is ahout all that inns' tm' thetn will git, tcm. 'llhey has heen gittin' it in th' neclc erm L? - since they hit this eurporatitm, an' it llllglllllil seein ezaelqly fair fer int ' l , t' hawl 'ein nut any inure, hut whatsa feller goin' t' flu? l'ye follerecl etn up eyer since they etnne an' th' fust time I seen 'ern they was wilfl an' nutty as it they hatl jus' hmlce ltmse out 0' some erazy house an' t' tell th' truth l nn't ht-en alile t' see nu inntrmetnent yit. l reeolleelc uneet l seen 'ein all paintetl up an A, lint I up in a rttw, ltein' tierl t'gether with a rope. 'llhat was th' fust mar they etrne an t , 1 tnttlin t tny way tt tlnnlctn that's th' way th' inns' tm' 'ein ought t' he right nnw, only tttttin' in ttught t' lie a chain stitl if a rope. lt' l was t' try an' write up all that this hunch 0' sitnps has clone an' all th' lou tlnnas that has liappen'tl t' 'ein in four years, 'twuulrl talce ine frutn now 'till clocnnstlay x l ut l t't-vltmt as hftw this ls nn' reg lar Joh. I ltetter gtye ytt all th :lotta l lun so th tt yu lille. laltt- tht-tn It-llers what's gut ilNblllIlllL'ilIN. Canteha see hue theys all goin' artwun' ls it they was stan thin extra when they aint nuthin tn never will lit lnttls 'tt that ere 'tl lti l1t-nnt-t. Sinn- he gut that tihstetrix juli he's heen eattin' 'rttun with nttrs 1 ts tll th lxtttt ins' :ts il' that twmte ttnrler th' reg'Iar tlttties ul a interne. .Xn' ltmlft llushg why tttttllwlt th' time nut -it lung agtt, when that nut wttlcltft spell a urcl'nary ling ' hsh wtml l tlt- any tt ein, llttrsey, lltth lltll, Zteffler, lfgan an' lhll -lenlttnsg they aint nn ptmss . P- ltthtt tt any tt t-nt atntttntttn t nuthin an httw thu git away with tt nnw ts tnnren I I It I-tt tint, lxtttx tt lwat th wax' that lellet lltnlytns tlwas slnmttttn ull ht S8 R X " ' lips tryin' t' rttn Q .- 'gg ll es-lmlmlllll I ' '5.'f, ' N. 1' '-" .H-vii! w e'a i.i W -is s ' ':?Ei7,L. . 'UZ' 'T 1" "L: 'rg '-?'?ffei1t,a29.a v f , 1' 51? ,-f.4f'ff ff - .. ' TI?-i'F3e""' -- .. L Vg,-e :age Y ax-if . J V, "'7f' N --14 .wwlaw a bluff, an' th' funny part is that he thinks he's pullin' one over on tile Charley Mitchell. llut he come from, well you know where he come from, so we can't cxpeck nothin' bet- ter. llutcha gotta han' it to Roy Lewis an' john Robinson, th' latter of whom ain't woke up t' th' fack that combs an' brushes has been invented. 'l'hey don't never say nothin,' thereby showin' their good judgment, 'cause when y'u don't know nothin' its best t' keep your mouth shut. llow in th' name o' Sam llill Queveedo ever got this far is more'n I kin make out. llut "It's a long lane what ain't got no worm in it," an' he'd better make hay while th' hayin's good, 'cause some o' these people on th' lfaculty might wake up some time, y'u kin never tell. l"unny things is happenin' these days. llo y'u recolleck th' time Schrieber woulda covered that baby with antiphlogistine tor whatchacollitl, an' how Ralph hlenkins got all balled up on that shoulder reduction after sittin' on th' front row watchin' l'rof. Xtinslow reduce it for a hour? Now dontcha know that it's goin' t' take longer an' four years t' make their heads good for anything besides a anchor t' keep their collars from slidin' up often their necks? XYouldja give more'n two-bits for th' chances that Fritz has got when he asks a fool question like "llow did th' lirst dog get Rabies?" Neither would anybody else. 'l'lie more y'u think about this bunch the more sadder it makes y'u feel concernin' th' fate o' some o' them. Xthen it's a acknowl- edged tack that Cohen could make a tine run for champeen 'l'oreador of th' L'. S. it makes y'u wonder what bizness he's got tryin' t' be a doctor. An' anybody knows that guy Studebaker could make more money as a model in a hair-dressin' establishment than he will ever make in medicin'. Didja ever stop an' listen at Klclieynolds when he is gittin' ott some gab? Natchelly y'u can't blame him for what he's doin' cause he don't know no better. llutcha got ta admit that, with th' voice he's got an' th' way he kin roll his eyes he would make a awetul success as a manicurist. 1 next call your attention to them Johnson twins, an' when y'u think about it y'u gotta admit that we ain't makin' use o' our own natural resources. Look at th' money we are losin' by goin' all th' way to .Xf- rica to git ivory. lf y'u want to see a performance that'd put a select team from any o' our leadin' nut factories on th' blink, all y'u gotta do is t' happen into th' amphitheatre just before a lec- ture is pulled off. The chief actors an' main magnuts in this here boob circus is: lien- net, Myers, McCullough, Armstrong. Linhart, Goldman, llridges an' a few more unmen- tionables. The farce comes oft every day reg'lar an' if anybody kin git out without havin' a bushel basket wrung over their bean they kin mark it down as luck. l fully expeck t' see some o' them guys what does th' lecturin' tspecially th' one what comes in like th' proverbial bat an' lets it loose like a graphophonel git a piece o' hot mince pie or a sick egg over their lamp some day. They ain't no use talkin', that ole sayin' that: "Empty barrels makes th' mos' fuss" comes mighty nigh bein' correck, and I am thinkin' that it applies to skulls as well as barrels. Didja ever take notice o' that long drawn out string bean what they calls Shannon an' his partner in misery, Zeller? Th' way them two rubes sits down on th' front row listenin' with their mouths wide open an' their eyes half shut, when Prof. t"J'Donovan or l.ockard is talkin,' reminds me more o' a coupla young 89 e -sf-sf gl mmm 1 MII' I! 5 'W'nt Q HEW illlllmi .' " ' E l ' F' l . l F . t imlllfiisml, 7 EFF, U Xl N ' Ni .hi -tg 1 K -gh - . t trt ' . tt ltr-2 . t i, - pg . r cg uf MW' fc J - . 13 t s., i e-as ' f iyi-T i V W'-J k'Y"'Y-' S,,Z1eSZ,aivNavf1ff,+ niockin' birds waitin' for their noonday meal than anything I knows of. An' there's that gink Demarco, he ain't never done no harm to no one. which ain't so astonishin' 'cause he hain't got sense 'nough, nohow. liut one day he falls fo' th' charms o' that guy Morpheus durin' skin clinic tan' y'u couldn't ezackly blame him fo' thatll, however, stead o' bein' satistied with takin' a snooze, he's gotta perch his feet up over th' heads o' every- body on th' row below him to disturb th' equilibrium o' him who's givin' th' clinic. Natch- elly he got asked out an' th' poor siinp got sore 'bout it. lf he couldn'ta kept awake why didn't he step up a few rows an' be entertained by th' promoters o' th' osteology clinic which gen'rally has sessions for them what is bored by th' lectures. If that ole sayin' that: "Activity is life" is so, all y'u gotta do is t' drop in on the meetin' o' th' Snoozers Club every Friday afternoon tfour o'clock medical lecturel t' see how many dead ones they is in this bunch. We's all gotta admit that feller Lowry sure has come out some since he fust hit this burg. I recolleck th' time that it woulda been a good idear t' put a tag an' a little bell on him fur Safety First. Here lately he's been sociatin' with that guy Danny Cupid. Kin y'u beat it? Yes! that's what he's been doin' an' all y'u gotta do is t' say Lucy t' 'im when he grabs y'u by th' arm an' wants t' buy y'u a plain sody right away, just like a reg'lar guy, you know. They ain't no use talkin' th' best way fo' a man t' show what he don't know is by continu'lly buttin' in while other people what knows som'thin' is expoundinf an' in that capacity Aunt .lulia .lustice has got everybody texcept Cohnt beat t' a frazzle. 'l'hat sinip couldn't keep quiet if he had a laryngeal stricture twhatever that ist complicated by a amputation of his tongue. 'l'h' nex' on th' list o' this irenagery is one they calls Shipley. XYhatcha gointa do with a gink what thinks he rims th' universe because he gits a chanset t' do relief work for a interne a few days at th' Maryland tieneral llospital? llidja ever note how nice he smiles? Some people kin smile an' it's right pleasin' t' see, but if y'u kin git any inklin' o' intelligence from his smile, l'll buy y'u a season ticket t' see th' 'lierrapins. l b'lieve he got a appointment at th' aforesaid llospital: that bein' th' case we kin all sympathize with them who has to suf- fer. lleiner an' Dorsey has a way o' gittin' 'round on th' quiet an' everybody says they covers up their tracks as they goes, but if that ole sayin': "ll'here th' hen scratcheth there th' worm lieth" is true, the fack that 'phone calls fo' them two boobs starts at 12.01 A. Rl. an' ends at ll.5'l l'. Xl., shows that Catlin' is their chief bizness. If I was t' try t' write up all they is t' be said conccrnin' this bunch o' medical hopes. it would take me from now 'till they gets new seats in th' amphitheatre, which will hap- pen 'bout th' time Iloward tinds out that he ain't Dean. Lot o' people ain't got no better sense'n t' call me a knocker, but my bizness is t' han' ont a line whatcha kin count on, sth that people won't expeck too much. Y'u gotta admit that them what don't expeck much don't git disappointed, an' if that's whatcha expeck from this crowd y'u'll git just what y'u lookin' t'or'ard to. Yotl know where mv reffular hangout is an' if y'u ever need any in- . Pt 1 ' . . . . . . . . . termation or ncouragement lcmmeno, N n km always count on what is handed out by yuttrs of Ill' lltrpt' lJep't. "rX1:li." fill f6'lE1l5!t23i.!lQfi1E TW ,m?Q!!!!! c! .,..4faf1eee:.eee s LMCA11 fllllvhiral Qlluaa lgitirnrg 191 UR one hundred and seven years the University of Maryland has sent out 5' into the world, graduates, the majority of whom have risen to honor and C. distinction as general practitioners or as specialists in the various branchec into which the medical irofession i: divided. Y, 4 l S ' rfiiaf Many have received from their Alma Mater appointments as demon- Q2 ii 1 strators or instructors, accepted the honors offered to them, lived on with the institution which had given so much to them, continually broadening and deepening their knowledge of the psysiological functions of the body, the pathologi- cal changes which airise, the prevention and cure of diseased conditions, until this knowl- edge of the changes-both normal and abnormalewhich take place in the human body has become part of themselves. Some, by their earnestness of purpose, conscientious application to the work before them, powers of concentration and intelligent grasp of that division of the medical sci- ence which they have chosen as their own, become so deeply learned that the highest honor accorded to a medical man has been offered to themea professorship in their own L'ni- versity. Many graduates of the old University of Maryland have entered other institutions. Some at lirst serving as internes in hospitals and later as visiting physicians or sur- geons-gradually working their way up until they have become a power in the medical world. Others have entered, as instructors or lecturers, other colleges or universities. Not being satislied to say of certain diseasesM.iXetiology unknown, there is no specilic treats- ment-Prognosis-incurable, they have expended time and money in an attempt to get at the very root of an obscure disease and to bring light into the darkness which has as yet never been penetrated. Still others have given the best that is in them in service to their country, entering the Health Department, the Army or the Navy, ever ready at a moment's notice to do their best in the alleviation of suffering or distressg to study into the conditions from which disease springs and to study those diseases seen in foreign countries-not at home. Gentlemen, of all the world, the Graduating Class of 1015 is about to come among you, and once more it becomes the duty of the historian to prepare for print a history the class has made during the past four years. This is not easy, because as a whole the class has been extremely active and energetic. In the latter part of September and early Cilctober, 1011, there might have been seen making their way from the various railroad stations of the city, towards the l'niversity of Maryland, young men of various nationalities and social conditions. 91 fn .l amingld llgmmlllm lill. , 2 1' .lm E-Ullv .5 Q, -Q 'Q ' 15 E llij f -ll 'i if mmifg - ..A, 5 M q.. f' ' , , J ," r i I in .- t ii if " me r 2.43 r e l' it -it .- ffpff- Ge gf- 5 QF? t - - .1 : '--Sf g ,' if e Y if 4Si,H5ZfmiyN.f,v1,a,,, .Xll these young men came here for the same purpose, namely: to begin the ascent of that high mountain, the top of which cannot be reached, because it means all knowl- edge absolute and perfect, of conditions which affect the human body, both in health and disease. Hctober the second, the University opened its doors and the upward climb of the mountain of knowledge began. 'llhe smiling faces of the Sophomores seemed everywhere, In little groups they stood ever ready to touch the stranger on the shoulder and say: "Are you a Freshman? We want you," "Come with me" and forthwith conducted the stranger to a long line of those similarly treated. They roped us together, ordered us to turn our coats inside out, rolled up our trousers to the knee, painted our faces and legs and, after arranging us so that all might be seen, took our picture for the Annual. XYe were ordered by the Sopho- mores to cleanse our faces. coznli our hair and brush our teeth each morning before appearing at the L'niversity. llut this, it has been said, some refused to do on general principles, and the blue cap with the white button was seen on no Freshman's head. .Xs time went on we gathered force and strength, became accustomed to the changed conditions of our lives, better acquainted with one another until one day in the early part of t Jctober we met in the llistoloffical f.abor'ttorv where otlicers for the ensuing vear were 6 C .' 23, chosen. ln the day time, ascent of the mountain of knowledge took up the hours of the am- bitious lfreslnnzm, anxious to become a Sophomore, for then could he not get back at those who had hazed him by striking at the incoming first-year men? ,Xt night, the lights, the movies and the girls tilled the hours, the dearest of the day- with visions fair and brave deeds done4"Yesl-lfather is not going to be disappointed in me Xledicine isn't so hard, after all. All you need to do is get a good fair grip on the subject and apply the principlesel like ,Xnatomyitliafs one thing l can learn. Tomor- row night l'm going to start in, and study every nightebut confound those words." Stumbling up the mountain, more frequently at lirst, this Freshman Class kept going steadily npn ard, becoming more and more accustomed to the rough, uneven road with its mimerons intersecting by-paths: tripping and falling become less frequent. lint this great big mountain of medical knowledge reaches far up into the clouds and there is :i torturous, rough and broken road, varying in width, leading from its foot to the summit. Numerous liyvpaths lead ull. from the main road at dill'erent levels of the ascent, twist- ing :mtl turning to the right or to the left, at times hidden from view by the nnderbrnsh 92 A n-Q 1 - " --gs ll -e-I IJ f I l ,.i , it 5 MII' s p lat. ...Q .4 l 1 ,lm U ' fqgk-V i x . yQgilQl'lJnlilimiq 4. l'l , 'Ili' my ,MLW A, .1 y -Zi IL g ,f-e i -' Jr s w g -:ge if ivfvnff iff., or overshadowed by tall trees. these narrow little paths at lirst diverge from the road of general knowledge and then turn about--lea l towards it, uniting at a higher road. Since the world began, man's ambition has been to find out what is in lmn, how it acts and what maltes it act. 'llhey have studied and thought what they learned or thought has been passed down to the next generation by tradition or recorded in boolcs as theory or fact. This knowledge of the whole medical science, gathered from all parts of the world and by all nations, is the ruler, the guirler, the controlling force and the power which leads the struggling student over the main road from the foot towards the top of the mountain. Medical men themselves have thought it wise to make byepaths, and for each school of medicine to choose leaders, one for each path. The L'niversity of Maryland chose its leaders and over the by-paths called .Xnatomy, Smith was appointed to show the way. His time being occupied with those who had traversed the path for part of the tlise tance, Holland was placed in charge and by his guidance the lfreshmen crept steadily forward and upward. ' Three times a weelc, in the morning, he would meet this class in the old .Xnatomical llall and, starting from there, woul'l lead the way over a delinite portion of the by-path, each time extending the journey a little farther and farther from the starting' point. 'llhe things he told about, the ologies met along the way, the faeize, the tissues, the bones, the joints, the bloofl-vessels and nerx es, it did seem as if every structure in the body had a name bigger than itself. ln the afternoon he would again lead the way along the path, this time starting from that room, the odor of which can be recognized long before the door is reached. Here, entering for the first time, the student turns pale and has a peculiar feeling in his epigastrium. liecoming hardened as time goes on, it was not an uncommon sight to- ward the end to see a student dissecting with one hand while holding a cheese sandwich in the other. Smith had another assistant and his name was Reeder. lt was his duty lo see that the student traveling the by-path of Anatomy turned aside now and then to pay partic- ular attention to little hilloclts, holes, depressions and valleys seen on calcilied tissue called bone. flyer the by-path called llhysiology, Henimeter ruled the way, but his time being taken up by those who had gone before, Conser was chosen to point out the route. 93 e h I I'-gf I il lmlmlm 1 1 l 1. J -N , '-"' an . a t ,ani m em e -wana., ll 1 eg ' E ll i i ' Y .sic i it " x l V l ll i ll ug' 95 t if N l i l - ii tt ,gl g g: ,ji-: Q ,gf -Y ' g t I gg' . , fa -4:1-f-.aarf f b- - ff?-ff .-1-Q., Z - w f"'i?lMY'VT- 1 -4' f get - V VJ Z iJifg SJSAQNNQM 1114 llere we started from the old Chemical llallsbeing instructed to read up-Uh, so many pages of what we were expected to meet on the way. Conser conducted our tour, pointed out the dangerous places and bridged over the gaps by giying direct statements which we could write in our note books anfl know what they meant afterwards. tlver the by-path called Chemistry, Dean Coale had full charge. In the hall named in honor of his branch of the medical science, he met us and guided us along the path of Inorganic Chemistry. From the eighty known elements, he would explain to us how the wonderful things in nature are composed by union, under the proper conditions, of exact weights of certain of these elements. llut, Coale was a busy man, his time being taken up with many duties, therefore it was his plan to start us well on the road and then turn us over to an assistant named llase. At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, we courageously faced our leader, Base, in his own particular off-shoot of the Chemical by-path. Marching two by two, in his path, llase would show us how, by union of an acid with an alkali. a salt is formed, he let us, following his formula on the board experiment , llcl K Na oh:Nacl lx llgo. leraporation. Xie tasted common salt. 'llhe byepath of Materia Medica was governed by Shipley. lt was his pleasure to meet us in the old hall of anatomy and to carry us along this path leading through all parts of the world. 'llhe many, many kinds of plants seen growing in the valleys and on the hills were a source of wonder to tts at first, but under the leadership of our instructor we be- came familiar with the flowering world and learned that many beautiful plants contained deadly substances within. Sinslty, Shipley's chosen assistant, frequently met us and conducted us on little side trips from the byapaths of Nlateria Medica. 'l'hese paths were somewhat rough and often neat calculations were required to avoid a bad fall, tm the top floor of a newer building another leader, Klaldeis, would call us to- gether and explain the marvels to be seen extending to the right and to the left from the beginning to the end of the by-path of lfistology. 'llo see these wonderful things, death of many animals was required: powerful glasses of high magnification were necessary to bring into focus the delicate lines not of man's formation and often, especially in the ltegiiming, a most active imagination. 94 l-see ll -sl mi ' Ha r ' ".X'. Y any -' ,Qu -. L f-s is-vii! w s.-i ii ' it i V " 'sr up f I i i if rlli i liaitiitm. ,, gif., M ! V ' ill ll it ,. it Qatar a-' i .5 " . ' ' N - .gill llfill l i f e rl ' tgirl: l 4 1 ., itll , 1' Zfi i-in VS- i 3- ' X ilfllliillflmllmliiffjr 4' i ' l" " f l l l' 'Eli w by XL Wllli 112 .. ifgmllllli ,ilai-,l-W-ML, 5 i ,D 3, if'fij f ,iii ., . ,J-ff wfiff e '- f l , .,--5,1 'F e ,- -ffe :w g - 3,.f"'+ - T ' ' ' -? ,r:9TTN .-'ls-i ff as -e e e e y Zflvafsf' fi'-4 Une day when well along the hy-path of llistology, Nlaldeis called us aside and said: "Today we are going to take another path, running parallel with the one we have heeu fol- lowing." XYe started and we stared. Our eyes grew wide with wonder. Such twisting and foldingg such multiplication and specialization, such turning and returning, so that that which was without was within. lt was heyond the most vivid imagination. This by-path of Embryology was not long, hut wonderful. Leader Cordell led the way over the longest hy-path of any. lt seemed to hegin where the lirstefed hail the stomach-ache and following as tortu- ous route to continue on-to where? Our hearts and our heads were full. Many lic down to rest. At the end of the allotted time for following these various hy-paths, we were invited hy each and every leader to step up and show on paper to what extent our trip up the mountain of knowledge had developed our cerehral cortex. When all these papers were handed in we bade each other farewell and started to that place from which we came, there to await the call to continuance of ascent, one-third of a year hence. Reader: We came hack to the L'niversity-nearly every one of us, in early Ucto- her, 1912. True, there were a few faces missing, hut the numher was niaflc up hy those who had heeii cliinhing with us although in other universities. lelazing we had outgrown, and the fun anticipated a year ago was forgotten, 'llhe incoming first-year class passed lay us umnolested. lt seemed good to he hack, to shake hands once more with the friends we had made. to know that our professors considered us worthy-for had they not passed us on? 'llhen there were the old familiar seats in the movies, and last, hut hy no means least, the pretty llaltiinore girls to call on once again. XYith a rush, we set out over the well-known paths, Anatomy, l'hysiology, Chemistry and Materia Medica, hut this time the climh was steeper and when Smith called us out to follow him along the hy-path of Anatomy, we loosened our helts :ind cut out our smokes, to keep up with his strenuous stride. He started us where Holland cast us off, and we followed him in this path to its end. Holland called us once more to his wonderful den and there we dug deep into the vitals of inan. Continuing our journey over the hy-path of Physiology, we were guided this year by Hennneter himself. 95 , -- :I i lm - k , -525311 A . llllIlM,...,m 2 rw: vs, . , H tml nv rw, I .gi A ?: " s 1 f V i" l rf il' gl'q'l'fE"'l'l A T r A- ' T T iii 'T s will 'K-T . .. m?ll i' 'fL , tlIl il' ,,o-Lo l" L, Q3 2-.iff J i g . a -ff:.fa -esqgj-go 5 . k Y --fee f 't,,- iiogife. N ' "qi is Tigixr NNW-1 1114 lle told us so clearly how the organs within us acted and while he was speaking it seeined as if we could look into the body and see each organ functioning. llennneter turned us over to his assist ant. Patterson, who led llc over a side path to a den of his own, where he rigidly instructed us in the use of electrical stimuli to nerve or inuscle. Chief Coale, of the by-path of chemistry, again called on us to toe the line and to inareh after hiin over that portion of the path as yet unknown to us. The signboards bore the letter C. These we followed to complexity. "Take this," said Coale: "H ll-C-ll, and keep it nigh, because hy it you live or die." H Xte boys stuck close until we reached the formula C,H, UH then came a breach. "Colne on " said one, "let's take one more," and then there rose a iniffht u iroar. J b C: ll, till : HC, Hz, tl: z Vinegar it HZO. Retreat, to the path come one and all and said, "Dear Coale, don't let us fall. To one side of this cheinical by-path there was a building which bore the sign, "Physiologi- cal Chemistry," and the key of this building was in the possession of Todd. Todd called the roll every tiine. Starches, sugars, proteids and fats. llow often we wondered what we were doing. Une day in a quiz-we're glad it was his tTodd'sll- we learned that lil'e's inetho'l is attending to biz thusinessl. The wide gate to the by- path ol' Nlateria Xledica swung open and there stood Shipley to greet us. For this leader we had worked before, but never as we did now. MCOINC on," said he, "and let me see what you've learned of .Xnato1ny." "Take this drug of a certain tree- Note its action on Physiology. Coinpound this dose Ialiarinaceutically and see the results of Chemistry." Shipley had, tuckefl away behind the brush, to one side of the by-path of Nlateria Nledica a little house calle'l "Laboratory of l'liarinacologyf' and in this house .Xsper was the nian who governed. lt was .fXsper's pleasure to call us there once a week and to re- cord in a little book a ligure from zipp to ltl behind each Ill21l1'S name. Sonietiines he would not ask us questions or to coine to the hoard hut would bring into the rooin dogs, chickens, rabbits or cats, and these we would feed white powders or green tablets. lllten instead ol' feeding hy inouth, a long needle and a piston was used, the bitter flose being injected directly into a vein. Close lo the place where the bv-path of llistology united with the inain road, another bv path was seen leading upward and a signboard at one side informed us, stranger, that . . 4 1 the path for the Iirst part of the distance passed through the region of llacteriology and for 96 Fi l as-F22 l gl lmm-mm 5 I' 'H im gm m nim Huw-"' .5 'tal l nl , ,-7 w tmlttiitm. 1 I ff, - P' 1, V fa- Nag -I X '5 N' iffi 9 I , ldilllllllil 2. 1" gil y -it, "fri-Xi' N 1: 'f'-nn 1 . ' ' ' f 11, ' , lf Ui fll l ii - D' ,ll if f'-ft il ' ,E ? Tu, e gjejgs-wetfefs 1 ' 2. 1 f est as is TA!-'i Jiri? IQ ,?7',i I' ,ae "F ' fe gieffg-'lr-1,7 ff' - 22-s - as-1 4, '!sl1'W if SJSLQQNOM fff-f the reinainder of tl1e distance. wl1icl1 was long Zlllil very steep, tl1e patl1 would about so peculiarly tl1at strangers had dithculty i11 lllilllllllllllllg a foothold or from llCL'OI1llllg' lost in tl1e surrounding wilderness. This iortion of tl1e math was lillUNY11 as l'atl1oloU'v, and tl1e e11d of it could 11ot be 25. reached u11til the stra11ger l1ad rested, to coine back fresh. Une lllilll had full charge of this path and his 11a111e was Hirsch. Hirsch had 111211131 assistants who, t1I1LlGI' his guidance, showed us, as we walked along, lllally strange pla11ts, some of wl1icl1 were dangerous to tl1e health of 111a11. There were curious little red crooked sticks surrounded by a blue backgrouiid. 'l'hese they told us had caused many 111611 to spit blood. 'llhese were little bundles of lJllliSl1 spherical objects, resenibling bunches of grapes,i "Stophylococci," said tl1e assistants. and we stared i11 wonder. ,, . . . g . . . H ll1e11 there were lo11g chains of organisms having a white glistening center an- thrax" whispered some o11e who had see11 tl1e111 before. lle proved to be right. llut the 111ost cuiious tl1i11g of all was a sinall biscuit-shaped vegetable bug-adiplo- coccus found i11 the pus cell. These we saw plainly and turned away witl1 a shudder. This portio11 of tl1e patl1 of Hirsch we were glad to have traversed before Christnias. XYl1en tl1e Christmas holidays ltiiil passed, we came back to tl1e L'niversity Zlllil rushed over tl1e bacteriological part of tl1e bacteriological pathological by-path to tl1e beginning of the pathological portion of it. 'lihe path for son1e distance led through congested areas, steeped i11 blood and later 011 ope11ed illtU an expanded country where destruction and degeneration greeted our eyes 011 all sides. As We passed along we noticed that tl1e boulders were beconiing bigger and bigger a11d tl1e path 111ore crooked to avoid going over tl1e1n. "What are these big rou11disl1 objects," we asked tl1e assistants. 'llhey lllll'l1L'tl and said, "new formations, tell us NVl't3t makes tl1e111 grow, Ellltl your 11an1e will be known to fame." Un a gate wl1icl1 opened i11to a little by-path these words stood out i11 bold relief: "Hy-path of Medical -Iurisprudence and llygiene. Enter all and ye shall be taught by J. L. Smith, its ruler." We pushed tl1e gate ope11 a11d walked i11. For a while, we trudged along tl1e Medical Jurisprudence portion of the path a11d learned the difference between death by drowning and hanging. 97 Q l E ! "t"""' m smlgl 'L '-Jil . .J "I ,H l E lllli fgllli. ' f J 'Mt nill'imii i llll'li-l ll lil ii i llll Q if.. , ts' .. J?-il e -' f'e -. it f ' r LY., e lif Z. ti' -e- i --Iiiff , -'Iii-2 ff ' 'f . gg QQ, S,,.., lfinally, we came to the llygiene portion of the path and before going far, we saw clearly that life is a struggle to ward off death. Some germs pass through a porcelain hltcr. 'llhe by-path of Minor Surgery next came into view, and the ruler of this great path was 'llompkins. Hur legs and our arms were bandaged tight. Qften our heads and our trunks disappeared from sight. Physical diagnosis next loomed into view, and the rulers of this by-path iminbered two. Lockard and Zubelin, often in vain, pounded our craniums words to retain. llaving climbed the mountain pathways for another year, we met at the appointed time in llavage llall and pounded our craniuins for the proper answers to certain specific questions printed on papers placed before us. When the last question was answered, how happy we were to start for the planes of ordinary tolks. XYce3O per cent. doctors-perhaps. .Xs we walked up the well-beaten path leading to the entrance ul. our L'niversity, on the tirst day of October, 1913, we saw many faces unfamiliar tu us. ,Xll were not Freshmen, as we soon found out. A great number coming to us from the llaltimore Medical College, which had consolidated with the lfniversity ttf Maryland during the past summer. We, students til- the two medical schools, became friends without a jar. In un- spoken laiiguage, agreeing to stand by each other throughout the remainder of our college course. 'l'here was llttt much time for handshaking because the rulers over the various by-paths sltintl ready to begin the upward march. Nearly all the by-paths to be followed this year were unknown ltr us and those in chztrgc til thc paths we had heard about and not seen. Xtorrl from llirsch was received by us to continue our climb up the by-path of pathology, 'Mliliis year," he said, "we will specialize, as we progress. 'llhere is the path of the ctirdio-vascular system to be explored, the pulmonary path, most interest- ing and instructive. lies just beyond, and the path of the gastro-intestinal system is niagiiiticent. 'l'here are few men who cannot appreciate its delightful curves. The valley will the genitosurinary system lies on our way. NYC will stop there and inspect its wondrous beauties before passing on to the highly sensitized path of the l16I'X'tmllS systt-iii." We followel this leader to the end of his route and he was gootl to us. Xirllfk' was i't-ccixeil from Xlccarty to hustle up and accompany him over the 'iy path of I'hysical ltiagiiosis. licing slightly familiar with this path, we lost no ttlllt' in prcliiiiiiiaiwcs. 98 l-- ll gl I , -fs s mt an an MB ma gma-in AEM -fad, I ti- M nit mf QE IllI'l mm mn l hill is l 3 .a w mv:a1m it ml W MW E M lf s. .mi JD T ,S N V I W4 twig! , I ' ':5.,L-ah .'As if I Q lx 1 Q12 'Q ' 1 Nt it i . it .., i ifs A fri- , l ' 4- 'WNV L11 i ll' 'X ii Mil' e e ismfltmri111twir'rr2f, tt any t.a at . , f ' " 'lla V' .FV e is f t r ' 1 e r - if .t " d g fr f' ,- 4? 1- ,,,g 'ow ,.-- -- s ' fait " 7 " 9' ltr?" if ' T -' "we- e - ,g .-iff' 7 fig i if , ALT?-'Tg""Ifi2 iris, uf' 'KA' t 'Lv' ' A E i Nivea' ff'-4 lly close inspection, we learned something' as we passed altinff ' sense of tuuch we became ctins ' ' 5 and tlirwugli nur e .citrus ul vibratiw 5 " ' ' i ' puundinff iirxt ' " ' Us sciisatiuns ul varynig intensity. lly 6 s in this split and then in that, the dilterent densities tif matter was man- ifested tu us and hearing, we spun learned. can becume a fine art. lrlarkl Shipley calls, was our greeting fine tnurning' after we had bidden fare- well to her in our dreams. XYe lust nn time getting started fur the by-path tw be lul- luwed on this uecasicin, because we knew that the trip wwuld be lung, the climb steep and very rough. Thus the by-path tif l'atlmhigical Surgery began tiblimluely acrwss the street lrwin the University and extended far nut intw the wilderness ul- llay Yiew. 'l'here were tww smaller paths leading turf frmn the main une, bnth runninv' -Q " ' land of Eutaw and tl X H b wcstwaid, une led tw the ie nthci In the regiun tif St. l'aul. L p, np, the main math 'i ' ' ' 1 , wc climbed in the wilds, Our reward, nuw and then, an ueeasiunal smile Fruin the man whu had mastered the route to the pile, Under which there lay hidden guml deeds til wurth while. Rejoicing. we cmne tn the by-path uf l'ractice. lt was nur intentiwn tu kntiw this path as man had never known it beftire. but it did nut take us lung, under the guid- ance of NYilswn, our leader, that life is shert and that une man's head can huld just su much. Said he, 'llhere is two kinds of knowledge. One kind which man carries in his head, the other kind is kmiwing huw tu get at it, the knowledge when needed fur use. This was nur eue and find knuws. even sn wc h , , " ad all we euuld gn. 'l'yphuid fever, a ywune' man had l'neumun' . .X dizzy spell was truubling dad, ia had his mwther And, the gtini-caught his bruther. One . - c ie l and Friedman, un different days, wuuld gm with us over the by-path of Practice and pound into our brain cells the truth pointed out by XYilson. The by-path of Obstetrics was befnre us and Neale, the leader river this path. showed us the beauties to be seen un all sides, as we fnlluwed him along its curva- tures, Hidden mysteries were brought into view and explained in detail. VVe learned that all the beautiful things in nature are not exposed tu the l'ZlX'4 of the sun, many grtiwing in shadows, being rarely subjected tu thel e each week Nlit l l irightness uf day. 99 -see n Slug mmm 1 M g-. W,g.,r.., Emu sth , -inumiii if .L A dill 'l v vi ii: "Y ff - il lil vi .. 1 if .Q .is ii'L e i fil l 953. 'ff fs- ,J gYjFfT .-1-,J ff s :are--sg . s 5i'ili'5'l"1"""""f"f Now, the hy-path of 'l'herapeutics, started from the main road, ran for some dis- tance upward and then separated into two smaller paths, one leading off to the right, the other to the left, liotll winding their way upward, coming together again, shortly, liefore uniting with the main road at the higher level. e Over this path of prevention and cure two men ruled. XYhen we had followed them to the place uf division, one leader would guide us over his path for a while and then the other would show us the delights of his. Lockard took the path of .Xpplied 'llherapeutics, and while he led us. food was plen- tiful liut never in excess. The path of I'hysical 'llherapeutics belonged to Gichner, and to our great joy he let us swim in the waters of his many ponds and drink from his lmuhliling springs. ln the middle of a hy-path from which we had, up to the present time, been ex- cluded, stood .Xshliy, ruler of all the land which lie within its gates. 'llhe name of this path was Gynecology, and it had lieen known to the world since the days of live. Ever kee mine' ui with our leader as he walked alonff this math, we listened atten- ZJ l b tively to his description ul our Creator's most heautitul gift To man. llaving traversed the path for consideralile distance, our knowledge of the beau- tiful hecaine more extensive and liefore the end of the path was in sight we had learned a lieautiful exterior may conceal from view conditions of wretchedness and sorrow. 'llhere was a hy-path called Vatliological Chemistry, which was to us unknown Tllllll the smiling face of Xvhitney liade us come with him. lle told us many inter- -sting things, as he led the way along the path to a liuilding which we entered. ln the building the knowledge gained. as we walked, liecame strengthened liy ae- tual practice. We analyzed various products of cell metaliolisni and counted the blood cells in a culiic milimeter uf diluted serum. "'llhe hy-path of tlperative Surgery, come in and Nlartin will show you how to go Ilrulll the lieginning lu the end." said the announcer one morning, as we awake to the fact that another route up the mountain lay open lu us. Xve Ilollovverl Martin from the head to the foot of this great path and learned from hun sXX'llillIL'ss in treating disease conditions, where surgical operations are necessary. 'llhe hy path of neurology was pointed out lay Spear. who said. "This path is inine, as you liilss along it you will learn to think." .Xecending or descendinsg' the tracks of the path, one did think and we thought. 'lille more we thought, the more we found lo think aliout. IUU n-5 i - -see ll elnmimll m ll M! m gmfmliq, l smi vr if - .M N K il, ' FEA-l ' J. I . gli is it ,, is I if 1 7J.. 'iT ffiilt r J ag 'Q 55711 ' ,ogg .3 :gi-is' 3 ' ' 'yi' T' V Y SJSAQLNQM uw Another by-path, the last to be followed this year, opened before us. lt was the by-path of the eye, and Larun was the leader over this path. For awhile we studied the beauties of the Lake l,achrynalis and then turned our attention to a spherical body found near the lake. The strat of this body was pene- trated and we found within a dark cavern filled with fluid. The end of this. our third year of climbing the mighty mountain of knowledge. came in sight. XYe were glad to assemble in a hall and tell on paper what we had learned as we climbed. The time to do this covered two full weeks and when the last question had been answered, a call to the planes made sweet music in our ears. Reader: The historian has just heard some one say UEXll.1lll1lZ1llHllS are right on top of us. Eye comes off on the l7th." Therefore it seems to him wiser to record the facts more briefly of this, we all hope the Hnal year of our climb up the mountain of knowledge as undergraduates and devote more time tu study. The by-path of Surgery, to be followed this year, was ruled over by men who had studied it for many years-XYinslow and XYarfield. We travelled with them and lliil only strengthened our knowledge of surgical facts learned before, but stored in our brain cells memories of conditions seen for the first time this year. lVe learned how to set broken bones, reduce dislocations of joints and all other surgical operations important to know. Street, lYilson and Zubelin, the three learned men in medicine, controlled our progress in the second year of our climb up the by-path of l'ractice. XYe were introduced to all the conditions which might confront us as practition- ers and instructed in methods of relief to the suffering world. The cries of many babies attracted our attention to the by-path of Children. Three men who know the conditions along this path from the cradle to the age of the first vote showed us how to go and from them we learned gentleness. patience, and the proper methods to use in treating the symptoms of diseases affecting those in early life. The names of these three men were Mitchell, t7'lJonox'an and Lockard. To fro from one end to the other of the b - Jath of Neuroloo- f rec uires two years s by l , of hard climbing. At the word from Spear, master of the path, we started to pass along that portion of the path over which we did not go last year. The cerebro-spinal and sympa- thetic nervous systems are subject to many diseases and we soon learned that alcohol is not the only thing which will make a man stagger. The by-paths of Diseases of the Stomach was shown to us by llemmeter, who knows this path from end to end. 101 .cg Q . 'All M! E Q E M lg mi , 'i lime ' . Z i ill i sfwlllirml. V my Q. 73- ' ' ' 1-f Q' ' - . Q-Mix -'XiT-A ' H - lx f'! A TLL , A ' .-Ar., frii 6-2 ,:- K, ' J L g ig w-2 ' -2 flifz, Y SJSAQQNOM 1114 Gaining much knowledge as we passed along, it seemed wise to us to impart some of our newly acquired information to certain lady boarding-mistresses but of poor digestions, they cared not to hear. Oh! what a big pocket-book, you dear boy, come here. ln the fourth year of climbing, Neale and Rowland accompanied us over the Ob- stetrical by-path for the second time. XYe added much to the information, gathered last year and deepened the dents in our brain cells carrying obstetrical knowledge gathered. here, there and all over. lxiootl and l,arun, leaders of the by-path of Diseases of the Eye, conducted us over this path in the last eight months ol our climb as undergraduates of medical knowledge. ln the old L'niversity building, as well as along the by-path, we studied the eye diseases likely tim be seen by the practitioner, and in the University llospital many of these diseases were shown to us, hoping that they would be photographed in our memories. Merrick had charge of the by-path of diseases of the Nose and Throat. He led the way over this path and explained to us, in detail, how important it is to keep the upper air passages free from contaminating organisms. .Ns we passed along the by-path of Gynecology, for a second time, Ashby, Hund- ley and l'erry pointed out to us most emphatically the importance of taking the best of care ul the gentle sex. 'llhey said, "What the world is seeking is strong, healthy men and women." 'l'he by-path ul tltology has been divided by nature into outer, a middle and an lIlllL'l' tllYl5ltlll. We started with Crouch, master of the path, at the outer end and made our way to- wards the inner. lle explained In us. repeatedly, the conditions attecting the useful- ness of this path and told us many times how a doctor, by neglect, carelessness of im- proper treatment. can do more harm than good to the delicate structure met along the XYIIV. r y - 1 r lhe by-path of Urthopedic burgery ruled over by llaylor has many curves and takes the shape of the bony structure ol the human body. 'llhese ctirves produced by changes in the structure of the discs supporting' the .. body ol the path above the pelvis were described to tis as kyphotic, lordotic oschotic, depending upon the direction of the convexitis and the concavity. It has been .aid that curved lines are the lines ul. beauty but in some instances the contrary seems true. 'I'his probably depends upon one's point of view. The by-path ul- the slilll is plainly visible to every eye, but the little red hilloclqs in the distance olten proved to be planes not elevations. llow often we thought we x , 1 N tu pipnli until tultlnist, ruler ol the path. said we saw macnles. 102 i X t... Ikxm 'r 1 ! Iii . rl. 1 I W ,fflfmw I Milk! if 'T E11 Q r I , il W I I v, , P HM If MU N14 W lfjylw Jw A W W '1 , V fx . 1, ' , lvl" r f 14 1 f .VH 23,1' l1 l qmmln fxihx fy Qw ,I T 1 ' WWA xlmlwx I!! vzl Mi! 'IIIVMI4 x!l'N' X91 Q ' tg wifi 'Mn Jyjwrtjlwx QU' 1 I Wm I' 'H ,I f,'JwnvN Atflf' fx DMM: N' - 'l, fl,,.,Q' ,NIV avxxxyll f X, R, M ,N uv. AW5' pl' ' F "fy , if " .w iQ M f Ml .l,LQ3f,1'!Qf'Ef4iP A 9 M W N'W 'w,,"!f'4 ll My A . 4 11 , f i w ' W T X 1 NM K VM J W XVXrf 'i Mx Q H89 ak Q Wk I 7 My C31 X X 4 X WW , mf , I-ses -. i re It fglmlmlmlm 1 f I lava- gi L, emi lr it , 'Hits -. if ssl . X . yt .51 I ' Hi I A E , 5 .t ill til li -" ' Dfw sfil it . ..'kIlll'l ,llmml-l '- "' I-it Ll -.1 i Q ll l Nall . .Q-Bet - . - lilslii il" ' 'Z 71.1 - r B-. I fffii -L .' 5119- fe g Q s-s. A aff-f A. 45: .Ll-ff - E. 'V-'pe sfgrz- ,---ii -gn-,-'gy V, f -M 1, 'H .2144 h ' ' - -,ff sz11sA..W.,M Svrninr illlehiral Hrnphvrg ,wg , N a certain November evening in the year of our Lord 1043, having brought M my earthly career to an untimely end by an indiscreet experiment with a well-known fat reducing agent, I approached the dark shores of the 7 River Styx. As I followed the well-worn trail down to the bank, I saw tg! in the deep gloom a shadow making its way toward me, and as it drew 3 A near I was greatly surprised and delighted to recognize my old classmate Moffett. Xte exchanged joyous greetings, for indeed, it was no small com- fort to meet a friend on such a journey. ' In answer to my inquiries concerning his presence there, he told me that having lost so much sleep during the years of his lucrative practice of the healing art, he had iinally succumbed to exhaustion, and was now on making his way to the great Unknown. He had reached the river some hours ahead of me, but on attempting to cross had been told by Charon that lluie, the renowned surgeon, was on his way thither, and had ordered the boat held until his arrival. There being nothing to do but to wait, as not even the boat- man cared to risk the displeasure of such an eminent shade by going contrary to his commands, Moffett availed himself of the intervening time to indulge in his favorite oc- cupation of sleeping, only to awakan some hours later and tind the ferry with its dis- tinguished passenger gone, and a notice that there would not be another trip for six hours. Kesigning himself to the long wait, he was about to have another nap when the noise of my approach disturbed him, and our meeting resulted from his investigation. While explaining thus to each other, we inadvertently turned into a little by-path which brought us to the river bank a short distance below the regular landing place, and as we were about to retrace our steps the unmistakable chugging of a gasolene engine broke the dismal silence, and marvelling that modern progress had penetrated even to this lost region, we awaited its approach with some curiosity. 'lihe sound drew nearer, and we made out a roomy looking cabin cruiser which pulled tip to a small pier nearby, and a sprightly looking shade leaped ashore. Xtith a glad hail we recognized llendrix, while from several other forms on deck came greetings in various wellaknown voices. We hesitated not an instant in accepting an invitation to come aboard, and were soon renewing actlnaintances with men we had not seen since that memorable day in Alune, l'tl5, when some hundred of us were turned loose on long suttering human- ity. Naturally there was much to be told, and llendrix, by virtue of his being captain. told his story lirst. 104 ,es ng n-afs ll elmmmnlm 1 I ,ls ' A ri M, I .TJ y ,T ' i 'V f .ill gf. ' . . Xl' .alll 1 rl 'I+ lll 'l' 'll , ' 5-WX al l ' Alillillnllfl i: JZ. lxliifif 'fdxlfl xixf r l "ai My if fklgli i - ' Q 'l?EllMllllllll!I'f'D5Qf.L,3ii Qi.-re 'reall . I W . ff 'ii -' 1 2 -5 ""i5"iE' Ka' 'i:F?'Ji!!"'f'E'l'1'll"' t - 'l l' -H-ft? db ' WJ '--If for e or Y e 'T v V 'A i fvlsfof-f 1y,..4 He, it seemed, upon getting his sheepskin safely tucked away, had descended upon New York City, xv here, not finding sutlicient outlet in the practice of medicine for his tre- mendous energy, he entered the Iiolitical held, and as a result of his strenuous activities, completely extinguished the fame of certain hitherto well-known gentlemen of the genus politician. In these exploits he was ably seconded by Lewis, who also emigrated to that hysterical metropolis, and who, owing to his thorough training in party organization during his senior year at college, was admirably fitted for the job. Consequently, between them, quite a number of exciting pages were added to the lurid history of that city. Some two years previous to this narrative, he got his start for the great river thru an injudicious mixture of chronic hepatitis and after-dinner speeches, and took his depar- ture leaving Lewis alone on the job. Reaching the ferry, he immediately began to pick flaws in its management, and by his comments mussed up the none too amiable disposi- tion of its proprietor very badly, the result being that he was tinally invited by that worthy gentleman to swim if the accommodations didn't suit him. To this, with his characteristic emphasis, Hendrix replied that he'd "be damned if he would," and further stated that he'd show him how to run a decent ferry. He then sent a "hellogram" to l,ewis to dispatch him a good motor-boat immediately, and made himself comfortable on the bank until its arrival. In due time the boat arrived, accompanied by I.inhardt and Charlie Myers, they hav- ing gracefully made their exit from the earthly stage by the joy-ride route while. split- ting holes in the atmosphere with the latter's Ford, a graduation present to which he had stuck faithfully through the many vicissitudes of his career. The three of them proceeded to launch their bark, and explore the unknown waters, returning at intervals to the ferry landing where they picked up several old classmates who happened to be waiting there. 'llhus we found they had collected quite a merry party, and were leading a convivial existence on the border of shadow land, and it was our good fortune to become members of this crew. At the close Of Hendrix's story, I happened to mention the name of .Iohn Robinson, when in a squeaky voice, a dried-up little shade back in a corner said "present," and there he was not a bit changed since I had last seen him years ago, and still ready to discuss the respective merits of XYilliam .Iennings Bryan as opposed to the eminent llull Moose pro- moter. I found upon inquiring that soon after graduating he had inherited from his pa- ternal ancestor the political burdens of Ivanhoe, N. C., and during his stay on earth had succeeded in putting that hitherto unknown village on the map. He had tinally received his conge in the shape of an attack of pneumonia while lecturing to his admiring constitu- ents on the evils of intemperance. 105 29 l I n--see ll f-lmilmllmm 1 MII!!! -m gmfgmllj llg lmntlwu' .5 flgll , ll v rv , tgmtllvem. , af? , , li A fLi. -- - e - wg -'j ' --ei-s - ' -.n..,- ,-' egg- af-s?y ' f -'f-cggfg iv ,sillesljaivnou 1114 Xye were now pursuing an erratic course up the river, and before I had a chance to meet any more of my shipmates, our attention was diverted by the appearance of the an- cient ferry laboriously making its way to the other shore. As it drew near, what was our astonishment at seeing Kerkovv seated in the stern blithely digging eels with a boat-hook, those members of the tinny tribe being unable to resist the glow emanating from his fiery dome of thought. We hailed him, and while our pilot playfully circled around the slow- moving craft to the evident disgust of poor old Charon, Roy deftly caught and clambered up a rope tossed him, and our party received another addition. His arrival, it seemed, was due to a chronic inability to refrain from making a hit with the fair sex, displaying a line disregard for conjugal ties, the result being a bullet through his tender heart de- spatched by a too solicitous better half. liill 'lenlqins told us that Snalcy lenerette, having settled in North Carolina, had won great fame by perfecting a prophylactic vaccine against the hook-worm which practically eliminated that sprightly nematode from his State. lle also said that Carl Sanders, during the time he could spare from his practice, was pursuing an exhaustive investigation relative to the micro-organism responsible for acute infective live-hundreditis, but so far had not succeeded in isolating it. Turning from this conversation, l met lllacltmer, who still retained as a shade his gen- erous proportions, and was jovial as ever. During his sojourn on earth he had accom- plished much in the field of Neurology, and had passed out three years before from over- worlf. l now proceeded to inquire concerning various members of our old class, and each member of the crew contributed some item of information. Sima, in connection with his practice, had opened a studio of physical culture which proved so successful SSS? from a pecuniary standpoint that he eventually devoted all his time to it, and when last heard from had given up medicine altogether. llorsey, several years after graduation, became head of an institution for the train- ing uf young women as nurses, and after becoming engaged to sixteen separate females at diil'erent periods, was finally caught and forced by one of them to commit matrimony. lle was still on earth enjoying life at the head of a large family. lxelly settled in Connecticut and grew famous as an obstetrician. his long suit being the performance ofa czesarean section for a retained placenta. lfritz attained great sue- cess in research work, gaining world-wide prominence by demonstrating the ellicacy of carbon dioxide as a resuscitating agent through his extensive experiments on the feline gender. Ziegler went back to Klanchester, Md., and by his logical oratory, got himself elected to tongress. where he proved a valuable adjunct as the increased size of the rec- ltlti f Q --ef ll glwlmlmil 1 MII 55 miamfs m llmmmun w' if -Q .M X Le' 1 I 5 ' V, nj ' X11 , its it 15-f s., X 9. ' rw: itil: 5' ,-----, A' i I I , 4 iff' 'IQ . - r . 2lll!'lf'!l :li ie' .. Pa 9 J V:-Z 71-. SOIZEW if as ifsioi'-Ei ' ..43.' l5fs. - ' if rw ' it if ' .-'Lis-J, f' eff. rj V. L-gi fvfwfv frfhf ords of that deliberative body attested. Diener emigrated to the capital of the Uttoman Empire, where he made such a hit with the ladies that he was immediately appointed phy- sician-in-chief to the Sultans harem. Diener's long suit was playing on public sympathy. Lowry became atiiliated with Dr. Howard A. Kelly in his eternal war against vice. and when that stout foe of evil went to his ultimate reward, became his successor. Since that time he had spent his life doing missionary work among medical students. Moses, . . . g . . ,,. . after receiving a license to hand out dope to his fellow man., set sail for lipperary, lns birth palace and had labored lonv and successfullv to u :lift the morals of the sons of Erin, I , s . especially warning them against the lure of bright lights, particularly if they happened to be of a crimson hue. Pat Durkin, having much leisure during his first year out of college, died of oedema of the brain, while attempting to memorize the Encyclopedia lirittanica. Grossman, Studebaker and "Young" Miller founded a medical college in the wilds of Pennsylvania, and ground out diplomas for several years, until finally the A. M. A. got wise, and their prosperous factory was shut down. Grossman then went out to the 3layo's clinic, where he immediately took charge, and had since been conducting it, while the other two retired to enjoy the fruits of their labors. At this point the conversation was interrupted by a scramble and a splash astern, and upon investigation it was found that poor old Moffett had fallen asleep again, and had been plunged overboard by a lurch of the boat. In the darkness he could not be located, and he is probably enjoying undisturbed repose on the river bottom, and Heaven's blessings left him alone. I now observed that we were approaching what appeared to be the opposite shore of the river of darkness, and soon a flickering light seemed to overspread the whole horizon, while the atmosphere grew sensibly warmer. We drew near, and as the boat nosed its way to the bank Charlie Myers made fast a rope, while Hendrix appeared at the cabin door carrying several cloaks of asbestos which at his discretion we donned, and followed as he led the way towards the distant glow. He was evidently quite familiar with the way, and soon brought us to a scene which beggars description. In the lurid glare which seemed to come from nowhere in particular, and which was yet everywhere, l could see numerous black shapes Hitting about, while others stood or sat in groups com- fortably talking. Qur conductor did not stop here, however, but led us to a large editice apparently cut from the solid rock, from inside of which came a sound as of a large con- course of people. XYe entered the portal, and I saw a tremendous hall well lighted by red Haines which shed their dusky glare from niches in the wall. At the lower end of this room, seated on a sort of throne. was a figure in whom l had no didiculty in recognizing the ruler of the nether regions of Hell, and l must confess it was with no little misgiving that l approached nearer. He looked up as we entered, and on 107 15 l . n-sg It Qlilllllmlm I5 an E an imal , mt v -Alla., al l - -fl i,Ig..m. . I gf 1 - ' 'Q , ,I Eli, i- --. . .ff 'I I J ll wff b ' H r 59- l i 'K 'f'fg-5355 -jj? ,fx 3 - - gg f- L1 Y f ' 1" '11, if 4- s,msA,.LW ,M seeing us greeted Hendrix heartily, seeming to be on the best of terms with him, and in the introduction and conversation which followed I speedily forgot my fears. The monarch, it seemed, had been in ill health, and learning that Iluie had lately ar- rived had ordered that famous surgeon to examine and treat him. This he had done with such success that the title of surgeon-in-chief of the Infernal Kingdom, and private phy- sician to His Satanic Majesty was immediately conferred on him. All this had occurred just previous to our arrival, and we now saw that gentleman vested with his authority, and having as his assistants and health warden, Ross, Hay and Ilill Sloan, the latter had just received his appointment, and as we entered was saying "thank you, doctor," an ex- pression I had heard him use so frequently while at college. llut lluie's llull did not stand in Islell. During a pause in the general conversation, I heard from a far corner of the room, from which since our entrance had issued a peculiar rattling sound at intervals, a voice saying in low accents "shoot the two-bits," and another replied with "come on you seven." I inquired the meaning of this cryptic conversation, and was told by an imp standing near that I had overheard part of a demonstration in Osteology which was constantly conducted by several eminent specialists in that line. Ileing desirous of further enlightenment, I went over to observe closer, and was somewhat surprised to see Lackey, Goldman and Ilurleson all crouched in characteristic attitude earnestly expounding the intricacies of that absorbing subject to a select bunch of eager young devils. 'llhe clinic ceased at my approach, and after greeting these worthy exponents of sci- ence, I inquired how fate had treated them since I saw them last. Lackey, it seemed, had settled in the South, where he became a specialist in raising peanuts. His fondness for that humble tuber being so notorious, I was not surprised that he should desire an unlim- ited supply. Goldman had practiced for a few years, but later went into the undertaking business, thinking it a shame to waste the large quantity of cotlin nails he had accumu- lated in his career at college. llurleson held the chair of Osteology for a number of years in a prominent university. until he finally succumbed to a chronic prostatitis. I learned from these gentlemen that Krantz and Merkel had gone over to the Father- land immediately after graduation, and rendered valiant service to the Kaiser in his light for "IDeutsehland ueber alles." .-Xfter the war they settled down over there, each marry- ing a fraulein, and were still living comfortably. 'llhey also told me that 'llonolla obtained an appointment in the l'niversity llospital, but did not stay long, as he created such a flood of the succulent juice of l'iper lleidsiclv that the building was almost washed from its foundation. Leaving there, he started out for hiniself, and became a busy and successful doctor, his one hobby being to use up three plugs of his favorite brand daily. I,ipnick had . , . . , . . becotne an tisteopath, and when last heard frozn was studying' Lhristian bcience with a 108 nig Q . -nag n gl 'lf My M a imig-lim ww-1 -QQI W ' 6 . 11-iw-il""T'lffs. i ,. V t mi" ' .. 3.2 flu 1' . '--5 I Ja:-'Q 71. MEZZ' -fy a i" B IQ,- . ' vi 111-s i f 'MQ-ir' ui' -4 -Tilf F 523 1 5' , i .. . I 2' - 3 W il j! W S,,lK5l,a2Mf0sf fyfff view to taking 11p that art also. llridges, having acquired a strangle hold U11 the sum of 11111112111 knowledge, naturally hecanie famous, Zllltl was still husily engaged ill the duties of his profession. Arinstrong and Street hecanie joi11t proprietors of a hospital fo1' the c11re of various psychic disorders, and were very successful. 'llheir visiting staff was composed of Sharkey, Cohen and "judge" English, the latter of wl1o111 have up a professorship i11 CJI'OSS1l'l8l1iS medical college to till this capacity. Having learned this n111cl1, and seeing that niy inforniants were desirous of resuniing their task, l now took 111y leave. As 1 crossed the rooin, a voice halted nie, saying "XYant to buy a stethoscope? I have o11e that is just what you need," a11d turning, saw Gagnon still following his old habits. l shook l1a11ds witl1 llilll and, after assuring l1i1n that l hardly needed anything in that line at present, o11ce more approached the group sur- rounding His Majesty. Here I noted several old friends, lllltl niade haste to re11ew ac- quaintances witl1 Shannon, XYaff, Riordan Zlllfl Patrick. Shannon, so l learned, owing to his ability to depict ohjects with such life-like real- ism, S0011 found that the good honest dollars rolled in faster fI'01'll that liranch of science than froni l1is previously CllUSCll career. Consequently, for twenty-live years he had heen retained hy a well-know11 tobacco hrni to scatter the likeness of the male of the genus lios over the landscape, until conipelled to give up his :esthetic occupation hy drowning i11 one of his paint buckets. Riordan becanie the surgeon ill charge of a large ainusenient park tip North i11 wl1icl1 he was a principal stockholder. liis duty was to ride Hl'Ulllltl tl1e sce11ic railway in a pri- vate car and repair all unfortunate injured while enjoying that innocuous ll2lSfllllC. .Xll went well witl1 l1i111 Lllltli he thoughtlessly stood i11 tl1e path of an approzicliing car. Zllltl thus we11t to fullill his destiny. Patrick becanic a 111edical missionary, Hllfl spent his life toiling among the savages of tl1e dark continent u11til l1is lahors were brought to a11 ahrupt e11d hy his playing tl1e leading role at a cannihal banquet, after which those benighted g'Cl1tlC1llCl1 solemnly ali- jured the use of missionaries i11 any style as a variation of their i11en11. lYaiJf at first l1ad little to say, allll was 11011-connnittal wl1e11 asked C0llCCl'llil1g' his past. However, I finally gathered that early in l1is career the little hlind god had successfully honi- liarded l1is heart, hut when tl1e fragnients of that organ were offered to the oliject of his devotions, that lady further shattered tl1C1ll by announcing that she had already pieced to- gether 0116 such wreck, and didn't feel equal to the job. Xvhereupon poor .loe hecanie a niisogynist, and until the time of his deznise soine years later refused to treat the female of the species i11 his practice. To such an extent did he carry this antipathy that even the sign which graced his othce window read: "DISEASE OF MEN ONLY." 109 -5 Q . MII' I! E mnll "'HEll 9l nhl! . . "I e ni llll film ll I ' 'if M . - ' . . llil l' M mm' ' . -s. 'fee i Y .fl 1 . lllllil lll 'll lmi rs' .. .:silr1J"'m'i L r .lf i -it 'f at 4 .. y fill? gi. Alii,.lm1-,,i' .. 4 , ' fig fu. sixyaozff' Mfr R g we, -' ' - h rs- fel-fr 555, L V--L,,.. F .5 ygig y '3' P ss l 55 'A ,s.asA..L..M ,,,., ln the conversation which ensued I learned that Shafer, Xyilliams and Etzler each settled in his home town and became staid physicians of the rural type. Nauman landed a soft berth in Springfield, Mass., by reason of his pull with fire engine authorities. Mike Egan became an opthalmologist, and made history in that line. Rice and deQue- vedo became affiliated with a large Eastern Hospital, the former being driver of the ambu- lance, while the latter was employed to look after the morals of the nurses. Squire jus- tice went back to the mountains of XYest Yirginia, where he devoted his time to raising little squires at home, and the devil in general among his neighbors. Stringer, having con- siderable influence in naval circles, became a surgeon in that branch of the service. So successful was he that at present his mail bore the imposing address, "Rear Admiral john Stringer, M. D." XYoodland was drawn by some magnetic influence to Sparrows Point, Md., and established himself there. Schreiber and Ralph jenkins entered the Hopkins llospital, where they rapidly usurped the places of such men as Finney and llloodgood. Lloyd Meyers added to his bankroll by writing a guidebook to the various free- iunch counters of lialtimore. with copious marginal notes and advice as to their nierits by 'l'ommy Calladine. 'llhey being thoroughly equipped for the task by their painstaking in- vestigation of the subject. Kerkow entered the gastro-enterological field, and established his reputation by photographing with the Xsray the peristaltic wave taking place in the stomach of the Cimex Lectularius each time that inhabitant of student boarding house satisfied his hunger. 'llhe johnson twins settled in l'hiladelphia, where they practiced together, and devo- ted their spare time to the advancement of Y. Bl. C. -X. work. Massanet became a sculptor, at which I was not surprised, as his creative genius in that line was well known even at college. Rush settled in the country, and after several years took up agriculture as a means of supplying enough to keep the cook busy. McReynolds went back to his home in the West, where he became famous for his regular attendance at church, and the varie- gated cuss-words with which he enlivened his conversation. .Xt this point llendrix requested permission from His Majesty to retire, which being granted, our party withdrew, and quickly passing through the scenes described above, made our way to the boat. llere we were accosted by a long'-legged shade who, on closer inspection, proved to be l'rickett. Ile told us he had been specialist in dietetics until fate. in the shape of chronic indigestion acquired by a strict adherence to his own rules of diet. removed lnin. Wie now reeembarked, taking l'rickett along, and as we swung out into the river and settled down comfortably, he told us of several old friends he had seen just previous to his departure. 110 , 5 lia inll iigmlliillqi 1 ..5l! i gi t im p I my M ' , i, i ,x ,. . -- ff, it .ii 1. . Qi im. . ffilll"l.J"""""?', 44 i lf fiat It -5 'ha t, s o , I f Slll lllllf' tri .l'm,,.c-5 il' -A .za ' U.. . spree' -fs as as cp!-g., 1 f'-:: ,- -J? I , 1 ff S,JCSAmLNaN' ffl 4 Shipley married the lady of his choice immediately after graduation. and settled in the jungles of Anne Arundel County. llere he led a precarious existence owing to his ina- bility to collect from patients as the undertaker always beat him to it. Lane went over to London, and gave his famous uncle some valuable pointers in surgery. BI. XY. Myers. the philosopher, settled down comfortably in XYestern Maryland, where he grew fat and wealthy owing to his skill as a diagnostician. llennett occupied a large slice of the lime- light through his ability in the gentle art of pugilisin. llob lslill married an heiress and was kept so busy spending the income thus acquired that he had no time left for the medi- cal world. Lanich went to Pittsburgh, and joined the Salvation Ariny, while llundley stayed in Baltimore and became superintendent of the L'niversity llospital. .limes went hack to Snowhill, Md., and entered heartily into the tight to exclude .Iohn llarleycorn from that dis- trict, and at present was still a tirm antagonist of the "Demon Rum." Greenberg, hy means of a specially patented stationary thermometer, conclusively demonstrated the fal- lacy of pureperal sepsis. XYilson and Ray opened up a sanatoriuzn, where they cured every known disease by means of liydrotherapy and suggestion. Our attention was now attracted by the increased speed of the craft, for which there seemed to be no explanation. Faster, and still faster, it sped heedless of helm or engine, and suddenly rounding a bend in the river we saw ahead a mighty precipice, while a thun-e derous roar filled the air. On we rushed, now almost on the brink of the fearful cataract, now poised at its edge, and the next instant a sickening plunge, a crash, and e - - - amid the general confusion which followed my falling off a bench in the ampliitlieatre, l heard Professor XYinslow calling the roll. Iiicxisi-1'i'ii McL'i'1.1.oi'i3ii, '15. ' 111 is M sl Mlm . nes, , y N s 1 MII' ls sg "m'lfl Eitlmgm 52 r'l'll ,sm 'Hmm t i t-t y if ,. Lmjllteznt. t 7 -f , me ,QE ' t V t l at ll sf' 9 jQ5tmg'ilJmtitniiiiV as ag., mit '--or ff ffitj,.5ltjL4, 7 tiff 5 li ai? ' . f f fftgz se -ff, In i .Si,ZfitSl.JN,M ,M QQJUP anh lgvppvr Xte wonder why lluie is hissed on all oeeasions. XYe wonder why they say antiphlogistine Schreiber and, at the same time, orderly Sehreiber. Xte wonder why Riordan wears those big glasses and-Oh! sueh a small nian. ls he English? and where, oh! where? Why is Sanders so good-natured. Uh! why? XYe wonder why some people speak of .lohn Stringer as the wise guy, when others say, the gossiper. Can anyone doulit the ellieaey of ntethods used, and the prineiple fought for, with whieh Howard 'llonolla made 'l'annnany lelall famous-and did he not get away with it-we should worry. Signed: llendrix. .Xnd who died an unnatural death? Nte wonder why Gray's last edition of .Xnatoiny did not contain 'lohn Xtood- land's latest revision of the lllood Supply of the Female Generative Urgans. Uh! why should people refer to Waff as "l3illiken?" We wonder why Dr. Spear asked Merkel if he lnelonged to the present SENH Ili elass. .Xlissstlear heartewlty did friend Merkel ask Dr. Carroll the relation between heartburn and the heart? lientleinen, why should Nlelveynolds have heen appointed attttrney-general ol the whole universe? H! .Xll ye liodsl Why is it that liuark was never known to he elean shaven? ,Xnd lair .Xiltina, why was Rice the liest "shot" in the whole eluln? lint indulgent world, kindly listen to this prayer: Xthy should Yiseount Studelfaker ever have lieen so stupid as to tell llr. l,ynn that "tuberculosis was eausetl lty an ah, eh, er, er, organism, germ, or a eoeeus liaeillus ?" Xthere has he lieen f' 112 Q l"s'f'gt l elnmll! 1 I 'f-lf rn -' I -. All I m mmmrtl . l lmmuvi 'Qlm ll i if 'H sglmi. ml r . in 9 ' V M -i if if , .cttcc . ffsfli Hllllllll f.. ,lil i- . if ' 'fi 715 -' sjtuvrw' fee if' Kg iff fi, fr '.- .-4' ofa- i ' 1' '- J '-r:s . 'gi to riff! Z' i -1 Lfvofv' XYhy did Gordy say he would call in consultation with Dr. Spear on the next nervous clinic? Angels of Heaven, why did not Dr. Zuclilin give llendrix a chance to talk on the Tuesday clinic? Xkhy do they say of Higgins: 'ZX fair complexion lint that is all XYhy do they say Ralph jenkins is 21 harher? Why does justice say "circulatory" with such special emphasis, and from whence comes his theory concerning the relation lietween the lilood and alcohol in the vessel wall? XYhy does some damned fool say .lustice is a poor speaker, with all his executive training? We wonder why Lowry became so loud after having sat on the mantle of the Honor Committee, and why he should defend lloward A. Kelly-was he paid? Oh thou imposing world, why dids't thou suffer Moffett to sleep on the benches for four long dreary years. XYhy was Myers, M. XY., asked to consult the Rhinoplastic surgeon? We wonder whv Goldman tries to he funnv on class and at class meetinffs 1 , 25 3 and say nothing. XYe wonder why Street holds so much respect for the tender feelings of our Faculty. XYQ wonder why Dorsey is so popular with the nurses, etc. Why does he love lluie, too? Heaven and earth, come to our rescue! XYhy can 'lohn XYoodland make a diagnosis when Doctors Mitchell, Lockard and Rausenbach, all three, refuse to do so? Me wonder why any one should have said that llnie wished to be trade- marked an M. D. For our lives, we wonder why linie should have, or could have had, the nerve to have sat throughout an intermission of 28 minutes at the show "Dam- aged Goods," and played with a clinical thermometer all the while, trying to attract the attention of all his associates and neighbors. XYhat does his ther- mometer mean to him? 113 f Q Q I itll iilmllm 'l' QW? ae l l I ky in rl GQ-my-V----M t fs ' .2 W g'EfL V f .ll 5 ' ' - lm il -' 1 i li '. llfis - Q i V of -. if L5 5 .X I , y llgf5's,.,4. :FL , 4. I 4 N .5:.:f. - , -. . l if f" P ' . V M.. ,I Mi, at 4- .. alll li i I I -Us 'ff ,t 5 LL .I Nz' 1 'lr 4 Q, ,V - -H - --"-- ' 3- i, X - V' AI 1 iii T iris 1. 7 lniiiWjlilallmE-Ii'. vii- i illl pllliill- ry- ., '., "i- I' ' ff, f M.L.Ai1 iiltlif - fire 7' aa Ke' e r -- 1-fs C 1' "9 -r fa fff gffef - 2 " I T g "S --KiM I f as I 9, ' 7 xT'1':F- t 4 " f fmf ,is I y 'Z' ig Xe .ff-rr' 'Y Y j A Zfuof-I UW' We wonder why .Iohn lllaeknier was asked if Deniareo were a Fraternity lirother to him? Why does C. A. Cohen articulate his words as if his niouth were full of mush? Why does Dowling keep in the background? Why is Deniareo called "tJniol"? Why did Dr. Merrick ask Deniareo if he had studied acute Rhinitis? We shall always wonder why Durgin lost his vim, vigor, vitality and vivacity. Was it Dr. Mitehell's fault or did the Class of 1915 do it-which? Why did Ellner say: "l!oys don't go to a show this vacant period, but stay here and look at nie ?' Why does everyone eall lfritz "tlustavius ,Xnneheuser Busch?" Why does liliekinger speak so tinely? .Xll of us wonder why Gagnon wears a badge with three brass knobs on the top. What are his rates of interest? Whenee eonies the gas pipe and its tittings? We shall always wonder why Egan said that "we would regret it if we did not have eaps and gowns on our eorporosities in the pietures for the annual." When did Moses beeonie G. C. specialist? Why is .Xyler always copying notes when seen? We wonder why English is making a speeial study of perpetual motion as referred to the pedal extremities. Wie wonder why Ross says he is posted as an operator againg we wonder why, by haxing an engagement, and being eaught at llospital on Hbstetrieal ease. he signs up for bag with a bogus akldress, and then went up town for a short while, later returning the bag and signing for it but later bragged for seven weeks about the inetmnvenienfie which had been thrust upon hiniesonie doctor! We wonder why l'atriek believes that it is "better to have loved and lost" than we do not know the rest. We wonder why Rush is so sneeesslnl in handling post-partuni hemorrhage. lbo you know that .Xrnold has the whole liaeulty bluiled? 114 FE l I--a ll Qlnmull m M. -A ., I Malin! -m m m , l mgvl' 'Qmnfw ls 1 1 1 . . -, .. "1 llflli llill i i i orl ll ' - .ll 19711311 . or F .l'WW.L oi +97 4 9, 419.2 J? Ji egg 129, 5 7f'fT'7Q?l3?i4T'1 ,, " 53. lie , " 9 ' M llfifix 71' 'i , f f g D irlqllggfiifg X efieiiif ff he Mr. 'llhat :Xyler is married? Do you realize that friend lllacknier is an llsteopath? Did you ever hear about llennett being hazed alone? llaye you read of Doctor lil'2,lYC1'111ill1.S sensitive vaso-niotor nervous system? Do you know that Zeller plays the piano inost excellently. Du you know that Zeigler is an artist because his name conies next to Zeller's? Decreecl by l'rof. Spear. Did you know that Cohen li. has frequently been mistaken lor l'rof. Zueblin, Shakespeare, and Sir XX'illiani Hsler. Did you know that Cohn, C. .X., is a registered dentist? llave you heard that lillner is an neurasthenic? Special Notice! Deniarco is an automobile mechanic and is a good one for a' that. Did you know that Klr. Louis Deiner is ll. ll. .Xnderson's linie-light? Did you also know that this same thing put .Xnderson "in Dutchu? Boys, Fritz is playing his violin in concert. Ladies and Qentleinen, l'rol'. tlordv is a married nian. c, . liob llill keeps bad company in one respect only. Did you know that llundley was grand high prelate In the Usteology Clinic, Chief Mianipulator of Funds, and lligh Connoisseur ol methods em- ployed. Did you know that llill hlenkins HY. ll. hlenkinsl is the saine llill in 1 1915 as he was in October of 1111? OUI' Did you hear about llill Sloan and Prof. XYins1ow? Did you know that Shipley is the biggest swell-head in the class? Have you heard that Stringer is a better prophet than McCullough? Tonolla has an A. ll. from many schools. Did you know that John 1Yoodland is a graduate of l'har1nacy School of University? 11,5 1--A QUA ilmmilnl m 1 .111 I 1, 'lu it E 'M m1gg1!1'1'1 I n 1 7" MW-B1, l. 1 .lr , 15.31111 ' jf 1 Q -- 1 1 11 ENN , 1 'X--.,, 111 9 i X . 1,1 11 "' P5 H 6.11 5 -521, 1 . 111 1 . I' 1-li 1 ,, 111' 1 , ygjff11gg11Jm11m11A 4. yllyy N lm 1 1--11 1, 113141, 11 H111 921111191111 ,y11111,.111.T1N.1,-,1- 11 M - 3," ,g--11. 'fig 741.1 1 Ti J s f' Q 4 923. -'1 11 " -V111 up V' 5 4.1 1 gigif -1'-5-Q' fix' fr i 11111 y11u lil1UXX' that lie1'l411w was iuarriecl 211111 every i11e11 a 1112111? 1 M 11 y1111 111111111 that lielly s11111kes, stu11ies 111111 eats txveuty-f11ur l'11Jl11'5 cluriug' the flily? 111211 l1e 1 Myers, Bl. XY., is 11111 Z1 .1ew. 1'11triek s11e1111s 1111 111 11is spzire ti111e lllllltlllg' El l111t which will Ht 11is l1CZlL1. 3 lxush 11215 11eye11111e11 w111111er1'u11y tluriug lulll' years. 111121 rk has 11111114w11r111. 11111 y11u lillllxv t1111t lluie 1111s 1i111lCliCl1 the 11115 l1'lClllL'2l1 el11ss 11111re s11 1 1111 11t11e1' 111e11 e1111111i11e1l? 11111 v11u l41111w that 14e1i11v Lewis is 1res111e11t 11f'11211111111l1l ' 112111 111111 that . , 1 3 1118 1DCI'1.lll'l'l'1Cl1 11111ities Zlrllllllfl here? 1,111 y11u k1111w t1111t Hiek 1Q11y is the 11est 1111111 i11 the Class 111 1015? 13111 yllll lfullxv 111211 1'1'11f. .X111er t11111 lluie 1111 w11r11 e111ss that 11e 111uie1 11111 11111 eyeii 1il'1HVX' the iirst 1J1'1l1Cl1JZll 111 111e11iei11e. 17111 y11u 141111111 111111 s11111e 111011 here Zlt this SL'11lHl1 h11ye k1111eke11 t11e meth- 11111ye11 111 111st SENIUK e1e1'ti1111? 11115 em 11111 vnu 1f1111XY 111211 SD11'11l1S 1:1'l1111Cl1tl XYUS il U'Cl1Cl'1ll systemic 211111801110 .1 D .. QCl'1111C111Q, etef .Xsk blustiee. 11111 y11u 1c1111w 111:11 KI. sl. 1fg1111 XX'llS111L' wisest 1112111 111 11ur class? Neither 11111 we. 8111111-1111e s11i11 the 11ees 111111 11ee11 stinging 1,i1111ie1Q. 11's 1111 wr1111g'. A111- 11-vse is the w11r11. 11111 yflll 114110 x11lSC 1f21S1i1l1S 110'l1l'L'? 11e 11115 2111111151 the shape 111 Z1 1111111. b 1,111 j'11l1 l41111w t1111t 81112111 is the 1l111y1 1111111 111 t11e el11ss w1111 e:111 t1111i 1111 llilxi 111111 szly' 1111t111111g-. 1'1e:1se excuse 521111 S11f111111l11, 11is llgure is 11111111e11. XX1 XX lil 11'111-y1-1' we see 1,111'1ieywei11y1111111t111'i1y1111111 1.11l' the 11111111 111111 the 11111111 e XX'll11l1L'1' 11 111L'1'L' 15111 Z1 1111s1:11qe111111ut XX 1111, w11z1t is he, 1111y'w11yf 11- s11ys 111:11 XX1-st X11'g1111z1 Is the w111'st eity' 111 A11l1'j'12ll'1l1 1111' 111111201 116 W Q. I mamcfl ,va ni 'auf KY' ' ' wg V 1 ., f-'f A H.- JIII 1. 1121 , , 4, . - ' ' Y .. -,,f 2 ' Wwe lCQw+.'ref 'hquref Hr- has ulmmt thexsbppt ' fime- uQf: - had men Astinzging-I.igmici:.' Iifi aff . ' '-4 :A -,- nv Swag 9 515532. 0 iul .angina .wax-is I .lhmrjrza-rs is'was TQ gsruifml ai. , - I 'S Euan wax fhc WiT'l'sfSf man in-afar ' ' , , 4 1 f 1 - r?1.'.t-93111511 is the ial11f'1lliUl'!Y! Thi' class wha -- A I ,. .Lg . i V 133- 'uv , ' -me 4?fk1u:1.-1- hrs rignrc i- jfufided. 1"' ff ' 'lf' 2 A I . , ' ' , .,, 4 ' 1 ' -wr: frwilx I-Q-,wk fur the xhmiiejquiifthd .1 . i.. an nu kkntf. what is-hc,fanji'yyfx3Q?,QLj ' . u a ' , E15 . . 7,61 ., .tm 1 vcigx t 'X 'NJN 1:1 Vg lx. :sl UIV in ' -T I-qu 5-.L-i L!! i - I-'Hgh ll 'fflllmlllm f-5 -mmm. Q -I I. .U in m 5 Q Img? m E 3g 1VJAiul1mIi el HW .L XEQXCQ II E iq xx I ,ffzlni IIII' f.. W I II - I 9' ,, 3, -2 1 If - frgr .5i?iC,f" J V '- 1'-f- ntdiil5 g V - if L 1 y.j-r:-IJ - 'igiTf2 3 i"'ff' S1154 Zluniur Qllzmz QB1Tirvr5 .30 PI't'.YIfff'lll', III64'-PI'f'.x'ItI1 Ill-QIQNARI1 -I. Flikm' S.XRIl'IfI, H. I II 1:1 SFt'I'CftIl"X', Trm1xn1'vz E. I'. 'l'l1mrAs N. XY. XR xx SL'I'ffFlIlIf-llf-.'II'II1X, Clazxx llixim FRANK E. KIASIIN IIIZNRY I.. I MII x .'I.V.s'0c'IrIfF lflfffllf, .Il'1'I.s'f, IIICNRY I.. Ihu.liN Ii. XY. Cm AR N 1is'1', IQ. 'If Quant Qlnnmnittrr Clznirnmzz, CICCII, Klum' XXIIIXIXIN GIQURILI-i Iiuwm-iN II.x1el:1suN - -I. E. Cum .IIIIIN Ifxxxxs Gllzwna Elin II1wwN,'II.E. Lum, I. Il. IIkL'Mn:.x1'mz1I, Il. Il. IJ.xx', S. 'I' I3,xI.1mw1N, .-X. I3.xII.1N, R. IZ1QNN1i'r'1', I'. IQ. I115NsuN,E. I1Ic141.1fY, XY. E. I1L'm'oN, C. II. C.xR'r1iR, I'. C II. C.x1zR.xsq31'II.I,u, C.xx'1iI,I,u, RI. E IJILLIIN, XY I J3IlNfZI'I'7 I 1 II. F Env, DI. L IIISIIUP, E. L. CII.IxNm,1iR, bl. DI. IIULICN, II. L. IIUVVDICN, G. A. IIRAY, T. L. IIRUUKIC, C. R. Cmmms, C. C. COLE. L. F. CoNDoN, Y. II. Clmrrli, C. S. 119 Exkxxs, DI. E I1,11x4.1,w, I . YAY I'I'RNI'XIIlbl II XX I I4I'I'I'Y I3 I .xx , . N KIfI.S'1 IIN NI I I,m'D, F. I I ,M iam ming. glimuuuv Q m 9 i E H M Us-R .. V i"WIi'IIIfJ W FII FH ag . -A- f m ilmmlmIm! ." 1 5 1 mi!! . -QI II- t I 1- V ' II... A Paw . I -33, X Q Il IIVI I' 'IJ 55? ,. I QI I' 355- ,iv 'A IQ .I Q, II I 72:3 X -.61 04 ' 'I I MIX N. 'IT Nm' 'X 'IKE 'fi I"MiT+' I "RI II It IM' 'ii i , f ' 1, T I v"'s ' fs , ' s 74 G X W 3- 95 fi' X A ig' ii 5 1 ' ,1 A T - 1.-.f-Q Qf-. 1 .'..f .- u ' iaimia I IF" - . . . '71 - --1 'gm ig' ' 557,471 j' iff? X 15 " 1, IJuN.xnL'lC, C I l:UI,I':X',, FULK, R. H. GANNUN, C. L. t,.Ax'1'su1w1,l'I,m I' NI XIlI,I,IQ'l"I',, H. E Glxslzvluz, LI. E. ln,.Ix'1'z.u', I.. XX. G1ww'1', IZ. II. IIWYNN, G. II XIWYNNV, H. IFIAXIMIQR, II. I. III-XNIKZAN, S. R. II.xwN, .-X.C I I1-ix N lissv, bl. 'lf IIIWZIIICS, S. IIl"I"l'tJN, ID. C IMWIIISHN. II. S. IXN.'XI'I', L. II IiR1'rzl-ZR, II. R I,.xl:.xlu-is, CI. .X. I,.Xl'I,.-XNL'III'f,I Ix I,.xx', -I. A. l,.xzl-Zxmg .X. IJ. I,lu11'l'. Ii. If. I,uN11,C, S, l 4 v ' 4 I.fn'1.A, I.. N. I.. l,fIx'lil,x', IZ. II. IJIWSLICY, A. S. IXICIQICN NA XX'. H. BIACIIIN, F. H. XI.xR1Nu, F. C. IXIASUN, F. E. IXIAXWICLL. -I. A. II.-xRRlNI1'1'oN, F. RIMM, XX'. II. IXIIQIIAS, F. I. Ml-3LI,oR, R. Il. IXIILLICR, J. E. M11.L1fu, XX'. F. XI1'rc111CLI,, II. S. KIUSICS, I N.1x1141il.1s, S. N1CvI,1Nm: , A. II. NICIIIJISIJN, F. II. NIL'IiI,.'XS, tl. RI. NcmliI.I,, R. II. 4J'I3m12N, I. ll. 1 Jm'1:1-ZR, I Illllltl, XI, fJ'XI.x1.1,1ix', XX'. F UNI-Z1x.l., Al. 'I'. I'.XSl"l'II, II. C. I'.Ixx'.Ixw.xl,, -I. L. I'1-iN.xl:.xz, I". I'INliI'fR'l'HN, F. C. 120 IWULIC, C. A. I'oR'1'1-ZR, L. R. I'RL'1T'r, S. O. mi Ql'I'fX'I'flDli, M. G RICUQR, A. XV. R1i11fscI1NlQ11nil:, C Ruzlzxy C. RUI!IfR'l'S, I. DI. Ruczlilzs, II. XX'. Ilmzrilzs, S. -I. IQUIJQSUN, LI. R. Ro'1'11Imc1c, XX'. R. Rvzlclm, F. F. S.xN'1'us-ISVQII, .X. SCIIXIICCA, S. Srmlflfliu, S. S. Sllulw, N. II. STICRN, H. RI. S'r1z.x NDISICRG, II. L 'II1mxms, E. F. ' X . , 1 I II1lRIl'SllN,E. II. XXXN I'mwI.lC, C. KI Xlfss, N. XX'. XX'15r,I.m1.xN, II. XI. XX'12N'rz, XI. C. XX'll1'l"rl.l-3. XX'. O. ' ...D X.x1-1-1-,, II. XI. Qllami Qiztnrg E ,Z LASS histories are generally -given over to the various idiosyncrasies of the fellow studentsvthose who find time to get up 111 the early morning to at- M! tend the hrst lecture, and perhaps a tew words to the chap who linds the iyffe E' "hay" a mighty fine place to rest his weary bones after a night well spent in looking over the various entertaining parlors that lllllil surely be found in ""' 1 " ':L3" an enterprising city. Everywhere, one will come in contact with both kinds. Not only in college life will we get a little of each, but no matter what business you undertake, you are going to find the happy-go-lucky fellow and the personage who struggles every mo- ment, and dwarfs his vision by following but one idea and failing to reason out why such things should come to pass. This is a mighty fine world to live in-we realize all the more as each day we see the sun shine-something altogether different from what they have in other countries. llut the pessimist can even find fault with the sun-he ahhors it for it oftimes melts his collar and causes waste of energy in putting a new one on. Both the essiinists and the o mtimists u 1 to this vear have had a ffreat deal of friends - 5 in the present junior Class. However, a change has been wrought, for the gathering now holding down the list are the finest set of live-wire optimists one could wish to see. llut 'twas not alwavs thus. The irecedinff vear when the iresent hatch were So ihs, how thev f 'Q . l . did pour out effusions of pessimistic calibre all during the year. However, there were some who found some little rays uf optimism floating round and they eagerly grasped them, evidently taking into consideration the fact that they could be gathered i11 for nothing and, there was a plentiful supply for all concerned. A large number of the present class, styling themselves as juniors, have put in three years with their hooks at the L'niversity, while others have found their way from various other institutes of learning. And the congloineration has had the tendency to work wonders, for more co-operation has been noted during the present session than the other two. In writing a class history many are prone to follow the same trend as the pre- vious wielder of the pen. It is apparent to 111e that one, if they would produce the best expressions must perforce do so with a mind devoid of the stereotyped utter- ances made in the past. The present -lunior Class has seemingly started on the way to make guutl. lfrom mere boys they have started to act the part of grown-up men. .Xnd their departure from habits of previous years is taken as a good sign. Before closing I must extend my congratulations to the ohicers who took care of the welfare of the third-year students during the year: President. llernard ul. Ferry: Yice-President, Samuel O. l'ruitt: Secretary. E. l'. Thomas: Treasurer, N. XY. Yoss: Sergeant-at-Arms, Frank E. Mason: Class llistorian, llenry L. lioleng Artist, ll, XY. Grout: Honor Committee. Chairman, Cecil Rigby, George ljowden, gl. E. Cudd, bloliil Evans and Harrison XYelln1an. And now fellow students in wishing you gwiiirl luck in the future let me quote you the lines of Scott: f',X1id better had they ne'er been horn, W'ho read to doubt. or read to scorn." H. L. liOl,lCN. 121 SOPHOMORE MEDICAL CLASS Svnphnmnrv Qllana Eiztnrg y"llE class has once again' chosen me to chronicle their history for the sec- riis ond year at the Lniversity of Maryland. While I highly appreciate NW the honor bestowed upon me, yet I could wish that they had made more g R history hy some method. even though it had taken the form of hazing , the Freshman, and hy this I do not mean that I am in favor of' hazing: 575 'qlzh Js far be it, when I am called upon to write this history anything would seem permissible if it only furnished material. We arrived in llaltimore ahout the tirst of Uctoher. Some came earlier and some later. Everyone looked as though he had heen much benefited hy the summer vacation and had been completely restored from the state in which he had hecn placed hy the very "strenuous" work of the Freshman year. Hur first interest was to find out who had returned and who had "fallen hy the wayside" in the interval hetween the first and second lap in the race for the title of Nl. ID. Hur curiosity in this direction was not al- layed for several days, owing to the fact that it took many of our promising' medicos to be, the greater part of a week to tear themselves away from the girl at home. Finally they drifted in, and on tallying' up we found that very lew ul our last year bunch had failed to return or make the Soph. Class, and that the diminution in the size of the class occasioned hy their ahsence was more than offset hy the nuinher ol new men that came to us from other schools. We had resolved during our first year that we would alistain from hazing the lfresh- men. forthe reason that the previous Soph. Class had not molested us when we entered. And let me add that this resolve was strictly adhered to. llad we not previously re- solved to let the Iilreshies alone, we could have done nothing else hut let them go for an- other reason, for when we came to look forthe Freshmen to see how the class "sized up," we had difficulty in finding them at all due to their scarcity, which was due to the raised requirements. Certainly, as Dr. llolland remarked, we could not have jumped on a class less than one-third our size. XYe soon settled down to work and things were running smoothly in a very short time. After the lapse of a few' weeks we decided to elect officers for the year. 'Ilhere was quite a lively election, and the following oflicers were elected: President, Robert S. ll. XYelchg Yice-President, F. H. Merrick1 Secretary, il. nl. flilseng Treasurer, pl. G. Skilling: Sergeant-at-Arms, I. Sorin. The Honor Committee-Chairman, bl. Holmes, A. Klulcahey, F. E. Yost, E. D. Fay, O. Il. llonner. Every one of the officers elected are royal good fellows who have loyally attended to their duties and we were lucky to have made such a good selection of officers. After things started running smoothly the order of the day has heen lots of work, and of course some fun occasionally, for you know that "all work and no play will make .lack a dull boy." Although our class has shown that it is composed of live ones and for this reason may not he the pet of all the Profs, yet take this tip: you can just het your last Klfll- lar that the Class of '17 will he right there when the roll is called for promotion into the junior Class. 123 Q Q I--2 ll Qlwlmlmlm 1 I .lr 5 lg i :aff ll s --ili- . ull! in m m 'm mm Ps Qi . In ll U' I ' l anvil' ' PU ' al " xii V ill' ell? 'K l 95 will 6 i rg.-, i . ll. i fi , f- I, girl-sfi,i-5-'mug L ,,,- ee ill 2. E"lf all P' ' i tl L, W Y Y 5i,UeSlqaivmMf fp., In 3 arthia Muarhiait Angela- I hr umvz Since December eighteen eighty-nine May your gentle hands and cheerful words When the training school was founded, lts meri ts since that time Guide your patients back to health, And with your knowledge of your profession Ilave from sea to sea lieen sounded. 'lio the class of ninety-one The tirst from here gone out, We drink to your success lly 'l'o each llring to you all fame as wealth. May your aspirations be the highest, Professional eminence be your standard, May your conscience be your guide your Alina Mater, lirought aliout. succeeding class For one score years and live, We wish your success to pass .Xnd your names to fame drive. 'l'o the class of nineteen-lifteen, of whom we're most concerned 4 Jur wishes are of the liest ! And our hearts most kindly turned. Leading you correctly onward. May your years of life be many Of each day's a shining star, Telling of some deed of kindness, Large or small, which 'ere they are. May your work on earth, when ended, lie in fame a gleaming light, Causing those who follow after When as graduates from here you've gone We wish your records to rest Klay your knowledge here attained tif how each of you've lieen lilest Hn the pages of time to he shown I 1 lo he used some other place, lie hacked lay other gained llelping you the world to face. ' H .' 1 ise of kindness Klav your deeds lic thc .Xnd each word a soothing one. , . ' :sys when completed lhat vom til liv all lie said, "XX ell done." Nlav vour virtues he verv Nour laults few to li nianv, nd, Ilv vonr past that s left lieln Xin nd. l your tntures well connnendcd For the same success to iight. May your lives he long and happy- Your professional work a pleasure, And your records, when all done, lie to each of you a treasure. XYC wish you one and all 'l'he liest there is in life: .Xnd we're sure that you'll he worthy Ht' that for which you strive. We wish for each of you When your lives on earth are over 'l'hat in a lietter world vou'll lind lleavenly happiness ever after. 124 -QE I " ' I ' , , y M E A 1 im sqft!-i m l all i , fr lfmm , ,., V ' -f ll :iii Q! 3 I 54 "' - 5.5 ' 5 i ll I 'Ml' A' ' 'L' ll - Q llllh j I X ll 52-T 5-air' '- l F U' --,- f .l ,i , - ,,-sul! V N rife Q "'j" 'fy --ffS7 E ?f7 ll " i - , we 'riff yep.-iff e qw e f ,ff an H . E, --ff-?f4.F.fl-3--, - X ' fvfvov fl . "'- ' -""f X 6- fl 'lr i ' - l .N 4 , If 'I ,,,Q:-ax 2- f f' .f,, 5,17 .f f ' 'ff a. ,la 'Est '4 If I '3- 4 I 4' I I 5' Q Q i - E' N X - l c J, V l , 4 ffifl I f 'll li me f fl y , X t Un fl l W., f. lgrulugtw -t 7 X HEX all is yyronff, ancl the mirror of life reflects evervthinn' yyith ,V y V m . rs ' A gf V a shafloyvg when the camera of time takes only hlanlas instearl of . Z , heautiful picturesg when you are teniptetl to sav, Uh! what s the f. all B 5 . . ' ' . use, it s all a gamble anyyvayethen comes the thought which has 1- Saga.: I - v F , savefl every man at some tnne. X ou ask me yvhat, anfl l ansxyer 6' Wig l every woman. Here's to every woman. She is lweautiful to some one. Every woman has a mission of goocl. Every yvoman fullills that mission, hoyvever meagre it may seem. Every yyonian is the greatest of all creations. Every yvoman is the most perfect thing which exists. Every woman is what makes life yvorth while. Every yyoman is that which elevates the human race alloy e the rest of creation. Every yvoman gives the ilesire for truth to all. Here's to every yvoman, the goozl, the heautiful, antl the suhlime to every man. 'llhere is horn in every incliyiclual an innate clesire for truth ancl he lolloyvs this desire just so long as it leazls along the line of least resistance. llut when the pathway becomes flitlicult ancl the yvay of life harcl, he lnegins to cleviate. 'llhe expression, "All men are horn liars" is incorrect hut that all hecome liars is 125 n sl it I . Q , - Q I li ' 55 tm E""H .m l5H'm.Wl!W"t 'HQIEI IQ I! if . , I I I 'MI dill! " I fi 'il i?Ili'iQJ""'fj L drift --if ff Milli I . f .,i,,fiit.ii.f-.5- y ,, 'Q U. s - I ' . 29. 'I ' f-sees' ef ..-ff 25? ,ac I , , if Yfi' f fTlQ. J -ILNOV ll if sad reality. It makes no difference what vocation you 1nay follow, the time will come when you will let what you call circumstances override your better self and you, for fear of consequences, fail to do that which you know to be right. 'I'o he a liar a man does not necessarily tell a lie. To conceal a truth which he knows should be made known, to fail to denounce a wrong which he knows to exist, and which, in his heart he knows he should denounce, is more of a lie than the actual telling of one. In telling a lie an individual harms only himself. In concealing a truth or failure to denounce a wrong, when in a position to do so. one harms society. Ile adds one more cog in the wheels of ignorance and wrong which civilization must overcome. lnsigniticant in itself, perhaps, yet added to all the others, it keeps back the dawn of enlightenment for countless ages. 'Iihis excuses no man, nor was it written with that intention. It makes no apology for any one. Ilut hopes to show you that things are not what they seem. Many pages of this hook would be as radically changed as Poe changed his immortal "Hells" or tfllara mended his famous mortal elegy. The "Ilivouac of the Dead," were it not so. 'Iihe truth will out, give it time. It was not to be in our time and in this connection. NYC can only hope. What a word is hope. 'Iiake every attribute from man and leave him hope and yet he may hecome a factor in the world's progress. tiive him everything else and he will he nothing without hope. It is the one word that defines itself. So we leave you with the hope that in the future the writers for the L'niversity of Maryland Year Ilook will "he sure they are right and then go ahead." ore Wifi! exe 5 pilngue , 4 . . Ilere s to the hest pal I ever had. I'l'lClltIS have come and gone, hut he is with me still, and he will he with me till I am gone. Some have given half their wealth in time of need. .Nt any hour and whether I need it or not. he has ever Iieen willing that I should spend his last dollar. Ile never leaves my side, even when I am down and out, and, when life seems to he hardly worth while, he is always there to cheer me up. Ilercis to Xlysclf. blonx ll. Ronixsox. 126 , . f . A t A an F1 H lmli t gl 'i i,,- 'LEA-... M im' I -,ll I V .qt W. - lilml, My M. if 1 : 1 j it l i 1 it vig., H ft t 1' l. i l 'is riffs, t tial i it ' V", iillfk: i il , , V 1 , A 1 i 'ffl i 2,511 E if-lf' l' l ' Nl i "' fra be . fact ss s l X .. - i lgailes gwws-ifiafr -e'l l'!lfslers i fi", we, vi.-3 .115 EEL 'Q,ff':g3l.7,3.:Mj' , W- 3 ,I 5 4. - ig ,QgQ5ii:QE2':if l falfgf -. i " :A'1"m5Qg'f il '!::" ---yi.: gi if-Q- ff! lil A-+1-Wag-'r --,::.- ,-,D - 7 ff V ..,,j5fa,N -11, i -Y a-.-',..,,.5i'f',1f' sri ,- fm-j' ,Y,, 'a .gifs f I A K I - ii2i..5":'T V Q f 5,5544 NNDV fl A Ellie liniuvraitg Glirrua ., ADIES .and gentlemen, have a look! 'llhev are here! No cliargcs ,X . are asked tor what you see. lt is free and open to all. Non 4 must walk up closely and inspect the paintings thoroughly. Xve CZ ff t iii i Q .l , sr J - , ,i -. , . . y , X I-J offer for your inspection the most stupendous aggregation of mod- ,Q - . . . , . . ern nionstrosities wlnch the world has today. Neither time. ex- lls i lense, talent, or irofanitv have been s iared in makinff this iro- I . s duction the most ennobling, instructive, classical and comical admixture of the curious beings of earth ever displayed before the eyes of a gazing American republic. Observe ulohn, the tapevvoini chariner-ani:tice closely the contour of his skull as compared to his legs. llave you noticed the glznnour and brilliancy of the little black cap which sits at the apex of his "nut?" .X wonderful specimen we present. lle is about to fish for hidden theories in the stomach and gut. Next week we shall do our best to have our friend, Sir Lane, of London, here and let the two argue the justification in removing the colon. llc has succeeded in cal- culating the definite number of bacteria which enter the body each day. and can now compute for you the definite nuniber of days in which you have to live. llabel's ?--- and all its colossal gatherings was never in his class. Pardon the abrupt change. The tapeworm chiirmer has gone because the boys failed to clap their hands and kick their feet. Dorsey, the fat boy, is now before you. lioys, do not hesitate to have the glass-we are sure it is genuine C. ll. S., and his supply unlimited. ln a few minutes the fat boy shall try to entertain you along the lines of che'i'istry, which shall have to do with the con- version of the muscle in a rigor mortis state into one which shall expel all the bacteria from the stomach thereby conserving the function of the stomach. lt will only last for an hour, gentlemen, from whence our distinguished friend shall thence proceed to NYhite Sulphur Springs that he may bathe his hard arteries once niore back to infant life. However, we shall have to pass from the glorious to the sublime. 'llo show you that our production is not a fake, kindly glance at the personality. Look at the large, fat, strong arm which bedecks those gold-christenefl shoulder bladesf Have you ever in your life seen the equal of that which we are giving you for only ten cents? Ladies and gentlemen, he is bv far the most aflroit and skilful opera- tor that we have in our whole school. Even Aesculapius and Galen have trav- elled thousands of miles that they might see the wonderful work of art which he produces in the Arena, with a knife and a couple of pair of scissors. And 127 92 , . -,I 1 I E ll 3 IWMII 2 l 4 it 'F . zmlllffam- - f Z... t' . , 'l . , ffX K . " "fl 'l' I .-Q ...QQ iniiiiair., LJ., Q . . ,. .. , - fl. gi 1 ,W i QQ. ir: ei 1, . . 9- I - n l Celsus, thou piloter of all our Gods, please come to our rescue and stand between the battle van and Uncle "'l'i1n." liut Celsus. thou who art the angel of minis- tering good, remember that Uncle 'llim is in a class by himself. Why! All ye tlods, this same knife and scalpel has accomplished more here than all other men who follow his line of work, and the beauty about it is that he never bawls the student out with an acrid exclamation: don't drag Doctor-so, so-. Fourthly, we shall have to come to him who blows the horn and collects the tickets. lle is the man who keeps the whole show on financial as well as moral footing. t Jur beloved Professor, Randolph XYinslow, is the most pious one among the whole bunch, and one of the most honorable men we have ever known. His personality is perfect. llis manner in presenting his work is grand, and, last but not least, to know him is nothing less than to love him. And, by the way, Charlie Mayo will tell you today that he, l'rof. lYinslovv, is a skilful operator in - I Q his own class. lhe student's friend is he. L'ndauntedly, we come to the Magician-"Peggy" has always been a star in his own class, but one thing we shall always have to thank him for, is the fact that he did not play favorite among men under him. Though the heavens fall, he is capable of proving to you that a left accipito posterior position is easily converted into a right occepito anterior position, whereby the child's life is conserved, and the mother's condition bettered. He does not need two blades of the forceps, even though the head be floating. One blade, whichever side it be, is sutlicient to carry him through while he waves his magic wand. llut there is one David Street, about whom we shall have to say something. lleing a human graphophone, he is naturally a fast talker and can cover more ground in one minute while lecturing than ten thousand average men of medicine can cover in seventeen months. lle is learned in medicine, capable in speech. and affable in mannerea friend to students without a peer. A man whose heart and soul have no peer. liinally, we produce to you the tight-rope trio, among whom are represented l,aw, llentistry and l'harmacy. Surely this combination shall be of sutiicient strength to amuse you, whether you be at the bar pleading for justice. or at the dentists' chair crying for help, or at the apothecary's place lamenting for poison that you may commit suicide. .Xsks Dr. llynson. lie is the "Cuy." 'Ilhc story is endede--may no one become offended. 'llhe charge for this show has been a nominal one. We have not attempted to draw upon Ima' cmzrlit- .VftIlIA', ln the event anything should have been accidentally left out, we would ask all readers that they kindly call upon Bliss Lizzie Conser, somewhere in the lltltl block tif North liulton .Xvt-nue, from whom you mav get vour desired infor- mation. The show is ended, and today stands in the "hole" as far as expenditures are concerned. 128 X ,...,.....-xgz' ' , V m M f w 'f 1 X Aff q kkiiggggl ,fm kr. , ' A N W V w 1 X C ff N f wiv - Q' ' 3 0 QQ' up 2, 'lb V iw i3B , 5 fm SV K jx? 5 X 23 Q Z gag ff L ' Qi 30 M , if We 5,4 f . 1 , 1 N if-1' xx ' 1 QI 5:02 up' x '- x 1 NX y W gg k I X WJ gg ' SW 1 NJA M 5 I + K X f I E .,,.,9ga.:4qmfa-Q 0 is X 15?.y Qucegwcvrwu W Q 1 X I Fff-- 1 M 7921 W 1-Q3 : 7:91 if' Y f Q35-M2123 f g H .:21 f:f1'- ff ' .H V X I N f , I T FN- W X ff 9. N J C 'wi + f"'1n' 7 lx xk n ' b lm A1 W ,X X E4 :Q XA W Hn ' ,gf XX ! I X ,X fii2?.,sW 3t3l Y X A gi 'f AX'f 9'nfwn 1 'X 3 Eg!! '23 G3 XVATX3 Xi' X "M W X vi fx N mm N Y l l Sf 4 wz i3""F'ffJ Q! W if ' w W , EEF X " X ff! 1s V wx r 3 E, X . Q V X lm. awk R YN X K il Q E SM, WX ,N E4 lp, X I 1 v:1 ' ' fgi3 ia-f-,I l Mfg UQQQFM W 'X X ff? Q 1 fi' , 3 'NZ Z gf! ,, 155, W 5 S wo 1X tb Il- E21 , ,fx " XX X 'X xxxx , ,,,f,QfT Lf !. I I ZL Q I 1 5 ,li L -,,,,, ff-'C vb. fy Tk 'WF' E -A W9 -gg' lx N ' ELMER EDWARDS CRUZEN, D.D.S -Q 1 - 'R n--es ll il m f f -1 . -4 -Q -ln - -m mmflml l y ,,,,i.l 'ig 1 I 1 if law -ml 1 ' 7 ' I -' 1- ie iliil i idilimii 5 ' 'fl 'ffl A 15 'ff 1 Jill ? l 1 Eff? f, "' , .- ..., ' 'il E ' 11 , 1 'W 'iii g - -flll i' time "if iii 'ii -4Lf W"'V "T f' 7 Fifi- --fQ?' H - Lg -jeg. ' -,',g1'-1, V s ' ff" - i -J S,aTSAmNN0'f fl f 3 lmvr 3 htnurha Qlriizm, BBS. , ' ' ON of .lohn R. and Emma 1Yagner Cruzen. was born in Cumber- I 7 xg land, Md., May 22, 1861. naw His literary education was acquired m the Alleghany Louutv ii . . . . ' . 1 QU Academy. He engaged m mercantile business with an uncle tor if some yearsggiving this up to matriculate with the ll. C. D. S., D 1 from which he was graduated in the spring of 1657. lle then be- gan the practise of Dentistry in Germantown, t Jhio, where he re- mained some 18 months, when he removed to Cumberland and practised for nearly nine years, when he removed to llaltimore in 1807 and since that date Dr. Cruzen has made many acquaintances. lly his brethren of the Dental Faculties he is very highly esteemed and frequently consulted in the most difficult cases- relying upon his good judgment as well as his professional knowledge. Thoroughly conversant with the details of his profession, energetic in all his transactions, as well as honorable and high-minded in phases of his life, Dr. Cruzen occupies an enviable position among his fellow citizens, who willingly accord to him a place in the hrst ranks, not alone for his many professional quali- ties, but for every trait that marks the true Christian gentleman and man of honor. ln addition to his private practise in the autumn of 18117 he was Crown and liridge Demonstrator at li. KI. C., after which he became l'rofessor of Materia Medica and later Professor of Operative Dentistry, which he taught until the Fall of 1914, when the ll. Bl. C. and C. of M. merged, and he assumed the chair of Crown and llridge XYork. He holds membership in the National Dental Association and Association of Dental Surgeons of llaltimore and Mary- land State Dental Association. He is quick in his judgment of men and unusually accurate in his convic- tions and his character is a happy combination of strength and gentleness. These characteristics, together with his personality, of itself an interesting study, make many good friends. Dr. Cruzen has been with us for two years and has made good. His lectures have been interesting and his clinics insuperable. XYe love and cherish him. 131 FACULTY OF DENTAL DEPARTMENT 1- is ll Elgin ll i Ella! W immmm I n W 'M or I .U ' H' SE ' . lf . V , LQ, U, I ,. ff, i I, '2 1 I ' .P -' ' si -ii if lt P use :V i lllllllli : ' 'tl Y W hif i' ii ig rt cf 3- -ii:-Q tr s 'ffilf fs ,Ei?5' 1" ,wf 'Q' if SJSAQNA Ellarultg nf Brutal iBPpn1't111v11t ,gp 'lf H. l'll'f.-X'l'XYUl.l'f, Ili-IAN. D .-.YY Q lx. Dimsl-.X L4l.Xl,l'., .'X.Nl., PlI.lJ., Professor of Chemistry unil Nletzillurgy. sl, llomiiis Sxirrii, ,X.Nl., Nl.l3., Professor of .'Xnatoniy. joim C. ll1Cxixiii'i'iiiz,KID., l'ii.lJ., l.l,,lJ,. Professor of lqtysiology. 'lliMo'1'1Ix' U, llii.x'i'wol.ii, Kl.l7., lJ.lJ.S., Professor of Dental Materia Medica ztncl Tlierziiveutics. lsA.xc H. lJ.xx'1s, BID., lJ.IJ.S.. Professor of tlperative and Clinical Dentistry. VI. XX'1I,I,i.ui Sxii'rn,ID.1J.S., Professor of Dental Prosthesis, EI,Xll'iR E. Clicziix, D.lJ.S., Professor of Crown and llriclge Xtork ztnrl Ceramics A 1 ll, Kli4,R1ziI,I, Hoi-iqixsox, .'X.Kl., MD., lJ.lD.b., Professor of Ural Hygiene anrl Dental llistory. EI,DRllll2lf llrxsxix, All., MD., D.liJ.S. Professor of Urtliorlontia and Associate Professor of Clinical Dentistry. .-Xriix. ll. ll.-X'l'lfRSllN, D.ID.S,, Associate Professor of Dental Prosthesis :mtl 1 lperative :mil Prosthetic Teclinics. 133 lg l . -fir ll QlNlmMlH 1 MII' -miimlgmlm II HEHI VI' -if "QI , ll I .H I Igllemu I . lm X I yi 91-Ig -I V ky fr 9 .T 115' ' "- :UF '- ' -"-- -- - -.2 I ' ' f FQ 'rL . . 'III iI'E.,,.g-rj Al Q -jg ' f..,o 'f1L -,E 'LZ 741-I. 39254, 'refifwe ?'3?fL7f 7 . 93. 'I '! o7f3::'ff 'Pi :L ,"'S f p , 1?gQs3ffi --'T-5 rf" ff gu gi fl U14 tl. XY. Ho1,I,ANn', RID., Associate Vrofessor of Ana toiny. L. XYIIITINIE Fixiuxiioiyr, D.D.S., Dernonstrator of Crown-llrirlge, Porcelain and Cmimic Y. NlA'l"l'lIlCWS, DDS. Instr uetor of Histology. Frm N li IT IIAYNICS DD Q Instructor of Dental Anatoiny. Roi:ii1:'1' I'. Ii.'XY, M.D., Instructor in Ural Surgery. IQUIXIQRT I.. lXII'l'L'lIlfI.I., KID.. Instructor of Iiaeteriology anc l llatliology E. FRANIQ K1i1,Lx', l'n.G., Director of Chemical Lalioratory. lmxxciis tl. Y.-XI,lfN'l'llNl X A- ll., DDS., Director of Dental Inliima ry. XX'n.,,. " IIXXI .X. Iw,.x, D.D.S., Chief Deinonstrator of Uperzltive S. XlIIIl'l'l'fFHRD Bloom-Z, D.D.S.. Denionstrzitor of .-Xnzestliesizi ancl --Xnzilgesin. IQ. I'il'l'7ROY I'IIIl.l,ll'S, D.D.S., Ileinf-nstr'itor ff . I Uperzuire Dentistry. 134 Dentistry. Inlay lYorlc. DENTAL BUIL DING FE i l- 2 ll gl IMI!! m my -I i mg-M g m.-W QI ., nl! I m all r f xx! QQ , fj V x' M, W Yi --L- F -2-' 9 Q ,:gv?ig'f WT v , l ' rgfiw- -1- ,, P1 R ' ' Tl' YR S,Hb3fly.1Z1N0Af.fff4 Srninr Brutal Qllzma Gbiiirrrzi A. H. K1tNmL1,.. XY. N. SCRUKZGS.. LUIS E. MCKIQOWN I-31.5112 SC1M1ic.x. . . C. J. f,J'CUNNI'fI,I.. C. K. E1"1'INc:. .. J. R. NYAIJQICR. .. DI. R. SICCRICST. .. tl. R. '1'ImA1I'soN... A. S. LuIivvl:NswN II. IJONICK.. I. A. Mmzlili. .. C. V. XX1x11I.1:12Rm:. D. C. D.xN1m1:'1'1I.. . . . . l'1'csiclcut .. .XYiL'C'lm!'CSillL'llf. Rccfmling Sccrclzxry . . .Cm'1'cspm1r1i11g Sccrctznry Husmcss r .... .... lxl'CZ14llI'CI' 1 1 Mgr. I I,IxR.X NI.x1:l.xl-. ...Eflitur ....Cl'iTiC ...llistnrifm ....I'1'upl1Ct ..VHCt ....Xl'1lN1 . . .U1':1tm' . . .Scrgczlnl-at-.Xrxmw if- ll el 1 m 1 A f ' Smell lm W -all i - nz-i n N ll? w lg gl y .Q fl-Tr ,y r lllli tall-,J ml f me iv? U f jgrli ... y IQ ky Q, , ,. , i , if 'ii .fs iss liiilwlt Alumni it 'l vi'i'il! 5Wl'i ll Q y ,ibgggu W -Q i' Ms' -1 1: L L it , , A F y t ml' g lms 'l i , .il l la : Al' i ef' J: s if f fvesdg--iietfgiyi gl i .Q ah,-f..'i Q -'fiff nj' QT?" f-f Qi ,' ' eli f ' frlij - ' ' ,qfmls QQ it we r " se, e V i it 'he QIEIBTZIIIIEII l i , , . I .30 l it il Knight errant of the sad, unending quest, Ut self-forgetfulness, how oft didst joust l , J I -A , IV' W l lleadlong with the grim destinies, which must Us mortals quell, however proud our crestg ,Al 72 How oft soughfst thou in vain to wrest nit From Natures healing beauty a hare crust lip . l l my of consolation-all was empty dust, 1 l H . . , ri And bitter ashes to thy mmd S unrest. I Not thine the balm of self-oblivion i l Iii With thy lost love in lields of asphodel, ,ff l llut thine unconquerahle soul is gone, As strikes the midnight hour a funeral lqnell, r il ill V . - ll' Darlqing thou lone almysses hurried on, llound for its own predestined Heaven or llell. M! , 7 .ll l QLYD1-t R. Eifrixiz. Wil " 'LY' - ' ' 1 '- '3 l" ! Qi. p xt 1 'axe seeeeifs e ggi 139 C11.1111,1is ,X1:'1'111'11 l11'1s'1', 111z11'1Qx'i1le, 81111111 L'z11'111i11:1. ,. - . - ,.. Xge, 213 XX eight, 1233 11e1gl1t,D ft. 1 111. 1'si 11111CQ21. A . . v 1141111111 ,111111fl1' N1xZl1'. Ilhis 1111111li11g "z11'z11'iz111 1:1111bie1"' hails 1-l'1Dl11 1111131411110 "the 111e11'111111lis 111 the South 1 111- 1111111111-s 1111' the 1:1tte1'11l11':1se1. Not sat 1-11 XX'11l1 111s 111111111:11'11y :1:111111gst 1115 fellow l111b12l1' l'L'l111X'21111TS,N l1e 1111s 11'e111le1l his wav 111111 11111111 Il 11:1l11111111'1' 11:11'1111' 1111111 N t111 111111- , 1 .... . night. 111111 111 will miss 1111111 lle is 1 l1I1'L'l1L' 111111 11'l1C 11'lL'1111, 11111 mise Z1 1:111' 11111- 111 "Il11-11111111 1111 1111- lllllwl' llll' 11215 1111 ?11'e1'si1111 111 the 11111111g111N 111111 :1 1'1r11111'111L'11 L'11l'XY1'1"'! 111 1.11111 :1 1'1-g111:11' 11-111111 1111 :1141l111111. 1X'11.L1.111 R1'ss1i1,L 1111111 rlx Y T roy, New York. Age, 225 1Yeigl1t, 155g lleiglit, 5 11. 512 111. Xi Psi 1'l1i 211111 C111 R111 11. 31. C. liaslcel llall 1913. liirclie has recently realizecl that 111 0r11e1' for l1i111 to W111 l1e 1111151 stick to tl1e i1111r111a1'y. "Success comes to 111111 11110 labors," 211111 surely it ea11110t escape llirdie if l1e co11ti1111es i11 tl1e future zis l1e has 111 tl1e 1'e1fe11t past. "1ll-f111't1111e is 111'uke11 hy a 11131118 3.ll11'J1111Jl1.H 1-111 KI.x11'1'1N 1111111111-2111.1-111 1".'31'11111,1"'1, R1.1cl1cstQ1', New Yorlq. Xgc, 211: NN eight, 1403 Height, :1 11.11111 Xi l'si l'l1i. '1ll'Cll.Slll'Cl' ll. M. C "Klz1sc11t" 1'41'Eillli11l1 Square Cl11l1. Of 111'l!llI-X",S' 1111.11 -:uv 111110 kllflfkv, 115 1'11111'1f1' 11'01'1e 1'.1'f11'1'1'1'111'1' .v1111'z1'.1. 111' .s'f11d11'.v 1111111 11111.11 1'1'1'1'-1' 1111111f, 1111' 1111.9 111111 111.1 Hifi for IllUl111l.N' 111 .v11111l, ll. IE. L'.xs11'1i1'1-Zxs, Xvll11lilllX'111L', N111-111 Q41l1'1111l1l1. 131 1 Jiiicgzi. Xgc. 213 XX'Qigl11, l'1f1g llciglil, 11 11. 1 1111 111111 1151 ll 11115, 11111 11j f111' 1'111111f1"1' 1 ' ' 11111' 11,1111 11111 1' 1161 l111' lAf1111111'.l' 11111 1141. I111' 1111-1'. "Cab" is QL'IlCI'l1llj' 1111111111 ll' "lQl1llL'.u -lux 11115 l 1111111 111111113 211111 11 if 1'c11111'tC1l 111211 111 gazes fm' l111u1's at fzuicy wigus, 11111 111111111113 211111 11113111 lights. 'lxlic l'1'111. 11110 11211 115141111 111111 what was the lnrgcst 1113111111111 111 exist- ence. Rube i1111111:11iz1tel1 said. "the acc, 11111- tor." 11111 11111165 1111 111111. llc has 21 15111111 jovial 1lis1111siti1111 31111 Z1 1101111 111 his 111111. XYl1at El 11a11f1'Q1'1111s 1l11l1U' it is 111 rise 11,1 5 F1 111221 heights 1.111 s11111cl1111ly claus wings! 141 I KIOSIQ ,Xx11.1-11, lJ.xx'11,.1., Xl11ll1C1'1'Y, Nlexiew. l'si Umega. .Yge, -1113 XYeigl11, 1723 lleigl11, 5 11. 11111. 1l11l1l A161131 1111 116111211 .xllllllllllly i11 1'il'CSll' 1111111 year at 'llexas 136111211 College. 'l'1x'e111y-11x'e 1l11llars 1x'111'1l1 111 110111211 i11s1r11- lllL'll1?4 f11r l1igl1es1 ZlX'L'1'l1Q"L' 111 1llC 1l11'ee elasses ' A sl1i1':111 x'e111'. 'Il l'I'L' Same prize 1111 l1igl1es1 QQllL'l'2ll llYL'l'llQL' 111 k'lllll'L' s1'l11111l Ill EI11111111' year. "1111f1111'111111, 'z1'1'.v1', 111111 11111151111-1' 11111', llix k1111z111'11111' 11'z1'1'x 11.1 11115 11lI1 11 111111' 1111f1 111.1 f11'111'.v1111 ,. . - 11 11 111 111'1'111.' 111111 111' 'z1'111 11111. Ilz11ll l1e1'e Is llr. lJ2lX'Il2i. ll I'L"'lll1ll' 116111151 5 11,1111 -1111111-11 1l1e 11111s1 IllllS1l'l11l1F Qlass 111 l'l1D jllsl 111 1i111e 111 l1a1'e 1l1e I11111111' 111: reeei1'i11g l11s 1l1-g'1'1-e 111111 11s. XYl1L'l1 i1 C1ll1lL'S 111 real 1.11K515- l1e lilI11XXN 1llL'I1l, :1111l is 11111 211 all ll1lL'lQXX'll1'1l :1l111111 111111a1'1i11gl1isl4111111le1lg1-111l1isl1-ss 1111'- 11111:111- 1'l:1ss111:11es. 'l'l11111gl1 1111' 1l1is we 1111 lllll wisl1 111 1'1'11i1'ir1' l71'. llaxila, lJL'1'Zl1lNl' l1e l11-l1111g's 111 1l1:11 1'l:1ss 111- 1111-11 1l1:11 IQ111111' 211111 l111111x lllill 1l11-1 l4111111'. 111 13.1111 C11.x1:I.1is D.xN1f1111'1'11, Granger, Texas. Psi Omega. Age, 2-lg XYeigl11, 1755 lleight, 6 ft. Bl211'1L1gC1' l3asel1all Team. SC1'g'CZll11'Zi1'.'lxI'11lS F1'esl1111a11 Year. Yiee-1'resi11e111 t11111i11r Year. SCl'gCZ1ll1f-211-:X11115 Senior Year. If 11111 1111111111 1'0-:'1'f 11'1!1'1IIlI1l .1 j11'1.::1', C1111111 111'1' 111'11f11f.v 111111 Illlkc' 11. 1711 .1'1111r.f1'1f FV11111' j111'111111' 11111- 1,1f1' 1.1 'zu11111' you 11111111 if." 1 12111111 1. 'l'l1e 11111al1le Geuerles who has 111a1le 1l1e stars 11411111 Ser11sa1'1l c11 1w11war1l walk away 1-1.0111 the plate 11111111111 even a smell. Dave l1ails from the Star Stateg needless to say a S1Zll' 111 1l1e l1asel1all lNZi1'1l'l-XYC all lil1OXY 111111. 1X111l as for 1le11tis11'y, Dave is right up 111 the j11l1. K111111's his theory, a11cl is a diligent 11'111'lcer, even if l1e 1li1l take 1111111 l1i111sel1 Z1 l11'i1le i11 his jl1l1l1Jl' year. 2 CLYDE K1nLti1: E1"r1Nc:, Q"Ejv"j, Pomaria, South Carolina. Newberry College and Clemson College. Sigma Mu Delta and Xi l'si l'hi. 7 . - . -. wx. Age, -lg lYe1ght, l-lag lleight, 9 tt. by, in. Manager llowling Team, lUl53l-lg member Anti-l-lazing Committee, llll3-'l-lg member Y. M. C. A., ll1l5-'llg Advisory lioard, lllll- 'l3g Organizer and l'resident Cotillon Clubg member llaseball Team, l'll3-'l-lg Chairman Class Dance Comtnitteeg llusiiiess Manager of 'l'1i14k.x Mixiu.xif3, 11114-'15, Without a doubt "Ep" is the politician of the class. He has probably succeeded in electing more ollieers in his class than any man in the history of the University. Altliough he never sought after otliees for him- self. the class has bestowed niany honors upon him in the form of social and dance committees. ln this capacity he has always sueceecled in making the atlairs a success. We might also say that he is one of the most prompt men in the class, and has a reputa- tion of having never broken an appointment. His honesty and unselnshness makes him one of the best liked men in the L'niversity. Notwithstanding all these above traits he believes in drinking his cocktail and keeping a line on all the good-looking "chickens." Xlie wish him luck. .lull-is XY. lifxioc, Manchester, Connecticut. l'si Omega. Xffe 71' Xleiffht 160' lleiffht 3 ft ti in 45'-n bi v 5y- - - 'llhe Dental Class of l'll5 is very fortunate to have within its ranks men of industry, skill and ambition. All of these, and besides, a strong personality, are obvious characteristics of Mr. Farr. Un account of his generosity of heart, when the boys need a favor they never hesitate to call on ",limmie." ln addi- tion to all these commendable traits, he is wrapped in the solitude of his own originality. 143 -1 11 1. 1 1 11-,.. .I1111x 11. l 11L1.11,11ix1,11, 1 l'11,:'.1' 1, C11llllCL'11Cll1. Kge, 241 11 e1g111, 1453111-1gl11,5 11. 111111. 111' 11-iw' s1-11111111 1'11111e 111 1'11111111'1 with 21 1-111111 s11 g1-111'1'1111s 111111 1111111 115 "1"11z." ,Xl- 11111111111 l1e11111'111ls s1'l11111l 102151, he 1s111111e 111111- 1111111 111s 1111-111111111111 111w111'1ls the filll' sex lCll!1N 111 111111111 his 1111e11t11111 11w11v 1.l'11l'Il h1s 11l'1l1L'NNl41ll. 11el 1111 111111 lllillit' ll l1111YC, "151tz, 11111 111111 XX'11.1.1.x11 F1111 N11111 11 11., NCXYZi1'li. New .1 erseyi 1'si Omega. Age, Z-1g 11 eight, 168g Height, 11 ft. '111'e11s111'e1' of .11111i11r Class. Executive CU1l1ll11l1CC. Xxvllll l1111le1l from s11111ewhe1'e near Newarlq? 1X11yw11y, 11111 is 21 very modest 111111, sulhee it 111 say, 21 111111111 yllllllg 1111111Y1111tl1i11g 111 his 11ossess11111 ever too goocl for his f1'ie111ls, never has any enemies. jovial, jolly, and with that has very little to say, L1Sl1E1l1y oee1111ies a seat 1111 1111ster111r row, especially 111 exams. Al- ways knows l111w to be there with the goods 111111 will 111111413 11 lasting i111111'ess11111 1111011 the 111i111ls 111 ll young 1la111e on first z1e1111a111ta11ee. which is 111 course good. 144 .X1:'1'111'1: ll. l11i1:1-11c'1', 191111 uliiver, KlllSS2lClll1SC11S. Xi 1'si l'h1. Age, 211 1X'eight, 157g lleighl, 5 ft. '1 in. "lu l'1'11.v'z'l11'1'i1' 'zu111'lc 111311 .vf11'1'i11f1.::1', The 111ji1'111111'-v 111111117 1x 11111111 1110 llfyfl, Lcf Hf7.1'tl1i1' . lrf Lllltf .v1'111'l 41 .v1'1'111', 01' -vr1111' llzfi. -Zvi!! 111' ,v'1gf111'1l 111111. Heb is zninther 11. KI. C. 111311, likes lu utte 0 cfcloclc lectures 211111 vvill never 1 H he fnu between the covers at that hour of .X. Xl. ll we-rhaps l'. M. 111-Zxicv llnxicu, , , . , . -1113 5. 1'1ll'l'lsll bl., l:21l11l11111'K', Xlzirylzuicl. .xlllllll 1 11l1L'Qll. ,Xge. 243 X1'c-ight, 12113 lleighl, 5 fl. 4 in. "f1l1l lfinervlu llzive vve ever seen hini XY11l1Ul11.1113111111111 sniile? N111 Hnly vvhen he loses un ll vv1n'111's sericsg 11111 he lmsscsses more than El 1IlL'ZiSZlll1 llisimsitinii, for lie has that lizippv faculty nf getting ivzisl thc "11r111s" creflitalplv 111111 at the szune time hc-ing present whenever ziuvlhing is going 1111. 'llhe unly fault vve 111111 vvith llcnrv is that ol' heing :1 vvonizin hater. lle gives us no 1111p111'11111i1v uf quoting "z1 111111 there vvzisf' lnslczul, he af- forcls us the chance tu see Z1 gnuzl, slezlrlv 1111111- rler vvhu cleserves success. 145 . ' i.. .I.uoi: XX.xi.1r,14 Liiwis. U57 XY. Saratoga St., llaltimore, Maryland. .Xlpha Umega. Xffe 71' XXI-iwlit l-U' lleiffht 3 ft U" in . , .-- . 5 . -, 5 . - - J Xlenilier ol- lfxeeuliye Cominittee. ,latkl lt hy ehauee in tuture years XX' C gaze on "the house that ,lack liuiltu we ne onlx lo ittall the past to see that he laid tl gmail toun-lation lor llls house at the L . ol Xl. l'erhaps he talks loo mueh at times, or i S little grouehy, hut ue u'on't hold these agaii him, for Qlziekis a pretty good sort ol fell: HY X man :it any rate uho will not ealmlx' sit and wail for su-feess without lirst trying lo slim- llllllt' llltf s4llll't'L'S Hl NIUTCNS lf! Ctllllk' lllS XYZIY ll little more rapullx. Ai..r:r2RT H. KICNILXLL, Cordele, Georgia. Psi Qmega. Age, 253 Weight, 170g Height, 6 ft. 1 in. Sergeant-at--Xrmsg First llonoralile Men- tion for Superior Prosthetic Mark, 1911-'12g Chairman Hazing Committee, 19111-'12g mem- her Y. BI. C. .kg President Senior Class. Kendall must have kissed the blarney stone, for he has a gift that has enahled him to sue- eeed under many adverse circumstances. such as rushin' lllaekhorse .lohnson into Senior eleetion. llis popularity is explained in the honor the Class has bestowed upon him. Wie look forward to him as our millionaire dentist -if ll. S. counts. Kendall's Mark Antony to .lewish Fraternity: "Seek ye first to vote for me and unto you all things shall he given." llow does that listen, lloniek? 1413 ALl1liR'r S. Li vi1ZwiCNsoN, 1228 XY. North Ave., lialtiinore, Maryland. Alpha Uniega. Age, 235 Weight, 1383 lleight, 5 ft. S in. Medal for Crown and llrirlgeg Medal for Yulcanite lllateg llonoralnle Mention for Gold Filling lFreshnian Yearlg llonoralile Blen- tion Crown and liridge lblunior Year? 3 llon- orahle Mention for Conili. Set of 'lleeth lhlunior Yearl 3 'llreasurer llfreslnnan Yearl 1 Prophet l Senior Year l. "Al" hails from Yienna, .'Xustria. Notwitha standing he is one of the Hfurrign element," he could have easily passed the proposed lit- eracy test. for like his friend the Kaiser, he is great at overcoming olfstacles, and before his terrible onslaught the allied forces of profes- sional ignorance have fallen. lle has suc- ceeded in annexing a goodly shape of the coveted prizes and inedals of the Dental School for his artistic and scholarly work, and we prophecy without hesitation that, in all his undertakings, he will lie alile to say "l have met the enemy and he is mine." 1 1 lh ll.xicoi,l1 bl, Looxiis, liifftllltllaillllc' llurnlilnl Syracuse, New Yorlq, Xi llsi l'hi. 1 .. V . -. K. Age, 2.13 XX eight, lollg lle1glit,D tt. lil in. Class llaselrall Xlanagger, l'Jl3-'Hg Yicc l'resident, Y. Xl. C. AX., l'll3-'llg X'iceel'resi dent Franklin Square Chili. Hc'!IUItI' lzix face, fzix Ilclll' is IPIOIIUIU, His klillfjtlidlll, IUUIIIUII, of i'ouk1'i1iI.v fond. .1 lim' of t'U1lf'll!t'llfltI1 talk he fltl.S', Tlmf yokvu' 'zuiflz lwiiizzfi' izuoirlu' lllU'I't' an axs, ,lliuzy tl lzizjvfy fzonii' lick Ivizzxvf, lI'l1,v xfzozzlzz' iz llltlll 'zvifli xirrfz fulmzf ln' i'111',s'cd.9 47 1111111 x1L'1.L'I1l1 l'Zl111L' 11-1'x' 111,-211' 1lC1l1Lf 1111fN1QN h1k'1,1',.XN, 1111l'1l11111l11, N111't11 L1Z11'll11112l. 1's1 1 P111egz1. V 1-lght, 13113 111-1ght, J tt. 'NJ 111 N11111l I 11111111 111 111w 1'1z1ss. 111111'e1'e1', he 1s 11111 s1lIl11 111 11111111, SIPCCC11, sung 1'1'11111e1'111'1'1 111111 L'4111CgC. Ile 11llN 1111s 111 111'et- 11 IPl11L1I1X 1N1lC111l1P XY11411C11f1S1U NH. 1 211111 11l1111l1lN 11111 111s 11-111111'111:111. 1s 11 gem-111 Q . 111 1111111111 ,:lPl111 1'11'l1l the E11w,xR11 A. LX,N.'XL'11H, XX'e1i1ster, B121SSZlC1lUS6f1S. X1 1's1 1'h1. Age, 223 NYe1ght, 1-18g Height, 5 ft. 1112 111. 1ia1t1111111'e Medical College. ",1111Ql'C 1s 1111 praise 111qe 81110-lb1'31S6,u and sure1y Eddie 1'ea11zec1 it for if others dr.111't see what he does 111' has c11111e, they w111 S0011 1q110w it if they happen to 11'a11q 1111 street with 111111. We regret to say that 11e had co11s1c1erz1111e trf111111e with his metal plate. Any way 11e 111111 get there for he 1s plucky, a111- 111t1f1us and egotistie. '4 lll'f.X'l'II Melx'1'x'1n-3, Prince Eclwarcl lslanrl, Canada. Psi Omega. Ave 77' Weiffht 1403 lleiffht 5 ft. 6 in. ,5 s --' u 35 w 5 Q Executive Connnittee. llaltiinore Medical College. 'IUlXll0IIIiS 'fk'tI,l'.Y you Tn'l.Yt'l.X' xuvk Fife flziiiyfx Ulmer'-z'e tuiili mire. To 'IVIIUIIZ you xfw't1k- Of Azulzoni you xjwuk, Alla' lion' mm' 'zvfzviz mm' 'zufivru Mae has heen ll goorl conscientious, anihi- tious stnclent. llc Nurely will lie repaid for his work when he opens his olliee on that little Canadian lslancl. lle enters everything in the line of work with a heart anrl sonl ancl never surrenders. anal liriclge tiolfl Blerlal, l"l.w- 14, lfirs Lois lfrxicif Nlvlii-iOw'N, Stanley, North Carolina. Age, 21 3 Wieight, kill, lleight, 5 lt. 'P in. lieeorfling' Secretary, l'll2-'lSfl4g Cro , . , , . .. Klention llolfl lfilling, l'1l23l3. . llux, io sein' flip IIIOIIIUIII' 'zvlzvzi lmrrl iiirlillvx to livurf, .rind jilwxx ll .writ 'ft'lflI fw1.v.vii211, ix not tl 'ZUOIlItIll'.S' furi. ller lovehness is apostrolilnzefl in eve rose, her purity in every lily, her nioilesty in every violet. She knowk the ffaine anil lPl2lXN 3 it well, always keeping enliifl at a flista She, too, was entieefl lay this clreaclnanght w elil like another ineinlier of her sorority anml ii shoots his golden arrows, lint she iliml not yi short she is a real mlentiat anml a woina woman. 149 Ull l llull nu nlx - 1 XX. 5HIlfI,llS BlI'l'k'IllfI.l.. Klechiim River. Xvlfgllllil. Agri, 25, xifag-iii, img imgm, 5 fi. 1OjQ in Xi l'si l'hi :mil Sigma Mu Delta. Wzisliiiigtim Cullege. X'iccel'i'esi+lr-lit. l'fl2-'l3g Klemhei' Execu- tive Ciniiiiiittee, l'll43l5g Capt, liznsclmll lcziiii, l'7l-l-'li "Xli1vh" is the ziccuimilisliefl mam uf the class, Ile is ll singer, lizisuhzill iilziyer, miisi Clllll :mil fleiilist :ill rulleil m mme, :xml morn mei' Il will gmail slilfli-nl :mrl rmpciwllui' when he gels his miiinl ull' his girl iii 'lieimcssec Xml lzisl hut mil lezisl, um- ul ihe hest hlwfl mi-in in srlimil. JOHN A. Mmtiiic, Troy, New York. Age, 233 XYeight, 215g Height. 6 ft. l in. Artist, 1014-'15. Hacks teiicleiicy is to forget the past, his favorite saying is eat, clriiilc :md be merry, for tuiiiormxi' ye may clie. Much credit is clue "Mac" for his woiiclerful progress made within the past few weeks. It is our request that "Mac" consult a harber iii regard to hziviiig his hair siiiged instead of placing his heafl over an alculiol Hume. 150 HARRY DAX'II7 Niiwrox, Athens, Pennsylvania. Age, 305 Height, 1403 Height, 5 ft. UIQ in. "Newt" is one of those quiet sort of fellows that we love to have around us in time of ad- versitiesg the kind of a fellow that doesn't talk much but is right there with the "walf lop." Another thing we admire him for is his ability to keep Richards straight, whenever "Rich" wants to go out "Newt" picks up his mandolin and with it talks of love and the girls in Connecticut. ClIRIS'l'Hl'IIIfR hlniifs fJ'CoNN1ii,1,, llolyoke, Massachusetts, Psi Hineffa. rs Age, 233 Weight, 1503 lleight, 5 ft. 8 in. Class 'llreasureii tfliey, the Irish chap, loved and respected hy everyone, has all the rlualilieations necess sary to make a man, a more perfect gentle- man Could not lie found anywhere. lle is one who tinds much pleasure in his studies and is an all round good fellow. Alas, too late, we all have faults-his girls, how he does admire them, but that we shall not hold avainst him. 5 151 L.xxi,rxxix R. l'oi'tQSoMi-Zz, l'ollCC, l,Ul'lU liieo. l'hi Chi Delta. A313243 XYL-ight, 1233 lleight, 5 ft. -l in. l'fmt'e lligh School. llaltimore Xledieal College. l'ou ls tht litasurer of the l'hi Chi llelta llt tonies from the little l llt ls 'i h'1rd nm dent lle ls 'ill tht tinit in the ml X t slzmd lltlfltl Rico mrlcer :md mighty good stu liliiiizitfwr l le h is i :Q : Qowl heart and is :1 Ntlfbll ll'lt'tI'l ol c'X't't'Xli gwuml I1 lx -' oily. XX'e :ill wish him 152 irinary and HARRY XYINTER PAUL, Parramatta, Australia. Age, 22g Height, 1515 Height, 5 ft. 10 in. Artist, 1012-'13 and 1913-'1-lg Yaledietorian, 191-1315. This young man comes from the sun-kissed shores of a foreign land, Australia. He is of sterling eharaeter and strong self willg has made many friends among his Classmates, and in him we have found one who is at all times ready to lend a helping hand to a friend, at- tends strictly to his own affairs, never troub- ling others. llis only fault-the ladiesg "honey child, how dis man does lull de wimmin folks, he sho' is some divil when it comes to dat." jeux jnsl-11111 llL'RL'lfI,I,, blk., Troy, New Yurk. Age, 225 Weight. 1423 lleight, 5 ft. 6 in. Psi Omega and l'hi Sigma Kappa. President ,lunior Classg Chairman Execu- tive Committee, 191-l-'lip .Xssistant Klanagei Baseball Team, 1915. Tlzvre 'zum ll -YOIIIIIU 1111111 11111111'11' PI!I'L't', H710 11xlc1'd 1111' 111 12u1'111' 111111 ll 'I't'1'.NAt',' B111 H111 kid is su .v11111Il .A111117 flax c1'0111' 111111111111 111 all I s71'1'111' x111'f1 tl lllllllt' ll 1'111'51'. "Jeff" looks very lirulessifmal as he nicmres his Chair with "Rlutt's" full length operating coat dangling about his knees. Ile is Irish, having all tlle virtues of the raee excepting lure for wonien, ancl all the viees save rlrink. "l'urce" is a lirstewater spurt ancl a tweiitys four karat line gentlenian. Success clues nut inflate him anml cleleat is as gracefully aef eepted. l'2R.XNL'lSL'f1 Q1'1x'1'1-11111, Guadalajara, Mexico. X1 l's1 l'hi and llhi Chi llelta. Age, 225 XYeight, 11103 lleight, 5 ft.'1 in, All rouncl athlete ancl l1ull lighter. Slinoting the hull on the lliull-evarrll. Frank has a big heart, ancl is always willing ancl reacly to extencl a helping hanrl. lle has peeuliar allin- ity for the ceipimsite sex. lle has tastecl the wines of many lancls ancl has drank freely frmn the eup uf knowleclge. 153 Mus. E1.s11-2 D. 1Q1101'i'SC1N11ff,X, 11I'Cl11Cl1, 11CI'll12i11y. 1Xge,23g11'eigl1t, 1503 lleight, 5 11.3 111. C11r1'es1111111li11g Secretary, 11112-'13-'1-1. 51116 111' U 11111111 of 11I'i11'S.Y 1jI'1I1'1'. Cfvllilv in f11r111 111111, fair 111 f111'f.' My llc-ar 1211111112 I :1111 23 years 111 ZIQC. weigh 130 111111111ls, 111111 21111 5 feet 211111 3 inches 11111, H1111 21111 L'11I'I'L'S1111l1111111,f secretary 211111 g11t 1 4. . . ll g11l11 1111-11:11 f11r 1111111 1'l111I1Q 111 11115 211111 l'11's1 11111111rz1l1le K1C11111l11 1111' c11111l1111:1111111 set 111 teeth. 1'1l-1. 1 was 1.f11.111C1.1yI Xliss lQ1111f 11111 11111 1ill11XY 1 :1111 l112l1'l'l1'11 1111111 N11 IICXX' 11111110 is Klrs. Sc1111ec:1. 1111. yes, X111 11:f111111., 11111 l41111w 1111 1111N1l2l11f1 lr :1 111.110 1lQ"11l1'l' 111111 :1 1l111'1111', 11111. 1 g111-ss 111:11 is why 1111- 11115'i are 11 111110 shy 111 12110. S11111-1'1-11' N11111'N' Xlrs 191 III' QKAIXIIRKNX . N.. 4,521 H. LICR111' IQICIIARDS, G13S1Ol11JL1I'y, Co1111ecticut. Age, 265 Weight, 135g Height, 5 ft. 10111. Historian, 1912-'13. "Rich" is a UVI11-1'JI'Ot1lCI' of Newton, a11d tl1e worlcl's all wrong wl1e11 they are 11ot to- getl1er. Ile is 1111e 1.11 tl1e brightest 111611 111 tl1e class and is tl1e only 1112111 O11 record ever to have 111a1le Z1 100 1111 Materia Medica 111 his FI'CS11l113ll year. Isle l1as11't decided yet whether l1e will practice 111 Athens, Pa., or Glast1111l.111ry, C111111ectic11t, 11111 at a11y rate we want 111111 1111 take tl1is 11101111 away witl1 111111: "Smile and the worlcl s111i1es with you." 15-1 XY1i,i:i1i: N. Sciacfzos, Rutherfordton, North Carolina. Age, 2-lg Xkieight, 1605 Height, 5 ft. 11 in. Sigma Mu Delta. Mars Hill and NY. F. C. College, 1911. Yice-President Senior Class. "Once ill Ci'6'l'VX' 1111111 fllld 111111011 FOIIIFS the 11101116111 to de1'i11'C, 171 the x11'ife of irzifh with ftI1.N'i'1I00d for the good 01' evil side. Beau Iilrummel of Dental Department, com- monly known as "Handsome XYilbur." He possesses a diarrhoea of words and a constipa- tion of ideas, yet he is one of the few men whose actions are based upon thought and thought upon principle. He is a skilled opera tor, possessing a wonderful personality, Z1 re markable individuality and a noticeable orig- inality. 155 7-5 'lUlIN Ro1:iNsoN SlfL'kI'fS'l', Monroe, North Carolina. Age, 2-lg XYeight. 1Jf5g1leight,5 ft. 'P in. Sigma Mu Delta and Xi l'si l'hi. Trinity College. Critic Senior Class: Executive Committee Lifefv tl fjtllllt' of 1'f1c1'k1'1'.v,' ifx LVUIH' 7Il0'Z'6'. 1f in this class any there lie Who think that l've lieen too easy, -lust put it down as leniency And think what vou'd have done to me. 1 1.1111111111 li. b111'1'1i, N1-11' 1i1'1111s11'icl4, New '11-1'sey. 1'si 111llL'gZl. 11ge,3lg11'eigl11.1553111-igl11,5 ft. '1 i11. 1,1151 111111111 N1I151L'l' 1'si 1 1.llL'gZ1Q 11ClN11ll?s1l'Ill11I 111 1QX1l'Zlk'11l1Q. , . , . . . . 1111- 511111111 ll 11112111111 1111111 Is he 11'11h 1'11'f"c . - ' 5 111111 s1111'1X-1 "' "'l11111CfL'NNIl1'1' 111 1511111111110 si11c1- :111 11111311 111111 11s 11111111111 111111 1111111 111 the HS11'1l11g .Xl'lll S1111:111." llc 11'11s l'L'l111L'l'C11 1111- llllllll' 1-1.11111 1ll1l1'lll11l'y 1111111 1111 1111 i11je1'1i1111 111 "111g11s 1v111111511N l1'11'i1111s" 11e 1111091111 1111 1 . . . 1111 1111' 1'X1l'Il1'1l11Q lllL'l'1'11' gels 'em 11'11c11 1111 111111-rs 11111. 51111111 is I11111111f11., 111515111111111111fl1111g 111111 11111111111-. llis 11111111 1?l 1'1'111's 111.i1.1511151' 1l1'l11I'1111llN Nl'111l111 1'J11'1'1'1' 1's111l11isl1L's 1111? s1l1'C11' 111 1111111 1' X11151l1'NN. li-l1l L11c14113 VAN 1lR.'XWl. S1M11Ns, Statesville, North Ca1'oli1111. Age, 241 Weight, l-10g leleight, 5 ft. 7 111. "1.11cl1ie" is 141101111 as the C111C1iCl1-111S11CC1OI' 111. the class. From his eiitrauce into the mys- teries of Dentistry he has always iuaiiagecl 111 163011 Z1 11'11r111 s11111 in l1is heart for the fair sex, 111111 it 111111111 11e neeclless to say that mauy 12111tim111'e girls h111'e the same 1111ectio11 for 111111. "Si" 111 c111111ecti1111 with his cluties at school has always been 1111 11r11e11t 11'111'lce1' i11 any social f1111cti1111s for the 11c11e1it of the school, 111111 as such has se11'e11 1111 1'11ri11us s11ci111 com- mittees, always lllillilllfl them a success. 11'ith11l, he is c1111si11e1'e1l 1111e of the most 1111111111115 men 111 school, 211111 as such we wish him 1111 the success i11 the 11'11r111. F1,11x'11 H. SIXll'l'll, XV1111111, New York. Age,24gXX'eig11t, 1353 11eig111,5 11.11 11 Xi 1'si 1'11i. 1'1'esic1e11t of F1'a111Q1i11 Sqiizire C11l11. A 1ift11' Illllll r1'11'11 11 1111111111111 11l1111t', H111 Xf111ll,lZl'llC1'L, 111 111111 f111' g1'1'1.v f11111 f111111'. O111' litilv 1lI1.Y.N', -zu11'11 -z1'11111'111z ff1'lIl't', Sl1'11111'1' of f111'111 111111 'flI11' of f111'1', Calls 111.111 C11111111' 5 'iw 1C1ll1'Ix' 11111' 'zulz-1' S1111 Ilf' 17111-V11 111111 l'1'.x'f1fwX'. el S.XRll'1'fl. S. Sll111'1111.1 New York. New NYfl1.1Q. gXge,.2-1gXXe1g11t, 1-1113 11eig11t,5 115111. .Xctive K1e11111e1' 111' Ce11l1':11 Y. K1. C. .X X1e11111e1' uf 1'11ix'e1'sity 1,i1e1':11'y S11eie1y. "Sub" is 111711 2111 111'igi11111 1llL'lll11CI' 111 11111 from 111e 111g x'i11z1ge we1e11111e. 11e seems 111 ave 111'1111g11t 111111 111111 1111111 New Xv01'1f some of that special 111211111 of ag'gressix'e11ess. fm' 11 is Il wizzml at 1111i111i11g 1111 11 111'z1etiee i11 1111 i1111r111z11'y, Clltflflllg' L'1'l1C115' 111 l11e gentler sex. ass, 11111 we 11z1x'e 111'11eeer1e11 111 111z114e 1111s 11111 ll. E. XX'.x'i'1-lmiwx, llonslon, Texas. l'si Hmega. Age, 333 Xlieigln, N101 lleight, I5 ft. 2 in ' 111' lmflz ll "l film' not you cllI.Y.Yl1l.N, lcon om! llllllfjlzl' look." .ful lux C'1Ii'.x'4I1'. .X walking ellcyeloperlizi of facts founcl e where only in lllzivlfs Ulmerlitive llentistrx' llnrner's lil'1lL'llC2ll Dentistry, flarlie's Crown hlixixiiis R. TIIlJhIPSi'JN, Anderson, South Carolina. l'si Omega. Age, 253 XYeight, 1453 Height, 5 ft. 952 in. Senior lelistoriang Treasurer of Freshman Class, B. Xl. C. A man who makes very little noise. You never hear much of "slimmie." Yet one whom everybody knows and likes. He is that agree- able type of man who makes no enemies and makes a real, first class, good fellow. XYe ad- mire him for his generosity and manliness, mfl llrimlge :incl the Lf S. l,ll21I'lllIlC0llC2l. 'llhe only rezil floctor in the class .lnrl so fur as wc mow the only rezll li. S. Xx'ZllL'l'lll1lIl is zi hustler :infl snre to win. llis onlv error of H 2lllCllllhl to plzix' the lll1lhlIlL'lll has lic-en his .. , - 'Nlnlt Io llll'k'L'll,1lllillllwllllllllllllll spirit ul 1rI'4rlL'ssl41I11ll fllllV. 158 Cims. V. XVAllLI!IfRf',, Ansonia Connecticut. Xi I'si l'hi. Age, 221 Height, 1553 Height, o ft. Orator, llll-l-'15, Chairman Social Commit- tee Y. Xl. C. AX., N114-'l5. U . 1. Y 1 Wally holds up the X. Xl. L. A. end of the class and does it with such a sincerity and grace that we are obliged to admire him for it, notwithstanding the fact that we are averse to such organizations. llut leaving all joking aside, Wally is one of the most popular men in the class and a general all round good fellow. Aloiix lQ.XNIHlI,Pll XX.xi.i4i5i:, Hagerstown, Klaryland. Xi l'si l'hi. .Xge, 231 XX eight, 1903 lleight, .1 tl. llJ'j in. 'llreasurer Cotillon Chili, lfirst Klention Freshman yearg tiold Medal hlunior year: Editor to 'l'i-licim KI.xi:i,xif. "Dean" won his title the first month he came to us when he showed that he was second to none, not even Dean lleatwole. .Xt the very first he was amhitious in his ideals as to what a dentist should know and what a dentist should impart unto a fellow practitioner. During his entire stay here he has shown us that he was conscientious in all his efforts. and, working to such an end, he has made himself one of the most successful and prac- tical men in the class. Such a man is doomed for the top. 159 .., Iofini ll I. XX o1,14, New York. New Yoilq. .Xlphzi flmegz .Xgt-.213XX'eigl1t,l4flg lleight, 5 ft. 7 111. -lHNL'IPll llicilli has 11o coat of mzmy colors. lllll ocfzuioiiaillv lie xveziiw llll coat. i111 thew otvzlsioiiw he Ill1lX' he fouiirl iii the i11lir111:1rv IPLl'5IDll'lllg over Zl clillicult piece of xvorlv. Wie Imrl h1111 Il quiet chap, llZlX'lll2' little t11S21X',l1tlt 11l1:1t lie tlocf N111 lwillg lu his Cfcllit. H10 SCC no rt-zixoii xvhv he hlllilllfl iiot, with his stczicli- M, Nlllllllr Il x111:1ll-Niza-ml "fool111'i11t ou the lll1lN of tiiiie.-' I4 DEN H. XYIYBSTER, Maclisoii, North Carolina. Sigma Mu Delta and 'Psi Umegzi. Age. 2.23 Weight, 1303 lleigl1t,5 ft. S 111. Executive Committeeg Member Cotillou Cluli. "A 111 1 llllllf, 111111 1 5111111111 f1zc1'i.v11 111111 -m1111611 11m1'.1' 11111 lviffcr fl'Il11.2 1 will f1llt'A' 1ffl'0l1I my Iroxouz, 1110 Illkl' 1lt'tI1'lL 114' 111 1110 1'002'." No 11ee1l'to say much of lien. Everyone kiioxvs :mel lilies him. He is one who mixes work anal play 111 just the right proportions, that is, just euough worlq and 11ot a bit too much. And vet he cloes enough and does it xvell. Aml, above all, he is a prince of a good felloxv. Xlelister loves l ?1 l'JiOlO.Iy hut "Spir- ogvrau llattersoii gets his aiigora. ill K. C. I'1iN'rux, l'ul'tu Klum. X-fc 73'XYciffl1l 1fu5'llcif'l1t 3 ft 7 in -5.--v 5' 1 51- - - cxclwllllllg' is QVUXXIIIQ murc SL'I'l4lll4. XXI1 wc lmfm' ' ' ', 5" 3 v' X " ' Iinuc tw IIFUYC ww. 4 l 'ir me :1 . , :QI . l 1 L: rg L ' lff' 0 A., x W., .. J I i c., ,,. fy., . , .,, 11' A 197' 1 Mfrif ff, - hi hg,'1k,. W,, Y vw 5 J .-M. I 1 -a,p.,.,Ag1 , .x ?'1 ,ff'f5M.:i'.11 'Z-r' ' ' emma ,,M.,x..t, GQHLQL- ' 161 VCIIIIJII is il clark lwrmc IJYHIIQIII in :lt tim L-ml uf thc term In nmkc things livcly, whik 12 E I - l--sg It el mmm 5115! s ing.-in J ammer -lil ., . X' ,Ie la! Pix . ig Nj ip 3+-gt -' 1 ff yt- . iifiil liiJMlll.Il1Hllh .L in if "-1: 4? it.. e 11 ,1 5Jt5A..QW ,,,., litztnrg nf 0115155 1511 G .. 'l' is somewhat of a difiicult task to write up the history of the greatest class 3' 9 that ever filled the halls of this old University, but I guess l'll make a stab -or as one man of more nerve than brains remarked, "1'll risk one eye at it N N ,K ln the fall of 1912 forty-live young men and two young til girls en- tered this school. Some were recently from plumbing establishments, others from great Southern cotton factories, others from the coal fields in the West and "Rube" Castevens and "Sidna" Allen from Yadkinville, N. C. Taking it all around, I think we were a very creditable looking bunch with just a little punch in us, something different from the average run of students. liut the worst is yet to come, oh! oh! the way those .luniors made things pleasant for us was a shame. They sold us rules-50-c., they sold us green buttons-25c., they made us wear standing collars, blue caps, with the green button they had just bought sticking right up in the middle. llut even with all this regalia on I believe that it improved our looks. lt at least put us in the same class with the Highlandtown sports. 1 forgot, that's only half of what those rash .Iuniors did. Not satisfied with dressing us up like jack- asses they succeeded in rounding us all up one morning and taking us out to Irvington to show those Kip Yan Xyinklers what the University of Maryland really was. llelieve me. we certainly showed off for these peaceful inhabitants, too. Epting and Secrest showed them a few new steps in the 'llerpsiehorean art, and llenny XYebster sang as he never did in the Nladison choir, .Xnd right here l want to say that we were so horrified at these feats of the upper classmen that we then and there abtilished hazing for good and all. l might also add that llean lleatwole was a material factor in this emancipation of the Freshmen. I also want to thank the Class of llll-l, for by their actions we profited. We didn't have much electioneering for class officers and succeeding in electing Xlitchell as l'resident. llean lleatwole made us feel at home and we settled down to work, the eonsetptences of which made nearly all come hack with a clear ticket. 'lihe -lnniors opened with the loss of Xllen, llughes and several other good men. while lo replace this vacancy came the class from llaltimore Medical College, and they all proved to be good fellows as well as good students. Nye soon formed a happy union with everything running smooth until lien Xyebster anfl Xyaterman got to electioneering for l'm'eell while lfpting presented Richards for the l'residency. .Xbout a w'eek of this and l'nrcell w as elected l'resident to lead us through the paths of our hlunior year. l 62 gag 2 I ' 1 "I lllll mm I n -1 1- 1, i , -- . l li I f nw K IlWIMJIlmWl1lr m lD I J .iv -rfb? .X X 'l i . r . f i M H VH' Q? "' ,- -2 . ,e 'u '1 . -5 .Q i -f i l 1 imfiiixgmp . ' A- is . I m Alumh l I 5. pl ii xt -:L . :Silt ,gg f - . 'Mr ,fi - ' '-1 3,9 ? e-is sf" ff P- fra-fr f T -' fi ?-ajvai? ,fifili .7 ' V ,sta "'i" ' i - a - g? ' X' -ef 'f "1' 'QL rr? Nuofsf flflf In the infirmary we encountered one obstacle in the form of Dr. Rea. We wanted to rush through and show what we could do, but Dr. Rea insisted that we take things calmly and do everything well. He pointed out the fact that we had a whole year before us, and that although we might rush we could not put in a hum filling and get away with it. The other work was a cinch-sexcept physiology and Lizzie Consere"she" persisted in Hunking a few of us, but we came back in the fall and showed her what we really could do when it meant graduation to us. In the Fall of 191-l we all came back with no loss on the roll books. That in itself speaks for the spirit of the class, did any other class ever show such spirit? But here politics again enters the peaceful domain of our old L'niversity, and this time Purcell, with the able assistance of Xiaternian, succeeded in electing Kendall to the coveted position of President. And this time the race was exciting. For the two liest men in the class were running. After this we were introduced to Dr. llaskin, who proceeded to elucidate on the art of straightening "tufts," After one demonstration all the members of the class came to the conclusion that their "tufts" were perfect in every detail. lien Xielistei was over- heard to remark that his Tennessee Flower would have to accept him just as he was. This time we proved to Dr. Rea that we were real dentists and for "patients" could not be beat. Dr. Rea even went so far as to smile and say that we were a promising set of young dentists and with the proper care should develop. I sincerely trust that he has succeeded in the developing process. Dr. Mitchell showed us that llacteriology was no cinch by Flunking about ten. XYe hope, however, to make it up this spring along with Pathology. There was only one draw- back or hindrance to mar the progress of ourclass this year, and that was the marriage of Miss Roof. XYe were all in love with her, in fact all expected to help along with her practice that she must secure when she graduatesg when lo, and behold she "flew the coop" without so much as a "good-bye boys." XYe've become accustomed to it now, and besides the wan and sorrowful look on XYalker's face we are all U. K., and expect to make this "good old school" proud of each and every one of us as an alumni in the days to come. jules T ni in rsi iN, IffA'fOl'l'llIl. 163 neu, , An . n In Slnilalilm gg MII 55 an ima l m miuw frail , ll 1 -F . i My .ml V v fare? "' I V . 5--vt, Q' r t ' :se 9 ' X i if ." PJ ' K .Y I iumlt in I ij ij? 5 W 33,1 ij a,a .ie v 'sgmjawi 'mrirr rwoiss Tl "I -f s--an r 6- 3. 42 -W Ziff LJ- - JQ.eWfifss -:'AEviS ff"iassfi'-f Mi?E?'4iff:i?Z2Z lgi?3ii2?ii:, .ese ilij fig W SJLSAJW 'M Swnini' Hrnphrrg Pu- S l gaze on the picture of the Class of '15 and compare the faces and char- acters of those boys with those of the men I met at the reunion I see how much you really missed wgie. 'fllig E You should have gone with me. XYhy! you missed what would have . been one of the greatest pleasures of your life. 'llhere's nothing like these N ,ii 1 f A .,V CZ' . , reunions. You should have seen the old boys rolling in. They came from all over the States and from other parts of the world also. It made me feel young again to be there and able to clasp hands and greet our old classmates. The hands l shook often belonged to a different man than the one who possessed it in the old schooldays, for time had wrought changes. There were changes there! New character! Intellect, integrity, character, all on a changed plane. Many a fellow had had his ego of youth and the many other school-boy failings removed by Father Time and yet survived- a credit to the Alina Mater. As l told you before, you certainly let a grand opportunity for an enjoyable time slip by you, but since you have been so foolish l will try and tell you what the boys have told me of their work and success. Kendall, you remember him, our lanky class president. He practised dentistry in Geor- gia for live years. 'l'hen the old roving and bushwhacking spirit took hold of him, but now he has settled down to hard work in liuenos .Xyres, South .Xmerica. He tells me there is nothing like the South American field forthe dentist. Xvaterman for the past few years has retired from active practise, and has been elected to the chair of l'harmaceutical Dentistry in the University of Texas. .Xnother one of otir boys doing good work in 'llexas is Davila, but he tells me he is soon to retire in order to devote his time to the furthering of the work of the Spanish School of Dental erature. In the Lone Star State "Dandy Dave" Danforth is reaping the sheaves of suc- cess. .Xfter a number of years of good ball playing in the majors, his arm gave out, but thrifty Dave had a profession and a fat bank roll to fall back on. Dave is one of the boys little changed by time, the same quiet, likeable chap. lfpting, shortlv after graduation, came to the conclusion that dentistrv was not his call- ing, and gave up all attempts at inflicting himself on the suffering public. Instead he opened up a dental depot in Charleston, S. C.. and now who has not heard of the great lfpling Southern Dental Supply Co? lipting seems to have modelled his business career after his great namesake, lfpsteiu. ttf late years he has taken in jolly .lohnnie Secrest as junior partner, blohu surprised lls by pushing forward into the lime light by his recent uprooting 1 64 1- ll alum ll 1 'E 'li lly 'Malawi im X4 I i ,l M -' gs vu e . fiyllwlsiillllmllil ,N 4. N Vi agp, lip i 'ff , 'W,i,'i,Qll' x .. .i HMI Mllllllllli' flii,lm, i' it pr y. ' fii 7,1 ijfiigff S f , l " ' 4fl 'F i :T S- 9 f a- .ggifx .-'T-if " ff S -Li : fp S ASJKSLJW we of all past theories on the disease of pyorrhoea alveolaris. This partnership shows yet fur- ther the keen business foresight of Epting. As a demonstrator of equipment designed for lady dentists, they have engaged Dr. McKeown. Dr. McKeown has been recognized for some time as a very competent child's dentist. Through her work with Epting and Secrest she should be a big factor in pointing out to women a broader lield for their activities. Though she handles dental supplies, she should be just as competent with surgical instrumentsg for she is no longer known as Miss Dr. but is the happy wife of a prominent Southern surgeon. XYhile speaking of the ladies. l do not wish to forget Dr. Scimeca, nee Bliss Roof. ,lust think of it. She came all the way from Germany to be with us. She tells us it is her first long vacation in tive years. ller practise in Hamburg among the American colony keeps her quite busy. Occasionally she and her husband tind time to visit me in Yienna and re- turn by way of llalermo, ltaly, in order to visit the former home of her husband. Up in New York City Sobell and Yolk have an otiice together, and have amassed a lit- tle fortune by way of their practise among the "Chosen People." Down in the Carolinas McLean, Castevens and Thompson have stuck to the native heath. Thompson has a hue ethical practise and only last year was elected Secretary of the Carolina Dental Association. Get-Rich-Quick Castevens started out in life as the proprietbr of an advertising shop. This enterprise shortly failed. Steve then affiliated himself with the Carolina Turf Association and lloker Club. ln this, his newsold profes- sion, he is very successful. Do you remember Webster? The little fellow with the good line-F lle has tried his luck in the West and by abandoning the wild oat field and applying himself he has learned some dentistry and has become an efficient practitioner in Seattle. His old pal, McLean, has given up his practise for the more lucrative calling of a Car- olina hotel proprietor. He is a good host for the -Xlumnae boys, and he has acquired the knack of pulling stoppers instead of teeth. Q As a whole the Carolina boys have made a good showing. There is Scruggs. All his work is with the elite who visit the Southern beaches, and his time is much in demand. Lest I forget to tell you, Scruggs is champion married man of the old class. He is the proud father of eight children and the same Scruggs with it all. Hld but ambitious Simons has succeeded, after climbing a rocky path, in becoming the foremost tooth dentist of Statesville. No change! Same happy-go-lucky Lock with the same Southern chivalry. Those three Yankee boys of Connecticut are all doing fine. NYalberg, located in the cool State of Maine, but the female population not being large, he decided to move to a warmer climate. He is now in the Panama Zone. Stronger fortifications will certainly have to be built now that "Mutt" is in Panama. 165 --is i' ell mi QW - an Ag! E gwigmim m agililnw-all t-e!ll!i-y, 'g if W MW ' gl. e he r ie. g e if r if Ci s.zzsA.LM ,M Richards is now chief demonstrator in the Forsyth Children's Clinic in Boston. He always had the knack of taking it from the mouths of babes. He tells me McFarr has spe- cialized in Pathologic Dentistry and is one of the bright lights that glares down on medio- cricy. .limmy is the same friendly boy. Close but never Fartrl. tbld ll. ll.. you remember him! The old grandpa with the helping hand. He was one of the titst to greet me. Always there. The "Old Canefu is yet king of the extractors, and during the past year has placed on the dental curriculum the new -lewrishprudence Uu- risprudcncel. As yet that same happy old Smith. Smith told me lieint is in a sanatorium in New Jersey suffering from nervous break- down and locomotor ataxia, brought on by excessive work. llonick is one of the few that stuck to Baltimore and extraction. Qld Hen is there yet with extraction, and being one of the Faculty of the Lf of M., gave us a beautiful demon- stration of the administration of NJ! by his own latest method. While in llaltimore, Lewis took me around to look over his othce in the Professional lluilding. lle now occupies the old quarters of Dr. Cruzer, and is a fair example of the new replacing the old even in Crown and Bridge XYork. .lack is the same good fellow and certainly was a prince of entertainers in introducing us once more to the old town of Bal- timore. Quintero-Portifolio Quint. You should have seen the crop of whiskers Murphy grew during the year he was in Mexico. l'outiomez is connected with the llealth Department of Cuba and is a most brilliant and scholarly lecturer on the crusade in favor of Ural Hygiene. XYe are proud of his work. Morales, directly after his graduation, began his practise in Salt Lake City, Utah. lle was too busy with his many pressing duties to attend the reunion, but one of the boys claims it is only an excuse and all that keeps him away is the failure to get a special train for his harem. l'aul came from far away Australia to be with us. He did not balk at the long trip, if once more he could meet his old classmates and gaze at the physiognomy of the Count. lle is one of the most progressive of the Australian .-Xrmy Dental Corps and has kept up the high standard of work begun at the Lf of Rl. Iluist, the Count, has given up his practise of dentistry as a profession and now is a plantation owner in the South. Ile now has the opportunity of dealing with refractory neg:-oes instead of molars. Uld Iluist! llust thou art to soil returnest. Xyalker. one of our lleans. yet has that happy trademark smile though it is somewhat hidden by a much thicker soup strainer than the one which adorned his upper lip in the 166 Q - ..N r 1 1 f I nm-ill' In W . -- my at 'H Eg! ' A A' mi ia ii "H"-aiiiiii fs l lwlil like 'l .1 ll ll, A . ' . ml . -- .U N ,g I' i -i,,- 'I ' fi M. X I 1 ix? tar ' N ,y K Xa: X -Egy- ' l l l ai P t 'l i lt' . ' 'ii -it v .fa p. Y All 3 5 . ,, lvl iii ffl ,E XY Y if fi? . 5-fi w - - --it i . v at "T if ' . Jig ---' It N ' - f We Y -' . 1 P. V - -lf i iiiluimliiiim' Z f ll i-' ,,.-La, vl l " ig ! .4 ff: fo. s f: My fs fyfaf - - a i -'J-Y aa., ' -aa .+faiQs f, ess. - - - -,.1, ' "' Y . .,..f: xg 5,3 Y. gxgs-, ,f 0 af -ggi 1 lg -' -,ie Y 'r ' ' - -' ls --1'!-Y .. ' .,,-ff yy N J., gg.fiaf7 W r r if f g fc fy-,f s.asA...W af. old days. They say that the Dean's smile, notwithstanding the ego connected therewith, more than any one thing has helped bring him success. 'llhere has been a recent patent by him of which you have probably heardea device for the extraction of teeth without instruments. Mclntyre, the Canadian, has been showing his countrymen what a real success is. liy special request he has been placed at the head of the staff of the Royal Colonial llead- quarters but will soon retire in order to take up the open life. Mitchell had no great distance to come in order to attend the reunion. He is a prac- titioner in Richmond, Ya., and is now l'resident of the Richmond llall Club, on whose team he was a member a few years after graduation. "Mitch" is also Captain and Reserve Dental Surgeon in the C. S. Army, and we believe will soon be appointed to the new post of Surgeon General of the Dental Corps. Our llird is some "bird" now. He has not been early enough to catch the worm of opportunity, but nevertheless is well satistied and is making a good living. His only re- gret is that he failed to join the aviation corps instead of wielding the forceps. During the reunion a table was unveiled in the new administration building to the memory of Irish Magee, the young baby elephant, who died in New York City on the hrst day of hluly, nineteen hundred and tifteen, on which day the lloard of Dental Ex- aminers of New York State put forth that fatal question, "Describe the Circle of XYillis." O'Connel was there from Massachusetts. He brought with him a whole army of young lrishinen. He received the due congratulations of the boys on such patriotism to his coun- try. Christy has had a fine success and the "Chauncy Ulcottu voice has helped pave the way. XYe had a box party at the Gayety in orcler to see our old classmates Purcell and New- ton, billed as Purcell, the Yiddish Comedian, and Newton, the Wizard of the African Harp. lYe were not disappointed, the boys have not made a mistake in giving up the profession. Loomis came back to llaltimore shortly after graduation to take up his duties as a clothing model for the Leader. lt's alright. Fine feathers make fine birds. F. H. Smith is an M. D., having taken up the study of medicine with the object in view of better understanding the workings of a heart. Cynic! the old boy realizes it is an ideal that calls forth the efforts, which make a man. YYho doesr1't know what Lynaugh's doing, who hasn't heard of Lynaugh, the great Movie Comedian and Pantomime Artist, a second Charlie Chaplin. llis early training on inhrmary diplomacy has stood him in good stcad. Johnson is now the jolly proprietor of a jitney bus and is entertaining the boys by placing his cars at their service while in the city. 167 .I ' BDN F' ! l if ' lil W lmxglsmlm ' fr "F ,.....,., -. 'Ei' l 2 'Z " s - - Hm m? E ll ir Pi A r-gil il? 4 iff' Fifi - 92. ' f , 3:53 L ,ine r ay .7 .SE ?es?1gZ-'ff ' le '1 YU: ,JJ AS,-UQSAAZNDM fyuf Dr. llebert was unable to be present the lirst clay. He was unable to ride the water wagon, so the Northwestern Patrol was again substitutezl. Hebert was let down easy because the fellow was taken before Fitzgerald, who now presitles over the Northwestern. liruinberger is a laboratory inan for the New York Painful Dental l'arlor. Malone is a prime extractor the boys say but in every instance where the patient is in neerl of a stiniulant, Malone achninisterecl one gill of Spiritus Fruinenti internally into him- self. -lust the saine absent-ininclness of olfl. ,Xn unavoidable inistake. As l have told you l have a very line practice in Yienna, anal as you know the rest of my career, anrl as I have tolrl you briefly all l know of the olcl classmates and their work, this will have to sulliceg but boys do not niiss the next reunion. 97? L A sf? at Nl? if i f .ll lf, A Z iff -ll vi 1458 O 3' fm 3 c, ' ,N y of QL 1 0 0 crsni 1 v lol ,f .-A -1, - , -l '. ' , M 'Z' ,-ff -- QL xx , 'ff .3 f-fjf' Q J J 1 1 X xg ' t E FX , ff . C 'JF' I law , A vm f G ll A 1 Y -, g , in ,uw F JK , k-- 6, 1 U V f' j, Q l akglqzi TQLT' I 1 Vg 3 X X DY m fr Xllj 5+ :JV J O r J 4, Q- Y A Q , V yy W I -7 UN 3 rl l .TW TQ, ,, , NWN W4 - JW' + ' hlig fo Q W1 , 'Ulu' X D 4 1 0 O 1 -5 5 eds f4..4djL ' ,Q V X-my N. -A X A 4 a po 3 II ' . U 34 X ZEEDMIDUL-1 3 ,. Q , + 1 ' " :JNDI Q rw, W 1' 3, iw 3 Ty H14 l SX V-:N ' 'H I Ox! O ,x did! If :HW 2 ' .. of fa- 1 0' ,gf R-ifff A d 5 w Q 'J V A Q U , 1 H -- + v :F If wx' X ay y 1 5 , L-2 Q, 5x 0,1 QQ of 5, U of YQ... gy O'-' I?" 0' -:Tl ,F ee ll el mlm i MII tlf mm lgt I WW" 'l me 'U f 'lf ' it t ' it imlifi . L ii t p lt ,mul t sb. ff W :Ni-N . ,514 ,ji lllllllf it Ylltl-ii'Fii, il'i .3 Qp,j , ,.fi. LE 1. qw 's 6 A fi fa 'f-H -..aff , f if I s- .safe fsgfi-f ff -e I f1,Z1c3Aa.:vNMf1,,4 DR DR Dk DR DR. D It D it D R D R I 3 It Die lin lit: lite lite Ill: lik Ili: Ili: lil: lil: llic Gluatnnwa nf mine Him illf.AX'l'l,VllI.lf+TI'C2ilS Freshmen and .luniors like gentlemen and Seniors like convicts. ' D.KX'lS-151165 not call the roll unless XYaterman and his understudy fPureellj are present. CRVZICN-llegins his lectures promptly at 0.00 A. M. SMi'1'lI-Gives a quiz on Metallurgy every other lecture. l3AsKiN-To instil into the minds of all his scholars the importance of the sixth tothl year molars. HoPiqiNsONe'llo instigate philanthropic interest among dentists. lbw-'llo require the knowledge of intianimation. Mi'rc1iIiI.I,f'l'o present his subjects in the broadest sense. ll.xYNlis-'llo tell some good joke on himself. I".x1tiNIIoI.'1'f!llo devise plans whereby we may learn more about crown and bridge work. l'.x'1"rIiItsoNsTo show his absolute tunlimportance. REA-'llo see that all margins are smooth. xl.'X'l"l'lII'iVVSi'liU give a few State lioard questions. Y.xi.lCN'i'iNii--'l'o give all patients to unsophisticatecl juniors. Mooicli-3l'o administer gas without opening his mouth. tll'likR.xs'l'o show the whys and wherefores of prosthetic dentistry. RHliINSlINf'litJ pursue Xtebster in his bushwhaclting. lX'.xi,l4t-in-'l'o beg for more time. - ft pp. .. . ,, , t ,I lIfXt,' lo boost li-.tim Nl.XlyI.Xl'.. li. Ii. Sxirrne 'l'o assist in demonstrating. lst-1Nli.xl,l.f'-'lio show his knowledge of dentistry. XX' X'l'I-IIQNLXX 'I'o see that l'nrcell slitles through the pearly gates of dentistry. 170 5'-Q 3 . I-A-A ll el mmllli 1 an -5 am 'WEmi ma m a -tal . ' "1 as E 'l wi m -fm Q N if l l l I. .Liu s glEiilrwf,:"""lflff5'-- fr t...,,- Fl lit It "f Q - - lean! ylii .lim-..,-, .il D ,fifw i M65 74. . Meg ' 1 r' 3. - g efo- or gllae f e e To 31264. WM of, DR. XY. S. KI1'1'Ci1ICLLs'llo have a game of pool before breakfast. Du. Tnox1PsoN-To be on time. DR, SiMONs-To break some poor gills heart. UR. XYI21zs'rIiR-'Ilo attend the quizzes of "Liz" Conser. DR. liL'lS'l'-TO supply the boys with rotten chewing tobacco. Dk. SlfL'llES'I'+'llU put in gold lillings. DR. SCRUCZKZS-,itil land the best lookinv vatients. PW XYebster to McLane-Henry, what do you think of my inodus operandi? McLane-Dunno Gus, never put one in. XYHEN GUS WAS DISCREET. s-i to XX'ebste1-I have three cars waiting ready for you. now which one will you take ? XYebster to -- tas the Madison Avenue car is in sight,-'l'hat's alright, old top, I'll take a Madison Avenue car. Gus' Favorite Expression fl'opular through usagel XYebster to Epting-Loan nie a nickel Ep, I ain't got but 30.40. 1 X X 'se ,x ' '1f1'iN -' e f' . 5 - - " , A , X ax Q sl mini ,-In l 1 n 'IE a' -mmgli 1 Fmw wl re -fulfil! M mi E El t l W ,ml , s, nl -Q I! , W Q M ,ll 'll.f hi lb i"l+ H , fiiillrl ,minimum .L ' 'ltlliil i -A01 "4 V ' Aliglll l -T '.'f3' ,.,, "',..a-i ii gg' 4' v A ,.., . ,' - ' r i r l ig f i l e e '54 ' t ' A L si 1 glllllllllllllllllllllllVlllllllllllllllllllllllVllllllllllllllllllllllliilllllllllllllllllllillllllllilllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllIIlllllIlllllIllllllIHlllllIllllIllllllllllllllIIHlllIIIHlllllll Mann fllllv thr illnzw mliilr 31,111 lfltuing sinh 2 tliv linnrking iulivn 31,111 Emil 2 1 1 i i, 'ie' ii r+inirrini'iiii'ii'iniovnvllulltinn Mini i ii- i wtiiillntlinnltlliiinilnnnniillllllllriinilv-inn'iiunii''innv 3 E l've noticed when a fellow dieseno matter what he's been, 5 E A saintly chap or one whose life was darkly marked with sing E llis friends forget the bitter words they spoke but yesterday, E And now they iind a multitude of pretty things to say. l fancy when I go to rest someone will bring to light E 2 Some kindly word or goodly act long buried out of sightg 5 E liut if it's all the same to you, just give to me instead, 2 gg The bouquets while l'm living and the knocking when l'm dead. 5 is Don't save your kisses to imprint upon my noble brow, 5 5 While countless knocks and bruises are hurled upon me nowg 2 E Say the good things to me on earth, while here I mourn alone, is And don't save all the good things to carve upon my stone. 55 What do l care if when l'm deadethe daily Town tiazette, 5 Gives ine a write-up with a cut in mourning border set, E lt will not Hatter me a bit no matter what is said. 5 So kindly throw your Howers now and knock me when l'm dead, 3 lt may be line when one is dead to have the folks take so, 5 'l'o have the flowers come in loads from girls and boys you know' 5 lt may be nice to have these things from those you leave behind, E llut just as far as l'm concerned l really do not mind, E l'm quite alive and well today and when l linger here, E Send me a helping hand at times-stlive a word of cheerg .lust change the game a little bit-.lust kindly swap the decks, lfor I will be no judge of tlowers when l cash in my checks. hi. ie. w. 2 i ,ll ll , fllll llllllillQ.jQllllllllllilllilllllllllillllllllllllllllfi lIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIHIIllllllllllllllllllllllllEE 172 1 l ..-g li -I mglmm Q 51155 E gmm-i lit-H559-"' Q- f lqll 4 U iff. mls. Q. , I ' ' i ' ,t " 'X' 955: ' f x ,i ff-. ' " l iiff l' .ll '- fi -" X bfi' i i ll x l - gQtilyl'iJmuimii in 4, HW -A 1 1.4. i i 'ff i M, ix X Wfilmllllll' e i l -.-ia-. J 2 if , 1"".f l -f- i Q W! -1 in fiyg 'iii l U fi no ffr - - -1: 'r 4' .J L. 're 39g 1. , .sig f f ff? JM- . ,'X"'o:-Av jgiiff -Vjwax-'t4flf ' VK' , " gif' W Y S ' ' I I ' NN 5716112 ilgllilfh Q9LIPEiiH1t5-Pmmnvrz hgQ1le155 1915 Question. ln douhtful cases, how would you distinguish a tc-inporziry from :i permanent tooth? Answer tlliehards l. "Pull it out and examine the roots." Question. Under what conditions in deciduous dentition is lancing of the gums indicated? Answer llluistl. "lJr. llay says free incision is always lic-st in cases of intlzun- mation." Question. What accidents are lialile to happen during the extraction ol' teeth? Answer lslllltll, ll. l3.l "The forcep inight slip and pinch your linger." Question. State the two essential requirements lor thc production of ll perfectly fitting denture. Answer t"Gus" l. 'HX liottle of heer and a pretty woman." Question. In what part of an occupieal room is most impure air found? Answer tklelntyrel. "Under the cover of the hed-due to t VConnell's feet." Merrill-NYho's the l'rof. of Ural Surgery? Mallen-l think it's Ur. Guerra. Quintero-XYhat did Dr. llaskin say? llruinherger-lle said "Don't he so quick to answer his question." Magee-How do you like that split plate? Rankin-All right, what will you do with it? Magee-Send it to Eva Tanguay. Morales-XYho is the peach looking for? Farr-She says she would like to see Fitzgerald. Richards-XYho asked ine for the prognosis of liicketsi Kendallkl didnt but l'll take a little of it. Epting-Say Charlie, where is your diplomacy? Charlie-I don't know, Doctor Epting, l think Dr. Patterson broke it the other day. 173 "'0 'Q OOOQ:-:'xQ N I s 1- 5-Q: 0 'YF' 7 pl ff' I 1 5 5 C :::Q""a 'lgrlg "'l0," :cy I ' MQ- ev ft .1 T , ,O hx, , " "j- 'swf ,Ql 'IJ ' ' v -A , ., I ,N I '."55O6xQg'4a, 'Oy "fig '!lQg0O9 , v iIf-"'0-M14"L-ff'0t4f9.M.oo0'eA' - '25 I Q .F i r a if - - - -- -X - -in -in + iff 6 Y Y ff 'vt'i-?ZT-g ' I ""60o5 ' ' v 49000 .:2"9Pt::.YO9::Ox:99.OQ' ,,:::A0O0 o0Ovo99gq0909,o vu.,I"0v00'0'oon" s , 'Nuoo22!!3f::""'2f!!' " ,.".0...0C ' T f,, Lf - - F1! 1 I-ggi I il IMIQH Mlli. 5 ew E"H i , I vt WQII 1 I' 9 I llwt m. I all M iff P I I WW I' N 55:1 xl 1 .' it " F5 ' Y " I . 4. M Li lygl - ff i " xy li 'LQ J.. j' Nuo- gi? g f5g,QQjee- is , ' is-r -i i ' + G-' -ffsilfe' ,fe 79 Q r' ' . oc fgf 1-jr '44 f' "e" e - fi SJSLQNNQM 1114 Elnkva lioaziiian-XYlio's using antiphlogistinc around here? Danforth-Dr. Robinson gave it to Newton to clraw the pulp out of a tooth. Dr. Davis-Mr. lleast llluistl, what is operative ilentistry? Iiuist-It's Iixing up the teeth. Dr. Hopkinson-Mr. Secrest, how rlo you use a tooth paste? Secrest-I clon't have a chance. Scruggs washes his feet every time I liuy a tulfe. Webster-BIcLean, what is IIZCL? McLean-I don't know, I never userl it. Loewenson tluefore Xmasl-Miss Roof, if youll clraw what you want I'll give it to you as a present. Miss Roof-I want to get marriecl anrl I clon't know how to clraw it. I'urcell-Who are the authors in our class? XYZ1t61'lU3.11iIl2:llll wrote an epistle anal XYalker wrote a paper on operative clen- tistry. I-Iehert-XYho clo you think will get the meclal this year? Davilla-IRI like it, hut I'ouClomez will get it. I-Ionick-XYhy clo they continue to persecute the blews? IZ. II. Smith-.lust to let them know that we feel their presence. Kendall-XYho's feet smell so strong in lectures? , Lewis-It lies between Castevens and fJ'Connell. I'll pitch up a jit to see which took a bath last. Dr. Ilay-Mr. Epting, give the treatment for Erysipelas. "Ep"-I'll tell you later, doctor, it's too goocl to tell the class. Dr. Smith-Mr. Lareviere, why clidn't you answer my question correctly? "Lary"-Doctor, I told you what Feindt told me to say. Miss McKeown-Dr. Walker, is this clone correctly? "Dean"-Certainly! Everything you clo pleases nie, somehow. 175 it-QE 1 el mlm lk!!! imEWQnzi i mp g?" "Wil lg ' i 5 if i ' X PQ A fill , ' i i N fiiiilflqmiimill fl i., fl ii i ,i"l' 1 C. , - ....,A ' , 4. fi 4 . -2 if il fe " ' ' L' is. i ' ,-Ag, ft - ff Zi if- M-' eigifg i 3- J-1: 5 , f 1 Met s 4 S554 'W' " " Malone-NYliat is Antigen? -l0lll1Sl0llf.'Xllll tnutj gen lgeneratorl, why that's inure like XYullt incl S016 than anything l know. l,Vll21l1QllfSZiV, "Dean" old boy, is this the way Dr. Paterson suit to 1 ' "IJ n'!sl'll swear I clon't li1lUXY+l.lll clreacling to face D11 llitersun ant ea liaveift seen hini for a month. I,mmiis+slsn't this a H+-l of a plate to make? llircl-No, l've had hut little truuhle with niine Smith, F. ll.-XYell, it's time to eat. .Xiiyhufly guing up? lJ'Neil-Yes, l'ni going next floor to "Nielqs.' v Wallierg-Say, Mitchell is at good fellow since they cut the clevil nut of i illllOlll1ISHll7XYCll, if they should eut the rlevil out uf some of the fellmxs ti re woultl he nothing left. Ng fflif nfl ' Y fi! ,490 P ' X lx. I 'Y' 'ifll P J,f"v'S i. -' A 'G ,Tar Q! , lf 71" 4 ' ll Q i " X v I X Ov- 1 :We .1 ' ' ' 1. , ff ixlflli 0' f :-ws- i N -- FT 4 1 s X .' , I, ,.' X , I '.'r 3, V ltqfagwx ' A- w lily ' xX i V i il ' it fi ix K Ill "1 iffy.-.-.V We ! U ,,' A I l'Y l I 1 .L 1 , tx V Q N N N 5 , . ITG U- .,,,!,, 11, ,,1,,,,,,, H, , , ,, ,,.. ,.. ., . ,W W-, ,NX ,X ,NN M ,L Q1 WMWNWHI P Nl1wNM:.Mw,MWWH:W,WwW1..uNMmwNw..wwmm1WWNHHHNIM!HHHNHHHNHIHHHHNWMUNnh!NHIM!NMHNNMHNMINN,NHHHNHI!NNHMH1NMWNIMNNIINN www 1,WNN,,,,1w1111,wwwM,ml1.,ll1,1wNmllwl wNN'1w!w!!wlNNN1mlQ '43 , Q: V K h Ga , Qi, fa ig : j . ABWIPA, 'fig' , fgh ffgpyz U ,, X W ig Q69 1 f nw,-rfyf'i+z: a1k v Q F, -,x 5 54 gp.- Q"IlNl'lNHHHHIHHHIIHH!IHNHIHHlilIIIHIIIIHIIIIH1IIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHHIIHMIIHHIIIVNHI!NHHHHHIIIIHIIIINHIIIIHIIIIIIHIIIIHIIIIHNNHHNU!!NWI!!!Will!WH!!NH1HHIHHIIIIHNIIIHHHIHHIIHHIHUMIIHHIIIHIIIIIHHIIHNIIIIHHIIHIQ JUNIOR DENTAL CLASS El l l--fa ll Qllllmll! 5 All 5 Fm gmfmw I IHW 'Qlm ' We I ggmX,.Bgm,l -J' . A EQE Q R N. 'mg h- N. 'F M I '- ' . . f 'U 'r. fsk 'N ,.-if-mlq 6 fa M, fl 'T MP. Y K" F 'hluuiiili' N. 'L' X1 . . , I . " -- 'I -- f '11-7"-A7 r -1 9 ', -.A - 4. il Ji-' 15 If .: T -, P' fif F JL 'f"' Q 7 :f:f'?7f 1, "fm- A . R nf- X , -x, ,, ,1, ,J -,,,,, K .,.:, 4 ff F Q R 51154. L.. iluninr Brutal Gilman Qbiiirvrz an A. C. ALRIZRT. . . ...... I'rcNiclent R. F. IDARVVIN .... . . .YiCC-I,l'CSiKlCllf NY. E. BEAN .... . ..Scc1'ctary H. XY. BURNS .... . ..'l'rcas11rc1' R. F. BROWN. .. ........ llistorizm T. I'IARPI2R. . . . . .SCl'tQCZ1Ht'llt-.XYIHS R. F. BUNDY .... .......... . Editor G. I. BRANDON. .. iixrrutinr Qlnmnlittrr il. R. FL'ND1iR1:L'R14, Clzuirfzzuzz. R. XYEIUERT L. A. Ill-1NN1i'r'1' R. P. MAY C. T. IIAILE 179 .. .AI'tiSt if II Sl lmnllli my E 5"5mg-.I gm Aw 'I -Q ', MI! I .EIIIIIIIM I I Ie III if IIT .III1IIIIl1' 9 , if 5 X 1 :nz I I . I , I' -if I II I ' ! In sm. , ff I fm e I - I I 'sw - 'I :If 53 I I IIV-I1 I f I 113, I' . , I ' f,' fi , X' K F 5. gi? Fi I . I I I 44 "III II ri I "If 'ff . IIIIII .I 'V 'Q .,.,Lf...g.g.1w-feel--Ii:-1.'I I-:Q . 'I I -. I. .1 I' I . - ' 'f ,, 1 n..-, --fu-. ff' ... If "-ri. I I. - --5:4 A II D , ww Inf 111i ...I J?-I4I g'f 74. f+ W if' i f f , an : rg 14 zzzfiif? gf, :p l -IQ 'M ' Qi 'ff 'jg if ' ' -in - Y M1 Y N ,gf , , S554 Zluuinr Brutal Qllasz iKnll I. M..X1m.x1u In .X.C1,IN" MIN 1XI,I,I,R1 .X. A ."XI,I1IiIIJl,I KI. Ii. IIA14 XY. E. I 1,1 IR IICAN I,. ,X. III-ZNNI-1'1" IJ. C. I3I,lix'INs G, I. Illmxlnm 'If I J. Inm.xIm'.x1u1 IQ. If. Illm x W N IX. II, I3I:x'.xN'l' IQ.I".II1'xm' II. XY. Iivlms lx. IQ. L1.XNNIIN 4 IQ. In IJ.x1:x XIN IC. II. IJ1iN'mN A Ifl-'l4'k'I" I'I'wm'l-1'1'I'1' I. .. I', IIUN' LXI.I'fZ 'ic' IS 'I'. H M1412 '. bl. II.xl41f1iR E. Ilolslxes IQ. ,IUNIZS . E. L1-1N,x D. KICLICUD I'. RIAY 4 . In RI.xl:'l'lN R. BI.xR'1'1N . IL. Nlunmx II. N,X'l'llliN .X. N114-is I". Slim-'lfl-21 I.. SNIITII 'I'. Sxwrrr II. Suwl-iles W1-ZI1m1'1l:'1' , V . C.. XX 1-21.011 SHN I X I-s-if m gl IM Q an -E an -Mgmt g wi -Hal . t " M 'l ill ' s . 'E 3 ml ' fi i c- . gffgllflvhilllmlay 4. M .1 L-fi., lui , pt: t'LA,,Mtt tl - - flu tl" i"T,,722,,4 will 74- as 'ffi is -ff .-1-f,s2w ig' f ' - 3 X12 esjy . r fjjg T e Zluninr Qllaifm l6i5tn1'g G E'l'L'RNlNCi to College as juniors, the contrast in our environment and atti- KQ , tude was striking. We were no longer Freshies, and we conducted our- selves in a manner wholly becoming to our importance. 1 Some of the more amliitious fellows came hack liefore school opened, hut most of us got hack around the lst. liundy tried to create a sensas tion hy dropping in two weeks liehind time, and liarean, lfranklin, Cons nelly and l'arks did not regurn. The lirst important event claiming our attention was the election of Class Hllicers. After a lot of sclualililing and some rough-house, the following were elected: .Xlliert, the XYest Yirginia coal miner, was chosen as high muck-a-muck, and Darwin, from South Car- olina, was selected as his understudy. XYee llean, who hails from the Empire State, was the choice for secretary. while llurns, of Xierinont, was given the honest man's jolt. 'l'he artistic work of the class was left in the hands of lirandon, the magician from blamaica. Harper, of South Carolina, was chosen otticial liouncer, and lirown, ot' New lersey, was elected historian. The excitement of this election seemed to satisfy everyliody for a while, and things ran along very smoothly until the Thanksgiving holidays. Dr. lleinmeter held a rare treat in store for us on our return from this vacation. It seemed that with all his silver drinking cups, dinky caps, and whatenots, he was not sat-- istied, and lo and lieholdl he lilowed himself to a new suit. Nut sed! 'llhat suit was some noise, and I'll bet a nice big red apple that he'll never wear it to school again. liy this time most of us had started in the intirmary, and Messrs. Sowers and llennett could generally he found on the steps, sporting their new white coats and sizing up the chickens. Sowers is some poultry fancier, anyhow, liut does not specialize on any one breed. ' As usual, there were some had mistakes made in the intirmaiy, XX'elch didnit start work- ing till late, and it was only natural that some of the other students shoull ren'ler him assists ance. Welch didn't know exactly how to handle his tirst case, a pulp exposure in a six- year molar, so he asked his more experienced classmate, Fr. Cannon, what he should do in such a case. Cannon examined the tooth, thought deeply for a few moments toh, yes, it's possiblel and replied that he would take the nerve out and kill it. We have no doulit that if the patient understood more shout dentistry, Cannon would have received the same treatment that he prescribed for the tooth. Of course Nathanson wasn't holding himself in the background at all, his nature wouldnt allow it. The Duke is naturally a bright chap. lle is a liarlier, as well as a den- tist, and also speaks several languages Huently. Of course he doesn't have much chance 181 ll P F . V . c are 9 ' if e"'l'3v Du' 'ive :iff 9' . , .. r 7 fi, + G-t f ' " , fc " , f- 5 I -:'f f jg' Q NNo1-I 1,14 to use his lingual knowledge in the intirmary, but one afternoon he was assigned a pa- tient who bore the earmarks of a foreigner, and Nathanson thought he saw his chance. lle asked the patient in seven distinct languages what his trouble was, but the fellow evidently did not understand him. Nathanson then asked the same question in Hog Latin, and receiving no reply became desperate and asked very loudly in English, "XYhat lan- guage do you speak The patient calmly replied, "Oh, I speak English." This completely unnerved the Duke and he forgot to tighten the nerve bristle in its handle. So when he inserted the broach into a root canal to remove a putrescent pulp, the bristle dropped into the handle. Nathansoifs face turned all the colors of the rain- bow, his hands trembled and, for once in his life, he lost control of his tongue. He ran the whole length of the intirmary in less time than it takes to tell it, grabbed Dr. Rae by the arm and literally dragged him to the scene of the disaster. lly this time Nathanson had regained control of his voice, and he exclaimed in a hoarse whisper, "Dr. Rae, I have forced a nerve broach into the antrumf' Dr. Rae looked at the tooth, then at Nathan- son, and finally picked up the handle and removed the bristle from it. Then after he had stopped laughing. he had a long talk with the Duke, the whole substance of which amount- ed to just this-that a Dental School is not a home for incurables, and that certain insti- tutions make it their private business to care for such subjects. The three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas passed very quickly, but at that we all welcomed another vacation and left for home with a determination to have a good time. Darwin got stuck in a South Carolina mud-hole and arrived at school a week behind schedule. llowever, it didn't worry him any. he said they couldn't do any real work here without hint. ' Two weeks of loating was evidently not enough for T. T. Smith and he failed to show up after the vacation. When we got back everybody seemed to take a renewed interest in life and the whole class became very industrious. Even Mike Moran and joe Xtelch came around to school occasionally. l'ersonally l saw Moran in the laboratory twice, but it is rumored that he was there another time. llut taking matters seriously, we are the most industrious class in school. Dr. Robin- son says we have done more work already than any other class has done in a whole session, and llr. lleatwole says he has great hopes of this class: but, just between you and me. if you want to get a real line on us, ask Dr Patterson about us. lle says-but l guess what llr. l'atterson says about Us had better be left out. This book wouldn't hold all he says concerning his favorite class, and a partial quotation might be misleading. Uf course we know wt-'re not the best class that ever came to the l'niversity of Nlaryland, but we have a fairly goozl opinion of ourselves, and next yearf'XYell, we'll be Seniors next year. and youll hear lroni its again. 182 ff' Rfb 5 H as f ,xv 'iff ' s A ' T9 tgf' " " ,fx Y:-if 39' 4 X A 1 xx ' K 1 if , , f',, I X X 4 -K il it j x' I ,hyd Q -Q. v -A Q- ' Q A- f ' W - lf! - X H ' 1 f' .f X ' f - ' f A 1 f 1 1 , 4 ,xx , . N:S:? J ff' --X 4 Y Y , T X ir X -1 - N-N , rpg... Y! W 'Q . N ff' xx , 3 X f' Xxx -' , ' ,Vx ,4 1 A., , N '24, S , Id' I 1 I X T" wa Q' fx AL!! I f,- h- ,X x." I f ,ff r, ' ff ,-P15' ,Q X! . 'fl "J VX, ' " J , f f IW? V X fb if ,,.S X X X U-'Q We f few. X f ' A. Pg FRESHMAN DENTAL CLASS , -af?-f I -M E E E' ll 'gl III I g sm-I .i w " - I ' - 51 Q I! If ' I. ' . 'fa '. l .5 . Y Q. 555. WV A I . 'Ia in I Nw ifhY ' II' LII gfj2glg'qJnnnm1I 4, III L.. Iv . I Llhlgli f, 1 5 I . - HIFI I If .Isla I" III' -'ifviy FL as f lfi if ZFYPEIIIUEIII Brutal Qllaw Obiiirvrz 'lf' L. II. XIlI.I.lil:. .. . .. .I'rcsicIcnt -I. C. Cl,.x1cK12 .... .,...... X 'irc-I'rc5i1Icnt D. Il. I,.xNu.Ixs'r1ile... . .Secretary :xml 'I'rc:m11'cr II. I. I Ilfc1c1iNs. .. . .... . .Xrtist II. S.-UNlI'sr1N .... ....V. . IIisIm'i:m tl, L, EIlXN'.XIiI.lS. . . . . SCI'QCZllII-III-.XVllli Exrrutinr GIu'mnittrr KI. Clmxlliu, CIIIUIVIIIKIII C. 'I'. Ilnwwx M. D. CIIRRIILAN II. I. II1'u14lixs C. I7. IIRUWN E. S. CI..xI1:Ia1cN1 bl. C. CI..-XR IQIQ KI. IJ. Cm:1elI1.xN KI. Cluxllile CJ. E. C1'I,LIiR 1 5. IJ. IJICOZIHS Z. L. Enwfxkns 'if' EIIITBIIIIIRIII BPIIIXII LUIu55 iKu1l II.I.II1'v1l-ixs IZ. XX'.xxN1cl4 IJ. II. I..xxI.xxs'1'1il: If I'. XYIIM' I. xl. NI.x1:'r1xliz I. I. Ihvlmsux I.. II. KI11.1,1f.l: E. U. CwI:1,1i E. II. I'.xI.mi1: X'.X'sx1-7 I I. S.xx1I'sI1x ID. I.. 'I'1:.xm' NI. ID. S.xN'ruNu 'If I". XI.xx1,lix' R. P. SMVFII 135 ,-F!! l - n-sf-1 f-lmmagm Slim! m m m l a milvn' gif 'Qlmn 'll ,ll i Miami- . 7 xii Abs - lit C C if if f c i -53 5-il ' " 53. A ,s1,fitsA..LW,,,., 2 4 reialtman Brutal Qllztmt Eiztnrg The lzeiglits of great FI'6'S1Il'U.Y retirlzed and kefit ll't're not tztttiiized by A'lltZ,Zl'ClI fliglztg For they, 'zttlzile their roiizjmizioits slefit, ll'r'1'e tiis.verti11g tina' g1'ii1c1'i1tg in the night. .A 4- HE 1917 Freshman Class of the Dental Department of the University of S! i n Maryland hegan their career with auspicius promise. XYe faced the dawn 11 ' of a raised curriculum as the smallest Freshman Class ever known on the ,5 1 3 'tl H enrolltnent hook, hut we did not really, deep down in our hearts, object to Qfxl what seemed more concentrated instruction. To raise the old crv the war mav ' , v . have kept some greater geniuses away, hut we ourselves should worry, pro- vided we do not yet have to join the navy. Suttice it to say that we have survived thus far without heing kicked out, arrested as tlirts, or having to return to the plow handles. Our class at first consisted of twenty-five memhers, and we have at present only two less than that nunther. XYe regret very much that Schmidt was compelled to leave on account of ill health. XYe were also sorry to lose Calvi and Martinez, and we greeted Manley with a hearty New Year welcome. flistory records this class as having formed its organization on Saturday, Qctober 10, W1-l. Hur otlicers were chosen as follows: Miller, presidentg Clarke, vice-president: I,ancaster, secretary and treasurer. The president appointed an executive committee as follows: Cramer, chairmang Huckens, -Corrigan, XYavnick and llrown. To glance at our class, l aiu afraid that the onlooking world would fail to see the fine points of our character delineations. l said we were geniuses, and I could not resist men- tioning that fact, for our training in dodging modelling-coinposition, plaster chttnks, han- ana skins, decayed teeth, rag halls, and sledge hammers, etc., has been too painfully ac- quired. I have no adequate data upon the suhject, hut if the Kaiser has not equipped his army with such ferocious Trojans he has overlooked a hig het. Ilossihly l have aroused your curiosity as to the kind of fellows that make up this most extraordinary class, hut if you will just drop around some day l shall he glad to show yott the smiling faces of Ed- wards, Xtray, Corrigan and Nliller, anxiously peeping around posts and corners await- ing an opportunity for something to turn up. l should also he glad to introduce you to one whose imitative ahility has acquired for him the name of "Shakespeare" l have also heen ahle to see in this httnch of highly dignilied men another set of geniuses, the "ladies' men." Une may hear the familiar sound mingled with the din of files and hammer, "Uh mother! the doctor is hereli' and presently we are aware of the presence of Dr. Clarke. llut the climax of all of our events was the fame gained hy Clarke, tiodson and Cor- rigan in the new method of setting tip teeth, upside down. If one hath ears lo hear, let him hear, or eyes to see, let him see. Ur if anyone who has read this and doesn't feel convinced that we are a livelv hunch will just drop the see- retary a card or pay us a visit we shall gladly try to explain more convincingly. .Xnd "We thank you one and all for your kind attention." IHS N U W ,L W, Xe if 5, 5, NX X32 N. ,gg , , I J X l ,W T g j SQ, Q 1f,j7:.f5.. f ,1 '7 " ' it ' ' "YW u I " V lag. , ., 'Mil f - iiflf Riff ' Q- - ,F : JX -'Ubfj' " , .L - 'A " ff Q' 'A 275QF'Q N fy Pl? ---sg-l,',f ' , f gf . 1 5 '- 1 1 f ,r f', A ' N-v X- -M N -fffZ!j,i ,gg K 4iQ ifp A 1 1 qfif w ww mf'-JL - , - Vg-,it Vg 7' 5 'iii t x Q RRQXW ' E92 '- 5 , ,wg S", - , ,Q-ill 0 S - K .y1g,LMwA 'M' 'w Q'?'fff7 ff-' up V' YV ,rj , A, t :ng I gn 'a QL ia AW AC f Q l---fe ll 'ilHlllllI 1 1 'fx H i .V ,I 'Z' N Y i il l' uiiiillmili I I i ilii it M ,feglfl Hlwllll ' C ,eriit-.llailiwi A p 2, Zi.-. - XXXHQZW' 2gfi':o'?f" se. 2 - Kg 'af ' s ' .Y :ffl. 4b' H C Lua'-f 1714 Zllarulig nf ilinm '10 HoN. 1'llfNRY D. H.xRI..xN, 176011, Ficlelity 'l'rust Company. Testamentar Law. Y :XLFRIQD lIAc:m', ills, tA.l3., Riclnnond College, 18855 l'11.D., .lolins lloplqins L'niversity, 18913 LL.l3,, South Carolina College, 18941. Banking Law. R.xNooL1fn ll.XR'l'ON,, ju. QA.lI., -1011118 Hopkins University, 18913 l.l..l3., L'nix'ersity of Maryland, 18931. Bills and Notes. C,xRRoLL T. liolvn, C.-Xli., Harvzu'd, 189-lg LL.l5., Cniversity of Marylancl, 18'16g one of the judges of the Supreme lleneh of lialtiinore City1. Common Carriers. pl. XY.xLL.xe12 IERYAN, f.A.B.,.lOl111S Hopkins L'nive1'sity, 19033 l'li.l1., 19081 l.l,.l3., Cnif versity of Maryland, 19051. Practice in State Courts. klUW'ARD BRYANT, CAB., Princeton University, 18821. Insurance. XY. CALVIN CH1isNL"1', fA.l3., Johns Hopkins University, 18923 Ll..l3., University of Maryland, 189-11. Title and Conveyancing. XYARD BALDWIN Coit, KAR., College of Charleston, S. C., 1890, anxl .eX.Kl., 18943 l.,l,.l1, George XYas1iington fCOlLll11b121111 University, 18921. 189 l-QE III Smliillillllm - 1 MII. H rm gW5'lr1,, l f-Emnuuw-"3 .af riillm, ' 1 V 1 ,ww W -' all arf Q 521: Xl. A '- ' Ml X , .t K1 l K - 1, ' 'Q --H 3 A ', Ag fa f " ' if 9- -asia I 3. . k Sa Agijfbslyazfum-1 1714 Personal Property, Including Bailrnents. hlmiiis C. Dl'1NNI8, C1,l,.lE., University of Maryland. 18951. Contracts. Enwin T. Dieiqiixson, f5X.lS., Maryland Agricultural College, 1898. and All., 147033 LLB., University of Maryland, IUOZJ. Corporations. hlusiiiui C. 1+'ic.xNe12, ll,l,.l1., L'niversity of Klarylzinfl, 18857. Torts. ELI FRANIQ, 1.-X.l1., xlolins Hopkins University, 189-lg 1,L.ll., University of Maryland, 18965. Pleading and Evidence. hlmiiis 1'. Gomiik, f.'X.Kl., St. hlulink College, 18873 Ll,.l3., University of Maryland, 1881 3 L1,.lD., St. .Iulin's College, lUl23 one of the judges of the Supreme llencli of llaltiniore Cityl. Domestic Relations. IIICNRY D. ll.xRL.xN, f.'X.l3., 8t. -Iolnrs College, 18783 All., 18873 1,L.l3., L'nix'ersity of xlllfylllllfl, 18813 l,l,.D., St. ,Iolnfs College, 11,0-if Chief sludge nf the Supreme lleneli of llaltiniore City, 1888-111143. Equity jurisprudence. Cii.xi:i.1is Mull. lluwnen, f.X.lI., hlulins llopltins Liniversity, 18913 l.l,.ll., L'niversity of Klzirylzuicl, 18031. International Law and Conflict of Laws. .Xlzl lIl'R l,..I.xc14snx, fI,I,.ll., l'nix'ersi1y of Nlzlrylzincl, l8'l-ll. 190 -E 1 l ag la I m gl 5113! M illigan . 1 :vt QI i .Q 11 . ' im it ii 1. 1 1 '-- ' 1 1 r " - 55:5 N A1 tif gf ffrwl f fl L C... Q1 , lvl - lim. 3 -M3 Q 1" -M21 ff' . .-a 'lt 7 .L , 18:1-of a -wr f 5 , T'QfZ' ? gf 'mfr-. ge , -iff' P lf- H959 e4"':f'! ! ,- fe .hge fij . We 11 a s xii' 7 f'1 ,ik ., I V . .L .. N fs. ' S,USA1NNoA I Commercial Law. S'l'l',Xli'l' S. lxxxr-ix, f.X.ll., johns llupltins l'11ix'c1'sity, 18053 l,l..11., Lvnivclxity of NlZlI'j'l2ll1C1, l'1Ul J. Bankruptcy. Swxyxx ll.xx'1-is l,.Xl'L'lllllfIXllfR, 'nivcrsity f.-LII., vlnlllls llrxlrkills L'llivt'rsitj', l8'I1Jg, 1 ul Xl nxl incl 18971 .t'v.,m.... CfJNS'l1l'l'L"l'I1JNXI, I,.XXX'. 1 Y . . .'Xl.1f1:1-in 8. iX.ll,l'.8, 'situ 1871, :mtl .X.Kl., 18821 I,I,.I3., fA.ll., Princeton L'nivu 1 L'11ix'e1'sity of Klurylunrl, 18813 lformcr vlutlgc of the Suprcmc llcnclm of Ilaltimorc Cityr, Criminal Law and Medical jurisprudence. Iiwzlixxq 1l'lJl'N NIC, 1.X.Kl., St. KIZITBCS College, l8'9-lg l.l..II., L'nix'c1'sity of Klllfylillltl, 111001. Corporations. XX'lI.l.11x RI 1,1-Q1-2 R.xw1,s, Elementary Law. ieXl,::1-im' C. lQl'1't'1111i, f:X.l1., Iulms Hopkins L'nix'c1'sity, l8'JUg l,l..13., Lvll1YCl'8lly' of Klarylaml, 18'f8 J. jurisdiction and Procedure of the Federal Courts, Admiralty, Shipping ' ht Patents, Trade-marks and Copyrig S. slollx C. Roslf. 1'I,l..ll., L'nivcrsity of Klarylaml, 18823 L'11itcrl States District hluzlgc for the District of Rililflillltll. Practice Court. G. Rlmzl-1I,x' SrXI'l'IN13'l'4JN, Cl,L.ll., llaltimore Law School, 1'104l. 191 , l am ll i z IIMQQIH I 3, ,111 1 J . 1 I P -V1 ' mi, ll 1 M y 1 I 551 1 .41 -QPF 71 A '31, ...- ! fy . .,,,. H A , , fi , , 1 " 1 ,Ig . f'- " "1 I ' ' " 51 ' . f ', -. 1- t ,Q L 1 ,'1Li.n'7u1inE -.r1y,- Mb -35 -A1 Q.- b v, 'Lie S9225 l?TP 1 sf Pifii 92,1 '17'+r7 W uhmg -lf, -jifr :V -If 'V I LE fe T155 if if Leia 'kg' if 1 "ee 'Tie or - ef" f 5 1 511544 WW fffff Real Property. Ill-.mal-lm' T. '1'l1f1-'.xNx', 1.-X.I1,, johns llopkins L'niversity, 18823 I.1..IZ., Ulliversity of Maryland, 18851. Equity Procedure. C1,rx1eliNc1i A. '111'c14121z, 11.I4.lI., University of Marylaml, 18955. Sales of Personal Property. bloslix-11 N. LvLLIXl.XN, ffX.13., Ulolms llopkins L'nix'crsity, 18'J8g ABI., Columbia University, 190013. S X, pix ..-rf E.,:1gYfr5: Yg 'f ' 'Emi ., ,I :ve Q 55" 5 ig- 5? I rr 1 AW!" 4+ ' N! "' 192 -'Q i ,Ag m I ' s I fl! tl imnm, EM !gln up t M- -- .M E E it-I .it ' W may li i F 'i Nl s rnfllliftvfml, . .:1iIlll'l.'1""'m'fl -4- 1 2' -l 4.2 i 2 1 '-'1 ' i ti:tU,,1f V in 'ins' L05 - Mimi " Lil l 1 . ,--Y f' l f ki- s: : ig s," .aQ, -.ig - . LsTi,, ' . . iyyi -Q if W 5,frtsA,r1N,M ,M 9 W' . Q21 num fzrl lime, thou most unsynipathetie and unreasoning of Gods creationsg 'llravelling steadily on thy course of endless years, Regarding not thy rending of associations, Oblivious to sentiment and tearsg Leaving in thy wake hearts torn and lileeding, Casting aside in thy ruthless haste Soulful supplication and pleading For the lYl1y must thou ever onward, Hast thou not suliicient span? Canst thou stay awhile and then go forw Must thounot consider man? Oh! thou hase insentient creature. Canst thou see in hearts that love That there dwells a true affection Granted them from He above. D XYhy didst thou paint the small hrief sec XYith all sunshine and no rain? Hadst even then thy vile brain recl4on'd To garnish eternity with pain? In what terms can I entreat thee, Awhile to stay thy headlong Flight? By what vehicle intercept thee- XYith what force to crush thy might friendships thou hast so guilely dclu sed. 'a rd O P 'l'hree short years, each full of sunshine, 'llhree short years and each day lrrightg 'llhree short years and each in the plan of thine 'l'o haunt the futures endless night. XYhat dost thou leave in friendship's stead Some potent charm tu ease my mind, Some promise to allay my dread? Xaugilit-Not thee. thou art not kind! Yain and empty is entreaty Naught can pierce that heart uf thine. Un! Un with thee! Leave me Mourning o'er the dead uf 11llIlC. Uh memory, thou sweet solace of Human kind Ahide with me and mitigate the anguish of my mind Dwell with me and with thy phantoms cheer The future destitute of all whom l hold dear. Jos. A. H.xizi:1-21:'1'v. 193 --l 2 g g ! . .r fa , a, lg i , - ' ,Y Y i rf' if 57 Q -f if QQ, -Y A 5 P I Q Q F -f -i-"1 ' - - .i i-: - ,A J ' -W M Q -X Wfwffi, ,, ,N , A- i fx -WY ' . A ',,, , AY. , Y V , '?,,,. F91-'-as --2 - X 'N '52 - 1 f 2' -4- 7 'ffff-77? X,gf R, ,f --'h QW-, . wlfdf YI"-vm A- f'?Tf.+-If-Y-'.-ffm?-.15 A we'-vw-fiifhf-iN.r' L 4 flQf1JR1W.. ,f ,5 ': .HLWSWL 1.3, ik Rb 5 v qi-Avib f W ,, ffafi1.NWf3.,T?Qo 'rv' ' "'2zu4Q4, 2 - . 'f, ,m :Me1,x,gff,f ,- fm fy'gQf4,.i021.x27f', 2443, Vg 'f ,QL 1,41 .f'f5f'5 W 5, . mqgg. E wa n ,ga Jyllrjffjy ii rg' 5 xx LIQQI f 4 1' ,gf X 1 i,C,'j:l'SEf1lfxNX sit I f, Mjiyflf ?,': 'V W w w! "', ffyl 17" f EL I' X-' UU AGE! fkwg-zjlva 23,9 ':y, gm 1 f 4 -X WvGT1"1jy , ,p 5 -2: -f f ,. f-g.:g- ' H z.. f. lf-M574 - 1 1' 't sf -4 41 -" ' 1, . ,' -- ' 'a 1. . ' '. -1: -wk. -' , M .Nl'.:s ,, 'R -.Rx x . nf: ' I W ..x ,.' If '5 " ,x L- ,V : RN 45' Xxjiililavl, - N Yr.. 1-rj W 2 ' Y?-1 N ..:"!f N! " w-rf..-T.M 52-:m F v- :JA lf'-,IHNEQ N N -312. '11'.'1'-T-A -'hh . K5. 'f..."5, E ijglgfgf, . - ' 3:23 wxyifgix' "f .t -K! Xi -E ' -' 4'1"-.A V' ' 1 '-I .:-:-l--- Q I--Q I 'il IM ' I E - - - a t as ,an s any-i.t-t,, if fi al l , w A 1 vs , '. 1 ff r M'-l ' w fs. i Al 1 -. ' if Sli - f' x xl' . ,IjftIlll'lF3mlimi3lAf'5Q, 4. K 'lm El 2:11, , ily ,L we .. ialrtfalll mll 1.. Ili .lm ri . e' i"':" 74 lei WxggggZ" H' -1 'Q f iff, - iz V ij -'. Jffsftj f f ' '- ., If-5, A "Lf ET- r TAY. ' .s ! ,..1-,77ff-i3t gf Lg 's hy rv- - f. , -egilv g ' 'f --F"f'.-r- -i", J --,ag A.i,g.i.E ii:-gy f s ,-ri. ss ,1.j1g- I '- , fgjofeqo s,11sA..NW ,M oo' f' ifivx Adam was forbidden to eat the apple. 'llhis was the first law. .Xdam broke that law. then followed his punishment and to punish .X'lam divers laws were conceived. 'llhe laws regulating his and his progeny's future life. exile or incarceration, as you will, were pro- poundezl after he had violated the Iirst. 'llhe law therefore did not anticipate .-Xdain's down- fall, but followed: iiltiflilj' the most severely criticised profession is the law, torlay bitter anathema is flung at the law's delay, judges of highly respected courts deem it necessary to comment un- favorably on the systemthey administer. The law's delay is the target of low comedians and punsters, of charlatan critics, of unsuccessful lawyers, socialists, anarchists and mob- ists. The critics of the XYanamaker type, who apparently see no farther than the case bee fore them, or who see through other than legal eyes, fail to note the fact that the law must follow. lt is a conservative force, following and providing for the handling ol cir- cumstances as they occur. To legislate on purely speculative or contingent conditions would leave commerce and individual liberty in such a state of uncertainty that no man could prepare for future things. Initiative would be a quality no man need possess. The monot- ony of such a course would autoinatically cause its death. We find the mob following the cluack when all is well, cursing the lawyer as it does the doctor and dentist, and in fact every other professional man: but, when the bowels of the earth are movegl by the unseed hand of fiod and the art and acconiplishments of civili- zation are in a moment resolved again into the incongruous mass from which they were con- ceivedg When great minds lose control of their desire to respect the rights of others and revert lay the present pressing neel to the priinative law of self-preservation3 When weaker minds bereft of the supports of discipline and order give way to the unleashed impulses of beasts: NYhen murder, rapine and pillage spring up in a second and cry down in mockery the civilization of agesg When men and women terror stricken by the devastation surrounding them forget the invocation of Gods mercy or remembering Cod at all, curse his wrath: XYhen some gigantic enterprise is disorg'nized and the all of widows and orphans are hy a single act placed at the mercy of the unscrupulous: NYhen on uncharted seas the ship of state sets out to sail with her cargo of a nation's welfare and honorg The laieyefr is sought and the late is sought to bring order out of chaos, to stop the up- raised hand of the evildoer and to stay the rapacity of the extortionist. Jos. .-X. H.vt:ipiiit'i'v. 195 OFFICERS DAY CLASS fLAWl e -Q-N A il Wi. 1- 1 " 'RL' ' I -V N 1' '-"' . 1 ,-sn m ama ! a s-W -HQ: OE . BN I ' ,TQ xx 9 - - 1 'g w, -f 2 - x 1 5 . A 5 M .. , 1,55 ff V ijlllblmlllh el " Y f 1:7 W Amqglf ' gk ' ' li ii"-:J ill I W 1"fix5'f'79 .. E ' 'fl Ti,QY,f 3 AT A'? , ' 572, 9- -ad H44-ie? fl-Wi? V ' ' 5. ' 45 Q5 5 ' Sfrninr 0112155 QDftirm'5 may 01121555 lluucl-3 C. LIGIITN J. L. SCIIAMISICRIZ4 iXR'l'IIlYR Y. KICI-ZNI E. KINQ: SL'IIl'I.TZ .... XXIXRAIIAM R1lSlfN'1'II.XI,... J. R. BRUNSMAN rg? . . . ..f'1'f'x1'rlm1l' I R . . .I'iff'-Pl'f'.x'f1I'Ullf 197 1 . . . . ..Sm'1'vfu1'Vv . . . . , . . . . . .Y'rm1.v111'f'1' Hixtoriun Pmfvllvf Poet 1015 Cfrlmis' Editor Tlilzux KI.x1:I,xIQ . . . ...S'f'1'gfm111I-ut-.Alrim A EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE QDAY CLASS? 5 I-ai m! Elmlmllmm 1 Y g,5,g I V' FA V. gM'!5 H 'm mm g f gf wg im l Y E " ' ' g ' 1- V M an " fl fx ' u n 05-l 'I X :lx ,gt fig-x N! xnlllc ag' l'i" fl1,l'R!Q,- , g -C" Jfffffa 59 'gi U" N ' "f if ,,-A,,,f Q,-135 -iff Kg -4 ye, eff I ' 1 533-X Qgi4.5i 55-f,,f fr, -31-,A 5 ? , ', SFUQQSLQLN Exeruiiur Glnmmittev mug Qlluzzj fail D. F. KIk'KIl'I.I.IfN. .fX1e'1'I11'1c Y. KIQICNE .ll'I.Il'S Zrlilxl-71' 199 1'-5 l . l--gs ll elmmulm 1 ' 3 . 'iffy U m .i ,ni ""' I ' ' 27 hi ' i u ' sa 'X-s. X io' fy ! lil. - N ,bb ak 9 as HPF 'sallllllll fl. .lm 5 e f'f,,,.a.Q Cit i? NEW' 'f H'- 1 1 4' 5,21 'J 3' if .Y-Avg, Q ,-.7-1:-ji -vi-, s ig Vigfifg. Ap "- f f s Qi i is I Vi?-iff' V Y i-Sfaeslyaivuasf 1114 lgrnphrrg 1515 Bag Qllami, itiaun Eepartinrnt 7 t 4 HE battle between the German army and the combined Allied forces was t "0 , . . . . tvs! A4 raging furiously. Leaden death messengers were coming thick and fast. A C. , - A s s . X11 K Nlen were falling as though by some n iraeulous forte the sustaining QL x power of the air were extracted, causing innumerable men to reel from . B side to side, and then to fall. .i X . Uh! the horror of the stenel 'llhe unspeakable misery, slaughter and brutality which surrounded me! Suddenly, there was a blinding Hash, followed by a tremendous. ear-splitting explo- sion. A burning pain shot through my side. llideous and grotesque forms danced about me. Chilled to the marrow, l attempted to run! run! run! There was no escape. XYeights seemed to be chained to my feet. l could not move. Those abominable forms jeered at me. Uh, how uncomfortably hot it became! Darkness enveloped me, and-- XX'hy. hello, Rosen! XYhat are you doing at the City Hall? Since when were you appointed to the exalted position as Cashier in the 'llaxing Department? Did Shamberger pay his 1025 'llaxes yet? He paid those for 1024 yesterday, didn't he? He's a wise old owl, anyhow Y 'llrying to get the few cents defluetion by paying the taxes on time. 'llhat fel- low will be rich one of these days, and may possibly succeed to the ownership of the Maryland Theatre, including the Hotel annexed thereto, all of which said youngster de- sires to annex to himself. Not, of course, physically, but tinancially and commercially. Did you know that he was appointed ll member of the Utility lloard? Xyell, so long! Coming along, Fax? You seem to be prosperous. XYhat's happened? XYell, welll I certainly am glad to hear that you are doing so splendidly. So you have been chief counsel for the ll. it H. Railroad Company since 1020. llolding the office tive years now. illruili the same only after you had been in practice for tive years. 'llime certainly does lly. 'l'en years have passed since we were at the bniversity together studying law. XX hat a change has taken place in most ol the boys! llere comes Iirunsman with his wife. Xyhat a loving couple? lle married last year. and was immediately elected president uf the Fidelity 'l'rust Company. lle's going lo revolutionize the 'llrnst system. lt's absolutely true. Ile told me so himself. , - - 1 x Ile and l.erryman are going to establish the lrnst so that when a person makes a loan on trust. such person's name will be entered upon the llonorary Noll, and if he make no payment therelor within a year. his name beet mes permanently enrolled, but il' he shonld repay the said loan he is forever dishonored. 'llhey expect to do the largest business in the world. 200 -ie ll Sl lm IH ls ig- HIM ll H vm 'ill llH'I nlilimli i E .55 ' 1 .ni ' .15 I an N . W i' LE M mi 'iliiil I 1, ' X Q, . Xl' 1 'H'iii if 'll lf 'if . , T l. Ll, ' . lt 2 .. 1 lt lift ii all I l di , '-il , ' fff' 2 'ight l A ,gg ,-W. jx 1, '-' H ' 'ffl fl ' 1 4 ' fm 1 .gsr L it j All iffy fo f Valery r r--' of 114.4 ml 1 -' f f - aa..-L .. r f ,J , r s S V 4, sr. .- TT? if Sli ieig. Lv -I X Mj,...,..A X f 11: 1, - - "' -- Nfvoh' fffw Let us droi in to see some of the bo fs. Edel, Gold and Liffgett have established l mo their offices at the Title lluildinff. The are dome' very well. Only recentl the ' s s . . Y 3 cleared o,CCl0.00 within two weeks. Their iractice is increasinff ra iidl '. Gold, what's s l 3 the good word? XYhat did you say? Xour firm just received a large bankruptcy case? No wonder you asked Mr. Lauchheimer at the L'niversity, ten years ago, about the rules 0'overnin0' bankru mtcv. XYhat will your irolit be after the bankru itcv mrocecd- b a . . l . l ings? Here comes Miller, followed by a large crowd, all gesticulating fearfully. llello. Miller! NYhy all this hubbub? Heavens! Strike me deaf, dumb and blind, there? Gibson, Clark, Schultz, Kloor, Sollelollf and the two McKlullens following. They cer- tainly do make enough noise to be designated a crowd. Say Schultz, that was a rank decision you handed down to poor olcl Lichel at the l'eople's Court. You want to do better in the future when "l'll5" members of the University appear as counsel before your confounded Honor. lf you don't we'll boycott you. Miller, have you paroled liarry upon the crime of larceny? Isle was caught steal- ing a kiss, you know! lle is now acting as legal adviser for the Young XYomen's Christian fkssoeiation. Sobeloff, for heaven's sake. why are you so strict in marking the examination books of the State liar applicants? You were appointed to the lloard of State liar Ex- aminers to find out, not what the applicants don't know, but what they do know. Hereafter see that the questions are based upon the knowledge of the applicants. Here comes the Honorable Zieget. Notice his strut! lDon't condemn him there- for, fellows, he was just elected to the judgship at the Court of .Xppeals uf Maryland, which accounts for his strutting about. He'll do the upright and just thing every time. Congratulations. Old Man! Gorsuch, Kartman and Zimmerman have established a law partnership, making criminal law their specialty. XYhy, fellows, when one of the firm argue their cause before the jury, the case is decided in their favor irrespective of the merits of the case. Every juryman, after the argument, feels as though he fthe jurymanl were a criminal, and is so ashamed that the verdict is always "Not Guilty." Cnr friend Rodgers. who is practising law in Missouri, makes the judges head hum with the splendor of the arguments made before the Court. Every word uttered by him is worth its weight in gold. t.Xs the exact weight uf a word is impossible of de- termination, Rodgers will not deprive this country of very much of that precious sub- stance, in ordinary and common parlance. designated-rightfully or wrongfully- gold. Not gold of "l9l5," but plain, ordinary every-day gold, the metall. The celebrated firm of llrady, Kanode and Taylor is known the world over for its tremendous business as automobilists. llrady and Taylor acting as attorneys for the 201 -,ss Q i , Q -see m 1-I mlm lla! g amma-1 m e.mi!s'9l "'i!llm. i f xt A Wir 9 -, it X -. -. . .l 'i mi f- . at il . 3.,igpi,Jnlimi5i 4. Mvlrur , , pr not ff y N iywlf . - . lei ir' .. . .2 , ,.,. . ,.,, Y V, fav .A ,. ..,.' . ----.. ., ...a ff ,. y L , -, in B -I if-1 ' i 17.25 -g . y f i- L - to -' --"QL:-3 if K' V1 11 tiff" 3 SFJQSAQLNUV flu! tirm, that is, their practice lies largely in seeing that too heavy lines are not imposed upon and by the meek t?l, unpretentious t ??l, silent 1 llll Kanode for exceeding the speed limit, both in driving his and others automobiles and in speaking. lianode be- ing l'olice Magistrate at the Central Police Station, is immune from being lined. Fagan and liuckley have just returned from preparing the large musical contract between the Metropolitan Opera House of New York and the Lyric of llaltimore. They, being musically inclined-not the ordinary incline, but the erect incline tdid you ask how there could be an erect incline? l don't know. Ile that as it mayb they obtained the con- tract for preparation, which they did and made a haul of enough to tide them over for a few months. They are the attorneys for and represent the musical interests of Ilaltimore. Hur friend Traub, having decided that law is an unprofitable profession, had, together with Waters, Skelly and Segarra, incorporated a Ilankers and llrokers Establishment three years ago, which to date, is apparently successful. Say, for the love of females! you noisemakers, after increasing our large gather- ing by your arrival is no reason why you should speak 100-horsepower! Use the re- verse gear, add the clutch, pot the oil, apply the emergency brake and ease up on the racket. 'llhere's enough noise without your continuous chatter. Give a fellow a chance to get a word in erlgewise. Let me inhale and exhale the pure air. l'm safe. Thanks. Say, 'l'regor, how do you like your office as L'nited States .Xmbassador to France? You've married a little Parisian and are livinsf happilv. I learn. fiinitl for vou. tians has just left for Germany as l'nited States .Xinbassador the1'eto. Koether and Richardson are going lu -lapan as secret diplomatic agents from the l'residcnt, upon a mission of lltlllusl ll'lllJ.lI'l11llL'C to the United States. tif course, boys, you want lu keep this information secret. Hur "l'5l3" class was surely born with a silver spoon in its mouth. 'llhe whole Cabinet is composed ul members thereof. .Xfter the election of the President of the l'Nl'l'lflJ S'l'.X'l'lfS, at the last election of IUZ4, he. the President, chose the following as members of his Cabinet: llryan, .X. XY. lnot XY111. ll. Secretary of State: Roypen. Secretary of the 'l'reasury: Noeth, Secretary of XYar: l.ightner, who had a quiet and prepossessing nature, was appointed as .Xttorney tieneral: Klatthews, l'ostmaster Cien- eral: llueschel, Secretary of the Navy: 'liuckeiy Secretary of the Interior: Copeland. Secretary of .Xgricnlturez linckler, Secretary ul- Commerce, and lieene, Secretary ul' l,.llnrl. Yes, strange as it inav seem, we have that wonderful tlrath e not wrath e as a member of the llonse uf Keiiresentatives, as well as lluckley, plump and liildea, repre- senting Xlaryland in the llouse at lliashington. Xlctiabek lerni as Senator expires next j'CIlI'. Ile has filled his place honorably. 202 E! i I--a ll el mmlm 1 f i f ,,,, ,. -H In MII wma 'mi n i 'HIV' -if 'E lms l i if - lglll-J .ml -1 y im E , is V - ii if 'megs - . li 9 55.2 V J i ., , U ily A , A X ry, 5 , f1i3lllI'I ,immmmm if 4. ' i' , ig . 14- , fm, ff i Wil , .f ir- f , wtf-V. - i l 1 ll i fu fi, ,ssl i bi g, 'fjvw -2 iii? ,f u - "?7Q,T':Y, , fs- gg-- i.-,E-ji ff 1 Q . g,-s K 'a igllggfi Q1 ' , 1' " J" "' " - if iii Nuo,-1 1114 Of course, you've heard that Lehnert has been appointed Chief Chemist at the Health Department of llaltimore. lle has, therefore, married on the strength of his large salary, while our esteemed friend Schlegel is employed as counsel as well as con- sulting-no, not insulting'-engineer for the l'ennsylvania li. li. Company. lYheley and Silberman have established, and as sole owners, control the Con- solidated Gas Company, furnished enough gas to most of the members uf our hon- orable class, to meet their everyday needs at the liar. Kirby, as the Mayor of llaltimore, is certainly looking after the best interests of the community at large. lle's a wonderful executive for the City Government. Kelly, during his term as a member of the Supreme llench of llaltimore, has not once been reversed by the Court of Appeals. lle knows the law. Groves, why don't you incorporate the cases decided at the Court uf ,Xppeals in proper form? You've been official State Reporter these past ten years, and yet, you fail to show us, the legal profession, how to find the law without looking for it. Brown gives fair decisions at the lleople's Court, so that in all lllitlllluimtl, he will be reappointed, while Lichtenberg resigned his position to take his seat as a member of the Supreme llench of lialtimore City. Griggs is about to retire upon his income from the field of the legal profession. And yet, people say there's no money in law! liurgan was appointed .Xssistant Dean of the Law School of the University last fall, to supersede the Honorable Caesar, who retiredsnot gut tired, but retiredswhich accounts for the school being so very progressive and is becoming famous the world over, as a great institution of learning. l am sorry to leave you boys, but my clients will be furious at my long absence from the oHice, where they are probably waiting to consult me. Good luck to each of you individually and collectively. May you all be prosperous, successful and happy in doing justice and upholding the splendor of the legal profession. ln your battles through life. always remember with joy and pride, and keep the pleasant memory fresh, of the happy days we spent at the University as the "l'Jl5 Class." Goodbye. George, are there many people waiting for me? XYere they waiting long? Tell Rlr. France that I shall have the Pennsylvania Railroad dealgthrough within-- Ah4eh-er-XYhat? Am l seriously wounded? Did you say time to awake, and stop talking at the rate of ia mile a minute? NYho's been talking? NYho, l? Acting like a lu- natic? lYhen? How? lYhere? XYhy? lYas l really talking in my sleep? Oh! Was it all a dream? Respectfully submitted, .LXRRAHAM RosIiNTn,xL. l'mplzvf. 203 - L!! i I 1 --fi ll elmmmnlm 1 All Ml W,,gmJlu,X l S,muuv"l fill , lg ' 1' i alll it l,wllfsm-I, 7 jim X-si EF? W ll 2-I :ii K . L . 'll l if i i f' Tl 3555 sjlilllllllllil lily L I flll ,Ill y Emil l si Ll Le: SXSOEEW df- a --J ' J--1 e ag fl 445i - 1 ' ' ,.. A-- eu, , I Y ' " N471 " 'V v 'I gf, SLSAQNNQM 'lfef 51,ffa,4+zf,f+zw2wa1xlr:2,4fzwfzixfzfwzwzw+zf,f1zfiswc:woweiwzwzwzizffzv-zwzwzfxfzfffzif , A L 421 Q21 :K fx Q' nr is , , M , Uhr neun illarnltg mth 'hm Suhgvrin QS V N S qi., .2 is X LQ 431 rs gk lhree pleasant years of study we spent, At the University "'l'l2RR,x M.uniuC." 31 lYhile there, the Faculty tried to prevent 32 The admission of students free. bf 32 fx , , , Q' X XX e came to hear ll. 'llitfany 'Z . Y Q Explain the law of Real Property. L22 . 451 vt lle was so well liked that many, I fear, X 421 . . ' . 437 it Took his lectures again the following year. 3 i'7 i 'Z' ,, ,, . . fit 3 Lhesnut taught Lrmunal Law at the start, 3 xy 4:4 2 And the Law of Insurance, too. 3 ,, 1 Q39 is Lontraets we learned from llonaparteg Q 4 l fa Ig And 'l'orts from l'ranlc, tis true. 41,5 Ci! If 'llhen we crammed our heads with Sales from l'oeg gf Q2 And with Elementary law from Ritchie. V ,. f 'V ,Q 'l itle we learned 'from XX ard ll. Coe, lg w , V yt 'l estamentary law from llaghy. Q QQ il 41 - s Q lt was llryant who taught us Practice, judge Gorter with Evidence did advance. 5' E ,Q iv, . o iv! w, -ludge llond taught us Vleadmg taetlesg wx Qi ,, . Y , , 42: 3 Loi-poration law hy lxawls and lfranee. 3, 91 ily . . 4:1 3 ludge llarlan taught Domestic Relations: Xt avr ' A ay is l'eder:1l l'roee4lure :md l'alents, ludge Rose. X ., I . ' . 44: 's ludge hloelqlmrlge taught the Law ol Nations. X- V ' ' avr Tx ,Ianney taught Commercial law. wlneh he knows. It K X fi' 437 Vt Wx 4wwAt-xl7','1:wffwi','l twfxwftwii,'ffw-ivf3'i -:w:wf:,xcw:'ffzw-:iw:weiff:ix-fwzff-:w-sa 204 S m el 1 1 l"Q"' ' lmlmfl - 1 HJ, I In ,-.. Q Egnllflmgg 'Em!EiiIIEImmlm'm. llgga ggmag n A5"q!gllHlF 3 nl ' rdf l r at Qmltfg llll l Ill L M 4- Vfiyrhxl lllll -Us' -V., 3 ,..,,.., 'TT f' I ' - 1' H r. . t lezllll Mlllllllllg' ln ll ... H W .- 'F A 7zL glN9WW- lei TgQ' ?54 ' f i ig f f , 1-if fig.. ----1 if-d' 'B ' 'Q' gn te - ' 53437 -"--il ' ff e if -- - 7 Qld- ft' ' 'JC 'fit t - L:Ef2fE?5i?5ff22f?j,,QC.i1', f1JY5AaNNuvfp4 H- ' f- el -.- ggAfzwsffffswzrsffaff121fsf:rxswfswfzfxfzwfzw-21-safrsfxfswfzfffsrffzwfzwewfzmwerfzfrfzfrgf A K 853 121 5f v rg 5 3 E 13? KEY It was bam XX aut who became our S3.X'l0I', 'Q Q By the wonderful quizzes he gave. Y - Y ,Q All students were on good lJCl1Z1VlOI' ,g Y V . . V .5 XX lnle the exam. path he dld pave. .Q sf W' K K cgi Q1 S! A ' I K .5 lnqtuty llrocedure we learned from lucker. ,S X - 1 - X il jackson taught us Conrhct of laws. .21 X - - X gg Howard of Eqmty was our mstructor. A , . . . A 5,23 C011SlllUllOllZ:Il law sludge Nrles outpours. 5, 4 4 121 121 v v A . . C Q Bankruptcy 15 taught hy Lauchhelmer, gf x ,. . . . 5 ff Crrmmal law IS now taught by C J Dunneg 31 .6 - A gi As to Personal l'ropertv to Denms referg ge X ' v 5 Q1 As to bales to I. N. Llman. if A ' 4 Q1 421 W1 Y A 5 Q lD1CliCI'SU1l now teaches Qontractsg From Bryan we got Common Carriers. Q From llarton we get llanltinlg extractsg Q Coleman razed llills and Notes llarriers. rg cis Y' W' X Presrdmg as judge 15 bapprngtong X 32 XYant is a judge here, too. S . . 5 ,gi Then as judges are llramllle and D1clqerson ,S W . , . w 13 At the Practxce Court of the Mar land Ll. L3 4' O X1 3 an 401 7s . . W Havmg named the lecturers and the subjects they teach, x . . 3 L21 lt IS therefore, tune to concludeg Q1 X , . . 5 ?2 Now that all s over, let all Wlllllll reach A . fa +927 Depart 111 a pleasant mood. 5' X A 3 it ABRAHAM RUSl:N'll1l.XL, Poet. y K 'Ze 'il gg 2 'Xi X X 02' 'ia X Q w KQXQXQXWXQXQKQXQKQXQXWKQKQQXSXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQXQX5 2M 1X11'1'11 1'11 CLI N'1'ox 111-11111x'A1.xN. Age, 223 XYeigl1t, 155g lleight, 5 ft ff! 111. l'il'Zilllilll1 lliqh School 1911 1 Xlemher l1z1sel1z1ll 'lla-21111, 1911 14. 1 1 . . IIIIS lx ll 1111'111l1c1' of our 1'f11xx,' HC !ltlft'.N' fflt' frlfv, 1111! fU'Z'1'.s' 1111 frlm. 11111611 he fails 111 any suhject thue is .11 x1':11's 2111 excuse reziclv giving l1is 1'ez1so11s, sllUXYll1g that the lecturers who 111z11'l4ecl his lmoolis, errefl. lle is uever w1'o11g' lin his own jurlgmeiitl. .Xs Il l1z1sel1z1ll player llc-1'ry111z111 ls s11c1:essl11l. .Xs 21 law stumleut 111 is Il'il' 1111111 sticcessliil lvlll 1x11e11 it co1111s to Hirt IllLf with persoiis of the oppos1te sex l most l1ll5llK'K'l'NSl.l11 fellow 111. our fflziss ie' RUISIQRT XYIQSLIZ1' lhxlzlzv. Age, 223 XYeight, 1553 Height, 5 ft. 3 111. Xleuilner Football Team, 1912-'13g Kle111l,er lluseball Team, 1013-'1-l. lplllllf boflzrr llllll ,' 1153 bring fra' with Iam' fmnz .S'0lIlc' Ilflifjhf xt11cz'1'11t'x l1c1111'. Harry is a cougeuiqil sort of 21 chap. Quiet at times lsuch times are seldom and far apartl, good-11at111'e1l and wl1e11 it comes to hall playing 110.8 a wizarcl. llut at lectures, quizzes and exa111i11atio11s l1e does-. Llllfflf- tuuately you poor, i111111isitive readers shall not know what really cloes take plzice, especial- ly attl1e quizzes, or even at exa111i11atio11s. Suftice to say that llarry is up-to-date in everythiiig but tl1e law. 2013 Ubl'1I'lI Roxxxi, l!1:l'Nsx1.xN. ,l Age. 23g Weight, 15105 lleight, I1 ft. l in. llaltiinore City College. f0S1'ffl R0,V1If, 'ZL'fI11 IUX f11' That fIli.Y 11111111' .vl11111l11' 111' 11111111111 tl11'111.' .J boziy fflfllrlf 'rufzo 'Zt'111'1' flzc .i'f1'1f11'.v The ,v1'111' 111' 'zu11.s' tl l"1'1'xl11111111. This nolnle lacl resigned his position as Ser- geant-ztt-Arins during the lfreshinzin year to accept a job as lnocly-guzircl to the eluciflzttor of "Fee 'llail Specials after l'ossil1ility of ls- sue Extinct," the duties of which otlice he exe- eutefl with great regularity ztnfl exztctness. XYbile it was a source of inuch pleasure to learn of his excellent niarlc in "Real l'ropf ertyf' we would suggest that he steer cleztr of future entangling alliances. 1. . '1 .,.. 1 iX1:111l1e XX 1A.1:sl11,1: liltyxx. Age, 223 Weight, l35g lleiglit, 5 ft. 'l in. lf ,v111111'1'l11'1111 111' 111'f1'111f1f.s' to f'llIlA'!l,' N111'l1i1111 'z1'f111f1'f'1'1' will his 111f1'1'1'.v1' lllilll Iill 1'.v!1. XYhile he is in lztct Z1 son of the Eastern Shore, we feel constrztinerl to give his loczle tion as llztltiniore. .Xrthur has always been 21 frienfl to all the class students, so that his lean forin is not :tt all suggestive of his in- liospitality. Une of the most popular lads in the class is llryan. 207 VIOIIN XX'.x1,111,11 l11'I"QL'11lfI .1 1 1. l1z11ti111ore City College 1'111. Age. 233 XYeight, 1-151 Height, 5 ft. 111 111. 11 11111, of 11111111111 111'11111'y this, 117111 111.111 131111 1 1 . TUX fflt' 1U'Ik',' llzc 1611111 flu' 11i1'l11'.1' like in 11111 l11 flu' f"l'L'.5'1'lll'1' of Ilzvzr 11111 11isl1:1u1f11ti1 g 1055 consists 1111ly 111 the resei 11111-1 ' ' 1111 . 1 111 his 11111110 111 that of Nlz11'yla111l's l111ss. i . , . 1111 1111111 111 the 111.11111 is 1 -' 1C CZ1l1l111 11e 1 s llis xx us 11111 l11l1111L1N 11 fL'I'll1Cf1. '. 'z 2 z 1 action are peculiarly gentle, vet 111 is 111 ' ' respect. llc has 511111 ll pl1'11s:111t 111 il soft 1 - 5 :111111sl1 111 every 1 511118111011 110- 1e:1rt, 11 l1rigl1t head 8 1+'11.xNc1s N111.1xN11 1I1'c1q1.1i1'. Age, 26g Weight, 150g Height, 5 ft. 7 i11. ls1'11t'i11g fiery 1111111 of 111111 in say, I sluillw, fhe'l'c'fOl'6', bid 111111 11 11160511111 90061,-11141.12 To write very much about him would be doing 111111 an injustice, for 11e is reticent, thus 1111110511122 a difficult 1J11I'C1Cl1 upo11 l1is biogra- p11er. This much, 11ONVCY6l', ca11 he said of him: 11e is studious, gives i11te11ige11t answers to questions at quizzes, does well at examina- tions, a11d l1elps a fellow who seeks such aid. XYhat is l411ow11 of 111111 is good. Perhaps 11e has some had traits. If such 11e has they are effectually co11cealed. Good luclc to you, liuckley, 111 your practice of law, wl1e11 you shall 11e permitted to prac- tice such. l 1 . f W , 4 . .'Xi.1f1u4,11 lnonxs l',Ill',l,, Age, 233 Xlveight, 1305 lleight. 5 ft. 5 in. A . llaltitnore City College l'lll. "Ile lIc"Z't'l' .VII-VX ll fo11li.vl1 fllfllff, , . .. .N 111' L"Z'L'l' cicnxv tl -zezst' 0111: -. I111111. Alfred, you :ire truly il good fellow. Xtere we to write of you what we think, you would probably get a swelled head, go to the expense of buying a larger sized hat, and thus let pride get the best of you. Xte shall, there- fore, refrain from saying inueh, but this niueh can be said without fear: You talce too niueh interest in your study, and less interest in life. Change around a little. We wish you good luelc in any undertaking which you may tackle. f fans. 'Q nl1w,g1'1-is t'11.ue1.1-is I' .xox s. .Xge, 223 XX eight. 1-ltlg lle1g'ht,D lt. ti in. l!1"xf111111' of 11111.r11' 1111'zt' t11111' Il11'11,' Ile ix 1111111' 'zeiffz the 11i1'!.v 1111111 ft'ifl1 lllt'1l. Fagan is a niusieian of the rarest kind: playing violin and piano ahnost to perfec- tion. Xtere it not for the fart that lfztqaii is too intimate with the nienibers of the opposite sex, he would be as wonderful a student as he is a inusieian. Nevertheless, he is a friendly fellow, lqnows something of the subjects taught, and is ex- ceedingly fond of dancing. Good luck to you, Fagan. Klay you be sueeessful both in your praetiee of niusie and of law. 209 111 fwl-111'1'1-me ill the aligh ' . X1 . 4 1 , . XX. l,,1,.x1,x1x. Xge, 2-lg XXI-iglil, 1433 lleighl, 5 fl. 7 in If 111 -f1",X'f 111' 1'1111'1' x111'1'm'1l flu ll fry, fri' flifflflllf flix lmlvlivv is 111 1111 in fvmf, H111 ilfv 1111'1'vl,v 11 tjlI1'.YfI.171I nf "'rv'l11'11."' li.1lvi11 is IllXX21X'5 L'll1'L'1-l'CC Ill1'l 1-miteii X'L'l'lIZlwllL'l1L'CI1 141111111 w'111'1'v111g aliuul what 111 1111111111 -:lg 1-x:1111111z 111115 111' zliu l1llll's. llis lllill'li5 were zmlwzlvs szilislzi-51u1'v iv Nlltllllilllil they lie? XX'u1'1'vi11g 211111111 mxlhiiig 4llJL'Nllil lwller 111' cliziiigu- - . .- rv . ' . Numa 111 have wiirlwrl wilrcewflillx' 111 this 111 111111-. Ile ix lilverl liv 1111151 uf the 51llflCll1N 1111 liix 1111-:1x:111l :mil l.l'lk'111llw 111:11111e1'w. lerl -vcr wurrv' flu things. Ihis p1'uve1'l1 ullilglilwll FAX. Age, 213 Xveight, 175g Height, 5 ft. 7 in. lialtimuie City College 1911. T11 M10-21' 111111 tuvlf, if is ll fWIUtISlll'C, Tn ln' his f.1'1f'IIlII is ll real dcligfzfg lfbv lzix .v'fc11111'111'd -:vc like to 111c'11,v'1111'z', Ha f61l0'ZU.S' Zllll' lun' and lcazoizux 'Iu1z11f'x rigflzf. lfax is miie of the host students of our class. lle will never aclmit to another that he is in any way brighter than sumecme else. llut with :ill that, 1111 one, not even the lecturers. can put one over mi Fax. As for Q0ocl-hea1'teCl- ness, Fax cannot he heat. lle has the law, hut our class is very fortuiiate in having the "Facts." Curl-speerl and guufl-luck to you, clear fellnwg iii your practice of law may you he well lmmvn aml lionorecl. You deserve it. Zl'l lliwin C. Guzsnx. ' ll11ltiniu1'e City College l'l1l. .-Xge, 2-lg Weight, 1553 lleight, 5 ft. N in. A l'Uf71'L'A'L'lIftIfIif'C of the HSIIIIH lx Cfiluolz, ilu' l't'f'0l'ft'1',' H071 ln' tl lu'zv,x'w', 11111 u IIIIII. glllfl' ftfftlcl' 1?c'f0l't' .fllzl'jfc' ffrN'ft'l'. At practice court Cilnsmfs presence is fle- terminerl hy whether or not he knows the answers tu the questions prupnunclecl cluring the pleading exercise thereuf. lf he can an- swer, he's present: if he cannot, he is ahsent. Gibson gets the best of every arguinent into which he enters. He has eve:-ylmrlyk liistory, but it is the must clillieult thing to gain an in- sight to his past. He further refuses tu in- dulge in speaking of the future. Intelligence ancl kindness are his chief assets. .5 , . lilix 1.xx1lN bxlxlx ,XQC,.2!QXxL'lgl1l, N121 lleight, D tt. ll in, .'Xttm''. :Xssueiate lfrlitur of I'111'-z'ul'Nif.x' ffmisvllv. -'l.N'f7lV1.lIff, ff1t'fin11.v, fiv1'i'r um! ln1141',' ll'1'fl1 grain' and lmrlzilliff 1z11t'l1zItrzt't'd. lfrmn the State of North Camliua this lofty statesman hails. whose iflea ut' statesinanship is cleelanning from the llancluet llalls the clue- trines of -Xristotle in a manner that wuulml put ,l,ClHUS'tllCl1CS to shame. llest wishes tu the Urator, Statesman, Electrician anal eancliclate for Class llresiclent. 211 1 ls.x111111 l'1Q.XNli lx,x1:'1'x1.xN. . , . llaltnnore Lltx College 1'112. Class 'llreas urer V113-14. iX1l'111l1L'1' of 'llraele '1lC21111 1'112-'13 1 . ttf l11111' 111111, llilllilillff 111' 1.1 lll1I.X'f1'l', 1 . ' , lillf flflllllllff flt 1I1'1j1111'1'.1' f11.1'I1'1'. .lollyi XXe11, l slltlllltl say sol lles e1tl1e1' tnllting 111' Zl11Ql11Il11l1g to learn a 11ew step 111 one ot tlie lecture 1't1f1111S. XX 1t11 all 1115 seareli lor 1lanees 211111 tlilterent steps still lie is 1 l11'ig11t law stttclent. 'l'l1e youitg la11y of wl1o111 lie so rarely spealxs seems not to l1:1x'e atfeetetl L11 111 111 2111, 1XZl1'1I111l1l is s legal al1ilitX'. 'llalv 1 1 goorl Iellow '11111 we '111 wi ' 1 tliosen 111'o1ess1o11. s11 111111 lneli XX11,1.1,xA1 XX 1111111-LN .1l'K1I'. Age, 253 XX'eigl1t, 1-1413 11eigl1t. 5 ft. S in. .-Xttorney-at-Law. .X. 11. XXY21S1'l1l1g10l1 College 1910. This 1111111 t'tIlIZL' f1'11111 1110 lf11.1'z'1'1'11 511011 To 511111511 111:11 llf lu'11l1i111o1'c. Ht' .s'111d11'1z' '2t'1'I1, 'ree 1111 11111'1'1', T11 obtain lille' l11111111'1'11' L. I.. 13. Do 1101 jump at eonelusions. -11111111 is really a 2111111 fellow, even 1110115111 some of his ae- 1111ai11tanees think cliiferently. lle is 0116 of tl1e 1111151 silent students of our class. He seems to have answers reacly to each question asked by lecturers. ttf course, t11is does not necessarily imply that t11e answers 11e gives are eorreet. Soinetiines they areg more often they are not. llut w11e11 a tluestion requires a eo111n11111se11se answer 111s is always eorreet. lle is gifted witli a large a111o1111t of eoin- n11111se11se. ."!. 1 2 .-X11'i'i11'11 Y. liI'1l'fNl'f. Age, 211, XX eight, l4Hg lleight, 5 ft. S in. Secretary ltll-l-'15, 1f tl 11111 ,V1111 1'1'1'1'1't'1' f1'11111 111-111, 131' 1'111'1'f111 111111 VV11111' 1101111 llillllif .vzu1'111. Keene is as keen as a razor. l'ri11r to his seeretaryship he was ahsolutely unknuwn among the students. Since, liuweyer, cyerys hody is pestcred hy him and Schultz. llc cuts through a pei's11n hy demanding hack pay- ments, of which, hy virtue nf his nllice, he knows. At exaininations he is keen to ferret nut what the exatniners desire, which he answers accordingly. Keene is a very hright chap Illlll should make a successful lawyer. ll S.xx1l'1-11. ,l. l,11'11'1'1-ZN 1:1Q1111, Age, 21, Xkcight, 1483 lleight, 5 ft. S in. lialtiinure City Cnllege l'll2. .'XlltlI'llCf"Zll-l.ZlXY. 1311111.11111 111' 111'1'.v 111111-:'1' 1111 1'1.v1', 11111 11111 111111t'1' 111.1 111115 .11 1,'111',2'.S1'x 111' lIflf'1't"t'1t11t'A' 1111' 111'1f1.v 11'111'1'11 .vf11111'11fx 111' 111111 111111. .X few innnths ago l,iclitenherg' spnrted a must heautiful mustache. "l'was frindly cared for and e1ic11u1'ag'e1l in its gwiwtli. 'llhen 1 calamity tJCCl1I'I'C4l. She di1ln't like the tastc nf niustache. tif course then f1ill11we1l the eliininatinn of that fair, hut harinless adorn inent. Merely nientinn dancing and ynu start Lichtenherg wtf 11111111 his w11n1lerful ahility which he tries tn deniunstrate tn ynu then an1l there. llnweyer, l,ichtie is a hright and gtbtbfl natured chap, and is dcstinecl tu he a success ful lawyer. 2l3 431 - 4 Ilxivii-,i. l'l!.XNL'lS Mi Xli LLIQN. Kge, 2-lg lleiglit, 14-lg Height, 5 ft. S in. .Xttoi'ney-at- Um' ifnliiiffif film-IT liuuf Illilfcvs him 41 foof, The .wrmzil 111uf1'f1'v11.v l11'111, and ilu' ffllifif r1'ro'ru11x lziui. Gentle reader, you now have the pleas- ure ol gazing upon handsome "Mae," noted for his aceomlilishments as a "Chicken Sinasher" and a eultivator of "l.ip Shields." .Xi the lornxei' art he is a wonder: at the lat- ter, however, he has not lieen so success . ,. ,, .v ,. - ful. Ilan has hun living to pio'luce '1 cover foi his upper lip sinlie lllll, NCCllllHU'lY having N gone into competition with .Xlie Rosenthal who llils lwvll sn s "Ww- ucu lul with the latter i 1 - ntl. llie results speak lor lllQI'sl'l yes. XXI' tall il a x.lsL of l'lti.i X'ii'is" 'iveoiwliiig' lo - Q ini' lvnoixleflgv ol korporalion l in Iiiweif C.-xA11'1:i2I,i. Lioi1'1'N1-lic, Phi Sigma Kappa. President Classg Secretary, 1013-'1-lg Cap- tain llaseball Team, 1913-'Hg Advertising Manager U1i1'r'ei'.vify Cfiisdfe, 1914-'l5. fJll'ZL'lll'd flzmizglz foil and ltlit' 116 gow, Like the r01zz'iii11011x riixliiizg ri-z'v1'. He leads the floss, for limi we Chose Oni' f7l'6'.Yi0l6'1lf, lion' 'luv l1Ili'I'C'I'. lf you seek Lightner, hrst of all look for that inevitable ineerschauin pipe of his. If you cannot tind said pipe, Lightner is no- where to be found. He seems to be niarried to his pipe. XYhen you want a favor go to Lightner. He has never yet refused anybody anything which was within his power to grant. He is every fellows friend. He knows a little law, knows how to dance and, above all, he has a few girls who love him dearly. Poor Lightner says he is going to become a Mor- mon in order to marry every girl who loves him and whom he loves. 214 llivizn iXl,flYSll'S hlL'Nll'l,l,lQN Ave. 21' XYeiUht 130- lleiffht, 5 ft 7 in 6 v 5, v v 35 - ' ' Then fry, my boy, IIN 11111-eff!-X' 11x you t'lI1I, To 11xx11111c flu' 1U17fi'.Y lllllf 111i111111'1'x of .l'01I1' llroflzm' 124111. lsn't it strange that the hero of the elass should eonie from such an uneliiralrous town as Cuniherlancl? Let not this lie renieinliereil against one so strong. nolile, upright anfl grand. Hugh is a little lirother of the Nolile "Dan," and while he never aclinits it. it is known as a matter of fact. Someone saw Dan give him a "slit" on one oeeasion. llngh is fainiliarly known lo the nieniliers of his class as the "Kirl.' U' ""75"' .X.M,l1oo1i1:n'11. Qet out from llaltiniore. Mil., lfeli, IN, N84 ,lll1l'C'ZllCllN lo wrile Z1 lexllioolg on liillL'lllN etc. linostly el eetera l, anfl clerlieale it lu liini sell thus nialeriallx' enlianenw' l il ns value ' , 5 Ile has an unilateral contract with Xlessis llepliron anal llayflon to pulilish the eo.n position. llas lilefl a rleelaration with Klr Yietoria of the Yietoria alleys setting up his superiority over Elly as Il lioxxler. an1l is anx- iously awaiting the entrance of the plea wliieli we prerliet will lie the General lssue. 215 mx in l n- ,F Nliilmix l lixlnzx' linsl-ix. Kee, 203 Weight, 1313 lleight, 5 ft. 0 in. lit tnrers liy inztltinq lnnrl :incl nnseemlx' nois ring lecture linnrs. lfyen llli goes with a will Slfltill, lint full of fun ix lug' .lx I7l'IlflII' and fiona' as fn' t'l!Il 110. isen's in:1in flelight is tn pester the lee snnn lie engzigeil tn 21 little girl. 'llo lonli ntl FRI'fl'll'iRIL'K R. Rninrn Attorney-at-Law. Age, 273 Xleight, 1523 lleight, 5 ft 9 in. If he Olmiiazx llix lu-zu deglw' C0lIl'I'Ut'fX will be l1i.v Sf'c't'ltl1I',V. .'XCCUI'tllllg to his name one would imply that anything that sounds like "real" would he tackled and suhcluecl hy him with honors to himself. lle is ZlnfeiiluSllOl'l,Z1ul'CZ1lHlJC21lllf'. a "real" flirt, and a "real" everything except one thing. lle is not, hy any means, "real" :tt Real Pmperty. When speaking eonliclentiully it is generally about love. Sometimes he clanees. At times, iluring lectures, he flozes. XYith all that, Riehl is 21 real gnncl fellow, :tml well lilqecl hy his frienrls. it lnm one wnnlcl :tt mire see that when ht es in slys smnttlnne lit li ls Hllllltltlll J ' - will yt-1' tu liztelc n v his wurcls zlnfl ztetnnis. llc l I his many wt-:tlt points. lint his gnml pnint S int-tlrnninztte :intl mterslirtrlfvw everytliing elst iim. 216 Jxllll.-XII.-XXI Rt1SlfN'l'II.Xl.. Attorney-at-l,aw. llaltiniore City College l'lll. Age, 253 lteiglit, 1503 lleight, 5 ft. 7 in. Eilitor 'l'1iR11.x Nl.-XRIAIC, Prophet, llistorian, Poet, Senior Class, 1015. "Hottest Abe" is the lioy who worlcetl his way into the heart of every menilier of the Senior Class. lle is associateal with Nlr. Sam- uel XYant in the practice of law, antl from all reports he is on the roacl to success, tlpolt which journey we all sincerely wish him sllf- cess. NYhen he tirst enteretl our wiile halls of learning his face was ilevoirl of expression, hut as all things cozne to pass in time so his niincl gathered the law ancl his face gatheretl expression, the most of which is centereil on his upper lip. Glance again, gentle reailer. on "Al1e's" moliile cotmtenance ancl see the legal ltnowleclge antl wilil expression struge gling for supremacy. llc tlf'Zt'tI,X'.Y lt'111f.v tl !1clf11111f fltllllf 'fo 1111156 -zelio .viirli 1'1'1j111'1'1',' The l11ft'l1t' k11o1t'.v, Azt'l111'f1 111' t'.l'fltIIltl,Y llc .v of 11111' l11't11'f .v 1fc.v11'1'. sl. l,. St11.xA11,11,1v1.1-,ic , '.,.., Age, Zlg XXI-ight, 1421 lleigl1t,a ft. 7 in. Chairman llaniluet Committee, l'll39l-l Kleinher 'llheatre l'arty Committee, l'll4-'l5. ' 1 - v 4 H115 Illtlll 1111110 f1'11111 the lg11.vl1'1'11 .hlfl0I'c' To xfiztly' lim' ut H11lIi111o1'1'. fft' .YI'IItflt'tf 'It't'H, 'IU4' tiff il1jl'1'f', To 11f11'11i11 the l1o11111'1'11l l,. I.. ll, tlaze upon him, oh, gentle reacler, lleciilt for yottrself whether or not he is the most heautiful lioy in the class. llut as a courtesy to the rest of us please voice your juflginent gently and quietly. Still his goocl looks tliil not anil ilocs 1 prevent him from lieing a gootl fellow. llt was always on the joh when we pulletl oll' :t lianquet anil each time succeeiletl in having the Klarylanil 'llheatre thrown in gratis, foi which we fellows tespecially those who nevei have the price of a showl certainly thank him llis one great fault is that he is marrietl or if not inarrierl, very nmch infatuatetl with one of ottr ilear classmates. 'Nough sztitl. 217 tot sf E. lime. SClll'l.'l'Z. 'llreasurer Class 1014-'15. Age. 23g NYeig'ht, 1563 lleight, 5 ft. 8 in. Look of IIIN 'ff'tIfIlVL'.Y 170 flltil' IIUIL .vfio-It' Kizzclzztivx, izeliirlz ft'lIL'llf'.Y The liiglz una' flze foie? Schultz is the quietest fellow in the whole class. lf it wei'en't for the fact that by some unknown way he was elected as our 'lireasurer we would not have known that such a fellow ever existed in this universe. lle is continually making love in and out of the lecture halfs, more especially with his dear Scliaiiiliui'ger who, it is understood, ex- pects to consent to lieconiing engaged with anotlier. in which case, we helieve, Schultz will spend the remainder of his lile grieving' over what should have heen. Schultz is, never- theless, a good chap, lloes :ill he can to help his fellow students. llowever, Schultz is lie- ginniiig to :iwzike and to tzike some interest in his fellow students, asking them for their dues, etc. Ile still has time to lie 11 live wire in the coninuinity in which he resides. XYILLIAM RICK. TRAvi2Rs. Kappa Sigma. Member llaltimore lilar. "Multum ln Parvo l" XYilliam is short and more or less quiet tless l thinkj, though he did keep it all to himself when he went to the liar. lle' has the one had asset of smoking ll very had grade of turkish cigarettes. 218 Sloxlir R. 'll1:.xt'l:. Age, 221 XYeight. 1503 Height, 5 ft. ll in. Oli, lwit' lic 1lUfl'.Y I0 hc culfcff ",S'iz1'." To fell H16 ffllfll, liek hui ll kid. Sidney is one of the noisiest members of the class. lloor Sidney weeps so earnestly because he failed to pass the State liar Ex- amination. lle believes the examiners handed him the tarred end of the stick. lt isn't their fault, Sidney. IDon't be too cocksure of your- self in the future. You must "Stoop to con- quer." 'Youre probably hezrrd the proverb "Empty barrels make the most noise." lJon't give others a chance Io think so of you. Good luck to you, old boy. liwi, Mircili-11,i, ,ll.XYI,UIi, Attorney-atel,axy. Age, 2-lg Weigln. 133' lleilfht, 5 ft. 7 in. 5 ' 5 Yice-l'resident l'll3fl-l. .el qlzcxfioll fo clxfs, tl lah' fo icfl, ,S'cm11x Io ln' his dzrfwr, 'fUflI.t'fl ln' tiocy xo reall. lle's a fellow who tries to learn everybody else's business. 'llhat is his profession 'tis true, but above all he tries to get everybody to put their business in the News, from which he obtains his commission. 'llaylor is a good chap, industrious and in- telligent. lf anything is obtainable through hard and steadfast work, 'llaylor lills the bill to Z1 "T," XYith the exception of his craze for girls, Taylor is a normal human being, who likes and is well liked by his fellon' classmates. 219 of lieautx' lieing skin deep. 'luelter has the ltmclest, gentlest and inost upright character one desires to come in contact with. of dancing, perhaps girls, too, hut the latter tuniot lie xouthed foi, as little ls ltnown ol niorefl that the wedding hells will soon he ringing solely' for 'l'uclcer and his liride. Miueecs AR'l'IIL'R TRI-iczoix. llaltimore City College 1012. Age, 233 NYeig'ht, 1-19, Height, 5 ft. 11 in. Memher llase-ball Team, 14113-'1-lg Member Theatre l'arty and Dance Committee, 191-1- '15g Associate Class Editor of the UlliT'FI'.Y'if.X' Cfaiseffe, 11713-'1-l. Once in a tulzilv, if-vou'1I Iwliewe, Ill the llzidxf of ll Ierf111'e 110 'IUOIIIIII lf'c1t'e'. Marcus, alias Chicken Fancier, alias Moot Court Absentee. .-Xt Practice Court on liri- day nights his legal situs is at the Practice Court room, hut his actual situs is at Parties. To say more would incriminate him. lf you should spy a pair of long legs rest assured that you have found 'l'regor. Ilis whole anatomy seems to he entirely composed of legs. What with his good running appa- ratus, and he is fully supplied with an unlim- ited supply of gas, speed would naturally he his greatest asset, which it is in liusiness, in law, in speech and last, liut not least, with the ladies. loux 'l'noxi,xs 'l1i'ei4iQu, l'hi Sigma Kappa Fraternity. Attorney-abLaw. Age, 233 XX eight, 1993 lleight, fi ft. .Sif1'0ll!j of hotly 4111117 uiizzrf ix lIlt',' lfllft' rI'f'i'1'U4'rf ffltlf tl fcI'Zt'Vt'e'V fle .Ylllllllli What a lieautiful chap! This is not a case 4-In 'K ,-Xlive to everything going on seems to he his ililw. 'l'uclier is a liriglit chap, is very fond s fennnine peculiarities, although it ls ru- lleres wislunq rou success in rour quest lor 1 lirule :uul lui' practice in Your legal pio- 'ssiou, ,lllll'lxl'l', olrl lioy. 220 C1i.x1e1.1fZs Gotwzii 'lll'RNlfR, Age, 25g Weight, 167g lleight, 5 ft. ll in. ,5'f1'11i1jl11' 11111z' full is 110, like H16 1211115 l111'111'1' full 111'i'1'1' 111' fil111'1'1l Ill ll .v0!.'1'. Turner thought it 21 good idea to attend the sehool for the purpose of obtaining the L. L. IS. Degree. lle helieves in dying with some degree added to his name. lle shall have his desire fultilled. llut, why shouldn't you desire to have the degree hefore dying, old boy? You are sure to get the honored degree next hlune. After you get it what are you go- ing to do with it? Turner is an intelligent chap, gets good marks in examinations, and is an all-round good fellow. Xffe 7-l' XX eight 110- llewlit 1 lt S in .b,.., h,.,, 2.,,. . . ll'l1111'1"z'1'1' 111' 11115, fo llfllt'l'.N' f11"fl 1f1'z'1'. His Hlflfrfl ix 11I'zu11'v,v "l.i':'1' 111111 let 1ii'1'." ,, llis nnnd is continuously liusy thinking an1l planning for the future. So oeeupietl is his mind at times that questions must lie repeated liefore he even knows that he is addressed. llut when onee he eomes to earth from his occupation of air castle liuilding he lieeomes a mortal like all of us. lle has his faults, as well as good points. Yery little, however, is known of his faults. 221 1 , ' L ii.xici.i-.s Zin xii-1i:xi.xN. Central lligh School of llartfoi-cl, Conn. Xge, 223 Weight, lfml 5 Height, 5 ft. 10 in. Xlemlier llaseliall Team, l'Il2-'l5. Klenilier tllee Cluli. ll'i.w 'zuoi'i1.v frmii lzix zzmirfli izftcrvd, .Ira 'ruorfli ilivir 'zucigffiz' in gold. ffm' fir' fluff nllfc' l'i'l7IlfI'4'll' f'ii!f.s'i' .x'IU1'li'.N' of flllll fold. The rumor spread rapidly that we were :iliout to lose our clear lrieuil Zimmerman. lt was saicl that he would elope to Massachusetts with some pretty young lady. l'oor Zimmie had all he could do to deny the rumor. .Xt last he sllceeeileil in convincing us of the fal- silt' of the all':iir. Zllll'llCI'lll1lll is well liked liv most of our liovs. lle is prettv. which slziti-ment the zivciiiiipziiiyiiig picture will veri- ly. XX ith zi little lviiow'leclg'e ol law :mil imieh lmiiw'leflge nl' girls, Zimmie slioulil lie suc- vi-ssful. jUL1L's Ziiiiziir, Sigma Nu, Pi Sigma. C. E. Cornell University 1910. Age, 27g XYeiglit, 108g Height, 5 ft. 7 in. Class Yiee-l'resident, 1912-'13, President, N13-'l-lg Toast Master Christmas Banquet: Attorney-at-Law. Quiet, .vvdfzie and rulni, His ?u01'u'.v ure' full of fvisifoiiz, .ilvtizzgf ax 41 lmlili. H0 IIc'2"c'1' xfveiiks uf Vuzzdozzi. He Certainly is a Prince for friendliness and help. No one has ever been refused any help which our Zieget could give. XYheu he smiles, his surrounding vicinity seems to be hllecl with joy, but when he's angry-which is seldom-keep away. XYhen Zieget gives his opinion on any law point, rest assured that his is the correct version. llrightness should have been his middle name. Let's all join in with three cheers for bl. llrightuess Zieget. 222 -'09, 111 111111111 ElilQ1ll,1, 1i.xx11111i, .XQ1-,21g1X1-1gl11,11113111-1g111,1f1.11 111. C11z1ir111:111 l':111Cl'IZl1l1ll1L'1l1 011111111111-1-, 1'P1-1- '15g X11-1111101 11f E1111-1'1z1i11111c111 Lqfl11l1ll1t1L'c. 11115-'1-1. r 1 . . . ll1".v ll11' 'Z1'1x1'x1' 1'11.1'fi1f11t111'. Hui, lllwfll, 1'1'111f1'r, ,X-1111171111 1.1 11111' 1'fl17f1'1' tif 1l11' 11111'.1',1' 1111'.111l111'j 11111l1'1':'. R11111c1'1 121-1'1111 1iz11111111- Lll1NXX'L'1'S 111 1111- 11211111 uf E1Q1Q111,l.. l1csi111-s 51l1llj'11lg 1:1113 1111- 1111- litical 1111s 111 l1:1i111C1'sl1111'g 1111s 111011 1115 11111111 111 O1llCI'1l1111QS, s111-11 215 111111-1115, s11111'eli11g 011211, 1'111111i11g z11111111111l1il1-s 211111 1111101 '1'111N12S. 110 111'11vc 1111- "Xl111'111-r Clll'-1 1111 1111- 11ig111 111 111111 1z11111111s 11111 111 XX :1s11111g11111 111r11111111111'1-11 X1'L'1QSl11NiE'l'1JN1. 111- will get 1116 I1I'iZC1l "S11ec11s1qi11" 111 VI11111- 211111 g11 1111014 111 11L'IlI' 112111111-1's11111'g' 111 extract, wi11111111 11:1i11, as 111111'11 Q111111 11111111-y 1111- 1111111' :11lx'i1'c aw 1110 11211111-S . . , . , will s1z11111 11111 11111 W1111 :111 1111s, 1I11ss, wc 1111111- 511111' 11rz1c111'1- will 111- zu large AQ your 111-:11'1, 111111 111:11 y1111r z111111i1i1111 will s11111c i12lj' 110 11-211111-11. f" P9 6 G0 - 04 16 ? I 'QIIIIU' , J ' 223 'Lf' 1-gi ll El lmlmgqi l 1 'Mm VJ" . ., t E with il ,L X v JJ Tm gr gg . W1 .E in , ' -gh -. ,yy via ", ,- e w A ,la , E1-iw -' gr' 4 ci ,-,gr fr , r , -A ii- ,ill -. ., il lla ,lf fl in - ml. i my iEi1ll"',J""""'l J- " , ,- ,... 1, iii 'll ' 1 i n - '-if-' ffl iii- ,,-'L-, ,i lil 'QB JJTFTJQ "iii ii i'--3? ' ' -p 'slyaowd - 2 " if-p e :jig fffl'-gfifirl .J aieiifi V, :V f ' 1 , 755'-537 f L , .Z - - L Li fa T ' r i, L rwirlrrrff lqiatnrg nf tliv 1915 Gllami, Emu ilvpztrtmvtit E are rapidlv approaching that glorious commencement day. Hur minds are rg... ,' full of the thesis, examinations, preparations for the C4innnencement Excr- NN cises and a thousand and one other insignificant details. XX e think only of gb the future. Kfggq 1 Stop, Wise man living in the temple, known as Mr. lirain. Cease u I Q tt, 'Z 1 'Q ,dj your excessive worry about the future. Let us base our thoughts upon something more substantial than the transparent and unstable future. ,Xpply the brake to the eternal wheel for a short while. Let the whirring be silenced temporarily. Now we are ready to look back upon our past doings, which shall, hereafter, be termed the History of the 1915 Class of the Law Department of the University of Maryland. On the 23rd day of September, 1912, we all trudged into the lecture hall, wearing our best clothes, our hair nicely combed, our ties perfectly arranged, everything absolutely perfect: with our heads swelled with the thoughts that we were on the verge of having the Hood gates of the whole body of laws tsacredly guardedl opened for us, so that we might bathe and wallow in the law, to finally come out thereof clean, and with the laws absorbed through our skins tsometimes through our brainsl. Our hopes were high. We soon learned that to get the law firmly fixed in our heads we had to work and dig. And dig hard, at that. Little by little the glamor of our expectations dwindled until now we arrived at the conclusion that nothing can be obtained tof valuel without giving some valuable consid- eration in returng therefor taccording to the law of contractsl the consideration in our case being "hard work." During our first year little of note occurred. We were getting accustomed to the novelty of being permitted to do as we pleased without being sent to the Chief to be chas- tised because of absence, improper conduct, devilment, and the like. On September 29, 1913, we returned as the Intermediate Class. which class was des- tined to become famous as the real spirit of the L'niversity. lt was during this year that the merger between the llaltimore Medical College, with all its branches, and the L'niversity of Maryland was finally consummated under the name of the present University of Mary- land. Our first banquet given as a class was held December 18, 1913, at Kernan's Hotel, after which we adjourned to the Maryland Theatre, where several boxes and rows of seats in the orchestra had been reserved for our class. G. Ridgeley Sappington and lloward Bryant were guests of honor, both making speeches which will long linger in the memory and be relished by those assembled to do honor at the debut of our class into banquetdom. 225 , -AE It el mi !m 1 I I g smggmlm ll W -Qin M ails I H 1 I ,L . "A I ll if - fe I! 1 -F .M Mm- V X fm if it . il 'll Q1 f-'X 51- 4 'fig'-ull llgglmlu U n,lillx Q l X ,Iwi M 'ff 'i 57 " F "ar ' "- , - . ' , iii - ft' c c H 1511 1 fl tt. P2 .Av X ,,-Z5-:sa-H f4 3 S X ff -i f-,.p .L L f - fill-Y ,S,Z1ie9l,aNiv0sf my .lnlius Zieget was toastmaster. li. il. floltl, E. F. Miller and C. ll. Smyth were selected az. speakers from our class, all of whom did exceptionally well as orators. 'llhe Dixie Serenaders rendered delightful music. which helped to digest the unusual aml exceptionally well prepared, well ordered, well served and appetizing courses at this never-tri-he-forgotten banquet. Yell after yell exploded from the throats of the assembled lianqueters lnetween courses, as well as at the performance which followed the banquet. llasehall took a firm hold of the lntermezliate Class, which class excelled both in in- terest an.l actions, even the Seniors of that date. Our class put the Cniversity of Maryland upon the College athletic map. We took the initiative in nearly every undertaking com- menced at the school for the henelit of all. Messrs. ll. C. Lightner and hlos. .X. llaggerty, of the hasehall team, deserve credit for their method in handling the liaselnall situation hy getting the confidence of the Faculty and students to acquiesce in the venture. t Jn lfelmruary 3, 14914, tl. 1.. Schamlmerger, of our class, gave a liox party at the Mary- land 'l'heatre to some of his law school friends. 'lihe performance was thoroughly enjoyed hy all those present, who greatly appreciated the kind thought of Schamlierger. Among those invited and present were ID. lf. and ll. .X. Xlcklullen, ll. hl. Gold, QX. 'lf Galvin, .-X. Y. Keene, XY. XY. slump, K. E. Kanode, .Xliraham Rosenthal, tieorge U. lilome, A. XY. llryan, R. Schlaegel, E. K. Schultz, DI. Zieget, C. ll. Redfield, li. C. Lightner, H. ll. XYaters, E. H. Nliller an'l QX. l.Erlel. .Xnother hanquet was held hy the Intermediate Class on March lo, 1914, in the Turk- ish Room at the liernan llotel. 'llhe guests of honor were .Iudges Carroll 'l'. llond, james l'. tlorter, of the Supreme llench of llaltimore City, and sludge llenry '11, llarlan, ex-Chief .lndge of said llench. 'l'he liampiet was a complete success, after which all attending same arljourned to witness a performance at the Maryland 'llheatre, which was generously ten- dered liy the iranagement through GI. l,. Shamlierger. .Xt lectures llrunsman was self-appointe'l valet to 'llitifany during this scholastic term, tor which services he was rewardezl with a passing mark or more at examinations. "tErandpa" tloff, in a playful mood, during judge l1ond's lecture, held a lighted match to .Xhe lQosenthal's hair, which ignited and Harefl up like a gas-jet. lluring the excitement. t Jld .Xlie remained perfectly calm and, with one Ing hand smothered the flames without even turning his head from its position facing the lecturer. lt was at the end of the second year that our class had the distinction of having Simon Silverlierg, Simon lf. Solielotif, Nl. Nlcli. 'llravers, llenjamini1.l1old,lieorge l.. Clott- :md .Xltraham liosenlhal take and successfully pass the State liar examination, thus per- mitting them to practice law one year liefore graduation. With a few other incidents we :nljonrned our class for the summer vacations. The ollicers of our class at the teixnination of the intermediate vear were as follows: 226 l"'! 2 n--as ll - .Finn f ' mf .1 " - .FW H M-itil - ' rt I E , W . ,J . ff? ' - i ill use 4- t. -st, 'P . . U-5-Ri 1' 5' xr 2 ill E4 lf- A llfgfx. al l . gk:-tll!1'1,J""""'U 4- ,,, 5 t 1 ri 'W 1 .iw a t i. - lealrl' fl. is ll . ffjr f 1 fe-ei -' i -s af e' r t , ff: :IL, ss-ii .1 .35j,pj:35 ,' A ' ,iQ.a,5- il f 'ff 515410 Day Section-l'resident, -Iulius Ziegetg X'lL'C-lll'C5ltlL'lll, l'aul Nl. 'l'aylorg Secretary, Bruce C. Lightnerg 'llreasurer, lsador liartmang llistorian. li. lf. lxzmodeg Sergeaiiteat Arms, lol. A. Mcklullen. Night Section-I'residenty C. ll. Smythg Yice-l'resident, .Xrthur li. Xicltersong Secre- tary, C. ti. Cooleyg Treasurer, Vlohn Zimmermang llistorian, tl. A. llaggerty: Sergeant- at-Arms, .l. llarvey Kimmle. At last, on Monday, September 28, llll-l. we arrived at the stage of Seniorliooil uf the University. How important we felt! On Uctoher 12. llll-l, at 4 l'. Bl. a meeting of the day class of the Seniors was called for the purpose of electing Senior otlicers. 'llhe following were elected: Day Section+l'resident, llrnce C. Liglitnerg Yice-l'resident, bl. l.. Scliainhergerg Sec- retary, Arthur Y. Keeneg Treasurer, E. King Schultz, llistorian, l'iophet, liditor and Class Poet of 'l'iikR.x Al.XRl.XlC l'Jl5, Ahrahain Rosenthalg Sergeant-at-.Xrms, il. li. llruns- man. Night Section-l'resident, hlos. A. llaggertyg Yice-llresident, XX'alter ll. l'reing Sec- retary, F. jos. Gutberletg 'l'reasurer, Arthur li. Xicltersong Sergeant-at-.Xrms, hlohn tl. Donohue. Benjamin G. Gold is practicing law, and has opened a law otlice in llaltimore City. while Ahraham Rosenthal hecame associated in the practice of law, with Samuel XYant, one of the Law Faculty of the l.:1w Department of the Liniversity of Xlaryland. XYe all had our till of examination worry. 'llhose hideous examinations are the huggy- boo of each memher of our class. 'llhey almost drive the students mad with fear, which it not well founded in our classmates, for we are considered exceptionally intelligent. The Senior Class of the Law Department gave a theatre party and dance at the .Xcads emy of Music on Decemher 2-l, l'll-l. 4 The performance, "l'apa's Darling," was an exceedingly clever proluction. After the performance, the dance hall was thrown open and to the strains of irelodious music the Seniors gave oheisance to terpsichore practices until the wee small hours of morning. Messrs. Samuel XX'ant and R. G. Sappington of the Faculty were present with their re- spective wives, all of which memhers attending the dance enjoyed themselves imznensely. Following the enjoyment obtained at the theatre party and dance, we were compelled to study for our semi-annual examinations which were held at the end of -limuary, l'JlF, which, fortunately, most of our classmates successfully passed. Having traced a vague history of our doings up until the present time, the puhlication of the '1'ii1zR,x AIARIAE, the Historian begs of his honored readers not to judge this worlc too minutely, but to pass over the same lightly, read the contents hereof, glean what knowl- edge they can therefrom, and pass on to the more interesting n'atter in this hook, Anim n.x A1 Ri rsii xi',, ll'Ii.S'fUl'lirI1l. 227 Q illatrmnrll -it- 1. Farewell, dear classmates, we must part. XYe've reached our limit of schooling. 'llhe past three years prepared us to start Un our life work without fooling. 2. How well we learned each other's faults! As well as the goodness, too. Let ill-will lietween us be enclosed in vaults Where it shall get its due. 3. We are now on the verge tif our commencement of the hattle of life. Hur theoretical knowledge let us merge XYith the practical in this world of strife. -l. 'llhe fountain of knowledge we did drain From the Maryland Universityg 'llhat which we learned was not without pain. Those poor chaps who failed have our pity. 5. ln the future practice of our profession Let the fond memories of our classmates standg Should one he in needg show interest: give expression. lly lending a helping hand. I 6. XYe are destined to have our ups and downsg Some, positions of honor may lilly all resolveediscarding caps and gowns- 'llo get to the top of the hill. 7. 'l'he way may seem hard, and at times overpowering, Grit your teeth and go forward stillg lfor there aliove you your goal will he toweringg There. at the top of the hill. 8. Xthen you get to the top, give yourself a good rest. l7on't let the exertion swell your head. llut rememlier those laelown, and try your hcst, That they, too, might earn their lireacl. ry Again. dear lioys, let nie hid you farewell: .Xs a class, let us meet every yearg Where each, of the past, stories shall tell, .Xround a tahle of joy and good cheer. .Xn1z.xii.tx xi Rosi-3N'i'ii.x1., Peel 228 'R uv. . , , 12,1 lQ5 fr ., f.. fx .f 4, . F1 - ., , fr .. .,, . 451 . ,. 127 fn 471 .. fe, 1:2 .,. fx ZX 421 421 . , . Q 453 ' O h Qr 'ICB 433 . ,, Q1 w, 43: A , , cfs X oy 4:1 - 4, L31 , ,. ci: ,, . A 4vP , , Us v ' Q h aff . . '52 ,-A-'.-.-f.-.-.-,-.-A-,--..'. . .-,.--A,,- A -A - A . A AA - . 04r0cr0cr0cr0crocr04ro4rocroarom,ocrocroc:ocro4xo4mQ4ro4foo4ro1vo ro4ro4ro4ro1o4ro e4ro4ro Q :fx - - 1 .-L f.-,T Y - ., - .f v - .. .. - - .. , - . . - 5 f Y , f . . , Y f ' o C -1, lu 1141 Y , Qii, , Ye-'Vi' AJ -QFQADPENTED Vin H X , 2 5 T 0 --.-mf. .fAf.,.--+-,. A- -.- .- A ., ..,... . I " X 044:01-11.04:10iLA10c:Ar0c,fAr04L2o4i1ocyro.A'fo4Tr04po o4wro4vro44ro4v:o4vJo4101:o4,o4v-o11v4pq4ro1fo4vro41o11o4' o4vr91pa41o1 W DEPARTMENT LA 1916 CLASS. ? l n-rg ll QIHIIIIII A 1 ' 'iff m . .- "" .. nn5.?5!im mH'f1.m.I l m 'VI 'ligase I - I IQ. I I Q I HI-Ig .M -5 N. -gh 9' II . , III . w ' 5-WX ' II I f"I"'EAlIm'III : 'L xv.- A.,. I II I .Is.II'Il MMI II fIIlI'W-M.-L g In 3. 1.0 7.1.4 3 NEW' ' 'T 2- ' B. ff 4, :J-5A - h -lirxgf f -1' "f:: ,.,.. , . 1 ' - ' -A . f s.U1sA..W 0112155 uf 1915, Emu EPIJEIIIIIIIPIII If 'I'YI.1i1e SMVVII .... I NIQWILI. lile.x11.xxr. RUIIIQRT I. KICGRIQILUR. , . XX. I.:-1s'1'li1: I!.x1.mv1N . 1 . . CII.XRI.I'.S RI. Cfnlnle.. .'XI.Lr2N, XX'. D. AIXIATU, II. A1z1X1s'l'RuNc:, I. D. IIAILIQY, I. R. I1.xI.1FmwrN, XX'. L. I3.Lx1z'1'I.1i'1"1', I. K. Ile ISIC.-XM, A. XX'. Iiwxilml-t, XX'. G., Ile. Iiuwlfs, L. A. I5uvvM.xN, XX'. XX'. I3 Ilona, H. E., IR. IIRICIiVVI'fDDI'f. I. E. IDIRINTUN, I. B. IIRUVVN, C. F. IIRUWN, G. B. Ihwcrf, I3uL1,wcK, M. L. CAPLAN, R. I. CAR'1'IiR, P. C. CIJPINIZIQR, R. D. CUHIQN, L. XX'. Cuu1,.x11.xN, E. I. Cc1oP1iR,D.G. CUUPICR, XXI. H. Cuvl-ZR, CIIARLES M. D.-XYIS, L. N. DIQUNAN, G. R., IR. DHLGS, B. DUVALL, G. E.fxs'r12R, I. P. EDEL, SISICNIIIERIL, S. E'1'1r12L1:mc:1f. I. F. ITARLIQY, I. A. FRANK, R. I. Q911irr1'5 flmrnuhmz I:R.XNIiI,IN, M. I . C,.xr,x1m, XX. I.. GA NI mel1,I,, R. IZ. 63N.xu.xAI, I. N. GXX'.XI,'I'Nl'fX', II. C. IQYNN, XX'. S. Ilxmamm, Il. I. I: a IIliNNlxI11I.xl'sliN, I' IIl4.wa, II. XX. x',:1. . IIUI.I,..NI I.Ix, .X. .X. Ilnmll-is, I. MIN. Ilfwsni, XX'. C. IIIXZIIICS, N. INSLIQY, S. C. Ic1YL'l2,C. Il. K.xN'r1-Zn, Ii.xR'rM.xN, I. K1-Zl'r11, R. C. ' 4 . ' Ixllirxl-.1:, II. E. KINIQ, IJ. II. Kr 4 ' I IIII.I'.RNI.XN, I I. A. Iimw, C. F. I,.X3I.XIx, L. Q. C. L1-ili, XX'. E. I,1i1'rcn, II. XI. LICYIN, S. S. LICVY, II. AI.X'I"I'IIIiVX'S, C. N. AIARR, I. II. BIASIIN. E. IT N1iI.sIIN, N. 'If O'CrmNNuR, I. I,. Iixmiw, A. XX'. I'LmxI1:1CR, E. II. PUWIfI,I,, G. II. OQ1 4 .......l'n.x1I1'I . . . 'Ic'1'-f,I'4'.X'IlIc .....lHlI.X1lltI .. . . . . . .,3L'1'l'c'flI1I .. .CIIt1.X'.X' ffIX'lIH'IIIll IQHFIICN, I.. II. Iifrwl-.N1:1i1u:, E, IQl'SSI'fI.I., XX'. F., In SI..X'I'ICR, F. I. SL'lIIfINIfR, I. Sulllxlxll-1r,, I. XX. SCIINIIIQIJ, U. Ii. SxiI.liNIqmX', F. 8112131-ir., -I. Sxwrll, ll. 'l'x'I,l-il: SXIVIII, I. F. SImx1li1eXX'l-Zcu, IJ. I Sl-ICI-ZR, II. C. SI'I.I.IX'.XN, I. I. 'I'r11m1.xs, IE, 'IIIa.xx'14,1cs. I. I'. L'Ms'1'.x'1', F. I. XvlNL'IfN'l', I. F. XX'.x1,m4miNIm, I I. A XX'.x'I'N1i1z, D. I. XX'lI.Iq1Ns1IN, I'. I. XX1Nn1fm1l:, R. Im XXYIIIIIJXVAIQIJ, XXI. If XXYNJDS, IQ. II. XX'l:14zxVr, E. I.. IZ. YlC.x'm1.xN. S. XI. Yvlzslclq, H. X'. ZIICIZLIQR, A. IirJI.liIfR, I. KI. NIcCI.L'1il:, F. A.. KICCEIQIQIIITIQ, R. I. LY'l'I,If, XX'. RI. S.'XNIl'IfI,S, S.xx'L1i1z, F. I. 1 X . 1 X. XZ W '17 ix N the 28th lllly 111' Sep1e111l1e1', 111 tl1e year l'1l3, 11111- might l1111'e seen :lllfllll E Il l111111l1'e1l 11111l llfty 11e1'1'1111s 1111l11'i1l11z1ls 11ppr11ael1i11g the lllllllllllg-S 111 tl1e L'1111'e1's1ty 11f Kl11ryl11111l. 'llh-exe 1111liv.11l1111ls h111l l1ez11'1l llllllly ex11ggAe1'11te1l any st111'1es 11l11111t tl1e hazing e11r1'1e1l 1111 w1tl1111 1z1111l Wlllttllll the portals 11f tl1e 1le11r 11l1l Lf 111 Nl. ,lll1Cl'C were s11111e Q,'l'1JllllS wl111 were 1lete1'111111e1l 111 re- sist tl1e llZ1ZCl'S, txhile HlllCl'S e11111e 111 meelily, llltlflkllgllly e11111'111ee1l that the 1111ly wzly 111 CUIIC with the LIIIIICT-ClI1SSlllCll was hy llixlllg lllllllllltf a111l re- xpeetftll. ,X111l XYllL'll tl1e s1111l i111l1x'11l1111ls were 11sl1e1'el up 111 tl1e .1X1111t111111e11l ll11ll, where tl1e Still! l'C5lflC, tl1ey felt th111 they were surely Wllllilllg' lllllf El 111111. 'llhey h111l1l1le1l 111'1111111l 111 lllC 111'111'e111e11ti1111e1l leeture 11111111 wl1e1'e 111l111e1'11 Sllllllilx helps e111'e lllC freshness 111 i1lle ytblllll, 111111 gives 1'lL'ZlI'Cl' insight 111 lllk' el11111le1l l11'11111s. llut, tl1e fears 111' tl1e l:l'CSlll1'i were llllltllllltltxtl. 'llhey Ill-lCl'WIll'1lS l-flllllfl tl1e lllilwl'-ClZlSSIllC11 111 he Z1 I111e llllllfll. .XllL'l' lllfe' fears l1111l p111'tly w111'11 11ll', 11111111 tl1e Z1IilPCZll'IlllCC 11f tl1e lCCllll'Cl', rl1111l1tless the lll'5l llllI1l'L'5NltDll 1'1111eei1'e1l 111 tl1e 1111111ls 111' lllflil 11f them, IIS they hehehl tl1e Illlllllit t'4lllllllL'SN hmts 111 l:1w SlllllL'lll5 I1I'L'lPIll'l1lg 111 XYHl'5lllll tl1e shrine 111' lllilelihltlllti, was Hlll' 111 1l1111l11 :1111l 1111xg11'111g, perhztps heat exp1'esse1l l1y lllC 1l11esti1111: "lf 11ll thefe lawyers prnetiee with me, XxlllL'l'L' 111 the tl111111le1' C2111 I get El fee." I111t, 11N tl1e XX'l'llCl' s111te1l 11l1111'e, tl1e l'l'CSlllC5 t1111111l the UIJIJUI'-L'lZ1SSlllC1l 111 he Il llllC . , 1 . . . . l111111'h 111 lll1'll. ll1e flllly llllllg' ltll' wl11eh they 1'1111l1l hel1l11111e1l was tl111t they lllll 11111 l1elp lllt' l'l'L'Nllll'S 1111g11111ze lllClI' elnv, :1111l :ts Z1 l'CNllll the elusw was 11111 t1I'Q'lllllZL'Il 111111l l:11e Ill tl1e yL'2ll'. .Xfter 21 1-1111w11le1'11l1I1-111111111111 11f XY1ll'li 111111 1lel1111111g 1111 the IPI1l'l 111 tl1e lllCIlllPL'I'4 111 lllt' claw, the l'll11Kll11w w11S Hl'QIllllXL'4l. 'l'l11'11l-I-11'1'1's we shztll elect llt'Xl yl"ll' :11'e Qtllllg' 111 he the p11'l1 Ill lllL'1'l1l'4S. wl111w1ll t'1ll'l'y the fvllllh tbl Slate llll'4lllgll the l11gl1 win IlllL'I' 11 ll2lN ht-1-11 s11 :1l1ly lllIlllllL'1l 1l11'1111gl1 the xl1:1ll1111x lt will lllll lik' JlIlllNN 111 l'1'lk'l' 111 X111111- 111' tl1e lll1'l1ll'lllS llllll H1't'lll'l'L'll 1l111'111g' tl1e lIllL'l' , 11 . .. . . . . . 1111-1l11111' 11-:111 Il11'1'1- Zlll' tlllllt' :1 lllllllllcl' 111 1111'11l1-11tx XXlllk'll Sllfllllll he 111e11t11111e1l 111 llIlS h1'11-1' 11:11'1':11111', lllll lPt'1'1lllNl' 111' the li1111111111111 111- Np:11'1', 1111l1 ll llllllllllll 111' llltxlll L'1lll he QlXl'll. 111111 HIIIUX' :1 ll:1xl1l1gl11 L:lllllIlN1'1Il 1l111N1'. 2242 2 n .el . 1 -'ata' A NIMH-H -' "ff - . ,I A-M . E E m mmlmlll, l amb?" -5 'mlm' ll 2 I 45 . .ml I -if , ml Wi- , ,. , wi -if , i g ' - hi flllyli, ,-gal' All 25 "fy.m -ff' wir? 11- .X ll' ff- . -C A 14411- fl" 7 ff? ' Zig," ji 'iq aff ,eile giefffyf Y - ' ' gf,--'gf fs . . 'i-' :SPST .:-q f ff V :is-i s eiifs- a ,ff L g ,ls 1 -V cg- -W, - 3-:fe R Through the energetic work of the Pin Committee, consisting of Chairman Duvall and Messrs. Uldhauser and Kohlerman, a pin which is well worthy of being termed that of the 1916 Class was selected. The majority of the members are wearing one of these pins, and the others regret that they did not order one. There was organized by a number of members of the class a literary society, which meets every Friday evening. .Xt which time the members try to demonstrate their elo- quence and train themselves to be some day termed "silver-tongued oratorsf' lt is hoped that the society will do a great deal :,f good towards accomplishing the aforenamed pur- pose. The name of the society is the llenry D. llarlan Literary Society. The officers elected to serve during the intermediate year are as follows: President-G. Tyler Smith, the man who tries to'tell you that if you will permit him to write a policy of insurance for you he will guarantee that you will never regret breaking your neck. Nevertheless Tyler is a good fellow, and he is endeavoring to do a great deal for the benefit of the class. Yice-President-'l. Newill Graham, the Chestertown l'ie Eater. The writer supposes that Newill is the champion pie eater of the town, because Xlewill will not disclose why his fellow-classmen from the Eastern Shore have nicknamed him "Pie" One would think that a great pie eater would not have very much spirit, but such is not the case with this "Vie," Graham has plenty of it tnot pie. but spiriti. Treas- urer-Robert Ll. McGregor, although very cheerful and always smiling, Mac is very energetic. Secretary--XY. Lester llaldwin, the man who informs the press what we are doing. llis- toriansCharles M. Cover, the man who wrote the great history of the ltllo Class in black and white. ln the early part of the year a committee was appointed to consult with the pho- tographers in reference to taking a snap of our mugs. llut because the class was of the opinion that they did not desire, as the old saying goes, to pay for a broken camera, the said picture was not taken for some time. llut on Saturday, December 12th, a few of the loyal ones who had power enough to resist the sights of Lexington street appeared at the University and the picture was snapped. A copy of the same can be seen in this book. There have been a great many well argued cases in the lntermediate Practice Court. and many of the members have proven that they know something about oratory and per- suasive speaking. I may here mention a few of the well-remeinbered incidents: Allan made himself famous by the following remark, which he made while rebntting the argument of the opposing counsel who had made a statement that because one principle was true the converse was also true-"Gentlemen, because peaches are sweet that does not say that all sweet things are peaches." There was a great deal of laughter when Cop- inger, in a nervous state of mind, and with his face highly colored from fright said, while holding a four thousand page volume of Cyc in his hand-".Iudges llonorable, let me read you from my 'little' book." 233 -sx -1 f E H 5 WH! Mlm t i my I aa -milltm. g aming- -allllg, - .zz W mt . i V W- .0 ll .i s' tam- -ml I , it -mt .api V istltfl e1""""'f' 4- ' 'll i li -l" -it 'ff ., 'lrallll Q , , ll' " il ., J w L it M in 5 4 6 7 'Wd S,JQ9lld-'lZfA!0A!.lf1Af Cover has been the only member who has succeeded in making the class, sitting as judges, believe that the law as laid down hy sogne of the highest state courts was so made hy a hunch of farmers and hutchers. And he created quite a sensation when he quoted some of Professor llagliy's famous remarks, which were made while lecturing upon his course on 'llestamentary Lawg and also when he quoted what one of the professors had said in reference to his case twhat he quoted will not he put in printl. As he tossed one of the voluminous volumes of Cyc in his hand, he demonstrated that he had some powerful voice,ias well as a strong arm, and a voice that will undoubtedly cause the court rooms to ring in future years with his eloquence. 'l'he llistorian desires to state that the aforegoing section in reference to himself was not composed hy him, lint was so composed hy Clyde lnsley. lly the way, Clyde deserves to he mentioned here: although he is not one of the kind who do a great deal of talking, he is always on hand with the goods. 'llhe writer has spoken of the ahove incidents as having occurrezl during the interme- diate year. lle did not speak of that which was done hy the intermediate class, because the said class changes every year, hut the great history of the intermediate year of the 1916 class exists forever. 'llhe history of the intermediate class is an ephemeral one as far as its component memliers are concerned-horn in the early fall, it lives but a few months and dies in the month of roses. .Ns a class entity, however, it exists from year to year. lt is a most essential part of our career as students at the Law School, for 'tis only when we pass fron the infant ttluniorl class to the intermediate, the first stake, the lirst turning point, and commence to haul up to the finish of our triangular course, that we liegin to realize just what it all means and our eyes open to the real work liefore us. .-Xnd as the second turn gives us the base of the triangle, so in our intermediate year the liase of our law course. lnto it are crowded sulijects of great im- portance when our race is won, although some of the tirst year sulajects were far more interesting. And. we surely miss the interesting and instructive lectures of our friends such as l'rofessors llickerson and llond. iXnw now, in closing, permit the writer to state that he hopes all the memliers of the great Class of l'?lti will return next year, when, as Seniors, they will linish their work and leave their dear Alma Mater to enter the struggle of life, in a new line, in the arena of the world. ln the turmoil and strife which awaits every ambitious, energetic lawyer, it is certain that many moments will come when his mind, thirsting for refresh- ment. will revert to the happy days of their struggles with the law. lf he has lieen faith- ful, his profession will have lirought him aliundant success, and he may well call to mind the memories of that high-roofed, dingy lecture room, the rafters and joists of which have long since alisorhed enough toliacco smoke and law to hecome humanly fanciful. Step liv step thev shall have marched forward, overcoming every olistacle. lireaking down everv liarrier, until they shall stand at the very height of their profession, ready to receive their just reward. kill.XRl.l'fS Nl. Covi-in, t'lu.v-.v llisloriini. 234 1211? 4234? 431 3 4:1 3 4:15 4:1 4:1 S 431 S 4:1 o 4:1 o 4:1 o 4:1 o 411 c 5 4:1 o 4:10 4:1 0 4:1 o 4:1 o 4:1 Q 4:1 0 4:1 9 4:1 o4:1.4f1f 4:1 Q Q1 o 4:1 1 C1 o Q1 44:14 4:1 1441 Q 1 o 'ON .1 4 1 v w 4:1 ,,. 4:1 4. 4:1 .,. 4:1 'Q 1. 4v1 .,. 4:1 1 4, 5 4:1 jf " 'W 6- , -ov if D "A :I 1 o V' 'f 1 -nf' il Z - , I , ,1 ,a, .- f .. y M y 1 I , ,555 545555555 Q . F1 fi 51 Q l1h.l!gl' 1 ' 42. -ifgivf Sl' 1 'J I' 7 f"'Z1 Q 111 .1 ' - - X 1 4 .1 ff -0 X Ill!! mx . . 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I: gif: A i : J ' 3 Gllama nf 1917, Emu Erpartmvut 5:41 Glliiirrra HANS. lf1m1iL1c111i1:, Ulu.. ...... I'1'v,vidv1zt .IAM1-is 1iRL'Cl'f ....... . . .I'im'-l'1'c.v1'dv1zf tJ.x1iLlix' L. Sixximl-iles.. ...... -SiUt'l'Fflll'VX' G. Roulik liuzli ............ ........................... 7 '1'm1s111'v1' A. l. OSUL, Plii Sigma l'lii .... . ..Cii141S.v Ifclifor to fha l7ll1"I'c'l'.Yll'bV Cfalwffv 'if' lllluaa iKnll iXLURl'fC1l'l', A1:1c.x11.lxM S. lima 141-3, lllCRl!lCR'l' sl., AWALT' FRANCIS G., .aX.lI. Mt. St. Al2ll'j"S College. B. P. 1. Laurel H. S. Qllm-fm, xy, 31" limqiiu, JUSIQPII, IZ. C. C., 18410. U-C'C-51+ C.XL'lIlfl,I.. Crux l'., BARTLI'fT'l', .IUIIN A., liruokvillc ll. S., '12, St. hlolinfs Co B' C' C' CIIILID, lluivifluiv, BEATTY' ERNl'iiT' .X.l3. St. hlnliifs, 'l-l. l,UCUlll4J'li6 ll. 5 '3Lgi'141s'ruiv, Sflficaizmzlli. Blix., v V Um, M' Wu llman C' 5" 11' L ' of X 21" H' XYCSTCFII Marylzuul College. l.3uNs1iL, Ll':IliII, 1 Gilman C. S. J. H. U. L"H"iN- UAW'- Bosliii, HENRY T., C"H"5N' M- M- B- C- C-, '1-l- Cf1Nw.xY.C11.xs.E., BUYD, JUIIN ll., CIJECIJ, ll. ll. l., Ol. LCllig'l1 L'lliX'CI'Slly. 'Ui BROWN, UI. W11,suN , Cm,L,.3Y' J' Ji' A. ll. U. of P., '1-l. Chestnut llill D.D.S. L'.Uf'AI."1-In Academy, '09, 1 4 BRUCF IMHCS Lusmu:x'1c l lfimxcis l'., " - ' l' L L 1. . . Litt. ll. Princeton Lniversity. CUL'I.'l'Ifl', XY. M. l5ucKNl51z,'IUL1U5 ml., X Charlotte Hall Military Academy. Clwss, .Xlmluin E, 237 F-Q Q I .QQ-11 ll I mlm 5 ll' H -g "'mImnm i :gm I"1'Ilm ,,., V- . V 'X .I . ' '72, lg ar. " I . 'UIQ 4 gk'-. if 9 x I .5 I-I 9' It .tx fa.. I' . , I ,III II , , 'fx FII , Iiglllrl- b,niIIumzI 6 44 U IIIIQIIII Rf, 0,1 S ,MIIII I 5-Q If pb' 1. , 3 -...mi n I W ii. it X N-I ph f I ',l T. E.xxe 21- I 2 HUI IIIII2 ' - I'L1IWl....-4-.. A -I. 5. - Ii. 35- ' J Q " f-if 1 Lg '1' gf jig? ft-il ' ff ft 14- 4 1 Z?.-+1-7 'Qi' If I "J ' H A "CM h QQ I NNQM U14 CRtJ'I'IIIfRS, sl. C., GARIJNI-111, IIMQRY K. I- H- LI- III,IfICIIM.-NN, IQl'1mm,v11 W., 111541. fI..XRIiI'f, CIIAS. S., Cltiversity of Gettysburg. II- L- L- tlmmuw, -Ilissl-i R., IIl"l'1,IiR, II. C., XYest Virginia Lfniversity. XYZISIIIIIQIUII Cullcgc. St. VIoIm's. GURFINH' EMANUCIQ' Ilrmul, DMN. II. C. C. IJl'fl,IfI'I..XIN, E. S.. tiokslwll, LICVVIS I.. .'X.II. XYZISIIIIIQIIKJII X LCC Iflliv., 'I5. Klarylaml Institute, I.7ui111,, XY. N., IIRAY, IIIHN II., II. C. C. ILS. Marylaufl fXgI'ICl1II1ll'21I CUI., 'I+ Iltmxmm, Elmzxlm S., lIRICIfN5'I'IfIN, WM. .-X.II. 'luIms Iiupkius Lhiverslty. GRIFFIN H C Ilnxmm, Klvlcm' 'I'. Milton Academy. L1s.xLw'.11, .lntlis I... GR1F1f1'1'11, S.-XKIIJIQL T., IZ. C. C., 'I-I. Il. I'. I., 'OX '14n1iR1:, Il. S. Ilfxcu, XY.x1,nu, I RAlIfR,'ItiSI'1I'II XY., .I' II- LI' I,ocI4I1z1x'Q11 Slntu Normal ScI1ouI. II.Ix1.I,, II, I., ll11,,Iim.,x1:'I'., II- C- C- I: .X Sl. FIUIIIIIS Cullcgc, II3. IIA1g1Q1,5uN. SUL- I IIJIJIQR, Iflmxlq. H,u'mg AIX, li., IIMMNI S,,U,MAXN, .X.II. DI. II. Lf, '00, II. C. C.. 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Silbersteiu, e1121ir1111111 111 the l'IlCll11JC1'S111Il e1111111111tee. 241 15 3 i l --see el mul! 'wr m gym' -V11 - N TA . f f . v este? - Til l inihmii i L T il iifl . vii. H7 ' .'wlj"li li 7+ if fsqf 1 ' 49 ' r f. it e . Y ' L Y gg ivupsf. fyfff Their meetings were held every Tuesday evening. Extemporaneous addresses were given on such subjects as: l'rohibitiong The Fourth Dimensiong The Single Tax, etc. The members grew to be such orators that at the last meeting one of them endeavored to explain the Rule Against l'erpetuities. A challenge to the llenry D. Harlan Literary So- ciety to a debate was made at that meeting. .X week before the examination a society vvas organized, the purpose of which vvas In enhance the general knowledge of the students. The name chosen by its scholarly mem- bers vvas "The llerbert Thorndike Tiffany Club." Lipon the roster appears such names as Rlr. llerman l'. Kassan, Mr. blames llruce, Mr. ll. Froelicher, hlr., Mr. A. ll. Malqover, Mr. .X. R. Whiting, Nlr. George lllackistone, hlr.. Mr. Murray T. Donoho, Mr. Herbert I. Burke, Xlr. .Xlbin Xliclotif, Mr. Oakley L. Sanders and others. Thus closes the history of the lirst semester of the l'll7 Class. May the future years be fraught vvith as much loyal 'Varsity Spirit. LXLIHN Xxillltllilf, lli.vfo1'i1111, '17. fYl.Xlil,lfY l,. Sarviiiiics, lfliliflif, '17. Qf- 'W' ' 1' 'XQ I.. , fgi T ii .lw C 'iv ll 8 Wwffp :Q 24 2 1 'agl ' il IM f Ili 1 MMT 11, . 4-at f l' 'Alt -. ffx Ev gl 1 V 131m 1 11:11 12 1 1 . 11 A I - -xi gg in ,f 11, 1, 1a11x 111-1-111--11-1111 L A 1 111 11 1 11 1 31111 111 1 101 1 2 ,iff 55 1 ' iii? "L ,if '1 1 1 ll- ' I-51-'Qs X ' -.f"1f K ' T 'Q' ?'?'E4T -iii ' 73' 'xd l N H I fwvn ,,o 1 11110111 10 Q4 o4 o 11 o 4 4 4 4 1 0 45 4 V O 4? If O 1. 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I 'Vi Qt sur. -. ' . Pl 'Sl I-21-fffii - , ygjj,igi1'ilgJmiimli I-.M 4. '4 W I , Lily I ,pi I -'G' " ,, N. flwll , qi 1. . . Ill Ie2II 'llll' - I' it an . - C2 71. AMW' -for r -fi 1",.99'R 'I 114 as 5 ' I ' 4' s 'N ' W5 r g A -s fx Si f' s ,s1,z1,sA.,lN.,M.,,,1,f while the lower half was exactly that of a fish. Their movements were very graceful: of a half swimming and gliding motion and the lower half of their bodies scintillating in a light, bright as, yet more mellow than sunlight, threw off the most beautiful of colors. After our genufiection was recognized by the Prince my guide made known to me that this was a gala day for the mer-people and that I was to be their honored guest, to go and come as l pleased, to have whatever I desired, in fact I was 'given the freedom of their realm. A delightful program was given for my amusement and I was made acquainted with several of the wonders of the sea with which I had not before been familiar, but the one that interested me most and the one you will be most interested in was the PROG- X175-'IlISCUl'IC SHELL. 'Ilhis shell, so called by the Neptunians, had a lengthy and interesting history, some- thing about a certain beautiful queen of the sea who had cried her eyes out because she wanted to marry one of her subjects who was very poor and her ministers wouldn't stand for it, that sort of history, you know. XYell at any rate, the shell was a rather large affair, with a single hole in the center of it. It was held for me by two of the mer-men and my guide told me that if I looked through this hole and asked the spirit of their departed queen to reveal any event of the fut-ure on this day she would do it. Now all this time I knew I was as awake as I ever was in my life, and also knew that I was doing things that, in the generally accepted course of affairs, were not usual, were so unusual in fact, as to be associated almost entirely with a certain mental condition consequent of a too bibulous night or two at the shrine of llaechus. Still I was, wherever I was, and about to look through the hole in a magic shell, and I wasn't in the dipsomania- cal state referred to above, either. I expected some sort of hoax and by my acts must have conveyed my expectations to my guide, who very patiently assured me that it was truly as he had described. Klany years hack, while at Law School, I had taken examinations from Professors by the names of Coe and Chesnut, and so l thought one more chance wouldn't kill me, and after having been a member of the class that graduated in 1015, and having survived it I felt a sort of assurance of coming out of this affair in "pretty good" shape at least, and so crossed my lingers and took a look. I am not going to even attempt a scientilic explanation of what occurred, but am going to recount for you as near correctly as I can what the shell revealed. You will rememlier I said when the proposition of looking into this shell was put up lu me my mind went hack to the Class of 1915 for assurances? Xlell, I asked to see some ul my old classmates, and this is what I saw: lXi-onnd an olilong table were grouped several men of serious countenances, and stand- ing at one end ol this table was a man speaking slowly and in a carefully modulated voice. I Ie was Illslsllllg "Such a reduction of rates is eonliscatory and, being so, is unconstitutional." 248 Q l-A-g li elnmmll m MII' 5 Bt g gmlll. I BHI W' 'Qlmi s lq ! .F ,ljli I 351' ll!! f I 1-. 3 iii' I 1, E ' dir- ,, N' 5 '11-' ' . ri. kai ig g y iwimEEimHr'l jlil 5' A 3, aQy 'f..,f,-120 --ff i e, all 71. :I NEW' -lji .5 .f':f4.,Zfe- ,i " g f ! ' ggi-. Ar r so if ,L -Ylif' fiiiyf X-f , , 4 51. 5 Q M,-4,4 :Y Y gl? f, V .5i,HcSZla.IvNoM flfff He had their rapt attention, and I noticed that several of the men on one side of the table every little while would nod their heads as if agreeing with the speaker and nudge their neighbor. I couldn't place the speaker, his forehead was very high tor else he was a little baldj, and there were a few furrows in it. I was about to give up the possibility of rec- ognizing him when I noticed sticking above his end of the table the handle of an umbrella, then I knew who it wasl It was none other than my old friend Smyth, C, ll, Smyth, and here he was before a public service commission justifying the rates of a public service corporation, the Consolidated Gas and Electric. The umbrella was the key to that fore- head, to that slow, low voice, to that insistent style of argument and l remembered the old "Got your umbrella C. IL?" This view melted away and I now looked upon a scene somewhat similar. 'llhere was the table and the group and at the head of the table a speaker. The speaker was not very large, but he was loud. He didn't seem to be getting the attention he desired, for now and then he would raise his hand and say "hear me out." During the moments he had the de- sired attention he would repeat, "Gentlemen, l know what larceny is, and we'll use my view of it. This claim is crooked and I won't pass it if I have toeNow hear me outa" I knew this one alright, this was Nick, our '15 'llreasureiy lecturing to the agents of a big Cas- ualty Company and pulling the same old "hear me out" stuff that distinguished him at the University. Iwas astounded at the accuracy of the shell, and was quite a little alarmed, for this sort of thing had no place outside of Arabian Nights. The haze that settled over the last scene lifted and before my vision there appeared a court room with its dignified judges and sleepy jurors: there was a tremendous crowd there, and a solemn stillness pervaded everything. Before the jury box stood a figure familiar to me, but which I could not identify be- cause his back was towards meg he was pleading with the jury for the life of a woman who had, it seemed, killed her husband when he had attempted to beat her for some minor af- fair. I could not, as I have said, see the face of her counsel, but a peculiar xx ay he had of getting up close to one of the jurors and nudging him in the ribs caused me to think of one of my old classmates who had made my side black and blue by this same nudging process while trying to sell me his Pool Parlor. After thinking about this for awhile, and in the meantime allowing my gaze to wander around the counsel table and seeing there one whom I recognized immediately to be judge Roses friend, G. XY. Smith, I thought of the arguing counsel's name, it was, as you have already guessed, our old friend Healey, of the then firm of Healey Sz Smith. And then even as the scene was shifting I heard the booming of a powerful voice, shouting anathema at the powers that be, decrying this "murderous centralization of the wealth of the whole of Gods people," asking the wrath of God on the heads of those whose insatiable appetites for gold "wring the life-blood out of the hearts of the working man." i 249 , n-sg-in EINIIIIIIIUIQII- lg 'W -ma y IINNMIIIIWI' sw 1. X: I I X lilpl "QM 1 lit, 1, ..,. mph . I' Al. i . Ill III. IDI. i,I2II. 'I f' 'Pt . . gfgilui ,imumiei It AL ' IMIIIIIIIIII I .ii iil ,llc 'ff ijlyijl I Qi t " ssrif' ' i1 ' ?'5i5Q -' l e ' I 'rl' flfff I perked up considerahle hearing this sort of stuff, for I had given her Imperial Majestyfs spirit explicit orders that I wanted to see only my old classmates, and I didn't rememher any of them having any such socialistic tendencies as the ahove quotations indicated their author had. 'Ilhe haze cleared away and-Ilai-ig! .IX crowd, a platform, a powerful hooming voice andsa speaker ahout the size of a well developed peanutl XYho was it? Ignatz, of course! "David Carter I.evenson talias Ignatzp the working-men's savior, candidate for election to the Senate of the United States on the Socialist ticket." So read the hanner ahove his head. I 7 After I had recovered fiom the last I noticed there was a new one awaiting my atten- tion. 'l'his appeared to he the corridor of an up-to-date ollice huilding. tlllices were ranged down either side of it. At the far end a door was open and I could see inside three men, each husily engaged in conning the pages of large and formidable Law llooks. 'Ilhey reminded me of a little statuette I hazl seen called the three graces, so similar in size were they. The picture drew nearer and I saw the names on the door were Ilratt, I'rem and Clutherlet, attorneys-at-law and expounders of general information. As I watched, I'ratt looked up and said, "It is as I said, when the cue hall is placed hack of the dead line-" flood night! "Large and formidable Law Hooks," hah! 'llhey were de ciding an argument on keeley pool. I left them not without rememhering some of' thosv dear old matutinal carols we used to sing together about KFI A. KI. I noticed as I was leaving two messengers came out of their ollice and one messenger said to the other, 'tieel llose guys is got all de li-nan-shul husiness around here." I wasnt surprised for. although it sounds paradoxical to he hig practitioners and still have time for keeley, 'twas ever thus with the three graces. 'Ilhis was indeed a pleasant pastime, notwithstanding its umisualness. I was afraid I would not have time to see more of the class, hut my guide told me that I had hardly liecn at the shell at minute. I recognized the locality of the setting that now presented itself before me as heing that incoinparahle section of Maryland known internationally as "IIalethorpe." Specifically, the scene was the court house and "court" was in session. 'Ilhe crowds from all ahout the circuit were in for court and to render their respects to their newly elected judge. In- side the cricr had hanged his stave and was crying, "C Jh, yea! oh, yeal Oh yea! etc., this court is now convened." Kly attention had heen distracted hy the crier, and when I looked up to see the new incumhent ol tlns district hench I was almost knocked to me knees on seeing there none other than our old friend Dlosh. Now. llis llonor -Ioshua S. llull. Chief . , . . . lndgc ol the Qircuit ol Nlarvland. Un lltts day the criminal side of the court I I mean the Ilhysical court, not Ilis Ilonorl was in sessiutl and thc new llistrict ,Xttorney was also to make his dehut. Imagine the thoughts that llockcd to my nnnd when lllls prosecutor turned out to he .Iohn Klagers. lxsq., 250 - , l"2E ll 5 1 lmlllm I """" - I 'ei W In Par' 11 -alll ln' - .' 'il E I 'i in fi 1-1 1 1:7 .1 . 11 1 .t -I, . Xs . fl" Zigi lx ' . g:f1Il1"!,,:"""1""1, 4- ,',,, q,,.V, ,,- A 1 , 'lt' 1 1 ,1111 15 Y, ' - ilffl llmlli gyin ififiir' fl 1l'E-V-.Lg j 1 " ,J 1f'ff'fZg, Tu. . A192551 a iQ -ag? 1 ,ei 343' ' 'Aff 'Qi 'fi' ,iTTg'- ffiif' fi 1 LQ ll' ,, ' - 1 n -f-J ff est, 1 - -1'-252 1 ,T to . -:fav of, l 1:50 ,aj , -f 129- 1 h ' v - -Q ' fwvav H14 of tl1e Iirm of Rlagers X llull. lt looked like a 'iCtJll1lllt2f Zlll-1 going" game to 11111, sort 11' 110111 en11s agai11st tl1e middle, 11111 tl1e people who e1ecte1l 1116111 111111 tl1e same contldence in tl1e111 as we wh11 knew 1116111 well at school hal: that 1111 matter 1111211 the situation, .losh a1111 .lack Could be depen11e11 on to 11a1111le it fairly a1111 Stll.lZll'Cly, 121 C1 JN 1'lSElQ.XKl12 IVIIDES, 1 11ext saw a little 11'ay station in tl1e liar XX'est, a1111 it was early inoriiing. llunched up on tl1e 11e11c11 in fr1111t 11f tl1e closed depot was a figure that w11ul11 s11ift its position every 1111w a1111 t11e11 i11 tl1at fruitless f?ll1lC8.YOI' 111 1111.1 a sleepal11e place 1111 a rai1roa11 Cllllllllllly-S statio11 11e11cl1. 1 felt sorry for this fellow heeause l 1'ecognize1l him, and 1 knew how in class l1e always picked tl1e s11ft sl1o11lder of fdllllgll for 111s naps during lectures, and l k11ew well that 11e was in sorry plight indeed if he Ctlllltlllil 111111 a place to lay that weary head 1,1f his, His baggage lay at l1is feet an11 on l1is 1J.lg'L'llCCli l read H1f1'Cll. E. l'auch, Special Agent Maryland Casualty Co., li3.111lllUl'C.H Fred, it see111s, was earrying l1is Legal lillUXYlCt1gC to places XYl1C1'C tl1ey had none. 111111 had 111issed a train, consequently the outsi11e repose. The she1l's llCXt revelation was a11otl1er court rooin, tl1is time a 111111611 States llistrict Court. Before tl1e bench was a dapper little figure that talked well a1111 was apparently una- ware of the existence of a11y one in tl1e court 1,111 tl1e ,ludge 211111 lllIllSClf. llis colleague, a rather large person, sat at tl1e counsel 1al1le 11iting his hnger nails and taking notes 111 s1111rt- 11an11. 1 was sort of familiar with the li11e of stuff tl1e gentlenan 1111 l1is feet was giving tl1e judge, a11d felt sort of acquainted with l1is style, 11ut was llll2ll1l6 to place him until 1 heard him start on tl1e 27111 section of the L'niform Sales Act, a1111 t11e11, 1111 well, t11e11 1 re111e111- 11ere11 11in1 for a t11ousa1111 things. hlllltl was the last SETgC21ll1-211-.'Xl'l11S? 111111 was short- stop on tl1e 11asel1all Team? 111111 lost t11eir g1i1-away hag going' to xYt3S1l'l'1lllS1Cl'? 111111 went through the Dental 1D6lJ3.I'l1ll'lCl11'S skylight? xxrllfl 11ear1y sold Speed Keys? 111111 is fliggsh or Dinny, or -lack? There eould he 11111 one, an11 that 1111e 1J'lJono11ue. His part11er was that 1113.11 who, 1111 tl1e l1ase11al1 'lleain proved that if you let your ene- mies think tl1ey can liek you and go right on playing l1a1l your aforesaid enemies will come around after tl1e game and buy a drink. 'l"his was tl1e 111-111 11f lYUl'1C1l6 and fllliltlllfir hue, specializing in practise 1i1efore tl1e federal bench. fly a11 imperceptible change 1 was gazing 1111 a sce11e t11at started my heart to 11eat a little stronger. It was partly tl1e i111pressi1'eness 11f tl1e Slll'l'UL1lN1ll1gS, 11ut the greatei-part was attributable to the oratory of t11is man w11o, l1y careful in11ection and dynainic, held a stern visaged group of 1NGlllS attention, 11e1d it so elosely that even in t11is 1111111161156 audito- rium a pi11 could be heard to drop as l1e spoke: "Mit Speaker, a1111 you, lionored gCll1lt?lllPll, 1 l1eseec11 you in behalf of tl1e l1o11or of tl1e fair State we are per111itte11 to represent, 1101 to blight l1er fair history, not to befoul l1er purity, 1101 to allow our own fair Xlaryland to 11e stained with this ignoble a1111 disgraceful statute that a selfish a1111 11is11onoral1le l1o1ly asks you to inscribe on her statute books." 'llhis eloquence, this force, 1 could not mistake. The speaker was State Senator Charles 11. Kelso. l was not surprisecl that Charlie had 11111111 251 sm I 1 1 , I -Af A Itltlmldlll li an 55 m anga, lI ,MUllV"" -Mala, IQ . I inmate? " if ' 1'-' l 5 ' "" r t IN' ' . idiin .L M' I if , at 421- ,. yi .if ell' .-a,Q!lL.1.Qli!!i'Ei'r 2 It Q ul Y f" -. sf .J ' ' rins e- s if 221 SJSAQLNQM U14 sent to the Senateg I had often wondered why his fellow-citizens had not done so earlier. 'Dhen came a scene that was different from any of those that had gone beforeg this time it was the office of a big tobacco company, and two men were in some sort of an ar- gument. One of the two, a little fellow with a Yankee twang to his voice, was telling the other, the president of the company, that a certain shipment could not be made and must not be made to a certain territory, and if the company was so anxious to ship that it could not wait on his advice the company could discontinue its 350,000.00 annual retainer and em- ploy other counsel, that he was too busy anyhow to be bothered with such tritiing mat- ters. XYho? None other than Charles II. You know they have that kind of stuff in New England, and Redfield was putting a little of it out down here and I agree with him that some of it is needed. Employ counsel? Why, I think I can handle this situation alright. Any time any- thing like this occurs let me know, said XYilliam. You see I saw Lurssen in his office, and there were some there who didn't know he was "one of those ttl1ings" and they were about to indulge in that expensive pleasureea lawyer. XYhen they saw this they said then we'll make him counsel general of the company and that is how Lurssen came to be promoted from secretary. What's that you have with you, otiicer? I heard tthis as the prelude to the scene that next confronted me. The ofticer spoken to had with him what in police circles is known as "a Sousef' "Une dollar and costs," said the first olrator. Then I got itl I was looking upon the proceedings in a precinct court and His Honor was he, who in days long since consigned to history, was wont for the small sum of 31.10 to aid and abet in the consummation of that event that meant joy to a few, sorrow to some and disaster to many: marriage. Mr. .lus- tice tJ'Neill sat his bench in the 60th precinct "wid all th' pomp and dignity" those of the l,atin-European countries can so well assume. - I was expecting the power of the shell to weaken from such continued use and in politeness offered to give up a further inspection of my old classmates in their new roles but my guide said the power of the shell could not be lessened by use and prayed me con- tinue. lt was easy to do so, for I was really anxious to see just a few more, so l placed my eye to the hole again and called for the Class of 'l5. 'lihen came a very large building which I recognized as being in llaltimore, and in the vicinity of Charles and lialtimore streets. It was a small room and in it a man really too large to be in proportion with the room, for he was a big man physically, as was he a big man legally, especially in regard to co-operative saving and loan features of a big rail- road system. Such was liob Graham. 1 . F . . . Seeing l.ob recalled three others who were more or less associated with him. and I suppose concentration caused the next picture to visualize them. lt was a big otlicc in a modern otlice building and below the names of Stocksdale, lloyer and Zimmerman ap- peared the name of "So and So .Xdjnstment Corporation." So this was where they were 252 e-1 Q . I--a ll el im!! l ' Q . -H m ' c MII 'H in mlm Hmu vr' 'Q' if Q. . at if I f 1 s Q D- jf I V. X I 1 'junk 'jx-1. U ' jg' , QS, ijt 9 ' ' ' 'II jf ji iii' hisf 3' 1 is I '- Y i if Nl ill lf 55' ff if ' ' if r fil l si-iiiumii -QI 5' fibii ' Iii III Ii ' I I IIN I Q ' ' ,T I, 4 " 1- I , . V i" '- Ti I 2. ' - , f if as fflff, allflflllf' ,-'il 1, - 11- .if K rg" is-if, 1 -' gg sf - Lf :af , .: sg ' I e ' I. if, ' 7" -1- e Z' 5' f-fi - :ia , v e e: i ii? ' ff 2 2-1 - and were working the adjustment and real estate line! I remembered that Zimmey had had quite a lot of experience in this line and that judge Niles had given "Stocks" quite 2. chance at the real estate end of it, but where did lfilly lfoyer come in in this firm? r-Xs this thought crossed my mind out walked liill and a very handsome woman and l overheard something about: "Do you think it will he a "Yinculo or just a Mensa ?" So the firm was in for adjusting things other than credits, anl this end was I3ill's. Then to llly view came the very busy courts of llaltimore City and the various court rooms passed in review before me, showing in each of them the following men who were once close to me: In the Criminal Court I was surprised to see gracing the bench of that tribunal flis Honor XY. S. Goodrich, and at the States side of the counsel table to find as States At- torney Samuel Hofberger and his deputy, Nlax Greenblat. There was a trial in progress, the traverse being a violation of the usury laws. Knowing that the defense of this crime was a very difiicult one, I was especially interested in knowing who the lawyer for the de- fense was. Who was it in the class who would know how to justify exorbitant rates? I was thinking of some of the members of the class who could possibly do it when the question was answered for me by the defendants counsel rising to his feet to enter an objection. I was not at all surprised to see the Yirginian in this role and don't know why I didn't think of him at first. XYho in the class, witfh the possible exception of Healey, would know more about it than jack Elly? In the City Court judge Schlessinger was hearing a case for damages filed by one jolm Doe against one Sam Lasch for injury caused by the negligent manner in which the defendant's workmen had installed some plumbing. Then came the Superior Court of llaltim ore City. Here in this spacious marble room, with its lofty ceilings and its walls decked with the portraits of great jurists, was being enacted a most pathetic scene. The case was a negligence case, and one that stirred the passions of the whole community. llefore the jury box, filled with attentive men, stood the plaintiffs attorney, a young man with prematurely gray hair, and beside him, in an in- valid chair, was his client, a very beautiful young girl. He was "closing," and I stood breathless as I listened. "Gentlemen, it is not necessary that I bandy with words or rhetorical figure to have you appreciate the grossness, the culpable, aye! the criminal negligence of this defendant, and the heart-rending, pathetic result. This young lady, beautiful before the eyes of all the world, stricken down in the blossoming time of her life, and if left to herself to provide means of locomotion would have to resort to that method of the lowest of Gods creations-a reptile." Here he paused and a plaintive little voice, barely audible, tho' heard clearly by every one in the room, asked: "I a1n very thirsty, won't you please place this 253 I-Q5 ll il lm ' . Qmlmlzl We "Wi I m It ll ll. uv ig ll v s' M i A , sf? ie? X I I l ll' 1 l ji! M". ill' 9 i l l idinuviii 2 t -lll I-i' lil as , fi it tml. va' . ff .a . 'C' H avre? 4 -' ig -i j , ' -sa -J i a ' e li l -A 3-V Zig Y V Y Y ,Si,J6lya.ivuoAf 1,14 glass to my lips With tears streaming freely down his cheeks, he did as she asked, and then turned to the jury and continued the most eloquent address l have ever heard. l could not mistake this eloquence, for l had heard him make his first public speech at our .lunior llanquet in 1012, and even then we knew that sl. Lawrence Sullivan would come to be a man to be reckoned with before a jury. l would have liked longer to view this last scene, but knew if l were to look too long at any one picture l might miss some of the other members of that class that had reared so many now famous men. Next came the Circuit Court of llaltimore City, and here before his Honor C. H. liratz, Messrs. Frost X Record defended against the allegations of Messrs. Cathcart and Yost, the conjugal and domestic interests of a much sinned against husband, while Messrs. Yost and Cathcart declared the wife to be more sinned against than sinning. ln the Equity Court an extraordinary proceeding was taking place. Here, in this re- pository of exceptionally good conscience, ordinarily stiff and decorous bailiffs were throw- ing their shoulders up in the air and slyly snapping their lingers in the most approved -lar- din de llanse fashion, while from the corner of the room came the seductive strains of a new fox trot. l was, of course, astounded by this evident laxity of legal dignity. and utterly at a loss to explain it. lt occurred to me that l should not think anything strange after the whole proceeding of a sober man looking through a mystic shell somewhere at the bottom of some river, or that since the shell was an established thing, that perhaps it was losing its power, or that at last l was "coming to." Soon, however, my fears or speculations were set aside and incidentally l was set aright. lt was a case of mistake in a contract between a music publishing house and a com- poser, Une contending lic had contracted the publication of one tlnng, the other that he had contracted the publication of another. .. . . ... . , ,. . .. . . lhe counsel for the plaintiff being llenry 5. tfeiglem, doctor, musician, scientist, art- ist and lawyer, was demonstrating to the court the difference between a waltze and a fox trol. ln Superior Court tl'art 'llwoy .Xttotrnevs lialachow and lfagan besought the court to . 1 . giant them .1 prayer that would give them a verdict against the city, while City Solicitor lirneble said he never heard of such a thing. llovvn in the tJrphan's Court ,limmie llarper, now l'resident of a large 'llitle Com- pany, was Iiling' an tlrtler Nisi and thinking of a pair of white trousers and tennis racquet :intl the days when he could play baseball or tennis without caring whether l'lnhp ll. l.ens ilerkingis estate had been properly ailininistted or not. 254 Q Q me-,gg I lmmlmm 2 MII!! E gml m mva I E W ml at ll il I I law n! I I e la H- '9 lg ' ' ' 836' 'f -' ft. ld I . " il , -. " -' ill Iiilis , L Ala 'lmllll :'. .i il: I 1' V '-"M f--- ---- , -gl .1 ' , ,,'a' ' I !'g V . - FSIII. ll ,Il I' I ' 'u.f7fff el" -'Lmm jf'i,ff.g,',.' -j,g A .f ag F t ijig ' -5 ' a r e s, 1 ee: fi . fa "' I, '-n..F.if1f ' , 'o fe- " - fl- ' S-JQSAQNNOV ff'-f In Circuit Court tl'art 'llwol Xtm. Blcli. Travers was getting a decree rX'X'inculo signed. At this point the light in the shell's perspective seemed to grow dim as if to end the revelations, and I thought sure I would have something on it then because it had not shown me all the members of the Class of lllli. I had not yet heard from old pal "L'ncle jake" Schroeder. Again the shell proved to be a really great shell, for its atmosphere cleared, and this time showed me not a court room, but a room where some inquisition was taking place. I heard very faintly at first as one hears a repeated saying as he awakes: It is so, it ahe- is-so- It-show-showme-showmeyrmrI Show me your authority! 'llhen I got it all. -lake was before the Master in Chancery and th'ey were having an argument with the same result, the master asking for ,Iake's authority and .lake insisting his point was right without offering or thinking it necessary to offer an authority. Then with a slow and even motion, the picture faded into the distance, and all be- came black on the other side of the hole and I realized I had seen all of the Class of l'Il5. I spoke to my guide, telling him to convey my thanks to his llighness the l'rince and to escort me back-back to wherever I had come from. Ile mumbled something and I took it that he acquiesced. He seemed not to be as courteous as he had been and in fact the whole party seemed to have depreciated in temperature. XYe came at last to llis Ilighness' throne, and here the same court abounded but much if not all of its beauty was gone and it seemed just a cold and greenishly gloomy place, and getting worse all the time. I stooped to make my one-knee adieu to His Highness, not knowing but feeling I was going to leave his realm soon and go-well, I didn't know where I could go. I genuflected and as I straightened up I realized all was not right and I sort o' made out the expression, "get up out of that! XX'hat's the idea of making an ass out of yourself before all ,these people F" It seemed perfect liabel, this new place full of many-throated imps and a wild fan' tasy of lights. I recognized coming towards me one of the blackest imps of this new region and I started to balk for, while on earth I felt I had lived a comparatively good life, and I wanted to appeal before this sentence should be summarily accorded me. I cunningly waited for him to get close enough to me and then I swung a good, whole- hearted punch at his nose4but it never landed, for some one stopped it while it was be- hind me and the voice came again, "What the-what is the matter with you? Meat again? And then-well, then I realized the voice belonged to the "Syllabuster." Later Hepbron told me that when we walked into the hotel I had glided majestically up the aisle of carpet and bowed on one knee before the clerk and had tried to kill the 255 5'-1 l - l--s-fe ll Qlilllllll 1 5... E 'l imllllrl gi I HIHVM' -,gf 'qgflmg I! 1 if i it i I i ,gag ' e . fs. ra he fs- fe e- 'ff .---gf ' ff s yiffggrgelffe SJLSAQZW W porter when he eame for our hags. lle also said that l had not acted strangely, nor heen asleep, but after we got to the aquarium l had been deeply absorbed in a mer-man speci- men there. l leave it to you to decipher. l don't "coke," shoot morphine, heroin or smoke oakuing l was not asleep, and l was not drunk, hut l was in the bottom of some dry sea and saw what I have deserihed, and when l undressed that night at my hotel l found in my pocket a miniature of the shell l had looked through, with a pearl inlaid "N" on its haek. Jos. A. llmzmzlilvry, Profvhvf, 'l5. 5? if at NV E? YQ T iv si g .ll ll, Z iff -ll rf 256 XVILLIAM C. Bovm, Phi Sigma Phi. "Billy," well it is hard to tell you much of Bill. Hes a good all-round sort of fellow, ex- pert "Keeley" shark, and has never had an argument with Professor Coe in his life. ..Y. A. Kumi' C.x'1'1ie.xRT. Notwithstanding the fact that Catheart has reached the age of maturity and has heen in- structed in law, he still manifests a kindly feeling toward the fair and gentle yet more DEADLY sex. Frequently he so far forgets the dignity of his profession as to smile on some passing damsel. NYC don't hlame the ladies for smiling hack, for Kemp is a very likeable chap. He is a strong advocate of the movement to declare the date of Coe's future exams as legal holidays. 257 .X. lftrlilflell l'llQIfNt'll. lleut' "l3ulllly" is with us um longer. lluw ex'el', ezlrh une ul us who Cuulml get im uffet tw gm tu the Situ l'Al'1illClSCO Filll' to repres wut' Llllllltljfl' woulcl he glzul tu leave H H 4 - tmwtl. tmftfrl fortune heaps ttsell lllltlll at tlztwwecl fL'XY--llCl1CC lltlll-fl:1lYtDl'llQL'. Q. E. IJ 'hum R. lil.1.Y, l'hi Sigtutt l'hi. llmke the shell in Louisa. Yu., fm -Iune ll, 1801. ldeutiherl with the llkllllilllif zmcl llrolc- erage husiuess. l11Y21l'lZ1llly returuerl non est wheu iutermgzttious were heiug pmpotltulecl during the quizzes, :mtl has the distinction of lmving inereasetl the "'llh1'ee-Klile Limit" in it poker game. As a lawyer he should utztke 21 tirst-rate "Keeley" player. -Xspires to he a United States Seuzttor, aucl if the well wishes uf the class woulzl govern he wuulcl he unau- imously eleetecl. .258 C. w. ifftm. Z- Age, 255 Xteight, 1523 lleight, 5 ft. 11 i11. elz' 0.111111i1z11t1'o11.v 111' .v1zf1f1li1'1I Those NfIlllClZZ'.Y who ltfttlll flllll 1'1'Ii1'1l. Frost is just the reverse of wh11t his lllllllk' implies. lle is the NYll1'l11C5l frieiifl one tlee sires to h21ye. .Xt ti111es l1is voice is l'Il1sL'fl 111 protest to CC1'l1Zl1l1 21etio11s o11 the 11211't of ee1't21i11 lectures. To be l'lCZi1' 111111 is to feel the XX'2iI'l111l1 of friendship aiicl geiitility. lle is intelligeiit, even though, at times, he is 11ot up-to-theeiuiiie ute. Frost 11215 21 sweetheart, too. She seems to be the "Great Lv11lil10XY1'l.u ll1-ZxztyS1i1:.xs1'1.xs.lo11x 1ilfl4.I,l'fIN. l .Xeeou11t2111ey SlltllC1'N-li1'yIl11l 211111 Strzittoii 1011. l,1Zll1lJ, llZl1'1l1Hl1y, 'l'heory, 'llhoroiigli lizts, l,L'ZllllJIlyQ .Xrt, KlZl1'yl1l11Il liistitute. Al211'yl2ll1tl liistitute. , , . . . . ll. 5. bl. 41. 15 11116 ot those l'211'111C5 that has 110 1.C2l1' of CXZil11111Z111tJl1S. Klost Zllly one who h21s lJCC11 tlirough those little se2111f:es witl1 Messrs. Coe 211111 llagliy woulfl thiiik tl1ey h21fl h211l enough, hut not so with ll. S. l. 1.1 He has lJC6l1 through the eleyer little exams they give 111 aeeouiitzuiey, 211111 has come out victorious. lle has cloiie Czeruy to the satis- f21etio11 of his iiiusieireister 211111 yet he h21s 11ot enough, for after he 1121s liiiishecl l21w, he says, he is going to sturly meclieiiie. XX ell, lleury, 11 you sturly long eiiough 111111 suhjefits enough, who knows 11121yl1e some clay you C2111 get some money otll oi it. 259 bl. Roialrlivi' GR.x11.xx1, l'hi Sigma Phi. "Holi" is one of the most formidable candi- dates in the class for the honor of being the most handsome member, but nevertheless he does not realize the distinction, as he is quite unassuming, and in the vernacular of the street 'ill curliiltg guurl L'l11llr.i' A. PAGE GOUCH, ESQ. Member Baltimore Bar. Charlotte Hall Academy, 1912. Many think that the elements of modesty and bullslingingability Cpatent applied forj cannot be present in one person at the same time. Gough, who is a recruit from St. Marys County, furnishes a living proof that this is possible. He told us all seriously that 100 in his bar examination would encourage him in his second attempt and sailed through with well over the liar. Again, after prophesying his return next year to Chesnut's after-tea- tables he pulled perfect. Gough is all O. K., notwithstanding a warm affection for "Doc" Coe. 260 Max GRl4flfNliL.X'1"l' Max, after ruining his digestion in the pro- fession of Carrying' Civilization lin the form of sundry articles of human consumption and weary into the liucltwheat belt, came home to die and hearing a peaceful demise could be accomplished at the University of Maryland tnot the hospital? Law School hied himself thither to peacefully seven out, but after a few days as an auditor to the galvanic ora- tory of Messrs. Coe, .lanney and some others and the recurrence of examinations, Max found he could not die either before examina- tions on account of them and couldnt die after them 'cause he was too tired. Needless to say he has abandoned the idea and will now wear out his life before Intelli- gent t?j uluries. 3'-5 1 4 4 v l'l4,R1mirv.xNn I. t,RlfIii:ifI,. "Uv t'0llIc'A' uf x1f1i!i1z1,f." The deep sea sailor who promised to take us out to view the storm that never came, in the battleship that never was. lferdy has ai- ways been an active member of the class, usually found with the live ones when there was anything doing. The steamer incident, l'm sure, was all a mistake, l mean in other ways than that Steam Yacht turned out to be a rowboat. 261 all!! lv-5" Emil-,lt Xl. ll.u:1'1i1 Kappa Slginu. City College llill2. Uhllllllllltflu No one lcnows where he got limmief' liut every one knows it tits. hlimmie F1tANe1s iloslivn l,,iU'l'I1lCRLlf'1', Eso. Member Baltimore Bar. Secretary 1915. "Tell the rforlr fl'I6'l'6',' gin' IIIF a m!t'11tz't11',' who .mtv the .run foduvf' This is not the Emperor, dear friends, in fact we never knew he hatl the Francis part of it until this book came to be thought of. l'm going to let you all in on something. Lis- ten! ,loe's not married! Honest, now listen- he has been admitted to the bar, can manipu- late real estate, and if any of you girls want Z1 husllancl .loe is willing and l'll guarantee him to be goocl except he will stay out late and play "Keeley" pool and go with such dissolute characters as Elly, Smyth, Prem and some oth- ers, hut he is pretty goocl, even at that. P Ill- helfl flown the seeoncl station on last years team, .mtl ll the team, as ll whole, hurl work erellt. ix xxoulfl ll'lYL' lit-en rlit ls Iznnes clnlfethe sto" ' 2432 1 slnsniix 5, lli'1,I,, l'lti Sigma l'lii. Clizirlutte llall, Captain, l'1lll. "lilyIn-lfi'1'iIov.f110f lvrvullli' frfwm ilu' vu1'flz." 'llliere is nut nnieli that can lie sziifl nt' .lnsli that is new, for liis llziletliurpeizin lliqlniess has lmeen "writ up" so niueli. Regular, is tlie worcl one must use in speaking of hlusli. lieg- ular in size, regular in spirit :incl regulzti' in every way tliztt 21 regular fellmv wnnlil lle ex- peetecl to lie regular, ztncl bluslt never ilisupe points. Ut euurse we zulniit living in llziles tliorpe is sort of emitixulietnry' tn tlie afore- inentionecl regulztrity, lmt tliere may lie ntlier reasons for living in sueli Z1 plztee, ns, fm' in- stance, IllZlf'llC'S one wife, il une lizts une, xx':1nts tn live tliere. 9 furtlier ztssuranee enntztineil in tlie promise ln SCC Z' 4---rn IMNII-il, tl. lllf-Xl,Y. llwing lu tlie peculiar relative piisitiuiis ut tlie sun znnl eartli, ztnml suppleinenteil liy tln tlie pmvers tliat were tlizit tliere wnnlil ln ziteil the plea of emifessiim :intl zivniilziint lie cleeiclecl tu talae 21 eliztnee zinil li:1s lin n taking tlieni ever sinee. A 'W' 'ESS' Cii.xm,Iis A. KELSO. "My 'zu01'11'.v are 11711115 01l.' tjlllC'lZf'7Z 11116111 tuitlz z'l1i1zC." Charlie is one of the class orators. The greatest speech of his career was the Abra- ham Lincoln address that he pulled at the old lialtimore Law. Charles is politically inclined and with his very capable voice and head and that open hearterlness that is distinctively his own, we shall not be surprised to some day iind him wearing the 'llogzr SAMUEL H. HoF1?BERoER. Member Baltimore Bar. Commencement Committee. Sam's mission in life has been to keep the public cool in summer and warm in winter, but now he intends to keep them both all year round-that is, he intends to keep them broke. After selling coal and ice, Sam should not ex- perience any embarrassment in tixing a fee. 261 CoNR,xn H. K1t.x'1'z. Maryland Institute, 1907. A peculiar mixture of Law, Theology and Topography, Kratz is acquainted with the laws of the earth, its physical formation and with the laws of the skies. l offer the sugges- tion of preacher-lawyer. Look at the possi- bilities you'll have. llxvni C. 1.1-iviiivsl ix Entertainment Committee Klzzhvffzizzg Ollie' David Carter Levenson. 'llhat is how it is spelled, hut everybody pronounees it Ulgnzitzf' Q "lgnatz" is just a little liit dillferent, his career has lmeen very eventful 3 can you get him under the canvas of the lllti TENT riding a win- -":'. ner in the liarnum llandicap, or uslinging hash" on an ocean liner, or giving the lioys at the Naval Aeadeniv something had for their tonsils? XYell he has assumed all these roles and many more and still lives. "lgnatz" sutfered through the thrills of the last ljar examination and then as he was hand- ing in his paper he pulls what looks like a peaceful seven under the examiners talile. XYe thought this would evoke a little sympa- thy from the aforesaid examiners-hut it didnt 265 Xll A A 4 LIMIIN lt. Kl,x4,lf,l:s, ltwij. Memlicr llziltiniore liar. l.l..l1 L'nix'ersitx' of Xlarvlzinrl, 1411-l. fi lohnnic got an ziwful lend on us and th CTG XYILLI.-X M C. LiiRssiiN. Started on life's journey in llaltimore, Md., on October 2, 1870, and received his prepara- tory education in the Public Schools. Poly- technic Institute and the Eaton Burnett liusiness College therein. Member of the Class Perpetuation Committee. Was adniit- ted to the Maryland liar on February 26, 1915, and deigns to practise thereat. lf silence were really golden, he would he a Cresus. We cannot conceive of his ever Taking' an appeal. ls an ardent exponent of the maxim, Yia trita via tuta. e passed the liar and graduated a whole xc ir zihoid of us. .Iohn E. deserves the titlc ot the miracle man of the class." liecziusc en one man can tzilae two yezirs in one :ind thc lm' 'inrl Qets mzirried :ill in the szimc rewcll. llc ls ol the Iirm of llull X Nlzigcrs 'ind if tht him could hc licllci' etpnppcil with ul vigor or more oi it thzin hc ha S lit rlcliglilcfl to niccl such ri phcnonienon vim we sh'ill 1266 even jit that l1e is glacl 11115 11111114 is 11111s .eX11'1'111'11 13. NI1'k1i1:s11x,1fs1g., 1'111 S1S"111L1 1'11i. 35 '1'1'eas111'er, 111153 Yiee-1Qege111g Class t11riz111g 1'1'esi11e111 56011111 SCl116S1L'I'. 1'1-31 111s 17 3, K1e11111er 1Zz1l1111111re 112111 H ,- . 1 . . 11 U11 111'111' 111111, 111,11 f1111111z1' 111111, -z1'1"11 1111' -z1'1I11 111111.11 Nick's greatesl worry is 111 l1z11'e z111e11111111. 11e f1'eq11e111ly is 111 2111 z11'g111111-111 211111 111 e11111'se 1111s s1g1111etl1111g 11e 1X'Z1111S 111 say 111 111L'SL' limes. If you s111111l1l 112111111-11 111 1111 111 Z1 1'r11 211111 see a 11211111 1111 111 t11e Illl' 111111 111'Zll' Z1 111' 111 s11111111ez11111g 11111es crying "111-111' 1111- 111111. 111at's Nick! Y. . . . 1 X1ck 18 11111' 1111211101211 1112111 211111 lll 11e1 1111 z11111 111211 class z1e1'1111111s are 11111111111-11 f111'e1'e1- '1ll1e class owes Nick Z1 110111 111 g-111111111111 f111 1118 111156111511 211141 11111lI'1l1g' e1111r1s 1111 111-111111 111 tl1e class 211111 its 111'g:1111z:1111111. fv- 111-11 1 1 1 L11.1111.1is 11, 5NIY'IllI, 1254.-Y., 1'l11 Sigma 1'111. X1e11111e1' 11z1111111111'e 111113 1':XL'C1111X'1' 011114 111111001 Class 1'1'esi1l1-111. 1'11.131-1, L'11:111'111z111 E111L'1'1I11l1111i'l11 kl11111111ll1L'C. "So 111111111511 f111fl .111 111fl11,v 1ll.X' ffl" j1'1'1x 111111 1 -:1'1111111 1'111111'1' 111111' 11111111 11111 111'1'111111'1111, . . . , , ,Xml s11 11 1s 111111 11111111-s IZ. 511 111111les1 is 110. C. 13. 1':1111e 111111 111C elzlss very 1l111e111'. D , ' L, 11. l1.1s s11 s1z11'e11, 11111 211 1111' N2111lC 11111Lx 111- 11215 f1L'C4Jl111P1lS11Cl1 z1s111111'11 111111 11111110 1111111 s11111e of 1111I' 1111151 21e1'1111111l1s11e1l l1I'L"Cll1CI'i. .X mel- :11111ysi1'1z111 111 1111: 1114151 111'11111111111'e11 111112 :1sks 111 e 1111151 ll1NL'1Jl1CC1'1111g "11'111s" 211141 zlsks 111e111 .11 very C1111Jl11'1'21S51l1Q l1111t'S. lle is se11l11111 seen XY111141111 :111 111111111-1111, :1111l 111 z111s11'e1' 111 1111- 11111-s111111 111 11111 1111 11IlN 11 1111 11s11z1111' :1ss1g11sez1 111-11' 111111s11 1111 1115 N11l1C5. C11I11'1CS l1111'1'11111e11 1111111 11111'1'11111e11 is 1111 111 1 1 111111 e eve 1 1 es flllll 111114 1111111111 11111 11e 11111-s 1 1111111 s11 well 111:11 11111 151111 1'111'g11'1- 111s s111'e11. 1-1 1 ft r x x . A Inoxms lf. UNI-,n,I., Eso. Member llaltimore liar. Entertainment Committee. ".S'o111v t'Ul'IitIfl1 tl,Vt't!S of t'0lI.Yt'ft'lZL'l? are yet reillzin me." JUSICPII A. Hixcnnkrv, Eso., Phi Sigma Phi. Member Baltimore Barg President Senior Class, 19l5g Editor TIZRRA Bl.-XRIAlfV,' Editor U1zii'e'1'sit,v Gt1:e'fz'e,' Class Prophetg Financial Secretary of l'hi Sigma Phi Fraternity. "The noblest Ronzau of fllellz all." Notwithstanding an unfavorable start in life, having lirst seen the light in Xkfilming- ton, Delaware, bl. :Xloysius possesses all those qualities which make for moral excellence, and gives every promise of becoming an ad- mirable citizen. ,loseph A. has always been identihed with everything worth while in con- nection with class activities, and has perhaps done more than any other member to win for it the respect it has been accorded. Apprecia- tive of his efforts, the boys chose him for their leader for the Senior year, and well and truly has he performed his duties. Joseph is a handsoine cuss, as witness the above. and has an appreciative sense of all wit and humor with the exception of that which has for its scenario a soda fountain, he believing that such places are not adopted to the successful perpetration of comedy. Much as "'l'om" would have us believe this, md much as we would like to, we can't. lf he is sincere why does he continue to blight X W i 1 the lives of so many innocents? XYhy he even now evacts a higher toll in his infamous trade than he did heretofore. Never a bargain day s vou could feel like vou had saved a little something if the thing didn't pan out all right ever! Indeed he has raised the price, and if von want to take the slow lingering route I homas now eliarges vou t lne lJoll'tr 'md len tents. .Xnfl there ain't at thing' artistit in the Nl it ll'l4Ql' l.ieense your Sl,lll buys. 268 FRED E. l'.xt'scn. Fred is another valiant ll. C. C. graduate. His sole aspiration now is to tour the coun- try-not at his expense. This he will do as Special Agent for an insurance company. Pretty soft, eh? 'llherefore his former ac- complishinentefootball-is to lie alnanclonecl. XYh0 next will be placecl on the gridiron? Never mind, Fred, better run than lie liuriefl. blonx kl. lllQ.X'l"l', lfso. Kleinlier llaltiinore liar: Commercial, Stray er's antl llaltiinore llusiness College. "Ul1.' he 'zum gwzflv, :Mild and 'Z'1'I'- fIIUll.Y.H Uncle Sain. seeing that things in the steno graphic line were not going just right in the Navy llepalrtinent, got the secret service men out to look for a goozl Stellogtzlpllet' anal they founcl Ulohn. 'llhat's none of my lmusinessg it Uncle Sain is satislietl, l ani. I am toltl lmy Z1 Certain llutlrerlet person that 'lohn also owns a half interest in a canoe. You clon't think that interesting, lint you tlon't know -Iohn. 269 x trierl. ln the fall of l'll2 he enlistcrl in witriotisni eonsisterl ol his insistence on s Alixiziziwi' lx. liiiivitoiciw. xl2llrlrCll..B cztreei' has lieen very nilcl at K lass of 1'l15,goo:l unil honest :is 21 new-horn hilie, zincl he still is, hut l think some of his nlezils liztve het-n shzittereil. ln V913 he joined in exiierhtion against the l.ancl lieeorcls l.ziltiinoi'e :intl vicinity, hut was releziserl fri s connnission heeziuse of his patriotism. This ing the Navy :intl .Xrniy clo 11 little rough sttill' in l'lnlztrlelplnzi. nil of min XY.x1,'1'ii1a ll. lllil-QM, Eso, Klenihei' liziltiinore liar. Yiee l'l'CSlllClll Class, 1915. "l'll .Yl'l'l'Z'L' 'Iuiilz f1'UlllJft'ff ifzoizfflllx ftlfft' 41 HUP." We are not here going to make reference to XX'z1lter's clrowsiness :lining lectures noi' in fact are we going to say anything about it at any time. If he sleeps :tt class we sort o' know why he cloes it, and we don't blame him-very much. Even if he iloes sleep some- times ancl the 'lucilge has to lower his voice, Walter gets the stuff. -3 O' T0 CIl.XRI.I'.b l,oi.,xicni's lQl'.IDl"ll'fl.lJ. . A 1 . . Yenturecl forth front the Queen City on the lludson, to-wit: l'oughlteepsie, N. Y., on Slay 7, 1883, anal ziequirerl 21 cloinicile in llziltnnore. Md., on ,lllly 26, 14912, which has sinee lieen 21 gala clay therein. Kleinlier of Senior En- tertainment Committee. l'ossesses the un- governzilmle affliction of clireeting the atten- tion of the thoughtless to that portion of his being said to Contain his brain or chief gang'- lia of his nervous system, for the ostensilile purpose of impressing one with its inagnilie cenee, but in reality with a view to zissure him- self of its presence-for line the heznl on ani' other Cane, there is clzinger of clisplzieenient. i li l.. XY. lilvivlxi Kleinlier of the llziltinmre liur. lioolt, the hznnlsoine fellow show n ztliove, hats i lnstoix, gnls, that will sutistx' rour inost rn- nantie hearts. lle has seen the glory ul' the rolling prairie, sinelt the zillealie zinil eaten iutl'alo. lie is liig :nil lnrozul shoulmlerecl ztnfl just as ealin zincl tznne :intl lovalile as vou eoulxl want: lint, l'in soriy, l think he has fle- eiclecl on who the lucky feinzile shall lie. 271 IAQ ml: SCH ImIiDIf,R, ESQ, Rlemher Ilaltimore liar: Class President, l'7l.2-ilfg Verpetuation Committee. "lifes me u Ivaxc una' I will lIIO'Z'C flu' mrtlzf' "Uncle lake" was our first li'resiclent and he proved it. lle has that grit and determina- tion in him that is hound to result in hig things. ln the early days Mr. Coe and Cncle 'lake clill'crecl on the relative values of certain cloinestic relation authorities, hut exams proved there was no real flillerencc. .lUSlfI'II AIITCHELL Scieiioiissixoniz. llaltimore City College 1912. Joe was born in the "Windy City" but as soon as he found out there were other places to live he reformed. He is remembered at City College, from which he graduated in 1912. During his incarceration at aforesaid knowledge joint he was President of the Car- rollton-XYight Association, and he blames this association for his thirst for legal knowledge. 272 HARRY E. S1Lv1iRwooD. City College 1911. In other places doth appear that Z1 certain man is a paracloxg pardon, the title belongs here. Harry is our honor man, honor man in everything. No better student ever was, no man of closer scrutiny graces the rolls of our class. We all bask in the reflection of his glory, but few of us in the sunshine of his smile. EIHIIN LAWRICNCIC Sl'I,I,lX'.XN Yice-l'reside11t, 1012-'l3. The Dvllzoxflzellrs of ffzc Clluxs. .lolm Lawrence comprises iu his not over large human casing all the secrecy of the sphiux, the mystery of the smile of Mona Lisa, and the unsolvahle mathematics of the fourth dimension, an orator of conceded abil- ity, a man of close application, Zl good student and a time fellow. 273 HENRY L. XYORTCIIIC, Phi Sigma Phi. Treasurer Executive Committee. "Nobody loves a fa! man." C ?l Somebody in "The City of lirotherly Love' sisterly loves this brother. Mr. 1Yortche, and his partner in crime, the "Sylabuster," have given the class some very valuable informa- tion in hill climbing. This is also one of Uncle Sam's charges. He collects from Uncle Sam and the following Sunday gives it to the Pennsy. XYe expect to lose him any time, and we all rejoice that we got him safely through domestic relations: you know the suggestion is bad for one so inclined. 1-X Z' 1 ang bloim N. Yost. Took up the battle of life in lialtimore, Md., on May 19, 1803, and was graduated from the Baltimore City College in 1011. 1Yas admit- ted to the Maryland bar and non obstante vigilantiluus ct non dormiente bus jura sub- veniunt hopes to he a successful practitioner. 274 jo11N J. OiDC,JNlJIIL'lf, Phi Sigma Phi. Sergeant-at-Arms Class, 1915. "l'll be at fl1a1'ge.f for 41 I00fi'l1Iff glass and cnterfaizz 0 soon' or fzvo of tailor.: to study fashions to adorn my body." "'Iiggs" or "Dimiy!" Good night! llow or what can or cannot be written of this one? "jiggs" comes from a certain gentleman that used to play baseball, and since "Dimiy" un- dertook somethiiig like that last year, "l1ush" Lightner wished the appellatioii upon him. and in so doing demolished said wislilmoiie. ".liggs" is considered the "Tunis Dean" of the University, and it is said apropos of "lJimiy" "when you fear the worst the worst is yet to Colne." 1'- home 275 W1 1,LI,x M hl. ST: if i4s1i.xi.l-3. ls, above is the reason why girls le 'W 'MCMXV N gl l, Nd! off Y it A lm Qi an 13, ' f g ift v, R yfsi Q AW E 17 . X942 0 W 'WJ r :ef Srninr ilzuu ight Qizinrg ja 'WJ attempt to write a correct, detailed and explicit history of the Class of tgffaa ,s lU15, would be folly. Its career has been too eventful, too varied, to ad- mit of any such description. lt has fallen to the lot, however, of one, unfit as he may be, to do the best with the facts and circumstances surrounding . fl the career of this class, as possible. Your patience and indulgence is there- ii' s fore asked, and if your endurance lasts through this entire epistle, and should there be things brought forth which you do not unflerstand, let them go. lJon't try to understand them, for there will be, and must necessarily be, many things which only some few will understand here and there, and which, frankly speaking. will not bear investigation. XYe will eliminate details surrounding the matriculation of the various members of our class and open the doors on the first gathering. ln glancing around the rows of benches, as we stand and face the boys, there could not have been missed that look of determination upon the faces of each-not that of school children being led into higher realirs of knowledge, but of men seeking, through their only channel, the knowledge that imparts, aspiring to enter the ranks of the most noble profession known to man. 'lihe word "noble" is used after careful consideration, for what other term could more littingly typify the administration of justice. And at that first meeting, of which we are speaking, there were three elements which a careful analysis discloses, that asserted themselves, even at this early stageethree elements which have since proven themselves. Xte will refer to these three elements as, democratic, co-operative and progressive. Dem- ocratic, because there was that feeling' of good fellowship amongst the men-that feeling uf gool fellowship which seemed to permeate the entire class. Everyone was "llail fel- low, well inet." Co-operative because, as after events will prove, not an undertaking ever suffered by dissention or want of co-operation. Vrogressivesbut why say anything in this connection? We will let yon be the judge of its progressiveness. Not long after the term had started, we were informed that a class organization was necessaryg that the lfaculty required it. 'faking the hint, there was called together one evening a peaceful crowd of men who formed the class for the purpose of electing olli- cers and leaders for the first term. XYe gathered in the second year lecture room, en- tirely nnniindful of the fact that this lecture room was intended for other purposes: this niade no difference lo ns, however, for ignorance was bliss. Hur friend, Chesley. ascended the platform and called the meeting to order, 276 ,Av 3 A ., ,.--sv--':-' 11 oe- m Slam!!! 1 SII5 mzilfigi I f P" 'Mlm it - ll i I T tant-. ml 1, in f ei ii y. Hale., ll li' .- lf 'tt it ' T. T i t A V liiiiil ult giidillmiii L " i yE l't ,tyaigf lf '51-' ,' i-5 -il. 4 F '-- -,'.. - .Y.. ', , 1 '. W X ' L 4,5 ,A i-. Q - g -:K vi- SXXQQEEZ gr 1314 ii, A -',f,f,i 1 s 1 V ' '- ,-T, H - ie 1: Jjgl ,ggiiaf 5 'CHP ' Tsiwf- --- lc, - Y-, a z ' is-Z? ff? V -Zi g A-c li:'?L::L Y fri A " ' ,,,, moves! ff'-f As we were just beginning to realize that we were having a meeting a louzl knock at the door proved to us that our peace was broken. Inquiry as to the cause of this dis- turbance disclosed that the second year men were not particularly interested in our meet- ing, and they at least preferred to listen to their lecturer who was scheduled for that room at that hour. They were politely informed, however, that this room was being used as an auditorium in which to conduct the first meeting of the tirst year class. This made little difference to the second year class, however, and did not create the iinpression which such a bold statement was intended to convey. ani since polite entreaty availed them not, our quarrelsome second year friends proceeded to use force. Equal to the occasion, and ready for anything, and for the hrst time emphasizing the qualities that have always typilied the class we gallantly defended the fortress. -X lively skirmish ensuezl. After the matter was explained, however, and we found that we were in the wrong, the meeting was continued in a room available for the purpose. The election then proceeded, and .lake Schroeder ascended the throne as Class l'resi- dent. Numerous class activities prevailed subsequent to this election. The dilticulties which usually attends the selection of a class pin were speedily overcome, and a neat design se- lected. This having been accomplished, our semi-annual examinations loomezl up before us-the hrst we had had, and in the face of this impending disaster, the class activity was suspended. Let us not consider the trials and tribulations of examinations. They are not part of the class history, but should be resigned to the death colunn of the Family llible. So therefore we will pass over to the class's semi-annual election in February. .lake did not accept the renomination, and for the first time Nickerson, universally known as "Nick," entered the lime-light, and accepted the responsibilities from off of .lakes shoulderseonly partially, however. for when the new man wantefl to know anything, ,lake was still there. Here we wish to call attention to one more of our fold, who is deserving of mention at this point-MISTER Haggerty, our Secretary. Possibly undue attention is callezl to this name at this time, but you might as well get acquainted with him at this point, for you will hear much more of him later. And our Sergeant-at-Arms, Schnatterbach, who is neither four feet broad nor six feet tall, but always on the job. A theatre party was formulated at this point-but we will skip over this for want of space. NYe-then lind ourselves at the year- eud banquet of the first year class. Haggerty, the toastmaster, lead the affair to a complete success. We had with us that night the entire class, the Hon. -ludge Niles, and many of our respected instructors. 277 r-.N 4-IQ 3 -fa-s n el lim r MII' Ig ig "'ml'l11 llgl mlggf Will . - "I ls i W ll ' fi . . 4,4 I l veil ' jg-X v . 2 r I t H-ra ..- .fr N. A , ,tl ,, . - as ' rt, t. ' Q:i"?'l,J-'lmli fra- 'L U-.... fmt. t 'lll t 'lf "lj r lil '!sittf.l rl f 71. MW' -ef fe. -' ' o r or 1-.4155 -ci 'ff - 17, YYYLIJ 'jff 5i,EQ9ly4NNaM U14 Charlie Smyth assumed the leadership, and the class as a whole, backing him up with its usual co-operation, continued on its progressive and democratic way. Please note that Charlie spells his name with a and it is pronounced as not It was not long before the necessity of a new class pin was recognized. and working co-operatively with the afternoon division, there was accoinplished a new design in short order. Still work- ing together, the two divisions tnight and afternoonl consolidated a banquet at the Ker- nan. tlratory prevailed, so that with many members of the class present, as Well as many of the professors. there was pulled off in great style a very memorable evening. Following the banquet, the class enjoyed the show at the "Maryland," We find amongst our members at this banquet a face heretofore not known. The Hon. Xtalter C. lleaven has joined us in the second lap and is conspicuous at this occasion. There was then sprung upon us by none other than our progressive "joe" Haggerty the idea that the L'niversity was going to have a ball team this year. This announcement created quite a furore. Everybody was hot on the trail, subscriptions for its mainte- nance came thick and fast, and the team was put on a warring footing. llut we will speak of this more in detail hereinafter. Its organization at this point is all that is necessary to mention, for we must now turn to the mid-year banquet, which was, as was the one at the beginning of the term-a complete success. lt resembled the former one in many details, particularly the line of the program. t Jur llresident, C. li. Smyth, was toastmaster, and made his debut in public speaking. We have no comments to make as to its quality. C. ll. was President of the Class-some class! Some President! XYhat always would follow but Serine Speech? Now let us get into this ball team. There were numerous games. which, of course, from our point of view, were successful tthe score to the contraryl. 'llhere is only one. however, which needs descriptionsethe one to XYestininster, in which the Ntestern Mary- land College crossed bats with us. Xthile we were not successful with the game, we were entirely successful froin other points of view, and in all mozlesty. Xtestminster will never forget our school. .X motor bus was procured for this occasion to take the team and the rooters to Xtestminster. l.ittlc did the driver of that truck know the perilous position in which he xx as placed. In this connection, the story would not be complete unless we men- tioned a good friend of the classe Syllabuster llepbron. lly way of explanation of the Iirst name of this individual, let us say that Nlr. llepbron is the party who sells the syl- labi of the various lectures. .Xfter the game, the team and followers painted the town. Suitable straw hats. women's wrappers and other articles of disguise were purchased at the ltl-cent store. l'ink stockings were the rage, and Syllabuster led the parade. 278 l- Er ll Slum II , mg g, , . In l Mg 'W m I EEE ?" -fi mmlm., ll if it , ll i. Mi me! I g S . i' A , , ', ,t it ,, , i ifsg , .i - ,-fillllm ,S " al l ' l :I ll L11 i 'lt' th M t i - fy ' , .fir -.1 F '--Q ,--. .i - - ,wtf .. c " liiifiifiimiim' ,ill iii--L, Ah' '-.". Jj"..,?:f3a 4. . I iw 741--. 1:i 392251 sf l e , - Tfil t ig!!!-5 "e '3,1 ,-figx fi,-Effci-yy I L1 ea iifj ff if. . f . c Jzcilfff .gwi:- dl gf ' H Ei7j?- N arf- fd " I Nfvo H ,A of course, slack tD'Donohue lost his grip, but that is of minor consequence. Xkhether or not those of the party who were marriel men satisfactorily explained their return at -l A. M. to their wives, has never been ascertained, for the members respected the silence and made no inquiries. llowever, we have noticed that none of the married men have sub- sequently suggested a similar trip. The year-end banquet was held at the llotel Rennert. Again a big success, and as a re- minder to those who were present let me call attention to that speech made by Mr. llag- gerty. We have not the space to quote or even allude in any particular to this address, but let us at this point congratulate Mr. Haggerty again. Surely our class has many orators. This ended the second year of our existence as a united body. Hur boys continued to pull together in every undertaking, and more than ever before are democracy, co-operation and progressiveness in evidence. We will now pass to the third and last year of our existenceg Due to the many interferences which have impeded the social activities of the class during the last year, there is little that can he said. The State lloard Examinations tak- ing place in November discouraged for the lirst term of the year any pleasurevseeking en- terprises. ln spite of this, however, our class election took place the tirst week of the scholastic year, and .loseph A. Haggerty, of whom we have heard heretofore, was elected to the l7resident's chair. A social program was formed, which, we regret to state, could not be entirely carried out for, reasons which are known only to those who are attempting to pass both the State lloard Examinations and the School Examinations. Immediately, however, upon getting on our feet, a program was laid for a theatre party and dance, which took place at the Academy of Music. lt was surely some show and some dance. A big crowd gathered and the old spirit that has prevailed throughout the entire existence of the class was prominent. One by one, during the course of the three years, many of the members of the class have, by force of circumstances, varied and irrevelant as they may seem, abandoned their original plans and left our ranks. Our gallant hrst-year Sergeant-at-Arms, Schnatter- bach, the boy with the big voice, is mentioned in this column. George XYinters, though not known by everyone in the class, but esteemed by those who did know him, has also 279 - 1-s-gi ll Slmmml pl! Bt mfiml m ll mllff' in n!!! nl i is I i 1 - ' fi i-ll " fi i i im' 3 5 :gi-ggi I mimi: if 4. 1 i ft l rjigllt .- - l' " fxitl'e.s!i,v ii 3, - pp 1.4,-fig Jigs e ggs MW' f ' 2 . , ' i ' ' 'ar -M ri? sflfi J .Q rf- -ef fi f - - i i s.z1sA..LW-f,,.f left our ranks. Flynn and King, we regret, are not to be with us in the final rush. just be- fore this booli goes to press another one of our boys, liobby French, is leaving us. Bobby is unfortunate f?l enough to be sent to the San Francisco Exposition by the Company by whogn he is employed. Of course the rest of us prefer to stay at home. An elaborate program has been laid for smokers, theatre parties, banquets and a magnificent commencement to be consummated during the term, and we regret that at the time this book goes to press we cannot give our readers the benefit of the fun that will naturally prevail. Let us lcave the class preparing for their final examinations. XYe would rather re- member them thusg we would rather remember them carrying out their original purposeg we would rather remember them as when we first saw them bending over their books. The dissolution of the class is not a joyous occasion for those who have entered heart and soul into its every activity, for those who have made its social standing its reputa- tion, and for those who adopted and lived the sloganhulflli, llanner Class." It has been, and it is. XYe say this with pride. Not in our minds alone do we feel this to be true, for this would be cgotistic, but on every side we have heard it, and we cannot help but men- tion it. Now, kind reader, we will leave you with whatever impressions you may have received during this little history, realizing that time and space is so limited that justice to the class and its activities is impossible. We have endeavored to give just a brief outline of a few incidents that have occurred. XYe trust our efforts have at least made a few of your moments enjoyable. ll 7 CN if if rms .QL 7 ' 3.13 if ssisl zl i 280 S .lx X N. x - P W 7- fxfuv -'Qld , X. N-I ,L f 1-VJ 55" ff O I HQ fl rf Y.A?,wd.. ,"S"iif,'Q.1,j Q wff I!--1f'X ' Lffny ,f- L ly V ,V M, If ,Zgyx ' f v "V X fr l!fQ'x xx ifr-A ' 'W' . X W X ' X f ff: ' ,, X r 'N 2 X" X N 17,75 ,. ' . V: ' "' ww' H, xx'i1 v 0 X " I X fl-4: K ,m 1, f' 4 1 Mg, ff WJ Qfyfffifyf L'5T7f:?'-Y f, xx Ly N. V" F 1 ffl' 'fiyyfff 1 f"7? W X X .iixlf- ,gf-P-L Wfffif' W f' 4 " Q lifqfxf- 'q'iI'9Zfi?ff5ei2.1?'Q5gygT 'gifs A391 ' Qqjlfw W L15 Qf f2"ifv'9 '24, , Afgf'Lf of jf 1311? ff G? TQ Y N I... 1, af? TSJDQXQ 5 .L X R JET? ,QA Am! ' ffglw, 414861 .ix N X NX W ", ff ' A X Ck AMW dr 1- XE F: XXX - X Q- nYi-,:lf: " K SPCR' X -xgnx JK -'-Spit! '. - X , X -,xxsflx X z A , ' x:'2fJc- Xxxxkx x , . x Y K , . X V CTA Giga X2 X X X ? . . ' ' ' ,,,, Q, -.iiiffyxm N ' M Y f? -9215.235 ,fp ,QQ ,X,d' ox'5 EjL'Ax 'osx ' xx ' g4n'Kx , -- I X5 ' Wi- N fy' 3,?V'?fXxffQ027- A fixfx K x X iv! SENIOR PHARMACY CLASS OFFICERS A -Q nh -ag li elim II Q M155 -w ml m , 1 l mmuvt 'Ql i it s- gl ,i F , I -M :toe .lg i 7 in -5 s,, V , 6 ' 0i2l FlJAl'mIl it-A gif, - lE li N ' i an W: -5 vw' i s ,, f4,,,- ef, Ga Je , at W f f -A-7-"Tig c -:- if 'r W. -' ,fir h In Br. 7 . Ilirunk lirllg 1 HE Class of 11115 beg to dedicate this work to you as one who 59 . . has made all friends and no enemies. I know that the homage 1 .l ll ' I pay you is a kind of yioleiice to you as one who shuns ap- ilaufe. Jyl I N , K Q21 1 1,1 -' , I . X 1:55 lo enumerate the advantages which this class has received from its associations with you would take too long. l would, therefore, choose to speak of the pleasure you afford all who are admitted to your conversation and of your sober judgment anil keen insight. Dr. E. F. Kelly is ia descendant of the Scotch-llrish colony which migrated to America from the lsle of Skye about the close of the eighteenth century and settled in the Cape Fear section of North Carolinag he was the only child of john Evander and Penelope Kelly and was born on .luly 2nd, 18711, near Carthage, N. C. His primary and college preparatory education was obtained in the private school conducted by his father, from which he graduated in 1006, The following year was spent in special courses in the Agricultural and Mechanical College, at Raleigh, N. C. Later he became interested in a drug store in Green Cove Springs, Florida, where he remained until 1'l00. Deciding to follow the profession of pharmacy, he entered the Maryland College of Pharmacy, graduating from there in 1902 as Yaledictorian of his class. Previous to graduation, Dr. Kelly was employed by Messrs. Sharp ci Dohme and remained with them until 1011, during which time he was engaged in manufacturing pharmacy in which he has specialized and for two years was superintendent of their manufacturing department. ln 1903 he again became associated with his Alma Mater as Demonstrator in Pharmacy, and in 1906 was elected Associate Professor of Pharmacy. Since 1911 he has also conducted the Pliarmaceutical Labratoiy as well as the Chemical Laboratories of the Medical and Dental Departments. Dr. Kelly is a member of the Ainericau Pharmaceutical Association and its Baltimore lriranch, of the Maryland Pharmaceutical Association, the XYedgwood Club, the North Carolina Society of llaltimore, and an honorary member of the Phi Chi and Kappa Psi F'raternities. In 1906 he married Miss Marian Low, of Green Cove Springs, Florida, and they have three children. 289 A -f .- 4. v fs -1 ev A l vl' i e' -EQ '- ll s as ,y timmy' 7 if i zip? 5 F V ' ' ,xl 5'-vii a-' X" X X ll':i lit i',71 'N , f - fi 2 t A 1 . pl gli fl nn. X Q- it 3 . gjyglgull sinumm fs .L ttyl, , gtg . y ff W j,,j'lf . - ,itnf1'zamll5tIlli'o5 U-all 1.5.x it fnllli ' ty ,, ,J 'tl ' e ' - . ' E L. 5,4315 'L1 'r-if?4lllllll'mf4!lllllllt'l'r' 'N E ll a-llllll -.ig l A - ,u -is , '.,f'f'f --1-W Bill- 1- .rf 'i ' EAQ' .' .lf ' :-'ff 1 if -' ,- 95,4-i f ?, 'Li e f.,,f X J .+a97E:fi t of - ' H- ' t N r J J 7,5 gi - if tg A K gi," Y ji--S, X H--3?::?l jgifaff'-"i'4LJ V " T-1,-Qlggg? - Eyre- 4? V V? -T7 N a , if 4114 NNUV flflf Q1 cgi,'i4:r,f421,f4:v,'4SVG:1,f+Zr,"i:r,fi:i,"4:fi,44:s,'4ZV443Vffzyf1:x,'4:r,'i:i,44:Q,41:,r,f1li,'41714Li,N 1f,'4-:Ai,f4Ln,,'tl1 4:y,'aii,44iy,4iiy,44::v,'4:i,' w ', fb gg 40? K 491 'A ll you can keep your heafl when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on youg lf you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, liut make allowance for their doubting too: ll If you Can wait and not be tilted by waiting, . . , . . 43,1 Or being hed about, don t deal in hes, X . 4 . . iQ, Ur being hated, clont give away to hating, 3 my And yet clon t look too good. nor talk too wise. X lol X If you can dream-and not make dreams your master' 2' , , 9 :J . . Y If you can think and not make thoughts your ann, ,Q . ,, . - V7 lf you can meet with lriumph and Disaster 3 . I xl And treat those two nnposters just the sa1ne: .S Q! lf you ean bear to hear the truths you ye spoken ' ' Y 1 - A llwistecl by knayes to make a trap for fools, 5, ' . . 4 Or watch the things you gave your life to broken Q . , . A And stoop and build em up with worn-out toolsg 5+ A fi lf you can make one heap of all your winnings 2 And risk it on one tulrn of pitch-and-toss, Q . . . vf .Xml lose, anfl start again at your beginnings ,Q ,, .Xncl neyer breathe a worcl about your lossg ,Q . . 5' ll you can force your heart and nerye anrl sinew .S r x 'A lo serye your turn long after they are gone, lab . ,, .Xml to hold on when there is nothing in you .Q to , ,, ILxeept the XX ill which says to them: "llolcl on! K fo! If you can talk with erowfls anrl keem your yntue, X ' ' 137 Ur walk with kings-nor lose the common touch, If neither foes nor loving friencls can hurt you, lf all men eount with you, but none too much: X4 . 4 Y lf you can fill the unforgiving minute If XYith sixty SCCUIltlSi worth of clistanee run, lg Yours is the Earth anfl eyerythinff tliat's in it, X' . 5 1 v . . . v .knclewlneli is niore-H you will be ll Klan, my sonl 5 .I 5 . . . . . . S ' H! lxupling, let tlnne enrluranee be upon hnn who has qnoteml thine Qootl .-3 wx U ' is brain. tj, YQ yt its 5 Y Q x x -,fox-ixo-xiiwwwi-,'fi-,ffiwtficwnwgw'iw.'ffi.'4:-,ftiw:wiiwiwf:af+u..'fr.ff:-x-iw:wfzw-ar-.will 290 Q. n-Q-s A m it ' nm! l FJ . s H -, 'QI' H m m 'lmllnlg x I n Pl 'Q - . ft u I lvtliwm! r- Xl ' 'h f V I I i ly f -ll Q - , I fi ls. it I I t , fftt"'!"'J"II'lll1i fd- 4' H- ' I if I ll' I i 'ffl T" . :' .i v- 1 il r - - ---f -- T ff , , 41' ' y. 'l"'f . , lim. jg ,'Iitil'.'i'.1,-,.Lm,- it 4, 1-"tTl,,,f2. J.-. ?f Iii ' 'lf ggi J g' F: 4 ' f's Q ,,weZ :?7ij12ii7V 4' tg, A-P, f i igzrfs 51:7 ff I Q1 512 fgji-22 ,rv f Ji T gf f' ls,-K I 1 ' :' ' s I si f', ,q,HfGZ,4 mvaff fl Q0cfr0QiQQQQ-Omg'CQ+6Q0i,QvOQr9QvQQ+6Q0:QQ-LieQ4 QQ-igffQ-Qigtligfigtltgtli913944,4tft44l'igffig.l, Q 4 4,3 1:1 it igr Q 1 . Q Q it illllg Lgnarhmg Mamma +5 if ffl .5 ig, wi 4 lg? ' qgy 'S' Ott to 1ny room the perfume watts 'S' 2' From cooking bacon, ealihage, lieans, 'Q 'Z' On windy days I feel the drafts 4 ,, A XYhile round my form the sad hreeze keen. ' Q i"+ A , , The service in the house is poor: ff, 46, c Q1 ,-. 'Q' I run my errands as a rule, Q, The meal-times are by no means sure, .ft You think I kick, just like a mule! ft .gf No, I do not. Xou think it strange. tg, +3 You'll think it stranger when I say .3 E I do not contemplate a change if From this poor shelter where I stay. ii' .Xnd neither is it that I Save 'L' A single red hy doing so, 'Q' The daily outlays mighty grave '3' .Xnd much augments the sums I owe ti. it '3' The other lioarders do not treat if E' llith consideration-noI 'L' 'Q' They let me Iiuy the things I eat, Q' 'Q' .Xnfl often bone me for some dough. '2 '5' It eost me more than good hotels 'Q' 'ii Charge for good service when I hoozed. I? llut yet I stand for cooking smells 'Q' I? At my furnished-room hoarding house. 'Q' or 6, t Q 4,1 .vt 9 4 :fr 9 avr Qiurbigrbgvi 0 45,39 45,5 9 gr 9 CLD, 13642: Q Q 9 Qi 9 Q Qi Q 12,4 :Zi qtjgfi 9 rfvgtji 9 ifrgtiigtliyiiigti, 5 Q 9 4 Q Q Q fi 291 CHARLICS SL'MMIiRFIl'1LD :XL'S'1'IN', JR., Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore City College 1913. Yell Leader 1915. Neither the rack nor all the tires of the in- quisition could extract from us this fellow's identity. He is a political supporter of his friend Hartman, also a member of the Charles Street Quartette, Austin, Hartman, Asbill and Schultz. bl. Lriwis EXSIIILI, C".-1xl1"j, Newberry, South Carolina. 'I'he principal event of his college career with that he voted for Hartman in the last class election. lle is the chief member of the Charles Street Quartette. He would much rather flirt with the girls than attend lectures. l'. Selle expects to he Mayor Newberry when he returns as the place cannot Qupport a profcswionzil pharmacist. 292 AL1:12R'i SIDNEY liRADI,lfY, Mt. Hope, XYest Virginia. Cincinnati College of llliarniacy. Hr' j.0Ill'1lF-Vt'lf here' from Mi. Hope To IFCIVII 110-zu fo mir dope, And by ffm looks of lzix frollzc '-:nr He' would l'6'lllllZlI7 you of lrlzolwod Crane. This is the only description we can give you, kind reader, of his appearance, as he could not sit still or refrain from asking questions long enough to have his picture taken. llflkllzli Ciainil-lla lliaooias f"li11.vl1.x"'AJ, llaltiinorc, Maryland. Kleinher llasket llall 'lleain 1'1l4, Klcinlmcr liaselnall 'llcani l'1l-l, Secretary of Class l'Jl5. A natural born politician. lle has passed through two of the three stages of life: I, Loveg 2, XYeclding-bells: 3, llaliies. lle has been married eighteen nionths hut the ILX ISIES have not arrived. Practical economy. difl you say? 293 A1,1,AN 'll111'1zMAN HAR'1'111.xN l"Rf'ggie"l, Frostburg, Maryland. lieall High School 1909. Yiee-llresident of Class 191-l. :X second XYillian1 Jennings llryan. A Can- didate for the presidency at our election, though defeated twenty to o11e. He was noni- inated for every ofhee with the same fresult. llartnian is the fashion plate of our class, and had the nerve to wear Z1 suit of eheelcer lioard design clothes on leetures. Can lie seen down town trailing every pretty girl he meets. 'CARL XYALTICR GARRISUN, South Carolina. Ladies and gentlemen, we have here on ex- hiliition a most interesting speeiinen of l1u- nianity. .lust look at hinil He needs the rest eure, should drink medicinal Waters, and use Pears' soap to remove his shiny complexion. lie says l1e was raised on Mellin's Food, but Kinneinon says he uses Pluto vvater. 294 - H ,. ., ll.x1111Y .1Xs1:1'11x' IXlNN.XKlllN 1 lx111111'x' 1 llcal s lsl:1111l, Kl111'yl:1111l. llli lllgtlll-lflll, l'r1111l1c1 a111l .Xrtist lllli. .X most i111lus11'i1111s Slllildll? llc is Qs cially a1la111c1l 111 l1lu1'1i11g llase 111 thc chei 113' l1ll'IU'fZ1t0l'j'. XXI- are sure llzxsu 11110 ll CY 110- 11'esse'l mzmy 111'111s11ri111z1l1lc 1111i11i1111s 111 l1im lui' his cx11lz111a1i1111s 111' cl1Q111icz1l 11hil11s1111 liy llut 11116 l1lz1s1 111 wi111l music L'l3ulll5 more with some fellows than gill 1hc lugiu 11f .X1'is111 liim1e1111111 w111'l4e1l hz11'1l 1'111' the 'l'1-111111 Nl.x111 Xl 'm1l we Q111' :ill glzul 111 hzlvc hz11l him :ls 11'1is1. 1 I ,l 'hav 2. 1111x Elll4.,Xli l411,1.11'11 "1l,1l l31'11f1'1111'!1:r!c 1, Y111'l4, l'Q1111sylx'z111iz1. York lilllllilty .sXca1le111y. ,llTCZlN1ll'Cl' 111 Se11i111' Class l'9l4-'l5. 'llhc lz1s1 11f that i11evi1z1l1lcli11c11f l.illi1'hs s11 f:1m1111s ill thc l,llZ1l'lllZ1L'j' lJClP21I'l.l1lCllt. ll1 grew a mus1acl1e that he might have Z1 111'11s fcssi1111al ZlllllCZlI'2lllCC, zmcl that hc might l1l1lL' his ljlllklll lace. Extremely f11111l 11f g11111l lZlQl'1 hccr and the girls. llis 111111111 is: uxhlllfll is life wi1l111111 ll wife llc fll6T6lUI'C XYllw elect Q1l 111 he 11111' 'ltfCZ1SllI'CI' s11 he c1111l1l help 11:15 fm' 11 we1l1li11g 1'i11g. 295 I,t"riiii14 Ifiu-jiiifiizieii Mi're11iii,1,"tMifrlz"9, lialtimore, Maryland. X'iee-President of Class 19915. Gentle reader, kindly take one more look at his pieture. Did you ever see the equal of it before? Dont smile, gentle reader, he Can't help it. .AX good fellow in every sense of the word. If we were asked to pick the most popular nian in the class it would he Mitch. Ile hopes to make a fortune selling .Xl-3.3. articles al the Northwestern. IZICNJAAIIN MI2LLoR i'fC0llSlJl Beizuj, Ellicott City, Maryland. Associate Editor TIZRRA BIARI.-Xlf 1915. If cwr tlzcre should be a flood, For refuge hither fi'-V, 1 For tliaziglz the world slzoiild be .mb- zzierged, This book yoifll still fzzd dry. lien is the diplomat of our class. He knows how to pour oil over troubled waters, and all of us thank him for his work on this edition of the TICRRA MARIAH. 296 JOHN ,THOMAS M12111'r11 "fBIll1ll.X"S brgflipf-"l, llaltiniore, Maryland. The second number of our faxnous Bunny twins, forming our lleef Trust combination, Pivec, Meeth 8: Co. This fellow is a pure Irish comedian. All he needs is a little cosmetic and a burlesque contract. He is a good tonic for our grouchy ineinbers and those who are sub- ject to the blues. His greatest habit is to hide Mitchell's apparatus in the pharmacy labora- tory. vloim Lfxlzi, lJl'l'IiR, llaltiinore, Xlaryland. Editor 'l'ii1nc.x Xl.-XRI.XIf. Upper is a true son of Der Yaterland. lf it were not for hiin Gerznany would have no champion in our class. Upper in the class and his "Dutch" friend, Dr. llase, in the pulpit for the German colony of the 1015 class. They are always pitteil against the Allies, headed by Howard. llut after all, Upper worked hard for the success of the 'lllimm Klixizmii. 297 .Imxiii ,ANKIICL P xizisxnii, Santiago, Cuha. .luan llta Sagarra College. 'llreiisurer "Club Latino-Americanof' The chief desire of his college experience is to liecome proficient in Hynsoirs commercial pharmacy. lle has accomplished the art of eating laccording to ll. l'. ll.l also to "ex- amine himself." lle is the most quiet fellow in our clzissg he was never known to actually say aiiytliing' except lioost the virtues of Cuhrl. l':1rlode'szimliilion is to he the Czissic of Cnlizi, tlicrcforc his Illillllilfl ,IUHN jixmiis Pivitc iifgltlllljlujj Baltimore, Maryland. A hippopotamus in embryo. Everyday he receives letters from managers of side shows in all parts of the world who are anxious to have him as their chief attraction. He was raised on Pilsner and sauerkraut, therefore his specific gravity is 250 pounds. lle is a good sport, has a heart as big as a watermelon and as true as zi llilile text. 298 XYIIAIICR ll. St'lll'l,'l'Z "tl'rrijx"'l, llaltimore, Klarylancl. llaltimore City College 14112. Kle-mlier Social Committee hlnnior Class. President of Senior Class. llc is the model man of the class, rloes not drink, smoke, chew or use profane language. 'llhe only fault he has is in he-ing at ine1nlier of the Charles Street Quartette. "Tulsa him to fliy f'l'Ofc'i'fllI-if urizis ll'i1'l1 ul! his .VIIIINI and ol! llix L'lIlIl'llIN.ii XYC will not say anything of his nationality. Une look at his manner will tell the story. C llxiuu' R.xx'xioNn Sliowtxeitii Htfilfllllfcsll, lialtimore, Klarylancl. .lust looli at her! Hhl yon lilonilel lllonclt takes Cassios aclviee ahout sowing his wihl oats when young. llis liioncle hair is the at- traction of all the show girls anzl, lieing a "tirst nighteru at one of our linrlesque houses he is the lirst to whistle the airs fiom the shows. He and Storm form that coinliination eallecl "The Rough-llonse Twins." 299 lfitxkiq ll. SciiwA1t'1'z, llalti-more, Maryland.. The lzzdiuzz una' lzix Pifw of I'cf1i'e Ilan' .vlo'zt'I.v fuxsvcz' lI'ZL'UVV,' Hllf ,blt'lITt'lIl'fS una' his jiieve of fvijvc' .Alrv lien' iuifli us fo stay. 'ell, you know, in fact the whole class tuows, that we have rt Cai' that is an automo- ii L No one knows what kind of a cal' it is, u according to Schwartz "it's some boat," to hc II him tell it. NoRMAN FRIQDERICII S'roRM C"SiimbiiI"j, Baltimore, Maryland, The best looking man in the class, though, kind reader, you never know it by looking at his picture. Anyhow the photographer did his best. He well deserves his nickname, for what it takes to throw it, he has it. By titra- tion we tind him to be 75 per cent. pure and the other 25 per cent., well we would not like to say just what it is. 300 L1 TA Token, Haung Shan District. China. Columbia University, New York. XYC cannot say much of our Oriental friend, as we have only been associated with him a short time. He is thoroughly Aiiiericaiiizecl. combs his hair "'Ileclrly hear," runs after the women. Taking everything into consiclera- tion, he is a "hale fellow well inet." Ci..xm-ixci-1 ll.x1'1-v xxillltllflii Vllaff-i"'l, llaltiinore, Blarylaiiil. Deichniann's l'repa1'atorv College 1912. Xliggers is chief of the famous trio, XYu ways be seen sleeping during l1ase's lecture motto were not that "ideas make nie so sleepvf .lust look at his hairg he represents twentieth Century hair tonic anfl is still telling of its virtues. lleware, olcl nian, of Rip Yan XYin- kle's fate! 301 XYiggers and llartnizin. This hunch can al- Xhggers says he coulcl keep awake if his v Srz-r.xN NYU, Canton, China. Coluinliia L'niversity 101-l. Serge-ant-at-.Xrms 1915. llis greatest holiliy is to sleep. Xthen you look at him during lectures you think of some tonihstone inscription, "Not dead hut sleep- ing." lle surprised the members of our class hy getting elected to the great othce of Ser- geant-at-Arins. Since then he thinks he is an important factor in class politics, which is il mild form of insanity Lind, lbCll1gl1ZlTllllCSS, we let him continue in his delusion. . ,. blmiilis GUY XYI'1'11lfIf Q"!z111 J Farmington, Maine. Farniington High School 1910. Gentle reader, if you could only get one glance beneath yon cap! Ah! but alas it's out! 1Yhat! His hair. Hell, a bald head is no disgrace, for the girls are Crazy about him. He has one girl in every department store and candy shop in town. And he just embroiders heautifully. His chief pleasure is to read the Delineator and The Ladies' Home journal. i 302 T a ,X W1 4 XY- Y X W f I , , 25 v lllwi ,FX 5 mmm 111 1111 e7l5' 191 fig:v5JPRl7PHEC an 'I 1 VF 1111'np11Prg 1915 TA7 '1'h1s g1'CLl1 1113 1111lX'111Q 11111111 111 life 111 XX'111C11 we c11z1111e 111 116, 1121s 11'c11s111'cs 1111' Cx'1f1'y 111'111g 111111g 111-11111 1112111 111 1110 great 111114 lrcc. S11111c11'11c1'c 111111111g 111656 11'c21su1'cs, :X11111111g11 111cy'1'e ye1 1111sce11, .Xrc 11H1'11111CS 1111 021011 111111 every 111111 111 1110 1111ys 111 1111111 l1f1cu11. 11z11111s1111vc 11Zl1'1111Z111, 111111 211111 11111 11111 11211131 I1 s11111w'1c 1111 1 If 11 111 A , 5 1 111s 11113111 14A1l1- 1-11111 1111111 111511 11z1x'C 21 11111 1111211'2l111CK.k11 111 111111 111' 14111. 110.11 1111111 11111 l111l1C1'S 1111' 111111' 11111111 . 1 . l'S 111111311 111- 11111 N1111L'LxZL' 1111 1111 11111 1 -' 111- 11.1111- SL'11l1117, :11 11111111' 111 l3z111111z111'1', 1.Ilx1 11-J11' 11m'1'11'1'f1 11111 111gh11 1 '111111 1 5 5 ' I N1'1f 111111 111 LAIINX-XVN 111111yl' L':111111g 1111- 11l'lI1f11111N 1111 111 1.111'L' 11111 1111 1l1QQ1N1 l11'1A1'1'1I11I1 1111111111 X11-111 1111111fN11111'11 11111111 1111- b1111x 1111Nl'l'11. 21111 a .., Q -es-a ll il lmgllli 1 MII' 5 H -mlglll ll 3 IW" 'Mm-B. f- .1 i f if J Mui M r sm i e xv i all H pb v i isa ' "3 'if A , w ":55'S, . -e feslfli Hlmlllsw ,li isle 95' fffffa 12 2 : U. . S -' QJ EE. ,,::,fl Ylfxifgxf A , Ryo V, 1 ,, I, in-.-INQ' 1 i 'gif ',,iQj ' ' --,o -"', f "' " - Upper, the trouble elerk we made, XYhy he'd leave tire engines in the shade, And be back when they reached their destination. No! He and XYashington are no relation. He'll be an editor of a magazine And prove the cheese in the moon is not green. Sehwartz, why he will settle down. ln a store in some little eountry town, XYith saceharin alla and a pump He'll soon pile up a little lump. Then he'll load up his two-hit pipe And have the village smelling of tripe, Loaded up with Sensation for a good long while He'll assume that "I should worry" smile. Garrison will make for Caroline And travel South selling oak and pine: 'llhen head bookkeeper he will lie And he'll take mueh from company, Owning and managing the whole darn firm For under Hynson he did learn. long, no it's not the hour of one lleing tolled by the City Hall, llut a Chinese student from Columbia, NYho joined us last fall. He'll join XYL1 on his journey home To be a druggist for the throne, And each day he'll string up his holy money, XYhieh would outweigh the nolmle john liunny XYiggers don't smoke, drink or chew, NYill be a deacon before he is through, XYhereas he'll never see his old friends For where ehureh starts, pharmaey ends. Yet he should worry if they work on Sunday For lie Can smile and say "Ohl well, I'll be climbing the golden stairs Xkihen they're analyzing dope in Hell. 307 Q I - rg ll glwlmlmll 1 HQ!! 55 m m m lI ,m!l1 V" 'iw time . 4 ' V . -t li i ' .fi-X, X ' V wit -' it me ' A' 5 it ki A L , ll, llllllf fl i,-I, ,. iff, I :ix ,L yliil' Lli i il 'lipid ii 'wi l 'bi 0 K fi L "i",I Ailll ilm- ji D --q j," f.,:j-fx' ,J e ' 9' l 1 '14 , - -sg A xx - ,Q -- ff, ,V .hgh E. TV-1,.,.:jL-, c siiix ff' e 11+ YYY ,5l,J5liai-vuov U14 Lillich, a man, of course, he shows His age with an eyebrow under his noseg lle'll he a lawyer, a good one, too, Getting the druggists' argument through And telling his points his way to the jury And debating Schultz's light and fury. l'arlzide, a store of the linest picking Will open in Cuba, where the Spanish chicken Will come for their Sunday go meeting place And violet hreziths and perfume for lace. lle'll also sell tamhourines and red handannas For the "Cadillies" and their dancing Annas. Lastly l, no, l cannot write Of myself: l have run out of ink, :Xnd satislie'l with kindly spite, Let me become recluse and think. PROPHICT. 308 A7 X X af! . TN X, I f ,, ff, tim ZW Z6 V Key f fc ' sjffffy-Qlflt J i' V5 254 LT' H l KNESS -,?1 ...N A gf!! 5 THR igiatnrg nf 15115 Glam - ES sur, tis over a yerr sense us un them gethered in the Pharmacy building In N down ther et Luinberd en llreen street. yes sur, derned itt aint a yerr last Ga October the furst. Lls nn them, us you know, we went up, en them, some flabi ir . . v - . j p didnt come when we went en some didnt come no more at all. llut eny- how we all gethered ther en it was a doggone lots of staits repersented, iii ' r x ' - 5 ' frum Main tu lexas, end Russia en l'orta Rico was even repersented. Enyhow we wuz all skairt of them ther seniors entil we found out they wus only a hend full of em, while we was about three tu one. XX'ell we wuz only skairt of em til we found out they wuz skairt to haze us, en they didn't, en we wuzent Dr. Cesperi was the furst teecher we witnessed, en sed he wuz sure we wuz gonna be bright, en he would only make a few remarks then. Une clay, soon, we held a meetin in Herris llall en lected ollicers fur the class, en the lection was setisfactory to all. Sterlin, llresrlentg llartman, Yiceepresidentg, Secres taryg en some guy treasure, l fergit his name now, but enhow he quit soon en liellough was lected. Mitchell wuz lectecl Sergent et arms, coze he wuz big, yu know a sergeant et arms is kind of a bouncer, en l, Kinney they call me, was lected llistorian en Artist, cause they knewd l wuz edecated en could draw. XYe held several other meetins of minor importance fur the next for weeks. One day we all went to church, the hole derned school, en herd some blamed good speakin by members of the faculty en other edecated en prominent men. 'llhey hed some good singin by some singers of the quire,, solos, quartets en etc. We went thei to celebrate 309 '15 l . I-see It elwmmull 1 MII! M EWE U l m,mllV"" 15 "QI , .Q 1 F 1. 1 tmllsm-I 7 sa, 'SPE Q 9 iw ,yr -i Q5-1 Xi. 9 f' - f Aflil-JW, --ig 1' 4 -L, G igi ' 1 115 '-' , Lea' .. .ff .1- H self-s2e"fQfs -f ri " X ' e..e fit-"fn 3 like 511544 ww flfff .Xcademic Day en St. .lohn's school went too, caus they is sort a connected with our school. XYe yelled to them when they co-me, en they hollered back to us, en believe me what it tuk to holler they hed. Academic Day you kno is a day set aside to celebrate the anniversary of the school, en I think it was the hundred en thirty-fourth yerr, we cele- brated. We had a parade frum Luniherd en tlreen stretts to the church. St. .lohn's hed a band end they led. We hed our banner in the parade. lt was gray en maroon en hed a big mortar en pestle on it, en sunibody said everybody liked it but Dr. Henson, en he liked everything but the mortar and pestle. lt had l' H A R M A C Y in big letters on it en 1915. 'llhe next big thing took place was gettin our pecters fer the 'Ili-ZRRA 1X1ARIAlf en we all looked good to, dern if we didn't. XYe all went home Chrismas en they who didn't go home went every place cept home, but everybody hed a Merry New Yerr en Heppy Chrisnias en greetings en etc. 'llhen we enlisted fer the inidyerr exams en went thru, us of us what did. Soon after examinations we hed a banquet en envited the faculty. We held it in the celer of the New lloward Hotel. Only a few of the faculty was present, includin-g Dr. Kelly en Dr. llenson, Somebody sed Henson came to see if we used our knife en fork kerectly. l think everybody did cept Garrison en he sed ther was no danger concerning himself fer he had been eatin with his knife fer twenty odd yerrs en hain cut himself narry time. end he sed he is gonna get a knife patented with holes in it so as to form a balance fer peas. After the banquet we all went up town en painted the town red, en with color too. Yery soon we enlisted in the final examinations en some bodies preciptated en some were evolved. 'lihen we had a vacation, most of us spendin the summer et Soda Fountain Springs but l guess most of us hed some vacation. 'lllien us, you kno us, what I said went, not thru, well we comeback en got right down to work. We lected otlicers fer the senior class en the follerin were, Schultze, presidentg Mitch- ell, Yice-presidentg he would heve been president if we hed another yerr to come: llrooks, Secretary: NYU, Sergeant et arms, we wanted llartman to till this position but he de- clined the sergentshipg Lillie, 'l'reasurg en mc, Kinney, llistorian, prolit, en artist, en l ex- perienced evervtlnng cept the profit. XYell we worked hard end studied en sported a little now en then en hed several other class nieetins. llr, fesperi went out to St, l,ouis, Missuri, to see if the Missuri river was still muddy. lt wuz en so he sent tu the barber shop agin. Ile wuz gone about Il week an we wnv 310 'Si J gl Qll I f I-A-A A lm gl I .nf Q X 1 , -1- i Allis m mmmilfim l uv" ual ., gl Q .H fy mi. I , M we , ME-I lr' F5-ex -if .l Q f I rm - I - . I Eiiig llll -,iilimlii .L U I i -H: "ef M fir- -i.. z N .--. , ' . it gg - a - lezlff MIIIWHI1' I -e 'li IFE i" . :fr o -rw 'rg '7gL"" Yinvilif' QL- f-F 1-af " ' M3 ' fi 1:1 -l -' ' - :-,..- ' - ' '-A' . 'if , ii - I af , ff" V- , 1? ' L ff e My G-f -' sir Qigiff ' '--S + I .525 .-ij? ' 1 ,ijj ' '-ig: 4. f 'fr I 'ff' - -fl Y, 'LIAYHY' W fvnof-f flfff gled to heve him back agin. I don't kno what Dr. Wolfe is been doin es I don't go to hini cause I didn't pass bookkeepin last yerr. IYell enyway, we hed another christmas holliday, en gin, en cake, en etc. We are going down to Mr. Sharp en Dohnies drug building before the school closes to see differ- ent points of interest there. XYe all expect to get thru the niidyear en final examination, even if it takes weeks of strenous Studyin en black coffee en coco cola will keep us up nights, en it will en we will. We all expect a diploma, en I guess we all stend a purty good chanct fer one, fer everybody is going to work hard fer one. llut if we don't get none we'l do as those before say sog If at hrst you don't succeed, suck enfloderni, the inner kernel of a seed, en I guess some will en some vvon't. P. S.-Plese excuse niistaiks in punctuatines as Garge XYashinton would heve sed, "I knew no better" en you kno he never told a lie, altho l have hed no cherry trees growin in my yard. Amen. UW: apologize for the dialectl. HISToR1AN. if lf? 311 555 l l-ses ll -Alumni 5 E -m "WQnzi p ' Bm w-"1 at "QI , q ...iz ,mi a of -.Q It imllgfsml V et? f I f ' ii -' 9 . Jnllimlh 4, Q 1-,ui W paint is ti TIT, M SE!! 'J 1 . 49- ' g t at Z QIEC a 4' All A-if H "f,f1f.ff,,L.,, what me mnulh like In linmu When Doctor llase joined the suffers-yet? How much l'liarmacy Doctor Caspari does not know? Who is Doctor rHynson's Throat Specialist? XX'ho is Doctor Culbreth's tailor? Why is Doctor XX'oft' dangerous? Where does l'ivec buy his shoes? lthen is Lillick going to he married? Why does Varlade object to Doctor Hvnson's course? Xlhy did Kinnamon have the hlues just hefore Christmas? Where on earth did Hartman huy so much bean soup for lunch? Dr. llase should like to know this, namely, why did the class cut lectures on Monday preceding Christmas? Whom does Schultz meet on Lexington street? Why should such a great atlinitv exist hetween Austin and Hartman? Who put the hen in Henson? Xlill there ever he another Caspari? Will Wiggers ever make a success of his Twentietli Century Hair Tonic? Xllio swiped Caspari's hvdromcter? lX'ho's XYu and why? llliv is Garrison? Who will lie hack with September Horn? Xlilio will tltc Stale lloztrcl? Xllliere is the hzirlicr that can shave Xkiggcrs? lklien will we mcct again? XX hat was llzirtman s commission on our class pins? Who pays llow:ird's czirfarc lo ,Xnnaepolice each day? llow inzmv .lnniors could kccp llr. llvnson s hooks? -qlullzor L7lIkII0'In'lI. 312 m -el I . Ins T i T IMI e I M 1' -ff. 1 il Q , l iii ri ,. ' ,Ts I 'P' ' , I N-QF of-,Q ,'- 9 - .4 1 .5 f A- -" 'H 1 J rf is rg - , 4' J., 31 , s.1z.sA..L..M Suiihrnmz Presidential possibilities are beginning to loom up. The young son of Dr. Base is two years old. Dr. Base-"Does everyone follow this argument?" Kinnamon-"No sir!" Dr. Base-"XYhy do you not get it?" Kinnemon-"I am handicapped by speed." Dr. Base-"The earth has bubbles as the water hath. Kinnemon and Lillich are some of these. Today I am going to preach a sermon. lt's going to be a popular sermon, because first, it will be shorty and, secondly, the subject is Education as discov- ered in my examination papers. The distinguishing characteristics of many errors is unconscious humor. What is the source of calcium chloride. liroolqs writes Muth llros. XX'hile our friend Kinnamon says that dew is caused by the melting of the earth. We tremble for the safety of our buildings. I said the other day druggists should buy concentrated ammonia water and save shipping, storage and handling charges. Our friend Lillich suggests con- centrating nitroglycerine, whereupon Kinnamon said, wait one minute, l want to get a life and hre insurance underwriter and then an undertalcer before we pro- ceed any further. Dr. Base-Don't spell "Ethyl" Ethel-please leave out the girl. Howard-XYell these fellows are not as old as you are. 313 zmflon PffA1ef1Am.1ff f. , M + X my X -, ' 7 , ' .3 .,' Q f '-4" ' A f 7' '." X X A .gfffeq - 1, ' . .C N.. .gi f 3 . f W Mr- ,44??,, . ' by r 54.!1.fM-.ij U T'T Y W x " ,. C V 'HY . , x 'lv , ' I " ' 'ff A AT Q' Nw' ff L P - l 7' ' X Yf! 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I". jwxclqsux, A. KIL'CI.l':.'XIiX', .l. F. XY11f1'1'l-ZN, R. U. IXIAGINNIS, 3I1:s.M.L. 315 32 - a ll sl mlm I MII' Em-Will'-:ii ' HW 'H-sltl . -- A ' E ll It - ii? W lr if . iww ml, V s L .- . it ,iii 'A' out t 25 m ,.., 'i "il-:..,1lii,i-'R-0.1, g , wwf -1. . .is c 74. fs. ' -if if -My f e- - Sfaballd-NNDV-fl'4 igiatnrg nf the Eluuinr lgharmarg 0112155 s W7 5 on the opening day of previous years, October l, 191-l, brought to the halls of the Pharmacy Department of the University of Maryland many new gfgfym, P and strange faces from far and wide, all earnestly bent upon mastering 9 XQi? ' i,gl the ancient art of preparing and dispensing medicines. 1,15 i A 'llhe group marked a new epoch in the history of the old University, in that it constituted one of the lalrgest pharmacy classes ever enrolled, there being about seventy members. As is naturalf everything seemed strange to the newcomers at first, but soon acquaint- ances were made, and after assembling and meeting the various professors, everyone felt more at home. The tirst day was spent in hearing introductory talks and receiving kindly advice from the professors, and after the elapse of another day, work began in earnest, and everyone settled down to study. The necessity of organizing the class was soon realized, and on October Zlst a meet- ing was held for that purpose, resulting in the election of the following officers: Presi- dent, tl. Karniang Yice-llresident, Mabel L. Xlaginnis. At subsequent meetings the other otlicers were elected: Secretary, XY. ll Lloyd, Treasurer, T. il. Robinsong Sergeant-ab .-Xrms, XY. C. Steeleg Historian, A. ll. Eise. Other meetings were held as occasion arose, at one of which the class selected purple and gray for its colors, and had a large banner made for display on Academic Day, when the entire class, along with all the other depart- ments of the University, marched in a body to XYestminster Presbyterian Church, at liayette and tlreene streets, in celebration of the one hundred and twenty-tifth anniver- sary of the founding of St. .lohn's College. Everyone appreciated the program rendered and learned more of the interesting past of the school at which he was now a student. The lirst intermission in our work was, of course, the Thanksgiving recess, which was made very agreeable by the generosity of our Dean, who granted also as holidays the two days following 'l'hanksgiving Day. Some of the members of the class took advan- tage of the two extra days and departed to their homes. All survived the ordeal and came back to work looking forward to the better and longer Christmas vacation. 'lliine soon rolled around and the holidays arrived, when all who could possibly do so left for their homes, to mingle a little joy and good spirit with their work. 'llhe short vacation over, all returned and again took up their books, to prepare themselves for the much dreaded mideycar examinations. In its short history thus far the class has endeavored to maintain its average and hopes that when the trial balance is taken that ltllo may show a prolit for our .Xhna Nlatcr. the linversity ol Xlaryland. .'X. ll. Elsif, llixloi-imz. 316 f 1 xx fl x , ' 'x ff! X ,fx X R 5 ,K ,df-Z x ff X ,fr 1 . X 9 N .V . . fn . f, X X X f ', ' 4fii',,9'73g-' XX KX X' fl 'f f f "9?f:",:-. x X X ff l, f l ,V 'fic 'glfxfgglfjf 47 , ' 'ff f g"",f' ji ,V f' X X y 1' I: ffl 5 :5 ,V if XX X f ,M iw, " 4 'ifgegq I X f fl ' 1, I x X -,1 f 1 xi-. w:r.1Axs ,,f-.f-' - - f ,Q . 'E 2 I .llflm 4 . , b A !f,fAv ':gjr. 'a ,Qga3Q ,,,'f f+:,i- Q . 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Exrruiiur Olhnpirr .AI,l'l1A- 7111111111 Council, XYilmington 1101 Glnllrgiatr Glhnptrra " f 1 ' ' y A - A . . Y, I I 1 x Xlulmml Lullngg nf Allglllhl, lxnh IHA-I1hll.ulell,hl.l bmw., of Vhmm 'Howl' Xa' 1,1'l11Zll191Il1111l, l'z1. I XXlXI.X7CAU1111111111l l'nix'craily, Now York, H , . Y Y 1411.15-Llllu'l'S11y of Qxxlillblllllll, Klulmila XII . - - - - I .Xl'l'.X--l'll1111 1 112111K '1 '11 ll ll Ill I I x lnuxmmulv ul Nlznwlzmcl. Iiznlh- X ' Hg A hum LU L L I mmff mort, Hel. 5 324 O ham, Ala. 10' h 1,95 i l-se ll QIHIMIII 1 - . I -- In Mui! mE mnl.i" I wi?" if 'laslm it f qlif . v mile xf 'il i' F V T i L 'I i . -f QfQzglll'IsJllllll1I'IlIn L gg., lip- , 'ff r ine X, . mill Hlllllillr' yi..-,tm l it n3r 4-Jf r- U XXNQEEZ' 2' . ff. ag ,as f eif' 2 A lt ' -Q .J .-as - . ' S-f: on if on ' fi' N . ' ' ff' SJKSIM WW ff'-f ,Y --55.9-Y , LA xi i:n.x-Yanclerhi lt Cni versity, Nashville, Tenn. ML'-Massachusetts College of IIIl211'1l121Cj'. Iloston, Mass. Nl'-Medical College of South Carolina, Charleston, S. C. NI-University of XYest Yirginia, Morgan- town, XY. Ya. PI-'IILIIHTIC University, New Orleans, La. Rilo-Atlanta Medical College, Atlanta, Cla. SIGMA-ICiElltlI11OI'6 College of l'hysicians and Surgeons, llaltiniore, Md. UvsiI,oN-Louisville College of Vliarinacy. Louisville, Ky. IDIII-NOI'tllXYCSlCI'l1 University, Chicago, Illinois. C111-L'niversity of Illinois, Chicago, lll. Psi-llaylor University, Dallas, Tex. CIMICGA-SOl1tl'lCI'l'1 Methodist University, Dallas, Tex. IZETAIIIQTA-XYestern Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. K.xi'i'.x-University of llittshurffli Uni xi.xeL'niversitv of California San lirancisco, Cal, IJlfI,'l'.X-Lvlllljll University. Alhany N. Y. EI'SlI,UN+Rl1Ol'lC Island College of 5 Vliarrnacy. Zliitvaf Jregon State College, Corval- lis, Ure. E'I'AehlePr'erson Medical College, l'hil- adelphia. l'a. 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P1 D1i1.'r.x llI1IeLfniversity of California. 6 Rilo-L'nix'ersity of Cliicaffo. as S imi A-Atlanta Medical School. lSii'r.x Il1-Z'1'A-Lfiiivcrsity of Mzirylaiicl. t3.xx1MA-Oliio State L'nix'ersity. GA Ai MA G.-mi xi.x-llowdoin. Siizxm 'l'1i1i'1'A-L'1iiversity of North Caro- illla. ' N DiCI.'rAgel ufts. Siizxm Lil'5lI,llNfL6i3.lld Stanford, lr. L'ni- y . 1 er iw D1-ii.'i'.x IJlfI,'l'.X-C0iiCgC of llivsieiaus and V S . ' Surgeons, llaltiniore. l.vl'SlI.UN l'I-L'nix'e1'sity of Pennsylvania. l'Hl-George Xlasliington L'nix'ersity. l'ni l3ii'1'.xfLniversity of Illinois. l'ni liiio-Lkiiversity of St. Louis. :mil Surgery. , .. - 1 Llll-'.lL'iiCTSHll Klcrliczil Lollt-Qc. 4 " .,. - 1 A Q Q ni liii-.rxfkleiliuo Lln lollegv. l'sI liiircixity of Nlicliiifin . Nc . .Xl.l'll.X'f liiiwiwitx' ol Xcrniout lilll SllifXl.X7ClllC2lg,fU College of Kleclicine El'SlI,tlN7DCtl'4Jlt College of Medicine anal Surgery. Zlf'll.'X-L'lllVGI'Sltj' of Texas. 'lilll-Q'l'.X E'r.x-Rleflical College of Yirginia. L'l'Sll,llN+'iiCllllDlC L'niversity. lo'i'.x-L'iiivci'sity of .-Xlalmzunzi. lo'i'.x l'1el'1iix'ci'sity of Southern Cali- fornia. ii.Xl'l'.X-f iiCUl'gL'lOXYll. 338 J r- i - , "?A-'- ' . - f .-B534 ,R o 7 , . 1 f . r 5.8, u' L . - . ,'. 'hi ' I. 5 "s - . ..' . rg .' ' ' , u ' u B ' K n ' . . .I I . 'lun -.'.'T', ". ... Jx' IQ1' , ' 4 .. ,fE,,' I .. .. . . He!- l v, .F 2' ' , s -2 . ' W , lv , - 1 v..v lu' ,., f I 7 , A .-, v Q N. ,. I 3 . i ,,, X , - l p.-r ' r . x - A .,., ... s ,fl' l'v , x ' - ,- . .P ' -' l , sb ' ' , 4 " I , -4. A v xl.. 5 s . ff ' 4 ,O 0 , , uv In .-' 1, 1- o .M 1 Q 1 I x , E X 5 I s ...u4d.z.-'JH' 'F lla I. fi .1 , f ma Iv . , 9 . , ,ff 'aj b " A . Q , 'I 0 . l-' if E f - 5 4, - . Af? I - f, ' , L -. W F F Q ff' ' 1 'Z .- 5 ' A M , - f H 'sv ., Z Lv I ,-s I A L ., , 4 . L, a Q 0 , -6 , ik- - " ' ' ' , 1 -.,g 2, . . E! X Q! 0 , 'v r 1 n U Q i 4 5 Q " ,, hd N vs v-'T' P ', Q K Z- ffs , - ' ,,. - .. ,.,... .-P" 1 ,. .. ,. 4 "T 3 W! i ,. , I . 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Moslts Qbftirrru .ALlCX.XNlJIfR E. Mt'RlCYNoi.ns.. ....... Senior Master Clstxxk Y. L1N11.x1zn'1' ....... . . .... First junior Master CII.-XS. XY. Mvlilzs ..... ...Seeonrl -Iunior Master ,ALIHCRT A. NAVAIAN .... ................. . Scribe D. Enoxia FM' ...... ........... . Assistant Scribe FRANK E. SH11'I.1iY .... .... C haneellor of Exchequer XYM. F. CJ'MA1,1,1-ix' .... ...Master of Ceremonies Enwix tl. CARLIN ..... .......... . Conductor S1i'ri1 R. HANNHL.-xx .... ...... I 'riest '1'Hos. E. Iilzowx .... .......... . Guard HENRY L. BoL.xN ....... ....Cliapter Editor XY. -I. DILLUN ........... .... . KIfNNl'Q'l'II XIL'Cl'I.I,llL'liII, . . TrusteeQ L. CARL SAND1-3115 ...... ..... 343 lil Fi , n--'jenn illnllmgmm MII I! -m "W lr: Hmm?-1'i -jf 'mlm ' 6, 3? M, M N liill L' Mill' H . ill illr , li- e il - if Ti - .-T. -1-A L4 -:QS i ' " "" Si ffli " 'CC 4 s,11.sA..LW,,,., Gllpaptrr Eirrrinrg LI'11.x--L'niversity of lluffalo, llullfalo, N. Y. lf'l'.-X-fJllllj-Klliillli Medical Colleve, Cin- Z5 cinnati, U. .xMM.xi.Xlliany Medical College, Allizlny, X. X. Colo. College, New York, N. Y. Dr.xiL'niversity of Colorado, lloulcler, Colo. lo'l2x-fLelz1ncl Stanford, blr. University, San Francisco, Cal. -iI,'12x--L'nix'ersity of Colorado, Denver, 's11.oN-L'niversity of llellevue Medical NL'-Medical College of Virginia, Rich- mond, Ya. PI-Lhiversity of Pennsylvania, Philadel- phia, Pa. RIIU-'l6i:fCI'!-1011 Medical College, Philadel- phia, lla. L'l'sILoN-Medieo - Chirurgieal C ol l e g e llhiladelpliia, Pa. llIII-Y3I1ClCl'lJllf University, Nashville Tenn. CIII-FOTKlllZ1lll University, Fordham, N. Y l'raI fllelta Mul-University of Maryland llaltiinore, Md. IM11irz.x-Ciiiversity of California, llerke- ley, Cal. em agfrfhlmis-me 'ref QPL Maw "-m'fk:'-QQ f ' N V4 '74 Ja?-P 4 'l' A23 '51-""llD'-if 051438 ,fy , lt. . pq-.Y if Etfilgt' 'Ziff-1 ' 95 S '0 I x, 'C 'ri ,X Jud? -1 A 'f.fl'sv'i11i 1? 'L' 51 Q l' Q.-Saw.: 'P . 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I .Iv ,r 5 A "N" gr ' 'Q Q .-'- .- Him - -W -In f K M X ' i. 5 ' V, 00, - ' ,Q V i 3 L , vu' l K . , ,. A 7 ' ' r ' 'r' ., . X Y' . Q . .Sy ' x4 .:. I' , 5 , F..-.4 ' N t' h. A '. 1- , -X N D, rw!- .LAH lr x .!" HV' .'.' 'g ' ." . Q I Up' 2 M ' 'u V, 1 'H' s ..' o ' Wx 1' -"wk V ' Q ,b I , . . Jq' J , 1 7 ii" -- -Ad. . ,.,.f' - . . , 1 ' , Q v ,W ' ,. O 4 .,. . 4 l .1551 .1 . Lv ' . " .' I. n'! . . . :iii . o 4 155i Gbmvga Elkatvrnitg ISIN Gllmpter 'iz' Fuullcled at 13. C. D. S., llaltimure, Mml., 1302. Established at University of Maryland 14300. 1CuLuRs-1,1fL11'1' 111.1116 .mn XYHVVIC. Gbffirrra ll. II. SMVH1 ......,.. ............ . ..CV11'Lll'lC1 Master ,I. R. '11IIUhII'SHN, jk. , . . . .junior Master H. E. 1Y..x'1'liRM.xN. . . .... Secretary bl. R. FL'NDliR1:.x1u4. .. .... '11I'CZlSl114Cl' bl. UI. 1'L'RCIiI.L,.1R .... ........... E flitor A. H. KICNIJICLI. .... ...... C hiflf Iuquisitm' C. -I. fJ'CUNNICLI, ..1, .. .Chief lntermgntor E. L. SMITII ..... ......... S Cl12l1Ol' C. A. l3L'Is'r .... .... I usiclc Guardizm H. MCLISAN .... .... I lutsiflc liuarfliau Wm. FlC1Nm' .........,......................... llislorian il1rz1trr5 in liuiurraitatr 1915. C. A. 11l'lS'1' H. BICLICAN II. E. C.xs'1'i-Qwixs C.s1,U'CuNNli1.1. 17. C. D.XNI7lJR'1'lI hI..I.1'l'1eu151,1,, 11: '1.:X.DAX'ILA 11. 11.SMI'I'II .1.11'.1:.XRR bl. R.,11IIU1Xll'SllN 11'..1.F1i1NIJ'1' 13. H. XX'1i1:s'1'1i1: A. H. 1ilQNlJ.Xl,I, H. E. 1X'.x'1'121m.xN 1l1i.x'1'11 Mc1N'rx'1:1-3 1916. A.C.131zx',xN'1' E. E. I1u1:1:s XY. E. 11l':.XN 'l'. 51. H.fxR1'1-ZR 11.111 11l'1iNS NY. E. I.1iN.x 'l1.C.1!lw.x1m'.x'rl-in R. I'. MAY 1.. A. IXIQNNI-1'1"r XX,.1:.1xv1ART1N .X. X. .XI.lm11mml-i 1.1.7. K1k'1,lfI1ll bl. M. .Nlnxlu 12.10 SMIT11 bl. R. 1'xl'N11IfIQlll'RIi 11117. sl. C.C1..1xR1q F. MANLY R.1'.Sx11'r11 jus. CrmsuN Hratrra in Zfnrxrliair E. Iifxslqlx, MD., D.D.S., I'1'0fc.v.v0r of f2l'l'fl0ll,0llf1lI and .-ls.v01'ir12'f Proffssor of Clizzivul l7f'l1ti.vf1'j'. XY. A. REA, D.D.S., M. G, Gl'1iRR.x, 15.113, Chief DCll107l.YfI'CIf0I' in the l1Zf1I'IIllII"X'. l7c111m1sz'ru1'0r of PI'OSffIc'fIvt' Tcrfz A. H. PATT1iRsuN, D.D.S.. C. Y. A1A'1"l'1I1fXX'S, D.D.S., Chief l7C'IlZUlZ.N'fI'Uf0I' of Prosfhvtiv Tf'l'lIll1L'.V. Pr0fe.vsor of fli.ff010!!N. 51. 111fN RumNsuN, D.D.S., F. 1lAyN1-is, D.1J.S., DFIlZ07Z.9fI'CIf0I' in f1lf1l'1HlII'j'. 1Ql'0f:c'S.Y0I' of l7v11ful --11111111111-X 5. xv. sm-11,,' DDS., S. W. MUURIC, uns., Pr0fe's.s'01' of 176111111 Pr'0xtf1c'si.f. l7v111m1.vfVaf01' l1f.11ll!t'SZ'lIL'S11I E. E. 'CRl'ZliN, D.D.S., C. A. SIIRIIQVI-2, Ali., 1J.1D.S. Profcmvor of Crown and Bridge 1V0rk and Cm'41111iv.s'. l?c111011.vf1'afo1' in llIf1Vl1IlII"X'. 349 - ,., ,, -ag ll " A lmlll -m imgllulg l aw' -Q I E ' A ' . wf ,I in . A ff... sm , . iiIlP'1.1-'IMG fl Q A A 512 A rf w ' Q i J.. Sill' H-j - , H 3, 4-5, mf- A in 'Q '54 -' -ffl? .2 , u , ' D' f .sf 5 +R ' H 4-iff -.5'Q,, f H- - Y sl ' SJISAQNNQM fif- lghi Brita iipzilnu 0:0 Olhupirr Qbtiirrrs 1915 1Qcm1iR'1' sl. KIARIWCX IZIQNJAMIN Y.x1'Fli1i. X A. R. CAMPU.. CHARLES CUHN, DDS... A. I gR.XYIfR M A N ISIDUR SCIIER .... LOUIS E. DIIZNIQR. .. ... .Scrgezn ...Consul ice-Consul Chancellor . . . .Scribe .I listoriau it-at-Arms . .SC11atu1' SAMUIQL SNYIJICR .... .... S cmtur M4151-is RASRIN ..... .... S euatur IRENJAMIN M. L1-ivm, . ..xxItEl'11Z1IC RQRIQRT ll.-XILIN .... ..'Xlte1'natQ Mwslis RAsR1N .. . .Mterlmatc RIUSICS RASRIN ... . . ..Ec1imr illrmhrra Evita ifipniluu, Hniurrsitg nf fillalrglanh 1'1liRMAN Swxlix' ADLER, M.D. SIIINIQY M. CfJNlf,.'X.I1., MD. CHARLES R. .-XNIJIQRSHN, ILS., M.D. HARRY 1'i.XIII.XN CHARLES l3Ac:1.1iY, MD. A. H. XY. IfAm,I. RHIHQRT ISAILIN, IDJAVIH FRANKLIN, MD. DAX'lD S. BLACK, Ami RRAYER MAN, THUMAS BRUQJRS, MD. D. A. ISURQESS, MD. .ANTHONY R. CAMPAS .ARTHUR CASSILI, MD. JOSEPH CATURANI, MD. NIICHAFL E. CAVELLO SOLOMAN L. CHERRY, MD. LEE COHEN, MD. CHARLES CHHEN, DD.S. 1 hx :XRI . 4 ' s'1'm XY. 1. . MVICI, GAYRIQNSKY C um-11-1'1'Rw, PHD., MD. IU?-l',I'II E. 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SIGIXIA-IVCW Yoik L'nix'ersity. imiclzox fJMIt'1zoN-Uliio Northern l'ni T.-Xll-XXIOOSTGT L'nive1'sity. VCVSIIY' UNILUN-University of Michigan. .'XI.I'II.X ALi'nA-llurtlne L'niversity. PHI-Rutgerg College. ZIQTA Z1-1'1'AN-XYyo1ni11g L'nix'ersity. PSI-Ohio State Lhiversity' 'IlIIIC'1'.X 'IlH1i'l'Ael'1iix'ersity of XYest Yir IALPIIA ZIZTA-L'nix'ersity of Yerinont. , gliua' . . . g. ,. IXAPVA Ix.Xl'l'.X-Lll1YCl'Sl1y ot Iexas. IALPIIA IoTA-Harvard L'niver:itx'. . . . . . g G v ' 1 NIL' All'-l.Cl2lllCI btanlorcl Lniversity. ALPHA CDMIQKLA-'COl1.ll11lJ13. Lniversitv. Y v . . . I I gl XX I L . j Nl' Xvsklarquette Ll1lX'E'TSl1X'. C'ETA 'ETA-Oiio 'es evan 'ntversit '. , , . . . . f D 'v Q Q I Xl XI'l,lllYCI'S1ly of Louisville. BETA CJMICRUN-COIIDV University. , , , . , . . ' g IXIIU IXIIUYNOIAXYICII L niversltv. 4 , ' H ' ' 4 ' -, ' . ,. GAMMA LLTA-.lCff6I'bOl1 Medical Lollege. SIGMA SlmMAMQdiCal Llylltlge UI X H. 1, DIQLTA KAPPAkI3owdoin College. gima. DELTA DELTA-Lniiversityof Maine. TAL' TAL'-llalter University. DELTA RHo-Northwestern L'niversity. .-ALPHA CHI-L'niversity of Illinois. DELTA SIGMA-14311535 Utiiversity. Io'rA Ill'I'.X-xY1SCO1lSlll L'nix'ersity. EPsILoN EPSILIJN-C356 School of Applied EI'SlLtlN I.Jlil"1'iiRiIN-University of Roclies Science. g ter qllracluate Chapter J. Aluznni Gluha New York City. Los Angeles. Boston. Rochester, N. Y. 357 IiAI'l'.X Rnoillaltiinore College of Dental S1 W ' M1 :il I! 1 f . 1,1 11 r . we ., X I V 1 M 11.51 W wlyglv avi? 11 I , '- .,.x N TX ri. " ' - .TTA ' , W' uf :ii-V - I - Ffiff ' T'7:'.IT'h- -- , 1 T ' +4 ,L jj-1' -it 5Y?:5 I ' - j - VY A -I .Q Elyria Nu iipnilnn CAT Founrlecl at 33'es1eyan L'1iiversity4187O. 11ieorporatec1 in 113091, New York. Nutinual Obflirrra '1'i1os. 1, S31L'LL, C.E., Vresideiit .................. Ada, Ohio .1oi1N '11. F1NNii1:.xN, Yiee-Presicleiit ...... jamaica Plain, 31ass. Clio. R. 11lQ1f1IL1iR, Secretary ........ ........ 1 -augsforch Pa. 31101131-ZI, 1.. Casiiv, 31.D., Treasurer ........ Rochester, N. Y. sigma Eau Qlhaptrr Established 11104. CHIMIQSYGIQIQIQN .wo 11L.xci4. EI1ratrr5 in ilkxrlxltair 11. C.xiu:o1,1., 31. 13. W. 11. 1'1iie1u',31.13. 1'.xc:1iEmioN1ns,31.13. 11 lollNsoN,31.13. .1.11.C3'31.'x1m,31.13. C. R.EI3XVAR13S,l31.1D. i'1i.xN 3YiNs1,ow, 31.13. XY. C. 1Z.xcoN, 31.13. ELMIQR Niiwcom-QR, 1X1.D 1'.11.xx',31.13. ST.C1..XIRS1'Rl'1I,L,31.13. Coxii-'rox Riiirx, 31.13. lllll 11ici1N'i', 31.13. 1.11. SL'11W1f1NI!1iRK1, 31.13. G. C. 1,ociq.xim, 31.13. Cii.xxm.1-11-2, 31.13. 1111. 33'lI,l,S1f, 31.D. S.S'r1:ii1i'1',31.13. 11 111'1NN1i'I"l',31.13. Sui 311111141-2, 31.13. G. '11131lI1iR1,.X1i1f, 31.13. s, LYNN, 31.13. 3.1. LvNl31fR1II1.1,'31.13. C. XY. 1Q.x1'sc1i1iNi:.xc14, 3113 33'.1Q.xxi41x,31.13. XY. -1. 31If.ss1i'i4, 31.13. Eicxiisr Z1fl'I51-fI,lN, 31.13. 1.. 311'I'i'1l1'fI,1,,31.13, 11. 31. 11l11'1i1NS4lN, 31.13. 3. S. CUI.1f31.XN, 31.13. 31. 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E. lfu' T. R. CAM 1-o , 4 l.lX.14l'NlJlfRl!l'Rli S. S. lluziii-is XY. R. D.x1.'roN C.K.EI"r1Ni1 1,.Xv.Sl1XIll1Y5 ig N or about .lanuary 8, 14115, a number of ambitious young men, from the several departments of the University of Maryland, inet together Cotillon Club. Urticers were elected and the motto, Hower and col- and made themselves known as charter members of the University ors were chosen, as may be seen on an other space of this book. The rules and regulations of this organization were made and adopted, also the qualilications a student must possess in order to become a member and the initiation or entrance fee. The purpose of this club is to make the students of one special type from the different departments more closely associated with one another socially. The social functions of the University are few and far between. llut our club has been instrumental in aiding this painful lacking. For on February Zo, 1915, the Cotillon Club gave its initial formal dance, which was a success through- out. This dance was held at Albauglrs Lyceum llall. The music was great. the dancing was greater, and the punch was greatest. XYe hope that the members of our club will seek other such members and strive to make it the most signilicant social organization of the University. 361 H isroiu xx. I II' XX " 1 I .0"'0.. : 0 0000 000000 000000000 0000000000000000 000 0000 0 0000 0 000 00000000 .g0"'0, I .90 'g 0 0' 0 -'I '--:: 53.3, I : so .2 '0.0' ,0' 0' . ' II ' 0. ' 0 0 ' 0 I5 f , 0:.g' 'g':0 h I- if I F I . - X, x N. I -N X, N, S. X ', 0 i...-- I ' .. -.IN -X, --I f X.. 0, xx, --.. -L. I H.. 'Sf'-1. I 00 -Q ,, 4 A A ,.. ,,, 4 -- N N - .. I . 0 0 N .a 'D A v 4 J .I A N - N 0 - N 0 00 : A 'Q 1-1 T.. Y ": 7' A Z4 "" '...- NN 11, 5 N C 0- A NN A . . I-I 'fag- " 2. :- N- N 5 " 2 - 2 If 'E -' I II 15"-.55 K 0 No- : ' 0. I , A ' , . .... P ' J I 'lf' 11" ,X Z E .gd 'E '21 fn - II' I' HSE- , - " NJ N F -1, V -V. ' V N Q T ' II f . 5. +0 ' ' .. I ' '2 N' w N S: H E P 3+ 1 ' N 5 I 2 A' N ' '4 II -Z,-' i E I-'Il 2 E 5 'I I .vi . x .10 - Q, I- ' A' 2- A' N A . , - Iyrf 0 N' .. 2 ... 'fx R' Y -I. ' 0- N 0 I - -f - - 0. N' A - X w X: Q, :N .c : - I A : H 1 4 2' 5 : f- : ' : I I 'fig' s- : Q " 11, 5' N 'N A 'I' 'f N: 2 ' I ' , 1 AL'Im"1 - Z.: 1 : . A Cb N N A A N- 0 fn N S wx Ia- A '-V. 0- f-1 'N ' '-- V ff' A Q 0 I I -I NI - 'f " "1 -1 'X' ' 'NA I E S1 Nw- " NN- 0 I ' ' 1. 'J 'I 0 L.. f E 4 NL' 4 S N.. wx. : Q 1. , - I III I I 4 J 0 I Q fx , I-. A A , I A 0 N- lt N. "" V A ' A " NN 0 I. I its X. I 'Nh A 'X' .4 " Q N' Q I, ' I -1 N 2 Q N C. - N N- 13 ,Q . "1 I: I I Ei ' 0 Q -N. A X.. 'S-, X. N 'I 'Xl-, 1-.N f Q I X III ,I I 5, , , N N. . A ,X w ,I I E I, I I I I, , I . F-5-.. ng Q A N, S NN 03, D ' I II rI 'IVV I I - I, I 4 1 -s. 'E - N' N v rv- I I , , I :ai- ' ' 5 f NJ' A N. 'T 'N ""' 'N' 'X' " ' ' ' II ill? : 2- N A w : -. Q Q r A 0 ff "2 : ' 'II If 'sig , N N N ,5 A . f-1 , . 3: :. 0 II. I g - N.. -1 -- 0 N. '1 C :L : M 0 N . I, II I - ' Q 0- N 3 : : Q A v Q: -, Q g I 117 I II N Q 4 Q 2 N N 5 Q : ' 5 ' ' ' ' 5 '.. F Q A N- Q N, F C E Q 1 E- m S I I 'I I ,,Iz..Q '0 Q " ' . . 'X' X: 4 ' " Q N 0 I A ' ' u. 0 . ,- E Z E fl: Q, 9 yn N ,td Q Q f? : I IH 1.1 . X. N 4 I , '1 I I - ..,' .1- .' E U- fm 5: N" N' 1 X. 17- 'd .1 , -I.. I IX, , .UW I: ,,,,..,m1u-Q, " N- ' ' . N' I N C f 0 I x 1 ' I 0 'Z " 'E 5' :. 'X' .Nj .J -1 A 6 0 I - I ' 'II' I.I N N' Q 2 'X " N' N ' ' N FQ ' ' X III' ' T , - . ... , - 1 4 N , , I I I 2- - wff, .- 2 wwanvnlllm Q fu . 7: 2 ,T 1' A ,:- Q . xx I I I, A - 1 I g fx 4 .N 'X- X- .. 7- 1 Q 9 x I-I I: :bm ... I :gm . 1 N. 'q -u. F: N Q rg Z , eg- '- . I . . I N- 5 ,T '-4. I.. Q --v. LN nz, 2- P+ : I ' ,I Q Q :' N 'C H 5 fm fl. L F" 0 I Ik ' 0 ' , 'N 0 -N I..,, ' 1 NI I 2 'T :z 7 ' 0 '4 l- ' 11. 44, '- . ... I f F- - . ' ' , 5 ' 2 "'- ff I 2 'W 1 Q C. 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'Hen Go U9 Spencmlrigs , Buy 78- day, Spend Bedyfm UPMISQTSL Q Br 7XaU'V1f1BOWe Hfiesfway 72 7-Aank 0urffdverZ.ser.:. SSE A X A X . X 4 K - f' - X . f' - Q' . ffEfk'bE'S'fE1f' rfvZ'fSf'i1Xh?'if054a'0ZQi'fEQb"Ef'if'E1fffE1ff?vffZfrffE1zff51i"'E1Xfifffbiv'f?aff21rffZ0ffZ ' A Q'CQ?WQUQUQT1DUQUD'DQ'?i C I THE Complete Line of HOSPITAL AND INVALID SUPPLIES CHA . WILLM SURGICAL INSTRUMENT CO. ORTIIOPEDIC APPLIANCES TRUSSES CRUTCHES ABDI DMINAL SUPPORTERS A X .. A ,xv SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS XI SATCHELS AND 1, HAS S , MEDICINE CASES ' , My Wm , -:, n , . . . . ' M1 .Im W' x,,,ff-TX-S A MIc.:RuSLoPIC SUPPLIES II I-My " SURGICAL H?LLHLEHH WELCH LLL L RUBBER GOODS 300 N. HOWARD ST., BALTIMORE, MD. BQEEDQSCQBQQEBHEQQS R- 0 W IJ A 9 CHIROPODIST :-: MASSAGE N E V E R CL O S E D FQUITABLF BUILDING BALTIMORE. - J - MARYLAND OPEN All NICHT ORIOLE LUNCH ROOM THOMAS W. WELSH QQTAISDESIQ N LEONARD Pure Rye Whiskies ALI. IIIIQXNIIS ALI. PRIIIICS N. IC. Cor. Bullinmrv :mal Crevnv Sts. lI'Xl.'I'IMUlil'I. MII. ALBANY. N. Y. mfIfuzIAI. MAKERS or' I -AI I L -E A .f, X ' f CAPS, COWNS AND IIOODS Tn F110 Allll'fIl'lIl1 Ullirvrsilivs l"r0m ilu' .-Iflunlil' lo ilu' l'm'ffia' Class lIUlHl'lH'lS ll SIIl'l'IllI'.Y 3 S 'I 'I '4 'J '4 'I ,I ,I 'I 'I '4 ,J ,I 'I 'J '4 'I 'I 'J 'I ,I I 'I ,I ,I 'l 'I 'I 'I '4 'J ,4 'J 'I if aff: vga w V' f 4 oz: X so ff 'If' 1 X 0? X DZ-' X 52 2-Z4 92? X it X 1531 X 52 021 3 4551 X 'iff X cf: X Q24 X +731 X rZ1 X 671 X il X 421 X ogy X Q A cfe X Q1 X 151 X 17? X 03+ X C21 V 1 , 4 'if X 322 491 X Q1 X 33 X '23 X 02+ X 'Q '41 P gy X 63 9 cvs f B 051 X 23 E24 X QE' X Sze X X czw Q4 oZaf4c215foE1,4cZoQ4Q94nga,lcZ1,QQ1f'f:1,lt:1,!,44171,4Q:,'a:Q,4t:o,'cj-1,14 21,4 4:1,41:1,4 4 Z1 v,4cZo,4 cZy,fL:1,4cf1,f1Er,fcZ1 ,fc21,4c21,41Z1,4 4721 ,f 4E1,4:ZJ,4 6? A. H. FETTI G Greek Letter Fraternity Jewelr UUE 'So GH DB "cu CLC ga rm DE an Chg? 5.02: Com 9 : 522- EEG he EJ' cnOE. Hs 5 ES" :Seca .... 5 lhp.: B"-r"' 02... 050 Fw:--1 1 tis 'EBF5 U""'l ima. -1-1'- .-..-K4 T' gi'-1'U 905' aiu' org EP'- moz '2'1U'O :ig -in-I ... 22- 5523 221 no :Hs :J on-0 CT' 2-ru :Ln 915' Pt F6 "I on N 3090? 2.3.5 5 5 5--5212" 3 :cn :.. .55 3 -4 u-naE:'0a,, '.::::oo'E:i1oE m m anonaocnonoooc::ooooonoonpE X, E I , UU ooooooaoooocooouoooo soon E M"''::::og::::o: Z 5 P4 3 E 2.-6,6 E D: 5 ...'0n:::'i U H CH RLE R. DEELEY Dental upplies 308 WEST MULBERRY STREET BALTIMORE, MD. Represented by C. A. NICE ,-,.-.f..-,+.-,'e+,.-A-,+4 -74x-4+ -' 444 4 1 V .5 4 ls X lvl' 3 cy 3 1vY X 1:1 X 4:1 K LJ X cv, 3 car 3 IVY V .5 S1 3 cj X fzs 3 :yr V ig V 5 I-'P X 1:1 Y 5 1,1 X X K it X Y 5 br W 3 X 'f 1:1 X 2,1 W K 13 X ea 4. 5 191 yx 4:1 X 4:5 X Qs X 1541 X fir X 43 X 'WY X -. 4-ir X 1:1 X 43 ,A 4:1 X f:3 X 421 X ii? X Qs X 1 V: xx 4:5 xx :J xx 1:1 ss 4:1 X 43: XpofpifcxmQ14-,AQifq51Qfb31jfc5xQfc413fLLJQf4Zo54o,vg15 3395 Nb2.1Q4cQQQic41j q31Qfc:1,fo:'pQf1.y,fo:1flcgogfczxkf cfg, fir? ilk czl,?L:r,ff:r,4c:1,4c:1,4c:1,4f:1,f-t:y,'1:1,4-.:1,f .2 ,,4.g,,v.j.,44ji ,f :ji ,'f1i,'Cu' 'Zu' 121512 fffifffiar' Civ' 'iff 02134 fillfaifivieif aisifagfiff-2042151 Vfiffffiffffivf fZQfif2frffZff!fZ4f'f31XeZai"Z1AaZfX1isX'if 4 V A W .-. v v i J Q 74 fi 'XC' ' r HARVARD PEERLESS CHAIR 251 Er "' 1 'Gai 3 ' gg, cgi- X 3: X Brought to the Dental X ir Profession as tlie Harvard gf x 'Q E , 'ff Company's lwiglwest accom- cis 5 . . . . ' 2' plisliment in giving to a fs S X Q . . . bs: Q, clwair artistic effects, conven- ience to operator and comfort Q' v to patient. ,ga K 421 X 44? f L81 A v 4 1 fk , in HARVARD CABINET TYLE 86 v fp .S X 3 33? +1 yx 13 Q Harvard Cabinets are particularly attractive fa K Q :fi Q to tliose desiring dental furniture of solid mas- 4 W 43' . . . . 5 E sive effects, ricli design and proportions so perfect S is 4 if tliat tliey slmall lme beautiful and convenient. 55 'Mi 1 X Don't fail to see Harvard goods demonstrated Q 41 V 'Sf Q before purchasing, as we can supply you with tlwe 23 fir if most modern and complete line manufactured in it U, rv:- c v' tlwe world. tt, l.. :Sr ' v If ' w fVril0 for Catalogue .S V 7 Q Xl 'R xi -.f fa' 'R 3 TS 'Q 'L The Harvard ompan 2' x A fs pf CANTON, ol-no R Q' v , K 4 1174i '4 '4 'J ,I 'I ,J 'J 'I 'J 'I rd.-.,I'413,44:i'4c3V4a:r,443y,4cS1,4cS1,fc:x,41Ex,442',Gt94:1r,41:x,44::,4c3902944:i'44'5r,4fE:'fcsibfcirbfcsr 5ff:m,f4g1,fff,1,f4j:,Y4j1,ffj1,4421,41250:1,4f:f,4Q1,4t:,,4g:,'441,'4Q,f.l,'4,:,'44:,,4,104,l,'a,i,'aQ,,favf if ,X rf 2 ,ff ,f ,jf ,,4,L,,4,l,,a,v,'4.:, PA, Qf 6 23 .3 53 Q S1 5 eg W .5 C53 W 5 431 3 cap Q f .5 fp Y .5 cg 5 , .-5 qv , , 5 Tv? , , 1 P1 Q, .5 rg V 5 451 , , 5 cg y , 2 my W 5 gg 3 Q23 'A Q1 y 1 .5 4,41 V T -6 fy y f 6 14,1 X 417+ gf, A F1 Q' , iz: W 5 4VV y 1 A A 453 y , 5 cap Y K ffl "' , X 431 'K Q1 X IVY X 4 :r X fr B l Q P K :J , , Q 19, W .5 43 X 19 LZ? 3? X ezr y , .5 'X' V 6 cdr 3 'El' 'K fi-r fs 4 4 Y 475 K er ff 23 A 424 5 1 ya. f My xx 4 Q Y ,5 1 4 , T fs 5 Q f , S OT 'O Of ' ff g J ,I y ff we 5 gn 5,21 74 T wg T 1 o',s, . . nO , J' ly Q lx ,Q f QD N dig V Q ff ! L KL ef 'fqv ' 31 T T A I i cr T 3 T 4:1 1 X W .ry ft 4 '1 TX 4, V 5 +P L THER R. RE TON K T tif X 4 T il DENTAL DEPOT Li S -, X . . White Dental fg. CofS Tnstru- ments, Forceps, En ines, Etc. STUDENTS' EQUIPMENT OUR SPECIALTY T PHONE, MQUNT VERNON 1370 T 305 NORTH HOWARD STREET gb. fl , 'Q R4-pn-Sellteml Ivy E. BENTON TAX LHR A if ELL Q" wiyi ' x I V F W 11 if QT T 443 v 4g v 4K v 4 - xx " L 5 fr it avr K aux T B cg 4 4 " tl 434 4 4491 4 fri: 4v"2f'c"1x 74521 7 D ' 4 'M 4:5,4rEr,4c:r,41:J,4c:s,fczyffzrgf::1,4t:1,4f:g,'f:r,'rlr,'4Zr,4c:r,41:r,'1:r,'4:r,'a:r,'4:r,'4lw,' 4 L.Le V 'i"5fv'i1i D205 V515 P50 .ib3fr.rCXf'r .r or :sr .r wr fur 4 cv! X i " ------ For the Apparel Oft Proclaims the Man 'i 'DADDSWS D T M DWDM A T' Appearances are often deceit- ful, it must be admitted, but Q they loom large in the successes 2 of this world. First impressions are likely to be lasting. Den- tists long ago learned the value 3 of personal cleanliness as a busi- ness asset, many of them have Q appreciated the good influence 2 on patients of a tasteful office equipment, but there are none E who cannot benefit by examin- ing the newline of s. s. WHITE 4 OFFICE EQUIPMENT CoM- 4 BINATIONS. fr Q A QL There's a world of happy sug- Q gestions for improvement in Q office outfitting in these Com- fr 3 binatlons. They combine effi- T1 S5 p p ciency with elegance, and vary .S from simple. chaste designs to E . . . . . Q the most elaborate constructions, 3fl0I'Cllllg the opportunity for a beautiful 4 c ,, . ' . B Olltflt at 3 PTILC to Slllt any Pl.ll'SC'. ll gm Q All of them are founded on the S. S. White Diamond Chair, an innovation is Q a Diamond Chair of reduced size exactly meeting the needs in operating for Q children. You can get the chair in either size with Spiral Flush Spittoon only, or with an Equipment Stand carrying the Spittoon, Bracket Table, Electric Engine and Light, or intermediate Combinations. i SL Whatever Combination you select, you are sure of maximum convenience, efficiency, durability and elegance. The finish is at your option: Black Japan, or White, Cray, or Mahogany Enamel. You have thus the oppor- tunity to harmonize the entire color scheme of your ofiice in the most gi attractive manner. A Full Infornzution on Request. V x 94 THE S. S. WHITE DEL T L G. CO. 1 V Pu1LAnELPn1A, PENNA fm 5 K K. Y S -,'I.i'.,41 ,iff vid v,44f'n,'42l,'4ivfcfvfaz ,Wi i,4:-:wif l,Vc31,'cSi,4cSr,4:Sx,44E:,442r,'rS:,fcSr,4cl3i,' c'fs,4c:r,4r:r,4t':y'4giVIC,'IQ,?4,':,,I4:,,l,:,blf:,k4 'I 5521! ivfivf Sfaffiffrffisffifa' 'iv' 'Eff 'if'rifZffffS'rffE' rffiakfiifffliaaf 'Eid 'Sui fifaffifa' flvffilfiflfaffivffilaffiafffifff 'S' Af fE1rffEfrifE1r!eZ1b!'Z4a!fXfrS tie -if X tif X 134 X czo 5 A 3 , A e' car 74 221 X 4:21 3 QT 'L' cp B gg fb 41,1 Xe :J Xe 45.1 Y .5 I . Y X .. +L: Xl :J yk 4:1 X Qi X -'Zi 1 41 B 443 cgi X4 cg E 141: X 4,1 74 cgi X 421 f E 4 ya Q: X Q 451 B this Xa 43 Xa lui B tgi- 3 :J X 1:7 5 :Jr Xa cgi is ivy is :Qi 'A cl.: xx 4 If 'Q cgi xx 1:1 ss 4:1 X cgi xx :Ti .- 's 67: ,4 ,I 'l 'I 'I 'I ,I 'I 'I ,I 'I 'I I 'l'l 'I 'I ,I 'I I I I I I ' ' , 'I 'J 'I ,I ,I 'J 'I Artistic Photos EILGE FRITZ2 STUDIO 2 319 CIIARLES STREICT BALTIMORE. MARYLAND Speviul Disvounls to Studvnls 5 TRAN PER POOL P RLOR 521- W. BALTIMORE STREET x U , ' 4 .QA Nl- +-- - -11.- ?'5"x-9- POOL and BILLIARDS CIGARS and CIGARETTES TELEPHONE ST. PAUL 22f8 BROWN, ARMSTRONG 8: COMPANY POPULAR PRICE T1-x1LoRs G-TQQ--I 218 N. EUTAW STREET O9 10" Discount to Students. O49 BALTIMORE. - - MARYLAND Ilnporial Lunch Room 526 W. BALTIMORE ST. BALTIMORE, - MARYLAND PHONE, ST. l'kl l, JHTM Best 25 Cent Dinner IN TII E CITY Tulzlvs Rt'Sl'l'l't'1l for Ladies. Open Day um! Night. 4 'I ,J ,4 ,4 ,4 ,4 ,4 ,' X X X X f' v' 0' r' f' r' Q' r' r' f' r' r' r' r' r' Q' f' r' r' f' f' r' Z1 1:1 cz: Qs Cr Luke the flag of thls Natlon you wall fmd the output of our factory meetlng with praxse and popularity all over the unlverse When we selected the name COLUMBIA for our product we establlshed a standard that represented the top notch quallty and lt has always been and always wnll be our constant arm to mamtaln thus degree of excellence IDEAL COLUMBIA CHAIR COLUMBIA ELECTRIC ENGINE COLUMBIA ELECTRIC LATHE COLUMBIA AIR COMPRESSOR UNIT represent equipment of the hlghest standard The matenal, workman shnp adaptablllty and fm sh of these artlcles have brought them world nde popularity ev denced by thelr umversal use There wall be frequent opportunltles presented for seemg the above product demonstrated and we trust that everyone w1ll avall hlmself of the same We shall be pleased to send our catalog upon request. THE RITTER DENTAL MFG CO ROCHESTER N Y PHILADELPHIA MORRIS BUILDING NEW YORK. FII-TH AVENUE BUILDING CHICAGO MARSHALL FIELD 8: CO ANNEX C50 Cause and Ef ect 5, X, IlHIdlldtlOll of COIUIII f If IJIZI ECILIIPIIICDL 111 a modernly APPOIIIICCI office w1ll furnlell an HIITHCUOII for the Publlc It Wlll galn you a favorable reputatlon 111 your COIIIIIIIIHIILY long before the ltnowledve of your sklll becomes known You base SCFVICCH to sell and the Publle IS your market Wltllout ll1e1r patronaffe you wlll I'6ll13lI1 1dle Thu same pubhc are attracted to modern pros perous lOOli1Il0 offices and shun the places WlllCl1 appear shabby or run down They spend then' money ln such CSIHIJIISIIIIIGIIIS as attract Illfflll Can you afford to over look a LOHLIIIIOII so obvlous ' No' Then prepare properly and ffaln your share of flnan elal lCWVd1d Proper prepara IIOD IQ synonymous wllh COlllIlllJld EIIUIPIIICHI Q The Ritter Dental ga. Ctrl. RtJI'llC5ItTf, N. Y. IITQIIIVIIV5 VIIIVULH NICNI llllllx lil .. 1.1 Q 'Q 421 X 421 X av: X 4 fr X Qr X 12: X cf: X IE-Y K 'IZ-I xx 4:1 X 421 R 4:1 R 1,24 X 'fl' 'ig' 'K if Y cg? '4 42: X 'if' R 4.31 V X L21 Y 431 X L21 X 421 5 , '4 'A QT 3 A L--4 -. 4.3.- V ,S Q? F K 51 'Q 151 Y 9' V A 9' Q 235 Q Q52 f 5 4 9' Y V 4 iff Y 4 47: C, 5 25 A 'A CTI' -.- X 51 .5 fi? Y f 5 cis ,f 'A 121- f E 43 W 5 lvl' V , 3 L41 V! 4 4.3 Y ? 491 X I I, c1:,4c:r,'cir,'4:1 ,hir ,44:v,44:rQ4f21,44f:r,4cZrf4cirQ'1fsQ44:fs,4 Qglafrill.:rQicgaQ41,21Q'cS1f4c:1Q4ct1Q4cf1Qf ,44Zyfcjrkfcfrgf4ZrQfcZ1Q44grQfc2Q?fLXojf cZQ,fcZo5f1Zobfc2off4Zc X yd 4:5 120 3 5- 43 cg X X - A 4 Q +3 Y V .- Q!! 1: 75g 1" Y V ' K 1 Q 13 cy f fx x 4 3 Q21 I 3 3 4 hly C31 X 74 'J 455' X B iz? 1- B lvl' S X- 3 051 CSP w- ivr- 13 ? 8 cvs 93 X B 454 oar 4 A v V5 it lvl iv! 3 vs LLP fr y H fp Wx ty 4:r ,Q I4 QQ 4.11 5 v F1 ' Y 43 , 5 , fx Sf i P , Q " A K 2' .vb 5 X. gf ur 5 . Vs 441 1 jr yy A. Wx 13 13+ o 14 s . A Z 9 ,. D 4 Wx CQ? . .1 ,f 43 .. ,A . 3 3 3 s' 'U 4 x lv-Y CP -I W4 Q Qs lib " X Z cj.- C1 . UI X X D 53 fr ,Q y - 5 3 gf A s - A V , A x ,. ,s bf 13 A wx Q1 43 1 X fx 1:2 4, X is ' .Q Q' 4 P . '. x A ,", Q, QP """' , 1, rl 1, , 4 N ' . fy x ' . ir , 'ws' QL , , V 4., Q v -V S 4 A .Q V fr 5 'S : wt 5-2 X 1, A 4 1, lil! g s x 5 fy 4,3 v v s 3 Q, cv: ss v, 4.1, i 4:1 g s x . 3 ., x M 5 Y x A air 43 v V s 'A 4:1 27 y s x A Q. Q , x 5 dp A 7? f is . ,S , , 43 x X .5 , , iw? . y , xx 5 . , Q , ' x Wx x f'p""r",'v"' 'r"4'r"! 'f" r""r" V" 7" 'r"!'r" 'r' rl'nW"iW"A'rl'''ffM?"A'r",'r"f'r".'.'r":'r'V:'r"Tfl":Wh:'r":'r"f'r"f'f"VZ?"f'P"f'l'f'r":' llllfl I4 1 llfl!Ifdlllllllll'f'I'I4I'flf'f4I4f4II'II'I'I'I'Ififfix v v -v PROTECT YOUR PATIENTS By recomnwmling lln- usa- of BURRILL'S TOOTH PONVDER AND TOOTH PASTE Pralrlival ti-sh and 1-ollliuin-ul use Ilan- proven their xalue Samples Sent mi Request Wrilm- lmlay .-. v 1 . " 1255-55. UH Iiiasgfp A5512-ill! MS 3-NLS Dfe arntionls curefuliy and Ao W"0'0'Y Prepared with meflnesnngre -mu souwsecvn D31 verfsct clggnaor 'Q' Ulih-9 15H?"5fAPQ"'Ul3' PRICE 25 CENTS 2 NEW ENGLAND LABURATURY 00. lynn, Mass. i SISCO BROTHERS Manulavlurers nl FLAGS. BANNERS. BADOES FELT BANNERS. PENNANTS ooooonoosoillltl pll1T,N,WYSooonooooso I- I'0l' Lnll:-'f's. Schools. Fraternities. ltlv. SI'l'ff'l.4L lIl','SIlJ.YS ,'U.-HIE TU lIRIlI'.'Ii' 304 N. Howziral Street Baltimore. - Maryland t 9 -ivmmlw' w14w"1 imuwmilmwwwwwuvwvuw ' 1' ' 7 A. 81 M. Lowenthal i wnrrtlw1mlnmmu1mw.llLluUm...N, ,H ., . m 'iim'ii.1.r imnmwwl' "'v iw'w"i'i,'wum:uiiwwwww' :wi ., HIGH CLASS TAILORS 1 ','m'M'1r"""i:iu mv iii ii wi ,IM 'i:i'ww.ii WJ, N. I Wy ,. ,N ii. imp Suits 53625.00 and Up Ask the- li. of Nl. Boys i Fayette Street. na-ur Park Ave. PHILLIPS' MILK OF ACNESIA THE PERFECT ANTACIDH FOR LOCAL OR SYSTEIVIIC USE CARIES SENSITIVENESS STOMATITIS EROSION GINGIVITIS PYORRHOEA Are successfully treated with it. As a mouth wash it neutralizes oral acidity. PHILLIPS' PHOSPHO-IVIURIATE of QUININE TONIC. RECONSTRUCTIVE and ANTIPERIODIC BEFORE AND AFTER DENTAL OPERATION With marked beneficial action upon the nervous system. To be relied upon where a deficiency of phosphates is evident. NEW YORK THE CHAS. II. PHILLIPS CHEMICAL CO. LONDON 4 '4 '4 ,Q 'I ,I 'I ,I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'J ,I 'I 'I ,4 '4 '4 'I ,I ,I ,I ,I '4 'I ,I '4 'I 'I 'I 'Q 'I 'I ,l ,l ,4 ,4 ,J ,4 ,4 ,4 ,4 ,4 ,4 ,4 ,4 ,4 ,f -r,4F1,44"x,4c-1,44"1,4cf'l1,f ,4 5:,fcXz,4cZ1,f+Z1,'4Z:,f4:1,4oZr,fciakfcg:1,ffZ4,fc21,Qc21?f4g1kf -.A A.- v - sv l 7a DIREC T0 RNS: JOIIY BLACK JAMES PRESTON W. BURNS TRUNDLE XY. Il. BROOKS E. AUSTIN JENKINS CIIARLES E. RIEMAN ROBERT' GARRE'l"l' FRANKLIN P. CATOR ALBERT FAI-INESTOCK W M. K. BAR'l'l.E'I"I' li. BARTLETT IIAYWARD X YOUR BANK ACCOUNT SOLICITED , WE TERN NATIO AL BA K OF BALTIMORE, MD. CAPITAL SURPLUS CIIARLES E. RIEMAN W. B. BROOKS - WM. MARRIOTT J. L. SWOPE - WM. F. STONE 3500,000 500,000 - President - Iviee-President - - Cashier - - Asst. Cashier Asst. Io the President -,l.,n , in 1 nm llll"lllllllllllllllll'lllllllllllIllll'l'Q1Illll1MilllIIllQIIIIilllllllllllllllllg Plenty of swing and 2 clash---plenty of style 2 and good looks---plenty 2 of quality and service IN 2 L CKE-DIEHL CLOTHES L We are Specialists in the sar- lorial nec-ils ol' University men. Suits S15 io .S I0 uvke-Diehl., Tailors 605 NN. ll XI,'l'lNIURl'1 S'l'lll'1l'l'l' ' XVIII' liI'l'l'Ill' Slrvvl l Ml' Ill" The McKee Co., Inc. af 310 NORTH EUTAW STREET B! Microscolnes and Students, Supplies at the Lowest . . Prices in Baltimore .... QUALITY GUARANTEED MILLER BROS. MERCHANT TAILORS 525 WEST FRANKLIN STREET IIAI.'I'I MOR E. M D, Spa-vial Attention Give-n to Pressing. Clean- ing und ull Alta-rations on Laulivs' and lla-nts' Garments ., ., . . . . l'1'll0ll - l-- ' In S ral Pm nr nlll 1 1' lv1'rl'l lf. N l'. l'lmm'. I'lmnn- or wrih- and work will he XIIX H X PIII' Illl Ill l S S x , A ,. -. ,' , f' f' ' r' r' r' ' 1' r' f' f ' I r' f' r' v' I' r' r' r' r' r' r' P' V'':'Il'Jl"A'I":'I"..'IT' Q' Q' f 1 1 341. lr. 4.4. 4- lf. 4,-k4,. 4. 144- 4. lg. 4.5 44- 4. 4... I- 4.4 4. A 4- 4. 4., - 4, - .. .-. 4. .N 4:1 X 4:2- X 43 X 43 X 4 "r X 4 yr X 4:1 X 42: X 4:1 Y V X 4,2 Y V X 421 X 45,1 X iv? X iv P X 4? 4 X iv? X Cv ! X CV? X 45, 4 X 4 vi X iv! X iv? , , X 421 X 4:51 y , Y X 42: X P, Q1 X lv, X lvl X X KL! X fvi X fl? X 4:1 X cz: X 43 X lvl X lvl' X 4vP X lv? X 4:14 X 452 X 4:r X 4:1 X 4:1 , , X . Cv? 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X 4 'I Y 5 43 X4 45' X 4:4 X 43 X 43 X 49 X 43 X 43 X 43 Y 5 43 X 43 X 43 X 43 Y 3 cv- X 4fg r"Jrf 'BJ 'I4E,'I,:,?44:1,'4ip,443v,Va:r,Wir,'c:r,41:r,4f:r?4c:1,4c:r,4 ,'4::,4c:1,'4:J?4f:z,4c2x,4::r,44:s,41:1,ff:o ,fc:1,f4Z41,fcZr,fcE1,f1:1,442,41:1,4f:x,44.:1,1cZzbl4:r,fcZ1 SicK,INIersfous , KX ZUTQSIC W A If Q Headaches I rUtLQFlIfZKLYv?lfLlEVE?D B9 SEIFTEEP Z .ff- A mmm "x!!"1!!'I'"'N'k""'x'AA" ' Sozofrfkrkfkfpf, Kq O 49 49 49 GP 49 49 49 49 49 art Ed men 16 W. SARATOGA ST. BALTIMORE, - MARYLAND cw 4949 FROM BROACH TO CABINET The Best fn Dental Supplies 49 G 49 49 49 4 X 49 49 Q9 49 49 X xx wx wx Wx W Y K K I I I I I I I I I I I I ,I 'I ' ' , , ' , , ' , ' ,I , 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I ,I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I ,'I 'I ,'I 'I ,'I ,,I ,,I ,I 'I ' , ,4 ,fcgJ'fcS1,f1:1,f4::,'4Z:,f4Z1,f4:1f'44:r,4c:J,74:1f,442r,4cZ1,f4.E5344:1,fc:r,f1:1ffcE134c:z,4t:1,4i:1,44:1,44:i ,44:x,f1':x,'f4:i,4121,142,44:ikf43,4121,4c:r,4c:1,'42r,'4Zr,'S1 533 Q bl C I i vf A. V' fi 35 X V ' DE I AL DEPAR I MEN I 22 , A 3 THOMAS FELL, Provost C3151 t Y' fA ---if f W Yi 47: .5 x YA FACULTY 421 2 X I"I'lIIIlINANIl .I. S. GOIIGAS. AAI.. NLD.. lY.D.S.. t'LYIPI'l V. NIA'l"l'III'lNYS. IJ.IP.S,. Q, Q3 l'rofessor ot' 1'rineiples ot' Dental Seienee lnstrui-tor ot' Illstology and liental Anatoiny. A and Dental Prosthesis. Hulmlu. 1, I: me H 1, gs Q P llf IlUIlSfI4l8'l L'QALI'l. Aihlii g'll1l.IP., Instruelor in Ural Surgery. S1 Q, ro essor o 'ieniistry ana . e a urgy. IH, wI,l,l,IH1,l I xl I, , E J' luiilfxglcs Tulgurfl Ml," lnstruetor uf- l2:n-torioloib' .and l'atliolo:'5'- .g. 'U esso ' o . : o A X ,Huy Q. IU,1uuI'11l1I411. H 1, Ph I, IL I, I'l, FRANK KICLIIY. 1'h.t5.. 'J 621 ' A ' 1,1.Jf-nQw'1. L:fx'1iiHlQi111U,,.Y' " ' ' " Direetor ot' tfhelnieal llalioratory. V ' ' ' ' E' ' 1 t . 1 .1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 'J Lg 'i'1no'rnv o. n111-i'rwo1,11:, nn., lD.1P.S., IIN-1"'1l-1 I" """"AW 11'-Ilha X 74 ifrofessoi- of Dental xiao-14.1 xietiit-it 1"1'W'1l'1' "1 1't""1'1 11'm'1"1"'-l'- if 03+ and 'l'11e1':1ifeutif-s. w11.l.t.xn .L 1:1-Lx. 1r.1i.s.. B X ISAAV II. DAVIS. ALIL, DILLS., Chief Ill'llltlllSll'illU1' ot' Operative In-ntistry. Q' '51 I'i-ofessor of Uperative and t'linieal llentistry. ALEX. IIA IIA1-fl-lqlgglyyg Ilpltgu A X - 436 Ili Allfllilillili IIUI'KI?fSUN, AAI.. MJD., 'IILD-,S., 1Pt'IllUllSLI'illUl' of 1'rosthetii- llenlistry. X, X lrotessor ot Ural llggienevand Dental llistoig. 1,1HANl1IS J. YAL1,1N.HNI41. A-Mu ILILSU' 21 ig: Itlllllbllllgliltl l3ASKIN'.l-MA.lP.l, hP.ll.S.:- lreinonstratoi- of operative Dentistry. 3 ,Q A'N"'1"'l' 1'.',',i2fQj1.tfff,lfmQQ'i'.'lf' iL"l'l"5' s. wi11'1'i1:i-'oizn nooiuc. IDZILS., Q X J. S. GEISER' Drbhsq lleinonstrator ot Anaesthesia. 31 if Assoeiate 1'rot'essor of Dental 'I'rothesis and X411-IIIUI1?lI'3S NhlIf1'lI1'II3-1 AI-I'-1 ' .5 Q21 Ul,c,1-Htlyu mul lvl-l,,,l1,QutV. 1t.,.l,nn.,. l ssistant nnionstiatol ot Anatonig. Q v J. W, HULLANIP, M.D.. Glflulitllfl lf. IPICAN, lt.ll.S., Q Lge 4XSSUL'lillC 1'1'Uft'SSUl' of Alllllllllly. IQ- IJITZHUY lulllllltllis. li,-ILSH 3 . , 1 1 , 1 4:7 -f, ' . 'L ' - , 5 ', - ' 'S 2? nntl Inlny Wol-lg, Assistant Ilental llelnonstrators. 3 -233' o X 1-'IFTEIQN ASSISTANT 1JI+1MUNS'l'llA'l'UllS Ulf' Ul'lGll.k'l'lYl'Z ANU l'lI1rS'l'IIl4I'l'It.' IrlfZN'l'lSTllY. 'fi Q? The Print-ipal Demonstrators are assisted hy l1'iI'ti-en Assistant llenionstrators. kg 'K Special Instructions in Vontinuous Guin. Bridge and lfrown Work, gf QE' lflaeh year sinee its organization has added to the reputation and prosperity ot' this Ilental Sehool. 'A until now its graduates in alniost every part of the world are nieeting' with the sueeess that alviility R 52 will ever eonnnand, The past session was the niost sue:-esstul ohne ever held, and visiting dentists troin QQ, 194 all parts of the eountry have expressed theinselves as ln-ing astonished .and Mlilllllvtl at the aliility shown is Q by the students when operating upon patients in 'the innrinary. Forinine one. ol the departments ot one ,5, Lg. of the oldest l'niversities in this K'Ulllll1',V.1IlS dllilfnnii FS ?Yfl1'yn'-l1e1'e:'f-eotriiiii-il ansl honoreili t I X v The iustruetion in lvoth operating ant niet: ianiea ten is ry is as iorougi as i is possi i e o ina ce Q, it, and BlllIi1'11l'L'S everytliing' pertaining' to dental art.. The zl1lvalttag'es whieh the general 'and oral X Q sureii-al elinies, to whieh the dental students are adlnitted. Us i"'I"4al lo all leetures the IlllYt'l'Slly 02: K1 affords, cannot 'lie overestiniated. The niany thousands of patients annually treated in the Vniversity X i llospital, and other sourees. at't'ord an aliundanee of niaterial t'or the lbental lntirniary and Lalioratory gi at n1'aetiee, and the oral surgery elinies. 4 Q 1 The Dental lntirniary and Lalioratory building one oftIle1l:11'g.fest and niost eoniplete sgrui'tureF 31 Q31 of the kind in the world. The lntirniary is liglite ry sixty-tive arge windows, and is furnisiei wit: 4 Q the latest llll1l1'tlYPll operating t-hairs. . Q 'E' iii The Dental Intirniary and Laboratory are open daily texeept Sundaysl during the entire year for B 'A the ret-eption of patients. and the praetiee for dental students has inereased In sueh an extent that all SH 43' the students during the past sessions have alrundanee ot' praetieal work in Iitllll operative and prosthetie 5 'K dentistry. These nieans for praetieal instrui-tion have already assuined sul-n large proportions that the Q' 15' supply has been beyond the needs of the large classes in attendanee during the past sessions, 5 X The exeeedingly large number of patients for the extraetion ot' teeth at't'ords aniple fat-ilities for Q' 'if praetieal experience to every student. It has again In-eoine neeessary to enlarge the dental linilding. 'A 3 nialcing the Intirniary nearly 100 feet in length and a La'lioratory So feet long lay 42.1 feet wide. f' Q' The qualifications for adniission and graduation are those adopted hy the Ngltinllgll .lssoeiation of A -A Dental 14'ac.-ulties and State Board of Dental Iixaniiners, Q 'Z' QFALII"Il,'.X'l'l0XS Fon Guanlf.x'rION.-Tlie randidate nnist have attended three full eourses of lt-etures A X of seven nionths ear-li. in different years, at the Ilewlltll' or Winter sessions in this institution. As Q :If equivalent to one of these, one eourse in any lwilylltlllllt' Dental 4'olli-ge will he at-eepteil. Graduates ot' A Q niedieine van enter the Junior ttlass. The niatrienlant niust. have a -very goml ldiigllisli 'edneation, A i Q1 l1jI,1,,,,m fl-Om ,I N.l,ntnl,ln'literary institution. or other evidenee ot literary flualitieations. will he C, reeeived instead of a preblui.iina.ry lexannnation. All students IHIVH' Q11-:lt advautaues 111 Ul'P1'1lf1Y+' 111141 W, Q. ineehanieal dentistry in tlns institution throughout every session. Q D Q, Lg THE I!11:i:I't,.xn on XVINTI-Ill Sicssiox will begin on the tirst day of tletolret' ot eat-li year. and will ws ' terininate Mav 15th. Q.- K Tnn Snjlnnn Sngsniy for pynqtit-nl il1St1'11fjti0ll will eoinnienee in April. and eontinue until the X if regular session In-gins. Students in attendauee on the Suninier Session will have the advantage of all ij, .Q the daily Surgieal and Medic-al Clinies of the Vniversitv. l ' W I I X, if 'plni fees for the Regular Session are 31150: hl2lfl'lt'llI1lll4'lll tee. fl--1. for one session only. Inplonia gr gf fee. for eandidates for g'radnation. S303 Dissecting tif-ket. SW. For Sninniei- Session no eliarae to those X, Q who attend the following xvlllltjl' Session. U 4 'J fp Board eau he olrtained at fron: 3151.50 to 2145.011 per week. aeeordui: to quality. in Q The ylliy-k.1.,ify 1,1-im, and a nunilier of other prizes. will he speeitii-dA in the annual eatalotuue. Q' Q21 Students desiring' information and the annual eatalouue will lie earetnl to give full address and direet 5 X their letters to , 7 Q' tg, TINIOTIIX 0, IlI'IA'l'XVULE. BLD.. IIIIS.. ff X Dgan of the Ilental Department of the Vniversity of Maryland. Q' 424 I x 1 E- - 2' 424 3 V, 45: 1 4 X X e t 1. 1 -ss- - s s - - - ,Z,X,tg-444333442,FICEgftzyglfzlgll:,'!,Z,'44fi,l4:iP4t:iQ?cZ1,f v2rycSxyc:1Q4cZsQfcS+,f vg1XeX1XcE1Xfc2:,f ,f4Z4,f43r,f42o,f4::,44Z:,44:i,fc'::,4t:i,4:2i,4cEx,'i: i,4c4i,4czr X X X X X X X X XfI1X'I'XC'X'21X X X X X X X XfZ'XfZ1fff5'X'i1Xfi'X'5'Xf fff3JX'Z+X'3'f!fZ1Sff?'i!fi15!'iQiff5' Hon. HENRY D. HARLAN, LL. D. EDWIN T. DICKERSON DSBH Attorney-at-Law Q Y 1061 CaIx7ert BuiIding Secretary ancI Treasurer Former Chief Judge, Supreme Bench of BaI1imore City 301 St, Pgul Street X C34 5 41:1 X 431 EE if gig 74 13: X 4,21 74 Qi X THE LAW CHO0 XR c 91 X ff: of the University of Maryland Fi ftrn r wa? T ' CFU IS yi +5 E iL3 LOIVIBARD and GREENE STS. BALTIMORE, MD. B 459 B fy 44: 8 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIHIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIHIIIHIIHIIIIIHIIIIIIIHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHHIIIIHIIIIIITIIIIIIIQIIIIIIIIIIIHIIE 'Sf E E 5 R 2 g,RDAYScHooLmEaruGHT E E Q 5 SCI'IOOIS,witI1 tI1e Same FacuIty, g E requirements, course of instruction S, E E E E v E 2 anci fees in eacI1 E 2 - - 1 : yt -1 : O Y - : : : : 1 1 1 : E L- v E ,EEEIIIIIIIIIITIIIIIIIIIIIHHIIIIIIIHHIIIIIIIIIIIIHHHIIIIIIHHIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIHIHIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIHIIIHIIHIIIIHHHHIHIIIIIIIIII45EEE? 2 2 LECTURES E 2 5 TEE IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIHIIIHHIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEIIIHIIIIIIIIIITIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIQJIIIIIIIIIIIIHHIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEE E X - DAYSCHOOL - - 4-7p.m.g I: I NIGHT SCHOOL 6 - Q p. m. S, R., "1 :,I'II,1Iii..lIII T Qi. I" ,,,III', ,,,:,I1:' ,TIIIIIIIIILIHIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII1,11 , fiIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIWIIIIHHIIIIIIIE X X X xx For CATALOGUE and FURTHER INFORMATION, apply ro ,K X EDWIN T. DICKERSON -. W SECRETARY mid TREASURER ,t 5 301 ST. PAUL STREET BALTIMORE, MD. J K xx S 'I 'I I I ,I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I ,I ,I ,I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I '4 4 ,J 'J '4 ,Q '4 ,4 '4 'Q '4 :IVA:""l'"'Q"":'r":'I"l'f":'r"l'r"Q'r"Qtr"'Q'z"l'r'r'43'r"2'r":'f":'r'4:'f"i'r":'r":'r"l'r" f 'r"f'r"1tf' :tr":'r"i'r'C'r": 'rn l'I"1'f"l'I":'lf'E' W s- K 470 , A.. .5 .3 D Y cvr Y fs lvl 4.11 X , X THE ONE HUNDRED AND NINTH ANNUAL SESSION 4:1 411 tx tx 4 Y Q y Of 1116 CHOOL OF 1VlED1C1 Nw Q C+ fl' w s .5 T .3 fs F lvf ...V 3 fs Qi N I I- r V . tj Will bOgll1 on October 1. 191.9 1l'l'llllllllfCS .lune 1. 1916 i i tix Qs B 3 V! lv? y .... . 5 A During the session there is a Vlltlllllbll lrom lleeemlner 22. 1915. to January 3. 1916. annl there ,Q Q are no leetures on Tlianksgiving Day anal XY'ashington's llirtlnlay. 14 A Cv? Q Clinical Leetures, introeluetory to the regular session. are given tlaily throughout September- fi X v - Fees for the Four Xear S Gratletl Course yl I 0 0 1 Matrlculatlon fpald each yealj . 0.00 4 , , , Full Lourse of Lectures ffirst ycarj 165.00 A , e e Full Lourse of Lectures second yearj 165.00 K Full Course of Lectures fthird vearj 165,00 4 if " 4 i Full Course of Lectures flourth yearj 165.00 Graduation Fee , . . 30.00 5' fy .S x Y' ta' X If tlisseetions are taken lll the Junior or b4'IlIUI' years. a lee ol 510.00 ls I't'qlllI'1'tl. 4:1 A E Tuition fees are ilue antl payalile :luring Uelolier. antl il' the entire amount is paiml at the i Dean's office before November 1. the tuition fee for that year will lve 551110.00 Q 'J A k Tickets for any of the clepartments may he taken out separately. The fee for these lnranehes 8 is 5525.00 eaeh. Q' iz? A The Lalroratory Courses may lve taken lry niatrieulales not following the regular eourses. Q The fee for these will he 5520.00 eaeh. Q lv, 5 W' so if G---s sg fi fs - w tvs Notice to btutlents X W 4:1 . is 3 The personal expenses ol the stuelents are at least as low in Baltimore as in any large eity in 's' M . . . . -. V .. . . . . 'J Q the Unite-tl States. lroarcl lvemg olrtainahle at from 5.1.00 to 50.00 per week llN'll1SlVf' ol luel antl B 2 light. Stutlents will save time antl expense upon arrival in the eity hy going tlireet to the Sehool Q' of Metlieine. on the University grounrls northeast eoruer Lomlnartl antl Greene Streets. where the ft 43 Superintenalent ol' Builtlings. who may he liountl at his 0f1,1Ct's on the premises. will furnish them 43 w 1 ' 4 . 1 w X' with a list of eomlortalmle ancl eonvenient lioarelinrf houses Sllllalllt' to their means antl wishes. 5 4.3 1- cvs W W 45 Four years' grzuletl eourse. Frequent reeitations are hel4l throughout the sessions. antl final 13 V . . 1 . . . . ' A 1'XillIllIlll1l0llS2ll tl1e entl of eaeh year. lzxeellent lalvoratory equipment. f.lllllCill atlvantages unsurpassed. if 3 For eatalogue and other inlorination. atltlress: Q X :Ts :fy R. Doasm COALL, Ph. D., flaw. pf -5 S ' V A t . Q . wx A 42: gi X 'x .g.,f.g.,4.g...f.g.,f.g.,ffglxfzfx asxfzwzwzfxizlrfzw cfmyffzwzwzwfzwfzwcw-of ffxwzwfzwfzwf:wf:w:f,'+:wcw-Qwtzwtzvfzl 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I ,I 'I 'I 'I 'I x ,1 .1 w:f,'f:1,'-11111: 1' x 1' x 1'1-11'fa1,1f:f,'f:wf:+,'fzwf.wfzwfz1xf:1,'w:1,11aw21,11:wcw3111121111111fz1,1fz1,f+:w:f,ff.1 UNIVER IT Y 11 MARYLAN FACULTY OF PHYSIC 11. 1111n's1c1' C11,1L1c, 111111.. .11.11.. 1f'11,1.v11'.11.11rT1.x'.11.s., .11.11.. l'1'11f1'.ss11r 11f l'111'1111s11'11 111111 'I'11.l'11'11111fj1l. l1'11f1'Ss111' of O11f'1'llf1l'!,' 111111 0111111111 Surg 1101111 11f 11111 If'111'1111.11. X l3,l.YlJ0I1l'II YVINSIJNV, 1-1..1I.. .1l.lJ., Ll1.II., l'1'11f1'.v.9111' uf N11 l'fl1'1'1l. L. lf. XIu'.1I1Iu'. .1I.1I.. LL.Il., l'1'11f1'ss111' nf O11sl1111'i1's. H CHAN. 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A fr QU 1 K 4:1 lt fy YU 3 15: 14 c 31 W , 'K :fr Y 6 gg S .5 tvv fx 4'-1 in 1'-1 fx 15,1 fn 15 1 X :Lg st X 1. 1 K xv' S SK 1,1 '1 ,a '1 ,4 '4 '4 ,a '4 '4 '1 ,4 '4 '4 '45,43,'4,-:,'4,--,'44f-54,--,'4cg,,! v .- v 1- 1- C33 fgtzgxemafia:.4-zwfswfzwewsvfzvf x x xwzvfsfwzwcswfzwfsw r"Z'rff2'a"5'af'f'rf'I'f"E'r'fEfp" ,f ,' ,f ,f ,f ,f ,f 'A ef Q! .4 er 'A iii X cgi X Unifuersit of Mar land fgr y 1 5 far Y '4 DEPARTMENT or PHARMACY Maryland College of Pharmacy 252 Established 18441 if X if H Faculty of Pharmacy Q1 'K WILLIAM SIMON. Ph. D. fgl Emeritus Prrfessor of Chemistry 'A 251 'A PS' Qi CHARLES CASPARI. Jr.. Pl-far. D. DAVID M.R.CULBRETH.A.M..Ph.G..M.D. K Professor of Theoretical and Applied P"'lfkSS0" QfMf'ff"'iU' Mfflmlt B"ff1"y Si Plzarmaeyg Dean of the Faculty. and Pl1Cl"'HflC0!l'10SZl- 'E' X HENRY P. HYNSON. Ph...-. D. DANIEL BASE- Ph- D. A gf Professor of Dispensing and Commercial Professor of Chemistry and Vegetable Pharmacy Histology 'A 424 K . Adjunct Faculty X 039 X E. FRANK KELLY. Phar. D. CHAS. C. PLITT. Ph. G. PS0 X Associate Professor of Pharmacy Associate Prqfzfssor of Botany and 'iff gf Vegetable Histology X PX4 K Z Associate Professor of 1.lisper1sing and Con1n1e'reial Pharmacy J. CARLTON WOLF. Phar. D. PZ' Y 2 GEO. A. STALL. Phar. D. LOUIS J. BURGER. Ph. C.. LL. B. 'Qi Demonstrator in Dispensing Lecturer on JU,7'lS1ll'llfl6'l1f'6 X P31 B 05' B Yi A, . . . . ., - Q The Seventy-second Annual .Session will begin September 21. 191.5 f: 52 For Catalogue containing full information, address K 2 CHARLES CASPARI, Jr., Dean 5 X 4:24 X -f 084 ,QSQCZJSlogqxfgysfQZQgfggyb4fEqxcgrffvgrycigrxcgifcgiifvgxgf b:x,4cE.v,4cgr,4cgrQl tiikfcgagf cgigfcgrgl oEy,4vEJQ4c?g1Qfc:x ,f c:xQ4c:xQ4 cz: ,4 cz: ,4c:y ,4. ,I 'I !' I' I' fl fl fl fl I' fl I' I' I' ll I' I' fl fd I' I' I' ld f ' Q' Q' Q' Q" Q' Q' Q' Q" Q' Q" Q' Q'Q' Q' Q" 'Q' 'Q' 'Q' Q" 'Q' Q" Q" ,llt 'Q"''Q''UK'Z'Q"21Q"Z'Q''3'Q"2'Qf'3fK'Z'Q"3'r"3' I-IDTEL RENNERT 'i , Q '65 - 19 I if 777,71 jf . II if 'f"" WYYYEESX we wx Aklrzf f'iNr,f gl ' -'Q F.. -11. ' ' A A "1i ?7,55'2 tg? A Quiet, Refined Location Convenient to Shopping District and PIaces of Amusement Cuisine I,1nexceIIed SpeciaI Arrangements Made for Dinner Parties and Banquets EDWARD DAVIS, MANAGER GLYCD-TI-IYMDLI CTRADE MARKJ Indicated in the Treatment of CONGESTION and INFLAMMATION of MUCOUS MEMBRANE By exosmosis it empties tI1e tissues of exudate- stimuIates tI1e capiIIaries and restores normaIit57 AN IDEAL DAILY MOUTH WASH Keeps tI1e 1noutI1 and gums in a I1eaItI137 condition and prevents decay of time teetI1 SampIes sent FREE to any physician or dentist on request KRESS 8 OWEN COMPA Y 36,363 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK X cz-1 X :Er 74 Q21 B 'F 3 'ff 5 can X ci: 3 4 , 1 Q 431 3 131 X 4.3 X 493 Y C . 5 :Xa Y C51 X 43" '4 ego YC .5 C51 X S f I A Y +3 , , Y 5 QT .5 Iv? V Q CL? v ,A og: 3 CSI V 'Q C33 ,U ft: cy X 3 fa? 3 14,5 f 74 Iv, X Q I X f Y X K I X I I X 1 P X l Y X f 7 X X I Y X 1 D X I Y X 4 Y X 1 Y X C X Y 5 X X X 'Q' Q' Q' Q' Q' Q' 'Q' Q' Q' Q' Q' Q' Q' .,-...T f. g Y Y ,.l..l. 3251, 5- bi-,SQ 4 5- 551 1 m ,: 4, , ,f2f Cf N J 3 4, MJ :if fa "'..'f f-.W . E : f f -v Y - M1"u e' 5 w1LL1A1v1 ,W YWILLIAEVI URN 'N dy-Tfseas, " U U " P U U 1 M 4 l lvlalifeifs of NTHE. '.LJEiLEigEiA lvlflfilflfjf' 213161 2-'EAST GEIi1VJ'.A1YI STIi.E'.ET ERLTEFJIQEZE A J lVl'ALEifi?Li-?5.1YID '3PV4247434f'4Z'WZ'Ki'712'34327'SSi'f3'b'fE'k'f51b' 43410212024344213424if4E'X43'X'3f3'fZ+3'+EfX Sffibif0313'Z'if'ZSif'ZSif'Zfi!f'E'i!fZ+XfZQXfEXfX43f'ff'5f? 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M. 94 4 f f 4 f EQ f f 4 f 4244 4:1 fvfzo + Sm, Openmng Tame No, 2 3 4:1 3 4:1 S 4:1 3 43 S 43 4 4:1 3 fi.: 3 4:1 3 4:-1 3543-1 Q 421 Q-4:1 QMEE41 Q-4:1 421 4,1 , 4 wx 4:41 1:2 xg wt 421 'f V lf THESE FOUR DIFFERENT ARTICLES GIVES ONE A 431 A lg LIMITED IDEA OF THE VARIETY OF OUR LINE. fx 4:1 4:1 B W OUR CATALOG SHOWING MANY DESIGNS xx ' CKY IN NATURAL COLORS WILL BE GLADLY Q. 3 MAILED ON REQUEST. Sf 4 P A 5 I-Y .S W T 3 3' 431 5 If EASY PAYMENTS Q' Q, ,Q Q. W, Vx 431 Q1 4241 5 it 'if' THE MERICA CAEI ET co. V v 4 .A 471 ego if Dept. E Two RIVERS. WIS. Z1 V X 3 fi-2 xx m ,:, gin 3 ' ? 4,4 S Q42 ' A 4? ' 'S' 'S' , A , 7, - 4 C, " - 4:71 cfs .. - A 5 '- ' E ED I f F1 A 'J Q? . . A y 'x f I .5 H. " 4 1 441 . . , Q Q' 'S E I A ,", A v 45,1 4. 1 o 42. o Q, o 5:1 o is o 4:1 04110 4? 4 4:1 4 4:4 o 4:4 4':1Q4:1 5 421 3 421 5 cE1 6, of 421 " 4. A .4 4 -. g. Q 1. 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Suggestions in the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy - Terra Mariae Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) collection:

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy - Terra Mariae Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1912 Edition, Page 1


University of Maryland School of Pharmacy - Terra Mariae Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1913 Edition, Page 1


University of Maryland School of Pharmacy - Terra Mariae Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1914 Edition, Page 1


University of Maryland School of Pharmacy - Terra Mariae Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1916 Edition, Page 1


University of Maryland School of Pharmacy - Terra Mariae Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1917 Edition, Page 1


University of Maryland School of Pharmacy - Terra Mariae Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1918 Edition, Page 1


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